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Full text of "American ancestry: : giving the name and descent, in the male line of Americans whose ancesters settled in the United States previous to... 1776.."

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Form No. 522: 5-10-'55-10M. 

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American Ancestry: 





A. D, 1776. 


Embracing Lineages from the Whole of the 



1 Those who do not look upon themselves as a link connecting' the past with the future do not 
perform their duty to the world." — Daniel Webster.; 

ALBANY, N. Y . : 



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THE purpose of this work is, principally, to register in a convenient and simple form 
the pedigree of any one person, and thus record for all time many important facts in 
the history of families which would otherwise be lost. Another primary object is to publish 
here the ancestry of a person as complete as it is known, as a means of obtaining additional 
information regarding it. It is also designed to be a convenient work of reference, to show 
the origin of the various American families. However indifferent some may affect to be 
regarding this question of ancestry, those who have a good pedigree will usually have a 
natural pride in it. Many lineages must of necessity contain nothing but simple records 
of uneventful generations, but they will preserve facts of great interest to descendants which 
would otherwise in many cases be lost in the history of a family. The plan of the work is 
somewhat similar in idea to the well-known English works, but altered to suit the conditions 
of American society, and in detail is as follows: 

The surname or family name is given iirst, with the given name, residence, birth place 
and date of birth. This is followed by remarks of a brief biographical character, giving the 
principal events in the individual's life, such as occupation, college degrees if any, author- 
ship, public service, experiences, and if married, date, wife's name and parentage, with 
remarks relating to her ancestry. If the individual whose lineage is given had brothers the 
same facts may be stated respecting each of them, in order of their birth, commencing with 
the eldest. This completes the first generation in tracing back the lineage. Next is given 
the father's name, followed by same class of facts, and so continued back in male line as far 
as can be traced. The name of son, father, grandfather, etc., in direct male line are printed 
in black type. As the abbreviations are all of the most ordinary kind, it is unnecessary to 
mention them here. 

Copyrighted by 

j o iz l m u n s>: r. L«' S S > T s . 




MATHEWS, BRYON of Whigville Ct., 
b. in Burlington Ct. May 28, 1828, 
farmer, unmarried; son of Caleb Newell 
Mathews of Burlington Ct., b. Oct. 20, 
1796, d. there July 31, 1881 (m. Mar. 17, 
1825 Levia Root of Plainville Ct, d. Aug. 
13, 1872, their ch. were: Charles Henry, 
b. Apr. 22, 1826 [m. Dec. 1, 1864 Fannie 
Lamberton] d. Feb. 10, 1895, Bryon above, 
Fenelon, b. Nov. 12, 1830 [m. Dec. 2, 1866 
Helen E. Norton], d. May 13, 1878, 
Theron, b. Apr. 8, 1834, d. Nov. 28, 1835, 
Sarah, b. Mar. 31, 1838 [m. Nov. 1861 Hoyt 
H. Bradley]); son of Caleb Mathews, b. 
Oct. 16, 1767, d. Apr. 8, 1840 (m. Jan. 22, 
1794 Sarah Newell [dau. of David and 
Sarah Porter Newell and desc. of Thomas 
Newell the emigrant 1632 who settled in 
Farmington Ct. about 1640], their children 
were: Sarah, b. Dec. 9, 1794, d. Feb. 13, 
1864, Caleb Newell, above, Horatio Nelson, 
b. Mar. 29, 1799, d. Sep. 22, 1854, Belinda, 
b. Oct. 20, 1803, d. Apr. 23, 1805, Norman 
Porter, b. June 3, 1807 [m. Mar. 8, 1865 
Lucy Allen], d. Sep. 6, 1872) ; son of Caleb 
Mathews, b. at Wallingford Ct. Dec. 16, 
1743, d. Oct. 20, 1814 (m. Jan. 1, 1766 Anna 
Carrington, she d. Nov. 22, 1804 aged 61, 
and he m. 2d May 5, 1806 Anna Hall, his 
children by first wife were: Simeon, b. May 
20, 1769, Nancy, b. June 21, 1771, Levi, b. 
May 3, 1777, Chloe, b. Jan. 22, 1780, a son, 
b. May 7, 1788) ; son of Caleb Mathews, b. 
at New Haven Ct. Dec. 18, 1703, d. at 
Bristol Ct. Apr. 7, 1786 (m. 1st at Walling- 
ford Ct. Mar. 7, 1727, Hannah, dau. of Na- 
thaniel and Sarah [Jennings] Hitchcock, 

she d. Dec. 5, 1731, he m. 2d May 9, 1733 
Ruth, dau. of William and Ruth Merriam 
of Cheshire Ct., b. at Lynn, Mass. Nov. 
2 , II 7i'3, gr.-dau of William and Elizabeth 
[Breed, dau. of Allen] Merriam of Lynn 
Mass., and gt.-gr.-dau. of Joseph and Sarah 
[Goldstone] Merriam of Concord Mass.), 
he removed to New Cambridge (Bristol 
Ct.) about 1740, capt. of the militia, clerk 
and a prominent member in the Episcopal 
church for many years, had by first wife: 
Nathaniel, b. Nov. 29, 1727, Mamre, b. Apr. 
l S, 1730, by second wife: Mamre, b. Aug. 
18, 1734, d. Sep. 12, 1734, Ruth, b. about 
1736 [m. Joseph Gaylord of Bristol Ct.], 
Hannah, b. Jan. 31, 1737, Jerusha, b. May 
8, 1739, Jerusha, b. May 30, 1741, Caleb 
above, Etheldred, bp. July 18, 1748, John, 
bp. Apr. 30, 1750 [m. Chloe Roys], Ethel- 
dred, bp. Sep. 8, 1754 [m. Lemuel Carring- 
ton], Mamre, b. , d. May 14, 1759; 

son of Caleb Mathews, b. at Guilford Ct 
Apr. 20, 1675, d. at Wallingford Ct. Aug. 
22, 1755 (m. 1st at New Haven Ct. Jan. 13, 
1702 Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel and Esther 
[Sperry] Hotchkiss, b. at New Haven Ct. 
Aug. 30, 1684, and gr.-dau. of Richard 
Sperry who harbored the regicides, 2d at 
Wallingford Ct. July 22, 1736 Elizabeth 
Trowbridge the widow of Benjamin Fris- 
bie), was called sergt. and lived in that part 
of Wallingford which is now Cheshire, 
was prominent in the Congregational 
church there where his name first appears 
in 1723, his land was leased to parties in 
New Jersey for mining copper, had by 1st 
wife: Caleb above, Elizabeth, b. Oct. 6, 


1705, Esther, b. Aug. i,ti7o8 [m. Nov. 3. 
1724 Benjamin Lewis], Abel, b. Feb. 26, 
1710, Abner, b. July 22, 1712, Jesse, b. Sep. 
20, 1716, Aaron, b. Nov. 19, 1721, Jesse, b. 
Sep. 26, 1725; son of William Mathews 
(m. Jane), d. at Branford Conn. 1684, birth 
of his first child is recorded at New Haven 
Ct., the next two at Guilford Ct., was liv- 
ing at Branford Ct. in 1681, lived in New 
Haven Ct. when he made his will in 1684, 
wife probably died before will was made 
as she is not mentioned, children: Eliza- 
beth, b. Dec. 27, 1672, Caleb above, 
Thomas, b. Sep. 9, 1676 [m. at Wallingfor.l 
Ct. May 23, 1700 Abiah Parker] and 

lyn, manuf. and wholesale clothier of 
New York city, b. at Hempstead L. I. Oct. 
27, 1832 (m. May 26, 1863 Susie, dau. of 
Alfred and Amy Ketcham, she d. Feb. 7, 
1890, children: Alfred M., b. Feb. 24, 1864 
[m. Emma Gulden, issue: Charles V., b. 
Jan. 14, 1895], Harry L., b. Nov. 23, 1867, 
d. July 27, 1868, John L., b. and d. Jan. 1, 
1870 and Florence E., b. Feb. 2, 1872 [m. 
Charles I. Hawkins]); son of Isaac Sned- 
eker of Hempstead L. I., b. there Aug. 3, 
1803, d. there Jan. 1, 1881, merchant, col. 
of N. Y. state militia (m. 1st Oct. 14, 1823 
Eliza J., dau. of Layton Simonson, b. Aug. 
13, 1804, d. July 23, 1864, children: Chris- 
topher, b. Oct. 21, 1824, d. May 1, 1829, 
Layton S., b. Aug. 19, 1827, d. Sep. 11, 
1843, s. p., Elenor, b. July 20, T830 [m 
George W. Dill], Valentine, b. Oct. 27, 
1832, Wilson B., b. June 21, 1835 [m. Sarah 
M., dau. of Isaac DeNyse, issue: Isaac, b. 
Mnr. 11, 1863 [m. Bertha C, b. Aug. 12, 
1^62. dau. of Robert C. Henderson, issue: 
Evelyn C, b. Apr. 30, 1894], Alice May, 'j. 
Sep. 31, 1861 !"m. Henry L. Nichols, issue: 
two sons and two daughters] and Lydia, b. 
Apr. 10, 1839, d. June 5, 1843) ; son of 
Christian of Hempstead L. I., b. at Suc- 
cess L. I. Jan. 12, 1784, d. July 18, 1869, 
farmer (m. Elenor Golder, b. Apr. 29, 
1785, d. May \<>, 1893, children: Isaac, b. 
Aug. 3, 1803, Morris, b. May 9. 1806, ri. 
May 27, 1883 [m. Fanny, dau. of Jarvis 

Seaman, b. Dec. 26, 1809, d. Feb. 20, 1886, 
issue: one son and two daughters], Wil- 
liam, b. July 11, 1811, d. Dec. 13, 1889 [m. 
Lois Alma Pine, b. 1806, d. Nov. 9, 1890, 
issue: Charles N., d. Dec. 25, 1856 and Liv- 
ingston, b. 1836], Jane A., b. Sep. 29, 1816, 
d. May 17, 1874 [m. Elijah Sprague, issue: 
six children] and John W., b. Mar. 30, 
1826 [m. Sarah A. Simonson, issue: Anna 
F., b. Aug. 25, 1849 and Frank L., b. Sep. 
4, 1856 [m. Susan P. Marsh, issue: May, b. 
May 30, 1883]); son of Isaac of Hempstead 
L. I., b. Springfield L. I. Dec. 11, 1760, d. 
1844, farmer (m. Apr. 15, 1781 Ann Car- 
man, issue: Mary, b. May 21, 1782, Chris- 
tian, b. Jan. 12, 1784, Ann, b. Oct. 18, 1788, 
d. Sep. 22, i860 [m. Feb. 11, 1807 John De- 
Mott of Hempstead, b. May 20, 1782, d. 
July 21, 1864, issue: Lydia, b. Nov. 28, 1807, 
Elizabeth, b. Feb. 21, 1810, Isaac, b. Mar. 
10,' 1813, David, b. Jan. 13, 1816, Daniel, b. 
June 23, 1818, Alfred, b. Apr. 29, 1820, 
Lorenzo D., b. 1824, d. young, Matilda, b. 
1826, d. young, John A., b. Feb. 28, 1829, 
d. June 1849 and Snedeker, b. and d. 
young], Elizabeth, b. 1792, d. young, Ael- 
tie, b. 1790, d. young and John, b. 1796, d. 
July 18, 1833 [m. Oct. 31, 1815, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Richard Wiggins, b. Mar. 21, 1796, 
d. Oct. 22, 1846, issue: Isaac C, b. April 
25, 1817, d. Brooklyn [m. Sep. 22, 1841 
Maria E. Butler, b. June 23, 1820, issue: 
John S., b. Oct. 13, 1842, Rudolph, b. Oct. 
8, 1844, d. young, Elizabeth A., b. Dec. 12. 
1846 [m. Lewis C. Ryder] and Frank, b. 
Mar. 4, 1849 [m- Sallie Lynch]); son of 
Cliristiaen of Hempstead L. I., b. Feb. 6, 
1736, d. 1792, farmer (m. 19, 1759 
Elsie DeMott, b. 1740, children: Isaac, 
Mirriam, Abraham, Mary, Ann, Prebe and 
Elizabeth), son of Isaac, bp. at Jamaica 
L. I. Oct. 12, 1708, farmer (m. Maria, chil- 
dren: Mary tie, bp. May 24, 1735, Chris- - 
tiaen, b. Feb. 6, 1736, Elsie, b. Oct. ig, 
1740 and Jan, bp. Jan. 9, 1743); son of 
Christiaen of Jamaica, b. at Flatbush L. I. 
about 1666, took oath of allegiance Flat- 
bush 1687, after two of his children were 
bp. in the Dutch church at New York 
bought land and settled at Jamaica where 
he was an elder in the Dutch church 1709, 


d. there (m. Flatbush Apr. 25, 1669, Pie- 
terte Adrianse, children: Willemtje, bp. 
N. Y. Mar. 4, 1691 [m. Jan Linden, chil- 
dren: Samuel, bp. Jamaica June 14, 1709, 
Jannete, bp. Apr. 13, 1711, Pietertie, bp. 
Apr. 7, 1713 and Jan, bp. Feb. 13, 1715! 
Adrian, bp. N. Y. May 22, 1698, Jannetje, 
bp. at Jamaica June 29, 1702-3, and Isaac, 
bp. Jamaica Oct. 12, 1708 and Marytje, bp. 
Jamaica Oct. 20, 1713); son of Gerrit of 
Flatbush L. I., bp. in early life Mar. 25, 
1660, d. 1694, farmer, patentee Flatbush 
Jan. 24, 1662, overseer Flatbush 1667, '76, 
on assessment rolls 1675, '83, member 
church 1677, magistrate 1679, took oath oi 
allegiance as a native 1687, heired his 
father's lands (m. 1st Willemtje Vooks, or. 
Vookes, m. 2d Elsje Tunis, dau. of Tunis 
Nyssen [Denyse], bp. May 14, 1648, chil 
dren: Margaret, b. abt. 1662, Christiaen, b 
abt. 1666, Jan, b. abt. 1674, Abraham, b 
abt. 1677, Isaac, b. abt. 1681, Sarah, bp 
Oct. 14, 1683 [m. Adrian Onderdonk], 
Theunis, b. abt. 1685, Gerret, b. abt. 1687 
and Elsje, b. abt 1689 [m. Charles Boe- 
rum]); son of Jan of New Amsterdam, 
where he lived outside the fort on the pres- 
ent Pearl St., termed one of the direct- 
or's selectmen, immigrated as early as 1640. 
'42, owned a double lot, a founder and 
patentee Flatbush 165 1, member Dutch 
church 1677, committeeman on erection of 
church edifice, magistrate 1654, '64, d. 
1679 (m. 1st Annetje Buys of Rys or Ryes- 
sen, a town in the province of Overysse, 
m. 2d Egbertje of Lybertje Jans, widow of 
Herman Hendrickse, children: Annetje, 
Janetje [m. 1st Reynier Wizzelpenning, m. 
2d Pieter C. Luyster], Gerret, bp. Mar. 
25, 1660, Styntje and Tryntje, bp. Feb. 23, 
1642 in New Amsterdam). 

St. Louis Mo., b. there Sep. 25, 
1864 (m. Jan. 7, 1891 Ella Potter, children* 
one son, William Potter, b. Dec. 19, 1893); 
son of William Henry Waters of St. 
Louis Mo., b. Hamburg N. J. Aug. 26, 
1831, d. St. Louis Mo. Jan. 21, 1892, of the 
firm of Waters-Pearce Oil Co. St. Louis 
(m. June 21, 1855 Sarah G. Palmer, b. Aug. 

8, 1837, children: Frank A., b. Mar. 4, 
1859, William D., b. Sep. 25, 1864 and 
Sadie P., b. Sep. 26, 1867) ; son of Thomas 
Cornell of Hamburgh N. J., b. Goshen 
N. Y. Feb. 27, 1793, d. Dec. 1, 1834, farmer 
(m. Sep. 24, 1823, Emeline, dau. of William 
Darrah and Elizabeth Edsel, children: 
William D., b. Mar. 17, 1825, d. Apr. 27, 
1829 and William H., b. Aug. 26, 1831); 
son of Thomas of Goshen N. Y., b. Flush- 
ing L. I. 1760, d. Goshen Dec. 1, 1834, 
farmer, sheriff of Orange co. N. Y. 1794- 
1807 (m. Bridget Mathews, b. Mar. 22, 
1763, d. Feb. 7, 1813, children: Sarah, b. 
July 5, 1788 [m. Robert Seely and had 8 
ch.], Elizabeth, b. Aug. 23, 1790, d. Nov. 
6, 1865 [m. Apr. 9, 1826, Thomas, son of 
Richard Thorne, children: Mary E., b. 
Sep. 12, 1827, d. Oct. 11, 1835, John W., b. 
Jan. 8, 1829, d. May 23, 1851 and Sarah T., 
b. Jan. 16, 1831 [m. a Matthews and had 
two sons and one daughter], Thomas C, 
b. Feb. 27, 1793 and Henry W., b. Apr. 26, 
1797 [m. Eliza Denton, b. June 4, 1798, d. 
Aug. 31, 1865, children: William, b. Dec. 
17, 1826, d. Jan. 1, 1879 t m - Malinda Clear- 
water, no issue], John, b. Sep. 25, 1829, d. 
July 22, 1873 [m. 1S55, Amanda Barnes, d. 
1896, issue: Anna, b. Nov. 19, 1859, d. Sep. 
13, 1879 [m. Feb. 16, 1879 George Beatty, 
no issue] and William H. of Goshen N. 
Y.] and Cornelia, b. July 23, 1835 [m. 1st 
Hiram T. Farrand, who d. 1862, m. 2d 
Joel B. Weymer, no issue) ; son of Daniel 
of Flushing and Hempstead L. I., b. 
Flushing L. I., d. Hempstead L. I. 1764, 
farmer (m. Sarah [dau. of Thomas Cor- 
nell and Sarah Doughty] who married a:s 
his second wife the Hon. Henry Wisner, 
voter for the declaration of independence, 
children: Daniel, b. and d. before 1770, 
Sarah [m. Dec. 5, 1767 Richard Thorne], 
Mary [m. Aug. 28, 1773 John Latham], 
Elizabeth, b. May 4, 1754, d. July 2, 183T 
[m. 1 st Gabriel Wisner, who was killed 
by the Indians at the battle of Min- 
nisink July 22, 1779, issue: Sarah, b. 1773, 
d. 1817 [m. William W. Thorne], Henry 
G., b. 1777, d. Feb. 20, 1842 [m. Sarah Tal- 
tnan] and Gabriel H., b. 1779, d. Oct. 22, 
1847, m. 2d Coe Gale, issue: twin sons 


Benjamin and Thomas Gale], Hannah [m. 
James Everett, surrogate of Orange co, 
issue: Mary [m. M. A. Jones, Elizabeth, 
b. 1787, d. Feb. 1, 1857, John, b. 1785, d. 
Oct. 6, 1845, m. and had a son Charles J. 
and Daniel] and Thomas, b. 1760); son of 
Daniel of Flushing L. I. (for particulars 
see lineage of Isaac S. Waters in this vol.1. 

Lincoln Neb., b. in Pavilion N. Y. 
Jan. 13, 1836 (m. Sep. 30, i860 Nancy P. 
Lincoln, b. in Bethany N. Y. Mar. 20, 
1832 [dau. of Wm. Henry Ludlow Lincoln 
and Julia Parsons], and has 2 children, 
viz.: Maude L. Fay and Dean Warren 
Fay) ; son of Dr. Warren Fay of Pavilion 
N. Y., b. in Walpole N. H. Apr. 3, 1797, 
d. in Clarance Iowa Feb. 18, 1875, physi- 
cian in western New York (m. July 3, 1827 
Freelove M. Palmer, b. in Stonington Ct. 
Feb. 10, 1801, d. in Pavilion N. Y. July 5, 
1863, dau. iof Joseph and Lucretia [Sher- 
man] Palmer); son of Reuben Fay of 
Walpole N. H. and Windham Vt., b. in 
Walpole Apr. 3, 1776, d. in Grafton Vt. 
Feb. 27, 1865 (m. 1796 Hepsibah Kidder, 
b. in Tewksbury Mass. Aug. 2, 1773, d. in 
Windham Vt. Aug. 16, 1854, dau. of Joseph 
and Abigail [Kittredge] Kidder); son of 
Joseph Fay of Bolton Mass., b. Sep. 27, 

HEATH, ALBERT of Andover Ohio, 
b. in Tyringham Mass. Nov. 2, 1808, 
settled in Andover 1835, millwright (m. 
Nov. 19, 1829 Lucy Cook [dau. of Luke 
C. Cook and Clarissa Winslow], she d. 
May 8, 1896, aged 89, and had 11 children, 
viz.: Clarissa P. [m. R. E. French of Grass 
Valley Ore.], Betsey E. [m. N. S. Butler 
of Andover Ohio], Herman L. of And- 
over Ohio, book dealer, Adni J. of And- 
over [m. Margaret Coursen], William H. 
of Andover, building mover [m. Dec. 25, 
1861 Mary E. Phelps], Chauncey A. of 
Grass Valley Ore., surveyor, farmer [m. 
Eliza J. Rose], and Lucy Josephine [m 
B. F. Downing of Miles Wash.]); son of 
Eleazer Heath of Tyringham Mass., b. 

there Mar. 19, 1786, d. June 30, 1868, 
moved to Tully N. Y. 181 1, mechanic, 
farmer, preacher, moved to Andover Ohio 
1836 (m. 1806 Betsy Heath, d. June 2, 1872 
[dau. of Joseph and Patience], and had 11 
children, viz.: Marinda, Albert, Phidelia, 
Emiline, William H., Philetus, Warren, 
Caroline, Joseph, James and Phebe); son 
of Eleazur of Tyringham Mass., b. in 
Willington Ct. in Aug. 1752, d. 1849, 
moved to Ashford about 1780, to Tyring- 
ham about 1782, to Williamfield Ohio 1816, 
was a rev. soldier, farmer (m. 1779 Abigail 
Rabbins, d. 1823, and had David, Dorcas, 
Bbenezer, Eleazer, Joshua, Abigail, Anne, 
Job, Sally and Timothy). 

|HOLE, ERNEST B. of Indianapolis Ind., 
^ b. in Noblesville Ind. 1846, is com- 
piling a genealogy of the Cole family of 
Swansea (m. 1874 Sarah E. Dunn) ; son of 
Albert B., b. in Exeter N. Y. 1806, d. 1870 
(m. 1832 Elizabeth Ross) ; son of Abel, 
b. in Shaftsbury Vt. 1779, d. i860 (m. 1803 
Rebecca Burnham) ; son of Benjamin, b. 
1750, d. 1822 (m. 1777 Prudence Hard); 
son of Ebenezer, b. in Swansea Mass. 
Mar. 11, 171 1, d. in Shaftsbury Vt. 1794, 
moved to Shaftsbury (m. June 10, 1740 
Mary Wilson, and had sons Freegift, 
David, Parker, Benjamin and probably 
Aaron and Peleg) ; son of Benjamin of 
Swansea Mass., b. there 1678, d. 1748 (m. 
Hannah Eddy) ; son of Hugh, b. in Lon- 
don Eng. 1627, d. 1699 (m. 1654 Mary 
Foxwell); son of James, b. about 1600, d. 
1698 (m. 1625 Mary Lobel). 

Mass., b. June 16, 1849 (m. Annie L. 
Ditmars of Somerville Mass., and had 6 
children, viz.: Annie May, Alice Burn- 
ham, d. in infancy, Alpheus Ditmars, Ar- 
thur Hamilton, Anthony Howard and 
Abigail Helen); son of Silas B. of Har- 
rison Me., b. Nov. 11, 1818, d. Dec. 15, 
1895, was in Maine Methodist conference 
14 years, moved from Norway Me. to 
Dwight 111. 1869, to Chicago 1889 (m. 
Sarah A. Burnham of Harrison Me., b. 


Apr. 12, 1821, d. Apr. 18, 1889, their chil- 
dren all b. in Maine: I, Silas Frederick 
Brackett, b. Aug. 14, 1846, 2, Franklin 
Pierce Brackett, b. Sep. 27, 1847, 3, Al- 
pheus Lovewell Brackett, b. June 16, 1849, 

4, Henry Campbell Brackett, b. July 29, 
1850, s, Virgil Neal Brackett, b. Jan. 1, 

1852, 6, Peel Bodwell Brackett, b. Apr. 11, 

1853. 7, Velzora Eastman Brackett, b. July 
8, 1854, 8, Josephine Mariah Brackett, b. 
Dec. 11, 1855, d. Nov. 22, 1870, 9, Gilbert 
Marion Brackett, b. May 13, 1857, d. Feb. 

5, 1869, 10, Mary Geneva Brackett, b. July 
28, 1858, d. Apr. 3, 1884, 11, Lovina Down- 
ing Brackett, b. Sep. 19, 1859, 12, Sumner 
Burnham Brackett, b. Sep, 27, i860, d. 
Nov. 4, 1870, 13, Calistia Brackett, b. Mar. 
26, 1862, 14, Oliver Stevens Brackett, b. 
Mar. 16, 1863, d. May 24, 1863, 15, Abbie 
Anna Brackett, b. June 13, 1865) ; son of 
Walker of Westbrook Me., b. Apr. 7, 
1796, d. Oct. 16, 1871 (m. Calista Wight of 
Raymond Me., b. Oct. 26, 1794, d. Feb. 19, 
1875, their children: 1, Rev. Silas B. 
Brackett, b. at Harrison Me. Nov. 11, 
1818, d. Dec. 15, 1895, 2, Polly W. Brackett, 
b. at Harrison Me. Aug. 15, 1820, d. June 
!895, 3, Nancy C. Brackett, b. at Harrison 
Nov. 19, 1822, 4, Walker Brackett Jr., b. at 
Harrison Nov. 24, 1824, 5, Roxy Ann 
Brackett, b. at Harrison Feb. 27, 1827, d. 
June 30, 1842, 6, Harriet W. Brackett, b. 
at Harrison Jan. 11, 1829, 7, Elbridge O. 
Brackett, b. at Harrison Oct. 4, 1830, 8, 
Betsey Walker Brackett, b. at Harrison 
May 20, 1833, 9, Charles Henry Brackett, 
b. at Harrison Feb. 24, 1836, 10, Sophrona 
S. Brackett, b. at Harrison May 30, 1840; 
son of John of Harrison Me., b. Apr. 11, 
1761, d. Feb. 22, 1844, soldier in rev. war, 
afterward capt. of militia, moved from 
Westbrook to Harrison 181 1 (m. Mary 
Walker of Westbrook, b. Aug. 11, 1765, d. 
Sep. 18, 1843, their children: 1, George 
Braokett, b. at Westbrook Sep. 26, 1787, d. 
Oct. 21, 1814, 2, William Brackett, b. at 
Westbrook Aug. 25, 1789, 3, Abigail 
Brackett, b. at Westbrook Sep. 12, 1791, d. 
Jan. 18, 1816, 4, Enoch Brackett, b. at 
Westbrook July 27, 1793, 5, Walker Brack- 

ett, lb. in Westbrook Apr. 7, 1796, d. Oct. 
16, 1-871, 6, Elizabeth Brackett, b. at West- 
brook Dec. 2, 1799, 7, John Brackett Jr., 
b. at Westbrook June 2, 1804, d. in 1885, 8, 
Chapman Brackett, b. at Westbrook Aug. 
21, 1808; son of Anthony of Falmouth 
Me., b. in Hampton N. H. Aug. 25, 1712, 
d. Dec. 9, 1774 (m. 1st Abigail Chapman 
of Falmouth in 1757, m. 2d 1764 Mrs. Job 
Lunt (widow), his second cousin (dau. of 
Joshua Brackett Jr.), she was b. Sep. 14, 
1728, their children: 1, Jeremiah Brackett, 
b. at Falmouth Me. 1754, 2, Daniel Brack- 
ett, b. at Falmouth 1758, 3, Capt. John 
Brackett, b. at Falmouth Apr. 11, 1761, d. 
Feb. 22, 1844, 4, Abigail Brackett, b. at 
Falmouth Feb. 1766, Abigail Brackett, m. 
a Daniel Green of Portland Me., and lived 
on Green st (she was a half sister of Capt. 
John) ; son of Zachariah of Falmouth Me., 
d. in Ipswich Mass. 1751, moved there 1740 
(m. 1st Hannah, and had: 1, Sarah, b. Mar. 
1, 1709, m. 1st Isaac Sawyer, 2d Jonathan 
Morse, 2, Jane, b. Jan. 13, ±711, m. Daniel 
Mosher of Gorham, 3, Anthony, b. Aug. 
25, 1712, d. Dec. 9, 1774, m, 1st Miss Abi- 
gail Chapman, 2d Miss Abigail Brackett, 
his second cousin, in 1764, 4, Abraham D., 
b. July 3, 1714, d. July 1806, m. Joanna 
Springer in 1743, the foregoing were b. in 
Hampton, N. H., those who follow were b. 
in Old Falmouth Me.: 5, Zachariah Jr., b. 
Nov. 30, 1716, and d. in 1776, m. Judith 
Sawyer in 1742, 6, Thomas, b. in 1718, d. 
May 23, 1803, m. Miss Mary Snow in T744, 
7, Susannah, b. Feb. 13, 1720, m. John 
Baker in 1740, 8, Joshua, b. Jan. 7, 1723, d. 
in 1816, m. Miss Esther Cox, he was cap- 
tain of a company of minute men in the 
war of the revolution, 9, Abigail, b. Aug. 
21, 1727, m. James Merrill 3d of Fal- 
mouth) ; son of Anthony of Falmouth 
Me. 1662, killed by the Indians there 1689 
(m. 1st Anne Mitton of Falmouth, gr.-dau. 
of George Cleeves, his 2d wife Miss Su- 
sannah Drake of Hampton N. H., their 
children: 1, Anthony Brackett 3d, 2, Seth 
Brackett, killed by the Indians in 1689, 3, 
Sarah Brackett, m. Samuel Proctor, b. in 
Salem Mar. 16, 1680, 4, Zachariah Brack- 



ett, d. at Ipswich Mass. in 1751, Anthony's 
2d wife Susannah, children Sarah and 
Zachariah escaped in 1689 and fled to 
Hampton N. H., where her people lived, 
Zachariah m. and lived in Hampton N. H. 
and returned from there to Falmouth Me. 
with his family in 1715, and went on to the 
old Back Cove farm in 1720) ; son of 
Anthony of Portsmouth N. H., selectman, 
settled there as early as 1640, had besides 
Anthony Jr. a son Thomas, who an. Mary 
Mitton, another dau. of Michael Mitton 
and wife Elizabeth Cleeves, gr.-daus. of 
George Cleeves of Old Falmouth Me., and 
occupied the homestead on Clark's Point, 
Thomas Brackett was killed near his 
dwelling house in 1676 by the Indians, and 
Anthony by the same enemy on his farm 
at Back Cove in 1689. The first Bracketts 
that came to this country landed in Boston 
Mass. in the latter part of the year 1629 
from Scotland. Capt. Richard, Peter, Wil- 
liam and Anthony Bracketts. " Tradition 
says they were brothers." The " Mass. 
Bay Co." landed 1,500 persons in the year 
1629 at Boston, Charlestown and Salem 
under Governor Winthrop, " the Bracketts 
came with them." Capt. Richard and 
Peter Brackett settled in Braintree Mass. 
(Capt. Richard Brackett was b. in Scot- 
land in 1610, d. Mar. 5, 1691; he had four 
boys, John, Peter, James and Josiah.) 
Their descendants are numerous. William 
and Anthony settled in New Hampshire. 
The first of the name found in New Hamp- 
shire was William Brackett, who was sent 
to Piscataqua in 1631 by Capt. John 
Mason. Anthony Brackett, " selectman " 
of Portsmouth N. H., is known to have 
been in Portsmouth N. H. in 1640, in 
which year he gave a deed of " glebe 
lands " to the church wardens for a par- 

-L' Me., b. there in May 1744, d. Dec. 13, 
1815, owned and occupied a large farm on 
Peak's Island in Portland harbor (m. Dec. 
9, 1762 Jane Hall, b. in 1740, d. May 10, 

1810, and had 5 ch., viz.: John Brackett, 
b. in 1763, d. Dec. 1, 1835, Elizabeth 
Brackett, b. in 1766, d. June 20, 1799, 
Patience, b. in 1774, d. Mar. 10, 1794, 
Mary, b. in 1776, d. Nov. 13, i860, Sally); 
son of Anthony of Falmouth Me., b. in 
Greenland N. H. 1707, d. Sep. 10, 1784, 
moved to Falmouth 1728 (m. 1st Sarah 
Knight Feb. 14, 1733, m. 2d his 2d cousin 
Mrs. Kerenhappuck Hicks (widow), dau. 
of Sarah [Brackett] Proctor, she was b. 
in 1729, d. 1822, their children: Capt. John 
Brackett of revolutionary fame, b. in 1734, 
d. Sep. 24, 1775, Thomas Brackett 5 [gt- 
gr.-father of T. B. Reed], b. May 1744, 
James Brackett, 5 Mary Brackett, 5 m. 1st 
Halliday, 2d J. Smith, 3d Isaiah Thomas, 
Joshua Brackett, 5 settled in Gorham Me., 
Elizabeth Brackett, 5 m. Dr. James Brackett 
of Lee N. H., Keziah Brackett, 5 m. Dr. 
Bancroft, Samuel Brackett, 6 Nathaniel 
Brackett, 5 m. Miss Betsey Lewis, settled 
in Gorham Me., Sarah Brackett, 5 m. 
Joshua Fabyan of Scarborough Me. Jan. 
9, 1766); son of Joshua, b. in Falmouth 
Me. 1671 (m. Mary Weeks, and had be- 
sides Anthony above, a son Joshua Jr., b. 
in Greenland 1701, d. in Mar. 1794, and 11 
others) ; son of Thomas, who was killed 
by the Indians at Falmouth 1676. 

HOUGHTON, JACOB of Fredonia N. 
Y., b. there May 28, 1827, surveyor 
and geologist; son of Jacob of Fredonia, 
b. in Bolton Mass. Feb. 15, 1777, attorney, 
judge (m. Jan. 28, 1806 Lydia, dau. of 
Daniel Douglass); son of Simon of Bol- 
ton Mass., b. there Oct. 16, 1737, d. there 
Mar. 25, 1814, farmer, state representative 
(m. Dec. 6, 1770 Martha, dau. of Benj. 
Stearns) ; son of Jacob of Lancaster Mass., 
b. there Apr. 1, 1696, d. there Jan. 26, 1780 
(m. Mary, dau. of Simon Willard); son of 
Jacob of Lancaster Mass., b. there 1674, 
d. there 1750; son of John of Lancaster 
Mass., b. in Eng. about 1650, d. Feb. 3, 
!736, justice of peace, member of general 
court (m. May 10, 1676 Anna Farrar, dau. 
of Jacob) ; son of John of Lancaster Mass. 


Y EATON, WILLIAM of Concord N. 
H., b. in Pittsfield N. H. July 30, 
1836 (m. May 23, 1867 Josephine C. Drake, 
desc. of Col. Abraham Drake of rev. 
army); son of William Yeaton of Pitts- 
field N. H., b. there July 29, 1793, d. there 
May 9, 1851 (m. in Sep. 1825 Sarah Blake 
Locke, desc. of Capt. John Locke, killed 
by the Indians at Rye N. H. 1696) ; son of 
Joseph Yeaton of Pittsfield N. H., b. in 
Rye N. H. 1752, d. in Pittsfield 1806, served 
on board privateer from Portsmouth N. 
H. in rev. war (m. Feb. 5, 1776 Elizabeth 
Rand); son of Joseph of Newcastle N. H., 
b. there July 17, 1731 (m. Susanna Lang). 

ton Pa., b. in Hampton Ct. Oct. 8, 
1826, d. Feb. 10, 1896 (m. Nov. 25, 1847 
Isabel Capwell Green, dau. of Wm., son of 
Benj. Green); son of Rodman Sisson of 
Hampton Ct., b. June 8, 1800, probably in 
Exeter R. I., d. Dec. 17, 1876 (m. Dec. 23, 
1819 Ruth Ellis [dau. of Arnold] of West 
Greenwich R. I., she d. Nov. 10, 1877) ; 
son of George Sisson of Exeter R. I., b. in 
Richmond R. I. June 1, 1774, d. Nov. 14, 
1863 (m. June 2, 1796 Esther Lillibridge, 
b. Nov. 12, 1776, d. July 29, 1836) ; son of 
Rodman of Richmond R. L, b. June 3, 
1744, d. Sep. 28, 1810 (m. 1 st Ruth Clark, 
d. Dec. 29, 1803, 2d Hannah Tillinghast 
[dau. of Pardon of West Greenwich], and 
had 3 ch., viz.: Clark, George above and 
Barnet) ; son of Barnet of Portsmouth and 
Richmond R. I., b. Jan. 24, 1713; son of 
James of Portsmouth R. I., b. July 26, 
1690 (m. Apr. 17, 1712 Deborah Cook, 
dau. of Joseph and Susannah [Briggs] 
Cook); son of George of Portsmouth R. 
I., b. 1644, d. Sep. 17, 1718 (m. Aug. 1, 
1667 Sarah Lawton, d. July 5, 1718); son of 
Richard of Portsmouth R. I., b. 1608, d. 
1684, came probably from England, was a 
freeman in Portsmouth R. I. 1653. 

TJU1E, FRANK of Washington D. C, 
-LJ- b. in Culpeper co. Va. July 21, 1843, 
enlisted in army of northern Va. rS6i, 
served throughout war in thirteen battles, 

wounded at Gettysburg, wholesale mer- 
chant, director in several enterprises (m. 
in June 1870 Emma Phillips Norris, dau. 
of Hon. John E. Norris of Washington); 
son of Charles Hume of Washington, b. 
July 1, 1814, d. in Washington June 25, 
1863, was in second auditor's office nearly 
forty years (m. June 21, 1836 Frances Vir- 
ginia Rawlins, cousin to Gen. John A. 
Rawlins, late sec. of war, she d. Mar. 23, 
1883, they had 13 children, viz.: Mary Ann, 
b. May 16, 1837, Thomas Levi, b. Oct. 24, 
1838, d. Oct. 23, 1881, a merchant in Wash- 
ington [m. Nannie Graham Pickrell, dau. 
of Hon. Adolphus Pickrell of Georgetown 
D. C], William, b. July 12, 1840, d. June 
12, 1841, Charles C, b. Feb. 2, 1842, d. 
May 20, 1863, in army of northern Va., 
Frank above, Fannie Ella, b. Feb. 27, 1845, 
Virginia R, b. Aug. 16, 1846, Barbour, b. 
Mar. 16, 1848, Morton, b. June 5, 1850, 
Eliza P., b. Feb. 23, 1853, Ida May, b. Oct. 
31, 1854, Sue, b. Nov. 28, 1856, and Ed- 
ward H., b. Jan 23, 1859) ; son of Arme- 
stead Hume of Culpeper co. Va., b. about 
1770, d. in Culpeper co. Jan. 19, 1815, far- 
mer (m. Dec. 25, 1798 Priscilla Colvin 
[dau. of John and Sarah], and had 7 ch., 
viz.: Lewis, b. Oct. 3, 1799, d. young, John 
b. Aug. 1, 1802, Robert, b. Jan. 29, 1808, 
Benjamin, b. Apr. 13, 1810, d. young, Fran- 
cis, b. Jan. 1, 1812 [m. Nancy Hord], 
Charles, b. July 1, 1814, and Sarah A. E., 
b. Apr. 11, 1805); son of Francis of Cul- 
peper co. Va., b. about 1730, d. 1813, farmer 
(m. Elizabeth Duncan, d. about 1822, 
aged 94, and had 6 children, viz.: Eliza- 
beth [m. John Almond of Spottsylvania 
co. Va.], Nancy [m. Lewis Sharp of Cul- 
peper], James [m. Oct. 5, 1797 Catharine 
Barnes], Armistead above, Charles [m. 
Celia Shumaker], and Benjamin [m. Nelly 
Frost], all of Culpeper co) ; son of George 
Hume of Culpeper co. Va., b. at Wedder- 
burn Castle, Berwickshire Scotland May 
30, 1697, d. in Culpeper 1760, came to Cul- 
peper co. Va. 1721, surveyor (m. 1728 
Elizabeth Proctor, and had 6 sons, viz.: 
George, Francis, John, Wm., James and 
Charles) ; son of George the head of the 


house of Wedderburn, d. 1720 (m. Oct. 4, 
1695 Margaret [dau. of Sir Patrick] Hume 
of Lumsden, and had 8 sons, viz.: David, 
who succeeded 'him as the laird and d. 1764 
without issue, George, Patrick, Francis, 
John, James, Margaret and Jane). 

BABBITT, SNELL of Adams Mass., b. 
Sep. 9, 1783, d. Mar. 9, 1853, physi- 
cian, state representative (m. 1809 Jael Ed- 
son, who d. in 1866, and had 10 ch., viz.; 
Nathan, d. childless in 1889, Erasmus of 
Bloomington 111., Corydon [who left daus. 
Alice and Cylinda], John A., Horace of 
Philmont N. Y. [who has a son Horace], 
Henry, who d. in youth, Byron, who d. in 
youth, Bidwell, Antoinette [who m. Mr. 
Taylor of Adams Mass.] and Adaline, who 
d. 1888); son of Snellum Babbitt of Savoy 
Mass., b. Dec. 11, 1760, d. in Apr. 1854, 
moved to Savoy 1787, held many town 
offices, was state representative, was in 
battle of Bunker Hill and siege of Boston 
(m. at Stroughtonham, now Sharon Mass. 
Dec. 12, 1782 Betty Blanchard, and had 7 
ch., viz.: Snell above, Ebenezer, b. Nov. 11, 
1784, d. in youth, Abigail, Betsey [m. Al- 
vin Dunham], Edward [m. Abigail New- 
comb, and had Win., Andrew, Chas., 
Nathan and Sarah], Polly, Seth) ; son of 
Nathan of Norton Mass., b. Oct. 8, 1730, 
d. Aug. 31, 1794, lieut. in rev. war (m. 1st 
soon after Feb. 1, 1752 Abigail Cobb [dau. 
of Benj. Cobb and Mary Mason], b. at 
Norton Mar. 5, 1731, d. there May 10, 1782, 
m. 2d Mrs. Judith Newcomb [mother of 
Annis Newcomb], and had by 1st wife 7 
ch., viz.: Nathan, b. Mar. 6, 1755, d. in 
Apr.. 1826, physician, was a surgeon in rev. 
war [m. June 24, 1779 Anna Newcomb, 
sister of Annis, and had Nathan Godfrey 
Babbitt of Beloit Wis. and 5 others], Levi, 
b. Aug. 31, 1757, d. in Norton May 8, 1795 
[m. Betty, dau. of Seth Babbitt of Easton 
Mass., she d. Apr. 9, 1800], Abigail, b. 
Mar. 31, 1764 [m. Annis Newcomb], Ed- 
ward, who was living in 1794, Sarah [m. 
Benj. Wild, son of Dr. John and Anna of 
Norton], Mary [who m. a Lincoln] and 

Snellum above); son of Nathan of Norton 
Mass., b. 1693, d. Feb. 25, 1759 (m. Mary 
Snellem, b. 1703, d. Dec. 16, 1783, and had 
8 children) ; son of Edward of Taunton 
Mass., ib. July 15, 1655, d. 1727 after Feb. 5 
(m. 1st Feb. 1, 1683 Abigail Tisdale, dau. 
of John and Sarah [Walker] Tisdale, m. 
2d Dec. 22, 1698 Elizabeth Thayer of 
Taunton) ; son of Edward Bobit or Bab- 
bitt, an immigrant from Wales, settled in 
Taunton Mass. about 1643, was killed by 
the Indians 1676 (m. Sep. 7, 1654 Sarah 
Tarne, dau. of Miles of Boston). 

New York city, b. there Sep. 28, 
1872 (m. June 30, 1898 Elizabeth Brooks 
Gaw in Brooklyn) ; son of Isaac Bradshaw 
Hall of New York city, b. in Houlton Me. 
Jan. 3, 1841, was 1st lieut. 1st N. Y. light 
artillery during the civil war (m. July 14, 
1869 Elizabeth, dau. of Solomon and Eliza- 
beth Geer); son of John Frazer Head 
Hall, b. in Castine Me. Dec. 31, 1813, d. 
in Houlton Me. Sep. 17, 1861 (m. Mar. 15, 
1840 Elizabeth Upham Smith, dau. of Isaac 
B. and Lydia [Houlton] Smith); son of 
Bradshaw, b. in New Braintree Mass. 
Jan. 23, 1778, d. in Castine in Feb. 1825 
(m. 1st Sep. 25, 1806 Mary Ann Jarvis of 
Surry Me., 2d Aug. 23, 1818 Lavonia 
Tyler) ; son of Percival Hall, b. in Sutton 
N. H. Mar. 15, 1741, d. in Boston Mass. 
Sep. 24, 1825, surgeon in Col. Leonard's 
reg. in rev. war (m. May 12, 1764 Margaret 
Ware of Wrentham Mass) ; son of 
Thomas, b. in Medford Mass. Aug. 12, 
1712, d. in Cornish N. H. in July 1797 (m. 
1st June 30, 1737 Judith Chase of Sutton 
Me., 2d June 24, 1758 Huldah Park) ; son 
of Percival Hall, b. in Cambridge Mass. 
Feb. 11, 1672, d. in Sutton Mass. Dec. 25, 
1752 (m. Feb. 2, 1696 Jane, dau. of Thomas 
Willis and Grace) ; son of John, b. in Eng. 
1627, d. in Medford Mass. Oct. 18, 1701 
(m. Apr. 2, 1656 Elizabeth, dau. of Per- 
cival Green and Ellen); his mother was 
Mary Hall, member of the ch. of Cam- 
bridge Mass. 1653, came to Charlestown 
Mass. 1630. 



BUTLER, FRED A. of Andover Ohio, 
b. June 26, 1864, taught school 3 
years, now railway postal clerk (unmar- 
ried); son of Norman Starr Butler of 
Andover Ohio, b. 1834, farmer (m. i860 
Betsy E. Heath, b. in Tully N. Y. Sep. 14, 
1832 [dau. of Albert Heath and Lucy 
Cook]); son of Norman, b. 1799, removed 
to Andover Ohio (m. 1831 Mary A. Starr, 
dau. of Josiah and Mary [Cannon] Starr 
of Stowe Ohio, and had 9 ch., viz.: Cyn- 
thia E., b. 1833, Norman S., b. 1834 as 
above, Charles W., b. 1836, Francis A., b. 
1838, d. 1879, Mary Ellen, b. 1842, d. 1846, 
Cyrennius J., b. 1844, Julia A., b. 1846, 
Bradner W., b. 1848, and Mary Ella But- 
ler, b. 1854); son of Selah Butler, b. in 
Middletown Ct. Sep. 29, 1768, moved to 
Blandford Mass. 1777-1820, removed to 
Ohio 1820, then went west, settled in And- 
over Ohio (m. about 1788 Lucy Hall, and 
had 6 ch., viz.: George, b. 1789, d. i860, 
Lucy, b. 1792, Orpha, b. 1797, Norman as 
above, Cynthia, b. 1799, and Selah, b. 
1803); son of George, b. June 19, 1730 (m. 
1st Apr. 10, 1755 Anne Plum, d. June 2, 
1756, had dau. Mary, b. 1756, 2d Desire 
Dimmick, and had 4 ch., viz.: David, b. 
1764, Selah, b. 1768 above, Silas, b. 1776, 
and Josiah); son of Gershom Butler, b. 
1683, d. May 1, 1765, settled in Middletown, 
Upper Houses, Rocky Hills (m. 1719 
Mary Deming, b. Oct. 24, 1692, d. Apr. 2, 
1771, dau. of Jonathan and Sarah Deming, 
had 6 ch., viz.: David, b. May 14, 1720 [m. 
Hannah Cook, and had 5 ch., viz.: David, 
Samuel, John, George and Hannah], Ann, 
b. Feb. 7, 1722 [m. May 6, 1742 Joseph 
Wilcox of Middletown], Milly, b. Mar. 3, 
1724 [m. Oct. 12, 1749 Asa Belden], Gid- 
eon, b. May 29. 1727, d. Feb. 7, 1740, 
George as above and Gershom Butler, b. 
Feb. 24, 1737 [m. Prudence, and had 6 ch., 
viz. : Annie, Gideon, Josiah, Rosetta, Ger- 
shom and Oliver]); son of Joseph Butler, 
b. in Hartford Ct. 1648, d. Dec. 10, 1732, 
received from his father's estate lands in 
the south meadows in Wethersfield, set- 
tled there (m. 1667 Mary, d. June 18, 1735 
[dau. of William Goodrich and Sarah], 
had 6 ch., viz.: Richard, b. 1668, d. 1737, 

Benjamin, b. 1673, d. 1732, Joseph, b. 1675, 
d. 1740, Gershom, b. 1683 as above, 
Charles, b. prob. 1683, d. 171 1, and Mary, 
b. 1703) ; son of Richard Butler, d. in 
Hartford Ct. Aug. 6, 1684, the emigrant 
ancestor of the Wethersfield branch of 
this name, came to Boston Mass. from 
Braintree Eng. 1632, settled 1st in Cam- 
bridge Mass., where he had lands assigned 
to him on which he built a house, was a 
member of the church in that town under 
the ministry of the Rev. Thomas Hooker, 
freeman 1634, and the next year he with 
his elder brother William joined the com- 
pany for the settlement of Hartford, and 
with Rev. Thomas Hooker, Elder Stone 
and others commenced the plantations in 
the fall of that year, was a deacon of the 
1st church, and subsequently a grand juror, 
was one of the selectmen of the town sev- 
eral years, member of the general assem- 
bly (m. 2d Elizabeth Bigelow of Hartford 
Ct., d. there Sep. 16, 1691, had 7 ch., viz.: 
Thomas, b. 1637, Samuel, b. 1639, d. 1792, 
Nathaniel, b. 1641, d. 1697, Joseph, b. 1648 
as above, Daniel, Mary, b. 1635, and Eliza- 
beth, b. 1643). 

Fairfield Ct., b. there May 25, 1862 
(unmarried); son of Amzi H. of New 
Fairfield, b. there Sep. 27, 1828 (m. Dec. 
2, 1849 Frances Jane Barnum (dau. of Ira 
and Betsey [Bradley] Barnum, and desc. 
of John Lacy of Bridgeport, Samuel 
Wheeler Jonathan Fantort of Fairfield 
Ct. and Eliphalet Bradley) ; son of Alvah 
S. Pearce of New Fairfield Ct., b. in Dan- 
bury Ct. May 9, 1803, d. in New Fairfield 
May 6, 1875 (m. Jan. 20, 1825 Amy Bar- 
num, desc. of Thomas Barnum, b. in Eng. 
about 1625, d. in Danbury Ct. 1695, was 
one of the 1st settlers of Danbury 1684, 
prob. son of Sir Richard Barnham, M. 
P.) ; son of Nathaniel S. Pearce of New 
Fairfield Ct., b. in Danbury Feb. 23, 1781, 
d. in New Fairfield May 13, 1822, moved 
froim New York city to New Fairfield 1820 
(m. Rebecca, dau. of Abel Sherwood, rev. 
soldier, gr.-dau. of Abel Sherwood, who 
served in Capt. Hobby's 6th co. 2d Ct. 


reg. in the French and Indian war, dis- 
charged Sep. 28, 1761, and desc. of Thomas 
Sherwood of Sherwood Forest Eng., b. 
1586, d. in Fairfield Ct. 1655); son of 
David Pearce of Danbury Ct., b. 1739, d. 
there Jan. 17, 1801, rev. soldier, had charge 
of supply train under Gen. La Fayette, was 
deacon of First Baptist oh. of Danbury for 
many years (m. about 1760 or 61 Phebe, 
dan. of Nathan Stevens, gr.-dau. of Na- 
thaniel Stevens, and gt. -gr.-dau. of Benj. 
Stevens, who built the 1st house in Mill 
Plain dist. Danbury Ct. before 1715). 

FOWLER, RILEY of Brownville N. Y., 
b. in Westfield Mass. Dec. 2, 1789, 
cooper, removed to Middleville N. Y. (m. 
in Jan. 1819 Polly Foster, b. in Middleville 
Mar. 20, 1803, dau. of Abraham and Sebra 
[Scott] Foster, and had 11 ch., viz.: Wil- 
liam, Pamelia, George, Riley, Luther, 
Ashabel, M.ary J., LeRoy, Charles, Alvin 
and Ann Ellen Fowler) ; son of Ashabel 
Fowler of Westfield Mass., b. there May 
12, 1764, d. there July 7, 1832 (m. Lucretia 
Kellog); son of Luther F. of Westfield 
Mass., b. there May 2, 1739, d. there (m. 
in May 1762 Anna Woodward of Wood- 
bury Mass.) ; son of Jonathan Fowler of 
Westfield Mass., b. there Oct. 19, 1685, d. 
there Sep. 13, 1774 (m. 1st Catherine Mar- 
shall, 2d Hannah Pettibone) ; son of Sam- 
uel of Westfield, b. in Windsor Ct. Nov. 
18, 1652, d. in Westfield, settled in West- 
field 16S9 (m. Nov. 6, 1683 Abigail) ; son 
of Ambrose Fowler of Windsor Ct., d. in 
Westfield Mass. Oct. 18, 1704, came to 
Windsor 1640, was a commissioner there 
in settling some Hartford boundaries, re- 
moved to Westfield 1671 (m. 1648 Jane 
Alvord, gr.-dau. of John White, who 
came over in the Mayflower); son of Wil- 
liam, came to Boston Mass. with the gov. 
1637. founder of Milford Ct. Mary f. 
Fowler, dau. of Riley and Polly Fowler 
was b. Apr. t. 1835, d. Oct. 8. 1891, m. in 
Apr. i8:.j James Magoveny. had 5 ch., 
viz.: Amelia, Charles, Anna. William and 
Carolyn May. b. Sep. 6. 1869, m. Sep. 23, 
1891 Charles Wright. 

J- Youngstown Ohio, b. in Bartlett 
Ohio Feb. 10, 1867, lived in Marietta Ohio 
when young, attended Ohio state univ., 
civil engineer, engaged in bridge engineer- 
ing, writer for engineering journals and 
author of articles and specifications (m. 
Dec. 4, 1890 Lucille Hurst Doyle of Amer. 
desc, dau. of Robert J. and Emily H. 
Doyle, and had 3 ch., viz.: Harold, Louise 
and Margaret), had bro. J. Ernest Fowler 
of Youngstown Ohio, b. in Marietta Ohio 
May 20, 1879; sons of Chalkley Thomas 
Fowler of Chillicothe Ohio, b. in Wash- 
ington co. Ohio July 21, 1840, was raised 
on a farm, carpenter, moved to Marietta, 
engaged in business there (m. Nov. 27, 
1861 Phebe W. Hobson, dau. of John 
Hobson, and desc. of John Hobson, 
Joseph Hobson and Francis Hobson, who 
was b. in Ireland 1705, d. in York co. Pa. 
1777, came to Amer. 1711); son of Caleb 
Fowler of Frederick co. Md., Columbiana 
co. Ohio and Washington co. Ohio, b. in 
Frederick co. Mar. 31, 1792, d. near Bart- 
lett Ohio July 21, 1861, farmer, was a 
weaver of linen and woolen (m. June 29, 
1830 Sarah, dau. of Joseph and Joanna 
Smith); son of James of Frederick co. 
Md. and Columbiana co. Ohio, b. in 
former May 9, 1758, d. in latter Jan. 31, 
1848, moved from Frederick co. to Colum- 
biana co. 1815 (m. Alary [dau. of Caleb 
Ogborn and Elizabeth, and desc. of Gus- 
tavus Adolphusl, and had Caleb as above, 
James, Joseph and Samuel, b. Nov. 27, 
1805) ; son of Benjamin Fowler of Freder- 
ick co. Md. 1815 and Baltimore Md., 
planter (m. Ales). 

FULLER, NEWTON of New London 
Ct.; son of Chester of Lebanon Ct., b. 
there Nov. 7, 1789, d. Apr. 10. 1862, was a 
highly esteemed man (m. Jan. 5, 1813 
Eunice Hills of Columbia Ct., dau. of Capt. 
Joseph Hills, and had 13 ch.. viz.: Ferdi- 
nand. Samuel, Alonzo, Alanson, Jane, Mary 
A., Orrilla, Albert, Newton, George A., 
James. Charles A. and Joseph B.) ; son of 
Bezeliel Fuller of Lebanon Ct., b. there 
Jan. 10, 1750, d. there Jan. 6, 1825, fanner. 


tanner and shoemaker (m. Mar. 31, 1785 
Wealthy, dau. of Daniel Carpenter, and 
desc. of William Canpenter, who came to 
Amer. in the ship " Bevis " 1638); son of 
Joshua Fuller of Lebanon and Stafford 
Ct., b. in former Sep. 21, 1725, d. in Mon- 
son Mass. May 20, 1808, removed from 
Lebanon to Stafford Ct. 1763, lieut. of the 
13th co. of 5th reg. of Stafford (m. Oct. 

12, 1748 Margaret, dau. of Ebenezer Rich- 
ardson of Lebanon Ct., and had 11 ch., 
viz.: Bezeliel, Eleazer, Sylvanus, Thomas, 
Samuel, Joshua, John, Abigail, Eliza- 
beth, Huldah and Joel); son of 
Joshua of Lebanon Ct., b. in Reho- 
both Mass. May 15, 1701, d. in Lebanon 
Mar. 23, 1771, moved from Rehoboth to 
Lebanon 1726 (m. 1st Nov. 26, 1724 Mercy 
Knapp, 2d Dec. 25, 1734 Experience Stead- 
man) ; son of Benjamin Fuller of Reho- 
both Mass., b. in Salem Mass. about 1657, 
d. in Rehoboth Jan. 11, 171 1, a man of fine 
character (m. 1st about 1686 Mary, 2d Jan. 

13, 1698 Judith Smith); son of Robert of 
Salem and Rehoboth Mass., b. in Eng., d. 
in Rehoboth May 10, 1706, came to Amer. 
in the ship "Bevis" 1638, was a brick 
layer, held extensive tracts of land in Re- 
hoboth, Attleboro, Seekonk and on the 
Pawtucket river, was one of the 1st pro- 
prietors in Rehoboth, and drew shares in 
the general division 1661 and '68 (m. Sarah 
and had 6 oh., viz.: Jonathan, Elizabeth, 
John, Samuel, Abigail and Benjamin as 

&ATES, CHARLES OTIS of Brooklyn 
N. Y., b. Oct. 14, 1852, prepared for 
coll. in Iowa coll. and Monson acad., grad. 
Dartmouth coll. 1874, taught school in 
Norwalk Ct. and Adelphi acad. Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., grad. from univ. law school, 
now in business in New York city (m. 
June 7, 1887 Elizabeth, dau. of Dr. Cor- 
nelius N. and Elizabeth [Morris] Hoag- 
land of Brooklyn N. Y., and had 3 ch., 
viz.: Hoagland, Stephen and Elinor); son 
of Charles Henry Gates of Buxton Me.. 
b. in Palmer Mass. Aug. 26, 1823, grad. 
Andover theological seminary 1850, 

preached in the west for 17 years, then 
returned to New England (m. Dec. 19, 
1850 Mary, b. in Wells Me. Aug. 6, 1828, 
dau. of Warwick and Hannah [Barker] 
Hobbs) ; son of Asa of Wilbraham Mass., 
b. in Monson Mass. Sep. 8, 1792, d. Nov. 
1, 1841, was a woolen manufacturer in 
Wilbraham (m. July 3, 1817 Mary [Brad- 
ford] Houghton, b. in Wales Mass. Jan. 
29, 1792, d. Nov. 19, 1872) ; son of Asa 
Gates, b. Jan. 29, 1756, d. Nov. 21, 1835 
(m. Feb. 15, 1786 Fanny Field); son of 
Simon of Worcester Mass., b. in Marlboro 
Mass. Dec. 11, 1710, d. Apr. 11, 1777 (m. 
1749 Sarah Howe) ; son of Simon Gates 
of Marlboro Mass., b. Jan. 5, 1675 or (5, 
d. there Mar. 10, 1735 (m. May 29, 1710 
Sarah, dau. of John Wood and Lydia of 
Marlboro); son of Simon, b. about 1645, 
d. in Brockton Mass. Apr. 21, 1693 (m. 
Margaret of Cambridge Mass.); son of 
Stephen Gates, b. in Eng., d. in Cam- 
bridge in Sep. 1662, emigrated to Amer. 
from Hingham Eng. in the ship " Dili- 
gent " of Ipswich Eng. 1638, settled in 
Hingham Mass., afterwards in Lancaster 
and Cambridge Mass., was one of the 
pioneers of New England (m. Ann) ; son 
of Thomas Gates. 

Belair Md., b. in Churchville Md. 
Sep. 12, 1825, Presbyterian clergyman, 
licensed to preach 1851, pastor of the ist 
Presbyterian ch. of Belair Md. 24 years 
(m. ist Oct. 25, i860 Annie Louise Parker, 
and had 2 ch., viz.: Rev. William Parker 
and Dr. John M. Finney, 2d May 7, 1874 
Elizabeth McCormick, and had 2 ch., viz.: 
James Monroe and Mary Margaret Fin- 
ney) ; son of William of Churchville Md., 
b. in New London Pa. Oct. 10, 1788, d. in 
Churchville July 31, 1873, was the pioneer 
preacher of Harford co. Md., preached in 
Churchville 40 years (m. ist Sep. 7, 1815 
Susan Correy, 2d Oct. 10, 1820 Margaret, 
dau. of John Miller [and Margaret Irvin], 
who emigrated from Scotland 1786, settled 
in Philadelphia Pa., was an elder in the 
Pine st. Presbyterian ch.) ; son of Walter 



Finney of New London Pa., b. there 1747, 
d. there Sep. 17, 1820, was a maj. in the 
rev. army, served in the Indian wars, was 
sent to the defense of West Point, was an 
elder in the Presby. ch. of New London 
35 years (m. Mary O'Hara, d. 1823, had 
William as above and Walter) ; son of 
"William of New London Pa., b. in Ire- 
land, d. in New London about 1751 (m. 
Jean Stephenson, and had 9 ch., viz: 
Archibald, William, b. 1747 as above, Laz- 
erus, Robert, John, Thomas, Walter, Eliz- 
abeth and Jean) ; son of Robert Finney 
of New London Pa., b. in the northern 
part of Ireland 1668, d. in New London 
in Mar. 1755, emigrated from the north of 
Ireland to Amer. 1720, settled in New Lon- 
don Pa., was one of the defenders of 
Londonderry and fought under William of 
Orange, was in the battle of Boyne 1690, 
was an elder in the Presby. ch. for more 
than 30 years (m. Dorothea, d. in May 

sonville 111., b. Oct. 24, 1825, supt. of 
water works and has held various other 
offices (m. Apr. 12, 1852 Ermina Cobb, 
and had 3 ch., viz.: Fannie Bell, Edward 
C. and a dau., who m. H. F. Sargent of 
Parsons Kan.) ; son of Charles of Goshen 
and Chemung N. Y., b. in Goshen Nov. 
20, 1784, d. near Jacksonville 111. Oct. 20, 
1845, farmer, elder in the Presby. ch. (m. 
Jan. 8, 1809 Matilda Buck, gr.-dau. of Maj. 
William and Deborah [Farnam] Buck, 
and desc. of Lt. Asahel Buck, killed by 
the Indians Feb. 1, 1779, Capt. Aholiab 
Buck, killed in the Wyoming massacre 
July 3, 1778, and Elijah Buck, she, Matilda 
had Abiel, DeWitt Clinton as above and 
Merritt Harmon Fry); had bros. Henry 
Lamens and Alfred; sons of Abiel Frye of 
Andover Mass., Goshen and Chemung N. 
Y., b. in Andover Nov. 8, 1734, d. in 
Goshen 1806, served throughout the 
French and Indian wars, was in 3d co. of 
Fort Alarm list 1757, at Fort William 
Henry 1757, in Capt. Asa Foster's co. from 
Apr. to Nov. 1758, lieut. in Capt. Benja- 

min Edward's co. from June to Dec. 1760, 
moved to Province of Pa. 1763, elder in 
the 1st Presby. ch. of Elmira N. Y. 1795, 
removed with his family from Goshen to 
Chemung co. N. Y. 1794, removed to 
Goshen 1806 (m. Feb. 2, 1784 Abigail, 
widow of Eleazer Owens, and dau. of Capt. 
Eliab Farnam [and Abigail Killum], was 
ensign in 1st militia co. in Preston Ct. 
1771, lieut. of same co. 1774, capt. of 8th 
co. 24th reg. of Ct. 1775, his sons were 
Joshua, Russell, George W., Jeffrey Am- 
herst, Eliab and Ephraim) ; son of Abiel 
Frye of Andover Mass., b. there May 30, 
1703, d. there Mar. 22, 1757, was selectman 
of Andover 1748-9, town treas. 1755, re- 
signed in Sep. 1755, and entered the service 
as capt. in the expedition to Crown Point 
and at the battle of Lake George (m. Feb. 

