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Full text of "American ancestry: : giving the name and descent, in the male line of Americans whose ancesters settled in the United States previous to... 1776.."

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Form No. 522: 5-10-'55-10M. 


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American Ancestry: 








A. D, 1776. 




Embracing Lineages from the Whole of the 



" Those who do not look upon themselves as a link connecting- the past with the future do not 

perform their duty to the world." — Daniel Webster, 





THE purpose of this work is, principally, to register in a convenient and simple form 
the pedigree of any one person, and thus record for all time many important facts in 
the history of families which would otherwise be lost. Another primary object is to publish 
here the ancestry of a person as complete as it is known, as a means of obtaining additional 
information regarding it. It is also designed to be a convenient work of reference, to show 
the origin of the various American families. However indifferent some may affect to be 
regarding this question of ancestry, those who have a good pedigree will usually have a 
natural pride in it. Many lineages must of necessity contain nothing but simple records 
of uneventful generations, but they will preserve facts of great interest to descendants which 
would otherwise in many cases be lost in the history of a family. The plan of the work is 
somewhat similar in idea to the well-known linglish works, but altered to suit the conditions 
of American society, and in detail is as follows: 

The surname or family name is given first, with the given name, residence, birthplace, 
and date of birth. This is followed by remarks of a brief biographical character, giving the 
principal events in the individual's life, such as occupation, college degrees if any, author- 
ship, public service, experiences, and if married, date, wife's name and parentage, with 
remarks relating to her ancestry. If the individual whose lineage is given had brothers 
the same facts may be stated respecting each of them, in order of their birth, commencing with 
the eldest. This completes the first generation in tracing back the lineage. Next is given 
the father's name, followed by same class of facts, and so continued back in male line as far 
as can be traced. The name of son, father, grandfather, etc., in direct male line are printed 
in black type. As the abbreviations are all of the most ordinary kind, it is unnecessary to 
mention them here. 

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Hempstead N. Y., b. Jan. 31, 1819, 
r some time merchant, justice of peace, 
deputy sheriff, oounty treasurer 1853-6 
(m. Nov. 14, 1838 Margaret Ann Coles, b. 
Jan. 2Z, 181 7, d. Apr. 2.^, 1894, dau. of 
Daniel Cock and Helena [Kashow] Coles, 
and gr.-dau. of Jacob and Sarah [Cock] 
Coles, and of Jaco^b and Helena [Stock- 
hol/m] Cass'ou, and had ohildren: Frederick 
H., Anna C, John H., Elizabeth E., 
Thomas H., William E., Margaret A. and 
Lydia) ; son of John Gilbert Clowes, b. 
Dec. 12, 1788, d. Oct. 24, 1825, farmer (m. 
Apr. 4, 1810 Hannah Burtis, b. at Foster's 
Meadow May 13, 1794, d. June 18, 1868, 
dau. of Hendrick and Elizabeth [Foster] 
Burtis, descendant of Pieter Cesar Al- 
bertus, native of Venice, -came to America 
abt. 1642, and of William Foster, early set- 
tler at Jamaica and Hempsitead) ; son of 
Thomas Clowes, b. Mar. 7, 1743, d. Dec. 
27, 1824, farmer (m. ist 1762 Martha, dau. 
of Benjamin Wiggins, m. 2d Nov. 28, 1776 
Catharine, dau. of Jeremiah and Mary 
[Baldwin] Bedell, and had children other 
than John: Sarah, Benjamin, Gerardus, 
Mary Anne, Catharine) ; son of Samuel 
Clowes, b. July 31, 1722, d. May 10, 1800, 
farmer, county judge and surrogate during 
rev. war, and mem. assembly 1790 (m. Re- 
becca Dorlon, who d. Mar. 31, 1787, and 
had children other than Thomas: Isaac, b. 
Oct. 14, 1755, d. Sep. 8, 1825 without issue. 
Samuel, b. Mar. 7, 1757, d. Apr. 5, 1824. 
Aletta, m. Mouris Simonson, Arabella, b. 
Feb. 1763, d. Mar. 17, 1814, m. John Mar- 

vin, Millicent, Mary and Catharine) ; son 
of Gerardus of Hempstead L. I., b. Apr. 
27, 1699, d. Oct. 12, 1752 (m. Oct. 19, 1719 
Sarah Jones, b. 1703, dau. of Major 
Thomas and Freelove [Townsend] Jones 
of Oysterbay, gr.-dau. of Capt. Thomas 
Townsend of Oysterbay and R. I., and gt.- 
gr.-dau. John and Elizabeth [Coles] Town- 
send of Oysterbay, and had children other 
than Samuel: Catharine, Timothy Bagley, 
b. Aug. 21, 1724, and John); son of Sam- 
uel, b. in Derbys'hire Eng. Mar. 16, 1674, 
d. Aug. 2.^, 1760, and buried in Grace 
churchyard, Jamaica L. I., was tihe first 
lawyer settled upon L. I., insitructed in 
mathematics by Flam>stead, for whose use 
Greenwich observatory was erected, came 
to New York in 1697, accompanied Lord 
Cornbury to Jamaica in 1702, and was 
forthwith appointed clerk of Queens co., 
which he held until 1710, was an able and 
acute lawyer, and was concerned in many 
very important causes (m. July 18, 1698 
Catharine Douw, wiho d. Aug. 7, 1740). 

York City, b. at Glen Cove N. Y. 
Dec. 17, 1858 (m. Dec. 4, 1889 Caroline K. 
Fussell, dau. of Jacob and Caroline 
[Kraft] Fussell, and gr.-dau. of Jacob and 
Clarissa [Whitaker] Fussell of Chester 
Pa.); son of Milton Oliver Craft of Glen 
Cove L. I., b. there Sep. 5, 1829, d. at 
Titusville Pa. Jan. 25, 1866, farmer, mer- 
chant and insurance agt. (m. June 30, 1857 
Electa Storrs, b. at Oyster Bay L. I., dau. 
of Joseph and Ann [Alsop] Storrs, and 


gr.-dati. of Dr. Justus and Sarah [Wright] 
Storrs and of Richard and Judith [Parish] 
Alsop, and had children other than Henr}^ 
Herbert (dec'd) and Rev. MiUon Artliur 
Craft, rector of Grace church, Trenton N 
J.); son of Simon of Glen Cove L. I., b. 
Mar. 24, 1791, d. Oct. 28, 1865, farmer (ni. 
May 21, 1828 Temperance Craft, b. Feb. 
19, 1803. d. Sep. 22, 1869, dau. of Derick 
and Sarah [Cock] Thorneycraft, and gr.- 
dau. of Peter and Helena [Downing] 
Thorneycraft and of Zoar and Ruth 
[? Travis] Cock, and had children other 
than Milton: Emma, m. Harvey C. Coles. 
Benjamin W., m. Martha Bull, and Sarah 
Cornelia, spinster) ; son of Wright Thor- 
neycraft, b. Jan. 1st. 1754, d. Mar. 7, 1821, 
ensign in Capt. Daniel Cock's co. in the 
district of IMusketa Cove, Queens co. N. 
Y. June 13, 1776 (m. Judith White, b. at 
Oyster Bay June 23, 1761, d. Sep. 4, 1856, 
dau. of Simon and Phebe [Wright] White, 
and gr.-dau. of Edward and Mary 
[Cooper] White, and had one child other 
than Simon: Oliver, m. Esther Titus); son 
of Thomas of Lattingtown and Musketa 
Cove L. I., will dated 1803 (m. 1764 Mary 
Frost, dau. of Wright and Freelove 
[Coles] Frost, and gr.-dau. of Wright and 
Mary [Underbill] Frost, and of Benjamin 
and Phebe [Simkins] Coles, and had chil- 
dren other than Wright: James, m. Han- 
nah Doty, Freelove, m. Abraham 
Probasco. Darius and Anne) ; son of 
Thomas of Musketa Cove, b. Jan. 28, 
1708-9 (m. June 2, 1731 Elizabeth Wood of 
Musketa Cove, prob. dau. of James and 
Ruth [ ] Wood, and gr.-dau. of John 

Wood of Littleworth L. I., and had chil- 
dren oither than Thomas: perhaps Solo- 
mon, m. 1st Frances Alsop and 2d 
Hannah Weckes) ; son of William Thor- 
neycraft of Musketa Cove (m. 1708 Mary 
Coles, dau. of Robert and Mercy [Wright] 
Coles, and gr.-dau. of Robert and Mary 
[Hawxhiirst] Coles, and of Nicholas and 
Ann Wright of Oyslerbay, and had chil- 
dren other than Thomas: William [m. 
Ruth Carpenter], Phebe [m. i.9t Jeremiah 
T.onnsberry. 2d Joseph Galpian], Charles 
[m. Rfjsannah], Mercy [m. Benj. 

man], Mary [? m. Benjamin Coles], Jo- 
seph and John); son of William 
Thorneycraft, first of the name at Musketa 
Cove (m. a dau. of Joseph and Ann 
[Weekes] Carpenter, and gr.-dau. of Wil- 
liam and Elizabeth [Arnold] Carpenter 
and of Francis and Elizabeth [Luther] 
Weekes, and had another child than Wil- 
liam: Thomas, m. Willemptje Albertson, 
dau. of Derick and Dinah [Coles] Albert- 
son) ; son of Thomas Thorneycraft, who 
was on list of inhabitants of Warwick R. 
I. 1648, d. before 1690 at Maspeth Kills 
L. I., leaving John Townsend of Oyster- 
bay as executor of est. Wife's name not 
mentioned, nor is it positively known 
whether there were other children than 
William, but Dr. Peter Townsend asserts 
that there was a dau., who having incurred 
the displeasure of the Dutch government, 
probably account of favoring Quakers, v/as 
imprisoned and subsequently released at 
the intervention of John Townsend. The 
daughter's name may have been Ann, and 
she became wife of Joseph Carpenter Jr. of 
Musketa Cove. 

Oyster Bay N. Y., b. Aug. 31. 1S51 
(m. Anna Youngs McCoun, b. May 1853, 
dau. of William Sidney and Hannah Maria 
[Youngs] McCoun, and gr.-dau. of Vice- 
Chancellor William Tov/nsend and Emma 
[Jackson] McCoun, and of Daniel and 
Catharine [Tobias] Youngs, and had chil- 
dren: Cecile, Henry Youngs, Samuel Van 
Wyck, David Jones, Gilbert Sidney Mc- 
Coun) ; son of John, b. Apr. 12, 1818, d. 
Sep. 29, 1852 (m. Nov. 20, 1839 Margaretta 
Silleck, 'b. July 15, 1817, d. Oct. 16, 1874, 
dau. of John and Mary [Reynolds] Silleck, 
and gr.-dau. of Ebenezer and Sarah 
[Slawson] Silleck and of James and Eliza- 
beth [Weeks] Reynolds, and had children 
other itihan Samuel: Mary Kate, Henry, 
Lydia Maverick) ; son of Henry, b. Jan. 
22, 1784, d. Oct. 20. 1852 (m. May 28, 181 7 
Mary Van Wyck. b. Dec. 21, 1791, d. Feb. 
20, 1889. dau. of Abraham and Zeruah Van 
Wyck. and gr.-dau. of Samuel and Hannah 
[Hewlett] Van Wyck and of Capt. Abra- 


ham and Elizabeth [Wright] Van Wyck, 
and had children other than John: Han- 
nah, Thomas, Abraham and Mary) ; son 
oi Hon. John, b. Apr. 13, 1757, d. Jan. 12, 
1814 (m. license June 14, 1781 to Margery 
Tobias, b. Aug. 3, 1760, d. Mar. 29, 1845, 
dau. of Dr. Christian and Catharine [Fil- 
kin] Tobias and of Henry and Elizabeth 
[Smith, dau. of Barnardus and Annatje] 
Filkin, and had children other than Henry: 
Hannah, b. Oct. 7, 1782, ist wife of Sam- 
uel Youngs, Thomas, b. 1787, d. 1812) ; son 
of Thomas, b. Apr. 3, 1728, d. May 10, 
1784 (m. 1753 Deborah Underbill, b. May 
16, 1732, d. Mar. 30, 1763, dau. of Daniel 
and Abigail [Crooker] Undenhill, and gr.- 
dau. of John and Elizabeth [Willetts] Un- 
derbill and of William and Sarah [Hawx- 
hurst] Crooker, and had children other 
than John: xA.rnold, b. Jan. 6, 1754, m. 
Judith Wooden, children by 2d wife Han- 
nah McCoun: Simon, b. Aug. i, 1768, 
Deborah, b. June 24, 1770, Esther, b. 1774); 
son of Simon of Huntington L. I., b. after 
1681, d. in Jamaica W. I. Apr. 1732 (m. 
Hannaih Bailey, b. Oct. 7, 1703, d. June 
16, 1729, dau. of Samuel Bailey or Baylis, 
and gr.-dau. of John and Ruth Bayles, who 
were m. Mar. 12, 1665, children other than 
Thomas: Esther, b. Mar. 4, 1726, m. Sep. 
18, 1 75 1 Joseph Sandford of Newport R. 
I.); son of Thomas of Huntington L. I. 
(m. Nov. I, 1681 Esther Parat or Parrott, 
and had children other than Simon: Eliza- 
beth, m. a Vernon oif Newport R. I., and 
Parrott); son of Capt. Thomas of Hunt- 
ington, emigrant ancestor O'f the Plunting- 
ton Fleets, was there as early as 1660, 
according to tradition came from Eng. in 
his own vessel, landed in Cold Spring 
Harbor at a place since known as Fleet's 
Hole. He brought his family with him 
and continued bis interest in commerce, 
having as many as forty vessels on the 
high seas, 1670 one of overseers of tlie 
town, 1672 one of the owners of the " 10 
farmes," 1681 with Isaac Piatt chosen 
deputy, 1684 one of three commissioners 
to hold court, 1684 one of committee to 
procure patent. 

Norwich N. Y., b. at Wolver Hollow, 
now Brookville L. I. May 6, 1837, sur- 
veyor, school-teacher and inventor, con- 
structed a sewing-imachine when a boy, 
inventor of machines for cleaning the seed 
from broom-corn and distributing potato- 
bug poison, a double-treadle grindstone 
and an improved hay-press, for which last 
he received a gold-medal from the Queens 
Co. Agricultural Society (m. May 16, 1876 
Josephine Syler, b. Aug. 7, 1850, dau. oi 
Jacob Valentine and Phebe Jane [Youngs] 
Syler, and gr.-dau. of Jaco'b and Ann 
Valentine Syler and of Edward and Ann 
[Remsen] Youngs, and had children: 
Frank, Clara, Flora, Fanny E. and George 
Henry); son of G-eorge of Wolver Hol- 
low, b. Aug. 14, 1797, d. Sep. 15, 1853, far- 
mer (m. Feb. 1820 Eliza Catharine Peters, 
b. June 1799, d. Sep. 15, 1853, dau. Charles 
and Catharine [Doughty] Peters, and gr.- 
dau. of John and Elizabeth [Gildersleeve] 
Peters, and had children other than John 
Henry: Sarah Ann, b. Feb. 13, 1822, d. 
Apr. 1882, m. June 12, 1859 Alexander 
Losee: Catharine Mary, b. Sep. 11, 1824, 
m. Charles W. Downing, Elbert H., b. 
Mar. 15. 1826, d. May 6, 1867, Susan Jane, 
b. Apr. 9, 1828, d. Apr. 12, 1894, m. Mar. 
16, 1876 William Ludlam, Charles Peters, 
b. Apr, 26. 1830, d. Jan. 28, 1872, m. May 

10, 1866 Ann Augusta Carpenter, was a 
mariner and captain, was a volunteer in 
war of the rebellion, noticed for gallant 
conduct, and wounded at battle of Cold 
Harbor, Charity Eliza, b. May 27, 1832, d. 
Mar. 30, 1894, m. Treadwell S. Walters, 
George Luyster, b. July 28, 1834, d. Oct. 

11, 1838, George Hewlett, b. Aug. 4, 1840, 
m. Jan. 5, 1871 Catharine M. Peters. James 
B., b. May 6, 1843, m. Aug. 13, 1868 Jane 
A. Hewlett) ; son of Rem Bennet, b. Feb. 
23, 1768, d. Apr. 21, 1834, Heut.-col. in N. 
Y. militia in war of 1812 (m. Oct. 16, 1691 
Anna Hegeman, b. June 26, 1766, d. Oct. 
5, 1834, dau. of Joost and Gertruyd [Hege- 
man] Hegeman, and gr.-dau. of Peter and 
Anna or Magdaleentje [Derye] Hegeman 
and of Jacobus and Gertruyd [Onderdonk] 
Hegeman, and had children other than 


George: Aaron, b. July ii, 1792, Charity, 
b. July 18, 1795, d. Jan. 8, 1877, m. George 
Luyster); son of Aaron, b. Nov. 9, 1731, 
d. Jan. 26, 1801, a strong Whig, private in 
Capt. David Lajton's company of provin- 
cial militia, British ofificers were quartered 
in house and his teams impressed to cart 
for the army (m. license June 3, 1765 to 
Catharine Hoogland, bap. at New Utrecht 
Apr. 16, 1738, dau. of Cornelius and Sarah 
[W'oertman] Hoogland, and descended 
from Dirck Janse Hoogland, who emi- 
grated in 1657 from Maarssenveen Hol- 
land, and from Dirck Janse Woertman, 
who came from Amsterdam in 1647), she 
had children other than Rem Bennet: 
John, b. Apr. 16, 1766, d. Sep. 17, 1836. m. 
June 5. 1797 Mary Van Wicklen, and 
Mary, b. Nov. 16, 1770, d. Jan, 31, 1795. m. 
Sep. 30, 1788 Daniel Monfort); son of 
Johannes, d. Jan. 7, 1770 (m. Jan. 23, 1729 
Maria Stockholm, dau. of Arent and Mag- 
dalena Stockholm of Bushwick L. I., and 
had children other than Aaron: Lena, b. 
Aug. I, 1730, d. before Oct. 25, 1738, Fred- 
errck, b. Aug. 30. 1734, d. abt. Apr. i, 1775, 
m. Maria Lott, Johannes, b. Jan. 13, 1735, 
d. before 1770, m. license dated June 3, 
1765 Jemima Stag. Helena, b. Oct. 25, 1738, 
m. license dated Sep. 3, 1763 to John Suy- 
dam, Maria, b. May 15, 1744, m. license 
dated Dec. 10, 1762 to Andries Hegeman, 
Leah, m. a Colder, Annatje, b. Dec. 7, 
1746, d. July 10, 1752); son of Frederick 
Symonsen of Flatbush (m. Aug. 13, 1687 
Lea Fonteyn, vide Dutch church record, 
children other than Johannes: Carel, bap. 
Apr. 25, 1688, Chrystyntje, bap. June 30. 
1692, Frederick, bap. Feb. 12, 1699. m. 

Martha , Mouris. m. Cornelia Luquier 

[sup.]); son of Symon Hansen, who emi- 
grated in 1639, m. Oct. 24, 1663. Maria 
Frederick, widow of Jan Joris Symons. 
On the marriage record he is entered as 
from Amsterd or Amsterdam, which raises 
a question whether he was a son of Hans 
Hansen Van Noostrand. Resided in Flat- 
bush, member of Dutch church 1677, took 
oath of allegiance 1687; Maria Frederick 
came from The Hague and had issue by 
1st husband, one son, Frederick, who d. 

young, issue by 2d husband other than 
Frederick, Riemerick, m. Mar. 23, 1689 
Johannes Fonteyn of Buskwick, and Sara, 
bp. Nov. 6, 1681. Symon Hansen was 
probably brother of Hans Hansen, com- 
mon ancestor of the Van Nostrand family, 
who emigrated in 1639 from Noordstaat or 
Noordstrandt in Holstein and settled on 
the New Lotts of Flatbush L. L N. Y. 

of Danbury Conn., b. in Brooklyn 
N. Y, Nov. 30, 1834 (m. 1st Oct. 26, 1856 
Marion Deuell, dau. of Benjamin and 
Maria Deuell, and had Joseph Evans, John 
Townsend, Matilda Hyatt, Helen Roberts, 
m. 2d Dec. 27, 1865 Augusta T., dau. of 
John and Mary A. Gaylord, and had How- 
ard Gaylord, Harry White, Josephine 
Evans) ; son of John Townsend Underbill 
of Mill Neck and Brooklyn, b. Oct. 22, 
1801, d. Aug. 18, 1838 (m. Feb, 16, 1824 
Catharine Evans, 'b, Oct. 16, 1801, d. Sep, 
8. 1843, dau. of Crow ell and Frances 
[Marsh] Evans, and bad children other 
than John T, : Sarah Frances [m. Edward 
D. White], Matilda [m. Sylvanus Wbite], 
Louisa Shotwell and Joseph Evans, d. 
unm.); son of Jacob of Oyster Bay N. Y., 
b, July 31, 1776, d. Apr. 21, 1812 (m. Nov. 
30, 1800 Sarah Sillock, b. Jan. 16, 1776, d. 
Dec. 7, 1822, dau, of Ebenezer and Sarah 
[Slawson] Silleck of Stamford Conn., and 
had children other than John T. : Penelope 
Ailing [m. Albert G. Witter], Hannah 
Asenath [m. Burr St. John], Sarah Eliza 
[m. Simeon L. Fowler], Adra Adelia. d. 
young) ; son of Rev. Peter of Oyster Bay, 
pastor the New Light Baptist church, b. 
Jan. 24, 1737, d, June 24, 1806 (m. license 
dated Jan. 31, 176010 Ethelinda Townsend. 
b. Sep. I, 1740, d. Apr. 18, 1803. dau. of 
John and Sarah [Wright] Townsend, and 
gr.-dau. of John and Esther [Smith] 
Townsend and of William and Elizabeth 
[Rhodes] Wright, and had children other 
than Jacob: Isaac [m. Elizabeth Silleck], 
Elizabeth [m. Henry Durling], Peter [m. 
Audrey Allen and Hannah Smith]); son 
of Peter of Oyster Bay, blacksmith (m. 
Penelope Ailing, dau. of Abraham and 


Mary [Hawxhiirst] Ailing, and gr.-dau. of 
Abraham and Mary [ ] Ailing and 

of Christopher and Mary [Reddough] 
Hawxhurst, and had children other than 
Rev. Peter: Hannah [m. Daniel Youngs], 
Daniel [m. Sarah Townsend], Joseph, 
Theo'docia [m. Townsend Weekes]); son 
of David, blacksmith of Oyster Bay b. 
Apr. 1672 (m. Hannah ? Forman, dait. of 
Moses and Hannah [Crooker] Forman, 
and gr.-dau. of Robert and Johanna For- 
man of Flusihing, Hemipstead and Oyster- 
bay Cove, and William and Ann [Gregory] 
Crooker of Stratford Conn, and Oyster- 
bay N. Y., and had children other than 
Peter: Benjamin [m. Hannah Townsend] 
and Samuel) ; son of Capt. John by second 
wife Elizabeth Feake, dau. of Lieut. Rob- 
ert and Elizabeth (Fones-Winthrop) 
Feake. Lieut. Robert Feake came to 
Mass. Bay in 1630 with John Winthrop, 
and subs. m. Elizabeth, widow of the gov- 
ernor's son Henry and dau. of Thomas and 
Anna (Winthrop) Fones of London Eng. 
" Bess Fones " had by her first husband 
Henry Winthrop one child, a dau. bap- 
tised in Groton Eng. Martha Johannah, 
and coming to America m. Thomas Lyon 
of Stamford. Children of Robert Feake 
other than Elizabeth: Hannah, m. John 
Bowne, John, m. Elizabeth Prier, Robert 
and Sarah. Children of Capt. John Un- 
derhill by 2d wife Elizaibeth Feake other 
than David: Deborah, m. Henry Town- 
send, Nathaniel, m. Mary Ferris, Hannah, 
m. Richard Alsop, Elizabeth, m. Isaac 
Smith. Capt. John Underbill, b. Oct. 7, 
1597, d. Sep. 21, 1672, buried at Killing- 
worth, now Matinecock L. I., was son of 
Sir John and Mary (Mosely) Underbill of 
Warwickshire Eng. Mar. as ist wife 
Helena Kruger, "a Dutch lady from Hol- 
land." Issue: Jdhn, m. Mary Prier. The 
Underbill Society of America contemplate 
the erection of a monument at Matinecock 
on the 300th anniversary of Capt. Jo>hn's 

Glen Cove N. Y., b. Apr. 4, 1871 (m. 
Nov. 12, 1895 Annie Laurie, b. Feb. 20, 

1871, dau. of William and Frances [Sea- 
man] Laurie, and gr.-dau. of Patrick and 
Mary [Wooden] Laurie and of David 
Sands and Anna Maria [Bunting] Sea- 
man); son of William Mudge Valentine 
of Glen Cove, b. Apr. 7, 1839 (m. Oot. 15, 
1869 Emily Townsend Post, b. Apr. i, 
1844, dau. of Capt. Charles and Maria 
Amelia [Townsend] Post, and gr.-dau, of 
James and Phebe [Willis] Post and of 
Jacob Seaman and Mary [Seaman] Town- 
send) ; son of John Titus Valentine, b. 
June 29, 1807, d. Aug. 15, 1884 (m. Nov. 
2y, 1834 Elizabeth Mudge, b. Nov. 25, 1816, 
d. Oct. 8, 1875, dau. of Jacob and Hannah 
[Titus] Mudge, and gr.-dau. of Coles and 
Dorothy [Coles] Mudge and of Samuel 
and Abigail [Robbins] Titus); son of 
Lewis, b. Apr. 22, 1765, d. Feb. 3, 1846 (m. 
Nov. 3, 1802 as 2d wife Jane Titus, widow 
of Samuel Post, b. Sep. 4, 1773, d. Sep. 25, 
1852, dau. of John and Sarah [Robbins] 
Titus, and gr.-dau. of William and Eliza- 
beth [Seaman] Titus and of Jeremiah and 
Hannah [Carr] Robbins, and had children 
by 1st wife Jane, dau. ol Isaac and Sarah 
(Titus) Rushmore, to whom m. Jan. 7, 
1790: Jacob (m. Martha Titus), Isaac (m. 
Freelove Craft), Stephen (m. Ann Titus); 
William and Silas, d. unm., children by 2d 
m. other than John: Townsend (m. Ann 
Titus), George (m. Hannah Willets), 
Jane (d. unm.); son of Charles, b. Sep. 30, 
1742, d. Mar. 22, 1815 (m. Mar. 4, 1762 
Mary Frost, b. Oct. 6, 1746, d. June 13, 
1808, dau. of Jaco'b and Sarah [Woolsey] 
Frost, and gr.-dau. of Wright and Mary 
[Underbill] Frost and of Joseph and De- 
borah [Coles] Woolsey, and had children 
other than Lewis: Jacob (m. ist Phebe 
Loines, 2d Elizabeth A. Eyre), Letitia (m. 
William Willis), David (m. Hannah 
Cock), Theodosia (m. Isaac Downing), 
Frost (m. Elizabeth Rodman), Daniel (m. 
Jemima Underbill), Isaac (m. Mary Par- 
ent), Elizabeth (d. unm.); son of Jacob 
of Musketa Cove N. Y., b. Dec. 22, 1718 
(m. Jan. i, 1740 Mary Coles, dau. of 
Charles and Sarah Coles, gr.-dau. of Rob- 
ert and Mercy [Wright] Coles, and gt.- 
gr.-dau. of Robert and Mary [Hawxhurst] 



Coles, who came to Mass. Bay with Gov. 
Winthrop in 1630, m. 2d Ethelinda Lat- 
ting, widow of William Frost, no issue by 
2d m., children other than Charles: David 
[m. Hannah Townsend], Susannah, m. 
Thomas Udall) ; son of David, b. May 1689 
probably at Hempstead Harbour, now 
Roslyn (m. about 1716 Charity Coles, b. 
Sep. I, 1695. dau. of Nathan and Rachel 
Coles, and gr.-dau. of Robert and Mercy 
[Wrig'ht] Coles before mentioned, gt. -gr.- 
dau. of Nicholas Wright, one of founders 
of Oysterbay L. I.), bought of his father- 
in-law in 1719-20 the farm since occupied 
by his descendants at Glen Cove L. I.; son 
of Richard of Hempstead Harbour, whose 
will 1725 mentions wife Sarah, eldson son 
Richard, youngest son Jonathan, other son 
David, daus. Sarah Smith, Phebe Down- 
ing, Ann Carle, Hannah Pine (wife Sarah 
was probably dau. of Timothy Halstead, 
who in w'ill 1686 devises to son-in-law 
Richard Valentine, Timothy Halstead's 
wife was dau. of Henry and Anne Pear- 
sail; son of Richard, 1647, ■one of early 
settlers of Hempstead 1659, chosen one of 
five townsmen 1676, overseer 1679, con- 
stable 1684, tax list shows widow of Rich- 
ard Valentine 40 d., sons Obadiah, Wil- 
liam, Ephraim and Richard, believed to 
have been descendants of Richard Valentine 
of the parish of Eccles, Lancashire Eng. 

LETT of West Neck, Pluntington 
N. Y., b. at Jamaica L. I. Mar. 7, 1838, d. 
at West Neck May 26, 1888 (m. Dec. 17, 
1857 Mary Kate Fleet, b. Sep. 24, 1840, d. 
Jan. 7, 1884, dau. of John and Margaretta 
[Silleck] Fleet, and gr.-dau. of Henry and 
Mary [Van Wyck] Fleet and of Capt. John 
and Mary [Reynolds] Silleck, and had 
children: Helen, Frank (dec'd), Albert 
Barent, Edward Whitehead, Mary Katha- 
rine Van Asch); son of Joshua Ham- 
mond Van Wyck of Jamaica, b. Sep. 9. 
1800, d. Feb. IT, 1847 (m. Oct. 30, 1822 
Sarah Maria Hewlett, b. July 31, 1803, d. 
Mar. 6, 1890, dau. of Whitehead and Mary 
[Allen] Hewlett, and gr.-dau. of George 
and Susannah [Peters] Hewlett and of 

Elijah and Sarah [Kissam-Allen) ; son of 
Abraham of West Neck, b. Oct. 21, 1767, 
d. Jan. 30, 1852 (m. Jan. 24, 1790 Zeruah 
Van Wyck, b. Oct. 15, 1771, d. May 22, 
1851, dau. of Capt. Abraham and Elizabeth 
[Wright] Van Wyck, and gr.-dau. of Bar- 
ent and Hannah [Carman] Van Wyck and 
of John and Zerviah [Wright] Wright, 
and had children other than Joshua: Sam- 
uel A., Abraham H., William an,! three 
daughters); son of Samuel of West Neck, 
b. Aug. 4, 1735, d. Nov. 6, 1810 (m. Aug. 
30, 1766 Hannah Hewlett, b. July 25, 1733, 
d. May 16, 1808, dau. of John and Hannah 
[Jackson] Hewlett, and gr.-dau. of John 
and Mary [Smith] Hewlett and -of Col. 
John and Elizabeth [Seaman] Jackson); 
son of Barent of East Woods, now Wood- 
bury N. Y., b. Mar. 4, 1703, d. Jan. 1750, 
farmer and supporter of the Dutoh church, 
after his death the widow and six ch. were 
baptised in St. Geo. ch. Hempstead L. I. 
(m. Nov. 12. 1727 Hannah Carman, b. 1704, 
d. Jan. 9, 1790, dau. of Thomas Carman, 
and gr.-dau. of John and Hannah [Sea- 
man] Carman, and had children other than 
Samuel: Thomas, Theodorus, Abraham, 
Mary, Sarah and Abigail); son of Theo- 
dorus of Great Neck L. I. in 1701, b. Sep. 
19, 1668, d. Sep. 4, 1753, justice of the peace 
1718 to 1753, supervisor 1726 (m. Apr. 29, 
1693 Margretia Brinckerhoff, b. 1675, d. 
Aug. 27, 1 741, dau. of Abraham and Aeltie 
[Strycker] Brinckerhoff, and gr.-dau. of 
Joris [Dirckson] and Susanna [Dubbles] 
BrinckerhofT and of John and Lambertje 
[Seabering] Strycker, and had children 
other than Barent: Cornelius, Theodorus, 
Abraham and three daughters) ; son of 
Cornelius (Barentse) of Flatbush L. I., 
probably from " Wyk," a village in North 
Brabant, emigrated in 1660, settled in Flat- 
bush, member Dutch church in 1677, took 
oath of allegiance 1687 (m. ist Anna, dau. 
of Rev. Theodorus Polhemius and Catha- 
rina Van Werven his wife, m. 2d in 1684 
Jannetje, and had children other than 
Theodorus: Johannes, bp. Jan. 17. 1677, 
Aaltje, bp. Oct. 5, 1679, Anna, bp. July 9, 
1682, Elizabeth, bp. Jan. 16, 1685. m. 
Adriaen Hegeman 'of Flatbush; Adriaentje, 


bp. Sep. 9, 1688, Joseph Hegeman, Mar- 
retje, m. Hendrick Wikse of Newtown. 
Descended from Chevalier Hendrkk Van 
Wyck, who lived about 1400. In 1575 Jan 
Van Wyck of the council of Utrecht mar. 
Wyander Van Asch, the last of that family. 
She received her brother's property pro- 
vided her descendants would join the fam- 
ily arms and carry the name Van 
Asch-Van Wyck. From her son Jacob, b. 
at Utrecht 1584, d. 1635, mar. to Anna Van 
Rynevelt, the whole Protesitant branch of 
Van Wyck descends. 

cust Valley N. Y., b. Jan. 10, 1870, 
farmer, member Soc. of Friends; son 
William Townsend Cock of Locust Val- 
ley, b. Nov. 26, 1803, d. Jan. 18, 1885, far- 
mer, member Soc. of Friends (m. Nov. 14, 
1867 Hannah Burling of Purchase, West- 
chester CO. N. Y., b. Mar. 8, 1832, dau. of 
Benjamin F. and Hannah [Hosier] Bur- 
ling, and gr.-dau. of Samuel and Mary 
[Field] Burling and of John and Catharine 
[Burling] Hosier, and his children by 
former marriage with Elizabeth, dau. of 
Isaac and Sarah [Doughty] Hicks, were: 
Mary Hicks, d. unmarried, and Isaac 
Hicks Cocks of Old Westbury L. I., m. 
Mary T. Willets) ; son of Samuel of Buck- 
ram, now Locust Valley, b. June 2S, 1765, 
d. Aug. II, 1855, merchant, farmer and 
miller, member of Soc. of Friends (m. Dec. 
14, 1785 Elizabeth Cock, b. Dec. 7, 1769, d. 
Apr. 1859, dau. of Daniel and Roseannah 
[Townsend] Cock, and gr.-dau. of James 
and Deborah [Feke] Cock and of William 
and Elizabeth [Cock] Townsend, and had 
children other than William: Loretta [m. 
Isaac Covert], Joshua [m. Susan Cock], 
Clark [m. Catharine Fecks], James [m. 
Elizabeth Cock], Deborah [m. Caleb 
Covert], Samuel [m. Fanny Cock] and 
Roseannah, d. young) ; son of Clark of 
Buckram, b. Oct. 13, 1738, d. Mar. 29, 1832. 
farmer, tailor and merchant, member Soc. 
of Friends (m. Mar. 20, 1760 Elizabeth 
Pearce, b. Apr. 17, 1743, d. Nov. 8, 1835, 
dau, of James and Elizabeth [? Coles] 
Perce of Musketo Cove and Philipsburgh 

N. Y., and gr.-dau. of William Pearce of 
Rhode Island and New York) ; son of 
Samuel of Buckram, b. July 20, 1702, d. 
Sep. 20, 1741, weaver, farmer, member of 
Soc. of Friends (m. 1730 Martha Ailing, 
dau. of Abraham and Mary [Hawxhurst] 
Ailing of Oyster bay, and gr.-dau. of Abra- 
ham and Mary Ailing and of Christopher 
and Mary [Reddough] Hawxhurst of 
Matinecock L. I., and had children other 
than Clark: Hannah [m. Joseph Coles], 
Samuel [m. Jemima Powell], Anne [m. 
James Titus], Penelope [m. John Hawx- 
hurst]); son of James of Pipingrock L. I., 
b. Apr. 4, 1674, d. May 24, 1728, farmer, 
member Soc. of Friends (m. Dec. i, 1698 
Hannah Feke, b. Oct. 6, 1675, d. Apr. 28, 
1750, dau. of John and Elizabeth [Prier] 
Feke, and gr.-dau. of Lieut. Robert and 
Elizabeth [Fones-Winthrop] Feake and of 
Matthew and Mary Priar of Killingworth, 
now Matinecock L. I., and had children 
other than Samuel: Sarah, Joshua, Eliza- 
beth, Hannah, never m., Josiah [m. Re- 
bekah Frost], Martha [m. Joseph Frost], 
Mary [m. Isaac Frost] and Robert) ; son 
of James of Setauket 1659, Oysterbay 1662, 
Killingworth alias Matinecock 1669, at 
which date he purchased a tract of land of 
the Indians, a portion of which is still 
occupied by his descendants, d. abt. 1698, 
yeoman, member Soc. of Friends (m. abt. 
1655 Sarah, who d. Dec. 16, 1715, children 
other than James: Mary [m. John Bowne], 
Thomas [m. Hester Williams], John ['m. 
2d Dorothy Harcurt], Hannah [m. James 
de la Plaine], Sarah [m. Henry Franklin], 
Henry [m. Mary Feke and Martha Pear- 
sail], Martha [m. Isaac Davis]). 

-^^ Greenwich Conn., b. in Collamer 
Ohio July 4, 1844, served in co. G in 125th 
Ohio vol. inf. for nearly three years dur- 
ing 1862-5, prisoner in rebel prison at 
Cahaba Ala. Sep. to Nov. 1864, served in 
national guard of Conn., now in business 
in New York city (m. Mar. 26, 1867 Helen 
E. Redington [gr.-dau. of Capt. John Red- 
ington of rev. war], and had 3 children, 
viz.: Nellie R., Henry H. Jr. and Mabel 



S.); son of Lowell L. Adams of Collamer 
Ohio, b. in Dudley Mass. May 30, 1790, d. 
in Collamer in 1858, served in militia in 
war of 1812 (m. at Dover Ohio in 1828 
Hepzibah A. C. Thayer, dan. of John of 
Surrey N. H. and desc. of Richard and 
Dorothy Thayer of Braintree Mass. 1651); 
son of Benoni Adams of Dudley Mass., b. 
in Sherborn Mass. Dec. 31, 1754, d. in 
Dudley, was a rev. soldier in Paul Revere's 
alarm Apr. 19, 1775, enlisted several times, 
served during the war (m. May 8, 1777 
Susanna Chamberlain, dau. of Jacob of 
Dudley) ; son of James Adams 2d of Sher- 
born Mass., b. there Mar. 13, 1715 (m. 
Rebecca Fairbanks) ; son of James of 
Sherborn, b. there July 7, 1693 (m. Abigail 
Hill); son of Moses of Sherborn, b. in 
Braintree Alass. Oct. 26, 1654, d. in Sher- 
born 1724, tythingman 1696, selectman 
1701, drew land in Douglass Mass. 1715 
(m. Mary Fairbanks); son of Lieut. Henry- 
Adams of Sherborn Mass., b. in England 
in 1634, killed in Medfield in King Philip's 
war, was lieut. of artillery, was ancestor of 
the Braintree Adams family (m. Elizabeth 
Paine of Braintree); son of William, 
whose ancestry in England has been traced 
through Sir John Adams to Sir John ap 
Adams 1296, who m. Lady Elizabeth, dau. 
of John de Gournai, Lord of Beverstan, 
descendant of William the Conqueror. 

Y., b. there May 30, 1801, d. Nov. 20, 
1887 (m. Aug. 30, 1829 Elizabeth Bradt 
[dau. of Isaac], and had 8 children, viz.: 
Elizabeth, b. Nov. 24, 1833 [m. Sep. 6, 
1853 Rev. Nathaniel B. Klink, b. near 
Bethlehem N. Y. Feb. 25. 1823, d. May 30, 
1895], Jane Matilda, b. Sep. 25, 1835, d. 
Oct, II, 1851, George Timothy, b. Sep. 19, 
1837 [m. Emily Titus], William R., b. July 

17, 1839, d. Aug. 12, 1868, Isaac Bradt, b. 
May 29, 1842, d. Jan. 19, 1851, Isabel, b. 
July 16, 1844 fm. Nov. 18, 1868 Thomas 
Stuart Callender, and had Lizzie, b. Oct. 

18, 1869, Wm., b. Apr. 28, 1871, and Thos. 
S., b. :\i)r. 16. 1875], Dudley, b. Sep. 21, 
1846, d. Oct. 24. 1850, and Edward, b. Mar. 
18, 1849, d. July 10, 1849), Rev. Nathaniel 

B. Klink above had 12 children, viz.: Jane 
Seymour Klink, b. June 5, 1855, Joanna 
E., b. Mar. 6, 1857 [mi. Aug. 4, 1880 J. T. 
Secor Jr.), Harriet Wendell Klink, b. Dec. 

12, 1858 [m. Dec. 19, 1879 W. L. Brown, 
and had Arthur Seymour Brown, b. Sep. 
17, 1880], Kate Seymour Klink, b. Nov. 
30, i860 [m. Dec. 28, 1886 Emil Theiss 
U. S. N., and had Paul, b. Oct. 6, 1890, 
and Katherine, b. Nov. 22, 1894], George 
Timothy Klink, b. Jan. 18, 1862 [m. Mar- 
ion Anderson, and had Janet, b. Apr. 23, 
1894], Caroline J., b. Mar. 31, 1865 [m. 
Aug. 14, 1886 M. K. Eyre U. S. N., and 
had Wilson Lear, b. Sep. 23, 1888], Eliza- 
beth Bradt Klink, b. May 23, 1867 [m. 
Dec. 28, 1888 A. S. J. McCoy], William 
Marcy Klink, b. Oct. 23, 1869, Florence, 
b. Jan. 19, 1871, d. Nov. 24, 1872, Adela 
Helen, b. Feb. 3, 1873, d. Mar. 16, 1889, 
Ruth, b. Feb. 12, 1874, d. June 12, 1874, 
and Marie Emily, b. June 30, 1875, Rev. 
Nathaniel B. Klink graduated at Union 
coll. 1847, Princeton Theo. sem. 1850, 
licensed 1850, preached ait Oneida Valley 
N. Y. 185 1-2, West Gal way 1852-3, or- 
dained 1854, pastor at Ballston Spa 1854, 
Fairmount N. J. 1855-9, Sacramento Cal. 
1859-61, Vallejo 1861-83, Santa Paula 
1883-4, Redding 1886-9, West Berkeley 
1889-92, Clements 1892-4, retired 1895. 
William R. Seymour served in civil war 3 
months, comimissary of subsistence and 
capt. 1864, brevet major 1865. 

bury Ct., b. in Norfolk Va. Nov. 16, 
1863. grad. Yale Med. coll., studied in 
Germany, physician (m. in June 1889 
Katharine Cobden, b. in Lansingburg N. 
Y. [great niece of Richard Cobden of 
England, the great free trade advocate], 
and had son Orlando Cobden Brown, b. 
July 2, 1890); son of Orlando Brown of 
Washington Ct., b. in Groton Ct. Apr. 

13, 1827, grad. Yale Med. coll. 185 1, prac- 
ticed in Mass. and Conn., assit. surgeon 
iSth Mass. reg., surgeon 29th Mass. reg., 
col. 24th Conn, inf., brev. brig.-gen., left 
military service 1869 (m. July 2. 1855 Mar- 
tha Pomeroy Whittlesey, dau. of D. C. 



Whittlesey and Mary Cogswell) ; son of 
Benjamin Brown of Groton Gt., b. there 
June 13, 1797, d. there Oct. 25, 1863, far- 
mer (m. Mary Ann Middleton, dau. of 
Nathaniel, son of Wm. Middleton, the 
emigrant) ; son 'of Jesse Brown of Groton 
Ct., b. there Sep. 2, 1774, d. there Aug. 2, 
1828, farmer (m. Sep. 10, 1796, Sally 
Adams lof Mass.); son of Jesse Brown of 
Groton, b. in New London Apr. 11, 1745, 
d. in Groton June 119, 1822, farmer (m. in 
Jan. 1774 Mary Palmer, dau. of Nathaniel, 
desc. of Walter Palmer, the emigrant, her 
mother was Mary Chesborough, desc. of 
Wm., the emigrant) ; son of Benjamin 
Brown of New London Ct. 'and Fisiher's 
Island N. Y., b. in R. L Mar. 16, 1708, d. 
in New London 1782, surveyor, lessee of 
Fisher's Island (m. Apr. 6, 1730 Abigail 
Maocoon, desc. of John of Cambridge, the 
emigrant) ; son of Daniel Brown of West- 
erly R. I., d. there 1726 (m. Frances Wat- 
son, dau. of John, wiho m. Dorcas 
Gardiner) ; son of Jeremiah Brown of R. 
I., d. 1690 (m. Mary); sion of Chad of 
Providence R. I. 1642, d. 1665. 

ton Mass., b. in Waltham Mass. Aug. 
28, 1833 (m. 1st July 15, 1862 Isabella 
Brown, b. in Boston Mar. 31, 1834. d. 
there Nov. 13, 1867 [dau. of John and Isa- 
bella, and desc. of Abraham Brown of 
Watertown Mass. 1631], m. 2d July 16, 
1874 Abby Jane Farnsworth, b. in Lowell 
Mass. May 6, 1839 [dau. of Jesse Edson 
Farnsworth and Anna Brown], and had 3 
children by these 2 marriages, viz.: Nathan 
Hagar Daniels Jr., b. Sep. i. 1839, d. 
young, Howard Bigelow Daniels, b. Oct. 
I, 1865, and Nathan Hagar Daniels Jr., b. 
in Huntington Mass. Oct. 8, 1875) '- son of 
George W. Daniels of Waltham Mass., b. 
in Roxbury Miass. Mar. 11, 1804, d. in 
Framingham Mass. Aug. 19, 1842 (m. Oct. 
25, 1829 Mary Hagar, b. Apr. 20, 1805, d. 
in Waltham Oct. 22, 1892, dau. of Nathan 
and Sally [Travis] Hagar of Weston 
Mass., desc. of Wm. Hagar of Watertown 
1640); son of Richard Daniels of Roxbury 
Mass., b. there Oct. 8. 1760, d. in Erving 

Mass. Feb. 16, 1829 (m. about 1790 Su- 
sannah Chamberlain, b. in Roxbury June 
17, 1769, dau. of Stephen and Sarah [Weld] 
Chamberlain) ; son oif Samuel Daniels of 
Roxbury Mass., b. in Boston Oct. 31, 1740. 

Carroll 111., b. in Clockville N. Y. 
Nov. 3, 1846, music teacher and farmer 
(has sister Lucinda Wheeler, b. Jan. 17, 
1836, m. Jan. 20, 1856 Volney Armour, a 
lawyer, circuit clerk, revenue collector and 
mayor of Mt. Carroll, her children are: i. 
Preston George, b. Nov. 3, 1856, m. June 
5, 1880 Eliza Riddle, 2. N. E. Capitola, b. 
Feb. 10, 1858, m. Jan. i, 1880 George L. 
Hoffman, lawyer, ^member of legislature 
and mayor of Mt. Carroll, 3, Richard 
Wheeler, b. Nov. 27, 1862, 4. Darwin 
Lucien, d. young, 5. Duane Browne, b. 
June 28, 1869, and Josephine Blanche, b. 
May 29, 1874) ; son of George Clock, b. in 
Clockville N. Y., d. in Mt. Carroll 111. Feb. 
2, 1892, farmer (m. Jan. 22, 1835 Nancy 
W'heeler Chapman, b. Oct. 29, 1814, d. Sep. 
30, 1888, dau. of Capt. Gideon and Lucinda 
[Wheeler] Chapman of North Stonington 
Conn., Capt. Gideon had brothers: Lewis 
Chapman of Conn, and Col. Stephen Chap- 
man, a noted lawyer and wealthy resident 
of Clockville N. Y., they were the sons of 
Joseph and Mary [Main] Chapman, and 
gr.-sons of Andrew and Hannah [Smith] 
Chapman, and gt.-gr-sons of John Chap- 
man, a weaver from near London Eng., 
who was impressed and brought to this 
country, landing in Boston he made hris 
escape to Wakefield R. I., and from there 
to Stonington Conn., where he settled and 
m. Sarah Brown Feb. 17, 1710, Lucinda 
Wheeler, b. Aug. 27, 1784, was the 
dau. of Paul and Mary [Wheeler] Wheeler, 
gr.-dau. of Paul and Lucy [Swan] 
Wheeler, and gt. -gr.-dau. of Capt. Thomas 
and Mary [Miner] Wheeler, a descendant 
of Thomas Wheeler, Lieut. Thomas Miner, 
Capt. John Gallup and Walter Palmer, all 
early settlers of Stonington, of Sir Robert 
Parke of Wethersfield in 1640, Capt. James 
Avery of Groton, Capt. John Swan of 
Haverhill Mass., and Rev. Thomas Shep- 



herd, an early minister at Boston Mass.); 
son of John Clock, who was b. on the 
Mohawk river Apr. 2. 1764, d. in Clock- 
ville N. Y. Apr. i, 1816. was the first set- 
tler at Clockville, and his daughter Mary 
was the first white child born there, the 
town was named for him (m. Abalona 
Keller in May 1786, whose parents and 
uncles fought in the rev. war, and whose 
sister was killed by the Indians). 

Plainfield N. J., clergyman, b. in 
South Hadley Mass. Oct. 15, 1841 (m. 
June 23, 1870 Helen McClure Kirby, b. 
Jan. 12, 1845, dau. of Rev. William Kirby 
of Jacksonville 111., b. July 2, 1805 in Mid- 
dletown Ct. [son of Elisha Kirby of Mid- 
dletown, b. Oct. 13, 1774, and Betsy 
Spencer, bp. Oct. 3, 1779, dau. of Samuel 
Spencer and Martha Eells], and Hannah 
McClure Wolcott, b. June 7, 181 1, dau. of 
Elihu Wolcott of Jacksonville III., b. Feb. 
12, 1784 in Windsor Ct.. and Rachel Mc- 
Clure, b. Oct. 29. 1783, dau. of Rev. David 
McClure, b. Nov. 1748, of East Windsor 
Ct., and Hannah Pomeroy. dau. of Rev. 
Benjamin Pomeroy); son of John Dwight, 
New York city, b. Aug. i. 1819 in South 
Hadley Mass. (m. Jan. 13, 1841 Nancy 
Shaw Everett, b. June 17, 1817, dau. of 
Capt. Metcalf Everett of Foxboro Mass.. 
b. June 24, 1777, d. Aug. 22, 1858 [son of 
John Everett of Foxboro, b. June i, 1736. 
and Melatiah (Metcalf) Ware, m. Apr. 25. 
1776. b. Oct. 16, 1736, dau. of Samuel Met- 
calf. b. Jan. 15, 1689, and Judith George, 
m. May 20, 1725, dau. of John George of 
Dorchester Mass., gr.-son of Ebenezer 
Everett of South Dedham Mass., b. Aug. 
5. 1707. and Joanna Stevens, m. Mar. 9. 
1734, b. Sep. 171 1, dau. of Ebenezer Stev- 
ens, son of Lieut. John Stevens and Sarah 
Sprague, m. Jan. 13, 1703. dau. of Phineas 
Sprague of Charlestown Mass., gt. -gr.-son 
of Dea. John Everett of Dedham Mass. 
and Mercy Brown], and Fanny Shcpard. 
b. Mar. 10. 1780. dau. of Major Joseph 
Shepard of Foxboro Mass. and Abigail 
Hodges [m. May ii, 1772]. b. Oct. 4, 1746. 
dau. of Elijah Hodges and Elisabeth 

Reed, b, 1723, dau. 'of Thomas Reed of 
Dighton Mass. and Sarah Tisdale, b. 1690, 
dau. of Joseph Tisdale and Mary Leonard, 
b. Aug. 2, 1663, dau. of Major Thomas 
Leonard of Taunton, children: Melatiah 
Everett, b. Oct. 15, 1841, John Elihu, b. 
July 28, 1844. Anna Frances, b. Dec. 17, 
1848, Clara McFarland, b. Sep. 24, 185 1, 
Marion, b. Feb. 22, 1856, he m. 2d Mrs. 
Clara [Leigh] Freeborn, b. Jan. 9, 1846, 
dau. of Dr. Edwin Leigh of St. Louis) ; 
son of Dr. Elihu Dwight of South Had- 
ley Mass., b. Oct. 22, 1763, d. June i, 1854 
(m. Oct. 7, 1801 Lydia White, b. Jan. 31, 
1777, dau. of Capt. William White of 
Springfield, who was k. at Yorktown Va. 
Oct. 13, 1781, and Lydia Bartlett (m. Aug. 

25, 1774), b. Nov. 16, 1746, dau. of Samuel 
Bartlett of Springfield and Lydia Lombard 
(m. Feb. 6, 1746). b. Jan. 30, 1725, dau. of 
Ebenezer Lombard of Springfield and 
Rachel Loomis (m. Apr. 17, 1717) of 
Windsor Ct., b. Jar. 12, 1693, dau. of Jo- 
seph Loomis and Lydia Drake (m. Apr. 
10, 1681). dau. of John Drake of Windsor 
Ct. and Hannah Moore) ; son of Capt. 
Justus Dwight of Belohertown Mass., b. 
Jan. 13, 1739, d. July 27, 1824 (m. Jan. 19, 
1763. Sarah Lamb, b. 1736, d. Feb. 25, 1832, 
dau. of Daniel Lamb of Springfield, b. 
Apr. 6, 1716 [son of John Lamb, b. Mar. 
28, 1691, and Sarah Jones [m. Feb. 3, 
1715], b. Feb. 5, 1688, dau. of Ebenezer 
Jones of Springfield] and Martha Ashley 
[m. Dec. 19, 1734], b. Apr. 23, 1717, dau. 
of Joseph Ashley of Springfield [son of 
Joseph] and Martha Leonard [m. Feb. t8, 
1716], b. Oct. 23, 1695, d'au. of Benjamin 
Leonard and Sarah Scott, both of Spring- 
field Mass.); son of Capt. Nathaniel 
Dwight of Belchertown, b. June 20, 1712, 
d. Mar. 30. 1784 (m. Jan. 2, 1735 Hannah 
Lyman, b. July 14, 1709, dau. of Lieut. 
Benjamin Lyman [son of John Lyman of 
Northampton] and Thankful Pomeroy [m. 
Oct. 27, 1698]. b. May 31. 1679, dau. of 
Dea. Medad Pomeroy of Northampton) ; 
son of Nathaniel Dwight of Northampton 
Mass.. b. Nov. 20, 1666, d. Nov. 7, 1711 (m. 
Dec. 9. 1693 Mehitable Partridge, b. Aug. 

26, 1675, dau. of Col. Samuel Partridge of 



Hatfield); son of Capt. Timothy Dwight 
of Dedham Mass., b. 1629, d. Jan. 31, 1718 
(m. Jan. 9, 1665 Anna Flint, b. Sep. 11, 
1643, dau. of Rev. Henry Flint of Brain- 
tree Mass. and Margery Hoar) ; son of 
John Dwight of Dedham Mass. 

Poughkeepsie N. Y., b. in Claverack 
N. Y. July 2^, 1859, physician (m. Cathe- 
rine Du Bois Le Fevre, dau. of Hon. 
Jacob Le Fevre, a desc. of Simon Le 
Fevre, the patentee of New Paltz, and 
Anna A. Woolsey, a desc. of George Wool- 
sey, who came to New Netherlands in 1623, 
and had dau. Anna Le Fevre Poucher); 
son of Peter Poucher of Claverack N. Y., 
b. there 1835 (m. 1857 Mary E. Cum- 
mings) ; son of John of Claverack, b. there 
1806, d. there 1856 (m. Hannah Smith) ; 
son of Anthony of Claverack, b. there 
1775, d. there 1856 (m. Hannah Ham); son 
of Jacob of Hillsdale N. Y., b. in Claver- 
ack 1715, d. in Hillsdale 1786 (m. 
Ann Niver) ; son of Pierre of Clermont N. 
Y., b. about 1675, d. 1739; son of Simon 
Bouche, a Huguenot refugee who came 
from Amsterdam Holland to America in 
1658, and first settled in Harlem, but after- 
ward went to Livingston Manor N. Y. 

HYDE, J. E. HINDON of New York 
city, b. there Apr. 13, 1856, grad. 
Columbia coll. 1876, Columbia coll. law 
sch. 1878, practicing law in New York city 
(m. June 18, 1889 Ellen Elizabeth Hulings 
Williams [b. in Baltimore Md., dau. of 
Goodwin G. Williams, and a desc. of the 
old Williams family of the Eastern Shore 
of Va., living there from colonial times J, 
and has 3 children: Helen Elizabeth Wil- 
liams Hyde, b. Sep. 2, 1892, and John 
James Hindon Hyde, b. Mar. 15, 1896, and 
Wm. H. Hyde Jr., b. Nov. 1897), and 
brother William H. Hyde, b. N. Y. city 
Jan. 29, 1858, and sisters Eva M. [Hyde] 
Chase and C Emily Hyde; children of 
John James Hyde of N. Y. city, b. there 
Oct. 28, 1818, d. in St. Servan Fr. Aug. 
1889, importer in business in N. Y. (m. 
June 18, 1848 Maria L., b. N. Y. city May 

24, 1821, dau. of William Card, a grain 
merchant and owner of a line of vessels on 
tludson river); son of John Ellsworth 
Hyde, importer of N. Y. city, b. in Nor- 
wich Ct. Aug. 30, 1781, d. in N. Y. 1844 
(m. Maria [d. in N. Y., dau. of his third 
cousin Jonathan Little of Lebanon Ct.], 
and had children: John J., William PL, 
Jonathan Little and Ann Maria [m. John 
T. Adams of Medford Mass.]); son of 
Ebenezer of Norwich Ct., b. there Jan. i, 
1748, d. there Dec. 28, 1816 (m. ist Chole 
[b. 1752 in Ellington, dau. of Daniel and 
Mary Ellsworth of Ellington], and had 
two sons, one of whom was John E. above, 
m. 2d Nov. 22, 1787 Phebe, b. in Norwich 
Jan. 18, 1747, d. there July 5, 1799, dau. of 
Peter Huntington of Norwich, m. 3d Dec. 
5, 1799 Elizabeth Peck); son of James of 
Norwich Ct., 'b. there Feb. 28, 1707, d. 
there Apr. 24, 1793, shipmaster, both he 
and his wife are buried in the old cemetery 
in Norwich (m. Dec. 26, 1743 Sarah [b. in 
Norwich Apr. 12, 1720, d. Nov. 3, 1773, his 
third cousin and dau. of Abijah and Abiel 
[Hough] Marshall], and had six children); 
son of John of Norwich Ct., b. there Dec. 
1667, d. there July 26, 1727, farmer (m. 
Mar. 3, 1698 Experience, b. in Norwich / 
Dec. 1674, d. Oct. 24, 1763, dau. of Caleb 
and Margaret [Post] Abel, his second 
cousin) ; son of Samuel of Norwich Ct., b. 
in Hartford Ct. abt. 1637, d. in Norwich 
Ct. 1677, went to Norwich 1660, farmer, 
had lands assigned to him at Norwich 
West Farms, where he d. aged 40 yrs. (m. 

June, 1659 Jane [dau. of Thomas and 

[Brown] Lee of Lynn, he, Thomas sailed 
from Eng. 1641 with his wife and three 
children, but d. on the voyage, and his 
widow and children went to Saybrook], 
and had several children, of whom the eld- 
est was Elizabeth, b. in Norwich 1660, 
being the first white child b. there); son of 
William of Norwich Ct., d. in Norwich 
Jan. 6, 1681, his name first appears in Hart- 
ford Ct. 1636, and his name is on the 
monument in the old cemetery at that place 
as one of the original settlers, and he had 
lands assigned to him there, prob. came to 
America with the Rev. Thomas Hooker 



1633, sojourned a short time in Newton 
Mass., and removed with him to Hartford 
1636. prob. went to Saybrook shortly after- 
ward, and his dau. m. there 1652, was one 
of the original proprietors of Norwich 
1660, was a man of considerable import- 
ance among the settlers, and was fre- 
quently elected selectman. His house lot 
was devised to his gr.-son Wm. Hyde, and 
a part of it was owned by Wm. Mansfield, 
a desc. of the latter, and was occupied by 
him as the site of his dwelling-house 1859. 

E ASTON, WILLIAM of New York- 
city, b. in Geneseo N. Y. Oct. 8. 1846 
(m. Jan. 20, 1870 Caroline de Stuteville 
Isaacson [dau. of Wm. Parr de S. Isaac- 
son, 2d son of Baron Henri de Stutteville, 
and took the surname of Isaacson upon 
inheriting estate of a cousin in Cambridge- 
shire Eng.], and had Eleanor, Mabel, Car- 
oline, Kathleen, Vera and Archibald Philip 
Primrose Easton, named after his god- 
father the Earl of Rosebery, K, G. of Eng- 
land) ; son of Frederick Easton of 
Rumwell Hall, Taunton Eng., b. in Brad- 
ford Eng. Oct. 17, 1820, came to America 
1841 with Lord de Mauley and other Eng- 
lishmen to explore the western states, re- 
sided some years in the U. S. (m. Sep. 3, 
1844 Elizabeth Bond, b. in Keene N. H. 
Feb. 16, 1821, dau. of Wm. [and Mary 
Wadsworth] Bond of Geneseo N. Y., and 
1st cousin to Chief Justice Salmon P. 
Chase); son of George Easton of Taunton 
Eng., b. in Bradford Eng. in Mar. 1796, d. 
in Reading Eng. Jan. 21, 1876. officer un- 
der Duke of Wellington in Spain and at 
Waterloo, afterward sec. to the duke and 
resided at his home (m. Aug. 25, I019 
Sarah Tytherleigh, dau. of Richard and 
Marian, younger members of the Devon- 
shire family, related to the Carews, Bouv- 
eries. Courtenays and Wellesleys); son of 
Josias Easton of Taunton Eng.. b. Mar. 
23. 1760. d. in Bradford in Feb. 1843. sher- 
iff, resided at Taunton Castle and Fitzroy 
House, was of large property and means. 
a monument was erected to his memory 
in Bradford church at his death (m. July 
14, 1791 Hannah Bond, dau. of R.. who m. 

Elizabeth Bouverie) ; son of William of 
Taunton Eng., b. in Heatherton Hall there 
Mar. 28, 1717, d. May 3, 1769 (m. 2d 1759 
Margaret d'Everay, dau. and heiress of 
Robert d'Everay Esq. of Heatherton 
Hall); son of Paul Easton of Taunton 
Eng., b. in Newport R. I. Feb. 1673, d. in 
Taunton July 30, 1730, returned to Eng. 
1692 and was befriended by a relative, was 
largely concerned in shipping and mer- 
chandise between Holland, Spain and 
America, acquiring a considerable fortune 
(m. June 5, 1706 Eleanor Holwell, b. 1681, 
d. at Taunton July 30, 1730, dau. of Chris- 
topher Holwell Esq. and Lady Mary Petre 
of Howell Combe) ; son of Jolin Easton, 
b. in Woolborough Eng. 1624; son of 
Nicholas of Rhode Island, b. 1593 (m. 
1620 Patience, dau. of Col. Peter Stracey), 
upon the death of his wife he left Eng. 
with his two sons for America, having be- 
come a Puritan; son of John of Easton 
Eng., b. 1547 (m. 2d Annabel Kerr of 
Tiverton Eng.); son of Richard, b. 1522. 

of Providence R. I., b. in Foster R, 
I. Nov. 6, 1841, U. S. senator from R. I., 
had academic education, first entered into 
mercantile pursuits, pres. Providence 
common council 1872-3, member R. I. 
general assembly 1875-6, speaker of house 
of reps. 1876, rep. in 46th and 47th con- 
gresses, senator 1881-98, private in loth 
reg. R. I. vols, in rebellion (m. Oct. 9, 
1866 Abby P. T. Greene, and had 8 ch., 
viz.: Lucy Truman, Edward Burgess, 
Abby Greene, Stuart Morgan, William Tru- 
man, Richard Steere, Winthrop Williams, 
Elsie Chapman); son of Anan of Killing- 
ley Ct., b. in Glocester 1807, d. in Killing- 
ley Jan. 20th, 1892, (m. Abby Ann Burgess, 
b. Oct. I, 1810, d. Oct. 24, 1888, dau. of 
Gideon Burgess); son of Job of Foster R. 
I., b. in Smithfield R. I., (m. ist Waity 
Angcll, 2d Jane Jones); son of Daniel of 
Smithfield R. I., b. there Oct. 25, 1730, d. 
there 1770, killed by a runaway ox team 
(ni. Nov. 9, 1752 Anne Steere. dau. of 
Richard and Anne [Comstock] Steere of 
Glocester R. I.); son of John of Smith- 



field R. I., b. there, d. there in 1776, (m. 
1st Sep. 2y, 1708 Susannah Smith, m. 2d 
Elizabeth Stevens); son of Samuel of 
Smithfield, R. I., d. Apr. 2, 1747, (m. Jane, 
d. 1705); son of Joseph, b. Jan. 4, 1635, d. 
in Smithfield R. I. 1701, (m. Feb. 2^, 1662 
Patience Osborne of Braintree Mass.); son 
of George, d. in Mendon, Mass., Mar. i, 
1682, came to America 1631, first settled in 
Dorchester, Mass., in Braintree Mass. 1640, 
became one of the first settlers of Mendon, 
Mass. 1663, (m. Sep. 3, 1629 Katherine 
Scald, d. Mendon, Mass. Jan. it, 1691, left 
3 dau. and 4 sons). 


-^ Columbus Ohio, b. at the U. S. con- 
sulate at Hamburg Ger. Mar. 26, 1862, B. 
A., It. in U. S. A., (m. May 26, 1898 
Helen, dau. of John Judson Bagley and 
Frances E. Newbury) ; and brother 
CHARLES FINLEY Anderson, b. at 
Hamburg Ger. Mar. 23, 1864 (m. June 20, 
1893 Minerva Ann Flowers, b. Oct. 28, 
1872, dau. of Ruffin [Hastings] and Eliza 
[Burton] Flowers); sons of James House 
Anderson of Columbus Ohio, b. at Marion 
Ohio Mar. 16, 1833, educated at Ohio 
Wesleyan univ., grad. Cincinnati Law 
school, U. S. consul at Hamburg Ger. 
1861-6, banker 1869-85, retired from active 
business 1885, (m. Nov. 27, 1856 Princess 
Amanda Miller, b. Aug. 4, 1837, dau. of 
David, b. Feb. 12, 1794, d. Aug. 28, 1855, 
who m. Oct. 28, 1833, Sarah Bent, b. Aug. 
19, 1806, d. Jan. 24, 1859, gr.-dau. of Rob- 
ert Miller, b. Aug. 19, 1767, d. Oct. 18, 
1834, who m. Jan. 19, 1793 Mary High- 
field, James House Anderson had 4 ch., 
viz.: Mary Princess, James T., Charles F. 
and Alice F.); son of Thomas Jefferson 
Anderson of Marion Ohio, b. in Hamp- 
shire Co. Va. on his father's plantation 
Apr. 2, 1801, d. in Marion Ohio Jan. 25, 
1871, judge of the court of common pleas 
of Marion co. 21 years, (m. Aug. 7, 1825 
Nancy Dunlevy, b. Jan. 12, 1805, d. May 
17, 1870, dau. of James and Hannah 
[Robb] Dunlevy, Thomas Jefiferson An- 
derson had 8 ch., all of whom except 
James House d. childless); son of James 

of Hampshire co. Va., b. there Feb. 17, 
1768, d. in Fairfield co. Ohio Oct. 24, 1844, 
with his family and father's family settled 
in Fairfield or Ohio Apr. 7, 1806, was an 
of^cer under \.en. Anthony Wayne in all 
his campaigns against the Indians of the 
northwest, (m. Priscilla House, dau. of 
John and Ruth [Metcalf] House, and had 
9 ch., viz.: Levi Henshaw, Thomas Jef- 
ferson, John, Mahala, James Madison, 
Ruth, Rebecca, Hiram, Priscilla) ; son of 
Thomas of Hampshire co. Va., b. there 
1733, d. at Fairfield co. Ohio 1806, served 
in rev. war, (m. a Bruce, and had- 11 ch., 
viz.: William, James, John, Jonathan, Jo- 
seph, Abner, George, Margaret, Rachel, 
Elizabeth, Nancy); son of William of 
Hampshire co. Va., b. in Scotland 1693, d. 
in Hampshire co. Va. 1797, (m. 
b. in Scotland, had 4 ch., viz.: Thomas, 
Ann, William, Sarah). 

A TLEE, EDWIN PITT of Philadel- 
-lX phia, b. in Elizabethtown Pa. May 7, 
1799, d. in Philadelphia Dec. 25, 1836, was 
active member of the Penna. Abolition 
Soc, and the National Anti-Slavery Soc, 
grad. Univ. of Penna., and a well-kaowr. 
M. D., (m. Oct. 17, 1822 Margaret Collins 
Bullock, b. Apr. 15, 1801, d. Apr. 3, 1861, 
dau. of Anthony and Hannah Bullock, and 
had dau. Caroline, b. in Philadelphia Oct. 
10, 1830, m. Sep. 25, 1851 Samuel Fisher 
Corlies, and had 7 ch., viz.: Clara, Sarah 
F., Margaret L., S. Rowland, Caroline, 
Edith and Florence) ; son of Edwin 
Augustus Atlee of Philadelphia Pa., b. in 
Lancaster Nov. 16, 1776, d. in Philadelphia 
Mar. 8, 1852, grad. Univ. Penn., practiced 
medicine, and was prominent in anti-slav- 
ery movements, (m. Feb. i, 1798 Margaret 
Snyder, b. May 5, 1780, d. June 23, 1866, 
dau. of John and Mary Snyder and niece 
of Gov. Snyder); son of William Augus- 
tus Atlee of Philadelphia, b. there July i, 
1735, d. in Lancaster Sep. 9, 1793, studied 
law, admitted to Lancaster bar in 1758, ap- 
pointed 1st associate justice of supreme 
court of Pa. 1777-84, was chairman of 
Com. of Safety, commissary, supt. of the 
arsenal barracks and British prisoners at 



Lancaster during the rev. war, appointed 
pres. judge of ist dist. court of Pa. in the 
circuit embracing Lancaster, York and 
Dauphin co. 1791, (m. Aug. 31, 1763 Es- 
ther Bowes Sayre, d. July 6, 1790, dau. of 
John Sayre of Elizabeth Town Point N. 
J.); son of William of Philadelphia, b. in 
Fordhook House Eng. about 1700, d. in 
Philadelphia Apr. 27, 1744, first of the 
name to reach America, came as private 
sec. to Lord Howe, who came over as 
gov. of Barbadoes, (m. June i, 1734 Jane 
Alcock, d. Jan. 18, 1777, dau. of an English 
clergyman and cousin of William Pitt, the 
old Earl of Chatham, was maid of honor 
to the Queen) ; son of Samuel of Brent- 
ford Eng. 

BAKER, REUBEN of Ira Vt. and 
Comstock N. Y., b. in Ira Vt. Nov. 
9, 1787, d. in Burlington Iowa Dec. 7, 
1865. (m. Aug. 30, 1810 Lois C. Baxter, b. 
in Suffield Conn. 1753, dau. of Moses Bax- 
ter, soldier in rev. war, private in Capt. 
Eustis' CO. at Lexington alarm 1775, pri- 
vate in Capt. David Bents' co. 1777); son 
of Reuben of Ira Vt. and Adams Mass., 
b. in Rehoboth Mass. May 30, 1759, d. in 
Fort Ann Oct. 19, 1811, soldier in rev. war, 
private in Capt. Noah Hinman's co., in 
Col. Asa Barnes' regt. 1781, member con- 
stitutional convention of Vt., (m. Dec. 1782 
Lydia Mason, dau. of Jesse and [Lois] 
Mason of Swansea Mass.); son of John of 
Rehoboth and Swansea Mass., b. in Reho- 
both Apr. 26, 1720, d. there 1767, (m. Han- 
nah Mason); son of John of Rehoboth 
and Swansea Mass., b. in Swansea, d. 
there June 1767, (m. June 17, 1714 
Susanna Wood, dau. of George and Re- 
becca of Swansea); son of John of Reho- 
both and Swansea, d. in Rehoboth or 
Swansea, was private in the battle of King 
Phillip's war. 

pclicr Vt., b. in North Fairfax Vt. 
Mar. 12, 1849, clergyman, member of Vt. 
conference, presiding elder of Montpelier 
dist., grad. of Wesleyan univ. A. B. 1875, 

A. M. 1878, (m. June 29, 1876 Phebe Stone, 
dau. of W. B. Stone,* Francis,^ Francis,^ 
Francis,^ who was killed at Quebec under 
Wolfe, she had 4 ch., viz.: Bowman, Wil- 
bur, Leila and Francis) ; son of Hubhard 
of North Fairfax Vt., b. there June 11, 
1809, d. there Oct. 1882, was capt. of mil- 
itia, and commanded a co. under Gen. 
Nason during the Dapineau rebellion 1838, 
(m. Feb. 9, 1830 Rhoda Stratton, dau. of 
Sheldon, son of Joel Stratton, b. at Hard- 
wick Mass. Oct. 16, 1757, she had 7 ch., 
viz.: Phebe, Sheldon, Durkee, Onis, 
George, Leonard and Wilbur; son of 
Jedediah D. of North Fairfax Vt., b. in 
Kent Conn. Feb. 21, 1771, d. in North 
Fairfax Dec. 24, 1838, (m. Mary Osgood, 
dau. of Jeremiah N.,^ Jeremiah,* John,^ 
John,^ John^ Osgood, who settled at And- 
over Mass. 1636, she had 6 ch., viz.: Lucy, 
J. Hubbard, Mary, Nancy J., Mionroe and 
Clara); son of Joseph of North Fairfax, 
b. in Preston Conn. 1725, d. in North Fair- 
fax Vt. Nov. 19, 1814, served in the 
French and Indian war, (m. June 28, 1759 
Catherine Durkee and had 10 ch., viz.; 
Phebe, Mary, Rhoda, Ruthy, Joseph, 
Susan, Jedediah, Asa, Beriah, Catherine); 
son of Thomas of Stonington Conn., b. 
prob. in Preston Conn., (m. 1712 Phebe 
Tiacy, dau. of Christopher Tracy and had 
7 sons, viz.: Ebenezer, Daniel, John, Eze- 
kiel, Park, Joseph and Thomas); son of 
Daniel of Preston Conn., b. in Eng., set- 
tled in Preston 1680. 

Philadelphia Pa., b. there Oct. 19, 
1858, d. in West Chester Pa. May 15, 
1897, educated at private schools, partial 
course at Univ. of Penna., read law under 
George W. Biddle, was admitted to Phila. 
bar 1881, (m. Oct. 20, 1886 Clara Mary 
Small, dau. James W. Small, b. at Philadel- 
phia June 24, 1831, d. there Apr. 26, 1864, 
son of Robert H. Small, b. in Wiltshire 
Eng. T795, afterwards settled at Philadel- 
phia, d. there Sept. 11, 1883, son of Abra- 
ham Small of Wiltshire Eng., she had 2 
ch., viz.: William Spohn Baker, jr., b. 



Sep. 25, 1887, Christine, b. Sep. 25, 1894); 
son of William Spohn Baker of Phila., 
b. Apr. 17, 1824, d. Sep. 8, 1897, author of 
" Origin and Antiquity of Engraving," 
" William Sharp Engraver," " American 
Engravers and their Works," *' Engraved 
Portraits of Washington," " Medallic Por- 
traits of Washington," " Character Por- 
traits of Washington," " Bibliotheca 
Washingtoniana," " Itineracy of Gen. 
Wash, during Rev.," " Early Sketches of 
Geo. Wash.," " Wash, after the Rev." (in 
prep.), vice-pres. Pa. Hist. Soc, member 
Philos. Society, Am. Hist. Assoc, etc., 
(m. May 12, 1853 Eliza Downing Rowley, 
dau. of Richard Rowley, b. at Philadelphia 
June 2, 1788, d. there 1837, son of Edward, 
b. at Liverpool Eng. Nov. 12, 1757, settled 
at Philadelphia July 27, 1784, d. there 1820, 
son of Richard Rowley of Liverpool 
Eng.) ; son of George Nice Baker of Phil- 
adelphia, b. there Jan. 8, 1788, d. there 
Nov. 5, 1859, was lieut. of artillery in war 
of 1812, state rep. and senator of Pa. 1823- 
S7, held other ofifices, lumber merchant, 
(m. Feb. 11, 1817 Ann Keyser, b. at Phila- 
delphia 1746, d. Aug. II, 1808, dau. of Ben- 
jamin Keyser, son of Jacob Souplis 
Keyser, b. at Philadelphia July 13, 1707, d. 
there 1781, son of Peter Dirck Keyser, b. 
in Amsterdam Holland Nov. 26, 1676, d. 
in Germantown Pa. Sept. 12, 1724, son of 
Dirck Keyser, b. in Amsterdam 1635, set- 
tled in Germantown Oct. 10, 1688, d. there 
Nov. 30, 1714); son of Michael Baker jr. 
of Philadelphia, b. there Feb. i, 1758, d. 
there Jan. 24, 1834, served in rev. war as 
lieut. of artillery, treas. of co. of Phila. 
1812-14, (m. Sep. 22, 1784 Jane, dau. of 
George Nice of Nicetown, Phila., b. 1739, 
d. there Apr. 10, 1812, capt. of artillery in 
rev. war, son of Anthony Nice, b. at Phila- 
delphia, d. there Feb. 1762, son of Hans de 
Neus or Nice, b. in Holland, settled in 
Nicetown 1699, d. there July 10, 1736); son 
of Michael Baker of Philadelphia, b. in 
Germany 1720, d. at Philadelphia 1779, 
came to America and settled at Phila. 1740, 
private in artillery in rev. war, (m. 1743 
Mary Guld). 

Pasadena Cal., b. at Roxbury N. J. 
Mar. 27, 1839, served in federal army in 
war of rebellion, clergyman, prof, in Han- 
neman Medical Coll. at Chicago, (m. July 
28, 1868 Lucy, dau. of Philo and Olivia 
[Lombard] Washburn, gr.-dau. of Joseph 
and Nably [James] Lombard, desc. of Wil- 
liam James, who with his wife came to 
America from Eng. with John Davenport's 
colony 1637, she Lucy had 2 ch., viz.: 
George Herbert and Harry Washburn) ; 
son of George of Tremont 111., b. at New- 
ark N. J. Apr. II, 1804, d. at Tremont Apr. 
20, 1889, (m. Oct. 9, 1827 Amanda, dau. of 
Caleb and Mary [Dodd] Baldwin, gr.-dau. 
of Joseph Baldwin, a soldier in the rev. 
war, Amanda had 6 ch., viz.: George 
Thompson, b. Feb. 28, 1831, Mary, b. Sep. 
4, 1834, Margaretta L., b. Oct. 24, 1836, 
Henry Nesbit, b. Mar. 27, 1839, William, 
b. Dec. II, 1841, and Charlotte, b. Sep., 
1844, d- in 1864) ; son of Caleb of Newark 
N. J., b. there Aug. 13, 1765, d. there July 
17, 1846, (m. May 6, 1787 Nancy, dau. of 
John Nesbit, b. in Ireland 1726, d. in New- 
ark N. J. Dec. 13, 1813 and Eleanor [Mor- 
ris] Nesbit, she Nancy had 6 ch., viz.: 
Samuel, b. Apr. 20, 1788, d. 1878, Silas, b. 
Aug, 19, 1790, d. 1839, Eliza, b. Feb. 9, 
1893, d. 1814, [m. J. R. Thompson of Au- 
gusta Ga.], John Nesbit, b. June 25, 1795, 
d. in Delavan 111. May 24, 1887, Caleb, b. 
Aug. 4, 1800, and George, b. Apr. 11, 1804, 
d. Apr. 20, 1889); son of Nehemiah of 
Newark N. J., b. 1722, d. Nov. 28, 1765, 
was an elder in the ist Presbyterian church 
of Newark, as has one of his desc. been for 
every successive generation, (had 10 ch., 
viz.: Isaac, Joel, d. in Ga., Nehemiah, 
Samuel, b. 1754, d. 1850, Jesse, Caleb, Han- 
nah [prob. Mrs. Sayers], Unice [prob. ist 
Mrs. Parkhurst, 2d Mrs. Brown], Mary 
and Esther [Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Ludlow]) ; 
son of Samuel, b. 1674, d. Nov. 24, 1734, 
(had 8 ch., viz.: James, Samuel, Stephen, 
Jeremiah, Caleb, Nehemiah, Esther and 
Mary); son of John, d. prob. 1702, (m. ist 
Oct. 1663 Hannah, dau. of Obadiah Bruen, 
and had, according to will of 1702, 4 ch., 
viz.; Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth and John, 



m. 2d prob. in 1686 Ruth Bolsford of Mil- 
foul Ct., and had, according to will of 1702, 
7 ch., viz.: Samuel, Daniel, Joseph, Tim- 
othy, Elnathan, Nathaniel and Jonathan) ; 
son of John of Milford Ct., original set- 
tler, (m. 2d Marie Brewer, and had, ac- 
cording to will of 1681, II ch., viz.: John, 
Jcsiah, Nathaniel, Joseph, George, Oba- 
diah, Richard, Abigail, Sarah, Hannah and 
Elizabeth Peek Baldwin). 

111., b. in Bethlehem N. Y. Nov. 28, 
1821, was senior maj. of 7th N. Y, heavy 
artillery reg. in the civil war 1861-5, took 
part in all the battles of the army of the 
Potomac, during famous campaign of 1S64 
was in battles of Wilderness, Cold Harbor 
and Petersburg, and wounded at charge on 
Petersburg, during convalescence was in- 
structor of artillery in defenses of Wash- 
ington, mustered out of service in com- 
mand of reg. at Albany N, Y. July, 1865, 
now in real estate business in Chicago, (m. 
Sep. 24, 1844 Sarah Roxcina Babcock, dau. 
of Josiah Hubbell and Lorinda [Chapin] 
Babcock, desc. of the ancient family of 
Babcock of Essex co. Eng., she, Sarah 
had 8 ch., viz.: William, Samuel, Court- 
land, Harriet, Sara, Mary, Julia and 
Anna); son of Joseph of Bethlehem N. Y., 
b. in East Haddan Ct. July 18, 1773, d. in 
Bethlehem N. Y. Sep. 24, 1831, removed 
from New London Ct. to Albany N. Y. in 
1810, about this time the family began to 
spell the name with one n, (m. ist Aug. 16, 
1796 Anna Crosby, 2d July 28, 1814 Alma 
Sheldon, dau. of Asa and Isabella [Low] 
Sheldon, gr.-dau, of Capt. Samuel Low of 
the rev. army, a lineal desc. of Roger Wil- 
liams, John Greene and Thomas Stafford 
of R. I.); son of John of Willington Ct.. 
b. in East Haddam Ct. Apr. 18. 1744, d. in 
Willington Oct. 22, 1815, (m. ist Hannah 
Stuart, dau. of John and Elizabeth Stuart, 
gr.-dau. of Alexander Stuart. 2d May 12. 
1791 Deborah Spencer); son of Cornelius 
of Willington Ct., b. in Barnstable Mass. 
Nov. 3. 1704. (m. 1728 Experience); son of 
John of Barnstable Mass., b. there July 19. 
1673, (m. June 16, 1692 Experience Merks 

Taylor, dau. of Edward and Mary 
[Merks] Taylor); son of Samuel of Barn- 
stable Mass., b. there Jan. 22, 1646, d. in 
West Barnstable 1678, was member of gen- 
eral court 1676-7, (m. June i, 1667 Mehit- 
able Allyn, dau. of Thomas and Winifred 
Allyn of Barnstable Mass.) ; son of An- 
thony of Scituate and Barnstable Mass. 
1639, b. in CO. of Kent Eng., d. in Barn- 
stable Mass. 1674, came to Plymouth Mass. 
in the ship Ann 1623 with his wife, Jane 
[and one dau., Sarah, b. in Eng. about 
1622], was a Puritan, living in the colony 
for 51 years, identified with its interests, 
for 13 yrs. rep., removed from Plymouth 
to Scituate 1634, an original settler there 
and filled several public trusts there, repre- 
senting Scituate in the general court for 2 
yrs., and appointed with Cudworth to as- 
sist in the revision of the laws of the col- 
ony 1636, removed to Barnstable Mass. 
1639, and represented that town in the 
general court 1646-58, member of a com. 
to provide plans of defense against attacks 
by Indians 1643, proposed laws to redress 
present abuses and to prevent future 1645, 
com. to devise means for defraying the ex- 
penses of the colony 1646, his farm in West 
Barnstable remained in the family until 
1861, when it was sold, (m. ist Jane, 2d 
Anna Clark). 

BANKS, BENJAMIN of Weston Ct, 
b. Oct. 15. 1784, d. Oct. 1852, (m. 
1805 Rachel Nichols, had dau. Sarah Hub- 
bell Banks of Danbury, b. in Weston 1806, 
d. June 28. 1889); son of Thomas of Wes- 
ton Ct., b. in Fairfield Ct. Oct. 14, 
1747, d. Weston 1818, (m. 1772 or y^^ 
Sarah Dean, b. Jan. 31, 1754); son of 
Gershom of Fairfield Ct.. b. there May i, 
T712, d. there, (m. ist in May 1737 Mary, 
dau. of Francis Bradley, 2d Oct. 14, 1743 
Hannah, dau. of John Bradley, 3d in Jan., 
1751 Mary. dau. Joseph Perry); son of 
Benjamin of Fairfield Ct., b. there Oct. 
30, 1682, d. there, (m. Ruth Hyatt, b. May 
18. 1643): son 'of Benjamin of Fairfield 
Ct., b. there, d. there 1692. (m. Elizabeth, 
dau. of Jehu and Esther [Boosey] Burr); 
son of John, one of the earliest settlers of 



Windsor, was town clerk of Wethersfield 
1643, removed to Fairfield Ct. prob. 1644, 
and held a number of offices there, was 
rep. from there to the general court 165 1- 
66, removed to Rye, and was rep. from 
1670-72, returned Fairfield 1673-4, made 
his will Dec. 16, 1684, and next month d., 
leaving a good estate, (m. Mary, dau. of 
Charles Taintor of Wethersfield, one dau. 
was b. to Mary there, in his will he men- 
tions Mary his wife, sons John, d. July 14, 
1699, [m. 2d Mary. dau. of Thos. Fitch, in 
Stamford Ct.], Obadiah, d. in Fairfield 
1691, Joseph, d. unmarried 1682, Samuel 
and Benjamin, d. in Fairfield 1692, dau. 
Susanna, [m. Jonathan Sturges], Hannah, 
[m. Daniel Burr of Upper Meadow Red- 
ding] and Mary, [m. John Taylor]). 

BELDEN, JAMES MEAD o^^ Syracuse 
N. Y., b. in Pompey N. Y. July 10, 
1852, (m. Oct. 24, 1878 Jessie Perry Van 
Zile, dau. of Oscar Edward and Sarah 
[Perry] Van Zile of Troy N. Y., desc. of 
Ferdinand Abram Van Zijl of the council 
of war 1673, Nathaniel Ely, Robert Day 
and Thomas Bliss original settlers of Hart- 
ford Ct., she, Jessie had 5 sons, Mead 
Van Zile, James Jerome, Augustus Cad- 
well, Perry and Oscar Van Zile Belden); 
son of Augustus Cadwell Belden of 
Syracuse N. Y., b. in Fabius N. Y. June 
20, 1820, d. in Syracuse N. Y. Mar. 19, 
1896, a prominent citizen there, (m, June 
23, 1841 Rozelia Jackson, desc. of Stephen 
Hart of Farmington Ct. and of the same 
family as Andrew Jackson); son of Royal 
Denison Belden of Geddes N. Y., b. in 
Guilford Vt Feb. 17, 1795, d. in Geddes 
July 2, 1868, was in the war of 1812, (m. 
June 6, 1816 Olive Cadwell, desc. of 
Thomas and Elizabeth Stebbins [Wilson] 
Cadwell, who was dau. of Deacon Edward 
Stebbins of Hartford); son of Augustus 
of Guilford Vt. and Fabius N. Y., b. in 
Northfield Mass. Jan. 13, 1753, d. in Fabius^ 
Aug. 20, 1831, marched from Northfield at 
the Lexington alarm and settled in Fabius 
early in the century, being one of the pion- 
eers of Onondaga co., (m. Nov. 23, 1786 
in Guilford Vt. Desire Denison, desc. of 

Capt. George Denison of Stonington); son 
of Moses of Northfield Mass. and Win- 
chester N. H., b. in Northfield Feb. 28, 
1726, d. in Winchester 1826, age 100 yrs., 
was in rev. war and colonial war, (m. 
Sarah, dau. of Joseph Chamberlin, who 
had a certified colonial war record of 24 
yrs. service) ; son of Stephen of North- 
field Mass., b. there Feb. 22, 1689, d. there 
Feb. 19, 1736, was a prominent citizen of 
Northfield, and built the first grist mill 
there, (m. Dec. 24, 1713 Mindwell, dau. of 
Capt. Benjamin Wright, one of the best- 
known officers of the frontier fighting in 
the colonial wars) ; son of Stephen of Hat- 
field Mass., b. Dec. 28, 1658, d. in Hatfield 
Oct. 6, 1720, survivor of the Falls fight, 
(m. Aug. 16, 1682 Mary, dau. of Thomas 
and Mary [Beardsley] Wells); son of 
Samuel, b. 1629, was one of the original 
settlers of Hatfield, and his home lot was 
in about the center of what is now the 
Main st., was in the Falls fight, (m. 1629 
Mary who was killed in the Hatfield mas- 
sacre Sep. 19, 1677) ; eldest son of Bichard 
Bayldon of Yorkshire Eng., one of the 
original settlers of Wethersfield Ct., and 
had 8 grants of land, some given by the 
town, others purchased. 

lac Center Mich., b. in Worth Mich. 
Sep. 25, 1856, was a carpenter, later clerk 
in store, merchant 1880-84, register of 
deeds 1884-93, now abstractor of real 
estate titles (m. Nov. 10, 1880 Carrie, dau. 
of Josiah Reynolds, capt. in war of rebel- 
lion) ; son of Peter Habbell Benedict of 
Worth Mich., b. in New York state Nov. 
25, 181 1, d. in Worth Mich. Feb. 19, 1894, 
was a master mechanic at carpenter and 
joiner work, and later prominent farmer 
(m. Jan. 26 Janet Smith, d. May 19, 1894, 
whose ancestors came from Scotland 
to this country in 1835, were farmers and 
large land-owners) ; son of Michael of 
New York state, b. Feb. 15, 1787, d. in 
Preston Ct. Dec. 22, 1862 (m. Feb. 23, 
1808 Clarissa, b. Feb. 7, 1787, d. Aug. 25, 
i860, dau. of Joseph and Sally Hurlbutt of 
Wilton Ct); son of Daniel, b. Mar. 8, 



1764, d. in Redding Ct. Dec. 19, 1829, (m. 
Mar. 16, 1786 Rebecca Meeker of Redding, 
who d. Apr. 10, 1837) ; son of Iffiichael, b. 
in Danbury Ct., (m. a Dikeman); son of 
John, left an estate of over £300 Oct. 9, 
1758, (m. Sarah Seely, who d. in 1771); son 
of James, b. in Danbury 1685, d. 1761, will 
dated Sep. 16, 1760, was a deacon of the 
Congregational church in Danbury, and 
the first white male child b. there, (m. 1706 
Mary Andrews, his step-sister) ; son of 
James of Danbury Ct., b. in Southold 
L. I. Dec. 3, 1652, d. in Aug. 1717, was one 
of the 8 who purchased and settled Dan- 
bury, (m. 1st May 10, 1676 Sarah, b. Dec. 
3, 1652, dau. of John and Sarah Gregory, 
m. 2d before ]\Iarch, 1707 or 8 Sarah, b. 
Dec. 20, 1657, dau. of Robert Porter and 
widow of Abraham Andrus, d. May 3, 1693; 
son of Thomas, b. in Nottinghamshire 
Eng. 1617, d. in Norwalk 1690. settled in 
New Eng. 1637 and moved to Southold 
1640, purchased a tract of land 1679, moved 
to Huntington L. I. before 1657, to 
Jamaica before 1662, and to Norwalk 1665, 
was a founder of the Presbyterian church 
of Jamaica 1662, and was deacon there), 
member colonial legislature at Jamaica 
1664. (m. 1640 Mary Bridgum) ; son of 
William of Nottinghamshire Eng. 

BIDDLE, HENRY D. of Philadelphia, 
b. in Montrose Pa. July 17. 1831 (un- 
married); son of James Canby Biddle of 
Montrose, b. in Philadelphia Dec. 23, 1802, 
d. there Mar. 31, 1841, sent to Montrose 
Pa. as agent for his wife's grandfather's 
[Henry Drinker] estate of about 500,000 
acres of wild land mostly in Pa. 1826 (m. 
Apr. 3. 1828 Sally, dau. of Henry S. and 
Hannah [Smith] Drinker); son of John of 
Philadelphia Pa., b. there Oct. 2, 1763, d. 
there Aug. 16, 1815, was a member of the 
Society of Friends and an apothecary and 
druggist in Philadelphia, (ni. Sep. 15, 1796 
Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel and Frances 
[Lea] Canby of Wilmington Del., who 
was the proprietor and owner of one of 
the Brandywinc flour mills in that city); 
son f)f Owen of Philadelphia, b. there 1737, 
d. there Mar. 10, 1799, was a shipping and 

importing merchant there before the rev. 
war, was an active member of the Ameri- 
can Philosophical Society, and member of 
the comm. of safety of Pa. 1775-6, was 
pfes. of the board of war 1777, member oi 
the constitutional convention of Pa. 1776, 
and deputy commissioner of forage 1779 
(m. Sep. 29, 1760 Sarah, dau. of Thomas 
2d and Jane [Edge] Parke of Downing- 
town Pa.; son of John of Philadel- 
phia, Pa., b. in Mansfield N. J. 1707, d. in 
Philadelphia Oct. 1789, removed to Phila- 
delphia from Burlington co. N. J., and 
upon his marriage to Sarah Owen became 
the proprietor of the " Indian Queen 
Hotel " on 4th St. Phila., formerly owned 
by her father, Owen Owen, (m. Mar. 3, 
1736 Sarah, dau. of Owen Owen, b. in 
Merion Phila. co. Dec. 21, 1690, was high 
sheriff of Phila. from Oct. 4, 1726, and cor- 
oner 1729-41, [m. Mar. 13, 1714 Anne 
Wood]); son of William of Mansfield 
N. J., b. in London Eng. Dec. 4, 1699, d. 
in Mansfield N. J. about 1743, came from 
London Eng. with his father; son of Wil- 
liam Biddle, who was one of the proprie- 
taries of West N. J. about 1681, (m. in 1691 
Lydia Wardell of Shrewsbury N. J., gt.- 
gr.-dau. of Thomas Wardell and Eliakin 
Wardell, French Huguenots, who settled 
in New England early in the 17th century). 

land Mo., b. in New Philadelphia 
Ohio May 9, 1816, was a civil engineer by 
profession, engaged on Ohio canals and 
railways, Union Pacific railway, Atlantic 
and Pacific railway, and also railways in 
Nebr., Wyo., Utah, Idaho and Oreg., was 
one of the original corporators of the 
Union Pacific railroad (m. Feb. 11, 1839 
Maria Louise Tschudy, b. in Ohio, her 
father was a Swiss, her maternal gr.- 
mother Dorces Chitty, b. in Salem N. C, 
she, Maria had 8 ch., viz.: Robert, Jesse, 
Emma, Edward, Mary, Lewis, Martin F. 
and Joseph); son of Jacob of Canal Dover 
Ohio, b. in Lititz Pa. Dec. 26. 1790, d. in 
New Canal Dover Ohio Sep. 19, 1856, was 
a cabinet maker by trade, and after his 
marriage in the spring of 1812 removed 



from Tititz to Tuscarawas co. Ohio, was 
several terms member Ohio legislature, 
was associate judge of court of common 
pleas, and member of Ohio constitutional 
convention 1850 (m. Dec. 31, 181 1 Regina 
Kreiter, b. in Lancaster co. Pa., dau. of 
Michael Christian Kreiter, a farmer, b. in 
Lancaster co. Nov. 2, 1764, and Anna Re- 
gina [Buehler] Kreiter, b. in Lebanon co. 
Pa. Dec. 17, 1767, all of German descent) ; 
son of Matthias of Lititz Pa., b. there 
Apr. 30, 1764, d. there Apr. 23, 1808, was a 
farmer, devoting his whole life to that 
occupation, (m. ist Nov. 8, 1789 Barbara 
Kichler, b. in Lancaster co. Aug. 8, 1764, 
d. May i, 1801, was of German descent, 
had 4 ch., viz.: Jacob, Benjamin, William 
and Rosanna, m. 2d Catherine Romig, 
b. in Northampton co. Pa., had 3 ch., viz.: 
Joshua, Matilda and Henry) ; son of 
Christian of Lititz Pa., b. near Manheim 
Ger. Mar. 6, 1724, d. in Lititz Apr. 6, 1800, 
was one of 6 brothers all b. near Manheim 
Ger., 5 of whom emigrated to America, 
Christian landed at Philadelphia with his 
wife, two sons and a younger brother Sep. 
29' 1753. resided for about a year and a 
half in Germantown Pa., and then removed 
to Lancaster co. Pa., was a farmer, (m. 
Jan. 7, 1748 Catharine Schuerger, b. Oct. 
14, 1727 in Eisenbach Zweibruechen Ger., 
dau. of a mennonite preacher, a woman of 
more than ordinary attainments, exercising 
great influence in the formation of the 
character of her children). 

BRANSON, LEVI of Raleigh N. C, b. 
in Randolph co, N. C. Feb. 5, 1832, 
(m. Nov. 18, 1858 Edith C. Cuninggim, 
dau. of Rev. W. H. ^and Edith Cuninggim 
of Green co. N. C, and had 7 ch., viz.: 
Walter C, Ernest C, Thomas C, Eugene 
C, [grad. Trinity coll. N. C. and Peabody 
Normal coll. of Nashville Tenn., now prof, 
of Pedagogy in the Georgia state normal 
college at Athens Ga.], Lillian C, Myrtle 
C. and Daisy C.) ; son of William of Ran- 
dolph CO. N. C, b. there Mar. 25, 1804. d. 
in Trinity coll. Aug. 8, 1879, was a farmer 
by occupation and successfully educated all 
his children far beyond his time (m. ist 

Nov. 15, 1828 Martha, dau. of Thomas and 
Priscella [Ivey] Nance, had bros. Wyatt, 
John, Marshall and Isaac, sisters Tabitha, 
Lucinda, Eliza, Fannie and Sallie, she, 
Martha had 8 ch., viz.: [Marinda, Emily 
and Grace educated at Greensboro female 
coll., Levi, grad. Trinity coll., Thomas 
Allen, grad. Trinity coll., capt. of co. F, 
46 N. C. reg., was killed in front of Peters- 
burg Va. Aug. 21, 1864], Priscilla, Isaac 
Newton and Sarah Lovinia Branson, m. 
2d Samila Nance, and had i child, Luella) ; 
son of Levi of Randolph co. N. C, b. there 
prob. 1766, (m. Grace Fruit, and had 8 ch., 
viz.: Elizabeth, Thomas, John, William, 
Mary, Eli, Sibyl and Rebecca) ; son of 
Levi of Randolph co., b. there prob. 1732, 
(had 9 ch., viz.: Thomas, Joseph, Henry 
[m. a Cox], Levi above, Abner, Eli, Lydia 
[m. Wiilliam Cox], Rebecca [m. Thos. 
Pugh] and Mary); son of Thomas of 
Chatham co. N. C, came from Eng. and 
settled in Chatham co. prob. 1695 (had 
sons Levi, b. in 1732, and Eli, b, about 
1734, was patriot at the battle of Alamance 
and fought with the regulators in the same 
battle, was in rev. war and adhered to 
King George, settled at Ninety Six S. C. 
prob. 1790). 

BRAY, SIDNEY of Matawan N. J., b. 
in Holmdel N. J. May 25, 1822, lum- 
ber merchant in Matawan of the firm of 
Longstreet and Bray, (m. Mar. 11, 1851 
Margaret V., dau. of Roger Haddock and 
Gertrude Schuyler [Schenck] Whitlock, 
son of John and Catherine [Morrell] 
Whitlock, son oi John and Lydia [Bowne] 
Whitlock, son of Thomas and Margaret 
[Crawford], son of John and Mary, son of 
Thomas and Mary [Seabrook] Whitlock, 
she, Margaret V. had 2 ch., viz.: Gertrude 
S. and Harriet Whitlock Bray); son of 
Samuel of Holmdel N. J., b. there Dec. 
29, 1787, d. there Sep. 11, 1849, was a 
farmer there, (m. Apr. 30, 1812 Hope, dau, 
of Richard and Mary [Stillwell] Applegate, 
son of William and Elizabeth [Ogborne] 
Applegate, son of Richard and Rebecca, 
son of Thomas and Johanna [Gibbons] 
Applegate, son of Thomas and Elizabeth, 



she, Mary had 8 ch., viz.: Mary, Richard, 
William, Ann, Samuel, Sidney, Joseph and 
Ira) ; son of Samuel of Baptisttown, now 
called Holmdel N. J., b. there July 21, 
1765, d. there July 29, 1796, was a farmer, 
was drowned in Raritan bay, but the body 
was recovered and buried in Holmdel, (m. 
Mary, b. in Oct. 1766, d. in Sep. 1831, dau. 
of Samuel Ogborne, son of John and 
Mary [Stillwell] Ogborne, son of Sam- 
uel and Abigail Ogborne and Anna, 
dau. of Guisbert and Rachel [Brittain] 
Van Brackle, son of Mathias and Anna 
Van Brackle, she, Mary Bray had 4 ch., 
viz.: Samuel, Mary, Rachel and Anne); 
son of Samuel of Holmdel N. J., b. there 
June 21, 1729, d. there Aug. 25, 1794, signed 
the reorganization of Baptist church 1793, 
buried in Holmdel, (m. Rebecca, b. Mar. 
16, 1730, d. Feb. 10. 1810, dau. of Richard 
and Rebecca [Winter] Applegate, son 
of Thomas and Johanna [Gibbons] Apple- 
gate, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Apple- 
gate dau. of Richard and Elizabeth 
Gibbons, she, Rebecca Bray had 5 ch., 
viz.: Samuel, Daniel, Sarah, Rebecca and 
Anna); son of John, b. Aug. 20, 1694, d. 
Feb. 1765, possessed a large estate in 
Monmouth co., and 1,033 acres in Hunter- 
don, (m. Elizabeth, dau. of John and 
Elizabeth Bowne, son of James, son of 
William and Ann Bowne, and Mary, dau. 
of Richard and Penelope [Van Princes] 
Stout, she, Elizabeth had 5 ch., viz.: John, 
Samuel, James, Susanna and Elizabeth) ; 
son of Rev. John of Holmdel N. J., d. 
there in year 1716, donor of the ground of 
Holmdel Baptist church 1705 and its first 
minister, active on the side of the settlers 
against the proprietors, and one of the 
petitioners to King William for the ap- 
pointment of a better governor, was in the 
colony as early as 1684, and was a man of 
great force of character, (m, ist Susanna, 
2d Anna Seabrook, and had 4 ch., viz.: 
John, James, Andrew and Daniel). 

of Washington D. C, b. in Baltimore 
Md. Jan. 14, 1842, inspector-general U. S. 
army, served during the war as artillery 

oi^cer, promoted for gallantry at battle of 
Mill Springs Ky., when he served as aide 
on Gen, Thomas' staff, was captured at 
Atlanta Ga. and brevetted for gallantry in 
action, promoted to the I. G. depart, 1881, 
(m. July 21, 1868 Louise Ludlow Dudley, 
desc, of Gen, James Chambers and Cath- 
erine Hamilton through Charlotte Cham- 
bers, Israel Ludlow, Martha C, Ludlow, 
Col, Ambrose Dudley, Ethelbert L. Dud- 
ley and Mary Scott, desc. of John Scott, 
desc. of Mrs. Lucy Hayes and Mrs. Caro- 
line Scott Harrison, she, Louise had 9 ch,, 
viz.: Mary Dudley, Joseph Cabell, Ethel- 
bert L. D., Lucian Scott, Lucy Hayes, 
Scott Dudley, Henry Skillman, Margaret 
Scott Skillman and John Preston Breckin- 
ridge) ; son of Robert Jefferson Breckin- 
ridge of Lexington Ky., b. in Cabells Dale 
Ky, Mar, 8, 1800, d. in Danville Ky, Dec. 
23, 1871, a distinguished Presbyterian 
divine, and patriot in the war against the 
union, his services were varied and distin- 
guished, nominated Abraham Lincoln for 
pres. in the Baltimore convention, (m. in 
Abingdon Va. Mar. 11, 1823 Anna Sopho- 
nisba Preston, desc, of Gen. Campbell and 
Elizabeth Henry, sister of Patrick Henry) ; 
son of John of Cabell's Dale Ky., b. near 
Staunton Va. Dec. 2, 1760, d. in Cabell's 
Dale Dec. 14, 1806, attorney-general in 
Jefferson's cabinet while at coll. before he 
was 21, was elected by the people of Bote- 
tourt to represent that co. in the house of 
delegates, was speaker of the house of 
reps., and member from Fayette co. of the 
constitutional convention at Frankfort 
1799, author and advocate of the celebrated 
resolutions of 1798-9, U, S, senator from 
Ky. 1801-5 and atty,-gen. until his death 
(m. June 28, 1785 Mary Hopkins Cabell, 
b. Feb. 2.2, 1769, dau. of Joseph and Mary 
[Hopkins] Cabell, dau. of Dr, Arthur 
Hopkins of Va.); son of Robert of Bote- 
tourt CO. Va., b, in Ireland, d, in Botetourt 
1772, took a prominent part in Indian wars, 
was trustee for new town of Staunton 1761, 
and 1st presiding justice, was co. lieut. of 
Botetourt 1769 (m. July 10, 1758 Lettica, 
dau .of John and Elizabeth [Patton] Pres- 
ton, both Irish emigrants to Va., of Scot- 



tish descent) ; son of Alexander of Orange 
CO. Va., at a court held for Orange co. 
1740 he came into court and made oath 
that he imported himself, wife and children 
from Ireland to Phila. and thence into this 
colony at his own charges, this is the ist 
time of proving his and their rights in or- 
der to obtain land, which is ordered to be 
certified, (m, Jane). 

BROOKS, DAVID of Philadelphia Pa., 
b. in Cheshire Ct. Jan. 26, 1820, d. in 
Philadelphia May 30, 1891, was one of the 
most widely known electricians of his day 
and one of the early telegraphers, (m. May 
30, 1847 Lydia A. Gilbert, dau. of Jesse and 
Laura [Heaton] Gilbert, 7th in descent 
from Dep. Gov. Mathew Gilbert, and 7th 
in descent from James Heaton. dep. from 
New Haven Ct. 1696-8, she, Lydia had 5 
ch., viz.: Laura Gilbert [m. J. Lowrie 
Bell], David, Linda [m. Edward Troth], 
Anne Le Conte [m. Henry Sanger Snow] 
and Edwin M. Brooks); son of David of 
Cheshire Ct., b. there July 2.6, 1791, d. 
there July 24, 1873, (^- Linda, dau. of Sam 
and Abigail [Doolittle] Hull, 5th in de- 
cent from Dr. John Hull of Wallingford 
Ct. 1640-1711); son of David of Cheshire 
Ct, b. there Aug. 14, 1744, d. there in Dec. 
1801, grad. Yale coll. 1765, and joined the 
1st reg. Ct. line 1780, was present at battles 
of White Plains, Crown Point, Fishkill 
and Fort Montgomery (m. Jan. 20, 1773 
Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel and Elizabeth 
[Dayton] Doolittle, 3d in descent from 
Abram Doolittle, b. 1620, d. 1690. was 
deputy from New Haven Ct.); son of 
Enos of Cheshire Ct., b. May 15, 1708, d. 
Sep. 22, 1771, was capt. and deputy 1758, 
(m. Tamar Wooster) ; son of Thomas, b. 
Mar. 27, 1679, d. May 18, 1732. was lieut. 
of colonial military, (m. Mar. 25, 1702 
Martha, dau. of Ensign Joshua Hotchkiss 
and gr.-dau. of Daniel and Elizabeth 
[Cleverly] Hotchkiss); son of Henry of 
New Haven Ct., came from Cheshire Eng. 
and was a large land owner in New Haven 
in 1670. 

San Francisco Cal., b. there July 4, 
1851, (m. Aug. 19, 1S85 Cornelia Maud 
Kirby, b. in Santa Cruz Cal. Dec. 29, 1857, 
dau. of R. C. and Georgiana [Bruce] 
Kirby, the latter gr.-dau. of Edmund 
Stradwick, she, Cornelia had i child, a dau. 
Margaret Bruce Brown, b. in Santa Cruz 
Dec. 23, 1887); son of Benjamin of San 
Francisco Cal., b. in Augusta Me. Mar. 8, 
1827, d. in San Francisco May 15, 1861, left 
Boston Mass. on the barque " Chester " 
with 61 passengers Sep. 27, 1849 and ar- 
rived in San Francisco Apr. 5, 1850, 230 
days, 61 males and 5 females, (m. Nov. i, 
1850 Margaret Scuyler, b. in Boston Mass. 
July 14, 1826, d. Feb. 25, 1885); son of 
Andrew Wells Brown of Green Bay Wis., 
b. in Bristol Me. Feb. 7, 1800, d. in Green 
Bay Wis. May 11, 1870 (m. Mary Crane, 
d. Oct. 17, 1883); son of Benjamin of 
Waldoboro Me., b. in Swansea Mass. Sep. 
23, 1756, d. in Waldoboro Sep. 17, 1831, a 
physician and surgeon, was physician to 
the family of Gen. Henry Knox, and a 
surgeon on the frigate " Boston " which 
conveyed John Adams to France 1778, was 
member of state legislature 1809-11-12 and 
rep. from Mass. 14th congress 1815-17 (m. 
Dec. 21, 1780 Susannah, dau. of Capt. 
Wells, gr.-dau. of Francis Wells, father of 
Elizabeth, the 2d wife of Samuel Adams); 
son of Daniel, b. Aug. 22, 1723, was killed 
by Indians, (m. Anne) ; son of Esek of 
Rhode Island, b. Mar. 8, 1679, d. in Swan- 
sea Mass. Dec. 6, 1772, member of the 
house of commons of Mass. Bay for 41 
yrs., returned to Swansea in 1715, (m. Nov. 
29, 1705 Mercy, b. Oct. 7, 1683, d. in Dec. 
1776, dau. of Caleb and Deborah [Sayles] 
Carr, gr.-dau. of Roger and Mary Wil- 
liams) ; son of James, d. May 5, 1683, (m. 
E. Carr. d. in 1697, dau. of Robert Carr, 
admitted freeman in 1671) ; son of Chad, 
d. in 1665, arrived from Eng. in 1638 and 
landed at Boston in the ship " Martin," 
friend and colaborer Roger Williams, a 
surveyor, and one of a com. who compiled 
a list of the home lots of the ist settlers on 
Towne st. and the Meadows Providence. 



BRUEN, EDWARD B. of Philadelphia 
Pa., b. Newark N. J. 1823, pastor of 
Presby. church of the Atonement, (m. 1848 
Rebecca Guest Tunis and had 4 ch., viz.: 
Edward, James, Ella and Catharine) ; son 
of James of Philadelphia Pa., b. in New- 
ark N. J., Feb. 6, 1780, d. in Philadelphia 
Pa. Dec. 4, i860, (m. Jan. 6, 1806, Cath- 
arine Baldwin) ; son of Caleb of Newark 
N. J., b. there 1735, d. there 1818 (m. Anna 
Wheeler); son of Eleazer of Newark, b. 
there 1694, d. 1778 (m. Charity Gilbert); 
son of Eleazer of Newark, b. there 1675, 
died there in 1711; son of John of Mass.. 
b. there in 1646; son of Obadiah, b. 
in Cheshire Eng. .and emigrated to America 
1639, entered a freeman of Plymouth col- 
ony 1640, was one of the patentees of Ct., 
and one of the founders of Newark N. J. 
1667; son of John, b. 1560, d. 1625. 

New London Ct., b. there July 14, 
1834, lawyer, judge (unmarried) ; son of 
Charles of New London, b. there Sep. 2, 
1803, d. there Mar. 13, 1878, was a bank 
cashier, (m. Sep. 4, 1833 Lucy Caroline 
Williams, b. in New London July 22, 1809, 
d. there Apr. 28, 1891, dau. of William and 
Lydia [Wheeler] Williams, desc. of Robert 
Williams of Roxbury Mass., Thomas 
Wheeler of Stonington Ct., Capt. Thomas 
Prentice of Newton Mass.. Thomas Stan- 
ton of Stonington Ct., Thomas Lord of 
Hartford, Thomas Hammond of Newton, 
Thomas Gardner of Roxbury, William 
Denison of Roxbury, John Borodil of 
Cork Ireland, Robert Lay of Saybrook, 
Christopher Avery of Salisbury Eng., 
Clement Miner of Chew Magna Eng., 
Walter Palmer of Stonington Ct., Joshua 
Holmes of Stonington, John Randall of 
Westerly R. I., Deacon William Park of 
Roxbury Mass., Capt. Robert Chaplin of 
Edmonsbury Eng., Capt. John Gorham of 
Plymouth Mass., John Howland of the 
" May Flower," Capt. John Gallup of Bos- 
ton Mass., Mrs. Margaret Lake, Edmund 
Read of Wickford Eng., Rev. Thomas 
Shepard of Cambridge Mass., John Hol- 
grove of Salem Mass., Francis Wainwright 

of Ipswich Mass. and Valentine Prentis of 
■ Roxbury Mass.); son of Charles of New 
London Ct., b. in Durham Ct. Mar. 21, 
1779, d. in New London Nov. 4, 1847, (m. 
Nov. 9, 1802 Sarah Crocker, b. Jan. 20, 
1782, d. Sep. 2, 1806, desc. of John Warren 
of Watertown Mass., Ellis Barron of Wa- 
tertown, Edward Sprague of Upsway Eng., 
Anthony Fames of Charlestown Mass., 
Richard Church of Plymouth Mass. and 
Richard Warren of the " May Flower " ) ; 
son of William of Durham Ct., b. in Say- 
brook Ct. Apr. 16, 1752, d. in Durham 
Apr. 7, 1839, (m. Sarah Hull, b. Feb. 23, 
1758, d. Oct. 7, 1835); son of Capt. Jon- 
athan of Saybrook Ct., b. there Mar. 28, 
1730, d. 1752, was lost at sea on a voyage 
to Madeira, (m. in 1751 Mary Parker, b. in 
Saybrook Ct. Dec. 12, 1728, gr.-dau. of 
John Barker, attorney at law, queen's 
attorney for New London co., and deputy 
to general court, was lieut. of Saybrook 
Fort, desc. of John Parker of Northamp- 
ton Eng., Thomas Jones of Guilford Ct., 
Deacon Francis Bushnell of Saybrook, 
Capt. Robert Chapman of Saybrook and 
Thomas Bliss of Hartford Ct.) ; son of 
Jonathan of Saybrook Ct., b. in New 
London Ct. July 13, 1700, d. in Saybrook 
Mar. 30, 1760, (m. Dec. 8, 1726 Temper- 
ance, b. in Saybrook, 1708, dau. of Daniel 
and Sarah [Lee] Buckinghan, desc. of 
Thomas Buckinghan of Milford, Rev. 
Thomas of Saybrook, Thomas Hosmer, 
one of the original proprietors of Hart- 
ford Ct., Lieut Thomas Lee of Saybrook 
and Chad Brown of Providence R. I.); 
son of John of New London Ct., b. in 
1653, d. there Mar. 26, 1733, (m. Katherine, 
b. in 1661, d. Jan. 24, 1728, dau. of Richard 
Haughton of New London). 

^ Syracuse N. Y., b. in Carthage N. Y. 
June 8, 1865, moved with parents when i 
yr. old to Masonville Iowa, reared on a 
farm, educated in public schools and Up- 
per Iowa univ. at Fayette la., came to 
Syracuse in Oct. 1885, and has since been 
engaged in literary work and publishing 



business (m. June 9, 1897 Caroline Eliza- 
beth, b. Mar. 10, 1871, eldest dau. of Daniel 
Baker Boden and Mary Asliton Caney of 
Cooperstown N. Y.) ; son of Naylor of 
Masonville Iowa, b. in Philadelphia N. Y. 
Dec. 25. 1815. d. in Masonville la. Jan. 
22, 1897, farmer (m. Aug. 22, 1864 Julia, 
b. Jan. 27, 1835,, dau. Samuel Rogers of 
Philadelphia N. Y., b. 1797, d. Mar. 9, 
1884, was a surveyor and miller [m. ist 
1824 Rachel Strickland, mother of Julia, d. 
in 1863, 2d 1866 Mrs. Eliza [Smith] Town- 
send, d. in 1867], she, Julia gr.-dau, 01 
James, b. in Marshfield Mass. Apr. 16, 
1756, and Deborah [Smith] Rogers, all 
Quakers); son of Cadwallader of Phila- 
delphia N. Y., b. in Plumstead Pa. Aug. 
18, 1776, d. in Phila. N. Y. Apr. 3, 1851, 
settled on 440 acres in JefY. co. about 1805, 
was for several years agent and surveyor 
for James Le Ray de Chemont, a wealthy 
land owner of France (m. in 1800 Eliza- 
beth, d. Dec. 2'j, 1863, dau. of John and 
Jane [Forman] Rea of Philadelphia Pa.); 
son of Cephas of Plumstead Pa., b. there 
Jan. 18, 1727, d. there July 14, 1815 (m. 
1st about 1750 Priscilla, d. Aug. 17, 1768, 
dau. of Joseph Naylor of Montgomery co. 
Pa., 2d about 1775 Mary Cadwallader); 
son of Cephas of Plumstead Pa., b. in 
Coldskill Eng., d. in Plumstead, was a 
member from Bucks co. of house of reps, 
provincial 1747-49, was a member of the 
provincial and state finance comm. and of 
the auditing comm. of the assembly of Pa. 
1749 (m. Apr. 12, 1716 Mary Atkinson at 
Middletown monthly meeting); son of 
Henry of Coldskill Eng., purchased of 
William Penn 500 acres of land in Plum- 
stead Pa. for £10, 1681, accompanied his 
son Cephas to this tract 1693, which he 
gave to him in 1715, and returned to Eng., 
the family for generations were members 
of the Society of Friends. 

Haute Ind., b. in Washington Ky. in 
July 1815, d. in Terre Haute in Apr. 1888 
(m in June 1842 Emily, dau. of M. and 
Clarissa [Bell] Summers, gr.-dau. of Wil- 
liam and Frances [Lewis] Summers, gt.- 

gr.-dau. of Thomas Lewis of Fairfax co. 
Va., also of John and Mary Summers, and 
gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of John Summers of Fair- 
fax); son of Nelson of Washington Ky., 
b. in Culpepper co. Va. 1773, d. in Wash- 
ington 1851, was a personal friend of 
Henry Clay (m. in 1813 Elizabeth Stout, 
desc. of Richard [and Penelope Van 
Princes] Stout, living in N. J. 1668, Jona- 
than [and Ann Bullen] Stout, founder of 
Hopewell N. J., Jonathan [and Mary Lee] 
Stout, ensign in the French and Indian 
war 1759, and David [and Sarah Parke] 
Stout, private 3d reg. Middlesex co. in rev. 
war); son of Benjamin of Culpepper co. 
Va., b. in Guilford co. N. C. about 1744, d. 
in Mason co. Ky. (m. 1764 Frances Peck, 
b. in Va.) ; son of Joseph of Guilford co., 
b. in Marshfield Mass. 1712, d. in Guilford 
Apr. 21, 1790 (m. Mary Edgel) ; son of 
William of Marshfield Mass., b. in Eng- 
land about 1665, d. in Marshfield (m. Nov. 
25, 1691 Lydia, dau. of Samuel Wills, gr.- 
dau. of Wm. Wills, b. in 1598, came to 
America 1632 and lived on Wills Island, 
Scituate Mass.). 


^'^ Pleasantdale Me., b. in Sedgwick Me. 
Nov. 15, 1852 (m. July 15, 1874 Hattie 
Maria Coombs, dau. of Elbridge C. and 
Abbie D. [Currier] Coombs, desc. of An- 
tony Coombs who came from France in 
1656, and has had 4 ch., viz.: Harriette 
H., Henry E., Clinton L. and Agnes E. 
Coombs) ; son of Edward P. Cole of Sedg- 
wick Me., b. there May 2'j, 1830 (m. Oct. 
29, 1851 Lois D., dau. of Amaziah and 
Mary [Conary] Roberts, and had 4 ch., 
viz.: Edward C, Ernest M., Susie E. and 
Judith L. Cole); son of Thomas of Sedg- 
wick, b. there Mar. 20, 1796, d. there May 
II, 1879 (m. Oct. ID, 1819 Judith, dau. of 
Daniel Bickford of Salem Mass., son of 
Edmund of Salem, and had 3 ch., viz.: 
Rufus S., Edward P. and Bessie S. Cole) ; 
son of Thomas of Sedgwick Me., b. in 
Gloucester Mass. Oct. 6, 1757, d. in Sedg- 
wick Sep. 21, 1819 (m. Aug. 4, 1781 Su- 
sanna Cleaves) ; son of Weden, b. in Glou- 



cester Mass. (m. Sarah Herrick of Glou- 
cester, her ancestors were in the Herrick 

pox, LE ROY BENJAMIN of Chi- 
^ cago 111., b. in Lynnfield Mass. Nov. 
17, 1846, desc. paternally of Thomas Emer- 
son of Ipswich, b. in 1634, Rev. Joseph 
and Elizabeth [Bulkeley] Emerson, John 
Bancroft, Lieut. Thomas Bancroft of Read- 
ing, James Boutwell of Lynn, Mathew 
Cox, b. in Cambridge Mass. 1700, mater- 
nally of John Putnam, b. in 1559, came to 
Salem 1634, Maj. William Hawthorne, b. 
in 1607, came to America in " Arabella " 
1634, Lieut. Joshua Hewes, came in 
*' Grifiin " 1634, (m. in Jan. 1870 Mary 
Bell Clift, had i child Emily Bancroft 
Cox); son of Benjamin of Lynnfield 
Mass., b. there 1808, d. in Wakefield Mass. 
May 30, 1892, desc. of Matthew, b. 1700, 
and Elizabeth [Russell] Cox, Rev. Joseph 
and Elizabeth [Bulkely] Emerson, m. in 
1665, and Lieut. Thomas Bancroft, b. in 
1622, son of John of Eng. (m. in 1835 Mary 
Ann Hewes, Hewes family is of Welsh ori- 
gin, desc. of Gwaith Vaed Mawr, King of 
Gwent, Prince of Cardigan and Blithyn 
ap. Cynyn and Prince Pervis, also desc. of 
John Putnam, b. in 1559, came to Salem 
1634, Maj. William Hawthorne, b. 1607, 
came to America in ship " Arabella " 1634, 
and Lieut. Joshua Hewes, came in ship 
*' Griffin " 1634) ; son of Benjamin of 
Lynnfield Mass., b. in Cambridge Mass. 
Aug. 29, 1782, d. in Lynnfield 1873 (m. in 
1805 Clarissa, dau. of Thomas and Ruth 
[Bancroft] Emerson, gr.-dau. of Thomas 
and Elizabeth [Bruce] Emerson, gt. -gr.- 
dau. of Ebenezer and Mary [Boutwell] 
Emerson, gt.-gt. -gr.-dau. of Rev. Joseph and 
Elizabeth [Bulkely] Emerson, and gt. -gt.- 
gt. -gr.-dau. of Thomas Emerson of Ips- 
wich Mass., b. in 1634); son of Benjamin 
of Cambridge Mass., b. there Mar. 7 1756, 
(1. there Nov. 25, 1795 (m. Sep. 25, 1779 
Susanna Leeds, desc. of Sir Thomas Tol- 
man, grand almoner to Egbert 825, Sir 
Thomas Tolman who commanded a reg. 
of Puritans at Maister 1644, and Thomas 
Tolman, b. in 1608, came to America 1630 

and settled in Dorchester); son of Mat- 
thew Cox of Dorchester, b. there in 1756 
(m. Elizabeth, dau. of Walter Russell, gr.- 
dau. of Joseph, gt.-gr.-dau. of William 
who came to America about 1630), 

pULVER, DESCUM of Bay City Mich., 
^ b. in Norfolk Ontario Sep. 6, 1824, d. 
in Bay City Oct. 24, 1884 (m. Apr. 29, 
185 1 Angeline, dau. of Darius Culver, b. in 
Oct. 1799, son of John Culver, b. in N. J. 
1768, son of Jabez, b. either in N. J. or Ct., 
she Angeline had dau. Elva D. Culver 
(m. Aug. 22, 1876 at Bay City Mich. G. 
Henry Shearer, son of James, b. in Albany 
N. Y., son of George, b. in Campsie Scot- 
land]); son of Asa Culver of Norfolk On- 
tario, b. there Aug. 20, 1798, d. there June 
7, 1879 (m. Sarah J. Widner, b. Sep. 24, 
1799); son of Gabriel of N. J., b. there 
June 6, 1774, d. in Norfolk Ont., was 
among the ist settlers of Norfolk co. (m. 
a Martha, b. in Oct. 1777); son of Jabez 
of N. J. or Ct., b. June 19, 1731 (m. an 
Anna, b. July 18, 1740, d. in Norfolk cc. 
Nov 10, 1813). 

^ New York City, b. in Boston Sep. 3, 
1833 (m. May 30, 1883 Gertrude W. Wells, 
dau. of Charles K., b. in Waterville Me. 
Dec. 22, 1817, and Sarah [Hitchings] 
Wells, b. in Sidney Me. May 8, 1830, son 
of Daniel and Susanna [Sweetser] Wells, 
she, Gertrude had 2 ch., viz. : Percy Marks, 
b. Dec. 12, 1884 and Mary Wells Gushing, 
b. Apr. II, 1892); son of Tileston of Bos- 
ton and New York, b. in Freeport Me. 
Sep. 8, 1803, d. in New York City Dec. 8, 
1871, dry goods merchant (m. 1832 Hannah 
Dwight Gates, dau. of Thomas Asa Gates 
of Deerfield Mass., b. 1751, d. 1820, served 
as sergeant in Capt. Stebbins' co., 4th reg. 
Ham.pshire co. 1782, and Margaret 
[Dwight] Gates, b. in 1758, d. in 1841, 
dau. of Elihu and Penelope [Graves] 
Dwight); son of Tileston Gushing of Bath 
Me., b. in Cohasset Mass. July 19, 1767, d. 
in Bath, was a builder (m. in 1794 Hannah 
Nichols); son of Timothy of Cohasset, b. 
there Feb. 2, 1738, builder (m. 1755 Desire 
Jenkins); son of Samuel of Cohasset, b. 



Feb. 14, 1699 (m. Hannah Tileston, d. July 
17, 1748); son of Matthew, b. July 15, 1660, 
d. June 23, 171S (m. Dec. 31, 1684 Jael, d. 
Dec. 23, 1708, dau. of Col. John Jacobs of 
Hingham); son of Daniel, b. Apr. 20, 
1619 (m. June 19, 1645 Lydia, dau. of Ed- 
ward Oilman, and lived in Hingham) ; son 
of Matthew (m. Aug. 5, 1613 Nazareth, 
dau. of Henry Pitcher). 

DAVIS, MILES A. of Branchport N. 
Y., b. in Jerusalem N. Y. Mar. 5, 
1843, printer, editor, newspaper publisher 
and general press contributor, author of 
'' Among the Muses," " Memoirs," " After- 
math " and " Country of the Iroquois," 
taught several terms of school, was a law 
student and clerk several years, an inves- 
tigator in the realms of the sciences and 
Indianology, his ancestry on both sides 
were American born back to colonial 
times; son of Joseph N. Davis of 
Jerusalem N. Y., b. there Dec. 20, 1809, d. 
there Oct. 18, 1890, born in pioneer times, 
an expert shingle-maker and hewer with 
thr: broad-ax, was a farmer, became a 
licensed local Methodist preacher, was an 
incessant toiler and an honest man, mod- 
est, generous, kind, itender and thoughtful 
(m. Oct. 18, 1836 Rachel Corwin, b. in 
Starkey N. Y. Mar. 3, 1815, taught 9 terms 
of school, gr.-dau. of Stephen Corwin, rev. 
soldier); son of Samuel, b. in North 
Wales Pa. Oct. i, 1784, d. in Jerusalem N. 
Y. Mar. 10, 1879, was one of the earliest 
pioneers of Yates co., moving there from 
near Philadelphia 1799 in company with 
about 40 others, traveling most of the way 
through woods, was a hardy pioneer of 
great industry and of a jovial nature, was 
a farmer and shingle-maker, famous as a 
wood-chopper, a capital story-teller, was 
mentally bright to the last (m. in May 1805 
Menty Ingraham, b. 1785 of American par- 
ents, a woman of most excellent qualities, 
fortitude, self-reliance, honor and integ- 
rity, and of most diligent industry) ; son of 
Malachi, b. near Philadelphia Pa. Jan. 4, 
1745, d. in Milo N. Y. 1832, a brave, whole- 
souled man, full of good cheer to all, a 
diligent toiler, upright in dealings and 

highly esteemed (m. Catharine Gilkerson, 
b. near Philadelphia in Apr. 1753, her par- 
ents being Americans, and had 11 ch., viz.: 
Tacy, Mary, Jonathan, Eleanor, Hannah, 
Samuel, Malachi, Jesse, John and Nathan- 
iel) ; son of Malachi, came from Wales 
early in 1720, and settled on a square mile 
of land near Philadelphia. 

DAVIS, NATHANIEL of Charlestown 
Mass., b. there, bp. Aug. 16, 1719 (m. 
Oct. 27, 1741 Ann, dau. of Stephen and 
Ann [Doubleday] Badger, and had Re- 
becca [m. Dea. William Hitchings]); son 
of Zachariah of Charlestown, b. and d. 
there (m. Dec. 7, 1710 Mildred, dau. of 
Nathaniel and Elizabeth [Whafif] Brigden, 
son of Thomas Brigden who had charge of 
the large guns in the battery in 1654); son 
of Nathaniel of Charlestown Mass., b. 
there 1642, d. there (m. in 1675 Mary, dau. 
of Lt. James Converse [who m. Aug. 24, 
1643 Ann Long] son of Edward); son of 
Barnabas Davis, b. in England, came in 
the ship "Blessing" 1635 (m- Patience). 

ton 111., born July 30, 1867, grad. 
of Marietta coll. 1886, since then engaged 
in business as a lumber merchant (m. June 
3, 1893 Helen Virginia Palmer, dau. of C. 
A. and Jean [Briggs] Palmer of Wash- 
ington C. H. Ohio, Jean Briggs is from 
Va. and connected with the Buckner family 
there, she, Helen had William Mills 
Dawes, b. in Marietta Ohio Dec. 27, 1894) ; 
had brothers CHARLES GATES Dawes, 
b. Aug. 27, 1865, grad. Marietta coll. 1884, 
BEMAN GATES Dawes, b. Jan. 14, 1870, 
and HENRY MANASSAH Dawes, b. 
Apr. 22, 1877, grad. Marietta coll. 1896; 
sons of Rufus R. Dawes of Marietta, b. in 
Malta Ohio July 4, 1838, col. 6th Wiscon- 
sin vet. vols., served through war, brevet 
brig.-gen., member of congress from Ohio 
and author of " Service with Sixth Wis- 
consin " (m. Jan. 18, 1864 Mary, dau. of 
Beman Gates, b. Jan. 5, 1818, son of Aaron 
of Montaque Mass., son of Stephen Gates, 
her mother was Betsey Shipman, gr.-dau. of 
Henry Bartlett, dau. of Charles Shipman, 
son of Joshua, son of Samuel Shipman of 



Saybrook Ct.. she Mary had 4 sons and 2 
dau.); son of Henry Dawes of Manston 
Wis., b. in Thomaston Me. May 4, 1804, d. 
in Juneau co. Wis. Nov. 4, 1867, merchant 
at Malta Ohio and landowner in Wis. (m. 
Jan. 20, 1829 Sarah, b. Apr. 17, 1809, dau. of 
Judge Ephraim Cutler, son of Manasseh 
of Hamilton Mass., son of Hezekiah, son 
of John, son of James, son of James Cut- 
ler, her mother Sally Parker, dau. of Wil- 
liam and Mary [Warner] Parker, b. in 
Newbury Port Mass. June 6, 1777, d. June 
30, 1846); son of William M. Dawes of 
Mass. Ohio and Wis., b. in Boston Mass. 
Dec. 28, 1771, d. in Ripon Wis. in Oct. 
1855 (m. Sep. 26, 1795 Nabby, b. Mar. i, 
1781, dau. of Jonas Holden of Boston 
Mass.); son of William of Boston, b. there 
Apr. 6, 1745. d. there Feb. 25, 1799, rode 
with Paul Revere, 2d It. loth Mass. reg. 
1776 (m. May 3, 1768 Mehitable, b. Aug. 6. 
1751. d. Oct. 28, 1793. dau. of Samuel May 
of Boston and Catherine Mears) ; son of 
William, b. in Boston Oct. 2, 1719, d. there 
Nov. 14, 1802 (m. about 1742 Lydia, dau. 
of Nicholas Boone, a bookkeeper of Bos- 
ton) ; son of Thomas, b. in Nov. 1680 (m. 
in Aug. 1702 Sarah Story, who came with 
her brother Elisha from Eng.); son of 
Ambrose, b. July 24, 1642, d. Mar. 24, 1703 
(m. Mary Bumstead) ; son of William, d. 
about 1669, came in the " Planter " 1635, 
freeman 1646. and an original member of 
the 1st church (m. Susanna, dau. of John 
and Susanna Mills); son of William, came 
to New England earlier with the Puritans 
1628-29, and prob. returned to England. 

Me., b. there Jan. 28, 1866 (m. Sep. 
18, 1890 Annie Gray Wiggin, d. Mar. 7, 
1895, had 2 ch., viz.: Annie Katherine and 
Joseph Godfrey Deering) ; son of Joseph 
Godfrey Deering of Saco Me., b. in Wa- 
terboro Me. Sep. 7, 1816, d. in Saco Feb. 
29. 1892 (m. Tst Mary Cutter, b. in Saco, 
2d Josephine Nealley, b. in South Berwick 
Me. May 13, 1863); son of William of 
Waterboro, b. there Mar. 24, 1776, d. there 
Feb. 7, i860 (m. Nov. i. 1806 Eunice Har- 
per, b. May 16, 1781, d. Jan. 10, 1865); son 

of William of Waterboro, b. in Scarboro 
Me. Dec. 25, 1748, d. in Waterboro Dec. 
13, 1829 (m. Sarah Rumery, b. Dec. i, 
1754, d. Jan. 6, 1838); son of William of 
Scarboro and Kittery Me., prob. b. and d. 
there (m. published Nov. 6, 1732 Mary, 
dau. of Charles Pine, the noted Indian 
hunter and for whom Pine Point Me. was 
named) ; son of Rog-er of Scarboro and 
Kittery Me., b. in Kittery, d. in Scarboro 
(m. 1st Sarah, killed by the Indians at 
Scarboro 1723, 2d Jan. 16, 1723 or 4 Eliza- 
beth Lytton) ; son of Roger, b. in Kittery, 
d. 1718, moved to Scarboro about 1700 (m. 
Mary) ; son of Roger, left Scarboro and 
moved to Kittery, d. there June 26, 1676) ; 
son of George, b. in Eng., d. about 1645, 
came to America about 1631, and settled in 
Scarboro (m. Eliz.). 

York City, b. in Bronxville N. Y. 
Aug. 28, 1857 (unmarried) ; son of Francis 
Wm. of New York, b. in Hudson N. Y. 
Nov. 22, 1806, d. in Bronxville N. Y. Feb. 
7, 1863, a banker by profession, but devoted 
spare time to drawing and painting, for 
which he had talent (m. Nov. 4, 1841 Doro- 
thea, dau. of Joseph Nathan Lord of New 
York City, who was of New England an- 
cestry, and had 6 children, viz.: Mary, 
Julia, Grace, Alice, Joseph L. and John W. 
above); son of Samuel of Hudson N. Y., 
b. in New York City Aug. 27, 1760, d. in 
Ifudson Mar. 14. 1826: at beginning of rev. 
war was at school in R. I., came to N. Y., 
enlisted in army under Marinus Willett, 
served throughout in various capacities, 
and at close of war settled in Hudson N. 
Y. then Claverack Landing (m. about 1797 
Lydia Worth, cousin of Gen. Worth and 
desc. of the Worth family which immi- 
grated from Devonshire Eng., and settled 
in Island of Nantucket, her parents re- 
moved to Claverack Landing 1784) ; son of 
Samuel of New York City, b. Oct. 12, 
T73T. d. Nov. II. 1816, and was buried at 
Hudson N. Y., he is said to have furnished 
inasions' .supplies for building the first 
Methodist church inn New York City (m. 
Mary Hendricks). 



San Francisco Gal., b. in Buffalo N. 
Y. Oct. 13, 1846 (m. 1st Mar. i, 1876 Rosa, 
b. June 14, 1849, d. Aug. 19, 1882, dau. of 
Dr. Robert P. and Rosa [Goodrich] Ellis, 
had 2 ch., viz.: John Rochester, b. July 7, 
1877, d. Sep. 22, 1879, and Zoeth Stanley 
Eldredge, b. Dec. 4, 1879, (m. 2d Oct. 18, 
1892 Frances M. Webster, dau. of John 
Gerrish and Mary [Moulton] Webster and 
had 2 ch., viz.: Alba Webster Eldredge, 
b. Nov. 4. 1893, and Lois Eldredge. b. Mar. 
12, 1897); son of Zoeth Eldredge, b. in 
Pittsford N. Y. Sep. 6, 1814, d. in Mazo- 
manie Wis. Mar. 9, 1879, was an early and 
well-known resident of Buffalo N. Y., 
where he was for many years connected 
with the Western Transportation co., later 
kept the well-known Franklyn House (m. 
Oct. I, 1842 Elizabeth Curry, widow of 
Porter M. Bush, dau. of Campbell and 
Elvira [Skinner] Curry and desc. of the 
original proprietors of Schenectady, the 
Bradts. Van Eps and Glens, John Brown 
of Rehoboth Mass., Gov. Welles, William 
Fowler, the magistrate, Thomas Lord, the 
Skinners, Bills etc., founders of Ct. and 
New Haven colonies) ; son of Zoeth 
Eldredge, b. in Willington Ct. Apr. i, 1782, 
d. in Syracuse N. Y. Oct. 10, 1844 (m. Oct. 
8, 1804 Lois, dau. of Samuel Dunton [and 
Lois Pearl], rev. soldier, desc. of Henry 
Felch, Dea. Thomas Kendall, Thomas 
Pierce of Charlestown, William Read of 
Woburn and Nicholas Holt of Andover) ; 
son of Zoeth Eldredge, b. in Willington 
1751, d. there Mar. 18, 1828, a rev. soldier, 
minute man 1775, private in 5th co. 2d Ct. 
reg. 177s, served during the siege of Bos- 
ton, and in Arnold's Quebec expedition 
1775, also served under Washington in 
New York City in the 22d Ct. militia 1776 
(m. 2d Oct. 16, 1779 Bertha, dau. of Capt. 
Ichabod Hickley, adjutant of minute men 
1775. lieut. in Wadsworth's brigade and 
capt. in 2d Ct. line, and desc. of Samuel 
Hickley, Rev. John Lothrop, Roger Good- 
speed. Dolor Davis and Robert Lynnell); 
son of Jesse, b. in Eastham Mass. Aug. 9, 
1715, d. in Willington Ct. Dec. 17, 1794 (m. 
Nov. 7, 1734 Abigail, dau. of Samuel and 

Abigail [Freeman] Smith, and desc. of 
Elder William Brewster, Stephen Hopkins, 
Gov. Thomas Prince, Edward Freeman, 
Rev. John Lothrop, Ralph Smith, Henry 
Howland and Thomas Clark) ; son of 
Elisha Eldredge, b. about 1690, d. in Man- 
iield Ct. Nov. 9, 1754 (m. Dorcas, dau. of 
Thomas and Mary [Basset] Mulford) ; son 
of Elisha, b. in Yarmouth Mass. 1653, d. 
in Eastham Oct. 14, 1739; son of William 
of Yarmiouth, b. in England (m. Anne, 
dau. of William and Tamesin Lumpkin). 

T?LWELL, EDWARD H. of Chicago 
i^ 111., b. in Buxton Me. Nov. 9, 1845 
(m. Feb. i, 1882 Nettie L. Tuttle, 8th gen- 
eration of Tuttles in America, had 2 ch., 
viz.: Russell T., b. Oct. 20, 1887, and 
Grace E. Elwell, b. Oct. 12, 1889) ; son of 
Nathaniel H. Elwell of Buxton, b. there 
May 2S, 1820 (m. Martha P. Harmon) ; 
son of Theodore of Buxton, b. in Saco 
Me. Sep. 2, 1768, d. in Buxton June 10, 
1843 (ni. Anna Harmon) ; son of Ben- 
jamin of Saco and Buxton Me., b. in 
Biddeford Me. Nov. 10, 1733, d. in Buxton 
July 4, 1801, with his eldest son John he 
enlisted for the rev. war, serving in Capt. 
Daniel Lane's company (m. Jan. 22, 1761 
Abigail Ingraham) ; son of Joseph of Bid- 
deford Me., b. in Gloucester Mass., d. in 
Biddeford; son of Robert of Gloucester, 
b. there Dec. 13, 1664 (m. Oct. 12, 1687 
Sarah Gardner) ; son of Samuel of Glou- 
cester (m. Hester Dutch) ; son of Robert, 
1st settled in Dorchester Mass. 1634, then 
in Salem Mass. 1635, freeman of Salem 
1640, and a member of Salem church 1643. 

Buffalo N. Y., b. in Lynnfield Mass. 
Jan. II, 1846, grad. Phillips Academy 
Andover 1867, Rochester univ. N. Y. 1871, 
classical teacher in Buffalo High school 
1874-83, principal of same 1883-93 and supt. 
city schools 1893 to present (m. Aug. 4, 
1874 Mary A. Easty, she is said to be a 
desc. of Mary Easty of Topsfield, a victim 
of the witchcraft delusion) ; son of Oliver 
of Lynnfield Mass., b. in Reading Mass. 
Feb. 3, 1787, d. in Lynnfield Apr. 10, 1869, 
a farmer (m. ist 1812 Elizabeth Brown, 



had 4 sons, viz.: Oliver, grad. Waterville, 
now Calbry, Howard M., from Brown 
univ. 1858, Forrest Fayette, from Brown 
univ, 1863, and Henry Pendexter Emerson, 
from Rochester univ. 1871, m. 26. Nov. 4, 
1831 Eliza Weston, desc. of John Weston 
who came from England about 1644, mem- 
ber of 1st church in Salem 1648 [m. 1653 
Sarah Fitch of Reading], and of Capt. 
Jonathan Weston who was in the battle of 
Lexington, she Eliza had son Henry Pen- 
dexter Emerson) ; son of Daniel of Read- 
ing and Lynnfield, b. in Reading 1760, d. 
in Lynnfield 1806, succeeded to his father's 
place in Reading, sold it to Capt. Nathan 
Parker 1800, and removed to Lynnfield 
(m. 1781 Lucy, dau. of Isaac Pratt) ; son 
of Ebenezer of Reading, b. there 1716, d. 
there, lived on his father's place 1765 (m. 
1st 1746 Anna Nichols, 2d 1751 Rebecca, 
dau. of Rev. Daniel Putnam, a grad. of 
H. C. and first minister of Reading north 
parish, desc. of John Putnam, d. 1663, 
came from Buckinghamshire Eng., Gen. 
Israel Putnam was a desc. of same John) ; 
son of Ebenezer Emerson of Reading, b. 
in Mendon or Concord Mass., d. in Read- 
ing (m. 1st 1707 Bethiah, b. 1685, d. 1715, 
Parker, 26. 1716 Mary Bontwell, b. Jan. 29, 
1679, had son Ebenezer, b. 1716); son of 
Joseph of Ipswich, Wells, Concord and 
Mendon, b. in Ipswich Mass., first mdmster 
of Mendon and an ancestor of Ralph 
Waldo Emerson (m. ist Elizabeth Wood- 
mansy, 2d Dec. 7, 1665 Elizabeth Buckley, 
dau. of Rev. Edward Buckley, gr.-dau. of 
Rev. Peter Buckley, early minister of Con- 
cord Mass.); son of Thomas Emerson, 
came to Ipswich Mass. 1648, (had sons 
John, grad. H. C 1656, settled in Glou- 
cester, Nathaniel who lived in Ipswich 
Me.), the Emersons' coat of arms is still 
seen on Joseph Emerson's gravestone. 

Ij^DDY, ALFRED, b. in Marion N. Y., 
-i d. in Niles Mich. Mar. 3, 1883, a D. D. 
and a Presbyterian clergyman (m. Sep. 17 
Katharine Wilcox, had dau. Katharine 
Louise Eddy of Chicago 111., b. in Bellona 
N. Y. Jan. 10, 1849 [m. Apr. 20, 1871 
Lucius George Fisher, had 4 ch., viz.: 

Lucius George, Alice Eddy, Ethel Field 
an d Katherine Eddy Fisher]); son of 
David of Marion N. Y., b. there Mar. 3, 
1774, d. there June 9, 1840, was a lawyer 
and a judge of Wayne co. N. Y. (m. May 
25, 1806 Deborah Shaw); son of Samuel 
Eddy, b. in Plymouth Mass. Jan. 12, 1743, 
d. in Williamson N. Y. Mar. 3, 1832, an 
orderly sergeant in the continental army 
and a learned and religious man (m. Sally 
Paddock); son of Samuel, b. 1710, d. 1748 
(m. Lydia, dau. of John and Hannah 
[W^hite] Alden, and a desc. of John and 
Priscilla Alden); son of Samuel, b. 1675, 
d. 1753 (m. Meltiah Pratt, desc. of Phineas 
Pratt, the pilgrim) ; son of Obadiah, b. 
1645, d. 1722 (m. Sally Bennett); son of 
Samuel, b. in Cranbrook Eng. 1608, d. in 
Swansea Mass. 1688, he and his bro. John 
sailed from London Aug. 10, 1630 and ar- 
rived at Plymouth Mass. Oct. 29, 1630. 

111., b. in Schroon Lake N. Y. Aug. 
9, 1852, joined the soc. col. wars under John 
Johnson, surveyor-gen. of Roxbury, an- 
cestors came to America about 1635, some 
of whom served in the Indian wars (m. 
Jan. 5, 1886 Charlotte, dau. Isaac N. Camp 
[and Flora of Chicago and Vt.], director 
of World's Col. Exposition, desc. of Capt. 
Abel Camp of rev. times and Flora M. 
Carpenter, dau. of Col. Carpenter formerly 
of Barre Vt., she, Charlotte had son New- 
ton Camp Farr, b. Dec. 25, 1887) ; son of 
George Washburn Farr, b. in Ct. valley 
Sep. 13, 1807, d. in Grand Rapids Mich. 
June 23, 1863, a prominent citizen of Essex 
CO. N. Y. till 1853, then went west, resided 
in East Cleveland Ohio and Grand Rapids, 
being interested in timber lands and lum- 
ber (m. in Essex co. Oct. 26, 1840 Esther, 
dau. of Bezaliel and Celinda [Day] Day, 
both desc. of Anthony Day of Gloucester, 
his line being Jonathan and Mirian Grover, 
Jonathan and Bethia Everett, Capt. John 
of Dedham, Benjamin D. and Mary [At- 
tleboro] Robinson, and Nathaniel D. and 
Ruth Rowe, her line David and Esther 
Cole, David and Ruth Whipple, and Na- 
than D. and Ruth Rowe, Nathaniel being 



son of the original Anthony of Gloucester) ; 
son of Randall Farr, b. in Mass. Mar. 10, 
1772 or 74, d. in Grand Rapids Mich. Nov. 
26, 1857, built the 1st saw mill and ist 
hotel in Essex co. N. Y. (m. about 1802 
Lucretia Andrus, b. in Ct. July 23, 1785); 
son of Stephen, b. in Stowe Mass. 1730, 
d. in Fort Ann N. Y. June 10, 1822, re- 
moved from Stowe to Ct. valley after the 
rev. war (m. Mar. i, 1764 Lois, dau. of 
Samuel Randall [and Priscilla Farnsworth 
of Stowe and Groton, gr.-dau. of Matthias 
Farnsworth and Mary Farr], a farmer and 
desc. of Sergt. John Randall); son of 
Stephen Farr, b. in Stowe Mass. about 
1710 (m. Sarah); son of Stephen, b. in 
Stowe 1679 (m. in Concord Sep. 28, 1708 
Sarah, dau. of Simon Stone of Groton [and 
Sarah Farnsworth, dau. of Matthias Farns- 
worth], gr.-son of Simon Stone, and had 
remarkable records in Indian wars). 

Monson Mass., b. in Wilbraham 
Mass. Dec. 25, 1838, educated at Williston 
seminary East Hampton, Amherst coll. 
and Georgetown university, and post- 
graduate med. school N. Y., served 4^ 
years in war of rebellion in med. dept., 
member Mass. Med. soc. Am. Med. assoc. 
and Am. Acad, medcine (m. ist Dec. 25, 
1865 Hattie Sophia, had 3 ch., viz.: Alice 
Green, b. Sep. 17, 1866, Gardner Green, b. 
Nov. II, 1870, and James Henry Fuller, b. 
Mar. 23, 1876, m. 2d June 21, 1877, Carrie 
Fidelia Field, 3d Dec. 24, 1892 Asenath 
Sophia Green); son of Johnathan Smith 
Fuller of Wilbraham Mass., b. there Mar. 
2, 1786, d. there Dec. 10, 1849 (m- Abiah 
Hyde, desc. of William Hyde of Hartto.d 
1640, Saybrook 1648, and one of the pro- 
prietors of Norwich Ct. 1760); son of Lt. 
Ephrian of Wilbraham, b. in East Had- 
dam Ct. Dec. 27, 1754, d. in Wilbraham 
Dec. 9, 1838 (m. prior 1778 Mary Brainard, 
1st child born 1778); son of Shubael of 
East Haddam Ct. ; son of John of Barn- 
stable Mass., called Little John; son of 
Samuel of Plymouth Mass.; son of Ed- 
ward of Plymouth, who came over in the 
" May Flower." 

Pittsburgh Pa., b. in Sutton Mass. 
Apr. 24, 1822, grad. Yale coll. 1846, went to 
Pittsburgh 1849, prof, of Greek in Western 
univ. of Pa. at Pittsburgh 1855-80, then 
prof, emeritus of Greek and secretary and 
treas. same, d. Apr. i, 1897 (m. Apr. 16 
1863 Eliza Buchanan Brooks, dau. of Jere- 
miah Brooks M. D. [and Martha Clarke 
Buchanan], a physician in Monongahela 
City Pa. and Pittsburgh Pa., and had 5 
ch., viz.: Martha Buchanan, Jeremiah 
Brooks, Thomas Campbell, Mary Thurston 
and Joseph Franklin Griggs) ; son of John, 
b. in Sutton Mass. Feb. 15, 1785, d. there 
June II, 1850, a blacksmith and a gentle- 
man of much public spirit, a man of fine 
character, identified with all enterprises in 
the interest of the community (m. Nov. 19, 
1812 Mary, dau. of Nathan Thurston, desc. 
of David, Daniel, Thomas, Thomas and 
John Thurston, the last came from Wrent- 
ham Eng, on the ship " Mary Ann " from 
Yarmouth 1637, her mother was Sally of 
Oxford, dau. of Dr. Alex. Campbell, gr.- 
dau. of Rev. John Campbell of Scotland of 
the Loudon branch of Campbells, came to 
Oxford and was pastor of the ist English 
settlement there) ; son of Thomas Griggs, 
b. in Brookline Mass. Apr. 20, 1750, d. in 
Sutton Mass. 1800, a blacksmith and 
farmer, moved from Brookline to Sutton 
(m. July 4, 1776 Mary, dau. of Benjamin 
and Mary Goddard of Sutton) ; son of 
Thomas, b. Feb. 25, 1716 (m. a Margaret 
Williams) ; son of Ichabod, b. Sep. 8, 1675 
(m. a Margaret); son of Joseph, b. 1624, 
d. Feb. 10, 1714 (m. Hannah Davis). 

a AY, HENRY of West Winsted Ct., b. 
in Salisbury Ct. Apr. 5, 1834 (m. May 
20, 1857 Charlotte E. Watson, dau. of Dea- 
con Thomas and Emeline [Curtis] Watson, 
and had dau. Mary Watson Gay [m. Nov. 
7, 1889 Dr. Edward L. Pratt, residing in 
Winsted Ct.]); son of Henry Sanford 
Gay of Salisbury Ct., b. in Sharon Ct. Mar. 
14, 1796, d. in Salisbury Jan. 9, 1879 (m. 
Apr. 17, 1821 Mary, only child of Stephen 
and Abigail [Kilbourn] Reed of Salis- 
bury); son of Edward, b. in Sharon Ct. 



Feb, 3, 1763, d. in Franklin N. Y., a life- 
long teacher in various towns in Ct., Mass. 
and N. Y. states (m. May 13, 1783 Mary 
White, b. in Danbury Ct. May 12, 1760) ; 
son of Perez of Sharon, b. in Litchfield Ct. 
Jan. 5, 1735, d. in Sharon Dec. 15, 1784 (m. 
Mar. 23, 1762 Margaret Fairbanks); son of 
John of Sharon, b. in Dedham Mass. July 
8, 1699, d. in Sharon Aug. 6, 1792, one of 
the 1st settlers of Litchfield Ct., a large 
landholder there, removed to Sharon 1743 
(m. Lydia Colvert, had dau. Mary, b. in 
Litchfield Oct. 3, 1722); son of John of 
Dedham Mass., b. there June 25, 1668, d. 
there June 17, 1758 (m. May 24, 1692 Mary 
Fisher; son of Samuel of Dedham, b. 
there Mar. 10, 1639, d. there Apr. 15, 1718 
(m. Nov, 23, 1661 Mary Bridge) ; son of 
John, d. Mar. 4, 1688, came to America in 
the ship " Mary and John " 1630, one of 
the 1st settlers of Watertown Mass., and 
one of the 19 persons who left Watertown 
1636 and settled in Contentment, now 
called Dedham (m. a Joanna, d, Aug. 14, 

HAM of Bufifalo N. Y,, b. in Put- 
nam, now part of Zanesville Ohio, July 25, 
1849, came to Bufifalo with parents 1851, 
attended public and various private 
schools, fitted for coll, at Bufifalo Classical 
school, Prof. Horace Briggs, grad. aca- 
demic dept. Yale univ. 1871, then had par- 
tial course civil engineering Rensselaer 
inst. Troy N. Y. 1872. R. R. eng. to 1874, 
engineer in charge of sewers Bufifalo to 
1880, manuf. to 1885, asst. and asst. chief 
engineer Bufifalo to 1896, chief engineer of 
bureau of engineering of Bufifalo 1896-7, 
resigned, chief engineer grade crossing 
commission of Bufifalo and senior mem- 
ber of firm of Guthrie & Rockwood 
(m, June 21, 1876 Jean Dorsheimer Clif- 
ton, b. July 27, 1852, dau. of Henry Clifton, 
b. in England, and Elizabeth Dorsheimer, 
sister of William Dorsheimer. the late It.- 
gtov. N. Y.); son of Solomon Sturges 
Guthrie of Bufifalo N. Y., b. in Putnam 
Ohio Aug. 30, 1819, d. in Bufifalo Nov. 22, 
1893, a grain commission merchant, promi- 

nent in business, civic, religious and educa- 
tional aflfairs, came to Bufifalo 1851 (m. 
Aug. 29, 1844 Ann, b. in Greenfield Ct. Apr. 

25, 1824, d, in Bufifalo May 26, 1880, moved 
to Newark Ohio in childhood, dau. of 
Buckingham and Susan Sherwood, she 
Ann desc. on both sides of Thomas 
Sherwood, through her mother desc, of 
William Sherwood and Abigail Burr, dau, 
of Wakeman Burr, son of John, son of 
Col, John, son of Nath., son of Jehue 
Burr) ; son of Julius Chappell Guthrie of 
Putnam Ohio, b, in stockade Belpre Ohio, 
opp, mouth of Little Kanawha river, Apr. 

26, 1792, d, in Putnam July 25, 1849, said 
to have been the ist white child born in 
that section of Ohio, a merchant, having 
stores in Putnam, Rehoboth and several 
other Ohio towns, a man of fine character 
and untiring activity (m, Sep, 23, 1817 
Pamelia, b. in Ballston N. Y, Aug. 20, 
1799, d. in Putnam Mar, 14, 1863, dau. of 
Ebenezer and Esther [Bradley] Bucking- 
ham); son of Stephen of Belpre Ohio, b, 
in Litchfield Ct, Jan, 10, 1768, d. in New- 
burg Ohio Sep. 2S, 1827, moved to Ohio 
1788 (m, 1st 1788 Sally, b, Aug, 11, 1770, 
d. Mar. 18, 1818, dau. of Amos [and Sarah 
Slosson Chappell], lieut. and capt, in rev. 
war from Sharon Ct., son of Caleb Chap- 
pell, a French Huguenot) ; son of Joseph 
of Litchfield, d, in Troy t, Ohio May 30, 
1808, moved to Ohio about 1795 (m. ist 
Mrs. Kirby, dau. of Stephen [and Rachel 
Walston Hand], son of Stephen Hand, m, 
2d Sarah, dau, of Rev, Abram Pierson, ist 
pres. Yale coll,); son of John Guthrie of 
Litchfield Ct. (m. a Cane); son of John, 
d, in Litcheld 1730, emigrated from Ireland 
about 1700, 

of Knob View Mo., b, in Brooklyn 
N. Y. Nov, II, 1845, served in 93d N. Y. 
vols. 3 years and 7 months, postmaster and 
justice of the peace in Mo. 2 terms (m. 
Dec. 5. 1885 Addie A. Kimball nee Bailey, 
desc. of the Woods, the Healeys and 
Chamberlains of Chelmsford, and had 4 
ch., viz.: Frank Willets, Paul Clarke, 
Luke Healey and Ruth E.) ; son of Isaac 



of New York City, b. in Otsego co. N. Y. 
1803, d. in N. Y. City 1893 (m. Sarah Eliza- 
beth Willets, dau. of Jacob and Susan A. 
Willets, desc. of Richard and Mary Wil- 
Jets of Hempstead L. I. 1654, her gt.-gr.- 
father Timothy Clark, capt. in Ct. foot 
in rev. war) ; son of Isaac of Otsego co. 
N. Y. and Ohio, b. in prob. Smithfield R. 
I., d. in Ohio (m. Sarah Knapp, had 7 ch., 
viz.: Samuel K., Thomas, Calvin, Wm., 
Isaac and 2 dau.) ; son of William Har- 
rington of Adams Mass. 1760-83, b. in 
Smithfield R. I. Oct. 16, 1738, was in rev. 
army Mass. 6th and loth Berkshire co. 
militia, and in battle Bennington, errone- 
ously reported deserter at West Point N. 
Y. 1779, recruited at Adams several times 
1776-83, and mustered out there 1783 (m. 
Apr. 5, 1756 Bethia Peters); son of Aaron 
Heerndeen or Harrington of Smithfield, 
b. and d. there (m. June 10, 1734 Abigail, 
dau. of Zoed and Delia Chillson of Bel- 
lingham Mass.); prob. son of Thomas 
Heendeen of Smithfield, b. there Mar. 17, 
1687, d. there (m. prob. Judith) ; souv of 
William Hearnden of Providence R. I. 
1682, d. Aug. 27, 1727 (m. 1st Esther, 2d 
Deliverance) ; son of, b. in 
Providence 1662, d. 1687). 

HASBROUCK, LOUIS of Ogdensburg 
N. Y., b. there June 5, 1840, a lawyer 
(m. Oct. 17, 1866 Emmeline, dau. of 
Thomas Loomis Knap and Mary [Averell] 
Knap, had 6 ch., viz.: Lydia Averell, Mary 
Katharine, Louis, Philip Bevier, Thomas 
Knap and Louise Seymour Hasbrouck); 
son of Louis of Ogdensburg N. Y., b. in 
Albany N. Y. May 22, 1814, d. in Ogdens- 
burg Apr. 13, 1880, a lawyer (m. Aug. i, 1839 
Louise Seymour Allen, her father Elijah 
B. Allen was from Mass., desc. of Walter 
Allen, who came from England in the 17th 
century, her gr.-father and gt.-gr.-father 
fought at Concord, Bunkerhill and Lex- 
ington, her mother came from Vt., desc. 
of Richard Seymour, the ancestor of all 
the Seymours of America) ; son of Louis 
of Ogdensburg N. Y., b. in Ulster co. N. 
Y. Apr. 22, 1777, d. in Ogdensburg Aug. 
20, 1834, lawyer (m. Dec. 29, 1802 Cathe- 

rine, dau. of Justus and Catherine Banks) ; 
son of Joseph Hasbrouck of Ulster co., b. 
there Mar. 3, 1743-4, d. there February 26, 
1808, major 3d reg. Ulster co. militia 1775, 
It.-col. same reg. 1778 (m. Mar. 25, 1773 
Elizabeth Bevier); son of Abraham of 
Kingston N. Y., b. in Guilford N. Y. Aug. 
21, 1707, d. in Ulster co. Nov. 10, 1791, 
lieut.-col. 1st reg. Ulster co. militia 1775-6, 
member N. Y. provincial congress 1776, 
member N. Y. assembly 1781-2 and in all 
about 30 years a member of the assembly 
(mar. Jan. 5, 1738-9 Catherina Bruyn of 
Norwegian ancestry, her gr.-father being a 
native of Norway, his wife's name Gertruy 
Eselstein); son of Joseph of Ulster co., b. 
Oct. 28, 1683, d. there July 28, 1723-4 (m. 
1706 Elsie Schoonmaker) ; son of Abra- 
ham. Hasbrouck, b. in Calais France, d. 
Mar. 17, 1717, came to America 1675 (m. 
1676 Marie Deyo), lieut. of foot co. for 
Kingston 1685, capt. 1689. 

H OLDEN, EDGAR of Newark N. J., 
b. in Hingham Mass. Nov. 3, 1838, 
A. M., A. B. and Ph. D. of Princeton 
univ,, M. D. of N. Y. coll. phys. and surg., 
member Loyal Legion order of Cincinnati, 
chief med. director of Mutual Benefit Life 
Ins. CO., member of American Authors' 
guild, American Med. assoc. and American 
Laryngological assoc. (m. ist 1862 Kath- 
arine Hedden, b. in Orange N. J., d. 1870, 
[2 ch.: Mabel, d. 1894, and Isabella B., m. 
Wm. Lowenthal], m. 2d Apr. 3, 1873 
Helen Stewart Burgess, b. in Baltimore 
Md,, dau. of John and Elizabeth [Wilson] 
Burgess, and had 4 ch., viz.: Edgar, Eliza- 
beth Wilson, Anna Louise and John 
Holden); son of Asa Hall Holden of 
Newark, b. in Leiscester Mass. Sep. 3, 
1807, d. in Newark N. J. Mar. 2, 1882, 
metallurgist and iron founder (m. Jan. 5, 
1832 Ann Louisa Seymour, dau. of Samuel 
Seymour and Mary Ann Chrissy of Phila- 
delphia) ; son of John of Holden and 
Leicester Mass., b. in Holden July 26, 
T-753, d. in Leicester Mar. 13, 1828, private 
in Col. Doolittle's Mass. reg., promoted 
for gallantry at Bunker Hill, served 
through the rev. war as lieut. and capt., 



was at Stony Point under Wayne and in 
many battles, was with Lafayette at sur- 
render of Cornwallis, and an original mem- 
ber of the order of Cincinnati (m. Apr. 23, 
1789 Zipporah Hall, d. in Jan. 1827); son 
of Peter Holden of Concord Mass., b. in 
Watertown Feb. i, 1704 (m. ist Beulah, d. 
1732. 2d July 14, 1743 Abigail Jones, 
had by the latter 5 ch., viz.: Beulah, 
Mary, Hannah, Rebeckah and John) ; son 
of John of Watertown, b. in Water- 
town or Cambridge July 18, 1675, d- prob. 
in Concord (m. Nov, 7, 1699 Grace, b. Feb. 
II, 1678, d. in Concord Jan. 7, 1747, dau. 
of Samuel and Judith [Newcomb] Jenni- 
son, and had 10 ch., viz.: John, Daniel, 
Peter, Grace, Elizabeth, Josiah, all b. in 
Watertown, while Mary, Jonas and Abigail 
were b. in Concord) ; son of Justinian 
Holden of Watertown and Cambridge 
Mass., b. about 161 1, d. in Cambridge in 
Aug. Sep. or Oct. 1691, came from Ips- 
wich Eng. in the ship " Frances " when 
23 years old, settled in Watertown 1634 and 
bought the estate of Deacon Sparhawk in 
Cambridge Mass., an estate of 294 acres, 
part in Watertown and a part on Fresh 
Pond 1653 (m. Mar. 18, 1672 or 3 Mary, 
dau. of John Rutter of Sudbury Mass., and 
had 7 ch., viz.: Samuel, John Isaac, Mary, 
Grace, Joseph and Elizabeth). 

tertown N. Y., b. there Nov. 17, 1843, 
educated at the Sheffield engineering 
school of Yale coll., followed the profes- 
sion of civil engineering, served as city 
engineer of Watertown, also as water com- 
missioner and commissioner of public 
works, and is one of the vestrymen of 
Trinity church of Watertown (m. Dec. 25, 
1867 Mary R. Thomson, only dau. of Wil- 
liam Thomson and Mary T. Peabody, 5th 
generation desc. from William Peabody of 
Plymouth Mass., who m. Elizabeth, dau. 
of John Aldcn and Priscilla Mullins of the 
" Mayflower " as told in Longfellow's 
poem " Courtship of Miles Standish." she, 
Mary had son Earl William Hinds, b. Oct. 
22, 1871, d. June 3, 1873); son of Earl B. 

Hinds of Watertown N. Y., b. in Den- 
mark N. Y. Oct. 25, 181 1, d. in Pamelia 
N. Y. May 18, 1894, farmer, life spent in 
the vicinity of Watertown, a respected citi- 
zen, a good business man, avoiding public 
notice (m. Feb. 26, 1843 Almira M. Allen, 
b. in St. Lawrence co. N. Y. Feb. 26, 1821, 
d. in PameJia N. Y. Mar. 10, 1890, dau. of 
Rueben Allen, b. in Rutland Vt. 1786, Al- 
mira's gr. -father Benjamin Allen, b. in 
Rhehoboth Mass. 1760, served in rev. war, 
and later came to Watertown N. Y., where 
he was major in the N. Y. state militia and 
afterwards known as Major Allen, gt.-gr.- 
father Barnebas Allen, b. in Seekonk Mass. 
1735); son of Thomas Hinds of Denmark 
N. Y., b. in Barre Mass. in May 1780, d. in 
Adams N. Y. 1846, served in war of 1812, 
with hiis bro. Joseph Buckminster Hinds 
were in the battle of Sackets Harbor May 
29, 1813 (m. 1800 Phoebe, dau. of David 
Bent of Mt. Holley Vt.; son of Corlis of 
Barre Mass., b. there 1748, d. in Petersham 
Mass. 1832 (m. ist a Brownell, had son 
Samuel, m. 2d Susannah Henry, of Eng- 
lish descent, her father was taken pris- 
oner at Oswego during the French war 
and sent to France, where he died 
on a ^prison ship, she, Susannah had 
8 ch., viz.: Corlis [emigrated to Black 
River Country in northern New York 
state, and was the first supervisor of 
Watertown 1805-9], Thomas, William, 
Jonas, Henry, Joseph Buckminster [m. 
Rebecca Allen], Adah and Susan Hinds); 
son of Corlis Hinids of Barre, b. in Barre 
1716, d. there 1821, m. Jianet McMaster, 
and had 9 children, Cornelius, 1743, Anna, 
1744, Rachel, 1746, Corlis, 1748, Susannah, 
1750, Submit, 1752, Howard, 1755, Forbes, 
1759, Catherine, 1760, m. 2d Jennie Mc- 
Culler, and had Jesse and Samuel; son of 
John, b. at Lancaster Mass. in 1683, rn. 
Hannah (Whittaker) Corlis of Haverhill 
Mass., had 13 ch., Anna, John, Frances, 
Mary, Setih, Jio'hnathan, Dinah, Corlis, 
Rachel, Tryiyhcner, Cornelius. Subnrit, Su- 
sannah; son of John, b. 1639, m. for 2d 
wife Mary Butler in 1681, and had 7 ch.; 
son of James, who had 8 ch., John the 



HOYT, CHARLES A. of Brooklyn N. 
Y., b. in Burlington Vt. July 27, 1839, 
grad. univ. of Vt. 1857, A. B. and A. M. of 
Vt. univ. and also of Georgetown D. C. 
coll., soon after graduating removed to 
New York and engaged in the manufacture 
of hard rubber goods under the Goodyear 
patents, took an active part in the early 
development of the hard rubber industry 
and has been for many years treas. of the 
Goodyear Hard Rubber co., is a hereditary 
member and treas. of the N. Y. State So- 
ciety of the Cincinnati and has been for 
many years a member of the N. Y. Cham- 
ber of Commerce and one of its executive 
comm. (m. Oct. 14, 1862 Julia H. of Han- 
over N. H. of Puritan desc, dau. of Enoch 
P. and Julia M. Sherman, desc. of William 
Sherman, who came from Northampton 
Eng. 1629, and of William and Ann White, 
who came in the " Mayflower " 1620, she, 
Julia H. Sherman, had son Albert Sher- 
man Hoyt, b. Sep. 15, 1863); son of Wil- 
liam Henry Hoyt of Burlington Vt. and 
New York City, b. in Sandwich N. H. 
Jan. 8, 1813, d. in N. Y. City Dec. 11, 1883, 
grad. Dartmouth coll. 1831, a lawyer and 
clergyman, a man of scholarly tastes and 
habits, a fine linguist and musician (m. 
Aug. 21, 1838 Anne, dau. of E. Hubell 
Deming and Fanny Fay Follett, her gr.- 
father Capt. Pownal Deming, an officer in 
the continental army during rev. war, and 
an original member of the Society of the 
Cincinnati, her ist ancestor John Deming 
was one of the patentees named in the 
charter of Ct. granted by Charles II 1662, 
her maternal gt.-gr. -father John Fay was 
killed in the battle of Bennington, he with 
4 of his bros. fought in the American army 
in that battle); son of Daniel Hoyt of 
Sandwich N. H., b. there Oct. 26, 1778, d. 
there Aug. 11, 1859, merchant and bank 
pres., an early and earnest member of the 
anti-slavery party, a member of the N. H. 
legislature for many years, also of N. H. 
senate and gov. council, and several times 
candidate of the free soil party for gov. of 
N. H. (m. Jan. 21, 1805 Sarah Flanders, her 
father was an officer in the continental 
army during rev. war); son of Joseph of 

Sandwich, b. in Brentwood N. H. Nov. 3, 
1 75 1, d. in Sandwich May 12, 1788, was one 
of the signers of the famous " Association 
Test " in N. H. 1776, these signers 
" pledged their fortunes and their lives in 
defense of the United American colonies 
against the British fleets and armies " (m. 
Aug. 25, 1774 Betsy Folsom); son of 
Ezekiel of Amesbury Mass., b. in Salis- 
bury Mass. Jan. 7, 1709, d. in Brentwood 
N. H. in Apr. 1754 (m. Dec. 25, 1735 Re- 
becca Brown) ; son of Joseph, of Salisbury, 
b. there July 14, 1666, d. there 1720 (m. 
Oct. 5, 1702 Dorothy Worthen) ; son of 
John of Amesbury Mass., b. in Salisbury 
1638, d. in Amesbury Aug. 13, 1696 (m. 
June 2S, 1659 Mary Barnes) ; son of John 
Hoyt of Salisbury, b. in England 1610, d. 
in Salisbury Feb. 28, 1688, one of the orig- 
inal settlers of Salisbury and Amesbury 
Mass., an officer in the colonial militia, 
held various town offices, described in the 
town records as a " planter," was called 
Sergt. Hoyt, was a man of education 
and considerable property (m. 1634 prob. 

KELLOGG, JUSTIN of Troy N. Y, b. 
there Apr. 18, 1844, B. A. and M. A. 
of Williams coll. 1865, and trustee of same 
coll., grad. at Albany Law school, admitted 
to practice 1866, and since practiced at 
Troy N. Y., sec'y N. Y. State Bar asso., 
sec'y Troy club and prest. of trustees of 
1st Pres. church, Troy academy, Troy Y. 
M. A. and member of Vt. S. A. R. (m. 
Apr. 20, 1871 Mary Leake, dau. of Fred- 
eric Leake and Caroline Richards, dau. of 
Rufus Richards and Elizabeth Kellogg, 
dau. of Stephen and Lydia Kellogg of 
Norwalk Ct. 1795, she, Mary had 2 ch., 
viz. : Mary Bryan, b. Dec. 25, 1872, and 
Richards Kellogg, b. June 10, 1879); son 
of Giles Bacon Kellogg of Troy and Ben- 
nington Vt., b. in Williamstown Mass. 
Mar. 28, 1808, now living in Bennington, 
having retired after a long and successful 
practice of law at Troy, grad. of Williams 
coll. 1829 and trustee of it, and many other 
institutions, financial, educational and re- 
ligious (m. May 30, 1836 Adeline, dau. of 



Justin Kellogg [and Anne Stevens], son of 
Charles [m. Mary, dau. of Col. Benjamin 
Simons, an early settler with Capt. Samuel 
Kellogg of Williamstown Mass 1753], 
moved to Middle Granville) ; son of Samuel 
Kellogg of Williamstown, b. there Sep. 29, 
1766, d. there Apr. 25, 1829, a leading citi- 
zen, landowner and an official of Williams- 
town, member of general court of Mass. 
1809-19 (m. 1st Nov. 29, 1787 Anna, d. 
Mar, II, 1806, 2d 1806 Isabella, sister of 
Anna, daus. of Absalom Blair of Williams- 
town, 1st settler and leading man, was in 
battle of Bennington and had 7 ch. by ist 
wife and 5 by 2d) ; son of Samuel of Wil- 
liamstown 1753, b. in Old Hadley Mass. 
June 9, 1734, d. in Williamstown Mass. 
Sep. 2, 1788, justice of the peace, mem. 
committee of Safety, capt. 2d Berkshire reg. 
and in battle of Bennington with Col. 
Simonds, a leading man in state, church, 
town and coll., came to Williamstown 
from Ct. and on earliest list of proprietors, 
a church member and an active patriot 
(m. Mar. 4, 1764 Chole, dau. of Daniel 
Bacon of Middletown Ct., killed in battle 
of Bennington Aug. 16, 1777, son of Dan- 
iel Bacon) ; son of Benjamin Kellogg of 
Hatfield Mass., b. in Old Hadley Mass. in 
Jan., d. in Canaan Ct. Aug. 22, 1757, a 
Puritan, prosperous farmer, deacon and 
selectman and military officer in colonial 
army in Indian and French wars (m. Nov. 
9, 1721 Abigail Sedgwick, desc. of the 
Berkshire Sedgwicks who were in the line 
of Maj.-Gen. Sedgwick of Cromwell's 
army) ; son of Joseph Kellogg of Hartford 
Ct. and Old Hadley Mass. 1660, b. in Eng- 
land, d. in Hadley according to will Feb. 
4, 1707, one of the proprietors, selectman, 
lieut., capt. in colonial wars, a Puritan 
who defended and concealed the English 
Regicides (m. ist 1650 a Joanna, d. Sep. 
14, 1666, had 9 ch., 2d a Abigail, had 11 

-^^ Champaign 111., b. in Plumsteadville 
Pa. July 12, 1844, enlisted in co. A 198 
reg. Pa. vol. 1864, shot through chest and 
both arms at Dinwiddle C. H. Va. 1865, 

discharged 1865, moved west 1866, a repub- 
lican, city clerk 4 years, town supervisor 2 
years, co. treas. 4 years and a physician 
(m. May 8, 1884 Mary Annie Bradley, 
desc, of Thomas Wynn, founder of Wynn 
Castle Wales in the i6th century, and had 
3 ch., viz.: Alonzo Plumsted, Ethel Gyola 
and Elwin Valentine Kratz) ; son of 
Henry, b. in Plumsteadville Pa. May 15, 
1820, d, in Danboro Pa, May 12, 1897, a 
whig, reed, party nomination for state rep., 
township auditor 3 years, Presbyterian and 
buried at Doylestown (m. June 20, 1843 
Annie Stover, desc. of Henry Stover of 
Alsace); son of PMlip Kratz, b. in Plum- 
steadville Apr. 16, 1782, d. there June i, 
1847, a whig, held office of assessor and 
treas., elected judge for several years, 
member of Deep Run Mennonite meeting, 
where he is buried (m. June 17, 1802 Eliza- 
beth Stover, desc, of Henry Stover and a 
Miss Hockman, natives of Alsace Ger., 
who emigrated to America) ; son of Philip, 
b. 1739, d. in Plumsteadville 1818, was 
classed as a " Non Associator " during 
rev. war, but he sympathized with the 
Americans, was a Mennonite and is buried 
at Deep Run (m. 1760 Susanna Krout); 
son of John Valentine Kratz, b. in Ger- 
many 1707, d. in Salford Pa. 1780, set sail 
in ship " Friendship " 1727, arrived in 
America 1727, settled in Salford Pa., then 
a part of Philadelphia co., member of 
Mennonite meeting at Salford, buried there 
(m. Annie Clemens); son of John Philip 
Kratz, b. in Switzerland Oct. 8, 1665, d. in 
Germany 1746. 

Louis Mo,, b. in Conewango N. Y. 
June 26, 1841, early in youth worked in 
woolen factory, later on a farm, enlisted in 
CO. E 9th N, Y. cav. 1861, serving 3 years, 
was in all the battles of Va., Md. and Pa., 
awarded medal of honor by congress for 
gallantry, came to St. Louis 1866, now en- 
gaged in the manufacture of tobacco (m, 
Feb. 25, 1884 Martha Jane Miller, her 
father b. in England, mother b. in Ire- 
land, came to America about 1855, lived in 
Wheeling West Va., Jackson Tenn., settled 



in Kankakee 111., her father Wm. G. Miller 
is now living in Petaluma Gal., she, Mar- 
tha had son Arthur Miller Hills, b. in St. 
Louis Sep. 14, 1885); son of Calvin Hills 
of Conewango N. Y. and East Randolph 
Port Office, b. in Windsor Vt. Sep. 16, 
1799, d. in East Randolph Oct. 9, 1889, a 
clothier and later a farmer, well educated 
in the common branches (m. Mar. 31, 1831 
Mary Field Watkins, dau. oif Lyman and 
Abigail [Jourdan] Watkins, came from 
Keene N. H., lived in Genessee co. N. Y., 
but later moved to Venango co. Pa., where 
they both died) ; son of Ebenezer Hills, b. 
in Swanzey N. H. Aug. 16, 1771, d. in 
Gainsville N. Y. Sep. 17, 1847, a clothier, 
took a deep interest in public affairs, was 
a staunch Jackson democrat (m. June 8, 
1796 Lydia Chamberlain, b. in Washing- 
ton N. H. Aug. 15, 1775, d. June 24, 1840) ; 
son of Ebenezer, b. in Swanzey N. H. 
June 14, 1738, d. there Dec. 13, 1812, a rev. 
and colonial soldier (m. 1st in Oct. 1763 
Abigail Nichols, d. Mar. 7, 1794, 2d Abi- 
gail Lane, d. Mar. 13, 1850); son of Sam- 
uel, b. in Maiden Mass. July 16, 1702, d. in 
Swanzey N. H. (m. in Wrentham Mass. 
May 4, 1726 Abigail Heaton) ; son of Sam- 
uel, b. in Maiden Dec. 16, 1667, d. in Dor- 
chester 1718 (m. a Saraih) ; son of Joseph, 
b. in Essex Eng. 1630, d. in New- 
bury Mass. Apr. 19, 1694 (ni- in Maiden 
Mass. in Nov. 1653 Hannah Smith, d. 
Eng. 1602, d. in Newbury Feb. 5, 1687 or 8, 
came over in ship " Mary and Ellen " 1638, 
a lawyer of some note, a legislator and 
prominent in public affairs (m. ist Rose 
Dunster, 2d Hannah Mallows, 3d Hellen 
Atkinson, 4th Mrs. Ann Lunt). 

LAFLIN, LAWRENCE of Chicago, b. 
in Plainfield N. J. Aug. 11, 1886, son 
of Louis Ellsworth Laflin of Chicago, b. 
in Pittsfield Mass. Mar. 23, 1861, grad. of 
Rensselaer Polytechnic inst. Troy N. Y. 
1882 (m. in Plainfield N. J. Oct. 22, 1885 
Josephine, b. in Westmoreland co. Pa. 
Feb. 27, 1862, dau. of Frederick Know- 
land, b. in Washington Pa. Jan. 15, 1831, 
d. in Plainfield N. J. Apr. 11, 1895, and 
Sarah [Cadwalader Logan- Knowland, b. 

in Logan's Ferry Pa. Nov. 3, 1830) ; son of 
George Hinman Laflin of Chicago, b. in 
Canton Ct. Jan. 19, 1828, (m. in Pittsfield 
Mass. Sep. 3, 1851 Mary Minerva Brewster, 
b. in Lenox Mass. Jan. 24, 1832, dau. of 
Dr. John Milton Brewster and Philena 
Higley); son of Matthew of Chicago, b. 
in Southwick Mass. Dec. 16, 1803, organ- 
ized the firm of Laflin and Rand, powder 
manufacturers, came to Chicago in the 
days of old Fort Dearborn 1837 (m. ist 
Feb. 8, 1827 Henrietta, b. in Lee Mass. 
June 20, 1805, d. in Canton Ct. Feb. 12, 
1834, dau. of Ranson Hinman and Mary 
Battle, dau. of Ithiel Battle of Tyringham 
Mass., m. 2d Katherine King of Westfield 
Mass.); son of Matthew Laflin of South- 
wick Mass., b. there July 2, 1765, d. there 
Dec. 2, 1828, (m. Lydia, b. July 13, 1767, 
d. Jan. 21, 1853, dau. of Amos and Lydia 
Rising), had bro. Heman, b. Mar. 12, 1778, 
d. May 7, 1854, m. Feb. 11, 1799 Clarissa 
Rising, d. June 6, 1804, and had sister 
Lucy, b. Sep. 28, 1763, m. David Camp- 
bell; son of Matthew Laflin of Southwick, 
b. June 13, 1735, d. in Southwick Mar. 15, 
1810, Irish Protestant, lieut. in militia, 
selectman of Southwick Mass. 1776-86 and 
powder manufacturer there (m. in West- 
field Mass. Nov. 5, 1761 Lucy, b. Oct. 4, 
1743, d. Nov. 16, 1805, dau. of Benjamin 
Loomis, b. Aug. 30, 1708, d. 1787) ; son of 
Charles Laifiin of Oxford Mass., d. in 
Southwick Dec. 29, 1762, purchased land in 
Westfield Mass., in Antego, afterwards 
called Southwick 1749, and sold it to his 
son Matthew for £240 1757, name given 
as Lofren and Lafren in deed of purchase 
and Laflen in deed of sale (m. a Agnes, 
d. Nov. 29, 1767). 


AY, EMORY CLAPP, b. New Or- 
leans Feb. 12, 1880; son of Robert 
Slark Day of New Orleans, b. in 
Stonington Ct. Aug. 3, 1855, d. in 
New Orleans Nov. 16, 1895 (m. Apr. 
22, 1879 Sarah Clapp Thurston, 
adopted dau. of Emory Clapp of New 
Orleans) ; son of James Ingersoll Day of 
New Orleans, b. in New London Ct. Mar. 
5, 1812, d. there Sep. 21, 1895 (m. Jan. 5, 



1836 Sarah E.. dau. of John Armltage) ; 
son of James of New London, b. there 
Mar. 7, 1780, d. in Alabama 1851 (m. May 
ID, 181 1 Hannah, dau. of Capt. EHsha Hin- 
man of rev, fame, gt.-gr.-dau. of Serj. Ed- 
ward Hinman. called Pilgrim of Stratford 
Ct., who escaped to this country, having 
been one of the serj. at arms to King Chas. 
I); son of William Day, b. in Springfield 
Mass., Oct. 23. 1715. d. in Sheffield Mass. 
1797 (m. 1st his cousin Polly Day, dau. of 
John Day of Boston, 2d Eunice Ingersoll, 
3d prob. Rhoda Hubbell, mother of Wil- 
liam Day) ; son of John of West Sheffield 
Mass., b. Sep. 20. 1673, d. Feb. 28, 1742 (m. 
Mary Smith); son of Thomas Day, d. 
in Springfield Mass. Dec. 27, 1711 (m. 
Sarah, dau. of Lt. Thomas Cooper, who 
was killed by the Indians when they burned 
his town) ; son of Robert Day, b. in Aug, 
1604, d. in Hartford 1648, came from Eng. 
with wife Mary in ship " Elizabeth," was 
a pioneer of Hartford, his name is on the 
monument raised in that city to the mem- 
ory of the 1st settlers there (m. ist Mary, 
2d Editha Stebbins, sister of Deacon Ed- 
ward Stebbins, a ist settler of Hartford). 

LEARNED, ABIJAH, b. in Brighton 
Mass. 1789. d. in Westboro Mass. Jan. 
22, 1856 (m. May 10. 181 1 Clarissa Sander- 
son and had dau. Mary Elizabeth, who m. 
Aug. 12, 1854 Daniel J. Hancock of St. 
Louis Mo. and had dau. Clara, who m. 
William A. Scudder of St. Louis Mo. and 
has 3 children, viz.: Frederick Hancock 
Scudder. Marion and Constance) ; son of 
Isaac Learned, b. in Cambridge Mass. 
1851, d. in Brighton Oct. 10, 1827 (m. July 
8, 1784 Elizabeth Winship); son of Abijah, 
b. in Watertown Nov. 19, 1715, d. in Cam- 
bridge Mass. 1783 (m. Feb. 3, 1735 Sarah 
Smith); son of Thomas Learned, b. in 
Sherborn Mass. Feb. 11, 1681, d. in Water- 
town Dec. 22, 1729 (m. Mary Mason); son 
f)f Benoi, b. in Chelmsford Mass. Nov, 29, 
1657. d. in Sherborn Apr. 10, 1738; son of 
Isaac, b. in Bcrmondsay Surry Eng. Feb. 
25, 1623, d. in Chelmsford Mass. Nov. 27, 
1657; son of William, b. in England about 
1590, d. in Woburn Mass. Mar. i, 1646. 

Hartford Ct., b. in New York City 
Aug. 8, 1842, pres. of the Hartford mer- 
chants' exchange 1898, charity com. 1896-8, 
life member of Ct. Historical society, vice- 
pres. of the American-Irish Historical so- 
ciety 1897-8, member board of managers 
Conn. Sons of Am. Rev., member of Army 
and Navy Club of Conn, and of Colonial 
Club of Hartford, served in civil war 
cth N. Y. reg. 1861-4 (m. Sep. 10, 
1876 Mary Louise, dau. of Obadiah and 
Annie [Guelph] KnifTen, the Knififens were 
early settlers of Westchester co. N. Y, 
prior rev, war) ; son of Henry of New 
York City, b. in Sherman Ct. Dec. 9, 1797, 
d. in Brooklyn N. Y, June 13, 1884, tutor 
and prof, of the English acad, in New 
York City, instructor of youth for 35 years, 
assessor for many years and member so- 
ciety for improving the condition of the 
poor of N. Y. City (m, Apr. 24, 1829 Mary, 
dau. of Bartholomew and Hannah [For- 
syth] Smith, b. 1764, d. 1840], b. 1763, d. 
1848, desc. of Samuel and Mary [Kenyon] 
Smith, b. 1722, d. 1796], b. 1708, d. 1792, 
and 3d in desc. of Richard Smith of Lyme 
Ct., who m. Mar. 4, 1669 Bathsheba, dau, 
of James Rogers 1639 of Plymouth coliony) ; 
son of Lebbeus Swords of Milltown N. 
Y,, b. in Redding Ct, June 21, 1769, d. in 
Milltown Oct. 20, 1848, tutor in Fairfield 
Ct. for many years, well known as " Master 
Swords," removed to N. Y. 1805, and es- 
tablished in Milltown the ist woolen mill 
in southern N. Y., continuing the same 
until his death (m. May 30, 1792 Ruha- 
mah, [dau. of William and Grisel Jeacock 
Batterson] of Fairfield Ct. son of George, 
father and son served in rev. war) ; son of 
Francis Dawson Swords of Fairfield, b. in 
Maryborough Ireland 1731, d. in Fairfield 
1800, grad. Trinity coll. Dublin 1750, exiled 
from Ireland for taking up arms against 
the crown 1760, settled in Stamford Ct. 
1763, enlisted at Stamford Ct. 1775, and 
served throughout the rev. war, descend- 
ant on mother's side of the Dawson fam- 
ily, the present head being the Earl of 
Dartrey (m. 1762 Amity Graves, desc. 4th 
gen. of Rear Admiral Thomas and Kath- 



erine [Grey] Graves Charlestown Mass. 
1630, and 6th in desc. from John and 
Elinor Whitney of Watertown Mass. 
1635) ; son of William Swords of Swords 
Ireland, b. there, d. in Maryborough Ire- 
land (m. Elizabeth, dau. of Walter Dawson 
of Dawson's Grove Ireland, who m. 1672 
Frances, dau. of Richard Dawson, an offi- 
cer in Cromwell's army, Richard, bro. of 
Frances, was a baron Dawson of Gre- 
morne, title later viscount Cremorne, now 
Earl of Dartrey); son of John Swords of 
Swords, Ireland, (m. Mary, dau. of Rich- 
ard Dawson of Kilmore Ireland, sister of 
Rev. William Dawson, d. 1802, rector of 
Ematris) ; son of Cornet George Swordes, 
one of the officers serving in Ireland in 
the cause of King Charles I and Charles 
II 1649, the original name Sourdes, an- 
cestors French Huguenot patriots, ex- 
iled 1595 prior to the Edict of Nantes, 
arms, gules, a lion passant, gurdant, be- 
tween three saltires, couped or; crest, a 
dexter cubit arm holding a sword, motto, 
fortiter et Udeliter, or boldly and faithfully. 

HALL, HARRISON Jr. of Shelby N. 
C, b. in New York state Mar. 29, 
1848, d. Dec. 26, 1886 (m. Oct. 15, 1870 
Emily L,, dau. of William G. and Jane E. 
[Gasner] Tompkins and gr.-dau. of Col. 
William Ward and Charlotte [Post] 
Tompkins, she Emily had 5 ch., viz.: War- 
ren Vail, Harold Stratton, Elsie Louise, 
Mary Emilie and Charles Edwin Hall) ; 
son of Harrison Hall of Marlborough N. 
Y., b. in Clove N. Y. Mar. 27, 1814, d. in 
Marlborough N. Y. Sep. 6, 1880 (m. 
June 28, 1838 Caroline, dau. of Michael 
and Mary [Germond] Vail, on her moth- 
er's side desc. through the Peters family of 
Col. John Jackson, d. 1725, sheriff of 
Queens co.); son of Joseph Hall of Marl- 
borough, b. in Clove N. Y. Jan. 16, 1779, 
d. in Marlborough Sep. 2, 1843 (m. Eliza- 
beth Olivett, b. Apr. 13, 1782, d. in Marl- 
borough May 16, 1857, had 9 ch., viz.: 
Benson, James, Mary, Isaac, Herbert, Har- 
rison, Alonzo Burr, William Tilton and 
Rhoda Ann Hall); son of Benjamin, b. 

Dec. 16, 1740, d. in Clove N. Y. in Apr. 
1815, was in service in the revolutionary 
war (m. ist Elizabeth Skidmore, b. 1746, 
d. 1771, had 4 ch., viz.: Mary, Abigail, 
Phebe and John, m. 2d Tacy Force, b. 
Feb. 12, 1750, and had 7 ch., viz.: Eliza- 
beth, Charity, Esther, Joseph, Benjamin, 
Benoni and Samuel Young Hall) ; son of 
John of Clove, b. in R. I. May 29, 1717, d. 
in Clove, a Quaker, moved from R. I. and 
settled in Clove N. Y. 1748 (m. Ruth Rey- 
nolds, b. Dec. 28, 1717, d. in Beekman N. 
Y. in Jan. 1808, had 9 ch., viz.: Benjamin, 
Gideon [an officer in rev. war], Sarah, 
Mary, Abigail, William, Wait, Wait and 
Ruth); son of William Hall, emigrated 
from Eng. and was one of the early set- 
tlers of R. I. (had II ch., viz.: Alice, b. 
1690, William, b. 1699, Abigail, b. 1702, 
Alice, b. 1703, Sarah, b. 1704, Benoni, b. 
1710, Henry, b. 1712, Abel, b. 1714, John, 
b. 1717, Mary, b. 1719, and Samuel, b. 

Philadelphia Pa., b. in Chicago 111. 
May 6, 1864, engaged in fire insurance 
business (m. June 6, 1894 Lydia Washing- 
ton Chichester, dau. of Washington Bowie 
Chichester of Md., desc. of families Bowie, 
Mason, Beverley, Byrd, Brown, Griffith 
and Ridgeley of Md. and Va. ; son of 
William Muir of Philadelphia Pa., b. in 
Louisville Ky. July 2, 1834, in fire ins. 
business in Louisville until 1867, Saratoga 
Springs 1871, Harrisburg Pa. 1877 and 
Philadelphia since 1877, now vice-pres. of 
the Fire assoc. Phila. (m. Sep. 27, 1859 
Augusta Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. E. N. 
Sawtell, b. in Havre France, desc. of the 
Sawtells, French Huguenots, Wallingfords 
of N. H. and Eng., Van Buskirk of Hol- 
land and N. Y., Earles of Eng., Nelsons 
and Pattons of Ky., she. Augusta had 5 
ch., viz.: Maria Wurts, William Sawtell, 
Ophelia, John Wallingford and Augusta 
Elizabeth Muir) ; son of John Muir of N. 
Y., Louisville and Phila., b. in N. Y. City, 
d. in Phila. Aug. 21, 1870, lieut. in U. S. 
army in war of 1812, helped to garrison a 
fort in N. Y. harbor, and later in fire ins. 



business in Louisville Ky. (m. Maria Wade 
Wurts, dau. of Daniel Wurts) ; son of 
"William Muir of Anwoth Scotland, b. in 
Scotland about 1754, d. in Feb. 1809, came 
to U. S. from Anwoth Scotland 1774, 
served 7 years in Washington's army, bur- 
ied with his wife in old Wall st. Presby. 
church yard (m. Mary, dau. of George and 
Catherine [Von Yoe Tillou] Ritchie, and 
gr.-dau. of Vincent Tillou, all of N. Y. 
City, she Mary had son John and 4 daus.). 

Ala., b. in Penfield Ga. May 24, 1850, 
A. B., M. E. and Ph. D., prof, geology and 
botany in Ala. A. and M. coll., director 
Ala. weather service 1884-93, inventor of 
present system U. S. weather signal flags, 
director Ala. Agri. Experiment Station, 
fellow Amer. Geological society and Amer. 
A. A. S., member National Geographical 
society, author of several works on bot- 
any, geology and meterology (m. June 15, 
1875 Annie R. White, desc. of the Whites, 
Benedicts, Norths, Carters, Fitches, War- 
ings and Lounsbury families of L. I. and 
Ct., and chapter regent of Daughters of 
Amer. Rev.); son of Patrick Hues Mell 
of Athens Ga., b. in Liberty co. Ga. July 
19, 1814, d. in Athens Jan. 26, 1888, D. D., 
LL. D., distinguished as a minister, 
teacher, parliamentarian and author, chan- 
cellor Ga. univ., pres. Southern Baptist 
convention, col. in confederate army and 
author on church discipline, prayer, bap- 
tism and predestination (m. June 29, 1840 
Lurene Howard Cooper, d. in Athens Ga. 
July 6, 1861, desc. of Cooper and Connor 
families, early settlers of Scriven and Mont- 
gomery counties Ga.) ; son of Benjamin 
Mell of Liberty co., b. in New Charleston 
S. C. 1782, d. in Liberty 1828, a man of 
means, position and influence (m. Feb. 19, 
1807 Cynthia Sumner, d. 1828, desc. of 
William Sumner, who settled in Dorches- 
ter Mass. 1636, his sons Increase and Sam- 
uel settled in S. C); son of William Mell 
of S. C. and Liberty co. Ga., b. in St. 
James Goose Creek Parish S. C. about 
1755, d. in Liberty co. July 25, 1805 (m. 
about 1 781 Sarah, dau. of Patrick Hues of 

S. C, who was exiled from Ireland be- 
cause of political troubles); son of Wil- 
liam Mell of St. Paul's, Beech Hill S. C, 
b. in St. James Goose Creek Parish about 
1730, d. prob. in St. Paul's Parish Beech 
Hill before 1784 (m. about 1754); son of 
Thomas Mell of St. James Goose Creek 
Parish, born in South Carolina, died in 
St. James Goose Creek in Dec. 1759, had 
wealth and good birth (m. 1719 Mary, dau. 
of James Boswood, one of the original 
settlers of S. C); son 'of John Mell, who 
settled near Charleston S. C. in 1677, was 
one of the first settlers (m. Elizabeth). 

rence Kan., b. in Mantua Ohio Feb. 
25. 1837, removed to Kan. 1858, enlisted 
1861, served till 1865, corporal " D " co. 2d 
Kan. inf., ist lieut. " D " co. 2d Kan. cav., 
lieut.-col. 4th Ark. cav., m,aj. i8th Kan. 
cav., col. 19th Kan. cav. and member 53d 
congress (m. Sep. 16, 1864 Esther Amelia 
Harmon, dau. of Capt. Samuel Harmon, 
b. in Suffield Ct. July 30, 1808 [and Jane 
Deming of Sandisfield Mass., dau. of Jona- 
than Deming], son of Alexander Harmon, 
b. Sep. II, 1779 [and Mary Hanchett of 
Suffield Ct.], son of Deacon Samuel, b. 
May 9, 1736 [and Abiel Sheldon, m. Nov. 
II, 1762], son of Samuel, b. in Suffield Aug. 
25, 1699 [and Deborah Winchell, m. Apr. 
28, 1723], son of Nathaniel, b. Mar. 13, 
1654 [and Mary Skinner, m. Nov. 19, 
1685], son of John, son of Francis Har- 
mon, she, Esther had 4 ch., viz.: Robert 
Harmon, Jennie Elizabeth, Samuel Adams 
and Frank Horace Moore) ; son of Samuel 
Moore of Mantua Portage co. Ohio, b. in 
Southwick Mass. Nov. 24, 1792, d. in Man- 
tua Ohio Jan. 23, 1868, farmer, served in 
war of 1812, moved from Southwick to Ct. 
reserve in Northern Ohio with his father 
1806 (m. Dec. 25, 1817 Elizabeth, dau. of 
Amaziah Keyes, b. in Plymouth Mass. 
Aug. 13, 1771 [and Nancy Crafts, dau. of 
Maj. Edward Crafts, b. in Boston Oct. 12, 
1746], son of Abijah, b. Sep. 17, 1746, son 
of Oliver [and Rabecca Patterson, m. Nov. 
13, 1727], son of Thomas, b. Feb. 8, 1674 
[and Elizabeth Howe, m. Jan. 22, 1696], 



son of Elias, b. May 20, 1643 [and Sarah 
Blandford, m. Sep. 11, 1665], son of Rob- 
ert, who with his wife Sarah were at 
Watertown Mass. 1633); son of Samuel 
Moore of Mantua Ohio, b. in Simsbury 
Ct. May 24, 1764, d. in Mantua Nov. 3, 
1816, farmer in Southwick Mass., sold his 
farm 1806, moved with his family to the 
" Western Reserve " Ohio, his outfit con- 
sisted of one wagon with yoke of oxen, 
span of horses and a cow, with these he 
crossed the Hudson river at Fishkill, came 
through Carlysle and Pittsburg Pa., en- 
tered Ohio at Youngstown, and ^passed 
through Warren, which then contained but 
one frame building, at that time Northern 
Ohio was an unbroken forest (m. 1788 
Eunice, bapt. in St. Andrew's church 
Simsbury Ct. Nov. 16, 1769, dau. of Capt. 
Isaac Gillett, born March 5, 1744-5, and 
Susannah Root, m. Oct. 6, 1768, son of 
Deacon Isaac Gillett, b. May 16, 1720, and 
Honora Stevens, m. Dec. 28, 1742, son of 
Isaac, b. Aug. 2, 1693, and Elizabeth Gris- 
wold, m. Oct. 29, 1719, son of Nathan, b. 
Aug. 17, 1655, and Rebecca Owen, m. June 
30, 1692, son of Nathan Gillett, the emi- 
grant who was at Dorchester 1630, Wind- 
sor 1635 and served in the Pequot war); 
son of Joseph Moore of Simsbury Ct., b. 
there July 21, 1720, d. on " The Jersey " 
N. Y. harbor Nov. 3, 1776, lieut in a train- 
band in Southwick in the town of Sims- 
bury 1775, this was Capt. Buttolph's co., 
i8th reg. Ct. militia, the reg. commanded 
by Jonathan Pettibone arrived in N. Y. 
1776, Lieut. Moore was taken prisoner 
Aug. 2T, 1776, and d. on " The Jersey " (m. 
Mary, d. in Southwick Mass. Aug. 21, 1811, 
dau. of Thomas Stevens and Miriam, dau. 
Peter Buell, son of William Buell, the emi- 
grant) ; son of Benjamin Moore of Sims- 
bury and Windsor, b. in Windsor Ct. Dec. 
5, 1693, had a grant of land in Simsbury 
1715-16, bought real estate in Windsor 
1724, 1729 and 1743 (m. Eunice, b. West- 
field Mass. Oct. 12, 1688, d. Feb. 23, 1732, 
dau. of Nathaniel Phelps, son of George, 
the emigrant) ; son of Andrew Moore of 
Windsor Ct., d. there Nov. 29, 1719, he is 
listed in Windsor as having " Family and 

Horse " 1675, had a grant of land in the 
vicinity of Salmon Brook in Simsbury 
in 1680, deeded 50 acres of land in Sims- 
bury to his son Benjamin (m. Feb. 15, 
1671 Sarah, dau. of Samuel Phelps, son of 
William, the emigrant). 

sas City Mo., b. in Mt. Blanchard 
Ohio Aug. 8, 1858, grad. at Ohio State 
university 1879, grad. M. D. 1882, sur- 
geon National Guard 1883, resided in Kan- 
sas City since 1884, prof, obstetrics Kansas 
City Med. college, delegate to loth inter- 
national med. congress Berlin 1890 (m. 
Jan I, 1883 Ida, b. 1859, grad. A. B. Ober- 
lin coll. Ohio, dau. of Frederick George 
Beagle of Blissfield Mich., a prominent 
business man and philanthropist, and 
Catherine Beagle, and had 3 ch., viz.: Ruth, 
George Frederick and Gladys Mosher), he 
George Clark Mosher had bros. Norton 
Douglas, b. Aug. 14, 1861, d. in Feb. 188S, 
and Donald Fitch, b. Dec. 4, 1872 [m.], 
sisters Minnie, b. Oct. 28, 1863 [m. Asahel 
M. Finney], and Ellen Stanford Mosher, 
b. Mar. 20, 1869 [m.]); son of George 
Stanford Mosher of Kansas City, b. in 
Providence Ohio Aug. 9, 1836, grad. 
Shurtleft coll. Alton 111., merchant in Mt. 
Blanchard Ohio for years, auditor of Han- 
cock CO. Ohio 2 terms, and is now living 
in Kansas City (m. Sep. 6, 1857 Charlotte 
Maria Fitch, dau. of Joseph and Mary Ann 
[Hurd] Fitch, both of Ct. rev. stock); son 
of Philip Clark Mosher, b. near Lebanon 
N. Y. June 30, 1806, d. in Alton 111. Dec. 
27, 1847, was of Quaker descent, one of the 
promoters and contractors in the construc- 
tion of the Wabash and Erie canal 1835, 
associated with Gen. James B. Steedman 
and Lt.-Gov. James Myers of Ohio, and 
with them operated a line of packet boats 
on the canal subsequent to its completion 
(m. Sep. 24, 1833 Ellen, b. Feb. 22, 1813, 
d. Sep. 12, 1878, dau. of James Stanford of 
N. Ireland, was in war 1812, and Polly 
[Johnstone] Stanford of N. Ireland); son 
of Abial Mosher (m. Ruth Anthony) ; son 
of Barnabas Mosher, b. 1781 (m. Ruth 
Ryder); son of Barnabas, b. Dec. 21, 1720 



(m. Aug. II, 1744 Bethiah Walker); son of 
Joseph, b. 7692 (m. Sep. 23, 1718 Mehitabel 
Smith) ; son of Nicholas ; son of 

Hugh, came over from Eng. in the ship 
" Jane " 1632. 

View N. Y., b. in New York City 
Aug. 15, 1862, B. A. Hobart 1884, counsel- 
lor at law BuiTalo N. Y. 1887 (m. Oct. 20, 
1886 Gertrude Virginia Sharp, dau. of 
Thomas Sharp and Gertrude Elizabeth 
Marsh, gt.-gr.-dau. of Col. Joseph Marsh 
of Phil., she, Gertrude had son Albert 
James Myer, b. Sep. 12, 1888), had bro. 
Walden Myer of Washington D. C, b. in 
Lake View N. Y. Mar. 17, 1866, grad. B. 
A. Harvard and at Oxford; sons of Albert 
James Myer of Washington D. C, b. in 
Newburgh N. Y. Sep. 20, 1827, d. in Buf- 
falo N. Y. Aug. 24, 1880, brigadier-gen. 
and chief signal officer U. S. A., M. D., 
LL. D., Ph. D. (m. Aug. 24, 1857 Cathe- 
rine, dau. of Judge Ebenezer and Susan 
[Marvin] Walden, desc. of Reinold Mar- 
ian, original settler of Hartford Ct., and 
of Thomas Munson, an early settler of 
New Haven Ct.); son of Henry Beekman 
Myer of Newburgh N. Y. and Buffalo N. 
Y., b. in N. Y. Jan. 6, 1795, d. in Chicago 
111. 1882 (m. Nov. 6, 1818 Elinor Pope Mc- 
Clanahan, dau. of Robert and Elinor 
[Baird] McCIanahan of Hudson N. Y. and 
Scotland) ; son of Simon Johnson Myer of 
Dutchess CO. N. Y., b. in N. Y. City Dec. 
I. 1749, d. in Red Hook N. J. July 5, 1821, 
1st lieut. in Capt. John Collins' co. reg. 
associated exempts Dutchess co. (m. Aug. 
28, 1774 Cornelia, dau. of Thomas Thorn 
and Catherine Livingston, dau. 01 Gilbert 
Livingston and Cornelia Beekman and 
gr.-dau. of Robert Livingston, ist lord of 
the manor, and Col. Henry Beekman, and 
gt.-gr.-dau. of Philip Pieterse Schuyler); 
son of Andrew Myer of New York City, 
b, there (m, Susanna, dau. of John Mc- 
Phaedris and Helena Johnson, sister of 
Simon Johnson, recorder of N. Y.); son 
of Andrew of New York City, b. there, 
bapt. Nov. 24, 1686, d. 1767 (m. Feb. 23, 
1708 Gertze, dau. of Laurens of New Am- 

sterdam and Aeltze Jans Hendrickse [Van 
Bommel] Wessels) ; son of Andries Jan- 
sen Meyer of New Amsterdam, b. in Am- 
sterdam Holland (m. Nov. 5, 1671 Vroutje 
Idens Van Vorst, dau. of Ide Corneliszen 
Van Vorst [and Hilletje Jans] of Ahasi- 
mess, now part of Jersey City, and is said 
to have been the ist white male child born 
and married in New Netherlands) ; son of 
Jan Dircksen Meyer of New Amsterdam, 
who came from Amsterdam with his 
wife Tryntje Andriesse Grevenraet prior to 
1652, their names are recorded in the list of 
old members of the Dutch church. 

peka Kan., b. there Mar. i, 1875, edu- 
cated at Topeka H. S. and Midland coll. 
Atchison Kan., served during the World's 
Fair at Chicago as one of the Columbian 
guards dept. of admission, adm. to bar 
1898 and a member of Lutheran church 
Topeka (unmarried) ; son of DeWitt C. 
Nellis of Topeka, b. in Palatine Bridge N. 
Y. Jan. 2, 1849, a lawyer by profession, 
prosecuting attorney for Ellis co. Kan. 8 
years, served as judge of district court 17th 
judicial district of Kan. i term, and is 
member of Lutheran church Topeka (m. 
Mar. 4, 1874 Emma Virginia McAfee, dau. 
of J. B. McAfee M. A., Lutheran clergy- 
man by profession, served in union army 
as chaplain during rebellion, lieut., capt., 
supt. of refugees at Fort Smith, afterward 
adjt.-gen. of Kan. and member of Kan. 
legislature, is of Scotch-Irish descent 
1790); son of James Nellis of Palatine 
Bridge N. Y., b. in Fairfield N. Y. Apr. 2, 
1816, d. in Palatine Bridge Feb. 24, 1888, 
farmer and a life-long member of Lutheran 
church (m. Jan. 25, 1842 Mary Magdalene 
Wert, her ancestors were farmers and Ger- 
man Lutherans); son of Peter Philip 
Nellis of Herkimer and Montgomery 
counties N. Y., b. near Palatine Church N. 
Y. Sep. 17, 1783, d. near Palatine Bridge N. 
Y. Nov. II, 1872, farmer, bapt. and con- 
firmed in Lutheran church (m. Jan. 25, 
1806 Margaret Spraker, gr.-dau. of George 
Spraker, who came from Germany 1740, 
Tst to N. Y. City and afterwards to Sprak- 



ers N, Y. in Mohawk valley) ; son of 
Philip of Palatine Church N. Y., b. there 
Dec. I, 1746, d. in Fairfield N. Y. in Nov. 
1818, served 7 years in continental army 
during the rev. war, was in Capt. Zieley's 
CO. and Col. Klock's reg. Palatines of 
Tryon co. militia, wounded in battle of 
Oriskany, his name is on Oriskany monu- 
ment, bapt. in Palatine church and a Lu- 
theran (m. 1770 Elizabeth Dietz, Scho- 
harie, Palatine, German, member of Dutch 
Reformed church) ; son of Andrew Nellis 
of Palatine Church, b. in Schoharie N. Y. 
1715, d. near Palatine Church 1779, one of 
the principal founders of Palatine Church, 
the oldest church in Mohawk valley, a far- 
mer, bapt. and confirmed by Lutheran pas- 
tor in Schoharie N. Y. (m. 1735 Catharine 
Fox, German, Palatine); son of William, 
one of the Palatine immigrants iwho landed 
in N. Y. harbor 1710. 

of Chicago 111., b. in Readsboro Vt. 
Mar. 15, 1851, came to Chicago with his 
father 1853, pres. Pioneer Fire-proof Con- 
struction CO. for manufacture and sale of 
fire-proofing tile used in fire-proof build- 
ings, pres. of M'oulton-Starrett co., in 
business of general building contract- 
ing, pres. Knights Templars and Masons' 
Life Indemnity co., co-operative assess- 
ment insurance, and col. 26. reg. infantry 
111. national guard (m. Mar. 12, 1873 Flora 
A. Garland, dau. of Seth and Martha A. 
[Ware] Garland, m. Nov. 24, 1849, and 
moved to Burlington 1855, she Flora had 
2 ch., viz.: Edith May, b. in Winona Me. 
Aug. 31, 1874, and Arthur Garland Moul- 
ton, b. in Chicago Feb. 15, 1876) ; son of 
Joseph Tilton Moulton of Chicago 111., b. 
in Gilford N. H. Aug. 27, 1826, d. in Chi- 
cago Aug. 30, 1896, came to Chicago 1853 
and lived there until death, was the senior 
member of the firm of J. T. Moulton and 
Son, grain elevator, architects and con- 
tractors (m. 1st Apr. 12, 1846 Jane Maria 
Babcock, dau. of Hugh Babcock, b. July 
18, 1798, d. in Ley den Feb. 11, 1854, and 
Sarah [Stone] Babcock, b. Oct. 15, 1797, 
d. in Waterville Me. in Feb. 1890, they 

were m. Sep. 21, 1820, 2d Oct. 8, 1853 Sarah 
Patch); son of Jacob Tilton Moulton of 
Chichester N. H., b. in Hampton N. H. 
Jan. 18, 1800, d. in Danvers Mass. July 2, 
1880, farmer, lived in Hampton, Gilford, 
Thornton and Chichester N. H. (m. Jan. 
30, 1823 Betsy Sanborn, dau. of Jeremiah 
Sanborn of Chichester, b. Fe'b. 11, 1773, and 
Martha [Lake] Sanborn of Chichester, b. 
Mar. 21, 1773); son of Jacob Smith Moul- 
ton of Hampton N. H., b. there May 3, 
1770, d. there Feb. 26, 1843 (m. July 13, 
1794 Nancy, dau. of Caleb Tilton, b. Jan. 

12, 1742, d. July II, 1815, and Nancy 
[Prescott] Tilton, b. July 22, 1746, d. Nov. 

13, 1814, they were m. May 16, 1765); son 
of Jonathan of Hampton N. H., b. there 
June 30, 1726, d. there Sep. 18, 1787, col. 
3d N. H. reg. of continental troops during 
rev. war and afterwards brig.-gen. of mili- 
tia (m. Feb. 22, 1749 Abigail, dau. of Ben- 
jamin and Mary [Hobbs] Smith, who were 
m. Mar. 23, 1727); son of Jacob Moulton 
of Hampton, b. there June 21, 1688, d. there 
Mar. 7, 1751 (m. Dec. 10, 1714 Sarah, dau. 
of John and Rebecca [Marston] Smith, 
who were m. Aug. 23, 1676). 

NEWELL, HIRAM of Saratoga Springs 
N. Y., b. in Burke Vt. July 21, 1815, 
moved to western New York state 1852, 
elected from Erie co. 1859 to the N. Y. 
legislature of i860, served i term, custom 
house officer from Erie co. 1861-65, moved 
to Saratoga Springs 1872, merchant, re- 
tired from business 1886 (m. Apr. 22, 1840 
Phebe T. Bush, dau. of Lemuel Ter Bush, 
b. in Nine Partners N. Y. Feb. 15, 1770, 
and had 4 ch., viz.: John Augustus, George 
R., Lillian S. and Alice R. Newell, who d. 
Saratoga Spr. Apr. 18, 1882 [m. H. T. 
Johnson]); son of Rufus of Burke Vt., 
Jay N. Y. and Canton N. Y., b. Tinm>outh 
Vt. June 8, 1784, d. in Little Falls N. Y. 
Feb. 15, 1875, farmer, held town offi- 
ces of trust (m. 1st Dec. 5, 1805 Rebekah 
Beckwith, had i child, m. 2d Dec. 27, 1812 
Betsey, b. 1789, dau. of Ira Beckwith, b. 
1760, d. Jan. 7, 1828 [and Hannah Whee- 
loick], a farmer, desc. of Sir Here. De 
Malebisse, had 7 ch., 3d Mrs. Tamiser 



Stratton Oct. 9, 1853); son of Daniel 
Newell of Tinmouth Vt., Burke Vt., Farm- 
ington Ct. and Barkhampsted Ct., b. in 
Farmington Ct. Sep. 16, 1755, d. in Burke 
Vt. Dec. 22, 1824, rev. soldier, enlisted at 
Farmington Ct., served at Tinmouth Vt. 
several terms, capt. of the artillery militia 
CO., and filled places of public trust in 
Burke (m. Sep. 17, 1778 Nancy, b. Feb. 
17, 1762, d. 1844 in Burke Vt., dau. of Peter 
Curtis of Farmington Ct., and had 11 ch., 
2 b. in Farmington, 3 in Tinmouth Vt. and 
the others in Burke) ; son of Daniel New- 
ell of Farmington Ct., b. there Feb. 20, 
1719 (had 2 ch., Capt. Daniel Newell and 
Mrs. Annie Barce of Middletown Vt. 
1838); son of Thomas of Farmington Ct., 
b. probably there Mar. i. 1690 (m. July 9, 
1713 Mary, b. Mar. 15 1690, dau. of John 
and Mary [Judd] Lee); son of Samuel 
of Farmington, bp. there Dec. 5, 1660, d. 
Feb. 15, 1753, member of Farmington 
church, and held military rank of ensign 
(m. Dec. 30, 1683 Mary, d. Apr. 5, 1752, 
dau. of Thomas Hart, b. 1643, who married 
Ruth Hawkins, dau. of Anthony Hawkins, 
who came from Eng., and gr.-dau. of 
Peter Brown, who came from Eng. in the 
ship " Mayflower " 1630) ; son of Thomas 
Newell, came from Hertfordshire Eng., 
and was the ist Newell to settle in Farm- 
ington Ct. (m. Rebeckah Olmstead). 

Bristol Ct., b. in Guilford Ct. Mar. 
24. 1873, studied pharmacy, clerk in S. A. 
Richards' pharm,acy for several years, re- 
moved to Bristol 1897, editor of '' The 
Guilford Echo " 5 years, correspondent for 
many newspapers, published " History of 
Faulkner's Island," " Annals of Local His- 
tory," " The Connecticut Constitution," 
" The Day of Ruin," " Governors of Ct.." 
" Ct. Historians " and " Life of Henry 
Barnard " in Ct. " Quarterly," is manager 
Merriman Bros.' pharmacy (m. Oct. 21, 
1896 Melvina Carpenter Baldwin, b. in 
Branford Ct. Mar. 10, 1874, grad. Guilford 
H. S. 1892 and Normal school in New 
Britain Ct. 1894, a teacher before marriage, 
desc. of one of the ist settlers of Milford 

and dau. John Underhill and Mary [Kelsey] 
Baldwin); son of John Caldwell Norton 
of Guilford, b. there Apr. 20, 1834, d. there 
Jan. 14, 1894, a master mechanic, having 
charge of Fowler and Colburn's fish-oil fac- 
tory in Guilford for number of years, after- 
wards a contractor and builder in his 
native town (m. Dec. 2, 1871 Josephine 
Bailey, b. June 20, 1852 in Utica N. Y., 
dau. of Frederick Bailey and Catherine 
Van HufT, who belonged to an old N. Y. 
Dutch family, removed to Ct. i860) ; son 
of Calvin of Guilford, b. in North Madi- 
son June II, 1805, d. in Guilford Aug. 12, 
1890, farmer (m. Sep. 23, 1830 Charlotte B. 
Morse, b. Feb. 5, 1806, d. Feb. 3, 1883); 
son of Anson of Madison Ct., b. in Nov, 
1764, d. Dec. 4, 1822, farmer (m. Sylvia 
Field, b. Mar. 21, 1779, d. Mar. 5, 1812, dau. 
of Joshua Field and widow Submit Col- 
lins nee Field, dau. of Zecariah [and Anna 
Seward Field], son of Ebenezer Field 
[and Mary Dudley], son of Zechariah 
Field [and Sarah Webb], son Zechariah 
Field [and Mary], son of Joshua, son ot 
Samuel Field [and Bethiah Johnson of 
Norwich], son of Ebenezer and Mary 
[Dudley] Field); son of John Norton of 
Durham-Killingworth, b. Feb. 16, 1715, 
faimer (m. 1742 Mary Griswold, b. June 
23, 1723, dau. of Samuel Griswold [and 
Mary Francis of Wethersfield], son of 
Thomas [and Mary], son of Michael [and 
Ann of Wethersfield], b. in Kenilworth 
Warwickshire Eng.); son of John Norton 
of Durham 1715, b. prob. there Oct. 8, 
1686, d. 1768, prob. a farmer (m. Eliza- 
beth) ; son of Thomas of Saybrook and 
Durham, b. 1626, d. 1712 (m. May 8, 1661 
Elizabeth Mason, d. Jan. 31, 1699). 

Mass. and Belfast Me., b. in Belfast 
June 24, 1839, lawyer and member of sev- 
eral societies (unmarried) ; son of Samuel 
of Belfast, b. in Wiscasset Me. May 25, 
1805, d. in Belfast Oct. 19, 1884 (m. Dec. 
27, 1832 Eliza M. Nickerson, b. July 12, 
1812, d. Mar. 16, 1889, dau. of Salathiel 
Nickerson [and Martha R. McClure], son 
of Salathiel of Chatham Mass., desc. of 



William Nickerson, desc. of Elder William 
Brewster, Gov, Prence, Rev. John Mayo, 
1st pastor of 2d church, associate judge 
and Lieut. Jonathan Sparrow, Stephen 
Hopkins of the " Mayflower," Martha R. 
McClure, dau. of Capt. James McClure of 
rev. army Bunkerhill, his father also was 
in rev. war, and Mary Nesmith o^f London- 
derry) ; son of David Otis of Wiscas- 
set and Alna Me., b. in Bristol Me. Oct. 
22, 1766, d. in Alna Jan, 22, 1849 (m. June 
6, 1799 Jane, dau. of Col. Samuel [and 
Frances Fletcher Boyd] of Bristol, b, Sep. 
25, 1773, d. Sep. 24, 1838); son of Samuel 
Otis of Bristol Me., b. in Yarmouth Mass. 
1729, d. in Bristol 1805 (m. Patience Sher- 
man, prob. dau. of Ebenezer Sherman 
[and Wait Barker, dau. of William Barker 
of R. L] of Dartmouth Mass., b. May 6th, 
8th or 9th, 1735); son of John Otis (m. 
Dec. 19, 1717 Dorothy, dau. of Hosea 
Joyce of Yarmouth Mass. and Elizabeth 
Chipman, b. June 24, 1647, dau. of Ruling 
Elder John Chipman and Hope Howland, 
dau. of John Howland of the " May- 

Detroit Mich., b. in Sacketts Harbor 
N. Y. Nov. 28, 1821 (m. Sep. 6, 1853 Eliza- 
beth Jane Maxwell, English descent, had 
5 ch., viz.: Charles Frederick Maxwell, 
Julia, Arthur Maxwell, Justine House and 
Edward Horatio Parker); son of John 
Goldsboro Parker of Hamilton Ont. and 
Rochester N. Y., b. in Winchester N. H. 
May 14, 1794, d. in Rochester N. Y. June 
24, 1875 (ni. Jan. 12, 1817 Jane Carson 
Turpin, desc. of Huguenot family who fled 
from France in the i6th century and settled 
in Ireland) ; son of Ezra of Winchester N. 
H., b. there Apr. 17, 1770, d. there May 5, 
1843, lieut.-col. commandant 6th reg. mili- 
tia of N. H. 1811-1793 (m. Aug. 7, 1793 
Caroline Goldsboro of a Mass. family of 
English ancestry) ; son of Ezra Parker of 
Weston Mass. and Winchester, b. in Wes- 
ton June 13, 1731, d. in Winchester Mar. 
II, 1810 (m. 1755 Sarah Pratt); son of 
John of Weston, b. there Aug, 17, 1687, d. 
there 1762 (m. Sarah Bent); son of John 

of Weston, b. and d. there (m. Mary) ; son 
of John Parker, b. 1612, d. 1686, settled in 
Weston 1650. 

Washington D. C, b. in Skaneateles 
N. Y. Oct. I, 1873, ofUcer U. S. navy, 
educated at St. Paul's school Concord N. 
H., Troy Polytechnic institute and U. S. 
Naval academy (unmarried) ; son of 
Charles Henry Poor of Washington D. 
C, b. in Norfolk Navy Yard Va. Mar. 24, 
1844, ofBcer in U. S. navy during civil war, 
member of Loyal Legion (m. Sep. 22, 1871 
Cornelia Tyler Longstreet, dau. of C. T. 
Longstreet of Syracuse N. Y., gt.-gr.-dau. 
of Col. Comfort Tyler, who built the ist 
road west of Rome N. Y., a member of 
legislature, ist sheriff of Onondaga co. and 
commissary gen. of the army of 1812, she, 
Cornelia desc. of Piatt, Treadwell and Red- 
field families) ; son of Charles Henry Poor 
of Washington D. C, b. in Cambridge 
Mass. June 9, 1808, d. in Washington Nov. 
5, 1882, entered U. S. navy as midshipman 
1823, served throughout the Mexican and 
civil wars, retired as rear admiral 1870 (m. 
May 13 Mattie Lindsay Starke, desc. of the 
distinguished Starke, Lindsay, Boiling, 
Daingerfield, Fox and Cocke families of 
Va. and gr.-dau. of Lt.-Col. William Lind- 
say of Lee's Legion 1777-80); son of 
Moses Poor of Baltimore Md,, b. in 
Hampstead N. H. Aug, 26, 1774, d, in 
Washington D. C. Oct, 14, 1852, merchant 
of Baltimore (m. Nov. 26, 1801 Charlotte 
White of the White and Lucas families of 
New England and direct desc. of Thomas 
White of Weymouth 1648); son of Eli- 
phalet Poor of Hampstead and Danbarton 
N. H., b. in Rowley Mass. Mar. 18, 1746 or 
7, d. in Hopkinton N. H. Oct. 19, 1827, a 
rev. soldier in the N. H. troops during 
Saratoga campaign (m. May 8, 1769 Eliza- 
beth Little of the well-known N. E. family, 
dau. of Samuel Little, member of the pro- 
vincial congress at Exeter 1775-6 and a 
distinguished patriot, and gt. -gt.-gr.-dau. 
of Alice Poor, sister of John, b. 1615, d. 
1684) ; son of Samuel of Rowley Mass., b. 
in Newbury Mass. Apr. 28, 1706, d. in 



Rowley Sep. 21, 1748 (m. Nov. 10, 1730 
Elizabeth Searl) ; son of Henry of New- 
bury, b. there Dec. 13, 1650, d. in Rowley 
1740, a soldier of Mass. in King Philip's 
war 1675-6 (m. Sep. 12, 1679 Abagail Hale, 
dau. of Thomas and Mary [Hutchinson] 
Hale, who were b. in Eng. and came to 
Salem Mass. when children) ; son of John 
Poor of Newbury Mass., b. in Wiltshire 
Eng. 1615, d. in Newbury Mass. Nov. 21, 
1684, came to Newbury from Wiltshire 
about 1635, built a house on the Neck 
which is still standing and in possession of 
the family (m. Sarah). 

of Ogdensburg N. Y., b. in East 
Washington N. H. Mar. 26, 1837, d. in 
Lakewood N. J. Nov. 19, 1897, manager 
of the extensive lumber firm of Skillings, 
Whitney and Barnes for many years, 
mayor of the city 7 years, pres. of St. Law- 
rence State hospital, and held many other 
responsible positions in city, state and 
church (m. Feb. 12, 1861 Dolly Paulina, 
dau. of Rev. Joel Manning Howard, son of 
Calvin, son of Benjamiin Hayward, one of 
the early settlers of Vt., she, Dolly had 5 
eh., viz.: William H., Lawrence M., Mary 
I., Nancy G. .and Mabel J. Procttor) ; son 
of Israel of East Washington, b. there 
Mar. 25, 1809, d. in Ogdensburg N. Y. 
Apr. 19, 1888, farmer (m. June 3, 1835 
Mary Barnes, her father Eber Barnes, son 
of Asa, and her mother Mary Adams, dau. 
of Gideon Adams, ist merchant in Hen- 
niker N. H., son of Aaron Adams, one of 
the 1st settlers of Henniker and an officer 
in the rev. army, she. Mary had 10 ch.); son 
of Israel Proctor of East Washington N. 
H., b. in Chelmsford Mass. Jan. 30, 1774, 
d. in East Washington Mar. 13, 1839, 
farmer (m. Mar. 7, 1798 Lydia Reed, her 
father William Reid, b. in Lexington 
Mass., served in rev. war in battles of Lex- 
ington and Bunker Hill, her mother Eliza- 
beth Davis, desc. of Dolar Davis, cousin 
Capt. Isaac Davis of rev. fame, who fell at 
Concord Bridge 1775. she, Lydia had 10 
ch., 4 sons and 6 daus.); son of William 
Proctor of East Washington, b. in Chelms- 

ford Mass. Feb. 20, 1748, d. in East Wash- 
ington Feb. 19, 1846, farmer, came to East 
Washington by marked trees, served in 
rev. war under Capt. Jonathan Brockway 
(m. May 11, 1769 Mary, d. 1845, dau. of 
Oliver Proctor, desc. of Robert Proctor, 
one of the ist settlers of Concord and 
Chelmsford Mass., her mother Mary, dau. 
of Aaron Parker of Chelmsford, desc. of 
Abraham Parker); son of Israel Proctor 
of Chelmsford, b. there Oct. 4, 1708, d. 
June 15, 1755 (m. Sep. 18, 1735 Sarah Ray- 
mond) ; son of Gershom of Chelmsford, b. 
in Concord Mass. May 13, 1648, d. in 
Chelmsford Nov. 8, 1714, served in King 
Philip's war under Maj. Willard 1675 (m, 
July 4, 1690 Sarah Whitacre) ; son of 
Robert Proctor, made a freeman in Con- 
cord Mass. 1643 (m. Dec. 31, 1645 Jane 
Hildrith, eldest dau. of Richard of Cam- 
bridge 1654, one of the grantees of Chelms- 
ford, settled there the same year, his house 
was a garrison during the Indian wars 
I 691-2). 

New York City, b. in Bridgeville N. 
Y. Nov. 20, 1870, civil engineer, grad. 
Union coll. 1894 (unmarried); son of 
Charles Haight Reynolds of Highland N. 
Y., b. in Monticello N. Y. Feb. 2.2, 1842, a 
Methodist clergyman (m. Feb. 21, 1867 
Sarah Frances Van Inwegen, b. in Monti- 
cello and is of Dutch descent, her, parents 
were born in Port Jervis, where their par- 
ents also lived, mention is made of the 
Van Inwegen family in the Hist, of Deer- 
park) ; son of William Harvey Reynolds 
of Monticello N. Y., b. dn Platteville N. Y. 
Sep. 20, 1810, d. in Liberty N. Y. Oct. 28, 
1886, carpenter, lived on a farm for many 
years, temperance man and a highly re- 
spected citizen (m. Aug. 9, 1838 Ellen M. 
Walsh, dau. of Asa Walsh of Holland 
Dutch descent and Abigail Ellsworth of 
Vt.); son of Daniel of Monticello N. Y., 
b. in White Plains N. Y. Feb. 18, 1776, d. 
in Liberty N. Y. June 2^, 1838, teacher (m. 
May 28, 1803 Bilicha Jones, her parents 
lived in White co. N. Y.); son of Silas 
Reynolds of Monroe N. Y., served in rev. 



war with bros. William, David and Clau- 
dius (m. Sally Thorpe); son of Daniel of 
Orange co. 

XV Hartford Ct., b. in New Hartford Ct. 
Oct. 20, 1850 (m. Oct. 15, 1887 Mrs. Clara 
V. Dole, dau. of Samuel and Ann [Parr] 
Blasdale, formerly of Chard Somersetshire 
Eng. and later of Chicopee Mass., she 
Clara had by ist husband 2 ch., viz.: Fred- 
erick Joseph Dole and Nellie F. Dole 
[m. Miles B. Preston, mayor of Hartford 
1896]); son of Henry Richards of Pine 
Meadow Ct., b. in New Hartford Ct. Sep. 
12, 1824, one of the leading mechanics of 
New Britain Ct. for over 30 years, con- 
nected with the Stanley Rule and Level 
CO., and is author of many inventions (m. 
Oct. 26, 1847 Maria S., dau. of Dr. John 
Whiting of New Hartford, desc. of Wil- 
liam Whiting, merchant of Hartford and 
treasurer of the colony 1641); son of 
Marquis Richards of New Hartford Ct., 
b. there Oct. 19, 1793, d. there May 13, 1867 
(m. Feb. 5, 1822 Polly Carpenter, dau. of 
Wm. Carpenter and Elsie Dexter of Provi- 
dence R. I.); son of Aaron of New Hart- 
ford, b. in Newington Ct. May 20, 1749, d. 
in New Hartford Jan. 29, 1831, prosperous 
farmer, capt. of militia (m. ist 1778 Dorcas 
Adams, d. Oct. 5, 1794, 2d Polly Dicken- 
son) ; son of Samuel of Farmington Ct., 
Newington and New Hartford, b. in Hart- 
ford Oct. 22, 1726, d. in Plainville Nov. 10, 
1793^ physician, served as assistant to a 
physician in the expedition to Cape Breton 
1745 (m. in Dec. 1747 Lydia Buck, sup- 
posed to be of Scotch ancestry, her parents 
died in Newington Ct.) ; son of Thomas 
of Southard Division, now Southington 
Ct., b. in Farmington Apr. 3, 1694, d. prob. 
in Wethersfield, now Newington Ct. (m. 
June 16, T717 Abigail Turner of Hartford); 
son of Thomas Richards of Hartford Ct., 
b. 1666. d. in Hartford Apr. 9, 1749, deacon 
of the Hartford church (m. Mary, dau. of 
Deacon Benjamin Parsons of Springfield 
Mass.); son of John Richards of Hartford, 
b. 1631, d. after July 12, 1712 (m. Lydia 
Stocking, dau. of George [and Agnes] 

Stocking, b. in Eng., and was one of the 
1st settlers of Hartford); son of Thomas, 
who settled in Hartford about 1637, his 
name was included in the assignment of 
house lots to the original settlers about 

-^^ Brooklyn N. Y., b. on the plantation 
of Alex; Montgomery in Hinds co. Miss. 
Nov. 12, 1854 (m. Apr. 22, 1878 Anna El- 
vine, dau. of James E. Haydon of Roches- 
ter N. Y. and had 7 ch , viz: Haydon, b. 
Jan. 23, 1879, Caroline Louise, b. Oct 26, 
1880, d. Nov. 16, 1880, Thomas Afifordby, 
b. Mar. 5, 1882, John Comyn, b. Dec. 13, 
1883, Edward Fortescue, b. Nov. i, 1885, 
William, b. Dec. 4, 1886, d. Dec. 6, 18S6, 
and Katherine Rochester, b. Oct. 25, 1887); 
son of John Henry Rochester of Roches- 
ter N. Y., b. there Apr. 20, 1828 (m. Jan. 
17, 1853, Elizabeth Lawson Moore, dau. of 
George Moore of Vicksburgh Miss, whose 
mother was a Rochester of the Ky. branch 
of the family, desc. of John Rochester) ; 
son of Thomas Hart Rochester of Roch- 
ester N. Y., b. in Hagerstown Md. Sep. 
23, 1797, d. in Rochester Oct. 6, 1874 (m. 
Sep. 26, 1822 Phoebe Elizabeth, dau. of 
Fortuscue Cuming, officer of English 
Dragoons during rev. war) ; son of 
Nathaniel, b. Feb. 21, 1752, d. in Roch- 
ester May 17, 183 1 (m. Apr. 20, 1788 
Sophia, dau. of Col. William Beaty of 
Frederick Md.) ; son of John Rochester 
of Westmoreland co. Va., b. there about 
1708, d. there in Nov. 1754 (m. Hester, 
dau. of William Shrift of Richm'ond co. 
Va.); son of William Rochester of West- 
moreland CO., b. in Kent co. Eng. about 
1680, d. in Westmoreland co. in Oct. 1750 
(m. Frances McKinney, widow of William 

Kansas City Mo., b. in Carthage 111. 
Nov. 5, 1866 (m. June 27, 1889 Ellen, dau. 
of Hiram Ferris [and Julia E. Holton], 
son of Stephen, son of Israel Ferris, and 
had 3 ch., viz.: Miriam, Harriet and Hiram 
F. Scofield, bad bros. Glenni W., Frank 



and Edward B., sisters Hattie [Scofield] 
Cromer and Julia [Scofield] McKemey) ; 
sons of Bryant Timothy Scofield of Car- 
thage, b. in Dewittville N. Y. Oct. 23, 
1826, d. in Carthage Mar. 19, 1881 (m. 
Sep. II, 1848 Sarah A., dau. of William 
and Loe Rebecca [Hamilton] Collins and 
gr.-dau. of William Collins and Gad Ham- 
ilton), had bros. Seely, Glenni William, 
Darius, Jonathan F. and Charles R., sisters 
Louise [Scofield] Davis and Mary A.; 
son of Darius of Chautauqua co. N. Y., 
b. in Stamford Ct. Dec. 27, 1788, d. in De- 
wittville N. Y. Mar. 18, 1862 (m. Apr. 17, 
1808 Sally Glenny, b. in Newry Ireland 
Apr. 21, 1788, d. Dec. 17, i860), had bro. 
Alpheus, sisters Anne, Rosanna, Cyrena 
and Belinda; sons of Seely Scofield of Ct. 
and N. Y., b. in Stamford Ct. July 22, 1758, 
d. in Dewittville N. Y. June 15, 1843, en- 
listed in rev. army at 18 years of age, serv- 
ing 6 years, 6 months and 8 days (m. Han- 
nah Crissy). 

SCOTT, JOHN M. of Nevada Iowa, b. 
in Boston Mass. Oct. 21, 1877, printer, 
author of " Hugh Scott and his Descend- 
ants, 1670-1895;" son of Rev, Ben B. 
Scott, b. in Owingsville Ky. Aug. 26, 1851, 
d. in Khamgoan India Nov. 2, 1886, went 
to India as a missionary, labored in Bos- 
ton, Williamstown Mass. and in the west 
(m. Aug. 17, 1874 Emma J. Truesdell of a 
New York family, removing to Iowa when 
a child) ; son of John Scott of Nevada 
Iowa, b. in Jefferson co. Ohio Apr. 14, 
1824, a soldier in war with Mexico, col. in 
civil war, senator and lieut.-gov. in Iowa, 
active in promoting the industrial and pub- 
lic interests of Iowa, his medallion is on 
the state soldiers' monument (m. Jan. 18, 
1849 Selina A. Bell, dau. of Archibald Bell, 
a Scotchman, and Pamelia Millspaugh of 
Orange co. N. Y., desc. of an old Knicker- 
bocker family); son of John Scott of Jef- 
ferson CO. Ohio, b. in Washington co. Pa. 
Sep. 29. 1798. d. in Richmond Ohio June 
30, 1864. Presbyterian, inherited the 
Scotch-Irish characteristics that distin- 
guish so many members of that race (m. 
Apr. 3, 1821 Eliza, dau. of John Skelley 

[and Margaret Simerall] of Irish parent- 
age); son of Alexander of Washington 
CO. Pa., b. in Peach Bottom Pa. Dec. 26, 
1763, d. in Wartinsburg Ohio Dec. 23, 
1848, Presbyterian, a man of strong physi- 
cal and mental force (m. Nov. 18, 1790 
Rachel, dau. of Hon. John McDowell 
[and Anges Bradford, sister of David 
Bradford, leader in the " Whiskey Rebel- 
lion " 1794], judge, noted for his strength 
of character and many virtues) ; son of 
Josiah Scott of Washington Pa., b. in 
Chester co. Pa. 1735, d. in Washington co. 
Feb. 20, 1819, his sister Rebecca married 
James Agnew, from whom are many 
strong descendants, among them the fa- 
mous surgeon Dr. Hayes Agnew of Phila- 
delphia (m. 1760 Violet, dau. of Aleander 
Foster, a Scotch-Irish immigrant and an- 
cestor of many who have achieved promi- 
nence in public affairs, among them 
Stephen C. Foster, author of many popu- 
lar songs and airs) ; son of Abraham 
Scott, b. in Chester co. Pa.; son of Hugh, 
who emigrated from Ulster to Pa. about 

N. Y., b. in Aurelius N. Y. May 12, 
1833, moved to Auburn with his mother 
1844, 1st employment was with Henry 
Ivison in book business, entered the sad- 
dlery and carriage establishment of Hay- 
den and Letchworth 1852, afterwards a 
member of the firm, known as Hayden and 
Smith, contractors in Auburn state prison, 
prominent in charitable and educational 
work (m. June 4, 1856 Charlotte Thomp- 
son Letchworth of Quaker parentage, dau. 
of Josiah Letchworth of Burlington N. J., 
son of William, son of John and Diana 
Letchworth, who came to Philadelphia 
from Eng., she, Charlotte had 3 ch., viz.: 
Eleanor Letchworth, Florence and Letch- 
worth Smith, grad. Yale coll. 1894) ; son of 
William Clark Smith of Milton N. Y. 
and Aurelius N. Y., b. in Milton Feb. 20, 
1 791, d. in Aurelius July 3, 1843, moved 
from Ulster co. to Cayuga co. about 1830, 
purchased a small farm near Cayuga N. 



Y,, and worked with his uncle Jehial Clark, 
building boats on Cayuga lake (m. Feb. 
29, 1812 Aner, dau. of Cornelius Lewis, 
son of Cornelius Lewis of the 4th Ulster 
reg. of rev., son of Micajah Lewis, Aner 
Lewis saw the city hall N. Y. illuminated 
when the war with England ended 1815 
and saw Fulton's steamboat on its ist trip 
up the river to Albany, she Aner had 8 
ch., 4 boys and 4 girls, her son J. Wesley 
Smith was deputy sec. of N. Y. state 
1862-3 and one of the editors of Albany 
Argus with Cassidy and Dan. Manning) ; 
son of Jehiel Clark Smith of Milton N. 
Y., b. there Oct. 27, 1766, d. there July 31, 
1802, owned a sloop on the Hudson river 
(m. 1789 Jemima Mosher, b. Dec. 20, 1766, 
d. in Aug. 1802 ana had 5 ch., one dau. 
Deborah [m. Rev. Aaron Perkins, whose 
dau. Mary m. Rev. Dr. Taylor, whose son 
James Munroe Taylor is pres. of Vassar 
coll.); son of Anning Smith of Milton, b. 
Dec. 25, 1742, d. in Milton Oct. 30, 1802, 
owned large tract of land in town of Marl- 
borough on the Hudson in the time of rev. 
war, built Smith pond dam and mills, 
supervisor of town several years, appointed 
1st justice of peace for the town by Gov. 
George Clinton, lieut. in the 4th Ulster 
reg. in rev. war, his house is still occupied 
by the family which he built 1770, which 
was fired on by British vessels on their 
way to burning of Kingston (m. July 13, 
1764 Eleanor, b. in Bedford N. Y. July 26, 
1746, d. Sep. 26, 1835, dau. of Jehiel Clark, 
son of Nathan Clark of Bedford, and one 
of the " Signers of the Pledge," she Elea- 
nor had II ch.); son of Leonard Smith of 
Milton, d. in Jamaica L. L Jan. 16, 1717, 
d. in Milton July 16, 1787, moved from L. 
L to Bedford about 1750 with 5 sons and 2 
daus., and to Marlborough N. Y. about 
1762 (m. 1740 Ruth, b. Mar. 11, 1718, d. 
Mar. 19, 1799, dau. of Anning Mowbray of 
Islip L. L [and Ruth White of Southamp- 
ton L. L], son of John Mowbray [and 
Elizabeth Anning], ist mentioned as resid- 
ing in Southampton 1685, and was granted 
patent for land in town of Islip by Queen 
Anne 1708); son of Arthur Smith of 
Jamaica L. L, b. prob. in L. L (m. Abi- 

gail); son of Arthur Smith or Smyth, 
desc. of Arthur Smyth, mentioned in 
Southold L. L town records. 

^ Uniontown Pa., b. in Fayette co. Pa. 
Sep. 13, 1836, grad. Kenyon coll. 1863 
(unmarried) ; son of William of Searight 
Pa., b. in Carlisle Pa. Dec. 5, 1791, d. in 
Searight Aug. 12, 1852 (m. Mar. 26, 1826 
Rachel Brownfield) ; son of William of 
Westmoreland co. Pa., b. in Lancaster co. 
Pa. 1753, d. in Westmoreland 1824 (m. 
about 1784 Jean, dau. of Saml. Ramsey, who 
contributed largely of his means to sus- 
tain the efforts of the colonists to gain our 
independence, subscription lists with his 
name attached are in the records at Harris- 
burgh Pa. and he also subscribed to aid 
the Boston colonial sufferers) ; son of 
William. Searight of Lancaster co. Pa., b. 
in CO. Donegal North Ireland about 1720 
(m. about 1760 Anne Hamilton). 

St. Louis Mo., b. in Port Gibson 
Miss. July 17, 1842, A. B. univ. of Ala- 
bama, A. M. So. W. Pres. univ., M. D. 
coll. Phys. and Surg. N. Y., LL. D. West- 
minster coll., prof, diseases of the ear Mo. 
Med. coll., gov. Mo. society of colonial 
wars (m. Sep. 28, 1868 Anna Kirtland, 
desc. of Lt. William Pratt, and had 5 ch., 
viz.: Laura Edmunds, Dean Du Bose, Sel- 
den, Horatio Nelson and Anna Spencer) ; 
son of Horatio N. Spencer of Port Gibson 
Miss., b. in Hadlyme Ct. Nov. 22, 1798, d. 
in Miss. Apr. 18, 1876, grad. with distinc- 
tion from Yale coll. 1821, studied law and 
moved to Miss. (m. 1832 Sarah Marshall 
of Scotch-Irish descent, her father moved 
from Pa. to Natchez Miss.); son of Israel 
Selden Spencer of Ct., b. there in Jan. 
1762, d. in Miss. Mar. 5, 1837, served in 
Col. Burrell's Ct. reg. as a private in the 
rev, war at the age of 15 years (m. Nov. 6, 
1783 Temperance, dau. of William Brock- 
way, who served as capt. in rev. war, desc. 
of Wolston Brockway) ; son of Israel 
Spencer of Lyme Ct., b. in Ct. in Jan. 1732, 
d. there Nov. 18, 1813, capt. of a co. in the 



Ct. line rev, war (m. Oct. i8, 1753 Eliza- 
beth Marsh, desc. of Rev. Thomas Hooker 
of Ct., and Dr. John Wilson, who was the 
1st pastor of the ist church established in 
Boston, having for his ruling elders Gov. 
Winthrop and Lt.-Gov. Dudley); son of 
Isaac Spencer of Ct., b. there Jan. 8, 1678, 
d. there Feb. 10, 1751 (m. Oct. 2, 1707 
Mary, dau. of Joseph and Rebecca 
[Church] Selden); son of Samuel, b. in 
Ct., d. there Aug. 7, 1705 (m. 1673 Hannah 
Willey); son of Garrard Spencer, who 
emigrated to New England with .his bros. 
William and Thomas, who together mi- 
grated with Rev. Thomas Hooker from 
Cambridge Mass. to Ct. and founded Hart- 

STARK, S. JUDSON of Tunkhannock 
Pa., b. there Oct. 2, 1850, a life-long 
resident of Tunkhannock, after finishing 
his education took up mercantile and 
manufacturing business and handling of 
real estate (m. Oct. 2, 1873 Eva W. 
Keeney, dau. of Ephraim J. Keeney [and 
Elizabeth Neigh], served as prothonotary 
of his county 2 terms, she Eva had 2 ch., 
viz.: Samuel and Elizabeth); son of Sam- 
uel of Tunkhannock Pa., b. in Cherry 
Valley N. Y. June 9, 1810, d. in Tunkhan- 
nock Dec. 15, 1879, came to Tunkhannock 
1827, here he followed a successful business 
career as merchant, banker and a real es- 
tate dealer (m. Mar. 29, 1838 Lydia, dau. 
of Col. Abel and AfTa [Harding] Marcy 
and gr.-dau. of Zebulem Marcy [and Jeru- 
sha Conent], a pioneer settler of this sec- 
tion and of Ct. stock) ; son of Samuel 
Stark of Cherry Valley N. Y., b. in Dutch- 
ess CO. N. Y. Oct. 8, 1771, d. in Stony 
Creek Mich. Sep. 30, 1840, after the Wyo. 
massacre 1778, his mother in her flight 
brought him back to Dutchess co., here he 
was cared for by her people (m. Aug. 10, 
1793 Polly Birdsall, b. July 10, 1772, d. 
Jan. 22, 1827, prob. a native of Dutchess 
CO. N. Y.); son of James Stark of Wyom- 
ing Valley Pa., b. in Groton Ct. Feb. 22, 
1740, d. in Wyoming Valley July 20, 1777, 
prob. came into the Wyoming Valley in 
the spring of 1773, and settled in Wicken- 

bam, prob. left Groton Ct. and settled in 
Dutchess CO. between 1754 and 1758, going 
from there into the Wyoming Valley (m. 
1758 Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Henry Carey, 
one of the earliest Baptist ministers of 
Dutchess CO. N. Y.); son of Christopher 
Stark of Groton, b. there 1698, d. Wyom- 
ing Valley between 1773 and 1778, leaving 
Groton between 1754 and 1758 he came 
with his family to Dutchess co. N. Y., and 
in his old age migrated with his children 
to Wyoming Valley (m. Apr. i, 1722 
Joanna, dau. of William and Mary [Sea- 
ton] Walworth of Fisher's Island); son of 
William Stark of Groton, b. in Mystic Ct. 
1664, d. in Groton Sep. 8, 1730, ist deacon 
of the 1st Baptist church of New London 
Ct., being the ist of the denomination in 
the state, serj. of the Maine band, and is 
buried under the shadow of the wall t t this 
old church (m. Elizabeth); son of Aarcn 
of Mystic, New London, b. 1602 or 1608, 
d. 1685, took an active part in the Pequod 
war 1637, alloted a tract of land for ser- 
vices rendered in that campaign, this land 
was near their fort and a part of their ter- 
ritory, served in King Phillip's 167',, 
receiving a grant of land for his services. 

New London Ct.,, b. in Portland 
Oreg. Sep. 14, 1855, M. A. Trinity coll. 
Hartford Ct., LL. B. Columbia N. Y. City, 
rep. gen. assem. Ct. 1885, collector of port 
of New London 1885-1890; son of Benja- 
min of New London Ct., b. in New Or- 
leans La. June 26, 1820, rep. Oreg. Terr, 
leg 1853, Oreg. state leg. 1861, U. S. sen- 
ator 37th cong. from Oreg., rep. gen. 
assem. Ct. 1874, member N. L. B'd Sch. 
Vis. 1868-92, pres. same 1892, aid. N. L. 
com. counc. 1874-5 (m. Mar. 21, 1854 
Elizabeth Molthrop, desc. of Richard 
Miles, 1st settlers of New Haven Ct., and 
Henrietta Miner, 6th in descent of Wil- 
liam Miner of Chew Magna Eng., she 
Elizabeth had 6 ch., viz.: Benjamin, b. Oct. 
26, 1858, B. A. Trinity coll. Ct., capt. C. N. 
G., Grace Charlotte, b. May 25, 1857, d. 
Aug. 16, 1858, Elizabeth Charlotte Grace, 
b. Apr. 7, 1861, Genevieve, b. Sep. 10, 



1863, Nathalie, b. May 19, 1865, d. Aug. 
14, 1866, and William Stark as above) ; son 
of Benjamin Stark, b. in New London 
Ct. Apr. 7, 1783, d. there Aug. 3, 1846, rep. 
gen. assem. Ct. 1832, sailing master of the 
priv. armed brig Gen. Armstrong in the 
conflict with the British fleet in the Road- 
stead of Tayal 1814 (m. June 16, 1816 Eliza 
Plummer, desc. of Susannah Wilson, gr.- 
dau. of Rev. Samuel Mather, b. 1674, d. in 
Eng., and gt.-gr.-dau. of Rev. Increase 
Mather, pres. Harvard coll., b. 1730, d. in 
Gloucester co. N. J. 1759) ; son of Benja- 
min Stark, b. in New London Ct. 1750, d. 
there 1797, ist officer Pr. American vessel 
" Eliza " rev. war (m. May 7, 1782 Mary, 
dau. of John Bloyd, b. in Eng., and Mary 
Dummer of R. I.) ; son of William, b. in 
Grotpn Ct. 1723, d. in New York City July 
5, 1795 (m. Nov. 5, 1749 Ann Appleton, b. 
July 29, 1721, d. Aug. 22, 1806, dau. of 
Jane Shapley, gr.-dau. of Mary Picket and 
gt.-gr. dau. of Ruth Brewster, gr.-dau. of 
Elder William Brewster, came to America 
in the " May Flower " 1620) ; son of Wil- 
liam Stark, b. in Mystic Ct. 1687, d. in 
Groton Ct. 1743 (m. Apr. 13, 1710 Experi- 
ence Lamb) ; son of William of Groton 
Ct., b. in Mystic 1664, d. in Groton Sep. 8, 
1730, 1st deacon of the ist Baptist church 
of New London Ct., being the ist of 
the denomination in the state, serj. of the 
Maine band, and is buried under the 
shadow of the wall of this old church (m. 
Elizabeth) ; son of Aaron Stark of Mystic, 
b. in New London 1602, d. 1685, in an affi- 
davit made by him he gives an account of 
the expedition against the Pequots, in 
which he served under Maj. John Mason 
1637, and received a grant of land in Vol- 
untown Ct. for service in the war against 
King Philip. 

tanooga Tenn., b. in Corinth Miss. 
Dec. II, 1884; son of Newton Chambers 
Steele of Chattanooga, b. near Elkmont 
Ala. Sep. 20, 1849, physician, grad. M. D. 
dept. univ. Nashville Tenn. 1873, studied 
diseases of the eye and ear in London 
Eng. 1886, moved to Chattanooga 1886 (m. 

Feb, 2S, 1873 Frances Ellen Jones, dau. of 
John William Jones [and Mary Dilnorth, 
dau. of Thomas Dilnorth of N. C], b. in 
N. C, moved to Miss, about 1840, son of 
William of N. C, son of WilHam of N. C, 
son of William Jones of Md.); son of John 
Newton Steele of near Elkmont Ala. and 
Kassuth Miss., b. in York co. S. C. Dec. 

17, 1810, d. in Kassuth July 28, 1877, moved 
from S. C. to Limestone co. Ala. 1817, and 
afterwards what is now Alcon co. Miss. 
1854 ,a most popular man of his co,, noted 
for his enterprise and good works (m. Feb. 

18, 1840 Mary Ann, b. in Madison co. 
Ala., dau. of Joseph Steele of N. C. [and 
Sarah Unqurt of N. C], son of Ninian 
Steele of Pa. and Me.); son of Robert 
Steele of York co. S. C. and near Elkmont 
Ala., b. in Lancaster Pa. Sep. 7, 1767, d. 
in Elkmont Jan. 9, 1852, his 4 bros. fought 
in rev. war, and when 14 years old he ran 
away from home, tried to join the army 
with his bros., but was sent home because 
of his youth, a man of fine character (m. 
1796 Martha, dau. of John Starr of 

and Pa. [and Miss Stuart, prob, French 
descent], son of John Starr lof Ireland and 
Scotland, son of John of same places) ; son 
of Archibald Steele of Neland Pa, and 
York CO, S, C, b. in Enga Scotland 1708 
or 1728, d, in York co. Oct. 28, 1805, came 
from Dublin Ireland about 1756, settled in 
Lancaster co. Pa., moved to York co. S. 
C. then called District 1772, rev. soldier for 
a short time (m. prob. 1756 Agnes Ed- 
wards, sister of Robert Edwards, estate 

ola la., b. in Wodestown West Va. 
Sep. 16, 1848, lawyer, grad. univ. of West 
Va. 1873, member Iowa legislature 1896-98 
(m. Sep. 30, 1873 Julia M., dau. of John 
Partzmen and Martha Wight, late of Mor- 
gantown W. Va., her father was of 
German descent and ;her mother of Scotch- 
Irish descent, she, Julia had 2 ch., viz.: 
William Nathaniel and Ernest Clarence 
Temple) ; son of Nathaniel Temple of 
Wodestown W. Va., b. in Greene co. Pa. 
Apr, 27, 1823, d, in Wodestown Mar, 3, 



1869, farmer (m. in Nov. 1846 Henrietta, 
dau. of H. B. Rice of Bedford co. Pa., 
German and Mary Longsworth of Balti- 
more CO. Md., and had 5 ch., viz.: H. V. 
Temple, F. L. Temple of Lexington Neb., 
E. C. Temple, Emma Alice Temple and 
Marcellus L. Temple as above) ; son of 
Return of Monongalia co. W. Va., b. in 
London co. Va., d. in Monongalia in Mar. 
1867, farmer (m. Sarah Darr of Irish- 
Scotch descent, had 9 ch., viz.: Benjamin, 
William, Mary, Sarah, Rebecca, Eliza, 
Elizabeth, Charlotte and William as 
above) ; son of Nathaniel Temple of 
Greene co. Pa., b. in N. J., d. in Greene 
CO. about 1830, rev. soldier, moved to Cul- 
pepper CO. Va. after marriage, later to 
London co. Va., and afterwards to Greene 
CO. Pa. (m. Sarah Blaker, her father was a 
tory in rev. war, and lived at or near 
Doylestown Pa., of English descent, and 
had sons John, Benjamin and Return as 
above) ; son of Return Temple of Trenton 
N. J., came from Mass. to N. J. (had sev- 
eral sons who fought in rev. war). 

City, b. in Nyack N. Y. July 8, 1873, 
insurance clerk, member of the 7th reg. 
N. G. N. Y. (unmarried); son of Charles 
W. of New York City, b. in Walton N. Y. 
Aug. 17, 1844, was a student of Eastman's 
business coll. in Poughkeepsie N. Y., and 
is now stock broker (m. Apr. 25, 1872 
Eugenia, dau. of Orlando M. Bogart, a 
note broker, desc. of French Huguenots); 
son of John of Walton N. Y., b. there Apr. 
8, 1803, d. there Oct. 3, 1870, farmer, col. 
in the state militia, and aided with his reg. 
in quelling the anti-rent disturbances in 
Delaware co. 1845 (m. Sep. 12, 1843 Sarah, 
dau. of Simeon Howell) , son of William 
of Walton N. Y., b. in L. I. on Aug. 28, 
1768, d. in Walton Dec. 24, 1849, went to 
Walton with his father 1785, appointed 
elector 1824, and elected member of as- 
sembly from Del. co. in the 49th session 
1826 (m. May 16, 1792 Abigail Smith); son 
of Piatt of Cedar Swamp L. I., b. there 
July 4, 1733, d. in Walton N. Y. Oct. 11, 
1816, grad. Yale coll. 1750, rev. surgeon, 

contracted with William Walton, the 
owner of a large tract which is now the 
town of Walton 1784, and about 30 persons 
went up the Hudson to Marbletown and 
across to their new home (m. Apr. 26, 1760 
1st Elizabeth Hubbard, b. 1743, d. Oct. 2, 
1776, 2d Martha Dickinson Oct. 15, 1777, 
d. July 28, 1787, 3d Jan. 8, 1789 Ann Goslin, 
d. Mar. 28, 1828); son of Micajah Town- 
send of Cedar Swamp L. I., b. in Oyster 
Bay 1699, d. in Cedar Swamp Nov. 9, 1781, 
a rev. wig., inherited the land at Cedar 
Swamp and settled on it 1732 (m. ist Eliza- 
beth Piatt, d. May 16, 1759, 2d in Dec. 1760, 
widow oi Joshua Townsend, 3d in Dec. 
1763 Anne, widow of Geo. Frost); son of 
John of Mill of Oyster Bay L. I., b. there, 
d. there 1705, town surveyor 1686- 1705, re- 
ceived the title of John of Mill from the 
many mills he had (m. ist Johannah, 2d 
Esther Smith) ; son of Henry, d. Mar. 30, 
1695, buried on Mill Hill, came from Nor- 
wich Eng. with his two bros. John and 
Richard about 1630, settled in Oyster Bay 
1661, managed several grist and saw mills, 
was town clerk, made many surveys (m. 
Anne Coles). 

TRACY, DANIEL of Westchester Ct., 
b. in East Haddam Ct. Jan. 9, 1765, 
d. in West Chester July 4, 1843 (m. Sep. 
17, 1789 Eunice, dau. of John and Eunice 
[Baldwin] Isham of Norwich Ct. and had 
dau. Sally Tracy, b. May 18, 1792, d. Jan. 
10, 1854, [m. Aug. 31, 1811 Bulkley Child, 
had Hannah F. Child, b. June 14, 1813, d. 
May 13, 1840, [m. July i, 1832 George W. 
Harris, had dau. Helen Eloise, m. Oct. 
16. 1862 Elijah Ackley of Middletown Ct.) ; 
son of Nehemiah Tracy, b. in Norwich Ct. 
Mar. 18, 1723, d. Sep. 9, 1776 (m. June 19, 
1744 Susanna Smith); son of Winslow of 
Norwich Ct.. b. there Feb. 9. 1688 (m. 
June 21, 1714 Rachel Ripley); son of Jolin, 
b. in Saybrook Ct. 1642, d. Aug. 16, 1702, 
capt., one of original proprietors of Nor- 
wich (m. June 10, 1670 Mary Winslow); 
son of Thomas Tracy, b. 1610, lived in 
Norwich 1685, lieut., an original proprietor 
of Norwich, settled ist in Salem Mass., 
from there went to Wethersfield Ct., then 



removed to Saybrook, and was a member 
of colonial assembly for more than 20 ses- 
sions (m. 1641 May, widow of Edward 
Mason, she d. in Saybrook 1659, had 7 ch.)- 

cuse N. Y., b. in Ulysses N. Y. Jan. 
3, 1842 (m. Oct. II, 1870 Florence, b. Mar. 
26, 1846, dau. of Henry A. Dillaye, b. June 
25, 1813, d. Apr. 19, 1883, son of Rene 
Duquesnet Dillaye, b. in St. Lo, France, 
driven to America by the French rev., she 
Florence had 2 ch., viz.: Florence Dillaye, 
b. July 20, 1871, and Irving Dillaye Vann, 
b. Sep. 17, 1875) ; son of Samuel R. Vann 
of Ulysses N. Y., b. in New Brunswick 
N. J. Sep. 4, 1811, d. in Ulysses Oct. 19, 
1872, mason by trade, farmer by occupa- 
tion, commissioner of highways, assessor, 
and held various town offices (m. Dec. 4, 
1836, Catherine, b- Aug. 19, 181 1, dau. of 
Joseph Goodwin, b. 1790, cavalryman in 
war 1812, served at Fort Erie and Sack- 
ett's Harbor, son of Richard, b. 1748); son 
of Samuel of Ulysses, b. in Elizabeth N. J. 
Dec. 9, 1771, d. in Ulysses Mar. 19, 1877 at 
the age of 106 years, mason by trade, 
farmer by occupation (m. Mary Bond of 
New Brunswick N. J.; son of Samuel 
Vann of Elizabeth N. J., b. in New Jersey 
about 1726, d. there about 1783, lieut. in 
N. J. reg. in rev. war, served in battles of 
Monmouth and Princeton, crossed the 
Delaware with Washington. 

Iowa, b. in Bucks Ohio June 21, 
1836, grad. M. A. Amherst coll., ordained 
a minister at Cleveland Ohio 1874 (m. Sep. 
I, 1859 Harriot A. Weber, dau. of Benja- 
min Weber [and Julia A. Lowe, dau. of 
Jonathan Lowe of Mass., she, Julia had 4 
ch , viz.: Harriot A., Benjamin L., Theresa 
and Lyravine Weber], son of Jacob 
Weber, a Mohawk Dutchman, she, Harriot 
A. [Weber] Votaw has 7 ch., viz.: Mary 
Brett, Des Moines la., Prof. Clyde W., 
Ph. D. Chicago, M. Euchola, Princeton 
111., Eldon M., Atty. Chicago, M. Enida, 
Chicago 111., H. Lyravine, Anita Iowa, 
and Emeline Ruth Votaw, Anita la.); son 

of Daniel Votaw of Bucks Ohio, b. in 
Harrison co. W. Va. Apr. 17, 1805, d. in 
Todd 00. Minn. May 26, 1886, a Quaker 
(m. Oct. 30, 1828 Sarah, dau. of Hugh of 
Welch descent and Elizabeth [Wilson] 
Hilles of Chester co. Pa., she, Elizabeth 
had 10 ch., viz.: Rebecca Irey, Sarah 
Votaw, Ann Dugdale, William, Rachel, 
Elihu Hilles, M.ary [Hilles] Smith and 
Martha [Hilles] Hopkins, she, Saraih 
[Hilles] Votaw, had 7 ch., viz.: Wilson 
D., Emeline S., Elihu Hilles, Anita la., 
Mary V. Montgomery, Elizabeth V. Mont- 
gomery, Susan R. and Martha A. Votaw); 
son of Moses Votaw of Winona O^hio, b. 
in Unison Va. Jan. 5, 1772, d. in Winona 
Mar. 29, 1848, a Quaker (m. Sep. 4, 1793 
Mary, dau. of Joseph Brown of Washing- 
ton CO. Pa., had 12 ch., viz.: Elizabeth 
[Votaw] McBride, Isaac, Sarah [Votaw] 
Butler, Ann, Mary V., Griffith, Daniel, 
Moses, Aaron, Rachel, Quinby B. and 
Frances Votaw) ; son of Isaac Votaw of 
Loudoun CO. Va., b. in Bucks co. Pa. Jan. 
29., 1744, d. in Mahoning co. Ohio Oct. 
12, 1817 (m. Feb. 11, 1768 Ann, dau. of 
John and Mary Smith of Bucks co., Quak- 
ers, and had 10 ch., viz.: Mary [Votaw] 
Ellyson, John, Moses, Sarah [Votaw] 
Peterson, Isaac, Joseph, Thomas, Daniel, 
Samuel and Jonathan); son of Jolin of 
Bucks CO. Pa., b. in France, d. in Loudoun 
CO. Va. (m. Rebecca, had one child Isaac). 

WARD, WILLIAM H. of Kansas City 
Mo., b. in Adrian Mich. Dec. 9, 
1840, studied law, admitted to bar 1861, 
entered the union army as capt. of co. B 
49th Ohio vol. 1861, recruited a 00. at his 
own expense at Adrian Mich., but the 
quota of troops of that state being full, 
took the CO. to Cincinnati Ohio, and 
joined the reg. above stated, awarded a 
medal of honor by congress for distin- 
guished gallantry at Vicksbnrg Miss. 1863, 
moved to Kansas 1866, engaged in com- 
mercial pursuits, practiced law, and held 
several official positions under both the 
state and national government (m. Apr. 
20, 1864 Mattie J. Kost, dau. of John Kost 
A. M., M. D., of Adrian Mich., prof, geol- 



ogy and chemistry in Adrian Mich, coll., 
subsequently pres. of Fl'orida univ. and 
had 7 ch., viz.: Lorena E., Ella F., Edith 
J., William K. [m. June 14, 1898 Rose 
E. Caraher], Maud A., Charles E. and 
Madge A. Ward); son of Josiah Ward of 
Adrian Mich., b. in Henniker N. H. Jan. 
28, 1798, d. in Dayton Nev. in Jan. 1863, 
admitted to the bar, practiced law in 
Naples and Ellicottsville N. Y., removed 
to Adrian 1837, here he practiced law until 
185 1, when he went to Shasta City Cal., 
elected prosecuting atty. of Shasta co. 
1853, returned to his home Adrian Mich. 
1856, returned to Cal. 1861, he finally went 
to Dayton Nev. and there practiced law 
(m. Eliza C, d. in Port Huron Mich. 1880, 
dau. of Hon. Jacob Sutton of Naples N. 
Y., had 5 ch., viz.: Joseph C, Josiah Le 
Grand, William H., Thomas A. [m. Mor- 
gia Stough of Waterloo Ind., and resides 
at Birmingham Mich.] and Esteilla C. 
Ward [m. L. A. Sherman, and resides at 
Port Huron Mich.]); son of Josiah Ward 
(m. Betsy Hoyt); son of Josiah, a capt. 
(m, Sarah Goodale) ; son of Phineas (m. 
Neony) ; son of Joseph Ward (m. Abiah 
Wheelock); son of Samuel; son of Wil- 
liam Ward, who settled in Sudbury Mass. 

VV of St. Louis Mo., b. in Madrid N. Y. 
July 20, 1849, member St. Louis house of 
delegates 1881-1883, pres. St. Louis city 
council 1889-93, mayor St. Louis 1893-97 
and pres. J. S. Merrell Drug Co. (m. Oct. 
9. 1879 Lizzie, dau. of Jacob Spencer Mer- 
rell of Oneida co. N. Y., had Merrell 
Packard Walbridge) ; son of Orlo Judson 
Walbridge, b. in Vt., d. in Eau Claire Wis. 
1879, Methodist minister (m. ALthea 
Maria, dau. of Olive [Hyde] Packard and 
desc. of William Hyde, one of the founders 
of Norwich Ct., Thomas Hyde, son of 
Thomas Hyde, son of Thomas Hyde, son 
of Samuel, son of William Hyde) ; son of 
Franklin Walbridge, b. in Vt., soklicr in 
war 1812; son of Asa of Vermont, rev. 

Pine Valley Utah, b. in Concoird 
Mass. Mar. 30, 1831, went to Cal. 1849, 
stayed in Wis. till spring, started in Mar. 
overland with a co. from there, arrived in 
Cal. in July, stayed there until spring 1858 
and then came to Utah (m. Dec. 3, 1859 
Ann, dau. of Thomas and Mary [Usher] 
Smith); son of Cyrus Warren of Con- 
cord Mass., b. in Weston, Mass. 
Nov. 28, 1789, d. in Concord Oct. 
13, 1866, shoemaker and farmer, served 
in war 1812 (m. 1819 Nancy Bacon 
of Bedford Mass. family) ; ston of Nathan 
of Weston Mass., b. Feb. 5, 1761, d. July 
26, 1843, farmer, served in rev. war (m. 
about 1785); son of Elisha Warren of 
Medford Mass., b. there, d. 1793. 

Louisville Ky., b. there Feb. 7, 1840, 
grad. Centre icoll. Danville Ky. ; son of 
Levi Legg Warren of Louisville Ky., b. 
in West Upton Mass. Aug. 2, 1808, d. in 
Louisville Mar. 19, 1884, shoe merchant 
50 yrs., bank pres., the Warren Memorial 
Presb. church of which he was an elder 
bears his name (m. Jan. 5, 1835 Mary Ann, 
dau. of Asa and Polly [Stoddard] Wood 
of Upton Mass) ; son of Eli Warren of 
West Upton Mass., 'b. there Mar. 28, 1782, 
d. there Jan. 2, 1868, well known as major, 
a title received in state militia, owned the 
hotel called the " Manor House " (m. 
1802 Sinthe, b. Aug. 14, 1779, d. in Feb. 
1863, dau. of William and Hepsibah [Cor- 
bett] Legg) ; son of Silas Warren of Graf- 
ton, Worcester co. Mass.. b. 1753. d. there 
Nov. 10, 1848 (m. ist about 1776 Anna, b. 
1 761, d. 1797, dau. of Elijah Warren, had 
5 ch., viz.: Sophie, Elijah, Eli, Lurena and 
Silas Newton Warren, 2d Hebsibah, 
widow of William Legg) ; son of Silas, 
b. in Westboro Mass. July 28, 1720, lived 
in Wes)tboro 1741, Upton Mass. 1745. 
Pratts Hill 1749 and Grafton 1751 (m. Dec. 
6, 1742 Elizabeth Newton, had 7 ch., viz.: 
Elizabeth, Thankful, Nahum, Silas, Dan- 
iel, Jonathan and Elisha); son of Daniel 
of Westboro Mass., b. in 1689, d. Oct. 



2, 1720 (m. 1st Feb. 26, 1712 Rebecca Gar- 
field, 2d Mary Wetherby, 3d Mary, widow 
of Benjamin Mills); son of John Warren 
of Watertown Mass., b. 1655, d. 1703; son 
of Daniel of Watertown Mass., b. 1628; 
son of John Wiarren of Watertown 
Mass., settled there 1630. 

Springfield Mass., b. there Mar. 30, 
1865 (m. Dec. 14, 1887 Florence, dau. of 
Franklin Folger and Elizabeth Hall Ray 
and gr.-dau. of Franklin Folger, Mary My- 
rick Gardner, all b. and lived in Nantucket 
Mass., she, Florence ihad 2 ch., viz.: Helen, 
b. July 2, 1891, Franklin Folger Webster, 
b. Sep. 12, 1895) ; son of Roderick Jeffer- 
son Webster of Springfield Mass., b. in 
White River Village Vt. Dec. 25, 1832 (m. 
Dec. 27, i860 Mary Smith Porter, dau. of 
Israel and Anna [Smith] Porter, gr.-dau. 
of Abijah and Sarah [Dodge] Porter, 8th 
in desc. from Serj. John Porter 1696-1676 
of Hingham and Salem) ; son of William 
West Webster of Warner, Croyden N. H. 
and Windsor Vt., b. in Warner N. H. 
Feb. 21, 1794, d. in Windsor Vt. Jan. i, 
1862 (m. 1817 Azubah, dau. of Richard 
and Mary [Wright] Gale of Winahester 
N. H., had 7 oh., viz.: John H., William 
L., Aaron Hudson, Roderick Jefferson, 
Lucy Ann, Mary Jane [m. David B. 
Clark] land Helen Webster [m. Harvey 
Miller]); son of Thomas Webster of San- 
bornton N. H., b. in Haverhill Mass. Aug. 
10, 1767, d. in Sanbornton May 8, 1813, a 
prominent physician, and is quoted as an 
authority on spotted fever in medical 
works (m. Dec. 18, 1791 Sarah, b. in Hav- 
erhill Mass. June 24, 1767, d. Mar. 25, 1845, 
dau. of Thomas and Mary [Simons] West 
of Haverhill Mass., m. Dec. 22, 1757, had 
8 ch., viz.: Thomas, Edwin, Arthur, 
Charles Henry, William West as above, 
Sarah [m. 1817 John Hitchcock]. Pamelia 
[m. 1825 Caleb Powers] and Mary S. 
Webster [m. 1830 John Tyler]); son of 
Thomas Webster of Haverhill Mass., b. 
there Feb. 10, 171 1. d. 1781, a soldier in 
Indian wars (m. Oct. 14, 1766 widow Abi- 

gail [Webster] Emory, b. in Haverhill 
June 9, 1730, dau, of Samuel Webster, son 
of Stephen, son of Stephen, son of John 
Webster) ; so'U of Nathan Webster of 
Haverhill Mass., b. there Nov. 14, 1674, d. 
there Aug. 16, 1741, deacon, rep. general 
court 1730-33 (m. Sep. 12, 1708 Sarah Low, 
d. Apr. 7, 1741); son of Stephen, b. 1637, 
d. 1694 (m. Hannah Ayer, b. 1644, d. 
1676) ; son of John Webster, d. 1642 (m. 
Mary Shatswell, d. 1657). 

Brunswick N. J., b. in Morris N. Y. 
July 8, 1856, grad. Colgate univ. and Ham- 
ilton theoilogical seminary, ordained a 
Baptist minister in Bainbridge N. Y. 1882, 
was pastor in Walnut Hills Cincinnati 
Ohio and Waverly N. Y., now pastor of 
the First Baptist church New Brunswick" 
N. J. (m. 1st O'Ct. 16, 1883 Alice S. Hew- 
itt, dau. of Lucinda [Chase] Hewitt, desc. 
of the Chases of colonial times, had dau. 
Alice H. Wheeler, d. Nov. i, 1887, leaving 
I child Alice H., 2d Sep. 3, 1889 Emily S. 
Babcock, her mother desc. of the Ct. 
Goodrich family of colonial times, had 2 
ch., viz.: Helen E. and Edgar E. 
Wheeler) ; son of Edson Wheeler of Mor- 
ris N. Y., b. there July 5, 1822, d. there June 
20, 1890, farmer, a breeder of fine stock, 
deacon First Baptist church of New Ber- 
lin 25 years, justice of peace 21 years (m. 
July 12, 1849 Sophrona E. Newton, her 
gr.-father Ithamer Newton, served in the 
continental army, on her mother's side 
desc. of the Bishops, gr.-father Daniel 
Bishop, colonial ancestors, she, Sophrona 
had 4 (ch., viz.: Linn E. as above, Nichols 
H., a dentist and an author, John W., who 
resides on the old homestead, justice of the 
peace, and Cora E. Wheeler [m. Rev. I. 
J. Bailey]); son of Nichols H. Wheeler of 
Morris N. Y., b. in Fairfield co. Ct. Sep. 
15, 1783, d. in Morris Aug. 16, 1848, 
teacher, later served as ist serg. in war 
1812 (m. Dec. 30, 1813 Patty Bunn, her 
family date from colonial times, she and 
her mother were captured by the Indians 
in the Cherry Valley massacre, her mother 



was killed and she was retaken, had bros. 
William, John, Peter and Scott Bunn, she, 
Patty had 3 oh., viz.: Edson, Van Rens- 
aelaer and William Wheeler) ; son of 
Stephen Wheeler of Fairfield co. Ct. and 
Morris N. Y., b. 1756, d. in Morris N. Y. 
1815, corporal in the 5th Ct. reg. conti- 
nental army, served until the end, and 
honorably discharged, moved from Fair- 
field CO. Ct. to Butternuts now Morris N. 
Y. about 1808 (m. Jerusha, dau. of Capt. 
Hawley of Fairfield 00. Ct., a continental 
marine, had 5 ch., viz.: Nichols H., 
Charles A., Troy L., Charity and Ann). 

of Indianapolis Ind., b. in Ogdens- 
burg May 17, 1862 (m. Jan. 4, 1893 Emma 
Murray Ayres, had dau. Helen Margaret 
Wheelock); son of Ira of Ogdensburg N. 
Y., b. in Swanzey N. H. Sep. 7, 1806, d. in 
Cleveland Ohio Nov. 18, 1881 (m. Mar- 
garet Josephine, dau. of Henry Vanden- 
burg, b. in Coxsackie N. Y. Oct. 14, 
1786); son of James Wheelock of Swanzey 
N. H., b. there May 17, 1776, d. May 
31, 1855 (m. May 17, 1804 Lucy Barker); 
son of James of Swanzey N. H., b. in 
Leominster Mass., d. in Swanzey (m. June 
28, 1774 Lois Starkey) ; son of Jonathan 
of Lancaster Mass. (m. Elizabeth Russell) ; 
son of Joseph of Lancaster Mass. On. 
Elizabeth); son of Gershom, b. in Med- 
field Mass. about 1636 (m. Hannah Stod- 
der of Hingham) ; son of Ralph Whee- 
lock, b. in Shropshire Eng. 1600, founder 
of Medfield about 1635 (m. Rebecca). 

WELLS, CHARLES K. of Milwaukee 
Wis., b. in Waterville Me. Dec. 22, 
1817, grad. Yale coll. 1842, admitted to the 
bar 1846, postmaster at Milwaukee, senior 
partner in the law firm of Wells Brigham 
and Upham (m. Sep. 19, 1853 Sarah, dau. 
of Capt. Joseph Hitchings and Betsey 
Combs of West Waterville Me., had 6 ch., 
viz.: Alice, Gertrude W., Charles W., 
Mary E., Susan P. and Horace H. Wells); 
son of Daniel of Waterville Me., b. in 
Wells Me. Jan. 19, 1774, d. in Bloomfield 

Mar. 29, 1867 (m. Nov. 16, 1797 Susannah, 
dau. of Richard Sweetser [and Sarah Mat- 
thews] who fought in rev. war) ; son of 
B-obert Wells of Wells Me., b. there Feb. 
6, 1743, d. there Feb. 17, 1820 (m. Apr. 25, 
1769 Abigail, dau. of Rev. Samuel Jefiferds 
and Sarah Wheelwright, dau. of Col. John 
Wheelwright, son of Judge Samuel Wheel- 
wright, son of Rev. John Wheelwright) ; 
son of Nathaniel Wells of Wells Me., b. 
there Aug. 21, 1705, d. there in July 1776, 
1st deacon of Wells and town clerk for 
many years (m. 1736 Dorotiliy Light of 
Exeter N. H.); son of Thomas of Wells 
Me., b. there 1672, d. there Aug. 26, 1737 
(m. Oct. 12, 1704 Lydia Ropes); son of 
John of Wells Me., d. there Apr. 11, 1677 
(m. 1664 Sarah, dau. of Francis Littlefield 
of Wells Me.) ; son of Dea. Thomas Wells 
of Ipswich Mass., came froim Colchester 
Eng. 1635 (ii^- Abigail, dau. of William 

WHITE, FRANCIS of B,altimore Md., 
b. in Perquimans co. N. C. Miar. 24, 
1825, grad. HaverfoTd coll., in flour and 
grain business early part of life, retired 
1873, director in many financial, educational 
and philanthroipical institutions (m. Dec. 
14, 1854, Jane E., dau. of Richard Mott 
and Sarah [Hopkins] Janney and a desc. 
of Thomas Janney and William Biles, 
members Pa. provincial council, had 4 ch., 
viz.: Miles, Sarah E., d. 1886, Francis A. 
and Richard J. White); son of Miles of 
Baltimore Md., b. in Perquimans 00. N. 
C Aug. 30, 1792, d. in Baltimore Mar. 12, 
1876, moved to Elizabeth City N. C, en- 
gaged in foreign commerce and later 
moved to Baltimore, w^here he engaged in 
real estate business, and at his death left .1 
fund of $100,000 for charitable purposes 
(m. 1st Apr. 9, 1818 Elizabeth [dau. of 
Elias Albertson [and Mary Newby], in- 
spector of revenue for port of Newbiggen 
Creek N. C. 1792, ancestors lived in N. C, 
desc. Albert Albertson, m. 1668 Mary 
Gosbey], 2d Margaret Hopkins, sister of 
Johns Hopkins); son of Francis White of 
Perquimans co. N. C, b. there Feib. 24, 
1764, d. there Oct. 2, 1813, member of 



Society of Friends (m. Miriam, dau. of 
John and Mary [Anderson] Toms and 
desc. of Francis Toms, member of provin- 
cial council of N. C, bad ii ch.); son of 
Caleb White of Perquimans co. N. C, b. 
there May 8, 1740, d. there Feb. 26, 1795 
(m. Jan. 14, 1761 Rebecca, dau. of Francis 
and Rebecca [Nixo)n] Toms and desc. of 
Francis Toms as above, Zacharias Nixon, 
Isaac Page, Thomas Symonds and Henry 
White, early settlers of Eastern N. C, she 
Rebecca had 11 ch.) ; son of Thomas 
White of Perquimans co. N. C, b. in Isle 
of Wight CO. Va. 1696, d. in Perquimans 
CO. N. C. Nov. 30, 1761, m'oved from Isle 
of Wight CO. to near Belvidere N. C. 1720, 
where he built a mill, the only one in the 
neighborhood, later owned a stall and sev- 
eral large tracts of land (m. Sep. 13, 1719 
Rachel, dau. of Joshua and Elizabeth 
[Sanborn] Jordan and a desc. of Thomas 
Jordan, Quaker and member of colonial 
legislature of Va., Robert Brasseur, a large 
land owner in Nansemond 00. Va., and 
Daniel Sanborn, Quaker, she, Rachel had 
13 ch.) ; son of John White of Isle of 
Wight CO. Va., d. there 1718, came from 
Nansemond co. Va. to Isle of Wight co. 

York, bap. Aug. 29, 1736 (m. Cath- 
erine Turner), had bro. Joseph, b. in New 
York, bap. Apr. 13, 1740 [m. 1761 Mary 
Foshay] ; sons of Daniel of New York, b. 
there, bap. Oct. 14, 1713, d. there about 
1756, admitted freeman of New York 1737 
(m. 1st Dec. 11, 1735 Maria Pell, 2d Mar. 
9, 1743 Maria Gautier, 3d Apr, 24, 1746 
Teuntye Bogart) ; son of Joseph of New 
York, b. there, bap. July 29, 1674, d. there, 
will dated May 5, 1715, admitted freeman 
1698, he and his bro. Rutger were among 
those who signed the Petition of the 
Protestants of N. Y. to King William III 
(m. Feb. 9, 1696 Ametje Woedert) ; son of 
Daniel of New York, b. in Amsterdam 
Holland 1650, admitted freeman 1698 (m. 
Oct. 25, 1673 Sara Rutgers, b. in Esopus, 
dau. of Rutger Willemzen [and Gysbertie 
Martyns], served in the 'city guards 
against Leisler); son of Joseph Waldron 

of New Amsterdam N. Y., b. Amsterdam 
Holland about 1620, d. in New Amsterdam 
1663, lived near hoeck of Passenger st. in 
Amsterdam, he and his bro. Resolved were 
book printers, came to America 1652, and 
had charge of the magazine Fort Amster- 
dam (m. 1st Aeltie Hendriks, 2d Apr. 4, 
1649 Annetie Daniels) ; son of Resolved 
of Amsterdam Holland, b. about 1594, 
English descent. 

son Mich., b. in Mishawaka Ind. Jan. 
14, 1858, grad. classical dept Mich. Nor 
mal, admitted to the bar 1882, practiced 
law, now engaged in insurance (m. Sep. 3, 
1879 Adelaide Eliza, dau. of Lewis Hyde 
Weir and Susan M. [Allen] Weir of New 
York, she, Adelaide had 5 ch., viz.: Bertha 
C, Lewis Fitz Roy, Florence A., Willis A. 
and Mabel L.); son of Charles Fitz Roy 
Bellows of Mt. Pleasant Mich., b. in 
Charlestown N. H. Oct. 27, 1832, prof, of 
mathematics in Mich. State Normal school 
for 24 years, author of a complete series of 
mathematical text books, founder and pres. 
of the North Mich. State Normal school 
in Mt. Pleasant Mich. (m. Apr. 12, 1855 
Julia E. Walter whose father Jacob Walter 
came from England about 1820, her mother 
was dau. of Jeremiah Clark of Allegany 
CO. N. Y. who served in rev. war); son of 
William Edwy Bellows of Climax Mich., 
b. in Charlestown N. H. Nov. 2^, 1806, d. 
in Climax Feb. 13, 1887, butcher and 
farmer in Charlestown until 1837, when he 
removed to Mich., owned and worked a 
farm ai about 500 acres, a man of great 
ability and force of character (m. Jan. 19, 
1832 Lavina A. Harris); son of Solomon 
of Charlestown N. H., b. there Sep. 9, 
1776, d. there Nov. 2, 1832, farmer, under- 
sheriff of Cheshire and Sullivan co. and 
keeper of the jail at Charlestown (m. 1799 
Mary N. Hoyt, had 7 ch., fourth of whom 
was William Edwy Bellows as above); 
son of Peter of Charlestown N. H., b. in 
Lunenberg Mass. Jan. 6, 1739, d. in 
Charlestown N. H. Apr. 5, 1825, served in 
rev. war at Ticonderoga 1777 (m. 1764 
Mary Chase); son of Benjamin of Wal- 



pole N. H., b. in Lancaster Mass. May 26, 
1 712, d. in Walpole July 10, 1779, founder 
of Walpole N. H,, made col. during the 
French and Indian wars, was very active 
in building up the town, and an influential 
man in N. H., Bellows Falls in the Conn, 
river were named from him (m. ist Oct. 
7, 1735 Abigail Stearns, 2d. Apr. 21, 1758 
Mary Hubbard); son of Benjamin of Lu- 
nenberg Mass., b. in Concord Mass. Jan. 
18, 1677, d. in Lunenberg Mass. Mar. 19, 
1750, was a large landed proprietor and an 
original grantee of Walpole (m. Jan. 18, 
1677 widow Dorcas Cutter Willard) ; son 
of John Bellows, b. in England about 
1623, d. in Marlborough Mass. July 10, 
1683, embarked for New England, was one 
of the original proprietors of Marlborough 
Mass. at its incorporation (m. May 9, 
1655 Mary Wood of Concord). 

of Thomas co. Ga., b. there Feb. 27, 
1842, a country gentleman and a philan- 
trhropist (m. Oct. 24, 1864 Harriett, dau. 
of Richard and Sophronia [Dickey] 
Mitchell of Thomas co., had 7 ch., viz.: 
Harriett, Frances, James, Elizabeth, Mary, 
Thomas R. and Annie Low Blackshear) ; 
son of James Joseph Blackshear of 
Thomas co. Ga., b. in Pulaski co. Ga. Aug. 
II, 1807, d. in Thomas co. Nov. 4, 1843, a 
country gentleman (m. Harriett, dau. of 
James Jones, whose ancestors came from 
Wales) ; son of Edward of Thomas co. 
Ga., b. in Jones co. N. C. Jan. 20, 1762, d. 
in Thomas co. Sep. 3, 1820, was in battle 
of Moore's Creek Gen. Caswell command- 
ing 1776, while acting as a scout he was 
shot through both hands by a British 
soldier, moved to Ga. 1790 (m. about 1790 
Emily Goodwin Mitchell, dau. of Thomas 
Mitchell of Pulaski co. Ga.); son of James 
Blackshear of Jones 00. N. C, b. in Ger- 
many, d. in Jones co. about 1790, oamc to 
America from Germany with his bro. 
Stout and settled in Craven at New Birne, 
now Jones co. N. C. 1732 (m. about 1757 
Catherine, dau. of John Martin and Civil 
Franks). James Mitchell 

Blackshear had 2 bros. and 2 sisters, viz.: 

Thomas Edward [m. Olivia Bryan], 
Mitchell Jones Blackshear, Goodwin and 
Elizabeth [m. Henry Sapp], James Joseph 
Blackshear had i bro. and 3 sisters, viz.: 
Thomas Edward [m. Emily Raines], 
Elizabeth [m. ist Paul Coalson, 2d Henry 
Nyche], Mary Louise [m. John Choice 
Hall] and Ann Emily Blackshear [m. 
Lucian Hamilton Raines of Thomas co. 
Ga.], Edward Blackshear had 2 bros. and 
3 sisters, viz.: James, killed by British in 
rev. war. Gen. David [m. Frances Hamil- 
ton], Elizabeth [m. Blake Bryan], Susan- 
nah [m. Edward Bryan], Elijah, unmar- 
ried, Penelope [m. Edward Bryan, a 
cousin of her sister's husband, and Joseph 
Blackshear [m. Winnifred Tennille]. 

-L' of Washington Iowa, b. in Brock- 
wayville Pa. Apr. 28, 1834, removed with 
parents to Muscatine co. Iowa 1842, 
farmer and breeder of fine stock, member 
Iowa genl. ^assembly 1874-75, pres. and 
viice-pres. of the Iowa State Ag. Society 
for a number of years (m. Sep. 11, i860 
Rowena B. Letts, dau. of N. M. Letts of 
Iowa, d. May 13, 1894, lived in Ottawa 
111. during the Black Hawk war, having 
emigrated there from Knox co. Ohio 
some years earlier, removed from 111. to 
Louisa CO. Iowa 1854, was known as the 
Cattle King, for many years, owned a farm 
of over 3,000 acres, prosperous in his busi- 
ness, generous and a man of fine physique, 
being 6 ft. 4 in. in height, she, Rowena 
had 3 ch., viz.: Elizabeth, b. July 25, 1866, 
Albien R., b. Mar. 7, 1871, and James M. 
Brockway, b. Jan. 22, 1879) ; son of James 
Main Brockway, b. in Brood Albian N. 
Y., d. in Coneville Iowa Mar. 9, 1874, 
farmer, lumber dealer in Pa., one of the 
pioneers of Jefferson co. and one of the 
first commissioners in that co. (m. 1819 
Lydia, dau. of Capt. W. P. GofT, desc. of 
Gen. W. Goff, the regicide) ; son of Con- 
sider of Sinnimahoning Pa,, b. in Lyme Ct. 
Mar. 22, 1762, d. in Brandy Camp Pa. 
July 3, 1847, farmer, man of energy and 
enterprise (m. ist Hannah Maine, 2d about 
1790 Keziah Ferry, her bro. John fought 



in the Wyoming battle); son of Nathan 
of Lyme Ct., b. there May 7, 1736, d. in 
Stephentown N. Y. Aug. 11, 1822 (m. 
about 1760 Elizabeth Thompson); son of 
Richard of Lyme Ct., b. there Sep. 11, 
1699, d. there, one of the signers of tlie 
Lyme North Quarterly papers 1724, was 
known as Capt. Brockway (m. I'st about 
1822 Deborah Reed, 2d prob. Bridget) ; 
son of William of Lyme, b. there July 25, 
1666, d. there Mar. 29, 1755, owner for a 
long time of the Brockway ferry at Lyme 
(m. Miar. 8, 1692 Elizabeth) ; son of 
Woolston Brockway, b. in England 1638, 
d. Nov. II, 1717, emigrated to Lyme Ct. 
about 1659 (m. Hannah Briggs, b. in Bos- 
ton Aug. 28, 1642, d. in Lyme Feb. 6, 

of Red Bank N. J., h. in Middletown 
N. J. Aug. 6, 1837, grad. Colgate univ. 
1858, admitted to N. J. bar 1861, practice 
laiw there (m. Oct. 5, 1865 Deborah Cath- 
arine, dau. of Charles Gordon Allen and 
Catharine [Trafford] Allen, had 4 ch., 
viz.: Charles Gordon, Annie [m. Charles 
H. A. Wager, prof, in Centre coll. Danville 
Ky., John Stillwell, student at Harvard 
univ. law school, and Catharine Trafford 
Applegate, grad. Vassar coll. 1897) ; son of 
Joseph Stillwell Applegate, b. in Middle- 
town N. J. Dec. 5, 1789, d. in Red Bank 
N. J. Oct. 17, 1881, farmer (m. Jan. 5, 1815 
Ann Bray. d. Oct. 12, 1878, desc. of Rev. 
John Bray, a prominent settler in Mon- 
mouth CO. N. J. 1684, and a donor of 
church building and grounds of Baptist 
church in Holmdel N. J., she, Ann had 9 
ch., viz.: Mary [m. Daniel B. Hendrick- 
son], Ann [m. William Smith], Richard 
['m. Mary Hance], Joseph S. [m. Mar- 
garet Patterson], William L., Sarah Elizia- 
beth [m. George F. Cooper], Catharine 
Louisa [m. William B. Hendrickson], 
Eleanor Sophia and Joh-n Stillwell as 
above) ; son of Richard Applegate, b. in 
Middletown N. J. in Oct. 1762, d. there 
May 7, 1821 (m. 1784 Mary, b. 1769, d. 
1804, dau. of John Stillwell [and Elizabeth 
Watson, dau. of John Watson and Hope 

Taylor, and gr.-dau. oif Capt. Abraiham 
Watson, b. Nov. 1688, d. 1756], b. Dec. 26, 
1738, d. Sep. 26, 1813, commissary ist reg. 
Monmouth militia rev. war, she, Mary had 
8 ch., viz.: William, Joseph Stillwell as 
above, Elizabeth [m. Capt. William Leon- 
ard], Hope [m. Samuel Bray], John Still- 
well [m. Eliza Taylor], William [m. ist 
Ann Patterson, 2d Eleanor Seabrook], 
Ann [m. Garret Schenck], Samuel [m. 
Eliza Hendrickson] and George Apple- 
gate) ; son of William. Applegate of Mid- 
dletoiwn N. J., b. there Oct. 16, 1726, d. 
there Oct. 26, 1776, farmer, carpenter, be- 
came wealthy and owned large tracts of 
land in Middletown tp. [m. Elizabeth, dau. 
of Joihn and Mary [Stillwell] Ogborne, 
desc. of Lt. Nicholas Stillwell, had 8 ch., 
viz.: Mary [m. Isaac Andrews], Lydia [m. 
Anthony Holmes], Richard as above, Re- 
becca [m. Mott Conover], Rhoda, Eliza- 
beth [m. John HofT], Annie [m. Joseph 
Bowne] and Sanah [m. Daniel Bray]); 
son of Richard Applegate of Middletown 
N. J., b. there, d. there 1732, large owner 
of real estate (m. Rebeka Winter, had 
John, Abagail, Elizabeth, Joseph, Hannah, 
Rebeckah [m. Samuel Bray], Johanna and 
William as above) ; son of of 
Middletown N. J., d. about 1699, moved to 
Middletown from Gravesend L. I. about 
1674, when he received a warrant from the 
proprietors of N. J. for 240 acres of land 
(m. Johanna, dau. of Richard Gibbons, 
one of the 12 Patentees in the noted Mon- 
mouth Patent, had 7 ch., viz.: Thomas, 
Jo'hn, Danieil, Richard as above, Joseph, 
Elizabeth and Benjamin) ; son of Thomas 
Applegate, licensed with the Mass. Bay 
colony to keep a ferry between Weymouth 
and Braintree 1635, and moved to L. I., 
Englishman, named among the Patentees 
of Flushing L. I. 1647, bought of Jo/hn 
Ruckman one of the original 39 lots into 
which Gravesend was divided 1646, and 
was the ist of the Applegates in America 
(m. Elizabeth, who suffered from ecclesi- 
astical tyrrany, had 5 ch., viz.: John Bar- 
tholomew, Thomas, Ares and Hannah [m. 
Feb. 9, 1648 Charles Morgan, magistrate of 
Gravesend 1657-63. The Applegates left 



Gravesend L. I. about 1674, John went to 
Fairfield Ct., Bartholomew to Middlesex 
CO. N. J. and Thomas Jr. to Middletown 
N. J. on the shore of Raritan Bay near 
Atlantic Highlands now known as Apple- 
gate's Landing). 

CHESSMAN, SAMUEL of Salem Ohio, 
^ b. in North Bridgewater Mass. June 
16, 1812, moved from Wareham to Pitts- 
burg Pa. 1832, from Pittsburg to Salem 
Ohio 1843, where he engaged in hardware 
and drug business, and published the illus- 
trated record of the Chessman family i8q3 
(m. Mar. 2^, 1834 Jane, dau. of John Gor- 
don [and Jane McClintock], farmer, both 
Americans, but of Scotch-Irish descent, 
she, Jane had 6 ch., viz: Henry Warren, 
Elvira Jane, Mary Ann, Lewis, Martha and 
George Gordon Chessman); son of Sam- 
uel of Merrimac N. H., b. in North 
Bridgewater June 7, 1784, d. in Merrimac 
Sep. 9, 1826, farmer and blacksmith (m. 
Oct. 8, 1806 Mehitable Leach of Raynham, 
dau. of Giles Leach [and Mehitable Wilbur, 
desc. of Samuel and Ann Wilbur, who 
settled in Boston Mass. 1633], desc. of 
Lawrence Leach, who came from Eng., 
and settled in Salem Mass. 1629); son of 
Samuel Chessman of North Bridgewater 
Mass., b. in Braintree Mass. May 6, 1752, 
d. in North Bridgewater Feb. 28, 1846, 
farmer and blacksmith, and served as a 
minute man 1773 (m. 1777 Martha French 
of Stoughton, dau. Dependance and Mary 
[Linfield] French and a desc. of John and 
Grace French, who settled in Braintree 
Mass. about 1650); son of Samuel Chess- 
man of Braintree Mass., b. there Mar. 15, 
1722, d. there 181 1, minute man 1773 (ni. 
July 22, 1746 Mary Tower); son of George 
of Braintree Mass. (m. Jane Duran). 

^ Machias Me., b. in Boston Mass. 
Aug. 27, 1845 (m. June 28, 1870 Elizabeth 
D. Longfellow, desc. of Willam Long- 
fellow, b. in Eng. 1651, drowned at Anti- 
costi C. B. 1690, until then in the King's 
service, came to Newberry Mass. prior to 
1676, she, Elizabeth had 2 ch., viz: Ralph 

W. Chandler and Henry L. Chandler) ; son 
of John of Machias Me., b. in Charlotte 
Me. Jan. 27, 1816, d. in Machias Aug. 6, 
1884 (m. Oct. 10, 1844 Susan Ulmer Wil- 
son, dau. of John Wilson and Mary Ulmer, 
dau. of George Ulmer, lieut. in rev. war, 
maj. gen. of loth. division of Mass. militia 
1807 and col. of regular army 1814) ; son of 
John Chandler of Charlotte Me., b. in 
Stoughton Mass. Dec. 4, 1787, d. in Char- 
lotte Me. Dec. 18, 1819 (m. Apr. 9, 1813 
Mary, dau. of Warren Gardner and gr.- 
dau. of Jacob Dunbar of Hingham Mass., 
one of the co. from Hingham who marched 
to Lexington 1775 and also a member of 
CO. at Halifax 1759); son of Joseph of 
Stoughton Mass., b. there Mar. 22, 1756, 
d. there Jan. 17, 1838 (m. Oct. 20, 1782 
Mary, dau. of Jonathan and Lovell [Wells] 
Felt) ; son of Samuel Chandler of Stough- 
ton Mass., b. in Bridgewater Mass. Dec. 
20, 1708, d. in Stoughton in Aug., 1794 (m. 
Oct. 20, 1748 Sarah, dau. of Benjamin 
Gill); son of Samuel of Newbury Mass., 
b. there Feb. 29, 1672, d. there Sep. 12, 
1748 (m. Mary, dau. of Abraham Perkins 
of Hampton N. H.); son of William 
Chandler of Newbury Mass., b. in England 
1616, d. in Newbury Mar. 5, 1701 (m. Feb. 
26, 1667 Mary Lord). 

v^ land Me., b. there Jan. 8, 1855, author 
of " Chipman Family in Poland Centen- 
nial " 1896 and town oflficer several years 
(m. Oct. 2, 1877 Arabelle H. Bean, dau. of 
John and Melvina [Jewett] Bean of Milan 
N. H., had 3 ch., viz: Aberto Lee, author 
of " Chipmans in Me.", Roy Earle and 
Ralph Linden Chipman); son of James 
of Poland Me., b. there Aug. 26, 181 1, d. 
there Mar. 28, 1884, farmer (m. ist. Dec. 
6, 1842 Sarah C. Blanchard, 2d. June 18, 
1853 Elizabeth Merrill); son of James of 
Poland Me., b, Dec. 25, 1782, d. in Poland 
Aug. 25, 1853, farmer and cooper (m. 1805 
Hannah Currier, b. in Newbury Mass.); 
son of Benjamin of Poland, b. in Kings- 
ton Mass. Feb. 4, 1752, d. in Poland June 
t8, 1838, went on several voyages to West 
Indies in early life, moved to Poland Me. 



1781, and settled on farm now owned and 
occupied by Chester Chipman, which farm 
has been in the family in direct line from 
father to son ever since (m. about 1776 
Abigal Milliken, b. in Boston Apr. .3, 
1757); son of Benjamin of Poland Me., b. 
in Kingston Mass. May 23, 1729, d. in Po- 
land in May 1787, moved from Kingston 
to North Yarmouth Me. 1774, proceeded 
to New Gloucester, which was as far in- 
land as any civilized people lived, took up 
a claim in southern part of Bakerstown 
now Poland 1779 and was the ist. settler of 
South Poland (m. May 9, 175 1 Hannah 
Wadsworth, sister of Gen. Peleg Wads- 
worth); son of Seth Chipman of Kingston 
Mass., b. Barnstable Mass. Feb. 24, 1697, 
d. in Kingston, town officer (m. Sep. 17, 
1721 PriiSciUa, dau. of Maj. John and Mercy 
[Warren] Bradford) ; son of Samuel, b. in 
Barnstable Mass. Apr. 15, 1661, a deacon; 
son of Rev. Eld. John Chipman who 
came to America from Bryans-Piddle near 
Dorchester Eng. in ship " Friendship " 
163 1. 

Portsmouth Ohio, b. in N. Richmond 
Ohio May 9, 1851 (m. Dec. 7, 1880 Mary 
Tod Hayman, dau. of Richard H. Hayman 
of Ky., his ancestors lived in Va. and Md., 
had 4 ch,, viz: Richard Hayman, Laura 
Fairman, William Johnson and Hugh Her- 
rick Tremper) ; son of Johnson Tremper 
of N. Richmond Ohio, b. in Esopus Feb. 
9, 1809, d. in N. Richmond 1885 (m. 1830 
Laura, b. in Auburn N. Y. 1814, dau. of 
John Chapman Jeffries and Deborah Stark- 
weather, dau. of Samuel Starkweather and 
had besides William D. above. Alma, Rob- 
ert and other children) ; son of Daniel of 
N. Richmond O., b. in New York, bp. 
Apr. 15, 1770, d. in N. Richmond Ohio 
Mar. 20, 1833 (m. May 16, 1791 Ariette 
KiefTer and had 12 ch., viz: Elizabeth, b. 
July 12, 1793 [m. 1815 Daniel Davis], 
Catherine, b. July 21, 1794 [m. 1815 Rob- 
ert Haines], Margaret, b. Sep. 28, 1795 [m. 
Philip Quinlain], Michael, b. Mar. i, 1798 
[m. Susan], James, b. Nov. 6, 1799 [m. 
Eleanor Davis], Lawrence, b. Dec. 15, 

1801, John Lawrence, b. Oct. 21, 1803 [m. 
Margaret Hayes], Leah, b. May 19, 1805 
[m. William Allen], Anna Maria, b. Aug. 
11, 1807 [m. Joseph Gibson], Johnson 
above, Daniel, b. Sep. 8, 1810, d. 1832 [m. 
Sep. 8, 1831 Mary Ross] and William A. 
Tremper, b. Aug. 17, 1814 [m. Mary 
Ross]); son of Michael Tremper of New 
York and Fishkill, b. in New York, bp. 
Mar. 13, 1745, admitted a freeman of New 
York 1769, removed with his family to 
Fishkill after the evacuation of New York 
1776, and served in the Dutchess co. militia 
under Col. Abraham Brinkerhoff (m. Mar. 
i5j 1767 Leah, dau. of Daniel and Lea 
Hertje Van Deusen, see Van Deusen 
lineage, and had 8 ch., viz: Mary, b. Dec. 
21, 1767 [m. Oct. 26, 1786 James CoUord], 
Daniel above, Jacob, b. Feb. 15, 1772, d. 
Oct. 17, 1774, Catherina, b. Feb. 25, 1774 
[m. June 9, 1793 Thomas B. C. CollordJ, 
Jacob, b. in New York June 30, 1776, 
Michael, b. in Fishkill Oct. 30, 1778, John, 
b. June 23, 1782 and Harmarinie Tremper, 
b. Feb. 16, 1784); son of Jacob of New 
York, b. in Upper Germany about 1712, 
soldier in New York militia under Cap. 
Gerard Beekmani738(m. May i, 1738 Anna 
Maria Peffer, dau. of Michael Pefifer, free- 
man of New York 1715 and Anna Maria 
Hoffman, and had 5 ch., viz: Anna Maria, 
bp. Mar. i, 1739, John Jacob, bp. Sep. 5, 
1740, Joannes, bp. Jan. 26, 1743, Michael 
above and Mary who m. Michael Schatzel 
of Rhinebeck N. Y.) ; son of Jacob 
Tremper, b. in Upper Germany about 1683, 
came to this country about 1713 (m. Chris- 
tina Welker, and had 2 ch., viz: Jacob 
above and John George Tremper of 
Dutchess CO. N. Y., who m. Susanna). 

b. there, bp. Jan. 24, 1742 (m. Apr. 
TO, 1762 Rachel Berger), had bro. Abra- 
ham, bp. Jan. 9, 1745, became a freeman 
T770; sons of Daniel of New York City, b. 
there, bp. Sep. 16. 1716, militiaman 1738, 
and beicame a freeman 'of the city 174T 
(m. 1738 Lea Hertje, became a member of 
the Tappan Church 1735, dau. of Jacobus 
Hertje and Tryntje Stratemaker, m. Sep. 



28, 1706, gt.-gr.-dau. of Lambert Huybert- 
sen Moll of New Netherlands 1628, made 
a burgher 1657, she, Tryntje became a 
member of the Tappan Churah 1735) ; son 
of Isaac Van Deusen of New York, b. in 
Albany, bp. 1688 (m. Apr. 5, 1713 Ametje 
Waldron, dau. of Daniel Waldron, b. in 
Amsterdam 1650, and Sara Rutgers, whose 
father Rutger Willemsen was wounded 
while serving in the city guards against 
Leisler 1691); son of Abraham Isaacs 
Van Deusen of Albany N. Y., b. in New 
York, bp. Nov. 16, 1659, he and his wife 
were members of the Dutch Church in Al- 
bany 1683 (m. 1682 or '83 Anna, dau. of 
Zacharias Sickels, see Sickels lineage) ; 
son of Isaac Abrahamsen Van Deusen of 
New Amsterdam N. Y., b. in Holland 
about 1634, he was among those who took 
the oath of allegiance after the surrender 
1664, and a house owner of New York 
1674 (m. 1659 Jannetie Jans, widow of 
Adam Van Sandt, who came over in the 
" Brawnfish " from Aernhem in Guelder- 
land 1658 with his wife Jannetie and chil- 
dren, viz.: James [m. Margrita Van der 
Poel of Albany] and Catherine Van Zant 
[m. Gerrit Wynamts Van der Poel of Al- 
bany]); son of Abraham Pietersen Van 
Deusen of New Amsterdam N. Y., b. in 
Holland labout 1602, miller, one of the 
" Twelve Men " 1641, and one of the 
" Eight Men " 1643, became a burgher 
1657 (m. Tryntje Melohiors). 