10, 1732 Abigail, dau. of Joseph Emery and 
Elizabeth of Andover Mass., and had 
Abiel, b. Nov. 8, 1734 as above, Maj. Isaac, 
who served as quartermaster of Col.- Reed's 
reg. at the battle of Bunker Hill, then 
capt. 1st co. B battalion N. H. line, and 
Judge Simon Frye, who served in Capt. 
Asa Foster's co. 1758, was member of the 
house rep., of the senate and of the council 
in Mass. for nearly 20 years, was chief 
justice in Oxford co. Me.); son of John 
Frye of Andover Mass., b. there Sep. 16, 
1672, d. there, quartermaster 1696 (m. Nov. 
1, 1694 Tabitha Farnam, b. Oct. 17, 1678, 
dau. of Thomas Farnam, b. 1631, d. Jan. 

11, 1685 [and Elizabeth Sibbons, d. Aug. 
26, 1683], serg. and surveyor, gr.-dau. of 
Ralph Farnam and Alice, who came to 
New England 1635, and desc. of Ralph 
Farnam and Elizabeth Holt, dau. of Nich- 
olas Holt of Andover Mass., she, Tabitha 
had Abiel, b. May 30, 1703, John, Isaac, 
Joshua, Gen. Joseph, who removed to 
Fryeburg Me., and for whom the town was 
named, Samuel and John); son of Samuel 

Frye, lieut. (m. Mary, dau. of John Aslebe, A^&tii 
rep. to general court 1701-9, and had John, 
b. Sep. 16, 1672 as above, Ebenezer, Na- 
than, Col. Samuel and Benjamin); son of 
John Frye, b. in Basing in Hants Eng. 
1601, d. Nov. 9, 1693, wheelwright, came 
from Eng. to Newbury 1638, freeman 1638, 



removed to Andover Mass. 1645 (m. 
Anne, and had Samuel as above, John, 
deacon in the 1st ch. of Andover, Benja- 
min and James). 

Littleton N. H., b. in Woodstock Vt. 
Apr. 27, 1847, printer, one of the editors 
and proprietors of " Allegan co. Demo- 
crat " Allegan Mich. 1870-4, editor and 
proprietor of " White Mountain Republic " 
Littleton N. H. 1874-92, business manager 
of " People and Patriot " Concord N. H. 
1892-3, now engaged in compiling history 
of town of Littleton under the authority of 
the town (m. June 27, 1876 Hattie Douglas 
Meserve, dau. of Gen. George Pendexter 
Meserve, and had 1 ch., viz.: Charles Har- 
ris Furber, b. in Littleton N. H. June 29, 
1880), had bro. CHARLES HARRIS 
Furber of Hopkins Mich., b. in Wood- 
stock Vt. Dec. 24, 1836, merchant, m. 
Mary Ann, dau. of Rev. John Kidder, and 
had 4 ch., viz. : Charles Summer, b. Jan. 
29, 1867, d. May 17, 1872, James Brainard, 
b. Oct. 14, 1868, Roy Harris, b. Sep. 9, 
1877, d. June 28, 1878, and Russell Clarence 
Furber, b. Oct. 20, 1885; sons of James 
Adams Furber of Woodstock Vt., Canaan 
N. H. and Allegan Mich., b. in Hartland 
Vt. Aug. 6, 1803, d. in Allegan Oct. 5, 
1875, farmer (m. Apr. 6, 1828 Hannah 
Hough Harris, dau. of John Hough Har- 
ris, and had 6 oh., viz.: Mary Elizabeth, 
Caroline Elizabeth [m. Albert Lord], 
Sarah Eliz;a [m. Willard Bingham], 
Charles Harris as above, George C. as 
above, and Ida Loraine Furber [m. 
Thomas McClelland] ; son of Nathaniel 
Furber of Concord N. H. and Hartland 
Vt., b. in Portsmouth N. H. Aug. 12, 1762, 
d. in Hartland May 26, 1836, potter (m. 
1786 Abigail, dau. of Timothy Kimball, 
and had 10 ch., viz.: Philip, Sally, Polly, 
Nancy, Susan, Moses, Abigail, Nathaniel, 
James Adams as above and Zophar Wil- 
lard Furber) ; sou of Nathaniel of Ports- 
mouth N. H., boat-builder (m. Dec. 25, 
1740 Sarah Underwood) ; son of Jethro 
Furber of Portsmouth N. H., b. 1682, d. 

there Apr. 9, 1738, sea captain (m. Eliza- 
beth); son of Jethro Furber of Portsmouth 
N. H., mariner, d. before 1704 (m. Amy 
Crowell); son of William Furber of 
Dover N. H., b. London Eng. 1614, 
d. in Dover 1692, shipped from Bris- 
tol Eng., and was wrecked in a storm 
off Pemaquid Me. in Aug. 1635, was one of 
the witnesses of the true deed of the Inde- 
pendence, wheelwright 1638, rep. 1648, 
signer of remonstrance against oppressive 
acts of Gov. Cranfield (m. Elizabeth, and 
had 6 ch., viz.: William, Jethro as above, 
Moses, Elizabeth, Susanna and Bridget). 

FULLER, GARDNER of Batavia N. 
Y., b. in Fullerville N. Y. Nov. 21, 
1833 (m. Aug. 4, 1868 Julia Tarbox, dau. 
of Julia [Brainerd] Tarbox, and desc. of 
Alfred the Great, John Tarbox of Lynn 
and related to Increase Tarbox, author 
of "Sketch of Tarbox Family"); son of 
Ashbel Fuller of Fullerville N. Y., b. in 
Ferrisburg Vt. 1798, d. in 111. Oct. 6, 1867 
iron manufacturer, Fullerville derives its 
name from him (m. Jan. 8, 1826 Catharine 
Dawley); .son of Ashbel of Kent Ct. and 
Fullerville N. Y., b. in former Oct. 16, 
1766, died in latter (m. Lorain Millard); 
son of Abraham Fuller of Kent Ct., b. 
Oct. 1737, d. there Sep. 20, 1807, ensign of 
1st co. in Kent 1767, lieut. 1770, 1774, 
served in continental army at Fredericks- 
borough N. Y. 1779, overseer of Scatacook 
Indians 1773 (m. Lydia Gillette, d. June 2, 
1800) ; son of Joseph of Colchester and 
Kent Ct., b. in East Haddam Mar. 1, 1700, 
d. in Kent July 19, 1775, one of the origi- 
nal proprietors of Kent, settled there about 
: 738, was one of the founders of the Con- 
gregational ch. in Kent, elected 1741, 
deeded land in Kent to each of his 6 
sons 1756-62 (m. Lydia Day of Colchester 
Ct., d. Mar. 2, 1763); son of John Fuller 
of Barnstable Mass. and East Haddam Ct., 
b. in 1655-6, d. in 1710 (m. Mehi.table 
Rowley, gr.-dau. of Matthew Fuller, who 
m. in Eng.); son of Samuel of Plymouth 
Mass., b. in 1610, d. in Barnstable Mass. 
Oct. 31, 1683, came over in the Mayflower 



(m. Apr. 8, 1635 Jane, dau. of Rev. John 
Lothrop) ; son of Edward Fuller of Eng- 
land and Plymouth Mass., b. prob. in Kent 
Eng., d. in Plymouth 1620 (m. Ann). 

Topeka Kan., b. in Boston Mass. 
Mar. 19, 1847 (m. Nov. 20, 1872 Frances 
A. Ryder, b. Aug. 4, 1850, dau. of Carlos 
A. Ryder, b. in Piermont N. H. Apr. 6, 
1820, son of Ezra Barblett Ryder, b. in 
June 1798, son of Seth Ryder of Ct., she, 
Frances, had dau. Alice Ryder Goodhue, 
b. in Fond du Lac Wis. Mar. 8, 1876) ; son 
of William Perley Goodhue of St. Louis 
Mo., b. in Salem Aug. 17, 1816 (m. Sarah 
Elizabeth Fletcher, d. in Sedalia Mo. in 
May 1877 [dau. of Jabez Fletcher of New- 
buryport Mass.], had 6 oh., viz.: William 
Fletcher of Milwaukee Wis., b. Mar. 31, 
1844, Anna Cleveland, b. Oct. 28, 1848, d. 
July 4, 1876 [m. D. M. Sutherland], Eliza- 
beth Treadwell, b. Nov. 24, 1845 [m. J. L. 
Boyer of Indianolas Iowa], Stephen Wil- 
lard, b. July 22, 1850, Amos P. as above 
and Mary Thielke Goodhue, b. July 22, 
1858, d. in Kansas City Mo. Feb. 8, 1888 
[m. J. M. Castle]); son of Jeremiah Good- 
hue, b. July 1, 1786, d. in Salem Mass. 
July 23, 1824 (m. Sep. 24, 1815 Hannah 
Cook Herrick, and had 3 ch., viz.: Wil- 
liam P. as above, Hannah Elizabeth of 
Boston Mass., b. Oct. 11, 1818 [m. Mr. 
Hovey], and Stephen Webb Goodhue of 
Chicago 111., b. in Jan. 1822) ; son of Jere- 
miah, b. Apr. 19, 1762, d. in Point Petre, 
Gaudaloupe West Indies Aug. 14, 1807, 
Elizabeth Treadwell 8 ch., viz.: Jeremiah, 
b. July 1. 1786 as above, Elizabeth, b. July 
13, 1789, d. Apr. 6, 1866 [m. John Warner], 
Daniel, b. July 13, 1794, d. before 1856, 
Priscilla, b. Sep. 16, 1796, d. after 1866, 
John, b. July 26, 1799, d. after 1886, Han- 
nah, b. Feb. 16, 1801, d. in Salem Mass. 
July 4, 1881 [m. Israel Ward], Mary 
Treadwell, b. Mar. 23, 1805, d. in Salem 
Mass. Aug. 7, 1888, and Perley Putnam 
Goodhue, b. Sep. 8, 1807, d. about 1824); 
son of Daniel Goodhue, b. Aug. 31, 1728, 
d. in Feb. 1809 (m. Sep. 27, 1756 Hannah 
Giddings, and had 3 ch., viz.: Daniel, b. 

Dec. 15, 1759, d. Nov. 16, 1803, Jeremiah, 
b. Apr. 19, 1762 as above, and Hannah, b. 
Sep. 12, 1763, d. Jan. 22, 1840 [m. John 
Manning]) ; son of Joseph, b. in Mar. 1676, 
d. 1739 (m. in Jan. 1707 or 8 Abigail Law, 
d. 1726, had 8 ch., viz.: Francis, b. June 2 
O. S., June 13 N. S. 1710, d. Sep. 8, 1799, 
Joseph, b. Aug. 14, 1712, William, b. May 
8, 1715, Abigail, b. Aug. 7, 1717, David, b. 
July 16, 1719, Jonathan, b. July 16, 1719, 
Jeremiah, b. Feb. 14, 1722, and Daniel as 
above) ; son of William Goodhue of Che- 
bacco Mass., b. in Ipswich Mass. 1645, d. 
in Chebacco Oct. 12, 1712, deacon of the 
church at Chebacco, selectman, rep. to the 
general court, was among those who were 
imprisoned and fined by Gov. Andros for 
protesting against an illegal taxation of 
the colony, the town made him a grant of 
land as an indemnity for the losses and 
injuries he sustained under Gov. Andros 
1704, lived on a farm which his father 
bought for £265 1666, which was con- 
veyed to him as a gift 1686 (m. Nov. 14, 
1666 Hannah, dau. of Francis Dane of 
Andover Mass., and had 11 ch., viz.: Wil- 
liam, b. Nov. 13, 1667, Nathaniel, b. Aug. 
4, 1670, Hannah, b. July 4, 1673, Joseph as 
above, Francis, b. Oct. 4, 1678, d. 1707, 
grad. Harvard coll. 1699, Eliabeth, John, 
b. Aug. 28, 1681, d. Sep. 19, 1685, Margery, 
b. Aug. 12, 1685, John, b. Aug. 12, 1685, 
Mary and Bethiah) ; son of William Good- 
hue of Ipswich Mass., b. prob. in Kent 
Eng. 1612 or 13, d. in Chebacco Mass. 
1699 or 1700, emigrated to Amer. 1635 or 6 
(m. 1st Margery Watson of Kent Eng., d. 
in Ipswich Mass. Aug. 28, 1668, had 3 ch., 
viz.: Joseph, b. in Ipswich 1639, William, 
b. 1645 as above, and Mary, b. in Ipswich, 
2d Feb. 7, 1669 or 70 Mary Webb, d. Sep. 
7, 1680, 3d July 26, 1682 Bethiah Grafton, 
d. Dec. 6, 1688, 4th 1689 Remember Fisk 
of Wenham Mass., d. in Ipswich Feb. 16, 
1 701 or 2). 

Peabody Mass., b. in Wilmington 
Mass. May 28, 1867 (m. Aug. 14, 1888 
Mary A., dau. of Bennett Blake and Ada- 



line [Pike] Humphrey); son of Daniel of 
Wilmington Mass., b. there Mar. 20, 1821 
(in. Mar. 26, 1848 Sarah, dau. of William 
and Sarah [Day] Ames); son of Micajah 
Gowing of Wilmington Mass., b. there 
Sep. 27, 1790, d. there Feb. 2, 1864 (m. 
1813 Clarissa, dau. of John Hosmer [and 
Anna Fosgett], member of Capt. Parker's 
co. of minute men at Lexington 1775); 
son of Daniel of Wilmington Mass., b. 
there July 5, 1754, d. there 1835, was a pri- 
vate in Capt. Timothy Walker's co. of 
militia of Wilmington, responded to Lex- 
ington alarm (m. Mar. 5, 1776 Abigail, 
dau. of Nathaniel and Abigail Nichols 
[Flint] Batchelder of Reading Mass.); son 
of Daniel Gowing of Wilmington Mass., 
b. there Oct. 28, 1729, d. there May 6, 1809, 
was a private in Capt. Timothy Walker's 
co. of Wilmington, responded to Lexing- 
ton alarm, member of comm. of safety for 
Wilmington (in. Oct. 3, 1753 Sarah, dau. 
of Robert Burnap of Reading) ; son of 
Daniel of Wilmington Mass., b. in Lynn 
Mass. Sep. 2, 1688, d. in Wilmington Aug. 
5, 1764, was ancestor of the Wilmington 
branch of the family (m. Mar. 20, 1709 or 
10 Esther, dau. of Samuel Damon and 
Mary of Reading Mass.) ; son of John 
Gowing of Lynn Mass., b. in Dedham 
Mass. Dec. 9, 1645, d. in Lynn May 28, 
1720 (m. 1682 Johanna) ; son of Robert of 
Lynn Mass., b. in Scotland 1618, d. in 
Lynn June 7, 1698, 1st of the name in 
Amer., emigrated prob. from Edinburgh 
Scotland to Mass. 1634, settled 1st in 
WatertOiwn, removed from there to Ded- 
ham 1636, freeman 1644, removed to Essex 
co. about 1650, lived in Wenham for 10 
years, afterwards settled in Lynnfield (m. 
Oct. 31, 1644 Elizabeth, b. in Stradbrook 
Eng., dau. of Henry Brock and Elizabeth). 

*-* Springfield Tenn., b. in Mt. Pleasant 
Tenn. June 23, 1833, educated at the univ. 
of Va. and Hamibden med. coll., 1st lieut. 
35th Ala infantry C. S. A. 1862-5, cotton 
planter St. Francis co. Ark. 1854-69, trav- 
eling preacher in the Methodist ch. since 

1868, author of " Some Rebel Relics " 1891 
(m. Nov. 29, 1855 Sallie L., b. 1837, dau. 
of Granville La Force and Louisa [Tur- 
ner] Cockrill, gr.-dau. of John and Eliza- 
beth Bibb [Harding] Cockrill, and desc. 
of John and Anne [Robertson] Cockrill, 
she, Sallie had 12 ch., viz.: Granville, 
Theodore, Rush, Sallie, Alberta, Mattie, 
Leslie, Lizzie, Hill, Louise, Fannie and 
Walter Goodloe); son of William Hill 
Goodloe of Ala. and Mt. Pleasant Tenn., 
b. in Granville co. N. C. Aug. 4, 1804, d. in 
Mt. Pleasant Sep. 24, 1834, farmer (m. 
Sep. 8, 1828 Emily Elizabeth Williams, b. 
June 22, 1814, d. Jan. 4, 1837, dau. of 
Greenbery and Susan [Tanner] Williams, 
gr.-dau. of Parmereas and Dorothea 
[Gresham] Williams, also gr.-dau. of Na- 
thaniel and Emily [Christmas] Tanner of 
Va.); son of David Short Goodloe of 
Tuscumbia Ala., b. in Granville co. N. C. 
July 25, 1776, d. in Tuscumbia Oct. 13, 
1845, a man of large means, built Memphis 
and Charleston R. R. (m. in May 1801 
Mary, b. 1781, d. 1831, dau. of Thomas and 
Susan [Parham] Hill, and gr.-dau. of 
Thomas and Rebecca [Mason] Hill of 
Va.) ; son of Robert Goodloe of Granville 
co. N. C, b. in Spottsylvania co. Va. in 
Apr. 1741, d. in Granville co. Jan. 25, 1797, 
capt. in N. C. contingent of the rev. army, 
moved from Va. to N. C. 1760 or 5 (m. 
about 1767 Sarah, b. 1745, d. 1814, dau. of 
William Short and Miss Barrett, and a 
relative of William Short, minister to Hol- 
land, Spain and France) ; son >of George 
Goodloe of Spottsylvania co. Va., b. in 
Middlesex co. Va., bp. Jan. 23, 1701, d. in 
Caroline co. 1741 or 8 (m. July 13, 1728 
Diana, b. 1710, dau. of Garrett and Diana 
[Vivian] MJinor, and gr.-dau. of Doodes 
and Elizabeth [Garrett] Minor of Middle- 
sex co. Va.) ; son of Henry Goodloe of 
Spottsylvania co. Va., b. in Virginia in or 
about 1674 or 5, d. in Spottsylvania 1748 or 
9, 1st entered land in Va. 1700 (m. about 
1698 or 9 Elizabeth, d. 1750) ; son of 
George, b. 1639, came to Lancaster co. 
Va. 1666, d. Middlesex co. Va. Dec. 1710, 
emigrated from Lancashire Eng. and is 
desc. of Goodlaws of A spall, Lancashire. 



H ALDERMAN, JOHN A. of Washing- 
ton D. C, b. Apr. is, 1838, spent his 
earlier years in Ky., removed to Kan. 1855, 
where he held positions of honor and 
trust, lawyer, general in the civil war on 
the union side, was U. S. minister to Siam 
(unmarried) ; son of John A. of Ky. and 
111., b. Bullitt .00. Ky. Dec. 28, 1800, d. in 
Carlinville 111. May 8, 1862, M. D. of 
Transylvania univ. Ky., later prof, in Rush 
med. coll. (m. Dec. 23, 1828 Susan Hen- 
derson Rogers, dau. of Jeremiah and 
Frances Fanny [Clark] Rogers of Fayette 
co. Ky., gr.-dau. of Capt. Robert Clark 
[and Susan Henderson], b. Aug. 13, 1738, 
capt. of Bedford co. Va. troops 1778, his 
son Christopher Clark, member of congress 
from Bedford, his son James was gov. of 
Ky., and desc. of Micajah Clark, b. 1718, 
who m. Judith Adams, b. 1716, and Capt. 
Christopher Clark of Louisa co. Va., oapt. 
of the Va. colonial troops 1742, m. Pene- 
lope Boiling); son of David Halderman 
of Pa., Va. and Ky., b. in Pa. Oct. 20, 1772, 
d. in Ky. in Sep. 1852 (m. Elizabeth 
Emons, b. 1781, d. 1835); son of Jacob of 
Pa. and Va., b. in Lancaster co. Pa. about 
1747, d. in Augusta co. Va. 1790, removed 
with his family from near Chambersburg 
Pa. to Augusta co. Va. 1788 (m. Elizabeth 
Muselman, d. Jan. 7, 1829, had sons Peter, 
David and John, b. 1771, d. 1844, who had 
son Walter N. Haldeman of the Louisville 
Courier- Journal). 

cago 111., b. in Edinburg Ind. Mar. 
16, 1858, A. B. of Ind. Asbury De Pauw 
univ. 1877, A. M. 1880, city judge Beloit 
Kan. 1870-80, proprietor Heatherton herds 
of Aberdeen-Angus cattle West Lebanon 
Ind., law partner Gen. John C. Black, Chi- 
cago, since 1891, under the firm of Black 
& Goodwo'n at Chicago 111. (m. Oct. 7, 
1880 Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas 
Richard and Anna E. [Robinson] Forbes, 
gr.-dau. of Thomas Chester Forbes and 
desc. of James Forbes of Hartford Ct, the 
emigrant, she, Mary had dau. Anna, b. in 
Beloit Kan. Dec. 15, 1886); son of Wil- 
liam Rees Goodwin D. D. of Los Angeles 

Cal., b. in Brookville Ind. July 7, 1832, 
teacher, prof., coll. pres., member of 111. 
conference 1866-86, Rock River 111. con- 
ference Chicago 1889-94, pastor of M. E. 
church in Los Angeles 1899 (m. Susan Ann 
Keely, d. in Lincoln 111. Sep. 28, 1868, dau. 
of Rev. John Wesley and Elizabeth 
[Fisher] Keely, gr.-dau. of John Keely, 
and desc. of Dr. Thomas Wynne, who 
oame with Penn in the " Welcome," Sebas- 
tian Kiele and of Richard Iddings) ; son of 
Samuel Goodwin, b. in Old Fort, Browns- 
ville Pa. May 12, 1789, d. in Brookville 
Ind. June 26, 1851, settled there 1816 (m. 
1st Eunice Pearson, m. 2d Mar. 29, 181 5 
Mrs. Eleanor Moon, widow of Phineas 
Moon, dau. of John and Eleanor [Mc- 
Kinley] Wiles, and gr.-dau. of Roger and 
Eleanor [Shaw] McKinley, also of John 
Wiles of Pa., rev. soldier, and desc. of 
James MoKinley, b. in Ireland 1708, d. in 
Lebanon Ohio 1812) ; son of Thomas 
Goodwin, b. Apr. 27, 1767, d. in Brook- 
ville Ind. May 5, 1848, resided in Fayette 
co. Pa. 1789, removed to Cincinnati, Day- 
ton and Lebanon Ohio and Brookville 
Ind., was visited in Ohio by a bro. James, 
who was accompanied by young son about 
1815 or 20 (in. Catherine, b. Oct. 7, 1767, 
teacher in Phila. Pa., dau. of David Rees 
and Lydia of Wales) ; son of Thomas, 
slave owner, Quaker. 

ette Ind., b. in Milwaukee Aug. 23, 
1850, educated at the Markham acad., grad. 
Beloit coll. 1871, Union theo. seminary N. 
Y. city 1874, pastor Claremont Presbyterian 
ch. Jersey City N. J. 1874-80, pastor of 
Presby. oh. Fond du Lac Wis. 1881-6, and 
of Kenwood Evangelical ch. Chicago 1886- 
98 (m. Nov. 14, 1883 Annie Stewart Mc- 
Donald, dau. of John S. McDonald of 
Highland Scotch desc. and of Jane E. 
Flower, dau. of Capt. Flower of Montreal, 
she, Annie had 3 ch., viz.: John Stewart, 
b. Oct. 19, 1884, Edward Wilder, b. Oct. 
13, 1887, and Louise Hale, b. Dec. 3, 1889): 
son of Philetus C. Hale of Milwaukee 
Wis., b. in Westhampton Mass. Oct. 5, 
1816, d. in Milwaukee May 28, 1887, was 


r 9 

in the railway and express business in 
Boston till 1843, then removed to Milwau- 
kee, established one of the 1st book stores 
in Wis., was a Presbyterian elder (m. Dec. 
19, 1839 Nancy Hannah, dau. of Jotham 
and Electa [Kingsley] Bannister of Ches- 
terfield Mass., gr.-dau. of William Ban- 
nister of Brookfield, farmer, rev. soldier, 
the Bannister family came from England 
to Mass., one son settling in Charleston, 
one in Marlboro and one in Boylston); 
son of Richard Hale of Westhampton 
Mass., b. there July 2, 1792, d. there Apr. 
11, 1842, was a farmer in Westhampton, 
capt. of a militia co. there, was engaged 
for a time on work on the 1st railway out 
of Boston, of which his bro. Nathan Hale 
LL. D. was pres. (m. Dec. 28, 1815 Lydia 
Rust, b. Sep. 19, 1793, d. Jan. 10, 1837, 
dau. of Joel Rust, b. July 31, 1770, and 
Desire Cogswell, b. Feb. 22, 1769, and gr.- 
dau. of Elijah Rust, b. 1736, and Miriam 
Strong, and desc. of Joel Rust, d. in West- 
hampton 1712, one of the 1st settlers 
there) ; son of Enoch Hale of Westhamp- 
ton Mass., b. in Coventry Ct. Oct. 28, 1753, 
d. in Westhampton Mass. Jan.' 14, 1837, 
grad. Yale coll. 1773, was pastor of the 
Congregational ch. of Westhampton for 57 
years (m. Sep. 30, 1781 Octavia Throop, 
dau. of Rev. William Throop oi Bozrah 
Ct., and had Nathan Hale of Boston and 
Dr. Enoch Hale, a distinguished physician 
of Gardner and Boston Mass.) ; son of 
Richard Hale of Coventry Ct., b. in New- 
buryport Mias,s. Feb. 8, 1717, d. in Coventry 
June 1, 1802, deacon of the ch. (m. May 
17, 1746 Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph Strong 
of Coventry, and had Joseph, lieut. in 
Kumlton's reg. in the rev. war, Nathan, 
who was executed as a spy in N. Y. city 
by the British 1776, Enoch as above, 
David, clergyman, was representative of 
Coventry, and father of David Hale of the 
N. Y. Journal of Commerce, whose life 
was written by Rev. J. P. Thompson D. 
D.); son of Samuel of Newbury Mass., b. 
in Beverly Apr. 13, 1684, d. in Portsmouth 
1724 (m. Aug. 26, 1714 Apphia Moody, b. 
June 23, 1693, and had John, anc. of John 
P. Hale, U. S. senator from New Hamp- 

shire, Samuel, b. 1718, d. 1807, served in 
French war, was judge of court of common 
pleas, whose son William of Dover N. H., 
b. 1765, d. 1848, was member of congress 

6 years, and member of the state legisla- 
ture, and Richard Hale as above) ; son of 
John Hale of Beverly Mass., b. 1636, d. 
1700; son of Robert, who came to Charles- 
town Mass. from England 1630 or 31. 

hanna Pa., b. in Blenheim N. Y. Nov. 
16, 1828, resided in Moresville N. Y. from 

7 to 22 j'ears of age, Deposit N. Y. 14 
years, Waverly N. Y. 17 years, Hornellsville 
N. Y. 4 years, Susquehanna Pa. 13 years, 
was supervisor of town of Sanford 1880, 
was on the board of education for several 
years, member of the town council in Sus- 
quehanna 1895-98 (m. Nov. 13, 1862 Helen 
Millspaugh of Dutch and Scotch desc, 
dau. of William Van Tassel Millspaugh of 
Orange co. N. Y. and Iretta Anderson of 
Sullivan co. N. Y., and had 5 ch., viz.: 
Mary Iretta, Van Tassel, Cyrus Howard, 
Charles Dennison and James Millspaugh 
Graves) ; son of Cyrus Graves of Waverly 
N. Y., b. in Chester N. Y. Mar. 30, 1804, 
d. in Waverly Mar. 12, 1889, wagon-maker, 
carpenter (m. July 4, 1826 Mary Tucker, b. 
in Halifax Vt. July 9, 1800, dau. of James 
Tucker [and Sarah Angell], Cyrus and 
Mary had James A. as above, Charles Otis, 
Sarah Caroline and Harriet Amanda); son 
of Ansel of Chester N. Y., b. prob. in East 
Haddam Ct. Feb. 18, 1767. d. in Chester 
Jan. 3, 1810, moved from Shelburne Mass. 
about 1790, bought land at Chester N. Y. 
(m. 1787 or 88 Caroline Otis, dau. of 
Stephen Otis of West Halifax Vt.), had 
bros. James and Eliphalet; sons of James 
Graves, b. prob. in Colchester Ct. ; son of 
Benjamin of Colchester Ct., b. in Concord 
Mass. Mar. 2, 1676 or 7, d. in Colchester 
Dec. 30, 1752, moved from New London 
Ct. to Colchester 1709, bought farm on 
road to Lynn, held several colonial offices 
(m. 1st Mary Sterling, 2d Mary Haynes, 
and had James as above and Jedediah) ; 
son of Benjamin Graves of Concord 
Mass., b. there 1645, was in Indian wars, 


soldier in Capt. Wheeler's co. (m. Mary, 
dan. of John Hoar of Concord) ; son of 
John, came to Amer. from Eng., and set- 
tled in Concord Mass. about 1640. 

Binghamton N. Y., b. in Collinsville 
N. Y. Nov. 2, 1840, 3d lieut. of the 137th 
reg., 1st lieut. of same, served as aide-de- 
camp to Gen. Robinson, major at the 
close of the civil war (m. Jan. 15, 1868 
Josephine L. Eaton, desc. of James H. 
Eaton, William Bradley, Nicholas Streete, 
Christopher Todd and several other 1st 
settlers of New Haven, also of the Rhode 
Island families of Barker, Slocum, Mason 
and Mowry) ; son of George Hallock, b. 
Sep. 8, 181 1, d. in Lowville May 16, 1856 
(m. Oct. 2, 1837 Cynthia, dau. of Phedrus 
Carter, who served in the war of 1812, and 
gr.-dau. of Nathaniel Carter, served in rev. 
war, assisted at the Boston tea party); son 
of Content Hallock, d. in Medina (m. 
Anne Stephens); son of Stephen, b. 1736, 
d. Oct. 31, 1802 (m. a Miss Chamberlain, 
the Chamberlains were Vt. Quakers); son 
of Benjamin (m. Sarah); son of John 
Hallock, b. in Long Island, d. in West- 
bury (m. 1679 Abigail, d. Nov. 1, 1737, 
dau. of John Sweezy of Salem) ; son of 
William, d. Sep. 28, 1689 (m. Margaret); 
son of Peter Hallock, came to New Haven 
Ct. 1640, moved to L. I. 1640, settled in 
Hallock Neck, bought lands of the Cor- 
changs Indians (m. Mrs. Howell), Peter 
Hallock was ancestor of Gen. Hallock, Fitz 
Green Hallock and several noted divines. 

DAVIDSON, MILON of Newfane Vt., 
b. in Unity N. H. Nov. 28, 1834, 
grad. Dartmouth coll. 1862, taught in acad- 
emies 12 years, was admitted to the bar 
1872, treas. of Windham co. Savings bank 
1874-97, was a director in the Brattleboro 
and Whitehall R. R. co., was treas. of the 
Windham co. Creamery Associa., trustee 
and treas. of Leland and Gray seminary, 
director of the Mutual Fire Ins. co., was a 
delegate from Vt. to the prohibition na- 
tional convention at Indianapolis Ind. 1888 

(m. Nov. 28, 1864 Gratia E. Andrews, b. 
Mar. 11, 1846, is state sec. of the W. C. T. 
U. in Vt, dau. of Samuel and Rachel 
[Woodworth] Andrews of Richmond Vt., 
gr.-dau. of Dea. Isaac Benoni Andrews 
and Clarissa Fay, and desc. of Isaac Be- 
noni Andrews and Sarah Morris, she, 
Gratia had dau. Lula Estella Davidson, 
who m. Dr. Fred L. Osgood) ; son of 
Alvan Davidson of Acworth N. H., b. 
there Apr. 26, 1807, d. there Feb. 26, 1872 
(m. Mar. 3, 1834 Anna, dau. of Asa and 
Lucy [Hayden] Howe of Aoworth) ; son 
of Nathaniel of Acworth N. H., b. in 
Windham N. H. Apr. 17, 1779, d. in Ac- 
worth Jan. 18, 1815, was capt. of a military 
co. (m. Dec. 8, 1803 Margaret Wither- 
spoon) ; son of James Davidson of Wind- 
ham N. H., b. in Turksbury Mass. Jan. 12, 
1752, d. in Windham July 3, 1837, was 
moderator at annual meetings 1797-1816, 
selectman 1779-1813, clerk 1789-1809, dea- 
con, rev. soldier, was at Saratoga at the 
surrender of Burgoyne, member of the 
constitutional convention which framed 
the N. H. constitution 1791 (m. Feb. 10, 
1778 Hannah Hemphill, b. in Windham 
N. H. Sep. 29, 1757, dau. of Robert Hemp- 
hill, b. in Windham 1731, d. Feb. 17, 1818, 
and Eleanor Clark, d. Sep. 21, 1808, and 
gr.-dau. of Nathaniel Hemphill of Scottish 
desc, b. in Autrim Ireland 1700, d. Jan. 10, 
1780, was constable, selectman, moderator, 
elder, came to Amer. about 1728) ; son of 
John Davidson, b. in Moneymore Ireland 
Aug. 10, 1720, d. in Windham N. H. Sep. 
27. 1799, lived upon .the Rowland farm in 
Turksbury Mass. 1750, purchased land in 
Windham, moved there 1752, selectman 
1760-1 (m. Mar. 25, 1795 Sarah McNutt, b. 
in Newton Mass. Apr. 30, 1722, dau. of 
James McNutt [and Anna Haines], lived 
in Ireland, is of Scotch desc, came to Amer. 
about 1720) ; son of William Davidson of 
Moneymore Ireland, d. in Turksbury 
Mass. June 6, 1757, was of Scottish desc, 
his ancestors in the early part of the 17th 
century went from Scotland and settled in 
the North of Ireland, came to Amer. 1728, 
settled in Woburn Mass., was prob. in the 
memorable siege at Londonderry Ireland. 


ver Col., b. in Hopkinton N. Y. Jan. 
I9> 1S55 (m. Nov. 18, 1891 Laura Dana 
Matson, b. in Chicago 111. Dec. 26, 1867, 
dau. of Lewis Emmons Matson and Helen 
Maria Flanders of rev. desc, and bad 2 
ch., viz.: Dorothy Helen, b. in Denver 
Col. Nov. 25, 1892, and Cedric Mooar Cul- 
ver, b. in Denver July 7, 1896, d. in South 
Weymouth Mass. Mar. 14, 1897) ; son of 
Howard Zoroaster Culver of Chicago 
111., b. in Hopkinton N. Y. May 3, 1827 
(m. 1st Oct. 8, 1850 Sarah Emmeline Fos- 
ter, b. in Andover Mass., d. Aug. 4, 1887, 
dau. of Timothy and Lydia [Mooar] Fos- 
ter, and had 2 ch., viz.: Isabel Josephine, 
b. in Hopkinton N. Y. Oct. 15, 1851 [m. 
July 18, 1876 William Frank Wilder], and 
Allan Mooar as above, 2d Mrs. Emma C. 
Boykin); son of Zoroaster Culver of 
Hopkinton N. Y. and Oberlin Ohio, b. in 
Shoreham Vt. July 2, 1794, d. in Oberlin 
Jan. 8, 1878 (m. May 27, 1824 Sarah Hay- 
ward, b. in Bridport Vt. May 16, 1800, d. 
in Oberlin July 25, 1876 fdau. af Newton 
and Hannah [Farrand] Hayward, and gr.- 
dau. of Bethuel Farrand, lieut. in the Mor- 
ris co. N. J. militia in rev. war], had 7 ch., 
viz.: Amelia H., b. Oct. 8, 1825 [m. Hiram 
Hulburd of Stockholm N. Y., Oberlin 
Ohio and Chicago 111.], Howard Z. as 
above, Belden Farrand, b. Sep. 9, 1829 [m. 
Dec. 31, i860 Julia Barry of Chicago, and 
had 5 ch., viz.: William Barry, b. Feb. 17, 
1862, d. Nov. 22, 1873, Julia, b. Feb. 8, 
1864, Hayward Belden, b. Apr. 26, 1867, d. 
Oct. 2, 1874, Bertram, b. Aug. 4, 1870, d. 
Sep. 26, 1874, and Agnes Goodwin Culver, 
b. Oct. 14, 1874], Charles Eliakim, b. Aug. 
14, 1831, d. June 23, 1890 [m. Nov. 26, 1855 
Viola Eunice Manville of Watertown], 
Sarah E. of Chicago, b. Dec. 25, 1833, 
George Newton, b. Sep. 30, 1836, d. May 
12, 1894 [m. Oct. 7, 1862 Lois Hulburd of 
Chicago, and had Frank Hulburd, b. Jan. 
6, 1874, d. in Apr. 1875], and Celia Calista 
Culver, b. Feb. 19, 1839 [m. May 24, 1864 
Rev. Simeon Gilbert of Chicago, and had 
Clara, b. June 19, 1870]); son of Eliakim 
Culver of Lenox Mass. and Shoreham Vt., 
b. in Wallingford Ct. Aug. 13, 1754, d. in 

Shoreham Feb. 28, 1841, private in the 6th 
co. 1st reg. Gen. Wooster, enlisted 1775, 
was town clerk of Shoreham (m. Apr. 8, 
1779 Theodosia Belden, b. in Canaan Ct. 
May 9, 1759, d. Feb. 14, 1818 [dau. of 
Oliver and Abigail [Robbins] Belden of 
Wethers-field Ct.], had 9 ch., viz.: Alma, b. 
in Lenox Mass. Jan. 26, 1780, d. about 1832 
[m. Jonathan Segur], Theodosia, b. in 
Lenox Jan. 7, 1782, d. Apr. 26, 1801, Laura, 
b. in Lenox Dec. 22,, 1783 [m. Rev. Mr. 
Stone of Springfield 111.], Caleb, b. in 
Lenox May 15, 1786, Eliakim of Oh'n, b. 
in Shoreham Vt. Aug. 17. 1788, d. in Belle- 
view Ohio [had Rebecca, Samuel, Mary, 
Zoroaster, Charles, James Madison, John 
Adams and Laura], Oliver Belden. b. in 
Shoreham Mar. 11, 1791, d. in Athens 111. 
[had Ann, Jonathan, Sarah, Laura and Ed- 
ward], Zoroaster as above, Samuel of 
Platteville Wis., b. in Shoreham May 31, 
1796, d. in Normal 111. Feb. 27, 1873 [had 
Theda, Philemia, Sophronia, Almira, Mary 
and Saml.], and Lemuel, b. in Shoreham 
Dec. 15, 1798, d. in Stockholm N. Y., had 
6 ch., viz.: James Wilson, Phebe, Chaun- 
cey, Amelia, Anson and Gordon H. Cul- 
ver) ; son of Caleb Culver of Wallingford 
Ct., b. there Feb. 18, 1723, d. in Shoreham 
Vt. Sep. 26, 1788. went to Wells Vt. (m. 
Lois Hall, b. in Wallingford Oct. 26, 1727, 
dau. of Amos Hall and Ruth, and had 6 
ch., viz.: Ruth, b. Jan. 10, 1746, Josiah, b. 
Sep. 7, 1748, Samuel, b. July 5, 1750, Ruth, 
b. Nov. 25, 1751. Caleb [m. Mary, and had 
2 ch., viz.: Sophia, b. in Lenox Mass. Oct. 
14, 1779, and Polly, b. in Lenox Jan. 16, 
1782] and Eliakim as above) ; son of 
Samuel Culver of Wallingford Ct., b. the'-e 
Sep. 21, 1684 (m. 1st Sarah and had 8 ch., 
viz.: Elizabeth, b. Feb. 12, 1715 [m. 1st 
Feb. 25, 1737 Isaac Brockett, 2d May 4, 
1748 Daniel Frisbie], Sarah, b. Dec. 23, 
1716, d. in Waterbury Ct. Jan. 4, 1760 [m. 
June 18, 1740 Moses Cook], Abigail, b. 
Dec. 17, 1718, Esther, b. Mar. 17, 1721, d. 
May 5, 1741, Caleb as above, Anna, b. Oct. 
3, 1732, d. Nov. 21, 1733, Enoeh. b. Jan. 
30, 1725, was in rev. war, taken prisoner at 
Fort Washington [m. Lois, and had 3 ch., 
viz.: Esther, b. July 24, 1751, John, b. Dec. 


28, 1753, >an'd Lois, >b. June 4, 1756], and 
Ebenezer, 2d Jan. 3, 1728 Ruth Sedgwick, 
and bad Samuel, b. Sep. 25, 1728, was in 
rev. war, taken prisoner at Fort Washing- 
ton) ; son of Joshua Culver of New Lon- 
don, New Haven and Wallingford Ct., b. 
in Dedham Mass. Jan. 13, 1642, d. in Wal- 
lingford Apr. 23, 1713, moved from New 
London to New Haven after 1667, to Wal- 
lingford 1682 or 3, was one of the original 
proprietors (m. Dec. 23, 1672 Elizabeth, 
dau. of Timothy Ford, and had 8 ch., viz.: 
Elizabeth, b. in New Haven Ct. Oct. 7, 
1673, d. May 2, 1676, Ann, b. in New 
Haven May 15, 1677, d. Sep. 8, 1677, Eliza- 
beth, b. in New Haven Aug. 21, 1678, 
Joshua, b. in Wallingford Ct. Sep. 21, 1684, 
d. June 14, 1730, serg. [m. Apr. 23, 1713 
Katherine, dau. of Rev. Samuel Street, 1st 
pastor of Wallingford, had 8 ch., viz.: 
Benjamin, b. Sep. 3, 1716, Stephen, b. Jan. 
24, 1718, Samuel, b. May 10, 1720, Stephen, 
b. May 19, 1722, Daniel, b. Sep. 1, 1723, 
Titus, b. Apr. 7, 1725, Joshua, b. Apr. 15, 
1727, d. July 16, 1729, and Joshua, b. May 
20, 1729], Samuel as above, Abigail, b. in 
Wallingford Dec. 26, 1686, Sarah, b. in 
Wallingford Jan. 23, 1688 [m. June 23, 1710 
John Thompson], and Ephraim. b. in 
Wallingford Sep. 7, 1692) ; son of Edward 
Culver of New London and Groton Ct., 
b. in Groton Eng. about 1600, d. in Groton 
Ct. 1685, came from Eng. to the mouth of 
the Ct. in the same ship with John Win- 
throp, gov. of Ot. 1635, 'assisted in build- 
ing the fort at the mouth of the river, 
received for service in the Pequot war 200 
acres of land 1652 and 400 acres 1654, 
owned land in Dedham Mass., removed to 
Roxbury Mass. 1645, built a grist mill in 
New London for Gov. Winthrop 1650 and 
51, purchased land in New London 1652, 
removed there with his family, baker and 
brewer there, was a noted Indian fighter, 
served in King Philip's war Cm. 1638 Ann 
Ellis, and had 8 ch., viz.: John, b. in Ded- 
ham Mass. Apr. 15, 1640, resided in New 
Haven, removed to New London about 
1679 (m- 1672 Mary, dau. of Gov. John 
Winthrop of Ct., and had John, b. 1674, 
Abigail, b. 1676, and James, b. 1679, who 

received his father's estate], Joshua as 
above, Samuel, b. in Dedham Mass. Jan. 
9, 1644, Gershom, bp. in Roxbury Sep. 3, 
1646, d. in Southampton L. I. 1717 [m. 
Mary, and had 7 ch., viz.: Jeremiah, b. in 
Southampton 1675, Moses, b. in Southamp- 
ton 1678, David, b. in Southampton 1680, 
Jonathan, b. in Southampton 1683, Mary, 
b. in Southampton 1685, Nathan, b. in 
Southampton 1688, and Gershom, b. in 
Southampton 1691], Joseph, bp. in Rox- 
bury Dec. 3, 1648, d. 1730, received from 
his father part of the " Chepadas " estate 
[im. 1679 Mercy, dau. of Gov. John Win- 
throp of Ct., and had 6 ch., viz.: Joseph, 
b. 1680, Hannah, b. 1682, Jonathan, b. 
1684, Mary, b. 1686, Timothy, b. 1688, and 
Mercy, b. 1690], Hannah, bp. in Roxbury 
Apr. 11, 1651 [m. Dec. 14, 1670 John Bur- 
rows], Edward, b. in New London Ct. in 
Dec. 1652, resided in Norwich, lieut. in 
King Philip's war, 1698 removed to Leb- 
anon Ct., was one of the 51 original pro- 
prietors there [m. Jan. 15, 1682 Sarah 
Backus of Norwich, and had 11 ch., viz.: 
Ephraim, b. in Norwich 1683, John, b. in 
Norwich 1685, Sarah, b. in Norwich 1688, 
Edward, b. in Norwich 1689, Samuel, b. in 
Norwich 1690, Hezekiah, b. in Norwich 
1692, Sarah, b. in Norwich 1694, Daniel, b. 
in Lebanon Dec. 19, 1698, Lydia, b. in 
Lebanon Nov. 10, 1700, Ann, b. in Leb- 
anon Jan. 6, 1702, and Abigail, b. in Leb- 
anon Dec. 2$, 1704], and Ephraim, b. in 
New London 1654 [>m. Mary, and had 5 
ch., viz.: Ephraim, b. 1692, Mary, b. 1694, 
Simon, b. 1696, Peter, b. 1698, and Na- 
thaniel, b. 1702]). 

dale, Chicago 111., b. in Chicago Apr. 
22, 1861 (m. June 10, 1885 Fannie Maud 
Bremaker, and has sons Paul, b. June 23, 
1892, and Julius Wales, b. June 19, 1895); 
son of Julius Wales Butler of Chicago, b. 
in Essex Vt. May 7, 1828 (m. May 27, 1857 
Julia Anna Osgood); son of Zebediah, b. 
in Stafford Ct. Oct. 7, 1782, d. in St. 
Charles 111. Feb. 9, 1852, moved with his 
parents from Stafford to Roxbury Vt. 
about 1 801, lived in Rochester Vt. about 16 



years, moved to Essex Vt. 1827, to St. 
Charles 111. 1846 (m. Dec. 9, 1802 Betsey 
Morris, who d. June 2, 1834) ; son of Zebe- 
diah, b. in Windham Ct. Apr. 13, 1759, d. 
in Randolph or Fairfax Vt. Sep. 16, 1806 
(m. about 1780 Hannah Wales, b. June 19, 
1760, d. June 19, 1815, dau. of Blisha and 
Meriam of Ashford Ct.) ; son of Thomas, 
b. June 23, 1734 («n. Jan. 19, 1757 Eliza- 
beth Holt, dau. <of Zebediah Holt of Wind- 
ham Ct., desc. of Nicholas Holt of New- 
bury Mass.); son of Thomas Butler of 
Ipswich Mass., b. about 1705 (m. 1st Abi- 
gail Crafts, 2d Deborah Meacham, 3d 
Thankful Luce); son of Thomas of Ips- 
wich Mass., b. there Sep. 15, 1682, cord- 
wainer, was living there as late as 1745 (m. 
Aug. 29, 1704 Abigail Andres, 2d Jan. 11, 
1719 Martha Storye) ; son of William of 
Ipswich Mass., b. 1653, d. there Aug. 2, 
1730 (m. 1st 1675 Sarah Cross, 2d July 21, 
1703 Mary Ingalls, 3d Oct. 3, 1713 Abigail 
Metcalf) ; son of William (m. Sarah). 

ORWIG, Dr. JOHN W. of Middleburgh 
Pa., b. in Columbia co. Pa. Feb. 22, 
1843, dentist, soldier throughout civil war, 
and served several years in regular army 
(m. June 4, 1868 Margaret Zellers, b. Sep. 
25, 1841 [dau. of Samuel, b. May 1, 1809, d. 
May 27, 1871, who m. Susan Stout, b. Dec. 
15, 1815, d. Apr. 22, 1877], and had 2 
daughters, viz.: Lillie Susanna, b. Jan. 11, 
1869 [m. H. H. Harter], and Miriam, b. 
June 18, 1875, m. Geo. W. Wagenseller A. 
M. of Middleburgh Pa.); son of Joseph Or- 
wig of Mifflinburg Pa., b. in Union co. Pa. 
Nov. 12, 1801, d. in Mifflinburg Aug. 2. 1879, 
dentist (m. Dec. 24, 1829 Anna B. Keller, 
b. June 17, 1810, d. July 4, 1874); son cf 
John of Mifflinburg Pa. and Bellevue O., 
b. in Mifflinburg July 21, 1781, d. in Belle- 
vue Sep. 25, 1844, postmaster and merchant 
in Mifflinburg about 1820; son of George 
of Orwigsburg and Mifflinburg Pa., b. at 
Maiden Creek Pa. Mar. 11, 1758, d. in 
Mifflinburg Mar. 2, 1841, took part in bat- 
tles of Long Island, White Plains and 
Brandywine, joined the rifle company of 
Capt. James Olds in July 1776, was at Fort 
Jenkins in Sep. 1778 (m. Mary Magdalene 

Gilbert, b. Aug. 10, 1758, d. Jan. 30, 1841, 
dau .of Conrad and Anna Gilbert, who had 
7 other children beside Mary, viz.: Cathe- 
rine, Anna Elizabeth, Andrew John Peter, 
Anna Maria, Salome and Christina) ; son of 
Gottfried Orwig of Maiden Creek and 
Orwigsburg Pa., b. Aug. 24, 1719, probably 
in Brunswick Germany, d. in Orwigsburg 
Pa. May 26, 1804, came to America 1741, 
qualified Oct. 2, 1741, went back to Ger- 
many and brought his wife 1743, belonged 
to the old men's company in rev. war, set- 
tled at Maiden Creek near Reading Pa., 
afterwards founded the town of Orwigs- 
burg (m. Clara). 

lumbus Ohio, b. in Middleport Ohio 
Aug. 9, 1852, locomotive engineer (m. Dec. 
1, 1879 Hattie M. Zimmerman, b. Apr. 12, 
1858) ; son of John Newell Allen of Mid- 
dleport Ohio, b. in Canterbury Ct. Sep. 25, 
1810, d. in Middleport June 14, 1868 (m. 
Nov. 20, 1838 Cyrene Stivers, b. in Meigs 
co. Ohio Jan. 28, 1818, d. in Middleport 
Feb. 24, 1863, dau. of Randal Stivers and 
Phebe Ball); son of Barnabas Allen of 
Canterbury Ct., b. Dec. 5, 1783, d. June 18, 
1863 (an. Feb. 18, 1808 Elizabeth Walton, 
d. Dec. 1, 1875 and had Sabrina, b. Dec. 7, 
1808 [m. 1st John M. Francis, 2d a Briggs], 
John N. above, Priscilla, b. Oct. 25, 1812 
[m. Wm. Baker], David W., b. Mar. 8, 
1815 [an. Nancy Webster], Jacob M., b. 
Feb. 7, 1817 [m. Marianne Branch], Lu- 
cetta, b. Nov. 16, 1819 [m. Mathew R. 
Carson] ,Adaline, b. July 18, 1822 [m. 1st 
John Hyde, 2d Geo. W. Taylor, 3d Chase 
Carr], Jared, b. in Feb. 1825, m. 3 times); 
son of Jared of Canterbury Ct., b. 1759, d. 
1836, rev. soldier (m. Elizabeth Walton); 
son of Barnabas of Canterbury Ct., b. 
1730,- d. 1815 (m. 1752 Elizabeth Fuller, b. 
1730, d. 1815 and had 6 children, viz.: Silas, 
b. 1754 [m. Mary Cleveland], Lemuel, b. 
1756, Jared above, Rebecca, b. 1761, Anna, 
b. 1764 [m. Augustus Wood], and Eliza- 
beth, b. 1766); son of Joseph of Norwich 
Ct., b. in Bridgewater Mass. 1701, d. in 
Scotland Ct. 1777, moved to Norwich 1727 
(m. 1729 Rebecca Fuller, b. 1701, d. 1778 



and had Barnabas above, Jemima, b. 1731 
[m. Nathaniel Clark], Betty, b. 1734, Mary, 
b. 1736, Joseph, b. 1739 [m. Rebecca Rob- 
inson], Samuel, b. 1740, and Asahel, b. 1742 
[m. Desire Eames]); son of Samuel of 
Bridgewater Mass., b. 1660, d. 1736 (m. 
1st 1685 Rebekah Carey, d. 1697, 2d 1700 
Mary Alden, grand-dau. of John Alden, 
prob. dau. of Joseph Alden, and had by 
them: Samuel, b. in 1686, Ephraim, b. 
1689, Timothy, b. 1691, Joseph, b. 1693, 
Mehitable, b. 1695 [m. a Bushnell], Joseph 
above, Benjamin, b. 1702, Mary, b. 1704 
[m. Henry Kingman], Rebecca, b. 1706 
[m. John Kingman], Matthew, b. 1708 [m. 
Sarah Brett], Seth, b. 1710 [m. Rebecca 
Rickard], and Abigail [m. Shubael 
Waldo]); son of Samuel of Bridgewater 
Mass., b. 1632, d. 1703, town clerk, legis- 
lator (m. 1658 Sarah Partridge, b. 1639, 
and had Samuel above, Essial, b. 1663, 
Mehitabel, b. 1665, Sarah, b. 1667, Bethiah, 
b. 1669, Nathaniel, b. 1672, Ebenezer, b. 
1674, Josiah, b. 1677, Elisha, b. 1679, and 
Nehemiah, b. 1681); son of Samuel, who 
came with wife Ann from Bridgewater 
Eng. 1630 to Braintree Mass., she d. 1641 
and he m. 2d Margaret Lamb, his will was 
proved 1669 and he had Samuel, b. 1632, 
Joseph, b. 1634, James, b. 1636, Sarah, b. 
1639, Mary, b. 1741, and Abigail. 

CLARK, CHARLES G. Jr. of Minne- 
apolis Minn., b. in Webster Mich. 
June 4, 1831, journalist, founder of Penin- 
sula Courier of Ann Arbor Mich., author 
of several hymns (m. Jan. 15, 1856 Arabella 
H. Matthews, b. Jan. 31, 1836 [dau. of 
Samuel Howes Matthews, b. 1799, and 
Arabella Bond, b. 1805, and gr.-dau. of 
Thos. Matthews of Mass., b. 1768], had 
dau. Alice Elizabeth Clark, who m. July 
15, 1880 Charles C. Huff and had son Har- 
old Clark Huff); son oif Charles G. Clark 
Sr. of Ann Arbor Mich., b. in Preston Ct. 
Apr. 8, 1796, d. in Ann Arbor Oct. 2, 1871, 
Presbyterian minister, pioneer minister 
west of Detroit (m. Aug. 30, 1830 Eliza- 
beth Piatt, b. in Winchester Ct. Sep. 9, 
1806, d. in Webster Mich. Oct. 28, 1858, 
dau. of Levi Piatt of Danbury Ct., b. Dec. 

29, 1765, and Esther A., b. Jan. 18, 1768); 
son of Shubael Clark of Preston Ct., b. 
1762, d. at sea in Sep. 1796 (m. Aug. 24, 
1794 Esther Tracy, dau. of Moses Tracy, 
b. Apr. 3, 1728, d. Nov. 8, 1813); son of 
Joseph Clark of Conn. (m. 1737 Ann Cof- 
fin); son of Thomas of Conn. (m. 1700 
Mary Church). 

cago 111., b. in Bloomfield Ohio Mar. 
4, 1847 (m. Dec. 25, 1867 Almira L. Little- 
field [dau. of Charles D. Littlefield and 
Mahaly Brown], and had Harry M., Will 
R., Pearl L. and Leroy L.); son of James 
Monroe Hunter of Chenango Forks N. Y., 
b. in Plattsburg N. Y. Sep. 24, 1822, d. at 
Chenango Forks Mar. 24, 1893 (m. 1st 
May 7, 1845 Mary Ann Ward [dau. of 
Obadiah Ward and Ann McCurdy Chad- 
wick of Tolland and Ellington Ct.], 2d 
June 23, 1859 Ruth E. Johnson, dau. of 
Miles Johnson of Chenango Forks); son 
of Solomon Hunter of Orwell Ohio, b. in 
Petersham Mass. Sep. 18, 1786, d. in Or- 
well Feb. 25, 1856 (m. Aug. 21, 181 1 Char- 
ity Bigelow [dau. of Timothy Bigelow and 
Elizabeth Arnold], and had besides James 
M. above: Edmund A. W. of Phila., d. 
May 28, 1895, and Jonathan F., d. in 
Keytesville Mo. Nov. 20, 1892); son of 
Jonathan Hunter of Plattsburg N. Y., b. 
in Marlboro Mass. Jan. 24, 1753, d. in 
Plattsburg Mar. 20, 1834 (m. Jan. 8, 1773 
Hannah Walkup of Sudbury Mass., and 
had besides Solomon above: Joel of Lock- 
port N. Y., John, d. Mar. 30, 1829 [m. Sally 
Parrott], Edward, d. Dec. 29, 1803 [m. 
Louisa Dickinson], and Charles, d. Jan. 
25, 1871, m. Polly Bixby); son of Edward 
of Marlboro Mass., b. 1716, d. there May 
9, 1797, member of the general court 
1776-7 (m. 1st Tabitha, 2d Mrs. Elizabeth 
Moore), had besides Jonathan above: Ed- 
ward, d. in Henniker June 29, 1793 [m. 
Thankful Newton], David, d. in Marlboro 
1824 [m. Abigail Temple], Robert, d. in 
Marlboro 1827 [m. 1st Olive Moore, 2d 
Catharine Wetherbee], Elizabeth [m. 
Archelaus Felton] and Sarah [m. Nathan- 
iel Cutter]. Edward Hunter had a brother 
Robert, b. 1720, d. Dec. 6, 1797. 



N. Y., b. in Livonia Mich. Feb. 5, 
1855 (m. Apr. 3, 1888 Charlotte Elizabeth 
Racao and has Walter Hetherington, Wm. 
Pitt Jr. and Elizabetih); son of Reuben 
Stark Durfee of Plymouth Mich., b. in 
Palmyra N. Y. Oct. 2, 1S14, d. in Plymouth 
Mich. June 21, 1888 (m. in May 1854 Mary 
Wightman) ; son of George of Livonia 
Mich., b. in Palmyra N. Y. 1792, d. in 
Livonia in Sep. 1869 (m. 1812 P&rmela 
Stark, desc. of Aaron Stark of N. H. and 
N. J.); son of Gideon of Palmyra N. Y., b. 
in Tiverton R. I., d. in Palmyra; son of 
Gideon of Tiverton R. I.; son of Thomas; 
son of Thomas. 

CLEMENS, WILL M. of Hackensack 
N. J., b. in Paris Ohio on Jan. 16, 
i860, author 'and editor (m. June 28, 1887 
Rate Fowler Lott and had Rhea, Nina, 
Marian and Florence); son of John of 
Akron Ohio, b. in Paris Ohio Aug. 28, 
1834, d. in Akron Apr. 15, 1894, mechanical 
inventor (m. Sarah E. Flickinger); son of 
Daniel of Paris Ohio, b. in Lancaster Pa. 
in June 1810, d. in Paris Ohio July 26, 1835 
(m. Leah Cameron); son of Nicholas (m. 
Mena Cath. Mowl) ; son of Peter. 

N. J., b. in Concord N. H. Aug. 22, 
1855 (m. May 17, 1880 Annie Maria Wood, 
dau. of Robert, b. in England, and Martha 
Mason, b. in Lebanon N. H.); son of 
Cyrus Hill of Concord, Loudon and West 
Springfield N. H., b. in Loudon N. H. 
May 10, 1810, d. in Concord Apr. 10, 1875 
(m. Nancy Long Walker, b. in Chester N. 
H. Dec. 19, 1819); son of Levi of West 
Springfield N. H., b. in Loudon N. H. 
May 3, 1782, d. in West Springfield Aug. 
10, i860 (m. Lydia Wiggin, who d. Oct. 2, 
1870 aged 88, and had 5 children, viz.: 
Joseph, Langdon, Cyrus, Frank and Susan, 
who m. Timothy Cole of Haverhill Mass.) ; 
son of Samuel Hill of Loudon N. H., b. 
in Lee N. H. (m. Mrs. Langley of Lee 
N. H.). 

ell Mass., b. in Stow Me. May 16, 
1847, overseer in Hamilton Mfg. Co., was 
member of city council 1879-80 (m. Sep. 
20, 1866 Sarah F. Leavitt) ; son of Henry S. 
of Stow Me., b. there Nov. 10, 1803, d. 
there June 30, 1878, farmer, dentist (m. 
Dec. 29, 1825 Susan Chandler, dau. of 
Paul); son of Samuel of Stow Me., b. June 
22, 1776, d. Apr. 14, 1838, farmer, served in 
war of 1812 (m. June 22, 1776 Betsey 
Dresser); son of John, who d. in Stow Me. 

tl Sewickley Pa., b. in Pittsburgh Pa. 
1844, physician (m. 1870 Juliette E. Mc- 
Aboy [dau. Rev. Leland R. McAboy] of 
Allegheny co. Pa., and has 3 children, viz. : 
Juliette McA., Virginia P., Eugene Sid- 
ney); son of Samuel Carnahan Jennings 
of Sharon Pa., b. near Cross creek Pa. 
1803, d. 1885, Presbyterian minister, pastor 
at Sharon 50 years, editor of Christian Her- 
ald 1829-32 (m. 1831 Emma Mane Passa- 
vant, dau. of Philip Louis Passavant of 
Zelienople Pa., who came to America 1807 
and was of French Huguenot descent); son 
of Ebenezer Jennings of co. 
Pa., b. in New Jersey 1775, d. in Wash. co. 
Pa. 1808, physician (in. Mercy Chidester) ; 
son of Jacob, b. in New Jersey 1744, d. at 
Dunlap's Creek Pa. 1813, surgeon-colonel 
in rev. war, wounded in battle of Trenton, 
afterward ordained in Dutch Reformed 
ch., but continued to practice as physician 
■also, was pastor of Dunlap's Creek Presb. 
ch. 1813 (m. Mary Kennedy, dau. of Dr. 
Samuel Kennedy of Baskingridge N. J., a 
Scotch clergyman and physician of learn- 
ing and son of the earl of Casilis in Scot- 
land) ; son of Jacob Jennings of Bound 
Brook N. J., b. 171 1, d. in Bound Brook 

ARD of Olean N. Y., b. in Milport 
N. Y. Aug. 15, 1841 (m. Aug. 22, 1872 
Helen L. Eastman [dau. of Wm. W.] and 
had Wm. Harry Mandeville, b. in Olean 
Oct. 25, 1875); son of John Drake Mande- 
ville of Olean and Belmont N. Y., b. in 



Lyons N. Y. Jan. 26, 1814, d. in Olean 
Nov. 29, 1867 (m. July 25, 1837 Susan 
Pomeroy, b. in Savona N. Y. Aug. 18, 
1818, and Wm. H., b. Aug. 15, 1841 above, 
J. Bradley, b. in Milport Aug. 2, 1846, d. 
Apr. 20, 1881, Anna Eliza, b. in Brooklyn 
May 3, 1S49, Harriett Probasco, b. in Bel- 
mont N. Y. Jan. 29, 1852, d. Feb. 3, 1887, 
John Drake, b. in Belmont Mar. 3, 1858); 
son of John of Lyons N. Y., b. in New 
York city Feb. 19, 1781, d. in Blissfield 
Mich. Dec. 23, 1839 (m. Feb. 8, 1809 Jane 
Mersole of Ovid N. Y., d. in Brooklyn 
Feb. 11, 1849, and had Joshua, b. in Ovid 
N. Y., Kathime, b. in Ovid Jan. 28, 1812, 
John D. above, Sarah B., b. in Ovid Mar. 
13, 1816, d. in Adrian Mich. Mar. 7, 1886, 
Helen E., b. in Lyons, d. 1893, Samuel, b. 
in Lyons Oct. 26, 1826, and Charles, b. in 
Lyons Mar. 9, 1823, killed in battle 1864) ; 
son of John, b. in Peekskill N. Y. Oct. 11, 
1753, d. Apr. 27, 1827, 1st lieut. in Capt. 
Eben. Boyd's co. in 3d N. Y. reg. (m. 
June 5, 1773 Sarah Drake, b. in Peekskill 
Mar. 4, 1755, d. in Ovid Nov. 17, 1838 
[dau. of Col. Samuel Drake of 3d N. Y. 
reg.], and had Rebecca, b. Mar. 7, 1774, 
Cornelius, b. Oct. 11, 1775, John, b. Feb. 
19, 1781 above, Joshua, b. Nov. 29, 1782, 
Betsey, b. Aug. 3, 1783, Polly, b. Sep. 16, 
1786, Sally Ann, b. July 26, 1788, Francis 
D., b. Mar. 27, 1790, and Elijah, b. May 1, 

HALL, LEWIS of Jamestown N. Y., b. 
in Kiantone N. Y. Sep. 12, 1815, 
grad. Yale coll. 1839, adm. to bar in St. 
Louis, removed to Jamestown 1847, was 
U. S. assessor of internal revenue (m. 
May 4, 1843 Abigail Augusta Davis, b. in 
Holden Mass. Apr. 8, 1823 [dau. of Merrill 
Davis, desc. of Dolor Davis], and had 
dau. Ellen Elizabeth Hall) ; son of James 
of Kiantone N. Y., b. in Dover Vt. July 16, 
1790, d. in Kiantone Aug. 211, 1846, moved 
there 1812, farmer, merchant, lumberman, 
was supervisor 12 years, legislator 1834 (m. 
Polly Cheney, dau. of Ebenezer, desc. of 
Wm. Cheney the emigrant); son of Wil- 
liam Hall of Dover Vt., b. in Hopkinton 
Mass. June 1, 1753, d. in Dover Vt. Sep. 

28, 1828, farmer, served in rev. war (m. 
Aug. 29, 1782 Abigail Pease, b. in Upton 
Mass. May 3, 1759, dau. of Josiah); son of 
Elisha Hall of Hopkinton Mass., b. in 
Westerly R. I. 1722, d. in Hopkinton Feb. 
25, 1794, shoemaker, farmer (m. June 11, 
1742 Elizabeth Young, dau. of Wm. and 

LIGGETT, SIDNEY B. of Pittsburgh 
Pa., b. there May 10, 1849, sec. Pa. 
R. R. lines west of Pittsburgh, member 
Soc. of Colonial Wars, member Soc. of 
Sons of Rev. (m. Nov. 15, 1870 Emma 
Catherine Stevenson [dau. of John, who 
was bead of one of the largest jewelry firms 
in Penn. for many years], had Dudley 
Stevenson Liggett, Sidney Sharp Liggett, 
Laura Catherine and John Darragh Lig- 
gett) ; son of John Liggett of Pittsburgh, 
o. there Mar. 19, 1814, d. there Oct. 3, 1854, 
member of firm of Childs & Liggett, ohair 
mfr. (m. in Sep. 1844 Catherine Hutton, 
whose mother Catherine McLeod was a 
desc. of Sir Roderick McLeod of Talisker 
in Skye); son of John Liggett of Pitts- 
burgh, b. at Bradywine manor, Chester co. 
Pa. May 31, 1780, d. in Pittsburgh Apr. 11, 
1833, owned a large tannery (m. Jan. 2, 
1806 Rosanna Sharp, dau. of Matthew, a 
rev. soldier, son of Capt. James Sharp of 
the Pa. colonial forces, served under Wash- 
ington at capture of Fort D.uquesne 1758); 
son of Robert Liggett of Brandy wine 
manor, Chester co. Pa., b. in co. Antrim 
Ireland 1743, d. in Washington co. Pa. 
1806, an influential farmer, active among 
the Scotch-Irish (m. 1779 Isabella Dar- 
ragh, whose brother John was 2d mayor of 

Louis Mo., b. there 1856 (m. Jan. 23, 
1893 Minerva Primm of Belleville and has 
Jane and Cornelia Margaret); son of 
Antoine Reilhe McNair of St. Louis Mo., 
b. Apr. 10, 1809, d. 1874 (m. 1st Mary Mc- 
Closky of New Orleans, d. 1837, m. 2d 
Ella Johnson of New Orleans, m. 3d 1844 
Cornelia Jane Tiffin [dau. of Dr. Tiffin of 
St. Louis and gr.-dau. of Col. Nicholas 



Jarrod], and had by 1st wife: Fred, who d. 
1865, by 2d wife: Lt. Antoine R., U. S. N., 
of Saratoga N. Y., and by 3d wife: Eugenia 
Stella [m. Paul Bakewell of St. Louis], 
Harry C. of St. Paul Minn., John G. of St. 
Louis and Lilburn G. above) ; son of Gov. 
Alexander of St. Louis Mo., b. in Penn. 
about 1776, d. in St. Louis Mar. 18, 1826, 
lieut. of inf. 1799, moved to St. Louis 1804, 
sheriff 1810, capt. of mounted rangers in 
war of 1812-5, 1st register of land offices 
1816, 1st gov. of Mo. 1820 (m. in Mar. 1805 
Susanne Marguerite Reilhe, b. in St. Louis 
Jan. 27, 1787, d. in St. Louis June 19, 1863, 
dau. of Antoine Reilhe .of St. Louis, b. in 
Montpelier France, m. 1786 Stella, dau. 
of Rev. Dr. Camp); son of Dunning Mc- 
Nair of Penn. (m. and had 5 sons: Alex- 
ander, Dunning, David, Robert and 
Ezekiel, and a dau. who m. Mr. Horner of 
Pittsburgh); son of David McNair of 
Penn., located on the Swatara Pa. 1742 (m. 
Miss Dunning). 

v^ Winsted Ct., was b. in Hadlyme Ct. 
Apr. 11, 1836, grad. Williams coll. 1861, in- 
surance agent, probate judge since 1887, 
member Conn. bd. of education since 1885 
(m. Apr. 26, 1865 Julia P. Mitchell, b. Chat- 
ham Ct. Mar. 21, 1837, dau. of Levi and 
Sally Chamberlain [Johnson] Mitchell, and 
has an adopted son Wm. G. Carrington, b. 
Aug. 2, 1879); son of George Carrington of 
Hadlyme Ct., b. in Canaan Ct. June 28, 
1796, d. in Rushville 111. Oct. 31, 1843, grad. 
Yale ooll. 1822, Yale theol. sem. 1825, Con- 
gregational clergyman in North Goshen 
Ct. 1831-3, in Hadlyme 1835-42, went to 
Illinois, home missionary 1843 (m. June 17, 
1835 Catharine Marsh, b. in Winchester 
Ct. Apr. 3, 181 2, dau. of Frederick, son of 
Jon., son of Jon. whose mother was dau. 
of Capt. Joseph Wadsworth of Charter 
Oak fame) ; son of James Carrington of 
Canaan Ct., b. in Woodbridge Ct. Oct. 4, 
1767, d. in Canaan Dec. 2, 1822, carpenter 
(m. 1795 Huldah Ford, b. in Woodbridge 
Mar. 12, 1775, d. in New Haven July 12, 
i860, dau. of Jesse and Eunice [Peck] 
Ford); son of Abraham. Carrington of 

Woodbridge Ct., d. 1799 (m. Rebecca 
Johnson and had 12 children, viz. : Ailing, 
Jesse, David, James, John, Charles, Isaac, 
Raymond, Elizabeth [m. Jedediah North- 
rop], Sarah [m. Eri Lounsbury], Rebecca 
[m. Enos Hitchcock] anc? Polly [m. a 
Hitchcock]); son of John, d. 1757, physi- 
cian; son of Peter, d. 1727, physician (m. 
Anna Wilmot, b. Mar. 20, 1670). 

cinnati Ohio, b. there Feb. 8, 1852 (m. 
Dec. 23, 1883 Mrs. Mary E. [Patterson] 
Allen, dau. of Nicholas and Jane Patterson 
of Cincinnati); son of John Thurston 
Bishop -of Cincinnati, b. in Warwick N. Y. 
June 1, 1809, d. in Cincinnati Dec. 9, 1863 
(m. Jan. 28, 1847 Mrs. Amy Ann [Ran- 
dall] Hildreth, b. in Utica N. Y. May 4, 
1813, d. in Westboro Ohio Feb. 3, 1893); 
son of Anthony of Orange co. N. Y., 
moved from Conn, to Orange co. near 
Warwick, farmer (m. Anna Van Duzen and 
had sons Peter V. W., James, John T., 
William and Charles). 

" Columbus Oihio, b. in Marietta Ohio 
Apr. 15, 1842, civil engineer (m. 1st May 
16, 1867 Caroline Frances Allen, b. May 10, 
1847, d. Dec. 16, 1879 [dau. of John Newell 
Allen, see Allen lineage], m. 2d Dec. 19, 
1883 Frances Ann Weaver, dau. of James 
and Rachel Ann [Mytinger] Weaver); son 
of Junia Jennings of Marietta Ohio, b. in 
Fayette co. Pa. Sep. 10, 1800, d. in Marietta 
Feb. 19, 1871, active member of Methodist 
ch., shoemaker, held various county and 
city offices, deputy sheriff 1842-6, sheriff 
1846-50 (m. 1st 1820 Hannah McCabe, b. 
1804, d. Dec. 19, 1831 [dau. of Robert, 
who m. Polly McCracken, a grand-dau. of 
Lord Hamilton of Ireland], m. 2d Apr. 2, 
1833 Eliza Ann Reckard, b. Sep. 18, 1810, 
d. May 7, 1888, dau. of Calvin Rickard of 
Ashneld Mass. and Rhoda Borden, widow 
of George Westgate, desc. of Giles Rickard 
of Plympton Mass. 1637 and Richard Bor- 
den of R. I. 1635); son of Jonathan Jen- 
nings of Washington 00. Ohio, b. in New 
Jersey May 14, 1769, d. in Washington co. 



Ohio Nov. 2, 1808, emigrated from Wash- 
ington co. Pa. to Wash. co. Ohio with his 
family 1801, travelled to Wheeling W. Va. 
in wagons, thence floated down the Ohio 
river on a flat boat, shoemaker, blacksmith 
(m. in Mar. 1791 Elizabeth Stephenson, b. 
June 27, 1775, d. Aug. 22, 1852, and had 9 
children, viz.: Zebulon, b. Feb. iS, 1792 
[m. Betsey Maxon], Margaret, b. Nov. 6, 
1794 [m. 1st George Nixon, 2d Presley 
Petty], Nancy, b. Aug. 30, 1796 [m. Otis 
Reckard], Delilah, b. Sep. 17, 1798 [m. 
Joseph Leonard Reckard], Junia above, 
Jonathan, b. Mar. 18, 1802 [m. Susan 
Reckard], Elizabeth, b. Sep. 29, 1803 
Lemen Fouts], Henry, b. Mar. 15, 1805 
[m. Sarah Ann Chambers], and Rhoda, b. 
Nov. 20, 1806 [m. Joseph McKibben]); son 
of Zebulon of Westfield N. J., b. in New 
Jersey Nov. 26, 1737, d. in Westfield 1776, 
will proved in Trenton N. J. (m. June 17, 
1762 Joanna Little, b. Sep. 13, 1746 and 
had 6 children, viz.: Sarah, b. July 22, 1763 
[m. J. Ridge], Henry, b. Feb. 15, 1765 [m. 
Rhoda Leslie], Hesekiah, b. Apr. 6, 1767, 
d. infancy, Jonathan, b. May 14, 1769 [m. 
Elizabeth Stephenson], Susannah, b. Mar. 
1, 1774 [m. Isaac Fordyce], Jacob, b. Mar. 
22, 1775, m. Mary Morgan); son of Zeb- 
ulon of Essex or Morris co. N. J., b. about 
1709, d. 1777 (m. 1st Sarah, mother of 
Zebulon Jr., 2d Rebecca Squires), he is 
supposed to be one of 7 brothers viz. : Jo- 
seph, Zebulon, Jacob, Benjamin, Jonathan, 
John and David, all of Essex and Morris 
counties N. J. The descendants of Zebulon, 
Jacob and Benjamin are known. 

CLAFLIN, JOHN of New York city, b. 
in Brooklyn N. Y. July 24, 1850, head 
of the H. B. Claflin Co. (m. June 27, 1890 
Elizabeth Stewart Dunn and has daughters 
Elizabeth and Agnes); ison of Horace 
Brigham Claflin of New York city, b. in 
Milford Mass. Dec. 18, 181 1, d. in N. Y. 
Nov. 14, 1885, founder of the H. B. Claflin 
Co. (m. Nov. 22, 1838 Agnes Sanger, desc. 
of Richard Sanger, who came to Water- 
town Mass. 1638); son of John Claflin of 
Milford Mass., b. in Holliston Mass. June 
24, 1775, d. in Milford July 10, 1848 (m. 

; M.ay 2, 1798 Lydia Mellen); son of John 
•of Holliston Mass., b. in Hopkinton Mass. 
July s, 1750, d. in Holliston Jan. 18, 1838 
(m. Apr. 5, 1770 Mary Sheffield); son of 
Ebenezer of Hopkinton Mass., b. in Wen- 
ham Mass. July 2, 1716, d. in Hopkinton in 
Dec. 1793 (m. May 22, 1739 Hannah 
Smith) ; son of Daniel of Hopkinton 
Mass., b. in Wenham Mass. Jan. 25, 1674, 
d. in Hopkinton (m. Mar. 11, 1701 Sarah 
Edwards); son of Robert MacClaflin of 
Wenham Mass., was there as early as 1661, 
d. 1690 (m. Oct. 14, 1664 Joanna Warner, 
of Ipswich Mass.). 

Joseph Mo., b. in Troy Mich. June 2, 
1865, law reporter, member Soc. of Sons 
of Rev., private sec. to bank president 8 
years (m. Nov. 28, 1895 Flora Katherine 
Chesmore and has dau. Mary Margareth) ; 
son of William N. of Highland Mich., b. 
in New York Apr. 5, 1812, d. in Highland 
Nov. 9, 1891 (m. Sep. 11, 1849 Mary Gale, 
whose father was a soldier in war of 1812); 
son of Bishop Burnett of Michigan, b. in 
New York Dec. 22, 1779, d. in Troy Mich. 
Mar. 10, 1859 (m. Feb. 16, 1805 Hannah 
Mott, dau. of Samuel Mott, who served in 
rev. war 1777-83). 

SON of Hannibal N. Y., b. there 
Feb. 10, 1846 (m. Feb. 10, 1867 Amy A. 
Doud and has daughters Mabel A. and 
Lucretia E.); son of Silas W. of Hannibal, 
b. in Mexico N. Y. Jan. 4, 1813, d. in Han- 
nibal Sep. 13, 1882, successful merchant 46 
years (m. Apr. 27, 1837 Mary A. Walden): 
son of Elias of Mexico N. Y., b. Dec. 30, 
1782, d. Feb. 19, 1858, judge of court of 
common pleas (m. 1st Lucretia Edgerton, 
2d Harriet Clark); son of Wadsworth of 
Lebanon Ct., b. 1737, d. Mar. 30, 1812 (m. 
May 24, 1759 Jerusha Newcomb, descend- 
ant of Gov. Wm. Bradford); son of Oliver 
of Lebanon Ct., b. July 16, 1708 (m. Mar- 
tha Wadswortih) ; son of William of Leb- 
anon Ct., b. May 4, 1691, d. Dec. 6. 1768 
(m. Hopestill Wadsworth); son of Love, 
who lived in and inherited Elder Wm. 



Brewster's house (m. May 15, 1634 Sarah 

J-J Brooklyn N. Y., b. in Milford Mass. 
Oct. 22, 1829 (m. 1st Jan. 22, 1857 Mary 
Eliza Capen, 2d May 5, 1875 Nannie Bil- 
lings Royce) ; son of Charles Turner 
Eames of Milford Mass., b. there July 1, 
1801 (m. Oct. 9, 1828 Amelia Claflin, desc. 
of Robt. MacClaflin of Wenham Mass. 
1691); son of Phineas Eames of Milford 
Mass., b. in Framingham Mass. May 14. 
1766, d. in Milford Dec. 13, 1845 (m. in 
July 1790 Izzanna Jones, desc. of John 
Alden of Plymouth); son of Timothy 
Eames of Framingham Mass., b. there 
N.ov. 23, 1732 (m. Sep. 23, 1763 Hannah 
Hill; son of Henry of Framingham, b. 
there Apr. 28, 1698 (m. Nov. 12, 1722 Ruth 
Newton) ; son of John of Sherborn and 
Framiingham, b. in Dedham Mass. Oct. 6, 
1642, d. in Framingham Dec. 14, 1733 (m. 
Elizabeth Eames); son of Thomas, b. in 
England about 1618, came to Mass. 1634 
(m. Margaret). 

^ 111., b. in Lisbon Ct. July 31, 1824, 
formerly pres. of West Virginia coll., au- 
thor (m. in June 1846 Catharine Waterman, 
dau. of John R. of Warwick R. I. and 
desc. of Roger Williams) ; son of Chris- 
topher Colegrove, b. in Voluntown Ct. 
June s, 1801, d. in New London Ct. Jan. 
19, 1892, farmer, teacher, justice, grand 
juror, bank commissioner, legislator (m. 
1st Sep. 18, 1823 Sallie Eliza Brewster, 
desc. of Elder Wm. Brewster, 2d May 10, 

1839 Lydia Ann Rouse); son of Stephen 
of Voluntown Ct., b. in Westerly R. I. 
1771, d. in Voluntown Apr. 20, 1854, farmer 
(m. Elizabeth Parteiot); son of Benjamin 
of Voluntown Ct., b. in Scituate R. I. 1729, 
d. in Voluntown 1820, soldier in rev. war 
(m. Oct. 21, 1759 Sarah Colegrove); son of 
Stephen of Foster R. I., b. in Warwick 
R. I. 1695, d. 1787, member 1st town coun- 
cil of Foster (m. 1st 1721 a Taylor, 2d 

1840 Phoebe Millard); son of Francis of 
Warwick R. I., b. in Wales about 1667, 
came to R. I. about 1683. 

Newtonville Mass., b. in Webster N. 
H. Dec. 16, 1853, Methodist clergyman (m. 
June 30, 1886 Mary A. Gage and has dau. 
Helen Willard) ; son of Nathaniel of New- 
tonville, b. July 7, 1820, d. Nov. 24, 1884, 
Baptist clergyman (m. July 9, 1850 Mary 
Gillis); son of William of Warner N. H., 
b. in Goffstown N. H., d. in Warner in 
Apr. 1868 (m. about 1817 Hannah Roby) ; 
son of Nathaniel of Goffstown N. H.; son 
of Nathaniel; son of William who came 
to America 1728 from north of Ireland. 

burg 111., b. in Grand Ridge 111. Oct. 
19, 1863, pres. Knox college, editor of the 
Charities Review, sec. State Charities Aid 
Assoc, of N. Y. 3 years, asst. author of 
Taxation in Am. States and Cities, exten- 
sion lecturer in Chicago univ., A. B. of 
Knox coll. 1887, A. M. same 1890 (m. 
June 29, 1892 Martha Ford Boyden, dau. of 
Hon. Albert W. Boyden of Sheffield Hi., 
banker and legislator, and Ellen R. Webb, 
b. in Maine); son of James Gibson Finley 
of Grand Ridge 111., b. in New Salem Pa. 
Sep. 16, 1836 (m. Jan. 15, 1863, Lydia Mar- 
garet McCombs, dau. of John of New 
Salem Pa.); son of Ebenezer Finley. of 
New Salem Pa., b. in Fayette co. Pa. Oct. 
24, 1804, d. in New Salem Dec. 28, 1891, 
farmer (m. May 8, 1808 Phoebe Wood- 
ward, dau. of Caleb of Fayette co.); son of 
Ebenezer Finley of Fayette co. Pa., b. 
there Dec. 28, 1760, d. there Jan. 1, 1849, 
farmer, elder in Presb. ch. (m. 1st Jane 
Kinkaid, 2d Violet Lowry [mother of 
Ebenezer Jr.], 3d Margaret Cunningham, 
4th Sarah Jones); son of Rev. James Fin- 
ley of County Armagh Ireland, came to 
America 1734, was one of the first preach- 
ers west of the Allegheny mountains. Had 
a brother Rev. Dr. Samuel Finley, presi- 
dent of Princeton college. 

of Sharon Ct., b. in New York city 
Oct. 14, 1857, grad. M. D. at N. Y. univ. 
1882, physician (m. Mar. 26, 1884 M. H. 
Jessie Reed, dau. of Paul D. and Lucy 



[Chase] Reed, and has 4 children, viz.: 
Lucy A., Wrn. D., Helen J. and Gerald 
L.); son of William D. Bassett of Cole- 
man's station N. Y., b. in North East 
N. Y. Aug. 12, 1827 (m. 1854 Caroline 
Antoinette Wheeler, dau. of John M. and 
Hannah [Peck] Wheeler); son of Lyman 
Bassett of North East N. Y., b. in Derby 
Ct. Nov. 25, 1792, d. in North East Jan. 15, 
1881, shoemaker (m. in June 1824 Orpha 
Parsons, and had Wm. D. above, Geo. At- 
well, b. Dec. 9, 1828, d. in Rochester N. Y. 
in Mar. 1873, Lyman, to. July 4, 1830, d. in 
Rochester Mar. 24, 1856, and Orpha P., b. 
Aug. 27, 1834, d. in North East Oct. 11, 
1859); son of Samuel of Derby Ct., b. Mar. 
27, 1766, d. Apr. 14, 1822 (m. Nov. 25, 1791 
Sally Atwell) ; son of Joseph. 

111., b. in Rome N. Y. Oct. 3, 1851 
(m. Apr. 28, 1897 Alice J. Oleson) ; son of 
Zaccheus of Rome N. Y., to. in Western 
N. Y. Aug. 20, 1818, d. in Clinton N. Y. 
Dec. 11, 1877 (m. Sep. 3, 1850 Susan L. 
Whipple, sister of Bishop Whipple, desc. 
of Capt. John Whipple of Providence R. I. 
1659); son of Zaccheus Hill of Western N. 
Y., b. in Ashford Ct. Mar. 10, 1776, d. in 
Western N. Y. Jan. 15, 1857, one of the 
first settlers of the town of Western (m. 
Oct. 29, 1797 Mary Hawkins, dau. of John, 
an early inn keeper of Western) ; son of 
Squier Hill of Canajobarie N. Y., b. in 
Ashford Ct. Aug. 14, 1747, d. in Canajo- 
barie Nov. 17, 1826, was sergeant at Lex- 
ington alarm 1775, ensign 1775, 1st lieut. 
1776, .captain 1778 (m. Oct. 25, 1770 Doro- 
thy Walker, desc. of Dea. Philip Walker of 
Rehoboth Mass. 1653); son of Zaccheus 
Hill of Ashford Ct., b. in Ireland, d. in 
Ashford 1776, came to America with his 
four brothers 1720, settled in Newton 
Mass. (m. Nov. 6, 1735 Mary Squier). 

MALLETT, CHARLES of Bridgeport 
Ct., b. in Trumbull Ct. Dec. 22, 1808, 
d. in Bridgeport Oct. 9, 1883 (m. Nov. 25, 
1841 Mary Smith [dau. of Thomas Parker 
Smith of Brookfield Ct., desc. of John 
Smith of Milford Ct. 1642], and has dau. 

Anna Smith Mallett of Washington D. C.) ; 
son of Edwards Mallett of Trumbull Ct., b. 
there Aug. 1, 1779, d. there Feb. 12, 1829 
(m. Apr. 19, 1805 Hannah Haines, dau. of 
Wm., son of John Haines of Trumbull) ; 
son of Zachariah Mallett of Trumbull Ct., 
b. there Feb. 28, 1752, d. there Jan. 4; 1813 
(m. Oct. 26, 1775 Rhoda, dau. of Joseph 
Edwards); son of Peter Mallett of Trum- 
bull Ct., b. in Fairfield Ct. Mar. 31, 1712, 
d. in Trumbull Jan. 10, 1760 (m. Mary); 
son of John of Fairfield Ct., b. in France 
1673, d. in Fairfield Sep. 23, 1745, was with 
his father and four brothers in the army of 
Louis XIV of France, fled to England 
after revocation of edict of Nantes, came 
to America and settled in Fairfield Ct. be- 
fore 1700 (m. Johannah Lyon, sister of 
Louis Lyon, a merchant of Milford Ct.. 
she died aged 101). 

apolis Minn., b. in Winhall Vt. Jan. 
17, 1829, adm. to bar 1855, practiced at 
Bellows Falls Vt., major of 5th Vt. vols. 
1861, It. -col. 1 861, colonel 1862, brig.-gen. 
of vols. 1864, brev. major-gen. of vols. 1864, 
asst. sec. of war 1890, resigned 1893 (m. 1st 
Mar. 11, 1857 Sara Augusta Hartwell, d. 
Jan. 27, 1859, 2d Sep. 9, 1863 Mary Helen 
Pierce) ; son of James of Winhall and 
Manchester Vt., to. in Wrentham Mass. 
July 23, 1772, d. in Manchester Nov. 27, 
1856, teacher in early life, farmer, a man of 
strong physique and general information 
(m. 1806 Betsey Wyman, dau. of David, a 
soldier in rev. war); son of Joseph Grant 
of Wrentham Mass., b. there June 4, 1734, 
d. there 1816 (m. 1766 Mary Freeman) ; 
son of Joseph of Wrentham Mass.. b. 
1700, d. there Mar. 28, 1783. 

LEONARD, OLIVER B. of Plainfield 
N. J., b. there Dec. 25, 1839 (m. Oct. 
24, 1865 Elizabeth Blossom Marsh [dau. of 
Elston Marsh and Eliza Stelle], and had 
James Marsh Leonard and Elston Marsh 
Leonard); son of James of Plainfield N. J., 
b. at Bound Brook N. J. Nov. 25, 1796, d. 
in Plainfield July 29, 1876 (m. Nov. 25, 
1825 Mary Webster, dau. of Morris and 



Sarah [Line] Webster); son of John 
Leonard of Bound Brook N. J., b. in 
Kingston N. J. Aug. 17, 1768 (m. Aug. 19, 
1790 Mary Oliver, dau. of Jeremiah); son 
of James Leonard of Princeton N. J., b. 
there 1730, d. there 1787; son of James of 
Princeton N. J., b. in Monmouth co. N. J. 
1685, d. in Princeton 1750; son of Samuel 
of Middletown N. J., b. in Taunton Mass. 
1645, d. in Monmouth co. N. J. 1703 (m. 
Sarah Brooks) ; son of Henry, b. in Eng- 
land 1618, came to Mass. 1640, moved to 
New Jersey 1674, d. there 1695. 

JOHNSON, HENRY of Matawan N. J., 
tl b. in Sussex co. N. J. Oct. 21, 1828, 
cashier of Long Branch banking company 
(m. June 10, 1858 Katharine Conover 
[desc. of Wolfort van Cowenhoven in the 
line Wolfort, Garret, William, Albert, 
Peter, Hendrick, Peter, Garret], and has 
4 children, viz.: Anna, Sara, May and 
Edith); son of William Henry Johnson of 
Newton N. J., b. Feb. 6, 1796, d. in New- 
ton July 9, 1863 (m. Nov. 1, 1827 Anna 
Margaret, desc. of the German 
Protestant families of Co-use, Rarick, 
Knoph and Weber, who came to America 
in 1749); son of Henry Johnson of John- 
sonburg N. J., b. Apr. 20, 1763, d. May 22, 
1814 (m. Apr. 20, 1795 Rachel Goble, dau. 
of Gersbom and Anna) ; son of Henry of 
Newton N. J., b. in Readington N. J. Oct. 
5, 1737, d. in Frankford Jan. 5, 1826, elder 
in and a founder of the Presb. church of 
Newton, served in rev. war, quartermaster 
in 2d Sussex reg., afterwards captain (m. 
1762 Susannah Hoover); son of Coerta of 
Readington N. J., b. on Long Island 1689, 
d. in Johnsonburg 1772 (m. Charity Lane); 
son of Frederick, b. on Long Island 1665, 
d. in Readington N. J. 1745, desc. of Joris 
Jansen de Rapelje, who came from Holland 
in 1623. 

of Kennebunk Me., b. in Castine Me. 
Jan. 16, 1824, tin plate worker, stove dealer 
in Lowell and Kennebunk, chairman of 
board of selectmen 2 years, postmaster 26 
years, town clerk many years, deputy sher- 

iff, coroner, etc. (m. 1st Apr. 24, 1856 his 
cousin Georgianna Mendum, d. Jan. 6, 1869 
[dau. of John], and had Mary A., Willis 
L., Helen M. and Annie B., m. 2d Nov. 
27, 1870 Hannah Oousenis [dau. of Samuel 
Cousens and Sally Goodwin], and had Au- 
gusta W., Georgie C, Frank W., Robert 
L, Carrie H., Louise R. and Stuart); son 
of Samuel Mendum of Kennebunk Me., b. 
in Kittery May 12, 1787, d. in Kennebunk 
June 22, 1866, moved there 1828, tailor, 
postmaster 1840 (m. Jan. 13, 1823 Mary 
Kelly, dau. of Abiel Kelly [and Mary 
Morse], who moved from Methuen to 
Kennebunk about 1800, hatter, merchant 
and shipowner); son of Joshua Mendum 
of Kittery Me., b. there, d. there 1791, tan- 
ner (m. in Jan. 1764 Elizabeth Fernald, b. 
Dec. 20, 1744, dau. of Nathaniel and Mary 
[Weeks] Fernald, and had Joshua, Robert, 
Jonathan, Nathaniel, Samuel, John and 6 
daughters) ; son of Jonathan 2d of Kittery 
(m. Apr. '17, 1727 Mary Fernald) ; son of 
Jonathan of Kittery (m. Sarah Downing 
[dau. of Joshua], and had Robert, Jona- 
than, David, Patience and Mary) ; son of 
Robert, b. in England, d. in Kittery Me. 
1682, probably came from Bristol Eng. 
about 1630 in company with the Fernald 

v^ New Albany Ind., b. in Cincinnati 
Ohio Sep. 17, 1846, attorney at law, has 
been judge of circuit court and member of 
state legislature (unmarried); son of John 
Henry of New Albany, b. in Middletown 
Springs Vt. May 18, 1814, taken by his 
parents when a small child to eastern New 
York, afterwards to Steuben co. N. Y., 
went west when he was about of age (m. in 
Jan. 1840 Caroline B. Montgomery, dau. of 
Wm. and Ruth [Sweezy] Montgomery of 
Orange 00. N. Y., who emigrated to Ham- 
ilton co. Ohio 181 7, Ruth was dau. of 
Joseph [and Mrs. Mary Tuthill Wright] 
Sweezy, Joseph was in rev. war); son of 
John Cardwill of Conn., Vt. and N. Y. 
states, b. Apr. 23, 1778, probably in Mont- 
ville Ct., d. in Steuben co. N. Y. 1857-8, 
changed the spelling of his name from 



Cardwell to Cardwill (m. Rachel,' dau. of 
Isaac Train, a rev. soldier, who joined the 
army at Lexington alarm at age of 16, who 
m. Elizabeth Cummings); son of William 
Cardwell .of Montville Ct., b. Feb. 19, 1750, 
d. Oct. 21, 1825, rev. soldier in Capt. 
Waterman's co. 20th reg. (m. Apr. 11, 1779 
Sibil, dau. Elisba and Susanna [Merrill] 
Griswold, desc. of Edw. Griswold) ; son of 
William Cardwell (m. Sep. 4, 1747 Eliza- 
beth Burch), lived in parish of Parrum 

Rock Ark., b. in Pawlet Vt. Oct. 27, 
1840, removed to Potsdam N. Y. 1853, to 
Fremont Ohio 1857, entered military serv- 
ice 1861, settled in Little Rock 1865, U. S. 
receiver of public monies 1870, postmaster 
1881 and 1889 (m. Tan. 1, 1866 Emma A. 
Downs); son of Marson of New York 
city, b. in Pawlet Vt. May 10, 1816,. d. in 
N. Y. Mar. 8, 1876, a tea mfr. and mer- 
chant in Vermont and New York city (m. 
Oct. 24, 1839 Betsey M. Brown of Ver.) ; 
son of Reed of Pawlet Vt., b. there Dec. 
9, 1789, d. there Aug. 17, 1829, merchant 
(m. 1815 Betsey Lyon of Moriah N. Y.); 
son of Jacob of Pawlet Vt., b. in Norwich 
Ct. 1761, d. in Pawlet Jan. 22, 1845, farmer 
(m. 1788 Esther Reed); son of Simeon of 
Pawlet Vt., b. in Norwich Ct. 1732, d. in 
Pawlet Aug. 2."], 1809, served in battle of 
New London in rev. war (m. Abiah 

Me., b. there Dec. 19, 1777, d. there 
Mar. 14, 1835, justice (m. Dec. 25, 1817 
Mehitable, dau. of Lt. Nathaniel Frye of 
rev. war, gr.-dau. of Gen. Joseph Frye, 
and had dau. Caroline Johnson Frye, who 
m. 1846 Henry, son of James Walker and 
desc. of Elder Wm. Brewster); son of 
Simon Frye of Fryeburg, b. in Andover 
Mass. Sep. 29, 1737, d. in Fryeburg Oct. 10, 
1822 (m. Dec. 9, 1762 Hannah Johnson, 
dau. of John of Andover); son of Abial 
Frye of Andover Mass., d. there Mar. 22, 
1757; son of John of Andover; son of 
Samuel of Andover. 

cinnati Ohio, b. near Cleves Ohio 
Aug. 22, 1855, was justice of peace, is atty. 
at law, was candidate for congress 1894, 
member of Soc. of Sons of Rev. (m. Aug. 
7, 1879 Mary W. McQueety and had Frank 
W., Arthur B., Ralph W., Marie Wilson 
and Helen Buck); son of John B. of near 
Cleves Ohio, b. there Dec. 6, 1831, pros- 
perous farmer (m. in July 1854 Cynthia 
Ann Brown); son of John D. of near 
Cleves Ohio, b. there 1796, d. there in Jan. 
1876, justice, farmer, mill owner (m. Lu- 
cretia York Buck) ; son of James of near 
Cleves Ohio, b. in Hagerstown Md., d. 
near Cleves 1831, surveyor, farmer, justice 
(m. Lavina DeWitt); son of Capt. John 
Matson of near Delhi Ohio, b. in Mary- 
land, d. near North Bend Ohio 1804, capt. 
in rev. war in 1st Pa. reg. 1777-8, resigned, 
bought land in Hamilton co. Ohio at 
Home city from Capt. John Cleves 

HEEFUER, GEORGE H. of Kutztown 
Pa., b. at Eagle Point Pa. Mar. 30, 
1848 (m. June 15, 1878 Martha Jane Mertz, 
dau. of John, desc. of Johannes Martz of 
Wurtemberg) ; son of Capt. George 
Heffner of Eagle Point Pa., b. in Virgins- 
ville Pa. Mar. 28, 1816 (m. Mary Spohn) ; 
son of Jacob of Virginsville Pa., b. there 
June 29, 1781, d. Aug. 13, 1867 (m. Anna 
Margaret Dietrich); son of Hans Georg 
Haffraer of Virginsville Pa., b. there June 
10, 1757, d. there Apr. 29, 1818 (m. Maria 
Hummel); ison of Heinrich of Virginsville 
(m. 1752 Maria Eva Kelchner); son of 
Andreas of Eberstadt. 

N. Y., b. there Dec. 6, 1837 (m. Nov. 
3, 1858 Sarah Elizabeth Noble, and has 
daughters Caroline Harriet and Ella Kath- 
erine) ; son of Edward A. of Roxbury N. 
Y., b. there Apr. 7, 1801, d. there May 27, 
1858 (m. Dec. 27, 1821 Harriet Preston, 
dau. of Maj.-Gen. Otis Preston); son of 
Robert More of Prattsville N. Y., b. in 
Rothiemurchus Scotland July 8, 1772, d. in 
Prattsville Feb. 19, 1849 (m. 1793 Susanna 



Fellows); son of John of Moresville N. Y., 
b. in Forres Scotland Feb. 24, 1745, d. in 
Roxbury N. Y. Jan. 1, 1840, educated in 
Ediwbo rough Scotland, came to America 
in autumn of 1772, pioneer settler Oif Dela- 
ware co. N. Y., his 1,200 descendants meet 
each 5 yrs. in reunion (m. June 9, 1770 
Betty Taylor); son of John Moir of Elgin 
Scotland (m. Isabel Duncan). 

Ohio, b. in Burton Ohio May 31, 
1846, private in co. K 128th Ohio vol. inf. 
1864-5 (m. Mar. 22, 1871 Laura Trotter, 
dau. of John, who was b. in Ireland 181 1, 
and Harriet Johnson, b. in Hudson Ohio 
1S16); son of Elijah Hayes of Burton 
Ohio, b. in Russell Mass. Aug. 29, 1796, d. 
in Chardon Ohio Jan. 12, 1883 (m. Oet. 18, 
1827 Sally Hotchkiss Fowler, dau. of An- 
son and Lois [Hotchkiss] Fowler); son of 
Eli Hayes of Russell Mass. and Burton 
Ohio, b. Mar. 14, 1765, d. in Burton Mar. 
14, 1857, settled there 1801 (m. 1792 Lua 
Bishop, dau. of Amos Bishop and Phebe 
Tuttle and desc. of Gov. Jas. Bishop], and 
had besides Elijah Hayes 3 sons, viz.: 
Simeon and Amos, who lived in Burton 
Ohio, and Albert, who went to Oregon); 
son of George Hayes (m. Hannah and had 
Seth, Eli, Joseph and Plynn). 

ville Fla., b. in Kokomo Ind. June 24, 
i860, author of " Garr Genealogy " (un- 
married); son of Dr. John Wesley Garr of 
Howard co. Ind., b. in Madison co. Va. 
Aug. 3, 1817, d. in Howard co. Ind. May 
30, 1866 (m. Sep. 17, 1840 Anna Yager 
Clore); son of Benjamin of Jefferson co. 
Ky., b. in Culpeper co. Va. Feb. 17, 1788, 
d. in Jefferson co. Ky. Mar. 7, 1870 (m. 
Jan. 8, 1815 Nancy Smith, dau. of Wm. 
Downing Smith) ; son of John of Madison 
00. Va., b. in Orange co. Va. 1744, d. in 
Madison co. 1808 (m. Margaret Wilhoit); 
son of Lorenzo of Culpeper co. Va., b. in 
Illenschiwang Bavaria Nov. 29, 1716, d. in 
Culpeper co. 1753 (jm. Dorothy Blanken- 
baker); son of Andreas, b. in Franken- 

hofen Bavaria June 14, 1685, d. in Orange 
co. Va. (m. Feb. 23, 171 1 Eva Seidel- 
.mann); son of John Gar, b. Nov. 17, 1657, 
d. May 22, 1738. 

LYON, ISAIAH of Rockford 111., b. in 
Woodstock Ct. Feb. 9, 1804, justice 
40 years (m. 1841 Mary B. Hitchcock 
[dau. of Jonathan who served in war of 
1812], and had dau. Flora Mary Lyon, 
who m. Mr. Weyburn of Roekford 111.) ; 
son of Luther Wells Lyon of Woodstock 
Ct., b. in South Woodstock Ct., d. in 
Woodstock 1851 (;m. Nancy Wells, b. 1781, 
dau. of Henry, b. 1753); son of Isaiah 
Lyon of Woodstock Ct., b. 1742, d. there 
Aug. 25, 1813, served at Lexington alarm 
1775 (m. Elizabeth); son of Ephraim. 

cago 111., b. in Quincy 111. Nov. 25, 
1866, sec. and treas. of Consumers' Gas Co. 
of Chicago; has brother ISAAC N. of 
New York city, b. in Quincy 111. Dec. 26, 
1868, playwright; sons of Edgar Bobbins 
Morris of Seymour Tex., b. in Warsaw 111. 
Jan. 1, 1838, d. in Seymour June 20, 1880, 
lawyer, stock raiser, county judge of Bay- 
lor ico. Texas (m. Ida Ralston, dau. of Dr. 
Joseph Nealy Ralston of Nicholasville Ky. 
and Margaret Mitchell of Cincinnati 
Ohio); son of Isaac Newton Morris of 
Quincy III, b. in Bethel Ohio Jan. 22, 1812, 
d. in Quincy Oct. 29, 1879, lawyer, con- 
gressman two terms (m. Mar. 26, 1837 
Mary A. Robbins, b. in New Ipswich N. 
H. Mar. 1, 1817, dau. of John Pratt Rob- 
bins of Quincy 111. and Maria Safford); 
son of Thomas Morris of Bethel Ohio, b. 
in Berks co. Pa. Jan. 3, 1776, d. in Bethel 
Ohio Dec. 7, 1844, member Ohio legisla- 
ture 1806-30, member U. S. senate 1832-8, 
prominent abolitionist (m. Nov. 19, 1797 
Rachel Davis of Lancaster co. Pa., dau. 
of Bernj. and Mary) ; son of Isaac Morris 
of Harrison co. W. V., b. in Berks co. Pa. 
1740, d. 1830, Baptist clergyman 60 years 
(m. Ruth Henton, b. 1750, dau. of a Vir- 
ginia planter). 



BETZ, ISRAEL H. of York Pa., b. in 
Lancaster co. Pa. 1841, lived in Ash- 
land Ohio, later in Cumb. co. Pa., grad. 
Phila. Jefferson med. coll. 1868, physician 
since (m. 1869 Rebecca F. Weitzel, dau. of 
John and Nancy [Fisher] Weitzel); son of 
George Betz, b. in Lancaster co. Pa. 1812, 
d. in Mecbanicsburg Pa. 1885 (m. 1840 
Rebecca Hummer, dau. of Jacob and Re- 
becca [Freimyer] Hummer); son of 
Michael Betz, b. in Lancaster co. Pa. 1776, 
d. there 1824 (m. 1795 Elizabeth Schafer, 
dau. of John and Magdalena); son of 
George Betz of Lancaster co. Pa., b. there 
1750, d. there 1826 (m. 1774 Magdalena); 
son of George of Lancaster co. Pa., b. in 
Mannheim Genmany 1688, d. in Lancaster 
co. Pa. 1793, aged 105, came to America 

Lincoln Neb., b. in New Salem 
Mass. Mar. 9, .1828, soldier in 177th Ohio 
vol. inf. 1861-4, express agent (m. Dec. 7, 
1858 Elizabeth L. Knight [desc. of Ed- 
ward Converse of Charlestown Mass. 
1630], and has Win, Elliott and Addie 
Louise); son of James Knight of New 
Salem Mass., b. there Feb. 5, 1798, d. there 
May 23, 1865, member Mass. legislature 
1844-5, selectman, trustee (m. 1824 So- 
phronia Weeks, desc. of Capt. Thos. 
Weeks 1776, Oapt. Benj. Willis 1776, 
George Weeks of Charlestown Mass. 
1635); son of William Knight of New 
Salem Mass., b. 1760, d. there July 31, 1834, 
soldier in Mass. line 1780 (m. Oct. 14, 1784 
Rachel Stevens of Brookfield Mass.). 

HYATT, JAMES of Stanfordville N. Y., 
b. at Honeymeadbrook N. Y. June 
8, 1817 (m. Feb. 17, 1844 Sarah Welling 
[dau. of Smith P. Welling and Sally Law- 
rence, and gr.-dau. of Peter Welling and 
Richard Lawrence], and had Franklin, 
Egbert, Alfred, Ruth and Mary); son of 
James B. Hyatt of Honeymeadbrook N. 
Y., b. there Mar. 27, 1785, d. there July 
11, 1861, farmer, teacher, weaver, town 
officer (m. Feb. 23, 1815 Sarah Deuel or 

De Ville, desc. of Wm. De Ville 1640- 
1680); son of Samuel Hyatt of Honey- 
meadbrook N. Y., b. in Westchester co. N. 
Y. Mar. 31, 1741, d. in Honeymeadbrook 
Sep. 5, 1833, settled on a farm there 1760-5 
(m. Hannah Biaker of Westchester co. N. 
Y., who d. July 29, 1825, and had Fanny, 
Phebe, Daniel, Sarah, James, who d. 
young, Mary, Samuel and James B.); son 
of Joseph of Westchester co. N. Y. 

Petersburg Va., b. in Richmond Va. 
Oct. 12, 1863 (m. Apr. 26, 1887 Mattic 
Vaughn Holladay [dau. of Hon. James G. 
Holladay and Georgians Watts of Ports- 
mouth Va.], and had Matty H., Samuel P. 
and Julia N.); son of Samuel Phillips 
Mitchell of Williston Vt. and Richmond 
Va., b. in Burlington Vt. Jan. 9, 1815, d. in 
Richmond Nov. 10, 1866, merchant (m. 
Jan. 7, 1863 Julia NJmmo, dau. of C. M. 
and Margaret oif Richmond);, son of Wil- 
liam Mitchell of Boston Mass., b. there 
June 21, 1775, d. near Troy N. Y. about 
1815, wholsesale merchant in Boston, vol- 
unteer officer in war of 1812 (m. 1794 
Sarah Corliss, b. in Dracut or Lowell 
Miass. 1777, d. in Williston Vt. 1823); son 
of James of Haverhill N. H., b. May 21, 
1749, d. in Haverhill (m. June 17, 1773 Abi- 
gail Stevens, b. Oct. 17, 1752, d. Sep. 2, 
1818); son of John of Haverhill (m. 2d 
Abigail Bachellor); son of Andrew of 
Haverhill (m. 2d Nov. 12, 1686 Abiah)>^ 
son of Thomas, who came to Maiden 
Mass. 1635, b. 1627, d. Sep. 1, 1709 (m. 
Mary Moulton in 1655) ; son of Experi- 
ence, who came over 1623 (m. Mary, dau. 
of Francis Cook). 

^ sas City Mo., b. in Waverly Iowa Sep.. 
2, 1864 (m. Aug. 24, 1894 Sarah P. Sher- 
wood); son of Hamden S. of Kansas City, 
b. in Stafford Ct. Mar. 17, 1834, .retired- 
Methodist minister (m. Sep. 9, 1858 Mary 
V. Palmer of New York state); son of. 
Moses B. of Iowa, b. in Amherst Mass, 
June 20, 1797, d. in Iowa Dec. 28, 1871. 



Congregational preacher (m. June II, 1827 
Margaret Carey Carter, b. in Newburyport 
Mass. Sep. 14, 1801, sister of Cutis Carter 
of Amherst); son of Giles Church of Am- 
herst Mass., b. 1754, d. in Amherst 1807 
(.m. Lois Billings and had Elijah [m. Sarah 
Danae], Moses B. above, Aaron his twin, 
Sarah [m. E. Gaylord], Samuel [m. Eliz. 
Coles] and John, who m. Phebe Barton). 

Worthington Ohio, b. there Aug. 27, 
1837 (m. July 28, 1868 Elizabeth Nash, and 
has daughters Ruth Griswold, Harriet 
Griswold, Alice, Katharine Elizabeth and 
Mary); son of Erastus of Portsmouth 
Ohio, b. in Bridgeport Ct. Apr. 15, 1805, d. 
in Portsmouth in Dec. 1891 (m. Feb. 7, 
1833 Harriet Griswold of Worthington 
Ohio, b. Nov. 15, 1810); son of Ozias of 
Worthington Ohio, b. Jan. 13, 1773, d. 
Aug. 15, 1845 (m. rst Lois Jennings, 2d 
Elizabeth Couch, 3d Clarissa Thompson, 
all deceased); son of Ozias of Bridge- 
port Ct., b. May 1, 1739, d. Sep. 7, 1836 (m. 
Jan. 8, 1764 Sarah Nichols); son of John 
of Fairfield Ct., bap. Aug. 28, 1698, will 
proved Oct. 3, 1752 (m. Oct. 18, 1752 
Catherine Wakeman) ; son of John of 
Fairfield Ct., b. in May 1673 (m. 1st De- 
borah, 2d Elizabeth Wakeman). 

N. H., b. in Weare N. H. Nov. 29, 
1816, d. in Everett Mass. May 20, 1893. 
warden of N. H. state prison at Concord 
several years (m. 1843 Hepsey Kelsey, and 
had dan. Helen, who m. Aug. 22, 1872 Wm. 
H. Mandeville of Olean N. Y. and had son 
Wm. Henry Mandeville Jr., b. Oct. 25, 
1875); son of Ichabod Eastman, b. in 
Weare N. H. Mar. 17, 1792, d. in Olean 
N. Y. (m. Polly Jackman Cross); son of 
Ichabod, b. 1749, d. in Weare N. H. Sep! 
3, 1825 (m. Mary Whittle of Merrimack). 

HODGKXKTS, HENRY C. of Syracuse 
N. Y., b. in Carthage N.. Y. Dec. 12, 
1854, grad. C. E. at Union coll. 1875, pres. 
Electric Engineering and Supply Co., offi- 

cer and director of a number of water 
works companies, director of K. & H. R. 
R. (m. June 11, 1889 Mary Ida Follett 
[dau. of Judge Charles Follett of Newark 
Ohio], and has Henry Follett, Grace and 
Marian); son of Ezra of Carthage N. 
Y., b. in Antwerp N. Y. June 25, 1817, d. 
in Carthage Sep. 23, 1888, had a foundry 
and machine shoip (m. Dec. 25, 1843 
Amelia Fuller, desc. of Edward Fuller of 
the Mayflower thro' that branch of the 
family which settled in Kent Ct., thence to 
Ferrisburg Vt., thence to Fullerville N. 
Y.); son of Hezekiah Hodgkins of Fow- 
ler N. Y., b. July 9, 1776, d. in Fowler 
Jan. 5, 1837, moved from Kingsbury N. Y. 
to St. Lawrence co. N. Y. 1816 (m. July 12, 
1801 Hannah Barker, dau. of Isaac and 
Betsey [Harris] Barker); son of Henry 
of Kingsbury N. Y., b. 1726, d. in Carthage 
1817, scout in rev. war; son of John of 
Bellows Falls Vt., came from England 
with his brother Henry and settled in New 
London Ct., moved later to Bellows Falls 

pOUCH, IRA of Chicago III, b. in Sara- 
^ toga co. N. Y. Nov. 22, 1806, d. in 
Guines Cuba Jan. 28, 1857, moved to Chi- 
cago 1836, proprietor of Tremont house 
there many years (m. Sep. 23, 1833 Caro- 
line E. Gregory, b. in Ballston N. Y. Apr. 
14, 1814, dau. of David and Lucy [Betts] 
Gregory of Saratoga and Albany counties 
N. Y.); son of Ira House Couch of 
Jamestown N. Y., b. 1767 probably in Red- 
ding Ct., d. in Chicago (m. 1794 Mehit- 
able Magee); son of Daniel of Milton N. 
Y., b. in Redding Ct., bp. July 29, 1739, d. 
in Milton Apr. 6, 1818, served throughout 
rev. war (m. Sarah House and had Ira 
above, Anna [m. Whiteman Rathbone of 
Albany] and Sarah, who m. Daniel Betts); 
son of Ebenezer Couch of Redding Ct., 
served in rev. war; son of Samuel of Fair- 
field Ct. ; son of Samuel of Fairfield, d. 
there 1741 (m. Edra); son of Simeon of 
Fairfield Ct., freeman there 1664 (m. Mary 
Andrews, dau. of Francis and Anne 
[Smith] Andrews). 


Mich., b. there Mar. 31, 1879; son of 
Edgar D. of Otsego, b. there Oct. 22, 1855 
(m. Apr. 21, 1878 Kate Snyder); son of Dr. 
Albert Randolph Foster of Otsego, b. 
there Jan. 30, 1834, first white child born 
there (m. Aug. 27, 1854 Sarah Randall, 
dau. of John and Parmela [Smith] Ran- 
dall, first settlers of Cooper Mich.) ; son of 
Dr. Samuel Foster of Otsego Mich., b. in 
Bangor Me. Aug. 9, 1788, d. in Otsego 
May 16, 1844, moved there 1829, first post- 
master and justice there (m. Apr. 7, 181 1 
Parmela Camp, dau. of Goold and Eliza- 
beth [Knox] Camp of Barre Vt., and 
grand-dau. of Abel and Abigail [Goold] 
Camp); son of Nathan Foster of Orange 
Green Vt., b. near Bangor Me. Jan. 26, 
1744, d. in Orange Green Mar. 26, 1812 
(m. Mar. 14, 1765 Hannah Haskell). 

Hyde Park Vt., b. in Waterville Vt. 
Aug. 5, 1852 (m. Dec. 22, 1881 Julia 
Brigham [dau. of Waldo of Hyde Park] 
and had Helen M., Grace B. and Brigham 
W.); son of Moses MicFarland of Water- 
ville Vt., b. in Marietta Ohio June 25, 1821, 
capt. of co. A 8th Vt. vols, in civil war 
(m. Oct. 22, 1849 Livonia A. Leach); son 
of Osgood of Waterville Vt., b. in Haver- 
hill Mass. Aug. 8, 1781, d. in Waterville 
July 21, 1865 (m. Sep. 14, 1806 Mary Bart- 
lett); son of Moses of Haverhill Mass., b. 
in Londonderry N. H. Feb. 19, 1738, d. in 
Haverhill Apr. 7, 1802, was a major in rev. 
war, served at Quebec and Bunker Hill 
(m. Sep. 3, 1765 Eunice Clark); son of 

Mo., b. in Mason co. W. Va. (m. 
Apr. 19. 1871 Nellie Schroeder and had 
dau. Inez, b. in Jerseyville 111. [m. Dec. 
27, 1897 W. Edgar Clark], and Joe P., b. 
in Jerseyville Oct. 3, 1879, m. Sep. 16 
1896 Seth D. Ambrose); son of Rob- 
ert A. of Mason co. W. Va., b. in 
Virginia, d. in Warrensburg Mo. Oct. 30, 
i860 (m. Virginia Lewis, dau. of Howell, 

son of Col. Fielding Lewis, who m. Betty, 
sister of Gen. Geo. Washington) ; son of 
Robert Hereford of Mason co. W. Va., b. 
in Virginia, d. in Mason co. W. Va. 

of Oswego N. Y., b. in Utica N. Y. 
Jan. 23, 1810, d. in Oswego Feb. 27, 1890 
(m. Apr. 14, 1842 Emma Lawrence and 
had dau. Katharine Schuyler Malcolm, au- 
thor of " In Bamboo Lands," " A God- 
child of Washington," m. Dec. 13, 1864 
Elias George Baxter of Oswego, desc. 
of Capt. George of English army in 
revolutionary war); son of Samuel 
Bayard Malcolm of New York city, 
b. there 1776, d. in Utica 1815 (m. 
Apr. 12, 1803 Katharine V. R. Schuyler, 
dau. of Gen. Philip Schuyler of Albany, 
desc. of Philip Pieterse Schuyler of New 
York 1650); son of Gen. William Mal- 
colm, who came from Scotland 1757 and 
served in rev. war. 

Clinton Iowa, b. there Dec. 12, 1871 
(unmarried); son of Corning Edwards 
Goodwin of Clinton, b. in Littleton Mass. 
Feb. 28, 1837 ( m - Apr. 4, 1858 Hannah Put- 
nam, desc. of John Putnam of Salem 
Mass. 1634); son of Jonathan of Lexing- 
ton Mass., b. in Maine in Apr. 1802 (m. 
May 21, 1825 Betsey Litchfield, dau. of An- 
drew and Hepsibath [Reed] Litchfi^W, the 
latter dau. of Samuel and Hannah [Ray- 
mond] Reed, desc. of the Boston Mass. 
Reeds, who came over in 1635); son of 
Peter Goodwin of Maine (m. Olive 
Wells) ; son of Paul of Maine, a member 
of Capt. Samuel Savage's co. in rev. war 
1776, served 8 months, re-enlisted at Cam- 
bridge Mass. and served in New York '(m. 
Martha Springs). 

111., b. in Old Lyme Ct. Mar. 2, 1838 
(m. Nov. 6, 1S65 Emily A. White and had 
Edward Herman, b. Nov. 23, 1866); son of 
Enoch Sill Lay of Old Lyme Ct., b. there 
Jan. 22, 1S09, d. there Dec. 14, 1880 (m. 



Nov. 24, 1833 Mary Ann Champion, dau. 
of Roswell and Jemima [Mather] Cham- 
pion, desc. of Henry Champion of Say- 
brook 1647); son of Enoch, of Lyme Ct., 
b. there about 1746, d. Apr. 4, 1818 (m. 
Hannah Lay, b. June 6, 1767, d. 1840); 
son of John oif Lyme, b. there 1712, 
d. there Apr. 30, 1790 (m. Jan. 27, 1736-7 
Hannah Lee, b. 1720, d. Aug. 3, 1784); son 
of John oi Lyme, b. there 1696, d. Apr. 14, 
1788 (m. 1st Sarah Lee, 2d Mary Lewis); 
son of John of Lyme, b. there 1654, d. 
there Jan. 25, 1711-12 (m. 2d Johannah); 
son of John of Lyme, senior there 1648, 
d. in Jan. 1674-5 (m. 2d Abigail). 

vJ Rivers Mich., b. in Richmond N. Y. 
Apr. 26, 1828 (m. Oct. 8, 1849 Laura A. 
Hewings [dau. of Geo. and Marie Antoin- 
ette (Blin) Hewings], and had Olivia, who 
d. Roxie [m. Wm. Donovan], Frank Blair 
and Fred); son of William Case of On- 
tario co. N. Y., b. in Hebron N. Y. July 
5, 1788, d. in Ontario co. 1829, fanmer (m. 
Jan. 18, 1814 Polina Robblee of Granville 
N. Y.); son of William of Hebron N. Y., 
b. in Great Barrington Mass. Dec. 28, 1761, 
went to Hebron N. Y. Aug. 14, 1779, d. 
there (m. 1st Ruth Preston, b. Aug. 14, 
1764, 2d her sister Naomi, b. 1766). 

Minneapolis Minn., b. in Noblestown 
Ra. Feb. 27, 1854, grad. N. Y. coll. of 
phys. and surg. 1877, licentiate of Royal 
coll. of surg. at Edinburgh 1879, now prof, 
mat. medka and therapeutics in Minn, 
univ. (m. Feb. 13, 1884 Emily Robinson, 
dau. of Lucius A. S. Robinson and Lesbia 
Hinchman); son of William C. Bracken 
of Jersey Ohio, b. in Canonsburg Pa. Nov. 
4, 1823, d. in Jersey Ohio Oct. 20, 1872, 
educated at Jefferson coll. Canonsburg Pa. 
and Jefferson med. coll. Phila., practiced at 
Noblestown Pa. and Jersey Ohio (m. Apr. 
1, 1851 Electa Alvord, dau. of Gaius Al- 
vord and Eunice Robinson); son of Henry 
Bracken of near Canonsburg Pa., b. there 
June 29, 1794, d. there Feb. 3, 1850, far- 

mer, elder (m. Apr. 10, 1816 Martha Davis 
Simcox); son of Thomas of near Canons- 
burg Pa., b. near York Springs Pa. about 
1740, d. in Feb. 1803, farmer, elder, trustee 
(m. 1777 Ann Shannon, gr.-dau. of Thos. 
Shannon of Sadsbury Pa., who made will 
Apr. 4, 1737); son of Thomas Bracken of 
York co. Pa., d. there 1779, came prob- 
ably from England about 1702-03, vestry- 
man near York Pa. 1760, made will Apr. 
6, 1779, yeoman (m. Martha Green); son of 
William, who came from England and 
settled in Delaware 1703, d. 1749. 

Ga., b. in La Grange Ga. Jan. 13, 
1844 (m. Feb. 9, 1875 Ella Holt [dau. of 
Gen. Wm. S. Holt and Henrietta Dean], 
and had Wm. Holt Park and Ella Henri- 
etta Park); son of John Park of Green- 
ville Ga., b. near Athens Ga. Jan. 24, 1800, 
d. in Greenville Sep. 8, 1849, graduated at 
Franklin coll., sheriff of Jackson co., prin-> 
cipal of Ft. Valley manual labor school, 
pres. of La Grange female seminary, prin» 
of Greenville institute (m. Oct. 27, 1827 
Sarah Trulee Robertson, dau. of John S. 
Robertson and Martha Brown, who came 
from Nottoway co. Va. to Georgia); son 
of William Park of Clark co. Ga., b. in 
Union co. S. C, d. at Sandy Creek Ga. 
(m. Margaret Campbell) ; son of John of 
Union co. S. C, b. in West Chester Pa., 
wounded in battle of Cowpens and died of 
wounds; son of John of West Chester Pa., 
wounded in battle of Block House, was a 
lieut. in continental army; son of Joseph 
of West Chester Pa., b. in co. Donegal 
Ireland, d. in West Chester; son of 
Arthur, who came from Donegal Ireland 
to America 1720 with wife Mary and sons 
Joseph, John, Samuel and married dau. 
Mrs. Ann Noblett. 

ERIC of Boston Mass., b. there 
Sep. 11, 1846, d. Oct. 24, 1889, member o£ 
board of government of Y. M. C. U. of 
Boston, president of Chicatawbut club, 
identified with whatever was for the good 



o/f his church or city (m. Oct. 16, 1873 
Elizzie Endicott Fowle [dau. of Seth W. 
Fowle of Boston, b. in Mason N. H. 1812], 
and had Edith Wyman, Gertrude Foster, 
Raymond Guild and Harold Pierce); son 
of John Adams Whitcomb of Ware Mass., 
Winchester N. H., East Bridgewater, 
Newburyport and Boston Mass., b. in 
Princeton Mass. Sep. 14, 1803, d. in Bos- 
ton June 20, 1851 (m. Oct. 16, 1827 Caro- 
line Pierce, dau. of Abijah, son of Josiah 
Pierce of Waltham, who m. about 1743 
Susannah Gale of Holden Mass.); son of 
John Whitcomib, b. 1770, d. in West Boyls- 
ton Mass. Sep. n, 1820, was accidentally 
killed or drowned in the raceway of the 
Beaman (Cotton) Mfg. Co. in West 
Boylston (m. May 15 or Mar. 13, 1796 
Persis Brigham of Princeton Mass., who 
d. in Ware Mass. 1830) ; son of Asa Whit- 
comb of Lancaster Mass., b. 1719, d. in 
Princeton Mass. Mar. 16, 1804, represented 
Lancaster in general court 1766-74, raised 
a regiment and was commissioned colonel 
*775> commanded a regiment in expedition 
against Crown Point and Ticonderoga; 
son of John, b. May 12, 1684, d. before 
1720 (m. before 1714 Abigail); son of 
Jonathan of Lancaster, d. in Feb. 1691 
(m. Nov. 25, 1667 Hannah); son of John 
of Lancaster; probably son of Symon of 
Lancaster Mass., b. about 1588 probably 
in Dorsetshire Eng., d. in Lancaster Sep. 
24, 1662, was one of the " knights and gen- 
tlemen " to whom was granted 1627 that 
part of New England between the Merri- 
mac and Charles rivers, he was in Dor- 
chester Mass. 1633, removed to Scituate 
Mass. 1640, to Lancaster Mass. 1654, was 
one of the original owners there (m. 
Frances, who d. May 17, 1671, and had 
Catharine, Robert, Job, Jonathan, John, 
Josiah, Abigail and Mary). 