SICKELS, JOHN S. of New York, b. 
about 1742, d. June 4, 1804 (m. Sep. 

29, 1763 Maria, dau. of Aaron and Maria 
[Myer] Bussing, and had 3 ch., viz.: Mary 
[m. John Adriance], Letitia [m. William 
Kenyon]); son oif Johames Sickels of Har- 
Kenyon]; son of Johames Sickels oi Har- 
lem N. Y., b. 1720, d. in Harlem 1784, set- 
tled in Harlem 1748, and inherited 84 acres 
from the Meyer estate (m. Margeret, dau. 
of Adolph and Margeret [Waldron] 
Meyer, who were m. Oct. 25, 1716); son of 
Johames Sickels of Westchester 00., b. in 
New York, bp. July 29, 1694, d. in June 
1729, settled in Westchester co. on a farm 
of 100 acres, which he bought in 1722 (m. 

May 2, 1 718 Anna, dau. of Adolph and 
Maria [Verveele] Meyer) ; son of Zach- 
arias of Harlem N. Y., b. in Albany 1670, 
d. Jan. 20, 1729, went to Harlem 1693, 
bought of his father-in-law some land in 
Harlem 1705, land at his death owned 
about 43 acres (m. ist Aug. 23, 1693 Maria, 
dau. of Jan Hendriks and Annatje [Bas- 
tiens] Brevoort, who were- m. Jan. 29, 
1668, 2d July 19, 1717 Wyntie Dyckman); 
son of Zacharias Sickels of Albany N. Y., 
b. in Vienna Austria tabout 1630, went to 
Holland, from there to Curacoa, where he 
served -as a cadet, when Stuyvesant re- 
turned from a visit to Curacoa 1655 Sick- 
els came with him, and soon after attached 
to the garrison at Fort Orange, remained 
in Albany after the surrender 1664, re- 
moved to New York 1693, and admitted a 
freeman 1698 (m. 1658 or '60 Anna, dau. of 
Lambert and Amatie Van Valkenbergh, 
who were residents of New Amsterdam 
1644, and afterwards- went to Albany). 

^ Dayton Ky. (m. Sep. 3, 1885 Carrie 
Spillman); son Oif Thomas Brainard Col- 
lord of Williamsburg Ohio, b. in Cincin- 
nati Ohio Feb. 14, 1834 (m- ist Oct. 6, 
1853 Mary E. Hartman, 2d May 10, 1870 
Sarah E. Hartman, daus. of James Chris- 
topher Hartman of Clermont co. Ohio 
and Miargeret Gorham of Pa.) ; son of 
Samuel Worden Collord of iMattoon 111., 
b. in New York May 31, 1807, d. in Mot- 
toon May 29, 1883 (m. July 31, 1828 Anna 
Robson, dau. of John Robson and May 
Brack, Wiho came fromi Durham Eng) ; 
son of Thomas Bradbury Chandler Col- 
lord of New York, b. in EHzabeth N. J. 
Jan. 20, 1772, d. in New Richmond Ohio 
Feb. 7, 1840, moved to Cincinnati with his 
family 181 1, was a tanner there, and gave 
the ground for one of the ist Pres. 
churches there (m. June 9, 1793 Catherine, 
dau. of Michael Tremper, see Tremper 
lineage); sion of Isaac Collord oif Eliza- 
beth N. J., b. .about 1736 (m. May 17, 1759 
Anne Spining, desc. oi Humphrey Spin- 
ing, who came witlh 'his uncle from Eng- 
land to New Haven Ct. 1637, and was 



afterwards one oif the first associates of 
Elizabeth 1664, and one of those to whom 
patents were granted by Sir George Cart- 
eret 1676) ; son of James Collord, b. about 
1 712, d. in Quebec in Sep. 1759, soldier in 
the French war, killed at the siege of 
Quebec under Gen. Wolfe, and whose an- 
cestors came from England. 

CORLIES, JACOB of Poughkeepsie N. 
Y., b. in Brooklyn Apr. 4, 1830, lived 
in N. Y. until 1855, then engaged in real 
estate business in Poughkeepsie, served 
several terms as alderman, school co'mmis- 
sioner, almshouse com. and is now pres. 
of the First Nafciional Bank of Poughkeep- 
sie (m. Sep. 6, 1855 Edith W. Haines, dau. 
of Franklin Haines, who came from Ran- 
cocus N. J. and had 4 ch., viz.: Frankldn 
H., b. July 2, 1856 [m. Dec. 5, 1889 Eliza- 
beth M. Keen, and had son Wi'llram M., 
b. Sep. 3, 1893], Eliza M., b. Sep. 24, 1858 
[m. Oct. 2S, 1884 J. Arthur Lockwood], 
George, b. June 4, 1862, Walter 2d, b. Aug. 
25, 1864 [m. Aug. 16, 1887 Elinor C. Hitch- 
cock, and ihad Margery C, b. Oct. 8, 
1889]); son of George of Poughkeepsie N. 
Y., b. in New York City Jan. 11, 1804, d. 
in Poughkeepsie May 27, 1892, engaged in 
wholesale dry goods business in New 
York, member of firm of Merrill & Cor- 
lies, removed to his farm a few miles be- 
low Poughkeepsie 1836, returned to N. Y., 
took his position in the firm, remained 
there until 1852, when he again moved to 
Poughkeepsie, where he engaged in real 
estate business, alderman for several 
terms, school commissioner, almshouse 
com. and trustee in several charitable in- 
stitutions (m. Feb. 22, 1827 Elizabeth, dau. 
of Jacob Corlies of Shrewsbury N. J.) ; 
son of Benjamin of New York City, b. in 
Eatontown N. J. Aug. 19, 1775, d. in 
Poughkeepsie N. Y. Mar. 3, i860, engaged 
in dry goods commission business in N. 
N. firm of Corlies, Haydock and Co. 
until 1840, when having amassed a fortune 
retired to his country seat in Shrewsbury 
N. J., moved to Poughkeepsie N. Y. 1852, 
where he spent the remainder of his life 
(m. 1797 Phebe, dau. of James Ludlam) ; 

son of George Corlies of Eatontawn N. 
J., b. there Apr. 18, 1749, d. there Dec. i, 
1816 (m. Patience Wooley) ; son of Jacob 
of Eatontown N. J., b. there Aug. 14, 1715, 
d. there (m. Dec. 22, 1737 Sarah White, 
and ihad 9 ch., viz.: Britten, b. Dec. 27, 
1738, Elizabeth, b. Apr. 8, 1740 [m. Her- 
bert], Benjiamin, b. May 2, 1742, Abigail, 
b. May 2, 1744 [m. Edgwards], Joihn, b. 
Feb. 2, 1746, Peter, b. July 23, 1747, 
George, b. Apr. 18, 1749, Jacob, b. Apr. 
21, 1751, and Sarah, b, June 20, 1758 [m. 
John Rively]); son of George of Mon- 
mouth CO. N. J. (m. Sep. 23, 1699 Deborah 

^ of Cincinnati, b. there Jan. 17, ,1849, 
d. Oct. 12, 1893 (m. Apr. 10, 1878 Marie 
Brennan, ihad William Esperanza Col- 
lord); son of William Adams Collord of 
Cincinnati, b. in Nelson co. Ky. Apr. 29, 
1824, grad. Augusta coll. Ky., banker, and 
an officer of the city guards in the war of 
rebellion (m. Oot. 10, 1846 Rebecca, dau. 
of Joseph Severns [and Nancy Smith of 
Chamber sberg Pa.] of Chambersberg. an 
ofifiicer in the war 1812) ; son of Isaac of 
Kentucky, b. in New York City June 25, 
1794, d. in Cincinnati Mar. 8, 1875, went 
west 181 1, served in war 1812, entered the 
ministry of the Methodist Church 1818, 
and was attached to the Ky. conference 
for 40 years (m. Feb. 29, 1816 Eliza, b. in 
Haverstraw N. Y., dau. of Ithiel and 
Diadema Smead, and a desc. of William 
Smead, who came with his mother Judith 
Stougihton Smead fro.m England to Dor- 
chester Mass. 1636, and afterward a soldier 
at Deerfield in King Philip's war); son of 
Thomas Bradbury Chandler Collord of 
New York City, b. in Elizabeth N. J. Jan. 
20, 1772, d. in New Richmond Ohio Feb. 
7, 1840, moved to Cimcinnati with his fam- 
ily 181 1, was a tanner there, and gave the 
ground for one of the ist Pres. churches 
there (m. June 9, 1793 Catherina, dau. of 
Michael Tremper. see Tremper lineage) ; 
son of Isaac Collord of Elizabeth N. J., b. 
about 1736 (m. May 17, 1759 Anne Spin- 
ing, desc. of Humphrey Spining, who 



came with his uncle from England to New 
Haven Ct. 1637, and was afterward one of 
the first associates of Elizabethtown 1664, 
and one of those to whom patencs were 
granted by Sir George Carteret 1676); son 
of James Gollord, b. about 1712, d. in 
Quebec in Sep. 1759, soldier in the French 
war, killed at the siege of Quebec under 
Gen, Wolfe, land whose ancestors came 
from England. 

J Bend Ind., grad. A B, A M and D 
D Hanover coll. Ind. 1872, McCormick 
Theological seminary 1875 and pastor ist. 
Presby. Church South Bend Ind. (m. July 
13, 1876 Giddy A. Hare, dau. of C. S. Hare, 
treasurer of Dekelb co., and had 3 ch., viz: 
Emily Matilda, Edger Hare and Sadie 
Virginia Johnson) ; son of John Johnson 
of Windham Ohio, b. in Naples N. Y. in 
Sep. 1819, d. in Windham in Mar. 1893, 
spent most of his life in Naples N. Y. and 
Windham (m. 1847 Matilda Webb, b. May 
2, 1826, desc. of Richard Webb, who was 
made a freeman of Boston 1632, and went 
with Rev. Thomas Hooker to the settle- 
ment of Hartford 1636, and also desc. of 
Matilda Webb, Silas Webb, Benjamin 
Webb, John Benjamin Webb, Joseph 
Webb, Joseph Webb, Richard Webb and 
Richa^rd Webb, d. in Norwalk Ct. 1655); 
son of Amasa Johnson of Naples N. Y., 
b. in Peru Mass. 1789, d. in Naples N. Y. 
Oct. 10, 1866, was in war 1812; son of 
John of Naples N. Y., b. in Mass.. d. in 
Naples, one of the founders of Naples, was 
made a colonel in rev. war (m. Hannah 
Watkins, dau. of Capt. William WatkinsV 

TON of Sea Cliff and New York, b. 
in Logan Creek Ind. Oct. 24. 1820, instruc- 
tor of Latin and Greek in Columbia colli. 
grammar school 1841-1855, and prof, of 
Latin and Greek in the Brooklyn polytech- 
nic 1855-94 (m. Aug. 4. 1847 Amanda M. 
W'hitfield. bad 7 ch., viz.: George Whit- 
field, Lucy, Emma, Clara. James, Mabel 
and Edith); son o^ James of New York 
City, b. there Feb. 29. 1792, d. there July 

24, 1846. learned the trade of printer with 
Abraham Paul, and was printer of the 
Methodist Book Concern of N. Y. 1828- 
46, Methodist minister Pittsburg and Ohio 
conference 1819-26 (im. Aug. 4, 1819 Mary 
Thorn, b. in Oyster Bay L. I., d. in Pitts- 
burg Pa. Apr. 4, 1861); son of James of 
New York City, b. in Elizabeth about 1764, 
made freeman oi New York 1784 (m. 
Oct. 26, 1786 Mary, dau. of Michael Trem- 
per, see Tremper lineage) ; son of Isaac 
Gollord of Elizabeth N. J., b. about 1736 
(m. May 17, 1759 Anne Spining, desc. of 
Humphrey Spining, who came with his 
uncle from Eng. to New Haven Ct. 1637, 
and was afterwards one of the first asso- 
ciates of Elizabeth 1664, and one of those 
to whom patents were granted by Sir 
George Carteret 1676) ; son of James, b. 
about 1712, d. in Quebec 1759, soldier in 
French war, killed at the siege of Quebec 
under Gen. Wolfe, and whose ancestors 
came from Eng. 

nOBB, OSCAR of Buffalo N. Y., b. in 
^ Ludlow Vt. Oct. 8, 1816, attended 
Monroe inst. Rochester N. Y. 1831, teacher 
1832, drug and chemical business in 
Rochester until 1837, in St, Louis until 
1844, went on mineralogical survey of 
northern shore of Lake Superior 1847, 
grain and flour merchant of Buffalo until 
1874, and identified with several public 
and charitable institutions (m. ist. 1856 
Charlotte Callender, d, 1867, dau. of Bird- 
sey Wilcox of Stratford Ct, and Lydia, 
dau. of Deacon Amos Callender, and had 
Julia Ida [m. George C Bingham of rev. 
desc, and had Benjamin F. and George 
C. Bingham], Jennie Sarah of Buffalo 
N. Y., John Callender [m. Myra, dau. of 
Maj. Howard of Fairport N. Y., and had 
Mary Robbins Cobb], Charlotte Wilcox 
[m. Carl A, Lautz, son of J. Adam Lautz, 
and had Oscar C, John A. and Charlotte 
Wilcox Lautz] and Mary Emily Cobb [m. 
Calvin S. Grosser, and had Callender 
Armstrong Grosser], 2d. 1869 Martha H.. 
dau. of Orson and Louisa [Denison] War- 
ner and gr.-dau. of Matthew Warner ol 
Lima N. Y., circuit judge, twice member 



of Leg. and of rev. and colonial desc, she, 
Martha had son Carloscar Warner Cdbb) ; 
son of John Gobb, b. in Pawlet Yt. 1789, 
d. in Ogden N. Y. 1832, doctor, grad. 
Castleton Med. ooll., and practiced in Og- 
den (m. Sarah, dau. of Nathaniel and 
Mary [Coolddge] Robbins) ; son of John 
Cobb, b. in Norwich Ct. 1743, moived to 
Pawlet Vt. 1782 (m. Mary Fuller of Plain- 
field Ct., had 8 ch., viz.: Henry [m. a 
Bennett], William [m. a Fitch], John [m. 
Sarah Robbins], Gideon [m. a Worden], 
Horace [m. a Biascomb], Abigail [m. a 
Mayo], Mary [m. a Bacon] and Marie [m. 
S. Griswold]); so^n of Gideon, 'b. in Ston- 
ington Ct. 1718 (m. Abigail [dau. of Col. 
John Dyer 'and Abigail Fitch], [dau. of 
Maj. James Fitch land Alice Bradford 
Adams, dau. of Maj. William Bradford 
and Alice Richards iand gr.-dau. of Wil- 
liam Bradford, gov. of Plymouth, county 
surveyor and deputy to general court], 
she, Abigail had 5 ch., viz.: John [m. Miary 
Fuller], Elkaneh [m. a Willard], Joshua 
[m. a Edgerton], Ebenezer [m. a La- 
throp], M. Wealthean [m. a Lathrop]), 
had bro. Elkaneh; son of Gideon 
Cobb, b. in Barnsta'ble Mass. 1691, d. in 
Canterbury 1734, capt., co. surveyor, o-wner 
of lands in Windham 00., and organized 
Windham Church (m. Margaret, b. 1695, 
widow of Samuel Cleveland of Canterbury 
and dau. of John and M'argaret Fish oif 
Stonington Ct., she, Margaret Cobb bad 
by 2d husband, Samuel Cleveland, 2 ch., 
viz: Elkaneh, b. in Sto,ningto.n, and Gideon, 
b. 1718); son of Henry Cobb, b. in Barn- 
stable Mass. 1665, remioved to Stonington 
1700 and owned Saltonstall grant Mart 
Lake (m. 1690 Lois Hallett, had 3 ch., viz.: 
Lois, Eunice and Nathan Hallett Cobb); 
son of Henry lof Plymouth Mass. 1629, 
Scituate Mass. 1632 and Biarnstable 1635. 

^ Lawrence Kan., b. in Fitchburg 
Mass. June 29, 1840, grad. Williams ooll. 
1862, Andover theol. sem. 1866, principal 
Fitchburg H. S. 1862-3, prof. of natural 
science univ. of Kan. 1866-90, chancellor 
of same 1890-98, A. M. of Williams coll. 

1865, Ph. D. same 1881, LL. D. of Prince- 
ton 1890 (m. July 8, 1868 Jane Appleton 
Aiken, dau. of John Aiken and [M'ary 
Means Appleton, idesc. of John Appleton, 
son of John, son of John, son of Thomas, 
son of Robert, son of William, son of 
Thomias, son of Samuel, son of Samuel, 
son of Isaac, son of Franois, son of Jesse 
Appleton, pres. of Bowdoin coll.], son of 
Phineas Aiken, son of John, son of Na- 
thaniel, son of Edward Aiken, settled in 
Londonderry N. H. 1720, she, Jane had 6 
ch., viz.: William Appleton, Martha Bou- 
telle, Mary Margaret, Edith Huntington, 
Francis Lawrence and Harold Horton 
Snow, d. June 9, 1889); son of Benjamin 
Snow of Fitchburg Mass., b. in Westmore- 
land N. H. Oct. 26, 1813, d. in Worcester 
Mias's. iMay 15, 1892, removed to Fitchburg 
with his 'father 1825, a successful merchant 
and paper manufacturer, prominent Garri- 
sonian abolitionist, kept station O'U under- 
ground railway for conducting fugitive 
slaves to Canada (m. Nov. 13, 1838 Mary 
Baldwin Boutelle, dau. of David Boutelle 
[and Ruth B'aldwin Huntington, dau. of 
Christopher, sion of Christopher, son 
of Christopher, son of Christopher, S'on of 
Christopher, one of the founders of Nor- 
wich Ct., son of Simon], son of David 
Boutelle, in rev. war, son of James, son c^f 
James, son o'f James, son of James, son of 
James Boutelle, d. 1691); son of Benjamin 
Snow of Fitchburg Mass., b. in Lunen- 
burg Mass. Jan. 7, 1782, d. in Fitchburg 
Oct. 6, 1869, tailor in Walpole N. H., trav- 
eling salesman, clerk in store in Walpole, 
moved to Fitchburg 1825 (m. 1807 Alfredo 
Hall, lb. Sep. 27, 1788, d. Nov. 2, 1821, 
dau. of Isaac Hall [and Mary Leonard], 
so,n of Philip Hall, son of John, son of 
John, proprietor of the ist iron smelter or 
blower of Tauntoin Mass., SO'U of George 
Hall, came from Devonshire Eng. *with 
his wife Mary, one o\f the founders of 
Taunton 1639, proprietor of the ist iron 
smielter there) ; son of Silas Snow of Fitch- 
burg Mass., b. in Lunenburg Mass. Apr, 
I, 1732, d. in Fitchburg Sep. 16, 1807, one 
of the original founders of Fitchburg 
which was set apart f-rom Lunenburg 



1764, member Congregational church in 
Lunenburg, afterwards in Fitchburg (m. 
Oct. 22, 1754 Anna Farwell, b. May 15, 
1742, d. Sept. 10, 1834) ; son of William of 
Lunenburg Mass., b. in Woburn Mass. 
1708, d. in Lunenburg June 15, 1774, bought 
land in Lunenburg (m. Elizabeth Stephens, 
d. Oct. 31, 1780); son of Zerubbabel of 
Woburn Mass., b. there 1672, d. there Nov. 
20, 1733 (m. Sep. 22, 1697 Jemima Cutler); 
son of John Snow, b. about 1640; son of 
Richard early settler of Woburn, tax payer 
there when the levy was made 1645 (m. 
Eliziabeth Reed). 

New York City, b. there Aug. 21, 
1864 (unmarried); son of Henry Anthon 
Bostwick of New York City, b. there July, 
19, 1827, d. there Jan. 27, 1892 (m. 
Oct. 26, 1853 Emma Cornelia Engs, 
dau. of Philip W. and Anna [Town- 
send] Engs); son of Charles Byron Bost- 
wick of New York City, b. in Pine Plains 
N. Y. Aug. 2, 1794, d. in Albany N. Y. 
Oct. 20, 1857 (m. Apr. 8, 1822 Cornelia, 
dau. of Joseph and Barbara [Becker] 
Corre); son of Benjamin Buggies Bost- 
wick of New Milford Ct. and Pine Plains 
N. Y., b. in New Milford Sep. 5, 1762, d. 
in Pine Plains Feb. 6, 1845 (m. Nov. 30, 
1782 Rachel, dau. of Bemajah and Mary 
[Canfield] Stone); son of Reuben of New 
Milford Ct., b. there Sep. 2, 1734, ensign 
in nth CO. Capt. Archibald McNeale, Col. 
Nathan Whiting's reg. 2d Ct. expedition 
against Montreal 1761, capt. of 7th co. ist 
battalion Wadsworth's brigade. Col. Gold 
S. SilHman 1776, capt. in Col. John Ely's 
reg. Ct. troops " Danbury Alarm " 1777 
(m. May 27, 1761 Mabel, dau. of Joseph 
and Rachel [Tolls] Ruggles); son of 
Nathaniel Bostwick of New Milford Ct., 
b. in Stratford Ct. Sep. 17, 1699, d. in New 
Milford July 13, 1756, deputy from New 
Milford 1738-43, justice of peace 1744-53, 
1st capt. of 2d CO. New Milford militia 
1743 (m- Oct. 7, 1727 Esther, dau. of Sam- 
uel and Sarah [Weller] Hitchcock); son 
of John of Stratford and New Milford Ct., 
b. in Stratford Ct. May 4, 1667, d. in New 

Milford 1747, 2d settler in New Milford 
1707 (m. 1687 Abigail, dau. of Joseph and 
Abigail [Pruden] Walker); son of John 
of Stratford Ct., b. dn Cheshire Eng., bp. 
Oct. 8, 1638, d. in Stratford iprior to Dec. 
1688, came to America with his father 
about 1641 (m. 1666 Mary, dau. of John 
Brinsmade of Charleston Mass.); son of 
Arthur Bostwick of Stratford Ct., b. in 
Cheshire Eng., bp. Dec. 22, 1603, d. in 
Stratford about 1678, came to America 
about 1641, located in Southampton L. L, 
afterwards in Stratford (m. ist Jan. 8, 
1627 or '28 Jane Whittel, 2d Ellen John- 

of Elizabeth City N. C, b. in Belvi- 
dere N. C. Sep. 9, 1826, judge solicitor of 
circuit state court, U. S. atty. for E. dist. 
N. C, com. from N. C. to Centennial Ex- 
position in Phila. 1876 (m. Jan. 8, 1855 
Catharine F. Brooke Pescud, dau. of Col. 
Edward Pescud of Petersburg Va. and 
Susan, dau. of Peter Francisco of Va,, 
she, Catharine had 6 ch., viz.: Jonathan 
W., Marceline P., Robert Brooke, Re- 
becca, Thomas and Catharine S. F. Al- 
bertson); son of Anthony Benezet 
Albertson of Belvidere N. C, b. there 
Apr. 5, 1797, d. there May 11, 1861 (m. 
July 17, 181 7 Rebecca, dau. of Jonathan 
and Rachael [Winslow] White, desc. of 
New England Winslows, and had 3 ch., 
viz.: Elias T. [m. Mary King of Va.], 
Edward C. [m. Margaret Godwin of Va.] 
and Jonathan White as above) ; son of 
Elias of Pasquotank co. N. C, b. there 
Sep. 24, 1763, d. in Perquimans N. C. in 
Sep. 1797, inspector of customs at port of 
Newhegin Creek, merchant in Newbegun 
and afterwards in Belvidere (m. Nov. 9, 
1785 Mary, dau. of Thomas Newby [and 
Sarah Scott of Va.], whose family were 
among the early settlers in N. C, and had 
4 ch., viz.: Elias T., Newby, Elizabeth, b. 
July 21, 1795 [m. Apr. 9, 1818 Miles 
White], and Anthony Benezet as above); 
son of Elias of Pasquotank, b. in Pasquo- 
tank CO. N. C, d. there Dec. 13, 1767 (m. 
in May 1759 widow Elizabeth Carver, and 



had 2 ch., viz.: Abraham, d. 1769, and 
Elias as above) ; son of Esau Albertson of 
Pasquotank co. N. C. (had 8 oh., viz.: 
William, Elias as above, Elihu [m. Eliza- 
beth Pendleton], Isaac, William, Sarah 
[m. John Trueblo'od], Lydia [m. a Stan- 
ton] and a dau. [m. a Martyn]); son of 
Esau, b. Aug. 19, 1672 (m. Jan. 17, 1700 
Sarah, dau. of Darbey and Dorythy Sex- 
to>n, an/d had 3 ch., viz.: Susannah, Isaiah, 
twins, b. May 14, 1702, and Esau as 
above); son of Albert Albertson, d. Feb. 
28, 1701 (m. Dec. 20, 1668 Mary Crosbey, 
and had 4 oh., viz.: Albert, b. July 15, 
1669, Susannah, b. Feb. 19, 1670, Esau as 
above, Hannah, b. Dec. 11, 1675, and 
Peter, b. June 30, 1677). 

ALBRO, ADDIS of New York City, b. 
in Middleburgh N. Y. Feb. 18, 1855, 
clergyman, M. S., LL. B., D. D., coll. 
prof, and ipres., field sec. of N. Y. state 
Sabbath association, member Sons Amer. 
Rev., soc. of Colonial Wars (m. Feb. 19, 
1878 Mary Alice Scribner, b. Apr. 6, 1858, 
dau. of Myron E. Scribner and Mary 
Kromer of Schoiharie N. Y., and had 5 ch., 
viz.: Addis Bliss, Iva Dell, Ames Scribner, 
Ruth and Ward Sloan Albro); son of 
William Bliss Albro -of Middleburgh N. 
Y., b. in Berne N. Y. May 2, 1800, d. in 
Fort Wayne Ind. Aug. 31, 1879, farmer, 
capt. I52d reg., 31st brigade, 9th division, 
infantry corps, militiia 'of N. Y. state, 
elected 1830, commissioned 1831 (m. Mar. 
28, 1854 Ann Elizabeth Wood, b. May i, 
1819, d. Feb. 3, 1878, dau. of Samuel C. 
and Abigail [Hatharway] Wood, and had 
3 ch., viz. : Addis as above, Francis of Fort 
Wayne Ind., b. July 3, 1856, and William 
Bliss Albro, b. Apr. 9, 1859, d. Oct. 21, 
1862); son of Isaac of Berne N. Y., b. in 
Portsmouth R. I. Sep. 3, 1765, d. in Berne 
Nov. 12, 1838, farmer (m. in Feb. 1794 
Sarah, dau. of Rev. William and Barbara 
[Phillips] Bliss, gt.-gr.-^dau. of Maj. John 
Bliss and Demaris Arnold, dau. of Gov. 
Benedict Arnold of R. I., she, Sarah had 
Barbara, b. 1796, d. Nov. 9, 1868 [m. 
Schuyler Sweet], Mary, b. Mar. 25, 1798, 
d. Oct. I, 1839 [m. Joseph Watson], Wil- 

liam Bliss as above and Benjamin, b. Dec. 
25, 1802, d. Feb. 10, 1895); son of Jona- 
than Albro of Portsmouth R. I., b. there 
Jan. 7, 1731, d. in N. Kingston, R. I., rev. 
soldier (m. Oct. 21, 1759 Mary Tabor, had 5 
ch., viz. : Robert, b. Mar. 9, 1760, William 
b. June II, 1763, Isaac as above, John, b. 
Aug. 15, 1767, and Jonathan, b. Mar. 15, 
1770) ; son of Samuel of Portsmouth R. I., 
b. there June 16, 1701, d. there Oct. 5, 
1766, freeman (m. Nov. 25, 1725 Ruth 
Lawton, had children: Samuel, b. Feb. 
10, 1725 [m. Sep. 13, 1764 Rebecca 
WeedenJ, John, b. Jan. 30, 1729, Jonathan 
as above, Daniel, b. Jan. 2, 1734 [m. Sep. 
23> 1755 Abigail Sisson], and David, b. 
Apr. I, 1736 [m. Nov. 19, 1761 Elizabeth 
Coggshall]); son of Jolin of Portsmouth 
R. I., b. there, d. there Dec. 4, 1724, free- 
man, maj., member Church of England 
(m. Apr. 27, 1693 Mary Stokes, had 4 ch., 
viz.: John, b. Aug. 23, 1694, Mary, Sarah 
and Samuel as above); son of Jolin Albro 
of Portsmouth R. I., b. in Eng. 1617, d. in 
Portsmouth Dec. 14, 1712, embarked in 
ship " Francis " from Ipswich Eng. 1634, 
settled in Portsmouth R. I. 1638, granted 
land 1639, corporal 1644, lieut. 1660-72, 
capt. 1675--80, maj. 1680, commissioner 
i66o-6i, assistant 1671--86, in charge of 
island of R. I. during war with Indians 
1676, member of council of war 1676, of 
council of Sir Edmund Andros 1686 (had 
Samuel, b. 1644, d. 1739 [m. Isabella Law- 
ton], Elizabeth, d. 1720 [m. Benjamin 
Congdon], Mary, d. 1710 [m. Thomas 
Hicks], John as above and Susannah, d. 
1715 [m. John Anthony]). 

New York City, b. in Boston Mass. 
Dec. 5, 1842, grad. Kimball Union academy 
Meriden N. H. 1859, A. M. Williams coll. '' 
1863, resided in Boston until 1869, Brook- 
lyn until 1873, East Orange N. J. until 
1895, then N. Y., engaged in business Bos- 
ton and New York, pres. Maritime ex- 
change N. Y. 1892-5, supt. of docks N. Y. 
City 1895 (m. Sep. 19, 1871 Mary Ellen 
Leverich, b. in Brooklyn N. Y. Oct. iS, 
1847, dau. of Daniel T. Leverich, son of 



Edward, san of Col. Edward, son of Wil- 
liam, son of John, son of John, son of 
Caleb, son of Rev. William Leverich of 
Salem 1633, later Oyster Biay and Newitam 
L. I.), had hro. Horace Franklin Atwood 
of Rochester N. Y., b. in Boston Feb. 5, 
1850, was in business a while in Chicago 
111., now secretary of Rochester German 
Ins. CO., pres. Rochester Club, .member 
Royal Microscopical Soc. of England, 
pres. Rochester Academy of Science (m. 
Sep. I, 1873 Nellie Roberts of Bangor 
North Wales, had 3 ch., viz. : Grace Fannie, 
b. in Chicagio May 26, 1874, Isabel Dora, 
b. there Nov. 19, 1875, and Edward Snow 
Atwood, 'b. there Oct. 10, 1877, now in 
Rochester univ. class of 1899) ; sons of 
Francis Amaziah Atwood of Boston 
M'as's., b. in Wellfieet Mass. Jan. 31, 1831, 
d. in Chelsea Mass. Sep. 11, 1851, Frandis 
added by act of Mass. leg. session of 1842-3, 
was in business in Boston (m. Dec. 19, 
1841 Mary Snow, b. in Cohasset Mass. Jan. 
28, 1822, d. in Chicago Mar. 25, 1878, dau. 
of Samuel Snow [and Betsey Pratt, desc. 
of Phineas Pratt Weymouth Mass. 1662, 
Plymouth Mass. 1623, Samuel, Aaron, 
Aaron, Aaron, Phineas Pratt], name Snow 
taken in youth by Salvador Sabate'y Morel, 
b. in Vilaseca Spain, she, Mary bad 4 ch., 
viz.: Edward Stanley as above, Sarah Elizia- 
beth, b. Aug. 6, 1845, d. June 2, 1848, Mary 
Frances, b. Jan. 5, 1848, teacher Chelsea 
Mass., and Horace Franklin Atwood as 
above) ; son of Amaziah of Wellfleet Miass. 
1847 and South'boro Mass., b. in Wellfleet 
Sep. 25, 1784, d. in Southboro Mar. 20, 
i860, shipmaster, .in business in Wellfleet, 
purchased la farm in Southboro 1847, mem- 
ber Mass. house of reps, from Wellfleet 
1835, selectman in Wellfleet 1838-44 (m. 
Sep. 8, 1808 Sarah Snow, b. in Truno Mass. 
Jan. 22, 1788, d. Jan. 14, 1866, dau. of Sil- 
\ianus Snow [and Jerusha Hinckley, dau. 
of Solomon Hinckley, son of Josiah, son of 
Samuel, son of Gov. Thomas Hinckley 
Plymouth Colony 1681-92], son of An- 
thony Snow 1709, son of John 1678, son of 
John 1645, son of Nicholas, cam^e to Amer- 
ica in the ship " Ann " 1623, m. Constance 
Hopkins, came in the " Mayflower " with 

her father Steplhen Hopkins. She. Sarah 
had Eunice, b. June 13, 1809 [m. Oct. 30, 
1828 Henry A. Holbrook of Boston Mass.], 
Solomon Snow, b. Feb. 5, 1S12, d. July 
25, 1812, Sarah, !b." Feb. 28, 1815 [m. ist 
David Cole, 2d Dec. 3, 1835], Amaziah, b. 
Feb. 28, 1818, d. Oct. 4, 1818, Francis 
Amaziah as above, Silvanus Snow Atwood, 
b. Jan. 9, 1823, d. Nov. 3, 1823) ; son of 
David Atwood of Wellfleet Mass., b. there 
Aug. 24, 1758, d. there Oct. 26, 1825, fol- 
lowed the sea, served in Capt. Winslow 
Lewis' CO. in rev. war (m. Apr. 9, 1781 
Susannah, h. 1764, dau. of William and 
Vashti [Cole] Newcom'b, and had 11 ch., 
viz.: Timothy, b. Nov. 7, 1782, d. at sea 
Aug. 27, 1807, Amaziah as above, Hannah, 
b. Sep. 29, 1786 [m. June 25, 1806 John L. 
Daniels], David, b. Jan. 25, 1789 [m. Apr. 
17, 1823 Sallie Pierce], William Newcom^b, 
b. Aug. 12, 1791, d. Dec. 12, 1792, William 
Newcomb, b. Dec. 12, 1792 [m. Poily R. 
Bush], Vashti Cole, b. Oct. 3, 1795 m. 
Jos. S. Rich of Truro Mass.], Susannah 
Harding, b. Nov. 22, 1797 [m. Jesse 
Lewis], Joshua of Wellfleet Mass., b. Sep. 
28, 1800 [m. Jane Lewis], Mehitabel Mayo, 
b. Dec. 5, 1802 [m. Edmu'nd Hawes] and 
Timothy Atwood, b. Dec. i, 1809 [m. 
Nancy B. Townsend], son of Timothy 
Atwood of Wellfleet Mass., b. in Eastham 
Mass. July 5, 1731, d. in Wellfleet 0(?t. 24, 
1820 (m. 1st Susannah Harding of Chat- 
ham Mass., b. 1734, d. Mar. 4, 1791, 2d 
Mar. 19, 1791 widow Elizabeth Howes, d. 
Nov. 20, 1829, she, Susannah Llarding had 
5 ch., viz.: David as above, Susannah, b. 
July 20, 1760 [m. Nov. 8, 1787 Ebenezer 
Wiley], John, b. Oct. 11, 1765 [i^t Nov. 16, 
1788 Apphiah Cook, d. Mar. 22, 1810, 2d 
Oct. II, 1810 Hannah Cook], Deborah, b. 
Jan. 20, 1772 [m. Oct. 14, 1793 Amos 
Fisher] and Hairding, b. Jan. 7. 1776 [m. 
Dec. 28, 1797 Eunice Young]); son of 
John Atwood of Eastham Mass., b. there 
Aug. 10, 1686, d. there (m. Sep. 28, 1719 
Thankful Williamson, had 7 ch., viz.: Wil- 
liam, b. Apr. 14, 1721 [m. Bathshela 
Smith], Mary, b. Feb. 15, 1723 [m. Oct. 27, 
1748 Riohiard Atwood], John, b. Sep. 25, 
1725 [m. Feb. 13, 1755 Abigail Freeman], 



Thankful [m. May 20, 1745 Richard Avey], 
Ephraim, b. Mar. 9, 1728 [m. Bethiah], 
Timothy as above and Simeion, b. Niov. 3, 
1733); son of Eldad A'twood of Eastham 
Mass., b. there probably about 1655 
(,m. Feb. 14, 1683 Anna Snow, b. July 7, 
1656, dau. of Miark Snow [and Anna Cook, 
dau. of Josias, pro'b. son o^f Franois of 
the Mayflower], son of Nioholas Snow and 
Constance Hopkins of the Mayflower, she, 
Anna Snow Atwood had 8 ch., viz.: Mary, 
b. in Nov. 1684, John as above, Ann, b. in 
Jan. 1688, Deborah in Mar. 1690, Sarah, 
b. in Apr. 1692, Eldad, b. July 9, 1695, 
Ebenezer, b. in Mar. 1697, and Benjamin, 
b. in June 1701); son of Stephen Atwood 
of Plymouth 1643, one of the ist settlers 
of Eastham Mas's. (m. Nov. 16, 1644 Abi- 
gail, dau. of John Dunham of Plymouth, 
and had 6 ch., viz.: John, d. 1648, Hannah, 
b. Oct. 14, 1649 [m. Jian. 3, 1677 Jeremiah 
Smith], Stephen, b. about 165 1 [m. 1676 
Apphia Bangs], Eldad as above, Medad 
[m. Esther] and Daniel Atwood). 

army, b. in Tower Hill Va., grad. Va. 
mil. inst., aivil and mining engineer in 
Norfolk Va., Leadville and Denver Col., 
Col. D. and R. G. R. R., A. and D. R. R., 
Va. Beach R. R., entered U. S. A. as Ireut. 
1884 (m- Oct. 27, 1882 Mary Elizabeth 
Thomas, dau. of Gen. H. G. Thomas U. S. 
A., land Ellen Webster of Portland Me., 
and des'C. of W. W. Thomas, minister to 
Norway and Sweden, William Widgery, 
delegate to constitutional convention of 
Mass., member general court of Mass. 
1787-94, of Mass. senate 1794, mem'beif 
cong. 1710, Timothy Pickering, rst P. M. 
gen., sec. of state and war under Washing- 
ton, and 9th in desc. of ist settlers of Port- 
land Me., she, Mary had William Thomas 
Blow); son of William Nivison Blow of 
Tower Hill Va., b. there Jan. 8, 1822, edu- 
cated Wm. -and Mary coll. Va. and U. S. 
mil. acad. at West Point, capt. in 13th Va. 
cavalry C. S. A. during rebellion (m. Mar. 
4, 1847 Lavinia, dau. of Capt. John and 
Margaret [Belches] Cargill and desc. of 
Capt. John Gargill, member com'mittee of 

safety during rev. war, desc. Rev. J. Car- 
gill, Episcopal clergymian, came from Scot- 
land to Va. 1707, Benjamin Harrison, 
memiber of house of Burgess 1646) ; son of 
George Blow of Town Hill Va., b. in 
Portsmouth Va. Feb. 3, 1787, d. in Town 
Hill Oct. 21, 1870, planter, grad. Wm. and 
Mary coll., served in war 1812 as ist 
Lieut. 4th Va. reg., was to be maj. on staff 
of comm. Va. forces, col. 15th Va. militia 
over 20 years, held many civil of^ces of 
trust (m. Dec. 2T, 1807 Eliza Waller, desc. 
Judge Benjamin Waller, Col. John Waller, 
came to Va. 1635, Rev. John Gamm, pres. 
William and Mary coll. 1 770-1 779, Charles 
Hansford, bro. of Gen. Thomas Hansford 
o/f Bacon's rebellion; son of Richard 
Blow of Portsmouth Va. and Town Hill 
Va., b. in Southampton Va. Oct. 17, 1746, 
d. in Portsmouth Feb. 3, 1833, merchant, 
importer, ist lieut. 4th Va. reg. in rev. war, 
assisted the colonies with his ships, and 
received thanks of congress, ist pres. of 
Farmers' Bank of Norfolk co. Va. 1812-31, 
originator and ist pres. of Dismal Swamp 
canal, presiding magistrate of Norfolk co. 
for many years (m. Apr. 5, 1786 Frances, 
d. 1838, dau. of Stephen Wright, desc. of 
John Phrit, mayor of Norfolk 1745-58, 
Thomas Wright, came from Va. prior to 
1624); soin of Samuel Blow of Town Hill 
Va., b. in Southampton co. Va. 1710, d. in 
Town Hill 1765, planter (im. 1727 M'artha, 
dau. of John Drew, desc. of Richard and 
Miabel Drew, d. in Surry .co. Va. 1679, Ed- 
win Drew, came to Va. 1618, ist of the 
family to come to America) ; so>n of Rich- 
ard Blow of Sussex co. Va., ib. in South- 
ampton CO. Va. 1685, d. in Sussex 00. Va. 
1 76 1, planter, miagistr^ate Sussex co., ves- 
tryman of original Alibarmarle parish (m. 
Eliziabeth, dau. of Rober't and Eliza'beth 
[Wat Rives] Rufhn, and gr.-dau. of Wil- 
liam Rufhn of Isle of Wight co. Va. 1666, 
she, Elizabeth Rufhn Blow had sons, Sam- 
uel as above, Richard, Henry and Michael, 
who were members of the last house of 
Burgess of Va. colony and of the commit- 
tee of safety) ; son of George Blow of 
Surry co. Va., b. there 1664, d. there 1717, 
planter (m. prior to 1675 Elizabeth); son 



of George of Surry co. Va., d. there 1675, 
planter, patented large tracts of land, im- 
ported many indented white servants (m. 
Margery, had Richard and George as 
above); prob. son of John Blow, b. in 
England 1583, came to Va. in the ship 
" Star " 1610, was called Ancient Planter, 
owned lands on the eastern shore Va., and 
James River (m. Frances). 

ester Pa., b. there Feb. 17, 1889 (un- 
married); son of Hartford Perry Brown 
of Rochester Pa., b. there Aug. 7, 1851, 
secured an appointment as cadet at West 
Point through competitive examination 
1872, resigned 1873, merchant, member Pa. 
legislature 1886-1890, introduced the 
" Lake Erie and Ohio River Ship Canal 
Resolution " 1889, secured the appoint- 
ment ol the ship oanal commission, and 
appropriation of $10,000 (m. June 26, 1873 
Sue Thurston Cross, desc. of Thurston and 
Wells families of R. I., dau. of Samuel 
Cross [and Frances Elizabeth Wells of 
R. I. 1856], d. 1875, merchant, member Pa. 
legislature 1873-4, she. Sue ibad 6 ch., viz.: 
Hartford Perry, b. Feb. 5, 1875, d. Mar. 
28, 1891, Frances Mary, 'b. Oct. 19, 1876, 
Emily Edna, b. Sep. 11, 1878, Sue Thurs- 
ton, b. Oct. 27, 1880, d. Oct. 27, 1893, Julia 
Parthenia, b. Mar. 29, 1887, and Stanley 
Quay Brown as above); son of Oliver 
Hazard Perry Brown of Rochester Pa., 
b. in Beaver Pa. June 10, 1820, d. in 
Rochester Pa. Nov. 18, 1892, ship builder, 
owned and commanded several vessels on 
the Ohio, Miss, and tributary streams, 
built, modelled and commanded the ships 
" John Strader " 1852, " Commodore 
Perry," " Parthenia " and " Hard Times," 
in U. S. service with the " Parthenia " 
during the rebellion, captured by the 
rebels, steamer destroyed by them 1863 
(m. Jan. 16, 1840 Mary McCombs, desc. 
Sootoh settlers in Pa.); son of Amasa of 
Beaver Pa., b. in Colchester Ct. Sep. 12, 
1777, d. in Beaver 1828, came to Beaver 
from Utica N. Y. 1806, hired by Aaron 
Burr as master builder of his fleet which 
was to make the conquest of the South- 

west, launched the boats on the Beaver 
river, and then established a ship yard at 
the mouth of this river (m. about 1807 or 
8 Eleanor Vankirk, desc. early settlers in 
Beaver co.); son otf Jesse Brown of Leb- 
anon Ct. 1770, Utica N. Y. 1783, b. in Col- 
chester Ct. Feb. 2, 1746, d. in Utica N. Y. 
May 13, 1812, settled in Lebanon 1770 (m. 
1st Sep. 26, 1770 Abigail Parke, b. in Nor- 
wich Ct. Apr. 8, 1748, d. Oct. 2, 1800, had 
Bernice, b. Apr. 28, 1772, Levi, b. July 2, 
1773, Nathan, b. Aug. 12, 1775, Amasa as 
above, Jemima, b. Aug. 15, 1780, Jesse, b. 
Apr. 29, 1784, Parke, b. Oct. 22, 1786, and 
George, b. Feb. 28, 1792, 2d. Sep. 18, 1806 
Marian Drury, widow of Benjamin Drury, 
and had Abigail, b. Jan. 30, 1808, and 
John, b. Dec. 10, 1812); son of George of 
Colchester Ct., d. there Feb. 5, 1765, 
deeded 70 acres of land to his bro. in Col- 
chester 1719 (m. Apr. 12, 1730 Elizabeth 
Wells, had Elizabeth Wells, b. Jan. 7, 1731, 
Darius, b. Apr. 24, 1733, Chloe, b. Jan. 31, 
1734, Lydia, b. Aug. 27, 1736, Hannah, b. 
Oct. 28, 1738, Ezra, b. Aug. 29, 1744, Jesse 
as above, Oliver, b. Sep. 25, 1748, lieut. 
Knox artillery 1775, capt. continental 
'^777-9, and Amasa Brown, b. Feb. 26, 
1750); son of John of Colchester Ct., d. 
1716, extensive land owner; son of James 
Brown of Colchester Ct. 

BRUEN, FRANK of Dayton Ohio, b. 
there Feb. 23, 1857, civil engineer, 
grad. B. C. E. Cornell 1878, member 
American Soc. C. E. 1887, now in lumber 
business in Dayfon (unmarried); son of 
Luther Barnett Bruen of Dayton Ohio, 
'b. there Sep. 14, 1822, d. in Washington 
D. C. June 21, 1864, lawyer, maj. 12th 
U. S. L, wounded by a shell at Spottsyl- 
vania C. H., junior editor and part owner 
of Cincinnati Gazette 1852-56 (m. Dec. 8, 
1853 Augusta, dau. of Samuel Forrer, 
pioneer engineer of Ohio, desc. of Chris- 
tian Forrer [and Samh Hastings Howard, 
dau. of Horton Howard, Quaker of 
Ohio], a Genevese clockmaker, came to 
Hanover co. Pa. 1750); son of Luther 
Bruen of Dayton Ohio, b. in Battle Hill 
N. J. Sep. 8, 1783, d. in Dayton Ohio July 



1, 1849, settled near Cincinnati Ohio with 
his father and family 1800, went to Dayton 
1804, shoemaker, merchant, real estate, 
with 9 bros. organized a New Light 
church 1828, organized anti-slavery soc. 
1839, pres. of same, the meetings in his 
church were frequently mobbed by slavery 
sympathizers (m. ist July 9, 1807 Priscilla 
O wings, kad Priscilla [m. Samuel Brady], 
26. June 14, 1810 Susan, dau. of John Bar- 
nett [and Elizabeth Flinn], d. in Dayton 
Ohio 1805, of Scotch-Irish desc, served 
in Capt. Briggs' co. Va. line as serg. and 
private 1780-3, located land In Ky. 1785, in 
Ohio 1801, desc. of John Barnett, came to 
Hanover Pa. from Ireland before 1730, 
Robert and James Barnett of Va., 3d May 

2, 1844 Susan Howell, had Susan Eleanor 
Seely Bruen [m. John Morgan lof Cincin- 
nati], son of Jabez Bruen of Cincinnati 
Ohio, b. in Newark N. J. July 24, 1750, d. 
near Cincinnati Nov. 27, 1814, farmer, 
shoemaker, wheelwright, settled in Battle 
Hill N. J. with his father 1762 or 3, pri- 
vate from Morris co. N. J. in irev. war, 
moved to Ohio 1800 (m. Abigail, dau. of 
Ebenezer Spining [and Patience Coe, 
had bro, Isaac, one of the 3 associate 
judges of Ohio 1803], one of the original 
settlers of EHzabethtown N. J. 1664, desc. 
of Humphrey Spining Jr., took oath of 
Fidelity in New Haven Ct. 1657, son of 
Humphrey of New Haven 1639); son of 
David Bruen of Battle Hill N. J., b. in 
Newark N. J. 1715, d. in Madison N. J. 
Jan. 9, 1795 (m. ist Phebe, d. Aug. 11, 
1754, dau. of Capt. Christopher Wood, had 
Elizabeth, Sarah, Phebe [m. a Miller], 
Abigail, Joseph, Elias and Jabez, 2d Phebe 
Crane Lawrence, d. Aug. 30, 1794, had 
Jonathan, Joana [m. Maj. William Butler] 
and Barnabas Bruen, all the sons were in 
rev. war) ; son of Joseph of Newark N. J., 
b. there 1677, d. there Feb. 2, 1753; son of 
John of Newark N. J., b. in Gloucester 
Mass. June 2, 1646, d. in Newark about 
1695 or 6, went to Newark with his father 
(m. Esther, dau. of Deacon Richard Law- 
rence of New Haven Gt.) ; son of Obadiah 
Bruen of Marshfield Eng., Gloucester, 
New London and Newark N. J., b. in 

Bruen Stapleford Eng., bp. Dec. 25, 1606, 
d. in Newark N. J., .the ancestor of the 
family in America (m. Dorah). 

BTJCK, JOHN of Chelsea Mass., b. in 
Maiden Mass. July 11, 1819, grad. 
Warran acad., in Woburn, 1837, druggist 
in Chelsea 55 years (m. May 4, 1853, 
Phebe Burnham Parker, b. July 13, 1822, 
in Paris, Me., dau. of Pierpont and 
Sophia [Howe] Parker, and had 3 ch., 
viz.: Ephraim, b. Apr. 30, 1854, d. Feb. 12, 
1857, Harriet Louisa, b. Aug. 30, 1856, d. 
May 30, 1886 [m. Sep. 10, 1879, Henry 
Wyman Jeffers] and John Lyman Buck, 
b. Aug. 30, 1861 [m. Apr. 15, 1891 Mary 
Etta Buck]); son of Ephraim of Maiden 
and Boston Mass., b. in Wilmington 
Mass. Dec. 2S, 1786, d. in Boston Jan. 2, 
1859, physician 47 years, member Mass. 
legislature 1845^, pres. Suffolk dist. medi- 
cal, soc. 1854^5, deacon in old Salem St. 
Church Boston for many years (m. Nov. 
n, 181 1 Betsey, b. in Waltham Mass. May 
iS» I753» d. in Chelsea Mass. Jan, 6, 1876, 
dau. of Ebenezer and Judith Thompson, 
had 4 ch., viz: Ephraim, b. Oct. 20, 1813, 
d. Feb. 13, 1847 [m. Dec. i, 1839 Jane 
Briggs Oakes], Betsey Thompson, b. 
Dec. 29, 1815, d. Dec. 13, 1895 [m. Aug. 
12, 1845 John H. Tenney], John as above 
and Louisa Buck, b. June 9, 1821, d. May 
T, 1858 [m. May 15. 1856 J. L. Choate]): 
son of Ephraim Buck of Stoddard N. H., 
b. in Wilmington Mass. Mar. 6, 1761, d. 
in Saugus Mass. Jan. 2t, 1828, moved to 
Stoddard (m. Dec. t, 1785 Dorcas, d. in 
Reading Mass. July 25, 1834. dau. of An- 
drew Beard of Reading Mass.. had 9 ch., 
viz: Fphraim, b. Dec. 23, 1786, d. Jan. 2. 
1850 [m. Nov. 20. 181 T Betsev Thomp- 
son], Cleveland, b. Aug. 31, 1788. d. Dec. 
19, 1865 [m. May 21, 1820 Charlotte 
Preblel, Asa, b. July 21, 1790, d. Feb. 27, 
1794. Dorcas, b. Sep. 22. 1702, d. Jan. ii. 
1803, Hannah, b. Apr. 15, 1791;, d. Aug. 
3, 1796, Asa, b. Apr. 6, 1797, d. June 20, 
T879 [m. Mar. 3, 1821 Mary Harndeni, 
Joab, b. June 6, 1799, d. Apr. 5, 1872 [m. 
Apr. 26, 183T Elvira Earns], Franklin, b, 
July 23, 1802, d. June 3, 1873 [m. ist, 



Sarah Emerson, 2d Lavina Emerson] and 
Dorcas Buck, b. Aug. 22, 1807, d. Feb. 28, 
1882 [m. Aug. 9, 1832 Asa P. Pratt]); son 
of Ephraim Buck of Wilmington Mass., 
b. there Feb. 13, 1731, d. there Mar. 13, 
1821 (m. Sep. 30, 1756 Hannah Kdlkm, d. 
N'ov. 2, 1815, had 8 ch., viz.: Hannah, b. 
Jan. 6, 1757, d. Apr. 15, 1793 [m. July 19, 
1787 James Carter], Ephraim, b. Apr. 2, 
1759, Ephraim, b. Mar. 6, 1761, d. Jan. 21, 
1828 [m. Dec. I, 1785 Dorcas Beard], 
Jemimia, b. Apr. 3, 1763, d. Nov. 15, 1768, 
Anna, b. Nov. 5, 1765, d. Aug. 31, 1858 
[m. Jan. 20, 1791 Abijah Weston], Olive, 
b. Nov. 27, 1767, d. Oct. 21, 1807 [m. May 
31, 1791 Samuel Thompson], Jemima, b. 
Mar. 18, 1770, d. May 20, 1819 [m. Abraham 
Foster] and Ruth Buck, b. June 10, 1773, 
d. Dec. 29. 1832 [m. Benjamin Swain]); 
son of Ephraim Buck of Woburn and Wil- 
■mingto-n Mass., b. in Woburn Oct. 11, 
1702, d. in Wilmington Apr. 7, 1789 (m. ist 
July 26, 1726 Abigail Pierce, 26. 1727 or 9 
Mary Wood, had 7 ch., viz.: Samuel, b. 
Feb. 15, 1729 [m. Oct. 15, 1750 Lydia 
Lewis], Ephraim, b. Feb. 13. 1731, d. Mar. 
13, 1821 [m. Sep. 30, 1756 Hanmah Killam], 
Mary, b. July 28, 1736, Abigail, b. Apr. 19, 
1738, d. Aug. 8, 1799, Asia, b. Feb. 26, 1741, 
d. July 10, 1803 [m. Oct. 9, 1766 Joanna 
Cornell], Nathan, b. Feb. 16, 1744, d. in 
Mar. 1830 [m. Dec. 21, 1790 Elizabeth 
Thompso.n] and Esther Buck, b. Sep. 13, 
1751, d. Mar. 13, 1832); son of Ephraim 
Buck of Woburn Mass., b. there July 13, 
1676 (m. Dec. 4, 1696 Esther Wagget, had 
4 ch., viz.: Sarah, b. Sep. 8, 1697, Hester, b. 
Apr. 15, 1700, Ephnaim as above and 
Susanna, b. July 8, 1705); son of Ephraim 
Buck of Woburn Mass., b. in Cambridge 
Mass. July 26, 1646, d. in Wcxburn in Jan. 
1 721 (m. Jan. i, 1671 Sarah, dau. of Jo'hn 
and Eunice [Mousall] Brooks, had 8 ch., 
viz.: Sarah, b. July 11, 1673 [m. Thomas 
Grover], Ephraim as above, Jcxhn, b. J'an. 
I, 1678, d. Jan. 27, 1678, John, b. Feb. 7, 
1680, d. Nov. 24, 1752 [m. Preoilla], Sam- 
uel, 'b. Nov. 13, 1682 [m. Hannah], Eunice, 
b. July 7, 1685, Ebenezer, b. M'ay 20, 1689, 
d. 1752 [m. Nov. 25, 1713 Lydia Fames] 
and Mary Buck, b. Oct. 28, 1691 [m. Tst 

Nathaniel Spike, 2d Samuel Bigsbee]); 
son of Roger Buck, b. prob. in England 
1617, d. in Woburn Mass. Nov. 10, 1693, 
came to this oountry with his father 1635 
(m. about 1640 Susanna, had 7 ch., viz.: 
Samuel, b. Feb. 6, 1643, d. Sep. 21, 1690 
[m. Mar. 16, 1670 Rachel Leven], John, b. 
Sep. 3, 1644, Ephraim as above, Lydia [m. 
Mar, 3, 1673 Henry Smith], Mary, b. June 
2S, 1648, d. Aug. 31, 1669, Ruth, b. Nov. 6, 
1653, d. Sep. 2, 1683 [m. about 1674 Thomas 
Biathrick, h. July 5, 1657 [m. Joshuia 
Wood]); son of William Buck, b. 1585, d. 
in Camibridge Mass. Jan. 24, 1658, came to 
New England in the bark " Increase " 1635 
(had son Roger as a'bove). 

New Ulm Minn., b. in Medford Mass. 
May 8, 1865, Unitarian clergyman ('unmar- 
ried) ; son of William Yeaton Buzzell of 
Chelsea M'ass., b. in Ellsworth N. H. Oct. 
21, 1838, brickmaker (m. Oct. 21, 1861 
Susan, b. in Quebec 1842, d. in Medford 
Mass. May 15, 1869, dau. of Ansel and 
Matilda [Dockum] Annable) ; son of John 
o'f Chelsea Mass., b. in Gilmanton N. H. 
Mar. 19, 1804, brickmiaker, representative 
of the N. H. legislature from EllswoTth 
(m. Jan. i, 1828 Abigaiil, b. in Ellsworth 
N. H. Mar. 13, 1808, d. in Medford Mass. 
Sep. 26, 1875, dau. of Andrew and Sarah 
[iStevens] Willey, desc. of the early Wil- 
leys of Do'ver, she, Abigail had 7 ch., viz.: 
Daniel Willey, b. July 24, 1831, d. 1832, 
Sylvester, b. Jan. 11, 1833 [m. 2d Mrs. 
Ellen Pattee, had 3 ch.], John Alfred, b. 
Oct. 24, 1834, d. in Aug. 1835, Sarah Jane, 
b. June II, 1836, d. Sep. 16, 1864, William 
Yeaibon as above, Elizaibeth L., b. June 5, 
1842 [m. Samuel Seaver of Manchester, 
had 2 ch.], and Adrianna Perkins Buzzell, 
b. Feb. 23, 1846 [m. Alvin W. Osborne of 
Rome Me., )had 2 ch.]); son of John Buz- 
zell of Gilmanton N. H., Thoirnton N. H. 
and Elllsworth N. H., b. iLn New Durham 
N. H. Sep. 10, 1774, d. in Ellsworth Mar. 
4, 1872 (m. May 3, 1797 Sarah, b. in Con- 
cord N. H. Oct. 15, 1762, d. in Ellsworth 
Apr. 29, 1832, dau. of David Rollins [and 
Sarah Moe], 'son of Thomas, son of 



Samuel, son of Thiomas, son of James Rol- 
lins, she, Sarajh Rollins Buzzell had 5 ch., 
viz.: Lucy Rollins, b. in Alton Jan. 18, 
1798, d. in Campton N. H. [m. John 
Stevens o'f Barnste'ad], Siilas, b. in Alton 
Feb. 8, 1800, d. in Holdernass in May 1884 
[m. Sally Spokesfield of iCampt'on, and had 
4 ch.], Sarah, b. May 16, 1802, d. in New- 
port Vt. Feb. 9, 1853 [m. David RolHns, 
had 12 ch.], Jo^hii see above and David 
Rollins B'uzzell, b. in Thornton Aug. 16, 
1806, d. in Ellsworth N. H. [m. 1892 Annah 
D. Pease, had 8 ch.]); son of Silas of 
N. H., b. in Madbury N. H. 1745 and d. 
in Rumney N. H. in Mar. 1834 (m. ist 
1766 or 7 Sarah Hill, d. in New Durham 
N. H. June 5, 1782, had Joseph, b. 1767 or 
8, d. in Montpelier Vt. in Nov. 1833 [m. 
Abigail Smith, had 10 oh.], John as above, 
Viber, Hiannah [m. Ithamar Buzzell, had 
7 ch.], Polly, Henry [m. Mdhitable Small 
of Alton, had 4 ch.], Sarah, b. 1782 [m. Joel 
Brooks, moved to N. Y. State about 1810], 
Kate and Benjamin, d. 1821 [m. Prudence 
Richards, had 4 ch.], 2d Olive Libbey, had 
Judith, Silas, b. in Alton May 2, 1784, d. in 
Rumney N. H. Jan. 18, 1872 [m. Sarah 
Craig, had 6 oh.], and Reuben, in war 1812, 
3d Miss Lydia Huckins, 4th Mrs. Avery); 
son of John of Madbury N. H. and 
Rodhester, b. in former about 1700, d. there 
about 1775, serg. in the Louisburg Expe- 
dition 1745 (m. Jan. 4, 1724 or 5 Sarah 
Wiburd, d. in New Durham N. H. Sep. 25, 
1788, had Jacob, b. 1726, d. in Opono Me., 
was in Louisburg Expedition [m. a Leigh- 
ton, had 12 ch.], John, b. June 26, 1727, d. 
in Barrington N. H. Jan. 5, 1800 [m. Phebe 
Evans, had 10 ch.], Joseph, b. June 5, 
1728, d. in Alton Nov. 29, 1807 [m. Sarah 
Evans, had 13 ch.], Rachel [mar. Ebe- 
nezer Buzzell, had 7 ch.], Hannah [m. Th. 
Evans, had cih.], Sarah [m. Job Demerritt], 
Benjamin [m. Abigail Evans, had 3 oh.], 
Silas as above and Abraham Buzzell) ; son 
of John Buzzell, prob. came from Jersey 
Isle before 1694, received a grant of land 
in Dover (m. Sarah, had James [m. Rachel 
of Wells Me. 1733], John as above, Wil- 
liam [m. Nov. 28, 1782 Sarah Pitman, had 
son William who bad sons Rev. John and 

Rev. Aaron, the founders of the Free Will 
Baptist denomination with Rev. Benjamin 
Randall], Henry [m. Judith Home, had 10 
ch.], Elizabeth [m. May 9, 1718 Benjamin 
Bell of Newcastle], Margaret, b. in Dover 
July 5, 1697, d. 1777 [m. John, son of Eli 
Demerit], Saralh [m. ist a Williams of 
Durham N. H., 2d John Roberts], Hannah 
[m. a Leighton], Ann, Isaac [m. Izett 
Bradford], Martha and Mary Buzzell [m. 
Job Demerit]). 

b. in Boston Mass. Sep. 14, 1849, 
moved to Chicago 111. 1868, served on the 
school board of Oak Park 1877-83, tp. 
treasurer 1884, tp. trustee 1889-93, pres. and 
general manager of the Cicero and Proviso 
street railway, author of " History of the 
Butters Family " (m. Nov. 17, 1872 Maria 
S. Bram'hall, dau. of William and Eliza- 
beth [Shaw] B'ramhaM, both b. in Plymouth 
Mass., desc. of the Mayflower Pilgrims, 
she, Maria had George Russell Butters, b. 
Oct. 6, 1878, d. July 21, 1879); son of John 
A. C. Butters, b. in Pittsfield N. H. July 
20, 1822, d. in West Roxbury Feb. 19, 1856, 
bookseller and istationer in Lynn 1847, 
moved to Boston Mass. 1849, in the em- 
ployment of Phillips and Sampson pub- 
lishers (m. Dec. ID, 1846 Caroline E., b. in 
Plymoutlh Mass. Apr. 5, 1824, dau. of John 
and Priscilla [Bramhall] Sampson, gt.-gr.- 
dau. of Zabdiel Sampson, rev. soldier, 
killed in the battle on Harlem Heights 
Sep. 6, 1776, and desc. of Capt. Myles Stan- 
dish, John Alden and Henry Sampson, all 
passengers on the Mayflower) ; son of 
William Butters of Boston Mass., b. in 
Concord N. H. Nov. i, 1786, d. in Boston 
Oct. II, 1866, lawyer, real estate agent, 
secretary of a stone quarry co. on Starboard 
Creek Machias Bay Me. (m. Sep. 18, 1815 
Eloiza Monreau Cormerais, b. in Ports- 
mouth N. H., dau. of Gapt. Jaques A. Cor- 
merais and Jane Vaughan Rindge, dau. of 
Capt. Jotham Rindge, and desc. of Lt.-Gov. 
George Vaughan, Maj. William Vaughan, 
Richard Cutt, Jothiam Odiorne, John 
Dindge, Maj. Richard Waldron and Robert 
Elliott); son of Samuel Butters of Con- 



cord N. H., b. in Wilmington Mass. Nov. 
15, 1749, d. in Concord June 14, 1812, in 
rev. war, marched on the Lexington Alarm 
in Capt. Timothy Walker's co. and Col. 
Green's reg. 1775, corporal in Capt. Wil- 
liam Bird's CO. in Col. Webb's reg. 1781, 
agent of the Boston and Concord Boating 
CO. in Concord N. H., buried in the Old 
North Cemetery in Concord, and his grave 
marked by the Sons of American Rev. (m. 
Dec. 17, 1772, Tabitha, b. in Reading Mass. 
Nov. 15, 1754, dau. of Richard and Mary 
Nichols of Reading Mass.) ; son of Samuel 
of Wilmington Mass., b. there Nov. 30, 
1728, d. there May 7, 1793, farmer, con- 
stable 1764, hel da commission from Harri- 
son Gray, treasurer of Mass. colony to 
collect the King's taxes, marched on the 
Lexington Alarm in Capt. Freeborn 
Moulton's CO. in Col. Donnelson's reg. (m. 
Apr. 13, 1749 Keziah Dana); son of 
Samuel Butters of Wilmington Mass., b. 
there June 21, 1703, d. there in Nov. 1788, 
farmer, owned a saw mill and considerable 
timber land, one of the active petitioners 
for the division of the north part of 
Woburn into what is now Wilmington 
Mass. (m. Jan. 20, 1726 Sarah, b. Mar. 8, 
1703, dau. of Abraham and Sarah [Jones] 
Jaquith of Woburn Mass.) ; son of Wil- 
liam of Wilmington Mass., b. in North 
Woburn 1665, d. in Wilmington Feb. 9, 
1746, farmer, owned a saw mill, one of the 
ist. officers of Wilmington after its organ- 
ization 1731 (m. Rebecca, admitted into the 
Church of Wilmington 1734) ; son of Wil- 
liam Butter of Woburn Mass., d. Nov. 13, 
1692, farmer, owner of 61 acres of land in 
North Woburn Mass., had a saw mill, 
served in King Philip's War under Capt. 
Jospeh Syll 3 months. 

Troy N. Y., b. there Dec. 10, 1842 
Cm. Dec. 10, 1866 Elizabeth, dau. of John 
Sipple Caldwell [and Rebecca Baker, desc. 
of the Phila. Quakers] . desc. of Gen. Cald- 
well); son of John Moore Corliss of Troy 
N. Y., b. in Orford N. H. June 7, 1813, d- 
in Troy June 7, 1892, one of the earliest 
manufacturers of linen collars and cuffs 

(m. Feb. 13, 1839 Mary Hawes Hoyt, dau. 
of Rev. Benjamin Ray Hoyt and Lucinda 
Freeman, both of New England desc ) ; 
son of John Moore Corliss of Orford 
N. H., b. in Salem N. H. Mar. 24, 1786, d. 
in Orford Aug. 19, 1850, farmer, builder, 
brick manufacturer and owner of a granite 
quarry (m. Dec. i, 1809 Rosamond Dame) ; 
son of Elihu of Orford N. H., b. in Salem 
Mar. 22, 1758, d. in Orford in Sep. 1844, 
rev. soldier 1775, marched to Boston Mass., 
meeting the Americans as they returned 
from Bunker Hill (m. Sarah Gordon) ; son 
of John Moore Corliss of Salem N. H. and 
Alexandria N. H., b. in Haverhill (m. 
Lydia Sanborn) ; son of Jonathan of Hav- 
erhill Mass., b. in Haverhill July 16, 1695, 
d. there Mar. 22, 1787 (m. Jan. 3, 1716 
Elizabeth Moore); son of John of Haver- 
hill Mass., farmer, soldier (m. Dec. 17, 
1684 Mary Wilford); son of George Cor- 
liss of Haverhill (m. Oct. 26, 1645 Joanna 

pABMAN, ELBERT S. of New York 
^ City, b. in Hempstead L. I. Nov. 30, 
1837, editor of the Rural New-Yorker since 
1876 (married Mar. i, 1873 Agnes E. 
M. Brown, dau. of Prof. D. F. Brown, the 
designer and executor of the pen-picture 
of the Lord's Prayer and desc. of Elihu 
Yale, she, Agnes had 2 ch., viz: Cerise 
E. A. and Travers Denton Carman) ; son of 
Thomas D. Carman of Brooklyn N. Y., b. 
in Hempstead L. I. July 26, 1809, d. in 
Brooklyn Apr. 16, 1896 (m. Sep. 19, 1831 
Ann dau. of Judge Oliver Denton of 
Rockaway L. I. and desc. of Rev. Dr. 
Richard Denton, who came to Amer. 1631, 
she, Ann had 2 ch., viz: Adaline M. and 
Elbert S. Carman); son of Richard of 
Hempstead L. I., b. there Sep. 2, 1785, d. 
there, capt. in war 1812, leader of the 
Hempstead Methodist Church (m. Jan. i, 
1807 Ann Carman, desc. of Thomas Car- 
man, had 10 ch.); son of Samuel of 
Hempstead L. I., b. there Mar. 26, 1749. 
d. there, col. in rev. war (had 13 ch.) ; son 
of Benjamin of Hempstead L. I., b. there 
Jan. 23, 1714, d. there (had Stephen, as- 
semblyman, Richard, b. Nov. 11, I757. 



loyalist and Samuel as above); son of 
Caleb Carman of Hempstead L. I., b. 
there 1660, d. there (had 3 ch., viz: Caleb, 
Samuel and Benjamin as above); son of 
John of Hempstead L. L, b. prob. in 
Sandwich Mass. July 8, 1633, d. in Hemp- 
stead (had 8 ch., viz: John, Caleb as above, 
Benij'amin, d. 1694, Abigail, Samuel, Joshua, 
Joseph and Thomas had 6 ch., viz: Thomas, 
b. 1720 [m. Jan. 7, 1763 Susanna Wood, 
had 4 ch., viz: Abigail Thomas, b. Nov. 
22, 1763, m. Ann Dorlon and had 3 ch., 
viz: Thomas and Jospeh, twins, b. Jan. 17, 
1792 and Ann, m. Capt. Richard Carman], 
Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Ruth and Phoebe); 
son of John of Roxbury Mass. and Hemp- 
stead L. I., b. in England, d. m Hempstead 
1651, came "to Roxbury Mass. with his 
wife, her father, Rev. Robert Fordham, 
and Rev. Richard Denton in the ship 
" Lion Whelp " 1631, received a grant of 
120,000 acres of land (m. Florence, dau. of 
Rev. Robert Fordham, an English clergy- 
man, and had 5 ch., viz: John as above, 
Abigail, b. July 5, 1635, Caleb, b. 1639, 
Caleb, b. in Hempstead L. I. Jan. 9, 1645 
and Joshua Carman). 

Monson Mass., b. there Oct. 7, 1862, 
member of the firm of S. F. Cushman and 
Sons, woolen manufacturers (m. Oct. 2^, 
1889 Helen Allen Hussey, desc. of John 
and Priscilla Alden, and had 2 ch., viz: 
Solomon Frederick and William Allen 
Cushman) ; son of Solomon Francis Cush- 
man of Monson Mass., b. in Monson Me. 
Nov. 18, 1826, woolen manufacturer, mem- 
ber Mass. house of reps. 1881-3, Mass. 
senate 1893 (m. Nov. 16, 1852 Candacc 
Brown Packard, and had 6 sons, viz: Ed- 
ward D., b. Sep. 15, 1853 [m. Florence 
Sedgwick], Rufus P., b. Jan. 20, 1857 [m. 
Alice L. Chapin], Francis A., b. Jan, 17, 
1859, d. Feb. 10, 1862, Solomon F. above, 
Thaddeus, b. Oct. 3, 1865 and Robert H., 
b. Jan. 5, 1870 [m. Mabel K. Flynt]); son 
of Solomon of Monson Me., b. in Hebron 
Me. June 22, 1796, d. in Monson Sep. 3, 
1861 (m. July 4, 1821 Harriet Adams) ; son 
of Gideon Cushman of Hebron Me., b. in 

Plympton Mass. Nov. 21, 1750, d. in 
Hebron May 7, 1845, rev. soldier (m. Feb. 
25, 1773 Ruth Shaw); son of Caleb of 
Carver Ms., b. May 15, 1715 (m. Nov. 11, 
1742 Sarah Barrows); son of Benjamin, 
b. 1691, d. in Plympton Mass. Oct. 17, 1770 
(m. Jan. 8, 1712 Sarah Eaton); son of 
Thomas, b. Sep. 16, 1637, d. Aug. 23, 1726 
(m. ist. Nov. 17, 1664 Ruth Howland, 2d. 
Oct. 16, 1679 Abigail Fuller); son of 
Thomas of Plymouth Mass., b. in England 
in Feb. 1608, d. in Plymouth 1691, ruling 
elder of the church in Plymouth 43 years 
(m. 1635 or 6 Mary, dau. of Isaac AUerton, 
member of Plymouth colony); son of 
Bobert Cushman, came to America in the 

Arbor Mich., b. in Mason Mich. July 
25, 1878, student at Ann Arbor 1898, 
joined Ann Arbor M. E. Church 1897, 
member of the Epworth League, Arena 
Debating Soc. and Students' Christian 
assoc; son of Frank Ira Darling of Ann 
Arbor Mich., b. in Mason Mich. Dec. 25, 
1853, d. in Reading Pa. Dec. 30, 1897, ad- 
mitted to the bar 1875, U. S. special pen- 
sion examiner at death (m. Feb. 2, 1876 
Clara Virginia Haight, dau. of H. J. and 
Mary E. [Stevenson] Haight, gr.-dau. of 
Salmon Loomis Haight and desc. of 
Simon Haight of Somersetshire Eng. 1628, 
she, Clara had Ralph, Harry T. above and 
Grace E. Darling); son of Ira Orsticle 
Darling of Mason Mich., b. in Orangeport 
N. Y. 1825, d. in Ypsilanti Mich. Sep. 10, 
i86t, wagon manufacturer, blacksmith, Tst. 
lieut. of the Curteniii«; Guards of Mirh. 
troops, in war of rebellion they were mus- 
tered into U. S. service as Co. H. 26 Mich, 
infantry (m. Feb. 7, 1853 Cordelia, dau. of 
Lewis and Melissa FHorth] Case, desc. of 
the Ct. Case family) : son of Pascal Peolifi 
Darling of Eaton Rapids Mich., b. in 
Woodstock Vt. Mar. 17, 1802. d. in Eaton 
Rapids in Feb. 1846, civil engineer, built a 
portion of the famous Erie canal in N. Y. 
State (m. 1823 Nabby F., dau. of Col. John 
and Sarah [Putney] Maynard, gr.-dau. of 
Joseph Maynard, b. in Farmingham May 



i7j 1750, desc. of John Maynard, settled in 
Sudbury Mass. 1639, 'and the Putneys of 
Putney Eng.) ; son of Joseph Darling of 
Jacksion Mich., b. in Middleborougih Maiss. 
Sep. 22, 1764, d. in Jackson June 3, 1844, 
served twice as a soldier in the Comtinental 
army during rev. war (m. 1786 Huldah, 
dau. of Joseph and Huldah [Thomas] 
Darling off Wo'odlstock Vt); son of Ben- 
jamin of Middleborough Mass., b. there 
June 19, 1734, d. there M'ar. 29, 1807, served 
in rev. war as 2d l-ieut. of Capt. Abial 
Pierce's co. of minute men who responded 
to the call of Apr. 19, 1775 (m. Hannah 
Harris); son of Thomas of Middleborough 
Mass., lb. there Sep. 7, 1704 (m. 1725 
Rebecca, dau. of Edmund and Rebecca 
[Soule] Weston of Plymoutlh, Plymouth 
colony Mass., desc. of George Soule, May- 
flower emigrant) ; son of Thomas of 
Middleborough M'ass., b. in Salem Maiss., 
d. in former 1716 (m. 1690 Joanna of 
Salem 1690), descendant from one of the 
two emigramts John or his brother George 
Darling ^ho settled in Es'sex 00. Mass. 
before 1645. The family iis Scotich from 
near the border of England. 

of Brooklyn N. Y., b. in Pi'ttston Me. 
Jan. 10, 1823, commamde'd the ships York- 
shire, Kittie, Floyd, B. S. Kim^ball, Henry 
Reed, Emma Watts and Emily F. Whit- 
ney, steamens Cumberland, Leo, New Or- 
leans and Niiagara (m. in Sep. 185 1 Eliza- 
beth Treweek 'of Callington Cornwall Eng., 
and had 5 ch., viz.: Miary Frances, Fred- 
rika Bailey, George Augustus, Julia Shaw, 
d. Nov. 2, 1866 and M'aud Adelaide Dear- 
born); soin of Henry of Pittston Me., b. 
in Raymond N. H. Fdb. 9, 1797, d. in E. 
Pittston Me. Aug. 3i, 1883, clerk, select- 
man, treasurer and m^oderator of Pittston 
Me., in the legislature, Whig (m. Mar. 3, 
1822 Pamela, dau. of Davi>d P. Bailey of 
Pittston, siister of David Goodwin Bailey, 
one of the captains of the Black B'all line of 
packet shiips [m. Mary, dau. of Maj. Henry 
Smith, present at the storming of Quebec, 
one of the early settlers of Pittston); son 
of Jonathan DeaTborn, b. in Raymond 

N. H. June 4, 1768, d. in E. Pittston Me. 
Mar. 6, 1847 (m. Sarah, b. Dec. 31, 1758, d. 
Dec. 22i, 1829, dau. of Ro'bert Page of Ray- 
mond [and Sarah Dearborn, h. Nov. 25, 
I735> d. Jan. 12, 1821, sister of Henry, 
patriot, statesman], b. Apr. 13, 1732, d. 
Dec. 31, 1816); sion of Jonathan of Chester 
N. H., b. on Farm No. 17 N. H., d. in 
Chester, ihighway surveyor of Raymond, 
rev. soldier in Capt. Runnell'is co. in the 
reg. oomimanded by Thomas Tasker (m. 
Abigail Lovitt, had 5 ch., viz.: John [m. 
Mehitable Cram], Abigail [m. Simion 
Page], Jonathan as above, Nathaniel [m. 
Mary Cram] and S'arah Dearborn [m. ist 
Nehemiah Cram, 2d JosiaJh Brown, 3d 
John Moody]); son of John Dearborn, b. 
in Stratham N. H. Apr. 2, 1718, d. there 
(m. 1st Mary Chapman, 2d Mary Cawley 
James and John); son of Jonathan, b. in 
James and John) ; s'on of Jonathan, b. in 
N. Hampton N. H. 1691, d. in Strathiam 
N. H. Jan. 29, 1779, removed to Strathatn 
(m. Dec. 29, 1715 Hannah, b. Apr. 10, 
1697, d. in June 1780, dau. of Deacon John 
Tuck) ; son of John, b. in Hampton N. H. 
Oct. ID, 1666, d. there Nov. 22, 1750 (m. 
Nov. 4, 1689 Abigail, b. Dec. 28, 1667, d. 
Nov. 14, 1736) ; son of Henry, ;b. in Eng. 
1633, d. Jan. 18, 1725, selectman (m. Jan. 
10, 1666 Elizabeth Marriom, had son Simon 
who had a son Simon, settled in Mon- 
mouth Me.); son of Godfrey Dearborn, b. 
in Exeter co. of Devon Emg., d. Fdb. 4, 
1686, came to America with the Rev. John 
Wheelwright, settled in Exeter N. H. 1639, 
one of the 35 men who signed the combi- 
nation for the gover-nment of the place 1639. 

Huron Mich., b. inear Jacksion Mich. 
Apr. 26, 1844, live'd on a farm near Jack- 
son until 1866, then went to Ann Arbor 
Mich., grad. Univ. of M/ich. 1870, taugiht 
school 4 years, studied law, and is now a 
lawyer (m. Aug. 4, 1897 Millie Wilhelmina 
Burns, b. in Alboro Ontario Sep. 25, 1873, 
dau. of James J. and Charlotte [Spearman] 
Burns, both b. in Canada); son of William 
Rogers Dodge of Jacksion Mich., b. in 
Boonville N. Y. Dec. 21, 1816, d. in Jack- 



son Jan. 2, 1897, farmer, came to Midh. 1836 
(m. Mar. 5, 1843 Canoline Emma, b. near 
Franklin Square N. Y. Dec. 4, 1823, dau. 
of Lewis Hoyt and Elizaibeth Farring- 
ton, parents came to Mich., isettled near 
Jackson) ; son of Ebenezer of Jackson 
Mich., b. in Winchester N. H. Dec. 11, 
1783, <i. in Ja'ckson Oct. 12, 1872, moved 
from Winchester to B'O'ston Mass., then to 
Stanstead Province of Quebec, remioved 
to Boonville N. Y. 1812, to Jackson Mich. 
1836 (m. 1st Susian B. Rogers, b. May 19, 
I795> d- in Boonville, 2d Lucy Haliday, d. 
in Jackson Mich., 3d Corneliia Wheeler) ; 
son of Ebenezer Do-dge 'of Winich aster 
N. H., b. in Dudley Mass. Jan. 20, 1756, d. 
in Winchester May 11, 1829, rev. soldier, 
went to Winahester after the war, iburied in 
Keene N. H. (m. Eunice Hill (of Dudley 
Mass., a rev. pensioner); son oif Daniel of 
Dudley Mass.; son of Joseph Dodge of 
Beverly Mass.; 'son of Joseph; son of 
Richard, the finst settler. Names of the 
brothers and sisters of Chais. K. Dodge of 
Port Huron Mioh.: Walter Marion 
Dodge, h. Mar. 13, 1846, d. Jan. 5, 1870, 
Wilfred Montres&er Dodge, b. Mar. 5, 

1847, William Roscoe D'odge, b. Nov. 15, 

1848, Warren Rosevelt Dodge, b. May 17, 
1850, Caroline Emma Dodge, b. July 
8, 1855, d. Apr. 28, 1888, Ella Janet te 
Dodge, b. Apr. 18, 1857, Milton J. Dodge, 
b. Dec. 29, 1859, d. Jan. 8, i860, Inez May 
Dodge, b. July 30, 1861, Frank Irving 
Dodge, 'b. May 10, 1864, Fred Ebenezer 
Dodge, b. Oct. 8, 1866, all near Jackson 

Louis Mo., b. in Wa'lpole N. H. Sep. 
19, 1844, moved with parents to Westmin- 
ster Vt., lived there 4 years, then moved to 
Madison Wis., lived in Chicago 111. 6 years, 
St. Loui's 25 years, dry goods merchant 
(m. Oct. 17, 1877 Margaret, dau. of Judge ' 
John M. Krum, at one time judge of the 
circuit court, mayor of St. Louis, also 
mayor of Alton 111. at the time of the anti- 
slavery riots when Owen Lovejoy was 
killed, and gr.-dau. of Chester Harding, 
artisit, she, Margaret had 2 oh., viz.: 

Ophelia, h. May 21, 1881, d. May 8, 1888, 
and Herbert, b. Nov. 14, 1883) ; so-n of 
Elisha De Wolf, b. Mar. 12, 1816, 
moved with this parents ito 'Deer/field Miass., 
afterwards lived in Walpole N. H., West- 
minister Vt. and Madison Wis. (m. Nov. 
3/1840 Sabra, h. July i, 1821, dau. of Asa 
Sherman of R. I. and Sabra Burton of 
Worthington Mass., and ihad 5 ch., viz.: 
James Nash, b. Aug. 21, 1841, d. May 25, 

1892 [m. Jesisie Hoyt], Sarah Elizabeth, b. 
Dec. 14, 1842, d. Nov. 26, 1877 [m. John F. 
Degnon], Edwin Allis as above, Frank 
Porter and Grace Linicoln [m. George W. 
Seaman]); son of Elisha De Wolf, b. in 
Lyme Ct. Mar. 11, 1772, d. in Deerfield 
Mass. Nov. 28, 1855, 'moved from Lyme to 
Ashfield Mas(S. and afterwards to Deerfield 
(m. 1798 Eunice, b. Apr. 3, 1778, d. Nov. 
28, 1864, dau. of Abel and Hannah [Porter] 
Allis of Deerfield, 5th in desic. of Lt. Wil- 
liam Allis, one of the ist settlers of Hat- 
field Mass. 1661, one of a. committee of 3 
to lay ouit tihie town otf Pocuimtuck now 
Deerfield 1670, served in King Philip''S war 
1675, in charge of the garrision in Hatfield, 
she, Eunice had 9 ch., viz. : Hannah, b. Nov. 
2, 1799, d. Aug. 12, 1819, Charles, b. Oct. 
6, 1801, d. Dec. 17, 1874, Seth, b. Jan. 9, 
1804, William, b. Mar. 22, 1807, d. Aug. 26, 
1819, Eunice, b. May 29, 181 1, d. Dec. i, 
1857, Minerva, b. Aug. 7, 1813, d. Nov. 30, 

1893 [m. Azor Hoyt of Deerfield Mass.], 
Elisha as above, Sophia, b. July 27, 1818 
[m. Benjamin Cantrill of Deerfield] and 
George, ;b. June 10, 18211, d. Dec. 4, 1875); 
son of Elisha De Wo>lf, b. in Lyme Ct. 
Feb. 16, 1748, d. in Deerfield Mar. 7, 1838, 
in rev. army, corporal in Col. Canfi eld's 
Ct. militia reg. at West Point 1781 (m. 1767 
Lydia Moore, b. Feib. 24, 1748, d. in Deer- 
field Sep. 21, 1827, and had 10 ch., viz.: 
Esther, b. Jan. 4, 1768, d. Apr. i, 1855, 
John, b. Dec. 24, 1769, d. Sep. 16, 1864, 
Elisha as above, Lucy, b. Mlay 30, 1774, d. 
Feb. 5, 1849, Simon, b. May 30, 1776, d. 
Mar. II, 1863, Abel, b. July 17, 1778, 
d. Mar. 26, 1825, Polly, ^b. Mar. 17, 1781, 
d. July 30, 1808, Danie^l, b. Aug. 23, 1783, d. 
June 12, 1785, Martha, b. May 10, 1786, d. 
June 15, 1788, and Joel, b. Aug. 23, 1788, d. 



July 12, 1875); son of Simon, b. in Lyme 
Ct. 1718, d. there 1755, killed in the French 
and Indian war (m. about 1746 Lucy 
Calkins, and had 4 ch., viz: Sarah [m. 
George Anger, Elisha as above, Phoebe 
[m. John Cadman] and Simon, in rev. war, 
marched from Ct. 1775 and to Lexington 
at the Lexington Alarm 1775); son of 
Josiah De Wolf, b. in Lyme Ct. 1689, d. 
there 1767 (m. ist. Annie Waterman, 2d. 
Abigail Comstock Lord, she, Annie had 6 
ch., viz: Josiah, b. 1716 [m. 1739 Martha 
Ely], Simon as above, Jabez, b. 1721 [m. 
1753 Eunice Calkins], Judith, b. 1724 [m. 
a Carter], Daniel, b. 1726 Lm. 1751 Azubah 
LeeJ and Elizabeth, b. 1730 Lm. a 
Tucker]); son of Simon, b. 1048, d. 1695 
(m. Nov. 12, 1682 Sarah Lay, and had 7 
ch., viz: Simon, b. 1683, d. 1707, Sarah, b. 
it)6s, John, b. 1687, Josiah as above, 
Phoebe, b. 1691, Daniel, b. 1693 and Jabez, 
d. 1696); son of Bethazer De Wolf of 
Hartford Ct. 1656 and Lyme Ct. 1664 
(m. 1645 Alice, and had 6 ch., viz : Edward, 
b. 1646, d. 1712, Simon as above and 
Stephen, b. 1650, d. 1702, Mary, b. 1656 [m. 
ist Thos. Lee bet. 1674-80, m. 2d Mathew 
Griswold 1705], Susannah [m. ist Henry 
Champion Apr. 1684, he d. 1704, m. 2d 
John Huntley] and probably Joseph, very 
early in Middletown Conn., his estate was 
administered in 1702). 



ville La., b. in Charlton N. Y. Sep. 

13, 1826, A. B. Union 1850, lawyer, member 
Ark. legislature, judge district court of La., 
pres. parish school board, etc. (m. Dec. 29, 
1857 Martha, dau. of Jeptha T. Hollings- 
worth [and Sarah H. McCauley, dau. of 
Rev. John McCauley and Martha Hamil- 
ton who emigrated from Tyrone co. to Md. 
1804] of Sulphur Springs Miss., b. in Todd 
CO. Ky. Aug. 30, 1807, d. in New Iberia 
La. May 12, 1878, farmer, emigrated from 
Ky. to Miss, about 1832, she, Martha Hol- 
lingsworth had 3 ch., viz: Clarence J., 
Elizabeth and William P. Edwards); son 
of Henry Edwards of Charlton N. Y., b. 
in Glenville N. Y. Aug. 16, 1802, d. in 
Charlton Mar. 13, 1852, farmer, moved 

with his father to Bloomfield Ind. 1837 (m. 
Nov. 21, 1825 Betsey, b. in Charlton N. Y. 
Apr. 29, 1806, d. in Schenectady co. N. Y. 
June 29, 1885, dau. of John Rogers, b. Bai- 
leymena Ireland Mar. 17, 1768, emigrated 
with his father to America 1772, built 
Rogers' M)iilis near Charlton viliage aiicr 
the battle of Saratoga, she, Betsey had 3 
ch., viz: Wakeman W. as above, John 
Henry and Marcia M. Edwards); son of 
Henry Edwards of Glenville N. Y., b. East 
Hampton L. I. 1768, d. in Bloomfield Ind. 
(Jet. 7, 1846, farmer, shoemaker, migrated 
.to Schenectady co. N. Y. about 1790, re- 
moved to Bloomfield Ind. 1837 (m. iSarah 
Baker, and had 10 ch., viz.: Lewis Baker, 
Charles, Alfred, Samuel B., Daniel, Henry, 
Reuben, Ann, Sally and Esther); son of 
Henry of Montauk L. I., b. about 1730, d. 
at sea (m. Esther who m. 2d Jonathan 

nati Ohio, b. in Baltimore Md. Aug. 
26, 1846, agent of Adams Express Co. 
1863-98, grad. Cincinnati law school, mem- 
ber Soc. of Amer. Rev., Soc. of Rev. and 
Soc. of War of 1812 (m. Apr. 12, 1884 
Maggie Thompson of English desc, and 
had 2 ch., viz: Lillie and Arthur Lloyd 
Fogg) ; son of Arthur Livermore Fogg of 
Baltimore Md., b. in Centre Harbor N. H. 
Aug. 24, 1813, d. in Cincinnati Ohio Feb. 
22, 1849, member of the firm of Dix and 
Fogg proprietors of the Fountain Hotel of 
Baltimore (m. Nov. 26, 1843 Mary Shaw, 
b. in Everton Eng. May 24, 1825, d. in Cin- 
cinnati Ohio Jan. 23, 1894, ancestry Eng- 
lish); son of Nathan of Centre Harbor 
N. H., b. in Hampton N. Hamp. Dec. 31, 
1768, d. in Centre Harbor Mar. 20, 1867, 
served in war of 1812, entered U. S. serv- 
ice as serg. in Capt. Ware Dearborn's co. 
3d. N. H, reg. detached militia 1814, sec. 
of State of N. H. (m. in Aug. 1799 Mercy 
Wren, b. in Tunbridge Vt. July 21, 1773, 
d. Dec. 14, 1863, French desc); son of 
Phineas Fogg of New Hampton N. H., b. 
there July 11, 1738, d. there Apr. 27, 1820, 
served in rev. war, private in Capt. Nathan 
Brown's co. of Col. Jacob Gales reg. of 



N. H. militia 1778, served under Gen. John 
Sullivan in R. I., sec. of State of N. H. 
(m. in July 1772 Lydia Pierce Fogg, b. 
Aug. 9, 1745, d. Aug. 18, 1835); son of 
Samuel of Hampton N. H., b. there Feb. 
13, 1700, d. there 1772, minutes of house of 
reps, province of N. H. 1746, served in 
King George's War in Capt. Nathan 
Drake's co. of mounted troops 1745 (m. in 
Aug. 1722 Mary Towle of New England 
desc); son of Seth Fogg of Hampton 
N. H., b. there Nov. 28, 1666, d. there Sep. 
6, 1755, vol. 2d. Indian and French wars, 
private 1708, served in Queen Anne's war 
at Fort William and Mary in New Castle 
in province of N. H. New England (m. 
1687 Sarah Shaw, b. June 22, 1669, d. Apr. 
10, 1756, her father Benjamin Shaw, b. 
1641, d. Dec. 31, 1717, gr.-dau. of Roger 
Shaw, b. in Eng. 1614, d. May 29, 1661, rep. 
in general court of Mass. 1651-3); son of 
Samuel Fogg of Hampton N. H., b. in 
Exeter Eng. 1613, d. Hampton Apr. 16, 
1672, came from Eng. with John Winthrop 
1630, settled in Boston Mass. with his bro. 
Ralph, moved to Exeter N. H. 1638, ist. 
ancestor in America (m. Dec. 28, 1665 
Mary, b. 1644, d. Mar. 8, 1700, dau. of 
Robert Page, b. in Ormsby Eng. 1604, d. 
in Hampton N. H. Sep. 22, 1679, rep. in 
general court of Mass. 1657-68), had bro. 
Ralph, moved to Salem Mass. 1634, mem- 
ber of artillery of Mass. 1644. 

-*- N. J., b. in Bedminster Pa. Feb. 7. 
1849, educated in collegiate inst. of Newton 
N. J., Mennonite coll. in Wadsworth Ohio, 
Wyoming seminary of Kingston Pa., 
licensed an exhorter 1869, Methodist 
preacher 1870, ordained deacon 1882, elder 
1888, author of " Fretz Family History," 
" Kratz Family History," " Wismer 
Family History " and " Moyer Family 
History " (m. Nov. 14, 1877 Elizabeth C. 
Headley, desc. of Robert Headley, emi- 
grated to America, settled in Wyoming 
Valley Pa. prior to theWyoming mas- 
sacre) ; son of Martin Fretz, b. in Bed- 
minster Pa. Sep. 12, 1808, d. in Hardwick 
N. J. July 13, 1882, one of the founders of 

the New Mennonite Church in Deep Run 
Pa. and one of its first ministers, moved to 
Sussex CO. N. J. 1854, farmer, miller, 
weaver and merchant (m. Oct. 6, 183 1 
Elizabeth Kratz, gt.-gr.-dau. of John Val- 
entine Kratz, emigrated to America 1727); 
son of Abraham Fretz of Bedminster Pa., 
b. there Mar. 30 1769, d. there Mar. 7, 1844, 
farmer, deacon of the Mennonite Church in 
Deep Run Pa. (m. Apr. 30, 1793 Magda- 
lena, dau. of John Kratz, gr.-dau. of John 
Valentine Kratz); son of Christian Fretz 
of Bedminster Pa., b. in Montgomery co. 
Pa. 1734, d. there May i, 1803, farmer. 
Mennonite (m. 1757 Barbara, b. Nov. 20, 
1737, d. May 8, 1823, dau. of Jacob Ober- 
holtzer of Bedminster Pa.); son of John 
of Bedminster Pa., b. in Germany, d. in 
Bedminster, emigrated from near the city 
of Mannheim in the Grand Duchy of Baden 
Ger. with his bro. Christian to America 
1710 to 25, being driven from Ger. on ac- 
count of their religion, settled in Bedmin- 
ster 1737 or 8, farmer, Mennonite (m. ist 
Barbara, dau. of Hans Meyer, pioneer 
settler of Montgomery co. Pa., emigrated 
to America between 1708 to 25, farmer, 
Mennonite, 2d Miaria). 

FULLER, WILLIAM P. of Detroit 
Mich., b. in Durham Ct. Sep. i, 1831 
reporter on the Hartford Ct. Evening 
Press with Senator Joseph R. Hawley and 
Gideon Welles 1856-60, publisher and 
editor of Hartford Daily Post ,1861-6, 
was an editor on the Detroit Tribune 
1867-84, now a manufacturer (m. ist 
May 10, 185 1 Lucy R. Ricker, and had 3 
ch., viz: Ellen, b. Feb. 11, 1852, Clara, b 
in June 1854 ^^^ Alice, b. Mar. 25, 1857, 
2d. May i, 1879 Linnie, dau. of Calvin 
Tracy of Sherwood N. Y.) ; son of 
J. Treadwell Fuller of Durham Ct., b. in 
Providence R. I. Feb. 25, 1791, d. in Dur- 
ham Jan. 21, 1858 (m. in Nov. 1828 Martha 
Stevens); son of Olney of Danville Vt, b. 
in Rehoboth Mass. June li, 1764, d. in 
Danville May S, 1838, an assistant of Dr. 
Arnold in charge of the medical dept. oi 
the colonial army near the close of rev. 
war, studied medicine in Paris 1795-1803, 



returned to Providenice 1803, afterward's to 
Vt. where he practiced mediaine (m. Mary, 
dau. of Capt. Jonathan Treaidwell of Ppovi- 
dence R. I., member of city council); son 
of Caleb Fuller of Rehoboth Ma&s., b. 
there Mar. 31, 1736, d. 1828 (m. ist 1763 
Susannah Olney, desc. of Thomas Olney 
who left the Plymouth colony with Roger 
Williams, and founded the present city of 
Providence R. I., 2d Bethia); son oif 
Josiah Fuller of Rehoboth Mass., b. in 
Attleboro Mass. Nov. 18, 1704, d. in Rdho- 
both in Jan. 1753, owned and operated the 
ferries at Easit Providence (m. May 18, 
1728 Mehitable Ormsibee); son of Robert 
of Attleboro Miass., b. there Mar. 2, 1673, 
d. there in Dec. 1710 (m. Jan. 4, 1699 
Elizabeth Shepardson) ; so'n of Jonathan 
Fuller of Dorchester Mass., b. in Salem 
Mass. June 15, 1643, constable in Rehoboth 
1674, selectman 1690-1, he and his father 
advanced money to the town for the sup- 
port of the troops in the King Philip's 
war 1676 (m. Dec. 14, 1664 Eliza Wilmot); 
son of Robert of Salem Mass., h. in Eng- 
land, d. in Rehoboth Mass. Dec. 14, 1688, 
came to the Salem colony from Southamp- 
ton Eng. 1638, held large possessions in 
Rehoboth and Attleboro, and held several 
public offices (m. Anna, d. 1646). 

Omaha Nebr., b. in St. Louis Mo. 
Dec. 13, i860, grad. from Pninceton Univ. 
1878, A. M. of same 1881, M. D. Mo. Med. 
coll. 1880, pres. Princeton Alumni Assoc. 
in Omaha 1896, sec. of Sons Soc. Amer- 
ican Rev. 1896, sec. Omaha Club 1885-7, 
member Omaiha Athletic Club, St. Louiis 
Legion of Honor and National Reserve 
Assoc, m. Sep. 22, 1887 Caroline Lush 
Bishop, b. in Chicago 111. June 23, 1861, 
dau. o^ James E. Bishop and Caroline 
Lush Wilson, gr.-^dau. of Judge John Quin- 
tard Wilson of Albany N. Y. and desc. of 
Hon. Volckert Douw of Albany 1638, she, 
Carolin-e Lush Bishop had 2 ch., viz.: Elsie 
Lush, b. Apr. 10, 1889, and Robert Oliver 
Funkhou'ser, b. Jan. 14, 1893); son of 
Robert Monroe Funkhouser of New York 
City, b. in Equality 111. Mar. 31, 1819, 

settled in St. Louis about 1840, pres. mer- 
chants' exohange i860, director and 
founder of many institutions there (m. Apr. 
8, 1847 Sarah Johnson Selmes, b. in New 
York City Jan. 11, 1832, dau. of Ti'lden 
Ruissell iSelmes and Mary Dobbs Reves, 
and gr.-dau. of Spencer Selmes, a cousin 
of Lord John Russell, she, Sarah had 5 oh., 
viz.: Til'den, b. in Hann/ibal Mo. Feb. 10, 
1848, d. Jan. 25, 1884, A. M., LL. B. Dart- 
mouth [m. 1872 Emima C Harmon, had 
Lillian W. Funkhouser, b. in St. Louis 
Mo. June 12, 1879], Robert Monroe, b. in 
St. Louis Dec. 10, 1850, A. M., LL. B. and 
M. D. Dartmouth [ihad Selmes Paul 
Funkhouser, b. July 12, 1892], Millard Fill- 
more, 'b. in St. Louis June 23, 1856 [m. 
June 3, 1885 Marian Franklin, ihad 2 ch., 
viz.: Helen MiMred, b. Mar. 5, 1886, and 
Marian Funkhouser, b. in Omaha Nebr. 
Dec. 3, 1887], Leonidas P. as above and 
Metelius L. C. Funkhouser, b. in St. Louis 
Mo. Jan. 17, 1864 [m. Apr. 20, 1886 Eugenie 
Mermond, 'had Julia Menmond, b. in Chi- 
cago 111. Apr. 30, 1887, Louise, b. Sep. 15, 
1888, and Eugenie, b. Apr. 2, 1893]); ison of 
Robert Roland Funkhouser, b. in Green- 
brier CO. Va. May 5, 1789, d. in Equality 
111. Dec. 31, 1832, moved near Shawnee- 
town 1819, went to Gallatin co. 111. about 
181 7, purchased Saline Salt Works, mem- 
ber of legislature, advocate abolition clause 
in State constitution (m. Oct. 20, 1812 
Rachel, b. in Butler ico. Ky. Jan. 14, 1792, 
dau. of Zachariah Cross [and ^Esther John- 
son], rev. soldier and gr.-son of eldest 
sister of Daniel Boone, sihe, Rachel had 9 
ch., viz.: Mary Caroline, b. in Morgan- 
town Ky. Aug. 6, 1813 [m. Chas. Picker- 
ing, and had 3 oh.], Mahaia Malvina, b. in 
Morgantown Feb. 15, 1815 [m. 1834 Aaron 
Robertson, and had several ch.], Sinai 
Ann, b. in Morgantown Sep. 22, 181 7 [m. 
James Tribe, and had 3 oh.], Robert Mon- 
roe as aJbove, Nancy Jane, b. in Equality 
111. Nov. 27, 1821, d. Feb. 2, 1823, Joih.n 
McLean, b. in White 00. 111. in Jan. 1824, 
d. Aug. 18, 1835, William Cross, b. in 
Carmi 111. May 12, 1826 [m. 1853 Jane Alli- 
son, had 4 ch.], Edna E., b. Sep. 10, 1830, 
d. Nov. 24, 1830, and Catherine A. Funk- 



houser, b. in Fairfield 111. July 22, 1832 [m. 
1662 John W. Tribe, and had 5 ch.]); son 
of Christopher Funkhouser, b. in Freder- 
icksburg Va., d. in Morgantown Ky. 1810, 
lived in Greenbrier co. Va. 1778-89, moved 
to Ky. about 1792, secured 200 acres which 
he named Funkhouser Hill, which became 
the site of Morgantown 1813, owned the 
1st hotel and grocery store there (m. Mar- 
garet Young of Va., who d. 1823, had it 
ch., viz: Jacob, b. in Morgantown Ky., 
John [m., and had ch.], Isaac [m., and had 
ch.], Katherine [m. Christopher Young, 
and had several ch.], Mary [m. Elijah 
Cravens, and had ch.] Robert Roland as 
above, Lee [m. a Miss Morris], Urban [m., 
and had ch.], Abraham [m,, and had ch.], 
Young [m. Mary Cross, and had several 
ch.] and Elizabeth Funkhouser [married]); 
gr.-son of Christopher Funkhouser, settled 
with his bro. John in 1700 one in Freder- 
icksburg Va. and the other at the Neck 
Va., they left Berne Switzerland 1692, lived 
in Holland until 1698, to Va. 1700. 

Star near Woodbridge N. J., b. 1754. 
d. 1839, member Soc. of Friends, was con- 
temporary with the revolution, but did not 
lay down his religion to shoulder the mus- 
ket though he did picket duty at Wood- 
bridge where his property was damaged 
by the British, and he aided in housing the 
soldiers, was often in the thickest of the 
fray at his home on the banks of Staten 
Island sound, contributed much in everv 
way for the maintenance of the army (m. 
Anna Webster [dau. of Hugh Webster of 
Plainfield N. J.], and had 8 ch., viz: Isaac 
of New Orleans, d. Jan. 28, 1840, John of 
Staten Island, d. Jan. i, 1827, Samuel of 
Rah way N. J., d. i860, Jacob, d. in Cal- 
ifornia 1849, Hugh of Bloomfield N. J., 
d. Sep. 16, 1852, Sarah [m. Nathan Shot- 
well of La Porte Ind.], Susan [m. Joseph 
D. Everingham of Blazing Star N. J. and 
Elizabeth who m. Joseph Dobson Shot- 
well of Rahway N. J., and had Henry R. 
Shotwell. b. t8o6 whose dau. Caroline m 
Thomas S. Wood); son of John Fitz Ran- 
dolph; son of Jacob, b. 1708; son of Sam- 

uel; son of Nathaniel of Woodbridge 
N. J., b. 1642, d. 1713, moved to East New 
Jersey before 1680, member of colonial 
assembly of N. J. 1693, member Soc. of 
Friends; son of Edward of New Plymouth 
Mass., b. 1615, came to Mass. with his 
widowed mother 1630 (m. May 10, 1637 
Elizabeth Blossom). 

^ 111., b. in Harrisburg Pa. Nov. 30, 
1824, studied law at Dickinson coll. in 
Carlisle Pa. 1884, Harvard univ. 1880-T, 
made a tour of Europe, Asia and Africa 
1867, Austria, Scandanavia and northern 
Europe 1873, author etc. (m. July 24, 1864 
Annie Cannon of Louisville Ky., d. Apr. 
2^, 1866) ; son of John of Harrisburg Pa., 
b. in Dauphin co. 111. Sep. 20, 1792, d. in 
Bureau co. 111. Oct. 5, 1846, served in war 
1812, was in the defence of Baltimore 1819. 
resided at Harrisburg 30 years, extensively 
engaged in wood and coal business, owned 
a large number of canal boats in that busi- 
ness removed to Bureau co. 111. 1842, en- 
gaged largely in stock raising there (m. 
Jan. 0, 181 7 Margaretta Herman, b. In 
Dauphin co. Pa. Aug. 28, 1793, d. Oct. 17, 
t8.S0, dau. of John Herman, b. Dec. 3, 
T767 and Sarah Bright, b. Oct. 20, 1770, d. 
Mar. 15, 1821, had beside William M. Zear- 
ing the following ch., viz: Henry Herman 
Zearing of Dover 111., b. Apr. 29, 1818 [m. 
Oct. 8, 1878 Fanny Campbell M. Laughllnl, 
John Lewis Zearing of Dover, b. Oct. 2, 
T820, Sarah Elizabeth Zearing, b. Aug. 4, 
182.^ fm. May 2, 184? William Robinson 
M. D.], James Robert Zearing M. D. of 
Dover, b. Tune t6. 1828 fm. May 2.^, i8"^4 
T iirindn Helmer]. Maro-aretta, b. Tune tt. 
1831, d. Oct. 2, 1836. Rebecca, b. Tune ir. 
r^iT Fm. Mar. 27, 1856 Martin Carse of 
Princeton Til., sheriff of Bureau co. Til.]. 
Elizabeth Jane. b. Nov. 20. 1834 Tm. Dec. 
9ri, T857 Henry Tngals], Joseph Berg of 
Dover, b. Mar. tt, 1833, contractor \vcy. 
May 23. 1867 Sophronia A. HuffakerJ, 
Mary Ellen, b. Nov. 20. T836 fm. Nov. 29, 
1857 John Garvin of Princeton]") ; son of 
Henry Zearing of Jonestown Pa., b. In 
Lebanon co. Pa. Mar. 20, 1760, d. there 



Jan. 2^, 1798, purchased 214 acres a few 
miles northwest of Jonestown, was a skill- 
ful and prosperous farmer, was a soldier at 
the age of 16 (m. 1781 Maria Elizabeth 
Rupp, dau. of John Rupp, b. Oct. 23, 1729, 
came to America 1751, son of Johannes 
Jonas Rupp, burgess and judiciary of 
Reihen, Baden Germany) ; son of Henry 
Zearing of Jonestown Pa., b. there 
Apr. 5, 1734, d. there Apr. 5, 1819, 
took part at military convention held 
at Lancaster Pa. 1776; son of Ludwig of 
Jonestown Pa., b. in Baden Germany, about 
1773, came to America before 1732, settled 
2 miles east of Jonestown Pa. on a large 
tract of land adjoining the long ago de- 
cayed German Ref. Ch., crossed the Atlan- 
tic many times. 

mington Del., b. there May 9, 1S53, 
vice-pres. and sec. of The Harlan and Hol- 
lingsworth Co iron ship and car builder-^ 
(m. Oct. 21, 1874 Virginia Gregory Inger- 
soll, dau. of Hon. Charles R. Ingersoll, 
ex. gov. of Ct., gr.-dau. of Rear Admiral 
Gregory U. S. N. and Ralph Ingersoll, 
ex minister of Russia, she, Virginia had 8 
ch., viz: Leila Ingersoll, Harry Courtlandt. 
Charles Ingersoll, Helen Louise, Virginia 
Gregory, Francis Hoyt Gregory, John 
Taylor and Marion Ponsonby Gause): son 
of John Taylor Gause of Wilmington Del., 
b. in Chester co. Pa. Sep. 30, 1823, pres. 
The Harlan and Hollingsworth Co. (m. 
Tan. 27, 1848 Martha Jane Flinn) : son of 
Harlan of near Kennett Pa., b. in Chester 
CO. Pa. Nov. 28, I7Q3, d. there Apr. 10, 
1852 (m. Rebecca Taylor, b. Aug. 18, 1799, 
d. Dec. 27. t880; son of William Gause of 
near Kennett Pa., b. in Chester co. Pa. 
Mar. 10, 1755. d. there 1835, vol. soldier in 
rev. war, was present at the battle of 
Brandywine. being at one stage of the en- 
gagement held among a body of the re- 
serves in the cellar of a building near the 
Old Birmingham meeting house (m. 1781 
Mary Beverley, b. May 27, 1761, d. July 
T5, 1841); son of Evan Goss of East Marl- 
boro Pa., b. in Chester co. Pa. Tan. 23. 
1725 (m. Jan. 10, 1751 Hannah Walker); 

son of Charles Goss of East Nottingham 
Pa., b. 1698, d. there Mar. 21, 1732, came 
to East Nottingham 1721, prob. belonged to 
the Md. and Va. family of Goss (m. 1724 
Jane Powell of Wales). 

Tacoma Wn. N. Y., b. near Chester- 
field 111. May 21, 1853, civil engineer, sur- 
veyor of loads, coal mines and R. R., also 
railroad construction in 111. 1878-84, deputy 
county surveyor of Henry co. Mo. 1884-87, 
location and construction engineer on 
K. C. and S. R. R. 1885, res. engineer on 
construction of C. M. and St. P. R. R., 
Kansas City extension 1886-7, city engineer 
Clinton Mo. 1888-9, assistant engineer 
double track C M. and St. P. R. R. from 
Genea to Davis junction 111. 1890, R. R. 
surveys in southern Cal. 1890 also in Ga. 
1891, assistant division engineer of L. S. 
and M. S. R. R. of maintenance of way 
and new construction 1892-7, chief 
engineer T. & C. R. R. R. 1898 (m. 
Feb. 3, 1897 Eleanor Little Patterson) ; 
son of George Huston Halliday, b. in Ky. 
Aug. 5, 1824, grad. McKendrn coll., county 
surveyor of Macoupin county 111. 185 1, rep- 
resentative to the 111. State assembly 18515, 
county clerk of Macoupin co. 111. 1858-69 
(m. Apr. 15, 1852 Cinderella, dau. of Wil- 
boin Chism, who moved from Ky. to the 
western part of Macoupin 1832, Scottish 
desc, the surname was contracted from 
Chisholm after the family moved to Amer- 
ica, she, Cinderella had 6 ch., viz: William 
Chism as above, George Spears, b. near 
Chesterfield 111. Oct. 12, 1854, abstracto- 
of land titles at Clinton Mo., Susie Eliza- 
beth of Clinton, b. in Carlihville 111. Jan. 
19, 1856, Nannie Robertson of Clinton, b. 
in Carlinville June 12, 1858 [m. W. A. 
Driggs], Albert Duglas, b. in Carlinville 
July 6, i860, asst. supt. D. and I. R. R. R. 
Two Harbors Minn, and Henry Huston 
Holliday, b. in Carlinville Mar. 12, 186-', 
clerk in the office of supt. of M. K. and T. 
Ry. Sedalia Mo.) ; son of Charles Halliday 
of Chesterfield 111., b. in Baltimore Md. 
Nov. 23, 1771, d. in Chesterfield Mar. 8, 
1850, Methodist minister in Ky., Tenn.. 



Indiana and 111. 1797-1850, elected book 
agent stationed at the Methodist Book 
Concern in Cincinnati Ohio 1828-36, settled 
in Western Mound Tp, 111. 1837 (m. ist. 
May 2, 1793 Sarah Watkins, b. June 19, 
1768, d. in Bath co. Ky. 1816, had 10 ch., 
viz: Hirom of Greenfield 111,, b. Jan. 17, 
1794, d. in Macon Ga. Aug. 24, 1862, Polly, 
b. Aug. 2^, 1795, d. May 5, 1801, Dr. James 
L. of Austin Texas, b. Mar. 30, 1797, d. in 
Lee CO. Texas, Rev. Reverly Watkins of 
Wellsville Mo., b. Dec. 17, 1798, d. Jan. 22, 
1891, Elizabeth Watkins, b. on Clivch 
River Va. Apr. 6, 1800, d. in Scottsville 
Ky. Oct. 24, 1889 [m. A. C. Alexander], 
Jane McAlester of Chesterfield 111., b. in 
Va. Dec. 29, 1801, d. in Buffalo Kan. Oct. 
19, 1885 [ m. G. A. Cowden], Sarah W. of 
Bowling Green Mo., b. June 19, 1804 [m. 
1st Cox, 2d Newland], Rev. Charles Mc- 
Alester, b. Feb. 19, 1806, d. in O'Fallan III. 
Jan. 30, 1881, Dr. William McKendree of 
Waverly 111., b. in Ky. Dec. 27, 1807 and 
Milly Smith Halliday, b. Dec. 7, 1809, d. 
June 24, 1822, m. 2d Apr. 6, 1817 Elizabeth, 
b. Aug. 21, 1787, d. in Carlinville 111. July 
18, 1863, dau. of Jacob Spears of Lincoln 
CO. Ky., b. in Rockingham co. Va. Feb. 7, 
1757 and Elizabeth Neely, b. Mar. 8, 1757, 
she, Elizabeth Spears Halliday had 4 ch., 
viz: Jacob Neely, b. Mar. 17, 1818, Robert 
R. R., b. Feb. 18, 1820, Nannet Hall of Car- 
linville 111., b. Nov. 14, 1821 [m. W. A. 
Robertson] and George Huston Halliday, 
b. Aug. 5, 1824) ; son of James Halliday of 
Baltimore Md., b. in Moflfat Scotland Mar. 
4, 1741, leather merchant, saddler and shoe 
dealer (m. Mary, dau. of Charles Mc- 
Alister, who moved from Ireland, and 
settled on Carroll's Tract now Adams co. 
Pa., a man of refined tastes, owned what 
was then called a large private library, 
built the first stone house in that section, 
m. Biossanna Pennaw, b. in Ireland, desc. of 
a French Huguenot family, she, Mary had 
3 ch., viz.: William, Charles as above and 
Jennie, d. in Ky. 1828 [m. her cousin 
Charles McAlister]); son of William Hal- 
liday of Mofifat Scotland, b. there 1707, d. 
there Dec. 23, 1786 (m. 1728 Janet Thor- 
burn, and had 9 ch., viz: John, b. Feb. 3, 

1730, Matthew, b. Apr. 21, 1732, distin- 
guished physician at Moscow under Em- 
press Catherine lil, William, b. Nov. 15. 
1735, Samuel, b. Apr. 8, 1738, James above, 
David, b. Apr. 6, 1743, Pattoi, b. Aug. 17, 
1745 and David, b. July 30, 1747); son of 
Matthew of Moffat Scotland, b. there 
1676, d, there 1743, desc. of the junior 
branch of the Corhead family of Halliday.^ 
that never left Annandale Scotland. 

Louis Mo., b. in Palmyra N. Y. 
Mar. 24, 1831, settled in St. Louis 1846, 
merchant and manufacturer, now retired 
(m. Nov. 21, 1855 Orian Thompson, dau. 
of James Jennings Thompson who moved 
to St. Louis from Lunenburg co. Va., her 
mother was a Lawrence, desc. of the Law- 
rences of Watertown and Groton Mass.. 
she, Orian had 5 ch., viz: Norris B., Clara 
J., William H., Julia, Orie L. Gregg); son 
of John Gregg of Greenfield N. H.. 
Rochester, Palmyra, Lyons and Perry 
N. Y. and St. Louis Mo., b. in Greenfield 
N. H. Aug. 5, 1802, d. in Perry N. Y. 
May 28, 1846, inventor, was in the foundry 
and machine business at Rochester, Pal- 
myra, Lyons and Perry, N. Y. (m. Apr. 
15, 1824 Anne Wilcox of Palmyra, dau. of 
William Wilcox who emigrated from 
Tiverton R. I,, her mother Ruth Durfee 
emigrated from Tiverton with her father 
Gideon Durfee to Palmyra 1791); son o£ 
Hugh Gregg of Greenfield N. H. and 
Peterboro N. H., b. in latter Nov. 22, 1765, 
d. in Perry N. Y. 1838, farmer (m. Sarah 
Holmes, b. Aug. 12, 1765, of the Holmes 
family of Londonderry N. H. and Peter- 
boro N. H.); son of Samuel Gregg of 
Peterboro N. H., b. in Londonderry 1738, 
d. in Peterboro Dec. 10, 1808, soldier in the 
British army, serg., was in Cape Breton 
expedition, took part in the capture of 
Louisburg, during rev. war, maj. of 23d 
N. H. reg. (m. Agnes, dau. of John Smiley 
of Haverhill Mass.) ; son of John of Lon- 
donderry N. H., b. in co. of Derry Parish 
Mnaskee Ireland 1702, d. in Londonderry 
Feb. 28, 1789, lieut. in the Ranger service 
of the colony of N. H. during the trouble 



with the Indians (m. Agnes, dau. of Hugh 
Rankin of Londonderry Ireland, was in 
Londonderry during the celebrated seige 
by the Stewarts, came to this country with 
his dau. Agnes from co. Antrim Ireland 
1722); son of James Gregg of London- 
derry N. H., b. in Ayrshire Scotland, d. in 
Londonderry N. H. Mar. 10, 1758, emi- 
grant from Ayrshire Scotland to Mnaskee 
Parish Ireland 1690, came to America 1718, 
was one of the 16 families who founded 
Londonderry N. H., capt. ist. militia co. 
raised in the town for defense against the 
Indians (m. Janet Cargill, b. in Ilia Scot- 

GILL, WATSON of Syracuse N. Y., b. 
in Stoughton Mass. Feb. 14, 1837, 
grad. Wilbraham Mass. academy 1857, had 
charge Webster H. S. about 2 years, settled 
in Syracuse 1867, and was in the book trade 
there (m. M^ar, i, 1862 Frances C. Kendall, 
dau. of Harvy W. Kendall, son of David, 
son of Peter, son of David of Brooklyn Ct. 
who was desc. of Francis of Woburn 
Mass., she, Frances had 3 ch., viz: Kitty, 
Nellie and Elizabeth); son of John Wil- 
liamson Gill of Stoughton Mass., b. in 
Lincolnville Me. Dec. 26, 1809, d. in Stough- 
ton 1868 (m. 1834 Elizabeth Davis John- 
son [dau. of Jacob and Lydia [Davis] John- 
son of Sharon Mass., desc. of John Johnson 
of Roxbury Mass. 1630); son of Elijah 
Gill of Canton Mass., Lincolnville Me. and 
Stoughton Mass., b. in Canton Mass. 1779, 
d. in Stoughton 1856 (m. 1804 Rebecca, 
dau. of Elisha Hawes) ; son of Elijah of 
Canton Mass., b. in Stoughton 1752, d. in 
Canton May 29, 1826, deacon (m. Abigail, 
dau. of Ezekiel Fisher) ; son of Benjamin 
Gill of Canton Mass., b. in Stoughton 
Mass. 1730, d. there 1807, col. Mass. 3d. 
reg. militia, was with his reg. at the battles 
of Bemis H'eights and Saratoga 
deacon, selectman, moderator at town 
meetings and rep. for the town in gen. 
court (m. 1751 Bethia, dau. of Capt. Chas. 
Wentworth, gr.-son of Elder William 
Wentworth of N. H.) ; son of Benjamin of 
Dorclicster Mass., b. in Amesbury Mass. 
1689, d- in Stoughton Mass. 1749 (m. Sep. 

24, 1728 Abigail Fisher, dau. of Vigilance, 
and desc. of Anthony Fisher, original emi- 
grant at Dorchester and Dedham Mass); 
son of Moses Gill of Amesbury Mass., b. in 
Salisbury Mass, 1656, d. in Mar. 1690 or 91 
(m. about 1684 Sarah Estey, dau. of Isaac 
and Mary [Town] Estey, the latter a vic- 
tim of Salem witchcraft) ; son bf John Gill 
of Salisbury Mass., settled there 1638-40 
(m. May 3, 1645 Phcebe, dau. of Isaac 

Oneida N. Y., b. in Gilsum N. H. 
Aug. 19, 1858, with his father, gr.-father 
and entire family removed from Gil- 
sum N. H. to Stockbridge N. Y. in 
Feb, 1866, now shipping clerk and 
timekeeper of the Oneida Silverware 
Mfg. Co. (m. Mary Elizabeth, dau. of 
Nathaniel and Electa [Pettengill] Ham- 
mond of Hannibal N. Y., and had 3 ch., 
viz: Maud L., George W. ad Eva A. Ham- 
mond) ; son of George of Gilsum N. H. 
and Stockbridge N. Y., b. in Gilsum May 
16, 1830, d. in Stockbridge Oct. 28, 1892, 
justice of peace in N. H. many years (m. 
Oct. 12, 1857 Almina, dau. of George and 
Betsey [Stam] Snell) ; son of George W. 
Hammond, b. in Gilsum N. H. May 12, 
1802, d. in Stockbridge N. Y. Jan. 30, 1872, 
grad. Dartmouth coll. 1824, physician 
about 40 years, state senator 1855-9, mem- 
ber of state constitutional convention 1850, 
author of several poems and many popular 
songs (m. Jan. 25, 1827 Diansa, dau. of 
Josiah and Sarah [Bufifum] Rawson, desc. 
of Edward Rawson, Gov. Endicott's sec): 
son of Josiah, b. in Swanzey N. H, Mar. 
28, 185 1, d. in Gilsum N. H. Aug. 15, 185 1, 
selectman and state rep. 1830 (m. Nov. 28, 
1799 Mehitabel, dau. of Ebenezer and 
Rachel [Root] Bill, desc. of John Bill of 
Parish of Much Wenlock Shropshire 
Eng.); son of Aaron Hammond, b. in 
Swanzey N. H. Oct. 7, 1742, d. in Gilsum 
N. H. Apr. 7, 1818, took an active part in 
all town affairs, held many offices, owned 
the Tst carriage in town (m. Apr. 28, 1771 
Rachc! Woodward of Keene N. H.); son 
of Thomas of Ipswich and Littleton Mass . 



b, in former Oct. 31, 1719, d. in Swanzey 
N. H. 1784, was one of the ist settlers 
there, held many town offices, state rep. 
1780, rev. soldier, was paid the sum of £9, 
15s. for services in the army (m. ist. 1740 
Martha Olmsted, 2d Abigail Farr of 
Dedham Mass., 3d June 16, 1774 Mrs. 
Priscilla [Peabody] Hale of Boxford 
Mass.); son of Nathaniel Hammond of 
Ipswich Mass., Littleton Mass. and 
Swanzey N. H., b. in Watertown or Ips- 
wich about 1690, d. in Swanzey N. H. 
Feb. 2, 1756, one of the original proprietors 
there (m. ist. Jan. 30, 1713 or 14 Bridget, 
dau. of Timothy Harris of Rowley Mass., 
2d Abigail, dau. of John Perkins); son of 
Xiiomas, b. in Watertown Mass. July 11, 
105D, d. in Ipswich Mass. Feb. 26, 1724 or 
25 {m. Uec. b, 1679 Sarah, dau. of John 
PicKard of Ipswich); son of Thomas, u. 
in Lavenham Eng. Sep. 17, 1618, d. m 
Watertown Mass. Dec. 10, 1655 (m. about 
1654 Hannah, dau. of John Cross); son 
of W^illiam. Hammond, b. in Lavenham 
Lng. Oct. 30, 1575, d. in Watertown Mass. 
Oct. 8, 1662, came to Watertown 1632, was 
one of the ist settlers, an original propri- 
etor (m. June 9, 1605 Elizabeth Payne, her 
bro. William Payne came to this country, 
and .settled in Ipswich Mass., was a 
wealthy influential man there); son of 
Thomas Hammond, b. 1540 or 45, d. in 
Lavenham Eng. Nov. 24, 1589, a wealthy 
man; son of John of Lavenham, the 
clothier, d. 1551. 

-*--■- Fairbury Nebr., b. in Shutesbury 
Mass. Feb. 26, 1849, d. Oct. i, 1891 (m. ist. 
May 20, 1874 Charlene Fisk Hall, b. 
May 26, 1851, d. Apr. 30, 1882, dau. of Arad 
Hiall of Waterloo Iowa, 2d Tillie John- 
son); son of David Newell Hamilton of 
Shutesbury Mass., b. there May 5, 1826, d. 
there Mar. 17, 1862 (m. May 5, 1847 Mary 
Louisa Fish, dau. of Lewis P. Fish of Pel- 
ham Mass.); son of David of Shutesbury 
Mass., b. there June 14, 1785, d. there Aug. 
25, 1828, lived on a farm of 553 acres (m. 
1st Ruth Butterfield, 2d Mar. 24, 1818 
Mrs. Hannah Newell Patterson, dau. of 

Theodore Newell of Enfield, earlier of 
Dover Mass., and had 3 ch., viz: Salome, 
Mary Ann and David N.) ; son of Patrick 
Hamilton of Shutesbury Mass., b. prob. 111 
Pelham Mass. 1748, d. in Shutesbury Aug. 
15, 1821, private in Capt. Z. Crocker's co. 
Col. Wright's reg., in rev. war (m. Re- 
becca, dau. of Robert Fletcher, son ot 
John, son of Joshua, son of William, son of 
Robert Fletcher who came from Yorkshire 
CO. Eng., and settled in Concord Mass. 
1630); son of John Hamilton of Pelham 
Mass., b. on the Atlantic ocean May 2i, 
1716, d. in Shutesbury Mass. Feb. 25, 1798, 
proprietor in Pelham Mass. 1738, bought 
553 acres in Shutesbury 1772 (m. Mary 
Loehhard, b. May 18, 1717); son of 
James of Worcester Mass., b. in Scotland 
or Ireland, d. in Worcester in Apr. or 
May 1735, had a bro. John in Mass., the 
family originated in Scotland, James came 
from Londonderry Ireland 1716. 

TjAwili^s;' CHARLES BARNET of 
-L-L Providence R. I., b. in Coventry R. I. 
Jan. 27, 1845, was proprietor of board and 
shingle mill, now an engineer (m. Nov. 29, 
1882 Jennie Stevenson); son of Philip 
Potter Hawkins of Coventry and West 
Greenwich R. I., b. in Coventry R. I. Mar. 
4, 1807, d. in West Greenwich Mar. 22, 
1866, school teacher, farmer, board and 
shingle manufacturer, noted rationalist (m. 
1836 Sarah Ann, b. Apr. 4, 1816, dau. ot 
Joseph and Anna [Greene] Weaver); son 
of George of Coventry R. I., b. in Cranston 
R. I. June 25, 1776, d. in Coventry Mar. 17. 
1863, wealthy farmer, state legislator 1819- 
31, maj. in militia, deacon of the Christian 
Church 40 years (m. in Dec. 1805 Martha, 
dau. of Rufus and Sarah [Lewis] Stone 
and gr.-dau. of Samuel Stone and also of 
sea Capt. Benajah Lewis); son of Bamet 
Hawkins of Cranston R. I., b. there Jan. 
30, 1749, d. there Feb. 10, 1823 (m. about 
1772 Sarah Potter, b. Nov. 19, 1751, d. 
Nov. 13, 181 1, and had 6 ch., viz: Christo- 
pher, George as above, Samuel, Benoni, 
Stephen and Diadama, d. Feb. 20, 1864 [m. 
Arthur Williams of Woodstock Ct., d. 



CAMP, SAMUEL of Shoals of Ogee- 
chee Ga., b. in Durham Ct. May 14, 
1752, d. June 6, 1845, served in rev. war, 
was in barracks in Albermarle 1779, lived 
50 miles from Augusta Ga. 1786 (m. MoUie 
Bannkes, d. July 6, 1800, had 11 ch.); son of 
Ichabod, b. in Durham Ct. Feb. 15, 1726, 
d. in Kaskaskia 111. Apr. 20, 1786, B. A. of 
Yale coll. 1743, A. M. of same 1746, 
licensed to preach 1752, minister at Wal- 
lingford and Middletown Ct. 1752-60, 
moved to Wilmington N. C. 1761, Cornwall 
Va. 1761, Amherst co. Va. 1762, 111. 1779 
(m. 1st Nov. 26, 1749 Content Ward, d. 
Dec. 29, 1754, had 2 ch., viz.: Sarah and 
Samuel, m. 2d June 6, 1757 Ann Oliver, 
d. in St. Louis Mo. Oct. 27, 1803, had 
Stella [m. Antoine Reilhe of St. Louis, 
Louise [m. Mackey Wherry of St. Louis] ) ; 
son of John Camp of Durham Ct., b. in 
Milford Ct. 1687, d. 1767 (m. 1709 Phebe 
Canfield, and had Israel, Ichabod, Job, 
Mary and others) ; son of Edward of Mil- 
ford Ct., b. in New Haven July 8, 1650 (m. 
Jan. 15, 1673 Mehitable Smith, b. 1655, dau. 
of John the settler) ; son of Edward Camp 
of New Haven 1643, d. 1659 (m. Mary); 
probably son of Nicholas Camp, b. 1600. 

LEWIS, GEORGE of Providence R. I., 
b. in Coventry R. I. Nov. i, 1831, 
lived in Sterling Ct., Coventry and War- 
wick R. I. and Worcester Mass., moved to 
Providence 1852, served in battery E of 
R. I, light artillery from private to 2d 
lieut., wounded at Chancellorsville 1863, 
historian of 'battery E (m. Nov. 9, 1851 
Sarah Tonge of Scotch and English desc, 
her father came to America from Man- 
chester Eng. 1840, her mother a year later, 
she, Sarah had 3 ch., viz.: Everett Chan- 
ning, Myron Seaver and Wendell Wright 
Lewis) ; son of Benoni E. Lewis of Cov- 
entry R. I., Warwick and Providence R. 
I., b. in Coventry May 8, 1807, d. there 
Dec. 2y, 1881, farrher, carpenter, contractor 
(m. Nov. 23, 1828 Sarah, dau. of George 
Hawkins, see Hawkins lineage); son of 
Benjamin of Coventry R. I., b. in Exeter 
R. I. Oct. 14, 1778, d. in Coventry Mar. 18, 
1856, farmer, miller, owning at one time 3 

farms, grist and saw mill (m. 1803 Huldah, 
dau. of William and Phebe Daily [Stone] 
King) ; son of John Lewis of Richmond 
R. I., Exeter and Coventry R. I, 1788, d. 
in Richmond R. 1. Nov. 10, 1747, d. in 
Coventry Apr. 13, 1833, a prosperous far- 
mer, miller, 'owning at one time 400 acres 
(m. 1st Sep. 28, 1778 Amey, dau. of Gifhe 
Sweet Sheldon, 2d Mar. 17, 1808 Mary 
Tanner) ; son of Jonathan of Exeter R. I., 
b. and d. there, prominent in affairs of his 
town (m. 1st Sarah, dau. of Samuel Bar- 
ber, 2d Mrs. Patience Tourgee) ; son of 
Jonathan Lcfwis of Exeter R. I., b. there, 
d. there 1785, held town offices, a man of 
wealth (had 5 sons, viz.: John, Jonathan as 
above, Caleb, Thomas and Sylvester) ; son 
of Samuel, d. prob. 1790 (m. Jeanette) ; 
son of John Lewis, came from England, 
lived in Westerly R. L, settled there 1661. 

HORNOR, EDWIN of Helena Ark., b. 
there i860 (m. Miss Morton of 
Tenn., had 2 ch., Morton and William); 
son of William Dunn Hornor of Helena 
Ark., b. there July 26, 1825, d. 1861, was in 
the iconfederate army, was seen last in bat- 
tle, educated at St. Louis univ., lived in 
St. Louis Mo. 1839-44 (m. 1848 Ann Eliza 
Reynolds) ; son of William Bird Richards 
Hornor of Helena Ark., b. in Va. Feb. 28, 
1787, d. in Helena May i, 1838, lawyer, 
judge, raised a co. and commanded it in 
the battle of New Orleans, m^ember of Ark. 
house of rep. 1820-23 (m. Nov. 3, 181 1 
Elizabeth Dunn, b. in. Big Harper Tenn., 
dau. of Joseph and Phoebe Dunn, moved 
with her mother and family to Ark. 1800, 
descending the Miss., landed in Helena, 
when there was not a house there) ; son of 
John Hornor of Frederickburgh and Cul- 
pepper Va., b. in Trenton N. J. Oct. 27, 
1750, d. in Culpepper Mar. 19, 1819, in- 
herited from his father the land on which 
Trenton N. J. now stands, also a large 
tract of land at Cape May, lost his fortune 
during rev. war, fitted out at his own ex- 
pense a number 'of vessels, was afterwards 
paid for them in continental tnoney which 
became valueless, merchant in Fredericks- 
burg, moved to Culpepper after the war, 



a fine linguist, speaking 7 languages, an 
Episcopalian, changed the spelling of his 
family name from Horner to Hornor (m. 
July 2T, 1777 Patty, dau. of Joihn Richards 
[and Susannah Coleman], vestryman of 
South Farnham Parish Va. 1735^79, justice 
of Stafford co,, and gr.-dau. of William 
Bird Richards of Drysdale Va. and Robert 
S. Coleman of Va.); son of Samuel Hor- 
ner of Trenton N. J., b. in N. J. Mar. i, 
1724, d. 1766, British officer, was the 1st oi 
his family to become an Episcopalian, his 
father's family were Quakers (m. 1749 
Mary Leonard, his bro. Isaac m. Miss 
Potts of Trenton N. J., and was the an- 
cestor of that branch of the family that 
moved to Canada, one of whom was a 
member of parliament, his ibro. Benjamin 
was an ancestor of the Coates family of 
Philadelphia and of Joseph P. Horner of 
New Orleans 1776); son of Isaac of Ches- 
terfield N. J., b. in Tadcaster Yorkshire 
1678, inherited his brother John's estate 
(m. ist Elizabeth Sykes, and had 2 ch., 
viz.: Rachel and Elizabeth, 2d Eleanor, 
dau. of Samuel Bowne, and 8 ch.); son of 
John Horner of Yorkshire Eng., d. in 
Bordentown N. J., sailed from New Castle 
Eng. in the good ship Providence to Bur- 
lington N. J. 1683, selected a tract of land 
one mile south of Bordentown N, J. (m. 
Mary, had 10 ch.). 

Aberdeen So. Dak., b. in Frontier 
N. Y. July 16, 1865, alderman of Aberdeen 
1890, state senator 1895-6 (unmarried) ; son 
of Charles Adams Howard, formerly of 
Frontier N. Y., b. there Dec. 2.^, 1839, d- 
there Sep. 6, 1877 (m. Nov. 8, 1862 Nancy 
Jane Patterson, b. in Quebec Nov. 17, 1846, 
dau. of Levi and Jane [Anderson] Patter- 
son, and had 5 ch., viz.: Rebecca Jane, 
Charles Allen, Grace [m. F. W. De Vey of 
Duluth Miinn.], Cora and Bertha Isabel 
[m. Lt. John C. McArthur]); son of Junio 
of Frontier N. Y., b. in Andover Vt. Apr. 
I, 1794, d. in Frontier Nov. 28, 1864 (m. 
July 17, 1816 Rebecca Jane Spaulding, and 
had 10 ch., viz.: Chelnesse A., Rhoda, Lu- 
cinda, Angelina, Junio, Alfred, Harriett, 

Richard L., Adella C. B. and Charles 
Adams as above) ; son of Antipas Howard 
of Andover Vt., b. in Douglass Mass. about 
1766, d. in Clinton N. Y. Apr. 2, 1828, came 
from Mass. to Andover Vt. 1785 (m. 
Rhoda Darling, and had 11 -ch., viz.: James, 
Junio as above, Theanna, Greene, Sally, 
Harriett, Merritt, Ozi, Richard L., Ed- 
ward and Lucy) ; son of James Hay ward, 
b. in Mendon Mass. Feb. 18, 1724 (m. Apr. 
17, 1746 Lois Parmenter, and had 13 ch., 
viz.: David, Jonathan, James, Elias, Mar- 
tha, Solomon, Rebecca, Joseph, Uriel, 
Antipas as above, Amaziah, Rachel and 
Ezra); son of Jonathan Hayward (m. 
Lydia Albee) ; son of Jonathan of Ashford 
Ct., b. 1692, d. 1734 (had 7 ch., viz.: Jona- 
than as above, William, David, Joseph, 
John, Samuel and Sarah); son of Jona- 
than (m. Sarah, dau. of John Dean of 
Taunton Mass., and had 9 ch., viz.: Jona- 
than as above, Joshua, Susannah, Eben- 
ezer, Seth, Abriel, Sarah, Henry and 
Kezia); son of John Hayward, d. 1700, 
was with Capt. Miles Standish 1643, rep. 
1678 (m. Martha, dau. of Thomas and Sus- 
annah Hayward, who came from Eng. be- 
fore 1638, settled in Duxbury Mass., she, 
Martha had 7 ch., vfz. : John, James, Jona- 
than as above, Eliza, Sarah, Bethia and 

icago, 111., b. in Cincinnati Ohio July i, 
1867, engaged in the coal and icoke business 
(unmarried) ; son of Leverett Russel Hull 
of Cincinnati Ohio, b. in Watertown N. Y. 
Dec. 3, 1834, d. in Colorado Springs Col. 
Dec. 25, 1877, commission merchant (m. 
Dec. 10, 1862 Florence, dau. of Dr. J. S. 
Dodge and Emily Dana of Cincinnati 
Ohio and desc. of Col. Daniel Fisher, rev. 
soldier, Lt. Capt. Dana, rev. soldier and 
Capt. Samuel Greene); son of Leverett 
Hull of Angelien and Sandusky Ohio, b. 
in Bethlehem Ct. Dec. 3, 1796, d. in San- 
dusky Ohio Sep. 3, 1852, grad. at Hamilton 
coll. 1824, and Auburn Theo. seminary, 
pastor of several churches in N. Y. State, 
moved to Ohio 1844 (m. Sep. 9, 1830 Sarah, 
dau. of Jebotis Lord [and Sarah Farnham 



of Rome N. Y., dau. of Capt. John Farn- 
ham], son of Solomon Lord, rev. soldier); 
son of Titus Hull of Wallingford, Dan- 
bury Ct. and Utica N. Y., b. in Bethlehem 
Ct. Mar. 25, 1751, d. in New York, noted 
physician in Werteen N. Y., rev. soldier, 
town clerk 1794-1803 (m. 1778 Olive Lewis, 
desc. of Elder John Strong, Thomas Ford, 
Nicholas Clap, Capt. Roger Clapp and 
Ann Rowland Stebbins) ; son of Jeplianiah 
Hull, b. in Wallingford Ct. Aug. 15, 
1728, d. in Bethlehem Ct. Nov. 10, 1760 
(m. 1749 Hannah, dau. of Moses Doolittle 
[and Lydia Richards], desc. of Abraham 
Doolittle, John Moss. John Hall and 
Jeanne Wollen) ; son of John Hull of Wal- 
lingford Ct., b. there Oct. 6, 1702, d. there, 
physician (m. 1727 Sarah, dau. of Gideon 
Ives and Mary Royce, desc. of Robert 
Royce of Stratford Ct., she, Sarah Ives 
desc. of Capt. NatJianiel Newman, noted 
during the colonial wars) ; son of Benja- 
niin Hull of Stratford Ct., physician (m. 
Elizabeth Andrews) ; son of John oi New 
Haven Ct., physician (m. Mary Jones); 
son of Kichard Hull of Dorchester and 
New Haven Ct. 

TDE, ARTHUR C. of Evanston III, b. 
J- there Aug. 2, 1872, attorney (unmar- 
ried); son of George O. of Evanston 111., 
b. in Passumpsic Vt. Nov. 25, 1831, d. in 
Evanston Feb. 7, 1885, was an attorney in 
Chicago 111. (m. in Jan. 1862 his cousin 
Helen M. Ide, and had 5 ch., viz: George 
B., William K., Charles B., Arthur C. and 
Helen M.); son of George B. of Spring- 
field Mass., b. in Coventry Vt. Feb. 17, 
1804, d. in Springfield April 16, 1872, pastor 
of the First Baptist church of Philadelphia 
Pa. 1838-52 and of the First Baptist church 
of Springfield Mass 1852-1872 (m. 1830 
Harriet Walker) ; son of John, b. in Reho- 
both Mass. Aug. i, 1775, d. in Potsdam 
N. Y. July 27, i860. Baptist clergyman (m. 
Sarah Daggett) ; son of John Ide, b. in 
Rehoboth Mass. Aug. 24, 1742, d. in St. 
Johnsbury Vt. 1815, lived in Rehoboth 
Mass. 1742-912, then moved to St. Johns- 
bury, wheelwright by trade, rev. soldier 
(m. Deborah Pond); son of Ichabod of 

Rehoboth Mass., b. there Mar. 31, 1717 
(m. June 4, 1741 Mary Mason) ; son of 
Timothy of Rehoboth Mass., b. there Oct. 
I, 1688, died in Rehoboth Mass. Dec. 
26, 1768 (m. Mary Daggett Dec. 20, 1715); 
son of Timothy Ide of Rehoboth Mass., 
b. there 1660, was prominent among early 
settlers, gained fame as an Indian fighter, 
toog active part in the wars against In- 
dians, ensign to the general court of Mass. 
1710, died in Rehoboth Mass. Apr. 5, 
1735 (m. Oct. 20, 1678 Elizabeth Cooper); 
son of Nicholas Ide of Rehoboth Mass., 
b. in England about 1620, died in Reho- 
both Mass. in Oct. 1690, came from Eng. 
to Rehoboth 1643, one of the original set- 
tlers and one of the ist land owners there, 
active in the early settlements, was one ot 
a committee appointed to settle disputes 
with King Philip, the Indian chief, 1689, 
and owner of considerable land (m. a dau. 
of Thomas Bliss, and had 10 ch.), first 01 
the ancestors of America. 

^ North Greenfield Wis., b. in Buckland 
Mass. Nov. 29, 1813, held various town 
offices, state legislator 1879, author (m. 
Oct. 24, 1838 Abigail, dau. of Alvan Clark, 
desc. of Thomas Clark of Plymouth Mass. 
1623) ; son of Othniel of Buckland Mass., 
b. there Apr. 4, 1778, d. there Mar. 5, 1851, 
mason, capt. militia (m. 1801 Anna, dau. 
of Gad Elmer, desc. of Edward Elmer ot 
Hartford Ct. 1636) ; son of Josiah Johnson 
of Buckland Mass., b. in Leominster Mass. 
Mar. 7, 1746, d. in Buckland Feb. 21, 1827, 
farmer, miller, lieut. in rev. war 1779, state 
legislator 1796 (m. 1774 Martha, dau. ot 
Othniel Taylor of Windsor Ct. 1640); son 
of David of Leominster Mass., b. in And- 
over Mass. Aug. 20, 1715, d. in Leominster 
Nov. 10, 1799, lieut, in a military co. and 
among the patriots who met the British at 
Bunker Hill (m. Feb. 22, 1738 Mary, dau. 
of John Warner of Leominster Mass.); son 
of Josiah Johnson of Andover and Harv- 
ard Mass., b. in Andover Oct. 29, 1683, d. 
in Harvard Oct. 15, 1727, farmer (m. June 
19, 171 1 Annis, dau. of Thomas Chandler, 
and gr.-dau. of Thomas Chandler, one of 



the original proprietors of Andover); son 
of Thomas Johnson of Andover Mass., b. 
1631, d. there Feb. 15, 1719, constable, 
selectman, surveyor, fence viewer, lotlayer, 
principal military officer when the Indiana 
attacked Andover, and burnt a part of the 
town (m. July 5, 1657 Mary, dau. of Nicho- 
las Holt of Andover); son of John, came 
from Hern Hill near Canterbury England, 
and his name is found in the list of earliest 
settlers of Ipswich Mass. 1635. 

Winnipeg Manitoba, b. in Upper La 
Have Nova Scotia Feb. 24, 1857, assist, 
surveyor of 3d principal meridian of Can- 
ada 1881, civil engineer, author, and at 
present civil servant of dom. of Canada 
(m. Aug. 2S, 1884 Mary Jean Linklater, 
dau. of David Linklater [who m. Elizabeth 
Clegg of Accrington Lancashire Eng., b. 
Otterswick Island of Sanday, Orkney Isles 
May 23, 1830, arrived in Quebec from 
Kirkwell via Aberdeen in spring of 1852 
son of Magnus Linklater, b. 1798, m. Eliza- 
beth Muir, b. 1796 of Rusuiss Parish San- 
day, came to Canada 1857 or 8, she, Mary 
had 5 ch., viz: Ethel Elizabeth, b. May 28, 
1885, Florence Vaughan, b. Aug. 23, 1889, 
Frederick Clegg, b. Nov. 2, 1891, d. Aug. 
16, 1892, Francis Houghton, b. Nov. 2, 
1891, d. Aug. 14, 1892, Carl Theodoric, 
b. Oot. 23, 1893 and Otto Willard Arm- 
strong, b. July 15, 1897); son of James 
Kaiser of Gonquerall N. S., b. in West 
Chester N. S. Apr. 4, 1819, he ranked as 
capt. during the Fenian raid, ship owner, 
lumber and gen. merchant for over 40 years 
(m. July 4, 1853 Susan, dau. of George 
Zwicker [and Catherine Hiltz of Oakland 
N. S., gr.-dau. of John Hiltz, the original 
grantee of N. S., the Hiltzs are distin- 
guished merchants, navy and professional 
men], gr.-son of George Zwicker, an orig- 
inal grantee of Lunenburg 1700, came to 
Lunenburg from Saxony Germany 1753, 
the Zwickers are noted shipbuilders) ; son 
of Peter Kaiser of West Chester N. S., b. 
there Jan. i, 1795, d. there May 27, 1879, 
herbalist and botanical student (m, Apr. 
28, 1818 Annie Vaughan. dau. of James, 

son of Anthony Vaughan, who came to 
Chester N. b., troni whom came the vari- 
ous branches of Vaugiian of Va., her 
mother Mary Millett was dau. of George 
who m. Mary Houghton, dau. of Capt. 
Timothy Houghton of Chester N. S. 1759 
and desc. of Maj. Simon Willard of Lan- 
caster Mass. 1658, John Houghton of New 
iinglamd 1O35); son of MicJiael Kaiser of 
West Chester N. S., bp. there Mar. 13, 
i757> d. in West Chester 1848, built first 
ship there, owned a number of vessels, 
large property owner (m. 1777 Ann ,M. 
Weyler of Baden); son of Johann of Lu- 
nenburg N. S., b. in Phaltz Ger. in 1719, d. 
in Lunenburg about 1760, he had almost 
nnished his new house on his farm at the 
uurtii west when surrounded by Indians, 
but managing to escape he died at his home 
nine days alter the attack (m. about 1740 
iuva Krug); son of Johann Georg (m. 
1714 Anna Theobald); son of Andreas of 
Munnerstadt Germany (m. Veronika). 


I ODD, JOHN of Mc Leansboro 111., b. 
^ in Burlington Ohio Sep. 3, 1839, re- 
moved with his parents to Hamilton co, 
111. 1854, educated at MeKendree coll. in 
Lebanon 111. and at Jones coll. in St. Louis 
Mo., was CO. surveyor 17 years, co. clerk 
8 years (m. Sep. 25, 1863 Lucy S. Bennett, 
b. in Athens co. Ohio, dau. of Abel and 
Lydia [Johnson] Bennett, removed to 
Jefferson co. 111. i860, she, Lucy had 6 ch., 
viz: Bennett, Albert A., Burch J., Chester 
C, Lydia B. and Giles G. Judd); son of 
Chester Judd of Hamilton co. 111., b. in 
Courtland co. N. Y. Apr. 7, 1816, removed 
with his parents to Washington co. Ohio 
1819, to Lawrence co. Ohio 1830, to Ham- 
ilton CO. 111. 1854 (m. Oct. II, 1837 Mary 
Burch, b. in Washington co. Ohio, dau. of 
Epbraim and Rhoda [Porter] Burch, and 
had 2 ch., viz: John as above and Albert); 
son of Giles of Hamilton co. 111., b. in Ct. 
July 18, 1777, d. in Hamilton co. Se. 8, 1855, 
removed to Hamilton co. 111. 1852, soldier 
of the war 1812 (m. Dec. 7, 1799 Katharine 
L. Tinker, dau. of John and Parthena 
Tinker) ; son of Asa Judd of Ct,, b. there 
Sep. 20, 1736, d. there, rev. soldier, and 



died shortly after the war (m. Melissa 
Fancher of Wales, noted for her great 
strength); son of Samuel of Ct., b. there 
Nov. 6, 1703, d. there Jan. 30, 1793 (m. Jan. 
13, 1731 Elizabeth, dau. of David Scott); 
son of John Judd of Ct, b. in Farmington 
Ct., d. in Waterbury Ct. 1717 (m. Apr. 16, 
1696 Hannah, dau. of Samuel Hickox) ; son 
of Thomas, a lieut.; son of Thomas, 
deacon, came from Eng. 1633. 

HESTON, ALFRED M. of Atlantic 
City N. J., b. in Williamstown N. J. 
Apr. 30, 1854, identified with N. J. journal- 
ism 20 years, editor and publisher, well 
known as a local historian of N. J., became 
editor and proprietor of the Bridgeton 
Chronicle and subsequently of the Atlantic 
City Review, now comptroller and sinking 
fund comimissioner of Atlantic City (m. 
Dec. 30, 1875 Abbie L. Mitchell of Scotch 
and English desc, and had 3 ch., viz.: 
Helen Louise, Jessie Anna and Florence 
Lillian Heston); son of I. Morris Heston 
of Philadelphia Pa. and Williamstown N. 
J., b. in Chester Valley Pa. Jan. i, 1821, d. 
in Williamstown May 11, 1862, umbrella 
maker in Phila. for a while, removed to 
Williamstown about 1852, where he en- 
gaged in farming, became a leading citizen 
there, and was active in church affairs (m. 
Apr. 13, 1845 Anna Patton of Philadelphia, 
came to America with her parents when 9 
years old, of English desc) ; son of Isaiah 
of Phila. and Chester Valley Pa,, b. in 
Wightstown Pa. Mar. 9, 1778, d. in Chester 
Valley May 13, 1870, tailor in Phila., re- 
moved to Chester Valley (m. Mar. 3, 1807 
Mary, dau. of Robert and Martha Miller of 
Middletown Pa.); son of Isaiah of 
Wightstown Pa., b. there Aug. 20, 1744, d. 
there Sep. 7, 1785, rev soldier, wounded at 
the battle of Monmouth 1778, cripple for 
nearly 8 years, and d. from the effects of 
his wound (m. June 10, 1767 Anne, dau. of 
Thomas Leonard and gr.-dau. of Nathan- 
iel Leonard of Trenton N. J., she belonged 
to the family of Leonards who moved from 
Taunton Mass. to N. J., and established 
the first iron works in that state); son of 
Zebulon of Bucks co. Pa., b. in Trenton 

N. J. Nov. 4, 1702, d. in Wrightstown Pa, 
Mar. 12, 1776, minister in Soc. of Friends, 
visited the Delaware Indians westward of 
Pa., and was very cordially received, was 
presented with a wampum as a token of 
regard (m. Elizabeth Buckman, the Buck- 
man family came from Eng. and settled in 
Bucks CO.) ; son of Zebulon Heston of 
Trenton N. J., b. in England, d. in 
Wrightstown Pa. about 1725, came to 
America about 1784, and settled in Trenton 
(m. about 1698 Dorothy, dau. of John 
Hutchinsen and gr.-dau. of Thomas Hutch- 
insen, proprietor of Hutchinsen manor, 
where the N. J. State lunatic asylum now 
stands, a man of considerable means). 

Brooklyn N. Y., b. in Newvdlle Pa. 
June 8, 1864, member of tihe Soc. oi Sons 
of Revolution and Soc. of Colonial Wars 
(m. Nov. 5, 1890 Anna, dau. of Samuel and 
Ann [Laverty] Hetherington), has sister 
Alice May Kunkel, who m. Mar. 12, 1893 
Emerson Brooks; son 'of John Atley Kun- 
kel oi Pennington N. J., b. in Newburg 
Pa. Feb. 16, 1835, was col. in Pa. militia, 
one of Lincoln's bodyguard from Harris- 
burg to Baltimore, is a member of Soc. of 
Sons of Revolution (m. Jan. 8, 1863 
Susan Emma Sharp, ib. Feb. 26, 1835, d. 
Mar. 13, 1883, desic. of Capt. James Sharp, 
Lt. Robert McConnell, served in French 
and Indian war 1756-60, William Sharp, 
private in rev. war 1778, Alexander Mc- 
Clintock and George Echellberger of rev. 
service in Cumberland and Lancaster 
counties Pa.); son of Aaron Kunkel of 
Newburg Pa., b. in Ephrata Pa. Nov. 19, 
1800, d. in Middletown Pa. Sep. 29, 1878, 
farmer (m. 1825 Rebecca, b. Nov. 22, 1796, 
d. Nov. 31, 1869, dau. of Michael Long of 
rev. service, Lancaster co. Pa.); son of 
John of Ephrata Pa., b. there Sep. 14, 
1777, d. there Nov. 14, 1855, farmer, kept a 
general store in Ephrata for many years, 
the name Kunkel was spelled Kunckel and 
Gunkel (m. 1797 Susanna Coovcr, d. Aug. 
17, 1832); son of Leonhard Gunkel of 
Ephrata Pa., b, about 1740, d. there Nov. 
10, 1778, was a non-associator, farmer, 



member of German Baptist church (m. 
1775 Rosina Stumpf, b. Feb. 14, 1749, d. 
June 14, 1833) ; son of John Michael Gun- 
kel of Lancaster co. Pa., b. in Hesse Nas- 
san Germany, d. in Lancaster co. about 
1780, came to America with his bro. 
George on ship Ranier, sailing from Rot- 
terdam Ger., qualified to test oath of alle- 
giance at Phila. Pa. 1749. 