*» Brooklyn N. Y., b. Jamaica L. I. 
Apr. 29, 1843, educated at Union Hall 
acad., merchant and importer of New 
York city Cm. 1st Aug. 12. 1862 Imogene, 
b. New York city Jan. 6, 1847, d. Brooklyn 

June 16, 1875, dau. of William Shepherd 
and Emeline Strickland, and had 5 children 
by her, Emeline, b. Jan. 21, 1864 [m. J. 
Horatio P. Vandewater, issue: Cornelius, 
b. Jan. 13, 1886, Agnes Dorothy, b. July 
20, 1892], Daniel Talman, b. Oct. 29, 1866 
[m. Mary Lynch], Sylvester T., b. Aug. 
15, 1869, d. July 18, 1879, Adelia I., b. Mar. 
19, 1 871, d. June 27, 1879, and Isaac S., b. 
Mar. 20, 1873, d. Apr. 5, 1874, m - 2( 1 Dec. 
2 5> !875 Mary Catharine, b. Sag Harbor 
L. I. Jan. 15, 1850, d. Brooklyn Mar. 10, 
1888, dau. of Capt. James H. Eldridge and 
Phebe Peck, and had 5 children by her, 
Eldridge, b. Sep. 27, 1876, Warren Hard- 
ing, b. Oct. 21, 1877, Lloyd Pell, b. Feb. 
2, 1880, Dewitt Clinton, b. July 24, 1881, 
and May, b. May 30, 1885, m. 3d Dec. 15, 
1888 Clara Erne, b. Whitehall Pa. Dec. 21, 
1867, dau. of William L. Lentz and Medina 
Kreglaw of Dayton Ind.); son of Thomas 
Hallett Waters of Jamaica L. I., b. there 
Apr. 27, 1 815, d. there Dec. 26, 1867, 
farmer (m. Aug. 21, 1841 Adelia Antoinette, 
b. Feb. 17, 1819, d. Feb. 16, i860, dau. of 
Aaron Pell and Maria Pell of Pelham 
Manor N. Y., children: Isaac S., b. Apr. 
29, 1843, Maria Pell, b. Oct. 15, 1846 [m. 
1st Lieut. Jeremiah Strickland, issue: Hal- 
lett C, d. young, m. 2d John A. Clarke, 
issue: Henry M., b. and d. 1874, Charlotte 
M., b. Aug. 16, 1874, Adelia A., b. Jan. 13, 
1876, Theodore P., b. Nov. 16, 1877, Lil- 
lian G., b. Aug. 26, 1879, Mary K., b. Feb. 
11, 1881, John E., b. Oct. 17, 1883, and 
Wm. W., b. Dec. 3, 1886, d. Feb. 3, 1888] , 
and Catharine E., b. Sep. 11, 1849, d. Oct. 
18, 1851); son of John Waters of Jamaica 
L. I., b. Flushing L. I. May 11, 1785, d. 
Jamaica Oct. 20, 1821 (m. July 18, 1809 
Agnes, b. Flushing Sep. 6, 1779, d. Jamaica 
Mar. 19, 1853, dau. of Elbert Snedeker and 
Maria Rapelye, a Holland Dutch family of 
Flatbush L. I., whose common ancestor 
Jan Snedeker settled in New Amsterdam 
about 1640, children: John Talman, b. Apr. 
5, 1810, d. Oct. 5, 1861 [m. Marietta Rog- 
ers, children: Elizabeth, b. Aug. 26, 1839, 
Mary A., b. Dec. 6, 1843, and John T., b. 
Dec. 17, 1846, d. Feb. 5, 1892], Daniel S., 



b. Dec. 17, 1812, d. Aug. 10, 1864 [m. 
Sarah A. Tompkins, issue: Agnes, b. Mar. 
14, 1838, d. Sep. 12, 1839, Benj. S., b. July 
20, 1842 [m. Arabella Stoothoff, issue: 
Newton F., b. Feb. 11, 1867, m. Inez M. 
Gauntt, issue: Inez C, b. Oct. n, 1893], 
Anna A., b. Mar. 17, 1844, Adaline T., b. 
Jan. 1, 1846, and George K., b. June 16, 
1848, d. June 9, 1888], and Thomas Hal- 
lett, b. Apr. 27, 1815); only child and son 
of John Waters of Flushing L. I., b. there 
1740, d. there Feb. 18, 1806, studied medi- 
cine and surgery, acquired an extensive 
practice in Jamaica, Newtown and Flush- 
ing, sergt. in Queens co. militia in the 
years 1777 and '78 (m. Mar. 31, 1781 Mary 
Hallett of Newtown L. I.); son of Daniel 
of Flushing L. I., b. there 1694, d. there 
Sep. 1, 1748, an extensive land owner an3 
farmer, prominent in his day (m. Nov. 18, 
1714 Mary Talman, d. Dec. 19, 1769, the 
77th year of her age, children: Daniel, d! 
Hempstead 1764 [m. Sarah, dau. of 
Thomas Cornel! and Sarah Doughty, who 
married as her 2d husband Hon. Henry 
Wisner, voter for the Declaration of In- 
dependence], Talman, b. Sep. 30, 1726, d. 
May 25, 1774 [m. Mary Lawrence], Mary, 
Catharine, Ann [m. a Field], Deborah, d. 
Sep. 24, 1776, Margaret, d. May 13, 1781, 
Elizabeth, d. July 28, 1788, and John, b. 
1740); son of Anthony Waters Jr. of 
Jamaica L. I., d. there prior to 1722, man 
of wealth, vestryman in church, Oct. 20, 
1702, on account of the great sickness in 
New York — supposed to have been the 
yellow fever brought from St. Thomas, by 
which 500 died in ten weeks — the General 
Assembly adjourned to Jamaica till Nov. 
14, Lord Cornbury occupied the Presby- 
terian parsonage, vacated for the purpose, 
four horse carts and sixteen wagons were 
hired to transport his effects from Brook- 
lyn ferry to Jamaica, and horses for Mr. 
Anthony Waters and the trumpeter (m. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Major Daniel White- 
head and Abigail A. Stevenson, whose 
name appears in the patent to the town of 
Jamaica May 17, 1686, children: Daniel, b. 
1694, and Anthony Whitehead, d. Staten 
Island in 1771 [m. Margaret Willett, chil- 

dren: Johanna (m. Jabez Johnson), Eliza- 
■beth (m. John Halstead Jr.), Anthony 
Whitehead Jr., Edward, John Tredwell, d. 
May 1796 (m. June 23, 1775 Ann Betts, 
issue: Eliza, b. Oct. 2, 1776 [m. William 
Jones]), Richard, b. 1778, d. 1779, Edward, 
b. Oct. 29, 1779, became very wealthy and 
died single July 1, i860, Margaret W., b. 
July 21, 1781 (m. John Sayre), John H., 
b. and d. 1783, Agnes Betts, b. 1784, d. 
1803, Aletta, b. Aug. 1, 1785, d. June 9, 
1815, single, John, b. 1787, d. Aug. 6, 1839 
(m. Frances F. Blackwell), Sarah F., b. 
1791, d. 1795, and Richard Betts, b. Oct. 
6, 1794, went south and not heard from 
since]); son of Anthony Waters, who re- 
sided at Marshfield Mass. 1643, at North 
Sea, Southampton L. I. 1659, and on Nov. 
15, 1662, at a town meeting called for the 
purpose, was admitted by vote of the in- 
habitants of Jamaica as a citizen of that 
place, Gov. Stuyvesant, in a letter dated 
Nov. 9, 1663, to Gov. Winthrop, complains 
that Anthony Waters with 80 horse and 
foot is putting down the Dutch magistrates 
and placing others in their stead, March 
17, 1664 was appointed and commissioned 
as clerk of the Court of Sessions, a pat- 
entee of Jamaica Feb. 5, 1665, Oct. 2, 1665 
a juror in the celebrated trial in the Court 
of Assizes New York city of Ralph Hall 
and Mary his wife on the charge of witch- 
craft, Aug. 8, 1673 delegated by the town 
of Jamaica to " goe downe to Fort Wil- 
liam hendrik, there to appeare before the 
generall of the Dutch fleete as the Warrant 
reseaved from the two generals required 
as if the toiwne were present," lawyer, prac- 
ticed in Neiw Haven, New York and Long 
Island courts (m. Rachel, to whom letters 
of administration upon his estate were 
granted Apr. 15, 1675, children: Anthony, 
Thomas, Jonathan, David, Charity and 

St. Louis Mioh., b. in Tecumseh 
Mich. Nov. 13, 1853, studied in Germany 2 
years, moved to St. Louis 1876, was 
banker, later in real estate and farm loans 
besides farming extensively (m. Nov. 21, 



1882 Helen Lovell Dodge [dau. of Alex. 
W. Dodge, atty. of Ionia Mich, and his 
wife Louise Lovell, dau. of Hon. Cyrus 
Lovell, speaker of Mich, house of reps.], 
and had Dorothea Kneeland, b. June 14, 
1887, John Tracy Kneeland, b. Sep. 7, 1888, 
d. June 30, 1894, Henry Tracy Kneeland, b. 
July 2, 1896, and Helen Louise Kneeland, 
b. Mar. 2, 1899); son of Thomas Tracy 
Kneeland of Tecumseh Mich., b. in Gen- 
eseo N. Y. Aug. 4, 1806, a Mich, pioneer, 
moved to Tecumseh 1833, owner of first 
foundry and plow factory in interior of 
state, brought first steam engine to state 
outside of Detroit (m. Oct. 1, 1834 Sarah 
Brewer, b. Nov. 15, 1812, dau. of Joseph 
Brewer of East Hartford Ct., paper mill 
owner, b. Mar. 27, 1783, m. Mar. 30, 1808 
Jemima Forbes, b. Jan. 7, .1781); son of 
Timothy Pepoon Kneeland of Geneseo N. 
Y., b. in Marlboro Ct. Mar. 4, 1770, d. in 
Ogden N. Y. Dec. 22, 1826, farmer, went 
from Ct. to Franklin Ct., thence to Gen- 
eseo and later to Ogden (m. Nabby Gris- 
wold Tracy, b. in June 1772, d. in Ogden 
Mar. 1, 1819, dau. of Thomas and Lucy 
[Sprague] Tracy of Preston Ct., desc. of 
Lt. Thos. Tracy of Norwich) ; son of 
Hezekiah Kneeland of Marlboro Ct., 
physician, probably the first physician there 
(m. Mercy Pepoon, dau. of Joseph, a 
Huguenot refugee, and his wife Mary 
Thomas); son of Benjamin Kneeland of 
Marlboro Ct., one of the founders there; 
son of Edward of Ipswich Mass.; son of 
Edward who came with bis brother John 
to America 1630 and settled in Ipswich 
Mass.; son of Capt. John, an English 
naval officer and ship owner (m. Mary 

city, b. in McConnellsville Ohio 
Dec. 30, 1826 (unmarried); son of Alex- 
ander of McConnellsville Ohio, b. in 
Franklin co. Pa. Mar. 15, 1791, d. in Mc- 
Connellsville Oct. 24, 1853, soldier in war 
of 1812, pioneer in Ohio 1813 (m. Apr. 20, 
1820 Polly A. Adams, b. in Fanquier co. 
Va., d. May 15, 1873); son of James of 
Franklin co. Pa., b. there 1743, d. there 

1807, soldier in rev. war, lived in Cumber- 
land valley (m. Rebecca McConnell, b. in 
Franklin co. 1750, d. there 1803); son of 
Bobert of Franklin co. Pa., b. in co. An- 
trim Ireland 1696, d. in Franklin co. Pa., 
1771, born in sight of Shane's castle, came 
to Amerioa 1730-5, settled in Cumberland 
valley (m. Rosannah, b. in co. Antrim, d. 

of Newark N. J., b. in Berwick Pa. 
May 2, 1829, grad. D. D. at Rutgers coll. 
1870, S. T. D. of De Pauw univ. 1870, 
member Phiilos. Soc. of Great Britain (m. 
Nov. 25, 1856 Mary Elizabeth Aber of Cin- 
cinnati); son of Jesse of Berwick Pa., b. 
in Northampton co. Pa. July 17, 1788, d. in 
Berwick Oct. 13, 1880, a thorough business 
man in his day of good standing (m. Nov. 
15, 1809 Anna Brown); son of Rev. 
Thomas of near Berwick Pa., b. in Bucks 
co. Pa. Dec. 6, 1760, d. near Berwick in 
Apr. 1823, Methodist minister (m. 1782 
Mary Freas); son of Christopb. Bauman 
of near Berwick Pa., b. near Ems on the 
Rhine, Prussia 1733, d. in Queenshokony 
Pa. 1806 (m. 1759 Susan Banks). 

Hill N. Y., b. in North Scriba N. Y. 
Dec. 23, 1857, farmer (m. in Apr. 1882 Isa- 
bella Blanchard [dau. of Charles and 
Mahala], and has Mabel, Harry and 
Clyde); son of Nathaniel of Hannibal N. 
Y., b. in Easton N. Y. Aug. 19, 1831, 
farmer (m. Oct. 17, 1850 Electa Pettengill 
[dau. of Ira and Laura], and had Harriet, 
Mary E., William R., Dora and Alice A.): 
son of John Porter Hammond of Oswego 
co. N. Y., b. in Easton N. Y. June 1, 1805, 
d. in New Haven N. Y. 1875, ferryman at 
De Ryder's Ferry in Wash. co. N. Y., re- 
moved to Oswego co. 1845 (m. Oct. 12, 
1830 Eliza Smith and had Nathaniel, 
George, James A., Mary E., Fernando C, 
Lucius, Lucien, Louis, Wm. and Anna); 
son of Nathaniel, b. in Rhode Island 
about 1 760-1, d. in Easton N. Y., volunteer 
at age of about 15 in battle of Ticonderoga 
(m. Mercy Ann Babcock and had Nathan- 



id, Benorai, Samuel, Polly, Betsey, Pris- 
cilla, James, John P., Jonathan and Sid- 
ney); son of Jonathan, b. prob. in Mass. 
about 1738, d. in Easton N. Y., moved 
there before 1776, had children: Nathaniel, 
Cyphus, George, Elnathan, Benj., Eben 
and Priscilla. 

ville Me., b. in Salem Mass. Dec. 13, 
1785, was captain of militia (m. Betsey 
Combs [dau. of Jonathan of Nashua N. EL, 
who m. Mary Rogers of Sidney Me., dau. 
of John Rogers, who m. a Hastings], had 
children: Mary, Wm., Joseph, Rebecca, 
Betsey, John, Charles and Sarah, who m. 
Charles K. Wdls); son of Dea. William 
Hatchings of West Waterville Me., b. in 
Lynn Mass. June 20, 1747, d. in Dorchester 
Mass. June 3, 1833, was living in Boston in 
1 771 and during the siege swam out and 
was fired at from a gunboat (m. Oct. 7, 
1773 Rebecca Davis, dau. of Nathaniel and 
Ann [Badger] Davis of Charlestown 
Mass.); son of Elkanah Hatchings of 
Lynn Mass., b. there July 23, 1712, d. there 
1761 (m. Elizabeth Towns end); son of 
Daniel of Lynn, b. there, d. there 1735 (m. 
Sarah Townsend) ; son of Daniel of Lynn 
(m. Susannah); son of Daniel of Lynn 
Mass., b. 1632 (m. Eleanor). 

MILLS, JAMES F. of Dumbarton N. 
H., ib. there Aug. 10, 1808, d. there 
July 25, 1894 (,m. Feb. 26, 1837 Betsey L. 
Bemis [dau. of Stephen and Achsah] of 
Ashburnham Mass., b. there Feb. 14, 1809, 
d. in Dumbarton Dec. 12, 1888, had dau. 
Ella, who is author of a pamphlet on the 
Mills family); son of James Mills of Dun- 
barton N. H., b. there Aug. 24, 1771, d. 
there May 7, 1809 (m. Dec. 16, 1800 Janet 
Fulton, b. Feb. 22, 1783, d. Dec. 5, 1837, 
dau. of John and Martha [Hall] Fulton); 
son of Thomas Mills of Dumbarton N. H., 
b. in Scotland 1720, d. in Dunbarton Jan. 
27, 1790, probably went to Ireland, thence 
to Londonderry N. H., thence to Hamp- 
stead N. H., finally becoming one of the 
first settlers of Dunbarton after 1751 (m. 
Elizabeth Hoag). 

CLARKE, RUFUS of Morris N. Y., b. 
in Norwich Ct. 1776 (m. Sarah Glover 
and had Wm., Arabella, Jane, Eliza, Sarah 
R., Maria, Susan, George, Sarah G, Wm. 
and Amanda); son of Timothy of Norwich 
Ct., b. there 1745, d. there 1815, capt. of 5th 
Conn, foot in rev. war, was at Lexington 
alarm (m. 1773 Rebecca Lines); son of 
Barzilla, b. 1706 (m. 1734 Sarah Butler); 
son of Josiah, b. 1683; son of Josiah of 
Neiw Haven Ct., b. there 1648; son of 
Daniel of New Haven Ct., b. in Chester 
Eng. 1619, -member Conn, governor's staff, 
settled in New Haven 1639, had Mary, 
Josiah, Elizabeth, Daniel, John, Mary, 
Samuel, Sarah, Hannah and Nathaniel. 

pONWAY, THOMAS of Philadelphia 
v^ Pa., b. in Caernarvon Pa. Jan. 22, 
1816, d. June 3, 1871, physician (m. May 4, 
1848 Martha Frances Wright [dau. of Wm. 
and Sally Ann (Weeks) Wright, see 
Wright lineage], and had Sally Ann, Mary 
Isabella, Wm. Wright, Thomas Armour 
and Martha Wright); son of William 
Conway of Caernarvon Pa., b. there July 
8, 1792, d. there Nov. 28, 1843 (m. Dec. 2, 
1813 Isabella Armour, b. Feb. 1, 1796, d. 
Mar. 16, 1837, whose parents came from 
Newtown Stewart, Ireland) ; sou of Wil- 
liam Conway of Caernarvon Pa., b. at 
Bo'dfari in the vale of the Clwyd near 
Denbigh Wales, baptized Feb. 27, 1742, d. 
in Caernarvon Pa. July 8, 1823, came to 
America before 1770, served in rev. war 
(m. Mar. 25, 1771 Ruth Adams, b. in Pa., 
d. Dec. 19, 1830). 

CLARK, JAMES R. of Maumie 111., b. 
in Harlem Ohio Apr. 11, 1842, is com- 
piling a genealogy of the Clark, Rancher 
and Stark families (m. Aug. 17, 1870 Hen- 
rietta Stebbins); son of Isaac S. of West- 
erville Ohio, b. in Luzerne co. Pa. May 
14, 1806, d. in Westerville Dec. 4, 1872, 
moved from Delaware co. Ohio to West- 
erville 1854 (m. Aug. 17, 1827 Amy 
Rancher, dau. of Wm., who was in 
Bouton's co. Crane's N. Y. reg. in rev. 
war and served in war of 1812); son of 
Elijah Clark of Delaware co. Ohio, b. 



May 10, 1773 probably near Goshen N. Y., 
d. in Delaware co. Ohio Dec. 17, 1848, set- 
tled in Luzerne co. Pa., removed to Dela- 
ware co. Ohio about 181 1 (m. Feb. 2, 1794 
Mary Stark and had Anna, John, James, 
Moses, Temperance, Isaac, Lucinda, Ro- 
sannah and Elijah), had brothers: John, 
killed in rev. war, Moses, who died near 
New York city probably single, and Reu- 
ben, who became a seafaring man. 

J- 'Forest 111., b. in Corning la. Dec. 6, 
1870 (m. July 3, 1890 Florence Allin [dau. 
of Richard H. Allin and Martha Belle 
Choate], and had son Allin Kibben In- 
galls) ; son of Pearl Parker Imgalls of Des 
Moines la., b. in Westerville Ohio Feb. 
1, 1823, d. in White City Kan. May 18, 1887, 
Methodist clergyman over 40 years (m. 
Nov. 20, 1865 Mary Kibben, dau. of James 
Madison Kibben of Culpeper co. Va., who 
moved to Mt. Pleasant la. 1856, engaged 
in banking and d. 1872); son of Thomas 
Ingalls of Westerville Ohio, b. in Concord 
N. PI. Jan. 11, 1791, d. in Westerville Sep. 
24, • 1869, carpenter and cabinet maker (m. 
Sarah Bigelow); son of Joseph of Con- 
cord N. PL, b. in Atkinson N. H. Apr. 22, 
1752, d. in Westerville Aug. 15, 1834 (m. 
Sarah Parker). 

Newburyport Mass., b. in Groveland 
Mass. Dec. 31, 1830 (m. June 21, 1859 Eliza 
J. Bartlett, dau. of Luther and Adaline of 
Haverhill Mass.); son of George Hiram of 
Groveland Mass., b. in Haverhill Mass. 
June 30, 1788 (m. 1st Martha Perley, 2d 
Sally Wood, dau. of Solomon and Phebe 
Wood of Boxford Mass.); son of William 
of Haverhill Mass., physician (m. Lydia 
Chase, desc. of Aquflla Chase of New- 
bury); son of Samuel of Haverhill Mass., 
b. in England, d. in South Royalston 
Mass., grad. Harvard coll. 1731, pastor of 
First Congregational church of Haverhill 
23 years, representative 1769-70 (m. Han- 
nah Boutwell). 

HEATH, AMOS of Williamsfield Ohio, 
b. there Mar. 8, 1838, was a private 
in co. K 177th Ohio vol. inf. in civil war 
(m. Apr. 30, 1859 Almina Prior, dau. of 
Orlo Prior); son of Edmund Heath of 
Williamsfield Ohio, b. in Tyringham Mass. 
Apr. 19, 1813, d. in Jefferson Ohio Feb. 12, 
1889 (m. 1836 Orpha L. Rice, dau. of John 
of Tyringham Mass. and Frankliruville N. 
Y.); son of David Heath of Williaimsfield 
Ohio, b. in Ashford Mass. Aug. 30, 1780, d. 
in Williamsfield Feb. 9, 1859, moved from 
Tyringham to Ohio in the fall of 1817 (m. 
1809 Sarah Allen, dau. of Elihu, son of 
Maj. Noah Allen of the continental army); 
son of Eleazer Heath oif Williamsfield 
Ohio, b. in Wellington Mass. 1750, d. in 
Williamsfield 1849, soldier in rev. war, 
participated in battle of Saratoga, lived in 
Ashford Mass. several years, moved to 
Tyringham Mass., moved to Ohio 1819-20 
(m. Abigail Robbins and had besides 
David: Eleazer, Ebenezer, Joshua, Job 
and Timothy, all b. in Tyringham and 
moved to Ohio). 

Omaha Neb., b. in Syracuse N. Y. 
Apr. 6, 1861, grad. A. B. from Syracuse 
univ. 1884, A. M. same 1887, in railroad 
business since 1884, div. master mechanic 
at Omaha on Union Pac. R. R. (m. Oct. 
18, 1887 Emily Rice Maginness dau. of 
Edmund Ayres Maginness, son of 
Edmund Adrian, son of James, also 
dau. of A. Frances H. Rice dau of 
Abraham W. Rice, son of Eli, son of 
Peter Rice of Marlboro Mass., she Emily 
had 3 ch. viz: Josephine b. 1888, Edmund 
b. 1892 and Richard b. 1894), had brother 
Malvern Hill Barnum; sons of Henry A. 
Barnum of New York city, b. in James- 
ville N. Y. Sep. 24, 1833, d. in New York 
city Jan. 29, 1892, served in war of 1861-5, 
capt. and major 12th N. Y. vols., col. 
149th vols., brig. gen. and brevet major 
gen. in vols, in Sherman's army, was 
wounded at Malvern Hill, Peach Tree 
Creek and Lookout Mt., held various 
civil positions in N. Y. state (m. Jan. 17, 
i860 Luvina S. King dau. of Sereno F. 



King, son of Thos. F., son of Apollos, son 
of Lt. Paul, son of Eleazer, son of Sergt. 
William, son of Capt. John King, b. 1629, 
d. in Northampton Mass. Dec. 3, 1703, 
came from Northampton Eng. 1645) ; son 
of Alanson Levi Barnum of Goodrich- 
ville Mich., b. in Salisbury Ct. Aug. 6, 
1804, d. in Goodrichville May 22, 1848, 
lived Gt. Barrington Mass. and Jamesville 
N. Y. before going to Mich., justice of the 
peace (m. Sep. 1, 1825 Bersha Pixley dau. 
of Daniel Pixley, son of William, son of 
Jonas, b. in Weathersfield Ct., d. in Gt. 
Barrington Mass., also dau. of Nancy 
[Willis] Pixley, b. Sep. 9, 1772, d. Nov. 
23, 1872) ; son of Levi Barnum Jr. of Gt. 
Barrington Mass., d. there, hatter (m. 
Mary Pierce) ; son of Levi Barnum, was 
a prisoner with Ethan Allen in Canada 

York city, b. in Cincinnati O. May 
16, 1873, artist on staff of the Outing Mag- 
azine, member of the Art Student's 
League of New York (unmarried), had 
brother Edgar b. Aug. 4, 1877 and sister 
Harriet b. June 19, 1879; son of Charles 
Edgar Bonte of New York city, b. in 
Cincinnati O. Oct. 21, 1844, formerly a 
member of firm of John Bonte's Sons of 
Cincinnati, now in business in New York 
city (m. June 5, 1872 Mary E. Butterfield 
dau. of Jonas Butterfield, desc. of Simeon 
Willard and the Butterfields of Middle- 
sex, her ancestors took active parts in the 
rev. war); son of John Banta of Cincin- 
nati O., b. in New York city Nov. 1796, 
d. in Cincinnati Oct. 9, 1869, established 
the firm of Bonte's Sons in Cincinnati 
1827, moved from N. Y. to Ind. 1815, 
thence to Cincinnati 1823, he and his party 
went from N. Y. to Pittsburg in wagons 
and floated from there down the Ohio 
river on a raft to Ind. (m. 1st. Dec. 3, 
1819 Rachel Davison, 2d. Jan. 7, i8?7 
Rohanna Adams Cross, had 17 ch.); son 
of John Banta of New York city, b. near 
Paterson N. J. Jan. 17, 1758, d. in New 
York city Jan. 17, 1812, rev. soldier in 
Capt. Herring's co. 2d. N. J. regt., also 

in state troops, was then residing in Essex 
co., removed to N. Y. city about 1794 (m. 
Jane Van Zile dau. of Peter Van Zile); 
son of Jan Banta of near Paterson N. J., 
b. in Tenafly N. J. Sep. 28, 1718, d. in 
The Slotter Dam on Passaic river (m. 1st. 
Sep. 26, 1740 Sara Demarest dau. of David 
Demarest Jr. and Maritie Lozier); son of 
Johannes of near Schraalenburgh N. J., 
b. in Bergen N. J., d. in Tenafly Dec. 
1782, was a member of the church at 
Schraalenburgh, road surveyor 1737, had 
a farm at Tenafly, his will dated Apr. 1, 
!775> was probated Dec. 21, 1782 and re- 
corded at Trenton (m. March 31, 1716 
Margriete Janse de Groot, d. 1784, was a 
member of the church at Schraalenburgh) ; 
son of Seba Banta of Bergen N. J., b. 
near Harlingen Friesland Holland 1654, 
d. in Bergen, he with his brothers bought 
a large tract of land on the Palisades 
1695, was one of the signers of the 
remonstrance of the people of E. New 
Jersey to the king against the acts of pro- 
prietors and asking for the appointment 
of a competent governor (m. Nov. 6, 1678 
Mary Arian Sip dau. of Arian Sip) ; son 
of Epke Jacobs Banta of Harlingen 
Friesland Holland, b. there, d. in N. J. 
about 1686, came from Harlingen to 
Amer. 1659 and settled in Flushing L. I., 
owned a mill in Jamaica L. I., moved to 
Bergen N. J. prior to 1675, owned 240 
acres of land on the west side of Hacken- 
sack river. This place is now known as 
Spring Valley. 

Youngstown O., b. in New Roches- 
ter O. Aug. 18, 1858, auditor and assistant 
sec. of The Brown Bonnell Iron Co., 
prominent in Episcopal church, sec. and 
junior warden of St. John's Episcopal 
church, author of " History of St. John's 
Episcopal Church," one of the managers 
of Western Reserve Society of Sons of 
Amer. rev. at Cleveland (m. Apr. 24, 
1884 Mima H. Ashbaugh, b. near Hagers- 
town Md., desc. of the Logans and Robin- 
sons of eastern Pa. and Md., the Ash- 
baughs are an old German family of Pa. 



and Md., she Mima had i ch., Helen 
Logan Butler); son of Ithamar Marion 
Butler of Youngstovvn O., b. near Belle- 
fonte Pa. Jan. 7, 1836, has been identified 
with the iron business all his life (m. Jan. 
22, 1857 Virginia Martha Orwig desc. of 
Peter Orwig who was founder of Orwigs- 
burg Pa. and gr.-dau. of Elizabeth [Ham- 
mer] Orwig who came of a prominent 
eastern Pa. family, a second cousin to 
Daniel Boone); son of Joseph Green 
Butler of Warren O., b. in Bellefonte Pa. 
May 13, 1814, d. in Cleveland O. Aug. 21, 
1895, blast furnace owner in Mercer co. 
Pa., came to Ohio in 1842, was in iron 
business until i860, was one of the pioneer 
iron men of Lake Superior ore region, 
sheriff of Trumbull co. O. 1861 for two 
terms, prominent in the politics of Trum- 
bull co. (m. Mar. 26, 1835 Temperance 
Orwig, gt.-gr.-dau. of Gottfried Orwig 
who came from Germany to Phila. 1741, 
he and his two sons Henry and George 
served in rev. war, she Temperance had 3 
sons, viz: Miles, Edwin and Irvin Butler, 
who all served in the union army during 
the civil war) ; son of Joseph Butler of 
Bellefonte Pa., b. in Chester co. Pa. Jan. 
7, 1779, d. in Milesburg Pa. Nov. 15, 1862, 
was in blast furnace business with his 
father-in-law Jos. Green, was private in 
1812, innkeeper in Center co. Pa. 1816, 
sheriff of same 1821 (m. Sep. 1807 Esther 
Green, the Greens were prominent in iron 
business, dau. of Hannah [Griffith] Green, 
desc. of Llewellyn Ap- Griffith Marquis of 
Cardigan and gr.-dau. of Mary [Miles] 
Green who was a sister of Col. Samuel 
Miles, prominent in rev. war, mayor of 
Phila. 1790 and son of James Miles who 
was one of the founders of the Baptist 
church in Amer., held a meeting at his 
house as early as 171 1. came with Wm. 
Perm 1682); son of Thomas Buttler of 
Chester co. Pa., b. near Dublin Ireland 
Jan. 2, 1740, d. in Blair co. Pa. about 
1832, was skilled iron worker, private in 
rev. war under Gen. Anthony Wayne, suf- 
fered at Valley Forge, cousin of Major 
Gen. Richard Butler, Gen. La Fayette in 
a letter said, " When I wished a thing well 

done, I ordered a Butler to do it," and 
Washington once toasted the " Butlers " 
at a banquet (m. Ann Dalrymple of 
Scotch descent), had two brothers John 
a fife major under Gen. Anthony Wayne 
and William a sergeant and one of La 
Fayette's body guard, one of " forlorn 
hope" at Stony Point; sons of James 
Butler of Dublin Ireland, had two brothers 
Joseph and Thomas, the latter was one of 
the founders of the St. John's Episcopal 
church at Carlisle Pa. and father of five 
rev. war heroes, viz: Richard, Thomas, 
William, Edward Joseph and Percival, has 
descs. living at Mauch Chunk Pa. 

Mich., b. in Oxford N. Y. July 18, 
1834, farmer until 1858, while loading a 
cannon at Mason Mich, in discharge of 
duty as member of state military co. a 
premature discharge took place resulting 
in loss of both hands except thumb and 
forefinger of the right hand, admitted to 
the bar as atty. 1862, claim agent until 
1889, at present in business pertaining to 
recovery of estates (m. Nov. 24, 1874 
Helen E. Webber dau. of Joseph Webber 
[and Lydia Barnum] of Portland and 
Westphalia Mich., farmer, merchant, desc. 
of Samuel Webber of York Me., d. there 
1716, she, Helen had Archie L. Button b. 
in Lyons Mich. Sep. 2, 1866, d. in Grand 
Rapids Mich. Jan. 3, 1893, m. 1889 Alma 
Eddie of Saranac Mich.); son of Ira 
Button of Alaiedon Mich., b. in Greenage 
N. Y. Feb. 18, 1798, d. in Alaiedon Apr. 
27, 1862, farmer, shoemaker, shoe mer- 
chant (m. about 1823 Lovina Boyden dau. 
of Jonathan and Ruth [Jefferson] Boyden 
and desc. of Thomas Boyden who landed 
at Ipswich Mass. on the ship " Francis " 
in 1634, she Lovina had 4 ch., viz: Dan- 
ford Otis, Elsesta Galusia, Orlando 
Alphonso and Elizabeth Helen Marr But- 
ton); son of Shubel Button of Fredonia 
N. Y., b. in Canterbury Ct. 1771, d. in 
Fredonia 1840, farmer, became lumberman 
on Susquehanna river before war of 1812. 
lost heavily by reason of embargo during 
the war (m. 1st. about 1795 Polly Tower 



dau. of Elijah Tower of Hingham Mass., 
2d. 1822 Anna Skiff); son of Matthias 
Button of Wells Vt, b. in Canterbury Ct. 
July 27, 1730, d. in Wells about 1814, 
farmer, was in rev. war (m. 1st. 1753 
Phoebe Butts, d. in 1764, dau. of Elis'ha 
Butts, 2d 1764 Elizabeth Butts); son of 
Matthias of Plainfield Ct., b. in Haverhill 
Mass. 1689 (m. 1716 Hannah Williams); 
son of Matthias Button of Plainfield Ct., 
b. in Haverhill Mass. 1657, d. in Plainfield 
1725, removed with his family to Plain- 
field Ct. in 1690 and settled on land bought 
of the heirs of Gov. Winthrop (m. 1686 
Mary Neff and had 2 ch., viz: Daniel b. 
in Haverhill Mass. 1687 and Matthias as 
above); son of Matthias (m. Teagle). 

of Sodus Centre N. Y., b. there Nov. 
30, 1854, school com. of Wayne co. N. Y. 
1881-7, chief of the bureau of examina- 
tions in the N. Y. state dept. of public 
instruction (m. Jan. 25, 1888 Emma Jane 
Graham only dau. of Albert Gerry and 
Lucy Eliza [Smith] Graham, b. in Rose 
N. Y. May 24, i860); son of Hufus 
Chandler Delano of Sodus Centre N. Y., 
b. there Sep. 17, 1823, prominent citizen 
of the co., member of First Baptist church 
(m. Mar. 4, 1847 Almeda Matilda dau. of 
Edward and Mary Ann [Jacobs] Taylor, 
desc. of John Taylor who came from Eng. 
with Gov. Winthrop 1630, and settled in 
Windsor Ct. 1639) ; son of William Delano 
of North Yarmouth Me. until 1813 then 
Sodus Centre N. Y., b. in former June 14, 
1786, d. in latter Apr. 25, 1875, removed 
from North Yarmouth Me. to Sodus in 
1813, was one of the pioneers of Sodus, 
held various town offices (m. Apr. 29, 181 1 
Hannah dau. of Elisha and Hannah 
[Noble] Hayden, the Haydens moved 
from Madison Me. to Sodus N. Y. 1813); 
son of Amaziah Delano of Gray Me., b. 
in North Yarmouth Me. June 16, 1858, d. 
there Oct. 22, 1851, rev. soldier and at his 
death one of the oldest pensioners of rev. 
war (m. June 16, 1782 Margaret dau. of 
Jonah and Hannah [Wallace] Austin); 
son of Ezekiel of Duxbury Mass., b. there 

Dec. 19, 1731, d. in North Yarmouth Me. 
after 1794, removed from Duxbury to 
North Yarmouth 1753 (m. Sep. 14, 1755 
Martha dau. of Edmund and Mercy 
Chandler, the Chandlers removed from 
Duxbury Mass. to North Yarmouth Me. 
in I 753); son °f Amaziah of Duxbury, b. 
there Aug. 7, 1709, d. there Aug. 5, 1790 
(m. Jan. 8, 1730 Ruth dau. of Abraham 
and Penelope Sampson) ; son of Jonathan 
Delano of Duxbury Mass., b. there in 
1676, d. there Jan. 6, 1765 (m. Jan. 12, 
1699 Hannah Doten) ; son of Thomas of 
Duxbury, b. there Mar. 21, 1642, d. there 
Apr. 13, 1723, was a practicing physician 
and surgeon in Duxbury and Plymouth 
Mass. for over fifty years (m. 1st. 1667 
Mary dau. of John and Priscilla [Molines] 
Alden, 2d. Oct. 24, 1699 widow of Ebe- 
nezer Bartlett); son of Philip Delano, b. 
in Leyden Holland 1602, d. in Bridge- 
water Mass. 1681, came to Plymouth Mass. 
in the ship " Fortune " 1621, removed to 
Duxbury Mass. in 1632 (m. 1st. Dec. 19, 
1634 Hester Desborough, 2d. Mary dau. 
of William Pontus and widow of James 
Glass, had son Samuel) ; son of Jean 
Delano, was a Huguenot refugee from 
France and located in Leyden (m. Marie 
Mahien de Lannoy who built the church 
in which the Pilgrims worshipped while 
in Leyden, an oil painting of her still 
hangs in the church). 

*J stable Mass., b. in Phila. Pa. March 
25, 1831, moved to Newbury Mass 1845, 
thence to Cal. around Cape Horn in brig 
" Forest " of Boston 1849, thence to Ore. 
and Washington territories, capt. of M. 
co. 2d. reg. Wash. vols, in Indian war of 
1855-6, member of Wash, territory legis- 
lature 1862-3, elected probate judge Walla 
Walla co. 1867, co. auditor 1869-73, city 
treas. 1869, city councilman, one of the 
incorporators of W. W. & C. R. Ry., 
served as sec, treas. and vice pres. for a 
number of years and connected with O. 
R. & N. co. and U. P. Ry. (m. Aug. 27, 
1854 Margaret Raboin, who d. in Walla 
Walla Wash. Mar. 28, 1873, had 4 ch., 



Henry, Helen, Elizabeth and Anna); son 
of William Frederick Chase, b. in New- 
buryport Mass. Aug. 18, 1801, d. in Phila. 
Pa. Sep. 6, 1831, merchant there and capt. 
in state troops (m. May 14, 1822 Anna 
Wiley, d. Mar. 28, 1877, dau. of Nathaniel 
Wiley of Scotch-Irish descent, b. near 
battle field of Brandywine Sep. 11, 1777 
during progress of battle in which his 
father Lieut. John Wiley was engaged, 
she, Anna had 4 ch. Edwin Z., Horatio D., 
William F. and Henry M.); son of Ezra 
Chase, b. in Newbury Mass. Nov. 25, 
1779, d. in Phila. Pa. Aug. 6, 1853, quar. 
master serg. 2d. U. S. artillery in war of 
1812 (m. Sep. 14, 1800 Elizabeth Pidgeon 
of Newbury Mass. dau. of Moses Pidgeon, 
killed at Bunker Hill); son of Nathaniel 
Low Chase, b. in Newbury Mass. Aug. 13, 
1752, d. there Jan. 12, 1836, served in Capt. 
William Rogers' co. Col. Samuel Ger- 
rish's reg. in rev. war 1775-7 ( m - Apr. 8, 
1773 Lydia Dustin, b. Feb. 21, 1754, d. in 
Newbury Mass. Feb. 1842, gt.-gr.-dau. 
of Hannah Dustin who was taken prisoner 
by Indians at Haverhill Mass. 1697 and 
escaped after ten of the captors were 
killed 1697, monuments to her memory in 
Haverhill and Concord N. H.); son of 
Ezra Chase of Newbury Mass., b. May 
25, 1720, d. there Feb. 14, 1799, ensign 3d. 
foot co. Haverhill Mass., member of com. 
of inspection and safety 1777 (m. Oct. 13, 
1743 Abigail Low of Ipswich Mass., gt.- 
gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of Vice Admiral John Low 
of Gov. Winthrop's fleet) ; son of James 
Chase, b. in Newbury Mass. Sep. 15, 1685, 
d. 1753, farmer (m. 1st. 1706 Lydia, d. Aug. 
2, 1707, 2d. Dec. 17, 1707 Martha Rolfe, 
3d. May 21, 1739 Elizabeth Peterson, had 
8 ch.); son of Thomas, b. in Newbury 
Mass. July 25, 1654, d. Aug. 1732 (m. 1st. 
March 22, 1677 Rebecca Follansbee, 2d. 
Aug. 2, 1 712 Elizabeth Moores, had 11 
ch.); son of Aquila Chase, b. in Chesham 
Eng. 1618, d. in Newbury Dec. 27, 1670, 
came to America about 1638, settled with 
his brother Thomas at Hampton N. H. 
(m. about 1644 Anne dau. of John Wheeler 
of Hampton who was b. in Salisbury Eng., 
moved to Newbury Mass. where he was 

granted land 1646, was a mariner and is 
said to have brought the first vessel over 
the Merrimac bar, had 11 ch.); son of 
Aquila Chase, b. in Chesham Eng. Aug. 
14, 1580 (m. June 22, 1606 Martha Jelle- 
man, had 2 sons, Aquila and Thomas) ; 
son of Richard of Hundrich, Chesham 
parish Eng., b. Aug. 3, 1542 (m. Apr. 16, 
1564 Joan Bishop); son of Thomas Chase 
of Hundrich Chesham parish Eng., bap. 
Apr. 22, 1504. 

Des Moines la., b. near Blooming 
Valley Pa. Mar. 6, 1857, attended the rural 
dist. school and assisted his father with 
farm work, later attended village school 
at Blooming valley, taught in rural 
schools, attended Edinboro state normal 
school, grad. from same with one year's 
work in addition to the regular course 
1879, principal of Rock Rapids Iowa 
public schools 1879-81, co. supt. 1881-6. 
published Review in 1883, reporter 1885-7, 
state rep. 1893-5, member Petros Com- 
mandery K. T., licensed by supreme court 
to practice in all courts 1896, sec. of execu- 
tive council 1899 (m. Aug. 4, 1879 Ida 
Amadella Van Marter dau. of Amos and 
Susan [Benedict] Van Marter, gr.-dau. of 
Isaac Van Marter, b. 1779, d. 1857 [and 
Margaret E. Gray of Groton N. Y., b. 
1785, d. 1868, dau. of Jas. Gray] gt.-gr.- 
dau. of John Van Marter and Mary Fronts, 
moved from N. J. to Groton N. Y., gt- 
gt.-gr.-dau. of Gilbert Van Marter who 
came from the Neiderlands, she Ida had 
6 ch., viz: Hazel Van M. b. 1881, Arthur 
Amos b. 1883, Bessie Benedict b. 1885, 
Delia b. 1888, d. 1889, Susan May b. 1890 
and Paul Thompson Davison b. 1895); 
son of Wesley Davison of Union City Pa., 
born on March 18, 1833, farmer, had few 
educational opportunities, attended the 
pioneer dist. school, was a man character- 
ized by strict integrity, mechanic, carpen- 
ter, wagon-maker (m. March 18, 1856 
Cynthia Amelia Thompson, b. in Union 
City Pa. Apr. 4, 1838, dau. of Samuel 
Swain Thompson, b. 1803, d. 187- and 
Betsey Ames b. 1805, d. 1842, son of Job 



Thompson, [and Isabella Swain of N. J., 
dau. of Samuel Swain] b. 1779, settled in 
Le Bouff tp. Pa., son of Abel Thompson, 
b. 1757, d. 1840 and Jemima Kemp, b. 1757, 
d. 1816, son of Henry Thompson [and 
Mary] who emigrated from Eng. to N. J. 
about middle of the 18th century) ; son of 
William Gordon Davison of Blooming 
Valley Pa., b. in Otis Mass. March 15, 
1804, d. in Blooming Valley March 2, 
1870, went to Crawford co. Pa. built a 
shop in the wilderness for the manufacture 
of wooden bowls 1824, returned to Otis 
Mass. 1826 and returned to Blooming 
Valley where he resided during life ex- 
cept from 1834-8, during which years he 
resided at Otis, farmer, mechanic (m. May 
8, 1832 Jane Ann Maria Reed of Nassau 
N. Y. dau. of Eliphalet Reed [and Anna 
Sacket of Sackets Harbor Me.], b. 1773, 
d. 1821, son of Abijah Reed); son of John 
Davison of Otis Mass., b. in Ashford Ct. 
Nov. 20, 1763, d. in Otis Mass. Sep. 17, 
1842, mechanic, had a mill at Otis (m. 
June 26, 1788 Lydia Wood b. 1770, d. 1853. 
dau. of Nathaniel Wood [and Rhoda 
Brewer, b. 1742] b. 1742, m. 1764, son of 
Elijah Wood who was b. in Eng., d. at 
Cape Breton while serving as a volunteer 
officer in the army, m. a Miss Combs who 
was b. in Eng., she Lydia had 4 ch., 
Gerucia, Elijah, Lucy and Nathaniel); 
son of Zephaniah Davison of Ashford Ct., 
Windham Ct. and Otis Mass., b. in Pres- 
ton Ct. Mar. 5, 1729, d. in Otis Apr. 17, 
1793, settled first at Windham Ct. where 
he resided till 1762 or 3, when he removed 
to Ashford, owned lands at both places 
and had a shop where he did blacksmith- 
ing, iron moulding and bell making, re- 
moved with his sons to Berkshire co. 
Mass. 1782, he and two or three of his sons 
were rev. soldiers, was member of the old 
church society at Ashford and of the new 
society after its organization (m. July 16, 
1752 Susannah Durkee of Windham Ct., 
desc. of Oliver Durkee who purchased 
Davison's land at Windham 1762, she 
Susannah had 11 ch., viz: Elizabeth b. 
1753, Lydia b. 1755, Thomas b. 1757, Wil- 
liam b. 1759, Benjamin b. 1761, John b. 

1763 as above, Zephaniah b. 1765, Samuel 
b. 1773, Hannah b. 1773, Susannah b. 1777 
and Sarah b. 1781); son of Thomas Davi- 
son of Preston Ct., b. there Jan. 30, 1702, 
d. there (m. Aug. 31, 1726 Lydia dau. of 
Stephen Herrick formerly of Beverlv 
Mass. and had 10 ch., viz: Andrew b. 1727 
whose family settled in Nova Scotia, 
Zephaniah b. 1729 as above, Christopher 
b. 1731, Christopher b. 1732, Daniel b. 1734. 
Asa b. 1736, was with Benedict Arnold on 
his expedition through Me., served in rev. 
war, Lydia b. 1739, Elizabeth b. 1749 and 
2 ch. who d. in infancy) ; son of Thomas 
Davison, b. about 1670, d. Dec. 2, 1724, 
settled in Preston where he owned ex- 
tensive lands and where at various times 
he held nearly every office within the gift 
of his townsmen, was received into full 
communion in 1st. church at Preston 1699 
(m. Nov. 28, 1695 Hannah Tracey b. in 
Norwich Ct. July 8, 1677, dau. of Jonathan 
Tracy and Mary Griswold of Norwich 
and Preston Ct. who was b. in Saybrook 
Ct. Aug. 26, 1656, dau. of Lieut. Francis 
Griswold one of the original proprietors 
of Norwich, son of Edward Griswold of 
Kenilworth Eng., she Hannah had 7 ch., 
viz: Jonathan b. Aug. 30, 1697, d. 1752, 
Margaret b. 1699, d. 1727, Thomas b. 1702 
as above, Christopher b. 1705, John b. 
1708, Hannah b. 171 1 and Samuel Davison 
b. 171S); son of Daniel Davison of Ips- 
wich Mass., b. 1630, the first of the family 
in America, built a house in Ipswich 1667, 
will dated 1693 (m. Margaret Low dau. 
of Thomas Low Sr. [and Susannah of 
Ipswich Mass.] b. 1605, she Margaret Low 
Davison had 10 ch. all b. at Ipswich, viz: 
John b. Oct. 1657, d. Nov. 22, 1657, Mar- 
garet b. Sep. 24, 1658, living in 1677, Sarah 
b. March 30, 1660, [m. prob. a Mr. Saf- 
ford], Daniel of Ipswich Mass. 1702, 
[settled there, received a deed to lands 
in Stonington Ct, m. June 28, 1685 Sarah 
Dodge and had 4 ch., viz: Sarah b. 1686, 
Daniel b. 1690, Andrew and Josiah] Wil- 
liam d. in Ipswich Mass. 1728, [settled in 
Ipswich, m. about 1692 Mary and had 4 
ch., viz: Mary, Margaret, Lydia and 
Annie] Peter, [settled in Windham Ct., 

4 8 


m. 1695 Anne Cross and had 8 ch., viz: 
Daniel b. 1693, Dorothy b. 1701, Joseph 
b. 1703, William b. 1705, [ancestor of 
Lucretia and Margaret Davidson who 
wrote such fine verses] Peter b. 1709, Paul 
b. 1711, Anne b. 1714, and Deborah b. 
1717 m. Samuel Webb] Thomas who had 
numerous desc, John, settled in Ipswich 
Mass. where a number of ch. were b., 
Bridget and Dorcas Davison). 

Ayer Mass., b. in Wayne Me. July 
1, 1866, clergyman, member of the Central 
Ohio M. E. annual conference, grad. from 
Ohio Wesleyan univ. 1893 (m. July 8, 1886 
Addie L. Hangen of German descent and 
had 3 ch., Luther Lee, Adela F. deceased 
and Jairus Frost Fillebrown) ; son of 
Luther Williams Fillebrown of Piqua O., 
b. in Readfield Me. Nov. 10, 1826, manu- 
facturer of agricultural implements and 
the celebrated Bartlett D shovel-handle 
machinery (m. Sep. 3, 1848 Angeline J. 
Frost dau. of Nancy [Wing] Frost of 
Piqua O., who was b. 1801, desc. of John 
Wing who came to Plymouth Mass. from 
Eng. in 1631); son of Luther W. Fille- 
brown of Readfield Me., b. in N. 
Bridgewater Mass. Oct. 31, 1795, d. in 
E. Dixfield Me. May 28, 1876, blacksmith 
of wide reputation in Readfield and Wayne 
Me., soldier in Me. militia in war of 1812 
(m. Sep. 1, 1819 Hannah dau. of Jeremiah 
White and had son Oakes Ainger Fille- 
brown who was quartermaster of the 24th 
Me. inf. vols, with rank of 1st lieut.); son 
of James Fillebrown of Mansfield Mass., 
prob. b. there Feb. 10, 1757, d. in Read- 
field Me. Apr. 4, 1838, blacksmith, was in 
rev. war, being in the battles of Lexing- 
ton, Bunker Hill, Trenton and etc., win- 
tered at Valley Forge, corporal 1780 (m. 
prob. 1782 Matilda Williams); son of 
James of Mansfield Mass., b. in Weston 
Mass. Apr. 7, 1728, d. in Taunton Mass. 
Oct. 29, 1797, soldier at different times on 
the alarm at R. I. in rev. war (m. 1st. 
Susanna, had 5 ch., 2d. Mary, had 5 ch.) ; 
son of Thomas Fillebrown of Norton and 
Weston Mass., b. in Charlestown Mass. 

Sep. 18, 1689, d. in Mansfield Mass. Nov. 
19, 1782 (m. 1st. Dec. 9, 1713 Isabel dau. 
of Greshom and Lydia [Hall] Cutter of 
Cambridge Mass., 2d. Dec. 14, 1720 
Joanna dau. of Samuel and Sarah [Mead] 
Eddy of Watertown Mass.); son of 
Thomas of Charlestown Mass., b. there 
prob. 1658, prob. d. there previous to 
June 7, 1736 (m. Dec. 19, 1688 Rebecca 
dau. of Richard and Frances [Perriman] 
Cutter of Cambridge Mass.); son of 
Thomas Fillebrown of Charlestown Mass. 
1658, b. 1631, d. in Cambridge June 7, 
1713, miller (m. Anna). 

ton D. C, b. in Wataga 111. Nov. 18, 
1868, removed to Blue Rapids Kan. with 
father and family 1870, studied stenog- 
raphy in Topeka Kan. in 1888, was ap- 
pointed to position in dept. of justice in 
1895 (m. Apr. 21, 1892 Edith Houghtelin 
dau. of William H. [and Martha Adelaide 
MacMillan] Houghtelin son of Cornelius, 
b. in Adams co. Pa. May 15, 1797, and 
gr.-son of Hezekah Houghtelin, b. in 
Esopus N. Y. about 1760, she Edith had 
Adelaide Field, b. Sep. 1, 1898); son of 
James De Long Field of Topeka Kan., b. 
in Cornwall Vt. July 3, 1833, removed with 
his father and family to Galesburg 111. in 
1837 and settled on farm four miles N. E. 
of Galesburg (m. Feb. 4, 1857 Roxy Bart- 
lett Judson dau. of Alfred and Louisa 
[Bartlett] Judson who were m. Feb. 5, 
1829) ; son of Luman Field of Galesburg 
III, b. in Cornwall Vt. Mar. 28, 1794, d. 
in Galesburg Sep. 30, 1S46, moved from 
Cornwall to Galesburg 1837 and settled on 
farm four miles N. E. of Galesburg (m. 
Dec. 5, 1816 Abbigal De Long); son of 
Elisha Field Jr. of Cornwall Vt, b. in 
Birmington Vt. Mar. 3, 1763, d. in Corn- 
wall Feb. 18, 1852 (m. Mar. 10, 1790 Ruth 
Kirkham, b. in Stevenstown Mass. 1770, 
dau. of Elijah Kirkham Sr. who d. in 
Whiting Vt. 181 1, Elijah Kirkham Jr. was 
a member of the Vt. legislature 1807, the 
Kirkhams came from Lancashire Eng. 
and settled in Whiting Vt.); son of Elisha 
Field Sr. of Cornwall Vt., b. 1717, d. there 



Dec. 1791 (m. Jan. 11, 1753 Betty Pratt); 
son of Joseph Jr., b. in Sunderland Mass. 
June 9, 1689 (m. Sep. 13, 1716 Mary 
Smith); son of Joseph Field Sr., b. 1659, 
d. in Sunderland Feb. 15, 1736 (m. 1683 
Joanna Wyatt); son of Zacheria of Hat- 
field, d. in Hatfield Mass. June 30, 1666, 
b. probably in East Ardsbey West 
Reading Eng. about 1597 and emigrated 
to Dorchester Mass. about 1629, had two 
brothers emigrated at same time, one 
going to New York and one to R. I.; 
son of John; son of Sir John Field, the 

Utica N. Y., b. in Hubbardsville 
N. Y. Dec. 17, 1874 (m. Feb. 17, 1897 
Mary Stuart Lowery of Utica N. Y., dau. 
of Col. Joseph Stuart Lowery and Celestia 
Wood) ; son of Walter Jerome Green, b. 
in Hubbardsville N. Y. Oct. 10, 1842, d. 
in Utica N. Y. Jan. 27, 1885 (m. June 26, 
1868 Sarah Swartwout of Troy N. Y., dau. 
of Henry and Maria [Ketelhuyn] Swart- 
wout) ; son of Charles Green of Hub- 
bardsville N. Y., b. in Sangerfield N. Y. 
May 28, 181 1 (m. Oct. 30, 1839 Mary Jane 
Hubbard dau. of Oliver Kellogg and 
Mary [Meacham] Hubbard); son of David 
Green, b. in South East N. Y. Nov. 13, 
1769, d. in Hubbardsville N. Y. Dec. 3, 
1853, was the only child (m. Dec. 30, 1787 
Deliverance who was b. in Rochester 
Mass. Sep. 13, 1769, dau. of Jonathan and 
Mary [Sears] Hatch and gr.-dau. of Judah 
and Mary [Paddock] Sears, descendant of 
John and Priscilla Alden); son of James 
Green, b. in Dutchess co. N. Y. 1744, d. 
in Sangerfield N. Y. 1824 (m. Abigail dau. 
of Peter and Abigail [Sears] Hall), had 
brother Nathan Green (m. Elizabeth dau. 
of Peter and Abigail [Sears] Hall) ; prob- 
ably sons of John Green probably of Con- 
cord Mass. (m. probably Martha). 

Elmhurst, Amoskeag N. H., b. in 
Manchester N. H. Oct. 26, 1875, grad. 
Manchester high school 1895, newspaper 
artist and engraver, member of the la. 

ornithological association, was 2d. sec. of 
the union Sunday school of Amoskeag 
and ex-member of the N. H. light battery, 
1st. lieut. Amoskeag cadets (m. Nov. 27, 
1895 Annie Teresa dau. of Francis and 
Mary Sullivan, the latter when a widow 
came from Scotland to Clinton Mass. 
about 1885), had brother Ralph Percival 
Farmer b. in Boone la. July 17, 1885; sons 
of Charles William Farmer of The Elms, 
Amoskeag N. H., b. there Dec. 3, 1846, 
formerly grocery merchant at Manchester 
N. H., spent ten years in Boone la. with 
his family as a railroad engineer (m. May 
1, 1873 Adelaide Augusta Marshall dau. ot 
Reuben Marshall [and Lucy Jane Thom- 
son, b. 1842, d. 1879] b. about 1823, she 
Adelaide grad. from Manchester N. H. 
high school in 1868, taught in public 
schools there, a charter member and 
director of union Sunday school at Am- 
oskeag N. H.); son of Daniel Farmer of 
The Elms, Amoskeag, b. there May 20, 
1815, d. there Aug. 7, 1890, capt. in state 
militia about 1838-9, served as councilman, 
alderman and school committeeman of 
Manchester N. H. (m. 1st. Dec. 10, 1839 
Naomie J. S. Butterfield, b. 1819, d. at The 
Elms, Amoskeag N. H. Jan. 13, 1861, 2d. 
Betsey C. Rowell); son of Daniel Farmer 
of The Elms, Amoskeag N. H., b. in 
Goffstown N. H. 1783, d. at The Elms, 
Amoskeag Oct. 29, 1865, col. in state 
militia 1831-5, 1st. pres. of the 1st. Con- 
gregational society of Amoskeag, dea. of 
the 1st. Congregational church Manches- 
ter N. H., at one time possessor of nearly 
all land that Farmerville and the village 
of Amoskeag now occupy (m. 1813 Betsey 
Walker, b. 1784, d. Dec. 17, 1873) ; son of 
Jonas Farmer of Chelmsford Mass. and 
Goffstown N. H., b. near former May 10, 
1719, d. at The Elms, Amoskeag N. H. 
1785 or 6, was at Crown Point and Lake 
Champlain in 1758-9 and accompanied 
Gen. Amherst down the lake, was present 
when Montreal surrendered, a cousin of 
Nathaniel who was wounded in Lexington 
fight (m. 1st Dec. 24, 1739 Esther Adams, 
2d 1776 Anna Rufs) ; son of Thomas of 
Hollis, N. H., b. in Billeriea Mass. June 



8, 1683, d. in Hollis 1767, soldier (m. 
Elizabeth dau. of Samuel Hunt); son of 
Edward Farmer, b. in Ansley Eng. 1640, 
d. in Billeriea Mass. May 27, 1727, settled 
in Billeriea about 1671, admitted to 
town rights in 1673, chosen to several of 
the most important town offices (m. Mary 
who d. March 26, 1719) ; son of John 
Farmer of Ansley Eng., d. 1669 (m. Isa- 
bella Barbage of Great Packington, d. 
May 21, 1686, came with Edward and her 
other children to New Eng. and m. Elder 
Thomas Wiswall, his elder brother George 
assigned coat of arms now used by the 
family and his brother Hatton killed in 
battle in 1645, was major of Prince Charles 
regt.) ; son of John Farmer of Ansley Eng. ; 
son of Bartholomew; son of Edward of 
Salisbury, d. 1538, chancellor of the cathe- 
dral church of Salisbury; son of Richard 
Farmer of Easton 1480, ancestor of William 
Farmer created Lord Leinster 1692, the 
ancestor of the present Earls of Pomfret 
of Easton-Neston and he Richard had 
dau. Anna who m. about 1545 William 
Lucy and had son Sir Thomas Lucy of 
Charlecote, knighted by Queen Elizabeth 
in 1565, was the knight and magistrate 
whose name is associated with some of 
the early events of the life of Shakespeare. 

N. Y., b. in Mendota 111. July 21, 
1864, d. Apr. 23, 1897 (m. Sep. 2, 1891 
Pauline Stone); son of Henry L. Gillett 
of Oswego N. Y., b. there Sep. 16, 1833, 
d. in East Orange N. J. Apr. 3, 1889 (m. 
Mar. 27, 1855 M. Amelia Lewis), had 2 
brothers Daniel J. b. Dec. 25, 1836, was 
lieut. in 12th. 111. inf. in the rebellion of 
i860 (m. Nov. 7, 1866 Sarah White), and 
William J. Gillett b. June 9, 1840, was 
capt. in co. B. 147th. N. Y. vol. in rebel- 
lion of i860 (m. Aug. 1, 1863 Sarah Mc- 
Carthy); sons of Elisha L. Gillett of 
Oswego, N. Y., b. in Fenner N. Y. Mar. 
25, 1806, d. in Mendota 111. July 10, 1854 
(m. 1st Jan. 1, 1831 Fanny Jones, 2d 1837 
Esther Phelps), had 4 brothers D. Miner 
Gillett b. July 9, 1804, d. Dec. 21, 1872 
Cm. July 29, 1835 Caroline Ballou), Jede- 

diah P. b. Aug. 27, 1807, d. Mar. 7, 1812, 
Richard E. b. May 30, 1810, d. Jan. 25, 
1853 (m. Aug. 11, 1833 Cedilia Cook) and 
J. Peck Gillett b. Dec. 24, 1813, d. June 14, 
1836; sons of Daniel M. Gillett of Fenner 
N. Y., b. Feb. 20, 1782, d. there Aug. 28, 
1853 (m. 1st Apr. 12, 1803 Mary Leech, 
2d Apr. 25, 1809 Lydia Park) ; son of 
Joseph, b. Nov. s, 1756 (m. Mar. 2, 1780 
Mary Miner, had 6 sons Daniel M., Martin 
b. Dec. 31, 1787, Joseph b. Apr. 5, 1794, 
John M. b. May 14, 1797, [m. Phoebe Gil- 
lette], Noah H. b. Jan. 29, 1800, d. Jan. 
21, 1869 and Benjamin F. b. Sep. 24, 1803); 
son of Jonathan Gillet of Lyme Ct, b. 
Mar. 22, 1720 (m. Phoebe Marvin gr.-dau. 
of " Lyme's captain," Reinold Marvin, 
and had 9 sons, viz: Reynold b. Apr. 23, 
1750, Martin b. July 19, 1752, Jonathan b. 
Dec. 15, 1753 [m. Mar. 19, 1778 Zilpha 
Rratt], Joseph b. Nov. 5, 1756, Daniel b. 
Nov. 1, 1758, Elisha b. Mar. 29, 1760, Ezra 
b. June 21, 1762, John b. Oct. 16, 1766 and 
Shadrack b. Oct. 23, 1769); son of Jona- 
than Gillet of Windsor Ct., b. there June 
28, 1685, d. in Colchester Ct. Jan. 3, 1755, 
was a general in the rev. war (m. Jan. 3, 
1717 Sarah Ely and had 5 sons, viz: Jona- 
than b. Mar. 22, 1720, Joseph b. Dec. 30, 
1725, Nehemiah b. Mar. T, 1728 who was 
lieut. in 8th Conn, in rev. war [m. 1st 
Sep. 13, 1757 Lydia Gillet, 2d Jan. 22, 
1761 Martha Storrs], Jonah b. Apr. 10, 
1730 and Aaron b. May 23, 1732); son of 
Josiah Gillet of Colchester Ct.. b. in 
Windsor Ct. July 14, 1650, d. in Colchester 
Oct. 29, 1736, was one of the first settlers 
of Colchester (m. June 30, 1676 Joanna 
Tainter and had 6 sons, Josiah b. Nov. 24, 
1678 [m. Mar. 7. 1711 Sarah Pellett], 
Jonathan b. June 28, 1685, Samuel b. Oct. 
1, 1690, Joseph b. Mar. 3, 1695, Aaron b. 
Mar. 8, 1699 [m. 1728 Hannah Clark] and 
Noah b. Dec. 5, 1701, m. Abigail); son of 
Jonathan Gillett of Windsor Ct., b. prob- 
ably in Devonshire Eng., d. in Colchester 
Ct. Aug. 23, 1677, was the progenitor of 
this branch of the family, belonged, with 
his brother Nathan, to the company of 
about one hundred and forty Puritans, 
which was formed in the counties of 



Devonshire, Dorsetshire and Somerset- 
shire Eng. ; sailed, with Revs. John War- 
ham and John Maverick as pastors, in the 
Mary and John, March 20, 1630, and 
arrived off Nantasket, May 30th following, 
settlement being made at Dorchester. 
He was made a freeman there May 6, 1635. 
There was " graunted to Jonathan Gellet; 
to fence in halfe an acre of ground about 
his house leaving a sufficient highway.'' 
Further "....the foresayd p'tyes do 
p'mise to fetch all the Cowes from Jona- 
than Gillets house to Mr. Woolcotts. . . . ; " 
" graunted. .. .also to Jonathan Gillets 4 
acres " (" over against fox poynt ") ; " the 
bounds being from Jonathan Gillets pale 
&c; " and " one [lot] the other side, which 
was once Jonathan Gilletes." 

With the Dorchester Church and Rev. 
Mr. Warham, he and Nathan removed 
about 1636 to Windsor, Conn., where he 
" had a lot granted to him seventeen rods 
wide " near Mr. Warham's, and across the 
Poquonnoc road from Alexander Alvord 
of the same company, whose descendant, 
Henry of Bolton in the sixth generation, 
married Mary W. of Colchester in the 
sixth generation from Jonathan. He and 
his wife Mary are included in Matthew 
Grant's church list, made thirty-seven 
years after the settlement, of twenty-one 
" members, who were so in Dorchester 
and came up with Mr. Warham and are 
still of us." They were also privileged, 
having paid- six shillings, to sit in the long 
seats in church. He gave 4s. 6d. to the 
fund in aid of sufferers by the Indian war 
at Simsbury and Springfield, and was one 
of the committee of distribution. Had 6 
sons, viz: Cornelius b. 16 — , Jonathan b. 
16 — , Joseph b. July 25, 1641, Samuel b. 
Jan. 22, 1642, John b. Oct. 5, 1644, m. July 
8, 1669 Mary Barker, and Jeremiah b. Feb. 
12, 1647, m. Oct. 15, 1685 Deborah Bartlett. 

^J of Salem Mass., b. there Jan. 7, 1861, 
grad. Peabody high school, Salem classi- 
cal and high school, grad. C. B. at Boston 
univ., M. D. same 1883, physician, sur- 
geon, member of the Essex Institute, Old 

Salem chapter sons of the Amer. rev., etc. 
(m. June 15, 1887 Caroline Louisa Read 
dau. of John Franklin and Caroline Louisa 
[Chase] Read and a desc. of Samuel 
Archer of Salem Mass. 1630, Joseph 
Allen of Salem, Capt. Richard Brackett of 
Boston Mass 1632, Nicholas Brown of 
Lynn Mass. 1630 and Reading 1644, John 
Brown of Salem Mass. 1669, Michael 
Bacon of Dedham 1640 and Woburn, 
Thomas Cheney of Cambridge 1656 and 
Roxbury 1666, Simon Crosby of Cam- 
bridge Mass. 1634, Francis Collins of 
Salem Mass. 1637, Joseph Davis of Read- 
ing 16 — and Billerica 1693, Richard Dodge 
of Salem 1638, William French of Cam- 
bridge 1635, Nicholas Fessenden of Cam- 
bridge about 1674, Pasco Foot of Salem 
1637, Humphrey Gilbert of Ipswich 1648, 
Edward Gilman of Ipswich 1639, Thomas 
Jeggles of Salem Mass. before 1647, 
Francis Kendall of Woburn 1640, James 
Kidder of Billerica 1656, John Lambert 
of Lynn Ms. 1644, James Leavitt of Exeter 
N. H. 1702, Joseph Morse Sen. of Ips- 
wich 1635, Francis Moore of Cambridge 
1639, William Munroe of Boston Mass. 
165 1, Thomas Marrett of Cambridge Mass. 
1636, Richard Manning of Ipswich 1644, 
Richard Ober of Salem 1668 and Beverly 
1679, John Osgood of Ipswich 1638, 
Thomas Parker of Lynn 1635, Richard 
Palmer of Salem 1672, Thomas Paine of 
Salem 1637, William Read of Boston 1635, 
William Robinscn of Cambridge, d. 1693, 
William Simonds of Woburn 1644, Greg- 
ory Stone of Cambridge 1635, Isaac Stearns 
of Watertown 1630, Samuel Sharp of 
Salem 1629, James Treworthy of Kittery 
1636, Edward Winship of Cambridge 1638, 
John Williams of Salem before 1664 and 
William Woodbury of Salem 1631); son of 
Stephen Wilson Gardner of Salem Mass., 
b. there June 12, 1834, educated in the 
Salem public schools, currier, has had 
charge of the largest leather manufactor- 
ies in Salem and vicinity, has been senior 
deacon and clerk of the Central Baptist 
church of Salem for many years (m. i860 
Marion Wallace Woods dau. of Aaron and 
Lydia Rogers [Wallace] Woods, and desc. 