City Tenn., h. near Paris Ky. July 23, 
1852, Presbyterian clergyman, ediicated at 
Danville Ky., ipastor at Neosho Mo. and 
other places (m. Nov. i, 1877 Ella M., dau. 
of Rev. Thomas H. Allin, and had Joseph 
Allin, Thomas Henry and David Luther 
Lander) ; son of Joseph Allen Lander of 
Elizaville Ky,, b. in North Middletown 
Ky. Feb. 25, 1812, d. in Elizaville Jan. 5, 
1862, farmer, stock raiser, elder in Pre&oy- 
terian church (m. Sep. 26, 1842 Catherine 
O., dau. of Moses and Marie [Kenny] 
Robnett of Bourbon co. Ky.); son of 
Henry of North Middletown Ky., b. in 
Hampshire co. West Va. July 5, 1786, d. in 
North Middletown June 14, 1841, a model 
farmer (m. Dec. 10, 1807 Margaret [Peggie] 
Allen, dau. of Joseph Allen, who moved 
from London co. Va. to Ky.) ; son of 
Charles of North Middletown Ky., b. in 
Va. Dec. 29, 1754, d. in North Middletown 
Aug. 14, 1833, rev. soldier, serg. in Capt. 
Reuben Briscoe's co. 3d Va. reg., com- 
manded by Lt.-Col. William Heth, enlisted 
1776, moved to Bourbon Ky. about 1788, 
was lin Ky. legislature fro^m Bourbon co., 
member of Methodist church (m. Mar. i, 
1781 Catherine Foreman of Hampshire co. 
West Va.) ; son of Henry Lander of North 
Middletown Ky., b. prob. in England, d. 
in North Middletown in Nov. 1809, moved 
to Ky., and died irom a burn received 
while trying to rescue a child from a burn- 
ing building, his father was prob. an Eng- 
lishman, a tailor by trade, lived to be 115 
years old, settled in London co. Va. (had 
2 sons, Henry and William, who went 
South and were not heard of again, and 3 
daus., one m. a Mr. Pugh, another a Mr. 
Ashbrook and the other a Mr. Park). 

ford Ct., b. ni Southbridge Mass. 
Apr. 18, 1847, author of " The King Gene- 
alogy " 1897, member of the Soc. of the 
Sons of the Amer. Rev. (m. ist Apr. 27, 
1868 Georgie E. Briggs, and had 3 ch., 
viz.: Carrie G., Mabel T. and Robert H., 
m. 2d Aug. 23, 1888 Jane Eliza Strain, b. 
in Thorold P. Q. Ontario Canada, dau. of 
James Boyce Strain and Bessie Laughlin, 
and had 3 ch., viz.: Bernice L., Lewis A. 
and Harvey R. W. King); son oif Harvey, 
b. in Monson Mass. Apr. 2, 1810, d. in 
Rockville Ct. Aug. 24, 1881 (m. Jan. 8, 
1835 Sarah, dau. of James B. and Cyntihia 
[Jenks] Briggs of Smithfield R. I.) ; son of 
lioswell, b. in Monson Mass. Mar. 14, 
1781, d. Apr. II, 1869 (m. Dec. 29, 1805 
Mercy, dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth 
[Sherman] Moulton of R. I.); son of 
William King, b. in Marshlield Mass. Apr. 
5, 1740, d. in Mason Mass. Nov. 29, 1815, 
served in rev. war (m. Oct. 28, 1765 Han- 
nah, dau. of Solomon and Mary [Palmer] 
Lamphear of Norwich Ct.); son of John,, 
b. in Marshfield Mass. 1704, removed to 
Norwich Ct. 1747 (m. Jan. 30, 1730 Mary, 
dau. of William and Lydia [Wills] Clift of 
Marshfield Mass) ; son 'of John King, b. in 
Scituate Mass. 1677, d. in Marshfield 1721 
(m. 1702 Rebecca); son of Thomas, b. in 
Scituate Mass. June 21, 1645, deacon; son 
of Elder Thomas King, b. in England 
1614, came to America and settled in Scit- 
uate 1635. 

Philadelphia Pa., b. in Columbia Mo. 
Feb. 16, 1854, grad. M. D. Univ. of Penn. 
1874, resident physician in orthopaedic, 
Wills and Penn. hospitals 1874-8, physi- 
cian in Phila. and Spring Lake N. J., hiis 
summer home since 1878 (m. Sep. 25, 1878 
Euretta E. Dougherty [dau. of James and 
Mary Amelia of Phila.], and has 3 chil- 
dren, viz.: Mary Amelia, Euretta and 
James Dougherty Kirkbride) ; son of 
Jonathan of Phila., b. in Bucks co. Pa. 
Nov. 4, 1808, d. in Phila. Dec. 23, 1889, 
went to Columbia Mo., merchant there, 
retired in 1866 and returned with his fam- 



ily to Phila. (m. Aug. 7, 1844 Mary Warner 
Kirkbride of Bucks co. Pa., a distant rela- 
tive, her mother a desc. of Wni. Warner of 
West Phila. 1658); son of Joseph of Bucks 
CO. Pa., b. there May 23, 1775, d. there Oct. 
II, 1821 (m. Dec. 21, 1807 Eleanor Bald- 
win, dau. of Joseph, whose grandfather 
Baldwin owned a plantation on Neshaminy 
creek 1697, her mother Margaret Rodman 
was gr.-dau. of Dr. John Rodman, 
member of N. J. assembly and ivin, 
council); son of Jonathan Kirkbride of 
Bucks CO. Pa., b. there June 10, 1739, d. 
there Nov. 5, 1824, minister of Society of 
Friends (m. Nov. 18, 1767 Elizabeth Curtis, 
dau. of Joseph, whose grandfather came to 
N. J. 1680 and established a home, lived in 
Ogston in Burlington co., her mother Ann 
Watson was gr.-dau. of Matthew Watson, 
constable of Chesterfield N. J. 1695) ; son 
of Mahlon of Bucks co. Pa., b. there Sep. 
3, 1703, d. in Lower Makefield Pa. Nov. 19, 
1776, active in interests of Society of 
Friends, assemiblyman many years (m. 
Sep. 12, 1724 Mary Satcher, dau. of John, 
who was steward of Wm. Penn at Penns- 
bury, and spoken of by Penn as " worthy 
John Satcher ") ; son of Joseph Kirkbride 
of Bucks CO. Pa., b. in Kirkbride Eng. 
July 29, 1662, d. in Falls tp. Bucks co. Pa. 
Jan. I, 1738, came to Pennsylvania 1682, 
preacher among Friends, traveled here and 
in England, magistrate, assemblyman 1712- 
38 (m. I St Jan. 14, 1688 Phebe Blackshaw 
[dau. of Randall], 2d Oct. 17, 1702 Sarah 
Stacy [dau. of Mahlon, who came to N. J. 
1678, land commissioner, justice, assem- 
blyman of N. J.], 3d Mrs. Mary Fletcher 
Yardley, widow of Enoch Yardley and dau. 
•of Robert Fletcher of Phila.); son of 
Matthew Kirkbride of Kirkbride Eng. (m. 
1652 Magdalen). 

^ city, b. May 5, 1843 at Syracuse N. 
Y., grad. Yale coll. 1863, Alb. Law univ. 
1864, lawyer (m. ist Dec. 24, 1867 Mary 
Powers, dau. Robert and Margaret J. 
Powers of Waterford N. Y., 2d Oct. 10, 
1888 Katharine B. Cass, dau. Dr. Jonathan 
and Mary [Peet] Cass of Gt. Barrington 

Mass., surgeon U. S. army 18O1-5, a lineal 
descendant of John Cass of Hampton N. 
H. 1644), and brother WILLIAM AU- 
GUSTUS CHILDS of Englewood N. J., 
b. Mar. 9, 1846 Syracuse N. Y., univ. of 
Mich. 1864-5, pres. Law Telephone Co. N. 
Y. (m. Dec. 5, 1878 Julia Miner Selleck, 
dau. of James W. and Elizabeth [Betts] 
Selleck, lin. descendt. of David Selleck of 
Dorchester Mass. 1635); sons of Noadiah 
M. of Syracuse N. Y., b. Dec. 20, 1806 at 
Stillwater Sar. co. N. Y., d. Nov. 19, 1896 
at Syracuse; engineer, merchant, pres. 
board of education and pres. Syracuse Salt 
Co. (m. Oct. 16, 1839 at Taunton Mass. 
Martha Brewer, dau. Simeon and Eunice 
[Macy] Brewer, a lin. descendt. of Daniel 
Brewer of Roxbury Mass., who came in 
1632, also a Mayflower descendant from 
Gov. John Carver and John Howland) ; 
son of Ephraim of Stillwater Sar. co. N. 
Y., b. March 17, 1773 at Woodstock Ct., 
d. June 10, 1830, physician, surgeon 41st 
reg. 1812, a founder of Sar. co. med. soc. 
and Mason of high degree (m. Jan. i, 1796 
Mary Woodworth, dau. of Capt. Ephraim 
and Anna [Moore] Woodworth, capt. in 
rev. war and lin. descendt. of Walter 
Woodworth, who came to Scituate Mass. 
in 1628; son of Increase of Greenfield Sar. 
CO. N. Y., b. Dec. 13, 1740 at Woodstock 
Ct., d. June 21, 1810, engineer, surveyor, 
soldier under Gen. Putnam in the French- 
English war, captain in rev., printed and 
published the first newspaper and book in 
Sar. CO. 1798 (m. Nov. 3, 1762 Olive Pease, 
dau. of Daniel and Abigail [Fletcher] 
Pease of Somers Ct., descended from Rob- 
ert Pease, who came to Salem in 1634); 
son of Ephraim of Woodstock Ct., b. Jan. 
15, 1711, d. Sep. 12, 1775, farmer, ensign 
3d CO. Woodstock 1750 (m. June 20, 1734 
Mary Lyon, dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth 
Lyon, descended from William Lyon, who 
came over in the '' Hopewell " in 1635 and 
settled at Roxbury Mass) ; son of Ephraim 
of Woodstock Ct., b. Dec. 18, 1683 at Rox- 
bury Mass., d. Nov. 22, 1759, deacon, far- 
mer, eldest of seven brothers, all emigrat- 
ing to Woodstock about 1700, lieut. nth 
regt. Conn, infantry (m. 1710 Priscilla 



Harris, dau. of Daniel and Joanna 
[Brown] Harris of Brookline Mass., son of 
Robert Harris, who came in the " Prim- 
rose " in 1635 and settled in Roxbury 
Mass.); son of Benjamin of Roxbury 
Mass., b. 1656, d. Jan. 24, 1723-4, bapd. by 
the Apostle Eliot 1658, selectman, deputy, 
auditor, etc. (m. Mar. 7, 1683 Grace Mor- 
ris, dau. of Lieut. Edward and Grace 
[Bett] Morris, one of the proprietors of 
Woodstock Ct., and earliest settlers of 
Roxbury Mass., selectman, representative, 
etc); son of Benjamin of Roxbury Mass., 
b. in England, d. Oct. 14, 1678, in affluent 
circumstances, ihaving contributed gener- 
ously to the building of the first church in 
Roxbury, came to America in 1630 in the 
" Arabella " with his uncle Ephraim Child, 
who was a personal friend of Gov. John 
Winthrop, and who with his wife Elizabeth 
(Bond) Child settled at Watertown Mass., 
wihere he was selectman, justice, repre- 
sentative, etc., and died Feb. 13, 1663, ae. 
70, leaving an estate of £770 15s. (m. abt. 
1653 Mary Bowen, dau. of Griffith and 
Margaret [Fleming] Bowen of Boston, 
she d. Oct. 31, 1707). Motto on Child 
coat of arms: " Imitari quam invidere." 

BBEWER, DAN'IBL of Waukegan 111., 
b. in Providence R. I. Sep. 29, 1814, 
lawyer, representative, city attorney, etc. 
(m. June 21, 1840 Serena D. Berry of 
N. H.); son of Simeon, b. Aug. 29, 1782 
Newtown Ct., d. Sep. 29, 1855 Worces- 
ter Mass., merchant, farmer (m. Nov. 20, 
1804 Eunice Macy, dau. of Peleg and 
Sarah [Wendell] Macy of Nantucket, desc. 
from Thomas Macy, b. 1608, first settler of 
the i'slatrd, and Evert Jiansen Wendell of 
Albany, b. 161 5, also from the Mayflower 
pilgrims. Gov. John Carver and John How- 
land; son of Bev. Daniel, b. Feb. 22,, 1745 
Springfield Mass., grad. Yale coll. (vale- 
dictorian) 1765, A. M., 'd. Dec. 3, 1825 
Taunton Mass., clergyman, writer and 
scholar (m. May 22, 1772 Susannah Breed, 
dau. of Gershom and Dorothy [McLaren] 
Breed of Norwich Ct., desc. of Allen Breed 
of Lynn Mass. 1630, and Rev. John Mc- 
Laren of Edinburgh Scotland); son of 

Charles, b. Dec. 14, 1717 Springfield Mass., 
d. there Mar. 12, 1793, merchant and promi- 
nent citizen (m. 1740, Anne Breck, dau. of 
Rev. Robert and Elizabeth [WainwrightJ 
Breck of Marlborough Mass., desc. from 
Edward Breck of Dorchester Mass. 1635); 
son of Bev. Daniel, b. Feb. 7, 1667 at Rox- 
bury Mass., grad. Harvard coll. 1687, or- 
dained minister First Church of Spring- 
field Mass. 1694, served 40 years, d. there 
Nov. 5, 1733 (m. Aug. 22,, 1699 Katherine 
Chauncy, dau. of Rev. Nathaniel and 
Abigail [Strong] Chauncy of Hatfield 
Mass. and gr.-dau. of Rev. Charles 
Chauncy D. D. 2d Pres. of Harvard coll.); 
son of Daniel, b. in Eng. 1624, d. Sep. 
1708 at Roxbury Mass, member Ancient 
and Hon. Art. Co. 1666 (m. Nov. 5, 1652 
Hannah Morrill, dau. of Isaac and Sarah 
Morrill, she d. Oct. 6, 1717); son of Daniel, 
b. in Eng. about 1596, emigrated in the 
" Lion " 1632 and settled at Roxbury Mass. 
with his wife Joanna, children and servant, 
she died there Feb. 7, 1689 aged 87, he died 
there early in 1646. 

CASS, JONATHAN, Dr., b. Feb. 15, 
1825 at Smithfield R. I., d. Jan. 20, 
1886 N. Y. City, grad. Albany Med. univ. 
1854, practiced many years at Great Bar- 
rington Mass., physician, surgeon U. S. 
army 1861-5, chief of staiY Alexandria Hos- 
pital (m. May 13, 1852 Mary Peet, dau. of 
Deacon Zachariah B. and Abby [Bassett] 
Peet of Sheffield Mass., desc. from John 
Peet of Sevenoaks Eng. who came to 
Stratford Ct. in 1635) ; son of Jonathan, b. 
Oct. 9, 1788 Mendon Mass., d. Feb. 11, 
1837 (m. June 15, 1815 Abigail Metcalf, 
dau. of David and Esther [Scott] Metcalf 
of Wrentham Mass. desc. from Michael 
Metcalf a first settler of Dedham 1637); 
son of John, b. 1761 Mendon Mass., d. in 
N. Y. state (m. Joanna Hunt, dau. of Ed- 
ward and Mary [Darling] Hunt Jr. of Bel- 
lingham); son of Jonathan Gove Cass, b. 
Aug. 23, 1722 at Hampton N. H., Quaker 
(m. Nov. 27, 1747 at Cumberland R. I. 
Abigail Salisbury, dau. of Jonathan Salis- 
bury of Smithfield R. 'I.); son of John, b. 
Oct. 24, 1687 Hampton N. H., removed to 



Mendon Mass. 1726, Quaker (m. Hannah 
Gove, dau. of John and Sarah Gove of Sea- 
brook N. H.); son of Samuel, b. July 13, 
1659 Hampton N. H., brother of Joseph of 
Exeter N. H., ancestor of Hon. Lewis 
Cass (m. Dec. 7, 1681 Mercy Sanborn, dau. 
of William and Mary [Moulton] Sanborn 
of Hampton) ; son of John Cass (or 
Casse), came to Hampton N. H. about 
1644, probably from St. Albans Eng., d. 
Apr. 7, 1675, farmer, planter, herdsman, 
selectman many years, man of affairs and 
influence (m. about 1647-8 Martha Phil- 
brick, dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth Phil- 
brick, or Philbrook). 

b. Nov. 19, 1782 at Bethlem Ct., d. 
Apr. 7, 1858 at Sheffield Mass., farmer, 
deacon (m. Apr. 30. 1816 Abby Bassett, 
dau. of William and Dinah [Blakleslee] 
Bassett of Watertown Ct., a rev. soldier, 
descended from William Bassett of the 
New Haven colony 1642) ; son of B-ichard, 
b. 1745 Bethlem Ct., d. Feb. 21, 1826 at 
Sheffield Mass.. farmer, minute-man 1776 
(m. Johannah [Prindle] Brinsmade, widow 
oi Zachariah Brinsmade, a rev. soldier, 
she b. 1751, d. Apr. 17, 1835); son of Rich- 
ard, b. Aug. 30, 1696 Stratford Ct. and re- 
moved to Bethlem Ct. ; son of Benjamin, 
b. Aug. 31, 1665 Stratford Ct. (m. Priscilla 
Fairchild); son of Benjamin, b. abt. 1640 
Stratford Ct., d. there Mav i, 1704 (m. 
Phebe, dau. of Richard Butler) ; son of 
John, b. 1597 in Eng., came from Seven 
Oaks Duffield Parish Derby co. Eng. to 
America in the " Hopewell," aged 38, set- 
tled in Stratford Ct., where he died 1678 
(m. Sarah Osborn, dau. of Richard Osborn 
of Fairfield Ct.). Motto on Peet coat of 
arms: " Ardens." 

SELLECK, JAMES W. of Englewood 
N. J., b. Aug. 21, 1820 at Wilton Ct., 
merchant (m. Jan. 3, 1849 Elizabeth Miner 
Betts, dau. of George W. and Julia 
[Miner] Betts); son of William, b. July 
II, 1773, d. Sept. 9, 1846, sea captain (m. 
May 2, 181 1 Charlotte Gregory, dau. of 
Capt. Abraham and Dorothy [Lockwood] 

Gregory); son of James, b. 1742 Stamford 
Ct., d. Mar. 21, 1809 Norwalk Ct, merchant 
and rev. soldier (m. Sarah Weed of Darien 
Ct., she d. Nov. 15, 1795, ae. 50); son of 
David, b. Dec. 27, 1762 (m. Mercy Water- 
bury and lived in Stamford Ct.); son of 
John, h. Apr. 24, 1644, made freeman in 
Stamford Ct. 1670, a wealthy and enter- 
prizing sea captain, was captured by the 
French in May 1689 and never heard from 
afterwards, left a large estate, administered 
upon in 1700 (m. Sarah Law, dau. of Rich- 
ard and Margaret [Kilborn] Law, one of 
the first settlers of Stamford Ct.); son of 
David and Susannah his wife, who emi- 
grated from Wales and settled in Dor- 
chester Mass. in 1635, she was a member 
of the first church of Boston March 23, 

1644, three of their sons settled in Stam- 
ford Ct., he d. in Va. Sept. 1654. 

Compton R. I. and Troy N. Y,, b. 
June 1796, d. Apr. 13, 1829 (m. Magdalena 
Moore, b. Aug. 20, 1800, d. Aug. 31, 1831); 
son of Samuel Peckham of Little Comp- 
ton R. L, b. Nov. 20, 1735, d. June 15, 1812 
(m. Avis Wood, d. 1793); son of Joseph 
Peckham, b. Feb. 18, 1702 (m. Nov. 5, 
1723 Elizabeth Wilbur of Little Compton, 
b. Dec. 2^, 1702, dau. of Samuel Wilbur of 
Little Compton, d. 1740, and Mary Potter, 
he son of William Wilbur, the emigrant 
who lived at Portsmouth R. L before 1654 
and d. 1710, Mary Potter, dau. of Nathaniel 
Potter of Portsmouth R. I. and Dartmouth 
Mass., b. 1637, d. Oct. 20, 1704, m. Eliza- 
beth Stokes, who d. 1704, son of Nathaniel 
Potter Sr. of Portsmouth R. 1. in 1638, 
one of first settlers, d. 1644, m. Dorothy, 
b. 1617 and d. Feb. 19, 1696); son of John 
Peckham, b. June 9, 1673, removed from 
Newport to Little Compton R. I.; son of 
John Peckham Jr. of Newport R. L, b. 

1645, d. 1712 (m. Sarah), was one of the 
original grantees Oct. 31, 1677 of the 5,000 
acres now comprising the city of East 
Greenwich, one of the original owners of 
Conanicut and Dutch islands, and property 
owner of Little Compton; son of John 
Peckham Sr., an original settler oif Rhode 



Island prior to May 20, 1638, a disciple of 
Roger Williams, freeman 1655, resided in 
that part of Newport which afterward be- 
came Middletown, d. 1681, and a stone 
marked " I. P." on land in Middletown 
owned by Wm. F. Peckham is supposed to 
mark his grave (m. Mary Clarke, prob, b. 
1607, d. 1648, sister of Rev. John Clarke of 
Bedfordshire Eng., Boston Mass. and 
Newport R. I., who was intimately associ- 
ated with Roger Williams, was pastor in 
1644 and following of the First Baptist 
church of Newport R. I., treasurer of the 
four towns 1649-51, imprisoned for his re- 
ligious opinions and Baptist tenets in 1651, 
freeman 1655, commissioner ito England as 
agent for the colony, engaged Nov. 24, 
1663 by the assembly to procure the King's 
letters patent ior the colony, in consider- 
ation of which service and his twelve 
years' agency for the colony in England 
he was given the thanks of the colony 
through the governor and deputy governor 
and the assembly ordered paid to him over 
and above his expenses the sum o>f one 
hundred pounds sterling on Dec. 25, 1664, 
was deputy 1664 to 1671, deputy governor 
1669 to 1672, published in 1652 a book enti- 
tled "■ 111 News from New England," giv- 
ing therein an account of the persecutions 
of his friends in America, was b. Oct. 8, 
1609, d. Apr. 20, 1676, was son of Thomas 
Clarke, grandson of John Clarke and 
great-grandson of John Clarke Sr., all of 
Bedfordshire Eng.) ; Phebe Catherine 
Peckham, dau. of Benjamin Peckham and 
Magdalena Moore, was b. Apr. 17, 1829, m. 
Dec. 23, 1848 Abraham P. Kline, b. Sep. 
10, 1829 at Tribes Hill near Amsterdam 
N. Y., son of James Kline, b. Oct. 22, 1793 
in Tryon co., now Fulton co. N. Y., d. 
Oct. 3, 1861 at Davenport Iowa, m. Jane 
Quilhott, b. June 10, 1794, d. June 5, 1855 
at Fultonville N. Y., Hattie Kline Lich- 
tenberg, dau. of Abraham Pulling Kline 
and Phoebe Catherine Peckham, b. Dec. 
18, 1858, m. Oct. I, 1887 Wm. John Moore 
of Chicago, b. Oct. 9, 1862, son of William 
Henry Moore, b. Feb. 13, 1836 in Liskeard 
Cornwall co. Eng., who emigrated to 
America in 1853 and resided at Wenona 

and Streator 111., d. Dec. 2, 1876, who m. 
Jan. II, 1862 Maria Hemming, b. Mar. 25, 
1842, dau. of William Hemming, b. Sep. 
26, 1813, see Hemming lineage in this 

SCOTT, THEODORE L., b. Mar. 19, 
19, 1842 at Waterford N. Y., d. Feb. 
22, 1881 at Albany N. Y., grad. Union 
coll, 1862, prize man, cashier Nat. Albany 
Exchange bank (m, Feb. 9, 1869 Elizabeth 
Bell Childs, dau. Noadiah M, and Martha 
[Brewer] Childs of Syracuse N. Y., de- 
scended from Benjamin Child and Daniel 
Brewer, both of Roxbury Mass. 1630-2, 
she a Mayflower descendant) ; son of 
Harvey Belden Scott, b. Feb, 9, 1807 
Waterford N, Y., d. there Feb. 8, 1854, 
merchant (m. Apr. 2, 1829 Mary Lytic Mc- 
Kallor, dau. Archibald and Agnes [Lytic] 
McKallor of Argyle Washington co. N. 
Y.); son of Thomas, b. Nov. 19, 1778 Wil- 
ton Ct., d, July 24, 1853 Waterford N, Y., 
lumber merchant (m. May 27, 1800 Grace 
Smith, dau. Major Job and Esther [Bene- 
dict] Smith of Ridgefield Ct., a rev. sol- 
dier); son of William, b. June 14, 1734, d. 
Jan, 22, 1815 Wilton Ct., rev. soldier (m. 
Jan. I, 1757 Abigail Belden, dau. Daniel 
and Esther [Smith] Belden of Norwalk 
Ct., descended from William Belden of 
Deerfield and Wethersfield 1646), 

111., b. Sep. 26, 1813, d. in Richmond 
Va. Nov, nth, 1893, during his youth he 
lived in Washington co, Penn. near the 
Wells Mill and Fort, and in Carroll co, 
Ohio, removed in 1846 from Carroll co. 
Ohio to Illinois and resided near Magnolia 
until i860, afterwards lived at Wenona, 
Princeton and Urbana 111,, buried at Mag- 
nolia 111. (m, 1837 Helen Wells, b. Mar, 15. 
1820, d. June 13, i860, dau. of Bazaleel, see 
Wells lineage accompanying this) ; son of 
Bichard Hemming, b. in Baltimore co. 
Md., removed to Carroll co. Ohio (m. 
Helen Leggett Cunningham of Washing- 
ton CO. Pa., widow of Capt. Samuel Cun- 
ningham, sister of Sutton Leggett, and 
niece of Gen. Leggett); son of William 



Hemming, b. in England about 1758 and 
emigrated to Baltimore co. Md. in 1774 
(m. Sisson Stevens of Baltimore co. Md.), 
removed to Washington co. Pa. and after- 
wards to Carroll co. Ohio where both died, 
Maria Hemming, dau. of William Hem- 
ming and Helen Wells, b. Mar. 25, 1842, m. 
Jan. II, 1862 William Henry Moore of 
Liskeard Cornwall co. England, who emi- 
grated to America in 1853 and resided at 
Wenona and Streator 111., b. Feb. 13, 183^, 
d. Dec. 2, 1876, whose children are William 
John Moore of Chicago, b. Oct. 9, 1862, 
who m. Oct. I, 1887 Hattie Kline Lichten- 
berg, b. Dec. 18, 1858, dau. of Abraham P. 
Kline and Phoebe Catherine Peckham, dau. 
of Benjamin Peckham. b. June, 1796, vi. 
Apr. 13, 1829, who m. Magdalena Moore,' 
b. Aug. 20, 1800, d. Aug. 31, 1831; Mary 
Emma Moore, b. Aug. 20, 1864, m. Jan. 29, 

1891 Arthur F. Shaw, b. Jan. 29, 1866 at 
Streetford near Manchester Eng. ; Charles 
Byrd Moore, b. May 12, 1866, m. June i. 

1892 Louie Holmes, b. June 30, 1870 at 
Brownsville, Fayette co. Pa.; William 
Henry Moore above was son of John 
Moore Sr. of Liskeard Cornwall Eng. and 
of Milton Abbott. Devonshire Eng., who 
m. Mary Diamond, and he a son of John 
Moore and Simmons; Mary Dia- 
mond was daughter of John Diamond and 

Sargent: the Diamond, Sargent 

and Simmons families all resided in or near 
Milton Abbott Devonshire Eng. 

New Britain Ct.. b. in GriswoM 
Ct. Feb. 27, 1854, physician, grad. M. D. 
from Albany Med. coll. 1882; son of 
George Nelson Holmes of Griswold, b. 
there Feb. 2, 1823, farmer Cm. Nov. 27, 
1848 Amanda Raymond Palmer \dau. of 
Asher who m. Joanna Ames and gr.-dau. 
of Uriah Palmer of Exeter R. I., who m. 
Lizzie Newtonl, and had 6 ch., viz: Asher 
Bartlrtt Holmes. Mary Louise, Libbic 
Amelia, Georf?e James above, Sarah 
Amnnda and William Palmer HolmesV, 
<;on of C,Rr>^. Bartlett Hr>ltnp'^ of Grl'jwolrl 
Ct., b. in Montville Ct. Oct. 8. 1789. d. in 
Griswold Oct. 6, 1855, moved to Preston 

Ct. to live with his uncle Robert Stanton, 
at the age of 16 was sergeant in the war of 
1812, was at the defense of Stonington 
Point Aug. 9, 1814, was afterwards capt. 
of 5th CO. i8th reg. 3rd brigade of Conn. 
militia, honorably discharged on account 
of ill health Aug. 8, 1820 (m. Jan. i, 1809 
Mercy Stanton Kimball, dau. of Nathan, 
who m. Alice Harris); son of Jabez 
Holmes, b. about 175 1, d. in Montville Apr. 
22, 181 7, sergeant in 8th Conn reg., served 
in New York 1776 (m. Lydia Harris, b. 
1754, dau. of Ephraim of Colchester Ct.) 
had 2 brothers, Elisha (m. Sarah sister of 
Lydia Harris) and Samuel. 

ton D. C, b. at Niles Ohio Jan. 29, 
1843, private in 23d Ohio vol. inf. 1861, 
major 1864, adm. to bar 1867, congressman 
1876, governor of Ohio 1891-3, president of 
U. S. 1896 (m. Jan. 25, 1871 Ida Saxton); 
son of William of Poland Ohio, b. in 
Mercer co. Pa. Nov. 15, 1807, d. 1892, man- 
ager of old furnace near New Wilmington 
Pa. (m. 1829 Nancy Allison); son of 
James of Mercer co. Pa., b. Sep. 19, 1783, 
run a charcoal furnace at Lisbon Ohio, 
elder in church there 1822-36 (m. about 
1805 Polly Rose) ; son of David, b. in 
York CO. Pa. May 16, 1755, d. in Crawford 
CO. Ohio Aug. 8, 1840, served in rev. war 
and defense of fort at Paulus Hook and 
skirmisih at Amboy 1776 (m. Sarah Gray); 
son of John of York co. Pa., d. 1779, 
served in rev. war 1778; son of David of 
Chanceford tp. York co. Pa., b. about 1705, 
d. 1761, came to America before 1745, ob- 
tained a grant of land there 1745. 

WFLLS, BAZALEEL of Washington 
CO. Pa., b. in Washington co. Pa. 
(m. Maria Porter), removed to a farm near 
Carrollton, Carroll co. Ohio; son of Rich- 
ard Wells, a revolutionary soldier in Capt. 
John Nelson's Independent Company of 
"Riflemen of Westmoreland co. Pa., Wash- 
ington CO. Pa. being at that time a part of 
Westmoreland (m. his cousin Helen Wells, 
dau. of Alexander Wells who built and 
maintained a stockade fort on Cross Creek 



Wasliington co. Pa. during the Shawanesc 
and Mingo Indian war, known as Lord 
Dunmore's war, which fort was also used 
during the American revolution when for a 
time it was garrisoned by troops under 
command of Maj. Edmund Polke) ; son of 
James Wells (by wife Ruth) who came 
from England to Baltimore Md. about 1755 
where he died; Helen Wells, dau. of Baz- 
aleel Wells and Maria Porter, was b. 
Mar. 15, 1820, d. June 13, i860, m. in 1837 
William Hemming, b. Sep. -^^ 1813 (see 
Hemming lineage in this volume), d. Nov. 
II. 1862, William Henry MooTe of Liskeard 
Washington co. Pa. near the Wells Mill 
and Fort and in Carroll co. Ohio, remov- 
ing in 1846 to Illinois, residing near Mag- 
nolia until i860 and afterward at Wenona, 
Princeton and Urbana 111., he son of Rich 
ard Hemming, b. in Baltimore co. Md., 
removed to Carroll co. Ohio and m. Helen 
Leggett Cunningham of Washington co. 
Pa., widow of Capt. Samuel Cunningham, 
sister of Sutton Leggett and niece of Gen- 
eral Leggett; Richard, son of William 
Hemming, b. in England about 1758, emi- 
grating to Baltimore co. Md. in 1774, m. 
Sisson Stevens of Baltimore co. Md. and 
removed to Washington co. Pa. and thence 
to Carroll co. Ohio, where both died; 
Maria Hemming, dau. of Wm. Hemming 
and Helen Wells, b. Mar. 25, 1842, m. Jan. 
II, 1862, William Henry Moore of Liskeard 
Cornwall co. Eng., who emigrated to 
America in 1853 and resided at Wenona 
and Streator 111., b. Feb. 13, 1836, d. Dec. 
2, 1876, whose children are William John 
Moore of Chicago, b. Oct. 9, 1862, who m. 
Oct. I, 1887 Hattie Kline Lichtenburg, b. 
Dec. 18, 1858, dau. of Abraham P. Kline 
and Phoebe Catherine Peckham, dau. of 
Benjamin Peckbam. b. June 1796. d. Apr. 
13, 1829, who m. Magdalena Moore, b. 
Aug. 20. t8oo. d. Aug. 31. 1831. Mary 
Emma Moore, b. Aug. 20, 1864, m. Jan. 29, 
tSqt. Arthur F. Shaw, b. Jan. 29, ^866 at 
Streetford near Manchester Eng.. Charles 
Bvrd Moore, b. May 12. t866. m. June i, 
r8o2. Louie Holmes, b. June 30. 1870 at 
Brownsville Pa.. William Henry Moore 
above was son of John Moore Sr. of Lis- 

keard Cornwall co. Eng, and of Milton 
Abbott Devonshire Eng., who m, Mary 
Diamond, and he a son of John Moore 
(who m, a Simmons), Mary Diamond was 
dau. of John Diamond (who m. a Sargent), 
the Diamond, Sargent and Simmons fami- 
lies all resided in or near Milton Abbott 
Devonshire Eng, 

J-«^ more Md., b. in Fayetteville Pa. Aug. 
II, 1835, mail agent 1857-61, enlisted as 
sergeant in 3d Md. artillery C. S. A, 1861, 
2d lieut, 1863, commanded on the Missis- 
sippi above Vicksburg, ist lieut. 1863, 
wounded at battle of Resaca Ga, 1864, com- 
manded a battery at siege of Atlanta and at 
Nashville, capt. 1864 (m. ist Nov. 2(i, 1867 
Mrs. Sarah Howard Rowan, b. May 31, 
1837, d. June 2i2, 1892 [dau. of Col. Thomas 
Howard], m. 2d Apr, 26, 1894 Mrs. Nannie 
Isabella Adams) ; son of Jacob Ritter of 
Freedom Md., b. in Fayetteville Pa. Nov, 
20, 1804, d. in Freedom Dec. 25, 1870 (ni. 
Dec. 31, 1829 Elizabeth Neflf, dau. of Philip 
J. Neflf of war of 1812, son of Col. Michael 
Neflf a drill oflficer in rev, war, member of 
light horse under Frederic the Great in 
seven years' war) ; son of Louis Ritter of 
Fayetteville Pa., b, in Frederick co. Md, 
Oct. 20. 1778. d. in Fayetteville 1853 (m, 
1803 Margaret Stall) ; son of Elias of Fay- 
etteville, b. in Frederick co. Md. 1748 (m, 
1777 Catherine Young). The founder of 
the Ritter family in Maryland was Elias 
Ritter who settled on the western shore of 
the province in 1650. He was a native of 
Budingen, Hesse Darmstadt, Germany, 
where it is said he possessed an estate cov- 
ering twenty-four square miles of land, em- 
bracing three towns within its bounds. 
Budingen, the main town, was fortified, and 
contained the " Ritter castle," the walls of 
which were still standing in 1848. The 
family furnished men and munitions to the 
Protestant cause during the " Thirty Years 
War." and at the close of that struggle was 
sent into exile and their property confis- 
cated. Elias Ritter went to England dur- 
ing the protectorate of Oliver Cromwell, 
there joined one of the expeditions sent by 



Lord Baltimore to Maryland, and settled 
in the western part of Anne Arundel 
county. At the time of the formation of 
Frederick county the family was located on 
the banks of the Monocacy river. The 
names of the principal members of the 
family at that time were Elias, John, Wm., 
Tobias, Michael and Louis. John, a son 
of the founder of the family, assisted Wm. 
Penn in surveyiug the province of Pennsyl- 
vania in 1682, for which service he received 
5,000 acres of land in Berks co. Pa, A 
descendant of this Ritter occupied a seat 
in the 28th and 29th Congresses. Wm. 
and Elias Ritter were members of Captain 
William Keeport's company, Strieker's 
battalion, Maryland line, 1776. The Ritter 
family came into prominence in the twelfth 
century for the part taken in the Crusades; 
and for services rendered at that time a 
tract of land at and around Budingen, 
Hesse Darmstadt, Germany, was granted 
the family. It is believed the *' Ritter 
Castle " at Budingen was built early in the 
thirteenth century. A member of the 
family in 1848 saw the records of the family 
which had been handed down through a 
number of generations, giving a history of 
the family prior to and during the " Thirty 
Years War." Every effort has been made 
to trace this particular history, but so far 
has failed. A relative in Philadelphia saw 
it just before the late war, but no one 
knows anything of it now. The written 
history of the family during the seven- 
teenth and eighteenth centuries was de- 
stroyed by fire in May, 1848. The arms of 
the Ritter family are thus described: Parted 
per bend or, between two fleur de lys, the 
first argent the second azure. Helmet 
front faced and crowned or: Crest: a demi- 
man issuing out of the helmet, holding in 
his dexter hand a fleur de lys argent. The 
bend in arms indicate the belt of a knight. 
The Crest indicates that the bearer of the 
arms in some of the wars captured many 
prisoners who were ransomed. " Or " 
means gold, and is an emblem of great 
worth. " Argent " signifies silver and 
issued in arms as an emblem of purity. 
" Azure " means blue and is an emblem of 

truth and constancy. Ritter defined in 
Latin is Miles; in French, Chevalier; in 
English, Knight; in German, Ritter. 

Owensboro Ky., b. there Jan. 24, 
1858, grad. A. B. at Cumberland univ. 1877, 
studied law at Louisville univ. 1877, editor 
Owensboro Messenger 1877-87, flour mfr. 
1887-98, one of the organizers of the 
Owensboro Banking Co. 1890, president 
same 1890-8, pres. Owensboro Bd. of 
Trade, member of Filson Hist, club and of 
So. Hist, assoc, presidential elector 1896 
(m. Dec. 21, 1882 Virgie Lee Finley [dau. 
of Dr. W. M. Finley of Clarksville Tenn., 
gr.-dau. of Col. O. G. Finley of Lebanon 
Tenn., and niece oif Gen. J. J. Finley of 
Lake City Fla.], and had 3 children, viz.: 
Mary Boyd, Virginia Lee and Benjamin 
Ammonette Bransford); son of Benjamin 
Bransford Jr. of Owensboro Ky., b. in 
Cumberland co. Va. Dec. i, 1819, d. in 
Owensboro June 11, 1892, moved to Ky. 
1838, tobacco exporter at Owensboro 1838- 
"]■}>, member first city counoil 1852, mayor 
1872, pres. Ohio River Telegraph Co. 1866, 
director O. & N. R. R., pres. Owensboro 
Savings bank, vice-pres. Deposit bank, 
founder of Bransford institute, pres. Y. M. 
C assoc. (m. June 25, 1846 Mary Eleanor 
Athy, dau. of Elisha Athy of Louisville, 
first wholesale dry goods merchant there, 
gr.-dau. John Athy of Caroline co. Va., 
corporal in rev. army, desc. of Capt. Geo. 
Athy of Charles co. Md. 1675) ; son of 
Benjamin Bransford Sr. of Cum'berland 
CO. Va., b. in Buckingham co. Va. Dec. 15, 
1769, d. in Cumiberlanid co. July 2, 1845 
(m. 1795 Lucy Hatoher, dau. of Fredk. 
Hatcher of Cumberland co., gr.-dau. of 
Henry Hatcher of Goochland co. Va., 
desc. of Wm. Hatcher, member Va. house 
of burgesses, who came from England 
1635) ; son of John Bransford Jr. of Buck- 
ingham CO. Va., was a rich planter in Ches- 
terfield CO. Va., moved to Powhatan co. 
Va. 1767, to Buckingham co. 1769, bought 
a large plantation there on Slate river (m. 
1st Sarah Easter, 2d 1765 Judith Ammo- 
nette, dau. of Andrew, a wealthy planter of 



Chesterfield co. Va., whose seat was known 
as Bellona Arsenal, gr.-dau. of Jacob Am- 
monette, the French Huguenot emigrant of 
1700, vestryman in Manikin-town parish) ; 
son of John Bransford Sr. of Chesterfield 
CO. Va., b. in England, d. in Chesteriield 
CO. Va. 1768, had residence in London 
known as Honey Hill, settled in Richmond 
Va. 1742, on present site of Hoge Memo- 
rial Presb. church, was a joiner, afterwards 
a planter in Chesterfield co., had 5 children, 
viz.: Elizabeth [m. Francis West], Mary 
[m. Dr. Lewis Warrick], Barbara [m. 
Thomas Dunn], James [m. Sarah Owen], 
and John above. The 6 children of James 
who m. Sarah Owen were: Robert Mosby 
[m. Rachel Courtney], William, James 
Owen, John, Agnes and Sarah [who m. 
Arthur Moseley]. The 5 children of John 
by ihis 1st wife Sarah Easter were: Mary 
[m. Robert Moseley], Sarah [m. James 
Agee], William [m. Martha Moseley], 
James [m. Celia Agee] and John [m. Mary 
Ridgeway]. The 10 children of John by 
his 26. wife Judith Ammonette were: 
TJiomas, b. Apr. 5, 1767, d. Jan. 24, 1853 
[m. Ann Lee Snoddy], Francis, b. June 
30, 1768, d. Dec. 24, 1822 [m. Sarah 
Hatcher], Benjamin albove, Elizabeth, b. 
May 30, 1772 [m. John Ayres], Stephen, b. 
Aug. 8, 1774, d. single Feb. 5, 1848, Jacob, 
b. July 15, 1776, d. Nov. 4, 1832 [m. Eliza- 
beth Greenhaugh Hobson], Samuel, b. 
Aug. 4, 1778, d. Nov. 3, 1837 Lm. Phoebe 
Walton], Abram, b. Dec. 15, 1780 [m. ist 
Judith Palmer, 2d Eliz. Ayres], Martha, b. 
Dec. 18, 1782, d. 1843 [m. Col. Garland 
Brown], Robert, b. July 5, 1786, d. Dec. 
14, 1826 [m. 1st Jane Hill, 2d Jane Gardi- 

^ J., b. in Albany N. Y. Oct. i, 1835, d. 
in Newark Feb, 14, 1892, educated at An- 
thony's classical inst. and the Albany acad- 
emy, A. B. of univ, of Rochester, admitted 
to the bar of New York 1857, practiced in 
Ottumwa Iowa, city attorney there 1860- 
62, entered army as capt. in the 36th reg. 
Iowa infantry 1862, served with distinction 
in the southwest, notaibly throughout the 

Vicksburg campaign, maj. and judge advo- 
cate U. S. vols. 1864, assigned to the 7th 
army corps, subsequently judge advocate 
of the dept of the Ark., after the war be- 
came a partner in the mercantile establish- 
ment of his father in Newark N. J., mem- 
ber of the N. Y, Produce Exchange, legis- 
lature 1871-72, chairman of judiciary 
comm., pres. o^f the Newark Board of 
Trade 1875-76, treasurer from 1879-92, 
member of the Newark Board of Educa- 
tion 1877-88, and pres. of the board for 3 
years, delegate to the Republican national 
convention 1880, government director of 
the Union Pacific R. R. 1884, was an or- 
ganizer of the Manufacturers' National 
bank of Newark, connected with other 
financial institutions there and in N. Y. 
(m. Nov. 24, 1862 Theresa R., dau. of 
Homer L. Thrall M. D. of Columbus 
Ohio, prof, in Kenyon coll. and Starling 
medical coll); son of Charles Joy, b. in 
Walpole N. H. Feb. 9, 1808, d. in Newark 
N. J. Aug. 3, 1873, merchant in Albany 
N. Y. many years, w'as city marshall 
there in 1838, removed to Newark 1855, 
where be became a packer and smoker 
of provisions and curer of " C. Joy " 
hams, was deacon in First Baptist church 
in Newark, member of common council 
1866-7 (m. June 18, 1833 Harriet, dau. of 
Guy and Harriet [Roigers] Shaw of New 
Marlborough Mass.) ; son of Nathaniel, b. 
in Abington Mass. 1759, d. in Glover Vt. 
July 9, 1833, minute-man in Mass. state 
troops in rev. war, soldier in war 1812, 
farmer (m. Sep. 23, 1786 Sarah, dau. of 
Reuben and Sarah [Kendall] Ward of 
Marlborough N. H.) ; son of Nathaniel 
Joy, b. in Hingham Mass. Nov. 19, 1734, 
removed to Abington Mass., enlisted in his 
majesty's service for the Total Reduction 
of Canada Mar. 22, 1760, killed in the old 
French war 1762 (m. Nov. 26, 1751 Eliza- 
beth Whitmarsih) ; som of Jedediah, b. in 
Hingham Mass. Feb. 27, 1703, d. Oct. 19, 
1798, farmer (m. Feb. 7, 1733 Mary, dau. 
of John and Elizabeth [Eells] Stowell of 
Hingham) ; son of Joseph, b. in Hingham 
Mass. July 30, 1668, d. Apr. 29, 1716, con- 
stable 1697 and 171 1, with others he signed 



a testimonial to the worthy character of 
Mehitabel Warren, accused of witchcraft 
1708, his gravestone in the Hingham 
churchyard is the most ancient Joy grave 
mark in America (m. May 22, 1690 Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Capt. Thomas and Ruth An- 
drews of Hingham); son of Joseph Joy, 
b. in Boston Mass Apr. i, 1645, d. May 
31, 1697, removed to Hingham, constable, 
ensign, lived opposite the Hingham meet- 
ing house which still stands, the oldest 
Protestant church in the U. S. (m. Aug. 
29, 1667 Mary, dau. of John and Margaret 
Prince of Hingham); son of Thomas Joy, 
b. in Norfolk co. Eng. 1610, d. Oct. 21, 
1678, emigrated to Boston Mass. about 
1630, became a large land owner there, 
participated in the famous petition and re- 
monstrance of 1646 for the extension of 
the right of suffrage among the colonists, 
designed and constructed the first town 
bouse in Boston, which was also the first 
state house, built and owned the grist and 
saw mills in Hingham, constructed bridges, 
wharves and warehouses in Boston and 
Charles1»own, member of the ancient and 
honorable artillery co. 1658, freeman 1665 
(m. 1637 Joan, dau. of John Gallop of Bos- 
ton, owner of Gallop's island in Boston 
harbor, distinguished as an Indian fighter, 
his famous encounter iwith the Indians ofif 
Block island 1636 being the immediate 
forerunner of the Pequot war). 

-^^ Sioux City Iowa, b. in Tremont 111. 
May 28, 1843, reared on a farm in 111., edu- 
cated in 111. state normal univ., private co. 
H. 115 111. inf., tutor in Washington univ. 
St. Louis, grad. law dept. of same 1869, 
lawyer, state rep., senator, judge of state 
supreme court 1888, LL. D. of univ. ot 
Iowa (m. Apr. 10, 1872 Janette E. Hobart 
Gorham. dau. of Jehiel Hobart [and Man- 
dana Slater, dau. of Ezra and Perthena 
fLampson] Slater], b. in Canada, settled in 
Vt., son of David and Ann [Hawleyl Ho- 
bart. 'ihe. Janette had 4 ch.. viz.: Leonard 
B., Fred H.. Jessie and Helen Robinson); 
son of Israel W. Robinson of Delavan 
111., b. in North Raynham Mass. Sep. 7, 

1816, d. near Delavan Mar, 30, 1859, farmer 
(m. Oct. 8, 1837 Cornelia, dau. of Samuel 
and Dilly [Burt] Leonard) ; son of Simeon 
of N. Raynham Mass., Tremont and Dela- 
van 111., b. in N. Raynham Apr. 12, 17S7, 
d. in Delavan Feb. 14, 1857, farmer, soldier 
for a short time in the war 1812 (m. Sep. 
ID, 1812 Sebrany, dau. of Reuben Andrews 
and Olive Washburn, dau. of Israel Wesh- 
burn, the first of the name who settled in 
Raynham Mass. 1743, son of Israel of 
Bridgewater); son of Seth Robinson of 
Raynham Mass., b. there Aug. 21, 1750, d. 
there Apr. 25, 1835, farmer, rev. soldier 
(m. Mar. 5, 1782 Hannah, dau. of Abiel 
Williams and Zeruiah Staples, dau. of 
Deacon Seth Staples and Sarah Standish, 
dau. of Ebenezer Standish, son of Alex- 
ander Standish [and Sarah Alden, dau. of 
John and Priscilla [Moulines] Alden of the 
Mayflower], son of Capt. Miles Standish 
of the Mayflower) ; son of Josiah Robin- 
son of Raynham Mass., b. there 1706, d. 
there May 23, 1785, carpenter and farmer 
(m. June n, 1740 his cousin Bethia, dau. 
of Ebenezer Robinson); son of Increase 
of Raynham Mass., b. there 1670, owned a 
farm in Raynham (m. Mehitabel Williams) ; 
son of Increase Robinson, bp. Mar. 14, 
1642, settled in Taunton; son of William, 
d. July 6, 1668, landowner of Dorchester 
Mass. about 1635. 

Marietta Ga., member Soc. of Colo- 
nial Wars, had 2 brothers, viz.: E. PICK- 
ENS, d. Mar. 12, 1892, consul to Cognac 
France (m. Annie Lois Palmer, and had 
John Baylis Earle, b. in Cognat France 
Oct. 3, 1889, and Edward Palmer Earle, b. 
in Marietta Ga. Oct. 2, 1892), and SAM- 
UEL, member of Cincinnati Soc; sons of 
Samuel M. of Marietta Ga., b. in Old 
Pendleton S. C. Mar. 5, 1815, d. in Mari- 
etta Nov. 9, 1858, member of legislature of 
S. C, lieut.-col. on stalT of gov. of S. C, 
one of the pioneers in the manufaoture of 
iron in Ga., grad. univ. of S. C. (m. Dec. 
24, 1840 Eliza W. Harrison, dau. of Dr. 
Richard Harrison [and Maria Swann 
Thompson, dau. of Waddy Thompson of 



S. C, chancellor, and a sister of Hon. 
Waddy Thompson, many years a member 
of congress, appointed minister to Mexico 
by the first Pres. Harrison, also a desc. of 
Henry Pattillo of colonial and rev. fame], 
son of Maj. Richard Harrison of the revo- 
lutionary war, the family migrated from the 
James river Va. to S. C); son of Samuel 
Earle of Pendleton co. S. C, b. in Fred- 
erick CO. Va. Nov. 28, 1760, d. in Pendle- 
ton CO. Nov. 24, 1733, entered the rev. war 
at the age of 16 in Capt. John Bowie's co. 
5th reg. S. C. continental troops, ensign, 
2d and ist lieut. 1777-80, capt. S. C. rang- 
ers to close of war, high sheriff for north- 
ern part of S. C, member of S. C. legis- 
lature 1784-88, member of convention 
which framed constitution 1790, member of 
convention which ratified for S. C. consti- 
tution of U. S., member of U. S. congress 
1795 (m. Mar. 12, 1793 Harriet, dau. of 
James Harrison, bro. of Maj. Richard Har- 
rison, and Elizaibeth Hampton, sister of 
Gen. Wade and Col. Henry Hampton); 
son of Baylis Earle of Earlesville S. C, 
b. in Westmoreland co. Va. Aug. 8, 1734, 
d. in Spartanburgh S. C. Jan. 6, 1825, lieut. 
oif militia in Frederick co. Va. 1759, pre- 
siding judge Spartanburgh co. from the 
organization of co. for many years, col. of 
militia (m. Apr. 16, 1757 Mary, dau. of 
John and Mary Prince of Frederick co. 
Va., and desc. of Edward Prince, member 
of house of burgesses Va. 1645, and sister 
of Capt. Frank and Lieut. Thomas Prince 
5th reg. S. C. continental troops); son of 
Samuel Earle of Frederick co. Va., b. in 
Westmoreland co. Va. 1692, d. in Freder- 
ick CO. 1 771, counsellor at law, grad. Wil- 
liam and Mary coll. Va., one of the earliest 
settlers of Frederick co., justice of co. 
court, sitting with Thomas, Lord Fairfax, 
Baron of Cameron, member of house of 
burgesses 1746, high sheriff, maj. of militia, 
church warden and collector, his land in 
Westmoreland co, and the land of Capt. 
Augustus Washington, father of George 
Washington, were adjoining (m. 1726 
Anna, dau. of Thomas Sorrell [and Eliza- 
beth], clerk of Westmoreland co. for many 
years, desc. of Robert Sarrell, who pat- 

ented land in Va. 1651, son of Thomas and 
Mary [Everard] SarrelJ of Walton Magna 
CO. of Essex Eng.); son of Samuel Earle 
of Westmoreland co. Va., b. there, d. there 
1746, served frequently on grand juries, 
and was a surveyor of highways (m. Phil- 
lis) ; son of Samuel, d. 1697, merchant (m. 
Bridget) ; son of Jolin. d. in Westmoreland 
CO. 1660, his name first appears on the 
public records of Va. 1649, patented 1,600 
acres of land in Northumberland co. " by 
and for the transportation of 32 persons to 
this colony " between the years 1652 and 
1660, a part of this land is described as 
lying on Earle's creek, royalist, member 
of the ancient house of Erie or de Erleigh 
of the west of England, in the inventory of 
his estate is the item " a man servant " 
(m. Mary, had 3 ch., viz.: Samuel above, 
John and Mary, all b. in Eng.). 

Brooklyn N. Y., b. in Maiden Mass. 
Feb. 28, 1840 (m. July 11, 1867 Frances 
Maria, dau. of William J. Whitney [and 
Mary Ann Siver, dau. of Jacob Siver of 
Syracuse N. Y.], son of William Whitney of 
Albany, she, Frances had 3 ch., viz. : Harry 
Lincoln, Edwin Whitney and George Ar- 
thur Lewis); son of George Amasa Lewis 
of Maiden Mass., b. in New Boston N. H. 
June 7, 1810, d. in Maiden Aug. 21, 1890, a 
man of unquestioned honesty, integrity 
and public spirit, member of church for 60 
years, brought up 3 ch. not his own and 
gave a home to several others (m. Mar. 
27, 1836 Caroline Antoinette Cutter, dau. 
of Joshua and Sarah [Munt] Cutter of 
West Cambridge Mass., and a desc. of 
Richard Cutter, progenator of the Cutter 
family in New England 1640); son of 
Amasa Lewis of New Bosto^n N. H. and 
Medford Mass., b. in Lyndboro N. H. 
May 14, 1780, d. in Medford Apr. 11, 1849 
(m. Apr. 16, 1807 Polly, dau. of Daniel 
Dane [and Sarah Goodhue], bro. of 
Nathan Dane, founder of Harvard coll. 
law school, sons of Daniel Dane, b. in Ips- 
wich Mass. Apr. 29, 1716, and Abigail 
Burnham); son of Aaron of Lyndeboro 
N. H., b. in Dedham Mass. July 3, 1750, 



d. in New Boston N. H. M.ay 20, 1833, a 
public-spirited earnest Christian, rev. sol- 
dier, deacon in church, town clerk and 
selectman (m. Sep. 24, 1772 Sarah, dau. of 
Benjamin and Mary White of Stoughton- 
ham); son of Jonathan Lewis oif Dedham 
Mass., b. in Dorchester Mass. Dec. 6, 1708, 
d. in Dedham Oct. 22, 1786, churchman, 
and his children gave evidence of the 
Christian training they had received (m. 
Oct. 12, 1749 Mrs. Abigail Clap Everett, 
dau. of Thomas and Hannah Clap, and 
desc. of Thomas Clap, who settled in Dor- 
chester, she, Abigail had 6 ch.); son of 
John of Dorchester and Dedham Mass., b. 
in Lancaster Mass. June 20, 1671, d. in 
Dorchester Sep. i, 1718, miller and weaver 
there as his father before him was (m. Apr. 
4, 1700 Mrs. Ann Whiting Eaton, widow of 
John Eaton Jr., dau. of Nathaniel Whit- 
ing [and Hannah Dwight] of Dediham, 
was half owner of the first corn mill 
erected in Dedham 1641 and whole oiwner 
after 1649, his family held it for over a 
century); son of John of Dorchester and 
Dedham Mass., b. in Roxbury Mass. Nov. 
I, 1635, removed to Lancaster with his 
father 1653, one of the first settlers there 
1653, freeman 1665, aiter the Monoco raid 
upon Lancaster move to Dorchester, his 
sister Mrs. McLeod and husband and 2 
oh. were killed at Lancaster by the Indians 
1675; son of "William Lewis, d. Dec. 3, 
1671, came to this country from Lynn in 
Eng. 1630 in the ship Globe, and settled in 
Roxbury Mass., attended Rev. John Eliot's 
church, freeman 1642, removed to Lan- 
caster 1653, miller and weaver, having a 
mill in Lancaster (m. Amy Wells or Weld). 

Germantown Pa., b. in Philadelphia 
Pa. Jan. 17, 1851, corr. sec. of Penn Hist. 
Society and interested in the study of 
genealogy; son of Henry Paschall Lloyd 
of Germantown Pa., b. in Tinicum Dela- 
ware CO. Feb. 12, 1805, d- in Germantown 
June 6, 1886, originally a cabinet-maker, 
afterwards a dry-goods merchant, at one 
time a member of the firm of West, Fobes 
and Lloyd, was one of the first board of 

officers of the Hiomeopathic med. coll. of 
Philadelphia 1848 (m. Feb. 2, 1843 Anna- 
bella, b. in Phila. Oct. 27, 1815, dau. of 
Howard Williams [and Ann Heacock], 
gr.-son of Samuel Williams and Ann 
Thomas, dau. of Rees Thomas Jr. [and 
Elizabeth Jones of Merion Pa., dau. of Dr. 
Edward Jones of Merion and Mary 
Wynne, dau. of Dr. Thomas Wynne [and 
Martha Buttall], came in the ship " Wel- 
come," son of Rees Thomas and Mar- 
tha Awbrey, dau. of William Awbrey of 
Llanelieu Breconshire Wiales, a cadet of 
the Awbrey's of Aberkynfrig, whose an- 
cestor Sir Reginald Awbrey accompanied 
Bernard Newmarch in his conquest of co. 
of Brecon 1092) ; son of Charles Lloyd of 
Paschallville Phila. 00., b. at Crum Creek 
Chester co. June 20, 1776, d. in Pasahall- 
ville Jan. 26, i860 (m. Mar. 8, 1798 Frances, 
b. in Kingsessing Phila. co. Feb. 24, 
1771, d. in Paschallville Aug. 27, 1857, dau. 
of Dr. Henry Paschall [and Ann P. Gar- 
rett, desc. of the Garretts, Pennells, 
Knowles and Pauls, all settled in Chester 
and Phila. counties prior to 1700], desc. of 
the Paschalls, Jenkins and Hodges, all 
early settlers in Phila. co.); son of Hugh 
Lloyd of Darby Pa., b. in Merion Pa. Jan. 
22, 1741-1742, d. in Kensington Phila. co. 
Mar. 20, 1832, one of the reps, from Ches- 
ter CO. to the several conferences held in 
Carpenter's Hall prior to the Declaration 
of Independence, col. of the 3d battalion 
Chester co. militia 1776, presidential 
elector, cast ihis ballot for George Wash- 
ington for the latter' s second term as Pres. 
of the U. S., member of the Pa. house of 
reps., associate judge of Delaware co. 
1792-1825 (m. June 4, 1767 Susanna, dau. of 
Thomas Pearson and Hannah Blunston, 
dau. of John Blunston and Ann Hunt, the 
Blunstons came from Derbyshire, the 
Hunts from Kent co. Eng. and the Pear- 
sons from near Rotherham Yorkshire); 
son of Richard Lloyd of Darby Pa., b. in 
Merion Pa. Mar. 15, 1713-1714, d. in 
Darby Aug. 9, 1755 (m. Nov. 24, 1736 
Hannah, dau. of Samuel Sellers [and 
Sarah Smith, dau. of John Smith and 
Eleanor Dolby, who came from Leicester- 



shire], son of Samuel and Ann [Gibbons] 
Sellers, who came from Derbyshire Eng.) ; 
son of Robert Lloyd of Merion Pa., b. in 
Wales 1669, d. in Merion May 29, 1714 (m. 
O'Ct. II, 1698 Lowry, dau. of Rees Jones or 
Rees ab John ab William by his wife 
Hannah, dau. of Richard Price, otherwise 
Richard ab Griffith ab Rhys ab Richard of 
Tyddin Tyfod in the tp. of Nant Ffreiar 
parish of Llandderfel Merionethshire 
Wales, and of Mary Lloyd, dau. of Thomas 
Lloyd of Gwern y Brychdwyn, a desc. of 
Rhirid Flaidd, Lord of Penllyn circa 

Swansea Centre Mass., b. there Sep. 
22, 1837, store-keeper, justice of the peace, 
town clerk, treasurer of Swansea 1865-80 
(unmarried); son of Joseph Gardner 
Luther of Swansea Mass., b. there Dec. 31, 
1789, d. there June 13, 1857, capt. of militia 
1821, town clerk 1830-36, town treasurer 
1830-35, agent of Swansea Cotton Manf. 
Co., store-keeper (m. Mar. 26, 1821 Tamer, 
b. Dec. 2, 1800, d. Sep. 24, 1892, dau. of 
James Luther [and Tamer Hale, dau. of 
John and Bethiah [B or worth] Hale and 
widow of Edward Mason], desc. of Elder 
Samuel Luther, son of \Capt. John) ; son of 
Samuel Luther of Swansea Mass., b. there 
Apr. 26, 1764, d. there Nov. 15, 1835, sea- 
man, member of St. John's Lodge No. 4 
F. A. M. of Kinston N. C. 1793, later of 
Washington Lodge No. 3 Warren R. L 
(m. Apr. 15, 1789 Rebecca, b. Apr. 30, 1763, 
d. Apr. 10, 1813, dau. of Aaron and Cath- 
erine [Bell] Brown, and desc. of James 
Brown, son of John, son of John, son of 
John, son of John Brawn); son of Edward 
Luther of Swansea Mass., b. there Feb. 
15, 1719, d. there Mar. 7, 1776, farmer, town 
clerk of Swansea 1761-76 (m. Mar. 13, 1745 
Sarah Sweet of Prudence Is., R. L, dau. of 
James and Sarah [Stephenson] Sweet) ; 
son of Hezekiah of Swansea Mass., b. 
there Aug. 27, 1676, d. there Oct. 26, 1763, 
inn-keeper, town clerk of Swansea 1723- 
61 (m. Mar. 23, 1704 Martha, b. Nov. 16, 
1686, d. Nov. 2, 1763, dau. of Samuel and 
Elizabeth Gardner); son of Hezekiah 

Luther of Swansea Mass., b. prob. in 
Taunton Mass. 1640, d. in Stwansea July 23, 
1723, carpenter, he with his bro. Elder 
Samuel were among the first settlers in 
Swansea 1667 (m. ist Nov. 30, 1661 Eliza- 
beth, 2d Sarah) ; son of John, d. in Dela- 
ware Bay 1644, one of the first settlers in 
Taunton Mass. 1637, settled in Gloucester 
Mass. 1642, killed hy the Indians. 

MAJSISFIELD, IRA F. of Beaver Pa., 
b. in Poland Ohio June 27, 1842, 
serg., lieut., capt. 105th Ohio 1862-5, at 
present member of Pa. legislature (m. 
Lucy E. Mygatt) ; son of Isaac K., b. Feb. 
3, 1809, d. Aug. 16, 1850, merchant in Po- 
land and Phila. (m. Lois Morse); son of 
Ira, b. Oct. 16, 1776, d. June 16, 1849, 
farmer, capt. in Indian wars (m. Sukie 
Kirtland) ; son of John Mansfield, b. Aug. 
i^, I734> <i. in Wallingford 1820, served as 
lieut. and capt. in 6th Ct. and 36th U. S. 
regulars 46 years, wounded at Yorktowxi 
(m. Esther Lewis); son of Moses, b. May 
5, 1709, d. in New Haven Ct. 1754, con- 
stable, collector of taxes, schoolmaster (m. 
1st Mary A. Kierstrad, 2d Rachel Ward); 
son of Jonathan Mansfield, b. Feb. 5, 
1686, d. Oct. 3, 1703, farmer, constable, 
deacon in New Haven Ct. (m. Sarah Ail- 
ing) ; son of Moses, b. in Jan. 1639, d. Oct. 
3, 1703, maj., commanded Ct. troops, de- 
feated Indians in King Philip's war, mem- 
ber general assembly, judge probate and 
county court (m. ist Mercy Glover, 2d 
Abigail Yale) ; son of Richard Mansfield, 
d. Jan. 10, 1655, came from Exeter Eng. 
1639, farmer in New Haven Ct. (m. Miss 
Gillam) ; son of Sir John Mansfield, knight, 
mayor of Exeter Eng., master of the sur- 
veyor under Queen Elizabeth. 

cuse N. Y., b. in Goshen N. Y. July 
20, 1836, was supervisor of Goshen 2 terms, 
dep. clerk of Orange co. 3 terms, moved 
west 1877 and engaged in farming, county 
judge 1885-88, state senator 1891, is at 
present manager and treas. of the Syracuse 
Invest. Co. (m. May 15, i860 Evelyn Fogel 
Randall, dau. of Culver Randall [and 



Sophia Prevost, b. Dec. lo, 1807, d. Nov. 
10, 1660J, b. Dec. 20, 1805, d. Aug. ^1, 1888, 
she, Eveline had 4 ch., viz.: Jessie tJenton, 
William Sanford, Lena Bell and Christian 
Berner Mapes); son of Sanford Hawley 
Mapes of Florida N. Y., b. in Blooming 
Grove N. Y. Aug. 11, 1611, d. in Florida 
May 3, i88i (m. Dec. 11, 1833 Ruth Rose 
Mapes, dau. of Simon Rumsey Mapes Land 
Mary Rumsey, dau. of James RumseyJ, son 
of Henry Mapes, son of Thomas); son of 
Jesse Mapes of Blooming Grove N. Y., b. 
there Sep. 8, 1782, d. in Goshen N. Y. May 
6, 1844 ("^- 1^2 Hannah, b. June i, 1780, 
d. Dec. II, 1863, dau. of Benjamin Little 
of Blooming Grove); son of James of 
Blooming Grove N. Y., b. there Dec. 15, 
1756, d. there June 3, 1835, farmer, soldier 
in Capt. Thomas McKinstry's co. of Col. 
William Malcolm's reg. N. Y. line in rev. 
war (m. Apr. 29, 1779 Anna, b. Oct. i, 
1764, d. June 27, 1832, dau. of Barnabas 
and Anna [Everit] Many, natives of 
France); son of Thomas of Blooming 
Grove N. Y., b. and d. there, farmer, held 
positions of trust, deputy sheriff of Orange 
CO. (m. Hannah Hydelkoop of Holland); 
prob. son of Jonathan Mapes of Bloom- 
ing Grove N. Y., b. in Southhold L. I. 

Amboy 111., b. in Winchester N. H. 
June 26, 1839, educated at Northfield Mass. 
institute, went west with his parents 1856, 
living in Bradford 111., enlisted in Capt. T. 
L. Pratt's CO. of Rock River Rifles 1861, 
afterwards known as co. D. 34th 111. vol. 
inf., being the first person in Bradford tp. 
to volunteer in the service, was war agent 
of Bradford, town clerk, assessor, justice 
of the peace, tp. treasurer, member of Sons 
of the Amer. Rev. and Colonial Wars, 
bought the Amboy Journal 1889, and is at 
present its publisher and editor (m. Feb. 
13, 1865 Mary Eliza Jones, desc. of a Hol- 
land family that came to America previous 
to the American rev., and had 2 ch., viz.: 
James Alexander, b. in Bradford 111. Oct. 
17, 1866, M. A. Beloit, Ph. D. Johns Hop- 
kins, prof, of physics and chemistry Port- 
tan academy Portland Oreg. and George 

Richard Lyman, b. in Bradford 111. Dec. 
I, 1871, B. A. Beloit, now taking a post- 
graduate course in biology at Harvard 
univ.) ; son of Tertius Alexander Lyman 
of Lee Center 111., b. in Winchester N. H. 
Mar. 13, 1812, moved to Lee Center 1856, 
engaged in farming (m. Mar. 13, 1834 
Sarah P. Codding); son of Tertius ol 
Winchester N. H., b. in Northfield Mass. 
Nov. 2, 1761, d. in Winchester, one of the 
first settlers of Winchester (m. ist Apr. 16, 
1787 Eunice Houghton, d. July 11, 1810, 
2d Nov. 10, 1810 Hannah Alexander); son 
of Seth of Northfield Mass., b. there 1736, 
d. there Oct. 17, 1817, enlisted as a private 
in Capt. Burk's co. 1759, was in the Crown 
Point expedition, promoted to corporal, 
served as serg. during the rev., enlisted in 
Capt. Sam. Merriman's co. Col. Phineas 
Wright's reg., took part in the battle ot 
Saratoga 1777, served in Col. Merriman's 
reg., was present at the surrender of Bur- 
goyne (m. Oct. 23, 1760 Eunice Graves); 
son of Joshua of Northampton Mass., b. 
there Feb. 37, 1704, d. in Northfield Mass. 
1777, member of Capt. Dwight's co. at Fort 
Drummer 1725, lieut. in the garrison at 
Fort Drummer, one of the early settlers »>f 
Northfield Mass. (m. Oct. i, 1729 Sarah 
Narmon); son of John Lyman of North- 
ampton Mass., b. in Windsor Ct. 1655, d. 
in Northampton Oct. 13, 1727; son of 
Richard, b. in High Ougar Eng. Feb. 24, 
1617, d. 1629; son of Richard, b. in High 
Ougar Eng. 1580, d. in Hartford Ct. 1640. 

of Amesbury Mass., b. in Salisbury 
Mass. Nov. 14, 1842 (m. June 9, 1880 Mary 
Ann, dau. of Henry Howarth, b. in Eng. 
and Harriet Rhodes, b. in Eng., and had 3 
ch., viz: Fred Howarth, Harriet Mary and 
Marguerite Merrill); son of Ezra of Salis- 
bury Mass. b. there Feb. 2, 1823, d. in 
Amesbury Mass. Dec. 11, 1886, was post- 
master at Salisbury for over 20 years (m. 
Jan. 26, 1842 Mary Ann Bartlett, and had 
2 sons, viz: Frederick W. as above and 
Frank Herbert Merrill, b. July 24, 1846) ; 
son of Ezra of Salisbury Mass., b. there 
Feb. 13, 1770, d. there Aug. 15, 1854, sea 



capt. and store keeper (m. Feb. lo, 1822 
Mary, dau. of Enoch Swett of Amesbury 
Ferry Mass.); son of Melatiah Merrill of 
Salisbury and Amesbury Mass., b. in latter 
July 29, 1741, d. in former Aug. 26, 1815. 
was a cordwainer (m. June 15, 1762 Sarah 
Merrill); son of David of Amesbury Mass.. 
b. May i, 1708, d. there June 15, 1789, his 
gravestone is in the Union cemetery in the 
old ground near a pine tree (m. Jan. 15, 
1730 Elenor, b. Feb. 7, 1710, d. Feb. 26, 
1767, dau. of Ephraim and Deborah Blais- 
dell); son of David of Newbury Mass., b. 
there Feb. 20, 1678 (m. Dec. 18, 1706 Mary 
Morse); son of Abraham, b. abt. 1636, d. 
there Nov. 23, 1722 (m. Jan. i, 1661 Abi- 
gail Webster); son of Nathaniel of New- 
bury Mass., d. Mar. 16, 1665, one of the 
first settlers there (m. Susanna Jordan), 
had bro, John Merrill, who settled in New- 
bury at the same time. 

Utica N. Y., b. in Venice Italy Mar. 
13, 1866, d. in Pasadena Gal. Jan. 20, 1892, 
grad. Yale coll. 1886, grad. Columbia law 
school, member of the New York Soc. of 
the Sons of the Revolution (unmarried) ; 
son of Henry Seymour Miller of Utica N. 
Y., b. there Sep. 5, 1836 (m. June 6, 1865 
Cornelia Perkins of Utica N. Y., d. Feb. 
22, 1873, dau. Prof. George A. Perkins M. 
A., LL. D. of Utica N. Y. and Amy J. 
Arnold of Fairfield N. Y.) ; son of Rutger 
Bleecker Miller of Utica N. Y., b. in Low- 
ville N. Y. July 28, 1805, member of the 
N. Y. state assembly 1832, member of N. 
Y. congress 1836 (m. July 27, 1828 Mary 
Forman Seymour of Utica N. Y., sister of 
Gov. Horatio Seymour) ; son of Morris 
Smith Miller of Utica N. Y., b. July 31, 
1779, d. Nov. 16, 1824 (m. Maria, b. in 
Albany N. Y. Sep. 18, 1780, d. Mar. 9, 1850, 
dau. of Rutger Bleecker of Albany N. Y.) ; 
son of Mathias Burnet Miller of New 
York city, b. in East Hampton L. I. Oct. 
15, 1749, a member of the provincial con- 
gress 1776, surgeon in Col. Sutherland's 
reg. N. Y. State militia (m. Mar. 9, 1777 
Phoebe Smith of Amenia N. Y., d. Sep. 14, 
1800, buried in Amenia); son of Burnet 

of East Plampton L. I., b. there Oct. 15, 
1749, d. in Plattsburgh N. Y., moved to 
Amenia N. Y., signed with 248 others a 
paper approving of the proceedings of the 
continental congress 1776, member of the 
continental congress, also of the N. Y. 
state assembly 1777-82 (m. ist 1748 Eliza- 
beth, dau. of John Hunting of East Hamp- 
ton L. I., and had son Mathias Burnet 
Miller as above, m. 2d Lucretia, and had 
son Dr. John Miller); son of Eleazor 
Miller of East Hampton L. I., b. 1694, d. 
1783, member of the colonial assembly 
1747-69, pres'ided at a meeting of 250 per- 
sons at East Hampton, who approved of 
the proceedings of the continental congress 
(m. Mary, dau. of Mathias Burnet; , son of 
Jeremiah of East Hampton N. Y., d. 17 12; 
son of George of East Hampton N. Y., d. 
1668; son of John of East Hampton N. Y., 
came to America from Maidstone England 
prior to 1649. 

MOORE, JAMES W. of Easton Pa., b. 
there June 14, 1844, grad. Lafayette 
coll., A. B. 1864, A. M. 1867, M. D. Pa. 
univ. 1869, member lof the faculty of La- 
fayette coll. since 1866, prof, of mechanics 
and experimental philosophy, member of 
the Amer. Philosophical Soc, fellow of the 
Amer. Assoc, for the Advancement of Sci- 
ence, fellow of the Amer. Acad, of Medi- 
cine, ex-pres. of the Northampton Co. 
Medical Soc, fellow of the British Assoc 
for the Advancement oi Science Montreal 
1884, conferee of International Congress of 
Electricians Phila. 1884, Chicago 1893, 
member of the Sons of the Revolution, 
associate of the Founders and Patriots of 
America 1607-57, etc., contributor of 
papers on physical, sanitary and medical 
subjects, author of " Elements of Natural 
Philosophy," *' Methods of Investigation 
and Record Book of Experiments in 
Physics," " Simple Harmonic Motion," 
etc. (m. July 30, 1874 Rachel Philips Flan- 
nery, dau. Rev. James and Margaret [Mac- 
donakl] Flanncry of Phila. Pa.); son of 
Samuel Moore of Easton Pa., b. there Sep. 
28, 1794, d. there June 18, 1883, educated 
in Phila. Pa., 2d serg. ist 00. ist reg. Pa. 



vol. riflemen in war of 1812-14, editor of 
the Spirit of Pa. and the Belvidere Apollo, 
clerk of the court, justice, chief burgess of 
the borough of Easton (m. Nov. 2"], 1832 
Elizabeth Barnes Wamsley, dau, of James 
Wamsley of co. Fermanagh Ireland and 
Sarah Mott Potts of Mansfield N. J.) ; son 
of Samuel Moore of Easton Pa., 'b. in 
Hopewell N. J. 1754, d. in Easton Mar. 9, 
1799, minute-man in the rev. war, after- 
ward of Capt. John Mott's co. ist reg. 
Hunterdon co. N. J., removed to Easton 
Pa. 1782 (m. Sep. 27, 1781 Sarah, b. Feb. 
22, 1760, d. in Easton Jan. 15, 1829, dau. of 
Richard Green of Ewing and a cousin of 
her husband); son of John of Hopewell 
N. J., b. there Miar. 8, 1714, d. there Sep. 3, 
1768, served in Col. Samuel Hunt's reg. in 
the French and Indian War (m. Keziah, 
dau. of Theophilus Phillips of Maidenhead 
and Elizabeth Betts of Newtown L. I., a 
desc. of Rev. George Phillips of Water- 
town Mass. 1630, and Capt. Richard Betts 
of Ipswich 1648); son of Nathaniel Moore 
of Hopewell N. J., h. in Newtown L. I. 
Mar. 14, 1687, d. in Hopewell N. J. Sep. 
6, 1759, moved from L. I. to N. J. 1708, 
he and Thomas Reed, John Cornwall and 
John Mott bought 1,300 acres of land 
where Pennington now stands, trustee of 
church 1725-6, justice 1725, judge, trustee 
of parsonage and Latin sichool fund 1731 
(m. Joanna, dau. of Rev. John Prudden, 
minister of Jamaica L. I. 1670, minister of 
first church of Newark N. J., gr.-dau. of 
Rev. Peter Prudden of Wethersfield, etc., 
Ct.); son of Samuel M'oore of Newtown 
L. I., b. prob. in Southampton L. I. 1645 
to 51, d. in Newtown July 25, 1717, grantee 
of land in Newtown 1662, constable, over- 
seer 1677-83, appointed to choose delegates 
to the N. Y. assembly, commissioner of 
town court 1684-90, on the committee to 
extend the town limits 1684, supervisor 
1684-91, Dongan's charter 1686, lieut. of 
militia, delegate to N. Y. conv. 1689, capt. 
of Newtown militia 1690 (m. Mary Reed, 
b. 1651, d. in Newtown May 4, 1738); son 
of John Moore of Southampton, Hemp- 
stead and Newtown L. I., b. in England 
1620 to 25, d. in Newtown June 17, 1657, 

received land in Southampton 1641, repre- 
sentative in the matter of union with the 
colony of Hartford Ct., attended a meeting 
of the general court of Mass. and served 
on a committee 1646, licensed to preach in 
New England 1646-9, perfect freeman 1649, 
second minister lof Hempstead 1649-51, 
wrote a letter to the authorities in Holland 
1651, 1st minister of Newtown 16512, Indian 
purchase 1656, purchase money £2, the 
town meeting presents him with the title 
to the town house 1657 (m. Margaret, bp. 
in Eng. 1622, dau. of Edward Howell, one 
of the original " undertakers " who settled 

N. Y., b. in Rochester N. Y. Mar. 
14, 1859, lawyer, pres. of the Morse Soc, 
member Sons of the Revolution, Soc. of 
Colonial Wars, Amer. bar assoc, New 
York state bar assoc. and Assoc, of the bar 
of the city of New York (m. June 22, 1886 
Adelaide P. Cook, dau. of Albert and Caro- 
line [Partridge] Cook of Seneca Falls N. 
Y.); son of Adolphus of Rochester N. Y., 
b. in Douglas Mass. 1807, d. in Rochester 
N. Y. 1871, studied law, practiced at Wor- 
cester Mass., remioved to Rochester 1850, 
there engaging in various business enter- 
prises (m. May i, 1850 Mary Elizabeth, 
dau. of Abraham Grant of Cambridge 
Mass. [and Margaret Cheever 'of Chelsea 
Mass., dau. of Joshua Cheever of Chel- 
sea, Mass., son of Nathan Cheever of Boston 
Mass., son of Thomas of Ispwich Mass., 
son of Ezekiel of Boston Mass.], son of 
Christopher and Sarah [Watson] Grant, 
son of Christopher and Mercy [Coolidge] 
Grant of Watertown Mass., son of Joseph 
and Mary [Grafton] Grant of Watertown 
Mass., son oi Christopher Grant of Water- 
town Mass.); son of Amos Morse of 
Douglas Mass., b. there 1783, d. there 1843 
(m. Mary Hale of Douglas Mass.); son of 
Jacob of Douglas Mass., b. in Sherborn 
Mass. 1717, d. in Douglas 1800 (m. Mary 
Merrifield) ; son of Joseph of Sherborn 
Mass., b. in Dedham Mass. 1683, d. in 
Sherborn 1770 (m. Prudence, dau. of 
Henry Adams of Braintree Mass., gr.-son 



erf Henry Adams); son of Joseph Morse 
of Dedham Mass., b. there 1655, d. in Slier- 
born Mass. 1681, capt. in King Philip's 
war, represented Sherborn at the general 
court Boston Mass. (m. Apr. 11, 1683 
Hannah Badcock); son of Joseph of Ded- 
ham Mass., b. in Suffolk co. Eng. 1615, d. 
in Dedham 1676, settled with his father in 
Mass. 1635 (m. 1638 Hannah Phillips) ; son 
of Samuel Morse of Dedham Mass., b. in 
Suffolk CO. Eng. 1587, d. in Dedham June 
20, 1654, one of the original proprietors of 
Watertown Mass. (m. Elizabeth). 

York city, b. in Leominster Mass. 
Feb. 23, 1846, grad. U. S. naval academy 
1866, was in active service in the U. S. 
navy as ensign, master and lieut. for many 
years, placed on the retired list as lieut., 
now recruiting ofificer (m. Feb. 15, 1873 
Ella, dau. of Rawson Packard of Albany 
N. Y., and had 4 ch., viz.: Jerome Alfred 
Clinton, Albert Willard, Louise Violet and 
Fred'k Edward M(orse) ; son of Augustus 
of Leominster Mass., b. in Worcester 
Mass. May 16, 1817, d. in Brooklyn N. Y. 
Nov. 25, 1888, maj.-gen. Mass. vol. militia 
i860, col. in war of rebellion in 21st reg. 
Mass. vols. 1862, military gov. at Annapo- 
lis Md., afterwards commissioned capt. and 
assist, quartermaster-gen. U. S. A. on Gen. 
Whipple's staff (m. 1839 Caroline Willard, 
gt. -niece of Rev. Henry Dunstar, pres. of 
Harvard and of Rev. Samuel Willard, pas- 
tor of Old South church Boston Mass., 
pres. of Harvard coll., and desc. of Maj. 
Simon Willard, founder of Concord Mass., 
maj.-gen. of all the forces in the Pequod 
war with Indians, resicuer of Brookfield in 
King Philip's war, and gr.-dau. of Ephraim 
Willard, rev. soldier); son of Arnold 
Morse of Leominster Mass., b. in Hop- 
kinton Mass. Mar. 21, 1791, d. in Leomin- 
ster i860 (m. in May 1810 Jane Giles); 
son of Elisha of Needham Mass., b. in 
Natick Mass. June 2, 1771 (m. Sally More); 
son of Elisha of Natick Mass., b. Nov. 2, 
1741, d. Dec. 3, 1804, served in the R. S. 
campaign in the rev. war; son of Isaac 
Morse of Attleboro Mass., b. Feb. 11, 1697 

(m. Elizabeth Turner) ; son of John of 
Watertown Mass.; son of John of Water- 
town Mass.; son of Joseph of Ipswich 
Mass., b. in Eng. 1587, d. in Ipswich 1646, 
came to New England 1635, settled in Ips- 
wich prior to 1641, a man of high standing. 

MEERITT, DOUGLAS of Rhinebeck 
N. Y., b. in New York city Dec. 4, 
1847, educated at private schools in N. Y., 
spent 2 years in Europe, grad. Columbia 
law school 1874, moved to his farm called 
Leacote 1875, member of the board of ex- 
cise, trustee of the public school, senior 
warden of churcih of the Messiah and trus- 
tee of several institutions (m. Aug. 3, 1876 
Elizabeth Cleveland Coxe, dau. of Rt. Rev. 
Arthur Cleveland Coxe [and Katherine 
Cleveland Hyde], bishoip of .western New 
York, and had 2 ch., viz.: Ethel Douglas 
and Alan Douglas Merritt); son of George 
Merritt of Irvington on Hudson N. Y., 
b. in White Creek Aug. 4, 1807, d. in Irv- 
ington on Hudson Oct. 5, 1873, moved to 
N. Y. 1822, entered dry goods business, in 
which he became prominent, retired 185 1, 
was pres. of the New England Car Spring 
Co. 1851-68, director in various financial 
companies, removed to his country seat 
Lyndehurst near Irvington (m. Nov. 5, 1845 
Julia, dau. of Alanson Douglas [and Ann 
Sutherland, dau. of Abram Sutherland, a 
member of the legislature and state sena- 
tor, and gr.-dau. of Col. David Sutherland 
of Stamford Ct.], a well-known banker in 
Troy, desc. of Williiam Douglas of New 
London Ct.); son of Benjamin Merritt of 
Troy N. Y., b. in Quaker Hill June 21, 
1777, d. in Cleveland Ohio July 4, 1854, 
lived in New York 1815-J4, was at first a 
china merchant, afterwards a dry goods 
merchant, moved to White Creek 1842-45, 
was a partner of his bro. David in Troy 
N. Y. (m. Oct. 3, 1800 Thankful, dau. of 
Matthew Scott and Mercy Ashley, desc. 
of Robert Ashley, a prominent citizen of 
Springfield Mass. 1630-82], ist lieut. of 
14th reg. Albany N. Y. 1773, lieut. -col. of 
Columbia co. militia 1787, son of John and 
Mary [Hughes] Scott, who came from Ire- 
land to Spencertown 1739); son of Nehe- 



miah Merritt of Nine Partners, b. in Rye 
Jan. 14, 1740, d. prob. in Queensbury 1793, 
merchant of Washington tp. 1790, sold 53 
acres near Millbrook to his bro. Consider, 
moved to Queensbury 1793 (m. June 25, 
1760 Phebe, dau, of Abraham Wing [and 
Austis Wood, dau. of William Wood of 
Providence R. I.], gt.-gt.-gr.-son of John 
Wing [and Deborah Batchelder, dau. Rev. 
Stephen Bathelder], came from London 
Eng. to Lynn Mass. 1632); son of Nehe- 
miah Merritt of Quaker Hill N. Y., b. in 
Rye 1715, d. in Quaker Hill 1793, moved 
from Rye to Quaker Hill 1758. to Queens- 
bury 1762, bought 500 acres at Quaker Hill 
1768, and granted them to his son Daniel 
1793 (m. 1st Dinah, dau. of Ichebod Hop- 
kins [and Sarah Coles, dau. of Daniel 
Coles, son of Robert Coles of Roxbury 
1630 and Oyster Bay 1650], desc. of 
Thomas Hopkins of Providence R. L 1640, 
2d before 1761 Mary Dingee); son of 
Joseph Merritt of Rye N. Y., d. there 
1754, was one of the proprietors of Rye 
1683, ensign in Westchester co. militia 
1722, on grand jury 1717-22 (m. Jane); son 
of Thomas of Rye N. Y., d. prob. there, 
settled in Rye before 1673, constable 1684, 
commissioner to renew the Indian pur- 
chases 1694, vestryman 1694, o" committee 
to build a meeting house and select a min- 
ister 1697, townsman 1697-9, deputy to 
general court of Ct. 1699, on committee to 
settle the line between Rye and Greenwich 
1707, on grand jury 1713-^16 (m. about 1687 
Abigail [dau. of Robert and Joan] Francis 
of Wethersfield Ct.), .and gave a deed of 
land to his son Joseph, sold land in White 
Plains to his son Samuel 1720). 

Mass., b. in May 25, 1846, lived in 
Chicago 111. 1863-79, member of the Mass. 
legislature, and filled the most important 
town offices (m. Oct. 17, 1871 Mary L., b. 
July 5, 1846, dau. of David Dodge M. D. 
and Helen Burnham of Chicago 111.); son 
of Orick of Chatham Mass., b. there Jan. 
10, 1814, d. there Mar. 9, 1892, engaged in 
mercantile business and fishing industry at 
an early age, identified with the business 

interests of the town (m. Apr. 15, 1834 
Mary, b. 1808, d. in Chatham Mass. Sep. 
22, 1S52, dau. of Stephen and Dinah [Love- 
land] Ryder) ; son of Ensign Nickerson of 
Chatham Mass., b. there May 13, 1790, d. 
there Apr. 11, 1879 (m. Dec. 24, 1812 Re- 
becca, b. Dec. 30, 1791, d. June 21, 1874, 
dau. of Samuel and Ann [Kendrick] 
Mayo) ; son of Ensign of Chatham Mass., 
b. there Feb. 21, 1753, d. there Jan. 25, 
1834, orie oi the most extensive vessel 
owners of Mass. 1775-1812 (m. 1787 Me- 
hitable, b. Jan. 7, 1765, d. Feb. 26, 1848, 
dau. of David and Thankful [Atwood] 
Crowell) ; son of Absalom, b. on Nov. 12, 
1724.; son of William Nickerson of Chat- 
ham Mass., b. there 1701, d. there in Apr. 
1763, was drowned from a canoe off Nansei 
Beach (m. Sarah); son of William of 
Ciiatham Mass., b. there 1670, d. there 1742 
(m. 1st Deliverence, 2d Anna); son of 
William of Chatham Mass., b. in Yar- 
mouth Mass., bp. 1646, d. in Chatham 
1719, one of the 10 proprietors of Chatham, 
and first town clerk there (m. Nov. 30, 
1638 Mercy, b. 1644, d. in Chatham Apr. 7, 
1739, <ia'U. of Thomas and Eliz. [Tate] 
Williams); son of William Nickerson of 
Eng. 1636, Boston Mass. 1661, Yarmouth 
Mass. 1646-66 and Chatham Mass. 1670, b. 
in Eng. about 1604, d. in Chatham before 
1700 (m. Ann, b. in Eng. 1609, dau. of 
Nicholas and Bridget Busbey of Norwich 
Eng., weaver). 

'\ , . 

Chicago 111., b. in Chatham Mass. 
June 19, 1830, identified with the banking 
interests of Chicago since 1868, pres. of i»t 
nat. bank 20 years (m. Dec. 14, 1858 Ma- 
tilda Pinkham Crosby, and had son Roland 
Crosby Nickerson, b. July 27, 1859, m. June 
10, 1886 Addie Daniels of Chicago 111., dau. 
of William G. and Jane [Atkinson] Dan- 
iels) ; son of Ensign of Chatham Mass., b. 
there May 13, 1790, d. there Apr. 11, 1879 
(m. Dec. 24, 1812 Rebecca, b. Dec. 30, 
1791, d. June 21, 1874, dau. of Samuel and 
Ann [Kendrick] Mayo); son of Ensign 
of Chatham Mass., b. there Feb. 21, 1753, 
d. there Jan. 25, 1834, one of the most ex- 



tensive vessel owners of Mass. 1775-1812 
(m, 1787 Mehitable, b. Jan. 7, 1765, d. Feb. 
26, 1848, dau. of David and Thankful [At- 
Wood] Crowell); son of Absalom, b. on 
Nov. 12, 1724; son of William Nicker- 
son of Chatham Mass., b. there 1701, d. 
there in Apr. 1763, was drowned from a 
canoe ofT Nanset Beach (m. Sarah) ; son of 
William of Chatham Mass., b. there 1670, 
d. there 1742 (m. istDeliverence, 2d Anna) ; 
son of William of Chatham Mass., b. in 
Yarmouth Mass., bp. 1646, d. in Chatham 
1719, one of the 10 proprietors of Chatham, 
and I St town clerk there (m. Nov. 30, 1638 
Mercy, b. 1644, d. in Chatham Apr. 7. 
1739, dau. of Thomas and Eliz. [Tate] 
Williams) ; son of William Nickerson of 
Eng. 1636, Boston Mass. 1661, Yarmouth 
Mass. 1646-66 and Chatham Mass. 1670, 
b. in Eng. about 1604, d. in Chatham before 
1700 (m. Ann, b. in Eng. 1609, tiau. of 
Nicholas and Bridget Busbey of Norwich 
Eng., weavers). 

MAYO, SAMUEL of Orleans Mass., b. 
there 1771 or 2, d. there (m. 1790 or 
I Ann, dau. of Edward Kendrick, son of 
Thomas, son of Edward, and had dau. 
Rebecca Mayo who m. Ensign Nickerson, 
see Nickerson lineage in this volume) ; son 
of Uriah of Orleans Mass., b. there May 
2^, 1749, d. there 1825 (m. 1771 Mercy 
Sparrow, b. in Orleans 1753, d. there May 
6, 1794, buried in Orleans cemetery, desc. 
of Isaac Sparrow, son of Richard, son of 
Richard, son of Jonathan, son of Richard 
Sparrow) ; son of Thomas Mayo of Or- 
leans Mass., b. there Oct. 28, 1718, d. there 
Jan. 28, 1794, buried in Orleans cemetery 
(m. Hannah Atkins) ; son of Sam.uel of 
Orleans Mass., b. in Eastham Mass. 1689, 
d. in Orleans (m. Aug. 6, 1713 Abigail 
Sparrow of Eastham Mass., dau. of Jona- 
than Sparrow, son of Jonathan, son of 
Richard Sparrow) ; son of Samiuel Mayo 
of Eastham Mass., b. there, d. there 1738; 
son of Nathaniel, b. in Plymouth Mass., 
m. Hannah, dau. of Gov. Thomas Prence) ; 
son of John of England, d. in Yarmouth 
Mass., clergyman, preached in Eastham, 
Yarmouth and Boston Mass. (m. Elishua). 

Yarmouth Me., b. there Dec. 6, 1755, 
d. there Mar. 11, 1829, enlisted in Col. Jon- 
athan Mitchell's reg. as corporal 1776 (m. 
1779 Ruth Prince, b. Apr. 12, 1755, d. May 
27, 1843 [dau. of Paul Prince, b. in Dux- 
bury 1720, see Prince lineage], and had 
dau. Huldah Fisher, b. Mar. 29, 1790, d. 
Apr. 30, i860, m. Nov. i, 1808 Joseph 
Hoole, see Hoole lineage) ; son of Samiuel 
Fisher of N. Yarmouth Me., b. there Nov. 
13, 1722, d. there Sep. 2, 1786, capt., served 
in R. I. on the alarm of 1780 (m. Dec. 14, 
1749 Hannah Blanchard, b. Nov. 29, 1729, 
d. Mar. 20, 1816, dau. of Nathaniel and 
Hannah Blanchard, son of John and Abi- 
gail [Phillips] Blanchard, son of Nathaniel 
and Susan [Bates] Blanchard of Wey- 
mouth Mass., son of Thomas of Charles- 
town) ; son of Samuel Fisher, b. 1677, d. 
in N. Yarmouth Me. Nov. 24, 1767, moved 
from Duxbury Mass. to N. Yarmouth (m. 
1710 Deborah Stetson, b. Dec. 3, 1681, dau. 
of Benjamin and Bethiah Stetson, son of 
Cornet Robert Stetson, d. Feb. i, 1702 or 3, 
came from Eng. to Scituate Mass. 1634, 
deputy to the gen. court 17 years, member 
of the council of war 1661). 

^ Portland Me., b. there June 11, 1816, 
d. in Cardenas Cuba Apr. 4, 1890, a West 
India merchant for many years, was Swed- 
ish and Norwegian consul to Cuba, com- 
mercial agent to Cuba (m. Dec. 20, 1838 
Harriet Ellen Hoole, b. Sep. 21, 1818 [see 
Hoole lineage], and had 6 ch., viz.: Mary 
Louisa, b. Oct. 22, 1839, d. in Portland Mar. 
12, 1886, Harriet Eliza, b. Jan. 30, 1842 [m. 
Oct. 5, 1863 Stillman Soubhgate Boyd, b. 
in Portland Me. May 16, 1837, d. in St. 
Louis Mo. Mar. 5, 1883, had 6 ch., viz.: 
Louie, b. May 12, 1865, m. Oct. 22, 1844 
Edward Ward Corey of Portland Me., b. 
Sep. 7, 1853, Miargaret, b. Feb. 13, 1868, 
m. Oct. 3, 1894 Edwin L. Stanwood, James, 
b. Aug. 19, 1871, m. Sep. 5, 1895 Ada, dau. 
of Wellington Yerxa and Addle Durfe, 
and had 2 ch., viz.: Louise Southgate, b. 
in Smyrna Me. July 10, 1896, and James 
Wellington Churchill, b. in Dorchester 



Mass. Oct. 15, 1897, Samuel Stillman of 
Seattle Washington, b. Feb. 12, 1874, m. 
Gertrude Antoinette, dau. of Elizabeth J. 
Peckham, Alice, b. Sep. 9, 1875, and Rob- 
ert Southgate Churchill, b. May 6, 1877], 
Alice Creighton, b. in Portland Me. May 
6, 1844, Julia Edith, b. in Cardenas Cuba 
May 22, 1854, d. in Stockton Me. July 31, 
1883 [m. May 22, 1877 Arthur S. Bird, and 
had George Emerson Bird, b. June 9, 1878, 
d. Oct. 25, 1878], Grace Cora, b. in Port- 
land Me. Sep. 13, 1856 [m. Sep. 4, 1879 
James Harris O'Donnell, b. 1854, and had 
2 -ch., viz.: Churchill, b. in Portland Me. 
June 8, 1880, and Arthur, b. in Portland 
July II, 1881], and Mabel Churchill, b. in 
Portland Mar. 8, 1859 [m. Apr. 13, 1882 
Philip Ingraham Jones, b. June 3, 1858, 
and had 3 ch., viz.: Lawrence Churchill, b. 
in Portland Feb. 7, 1885, Helen Creighton, 
b. in Portland Feb. 5, 1888, and Harold 
Churchill Jones, b, Feb. 7, 1891]); son of 
James Creighton Churchill of Portland 
Me., b. in New Market N. H. Apr. 24, 1787, 
d. in Portland Nov. 20, 1865, went to 
Cuba, established a commission business in 
Cardenas Cuba, made that place a port of 
entry, state senator 1824-56, presidential 
elector 1828-32, mayor of Portland Me. 
1844, serg. 34th U. S. inf., Capt. David 
Sherman's co., in the war 1812 (m. Jan. 8, 
1809 Eliza Walker Osborne, b. on Aug. 
20, 1791, d. in Portland Feb. 27, 1879, 
dau. of John, b. Mar. 8, 1769, and Abigail 
[Smith] Osborne, son of George Jerry Os- 
borne [and Elizabeth Walker of Ports- 
mouth N. H.], b. in London Eng. Mar. 15, 
1732, d. Aug. 8, 1805, lieut. and capt. of 
militia, capt. of marines 1775); son of 
Thomas Churchill of New Market N. H., 
b. there 1762, d. there 1807, enlisted as pri- 
vate in Hampton in Capt. Jacob Webster's 
CO., Col. Reynolds' reg. 1781 (m. about 
1786 Alice, b. Oct. 13, 1767, dau. of James 
Creighton, served in Col. Joshua Wingate's 
reg., Simon Marston's co., enlisted in Col. 
Hale's 2d reg., Capt. Titcomb's co. to com- 
plete the continental battalion 1777-1880, 
wounded at the battle of Monmouth 1778, 
died from exposure at battle); son of 
Thomas Churchill, b. in Plymouth Mass. 

Apr. 30, 1730 (m. Oct. 26, 1757 Mary 
Stuart Ewer, b. Aug. 7, 1737, buried in 
Brookfield N. H., dau. of Nathaniel Ewer 
[and Mary Stuart, m. Nov. 8, 1723], b. 
1694, son of Thomas Ewer [and Eliza 
Lovell, m. 1684], son of Thomas Ewer 
[and Hannah], b. 1633, d. 1667, son of 
Thomas, b. in Eng. 1595, d. in Charlestown 
Mass. 1638, m. Sarah Larnard, b. 1607); 
son of Barnabas Churchill, h. in Plymouth 
Mass. July 6, 1686 (m. Feb. 14, 1712 Lydia 
Harlow, dau. of William Harlow, b. 1657, 
d. 171 1 [and Lydia Cushman, d. Feb. 11, 
1718, dau. of Elder Thomas Cushman], son 
of William Harlow, came to Lynn Mass. 
1637, moved from Sandwich to Plymouth 
Mass., m. 1649 Rebecca, dau. of Robert 
Bartlett [and Mary Warren, dau. of Rich- 
ard Warren, who came in the Mayflower 
1620], came in the ship Ann 1623); son of 
Joseph Churchill of Plymouth Mass., lived 
there on his father's farm, which is still in 
the family's possession (m. June 3, 1672 
Sarah Hicks); son of John, d. in Ply- 
mouth Mass. Jan. i, 1662 (m. Hannah, d. 
Feb. 9, 1652, dau. 'df William Pontus of 
Plymouth Mass.). 

HOOLE, JOSEPH of Portland Me., b. 
in N. Yarmouth Me. Aug. 8, 1785, d. 
in Portland Apr. 9, 1868 (m. Nov. i, 1808 
Huldah Fisher, b. Mar. 29, 1790 [see 
Fisher lineage], and had 8 ch., viz.: Louisa, 
b. in N. Yarmouth Me. Oct. 16, 1809, d. in 
Washington D. C. Feb. 21, 1885 [ni- 1837 
Seward Wyman, b. Oct. 8, 1803, d. May 3, 
i860, and had 5 ch.], Mary Newton, b. in 
Portland Me. Jan. 22, 1812, d. in Durham 
N. H. July 31, 1882 [m. William P. Frost, 
and had 6 ch.], Joseph Thomas, b. in Port- 
land Sep. 21, 1815, d. in Dunkirk N. Y. 
July 17, 1897 [m. Lucy Ann Libby, and 
had 4 ch.], Harriet EJlen, b. in Portland 
Sep. 21, 1818, d. in Cambridgeport Mass. 
Jan. 5, 1894 [m. Dec. 20, 1838 James M. 
Churchill, see Churchill lineage], Huldah, 
b. in Portland Jan. 26, 1820 [m. John Ed- 
win Coe, d. in Cambridge Mass. in Nov. 
1879], Edward Spencer, b. in Portland Me. 
Dec. 30, 1823, d. in Augusta Me. Feb. 16, 
1893, Isabella Graham, b. in Portland Sep. 



2"], 1829, d. in Faribault Minn. Dec. 25, 
1857 [m. May i, 1850 Leonard W. Leighton 
M. D., and had 2 ch., viz.: Joseph Edward, 
b. in Waverly N. Y. Feb, 8, 1852, m. Eve- 
lyn Hurd of Boston Mass., and Florence 
Isabella Leighton, b. in Brooklyn N. Y., 
b. June 16, 1858, m. Mar. 6, 1877 De Witt 
Dilworth of Pittsburgh Pa., and had son 
Edward Coe Dilworth, b. in Alleghany Pa. 
Apr. I, 1878], and Weltha Ann Jenkins 
Hoole, b. in Portland Me. July 14, 1833 
[m. in June 1865 Edwin Churchill, d. in 
Portland Me. Mar. 19, 1875, had 2 ch., 
viz.: Heber Bishop, b. Dec. i, 1866, and 
Laura Churchill, b. May 21, 1868]); son of 
William Hioole of Portland Me., b. there 
1745, d. there May 21, 1828, moved from 
Chelsea Mass. to Portland Me., removed 
with his family to N. Yarmouth, where he 
bought a farm (m. ist Mary Hammond, 2d 
Hannah, b. Aug. 8, 1753, d. May 11, 1830, 
dau. of Capt. Ezekiel Hatch [and Sarah 
Smally], b. 1728, d. in Dec. 1823, desc. of 
Elder William Hatch of Scituate Mass.); 
son of Thomas Hoole of Marblehead 
Mass., b. in Isle of Man, came from the 
Isle of Man in early part of i8th century, 
settled in Marblehead when 15 years old 
(m. 1726 Sarah Foster of Ipswich Mass., 
desc. of Reginal Foster af ipswich). 

PURDY, HIRAM J. of Seneca Falls N. 
Y., b. in West Butler N. Y. Jan. 18, 
1847, physician and surgeon in Seneca 
Falls (m. Dec. 19, 1867 Emma Roberts, 
and had Alice Amanda Purdy, b. in Sen- 
eca Falls N. Y. July 11, 1872); son of 
Merritt of West Butler N. Y., b. in Pitts- 
town N. Y. Dec. 22i, 1808, d. in West But- 
ler 1873, justice of peace, judge, lawyer 
(m. Dec. 25, 1836 Amanda Sears [desc. of 
Ridhard Sears of Yarmouth Mass., Deacon 
Paul Peak of Hartford Ct., Samuel Board- 
man of Wethersfield Ct., John Lee of 
Agawam Mass., Henry Woodis Wood- 
house, Deacon John Moore, Michael Gris- 
wold, Dea. Richard Butler and John 
Bissell of Windsor Ct.], she had 3 ch. be- 
sides Hiram above, viz.: Charles E., b. 
Dec. 31, 1837 [m. Feb. 24, 1863 Mary Chat- 
field], Maria B. [m. W. F. Peck, see Peck 

lineage] and Caroline, b. Apr. 17, 1872, d. 
May 18, 1875) ; son of Jonathan Purdy of 
Pittstown N. Y., b. in White Plains N. 
Y. Nov. 18, 1774, d. in Pittstown N. Y. 
Nov. I, 1848, large landholder, soldier in 
war of 1812, served to the close of the 
war (m. Sep. 15, 1803 Hannah, dau. of 
Peter and Phoebe [Carpenter] Purdy, and 
had 5 ch., viz.: Martha Maria, b. 1807, d. 
Sep. ID, 1867, Phoebe, b. 1806 [m. Mr. In- 
graham], Merritt as above, Catherine, b. 
181 1, d. Sep. 8, 1870 [m. Mr. Wier], and 
Harriet, b. 1814 [m, Mr. Horton]); son of 
Francis Purdy of White Plains N. Y., b. 
there 1746, d. in Schuylerville N. Y. 1827, 
royalist (m. 1768 Martha Hyatt, and had 
13 ch., viz.: Anna [m. Mr. Abrams], Cath- 
erine [m. Mr. Ferris], Hyatt, Jonathan as 
above, Jerediah, Abijah, Francis, Sally [m. 
a Willi'ams], James, John, Gilbert, Elijah 
and Nathaniel Purdy); son of Still John 

Brighton N. Y., b. in Portland Me. 
Apr. 15, 1819, grad. Bowdoin coll. 1840, 
Harvard law school 1843, member of the 
Mass. Soc. of the Cincinnati (m. July i, 
1846 Harriet, b. in Portland Oct. 17, 182 1, 
dau. of John and Mehitable Smith [Rand] 
Mussey, and had 6 ch., viz: Edith, b. Apr. 
22, 1847, d. Nov. 29, 1848, John Mussel, b. 
Dec. 19, 1850, d. Nov. 4, 1851, Henry, b. 
Apr. 25, 1853, William Pitt, b. Oct. i, 1854, 
Wallace, b. Aug. 17, 1857 and Ernest 
Preble, b. June 5, i860, d. Oct. 8, i860); 
son of William Pitt Preble of Portland 
Me., b. in York Me. Nov. 2^, 1783, d. in 
Portland Oct. 11, 1857, grad. Harvard coll. 
1806, tutor there 1809-113, U. S. district 
atty. for Me. 1820, judge of the supreme 
court of Me., was appointed by Pres. An- 
drew Jackson in conjunction with Hon. 
Albert Gallatin to prepare the case of the 
U. S. on the north eastern boundary ques- 
tion before the King of the Netherlands 
1829, minister plenipotentiary to the Hague 
on the same matter, first pres. of the At- 
lantic and St. Lawrence R. R. now a part 
of the Grand Trunk R. R. from Portland 
Me. to Montreal Canada, 5th judge of the 



name of Preble who occupied the bench in 
Me. (m. Sep. 7, 1810 Nancy Gale Tucker, 
dau. of Capt. Joseph Tucker [and Mary 
Stone); son of Esaias Preble of York, 
b. there Apr. 2^, 1742, d. there 1813, capt. 
of a CO. of minute men at Cambridge Mass. 
^lyS, afterwards a member of the conven- 
tion of Mass. which ratified the constitu- 
tion of the U. S., rep. in Mass. legislature, 
selectman, col. of the ist reg. of militia for 
several years [m. June 30, 1766 Lydia, dau. 
of Edward Ingraham]); son of Samuel 
Preble of York Me., b. there Apr. 19, 1699, 
d. 1746 (m. 1725 Sarah Muchmore of the 
Isle of Shoals) ; son of Abraham of York 
Me., b. in Kent Eng., d. in York 1662 or 3, 
was one of the earliest settlers of Scituate 
Mass., was first magistrate or mayor of the 
city of York 1645, judge 1647-57, co. com- 
missioner, CO. treasurer, removed from 
Scituate Mass. to York 1641 (m. 1641 Ju- 
dith, dau. of Nathaniel Tilden [and Lydia], 
d. 1641, came with his family from Tenf- 
riden in Kent Eng. to the Old Colony, and 
settled in Scituate Mass. 1636). 

enport Iowa, b. there July 6, 1871, 
grad in medicine and surgery at the state 
univ. of Iowa 1892, finished his education 
in Vienna, and is now a practicing physi- 
cian and surgeon (m. Dec. 29. 1892 Maude 
Leighton Ritchie of colonial desc.) ; son of 
Washington Freeman Peck of Davenport 
Iowa, b. in Galen N. Y. Jan. 22, 1840, d. 
in Davenport Dec. 12, 1891, grad. Bellevue 
med. coll., house surgeon in Bellvue hos- 
pital 2 years, government surgeon at 
Washington D. C. in civil war, moved to 
Davenport, surgeon there, prof, of surgery 
and dean of faculty in Iowa 1869-91, mem- 
ber many medical societies, medical writer, 
etc. (m. Sep. 18, 1865 Maria Bissell Purdy 
[dau. of Merritt Purdy, see Purdy lineage], 
and had Jessie Allen [m. Henry Vollmer, 
see Vollmer lineage], Mary Alida and Rob- 
ertson I. above) ; son of William Peck of 
Clyde N. Y., born on SeD. i. 1819. d. in 
Wolcott N. Y. Oct. 12, 1886 (m. In Mar. 
T839 Alida Hawes. b. in Kindcrhook N. Y. 
Aug. 16, 1824, of Dutch desc, dau. of 

Simon Hawes, m. Kate Clapper Oct. 2, 1813 
and gr.-dau. of Zachariah Howes [and 
Sally Race], who came from Holland, 
settled in Kinderhook N. Y.) ; son o! 
Aschel Peck of Butler N. Y., b. in Green- 
wich Ct. Dec. 15, 1772, d. in Butler Oct. 
12, 1852, large land owner (m. July 10, 
1795 Mary Lull, d. Oct. 5, 1864); son of 
Nathan of Mt. Washington Urbana N. Y., 
b. in Greenwich Ct. Nov. 17, 1744, d. in Mt. 
Washington after 1810, soldier in Capt. 
Noble Benedict's co. of Danbury Ct. 177S 
(m. Sep. 16, 1769 Sarah Tinney, b. Mar. 
22, 1746, of Scotch desc); son of John of 
Greenwich Ct, b. there 1718, d. there I77r 
(m. 1741 Sarah Adams) ; son of Samuel of 
Greenwich Ct., b. there in Mar. 1688, d. 
there in Dec. 1733 (m. 1715 Elizabeth who 
after his death m. 1735 John Clogston); 
son of Samuel Peck of Greenwich Ct. after 
1678, b. in Guilford Ct. Jan. 18, 1659, d. in 
Greenwich Apr. 28, 1746, justice of peace 
in Greenwich 50 years, and held many im- 
portant oflBces there, lieut. of train band 
1696, commissioner 1697, deputy to gen. 
court 1713-20, capt. of train band 1720 (m. 
Nov. T.^, 1686 Ruth, dau. of Joseph Ferrfs 
and Ruth Knapp, b. in Stamford Ct. 1641, 
dau. of Nicholas and Eleanor Knapp, whd 
came in the ship with Winthrop and Sal- 
ton stall, and settled in Watertown Mass., 
moved to Stamford Ct. 1648) ; son of Jere- 
miah Peck of Waterbury Ct., b. in Eng. 
1625, d. in Waterbury Ct. June 7, 1699, first 
teacher of the colony collegiate school in 
Nev7 Haven Ct. 1660-1, first minister in 
Savbrook Ct. 1661, in Elizabethtown N. J. 
1669. Greenwich Ct. 1678, Waterbury Ct. 
t6oo Cm. Nov. 12, 1656 Johanna Kitchell of 
FrifTlis'h desc through Robert Kitchell 
nnd Margaret SheaflFe. dau. of Rev. Ed- 
wnrd SheafTe, bp. in Eng. 1559): son of 
William Peck of New Haven Ct., b. in 
London Eng. 1601. d. in New Haven Oct. 
A. 1604, came to Boston Mass. with Gov. 
Fnton, Pev. John Davenport and others 
1687. was one of the founders of New 
Haven colony 16-^8. merchant, deacon in 
the church in New Haven i65<>-04. his 
tombstone still stands in the New Haven 
cometery (m. 1622 Elizabeth). 



PRINCE, PAUL of N. Yarmouth Me., 
b. in Duxbury Mass. May 14, 1720, d. 
Nov. 25, 1809 (m. 1742 Hannah Gushing, 
d. Feb. 6, 1814, dau. of David Gushing of 
Hingham Mass. [and Rachel Lewis], son 
of Rev. Theophilus and Mary [Thaxter] 
Gushing, son of Daniel and Lydia [Gil- 
man] Gushing, son of Matthew and Naz- 
areth [Pitcher] Gushing, son of Rev. 
Peter and Susan [Hawes] Gushing of 
Hingham Eng., she, Hannah had 10 ch., 
the 5th child Ruth [m. Onesiphorus 
Fisher]); son of Benjamin Prince of Dux- 
bury Mass. and N. Yarmouth Me., b. Feb. 
28, 1693, d. in N. Yarmouth Dec. 5, 1737 
(m. Apr. I, 1717 Abiah, dau. of John Nel- 
son [and Patience Morton, dau. of Eph- 
raim and Ann [Gooper] Morton, son of 
George and Julianna [Carpenter] Mor- 
ton], son of William and Martha [Ford] 
Nelson) ; son of Thomas Prince of Scitu- 
ate Mass., b. in Hull Mass. July 8, 1658, d. 
in Barbadoux W. L 1696, sold his interest 
in his father's estate to his bro. Samuel 
1680, and moved to Boston Mass., ship 
master, sailing from Boston until ihis death 
1696 (m. Ruth, dau. of John and Mary 
[Brewster] Tuner, gr.-dau. of Jonathan 
and Lucretia [Oldham] Brewster, gt. -gr.- 
dau. of Elder William Brewster of the 
Mayflower) ; son of John Prince of Hull 
Eng., an elder (m. 1637 Alice Honor); son 
of John, clergyman (m. Elizabeth Told- 
erby, dau. of Henri Tolderby, son of Dr. 
John Tolderby D. D. and Alyce). 

N. J., b. in Littleton N. H. Mar. 9, 
1850, educated at Conference sem. N. H. 
and Boston univ., member of the N. J. 
conference of the M. E. church and pastor 
in Erma N. J., Ph. D. (m. July 29, 1875 
Isabel Severance, desc. of old New Eng- 
land families of Mass. and Kittery Me., 
and had 5 ch., viz.: Edmund J., Harold 
W., Clinton F., Austin B. and Bertha 
Presby); son of Samuel B. of Littleton 
N. H., b. in Lyman N. H. Mar. 22, 1813, 
d. in North Lisbon N. H. Aug. 26, 1884, 
farmer, Methodist minister, class leader for 
many years, an honest, industrious and a 


respected man (m. Oct. 16, 1839 Rhoda 
Merrill Waite, desc. of sturdy English 
Puritans of Cromwell's time, who came to 
Mass. about 1650, Chief Justice Waite of 
the U. S. supreme court was a distant rela- 
tive); son of Samuel Presby of Lyman 
N. H., b. in Taunton Mass. Seip. 7, 1785, 
d. in Lunenburg Vt. Aug. 3, 1856, farmer, 
changed the spelling of the name from 
Presbrey to Presby (m. 1808 his cousin 
Eunice Wilbur, b. in Westmoreland N. H., 
iher father was of Taunton Mass.); son of 
Elisha Presbrey of Taunton Mass. and 
Lyman N. H., b. in Taunton prob. 1715, d. 
in Lisibon N. H. prob. 1825, carpenter, 
farmer (m. proib. 1780 Welthea Wilbur) ; 
son of Joseph ,of Taunton Mass., b. there 
1728, d. there about 1790, a house and ship 
carpenter (m. prob. 1754 Mary Baker, her 
gr.-father came from Eng. to this country 
when a young man) ; son of William Pres- 
brey of Taunton Mass., b. in London Eng. 
about 1690, d. in Taunton 1771, was im- 
pressed for service on a British man of war 
when II years old, serving 10 years, while 
his vessel was in Boston harbor he deserted 
the vessel 171 1, found his way to Taunton, 
worked for some time for Nathaniel Gross- 
man, .having learned the shrp carpenter's 
trade while in the British navy, rigged the 
1st vessel of any considerable size on the 
Taunton river (m. about 1725 Hannah 
Smith of English desc), 

GENET of Santa Monica Gal., b. in 
Al'bany N. Y. Dec. 13, 1846, served in N. 
Y. vols., was lieut. and capt. in army of 
Venezuela S. A., was sous lieut. in corps 
de Estranger in army of Loire 4n Franco- 
Prussian war, has held other military and 
civil positions, was ofificer of staf¥ in Mexi- 
can army 1866-7; son of Jacob of Albany 
N. Y., b. in Tribes Hill N. Y. Sep. 20, 1814, 
d. in Palatine Church N. Y. Feh. 10, 1864, 
was an officer in the Mexican .war in the 
Texan army (m. Dec. 25, 1835 Miss Marie 
Louisa Genet) ; sion of John I. Putnaim 
of Geneva N. Y., /b. in Tribes Hill Feb. 29, 
1780, d. May 14, 1832, killed, served 
in war 1812-15 in various capacities, was 



engaged at Lundy's Lane, wagon master 
1812-13, afterwards lieut. attached to engi- 
neer corps (m. Aug. 5, i8ii Magdalenah 
Weaver, dau. of Capt. Weaver of 4th bat- 
talion Tyron co. militia); son of Jacob of 
Tribes Hill N. Y., b. there 1752, killed 
Sep. II, 1814, served in rev. war, was pri- 
vate in Fisher's and Little's co. 3d Tryon 
CO. reg. and was in Capt. John J. Davis' 
CO. at Oriskany (m. May i, 1777 Elizabeth, 
dau, of William McCarthy, b. Jo'hnstown 
N. Y.); son of John Putnam of Cadaug'h- 
rity, b. in Schenectady N. Y. Oct. 21, 1711, 
d. in Tribes Hill 1780, served in war of 
1758-59 in Schenectady contingent, was 
with Sir William Johnson at the capture of 
Fort Niagara 1759 (m. about 1740 Annatye 
Van Antwerp) ; son of Victor of Schenec- 
tady and Caughnawaga N. Y., b. in former 
abo'Ut 1683, d. in later before 1764, was capt. 
of foiot CO. in Schenectady, held different 
positions of trust in and about the settle- 
ments of Fort Hunter and Caughnawago, 
took up a patent on Schoharie creek 1733 
(m. Dec. 13, 1706 Marguerite Mdbie, dau. ovf 
Jan Peterse Mebie); sion of Jan Putnam of 
Schenectady N. Y., b. 1645, d, there Feb. 
9, 1690, was of Albany N. Y. 1661, he and 
his wife were killed by the French and 
Indians at the taking of Schenectady 1690 
(m. about 1676 Cornelia, b. 1655, dau. of 
Arent Andisee Brat and Catayntye D. 

^ city, b. in Suffern N. Y. June 8, 1877 
(unmarried); son of Joseph Henry Ster- 
ling of New York city, b. there Nov. 28, 
1850 (m. Apr. 25, 1876 Blanche Groes- 
beck); son of Joseph Allen Sterling of 
New York city, b. Jan. 11, 1822 (m. 1849 
Henrietta Collins Dowling); son of James 
of Woodbury N. J., b. there Apr. 2^, 1791 
(m. Feb. 25, 1815 Sarah Tomlin) ; son of 
Samuel of Woodbury N. J., b. there 1761 
(m. Martha Allen, b. 1768); son of John 
of Philadelphia Pa., b. in Stratford Ct. 
1715, moved from Trumbull to Phila. ; son 
of Jacob Sterling of Stratford Ct., b. in 
Haverhill Mass. 1677, d. Jan. 9, 1765, went 
to Lyme with his father 1703, from there 

to Fairfield, thence to Stratfield Ct. (m. 
Mrs. Hannah O'Dell Seeley, d. Jan. 14, 
1756); son of William of Haverhill Mass., 
b. in Charlestown Mass., moved to Haver- 
hill 1677, to Lyme Ct. 1703; son of David 
Sterling, b. 1622, came from Hertfordshire 
Eng. to Charlestown Mass. 1651. 

WARRINEB, EDWIN of Stepney Ct., 
b. in EUisburgh N. Y. Jan. 19, 1S39, 
grad. Fairfield seminary and Concord 
N. H. biblical inst., chaplain ist battalion 
Ct. cav. in civil war, pastor in the N. Y. 
east conference M. E. church 1864-97, 
author of " History of Sands St. Church " 
(m. June 20, 1862 Laura Ann Whipple, 
dau. of Winsor Whipple [and Eliza Potter 
whose father lived near East Winfield 
N. Y.], desc. of the Whipple families of 
R. I., she, Laura had 6 ch., viz: Emma 
Eliza, Willard Ives, Edwin D'Orsay, Win- 
sor Whipple, Walter Lindsay and Edna 
Laura Warriner) ; son of Solomon John- 
son Warriner of Lorraine N. Y., b. there 
Oct. 31, 1816, d. there Mar. 29, 1888, 
Methodist minister (m. Nov. 6, 1837 Mary 
Ann Clark, dau. of John Gillen [and Mar- 
garet Paterson], soldier in U. S. army); 
son of Ethni of Lorraine N. Y. and Mich., 
b. in Wilbraham Mass. Mar. 21, 1784, d. in 
Mosherville Mich. May 19, 1880, soldier in 
war of 1812, pensioner, farmer (m. about 
1806 Rebecca Wheeler) ; son of Nathaniel 
of Wilbraham Mass. and Adams N. Y. 
1805, b. in Springfield Mass. Oct. 18, 1750. 
d. in Clayton N. Y. about 1833 (rri- about 
1774 Diadema Hancock, dau. of Thomas 
Hancock [and Jemima Wright], b. in 
Springfield May 10, 1727, son of John and 
Anna [Web] Hancock); son of Moses 
Warriner of Springfield Mass., b. there 
July 24, 1708, d. in Wilbraham Mass. Mar. 
20, 1766, served in the French war 1755-60, 
belonged to Capt. John Brancroft's reg. 
(m. Nov. 7, 1741 Anne, dau. of Daniel 
Cooley [and Elizabeth Wolcott], removed 
from Enfield to Springfield Mass. and gt.- 
gr.-dau. of Benjamin and Sarah Cooley, 
who were among the ist settlers of Long 
Meadow); son of William Warriner of 
Springfield Mass., b. there Jan. 6, 1672, d. 



there about 1738 (m. Feb. 3, 1697 Elizabeth 
dau. of John and Mary [Alvord] Weller, 
and gr.-dau. of Richard and Ann [WilsonJ 
Weller); son of James, b. in Springfield 
Mass. Nov. 21, 1640, d. there May I4, 
1724, he was among the settlers of Spring- 
field who took the oath of allegiance 1678, 
was in King William's war (m. ist Mar. 
13, 1664 Elizabeth of Hadley Mass., d. 
Apr. 24, 1687, dau. Joseph Baldwin, 2d July 
10, 1689 Sarah, d. May 16, 1704, dau. of 
Alexander Alvord, 3d Dec. 29, 1704 Mrs. 
Mary Stebbins of Springfield Mass.); son 
of William Warrener of New England, 
joined the settlers of Springfield Mass. 
1638 (m. ist 1639 Joanna Scant, d. Dec. 7, 
1660, 2d Oct. 2, 1661 Elizabeth, widow of 
Luke Hitchcock of Wethersfield Ct.). 

N. C, b. in New York Dec. 8, 1819, 
served in the civil (war as an ofificer in the 
71st N. Y. reg., entered the war as a lieut. 
in 00. A, was one of the original members 
of the old guard of N. Y. city (m. July 2, 
1847 Jane E. Gassner [dau. of Daniel Gass- 
ner and Susan Foiwler, and gt. -gr.-dau. of 
John Gassner and Mary Sophia Dash], 
dau. Emily Louise Tompkins, b. Aug. 
28, 1848, m. Harrison Hall Jr. of 
Shelby N. C., b. Mar. 29, 1848, and 
had 5 ch., viz.: Warren Vail Hall of Shelby 
N. C, b. in New York city Feb. 24, 1873, 
Harold Statton Hall, b. June 22, 1875, 
Charles Edwin Breeden Hall 'b. Oct. 22, 
1886, Elsie Louise Hall, b. Sep. 4, 1878. 
Mary Emily Hall, b. Mar. 31, 1881); son of 
William Ward Tompkins 'of New York, 
b. Greenburg Oct. 15, 1794, d. in Mott 
Haven N. Y. Feb. 8, 1882, lieut. in war of 
1812, capt. of the 2d dragoons 1836, served 
in the Seminole war in Florida, during 
which he captured one of the principal 
Indian leaders, resigned his command 
1838, capt. in the loth U. S. inf. in 
the Mexican war, served through the war 
with distinction, military gov. of the city 
of Mier, examining officer during civil war 
(m. Charlotte Post, b. Mar. 29, 1799, dau. 
of William Post and Abigail Floyd, b. 
1767, d. 1853, dau. of Charles Floyd (only 

brother of William Floyd, signer of 
the Declaration oif Independence) ; son of 
Gilbert Tompkins of New York, born 
Apr. 22, 1753, a cousin of Vice-Pres. Daniel 
D. Tomipkins; (m. Elizabeth Ward [b. 
Aug. 25, 1758], a cousin of Gen. Aaron 
Ward of New York. 

Falls N. Y., b. in Bangor N. Y. June 
18, 1854, attended the Oswego N. Y. state 
normal sch., began the study of medicine 
1878, grad. M. D. of the Vt. univ. 1881. 
practices medicine and surgery in Chasm 
Falls, author of " Genealogical History of 
Harwood Families " (m. Dec. 13, 1882 
Mrs. Mahala A. Martin, dau. of Daniel 
Averill of Chasm Falls N. Y., and has 
had 2 ch., viz.: Frank S., b. Feb. 17, 1890, 
d. Dec. 17, 1890, and Wesley B. Harwood, 
b. July 17, 1895); son of Hiram Harwood 
of Bangor N. Y., b. in Eden Vt. Jan. 10, 
1823, d. in Bangor Dec. 2^, 1890, farmer 
active member and offtcial in M. E. ch. 
(m. Jan. 8, 185 1 Marianne, dau. of James 
Bigelow of Bangor N. Y. [and Lucretia 
Frank], desc. of the Bigelow family of 
New England) ; son of Hemian of Eden 
Vt. and Biangor N. Y., b. in Wethersfield 
Vt. Dec. 19, 1794, d. in Niagara Ont. about 
1835, farmer, was in war of 1812 (m. about 
1818 Mary, d. in Todd co. Minn. 1874, dau. 
of David and Mary [Pratt] Stowell); son 
of Archibald of Vt., b. in Dunstable N. 
H. Aug. 1762, d. in Eden Vt. 1837, rev. sol- 
dier 1778, a mill wright after the war (m. 
May 8, 1786 Susannah, dau. of Coombs 
House, desc. of Samuel House, who came 
from Eng. to Scituate Mass. 1634, his 
mother was dau. of Anthony Coombs, b. 
in France 1656, a French Protestant, came 
to Amer. 1675, settled in Plymouth co. 
Mass.); son oif James Harwood of Dun- 
stable N. H., b. in Mass. about 1728, d. in 
the Amer. army in Dec. 1777, served in 
French and Indian war, rwas at storming of 
Quebec under Gen. Wolfe 1759, was among 
the first men sent out from Dunstable in 
rev. war, fought at Battle of Bunker Hill 
(m. a Clogston, she lived to be 99 years 
old, belonged to one of the Scotch-Irish 



Presby. families that settled in N. H. 1718- 
25); son of James of Littleton Mass. and 
Dunstable N. H., b. in Chelmsford Mass. 
Sep. 30, 1695; son of James Harwood, 
served in King Philip's war in Capt. Wil- 
liam Turner's co., and afterward settled in 
Chelmsford (m. 1678 Lydia Barrett) ; gr,- 
son Andrew Harwood, came from Eng., 
freeman in Boston Mass. 1643. 

Mason Mich., b. in Cohocton N. Y. 
July 14, 1830, farmer, came to Mich, with 
his parents when 3 years old, was register 
of deeds for Ingham co. 2 terms, and held 
various other offices (m. Feb. 22, 1854 
Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. James 
Stevenson, a hardware merchant of Water- 
loo N. Y., of Scotch desc, and had dau. 
Clara Virginia Haight, b. in Saline Mich. 
Dec. 8, 1854 [m. Frank Ira Darling, and 
had 3 ch., viz: Ralph E., Harry J. and 
Grace E. Darling]); son of Salmon 
Loomis Haight of Tecumseh Mich., b. in 
Leyden N. Y. Feb. 22, 1805, d. in former 
Feb. ID, 1881, farmer, came from N. Y. 
state to Saline Mich. 1833, rep. in Mich. 
legislature 2 terms, and held various other 
offices (m. Oct. 3, 1826 Emily Fowler, and 
had besides Henry J. above 5 ch., viz: 
Elmira Sophia, Adjiah N. [m. Olive Dick- 
erman], Lydia M. [m. George Hamilton], 
Alonzo [m. Louise McBride] and Melvln 
Fm. Adella]); son of George Washington 
Haiglit of Leyden and Cohocton N. Y.. b. 
prob. in Herkimer co. N.Y., d. in Cohocton 
N. Y. 1818 (m. 1st 1800 Cynthia Loomis. 
and had 4 ch., viz: Allen, Salmon L. as 
above, Alonzo and Albert, m. 2d Orpha 
Hurlburt, and had 2 ch., viz: Cynthia [m. 
Silas Ball] and Polly [m. Seth Goodwin] >; 
son of Benjamin, b. in Dutchess co. N. Y., 
desc. of a Quaker family and Simon Hoyt 
of Eng. 1628 (m. Harriet Allen, and had 
besides George W. above 10 ch., viz: Wil- 
liam, Sarah, Cabel of Mich., Rachel fm. 
a Conklin, lived in Pompey Hill N. Y.j, 
John, Peter, b. in Dutchess co. N. Y., 
lived in Otesco N. Y.. d. there in May 
T844 fm. Ada Crawford], Benjamin, d. in 
Mich., Maria, Joseph and Edward). 

Philadelphia Pa., b. in Belleville 111. 
Nov. 9, 1834, A. M. Harvard 1858, LL. D. 
Jefferson medical coll. 1872, judge of the 
district court of Phila. 1871-5, judge com- 
mon pleas Phila. i87'5-S8, justice supreme 
court of Pa. 1889 (unmarried); son of 
Edward Phillips Mitchell of Phila. Pa., b. 
in Roanoke co. Va. Dec. 8, 1812, d. in 
Phila. Feb. 24, 1880, merchant and literary 
man, wrote sketches, art criticisms etc. in 
Neal's Saturday Gazette and the Knicker- 
bocker Magazine under name of Ralph 
Roanoke (m. Feb. 4, 1834 Elizabeth, dau. 
of Robinson Tyndale [and Sarah Thorn, 
desc. of a Phila. Quaker family] of Ireland, 
officer in Emmett's rebellion, came to 
Phila.,. merchant); son of James Mitchell 
of Belleville 111., b. in Roanoke co. Va. 
Nov. II, 1785, d. in Belleville Feb. 24, 1869, 
planter in Va. till 1819, then moved to 111,, 
farmer there (m. Mar. 26, 181 1 Ann G. 
Walton, dau. of William Walton of Ga. 
and Mary Leftwich of Bottetourt co. Va.) ; 
son of Edward of Roanoke co. Va. and St. 
Clair CO. 111., b. in Va. Aug. 3, 1760, d. in 
St. Clair co. Dec. 3, 1837, capt. in Camp- 
bell's Va. rifle reg. 1781-3, afterwards a 
Methodist minister, moved to 111. 1819 (m. 
Aug. 26, 1784 Nancy, dau. of William and 
Nancy Haley of Cecil co. Md.) ; son of 
James Mitchell of Hanover and Roanoke 
cos. Va., b. Mar. 27, 1727, d. in Belleville 
111. June 10, 1819, farmer (m. 1758 Molly 
Pryor Berry, widow of Maj. William Berry, 
and dau. of Samuel Pryor of Carolina co. 
Va. and Prudence Thornton); s'on of 
Edward of Charleston S. C, b. there 1700, 
d. there 1786, of English desc. 
' ' ' i 

donia N. Y., h. June 19. 1820. ist 
lieut. CO. B. 112 N. Y. vols, in civil war, 
resigned after i year's service (unmarried); 
son of John, b. in Framingham Mass. Aug. 
I, 1784, d. in Charlotte N. Y. 1836, col. in 
war of 1812, kept a hotel, built a mile and 
a half of the Erie canal in Niagara co. (m, 
Sarah Putney, a desc. of the Putneys of 
Putney Eng., and had besides Jedediah D. 
above 6 ch., viz.: Nalbby F. fm. Pasical P. 



Darling], Needham, Silva Almedia [m. 
Daniel C. Burgess], Addison, Cordelia and 
Adaline); son of Joseph Maynard of Caz- 
enovia N. Y., b. in Framingham May i, 
1750, moved to Cazenovia 1808 (m. May 5, 
1775 Deborah, dau. of Joseph Twitchell. 
and had besides John above 4 ch., viz: 
Debby [m. Aaron Putney], Joseph [m. 
Margaret Putney], Nathan [m. Polly Put- 
ney] and Nabby [m. Moses Putney]); son 
of Joseph Maynard of Framingham Mass., 
b. there Nov. 20, 1725, d. there Aug, 3, 
1769 (m. May 29, 1746 Abigail, dau. of 
Stephen Jennings); son of Jonathan, b. 
Apr. 8, 1685, d. in July 1763 (m. Dec. 10, 
1714 Mehitable Needom of Cam'bridge 
Mass., d. Oct. 19, 1767); son of Zacheryj, 
b. in Sudbury Mass. June 7, 1647, d. 1724 
(m. 1678 Hannah, d. 1719, dau. of Johrj 
Goodrich of Wethersfield Ct, and had be- 
sides Jonathan above 8 ch., viz: Zechariah, 
John, Hannah, David, Elizabeth, Joseph, 
Moses and Abigail); son of John of Sud- 
bury Mass. 1639, d. Dec. 10, 1672, an origi- 
nal proprietor, freeman 1644, was one oi the 
petitioners for grant of Marlborough 
Mass. 1656 (m. June 14, 1646 Mary, dau. of 
Comfort Starr, of English desc.) 

iMiddletown N. Y., b. in Pompey 
N. Y. Apr. 4, 1813 (m. Sep. 15, 1845 Jane 
Elizabeth, dau. of Alvan Stewart, lawyer, 
philanthropist) ; son of Luther of Pompey 
N. Y. and Chicago 111., b. in Walpole 
N. H., d. in Chicago Nov. 14, 1859 (ni- 
June 14, 1812 Emma, dau. of Thomas 
Hooker Rawson, a physician of Canandai- 
gua N. Y., desc. of Edward Rawson, sec. 
of Colony of Mass.); son of Elisha Marsh 
of Walpole N. H. and Onondaga co. N. Y., 
b. in former Mar. 20, 1750, d. in latter, 
capt. ; son of Elisha of Westminster Mass. 
and Walpole N. H., b. in Hadley Mass. 
Mar. 27, 1713, d. in Lancaster Mass. 1784, a 
remarkable man (m. Widow Deborah 
Lorin Lathrop, a skillful painter of Boston 
Mass.); son of Cornet Ebenezer Marsh, 
cavalryman (m. Mary Parsons); son of 
Daniel of Hadley Mass., b. in Hartford Ct. 
about 1653, d. in Hadley Feb. 24, 1725, hl» 

gravestone now stands in Hadley grave- 
yard (m. Nov. 5, 1676 Hannah Lewis 
Crow); son of John Marsh, b. in Eng. 
16118, d. Sep. 28, 1688, came to this country 
1635, lived in Hartford Ct. 24 years, in 
Hadley Mass. 28 years (m. a dau. of John 
Webster, gov. of Ct., ancestor of Noah 

^ more Md., b. in Loudoun co. Va. Jan. 
2y, 1806, d. in Baltimore Dec. 12, 1874, was 
an elder of Baltimore meeting of Friends, 
was actively engaged in work of relief for 
convicts and freedmen, member of U. S. 
Christian commission, and as such was at 
the battle of Gettysburg, pres. of Baltimore 
colored normal sch. and of various char- 
itable socs. (m. May 8, 1829 Sarah Janney 
Hopkins, an elder of Soc. of Friends, dau. 
of Samuel and Hannah [Janney] Hopkins, 
and had 5 ch., viz.: Hannah, Jane Eliza, 
Samuel Abijah, Johns Hopkins and Mar- 
garet Hopkins Janney) ; son of Abijah 
Janney of Loudoun 'and Fairfax cos. Va., 
b. in Loudoun co. May 30, 1775, d. in Alex- 
andria Va. Jan. 14, 1842, elder of Soc. of 
Friends, owned a mill and farm in Loudoun 
CO., moved to Triadelphia, where with his 
bros. he started the large Triadelphia Mills 
(m. Aug. 15, 1798 Jane, dau. of John Mc- 
Pherson [and Hannah], son lof Daniel, 
member of colonial legislature of Pa., 
moved to Frederick co. Va,, son of Donald 
Macpherson, b. in Scotland 1686, came, to 
Pa. 1700, m. 1708 Ruth Shires, son of 
Cluny Macpherson) ; son of Israel Janney 
of Loudoun co. Va., b. there May 28, 1752, 
d. there Aug. 18, 1823, an elder in Soc. of 
Friends (m. May 15, 1773 Pleasant, dau. of 
Francis and Jane Hague of Loudoun co. 
Va., desc. of William Hague, one of the 
early settlers of Pa.); son of Jacob of Lou- 
doun ico. Va., b. in Bucks co. Pa., d. in 
London co. Aug. 3, 1786, elder of Soc. of 
Friends, emigrated from Bucks co. to Lou- 
doun CO. 1745 (m. May 20, 1742 Hannah, 
elder of Soc. of Friends, dau. of Black- 
stone and Margaret Inglesdew, who came 
from Yorkshire Eng. to Phila. 1725); son 
Pownall Fee Cheshire Mar. 26, 1675, d. in 



Pownall Tee Cheshire Mar. 26, 1676, d. in 
Bucks CO., came to Amer. in the " En- 
deavor " with his parents and bros. (m. 
Aug. 18, 1703 Rebecca, dau. of William 
Biles of Dorchester 1679 [and Johanna], 
came from 00. Dorset Eng. in the " Eliza- 
beth and Sarah," preacher of Soc. of 
Friends, was often a member of provincial 
council and assembly of Pa.) ; son of 
Thomas of Styall Eng. and Bucks 00. Pa., 
b. in Eng. 1632, d. in Cheshire Eng. Feb. 
12, 1896-1697, was a minister of Soc. of 
Friends, emigrated to Amer. with wife, 4 
sons and 2 servants in the " Endeavor," 
arrived in the Dela^ware river 1683, mem- 
ber of provincial council Pa. (m. Nov. 24, 
1660 Margery Heath of Horton Stafford- 
shire Eng., sister of Anne Heath [m. 
James Harrison, came to Amer. 1682, 
agent for William Penn at Pennsbury, 
member of ist council]). 

T) IPLEY, EDWiIN of Seattle D. C, b. 
J-V in Galena 111. Jan. 18, 1867 (m. Oct. 
2T, 1897 Ruth V. Sankey); son of Enos C. 
of Galena 111., b. in Nichols N. Y. Jan. 8, 
1832, d. in Galena July 5, 1893 (n^- Jan. 4, 
1855 Lucy Mansfield Newliall, dau. of 
Horatio C. Newhall, a noted physician of 
Galena 111., she, Lucy was a desc, of Col. 
Mansfield, who assisted in defeating Bui- 
goyne at Saratoga) ; son of Edwin Ripley 
of Galena 111., b. in Goshen Ct. Oct. 11, 
1800, d. in Lena 111. Apr. 4, 1871 (m. May 

6, 1824 Louise Comstock) ; son of William 
B. of Lebanon Goshen Ct., b. in Fairfield 
Ct. Aug. 3, 1768, d. in Goshen July 22, 
1822, grad. Yale coll. 1786, settled ist in 
Ballston N. Y., afterwards Lebanon and 
Goshen (m. Sep. 30, 1792 Lucy Gift); son 
of Hezekiah of Fairfield Ct., b. in Scot- 
land Ct. Feb. 14, 1743, d. in Fairfield Nov. 
29, 1831, grad. Yale coll. 1763, chaplain in 
continental army, pastor of Congregational 
church Fairfield Ct. 54 years, was a per- 
sonal friend of Washington, his house wa*^ 
burned by the British under Tryon (m. 
Jan. 9, 1765 Dorothy BrientnoU); son of 
Hezekiah of Scotland Ct., b. in Windham 
Mass. June 10, 1695, d. in Scotland Ct. Feb. 

7, 1779 (m. list Oct. 16, 1740 Miriam Fitch, 

2d Nov. 25, 1746 Mary Skinner); son of 
Joshua Ripley, b. May 9, 1658, d. May 18, 
i739> 1st clerk and treas. of Windham 
Conn. (m. Nov. 28, 1682 Hiannah, dau. of 
William Bradford Jr., dep. gov. of Ply- 
mouth colony, and gr.-dau. of William 
Bradford, who came in the Mayflower 
1620); son of John Ripley, b. in England, 
d. Feb. 2, 1684 (m, Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. 
Peter Hobart, ist pastor of the church of 
Hingham Mass.); son of William, came 
from Wymandham Eng. to Amer., settled 
in Hingham Mass. 1638. 

Toronto Canada, b. there Jan. 2T, 

1854, member of the provincial parliament 
of Ontario, dep. surgeon gen. of the militia 
of Canada, pres. of the United Empire 
Loyalist Assoc, member of the senate of 
the Toronto univ., general sec. for Canada 
of St. John Ambulance Assoe. (m. Nov. 
14, 1882 Mary A. Crowther, dau, of James 
Crowther, barrister, and gr.-dau. of James 
Crowther, who built parliament buildings 
of Upper Canada 1826, s-he, Mary has 5 
ch., viz. : George Crowther, Jonis Sterding, 
Eric Egerton, Arthur and Laura Ryer- 
son); son of George Luke Ryerson of 
Toronto Canada, b. in Fredricton New 
Brunswick Mar. 17, 1791, d. in Toronto 
Dec. 19, 1882, was lieut. in ist reg. of 
Canadian militia during war of 1812-14, 
took part in capture of Detroit, battles of 
Lundy's Lane, Beaver Dams and Stony 
Creek (m. 3d 1852 Isabella D. Sterling, 
dau. of Hon. Ansel Sterling of Sharon Ct., 
judge of supreme court of Ct., formerly a 
member of state legislature and congress, 
and gr.-dau. of Hon. John Canfield, elected 
to 1st continental congress, but accidentally 
killed before he took his seat, brigade maj. 
in the continental army, family settled in 
1632) ; son of Joseph Ryerson of Vitoria 
Canada, b. in Paterson N. J. Feb. 28, 1761, 
d. in Vitoria Aug. 9, 1854, was an ensign in 
the 4th N. J. loyal vols., promoted for serv- 
ice to a lieutenancy in the Prince of Wales 
N. J. vols., settled in Marysville N. B. 
after the war, maj., removed to Upper 
Canada 1796, high sheriff, col., lieut. the 



CO., dep. gov. (m. 1784 Mehetable Stickney, 
b. in Marysville N. B. 1766, desc. of Wil- 
liam Stickney, who settled in Rawley 
Mass. 1639, family came from Hampton 
Lincolnshire Eng., moved to New Bruns- 
wick 1764); son of Luycas Ryerson of 
Paequenac N. Y., b. in Pompton N. J. 
1704, d. in Paequenac 1764, co. judge, 
member of a military co. in the wars with 
the Indians (m. ist Elizabeth Gorson, 2d 
Joanna Van Duhofif) ; son of Joris of 
Pomipton N. J., b. in Brooklyn N. Y. 
1664, d. in Pompton 1747, one of the 
king's judges for Bergen co. 1725, took oath 
of allegiance 1687 (m. 1697 Sara Schou- 
ton, d. 1743); son of Marten Ryerson of 
New Amsterdam N. Y., b. in Amsterdam 
Hiolland, d. in Brooklyn N. Y. 1684, came 
to Amer. 1646, was assessed £180 for 6s 
acres of land, deacon in the church 1677 
(m. May 13, 1663 Annette de Rapelyie, b. 
Feb. 8, 1646, dau. of Joris de Rapelyie, 
French Huguenot, settled in Wallabout 
1625, she, Annette m. 2d Jan. 30, 1692 
Franz Joost). Origin of the name Ryer- 
son. Elbert and Marten Adriaense were 
the sons of Adriaen Reyerse of Flatbush 
L. I. who with his brother Marten Reyerse 
came from Amsterdam. The history of 
this family strikingly exhibits the early 
(Dutch) habit of changing names. 
Reyerse, itself no surname but a patro- 
nymic, was retained by the descendants of 
Marten and who now bear the name of 
Ryerson. Of the two brothers, Elbert 
settled at Flushing and his posterity there, 
in Dutchess county and elsewhere, com- 
pose the Adriance family. Marten (junior) 
remained in Flatbush and his sons took 
the patronymic Martense and became the 
progenitors of the Martence family. (An- 
nals of Newtown, p. 386.) [The name is 
really a very old one and was originally 
spelt Reyertzoon, shortened in the Dutch 
fashion to Reyerz, hence in Canada we 
have to-day two spellings. Those de- 
scended from Samuel call themselves 
Ryerse, and those whose ancestor was 
Joseph, Ryerson. One Willem Reyerzoon 
was burgomaster of Amsterdam in 1390; 
Claes Symon Reyerzoon burgomaster, 

1414; Willem, again, 1418; and so on until 
1585, when the name disappears from the 
records of Amsterdam. They took an 
active part in the expulsion of the Spanish 
from Holland, two of them were banished 
by the Spaniards for heresy and one, Al- 
bert Reyerzoon was beheaded with two 
other burgers for the same offense on 
April 12, 1537. Ryerson ifamily arms: 
Quarterly, i and 4, sa. a tree withered and 
eradicated arg. ; 2 and 3 arg., three halberts 
bend ways (and in bend sinister, the m>iddle 
one longer than the others, sa., the blades 
vert: surtout, az. a martlet, or. Crest: a 
swan roussant. Motto: Voor God en 

SAMSON, HENRY W. of Washington 
D. C, b. there Mar. 27, 1875 (unmar- 
ried); son of George Clement Samson, 
M. D., A. B., A. M., grad. Columbian 
coll. 1867, univ. Pa. 1869, studied medi- 
cine in Edinborough; son of George 
Whitefield Samson, b. in Harvard Mass. 
Sep. 29, 1819, d. in N. Y. city Aug. 8, 1896, 
D. D., LL. D., Ph. D., A. B., grad. Brown 
univ. 1839, traveled in the Holy Land 3 
years, grad. Newton seminary 1843, or- 
dained paster 1843, pastor of the E. St. 
Baptist church of Washington D. C. 16 
years, pres. of Columbian coll., established 
law and medical depts. in same, an edu- 
cator, author of " The Classic Test Divine 
Laws as to Wins," " The Atonement " and 
his " Art Criticism " is the only work on 
the subject as an authority, resigned from 
presidency of Columbian univ. 1870, and 
was chosen pres. of Rutgers coll. N. Y.. 
retired 1886, life director of the Amer. 
Colonization Soc, a warm friend and ad- 
mirer of Pres. Lincoln and Pres. Buchanan 
(m. Aug. 17, 1843 Elizabeth Small wood); 
son of Abisha Samson, b. in Middlebor- 
ough Mass. Sep. 28, 1783, d. in Washington 
D. C. June 19, 1861, pastor of Baptist 
church in Vineyard Haven Mass. 1803, 
came to the main land 1812, British ships 
having driven the men away, pastor in 
Harvard Mass. 1812, Southboro Mass. 
1832-40 (m. 1st 1803 Eleanor Hovey, 2d 
Jan. 6, 1814 Mehetabel Kevsick) ; son of 



Abisha, b. in Middleborough Mass. Mar. 
7, 1752, rev. soldier; son of Natbaniel, b. 
in Plympton Mass. Sep. 25, 1718; son of 
Benjamin, b. in Plympton Sep. 19, 1686; 
son of George Samson, b. in Duxbury 
Mass. 1655, one of the ist settlers of 
Plympton (m. Elizabeth); son of Abra- 
ham, came from Eng., settled in Duxbury 
Mass. 1629, had bro. Henry Samson, who 
came in the Mayflower. 

^ Adams Mass., b. in Hawley Mass. 
July 30, 1839, was a sailor, now has a 
wood and iron repair shop (m. Apr. 15, 
1863 Mary, b. in Plainfield Mass., dau. of 
Austin Mason, farmer, and had Mary Ella 
Stark, b. June 5, 1869); son of Rufus of 
Savioy Mass., b. in Hawley Mass. Mar. 21, 
1812, d. in Savoy May 2, 1885, ordained a 
minister 1864 (m. Jan. 28, 1837 Elvira 
Strong Bartlett, b. in East Hampton Mass. 
Jan. 12, 1816, d. Nov. 18, 1895, dau. of Pea- 
body and Nancy [Strong] Bartlett, she, 
Elvira had 6 ch., viz.: Francis as above, 
Lucy Ann, b. Dec. 29, 1840 [m. Oct. 30, 
1859 Lewis Sears, and had 3 ch., viz.: 
Frank L., b. Feb. 22, 1864, Fred G., b. 
July 12, 1869, and Jennie Mabel Sears, b. 
Apr. 20, 1875], Emeline Melissa, b. Nov. 
15, 1845 [m. Oct. 14, 1865 Newel Rice, 
and had 4 ch., viz. : Julia Ann, b. Aug. 2Z, 
1866, Mary Ellen, b. Feb. 5, 1869, Harvey 
Orvis, b. Dec. 8, 1877 and Howard N., b. 
Jan. 21, 1886], Julia Anna, b. Dec. 27, 1850 
[m. June 30, 1873 John Robertson, and 
had 4 ch., viz.: Alice Julia, b. July 19, 1876, 
James Baldwin, b. Aug. i, 1878, Sara E., 
b. July 7, 1882, and John Stark Robertson, 
b. Apr. 7, 1885], Louise Ruth, b. June 12, 
1855 [m. June 30, 1874 Wiilliam O'Brien, 
and had 2 ch., viz^ Edward Francis, b. 
Apr. 25, 1876, and John Franklin O'Brien, 
b. Aug. 22, 1882], and Addie Eliza, b. June 
23, 1861 [m. Apr. II, 1885 Harvey C. But- 
ton, and had 2 ch., viz.: Gladys Helena, 
b. Jan. 29, 1890, and Sydnie Brown Button, 
b. June 5, 1892]); son of John Stark of 
Hawley Mass., b. in Lyme N. H. Nov. 30, 
1783, d. in Hawley May 2, 1867, one of the 
1st settlers of Hawley (m. Sep. 17, 1807 

Anna Rogers, b. in Conway Mass. Apr. 3, 
1785, d. Feb. 3, 1868, had 4 ch., viz.: Phin- 
eas, b. in Hawley Mass. June 5, 1809 [m. 
Feb. 20, 1834 Almira King, d. Oct. 25, 
1891, had Mary Ellen, b. Aug. 18, 1839, d. 
Aug. 16, 1862 [m. Sep. 18, 1856 William 
Deming], Henry Watson Stark, b. Apr. 
14, 1842 [m. Sep. 4, 1862 Emma Temple, 
had dau. Cora Ellen, b. May 20, 1865], 
Fannie Lora, b. Dec. 14, 1844 [m. Nov. 10, 
1866 Denis Taylor, land had 2 ch., viz.: 
Frank Watson, b. July 2, 1868, and Hattie 
Ruth Taylor, b. Aug. 17, 1875], George 
King Stark, b. Apr. 10, 1851 [m. Aug. 8, 
1879 Nellie Hubberd, and had 2 ch., Mary 
Ellen, b. June i, 1876, and Edna Gertrude 
Stark, b. Sep. 7, 1878], Rufus Stark as 
above, Daniel, b. Oct. 18, 1816, d. Mar. 18, 
1890 [m. Dec. 15, 1840 Nancy Bartlett, d. 
July 30, 1866, had 4 ch., viz.: Lorenzo H., 
b. Oct. II, 1841, d. 1872, Aurelia Anna, b. 
Dec. 7, 1845 [m. Oct. 6, 1867 William Eg- 
gleston, and had 3 ch., viz.: Arthur H., b. 
Nov. 2Z, 1869, Jennie Maud, b. Mar. 10, 
1871, and Howard Charles, b. Oct. 9, 1884], 
Mary Louise, b. Feb. 2, 1856 [m. Dec. 6, 
1873 Charles Eggleston, and had 2 ch., 
viz.: Bert Daniel, b. Oct. 25, 1879, and 
Edith A., b. Nov. 25, 1876], and Charles 
Stark, b. July 25, i860], and Laura Ann 
Stark, b. Apr. 21, 1822 [m. Sep. 23, 1841 
Thomas Wheeler, and had 4 ch., viz.: 
Dewey, b. June 19, 1847 [m. Carrie Lan- 
caster, and had Frank Wheeler, b. May 4, 
1886], Martha Mina Wheeler, b. Dec. 11, 
1850 [m. Mar. 25, 1868 Lozine Packard, 
and had 3 ch., viz.: Nellie Amelia, b. Dec. 
21, 1868, Nettie Adelia, b. Dec. 21, 1870, 
and Herbert Lozine Packard], Norman 
Wheeler, b. July 22, 1858, and Lynden 
Wheeler, b. Dec. 10, 1867]); son of John 
Stark of Lyme N. H., b. in Derry N. H. 
1732, d. in Williamsburg Mass., served 
through the rev. war, was in the battles of 
Lexington and Bunker Hill, pensioner, a 
cousin of Maj.-Gen. John Stark, who 
fought at Bennington (m. Tryphena Cary, 
b. in Conway Mass., of Irish desc, and had 
8 ch., viz.: Justine, Israel, Phoebe, Try- 
phena, Willard, Lewis, John as above and 
Martha) ; son of John of Derry and Lyme 



N. H., b. in Glasgow Scotland 1710, d. in 
Lyme, wfith his father, mother and 2 bros. 
Archibald and Nathan went to London- 
derry Ireland 1715, came to Amer. 1730, 
settled in Derry N. H., afterwards moved 
to Lyme (m. 1729 Elizabeth Nicholas of 
Scotch desc, and a cousin of Archibald 
and Elinor [Nicholas] Stark). 

Auburndale Mass., b. in Newton 
Mass. Mar. 30, 1870, B. A. of Amherst 
college in Mass. 11891; son of John 
Brigham Stewart of Bioston and Auburn- 
dale Mass., b. in Brownington Vt. July 14, 
1835, d. in Auburndale Oct. 17, 1892 (m. 
Apr. 12, 1864 Nancy Abigail Parker, b. in 
Coventry Vt. Feb. 20, 1839, dau. of Isaac 
Parker [and Arabella Coibb, dau. of Sam- 
uel, son of Richard, son of Samuel, son of 
John, son of Henry Co'bb of Plymouth, 
Scituate and Barnstable Mass., b. 1629, d. 
1679], son of Isaac Parker, son of Moses, 
desc. of Abraham, who m. Nov. 18, 1644 
Rose Whitlock); son of Thomas Carlisle 
Stewart of Brownington Vt., b. in Cov- 
entry Vt. Oct. 26, 1804, d. in Browning- 
ton Sep. 2, 1865 (m. July 3, 1833 Emily, 
dau. of Capt. Silas Brigham [.and Rhoda 
Morey, dau. of John Morey, son of Lins- 
ford, son of John, son of George oif Bristol 
R. I., m. Jan. 2.2, 1683 Hannah Lewis], son 
of Stephen Brigham, son of Jedediah, son 
of Samuel, son of Thomas of Watertown 
Mass. 1636); son of Amherst Stewart of 
Coventry and Brownington Vt., b. in 
Lunenburg Mass. Feb. 17, 1770, d. in 
Brownington June 13, 1842 (m. ist Dec. 
13, 1795 Anna, b. Mar. 20, 1777, d. May 
2, 1836, dau. of Capt. David Carlisle [and 
Sarah Cummings, b. June 30, 1739 or 40, 
dau. of Samuel and Sarah Hastings] Cum- 
mings of Lunenburg Mass], b. in Lunen- 
burg Mass. Feb. 20, 1740 or i, son of David 
and Lattice Carlisle) ; son of Daniel Stew- 
art of Lunenburg Mass., b. in Salem Mass., 
bp. Nov. 24, 1734 (m. Mar. 14, 1757 Mary, 
dau. of Abraham Ireland [and Anne Bird, 
dau. of Benjamin Bird [and Joanna Harris 
of Dorchester Mass.], son of Thomas, son 
of Thomas Bird], b. in Charlestown Apr. 

8, 1713, son of Abraham and Abigail Ire- 
land); son of Solomon Stewart of Box- 
ford, Salem, Lunenburg and Fitchburg 
Mass., b. in Rowley Mass. July 24, 1698 
(m. Martha, d. in Fitchburg 1777, buried 
in the lower cemetery of Lunenburg 
Mass.); son of James of Boxford, New- 
bury, Rowley and Bradford Mass., b. in 
Newbury Oct. 8, 1664, d. in Rowley Sep. 
17, 1750 (m. Elizabeth, d. in Rowley Dec. 
29, 1747); son of Duncan Stewart of Ips- 
wich 1658, Newbury 1659-80 and Rowley 
Mass. 1670-1717, b. about 1617, d. in Row- 
ley Aug. 30, 1717 (m. Anne, d. in Rowley 
July 9, 1729, had 9 ch., viz.: Katherine, b. 
in Ipswich 1658, Martha, b. in Newibury 
Apr. 4, 1659 [m. Mr. Carter], Charles, b. 
in Newbury June 5, 1661, Elizabeth, b. in 
Newbury 1662 [m. Sylvanus Wentworth], 
James as above, Henry, b. in Newbury 
May I, 1669, John, b. in Rowley Mass., 
Samuel and Ebenezer Stewart). 

SMITH, FRANK of Dover Mass., b. 
there June 11, 1854, publisher in Bos- 
ton Mass., author of " History of Dover," 
supt. of Dover schools 11 years (m. ist Oct. 
17, 1888 Jennie G. Allen, b. in West Ded- 
ham Mass. Mar. i, 1866, dau. of Samuel F. 
Allen [and Hannah Ellis, b. in West Ded- 
ham Apr. 19, 1828], b. in Dover Mass. Apr. 
19, 1822, m. 2d June 9, 1897 Lillian Ellis 
Fisher, daughter of John L. Fisher); 
son of Albert Leland Smith of Dover 
Mass., b. Inhere Apr. 30, 1820, d. there 
May 12, 1876, farmer (m. May 17, 
1849 Sarah E., b. in Dover Jan. 19, 1821, 
dau. of Isaac and Betsey [Williams] 
Howe) ; son of Draper of Dover Mass., b. 
there Dec. 20, 1777, d. there in Mar. 1851, 
farmer (m. Apr. 30, 1808 Anna, dau. of 
Micah Leland of Sherborn Mass., b. 
mer) ; son of Joseph of Dedham Mass., b. 
there Apr. 25, 1746, d. in Westminster 
Mass. Sep. 6, 1808, took part in the battle 
of Bunker Hill, settled in Westminster 
1779 (m. Sep. 17, 1777 Calla, dau. of Heze- 
kiah Allen [and Mary Draper], farmer, 
capt.) ; son of Ebenezer Smith of Dedham 
Mass., b. there Nov. 8, 1719, d. there, far- 
mer in West Dedham (m. Sep. 5, 1749 



Lydia Hartshorn); son of Joseph of Ded- 
ham Mass., b. there Jan. 14, 1673 or 4 (m. 
Aug. 17, 1698 Susanna, dau. of Thomas and 
Rebecca Fisher of Dedham Mass.); son of 
Asahel Smith of Dedham Mass., served in 
the general court, was 1st town treas. of 
Dedham (m. ist Mary, d. May 10, 1676, 
2d Elizabeth); son of Robert, b. 1610, d. 
in Hampton N. H. Aug. 10, 1706, tailor, 
settled 1st in Exeter N. H. 1639, Hampton 
N. H. 1657 (m. Susanna, d. June 12, 1680). 

Audubon Park New Orleans La., b, 
in Valley Front Va. Dec. 7, 1846, served in 
Stuart's cavalry during the war, educated 
at William and Mary coll. and Randolph 
Macon coll., grad. Va. univ., prof, of chem- 
istry in Ala. coll. 1869-85, now prof, agri- 
culture in La. state univ., director state 
expt. stations and state chemist, life mem- 
ber of Va. Historical Soc, member of ad- 
ministrative council of Southern History 
Assoc, of Washington D. C. (m. July 25, 
1875 Elizabeth Saunders Blair, dau. of 
Henry D. Blair of S. C. [and Mary Lou 
Saunders of Ala., desc. of Dr. Edward 
Saunders], the Blairs were of Huguenot 
and Scotch-Irish desc, and early settlers 
of S. C.) ; son of Jeff. W. Stubbs of Valley 
Front Va., b. there Mar. 30, 181 1, d. there 
Jan. 22, 1897, presiding justice of Glouces- 
ter 30 years, pres. oif Gloucester charity 
sch. board 40 years (m. Mar. 4, 1835 Ann 
Walker Carter Baytop, dau. of Capt. Bay- 
top, served in war of 1812, gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. 
of Robert King Carter of S. C, gov. of 
Va. 1721, gr.-dau. of Thomas Baytop, 
capt. of 1st continental artillery in rev. 
war, and desc. of the Booths, Buckners, 
Struthers, Cooks, Taliafrers, Walkers and 
Carters, early settlers o feastern Va.); son 
of James New Stubbs of Valley Front 
Va., b. there 1719, d. there Feb. 11, 1814 
(m. 1791 Rebecca Robins, desc. of the 
B'oswells, Co'lemans, Hansfords and John 
Robins, who came in the ship " Margaret 
and John " 1622, and settled in eastern 
Va., had son John, d. 1656, settled Rc^bins 
Neck Va.); son of William Stubbs of 
Gloucester co. Va., b. there Feb. i, 1735, 

d. there 1778 (m. about 1715 Elizabeth 
New, sister of Daniel and Anthony New, 
whose son was a member of congress of 
Ky.) ; son of John of Gloucester co. Va., 
b. there 1685, d. there, a wealthy to'bacco 
planter (m. about 1722 Mildred, b. 1699, 
dau. of Capt. John Smith [and Elizabeth], 
son of Maj. Lawrence Smith and Mildred 
Reade, dau. of John Reade) ; son of John 
Stubbs of Gloucester co. Va., d. there, im- 
migrated to Va. about 1665, patented lands 
in Gloucester co. (m. about 1675 Susan- 

STRONG, AMASA of Westhampton 
Mass., b. there in July 1749, d. there 
May 25, 1825 (m. Nov. 16, 1774 Sarah 
Noble, b. in Westfield Mass. June 9, 1823, 
and had 8 ch., viz.: Lois, Amasa, Asahel, 
Ruth, Noble, Sarah, Harvey and Nancy, 
the latter m. Peabody Bartlett, and had 
dau. Elvira, who m. Rufus Stark [see 
Stark lineage in this volume) ; son of Bela 
Strong of Northampton Mass., b. there 
Oct. 4, 1719, d. there May 5, 1803 (m. ist 
1748 Eunice, b. June 14, 1727, d. Feb. 18, 
1763, dau. of Benjamin and Eunice [King] 
Alvord, 2d Lois, b. Sep. 5, 1718, d. Oct. 5, 
1798, dau. of Increase and Mary [Shel- 
don] Clark); son of Jerijah of Northamp- 
ton Mass., b. there Dec. 12, 1665, d. there 
Apr. 24, 1754 (m. July 18, 1700 Thankful, 
b. May 11, 1678, d. May 24, 1744, dau. of 
John and Abigail [Bartlett] Stebbins, had 
8 ch., viz.: Bela as .above, Jerijah, Thank- 
ful, Jerijah, Eunice, Ithamar, Ithamar and 
Seth) ; son of John Strong of Northamp- 
ton Mass., London Eng. and Winden Ct., 
b. in Taunton Eng. 1605, d. in Northamp- 
ton Apr. 14, 1699, lived in London and 
Plymouth Eng., came to Mass. 1630, re- 
moved to Winden and thence to North- 
ampton 1659. elder (m. 1st 1625, and had 
2 sons, 2d Dec. 16, 1630 Abigail, dau. of 
TJiomas Ford, and had Thomas, Jedediah, 
Josiah, Ratum, Ebeneazer, Abigail, Eliza- 
beth, Experience, Samuel, Joseph, Mary, 
Sarah, Hannah, Hester, Thankful and 
Jerijah) ; son of Richard Strong of Taun- 
ton Eng., b. in Cairmarron Wales 1561, d. 
in Taunton 1613. 



West Brookfield Mass., b. there Jan. 
24, 181 1, d. there Feb. 4, 1890, grad. Am- 
herst coll. 1839, farmer, Congregational 
clergyman, member of Mass. legislature 
1823 (m. Feb. 16, 1842 Phebe W. Robin- 
son, desc. of Richard Williams Robinson, 
a desc. of Richard Williams of Taunton 
Eng., b. in Eng. 1606, a desc. oi Crom- 
well); son of Francis Stone of West 
Brookfield Mass., b. in North Birookfield 
Nov. 9, 1779, d. in West Brookfield Sep. 
30, 1864 (m- Mar. 27, 1804 Hannah, dau. of 
Solomon Matthews, son of Daniel, son of 
John, son of John of Charlestown 1658); 
son of Francis Stone of New Braintree 
Mass., b. there 1742, d. there Dec. 12, 1802, 
capt. in I2th co. in Col. James Converse's 
reg. in rev. war (m. Sarah, dau. of John 
Witt of Marlboro Mass., son of John, son 
of John, son of John of Lynn Mass. 1650), 
had bro. Jonathan Stone, who was with 
Rufus Putnam at the siege of Boston, 
with Putnam and others settled in Ohio 
1789; son of Francis of New Braintree 
Mass., b. in Quebec Canada 1759, served 
in French and Indian war under Wolfe 
(had 2 sons, viz.: Frandis as above and 
Jonathan, b. 1751). 

oi Springfield 111., b. in Toledo Ohio 
Jan. II, 1853, grad. Western Reserve coll. 
1873, N. Y. general theo. sem. 1876, rector 
Holy Trinity Danville III. 1878-86, St. 
Paul's Pro. Cathedral Springfield 111. 1886, 
aifchdeacon of Springfield, deputy to gen- 
eral convention 1883-98, D. D. Wis. 
Nashotah sem. 1890 (m. 1874 Cora L. 
Kingsley, dau. of Horace Binney and Phil- 
ena [Lamb] Kingsley of Cleveland Ohio), 
has bro. Harry Leonard Taylor of Cleve- 
land Ohio, b. 1857, manufacturer, mer- 
chant; sons of Alfred Taylor of Cleveland 
Ohio, b. 1820, d. 1863, grad. Union coll., 
Jefferson med. coll. and Bellevue hospital, 
surgeon, maj. in 2d O. V. C. (m. 1849 
Helen A., dau. of Maj. Henry Leonard of 
Napolion Ohio, served in war of 1812) ; 
son of Elisha of Cleveland Ohio, b. 1785. 
d. 1861, merchant, Presbyterian layman. 

ruling elder (m. ist 1810 Ann Dunlap of 
Schenectady N. Y., d. 1824, 2d Elizabeth 
Ely oif Longmeadow Mass.) ; son of John 
of Charlton and Ballston Spa. N. Y., b. in 
Upper Freehold N. J. 1749, d. 1829, judge 
of county court 1809-18, member of N. Y. 
legislature (m. 1773 Chloe, dau. of Col. 
Richard and Mercy [Taylor] Cox, and had 
9 ch., viz.: Joseph, b. 1775, d. 1829, Rich- 
ard, b. 1777, d. 1847, William, b. 1779, d. 
1836, Edward, b. 1781, d. 1866, Hon. John 
W. of Ballston Spa, N. Y., b. 1784, d. 1854, 
M. C. 1813-33, sipeaker of house of rep. 
i6th and 19th congresses, Elisha as above, 
Eliabeth, b. 1788, d. 1887, and Sally, b. 
1792, d. 1888); son of Joseph Taylor of 
Upper Freehold N. J., b. 1720, d. 1766 (m. 
Elizabeth Ashton, had dau. Lydia [m. 
Maj. John Porter of rev. army]); son of 
Edward of Colt's Neck Freehold N. J., b. 
1678 (m. iCatharine Morford, and had 11 
ch.); son of Edward of London Eng., b. 
1650, d. 1720, emigrated from Briggs 
House York Eng. to Garret's Hill 1692, 
succeeded to the estates of his bro. Mat- 
thew on the Raritan river N. J. 1688 (m. 
Catharine); son of John Taylor, b. 1611, 
d. 1683; son of Matthew (m. Margaret, 
dau. of Richard Freeland); son of John 
of Schodoschurst Kent Eng.; son of John; 
son of John, d. 1560 (m. Margaret, dau. 
and sole heir of Humphry de Fairsted) ; 
son of William Taylor of Schodoschurst 
Eng., d. 1493; son of John; son of Wil- 
liam; son of John Taylor; gt.-gr.-son of 
Hanger Taylefer of Kent Eng. 1256, desc. 
of the Norman Baron Taillefer of Duke 
William's army. 

ington D. C, b. in East Nottingham 
Pa. Jan. 21, 1829, grad. Jefferson medical 
coll. 1852, appointed assistant surgeon U. 
S. N. from Delaware 1853, passed assistant 
surgeon 1858, surgeon 1861, medical in- 
spector 1872, fieet surgeon North Atlantic 
squadron 1872, medical director 1879-91, 
served on board of the U, S. ships Deca- 
tur, Preble, Dolphin, Oneida, Tusoaroira, 
Kenosha and Powhatan (m. Feb. 6, 1878 
Sabella Barr Bryson, dau. of Rear Admiral 



Andrew and Charlotte M. [Arnold] Bry- 
son, gr.-dau. of David Bryson, emigrant, 
and desc. of Thomas Arnold, emigrant- 
1636, desc. of Cadwaladyr, the last king of 
the Britons, she, Sabella had 2 ch., viz.: 
Charlotte B., b. Mar. 7, 1880, and Andrew 
B., b. Jan. 16, 1883); son of Job Taylor of 
Hockessin Del., b. in New Castle co. Del. 
Dec. 27, 1800, d. in Hockessin Oat. 10, 
1846, desc. of Henry Cornish, high sheriff 
of London, Thomas Conway, emigrant 
1682, Joseph Gilpin, emigrant 1695, Wil- 
liam Cloud, emigrant 1682, Thomas Mer- 
cer, emigrant about 1698, Valentine 
Hollingsworth, emigrant 1682, Joel Baily, 
emigrant 1681 or 5, William Brinton, emi- 
grant 1684, and Robert de Brinton A. D. 
1 156 (m. Oct. 18, 1827 Susanna, b. Jan. 2^, 
1804, d. June 25, 1893, dau. of John and 
Hannah [Marshall] Yeatman, gr.-dau. of 
Thomas Yeatman, emigrant 1708, and 
desc. of George Maris, emigrant 1683, 
Robert Lamborn, emigrant 1713, Edward 
Bennett, emigrant 1684, Robert Pennell, 
emigrant 1686, John Marshall, emigrant 
1687, Benjamin Mildenhall, emigrant be- 
fore 1685, Francis Swayne, emigrant 1710, 
Francis Stanfield, emigrant 1683, and 
Humphrey Buxcey of Hurst Eng.); son of 
William Taylor of Hockessin Dei., b. in 
Chester co. Pa. Jan. 14, 1773, d. in Hock- 
essin Sep. 3, 1829, minister of Soc. of 
Friends (m. Mar. 20, 1799 Ann, b. about 
1781, d. in May 1857, dau. of Richard Mer- 
cer [and Elizabeth], son of Robert Mer- 
cer, son of Thomas, son of Thomas, 
emigrant from Ayno-on-the-Hill Eng., 
settled in Thornbury Pa. about 1716, she, 
Ann had 14 ch.); son of John Taylor of 
Chester co. Pa., b. in Pa. Sep. 2, 1743, d. 
there Jan. 26, 1812 (m. about 1769 Dinah, 
b. Apr. 4, 1752, d. Sep. 19, 1833, dau. of 
William Baily [and Betty Cloud], son of 
Daniel, son of Joel Baily, emigrant be- 
tween 1681-85, she, Dinah had son Joel, 
who had 14 ch. and dau. Rachel [m. Mr. 
Peirce, and had 14 ch.]); son of Philip 
Taylor of Chester co. Pa., b. there Feb. 9, 
1714, d. there 1762 (m. Oct. 27, 1736 Mary, 
b. Jan. 16, 1716, d. Apr .17, 1806, dau. of 
Joseph Gilpin [and Hannah Glover], son 

of Thomas Gilpin, son of Thomas, son of 
Bernard, son of Martin, son of William, 
son of Edwin, gr.-son of Richard, b. about 
1 176, of Norman desc, and Richard de 
Guylpyn, owner of Kentmere manor 1206) ; 
son of Philip Taylor of Chester co. Pa., 
b. there Dec. 5, 1680, d. there 1732, mem- 
ber of the assembly provincl. of Pa. 1715- 
16 (m. Dec. 6, 1705 Ann, b. May 27, 1688, 
dau. of Thomas and Mary [Hollings- 
worth] Conway, gr.-'dau. of Henry Cor- 
nish, unjustly charged with high treason 
and executed in London 1685) ; son of 
Thomas Taylor of Worthenibury Eng., bp. 
Mar. 30, 1628, had a grant of land from 
William Penn in the Pa. colony (had 3 
ch., viz.: Thoimas, b. 1675, Phebe, b. Apr. 
3, 1677, and Philip, b. Dec. 5, 1680). 

boro Vt., b. in South Granville N. Y. 
Nov. 18, 1858, grad. Hamilton N. Y. Col- 
gate acad. 1875, Chidago univ. 1883, ad- 
mitted to the bar Ithaca N. Y. 1881, grad. 
Chicago divinity sch. 1885, pastor of Bap- 
tist church Lake Geneva Wis. 1883, of 
Aurora 111. 1884, Flint Mich. 1886, West 
33d St. church N. Y. city 1890, Lansing 
Mich. 1895, Brattlebono Vt. 1897 (m- Aug. 
14, 1883 Sarah Elizabeth, dau. of Elwood 
Kellum, b. in Fairfield Ind. May 25, 1833 
[and Mary Wilson, b. in Bridgeport Ind. 
Mar. 28, 1838!, desc. of Samuel Kellum, 
who settled in Md. about 1770, she, Sarah 
had 2 ch., viz.: TenerifTe, b. Sep. 3, 1884, 
and Truman K., b. Sep. 4, 1888) ; son of 
Truman Temple of Granville N. Y., b. in 
Hebron N. Y. Mar. 5, 1834, farmer, super- 
visor of Granville, deacon in Baptist 
church (m. Mar. 25, 1855 Sarah, dau. of 
Luther Welch of Hebron N. Y. [and 
Phebe Tanner, dau. of Joseph Tanner of 
Granville N. Y.], desc. of Solomon Welch, 
who m. Apr. 17, 1755, Elizabeth Lyon); 
son of Roswell Temple of North Hebron 
N. Y., b. in Hartford N. Y. June 3, 1801, 
d. in North Hebron Aug. 2^, 1886, farmer 
(m. Feb. 12, 1824, Elizabeth, dau. of Abra- 
ham Case of North Heibron N. Y., and 
desc. of John Case [m. 1657 Sarah Spen- 
cer, dau. of William Spencer], and Michael 



Spencer of St. George Parish Edworth 
Eng.); son of Roswell Temple of Shrews- 
bury Mass., Hartford N. Y., Ogden N. Y. 
and Knowlesville N. Y., b. in Shrewsbury- 
Mass. Aug. IS, 1769, d. in Knowlesville 
Apr. 16, 1851 (m. Jan. 20, 1792 Elizabeth, 
dau. of Benjamin and Elizabeth [Eames] 
Baker, desc. of Thomas Eames, who came 
from Eng. 1634, settled in Dedham Mass. 
1640) ; son of Joseph Temple of Shrews- 
bury Mass., b. in Grafton Mass. Aug. 30, 
1732, d. in Shrewsbury about 1796, in rev. 
•war 1780 (m. about 1756 Mary Whitte- 
miore); son of Abraham of Marlboro, 
Grafton .and Shrewsbury Mass., b. in Con- 
cord Mass. Mar. 19, 1708, served in the 
French and Indian war, was a training and 
alarm soldier under Capt. Samuel Warren 
1757 (m. Apr. 12, 1732 Elizabeth, b. Sep. 
13, 1710 [dau. of Joseph Stratton, s'on of 
John, son <yi Samueil], desc. of Samueil 
Stratton, b. in Eng. 1592); son od Isaac 
Temple of Marlboro Mass., b. in Concord 
Mass. Nov. 25, 1678, d. prob. in Marlboro 
(m. Mar. i, 1699 Martha, dau. of Nathaniel 
Joslin, and desc. of Thomas Joslin, who 
came from Eng. in the ship Increase to 
Amer. 1635) ; son of Abraham Temple of 
Concord Mass., b. in Charlestown Mass. 
June 4, 1652, d. in Concord Jan. 4, 1738, 
freeman 1690, served in King Philip's war 
(m. Dec. 4, 1673 Deborah, dau. of John 
Hadlocke) ; son of Richard of Salem, 
Charlestown and Concord Mass., b. in 
Eng. abt. 1623, d. Concord Mar. 15, 1689, 
freeman 1672, ihad a saw-mill on Spencer 
brook Concord (m. about 1645 Joanna) ; 
son of Abraham Temple of Salem Mass., 
b. about 1600, received a grant of land in 
Salem 1636. 

in Rutland Vt. Oct. 18, 1802, d. in 
Ottumwa la. July 26, 1870, moved to Gran- 
ville Ohio 1815, educated at Ky. Lexington 
medical coll., practiced medicine in Homer, 
Utica and Gambler Ohio, prof, of chemis- 
try in Kenyon coll, 1838-52, made some 
discoveries relating to molecular reaction 
and law of correlation of forces, practiced in 
Columbus Ohio until 1865, prof, in Star- 

ling medical coll. (m. 1825 Parthena Rugg 
of Hillsborough N. Y.); son of Aaron, b. 
Jan. 25, 1763, d. June 7, 1810 (m. Olive 
Loveland) ; son of Samuel Thrall, b. 
in Windsor Ct, July 11, 1737, d. in 
Rutland Vt. Dec. 3, 1821, soldier in 
English service in French war of 1762, 
capt. in rev. war, was in Shay's rebeHion, 
member of Mass. legislature 1788, removed 
to Granville Mass., to Rutland Vt. 1790 
(m. Lucy, dau. of Martin and Lucy Win- 
chell) ; son of John, b. in Windsor Ct. Oct. 
13, 1699, d. 1762, buried in Turkey Hills 
parish of Windsor (m. Mary Roberts); 
son of John, b. in Windsor Ct. June 5, 
1 67 1, d. Apr. 18, 1732, buried in Turkey 
Hill parish (m. Mindwell Moses); son of 
Timothy, b. in Windsor Ct. July 26, 1641, 
d. 1697 (m. Nov. 10, 1659 Deborah Gun); 
son of William Thrall, b. 1605, d. Aug. 3, 
1678, came from Eng. in the " Mary and 
John " with Rev. John Wareham and Rev. 
John Meverick 1630, settled ist in Dor- 
chester Mass., in Windsor Ct. 1635, served 
in Pequod war (m. Miss Goode). 

Faribault Minn., b. in Adams N. Y. 
Feb. 15, 1822, Rt. Rev., D. D., LL. D., 
consecrated ist bishop of the P. E. Church 
in the diocese of Minn. 1859 (m. Oct. 5, 
1841 Cornelia Wright, w'ho d. July 18, 
1890, was a dau. of Hon. Benjamin 
Wright, surrogate of Jefferson co. N. Y. 
for many years, gr.-dau. of Hon. Stephen 
Ward, a distinguished patriot during rev. 
war, she, Cornelia had 6 ch., viz.: Sarah 
Elizabeth, b. in Adams N. Y. Aug. 2, 1843 
[m. May 19, 1864 Charles A. Fornum of 
Phila. Pa.], Cornelia Ward, b. in Adams 
N. Y. Aug. 26, 1845, d. May 21, 1884 [m. 
1st Feb. 22, 1866 William Wilkins Davis of 
Md., 2d Nov. 24, 1875 Dr. Francis M. Rose 
of Faribault Minn.], Jane Whiting, b. in 
Adams N. Y. Mar. 10, 1847 [m. May 28, 
1872 Henry A. Scandiett of Pa.], Charles 
Henry, b. in Adams N. Y. June 12, i8.:t9, 
maj. and paymaster U. S. army [m. Dec. 
5, 1871 Evelyn Elizabeth McLean of Cin- 
cinnati Ohio], Francis Ransom, b. in 
•Rome N. Y. June 5, 1853 [m. ist June 19, 



1873 Frank G. Craw of Cleveland Ohio, 
2d in Aug. 1891 F. W. Jackson of Cleve- 
land], and John Hall Whipple, b. in Rome 
N. Y. Mar. 16, 11857, d. Aug. 6, 1879. 
Bishop Whipple m. 2d Oict. 22, 1896 Mrs. 
Evangeline Elizaibeth Simpson, only dau. 
of Dr. Francis and Jane Van Poelin 
[Marrs] Simpson of Massachusetts); son 
of John Hall Whipple of Adams N. Y., b. 
in Albany N. Y. Sep. 22, 1795, d. in Adams 
N. Y. Dec. 15, 1859, merchant of Adams 
N. Y., helped to organize the Rome and 
Watertown R. R., being one of its ist di- 
rectors (m. Sep. 25, 1820 Eliza'beth, dau. 
of Hon. Henry Wager of Westernville N. 
Y., member of the N. Y. general assembly 
1823-1824, one of the presidential electors 
of Thomas Jefferson) ; son of Benjamin 
Whipple of Albany N. Y., b. in Cumber- 
land R. I. Nov. 17, 1754, d. in Albany N. 
Y. Apr. 30, 1819, rev. soldier, captured and 
confined on the British prison ship " Jer- 
sey," was doorkeeper of N. Y. general 
assembly 1802-19 (m. Jan. 8, 1783 Susanna 
Hall of Wrentham Mass.); son of David 
of Cumberland R. I., b. there May i, 1714,"* 
d. there Oct. 6, 1766, member of the R. I. 
general assembly 1756-7, member of the 
1st council of Cumberland (m. July 7, 1737 
Martha, dau. of Thomas Reed, gr.-dau. of 
John Reed, who was killed by the Indians 
in Pierce's fight); son of Jeremiah Whip- 
ple of Cumberland R. I., b. in Providence 
R. I. June 26, 1683, d. in Cumberland May 
14, 1721, member of the R. I. colonial as- 
sembly from Providence 1708, ensign (m. 
Nov. 22, 171 1 Deborah, dau. of Joseph and 
Mehitabel [Sabin] Bucklin); son of David 
of Providence R. I., b. in Dorchester Mass. 
Sep. 28, 1656, d. in Rehoboth Mass. Dec. 
18. 1710, bought property near Providence 
from Blackstone called " Study Hill," en- 
sign (m. Nov. II, 1677 Hannah, dau. of 
John and Margaret Tower of Hingham 
Mass.); son of John Whipple of Provi- 
dence R. I., b. in England 161 7, d. in Provi- 
dence May 16, 1685, a purchaser in 
Providence 1659, deputy from Providence 
to the general court 1666, deputy to gen- 
eral assembly colony of R. I. 1666-76, 
member of town council of Providence 

1669, defended Providence when attacked 
by the Indians 1676, commanded an expe- 
dition into the Indian country (m. 1639 
Sarah of Dorchester Mass., d. in Provi- 
dence 1666). 

cago 111., b. in Cincinnati Ohio 
Oct. 23, 1859, educated at Phillips' Exeter 
acad., Ph. B. Yale coll. 1882 (m. Sep. 20, 
1883 Adele Holbrook Wheeler, b. May 24, 
1863 [dau. of Nathan M. Wheeler and Mary 
Holbrook, dau. of Charles Anson Holbnook 
and Lois Holcom'b of Syracuse N. Y.], and 
they had 4 ch., viz. : Cornelia, b. July 20, 
1884, Dorothy, b. Jan. 12, 1887, Lawrence, 
b. 1896, and Wheeler, b. 1897); son 
of Simeon B. of Chicago 111., b. in Nor- 
wich Ct. Feb. 3, 1815, spent the early part 
of his life in N. Y. city, moved to Pitts- 
burgh, then to Cincinnati Ohio, lived 
there 30 years, moved to Chicago 1863 (m. 
June 29, 1848 Cornelia, b. Nov. 22, 1821, d. 
Aug. 22, 1882, dau. of William Sage John- 
ston of Cincinnati Ohio [and Sarah Sage, 
b. in Middletown Ct. 1754, dau. of Gen. 
Comfort Sage of Middletown Ct., a dis- 
tinguished officer of the rev.], b. in Mid- 
dletown Mar. 13, 1791, son of Maj. Siamuel 
Johnston, rev. officer) ; son of William C. 
Williams of Norwich Ct., b. there Mar. 25, 
1 781, drowned at sea from the ship 
" Niagara " Mar. 15, 1818, ship owner and 
master, visited many parts of the world 
(m. Dec. 30, 1813 Nancy, dau. of Shubael 
Breed of Norwich, b. Apr. 20, 1759, and 
Lydia Perkins, dau. of Jabez Per- 
kins, d. 1795; son of Joseph Williams 
of Norwich Ct., b. there Mar. 14, 1753, d. 
there Oct. 2$, 1800, rev. soldier in Ct. 
troops at N. Y. 1776, fitted out armed ves- 
sels from Norwich and New London, in 
one of these he had an action with a Brit- 
ish cruiser and came off winner, took an 
active part in organizing the militia, maj., 
col., brig.-gen., member of Ct. legislature 
1791-98, incorporator and director Nor- 
wich and New London Union bank 1792 
(m. May 30, 1778 Aibigail, b. 1760, dau. of 
William Coit of Norwich Ct., b. Feb. 13, 
1735); son of Joseph Williams of Nor- 



wich Ct. 1772-4 and Brattleboro Vt, b. in 
former Apr. 23, 1723, d. ne-ar Brattleboro 
Jan. 19, 1776, moved to Vt. 1774 (m. ist 
Hannah Trueman, whose desc. live in 
Providence R. I., 26. Feb. 20, 1746 Eunice, 
dau. of William and Hannah Wheeler of 
Stonington Ct.); son of John of Poque- 
tonnock Ct, b, in Haverhill Mass. Feb. 17, 
1680, d. in Poquetonnock Jan. 11, 1742, 
selectman of Norwich 1721-8, one of 3 
Norwich citizens appointed to present a 
petition to the general assembly with refer- 
ence to holding supreme court in Norwich, 
lieut. 1721, capt. 1735, contributor for 
fund for meeting house 1711-15 (m. Jan. 
26, 1707 Mary Knowlton); son of Joseph, 
b. in Haverhill Mass. Apr. 18, 1647, d. 
1718 or 20, moved to Norwich Ct., took 
colonial oath 1677, purchased 50 acres of 
land in Norwich 1697, member of ist! 
church Norwich 1703 (m. Nov. 18, 1674 
Mary, b. in Barnstable Mass. 1644, d. in 
Norwich Nov. 11, 1720, dau. of Samuel 
Fuller [and Jane Lathrop, dau. of Rev. 
John Lathrop, bap. 1584], b. in Holland, 
emigrated with his father Edward Fuller in 
the Mayflower 1620) ; son <ii John Wil- 
liams, b. about 1600, d. in Haverhill Mass. 
Feb. 10, 1674, emigrated about 1633, was a 
founder of Haverhill 1643, freeman there 
1642 (m. Jane, d. Nov. 21, 1680, had 4 ch., 
viz.: John, Mary, Lydia and Joseph as 

TER of Providence R. I., b. Foster 
R. I. Feb. 14, 1865, grad. Brown univ. 
1889, supt. of public schs. Johnston R. I. 
1891-4, editor's private sec. Providence 
journal (m. Nov. 27, 1889 Mary Elizabeth, 
b. in Smithfield R. I. Feb. 11, 1861, dau. of 
John Wesley Page and Deborah Ann Phil- 
lips, grand-daughter of Jarvis Phillips 
and of William and Mary [Steere] Page, 
she, Mary Elizabeth has 4 ch., viz.: Na- 
than Manchester, b. in Johnston R. I. Oct. 
26, 1890, Beatrice Mathewson, b. in Johns- 
ton Feb. 26, 1892, and Harold Page, h. June 
'10. 1894, and Philliips Wrig'ht, b. in Provi- 
dence July I, 1898); son of Albert 
Henry Wright of Johnston R. I., b. in 

Scituate R. I. Nov. 13, 1840, was in lum- 
ber business, farmer in Scituate and Foster 
R. I., removed to Johnston 1871, in real 
estate business there (m. Oct. i, 1863 Mary 
Cunningham, b. in Foster R. I. July 28, 
1841, d. Dec. 3, 1889, dau. of Nathan and 
Laura A. Mathewson); son oif Benjamin 
Wright of Foster R. L, b. there Jan. 4, 
1807, d. there June 12, 1893 (m. 1833 Lucy, 
b. in Foster Feb. 12, 181 1, d. Feb. 13, 1883, 
dau. of James and Lydia [Manchester] 
Wells, and had besides Albert Henry 
above 7 ich., viz.: James M., b. in Foster 
Jan. 28, 1834, Elisha H., b. in Foster Oct. 
22, 1835, Lydia A., b. in Scituate R. L 
Jan. 23, 1838, Otis O., b. in Scituate May 
6, 1844, Mason Allen, b. in Foster Feb. 
21, 1847, Wheaton E., b. in Foster Sep. 2, 
1850, and Asahel J. Wright, b. in Foster 
Sep. 29, 1854) ; son of Benjamin Wright of 
Foster R. L, b. in Scituate R. I. Apr. 6, 
1770, d. there Oct. 22, 1858 (m. Sep. 29, 
1799 Deborah, b. Mar. 31, 1780, d. Feb. 15, 
1821, dau. of Benjamin Tripp, and had be- 
sides Benjamin above 11 ch,, viz.: Laton, 
b. in Foster R. L Oct. 2, 1800, William W., 
b. in Foster July i, 1802, Esther, b. in Fos- 
ter Mar. 6, 1804, Sarah, b. in Foster Oct. 
II, 1805, Clara, b. in Foster Oct. 7, 1808, 
Elisha, b. in Foster Jan. 27, 181 1, Gardner 
C, b. in Foster Jan. 9, 1813, Seth, b. in 
Foster Apr. 30, 1815, Albin, b. in Foster 
Feb. 14, 1818, Olive, b. in Foster Feb. 14, 
1818, and James Wright, b. in Foster Jan, 
26, 1821); son of Zephaniah Wright of 
Glocester R. L, b. in Providence R. I. Sep. 
6, 1727, d. in Glocester Oct. 13, 1788, lived 
in Scituate R. L 1763-Ss, then removed to 
Glocester (m. Phoebe Place, b. Dec. 27, 
1732, d. Apr. 15, 1814, had besides Benja- 
min above 7 ch., viz.: Elisha, b. in Smith- 
field R. L Aug. II, 1755, Hannah, b. in 
Smithfield July 15, 1757, Nancy, b. in 
Smithfield Apr. 29, 1760, Lydia, b. in Kil- 
lingly Ct. Oct. 15, 1763, Phebe, b. in Scitu- 
ate R. L Mar. 20, 1766, Mary, b. in 
Scituate Jan. 17, 1768, and Esther Wright, 
b, in Scituate Apr, 30, 1773); son of Ben- 
jamin Wrig^ht of Smithfield R. L, d. in 
1754 (m. Lydia, had besides Zephaniah 
above 7 ch., viz. : Samuel, Charles, Benja- 



min, Anne Smith, Hannah Williams, Lydia 
Hopkins and Freelove Sweet) ; son of 
Samuel of Providence R. I., b. in Dor- 
chester Mass. Feb. 14, 1637, d. in Provi- 
dence Feb. 26, 1716 or 17 (m. Johanna, had 
2 ch., viz.: Henry, b. 1675, d. 1676, and 
Benjamin above); son of Henry Wright, 
d. in Providence about 1676, arrived in 
Dorchester Mass. about 1634, removed to 
Providence about 1646, member of ist 
church of Dorchester, land owner (m. 
Elizabeth, had 2 ch., viz.: Mary, b. in 
Dorchester Mass. Apr. i, 1635, and Sam- 
uel as above). 

Germantown Pa., b. in Philadel- 
phia Pa. Jan. 10, 1847, has bro. Clement 
Newell Williams; sons of Reed Augustus 
Williams of Germantown Pa., b. in Phila. 
Feb. 20, 1814, d. in Germantown May 10, 
1877, lumber merchant, member of the 
firm of R. A. and J. J. Williams (m. July 
6, 1841 Elizabeth, b. in Phila. Feb. 26, 1817, 
d. in Germantown Pa. Aug. 29, 1873, dau. 
of Elisha Newell English and Elizabeth 
Mary Clement, desc. of Gregory Clement, 
one of the regicides) ; son of Howard of 
Germantown Pa., b. in Phila. June 25, 1788, 
d. in Germantown Sep. 16, 1875, lumber 
merchant, member of the firm of H. and C 
Williams of Phila. (m. May 6, 1813 Ann, 
b. in Darby Pa. June 6, 1789, d. in Phila. 
Sep. 27, 1842, dau. of Jonathan Heacock 
[and Hannah Pyle, dau. of Jacob and 
Jane [Sharpies] Pyle, all of whose immi- 
grant ancestors were farmers in Delaware 
00. Pa.], son of John and Sarah [Taylor] 
Heacock); son of Thomas Williams of 
Phila. Pa., b. there Apr. 26, 1763, d. there 
Feb. 24, 1846, cabinet-maker, member of 
Phila. city council (m. ist May 9, 1787 
Isabella, b. in Phila. Pa. Nov. 28, 1763, d. 
there July 4, 1796, dau. of Peter Howard 
[and Elizabeth Chadwick of Phila., dau. 
of John and Isabella Chadwick of York- 
shire Eng.], son of Henry and Hannah 
[Sharpies] Howard); son of Samuel Wil- 
liams of Phila. Pa., b. in St. Austell Corn- 
wall Eng. Jan. 23, 1729, d. in Phila. Feb. 
29, 1808, cabinet-rnaker, lumber merchant 

(m. June 24, 1762 Ann, dau. of Rees 
Thomas Jr. [and Elizabeth Jones of Mer- 
ion Pa., dau. of Dr. Edward Jones of 
Merion and Mary Wynne, dau. of Dr. 
Thomas Wynne, physician, friend and 
companion of William Penn on the ship 
"Welcome"], son of Rees Thomas and 
Martha Awbrey, dau. of William Awbrey 
of Llanelieu Breconshire Wales, cadet of 
the Aberkynfrig Awbrey family, desc. of 
Sir Reginald Awbrey, who accompanied 
Bernard de Novo his conquest 
of the CO. Brecon); son of Thomas Wil- 
liams of Phila. Pa., b. in St. Austell Corn- 
wall Eng., bp. Aug. 22, 1697, d. in Phila. 
Jan. 5, 1734, emigrated from near St. Aus- 
tell Cornwall Eng. to Phila. 1733 (m. July 
2, 1722 Mary, dau. of John and Melior 
Reed of Menheniot Eng) ; son of Andrew 
of St. Austell Eng., buried in the church 
of St. Mewan Mar. 7, 1730-^1, he owned 
mills and a tenement called " Cover " 
(Elizabeth buried in St. Mewan's church 
alongside of her husband Mar. 5, 1729-30). 

field 111., b. there Oct. 11, 1874 (un- 
married) ; son of Jacob Fishback Price of 
Springfield 111., b. in Woodford co. Ky. 
Apr. 7, 1846, d. in Springfield July 26, 
1885, physician, educated at a private 
school in Nicholasville Ky., Normal univ., 
studied with Dr. Sidney Allen at Win- 
chester Ky., grad. Louisville medical 
univ. 1867, was assistant surgeon at the 
soldiers' home Dayton Ohio 1868, attended 
Bellevue hospital medical coll. and Jeffer- 
son medical coll. (m. Feb. 7, 1872 Jessie 
Vincent Loose [dau. of Jacob G. Loose, 
son of Conrad and Elizabeth [Brendle] 
Loose of Franklin co. Pa.], and had be- 
sides Charles Ryan Price 3 ch., viz.: Jay 
Loose Price, b. Oct. 27, 1872, Jessie Eliza- 
beth, b. June 2, 1880, and Joseph Beidler 
Price, b. Mar. 21, 1882); son of Jacob 
Fishback Price of Woodford co. Ky., b. 
near Frankfort Ky. Jan. 17, 1807, d. in 
Woodford co. June 3, 1847, Presbyterian 
minister, preached ist in Louisville, re- 
moved to Pisgah parish, pastor of the 
Pisgah church there (m. Sep. 3, 1830 Maria 



Reid Miles, b. in Scott co. Ky. Oct. 3, 
181 1, d. Sep. 6, 1885 [dau. of James 
F. and Ohloe Isabella [Tarleton] Miles], 
and had besides Jacob Apr. 7, 1846, 7 ch,, 
viz.: Charles William, b. in Woodford co. 
Ky. July 6, '1834, d. in Plattsburg Mo. 
Sep. 6, 1885, capt. in confederate army un- 
der Col. Roy Cluke in Gen. John Mor- 
gan's reg. [m. June 14, 1871 Sue E. Riley 
of Plattsburg Mo., and had 6 ch., viz.: 
Stuart R., Mattie, Charles S., Riley, Jacob 
F. and Henry R. Price], Chlo Isabella, b. 
in Clark co. Ky. Nov. 18, 1836, d. June 12, 
1864 [m. Nov. I, 1862 Charles H. Morton 
of Charleston 111.], Maria Louise, b. in 
Woodford co. Dec. 8, 1838 [m. William 
Woodford Taylor of Louisville Ky., 7 ch., 
viz.: Dr. Thomas Madison, Nannie R., 
James Lane, William Catesby, Mabelle, 
Louise and Jacob P. Taylor], Ann Mary, 
b. in Woodford co. Ky. Jan. 17, 1842 [m. 
June 3, 1864 Joseph B. Perkins of Spring- 
field 111., and had 4 ch., Joseph B., Robert 
L., Chas. P. and Reid M.], Charlotte Ella, 
b. in Woodford co. Ky. Sep. 20, 1843, d. in 
Newman Kan. Sep. 21, 1880 [m. Jan. 13, 
1870 J. F. True of Newman Kan., and had 
4 ch., viz.: Maria Bella, Irene W., James 
F. and Lou Ella Trane], James M. and 
John Price) ; son of John Price of Clark 
CO. Ky., b. in Henrico co. Va. 1757, d. in 
Clark CO. 1847, was an officer in the conti- 
nental army in the rev. war, removed to 
Ky. 1794 (m. 1st Frances Branch of Prince 
Edwards co. Va., and had Daniel Branch 
Price, circuit and co. clerk at^Nlcholasville 
Ky., 3d 1800 Rosanna, b. Aug. 16, 1777, 
dau. of Jacob Fishback [and Phoebe Mor- 
gan], private in the Va. line, she Rosanna 
had 5 ch. beside Jacob F. Price, b. Jan. 17, 
1807, above, viz.: William, Louisa [m. Col. 
Oliver Anderson], James [m. Charlotte 
Elizabeth Hart], Jefferson [m. Cassandra 
Scott] and Samuel, a physician) ; son of 
Pugh Price of Henrico co. Va., b. there 
(and had besides John as above 4 ch., viz.: 
Pugh, who was the father of Gen. Sterling 
Price of the confederate army, Dajiiel, who 
settled in Mo., Elizabeth and Mary); son 
of John of Henrico Va., b. there (m. Jane, 
whose eldest son John m. Elizabeth Ran- 

dolph of Turkey Island Va.); son of Mat- 
thew Price of Henrico co. Va., b. in Wales 
1615, d. in Henrico, was left by his parents 
to be educated in Wales while they emi- 
grated to Amer., but when 20 years old he 
emigrated to Amer. in the ship " George 
Jo Severne " 1635; son of John Price of 
Henrico co. Va., b. in Wales 1580, d. in 
Henrico, came to Va. in the " Star " 1620 
(m. 1619 2d Ann, b. 1599, had dau. Mary, 
b. in May 1620, she Ann came with her 
dau. in the ship " Francis Banaventure " 
to Va. 1620). 

^ ville Utah, b. in Cowden 111. Apr. 3, 
1864, lived on a farm until 17 years of age, 
grad. B. S. at Northern Indiana normal 
coll. in Valparaiso Ind. 1887, taught sch., 
studied law in 111. until 1892, admitted to 
the bar 1892, admitted to the supreme court 
of Nebraska 1894, of Iowa 1894, of Utah 
1896, postmaster of Coalville (m. Mar. 22, 
1894 Mrs. Charlotte M. Paxton Brown» 
dau. of Thomas and Fanny Paxton, 
among the earliest settlers of Tama co. 
Iowa, but were originally from Indiana, 
she, Charlotte had Jerald Joseph Jerome 
Jones) ; son of Samuel Jones, b. in Knox 
CO. Ohio Mar. 20, 1834, d. in Cowden 111. 
Oct. 17, 1881, migrated with his parents to 
Shelby co. 111. 1841, private in co. B 7th 
111. cavalry in the union army, farmer, 
stock dealer (m. Martha Ann Rhoads, and 
had 5 ch., viz.: Mary L., b. Feb. lo, 1857 
[m. Mansfield Broyles of Shelbyville 111., 
and had Robert Earle Broyles], James 
Green of Cowden 111., b. Oct. 10, 1858 [m. 
in July 1881 Julia Moore, and had 5 ch.], 
Bunea Vista of Cowden 111., b. Feb. 18, 
1862 [m. in Sep. 1882 J. Francis Moore, 
and had 5 ch.], Joseph Jerome as above 
and Clara May Jones, b. Dec. 14, 1872, she, 
Martha Ann Rhoads, desc. of George 
Whitfield, chaplain to the colony estab- 
lished by Gen. Oglethorp in Ga., friend, 
companion and co-worker with John Wes- 
ley, the founder of the present M. E. 
church, her ancestors were the ist white 
settlers in Shelby co. 111., gr.-parents were 
murdered by the Indians 1819, had 4 gt.- 



uncles in the battle of New Orleans 1815); 
son of Enos Jones, b. in Lempster N. H. 
Aug. 30, 1809, d. near St. Louis Mo. June 
10, 1849, migrated to Shelby co. 1841 (m. 
about 1830 Sarah Reed, and had besides 
Samuel above 10 ch., viz.: Mary Ann, b. 
Dec. 10, 1830, d. in Princeton Mo. about 
1886 [m. John Perkins], Nathan, b. July 
16, 1832, d. in Cowden 111. 1875, Nancy, b. 
Jan. 13, 1836, Sarah, b. Jan. 14, 1838 [m. 
S. Cosart of Cowden 111.], Martha, b. Feb. 
10, 1840 [m, James Worley of Indianapolis 
Ind.], James H., b. Feb. 11, 1843, Richard 
R. of Cowden 111., b. Feb. 5, 1845, druggist, 
Heman of Lakewood 111., b. Mar. 21, 1847, 
George W., b. Nov. 14, 1848, and Joseph 
Jones, b. Jan. 5, 1850); son of Nathan 
Jones, b. in Ashburnham Mass. Apr. 12, 
T^nZ, d- in Shelby co. 111. May 14, 1852 (m. 
1796 Betsey Spaulding) ; son of Enos, b. 
in Lunenburg Mass. July 4, 1742, d. in 
Ashburnham Mass. Dec. 30, 1825 (m. ist 
Mary Whitmore, 2d wid. Hannah Adams 
Russell) ; son of William of Weston Mass. 
Jan. 4, 1706, d. at sea Jan. 26, 1761 (m. 
Dec. 25, 1733 Sarah Locke); son of Josiah, 
b. in Weston (m. Abigail Barnes) ; son of 
Josiah Jones, b. in England about 1640, 
emigrated to New England about 1665 (m. 
Oct. 2, 1667 Lydia Treadway of Charles- 
town Mass.). 

Mass., b. in Antrim N. H. June 15, 
181 7, d. Feb. 16, 1879, was teacher in the 
public schools of Lowell, founder and prin- 
cipal of Lowell commercial coll., educated 
at N. H. Meriden acad. and Amherst coll. 
(m. Dec. 15, 1852 Anna M., dau. of Rich- 
ard Dennis [and Lucy Hooper], desc. of 
Robert Dennis of Newport R. I., Henry 
Howland of Plymouth colony Mass. and 
Gov. Coggeshall of R. I., she, Anna had 
Louise Josephine McCoy, M. A. of Wel- 
lesly coll. [m. Rev. Frank Mason North, 
had Eric McCoy Horth]); son of John 
McCoy of Antrim N. H., b. June 14, 1784, 
d. there Dec. 7, 1861, farmer and bridge- 
builder (m. Apr. 13, 1813 Hannah, dau. 
of Dea. John Taylor and Hannah Wood- 
bury of Beverly Mass., a desc. of John 

Woodbury of Dorchester co., who came 
to Amer., and settled in Salem 1624) ; son 
of John of Hillsborough and Antrim N. 
H., b. in Windham N. H. July 14, 1750, 
d. in Antrim Jan. 9, 1823, served in rev. 
war 5 years, was in the battle of Saratoga 
against Burgoyne, wounded 1780 (m. 1780 
Margaret Boyd, and had 4 ch., viz: 
Thomas, Alexander, John and Robert) ; 
son of John of Windham N. H., b. there 
(m. Jane); son of Alexander McCoy, b. 
in Argyleshu'e Scotland, d. in Windham, 
settled in Windham 1721, hewed his farm 
from the forest, deacon. 

DENNIS, RICHARD of Lowell Mass., 
b. in Newport R. I. Sep. 5, 1802, d. 
Feb. 19, i860, supt. of Appleton mills in 
Lowell 25 years, councilman 1852 (m. in 
Sep. 1826 Lucy A., dau. of John Hooper 
of Berwick Me., desc. of William Hooper, 
who came in the " James " from Eng. 
1635 and Nathan Lord, who came to 
Kittery Me. 1652, she, Lucy had 6 ch., viz: 
Anna M. [m. Mr. McCoy], Mary A. [m. 
Mr. Carter], William H., of U. S. coast 
survey, Jennie D. [m. Mr. Metcalf], 
Sarah F. [m. Dr. Humfphrey] and Edward 
P. Dennis, supt. Lowell machine shop) ; 
son of Jonathan Dennis of Portsmouth 
and Newport R. I., b. in former Jan. 15, 
1767, d. there Sep. 17, 1850, he and his 
wife were members of the Soc. of FrienJ.s 
(m. Dec. 7, 1791 Hannah, dau. of Sam- 
son Sherman, desc. of Philip ShcniJiii. 
who came from Dedham. Hannah had 9 
ch., viz: Samuel, James, Richa'^d, Jona- 
than, William, Anna [m. Mr. Wing], 
Abby [m. Mr. Arnold], Ruth [m. Shove] 
and Mary [m. Mr. Congdon]); son of 
Robert Dennis oif Portsmouth R. I., b. 
there Sep. 12, 1727 (m. June 21, i~50 
Hannah, dau. of Thomas C<jggeshall, desc. 
of John Coggeshall, who came from 
Essex 00. Eng. in the * Lion " 1632, gov. 
of R. I. colony 1647) ; son of Joseph 
Dennis of Portsmouth R. I., b. tliere ,May 
25, 1689, d. there Oct. 24, 1759, deputy 
1720-31 (m. Apr. 20, 1721 Sarah, dau. of 
Thomas Durfee, gr.-son of Thomas Dur- 
fee of Portsmouth R. I., a prominent man 



in R. I. colony, deputy 1707-13, she, Sarah 
had besides Robert above 7 ch., viz: 
Sarah, Sarah, Joseph, Ann, Ruth, Lydia 
and Freeborn); son of Robert Dennis of 
Portsmouth and Newport R. I., d. June 
5, 1691, bought land in Portsmouth 1691, 
deeded land for a friend's burying ground 
in Portsmouth, deputy 1673-84 (m. Nov. 
19, 1672 Sarah, dau. of Henry Rowland, 
one of the proprietors of Duxburg 
Mass., had bro. John Rowland, who came 
in the " Mayflower," she, Sarah had be- 
sides Joseph above 4 ch., viz: Mary [m. 
Mr. Lawton], Ro/bert, Sarah [m. Mr. 
Fish] and John). 

AKIN, ABRARAM of Willsborough 
N. Y., b. there July 30, 1788, d. Feb. 

7, 1828, lieut. in Gapt. Luman Wad- 
ham's CO. of militia in 3d battalion war 
of 1812, capt. in 37th reg. N. Y. militia 
1814, served in the battle of Plattsburgh, 
major (m. Oct. 20, 1808 Elizabeth Boyn- 
ton, desc. of John Boynton of Rowley 
Mass., -and had 9 ch., viz: Carlos, b. Aug. 
17, 1809, Caroline, b. Nov. 19, 181 1 [m. 
Samuel Roffnagle], Sarah, b. Oct. 8, 1813 
[m. Asa S'tower], Rosamiond, b. Aug. 11, 
1815 [m. Paul Boynton], Cecilia, b. Nov. 
9, 1817 [m. James Stafiford], Elizabeth, b. 
Nov. II, 1819, Minerva Lake, b. Feb. 8, 
1822 [m. Dr. Lyman Barton], Clorinda, b. 
Sep. 20, 1824, Lucy Martinia Akin, b. Mar. 
28, 1828 [m. Horace Sheldon]), had bro. 
MARTIN JAMES Akin, b. 1791, d. Apr. 

8, 1828, was capt. of a co. of volunteers 
nearly all under age, who fought so val- 
iantly that congress presented each mem- 
ber with a gun for gallantry in the battle 
of Plattsburgh some years afterward; sons 
of Abraham Akin, b. in Quaker Hill June 
25, 1744, went to Willsborough with his 
brother-in-law Joseph Sheldon, bought 
land of William Gilliland, and was 'one of 
the early settlers there, was member of the 
Soc. of Friends, as were his ancestors for 
several generations (m. ist Sarah Marsh, 
2d Elizabeth Chase, and had 5 ch., viz.: 
Abraham, b. July 30, 1788, as above, Betsey 
[m. Benjamin Smith Fairchild], Martin 
James, b. 1791, d. Apr. 8, 1828, Susan [m. 

Martin Rose] and Sarah [m. Amasa 
Boynton]); son of Elisha Akin, b. in Dar- 
mouth Masis. Jan. 26, 1720-1721 (m. ist 
Elizabeth Tripp, 2d widow Marsh, dau. of 
William Ross, had besides Abraham above 
9 ch., viz.: Thomas, b. Nov. 18, 1739, Ruth, 
b. Nov. 17, 1741 [m. Joseph Sheldon], 
Sarah, b. Aug. 25, 1746 [m. William 
Briggs], Timothy, b. June 19, 1750, Ann, 
b. July 22, 1752, James, b. Oct. 25, 1754 [m. 
1st Polly Halloway, 2d Sylvia Morgan, and 
had by latter a gr.-dau. Susan Elstone, 
who m. Gen. Lew Wallace], Margaret, b. 
July 17, 1762 [m. David Talman], Murray, 
b. July 24, 1765 [m. Lucy Raines], and 
Olive, b. Sep. 6, 1767 [m. Jaimes Hallo- 
way]); son of David Akin, b. prob, in 
Dartmouth 1689, d. 1779, came to Dutchess 
county 1 74 1 (had besddes Elisha aibove 9 
ch., viz.: John, b. 1718, d. 1779 [m. Mar- 
garet Hicks], Mary [m. Abraham 
Thofmas], Jo9iah, Abigail, Sariah, Hannah, 
Jas., David and Jonathan); son of Jolin 
Akin, b. 1663, d. June 13, 1746, came from 
Portsmouth R. I. to Dartmouth Mass. 
1680 (m. 1st Hannah Briggs of Ports- 
mouth R. I., 2d Hannah Sherman, had be- 
sides David above 13 ch., viz.: Susan, b. 
1691, Deborah, b. 1692, Timothy, b. 1694, 
Mary, b. 1697, Hannah, b. 1699, Thomas, 
b. 1702, Elizabeth, b. 1704, James, b. 1706, 
Judith, b. 1708, Benjamin, b. 1715, Eben- 
ezer, b. 1717, Susannah, b. 1718, and Elihu, 
b. 1720). 

BELL, HENRY W. of Chelsea Mass., 
b. there Oct. 5, 1863 (unmarried) ; 
son of John of Chelsea Mass., b. in Haver- 
hill N. H. Oct. 20, 1837 (m. Caroline F., 
dau. of Caleb Pratt of Chelsea Mass., and 
had besides Henry W. above 4 ch., viz.: 
Alfred M., Helen M., Grace W. and Her- 
mon P. Bell) ; son of James of Amherst 
N. H., b. there Jan. 15, 1792, d. in Bolton 
Mass. Jan. 25, 1864 (m. ist Mary Barnett, 
2d Rebecca "Weston, had besides John 
above 12 ch., viz.: Calista, Brooks, Alfred, 
Leretta, Orfa, Letitia, Rosina, John, Rufus, 
James, Charles and Lioitta) ; son of Joseph 
Bell of Bedford N. H., b. there Apr. 17, 
1757 (m. June 4, 1776 Mary Honston, and 



had besides James above 9 ch., viz.: John, 
Isaac, Joseph, David, Jacob, Sarah, Mary 
and Susanna); son of John of Bedford N. 
H., b. in Goleraine Ireland 1732, came to 
Amer. and settled in Bedford (m. ist Jane 
Carr, 2d Sarah Bell of Londonderry, had 
besides Joseph above 4 ch., viz.: John, 
Rachel, Susan and Mary) ; son of John 
Bell, b. in Corleraine N. H. 1690, d. 
in Bedford N. H. 1746 m. Cathe- 
rine, had besides John above 3 ch., 
viz.: Joseph, Mary [m. Garon Riddle, had 
son David, who was in the rev. war). 

mouth Mass., b. in Willsborough N. 
Y. Apr. 16, 1874, student at Harvard univ. 
(unmarried); son of Orville Abraham 
Boynton of Willsborough N. Y., b. there 
Sep. 23, 1836 (m. Aug. 16, 1865 Martha 
Loella Cook, dau. of Samuel T. Cook of 
Barre Vt.); son of Paul of Willsborough 
N. Y., b. in Shelburn Vt. Jan. 17, 1808 (m. 
Nov. 27, 1833 Rosamond, dau. of Abra- 
ham Aikin, desc. of John Aikin of Dart- 
mouth Mass.) ; son of Job Boynton, b. in 
Fitzwilliam N. H. Apr. 2, 1776 (m. Rachel 
Rich) ; son of Job, b. in Rowley Mass. 
Jan. 6, 1748, was among the ist settlers of 
Burlington Vt., built one of the ist houses 
there, held various town ofBces, built and 
owned several vessels, among which were 
the " President," the " Leopard " and the 
" Burlington Packet," engaged in the fur 
trade, enlisted at Ticonderoga alarm 1777 
(m. Mar. 18, 1773 Mary, dau. of Peter 
Joyslin [and E'lizabeth Greenleaf, desc. of 
Edmund Greenleaf], desc. of Thomas Joys- 
lin, who came to Amer. in the ship " In- 
crease " 1635, she, Mary had besides Job 
above 8 ch., viz.: Jedediah, b. in Fitzwil- 
liam June 16, 1774, Elijah, b. in Fitzwil- 
liam Feb. 16, 1779, Amasa, b. May 2^, 1781, 
Peter Joslin, b. July 5, 1783, Elizabeth, b. 
in Burlington Vt. Dec. i, 1785 [m. Abra- 
ham Aikin], John, b. Nov. 10, 1787, Mary, 
b. Jan. 24, 1790 [m. Amasa Lyon], and 
Paul, b. Nov. 2^, 1793); son of Ephraim 
Boynton, b. in Rowley Mass. in July 1707 
(m. May 2, 1732 Sarah Stewart, and had 
besides Job above 11 ch., viz.: Elizabeth, 

b. Aug. 28, 1732, Ephraim, b. Mar. 9, 1734, 
lieut. in rev. war, John, b. Sep. 8, 1736, 
col. in rev. war, Joseph, b. June 4, 1738, 
lieut. in rev. war, member of Soc. of Gin 
cinnati, Sarah, b. June 4, 1738, Amos, b. 
Apr. 26, 1742, serj. in rev. war, Jedediah, 
b. Jan. 20, 1744, d. May 16, 1774, Edna, b. 
Apr. 26, 1746, Mary, b. Sep. 29, 1749, Paul, 
b. Oct. 21, 1751, col. in rev. war, and 
Abial, b. Dec. 2Z, 1753); son of Joseph 
Boynton, b. in Rowley Mass. 1669, b. Nov. 
25, 1755, deacon, was one of the lay mem- 
bers of the council of Salem village church 
to settle the differences in the church that 
grew out of the witchcraft trials (m. Jan. 
30, 1692 or 3 Bridget, dau. of Nathaniel 
Harris, and had besides Ephraim above 10 
ch., viz.: Sarah, b. 1693, Nathaniel, b. 1694, 
Bridget, b. 1697, Joseph, b. 1698, Benjamin, 
b. 1700, Bridget, b. 1702, Abial, b. 1705, 
Zacheus, b. 1710, Edna, b. 1712, and Eliza- 
beth, b. 1714); son of Joseph Boynton, b. 
in Rowley Mass. 1645, d. there Dec. 16, 
1730, capt. of the Rowley military co., 
town clerk and representative miany years 
(m. 1st May 13, 1669 Sarah, dau. of Rich- 
ard Swan, and had besides Joseph above 
9 ch., viz.: Sarah, b. 1671, Ann, b. 1673, 
Richard, b. 1675, John, b. 1678, Jonathan, 
b. 1679, Benoni, b. 1681, Jonathan, b. 1684, 
Hilkiah, b. 1687, and Daniel, b. 1689, 2d 
Elizabeth Wood); son of John Boynton, 
b. about 1614, d. 1670, came to Rowley 
Mass. with his bro. William from York- 
shire Eng. 1638, freeman 1640 (m. Ellen 
Pell of Boston Mass., and had besides 
Joseph, b. 1645, as above, 6 ch., viz.: John, 
b. 1647, Caleb, b. 1649, Mercy, Hannah, b. 
1654, Sarah, b. 1658, and Samuel, b. 1660). 

coln Neb., b. in Milton Ohio May 21, 
1845, lived on a farm until 1864, educated 
in Seville acad., Canaan acad. and the Mich. 
agricultural coll., studied at Harvard univ., 
now prof, of botany in Neb. univ. and act- 
ing state botanist (m. Dec. 25, 1873 Lucy, 
dau. of William Athearn [and Sarah Ermina 
Chase of Martha's Vineyard], of English 
and Scotch desc, she, Lucy had 3 ch., viz.: 
Edward, Ernst and Carl); son of Adnah 

A M E R I C A N {A N;C E S T R Y. 


Bessey of Milton Ohio, b. in Bethlehem 
Pa. in Feb. 1812, d. in Milton Sep. 10, 
1863, classical and mathematical education, 
teacher in Pa. and Ohio for many years, 
farmer, surveyor, came to Ohio from Pa. 
1834 (m. 1841 Margaret, dau. of Samuel 
EUenberger, of French and German desc); 
son of Michael of Milton Ohio, b. in 
Bethlehem Pa. about 1785, d. in Milton 
1852. came to Ohio 1834, purchased 160 
acres of land in Milton tp. Ohio (m. about 
1810 Mary Wissmar, whose ancestors 
came from Mannheim Germany and set- 
tled in Eastern Pa. before the rev. war) ; 
son of Jacob Besse of Bethlehem Pa., b. 
in Eastern France, d. in Bethlehem, came 
to Phila. during the last French war, was 
compelled to fight in the British army 
against his countrymen, escaping settled 
in Pa., served in rev. war against the Brit- 
ish (m. Mass Smith). 

BUNKER, HAROLD of Brooklyn N. 
Y., h. there Dec. 21, 1869, lawyer 
(unmarried); son of Edward Seaman 
Bunker lof Brooklyn N. Y., b. in Jeru- 
salem N. Y. Aug. 16, 1840, grad. N. Y. 
Bellevue hospital M. D. coll. 1871, prac- 
titioner of medicine and surgery (m. Dec. 
25, i860 Alice Loines, dau. of John Loines 
and Mary Bunker, dau. of Capt. Reuben 
Bunker of Nantucket desc); son of Alex- 
ander C. of Wantagh N. Y., b. in Hudson 
N. Y. Nov. 9. 1816 (m. Oct. 17, Mary 

P. Seaman, dau. of Ardon Seaman, d. Apr. 
2, 187s, minister in the Soc. of Friends, m. 
Mar. 26, 1817 Elizabeth Merritt of Beth- 
page, d. Feb. 3, 1875) ; son of Timothy W. 
Bunker of Hudson N. Y., 'b. in Nantucket 
Mass. June 17, 1778, d. in Hudson Aug. i, 
1856, sailor on board of a whale ship in 
early life, afterwards lived in Hudson and 
N. Y. (m. 2d Nov. 2, 1810 Eunice, dau. 
of Eliab Coffin, b. 1755, d. 1841, 
and Mary Jenkins, b. 1760, d. 1839); son 
of Tristram Bunker of Hudson N. Y., b. 
in Nantucket Mass. Aug. 19, 1742, d. in 
Hudson May 24, 1823 (m. Feb. 28, 1765 
Anna Bunker, b. Jan. 23, 1744, d. Sep. i, 
1830, dau. of Benjamin Bunker and Abigail 
Worth, desc. of John Howland of the 

Mayflower); son of Daniel Bunker of 
Nantucket Mass., b. there 1696, d. there 
1746 (m. 2d Margaret, dau. of Peter and 
Hope [Gardner] Coffin); son of George 
of Nantucket, b. there Apr. 26, 1671, d. 
there (m. 1695 Deborah Coffin, b. 1671, d. 
1744, dau. of James Coffin, b. 1640, d. July 
28, 1720 [and Mary Severance], son of 
Tristram Coffin, b. 1605, d. 1681 [and 
Dionis Stevens, dau. of Robt. Stevens], 
came to Amer. from Brixton Eng., settled 
in Salisbury Mass. 1642, was one of the 
ist settlers of Nantucket); son of William 
Bunker of Nantucket, b. in Topsfield Mass. 
1648, d. in Nantucket 1712 (m. Apr. 11, 
1669 Mary Macy, b. 1648, d. 1729, dau. of 
Thomas Macy, b. 1608, d. 1682, and Sarah 
Hopcott, went to Nantucket 1659, and 
were the ist white settlers on the island); 
son of George of Topsfield Mass., b. in 
Eng., d. in Topsfield May 26, 1658 (m. 
1645 Jane Godfrey, d. Oct. 31, 1662, who 
m. 2d Richard Swayne); son of William 
of Eng. 1648. 

gin III, b. in Bau Claire Wis. Feb. 
16, 1862, D. D. S. of Pa. coll. of dental 
surgery 1883, M. D. of Rush med. coll. 
1892, now a dentist in Elgin (m. May 5, 
1886 Nellie Baker Mann, dau. of Hon. 
Sylvester Sherman Mann lof Elgin 111. and 
Caroline Young of Elgin, and had 2 ch., 
viz.: Ora Mann Chappell, b. Feb. 7, 1887, 
and Rollo Mann Chappell, b. Oct. 21, 
1889) ; son of Addison of Eau Claire Wis., 
b. in Kingsville Ohio Feb. 14, 1838 (m. 
Mar. 31, i860 Aunelia Elizabeth Pease, dau. 
of Joseph and Cynthia [Hunt] Pease, and 
had besides Ora A. above 4 ch., viz.: 
Edith, b. 1871, Otis, h. 1875, Earl, b. 1882. 
and Ruby Bell, h. 1887); son of Harvey 
Morrison Chappell of Horicon Wis., b. in 
East Hampton Ct. Feb. 14, 1794, d. in 
Horicon Sep. 6, 1859, wool manufacturer, 
soldier in war of 1812 (m. May 18, 1824 
Mary, dau. of Ellis and Hannah Williams 
of Lake Pleasant Pa.); son of Walter of 
Lebanon, East Haddam and Chatham Ct., 
b. in Lebanon Apr. 29, 1772, d. in Wamps- 
ville N. Y. Oct. 12, 1867, blacksmith (m. 



1792 Eunice, dau. of Dewey and Hannah 
[Freeland] H'all); son of Joshua Chappell 
of Lebanon Ct., b. there 1735, d. in Rox- 
bury Ct. July 3, 1775, lieut. in Capt. Peter 
Perit's reg., injured in the battle of Bun- 
ker Hill (m. Nov. 18, 1755 Bathsheba, dau. 
of Ichabod Brewster, desc. of Elder Wil- 
liam Brewster) ; son of Joshua of Lebanon 
Ct., b. there Sep. 17, 1702, d. there Dec. 
20, 1786 (m. Abigail Beattie); son of Caleb 
Chappell of New London and Lebanon 
Ct., b. in former Oct. 7, 1671, d. in latter 
Mar. 29, 1733, lieut., served in the Indian 
wars (m. Ruth) ; son of George of Wind- 
sor, Wethersfield and New London Ct., b. 
prob. in Birchdale Eng. 1615, d. 1709, came 
from London to Boston Mass. in the 
barque " Christian " 1634 or 5 (m. Mar- 

BUTTERS, ALFRED of Denver Col., 
b. in Exeter Me. May 2^, 1836 (m. in 
Nov. 1870 Minerva, dau. of William Bon- 
nifield [and Sarah A. Jackson], ex-mayor 
of Kansas City) ; son of Pinkney of Ex- 
eter Me., b. in Jafifrey N. H. 1801, d. in 
Exeter Apr. 23, 1866, farmer (m. Catherine 
Cobb) ; son of Simeon Butters of Union 
Me., b. in Wilmington Mass. Aug. 21, 1759. 
d. in Exeter Me. Apr. 3, 1827, rev. soldier, 
held many positions of trust (im. July 6, 
1780 Betsey Eames) ; son of Reuben, b. in 
Wilmington Mass. Nov. 7, 1729, d. there in 
Oct. 1794, was in the battle of Lexington, 
member of state constitutional conventions 
(m. Jan. 17, 1751 Rachel Thompson); son 
of William Butters of North Woburn 
Mass., b. there 1665, d. in Wilmington Apr. 
28, 1745 (m. 1687 Rebecca); son of Wil- 
liam of Woburn Mass. about 1666, b. in 
Scotland 1630, d. in Woburn Nov. 13, 1692 
(m. Mary). 

CARNES, WALTER of San Diego 
Cal., b. in Riverdale N. Y. Feb. 24. 
1861, sec. of the Southern Cal. Soc. of 
Sons of the Amer. Rev. (m. Feb. i, 1893 
Jean Curtis Williams, gr.-dau. of Capt. 
Robert Williams, b. in Boston Mass. July 
4. 1753, paymaster Col. W. R. Lee's reg. 
1777, ensign and paymaster Henry Jack- 

son's i6th reg. 1779, ist lieut. 1782, was at 
Stillwater, Saratoga, Valley Forge, Mon- 
mouth, Springfield, with Sullivan in R. I., 
with the army before N. Y. to close of 
war, selectman of Boston 1811-17, treas. of 
Mass. Soc. Cincinnati 181 1-34); son of 
Frederick Greene Carnes of San Fran- 
cisco Cal., b. in New York city N. Y. Nov. 
I, 1826, d. in San Francisco Jan. 22, 1889, 
grad. Harvard ilaw coll., 'merchant of N. 
Y. city in the drug business with his 
father, moved to Cal. 1868 (m. Apr. 26, 
1853 Hannah Elizabeth Frost, gr.-dau. of 
Maj.-Gen. William Frost, son of Brig.- 
Gen. John Frost of Me., served through 
the rev. war, lieut.-col. 1775, brig. -gen. at 
close of war) ; son of Nathaniel Greene 
Carnes of Boston, N. Y. and Paris France, 
b. in Boston Mass. June 8, 1793, d. in 
Paris Mar. 5, 1879, merchant of N. Y. and 
Boston, went to China as supercargo of 
a vessel for his uncle John Carnes of Bos- 
ton 181 1, saw Napoleon's review of his 
troops in Paris before the battle of Water- 
loo 1815, saw the subsequent entry of the 
Prussians into Paris, and that of the Ger- 
man troops into Paris at the close of 
Franco-German war 1870, one of the 
founders of the N. Y. Hist. Soc, built the 
Brevoort House on 5th ave. N. Y. 1853 
(m. May 22,, 1816 Mary, dau. of Francis 
and Mary [Staples] Wainwright of Kin- 
derhook N. Y., gr.-dau. of John Wain- 
wright of Ipswich Mass. and Mary Wieth 
of Chebucco 1746, and desc. of Col. John 
Wainwright [and Christian Newton of 
Boston Mass. 1723], served in the English 
army) ; son of iJewis Carnes of Mass., b. 
in Stoneham Mass. 1754, d. in Demerara 
Aug. I, 1799 (m. Feb. 18, 1792 Martha, 
dau. of Nathaniel and Austis Greene, and 
desc. of Maj.-Gen. Nathaniel Greene); 
son of John Carnes of Boston Mass., b. 
there July 11, 1723, d. in Lynn Mass. Oct. 
23, 1802, grad. Harvard coll. 1742, pastor 
of the parishes of Stoneham and Rehoboth 
1746, lived in Boston during the siege 
1775, corresponded with Gen. Washington, 
was suspected by Gen. Gage, had his house 
and papers searched, and was ordered to 
leave, which he did, chaplain in the army 



during rev. war, justice of the peaoe, rep. 
in the Mass. legislature (m. July 16, 1747 
Mary Lewis of Lynn M^ass., b. Apr. 19, 
1720); son of John of Boston Mass., b. 
there Apr. 3, 1698, d. there Mar. 4, 1760, 
col. in the English army, commanded the 
artillery co. in Boston 1748 (m. July 2(i, 
1722 Sarah, b. in Boston Mar. 31, 1703, 
dau. of John and Mary Baker) ; son of 
John Cairnes, b. in Scotland, d. at sea 
1698, commodore in the royal navy (m. 
June 24, 1697 Elizabeth, b. in Boston Aug. 
19, 1678, dau. of Edward and Elizabeth 

Coronado Gal., b. in Milwaukee 
Wis. Aug. 10, 1868, LL. B. of Yale 1891. 
M. L. of same 1892 (m. Sep. 2(i, 1893 Flor- 
ence Mabelle Gates, dau. of Larkin M. and 
Mary Lewis [Crocker] Gates, igr.-dau. of 
Nathaniel Crocker, and had Robert 
Graeme Crocker); son of Henry Clay 
Crocker of Buffalo N. Y., b. in Bridge- 
water N. H. Mar. 31, 1829, d. in Sarnia 
Ontario Apr. 25, 1893 (m. Sep. 14, 1853 
Jane Ophelia Cooke, dau. of Peter Cooke 
of Hartford Ct. and Phcebe Broioks, and 
gr.-dau. of Chas. Chauncy Cooke [and 
Sylvia Yale, desc. of David Yale and 
Nicholas Street of Taunton Mass.], de- 
scendant of Henry Cook, first settler, she, 
Jane ihad besides Henry G. above 6 ch., 
viz.: Ida Louisa, b. June 24, 1854, George 
Lewis, b. Jan. 20, 1856, Sarah Augusta, b. 
Sep. 5, 1857, Charlotte Waterman, b. Dec. 
10, 1859, Hattie Cooke, b. Oct. 26, 1861, d. 
Sep. 9, 1862, and Jennie Olive Crocker, b. 
Jan. 29, 1871); son of George Lewis 
Crocker of Buffalo N. Y., b. Feb. 6, 1797, 
d. in Buffalo N. Y. Aug. 23, i860 (m. Apr. 
21, 1825 Sarah Orr, and had besides Henry 
C. above 8 ch., viz.: James L., b. Jan. 2, 
1826, d. in Aug. 1827, Rowena W., b. Apr. 
21, 1827, Caroline Peabody, b. Aug. 19, 
1831, d. Dec. ID, 1831, Nathaniel, b. June 
ID, 1833, James L., b. June 29, 1836, d. in 
Jan. 1838, Franklin, b. July 8, 1838, d. in 
Nov. 1839, Louisa Allen, b. Aug. 12, 1842, 
and William Jay Crocker, b. Feb. 5, 1844) ; 
son of Nathaniel Crocker of Buffalo N. 

Y., b. June 28, 1758, d. there Aug. 15, 1855 
(m. Mehitable Lewis, d. Jan, 31, 1835, had 
besides George L., b. Fdb. 6, 1797, above, 
9 ch,, viz.: Job, b. Aug. 28, 1784, d. July 
6, 1814, George L., b. July 2^, 1786, d. July 
6, 1793, Nathaniel, b. Mar. 30, 1785, d. in 
Aug. 1855, Solomon, h. June 2Z, 1790, d. 
Apr. 12, 1835, Robent, b. July 19, 1792, d, 
Nov, 2, 1800, Polly L,, b. Nov. 18, 1794, d, 
July 5, 1841, Hitty Davis, b, Dec. 6, 1801, 
d. May 8, 1836, Abigail L., b. Oct. 17, 1804, 
d. in Apr. i860, and Reliance, b. Apr. 30, 
1807, d. Jan. 26, 1848); son of Job Crocker, 
d. Jan. 3, 1809, col. (m. Mercy). 

Y., b. there Sep. 9, 1811, d. Dec. 24, 
1842 (m. 1831 Rebecca M., dau. of Row- 
land Robertson and Betsey Trowbridge, 
dau. of Willard Trowbridge and Mehetabel 
Sumner, dau. of Lt.-Col. John Sumner of 
Ashford Ct., she, Rebecca had 3 ch., viz.: 
DeWitt C, Arstene A. and Everald) ; son 
of Eliphaz Day of Day N. Y., b. in Attle- 
boro Mass. Sep. 9, 1776, A. in Day Apr. 19, 
1827, came to Day 1805, lumber merohant 
(m. 1805 Soiphia of Windsor Ct., dau. of 
Abner Rockwell, son of Dea. Daniel Rock- 
well, and had 'besides Eliphaz above 6 ch., 
viz.: Lydia, b, 1806 [m. Gen. Bllithorpe], 
Ann, b. 1808 [m. Azariah Ellithorpe], 
Nancy Tiffany, b. 1814 [m. George Rob- 
ertson], Malvina, b. 1817 [m. Philip Vib- 
bard], Elizabeth, b. 1820 [m. Harlow 
Daman], and Truman, b. 1823); son of 
Eliphaz Day of Attleboro Mass., b. there 
Miar. 2, 1744, d. there Feb. 19, 1820, served 
in rev. war, marched to Lexington alarm 
call 1775, serg. in Capt. Elisha May's co. 
1776, 2d lieut. in Capt. Samuel Robinson's 
CO. 1777, served under Gen. Spencer in R. 
L 1778, marched in R. I. alarm 1780 (m. 
1st Anne Peck, b. 1744, d. Oct. 24, 1802, 
2d Eunice, b. 1743, d. Feb, 19, 1820, had 
3 ch., viz.: Benjamin of Attleboro Mass. 
and Day N. Y., b. 1768, Charles, b. 1770, 
and Eliphaz, b. 1776, as above); son of 
David Day of Attleboro Mass., b. in Glou- 
cester Mass. 1703, d. in Attleboro Jan. 19, 
1768 (m. Nov. 9, 1727 Ruth Whipple, b. 
1708, d. 1789, had besides Eliphaz, b. Mar. 



2, 1744, as above, 9 ch., viz.: David of Kil- 
lingly Ct., b. 1728, Lydia, b. 1730, Elkanah 
of Westminster Vt., b. 1733, Dorcas, b. 
1735, d- 1739. M^jry, d. 1739, Comfort of 
Killingly Ct. and Granville N. Y., b. 1741, 
Dorcas, b. 1746, Ruth, b. 1747, and Lo- 
Ammi of Attleboro Mass., b. 1750, d. 
1827); son of Nathaniel D'ay of Glou- 
cester and Attleboro Mass., b. in former 
1665, d. in latter Feb. 5, 1735 (m. Feb. 13, 
1690 Ruth Row, b. 1671, d. May 10, 1736, 
had besides David, b. 1703, as above, 12 
ch., viz.: Benjamin of Attleboro Mass. and 
Killingly Ct., b. 1691, Ruth, b. 1694 [m. 
Ephraim Ingraham], Nathaniel, b. 1696, 
Rachel, b. 1698, Nathaniel, b. 1700, Mir- 
iam, b. 1705, d. 1707, Mary, b, 1707 [m. 
Benj. Hobben], Miriam, b. 1709 [m. John 
Streeter], Deborah, b. 1712 [m. Ebenezer 
Godfrey], and Dorcas, b. 1715 [m. John 
Filmore of Norwich Ct.]); son of An- 
thony Day of Eng. and Gloucester Mass., 
b. in Eng. 1616, d. in Gloucester Apr. 23, 
1707, came from Eng. to Gloucester 1645 
(m. Susanna Ring, b. in Eng. 1623, d. in 
Gloucester Mass. Dec. 10, 1717, had be- 
sides Nathaniiel above 7 ch., viz. : Thomas, 
b. 1651, Timothy, b. 1653, John, b. 1657, 
Ezekiel, b. 1659, d. 1661, Ezekiel, b. 1662, 
Elizabeth, b. 1667, Samuel of Rehoboth 
Mass., b. 1669, and Joseph, b. 1672). 

Ga., b. in Rockingham co. Va. May 
14, 183 1, clergyman (m. Feb. 25, 1862 
Lydia Brevard Harris, dau. of Dr. Charles 
W. and Mary [Barringer] Harris of 
Cabarras co. N. C, gr.-dau. of Robert Wil- 
son and Abigail [Hackett] Harris, Gen. 
Paul and Elizabeth [Brandon] Barringer, 
she, Lydia has 3 ch., viz.: Bessie Brandon, 
Mary Maud and John Newton Craig) ; son 
of George Evans Craig of Huntersville 
W. Va., b. in Augusta co. Va. Apr. 29, 
1801, d. in Huntersville Oct. 9, 1846, mer- 
chant, elder in the Presbyterian church (m. 
in Oct. 1824 Matilda, of Scotch-Irish desc, 
dau. of John and Margaret [Gilkeson] 
Guthrie, gr.-dau. of William Guthrie [and 
Esther McClelland], came from Pa. to 
Va., served in rev. war); son of George 

Craig, b. in Augusta co. Va. Jan. 4, 1749, 
d. there Nov. 26, 1801, Presbyterian elder 
(m. Dec. 16, 1790 Elizabeth Evans); son 
of James of Augusta co. Va., b. Nortlh of 
Ireland, d. in Augusta co. Feb. 7, 1791, 
came from North of Ireland with his par- 
ents to Pa. 1 72 1 (m. prob. 1742 Mary Laird, 
of Sootch-Irislh desc); son of Williai 
Craig of Augusta co. Va., b. North of Ire- 
land, d. in Augusta co. 1759, came to 
Amer. froim North of Ireland 1721 (m. 
Jeannette, had besides James above 2 sons, 
viz.: Robert and John). 

FLAGG, SAMUEL B. of Sandwich 
Mass., b. in Grafton Mass. Aug. 6, 
1828, grad. Brown univ. 1850, M. D. of 
Berkshire medical sch. 1854, practiced a 
short time, then entered Meadville Pa. 
theo. sch., pastor of the Unitarian church 
in Kalamazoo Mich. 1858, settled in Walt- 
ham, Bernardston, Marshfield and Sand- 
wich Mass. (m. Dec. 29, 1869 Anna Bige- 
low Allcott, dau. oi William W. and De- 
borah B. [Boogs] Alkott, and desc. of 
Thomas Alcock of Boston Mass. 1630 and 
Edward Boogs of Plymouth Mass. 1623, 
she, Anna ihad 2 ch., viz.: Charles Allcott, 
b. Oct. I, 1870, grad. Bowdoin coll. 1894, 
and George Channing Flagg, b. Nov. 6, 
1872); son of Joseph Flagg of Grafton 
Mass., b. there Dec. 2, 1786, d. there Dec. 
5, 1841, farmer (m. Aug. 26, 1821 Olivia 
Rebecca, dau. of Samuel and Mehitabel H. 
[Rugg] Milliken, and a desc. of John 
Rugg of Lancaster 1654, she, Olivia had 
besides Samuel B. above 5 oh., viz.: Ben- 
jamin Leighton, b. July 12, 1822, d. Oct. 
17, 1822, Maria Olivia, b. Feb. 21, 1824 
[m. Peter Hunt of Buffalo N. Y.], Susan 
Caroline, b. Oct. 23, 1826 [m. Jonathan 
Chester Forbush, d. Aug. 10, 1894], Jane 
Amelia, b. Sep. 17, 1830 [m. Jacob Freder- 
ick Krauss of Boston Mass.], and Joseph 
Claradon Flagg, b. June 15, 1832 [m. 
Frances Wyman Bigelow of Halifax 
Mass.]); son of Samuel Flagg of Grafton 
Mass., b. there Dec. 5, 1741, d. there Oct. 
17, 1822, farmer (m. Dec. 28, 1769 Lydia, 
dau. of Benjamin and Ruth [Adams] 
Rockwood, desc. of Richard Rockwood of 



Dorchester Mass. 1636 and Henry Adams 
of Quincy 1632); son of Eleazer of Graf- 
ton Mass., b, in Concord Mass. Oct. 23, 
1709, d. in Grafton Aug. 8, 1771, one of the 
1st settlers of Grafton 1730, farmer (m. 
Sep. 28, 1731 Huldah, dau. of Samuel and 
Dorcas [Buss] Chandtlier, desc. of Roger 
Chandler of Duxbury Mass. 1637 and Wil- 
liam Buss of Concord Mass. 1639); son of 
Eleazer Flagg of Concord Mass., b. 1687, 
d. Mar. 28, 1745, grantee in the Niarra- 
g^nsett townships (m. Jan. 26, 1708 De- 
borah, dau. of John and Rebecca 
[Knights] Tompkins, 3d in desc. of John 
Tompkins Sr. of Salem Mass. 1637); son 
of Eleazer of Concord Mass., b. in Water- 
town Mass. May 4, 1653, d. May 21, 1722, 
was in Narragansett expedition in Capt. 
Appleton's co. 1675-6, freeman 1690, held 
town ofifioes (m. Oct. 10, 1676 Mrs. De- 
borah Wright Barnes, dau. of Edward and 
Elizabeth Wright land widow of John 
Barnes) ; son of Thomas Flagg of Water- 
town Mass., d. Feb. 6, 1698, moved from 
CO. Norfolk Eng. to Watertown Mass. 
1643, was selectman several years (m. 

STANWOOD, EDWARD of Brookline 
Mass., b. in Augusta Me. Sep. 16, 
1841, A. B. of Bowdoin 1861, A. M. 1864, 
Litt. D. Bowdoin 1894, overseer of the coll., 
editor of the Boston Daily Advertiser, 
managing editor of the Youths' Com- 
panion, sec. of the Arkwright club, trustee 
Brookline public library, author of " Pres- 
idential Elections " and " Cotton Manu- 
facture in New England " (m. Nov. 16, 
1870 Eliza Maxwell Toplifif, dau. of Sam- 
uel Topliff of Boston Mass. [and Jane 
Sission Blackstock], 5th in desc. from 
Clement Topliff of Dorchester Mass., she, 
Eliza had 3 ch., viz.: Ethel [m. Charles 
Knowles Bolton], Edward and Maxwell, 
d. 1887); son of Daniel Caldwell Stan- 
wood of Augusta Mie., b. in Ipswich Mass. 
Mar. 31, 181 1, id. in Augusta Jan. 11, 1863, 
1st city clerk of Augusta, state rep. 1856 
(m. Mary Augusta Webster, dau. of Peter 
Eaton Webster of Salem Mass. and Re- 
becca Seymond, and gr.^dau. oi Jesse and 

Abigail [Eaton] Webster of Salem and 
N. H.); son of Isaac Stanwood of Ipswich 
Mass., b. there Sep. 21, 1783, d. there in 
Oct. 1867 (ni. June 12, 1810 Joanna, dau. 
of Ebeneazer and Mercy [Dodge] Cald- 
well, desc. of Samuel Appleton, John and 
Abigail [Hoey] Caldwell, Jdhn and Eliza- 
beth [Luce] Caldwell, John and Sarah 
[Foster] Caldwell, and John and Sarah 
[Tillingiham] CaldwelO ; son of Isaac 
Stanwood of Ipswich Mass., b. there May 
2, 1755, d. there Oct. 15, 1821, sea capt., 
minute man on the Lexington alarm rolls 
(m. Feb. 26, 1778 Eunice Hodgkins, gr.- 
dau. of William Hodgkins of Ipswich 
Mass. 1640); son of Ebenezer of Ips- 
wich Mass., b. there, bp. Nov. 2, 1723, d. 
there Dec. 29, 1789, peruke-maker (m. 1744 
Sarah, dau. of William and Charity [Dod] 
Wilcomb of the Isles of Shoals, and gt- 
gr.-dau. oi William Wilcomb of Scituate 
Mass., killed in King Philip's war) ; son 
of Ebenezer of Ipswich Mass., b. in Glou- 
cester Mass. 1709, d. in Ipswich Sep. 9, 
1727 (m. Oct. 25, 1723 Hannah, dau. of 
John and Hannah [Davis] Warner, gr.- 
dau. oif John Warner); son of Jonathan 
of Gloucester Mass., b. there Mar. 29, 
1661, d. there May 31, 1745 (m. Dec. 27, 
1688 Mary Nicholes of Jemiaco) ; son of 
Philip Stainwood, residing in Gloucester 
1652, id. there Aug. 7, 1672, fence-viewer, 
selectman of Gloucester (m. Jane, who 
afterwards m. John Pearce). 

SMALL, SAMUEL of York Pa., b. 
there, educated at York oollegiate 
inst., Princeton coll. and in Europe (un- 
married) ; son of Samuel of York Pa., b. 
there, educated at York co. acad., member 
of the firm of P. A. and S. Small, mer- 
chants and millers, pres. trustees of the 
York collegiate inst., pres. of trustees 
orphans' home, trustee of state inst. for 
insane in Harrisburg Pa. (m. Mar. 3, 1859 
Frances Ann Richardson, desc. of Law- 
rence Richardson of co. Antrim Ireland, a 
Quaker who came to Amer. 1728) ; son of 
Philip Albright Small of York Pa., b. 
there Nov. 6, 1797, d. there Apr. 5, 1875, 
educated at the York 00. acad., senior 



member df the firm of P. A. and S. Small, 
pres. of the Ashland Iron co., pres. of 
York CO. nat. bank, director in many local 
insts, land corporations (m. Apr. 25, 1822 
Sarah, dau. of William Geddes Latimer and 
Sarah Bartow, and 4th in desc. from Ar- 
thur Latimer of Narrow Waters Ireland, 
his family dates from inth century); son of 
John George Small of York Pa., b. there 
Apr. 28, 1767, d. there Sep. 4, 1838, edu- 
cated in Paroclhial sch., senior member of 
the firm lof Geo. Small and Sons, mier- 
chants and millers, pres. of council of 
German Reformed church, treas. of the 
synod, burgess of York, pres. and director 
in many local insts. and corporations (m. 
Nov. 24, 1792 Anna Maria Albright, dau. 
of Col. Philip and Anna Maria [Dunckel] 
Albright); son of Killyan Small oi York 
Pa., b. in Hes-sen Cassel 1733, d. in York 
Sep. 28, 181 5, educated in the German Re- 
formed 'church soh., carpenter, farmer, pri- 
vate in rev. war (m. 1758 Eva Welsch- 
hauce, came from Germany with her bros. 
when 10 years old); son of Lorentz of 
Yoirk Pa., b. in Hessen Cassel, d. in York 
1748 or 9, came to Amer. 1743, purchased 
a large tract of land in York co. 

of Providence R. I., b. in Seekonk 
Mass. Aug. 9, 1853, B. P. of Brown univ. 
1871, civil engineer 1871-86, assessor 1886- 
98 (m. Oct. 16, 1876 Alice E., dau. of 
Jason P. and Sarah E. [Wickes] Stone, 
and desc. of Hugh Stone, who came to 
Amer. about 1655, has 3 ch., viz.: Herbert 
H., Earl S. and Edith C); son of Francis 
of Seekonk Mass. and East Providence 
R. I., b. in former Oct. 11, 1820, d. in latter 
Jan. 28, 1895, rep. in Mass. general court, 
sch. committee, town treas., councilman, 
judge of probate of East Providence, sen- 
ator in R. I. general assemibly (m. Nov. 
25, 1845 Caroline A., dau. of Jesse and 
Elizabeth [Viall] Medbery, gr.-dau. of 
John Medbery, lieut. in a Mass. reg. in 
rev. war) ; son of Ambrose Armington of 
Rehobotih and Seekonk Mass., b. in former 
Aug. 19, 1782, d. in latter Sep. 6, 1845 (m. 
May 13, 1804 Sarah, dau. of Jeremiah and 

Priscilla [Bacon] Jenckes, desc. of Joseph 
Jenckes, gov. of R. I. 1727-S2, and of Jo- 
seph Jenckes, who emigrated to Amer. 
1633, settled in Lynn Mass.); son of 
Joseph Armington of Rehoboth and See- 
konk Mass., b. in former June 4, 1731, d. 
in latter Apr. 27, 1817 (m. 1760 Esither, 
dau. of Daniel and Hannah [Bearsto] 
Walker, and desc. of widow Walker, one 
of the original proiprietors of Rehoboth) ; 
son of Joseph lof Rehoboth Mass., b. on 
the island of Guernsey about 1707, d. in 
Rehoboth 1747, came to Amer. with his 
father (m. May 27, 1729 Hannah, dau. of 
Jonathan and HannaJh [Carpenter] Chaf- 
fee) ; som of Joseph Armington of Eng., 
b. on the island of Guernsey, d. in Eng. 
about 1715, came to Amer. 1714. 

lumbus Ohio, b. Jan. 17, 1856 (m. 
Mary, dau. of Thomas Metters of Colum- 
bus Ohio and Cornwall Eng., and has 2 
oh., viz.: Raymoind and Edwin); son of 
Evi, b. in Falls tp. Ohio Dec. 18, 1820, d. 
there (m. ist Sep. 3, 1846 Susannah, dau. 
of John Newkirk of Columbus Ohio, d. 
Feb. 5, 1852, 2d Rebecca McCoy of Ky.) ; 
son of Asa Spencer of Muskingham co. 
Ohio, b. in Sussex 00. N. J. May 28, 1797, 
d. in Falls tp. Ohio Nov. 4, 1850, farmer 
(m. Sep. 16, 1819 Cloe Loveridge Savage, 
dau. of Thomas and Anna Savage, who 
were m. 1802, amoved to Ohio 1812, pur- 
chased land in Muskingham co. Ohio, 
afterwards in Delaware and Licking Co.); 
son of Ichabod, b. in Sussex co. N. J. 
Jan. 4, 1766, farmer, sold his farm in N. J. 
1809 and removed to Muskingham co., 
here he bought a large farm near Zanes- 
ville (m. 1st Hannah Shearer, 2d 1796 
Mary, b. Mar. 13, 1774, dau. of Nehemiah 
Smith [m. Tabitha Bailey], who served in 
rev. war, after his death his family re- 
moved from Goshen N. Y. to Drowned 
Lands N. J.); son of William Spencer of 
Sussex CO. N. J., b. in N. J. 1739, d. in 
Sussex CO. 1777, farmer, of English desc. 
(had besides Ichabod above 4 ch., viz.: 
Nathan, b. 1764, William, b. 1769, Morris, 
b. 1772, and Sarah, b. I775). 



Louis Mo., b. in Hannibal Mo. Aug. 
18, 1840, author of " Wylie's Shorthand " 
1891 (m. Nov. 7, 1861 Chiliorine Gray, and 
has 5 ch., viz.: Ernest Gray, Lena Bird, 
Walter Harwood and Arthur Lovett 
Wylie) ; son of Samuel R. H., b. in Logan 
CO. Ky. Nov. 28, 181 1, d. in Mt. Vernon 
111. Aug. II, 1854, pastor of Presbyterian 
church in Mt. Vernon (m. May 2, 1839 
Emily A., b. near Lexington Ky. Sep. 9, 
1820, dau. of Capt. Abraham land Catha- 
rine [Fry] Bird of Ky. and Mo.); son of 
William Wylie, b. in Ky. Mar. 10, 1789, 
d. in Wayne co. Mo. Sep. 17, 1844 (m. 
Aug. 10, 1809 Anna Williams of Robert- 
son CO. Tenn.) ; son of William., b. in Va. 
Jan 22, 1765, d. in Ralls co. Mo. 1842, re- 
moved from Ky. to Hannibal Mo. about 
1829 (m. Mary, b. Dec. 22, 1768) ; son of 
Sam.uel Wylie, b. in Ireland, oame to 
Amer. 1759, and settled in Md. and Va., 
is of a Scotch family from Ayrshire Scot- 
land, that emigrated to Ireland near Beiv 
fast on account of religious persecutions 
in the 17th century. 

of Stamford Ct., b. there Mar. i, 
1851 (m. Dec. 20, 1877 Harriet Lucinda, 
dau. of George and Harriet L. [Weed] 
Kenworthy, and had 2 ch., viz.: Howard 
Roger and Mildred Adel Waterbury) ; son 
of Charles William Waterbury of Stbam- 
ford Ct., b. there Jan. 18, 1829, d. tihere 
June 26, 1866, enlisted 1862, served in co. 
B 28th reg. Ct. inf. 1862-3 (m. Jan. 14, 
1850 Caroline Matilda, dau. of Benjamin 
Franklin Ferris land Caroline Miatilda 
Parshall) ; son of Horace of Stamford Ct., 
b. there Aug. 29, 1787, d. ftlhere Jan. 30, 
1858, organized and was capt. of a 00. of 
militia wlhich was stationed on Shippan 
Point during war of 1812 (m. Dec. 18, 1812 
Ann, dau. of Daniel and Mercy [Weeks] 
Miller); son of Enos Waterbury of Stam- 
ford Ct., b. there June 19, 1762, d. there 
Mar. I, 1846, commissary, pensioner, sur- 
veyor of highways 1792, served as did his 
father in rev, war in Capt. Scofield's co. 
1780-1 (m. May 9, 1781 Sarah, dau. of 

Phineas and Elizsabeth [Lounsbury] 
Waterbury) ; son of Josiah of Stamiford 
Ct., b. there July 31, 1732, d. there, served 
in the rev. war in Capt. Scofield's co. 
1780-1 (m. Nov. 22, 1759 Sarah Husted); 
son of Benjamin Waterbury of Stamford 
Ct., b. there Sep. 12, 1694, d. there, sur- 
veyor 1744 (m. Jan. 12, 1726 Mary, dau. of 
Jonathan Mead of Greenwich Ct.); son of 
Jonathan of Stamford Ct., b. there about 
1653, <!• there Jan. 14, 1702, toiwnsman 1681- 
99 (m. about 1676 Yunice) ; son of John 
Waterbury of Stamford Ct., b. about 161 5, 
d. there July 31, 1658, was of Watertown 
Mass., sold house and land there 1646, re- 
moved to Stamford, rep. in the general 
court of New Haven Ct. 1657 (m. Rose). 


YATES, WILLIAM of Springfield 111., 
b. near Petersburg Va. Nov. 18, 
1806 (m. I St Apr. 19, 1835 F. J. Hinton, 
widow of Chas. Marr Hinton, and a desc. 
of the Balls and Manpins of Va., 2d Nov. 
16, 1852 Elizabeth Ann, dau. of John Ran- 
dolph and Malinda [Harlin] Murphy of 
Cumberland co. Ky., had 9 ch., viz.: David 
Stith, Mary Ann, Benjamin, Poythresis, 
Frederick Ferdinando, Meade Walker, 
Frances Elizabeth, Julia Stith and Grace 
Eliska Yates); son of Benjamin Poy- 
thress Yates of Grampian Hills Va., b. 
Apr. 7, 1780, d. in Petersburg Va. in Mar. 
1817, planter, the name of 'his plantation 
was Grampian Hills (m. Dec. 18, 1805 
Sophia, dau. of Capt. Buckner and Ann 
[Walker] Stith of Rock Springs Va., and a 
desc. of the Buckners, Drurys, Dades, 
Townshends, Langhornes, Bathhursts, 
Meades oif Va., Sir Richard Everard of 
N. C. and Sir Ferdinando Gorges) ; son of 
William Yates of Grampian Hills Va., b. 
prob. in Bristol Eng., d. Dec. 2, 1789, It.- 
col. in department of muster master gen, 
on Gen. Washington's stafif, col. in Va. 
reg. (m. ist June 22, 1777 Ann I^sham 
Poythress, had 2 ch., viz.: William and 
Benjamin Poythress Yates, 2d Elizabeth 
Booth); son of William Yates of Wil- 
liamsburg Va., b. in Middlesex co. Va. 
Dec. 14, 1720, ordained a minister 1745, 
rector of James City Parish Va. 1745-64, 



pres. of William and Mary coll. 1760 (m. 
Elizabeth, dau, of Edward Randolph of 
Eng. [and Miss Grosrenor, an English 
heiress], son of William and Mary 
[Isbam] Randolph 'oi Turkey Island Va.) ; 
son of Bartholomew Yates of Christ 
Churoh Va., b. in Donnington Eng. 1677, 
d. in Christ Church July 26, 1734, grad. 
Brazenose coll. Oxford Eng. 1698, or- 
dained a minister 1700, rector Christ Ch. 
Va., visitor William and Mary coll. 1723, 
member of Va. council 1719 (m. 1704 
Sarah, dau. of Tobias and Elizabeth 
[Minor] Mickleborough of Middlesex co. 
Va.) ; son of Robert of Christ Church Va., 
rector of Christ Church Va. 

WEBBER, LORENZO of Portland 
Mich., lb. an Watkins N. Y. July 22, 
1869 (unmarried) ; son of John A. of Port- 
land Mich., b. in Monrberey N. Y. Mar. 10, 
1845 (m. June 5, 1866 Mary Ellen Mason); 
son of Lorenzo of Elmira N. Y., b. in 
Newbury Vt. Sep. 12, 181 7, d. in Elmira 
Nov. 15, 1884 (m. Feb. 27, 1840 Jane Al- 
bina, dau. of Aimer Welch and Beulah 
Kent, desc. of Richard Kent, who landed 
in Ipawich Mass. 1634); son of Andrew 
Webber of Newbury Vt., b. in Lyman N. 
H. July 27, 1794, d. in Monterey N. Y. 
June 17, 1847, farmer, pioneer in Schuyler 
00. N. Y. (m. Oct. 31, 1816 Sophia Wil- 
kins); son of Andrew of Landaff N. H., 
b. in Methuen Mass. Feb. 18, 1763, d. in 
Baith N. H. May 10, 1845, farmer, stone 
mason (m. Nov. 29, 1784 Lucy Cross) ; 
son of William of Methuen Mass., b. in 
Ipswioh Mass. Apr. 22, 171 1, farmer (m. 
1st 1737 Mary Wells, 2d Jan. i, 1754 Lucy 
Kimball of Wenham Mass.) ; son of Ed- 
ward Webber of Ipswich and Beverly 
Mass. (m. Apr. 16, 1703 Patience Hobbs of 
Ipswich Mass.). 

Denver Col., b. in New York city 
Apr. 20, i860, assayer mint of the U. S. 
at Denver, member of Soc. Sons of Rev. 
in Col. (m. June 30, 1884 Jennie Decker, 
and had 2 ch., viz.: Edward Grant and 
William Coley Wygant) ; son of Luther 

Halsey Wygant of Denver Col., b. in 
Lattintown N. Y. Oct. 16, 1820, connected 
with the N. Y. police dept. 1857-72 and of 
Denver Col. 1884-90 (m. ist in Dec. 1845 
Cornelia C. Wood, d. in Sep. 1850, 2d Feb. 
8, 1855 Anne Jane Shields, d. Feb. 13, 
1878); son of John B. of Lattintown N. 
Y., b. there 1789, d. in Marengo N. Y. 
1868, volunteer 'soldier in war of 1812 (m. 
June 15, 1814 Elizabeth Smith, gr.-dau. of 
Lt. Anning Smith of 4th reg. Ulster co. 
militia rev. war) ; son of Thomas Wygant 
ol Marlborough N. Y., b. there 1755, d. 
1823, rev. soldier (m. Aug. 5, 1775 Eliza- 
beth Bond, gr.-dau. of Capt. William 
Bond, 1st settler of Marlborough N. Y., 
obtained the Bond land patent from Queen 
Anne 1712); son of Michael Wygant of 
Marlborough N. Y., b. and d. there, rev. 
soldier in co. of Capt. Anning Smith 4th 
reg. (m. Rebecca) ; son of George of Marl- 
borough N. Y., b. in Rhine Palitinate Ger- 
many about 1700 (m. Jannetje); son of 
Michael Wygant of Newburgh N. Y.; 
son of George Herrmann Weygandt, b. in 
Rhine Palitinate Ger. 1656, was forced to 
leave Ger. on account of religious wars, 
1st of the name in Amer., settled in New- 
burgh 1708, built the house now known as 
Washington's headquarters, clergyman. 

Mass., b. there May 24, 185 1, edu- 
cated in the public schools and in Ger- 
many, U. S. consul at Mayence Ger., 
admitted to practice 1881, author of 
" Webster on Citizenship " and " Webster 
on Naturalization " (m. Dec. 12, 1877 
Sarah Maria Burlingame, desc. of Roger 
Williams, founder of R. I., had 3 ch., 
Susan Hildreth, Helen Burlingame and 
Dorothy Webster); son of William 
Prentiss Webster of Lowell Mass., b. in 
Newburyport Mass. June 9, 181 7, d. in 
Frankfort on the Main Germany Feb. 27, 
1877, igrad. Dartmouth coll., studied law, 
admitted to practice, maj., consul-general 
of the U. S. to Frankfort on the Main 
Germany 1869-77 (m. Aug. 21, 1850 Susan, 
dau. of Dr. Israel and Dolly [Jones] Hil- 
dreth of Dracut Mass.) ; son of Humphrey 



son of Israel Webster of Salisbury N. H. 
of Newiburyport and Lowell Mass., b. in 
Salisbury N. H. Feb. i, 1781, d. in Lowell 
Oct. 18, 1847, contractor and builder of 
Lowell (m. in Mar. 1803 Clarissa Greeley) ; 
and Belgrade Me., b. in former dn July 
I753> d. in latter Sep. 8, 1835, private in 
Capt. Ebenezer Webster's co. Col. Stick- 
ney's reg. Gen. Stark's brigade 1777 (m. 
Oct. 25, 1772 Elizabeth, dau. of Private 
Benjamin Rolfe [and Lydia Pearsons], 
marched in Col. Thomas Stickney's reg., 
commanded by Lt.-Col. Henry Gerrish, 
raised in Concord to relieve the garrison 
of Ticonderoga 1777) ; son of Jolm of 
Salisbury N. H., b. in Hampton N. H. 
Feb. 10, 1710, d. in Salisbury Apr. 29, 1788, 
private in ist and 2d expeditions against 
Crown Point, capt. under Col. Meserve at 
the surrender of Fort William Henry, 
when Salisbury was incorporated he repre- 
sented it 1767, lieut. in Col. Bedell's reg. 
1776 (m. Nov. 17, 1730 Ruth Clough); son 
of John Webster of Hampton N. H., b. 
there Feb. 16, 1674, d. 1752, private in 
King William's war and in the Indian 
wars (m. Sep. 21, 1703 Abiah Shaw) ; son 
of Thomas of Hampton N. H., b. in 
Ormesby Eng. Nov. 20, 1631, d. in Hamp- 
ton Jan. 5, 1715 (m. Nov. 2, 1657 Sarah, 
dau. of Thomas Brewer, one of the 70 ad- 
venturers of Plymouth Mass.). 

city, b. itihere Apr. 13, 1841, lawyer, 
grad. coll. of the City of N. Y., Columbia 
law sch., A. B., A. M., LL. B., member of 
Holland Soc, St. Nicholas Soc. and N. Y. 
Hist. Soc. (unmarried); son of Benjamin 
Coe of New York, b. there Dec. 28, 1819, 
d. there Mar. 23, 1887, dry goods mer- 
chant, police justice in N. Y. city 8 years 
(m. Feb. 10, 1840 Caroline S. Pangburn, 
desc. of Runyon of N. J.); son of Abra- 
ham Wandell of New York city, b. in 
Tappan N. Y. Dec. 24, 1781, d. in N. Y. 
city Dec. 9, 1823 (m. Martha, dau. of 
Judge Benjamin Coe, judge of the court of 
common pleas, member of assembly 1778- 
89, 1st member from Rockland co. 1799, 
state senator 1807-12, son of John Coe, 

judge of Orange co. 1764-70, member of 
colonial assembly 1775, provincial congress 
1775, a-lso of the assembly 1778-80); son of 
Jacob Wandell of Fishkill and Tappan N. 
Y., b. in Fishkill May 30, 1747, d. in Hav- 
erstraw N. Y., one oi the earliest settlers 
of Havertstraw 1794 (m. Feb. 8, 1770 
Catherine, dau. of Stephen Stilwell of 
Hempstead L. I., desc. of Nicholas Stil- 
well, colonial soldier, son of Richard Stil- 
well, \h. in Holland 1630); son of John 
Wandell of Fisihkill N. Y., b. in Amster- 
dam Holland about 1700, came to Amer. 
from Holland to escape persecution as a 
Protestant, settled in Fishkill (m. Thur- 
ston, had besides Jacob above 4 ch., viz.: 
Samuel, Daniel, John and Polly). 

INGTON of Middleburg Pa., b. nr. 
Selinsgrove Pa. Apr. 27, 1868, editor of the 
Middleburg Post, grad. Bucknell univ. 
1892 (m. Oct. 22, 1896 Miriam, dau. of Dr. 
John W. Orwig [and Margaret Zellers] 
dentist); tson of William Jeremiah Wag- 
enseller of Selinsgrove Pa., b. in Snyder 
CO. Mar. 23, 1839, d. in Selinsgrove Aug. 
3, 1895, merchant, metmber of Patrons of 
Husbandry of Snyder co. (m. Nov. 5, 1861 
Rebecca, dau. of John Forry of Berks, co. 
Pa.); son of William Findley Wagen- 
seller of Selinsgrove Pa., b. in Montgom- 
ery CO. Pa. Nov. 13, 1817, d. in 
Selinsgrove Aug. 10, 1876, merchant in 
Selinsgrove, member of Pa. house of reps, 
(m. Amelia Bergstresser) ; son of Peter 
of Providence tp. Pa., b. in Montgomery 
CO. Pa. Sep. 24, 1774, d. in Columbus Ohio 
June 14, 1835, constable, justice of the 
peace (m. Susanna Longaker, desc. of 
Ulrich Longenecker Sr., b. in Switzerland, 
came to Amer. 1733) ; son of John of 
Trappe Pa., b. in Upper Hanover tp. Pa. 
June 24, 1739, d. in Providence Pa. Sep. 
29, 1779, lived along the Perkiomen creek 
(m. Margaret, dau. of Andrew Honneter 
of Douglas tp. Pa.); son of Christopher 
Wagenselle of Upper Hanover Pa., b. in 
Germany, d. in Upper Hanover 1762, came 
to Amer. prior to 1734 (m. Anna Chris- 



Salem Mass., b. there Dec. 12, 1878 
(unmarried); son of Samuel Pickman 
Walcott of Salem Mass. and ' Rice co. 
Minn., b. Feb. 9, 1834, d. in Salem June 25, 
1885, founder of Walcott Minn. (m. Feb. 
II, 1875 Eliza Ellen Cutts, desc. of Col. 
Peter Frye, a iloyalist of Salem Mass.); 
son of Samuel Baker Walcott of Sakm 
Mass., b. Mar. 7, 1795, d. in Boston Mass. 
Dec. 4, 1854, lawyer in Boston, grad. Har- 
vard coll. 1819, founder of a scholar«hlp 
there (m. June i, 1829 Martha, dau. of Col. 
Benjamin Pickman and Austis, dau. of 
Elias Haskett Derby) ; son of Jabez Wal- 
cott, b. Dec. 17, 1750 or 6, d. in Liver miore 
Me. Aug. 19, 1825 (m. Mary, dau. of Sam- 
uel Baker of Westbury Mass. and Susanna 
Tainter, b. in Watertown, d. in Berlin 
Mass.) ; son of Jesse, b. in Sakm Mass. 
Feb. 27, 1734, d. in Bolton Ma;ss. Apr. i, 
1800 (m. 1755 Rebecca Conant, desc. of 
Roger Conant and Giles Corey) ; son of 
Jabez Walcctt, b. in Salem Mass. Sep. 13, 
1709, d. in Stowe Mar. 27, 1781 (m. May 

29, 1733 Lydia Flint, desc. of William 
Donnton, John and Rebecca [Prince] Put- 
nam, Thos. and Mary [Dounton] Flint, 
Thos. Flint, b. in Danvers 1678, and Lydia 
Putnam, John and Lydia [Potter] Put- 
nam) ; son of Jonathan Walcut, d. in 
Salem Mass. Dec. 16, 1698, serg. in the 
colonial wars, deacon in ist ch. in Danvers 
Mass. (m. ist Jan. 26, 1665 Mary, dau. of 
John Sibley, b. in Eng., d. in Manchester 
Mass. 1661); son of William Wakut, b. in 
Eng., large land owner in Manchester-by- 
the-Sea (m. Ann Ingersoll). 

T/ AUGHAN, LEANDER N. of Somer- 
V ville Mass., b. in Chester N. S. Oct. 

30, 1864, jeweller, moved to Maine 1883, 
moved to Cambridge Mass. 1889 (m. Oct. 
8, 1890 Lillian Germain, b. in Vt. 1855); 
son of William N. of Jersey City N. J., 
b. in Chester N. S. Aug. 23, 1842, cooper, 
engaged in grocery and lumber business 
in N. S. (m. Jan. 20, 1862 Tryphina Keizer, 
German desc, early settlers in N. S., desc. 
of the Iloughtons, Whitcombs, Willards 
and Farrars) ; son of David Vaugham of 

Chester N. S., ib. there May 2, 1817, farmer, 
lumber merchant (m. Dec. 26, 1839 Bar- 
bara, b. in Chester Feb. i, 1807, d. June 6, 
1891, dau. of John and Mary [Keizer] 
Swinehamer of Chester N. S.) ; son of 
Anthony of Chester N. S., b. there Aug. 
25, 1782, d. there Feb. 25, i860, farmer, 
lumber merchant (m. Elizalbeth, b. in New- 
port N. S. Jan. 25, 1779, d. in Chester July 
3, 1851, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth 
[Smith] Nelson); son of Anthony 
Vaugham of R. I., b. in Va., d. in Chester 
N. S., farmer, lumber merchant (m. Annie 
Armstrong of Sugar Loaf N. J., and had 
besides Anthony above 3 ch., viz.: James, 
Frank and John) ; son of Anthony of R. 
I., emigrated with his 2 bros. John and 
Daniel to Nova Scotia, received a grant of 
land from the British government, the 
Vaughams were early settlers in Va. 

Berlin Tenn., b. in Nashville Tenn. 
Sep. 4, 1847, went to the country to live 
when 12 years old, grad. of Emory and 
Henry coll. Va. (m. May 8, 1883 Willie 
E., dau. of Hollis H. and Joanna [Year- 
ing] Horton, and is of English desc, had 
5 ch., viz.: Kate Ella, Horton Williams, 
Jolin Anderson, Joanna and Alexander 
Utley Bransford); son of L. Murray 
Bransford of Nashville Tenn., b. in Smith 
CO. Tenn. Mar. 26, 1816, d. in Nashville 
Oct. 7, 1855, state register 1841-55, col. of 
the 88th reg. militia of Naslhvilk 1845, was 
a writer of both prose and poetry, which 
he contributed to the leading periodicalis of 
his day under the name of Philomel (m. 
Jan. I, 1847 Helen F., dau. of George N. 
Anderson, b. in Scotland, d. in Nashville 
Tenn. Mar. 26, 1852, she was b. in Jersey 
City N. J., d. in Nashville Jan. 8, i860, 
came to Nashville when 5 years old, m. 2 
years after the death of her ist husband 
James Kerr); son of John Bransford of 
Nashville Tenn., b. in Buckingham co. Va. 
Sep. 21, 1793, d. in Nashville Sep. 23, 1837, 
surveyor, Methodist clergyman, state reg- 
ister (m. Apr. 21, 1815 Polly Cleveland, b. 
in N. C, d. in Nashville May 3, 1842, had 
besides L. Murray above 5 ch., viz.: Wil- 



Ham Milton, lawyer, Miartha Ware [m. 
Lewis Morgan], Mary Crane [m. Wiilliam 
McClain, lawyer of Warsaw Mo.], Samuel 
Wilson and Nancy Caroline [m. William 
L. Utley of Goodlettsville Tenn.]); son of 
John Bransford of Smith co. Tenn., b. in 
Chesterfield co. Va. 1763 or 4, d. in Smith 
00. Dec. 31, 1830, planter in Buckingham 
CO. Va., moved to Smith co. Tenn. 1808 
(m. 1790 or I Molly, d. Feb. 5, 1840, dau. 
of Richard Ridge way of Willis Mountain 
Va., and ihad besides John above 9 ch., 
viz.: William C, Richard Ridgeway, Sal- 
lie, Samuel W., Anna, Gideon H., Mary 
J., Martha and James Wesley Bransford) ; 
son of John Bransford of Buckingham co. 
Va. (m. 1st Sallie Easter, had besides 
John, b. 1763 or 4, as above, 4 ch., viz.: 
Molly [m. Robert Mosely], Sally [m. 
James Agee], William [m. Patsey Mosely] 
and James [m. Celia Agee], 2d 1765 Judith 
Amonette) ; son of John Bransford of 
Richmond Va., b. in London Eng., d. in 
Chesterfieild co. Va, 1768, ist of the name 
in America. 

Albans Vt., b. there 1874, member 
Vt. Soc. S. A. R., miember N. Y. Soc. 
Mayflower Descendants, etc.; son of Hon. 
Herbert of Saint Albans, b. 1837, ist lieut. 
CO. L 1st Vt. 'cav., regimental qrmr. same, 
G. B. A. of C. V. R. R., pres. Grand Isle 
Steamboat Co., legislator 1880, state sen- 
ator 1882-3, etc. (m. Anna Maria Forbes) ; 
son of Hon. Lawrence of Saint Albans, b. 
in East Hartford Ct. 1794, d. in Sainit Al- 
bans 1870, legislator, U. S. senator 1854-5, 
pres. elector 1856, pres. Am. Missionary 
Soc, etc. (m. Fidelia Burnett Gadcomb, 
b. in Gloucester R. I. 1793, d. in St. Albans 
1852, gr.-dau. of Lt.-Gov. Daniel Owen of 
R. I. 1786-90), Annia Maria Forbes was 
dau. of Abner Forbes Jr., b. in Windsor 
Vt. 1822, d. in St. Albans 1873, paymaster- 
general and auditor of C. V. R. R. (m. 
Catherine Tucker Campbell), son of Gen, 
Abner Forbes Sr. of Windsor Vt., b. in 
Sutton Mass. 1772, d. in Windsor 1828, 
colonel 1800-5, brig.-gen. 1805-10, banker, 
philanthropist, legislator, member of gov- 

ernor's council, judge, chief justice of 
Windsor 00. court, trustee of various col- 
leges, etc (m. Sarah Spooner, eldest dau. 
of Hon. Alden Spooner, state printer and 
legislator, who m. Sarah Burton, dau. of 
Judge Jacob Burton of Norwich Vt. and 
sister of the celebrated metaphysician Rev. 
Dr. Asa Burton; and descendant of Dep. 
Gov. John Alden, Richard Warren, Rev. 
John Cooke and Hon. Francis Cooke, all 
of the Mayflower 1620). Catherine Tucker 
Campbell was dau. of Hon. Edward Ray- 
mond Campbell of Windsor Vt., the Ver- 
mont poet (m. Anna Maria Cutler, dau. of 
the eminent Samuel Cutler A. M., M. D., 
F. R. H. S., and sister-in-'law of Rt. Rev. 
Carlton Chase D. D., ist bishop of N. H.); 
son of Hon Alexander Campbell M. D. of 
Rockingham Vt., b. in Oxford Mass. 1762, 
d. 1837, distinguished physician, surgeon of 
Vt, militia, legislator, master in chancery, 
1st associate judge of court of common 
pleas of Windham co. Vt, (m. Rhoda 
Corey, dau. of Oliver and Mary [King] 
Corey and desc. of Rev. Nathaniel Rogers 
of Ipswich Mass., A. M. of Oxford coll.); 
son of Dr. Alexander Campbell of Ox- 
ford Mass., b. there 1732, d. 1782, promi- 
nent physician there, lieut. 1758, member 
of Mass. prov. congress 1774 (m- Lydia 
Stearne, dau. of Capt. Thos. Stearne of 
Worcester Mass., sister of Dr. Thos. 
Stearne of Claremont N._H. and gr.-dau. 
of Judge Wm. Jennison of Worcester 
Mass.); son of Rev. John Campbell of 
Oxford Mass., b, in North of Scotland, 
the first minister of Oxford, the most in- 
fluential man in the town; son of James 
Campbell, earl of Loudoun, and Lady 
Margaret Montgomery. 

Gatewood Va., b. Dec. 10, 1846, 
judge of Spotsylvania county (m. Dec. 27, 
1883 Constance G. Cazenore, dau. of Wm. 
G. Cazenore of Alexandria Va., and gr.- 
dau. of Judge Stanard of Virginia) ; son of 
Nelson Samuel Waller of Spotsylvania 
CO. Va., b. there Dec 30, 1817, d. at Pros- 
pect Hill July 20, 1868, eminent physician 
(m. May 7, 1843 Mary Hampton De Jar- 



nette, dau. of Capt. Elliott De Jarnett of 
Pine Forest, Spotsylvania co. Va., desc, of 
Lady Jane Grant) ; son of Absalom Waller 
of Spotsylvania co., b. there 1772, d. there 
1823, eminent Baptist minister (m. Nov. 
ID, 1805 Ciceley Shelton, dau. of Col. 
Clough Shelton and desc. of Lord 
Clough); son of Benjamin Waller of 
Spotsylvania co. Via., b. there 1749, d. at 
Prospect Hill 1835, an old Virginia gen- 
tleman (m. Jeane Curtis, dau. of Col. Rice 
Curtis); son of Edmund Waller of New- 
port Va., b. there, d. in Spotsylvania co., 
second clerk of the county (m. Mary Pen- 
dleton); son of John of Newport Va., b. 
1673, d. 1754, was 1st clerk of the county 
and had title of gentleman (m. Dorothy 
King, b. 1675, d. 1759); son of John of 
Virginia 1635, who came from England. 
The family of Waller, one of the most 
ancient and distinguished among the Eng- 
lish gentry, was founded by Alnred de 
Waller, a Norman, who settled in the 
county of Kent and died in 1183. From 
him descended the Walkrs of that and 
other countries. Richard Waller of 
Groombridge, Kent, distinguished himself 
very highly at the battle of Agincourt, 
where he took prisoner the French prince, 
the Duke of Orleans; amd Henry V of 
England, in honor of his services, added 
to the ancient arms of the family (which 
were " sable three walnut leaves or, be- 
tween two bendiets ar "), the crest " an 
oak tree proper, on the sinister side an 
escutcheon pendant, charged with the 
arms of France (three fleurs de lis) with a 
label of three points," and the motto, 
" Haec fructus virtutis." Among the 
other distinguished men of the family were 
the parliamentary generals Sir William 
and Sir Hardress Waller, who were of the 
Kentish branch, and Edmund Waller, the 
poet, who was of the Wallers of Beacons- 
field, Buckinghamshire, sprung from a 
young son of the Groombridge family. 
John Waller, second son of George Waller 
of Groombridge, had a son Robert of 

Beaconsfield, who married Elizabeth 

and died in 1558, leaving issue: i, Francis 
(will dated 1549), married Anne ; ii, 

Thomas; iii, Edward, married 


and had a son Robert, who married Anne 
Hamden (sister of John Hamden) and 
died in 1616, leaving issue Edmund of 
Beaconsfield, the poet, who was ten years 
old at his father's death; iv, Ralph, who 
had a son Francis alive 1549; v, daugihter, 

married Pope; vi, daughter, married 

Gresham; v.ii, son, married 

Smith. Edmund Waller, the poet, first 
married Anne Banks; second wife Miss 
Breese, ishe was the mother of five sons 
and six daughters. The first to whom the 
Virginia family can be directly traced was 
John Waller, M. D., born 1617 (a grand- 
son of the poet), a prominent citizen of 
Newport Paganel, Buckinghamshire. He 
married Mary Key and emigrated from 
England to Virginia 1635, and was alive in 
1688, with the 'following issue by his wife 
Mary Key: i, Leonard; ii, William; iii, 
John; iv, Mary; v, Thomas; vi, Steven; 
vii, Benjamin; viii, Edmund, M. D., a 
senior fellow of Saint John's college, 
Cambridge, where he died in 1745; Tx, 
James; x, Jemima. Col. John Waller, 
born 1673, gentleman (an appendage to 
their names that he and his sons used 
during life in their deeds and other im- 
portant papers), was a member of the 
houes of burgesses 1719, the first clerk of 
Spotsylvania county from 1722 to 1742, and 
was the third son of the English emigrant 
John Waller and his wife Mary Key. He 
married Dorothy Ring and lived on his 
estate, " Newport," Spotsylvania co., Va. 
He died 1754. Dorothy this wife born 
1675, died 1759, aged 84; both were buried 
at Newport, Spotsylvania co., their home- 
stead. His children were Miary, Edmund, 
second clerk from 1742 to 1751, William, 
third clerk from 1751 to 1759, John, fourth 
clerk from 1760 to 1774, iv son Thomas, v 
Benjamin, who became the celebrated 
Judge Waller of Williamsburg Va. The 
silver seal of CoJ. John Waller, gentleman, 
is still in existence, though it has passed 
into the possession of a family descended 
from his daughter Mary, and not of the 
Waller name. The 'coat of arms consists 
of a shield, the contour of which is highly 



ornamented. The shield is crossed ob- 
Hquely by a band, on which are three wal- 
nut leaves, one above another. The crest 
is an oak tree, from the branches of which 
is suspended on the right side -a shield on 
which are fieur de lis, representative of the 
arms of France. Mary Waller, the oldest 
ohild and only daughter of Col. John Wal- 
ler, gentleman, married Mr. Zackary 
Lewis, a lawyer, Jan. 9th, 1725, aged 25 
years, died March 23d, 1781, 12 minutes 
after 12 o'clock at night. She left four sons 
and four daughters, each in comfortable 
circuniistances. Anne Lewis, the eldest, 
married Chancellor George Wythe of Vir- 
ginia, died childless; ist John Lewis 
(known as the honest lawyer in ihis day) 
married Mildren, daughter of Col. Robert 
Lewis of Belvoir, Albermarle co., Va., who 
was the brother of Col. Fielding Lewis, 
wiho married Gen. George Washington's 
sister Betty; ii, Waller Lewis and his 
brother John married sisters; iii, Benjia- 
min; iv, Zackary. Nicholas Lewis, the son 
of John Lewis (the " honest lawyer "), 
married his cousin Nancy Meriwether, the 
daughter of Nicholas Meriwether, wihose 
wife was Rebecca, daughter of Richard 
Terrell by his wife Nancy Overton, daugh- 
ter of second William Overton, whose 
daughter Barbara married John Carr of 
Bear Castle, Louisa co., Va., and whose 
son, the great Virginian, Hon. Dabney 
Carr, married Martha, sister to Thos. Jef- 
ferson. Dabney Carr and ihis brother-in- 
law, Thos. Jefferson, are buried under the 
great trees at Monticello, as it was agreed 
between them 'they would be when they 
died while they were yet youths and stud- 
ied beneath their shade. Col. John Waller 
willed to his eldest son Edmund suit of 
horse arms and furniture, his silver cap 
pistols and silver hilted sword. This Ed- 
mund was the second clerk of Spotsyl- 
vania CO., Va., and my great-great-grand- 
father. He married Mary Pendleton. 
Nancy Waller, their only daughter, mar- 
ried George Mason of Virginia, and their 
only daughter Nancy Mason married 
Henry Coleman, brother of Burbage Cole- 
man of Va, She was the mother of one 

son, Henry. Four daughters: Mary, mar- 
ried Mr. Brown; Sallie, Mr. Claibourne; 
Ella, married Mr. Dox; Emma, married 
Henry Carter. She is the mother of Mrs. 
Judge Redd and Attorney Hill Carter. 
Edmund W^aller's three sons, John, Wil- 
liam and Benjamin. This John was bound 
to his uncle, Col. William Waller, to study 
law. He was born 1741, and died in South 
Carolina 1803. In his youth he was so 
wild he was known as the Devil's Adjutant. 
Lie afterwards became the celebrated Bap- 
tist minister. Bio'graphy written by Sem- 
ple. At an early age ihe manifested a great 
talent for satire, and was also a poet. He 
married Miss E. Curtis. Sons, John, 
Thomas and Benjamin; daughters, Phoebe, 
married Mr. Collin, Dorothy Virginia, 
married Wadlow, Nancy, Mr. Marshall, 
Mary, Mr. Watson. Rev. William Ed- 
mund Waller (second son of Edmund 
Waller), born in 1747. He married Miss 
Mildred Smith of Ky., sister of Dr. Robert 
Miar shall' s wife, who was a brother of 
Chief Justice Marshall of Va. Issue, two 
daughters and five sons. Mary married 
Mr. Price and died in Frankfort, Ky. 
Nancy married ist Maj. Joseph Hawkins, 
three sons, Waller, Edmund and Price. 
She married 2d Mr. Busch of Ky. Sons of 
Rev. William Edmund Waller, Stephen, 
Edmund, George, Richard and William S. 
Waller. Edmund and George were Bap- 
tist ministers. John Lightfoot Waller, the 
son of Edmund, was a very distinguished 
Baptist minister. William S. Waller, cash- 
ier of the old bank of Frankfort, Ky., mar- 
ried Miss Catharine Breckenridge; four 
sons and two daughters. Catharine mar- 
ried the laite Dr. James G. Carson of 
Louisiana; 4 sons, Joseph, William, James 
and Edward; one daughter, Cafchaj-ine 
Casson, Susanna married the late Mr. 
James Lees; lives at her home. Hazel- 
wood, near High Bridge, New York. No 
children, but has educated and reared in 
her family Mary, the daughter of the late 
Gen. John C. Breckenridge, and Fielding 
and Fanny Marshall, children of the late 
John Marshall of Virginia, wiho was the 
grandson of Chief Justice Marshall of Va. 




The late Henry Waller married Miss Sarah 
Bell Laughorne. He was a practicing 
lawyer in Chicago, 111.; 10 children. Sec- 
ond William Waller married Miss Ann 
Johnson of Georgetown, Ky., where he 
practiced law. Third Edward married 
Miss Virginia Bibb, grand-daughter of the 
late George M. Bibb, secretary of the 
treasury of the United States; second wife 
Miss Rawson; four sons, Rawson, Ed- 
ward, James and Francis. James married 
Miss Lucy Alexander, the daughter of the 
late Robert Alexander of Woodford co., 
Ky., who was la native of Scotland, presi- 
dent of the bank of Frankfort, Ky.; seven 
daughters and two sons. The Rev. Wil- 
liam Edmund Waller moved from Spotsyl- 
vania CO., Via., to Kentucky, and many of 
his descendants are now living in Chicago, 
111. He preached many years in Ky.; re- 
turned to Spotsylvania co., Va., where he 
died in 1850, aged 83 years. Benjamin , 
Waller, born 1749, died 1835, third son of 
Edmund Waller, married Miss Jean Cur- 
tis. One daughter, Frances Aylett Waller, 
married Col. Graves of Ky. Two children 
died young. Five sons, Absalom, Aylett, 
Joseph, Curtis, Benjamin. Rev. Absalom 
was my grandfather, born 1772. His death 
occurred Oct. 3d, 1823. Biography written 
by James B. Taylor. He was an emi- 
nent Baptist minister. Married ist Miss 
Lucy Jones; 2d wife Miss Ciceley A. Shel- 
ton of Albemarle co., Va., married Nov. 
loth, 1805, daughter of Col. Clough Shel- 
ton and his wife Miss Anderson; two 
daughters and five sons, Anne Eliza, died 
young, Mildred Jane, died at the age of 
79, Clough Waller and Judson Cary, died 
young, also Robert William Shelton Ed- 
mund Waller, alive now, 80 years old. Dr. 
Nelson Samuel Waller, an eminent physi- 
cian, my father, married Miss Mary Hamp- 
ton De Jarnette, daughter of Capt. Elliott 
De Jarnette of Pine Forest, Spotsylvania 
CO., Va., May 7th, 1843; four sons and one 
daughter, Nannie Waller, Robert Emmett, 
William Judson Cary, Nelson Samuel, Ab- 
salom. Judge Robert Emmett married 
Dec. 27th, 1883, Miss Constance Gardner 
Cazenore, daughter of William G. Caze- 

nore of Alexandria, Va., and granddaugth- 
ter of Judge Sfcanard of Va. She died, and 
their little daughter. Dr. William Judson 
Cary Waller of Albemarle co., Va., mar- 
ried June 14th, 1881, 1st wife, Miss Bettie 
Dew, great-niece of President Thomas 
Dew of William and Mary college; mar- 
ried Oct. 28th, 1892, 2d wife. Miss Cordelia 
Willing Byrd of Norfolk, granddaugfhter 
of Col. Byrd of Westorer, Va. He died 
of la grippe Jan. i, 1892, without issue. Nel- 
son Samuel married Miss Rebecca Bran- 
son Gardner June 23d, 1880, of Mountain 
Home, Warren co,, Va. ; issue two sons 
and one daughter: Mary R., born Oct. ist, 
1886; Gardner Samuel, born March 26th, 
1881; Robert Allen, the latter died young; 
Absalom, a lawyer, married Dec. 22d, 
1886, Miss Anne Cazenore du Pout of 
Wilmington, Del., great-niece o'f Admiral 
du Pout and granddaughter of Gen. Hen- 
derson of the United States marine. Col. 
Aylett Waller married Miss Lucie Arm- 
stead of Williamsburg, Va., his cousin. 
Col. in the war 181 2; one son, Lenard; 
three daughters, Fanny, Lucie, Ellen, very 
beautiful, called Countess. They moved to 
Kentucky. Joseph Waller married ist 
Miss Buckner, 2d Miss Roy, 3d Miss 
Minor, only daughters Mary and Bera. 
Col. Curtis Waller married Miss Patsy 
Armstead from Williamsburg, Va., his 
cousin; two sons, Robert and Armstead; 
two daughters, Lucie and Patsy. Robert 
married Miss Tinker of Greensboro, Ala. 
He was a distinguished lawyer. Benjamin 
married Lucy Carter; three sons, Richard, 
John and Mortimore; four daughters, 
Jeane married Mr. Lewis, Matilda Mr. 
To'wles, Lucinda married Mr. Gill Waller. 
They moved to Tennessee. Col. John 
Waller, second son Col. John Waller, gen- 
tleman. There is but little known; born 
1712, died 1758. His grandson married 
Agncss Carr, lived at Ceader Point, Spot- 
sylvania CO., Va. ; two sons and six daugh- 
ters, Mrs. Bullock, Mrs. Eggleston, Mrs. 
Overton, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. 
Tcrrill; sons Pumfret and Thomas. Pum- 
fret born 1775, died 1814. Thomas married 
Sarah Dabney, whose mother's maiden 



name was Jennings. She oame from Eng- 
land, and one of the heirs to the celebrated 
Jennings estate in England. Col. William 
Waller, third son of Col. John Waller, 
gentleman. He was the third clerk of 
Spotsylvania 'Co., Va. ; born 1714, died 
1760, as shown by his gravestone and will. 

He married Ann . Her family name is 

not given. He appears to have been a man of 
unusual business capacity, and greatly de- 
pended on by his family and by others in 
business matters. His mother Dorothy 
left him in her will, among other things, 
her large silver spoons, a mourning ring 
given her by her husband, a large Bible 
and Common Prayer Book, which shows, 
as is well known, that the old Waller clerk 
belonged to the Church of England, and 
the opening clause of his will indicates 
that he was a man of exemplary piety. He 
willed his seal to his eldest son, and wishes 
it to descend in right line forever. When 
this seal is applied to red wax there ap- 
pears the Waller coat of arms, crest and 
motto, " Haec fruotus virtutis." He also 
says in his will " he wishes his brother 
Benjamin Waller of Williamsburg to set- 
tle his account with our brother Edmund." 
Col. William Waller's eldest son married a 
Miss Bouchier. He is buried lat Newport, 
Spotsylvania co., Va., their old homestead. 
Thomas Waller, fourth son of Col. John 
Waller, gentleman. I think the Wallers of 
Stafford co., Va., are descended from him. 
Judge Benjamin Waller of Williamsburg 
Va., the fifth son of Col. John Waller, gen- 
tleman, was born 1716, died 1786. Mar- 
ried M'iss Martha Hall of North Carolina 
1746; had issue: i, Martha, married Wil- 
liam Taylor of Lunenburg co., Va. ; ii, 
Mary, married John T. Corbin; iii, John 
of " Enfield," King William co., married 
Judith Page of Broiadneck; iv, Dorothy, 
married Henry Tazewell of Brunswick co., 
Va., member Va. convention of 1776; v, 
Anne, married John Bush; vi, Benjamin 
Carter, married Catherine Page of Broad- 
neck; vii, Clara, married Edward Travis, 
issue: i. Joseph, miarried Patsy Williams, 
ii, Edward; viii, William, married Eliza- 
beth Macon of Hanover 00., Va.; ix, Rob- 

ert Hall, married ist Nancy Camm of 
York CO., Va., 26. Martha CrafTord; x, 
Sarah, married John Smith of M^atthews 
CO., Va. Issue of John and Judith Page 

Waller: i, John Waller, married 

Greeniho'W, issue: i, Eliza, married Vest, ii, 

Littleton, married 1st Sharpe, 26. 

Roberson; ii, Benjamin, inherited " En- 
field," and married Elizabeth Travis; iii, 
Sarah, married John Byrd; iv, Patsy, mar- 
ried 1st Montague Williams, 2d Joseph 
Travis. Issue of Benjamin and Elizabeth 
Travis Waller: i, William, married Susan 
Hall, issue: i, Betty, married John Taylor, 
ii, Benjamin William; ii. Waller, miarried 
Lucy Waller, issue: i, Corbin, ii, Logan, 
iii, Betty; iii, Judith Page, married Philip 
Aylett of King William co., Va. ; iv, ist 
married Ann, daughter of Anderson Bar- 
rett of Richmond, issue: i, Linden, ii. 
Page, married Major Leigh R. Page 2d, 
Mary Winfree issue, iii, Florence, iv, Mar- 
tha Travis, married July, 1879, Ralph C. 
Johnson. Issue of Judith Page (Waller) 
and Philip Aylett, sixth in descent from 
Capt. John Aylett from Essex, England, 
who settled in King William co. in 1656: 
i, Patrick Henry, killed in the capitol dis- 
aster April 21 St, 1870, distinguished law- 
yer, district attorney of the confederate 
states of America, editor of Richmond 
Times 'and of the Enquirer, married Emily 
Coles, daughter of Hon. John Rutherford, 
governor of Va.; ii, Patsey Waller, married 
1st Dr. P. H. Cabell of Amherst co., Va., 
issue three children, died in infancy; iii, 
William Roane, col. C. S. A., common- 
wealth's attorney King William co., Va., 
married Alice S., daughter of Moore F. 
and Sarah Brockenbrough. Issue Sarah 
Waller and John Byrd: i, John, married 

Page, issue: Courtney, married Mr. 

Jones; ii, Mary, married John Claiborne. 

Issue Eliza Waller and Vest: i, Eliza, 

married Edward Jones, issue: i. Bell, ii. 
Waller, iii, Lottie, iv, Mary Louisa, i. 
Waller, ii, Patsey, iii, George, v, William. 
Issue of Littleton (purser United States 

navy), two marriages, Sharp and 

Roberson: i, Mary Eliza, married Thomas 
Rowland, issue: i. Maggie, ii, Charles; ii. 



Virginia, married Richard Lunsball, 26. 
Robert B. Marye, issue: i, Bell, ii, Little- 
ton, iii, Kate, iv, Maggie; iii, Fanny. Issue 
Dorothy (Waller) and Henry Tazewell: 
Littleton Waller, born at Williamsburg 
Dec. 17th, 1784, died at Norfolk, Va., May 
6th, i860, member congress 1800-1, United 
States senator 1824-33, in 1820 one of the 
commissioners under the Florida treaty, 

governor of Va. 1834-6, married 

Nivison; issue: i, Sarath; ii, Littleton; iii, 
Henry; iv, Mary; v, Anne, married Col. 

Bradford, issue: i, Ann, ii, Mary; iv, 

Tazewell; vi, John. Issue Benjamin Car- 
ter and Catherine Page Waller: i, Benja- 
min; ii, Robert Page, M. D., married ist 

Eliza GrifBn, 2d Mercer; iii, Martha, 

married Muse; iv, William, married 

Mary Griffin, issue: i, Kate, married John 
Speed of Savannah, Ga., ii, William, mar- 
ried 1st Elizabeth Tyler, ii, James Waller, 
issue two marriages: i, William, ii, Mary, 
married Dr. Young of Savannah Ga., iii, 
John, iv, Robert. Issue Dr. Robert Page 

Waller by his two wives. Griffin and 

Mercer: i, Mary, married John Mercer, is- 
sue: i, Louisa, married Daniel Blaine, ii, 
Eliza, married St. George Tucker, iii, 
Thomas, iv, Corbin, v, John, married Jean 
Bright, vi, Isabel, vii, Kate William Wall; 
ii, Matthew, married Mary Tazewell; iii, 

Louisa, married Cornahan; iv, Laura 

Page; v, Mercer; vi, Kate, married Charles 
Langhorne. Issue of William and Eliza- 
beth (Macon) Waller: i, William Macon, 

married ist Mutter, 2d daughter of 

Hon. David Shepherd Garland of Lynch- 
burg Va. ; ii, Lucy, married Massie. 

Issue of William Macon Waller by his two 

wives, Mutter and Garland: i, Lucy, 

married Gonan; ii, Eliza Garland, 

married Alexander Duval of Richmond 

Va. ; iii, Fanny, married Caldwell; iv. 

William; v, Virginia, married William 
Waller; vi, Sarah; vii, Anna; viii, Martha, 
married John Robertson; ix, Benjamin. 
Issue of Eliza Garland Waller and Alex- 
ander Duval: i, Elizabeth; ii, Alexander; 
iii. Waller; iv, Lucy, married Lightfoot 
Wormely, issue, Carter; v, James. Issue 
of Fanny Waller and Caldwell: i, 

Ellen, married Robert McBryde, issue: i, 
Duval Caldwell, ii, Robert; ii, Lizzie, mar- 
ried Thompson Brown. Issue Robert Hall 
Waller by his two wives, Nancy Camm 
and Martha Crafiford: i, Edmund; ii, Ellen, 
married George Blow. Issue of Saraii 
Waller and John Smith: Sarah, married 
Moore F. Brockenbrough, and had issue: 

i, Waller; ii, William, married Smith; 

iii, John, married Brockenbrough; iv, Ed- 
ward; V, Alice Roane, married Col. Wm. 

R. Aylett; vi, Etta, married King; vii, 

Tazewell. Governor Littleton Waller 
Tazewell, writing in 1823, says of his ma- 
ternal grandfather, Judge Benjamin Wal- 
ler, son of Col. John Waller, gentleman, 
of Newport, Spotsylvania co., Va. : "He 
claimed to be descendetd from Edmund 
Waller, the poet, and traced his lineage to 
the days of Henry V. I have often heard 
him speak of the antiquity and respecta- 
bility of Ihis descent, saying one of his 
ancestors greatly distinguished himself at 
the battle of Agincourt, where he made 
prisoner one of the royal peers of France, 
and that in testimony of this Henry V 
gave as a crest the arms of France sus- 
pended on an English oak, with the motto, 
' Haec fructus virtutis,' which armorial in- 
signia was suspended in his great hall." 