5 2 


of Samuel Woods of Groton 1665, Thomas 
Wallace of Londonderry N. H. 1726, Wil- 
liam Lakin of Groton Mass., freeman 
1670, William Shattuck of Watertown 
Ms. 1642, Abraham Browne of Watertown 
1632, John Whitney of Watertown 1635, 
Robert Reynolds of Watertown 1634, 
Richard Blood of Groton 16 — , Richard 
Longley of Lynn Ms. 1636, John Wright 
of Woburn 1640, Arthur Warren of Wey- 
mouth 1638, John Carter of Charlestown 
1640, Samuel Richardson of Charlestown 
1638, Michael Bacon of Dedham 1640, 
Nicholas Davis in Planter 1635, Capr. 
Edward Johnson who came in Winthrop's 
fleet 1630, Thomas Wiswall of Dorchester 
1635, Capt. Augustine Walker of Charles- 
town 1638 and William Read of Boston 
1635); son of Benjamin Brown Gardner 
of Salem Mass., b. there Apr. 23, 1801, d. 
there July 16, 1845, cooper and manufac- 
tured hogsheads for the West India trade, 
lived in North Salem in a house later 
occupied by Stephen W. Gardner his son 
(m. Dec. 22,, 1823 Lucy Foster Wilson dau. 
of Jonathan and Prudence [Goldthwait] 
Wilson and desc. of Wm. Wilson of Boston 
Mass. 1631, Thomas Goldthwait of Salem 
Mass. 1637, Ezekiel Cheever of Boston 

1637, Edmund Batter of Salem 1635, Maj. 
Gen. Daniel Gookin of Va. 1630, Cam- 
bridge 1644, Nathaniel Pickman of Salem 
1654, John Hardy of Salem 1634, Wil- 
liam Adams of Ipswich 1642, Thomas 
Dickinson of Rowley 1643, Giles Bird- 
ley of Ipswich 1648, Roger Conant of 
Nantucket, Cape Ann, Salem 1626, John 
Dane of Roxbury 1636, Rev. William Wal- 
ton of Marblehead 1639, William Warner 
of Ipswich 1637, John Frye of Newbury 

1638, and John Aslett of Newbury 1648 and 
James Ayer of Haverhill 1652); son of 
Jonathan Gardner of Salem Mass., b. 
there July 29, 1773, d. there 1836, was a 
sea capt., served in war of 1812. is said to 
have commanded a privateer, at which 
time he lost a leg as the result of wounds 
received in battle (m. Oct. 9, 1796 Rachel 
dau. of John and Rachel [Kimball] Brown 
and desc. of Richard Kimball of Water- 
town 1634, Ipswich 1638, Anthony Potter 

of Ipswich 1648, John Whipple of Ipswich 
1640 and Joseph Hilland); son of Simon 
Stacey Gardner of Salem Mass., bap. there 
July 24, 1743, rev. soldier in Capt. Brown's 
co. Col. Mansfield's reg. 1775, was also in 
the R. I. expedition of 1778 (m. Nov. 18, 
1764 Rebecca dau. of Nathaniel and Sarah 
[Hart] Knapp and desc. of William 
Knapp of Watertown 1636 and Charles 
Hart) ; son of Abel Gardner of Salem 
Mass., bap. there May 10, 1713, was a 
prominent man, possessed large real es- 
tate holdings, blacksmith (m. Aug. 16, 
1734 Priscilla dau. of Simon and Sarah 
[Hill] Stacey and desc. of Thomas Stacey 
of Ipswich 16 — , Rev. William Worcester 
of Salisbury 1639, Zebulon Hill of Glouces- 
ter 1652, Richard Croade of Boston 1664, 
Salem later and William Hersey of Hing- 
ham 1635) ; son of Abel Gardner of Salem 
Mass., b. there July 1, 1673, d. there Nov. 
10, 1739, was a leading man, land owner, 
inheriting from his father the land near 
Strong Water Brook, was the leader in 
the movement which resulted in the estab- 
lishment of a school house in the middle 
precinct 1712, selectman, husbandman (m. 
Sarah dau. of Israel and Elizabeth 
[Hathorne] Porter and gr.-dau. of John 
and Mary Porter of Hingham 1635, Salem 
1644, also gr.-dau. of Maj. William 
Hathorne [and Anne] who prob. came 
with Winthrop 1630, freeman 1634, Salem 
1636); son of Samuel Gardner of Salem 
Mass., b. there 1627, d. there in Oct. 1689, 
was granted land by the Salem authorities 
1649, was granted permission with his 
brother John to erect a mill on South 
river 1663, freeman 1675, served as deputy 
to the general court 1681-3, was one of the 
selectmen to affix his name to the original 
Indian deed 1686, served many times on 
juries, appointed to determine the town 
boundaries, was spoken of as a merchant 
and mariner (m. Mary dau. of John White 
who was of Salem Mass.): son of Thomas 
Gardner of Salem Mass.. b. in Dorsetshire 
Eng., d. in Salem Mass. Oct. 29, 1674, was 
a member of the company of original 
settlers of Cape Ann and Salem, known 
as the " Old Planters " who came under 



the charter rights of the Dorchester com- 
pany 1624 and attempted to make a settle- 
ment at Cape Ann, was overseer of the 
plantation, became one of the earliest 
settlers of Salem 1626, freeman there 
1636, represented Salem in the general 
court 1637, served many times as juror 
and held several local offices, was one of 
the original members of the 1st church, 
possessed large real estate holdings, a list 
made by the executors of his will showing 
nearly 150 acres (m. 1st Margaret Frier, 
2d widow Damaris Shattuck, she Mar- 
garet had sons Richard and John who 
went to Nantucket, the former going in 
1666 and the latter about 1674, they were 
the progenitors of the numerous and in- 
fluential Gardner family of Nantucket, 
another son George went to Hartford Ct. 
1673, Capt. Joseph another son was killed 
in the fight with the Indians in Marra- 
gansett swamp 1675, m. Ann Downing and 
after his death his widow m. Simon Brad- 
street the colonial governor, the oldest 
son Thomas Gardner d. in Salem Mass. 
1683, was a merchant and prominent citi- 
zen serving his town as selectman). 

Bethel Me., b. there May 5, 1840. 
was educated in the public school and 
academy there, civil engineer until 1881, 
interested in wool growing in Montana 
since (m. Sep. 29, 1868 Eugenia L. D. 
Roberts, dau. of James G. and Beulah 
[Bartlett] Roberts of Hanover Me., had 3 
ch., Mabel, b. Aug. 29, 1869, Harold, b. 
Apr. 5, 1873, and Edith, b. Apr. 22, 1884); 
son of John Hastings of Bethel Me., b. 
there May 6, 1796, d. there Apr. 5, 1S59. 
blacksmith, was coroner several years, was 
quartermaster 1st reg. 2d brigade 6th divi- 
sion State militia, honorably discharged 
1831, treas. and trustee of Gould's academy 
for many years (m. May 25. 1820 Abagail, 
dau. of Gideon Straw of Newfield Me. 
and Mary Robinson of Brentwood N. H.): 
son of Amos Hastings of Bethel Me., b. 
in Haverhill Mass. Feb. 3, 1757. d. in 
Bethel, rev. soldier, was at the battle of 
Lexington, helped to dig the intrench- 

ments at Bunker Hill, participating in the 
battle next day, came out of the army with 
a captain's commission, was afterwards 
promoted to col. and brig.-gen., was one 
of the first settlers of Bethel Me., coming 
there soon after he was married (m. Sep. 
10, 1778 Elizabeth Wiley); son of John 
Hastings of Haverhill Mass., b. there Jan. 
23, 1 718 (m. Rebeckah Kelly); son of John 
of Haverhill Mass., b. there Sep. 3, 1691 
(m. May 2, 1717 Edna Bealy); son of 
Robert Hastings of Haverhill Mass. (m. 
Oct. 31, 1676 Elizabeth Davis, b. in Haver- 
hill Mar. 11, 1653 or 4, dau. of James and 
Elizabeth [Eaton] Davis). 

bury Neb., b. in Washington co. 
Ind. April 28, 1842, educated in common 
schools, enlisted in co. K 17th 111. vol. inf., 
discharged 1862, cashier Harbine bank of 
Fairbury Neb. past 6 years (m. 1st Jan. 
21, 1864 Susan Cadwalader, who d. Jan. 21, 
1890, desc. of John Cadwalader of Pa., 
Quaker, and John Sharpless 1683, she 
Susan had 6 ch., viz.: Elmer C, Charles 
B., Franklin J., Myra C, John N. and 
Katherine, 2d 1896 Elizabeth M. MacGib- 
bon); son of James E. Hole of Mason co. 
111., b. in Lebanon O. Nov. 9, 1818, d. in 
Havana 111. Sep. 3, 1871, removed to 
Mason co. 111. 1846, one of the prominent 
business men of his co. 1846-71, was sher- 
iff and held other offices (m. Oct. 20, 1840 
Mary D. Wible, dau. of Samuel Wible, 
who was b. in Frankfort Ky. June 14, 1792. 
probate judge of Orange co. Ind., son of 
Adam Wible, b. in Germany, who m. a 
Miss Van Cleave of English descent); son 
of Stephen Hole of Warren co. O. and 
Washington co. Ind., b. in Cincinnati O. 
July 12, 1795, d. in Mason co. 111. Jan. 
1873, raised in Warren co. O., served a 
short time in war of 1812, for which he 
received two land warrants, was sheriff of 
Washington co. Ind. and a man much ad- 
mired (m. 1st 1817 Mary Eddy, who d. 
1833, was of a prominent family of Leb- 
anon O., had 6 ch., 2d Lacinda Mitchell, 
who was of a large family of Mitchells 
who settled in Kv. at an earlv date, had 6 



ch.); son of Daniel Hole, b. in Va. Apr. 5, 
1757, d. in Washington co. Ind. Mar. 2, 
1840, enlisted from Hampshire co. Va., 
served under Capt. James Parsons and 
Gen. Hand in rev. war, pension granted 
when he was 76 years old (m. in 1785 
Mary Beadell, dau. of William and Easter 
Beadell, probably of N. J., and had two 
sons and seven daughters, 1st ch. b. in 
N. J., 2d ch. b. in Va., 3d ch. b. in Ky. and 
others b. in Ohio); son of Daniel Hole, 
b. in Eng., d. in Ohio about 1808, said to 
have emigrated from Eng. (m. Phebe, had 
7 ch., viz.: William, Zachariah, John, Dan- 
iel, Polly, who m. a Mr. Yeazel, came to 
Ohio, Elizabeth, m. John Craig, came to 
Ohio, and Phebe, m. Anthony Badgely). 

HAYS, JOHN SHARP of Newville 
Pa., b. near there Aug. 6, 1842, d. 
Mar. 29, 1877, was engaged in various 
business enterprises, was connected with 
the People's Union Bank of Newville Pa. 
at the time of his death, sergt. 130th reg. 
Pa. vols. (m. Oct. 13, 1864 Jennie E. Mc- 
Farlane, b. Dec. 17, 1843, and had Belle 
M., who m. G. E. Swope, Lucy S. and 
Jane Hays); son of Robert Hays of New- 
ville Pa., b. in Dauphin co. Pa. May 25, 
1813, d. in Newville Mar. 4, 1888, in early 
life farmed the fine farm inherited from 
his father, and about twenty years before 
his death retired to Newville, where he 
lived in ease and comfort until his death 
(m. Dec. 11, 1838 Hannah, dau. of John 
Sharpe. [and Jane McCune], son of Alex- 
ander Sharpe [and Margaret McDowell], 
son of Thomas Sharpe [and Margaret El- 
der], who came to Amer. about 1763 and 
settled in Cumberland co. Pa.); son of 
Patrick Hays of Oakville Pa., b. in 
Dauphin co. Pa. 1767, d. in Oakville July 
28, 1857, moved from Dauphin to Cumber- 
land co. Pa. about 1820, where he bought 
a fine farm near the village of Oakville, 
here he lived until his death (m. Jan. 30, 
1810 Margaret Mickey, her gr.-father was 
one of the earliest settlers in Newton tp. 
Cumberland co. Pa. and part of his estate 
called " Mickey's Delightful Republican 
Retreat" is yet in the family); son of 

Robert Hays of Dauphin co. Pa., b. there 
*733, d. there June 6, 1809, farmer in Derry 
tp. now Dauphin co., was private in Col. 
Galbraith's battalion of associators 1776 
(m. May 25, 1762 Margaret Wray of 
Dauphin co. Pa., b. 1743, d. Jan. 6, 1820); 
son of Patrick Hays of Dauphin co. Pa., 
b. in Ireland 1705, d. in Dauphin co. 1790, 
came to Amer. 1728, settled in Derry tp. 
Lancaster now Dauphin co., where he 
warranted quite a large tract of land (m. 

kers N. Y., b. in Whitby Can. Mar. 
7, 1847, grad. Colgate univ. 1873, pastor at 
Yonkers since 1888, his parents lived in 
Canada 1 year, then removed to Vt., where 
they lived all their life (m. Aug. 30, 1874 
Mary C, dau. of John D. Brancroft, M. D., 
of Harpursville N. Y.); son of Charles 
Hobart of Westford Vt, b. there Mar. 28, 
1816, house builder (m. Oct. 5, 1845 Pa- 
thenia, dau. of Rev. Alvah Sabin, pastor 
of Bap. ch. of Georgia Vt. 52 years, mem. 
Congress from Vt. 1852-6); son of Jonas 
Hobart of Westford Vt, b. in Hollis N. H. 
Mar. 3, 1785, d. in Westford, deacon of the 
Baptist church of Westford (m. Sarah 
Faxon of Braintree Mass.); son of Solo- 
mon of Hollis N. H., b. there July 21, 
1760, d. in Westford Vt. Apr. 6, 1849 (m. 
Abagail Brooks); son of Shebuel Hobart 
Jr. of Hollis N. H., b. in Groton Mass. 
1715, d. in Westford Vt. Sep. 30, 1805 (m. 
Esther Parker); son of Shebuel of Groton 
Mass., b. there 1682, d. there Sep. 30, 1764 
(m. 1714 Martha Prescott); son of Ger- 
shom Hobart, b. 1645, d. in Groton 1707, 
clergyman, ordained 1679; son of Peter, b. 
in Eng. 1604, d. in Hingham Mass. June 
20, 1679, came to Hingham 1635; son of 
Edmund Hobart, b. in Hingham Eng. 
1574, d. 1646, came to Mass. 1633. 

cago 111., b. in Milford Pa. Nov. 25, 
1852, educated in the public and private 
schools there, commenced his business 
life at the age of 17 years, first in Milford 
Pa., later in Salamanca N. Y., and still 



later in Towanda Pa., moved to Chicago 
111. 1881, member F. and A. M. (m. Sep. 
25, 1884 Mary Alice Marquiss, dau. of 
Abraham and Eliza Jane [Fitzwater] 
Marquiss and desc. of Thomas Fitzwater, 
who emigrated from Eng. 1682, settled in 
Bucks co. Pa., was a member of the first 
general assembly held in Pa. 1682-3, in the 
English records the name is mentioned as 
early as 1086, the ancestors of the Mar- 
quiss family are supposed to have emi- 
grated 1737 and settled in Hampshire co. 
W. Va., the family are well known in Va., 
Ohio and 111., she Mary had 2 ch., Wallace 
M. and Edmund G. Heller); son of 
George P. Heller of Milford Pa., b. there 
Aug. 22, 1828, d. there May 10, 1880, suc- 
ceeded his father in the carriage, wagon 
and sleigh manufacturing business in Mil- 
ford Pa., identified with politics early in 
life, was a shrewd and active political 
worker and a power in the co., justice of 
the peace for several years, associate judge 
of Pike co. Pa. 1865-80, charter member 
and master of the Masonic Lodge Milford 
Pa., member Corinthian Chapter New 
York (m. Mar. 2, 1852 Helen Elizabeth 
Wallace, dau. of John H. Wallace, mer- 
chant, farmer, elder in Presbyterian 
church, son of James, son of William Wal- 
lace, who emigrated from Ayr Scotland 
about the close of the rev. war and desc. 
of Francis Joseph Smith or Josephus 
Jacobus De Aerts France, ensign in rev. 
war, Garret Brodhead, sergt. N. J. troops 
in rev. war, Capt. Daniel Brodhead, com- 
mander in chief of the military forces in 
the Esophues 1665, she Helen Elizabeth 
Wallace was also dau. of Emeline Dildine, 
who desc. from the Shotwells, and John 
Ogden of Rye N. Y., who m. Judith, dau. 
of John Budd, a planter in New Haven 
Ct. 1639); son of John M. Heller of Port 
Jervis N. Y., b. in Bushkill Pa. Nov. 11, 
1806, d. in Milford Pa. Mar. 3, 1857, manu- 
facturer of carriages and wagons, sheriff 
of Pike co. Pa. 1838 and treas. 1849, was 
master of the Masonic Lodge of Port 
Jervis N. Y. for a number of years, a man 
of great business capacity, a leading citizen 
and was highly honored and respected (m. 

Jan. 21, 1827 Margaret, dau. of Abraham 
and Margaret [Quick] Winfield, and desc. 
from Thomas Quick, a Hollander who re- 
sided in Ulster co. N. Y. 1696); son of 
John Heller of Bushkill Pa., b. in North- 
ampton co. Pa. Nov. 21, 1786, d. in Fulton 
co. 111. Nov. 30, 1863, lived in N. J. for a 
time, was a resident of Wayne co. Ohio, 
later a resident of Richland co. O., moved 
to Fulton co. 111. 1835 ; son of John Heller 
of Bushkill Pa., b. in Northampton co. Pa. 
Oct. 29, 1756, d. in Richland co. O. after 
1833, moved to Bushkill in early life, after- 
wards sold his property there and jwith a 
portion of his family emigrated to Rich- 
land co. O., where he bought 1,600 acres 
of land, was a resident of Richland co. 
1814, private in the Pa. troops in rev. war, 
enlisted in Northampton co. Pa.; son of 
Simon Heller of Plainfield Pa., b. near 
Worms Germany June 18, 1721, d. in 
Plainfield May 20, 1783, emigrated to 
Amer. with his father 1738 and settled in 
Lower Saucon tp. Northampton co. Pa., 
moved to Plainfield 1763, was a prominent 
man and owner of a large plantation (m. 
prob. Louise); son of Christopher Heller 
of Hellertown Pa., b. near Worms Ger. 
1688, d. in Hellertown 1778, arrived in 
Amer. with his family 1738 and settled in 
Lower Saucon tp. Northampton co. Pa., 
was one of the many Palatinates that emi- 
grated to Amer. during the earlier part of 
the last century, the first ancestor of the 
Heller family lived in Nueremberg Ba- 
varia in the 12th century and was a mer- 

HAYES, CLARKE of Franklin Pa., b. 
in Tiffin O. June 10, 1853 (m. Sep. 
15, 1885 Annalanah Purviance Mason, dau. 
of William Mason of Bradford Pa., who 
was b. in Lawrence co. Pa. 1830, d. in 
Buffalo N. Y. Nov. 12, 1895, rn- Dec. 22, 
1859 Agnes McClelland, dau. of John Mc- 
Clelland of Venango co. Pa., b. there Sep. 
26, 1807, d. in Butler Pa. Feb. 19, 1837, 
justice of the peace there, lawyer, m. about 
1830 Eleanor Purviance, b. 1815, d. Apr. 
11, 1890, dau. of John Purviance [and 
Annalanah Anderson, b. 1780 or 2, d. 1858, 



dau. of Samuel and Ann [Nelson] Ander- 
son] of Butler Pa., b. in Little Washing- 
ton Pa. 1774, d. there Dec. 28, 1821, was 
col. of 2d inf. in reg. of Pa. militia in war 
of 1812, practiced law in Butler 1805-12, 
son of John Purviance of Little Washing- 
ton, b. 1742, d. in Claysville Pa., rev. 
soldier, [m. Elizabeth, b. in Scotland July 
3? !757> dau. of Alexander Thomson [and 
Elizabeth Edmunston], son of Alexander 
Thomson, who was in the battle of Both- 
well Bridge 1679], son of A. W. Purviance 
and Lettice Dinsmore); son of John 
Stevenson Hayes of Tiffin O., b. in Car- 
lisle Pa. Mar. 29, 1819, d. in Tiffin Aug. 
26, 1892 (m. July 4, 1843 Rebecca, dau. of 
Charles and Sarah [Herrick] Miller, and 
had 7 ch., Jane, Harriet, Clarke, Julia, 
Emily, Clara and John); son of Charles 
Miller Hayes, b. on a farm near Mont- 
pelier Vt. 1782, d. in Marion O. 1849, was 
the youngest of 5 ch., having sturdy 
Christian parents who wisely used means 
for the physical, moral and mental devel- 
opment of their children, he came up to 
manhood with better qualifications for 
business than most men of his time, at 
about the age of 21 he engaged in buying, 
shipping and selling timber and lumber at 
points along the St. Lawrence river, both 
on American and Canadian sides. This 
business he continued with good success 
until the outbreak of the war with Great 
Britain in 1812, when, being compelled on 
account of the war to abandon his lumber 
business, he located at Plattsburg N. Y. 
and engaged in dry goods and general 
merchandise trade, in which he was quite 
successful. About two years before locat- 
ing in Plattsburg he married Sarah, widow 
of John D. Fisk and daughter of Elijah 
Herrick. He must have continued in busi- 
ness in Plattsburg N Y. until about 1818, 
when misfortune came to him as a result 
of having signed cash obligations to a 
large amount for some of his friends who 
failed in business, leaving a large portion 
of their debts for him to pay, and he was 
left, after paying these obligations, without 
sufficient means to continue his mercantile 
business, so he closed it out and moved 

to Tioga co. N. Y., where he engaged in 
farming and dealing in lumber. In 1829 
he left New York State and located on a 
farm in Susquehanna co. Pa. near Mon- 
tone. After about six years spent among 
the stony hills of Pa. he found that farm- 
ing could not be made profitable and be- 
gan looking for a more favorable location. 
Having friends in Ohio who gave him 
very favorable accounts of the fertility of 
the soil and of the prospect of its rapid set- 
tlement and development of a State, he de- 
cided to dispose of his property in Pa. 
and to make the new State of Ohio his 
permanent home. Having sold his prop- 
erty and completed his arrangements for 
his journey he started with his family. 
They traveled first by team and then by- 
canal to Buffalo N. Y., where they took a 
steamboat for Sandusky City Ohio, where 
they arrived in safety after a pleasant lake 
voyage of about three (3) days. From 
Sandusky they were transported by ox 
team some 40 miles southwest and located 
on a farm about two miles south of Mel- 
more. This was in Sep. 1835. They found 
the situation in Ohio very much as they 
expected from the representations of their 
friends. The whole State was, however, 
at that time new, and the greater portion 
of it unbroken wilderness, heavily tim- 
bered, a large tract of land being still held 
and occupied by the Wyandot Indians. 
The roads, such as they were, being almost 
impassable the most of the year. There 
had been very little public improvement; 
mills and factories were few and far be- 
tween, school and church privileges very 
meagre, even in the best of neighborhoods. 
Many difficulties and dangers had to be 
met and overcome by the pioneers, but 
fortunately they, like a large portion of the 
early settlers of Ohio, were men and 
women of remarkable courage and enter- 
prise, good morals and religious principles. 
In 1837 the government obtained posses- 
sion of what had been known as the 
Wyandot Reservation. These lands came 
into market in 1839. Chas. Miller bought 
100 acres of this land, being the northeast 
corner of the Reservation. In the winter 



of 1840-41 he built a log house on this 
land, and on the 4th day of March 1841, 
the day on which Wm, Henry Harrison 
became Pres. U. S., he moved into it. On 
May 1st 1849 Chas. Miller died at the 
home of his son-in-law Isaac Halderman, 
where he was visiting, in Marion Ohio, 
and he is buried there in the old Marion 
cemetery (m. 1810 Sarah Fish Herrick, b. 
in Hartford Ct. Nov. 29, 1787, d. Feb. 12, 
1853, buried in the old cemetery at Marion 
O., dau. of Elijah and Lucinda [Prentice] 
Herrick, she Sarah had 9 ch. : Phoebe Her- 
rick, b. 1812, d. 1892, May E., b. 1814, d. 

1818, Sarah Maria, b. 1817, Rebecca, b. 

1819, Samuel Prentice, John Stevenson 
and Julia Hayes, who m. Charles Foster); 
son of Daniel Miller Hayes of Vt. 

HAYDEN, WILLIAM of Denver Col., 
b. in Rochester N. Y. May 25, 1837, 
educated in public school, lived in Roch- 
ester until 1854, moved to Milwaukee Wis. 
1808, to Chicago 111., to Denver Col. 1889 
(m. Oct. 16, 1866 Harriet Clark Winslow. 
b. in Franklin Mass. July 20, 1840, dau. of 
Charles Winslow [and Harriet Newell 
Richardson], son of Zenas J. Winslow, 
son of Zenas, who was major, lieut.-col. of 
Barnstable co. 2d reg., col. and quarter- 
master of Barnstable co., 5th in desc. from 
Kenelm Winslow, brother of Gov. Ed- 
ward, she Harriet Clark Winslow had 
dau. Mary Dickinson Hayden, b. in Chi- 
cago 111. Sep. 27, 1869, m. Mar. 27, 1S97 
Giles Francis Roosevelt of Denver Co.); 
son of "William Hayden, b. in Canton 
Mass. Jan. 22, 1809, d. in Milwaukee Wis. 
May 23, 1864, machinist in Baldwin engine 
works Phila., took 1st engine on sloop to 
Troy N. Y., next one to Rochester N. Y., 
where he settled as master mechanic of R. 
& Batavia RR. afterward New York Cent, 
remained in same position until 1855, went 
to Milwaukee Wis. as sup 1 :, ot gas co. 1855 
(m. .Apr. 7, 1835 Mary Scott, b. in Water 
ford N. Y. Sep. 27, 1812, d. in Milwaukee 
Sep. 1, 1871, dau. of Thomas Scott and 
Grace Smith, who was b. in Ridgefield Ct. 
Feb. 10, 1782, d. in Waterford N. Y. Apr. 
23, 1819, dau. of Job Smith Jr. [and Esther 

Benedict], who was ensign in Col. Roger 
Emos' reg. Ct. militia 1777, she Mary had 
9 ch., viz.: William, b. May 25, 1837, 
Thomas Scott, b. Sep. 16, 1838, George 
Richard, b. Aug. 4, 1840, Charles Harvey, 
b. May 7, 1843, d. in Chicago 111. 1895, 
Mary Scott, b. Feb. 27, 1845, Frederick 
Smith, b. Aug. 23, 1846, Anna Seymour, 
b. Feb. 8, 1848, Harvey Smith, b. Jan. 25, 
1850, and Carrie Spencer Hayden, b. Mar. 
2, 1855, d. in Rochester N. Y. May 8, 
1856); son of Moses Hayden, b. in Stough- 
ton Mass. Jan. 1, 1785, d. in Chardon O. 
Aug. 1, 1877, farmer, moved from Mass. to 
Ohio near Painesville 1833 (m. Elizabeth 
Crane and had 9 ch., viz.: William, b. Jan. 
22, 1809 as above, Albert Gallatin, Elbridge 
Gerry, Caroline, Charles Crane, Maria 
Holmes, Catherine, Laura Leonard and 
Sarah Jane Hayden); son of Moses Hay- 
den of Stoughton Mass., b. there 1754, 
private in Capt. Josiah Hayden's co. Lex- 
ington alarm roll Mass. 1775, also in Capt. 
Josiah Hayden's co. Gen. J. Thomas' reg. 
in rev. war 1775, and in Capt. Swan's co. 
Col. Gill's reg. Fishkill 1778. 

KENDALL, OLIVER of Providence 
R. I., b. there Nov. 12, 1843 (m. 
Oct. 18, 1865 Caroline Elizabeth Hatch 
dau. of Watson Davis Hatch b. in Fal- 
mouth Mass., also dau. of Caroline Bowen 
Denise dau. of Capt. Joseph Louis Denise, 
son of Nicholas Joseph Denise who came 
to Amer. from France during the French 
rev., she Caroline had 6 ch., viz: Caroljjie 
Elizabeth, Martha Snow, Oliver, Watson 
Hatch, William Clifford and Arthur Ray- 
mond Kendall); son of Oliver Kendall of 
Providence R. I., b. there May 21, 1813, 
d. there Sep. 16, 1858, was one of the early 
manufacturers of church organs in New 
England (m. Dec. 6, 1842 Martha Cory 
Snow whose family was a well known one 
in Providence R. I. and whose ancestors 
came early to Amer. from Eng.): son of 
Oliver Kendall of Providence R. I., b. in 
Sterling Mass. Feb. 17, 1776, d. in Provi- 
dence Aug. 16, 1843, book binder and book 
seller there (m. Oct. 28, 1810 Elizabeth 
dau. of Col. Benjamin Tallman who was a 



noted ship builder in Providence, build- 
ing in all nearly ioo vessels, was appointed 
by congress to build for the government 
two frigates); son of Ethan Kendall of 
Sterling Mass., b. there Sep. 25, 1748, d. 
there Sep. 22, 1834, farmer, rev. soldier 
(m. July 4, 1771 Thankful Moore, dau. of 
Dea. Oliver Moore of Lancaster Mass., 
her family a prominent one there) ; son of 
Josiah Kendall of Lancaster Mass., b. in 
Woburn Mass. Sep. 1, 1712, d. in Sterling 
Mass. July 22, 1785, a leading and flam- 
ing patriot of his town, served on various 
committees during the war (m. Mar. 17, 
1736 Tabitha Wyman whose family were 
among the first settlers of Woburn Mass.) ; 
son of Samuel Kendall of Woburn Mass., 
b. there Oct. 29, 1682, d. there Dec. 13, 
1764, was commissioned lieut. by Gov. 
Belcher 1732, was an extensive land 
holder, was an original proprietor of 
North Town, also a principal settler of 
Pegnoig or Athol where he suffered much 
from the depredations of the Indians dur- 
ing the French wars between 1744-60 (m. 
1st Elizabeth, 2d Mehitable Asmore); son 
of Thomas Kendall of Woburn Mass., b. 
there Jan. 10, 1648 or 9, d. there May 25, 
1730 (m. 1673 Ruth) ; son of Francis Ken- 
dall of Woburn Mass., b. in Eng. 1620. 
d. in Woburn 1708 (m. Dec. 24, 1644 Mary 

apolis Ind., b. in Patriot Ind. Oct. 
24, 1839, lawyer, moved to Franklin Ind. 
in 1850, enlisted in 1861 in co. "H " 7th 
Ind. vols, and was at battle of Carrick's 
Ford, served afterwards as lieutenant and 
captain of co. " I " 79th Ind. vols, and was 
in the battles of Stone River, Chicka- 
mauga, Missionary Padge and the battles 
of Gen. Sherman on the Atlanta campaign 
until June 23, 1864, when he was severely 
wounded in action at Kenesaw Mountain 
Ga., by reason of which he was honorably 
discharged Nov. 10, 1864, and began the 
practice of law at Franklin Ind., was city 
attorney and also circuit prosecuting at- 
torney, located in Indianapolis 1873, judge 
of the Superior Court there 1876-90, grad. 

Franklin (Ind.) college 1857, Albany (N. 
Y.) law school 1867, is one of the vice- 
presidents of the Indiana Historical So- 
ciety and some of his contributions are 
contained in the publications of that so- 
ciety, author of " The Puritan Republic," 
is compiling " The Howe Genealogy " 
(m. May 17, 1871 Inez Hamilton, dau. 
of Robert A. and Susan [Saunders] 
I Hamilton of Decatur co. Ind., and had 
Ruth, Lucy and Susan) ; son of Daniel 
Haven Howe of Patriot Ind., b. in Phelps 
Ontario co. N. Y. Mar. 20, 181 1, d. in 
Patriot Feb. 17, 1841 (m. Dec. 11, 1838 
Lucy Hicks, b. in Leroy N. Y. July 10, 
1816, dau. of Solomon and Lucy [Butts] 
Hicks); son of Nathan Howe of Great 
Valley N. Y., b. in Hillsborough N. H. 
Feb. 1, 1773, d. in Great Valley May 6, 
1845, a man of sound judgment and of 
great physical strength, capt. of 71st 
N. Y. vols, in war of 1812 (m. Oct. 
17, 1793 Mary Wait, b. in Athol 
Mass. Nov. 14, 1772, d. in Great Val- 
ley N. Y. Oct. 10, 1868, she is men- 
tioned in Mrs. Sigourney's " Past-Meri- 
dian; " son of Otis Howe of Hillsborough 
N. H., b. in Marlborough Mass. Oct. 3, 
1748, d. in Stockbridge Vt. Oct. 21, 1822, 
private in Capt. Aaron Adams' co. in rev. 
war (m. Nov. 5, 1770 Lucy Goodale, b. in 
Marlborough Mass. July 3, 1753, dau. of 
Nathan and Persis [Whitney] Goodale); 
son of Eliakim of Henniker N. H., b. in 
Marlborough Jan. 17, 1723, d. in Brown- 
field Me. about 1800, built first house in 
Henniker, captain of the alarm list for 
Henniker in rev. war (m. Dec. 15, 1747 
Rebecca Howe, dau. of Peter and Grace 
Howe); son of Jonathan Howe of Marl- 
borough Mass., b. there Apr. 23, 1687, d. 
there June 22, 1738 (m. Apr. 11, 1711 Lydia 
Bingham, dau. of Daniel and Elizabeth 
Bingham of Marlborough Mass.); son of 
Thomas Howe of Marlborough Mass., b. 
there June 12, 1656, d. there Feb. 16, 1733, 
was a prominent citizen of Marlborough, 
selectman and treasurer several years, was 
one of the representatives in the gen. court 
in 1700 and for several years thereafter, 
was also one of the King's justices of the 



peace and a colonel in the militia, took an 
active part in King Philip's war and was 
in a severe action at Lancaster on July 31, 
1704, " During the whole of this war," 
says Mr. Hudson, " Capt. Thomas Howe 
acted a conspicuous part, he not only 
commanded the garrison and scouts 
through the town, but led the troops to 
every place of danger which presented it- 
self," he was buried at Marlboroifgh and 
the inscription upon his tombstone is still 
legible (m. 1st June 8, 1681 Sarah Hosmer, 
dau. of James and Sarah [White] Hosmer 
of Concord Mass., who d. Apr. 7, 1724, 
and he m. 2d Dec. 24, 1724 widow 
Mary Barron); son of John of Sudbury 
Mass. The Howes, who for nearly 160 
years kept the " Red Horse " or Howe 
Tavern in Sudbury, made famous in Long- 
fellow's poem, " The Wayside Inn," were 
descendants of John through his son Col. 
Samuel Howe. There used to hang there 
a painting representing the coat of arms, 
described in the poem. The arms were 
those of the family of Charles Howe, Earl 
of Lancaster. The original painting is now 
in the possession of George Hubbard 
Howe, a descendant of John, of Evans 
Colorado. A fac-simile of this coat of 
arms is printed as the frontispiece of 
Nason's Howe Family Gathering. The 
family tradition is that John was son of 
John Howe of Warwickshire; that the lat- 
ter was a son of John Howe of Hodinhull 
and related to the family of Charles, Earl 
of Lancaster. There are no records, how- 
ever, giving positive confirmation of this 
tradition. It is not known when John first 
came to America, nor where he first set- 
tled, but it is known that he was in Sud- 
bury Mass. as early as 1638 or 1639 and 
that he was one of the 47 who shared in 
the division of the Sudbury lands at that 
time. He was admitted freeman May 13, 
1640, and in 1642 was one of the selectmen 
there. He was the first white settler of 
Marlborough Mass., probably about 1657 
or 1658. He was one of the first of the 
selectmen there, and during his life there 
he bore a prominent part in all the civil 
and religious affairs of the town. John 
and his wife Mary both died in Marlbor- 

ough, but the accounts vary as to the 
dates of their deaths. As nearly as can 
now be ascertained John died May 28, 
1689, and his wife probably in 1698 or 1699 

" ington D. C, b. in Georgetown D. C. 
Aug. 5, 1844, captain in U. S. navy (m. 
June 15, 1871 Elizabeth Lindsay Poor dau. 
of Rear Admiral Charles H. Poor U. S. 
navy and Mattie Lindsay [Stark] Poor, 
she Elizabeth had son Charles Theodore 
Jewell); son of Thomas Jewell of Wash- 
ington D. C, b. in Georgetown D. C. Sep. 
19, 1812, d. in Washington Aug. 8, 1893 
(m. Apr. 3, 1835 Eleanor dau. of Jonathan 
and Eleanor [Robinson] Spencer of Tal- 
bot co. Md.) ; son of William Jewell of 
Georgetown D. C, b. in Harford co. Md. 
Sep. 16, 1785, d. in Georgetown Jan. 23, 
1856, removed from Harford co. Md. to 
Georgetown D. C. 1810 (m. Sep. 12, 1811 
Elizabeth dau. of Leonard and Susan 
[Krouse] Kochendorfer) ; son of George 
Jewell of Harford co. Md., b. in Cranbury 
N. J. 1750, d. in Harford co. 1820, removed 
from Bucks co. Pa. to Harford co. 1780 
(m. Mary dau. of William and Rebecca 
[Cooper] Hibbs of Byberry Pa.); son of 
Richard Jewell of Cranbury N. J., b. in 
Middlesex co. N. J., d. in Cranbury 1757, 
yeoman, will dated 1756 and probated 1757. 

of New Haven Ct, b. in Springfield 
Mass. Oct. 22, 1857 (m. Oct. 28, 1880 
Florence Chamberlain of colonial, May- 
flower pilgrim and Huguenot descent and 
had 3 ch. Seth Hamilton, Harriette Cham- 
berlain and William Hamilton Moseley): 
son of Seth Hamilton Moseley of New 
Haven Ct, b. in Sringfield Mass. July 19, 
1826 (m. Dec. 4, 1855 Sarah Jane Cook 
dau. of Gen. Benjamin Ely Cook and a 
lineal descendant of the famous Anneke 
Jans) ; son of Sanrael Moseley of Spring- 
field Mass., b. in Mansfield Ct. Aug. 16, 
1780, d. in Sringfield Sep. 15, 1864 (m. 
Feb. 18, 1808 Polly Tarbox of Coventry 
Ct., dau. of Jonathan and Lydia [Bill] 
Tarbox and desc. of John Tarbox who 
settled in Lynn Mass. 1640) ; son of 



Nathaniel Moseley of Mansfield Ct, b. 
in Stoughton Mass. Dec. 22, 1743, d. in 
Mansfield Ct. Oct. 1818 (m. Sep. 29, 1768 
Rosanna Al worth dau. of William Alworth 
and Rose who brought a letter of recom- 
mendation from a church in Bandon Ire- 
land to Stonington Ct. 172,7)', son of 
Nathaniel Moseley of Dorchester Mass. 
and Windham Ct., b. in former Dec. 4, 
1715, d. in Hampton Ct. Mar. 3, 1788 (m. 
Aug. 11, 1742 Sarah dau. of John and Ruth 
[Thayer] Capen and desc. of John Alden 
and Priscilla Molines); son of Ebenezer 
Moseley of Dorchester Mass., b. there 
Sep. 4, 1673, d. there Sep. 19, 1740 (m. 
1701 or 2 Hannah Weeks dau. of John 
Weeks who was killed on the expedition 
to Canada) ; son of Thomas Moseley, b. 
1636, d. in Dorchester Mass Oct. 22, 1706 
(m. Oct. 28, 1658 Mary Cooper); son of 
John, b. in Eng., d. there Oct. 27, 1661 
(m. Cicely who d. in Dorchester Dec. 3, 

MOORE, ERNEST H. of Freedom O., 
b. there Mar. 21, 1861, cheesemaker 
for several years, attended the N. E. Ohio 
normal college and has been a teacher in 
the public schools of Portage and Geauga 
counties; son of William A. Moore of 
Freedom O., b. there Mar. 27, 1837 (m. 
Sep. 28, 1857 Sarah M. Davis, desc. of 
Isaac Davis who was b. May 7, 1751, d. 
Aug. 18, 1801 [m. July 11, 1777 Bathsheba 
Ingersol who was b. Apr. 16, 1755, d. in 
Freedom O. Mar. 22, 1835] Calvin Davis 
b. Oct. 12, 1778, d. in Mass. Dec. 19, 1803 
fm. Jan. 5, 1798 Hannah Crocker who was 
b. Oct. 12, 1778, d. in 111. Oct. 1838], Isaac 
Calvin Davis b. in Lee Mass. Sep. 8, 1801, 
d. in Freedom O. Sep. 10, 1882 [m. 
Pamelia Maria Heath who was b. in 
Tyringham Mass. Sep. 2, 1805, d. in Free- 
dom May 10, 1882] and Solomon Heath 
who was b. July 22, 1773, d. Feb. 3, 1864, 
m. Sally Battles b. Sep. 27, 1781, d. Dec. 
18, 1858, she Sarah M. Davis had 6 ch., 
viz: Charles S., Ernest H., Clifton J., 
Frank D.. Harriet E. [m. J. F. Dudley 
of Freedom ] and Martin Leroy Moore); 
son of William Clark Moore of Freedom 

O., b. July 30, 1807, d. in Freedom May 
21, 1894 (m. Mar. 27, 1827 Sibyl S. Drake, 
lineal descendant of Sir Francis Drake, 
John Drake The Emigrant who came to 
Boston Mass. 1630, John Drake, who m. 
1648 Hannah Moore, dau. Thos., Enoch 
D. b. Dec. 8, 1655, d. Aug. 21, 1698, Enoch 
D. b. May 5, 1683, Enoch D., Enoch D. 
b. Aug. 24, 1741, d. Jan. 9, 1782, Enoch D. 
b. Sep. 24, 1772, d. Mar. 26, 1863, Sibyl 
Drake b. Jan. 7, 1810, d. Apr. 1, 1885, Wil- 
liam A. Moore b. Mar. 27, 1837, Ernest H. 
Moore b. Mar. 21, 1861); son of Elihu 
Moore, b. probably in New Hartford Ct. 
Oct. 28, 1775, d. in Montville O. Nov. 19, 
1852 (m. Nov. 13, 1796 Hannah Clark D. 
Apr. 24, 1776, d. Jan. 21, 1854); son of 
Josiah of New Hartford Ct., b. probably 
in Windsor Ct. Sep. 17, 1737 (m. Nov. 18, 
1762 Anna Gillett) ; son of Joseph Moore 
of Windsor Ct, b. Aug. 11, 1712, d. May 
5, 1790 (m. May 20, 1735 Elizabeth Allyn 
who d. May 11, 1790); son of Joseph Sr. 
b. in Windsor Ct. July 5, 1679; son of John 
Moore b. in Windsor Dec. 5, 1645 ( m - Ist 
Hannah Goffe, 2d Martha Farnsworth) ; 
son of Bea. John who came to Windsor 
Ct. with first emigrants; son of Thomas 
Moore who d. 1645. 

of Easton Pa., b. there Aug. 3, 1862, 
atty. at law, editor of Northampton County 
Law Reporter, member of the Society of 
the Cincinnati of N. J. (m. Dec. 6, 1887 
Mary Elizabeth McClelland, dau. of Med- 
ical Director James McClelland U. S. N. 
and Ann Barnes, dau. of Judge Joseph 
Barnes, dis. court of Phila. Pa., desc. of 
Barnes family of Mass. and East Hampton 
L. I., she Mary had 3 ch., Elizabeth F., 
Robert Lea, deceased, and Henry D. Jr.); 
son of Henry Dusenbery Maxwell of 
Easton Pa., b. in Flemington N. J. Dec. 
5. 1812, d. in Easton Oct. 3, 1874, consul 
at Triste 1850, judge of the co. courts 
1856-62, well known lawyer (m. May 9. 
1854 Maria Louisa Honeyman, dau. of 
John Honeyman M. D. and Elizabeth 
Schureman Nevius of New Germantown 
N. J. and desc. of the Nevius and Van 



Doren families of Somerset and Mon- 
mouth counties N. J.); son of William 
Maxwell of Flemington N. J., b. in Green- 
wich tp. Sussex co. N. J. May 5, 1785, d. 
in Flemington Aug. 20, 1828, counsellor at 
law, was well and favorably known at the 
time of his death (m. Jan. 16, 1812 Sarah 
Dusenbery, dau. of Maj. Henry Dusenbery 
of New Hampton N. J. and Lydia Swayze, 
desc. of Israel Swayze); son of John Max- 
well of Flemington N. J., b. in co. Tyrone 
Ireland Nov. 25, 1739, d. in Flemington 
Feb. 15, 1828, came to Amer. with his par- 
ents from co. Tyrone Ireland 1747, passed 
his early youth in Morris co. N. J., en- 
listed in rev. war, lieut. of the first co. 
raised in Sussex co N. J., subsequently be- 
came captain, participated in battles of 
Trenton, Assunpink, Princeton, Brandy- 
wine, Germantown, Monmouth and 
Springfield as captain of Maxwell's co. (m. 
1769 Mary Ann Clifford, desc. of the Mass. 
Clifford family); son of John Maxwell of 
Greenwich tp. Sussex co. N. J., b. in co. 
Tyrone Ireland 1701, d. in Greenwich tp. 
Sussex co. Aug. 19, 1786, brought his fam- 
ily from co. Tyrone Ireland 1747 and set- 
tled in N. J., he is a desc. of Thomas 
Maxwell, who at the capitulation of Lim- 
erick settled in co. Tyrone 1691 (m. Ann); 
son of John Maxwell. 

York Neb., b. in New Vernon Pa. 
Aug. 23, 1837, lawyer, was raised on a 
farm, taught school in Pa., went to war of 
reb. 1861, was in co. B 83d Pa. vol. inf., 
was in service over 3 years, wounded in 
right thigh at Malvern Hill Va., was pro- 
moted from private to 1st lieut., lived in 
York Neb. 29 years (m. Feb. 22, 1864 An- 
nie, dau. of Houston Borland, son of 
Andrew, son of John and Catharine 
[Montgomery] Borland); son of Archi- 
bald Montgomery of New Vernon Pa., b. 
there Apr. 23, 1804, d. there 1878, farmer, 
had 3 sons in Avar of the rebellion (m. 1835 
Margaret, dau. of Andrew Carnahan, who 
settled in Mercer co. Pa. about 1798); son 
of John Montgomery of near New Ver- 
non Pa., b. near Philadelphia Pa. about 

1777, d. near New Vernon 1847, tailor (m. 
Annie Muse); son of Archibald Mont- 
gomery of near Philadelphia Pa. and New 
York, b. in North Ireland, d. on the road 
from eastern Pa. to west Pa. 1792, had 
property near Phila. Pa., sold it for five 
thousand dollars, took it all in continental 
money and in a little while it was worth- 
less, had sons Joseph, William, James, 
Archibald and Charles, who all served in 
the war of 1812, all stalwart men, who were 
among the first settlers of Western Pa., 
coming there when young men (m. about 
1767 Martha Campbell). 

KISSAM, EDWARD of Brooklyn N. 
Y., b. in Huntington L. I. Apr. 28, 
1818, was a wholesale merchant in New 
York city nearly 30 years, author of f> The 
Kissam Family in America" (m. 1st Dec. 
8, 1846 Ellen Elizabeth, who d. Jan. 6, 
1859, dau. of N. R. Van Brunt of Brook- 
lyn N. Y., whose ancestors were among 
the early settlers of New Utrecht L. I., 2d 
Sep. 16, 1863 Mary Anna, dau. of Samuel 
Fleet of Brooklyn N. Y., desc. of Admiral 
Fleetwood of Eng., whose son Capt. 
Thomas came to America in his own ves- 
sel bringing his family with him 1660, glad 
to escape the troublous times of Charles I 
and his parliament, he then concluded to 
drop the latter part of his name, he sailed 
up the harbor of Northport and purchased 
tracts of land in the tp. of Huntington, 
later was appointed by the Governor one 
of the patentees of the town, and being 
largely engaged in commerce is said to 
have had as many as 40 vessels on the 
high seas); son of Daniel Whitehead Kis- 
sam of Huntington L. I., b. in Manhasset 
L. I. Mar. 23, 1763, d. in Huntington Nov. 
21, 1839, physician, was an active and en- 
terprising citizen and practiced his pro- 
fession in Queens and Suffolk counties 44 
years (m. June 26, 1787 Elizabeth Tred- 
well, b. Dec. 21, 1767, d. Apr. 3, 1803, dau. 
of Dr. Benjamin Tredwell and niece of the 
Rt. Rev. Samuel Seabury D. D., the first 
bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church 
in America, 2d Oct. 17, 1805 Phebe Oak- 
ley, who d. Nov. 13, 1861, dau. of Wilmot 



Oakley, cousin of the late Chief Justice 
Thomas J. Oakley of New York city); son 
of Joseph Kissam of Manhasset L. I., b. 
in North Hempstead L. I. Aug. 22, 1731, 
d. in Manhasset May 20, 1815, was a jus- 
tice of the peace (m. Oct. Q, 1752 Mary, b. 
1725, d. June 13, 1804, dau. of George and 
Hannah Hewlett); son of Joseph Kissam 
of Manhasset L. I., b. in North Hempstead 
L. I. 1705, justice of the peace 1749-63, 
vestryman of St. George's church at 
Hempstead 1751-61 (m. Feb. 7, 1727 De- 
borah Whitehead, gt.-gr.-dau. of the Hon. 
Daniel Whitehead, who was one of the 
most prominent citizens in the early settle- 
ment of L. I. and one of the patentees of 
the several towns of Huntington, New- 
town and Jamaica); son of Daniel Kissam 
of Great Neck, N. Hempstead L. I., b. in 
Flushing L. I. 1669, d. in North Hemp- 
stead Dec. 26, 1752, vestryman of St. 
George's church at Hempstead from 1703, 
his will was proved in New York city 1753, 
was buried in the family plot on the farm 
(m. Elizabeth Coombs, who was b. 1673, 
d. May 12, 1736); son of John Kissam of 
Flushing L. I., b. in Eng. July 1644, was 
the progenitor of the family in Amer., his 
descendants all settled in and around New 
York and married in old N. Y. families 
(m. July 10, 1667 Susannah, dau. of Wil- 
liam Thorne of Jamaica L. I.). 

DER NEWMAN of Philadelphia 
Pa., b. in Hilton Head S. C. Dec. 26, 1864, 
grad. M. D. from univ. of Pa. 1886, demon- 
strator of obstetrics in univ. of Pa., in- 
structor of gynecology in Philadelphia 
polyclinic, member of colonial society of 
Pa., historical society of Pa., union league, 
college of physicians, Amer. academy of 
medicine, surgeon of the 2d troop Phila. 
city cavalry; son of William Mathews 
Dorland of Philadelphia Pa., b. in Freder- 
icksburg O. Nov. 13, 1816, d. in Phila. 
Aug. 24, 1884, grad. M. D. from Western 
Reserve medical coll. Cleveland O. 1850, 
assistant surgeon 28th reg. Pa. vols., after- 
wards surgeon in charge of army hospital 
at Hilton Head S. C, subsequently or- 

dained Presbyterian clergyman (m. July 
3, 1855 Sarah Ann Coe, nee Thorne, desc. 
of the Thorne, Roberts, Dudley, Stokes, 
Inskip and Rogers families) ; son of James 
Dorland of Fredericksburg O., b. in Har- 
lingen N. J. Aug. 1, 1781, d. in Freder- 
icksburg Feb. 4, 1858, farmer (m. Dec. 11, 
1804 Mary dau. of John Moore who was 
one of the first elders of the Lisbon O. 
Presbyterian church 1807-12) ; son of 
Luke Dorland of Harlingen N. J., b. there 
May 23, 1749, d. there 1787, was a patriot 
in the N. J. militia where his name is 
recorded as Linus Dorland (m. 1773 
Eleanor Aulche who after the death of 
Luke Dorland m. Sep. 14, 1815 David 
McKinley Sr., gt.-gr.-father of President 
William McKinley); son of Gerret Dor- 
land of Harlingen N. J., b. in Brooklyn 
N. Y. 1707, d. in Harlingen Aug. 21, 1774, 
possessed considerable wealth for those 
days, was one of the original subscribers 
to and builders of the Reformed Dutch 
church in Harlingen N. J. 1750-2 (m. Mar. 
13, 1731 Matilda Van Arsdalen) ; son of 
Gerret Janse Dorlandt of Somerset co. 
N. J., b. in Brooklyn N. Y. 1666, d. in 
Somerset co. 1720, farmer (m. May 20, 
1692 Jane Schenck dau. of Jan Martensen 
Schenck who came from Holland 1650, 
settled in Flatlands, also dau. of Jannetje 
Van Voorhees dau. of Steven Koerts Van 
Voorhies, b. in Holland near Hees in the 
Netherland province of Drenthe 1600, d. 
1684, was the common ancestor of the 
Voorhees family in Amer., emigrated to 
Flatlands 1660, was justice of Flatlands 
1664 and representative at the council of 
deputies 1674); son of Lambert Janse 
Dorlandt of Brooklyn N. Y. and Somerset 
co. N. J., b. in Holland 1639 or 40, d. in 
Somerset co. 1720, was constable of 
Brooklyn 1671, magistrate 1673, granted a 
tract of land in Staten Island by order of 
Sir Edmund Andros the governor 1680. 
colonial assemblyman of N. Y. from Rich- 
mond co. 1691-2, removed to Somerset co. 
east N. J. near present site of Harlingen 
1715 (m. 1665 Hermina Janse Peters dau. 
of Jan Peters who emigrated from Hol- 
land to Brooklyn N. Y.). 



point R. I., b. in Providence Mar. 
31, 1825, engaged 1838 in bleaching and 
printing cotton goods in works established 
by his father 1828, has been employed in 
public affairs in various capacities for 
many years, member of town council, of 
school committee, board of state charities 
and corrections, senator in the legislature 
and now pres. of board of managers of 
R. I. coll. of agriculture and mechanic arts 
(m. Aug. 13, 1849 Marcy Gooding Wilbur 
who d. June 22, 1879, dau. of Oliver Crom- 
well and Lucy Ann [Greene] Wilbur and 
through her mother desc. from the same 
emigrant ancestor Dr. John Greene as 
her husband, she Marcy had 4 ch., Susan 
Aborn, Lucy Anna, Caroline Cornelia and 
Francis Whittier Greene) ; son of Simon 
Henry Greene of Clyde R. I., b. in Centre- 
ville R. I. Mar. 31, 1799, d. in Clyde Apr. 
26, 1885, first a merchant in Providence 
and then engaged in bleaching and print- 
ing cotton goods, founding works in Clyde 
1828, inheriting pre-eminent mental abili- 
ties from his parents and improving them 
by education, was one of the foremost 
men in the state, was representative and 
senator in R. I. legislature, member of 
Providence city council, member of repub- 
lican convention which first nominated 
Abraham Lincoln to the presidency (m. 
Mar. 13, 1822 Caroline Cornelia Aborn 
dau. of Edward and Susan [Potter] Aborn 
and desc. of Roger Williams the founder 
of R. I.); son of Col. Job Greene of War- 
wick R. I., b. there Nov. 19, 1759, d. in 
Centreville R. I. Aug. 23, 1808, was emi- 
nent for great abilities and possessed a 
most vigorous understanding, was highly 
esteemed by his fellow-citizens for his 
learning and the integrity of his principles, 
was state senator and representative in the 
general assembly (m. Nov. 29. 1785 Abi- 
gail dau. of Capt. Simon Rhodes [and 
Anne Babcock], grad. Yale coll.); son of 
Col. Christopher Greene of Warwick 
R. I., b. in Occupassatoixet R. I. May 12, 
^737, d. at his outpost near Pine's Bridge 
Westchester co. N. Y. May 13, 1780, was 
well educated and fond of mathematics, 

rep. in R. I. colonial legislature, lieut. of 
Kentish guards when chartered 1774, 
major in R. I. army of observation 1775, 
capt. under Gen. Benedict Arnold in ex- 
pedition against Quebec, major in Gen. 
Varnum's brigade, col. in defense of Red 
Bank 1777 (m. Jan. 6, 1757 Anne dau. of 
Jeremiah Lippitt and desc. of John Lippitt 
one of the founders of Warwick) ; son of 
Judge Philip Greene of Warwick R. I., 
b. in Occupassatoixet R. I. Mar. 5, 1704 
or 5, d. in Warwick Apr. 10, 1791, a lead- 
ing citizen, was rep. in the colonial assem- 
bly, judge of court of common pleas 
throughout the rev. war, finally declining 
re-election on account 'of advancing years, 
was of dignified manner and commanding 
great respect on all occasions (m. Aug. 
12, 1731 Elizabeth dau. of John and Sarah 
[Gorton] Wickes of old families of War- 
wick R. I.); son of Maj. Job of Warwick 
R. I., b. in Occupassatoixet, Warwick 
1656, d. in Warwick 1744, was a forceful 
character, was prominent in the affairs of 
the colony, of Warwick and Occupassa- 
toixet (m. June 22, 1684 or 5 Phebe dau. 
of John and Mary [Williams] Sayles and 
gr.-dau. of Roger Williams). 

Rochester O., b. in Poultney Vt. 
June 29, 1805, d. Jan. 24, 1892, author of 
" Record of Samuel Pond and his Descend- 
ants," left school in his native state with a 
limited education but by self help became 
a noted mathematician (m. June 9, 1828 
Clarissa W. Ashley, b. in Poultney Vt. 
May 20, 1805, gr.-dau. of Thos. Ashley, rev. 
soldier and had 6 ch., viz.: Asahel A., 
Gilman, Stephen D., Carlos K., Louisa E. 
and Eliza E. Pond) ; son of Stephen Pond 
of New London O., b. in Lenox Mass. 
Sep. 29, 1779, d. in New London Dec. 6, 
1868, chairmaker in early life, moved to 
Ohio, farmer there, was an honest, tem- 
perate and industrious man (m. Elizabeth 
dau. of Dr. John Streator of Becket Mass. 
whose father was a rev. soldier) ; son of 
Abel Pond of Poultney Vt., b. in Stock- 
bridge Mass. Oct. 27, 1753, d. in Poultney 
Dec. 29, 1828, rev. soldier, was with Ethan 

6 4 


Allen at the taking of Ticonderoga, was a 
remarkably sprightly and athletic man, 
after losing the use of his arms he could 
jump up and strike his heels together three 
times before striking the ground (m. 
Eunie Curtis); a son of Dan Pond of 
Poultney Vt., b. in Branford Conn. Mar. 
4, 1726, d. in Poultney May 27, 1783, was 
known as the patriarch (m. Mabel Mun- 
son, b. 1731, d. Jan. 8, 1793, had 15 ch., 
viz: Dan Jr., Philip who was a prisoner 
in rev. war where he died, Abel, Rebecca, 
Josiah, Phineas, Silas, Nathaniel, Jarad, 
William, Asahel, Ira, Benjamin, Thank- 
ful and Monson); son of Philip Pond of 
Branford Ct, b. there June 6, 1706, d. in 
Branford co. 1749 (m. Thankful Frisbee 
and had 8 ch. all b. in Branford viz: Dan, 
Thankful, Timothy, Bartholomew, Re- 
becca, Philip Jr., Samuel and Edward); 
son of Samuel Pond of Branford Ct., b. 
July 1, 1679 (m. June 8, 1704 Abigail Goo- 
rich and had 8 ch., viz: Samuel, Philip, 
Bartholomew, Josiah, Abigail, Phineas, 
Perig and Mene Mene Tikel Upharson) ; 
son of Samuel Pond of Branford Ct., b. 
probably in Windsor Ct. Mar. 4, 1648, was 
propounded for a freeman at the genera! 
court held in Hartford Ct. 1672, was a 
deputy to the general court from Bran- 
ford 1678-87, was lieut. 1695 (m. Feb. 3, 
1669 Miriam Blakley and had son Samuel 
whose name was among the signers of the 
new plantation church covenant of Bran- 
ford Ct. 1667); son of Samuel Pond of 
Windsor Ct., d. Mar. 14, 1654, owned 62 
acres of land (m. Nov. 14, 1642 Sarah and 
had Isaac, Samuel, Nathaniel and Sarah). 

Boston Mass., b. in New Orleans La. 
Dec. 31, 1843, clerk for C. F. Hovey & Co. 
5 years, private, corporal, serg. and 2d 
lieut. 30th Mass. regiment in U. S. vols. 
1861-5, was clerk in Boston post-office 25 
years, was orange merchant at Fruitland 
Florida 4 years, grove killed in the freeze 
of 1895 (unmarried); son of Ferdinand 
Charles J. B. E. Poree of New Orleans 
La. and Boston Mass., b. in Philadelphia 
Pa. Nov. 9, 1805, d. in Boston May 23, 

1869, studied law with Gen. Ripley, was a 
clerk for McKean booksellers, agent for 
Stevenson & Co., was a cotton factor in 
New Orleans La., came to Boston Mass. 
1840, was bookkeeper for Frank Boyd & 
Co., Slain & Co. and George Bent & Co. 
Boston (m. Sep. 19, 1840 Caroline Eliza 
Gurney, b. Feb. 17, 1819, dau. of Alpheus 
Gurney of N. Bridgewater Mass. and Eliza 
Gore of Boston Mass. and desc. of Zacha- 
riah Gurney of Weymouth Mass., b. 1729, 
and John Gore, freeman in Roxbury Mass. 
1637); son of Jean Baptiste Poree of San 
Domingo W. I., Philadelphia Pa. and 
New Orleans La., b. in Paris France, d. in 
New Orleans May 9, 1819, was notary of 
San Domingo under Louis XV 25 years, 
was exiled by the Christophe rebellion, 
landed in Newport R. I. 1793, was vice- 
chancellor of French legation in Philadel- 
phia Pa. 1801, was vice-consul under Na- 
poleon Bonaparte 1809-19 (m. May 5, 1801 
Alice Matilda Roberts, dau. of Amos and 
Margaret [Thomas] Roberts of Richland 
Pa., Quakers, the Roberts came to Amer. 
1699); son of Pierre Poree of Paris 
France (m. Marie Laura Bagaunier). Gil- 
bert de La Poree, b. 1070, was bishop of 
Poiters France, was a school-man of the 
realistic order, the name Poree is quite 
ancient in France. 