New York city, b. June 2, 1845 in 
Richmondville N. Y., while a student in 
the seminary at Charlotteville N. Y. he 
enlisted on Sep. 9, 1864 in the 91st regi- 
ment of New York Veteran Volunteers, 
then stationed ait Fort McHenry, Baltimore 
Md., and having been sent with his regi- 
ment to the extreme left of Grant's line at 
Petersburg in the following march he 
was present in the battles of Gravelly Run 
on March 31, 1865, Five Forks on April i, 
and Sunderland Station, and finally at the 
surrender of Lee on April 9 at Appomat- 
tox. From (his first arrival at Fort Mc- 
Henry he was chosen to act as clerk, first 
in the office of Oapt. Stewart, Co. B. then 
at regimental headquarters under Col. 
Tarkell, and finally at brigade headquar- 
ters under Gen. Morrow, 3d brigade, 



Crawford's division of the 5th corps, was 
honorably discharged at the close of the 
war in June 1865, returned to school at 
Charlotteville, later continued his studies 
at the Cazenoviia seminary, and entering 
college graduated A. B. and A. M. from 
Wesleyan univ. Middletown Conn. (m. 
July 22, 1875 Susannah Chase Barton, dau. 
of Dr. Lymian Barton of Willsborough N, 
Y. [Simon," Timothy Stow,* Timothy,^ 
JosJbua,' SamueP of Salem Mass.], she was 
b. Nov. 28, 1848 in Willsborough N. Y. 
and grad. from Vassar coll. in June 1875, 
children: Ralph Barton Perry, b. July 3, 
1876 at Poultney Vt., grad. from Princeton 
univ. June 1876 with the degree of A. B., 
and a graduate student in the school of 
Philosophy Harvard univ, since 1896, re- 
ceiving the degree of A. M. in 1897, Ed- 
ward De Wolf Perry, b. Oct. 2, 1880 
Portland Me., a student in Berkeley sch., 
N. Y. city); son of Henry Nelson Perry, 
b. in Rome N. Y. Mar. 31, 1821, and d. 
there Oct. 26, 1893 (in. June 15, 1843 Hes- 
ter Ann Kinnicutt, dau. of Samuel De 
Wolf Kinnicutt of Richmondville N. Y. 
[Edward,* John,* John,' Roger^ of Warren 
R. I.], by Rev. Benjamin Diefendorf, their 
children were: George Adelbert, b. June 2, 
1845, Edward Samuel, b. Jan. 19, 1847, 
Helen Elizabeth, b. Apr. 23, 1850, William 
Henry, b. June 16, 1853, Charles Eugene, 
b. July 27, 1855, Rosalia and Rosaltha, b. 
Mar. 20, 1858, all b. in Richmondville ex- 
cept the last three, who were b. Lee N. 
Y.); son of William Bliss Perry, b. in 
Killingly Conn. Sep. 3, 1780, and d. in 
Rome N. Y. Mar. i, 1874, was one of the 
first settlers in Rome, going there directly 
from Killingly Conn., in the records of 
Rome he is on the assessment roll for 1802, 
and in 1826 is taxed on 118 acres of land 
where the city now stands, was engaged 
much in surveying when a young man in 
the northern part of the state, and served a 
short time in the war of 1812 (m. June I, 
1801 to Lucretia Kenyon, diau. of Rich- 
mond Kenyon of Rome N. Y., and their 
children were: David, b. Sep. 4, 1802, 
Eliza, b. Feb. 2, 1809, Sophronia, b. July 
25, 1815, Henry Nelson, b. Mar. 31, 1821, 

George, b. Jan. 15, 1825); son of Capt. 
Sylvanus Perry of Killingly Conn., b. in 
1741 and died there in 1820, was one of the 
company that hurried from Killingly in 
the Lexington alarm Apr. 19, 1775, later he 
was ensign in the 5th co. 3d bat. Wads- 
worth's brig., raised in June 1776 to rein- 
force Washington in New York and 
serving in New York city and Long 
Island, etc., was commissioned second 
lieutenant Oct. 1776 and served in Chan- 
dler's reg., was commissioned first lieuten- 
ant in Col. Samuel Wyllys' reg. Jan. i, 
1777, which in part assisted in repelling the 
enemy lat Danbury Conn. Apr. 26, 1777, 
and served in the first brigade under Put- 
nam along the Hudson until Jan. 1778, 
when the brigade took post at West Point, 
and in the following summer encamped at 
White Plains with Washington's main 
army, wintering at Redding, and serving 
in Gen. Heath's wing on the east side of 
the Hudson during the operations o^f 1779, 
was a man of substan'ce and standing in 
Killingly, and among 'his descendants his 
memory has been revered as that of a 
worthy patriot and an honored offtcer in 
the war of the revolution (m. ist Rebecca 
Bliss, dau. of John Bliss of Rehoboth 
[Jonathan,® Ephraim," Jonathian,* Thomas,' 
Jonathan,^ Thomas* of Belstone Eng.] and 
Rebecca Whittaker of Rehoboth, the mar- 
riage taking place in Killingly Conn. Apr. 
4, 1769, Rev. Aaron Brown officiating, the 
children were: Anson, b. Oct. 5, 1770, m. 
Abbelena Buck, Abigail, b. Apr. 12, 1772, 
m. Elijah Ormsbee, Phoebe, m. Jesse But- 
terfield, William, b. Sep. 3, 1780, m. Lu- 
cretia Kenyon, Elizabeth, b. 1781, m. John 
Greenwood, George, Keziah, b. Apr. 5, 
1785 [m. George Walworth], m. 2d Re- 
becca Greenwood of Rehoboth, their chil- 
dren being Sylvanus and Rebecca, m. 
Hyram Thayer) ; son of Eliakim Perry, 
b. Sandwich Mass. May 8, 1716 (m. Dec. 
18, 1740 by Rev. John Greenwood to Sarah 
Joy of Reho'both, dau. of David Joy 
[Joseph,^ Joseph,' Thomas* of Hingham], 
their children were: Sylvanus, David, 
Elizabeth, Abigail, Azor, Ozias, Eliakim 
Jr., Ezekiel and Seth, all the sons were in 



the war of the revolution, Sylvanus and '. 
David as first lieutenants, and after the i 
war most of them settled in southern Ver- " 
mont, some going thence to central and 
western New York, Eliakim Sr. settled 
first in Stoughton Mass., where at the age 
of 22 he is taxed and is one of the petition- 
ers for a church, two years later in 1740 
he removed to Rehoboth Mass., where he 
purchased a considerable estJate, later he 
moved to Bennington Vt.); son of Benja- 
min Perry, b. in Sandwich Feb. 15, 1670 
(m. Dinah Swift, dau. of William Swift' of 
Sandwich [William^], their children being: 
Merebah, b. June 11, 1695, Remember, b. 
Mar. 13, 1697, Seth, b. Mar. 19, 1699, Ben- 
jamin, b. Mar. 19, 1699, Susannalh, b. Dec. 
27, 1701, Abner, b. Mar. 10, 1703, Josiah, 
b. Oct. 18, 1709, Nathaniel, b. July 2, 1713, 
Eliakim, b. May 8, 1716, all b. in Sand- 
wich), Benjamin Sr. went from Sandwich 
to Stoughton with most of his sons in 
1734, where many of his descendants have 
left honorable records; son of Ezra Perry 
of Sandwich Mass. 1644, d. there on Apr. 
18, 1690, it is probable that he was b. about 
1615 in Devonshire Eng., and it is thought 
that he, Margaret, Deborah, Edward and 
perhaps Hannah Perry, all of Sandwich 
during this period, were brothers and sis- 
ters, Edward m. Mary, dau. of Ed'wiard 
Freeman, vice-governor of the colony, 
Margaret m. Edward Freeman, whose first 
wife was Rebecca, dau. of Gov. Prence, 
Ezra Jr., son of Ezra Sr., m. Rebecca, 
dau. of Edward Freeman Jr. and Rebecoa 
Prence, and Ezra Sr. and Edward each 
had among their children a Samuel, Ben- 
jamin, Deborah and Sanah, Edward was 
the ancestor of the commodores Oliver 
Hazard and Mathew Calbraith (Ezra m. 
Feb. 12, 1651 Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas 
Burgess, one of the first men of the col- 
ony, his children were: Ezra, b. Feb. 11, 
1652, Deborah, b. Nov. 28, 1654, John, b. 
Jan. I, 1656, Sarnuel, b. Mar. 15, 1667, 
Benjamin, b. Feb. 15, 1670, Remember, b. 
Jan. I, 1676, and Sarah), Ezra's name fre- 
quently appears in the annals of the col- 
ony, and always as an honored citizen or 

public officer, and a faithful adherent of 
the Puritan church. 

wich Conn., b. in Lebanon Conn. 
June 23, 1833 (m. Dec. 10, 1856 Frances 
Ardelia Herrick, b. Dec. 28, 1837, dau. of 
Robert and Eliza [Locke] Herrick of 
Griswold Conn.); son of James of Leb- 
anon Conn., b. in South Kingston R. L 
Feb. 26, 1798, d. at Lebanon Conn. July 
25, 1853 (m. Apr. 15, 1832 Lucy Ann Pot- 
ter, dau. of Samuel H. and Lucy [War- 
ner] Potter, b. So. Kingston R. L Sep. 27, 
1780, m. Nov. 8, 1812, d. Nov. 29, 1820, son 
of Henry and Mary [Seager] Potter, b. 
Apr. 8, 1750, m. Dec. 2, 1779, d. 1797, the 
children of Samuel H. Porter were: Lucy 
Ann, b. Aug. 11, 1813, Lydia Maria, b. 
May I, 1815, Samuel Warner, b. Aug. 16, 
1817, Abby, b. Mar. 17, 1820, Henry, son of 
John and Elizabeth [Hazard] Potter, m. 
1st Mary Perry, 2d Elizabeth Hazard, 
John, son of Col. John and Mercy [Rob- 
inson] Potter, son of John and Sarah 
[Wilson] Potter, son of Ichabod and Mar- 
tha [Hazard] Potter, b. Portsmouth R. L, 
son of Nathaniel and Dorothy [ ] 

Potter, b. Portsmouth R. L 1637, d. Oct 
20, 1704, son of Nathaniel, b. England and 
d. before 1644, the children of James were: 
James Newton, b. June 23, 1833, Henrietta 
Maria, b. May i, 1835, Edwin Potter, b. 
Jan. 15, 1839, Abby Jane, h. Jan. 10, 1842); 
son of William Perry of Lebanon Conn., 
b. in R. I. June 19, 1759, d. in Lebanon 
Dec. 5, 1834 (n^- Elizabeth Seager, and 
their children were: Elizabeth, b. Jan. 28, 
1794, William, b. Mar. 22, 1796, James, b. 
Feb. 26, 1798, Mary, b. Dec. 17, 1799, Jo- 
seph Seager, b. Jan. 6, 1802, Anna, b. Dec. 
10, 1803, Mercy, b. Jan. 4, 1806, Benjamin, 
b. Mar. 25, 1808, Alice, b. Mar. 30, 1810, 
Edward, b. Mar. 22, 1812, George Hazard, 
b. Feb. 16, 1815); son of James Perry of 
South Kingston R. I., b. Oct. 27, 1728, d. 
Sep. 12, 1774 (m. prob. in 1750 Sarah Pot- 
ter, and their children were: Mary, b. 1751, 
d. 1753, Mercy, b. Feb. 24, 1754 [who m. 
William Peckham of South Kingston], 
Anna, b. Mar. 16, 1756, James, b. May 26, 



1758, William, b. June 19, 1759 [m. Mar. 
25, 1792 to Elizabeth Segar], John, b. July 
28, 1760, Alice, b. Jan. 11, 1763, Samuel, b. 
Feb. 3, 1764, Mary, b. Feb. 7, 1766); son of 
James Perry, b. prob. in Sandwich Mass. 
1691, but lived in South Kingston R. I., 
received from his father, who calls him 
" oldest son," the homestead and mill with 
an estate of 146 acres, the land purchased 
of Benedict Arnold, containing 170 acres, 
and two tracts on Shannock Hill, contain- 
ing 58 and 170 acres respectively, was a 
Quaker (m. ist Nov. 11, 1718 Alice, dau. 
of James Easton of Newport R. I., she 
dying Feb. 7, 1732, he m. 2d Anna, dau. of 
Jonathan Bennett of Newport), was a 
deputy to the general assembly from South 
Kingston in 1744, his will was proved in 
1774, children by the first wife: Mary, b. 
Oct. 25, 1719 (m. Oct. 20, 1736 to John 
Potter, son of Col. John Potter and Mercy 
Robinson), James, b. Oct. 27, 1728, chil- 
dren by the second wife: Alice, b. July 20, 
1736 (m. Jan. 1756 to Sylvester Robinson), 
Jonathan, b. Sep. 2, 1738 (m. Mar. 31, 1777 
to Mercy Potter, dau. of Judge William 
and Penelope Potter, and had Alice, who 
m. Oct. 2, 1802, James Heture, son of 
James), Samuel, b. Feb. 24, 1739 (m. 
Tabitha Niles); son of Samuel Perry, b. 
in Sandwich Mass. in 1664, d. July 1716, 
aged 52 (m. May 9, 1690 Mary Tucker 
[dau. of Henry and Martha Tucker], was 
b. Aug. 16, 1668, and was living in 1725), 
he may have resided in Sandwich until 
1695, in whiah year he signed receipts in 
that town for money left him by his 
father-in-law, and was a freeman of the 
town of Kings Town R. I. as early as 
Aug. 16, 1696, his homestead and mill were 
in that part of Kings Town now called 
Perryville, South Kingstown, he invested 
largely in lands, was a partner in the 
Shannock and Maxon purchases of land 
locaited in what are now the towns of 
Richmond and Hopkinton, and also 
bought extensively at Pasquesott in West- 
erly, near the northeast corner of the pres- 
ent town of Charlestown, his will was 
dated Newport R. I. 4 mo. 16 day 1716, 
and was proved in Kingstown July 16, 

1716, the inventory of his personal estate, 
taken July 11, 1716, amounted to £730 i6s. 
7d., in his will be mentions five children: 
James, b. 1691, Edward, h. 1693, Samuel, 
b. 1695, and d. Dec. 21, 1775 (m. Susannah 
Hazard), Simeon, b. 1698, and Benjamin, 
b. 1701 (m. Elizabeth Hazard July 10, 
1728); son of Edward Perry of Sandwich, 
supposed to have been b. in Devonshire 
Eng., 'and it is thought that he was the 
brother oi Ezra, Margaret and Deborah, 
all of Sandwich, Edward Perry was a 
prominent member and speaker in the So- 
ciety of Friends and an earnest defender of 
its doctrines, was as early as 1658 and 
from that date until the persecution of the 
Quakers ceased repeatedly fined and other- 
wise punished for his religion and his con- 
duct growing out of his belief, his ifines 
were among the largest (m. about 1657 and 
with the forms and ceremonies of the 
Friends Mary Freeman, dau. of Vice-Gov- 
ernor Edward Freeman and his wife Eliza- 
beth, Edward Perry's will is dated Dec. 29, 
1694, and was proved Apr. 12, 1695, in his 
will he names nine children: Dorcas, b. 
1661, d. Jan. 16, 1746, Mary, b. about 1663, 
Samuel, b. 1664, d. June 1716, Deborah, b. 
about 1667, Sarah, b. about 1669, Peace, 
b. about 1 67 1, d. Nov. 9, 1740, Edward, b. 
about 1673, Rest, b. 1675, d. Nov. 29, 1709 
[she m. Jacob Mott, and their dau. Mary 
Mott m. the Quaker preacher Nathaniel 
Greene, whose son Nathaniel was the 
celebrated Gen. Greene], Benjamin, b. 
about 1677, and d. 1748-9, he moved to 
Kings Towne R. I. soon after his brother 
Samuel, m. Oct. 11, 1727 Susanna Barker, 
and their son Freeman, b. Jan. 23, 1733, m. 
Mercy Hazard, dau. of Oliver Hazard and 
Elizabeth Raymond, of the children of 
Freeman and Susanna Perry, Christopher 
Raymond, b. Dec. 4, 1761, m. Aug. 1784 
Sarah Wallace Alexander, and their chil- 
dren were: Oliver Hazard, b. Aug. 23, 
1785, d. Aug. 23, 1818, Raymond Henry 
Jones, b. Feb. 11, 1789, Sarah Wallace, b. 
Apr. 28, 1 791, Matthew Calbraith, b. Apr. 
ID, 1794, Anna Maria, b. Nov. 10, 1797, 
I Jane Tweedy, b. Dec. 15, 1799, James Alex- 
ander, b. June 26, 1801, Nathaniel Hazard, 



b. Nov. 2^, 1802, Oliver Hazard m. Eliza- 
beth Champlain Mason, he was a com- 
modore in the U. S. navy and the com- 
mander in the victory on Lake Erie, Ray- 
mond Henry Jones m. Mary Ann De Wolf. 
dau. of U. S. Senator James De Wolf of 
Bristol, Matthew Calbraith m. Jane Slidell, 
dau. of John Slidell of New York, he was 
a commodore in the U. S. navy and nego- 
tiated the treaty with Japan, Anna Maria 
m. Commpdore George Rodgers of the 
U. S. navy, Jane Tweedy m. Dr. William 
Butler, a surgeon in the U. S. navy, James 
Alexander, who was with his brother in 
the battle of Lake Erie, a boy of 13, was 
drowned in the harbor of Valparaiso L822, 
Nathaniel Hazard m. Lucretia Muimford 
Thatcher of New London Conn., a purser 
in the U. S. navy). 

PALMER, EDWARD D. of New Hart- 
ford N. Y., b. in Stonington Conn. 
Mar. 18, 1805, d. in N. Hartford Jan. 12, 
1885, farmer (m. Jan. 31. 1827 Elizabeth 
Barnes of Westerly R. L, children: Charles 
Edward, b. May 2, 1828, m. Dec. 24, 1862 
Mary J. Barker, Sarah Elizabeth, b. May 
24, 1831, m. Apr. 10, 1851 Howland J. 
Pearce, Lydi'a P., b. May 8, 1836, d. Feb. 
6, 1838, Helen B., b. May 16, 1837, Lydia 
F., b. Dec. 21, 1838, d. Feb. 8, 1839, N. 
Adalaide, b. Sep. 25, 1846, m. Apr. 16, 1885 
Thomas Huland Durland of De Kalb 111.) ; 
son 'of Charles of Stonington, b. Sep. 6, 
1775, d. Oct. 10, 1837, farmer (m. Jan. 10, 
1802 Betsey Prudence, b. 1780, d. Aug. 6, 
1834, dau. of Nathaniel Denison of No. 
Stonington, a direct desc. of Capt. George 
and Ann Borodel Denison, Thom'as Miner 
and William Chesebrough, early settlers in 
Stonington, also of Capt. John Gorham of 
Barnstable Mass. and of John Howland 
and John Tilley of the " Mayflower," chil- 
dren: Eliza H., b. Aug. 16, 1803. Edward 
D., as given above, Jennett A., b. Sep. 21, 
1809, Frances A., b. Dec. 9. 1812, Charles 
L., b. June 27, 1815, Phebe E., b. Oct. 22, 
1817, Lucy C, b. July 15, 1819, Lucretia 
C, b. June 3, 1821, m. Oct. 12, 1843 Peter 
Durland, and had one son Thomas Huland 
Durland, b. Mar. 16, 1846, and m. his 

cousin N. Adalaide Palmer Apr. 16, 1885 
as above) ; son of Denison of Stonington, 
b. Dec. 17, 1735, d. June 16, 1816 (m. July 
10, 1759 Marvin Palmer, bap. Apr. 29, 1739, 
d. Feb. 25, 1784, dau. of Elias and Mary 
Holmes Palmer, 5th in descent from Wal- 
ter Palmer, the first of the name who set- 
tled in Stonington, he m. 2d widow Sarah 
White from Long Island, who d. Jan. 14, 
1819, aged 61 years) ; son of Dr. Nathan 
of Stonington, b. Oct. 24, 171 1, d. Mar. 28, 
1795 (m. Apr. 21, 1735 Phebe Billings, b. 
Apr. 4, 1714, d. Apr. 3, 1792, dau. of Eben- 
ezer Jr. and Phebe Denison Billings, a 
desc. of Capt. George Denison and Wil- 
liam Billings of Stonington, and Robert 
and Sarah Lay of Saybrook Conn) ; son of 
Daniel of Stonington, b. Nov. 12, 1672, d. 
Aug. 13, 1751 (m. 1st Margaret Smdth of 
New London Conn. Mar. 25, 1700, m. 2d 
Mary, dau. of John Avery of Groton and 
widow of William Denison, Jan. 12, 1732); 
son of Nehemiah of Stonington, b. Nov. 
23, 1637, d. Feb. 17, 1717 (m. Nov. 20, 1662 
Hannah Stanton, b. 1644, d. Oct. 17, 1727, 
dau. of Thomas Stanton, the Indian inter- 
preter, commissioner and trader), Nehe- 
miah Palmer was member of governor's 
council in 1703 and deputy to the general 
court; son of Walter, b. 1585, d. Nov. 10, 
1661, came from Nottinghamshire Eng. to 
America in 1629, was of the Massachusetts 
and Plymouth colonies, and settled in 
Stonington in 1653 (m. 1st in England, 
where she died, m. 2d in Charlestown 
Mass. about 1633 Rebecca Short, who d. 
in Stonington July 15, 1671), was a large 
landholder in the town, and the first ser- 
mon preached by an ordained minister was 
delivered at his house June 12, 1657 by 
Rev. William Thompson. 

Oakland Me., b. in New Sharon Me. 
Dec. 25, 1814, educated at Farmington 
academy, preached his first sermon in Jan. 
1838, was ordained in the Free Baptist de- 
nomination in Dec. 1839, clergyman since, 
has baptized by immersion about 500 per- 
sons, married 241 couples, attended be- 
tween 1,000 and 1,100 funerals, one of the 



original 28 trustees of now Bates coll. and 
liberal patron (m. ist Mar. 30, 1837 Mary 
G. Bursley, b. in Farmington Me. July 4, 
1815, d. in Richmond Me. Aug. 26, 1884, 
he m. 26. Sep. 1885 Mrs. Mary Bates, had 
ch. : Emma Lewis, b. Dec. 22, 1842, d. Feb. 
9, 1845, George Gilman, b. Sep. 17, 1848 
[m. Oct. 1873 Mary E. Wilson, b. July 
1847, res. in Richmond, two sons: Albert 
Dean, b. Nov. 6, 1874, Winfred Sparks, b. 
July 13, 1876], Ella Berry, b. Oct. 16, 1854, 
d. June 26, 1861); son of Reuben Page, b. 
in Epping N. H. 1763, settled in Gilman- 
ton N. H. previous to 1790, removed to 
New Sharon Me. abt. 1803 and d. there on 
" Page Hill " Sep. 15, 1816, unordained 
preacher in late life, holding meetings in 
school-houses and private dwellings, and 
by his unselfish devotion and earnestness 
did much good, was loved by many and 
respected by all (m. ist Sarah Sanborn 
[dau. of Dea. John and Mary [Glidden] 
Sanborn of Gilmanton, he son of Benja- 
min,* Ens. John,^ Richard,' John,^ who 
came to this country in 1632 with his 
grandfather Rev. Stephen Bachiler], she 
d. 1798, and he m. 2d 1799 Elizabeth Jack- 
son [of Lee N. H., she m. 2d Joshua 
Young, and d. Nov. 9, 1869, aged 90], had 
9 ch. : Sarah, b. Aug. 30, 1789, d. May 11, 
1846, m. June 1808 Levi Chase [see Am. 
Anc. vol. V, page 184], John, b. 1791, d. in 
Sydney Me. 1874 [m. Phebe Burdin], 
Elizabeth, b. 1793 [m. Edward Marsh, Gil- 
manton N. H.], Nathan Sanbarn, b. Nov. 
5, 1796, d. on " Page Hill " at New 
Sharon Sep. 19, 1874 [m. ist Mary 
Fletcher, d. , m. 2d Ruth El- 
liott], Mary, b. Sep. i, 1800, d. Oct. 12, 
1885 [m. Thomas Burdin, b. in Dartmouth 
Mass.], res. in Mercer Me., Samuel J., b. 
Dec. 28, 1802, d. in Cleveland Ohio Apr. 
19, 1878 [m. 1st Susan Goss of Readfield 

Me., m. 2d in C. Oo.], Reuben, b. 

1808, d. 1824, and twin sister Lydia, who d. 
1849 [m. Joshua B. Winslow], and Rev. 
E. G. above) ; son of John Page of Epp- 
ing N. H., b. in Hampton July 17, 1729, 
in published records, N. E. Hist. Gen. 
Reg. vol. 26, p. 75, and in Dow's Hist, of 
Hampton this family is given to another 

John Page, b. 1712, son of Samuel, who it 
appears also settled in Epping, and was 
there before 1747, while J. P. of this pedi- 
gree came to that town from Hampton 
about 1755--8, after the birth of his eldest 
children Deborah and Mary, who were 
bap. in H. respectively 1 752-1 754, and his 
will dated Aug. 27, 1790 contains mention 
of brothers David and Robert, wife Lydia 
and the names of his children, thus identi- 
fying himself and connecting his family 
with the preceding generation in their true 
line (m. Mar. 14, 1751 Lydia, dau. of Reu- 
ben and Margaret [ ]? Sanborn [R. S. 
son of Josiah,* William^ Sanborn, who 
came in 1632 with his brother John^ and 
their grandfather Rev. Stephen Bachiler], 
had 10 ch.: Deborah, bap. in Hampton 
Aug. 9, 1752 [m. Dec. 10, 1772, Jacob 
Kelly of Gilmanton], Mary, bap. in H. 

Oct. 13, 1754 [m. Kelly], David, b. ?, 

a rev. soldier from Epping, was in Gilman- 
ton, settled in Maine, Margaret, bap. in 

Epping Apr. 22, 1759 [m. Clough], 

Ruth, bap. in E. Dec. 28, 1760, d. Mar. 27, 
1837 [m. George Saunders, a rev. soldier 
from Epp., settled in New Sharon Me.], 
Reuben above, John, b. ?, who [m. and 
lived in Fayette Me.], Lydia, bap. Oct. 29, 
1769, Moses, who [m. Sarah Sias and set- 
tled in Livermore Me.], and Aaron, of 
whom nothing further has been obtained) ; 
son of David Page of " Pagetown " in 
North Hampton, b. Nov. i, 1703, d. June 
9, 1785 (m. 1st Jan. 27, 1728, Ruth Dear- 
born, b. May 21, 1705, d. Jan. 8, 1741, dau. 
of Dea. John, gr.-son of Godfrey Dear- 
born, b. in Exeter in the co. of Devon 
Eng. [the mother of Ruth was Afbigail, 
dau. of Nathaniel Bachelder, who came 
with his grandfather Rev. Stephen Bach- 
iler], m. 2d 1742 Ruth Smith, dau. of Capt. 
John, 'had 10 ch.: John above, Robert, 
Dea., b. 1731, d. 1816, lived in Raymond 
N. H. [m. Sarah Dearborn], Deborah, d. 
young, David, b. 1735, lived on the home- 
stead, late in life removed to Chichester 

N. H. [m. Berthia ], 9 ch., Abigail, d. 

young, Abigail, b. 1743 (m. Benjamin Per- 
kins], Christopher, b. 1744, Ruth, b. 1745, 
Josiah, b, 1749, d. 1831, settled in Wake- 



field N. H. [m. Sarah Marston, dau. of 
Daniel], ii ch.); son of Christopher Page, 
b. Sep. 20, 1670, d. Feb. 4, 1751, Dea., lived 
on the original homestead in Hampton (m. 
Nov. 14, 1689 Abigail Tilton, dau. of Dan- 
iel, 9 ch.); son of Thomas Page, b. abt. 
1639, d. Sep. 8, 1686, lived on the home- 
stead of his father (m. Feb. 2, 1664 Mary, 
dau. of Capt. Christopher Hussey [her 
mother was Theodate, dau. of Rev. Stephen 
Bachiler, who was b. in England in 165 1, 
came to this country 1632, founded the 
town of Hampton in 1638, after a residence 
of more than 20 years in America, and be- 
ing then over 90 years old, he returned to 
England, where he d. at Hackney in 1660 
in the one hundredth year of his age, 
through three of his children four lines 
descending from him have contributed to 
this pedigree]); son of Dea. Robert Page, 
b. about 1604, d. Sep. 22, 1679, with wife 
Lucy and 3 children came from England 
in 1637 and settled in Hampton, was one 
of the selectmen six years, represented the 
town in the general court of Massachusetts 
two years, was at one time marshal of the 
old CO. of Norfolk, deacon of the church 
1660 until his death; son of Robert Page 
and Margaret his wife of Ormsby, Norfolk 
CO. England. 

name unknown, although several 
times mentioned. Nothing has been dis- 
covered so far to indicate whence he emi- 
grated. The name is doubtless Norman- 
French, but given names of children is 
an indication that this family had been so 
long in England that their French given 
names had ceased to be used. The first 
record of him so far is when he applied for 
land in Duxbury Mass. Aug. 3, 1640 (see 
Duxbury hist.). At Braintree a son was 
b. June 24, 1643, who d. July of the same 
year. From Dec. 26, 1645 until Oct. 2, 
1650 there are various records of him in 
Rehobeth Mass. (see hist. Rehobeth). May 
I7» 1653 was made freeman of Newport. 
The last record of him is on the tax-roll of 
Newport 1680. His children were: i John 
Davol, b. June 24, 1643, d. July 1643, 2 

Joseph, b. , d. Feb. 1716, was of West- 
erly and Newport, and is ancestor of most 
of the Conn, and R. I. lines, who still 
spell their name De Vol, etc., etc., 3 Jona- 
than, b. , d. after 1709, his wife was 

Hannah Adley, was of Newport and then 

of Dartmouth, 4 Benjamin, b. , d. , 

settled in Monmouth N. J., where he had 
land from his father in 1672, most of his 
descendants spell the name Du Val. 
Jonathan^ (Wm.^) had: i Jonathan, d. 1709, 

wife afterward, who m. Hannah , 2 

Joseph, d. 1726, wife afterward, who m. 
Mary Soul, 3 Benj'amin, d. 1735, wife b. 
June 4, 1680, d. after 1735, who m. Ann 
Brownell, 4 Jeremiah, d. Nov. 29, 1753, m. 
1st May 24, 1711, who m. ist Sarah Allen, 
2d Sarah Whitridge, 5 Mary, m. May 22, 
1714 James Mosher, 6 William, d. 1772, 
who m. Sarah Sisson, 7 Ann, who m. Benj. 
Sweat, 8 Hannah, d. after 1744, who m. 
Joseph Weeden, 9 Abigail, who m. Jobe 
Milk, 10 Sarah, m. July 25, 1717 Hugh 
Mosher, b. Nov. 16, 1690, 11 Elizabeth, m. 
June 22, 1716 George Brownell, b. Apr. 13, 
1693, d. 1742. Jonathan' (Jonathan,^ Wil- 
liam^). Will proved Sep. 7, 1709; execu- 
trix, wife Hannah . Another record 

gives Jonathan's^ wife's name as Mary 
Clark. It is probable that Hannah was a 
second wife, and it may be that these chil- 
dren may belong to one or both of his 
wives. The records at Dartmouth Mass. 
spell the name Devil. Gives to William 
his homestead farm, which came to him 
from his father Jonathan Davol by gift, 
his wife to be allowed her one-third dur- 
ing life. To his son Jonathan 50 acres. 
To these two sons privilege in lands in 
Dartmouth. To his dau. Hannah £6, to 
be paid when s-he is 20; to dau. Aliah £6 
when 18, and £6 to dau. Meribah. Inven- 
tory of personal £176 7s. 6d. ; house and 
land £100. Children: i William, b. Apr. 
16, 1698, m. Elizabeth Whitehead, 2 Jona- 
than, b. May i, 1702, m. Sarah Cadmon, 3 
Hannah, b. Jan. 29, 1699, m. John Tripp, 
4 Abiah (spelled Abpire and Apphia), b. 
unknown, 5 Meribah, b. Oct. 21, 1707, 6 
Mary, b. Feb. 26, 1710, m. Richard Booloe. 
William* (Jonathan,* Jonathan,' William^) 



m. Elizabeth Whitehead. Their children 
were (our records begin ihere) : i Apphia, 
b. Mar. 6, 1718 (so spelled in our records), 
2 Jonathan, b. Jan. 16, 1720, no record, 3 
William, b. Mar. 4, 1728, d. June 22, 1814, 

m. Mehitable Whitehead, b. , d. Mar. 

12, 1812. There is mentioned in the same 
irecord with the above three children the 
death of a Noe Duel Mar. 8, 1797, and a 
Jacob Duel d. 1754, who we suppose were 
also children of Wm.* Apphia probably d. 
unm., as she signed herself spinster in the 
receipt she gave her brother William 
Davol for " her portion of her father's es- 
tate (£15) and other legacies left her by 
her father's last will and testament." This 
receipt is dated Sep. 6, 1760, showing that 
her iather Wm. died before that date. In 
Feb. 5, 1750 Wm. Davell was appointed 
guardian over William Hudleston, aged 
14, at Taunton Mass. by George Leonard, 
judge of the probate of wills in the co. of 
Bristol. This Wm. was probably Wm.* 
In 1777 Wm. Due^ was constable at Dart- 
mouth Miass. It is probable that Wm. 
Divel" was in Dartmouth as late as Jan. 
27> 1783, as there was a receipt given that 
date for an account owed Bereah Goddard 
signed by Henry Howland, Exec. J. C. 
North says he had knowledge of the first 
three children of Wm.* from sources in 
Dutchess CO. N. Y. There was a Wm. 
Duel sold land in Stanford, Dutchess co. 
N. Y. in 1806, and it is believed that he 
was Wm. Duel,** as Ezra Duel, son of 
Wm.,° was from Dutchess co. N. Y. to 
Hebron N. Y., where he (Ezra) appears as 
early as Oct. 21, 1791. Of Jonathan Duel' 
(Wm.,* Jonathan,* Jonathan,' Wm.*) noth- 
ing is known for certain, but there was a 
Jonathan Duel who lived in Saratoga N. 
Y. and who d. at the age of 104 years, who 
may have been identical with him. His 
children, in part at least, were Jonathan, 
Gideon, Adosha, Seth, Bulah and Reuben. 
The children of Wm. Duel" (Wm.,* Jona- 
than,* Jonathan," Wm.*) were: i Levi, 2 

Richard, 3 Ruth, b. , d. Mar. 20, 1840, 

m. Joseph Tanner, 4 Bashba, m. 

Tripp, 5 Seth, 6 Jonathan, m. Patience 
Milk, 7 William Jr., 8 Ezra, b. July 21, 

1766, d. Mar. 30, 1844, was twice m.; no 
dates of either marriage have yet been 
found. Ezra's first wife was Deborah 
Stark, b. Apr. 26, 1766, d. Feb. 12, 1826. 
(Deborah Stark was, according to our 
tradition, a cousin of Maj.-Gen. John 
Stark of Bennington fame, but I never 
have been able to trace any relationship to 
that family, although I have learned that 
Archibald Stark, the father of Maj.-Gen. 
John, had two brothers that also came to 
this country at about the same time that 
he did. Their names were John and 
Nathan Stark.) Ezra Duel's second wife 
was Elizabeth Sherman, b. 1794, d. Jan. i, 
1878. She was the widow of Gideon Sher- 
man, b. 1795, d. Oct. 29, 1826, m. to Sher- 
man Oct. 16, 181 5 at Exeter R. I. Her 
maiden name was Dawley and she was a 
native of R. I. By Deborah Stark Ezra 
Duel had 11 children and by Elizabeth 
Sherman i child. Ezra Duel came to 
Hebron N. Y. with <his brother Jonathan 
Duel, whose wife was Patience Milk. 
There are numerous descendants of Jona- 
than now living in Hebron and about ad- 
joining towns. Jonathan d. of small-pox. 
There is no record of him or his wife so 
far as I can learn. In fact, the knowledge 
I (have of the brothers and sisters of Ezra 
Duel came from my gt. -uncle Morgan 
Duel. Ruth Duel, who m. Joseph Tanner, 
came to this town to reside, but her de- 
scendants are scattered. Levi, Seth, Rich- 
ard and William are supposed to have 
settled in Warren and Essex cos. N. Y., 
and I am certain from correspondence I 
have had that a part of them at least did 
so. Ezra Duel' (Wm.,' Wm.,* Jonathan,' 
Jonathan,* Wm.*) had by wife Deborah 
Stark: i Nathan Duel, b. Sep. 7, 1789, d. 
July 18, 1830, m. June 6, 1808 Sarah Whit- 
ney, dau. of Cornelius Whitney and 

Graves, Sarah Whitney b. Apr. 22, 1791, 
d. Nov. 26, i860, she was probably born 
in Granville N. Y., as her ifather came at 
the close of the rev. war, she d. in Mexico 
N. Y., the place of Nathan Duel's birth is 
uncertain, the remainder of the children of 
Ezra Duel were b. either at Hebron N. Y. 
or So. Granville, Ezra moved to So. Gran- 



ville in Apr. 1800, 2 Olive Duel, b. at 
Hebron Mar. 8, 1791, d. Feb. 2, 1874 at 
So. Granville N. Y., m. Mar. 5, 1851 
George Lamb, a widower, b. May 2^, 1789, 
d. July 13, 1869, Lamb's ist wife was Lucy 
Sweet, b. July 21, 1791, d. Mar. 23, 1849, 
m. to Lamb Mar. i, 1810, 3 Mehitable 
Duel, b. June 21, 1792, d. Dec. 3, 1833, m. 
Dec. 2^, 1808 Joseph Gould, son of Capt. 
Ebenezer Gould and his wife Rhoda Rob- 
bins. He was b. at So. Granville N. Y. 
June 15, 1791, "#. in Michigan (Battle 
Creek I think) Sep. 2, 1874. After Me- 
hitable's death Joseph Gould m. a second 
time, but I know nothing of the second 
wife OT children. Mehitable d. in Wayne 
CO. N. Y. Joseph Gould was one of a 
family of 17 children. 4 Hiram Duel, b. 
May 24, 1795, d. Dec. 26, 1853, date of m. 
unknown. His wife was Alice Whitney, 
sister of Sarah Whitney, the wife of 
Nathan Duel. Alice Whitney b. Mar. 15, 
1799, d. Oct. 28, 1861. Hiram and wife 
both d. in Wisconsin in or near Pond du 
Lac. 5 Noe Duel, b. Mar. 15, 1797, d. June 
14, 1836, m. Nov. 1821 Zennah Whitney, 
widow of Capt. Parley Whitney. She vv^as 
b. Aug. 30, 1787, d. June 5, 1841. Her 
maiden name was Gould, and she was a 
sister of Joseph Gould, who m. Mehitable 
Duel. Parley Whitney was son of Joseph 
Whitney and Anna Eames. He was b. 

1785, d. June 14, 1818 at Granville 

N, Y. (Joseph Whitney was a son of 
Joshua Whitney, b. Dec. i, 1724, d. Dec. 
4, 181 1 at Granville N. Y., wife unknown, 
of Killingley Ct., and was own cousin to 
Cornelius Whitney, the father of Sarah 
and Alice Whitney, who m. Duel. Joseph 
was b. Oct. 24, 1753, d. June 24, 1837 at 
Ontario N. Y. His wife Anna Eams b. 
Nov. 4, i860, d. Oct. 29, 1838.) 6 Sabrina 
Duel, b. Dec. 6, 1799, d. Dec. 11, 1876 at 
Granville N. Y., m. Oct. 31, 1822 Benj. 
Brown Whitcomb, b. Apr. 23, 1797 at 
Henniker N. H., d. Mar. 21, i860. 7 
Deborah Maria Duel, b. Dec. 12, 1801, d. 
Dec. 26, 1869, m. Aug. 22, 1822 William 
Whitney, son of Joseph Whitney and 
Anna Earns, and brother of Parley Whit- 
ney before mentioned. Wm. Whitney b. 

Dec. 7, 1798 Granville N. Y., d. Sep. i, 
1872. 8 Ezra Duel Jr., b. Apr. 10, 1804, d. 
Aug. 8, 1883 in Wayne co. N. Y., m. Sep. 
27, 1825 Matilda Whitney, dau. of Joseph 
Whitney, and sister of Wm. Whitney, who 
m. Deborah Duel. Matilda Whitney b. 
July 20, 1804, d. Oct. 5, 1883 at Wayne co. 
N. Y. 9 Morgan Duel (he claims to have 
been named Morgan after a relative upon 
his mother's side, that of the Stark fam- 
ily), b. Apr. 21, 1806, d. at Hartford N. Y. 
Aug. 19, 1889, m. Apr. 21, 1828 Lydia 
Maria Day, dau. of Hosea Day of So. 
Granville N. Y. She was b. Sep. 29, 1810, 
d. July 9, 1856 at So. Granville N. Y. 10 
Lewis Duel, b. May 14, 1810. Enlisted 
June 16, 1830 at Whitehall N. Y.; was 
assigned to co. K 3d N. Y. infantry as a 
private. He took this step because he did 
not like his stepmother. H^ was located 
with his CO. at Ft. Jessup La. and deserted 
Sep. 17, 1832. Nothing farther is known 
of him. II Eunice Duel, b. June 18, 1810, 
d. Mar. 24, 1863, m. Smith Bullock Feb. 
25, 1839. He was b. June 18, 1810 (they 
were iboth the same age), and d. May i, 
1875. He lived and died in Granville N. 
Y. (township). After Eunice's death he 
m. again Abbie (probably Abigail) New- 
ton of Glens Falls N. Y. She was b. Dec. 
25, 1826, d. Dec. 5, 1886. They were m. 
Feb. 6, 1867. Ezra Duel by his second 
wife Elizabeth (Dawley) Sherman had a 
daughter Matilda Duel, ib. Aug. 19, 1830, 
d. May 5, 1885, m. Sep. 5, 1852 Frank Wil- 
son of So. Granville N. Y., b. June 5, 
1830. He is still living. Ezra Duel Sr. 
was a blacksmith and a farmer. 

Crediton in the co. of Devonshire 
Eng. about 12 miles from the city of Exe- 
ter Jan. 29, 1739 O. S. He had two broth- 
ers, namely Uriah and Richard, and one 
sister Betsey. Little is known of James' 
father and mother, for his mother d. when 
James was quite young and his father m. 
again. Not liking his stepmother James 
enlisted in the British army. Not long 
after war was declared against France 
and James was removed with 'his army May 



18, 1756 to the American colonies. His 
army was stationed on the Canada frontier 
and James was at different times at Crown 
Point, Ticonderoga, Niagara and Fort 
Wm. Henry. He was at various times 
under the command of Gen. Johnson, 
Capt. D. Elle and Gen. Putnam. In 1759 
the British forces were divided into 3 
armies. James was assigned to that di- 
vision of the army that was under Gen. 
Wolfe that stormed Quebec. He was 
wounded on the Plains of Abraham by a 
sword cut and carried the scar through 
life. He received his discharge from the 
army Sep. 19, 1766 at New York. From 
N. Y. he went to Wallingford Ct. where 
he met Mehitable the daughter of Thomas 
Merwin and married her (no date of mar- 
riage). Mehitable Merwin was born Jan. 
5, 1744. Besides Mehitable Merwin there 
were three boys born to Thomas Merwin, 
namely, Thomas Jr., Samuel and Stephen. 
Of these boys Thomas Jr. and Stephen 
moved to Lexington N. Y. and raised 
large families. Samuel Merwin was a sea 
captain in the West India trade. During 
the American revolution he went to Ti- 
conderoga, was taken with dysentery and 
died and was buried there unmarried it is 
supposed. By James Swift and Mehitable 
Merwin there were 10 children as follows, 
all born at Wallingford Ct.: i William 
Swift, b. Sep. 28, 1769, d. Sep. i, 1858. 
He married Almira Butricks of Goshen, 
lived there until 1806. Moved to Cold- 
brook Ct. Was deacon in Coldbrook for 
many years and died there. His wife died 
1828. 2 Persis Swift was b. Dec. 9, 1770, 
d. Nov. 2^, 181 1 Wells Vt. She .ti. Jo!)n 
Collins Hopson of Wallingford Ct. and 
they removed to Wells Vt. (See Wells Vt. 
History.) 3 Betsey Swift b. June 25, 1772, 
d. at Milton Ct. June 11, 1843. She mar- 
ried Joseph Merriman. She had by him 
9 children. 4 James Swift Jr. was b. Oct. 
22, 1773. He m. Mary Case of Norfolk 
Ct. and they had 5 children. Was living 
when the record received additions in 
1864. 5 Gad Swift b. Aug. 19, 1775. He 
resided sometime in N. Y., was for a long 
time in the southern trade. He died of 

Consumption at Sheilfield Mass. Dec. 29, 
1836. Was never married, 6 Mehitable 
Swift was b. Jan. 25, «I777. Became de- 
ranged at the age of 52. Was never mar- 
ried. Resided in Coldbrook Ct. Was 
living in 1864. 7 Vinsa Swift b. Apr. 3, 
1779, m. Winslow Goodspeed. See line 
of G. A. Goodspeed before sent to you. 
8 Asenath Swift b. Feb. 2, 1781, m. Rice 
Cook of Wallingford Ct. Removed to 
New Wallingford Vt.; from there to 
Black River N. Y., where he died. After 
his death she returned to Conn, and m. 
Shubel Porter of Farmington, where she 
lived several years. Then Porter died and 
she m. JoJin Tyler. She was a widow and 
resided in Coldbrook Ct. in 1864. Never 
had any children. 9 Mary Swift, b. Dec. 
II, 1785, m. late in life Father Walters of 
Gos'hen Conn., where she resided in 1864. 
No children. 10 George Swift, b. Nov. 9, 
1789. Removed to Goshen Ct.; from there 
to Marlboro, thence to Stockbridge, thence 
to Great Barrington, where he m. Zada, 
dau. of Benj. Hollister, Sep. 29, 1814. They 
had four sons. They removed to Sheffield 
Mass., where they both d., he Sep. 14, 1870 
and she Mar. 20, 1878. I will give this 
family in full as the family is probably ex- 
tict unless the son George Jr., who went 
to Cal., m. there and left descendants, 
which is doubtful. The first son of George 
Swift and Zada Hollister was b. Oct. 29, 
1816, lived 8 hours. The second child, 
George Swift Jr., was b. May i6, 1819, d. 
in San Francisco Cal. May 5, 1882. The 
third child was Mason Gad Swift, b. Apr. 
18, 1821, d. Oct. 12, 1838, and was buried 
in Shefifield Mass. The fourth child, Rol- 
bert Merwin Swift, was b. July 28, 1827, 
d. Dec. 18, 1848 in Westfield Mass., buried 
at Sheffield. 

&ILLESPIE. The Gillespie family be- 
longed to the Campbell clan, their 
home was in the highlands of Scotland. 
They took a prominent part in the early 
history of Scotland, both in ecclesiastical 
and in civil affairs. They were strong ad- 
herents to the Calvinistic doctrine, one of 
whom helped to frame the " Confession of 



Faith." They fought for religious liberty, 
the right to worship God according to the 
dictates of an enlightened conscience. 
About the close of the seventeenth century, 
three brothers of the Gillespies crossed 
into Ireland, they settled in County An- 
trim. Their names were as follows, 
^David, ^John, ^James. During the Revo- 
lution of 1690 ^James enlisted and fought 
under William III, Prince of Orange, 
with whom he crossed the Boyne July 
1690; his sword is still kept a relic by one 
of his descendants. Immediately after the 
decisive battle the Gillespies moved to 
County Monaghan, Ireland, where they 
owned a large tract of land. They were 
linen drapers. The linen was woven by 
hand looms; they also bleached it, and pre- 
pared it for the Belfast market. ^James 
Gillespie married Elizabeth Riddle about 
the year 1700. They had six children, 
three sons: 'James, 'John, and 'Matthew, 
and three daughters, 'Elizabeth, 'Letitia. 
and 'Sarah. 'James came to America in 
about the middle of the i8th century, there 
is nothing definite known about him. It 
was reported that he was killed in an en- 
gagement during the war with England, of 
that we know nothing. 'John married 
Miss Jane Stewart; they had six children, 
two sons and four daughters, their names 
were, 'James, "Isaac, 'Jane, 'Elizabeth. 
'Agnes, 'Letitia; 'James enlisted in the 
navy, fought under Admiral Nelson, and 
fell in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1806. 
'Isaac married Miss Jane Boyd; they had 
ten children, seven of whom were sons. 
*John, who was a Presbyterian minister, 
educated in Belfast College. *Hugh and 
^Tames were farmers, *Isaac a soldier 
served twenty-one years in the British 
army. His first active service was at the 
Sutledge, in the East Indies Three days' 
engagement; he fell on the second day 
wounded, lay all night on the battlefield 
among the dying and the dead, was picked 
up next day and carried to the hospital, 
where he remained six months; he received 
a medal for Moodkee, and a clasp for Fer- 
oseshur, he was through the Crimean war, 
having received Crimean medal, Turkish 

war medal, and a clasp for Sebastopol, also 
a medal for long service, and good con- 
duct, in all four medals and two clasps. 
*Jane died in 1847, she was united in mar- 
riage to William Mills. Mr. and Mrs. 
'Isaac Gillespie and their five youngest 
children emigrated to America in 1849. 
*John was united in marriage to Miss 
Mary Breakey in 1864; they had one child, 
a little girl who died in infancy. *Hugh 
married Miss Letitia Groves, who died 
after birth of their first child, mother and 
child were buried together; he afterwards 
married Mrs. Jane Carothers; they had 
nine children, five sons and four daughters, 
their names as follows, "James, 'Robert, 
•William, 'Charles and 'Hugh, 'Margaret, 
'Mary, "Rebecca and 'Annette. *James, 
son of 'Isaac and Jane Boyd Gillespie was 
united in marriage to Margaret McKeagh, 
they had three children, one of whom died 
early, 'Isaac and 'Jane are still living in 
Carroll Co., Illinois. *Isaac was united in 
marriage to *Mary A., daughter of 'John 
and Mary Schofield Gillespie, August 24, 
1865; their home was in Burnly, Lanca- 
shire England; they had one child Mary J. 
who died when she was four years old, 
three years after the death of her fathe-. 
*Eliza Gillespie was united in marriage to 
Archie Anderson whose home is Henne- 
pin CO. Minnesota; they had eight children, 
five sons and three daughters, their names 
are as follows, 'Charles, 'Benjamin, 'Rus- 
sell, 'Albert, 'Edward, 'Emma, 'Hattie, 
and 'Margaret. *Thomas Gillespie was 
united in marriage to Miss Maria Donald- 
son, he moved to Iowa; they had eight 
children, 'Margaret. 'Margaret Gillespie 
was united in marriage to Mr. James Wall, 
they had six children, their names are, 
'Edward, 'Charles, 'Minnie, 'Isabella, 
'Thomas and 'Cleola. 'Thomas is married 
and living in St. Joseph Missouri, where 
his mother and the remainder of the 
family live. 'Robert Gillespie married 
Mias Margaret Williamson; they had six 
children, their names are 'William, 'Isaac, 
"John, 'Minnie, 'Jane and 'Mary, they are 
all living with their mother in Carroll Co., 
Illinois, their father being dead. 'Charles 



Gillespie was united in marriage to Miss 
Palmer, an eastern lady; he moved to 
Iowa (the number and names of children 
not known to writer), ^Hiram was name 
of one son. ^Jane Gillespie, daughter of 
'John and Jane Stewart Gillespie, was 
united in marriage to Humphrey Mills, a 
land owner, he had also served in the Brit- 
ish navy; they had four children, *John, 
*William, *Jane and *Margaret, some of 
whom came to Canada. 'Elizabeth Gil- 
lespie was united in marriage to Charles 
Rogers; they had four daughters and one 
son, *William, who emigrated to America 
about 1830, in a few years after Mr. and 
'Mrs. Rogers and family followed, settling 
in Jo Davis co., 111. Agnes Gillespie was 
united in marriage to Sergeant Douglas; 
they had three children, two sons and a 
daughter, their names were, *John, 
*Thomas and *Jane. 'Letitia Gillespie was 
united in marriage to Mr. Drummond. 
they had no family. *Mary Rogers, daugh- 
ter of Charles and 'Elizabeth Gillespie 
Rogers was united in marriage to Jamies 
Spear, they emigrated to America and 
settled in Jo Davis co., Illinois, and farm 
on a large scale, all are members of the 
United Presbyterian Church. 'Matthew, 
son of *James and Elizabeth Riddle Gil- 
lespie, was united in marriage to Miss 
Rachel Stewart Riley (cousin of his brother 
'John's wife) ; they had four children, their 
names were 'James, 'Elizabeth, 'John and 
'David; 'James Gillespie married Miss 
Elizabeth Boyd (sister of his cousin 
'Isaac's wife) ; they had seven children, 
three sons and four daughters; their names 
were as follows, 'Matthew, who died in 
America unmarried. *Jane. came to Amer- 
ica. *EHza *Hueh. *James. 'Margaret and 
*Letitia. now Mrs. Steele; *James married 
Miss McBerny, they had a large family, 
one of whom is now professor in a female 
academy in Savannah, Georgia. 'James 
Joseph; one 'sister is teaching in a board- 
ing school in Wales; 'another is teaching 
in a boardine school in Ene^land: their 
hnrne is in Banbi"idc"P. Ooiin^v ^''m'^<Th. 
Ireland. 'Elizabeth, daughter of 'Matthew 
Gillespie, married Alexander Murphy; 

they had faur children, three daughters 
and one son, 'Agnes, 'Elizabeth, 'David, 
and 'Rachel, only one of whom married; 
'Agnes married John Henry, all have died. 
'John, son of ^Matthew Gillespie, married 
Miss Mary Schofield; they had seven chil- 
dren, two sons and five daughters, named 
as follows: 'Rachel, who married John 
Armstrong, 'Jane, who married William 
Nickle, 'Sarah, died in 1895 unmarried, 
'Elizabeth is living in the old home place 
where her people have lived over two hun- 
dred years. 'David, county clerk of 
Logan CO., State of Illinois, America; he 
married Matilda Parker; they had four 
children, one of whom, their only daugh- 
ter, died v^hen she was in her sixth year; 
their names are as follows: 'Imogene, 
"Joseph, "Hiram, "David. 'Mary A. Gil- 
lespie was united in marriage to 'Isaac 
Gillespie (son of 'Isaac and Jane Boyd 
Gillespie, son of 'John, son of *Janies Gil- 
lespie) Aug. 24, 1S65; they had one child, 
a little girl, named Mary Jane, who died 
when she was four years old; 'Isaac Gil- 
lespie died in her majesty's service in 
Burnley, Lancashire, England, in the year 
1867, he was buried in Burnly; his widow 
'Mary A. and their baby came to America 
the autumn of the same year. 'James, son 
of 'John and Mary Schofield Gillespie 
came to America in 1859, he lived in Bond 
CO. till the breaking out of the civil 
war, in May 1864 he enlisted and went 
out to fight for the land of his adoption — 
in 1872 he married Anna Mickey, they 
have had five children, two sons and three 
daughters, their names are as follows, 
"John David, "Mary Jane, "Samuel, 'Hattie, 
who died in infancy, "Anna, died in 1891, 
she was nine years old. 'David (son of 
'Matthew, son of 7ames and Rachel Stew- 
art Riley Gillespie), married 'Sarah Gil- 
lespie (daughter of 'Joseph, son of *David) ; 
immediately after their marriage they sailed 
for America, landing in New York the 
summer of 1807; they had two children, 
both sons, their names were, 'Matthew and 
'Toseoh. they were both born in New 
York Citv. In iRig the family moved to 
Illinois, they settled in Madison Co., where 



they continued to reside as long as they 
lived. In 1827 *Matthew married Miss 
Nancy Gordon, a sister of the Rev. Joseph 
Gordon, a Presbyterian minister of Van- 
dalia. 111.; of this union there was but one 
child, the late Judge "David Gillespie of 
Edwardsville 111.; his wife dying he again 
married March 10, 1839 Mrs. Martha 
Hynes, a lady of Scotch parentage, only 
three children of this marriage grew to 
man and womanhood. "^Isabella J., wife of 
Moses B. Sherman, "^Nellie, wife of W. B. 
Brink, both residents of Edwardsville 
111., and "Joseph of California, Judge 
"David Gillespie married Minna A. Barns- 
back Oct. 8, 1855, they had six children, 
•Mattie, ^Minnie, 'Julia, "Edward D., 
•Henry S. and ®Mary E., the last three are 
living — ^Edward D. is married and living 
in Edwardsville, III. Judge David Gil- 
lespie was born Sept. 28, 1828 in Edwards- 
ville, 111. His early education was ac- 
quired under the tuition of Samuel Allard 
who taught a private school in the Acad- 
emy; he afterwards attended Shurtleft 
College in Upper Alton, 111. For several 
years prior to attaining his majority he 
went into the law office of his uncle 
*Joseph Gillespie where he studied law, 
and on attaining his majority in 1849 was 
admitted to the bar of Illinois. In 1861 he 
was appointed Master in Chancery of the 
Circuit Court of Madison co. — a position 
' he filled with credit for twelve successive 
years, and during four years of this time 
from 1865 to 1869, he was also County 
Judge. This was during a time when, in 
addition to the duties now devolved upon 
county judges of Illinois, they were re- 
quired to discharge the duties now per- 
formed by the Board of Supervisors. As 
a lawyer he had few superiors in the State. 
As a counselor he was safe and reliable. 
He practiced extensively in the Supreme 
Court, and was never known to lose 
case in that court. He was one of the 
charter members of the Edwardsville 
Lodge A. F. and A. M. Judge *Matthew 
Gillespie was an able and efficient public 
officer. In 1839 lie was elected judge of 
probate, which office he honorably filled 

for four years. Was enrolling and en- 
grossing clerk in the State Senate in 1839 
and '40; was appointed by Gen. Taylor 
Register of the Land Office in 1849, which 
office he held for four years. He was an 
old and intimate acquaintance of Presi- 
dent Lincoln. The house of Mr. Gillespie, 
when Mr. Lincoln was stopping at Ed- 
wardsville, was one of the latter's favorite 
places of " breaking bread," and where the 
family and friends enjoyed the rare treat 
of listening to the fun-loving anecdotes so 
peculiar to Mr. Lincoln. Judge ^Joseph, 
son of 'David (^Matthew and ^James) and 
Sarah (dau. of 'Joseph (only son of 
^David) and Sarah Breakey Gillespie) was 
born in New York City Aug. 22, 1809. In 
those days schools were the exception. 
His mother, however, who was well in- 
formed and extremely fond of reading, in 
a measure supplied the want of suitable 
opportunities. She gave her sons all the 
instruction she could impart, procured the 
best reading matter that the county af- 
forded, and by her endeavors awakened in 
them a thirst for knowledge. She gave 
them her views upon what they had read 
which strengthened their recollection and 
created habits of reflection; he was raised 
on a farm. In 1831 he went to Edwards- 
ville. Read law with the Hon. Cyrus Ed- 
wards. He lived in the family of Mr. 
Edwards for two years, and in that time 
read law under his direction and tuition. 
During that time the Black Hawk War 
broke out, he volunteered and made the 
campaign of 1831 and 1832. About this 
time he was ready to commence the prac- 
tice of his profession, he was elected pro- 
bate judge of the county, which position 
he held for two years. In 1840 he was 
elected on the Whig ticket to represent 
Madison county in the State Legislature. 
After his return he again went to the prac- 
tice of his profession. In 1847 he was 
elected a member of the State Senate, in 
which body he continued until 1857. In 
i86t he was elected to the office of Judge 
of the Twenty-fourth Judicial Circuit of 
Tlliniois. and occupied the position for 
twelve years. He was united in marriage 



to Miss Mary E. Smith of Greenville, III., 
in 1845; they had eight children, one died 
in infancy; their names are as follows: 
'Sarah, ^Cyrus E., "^Mary Josephene, 
'Alice, "Charles S., 'Frank K., 'Marie 
Louisa; four are living; 'Mary Josephene 
is wife of Major Russell Prickett, of Ed- 
wardsville, 111. ^Elizabeth, daughter of 
'James and Elizabeth Riddle Gillespie was 
united in marriage to Mr. Luckey; they 
had three sons and one daughter, the sons 
all went to America, the daughter 'Letitia 
died unmarried. ''Sarah, daughter of 
^James and Elizabeth Riddle Gillespie was 
united in marriage to James Riddle; they 
had two sons, their names were 'James and 
•John; 'James was an M. D. and educated 
in the old country, after finishing his edu- 
cation he came out to America settling in 
New York, 'John also came to America. 
*John Gillespie one of the brothers who 
came from Scotland to Ireland had no 
sons, he had three daughters; their names 
were *Letitia, 'Elizabeth and 'Martha. 
'Elizabeth was united in marriage to John 
Craig, her great-grandson is living on the 
place given her by her father at the time 
of her marriage, she had one son 'John 
Craig, he was her only child, he married, 
do not know the lady's name; they had five 
children, their names were, *John and 
*James, ^Elizabeth, *Letitia and *Jane. 
*John came to America, *James died in the 
old land unmarried; ^Elizabeth was united 
in marriage to Mr. Haliday, they came to 
America and settled in Baltimore; *Letitia 
was united in marriage to Rev. Samuel 
Carlisle, a Covenanting minister; they had 
seven children; their names were "John, 
'James and 'Samuel, 'Jane, "Elizabeth, 
'Martha and 'Letitia; *Jane Craig was 
united in marriage to John Burgess. 
'Letitia, daughter of ^John Gillespie, was 
united in marriage to Mr. John Grier; they 
had three children, 'Letitia afterward Mrs. 
Ritchey, 'Margaret who was Mrs. Mc- 
Veity, 'Patrick, whose son of the same 
name was wounded in the Battle of Water- 
loo, he was a pensioner for many years, he 
has one daughter, Mrs. McKinley living 
in their home place Caddah, county Mon- 


aghan Ireland. 'Martha, daughter of 
^John Gillespie, was united in marriage to 
Mr. Thomas McCullough, the land given 
to ^Martha when she was married is still 
in possession of the McCullough family. 
^David Gillespie the third brother who 
came from Scotland to Ireland was united 
in marriage to Isabella Wilson whose 
brother was a barrister at law; they had 
one child, a son named 'Joseph, who was 
united in marriage to Sarah Breakey; they 
had five children, three sons and two 
daughters; their names were as follows! 
'Borthick, 'David and 'William, 'Isabella 
and 'Sarah. 'David took a prominent part 
during 1798, when the united Irishmen 
tried to liberate Ireland from the British 
yoke, there was a premium put on his 
head, and so he emigrated to America; 
'Borthick went about the same time; 'Isa- 
bella was united in marriage to John Rob- 
inson, they had a large family, they all 
emigrated to America between 1825 and 
1830; 'Sarah was united in marriage to 
'David Gillespie, son of 'Matthew and 
Rachel Stewart Riley Gillespie in 1807, 
they sailed for America immediately after 
their marriage. 

pOLLINS, LEVI of Romeo Mich., en- 
^ listed in the rev. war at the age of 
15, in Bradford Vt. or Haverhill N. H. in 
Nov. 1775, and was discharged in 1776, 
was a private in Capt. Everett's co. Col. 
Sedell's regt. of the New Hampshire line, 
his father Richard was also a soldier and 
d. of small-pox near Quebec Canada, 
where he was buried with three large 
boulders to mark the grave; Levi Collins 
(m. Sep. 13, 1787 Abigail Stanton, dau. of 
Isaac Wheeler Stanton, see " Stanton 
Genealogy ") moved to Erie co. N. Y. in 
1808, .afterwards moved to Romeo Mich., 
where she d. Sep. 1834 and he died Apr. 
10, 1837, both are buried in Romeo; chil- 
dren of Levi and Abigail Stanton Collins: 
Sarah Marsh, b. Aug. 15, 1788, m. John 
McKean, had two children, Isaac McKean, 
d. unm., Julia McKean, m. Harvey Cham- 
berlain, had 3 children: Silas, Chester and 
Josephine, Josephine m. John Ellis, who 



was in the house of rep. at Washington 
for 12 years from New Orleans La.; John 
Ellis and Josephine C. Ellis had three chil- 
dren: Lillian, m. Mr. Emmerson and live 
in Pittsburgh Pa., Thomas is a lawyer in 
New Orleans, and Harvey was graduated 
at Tulane univ. law school; Levi Collins 
Jr., b. Nov. 27, 1789, m. Elizabeth Towle, 
had ID children: Hiram, Charles, Edmond. 
Ruth and others; Edmond lived in Dor- 
chester Mass. and has a son Charles and 
dau. Helen living there now; Charles Col- 
lins is in business in Boston, firm name 
Collins & Fairbanks, and has one child 
Fred; Isaac Wheeler Stanton Collins, b. 
Dec. 21, 1791, m. Permelia Stranahan, had 
a large family of children, is buried at 
Romeo Mich.; Abigail Dow Collins, b. 
Nov. 7, 1792, TO. 1st H. Sheldon, had chil- 
dren, one son named Collins Sheldon, m. 
2d William Hill, had children, one son 
William Hill lives at Wakefield Mass.; 
Ruth Ayer Collins, b. Jan. 3, 1796, m. 
Charles Woodruff, lived in New Albany 
Ind., had four children: Amelia, who was 
for many years missionary to the Mor- 
mons in Salt Lake under the Presbyterian 
Board of Missions, Charles, who lives in 
Louisville and had one dau. Sarah Keen 
Woodruff, who was educated at Lake Erie 
sem., Painesville Ohio, Henry, who lives 
in Pewee Valley, has two dau. Mary and 
Laura, educated at Lake Er'ie sem., Ohio, 
Carolyn Woodruff m. Rev. Sylvester 
Fithian Scovel D. D., who was Presby- 
terian minister in Pittsburg Pa. for 18 
years, is now president of the Presbyterian 
coll. Wooster Ohio, they have five chil- 
dren: Minor, Charles, Amelia, Elsie and 
Henry; Ephraim Collins, b. in Chelsea 
Vt. May i8, 1798, m. Margaret Lewis, who 
was b. Nov. 19, 181 1, she was b. in North 
Carolina, was the dau. of Williamson 
Lewis of Virginia, her mother was Clarkie 
Bell, dau. of John Bell of North Carolina; 
Ephraim Collins d. in Keokuk Iowa Mar. 
25, 1863, his wife Margaret d. at the same 
place in Nov. 1881, are buried in Oakwood 
cemetery; John Seymour Collins d. in 
childhood; George Washington Collins en- 
listed in the civil war in co. A ist Iowa 

cav. under Capt. W. M. G. Torrence, his 

old teacher and friend, he was studying law 
with Rankin and McCrary, McCrary after 
became secretary of war; G. W. Collins 
was a devoted temperance worker, was 
killed at battle of Big Creek Bluffs, buried 
at Oakwo'od cemetery, Keokuk Iowa; 
Williamson Lewis Collins m. America El- 
mira Evans, dau. of Capt. Milton Evans of 
Maysville Ky., they had eight children: 
Ethel Lynn Collins, m. Elias Jacobsen, a 
graduate of Beloit coll., in business in 
Pierre, Hughes co. S. Dak., they have two 
children: Edmund Lewis and Helen; Ar- 
thur Burns Collins, Edith Warner Collins, 
student at L. E. sem., Painesville Ohio, 
Leister Evans, d. in infancy, Williamson 
Lewis, Ruth Clementine, Margaret Esther 
and Agnes Maple (twins) ; Margaret 
Louisa Collins, m. J. W. Sickles, son of 
Daniel Sickles of Wheeling Va., had a 
large family, some of them d. in infancy, 
those living are: George Sicord Sickles, 
m., has two children: Guy Stanton and 
Ruth, Willis Everett Sickles, Mary Irene 

Sickles, m. Collett, live in Denver 

Col., Anna Octavia Sickles, m. Fielder, 

James Collins Sickles, Clark Sickles and 
Margaret Sickles; Mary Clementine Col- 
lins, named for her father's sister Mary 
Stanton Collins and her mother's sister 
Clementine Lewis Slaten, a member of the 
First Congregational church Keokuk 
Iowa, went as missionary to the Sioux 
Indians in 1875, learned the Sioux lan- 
guage and has written in that language to 
help the people for whom she labors, also 
has written and spoken in public to bring 
before the country the condition of these 
poor people, was located for ten years 
near Ft. Sully in Dak. territory, has been 
now II years on the Standing Rock 
agency, her Indian name is Winona; Irene 
Jane Giberson, m. J. M. Giberson of Elsah 
111., they have two children: Herbert and 
Albro; Ephraim James Collins, m. Azubah 
Parker, have one child Earl Lewis Collins, 
E. J. Collins is a druggist in Russell Kan.; 
Ruth Iowa Collins, m. Joseph L. Canby 
of Belfontaine Ohio, live in Keokuk Iowa; 
Mary Stanton Collins, daoi. of Abigail and 



Levi Collins, b. Mar. 30, 1801, m. Justin 
Chamberlain, and they had a large family: 
Erastus Quitterifield Chamberlain, m. 
Helen M. Smith of Algonac Mich., had 
one dau. Mabel, Justin Chamberlain d., 

Mary Chamberlain, m. Bull, live at 

Flint Mich., Juliette Chamberlain, Louisa 
Chamberlain, Ellen Chamberlain, Abigail 
Chamberlain, Frank Chamberlain; Hannah 
Collins, b, Aug. 7, 1803, m. Dr. Levi Jeni- 
son (or Denison) ; Louisa M. Collins, b. 
Mar. 10, 1807, m. Stephen H. Fitch, had 
two sons, is buried at Romeo Mich.; 
Henry Collins, b. May 16, 1809, m. Eliza- 
beth Palmerlee, had four children: Mary, 
m. James Gray (d.), Martha, m. James 
Gray, Louisa, m. Marvel Brabb, John Col- 
lins and Lucius Henry Collins, lawyer in 
Detroit; Henry Collins and wife Elizabeth 
P. Collins are buried in Romeo Mich. 

THWAITE of Washington, D. C, b. 
in Bridgton Me. Oct. 29, 1845. removed to 
Portland Me. 1847, to Bradford Mass. 
1857, to Washington 1886, served in war 
of rebellion 226. Mass. vols., grad. U. S. 
military acad. 1870, 2d lieut. 4th U. S. 
cavalry, 1st lieut. 4th U. S. cavalry 1875-6 
(m. Sep. 4, 1870 Mary Maria, dau. of David 
Dexter Smith [and Mary Roberts], desc. 
of Lt. John Smith, prominent in the In- 
dian wars, was captured by the Indians, 
but escaped, she, Mary had 4 ch., viz.: 
Mellie Goldthwaite, b. June 21, 1871, Bes- 
sie Richardson, b. Nov. 14, 1872, Robert 
Dexter, b. Aug. 10, 1876, and Natalie Pow- 
ell, b. May 30, 1886); son of Henry Car- 
ter of Bradford Mass., b. in Bridgton Me. 
Sep. 20, 1814, educated at Bridgton acad. 
and U. S. military acad., practiced law in 
Mass., editor of the Portland Advertiser 
1847-57, rep. in Me. legislature, rep. and 
senator in Mass. legislature, chairman sen- 
ate mil. com. 1863, judge of municipal 
court Haverhill Mass. since 1866 (m. June 
14, 1836 Elizabeth Jane Caldwell, dau. of 
Stephen and Catharine Goldthwaite [Pow- 
ell] Caldwell, and desc. of Francis and 
Mary [Goldthwaite] Archibald, Col. 
Thomas Goldthwaite, rep. to general 

court, paymaster at Crown Point 1760, 
Capt. John Goldthwaite, capt. in Col. 
Jacob Wendell's reg. 1743, Ezekiel 
Cheever, celebrated master of the Boston 
Latin sch., Thomas Goldthwaite, came to 
Amer. in John Winthrop's fleet 1630. 
Francis Archibald, b. in Kirkcadyshire of 
Fife Scotland Aug. 5, 1689, d. Oct. 17, 
1747, Sir Richard Rainsford, lord chief jus- 
tice of the King's bench Eng. 1676-8, 
Thomas Kirton, one of the founders of 
Mass. Bay colony, Aaron Gale, Benjamin 
Goldthwaite, Edward Goldthwaite, was in 
1st Louisburg expedition as capt. 4th co. 
Col. Samuel Waldo's reg., Phillip Lewis, 
ensign in Col. Jacob Wendell's reg. 1743, 
Col. Joseph Goldthwaite, served in the 
British army, Ezekiel Goldthwaite, b. July 
9, 1710, and Capt. Phillip Lewis, register 
of deeds) ; son of John Carter of Bridgton 
and Waterford Me., b. in former 1788, d. 
in latter Apr. 24, 1827, merchant at Water- 
ford (m. 1st about 1809 Pamelia, d. Feb. 
9, 1817, dau. of America Hamlin [and 
Sally Parkhurst], served in rev. war, son 
of Maj. Eleazar Hamlin [and Lydia Bon- 
ney of Pembroke Mass.] of Westford and 
Harvard Mass., uncle to Hannibal, vi.ce- 
pres. of the U. S., he America had 5 bros., 
viz.: Europe, Asia, Africa, Cyrus and Han- 
nibal, 2d Eunice Daggett of Boston 
Mass.) ; son of Abijah Carter ol Bridgton 
Me., Waterford Me. and Jafifrey N. H., b. 
in Leominster Mass. 1757 or 8, d. in 
Waterford Apr. 5, 1847, farmer, rev. sol- 
dier, private in Capt. Mana'sseh Sawyer's 
CO. Col. Nicholas Dike's reg. 1776, private 
in Lt. Samuel Stickney's co. Col. Abijah 
Stearns' reg. 1777, marched to Saratoga 
under Maj. Ebenezer Bridges to the as- 
sistance of Gen. Gates, private in Capt. 
Timothy Boutell's co. Col. John Rand's 
reg. 1780 (m. in Apr. 1781 Nancy Warner, 
b. in Leominister, d. No-v. 26, 1852); son 
of Josiah Carter of Leominster Mass., b. 
there Jan. 26, 1726, d. there Feb. 13, 1812, 
colonial and rev. soldier, served in a 
mounted co. under Capt. John Carter de- 
tached out of Col. Oliver Nilder's reg. that 
marched to Springfield Mass. in Fort Wil- 
liam Henry alarm 1757, ist maj. Col. Asa 



WhitcoTnb's reg. Lexington alarm 1775, 
It.-col. in Col. Abijah Stearns' reg. 1776, 
It.-col. of Col. Josiaih Whitney's reg., col. 
8th Worcester co. reg. 1779 (m. 1745 
Tabitha Hough, d. June 29, 1810); son of 
Samuel Carter of Woburn and Lancaster 
Mass., b. in former Jan. 7, 1678, d. in lat- 
ter Aug. 30, 1738, farmer, was assigned to 
garrison duty on George Hill, ihouse was 
burned by the Indians 1701, selectman 
1723, and held various town oomimittees 
(m. in Mar. 1701 Dorothy, b. 1680, dau. of 
Nathaniel and Mary [Sawyer] Wilder); 
son of Samuel of Watertown, Woburn 
and Lancaster, b. in Watertown Aug. 8, 
1640, minister of a church in Groton Mass. 
1693, grad. H. C. 1660, selectman of Wo- 
burn Mass. 1679-83, com. of rates 1680, 
town clerk 1690, teacher 1685-6 (-m. 
Eunice, b. Oct. 10, 1655, dau. of John and 
Eunice [Monsall] Brooks, she, Eunice 
Carter m. 2d Capt. James Parker, 3d John 
Kendall) ; son of Thomas Carter, b. in St. 
Albans, Hertfords/hire Eng., d. Sep. 5, 
1684, grad. Cambridge Eng. St. John's 
coll. 1629, sailed for London in the 
" Planter " 1635, Dedham, Watertown and 
Woburn Mass., ist minister of Woburn 
1642 (m. Mary Dalton, d. Mar. 28, 1687). 

Mendon Mass., b. there May 20, 
1834, mechanic, farmer, commercial trav- 
eler (m. Oct. 5, 1854 Sarah Jane, dau. of 
William Torrey and Sarah [Payson] Met- 
calf) ; son of Abel of Mendon Mass., b. in 
Uxbridge Mass. Feb. 29, 1792, d. in Men- 
don Nov. 26, 1844, farmer (m. Dec. 10, 
1820 Phoebe, dau. of Anthony and Han- 
nah [Southwick] Comstock of Smithfield 
R. I., belonged to Friends' meeting); son 
of Abel Aldrkh of Uxbridge Mass., b. 
there Nov. 16, 1749, d- there Apr. 7, 1841, 
farmer, member of Friends' meeting (m. 
1st Oct. 31, 1772 Olive Lovell, 2d June 21, 
1791 Elizabeth Rawson); son of Joseph of 
Uxbridge Mass., b. in Mendon Mass. Sep. 
29, 1718, d. in Uxbridge Dec. 30, 1787, 
member Friends' meeting (m. Jan. 2, 1740 
Elizabeth, dau. of San ford and Hannah 
Prentice); son of John Aldrich of Men- 

don and Uxbridge Mass., b. in former 
Nov. 27, 1688, d. in latter Mar. 25, 1750, 
farmer (m, Penelope, dau. af John and 
Sarah [Brown] Pray of Smithfield R. I.); 
son of Jacob of Mendon Mass., b. in 
Braintree Mass. Feb. 28, 1652, d. in Men- 
don Oct. 22, 1695, farmer (m. Nov. 3, 1675 
Huldah, dau. of Ferdinando and Huldah 
[Hay ward] Thayer of Braintree and Men- 
don Mass.); son of George Aldrich, came 
to Amer. 1631, tailor, farmer, ist settled in 
Dorchester Mass., in Braintree Mass. 
about 1640, became one of the proprietors 
of the town of Mendon 1663, one of the 
1st settlers there, freeman in Dorchester 
1636, gained the distinction of " good 
man " (m. Katherine Seald). 

ALLEN, VIRGIL D. of Columbus 
Ohio, b. in Cardington Ohio Sep. 7, 
1869 (unmarried) ; son of James Madison, 
b. in Philadelphia Pa. Jan. 22, 1840, d. in 
Colum'bus Ohio May 17, 1891, capt. in ist 
O. V. C, lieut. in 9th O. V. C, was a 
manufacturer of flax fibre in Cardington 
Ohio, moved to Franklin co. about 1875 
(m. Sep. 2, 1865 Roxana E., dau. of Virgil 
D. Moore [and Marilla Hough], b. Dec. 
14, 1814, d. Nov. 6, 1895, desc. of Simeon 
Moore b. 1791, .d. Aug. 2, 1853, Simeon 
Moore, b. Mar. 25, 1761, d. June 26, 1825, 
rev. soldier, Simeon Moore Sr., b. Jan. i, 
1732, Benjamin Moore, b. Dec. 5, 1693, 
and Andrew Moore of Windsor Ct.); son 
of James Madison Allen, b. in N. J. July 
28, 1810, d. in Newark N. J. Feb. 6, 1897 
(m. Dec. 17, 1832 Harriet Brown of New- 
found N. J., dau. of Peter Post Brown, 
son of Martin Brown, b. in N. J. Oct. 10, 
1764, son of Hendrich Brown of Holland); 
son of Job Allen of Denville N. J., b. 
there July 2, 1780, d. in Fredricktown Ohio 
Mar. 27, 1855, emigrated to Ohio, settled 
in Fredricktown 1814 (m. 1800 Betsey 
Jackson of Rockaway, b. 1782, dau. of 
Benjamin of Rockaway, b. 1752, son 01 
Joseph, b. 1710. desc. of Robert Jackson, 
b. in Hempstead L. I. 1643, she, Betsey had 
besides James M., b. July 28, 1810 as above, 
8 ch., viz.: William Mitchell, Job, Phebe, 
Emily, Isaac Jackson, Maria Brown, 



Clarissa Jackson and Lucy De Camp Al- 
len); son of Job Allen of Denville N. J., 
b. there, bp. Aug. 14, 1751, d. there 1798, 
was a member of the committee of safety, 
capt. in rev. army, carpenter, had iron fur- 
naces in Rockaway N. J. (m. Jan. 2, 1774 
Mary Minton of Rockaway) ; son of Job 
of Denville and Rockaway N. J., b. about 
1700, d. in Denville 1768, carpenter, iron 
manufacturer in N. J., moved from L. I. 

cago 111., b. in Newton Center Mass. 
Jan. 25, 1861, educated in Washington D. 
C, civil engineer in Chicago since 1879, 
town engineer Cicero 111., city engineer 
Lake Viev^ 111., member firm of Alvord and 
Shields (m. Sep. 4, 1889 Helen Clara Cor- 
nell, desc. of the Dodge and Cornell fami- 
lies of N. Y. State, and had Helen Louise 
Alvord); son of John Watson Alvord of 
Boston Mass. and Washington D. C, b. 
in East Hampton Ct. Apr. 18, 1807, d. in 
Denver Col. Jan. 14, 1880, Congregational 
minister, settled in Barkhamsted Ct., 
Stamford Ct. and South Boston Mass., 
field agent of Boston Tract Soc. during 
civil war. suipt. of schools of Freedman's 
bureau, pres. of Freedman's bank (im. 
June 3, 1845 Myrtilla Mead Peck, b. in 
Greenwicih Ct.); sion of James Hall Al- 
vord of Easthampton and Winsted Ct., b. 
in Chatham Ct. Aug. 8, 1781, d. in Winsted 
July 29, 1868, sadler and harness maker, 
deacon in the ist Cong, church in Winsted 
Ct. for over 40 years (m. Oct. 11, 1804 
Lucy Cook of Chatham Ct., b. Aug. 7, 
1784, d. Sep. I, 1850, dau. of Richard and 
Mary [Rowley] Cook, and desc. of Ed- 
ward Fuller, who came over in the May- 
flower) ; son of Reuel of Easthampton Ct., 
b. in Chatham Ct. 1750, d. there Mar. 27, 
1810, sailor, enlisted at the Lexington 
alarm in the 2d co. of the 2d reg. Ct. 
militia 1775, marched to Boston and posted 
at Jamaica Plains during the battle of 
Bunker Hill, his term expired in Nov. and 
the returned h'oime and enlisted on board 
erf a privateer (m. Nov. 15, 1774 Hannah 
Hall of Chatham Ct., b. 1753, d. Aug. 3, 
1830); son of Seth Alvord of Northampton 

Mass. and Chatham, b. in former Nov. 13, 
1714, d. in latter Mar. 16, 1802, removed 
from Northamipton to Chatham about 
1730, his house at Easthampton is still 
standing (m. Elizabeth Spencer of Chat- 
ham Ct., desc. of the Spencer family 
there) ; son of Thomas of Northampton 
Mass., b. there Aug. 28, 1683, d. in Chat- 
ham (m. 1st Esther Parsons, 2d Dec. 29, 
1690 Mary Strong, desc. of Elder John 
Strong of Taunton Eng., who came to 
Dorchester in the sthip " Mary and John " 
1630); son of Thomas Alvord Oif North- 
ampton Mass., b. there Oct. 27, 1653, d. 
there July 22, 1688, served in King Philip's 
war 1676, his name is inscribed on the tab- 
let in the Northampton public library (m. 
Mar. 22, 1681 Joanna, dau. of John and 
Thankful [Woodward] Taylor) ; son of 
Alexander of Windsor Ct. and Northamp- 
ton Mass., b. in Whitestaunton Eng., d. in 
Northampton Oct. 3, 1687, he was bro. of 
Benedict Alvord, who fought in the Pequot 
war, they together with their sister Joan 
left Somersetshire Eng. 'for this country 
in the ship " Mary and John " about 1630, 
settled in Windsor Ct,, he was one of the 
original proprietors there, removed to 
Northampton Mass. 1661, one of the ist 
members of the ist church there (m. Oct. 
29, 1646 Mary, d. 1683, dau. of Richard 
Vore, who came over on the ship " Mary 
and John ") ; son of Thomas Alford of 
Whitestaunton Eng., son oi Alexander of 
Whitestaunton; son of John Alford of 
Whitestaunton 1530. 

Chicago 111., b. in New Britain Ct. 
Dec. 25, 1836, was raised on a farm, went 
to Chicago when 17 years old, member of 
the firm of A. H. Andrews and Co. of Chi- 
cago (m. Feb. 6, 1872 Ella C. Matson of 
Simsbury Ct.); has bro. EDWIN NOR- 
TON Andrews of Pes/htigo Wis., b. in 
New Britain Ct. Sep. i, 1832, raised on a 
farm, taught school, grad. Phillips acad., 
Amherst coll. 1861, Union N. Y. theo. 
sem. 1864, was chaplain of 2d reg. N. J. 
cavalry, pastor in Crystal Lake 111., Hart- 
ford Wis. and Peshtigo Wis. (m. in Apr. 



1869 Mary E., dau. of Franklin and Mary 
Berry of Greenville 111. and Ky.); sons of 
Alfred Andrews of New Britain Ct., b. 
there Oct. 16, 1797, d. there Apr. 13, 1876, 
teacher, manufacturer of carriages, farmer 
(m, Sep. 15, 1824 Mary Lee Shipman, dau. 
of Joseph Shipman [and Polly Lee], b. 
Dec. 23, 1779, d. Mar. 9, 1859, son of Sam- 
uel and Sarah [StanlifT] Shipman, learned 
the brass founder's trade, gr.-son of Capt. 
Samuel Shipman of Saybrook Ct.) ; son of 
Ezekiel Andrews of New Britain Ct., b. 
there May 25, 1775, d. there Sep. 3, 1852, 
farmer, owned a farm of over 300 acres, 
was in war of 1812, capt. of militia (m. 
Dec. II, 1796 Roxana, dau. of Elijah Hins- 
dale and aunt to Elihu Burritt, " the 
learned blacksmith ") ; son of Hezekiah 
of New Britain Ct., b. in Wethersfield Ct. 
Aug. 14, 1730, d. in New Britain Apr. 19, 
1796, owned a farm and mill (m. May 26, 
1757 Anna, dau. of Thomas and Mary 
[Sage] Stedman); son of Daniel Andrews 
of Farmington Ct., b. there Mar. 9, 1672, 
d. in Berlin Ct. Aug. 21, 1748 (m. Oct. 30, 
1707 Mabel, dau. of Jacob Gof¥ of Weth- 
ersfield Mass., desc. of Gofif, the regicide); 
son oi Daniel of Farmington Ct., d. there 
Apr. 16, 1 73 1, was one of the 84 proprietors 
1672, received a division of lands, town 
officer 1702, large land bolder. 

of Dayton Ohio, North Dakota and 
Chicago 111., b. in Dayton June 25, 1856 
(m. Abby S., dau. of Rev. James C. and 
Abby [Busihnell] White, desc. of Joseph 
White of Lancaster Mass., rev. soldier, 
minute man, son of John White, and had 
4 dh., viz.: Heloise, b. in Grand Forks N. 
Dakota Sep. 19, 1884, James Coolidge 
White Arnold, b. Apr. 27, 1887, d. Sep. 
15, 1892, Herman White Arnold, b. Aug. 
30, 1890, and Henry Gorton Arnold, b. 
Aug. 23, 1894); son of James Oliver 
Arnold of Dayton Ohio, b. there Jan. 29, 
1838, R. R. builder, engineer, contractor, 
laid out and built up 100 acres of Dayton 
View (m. in Jan. 1855 Thirza M., b. in 
Huntington L. I. 1837, dau. of Jesse P. 
Conklin and Rachael Matilda Ketcham, 

dau. of Capt. Brewster and Amelia 
[Rusco] Ketcham, and had besides Fred- 
erick M. above 3 ch., viz.: Willie, Carrie 
E. and Jesse O. Arnold) ; son of Gorton 
Arnold of Dayton Ohio, b. in Norwich 
N. Y. Mar. 16, 1804, d. in Dayton May 9, 
1889, removed to Williamson N. Y. 1806, 
removed alone with emigrant party to 
Dayton 1820, contractor, builder, member 
of the firm of Morrison and Arnold 1825- 
50 (m. 1st 1825 Caroline J., dau. of Cham- 
bers Foster of Lawrenceburg Ind., had 
son Milton Arnold of Sparta Ind., 2d 
Ritta Ann Oliver, b. Feb. 27, 1815, d. Sep. 
21, 1888, mother of James above) ; son of 
Nathan Arnold of Gloucester R. I., Nor- 
wich N. Y. and Williamson N. Y., b. in 
Gloucester July 18, 1774, d. in Williamson 
after 1845, removed with his wife to a 
farm near Whites Store in Norwich N. 
Y., removed to Williamson N. Y. 1806, 
was an educated man, Quaker, taught 
school in winter, was a contractor for 
masonry and stonework (m. Sep. 20, 1800 
Olive R. Hopkins of Gloucester R. I., dau. 
of Peleg Hopkins of Foster R. I., desc. of 
Gov. Stqf>hen and Commodore Ezekiel 
Hopkins of R. I., Ezekiel Hopkins, Wil- 
liam Hopkins and Joana Arnold, dau. of 
Thomas Arnold, the emigrant to Amer- 
ica) ; son of William Arnold of Gloucester 
R. I., b. on Arnold's Hill R. I. May 31, 
1751, d. in Gloucester May 9, 1836, rev. 
soldier 1775-83, enlis'ted in Stephen Kim- 
bal's CO., marched to Boston Mass. as 
serg., served one year to the close of the 
war, was quartermaster R. I. troops 1778, 
was in the battle of R. I. 1778, lieut. of 
artillery 1780 (m. Iscah Malavery of R. I., 
dau. of John and Elizabeth [Comstock] 
Malavery); son of Caleb of Arnold's Hill, 
Gloucester R. I., b. in Smithfield R. I. 
May 26, 1725, d. in Gloucester Feb. 5, 1784, 
called the patriot, served in rev. war 1775- 
83, was a deputy 1778 and on war commit- 
tee 1780 (m. 1st Jan. 26, 1745 Patience, b. 
July 3, 1729, dau. of William Brown [and 
Patience Hopkins], son of Jabez Brown, 
desc. 'of Chad Brown, the emigrant, m. 2d 
his cousin Anna Arnold); son of Joseph 
Arnold of Smithfield R. I., b. there, d. 



there Nov. 4, 1746, was a deputy and held 
other offices of trust (m. June 20, 1716 
Mercy, b. Sep. 21, 1694, d. after 1753, dau. 
of Amos Stafford [and Mary Burling^ame] 
of Warwick R. I., owned Rocky Point, 
son of Samuel, son of Thomas Stafford, the 
emigrant) ; son of Eleazer Arnold, b. in 
Watertown Mass. June 17, 1651, d. in 
Smithfield R. I. Aug. 29, 1722, occupied 
important positions of trust (m. Eleanor, 
dau. of John Smith, gr.-dau. of John Smith 
[and Elizabeth], mason in Providence R. 
I.); son of Thomas Arnold, bp. 1599, emi- 
grated from Wales or Eng. to America, 
1st of the name to reach America (m. 
Phebe, dau. of George Parkhurst). 

more Ct., b. in Derby Ct. Sep. 28, 
1847, is compiling the " Bassett Family 
History " (m. Jan. 9, 1878 Hattie L., dau. 
of William N. Storrs, desc. of Samuel 
Storrs, the emigrant, and had 2 ch., viz.: 
Louis Storrs, b. Oct. 11, 1880, d. Sep. 9, 
1881, and Clara Belle Storrs Bassett, b. 
Oct. 19, 1882); son of Amos Bassett of 
Seymore Ct., b. in Derby Ct. Oct. 5, 1820, 
d. in Seymore Aug. 31, 1862, dealer in ship 
timber, farmer (m. Sep. 10, 1845 Keziah 
H., dau, of Isaac Rowe, private sec. to 
Gen. David Humphreys, came from Vt. to 
Ct. 1810); son of Glover of Derby Ct., b. 
there Oct. 14, 1793, d. there Feb. 10, 1847, 
farmer, was in the war of 1812 (m. ist Dec. 
9, 1819 Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Baldwin 
of Woodbridge Ct., and desc. of Richard 
of Milford Ct. 1639, 2d Oct. 4, 1839 Nancy 
N., dau. of Thomas Gilyard, came from 
Eng., employed in Gen. David Humph- 
rey's woolen mill); son of Abraham. Bas- 
sett of Derby Ct., b. there Mar. 21, 1753, 
■d. there Nov. 8, 1833, farmer, shoemaker, 
served in rev. war 1775-80, was in the bat- 
tles of L. I. and White Plains (m. 1780 
Mary, dau. of Dr. Silas Baldwin of Derby 
Ct., son of James Baldwin and Hannah 
Porter, dau. of Dr. Daniel Porter of 
Waterbury Ct); son of Samuel of Derby 
Ct., b. there Nov. 29, 1719, d. there 1802. 
merchant and farmer (m. Oct. 26, 1748 
Sarah, dau. of Samuel Botsford, desc. of 

Henry Botsford of Milford Ct.); son of 
Samuel Bassett of Derby Ct., b. in Strat- 
ford Ct. Nov. 28, 1692, d. in Derby 1764, 
ensign 1722, lieut. 1732, capt. 1735, was 
justice of the peace 1739-61, rep. in the 
colonial legislature from Derby 1733-64, 
selectman of Derby 1728-50 (m. Jan. i, 
1719 Mrs. Deborah Bennett); son of 
Robert of Stratford Ct, b. there 1650, d. 
there Aug. 5, 1720, ensign 1690, left an 
estate valued at $3,000 (m. Elizabeth, dau. 
of Samuel Riggs of Derby Ct. 1688, desc. 
of Edward Riggs, the emigrant, and ances- 
tor of Gen. David Humiphreys) ; son of 
Robert Bassett of Eng., New Haven Ct., 
Stamford Ct. and Hemstead L. I., b. in 
Eng., d. in Hemstead 1676, shoemaker, 
drummer in New Haven colony, commis- 
sioned drum major; son of John of Eng. 
and New Haven Ct., b. in Eng., d. in New 
Haven Feb. 15, 1652, arrived at New Haven 
1643 (m. Margrey). 

of Willimantic Ct, b. in Hebron Ct 
May 4, 1848, accountant, rap. general as- 
sembly from Hebron 1881, judge of pro- 
bate court dist. of Hebron 1887-8 (m. Jan. 
21, 1875 Sarah Gertrude Storrs, b. in Mans- 
field Ct. June 6, 1850, daugh. of Dan P., 
desc. of Samuel Storrs, the emigrant, and 
had 2 ch., viz: Alice Gertrude, b. Oct. 22, 
1877 and Helen Mansfield Bissell, b. May 
20, 188)1); son of Frederick Phelps Bis- 
sell of Hebron Ct., b. there Apr. 23, 1822, 
farmer, selectman, judge probate, rep. gen- 
eral assembly, state senator, warden of St. 
Peter's ch. many years (m. May 2, 1847 
Almira Jane Carver, b. in Hebron Oct. 11, 
1826, desc. of Robert Carver of Marshfield 
Mass. 1638 and Edward Fuller of the May- 
flower 1620) ; son of Ira of Hebron Ct., b. 
there Jan. 19, 1788, d. there Apr. 13, 1870. 
farmer, rep. in general assembly (m. June 
27, 1821 Levina Phelps, desc. of Joseph 
Phelps, b. 1692, d. 1761, a scout in Indian 
war 1 712-13, Lt. Timothy Phelps of Wind- 
sor Ct., Col. Joel Jones, b. 1733, d. 1792, 
served in rev. war in the Ct. militia) ; son 
of Levi Bissell of Hebron Ct., b. there 
Mar. 22, 1747, d. there Dec. 10, 1828, served 

1 68 


in rev. war in the Ct. militia (m. Nov. 29, 
1774 Abilena Mann, desc. of Rev. Samuel 
Mann of Cambridge Mass. and Wrentham 
Mass., b. 1647, d. 1719, and William Mann 
of Cambridge) ; son of Benjamin Bissell 
of Hebron Ct, b. in Tolland Ct. Feb. 23, 
1711 or 12, d. in Hebron Aug. 9, 1751 (m. 
July 6, 1738 Elizabeth, dau. of Edward 
Sawyer of Saybrook and Hebron and Eliz- 
abeth Mack); son of Ephraim Bissell of 
Tolland Ct., b. prob. in Windsor Ct. Sep. 
4, 1680, d. in Tolland 1718 (m. Dec. 24, 
1702 Joanna, dau. of Stephen and Joanna 
[Porter] Taylor); son of Thomas of Wind- 
sor Ct., 'b. in England, d. July 31, 
1689 (m. Oct. II, 1655 Abigail, dau. of 
Dea. John Moore); son of John Bissell 
of Plymouth Mass. 1628 and Windsor Ct. 
1635-40, b. in Somersetshire Eng. about 
1591, d. in Windsor Oct. 3, 1677, prob. of 
Huguenot desc. 

Rockford 111., b. in Dansville N. Y. 
Nov. I, 1852, grad. M. D. Buffalo N. Y. 
1874, B. L. Mich. univ. 1879, is an atty. at 
law (m. Oct. 16, 1879 Carrie Gilman 
Brown, desc. of Gov. Bradstreet, Gov. 
Dudley, Edward Gilman, Elias Reed, An- 
thony Stanyan, Theophilus Smith of Strat- 
ham N. H., she Carrie had 2 ch., viz: 
Chauncey Etheredge and Gilman Dorr 
Blake) ; son of Zara Hurd Blake of Dans- 
ville N. Y., b. in Livonia N. Y. Oct. 23. 
18211, d. in Dansville Sep. 8, 1888, physi- 
cian, surgeon, surgeon to board of enroll- 
ment 2Sth dist. State of N. Y. during war 
for the Union (m. July 4, 1848 Sarisa Dorr 
of English desc, desc. of Edward Dorr, 
Matthew Griswold, Henry Wolcott, Wil- 
liam Hyde, Thomas Lee and Jarvis 
Mudge); son of Zara Blake of Livonia 
N. Y., b. in Litchfield Ct. Nov. 12, 1781, 
d. in Dansville Sep. 17, 1839, farmer, lum- 
berman (m. Mar. 22, 1803 Esther Ether - 
edge, desc. of Moses Cleveland, Thomas 
Tracey and Francis Griswold, the Ether- 
edges were English Quakers); son of 
Richard Blake of Livonia N. Y., b. in 
Middletown Ct. Oct. 7, 1747, d. in Livonia 
Sep. 17, 1807, farmer, rev. soldier in 4th 

CO. 1st reg. Ct. troops, served along lakes 
George and Champlain 1775, assisted at 
the reduction of St. John and Montreal 
(m. July 6, 1769 Damaris Smedley, desc. 
of Samuel Smedley, Edward Hinman, 
Francis Stiles and Adam Hurd) ; son of 
Joseph Blake of Waterbury Ct, b. in 
Middletown Ct. Sep. 24, 1713, d. near 
Greenbush N. Y. Nov. i, 1760, farmer, sol- 
dier in French and Indian wars, served in 
expedition against Crown Point in 6th co. 
2d reg. Ct. troops 1756-60 (m. 2d Sep. 25, 
1746 Rebekah Highby of English desc, 
dau. of Edward and Rebecca Wheeler, 
widow of John Dowd) ; son of John Blake 
of Middletown Ct., b. there May 19, 1683, 
d. there Dec. 8, 1724, farmer (m. Oct. 20, 
1705 Elizabeth, dau. of Isaac and Mary 
[Harris] Johnson, and desc of John and 
Margery Johnson, who came in the fleet 
with Winthrops 1630, Daniel Harris and 
Joseph Weld) ; son of John Blake of Mid- 
dletown Ct., b. prob. in Maiden Eng. about 
1652, d. in Middletown Nov. 11, 1690, 
farmer, blacksmith, came to Amer. with 
his mother and stepfather 1661 (m. 1673 
Sarah, dau. of John Hall) ; son of Capt. 
Blake (m. Elizabeth, who m. 2d George 

Nashville Tenn., b. in Tenn. Mar. 8, 
1836, acquired distinction by service to his 
country (m. Nov. 20, 1865 Manie E., dau. 
of Col. Anthony W. Johnson, was promi- 
nent as a I St settler and builder up ol that 
city, having held many public offices, she, 
Manie had 2 ch., viz: Johnson and Eliza- 
beth [m. Mr. Fogg]); son of Thomas L. 
Bransford of Nashville Tenn., b. in Buck- 
ingham CO. Va. Nov. 29, 1804, d. in Union 
Springs Ala. Feb. 26, 1865, one of the fore- 
most men in Tenn., had a successful busi- 
ness career, and filled high offices, colonel 
(m. Jan. 29. 1828 Lucinda A., dau. of Willis 
and Nancy [Pickett] Settle, highly re- 
spected citizens of Bowen co. Ky., moved 
there from Va.) ; son of Thomas of Bowen 
CO., b. in Powhatan co. Va. Apr. 5, 1767, 
d. in Glasgow Ky. Jan 24, 1853, farmer, 
was influential and widely known, his 



home was a hospitable retreat for preach- 
ers and friends (m. Nov. 3, 1789 Ann Lee, 
dau. of James and Fanny [Wilkerson] 
Snoddy of Va. and gr.-dau. of John and 
Agnes [Glasgow] Snoddy of Ireland, who 
moved to Amer.); son of John Bransford 
of Henrico co. Va., b. near Richmond Va., 
d. in Va., made drums for the rev. army, 
afterwards erected a church (m. 2d about 
1765 Judith, b. in Manakin 1730, dau. of 
Andrew Amonett [and Jane Morisett], d. 
in Chesterfield co. Va. 1761, and gr.-dau. of 
Jacob Amonett, French Huguenot, settled 
in Manakin with wife and 4 ch.); son of 
John Bransford of Richmond Va., b. in 
London Eng., d. in Chesterfield co. Va. 
about 1768, emigrated from London to 
Richmond, owned property in Richmond. 

J^ Philadelphia Pa., b. in Renova Pa. 
Dec. 21, 1867 (unmarried) ; son of William 
Henry Brown of Phila. Pa., b. in Goshen 
Pa. Feb. 29, 1836 (m. Oct. 15, 1863 Sallie 
A., dau. of William and Sarah [PottsJ 
Rimmel and gr.-dau. of Joseph Potts) ; son 
of Levi Kirk Brown of Goshen Pa., b. 
there June 27, 1814, a prominent member 
of the Quaker ch., as were all his ancestors, 
lives on the old Brown homestead, built 
1703 (m. Mar. 5, 1835 Hannah Cutler 
Moore, dau. of Joseph and Mercy [Cutler] 
Moore and gr.-dau. of Joseph and Jane 
[Marsh] Moore and Benjamin and Susan- 
nah Cutler) ; son of Jeremiah Brown of 
Goshen Pa., b. there Apr. 14, 1785, d. there 
Mar. 2, 1858 (m. May 14, 1807 Ann, dau. of 
Roger, was capt. in war of revolution, and 
Rachel [Hughes] Kirk and gr.-dau. of 
Timothy and Annie [Gatchell] Kirk, gt.- 
gr.-dau. of Roger and Elizabeth [Rich- 
ards] Kirk) ; son of Jeremiah Brown of 
Goshen Pa., b. there 1750, d. there July 7, 
1831 (m, Nov. 15, 1770 Hannah, dau. of 
Samuel and Sarah [Slater] England and 
gr.-dau. of Joseph and Margaret [Orbell] 
England, gt.-gr.-dau. of John and Love 
England) ; son of Joshua Brown of 
Goshen Pa., b. there Mar. 5, 1717, d. there 
Oct. 15, 1798 (m. Oct. 15, 1736 Hannah, 
dau. of Elisha and Rachel Gatchell) ; son of 

Jeremiah of Goshen Pa., b. in Marcus 
Hook Pa. 1687, d. in Goshen Mar. 7, 1767 
(m. 1710 Mrs. Mary Cole); son of James 
of Marcus Hook Pa. and Burlington N. J., 
b. in Wellingboro Eng. Mar. 7, 1656, d. in 
Nottingham Pa. 171 5, moved from Not- 
tingham to Goshen (m. June 8, 1679 Hon- 
our, dau. of William and Prudence Clay- 
ton); son of William Brown of Welling- 
boro Eng., d. there 1664. 

den Utah, b. in Sumner co, Tenn. 
Nov. 16, 1833, removed to Adams co. III. 
1834, moved to Iowa Terr. 1846, to Ogden 
1852, making the pilgrimage across the 
plains by ox train taking three months to 
make the journey, book-keeper (m. Oct. 
16, 1855 Sara, dau. of Charles McGary 
[and Charlotte Elizabeth Earl] of Canada, 
b. there, blacksmith, and had 10 ch., viz: 
Sarah Ella, Pauline M., William James, 
Charles, D. Frederick, G. Wesley, Lulu L., 
Frank, Justus A. and Orla A.); son of 
Jonathan Browning of Ogden Utah, b, in 
Sumner co. Tenn. Oct. 22, 1805, d. in 
Ogden June 21, 1879, located in Adams 
CO, 111. 1834, in Nauvoo 1842, in Western 
Iowa 1846 and in Ogden Utah 1852, was a 
gunsmith, inventor of firearms, member 
Utah legislature, probate judge, city coun- 
cilor (m. 1st Nov. 9, 1826 Elizabeth, dau. 
of Swen and Barbara [Miller] Stalcup, 2d 
Mar. 17, 1854 Elizabeth C, dau. of John 
and Eliza [Sandifer] Clark, 3d Mar. 29, 
1859 Ann, dau. of John and Sarah [Booth- 
man] Emmett) ; son of Edmund Brown- 
ing of Summer co. Tenn., b. in Va. or 
N. C. Nov. 14, 1765, d. in Wayne co. III. 
Sep. 16, 1833, farmer, violinist (m. about 
1790 Sarah, dau. of Clifton and Susannah 
[Jones] Allen); son of Jacob of Va., b. 
there 1733, d. in Va. (m. about 1753 Eliza- 
beth Bywaters) ; son of Francis Browning 
of Va., b. there about 1700, d. there, farmer, 
came probably from Caroline co. Va. to 
Orange co., afterwards Culpepper co., 
owned land there 1727, bought a farm in 
Orange co., sold it a few years later, and 
returned to Caroline co. (m. a Lloyd of 

1 7© 


of Lewisiburg Kd., b. on Clear Fork 
Ky. Dec. 21, 1834, missionary (m. Feb. 22, 
1866 Eliza Williston Sutton, b. in Logan 
CO. Ky. Nov. 4, 1845, idesc. of Rev. John 
Sutton, b. 1733, and Ruth Stout, and had 
9 ch., viz.: Daniel Perkins, b. Mar, 8, 1867, 
Mary Bell, b. Sep. 2, 1868, Samuel J., b. 
Oct. 22, 1870, Louisa, b. Apr. 10, 1873, 
William Sutton, b. Nov. 7, 1875. Sarah 
Hunter, b. Mar. 11, 1778, d. Mar. i, 1879, 
George F., b. July 14, 1881, Louis De 
Loch, b. Jan. 3, 1887, and Elizabeth B'ar- 
rett Browning, b. Aug. ii, 1889); son of 
Daniel Brown Browning of Warren co. 
Ky., lb. in Lewisburg Ky. Aug. i, 1812, one 
of the originators of Clear Fork Baptist 
assoc. (m. Dec. 5, 1833 Louisa Turban 
Perkins, b. Aug. 3, 1811, d. Jan. 16, 1896, 
dau. of Stephen Perkins, d. Feb. 26, 1831, 
[son of Joseph] .and Joannah, b. June 15, 
1781, d. Feb. 8, 1831, dau. of Abram and 
Elizabeth [Williams] Perkins, emigrants 
from Fluvama Va. and Ky.) son of 
George Strother Browning of Logan co. 
Ky., b. in Culpeper co. Va. Mar. 7, 1789, 
d. in Logan co., emigrated fro'm Va. to 
Logan CO. Ky. 1810 (m. his ist cousin 
Dec. 25, 1809 Gilly Ann, dau. of Capt. 
Francis Coringtfon [and Lucy, dau. of 
Capt. John Strother, b. 1721, d. in Apr. 
1795, served in rev., French and Indian 
wars, and Mary Willis Wade], served in 
rev., French and Indian wars); son of 
John Browning of Culpeper co. Va., b. 
there Apr. 16, 1749, d. there Sep. 6, 1818, 
lieut. in rev. war (m. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 18, 
1758, d. Oct. I, 1823, dau. of Capt. John 
Strother, b. 1721, and Mary Willis Wade, 
and desc. of Zachery Taylor, Francis 
Strother, d. 1752, William, d. 1726, and 
Margaret [Thornton] Strother, the Stroth- 
ers are from Eng. and are of Scandinavia 
desc); son of Francis Browning of Cul- 
peper Va., b. prob. there, d. there 1761 (m. 
Frances, dau. of Courtney and Marie Nor- 
mand of Culpeper co., of French desc, and 
had besides John, b. Apr. 16, 1749, above, 
3 ch., viz.: Charles, capt. in the army, Isaac 
and William, received land in Ky. for 
services); son of Francis of Caroline co. 

Va., b. about 1680, received a grant of land 
in Caroline co. 1735, went to Orange co. 
1727, later Rappahiannock, returned to 
Caroline co., the fatherland of the modern 
English Brownings was Auglem, now 
Schelswig (m. Miss Lloyd, and had besides 
Francis above 4 ch., viz.: Nicholas, 
Thomas, Edmund and John, m. a Demor- 
est and moved to Ky.). 

N. Y., b. in North Stonington Ct. 
July 7, 1855, grad. from the scientific dept. 
of Yiale coll. 1876, studied at Leipsic Ger- 
many 3 years, M. D. from the univ. 1881, 
practiced medicine in Brooklyn, contrib- 
uted to medical publications, lecturer in 
the L. I. hospital coll., associate editor of 
the Brooklyn Medical Journal, librarian of 
the medical soc of Kings co. (unmarried) ; 
son of William T. Browning of North 
Stonington Ct., b. there Feb. 2, 1814, d. 
there May 28, 1868, farmer (m. Mar. 23, 
1843 Nancy Crary Avery, desc. of Rev. 
James Noyes, ist pastor of the old Ston- 
ington ch.. Elder Brewsiter of Plymouth 
Mass. and Hannah Lake) ; son of Thomas 
Browning of North Stonington and Pres- 
ton Ct., b. in South Kingston R. I. Apr. 
21, 1790, d. in Preston Dec 9, 1874 (m. 
Nov. 12, 1812 Amy Prentice) ; son of 
William T. of South Kingston R. I. and 
North Stonington Ct., b. in former May 
II, 1765, d. in latter Jan. 2, 1826 (m. Cathe- 
rine Morey, dau. of Roibert and Catherine 
[Ginedou] Morey); son of Thomas of 
South Kingston R. I., b. there, d. there 
1771 (m. Mary Browning); son of John 
Browning of South Kingston R. I., b. 
there Mar. 4, 1696, d. there 1777 (m. Apr. 
21, 1721 Anna Hozard); son of William 
of South Kingston R. I., d. 1730 (m. Re- 
becca Wilbur) ; son of Nathaniel Brown- 
ing of England, emigrated from Eng. to 
Portsmouth R. I. 1640 (m. Sarah, dau. of. 
William and Mary Freeborn of Ipswich 

N. Y., b. in Lenox N. Y. June 21, 
1834 Om. Oct. 13, 1859 Emilie, dau. of 



Rensselaer and Clarissa Judd Northrup, 
and is of English and Welch desc, Amer. 
ancestors prominent in the colonies and 
served in rev, war, she, Emilie had 3 ch., 
viz.: Anne [m. Jan. 8, 1885 Fred D. 
White], Ll'ola and Jessica); son of Benja- 
min Franklin Bruce of Lenox N. Y., b. 
there May 5, 1812, d. in Canastota N. Y. 
Dec. 21, 1888, held public offices, was 
brigadier-gen. on governor's staff, inspec- 
tor-gen., a well-known political orator, a 
man of wide acquaintance (m. in June 1833 
Eliza Ann of English desc, dau. of Dr. 
Nathaniel Hall [and Polly Walton, dau. 
of Dr. Walton of Ct.], who moved from 
Ct. to Lenox N. Y., she, Eliza, had be- 
sides Dwight Hall above 2 ch., viz.: 
Franklin Jay, b. June 25, 1839, d. Oct. 24, 
1870, and Ellen M., b. Aug. i, 1850); son 
of Joseph Bruce of Lenox N. Y., b. in 
Roxbury Mass. Jan. i, 1789, d. in Lenox, 
Scotchman, capt. in war of 1812, la re- 
sipected citizen (m. Mariah Nellis, had be- 
sides Benjamin F., b. May 5, 1812, above, 
4 ch., viz.: Nancy Amelia, ^b. Mar. 8, 1814, 
d. Jan. 6, 1884, Edom Nellis, b. June 7, 
1816, Henry Kirk White, b. Dec. 9, 1818, 
d. June 2, 1885, and Joseph Worcester 
Bruce, b. July 3, 1821); son of Thaddeus 
of Roxbury Mass., b. in Woburn Mass. 
Nov. 14, 1765, d. Feb. 14, 1792, a highly 
esteemed citizen (m. June i, 1786 Ann, 
dau. of Thomas and Martha [Williams] 
Dana, and had besides Joseph, ib. Jan. i, 
1789, as above, 3 ch., viz.: William, b. 
June 28, 1789, Mary Ann, b. Dec. 4, 1790, 
and Martha Dana Bruce, b. Dec. 4, 1792); 
son of Joseph Bruce of Woburn Mass., 
b. there June 20, 1735 (m. Dec. 20, 1758 
Abigail Wyman, and had besides Thad- 
deus, b. Nov. 14, 1765, as above, 4 ch., 
viz.: Joseph, b. Aug. 5, 1759, Abigail, b. 
Oct. 14, 1762, Loami and Mary); son of 
John 'of Woburn Mass., b. there June 18, 
1670, d. there Sep. 7, 1742 (m. ist Jan. 31, 
1693 Rose Wattel, 2d May 13, 1724 Isabel 
Deffingwill, and had besides Joseph, b. 
June 20, 1735, 6 ch., viz.: John, b. Aug. 8, 
1725, James, Thomas, b. Jan. 26, 1728, Isa- 
bel, b. Mar. 4, 1730, d. Jan. 25, 1733, 
George, b. May 18, 173:^ and Eames, b. 

Feb. 12, 1734); son of George Bruce, was 
the immigrant ancestor, came from Scot- 
land and soon after landed in Boston, set- 
tled in Woburn Mass. (m. Dec. 20, 1659 
Elizabeth, dau. of William Clark, and had 
besides John, b. June 18, 1670, 12 ch., viz.: 
William, b. Nov. 21, 1660, William, b. Oct. 
20, 1 66 1, Elizabeth, h. Jan. 26, 1663, Mary, 
b. June 15, 1665, William, ib. Apr. 28, 1667, 
Elizabeth, b. Aug. 24, 1672, George, b. 
Jan. 18, 1674, Joseph, b. Jan. 11, 1675, Jo- 
seph, b. Dec. 28, 1676, Samuel, b. Mar. 
28, 1680, Margery, b. Apr. 24, 1684, and 
Lydia, b. Apr. 10, 1687). 

Stoneham Mass., b. there Feb. 9, 1861 
(unmarried) ; son of Summer Warren 
Bucknam of Stoneham Mass., b. there 
Jan. 8, 1833 (m. 1857 Arabella, dau. of 
Lowell Green [and Pamelia Scarlet], son 
of Phinehas, desc. of Thomas Green, the 
1st of the name in Amer., settled in North 
Maiden) ; son of Edward Bucknam of 
Stoneham Mass., b. there Aug. 4, 1789, d. 
in New Ipswich N. H. Nov. 26, 1880, was 
a civil engineer (m. June 18, 1814 Sarah, 
dau. of Nathan and Priscilla [Hadley] 
Willey of Stoneham) ; son of Ebenezer of 
Stoneham Mass., b. there Jan. 29, 1743, d. 
in Portland Me. May 9, 1813 Om. 2d Feb. 
24, 1786 Rachel Lovejoy of Andover Mass.) ; 
son of Edward Bucknam of Stoneham 
Mass., B. there Nov. 23, 1718, d. there Oct. 
15, 1802, a public man all his life, select- 
man, town clerk, etc., was deacon of 
Oongl. ch. (m. Jan. 5, 1741 Sarah, dau. of 
James and Lois Hill, founders of the Hill 
family of Stoneham) ; son of Edward of 
Stoneham Mass., b. in Maiden Mass. Mar. 
22, 1692, d. in Stoneham May 14, 1773 (m. 
1716 Rebecca Sprague, desc. of Ralph 
Sprague, ist white settler in Maiden 
Mass.); son of Joses Bucknam of Maiden 
Mass., b. July 3, 1641, d. in Maiden Oct. 
10, 1694 (m. 2d May i, 1673 Judith, dau. of 
Lionel Worth [and Susanna Whipple of 
Salisbury Mass., dau. of John Whipple of 
Ipswich Mass.], son of John Worth of 
Devonshire Eng.); son of William Buck- 
man, b. in Ipswioh Eng. 1602, d. 1679, 



came to Amer., settled in Salem Mass., 
moved to Chelsea Mass. 1632, to Charles- 
ton Mass. and to Mystic Side prior to 
1638 (m. 1st Prudence Wilkinson, 2d 1639 
Sarah Knower, mother of Joses, b. July 3, 
1 641 as above). 

Lockport N. Y., b. in Sweden N. Y. 
Aug. 20, 1865, 1st rector of St. Paul's ch. 
Holley N, Y., became vicar of Christ ch, 
Lockport N. Y. 1896 (m. June 30, 1886 
Angle Maria, dau. of Allen Handy, b. in 
Ux.bridge, gr.-dau. oif Benj. and Mary 
[Peck] Handy, and had George Allen 
Burrows, b. Jan. 17, 1890); son of George 
Willet Burrows of Brockport N. Y., b. in 
Sweden N. Y. Mar. 5, 1839, farmer (m. 
Sep. 26, 1863 Paulowna Matson, desc. of 
Israel Madison, who moved from Ct. to 
Vt., and David Madison, moved to Clar- 
endon N. Y.) ; son of Asa Burrows of 
Sweden N. Y., b. there Mar. 12, 1812, d. 
there May 20, 1866, farmer (m. 1837 Lu- 
cinda Wilders, the Wilders moved from 
Vt. to O'gden N. Y.); son of Peleg of 
Sweden N. Y,, b. near Oriskany N. Y., d. 
in Sweden 1819, major in war of 1812; son 
of Amos of Whitestown N. Y., b. in Ct. 
1738, d. in Whitestown Apr. 11, 1801, cler- 
gyman, farmer, part of the battle of Oris- 
kany was fought on his farm (m. 
Temperance) ; son of Amos of New Lon- 
don CO. Ct., b. there (m. Elizabeth Rath- 
burne of Colchester Ct.); son of John 
Burrows of New London co. Ct., b. there 
prior to 1678 (m. 1694 Lydia Hubbard of 
New London Ct.) ; son of John of Ct., d. 
Feb. 12, 1716 (m. 1670 Hannah, dau. of 
Edward Culver) ; son of Robert Burrows 
of Groton Ct., d. 1682, removed from Bos- 
ton Mass. to Wethersfield Ct., o»wned 
land there 1641, removed from Weathers- 
field to New London Ct. about 1650, 
owned land there 1650, settled in Poquo- 
nuck 1650, received a grant on the west 
side of the Mystic 1651, was one of the 
1st settlers there (m. about 1645 Mary, d. 
1672, widow of Samuel Ireland, who came 
to Amer. in the ship Increase 1635, car- 

Concord N. H., b. there Sep. i, 1845 
(m. Dec. 13, 1883 Sarah F., dau. of Thomas 
and Sarah [Dunklea] Butters, had bro. 
Charles Butters) ; son of Charles of Con- 
cord N. H., b. there Jan. 15, 1808, d. there 
Mar. II, 1876 (m. 1833 Margaret, d. Nov. 
30, 1881, dau. of John Flanders of Concord 
and Mary Brewer of Lynn Mass.); son of 
Samuel Butters of Concord N. H., b. 
there Aug. 20, 1775, d. there Sep. 13, 1851, 
agent of the Boston and Concord boating 
CO. (m. 1801 Miriam, b. Apr. 6, 1777, dau. 
of William and Mehitabel Virgin of Con- 
cord); son of Samuel of Concord N. H., 
b. in Wilmington Mass. Nov. 15, 1749, d. 
in Concord June 12, 1812, served in rev. 
war, marched on the Lexington alarm in 
Capt. Timothy Walker's co. i775-8i, 
moved to Concord during the war, his 
house known as Butters' Inn is now stand- 
ing, was agent for the Concord boating 
CO. (m. Dec. 17, 1772 Tabitha, d. Mar. 23, 
1808, dau. of Richard and Mary Nichols of 
Reading Mass.); son of Samuel Butters of 
Wilmington Mass., b. there Nov. 30, 1728, 
d. there May 7, 1793, owned a farm of 100 
acres, wounded on the Lexington alarm 
in Capt. Moulton's co. of minute men of 
Monson in Col. Donnelson's reg. 1775, 
constable 1764 (m. ist Apr. 13, 1749 
Keziah Dana of Medford Mass., d. July 
T-5, i759> 2d Oct. 7, 1762 Mrs. Daniel Kil- 
1am, d. Apr. 28, 1828); son of Samuel 
Butters of Wilmington Mass., b. in Wo- 
burn Mass. June 21, 1703, d. in Wilming- 
ton in Nov. 1788, was one of t'he petition- 
ers for a division of Woburn, farmer, 
owned a saw-mill (m. Jan. 20, 1726 Sarah 
Jagnith of Wilmington Mass.) ; son of 
William (m. Rebecca); son of William 
Butters, oame to Amer. from Scotland 
prior to 1666 (m. Mary). 

M'iddletown Ct., b. in Sanbornton 
N. H. June 30, 1825, city atty., alderman, 
judge of the city court, postmaster, treas- 
urer of the State of Ct., pres. of the Mid- 
dletown Gas-Light Co., director in sev- 
eral financial insts., grad. of Wesleyan 



univ. 185 1, trustee of same for 20 years, 
atty. and lawyer, practicing in the State 
and U. S. courts, delegate to the republi- 
can national conventions 1860-4 (m. Mar. 
21, 1853 Hannah Foster Woodman, b. in 
Nashua N. H. Dec. 31, 1827, d. in Middle- 
town Ct. Jan. 14, 1892, dau. of Caleb M. 
Woodman, b. in Newbury Mass., and desc. 
of Mart Woodman of Newbury and Lucy 
W. Foster, b. in Canterbury N. H. Jan. 20, 
1797, dau. of Col. Asa Foster of rev. war, 
desc. of Reginald Foster of Andover 
Mass., she, Hannah had 4 ch., viz: Jere- 
miah Francis, b. in Middletown Ct. Oct. 14, 
1855, grad. of Wesleyan coll. 1877, physician 
in Middletown, Arthur Benjamin, b. in 
Middletown Feb. 20, 1859, atty. there, 
Edward Baker, b. in Middletown Jan. 25, 
1862 and Samuel Prescott Calef, b. in Mid- 
dletown Nov, 8, 1864); son of Jeremiah 
Oalef of Northfield N. H., b. in Exeter 
N. H. May 5, 1782, d. in Northfield Feb. 
23, 1856, farmer (m. Sep. 2, 1824 Sally, b. 
in Sanbornton N. H. Dec. i, 1797, d. in 
Northfield Aug. 26, 1850, dau. of Eben- 
ezer Eastman of Danville N. H., d. in 
Sanbornton N. H. Sep. 14, 1810 [and 
Abigail Barker of Stratham N. H., b. Oct. 
16, 1754, d. there Nov. 20, 1824], ensign in 
Capt. Jeremiah Clough's co. Poor's reg. 
in rev. army) ; son of Jeremiah, Calef of 
Sanbornton N. H., b. in Exeter N. H. 
Jan. 28, 1751, d. in Sanbornton May 26, 
1821 (m. ist Dec. 13, 1772 his cousin Mary, 
b. in Exeter Jan. 2^, 1753, d. in Sanborn- 
ton Feb. 7, 1796, 2d Nov. 27, 1797 Mrs. 
Hannah Brackett Creighton, b. in Jan. 
1759. d. in Sanbornton July lo, 1832); son 
of James Calef of Exeter N. H., b. and d. 
there (m. ist Ruth, d. 1759, dau. of Oliver 
Smith Exeter) ; son of Jeremiah of Ports- 
mouth and Exeter N. H., b. in Eng., d. in 
Exeter in May 1763, clothier, owned most 
of the water works in Exeter (m. Dec. 2, 
1708 Lucy Chadbourn); son of Robert 
Calef of Boston and Roxbury Mass., b. in 
^ng. 1648, d. in Roxbury Apr. 13, 1719, 
(•ook a prominent part in witchcraft 1692^3 
(m. Mary). 

^ of Brattleboro Vt, b. in Newport 
N. H. Aug. 15, 1849 (m. May 13, 1896 
Nettie L. Phillips); son of Bela N. of 
Brattleboro Vt, b. in Newport June 14, 
1823, d. in Brattleboro July 14, 1887 (m. 
Oct. 27, 1847 H. Jane Cram, desc. of John 
Cram of Boston Mass. and Newcastle Eng. 
and John White of Londonderry N. H., 
Lunenburg Mass. and Glasgow Scotland); 
son of John Chamberlain of Newport 
N. H., b. there July 22, 1794, d. there (m. 
Apr. 16, 1822 Miartha S. Richardson, desc. 
of William Richardson of West Newbury 
Mass. 1640); son of Simeon of Newport 
N. H., b. in Sutton Mass. Mar. 6, 1762, d. 
in Newport (m. Betsey Gould, desc. of 
Zaccheus Gould of Bovington Eng. about 
1589, came to Topsfield Mass. about 1638) ; 
son of Simeon of Royalston Mass., b. in 
Littleton Mass. Mar. 28, 1723, d. in Royals- 
ton Nov. 27, 1799, school teacher in Sutton, 
Douglas and Royalston Mass. (m. Hannah 
Marsh, desc. of John Marsh and Rev. Sam- 
uel Skelton of Salem Mass. 1628) ; son of 
Thomas Chamberlain of Littleton Mass., b. 
in Chelmsford Mass. May 30, 1667 (m. Aug. 
16, 1699 Abigail Nutting of Groton Mass.); 
son of Thomas, b. prob. in Eng., came to 
Woburn Mass. with his father, moved to 
Chelmsford Mass. about 1655 (m. Aug. 10, 
1666 Sarah, dau. of Robert Proctor); son 
of Thomas Chamberlain, came from Eng. 
to Woburn Mass., where was made a citi- 
zen 1644 (m. 1st Mary, 2d Apr. 19, 1674 
Mary Parker). 

Utah, b. in Williamson co. 111. Apr. 
21, 1833 (m. May i, 1857 Sarah Cornelia, 
dau. of Dr. James Brown of Salt Lake 
City Utah) ; son of Moses, b. in Randolph 
N. H. Apr. 13, 1787, d. in Jackson co. 111. 
Apr. 13, 1850 (m. 1st Matilda Tryon, 
widow of Benjamin Johnson, and had be- 
sides Russell above 4 ch., viz: Cyrus, 
Mercy Jane, Mary Ann and Ailsa Jane 
Chandler) ; son of Peter of Nelson N. H., 
d. in July 1819, farmer, rev. soldier, was In 
the battle of Bunker Hill, where he re- 
ceived a slight wound (m. 1787 Mercy, dau. 



of David Ingalls of Nelson N. H., and 
had besides Moses, b. Apr. 13, 1787, 7 ch., 
viz: Isaac, Elijah, Hannah, Nathaniel, 
Priscilla, Ruth and Sally) ; son of Thomas 
Chandler of Andover Mass., b. there about 
1710, d. in Reading Mass. Dec. 11, 1760 
(m. Feb. 15, 1739 Elizabeth Walcott, and 
had besides Peter above 9 ch., viz: Eliza- 
beth, Elizabeth, Bridget, Eunice, Eben- 
ezer, Elijah, Joseph, Asa and Thomas); 
son of Joseph of Andover Mass., b. there 
1682, d. there Apr. 23, 1734 (m. Mehitablc 
Russell, and had besides Thomas, b. about 
1710 as above 7 ch., viz: Mehitable, Mary, 
Phebe, Joseph, Bridget, John and Han- 
nah); son of William Chandler of And- 
over Mass., b. in Eng. about 1632, d. in 
Andover (m. ist 1658 Mary Dane, and had 
14 ch», viz: Mary, William, Sarah, Thomas, 
John, Philemon and Thomat, Philemon, 
Hannah, Thomas, Joseph, Phebe, Joseph 
and Rhoda, 2d Bridget Henchm*n Rich- 

CASE, CLARENCE V. of Ashtabula 
Ohio, b. in Milwaukee Wis. Jan. 31, 
1853, farmer, held various town offices, 
enumerator 1890, collecting and compiling 
Case Genealogical notes (m. Oct. 10, 1877 
Melissa A., b. Apr. 30, 1853, dau. of Elna- 
than Chace [and Lucina Kidder of East 
Claridon Ohio], was one of those to get 
the right of way for the P. P. and F. R. R. 
from Pittsburg to Fairport, built the ist 
cheese factory in that part of the country) ; 
son of Asa li. Case of Ashtabula Ohio, b. 
in Simsbury Ct. Jan. 24, 1825, removed 
from Mecca to Ashtabula 1867, had a sta- 
tion at his house on the under-ground 
R. R., member of the Ashtabula Bank co., 
one of the directors of same since its or- 
ganization, vice-pres. of same since 1893, 
farmer, held various tp. offices (m. Apr. 
8, 1846 Nancy E., dau. of Dr. John Smith 
[and Mary Miner], M. D.. D. D. of And- 
over) ; son of Solomon Case of Mecca 
Ohio, b. in Simsbury Ct. May i, 1798. d. in 
Mecca Mar. 19, 1867, moved from Sims- 
bury to Mecca 1836, keeper of the toll gate 
on the Farmington river (m. May 19, 1819 
Lois, b. Dec. 23, 1796, d. Oct. 18, 1846, dau. 

of Asa Case of Chestnut Hill, b. Dec. 9, 
1758, d. Feb. 26, 1837, m. Jan. 28, 1781 Lois 
Dill, son of Dea. Hosea Case and gr.-son 
of Dea. Joseph Case); son of Solomon 
Case of Case's Farms Simsbury Ct., b. 
there June ay, 1771, d. ithere Jan. 30, 1831 
(m. Jan. 28, 1797 Chloe, b. Feb. 2, 1780, d. 
Mar. 22, 1847, dau. of Edward Case, b. 
Apr. 15, 1748, d. Dec. 2, 1822, m. 1774 
Zeruah Lawrence, son of Serg. Richard 
Case of Chestnut Hill Ct.); son of Solomon 
of Case's Farms Ct., b. in Meadow Plain 
Mar. II, 1735, d. in Case's Farms July 3, 
1811, removed from Meadow Plain to 
Case's Farms about 1758 (m. May 11, 1758 
Anna, b. Apr. 9, 1740, d. Apr. 6, 1817, dau. 
of Jacob Case, b. Mar. 19, 1702, d. July 23, 
1763, m. Oct. 28, 1728 Abigail Barber, son 
of Joseph and Anna [Emo] Case); son of 
Joseph Case of Meadow Plaines Ct., b. 
there Feb. 2, 1700, d. there Mar. 12, 1782. 
deacon (m. Dec. 7, 1721 Hannah, b. May 
17, 1701, dau. of John and Sarah [Petti- 
bone] Humphrey) ; son of Joseph of 
Meadow Plains Ct., b. in Massacoe Ct. 
Apr. 6, 1674, d. in Meadow Plain Aug. m, 
1748, represented his town in general court 
1713-32 (m. Apr. 6, 1699 Anna, b. Apr. 10. 
1682, d. June 10, 1760, dau. of James and 
Anna [Bidwell] Eno); son of John Case 
of Simsbury, Q., b. abt. 161 5, d. Feb. 21 
1704, freeman 1666, one of the original 
patentees of the Massacoe Purchance, one 
of the original settlers of Meadow Plain 
1669, 1st constable of Massacoe, deputy to 
general court 1670-5, left Meadow Plain 
for Windsor for safety against the Indians 
1676, his property was destroyed by the 
Indians in King Philip's war, returned to 
Simsbury 1677 (m. 1657 Sarah, b. 1636, dau. 
of William Spencer [and Agnes], d. 1640, 
settled in Cambridge Mass, member of the 
general court, was one of the founders of 
the ancient and honorable artillery co., re- 
moved to Hartford Ct. 1639, deputy 1639). 

CARTER, HILL of Ashland Va.. b. in 
Carolina co. Va. 1846, was a soldier 
in the confederate army under Gen. R. E. 
Lee, is now a lawyer in Richmond Va., 
grad. Washington and Lee univ. (m. 1873 



Emily, dau. of Samuel Reed of Hanover 
CO. Va., and desc. of the Minor family of 
Va., and had 6 ch., viz.: Henry Rose, Sam- 
uel, Hill, Clarence, Charles and Shirley 
Carter); son of Henry Rose Carter of 
Han'over co. Va., b. in Amherst co. Va. 
1810, d. in Hanover co. 1871, settled in 
Miss, when young, lawyer, returned to Va. 
(m. 1845 Emma, dau. of Henry and Nan- 
nie [Mason] Coleman, and gr.-dau. of 
George Mason and Ann Waller of Spot- 
sylvania CO. Va.); son of Hill Carter of 
Mine Hill Va., b. in Blenheim Va. about 
1780, d. in Mine Hill about 1828, a wealthy 
landed proprietor, represented his co. in 
the Va. senate (m. about 1803 Mary Rose 
of Firmont Va., dau. of Col. Patrick Rose 
of rev. war and Margaret Nicholas, and 
gr.-dau. of John Nicholas of English desc. 
and Elizabeth Fry of Va.); son of Edward 
Carter of Blenheim Va., b. in Shirley Va. 
between 1734 and 40, d. in Blenheim (m. 
Sarah, a noted beauty in her day, dau. of 
Col. John Champe of King George co. Va. 
and sister <oi John Champe, whom Wash- 
ington and Gen, Lee employed to capture 
Benedict Arnold, Champe is a family 
name among the Carters 'of Va.) ; son of 
John Carter of Shirley Va., b. in Coeoto- 
man Va., d. prob. in Shirley 1743, a man 
of great wealth (m. 1725 Elizabeth Hill, 
heiress of the estate called Shirley on the 
James river, gr.-dau. of Edward Hill of 
Shirley, whose tombstone is still standing 
at Shirley, admiral of the English fleet in 
the Southern colonies, is of noble birth, 
his coat of arms may be seen on his tomb- 
stone, she, Elizabeth had besides Edward, 
b. between 1734 and 40 as a'bove, 2 ch., 
viz.: Charles of Shirley [had dau. Anne, 
who m. Gen. Henry Lee] and Elizabeth 
[m. Col. Byrd of Westover) ; son of 
Robert Carter of Corotoman Va., b. there 
1663, d. there 1732, was called " King " 
Carter, had vast landed possessions, pres. 
of his majesty's council in Va., receiver- 
general of the tobacco taxes, gov. of the 
colony of Va. (m. 1688 Sarah, dau. of Sir 
Thomas Ludlow, an Englishman O'f noble 
birth, connected by blood with the royal 
l)ou5-e of Eng.). 

ALLEN, MARK WEBB of Detroit 
Mich., b. there Mar. 9, 1875, attended 
the Mass. inst. of technology 1892-96, 
grad. Yale coll. 1897, member of the Sons 
of Amer. Rev. (unmarried) ; son of Rich- 
ard Webber Allen of Detroit Mich., b. in 
Woburn Mass. Apr. 14, 1841, is a capital- 
ist and broker, enlisted in the i6th N. H. 
vols, in civil war, served throughout the 
war (m. Apr. 16, 1867 Sarah Jane, b. in 
Rochester N. Y. Apr. 15, 1843, dau. of 
John Sears, gr.-dau. of John Sears, and 
gt. -gr.-dau. of Richard and Mary Sears, 
and had besides Mark Webb, b. Mar. 9, 
1875 as above, i ch., viz.: Irene, b. in De- 
troit Jan. II, 1882, d. Aug. 24, 1882); son 
of Mark Washington Allen of Wakefield 
Mass., b. in Hopkinton N. H. July 13, 
1814, shoe manufacturer (m. Dec. 8, 1836 
Parthenia Elizabeth Hurd of Newport N. 
H., b. there Feb. 3, 1816, dau. of Par- 
menas and Sofia [Dean] Hurd, gr.-dau. 
of Samuel and Ann [Thurston] Hurd, and 
gt. -gr.-dau. of Capt. Samuel and Lydia 
[Wilcox] Hurd of Killingworth Ct.) ; son 
of Mark Allen of Hopkinton N. H., b. in 
Manchester Mass. Feb. 15, 1777, d. in 
Newport N. H. July 3, 1854 (m. Betsey 
Webber of Hopkinton, b. Oct. 21, 1781, d. 
in Newport Nov. 4, 1857) ; son of Jona- 
than of Manchester Mass., b. Mar. 16, 
1742, d. in Hopkinton N. H. 1792 (m. 1764 
Sarah Dodge of Beverly, b. Nov. 5, 1743, 
dau. of Elisha and Eleanor [Dodge] 
Dodge, and desc. of Elisha and Mary 
[Kimball] Dodge of Wenham, Joseph and 
Sarah [Eaton] Dodge of Reading and 
Richard and Edith Dodge of Salem Mass. 
1638); son of Jonathan Allen of Man- 
chester Mass., b. Mar. 24, 1713, d. in Man- 
chester 1767 (m. 1st Dec. 24, 1734 Pris- 
cilla Lunt of Ipswich Mass., and had be- 
sides Jonathan, b. Miar. 16, 1742 as above, 
7 ch., viz.: David, Richard, Priscilla, 
Henry, David, Henry and Molly, 2d Apr. 
28, 1764 Sarah Dodge of Beverly); son of 
Jonathan, b. in Manchester Mass. Sep. 4, 
1684, d. Dec. 4, 1768 (m. 1709 Mary Pierce, 
d. 1762, had besides Jonathan, b. Mar. 24, 
1713 as above, ii ch., viz.: Miriam, David, 
Azariah, Malachi, Mallaca, Jacob, Luke, 



Joseph, Joseph and Mary); son of Samuel 
Allen of Old Neck, b. Jan. 8, 1632, d. 1700, 
a large land owner, selectman 1676-93 (m. 
about 1660 Sarah Tuck of Beverly, and 
had besides Jonathan, b. Sep. 4, 1684 as 
above, 9 ch., viz.: Samuel, John, Sarah, 
William, Joseph, Alice, Rachel, Elizabeth 
and Benjamin); son of William Allen, b. 
1602, d. May 10, 1678, came from Man- 
chester Eng. to Cape Ann with Dorchester 
CO. 1624, settled in Manchester Mass. 1628, 
freeman 1631, selectman (m. ist 1629 or 30 
Elizabeth Bradley, b. 1603, d. in Mar. 1632, 
had 2 oh., viz. : Persis and Samuel, 2d 
about 1633 Elizabeth, and had 6 ch., viz.: 
Elizabeth, Deborah, Bethiah, Onesiporous, 
William and Jonathan). 

CLAY of Traverse City Mich., b. in 
Perry co. Ohio May 30, 1825, crossed the 
plains to Cal. 1849, returned to Lima Ohio 
1853, served in the army 1862-5, came to 
Mich. 1866, member of the Mich, legisla- 
ture 8 years, receiver of U. S. land ofiice 
in Reed City Mich. 9 years, engaged in 
lumber business (m. June 30, 1852 Isabella, 
b. in Harrison co. Ohio, dau. of Thomas 
Benton and Sarah Anne Melligan of Irish 
and German desc, and had 6 ch., viz.: 
Arahmenta Luella, Alviso Lerah, Earl, 
Mary, Thornton and William) ; son of 
John Porter Mitchell of Lima Ohio, b. in 
Casborton co. Ohio Feb. 19, 1803, d. in 
Lima Aug. 2"], 1834, was raised on a farm 
in Perry co. Ohio, moved to Lima 1831, 
was the 2d family settled in Lima, built 
and kept the ist hotel there (m. May 30, 
1824 Maria Davis, b. in Winchester Va., of 
Epglish and Irish desc, dau. of William 
and Drucilla Bentley) ; son of William of 
Mt. Perry Ohio, b. in York co. Pa. July 
25, 1764, d. in Perry co. Ohio July 15, 1846, 
farmer, moved to Ohio 1792, returned to 
Pa., moved to Perry co. 181 1 (m. July 5, 
1797 Susannah Fulton); son of George 
Mitchell of York co. Pa., b. in Scotland 
Nov. 14, 1734, d. in York co. 1819, came to 
the U. S. 1759 (m. Elizabeth Porter, b. in 
Ireland, had son Dr. Robert Mitchell, who 
settled in Zanesville Ohio) ; son of John 

of Scotland, b. and d. there (Grace Ar- 

J-t ver Col., b. in Quincy 111. Mar. 29, 
1840, served in war of rebellion, enlisted as 
serg. when 21 years old, resigned 1864, 
moved to Col. 1864, chief of artillery at the 
age of 23, colonel (m. July 7, 1864 Harriet 
Earle Porter, desc. of Ralph Earle, one of 
the 1st settlers of Aquidneck and of Richard 
Porter, one of the ist settlers of Wey- 
mouth Mass., Gov. John Cranston of R. I., 
Robert Cushman of Plymouth colony and 
Lewis Latham, royal falconer to Charles 
I); son of John Randolph of Providence 
R. I., b. in Newport Feb. 3, 1811, d. in 
Providence, was judge of the court in 
Providence for some years, magistrate (m. 
1836 Betsey Earle Engs [dau. of Gov. 
George Engs of Newport R. I.], and had: 
Kidder, George E., John Peyton, Sally, 
Lucy and Mary) ; son of Richard Kidder 
Randolph of Va. and Newport R. I., b. in 
Buffalo Creek Va. 1810, d. in Newport 
1849, educated at Harvard univ., a distin- 
guished lawyer (m. July 4, 1802 Anna 
Maria, dau. of Daniel Lyman of Newport 
R. I., b. in Durham Ct. 1756, lieut.-col. in 
rev. war, judge of the supreme court of 
R. I.) ; son of Peyton Randolph of Wilton 
Va,, b. there (m. Lucy, dau. of Gov. Ben- 
jamin Harrison, signer of the Declaration 
of Independence) ; son of William of Wil- 
ton Va., b. 1681, d. 1761, member of the 
house of burgesses, council of state, treas. 
of the colony of Va. 1751 (m. Anne, dau. 
of Benjamin Harrison of Berkeley and 
Anne Carter, dau. of Robert King Carter) ; 
son of William Randolph of Va. 1674, b. 
in Morton Eng. 1651, d. in Turkey Apr. 11, 
171 1 (m. Mary Isham, dau. of Henry and 
Catherine); son of William Randolph, b. 
165 1, d. 171 1, member of the house of bur- 
gesses 1700-5, capt. of Henrico co. forces 
1680, lieut.-col. 1679, atty.-gen,, member of 
royal council of Va., founder of William 
and Mary coll. 1690; desc. of John Ran- 
dolph an eminent judge connected with 
the exchequer 1385, Amory Randolph, 
principal of the Pembroke ooll. Oxford 



1590, Thomas Randolph, ambassador to 
Queen Elizabeth, Thomas Randolph, poet, 
bore the coat of arms of the Randolphs of 
Bidden Kent co. Eng.). 

Port Huron Mich., b. in Detroit 
Mich. Feb. 3, 1867, journalist, merchant, 
publisher of the Port Huron Times (m. 
Apr. 18, 1885 Charlotte Esther, dau. of 
Richard Wolfe, b. in N. Y., and had 3 ch., 
viz.: Albert Wolfe, Frederick Carl and 
Harold); son of Loren Albert Sherman 
of Port Huron Mich., b. in Bennington 
N. Y. Mar. 14, 1844 (m. Sep. 6, 1865 Es- 
tella Caroline, dau. of Josiah and Eliza C. 
[Sutton] Ward, and desc. of Betsey Hoyt) ; 
son of Albert Clark Sherman of Benning- 
ton N. Y., b. Sep. 10, 1814, d. there Sep. 
8, 1844 (m. Mary A. Scotford, b. in Utica 
N. Y. July 20, 1813, her parents came front 
Eng. previous to the war of 1812, her 
mother's name v^^as Pocock, desc. of Ad- 
miral Pocock); son of Judson of Water- 
bury Ct., b. there 1784, moved from Water- 
bury to central part 'of N. Y. (m. Percy 
Riley); son of Matthew of Waterbury, b. 
there 1753, d. there Mar. 25, 1813 (m. 
Elizabeth) ; son of David Sherman of 
Waterbury Ct., b. there Mar. 15, 1721, d. 
there Nov. 10, 1799 (m. Hannah); son of 
Samuel, b. in Aug. 1682, d. Feb. 25, 1757 
(m. Dec. 22, 1709 Mary Knowles) ; son of 
John, b. Feb. 8, 1650 (m. Elizabeth) ; son 
of Samuel Sherman, b. in Dedham Eng. 
in July 1618, d. in Waterbury 1684 (m. 
Sarah Mitchell). 

of Lime Rock Ct., b. in Lake Ville 
Ct. Oct. 26, 1867, member of Ct. Soc. Sons 
of Amer. Rev. and of the Hiram Eddy 
Camp Sons of Veterans Ct. division (m. 
June 24, 1891 Lillian Frances, dau. of Sam- 
uel M. Reynolds M. D. of N. Y. and Cor- 
nelia Ressiter, and had 2 ch., viz: Harriette 
Cornelia, b. Mar. 26, 1892 and Margaret 
Norton, b. Aug. 21, 1897); son of Thomas 
Lot Norton of Lake Ville Ct., b. there 
Aug. 'II, 1842, private in co. G. 7th reg. in 
war of 1861-5 for 3 years, treas. Salisbury 

savings bank, held various other positions 
of trust, member of Ct. Soc. of Amer. Rev. 
(m. Oct. 16, 1866 Susan Duncan, dau. of 
Adam Reid, b. in Wishamton Scotland 
Jan. 4, 1808 and Whelmina Duncan, b. in 
Hamilton Scotland 1812); son of Lot Nor- 
ton of Lake Ville Ct., b. there Jan. 15, 1803, 
d. there Miay 30, 1880, grad. Yale coll. 1822, 
member of Ct. general assembly 1857, jus- 
tice of peace 1839-57, selectman of Salis- 
bury 1846-54 (m. Sep. 6, 1826 Martha, dau. 
of Eliphalet Whittlesey, b. Mar. 13, 1778, 
d. Dec. II, 1859 and Martha Strong, b. 
Apr. 25, 1780, d. May i, i860 and gr.-dau. 
of Ensign John Whittlesey, b. Dec. 23, 
1741, d. Mar. 22, 1812 and Mary Beale, b. 
Aug. 24, 1745, d. Sep. 30, 1802); son of 
Lot Norton of Lake Ville Ct., b. there 
Apr. 17, 1769, d. there Mar. 23, 1817, mem- 
ber of the Ct. general assembly 1804-31 
(m. May 8, 1791 Mary, dau. of Gen. Jere- 
miah Hickok, b. Apr. 11, 1748, d. Mar. 9, 
1809 and Mary Pell, b. June 17, 1749, d. 
Nov. 2, 1 791); son of Lot of Lake Ville 
Ct., b. in Farmington Ct. Aug. 6, 1733, d. 
in Lake Ville Apr. 16, 1810, was one of tEe 
original proprietors of Salisbury Ct., mag- 
istrate (m. Dec. 2, 1756 Esther Merrill, b. 
1729, d. Nov. 10, 1778); son of Thomas 
Norton of Lake Ville Ct., b. in Farming- 
ton 1697, d. in Lake Ville 1760 (m. 1724 
Elizabeth McEwen, d. 1736); son of John, 
b. Oct. 14, 1657, d. Apr. 25, 1725 (m. Ruth 
Lewis); son of John, b. 1625, d. 171 1, emi- 
grant to Amer., came to Branford Ct. 
about 1645. 

TROWBRIDGE, GUY B. of Bridgeport 
Ct, b. in Weston Ct. Dec. 4, 1857 (m. 
1st Apr. 18, 1878 Adeline Estelle, d. Jan. 28, 
1881, dau. of James M. and Mary J. Beers 
of Weston Ct., and had 2 ch., viz: Ora 
May, b. Apr. 6, 1879 and Henry Merwin, 
b. Jan. 21, 1881, 2d June i, 1889 Julia Eliz- 
abeth, dau. of Michael and Joanna Bar- 
rett of Warren Ct., and had 2 ch., viz: Roy 
Albert, b. July 4, 1890, d. Feb. 14, 1893 and 
Ruth Abigail, b. Mar. 2S, 1894); son of 
Henry I. of Weston Ct., b. there Apr. 5, 
1830, d. there Oct. 6, 1878, served in co. 
K. 5th Ct. vols 1862, corporal, captured in 




Culpepper Va., confined in Libby prison, 
paroled 1862, discharged 1863, enlisted in 
the 2d Ct. light art. 1864, corporal 1865 
(m. June 10, 1855 Abigail Merwin, widow 
of Edinund O. Sturges, desc. of Miles 
Merwin Milford of Ct. 1652 and Joseph 
Collier of Hartford before 1666, she, Abi- 
gail had besides Guy B. above 2 ch., viz: 
Cora May, b. May 31, i860 [m, Dec. 22, 
1881 Edwin A. Beers of Westport, and had 
5 ch., viz: May, b. May 11, 1885, d. in Sep. 
1885, Henry Arthur, b. Aug. 12, 1886, 
Edna Maud, b. June 15, 1888, Margery 
Langley, b. June 4, 1891. and Ruth Eliz. 
Beers, b. Feb. 21, 1895] and Ina Virginia, 
b. Aug. 3, 1862 [m. Nov. 16, 1887 Freder- 
ick C. Peet of Bridgeport Ct.]); son of 
Thomas Benedict Trowbridge of Weston 
Ct., b. there Mar. 10, 1800, d. in Danbury 
1861 (m. 1st Laura Thorpe, 2d Sarah Hub- 
bell Banks, desc. of John Banks, one of the 
1st settlers of Windsor, town clerk of 
Wethersfield 1643, rep. from Fairfield and 
held other various public offices, she, Sarah 
Hu'bbell 'had besides Henry I. as above 9 
ch., viz: George Byron, b. Feb. i, 1827 
[m. Feb. 12, 1857 Adeline Fassett Fenton], 
Edward Rodney, b. Sep. 2^, 1828 [m. Feb. 
17, 1856 Rachel Wynn, and had 2 ch., viz: 
William Burr, b. Jan. 12, 1857, d. 1862 and 
Edward Clarence Trowbridge, b. Aug. 14, 
1859, d. Nov. 17, 1893], Benjamin Hickok. 
b. Aug. 16, 1832 [m. Aug. 19, 1861 Mary 
Wainwright, and had 3 ch., viz: George 
Wainwright, b. Dec. 20, 1865, d. Aug. 11, 
1866, Mary Eliza, b. Aug. 27, 1867 and 
George Case Trowbridge, b. Feb. 16, 1869], 
Rachel Eliza, b. Sep. 19, 1834 [m. Apr. 15, 
1868 Timothy Jones of Danbury Ct.l. 
Clara Ann, b. Aug. 22, 1836 [m. Thomas 
Russell Hoyt of Danbury, and had Harrie 
Trowbridge Hoyt, b. Dec. 29, 1869], Mary 
Jane, b. June 27, 1839, Augustus Shepard, 
b. Jan. 9, 1843, d. in U. S. hospital at Alex- 
andria Va. Sep. 16, 1861, Cynthia Dunbar, 
b. Apr. 3, 1845 [m. Aug. 19, 1891 Samuel 
J. Barlow of Waterbury Ct.l, William Par- 
sons, b. Feb. II, 1848 [m. Mary Jane Shaf- 
fer, and had 5 ch., viz: Thomas, Alfred, 
Clara Hoyt, Minnie Alice, Frank An- 
drews and John Martin Trowbridge] anil 

Sarah Amelia Trowbridge, b. Mar. 4, 1850, 
d. in Aug. 1857); son of Matthew Trow- 
bridge of Danbury Ct., b. there 1769, d. in 
Salisbury Ct. 1822 (m. Rachel, dau. of Maj. 
Benjamin Hickox, and a desc. of Samuel, 
son of William Hickox of New Haven and 
Farmington before 1643) 5 son of Matthew 
Thomas Trowbridge of Danbury Ct., b. 
there 1740, d. there; son of Matthew of 
Fairfield Conn., b. in Stratford Ct., bp. 
June 5, 1709, d. in Fairfield; son of Joseph, 
d. before June i, 1715 (m. Ann Sherwood); 
son of William, d. in Nov. 1690 (m. June 
9, 1656 Elizabeth, dau. of Capt. George 
Lamberton, and widow of Daniel Seli- 
vant) ; son of Trowbridge, came 
from Taunton Eng. with his wife and 2 ch. 

Bridgeport Ct., b. there Mar. 12, 1857 
(m. 1st Apr. 18. 1883 Jennie Estelle, b. 
Oct. 7, 1861, d. May 22, 1884, dau. of 
Amasa Reynolds of Lowell Mass., b. 1824, 
d. Jan. 23, 1892, and Cyrene Celisia Dur- 
gin, b. Apr. 29. 1830, d. Mar. 26, 1869, she, 
Jennie had Frederick Clifford Peet, b. May 
20, 1884, 2d Nov. 16, 1887 Ina Virginia, b. 
Aug. 3, 1862, dau. of Henry I. and Abigail 
[Merwin Sturges] Trowbridge [see Trow- 
bridge lineage in this vol.]), had bro. 
GILEAD SMITH Peet, b. Nov. 4, 1847, 
<d. Jan. 5, 1886, entered Yale coll. class of 
1870, passed admittance examination for 
Oxford Eng., was in Paris during the 
Franco- German war, joined the Amer. 
ambulance corps as assistant surgeon, 
served with distinction before and during 
the siege of Paris, received for his service 
the Geneva Cross, the military medal for 
personal bravery in the battle and the 
Cross of the Legion of Honor, served 
through the Commune after the war, being 
besieged in Paris for the 2d time, returned 
to Amer. after the Commune, was after- 
wards engaged in several diplomatic mis- 
sions for t)he U. S. government, revised 
and rewrote " Hollister's History of Ct." 
with the Hon. Gideon Hollister, engaged 
as a lecturer on medieval and the later his- 
tory of the Romans for the Chautauqua 



course (m. Feb. 8, 1881 Mrs. Jeanne S. 
Johns, dau. of Marcus L. and Rebecca 
Spring, and had 2 ch., viz.: Gilead, b. Dec. 
25, 1881, and Herbert, b. Oct. 26, 1883); 
sons of William Henry Peet of Bridge- 
port Ct., b. there July 13, 1797, d. there 
May 2, 1865, collector of customs for port 
of Bridgeport 1853-61, librarian of Bridge- 
port public library 1861-4 (m. ist Mar. 6, 
1822 Abby, b. Nov. 11, 1801, d. May 10, 
1845, dau. of Capt. Stephen and Betsey 
[Young] Summers, and had 7 ch., viz.: 
Catharine Mary, b. Mar. 18, 1823, d. Oct. 
19, 1825, Susan Mariia, b. Nov. 9, 1825, d. 
May 15, 1839, Mary Elizabeth, b. Feb. 14, 
1828, d. Apr. 24, 1848 [m. Gilead Smith], 
Charles Henry, b. July 10, 1830, d. Feb. 
II, 1832, Edward William, b. Apr. 3, 1833, 
sailed from London Eng. for Hong Kong 
China 1863, Catharine Jemima, b. Jan. 22, 
1838, d. Apr. 28, 1839, and Henry S'ummers 
Peet, b. Apr. 7, 1845, d. July 30, 1845, 2d 
Dec. 24, 1846 Margaret, b. July 11, 1820, 
dau. of Charles and Margaret [Welsh] 
Ellison of Castle'bar, co. Mayo Ireland, and 
had 4 ch., viz.: Williiam Henry, b. Sep. 8, 
1851, d. Oct. 30, 1870, Clifford Smith, b. 
Oct. 26, 1854, d. June 14, 1855. Maria 
Eongworth, b. Oct. 26, 1854, d. June 9, 
1855, Gilead Smith, b. Nov. 4, 1847 as 
above, and Frederick Clifford Peet, b. 
Mar. 12, 1857); son of William Peet of 
Bridgeport Ct., b. in Stratford Ct. June i, 
1763, d. in Bridgeport Feb. 7, 1850, repre- 
sented Bridgeport in the general assembly 
of 1824 (m. Dec. 25, 1785 Jemima [Tom- 
linson] Darrow, b. May 10, 1764, d. Apr. 
16, 1856, widow of Edmund Darrow, had 
besides William H., b. July 13, 1797 as 
above, 10 ch., viz.: Catharine, b. Sep. 24, 
1786, d. Nov. 19, 1863 [m. May 10, 1809 
Charles Bostwick], Maria Julia, b. July 7, 
1788, d. Jan. II, 1854 [m. Nov. 19, 1819 
Thomas Longworth], George, b. Oct. 5, 
1790, d. Apr. 16, 1831, Eleazer, b. Mar. 3, 
1793, d. Mar. 4, 1878 [m. Mar. 10, 1842 
Maria Caldwell Ames, and had 2 children], 
Minerva, b. Sep. 3, 1795, d. Mar. 2, 1882, 
[m. Sep. 2, 1819 William Wright], Freder- 
ick, b. Dec. 20, 1799, d. Dec. 16, 1866 [m. 
Mar. 12, 1822 Elizabeth Lockwood], Fran- 

cis, b. Aug. 4, 1801, d. Jan. 16, 1882 [m. 
Nov. 23, 1826 Maria Mead], Edward Wil- 
liam, b. Feb. 19, 1804, d. Aug. 17, 1882 [m. 
June 30, 1834 Sarah C. Creighton], Sarah 
Ann, b. Mar. 5, 1806, d. Dec. 16, 1867 [m. 
Aug. II, 1834 Henry K. Harral], and 
Elizabeth Peet, b. Aug. 3, 181 1, d. Aug. 
10, 181 1); son of William Peet of Bridge- 
port and Stratford Ct., b. in Stratford in 
Jan. 1744, d. there in Feb. 1786, was a 
private in Capt. Couch's co. in Col. An- 
drew Ward's reg. 1776 (m. 1762 Beulah, 
bp. Mar. 3, 1740, d. Dec. 9, 1810, dau. oi 
John and Bathsheba [Welles] Nichols, and 
had 2 ch., viz.: William, b. June i, 1763, 
d. Feb. 7, 1850, and Elijah, she, Beulah m. 
2d George Smith of New Milford Ct.); 
son of Thomas Peet of Stratford Ct., b. 
there July 15, 1698, d. there Oct. 12, 1760, 
post rider from N. Y. to Saybrook for 30 
years (m. Jan. 7, 1724 or 5 Phebe, b. July 
22, 1703, dau. of Caleb and Rachel [Kel- 
logg] Nichols, and had beside William, b. 
in Feb. 1744 as above, 8 ch., viz.: Josiah, 
b. Dec. 20, 1725, d. Mar. 30, 1802, Ephraim, 
b. July 23, 1729, Nathan, b. Mar. 14, 1731, 
d. in Mar. 1774, Esther, b. June 14, 1732 
[m. July 31, 1751 Ephraim Nichols], 
Phebe, b. Oct. 30, 1734 [m- Feb. 11, 1753 
Mitchell Curtis], Thomas, b. Oct. 19, 1736, 
d. in Oct. 1760, William, b. Apr. 3, 1739, 
d. 1743, and Priscilla, b. May 27, 1742 [m. 
Wm. Beardsley]); son of Benjamin Peet 
of Stratford Ct., b. Aug. i, 1665, d. there 
May I, 1704 Om. ist Priscilla Fairchild, b. 
Apr. 20, 1669, dau. of Thomas and Catha- 
rine Craig of London Eng., and had be- 
sides Thomas, b. July 15, 1698 as above, 7 
ch., viz.: Butler, b. Sep. i, 1689, James, b. 
Mar. 27, 1691, William, b. May i, 1694, d. 
Sep. 24, 1743, Richard, b. Aug. 30, 1696, 
Josiah, b. Apr. i, 1700, Catharine, b. July 
18, 1701, and Ann, b. Jan. 30, 1703 or 4); 
son of Benjamin Peet, ib. 1640, d. 1704 
(m. Phebe Butler) ; son of John Peet, b. 
1597, 1st of the name in this country, came 
from the parish of Dufifield Eng. to Ply- 
mouth Mass. 1635, was among the ist set- 
tlers in Stratford Ct. (m. Sarah, dau. of 
Richard Osborn, and had 2 ch., viz.: John, 
b. 1638, d. Sep. I, 1684, Benjamin, b. 1640 



as above. Benjamin [m. Phebe, dau. 
of Richard Butler, and had 7 ch., viz.: 
Samuel, b. Sep. 9, 1663, Benjamin, b. Aug. 
I, 1665, Samuel, b. Mar. 14, 1670 or i, d. 
in Apr. 1748, Thomas, b. Mar. 29, 1674, 
Alice, b. Oct. 10, 1677, Anne, b. Oct. 10, 
1677, and Mary, b. in Oct. 1683, m. Mar. 
10, 1702 or 3 Josiah Burritt of Newton 

BRANCH, OLIVER E. of Manchester 
N. H., b. in Madison Ohio July 19, 
1847, prepared for coill. at Whitestoiwn N. 
Y., grad. at Hamilton coll. with the high- 
es-t class honors 1873, principal of the For- 
estville N. Y. Free acad. 2 years, grad. 
LL. B. at Columbia coll. 1877, during the 
time was instructor in Brooklyn polytech- 
nic inst., practiced law with his bro. John 
L. in N. Y. 1877, moved to North Weare 
N. H. 1883, and engaged in literary work, 
member of N. H. legislature 1886-8, was 
upon the judiciary comm. at both sessions, 
was Demo-cratic candidate for speaker 
1888, resumed the practice of law in Man- 
chester 1889, U. S. atty. for N. H. 1894, is 
counsel for the Boston and Me. R. R. and 
the Manchester and Lawrence R. R., M. 
A. of Hamilton coll. 1876, Dartmouth 1895 
(m. Oct. 17, 1878 Sarah C. Chase of 
Weare N. H., b. Apr. 6, 1857 [dau. of John 
W. and Hannah [Dow] Chase], grad. from 
Bradford acad. Mass. as valedictorian of 
the class 1876, she, Sarah had 4 ah., viz.: 
Oliver Winslaw, b. Oct. 4, 1879, Dorothy 
Witter, b. Dec. 6, 1881, Frederick William, 
b. Sep. 18, 1886, and Randolph Wellington 
Branch, b. Nov. 26, 1890); son of William 
Witter Branch of Madison Ohio, b. in 
Aurelius N. Y. Aug. 31, 1804, d. in Madi- 
son May 24, 1887, moved from Cayuga co. 
N. Y. to Chautauqua co., -where he resided 
until 1821, moved to Erie co. Pa. 1823, 
thence to Kirtland Ohio 1834, thence to 
Madison 1836, was for many years one of 
the most influential citizens of Lake co., 
learned the trade of wagon maker and 
afterwards studied law, judge of the court 
of common pleas of Lake co. 1845, became 
widely known throughout n'orthern Ohio 
and Pa. in connection with the building of 

the Cleveland, Painesville and Ashtabula 
R. R., for which he obtained a state char- 
ter 1848, appointed by the company to 
solicit subscriptions for stock, the road 
afterwards became an important link in 
the Lake Shore system (m. July 3, 1834 
Lucy J., dau. of Uriah and Rebecca [Wil- 
liams] Bartram, gr.-dau. of Daniel and 
Ann [Merchant] Bartram, and desc. of 
Elinor [Chauncey] Merchant, Israel 
Chauncey of New Haven, and Rev. 
Charles Chauncey, 2d pres. of Harvard 
coll.); son of William Branch of Norwich 
Ct. and Madison Ohio, b. in Preston Ct. 
Sep. 3, 1760, d. in Madison Apr. 13, 1849, 
at the age of 16 he was drafted and sent to 
old Fort Trumbull where he remained un- 
til the next spring when he enlisted under 
Capt. Leffingwell to go to Rhode Island, 
an elder brother interfered and he returned 
to Norwich, he enlisted Apr. i, 1777 to 
serve during the war under Capt. Jedediah 
Hyde in Col. John Durkee's Connecticut 
regiment and was discharged from Capt. 
Samuel Cleft's co. in Col. Zebulon But- 
ler's Conn. reg. upon the disbanding of 
the army at West Point July 7, 1783, where 
he received a badge of merit from Wash- 
ington (for his faithful service, was at the 
battle of Germantown Oct. 4, 1777, Fort 
Mifflin Nov. 17, 1777, Monmouth June 28, 
1778, and wintered at Valley Forge, was 
with Wasfhington in the forced march from 
the north to Yorktown under the immedi- 
ate command of Gen. Hamilton, and was 
one of the picked men of the Connecticut 
troops who made the final assault on the 
redoubts, was present during the trial and 
execution lof Major Andre and was one of 
the three guards who took him from the gal- 
lows, he settled in Cayuga co. N. Y. 1790, 
raised a co. of volunteers of which he was 
captain in the war of 1812 (m. Nov. 27, 
1796 Lucretia, dau. of Asa and Elizabeth 
[Tracy] Branch, and desc. of Samuel and 
Esther [Richmond] Tracy, Jonathan 
Tracy, Thomas Tracy of Tewksbury Eng. 
and Peter Branch) ; son of Samuel Branch 
of Preston Ct., b. there Aug. 6, 1729. d. 
there 1772 (m. Mar. 17, 1752 Hannah, dau. 
of Joseph and Elizabeth [Gore] Witter, 



gr.-dau. of Ebenezer and Dorothy [Mor- 
gan] Witter and desc. of Josiah and Eliza- 
beth [Wheeler] Witter and William Wit- 
ter of Lynn Mass., persecuted for religious 
opinions 1651); son of Samuel Branch of 
Preston Ct., b. there Sep. 3, 1701, d. there 
(m. May 23, 1728 Anne, dau. of Samuel 
and Mercy Lamb oi Stonington Ct., and 
gr.-dau. of John Lamb of Groton Ct.) ; 
son of Peter Branch of Preston Ct., b. in 
Marshfield Mass. 1659, d. in Preston Dec. 
27, 1 713, one of the founders of Preston 
1683, owned Branch Hill, was at Norwich 
1680, was a large land owner and influen- 
tial in Preston (m. about 1684 Hannah, 
dau. of Thomas and Mary [Austin] Lin- 
coln, and gr.-dau. of Thomas Lincoln, 
" the miller," who built and owned the mill 
at Taunton in which the 3 commissioners 
from Boston met King Philip for an ex- 
planation of his hostile maneuvers) ; son of 
John Branch, settled in Marshfield Mass., 
owner of Branch Islet there, came to 
Amer. 1638, settled in Scituate Mass. (m. 
Dec. 6, 1652 Mary Speed); son of Peter 
of Holden Eng., carpenter, sailed for Am. 
in the ship " Castle " 1638, died on board 
ship (m. Jan. 14, 1623 Elizabeth Gillame). 

New York city, b. there Nov. 16, 
1858, post-oiifice dept. N. Y. since 1888, 
member of N. H. Soc. of Colonial Wars, 
is compiling the genealogy of Edgerly 
family (m. Dec. 13, 1879 Katherine Fran- 
ces, dau. of Thomas Igo of N. Y. city); 
son of Norman P., b. in Gilmanton N. H. 
Jan. 31, 1831, d. in Newburyport Mass. 
Apr. I, 1865, enlisted in co. A 8th reg. 
Mass. vols. 1862, commenced the geneal- 
ogy of the Edgerly family (m. Jan. 31, 
1858 Mary Emma, b. in N. Y. July 2, 1836, 
d. there Aug. 25, 1865, dau. of Alexander 
and Agnes [Gibson] Gibb of N. Y. city); 
son of David Edgerly, b. in Gilmanton N. 
H. Feib. 22, 1802, d. in Newburyport July 
31, 1883 (m. Jan. i, 1829 Dorothy, dau. of 
Ezekiel and Mollie [Eastman] Edgerly, 
and gr.-dau. of David Edgerly of Capt. 
Alexander Todd's co. 1758, Capt. Tilton's 
CO. 1760); son of Benjamin, b. in Brent- 

wood N. H. May 15, 1764, d. in Gilman- 
ton N. H. Dec. 28, 1844 (m. Nov. 17, 1789 
Elizabeth Judkins) ; son of Benjamin, b. 
in Brentwood 1737, d. in Gilmanton N. H. 
in Jan. 1817, private in Capt. Gilman's 00. 
at Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point N. 
Y., was sheriff Belknap co. Gilmanton 
during the rev. war (m. Mary Hoyt); son 
of Samuel Edgerly, b. in Exeter N. H., d. 
in Brentwood 1769, was at the siege of 
Louisburg (m. Abigail); son of Thomas 
of Oyster River N. H., now Durham 
N. H.; son of Thomas of Oyster River, 
justice of the peace, the original ancestor 
of the family in Amer., emigrated from 
Eng. to Oyster River N. H. 1664. 

Springfield Mass., b. there Mar. 6, 
1859, A. B. of Yale 1880, M. D. of N. Y. 
coll. phys. and surg. 1883 (m. Sep. 28, 
1887 Lucy Celire, dau. of Timothy Dwight 
and Harriet [Clark] Thatcher, and desc. 
of Anthony Thatcher, and had 2 ch., viz.: 
Hazel, b. Feb. 18, 1889, and Edward A., 
b. Jan. 4, 1894); son of Walter Edward 
Chapin of Springfield Mass., b. in Wood- 
stock Vt. Feb. 18, 1823, d. in Agawam 
Mass. July 13, 1865, cabinet maker (m. 
Oct. 14, 1847 Julia Foster, dau. of William 
and Eliza Ann [Hall] Foster, and desc. of 
Titus Hall, rev. soldier, and Ebenezer 
Mansfield, rev. soldier) ; son of Walter 
Chapin of Woodstock Vt., b. in West 
Springfield Mass. Jan. 15, 1778, d. in 
Woodstock July 22, 1827, A. M. of Middle- 
bury coll. 1803, pastor Cong. ch. Wood- 
stock 1810-27 (m. 1812 Hannah, dau. of 
Abijah and Hannah [Varnum] Mosher); 
son of Martin of West Springfield Mass., 
b. in Chicopee Mass. Oct. 6, 1738, d. in 
West Springfield Apr. 24, 1793, farmer and 
merchant (m. in Dec. 1768 Bathsheba, dau. 
of Dr. Lamberton and Bathsheba [Chapin] 
Cooper, and desc. of Thomas Cooper, 
early settler of Windsor Ct. and Spring- 
field Mass.) ; son of Isaac Chapin of Chico- 
pee Mass., b. there Aug. 18, 1710, d. there 
Nov. 22, 1789, farmer (m. June 29, 1734 
Experience, dau. of William and Elizabeth 
[Weller] Warriner, and desc. of William 



Warriner, early settler of Springfield 
Mass.) ; son of Benjamin Chapin of Chico- 
pee Mass., b. there Feb. 2, 1682, d. there 
Mar. 22, 1756, farmer, deacon of Cong. ch. 
at Chicopee (m. Nov. 9, 1704 Hannah, dau. 
of Isaac and Mary [Cooper] Colton, and 
gr.-dau. of George Colton, early settler of 
Springfield); son of Henry of Chicopee, 
d. in Springfield Mass. Aug. 15, 1718 (m. 
Dec. 12, 1664 Bethia, dau. of Benjamin 
Cooley, early settler of Springfield); son of 
Samuel Chapin, d. Nov. 11, 1675, an early 
settler of Springfield. 

^ of Lawrence Kan., b. in Lawrence 
Mass. Dec. 7, 1859, grad. Harvard medical 
sch. 1884, member Mass. medical soc, prof, 
of obstetrics and gynaecology in the coll. 
of physicians and surgeons Boston Mass., 
member Sons of the Amer. Rev., Soc. of 
Colonial Wars, Soc. of War of 1812, Naval 
Order of U. S., member of the acad. of 
language and literature (unmarried), had 
bro. ALFRED HOUGHTON Clark, prof, 
in the state univ, of Kan. (m. Mary Mar- 
chant, dau. of Benjamin Franklin Pierce 
of Marblehead Mass. and Kansas City 
Mo.); sons of Alfred P. of Cambridge 
Mass., b. in Boston Mass. Dec. 9, 1826, 
paymaster of the Washington mills of 
Lawrence Mass. (m. Joanna Chaplin 
Houghton, dau. of Moses Barnard and 
Almira [Pollard] Houghton of Cambridge 
and desc. of John Barnard, the emigrant) ; 
son of Elijah Clark of Boston Mass., b. in 
Hollis N. H. Mar. 18, 1781, d. in Boston 
Nov. 12, 1845, merchant and importer of 
West India goods (m. ist 1803 Cynthia 
Smith, d. 1815, 2d July 30, 1817 Mary Wel- 
lington Lane, dau. of Oliver Wellington 
and Susanna [Newman] Lane of Boston 
Mass. and desc. of Job Lane, the emi- 
grant); son of Elijah Clark of Hollis, 
N. H. and Methuen Mass., b. prob. in 
Amherst N. H. 1750 or i, d. in Methuen 
Nov. 17, 1806, rev. soldier, pensioner, en- 
listed in Capt. William Perley*s co. of Col. 
Frye's Mass. reg. 1775, served in conti- 
nental army in Col. Reed's N. H. reg. 1781 
(m. Apr. 9, 1778 Martha, dau. of Job and 

Abigail Runnels of Bradford Mass. and 
gr.-dau. of Samuel Runnels [and Abigail 
Middleton], who came from Port Royal 
Nova Scotia about 1690); son of Thomas 
Clark of Amherst N. H., b. there; son of 
Thomas of Amherst. 


CO. Wis. 1858 (m. Mary Brockway, has 4 
ch., viz: Carrie E., Sydney, Adelbert and 
Sarah B. Clinton); son of Andrew Beers 
Clinton of Hartwick Seminary N. Y., b. in 
Fly Creek N. Y. 1820 (m. Hannah, dau. of 
Thomas and Mary [Myers] Montgomery, 
gr.-dau. of John Montgomery [and Fanny 
Greene], rev. soldier and John Myers, rev. 
soldier) ; son of Joel Clinton of Fly Creek 
N. Y., b. in Ballston Spa. N. Y. 1782, d. 
Apr. 19, 1835 (m. Feb. 14, 1813 Mary, dau. 
of William Matthewson, b. 1745, d. 1834 
[and Tabitha Chafifee, b. 1760], was a pri- 
vate in a R. 1. reg. in rev. war, and desc. 
of James Matthewson, who settled in Prov- 
idence R. I. 1658, she, Mary had besides 
Andrew B. as above 8 ch., viz: Jane, b. 
Apr. 2, 1814, d. Nov. 23, 1894 [m- Dec. 25, 
1834 James Sullivan Robinson and had 5 
ch.], Lucina, b. in June 1815, d. Oct. 30, 
1876, Harriet, b. 181 7, 'd. Oct. 3, 1839, Mary, 
b. Nov. 22, 1818, d. Oct. 2(i, 1893 [m. 1842 
William Lake, had 4 ch.], William 
Matthewson Clinton, owned several cotton 
mills during civil war, ib. in May 1822, 
d. in Feb. 1880 [m. ist Elma Leonard, had 
4 ch., 2d Cakina Terry, had 6 ch.], Sarah 
Maria, b. Apr. 22,, 1824, author of 6 books, 
and is editor of " The True Republic " 
[m. Dec. 2Z, 1847 Rev. Orren Perkins, had 
3 ch.], Cyrus Henry, b. 1826 [m. Emeline 
Smith, had 3 ch.] and Celia A., b. 1828, d. 
in Aug. 1876 [m. William Matthewson, had 
2 ch.]); son of John Clinton, b. in Fair- 
field Ct. May 4, 1752, private in Sth N. Y. 
line 1779-80, serg. in a co. 1781, an exten- 
sive landowner in Saratoga co. in rev. 
times, a skilled surveyor (m. Mary Scrib- 
ner, b. 1749, d. in Fly Creek N. Y. Dec. 17, 
1805, had besides Joel as above, Simeon, 
b. Feb. 3, 1779, d. 1858, settled in Chau- 
tauqua CO. 1813, John [m. Lemira Doty] 



and Phebe, b. Feb. 6, 1785); son of John 
Clinton of Fairfield Ct., b. in New Haven 
Ct. Nov. 8, 1721 (m. in Nov. 1746 Eliza- 
beth Beecher, had besides John, b. May 
4, 1752 as above 2 ch., viz: David, b. Oct. 

9, 1747, rev. soldier and Elizabeth, b. May 

10, 1754); son of Thomas of New Haven 

pHURCH, ALONZO of Newark N. J., 
^ b. in Chicago 111. Oct. 31, 1870, A. B. 
of Princeton 1892, A. M. 1895 (unmarried) ; 
son of Alonzo of Washington D. C, b. in 
Athens Ga. Feb. 13, 1830, A. B. of Ga. 
univ., A. M. 1850, admitted to the bar, 
formerly atty. for Chicago and Alton R. R., 
now senate librarian Washington D. C. (m. 
Oct. 6, 1858 Mary Robbins, desc. of John 
Robbins, who came from Eng. 1630, Wil- 
liam Bradford gov. of Plymouth and 
Thomas Welles, gov. of Ct., she, Mary 
had besides Alonzo, b. Oct. 31, 1870 as 
above 3 'oh., viz.: Samuel Robbins Chunch, 
b. in Chicago 111. Dec. 24, 1863, A. B. 
Columbia ooU. 1886, Columbia law sch. 
1888, James Robb, b. in Chicago Oct. 11, 
1866, A. B. of Princeton 1888, A. M. of 
same 1891, M. D. of Columbia medical sch. 
iSgi and William Wells Church, b. in Chi-, 
cago Dec. 17, 1874, grad. Princeton coll. 
1897); son of Alonzo of Athens Ga., b. in 
Brattleboro Vt. Apr. 9, 1793, d. in Athens 
1863, grad Middlebury coll. 1813, pres. of 
Ga, univ. for 40 years, D. D., LL. D. (m. 
1814 Sarah Tripple) ; son of Reuben of 
Brattleboro Vt., b. there Mar. 23, 1757, d. 
there Sep. 18, 1834, lieut., entered the rev. 
army as a drummer boy at 16 (m. 1780 
Elizabeth Whipple of the Mass. family of 
Whipples, widow of Jonathan Wells of 
Brattleboro); son of Timothy Church of 
Brattleboro Vt., b. in Hadley Mass. May 
12, 1736, d. in Brattleboro Nov. 13, 1823, 
lieut. col. in rev. army also in the French 
and Indian war, was an aide de camp of 
Gov. Clinton of N. Y. (m. June 9, 1756 
his cousin Abigail Church) ; son of Na- 
thaniel of Hadley Mass., b. there Feb. 7. 
1704, d. there (m. 1727 Rachel Mac 
Aanny); son of Samuel Church, b. Aug. 
19, 1667, d. 1737 (m. July 7, 1692 Abigail 

Harrison, b. Sep. 11, 1673, d. Sep. 17, 
1777); son of Samuel of Hadley Mass., b. 
there 1638, d. there Apr, 13, 1684 (m. 1664 
Mary, dau, of Josiah Churchill of Hadley) ; 
son of Richard Church, d. in Hadley Dec, 
16, 1667, came from Eng. to Plymouth 
Mass. in the fleet with John Winthrop 
1630, removed to Hartford Ct., where he 
was an original proprietor 1637, moved to 
Hadley 1660 (m. Ann Church, d. Mar. 12, 

^ Charlestown Mass,, b, in Portland 
Me. Aug. 2, 1832, compiler of " Genealogy 
of the Greenleaf Family " (m. Nov. 7, 1853 
Mary Elizabeth, b. July 10, 183 1, dau. of 
Hon. Paul Willard of Charlestown Mass. 
[and Harriet Whiting], magistrate, and 
had 3 ch., viz.: Robert W., b. Jan. 24, 1855, 
physician, Ellen W., b. Dec. 22, 1857, and 
Mary W., b. July 29, 1861); son of Patrick 
Henry Greenleaf of Brooklyn N. Y., b. 
July II, 1807, d. June 21, 1869, Episcopal 
clergymian, rector of Emanuel ch. Brook- 
lyn 1869 (m. in Apr. 1829 Margaret 
Laughton Johnson, b. Jan. 20, 1809, d.' 
July 8, 1879, dau. of William Pierce John- 
son) ; son of Simon of Cambridge Mass., 
b. in Newburyport Mass. Dec, 5, 1783, d. 
in Cambridge Oct. 6, 1853, prof, of law 
Harvard coll., author of " A Treatise on 
the Law of Evidence," " Cruise's Digest of 
the Law of Real Property with notes 1849- 
50 " (m. Sep. 18, 1806 Hannah, b. Aug. 5, 
1787, d. Jan. 13, 1857, dau. of Ezra and 
Susanna [Whitman] Kingman) ; son of 
Moses Greenleaf of New Gloucester Me., 
b. in Newburyport Mass. May 19, 1755, d. 
in New Gloucester Dec. 18, 1812, ship 
builder, lieut. in Amer. army when 19 
years old, capt. (m. Sep. 17, 1776 Lydia, b. 
Apr. 3, 1755, d. Mar. 21, 1834, dau. of 
Jonathan and Phebe [Griswold] Parsons, 
gr.-dau. of Judge John Griswold and desc, 
of Matthew Griswold, b. 1620, d. 1698, emi- 
grated to New England 1639, settled in 
Windsor Ct., moved to Saybrook Ct. and 
then to Lyme Ct.); son of Jonathan 
Greenleaf of Newbury Mass., b. there in 
July 1723, d. there May 24, 1807, ship 



builder, rep. to general court, member of 
the continental congress, one of the gover- 
nor's council 1786, senator 1788 (m. 1744 
Mary, d. in May 1807, dau. of Edward 
Presbury) ; son of Daniel of Newbury 
Mass., b. there Dec. 24, 1690, d. there in 
Feb. 1729 (m. Nov. 17, 1710 Sarah 
Moody) ; son of John of Newbury Mass., 
b. there June 21, 1662, d. there May or 
June 24, 1734 (m. ist Oct. 12, 1685 Eliza- 
beth, d. Aug. 5, 1712, gr.-dau. Joseph Hills 
of Newbury, b. 1602, came from Maiden 
Eng. to Charlestown Mass. 1638, moved 
to Maiden Mass. 1647, m. May 13, 1716 
Lydia, d. May 15, 1752, dau. of Maj. 
Charles Frost of Kittery Me. and widow 
of Benjamin Fierce); son of Stephen 
Greenleaf of Newbury Mass., b. in Ipswich 
Eng. about 1628, d. Dec. i, 1690, capt., was 
with his CO. in the expedition against Port 
Royal 1690, freeman 1677, rep. of New- 
bury to the general court 1676-86, was a 
member of the council of safety 1689 (m. 
1st Nov. 13, 1651 Elizabeth, dau. of Tris- 
tram Coffin [and Dionis Stevens], b. in 
Devonshire Eng. 1609, d. 1681, the ist of 
the name in Amer., son of Tristram Cof- 
fin [and Joanna], came to New England 
1642, moved from Salisbury to Haverhill, 
thence to Newbury about 1648, 2d Mar. 31, 
1679 Esther, dau. of Nathaniel Weare and 
widow of Benjamin Swett of Hampton N. 
H.); son of Edmund Greenleaf of New- 
bury Mass., b. in Ipswich Eng. 1573 or 4, 
d. in Boston Mass. Mar. 24, 1671, freeman 
1639, commanded a co. which marched 
against the Indians 1637, lieut. Mass. pro- 
vincial forces 1642, capt. 1644, was at the 
heaid of the militia under Gerrish, retired 
from military office 1647, removed to Bos- 
ton Mass. about 1650 (m. ist Sarah Dole, 
d. Jan. 18, 1663, prob. sister of Richard 
Dole, the emigrant, bp. in Ringworthy 
Eng. Dec. 31, 1622, came to Newbury 1639, 
m. May 3, 1647 Hannah Rolfe, d. Nov. 
16, 1678, the name Dole is of French ori- 
gin, he Edmund Greenleaf m. 2d Sarah 
Hill, widow of William Hill of Fairfield 
Ct, d. in Boston Mass. 1671). 

BURNHAM, WALTER of Brookfield 
Vt., b. in Norwich Ct. Nov. i, 1762, 
d. in Brookfield Sep. 6, 1834, a leading 
physician of Brookfield for over 40 years 
(m. Jan. 18, 1795 Submit Smith, b. in 
Northfield Mass. Feb. 27, 1773, d. June 11, 
1826 [dau. of Capt. Reuben Smith, desc. of 
Rev. Henry Smith], had 3 ch., viz.: Zebu- 
Ion Perkins Burnham M. D., Walter 
Burnham M. D., who afterwards removed 
to Lowell Mass., and Helen Maria Burn- 
ham, b. in Brookfield Vt. Dec. 11, 1815 [m. 
Mar. I, 1842 David Dodge M. D., who d. 
in Chicago 111. 1888]); son of Benjamin 
Burnham of Norwich Ct., b. there Feb. 9. 
1729, d. there in May 1799 (m. Nov. 6, 
1750 Jemima, b. in Norwich Sep. 14, 1731, 
dau. of Jacob and Jemima Perkins, and 
desc. of John and Judith Perkins) ; son of 
Benjamin of Norwich Ct., b. in Ipswich 
Mass. Dec. 21, 1696, d. in Norwich Oct. 
15, 1737 (rn- Apr. 2, 1727 Mary, b. Jan. 20, 
1707, d. Oct. 15, 1737, dau. of Robert and 
Rebecca Kinsman, gr.-dau. of Robert and 
Mary Kinsman, and desc. of Robert Kins- 
man of Eng.); son of Thomas Burnham 
of Ipswich Mass., b. there 1646, d. there 
Feb. 21, 1728, lieut. (m. 2d Dec. 16, 1689 
Hester Coggswell Bishop, widow of Sam- 
uel, son of Thomas Bishop of Norwich); 
son of Thomas Burnham of Ipswich 
Mass., b. in Norwich Eng. 1623, d. in Ips- 
wich 1694, came from Eng. on the ship 
" Angel Gabriel " 1635 (m. 1645 Mary, b. 
1624, dau. Th. Lawrence) ; son of Robert 
of Norwich Eng. (m. Mary Andrews). 

WRIGHT, WILLIAM of Chestnut 
Hill Phila. Pa., b. in N. Y. city 
Mar. 28, 1800, d. May 22, 1874 (m. Mar. 
28, 1823 Sally Ann, 'b. Jan. 20, 1802, d. 
Nov. 24, 1866, dau. of Robert and Hannah 
[Mason] Weeks of New York city, and 
had dau. Martha Frances, b. in N. Y. city 
July 13, 1827 [m. Thomas Conway M. D., 
see Conway lineage in this vol.]); son of 
Stephen Wright of N. Y. city, b. Nov. 25, 
1770, d. in N. Y. city Nov. 24, 1834 (m. 
1795 his cousin Elizabeth Wright, b. in 
Apr. 1776, d. Oct. 7, 1802) ; son of Thomas 
of East Chester N. Y., b. in Oyster Bay 



L. I., d. in N. Y. city before Apr. 28, 1777, 
settled in East Chester before 1755, became 
the most prominent physician and surgeon 
in West Chester 00., was trustee of public 
buildings, served in the rev. army (m. Oct. 
21, 1769) ; son of Edmond Wright of 
Oyster Bay L. I., b. there, d. there in Oct. 
1733 (in- 1695 Sarah, b. about 1670-80, d. 
after 1746, dau. of Mill Joihn and Esther 
[Smith] Townsend of Oyster Bay, gr.- 
dau. of Henry and Anne [Coles] Town- 
send of Oyster Bay and of Abraham 
Smith of Hempstead L. I., gt.-gr.-dau. of 
Robert and Mary [Hawx'hurst] Coles of 
R. I., who came over in the fleet with Gov. 
John Winthrop prob. from near Groton 
Eng.); son of Edmond Wright of Oyster 
Bay L. I., b. 1640, d. there 1703 (m. about 
1666 his cousin Sarah, b. in Sandwich Feb. 
II, 1648, dau. of Peter and Alice Wright); 
son lof Nicholas of Oyster Bay L. I., b. 
in Norfolk Eng. 1609, d. in Oyster Bay in 
Nov. 1682, emigrated and settled in Sau- 
gus Mass. colony before '1636, moved to 
Sandwich 1637, removed to Oyster Bay 
(m. Ann, d. 1683). 

Marshall co. Tenn., b. in St. Francis 
CO. Ark. Sep. 24, 1876, agriculturalist (un- 
married) ; son of WasMngton Pike Cock- 
rill of St. Francis co. Ark., b. in Tuscum- 
bia Ala. May 24, 1844, d. in Culleoka 
Tenn. Mar. 8, 1884, educated La Grange 
coll. Ala., color bearer 35th Ala. reg. inf. 
vols. C. S. A. 1862-5, cotton planter St. 
Francis co. Ark. (m. Feb. i, 1872 Sallie, 
educated at Columibia coll. Tenn., dau. of 
Hon. John and Louisa [Turner] Ballan- 
fort of Maury 00. Tenn.); son of Gran- 
ville La Force Cockrill of Tuscumbia 
Ala., b. in Bedford co. Tenn. 1809, d. in 
Davidson co. Tenn. Sep. 23, 1846, grad. 
Augusta coll. Ky. 1830, farmer in Franklin 
CO. Ala. (m. Maria Louisa Turner, b. in 
Ala. July 22, 1817, d. in Ark. in Sep. 1862, 
dau. of Sugres and Rebecca [De Loney] 
Turner, gr.-dau. of William and Mary 
[Blount] Turner and of Hall De Loney 
and Ann Turner of Southeaston Va.) ; son 
of John Cockrill of Tuscumbia Ala., b. in 

Nashville Tenn. July 8, 1781, d. near Tus- 
cumbia Aug. 12, 1841, planter in Bedford 
CO. Tenn., in Franklin co. Ala. after 1822, 
trustee of La Grange coll., maj. of state 
troops (m. 1803 Elizabeth Bibb Harding, 
b. in Va. Jan. 3, 1783, d. in Ala. Feb. 7, 
1824, dau. of Thomas and Jane [Farrar] 
Harding, gr.-dau. of William and Sarah 
[La Force] Hardin and of William and 
Elizalbeth [Bibb] Farrar, and desc. of 
Thomas Hardin and Mary Giles, dau. of 
William Giles of Henrico and Goochland 
CO. Va.); son of John Cockrill of Nash- 
ville Tenn., b. in Va. Dec. 19, 1757, d. in 
Nashville Apr. 11, 1837, private in Va. 
militia 1776-7, in N. C. service 1780-2, 
moved to Nashville with the colony of his 
brother-in-law Gen. James Robertson 1780, 
the N. C. legislature granted him 3 mili- 
tary land warrants 1783 (m. 1780 Ann, b. 
in N. C. Feb. 10, 1757, d. in Tenn. Oct. 3, 
1821, dau. of John and Mary [Gower] 
Robertson of Brunswick co. Va., and desc. 
of the Clan Donachie of Scotland and the 
Yiorkshire Gowers); son of John Cockrill 
of Va., b. in Eng., d. in Va. after 1757, 
desc. of the old Cockerell family of 
Eng. (m. Debora Fox, b. in Va. or Eng., 
d. in Davidson 00. Tenn., she m. 2d David 
Collinsworth, 3d Mr. Kells, and is desc. 
of the Allison, Claiborne and Daingerfield 

111., b. in Milton N. Y. May 29, 1825, 
grad. Williams coll. Mass. 1848, Union 
N. Y. theo. sem. 1851, licensed 1851, or- 
dained 1852, A. M. 1868, D. D. 1894, now 
pastor of Pana Presb. ch. 111. (m. Oct. 15, 
185 1 -Martha A., dau. of Luther and Erne- 
line [Austen] Northrop of New Haven Ct., 
gr.-dau. of Martha Hopkins, dau. of E. 
Hopkins of Harwington Ct., she, Martha 
A. Northrop had 3 ch., viz: Edgar Luther, 
Albert Oscer and Louise Clark) ; son of 
MTathaniel Qark of Milton N. Y., b. in 
Cornwall N. Y. Aug. 2, 1793, d. in Milton 
Mar. 26, 1874 (m. Apr. 25, 1816 Han- 
nah Marsh, whose father came from N. 
J.); son of Reuben of Cornwall N. Y., 
b. in Bedford N. Y. Nov. 14, 1743, d. in 



Cornwall Dec. 8, 1813, owned 130 acres 
near Cornwall Landing, farmer, paymaster 
in the rev. army, an elder in the Presby- 
terian ch. of New Windsor N. Y. (m. 1770 
Mary, dau. of Francis Peppard, a Presby- 
terian clergyman of N. J. New Windsor 
N. Y. and Irish settlement of Pa.); son of 
Nathan of Cornwall N. Y., b. in Bedford 
N. Y. Mar. 214, 1704, d. in Cornwall 1755, 
purchased 265 acres of land near Cornwall 
Landing N. Y., paying £375 for same 1748 
(m. 1st 1728 Miss Miller, d. in Bedford 
N. Y., was one of the organizing members 
of the New Windsor Presbyterian 1776, 2 d 
1735 Abigail Mills) ; son of Nathan Clark 
of Bedford N. Y., b. in Stamford Ct. about 
1675, d. in Bedford after 1744, was one of 
the 29 land holders to whom Queen Anne 
confirmed 23,000 acres of land now Bed- 
ford 1704 (m. 1st 1700 Miss Clemence, 2d 
1710); son of William of Bedford N. Y., 
b. in Stamford Ct. about 1645, d. in Bed- 
ford 1 712, was one of the purchasers of the 
Mohegans of the land where Bedford now 
stands 1680, was one of the 29 to whom 
Queen Anne confirmed 23,000 acres of land 
1704; son of Samuel, came to Wethers- 
field from Eng. 1630, one of the 20 men 
who purchased and settled Stamford Ct. 

^ navy, b. near Delavan 111. Oct, 4, 1870, 
went with parents to La Bette 00. Ka. 1873, 
appointed to U. S. naval acad. from 3d 
Kan. dist. 1889, grad. and was commis- 
sioned an assistant engineer July i, 1895, 
cruise 1893-5 on U. S. S. Newark on South 
Atlantic station 1895-98, U. S. S. Amphi- 
trite and U. S. S. N. Y. on home station 
(m Apr. 21, 1897 Emma Blow Freeman, 
dau, of Arthur C, and Emma [Blow] Free- 
man of Norfolk Va,); son of Henry Clay 
Cook of Oswego Ka., b, in Fulton Pa. 
Apr. 22, 1843, went west 1858, settled in 
111. 1861, enlisted in co, H. 4th 111. cavalry 
1861-62, removed to Ka. 873, district clerk 
of La Bette co. 1874-84, in state legislature 
1884-6, banker (m. Dec. 15, 1869 Allenette, 
dau. of A. H. Dillon [and Juliette E, Mer- 
riam], b. in Wilmington Ohio and gr.- 

dau. of Isaac and Mary [Powers] Merriam 
of New England); son of Allen Cook of 
Lancaster 00. Pa., b. in Fulton Pa. in 
Mar. 1803, d. there May 27, 1847, farmer 
(m. Rachel Kirk, dau. of Jeremiah Brown 
[and Ann Kirk] of Lancaster co. Pa., was 
member of congress 1838-42, judge of cir- 
cuit court many years) ; son of William of 
Lancaster co., b. in Warrington Nov. 2, 
1778, d. in Fulton Pa., engaged in agri- 
culture and stock raising (m. Nov. 29, 
1802 Susanna, dau of Benjamin and Su- 
sanna [Dunn] Cutler ; son of Samuel of 
Warrington Pa., b. in Chester co. Pa. Oct. 
15, 1738, d. in W'arrington Aug. lo, 1800, 
farmer, removed to York co. with parents 
1744-5 (m- I St Hannah Fisher, d. May 9, 
1768, 2d Nov, II, 1772 Ruth, dau. of Alex- 
ander and Rebecca Mode) ; son of Peter 
Cook of Chester and York co. Pa., b. in 
Norwich Eng. Oct. 4, 1700, d. in Warring- 
ton Pa., came to Pa. with parents 1712, 
removed to Warrington Pa. 1744-5, bought 
400 acres of land there (m. Sep. 26, 1730 
Sarah, dau. of Joseph and Hannah 
[Glover] Gilpin, desc. of the Gilpins of 
Kentmere Hall Eng. and Richard de Guyl- 
pin, a Norman); son of Peter Cook of 
Tarvin Eng., Quaker, impoverished by 
persecution in Eng. before coming to 
Amer. (m. Eleanor Norman, Quaker). 

Y. City, b. in Brooklyn N. Y. Apr. 
22, 1848, educated at iBrooklyn Polytechnic 
inst., resided in N. Y. City since 1872 (m. 
June 5, 1869 Anna Sophia Foster ; son of 
Aaron Cheever Crooker of Brooklyn N. Y., 
b, in Bridgewater Mass. Nov. 12, 1814, sea 
capt. with A. A. Low's packets to China, 
Collins line to Havre France, was in 
charge of Gov. transport all through the 
war, was at sea for 50 years (m, Nov. s, 
1838 Emeline Frances Faunce, b. in Car- 
ver Mass., gr.-dau. of Capt. John Appling, 
d. 1849, rev. soldier Plympton Mass. and 
desc. of John Faunce, who came to Ply- 
mouth Mass. in the ship " Ann ") ; son of 
Zenas Crooker of Brooklyn N. Y., b. in 
Plymouth Mar. 2, 1792, d. in Brooklyn 
N. Y. May 16, 1866, lived in Bridgewater, 



manufacturer lof brass locks and window 
sashes, moved to Birooklyn N. Y. 1846, 
made brass castings in Atlantic st., was a 
locksmith there for 20 years (m. 1813 Han- 
nah Richardson, b. in Danvers Mass.) ; 
son of Zenas of Bridgewater Mass., b. in 
Pembroke Mass. May 3, 1769, d. in Bridge- 
water Oct. 16, 1826, was connected with 
the Stetsons of Pembroke in iron indus- 
try, went through the eastern states put- 
ting up iron founderies and operating 
them, later had a slitting mill in Bridge- 
water, operated by water power where 
nails were made by hand (m. Oct. 15, 1791 
Content Stetson, desc. of Cornet Robert 
Stetson of Scituate Mass., a noted man in 
Colonial days, iher mother was Abigail 
Tower ol Cumberland R. I.); son of 
Jonathan Crooker of Pembroke Mass., b. 
there about 1744, was in founding business, 
owned property in Pembroke, served in 
rev, war as did his bros. (m. about 1768 
Ursula Barker, desc. of the Barker family 
of Pembroke and of Josiah B'arker, the 
prominent ship builder of Charlestown 
Mass. during war of '1812) ; son of Jona- 
than Crooker of Pembroke Mass., b. in 
Marshfield about 1716, d. in Pembroke, 
blacksmith, large land owner (m. Jan. 14, 
1743 Bethia Lowden, d. in Bridgewater 
Jan. II, 1821, iioo years old, desc. of the 
Lowden family of Duxboro Mass., and had 
besides Jonathan, b. about 1744, 3 ch., viz: 
James, Japhet and Noah); son of Jona- 
than Crooker, b. in Marshfield Jan. 5, 
1685 (m. Niov. II, 1714 Sarah Allen of 
Marshfield, dau. of Ebenezer Allen); son 
of Jonathan, b. in Marshfield about 1648, 
d. Feb. 17, 1745, received a grant of land 
for Gov. for (pension 1738, 'served in the 
French and Indian wars (m. Mary, dau. of 
Jeremiah Burroughs, her mother was a 
Miss Hewitt); son of Francis, came to 
Barnstable Mass. with Mr. Lothrop about 
1634, was in the war against King Philip 
and the Narragansetts 1645, moved to East 
Marshfield Mass., constable 1664 (m. 1647 
Mary Gaunt, who came to Amer., a desc. 
of John Goggin). 

CROSBY, ISAAC of Brewster Mass. and 
Chicago 111., b. in Brewster May 6, 
1809, d. there May 20, 1883 (m. Dec. 14, 
1829 Eunice, b. Jan. 31, 1807, d. in Brew- 
ster 1893, widow of Zenas Ryder of Chat- 
ham Mass., and dau. of Ensign Nickerson 
of Chatham, she, Eunice had dau. Matilda 
Pinkham Crosby of Chicago 111. [m. Dec. 
14, 1858 Samuel M. Nickerson]); son of 
Nathan of Brewster Mass., b. there Oct. 
5, 1768, d. there June 29, 1838 (m. 1791 
Annie, b. in Nantucket Mass. Nov. 24, 
1767, d. in Brewster Feb. 23, 1854, dau. of 
Theophil'us and Abigail [Freeman] Pink- 
ham, desc. of Richard Pinkham of the 
Isle of Wight); son of Josiah Crosby of 
Brewster Mass., b. there 1744, d. there 1815 
(m. 1764 Betsey, dau. of Ebenezer and 
Rebecca [Crosby] Hopkins, gr.-dau. of 
Stephen and Sarah [Howe] Hopkins, and 
desc. of Giles and Catherine [Whelden] 
Hopkins of Eng. and Stephen Hopkins of 
the Mayflower); son of William Crosby 
of Brewster Mass., b. there 1719 or 20, d. 
there Feb. 28, 1788 (m. Phebe, b. in East- 
ham Feb. 28, 1721, dau. of Samuel and 
Abigail [Sparrow] Mayo); son of Wil- 
liam lof Eastham Mass., b. there 1673, d. 
there 1755 (m. 1712 Mercy, b. Aug. 25, 
1678, d. Sep. I, 1735, dau. of Capt. Samuel 
and Sarah [Pope] Hinckley, gr.-dau. of 
Gov. Thomas Hinckley [and Mary Rich- 
ards], son of Samuel and Sarah Hinckley 
of Plymouth Mass.); son of Thomas 
Crosby o-f Cam'bridge and Eastham Mass., 
b. in Eng. 1634, d. 1702, grad. Harvard 
coll. 1653 (m. Sarai); son of Simeon of 
Eng., settled in Cambridge 1634 (m. Ann). 

Brook N. J., b. in Flatbush N. Y. 
Apr. IS, 185 1, grad. Rutgers coll. N. J. 
1874, New Brunswick reformed theo. sem. 
1877, A. M. of Rutgers coll. 1877, ordained 
and installed pastor Presbyterian ch. Fair- 
mont N. J. 1877, pastor of Presbyterian 
ch. of Bound Brook N. J. since 1890 (m. 
June 20, 1877 Sarah Ervilla, dau. of Rev. 
J. B. Whitcomb, d. 1892, pastor of the 
Baptist ch. Middleburg N. Y., and Mary 
Chase, and had 6 ch., viz.: Elwood Lin- 



nell, Merton Whitcomb, Ethelyn Ervilla, 
John A., Horace Maynard and Anna Paul- 
ine Davis); son of Peter Davis of Flat- 
bush N. Y., b. there Sep. 25, 1807, d. there 
in Feb. 1886, farmer, organized several 
Sunday schools in Ulster co. N. Y. 1825- 
35, started ist temperance soc, was elder 
in Reformed ch. of Flatbush for many 
years (m. July 12, 1832 Ann, dau. of John 
P. and Gertrude [Schepmoes] Oster- 
houdt); son of Joseph Davis of Flatbush 
N. Y., b. in Philadelphia Pa. July 5, 1761, 
d. in Flatbush Sep. 23, 1836, 'blacksmith, 
farmer, served in rev. war as maj. fifer of 
Ulster guards (m. Aug. 19, 1802 Anna 
Burhans, desc. of Isaac and Susanna 
[Poland] Burhans); son of Samson of 
Philadelphia Pa., b. in Wales, d. in Flat- 
bush N. Y., rev. soldier, his property was 
confiscated when British took possession 
of Philadelphia (m. Dec. 5, 1760 Margriet 
Ploeg, desc. of John and Elizabeth [Bur- 
hans] Ploeg). 

Moines Iowa, b. in Sullivan co. Ind. 
Feb. 9, 1850, traveling salesman, is com- 
piling a Davis genealogy (m. June 10, 1871 
Eliza L., dau. of John S. and Sarah F. 
[Randolph] Babcock, gr.-dau. of Joel Bab- 
cock, and desc. of William Davis of Wales 
and Oliver Baboock of Eng., she, Eliza 
had 7 ch., viz.: Bert C, Efifie I., Lola B., 
Uri Pearl, Orlie Bliss, Iva May and Ruby 
Blen Davis) ; son of William C. Davis, b. 
in Warren co. Ohio Jan. 18, 1809, d. in 
Nortonville Kan. Nov. S, 1891, farmer, re- 
sided in Warren co., Sullivan co. Ind., 
Clinton co. Iowa and Atchison co. Kan. 
(m. 1st Aug. I, 1830 Mary Stearns, d. Oct. 
5, 1857, 2d Mar. 22, 1859 Elizabeth Ann 
George); son of Ananias Davis, b. in N, 
J. 1777, d. 1859, farmer (m. Rebecca Clay- 
ton) ; son of Nathan, b. in N. J. May 19, 
1740 (m. Jan. 19, 1761 Anna Giflord); son 
of William, b. May 15, 1719 (m. Tacy 
Crandall) ; sion of John, b. in Philadelphia 
Pa. 1692, d. in Shrewsbury N. J. 1752, or- 
dained a minister 1746, was the 1st pastor 
of Shrewsibury (m. Aug. 25, 1715 Eliza- 
beth, dau. of John and Judith [Clarke] 

Maxson); son of William Davis, b. in 
Glamorganshire Wales 1663, d. in 
Squam N. J. 1745, educated for the min- 
istry at Oxford univ. Eng., came to Amer. 
1684, shortly after his arrival began 
preaching (m. 1st about 1686 Elizabeth 
Brisley, and had 4 ch., viz.: Martha, Wil- 
liam, John and Mary, 2d Elizafbeth Pavior, 
and had 7 ch., viz.: Thomas, Joseph, Lydia, 
Edward, James, Elizabeth and William). 

of Redwood Falls Minn., b. in Am- 
herst Mass. Mar. 26, 1843, pres. of bank 
of Redwood Falls, served in ist Minn, 
vol. inf. 1861-4, mayor 4 years (m. Aug. 14, 
1864 Mary M., dau. of Willard Wheaton of 
Owatonna Minn., was in Berdan's s'hanp- 
shooters 1861-4, and had 2 ch., viz.: Mary 
Luella, b. Oct. 7, 1866, and George Wil- 
lard Dickinson, b. Oct. 10, 1871); son of 
William of Yankton S. D., b. in South 
Amherst Mass. Oct. 14, 1819, removed to 
Faribault Minn. 1856-79 (m. Lucinda, d. 
1843, dau. of Aretas Bisbe€ of South Am- 
herst, d. there); son of Oliver Dickinson 
of South Amherst Mass., b. there June 27, 
1789, d. there Sep. 2, i860, capt. of militia 
(m. 1st Nov. 17, 181 1 Eliizabeth, dau. of 
Moses Billings); son of Waitstill of 
South Amherst Mass., b. Apr. 17, 1750, d. 
there 1792, farmer, rev. pensioner (m. 1879 
Lucretia, dau. of Josiah Montague); son 
of John Dickinson of South Amherst and 
Hadley Mass., b. May 14, 1713, d. 1791 (m. 
Esther, dau. of Nathaniel Dickinson of 
Sunderland); son of Nehemiah of Hadley 
Mass., b. June 5, 1672, d. Oct. i, 1715 (m. 
Mehitable Church) ; son of Nehemiah; son 
of Nathaniel Dickinson of Wetfhersfield 
Ct., town clerk there 1637, was one of the 
founders of Hadley Mass. 

ELLIS, TIMOTHY A. of La Grande 
Oreg., b. in Roxbury Vt. Nov. 4, 
1818, went to Ruimney N. H., moved from 
Walden Vt. to Oreg. 1858 (m. Jane Dow, 
and had dau. Mary Frances, who m. Al- 
bert O. Cummins of Montpelier Vt.); son 
of Timothy of Walden Vt., b. in Keene 
N. H., d. in Vineland N. J., deacon in the 



Congregational oh. in East Hardwich (m. 
1st Suzannah Thompson, 2d Judith Blanch- 
ard of Peacham Vt.;; son of Timothy 
Ellis of Keene N. H., b. in Dedham Mass. 
Jan. 5, 1746, d. in Roxbury Vt. in Jan. 
1816, corporal, serg. in rev. war, capt., 
maj. and gen., member of the N. H. pro- 
vincial congress 1775, maj. under Gen. 
Stark at the battle of Bennington, re- 
signed his colonelship 1783 (m. Anne, dau. 
of Tbomias and Sarah Page of Walpole N. 
H., and desc. of John and Priscilla Alden) ; 
son of Timothy Ellis of Dedham Mass., 
b. there Sep. 14, 1724, d. there (m. Eliza- 
beth); son of Eleazer of Dedham Mass., 
b. there Sep. 23, 1692, d. there (m. June 5, 
1718 M,ary Crosby of Billerica Mass.); son 
of Eleazer of Dedham Mass., b. there Jan. 
10, 1663 (m. Mahetabell Thurston, b. May 
2"], 1670); son of Richiard Ellice of Ded- 
ham Mass., d. there Oct. 21, 1694, lieut. 
came from Eng. (m. Elizabeth). 

DOWNES, FRANKLIN of Bristol Ct., 
b. in Plymouth Ct. June 12, 1824, re- 
moved with parents to Bristol when i year 
old (m. Nov. 4, 1844 Emeline M. Upson, 
and had dau. Florence Emlyn, who m. 
Adrian James Muzzy) ; son of Ephraim 
of Bristol Ct., b. in Plymouth Ct. in Dec. 
1787, d. in Bristol in Dec. i860, was one 
of the 1st clockmakers in Bristol, mem- 
ber 'of the legislature (m. Feb. 7, 1822 Cloe 
Painter, her father was a rev. soldier, her 
gr.-father a soldier of the French and In- 
dian wars, also a teacher in Plymouth Ct. 
for over 40 years); son of David Downes 
of New Haven Ct., b. 1760, d. in Plymouth 
Dec. 17, 1838, rev. soldier, enlisted when 
i8 years old (m. about 1782 Mary Chat- 
terton, desc. of William Chatterton, James 
Clark and George Smith, all original set- 
tlers of New Haven Ct.) ; son of Seth 
Downes of New Haven Ct., b. there Oct. 
28, 1731, d. there 1801 or 2, rev. soldier 
(m. Mary Ives, desc. of an old New Haven 
Ct. family) ; son of Seth of New Haven 
Ct., b. Oct. 17, 1704, desc. of one of the 
early settlers of New Haven (m. Obedi- 
ence Bristol, desc. of Henry Bristol, an 
original settler of New Haven); son of 

Ebenezer Downes of New Haven Ct., b. 
1667, d. before :i720 (m. July i, 1692 Chris- 
tianna, dau. of Thomas and Mary Pinion, 
early settlers of New Haven); son of John 
of Eng., came from Cornwall Eng. to New 
Haven before 1646, was one of the judges 
who signed the death warrant of Charles 
I, and desc. of Robert de dunes, b. prob. 

Y. after 1816, b. in Royalton Vt. Jan. 
30, 1807, d. in Ogden July 8, 1882, came 
with his parents to Ogden 1816, farmer, 
was an ardent abolitionist, school trustee 
(m. Oct. 29, 1835 Eunice Kinsman Man- 
ning, b. in Bradford N. H. June 9, 1814, 
d. in Ogden N. Y. Aug. 5, 1892, dau. of 
Aaron and Lydia [Noyes] Manning, gr.- 
dau. of James and Ann [Brown] Manning 
of Charlestown Mass., and desc. of Samuel 
Manning, who settled in Billerica about 
1662); son of Robert Danforth of Royal- 
ton Vt., Billerica Mass., Hillsboro N. H., 
Livonia and Ogden N. Y., b. in Billerica 
May 6, 1782, d. in Ogden Feb. 27, 1872, 
came to Ogden 1816, farmer (m. Nov. 26, 
1801 Elizabeth Dowe, b. in Londonderry 
N. H. Nov. 21, 1775, d. in Ogden June 24, 
1852); son of Samuel of Fletcher Vt., Bil- 
lerica Mass. and Hillsboro N. H., b. in 
Billerica Aug. 24, 1756 or 8, d. in Fletcher 
Apr. 6, 1815 (m. 1780 Anna Trull of 
Tewksbury Mass., b. June 26, 1761, d. in 
Fletcher Nov. 22, 1851); son of Benjamin 
Danforth of Billerica Mass., b. there Dec. 
8, 1724, d. in Hillsboro Oct. 10, 1816, was 
in the battle of Lexington and Bunker 
Hill, was one of the ist settlers of Hills- 
boro N. H. (m. Apr. 17, 1750 Mary, b. 
Apr. 20, 1727, dau. of Benjamin and Han- 
nah French [Richardson] Frost, gr. -dau. 
of James and Elizabeth [Foster] Frost, aud 
desc. of Edmond Frost) ; son of Jonathan 
Danforth of Billerica Mass., b. there Mar. 
22, 1688 or 9, d. there Mar. 2Z, 1762, lieut. 
(m. Nov. 18, 1713 Elizabeth, b. Mar. 14, 
1689 or 90, d. Apr. 8, 1772, dau. of Samuel 
and Abial [Wight] Manning, widow of 
Peter Fassett, and desc. of Samuel Man- 
ning, who settled in Billerica about 1662); 



son of Jonathan Danforth of Billerica 
Mass., b. there Feb. 18, 1658 or 9, d. there 
Jan. 17, 1710 or 11, grad. Harvard coll. 
1679 (m. June 2^, 1682 Rebecca Parker, b. 
1661, d. Mar. 25, 1754); son of Jonathan 
of Billerica Mass., b. in Framlingham 
Eng. Feb. 29, 1628, d. in Billerica Sep. 7, 
1712, surveyor, founder of Billerica, built 
the is't house there 1654, which was used 
as a garrison during the war, town clerk 
there many years (m. ist Nov. 22, 1654 
Elizabeth, b. in Raleigh Eng. Sep. i, 1638, 
d. in Billerica Mass. Oct. 7, 1689, dau. of 
John and Mary Poulter, 2d Nov. 17, 1690 
Mrs. Esther Champney Convers, d. Apr. 
5, 1713); son of Nicholas Danforth of 
Cambridge M^ass., b. in Framlingham 
Eng., bp. Nov. 13, 1586, d. in Cambridge 
in Apr. 1638, came to Cambridge 1634 (m. 
Elizabeth Symmes, d. Framlingham, was 
buried Feb. 22, 1628); son of Thomas (m. 
Jane Sudbury) ; son of Nicholas. 

of Cohasset Mass., b. in Milton Mass. 
July 23, 1852, civil engineer (m. Jan. 2, 
1883 Elizabeth, b. Aug. 2^, 1846, teacher, 
dau. of Rev. Joseph Osgood, and desc. of 
John Osgood, and had George Lyman 
Davenport, b. in San Diego Cal. Apr. 22, 
1886); son of Nathaniel T. Davenport of 
Milton Mass., b. there Jan. 8, 1811, d. there 
Sep. 15, 1894, farmer, horticulturist and 
florist, lived in Milton on a portion of the 
original estate bought 1706, buil/t a new 
house about 1835 (m. Jan. 29, 1834 Sarah, 
b. July 17, 1816, d. Oct. 12, 1889, dau. of 
Thomas Dunbar, desc. of Rev. Samuel 
Dunbar of Canton, a noted divine and 
John Dunbar [and Margaret Holmes of 
Boston Mass.], b. in Scotland, came to 
New Eng. about 1700) ; son of Nathaniel 
Davenport of Milton Mass., b. there Mar. 
7, 1 78 1, d. there May 5, 1863, was a student 
of Phillip's acad. Andover Mass., florist, 
farmer (m. Jan. i, 1801 Nancy, b. Dec. 16, 
1784, d. Mar. i, 1865, dau. of Jesse Daven- 
port and desc. of Thomas Davenport, the 
emigrant) ; son of Nathaniel of Milton 
Mass., b. there Apr. 13. 1747, d. there June 
13. 1813, butcher, rev. soldier 1776 (m. in 

Feb. 1767 Lydia, b. July 28, 1747, d. Dec. 
22, 1805, desc. of Gregory Stone, the emi- 
grant, and dau. of Henry Stone of Canton 
Mass., who in connection with Edward 
Wentworth established at Milton the ist 
chocolate mill in British North Amer. 
now known as the Walter Baker choco- 
late CO.); son of Samuel Davenport of 
Milton Mass., b. in Roxbury Mass. 
Sep. I, 1720, d. in Milton Dec. 6, 1793, sil- 
versmith in Milton and Boston Mass., rev. 
soldier, lieut., was on the jury that tried 
Capt. Preston in the case of the Boston 
massacre 1770, one of a comm. of 3 to 
build a sch. house in Milton 1768 (m. ist 
June 4, 1741, Sarah, b. Aug. 22, 1720, d. 
June II, 1764, dau. of Nathaniel and Jo- 
anna [Ellice] Whiting, 2d Sep. 24, 1769 
Sarah Tucker, widow of Capt. Nathaniel 
Tucker of Milton Mass.); son of Samuel 
Davenport of Milton, b. in Dorchester 
Mass. Oct. 20, 1697, d. in Mendon Mass. 
June 29, 1773, farmer (m. 1719 Rebecca, b. 
in Milton Mass. Feb. 9, 1699, d. in Men- 
don Sep. 23, 1777, dau. of Daniel and Abi- 
gail [Craft] Holbrook) ; son of John; son 
of Thomas, who came to Dorchester Mass. 

Troy Ohio, b. in Mentor Ohio Oct. 
7, 1841 (m. Nov. 23, 1870 Florence M., b. 
in Fairfield Vt. Sep. 20, 1846, dau. of Hiram 
and Sappho E. [Soule] Barlow, and had 5 
ch., viz; Barlow C, Edward S., Helen B., 
Florence H. and Ruth S. Dickey); son of 
James of Mentor Ohio, b. in Walpole 
N. H. Oct. 31, 1807, d. in Mentor Sep. 23, 
1855, a man of resolute purpose and sterl- 
ing worth, took great interest in sch. and 
CO. affairs (m. June 10, 1833 Harriet M., 
b. May 9, 1817, d. Mar. 21, 1889, dau. of 
Warren Corning [and Elizabeth Pettingill, 
b. in N. H. Jan. 16, 1773] of Mentor 
Ohio, b. Nov. 21, 1771, moved from Ac- 
worth N. H.) ; son of Matthew Dickey of 
Walpole N. H., b. there Apr. 29, 1772, d. 
there Feb. 19, 1854, farmer (m. Oct. 23, 
1795 Elizabeth, b. Apr. iii, 1773, d. Dec. 
15, t86o. dau. of John March, b. in Wal- 
pole N. H. Aug. 18, 1738, d. June 8, 1809 



[and Sarah Brocklebank, b. 1739, widow 
of John Emery], rev. soldier, owned a grist 
mill in Walpole on March brook, son. of 
Joshua March, who came from Europe, 
settled 1st in Newburyport Mass., she, 
Elizabeth had besides James, b. Oct. 31, 
1807 as above 10 ch., viz: Sophia, b. Jan. 
23, 1797, d- Jan. 30, 1873 [m. ist Dec. 7, 
1810 Mr. Burnham], Sarah, b. Feb. 22, 
1798, d. Apr. II, 1810, Betsy, b. Jan. 20, 
1800 [m. Apr. 22, 1824 Fay Goodnow], 
John, b. Aug. 3, 1801, d. Dec. 2, 1822, 
George M., b. Feb. 8, 1803, d. June 23, 
1880, m. May 19, 1833, Cyrus, b. Oct. 14, 
1804, d. Aug. 8, 1841, Clement S., b. Mar. 
1(2, 1806, m. Nov. 14, 1839, Barnett, b. Nov. 
7, 1813, d. Jan. 17, 1814, Isaiah, b. Jan. 14, 
1815, d. Feb. 24, 1815 and Lewis, b. Nov. i, 
1820) ; son of Adam Dickey of Walpole 
N, H., b. in Londonderry Ireland 1722, d. 
in Walpole, served in rev. war in Gen. 
Stark's brigade 1777 (m. Jane Strahorn); 
son of John of Londonderry N. H., came 
to Amer. 1729, settled in Londonderry 
N. H., came from Londonderry Ireland 
thence from Scotland, is of Scotch-Irish 
desc. (m. Margaret Reid, sister to Gety 
George Reid, and had 2 ch., viz: Adam as 
above and Matthew, who fought in 13 

Mass., b. in Argyle Nova Scotia Apr. 
20, 1855 (m. Sep. 4, 1888 Francene E., dau. 
of Wilson and Eliza [Tyler] Morse of Es- 
sex Vt., and a desc. of Anthony Morse, b. 
in Eng. May 9, 1606, d. in Newbury Mass. 
Oct. 12, 1686, came to Amer. in the ship 
" James " 1635, settled in Newbury) ; son 
of Israel Doane, b. in Argyle N. S. May 
II, 1819 (m. 1841 Louisa, b. Mar. 19, 1823, 
d. June 3, i860, dau. of Prince and Susanna 
[Doane] Kenney of Argyle) ; son of Israel^ 
b. in Barrington N. S. June 7, 1775, d. in 
Argyle June 20, 1866 (m. ist Mehitabel 
Kenney, 2d Mary Gavel) ; son of Israel 
Doane, b. in Eastham Mass. Dec. 20, 1750, 
d. in Argyle N. S. Feb. i, 1844 (m. Dec. 
17, 1772 Desire Nickerson, d. Mar. 28, 
1835); son of Edmund, b. in Eastham 
Mass. Apr. 20, 1718, d. in Barrington N. S. 

in Sep. 1806, removed with his family from 
Eastham to Barrington 1761 (m. Nov. 10, 
1749 Elizabeth, b. 1716, d. 1798, dau. of 
Rev. Samuel O shorn and wiidow of Wil- 
liam Myrick and William Paine of East- 
ham, and had 7 oh., viz.: Israel, Samuel 
O shorn, Prince, Jedidah, Ruth, Abigail 
and Edmund); son of Israel Doane, b. in 
Eastham 1672, d. there June 7, 1728, 
large land holder, selectman several 
years (m. ist 1700 Ruth, b. abo'Jt 
1680, dau. of Lt. Edmund and Sarah 
[Mayo] Freeman, and desc. of Edmund 
Freeman, who came over from London 
Eng. in the ship " Abigail " 1635, 2d Apr. 
19, 1729 widow Mercy Sparrow); son of 
Daniel Do^ane, b. in Plymouth Mass. 1636, 
d. in Eastham Dec. 20, 1712, deacon many 
years, selectman several years (m. 7st and 
had 8 ch., viz.: Joseph, Israel, Daniel, Na- 
thaniel, Constant, Rebecca, Abigail and 
Ruth, 2d Hepzibah, dau. of Daniel and 
Mary Cole); son of John Dcane, b. prob. 
in Eng. 1590, d. in Eastham 1685, came to 
Plymouth Mass. about 1630, freeman 1633, 
with Capt. Miles Standish, John Alden 
and others, was an assistant of Gov. Ed- 
ward Winslow 1633, deputy for Plymouth 
at the old colony court 1643, appointed 
with 3 others to assist gov. and council to 
revise the laws of the colony 1639, a mem- 
ber and a deacon of the Plymouth ch., re- 
moved to Eastham 1645, a deputy to the 
colony court from Eastham 1649-59 (m- 

cago 111., b. in Guilford N. Y. Aug. 
22, 1835 (m. Jan. 24, 1861 Julia, dau. of 
Willis and Mary A. Booth of Pittsburgh 
Pa., gr.-dau. of Anson and Sally [Woos- 
ter] Booth, and desc. of Walter Booth of 
Woodbridge Ct., who served in the con- 
tinental army 1777-82, m. Dec. 30, 1781 
Mary Newton, she, Julia had 4 ch., viz: 
Mary, Henry Pusey, John Ralph and 
Frederick Booth Dickinson); son of 
Thomas Dickinson of Guilford N. Y., b. 
in Goshen Ct. June 2->^, 1803, d. in Guilford 
May 18, 1885, his advice was sought in im- 
portant matters and his opinions were re- 



garded with much favor (m. Dec. 24, 1824 
Charlotte Eliza, b. in Norfolk Ct. Dec. 27, 
1805, d. in Guilford N. Y. May 23, 1892, 
dau. of Seth and Hannah [Mills] Thomp- 
son, had besides Frederick, b. Aug. 22, 
1835 as above 4 ch., viz: Flora Eliza, b. 
1826, Mary Ellen, 1830, Thomas, b. 1833 
and Andrew, b. 1839); son of Daniel 
Thomas Dickinson of Goshen Ct. and 
Guilford N. Y., b. in former July 7, 1768, 
d. in latter Sep. 17, 1841 (m. July 5, 1793 
Mary, b. Oct. 25, 1769, d. in Guilford Apr. 
I, 1831, dau. of Israel and Sarah Caulkins, 
had besides Thomas, b. June 23, 1803 as 
above 7 ch., viz: Erastus, b. 1793, William 
Frederick, b. 1795, Ann Pomona, b. 1798, 
Daniel Stevens of Binghamton, b. 1800, 
Ralph, b. 1806, John Ralph, b. 1808 and 
Mary Sophronia Dickinson); son of 
Thomas of Goshen Ct., b. in Hartford Ct. 
Mar. 17, 1737, d. in Goshen Oct. 5, iSii 
(m. June 25, 1760 Mary, b. in Plainfield Ct. 
Aug. 20, 1740, d. in Goshen Sep. 3, 1801, 
dau. of Andrew Stevens [and Esther Saf- 
ford], rep. 1751-61, ist town clerk of 
Canaan Ct., she, Mary had besides Daniel 
T., b. July 7, 1768 as above 7 ch., viz: 
Lois, b. 1762, Thomas Andrew, b. 1764, 
William Samuel, b. 1766, John, b. 1770, 
Charles Frederick, b. 1772, Ann, b. 1744 
and Nathaniel Oliver, b. 1778); son of 
Thomas Dickinson of Hartford Ct., b. 
there 1708, d, there 1747 (m. about 1735 
Ann, b. May 15, 1715, d. in Norfolk Nov. 
29, 1796, had besides Thomas, b. Mar. 17, 
1737 as above 3 ch., viz: Daniel, b. 1739, 
Samuel, b. 1743 and Sarah, b. 1745); son 
of Thomas of Hartford Ct, b. in Hadley 
M:3ss. Feb. 15, 1672, d. in Hartford 1723 
(m. about 1694 Mehitabel, and had besides 
Thomas, b. 1708 as above 8 ch., viz.: Eliza- 
beth, Esther, Moses, Hannah, MehitaJble, 
Lois, Susannah, Jemima and Sarah) ; 
son of Thomas Dickinson, b. about 1634 
(m. Mar. 7, 1667 Hannah, b. July 13, 1649, 
dau. of John and Elizabeth [Goodwin] 
Crow); son of Nathaniel of Wethersfield 
Gt., b. about 1600, d. in Hadley Mass. June 
16, 1676 (m. about 1629 Anna Gull). 

montville Mich., b. in Prattsburgh N. 
Y. Sep. 13, 1820, moved to Mich. 1869, 
served in co. E loist reg. N. Y. vols, in 
the late war (m. Apr. 19, 1851 Laura, b. in 
Williamstown Mass. Mar. 26, 1828, dau. of 
William and Hannah [Stone] Bridges, and 
had 2 ch., viz.: William Byron, b. in 
Prattsburgh, d. in Mich., and Charles Fre- 
mont Fay, b. in Prattsburgh, d. in Mich.); 
son of Orlando Prentice Fay of Pratts- 
burgh N. Y., b. in Walpole N. H. Oct. 31, 
1789, d. in Prattsburgh Mar. 27, 1851, jus- 
tice of the peace (m. Jan. 23, 1817 Emily, 
b. in Granby Ct. Dec. 24, 1795, d. in 
Prattsburgh N. Y. Oct. 16, 1843, dau. of 
Simeon and Betsey [Holly] Hayes, had 
besides Orlin P. as above 4 ch., viz.: 
Emily, Laura, Byron and Gunilda) ; son of 
Levi of Walpole N. H., b. in Bolton 
Mass. Dec. 8, 1764, d. in Walpole Jan 4, 
1855 (m. Jan. 13, 1789 Mary, b. in Mystic 
Mass. May 9, 1770, d. in Walpole Oct. 29, 
1843, dau. of Judge Stephen and Mary 
[Turner] Prentice) ; son of Joseph Fay of 
Bolton Mass. and Walpole N. H., 'b. Sep. 
27, 1738, d. in Albany hospital Nov. 2, 
1777, soldier, was serg. in Capt. Wait's co. 
N. H. troops 1776, ensign in Capt. Gregg's 
CO. 3d N. H. reg., was in battle of Bemis 
Heights (m. 1761 Lucy Warren, d. in Wal- 
pole N. H. Dec. 10, 1834, desc. of Gen. 
Joseph Warren, and had son Joseph, served 
in the army, enlisted in the 8th co. of 3d 
reg. N. H. vols.); son of Gershom Fay of 
Westboro Mass., b. in Marlboro Mass. 
Sep. 17, 1703, d. there Apr. 7, 1784, sur- 
veyor 1762 (m. Hannah, b. Dec. 27, 1707, 
d. Mar. 3, 1806, dau. of Nathaniel and 
Mary [Holloway] Oakes); son of Gershom 
of Marlboro Mass., b. there Oct. 19, 1681, 
d. there Nov. 24, 1720 (m. 1701 or 2 Mary, 
d. May 6, '1678, dau. of John Brigham, 
son of Thomas Brigham, the original 
ancestor) ; son of John Fay of Marlboro 
Mass., b. prob. in Eng. 1648, d. in Marl- 
boro Dec. 5, 1690, came over in the ship 
" Speedwell " 1656, settled in Bolton 
Mass., subsequently in Marlboro, was an 
influential man there, moved to Water- 
town Mass. (m. ist about 1668 Mary, b. in 



Watertown about 1638 or 9, d. 1676, dau. 
of Thomas Brigham, ancestor of the 
Brigham family, had 4 ch., viz.: John, 
David, d. in Watertown Mass., Samuel and 
Mary, 26. 1678 Susanna, b. 1643, widow of 
Joseph Morse, and dau. of William Shat- 
tuck of Watertown, and had 4 oh., viz.: 
David, Gershom, Ruth and Deliverance). 

Braintree Mass., b. in Windham N. 
H. Oct. 6, 1856, electrical enginecT and 
contractor, inventor and patentee of sev- 
eral valuable electrical instruments 'and ap- 
pliances (m. Dec. 14, 1880 Alice, dau. of 
Lorenzo Sayles and Sarah E. [Heath] 
Fairbanks, and has 3 ch,, viz.: Alice Re- 
becca, b. Dec. 8, 1881, Alva Morrison, b. 
Sep. 8, 1883, and Clarence Willard Dow, 
b. Oct. 5, 1887); son of Abel Dow of 
Windham N. H., b. there Dec. 12, 1824, 
engaged in the wood and lumber business, 
represented his town in the legislature 
1877-80 (m. Sep. 28, 1849 Rhoda Ann, b. 
Apr. 9, 1833, dau. of Samuel and Louisa 
[Morse] Plummer of Salem N. H., and 
h'ad besides Willard E., b. Oct. 6, 1856 as 
above, 5 ch., viz.: Martha Morrison, 
George Plummer, Charles Allison, Lizzie 
Luoirbda and Mariam Louise Dow) ; son of 
Abel of Windham N. H., b. in Salem N. 
H. Apr. 30, 1776, d. in Windham Oct. 23, 
1824, bought the Morrison homestead of 
his father-in-law, was an excellent business 
manager (m. May 5, 181 1 Elizabeth, b. 
Dec. 12, 1783, d. Sep. 28, 1865, dau. of 
Robert and Agnes [Betton] Morrison, 
had besides Abel, b. Dec. 12, 1824 as above, 
7 ch., viz.: Alva, Robert M., Nancy Bet- 
ton, Lucinda, Betsey, Philena and Han- 
nah) ; son of Asa of Windham N. H., b. in 
Salem N. H. Apr. 5, 1743, serg. in Col. 
Joshua Wingate's reg. (m. Mary Wheeler, 
b. in Salem Sep, 21, 1750, d. 1825, had be- 
sides Abel, b, Apr. 30, 1776, 6 ch., viz.: 
Eunice, Cyras, Caleb, Benjamin. Richard, 
Jonah and Amos); son of Richard Dow 
of Haverhill Mass., b. there Feb. 15, 1706, 
lived in that part of Haverhill which is 
now Salem N. H. (m. Phebe, b. in Haver- 
hill Mass. June 25, 1705, dau. of Joseph 


and Hannah [Bradley] Heath, and had 4 
ch., viz. : Reuben, Oliver, Richard and Asa, 
b. Apr. 5, 1743 as above) ; son of Stephen 
Dow of Haverhill Mass., b. Sep. 10, 1670, 
d. June 17, 1743 (m. Dec. 14, 1697 Mary, b. 
in Haverhill Mar. 9, 1679, dau. of Joseph 
and Johanna [Corliss] Hutchins, and had 
besides Richard, b. Feb. 15, 1706 as above, 

9 ch., viz.: Timothy, Nathaniel, April, 
Elizabeth, Richard, Johanna, David, Jona- 
than and Stephen); son of Stephen of 
Haverhill Mass., b. in Newbury Mass. 
Mar. 22, 1642, d. in Haverhill July 3, 1717 
(m. 1st Sep, 16, 1663 Ann Stone, d, Feb. 
3, 1715, 2d Feb. 7, 1716 Mrs. Johanna 
Hutchins, b. in Haverhill Apr. 28, 1650, d. 
Oct. 29, 1734, dau. of George and Johanna 
[Davis] Corliss, had 6 ch., viz.: Ruhannah, 
Samuel, Hannah, Stephen, b. Sep. 10, 1670 
as above, Martha and John); son of 
Thomas Dow of Newbury Mass., b. in 
Runham Eng., d. in Haverhill May 31, 
1654, freeman 1642, removed to Haverhill 
(m. Phebe, and had besides Stephen, b. 
Mar. 22, 1642 as above, 4 ch., viz.: John, 
Thomas, Mary and Martha). 

MERE of Troy N. Y., b. May 9, 
1843, physician and surgeon (m. Jan. i, 
1865 Marion Alcesta Farley, desc. of the 
Averys, Welds, Gores and Rev. Everardus 
Bogardus, ist minister of New Nether- 
lands, she, Marion had 2 ch., viz.: Hor- 
tense Evelyn and Smith Farfey Ferguson); 
son of Smith Ferguson of Ontario co. N. 
Y., b. in Newburgh N. Y. June 9, 1798, d. 
in Ontario co. Dec. 9, 1886 (m. Feb. 12, 
1824 Emily, dau. of Zephaniah Townsend 
[and Sarah Wooden], who was a serg. in 
life guard during rev., and gr.-dau. of 
Charles and Phebe [Dickenson] Townsend 
and Henry and Susan [Wright] Wooden) ; 
son of Gabriel Ferguson of Orange co. N. 
Y., b. in Westchester co. N. Y., d. in 
Orange co., rev. soldier, surveyor (m. 
Hannah Smith of Peapack N. J., and had 
besides Smith, b. June 9, 1798 as above, 

10 ch., viz.: John, Hezekiah, Gabriel, 
James, Martha, Betsy, Peter, Hannah, 
Thomas and Atkinson); son of Hezekiah 



of Westchester co., b. there (m. Martha, 
b. Oct. 10^ 1746, dau. of Thomas, b. June 
3, 1721, and Mary [Embree] Leggett, and 
gr.-dau. of Gabriel, b. 1696, son of Gabriel 
Leggett [and Elizabeth Richardson, dau. 
of John land Martha Richardson], the 
original ancestor in Amer., she, Martha 
Leggett Ferguson had 8 ch., viz.: Gabriel, 
Thomas, John, Peter, Martha, Bridget and 
Basil) ; son of John Ferguson of West- 
chester CO. N. Y., d. there, came from 
Scotland (m. Anne). 

of Cincinnati Ohio, b. there 1837, d. 
there July 23, 1870 (m. Oct. 2, 1861 Isa- 
bella Bryce Isham, see Isham lineage, and 
had Augusta Isham, Nicholas Wain and 
Eleanor Lawrence) ; son of Nicholas 
Wain Thomas of Cincinnati, b. in Jen- 
kintown Pa. May 23, 1810, d. in Cincinnati 
Mar. 27, 1864, memiber city council of Cin- 
cinnati many years, pres. chamber of com- 
merce 6 years, director of house of refuge, 
trustee of comimercial hospital, member 
bd. of county commissioners, trustee of 
water works, chairman Hamilton co. mili- 
tary committee, director in banks, insur- 
ance cos. etc., mayor of city 2 terms (m. 
1832 Arminda Browne Bernard); son of 
Joseph of Dayton Ohio, b. in Jenkintown, 
d. in Dayton Aug. 17, 1823 (m. Eleanor); 
son of Nathan of Abington Pa., b. in 
Jenkintown, d. in Abington Apr. 21, 1819 
(m. Dec. 4, 1763 Esther Jeanes, b. Oct. 26, 
1743, d. in Moreland, Phila. Pa. Jan. 20, 
1784, dau. iof Joseph and Sarah [Roberts] 
Jeanes) ; son of Benjamin Thomas of 
Abington Pa., b. in Mar. 1763; son of 
Daniel of Abington Pa. 

HICKS, JAMES of Piqua Ohio, b. in 
Cincinnati Ohio May 9, 1861, re- 
moved to Piqua 1889, is pres. of Cine. Cor- 
rugating Co., sec. and treas. of Piqua 
Rolling Mill (m. Feb. 26, 1884 Augusta 
Isham Thomas [see lineage of E. L. 
Thomas], and has son Charles Edwin 
Hicks); son of Charles Edwin Hicks of 
Cincinnati, b. there Aug. 7, 1835, d. there 
July 28, 1864 (m. Oct. 13, 1859 Hannaih 

Jeanette Hazen, dau. of Nathan Lord 
Hazen, see Hazen lineage) ; son of James 
Hicks of Cincinnati, b. in Innesheller Ire- 
land Mar. 31, 1790, d. in Aug. 1866, was 
one of the first settlers of Cincinnati, ac- 
tive in its financial and social affairs (m. 
1830 Frances Hicks, his cousin, dau. of 
James and Ruth [Whetstone] Hicks, Ruth 
W'hetstone was the first white girl born in 
the vicinity of Cincinnati, and her father 
John Whetstone was one of the first set- 
tlers there); son of Robert Hicks, b. in co: 
Fermanagh Ireland 1750, d. in Cincinnati 
1841, came to America 1818, settled on a 
farm in Butler co. Ohio on Indian creek 
(m. Anna Graham). 

COFFIN, JOHN of Nantucket Mass.. b. 
there Mar. 27, 1727, lost at sea 1755 
(m. Oct. 12, 1749 Anna Coleman, b. Dec. 
24. 1728, d. June 3, 1768, and had dau. 
Phebe, who m. Benjaimin Worth, and had 
10 children, viz.: Anna, Elihu, Mary, 
Jemima, John, Hannah, Elvin, Phebe, 
Benj. and Rachel, who m. Stephens Jones, 
see Jones lineage); son of Tristram Cofifin 
of Edgartown Mass., d. in Nantucket Jan. 
29, 1763 (m. in Feb. 1714 Mary Bunker, 
dau. of Wm. and Mary [Macy] Bunker, 
son of George Bunker) ; son of Lt. John 
Coffin of Nantucket, b. in Haverhill Mass. 
Oct. 30, 1647, d. in Edgartown Mass. Sep. 
5, 171 1 (m. Deborah Austin, dau. of Jo- 
seph and Sarah [Starbuck] Story Austin); 
son of Tristram Cof^n of Salishury Mass., 
b. in England 1609, d. in Nantucket Oct. 
2, 1681, chief magistrate. 

*' land Me., b. there June 3, 1858 (m. 
Apr. 13, 1882 Mabel Churchill, see Church- 
ill lineage, and has Lawrence C. and Helen 
C); son of Benjamin Worth Jones of 
Portland Me., b. in China Me. Mar. 5, 
1821 (m. 1st Dec. 23, 1846 Cordelia In- 
graham, dau. of Edward, see Ingraham 
lineage, m. 2d June 29. 1864 Atlanta Ma- 
tilda Aspinwall Barber) ; son of Stephen 
Jones of China Me., b. in Brunswick Me. 
Apr. 26, 1790, d. in Branch Mills, China 
Me. Apr. 30, 1880, a man of dignity, in- 



tegrity and sense (m, in Feb. 1816 Rachel 
Worth, dau. of Benjamin, who m. Nov. 
30, 1769 Phebe Coffin, dau. oi John, see 
Coffin lineage) ; son of Stephen Jones of 
Brunswick Me., b. in Harpsiwell Me. Feb. 
22, 1766, d. in Brunswick July i, 1850 (m. 
Aug. 5, 1786 Eunice Hacker, b. in Salem 
Mass. July 30, 1766, dau. of Jeremiah and 
Ann [Southwick] Hacker); son of Lem- 
uel Jones of Harpswell Me., b. in Han- 
over Mass. July 30, 1730, buried in Durham 
Me. (m. Mar. 27, 1751 Waite Estes, dau. 
of Edward [and Patience Carr] Estes, son 
of Richard [and Elizabeth Beck] Estes, 
son of Robert and Dorothy of Dover 
Eng., Patience Carr was dau. of John 
[and Waite Easton] Carr, son of Gov. 
Caleb Carr of R. I. 1695) ; son of Thomas 
Jones of Hanover Mass., b. in Wales, 
came with brothers Noah and Lemuel to 
Hanover 1690, removed to Maine (m. 

J- Me., b. there June 27, 1785, d. there 
Aug. II, 1874 (m. 1st July 13, 1806 Mary 
Daley, b. Jan. i, 1788, d. Feb. 16, 1824 [dau. 
of Dr. Daley of Harpswell an^d Mary, dau 
of Capt. Joseph Bailey], m. 2d Sep. 30, 
1824 Mrs. Mary F. Aspinwall Grueby, b. 
Feb. 25, 1786, d. Apr. 16, 1876, Edward 
Ingraham had 9 children, viz.: Sarah Ann. 
b. 1806, d. 1869, Emore Daley, b. 1808, d. 
1827, Edward Tukey, b. 1810, d. 1828, 
Charles Porter, b. 1813, d. 1891 [m. Eliza- 
beth Stover], Ferdinand, b. 1815, d. 1893 
[m. Harriet J. Storer], Mary Daley, b. 
1817, d. 1861, George Washington, b. 1819, 
d. 1850, Cordelia, b. 1821, d. 1863 [m. B. W. 
Jones, see Jones lineage], and Araxine, b. 
1823, d. 1831); son of William Ingraham 
of Portland Me., b. in York Me. Sep. 25, 
1761. d. in Portland June 15, 1815 (m. Nov. 
2, 1784 Sarah Tukey, b. Apr. 6, 1763, d. 
Sep. 24, 1803, dau. of John, who m. 1749 
Abigail Sweetser, dau. of Benj. Sweetser, 
who m. June 5, 1717 Constance Rowe, 
Wm. Ingraham had 7 children, viz.: Ed- 
ward above, Joseph, b. Aug. 15, 1787, d. 
Feb. 4, 1867, Nathaniel M., b. June 21. 
1790, William, b. Jan. 22, 1793, d. Aug. 2\, 

1794, William, b. June 14, 1795, d. in June 
1827, Thomas, b. Sep. 8, 1797, Louisa G., 
b. Mar. 13, 1802) ; son of Edward Ingra- 
ham of York Me., b. in England, settled in 
York Me. about 1730 (m. a dau. of Deacon 
Joseph Holt of York, who was b. in And- 
over Mass. Nov. 28, 1702, d. 1774, desc. oi 
Nicholas Holt, who came from Romsey 
Eng. 1635. Edward Ingraham had chil- 
dren: Joseph H., b. in York 1751-2, d. Oct. 
31, 1841, William above, Lydia, b. Mar. 
28, 1749 [im. June 30, 1766 Esais Prelble], 
and others). 

York City, b. there Apr. 19, 1854, 
educated in Peekskill military acad., Char- 
lier's French sch., Columbia coll. and law 
sch., inherited a large portion of the well- 
known Hopper farm whose care has been 
his chief occupation, member of Metro- 
politan, Union league, St. Nicholas, Coun- 
try and Psi Upsilon clubs (m. Apr. 19, 
1875 May Lenox [desc. of a Scotch family 
which settled in N. Y. and Maine before 
the revolution] and had Hopper Lenox 
Mott, b. Apr. 28, 1876 and Clarence Schuy- 
ler Mott, d. young); son of M. Hopper 
Mott of Bloomingdale N. Y. city, b. in 
the Striker mansion which stood till 1895 
on the banks of the Hudson at 53d st. 
New York city, Sep. 23, 1815, d. in Mott 
homestead foot of West 54th st. N. Y. 
Jan. 9, 1864 (m. June 27, 1850 Ruth A. 
Schuyler, 7th in desc. from Hon. David 
Pieterse Schuyler of Holland and Albany, 
justice 1683, alderman 1686, member of 
convention 1689, magistrate 1693) ; son of 
Jordan Mott of Mott homestead N. Y. 
city, b. at Hempstead harbor L. I. Feb. 6, 
1768, d. in Mott homestead Jan. 8, 1840 
(m. Sep. 24, 1801 Lavinia Striker [after- 
ward Winifred Mott] dau. of James and 
Mary [Hopper] Striker of Striker's bay, 
which property descended to him from 
Jacobus Gerritsen Van Strijcker, a schepen 
and great burger of New Amsterdam who 
acquired it Feb. ii. 1653 and built his house 
thereon. James Striker d. in 1831 and the 
estate was partitioned 1856, the mansion 
was used for years as a tavern and burned 



down in the sixties) ; son of Isaac Mott of 
Glen Cove L. I., b. there May 6, 1743 i^- 
Anne Coles of Glen Cove, dau. of Joseph 
and Freelove [Weeks] Coles, she died 
July 16, 1840, her name is preserved in the 
history of those whose benevolence was 
actively exerted to relieve the necessities of 
American prisoners confined by the Brit- 
ish in N. Y. during the revolution, and the 
family is still in possession of a table 
cloth given her in gratitude by those she 
ministered unto); son of Jacob Mott of 
North Hempstead L. I., b. there Aug. 9, 
1715, d. in N. Y. city Oct. 6, 1805 (m. Abi- 
gail Jackson mother of 14 children of 
whom Isaac was the fourth) ; son of Joseph 
of North Hempstead L. I., b. there 1661, 
d. 1735, Quaker by birth, was one of the 
petitioners for charter of St. George's 
church at Hempstead I735( m. Mariam); 
son of Adam of North Hempstead, L. I., 
b. in Essex co. Eng. 1621, d. in North 
Hempstead 1689. 

Brooklyn N. Y., b. in Reynolds- 
burg Ohio Nov. 14. 1850, grad. III. normal 
sch. 1875, Columbia coll. 1882, LL. B. 
same, teacher 25 years, is principal of sch. 
78 in Brooklyn, founder and president of 
League of Red, White and Blue, member 
of Soc. of Mayflower descendants, member 
of order of Pounders and Patriots of 
N. Y. (m. Aug. 14, 1878 Ida A. Branch 
[dau. of Judge W. W. Branch] see Branch 
lineage in this volume, and has two ch., 
viz: Wm. B. Mills and Lucy Marjory Mills; 
son of William Mills of Joliet 111., b. in 
Schroon N. Y. May 2, 1812, went t) 
Franklin co. Ohio 1836, to Will co. 111. 1851, 
traveled overland to California 1850 return- 
ing by water, was justice of peace several 
years, is one of the oldest living early 
settlers of Wills co. (m. Sep. 4, 1831 Leura 
A. Fisk, b. in Goshen Vt. May 21, 181 1, 
dau. of Eber, desc. of Phineas Fisk early 
of Wrenham Mass., she was a desc. of the 
Stephen A. Douglas and was a desc. of the 
emigrants John Bigelow, Rev. John Lo • 
throp, Edward Fuller of the Mayflower, 
Jas. Draper, Wm. Wood of Concord, 

Ralph Sprague, John Baldwin of Medford, 
etc., she d. Aug. 8, 1887 having 4 ch., viz: 
Andrew J. Mills, b. Sep. 19, 1834 [m. Sarah 
E. Whitemore and had Wm. F., Geo. W. 
and Leura F.], Martha H., b. July 27, 
1846 [m. Wm. T. Whitemore], William S. 
above and Sarah E., b. Oct'. 9, 1853, d. in 
Oct. 1885, m. Samuel T. Mapps); son of 
Samuel Mills of Schroon N. Y., b. in Dun- 
barton N. H. Dec. 5, 1773, d. in Schroon 
in Jan. 1846, left Dunbarton at age of 21, 
went to Medford Mass., thence to Troy 
N. Y. 1798, thence to Schroon 1810, where 
he owned 500 acres on south shore of 
Paradox lake, was a lumberman and farmer 
(m. Aug. 22, 1796 Sally Morse, b. in Med- 
field Mass. Jan. 25, 1774, dau. of Uriah 
Morse a soldier in rev war, desc. of Rev. 
Thos. Morse, Anthony Fisher, John Thurs- 
ton, George Barber, Joseph Clarke, Wm. 
Cheney and other emigrants of Dedham, 
Roxbury and Medfield) ; son of Thomas 
Mills of Dumbarton N. H., b. probably in 
Haverhill Mass. 1720, d. in Dunbarton 
Jan. 27, 1790, was one of the first three 
settlers there 1752 (m. Sep. 14, 1752 Eliza- 
beth Hoog, dau. of John and Elizabeth 
[Hambleton] Hoog who came to London- 
derry N. H. probably from Londonderry 
Ireland, of Scotch descent) ; son of James 
Mills of Hampstead N. H., b. 1684, d. in 
Hampstead Sep. 5, 1758 (m. Jane, b. 1689, 
d. Nov. 3, 1762); family names indicate that 
he was a son of a Mills of Scarborough 
Me., one of the family of Quakers, several 
of whom were persecuted there about 1670, 
who were children of John Mills who came 
from England to Scarborough before 1650. 

DE WITT, WILLIAM C. of Brooklyn 
N. Y., b. in Paterson N. J. Jan. 25, 
1840, corporation counsel of Brooklyn 
1869-82, draftsman of the final charter of 
Brooklyn, chairman of committee of draft 
of the Greater New York charter 1897; 
son of Moses E. De Witt of Saugerties 
N. Y., b. in Esopus N. Y. 1799, d. in Sau- 
gerties 1892 (m. Lydia A. Miller, sister of 
Hon. Jacob W. Miller, U. S. senator from 
N. J., in senate of Webster and Calhoun); 
son of John De Witt of Esopus N. Y.; 



son of Charles of Ulster co. N. Y., mem- 
ber of continental congress, chairman of 
committee which drafted first constitution 
of N. Y. state (his sister was mother of 
De Witt Clinton); desc. of Tjerk Clausen 
De Witt cousin of John De Witt, grand 
pensionary of Holland, who settled in 
New York 1662. 

bara Cal., b. in Chillicothe Ohio 
June 13, 1850, grad. M. D. at Ohio med. 
coll. 1874, served as act. asst. surgeon in 
U. S. army iSygSiZ, 1885-9, took part in Utc 
Indian war and last Apache war, autho** 
of numerous articles and medical papers, 
member Amer. med. assoc, etc. (m. Dec. 
3, 1890 Minnie Dawson, dau. of Dr. John 
Dawson 25 years prof, of anatomy in Sterl- 
ing med. coll., son of John, son of Gen. 
Dawson of Pa. militia 1776-82); son of 
William Marshall Anderson of Circle - 
ville Ohio, b. in Jefferson co. Ky. June 24, 
1807, d. in Circleville Jan. 7, 1880 (m. Feb. 
15, 1835 Ann Eliza McArthur, dau. of 
Duncan McArthur, ool. and brig.-gen. in 
war of 1812-15, governor of Ohio 1830-2, 
U. S. congressman 1815-25); son of Rich- 
ard Clough Anderson of Jefferson co. Ky.. 
b. in Hanover co. Va. Jan. 12, 1750, d. in 
Jefferson co. Ky. Oct. 16, 1826, capt. in 
Virginia line 1776, major loth Va. reg. 
1778, It.-col. 6th Va. line 1783, took part in 
battles of White Plains, Trenton, Brandy- 
wine, Germantown, Monmouth, Savannah, 
Charleston, Guilford, Jamestown Ford and 
Yorktown, wounded at Trenton and Sa- 
vannah, was first surveyor-general 1783 
(m. Nov. 7, 1781 Sarah Marshall, dau. of 
Capt, Wm. Marshall and cousin of John 
Marshall chief justice U. S. supreme 
court); son of Robert Anderson of Han- 
over CO. Va., b. there Jan. i, 1712, d. there 
Dec. g, 1793, vestryman in St. Paul's par- 
ish (m. July 3, 1739 Elizabeth Clough, dau, 
of Richard Gough a Welshman and a 
planter in Hanover co.) ; son of Robert 
Anderson of Hanover co. Va., b. in New 
Kent CO. Va. 1669, d. in Hanover co. 1718, 
vestryman in St. Peter's parish New Kent 
CO. 1685-1710, planter, received a grant of 
land from the royal governor 1683 (m. 

171 1 Cecilia Maisie); son of Robert prob. 
of Jamestown Va. 

DYCKE of Denver, Col., b. at Cold- 
water Mich. April 4, 1854 (m. Mar. 17, 
1881 Charlotte, dau, of James Monroe and 
Sarah [Mitchell] Chamberlin who was b. 
Oct. 18, 1859 at Ogdensburgh N. Y, and 
had 5 ch,, viz: Hugh Chamberlin, b. June 
15, 1882 at Leadville, Isabel, b. Dec. 26, 
1883 at Leadville, Ruth, b. Sep, 24, 1885 
at Leadville, Paul Groendycke, b. May 29, 
1889 at Aspen Col., Jeannie Gardner, b. 
May 5, 1891 at Aspen) ; has brother GER- 
SHOM FRANK Bulkley of Aspen Col., b. 
July 10, 1857 (m. Luella Bergstresser Jan. 
22, 1885 and has four ch.: and sister Julia 
Kellogg Bulkley, b. June 28, i860, m. Dr. 
James Craven Wood Dec. 2S, 1881, has 
three ch. and resides at Cleveland Ohio) ; 
son of Gershom Bulkley of Monroe Mich., 
b. Oct. 19, 1822 at Williamstown Mass., d. 
at Pueblo Col. Aug. 30, 1891 (m. May 25, 
1853 Fidelia, dau. of Asa Taft and Lucy 
[Sargent] Groendycke, who was b. Feb. 
14, 1834 and d. April 27, 1896, a desc. of 
Pieter Groenendyck, who settled in Long 
Island about 1673); son of Gershom 
Taintor Bulkley, b. at Colchester Conn, 
Mar. 8, 1780, d. at Monroe Mich. Oct. 16, 
1862 (m. 1814 Julia, dau. of Samuel and 
Anne [Blair] Kellogg of Williamstown 
Mass., she was b. Aug. 16, 1793 and d. at 
Monroe May 1884) ; son of Charles Bulk- 
ley, b. at Colchester Conn. May 22, 1752, 
d. at Granville N. Y. 1822 (m. 1771 Betsey, 
dau. of John and Esther [Clark] Taintor, 
a desc. of Michael Taintor who came from 
Wales in 1673 and settled at Branford 
Conn.); son of John, b. at Colchester 
Conn. April 19, 1705, d. July 21, 1753 (m. 
Abigail Hastings April 16, 1751); son of 
John, b. at Weathersfield Conn, and d. at 
Colchester June 10, 1731 (m. Patience 
Prentice, dau. of John and Sarah Prentice, 
in 1701); son of Gershom, b. at Concord 
Mass. Dec. 6, 1636 and d. at Weathersfield 
Conn. Dec. 2, 1713 (m. Sarah, dau. of 
President Chauncey of Harvard, Oct. 26, 
1659); son of Peter Bulkley (m. Grace 



Minneapolis, b. in Victor N. Y. Apr. 
26, 1832, grad. M. D. from Long Island 
coll. hopital in Brooklyn N. Y. 1862, asst. 
surg. 6th reg. Mass. vol. inf. 9 months, and 
at U. S. gen. hospital in New Orleans, 
surgeon U. S. vols. 1863, chief medical offi- 
cer on staffs of Maj.-Gens. Reynolds, 
Steele and Herron till end of war, dis- 
charged with rank of lieut.-col., settled in 
practice at Boston, removed to Minneap- 
olis 1870 (m. Aug. 28, 1862 Sarah Frances 
Dennis, dau. of Richard of Lowell Mass., 
desc. of Robert Dennis an early Rhode 
Island Quaker, her mother was Lucy Ann 
Hooper whose ancestors were early settlers 
of York CO. Maine, her children are Lumau 
Otis Humphrey, b. July 2^^, 1864, Frances 
Philma Humphrey, b. Dec. 19, 1873 and 
Richard Dennis Humphrey, b. Dec. 28, 
1877); son of liUman Humphrey of Or- 
land Ind., b. in Goshen Ct. June 22, 1782, 
d. in Orland Jan. 30, 1841, farmer (m. Feb. 
23, 1815 Philma Dryer, dau. of Samuel, son 
of John, son of John Dryer of Holland, 
weaver, who was shipped by a London 
press-gang, escaped in America and settled 
in Rehoboth Mass. where he died aged 99, 
her mother was Philma Robbins, dau. of 
Lemuel, desc. of Nicholas Robbins of 
Duxbury Mass.) ; son of Daniel Humphrey 
of Weathersfield Vt, b. in Goshen Ct. 1750, 
d. in Weathersfield 1800, moved there 1785, 
crippled by a falling tree of which injury 
he finally died (m. ist 1776 Naomi Elmore 
[dau. of Daniel, desc. of Edward Elmore 
a first settler of Hartford Ct.], m. 2d 
Widow Stiles, 3d Widow Lois Hardy); 
son of Samuel Humphrey of Goshen Ct., 
b. in Simsbury Ct. May 17, 1686, d. in 
Goshen Oct. 16, 1759, merchant trader in 
Simsbury, often went to Boston, was well 
educated for the time, somewhat in habit 
of writing, active in town affairs, moved 
to Goshen about 1737 (m. ist Feb. 23, 1709 
Hannah Phelps, 2d Feb. 26, 1712 Mary 
Fuller, 3d in Dec. 1714 Lydia North, 4th 
Oct. 31, 1731 Mary Orton) ; son of Samuel 
of Simsbury Ct., b, in Windsor Ct. May 
15, 1656, d. in Simsbury June 15, 1736, 
large land holder there, justice of the peace 

many years, lieut about 1709, rep. to gen. 
assembly 1702, 1719, 1722-5 (m. Mary Mills, 
dau. of Simon who m. Feb. 23, 1659 Mary, 
dau. of Wm. Buel); son of Michael 
Humphrey of Simsbury Ct., merchant in 
Windsor Ct. 1684, moved to Simsbury as 
early as 1667 (m. in Windsor Oct. 14, 1647 
Priscilla, dau. of Matthew Grant, the an- 
cestor of Gen. U. S. Grant). 

EYERMAN, JOHN of Easton Pa., b. 
there Jan. 15, 1867, member revolu- 
tionary and colonial and American and 
foreign scientific societies, sec. Soc. Colo- 
nial Wars of N. J., contributor to scientific 
journals (m. Apr. 21, 1888 Lucy E. Max- 
well [desc. of Anlaf King of Northumbria 
949] and had dau. Marguerite); son of 
Edward H. Eyerman of Easton, b. there 
Aug. 5, 1845, d. Mar. 7, 1874 (m. Feb. 10, 
1865 Alice S. Heller, desc. of Capt. Jacob 
Heller of rev. war, Christopher Heller and 
Adam Dietz of colonial war. Col. Philip 
Bahl of rev war, Abraham Sewitz and 
Michael Butz of colonial war, Isaac Det- 
willer, b. 1620 and Henry Detwiller 
M. D.); son of Capt. John Eyerman, b. 
1808, d. Jan. 6, 1883 (m. Oct. 15, 1844 Anna 
M. Black, b. in Easton Aug. 17, 1820, d. 
Oct. 28, 1891, desc. of Col. Peter Kachlein 
of colonial and rev. wars and chief magis- 
trate of Easton, Jacob Kachlein and Peter 
Bender of rev. war); son of Henry Eyer- 
man, b. Jan. 29, 1784, d. Feb. 22, 1814 (m. 
Elizabeth Herster, b. Nov. 25, 1786, d. 
May 12, 1861, desc. of Andrew Herster of 
rev. war) ; son of Jean Matthias Eyerman, 
b. Feb. 24, 1753, d. Nov. 18, 1816 (m. Han- 
nah Schneider of N. Hanover Pa.); son of 
Jean Georges Eyerman, b. May 24, 1719, 
d. Feb. 4, 1794 (m. Feb. 12, 1745 Anne 
Marie Eyer) ; son of Judge Jean Henri 
Eyerman, b. in July 1692, d. Dec. 3, 1755 
(m. May 3, 1718 Catherine Roessel, dau. 
of Judge Jean Martin Roessel) ; son of 
Matthias Eyerman, b. in Aug. 1666, d. 
Oct. 8, 1728 (m. June 29, 1691 Anne Cath- 
erine Schaeffer) ; son of Jean Georges 
Eyerman, b. Feb. 2, 1645, d. May 10, 1708 
(m. Nov. 29, 1664 Marguerite Oster); son 



ti Jean Jacques Eyerman, b. 1590, d. 
1659; grandson of Jean. 

ALLEN, SAMUEL B. of Glendale 
Ohio, b. in Boston Mass. 1817, d. in 
Glendale Oct. 22, 1879 (m. Bethiah Nye, 
dau. of Paul and Abigail [Alien] Nye and 
desc. of Benjamin and Katherine [TupperJ 
Nye); son of Marston Allen of Cincinnati 
Ohio, b. in Barnstable Mass. 1788, d. i8()8 
(m. 1809 Martha Badger); son of Benja- 
min Allen of Boston Mass., b. in Barn- 
stable 1754, served in rev. war in 1778 in 
Capt. Geo. Lewis co. in Col. Freeman's 
reg. (m. Sarah Kirkland); son of James 
Allyn of Barnstable Mass., b. there 1729, 
d. there (m. 1752 Lydia Marston, dau. of 
Benj. and Lydia [Goodspeed] Marston, 
desc. of John and Alice Marston who came 
over in the Rose 1637); son of James 
Allyn of Barnstable, b. there 1691, d. there 
1741 (m. 1712 Susanna Lewis, dau. of Ebe- 
nezer and Anna [Lothrop] Lewis, desc. of 
Gov. Lewis who came over in 1633); son 
of Thomas Allyn of Barnstable, b. 1655, d. 
1696 (m. 1688 Elizabeth Otis, dau. of 
John, son of John Otis of Glaston- 
bury Eng., b. 1581); son of Thomas Allyn 
of Barnstable Mass., d. 1680, settled there 
as early as 1640. 

CEY of Raleigh N. C, b. there Mar. 
6, 1 871; son of Richard Bennehan Hay- 
wood of Raleigh, b. there Nov. 5, 1819, d. 
there Jan. 2, 11889, grad. univ. of N. C. 
1841, Jefferson med. coll. 1844, studied 
medicine in Paris under Velpeau 1851, 
surgeon C. S. A., pres. Raleigh acad. of 
med., pres. N. C. med. soc. (m. Nov. 19, 
1851 Julia Ogden Hicks, dau. of John Gus- 
tavus Hicks of the old New York family 
of Hicks, her mother Lavinia was dau. of 
James Graham, son of Col. John Graham 
of N. Y., a rev. officer) ; son of Sherwood 
Haywood of Raleigh, b, in Edgecombe 
CO. N. C. Feb. j7, 1762, d. in Raleigh Oct. 
5, 1829, moved there about 1800, banker, 
U. S. commissioner of loans (m. 1795 
Eleanor H. Hawkins, dau. of Col. Phile- 
mon Hawkins Jr. of the rev. war, son of 
Col. Philemon Hawkins sr., aide-de-camp 

to Gov. Tryon of N. C. at battle of Ala- 
mance 1771); son of William Haywood of 
Edgecomb co. N. C, b. in N. C, d. in 
Edgecomb co. in Dec. 1779, rev. states- 
man, member committee of safety, state 
congresses and legislature, col. of militia, 
councilor of state, commissioner to sign 
paper surrency (m. Charity Hare of Hert- 
ford CO. N. C); son of John Haywood of 
Edgecomb co. N. C, b. in Barbadoes W. L 
1684, d. in Edgecombe co. N. C. 1758, colo- 
nial treasurer of N. C, col. of militia, com- 
missioner of coast fortifications, surveyor 
to Earl Granville who was one of the lord 
proprietors of Carolina (m. Mary Lovett). 

Grand Rapids Mdch., b. in Williman- 
tic Conn. Apr. 23, 1838 (m. ist June 19, 
1859 Eliza Geer, children: Henry Middle- 
ton, b. Dec. 17, 1871, Clarence, b. Nov. 2, 
1875, Burdett Farren, b. Aug. 21, 1879, m. 
2d Aug. 6, 1892 Alice B., b. Mar. 29, 1856. 
widow of Albert McDaniel of Masoq 
City West Virginia and gr.-dau. of the late 
Leonard Storm of Washington D. C.) ; 
son of Pardon, b. in Westerly R. I. July 2, 
1800, d. in Willimantic Conn. Oct. 20, 1844 
(m. Nov. 2, 1825 Fanny Maria, b. in Ston- 
ington Conn. Aug. 17, 1801, d. in Willi- 
mantic Feb. 8, 1852, eldest dau. of Adam 
and Fanny [Chesebrough] States, and had 
ch.: Charles S., b. Apr. 20, 1827 [m. Louisa 
H. Harrington], John Noyes, b. July 6» 
1828 [m. Julia Mosey], Henry Middleton, 
b. Mar. 17, 1831, d. Mar. ,14, 183C2, Frances, 
b. April 3, 1833, Maria, twin to Frances, b. 
Apr. 3, 1833 [m. Norman L. Babcock], 
Elizabeth S., b. May 28, 1836 [m. Christo- 
pher Briggs], Henry Middleton 2d as 
above, James L., b. July 22, 1840, d. Sep. 
5, 1861); son of Ethel of Westerly R. I., 
b. there May 28, 1778 (m. May 12, 1798 
Mary Hiscox, b. Nov. 10, 1775, dau. of 
Ephraim and Mary [Sisson] Hiscox, a 
desc. of Rev. Thomas Hiscox, Tobias 
Saunders and Joseph Clarke, early settlers 
of Westerly, Ephraim Hiscox served in 
the revolution, was a member of the Bar- 
ton expedition that captured Gen. Prescott 
at Newport, she, Ethel Bliven had ch.: 



Elizabeth S., Pardon, Alfred, Mary and 
John) ; son of Samuel of Westerly, b. Mar. 
12, 1744, town clerk, justice and represen- 
tative (m. Mar. 17, 1766 Ruth Greene [dau. 
of Josiah and Hannah] of Charlestown 
R. I. and had ch.: Elizabeth, Luther, Ruth, 
Mary, Ethel as above, Daniel and James) ; 
son of James of Westerly, b. Oct. 27, 1702 
(m. Anna Rhodes Jan. 22, 1734, had ch.; 
James, John, Daniel, Mary, Theodoty and 
Samuel as given above); son of Edward 
(m. in Westerly Oct. 2, 1691 Isabel [dau. 
of John] Maccoon of Westerly formerly of 
Aberdeenshire Scotland and had ch.: Joan, 
Edward, Rachel, James and John). 

BABTON, LYMAN GUY of Willsboro 
N. Y., b. there July i, 1866, grad. at 
Cornell univ. and Bellevue hospital med. 
coll. (m. Kittie Cornelia Wilcox of Ithaca 
June 18, 1885); son of Lyman Barton of 
Willsboro N. Y., b. in Hebron N. Y. Sep. 
19, 1812, grad. from the med. sch. of Dart- 
mouth coll in 1839 and received the hon- 
orary degree A. M. from Vermont univ. 
in 1869 (m. Dec. 31, 1840 Minerva Akin 
[dau. of Maj. Abraham Akin who served as 
a capt. in the 37th reg. New York militia 
in the war of 1812 at the battle of Platts- 
burgh] and she had 7 ch., viz: Elizabeth 
Martinia, b. Oct. 29, 1842 [m. Chester W. 
Witters], Abbie Olive, b. Mar. 25, 1845 
[m. Benning J. Chatterton], Ellen, b. July 
IQ, 1847, d. young, Susannah Chase, b. 
Nov. 28, 1848, grad. Vassar coll. 1875 [m. 
George A. Perry, Wesleyan univ. '74], 
Sarah Stower, b. Aug. 23, 1859 [m. Laurie], 
Cora Minerva, b. Apr. i, 1859, d. young, 
Lyman Guy, b. July i, 1866) ; son of Simon 
Barton of Moriah N. Y., b. in Dudley 
Mass. Oct. 30, 1782, d. in Moriah Sep. 23. 
1877, had 8 gr.-sons in the rebellion (m 
Olive Cary, dau. of John Cary of Hebron 
Aug. 24, 1806) ; son of Timothy Stow Bar- 
ton of Bennington Vt, Hoosack and Bol- 
ton N. Y., b. in Hopkinton Mass. Oct. 
1758, d. at Bolton N. Y. June 30, 1844. 
served one year and nine months in the 
rev. war under Capt. Wm. Campbell and 
Col. Ebenezer Larned a part of the time 
(m. Phoebe Stone of Dudley Mass.); son 

of Timothy Barton, b. at Leicester Mass. 
Apr. 13, 1732 (m. Hepzibah Stow of South- 
boro in 1753), and lived at Spencer, Hop- 
kinton, Charlton and Chesterfield Mass., 
marched to Bennington on the alarm Sep. 
23, 1777 and d. at Chesterfield 1796; son of 
Joshua Barton, b. prob. in Framingham 
Mass. in 1697 (m. Anna), lived at Oxford, 
Leicester and Spencer Mass., was on the 
" Committee of Correspondence " at Spen- 
cer in 1778 and helped to establish the first 
churches in Leicester and Spencer; son of 
Samuel Barton who is on record as a wit- 
ness in the trial of Elizabeth Proctor for 
witchcraft in Salem Mar. 20, 1691-2 at 
which time he was " twenty-five years of 
age or thereabouts " (m. Hannah, prob. 
dau. of Edmund Bridges Jr. of Salem), re- 
moved to Framingham 1693 and from there 
he went to Oxford in 1716, his will was 
proved Sep. 23, 1732. 

LARKIN, FRANK of Westerly R. I., b. 
there Apr. 14, 1844 (m. Nov. 23, 1871 
Jessie N. Cheseboro of Stonington Conn., 
dau. of Joseph and Louisa S. [Noyes] 
Chesebro, and had 5 ch., viz: Frank P., 
Albert C, Jessie L., Alice and Daniel F.); 
son of Daniel F. Larkin of Westerly and 
Watch Hill R. I., b. in Westerly R. I. June 
15, 181 7, hotel and light-house keeper 
state senator (m. Oct. 19, 1842 Martha His- 
cox, dau. of Qarke and Mary [White] 
Hiscox) ; son of Daniel Larkin of Westerly 
R. I., b. there Dec. 26, 1781, d. there Sep. 
14, 1864 (m. Oct. 27, 1816 Rhoda B. Shef- 
field, dau. of Samuel and Susanna [Dan- 
iels] ShefiBeld); son of Abel Larkin of 
Westerly R. I., b. there 1749, d. there July 
3, 1826 (m. Apr. I, 1770, Sarah Foster, dau. 
of Jonathan and Anna of Watch Hill 
R. I.) ; son of John Larkin of Westerly 
R. I., b. there, d. there 1773 (m. July 24, 
1730 Mary Macoon, dau, of John and 
Anne) ; son of Edward Larkin of Westerly 
R. I., b. there, d. there 1741 (m. ist Eliza- 
beth Hall, dau. of Henry Hall sr, 2d Mary 
Cottrell, dau, of Nicholas and Dorothy 
[Pendleton] Cottrell); son of Edward 
Larkin, who came to Westerly R. I. in 
1661, was freeman of Newport 1655. 



lived all his life on a portion of the 
original estate purchased by his father in 
Schoharie co. New York near the present 
village of Richmondville, originally a part 
of Cobleskill, was a man of rare intellec- 
tual qualities with the tastes of a scholar 
rather than of a man of action, delighting 
especially in mathematics, Latin and the 
English poets and passing his life in the 
quiet of a country home, was well known 
and highly esteemed in his county, was 
born in Warren R. L Mar. 8, 1787 and d. in 
Charlotteville, New York Sep. 28, 1865 
(m. Charity Barrett, dau. of Abijah Barrett 
of East Worcester New York Mar. 20, 
1812, his children were: William, b. Aug. 
27, 1813, d. Sep. 15, 1814, Marietta, b. Sep. 
15, 1819, d. Sep. 18, 1880, Hester Ann, b. 
Aug. 26, 1822, d. Feb. 23, 1896, Edward, b. 
Mar. I, 1826, d. Feb. 28, 1845, all b. at 
Richmondville, of these children Marietta 
m. John Henry Coons on Nov. 12, 1836, 
and had: William Henry, b. May 2^, 1838, 
Rosalthe, b. Jan. 19, 1840, Lucy Amelia, '•). 
Mar. 17, 1842, Mary, b. Oct. 5, 1844, d. 
May 16, 1846, Samuel Kinnicutt, b. Feb. 
17, 1847, Hester Ann, b. Aug. 20, 1849, 
Charles, b. Mar. 2, 1856, Marietta, b. June 
17, 1858. The third child of Samuel De 
Wolf Kinnicutt, Hester Ann m. Henry 
Nelson Perry, see Perry lineage) ; son of 
Edward Kinnicutt Sr., b. in Warren R. L 
Apr. 26, 1759 and d. in Richmondville New 
York Apr. 27, 1820 (m. by Rev. Solomon 
Townsend at Bristol on June 16, 1782 
Nancy De Wolf, dau. of Mark Anthony De 
Wolf and sister of United States Senator 
James De Wolf of Bristol R. L where she 
was born on Mar. 3, i759), moved from 
R. L and purchased a large estate in the 
county of Schoharie New York in 1793 
where he passed the remaining years of his 
life highly esteemed as a leading citizen, 
his children were: Joseph Adams, b. June 
20, 1783, d. June 4, 1784, William, b. in 
Warren R. L Nov. 11, 1784, d. 1803, Sam- 
uel De Wolf above, Edward jr., b. July 30, 
1792 at Pittstown Rensselaer co. N. Y., d. 
Aug. ID, 1838, Nancy, b. June 2, 1789, d. 
Jan. 17, 1832, Abigail, b. Sep. 17, 1794, d. 
Jan. 19, 1874, Charles, b. Jan. 2rj, 1797, d. 

Nov. 8, 1798, Mary Ann, b. Feb. 11, 1799, 
d. Aug. 21, 1838, James, b. Feb. 2, 1801, d. 
1804, the last five born in the Kinnicutt 
homestead in Richmondville; son of Jolm 
Kinnicutt jr. of Warren R. L, b. there in 
1700, d. in 1783 (m. on May 30, 1737 in St. 
Michael's church Bristol R. L Hannah 
Gorham, dau. of Jabez Gorham jr. of Bris- 
tol R. L, she having been born in 1717 and 
baptized Bristol Oct. 27, 1717. Through 
her the descendants of John Kinnicutt are 
connected with the Mayflower pilgrims 
John Haviland, Elizabeth Tilley, John 
Tilley and probably Gov. Carver whose 
dau. is now generally conceded to have 
been the first wife of John Tilley and so 
the mother of Elizabeth Tilley who mar- 
ried John Howland and whose eldest child 
Desire Howland married Captain John 
Gorham father of Jabez Gorham sr, b. at 
Barnstable Aug. 3, 1656. This Jabez Gor- 
ham sr (who was father of Jabez jr. given 
above as the father of Hannah Kinnicutt) 
married Hannah Sturgis, probably sister 
of Edward Sturgis jr. who married Tem- 
perance Gorham and of Sarah Sturgis who 
married Joseph Gorham, all being resi- 
dents of Yarmouth or Barnstable. This 
Hannah Sturgis had been married to a 
Gray and was a widow when she married 
Jabez Gorham, she died May 13, 1739, her 
eldest child was born Dec. 23, 1677. The 
children of John Kinnicutt Jr. and Hannah 
Gorham were: Shubael, b. Mar. 28, 1738, 
Hannah, b. Feb. 28, 1739, Lydia, b. Jan. 
17, 1741-2, Hezekiah, b. Mar. 24, 1743-4, 
Rebekah, b. Jan. 20, 1745-6, Elizabeth, b. 
Mar. 4, 1748, Sarah, b. Apr. 15, 1751, 
Thomas, b. May 20, 1753, Edward, b. Apr. 
25, 1759 who m. Nancy De Wolf and given 
above, all b. in Warren R. L); son of 
John Kinnicutt sr. who was b. in Maiden 
Mass. 1669 and d, in Warren R. L 1722 
(m. Elizabeth Luther, dau. of Hezekiah 
Luther and Sarah Butterworth, the former 
being the son of John Luther of Swansea 
or Warren who d. in 1645); son of Boger 
Kinnecot the first American ancestor who 
settled first in Maiden and Charlestown 
Mass. but sold his estate in 1680 and moved 
to Swansea Mass. in that part which after- 
wards became Warren R. I. A portion of 



the original Kinnicutt estate in Warren is 
still in the possession of descendants of 
Roger Kinnicutt. He married Nov. 1661 
Joanna Shepardson, b. M'ar. 13, 1642, dan. 
of Daniel Shepardson of Maiden in 1632 
who was admitted to the church there 
Aug. 4, 1633 and whose wife was Joanna 
(d. 1661), he dying May 26, 1644. 

of New York city, b. there Sep. 10, 
1853, B. A. 1872, LL. D. 1874, attorney and 
counsellor at law since 1874 (m. May 9, 
1883 Emily Cole [dau. of George Cole] of 
New York, and has Antoinette C and 
George Frederick) ; son of Sylvester W. 
Cotmstock of New York city, b. in Wilton 
Ct. Oct. 9, 1819, d. in N. Y. Feb. 15, 1895, 
merchant there since 1834 (m. Nov. 25, 
1852 Antoinette Harmon, dau. of Philip 
Harmon, a German refugee supposed to 
have served in Napoleon's Moscow cam- 
paign and to have emigrated hither for 
political reasons) ; son of William Corn- 
stock of Wilton Ct, b. there June 10, 1788, 
d. there June 26, 1868, farmer (m. Feb. 11, 
1812 Sarah Keeler of Keeler family of 
Conn.); son of Benejah Strong Comstock 
of Wilton Ct., b. in Norwalk Ct., d. in 
Wilton, served in rev. war in Conn, militia 
(was twice married) ; son of Nathan of 
Norwalk; son of Samuel of Norwalk, b. 
there Feb. 6, 1679; son of Christopher of 
Norwalk, came there about 1640, d. Dec. 
28, 1702. was one of the first settlers of 
Fairfield co., Ct. (m. Oct. 6, 1663 Hannah 
Piatt); son of Frederick Komstohk, b. in 
Frankfort Germany Mar. 18, 1575 (m. at 
Edinburgh Scotland Jan. 2, 161 1 Mary 
McDonald, and had Samuel, Daniel, 
Christopher, John and Catharine). 

nTONE, HEMAN WARD oif Morris 
*^ Minn., b. in L'Original Can. Feb. 19, 
1828, emigrated to Minnesota 1856, mem- 
ber of state legislature 1878, was an elector 
at large 1888 and carried the returns to 
Washington (m. Dec. 23, 1852 Polly Wells 
[dau. o<f Abel Water Wells and Hannah 
Cass], and had 6 children, viz.: Archibald 

Abel, Heman Ward, Mary Louisa, Ida 
Adelia, Eudora Azelia and Royal Augus- 
tus) ; son of Augustus Lane Stone of 
L'Original Can., ib. in Guilford Ct. Sep. 8, 
1788, d. in L'Original June 27, 1863 (m. 
Tryphosa Cutter of New Hampshire); son 
of Dudley Stone of La Chute Can., b. in 
Guilford Ct. about 1763, d. in La Chute 
Mar. 31, 1805 (m. ist Elizabeth Ward, 2d 
Rachel Lane) ; son of Aaron ,of Guilford 
Ct. (m. Lois Dudley); son of Jehiel of 
Guilford Ct. (m. Ruth White); son of 
William of Guilford (m. Sarah Hatch); 
son of William of Guilford (m. Hannah 
Wolfe) ; son of' William of Guilford Ct., 
came from England 1639 (m. Hannah); 
son of Rev. Samuel of Hereford Eng. 

oke Mass., b. in Springfield Mass. 
June 28, 1848 (m. Oct. 19, 1876 Mary Brit- 
ton Renwick, dau. of James Renwick and 
Mary Bullagh); son of Newell A. Spen- 
cer, b. in Middle Haddam Ct. Nov. 8, 1819, 
d. in Ayer Mass. Dec. 28, 1894 (m. Sep. 30, 
1847 Mary Jane Briggs, dau. of Peter 
Briggs and Eunice Lynde) ; son of 
Henry Spencer (m. Eunice Ackley). 

YOUNG, BRIGHAM iof Salt Lake city 
Utah, lb. in Whittingham Vt. June i, 
1801, d. in Salt Lake City Aug. 29, 1877, 
founder of church of L. D. S. (m. Mar. 20, 
1847 Lucy Bigelow [descendant of John 
Biglo of Watertown Mass. 1642], and had 
dau. Susa, who m. Jan. 5, 1879 Mr. Gates 
of Provo Utah) ; son of John Young of 
Hopkinton Mass., b. there Mar. 6, 1763, 
d. Oct. 12, 1839, soldier in rev. war, en- 
listed at age of 16 (m. Oct. 31, 1786 Nabby 
Howe, dau. of Phineas of Hopkinton); 
son of Joseph Young of Hopkinton Mass., 
b. about 1729, d. in Hopkinton 1769, physi- 
cian and surgeon in old French and Indian 
war (m. Aug. 27, 1759 Elizabeth Tread- 
way); son of William of Boston and Hop- 
kinton Mass., d. in Hopkinton 1747, 
amassed a fortune of ten thousand dollars 
between 1719 and 1747, was a capable man, 
an intimate friend of Rev. Samuel Barrett, 



to whom he deeded property, it is gener- 
ally believed he was one of the Scotch- 
Irish immigrants of 1719, 'but there is no 
evidence except that he settled in Hopkin- 
ton, he was one of the original settlers of 
Nottingham and Barrington N. H., giving 
his residence as of Boston in all deeds of 
1722-5 (m. Hannah Healy). 

CARNES, JAMES J. of Dallas Tex., b. 
in Columbus Ga. Oct. 8, 1840 (m. 
Apr. 24, 1867 Mary C. Shivers, and had 
Robt. W., DeWitt, James J., Mary Eu- 
genia, Sara Arden, Martha Julia, Wm. 
Henry, Rosa Dawsie, Ross S.); son of 
Robert W. of Ridgeiwood Ga., b. in Au- 
gusta Ga. about 1797, d. in Ridgewood 
Apr. 7, 1853, physician in early days, re- 
tired, became a planter (m. Aug. 2, 1824 
Martha L. Jones, dau. James H.); son of 
Thomas Peter Carnes of Georgia, b. in 
England, d. in Augusta Ga., lawyer, mem- 
ber of 3d congress, owned quite a planta- 
tion in Green co. Ga., had the county seat 
named Carnesiville for him. 

delphia Pa., b. in N. Y. Aug. 12, 
1812, removed to Philadelphia 1833, was 
engaged as proof reader and foreman in 
L. Johnson's type and sterotype foundry, 
became a partner, was head of the firm 
under the title of Mac Kellar, Smiths Si 
Jordan, author of " Typographic Adver- 
tiser," " The American Printer " and sev- 
eral vols, of poems and hymns (m. Sep. 
27, 1834 Eliza, of Scotch-Irish desc, d. 
Apr. 39, 1871, dau. of Samuel and Cath- 
erine [B'aker] Ross of Phila. and had li 
ch., viz: Harriet, Eliza, Agnes, Ella, Wil- 
liam Brasher, Abigail, Helen, Janet, 
Lindsy Catherine Lewis and Thomas Sut- 
ton Mac Kellar); son of Archibald Mac 
Kellar of New York city N. Y., b. in 
Greenock Scotland Aug. 30, 1783, d. in 
N. Y. Apr. 27, 183 1 (m. May 9, 1808 Har- 
riet, d. in N. Y, June 27, 1837, dau. of 
Thomas H. Andrews of N. Y., b. in Eng., 
lost at sea about '1795 and Abigail Brasher, 
and gr.-dau. of Isaac Brasher of N. Y., b. 
there July 17, 1728, d. there 1781, m. 1750 

Eleanor, and desc. of Henry Brasher of 
N. Y., b. there Jan. 16, 1698, d. there, m. 
Abigail Parsell, Isaac Brasher of N. Y., 
b. there May 16, 1666, d. there, ensign 1700 
and Henry Brasher of N. Y., d. there 1691, 
Huguenot, came to Amer. 1635, was a 
burgher of N. Y. 1657, m. Oct. 9, 1644 
Mrs. Susanna Wathens, d. 1675, dau. of 
Thomas Spicer of Gravesend L. I., had 10 
ch., viz: Mary, Willem, Rebecca, Susanna, 
Miachtek, Martha, Sara, Henry, Isaac and 
Abraham) ; son of Archibald Mac Kellar, 
emigrated to Amer. early in the 19th cen- 
tury (m. Agnes Craig). 

N. Y., b. in Yorktown N. Y. June 
29, 1829, Rutgers coll. A. B. 1849, A. M. 
1852, lawyer of N. Y. city, chief clerk col- 
lector of customs N. Y. 1864-85 and 
deputy, author of " Wynkoop Genealogy " 
1878, " Vessels and Voyages as Regulated 
by Federal Statutes " 1886, " Schuerman 
Genealogy " 1889, also articles in N. Y. 
Geneal. and Biog. Record (m. ist Sep. 9, 
1854 Anna Elizabeth, dau. of Edward and 
Eliza [Larkin] Maginnis, ^m. 2d Mar. 26, 
1863 Lydia Bekher Strang, dau. of Joseph 
White and Elizabeth Morgan [Belcher] 
Strang, desc. of Daniel Streing, a Hugue- 
not immigrant to New Rochelle about 
1688, and had one child Hubert Schuerman 
Wynkoop) ; son of Richard of New York, 
b. in New York Dec. 16, 1798, d. in 
Hagerstown Md. Apr. 5, 1842, Columbia 
coll. A. B. 1819, licensed 2d Pres. of N. 
Y. Apr. 5, 1826, missionary of synod of 
Dutch ch. at Cato N. Y. 1826-7, pastor 
Presbyterian ch. in Yorktown 1827-34, 
Presb. ch. in Hagerstown 1834-42 (m. 
Aug. 10, 1825 Catharine, dau. of James and 
Eleanor [Williamson] Schureman, and gr.- 
dau. of John and Antje [de Riemer] 
Schuerman, gt.-'gr.-dau. of Jacobus and 
Antje [Terhune] Schuerman, an emigrant 
from Holland 1720, who settled in New 
Brunswick N. J.); son of Peter of N. Y. 
city, b. in Kingston N. Y. Dec. 27, 1755, d. 
in N. Y. city Jan. 26, 1835, manufacturer of 
sea-biscuit and snuflf, measurer in the cus- 
tom-house 1818-35 (m. Dec. 10, 1785 Mar- 



garet, dau. of Jchn and Catharine [De- 
Witt] Quakenbos); son of Dirck of Kings- 
ton N. Y., b. there Oct. 15, 1732, d. there 
Dec. 9, 1796, an active and trusted revolu- 
tionary patriot, memiber of the Co'mmittee 
of Safety 1775, member of assembly 1 780-1, 
associate judge of common pleas 1777, first 
judge of the court 1783-93 (m. ist Nov. i, 
1754 Tjaatje, dau. of Jiohannes and Maria 
[Bogardus] Wynkoop, and gr.-dau. of 
Maj. Johannes and Cornelia [Ten Broeck] 
Wynkoop, gt. -gr.-dau. of Cornelius and 
Marie Jans [Langedyck] Wynkoop); son 
of Evert of Kingston N. Y., b. there Jan. 
29, 1709, d. there Sep. 16, 1757, brewer, 
captain in the French war, and d. of camp 
fever (m. May 3, 1730 Arriaantje, dau, of 
Dieuijk Jansen and Grietje [Tappen] 
Schepmoes) ; son of Cornelius of Kings- 
ton N. Y., bapt. there Oct. 13, 1689, d. be- 
tween 1712-17 (m. Barbara Matthyse, dau. 
of Matthys Matthysen Van Keuren and 
Tjaatje [De Witt] Van Keuren); son of 
Evert of Kingston N.- Y., b. in Albany N. 
Y. Mar. 24, 1665, d. in Kingston July 31, 
1746, imagistrate of Kingston 1695, '7, '8, 
171 1 (m. 1st Aug. 26, 1688 Gertrude, dau. 
of Jacobus and Giertje Aertse [Van Wag- 
enen] Elmendorf, m. 2d Antje Kiersted); 
son of Cornelius of Albany N. Y., b. in 
Holland or poss. in Albany, d. in Kings- 
ton abt. Aug. 1676, was in Albany 1655-68, 
elder in the Dutch ch. 1671, schepen of 
Hurley 1673 (m. Maretje Janse Langdyk). 

lieut. col. 2d infantry U. S. A. Fort 
Omaha Neb., had bros. Joseph Antonie 
Wherry, clerk of probate court St. Louis 
M'o. and John Mills Wherry, collector's 
office St. Louis Mo.; sons of Joseph 
Antonie Wherry, b. in St. Louis Aug. 16, 
1801, d. there Feb. 13, 1843, was the 2d 
register of St, Louis succeeding his father 
and preceding his son, held the office until 
his death, more th-an 15 years (m, 1835 
Harriet, b, Apr, 30, 1816, d, Nov. 27, 1843, 
dau. of Col. William B. R. Hornor, see 
Hornor lineage in this vol.), had bros. 
Mackey and Boone; sons of Mackey 
Wherry of St. Louis Mo., b. in Chester 

CO. Pa. July ID, 1766, d. in St. Louis co. 
Mo. Aug. 3, 1828, came west 1798, ist 
register of St. Louis, sheriff of St. Charles 
CO. Mo. when the co. included all of the 
states north of the Mo. river (m. Mar. 19, 
1800 Louisa, b. in The Glebe Va., dau. of 
Rev. Ichabod Camp, b. in Durham Ct. 
Feb, 15, 1726, M. D., D. D., son of John 
Camp, d, in Thaskaskia Apr. 20, 1786, 
entered Yale coll. 1739, B. A. 1743, A. M. 
1746, licensed to preach 1745, appointed 
missionary 1757, is the ist Episcopalian 
minister to reach the Miss., m. ist Con- 
tent Ward, 2d Anne Olivier, a French 
Huguenot); son of David Wherry of 
Chester co. Pa., d. there July 7, 18O0, 
brought to Amer. when i year old, rev. 
soldier, served on comm. of Chester co. 
of which Anthony Wayne was chairman 
(m. ist Isabella Sharpe of Ceril co. Md., 
2d Margaret Mackey, d. 1807); son of 
David Wherry, d. in Chester co. July 13, 
1743, came from the north of Ireland to 
Chester co. Pa. 1720, a portion of his 
plantation is still occupied by his desc, (m. 
Miary, d. Dec. 7, 1759). 

HOWE, ARDBN N. of Maple Rapids 
iMich., b. in Fulton Mich, in Nov. 
185S (m. 11883 Addie Jarrett, desc. of the 
Simpsons, Ocrafts and Blwoods, her par- 
ents came from near London Eng. about 
18481, she, Addie had 4 ch., viz: Lloyd, 
Merl, Pearl and Bula Howe); son of 
Simeon A. of Fulton Mich., b. in Fox- 
craft Me. Miar. 8, 1830, d. in Fulton Jan. 
29, 1895, serg. in civil war 2 years, taught 
school several years, owner of 225 acres of 
land in Fulton (m. Sep, 22, '1852 Cindonia 
E. Pratt, b. near Wanseon Ohio June 13, 
1831, her father lived in Sackets Harbor 
N. Y., served in war of 1812); son of 
James Howe of Royalton Ohio, b. in 
Miachias Me. Feb. 22, 1786, d. in Royalton 
Aug, II, 1852 (m, 1st Betsy Niles and had 
6 ch., viz.: Thaddeus, Sally, Eliza. Mary, 
Hannah and Susan, 2d 1823 Cynthia, dau. 
of William and Hannah [Smith] Jackson, 
and had 6 ch., viz: Huldah, Albina, Eliza- 
beth, Simeon, Martha and Caroline); son 
of Isaiah Hbwe of New Brunswick, Can., 



came prob. from Wales (m. Elizabeth 
Frink, and had James, Crete, Pearl, Sim- 
eon, Octava and Thomas Frink Howe). 

Elkhorn Wis., b. in Chittenango 
N. Y. Mar. 14, 1856, house-painter, soldier 
in 1st Iowa battery light artillery 1861-3, 
was in the battles of Sugar Creek and Pea 
Ridge Ark., Chickasaw Bayou Miss., Ark. 
Post, editor of Elkhorn Liberal 1873-6, 
Independent 1883-4, post-master since 1894 
(m. Apr. 17, 1870 Isidore Adelaide, b. in 
Burlington Wis. Apr. 30, 1844, dau. of 
Nathaniel and Phila [Foster] Dickinson, 
and had Constance D. and Mabel F.); 
son of Asahel Beckwith of Chitten- 
ango N. Y., Roime N. Y. and Elk- 
horn, b. in Paris Hill N. Y. Miar. 26, 1808, 
d. in Elkhorn Sep. 24, 1873, house-painter, 
was in ordnance service at Rome 1843-8 
(m. Oct. 22, 1834 Harriet Angeline, b. in 
New Hartford Nov. 24, 1807, dau. of Josiah 
and Fanny [Bradley] Seymour of Ne^ 
Hartford) ; son of David of Southington 
Ct, b. there 1761, d. in Paris Hill N. Y. 
1820, removed to Oneida co. N. Y. about 
1800, bought of Ichabod Peavey 61 acres 
of land for $600, soldier at West Point 
1781, soldier in Lt.-Col. Samuel Canfield's 
reg. (m. Dec. 18, 1786 Mabel, dau. of 
Daniel and Mary [Griswold] Lane of Kil- 
lingly and Wolcott); son of Marvin Beck- 
with of Southington Ct., b. in Norwich Ct. 
Jan. 10, 1736 or 7, soldier dn Capt. Samuel 
Wyllys' 00. in Col. Joseph Spencer's reg. 
May to Dec. 1775, ensign in 4th co. isth 
reg. 1778 (m. Nov. 15, 1759 Abigail, dau. 
of David and Hannah [Woodruff] Clark) ; 
son of Reynold of Meriden Ct., b. in 
Lyme Ct. Feb. 15, 1706-7, died in Meriden 
Dec. 2,T, 1796, moved to Norwich 1735, to 
Southington abt. 1741, to Meriden abt. 
1756 (m. Apr. 4, 1732 Martha, dau. of 
Capt. Reynold Marvin and his 2d wife 
Martha Waterman, and his wife d. in Meri- 
den June 26, 1790); son of James Beck- 
with of Ct., b. in New London Ct. June 
I, 1671, d. in Southington abt. 1756, moved 
from Lyme to Norwich 1732, to Southing- 
ton abt. 1746 (m. Sep. 22, 1693 Sarah, dau. 

of Lt. Reynold and Sarah [Clark] Mar- 
vin); son of Matthew jr.; son of Matthew 
Beckwith, the immigrant (m. prob. Eliza- 
beth Lynde). 

PAST, EDWARD S. of Lincoln Neb., 
b. in Luzerne co. Pa. June 3, 1841, 
member of ist Minn vol. inf. 1861-3, was 
serg.-major, participated in all the en- 
gagements in which his reg. took part 
from Bull Run to Antietam, was wounded 
in the latter battle, engaged in recruiting 
and draft enrollment service in Minn., 
moved to Tenn., engaged in R. R. office 
work there, removed to Neb. 1869, was a 
CO. officer 1871-3 and 1880-2, was ap- 
pointed accounting officer for Neb. state 
hospital 1885-95 (m. Mar. 2(>, 1863 Miary 
A., dau. of Lemuel and Elizabeth White- 
man of Mill Creek Del., gr.-dau. of Henry 
Whiteman [and Ann], soldier in the war of 
1812, was granted a bounty land warrant, 
farmer and desc. of Jacob and Sarah 
Whiteman, who came from Germany about 
1798, she, Mary had 8 ch., viz: Marcus A., 
b. May 30, 1864 [m. Jan. 30, 1886 Agertha 
Fletcher of Omaha Neb., and had 3 ch.], 
Melissa S., b. Miar. 16, 1866 [m. Oct. 6, 
1886 Frank C. Dimorier of Belvidere Neb., 
and had 2 ch.], Jesse A. of Lincoln Neb., 
b. Mar. 8, 1868, Sarah K., b. Dec. 23, 1869 
[m. Feb. 15, 1888 Ernest C. Hunt of 
Omaha Neb., and had i ch.], Margaret A. 
of Lincoln Neb., b. Jan. 5, 1872, Clifford 
E., b. Dec. 27, 1878, d. Feb. 18, 1879, Si 
Alexander, b. Feb. i, 1880 and Mollie, b. 
May 10, 1883); son of John C. Past of 
Beatrice Neb., b. in Fallsington Pa. Oct. 
17, 181 7, d. in Little Rock Ark. Sep. 25, 
1876, teacher, designed buildings, operated 
saw and grist mills in Pa,, Del., Va. etc., 
was member of the Minn. leg. 1860-2 (m. 
Dec. II, 1838 Margaret K., dau. of Jona- 
than and Rachel Swain of Mill Creek Del., 
and desc. of Abraham and Sarah Swain of 
Bristol Pa., Benjamin Swain [and Eliza- 
beth of Middletown Pa.], desc. of the Nan- 
tucket family who went to that island from 
Mass. colony to escape the persecutions of 
Quakers by the ch. 1660, the Swain family 
were originally from Eng., she, Margaret 



had 9 ch., viz: Gertrude, b. Dec. 15, 1839, 
d. Dec. 17, 1839, Edward S. as above, Mar- 
cus A., b. Feb. 24, 1843, killed in the battle 
of Gettysburg 1863, Louisa, b. Apr. 13, 
1845, d. Feb. 12, 1849, Sarah A., b. Apr. 
13, 1847, d. Aug. 8, 1848, John H., b. Mar. 
22, 1849, d. Feb. 7, 1884 [m. Dec. 28, 1866 
Margaret M. Rowan of Maple Lake Minn., 
and had 7 ch.], Charles N., b. Oct. 18, 1851, 
d. June 16, 1855, Margaret E., b. Nov. 23, 
1853 [m. I St Apr. 13, 1871 Dianiel E. 
Marsh and had 3 ch., 2d Sep. 29, 1892 
Joseph A. Bowdle of Hebron Neb., and 
had I ch.] and Arthur C, b. May 9, 1856 
[m. Jan. 24, 1895 Mabel Servoss of Hebron 
Neb., and had i ch.); son of John Past of 
Fallsington Pa., b. in Makefield Pa. Dec. 
7, 1774, d. in Fallsington Aug. 13, i84r, 
miller, member of Friend's soc. (m. Mar. 
15, 1798 Alcesta, dau. of Benjamin and 
Martha Kinsey of Buckingham, and desc. 
of Edmund and Sarah Kinsey, David and 
Magdalen of Delaware co. Pa., who came 
over from Wales 1682 and John Kinsey, 
who came in the ship " Kent " as one of 
the commissioners 1677, purchased of a 
Swede 300 acres at Shackamaxon, she, Al- 
cesta had 9 ch., viz: Benjamin K., b. Dec. 
30, 1798, d. July 30, 1878 [m. Mar. 13, 1822 
Elizabeth Betts, had son William of Tren- 
ton N. J.], Alice, b. Nov. 3, 1800, d. May 
5, 1887 [im. 1824 Nathaniel Knowles if 
Trenton, had sons John P., Charles H. and 
Oliver H.], Martha, b. Jan. 29, 1803, d. 
May 14, 1875 [m. June 22, 1825 William 
Scarborough of Doylestown Pa., had Ma- 
ria P., m. Mr. Case and Margaretta, ra. 
Mr, Bice], Anna, b. Aug. 8, 1805, d. Feb. 
I, 1851 \m. Sep. 23, 1840 Henry Stokes '»f 
Florence Kan., had dau. Alcesta who m. 
Mr. K. Hinkle], Sarah K., b. Nov. i, 1807, 
d. 1889 [m. May 3, 1853 James Kirk of 
N. C], Abi K., b. Feb. 2, 1810, d. Jan. 25, 
1870 [m. 1839 Nathan Linezey, and had 
John C. of New Castle Ind., William E. of 
New Castle, Evaline Siders of Summer 
Washington, Julia Harvey of New Castle 
and Josephine Koller of Hiner Pa.], Levi, 
b. Jan. 26, 1813, d. Feb. 27, 1814, Rachel, b. 
Jan. I, 1815 [m. Nov. 9, 1840 William Pile, 
and had Mary L. who m. Mr. Walton, Sal- 

lie A., Louise, John and Henry C. printers 
of Phila. Pa.] and John C, b. Oct. 17, 1817 
as above); son of John Past of Makefield 
Pa., b. about 1742, d. in Makefield Apr. 13, 
1825, came from Rotterdam to Frankford 
Phila. in the ship " Brothers," found a 
home with a Quaker family near Yardley- 
ville Pa., member of the Soc. of Friends, 
farmer (m. Dec. 10, 1767 Alice, dau. of 
Robert and Ursula Longshore of Make- 
field Pa., and desc. of Enclydus and Alice 
Longshore of Middletown Pa., and Robert 
Longshore [and Margaret of Schuylkill 
Pa.], was a deputy for Thomas Holme, 
surveyor-general for province of Pa. 1690-3, 
she, Alice L. Past had 3 ch., viz: Anna 
Christian, b. Feb. 6, 1772, d. June i, 1772, 
John, b. Dec. 7, 1774 ^s above and Robert 
b. Jan. I, 1777, d. Nov. 2, 1832 [m. Nov. 22, 
1800 Mercy Pickering, and had 8 ch.]) ; son 
of Johan Henry Past, d. at sea 1751, desc. 
of the ancient family of Piast, royal rulers 
of Poland 830-1382, his widow and 3 sons 
came to Frankford Pa. 1751 (had William, 
b. about 1736, d. Jan. 5, 1823 [m. Dec. 14, 
1763 Ann, dau. of James Neeld of Make- 
field Pa., and had 6 ch., viz: James, b. 1764, 
d. 1832, who m. Feb. 29, 1788 Elizabeth 
Dunn, Ann, who m. 1799 William Parsons, 
Charles, m. 11802, Mary, m. 1804, Asa Wil- 
son, William, b. 1770, d. 1839, m. ist 1794 
Sarah Davis, 2d 1805 Alice Dutton and 
Rachel, m. 1803 Richard Richards], Anna 
Christian, b. about 1739 [m. about 1763 
O'wen AfHick of Delaware co. Pa.], 
George, b. about 1740, came to Frankford 
Pa. 1751 and John, b. about 1742 as above). 



netka, Chicago 111., b. in New York 

city Jan. 22, ,1843, aid in U. S. coast sur- 
vey i860, was in (pay dept. U. S. anmy 1861, 
was at caipture of Yorktown and Freder- 
icksburg, traveled over Oregon, Washing- 
ton and Idaho under U. S. gov. 1864, U. S. 
consul in Syria, Jerusalem, etc. 1867-70, 
consul-general at Beyrout 1870, traveled 
extensively in Europe and Asia 1871, B. A. 
of Yale 1874, C. E. of same 1875. manager 
of Mexican Int. R. R. co. 1883-98, member 
numerous societies (m. Apr. 22, 1878 



Helen Wolcott Stewart, dau. of Gen. Hart 
L. Stewart and Hannah Blair McKibben, 
desc. of William, bro. of Admiral Horatio 
Nelson, and gr.-son of sister of Sir Robert 
Wal'pole) ; son of Lorenzo Dow Johnson, 
b. in Reading Vt. Aug. 26, 1805, d. in 
Pocasset M'ass, Jan. 8, 1867, clergyman, 
ordained at age of 21, preached 8 years, 
then engaged in educational work several 
years, traveled in Europe 1848-9, visited 
the Azores, Madeira, the Canaries, etc., 
chaplain in civil war caring for wounded, 
author of several religious, civil and educa- 
tional works, clergyman at Pocasset 1865-7 
(m. Nov. 13, 1832 Mary Burgess, b. Mar. 
9, 1810, dau. of Abraham, b. 1761, d. 1853, 
niece of Tristram Burgess, congressman 
from R. I., sister of Walter S. Burgess, 
supreme court justice of R. I., desc. of 
Thomas Burgess 1603) ; son of Jeremiah 
Johnson, b. in Quincy Mass. 1763, clergy- 
man, enlisted at age of 17 in Col. Cilley's 
reg. in N. H. line, served throughout the 
rev. war, also in war of 1812 (m. Apr. 15, 
1788 Tomazin Blanchard, b. in Quincy Sep. 
20, 1765, d. Dec. 10, 1824, desc. of John 
Alden and Priscilla Molines); son of 
John; son of Isaac; son of James; son of 
John; son of Isaac. 

Mass., b, in Brownington Vt. Oct. 
26, 1814, oldest post-office clerk in the U. 
S., entered the Boston post-office in 1837 
(m. July 28, 1862 Mary Frances Locke, d. 
Jan. 21, 1883 [dau. of Samuel Adams 
Locke, see Locke lineage], had Charles 
Henry Brig^ham) ; son of Silas of Brown- 
ington Vt., b. in Princeton Mass. Aug. 12, 
1776, d. in Brownington Jan. 15, 1853, was 
a tanner (m. Oct. 23, 1807 Rhoda, dau. of 
John Morey) ; son of Stephen Brigham of 
Princeton Mass., b. in Marlboro Mass. 
Nov. 2 or Feb. 11, 1732, d. in Princeton 
Apr. 17, 1821, farmer (mar. Jan. 4, 1757-8 
Betsey Weeks, dau. of Col. John and 
Dinah [Keyes] Weeks); son of Jedediab 
of Marlboro Mass., b. there June 8, 1693, 
d. there May 21, 1763, lieut.. selectman, 
tanner (m. May 18, 1720 Bethiah, dau. of 
Joseph and Dorothy [Martin] Howe); son 

of Samuel Brigham of Marlboro Mass., 
b. in Cambridge Mass. 1652, d. in Marl- 
boro July 24, 1713, was town treasurer of 
Marlboro 1699-1703, selectman 11 years 
(m. Elizabeth Howe); son of Thomas 
Brigham of Cambridge Mass., b. in Eng. 
about 1603, d. in Cambridge Oct. 18, 1653 
came from London Eng. in the ship 
" Susan and Ellyn " 1635 (m- about 1637 
Mercy Hurd). 

bus Ohio, b. (in Chillicothe Ohio 
Sep. 14, 1867, D. D. S. of univ. of Mich. 
1889, practiced at Chillicothe 1889-92, since 
then in Columbus (m. Oct. 10, 1894 Nellie 
White, b. in Lancaster Ohio Feb. 6, 1873, 
dau. of Edward Beecher and Josephine 
[Claypool] White, and had dau. Frances 
Josephine Mills, 'b. Sep. 18, 1895) ; son of 
William Bridges Mills of Chillicothe 
Ohio, b. there Mar. 21, 1841, painter until 
1876, manufacturer of paper 1876-88 (m. 
May 31, 1865 Kate Morris, b. in Osceola 
Ohio Feb. 19, 1842, dau. of William and 
Rebecca [Thomas] Morris, and had 4 ch., 
viz: William Morris Mills of Tonawanda 
N. Y., b. Mar. 24, 1866 [m. Oct. 14, 1896 
Sarah Elizabeth Hoel, b. Dec. 18, 1869, 
dau. of William Rion and Elizabeth 
[Hunt] Hoel], Edward C, b. Sep. 14, 1867 
as above, Rosa, b. June 27, 1869 [m. Apr. 
29, 1896 Oscar Leon Watkins of Indian- 
apolis Ind., grad. Harvard coll. 1893, son 
of John and Sarah Jane [Southard] Wat- 
kins, and had Osric Mills Watkins, b. Feb. 

6, 1897] and Charles Willett Mills, b. Apr. 

7, 1872, D. D. S. of Ohio coll. 1892, prac- 
tices at Chillicothe Ohio) ; son of William 
Moffett Mills of Chillicothe, b. near 
Staunton Va. May 14, 1809, d. in Chilli- 
cothe July I, 1864, moved froim Williams- 
port Ohio to Chillicothe 1823, manufactured 
chairs 1823-46, after which he engaged in 
house and sign painting until 1864 (m. 
May 13, 1832 Rosanna M. Bridges, b. in 
Thomaston Me. Nov. 10, 1804, d. in 
Chillicothe Ohio Feb. 17, 1852, dau. of 
Joseph and Susanna [Norton] Bridges, 
had 3 ch., viz.: Edward Henry, b. Mar. 18, 
1833, d. in Napoleon Ark. Sep. 4, 1855, 



William Bridges, 'b. Mar. 21, 1841 as above, 
and Nancy Wright Mills, b. Mar. 23, 1843, 
d. Aug. 21, 1876); son of Robert Mills of 
Augusta CO. Va. and Pickaway co. Ohio, 
b. in Augusta co. 1782, d. in Pickaway co. 
in Sep. 1842, moved to Ohio 1814, farmer 
there until 1842 (m. Mar. 24, 1809 Mary 
Emmitt, b. Jan. 8, 1786, d. in Marion la. 
May 26, 1876, dau. of John Emmitt, and 
had 7 ch., viz.: Eliza, b. Nov. 12, 1807, d. 
in Marion Mar. 17, 1887 [m. May 9, 1831 
Johnston Elliott of Mt. Vernon Ohio 1856, 
b. near Chambersburg Pa. Feb. 22, 1802, 
d. in Marion Nov. 8, 1885, merchant, post- 
master there, had 7 ch., viz.: Mary Ellen, 
b. Oct. 31, 1833 [m. Jan. 20, 1857 Henry 
Parkhurst, and had 3 ch., viz.: Edward E., 
b. Sep. 18, 1858, d. Oct. 13, 1876, George 
J., b. Sep. 4, 1865, and Daniel M., b. Sep. 
4, 1865, m. Oct. 4, 1893 Louise Gififen], 
Rebecca Ann, b. Dec. 26, 1835, d. Feb. 24, 
1856 [m. in July 1854 Nahum, and had 
Frank E., b. Aug. 8, 1855, d. Sep. 23, 1856], 
Henry Prather, b. Feb. 12, 1838 [m. Oct. 
14, 1857 Antoinette M. Twogood, and had 
3 ch., viz.: Albert J., b. Feb. 26, i860, m. 
Apr. 3, 1890 Katharine Reynolds, Henry 
Curtis, b. Aug. 31, 1865, and Ella Louise, 
b. May 11, 1874], Johnston, b. Feb. 21, 1842 
[m. Mar. 19, 1866 Esther Primrose, and 
had 3 oh., viz.: Nellie, b. May 2, 1868, m. 
Dec. 14, 1887 F. J. Davis, Luverne, b. Oct. 
23, 1870, d. Dec. 12, 1878, and George, b. 
Nov. II, 1876. d. Nov. 27, 1878], Milton 
Lee, b. Sep. 8, 1844, m. Jan. 4, 1889 Susan 
L. Lake, and had 4 ch., viz.: William L., 
b. Nov. 27, 1866, m. June 4, 1889 Minnie 
M. Stein, Eliza E., b. June 15, 1869, d. Aug. 
23. 1871, Mary Lee, b. Dec. 29, 1872, d. 
Ser>. 23, 1878, and Maud Lake, b. Apr. 10, 
1877I, Eliza, b. Nov. 6, 1846, and Lester, 
b. June II, 1849, d. Jan. 8, 1890, m. Oct. 
19, 1881 Mary B. Winter], William Mof- 
fett Mills, b. May 14, 1809, Nancy, b. Feb. 
6, 1811, d. Oct. 21, 1824, Jane, b. 1812, d. 
1826, John Emmitt, b. Sep. 22, 1814, furni- 
ture dealer in Chillicothe Ohio fm. ist 
July 9, 1839 Almira, b. in Va. 1822, d. Nov. 
29, 1849, dau. of Harvey Wilson, 2d Dec. 
14, 1852 Elizabeth, b. 1815, d. Jan. 3, 1880, 
dau. of John Shever, had 2 ch., viz.: John 

E., b. July 24, 1841 [m. ist July 3, 1861 
Margaret, b. in Feb. 1843, d. in Jan. 1888, 
dau. of John Miskimmons, 2d 1890 Eclipse 
Newton, and had Joseph, b. June 9, 1862, 
Nellie, b. Apr. 17, 1864, m. July 27, 1886 
J. F. Gentry, Almira, b. June 10, 1867, m. 
Sep. 10, 1890 Jesse Watson, Gypsy, b. 1891, 
d. Feb. 5, 1897, and Alma, b. 1893], Alima, 
b. Mar. 2, 1846, m. July 2, 1867 Orlando 
H. Barker, b. May 3, 1843, and had John 
R. M., b. May 12, 1868, Margaret, b. Oct. 
6, 1869, m. Oct. 6, 1885 Julius F. Dean, 
Nellie, b. Feb. 24, 1873, m. Apr. 25, 1894 
William H. Christner, Orla C, 'b. Aug. 6, 
1875, and Anna Louise, b. May 17, 1878, 
m. July 6, 1897 Erwin McClintic], Wesley 
Mills, b. 1816, d. 1820, and Milton Lee 
Mills of Mt. Vernon Ohio, b. Oct. 20, 1824, 
d. July 7, 1887, shoe merchant, ist lieut. 
CO. B 22d reg. Ohio N. G. [m. May 24, 
1848 Matilda Shaw, b. Oct. 31, 1827, and 
had 2 ch., viz.: Charles Shaw, b. Sep. 8, 
1849, d. Aug. 18, 185 1, and Mary Mills, b. 
May 28, 1856, m. Feb. 10, 1875 John S. 
McConnell, b. July 5, 1848]); son of John 
Mills of Augusta co. Va., b. in Drumillar 
CO. Ireland, d. in Augusta co, June 13, 
1800, emigrated to Augusta co. 1770, was 
planter and slave 'holder there until 1800 
(m. about 1780 Frances Hall, d. in Au- 
gusta CO. 1843, dau. of Jo'hn and Elizaibeth 
Hall, had 9 ch., viz.: Robert, b. 1782 as 
above, Elizabeth [m. Mar. 9, 1804 William 
Craig, and had 7 ch., viz.: Lucinda, d. 
Apr. 27, 1827, Frances Juliet, b. 1807, d. 
Apr. 16, 1866, William, John, James New- 
ton Craig, b. Dec. 22, 1813, Alexander 
Mills Craig, b. Dec. 3, 1818, and Mary 
Craig], Samuel, d. 1830 or 5, John, b. Jan. 
21, 1789 [m. Sep. 3, 181 1 Dorcas Allison, 
and had 10 ch., viz.: William A., b. June 
I, 1812, d. Sep. ID, 1879, Samuel B., b. Apr. 
15, 1814, d. in July 1838, Andrew A., b. 
Feb. 20, 1816, d. Feb. 10, 1866, James, b. 
Nov. 20, 1817, d. Mar. 10, 1874, John, b. 
Oct. 30, 1819, d. Mar. 24, 1820, Alexander, 
b. May 27, 1821, d. in June 1888, Nelson, 
b. Apr. 2, 1824, d. Oct. 21, 1824, Frances 
Jane Givens, b. Dec. 18, 1825, Erastus 
Webb, b. June 26, 1829. and Francis Mar- 
ion Mills, b. Dec. 19, 1831], Alexander, b. 