PAYSON, EDWARD of Port Gibson 
Miss. 1833-45 and Deering Me., b. in 
Portland Me. Sep. 14, 1813, d. in Deering 
July 21, 1890, grad. A. B. at Bowdoin 1832, 
member of Mississippi bar 1834-46, mem- 
ber of Cumberland bar from 1846, Maine 
legislature 1864-6, is the author of 
" The Maine Law in the Balance," " Doc- 
tor Tom," " On the Verge," " The Law 
of Equivalents in its Relation to Political 
and Social Ethics," essays in National 
Quarterly Review and a " Socratic Dia- 
logue " on Immorality in Scribner's for 
June 1887 (m. Oct. 3, 1848 Penelope Ann 
Martin, d. Nov. 16, 1867, dau. of Samuel 
and gr.-dau. of William Martin [and Eliza- 
beth Galpine], emigrated to Boston Mass. 
1783, was member of the general court of 
Mass. for N. Yarmouth 1792-7, charter 



trustee of Bowdoin coll. to 1813, gr.-son of 
Maj. Samuel Martin of Green Castle An- 
tigua, and cousin of Sir Henry Martin and 
of Josiah Martin, last royal governor of 
North Carolina, she Penelope had 3 
ch., Edward of Boston Mass. and Deer- 
ing Me., b. in Westbrook Me. July 16, 
1849, grad. A. B. at Bowdoin 1869, LL. B. 
at Harvard 1871, counsellor at law, author 
of sundry review articles and monograph 
" Suggestions toward an Applied Science 
of Sociology," William Martin of Boston 
Mass. and Deering Me., b. in Westbrook 
Me. Aug. 18, 1852, grad. A. B. at Bowdoin 
1874, counsellor at law, and Francis Gal- 
pine Payson, b. Aug. 1865, d. July 31, 
1869); son of Edward Payson of Portland 
Me., b. in Rindge N. H. July 25, 1783, d. 
in Portland Oct. 22, 1827, A. B. of Har- 
vard 1803, D. D. of Bowdoin, was pastor 
of 2d Congregational church of Portland 
Me. 1807, was sometime trustee of Bow- 
doin coll., author of sermons and addresses 
(m. May 9, 181 1 Ann Louisa Shipman, 
dau. of Elias Shipman [and Sarah Kilby 
Butler] of New Haven Ct., b. 1748, d. 
Jan. 15, 1823, son of Elias, prob. desc. of 
Edward Shipman [and Mary Anderson] of 
Saybrook Conn., who came to Saybrook 
with Lady Fenwick 1639, freeman 1667, 
she Ann L. also had Louisa Shipman Pay- 
son, b. Feb. 24, 1812, d. 1862, whose 
l.iterary and linguistic abilities were ex- 
ceptional, Hebrew, Latin, Greek, German, 
French and Italian were favorite studies, 
author of " The Pastor's Daughter," a 
vivid portrayal of Calvinistic faith, " Henry 
Langdon," " The Guiding Star," several 
compilations and unsigned articles in the 
N. Y. Review on " Goethe," and " Claud- 
ius " [m. Aug. 25, 1841 Prof. Albert Hop- 
kins of Williams coll., had son Albert who 
was killed in the war between the States], 
Elizabeth, b. Oct. 26, 1818, d. in Dorset 
Vt. Aug. 14, 1878, author of " The Flower 
of the Family," " Stepping Heavenward " 
and many other books [m. George L. 
Prentiss, A. B. of Bowdoin 1835, D. D. 
1854, prof, in the Union theological sem.], 
Henry Martyn, b. Oct. 13, 1821, d. Dec. 
21, 1898, a banker in Portland Me. [m. 2d 

Emma D. Conant], George, b. May 26, 
1824, d. in Chicago 111. Dec. 1, 1893, A. B. 
of Bowdoin 1843, author of " Totemwell," 
" Robert Romaine," " Golden Dreams and 
Leaden Realities," a book on California 
1849, wrote under the nom de plume 
" Ralph Raven," was sometime counsel 
for the western R. R. assn. of Chicago 111. 
[m. Margaret, dau. of Randolph A. L. 
Codman of Portland Me.] and Charles 
Payson, b. Sep. 3, 1826, d. Feb. 1890, was 
cashier of the Merchants' national bank of 
Portland, m. Feb. 5, 1852 Ann Maria Rob- 
inson); son of Seth Payson of Rindge N. 
H., b. in Walpole Mass. Sep. 30, 1758, d. in 
Rindge Feb. 26, 1820, only son by father's 
2d marriage, half-brother of Rev. Phillips 
Payson of Chelsea, A. B. of Harvard 
1777, D. D. of Dartmouth 1809, ordained 
pastor of the Congregational church of 
Rindge N. H. 1782, author of many ser- 
mons and " Proofs of the Real Existence 
and Dangerous Tendencies of Illuminism," 
was trustee of Dartmouth coll. 1813-20 and 
prominent in the matters leading to its 
famous lawsuit, was senator of N. H. 
1802-4 (m. Sep. 19, 1782 Grata Payson, b. 
May 15, 1757, d. Mar. 3, 1827, dau. of Dea. 
John and Thankful [Howe] Payson of 
Pomfret Ct. and desc. of Edward Payson 
of Roxbury and Dorchester Mass.); son 
of Phillips Payson of Walpole Mass., b. 
in Dorchester Mass. Feb. 29, bapt. Mar. 
12, 1704 or 5, d. in Walpole Jan. 22, 1728, 
A. B. of Harvard 1724, ordained at Wal- 
pole 1730, preached there nearly 50 years 
by his father will received a silver cup. 
great Bible, £20 on taking his 2d de- 
gree and £60 five years after (m. 
2d pub. Oct. 9, 1757 Kezia Bullen Morse, 
widow of Dea. Seth Morse of Med- 
ford and dau. of John and Mehitable 
[Fisher] Bullen, gr.-dau. of Ephraim Bul- 
len [and Grace], son of Dea. Samuel 
Bullen and Mary Morse, dau. of Samuel 
Morse of Dedham and Medford Mass., the 
Puritan); son of Samuel Payson of Dor- 
chester Mass., b. there, bapt. Sep. 21, 1662, 
d. there Nov. 21, 1721, was land owner in 
Dorchester, constable 1698, selectman 
1706-7-9 (m. June 14, 1688 Mary, dau. of 



Rev. Samuel Phillips of Rowley and sister 
of Elizabeth, who m. Rev. Edward Pay- 
son); son of Edward Payson of Roxbury 
and Dorchester Mass., b. in Nazing Eng. 
Oct. 13, 1613, d. in Dorchester 1689, came 
to Amer. about 1636, member of Rev. John 
Eliot's church in Roxbury Mass., was land 
owner 1639, freeman 1640, donated to an- 
nual school fund '1645 (m. 2d Jan. 1, 1641 or 
2 Mary, b. in Nazing Eng., d. Mar. 24, 
1697, dau. of Bennett and Lettie [Agger] 
Eliot of Widford Eng. and sister of Rev. 
John Eliot, the Apostle). 

REED, JOHN BLAIR of Philadelphia 
Pa., b. in Milton Pa. 1822 (m. Sarah 
Jane Hoff, dau. of Michael Floff and Lydia 
Gudy Kunst, whose ancestors were among 
the early settlers of Northumberland co. 
Pa., she Sarah had 2 ch., Juliet Claudine 
[m. A. H. Kellogg] and Florence Janetta 
Reed, m. 1st Ralph Bogle, 2d C. S. 
Beaver); son of William Reed, b. in Chil- 
lisquaque Pa. 1793, d. in Montandon Pa. 
1868 (m. Sarah Jane Blair, whose father 
and two uncles were soldiers in rev. war, 
she Sarah had 7 ch., viz. : William B., John 
B., Rebecca, Mary, Samuel, Alexander B. 
and Sarah); son of William Reed, b. in 
Chillisquaque Pa. 1749, d. 1837, was private 
in rev. war, was captain, was in Washing- 
ton's command as lieut, fought in the bat- 
tles of Monmouth, Brandywine and Tren- 
ton (m. Mary, dau. of Col. James Murrey, 
who served immediately under Washing- 
ton, and had 12 ch., viz.: Margaret Irwin, 
Jane [m. Mr. McMahon, son of Gen. Mc- 
Mahon], Rebecca, James, Mary, Thomas, 
William, Alexander, John A., Samuel, 
Robert and Elizabeth); son of William 
Reed, b. in Wilmington Del. 1704, d. 1790. 
fought in French and Indian wars, and 
with the help of other settlers built Reed's 
Fort near Lock Haven Pa., this fort was 
destroyed by the Indians during the rev. 
war 1778 and the families that were there 
sought refuge in Fort Augusta (m. Doro- 
thy Lestur and had 7 ch., viz.: John, Mary. 
Alexander, William, Thomas, Jane and 
George); son of William Reed of Dela- 
ware, b. in Ireland 1674, d. 1746, emi- 

grated to Amer. about 1680 or 90 (m. Jane 
Mitchell and had 3 ch., Alexander, William 
and James). 

IDE FAMILY. Notes on the origin and 
early history of the Ide family in 
America by J. B. Nichols M. D. In this 
sketch are presented the results of an in- 
vestigation of the origin and early history 
of an Ide family in America. All the in- 
formation obtained concerning three 
generations (males), and all covering the 
seventeenth century, is given, together 
with some further data relative to the 
fourth generation. Attention will also be 
directed to sources of additional informa- 
tion, and a basis will, it is hoped, be af- 
forded for investigations into the genealogy 
of this family. The last old-country 
(doubtless English) ancestor of the Amer- 
ican Ide family under consideration was 

I 1. Nicholas Ide (or Hyde). He died 
early in the seventeenth century, leaving a 
son (II 1) Nicholas. His widow afterward 
married Thomas Bliss, of Belstone, near 
Okehampton, Devonshire, England. The 
latter belonged to a family of substantial 
farmers and landowners of Belstone, who 
by their adherence to Puritan views and 
their opposition to the court and clergy 
suffered persecution under the government 
of Charles I and were reluctantly impelled 
to emigrate to the new American colonies 
and exchange the comforts of their native 
land for the hardships of a new country. 
Thomas Bliss emigrated to America in 
1636, taking with him his stepson Nicholas 
Ide, his wife (formerly Mrs. Ide), and two 
or three children of their own. He joined 
an uncle at Braintree (then so called), near 
Boston, Massachusetts; he moved to Hart- 
ford, Connecticut, in a year or so, and 
back again to Weymouth, near. Braintree, 
about 1640. Religious dissensions arising 
in the Weymouth church, a section of the 
congregation, including Thomas Bliss and 
his family, left the place and settled Reho- 
both, Massachusetts, about 1643. Here 
Thomas Bliss, who is said to have been a 
blacksmith, lived until his death in June. 
1649. I n his will, besides two sons and 



two daughters, he mentions Nicholas Ide 
as his son-in-law, probably meaning, as is 
thought by writers on the subject, his step- 
son rather than the husband of a daughter; 
Thomas Bliss's daughters were Nicholas 
Ide's half-sisters, whom oi course he could 
not marry. These details are mentioned 
to show the circumstances surrounding 
the early life of Nicholas Ide. 

II 1. Nicholas Ide, son of Nicholas, is 
believed to have been born in England 
early in the seventeenth century, to have 
come to America with his stepfather 
Thomas Bliss in 1636, to have lived with 
him as shown above, in Braintree to about 
1637, then in Hartford to about 1640, and 
in Weymouth about i640-'43, and to have 
gone with him about the autumn of 1643 
as an early settler of Rehoboth, where he 
lived the remainder of his life. His name 
first appears in the Rehoboth records as 
drawing for land April 9, 1645; he prob- 
ably attained his majority about this time, 
which would make the date of his birth 
perhaps about 1624. He also participated 
in subsequent divisions and transfers of 
land in Rehoboth and Attleboro (which 
lies immediately north of Rehoboth and 
was settled about 1668). He was admitted 
a freeman in 1648. In 1652 he was fined 
twenty-five pounds by the General Court 
of the colony of New Plymouth for selling 
a gun to an Indian; he pleaded inability to 
pay and the Court in 1657 ordered that on 
payment of " the sume of five pounds in 
good wampam " being provided for, the 
balance of the fine should be remitted. He 
was surveyor of the " highwaies " of Re- 
hoboth in 1662, 1669, and 1674. He is the 
only Ide that appears in lists of the free- 
men of New Plymouth colony in 1658 and 
1670. In the records the name is variously 
spelled Hyde or Hide (in the earlier 
years), lyde, Ide, Iyd, and Jyde; he ap- 
pears to have signed his name lyde. He 
had the following children, born at Reho- 
III 1. Nathaniel, born November 11, 

Ill 2. Mary, born December 10, 1649; 

married, December 12, 1673, at 

Rehoboth, Samuel Fuller, who 
died August 15, 1676; afterward 
probably married John Red- 
away, December 27, 1677, at 

Ill 3. John, born December, 1652; served 
in King Philip's War, 1675-76, 
being in the " Narragansett ex- 
pedition; " died December, 1676; 
buried at Rehoboth. 

Ill 4. Nicholas, born November, 1654 
(see below). 

Ill 5. Martha, born October, 1656; mar- 
ried Samuel Walker November 
11, 1681, at Rehoboth; died 
August, 1700. 

Ill 6. Elizabeth, born April 6, 1658. 

Ill 7. Timothy, born October, 1660 (see 

Ill 8. Dorothy, born May 14, 1662. 

Ill 9. Patience, born May 25, 1664; mar- 
ried Samuel Carpenter January 
8, 1683, at Rehoboth. 

III 10. Experience, born October, 1665. 
His wife Martha died (or was buried) at 

Rehoboth November 3, 1676, and he died 
there October 18, 1690. 

Ill 4. Nicholas Ide, son of Nicholas, 
born at Rehoboth November, 1654. He 
married, December 27, 1677, at Rehoboth, 
Mary Ormsbee, who died September 9, 
1690, at Rehoboth; he married, second, 
Eliza or Elizabeth Hewins. He had the 
following children: 

IV 1. Nathaniel, born November 4, 

1678, at Rehoboth; died March 
4, 1703, at Attleboro. 

IV 2. Jacob, born July 4, 1681, at Reho- 
both; married Sarah Perry Janu- 
ary 1, 1708, at Rehoboth. 

IV 3. Martha, born March 18, 1683, at 
Rehoboth; married Zachariah 
Carpenter November 8, 1705, at 

IV 4. Patience, born May 12, 1686, at 
Rehoboth; married Benjamin 
Ingraham March 20, 1712, at Re- 
hoboth; died November, 1716, at 
Rehoboth. She had a son, Ben- 
jamin Ingraham, born at Reho- 
both August 25, 1 714, from 



whom the author is descended; 
she was the author's great-great- 
IV 5. John, born August 27, 1690, at Re- 
hoboth; married Mehetable 
Robinson May 14, 1719, at At- 
IV 6. Benjamin, born December 5, 1693, 
at Rehoboth; married Elizabeth 
Slack November 29, 1716, at At- 
IV 7. Nicholas, born July 21, 1697, at 

IV 8. Nicholas, born December 27, 1703, 
at Marblehead (Attleboro rec- 
He lived first in Rehoboth and later in 
Attleboro. He (or possibly his father) was 
a soldier in King Philip's War, 1675-76, 
under Major Bradford. He was admitted 
a freeman in 1682. Latterly he bore the 
titles " Ensign " and " Lieutenant." He 
was town surveyor of Attleboro in 1697, 
and the representative of Attleboro in the 
General Court of Massachusetts in 1713 
and 1714. He is said to have died June 5, 

III 7. Timothy Ide, son of Nicholas, 
born October, 1660, at Rehoboth. He 
married Elizabeth Cooper December 20, 
1687, at Rehoboth, and by her had the fol- 
lowing children born there: 
IV 9. Timothy, born October 1, 1688; 
married Mary Daggett Decem- 
ber 20, 1716, at Rehoboth. 
IV 10. Elizabeth, born March 18, 1690; 
married Daniel Read November 
5, 1715, at Rehoboth. 
IV 11. Mary, born April 2, 1692; married 
Ezekiel Read May 21, 1713, at 
IV 12. Sarah, born April 9, 1694. 
IV 13. Rachel, born May 28, 1696. 
IV 14. Experience, born May 28, 1696. 
IV 15. Josiah, born October 20, 1698. 
IV 16. Daniel, born June 4, 1701. 

He bore the title of " Ensign." In 1710 
he was the representative of Rehoboth in 
the General Court. He diec 1 at Rehoboth 
April 5, 1735; his wife Elizabeth died there 
February 8, 1745, in her 83d year. 

The following are mentioned in the 

early Rehoboth records, but their connec- 
tion, if any, with those above mentioned is 

rot known: 

William Hide, of New Norwich, married 
Joanna Abel of Rehoboth June 4, 1667. 

Jane Ide married George Kendrick April 
1, 1691. 
The information given above has been 

derived from, and further data concerning 

the genealogy of this family may be found 

by reference to, the following: 

Town records of Rehoboth and Attleboro, 

Records of the colony of New Plymouth 
in New England, 1633-92. Printed by 
order of legislature of Massachusetts; 
edited by Nathaniel B. Shurtleff; vol- 
umes 1 to 8, 1855-57. 

New England Historical and Genealogical 
Register. 1847-95. 

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Bliss family in America. 1881. 

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Massachusetts. 1883. 

Baylies, Francis. Historical memoir of 
New Plymouth, 1608-1692. 1866. 

Savage, James. Genealogical dictionary of 
first settlers of New England. 1860- 

Ward, Andrew H. History of Shrews- 
bury, Massachusetts. 1847. 

Jameson, E. O. History of Medway, Mas- 
sachusetts. 1886. 

Davis, Gilbert A. History, etc., of Read- 
ing, Vermont. 1874. 

rows was the first of the name found 
in Connecticut. He went from Boston or 
that vicinity to settle in Wethersfield, in 
the colony of Connecticut, where he 
owned land in the year 1641. He with a 
few others made the first settlement at 
New London, Conn., after the final subju- 
gation of the Pequot Indians in the year 
1651. He was rated for his ministers' tax 



at New London on 246 pounds sterling 
1652. He, in company with John Packer 
and Robert Park, settled in Groton near 
Mystic river. Burrows had a grant of " a 
parcel of land between the west side of the 
River and a high mountain of rocks " 
dated Apr. 3, 1651. Robert Burrows was 
by appointment the first ferryman on the 
Mystic River. There is the following 
record: " Goodman Burrose chosen ferry- 
man for Mistic river, to ferry a horse and 
a man for a groat." Robert Burrows mar- 
ried, in Wethersfield about 1645, Mary, 
relict of Samuel Ireland. She had two 
daughters by her first husband, Mary and 
Martha, whose portion of £30 each was 
delivered to their stepfather Burrows by 
John Latimer of Wethersfield Oct. 20, 
1651. For the faithful performance of his 
trust Burrows pledged his house, land and 
stock at Pequonuck. Mary, the wife of 
Robert Burrows, together with her first 
husband, Ireland, took the oath of allegi- 
ance to the Church of England at London 
and came to this country on the " In- 
crease " in 1635. Only two children of 
Burrows have been traced, Samuel and 
John. They were made freemen in the 
colony in Oct. 1669. The subsequent his- 
tory of Samuel is not known. John mar- 
ried Dec. 14, 1670 Hannah, daughter of 
Edward Culver, and had a large family of 
children. Robert Burrows died 1682. 
Mary Burrows died 1672 in Dec. 

JOHN Burrows, son of Robert and 
Mary Burrows, married Hannah Culver 
1670. Their children: John, Mary, Mar- 
garet, Samuel, Robert, Jeremiah, Isaac, all 
of whom were born previous to the year 
1678. One of the daughters married John 
Tuttle. John Burrows, Sr., died Feb. 12, 
1716, aged 74, it is stated in some records. 
This must be a mistake, as it is also stated 
he was born 1647. Caulkin's History of 
New London gives the date of his death 
as 1699. 

JOHN, son of John and Hannah Bur- 
rows, married Lydia Hubbard, daughter of 
Hugh and Jane Hubbard of New London 
in 1694. They had four sons and four 
daughters, John, Hubbard, Amos, Silas, 

Lydia, Abigail, Hannah, and a daughter 
whose name is not known, but who mar- 
ried a Fish. Lydia married a Pendleton. 
Abigail married a Latham. Hannah mar- 
ried Joseph Dennison. Silas married 
Hannah Gere and had one child, a daugh- 
ter named Silence. She married a 
Wheeler of Stonington, Conn. Her 
father, Silas Burrows, died at the early age 
of 24 yrs. 

AMOS, son of John and Lydia Burrows, 
married Elizabeth Rathburne of Colches- 
ter, Conn, date unknown. Their children 
were : 

1. Rev. Amos Burrows, eldest son, who 

married and died at Whitestown, 
near Utica, N. Y. He was the an- 
cestor of the Burrows family in 
Sweden, Monroe Co. N. Y. His 
land lay just west of the Oriskany 
battlefield monument and a part of 
the battle, if not the principal part, 
was fought on his farm. The in- 
scription on his tomb in the old 
Miles cemetery is: "Rev. Amos 
Burrows who died Apr 11, 1801 in 
the 63d year of his age." 

2. Rev. Silas Burrows, second son, mar- 

ried Mary Smith, daughter of Isaac 
Smith, and had ten children. 

3. Elisha Burrows, married Susan Fish, 

daughter of John Fish. She died 
leaving two daughters. His second 
wife was Sarah Fish, sister of Susan. 
Elisha B. died at Salina, N. Y. 

4. Nathan Burrows, married Anna 

Smith. Had three sons: Nathan, 
Marchant, Silas. Marchant married 
and moved into the northern part of 
Connecticut. Nathan Burrows, Sr., 
died in Groton, Conn. 

5. Paul Burrows, married Catharine 

Haley. They had five sons and three 
daughters, Jeremiah, Paul, George, 
Silas, Ambrose, Nancy, Catharine, 
and Rhoda. a. Jeremiah married a 
Miss Burnett, b. Paul and George 
were both lost at sea. Paul was 
captain and Geo. mate of the same 
ship. c. Ambrose married Anna 
Fish, daughter of Joseph Fish. He 

7 o 


had two sons Brutus and Ambrose 
H. Brutus was living a few years 
ago (now 1897), a rough old char- 
acter of the sea I am told. Ambrose 
H. died at sea and left one son 
Henry H. d. Nancy married a Park. 
e. Rhoda married Caleb Latham and 
was left a widow, f. Catharine mar- 
ried Capt Jesse Crary and had two 
sons, Albert and George. Albert 
died at sea. George married his 
cousin Catharine Latham. 

6. Joseph Burrows, married Abby Chip- 

man. Three sons and two daughters, 
Amos, Austin, Dennison, Catharine 
and Betsy, a. Catharine married a 
Deverause and was left a widow with 
three small children, b. Betsy mar- 
ried a Chappell; had two or more 
children. Moved to Penfield, N. Y. 
where she died. Joseph Burrows, 
the father, died in Pennsylvania. 

7. Joshua Burrows, married Jane Fish, 

daughter of John Fish. Had two 
sons, Amos and Joshua. a. Amos 
settled in Vermont where some of 
his descendants are now living, b. 
Joshua died in Groton, Conn., the 
state and town of his birth. 

8. Elizabeth Burrows, oldest daughter of 

Amos and Elizabeth Burrows, mar- 
ried Richard Mitchell of Block 
Island. He died leaving one son 
and three daughters. His widow 
married a second husband, Sylvester 
Havens and died at Stonington 
Point. Two of Elizabeth's daughters 
married and lived on Block Island. 
One married a Mott; the other a 
Mitchell. The third married a Mor- 
rell and lived at Stonington Point. 
Became the mother of several chil- 
dren. She with her babe, her 
mother, and a niece were swept 
away in a gale Sept. 181 5 through an 
unaccountable rise of tide which took 
house and all. Two daughters, Abby 
and Eliza were rescued with diffi- 
culty and reared in the family of 
Enoch Burrows, a cousin. 

9. Anna, second daughter of Amos and 

Elizabeth Burrows, married Asa 
Franklin. Two children: Nathan 
and Nancy, a. Nathan married and 
died young leaving a widow with 
several children. b. Nancy never 
married. Asa Franklin was drowned 
in Long Island Sound. The widow 
married for her second husband 
David Lewis. They had three sons 
and two daughters: David, John, 
Abel, Sally, Polly, c. David married 
Lydia Tift. They had three children. 
d. Abel married a Miss Gates and 
moved west. e. Sally married Paul 
Burdick. No children. David 
Lewis, Sr. was drowned in Pequo- 
nuck River. His wife died in 
Groton, Conn. 
10. Eunice, youngest daughter of Amos 
and Elizabeth B., married Solomon 
Tift from Rhode Island. Three sons 
and eight daughters: Joseph, Amos, 
Solomon; Eunice Betsy, Polly, 
Lydia, Lucy, Sally, Nancy, Phebe, 
and Abaline. a. Amos married 
Hannah Forsyth of Preston. b. 
Betsy married John Burham; lived 
in Groton, Conn. c. Eunice married 
Joseph Crumb; lived in Groton. d. 
Polly married a Briggs and lived in 
Rhode Island, e. Lucy married a 
Dewey and lived at Groton. f. 
Phebe married a Chipman; lived in 
New London. g. Abaline married 
Nicholas Starr, lives in N. Y. State. 
REV. AMOS Burrows, son of Amos 
and Elizabeth of Whitestown, N. Y., mar- 
ried Temperance , who died Oct. 

12, 1820, aged 80 yrs. Their children were: 
Amos, Kene, Peleg, Joshua, Caleb or 
Kelup, and Asa. 

1. Kene married Clarissa Emerson who 
died Sept. 9, 1813, aged 28. Their 
children were: a. Harriet married 
Azer Doty of Brockport, N. Y. b. 
Roswell died in Michigan. Had two 
children, c. Fanny, married 1. Philo 
Root, 2, Theodore Stone, d. Minard, 
married a Hutchinson. Kene re- 
moved from Whitestown to Monroe 
Co. N. Y. 



2. Peleg married twice. He was the first 

to move from Whitestown to Sweden, 
Monroe Co. N. Y. By his first wife 
he had four sons and two daughters. 
Leonard, Waldo, Asa, Van Renn- 
sylaer, Permelia and Polly. By his 
second wife, a son, Peleg, Jr. a. 
Leonard lived and died at Ypsilanti, 
Mich. Had several children. b. 
Waldo lived at Hudson, Mich. Has a 
daughter, Mrs. L. W. Van Akin of 
Boyeman, Mont. c. Permelia mar- 
ried a William Burrows and lived in 
Xenia, O. Their children were Frank 
and Frances. d. Asa. Peleg, the 
the father, is said to have been a man 
of great strength and force. He was 
a Lieut, in the war of 1812. (See 
Roster in Buffalo Library). He died 

3. Asa, son of Amos Burrows of Whites- 

town, had several children, a. David, 
lived near Rome, N. Y. His children 
were* Frank, Martin and Geo. b. Asa, 
who died at Rochester, N. Y. without 
children, c. Caleb, who died in Syra- 
cuse. Had a son Wesley, d. Elisha. 
Has a son Cyrus living in Rochester, 
N. Y. e. Sally, f. Temperance, g. 
Anna. h. Eliza. 

4. Joshua, son of Amos of Whitestown. 

Three sons: a. George, b. Herrick. 
c. Enoch. 

ASA, son of Peleg Burrows, born Mch. 
12, 1812. Died May 20, 1866. Married 
Lucinda Wilder. 1837. Their children 
were: George W. and Delia Ann. 1. 
George W. was born Mar. 5, 1839. He 
married Paulowna Matson 1863. Lives at 
Brockport, N. Y. Their children: George 
Sherman B. and Delia P. Delia P. died 
May 21, 1897. 2. Delia Ann died 1862. 

son of George and Paulowna Burrows. 
Born Aug. 20, 1865. Married Angie M., 
daughter of Allen Handy, June 30, 1886. 
They have one child, George Allen, who 
was born Jan. 17, 1890. Rev. George 
Sherman Burrows is an Episcopal clergy- 
man, first resident clergyman in St. Paul's 

Parish, Holley, N. Y. ; now vicar of Christ 
Church, Lockport, N. Y. 

Rev. SILAS Burrows, second son of 
Amos and Elizabeth B., married Mary 
Smith, daughter of Isaac and Esther 
Smith, Apr. 7, 1764. He was born Aug. 
8, 1741, and died Aug. 8, 1818, 77 yrs. the 
day of his death. Mary his wife was born 
Nov. 15, 1743 and died Oct. 26, 1816. He 
married for his second wife Phebe, the 
widow of Deacon Gilbert Smith, about 
6 mo. previous to his death. It was his 
second, her third marriage. Rev. Silas 
Burrows was the first pastor of the Second 
Baptist Church in Groton, Conn., where 
he labored for 63 yrs. As was the custom 
in those days and like his brother at 
Whitestown, he supported himself in part 
by carrying on a farm. He had ten chil- 
dren: 1. Silas. Born Mch. 14, 1765. Died 
Dec. 22, 1781. 2. Daniel. Born Oct. 28, 
1766. Died at Groton Conn. Jan. 23, 1861. 
3. Roswell. Born Sep. 2, 1768. Died at 
Groton, Conn. May 28, 1837. 4. Enoch. 
Born July 28, 1770. Died at West Troy, 
N. Y. Dec. 5, 1852. 5. Jabez. Born Apr. 
13, 1772. Died at Mayville, N. Y. Mch. 
13, 1855. 6. Gilbert. Born May 10, 1774. 
Died Oct. 1775. 7. Joshua. Born Jan. 10, 
1779. Died at Valencia, Spain Jan. 28, 1809. 
8. Mary. Born May 9, 1782. 9. Elizabeth. 
Born Aug. 9, 1784. Died Dec. 9, 1785. 10. 
Lucy. Born Dec. 5, 1786. Died Aug. 11, 
1791. Of the above children Daniel Bur- 
rows married Mary Avery 1787; Roswell 
Burrows married Jerusha Avery Jan. 28, 
1790; Enoch Burrows m'd Caroline Hope 
King Dec. 28, 1826; Jabez Burrows m'd 
Betsy Bell; Mary Burrows m'd Jedekiah 
Randall May 19, 1799. 

Rev. DANIEL Burrows, son of Rev. 
Silas Burrows, married Mary Avery Dec. 
16, 1787. Rev. Daniel Burrows was born 
in Groton at a place called Fort Hill, some 
five miles from New London, Conn., Oct. 
26, 1766. In early life was -a Baptist but 
subsequently became a Methodist in which 
church he was licensed as a preacher and 
was ordained by the Meth. Bishop Asbury. 
Lived at Hebron. Was several times 
elected to the Legislature of the state. 



Was a member of the convention that 
framed .the present Constitution of Conn. 
Was one of the Commissioners for chang- 
ing the boundary between Conn, and 
Mass. In 1821 was elected representative 
to Congress. After 1823 he moved to 
Middletown, where he was appointed by 
John Quincy Adams Inspector of Cus- 
toms, an office he held 24 yrs, and finally 
resigned. He died at Mystic River Jan. 
23, 1858 in the family of his youngest 
daughter. His children were: 1. Daniel, 
born Sep. 20, 1788. Married and died in 
Hebron Conn. Oct. 25, 1828. 2. Silas, born 
Oct. 11, 1790. Married Caroline Smith of 
Lyme, Conn. 3. Mary B., born Feb. 15, 
1793 and married David Tarbox. Died in 
Pennsylvania 1858. 4. Gilbert, born Jan. 
I5> J 79S an d married Lucy Smith of Lyme, 
Conn. Died in Wilkesbarre, Pa. 5. Ur- 
bane, born Nov. 22, 1798. Married Eme- 
line E. Lord at Haddam, Conn., Sep. 19, 
1824. 6. Francis B., born Jan. 18, 1802. 
Married Abby Ann Lord, May 20, 1826 at 
Haddam, Conn. 7. Edward, born Oct. 21, 
1804. 8. Leonard, born July 2, 1807. Mar- 
ried Charlotte Smith of Lyme, Conn. 9. 
Elizabeth, born Aug. 14, 1811. Married 
Capt. Wm. Clift of Groton, Conn. No 

ENOCH Burrows, son of Rev. Silas 
Burrows, married Esther Dennison Aug. 
28, 1791. Was again married to Mrs. 
Caroline Hope King, widow of Charles 
King, Dec. 28, 1826. His children were: 
1. Lucy A., born June 8, 1792. M'd John 
Hyde 1807. 2. Silas E., born Sep. 25, 1794. 
Married Mary Van Buskirk of Athens, N. 
Y., for his first wife and Mary Russ of 
Hartford, Conn., for his second. 3. Mary 
L., born Sep. 25, 1798. M'd Elias Brown. 
4. Randall, born Nov. 28, 1829, died Dec. 
27, 1882. He was a child by the second 

JABEZ, son of Rev. Silas Burrows, was 
born Apr. 13, 1772. Married Betsy Bell. 
Moved to Troy where he lived many yrs. 
Late in life moved to Mayville, Chautau- 
qua Co. where he died Mch. 13, 1855. 
Their children were: 1. Jabez. 2. Mary 
Ann. Married a Mr. Archibald. 3. Fran- 

ces. Married a Mr. Sam'l Teal. 4. Laura. 
Married Rev. Orin Dodge. 5. Edwin. 6. 

MARY, daughter of Rev. Silas Burrows, 
was born May 9, 1782. Married Jedediah 
Randall May 19, 1799. Their children 
were: 1. Mary Ann Randall, born Dec. 4, 
1800, m'd Roswell S. Burrows 1822. 2. 
Eliza Roe Randall, b. Mch. 3, 1803, m'd 
Simeon Fish Oct. 15, 1823. 3. Erastus, b. 
Nov. 7, 1805, died Oct. 13, 1809. 4. Isaac, 
b. Dec. 25, 1808, m'd Adelia Miner 1831. 
5. Wm. P., b. Jan. 1, 1811, m'd Maria L. 
Comstock 1838. 6. Frances E. } b. Apr. 1, 
1819, m'd Wm. P. Smith 1839. 7. Charles, 
b. July 4, 1814, m'd Mary Woolbright 1842. 
8. Silas B., b. July 4, 1814, m'd Mary E. 
Tucker 1842, married Emily F. Doane 

Rev. ROSWELL Burrows, son of Rev. 
Silas Burrows, was born Sep. 2, 1768. 
Married Jerusha Avery, only daughter of 
Latham and Jerusha Avery, Jan. 28, 1790. 
Rev. Roswell Burrows died May 28, 1837. 
Their children were: 1. Latham A., born 
Aug. 30, 1782, died Sep. 25, 1855. 2. 
Jerusha A., born June 24, 1795, died Oct. 
12, 1814. 3. Roswell S., born Feb. 22, 1798. 
4. Lucy L., born Jan. 19, 1801. 5. Lorenzo, 
born Mch. 15, 1805. 6. Mary E., born 
Apr. 7, 1809, died Oct. 7, 1814. 7. Julia A. 
Burrows, born Aug. 20, 181 1. The wife of 
Rev. Roswell Burrows died Nov. 3, 1838. 

Rev. Roswell Burrows at the age of 
seventeen joined the Second Baptist 
Church of Groton, Conn. At the age of 
thirty-eight was ordained to the Baptist 
ministry. Soon after his ordination he 
took up a missionary tour through West- 
ern New York, traveling on horseback 
some 1,300 miles and finding in what is 
now Buffalo not a soul professing a re- 
ligion of any name. Preached at Preston, 
Conn, and Rocky Point, R. I., the present 
town of Greenport. Succeeded his father 
at Groton, Conn., after his father's death 
in 1818, as pastor of Second Baptist 

Hon. LATHAM A. Burrows, son of 
Rev. Roswell Burrows, married Sarah 
Lester, daughter of Esq. Christopher 



Lester of Groton, Conn., Nov. 1816. Died 
at Buffalo, N. Y. 1855. Served for a time 
in war of 1812-13 as an officer. Practiced 
law. Was for many years first judge of 
Tioga County, N. Y. 1824-28 represented 
6th district in N. Y. Senate. His children 
were: 1. Latham A., born June 5, 1819, 
died Sep. 7, 1847. Hon. Latham A. Bur- 
rows was born at Groton, Conn., gradu- 
ated at Brown Univ., studied law with 
Richard Riker of N. Y. city. 2. Roswell 
L., born Mch. 12, 1821, m'd Maria W. 
French 1848. 3. Sarah Ann, born Feb. 2, 
1823, died Aug. 6, 1848. 4. Jerusha A., 
born Sep. 9, 1825, m'd Wm. H. Newman 
1849. 5. Mary J., born May 14, 1827, m'd 
D. H. Robinson 1857. 6. Geo. W., born 
Feb. 22, 1830, died May 14, 1830. 7. Lucy 
S., born Feb. 13, 1S33, m'd Rossini Cap- 
pock. 8. Margaret W., born Feb. 11, 1838, 
died Feb. 11, 1838. Sarah, wife of Hon. 
Latham A. Burrows, died Nov. 11, i860. 

ROSWELL LESTER Burrows, son of 
Hon. Latham A. Burrows, married Maria 
Whipple French Jan. 6, 1848. Their chil- 
dren were: 1. Sarah Lester, born Dec. 17, 
1848. 2. Julia Maria, born Feb. 26, 1851, 
died 1878. 3. Ann Eliza, born Sep. 12, 
1857. 4. Latham A., born Aug. 26, 1859 
Sarah Lester Burrows married Charles 
Morey Sep. 12, 1878 and died Dec. 15. 
1883. Their children were: a. Julia Bur- 
rows Morey, born Nov. 7, 1879. b. Flora 
Alice Morey, born Dec. 16, 1881. c. 
Charles Pomeroy Morey, born Dec. 10, 

JERUSHA Avery Burrows, daughter of 
Hon. L. A. Burrows, married Wm. H. 
Newman Oct 2, 1849. Their children: 1. 
Emily Avery, born Sep. 11, 1853. 2. John 
B., born Oct. 15, 1857. Emily Avery mar- 
ried Harry Walbridge Sep. 5, 1876. Their 
children are: a. Newman Walbridge, born 
Jan. 9, 1878. b. Grace Walbridge, born 
May 6, 1880. c. Laura Walbridge, 
born May 30, 1882. 

ROSWELL S. Burrows of Albion, N. 
Y., son of Rev. Roswell Burrows, married 
Mary Ann Randall in Groton, New Lon- 
don Co., Conn., Jan. 19, 1822. Their chil- 
dren were: 1. Charles R. Burrows, born 

Aug. 26, 1826, and married Ann Janette 
Fowler Mch. 5, 1849. 2. William, born 
July 11, 1828, died Dec. 18, 1849. 3. Mary 
Elizabeth, born July 11, 1830, married 
Alexander Stewart, May 27, 1852. Roswell 
S. Burrows married Louisa Cook Dec. 31, 
1850. Their children were: 4. William R., 
born Aug. 7, 1852, married Lizzie A. 
Palmer of Jackson, Mich. Dec. 11, 1873. 
5. Albert S., born Feb. 17, 1854, died Aug. 
18, 1854. 6. Ida, born Oct. 17, 1856, mar- 
ried Byed Warwick of Richmond, Va. 1878. 
CHARLES R. Burrows, son of Roswell 
S. Burrows, married Ann Janette Fowler 
of Buffalo, Mch. 5, 1849. Their children: 
1. Mary Ann Burrows, born Feb. 24, 1850. 
She married Walter E. Smith 1869. 2. 
Charles Albert Burrows, born July 10, 

1856, died Nov. 23, i860. 3. Roswell 
Smith Burrows, born Dec. 16, 1858. 4. 
Albert Burrows, born Feb. 19, 1861. The 
children of Mary Ann Burrows and Wal- 
ter E. Smith were: a. Elwood Burrows 
Smith, born Aug. 18, 1874. b. Alexander 
Stewart Smith, born Jan. 4, 1876. Mr. 
Smith died 1884 and his wife married 

LUCY L. Burrows, daughter of Rev. 
Roswell Burrows, married Alexander 
Stewart of Griswold, Conn. Feb. 22, 1821. 
Their children: 1. Alexander Stewart, born 
May 18, 1822. Married Mary Elizabeth 
Burrows May 27, 1852. Both are dead. 
She died 1887. 2. Latham A. Stewart, born 
Aug. 12, 1824. Married Miss Ann Hewitt 

1857. Died 1890. Lucy L. Burrows Stew- 
art died Mch. 11, 1877, at Albion, N. Y. 

LORENZO Burrows, son of Rev. Ros- 
well Burrows, married Louisa Lord, 
daughter of George Lord of Haddam, 
Conn., May 10, 1830. Their children: 1. 
Emeline, born Mch. 17, 1832. 2. Louisa, 
born May 29, 1834. Married B. Rush Mc- 
Gregor Feb. 6, 1868. Died Apr. 11, 1872. 
3. Geo. Lord, born Aug. 30, 1836. Mar- 
ried Julia S. Hotchkiss June 25, 1863. 4. 
Lorenzo, born May 6, 1839. Married Julia 
Moore, Oct. 11, 1864. 5. Julia Ann, bom 
Sep. 28, 1842, died July 12, 1843. 6. Ellen, 
born July 15, 1844, died Nov. 11, 1845. 
Lorenzo Burrows died Mch. 6, 1885. Lou- 



isa Lord, his wife, died Sep. 30, 1883. 
Children of B. R. and Louisa McGregor 
are: a. Jessie McGregor, born Feb. 26, 
1869, died July 30, 1885. b. John Roy Mc- 
Gregor, born Jan. 8, 1872. Julia Ann Bur- 
rows married Albert Galatine Smith of 
Rochester, N. Y. May 11, 1830. Died Jan. 
6, 1890. He died Mch. 29, 1855. 

GEORGE LORD Burrows, son of 
Lorenzo Burrows, was born Aug. 30, 1836. 
Married Julia Segourney Hotchkiss June 
25, 1863. Their children were: 1. Alice, 
born July 17, 1864. 2. Elizabeth, born June 
17, 1866. Married Geo. Huntington. One 
child, Geo. Burrows Huntington. 3. Geo. 
Lord, born May 11, 1868. 4. Emeline, 
born Mch. 10, 1870, died 1881. 5. Lucy 
Stewart, born Dec. 25, 1871. 6. Julia S., 
born Apr. 13, 1873, died Aug. 1873. 7. 
Mary Sage, born May 6, 1876. 8. Edwina, 
born Dec. 14, 1878. 9. An infant son, born 
Oct. 11, 1883. The mother, Julia S. Bur- 
rows, died Oct. 14, 1883. She was buried 
at Albion, N. Y. with her infant son. 

LORENZO Burrows, Jr. of Albion, N. 
Y., was born May 6, 1839. He married 
Julia Louise Moore Oct. 11, 1864, daughter 
of Charles Henry Moore. Their children: 

I. Charles Moore Burrows, born Oct. 10, 
1865. 2. Lorenzo Burrows, born Jan. 10, 
1867. 3. Henry Lord Burrows, born July 
3, 1872, and died of scarlet fever Feb. 19, 
1876. 4. Lynn Moore Burrows, born June 

17, 1884. 

married Margaret Rebekah Cain, daughter 
of Rev. G. F. Cain of Albion, N. Y. Sep. 

II, 1889. She died Jan. 6, 1890. Dr. 
Charles Moore Burrows married Florence 
Grace Merick June 14, 1894. Their chil- 
dren are: a. Charles Moore Burrows, born 
July 10, 1895. b. Dewit Merick Burrows, 
born Aug. 17, 1896. 

ried Nellie Lovina Saunders, daughter of 
Edwin Saunders of Saginaw, Mich., Dec. 

18, 1889. Their children: a. Alice Moofe 
Burrows, born Sep. 4, 1890. b. Marcia 
Moore Burrows, born Sep. 24, 1891. c. 
Lorenzo Saunders Burrows, born Feb. 19, 
1893. d. Edwin Saunders Burrows, born 
Jan. 7, 1895. 

ren Ind., b. in Spartanburg Ind. 
June 19, 1878, studied law in the office of 
Levi L. Simons at Warren, is a thorough 
painstaking student, active and energetic, 
now practicing at Huntington (unmarried); 
son of George Fox Morgan of Warren 
Ind., b. in Richmond Ind. Dec. 6, 1845, 
enlisted in co. K in 124th Ind. inf. 1863-4, 
participated in several engagements, 
among them were Sherman's march to 
the sea, after receiving his discharge he 
went on the railroad, where he remained 
11 years, after which he settled down to 
farming, is a thoroughly practical farmer 
and has one of the finest farms in Hunt- 
ington co. (m. Sep. 1, 1877 Mary L. Rich, 
dau. of Samuel J. Rich, who was b. in 
Warren co. O. Dec. 9, 1824, d. in Win- 
chester Ind. Feb. 25. 1898 [m. Sep. 17, 
1844 Diadem Emerson, who was 2d cousin 
of Ralph Waldo Emerson], was a life-long 
Mason, a man of very lively nature, was 
the son of Nathan Rich, who was b. June 
6, 1801, son of Samuel, b. July 1785, son of 
Samuel, son of Samuel Rich, who came 
from Ireland and settled in London co. 
Va., she Diadem had 5 ch., Belle, Albert, 
Mary, Emma and one dying in infancy); 
son of Micajah Morgan of Richmond Ind., 
b. in Randolph co. N. C. Oct. 11, 1798, d. 
in Richmond Jan. 11, i860, came with his 
parents to Ind. when it was a territory, 
settled in the Miami reservation while it 
was yet in the hands of the Indians, ac- 
quired a great amount of wealth, owning 
at one time 940 acres of land (m. Mar. 31, 
1819 Hannah Hill, had 7 sons and 4 daugh- 
ters, 6 of his sons were soldiers in the war 
of rebellion); son of Benjamin Morgan of 
Richmond Ind., b. in Randolph co. N. C. 
July 1, 1772, d. in Richmond Nov. 1, 1859, 
was a great hunter and a good rifle shot, 
amassed a great deal of wealth before his 
death (m. 1st 1796 Naomi White, dau. of 
Henry White Jr., son of Henry Sr., who 
was b. about 1635, d. 1712, obtained a 
grant of 200 acres in the co. of James City 
Va. 1649, a grant on the south side of the 
Carolina river of 250 acres 1663, also a 
grant of 1,000 acres and another grant of 
1,800 acres in Accomack co. Va., by his 
will all his property was left to his son 



Arnold, he Benjamin Morgan m. 2d Sarah 
Hill); son of Charles Morgan of Black 
Creek N. C, b. in N. C. 1751, d. in Symons 
Creek N. C. Mar. 19, 1795, " Charles Mor- 
gan and Susanna Nixon published their in- 
tentions of marriage, it being the 1st time, 
the 20th day of ye 3rd month 1771, it being 
the 1st time, Elizabeth Symons and Mary 
Nixon were appointed as to inquire as to 
her cleaness of marriage with others etc., 
at the next monthly meeting they appeared 
and desired an answer, being found clear 
they were left at liberty to go before the 
men's meeting, Mary and Hannah Nixon 
were appointed to attend the wedding for 
the sake of good order, the signers of this 
marriage certificate were Benjamin and 
James Morgan, Thomas, Rebekah, Phin- 
eas and Mary Nixon May I, 1771 " (m. 
May 1, 1771 Susanna Nixon, dau. of Bar- 
nabe Nixon, who was b. Mar. 28, 1724, son 
of Zacharah, b. Mar. 22, 1684, d. Aug. 12, 
1739, son of Zacharah, b. about 1630, was 
clerk of Perquinians monthly meeting, 
copied many old records 1737); son of 
James Morgan, b. probably in Va. about 
1721; son of Nathaniel of Springfield 
Mass.; son of Miles, b. in Llandoff Wales 
1616, d. 1686, the emigrant and founder of 
the family, who sailed from Bristol Eng. 
at the age of 19; son of William Morgan. 

■fj- East Las Vegas N. Mex., b. in 
Brooklyn N. Y. Apr. 15, 1843, grad. B. S. 
from Harvard univ. 1861, assistant to Prof. 
of chemistry of Harvard 1861-2, M. D. 
from Long Island coll. hospital 1865, pri- 
vate 44th Mass. 1862-3, medical cadet U. 
S. A. Washington D. C. 1863-4, A. A. 
surg. U. S. navy 1864, prof. nat. sci. Carle- 
ton coll. Minn. 1867-71, A. A. surg. U. S. 
army and physician U. S. Indian bureau 
1873-84, practiced medicine Las Vegas N. 
Mex. 1885-98, sec. and pres. N. Mex. med. 
soc, member of Amer. med. assoc. Amer. 
climatolog. assoc, board Episcopal church 
E. Las Vegas, school board E. Las Vegas, 
member and sec. of N. Mex. Terr, board 
of health 1893-7, author of " Joseph At- 
kins; The Story of a Family, 1891 " (m. 

Sarah Edmonds, who was b. in West 
Molesey Surrey Eng. 1843, dau. of Francis 
and Elizabeth [Storer] Edmonds, and had 
son Dudley Atkins of Kansas City Mo., b. 
in Northfield Minn. Aug. 7, 1868, studied 
in Kansas agric. coll., in U. S. Ry. mail 
service since 1897, m. May 4, 1890 Jesse 
Fremont McDonald of Manhattan Kan., 
had son Dudley of Kansas City Mo., b. in 
Manhattan Apr. 11, 1891, tenth in the di- 
rect male line of Atkins, and portraits exist 
of the last 7 members of the line, all have 
been attached to the Church of Eng.); son 
of Dudley Atkins of Newburyport Mass. 
and Brooklyn N. Y., b. in former June 12, 
1798, d. in latter Apr. 7, 1845, grad. Har- 
vard univ. 1816, M. D. from Penn. univer- 
sity 1820, a scholarly man, member of 
Kappa Lambda soc. Phila., Mass. med. soc, 
Kings co. med. soc. N. Y., med. soc. city 
and co. of N. Y., published " A Sketch of 
the History of the Epidemic Cholera " and 
a vol. on surgical cases 1832 (m. Aug. 28, 
1825 Ann Maria Bowman, who d. 1881, 
was noted for her self-sacrifice, philan- 
thropy and social charm, dau. of Ebenezer 
Bowman, A. B. Harvard 1782, a distin- 
guished lawyer of Wilkesbarre Pa., desc 
of Nathaniel Bowman of Watertown Mass. 
1630, also dau. of Esther Ann Watson of 
Newry Ireland, dau. of James Watson, an 
English army officer); son of Dudley At- 
kins Tyng of Newburyport and Boston 
Mass., b. in former Sep. 3, 1760, d. in 
former Aug. 1, 1829, grad. Harvard 1781, 
studied law, was collector port Newbury- 
port under Washington and Adams by act 
of Mass. legislature 1790, he assumed the 
name of Tyng as heir to a distant relative 
of that dying family of former renown in 
Mass. history, was reporter of supreme 
court Mass. 1804-22, a work which brought 
him great credit, member Mass. hist, soc, 
one of the original promoters of the first 
Mass. canal around Patucket Falls on the 
Merrimac, a stanch follower of the Epis- 
copal church, and once was asked in ad- 
vanced life to take orders and become a 
bishop (m. 1st Oct. 18, 1792 Sarah Hig- 
ginson, who d. 1808, 2d Dec. 18, 1809 
Elizabeth Higginson, daughters of 

7 6 


Stephen Higginson of Cambridge and 
Boston Mass., eminent merchant, member 
continental congress, desc. of Rev. Francis 
Higginson of Salem Mass., d. 1630, she 
Sarah had Dudley A. as above, Rev. 
Stephen H. Tyng D. D., Rev. Jas. H. 
Tyng, George Tyng, a student of divinity, 
Chas. Tyng, mariner and merchant, Sarah 
Winslow [m. 1st Mr. Head, 2d Mr. Mar- 
quand], Susan Cleveland [m. Mr. Newton] 
and Mary Cabot Atkins, who m. Mr. 
Cross); son of Dudley Atkins of New- 
buryport Mass., b. there Jan. 1731, d. there 
Sep. 24, 1767, grad. Harvard univ. 1748, 
held local offices 1764-7, member Mass. 
general court Boston 1765, was in com- 
mercial affairs (m. May 4, 1752 Sarah 
Kent, a remarkable woman of active intel- 
lect and broad sympathies, very popular in 
the aristocratic society of Newburyport in 
the latter half of the 18th century, dau. of 
Col. Richard Kent of Mass. and Hannah 
Gookin, desc. of Rev. Nathaniel Gookin, 
Maj.-Gen. Daniel Gookin and of Anne 
Hutchinson, the celebrated freethinker of 
early Boston); son of Joseph Atkins of 
Newburyport Mass., b. in Sandwich, Kent 
Eng. probably Nov. 4, 1680, d. in New- 
buryport Jan. 21, 1773, a fine old gentle- 
man, mariner from childhood, was in the 
naval battle of La Hogue 1692, at the tak- 
ing of Gibralter 1704, sea captain in mer- 
chants' service, an eminent merchant, one 
of his majesty's justices of the peace for 
Essex co. Mass., a man of much politeness, 
sustained a fair character through his 
whole life, was wealthy, was a devoted 
churchman and assisted in founding St. 
Paul's Episcopal ch. of Newburyport 
Mass. (m. 1st a Miss Strover, who came 
to Amer. 1728, had sons Joseph and Wil- 
liam, m. 2d 1729 or 30 Mary Dudley, dau. 
of Gov. Joseph Dudley [and Rebecca 
Tyng], and sister of Paul Dudley, chief 
justice of the Province, son of Gov. 
Thomas Dudley of Mass.); son of Andrew 
Atkins of Sandwich, Kent Eng., b. there, 
bapt. June 16, 1650, d. there, mariner, 
master of small vessels in that famous old 
seaport, was a burgher of some importance 
and a stanch churchman (m. Sara, who 

was buried at St. Clement's Sandwich Aug. 
15, 1685); son of Andrew Atkins of Sand- 
wich, Kent Eng., b. there, bapt. St. Clem- 
ent's Sandwich June 20, 1619, d. probably 
there, probably a mariner (m. Anna); son 
of Thomas Atkyns of Sandwich Eng. 

Chicago 111., b. in Hartford Ct. 1846, 
member Sons of Amer. Rev. (m. Lena 
May Watkins, b. in New Orleans La., 
died in Chicago 111. January 4, 1899, 
member Daughters of Amer. Rev., dau. 
of Sarah Campbell Watkins, dau. of John 
Andrew Watkins who d. in New Orleans 
Aug. 22, 1898 aged 90 [and Caroline E. 
Campbell] son of Asa Watkins of Jeffer- 
son co. Miss, who m. Sarah MacDonald 
dau. of Willis MacDonald [and Dorsia 
Owen], son of Capt. Adam MacDonald 
of South Carolina who was capt. [major] 
in rev. army June 17, 1775 and major under 
Gen. Marion Sep. 16, 1776, desc. of John 
"Watkins early of Georgia and of the fam- 
ilies of Du Puy, Woolbridge, Venable 
and Carrington of Virginia) ; son of Wil- 
liam Henry Allyn Sr. of Plartford Ct. ; 
son of Joseph; son of John, ensign and 
adjutant in rev. army; son of Josiah; son 
of Hon. and Col. Mathew of Windsor and 
Hartford; son of Capt. Thomas; son of 
Hon. Mathew Allyn of Windsor Ct. who 
came from England to America in 1632. 

RQBEETS, ELLWOOD of Norristown 
Pa., b. in Wilmington Del. Jan. 22, 
1846, journalist, author of two volumes 
" Lyrics of Quakerism," poems 1895 an d 
"Old Richland Families" 1898, also 
pamphlets and many biographical, histor- 
ical and genealogical papers have been 
published, associate editor of Norristown 
Herald since 1S83, an active member of 
the society of Friends (m, Sep. 12, 1878 
Mary Long Carter, b. Apr. 19, 1858. dau. 
of Job and Rachel [Owen] Carter of 
Mickleton N. J. and had 4 ch. Howard C. 
b. July 6, 1879, Alice R. b. June 15, 1886. 
William H. b. Feb. 12, 1888 and Mary C. 
b. Jan. 31, 1892); son of Hugh Roberts 



of Norristown Pa., b. in German town Pa. 
Aug. 5, 1821, d. in Norristown Aug. 23, 
1894, miller, farmer and builder (m. Aug. 
8, 1842 Alice Anna Gallagher, b. 1819, dau. 
of John and Margaret [Stotsenburg] Gal- 
lagher and of Pa. German and Scotch- 
Irish descent, she Alice had 3 ch. Charles 
H. b. 1843, lawyer in Kansas city Mo., 
Ellwood as above and Mary R. b. 1847, 
m. Samuel Livezey of Norristown Pa.); 
son of Hugh Roberts of Germantown Pa., 
b. in Quakertown Pa. Feb. 16, 1782, d. 
in Germantown Mar. 28, 1821, miller (m. 
1806 Sarah Spencer dau. of Nathan and 
Rachel [Pirn] Spencer, the Spencers are 
a numerous family in Eastern Pa., desc. 
from Samuel Spencer of an English family 
who came to Phila. Pa. about 1700, she 
Sarah had 5 ch. Spencer, Caroline, Mar- 
garet, Edmund and Hugh) ; son of Amos 
Roberts of Philadelphia Pa., b. in Quaker- 
town Pa. Apr. 19, 1758, d. in Phila. Dec. 
11, 1835, farmer first in Quakertown, later 
in Branchtown Pa., removed to Phila. 
about 1813 (m. Nov. 26, 1775 Margaret 
dau. of Edward and Alice [Roberts] 
Thomas of Quakertown Pa.); son of 
David Roberts of Richland Pa., b. there 
Jan. 10, 1722, d. there Aug. 14, 1805, farmer 
(m. May 2, 1754 Phebe dau. of Thomas 
Lancaster [and Phebe Wardell] who d. in 
Barbadoes 1750, was a prominent preacher 
in the society of Friends) ; son of Edward 
Roberts of Richland Pa., b. in Merioneth- 
shire Wales May 1687, d. in Richland Nov. 
25, 1768, came from Wales to Abington 
Pa. 1699, removed to Richland 1716, was a 
minister among Friends for more than 40 
years, was one of the pioneers in his sec- 
tion (m. Oct. 27, 1714 Mary dau. of Ever- 
ard Bolton [and Eliz.] who came from 
Ross Eng., was an extensive land owner 
in Abington Pa., treas. of that meeting for 
40 years, was founder of a numerous 
family), the Roberts family have been 
noted for longevity, attachment to Friends, 
strict morality and care in the training 
of their children, the Roberts family is 
connected by intermarriage with the 
Thomas, Foulke, Lancaster, Spencer and 
other families prominent in eastern Pa. 

BUSH FAMILY. Samuel Bush and his 
wife Mary prob. came to Westfield 
Mass., 1686, from Sufheld Conn. He came 
to Suffield from Sudbury Mass. 1670, 
where he had son Samuel born March 22, 
1677. He had a grant of land at Suffield 
of 18 acres on High street. He built a 
brick house, which he sold and moved to 
Westfield. He was at Springfield same 
year. He had a son Daniel born at Suf- 
field, Nov. 2, 1678-9, and dau. Mary b. 
July 19, 1682, and Ebenezer born at West- 
field July 24, 1687. His wife Mary died 
Aug. 2, 1687, and he married Abigail, 1698, 
and had dau. Abigail b. June 12, 1705, who 
prob. m. William Clark Dec. 28, 1722. 
Samuel died May 17, 1733. 

SAMUEL Bush Jr. born at Sudbury, 

Mass. Married Mary , had children: 

Samuel, born July 17, 1700, m. Sarah Fow- 
ler, dau. of Samuel and Abigail (Brown) 
Fowler. Mary b. June 24, 1703, died 
young. Japhet, b. Mch. 30, 1705, m. Orpha 
Williams. Rachel b. Aug. 19, 1707, d. Sep. 
4, 1707. Mary b. May 7, 1709, m. John 
Graves of Sunderland Mass. Dec. 16, 1728. 
Sarah, b. Sep. 15, 1711, m. Nath'l Phelps, 
May 28, 1736. Obadiah b. May 30, 1715, 
m. 1st Sarah Morley, m. pub. Dec. 30, 

1730, 2d Lydia . David b. April 30, 

1718, m. Dorothy Taylor of Springfield. 

OBADIAH Bush, son of Samuel 2d, 
had two children by his wife Sarah, and he 

married Lydia : borni7i3, Westfield, 

and had seven children. He removed to 
Sheffield Mass., where his son Abijah Bush 
was born, 1754, who married at the close of 
the Rev. war, Mary Collender, and settled 
in Rensselaer Co. N. Y. He lived to the 
age of 91, in full possession of all his facul- 
ties. Abijah had three sons, Walter who 
m. Rebecca Rice April, 1838, John, and 
Rev. Stephen Bush, of Waterford, N. Y. 
He married a Bailey, of Cohoes, was living 
quite aged, a retired clergyman, 1893, at 
Waterford, near Albany. He was then 
looking up his branch. He had a mass of 
information. Was a man of means, and 
had traveled considerably in tracing back 
the family. 

EBENEZER Bush, born July 24, 1687, 



(son of Samuel of Sudbury, Sufneld, and 
Westfield). Ebenezer united with church, 
Mch. 19, 1727. Ebenezer married Miriam 

July 171O) had children: Lydia, 

b. Mar. 5, 171 1, m. John Noble 
(son of Mark) July 10, 1713. Ebe- 
nezer Jr., b. June 2, 1713, m. Mir- 
riam Noble (dau. of Mark) June 23, 
1737. Hulda, b. Feb. 2, 1716, m. George 
Phelps June 8, 1738. Zackariah, b. Nov. 
11, 1718, m. Mercy Loomis, and their de- 
scendants are given in the Loomis Gene- 
alogy issued in 1880. David, b. Dec. 7, 
1721, m. Thankful Pettibone 1750. Aaron, 
b. May 30, 1725, m. Mary Ashley 1752. 
Hannah, b. Jan. 25, 1729, died 1731. Mir- 
riam, wife of Ebenezer, died July 13, 1752, 
and he married Thankful Phelps Nov. 30, 
1752. He died Nov. 10, 1758, and his 
widow, aged 73, and Dea. Joseph Rem- 
ington, aged 84, of Sufneld, were married 
May 16, 1759, according to Rev. John Bal- 
lantine's diary. 

EBENEZER Bush Jr. (son of Eben- 
ezer) married June 23, 1737, Miriam Noble, 
dau. of Mark. She died Dec. 14, 1753. 
Had children: Hannah, b. Mch. 14, 1737. 
Ruth, b. Mch. 4, 1741. Mary, b. Aug. 2, 
1743. 3d Ebenezer, b. Nov. 24, 1745. 
Stephen, b. Aug. 12, 1748. In church 
record of Sufneld, Conn., is found: Mar- 
gret Bush united July 5, 1741, and was dis- 
missed to church in Somers July 29, 1753. 
Married a Rockwell. 

Of John Bush of Wells, Me., Dr. 
Stephen Bush, D. D., of Waterford. N. Y., 
says his grandfather Abijah Bush gave 
him the line back to Samuel, as it had 
come down by tradition, which makes 
Samuel Bush, the son of John Bush, and 
Grace his wife, living in Wells, Me., then 
Mass., in 1640. The records of the town 
were partially destroyed by some means, 
and there is no record of the children of 
John and Grace. They sold and moved away 
before 1650, and have not been able to trace 
them. While there is little doubt that he 
was the father of Samuel Bush, cannot 
verify it. His age would correspond, now 
supposing him to have been born about 
1650-2. His first son was born 1677. In 

the book of deeds of York Co., in which 
"Wells" lies, it says: " George Cleeve as 
agent for Rigly conveyed 400 acres of land 
to John Bush, 1650." Then in 1660 there 
is a deed in which John Bush and his wife 
Grace conveyed his one-third interest in 
land 4 miles square to Harlakenden Sy- 
monds. The land had been purchased by 
John Saunders, John Bush and Peter 
Turbutt of Sosowen, the Sagamore of the 
place. In the History of Wells, Me., by 
Edward E. Bourne, page 81, it says: " John 
Bush came from England May 1635, and 
to Wells, Me., about 1640-2. In 1647 he 
was appointed commissioner to try small 
causes, and again to the same office in 
1655." In Vol. xiv, N. E. Historical-Gen. 
Register, it says Jo (John) Bush with 
many others sailed from England May 2, 
1635, etc." There were other families of 
Bushs, John and Elizabeth of Cambridge 
about the same time beginning 1654, but 
none whose age would correspond with 

Francisco Cal., b. at De Witt N. Y. 
Apr. 11, 1 841, grad. Syracuse high school, 
moved to California 1859, enlisted in " Cal- 
ifornia 100 " 2d Mass. cavalry 1862, served 
in Va., discharged as captain and A. A. G. 
U. S. vols. 1865, returned to California 
1866, pres. S. F. Microscopical soc, com- 
mander dept. of California G. A. R. 1880- 
8i, commander M. O. Loyal Legion of 
Cal. 1894, engaged in fire insurance 33 
years, now asst. manager L. & L. & G. 
Ins. Co. S. F. Cal. (m. Apr. 11, 1864 
Elizabeth K. DArcy, b. in Boston Mar. 
26, 1843, whose grandfather was an officer 
in the English navy) ; son of Mason P. of 
De Witt N. Y., b. there Nov. 30, 1808 in 
log-house built by his father and lived on 
same farm, d. Feb. 3, 1890 (m. Jan. 30, 
1840 Mary Jane Spaulding, b. at Canan- 
daigua N. Y. Dec. 15, 1818, dau. of Asa 
and Eliza, pioneers in New York state) ; 
son of Prentice of Manlius N. Y., b. at 
Voluntown Ct. 1773, d. at De Witt July 19, 
1830, successively capt, major and lieut.- 
col. in war of 1812 (m. Jan. 16, 1800 his 



3d cousin Elizabeth Kinne, dau. of David 
of Plainfield Ct, son of Jeremiah, son of 
Thomas below, she d. Nov. 5, 1820, he m. 
2d 1821 Eunice Jones of Madison co. N. 
Y. who d. Oct. 22, 1858) ; son of Cyrus of 
Petersburgh and Manlius N. Y., b. at Vol- 
untown Ct. Aug. 11, 1746, moved to Peters- 
burgh 1779, moved with his family to Fay- 
etteville N. Y. 1792, bought additional land 
there for his sons (m. 1768 Comfort 
Palmer, d. at Manlius Aug. 8, 1808); son 
of Moses of Voluntown Ct., b. 1710, d. 
there 1788; 6th son of Thomas, b. at Salem 
Mass 1678, d. at Preston now Griswold 
Ct. 1756; son of Thomas of Salem Mass., 
b. there 1656, d. there 1687 (m. Eliz. 
Knight) ; son of Henry, b. in England 
1624, d. at Salem Mass. 1712, who for 
greater religious freedom went from Eng- 
land to Holland, thence to Salem Mass. 
1653; son of Sir Thomas of Norfolk Eng. 

DAME, JABEZ of Rochester N. H., 
. born in Newington N. H. Aug. 14, 
1732, studied law at Portsmouth, was a 
school teacher in early life, belonged to 
the youthful " band of rangers " whose ex- 
ploits in Indian warfare were quite noted, 
settled at Rochester on what is now 
known as Rochester Hill on land he in- 
herited from his father, his house which 
is still standing was built in 1758 and was 
then the last framed house toward Canada, 
it was originally much larger than now, 
and was secured from Indian attacks by a 
palisade, it had also a projection in the 
front and the windows were provided with 
heavy wooden shutters, he was a volun- 
teer in the expedition against Louisbury, 
Cape Briton in 1758, serving without pay, 
and furnishing his own equipments as well 
as those of several of his workmen who 
went with him, allowing their pay in his 
service to continue during their absence, 
he remained with the New Hampshire 
troops at their request, his never failing 
cheerfulness as well as his wonderful abil- 
ity in overcoming the difficulties which 
they constantly met were highly appre- 
ciated, at the close of the expedition he 
received the thanks of the commanding 

officer for his services, after his return 
from the army he became interested in the 
affairs of his adopted town, serving as 
town clerk, selectman, representative, and 
also legal adviser of the town council, 
which place he held until his death, for 
many years the council met at his house, 
and he as senior member made the de- 
cisions which were noted for their clear- 
ness and justice, he was offered the place 
of first judge of the district, but declined, 
regarding it an unnecessary expense, after 
a long, useful life he died, Nov. 14, 1813, 
and his estate which was then the largest 
in Rochester was divided equally by will 
among his eight living children, he and 
his ancestors were Congregationalists and 
many of his descendants have followed 
their example (married first the daughter 
of John Tebbits of Rochester, who died 
leaving no children, his second wife was 
Meribah, daughter of Simon and Martha 
[Lord] Emery of Kittery Me., a descend- 
ant of Anthony Emery, the family which 
has given so many lawyers and judges to 
Maine, she was born Mar. 20, 1740, died 
Feb. 24, 1838, was a person well qualified 
to oversee this large and busy household, 
she boasted as one of her accomplishments 
her ability to shoot any Indian who might 
put his head above the fence, they had 10 
children, viz.: 1. Richard, born about 1762, 
died July 11, 1832, married Nov. 15, 1786 
Hannah, dau. of John McDuffee, she was 
born Jan. 5, 1764, died Dec. 1855, 2. 
Joshua, died in infancy, 3. Daniel, died Dec. 
26, 1842, unmarried, lived in Rochester 
N. H. and taught the first free evening 
school, was a political writer, 4. Simon, 
born Apr. 28, 1767, died June 2, 1847, lived 
at Farmington N. H., the first town meet- 
ing was held Mar. 11, 1799 at his house, 
married Dec. 9, 1790 Margaret Hayes, 
born Mar. 27, 1773, died Dec. 25, 1834, 5. 
Timothy, born 1770, died Feb. 16, 1856, 
lived at Farmington N. H., married Betsy 
Locke, born 1774, died June 20, 1845, 6. 
Caleb, born 1772, died May 29, 1864, mar- 
ried first Abigail Guppy of Dover N. H., 
she died Apr. 2, 1813, age 41, 2d Tammy 
Twombly of Rochester N. H., she died 



Sep. 26, 1839, age 60, he opened his house 
to the Methodists for preaching in 1808, 7. 
Charity, born Sep. 1, 1775, died Feb. 3, 
1833, married Mar. 4, 1798 Joseph Hanson 
of Rochester N. H., 8. Mary, died age 18 
yrs., 9. Jabes Jr., born 1782, died Jan. 26, 
1850, married Dec. 8, 181 1 Elizabeth, only 
dau. of Peter and Hannah [Hanson] Cush- 
ing and great-granddaughter of Rev. Jona- 
than Cushing of Dover N. H., Elizabeth 
was born 1786, died June 19, 1823, he mar- 
ried 2d wife Mrs. Hannah Goodwin Dec. 
12, 1824, she died 1826, 10. Meribah, born 
1785, died Nov. 15, 1856, married Rev. 
Harvey Morey and lived at Rochester N. 
H., he died Oct. 29, 1830, age 41 yrs.); 
son of Richard Dame of Newington N. 
H., born 1699, died May 13, 1776, he was 
one of that first small band of patriots who 
during the Indian wars formed themselves 
into a company, afterwards called rangers, 
he went with the company in all their ex- 
peditions until after the destruction of the 
Indian village of St. Francis in 1759, re- 
ceived the mark for special military service 
Oct. 13, 1757 (married Jan. 24, 1724 Eliza- 
beth Leighton, born 1703, died Mar. 19, 
1776, and had 7 children, viz.: 1. Jonathan, 
baptized in Newington Apr. 14, 1726, died 
Jan. 3, 1802, settled at Rochester N. H., 
where he was town clerk for many years, 
was at the siege of Louisbury in 1745 
[married Mercy, dau. of Stephen Varney, 
Nov. 20, 1750, born 1730, died 1810, had 
two children, 1. Mary, who married Amos 
Varney 1772, 2. Richard, born 1756, died 
Sep. 19, 1828, he married Abigail Read 
Oct. 5, 1780, died 1832, was judge of 
"Court of Common Pleas" 181 7 to 1819, 
representative senate and councillor, lived 
at Rochester N. H.], 2. Benjamin, baptized 
Aug. 2, 1730, married Jane and lived at 
Rochester N. H., served at Crown Point 

1755 in Col. Blanchard's regiment, also in 

1756 and 1759, 3. Jabes, born 1732 as al- 
ready given, 4. Timothy, born Nov. 30, 
1736, died 1803, was colonel, lived at New- 
ington N. H., married Elizabeth Pickering 
Mar. 12, 1767, had one son Richard, born 
1768, died 1814, he married Betsy Furber 
Jan. 23, 1803, Hon. Timothy Dame, now 

dead, was one of their children, 5. John, 
married Elizabeth Furber Nov. 19, 1797, 
his will proved 1814 at Durham N. H. 
[their children: John, Richard, Moses, 
Catharine, Sarah, Elizabeth Woodman, 
Hannah Bickford, Nancy Hodgdon], 6. 
Abigail, married Crommet, 7. Elisabeth, 
married Mathes); son of John Dame 3d, 
born Feb. 23, 1668 in Newington N. H., 
where he early became a prominent citizen 
as his name constantly occurs on town 
records as a church officer, also represen- 
tative to general assembly at Portsmouth 
N. H., was one of the proprietors of the 
town of Rochester N. H. in 1722 (married 
1st Jane, dau. of Richard Rowe Esq., she 
was living 1718, date of death unknown, 
married 2d Elizabeth Hoitt, who survived 
him, he had 5 children by 1st marriage, 
viz.: 1. Zebulon, married Abigail Bickford 
Aug. 16, 1716, settled at Rochester N. H., 
2. John, married Elizabeth Bickford 1718, 
settled at Newington N. H., he died 1768 
or 9, 3. Richard, given above, 4. Elnathan, 
born Apr. 27, 1706, settled at Rochester 
N. H., was a member of Col. Blanchard's 
regiment at Crown Point in 1758, 5. Eliza, 
married Samuel Rawlins May 5, 1720); 
son of John Dame 2d, born in Dover N. 
H. in 1637, died in Newington N. H. in 
1706, was " Sergeant Dam," settled in 
Newington and had the first house in the 
town, which was a garrison house on the 
shore of Great Bay a little below what is 
now called " Joshua's Point," soldiers were 
stationed in it in 1696 and 1697 (married 
1st the dau. of Sergeant John Hall, had 
dau. Abigail, born Apr. 5, 1663 [married 
Thomas Starbord Jan. 4, 16S7], married 
2d Elizabeth, dau. of Lieut. Wm. Furber, 
Nov. 9, 1664, their 5 children were: John, 
born Jan. 11, 1666, died soon, John, born 
Feb. 23, 1668, Alice, born Dec. 14, 1670, 
Moses, deacon of Newington Church, his 
will proved 1754, Bethiah); son of John 
Dame, born in England, died Jan. 27, 1690, 
came over in one of the parties with Capt. 
Thomas Wiggans and settled in Dover 
N. H. in 1633, belonged to the Dam fam- 
ily who lived in Cheshire Eng. and were 
freeholders from the time of Edward the 



Fourth, the family mostly emigrated dur- 
ing the Puritan troubles in England dur- 
ing the seventeenth century, some going 
to Holland and some coming to America, 
John Dame was appointed deacon of the 
first parish church of Dover N. H. 1675, 
his will dated May 19, 1687, proved Mar. 
23, 1693 (married Elizabeth, dau. of Lieut. 
Wm. Pomfret), both John and Nicholas 
Dam were signers to a petition to the gov- 
ernor of N. H. in 1689, no further mention 
of Nicholas is made, the first grant of land 
at the confluence of the Cocheco and 
Fresh Creek rivers was made to John 
Dame and was called Dam Point, he also 
had grants of land at Bloody Point, now 
Newington N. H., he had a grant on 
Great Bay 1646, thought to be the first in 
that part of Dover, now Newington, had 
6 children: John, born 1637, died Jan. 8, 
1706, Elizabeth, born May 1, 1649, Mary, 
born Sep. 4, 1651, William, born Oct. 14, 
1653, Susanna, born Dec. 14, 1661, Judith, 
born Nov. 15, 1666, died Oct. 22, 1728, 
married Thomas Tebbins July 6, 1684. 
The name now almost universally spelled 
Dame was formerly Dam and sometimes 

Children of Richard Dame (the eldest 
son of Jabez) and Hannah McDuffie: 1. 
Daniel, born Mar. 16, 1788, married Mar. 
21, 1813 Relief Hodsdon, has 1 child, they 
all three died of spotted fever at Tufton- 
boro N. H. in 1815; 2. Olive, born May 
27, 1790, died 1847, unmarried; 3. Richard, 
born May 4, 1793, died May 28, 1879, mar- 
ried Abigail Page 1817, she died 1820, 
Daniel W., born Feb. 8, 1820, was one of 
their children, he went to Illinois in 1857, 
where he became prominent in business 
circles and died there in 1896; 4. William, 
born Apr. 1, 1795, married Annie Fogg; 
5. Hannah, born Aug. 6, 1797, died Aug. 
1831, married Elijah Meader; 6. Jabez, 
born June 5. 1800, died 1832, unmarried; 
7. Betsy, born July 31, 1802, married Luke 
Furber; 8. Lavinia, born Mar. 26, 1805, 
married John B. Downing. 

Children of Simon (4th child of Jabez 
Dame) and Margaret Hayes: 1. Jeremiah, 
born July 26, 1791, died Sep. 8, 1855, state 


senator in 1839, also representative, mar- 
ried Susan Home, lived at Farmington N. 
H.; 2. Betsy H., born Feb. 10, 1793, died 
Oct. 18, 1877, married Moses Rand, lived 
at Farmington N. H.; 3. Jabez, born Mar. 

8, 1798, died Mar. 19, 1851, married Sarah 
Nottage; 4. Polly, born Feb. 26, 1800, died 
Oct. 14, 1802; 5. Tamson, born Jan. 24, 
1802, died Oct. 10, 1802; 6. Tamson, born 
Oct. 24, 1805, died Mar. 7, 1846; 7. Janvrin, 
born May 9, 1808, went to Illinois; 8. 
Emery J., born Aug. 27, 1810, died Jan. 16, 
1857, representative in 1855, married Lois 
Garland, they lived at Farmington N. H.; 

9. Leonard, born Feb. 15, 1813, married 
Mehitable Rollins; 10. Mary E., born Sep. 
15, 1815, married Albert Whaler of Lowell 

Children of Timothy (5th child of Jabez 
Dame) and Betsy Locke: 1. Daniel, mar- 
ried Abigail Ham; 2. Mary, married Jona- 
than Weeks, Joseph Dame Weeks was one 
of their children, born Dec. 3, 1840, mar- 
ried Mattie J. Fowler, Pittsburg Pa., he 
died 1896; 3. Charlotte, died unmarried; 4. 
Betsy, married Josiah Crosby; 5. Ellenor, 
married Joseph George; 6. Charity, mar- 
ried Ham Garland; 7. Edward, married 
Catherine Leathers; 8. Asa, married 1st a 
Nutter, 2d a Buzzell. 

Children of Caleb (6th child of Jabez 
Dame) and Abigail Guppy: 1. Jabez, born 
1799, died June 6, 1863, representative 
1844-1845, town clerk 1851 to 1853, also 
other offices of trust, married 1st wife Eliza 
Bickford, she died Jan. 29, 1842, age 34, 
they had two sons, Jabez married 2d wife 
Susan Hanson, who died 1883, no children; 
2. Anna, born 1800, died Jan. 20, 1855, mar- 
ried Dec. 9, 1827 John Guppy, Dover N. 
H.; 3. Meribah, married Henry Hall, Bos- 
ton Mass., died Apr. 11, 1891; 4. James, 
died unmarried, member of co. A 4th reg. 
N. H. volunteers, mustered in 1861, out 
1865; 5. Sophia, married Mr. Haskins, 
Boston Mass., died 1896, no children; 6. 
Mary, born Feb. 21, 1807, died Mar. 29, 
1883 at Boston, married Thomas S. Heald; 
7. John W., born Mar. 26, 1813, died Mar. 
13, 1879, married Caroline Lord, who died 



Nov. 9, i860, have children, who live at 
Rochester N. H. 

Children of Caleb (6th child of Jabez 
Dame) and Tammy Twombly, second 
wife: 8. Charles W., died July 15, 1893, 
aged 77, unmarried, settled in Fort Worth 
Texas and for many years was engaged in 
teaching, " he was probably the most thor- 
ough botanist in Texas, he was a polished 
writer and a scholar in the fullest sense; " 
9. Martin L., dead; 10. Amasa, married L. 
Jenness, lives at Rochester N. H.; 11. Levi 
L., born Oct. 22, 1820, died July 18, 1880, 
married Olivia L. Garland, they had one 
daughter, lives at Rochester N. H. 

Children of Joseph. Hanson and Charity 
Dame (7th child of Jabez Dame) of Roch- 
ester N. H. : 1. Humphrey, born Jan. 8, 
1799, died July 20, 1826; 2. Mary Dame, 
died 1853, married Dr. J. C. Farrington, 
M. C. from N. H. [Dr. James B. Farring- 
ton born at Rochester Jan. 3, 1831, died at 
Santa Rita, Cal., was one of her children] 
3. Hannah, died in infancy; 4. Joseph 
born July 27, 1803, died Apr. 21, 1828; 5 
Meribah, died Nov. 8, 1863, aged 58 yrs. 
married Dr. Joseph Smith, who died Feb 
25, 1886, aged 80 yrs., lived at Dover N 
H.; 6. Joanna, born 1807, married June 
21, 1829 John McDuffee, he died Dec. 7, 
1890, she died Oct. 10, 1884, lived at Roch- 
ester N. H.; 7. Infant, not named; 8. Hes- 
ter Ann, married Dan. Mooney, both 
dead; 9. Dominicus, born Aug. 13, 1813, 
married Betsy, dau. of Simon Chase, Sept. 
19, 1839, they lived at Rochester N. H.; 
10. Asa P., married Miss Kimball, Dover 
N. H., is a merchant in Iowa. 

Children of Jabez Jr. (9th child of Jabez 
Dame) and Elizabeth Cushing Dame: 1. 
Pamelia Cushing, born Apr. 21, 1814, died 
May 2, 1854, married Feb. 14, 1842 Stephen 
Perkins Estes, son of Samuel and Rhoda 
(Linscott) Estes of Sanford Me., he died 
Jan. 12, 1854, aged 44 yrs., his ancestors 
were Friends, they left two daughters, who 
live at Dover N. H.; 2. Charles, died in 

Children of Meribah Dame (the 10th 
child of Jabez Dame) and Rev. Harvey 
Morey: I. Mandana, married Mr. Frazier, 

Ohio (they have one son, J. Harvey 
Morey); 2. Phylura, born 1818, died 1836; 
3. Leander, died at sea; 4. Sarah Lorenda, 
died unmarried in 1858. 

-LVi Rapids Mich., b. in Port Byron N. Y. 
Aug. 14, 1835, grad. from Hamilton coll. 
1857, attorney, capt. of co. A 26th Mo. 
vols. (m. Jan. 9, 1868 Mary E., dau. of 
Billings B. Clapp and desc. of Roger 
Clapp, and had 2 ch., Benjamin C. and 
Mary B.); son of Denison Robinson of 
Port Byron N. Y., b. in Onondaga co. N. 
Y. June 20, 1800, d. in Port Byron May 4, 
1852, was an attorney of high standing (m. 
Oct. 13, 1828 Sybil Sevia, dau. of Jenks 
Mason and desc. of Sampson Mason, the 
Baptist and dragoon in Cromwell's army); 
.son of Thomas Robinson of Onondaga N. 
Y., b. in Hardwick Mass. Feb. 10, 1753, d. 
in Howlet Hill N. Y. Aug. 31, 1815, minute 
man at Cambridge and Bennington (m. 
Apr. 11, 1776 Rebecca, dau. of John 
Paigo); son of Thomas Robinson of Fur- 
nace Village, b. in Hardwick Mass. Apr. 
20, 1718, d. there Jan. 4, 1802, serg. ia 
army, representative (m. Nov. 23, 1744 
Mary, dau. of Capt. Eleazar Warner); sow 
of James Robinson of Hardwick Mass., b. 
in Boston Mass. Mar. 15, 1689, d. in Hard- 
wick Mar. 9, 1762, passed most of his life 
in Boston (m. July 3, 1711 Patience, dau. 
of Capt. Samuel Raggles of Roxbury 
Mass.); son of Thomas Robinson of Bos- 
ton Mass., b. in Scituate Mass. Mar. 5, 
1653, d. in Boston Nov. 15, 1710 (m. 1666 
Sarah, dau. of Edward Denison of Rox- 
bury Mass.); son of Thomas Robinson, b. 
in Eng. about 1625, d. Mar. 23, 1665 (m. 
Jan. 11, 1652 Mary, dau. of John Cogan, 
who opened the first store in Boston 

PARKS FAMILY. Capt. Elisha and 
Josiah Parks were brothers, and 
prob. came to Westfield Mass. from Wor- 
cester Mass. Col. Elisha was born 1724. 
Married Jan. 29, 1751, Mary Ingersoll, 
born Nov. 16, 1733. She was dau. of 
Thomas Ingersoll and Sarah Dewey. 



Thomas Ingersoll was descended from 
John Ingersoll the settler. Col. Elisha 
Parks served in the Revolutionary War 
from Westfield, being one of the first to 
enlist. Was one of the number chosen to 
represent the town at a Provincial Con- 
gress to be held at Northampton Sep. 22, 
1775. He died Apr. n, 1778, aged 54. His 
wife Mary died June 18, 1825, aged 90. 
They had children: Gen. Warham, born 
Mar. 13, 1752; Roland, born Dec. 11, 1756. 

Gen. War-ham Parks served in the war 
of the Revolution; was among the select- 
men in 1792, 95, 96 and 1800. He mar- 
ried Molly Ingersoll, born Feb. 23, 1755, 
dau. of John Ingersoll and Margaret 
Mosely Ingersoll; were published Jan. 4, 
1778. Children were: Julia, born Aug. 20, 

1778, born at Westfield, married 

West; Polly, born 1781, died Aug. 8, 1790, 
and Mrs. Molly Ingersoll, died Aug. 29, 
1790, aged 25. Gen. Parks married 2d 
Rebecca Gorham of Charlestown Mass., 
published Nov. 27, 1791. They had chil- 
dren: Elizabeth, who died Feb. 1, 1800, 
aged 20 months, after which they moved 
to Boston Mass., where they had Goram, 
Rufus, Mary Elizabeth. 

Roland Parks, born Dec. 11, 1756, died 
1825, son of Elisha, married at the close 
of the Revolution Sarah Morrison of 
Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. She died in 
Aug. 1855. They lived at Westfield. Had 
children: George, born 1778, died Nov. 
22, 1802; Frances, born 1779, died 1803; 
Nancy, born 1780, died July 6. 1802; Har- 
riet, born 1787, married Wm. Butler, had 
dau. Nancy, who married Amos Green 
and died in Savannah Ga., aged 28, Harriet 
married 2d Chester Fowler of Westfield; 
Sarah, born May 25, 1789, married James 
Bush, son of Zadoc; Charles, born 1795, 
married Maria Sage of Middletown Conn, 
and died at Springfield Mass. June 8, 1862. 

Charles Parks (son of Roland) had 
children born at Springfield: 1. Sarah, 
born 1828, married Dr. George Hall of 
Courtney Texas, live now at Galveston; 
2. John, born 1830, went into the regular 
army and last heard from was on the fron- 
tier, unmarried; 3. Anna, born 1834, died 

June 8, 1863, married William Craige in 
Ohio, he died in Cleveland 1859, they had 
two children, Louise, born 1854, married 
at Athens Greece, where she lives, Willie, 
born Oct. 1859, lives at Galveston Texas, 
Louise was adopted by a Mrs. Hall in 
Boston and took that name; 4. Louise, 
born 1836, married William Graber of 
Waxahasha Texas, where they lived. 

Josiah Parks of Westfield married 
Lydia King, born Apr. 28, 1730 (dau. of 
Ebenezer King of Westfield); married 
Apr. 9, 1752. Children: Lydia, born Apr. 
9, 1753, married Justus Searles Sep. 13, 
1778; Lovinia, born Sep. 3, 1756, married 
Timothy Clark Sep. 13, 1782; Sampson, 
born 1758; Nathan, born Nov. 19, 1759, 
married Irene Bascome Apr. 27, 1782, at 
Southampton Mass., he m. 2d Mary Mal- 
lory Nov. 11, 1784; Lucy, born Feb. 2, 
1764; Trydonia, born Mar. 17, 1767; King 
Parks, born Nov. 7, 1767, married Lydia 
Sheldon Oct. 10, 1806. 

Lovinia Parks (dau. of Josiah and 
Lydia) married Timothy Clark and had - 
Lovinia, who married Rev. Saul Clark of 
East Haven Conn. They had children: 
Lovinia, married Dr. Horace Ballard, and 
2d Dr. J. L. Keep of Fair Haven Conn.; 
Timothy D wight, died unmarried 1889; 
Marietta, died aged 16; Elizabeth, married 
Henry Barnes of Fair Haven; Cornelia, 

married • Ives of North Haven; 

Frances, born June 1814, died Sep. 8, 
1814, at East Haven. 

HAINES, JOHN of Waltham Mass.. b. 
in Hill N. H. May 10, 1829. chief 
engineer of Waltham fire dept, trustee of 
Waltham hospital, vestryman of Christ 
church, superintendent for Boston Manu- 
facturing Co. for the past 47 years, is mem- 
ber of the Massachusetts and National 
Soc's of the Sons of the American Revo- 
lution (m. in Rumford Me. Sep. 3, 1857 
Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Jesse and Abigail 
[Morgan] Hoyt of Rumford, b. there Mar. 
14, 1834, a desc. of " Sargent John Hoyt" 
of Salisbury Mass. 1637, had 4 children: 
John Fales, b. Waltham Aug. 10, 1858, d. 
there Nov. 5, 1868, Julia Elizabeth, b. 


Waltham Jan. 10, i860 [m. Nov. 25, 1886 
Herbert Jones Newton, b. Framingham 
Mass. July 7, 1865, had 1 dau. Hazel Hoyt, 
b. Feb. 2, 1891 in Waltham], William 
Manton, b. Waltham Jan. 25, 1867, ma- 
chinist, photographer [m. Waltham Dec. 
22, 1888 Annie Laura, dau. of Elias Peck 
of Wolfville N. S., b. there July 13, 1867, 
had 1 son John William, b. Waltham Feb. 
10, 1890], Francis Andrew, b. Waltham 
Oct. 7, 1868, watchmaker, served during 
the Spanish-American war 1898 as cor- 
poral in Company I Sixth Massachusetts 
Regiment U. S. Vol. Infantry, Captain 
Cyrus H. Cook, Colonel Edmund Rice, 
Major-General Nelson A. Miles, was at 
Santiago Cuba and through Porto Rico, 
m. Dec. 24, 1889, Jessie J., dau. of Silas 
Ballou Boyce of Watertown N. Y., b. there 
Feb. 7, 1871); son of Jacob Clarke Haines 
of Hill N. H. and Waltham Mass., b. San- 
bornton N. H. Apr. 24, 1799, d. Waltham 
Dec. 10, 1870, farmer, surveyor, deacon of 
the Baptist church (m. Dec. 29, 1825 Mary, 
dau. of Ezekiel and Alice [Merrill] Moore, 
of Canterbury N. H., b. there Oct. 28, 
1800, d. in Boston Sep. 22, 1865, a desc. of 
Ensign John Moore of Canterbury N. H. 
1725, b. on Jersey Island Apr. 9, 1696, d. 
in Canterbury Apr. 10, 1786, came to 
Dover N. H. about 1720, he Ezekiel was 
a Revolutionary soldier, served in Captain 
Sias' company in Piscataqua Harbor 1779, 
in Captain Ezekiel Webster's company, 
Colonel Moses Nichols' militia regiment, 
which joined the Continental army at West 
Point July 1780, had 10 children: Caroline 
M., b. Hill N. H. Sep. 12. 1826, d. Newton 
Mass. Jan. 14, 1887, buried in Waltham 
[m. Oct. 7. 1851 Richard P. Carsley, b. 
Apr. 13, 1826 in Harrison Me., d. Newton 
Mass. June 9, 1894], Susan, b. Hill N. H. 
Sep. 23, 1828, d. Howard City Mich. Jan. 
3> 1895 [m. Alonzo Booth, b. Williston 
Vt. Feb. 15, 1822, d. Howard City Mich. 
Aug. 2. 1896], John, b. Hill N. H. May 10, 
1829 fm. Mary Elizabeth Hoyt, b. Rum- 
ford Me. Mar. 14, 1834, m- Sep. 3, 1857], 
Mary Esther, b. Hill July 8, 1831 [m. June 
9, 1853 George W. Daniels, b. Waltham 
Dec. 22, 1830, d. Waltham May 9, 1886], 

Elizabeth Jones, b. Hill Jan. 23, 1833, d. 
Waltham Mar. 24, 1854 [m. Francis K. 
Davis, b. Waltham Jan. 1827, d. there Jan. 
7, 1857, m. Nov. 30, 1851], Rebecca, b. Hill 
Oct. 17, 1835 [m. Nov. 25, 1858 Elias A. 
Gallupe, b. Bangor Me. July 31, 1830], 
Julia A., b. Hill Nov. 5, 1837 [m. Mar. 3, 
1858 in Ogdensburg N. Y. Charles J. 
Olney, b. Evans Mills N. Y. Apr. 16, 
1833], Eben K., b. Sanbornton N. H. Aug. 
30, 1839, d. Waltham Mass. June 14, 1841, 
Harriet Ellen, b. Waltham Mar. 22, 1842 
[m. Nov. 1, 1864 Horace P. Clark, b. in 
Berwick Me. May 5, 1839], Frances E., b. 
Waltham Mar. 16, 1847, m. 1868 Charles D. 
Fiske of Waltham Mass.); son of James 
Haines, b. Epping N. H. July 7, 1764, d. 
Alexandria N. H. May 26, 1849, farmer 
(m. Nov. 22, 1786 Mary, dau. of Satchell 
Clark of Sanbornton N. H., who was a 
Revolutionary soldier, served in Captain 
Chase Taylor's company and was at the 
battle of Bennington Vt. Aug. 16, 1777, she 
b. Epping N. H. July 7, 1765, d. Jan. 4, 
1852, had 11 children: David, b. Sanborn- 
ton N. H. June 30, 1787, d. 1868 [m. Re- 
becca Bailey, b. Salisbury Mass., d. 1872], 
Clark, b. Sanbornton Apr. 26, 1789, d. 
Apr. 25, 1810, James P., b. Sanbornton 
Sep. 1, 1791, d. Bristol N. H. Sep. 10, 1857 
[m. Sarah Barnard of Alexandria N. H. 
Jan. 6, 1818, d. Bristol], Mary, b. Sanborn- 
ton Jan. 26, 1795, d. 1828 [m. John Reed of 
Orange N. H.]. Rachel, b. Sanbornton 
Apr. 5, 1796, d. Alexandria Mar. 5, 1844 
[m. John Bailey, b. Alexandria May 26, 
I 795]- Jacob Clark, b. Sanbornton Apr. 24, 
1799, d. Waltham Mass. Dec. 10. 1870 [m. 
Mary Moore Dec. 29. 1825. b. Canterbury 
N. H. Oct. 28, 1800, d. Boston Sep. 22, 
1865], Lydia. b. Sanbornton June 2. 1801 
fm. a Dickey of Wilmont N. H.], John 
C, b. Alexandria Aug. 25, 1805, d. West- 
boro Mass. Apr. 7, 1893 [m. Lucy Andrews 
of Boston Mass., d. Westboro Aug. 18, 
1859], Eliza, b. Alexandria Apr. 30, 1807, 
d. Grafton N. H. 1876 [m. Peter Stevens of 
Grafton], Susanna, b. Alexandria Jan. 15, 
1809, d. Dunbarton N. H. Jan. 26, 1880 [m. 
John Kyes of Dunbarton], Sarah, b. Alex- 
andria June 30, 1814. d. March 17, 1876, m. 



Reuben Wells Mar. 22, 1836, both d. Hav- 
erhill Mass.); son of David Haines of 
Epping N. H., b. Greenland N. H. June 
27, 1717, d. Epping 1780, farmer (m. Lydia 
Cate, d. Dec. 1805, had 10 children: Eliza- 
beth, b. Epping 13, 1744, William, b. 

Epping Feb. 12, 1746, David, b. Epping 
Nov. 14, 1747, Timothy, b. Epping Mar. 
1750, Simeon, b. Epping Mar. 9, 1752, d. 
Haverhill 1829 [m. Eunice Gilman, d. 
Alton N. H., aged 95 years], Lydia, b. 
Epping July 30, 1 754, George Lewis, b. 
Epping Mar. n, 1757, d. Northfield N. H. 
Dec. 15, 1848 [in. Mary Moulton Dec. 27, 
1797, b. Feb. 14, 1769, d. Aug. 4, 1848], 
Gideon, b. Epping Apr. 26, 1759, Mary, b. 
Epping Aug. 30, 1761 [m. Taylor Clark], 
James, b. Epping July 7, 1764, d. Alex- 
andria May 26, 1849, m. Mary Clark, b. 
Epping July 7, 1765, d. Jan. 4, 1852, m. 
Nov. 22, 1786); son of William, b. Green- 
land N. H. Jan. 7, 1678, d. there 1760, 
farmer, surveyor (m. Jan. 4, 1704-5 Mary 
Lewis of Casco Bay Me., had 6 children: 
Sarah, b. Greenland Oct. 18, 1705 [m. 
Jonathan Locke of Rye N. H.], Mary, b. 
Greenland Feb. 28, 1707 [m. James John- 
son], Margaret, b. Greenland Jan. 15, 1710 
[m. John Johnson], Matthias, b. Greenland 
Mar. 17, 1713, d. Mar. 28, 1795 [m. Abigail 

Sherburn], William, b. Greenland 25, 

1715, d. 1796 [m. Elizabeth Parker of 
Stratham N. H. Nov. 7, 1744, b. Nov. 15, 
1724], David, b. Greenland June 27, 1717, 
d. Epping 1780, m. Lydia Cate, d. Dec. 
1805); son of Samuel, b. Greenland 1646, 
d. there 1688-9, farmer (m. Jan. 17, 1672-3 
Mary Fifield of Hampton N. H., had 6 
children: Sarah, b. Greenland Oct. 6, 1673 
[m. Nathaniel Higgins Sr.], Elinor, b. 
Greenland Aug. 23, 1675 (m. Samuel 
Weeks, b. Dec. 14, 1670), Matthias, b. 
Greenland Mar. 7, 1676-7, d. Apr. 9, 1745 
(m. Mehitable Jenness of Rye N. H.), 
William, b. Greenland Jan. 7, 1678, d. 1760 
[m. Mary Lewis of Casco Bay Me. Jan. 4, 
1704-5], Mary. b. Greenland Jan. 27, 1685 
[m. Michael Hicks], Samuel, b. Greenland 
July 6, 1687, d. Sep. 7, 1750); son of 
Samuel, b. Westbury, Wiltshire Eng. 161 1, 
came to New England in the ship " Angel 

Gabriel " of 240 tons, which sailed from 
Bristol Eng. June 4, 1635 and wrecked at 
Pemaquid, now Bristol Me. in the " great 
hurricane " of Aug. 15 in the same year, 
after suffering shipwreck he went direct to 
Ipswich Mass. in Goodman Gallop's bark, 
landing there two or three days afterwards, 
he remained in Ipswich two or three years 
and then returned to England (m. there 
Apr. 1, 1638 Elinor Neate in St. Mary's 
church in Westbury), returned to New 
England in 1639 and resided in Dover N. 
H. until 1650, when he settled in Ports- 
mouth N. H. in the parish of Greenland, 
where resided on his farm on the " Great 
Bay " on the east side of the Winnecut 
river until his decease in 1686-7, he was a 
selectman 1653 to 1663 and one of the nine 
founders and was ordained a deacon of the 
" First Congregational Church " at its or- 
ganization in 1671, was a large landowner 
by grants and purchase, had 3 children: 
Mary, b. Greenland [m. about 1667 Leon- 
ard Weeks of Greenland, b. in England 
1633, d. in Greenland 1707], Samuel, b. 
Greenland 1646, d. there 1688-9 t m - Mary 
Fifield of Hampton N. H. Jan. 9, 1672-3], 
Matthias, b. Greenland 1656, d. 1688-9, ni. 
Jane Brackett Dec. 28, 1671). 

LIN of Wakefield R. I., b. there Jan. 
9, 1824, a prominent citizen, pres. of the 
bank in Wakefield for 30 years, postmaster 
there over 20 years, has held many offices 
of trust (m. Nov. 20, 1854 Caroline E. 
Rodman, dau. of Hon. Samuel and Mary 
[Peekham] Rodman and desc. from the 
five colonial families of Coggeshall, Eas- 
ton, Arnold, Hazard and John Greene, she 
Caroline had 6 ch., viz.: Eliza Noyes, Ben- 
jamin F., Samuel R., Rowland R., Eliza 
Noyes and Caroline E. Robinson); son of 
Sylvester Robinson of Wakefield R. I., 
b. in South Kingston R. I. July 16, 1798, 
d. in Wakefield Jan. 1867, prominent citi- 
zen, pres. of the Wakefield bank, senator 
in the gen. assembly for many years (m. 
Oct. 9, 1822 Eliza, dau. of Joseph and 
Elizabeth [Babcock] Noyes and gr.-dau. 
of Col. Joseph Noyes, who served as col- 



onel through-out the war of 1776, and desc. 
of Green, Coddington, Sanford and Noyes 
families); son of Benjamin Robinson of 
South Kingston R. I., b. there Aug. 5, 
1763, d. there 1830, was a worthy citizen, 
was a man of fine character, honest and 
truthful, inherited the paternal mansion 
(m. 1791 Elizabeth, dau. of Deputy Gov. 
George and Hannah [Robinson] Brown 
and gr.-dau. of William Robinson, son of 
Deputy Gov. William Robinson and Abi- 
gail Wanton, dau. of Philip and Hannah 
Rodman); son of John Robinson of South 
Kingston R. I., b. there Jan. 13, 1742 or 3, 
d. there June 23, 1815, wealthy planter, 
having a large estate left to him by his 
father, was prominent in the affairs of his 
town, a man of integrity and honor (m. 
Jan. 13, 1761 Sarah, b. 1746, d. 1777, was 
buried in the old Robinson burial ground 
at Narragansett Pier R. I., dau. of Benja- 
min and Mary [Hazard] Peekham and gr.- 
dau. of Deputy Gov. George Hazard); son 
of William Robinson of South Kingston 
R. I., b. there 1693, d. there 1751, planter, 
owned several thousand acres, was 
in public service 25 years (m. Mar. 2, 1727 
Abigail Gardiner, widow of Caleb Hazard 
and dau. of William Gardiner [and Abigail 
Remington], dau. of Benoni Gardiner); son 
of Sowland Robinson of South Kingston 
R. I., b. in Eng. 1654, d. in South Kingston 
1716, was a member of the Society of 
Friends, purchased three thousand acres 
in Westerly 1709, six hundred acres in 
Boston Neck, South Kingston in R. I. 
1710, owned large farms, built several 
large houses (m. 1676 Elizabeth, was a 
woman of strong and marked character, 
dau. of John and Mary [Bacon] Allen and 
gr.-dau. of Gov. Henry Bull). 

1 adelphia Pa., b. in Frankford Pa. 
July 5. 1843, educated in schools of Phila., 
univ. of Pa., the divinity school of P. E. 
church in Phila.. was asst. minister of St. 
James' P. E. church in Phila. 1868-70, late 
chaplain of the educational home, also of 
church home Angora Phila. (m. Feb. 14, 
1878 Anne, dau. of the late Hon. John 

Cadwalader, judge of U. S. district court 
for eastern Pa., had 2 ch., John Rowland 
and Elizabeth Rowland); son of William 
Rowland of Phila. Pa., b. in Cheltenham 
tp. Pa. Jan. 8, 1813, d. in Phila. Dec. 18, 
1872, was one of the founders of the Ox- 
ford iron and steel works of Frankford 
Pa., also one of the corporators and 
founders of St. Mark's P. E. church of 
Frankford, was member of Franklin insti- 
tute (m. Sep. 22, 1842 Elizabeth, dau. of 
the late Samuel Harvey of Germantown 
Pa., who was first pres. of the bank of 
Germantown, was burgess there several 
years, was a man of scholarly tastes and 
attainments, the site of his handsome 
colonial mansion is now occupied by the 
town hall of Germantown, and a desc. of 
Benjamin Harvey of Derbyshire Eng., 
came to Pa. with William Penn); son of 
Benjamin Rowland of Cheltenham tp. Pa., 
b. in Treddyffrin Pa. 1777, d. in Cheten- 
ham Sep. 9, 1824, was a prominent manu- 
facturer, founder of T. Rowland's Sons' 
establishment for the manufacture of tools 
(m. 1800 Elizabeth Brittian of Gwynedd 
Pa.); son of Jonathan Rowland of Tred- 
dyffrin tp. Pa., b. there Dec. 18, 1751, d. in 
North Carolina, captain of the 4th co. 5th 
battalion of Chester co. militia until end 
of hostilities, went to N. Carolina (m. 1770 
Sarah Maxwell, dau. of the Maxwell fam- 
ily of Great Valley Pa.); son of John 
Rowland of Treddyffrin tp. Pa., b. in East 
Whiteland tp. Pa. 1716, d. in Treddyffrin 
Feb. 8, 1793, was a man of wealth and 
position, owned a plantation and mill 
property in Treddyffrin, was one of the 
founders and corporators of St. Peter's P. 
E. church Great Valley Pa., vestryman 
and rector's warden in this church for 
many years, held with Humphrey Wayne, 
uncle of Gen. Anthony Wayne, pew 14 in 
this old historic church (m. 1st Dec. 1742 
Grace Paschall, dau. of William and Grace 
Paschall, 2d Anne Smith); son of John 
Rowland of East Whiteland tp. Pa., b. in 
Rhosybayvil farm, Pembrokeshire Wales, 
d. in East Whiteland 1745 or 6, came with 
his brother James to Pa. about 1699. set- 
tled in Chester co. Pa., will is registered 



in West Chester Pa., also the deeds of his 
land (m. Letitia); son of William Row- 
land of Rhosybayvil farm, Pembrokeshire 
Wales, b. prob. there, d. there 1682 or 3, 
his home was the entailed estate or farm 
of Rhosybayvil, a portion of which is still 
owned by one of his descendants, will 
registered in the court of Admiralty, Car- 
marthen 1683 (m. Katharine and had 9 
ch., viz.: Thomas, Eleanor, Morris, Philip, 
Rees, James, John, Rachel and Anne), 
had 2 brothers, Owen and James, whose 
wills are registered in the same court and 
are sealed with the armorial bearings of a 
fesse between three roundels, the tinctures 
cannot be deciphered, the Rowlands were 
well-to-do people, being lords of the 
manor Llantood, owned some good free- 
holds in the neighborhood. 

Lakeville Ct, b. in Fredonia N. Y. 
Aug. 17, 1838, manufacturer, aide-de-camp 
and qr.-master-general on staff of gov. of 
Ct., member of G. A. R. and S. A. R. etc., 
representative in Ct. legislature 1899 (m. 
June 7, 1865 Maria Cofnng Holley, dau. of 
ex-Gov. Alex. H. and Marcia [Cofnng] 
Holley of Ct. and desc. of John Holley, 
one of the principal settlers of Stamford 
Ct., she Maria has 4 ch., Alex. H., Fanny, 
Malcolm D. and Charles E. Rudd); son of 
Rev. George Robert Rudd of Lyons N. 
Y., b. in Vergennes Vt. July 16, 1801, d. 
in Lyons Feb. 1, 1881, grad. Hamilton 
coll. 1823, Auburn theological seminary, 
Presbyterian clergyman, ordained and in- 
stalled 1827 as pastor of church in Scipio 
N. Y., pastor in Buffalo, Fredonia, Dunkirk 
and Lyons N. Y., was principal of Auburn 
female seminary etc. (m. Oct. 2, 1827 
Frances, dau. of Hezekiah Beardslee of 
New Hartford N. Y. and Mary Riley of 
the Wethersfield Ct. family); son of Maj. 
Nathaniel Rudd of Vergennes Vt. and 
Stockholm N. Y., b. in Amenia N. Y. Mar. 
29, 1772, d. in Rockton 111. Feb. 1848, re- 
moved to Vt. 1800, thence to Stockholm 
N. Y. 1810, was a man of influence there, 
deacon in the church, moved to 111. (m. 
Nov. 26, 1795 Waity, dau. of Lieut-Col. 

Roswell Hopkins of Amenia N. Y. and 
desc. of John Hopkins of Hartford Ct); 
son of Nathaniel Rudd of Amenia N. Y., 
b. in Windham Ct. Sep. 8, 1742, d. prob. in 
Amenia July 1774 (m. May 10, 1768 Naomi 
St. John, dau. of Capt John St. John of 
Sharon Ct. and desc. of Matthew St. John, 
a settler of Norwalk Ct. 1650, she Naomi 
had 3 ch., Mynor, Walter and Nathaniel); 
son of Zebulon Rudd of Windham Ct. and 
Amenia N. Y., b. in former July 26, 1717, 
d. in North East N. Y. Feb. 9, 1802 or 3, 
removed from Windham to Amenia 1758 
(m. June 4, 1741 Jerusha, dau. of Jonathan 
Brewster of Windham Ct. and gt-gr.-dau. 
of Elder William Brewster); son of Capt. 
Nathaniel Rudd of Windham Ct., b. in 
Norwich Ct. 1684, d. in Windham Feb. 20, 
1760, ensign of militia in Windham 1722, 
captain 1736, dep. to Ct. gen. assembly 
1737 (m. Dec. 27, 1709 Rebecca Waldo, 
dau. of John and Rebecca [Adams] 
Waldo and gr.-dau. of Dea. Cornelius 
Waldo of Chelmsford Mass. and Capt. 
Samuel Adams of Chelmsford); son of 
Jonathan Rudd of Norwich Ct., b. prob. 
in Saybrook Ct, d. in Norwich 1689 (m. 
Dec. 19, 1678 Mercy); son of Lieut. 
Jonathan Rudd of Saybrook Ct, d. prob. 
1668, came to New England about 1640, 
took oath of allegiance in Hartford 1651, 
was a man of some importance in Say- 
brook Ct, assistant to Capt. Mason in the 
fort there 1652, leather sealer 1656 etc. 
(m. 1646 or 7). 

ington D. C, b. in Elmira N. Y. Oct. 

4, 1823, grad. from the Elmira academy 
1840, was entered midshipman in the U. S. 
navy 1841 and served through all the 
grades including that of rear admiral U. 

5. navy (m. Sep. 18, 1849 Eliza J. Snyder 
of German descent, whose ancestor came 
from near Berlin Prussia, dau. of Dr. 
Samuel Snyder, she Eliza had Fayette W. 
Roe, captain in U. S. army); son of Isaac 
Roe of Elmira N. Y., b. in Newburgh N. 
Y. Mar. 2, 1788, d. in Elmira June 19, 1858, 
was a pious man, Methodist (m. Oct. 10, 
1807 Hannah Drake of Huguenot descent, 



of the family of Adrian La Farge, dau. of 
Edward Drake [and Susanne La Farge], 
who was an Englishman of the royal navy 
and was of the family of Sir Francis 
Drake, Edward Drake and his wife were 
buried in Old Trinity chruch yard N. Y.); 
son of John Roe of White Plains and 
Dryden N. Y., b. near Newburg N. Y. 
Apr. 4, 1755, d. in Havana N. Y. 1831, 
minute man in Orange co. reg. through 
rev. war, qr.-master and paymaster for a 
time, owned battle ground at White 
Plains, was with Washington during that 
fight, lived in Plattsburgh, Dryden and 
Havana N. Y. 1812 (m. Sarah Harris, b. 
1761, d. in Elmira N. Y. Mar. 1837); son 
of John of Newburgh N. Y., d. near Lake 
Champlain about 1756 or 60, was killed in 
the French and Indian war near Lake 
Champlain prob. under Abercromby at 
Ticonderoga when storming the intrench- 
ments, descendant of John Roe of Port Jef- 
ferson N. Y., who emigrated from Eng. to 
Amer. about 1630 or 40, settled in Port 
Jefferson. The family came from Denmark, 
thence to Normandy with Duke Rallo, 
thence to Eng. and then to Amer. 1630 or 
40, his sons and gr.-sons removed to the 
Hudson river at Newburgh N. Y., had 
prob. two brothers. The Roe family is an 
ancient one, it is first recorded in the 
" History of Denmark " by Saxo Gormer- 
ticus and in the sagas of Scotland and 

^ Hightstown N. J., b. in Freehold N. 
J. Apr. 3, 1838, lawyer of varied and ex- 
tensive practice, read law with Aaron R. 
Throckmorton of Freehold and James 
Otterson of Phila. Pa., was vice-pres. and 
treasurer of the Pa. Slatington and New 
England R. R., mayor of Hightstown, 
etc. (m. June 20, 1866 Mary Augusta Lloyd, 
d. Feb. 6, 1896, of colonial descent, dau. of 
James and Nancy Ely [Johnson] Lloyd 
and gr.-dau. of Hon. William and Rachel 
[Grandin] Lloyd, also of James Mont- 
gomery and Euphemia [Mount] Johnson, 
she Mary had 3 ch., Helen Louisa [m. 
Rev. Albert Reid], Edgar Grandin and 

Harry Lloyd); son of Henry Schencke of 
near Freehold N. J., b. in Marlboro N. J. 
Jan. 24, 1805, d. near Freehold Dec. 20, 
1891, farmer, office holder in his township 
45 years, was one of the commissioners of 
appeal in matters of taxation 1861-91 (m. 
May 27, 1829 Mary Ann Mount, dau. of 
Samuel and Rachel Mount and gr.-dau. of 
Samuel Mount, b. 1724, d. Aug. 7, 1801, 
and Frances Cook, b. Sep. 16, 1731, d. Sep. 
6, 1806, whose 2 sons were killed by the 
Indians near Albany N. Y., moved from 
N. J. to N. Y., returned to N. J. on the 
death of their children, she Frances Cook 
dau. of Abiel Cook of Imlaystown N. J., 
desc. of Ellis Cook of Southamton L. I. 
1640); son of Peter Voorhees Schenck of 
near Freehold N. J., b. in Marlboro N. J. 
Sep. 15, 1775, d. near Freehold July 3, 1857, 
was in the tanning, currying, shoe making 
and harness making business with his 
father in Marlboro, moved to Freehold, 
lieut. of the 2d co. 2d battalion 2d reg. of 
the Monmouth militia 1801 (m. 1st Nov. 
1, 1793 Sara, dau. of Capt. Elisha Shep- 
herd, rev. patriot and gr.-dau. of Col. John 
Smock, rev. patriot [and Elizabeth Con- 
over], in repairing the brick church in 
Marlboro N. J. it was extended over 
Sara's grave, m. 2d Elizabeth Smock, gr.- 
dau. of John Smock); son of Koert 
Schenck of Marlboro N. J., b. near there 
May 27, 1751, d. there Dec. 25, 1837, rev. 
soldier, fired his gun at the battle of Ger- 
mantown until it became so hot he could 
not hold it, was a daring man, was in the 
tanning, currying, shoe making and har- 
ness making business in Marlboro, is buried 
in the brick church beside his wife (m. 1774 
Sarah Voorhees, b. June 23, 1757, d. Mar. 
8, 1825, dau. of Petrus Voorhees, b. Apr. 
20, 1733, d. Oct. 22, 1772, son of Johanius, 
b. July 19, 1700, d. Jan. 21, 1733, also dau. 
of Gertrude Schuyler, b. Dec. 18, 1738, d. 
Mar. 19, 1792, dau. of Abram Schuyler of 
New Brunswick); son of Garret Schenck 
of near Marlboro N. J., b. there, bapt. 
Dec. 12, 1725, d. in Topanenius N. J. May 
22, 1761, lived on a farm, is buried beside 
his father and mother in the brick church 
near Marlboro (m. Oct. 19, 1744 Neeltie 



Van Voorhees, who m. 2d Benjamin Har- 
ris, dau. of Johannes Van Voorhees, b. 
July 19, 1700, d. Jan. 21, 1733, and Sarah 
Schenck, b. 1696, who m. 2d Hendrick 
Voorhees, she Neeltie [Van Voorhees] 
Schenck had 9 ch., viz.: Thomas, bapt. 
May 3, 1747, Mary, bapt. June 30, 1749, 
Court, bapt. June 9, 1751, Petrus, bapt. 
May 31, 1753, Sara, bapt. Jan. 26, 1755, 
Antje, bapt. Nov. 14, 1756, Garret, bapt. 

May 26, 1758, , b. Mar. 1, 1727, 

Neeltje, bapt. Mar. 30, 1760, and Jane, 
bapt. Feb. 1, 1762); son of Koert Gerretse 
Schenck of Marlboro N. J., b. in Holmdel 
N. J. 1702, d. in Marlboro June 2, 1771, 
he and his wife are buried in the brick 
church near Marlboro (m. Mary Peterse 
Van Cow, b. in N. J. 1700, d. in Marlboro 
May 17, 1787). 

Rapids Mich., b. in Middlesex N. Y. 
Dec. 27, 1830, moved with parents to Per- 
inton N. Y. 1837, to Victor N. Y. 1845 and 
to Grattan Mich. 1847, taught 73 terms of 
school in next 40 years, cleared 100 acres 
of land, built 3 houses and 3 barns, 2d 
lieut. co. B 25th Mich. inf. 1862-4, was also 
asst. eng. and asst. qr.-master, gathered 
data 14 years and published " Slayton His- 
tory and Genealogy " 1898 (m. Oct. 30, 
1865 Margery, dau. of William McPherson 
[and Elizabeth McLean, b. in Caledonia 
N. Y., d. in Grand Rapids Mich. 1894], b. 
in Wheatland N. Y., d. in Vergennes 
Mich. 1876, son of Peter McPherson, b. in 
Scotland, d. in Monroe county N. Y., she 
Margery had 5 ch., Ivy, b. Nov. 12, 1866, 
Myrtle, b. Dec. 16, 1867, Zna, b. Feb. 23, 
1869, Victor, b. Nov. 24, 1872, and Flora, 
b. Apr. 12, 1876); son of Russell Slayton, 
b. in East Brookfield Mass. Nov. 12, 1798. 
d. in Grattan Mich. Oct. 26, 1863, attended 
Leicester acad. 1818, farmer, carder, moved 
from Brookfield Mass. to Middlesex N. Y. 
1821, bought land, cleared farms, taught 
school 9 winters, was the first postmaster 
in Middlesex, captain in 26th N. Y. militia 
1826, colonel 1835, moved to Mich. 1847 
(m. Sep. 25, 1822 Berthena Clark, b. in 
Italy N. Y. May 20, 1803, d. in Lake co. 

Mich. May 4, 1877, dau. of William Clark, 
b. in Mass. July 31, 1770, d. in 
Italy N. Y. Dec. 27, 1851, moved to 
Naples N. Y. 1790, m. Mar. 20, 1796 Fran- 
ces Metcalf, b. Sep. 15, 1776, d. in Italy 
Apr. 8, 1845, dau. of Jabez Metcalf, b. in 
Mass. Apr. 13, 1748, m. Dec. 28, 1775, 
Elizabeth Tinny, b. May 17, 1748); son of 
Isaac Slayton of East Brookfield Mass., 
b. there Sep. 21, 1768, d. there July 22, 
1837, farmer, owned and operated a wool 
carding mill on Seven Mile river (m. Jan. 
8, 1795 Sarah, b. July 18, 1767, d. in Brook- 
field Apr. 23, 1849, dau. of Asa Walker of 
Brookfield Ms.; son of Thomas Slayton 
Jr. of Brookfield Mass. after 1740, b. in 
Weston Mass. Feb. 20, 1732 or 3, d. in 
Brookfield Dec. 28, 1822, farmer, served 
in the French and Indian war, was in Capt. 
Obadiah Cooley's co. in the Crown Point 
expedition 1756, also in Capt. Jabez Up- 
ham's co. 1757, marched for the relief of 
Fort William Henry, but when nearly 
there heard of its surrender and returned, 
reaching home 1757 (m. June 13, 1758 
Judith White, b. 1739, d. in Brookfield 
Mass. Aug. 26, 1822); son of Thomas 
Slayton of Weston, Tyringham and Brook- 
field Mass., b. Braintree June 15, 1709, d. 
in Brookfield Aug. or Sep. 1778, will filed 
Sep. 22, when his intention of marriage 
were published the name is spelled 
Slaten, the record of his marriage has it 
Slatin, was spelled Slaton 1733, y was in- 
serted 1756 and all the Mass. Slaytons and 
their descendants used the y after 1762 (m. 
Sep. 21, 1732 Abigail, b. in Watertown 
Mass. Mar. 21, 1712-3, daughter of George 
and Abiel [Parker] Harrington, who were 
m. Nov. 15, 1711, and gr.-dau. of James 
Parker of Groton) ; son of Thomas Slaton, 
b. in the S. E. of Scotland near the river 
Tweed Sep. 20, 1682. 

WILKINS, ANDREW of Terre Haute 
Ind., b. in Fort Knox Ind. Sep. 23, 
1803, d. June 4, 1861, held many public 
offices, was magistrate, sheriff, county 
clerk and judge, was a man of pure life and 
esteemed for his worth and honesty (m. 
Dec. 4, 1827 Susan, dau. of Moses and 



Jane [Brooks] Spencer and desc. of the 
English Spencers who came to Amer. 
about 1640, she Susan had 9 ch., viz.: 
Emily Ann, b. Oct. 16, 1828 [m. Aug. 5, 
1855 Geo. M. Early and had 5 ch., Harry, 
b. Apr. 26, 1856, Reynolds, b. July 21, 1857, 
Susan, b. Jan. 21, i860, and Mary Rae 
Early, b. June 1864], Frances Jane, b. Feb. 
20, 1831, d. Apr. 17, 1874, Cassandra, b. 
Apr. 30, 1833, d. May 15, 1847, John Jr., b. 
Nov. 22, 1835, Rachel, b. Mar. 15, 1838, 
William H. H., b. Jan. 4, 1841, d. May 25. 
1856, Lida A. E., b. Jan. 20, 1844 [m. May 
16, 1872 Dr. Alfred W. Merrill], Mary 
Ball, b. Dec. 26, 1848, and George David 
Wilkins, b. Aug. 26, 1851, m. Oct. II, 1881 
Ella B. Smith and had 4 ch., Margaret M., 
b. Aug. 29, 1882, David G, b. Apr. 6, 1885, 
John E., b. Nov. 22, 1889, and Edwin 
Andrew, b. July 5, 1893); son of David 
Wilkins of Terre Haute Ind., b. in Va. 
May 2, 1776, d. in Terre Haute Mar. 20, 
1854, captain of scouts in the war of 1812, 
retired at the close of the war to his coun- 
try home, afterwards moving to Merom 
Ind., postmaster there, afterwards remov- 
ing to Terre Haute (m. Nov. 1798 Frances 
Balthas of Dutch descent and had 10 ch., 
viz. : John, Sarah, Andrew, Mariah, Mary, 
Zerelda, George, Thomas, Ann E., 
Amanda and David); son of John Wilkins 
of Pittsburgh Pa., b. in Lancaster co. Pa. 
June 1, 1773, d. in Pittsburgh Dec. 11, 
1809, captain in the continental service 
1776, was at the battles of Brandywine and 
Germantown, was member of the conven- 
tion from Bedford co. 1776, was appointed 
associate judge of the court on the organ- 
ization of Alleghaney co., was a member 
of the supreme executive council 1790, 
chief burgess of the borough of Pittsburgh, 
commissioner of public buildings and co. 
treas. 1 794-1803 (m. 1st Mary, 2d Cath- 
erine and had 5 ch., Gen. John, Andrew 
Sr., David as above, Mary [m. Judge John 
Widener] and Rebecca); son of John 
Wilkins of Pa., d. 1741, was an Indian 
trader, took an active part against the 
Marylanders during the boundary difficul- 
ties, who offered fifty pounds for his ar- 
rest, was captured and taken to Annapolis 

jail but subsequently released (m. about 
1731 Rachael, dau. of Robert and Janet 
McFarland, and had 5 ch., Rachael [m. 
Matthew Laird], John [m. 1st Mary, 2d 
Catherine], Rebecca [m. Thomas Ander- 
son, son of Rev. James], Mary [m. 
William Poor] and Jean m. John Kirk- 
patrick); son of Robert Wilkins of Chiques 
Creek, b. probably in Wales, d. in Pa., was 
an early settler in Pa., was the first an- 
cestor in Amer., was probably in the East 
India service. 

^ Kansas City Mo., b. in Callaway co. 
Mo. Aug. 18, 1837 (m. July 3, 1861 Teresa 
E., dau. of Col. Meredith R. Tarlton, son 
of Jeremiah Tarlton, who came from Md. 
to Scott co. Ky. 1812, she Teresa had 4 
ch., Claudia, Logan, Mary and Alice); son 
of John Chappell of Callaway co. Mo., b. 
in Halifax co. Va. Sep. 1, 1788, d. in Calla- 
way co. Mar. 16, i860, came to Callaway 
co. 1835, wa s an early merchant in Jeffer- 
son City Mo. and a large land owner (m. 
Sep. 15, 1835 Mary F., dau. of Philip 
Adams, son of John, son of John, the fam- 
ily lived in Prince Edward co. Va. and 
were of Welch descent); son of John 
Chappell of Flalifax co. Va., b. in Amelia 
co. Va. 1748, d. in Halifax ,co. 1812, to- 
bacco planter (m. Aug. 10, 1782 Sarah, 
dau. of John and Ailsie Dickie, who came 
from Scotland to Halifax co. Va. about 
1750, she Sarah had 4 ch., Dickie, Sarah 
[m. Richard Wade], Susan [m. Jordon 
Compton] and John above, the first three 
children lived each to be 90 years old); son 
of John Chappell of Amelia co. Va., b. in 
Prince George co. Va. 1719, d. in Amelia 
co. 1775, was a prominent planter (m. 1741 

Prudence , d. in Amelia co. Va. 1761, 

had 6 ch., Robert, James, John above, Wil- 
liam, Samuel and Prudence); son of 
Robert Chappell of Prince George co. Va., 
b. in Charles City co. Va. 1680, died in 
Feb. 1723, planter, left a will recorded in 
Prince George co. in the only book which 
has been preserved (m. about 1705 Sarah); 
son of Thomas Chappell of Charles City 
co. Va., b. there about 1650, d. there 1690, 



planter, slave owner (m. 1670 Elizabeth, 
dau. of James Jones, d. 1719, left a will 
recorded in Prince George co. Va., had 
brother Maj. Peter Jones, who laid out the 
city of Petersburgh Va. 1734, she Eliza- 
beth had 5 ch., viz.: Thomas, James, Sam- 
uel, Robert above and Mary, m. Charles 
Williams); son of Thomas Chappell, b. in 
Eng. 1612, the immigrant, came to the 
colony of Va. 1635 and settled at the 
mouth of a creek called after him Chap- 
pelfs Creek, now called Powell's Creek, 
which empties into the James river in 
Surry co. (m. a Miss Bannister, dau. of 
John Bannister, and had 2 ch., a daughter 
and a son Thomas); son of John Chappell, 
b. in Eng., was commander of a ship called 
Speedwell, sailing to the colony of Va. 

SMITH, OTIS DAVID of Auburn Ala., 
b. in New Haven Vt. June 27, 1831, 
grad. from the univ. of Vt. 1853, prof, of 
mathematics in A. and M. coll. of Ala. 
since 1873, member of state board of edu- 
cation 1872-6 and of Amer. mathematical 
society (m. July 18, 1866 Mary Antionette 
Howell, b. Dec. 16, 1842, dau. of John D. 
Howell and Eliza Armistead Porter, b. 
Mar. 14, 1817, dau. of Douglas Watson 
Porter, b. 1786, and Anna Bell Burwell, b. 
1785, dau. of John Burwell [and Anna 
Powell] of Va., b. 1746, son of Armistead 
Burwell and [Christine Blair] of Va., b. 
1727, son of Lewis Burwell [and Frances 
Armistead] of Va., b. 1684, son of Col. 
Lewis Burwell of Queens co. Va. and 
Abigail Smith, b. 1652, dau. of Anthony 
Smith and Martha Bacon, who was gt.-gr.- 
dau. of James Bacon, alderman of Lon- 
don, brother of Sir Nicholas Bacon and 
uncle of Lord Francis Bacon, she Mary 
Antoinette had 3 ch., viz.: Ellen Stanford, 
b. Apr. 13, 1867 [m. Nov. 11, 1885 Chas. C. 
Thach, prof, of English in A. and M. coll. 
of Ala.], Otis Oliver, b. Sep. 25, 1869, and 
Henry Howell Smith, b. Oct. 27, 1875); 
son of Oliver Smith of New Haven Vt., b. 
there Jan. 10, 1805, d. there July 13, 1889, 
member of state legislature several terms 
and of the constitutional convention, was 

co. judge and a man of position and influ- 
ence (m. 1830 Adaline Doud, b. in New 
Haven Vt. June 5, 1809, d. July 22, 1889, 
dau. of Silas Doud, b. in Tyringham 
Mass. Apr. 20, 1773, d. in New Haven Vt. 
Nov. 7, 1826, moved to Vt. 1797 [m. Irene 
Scovil, b. Aug. 18, 1770, d. Feb. 26, 1870], 
son of Giles Doud, b. in Middletown Ct. 
July 17, 1735, d. in Crown Point N. Y. 
1776, was captain of company from Berk- 
shire co. Mass. under Gen. Montgomery, 
was in the expedition to Canada and the 
battle of Quebec and died in the army at 
Crown Point after the return from Canada 
[m. 1757 Esther Bacon, b. Dec. 11, 1737, 
d. about 1790, dau. of Nathaniel Bacon, b. 
Feb. 16, 1706, d. 1792 [m. Dec. 21, 1727 
Esther Hubbard], son of Nathaniel, b. 
Mar. 1, 1673, d. Jan. 6, 1758 [m. Feb. 5, 
1701 Hannah Wetmore], son of Nathaniel, 
b. about 1630, d. Jan. 27, 1705 [m. 1652 Ann 
Miller], emigrated to Ct. 1648, was one of 
the original company that planted Mid- 
dletown Ct. 1650, was a large land holder 
and a man of wealth, son of William Bacon 
of Stretton Eng., b. about 1608], gr.-son of 
John Doud, b. in Guilford Ct. 1650, d. 1712 
[m. 2d between 1682 and 7 Mary Bartlett], 
son of Henry Doude, d. Aug. 31, 1688, and 
Elizabeth, d. 1713, emigrated from Guilford 
Eng. after their marriage and came with a 
colony under Rev. Henry Whitfield which 
settled Guilford Ct. 1639); son of David 
Smith of New Haven Vt., b. in Lanesbor- 
ough Mass. Nov. 10, 1766, d. in New 
Haven Aug. 22, 1861, was one of the orig- 
inal settlers of New Haven about 1797 and 
prominent in town and church affairs (m. 
2d 1798 Chara Van Deusen, b. in Salis- 
bury Conn, on Apr. 11, 1775, d. July 23, 
1828, desc. of Abraham Van Deusen, 
whose five sons emigrated to New Am- 
sterdam N. Y. about 1650); son of Jona- 
than Smith of Lanesborough Mass., b. 
probably in Litchfield Ct. 1740, d. in 
Lanesborough Sep. 9, 1802, was prominent 
during the period of the rev. war, delegate 
to third provisional congress 1775, rep. to 
the general court of Mass. 1775-8, 1780-3, 
senator 1781, delegate to state convention 
1778, also to the convention to ratify the 

9 2 


federal constitution 1788, was influential in 
securing its adoption, was a soldier in Col. 
Benjamin Simond's reg., elected lieut.-col. 
of the 2d reg. Berkshire militia by the 
general court of Mass. 1776 (m. Esther, 
b. 1744, d. June 12, 1797); son of Jonathan 
Smith of Litchfield Ct., b. about 1710, was 
gt.-gr.-son of John Smith and Grace, who 
settled in Milford Ct. 1639. 

hocken Pa., b. in Norristown Pa. 
May 30, 1833, educated in the public 
schools of Norristown, removed to Con- 
shohocken 1851, employed as a clerk 7 
years, since then has been engaged in 
managing a general store for himself (m. 
Oct. 10, 1858 Henrietta, dau. of Abraham 
and Maria [Christman] Yost and gt.-gt.- 
gr.-dau. of Jacob Yost, b. Mar. 16, 1696 
[m. July 1732 Elizabeth Shambough], 
came from Zweibrucken, Bavaria to Amer. 
1727, she Henrietta had 3 ch., William Jr.. 
Clara E. and Lillian E.); son of Samuel 
Summers of Norristown Pa., b. in Provi- 
dence tp., b. there Sep. 27, 1804, d. in 
Norristown July 18, 1881, was in the em- 
ployment of the borough of Norristown 
and did general work, in later years 
bought and sold market produce (m. Mar. 
22, 1832 Eliza, dau. of Anthony and Mary 
[Berkheimer] Whitby, who were m. Apr. 
10, 1806); son of Martin Summers of Nor- 
riton twp. Pa., b. in Horsham twp. Pa. 
Dec. 5, 1764, d. July 27, 1845, farmer); son 
of Philip Summers of Horsham tp. Pa., 
b. in Germany, d. in Norriton twp. after 
1814, came to Philadelphia Pa. 1754, settled 
in Horsham tp. on 165 acres which he pur- 
chased 1774, sold the same 1796, was a 
soldier in rev. war in Capt. David Mar- 
pole's co. 1777-80, participated in the bat- 
tle of Germantown, he and his wife and 
children were members of St. Peter's 
church North Wales Pa. (m. Feb. 21, 1764 
Salome Reibel of Germany, and had 9 
ch., viz.: Martin, b. 1764, Nicholas, b. 1767, 
Philip, b. 1770, John, b. 1770, Anthony, b. 
*773, George, b. 1775, Henry, b. 1775, 
Peter, b. 1778, and Elizabeth, born in 
1 78 1 ) . Philip Summers (Sommer in Ger- 

man) arrived in Philadelphia on the ship 
Edinburg, James Russel master, from Ger- 
many Sept. 30, 1754. On the same ship 
was his brother Henry. Previous to his 
arrival his brothers Martin, George and 
John arrived Sep. 22, 1752. They all were 
married in Philadelphia, most of them at 
St. Michael's and Zion Lutheran churches 
of Philadelphia. Philip purchased 165 
acres in Horsham tp. Phila. co. Nov. 24, 
1774 and resided here until Mar. 29, 1796, 
when he sold same. He and wife resided 
the balance of their lives at the residence 
of their son Martin. Philip was living 
1814, and he and his wife are buried at 
St. Peter's Lutheran church North Wales. 
His son Anthony enlisted in the U. S. 
regular army in Capt. J. H. Hooks' co. 
May 4, 1812 for 5 years, and died at Creek 
Agency Aug. 22, 1816. Henry was in same 
war. Peter and George are also said to 
have been in war of 1812. Philip and his 
family were all members of St. Peter's 
Lutheran church North Wales. Three of 
his sons were officers of the church. 

ville, Macon Ga., b. in Sheffield Ga. 
Dec. 24, 1836, a Methodist preacher, A. M. 
from Emory coll. 1868, D. D. from same 
1888, author of " History of Methodism in 
Ga.," " Life of Bishop Andrew," " Life of 
Bishop Pierce," " Life of Bishop Asbury," 
etc. (m. 1st Sep. 1859 Sarah I. Ousley of 
English descent, had 2 ch., Rev. R. O. 
Smith, prof. B. M., and Susie J., 2d 
Namie L. Lipps of Lewisburg W. Va., 
had 3 ch. : H. Anderson, Mary Bayless and 
L. Gilman); son of George G. Smith M. D. 
of Ga., b. in Camden S. C. 1804, d. in 
Augusta Ga. 1878, physician of fine attain- 
ments and of excellent character, was 
postmaster in Atlanta at one time (m. 
1832 Susan P. Howard, desc. from John 
Heyward or Howard, who came to Va. 
1620, was member of house of burgesses 
1643, her father Rev. John Howard was a 
famous Methodist preacher, b. in S. C. 
removed to Ga. 1825); son of Isaac Smith 
of Camden S. C, b. in New Kent co. Va. 
1757, d. in Monroe co. Ga. 1835, rev. 



soldier, enlisted 3 times, was at the begin- 
ning of the war and at its close in York- 
town, was a Methodist preacher 1783, was 
a special friend of Bishop Asbury and mis- 
sionary to the Creek Indians (m. 1792 
Ann Rebecca Gilman, the family are the 
Irish branch of the celebrated Gillman 
family, her father was Henry Gillman, 
desc. from Henry Gillman who lived in co. 
Cork Ireland); son of Thomas Smith of 
New Kent co. Va., b. in London Eng., d. 
in New Kent co. about 1773, farmer on a 
small farm, a man of culture but of very 
limited means (m. before 1755 Ann Geddy, 
the Geddys or Geddes were Scotch people 
living in Williamsburg Va., were respect- 
able well to do people, James Geddy who 
was a goldsmith in Williamsburg); son of 
Thomas Smith of Eng. and Va., b. prob- 
ably in London Eng. before 1700, d. in 
Va., clergyman of the church of Eng., 
came to Va. not before 1720, was rector of 
several churches there (m. Mary Brown 
of Scotch descent, had 2 sons Isaac and 
Thomas above). 