Feb. 26, 1789, d. June 22, 1838 [m. Jan. 28, 
1816 Alcinda Collins, and had 8 ch., viz.: 
John, b. June 17, 1817, d. Nov. 8, 1818, 
Mary Frances, b. Sep. 26, 1819, Elizabeth, b. 
May 16, 1822, d. Dec. 4, 1888, Julia Ann, 
b. July 2^, 1827, d. Feb. 2, 1865, Sarah Ann, 
b. July 27, 1827. America B.. b. Aug. 20, 
1830, Jame F., b. Apr. 20, 1825. d. Nov. 
22,, 1861, and Sarah Booth Mills], William, 
b. Nov. 13, 1790, d. Feb. 23. 1856 [m. Aug. 
19, 1822 Catharine Hanger, and had 5 oh., 
viz.: Obedience, b. Sep. 25, 1824, d. Dec. 
27, 1894, John Alexander, b. July 17, 1830, 
d. Jan. 26, 1885, William David, b. in Oct. 
1835, d. Oct. 26. 1867, George Hanger, b. 
Mar. 2, 1840, and Frances Catharine, b. 
Feb. 9, 1842], James, b. Oct. 20, 1794 [m. 
Feb. 3, 1822 Elizalbeth Metts, and had 8 
oh., viz.: John, b. Apr. 24, 1823, Elizabeth, 
b. Oct. 12, 1824, d. Nov. I, 1852, Adam, b. 
June 30, 1826, d. Jan. 23, 1880, James Wil- 
liam, b. Aug. I, 1838, d. Apr. 4, 1852, Mar- 
cus, b. Sep. 19, 1831, d. 1875, Sarah Jane, 
b. Nov. 22,, 1832, Deborah, b. Sep. 30, 1834, 
■and Dorcas, b. Sep. 3, 1837], Thomas, b. 
Aug. 9, 1796 [m. 0«ct. 29, 1839 Jane A. 
Moffett, and had 3 ch., viz.: Mary Agnes, 
b. Aug. I, 1842, d. Oct. 15, 1842, Frances 
Elizabeth, b. June 18, 1840, and Susan Vir- 
ginia, b. Sep. 13, 1843], and Sally Mills); 
son of John Mills of Drennillar Ireland, 
b. there 1710, d. in Dromore Parish in 
Nov. 1800, farmer, manufacturer of linen 
cloth (had 5 ch., viz.: John, Robert, Wil- 
liam, b. 1753, m. Dorthia Beck, Alexander, 
d. 1836, m. Nancy Woods and Jane Mills, 
m. George Greer), had bro. Robert Mills, 
who d. in Sep. 1785, was a planter of Au- 
gusta CO. Va., and William Mills. 

b. there Feb. 11, 1870, educated at the 
York CO. acad., entered the Western na- 
tional bank, York Pa. as clerk 1885, and in 
a few years became its teller, accepted the 
cashiership of Smyser, Bott & Co.'s bank 
1891, teller of the York Trust Real Estate 
and Deposit 'CO. of York Pa. since 1894 
(m. June 14, 1894 Em-ma Wilson Kline- 
felter, dau. of Rev. Frederick and Anna 
[Wilson] Klinefelter, desc. of Mekhor 

Klinefelter, who emigrated to Amer. from 
Germany 1750, and of Joh. Dan. Dinckel, a 
nobleman of Strasburg, who emigrated to 
Amer. 1753, she, Emma had dau. Anna 
Wilson Lewis, b. July 2"], 1895) ; son of 
Clay Eli Lewis of York Pa., b. Dover Apr. 
5, 1844, d. York Dec. 10, 1897, educated at 
the York co. acad., became bookkeeper of 
the 1st national ibank York 1866, cashier of 
the Western national bank of York 1879- 
97 (m. Apr. 26, 1869 Ellen Sarah, b. Aug. 
15, 1847, dau. of Joseph and Sarah 
[Weaver] Smyser, and desc. of Matthias 
Schmeisser, who emigrated from Reigel- 
bach Germany to York co. Pa. 1731, she, 
Ellen had 8 ch., viz.: Ellis S. as above, 
Joseph Smyser, b. May 13, 1872, druggist, 
Mabel Rebecca, b. July 11, 1873, Sadie 
Moore, b. Sep. 13, 1875, Clay Eugene, b. 
Feb. 21, 1878, Ellen Kate, b. Oct. 3, 1879, 
Margaret Violet, b. Feb. 2(), 1883, and 
Mathias Smyser Lewis, b. Sep. 14, 1889) ; 
son of Robert Nebinger Lewis of Dover 
Pa., b. in Lewisberry Pa. July 30, 1799, d. 
in Weiglestoiwn Pa. Mar. 16, 1846, physi- 
cian (m. Mar. 28, 1822 Mary Moore, b. 
Feb. 28, 1801, d. in Dover Pa. Dec. 17, 
1867, dau. of John and Sarah [Pugh] 
Moore, desc. of Mordicia, who emigrated 
to Pa. from Wales about 1684, she, Mary 
had 7 ch., viz. : Josephine S., b. Feb. 18, 
1823, d. Mar. 29, 1894 [m. Dr. Samuel 
Meisenhelder], Rebecca M., b. Sep. 8, 
1825, d. July IT, 1889 [m. Samuel Smyser], 
Rush Webster, b. Dec. 14, 1827, d. May 24, 
1874 [m- Georgianna Morrel], Orfila 
Jolin, b. July 24, 1830, d. Aug. 10, 1849, 
Mary Ann N., b. Apr. 5, 1833, Melchinger 
R., b. Sep. 14, 1838, d. Apr. 28. 1888 [m. 
Justina Maul], and Clay Eli Lewis as 
aibove); son of Webster Lewis of Lewis- 
berry Pa., d. in Red Land Valley Pa. Oct. 
18, 1780, d. in New Cumberland Pa. May 
28, 1832, physician, artist, lawyer (m. July 
25, 1798 Mary Nebinger, b. Mar. 10, 1779, 
d. in Lewisberry Nov. 16, 1830, dau. of 
Dr. George Nebinger [and Ann Rankin], 
rev. soldier, desc. of Andreas Nebinger, 
who emigrated from Paris France to York 
CO. Pa. 1739, John Rankin and Joseph 
Bennett, who with Ellis Lewis first settled 




in York co. 1735, she, Mary had 8 ch., viz.: 
Robert N. as above, Ann, b. Feb. 9, 1801, 
George Washington, b. Dec. 15, 1803, d. 
Apr. 7, 1865 [m. Mrs. Clark], Rankin, b. 
Dec. 26, 1804, d. Oct. 30, 1838 [m. Sophia 
N. Bliss], Rebecca M., b. Feb. 15, 1808, d. 
Oct. 18, 1873 ['^n- 1st David Harman, 2d 
Rev. Mr. Slack], Eli, b. July 15, 181 1, d. 
Aug. I, 1882 [m. 1st Hannah Poist, 2d 
Jane Laughlin, 3d Eliza Bethel], Andrew, 
b. Apr. 19. 1813, d. Mar. 10, 1877 [m. ist 
Jane Ann McCann, 2d Eliza A. Evans], 
and James Webster Lewis, b. Sep. 25, 1815, 
d. June 16. 1843) ', son of Eli Lewis of 
Lewisburg Pa., b. in Red Land Valley Pa. 
Jan. 31. 1750, d. in Lewisburg Feb. i, 1807, 
major of the ist battalion York co. militia 
1777, laid out the town of Lewisburg Pa. 
1798, started the Norrisburg Pa. Adver- 
tiser, the 1st newspaper published in the 
capital city 1791, wrote a poem called " St. 
Clair's Defeat " (m. Nov. 10. 1779 Pamela 
Webster, b. Mar. 19, 1759, d. in Lewisburg 
Pa. Feb. 20, 1803, dau. of John and Jane 
[Brinton] Webster, and desc. of William 
Brinton, who was the ist settler and owner 
of Birmingham Pa., emigrated there from 
Birmingham Eng. before 1684, m. Ann 
Bagley, she, Pamela had 9 ch., viz.: Web- 
ster as above, Eliza, 'b. Oct. 12, 1782, d. 
1830 [m. Robert Hamersley], Phoebe, b. 
Aug. 19, 1784, <i. Oct. 12, 1810 [im. Mr. 
Ligget], Pamela, b. Fdb. 2, 1787, Eli, pres. 
1st national bank York Pa., b. Sep. 30, 
1789, d. May 4, 1867 [m. ist Anna Mary 
Lauman, 2d Rebecca Forney], Juliet, 
b. Jan. 13, 1792, d. Fdb. 13, 1793, Juliet, b. 
May 8, 1794, James, pres. York bank. b. 
Jan. 31, 1796, d. Nov. 16, 1845 [m. Jane 
Barnitz], and Ellis Lewis, c^hief justice of 
the supreme court of Pa. 1854, b. May 16, 
1708. d. Mar. 19, 1871 [m. Josephine Wal- 
lis]); son of Ellis Lewis of Red Land Val- 
ley Pa., b. in Kennett tp. Pa. Mar. 22, 1719, 
d. in Red Land Valley in Jan. 1795. one of 
the 1st settlers there, a large land owner 
(m. Feb. 25, 1744 Ruth, d. about 1798, dau. 
of John Wilson [and Rubh Kind], emi- 
grated from Scotland before 1740, was a 
merchant at Chadds Ford on the Brandy- 
wine, and gr.-dau. of James Kind, b. in 

Drogheda Ireland 1693, of English desc, 
she, Ruth Lewis had 2 ch., viz.: Eli as 
above and Ellis Lewis, d. before 1794, m. 
Rachel) ; son of Ellis Lewis of Kennett tp. 
Pa., b. in Wales 1680, d. in Wilmington 
Del. Aug. 31, 1750, emigrated from Wales 
to Pa. 1708 (m. 1st Feb. 13, 1713 Elizabetn, 
b. Jan. 3, 1687 or 8, d. 1723, dau. of Na- 
thaniel Newlin [and Mary Mendenhall], 
was the owner and settler of Newlin tp. 
Pa., member of the provincial assembly 
1698, was one of the comim. on the revision 
of the laws and government of Pa. 1700, 2d 
Feb. II, 1723 Mary B.aldwin, she, Elizabeth 
had 4 ch., viz.: Robert, b. Jan. 21, 1714. d. 
Apr. 4, 1790 [m. Mary Pyle]. Mary. b. 
Tune 6, 1716, d. Aug. 22, 1760 [m. Joshua 
Pusey]. Nathaniel, b. Oct. ii, 1717, d. July 
I, 1751, and Ellis Lewis, b. Mar. 22, ^719, 
d. in Jan. 1795 as above); son of Robert 
Lewis of Wales, d. 1700 (m. Mary, d. in 
Pa.); son of Owen oi Wales (m. Mar- 
garet, dau. of Sion, and desc. of Grufifydd 
Derwas) ; son of Lewis of Wales (m. 
Mary, dau. of Tudeor Vaugham, desc. of 
Grufifydd Derwas); son of John of Wales 
(m. Ellen, dau. of Howell Grufifydd) ; son 
of Grififith (m. Elizabeth, dau. of David 
Lloyd, desc. of Sandee Nardd. lord ^^ 
Morton); son of Hoiwell. lord of Nannau 
Wales (m. Jane, dau. of Humiphrey) ; son 
of David Lewis, lord of Nannau (m. Ellen, 
dau. of Rohert Salisbury) ; son of Meuvic 
Vaugham Lewis, lord of Nannau (m. 
Mary, dau. of Howell of Rhys, desc. of the 
princes of Powysland) ; son of Meuric, 
lord of Nannau (m. Angharad, dau. of 
David of Cadwgan. desc. of Elystan Glod- 
rydd, prince of Fferlys) ; son of Howell 
Sele Lewis, lord of Nannau (m. Mali, dau. 
of Einion of Grufifydd) ; son of Meuric 
Lloyd Lewis, lord of Nannau (m. Mallt, 
dau. of Howell Pickhill); son of Ynyr 
Vycham Lewis, lord of Nannau (m. Ang- 
harad, dau. of Grufifydd of Owen, desc. of 
Bleddyn. prince of Powys) ; son of Ynyr. 
lord of Nannau (mi. Gwenhwyvar. dau. of 
Grufifydd of Owen. desc. of Bleddyn, 
prince of Powys) ; son of Meuric, lord of 
Nannau (m. Gwerfyle. dau. of Madog of 
Llowarch); son of Maedoc, lord of Nan- 



nau (m. Gwenllian, dau. of lerwerth of 
Predyr) ; son of Cadwgan Lewis, lord of 
Nannau (m. Eva, dau. of Philip of Uch- 
toyd, desc. of Howell Dha, king of all 
Wales) ; son of Bleddyn, prince of Cowys 
and lord of Nannau in Menonethshire 
Wales (m. Gwenllian, dau. of GrufTydd of 
Lyman, prince of Gwynedd) ; son of 
Cynfyn, d. 1072, prince of Po'wys and king 
of Wales, and a desc. of Howell Dha, king 
of all Wales (m. Isabel, dau. of Picot do 
Say, a Norman baron). 

throp Miass., b. in Worcester Mass. 
July 17, 1853, commercial traveler (m. 
July 10, 1875 Ada M^aria Winn, b. in Port- 
land Me. Feb. 5, 1857, dau. of William 
Winn [and Mary Colby], b. in Wells Me. 
1819, son of Josiah Winn) ; son of Charles 
Bartlett Lamb, b. in Phillipston Mass. 
Sep. 28, 1828, d. in Brooklyn Ct. June 19, 
1887, lived' in Worcester Mass. 1866. 
(married June 15, 1852 Marion M. 
Person, b. in Marlboro Vt. Mar. 9, 
1832, d. in Providence R. L Aug. 7, 1877, 
dau. of Ebenezer Person [and Laura 
Gile], b. in Windham Vt. Mar. 3i, 1797, 
d. in Dummerston Vt. July ij, 1889, son of 
George Person, b. in Windham 1778, d. 
there in 1831, son of eGorge Person, b. 
in Eng., she, Marion had 9 ch., viz: Chas. 
E. as above, Walter A., William M., 
Francis E., Mary A., Alice M., Otto P., 
Laura G. and Harry M. Lamb) ; son of 
John Lamb of Phillipston Mass., b. there 
June 8, 1790, d. there Mar. 23, 1872 (m, 
Feib. 5, 1812 Sarab Nickerson, b. in Prov- 
incetown Mass.. and had 7 ch., viz.: Mary 
H., James S., Olive N., Sarah N., John 
Milton, William W. and Charles B. as 
above); son of John of Phillipston Mass., 
b. in Framingham Mass. June 3, 1756, d. in 
Phillipston Feb. 5, 1822, rev. soldier (m. 
M'ar. 16, 1779 Susannah, b. in Framing- 
ham Mass., bp. Aug. 8, 1757, dau. of Ben- 
jamin Haven [and Ruth Gleason], whose, 
ancestors came from the west of Eng 
and settled in Lynn Mass. 1645, she, Su- 
sannah had 8 ch., viz: Azubah, Susan, 
Betsey, John, b. June 8, 1790 as above. 

Patty, Ezra, Eleanor and Sumner); son 
of Samuel Lamb of Framingham Mass., 
b. there Mar. 10, 1721, d. there Mar. 2*], 
1793 (m. Sarah, and had 11 ch., viz: 
Joshua, Benjamin, Esther, Sarah, John, b. 
June 3, 1756 as above, Mary, Nathan, 
Elizabeth, David, Abigail and Martyn); 
son of Samuel of Framingham Mass., b. 
in Roxbury Mass., bp. Apr. 12, 1695 (m. 
[St Feb. 17, 11707 Hester Joslin of Marl- 
boro Mass., d. 1728, had 3 ch., viz: M>ary, 
b. May 31, 1710, Barzillai, b. Sep. 12, 1712 
and Samuel, b. Mar. 10, 1721 as above, 
2d. Mary, and had son Joshua, b. Aug. 
5, ^JZ'h^', son of Abiel Lamb of Roxbury 
and Framingham Mass. 1695, b. in former 
June 2, 1646, d. in latter 11710, constable 
T700, selectman 1701 (m. Elizabeth, and 
had 4 oh., viz.: Harbittle, bp. in Roxbury 
Feb. 26, 1675, Abiel, b. Dec. 23, 1679, 
Jonathan, b. Nov. 11, 1682 and Samuel, 
bp. Apr. L2, 1685 as above) : son of Thomas 
of Roxbury Mass., b. in Eng., d. in Rox- 
bury Jan. 2^, 1646, freeman 1631, came to 
Amer. in the fleet with Winthrop (m. ist 
Elizabeth, and had Thomas, b. in Eng. as 
nbove, John, Samuel, b. in Aug. 1630, 
Abel, b. in Roxbury Mass. in June 1633. 
Decline, b. in Feb. 1637 and Benjamin, b. 
in Aug. 1639, 2d Dorothy Harbittle, and 
had Caleb, Joshua, b. 1642, Mary. b. 1644 
and Abiel, b. June 2, 1646). 

burg Phila. Pa., b. in Woodford co. 
Ky. Oct. 13, 1867, educated at Columbian 
univ. Washington D. C, grad Phila. di- 
vinity school 1891, ordained deacon 1891, 
priest 1892, now rector of Emmanuel ch. 
flolmesburg Phila., member of the Soc. of 
the rev. and war of 1812, is chaplain of the 
Soc. of Colonial Wars in D. C. (unmar- 
ried), has bro. Dr. William Taliaferro 
Hord of Washington: son of Wm. Talia- 
ferro Hord of Washington D. C, b. in 
Mason co. Ky. Mar. 3, 1832, M. D. of Pa. 
univ. 1853, assistant surgeon U. S. N. 1854, 
promoted to past asst, surg. 1859, surgeon 
t86i, medical inspector 1872, medical di- 
rector U. S. N. 1879, served in the war 
of rebellion, member of the Loyal Legion 



(m. Dec. 4, 1866 Eleanor Vaulx Harris, 
dau. of Maj. Arnold Harris U. S. army, 
son of Gideoo Harris, desc. of Thomas 
Harris of R. I. 1636, Arnold Gardiner and 
other rev. families of R. I., she, Eleanor 
was gr.-dau. of Gen. Robert Armstrong, 
who com'manded the artillery at (battle of 
New Orleans 1815); son of Francis Trip- 
lett Hord of Maryisville Ky., b. in Mason 
CO. Ky. Sep. 19, 1797, d. there May 20, 
1869, was a government surveyor in early 
life, surveyed upper Mo. river, returned 
to Marysville Ky., admitted to the bar and 
became one of the leading lawyers of the 
state, was circuit judge, director of the 
bank of northern Ky. (m. Sep. 20, 1826 
Elizabeth Scott Moss, dau. of Kindal 
Moss, a soldier in the war of 1812, gr.-son 
of Moses Moss, who was a desc. of the 
Moss family which settled in York co. 
Va. 1658); son of Elias Hord of Mason 
CO. Ky., b. in Prince Va. Mar. 9, 1773, d, 
in Mason co. Ky. Nov. 2, 1821, private in 
Capt. Richard Matson's co. Col. Richard 
M. Johnson's reg., participated in Win- 
chester's defeat and the battle of the 
Thames, was the ist to overtake Gen. 
Proctor's carriage which had been aban- 
doned, capt. (m. Sep. 15, 1796 Ann, dau. 
of Capt. Francis Triplett of Farquier co. 
Va., an officer in the rev. war and in the 
French and Indian war, vestryman, jus- 
tice of the peace, she, Ann was gr.-dau. of 
Thomas Francis Triplett, desc. of Pre- 
bendary Thomas Triplett of Westminster 
Abbey Eng) ; son of Jesse Hord of Caro • 
line CO. Va., b. there Oct. 31, 1749, d. in 
Mason co. 1814, was an officer in the Va. 
militia in rev. war., was one of the earliest 
pioneers and Indian fighters of Ky. (m. 
May 7, 1772 Anthoret, dau. of Peter Hord 
of Stafford co. Va., and gr.-dau. of Johrs 
Hord of Shady Grove Va., the ist ancesto*' 
of the Hord family in Amer.): son of 
Thomas of Caroline co. Va., b. there Sep. 
7, 1701, d. there, owned a large estate and 
many slaves (m. June 24, 11726 Jane Miller, 
belonged to one of the oldest and most 
prominent families of Caroline co. Va.): 
son of John Hord of Caroline co. Va.. b. 
in E'well Eng. Dec. 29, 1664. d. in Caroline 
CO. 1712, emigrated to Va. 1685, purchased 

a large tract of land which he called 
" Shady Grove," this estate remained in 
the family until 1821, belonged to the Hord 
family seated for centuries in Salop, Surrey 
and Cote House Oxfordshire Eng. 

ton N. J., b. in Springfield Mass. 
Apr. 29, '1849, lived in Springfield, Daven- 
port Iowa and Rome N. Y., now eastern 
manager for Hoyt Metal Co. of St. Louis 
Mo., connected with same for the past 19 
years (m. list Mar. 12, 1872 Carrie Emma 
Dewey, dau. of Gardner W. and Marcia 
Ann [Clark] Dewey of Hanover N. H., 
and had 3 ch., viz: Maud Carrie, Robert 
Addison and Margaret, b. Dec. 7, 1879, 
2d 1887 Emma Gardiner, b. in Canada, of 
English desc, widow of C. H. Cunning- 
ham); son of Addison Day, b. in South 
Hadley Miass. Apr. 4, 1823, d. in Rome 
N. Y. Dec. 25, 1893, manager of different 
R. R., connected with Boston and Albany, 
N. Y., Ohio and Wesitern, Rome, Water- 
town & Ogdensburg, St. Louis & Iron 
Mountain, Utica & Black River (m. Dec. 
28, 1847 Margaret, dau. of Horace Smith 
[and Grata Bagg, dau. of Oliver Bagg, 
soldier in the war of 1812], b. in Westfield 
Mass., moved to West Springfield Mass., 
farmer there) ; son of Plin Day, b. in 
South Hadley Mass. May 27, 1782, d. in 
West Springfield Aug. 311, 1846 (m. May 
15, 1805 Deborah Butts, desc of Richard 
Butts, who settled in Dorchester Mass. 
1638) ; son of Ezra, b. in Colchester Ct. 
Apr. 2i2, 1743, d. in South Hadley Mass. 
Nov. 21, 1823 (m. Oct. 3, 1767 Hannah 
Kendall, d. Oct. 23, 1827); son of Abra- 
ham Day, b. in Colchester Ct. Mar. 17. 
1712, d. there Mar. 18, 1792 (m. Nov. 20, 
1740 Irene Foot, d. Aug. 7, 1809); son of 
John, b. in Hartford Ct. 1677, d. in Col- 
chester 1752 (m. list Jan. 21, 1696 Grace 
Spencer, 2d Mary, d. Nov. 2, 1749, dau. of 
Samuel and Mary [Wells] Hale, and gr.- 
dau. of Samuel Wells of Glastonbury Ct.): 
son of John Day of Hartford Ct., b. there, 
d. there 1730 (m. Sarah Butler); son of 
Bobert, b. about 1604. d. in Hartford Ct. 
1648, emigrated to Amer. 1634, settled in 
Newton Mass., freeman 1635, resided in 



Hartford 1639, moved from Newton with 
Rev. William Hooker's co. (m. ist Mary, 
2d Editha Stebbins, sister of Edward Steb- 
bins of Hartford Ct., one of the ist settlers 

Meriden Ct., b. there May 27, 1857 
(m. Nov. 30, 1886 Sophie Phillips ManS' 
field, desc. of Richard Mansfield, one of 
the ist settlers 'of New Haven Ct., and had 
dau. Agnes Mansfield Curtis); son of 
George Redfleld Curtis of Meriden Ct., 
b. there Dec. 25, 1825, d. there May 20, 
1893, mayor two terms, delegate to dioce- 
san convention, also to general convention 
U. S. 1892, treas. of Meriden Britannia co. 
(m. May 23, 1855 Augusta Munson, b. in 
Greenfield N. Y. July 117, 1833, desc. of 
Thomas Munson, a pioneer of Hartford 
and New Haven Ct.); son of Asahel 
Curtis of Meriden Ct., b. there July 2, 
1786, d. there Dec. 27, 1865, member of the 
legislature, ensign (m. Nov. 8, 1812 Me- 
hitable Redfield, b. Apr. 11, 1790, d. Sep. 
3, 1885, desc, of the Redfields of Killing- 
worth Ct., John Alden of Plymouth Mass. 
and the Grinnells of Saybrook Ct.) ; sou 
of Benjamin Curtis of Wallingford Ct., b. 
there Oct. 27, 1735, d. in Meriden Ct. Jan. 
16, 1822, farmer, largest landowner in 
the tp., served in the French and Indian 
war (m. Mar. 31, 1763 Mindwell Hough); 
son of Benjamin of Wallingford, b. there 
Apr. 27, 1703, d. there Oct. 29, 1754 (m. 
Dec. 12, 1727 Miriam Cook) ; son of 
Nathaniel of Wallingford, b. there May 
14, 1677, d. there Mar. 4, 1763, held many 
town offices (m. July 9, 1702 Sarah How); 
son of Thomas of Wallingford Ct., b. in 
Stratford Ct. Jan. 14, 1648, d. in Walling- 
ford 1736, was elected constable 1681, his 
signature on the roll of Wallingford 
planters 1670 is almost identical with that 
on a deed of land in Stratford 1677 (m. 
June 9, 1674 Mary, dau. of Nathaniel 
Merriman, one of the early settlers of 
New Haven, was capt. of Dragoons in 
King Phillip's war) ; son of John Curtis 
of Stratford Ct., b. in Eng., d. in Stratford 
Dec. 2, 1707, was one of the ist settlers of 
Stratford (m. Elizabeth Wells). 

TSHAM, AUGUSTUS of Cincinnati 
J- Ohio, b. in Colchester Ct. Jan. 22, 1801, 
d. in Cincinnati Mar. 6, 1882, was interested 
in mercantile pursuits in Cincinnati 1828- 
70, was pres. of the O'hio Life Insurance 
CO. for many years (m. Apr. 18, 1822 Eliza 
Bryce, b. in Glasgow Scotland [dau. of 
David Bryce and Eliza Tboi'U'^on, related 
to Thomsons of Thomson's Seasons], and 
had dau. Isabella Bryce Isham, who m. 
Oct. 2, 1861 Elbridge Lawrence Thomas 
of Cincinnati, pres. of Cine, chamber of 
commerce 6 years, memlber city council, 
etc., and had daii. Augusta Isham Thomas, 
whj m. James Hicks, now of Piqua Ohio); 
s^'n of John Isham of Coliohester Ct., b. 
in Bozrah Ct. Feb. 24, 1774, d. in Col- 
chester Dec. 12, 1859, represented Colches- 
ter repeatedly in both houses of the state 
legislature, trustee of the Bacon acad. (m. 
Jan. 19, 1797 Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel 
Gilbert of Gilead Ct., b. there June 3, 1734, 
d. there Apr. 24, 1818, was presiding judge 
of the court of common pleas of Tolland 
CO. for 21 years, im. Sep. 13, 1775 Deborah 
Champion, dau. of Col. Henry Champion, 
who was b. in East Haddam Ct. Jan. 19, 
1723, d. in Westchester Ct. July 23, 1797, 
was appointed sole commissary-general of 
the eastern dept. of the continental army 
to supply all necessary stores and pro- 
visions for the troops, m. Dec. 25, 1746 
Deborah, dau. of Capt. Joshua and Mehit- 
able [Dudley] Brainard). 

nati Ohio, b. in Worthington Mass. 
May 23, 1809, d. in Cincinnati Dec. 17, 
1851, came to Cincinnati when a young 
man, beca»me one of the most influential 
citizens there (m. Hannaih Jeannette [dau. 
of John and Hannah [Wylie] Twichell, 
and gr.-dau. of Capt. John Wylie], and 
had dau. Hannah Jeannette, who m. 
Charles E. Hicks of Cincinnati Ohio, b. 
Aug. I, 1835, d. July 28, 1864, wholesale 
grocer, and had son James Hicks oi Piqua 
Ohio, b. May 9, 1861, pres. Cine. Corru- 
gating CO., sec. and treas. of Piqua Rolling 
Mill, m. Feb. 26, 1884 Augusta Isham 
Thomas, dau. of Elbridge Lawrence 



Thomas of Cimcinnati, see lineage of Au- 
gustus Isham) ; son of Nathan Hazen of 
Worthington Mass., b. in Norwich Ct. 
Dec. 8, 1763 or 4, d. in Worthington Mar. 
14, 1847, removed from Norwich to Worth- 
ington (m. Jan. 10, 1792 Phoebe, dau. of 
Capt. Jesse Starkweather [and Mary 
Kuine], was among the men who marched 
from Ct. lor the relief of Boston Mass. in 
the Lexington alarm 1775, lieut.) ; son of 
Howlet Hazen of Norwich Ct., b. there 
Mar. 19, 1723 or 4, d. in Wilkesbarre Pa., 
removed to Wyoming Pa., and boug'ht 
land in Wilkesbarre (m. Sep. 8, 1748 
Zeruiah, dau. of Hleazer and Zeruiah 
[Lefifingwell] Lord of Norwich Ct., and 
gr.-idau. of Benjamin and Elizabeth 
[Pratt] Lord, desc, of Dr. Thomas and 
Dorothy [Bulkley] Lord of Hartford Ct.); 
son of Jacob Hazen of Norwich Ct., b. in 
Topsfield Mass., bp. Apr. 24, 1692, d. in 
Norwich Dec. 22, 1755 (m. Oct. 2T, 1719 
Abigail Lathrop, dau. of Joseph and Mary 
[Scudder] Lathrop, gr.-dau. of Samuel 
and Elizabeth Lathrop, and desc. of Rev. 
John Lathrop, who came to New England 
1634, moved to Barnstable Mass.); son of 
Thomas Hazen (m. Mary Howlet) ; son >A 
Edward of Rowley Mass. 1649, ist of the 
name to come to Amer. (m. Hannah 

Granville N. Y., b. there Apr. 7, 1862. 
educated at 'private schools, entered O. 
Baldwin's drug store 1882, passed exami- 
nation of N. Y. state board of pharmacy 
1885 (m. Oct. 24, 1894 Grace Lincoln, b. in 
Leominster Mass. Mar. 10, 1868, dau. of 
George Timothy and Nellie Maria [San- 
derson] Lincoln) ; son of Aaron Good- 
speed of Granville N. Y., b. in Welb Vt. 
May 4, 1808, d. in Granville Dec. 13, 1879, 
learned the trade of wagon making at 
Pa;wlet Vt., afterwards studied med'cuie, 
grad. Castleton Vt. medical coll. 1835 C^- 
Mar. 31, 1861 Sarah Brown Whitcomb, b. 
in Granville N. Y. Oct. 30, 1827, dau. of 
Benjamin Brown and Sabrina [Duel] 
Whitcomb) ; son of Winslow Goodspeed 
of Wells Vt. and South Granville N. Y., 

b. proib. in Barnstable Mass. Feb. 9, 1771, 
d. in Pawlet Vt. Nov. 10, 1842, music 
teacher and ohorister at Wells Vt., mill- 
wright by trade (m. ist Lydia Merchant, 
d. Aug. 14, 1800, dau. of Hezikiah Mer- 
chant of South Granville N. Y., 2d Vinsa 
Swift, b. in Wallingford Ct. Apr. 3, 1779, 
d. in Wells Vt. Sep. 7, 1863, dau. of 
James Swift [and Mehitable Merwin], 
came to Amer. with the British army 1756, 
was in the battle of Quebec, settled in 
Wallingford Ct. 1766); and of Edward 
Goodspeed of Barnstable Mass., b. there 
June 5, 1741 (m. Oct. 19, 1764 Judifh Wins- 
low, b. Mar. 19, 1743); son of Ebenezer, 
b. Feb. 17, 1715 (m. Elizabeth Bodfish); 
son of Ebenezer, b. Sep. 10, 1685 (m. Mary 
Statia) ; son of Ebenezer Goodspeed, b. 
Dec. 27, 1655 (m. Lydia Crowell) ; son of 
Roger, who was a political refugee from 
Eng., settled in Barnstable Mass. 1638 (m. 
1641 Alice Dayton). 

Woodstock Ct., b. in Mansfield Ct. 
July 20, 1833, a clergyman of the Congre- 
gational ch., fitted for coll. at Wesleyan 
acad., A. M. 1865, published " Patriotism " 
1861, " Our Country's Claims " 1862, '' In 
Memory of Abraham Lincoln " 1865, 
" Religion oi Free Masonry " 1866, " In 
Memory of James A. Garfield " 1881, 
" Historical Address 150th Anniversary 
Cong'l Church Goshen Ct." 1890, and 
" History of Goshen " 1898 (m. Aug. 12, 
1855 Ellen Laura Parker, dau. of Alvin 
Hyde and Mary [Horsford] Parker, and 
had 4 oh., viz.: Arthur, Ernest, Mary and 
Charles Merrill Hibbard, b. in Detroit 
Mich. Mar. 14, 1866); son of Eliphaz 
Belles Hibbard, b. in Mansfield Ct. Jan. 
8, 1808, d. in South Coventry Ct. Nov. 14, 
1880, merchant and manufacturer (m. Apr. 
10, 1831 Almira, dau. of Sylvester and 
Nancy [Nichols] Stanley, gr.-dau. of Dan- 
iel Stanley [and Anah], son of Daniel 
Stanley, she, Almira had 5 oh., viz.: Au- 
gustine G. as above, Eliphaz Sylvester, b. 
Dec. 15, 1836, Edwin Stanley, b. Jan. 6, 
1839, Anna Bolles, b. Aug. 2, 1842, and 
Almira Stanley Hibbard, b. Jan .25, 1846); 



son of Eliphaz Hibbard of Mansfield Ct., 
b. in Windham June 16, 1744, d. in Mans- 
field Apr. 6, 1830 (m. Jan. 2,2, 1804 Jerus'ha, 
dau. of Jonathan Fuller, and desc. of 
Thomas Fuller of Dedham Mass. 1635, 
Rev. Richard Mather of Dorchester Mass. 
and of Robert Williams of Roxbury 1638); 
son of Joseph Hibbard of Windham Ct, 
b. May 15, 1678, d. in Windham Apr. 29, 
17 , physician (m. Martha Smith, and had 
3 ch., viz.: Eliphaz, b. June 16, 1744 as 
above, George and Augustine) ; son of 
Robert of Salem Mass., bp. Mar. 7, 1648, 
d. Apr. 29, 1710; son of Robert Hibbard of 
Salem Mass., b. in England 1612, d. Mar. 

7, 1684, came to Amer. with Gov. Win- 
throp 1635, was a saltmaker in Salem (m. 

STITES, SAMUEL, b. near Mt. Bethel 
N. J., d. in Lebanon 111. about 1830, 
removed to Hamilton co. Ohio about 1800, 
to Fairfield Ohio about 1806 and to Leba- 
non about 1818 (m. Martha Mastin, dau. 
of Ephraim Martin [son of Col. Martin] 
and Macy Alward, dau. of Henry Alward 
[and Mary Cox], son of Henry Alward 
[and Miss Compton], came from England 
and lived near Basking Ridge N. J.); son 
of Isaac Sitites of Somerset co. N. J., b. 
1754, d. Aug. 7, 1830 (m. Anna, dau. of 
Amos Butler); son of William of Mt. 
Bethel N. J. (m. Miss Searing); son of 
William Stiites, b. in Hempstead L. T. 
1676, d. in Springfield N. J. 1727, removed 
with his parents to Springfield N. J.; son 
of Richard of N. J., b. in Hempstead L. I. 
1640, d. in Springfield N. J. 1702; son of 
John Stites, b. in Eng. 1595, d. in Hemp- 
stead L. I. 1717, 122 years of age, emi- 
grated from London Eng. to New Eng 
land, then to Hempstead. 

FRYE, CHARLES F. of Goshen N. Y.. 
Chemung N. Y. and Morgan co. 111., 
b. in Goshen Nov. 20, 1784, d. near Jack- 
sonville 111. Oct. 20, 1845, farmer (m. Jan. 

8, 1809 Matilda Buck, desc. of Maj. Wil- 
liam and Deborah [Forman] Buck, Lt. 
Asahel Buck, who was killed by the In 
dians Feb. i, 1779, Capt. Aholiab Buck, 

killed in the Wyoming massacre July 3, 

1778, and Elijah Buck, her father was 
taken prisoner at Wyoming massacre, she, 
Matilda had 4 ch., viz.: Abiel, De Witt 
Clinton, Merritt Harmon and Phebe Rus- 
sell Frye, b. July 21, 1816, d. Feb. 4, 1880, 
m. Oct. 21, 1838 Aaron Parker of near 
Jacksonville 111., d. there May 31, 1849, 
served in war of 1812, and had dau. Ma- 
tilda Parker, who m. David Gillespie, see 
Gillespie lineage in this vol.); son of 
Abiel Frye of Andover Mass., Goshen and 
Chemung N. Y., b. in Andover Nov. 8, 
1734, d. in Goshen 1806, served in the 
French and Indian wars, was in 3d co. of 
Fort Alarm list 1757, at Fort William 
Henry 1757, in Capt. Asa Foster's from 
Apr. to Nov. 1758, lieut. in Capt. Benjamin 
Edwards' co. from June to Dec. 1760, re- 
moved to Province Pa. 1763, to Chemung 
CO. 1794 (im. Feb. 2, 1784 Abigail Farnaim, 
widow of Eleazer Owens, who d. in July 

1779, dau. of Capt. Eliab Farnam [and 
Abigail Kilium], ensign in ist militia co. 
Preston Ct. 1771, lieut. of same 1774, capt. 
of 8th CO. 24th reg. in the colony of Ct. 
1775, she, Abigail Frye had Charles F. as 
above, Henry Laurens and Alfred Frye) ; 
son of Abiel Frye of Andover Mass., b. 
there May 30, 1703, A. there Mar. 22, 1757, 
selectman 1748-9, town treas. 1755, capt. 
in the expedition to Crown Point and at 
the battle of Lake George (m. Feb. 10, 
1732 Abigail, dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth 
Emery of Andover Mass., and had Abiel, 
b. Nov. 8, 1734 as above, Maj. Isaac, who 
served as quartermaster of Col. Reed's 
reg. at the battle of Bunker Hill, then 
capt. of 1st CO. 3d battalion N. H. line, 
and Simon, judge, served in Capt. Asa 
Foster's co. 1758, was member of the 
house of reps., of the senate and of the 
council in Mass. for nearly 20 years, was 
chief justice in Oxford co. Me.) ; son of 
John Frye of Andover Mass., b. there Sep. 

16, 1672, d. there, was quartermaster 1696 
(m. Nov. I, 1694 Tabitha Farnam, b. Oct. 

17, 1678, dau. of Tho-mas Farnam [and 
Elizabeth Sibbons. b. Aug. 26, 1683], b. 
1631, d. Jan. II, 1683], b. 1631, d. Jan. 11, 
1685, serg., surveyor, gr.-dau. of Ralph and 



Alice Farnam, came to New England 
1635, and desc. of Ralph and Elizabeth 
[Holt] Farnam and Nicholas Holt of 
Andover Mass., she, Tabitha had Abiel, b. 
May 30, 1703 as above, John, Isaac, Joseph, 
general, removed to Fryeburg Me., for 
whom the town was named, Samuel and 
John); son of Samuel Frye, lieut. (m. 
Mary, dau. of Lt. John Aslebe, who was 
^representative to general court 1701, g, 
'11, and had Ebenezer, Nathan, Col. Sam- 
uel, Benjamin and John, b. Sep. 16, 1672 as 
above) ; son of John Frye, b. in Basing 
Eng. 1601, d. in Andover Mass. Nov. 9, 
1693, wheelwright, came from England to 
Newbury 1638, removed to Andover 1645, 
freeman 1645 (m. Anne, d. in Andover 
Oct. 22, 1680, had John, deacon in the ist 
ch. in Andover, Benjamin, Samuel and 

TAMES, EDMUND J. of Chicago 111., 
^ b. in Jacksonville 111. May 21, 1855, 
grad. 111. state normal univ. and of the 
univ. of Halle Prussia, prof, of political 
science in the Pa. univ. 1883-95, prof in the 
univ of Chicago 1896, pres. of Amer. acad. 
of political and social science, editor of 
annals of the acad., member of National 
Council of Education, editor of publica- 
tions of Pa. univ. on political economy 
and public law series, pres. of Amer. soc. 
for the extension of univ. teaching (m. 
Aug. 22, 1879 Margarethe Lange of Halle 
Germany [dau. of Rev. Wilhelm Roder- 
ich Lange, pastor at Schochwitz and 
Hohnstedt Prussia, see end of lineage], 
and had 3 ch., viz: Anthony John, Her- 
mann Seidensticker and Helen Dickson 
James); son of Colin D. James of Evans- 
ton III., b. in Randolph co. West Va. Jan 
15, 1808, d. in Bonita Ka. Jan. 30, 1838, 
Methodist minister; member of the 111 
conference 1834-88, biography minutes of 
111. conference 1888 (m. Nov. 27, 1850 
Amanda K. Casad, b. in Lebanon 111. Aug. 
18, 1827, d. in Evanston 111. Sep. 23, 1878, 
dau. of Dr. Anthony Wayne Casad of 
Lebanon, see Casad lineage) ; son of Wil- 
liam B. James of Summit Grove Ind., b. 
in Westmoreland co. Va. 1769, d. in Vicks- 
burg Miss. 1826, physician, Methodist 

minister, removed to Hampshire co. Va., 
Lo Kandoipn co. Va., to jeiterson co. Ohio 
i6ii, to Mansneid Ohio, to irlutler co. 
Uhio and to Vermilion co. Ind. 1622, built 
the ist church in Mansheld, and laid out 
the town of Mdhin (m. 179^^ Elizabeth 
Uuling, b. in Hampshire co. Va. 1771, d. 
in Mansheld i8i8, aau. of William Duung, 
b. in Eng. 1748, d. in Hampshire co, 1839 
and Miss Campbell), William Roderich 
Lange, above, b. in Querfurth Germany 
May 8, 181 5, d. in Wiirzburg Ger. Apr. 
9, 1881, studied at univ. of Halle, pastor 
of the established church at Hohnstedt 
and Schochwitz Prussia [son of Wilhelm 
Lange, merchant of Querfurth Ger. J, m. 
Feb. 3, 1845 Antonie Wilhelmine Gerlach, 
b. in Halle Ger. Jan. 26, 1820, d. there Sep. 
25, 1884, dau. of Gottlob Wilhelm Gerlach, 
b. in Quedlinburg Prussia Nov. 3, 1786, 
d. in Halle 1864, was prof, of philosophy 
ist in Wittenberg, later in Halle [m. 1819 
Wilhelmine Schaefifer, d. 1829, dau. of 
Prof. Schaeffer of the univ. of LeipsiicJ, 
son of Carl Heinrich Gerlach, b. 1758 [m. 
Johanna Rebekka Dechant, b. 1760, d. 
1812J, son of Johann Heinrich Gerlach, b. 
Oct. 2S, 1693, d. May 9, 1762 [m. Maria 
Thormann, b. Aug. 21, 1688, d. June 7, 
1747, dau. of Andreas Thormann], son of 
Daniel Gerlach of Zeitz Saxony, b. Mar. 
I, 1649, d. 1720 [m. Elizabeth Wieise, b. 
Feb. 2, 1654, d. 1730, dau. of Zacharia 
Weise], son of Johann Gerlach, b. 1623, d. 
1675 [m. Maria Miiller, b. 1621, d. 1674], 
son of Daniel Gerlach, b. in Zeitz Saxony 
1 571. 

EVANS, HiENRY of New York city, 
b. in Houston Texas Apr. 14, i860, 
vice pres. Continental Insurance Co. (m. 
June 21, 1882 Mary Roland Lopez, of 
English and Spanish desc); son of Joseph 
Henry Evans of Houston Texas, b. in 
Bledsoe co. Tenn. Dec. 13, 1835, d. in 
Yazoo city Miss. Feb. 3, 1863, was ist aid 
on Gen. Wall's stafT commanding the 
Texas legion wiith rank of col. (m. 1859 
Cora W., dau. of Edward Wyllis Taylor, 
b. in Sunderland Mass. June 11, 1814, and 
desc. of Gov. William Bradford) ; son of 
Henry Evans of Houston Texas and N. Y, 



city, b. in Boston Mass. 1806, d. in N. Y. 
city Oct. 12, 1879, physician, moved to 
Bledsoe co. Tenn. on a farm, to Houston 
1S39 (m. Feb. 9, 1835 Susannah Rowe of 
English desc.) ; son of Joseph, b. in Cashel 
Ireland Feb. 9, 1770, d. in Zanesville Ohio 
Mar. 17, 1847, physician, served as sur- 
geon in the English reg. at Gibraltar Spain 
7 years, came to Amer. 1805, lived in Bos- 
ton, Baltimore and Ohio, moved to N. Y. 
1814, practiced medicine there. 

^ Sussex CO. N. J. May 2, 1791, d. In 
Summerfield 111. Dec. 15, 1857, removed k* 
Fairfield Ohio 1809, to St. Clair co. 111. 
1818, was one of the founders of McKen- 
dree coll., the oldest coll in 111. (m. Feb. 
6, 181 1 Anna Stites, b. 1796, d. in Summer- 
field 111. July i6, 1838, dau. of Capt. Sam- 
uel Stites of Hamilton 00. Ohio and 
Miartha Marten); son of Thomas Casad 
of Sussex CO. N. J., b. in Somerset co. 
N. J. Sep. 13, 1763, d. in Sussex co. N. J. 
Nov. 19, j8o8, was pastor of 2d Wantage 
Baptist ch. oi Sussex co. 1803-8, removed 
from Somerset co. to Sussex co. 1786 (m. 
1786 Abigail Tingley, b. in Somerset co. 
Sep. i6, 1765, d. near Greenville Ohio 
Aug. 25, 1825, dau. of Joseph Tingley and 
Christian [Manning, sister of James Man- 
ning, ist pres. of Brown univ.], son of 
Bbenezer Tingley and Elizabeth of Som- 
erset 00. N. J.); son of Anthony Casad 
of Bernardstown N. J., d. 1790 (m. Cath- 
erine, dau. of Thomas Coon of Bernard 
tp. N. J., d. in July 1785, and gr.-dau. of 
Thomas Coon of North Precinct of Som- 
erset CO. N. J., d. 1761) ; son of Jacob Cos- 
sart of Bridgewater tp. N. J., b. in 
Brooklyn N. Y. Nov. 16, 1701, d. in Bound 
Brook N. J. Apr. 19, 1772 (m. Annah); 
son of Anthony of Brooklyn N. Y., b. in 
N. Y. Nov. 19, 1673 (m. July 17, 1696 
Elizabeth Valentine, dau. of Jan Tymen- 
sen of Schenectady N. Y.) ; son of Jacques 
Cossart of Brooklyn N. Y., d. 1785, came 
from Leyden to N. Y. in the ship " Pom- 
erlander Kerch " 1662, took oath of alle- 
giance to English 1664 (m. Lydia Willems 
of Leyiden). There is a Jacques Cossart 

bp. in Leyden May 29, 1639, left Leyden 
1657, returned with wife Lea Vilman 1659, 
and left Leyden with his wife 1660. 

York Pa., b. there June 22, 1866, 
member of York co. Pa. bar, emiployed 
with the Bradstreet co., grad. York col- 
legiate inst. (unmarried) ; son of James of 
York Pa., b. in Youngstown Pa. Dec. 14, 
1828, is an active practitioner at the York 
CO. bar, was register lof wills of York co. 
1877, postmaster of the city of York 1884- 
88, trustee of the York collegiate inst. and 
of the children's home of York from the 
foundation of each (m. Mar. 19, 1862 Jane 
Elizabeth Fisher, b. in York Mar. 19, 1837, 
dau. oi Dr. John Frey Fisher, and desc. of 
Baltzer Spangler, and had 9 ch., viz.: 
James A. as above, John Fisher of York 
Pa., lb. Jan. 30, 1863, atty. at law [m. Apr. 
19, 1888 Ella Louise Brown, dau. of 
John M. and Rebecca Brown], Helen 
Margaret of York Pa., b. Aug 8, 1868, 
Mary Cobean of York, b. Dec. 7, 
1870, William Sterling of York, b. Sep. 
7, 1873, Alfred Mears of York, b. July 
t8, 1876, Jane Fisher of York, b. May 
15, 1879, and Eliza Kurtz Kell of York, b. 
July 16, 1883); son of Samuel Kell of 
Upper Strasburg Pa., b. in Humimelstown 
Pa. June 6, 1799, d. in Upper Strasburg 
Aug. 27, 1846, was a teacher in the local 
school (m. Jan. 5, 1828 Margaret Mears, 
b. in Dry Rim Pa. Oct. 5, 1802 [dau. of 
John and Ann [Baldridge] Mears, gr.- 
dau. of Samuel and Mary [Blair] Mears 
and of John and Rebecca [Clark] Bal- 
dridge, and desc. of Sir James Holmes of 
Ireland], and had 4 ch., viz.: James as 
above, William Henry of Wasihington D. 
C, b. Sep. 16, 1830, d. May 6, 1897 [m. 
Oct. I, 1854 Charlotte S. Washbaugh of 
Fulton CO. Pa., and had 2 ch., viz.: William 
Alfred of Washington D. C, b. Oct. 14, 
1855, m. Maggie E. Morgan, and James 
Henry of Washington D. C, b. Sep. 17, 
1864, m. Maud E. Goss], Mary Emmeline 
of York Pa. and Rachel ElizaJbeth Kell 
[m. Hugh Whiteford McCall of York, 
atty. at law, and had 3 ch., viz.: James St. 



Clair, atty, at law, Samuel Kell, atty. at 
law, and Hugh Clark McCall]); son of 
James Kell of Franklin co. Pa., b. in Pa. 
1775, d. near Upper Strasburg Pa. Mar. 
12, 1843 (m. 1st Ann MoCollough, 2d 
Rachel Doran); son of Aaron Kell. 

^ Lyndon Kan., b. in Milan Ohio 
Nov. 8, 1845, served as soldier through the 
civil war in 00. A loist Ohio inf., wounded 
3 times, helped to survey ist railway via 
southern route throug-h New Mexico, Ariz, 
to Cal. 1867, returned to Kan. 1868, taught 
15 terms in public school, farmer, collector 
of historical data, director of Kan. State 
Hist. Soc. (m. Dec. 28, 1869 Flavia Ann 
Barbour, dau. of Dryden and Jane [Wil- 
oox] Barbour of Canton Ct.); son of 
Elias Green of Wakeman Ohio, b. in 
West Bloomfield N. Y. May 22, 1820, d. in 
Wakeman Mar. 12, 1881, a writer of prose 
and blank verse, 'Contributing to several 
newspapers, farmer, taught 14 terms of 
sahool, 'held various town offices (m. Nov. 
26, 1844 Mary Ann Shelton, b. in Wake- 
man Ohio, dau. of Gershom Shelton and 
Hepsebath Smith, who removed from the 
vicinity of Norwalk Ct. to the Western 
Reserve aboiut 1818); son of Charles of 
Milan Ohio, b. in Steuben N. Y. Apr. 27, 
1794, d. in Milan Mar. 31, 1853, learned the 
trade of a fuller in Oneida co. and left 
home to seek his fortune when 20 years 
old, owned a 40 or 60 acre farm in Roch- 
ester (im. Sep. 10, 1818 Electa Perrin, d. in 
Milan Ohio 1855, dau. of Jacob Perrin, 
who with ihis bros. settled and named Per- 
rington N. Y., and desc. of John Perryn 
of Braintree Mass. 1635) ; son of Ezra 
Green of Steuben N. Y., b. in Litchfield 
CO. Ct. Jan. 30, 1754, d. in Remsen N. Y. 
in Sep. 1824, served in Capt. Hindman's 
CO. of Col. Benjamin Hindman's Ct. reg. 
1775, was in Col. Bradley's reg. 1776, in 
Capt. Hawley's co. Col. Moseley's reg. 
1777, Baron Steuben invited him to come 
and live on his grant, which he did 1791, 
receiving a little tract for a trifle (m. 1776 
Amy Church, d. 1841, had ^bro. Joshua, b. 
1744, was a capt. in rev. war, and dau. of 

Samuel Church [and Sarah Porter of 
Litchfield co. Ct.], d. 1760, paper manu- 
facturer, and desc. of John Porter) ; son of 
Eleazor Green of Stamford Ct., b. there 
Feb. 25, 1724, d. there 1758 (m, Apr. or 
Sep. 13, 1748 Sarah, dau. o'f Nathaniel Sel- 
lick of Stamiord Ct.); son of Jacob of 
Norwalk Ct., b. about 1695 ('"i- Nov. 12, 
1719 Elizabeth, dau. of John Reed of Nor- 
walk, and had 5 ch., viz.: Elizabeth, b. 
Nov. 6, 1720, Elija, b. Apr. 9, 1723, Eleazor, 
b. Feb. 25, 1724 as above, Ruth, b. Feb. 

25, 1726 or 27, and Asahel, b. Oct. 25, 

Mass., b. in Cambridge Mass. Apr. 

26, 1800, d. Dec. 20, 1829 (m. May 7, 1826 
Lydia, dau. of Laban and Celia [Sprague] 
Stoddard of Hingiham, and had 3 ch., viz. : 
Henry, b. Mar. 22, 1827, Mary Frances, b. 
Dec. 15, 1828, d. Jan. 21, 1883 [m. July 28, 
1862 Charles Brigham, see Brigham line- 
age], and Samuel Adams Locke, b. July 
30, 1830, d. Nov. 30, 1867) ; son of Samuel 
Locke of Camibrid)ge Mass., b. there Mar. 
13, i773» d. there Jan. 22, 1806 (m. Nov. 
12, 1797 Hannah, dau. of Thomas and 
Hannah [Brooks] Learned); son of Sam- 
uel of Cambridge Mass., b. there Dec. 15, 
1748, d. there Sep. 13, 1819, lieut. in rev. 
war (m. May 16, 1771 Martha, dau. of 
Joseph and Martha [Frost] Adams); son 
of Samuel Locke of Cambridge Mass., b. 
there Jan. 15, 1714, d. there Aug. 5, 1775 
(m. Deborah, dau. of Jonathan and Ruth 
[Wri>ght] Butterfield) ; son of Francis of 
Cambridge, b. there July 25, 1690, d. there 
Sep. 3, 1770 (m. Feb. 25, 1713 Elizabeth, 
dau. of Joseph and Sarah [Harrington] 
Winship) ; son of William Locke of Cam- 
bridge Mass., b. there Jan. 18, 1659, d. there 
July 8, 1738, deacon (m. May 29, 1683 
Sarah, dau. of Francis and Isabella 
[Park] Whittmore); son of William of 
Cambridge, b. in Stepney Parish Eng. 
Dec. 13, 1628, d. in Cambridge Jun« 16, 
1720, deacon, came in the ship " Planter " 
1634 (m. Dec. 27, 1655 Mary, dau. of Wil- 
liam Clarke and Margery oi Woburn). 



clair N. J., b. in Baltimore Md. Nov. 
5, 1835 (m. Feb. 5, 1873 Marion Snelling 
Forsyth, b. in Maumee city Ohio Sep. 30, 
1845, and had 6 ch., viz.: Dexter Newell, 
b. in Orange N. J. Nov. 16, 1873, Roder- 
ick Duncan, b. in Brooklyn N. Y. Sep. 
14, 1875, Agnes Jackson, b. in Orange July 

18, 1877, Marion Forsyth, b. in Orange 
Mar. I, 1879, Joanna Newell, b. in Orange 
Dec. 6, 1881 and Malcolm Wise Force); 
son of Dexter Clark Force of N. Y. city, 
b. in New Braintree Mass. Mar. 16, 1800, 
d. in N. Y. Aug. 31, 1859 (m. May 19, 1833 
Joanna Bussy Newell, b. in Littletown 
Mass. May 2.7, 1805, and had 5 ch., viz.; 
Charles Andrew, b. in Baltimore Md. May 

19, 1834, d. May 19, 1834, Dexter Newell, 
b. Nov. 5, 1835 as above, Charles William, 
b. in Baltimore Sep. 20, 1837, d. Apr. 15, 
^839, Charles William, b. in Baltimore 
Sep. 10, 1839, d. Sep. 16, 1878 and Thomas 
Sholes, b. in Baltimore Jan. 21, 1842) ; son 
of Jonathan Force of New Braintree 
Mass. (m. in Mar. 1795 Polly Clark, and 
had 6 ch., viz.: Dexter Clark, b. Mar. id, 
1800 as above, Charles Lynch, b. Mar. 10, 
1802, Harriet Maria, b. Mar. 8, 1804, Mary 
Fisher, b. July 18, 1806, Lucy Saphrona, 
b. Nov. 25, 1796 and Almira Force, b. 
June 29, 1798); son of Jonathan, b. in 
Wrentham Sep. 14, 1735 (m. June 28, 1764 
Mary Woods, and had 4 ch., viz. : Jonathan 
as above, Sarah, b. Apr. 9, 1782, Anna, b. 
July 4, 1784 and David, b. July 28, 1786, 
d. July 23, 1791); son of William Force 
of Wrentham Mass., b. there Feb. 22, 1700 
(m. May 17, 1727 Abigail Ware, and had 
8 ch., viz. : William, b. Aug. 29, 1728, Mary, 
b. Mar. 11, 1730, Timothy, b. Mar. 2, 1731, 
Benjamin, b. Dec. 19, 11733, Jonathan, b. 
Sep. 14, 1735 as above, Bathsheba, b. Aug. 
30, ^1?>7, David, ib. Oct. i, 1739 and Detty, 
b. Mar. 14, 1744); son of Mark Force of 
Wrentham Mass. (m. Oct. 13, 1698 De- 
borah Maccane, and had 5 ch., viz: 
Dorothy, b. July 7, 1699, d. Aug. 26, 1775, 
William, b. Feb. 22, 1700 as above, Mark, 
b. Apr. 19, 1703, Ebenezer, b. Apr. 18, 
1705 and Richardson, b. Oct. 25, 1707). 

JOHNSON of Davenport Iowa, b. 
in Meriden Ct. Dec. 9, 1839, grad. Gris- 
wold coll. and seminary, B. A., M. A., D. 
D. and S. T. D. of same, prof in coll. sev- 
eral years, 11 years in China, pastor of St. 
Andrew's ch. 14 years, archdeacon of 
Davenport since 1891 (m. June 24, 1869 
Mary Elizabeth Barris, dau. of Rev. Dr. 
Willis H. Barris and Caroline Harrison, 
and gr.-dau. of Rev. Joseph Barris and 
Mary Peppard, and had 5 ch., viz.: Mary 
Fay, Helen E., Ruth A., Carrie B. and 
Anne Yarrington Hoyt) ; son of Melanc- 
thon Hoyt of Yankton, S. D., b. in Nor- 
walk Ct. Feb. 13, 1809, d. in Scotland S. 
D. Jan. 2, 1888, grad. Yale coll. 1830, or- 
dained deacon in the Episcopal ch. 1834 
and priest 1835, was honorary dean of Da- 
kota 1888 (m. Mar. 28, 1833 Ann Eliza 
Yarrington, dau. of Uriah and Ann [Tier] 
Yarrington, gr.-dau .of Williaim and Chloe 
[Cleveland] Yarrington, and desc. of Wil- 
liam and Rebecca [Dayton] Yarrington 
and of William and Alice [Woodward] 
Yarrington, who settled near Boston Mass. 
1700); son of Melancthon Hoyt of South 
Norwalk Ct. and New York city N. Y., b. 
in Stamford Ct. Sep. 17, 1770, d. in Nor- 
walk Ct. Nov. 2, 1845, when a lad of about 
12 steered a whale boat that captured a 
British ship in Long Island Sound during 
rev. war, later had lieutenant's commission 
signed by Gov. Trumbull, was at one time 
a large dealer in boots, shoes and leather 
in N. Y. city (m. Oct. 15, 1794 Betsey, 
dau. of Paul Taylor of Norwalk Ct. [and 
Sarah Nash], he was at the outset of the 
rev. war -a determined Tory, but later took 
up arms in behalf of the colony) ; son of 
Jolin Hoyt of Stamford Ct., b. there Nov. 
24, 1740, d. there Mar. i, 1825, serg. 1767, 
teacher, town iclerk 1775-1806, town treas. 
1 790-1809, one of the comm. of safety in 
Stamford 1775, deputy from Stamford in 
Ct. legislature 1777, was prize master for 
the port of Stamford (m. Dec. 31, 1761 
Abigail, dau. of Ebenezer Hait [and Mary 
Hait], rev. soldier); son of Samuel of 
Stamford Ct., b. there 1714 or 18, d. there 
Apr. 6, 1756, merchant (m. Mar. 8, 1738 



Abigail Bell, desc. of Lt. Francis Bell, one 
of the founders of Stamford) ; son of Sam- 
uel Hoyt of Stamford Ct., b. there 1679 or 
84, d. there 1766 or 7, deacon, represented 
Stamford in general court 5 years, clerk of 
probate in Stamford, capt., sat with Wil- 
liam Davenport in the famous Saybrook 
convention, and was their moderator (m. 
Mar. 29, 1704 Mary, dau. of Jeremy Jag- 
ger, who rendered such good service in 
the war with the Pequods that he received 
thanks and his sons were given grants of 
land); son of Benjamin Hoyt of Stamford 
Ct., b. in Windsor Ct. Feb. 2, 1644, d. in 
Stamford Jan. 26, 1735 or 6, was fence- 
viewer and pound for Northfield 1683-4, 
surveyor for Northfield 1700, selectman 
1690, collector to gather Mr. Davenport's 
rate 1700 (m. Jan. 5, 1670 Hannah, dau. of 
Jonas Weed, who d. in Stamford Ct. 1676, 
was one of the founders of Stamford, 
moved to Watertown 1631, freeman); son 
of Simon Hoyt of Stamford Ct., b. in Eng- 
land 159s, d. in Stamford Sep. i, 1657, 
landed in Salem 1628, moved to Charles- 
town Mass. 1629, was one of the 1st settlers 
of Dorchester 1630, removed to Scituate 
1635, to Windsor Ct. 1639 or 40, the name 
Hoyt's Meadow given to his place of resi- 
dence is still applied to that iportion of 
Windsor, moved to Fairfield 1649, thence 
to Stamford (m. 2d before 1637 Susanna). 

Shepherdstown W. Va., b. in Bunker- 
hill 111. July 16, 1873 (m. Oct. 14, 1896 
Emily Gary Guest, dau. of J. Wesley and 
Ruth Guest of Baltimore Md.) ; son of 
John Sabin Pierce of Shepherdstown W. 
Va., b. in StraflFord Vt. Feb. 2, 1828, grad. 
Dartmouth coll. 1851, moved to Shepherds- 
town, joined the Confederacy, was capt. 
and paymaster, was on the secret service 
under Gen. Robert E. Lee (m. June 8, 
1871 Eugenia, dau. of Charles and Eugenia 
[Kemp] Ayres of Baltimore Md., and is a 
relative of many prominent Md. and Va. 
families, she, Eugenia Pierce had 4 ch., 
viz.: George Albert, b. in St. Louis Mo. 
Apr. 19, 1872, Walter Bryant, b. July t6. 
1873 as above, Arthur Gary, b. in St. Louis 

Apr. 29, 1876, and Eugenia Somera Pierce, 
b. in St. Louis Mar. 20, 1878) ; son of 
Albigence Pierce, b. in South Royalton 
Vt. May 23, 1789, d. there Nov. 10, 1873, 
surgeon in the war of 1812 and was a most 
distinguished man (m. June 12, 1813 Lucy 
Bryant, and 'had 7 ch., viz.: Nathan W., b. 
Aug. 30, 1813, George B., b. Aug. 26, 181 5, 
Elizabeth M., b. Oct. 19, 1819, Albigence 
M., b. Apr. 27, 1823, John S., b. Feb. 2, 
1828, Lucy E., b. June 27, 1831, and Maria 
L., b. July 31, 1850); son of Willard of 
South Royalton Vt, b. there Jan. 28, 1762, 
d. there Nov. 25, 1830, was in rev. war at 
the age of 16 years (m. July 22, 1784 Su- 
sanna Waldo, and had 8 ch., viz.: Betsey, b. 
1785, Phineas, b. July 13, 1787, Albigence, 
b. May 23, 1789 as above, John D., b. July 
14, 1791, Lucy, b. Dec. 25, 1793, Betsey, b. 
July 4, 1796, Priscilla, b. Apr. 19, 1799, and 
Dane W., b. Jan. 20, 1803); son of 
Nathaniel Pierce of Pomfret Ct. and 
South Royalton Vt., b. Mar. 19, 1728, d. in 
latter July 13, 1808 (m. Sep. 24, 1754 Pris- 
cilla Sheppard, and had 9 ch., viz.: Eliza- 
beth, b. May 4, 1756, Martha, b. Mar. i, 
1758, Ph^be, b. Jan. 13, 1760, Willard, b. 
Jan. 28, 1762 as above, Lucy, b. Dec. 28, 
1764, Bester, Priscilla, Isaac, b. 1774, and 
Caleb); son of Nathaniel of Plainfield 
and Pomfret Ct., b. June 3, 1701, d. in 
Pomfret 1775 (m. Feb. 20, 1723 Elizabeth 
Stevens, and had 7 ch., viz.: Ruth, b. Nov. 
27, 1725, Nathaniel, b. Mar. 19, 1728 as 
above, Ezekiel, b. Dec. 18, 1730, Phebe, b. 
Feb. 5, 1732, Elizabeth, b. Nov. 30, 1736, 
Jedediah, h. Feb. 22, 1740, and Willard, 
b. Mar. 6, 1743); son of Timothy Pierce 
of Plainfield Ct., b. in Woburn Mass. Jan. 
25, 1673, d. in Plainfield May 25, 1748, 
judge of probate, ool. of militia, member 
of gov.'s council (m. 1st May 27, 1696 
Lydia Spaulding, and had 4 ch., viz.: Tim- 
othy, b. Oct. 7, 1698, Nathaniel, b. June 3, 
1701 as above, Jedediah, b. Feb. 23, 1703, 
and Lydia, b. Mar. 10, 1705, 2d Oct. 12, 
1709 Hannah Bradhurst, and had 6 ch., 
viz.: Benjamin, b. June 7, 1710, Ezekiel, b. 
Jan. 8, 1712, Phebe, b. Feb. 19. 1714, Han- 
nah, b. May 8, 1717, Abel, b. June 17, 1720, 
and Jabez); son of Thomas of Wohurn 



Mass., b. June 211, 1645, d. in Woburn Dec. 
8, 1717 (m. Mar. 24, 1680 Rachel Bacon, 
and had Timothy, b. Jan. 25, 1673, Rachel 
and Abigail); son 'of Thomas Pierce of 
Woburn Mass., b. in Eng. 1608, d. in 
Charlestown Mass. Nov. 6, 1683, serg., 
moved to Woburn 1643, selectman of Wo- 
burn 1660, was on the comm. for dividing 
the com^mon lands in Woburn, was one of 
the right proprietors 1667, and also of the 
general court comm. appointed for tdie 
same purpose 1668 (m. May 6, 1635 Eliza- 
beth Cole, and had 13 ch., viz.: Abigail, b. 
Aug. 17, 1639, John, b. Mar. 7, 1643, 
Thomas, ib. June 21, 1645 as above, Eliza- 
beth, b. Dec. 25, 1646, Joseph, b. Sep. 22, 
1648, Joseph, b. Aug. 13, 1649, Stephen, b. 
July 16, 1651, Samuel, b. Feb. 20. 1654. 
Samuel, b. Apr. 7, 1656, William, b. Mar. 
7, 1658, James, b. May 7, 1659, Abigail, b. 
Nov. 20, 1660, and Benjamin); son of 
Thomas Pierce of England and Charles- 
town Mass., b. in Eng. 1583 or 4, d. in 
Charlestown Mass. Oct. 7, 1666, came from 
Eng. to Amer. 1633, settled in Charlestown, 
freeman 1635, was one of the 21 commis- 
sioners appointed by the general court to 
see that the saltpetre !heaps were made by 
all the farmers of the colony (m. Elizabeth, 
and had 8 ch., viz.: John, Samuel, Thomas, 
b. 1608 as above, Roibert, Mary, Elizabeth, 
Persis and Abigail, b. June 17, 1639). 

Cincinnati Ohio, b. in Covington Ky. 
Nov. 21, 1870, atty. at law, registrar of the 
Ohio Soc. of the Sons of the Rev., geneal- 
ogist and numismatist (unmarried); son 
of William Walker Smith of Cincinnati 
Ohio, b. in Boone co. Ky. Jan. 17, 1843, 
retired merchant (m. Oct. 14, 1869 Emily 
Louise Van Deventer [of Dutch desc, her 
ancestors having come from Deventer 
Holland 1662], has 2 ch., viz.: William 
Walker Smith as above and Edwin Van 
Deventer Smith, b. Feb. 12, 1877); son nf 
Wright Smith of Covington Ky., b. in 
Boston Mass. ^811, d. in Covington 1862, 
merchant, was one of the early settlers of 
Cincinnati Ohio (m. Nov. 12, 1835 Matilda 
H. Walker, dau. of William McCannon, 

gr.-dau. of David Walker, rev. soldier, and 
desc. of James Walker, lieut, in colonial 
service and other government positions, 
Alexander Walker, John Walker, who was 
a member of the general assembly Kent co. 
Del. 1685 and John Walker of Appoqui- 
nonny Del., she, Matilda had 9 ch., viz.: 
Mary M., b. about 1836, Wright, b. about 
1838, Caroline, b. Oct. 30, 1840, d. Mar. i8, 

1845, William Walker, b. Jan. 17, 1843 as 
above, Julia Winston, b. Jan. i, 1845, d. 
June 26, 1845, Jacob Strader, b. Mar. 31, 

1846, d. July 6, 1846, Sallie Richards, b. 
about 1 85 1, Oliver, b. Aug. 8, 1853 and 
Edward Walker Smith, b. June 27, 1855, 
d. Aug. 18, 1855); son of Wright Smith 
of Cincinnati Ohio, b. in Vt. about 1789, 
d. in Cincinnati, was on the ship " Con- 
stitution " with Commodore Preble during 
the war with Tripoli, kept a log book of 
the daily happenings, was in war of iSj2 
(m. Sallie, dau. of Sir John Richards, and 
had 10 ch., viz: Wright, b. 181 1 as above, 
William R., Oliver, George F., Charles 
Sontag, Marion, Sarah, Julia, Alice and 
Kate, d. 1896); son of Levi of Amherst 
Mass., b. there 1761, d. in Hamilton Ohio 
Sep. 12, 1828, enlisted in the continental 
army at the age of 14 years, was in the 
Lexington alarm call, was a fifer and served 
during the entire war, participating in the 
principal battles, at the conclusion of the 
war he took to hunting and scouting for a 
profession, had many exciting adventures 
with the Indians, settled in Ohio (m. Han- 
nah Holland, who was of old New Eng- 
land stock, her ancestors settled in Pelham, 
she, Hannah had 11 ch., viz.: Josiah, b. 
Apr. 12, 1786, Silas, b. Feb. 9, 1788, Oliver, 
b. Jan. 28, 1790, Holland, b. Nov. 22, 1792, 
Wright, b. about 1789 as above, Solomon. 
Samuel, whose son Edwin Forest Smith 
resides in Cincinnati, Martin, Lemuel, 
Orin and Markus) ; son of Martin Smith 
of Amherst Mass., b. in Hatfield 1730, d. 
in Amherst 1780, rev. soldier, was in the 
Lexington alarm call in Capt. Dickin- 
son's CO., was in the battle of Bunker Hill 
with his son Levi (m. Jan. 4, 1760 Lucy, 
dau. of Preserved Clapp. gr.-dau. of Pre- 
served Clapp, and desc. of Preserved 



Clapp, who was deputy to general court, 
elder in the church for many years, and 
Roger Clapp, b. in Salcombe Regus, Dev- 
onshire Eng. 1609, d. Feb. 2, 1691, arrived 
at Nantasket 1630, was a military man, 
commanded the Castle, now Fort Inde- 
pendence Boston Mass. 1665-85, was lieut. 
of the ancient and honorary artillery co. 
of Boston, she, Lucy had 8 ch., viz.: Levi, 
b. 1761 as above, Josiah, Solomon, Jona- 
than, b. about 1768, M^artin, b. Oct. 7, 
1770, Stephen, b. Nov. 21, 1773, Wright, 
b. Feb. 19, 1775 and Phineas); son of 
Jonathan Smith of Amherst Mass., b. in 
Hatfield Aug. 10, 1689, d. in Amherst 
1778, was a capt. of the town and saw 
much service against the Indians (m. 
June 6, 1722 Hannah, dau. of Benoni 
Wright of Hatfield, gr.-dau. of Samuel 
Wright, son of John, son of John Wright 
of Kelvedon co. Essex Eng., she, Han- 
nah had 8 ch., viz.: Jonathan, b. 1728, Mar- 
tin, b. 1730 as above, David, Noah, b. 
Oct. 8, 1742, Hannah, Abigail, b. 1723, 
Rebecca and Jerusha) ; son of Jonatliam 
Smith of Hatfield, b. there 1663, d. there 
1737 (m. Nov. 14, 1688 Abigail, dau. of 
Joseph Kellogg of Farmington Ct. 1651, 
moved to Boston 1659, to Hadley 1662, 
lieut., selectman, he with his 3 ch. were 
captured and taken to Canada by the In- 
dians during the Pequod war, she, Abi- 
gail had 9 ch., Jonathan, b. Aug. 10, 1689 
as above, Daniel, b. Mar. 3, 1692, d. Nov. 
16, 1760, Abigail, b. Apr. 20, 1695, Stephen, 
b. Dec. 5, 1697, Prudence, b. May 16, 1700, 
Moses, b, Sep. 8, 1702, Elisha, b. July 10, 
1705, Elizabeth, b. May 8, 1708 and 
Ephraim) ; son of Philip Smith of Hat- 
field, b. in Weathersfield Ct. 1633, d. in 
Hatfield Jan. 10, 1685, lieut., deacon, rep- 
resentative (m. 1657 Rebecca, dau. of 
Nathaniel Foote of Weathersfield Ct., b. 
in Eng. 1615, was one of the ist settlers 
of Weathersfield and gr.-dau. of James 
Foote of Scotland, was made a knight by 
James I for bravery shown on field of 
battle, she, Rebecca had 9 ch., viz.: Sam- 
uel, b. in Jan. 1659, child, d. Jan. 22, t66i, 
John, b. Dec. 18, t66i, Jonathan, b. 1663 
as above, Philip, Rebecca, d. about Oct. 

7, 1750, Nathaniel, Joseph and Ichabod, b. 
Apr. II, 1675); son of Samuel Smith of 
Weathersfield Ct., b. in Eng. 1602, d. in 
Hadley 1680, came to Amer. in the Eliz- 
abeth of Ipswich, was deputy commis- 
sioner, associate judge, lieut. and capt., 
was appointed several times to treat with 
the Indians, was one of the original 
settlers of Weathersfield Ct. (m. 1625 Eliz- 
obeth, and had 6 ch., viz. : Samuel, b. about 
1625, Elizabeth, b. 1627, Mary, b. 1630, 
Philip, b. about 1633 as above, Chileab, b. 
about 1635, and John). 


^ Detroit Mich., b. in New Brighton 
Pa. Dec. 24, 1854, when quite young moved 
to Coldwater Mich, with his parents, 
thence to Dowagiac Mich. 1859, while only 
a lad was telegraph operator on the Mich. 
Central R. R., on the Canada Southern 
in Detroit 1874, went to Chicago 1879 as 
general western passenger agent of the 
Hoosac Tunnel R. R., and later the same 
position for the Central Vt., is now con- 
nected with the Detroit Telephone Co., is 
an expert electrician (unmarried), had 5 
bros and sisters, viz: Lt. FREDERXCK 
JULIAN CLARKE, b. in Rochester N. 
Y. Sep. 10, 1837, was killed while bravely 
leading his co. in a charge upon the rebel 
fortifications at Port Hudson La. May 2"], 
1863, was buried in the military cemetery 
at Baton Rouge La. (m. Aug. 2-^, 1861 
Clarke, b. in Rochester N. Y. Sep. 27, 1840 
(m. Mar. 9, 1864 Capt. Charles Hall 
Sprague of the ist Mich, cavalry, d. In 
Kansas City Mo. Jan. 12, 1870, had son 
Charles Albert Clarke Sprague, b. in Dow- 
agiac Mich. Sep. 29, 1865, d. at Hastings- 
on-Hudson N. Y. Mar. i, 1897. m. Nov. 
5. 1889 Estella Sadler), ADELAIDE 
DE.BIA Clarke, b. in Rochester N. Y. 
Nov. 29. 1842 (m. 1st. Aug. 16, 1863 
Thomas Peabody Pown, relative of George 
Peabody, the philanthropist, had son Fred- 
erick Lincoln Pown, b. in Dowagiac Mich. 
June TO. 1865, 2d Dec. 24, 1883 George 
Obee of Hastings-on-Hudson N. Y.), 
EDWARD DE VOLION Clarke, b. in 



Wheeling West Va. Mar. 15, 1850, d. in 
Rochester Pa. Aug. 4, 185 1, and GRACE 
GRBENWiOOD Clarke, b. in New 
Brighton Pa. Mar. 28, 1852, d. in Cold- 
water Mich. May 24, 1859; children of 
Joseph Baker Clarke of Dowagiac Mich., 
b. in Lebanon Ct. Oct. 23, 1806, d. in Dow- 
agiac Feb. 125, 1886, eminent lawyer (m. 
June 30, 1836 Jane B. Symes, b. in New 
York city Aug. 2, 181 5, dau. of Edward 
Symes, was a scholarly man, his father 
was a British officer under Gen. Bur- 
goyne, and desc. of Samuel Sherman, one 
of the most noted men of his day, came 
from England in company with his cousin 
Capt. John Sherman 1632, gr.-father of 
Roger Sherman, Senator John Sherman, 
Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, Eph- 
raim Wheeler, came from Eng. 1639, 
Mathew Miitchel, b. in Eng. 1590, came to 
Amer. with Rev. Richard Mather in the 
ship " James " 1635, had dau, Sarah 
Mitchel who m. Samuel Sherman, her 
mother Harriet Rowland was gt.-gr.-dau. 
of Henry Rowland who m. 1718 Tames, 
dau. of Deacon David Sherman, son of 
Samuel Sherman); son of Thaddeus 
Clarke of New Brighton Pa., b. in Leba- 
non Ct. Feb. 12, 1770, d. in New Brightain 
Feb. 15, 1854, physician, surgeon of Gov. 
Jonathan Trumbull's staff (m. Mar. 24, 
1802 Deborah Baker, dau. of Dr. Joseph 
Baker, was a surgeon on Gen. Putnam's 
stafif in the rev. war, desc. of Samuel Baker, 
she, Deborah had 11 ch., viz.: Dilia, Ade- 
la)ide, b. Dec, 25, 1804, d. Oct. 6, 1826, 
Joseph Baker Clarke, b. Oct. 23, 1806 as 
above, Frederick Julian, b. Sep. 10, 1808 
[m. Nov. 19, 1834 Maria L. Sayward, and 
had 5 ch., viz.: Mary Worcester, Henry 
Sayward, m. Dollie Winon, had son Fred- 
erick Winon Clarke who m. Jennie Wirst, 
desc. of John Rogers, the martyr, and had 
son Frederick Wirst Clarke, b. Apr. 8, 
1892, Charles Edwards, Jane and Horace 
Walter George Clarkel, Sophia Elizabeth, 
b. Oct. 22, 1810. d. May 25, 1868 [m. 
Charles Adams, and had 9 ch., viz.: Henry 
Albert, Henry Charles, Adelaide, Char- 
lotte, Mary Beardsley, George Bucher. 
Alice Sophia, Thaddeus Walter and Ed- 

ward], Albert Henry, b. Mar. 9, 1813, d. 
Feb. 2S, 1823, Charles Edwards, b. Sep. 
7, 1815, col. of the 6th Mich, heavy artil- 
lery in the war of the rebellion, was bre- 
veted brig.-gen., Rufus Lathrop Baker 
Clarke, b. June 4, 1817, practiced law in 
Rochester N. Y. in early life, removed to 
Mt. Pleasant Iowa about 1845, member of 
the constitutional convention, removed to 
Washington D. C. 1862, was a member of 
the board of appeals U. S. patent office 
with the title of judge 1869-^5 [m. Sep. 17, 
1856 Annie H. Phillips of Lynn Mass., 
and had Katherine Phillips, b. Aug. 4, 
1857, m. I St June 25, 1879 Augustus A. 
Nicholson of Washington D. C, and had 
Annie Phillips, b. May i, i88t>, Canott, b. 
Feb. 14, 1883, d. Feb. 17, 1883, m. 2d James 
Stoddard Williams of Glastonbtury Ct., and 
had 6 ch., viz. : Katherine Stoddard, b. Apr. 
5, 1879, Helen De Volion, b. Nov. 5, 1891, 
Percy Huntington, b. July 9, 1894, Edith 
Clarke, b. Aug. 3, 1896, Percy Edwards C, 
b. Nov. 9, 1859, d. Sep. 10, 1896, grad. of 
Cornell univ., lawyer and Phillips C. Wil- 
liams, b. Dec. 22, 1865], William Edwin 
Clarke, b. Feb. 22, 1819 [m. ist Harriet 
Hale, 2d Dec. 26, 1865 Mary L. Reed, and 
had William Edwards, b. May 7, 1867, d. 
Oct. 6, 1894, grad. Amherst coll. 1889 and 
of the North Western law sch., was a mem- 
ber of the law firm of Pidrich, Dawson 
& Clarke, Grace Clarke, b. Feb. 28, 1865, 
m. Jan. i, 1895 Glenn E. Plumb, and had 
son William Clarke Plumb, b. Oct. 15, 
1895 and William Edwin Clarke of River 
Front 111., studied medicine in Rochester 
N. Y., surgeon of the 4th Mich. inf. and 
later of 19th Mich.] Lucy Caroline Clarke, 
b. May 8, 1821 [m. June 7, 1853 Rev. 
Amory Dwight Mayo of Gloucester and 
Boston Mass., and had 4 ch., viz.: John 
Albert, Rosalind, Lucy Cordelia and 
Arthur Dwight Mayo], Sara Jane, b. in 
Pompey N. Y. Sep. 28, 1823, no woman of 
Amer. has become more widely known 
from her contributions to our popular lit- 
erature than Sarah Jane Clarke, over her 
nom de plume of Grace Greenwood fm. 
Leander K. Lippincott, d. 1896, had Annie 
Grace who m. Herbert Hall Winslow, the 



dramatist, and had son Herbert Hall 
Winslow, b. 1895, desc. of Edward Wins- 
low, the Pilgrim father and John Robin- 
son, pastor of the Pilgrims at Leydon] 
and Albert Henry Clarke, b. in Pompey 
N. Y. May 22, 1826, lawyer, moved to Cal., 
returned to the east 1863 [m. Nov. 23, 
1864 Sabrina M. Townsend, and had Mary, 
b. Oct. 12, 1865, Charles Edwards Clarke, 
b. Mar. 19, 1868, d. Mar. 2^, 1890, grad. 
Columbia law sch., admitted to practice 
1889 [m. Fear Robinson, gr.-dau. of John 
Robinson, the pastor of the Pilgrim 
fathers in Leydon Holland, her mother 
was Lucy De Volion, desc. of Capt. Gen. 
Ingineir De Volion, b. in Rochelle France, 
a Huguenot, Rev. John Lathrop, head of 
the Lathrop family in Amer. and of Gen. 
Benedict Arnold]); son of John Clarke of 
Utica N. Y., b. in Lebanon Ct. Jan. 7, 
1728, d. in Utica Dec. 23, 1822, grad. Yale 
coll. 1749, eminent physician (m. Nov. 7, 
175 1 Jerusha, b. Ang. 24, 1731, dau. of Col. 
Jabez Huntington [and Elizabeth, dau. of 
Rev. Timothy and Esther [Stoddard] Ed- 
wards], prominent in both civil and mili- 
tary life, she, Jerusha had sister Elizabeth 
who m. the Hon. Abraham Davenport, 
and desc. of the great New England di- 
vine, Jonathan Edwards and Aaron Burr, 
famous for his duel with Alexander Ham- 
ilton); son of Moses Clarke of Lebanon 
Ct., b. there 1683, d. there Sep. 18, 1749 
(m. Feb. 23, 1710 Elizabeth, d. Dec. 27, 
1761, dau. of Lt. Samuel and Mary 
[Clarke] Huntington, and gr.-dau. of Wil- 
liam Clark of Weathersfield Ct.); son of 
Daniel Clarke of Hartford Ct., b. in East 
Windsor Ct. Apr. 14, 1654, d. in Hartford, 
locksmith (m. 1678 Hannah, dau. of Dan- 
iel Pratt); son of Daniel Clarke of Eng- 
land, b. 1622, d. in Windsor Ct. Aug. 12, 
1710, lawyer, the head of this family of 
Clarkes came from Wiaral near Kiml- 
worth Eng, with his uncle the Rev. Eph- 
raim Htiet 1639, took the atty's oath in 
Andrus court at Hartford Ct. 1687, was 
a member of the court of assistants, Heut. 
of the Hartford troops 1658, capt. 1664, 
was secy, of the county court of Hartford 
for many years, member of the com. to 

appoint and commission officers of the 
militia, and of the Gov. and Lt.-Gov., the 
town of Windsor had a great pew which 
was wainscotted for the sitting of the mag- 
istrates, the town appointed him to sit in 
that pew (m. ist June 13, 1644 Mary New- 
bury, dau. of Thomas Newbury, who came 
in the ship " Mary and John " 1630, 2d 
Mrs. W'olcott whose son Roger W'oloott 
m. Sarah, dau. of Lt. Job Drake Clarke 
and Elizabeth and gr.-dau. of Daniel 

J-^ Montpelier Vt., h. Sep. 30, 1852, was 
educated at the Washington co. grammar 
school, assistant to the sec. of the Vt. 
Mutual Fire Ins. co. 1870-91, treasurer of 
same 1891, also director of the co. 1882-4, 
was a member of the fire dept. 1872-89, 
private of co. H Vt. national guard 1880, 
resigning as ist lieut. i88b, served as vil- 
lage trustee 1886-7, treas. of the board of 
land agents for many years, member of the 
Sons of Amer. Rev. since 1896 (m. Nov. 9, 
1881 Alice Elmore French, ib. Aug. 7, 1857, 
dau. of James Gale French and Orlantha 
Gouldsbury, and desc. of John and Grace 
French, one of the ist settlers of Braintree 
Mass., and Micaih French, who served in 
the French and Indian war, she, Alice had 
3 ch., viz.: James French, b. in Montpelier 
Vt. Mar. 7, 1883, Grace Elizabeth, b. in 
Montpelier iMar. 31, 1887, d. there Mar. 16, 
1891, and Maurice William Dewey, b. in 
Montpelier May 11, 1889); son of Charles 
Dewey, b. in Montpelier Vt. Mar. 27, 1826, 
ednoated at the Washington co. grammar 
school, grad. Vt. univ. 1845, assistant sec. 
of the Vt. Mutual Fire Ins. co. 1845, sec. 
of same 1850-71, director of same 1851-84, 
director of the ist national bank 1864-98, 
vice-pres. 1878-90, its pres. 1890-8, director 
of the National Life Ins. co. 1851, vice- 
pres. of same and its pres. since 1877, has 
been trustee of the Washington co. gram- 
mar school 1863-98, pres. of the board 
since 1879, vestryman of Christ Episcopal 
church since 1853, J'*- warden 1868-74, 
senior warden 1874-96, trustee of Norwich 
univ., CO. senator for Was'hington co. 



1867-9, was state bank examiner (m. May 
3, 1848 Betsey TaPbox, b. in Randolph Vt. 
May 22, 1829, dau. of Samuel and Susan 
[Edson] Tarbox, and had 9 ch., viz.: 
Frances Isabella, b. in Montpelier Vt. 
Feb. 3, 1849 [m. Oct. 25, 1871 Henry E. 
Fifield, son of Orange and Melina [Nel- 
son] Fifield], Ella Lutheria, b. in Mont- 
pelier Oct. 29, 1850, d. May 30, 1879 [m. 
Carrol Perley Pithin, son of Gen. P. P. 
Pithin and Caroline Tem^pleton], William 
Tarbox, b. Sep. 30, 1852 as above, Jennie, 
b. in Montpelier May 29, 1854 [m. June 30, 
1880 Edward Dickinson Blackwell, son of 
Edward D. and Persis [Dickinson] Black- 
well], Mary Grace, b. in Montpelier Vt. 
Jan. 20, 1858, George Perrin, b. in Mont- 
pelier Aug. 18, i860, Gertrude May, b. in 
Montpelier Sep. 18, 1862 [m. Feb. 24, 1897 
Frederick J. MicCuen], Kate, b. in Mont- 
pelier Aug. 13, 1864 [m. Dec. 2^, 1888 
Ernest Langdon Squire], and Charles 
Robert, b. in Montpelier Oct. 27, 1867); 
son of Julius Yemans Dewey, b. in Ber- 
lin Vt. Aug. 22, 1801, d. in Montpelier Vt. 
May 29, 1877, was educated at the Wash- 
ington CO. grammar school, studied medi- 
cine with Dr. Lamb, M. D. of Vt. univ. 
1823, practiced medicine in Montpelier un- 
til 1850, was appointed general agt. and 
medical examiner of the National Life Ins. 
CO. 1851, pres. of same until 1877, was a 
director of the Vt. Mutual Fire Ins. co. 
1854-61, surgeon of the ist reg. state 
militia (m. ist Mary Perrin, b. in Berlin 
Vt. Jan. 30, 1799, d. in Montpelier Sep. 
3, 1843, dau. of Zachariah and Mary [Tal- 
cott] Perrin, who came from Gilead Ct., 
settled in Berlin 1789, desc. of William 
Pynchon and Nicholas Pynchon of Wales, 
sheriff of London Eng. 1532, she, Mary 
had 3 dh., viz.: Charles, b. Mar. 2^, 1826 as 
above, Edward, b. in Montpelier Vt. Mar. 
2T, 1829 [m. Aug. 27, 1856 Susan G. Til- 
ley], George, b. in Montpelier Dec. 26, 
1837 [m. Oct. 24, 1867 Susan Goodwin], 
and Mary Perrin Dewey, b. in Montpelier 
Oct. 26, 1839 [m. Jan. 10, 1861 Dr. George 
P. Greely], 2d Aug. 3, 1845 Susan Edson 
of Randolph Vt., b. July 15, i799, d- Sep. 
II, 1854, widow of Samuel Tarbox, 3d 


Mar. 9, 1855 Susan Elizabeth Griggs, b. 
July 14, 1816, d. in Brattleboro Vt. Sep. 5, 
1886, widow of Gibbs Tilley of Worcester 
Mass.); son of Simeon Dewey, b. in He- 
bron Ct. Aug. 20, 1770, d. in Montpelier 
Vt. Jan. II, 1863, farmer, settled on Dog 
River in the western part "of Berlin Vt. 
1794 (m. Feb. 27, 1794 Prudence Yemans 
of Norwich Vt., b. in Tolland Ct. Mar. 29, 
1772, d. in Berlin Apr. i, 1794, had 8 ch., 
viz.: Silas, b. in Berlin Vt. June 2, 1795, d. 
there Sep. 19, 1813, Rebekah, b. in Berlin 
Sep. 2Z, 1796 [m. 1st Apr. 2, 1817 Silas 
Fiagg, 2d July 11, 1828 Elias Hall. 3d May 

7, 1859 Calvin Cady], Osman, b. in Berlin 
Oct. II, 1799 [m. 1st 1821 Betsey Peiley, 
2d Jan. 22, 1832 Rebecca Davis], Zenas 
Coleman, b. in Berlin Aug. 22, 1801 [m. 
Mar. 13, 1828 Eliza Page], Julius Y., b. 
Aug. 22, 1801 as above, Henry, b. in Berlin 
Feb. 10, 1806 [m. June 6, 1842 Martha H. 
Neal], Isaac Tiohenor, b. in Berlin Mar. 

8, 1809 [m. 1st 1832 Almira Smith, 2d Julia 
Morris], and Prudence Asenath Dewey, lb. 
in Berlin May 12, 1816 [m. Jan. 5 1843 Wil- 
liam A. Baldwin]); son of William 
Dewey, b. in Lebanon Ct. Jan. 11, 1745 or 
6, d. in Hanover N. H. June 10, 1813, re- 
moved to Hanover 1776, settled on the Ct. 
river (m. 1768 Rebecca Carrier, b. in Col- 
chester Ct. Mar. 19, 1746 or 7, d. in Han- 
over July 6, 1737, had 14 ch., viz.: Anna, 
b. in Hebron Ct. Feb. 13, 1769, d. Sep. 
18, 1841, Simeon, 'b. Aug. 20, 1770 as above, 
William, b. in Hebron Jan. 6, 1772 [m. 
Apr. 22, 1804 Abigail Flagg], David, b. in 
Hebron June 2, 1773 [m. Mar. 2^, 1797 
Heta Wright], Asa, b. in Hebron Feb. 18, 
1775 [m- 1st Jan. 12, 1803 Jemiha Knapp, 
2d May 11, 1825 Anna Brewer], Israel, b. 
in Hanover N. H. Jan. 26, 1777 [m. ist 
Mar. I, 1801 Betsey Baldwin, 2d Mar. i, 
1809 Nancy Horry], Lydia, b. in Hanover 
Mar. II, 1778 [m. 1835 Eli Hurlburtt], 
Henry, b. in Hanover Sep. 12, 1779 m. 
Apr. 4, 1816 Amelia L. Dutton], Parthenia, 
b. in Hanover Feb. 13, 1781 [m. ist Mar. 
10, 1808 Dr. Jacob Miller, 2d Mar. 14, 1824 
Thomas Beach], Oliver, b. in Hanover 
Sep. 26, 1782 [m. Mar. 10, 1814 Jemima 
Wright], Eunice, b. in Hanover Apr. 7, 



1784 [m. Oct. 12, 1819 Artemas Brown], 
Elias, b. in Hanover Dec. 26, 1785 [m. Jan. 
24, 1824 Mary Newell], Andrew, b. in 
Hanover Apr. i, 1789 [m. ist July 5, 1814 
Harriet Pinnis, 2d Aug. 21, 1832 Sally 
Martin], and a son, b. in Hanover Aug. 9, 
1791, d. there Aug. 11, 1791); son of Sim- 
eon Dewey, b. in Lebanon Ct. May i, 1718, 
d. there Mar. 2, 1750 (m. Mar. 29, 1739 
Anna Phelps, b. Aug. 6, 1719, d. in Han- 
over N. H. Sep. 25, 1807, had 6 ch., viz.: 
Theda, ib. in Lebanon Ct. July 28, 1740, d. 
there Mar. 10, 1750, William, b. in Leb- 
anon May 18, 1742, d. there Apr. 6, 1744, 
Simeon, b. in Lebanon Feb. 22, 1744 [m. 
1st Jan. 22, 1767 Hannah Bliss, 2d 1773 
Mrs. Elizabeth Turner], William, b. in 
Lebanon Jan. 11, 1745 or 6 as above, Amia, 
b. in Lebanon Jan. 31, 1747 or 8 [m. Mr. 
Capron], and Benoni, b. in Lebanon July 
18, 1750 [m. Sarah Worthington]) ; son of 
William Dewey, b. in Northampton 
Mass. in Jan. 1691 or 2, d. in Lebanon Ct. 
Nov. 10, 1759 (m. July 2, 1713 Mercy 
Bailey, and had 9 ch., viz.: Mercy, b, in 
Lebanon Ct. Apr. i, 1714, William, 'b. in 
Lebanon Mar. i, 1716, d. there Sep. 5, 1717, 
William, b. in Lebanon May i, 1718, d. 
there May 23, 1718, Simeon, b. May i, 
1718 as above, Jerusha, b. in Lebanon 
Dec. 6, 1720 [im. Dec. 12, 1740 Paul 
Phelps], Hannah, b. in Lebanon Dec. 6, 
1720 [m. Dec. 22, 1742 Silas Phelps], Jer- 
viah, b. in Lebanon Jan. 28, 1726 [m. Solo- 
mon Williams], Elijah, b. in Lebanon June 
26, 1728 [m. 1st May 10, 1750 Abigail Mar- 
tin, 2d Dec. 18, 1760 Mary Dixon], and 
Anna, b. in Lebanon Jan. 21, 1730 [m. Nov. 
7, 1754 Ebenezer Cheern]); son of Josiah. 
Dewey, b. in Northampton Mass. Dec. 24, 
1666, removed to Westfield 1672, to Leb- 
anon Ct. 1699. held various town offices 
(m. Jan. 15, 1690 Mehitaible Miller, b. prob. 
in Northampton Mass. July 10, 1666, dau. 
of William Miller and Patience, and had 6 
ch., viz.: William, b. in Jan. 1691 or 2 as 
above, Josiah, b. in Westfield Mass. Mar. 
I, 1696 or 7 [m. Dec. 4, 1718 Sarah Hutch- 
inson], Joseph, b. in Westfield Dec. 24, 
1697 [m. Oct. 31, 1726 Abigail Hills], John, 
b. in Lebanon Ct. Dec. 4, 1700 [m. Nov. 

30, 1726 Experience Woodward], Mary, b. 
in Lebanon Oct. 24, 1704 [m. John Web- 
ster], and Mehitable, b. in Lebanon June 
29, 1708 [m. Apr. II, 1734 Abel Buell]); 
son of Josiah Dewey, b. in Windsor Ct, 
bp. Oct. 10, 1641, d. in Lebanon Ct. Sep. 

7, 1732, removed to Northampton Mass. 
about 1662, to Westfield Mass. about 1672, 
to Lebanon Ct., held many public offices, 
farmer, deacon, soldier (m. Nov. 6, 1662 
Hepsibah Lyman of Northampton, b. 
about 1643 or 4, d. June 4, 1732 [dau. of 
Richard and Hepsibah [Ford] Lym'an of 
Hartford Ct.], had 11 ch., viz.: Hepsibah, 
b. in Northampton Oct. 9, 1663, Mary, b. 
in Northampton Oct. 16, 1665, d. there 
Jan. II, 1666, Josiah, b. Dec. 24, 1666 as 
above, John, h. in Northampton Feb. 9, 
1668 or 9 [m. Apr. 5, 1705 Mary Thomas], 
Ebenezer, b. in Westfield Mass. Feb. 20, 
1672 or 3 [m. Nov. 8, 1709 Elizabeth 
Wright], Nathaniel, b. in Westfield Feb. 
20, 1672 or 3 [m. Jan. 24, 1699 Margaret 
Burroughs], Joseph, b. in Westfield Aug. 
II, 1674, d. in June 1675, Elizabeth, b. in 
Westfield July 10, 1677, Joseph, b. in West- 
field Apr. 9, 1682, d. July 9, 1682, Experi- 
ence, b. in Westfield Apr. 9, 1682 [m. John 
Jillett], and Benjamin, b. in Westfield July 

8, 1685, d. July 13, 1685); son of Thomas 
Dewey, d. in Windsor Ct., buried Apr. 27, 
1648, emigrated to Amer. from Sandwich, 
Kent Eng. in the ship " Lyon's Whelp " 
1663, settled in Dorchester Mass.. freeman 
1634, set out with a'bout 60 people to found 
Windsor Ct. under the guidance of Rev. 
Thomas Warham 1635, juror for many 
years (m. Mar. 22, 1638 or 9 Mrs. Frances 
Clark, d. in Westfield Mass. Sep. 27, 1690, 
widow of Joseph Clark, whose dau. Mary 
m. 1656 John Strong of Windsor Ct., son 
of Elder John Strong of Northampton 
Mass., she, Frances had by 2d m. 5 ch., 
viz.: Thomas, b. in Windsor Ct. Feb. 16, 
1639 [m. July I, 1663 Constant Hawes], 
Josiah, bp. Oct. 10, 1641 as above, Anna, 
b. in Windsor, 'bp. Oct. 15. 1643 [m. May 
18, 1671 John Woodward], Israel, b. in 
Windsor Sep. 25, 1645 [m. Aug. 20, 1668 
Abigail Drake], and Jedediah, b. in Wind- 
sor Dec. 15, 1647 [m. 1671 Sarah Orton]). 



York Pa., b. there Feb. 23, 1846, 
author of the " Spangler Annals," member 
of CO. H 130th reg. Pa. infantry, partici- 
pated in the battles of Antietam, Freder- 
icksburg and Chancellorsville, atty. at law 
since 1867, pres. of the Spangler Manufac- 
turing CO. and of Daily Post co., member 
of the G. A. R., Pa. Soc. of Sons of Rev. 
and Pa. German Soc. (m. Sep. 25, 1873 
Mary Frances Miller, member of Daugh- 
ters of Amer. Rev., dau. of John S. Miller 
of Winchester Va., and desc. of Rudolf 
Spangler, capt. in rev. war, she, Mary had 
4 ch., viz.: Louise M., Juliet S., Edward 
W. and Robert S. Spangler); son of 
Rudolph Spangler of York co. Pa., b. 
there June 27, 1800, d. there Sep. 30, 1851, 
farmer (m. May 3, 1827 Sarah Harbaugh, 
gr.-dau. of Yost Herbach, rev. capt., team- 
ster in the Braddock expedition when 14 
years old); son of Henry of York co. Pa., 
b. there Aug. 3, 1753, d. there Aug. 9, 1826, 
farmer, mem'ber of the 7th 00. 7th battalion 
in the rev. war (m. Catherine, dau. of 
Peter Mohr, member of the 7th co. 7th 
battalion); son of Rudolph Spangler of 
York CO. Pa., b. in Weyler Germany Mar. 
I, 1721, d. in York co. 1782, emigrated with 
his father on the ship " William and 
Sarah " to Philadelphia Pa. 1727 (m. 
Barbara) ; son of Caspar Spangler of Wey- 
ler Germany, b. there Jan. 20, 1684, d. in 
York CO. Pa. 1760, master of linen makers' 
Guild of Weyler, emigrated from Weyler 
Ger. to Phila. Pa. 1727, settled in York co. 
Pa. 1729, where he looated about 900 acres 
of land (m. Feb. 9, 1712 Judith Ziegler, 
adopted dau. of Martin Ziegler of Weyler 

Columbus Ohio, b. in Fort Leaven- 
worth Kan. June 25, 1849, officer in U. S. 
army 1872-90 (m. Jan. 18, 1876 Sarah B., 
dau. of Asahel and Harriet [Treat] Chit- 
tenden, and desc. of William Chittenden of 
Guilford Ct. and Gov. Robert Treat of 
Milford Ct.) ; son of Charles Swain Lov- 
ell of U. S. army, b. in Hull Mass. Feb. 13, 
i8ri, d. in Louisville Ky. Jan. 3, 1871, en- 

listed in 2d artillery, regimental serg.- 
maj., discharged 1837, 2d lieut. 6th U. S. 
inf. 1837, col., brig.-gen. (m. Apr. 25, 1845 
Margaret Jane, dau. of Robert Armstrong 
[and Margaret Nichol of Nashville Tenn., 
dau. of Jo'siah and Eleanor [Ryburn] 
Nichol], son of Joseph Armstrong and 
Susan Wells, b. in Abington Va. 1790); 
son of Joshua Lovell of Mass., b. in Wey- 
mouth Mass. Aug. 10, 1777, d. in Fitch- 
burg Mass. Dec. 14, 1865 (m. Dec. 27, 1801 
Mary Swain, h. in Nantucket Mass. Aug. 
30, 1782, d. in East Cambridge Mass. Aug. 
30, 1835, desc. of John Tilly of the May- 
flower, and dau. of Charles Swain [and 
Jerusha Gardner of Nantucket, dau. of 
Soloimon and Jemima [Tolger] Gardner], 
son of Charles and Elizabeth [Coffin] 
Swain) ; son of Samuel Lovell of Wey- 
mouth Mass., b. there Aug. 8, 1753, d. in 
Hull Mass. Miay 7, 1807 (m. Feb. 20. 1777 
Olive Gould, b. Mar. 31, 1757, d. Aug. 25, 
1844, dau. of Elisha and Experience [Lov- 
ing] Gould, gr.-dau. of Joseph Gould, also 
of Samuel and Jane [Collier] Loving, and 
desc. of Lt. Robert Gould, ist of the name 
in Amer., Thomas Loving, rst of the name 
in Amer., settled in Hingham Mass., and 
Matthew Hanks of Hingham) ; son of 
Joshua Lovell of Weymouth Mass., b. 
there Sep. 8. 1831, d. 1756 (m. Elizabeth 
Pratt, d. Mar. 20, 1790, 'had 2 ch., viz.: 
Samuel as above and Sarah) ; son of 
Joshua of Weymouth Mass., b. there Sep. 
22, 1699, d. there Nov. 24, 1763, ensign in 
militia (m. ist about July 15, 1727 Sarah, d. 
Mar. 22, 1733, dau. of Joseph and Sarah 
Shoer, 2d Dec. 19, 1734 Betty Pratt); son 
of Enoch Lovell of Weymouth Mass., b. 
there Dec. 29, 1670, d. there May 20, 1746, 
capt., left a large estate to his oh., was an 
influential man in the town (m. Nov. 24, 
1697 Mary Reed, d. May 5, 1745, dau. of 
Thomas Reed and Sarah) ; son of James 
of Weymouth Mass., b. in England about 
1634, d. in Weymouth 1706, a large land 
owner (m. ist Jane, 2d Anna, and had dau. 
Anna, b. Nov. 20, 1697) ; son of Robert 
Lovell of Weymouth Mass., b. about 1595, 
d. there about 1672, founder of the family 
in New England, set sail from Weymouth 



in " Old Dorset " with Rev. John Hull 
1635, arrived in Boston Mass., settled in 
Wessaguscus, which they changed to 
Weymouth, farmer (m. Elizabeth, and had 
Ann, Zacheus, John, Ellen and James as 

McKELVEY, JOHN of Sandusky Ohio, 
b. in Plymouth Ohio Feb. 8, 1835, 
was a student of Oberlin coll., studying 9 
mo. in the year and teaching a country 
school 3 mo. in each year, became inter- 
ested in real estate, manufacturing and R. 
R. in Sandusky Ohio, has made 10 ad- 
ditions to the 'city of Sandusky, was the 
originator and pres. of the Sandusky and 
Columbus Short Line Railway co. 1892, is 
now pres. of the Pittsburgh, Lake Erie and 
Chicago Railway co., also pres. of the 
N. Y. and Chicago Short Line Railway 
CO., a corporation proposing to construct 
a R. R. from N. Y. to Chicago on nearly 
a direct line within a distance of 750 miles, 
member of the board of managers of both 
the Western Reserve and Ohio State Soc. 
of the Sons of Amer. Rev. (m. June 2^, 
1861 Jane Rowland Huntington, b. in 
Brownville N. Y. Aug. 8, 1837, dau. of 
Apollos Huntington [and Deborah Row- 
land], son of Elisha Huntington, and desc. 
of Simon Huntington, who d. at sea while 
on his way from Eng. to Amer. 1633, she, 
Jane had 6 ch., viz.: Janet Huntington, b. 
Apr. 2, 1862, completed the 12 years' 
course of the Sandusky public schools in 
9 years, grad. from the H. S. there with 
ist honors 1879, entered the classical 
course of Oberlin coll. 1879, grad. A. B. of 
same 1883, received the ist honor, a gold 
medal, from the coll. Oratorical Soc. for 
the best essay, received the ist prize of 
200 dollars offered by Prang of Boston 
for best essay on Christmas cards 1886 [m. 
July ^T, 1886 Rev. Clarence L. Swift of 
Lansing Mioh., where he is pastor of the 
1st Congregational church, had 2 ch., viz.: 
Dorothy Rowland, b. in Saratoga Springs 
Nov. 22, 1890, and Helen McKelvey Swift, 
b. in Saratoga Springs Sep. 30, 1892], John 
Jay. b. in Sandusky Ohio May 24, 1863. 
grad. A. B. of Oberlin coll. 1884, grad. 

LL. B. of Harvard univ. 1887, A. M. of 
same, was one of the founders and ist 
editor in chief of the Harvard Law Re- 
view, while a student at the law school 
published for use of students a small book 
on Common Law Pleading, which he has 
since revised, and it is now used in the 
leading law schools, has recently publislied 
a book on " Evidence," is now practicing 
law in N. Y., is the general counsel for the 
National Wiholesale Lumber Dealers' 
Assoc, of the U. S. [m. July 12, 1887 Mary 
Clark, grad. Oberlin coll. 1885, had 3 ch., 
viz.: Mary Alice, b. in Spuyten Duyvil N. 
Y. May 20, 1889, Constance, b. in Spuyten 
Duyvil Feb. 19, 1891, and Ruth, b. in 
Spuyten Duyvil Apr. 8, 1893], Alice Row- 
land, b. Apr. 25, 1867, entered the classical 
course of O'berlin coll. 1885 [m. June 15, 
1892 James Melville Milne, grad. pharmacy 
and chemistry course of the Mich, univ., 
had 2 ch., viz.: J'ane Huntington, b. in 
Sandusky Ohio Aug. 22, 1893, and Francis, 
b. in Sandusky May i, 1896], Jennie 
Adams, b. Jan. 2^, 1873, d. Apr. 8, 1876, 
Charles Sumner, b. Jan. 3, 1875, d. Aug. 7, 
1875, and Ralph Huntington McKelvey, b. 
Dec. 7, 1877, entered the classical course of 
the Ohio State univ. 1896, but changed to 
the classical course of Oberlin coll. 1897) ; 
son of Mathew McKelvey, b. in West- 
moreland CO. Pa. Jan. 30, 1794, d. in Green- 
field Ohio Mar. 18, 1853, engaged in gen- 
eral mercantile business in Sandusky and 
Plymouth Ohio 1818-40, was one of the 3 
commissioners of Union co. 1828-30, estab- 
lished the 2d female seminary in the state 
of Ohio at Plymouth (m. Mar. 27, 1818 
Nancy Adams, b. in Marlboro Vt. July 30, 
1798, d. in Blanchard tp. Ohio Mar. 2T, 
1818, taught the ist school organized in 
the tp., dau. of Bildad Adams [and 
Mary Haynes], son of Joel Adams [and 
Elizabeth Foiwler], and desc. of Robert 
Adams of Newbury, d. there Oct. 12, 1682, 
came from Devonshire Eng. to Amer., set- 
tled in Ipswich M'ass. 1635. Salem 1638 
and Newbury 1640, and Lord John Ap 
Adam, member of parliament in Eng. 
1296-1307, she, Nancy had 10 ch., viz.: 
Elizabeth, b. in Sandusky Ohio Feb. 12, 



1819, d. in Plymouth Ohio Jan. 10, 1834, 
Mirriam, b. in Sandusky June 9, 1821, d. 
there June 25, 1822, Mary h. in Sandusky 
June 9, 1821, d. in Plymouth July 23, 1842, 
Sarah, b. in Sandusky May 5, 1823, d. in 
Blanchard Ohio July 23, 1841, Nancy, b. 
in Sandusky Nov. 8, 1824, d. in Blanchard 
in July 1841, George, b. in Plymouth Ohio 
June 28, 1826, d. there Sep. 18, 1827, Jane, 
b. in Plymouth June 9, 1828, d. in Hardin 
CO. Ohio in July 1841, Martha, b. in Ply- 
mouth Ohio Mar. 31, 1831 [m. Dec. 30, 
1854 Ethan Lovell, b. in Greenfield tp. 
Ohio June 17, 1819], Mathew, b. in Ply- 
mouth Feb. 25, 1833 [m. May 2, 1858 Mary, 
dau. of David and Katurah [Bloomer] 
Woolsey, and had 2 ch., viz.: Lizzie, b. in 
Sandusky Dec. 7, i860, m. Sep. 27, 1888 
Thomas Laird and Fred Lovell, ib. in San- 
dusky May I, 1866, m. Otct. 25, 1888 Lena 
Lowe, and had Raymond, b. Apr. 18, 1890], 
and John McKelvey as above); son ofi 
William M'cKelvey, b. 1760, d. in Ply-^ 
mouth Ohio 1839, served in rev. war 6 
years, moved with his family from West- 
moreland CO. Pa. to Palmyra tp. Ohio 
1804, removed to Trumbull co. 1807, to 
Greenfield tp. 1815, and to Plymouth 1819 
(m. Mary Toppings, and had 12 ch., viz.: 
Jean, b. Nov. 2, 1787, Sarah, b. June 15, 
1789, William, b. July 21, 1791, Mathew, 
t>. July 30, 1794 as above, Margaret, b. 
Mar. 24, 1796, James, b. June 26, 1798, 
Agness, b. June 8, 1800, Roibert T., b. July 
29, 1801, Eliza^beth, b. Jan. 8, 1803, Mary, 
b. Sep. 5, 1807, Nancy, b. Mar. 3, 1810, and 
Julian, b. Sep. 18, 1812). 

Me., b. in Phillips Me. Sep. 14, 1846, 
educated at the Wilton acad. and Me. Wes- 
leyan seminary, deputy and clerk in his 
father's U. S. internal revenue and law of- 
fi'Ce 1869, U. S. deputy collector of internal 
revenue for the state of Me. 1877-84, insur- 
ance agent since 1884, general agt. for the 
Provident Life and Trust co. of Phila. 
Pa. since 1887, member of the board of 
aldermen, vice-pres. of the Me. State Soc. 
of the Sons of Amer. Rev. (m. Jan. 13, 
1869 Nina Victoria Adams, dau. of Jewett 

P. and Sarah [Baker] Adams of George- 
town Mass. and Wilton Me., and desc. of 
Philip Adams of York Me., one of the 
signers of the articles of submission to 
Mass. 1652, she, Nina had 4 ch., viz.: Har- 
lan Adams, b. in Wilton Me. Dec. 6, 1873, 
d. there Oct. 26, 1874, William Wiggin, b. 
in Wilton July i, 1875, Carlton Baker, b. 
in Lewiston Me. Mar. 23, 1878, and Ralph 
Lee Talbot, b. in Lewiston Dec. 8, 1888); 
son of Charles Johnson Talbot of Wilton 
Me., b. in Avon Me. Sep. 18, 1820, d. in 
Wilton Mar. 10, 1884, educated at the 
Farmington acad., taught several terms of 
school, supt. of school committee of Phil- 
lips Me. when 21 years old, laiw student, 
admitted to the bar in Franklin co. Me., 
register of deeds for Franklin co. 1847, 
U. S. surveyor of customs for the port of 
.Portland 1861-66, U. S. collector of in- 
ternal revenue 1869-76, state R. R. com- 
missioner 1877-83 (m. 1st Mar. 23, 1843 
Delphinia Shaw Robbins, dau. of Asa Rob- 
bins [and Hannah Sh>aw], selectman and 
town clerk of Phillips Me. for 21 years, 
member of the Me. legislature 1838, cor- 
poral in war of 1812, and gr.-dau. of Asa 
Robbins of Winthrop Me., soldier in the 
I2th Mass. reg. in the continental army, 
also gr.-dau. of Abraham Shaw, who was 
in the battle of Bunker Hill, rev. capt., 
she, Delphinia had 2 ch., viz.: Archie, b. 
Sep. 14, 1846 as above, and Asa Charles, b. 
in Farmington Me. July 27, 1849 [m. Mar. 
24, 1870 Abbie Roovilla Hamilton, b. in 
Farmington Oct. 13, 1849], he, Charles 
Johnson Talbot m. 2d Dec. 16, 1861 Mrs. 
Myra A. Smith, and had 2 ch., viz.: Lura 
Linn, b. in Wilton Me. Oct. 26, 1865 [m. 
Nov. 26, 1891 Edwin S. Farnmer, b. in 
Wilton Jan. 10, 1862], and Erlon Colby 
Talbot, b. in Wilton July 16, 1867, d. Feb. 
10, 1891 [m. June 23, 1889 Abbie Beatrice 
Demming, d. Dec. 14, 1890]); son of 
Archibald Talbot of Wilton Me., b. in 
FreepoTt Me. Oct. 12, 1799, d. in Wilton 
July 27, 1873, farmer, co. commissioner for 
several years, trustee of state insane asylum 
at Augusta 1857-9 (m. Sep. 27. 1819 Sophia 
Smith, dau. of Capt. Samuel Smith [and 
Sophia Curtis], one of the early settlers in 



Avon Me., private in 34th reg. of Portlan<l 
in the war of 1812, was in active service, 
she, Sophia Smith Talbot had 4 ch., viz. ; 
Charles J., b. Sep. 18, 1820 as above, Mary 
Sprague, b. in Phillips Me. Jan. 9, 1820, d 
in Farmington Me. Nov. 23, 1858 [m. May 
4, 1840 William D. Tarr, b. in Strong Me. 
Sep. 28, 1813, d. in Farmington Jan. 20, 
1873], Sybel, b. in Avon Me. Nov. i, 1825, 
d. in Wilton Me. Jan. 14, 1894 [m- Sep. 
20, 1863 David Miller, b. and d. in Wilton], 
and Sophia Jane, b. in Avon Jan. 19, 1828, 
d. in Portland Me. Dec. 25, 1871 [m. Feb. 
18, 1847 Abner T. Sanborn, b. in Wild Me. 
May 3, 1820, d. there]); son of Asa Talbot 
of Avon Me., b. in North Yarmouth Me. 
Jan. 30, 1769, d. in Avon Feb. 16, 1849, 
stone mason, farmer, was one of the early 
settlers in Avon, built the 1st frame house 
on the Mile Square (m. Sep. 23, 1792 Abi-^ 
gail, dau. of Jacob Johnson and Abigail of 
Harpswell Me., and a sister of James 
Johnson, rev. soldier, she, Abigail Johnson 
Talbot had 3 ch., viz.: Charles Johnson, 
b. in Freeport Me., ArahibaM as above 
and Asa Fragoath Talbot, b. in Freeport 
July 29, 1802, d. in Bristol Me. Aug. ^, 
1893 [m. Aug. 27, 1826 Mary Talbot, b. in 
Freeport May 3, 1799, d. in Avon Feb. 14, 
1875, dau. of Ambrose Talbot]); son of 
Ambrose Talbot of Freeport Me., b. ir 
England 1725, d. in Freeport May 2, 1804, 
came from Eng. to Dorchester Mass. with 
his parents, was sentinel on Dorcheste*- 
Heights in the 2d independent co. undc 
Capt. Robert Oliver Gentleman, removed 
to Me. about 1747, settled in Freeport, was 
1st of the name to settle in Me., ist deacon 
of the 1st Congregational church of Free 
port, served in Capt. George Ryno's co 
Col. Nathaniel Jordan's reg. in rev. wa-* 
Sep. 23 to Oct. 23, 1779 (m. Nov. 28, i754 
Mary Clark Bayley, b. in Freeport Me. 
Mar. ID, 1734, d. there 1805, dau. of Robert 
Bayley [and Martha Millet], was the ist 
school-master in old Falmouth, now Port- 
land Me. 1733, town clerk of North Yar- 
mouth 1749-50, she, Mary had 11 ch., viz.: 
Samuel, b. Aug. 25, 1755, d. in Freeport 
May ID, 1832 [m. in Jan. 1782 Phoebe Hall- 
well, b. 1768, d. in Freeport Feb. 2, 1814], 

Hannah, b. Aug. 15, 1757 [m. Dec. 21, 
1780 Jonathan Byram], Ambrose, b. Nov. 
7, 1760, d. in Freeport Me. June 2, 1819 
[m. July 19, 1792 Olive Carter], Joseph, b. 
Jan. 16, 1763, d. in Freeport Nov. 2, 1843 
[m. Dec. 25, 1795 Sarah Patrick, b. 1776, 
d. in Freeport Dec. 28, 1863], Mary, b. 
Aug. II, 1765, d. Aug. 28, 1766, Phoebe, b. 
May 29, 1767, d. Feb. 2, 1814, Asa, b. Jan. 
30, 1769 as above, Simeon, b. Nov. i, 1771, 
d. in Freeport July i, 1824 [m. Dec. 29, 
r8o2 Dorcas Fogg, d. in Freeport Dec. 18, 
1825], Robert Bailey, b. Mar. 4, 1774, d. in 
Freeport Sep. 16, 1857 [m. Jan. 5, 1803 
Joanna Thoits, d. in Freeport Aug. 21, 
1852], Sarah, b. 1776 [m. Dea. Edmund 
Pratt], and Rachel Talbot, b. 1779). 

^ Moines Iowa, b. in Huntington Mass. 
June 13, 1854, 'lived in Vinton Iowa until 23 
years old, went to Leadville Col. 1878, re- 
turned to Des Moines 1885, engaged in 
mercantile business since (m. Aug. 10, 1886 
Viola Spencer, and has Edna Sabyna and 
Harmon Lamontte) ; son of Harmon of 
Vinton Iowa, 'b. in Huntington Mass. Dec. 
[0, 1810, d. in Oakland Cal. Feb. 16, 1891, 
emigrated to Vinton 1855, farmer, lumber- 
man, deacon in Baptist church, alderman 
and overseer of poor several years (m. 1846 
Hannah Elder, dau. of James, who m. 
Betsy Prentice, dau. of Jonathan, who en- 
listed in rev. war 4 times); son of Dea. 
Joseph Stanton of Huntington Mass., b. 
there July 18, 1783, d. there Mar. 12, 1870 
(m. Aug. 16, 1804 Grace Winchell, dau. of 
Grove, son of Lt. Elias Winchell, son of 
Lt. Thomas Winchell of rev. army, son of 
Stephen, son of Nathaniel, son of Robert 
Winchell, who came to Dorchester 1634); 
son of Abel Stanton of Huntington Mass., 
b. in Preston Ct. Jan. 9, 1749, d. in Hunt- 
ington 1821 (m. 1769 Olive Reede, b. May 
5, 1753); son of Jabez of Preston Ct., b. 
there Mar. 19, 1718, d. there Mar. 21, 1804 
(m. Sep. 9, 1745 Sarah Moss) ; son of John 
of Preston, b. there May 22, 1665, will 
proved July 8, 1755; son of Capt. John of 
Stonington Ct., capt. in King Phillip's war 
1675; son of Thomas of Stonington Ct., 



who came from London Eng. 1635 (m. 
Ann, dau. of Dr. Thomas Lord). 

N. Y., b. there Dec. 15, 1868, grad. 
Adelphi acad. 1885, A. B. of Colmmbia 
coll. 1889, M. D. of Long laland coll. hos- 
pital 1893 (m- June 2, 1896 Evelyn Sal is- 1 
bury Snowden, and has dan. Margaret) ; [ 
son 'of John Curtis Ager of Brooklyn, b. ; 
in Waterloo N. H. Mar. 21, 1835, A. B. 
and A. M. of Urbana coll., pastor of Swe • 
denborgian church of Brooklyn 34 years, 
author and writer (m. June 25, 1865 Fran- 
ces Newhall, desc. of Thos. Newhall of 
Lynn Mass. 1630); son of Uriah Ager of 
Waterlo^o N. H., b. in Arlington Vt. Dec. 
12, 1804, d. in Waterloo in Feb. 1878, was 
one of the pioneer paper workers in N. fl. 
(m. Oct. 17, 1829 Margaret Smith, dau. of 
Capt. Joseph Smith, who raised a co. in 
Warner N. H. for the war of 1812, and d. 
from the efifects of wounds received in the 
war); son of John Eager of Marlborough 
Mass., b. there Feb. 29, 1770, d. in Boylston 
Mass. Nov. ID, 1814, the spelling of the 
name was changed from Eager to Ager by 
his children (m. Betsy Marble); son of 
Solomon of Marlborough, b. there Jan. 29, 
1735, d. in Boylston 1810 (m. Oct. 26, 1756 
Dinah Goodwin) ; son of Aaron of Marl- 
borough, b. there Feb. i, 1713, d. there 
Nov. II, 1756 (m. Mary Morey) ; son of 
Zachariah, d. July 5, 1742 (m. Elizabeth) ; 
son of William of Marlborough 1682, d. 
Apr. 4, 1690, one of the proprietors of the 
Ockookagansett plantation which was pur- 
chased from the Indians 1684 (m. [659 
Ruth Hill); son of William Eager of 
Maiden Mass., freeman there 1631. 

LYMAN, ARETUS of Sand Lake N. Y., 
b. in Northfield Mass. Feb. 4, 1773, d. 
in Sand Lake Feb. 21, 1853, engaged wheti 
a young man in the manufacture of woolen 
goods in Brunswick, Rens. 00. N. Y., and 
in later years had lumber and flouring 
mills at Sand Lake, was a man of fine edu 
cation and superior judgment, occupied 
many positions of trust in the county {m. 
1796 Jane Humphrey [dau. of David 

Humphrey of Little Britain N. Y.], and 
had dau. Eliza, who m. 1818 Wiley 
Fletcher, and had Sarah J. Fletcher, who 
m. Feb. 16, 1841 Isaac W. Vosburg of Al- 
bany N. Y., who d. 1888 (and had 5 chil- 
dren, viz.: Isaac W. Vosburgh Jr., d. 1848, 
Elizabeth Vosburgh, who m. 1873 William 
Irwin of N. Y., Sarah Fletcher V'osburgh, 
who -m. 1873 Caldwell R. Blakeman of N. 
Y., Mary McD. Vosburgh, Fletcher Vos- 
burgh, who d. 1895, and Miles Woodward 
Vosburgh), and Mary A. Fletcher, who m. 
1857 Benj. J. C. Miles of N. Y., and had 
Benj. Fletcher Miles of Cleveland Ohio, 
who im. Harriet L. Chapman of Albany, 
and has 2 children, viz.: Fletcher Chapman 
Miles and Humphrey Benham Miles); son 
ol Col. James Lyman of Northfield Mass., 
'> 1748, entered service as corporal in Capt. 
Merriman's co. in Col. Phineas Wright's 
reg. 1777, and took part in battle of Oct. 
7 and surrender of Burgoyne Oct. 17, was 
lieut. in 1780 in Capt. G. Murray's reg. at 
Claverack and West Point, was at West 
Point at time of Arnold's treachery, and 
was colonel in 1795 (m. Mary Crouch 
Nash) ; son of Joshua Lyman, b. 1704, 
capt. in Col. Israel Williams' reg. in cam- 
paign of 1759, was fourth ofhcer at Fort 
Dummer 1740, held many important of^ces 
and was active in the French and Indian 
war; son of John, b. in Northampton 
Mass. 1655; son of Richard of England; 
son of Hichard, b. in England 1580, came 
to New England with Elliott 1631, d. in 
Vlartford Ct. 1640. 

Chicago 111., (m. Lena May Watkins, 
h. in New Orleans La., member of Daugh- 
ters of the Amer. Rev., dau. of Sarah 
(..amipbell Watkins, dau. of John A. Wat- 
kins [and Caroline E. Campbell], son of 
Asa Watkins, who m. Sarah MacDonald, 
dau. of Willis MacDonald [and Dorsia 
Owen], son of Capt. Adam MacDonald, 
who was captain [major] in rev. army June 
17. 1775. and major under Gen. Marion 
Sep. 16, 1776) ; son of William Henry 
Allyn Sr. of Hartford Ct.; son of Nathan 
Allyn of Hartford; son of Joseph; son of 



Ensign John; son of Josiah; son of Hon. 
and Col. Mathew; son of Capt. Thomas; 
son of Hon. Mathew Allyn of Windsor Ct. 

Cal., b. in Caughnawaga N. Y. Mar. 
8. 1822, went to Hancock co. 111. with his 
parents 1837, moved to Kansas 1883, sur- 
veyor and civil engineer, served as an ()ffi- 
cer in Mexican war and in civil war 1861-5, 
colonel of ii8th III. reg., brev. brig.-gen. 
(m. 1st Dec. 10, 1859 Mary McConnell, 2d 
Aug. 16, 1882 Kate R. Githens) ; son of 
Giles of Caughnawaga N. Y., b. there June 

13, 1789, d. in Carthage 111. Mar. 24, 1852, 
lived in the old John Fonda homestead at 
Caughnawaga, moved to Illinois 1837 (^ 
Dec. I, 1811 Mariah Doickstader) ; son of 
John of Caughnawaga N. Y., d. there Feb. 

14, 1813, soldier in Capt. Jellis Fonda's co. 
of Col. Fredk. Fisher's reg. of Tryon co. 
militia (m. in Feb. 1769 Angelica Hansen, 
\Vho was granted a pension in 1835) ; son of 
Douw of Caughnawaga N. Y., b. 1696, d. 
there 1780, killed in the raid of Sir John 
Johnson in the spring of 1780, had sons 
Jellis, Adam and John; descendant of Jellis 
Douw Fonda 1652. 

Chicago, b. in Rockbridge co. Va. 
Feb. 8, 1819, has been identified the greater 
part of his life with the McCormick reaper, 
removed to Chicago in 1848, formed a 
partnership with his brother and assumed 
the management of the manufacturing de- 
partment, which position he held over 30 
years and made many valuable and im- 
portant improvements to the reaper (m. 
Oct. 22, 1845 Henrietta Maria Hamilton of 
Rockbridge co. Va., and had issue: Robert 
Hall, Elizabeth Maria, Henrietta Laura 
and Leander Hamilton McCormick); son 
of Robert McCormick of Walnut Grove 
Va., b. there June 8, 1780, d. there July 4, 
1846, conceived and constructed a grain 
cutting machine in 1809-TO. which embod- 
ied the combination of the reel, cutting 
knife, platform and driving wheels, to these 
he added the revolving apron for side de- 
livery 1816, and later the vibrating sickle 

with a horizontal reel, which made his 
reaper a practical operating machine, which 
he manufactured and used until his death 
(m. Feb. 11, 1808 Mary Ann, dau. of Pat- 
rick and Susan Hall, who emigrated from 
the North oi Ireland 1770 and purchased a 
farm in Augusta .co. Va., he served in the 
rev. war and was a commissary in the war 
1812-14) ; son of Robert McCormick, b. in 
Lancaster co. Pa. 1738, Rockbridge 
CO. Va. Oct. 12, 1818, a rev. patriot, served 
in the Va. line under Gen. Nathaniel 
Greene during the Carolina cam,paign, at 
the battle of Guilford court house, a Pres- 
byterian and an elder of Old Providence 
church, Augusta co. Va. (m. in 1770 Mar- 
tha, dau. of George Sanderson, who held 
lands in Middleton township Pa., son of 
Alexander Sanderson, Who emigrated 
from the North of Ireland to Cumberland 
CO. Pa., and as is proved by the tax lists 
was an elder in the church at Dillsbury Pa., 
which is known as " Old Monaughan " on 
account of its antiquity) ; son of Thomas 
McCormick of CumiberJand co. Pa., b. in 
the North of Ireland 1702, d. in Cumber- 
land CO. 1762, emigrated with his brother 
Hugh McCormick to America 1735, pro- 
cured land in Lancaster co. ten years later, 
and soon after settled with his family in 
Cumberland co. (m. in 1728 Elizabeth Car- 
ruth, b. in Ireland 1705, d. in Cumberland 
CO. Pa. 1766, dau. of Adam Carrufh and 
sister of Walter Carruth of Lancaster co. 

ton Pa., b. in Madison Ct. Apr. 2, 
1835, lawyer, was on bench of superior 
court of Pa., resigned 1897 (m. June 4, 
i860 Ellen C. Hower and had dau. Ellen 
H,, who m. Maj. Everett Warren) ; son of 
James Willard of Madison Ct., b. in East 
Guilford Ct. 1792. d. in Madison Apr. 24, 
1883 (m. 1817 Susan Clannting) ; son of 
Hiel of Madison Ct., b. in East Guilford 
June 30, 1769, d. in Madison Oct. 22, 1851 
Cm. 1789 Eunice Blatchley); son of 
Stephen of Guilford Ct., <b. there Dec. 31, 
1724, d. in East Guilford May 4, 1807 (m. 
1752 Martha Goodale); son of Josiah of 



Guilford, b. there June 30, 1691, d. there 
Nov. 24, 1751 (m. Oct. 29, 1720 Mary 
Goodale); son otf Thomas of Guilford, ib. 
in Wethersfield Ct. probably in 1669, d. in 
East Guilford in Apr. 1719 (m. 1690 Abigail 
Bradley); son of Josiah of Wethersfield 
Ct., b. in Concord Mass. about 1637, d. in 
Wethersfield in July 1674 (m. Mar. 20, 
1656 Hannah Hosmer); son of Major 
Simon Willard of Concord Mass., b. in 
Horsmonden, Kent co. Eng. 1605, d. Apr. 
24, 1676, came to Camibridge Mass. 1634, 
representative (m. ist Mary Sharpe, 2d 
Elizabeth Dunster, 3d Mary Dunster). 

wood N. J., b. in New York city Jan. 
31, 1854 (m. June 13, 1874 Josephine W. 
Richmond [dau. of Henry A. Richmond of 
Newark N. J. and Eliza Ann Dakengs of 
Richmond Va.] and has 3 children, viz.: 
Harriet Elizabeth, Nelson Richmond and 
Cornelia Josephine); son of Hiram. Ket- 
chum 2d of New York city, b. there Nov. 
5, 1833, was private and became lieut. and 
acting caf't. during the rebellion, was ad- 
mitted to N. Y. bar 1854, collector of cus- 
toms for Alaska 1868 (rn. Sep. 2, 185 1 Har- 
riet D. Vail, dau. of Horatio Nelson Vail 
of Duchess co. N. Y. and New York city, 
niece of John F. Kensett, the artist) ; son 
of Hiram Ketchum ist of Waterford N. 
Y., New York city and Riverdale N. Y., 
b. in Stillwater N. Y. May 16, 1793, d. in 
Riverdale Sep. 20, 1870, member oi N. Y. 
tbar over 50 years, distinguished as counsel 
of the old manumission soc, was in the 
regiment of " iron greys " in war of 1812 
(m. Feb. 18, 1827 Ann Dow, 'b. Oct. 23, 
1802, d. Mar. 15, 1885, dau. of Rev. Daniel 
and Hannah [Bolles] Dow of Thompson 
Ct.); son of Amos Ketohum of Dutchess 
and Saratoga counties N. Y. and New 
York city, b. at the Oblong in Dutchess 
CO. Apr. II, 1765, d. in New York city Dec. 
22, 1835 (m. 1st a'bout 1788 Arabella Lan- 
don, dau. of Lt.-<Col. Jonathan and Isabella 
[Graham] Landon, desc. of Gov. Lewis 
Morris of N. J., Jas. Graham, atty.-gen. of 
N. Y. 1685, Col. Augustine Graham, Bar- 
nabas Horton, Capt. Jon. Horton and 
Wm. Wells, a member of Gov. NichoH's 

council in 1664, m. 2d Elizaibeth Hunter, 
who d. leaving 2 daughters: Jane A. Ket- 
chum and Frances Ketchum, who m. El- 
liot L. Condict); son of Lt. Joseph 
Ketchum of Norwalk Ct. and the Oblong 
N. Y., b. in Norwalk about 1716-8, d. prob- 
ably at the Oblong after 1793, took oath of 
allegiance in Dutchess co. June 2, 1763, was 
an asso'Ciator in tlie rev. war, member of 
a Dutchess co. committee, had 11 children 
(m. Mar. 8, 1749-50 Elizabeth Hurl'butt, 
dau. of Gideon, desc. of Thos. Hurlbutt, 
who was lieut. in Pequot war) ; son of 
Capt. Nathaniel Ketchum of Norwalk Ct., 
b. there Jan. 26, 1680, d. there aibout 1738 
(m. Sarah, dau. of Deliverance and Anna 
[Nash] Wakely, desc. of Richard Wakely 
of Hartford 1640) ; son of Joseph Ketchum 
of Norwalk Ct. (m. Apr. 3, 1679 Mercy, 
dau. of Ensign Henry Lindall); probably a 
descendant of Edward Ketcham of Ipswich 
Mass. 1635. 

KING, SIMEON W. of Chicago 111., b. 
in Kings section, Morgan co. Ohio 
Aug. 18, 1843, la;wyer, U. S. commissioner, 
passport agent, was member of board of 
supervisors and county attorney; son of 
Hiram R., b. in Little Britain Pa. Sep. 17, 
1803, d. in Kings section Nov. 24, 1863, 
farmer, public speaker, member Society of 
Friends (m. Deborah Woodrow, b. 1804, d. 
July 27, 1847, dau. of Simeon Woodrow of 
Cecil CO. Md., a slave-holder wlio liberated 
his slaves before the war 1861); son oif 
Joshua King, b. in Little Britain Pa. Sep. 
30, 1775, d- there Aug. 10, 1838, Quaker, 
influencial and wealthy (m. Elizabeth 
Rodgers) ; son of Joshua King of Lan- 
caster CO. Pa., moved there from Mass. 

adelphia Pa., lb. there Sep. 10, i860, 
grad. Phila. high sch. 1879, adm. to bar 
1882, U. S, commissioner, ran for dist. 
atty. of Philadelphia 1889, was member of 
original reform committee of fifty, was 
mem'ber of citizens' union of Phila., di- 
rector of F. and M. nat. bank, vice-pres. 
Merchants' Trust co. of Phila., sec. Pa. 
inst. for deaf and dumb (m. May 23, 1895 
Anne Henrietta Rush Baker, descendant of 



Fales family of New Eng., Gov. Wm. 
Bradford, John Alden, John Rogers, Wm. 
Peabody and Rev. Ichabod Wiswall); son 
of Silas Weir Lewis of Bhila., b, there 
Feb. 9, 1819, d. there Nov. 29, 1888, made 
several voyages to China on his father's 
ships and then retired from 'business, was 
treas. Pa. inst. for deaf and dumb nearly 
25 years, treas. of Phila. Atheneum, of the 
home for friendless children, and of St. 
John's English Lutheran church, director 
and trustee in many philanthropic and 
financial institutions (m. Apr. 30, 1850 
Caroline A. KaLbfres of Bait., b. there Nov. 
15, 1834, d. in Phila. Jan. 14, 1891, descend- 
ant of Lewis, son of Lewis Kalbfres, the 
original emigrant, b. in Germany 1758, d. 
in Bait. 1850); son of John Frederick 
Lewis of Phila., b. there June 24, 1791, d. 
there Oct. 2, 1858, shipper, importer, sent 
many vessels to China, mem/ber of the old 
firm of Willing, Weir & Lewis, accumu- 
lated a large fortune in real estate, laid out 
Coopersville, a part of Phila., and other sec- 
tions (m. Jan. i, 1812 Eliza Mower, b. 
Sep. 10, 1788, d. Aug. 13, 1865, dau. of 
Jacdb, b. Sep. 29, 1758, d. Jan. 24, 1810, and 
Esther Zefbley, 'b. Feb. 28, 1765, d. Aug. 21, 
1835, and gr.-dau. of Rudolf Mauer, b. Sep. 
7, 1733, m. Apr. 15, 1753 Anna Muller); 
son of John Andrew Philip Lewis or 
Ludwig of Phila., h. in Crailsheim Ger- 
many June 20, 1753, d. in Phila. June 21, 
1803, came to America June 3, 1777, was 
an oiBcer in an An&pach regiment of yag- 
ers, received an honorary discharge from 
his regiment, settled in Phila., entered the 
ofifice of Charles Biddle, practiced as a 
conveyancer (m. Apr. 26, 1785 Anna Maria 
Clingman, b. Sep. 27, 1767, d. Sep. 27, 
1827), he 'was quartered in the Clingman 
house when Howe occupied Phila., was 
nursed when ill iby Anna Maria, hence his 
marriage and surrender of his commission; 
son of George Friederick Ludwig of 
Crailsheim Germany, h. there Sep. 13, 1715, 
d. there May 17, 1797, served in German 
army, preceptor in Latin school there 
1750-94 (m- Jan. 12, 1751 Maria Christine 
Margaretha Otto, b. June 8, 1718, d. Nov. 
7. T779) ; son of Johann George Frieder- 
ick Ludwig of Crailsheim Germany, b. in 

Halle Feb. 22, 1685, d. in Crailsheim Sep. 
25, 1758, preceptor in Latin school there 
1712-44 (m. Nov. 9, 1714 Johanna Hobb- 
han, b. Sep. 4, 1692, d. Aug. 31, 1730, dau. 
of Pastor J. M. Hobbhan of Wurtemburg 
and Maria Regina Wolff); son of Johan 
David Ludtwig, b. in Halle Suabia 1654, 
was imperial notary, procurator, manager 
of the imperial salt mines (m. 1678 Sophia 
Maria Priester, h. June 20, 1661, dau. of 
Wolfgang Heinrich Prester and Anna Re- 
gina) ; son of Peter Ludwig, b. at Marstein 
Jan. 4, 1625, d. at Halle Jan 16, 1686, officer 
in war service of holy Roman empire, 
mayor of Homhard, etc. (m, Nov. 28, 1653 
Katharine Magdalene .Schultheiss) ; son of 
George Ludwig, administrator of revenue 
at Marstein, commandant (m. Apr. 5, 1618 
Anna Biedsler). 

Southbridge Mass., b. there June 2, 
1867, grad. B. S. at St. Lawrence univ. 
1894, S. M. at same 1898, teacher, genealo- 
gist, historian (had ibrothers: Edward Mer- 
ritt, m. 1847, d. 1892, Frederick Rhodes, b. 
1849, d. 1850, John Frederick Bates, b. 
1855, Herbert Lawrence, b. 1858, and sister 
Luella Mabel, h. 1851, d. 1852); son of 
Libya Merritt Litchfield of Southbridge 
Mass., b. in Charlton Mass. Aug. 4, 1819, 
d. in Southbridge Nov. 29, 1886, merchant, 
manufacturer, one of the founders of the 
Litchfield Shuttle co. 1843 (m. Jan. i, 1846 
Chloe Bates, dau. of Capt. Jacob and Sally 
[Rhodes] Bates of Dudley Mass., desc. of 
Isaac Allerton, Roger Williams, Clement 
Bates of Hingham 1635, Zachariah Rhodes, 
Richard Waterman, William Arnold of R. 
L, Samuel Lincoln and Wm. Hilliard of 
Hingham, Thos. Clark, traditional mate of 
the Mayflower, Rev. John Lothrop, Roh- 
ert Fuller of Salem, Thos. Wilmot, Elder 
Thos. Cushman, Geo. Rolbinson of Boston, 
John Moore of Sudbury, Dea. Edw. Col- 
lins of Cambridge, Samuel Woods of Gro- 
ton, Job Tyler of Andover, Banfield 
Capron and John Callender of Attlehor- 
ough Mich., Ide and John Ormsbey of 
Rehohoth); son of Capt. Comins Litch- 
field of Charlton Mass., b. in Scituate 
Mass. 1778, d. in Charlton Aug. 16, 1834, 



sexton there 26 years, generally respected 
and beloved (m. June 29, 1800 Sally 
Blanchard, dau. of Josiih and Mary 
[Lamb] Blanchard of Charlton, desc. of 
Thos. Lamb, Thos. Green, Jos. Hills, Dea. 
John Upham, Edward Wood, Rich, Dana 
and Thos. Goble) ; son of James Litchfield 
of Scituate Mass., "b. there Feb. 10, 1738, d. 
there Oct. 10, 1786, minute-man in rev. 
war (m. ist Annie Gordon, in. 2d Nov. 23, 
1769 'his 2d cousin Elizabeth Litchfield, 
dau. of Samuel and Priscilla [Vinal] Litch- 
field of Scituate, desc. of Widow Anna 
Vinal, Rev. Nidh. Baker, Lt. Isaac Buck, 
Humphry Turner and Thos. Hyland, all 
early settlers of Scituate) ; son of Nicholas 
Litchfield of Scituate Mass., b. there Mar. 
10, 1707-8 (m. Jan. 7, 1737 Sarah Studley, 
dau. of James and Saraih [Farrow] Stud- 
ky, desc. of John Studley, John Merritt, 
John Farrow and Wm. Hilliard) ; son of 
Nicholas Litchfield of Scituate Mass., b. 
there Feb. 7, 1680, d. there May i, 1750, 
representative 1738-41 (m. Jan. 3, 1704-5 
Bathsiheba Clark) ; son of Josiah of Scitu- 

ate, b. there 1647 (m. Feb. 22, 1671 Sarah 
Baker, dau .of Rev. Nioh., pastor of ist 
ch. there); son of Lawrence, the Puritan, 
of Barnstable and Scituate, member of 
Boston artillery co. 1640, fought in Indian 

port 111., b. at Martindale near Clav- 
erack N. Y. 1810, d. in Freeport in Mar. 
1864, grad. N. Y. coll, of phys. and sur- 
geons 1835, located at Freeport, pioneer 
doctor of northern 111. and southern Wis., 
was examining surgeon for troops enlisted 
in northern 111. during civil war (m. Mary 
F. Hall); son ai Agrippa, b. 1785, d. 1840 
(m. Rhoda Durham), had brothers Asa 
and John; son of John (m. Sarah Hunt); 
son of Manasseh, b. in Swansea Mass. 
Nov. 20, 1706, removed to Dutchess co. N. 
Y. 1749 (m. Sarah Marsh); son of Manas- 
seh of Swansea Mass. (m. Ddborah); son 
of Richard of Swansea Mass., b. in Somer- 
setshire Eng., came to America 1635. 


Adams, 9. 
Ager, 231. 
Akin, 131. 
Albertson, 66. 
Albro, 67. 

of Mendon, 164. 

of Prov. 14. 

M. W. 175. 

V. D. 164. 

S. B. 199. 
Allyn, 231. 
Alvord, 165. 
Anable, 18. 
Anderson : 

J. T. 15. 

Chas. 197. 
Andrews, 165. 
Applegate, 59. 
Armington, 138 
Arnold, 166. 
Atlee, 15. 
Atwood, 67. 

Baker : 

of Vt. 16. 

of Phila. 16. 
Baldwin, 17. 
Banks, i8. 
Barton, 200. 
Bassett, 167. 
Beckvvith, 205. 
Beeman, 16. 
Belden, 19. 
Bell, 131. 
Bellows, 57. 
Benedict, 19. 
Bessey, 132. 
Biddle, 20. 
Bissell, 167. 
Blackshear, 58. 
Blake, 168. 
Blickensderfer, 20. 
Bliven, 199. 
Blow, 69. 
Bostwick, 66. 
Boynton, 132. 
Brainerd, 143, 
Branch, 180. 

C. W. 98. 

S. W. 142. 

J. S. i68. 
Branson, 21. 
Bray, 21. 
Breckinridge, 22. 

Brewer, 93. 

Brigham, 207. 

Brockway, 58. 

Brooks, 23. 

Brown, 10, 23, 70, 169. 


G. S. 170. 

J. A. 169. 

W. 170. 
Bruce, 170, 
Bruen : 

of Phila. 24. 

of Ohio, 70. 
Buck, 71. 
Bucknam, 171. 
Bulkley, 197. 
Bunker, 133. 
Burnham, 184. 
Burrows, 172. 
Butler, 24. 

of 111. 73. 

of Col. 134. 

of N. H. 172. 
Buzzell, 72. 

Calef, 172. 
Camp, 86. 
Carman, 74. 
Carnes : 

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J. J. 203. 
Carter : 

of Va. 174. 

of Wash. 163. 
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Clock, n. 

Clowes, 3. 
Cobb, 64. 
Cockrill, 185. 
Cocks, 9. 
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Collord, 62, 63, 64. 
Comstock, 202. 
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Crooker, 186. 
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Culver, 26. 
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Cushman, 75. 

Danforth, 189. 
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Davenport, 190. 

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Dawes, 27. 

of La. 37.i 

of N. Y. 135. 

of N. J. 212. 
Dearborn, 76. 
Deering, 28. 
Dennis, 130. 
Dewey, 224. 
De Witt, 196. 
De Wolf, 77. 
Dickey, 190. 

F. 191. 

W. F. 188. 
Doane, 191. 
Dodge, 76. 
Dow, 193. 
Downes, 189. 
Duel, 154. 
Dwight, 12. 

Earle, 100. 
Easton, 14. 
Eddy, 30. 
Edgerly, 181. 

Edmonds, 28. 
Edwards, 78. 
Eldredge, 29. 
Ellis, 188. 
Elwell, 29. 
Emerson, 29. 
Evans, 216. 
Eyerman, 198. 

Farr, 30. 
Fay, 192. 
Ferguson, 193. 
Fisher, 109. 
Fitz Randolph, 81. 
Flagg, 136. 
Fleet, 4. 
Fogg, 78. 
Fonda, 232. 
Force, 219. 
Fretz, 79. 
Frye, 215.] 

G. E. 31. 

W. P. 79. 
Funkhouser, 80. 

Gause, 82. 
Gay, 31. 
Gill, 84. 
Gillespie, 157. 
Goodspeed, 214. 
Green, 218. 
Greenleaf, 183. 
Gregg, 83. 
Griggs. 31. 
Guthrie, 32. 

Haight, n6. 
Hall, 39. 
Halliday, 82. 
Hamilton, 85. 
Hammond, 84. 
Harrington, 32. 
Harwood, 115. 
Hasbrouck, 33. 
Hawkins, 85. 
Haywood, 199. 
Hazen, 213. 
Hemming, 95. 
Heston, 90. 
Hibbard, 214. 
Hicks, 194. 
Hills, 36. 
Hinds, 34. 
Holden, 33. 
Holmes, 96. 
lioole, 110. 



Hord, 211. 
Horner, 86. 
Howard, 87. 
Howe, 204. 

C. A. 35. 

S. R. J. 219. 
Hull, 87. 
Humphrey, 198. 
Hyde, 13. 

Ida, 88. 
Ingraham, 195. 

James, 216. 

Janney, 117. 

Johnson : 
of 111. 206. 
of Ind. 64, 
of Wi^ 88. 

Jones, i^, 194. 

Joy, 99. 

Judd, 89. 

Kaiser, 89. 
Kell, 217. 
Kellogg, 35. 
Ketchum, 233. 

H. B. 91. 

S. W. 233. 
Kinnecutt, 201. 
Kirkbride, 91. 
Kratz, 36, 
Kunkel, 90. 

Laflin, 37. 
Lamb, 211. 
Lander, 91. 
Lark in, 200. 
Learned, 38. 

of Bkn. loi. 

of Phila. 233. 

of R. L 86. 

of York, 209. 
Litchfield, 234. 
Lloyd, 102. 
Locke, 218. 
Lovell, 227. 
Luther, 103. 
Lyman : 

G. A. 104. 

A. 231. 

MacKellar, 203. 
Mansfield, 103. 

Mapes, 103. 
Marsh, 117, 
Martin, 235. ^ 
Maynard, 116. 
Mayo, 109. 
McCormick, 232. 
McCoy, 130. 
McKelvey, 228. 
McKinley, 96. 
Mell, 40, 
Merrill, 104. 
Merritt, 107. 
Miller, 105. 
Mills : 

W. S. 196. 

E. C. 209. 
Mitchell : 

J. T. 116. 

W. H. C. 176. 

oi III. 

of Pa. 105. 

of Kan. 40. 

J. E. 107. 

W. G. 106. 
Mosher, 41. 
Mott, 195. 
Moulton, 43. 
Muir, 39. 
Myer, 42. 

Nellis, 42. 
Newell, 43, 

O. 108. 

S. M. 108. 
Norton : 

of Bristol, Ct. 44. 

of Lime Rock, Ct. 

Otis, 44. 

Page, 152. 
Palmer, 152, 
Parker, 45. 
Past, 205. 
Peck, 112. 
Peckham, 94. 
Peet, 94, 178. 

G. A. 148. 

J. N. 150. 
Pierce, 220. 
Poor, 45. 
Poucher, 13. 
Preble, iii. 

Presby, 113. 
Price, 128. 
Prince, 113. 
Proctor, 46. 
Purdy, III. 
Putman, 113. 

Randolph, 176. 
Reynolds, 46. 
Richards, 47. 
Ripley, 118. 
Ritter, 97. 
Robinson, 100. 
Rochester, 47. 
Ryerson, 118. 

Samson, 119. 
Scofield, 47. 

of Iowa, 48. 

of Waterford, 95. 
Searight, 49. 
Selleck, 94. 
Seymour, 10. 
Sherman, 177. 
Sickels, 62. 
Simonson, 5. 
Small, 137. 

of N. Y. 48. 

of Mass. 121. 

of Ohio, 221. 
Snow, 65. 
Spangler, 227 

H. N. 49. 

O. M. 138. 

H. B. 202. 
Stanton, 230. 
Stanwood, 137. 
Stark : 

of Ct. 50. 

of Pa. 50. 

of Mass. 120. 
Steele, 51. 
Sterling, 114. 
Stewart, 121. 
Stites, 215. 

W. B. 123. 

H. W. 
Strong, 122. 
Stubbs, 122. 
Swift, 156. 
Swords, 38. 

Talbot, 229. 

Taylor : 

F. W. 123. 

J. Y. 123. 
Temple, 51, 124. 
Thomas, 194. 
Thrall, 125. 
Tompkins, 115. 
Townsend, 52. 
Tracy, 52. 
Tremper, 61. 
Trowbridge, 177. 

Underbill, 6.3 

Valentine, 7. 
Van Deusen, 61. 
Vann, 53. 
Van Wyck, 8. 
Vaughan, 142. 
Votaw, 53. 

Wagenseller, 141. 
Walbridge, 54. 
Walcott, 142. 
Waldron, 57. 
Waller, 143. 
Wandell, 141. 
Ward, 53. 
Warren : 

of Utah, 54. 

of Ky. 54. 
Warriner, 114. 
Waterbury, 139. 
Webber, 140 
Webster, 55, 140. 
Wells : 

of Wis. 56. 

of Pa. 96. 
Wheeler, 55. 
Wheelock, 56. 
Wherry, 204. 
Whipple, 125. 
White, 56. 
Willard, 232. 

of 111.' 126 

of Pa. 128. 
Wright : 

of R. I. 127. 

of N. Y. 184. 
Wygant, 140. 
Wylie, 139. 
Wynkoop, 203. 

Yates, 139. 
Young, 202. 

Zearing, 81. 




^1 V ^- 


■ ..<^-' 

■ A:% "9. ' 







Form No. 622: 5-10-'56-10M.