N. Y., b. there June 25, 1840, mer- 
chant, was private in I22d N. Y. vols. 1862, 
served in 6th army corps until close of 
war, was promoted to 2d lieut, 1st lieut. 
and adjutant captain, breveted major and 
lieut.-col. U. S. vols. (m. June 19, 1867 
Ellen Sedgwick, b. in Pompey N. Y. Nov. 
2, 1841, dau. of Hon. Charles B. Sedgwick 
[and Ellen Smith], was a prominent law- 
yer, member of congress 1858-62 and 
chairman of naval committee, she Ellen 
Sedgwick Tracy had 5 ch., viz.: Charles 
Sedgwick, James Grant, Lyndon Sanford, 
Frank Sedgwick and Sarah Tracy, who d. 
when 3 years old); son of James Grant 
Tracy of Syracuse and Albany N. Y., b. 
in Norwich Ct. Mar. 6, 1781, d. in Syra- 
cuse Nov. 5, 1850, moved to Syracuse 1838, 
was agent for the Syracuse Co. composed 
of the Townsends and James families, who 
owned a large portion of the present city of 
Syracuse (m. Nov. 30, 1836 Sarah, dau. of 
George Osgood, prominent physician in 
North Andover Mass. for many years); 

son of Jared Tracy of Norwich Ct., b. 
there Oct. 10, 1741, d. in Demora W. I. 
Dec. 25, 1790, justice of the peace, com- 
missary of supplies for the Amer. army 
during the siege of Boston and a member 
of the legislature (m. Oct. 20, 1765 Mar- 
garet Grant); son of Joseph Tracy of Nor- 
wich Ct, b. there Oct. 17, 1706, d. there 
Apr. 19, 1787, was constable and collector 
of Norwich 30 years (m. Nov. 5, 1739 
Anna Hinkley, b. in Lebanon Ct. Oct. 5, 
1716, d. Jan. 8, 1801, dau. of Gresham and 
Mary [Buel] Hinkley); son of Joseph 
Tracy of Norwich Ct., b. there Apr. 20, 
1682, d. there Apr. 10, 1765 (m. Dec. 31, 
1705 Margaret Able, b. in Norwich 1685, 
d. Jan. 17, 1751, dau. of Caleb and Mar- 
garet [Post] Able); son of John Tracy of 
Norwich Ct., b. in Wethersfield Ct. 1642, 
d. in Norwich Aug. 16, 1702, was one of 
the original proprietors of Norwich, jus- 
tice of the peace and represented the town 
for six sessions in the legislature (m. Aug. 
17, 1670 Mary Winslow, b. 1646, dau. of 
Josiah Winslow [and Margaret Bown, b3 4 
in Marshfield Mass.], b. in Deitinch Eng. 
1606, and niece of Gov. Winslow of the 
Mayflower); son of Thomas Tracy of Nor- 
wich Ct., b. in Tewksbury, Gloucestershire 
Eng. 1610, d. in Norwich Nov. 7, 1685, 
crossed the sea to the colony of Mass. 
Bay, moved from Salem Mass. to Weth- 
ersfield Ct. 1637, he and Thos. Leffingwell 
with others relieved Uncas the Sachem of 
the Mohegans with provisions when he 
was besieged at Shattuck's Point by the 
Narragansetts, which led to the subsequent 
grant of the town of Norwich 1659, re- 
moved 1660, was a member of the legis- 
lature, also of the colonial assembly, was 
qr.-master of the Dragoon 1674 (m. 1st 
1641 Mary, widow of Edward Mason, 2d 
Martha, widow of John Bradford, 3d Mary, 
widow of John Stoddard). 

D., b. in Kewaunee 111. Feb. 25, 1854 
(m. July 5, 1883 Ella Frances Jewett); son 
of Samuel R. Thrall, b. in Rutland Vt. 
Jan. 16, 181 1, d. in Boscobel Wis. Feb. 27, 
1894 (m. Oct. 5. 1841 Miriam Hunt Bow- 



man); son of Chauncey of Rutland Vt., b. 
1772, d. Apr. 4, 1844, justice of the peace 
in Rutland 30 years, practiced law in West 
Rutland Vt., was a member of the Vt. state 
legislature (m. Mary Chipman); son 
of Samuel Thrall of Granville Mass., b. in 
Windsor Ct. 1736, was an officer in Eng- 
lish service in French and Indian war, also 
an officer in Amer. service in rev. war, was 
a member of the Mass. legislature 1778, 
removed to Rutland Vt. 1790, d. Dec. 3, 
1821 (m. Lucy Winchell); son of John 2d; 
son of John 1st; son of TJrnothy; son of 
William Thrall, who came from England 
in 1630 and settled in Dorchester Mass. 

Hartford Ct, b. in Foster R. I. 
Sep. 29, 1854, teacher for some years, was 
a member" of the Ct. legislature from 
Killingly 1882, clerk of state board of edu- 
cation since 1883 (m. Feb. 9, 1885 Emma 
P. Cooke, dau. of James G. and Eleanor 
[Fisher] Cooke of Foster R. I., and had 
Eleanor Florence Wright); son of 
Benjamin Wright Jr. of Foster R. I., b. 
there Jan. 4, 1807, d. there June 12, 1893 
(m. 1833 Lucy, dau. of James and Lydia 
[Manchester] Wells of Foster R. I.); son 
of Benjamin Wright of Foster R. I., b. 
in Scituate R. I. Apr. 6, 1770, d. there Oct. 
22, 1858 (m. 1799 Deborah, dau. of Benja- 
min Tripp of Foster R. I.); son of 
Zephaniah Wright of Scituate R. I., b. in 
Providence R. I. Sep. 6, 1727, d. in 
Glocester R. I. Oct. 13, 1788, lived in 
Smithfield R. I. in the early part of his 
life (m. Oct. 20, 1754 Phebe Place); son of 
Benjamin Wright of Smithfield R. I., b. 
in Providence R. I., d. in Smithfield Apr. 
22, 1754 (m. Lydia); son of Samuel of 
Providence R. I., b. in Dorchester Mass. 
Feb. 14, 1637, d. in Providence Feb. 26, 
1716 or 17 (m. Johanna); son of Henry 
Wright of Dorchester Mass. 1634, b. prob- 
ably in Eng.. d. in Providence R. I. 1676, 
removed to Providence probably 1643 (m. 
Elizabeth and had 2 ch., Mary. b. in Dor- 
chester Mass. Apr. 1, 1635, and Samuel, 
b. in Dorchester Feb. 14, 1637). 

kinson N. II., b. there Feb. 16, 1823, 
grad. from Dartmouth coll. 1844, taught 
school a few years after graduation, but 
has not engaged in any regular business 
since 1864, traveled much in this country 
and abroad, spent 4 years in Europe, 
Egypt, Palestine and Damascus, was 
elected to the N. H. legislature 1883 and 
1887 and to the N. H. constitutional con- 
vention of 1889, taking an active part in 
the deliberations, the Concord Monitor 
thus spoke of him after the convention: 
" Deserving of special notice was William 
C. Todd of Atkinson. He won the first 
victory in the constitutional convention, 
almost single handed, on the method of 
drawing seats and followed it by drawing 
the best seat in the house. This gave him 
a prestige which his ready wit and strong 
common sense tended to increase, and it 
was unusual for the convention to vote 
down anything which he supported in ear- 
nest. One of the amendments to be 
submitted was his, and like the seat draw- 
ing was carried almost without assistance," 
he established a free reading room in con- 
nection with the library at Newburyport 
1870, has given to the city of Boston fifty 
thousand dollars with the condition that it 
shall pay two thousand annually for for- 
eign and domestic papers for the news- 
paper reading room in the public library, 
erected a soldiers' monument for his 
native town and made many gifts to edu- 
cational and literary institutions, has writ- 
ten much for magazines and newspapers, 
but has published no bound volume, he is 
a member of many societies, among them 
Sons of the Amer. Rev., Sons of Colonial 
Wars, Descendants of Colonial Governors, 
is president of the New Hampshire Histor- 
ical society; son of Ebenezer Todd, 
b. in Rowley Mass. Nov. 8, 1782, d. in 
Atkinson N. H. Jan. 1, 1851 (m. Nov. 30, 
1809 Betsey Kimball of Wenharn Mass., 
b. Oct. 8, 1783, d. Feb. 24, 1855, dau. of 
Thomas and Huldah [Porter] Kimball and 
desc. of Gov. John Endicott, who came to 
Amer. 1628, Maj. William Hathorne, the 
first Amer. ancestor of Nathaniel Haw- 



thorne, who came to Amer. 1630, Richard 
Kimball, who came to Amer. 1634, John 
Porter, who came to Amer. 1635, an d 
Rebecca Nurse, who was hung as a witch 
1692, she Betsey had 4 ch., viz.: Paul Por- 
ter, b. Feb. 16, 1819, d. Feb. 10, 1S98, 
grad. from Dartmouth coll. 1842, lawyer in 
N. Y. city, William Cleaves as above, 
Isaac Francis Todd, b. Feb. 16, 1823, d. in 
New Orleans La. Sep. 30, 1855, and one d. 
in infancy); son of Eben Todd, b. Sep. 2, 
1748, d. Jan. 20, 1786, private in Benjamin 
Adams' co. Col. Johnson's reg. 1777, mem- 
ber of a co. of Rowley Mass. raised under 
resolve of 1780, served throughout the rev. 
war (m. Oct. 9, 1781 Huldah Kilborn); 
son of Jeremiah Todd, b. Mar. 17, 1708 
(married Sep. 27, 1739 Joanna Kilborn, b. 
Dec. 7, 1717, dau. of Joseph and Mary 
[Clarke] Kilborn; son of James Todd, b. 
Feb. 8, 1671 (m. June 22, 1699 Mary Hop- 
kinson, b. July 9, 1669, dau. of Jonathan 
and Hester [Clarke] Hopkinson); son of 
John Todd, b. about 1620, d. Feb. 14, 1689, 
came from Rowley, Yorkshire Eng. with 
Rev. Ezekiel Rogers' colony of some 20 
families to Amer. 1640, settled in Rowley 
Mass. about 1647, was deputy to general 
court 1664, 1686 (m. Susannah). 

Syracuse N. Y., b. in Montpelier Vt. 
Aug. 11, 1835, pastor of the first Presby- 
terian church, D. D., LL. D., trustee of 
Auburn theological seminary and of Ham- 
ilton coll. (m. Aug. 6, 1861 Sarah Living- 
ston Olmstead, desc. of the Livingston, 
the Schuyler, Ten Broeck, Rutger, Dwight, 
Arnold, Munson and many other noted 
New York and New England families, she 
Sarah had 5 ch., viz.: Mary Livingston, 
Martha Reed, Katharine Olmstead, Ger- 
trude [m. Frank Henderson] and George 
Brown Spalding); son of Dr. James 
Spalding of Montpelier Vt., b. in Sharon 
Vt. Mar. 20, 1792, d. in Montpelier Mar. 
15, 1858, a distinguished physician and 
surgeon, a consistent Christian, a public 
servant, an honor to his profession and to 
mankind (m. Nov. 2, 1820 Eliza Reed, 
desc. of Brianus De Rede of Morpeth 

Eng. 1139 and of the Emerson, Park and 
Fiske families, a gr.-dau. of Capt. Hez- 
ekiah Hutchins, officer in the col. and rev. 
armies); son of Reuben Spalding of 
Sharon Vt., b. in Tyringham Mass. Dec. 
I 5, 1758, d. in Sharon Sep. 15, 1849, rev. 
soldier 1776-8, was member of the Congre- 
gational church 61 years, deacon 42 years, 
filled a large number of public offices with 
great fidelity and efficiency (m. June 21, 
1785 Jerusha, dau. of James Carpenter, rev. 
soldier and desc. of Thomas Stanton, Capt. 
George Denison, " Elder " John Strong, 
Lieut. William Clarke and was in the same 
line of Gen. U. S. Grant and Admiral 
George Dewey); son of Reuben Spalding 
of Tyringham Mass., b. in Plainfield Ct. 
Feb. 26, 1728, d. in Tyringham Jan. 10, 
1765, a noted school teacher, a man of 
deep religious principles who died in the 
very middle of a promising public career 
as an educator (m. Oct. 1, 1747 Mary 
Pierce, moved with her son to Sharon Vt. 
after 1765, was a midwife there nearly 50 
years and gr.-dau. of Hon. Col. Timothy 
Pierce, who was assistant governor of Ct. 
20 years, chief justice of Windham co. 
court 19 years and colonel of the nth 
Conn. reg. 1739); son of Ephraim Spalding 
of Plainfield Ct., b. in Canterbury Ct. Apr. 
3, 1700, d. in Plainfield 1776, soldier in the 
colonial wars 1757-62 (m. about 1723 Abi- 
gail Bullard); son of Edward of Canter- 
bury Ct., b. in Chelmsford Mass. June 18, 
1672, d. in Canterbury Nov. 29, 1740, went 
with others of his family and with mem- 
bers of the Adams family to settle Canter- 
bury before 1700, and with Joseph Adams 
and Henry Smith was of the first commit- 
tee of the religious society, was ensign 
and lieut. (m. about 1695 Mary Adams, b. 
1676, dau. of Pelatiah Adams, son of Lieut. 
Thomas, son of Henry Adams of Braintree 
Mass., the ancestor of the presidential 
Adamses and of the great Amer. patriot 
Samuel Adams); son of Benjamin Spald- 
ing of Chelmsford Ct., b. in Braintree 
Mass. Apr. 7, 1643, d. in Brooklyn Ct. 
about 1708, came with his father and 
Thomas and Samuel Adams to Chelmsford 
Mass., purchased a large tract of land in 

9 6 


Brooklyn Ct. (m. Oct. 30, 1668 Olive Far- 
well, dau. of Henry Farwell of Concord 
Mass. and desc. of Simon Farwell of 
Bishops Hall near Taunton Eng. 1500, she 
Olive had son Edward, who inherited the 
fine homestead which he transmitted to 
his son Ebenezer)- son of Edward Spald- 
ing of Jamestown Va. 1619, Braintree and 
Chelmsford Mass., d. in Chelmsford Feb. 
26, 1670, he and his wife and 2 children 
lived in James City Va. 1623, came prob- 
ably to Amer. with Gov. Sir George 
Yeardley 1619, afterwards moved to Brain- 
tree Mass. (m. 1st Margaret, d. 1641, 2d 
Rachel, d. 1670). 

city N. Y., b. there (m. Catherine 
Slipper); son of Richard of N. Y. city and 
Milwaukee Wis., b. Medina N. Y. May 16, 
1810, d. Milwaukee Mar. 3, 1876, was in real 
estate business in N. Y. city (m. Mar. 18, 
1835 Mary Ware Thomas of New York 
city, desc. of George Thomas of Boston 
Mass., Elias Maverick and Rev. George 
Burroughs, the living children of Richard 
and Mary are Arthur above, Lydia [who 
m. Henry C. Payne of Milwaukee] and 
Louise, who m. Chas. P. Jones of 
Milwaukee); son of Richard Van Dyke of 
N. Y. and Ct., b. about 1775, was an 
Indian agent in N. Y. state for many 
years (m. Lydia, dau. of Isaac and Mary 
[Rossell] Wood and gr.-dau. of Zachariah 
Rossell); son of Rev. Henry Van Dyke of 
N. Y., Ct. and N. J., b. in N. Y. city 1744, 
d. there Sep. 17, 1804, grad. from Kings 
coll. 1764, to Stratford Ct. 1767, practiced 
law, later studied theology, was ordained a 
clergyman of the Episcopalian church, had 
charges in several Ct. towns, in Pough- 
keepsie N. Y., Burlington N. J., Newton 
L. I., New Brunswick N. J. and Perth 
Amboy N. J. (m. Aug. 6, 1767 Hulda 
Lewis, desc. of Benjamin Lewis, Capt. 
William Lewis, Capt. James Judson, John 
Porter, Gov. Thomas Wells, Richard 
Booth and Frances Stiles); son of Richard 
(Dircks) Van Dyke of N. Y. city, b. there 
Dec. 4, 1717, d. in Ct., merchant in N. Y. 
city, moved to Old Mills Ct. 1764 (m. 

Elizabeth Strang, dau. of Henry Strang 
[desc. of Daniel Strang and Charlotte Le 
Maitre, Huguenots, who came in 1635] 
and Elizabeth Kissam of Rye N. Y.); son 
of Pietre Van Dyke of N. Y. city, b. 
there Aug. 17, 1684, d. there 1751, silver- 
smith (m. July 22, 1715 Cornelia, dau of 
Rev. Rudolphus and Margaretta [Vis- 
boom] Van Varick); son of Dirck Franzen 
Van Dyke of New York city, born in Am- 
sterdam Holland (m. Apr. 25, 1674 Urselje, 
dau. of Jan Jansen and Sara [Pietres] 
Schepmoes of N. Y. 1638); son of Eranz 
Claessen Van Dyke of N. Y., who was 
b. in Amsterdam Holland, d. in N. Y. city 
(m. Emmitje Dirks); son of Claes Van 
Dyke. The name was formerly spelt Van 
Dyk, Van Dyck and later Van Dyke, the 
last change was made after Rev. Henry 
Van Dyck's death, there were three Van 
Dyck lines in N. Y. prior to 1700, Hen- 
drick Van Dyck, the atty.-general, Jan 
Thomasse Van Dyck and Franz Classen 
Van Dyck. 

N. Y., b. Dec. 24, 1798, d. in Au- 
burn Mar. 12, 1886, physician, was well 
known in religious and social circles in 
his day (m. Jane Frances, d. July 9, 1890, 
dau. of Erastus and Mary Pettibone 
Case of Connecticut and desc. of John 
Case, one of the original settlers of Sims- 
bury Ct); son of Col. Daniel Willard, b. 
in Saybrook Ct. about 1760, d. 1814 (m. 
May 27, 1781 Sarah Silliman, d. 1814, dau. 
of Rev. Robert Silliman and cousin of the 
first President Silliman of Yale coll.); son 
of George Willard (m. Hannah Merrill, 
probably of Rillingworth Ct.); son of Col. 
Samuel Willard, b. in Saybrook Ct., d. 
there Dec. 27, 1779, a prominent citizen of 
Saybrook, a man of genius and a distin- 
guished speaker of the Ct. house of reps, 
(m. Sarah Stilman, b. in Hadley Mass. 
Dec. 28, 1694, d. Aug. 2, 1774, dau. of 
George Stilman [and Rebecca of Hadley], 
d. in Wethersfield Ct. 1728, left a large 
estate, was a member of the Mass. house 
of reps.); son of Capt. Samuel Willard, b. 
in Hartford Ct. Sep. 19, 1658, d. in Say- 



brook Ct. 1713 or 14 (m. June 6, 1683 
Sarah Clark); son of Josiah, b. 1638, d. 
1674 (m. Hannah, dau. of Thomas Hosmer, 
a prominent citizen of Hartford Ct. 
1656-7); son of Maj. Simon Willard, b. in 
Horsmonden Eng. 1605, d. 1676, came to 
Amer. to the Mass. colony 1634 (m. 1st 
Mary, dau. of Henry and Jane [Feylde] 
Sharp, 2d Elizabeth Dunster, 3d Mary 
Dunster, one of these Dunster ladies be- 
ing a sister of Pres. Dunster of Harvard 

Matsuyama Japan, b. in Lowell Mass. 
Jan. 10, 1859, prepared for college at Low- 
ell high school, entered Dartmouth coll. 
1878, sophomore Amherst coll. 1879, grad. 

A. B. of same 1882 and A. M. 1886, studied 
theology in Yale divinity school 1882-6, 

B. D. of same 1885, ordained into the Con- 
gregational ministry in Lowell Mass. 1886, 
appointed missionary of American board 
1886, now in Japan, prof, in Doshisha theo- 
logical school, Kyoto 1886-95 (m. Sep. 1, 
1886 Jennie Hannah Pearson, dau. of John 
Pearson of Lowell Mass., b. in Saratoga 
Springs N. Y., also dau. of Hannah Jane 
Grimes, b. in Francistown N. H.); son of 
Wrantslow Stanford of Lowell Mass., b. 
in Chesterfield N. H. Mar. 19, 1812, d. in 
Lowell Apr. 29, 1876 (m. Aug. 6, 1854 
Elizabeth Longley); son of Abner of 
Chesterfield N. H., b. probably in Sud- 
bury Mass., d. in Chesterfield 1819, rev. 
soldier, enlisted in Upton Mass. 1776, mus- 
tered out in New Windsor N. Y. 1783, took 
part in the capture of Burgoyne, for his 
service he was subsequently pensioned at 
eight dollars per month (m. Nov. 24, 1800 
Sarah Mclntyre); son of Caleb Stanford, 
prob. of Sudbury Mass., b. prob. in Sher- 
born Mass. 1716, d. prob. in Dublin N. H.; 
son of David Stanford of Sherborn Mass. 
(m. Dec. 30, 1712 Lydia Morse). 

WOOD of Buffalo N. Y., was in the 
128th Ohio vols, inf., at the age of 15 
entered the army, serving three years and 
until the close of the war as a private 

soldier, upon leaving the service prepared 
for college at Edward Little Institute in 
Auburn Me. and took his bachelor's de- 
gree from Bowdoin coll. in 1870, after- 
wards located at Indianapolis Ind., where 
he studied law and practiced in partner- 
ship with Hon. Stanton J. Peelle, now 
judge of the Court of Claims in Washing- 
ton, in 1881 was appointed fifth auditor of 
the treasury department, and during his 
residence in Washington was elected and 
served one term as commander of the de- 
partment of the Potomac, Grand Army of 
the Republic, on leaving Washington re- 
moved to Buffalo, forming a law partner- 
ship with his college classmate Hon. 
James A. Roberts, formerly comptroller of 
the state of New York, in 1889 was ap- 
pointed United States attorney for the 
northern district of New York, holding 
the office until December 1893, was elected 
to the fifty-fifth congress as a Republi- 
can and re-elected to the fifty-sixth con- 
gress, which place he is now filling (m. 
1st Sep. 14, 1871 Alice Colby of Defiance 
O., 2d Dec. 28, 1893 Anne Gerlach Bliss of 
Buffalo N. Y.); son of Stanwood Alex- 
ander of Richmond Me., b. in Brunswick 
Me. Aug. 13, 1813, d. in Richmond Aug. 
7, 1852, was one of the largest ship build- 
ers on the Kennebec river 1845-52, built 
sixteen ships, barges and brigs, among 
them the first three-decked ship built in 
Me. (m. Nov. 25, 1843 Priscilla Brown, d. 
Nov. 17, 1864, dau. of Solomon Brown of 
Gorham Me., son of Simeon Brown, mem- 
ber of Capt. Paul Ellis' co. 15th Mass. Col. 
Timothy Bigelow 1776-80, son of Solomon 
Brown of Gorham Me., d. in service Oct. 
25, 1776, member of Capt. Hart Williams' 
co. 18th Mass. Col. Edmund Phinney, son 
of Samuel Brown of Eastham Mass., who 
came to Gorham Me. about 1745, was 
among the earliest settlers, took part in 
Spanish-Indian war 1745-9, also in the 
French-Indian war 1754-60, son of Samuel 
Brown of Plymouth Mass. [m. Martha 
Harding, dau. of Josiah Cook, son of 
Francis Cook, who came in the Mayflower 
1620], son of George Brown, who came to 
Plymouth Mass. 1635, served in King 



Philip's wars 1675-8, taking part in the 
Swamp fight in Capt. Gorham's co. 1675, 
for these services he was entitled to lands 
in Narragansett tp. No. 7, being Gorham 
Me., which were subsequently taken up by 
his grandson Samuel); son of Campbell 
Alexander of Richmond Me., b. in Harps- 
well Me. Oct. 18, 1791, d. in Richmond 
Oct. 15, 1864, builder of ships on Kennebec 
river (m. Mar. 20, 1812 Margaret Stan- 
wood of Brunswick Me., dau. of James 
Stanwood [and Margaret Chase of Bruns- 
wick Me.], son of Capt. William Stan- 
wood, who served as corporal and serg. in 
James Curtis' co. of Col. James Cargill's 
reg. 1775-6, captain of 2d co. in 2d Cum- 
berland co. reg. serving during remainder 
of the war, son of Ebenezer Stanwood of 
Gloucester Mass., who moved to Bruns- 
wick Me. 1719, served in Spanish-Indian 
war 1745-9, captain in French-Indian war 
1754-60, son of Samuel, b. in Gloucester 
Mass. Mar. 5, 1658, d. in Amesbury Mass. 
1726, served in Maj. Walderne's battalion 
in King Philip's war 1675, receiving a 
grant of land in Kettle Cove Mass. for his 
services, son of Philip Stanwood, d. Aug. 
7, 1672, came from Eng. to Gloucester 
Mass. 1652, ancestor of all the Stanwoods 
of New Eng., was eldest serg. in the first 
co. of Gloucester 1666); son of William 
Alexander of Brunswick Me., b. in Harps- 
well Me. Nov. 13, 1762, d. in Brunswick 
Oct. 19, 1847, well to do farmer and ship 
carpenter, aided in organization of Free 
Will Baptist church in Brunswick Me., 
served in Capt. John Rogers' co. in 2d 
Mass. reg. 1779 and in the U. S. S. Pro- 
tector 1780 (m. Dec. 23, 1786 Elizabeth 
Campbell, dau. of William Campbell [and 
Elizabeth Price, dau. of John and Sarah 
[Jenkins] Price, she Sarah taught 
school in Portland Me. 50 years], son of 
William Campbell, who returned from 
Cherry Valley N. Y. to Londonderry N. 
H. and thence to Falmouth Me., son of 
James, b. in Ulster Ireland 1790, came to 
Boston Mass. 1728, and Cherry Valley N. 
Y. 1741, son of William Campbell of 
Campbelltown, Argyleshire Scotland, who 
engaged in the Monmouth rebellion 1685, 

escaped to Londonderry Ireland and took 
part in the siege there, was lieut.-col. un- 
der William of Orange); son of David 
Alexander of Harpswell Me., b. there 
i-7Z7< d. there Oct. 29, 1792, farmer, ship 
builder, sailed vessels in his younger days 
(m. 1761 Anna Ewing, b. 1736, d. Sep. 22, 
1809, dau. of Joseph Ewing, who came 
from Ulster Ireland with the Boyd co. of 
Scotch-Irish immigrants 1719, settling on 
Great Island, Harpswell Me.); son of 
William Alexander of Harpswell Me., b. 
in Ulster Ireland 1706, d. in Harpswell 
after 1773, came to Topsham Me. with his 
father when about 13 years old, moved to 
Harpswell 1735, erected a house there 
which is still standing, served in Love- 
well's or 4th Indian war 1722-5 and Capt. 
Adam Hunter's co. during French-Indian 
war 1752-60, upon the organization of 
Harpswell Me. he was elected surveyor of 
roads 1758, farmer and ship carpenter (m. 
Jennet, dau. of James Wilson, who came 
from Ulster Ireland to Topsham Me. with 
Scotch-Irish immigrants 1719); son of 
David Alexander, was killed by an Indian 
in Lovewell's or Fourth Indian war of 
1722-5, came from Ulster Ireland to Tops- 
ham Me. with Scotch-Irish immigrants 
1719 (m. and had 2 ch., William above and 

Mass., b. in South Easton Mass. Sep. 
12, 1841, secretary Hills family genealogi- 
cal and historical association of Boston 
Mass. 1894-1900 (unmarried); son of Capt. 
Seneca Hills of Franklin and South Eas- 
ton Mass., b. in Franklin Apr. 26, 1796, d. 
there Sep. 27, 1856, captain in the Mass. 
militia 1823, deputy sheriff of Worcester 
co. Mass. for several years, was an officer 
in the Boston custom house 1849-52, was 
one of the selectmen of Easton Mass. sev- 
eral years, represented Franklin in the 
Mass. legislature 1855 (m. 2d Oct. 17, 1833 
Sarah Malvina Pratt, dau. of Seth Pratt 
M. D. of Easton Mass. and a direct desc. 
of Richard Williams, who was one of the 
founders of Taunton Mass. 1639, also dau. 
of Rebecca Wheelock, dau. of Mercy 



[Williams] Wheelock, dau. of Daniel Wil- 
liams, son of Daniel, son of Samuel, son 
of Richard Williams, b. in Wooton Edge, 
Gloucestershire Eng. Jan. 28, 1606, was the 
famed and noted founder of Taunton Mass. 
1639); son of Jason Hills of Franklin 
Mass., b. there Nov. 23, 1765, d. there July 
12, 1827 (m. 1791 Polly Groves of W. 
Bridgewater Mass.); son of Joseph Hills 
of Wrentham and Franklin Mass., b. in 
former Apr. 20, 1730, d. in latter June 10, 
1815, was one of the minute men, marched 
from Wrentham in Capt. Asa Fairbank's 
co. to the battle of Lexington 1775, served 
in rev. war in Cambridge Mass. and under 
Washington at the siege of Boston, was 
commissioned captain and was always 
known as Capt. Joe, built a house in what 
is now Franklin Mass. about 1760, this 
house is still standing in excellent repair 
and is still occupied by his descendants 
and in the Hills name (m. Feb. 14, 1763 
Mary Ware of Wrentham Mass.); son of 
Jabez Hills of Wrentham Mass., b. in 
Maiden Mass. June 24, 1699, d. in Wren- 
tham Jan. 18, 1742, was one of the earlier 
settlers there (m. Jan. 3, 1727 Martha Met- 
calf, b. in Dedham Mass. 1699, dau. of 
Eleazar Metcalf and gt-gr.-dau. of Michael 
Metcalf, b. in Tatterford Eng. 1587, re- 
moved to Norwich Eng. previous to 1618. 
was a persistent non-conformist, was per- 
secuted by Matthew Wren Bishop of Nor- 
wich because he would not bow his head 
when the name of Christ was spoken, 
came with his wife, nine children and a 
servant to Amer. to escape further perse- 
cution in the summer of 1637, settled in 
Dedham Mass., was tendered the freedom 
of the city of Norwich Eng. 1618); son of 
Samuel Hills of Maiden Mass., b. there 
Dec. 16, 1667, d. in Dorchester Mass. 
about 1718, resided in Maiden until 1703, 
removed to Taunton, North Purchase 
Mass. and finally removed to Dorchester 
Mass. (m. Sarah); son of Joseph Hills of 
Maiden Mass., b. in Billeriacy Eng. Aug. 
2, 1629, d. in Newbury Mass. Apr. 19, 1674, 
came to Amer. with his parents on the ship 
Susan and Ellen, landed in Boston Mass. 
1638 (m. 1653 Hannah Smith of Maiden 

Mass.); son of Joseph Hills of Billeriacy 
and Maldon Eng. and Maiden and New- 
bury Mass., b. in Billeriacy Eng., bapt. in 
Burstead, Magna Perish church Billeriacy 
Mar. 3, 1602, d. in Newbury Mass. Feb. 5, 
1687-1688, removed from Billeriacy to 
Maldon Eng. about 1630, woolen draper 
with extesive transactions in London, he 
left Maldon England 1638 and with his 
family proceeded to London, where they 
embarked on the ship Susan and Ellen and 
came to Amer., landing in Boston Mass. 
1638, located at Mystic Side, Charlestown 
Mass., freeman 1645, represented Charles- 
town in the Mass. colonial house of depu- 
ties or general court 1646-7, was speaker 
of the house 1647, was appointed by the 
general court a member of a committee to 
prepare the books of the laws 1648, " the 
principal labors of the committee fell upon 
Mr. Hills and it has been clearly demon- 
strated that Joseph Hills compiled and 
perfected the first body of laws established 
by authority in New England," for his 
labors upon this committee and for his 
several services to the country he was 
granted by vote of the Mass. general court 
five hundred acres of land in Hudson N. 
H. 1656, Maiden Mass. was incorporated 
a town 1649 and it included Mystic Side, 
he named the new town after his old 
home Maldon Eng., became leader of the 
militia of the new town, represented 
Maiden in the Mass. house of deputies 
1650-6 and 1661-5, also represented New- 
bury Mass. 1667-9, was a man of large 
influence in the Mass. Bay Colony for 
many years, serving as a legislator 16 
years and upon important committees, his 
name often appears upon the Mass. 
records 1645-83, went totally blind during 
the last seven years of his life, the original 
copy of his will is still in existence and in 
possession of one of his descendants, a 
resident of Manchester N. H., the execu- 
tors of the will were Samuel Hills and 
Abiel Long (married 1st July 22, 1624 Rose 
Clarke, d. in Maiden Mass. Mar. 24, 1650, 
had 9 ch., viz.: Elizabeth, b. in Billeriacy 
Eng. 1626 [m. George Blanchard], Mary, 
b. in Billeriacy 1627 [m. John Wayte of 


Maiden], Joseph, bapt. in Great Burstead 
church, Billeriacy Eng. Aug. 2, 1829, Re- 
becca, bapt. in Maldon Eng. Apr. 20, 1634, 
John, bapt. in Maldon Mar. 21, 1631, 
Stephen, bapt. in Maldon May 1, 1636, 
Sarah, bapt. in Maldon Aug. 14, 1637, d. 
Aug. 15, 1637, Gershom, b. in Charlestown 
Mass. July 27, 1639, and Mehitable, b. in 
Charlestown Jan. 1, 1641, m. 2d June 21, 
1651 Hannah, d. in Maiden Mass. July 11, 
1664, widow of Edward Mellows, had 3 
ch., Samuel, b. in Maiden Mass. July 1652 
[m. Abigail Wheeler], Nathaniel, b. in 
Maiden Dec. 19, 1650, and Hannah, b. in 
Maiden [m. Abiel Long], m. 3d Jan. 1655 
or 6 Ellen Atkinson, d. in Maiden 1660, 
had 2 ch., Deborah, b. in Maiden Mar. 

1657, and Abigail, b. in Maiden Oct. 6, 

1658, m. 4th Mar. 8, 1665 Ann Lunt of 
Newbury Mass., widow of Henry Lunt)j 
son of George, who m. Oct. 13, 1596 Mary 

toria L. I., b. in Plainfield Mass. Feb. 
7, 1842, grad. from Williams coll. 1864, was 
principal of the Norwalk Classical institute 
and Astoria Latin school (unmarried); 
son of Dr. Samuel Shaw of Plainfield 
Mass., b. in Abington Mass. May 6, 1790, 
d. in Plainfield Sep. 24, 1870, studied medi- 
cine with Dr. Peter Bryant of Cumming- 
ton Mass. and became his partner, prac- 
ticed medicine in Plainfield 1824-54 (m. 
1st Sep. 13, 1821 Sarah Snell Bryant, 2d 
Oct. 16, 1830 Elizabeth Owen Clarke, dau. 
of Joseph and Lydia [Cooke] Clarke of 
Northampton Mass. and desc. of Capt. 
Daniel Clarke of Windsor Ct. and Maj. 
Aaron Cooke of W. and Northampton); son 
of Josiah Shaw of Plainfield Mass., b. in 
Abington Mass. May 11, 1763, d. in Plain- 
field Aug. 26, 1844, served in rev. war as a 
guard at Castle William under the com- 
mand of Gen. Hancock 1780-3 (m. Nov. 
16, 1784 Anne, dau. of Samuel Noyes the 
3d of Abington Mass. and of Lois Whit- 
marsh, a desc. of John Whitmarsh of 
Weymouth Mass., Rev. John Wilson of 
Boston Mass. and Rev. Thomas Hooker 
of Hartford Ct.); son of Ebenezer Shaw 

of Abington Mass., b. in Weymouth Mass. 
Apr. 23, 1718, d. in Abington Nov. 21, 1796, 
captain, was probably 2d lieut. in the Lex- 
ington alarm (m. Sep. 2, 1740 Anne, dau. 
of John and Susanna [Lincoln] Colson 
and desc. of Thomas Lincoln the husband- 
man of Hingham 1638); son of Joseph 
Shaw of Weymouth Mass., b. prob. there, 
d. prob. there, will proved Dec. 11, 1744 
(m. 1st Sarah Blanchard, 2d Nov. 17, 1716 
Mary, dau. of John and Abigail [Phillips] 
Blanchard and desc. from Thomas Blan- 
chard of Charlestown Mass. 1639); son of 
Dea. John Shaw of Weymouth Mass., b. 
prob. there, d. there Mar. 2, 1718 (m. Han- 
nah, dau. of Nicholas and Hannah [Reed] 
Whitmarsh); son of John Shaw of Wey- 
mouth Mass., b. in Halifax Eng., bapt. 
May 23, 1630, d. in Weymouth Sep. 16, 
1704 (m. Alice, dau. of Dea. Nicholas Phil- 
lips); son of Abraham Shaw of Dedham 
Mass. (m. June 24, 1616 Briggit Best, b. 
Apr. 9, 1592, dau. of Henry Best). 

Duluth Minn., b. in Poultney Vt. 
Aug. 23, 1861, lawyer and grand com- 
mander K. T Minn. (m. Dec. 2T, 1882 
Katharine, dau. Dr. Fredrick L. von Suess- 
milch, son of Karl Fredrich von Suess- 
milch of Dresden Saxony, who was a 
major-general, was taken prisoner by the 
Russians while in army of Napoleon 1812, 
was in Siberia 1^2 years, also dau. of 
Frances Maria Stowell, dau. of Oliver and 
Catherine [Truax] Stowell of Antwerp N. 
Y., she Katharina has 3 ch., Frances Mary, 
b. in Austin Minn. Dec. 17, 1883, Kath- 
arina, b. in Austin Mar. 4, 1886, and Wil- 
liam Eddy Richardson, b. in Duluth Minn. 
Apr. 25, 1897); son of Francis Allan 
Richardson of Duluth Minn., b. in Poult- 
ney Vt. Feb. 18, 1836, d. in Duluth Dec. 2, 
1889 (m. Sep. 24, i860 Mary Smedley 
Eddy, dau. of Rev. Chauncey and Julia 
Maria [Woodbridge] Eddy and gr.-dau. of 
Dr. Dudley Woodbridge, son of Rev. 
Ephraim Woodbridge, son of Rev. John, 
son of Rev. John, son of Rev. John Wood- 
bridge, and desc. of Gov. Thomas Dudley 
of Mass. Bay Colony, Gov. Wm. Leete of 


Ct., James Morgan the emigrant, John 
Deming the emigrant, Hon. Richard Treat 
the emigrant, Isaac Sheldon the emigrant, 
Andrew Warner the emigrant, Thomas 
Woodford the emigrant, Robert Blott the 
emigrant and John Pratt the emigrant); 
son of James Richardson of Poultney Vt, 
b. in Sterling Mass. June 12, 1794, d. in 
Poultney May 26, 1861, was serg. in Capt. 
John Lyon's co. of artillery from Lancas- 
ter Mass. in war of 1812 (m. Oct. 8, 1819 
Mary, dau. of Maj. Jacob Fisher of Lan- 
caster and Nancy Carter, dau. of Capt. 
Ephraim Carter [and Abigail], gr.-dau. of 
Ephraim Carter [and Abigail Wilder], son 
of Samuel Carter [and Dorothy Wilder], 
son of Rev. Samuel Carter [and Eunice 
Brooks], son of Rev. Thomas Carter the 
emigrant and desc. of Philemon Dalton 
the emigrant, Henry Brooks the emigrant, 
John Mousall the emigrant, Thomas Wil- 
der the emigrant, Thomas Sawyer the 
emigrant, John Prescott the emigrant, 
Ralph Houghton the emigrant, Thomas 
Gardner the emigrant, Hugh Mason the 
emigrant, Edward Phelps the emigrant, 
Robert Adams the emigrant, Thomas 
King, Thomas Joslin and John Whitcomb 
the emigrant); son of Manasseh Richard- 
son of Sterling Mass., b. there Sep. 15, 
1766, d. there Mar. 25, 1826 (m. May 5, 
1793 Mary, dau. of John and Mary [Ful- 
ler] Beaman and gr.-dau. of Noah Bea- 
man and Hannah, also of Edward Fuller 
and Lucy); son of James Richardson of 
Lancaster Mass., b. there May 5, 1730, d. 
there 1808, was a member of Capt. David 
Moore's co. of militia (m. Ruth); son of 
Capt. William Richardson of Lancaster 
and Woburn Mass., b. in latter 1699, d. in 
former 1770, was rep. for Lancaster 1745- 
61, was a member of Capt. Ephraim Wil- 
der's co. in expedition against Indians 
1748 (m. Dec. 22, 1721 Mary, dau. of John 
Wilder [and Sarah White, dau. of Josiah 
White [and Mary Rice], son of Capt. John 
White [and Joanna] the emigrant], son of 
John Wilder, son of Thomas Wilder [and 
Anna] the emigrant, and desc. of Thomas 
and Mary [King] Rice the emigrant, Ed- 
mund Rice the emigrant and Francis 

King); son of Capt. James Richardson of 
Woburn Mass., b. there Feb. 26, 1675 or 6, 
d. there Mar. 23, 1721, was employed 
against the Indians in Me. (m. 1698 Re- 
becca Eaton of Reading Mass., dau. of 
Joshua and Rebecca [Kendall] Eaton and 
gr.-dau. of Jonas Eaton [and Grace] the 
emigrant, and of Francis Kendall [and 
Mary Tidd, dau. of John and Rebecca 
[Wood] Tidd] of Woburn Mass., the emi- 
grant); son of Nathaniel Richardson, b. 
in Woburn Mass. Jan. 2, 1650 or 1, d. there 
Dec. 4, 1714, freeman 1690, was a soldier 
in King Philip's war in Capt. Prentiss' 
troop of Plorse, was wounded in Great 
Swamp fight 1675 (m. Mary, d. Dec. 22, 
1719); son of Thomas Richardson the 
emigrant, came to Amer. prob. 1635, free- 
man 1638, was given household plot 1637, 
had lot assigned to them on Misticke side 
(m. Mary, who united with the church in 
Charlestown 1635), had brothers Samuel, 
and Ezekiel, who with him united with 
others in the settlement of Woburn Mass., 
Samuel and Thomas joined the church in 
Charlestown 1637 or 8. 

& KIMBALL, JOHN of Charleston S. 
C, b. there Apr. 18, 1840, grad. from 
the U. S. naval academy 1858, resigned 
when South Carolina seceded i860, lieut. 
in the Confederate navy through the war 
1861-5, practiced law in N. Y. and Charles- 
ton S. C. after the war (m. 1st Nov. 16, 
1876 Catherine, d. Aug. 1, 1877, dau. of 
David Moore of Huntsville Ala., 2d Mar. 
24, 1885 Mary G. Barnwell, desc. of Col. 
John Barnwell distinguished in the colo- 
nial history of S. C, she Mary had Wil- 
liam Heyward, Arthur, John Berkley and 
George Elliot Grimball); son of John 
Berkley Grimball of Charleston S. C, b. 
there June 23, 1800, d. there Mar. 7, 1892, 
grad. from Princeton univ. 1819, was the 
oldest graduate of same at the time of his 
death, was a large slave holder and rice 
planter on the Edisto river S. C. before the 
war, was member of the state senate and 
constitutional convention 1852 (m. Mar. 10, 
1830 Margaret Ann Morris, desc. of Lewis 
Morris of N. Y. who was one of the sign- 


ers of the Declaration of Independence, 
Sir Nathaniel Johnson, colonial gov. of 
S. C, Peter Manigault, speaker of the 
commons, house of assembly of S. C. 
1766, and Ralph Izard, member of conti- 
nental congress from S. C. 1782); son of 
John Grimball of Charleston S. C, b. 
there 1750, d. there Nov. 8, 1804, cotton 
planter and slave owner in Beaufort co. 
S. C, was major of militia in rev. war, 
had a residence in Charleston, also on 
Sullivan's Island, near where he received 
injuries in a storm which resulted in his 
death 1804 (m. Apr. 25, 1797 Eliza Berkley, 
dau. of John Berkley, who came from 
Antrim co. Ireland to Amer., had an in- 
digo plantation on the Dawho river which 
is now owned and planted in rice by his 
gr.-son Berkley Grimball); son of Isaac 
Grimball of Edisto Island S. C, b. there 
July 30, 1709, d. in Charleston S. C. 1752, 
had a cotton plantation in Granville co. 
(m. May 7, 1747 Rebecca Sealy, whose 
will was probated in Charleston 1767); son 
of Thomas Grimball of Edisto Island S. 
C, b. in Eng., will dated Oct. 26, 1721 and 
admitted to probate in Charleston Feb. 7, 
1722 (m. Sarah, had 4 sons, to each son he 
left a plantation); son of Paul Grimball of 
Edisto Island S. C, b. in Eng., will dated 
Dec. 13, 1695, probated Feb. 20, 1696, was 
of some prominence in the colonial history 
of Carolina, came to Amer. 1680 or 2, be- 
came an officer in the proprietors' govern- 
ment soon after, was one of the governor's 
council, was deputy of a lord proprietor, 
was sec. of the province and receiver- 
general (m. Mary, who gave to the Bap- 
tist church of Phila. Pa. one thousand five 
hundred and forty pounds, after the death 
of her husband Paul Grimball she m. Mr. 

bury Ct, b. there Apr. 22, 1836, rep- 
resentative 1877, selectman, assessor, 
deputy sheriff 14 years and held other town 
offices, served in the civil war 1861-5, has 
a most honorable record, enlisted as 
private 1861, discharged as 1st lieut. 1865, 
was in the battles of Bull Run. Georgia 

Landing, Pattersonville, Bisland, capture 
of gunboat, cotton siege of Port Hudson, 
Brashear City, Winchester, Fisher's Hill 
and Cedar Creek (m. Apr. 22, 1876 Mary 
E., dau. of Dennis and Mary [Lynch] 
Buckley, and had 2 ch., Nathalie Barnard, 
b. May 31, 1877, and Margaret Stevens 
Phelps, b. May 28, 1879); son of Hector 
Fayette Phelps of Simsbury Ct., b. there 
July 25, 1797, d. there Feb. 10, 1874, law- 
yer, justice of the peace for several years, 
deputy sheriff (m. Jan. 1, 1827 Roxana 
Selina Barnard, dau. of James Harvey and 
Clarissa [Cook] Barnard, and had 7 ch., 
viz.: Emma M., Frances H., Margarette 
E., Hector Fayette, John W., Pauline M. 
and George M. Phelps); son of Hon. 
Noah Amherst Phelps of Simsbury Ct., 
b. there May 3, 1762, d. there June 19, 1819, 
grad. from Yale coll. 1783, served in rev. 
war, was a member of the state legislature 
(m. July 31, 1784 Charlotte Wilcox, had 8 
ch., viz. : Charlotte Melissa, Noah A., Jef- 
fery O., Hector F., Emma, Guy R., Fanny 
and George Dwight Phelps); son of Gen. 
BToah Phelps of Simsbury Ct., b. there 
Jan. 22, 1740, d. there Mar. 4, 1809, raised 
a co. at his own expense and was captain 
of it in the rev. war, at the taking of 
Ticonderoga entered the fort the day be- 
fore as a spy and reported its conditions 
to Ethan Allen, was present at the capture, 
was major-general of the militia, judge of 
probate 22 years, rep. to general assembly 
20 sessions (m. June 10, 1716 Lydia, dau. 
of Edward and Abigail [Gaylofd] Gris- 
wold and desc. of Edward Griswold, who 
came from Warwick Eng. 1639, was a 
man of education and property, was prom- 
inent in colonial affairs, she Lydia had 5 
ch., Noah, Lydia, Chandler, George and 
Elisha); son of Lieut. David .Phelps of 
Simsbury Ct, b. there May 7, 1710, d. there 
Dec. 10, 1760, lieut. (m. Apr. 25, 1731 Abi- 
gail, dau. of John Jr. and Mary [Bissell] 
Pettibone and gr.-dau. of John Pettibone 
St., who came prob. from Wales Eng., 
freeman in Windsor Ct. 1658, she Abigail 
had 10 ch., viz.: David, d. 1732, Capt. 
David, Elisha, Gen. Noah, Rachel Ruth, 
Sarah and Susannah); son of Joseph 



Phelps of Simsbury Ct, b. there Aug. 27, 
1667, d. there Jan. 20, 1750, was one of the 
most influential citizens of Simsbury, jus- 
tice of the peace for many years, rep. in 
the general assembly 28 times (m. 3d Mary 
Case, and by the 3 marriages had 9 ch., 
viz.: Joseph, Hannah, Mary, Sarah, 
Damaris, John, Elizabeth, Amos and 
David); son of Joseph Phelps of Windsor 
Ct., b. in Exeter Eng. 1629, d. in Simsbury 
Ct. 1684, captain in the militia at Windsor 
(m. Sep. 20, 1660 Hannah, d. in Simsbury 
1671, dau. of Roger Newton, had 5 ch., 
Joseph, Hannah, Timothy, Sarah and 
William); son of William Phelps of 
Windsor Ct, b. in Tewksbury Eng. Aug. 
IQ > I 599. d- in Windsor July 14, 1672, came 
to Amer. in the ship " Mary and John," 
landing in Hull Mass. 1630, went from 
there to Dorchester Mass. 1630, was a 
member of the first jury empanelled in 
the colony, commissioner several times, 
member of the general court 1634-5, re- 
moved to Windsor Ct. 1635, member of the 
commission of peace appointed to govern 
the Ct. river plantation, of the first court 
held in Ct. 1636, also member in Windsor 
of the legislature which declared war 
against the Pequod Indians, magistrate 
1638-42, 1658-62, member of the first jury 
in Ct. 1643, deputy to the general court 
1645-51 and in 1657 (m. 1st Elizabeth, d. 
in Eng., had Samuel, Nathaniel and Jo- 
seph, m. 2r Mary Dover, had Timothy and 
Mary); son of William Phelps, bapt. in 
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire Eng. Aug. 4, 
1560, was bailiff of Tewkesbury 1607; son 
of James Phelps, b. in Tewkesbury, Glou- 
cestershire Eng. 1520. 


liamsfield O., b. in Worthington 
Mass. Jan. 26, 1806 (m. Apr. 29, 1830 
Charlotte Hayes, b. near Canandaigua N. 
Y. Nov. 4, 1804, d. in Wayne O. Aug. 24, 
1871, dau. of Titus Hayes Jr., b. in Lyme 
Ct. Feb. 26, 1776, d. in Wayne Feb. 8, 
1832, son of Titus, b. in Lyme Feb. 5, 
1746, d. in Hartford O. June 20, 181 1, son 
of Richard Hayes [m. Apr. 24, 1735 
Patience Mack], was ensign of the 3d co. 

in Lyme Ct. 1750, 1st lieut. of nth co. in 
3d reg. of Ct. 1758, served in French and 
Indian war 1756-63, enlisted Mar. 27 and 
discharged Oct. 16, 1758, Titus Hayes Jr. 
m. Dec. 25, 1800 Phebe Cooley, b. in 
Granville Mass. Feb. 26, 1782, d. in Wayne 
O. May 5, 1865, dau. of John Cooley, who 
m. 1st Ann Horseford, 2d widow Phebe 
Pratt, had dau. Phebe, son of Daniel, b. 
171 1, d. 1732, m. Frances Mclntire, prob. 
an Irish lady of nobility, son of Daniel, b. 
1683, m. Jemima Clarke, son of Daniel, b. 
1651, m. Eliza Wolcott, son of Benjamin, 
b. prob. in Rutland co. Eng. 1620, settled 
in Springfield Mass. 1640, she Charlotte 
Hayes Morse had dau. Harriet Z. Morse 
of Evanston 111., b. in Williamsfield O. 
Jan. 27, 1834, was a teacher in Ashtabula 
and Trumbull counties O., in Crawford 
and Mercer counties Pa., m. Oct. 22, 1859 
Benjamin Frank Weeks, b. in Danville 
Vt. June 13, 1832, d. in Evanston 111. June 
25, 1898, son of Jeremiah Weeks, b. in 
Danville Sep. 13, 1795, d. in Wayne O. 
Aug. 20, 1864, son of Samuel, b. in Green- 
land N. H. Nov. 4, 1768, d. in Danville 
Vt. May 7, 1834, son of Samuel of Canter- 
bury, son of Walter, b. in Greenland N. 
H. 1706, d. there 1774, son of Capt. Sam- 
uel, b. in Greenland Dec. 14, 1670, d. there 
Nov. 19, 1736, son of Leonard Weeks, b. 
in Eng. 1635, d. 1707, settled in Ports- 
mouth N. H., she Harriet had dait. Helen 
Frances Weeks, grad. Northwestern univ. 
Evaston 111. 1885 and Vassar coll. 1888); 
son of Elias Morse of Williamsfield O., b. 
in Worthington Mass. Apr. 6, 1776, d. in 
Williamsfield Dec. 26, 1856, was called 
founder of Methodism in that part of the 
Western Reserve, postmaster 1812-42 (m. 
May 4, 1803 Abiah Phelps, b. in Suffield 
Ct. Sep. 29, 1775, d. in Williamsfield O. 
Dec. 1872, dau. of Capt. Dan Phelps, b. 
1746, d. in Suffield Dec. 5, 1812, son of 
Elijah, b. in Turkey Hills Ct. May n, 1720, 
d. in Suffield Apr. 14, 1795, son of Joseph, 
b. Oct. 9, 1689, d. in Turkey Hills Ct. after 
1760, son of Joseph, b. in Windsor Ct. 
Aug. 27, 1667, d. in Simsbury Ct. Jan. 20, 
1750, son of Joseph, b. in Eng. Sep. 27, 
1629, d. in Simsbury 1684, son of William 



Phelps, b. in Tewkesbury Eng. 1590, came 
to Amer. 1630); son of Samuel Morse of 
Worthington Mass., b. in Preston Ct. May 
21, 1745, d. in Worthington about 1803 (m. 
Eunice Brown and had sons Elijah, Elias 
and Samuel); son of Moses, b. July 26, 
1721, d. in Worthington Mass. about 1788; 
son of Moses, was an eminent physician, 
surveyor of highways, selectman and one 
of a committee of inspection (m. July 26, 
1744 Sarah Fish); son of Daniel Morse of 
Preston Ct, b. in Newbury Mass. Apr. 26, 
1697, d. in Preston after 1743; son of Dea. 
William, b. in Newbury Mass. Jan. 23, 
1673 or 4, d. there May 10, 1749; son of 
Dea. Benjamin, b. in Newbury Mar. 28, 
1640, d. in West Newbury after 1691 or 2; 
son of Anthony Morse, d. in Newbury 
Mass. 1635, emigrated from Marlboro, 
Wiltshire Eng., settled in Newbury 1635. 

Buell Cal., b. in Auburn N. Y. Apr. 
IS, 1837, studied law, educated in Geneva 
and Canandaigua N. Y., belonged to 1st 
111. reg. inf., distinguished for bravery, 
brevet brig.-gen., mining engineer and 
prof, of chemistry (m. Aug. 9, 1856 Marian 
B. Froiseth, b. in Bergen Norway, a dis- 
tinguished vocalist, and had 8 ch., viz.: 
Clara, Clarence, Maurice, Berendt, Thomas, 
Barnard, Samuel and Claretta Buel); son 
of Samuel Bush Buel of Philadelphia Pa., 
b. in Litchfield Ct. 1805, d. in Phila. Mar. 
1842 (m. 1834 Electra Maxwell of a New 
England family); son of Jonathan Buel of 
Litchfield Ct., b. there, d. there 1869. 

Berwick Me., b. there Jan. 24, 1872, 
grad. from Dartmouth coll. 1895, was ad- 
mitted to practice as an atty.-at-law at the 
Jan. term of the York co. court 1899 (un- 
married); son of Daniel Wentworth 
Spencer of Berwick Me., b. there Nov. 8, 
1820, carpenter and music teacher (m. 1st 
Sep. 5, 1847 Sophia Hoyt Tuttle, 2d Mar. 
23, 1868 Amanda Ann Prescott, b. in 
Bridgewater N. H., dau. of Jesse and 
Eliza [Harriman] Prescott of Bridge- 
water); son of Jonathan Spencer of Ber- 

wick Me., b. there Sep. 8, 1792, d. there 
Apr. 21, 1854, farmer (m. Feb. 2, 1820 Abi- 
gail, dau. of Jedediah and Shuah [Hods- 
don] Wentworth of Berwick and Lebanon 
Me.); son of Simeon Spencer of Berwick 
Me., b. there, bapt. June 21, 1752, d. there 
Jan. 21, 1840, shoemaker (m. 1st Nov. 25, 
1779 Lydia, dau. of Elijah and Abigail 
[Tarbox] Goodwin of Somersworth N. H. 
and Berwick Me., 2d Feb. 5, 1804 Susanna 
Hamilton) ; son of Humphrey Spencer of 
Berwick Me., b. in South Berwick, bapt. 
Jan. 21, 1728, d. in Berwick Dec. 14, 1808, 
farmer (m. July 20, 1749 Elizabeth, dau. of 
Anthony Early and Mehitable Allen of 
Scotch descent); son of Moses Spencer Jr. 
of South Berwick Me., b. there about 1680, 
d. there 1746, farmer, land owner (m. 
about 1708 Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph Ab- 
bott of South Berwick and sister of 
Thomas Abbott of S. Berwick); son of 
Moses Spencer of S. Berwick Me., b. 
there about 1642, d. there about 1719, 
farmer (m. July 1679 Elizabeth, widow of 
Isaac Botts, who was killed by Indians at 
Salmon Falls Me. Oct. 16, 1675); son of 
Thomas Spencer of Old Fields Me., b. in 
Eng. 1596, d. in S. Berwick Me. Dec. 15, 
1681, emigrant 1630, was an inn keeper, 
lumberman and husbandman in S. Berwick 
(m. about 1634 Patience, dau. of William 
Chadbourne, who came to Amer. 1634, and 
sister of Humphrey Chadbourne of Ber- 
wick Me.). 

Quentin Cal., b. in Hollis N. H. 
Aug. 11, 1842, major on Gen. Jacob Van 
Bokkelen's staff in war of rebellion, who 
was provost marshal Utah, Arizona and 
Nevada, sheriff of Alameda co. Cal. 1885-91, 
warden state prison of Cal. 8 years (m. 
Oct. 22, 1867 Maria Stephenson McElroy, 
dau. of Rev. James N. and Maria B. Mc- 
Elroy of Ireland and had Sarah Forsaith 
Hale); son of David Hall Hale of Cal. 
and Arizona, b. in Hollis N. H. about 1814, 
d. in Arizona territory about 1870, was 
probably killed by Indians in Arizona, was 
in the army (m. May 11, 1837 Jane Wilson 
Forsaith, b. in Boston Mass. Sep. 17, 1820, 



d. Jan. 25, 1876, dau. of David Forsaith, 
who was in rev. war and captain of Deer- 
ing rifles, and gr.-dau. of William Forsaith, 
b. in Ireland 1740, m. Jane, dau. of James 
Wilson); son of William Hale of Hollis 
N. H., b. there July 27, 1762, d. there Oct. 
10, 1854, enlisted as private in 1st N. H. 
reg. with his father when less than 15 years 
old, served faithfully 3 years, studied medi- 
cine with his father, nestor of reg. surviv- 
ing all of some 1,200 (m. about 1787 Esther 
Pool); son of John Hale of Hollis N. H., 
b. in Bradford N. H. Oct. 24, 1731, d. in 
Hollis Oct. 22, 1791, was surgeon of the 
1st N. H. reg. (m. Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. 
David Hall and Elizabeth); son of Jona- 
than Hale of Bradford and Sutton N. H., 
b. in former Jan. 9, 1710 (m. Nov. 10, 1729 
Susannah Tuttle); son of Samuel Hale of 
Newbury and Bradford N. H., b. in former 
1614, d. Dec. 13, 1745 (m. Nov. 3, 1698 
Martha, dau. of Samuel and Mary [Pear- 
son] Palmer). 

Columbus O., b. there Jan. 18, 1884 
(unmarried); son of Alfred Kelley of 
Columbus O., b. there Sep. 8, 1839 (m. 
Nov. 8, 1876 Mary Craig Dunlevy, b. Sep. 
24, 1849, dau. of Judge John Craig Dun- 
levy of Chicago 111. and of Sarah Janet 
Hulburd of colonial ancestry, the Dun- 
levys are desc. from the Dunlevys Princes 
of Ulidia of Ireland, first mentioned in the 
10th century, she Mary had Alfred D. as 
above and a dau. Gwendolyn Dunlevy Kel- 
ley, b. in Columbus O. Nov. 10, 1877, an 
artist and painter of miniatures); son of 
Alfred Kelley of Columbus O., b. in Mid- 
dlefield Ct. Nov. 7, 1789, d. in Columbus 
Dec. 2, 1859, was an early resident of 
Cleveland O., was sent to the legislature 
1814, its youngest member and its oldest 
member 1857, was canal commissioner and 
father of the Ohio banking law afterwards 
adopted as the U. S. banking law, was 
prominent in politics and public life, had 
wide influence in private life (m. Aug. 25, 
1817 Mary Seymour Welles, b. Nov. 10, 
1799, d. May 19, 1882, dau. of Maj. Malanc- 
ton Woolsey and Abigail [Buel] Welles, 

had four colonial governors and many offi- 
cers among her ancestors, and was desc. 
from Lord Seymour, brother of Jane Sey- 
mour, Queen of England); son of Judge 
Daniel Kelley of Norwich Ct., Lowville 
N. Y. and Cleveland O., b. in Norwich Ct. 
Nov. 27, 1755, d. in Cleveland Aug. 7, 1831, 
was judge, supervisor, co. treasurer of 
Lewis co. N. Y., member of legislature, 
moved to Cleveland O. 1814, was 2d presi- 
dent of Cleveland, also postmaster (m. 
June 28, 1787 Jemima Paine Stow, b. Dec. 
28, 1763, d. Sep. 15, 1815, dau. of Elihu 
Stow of revolutionary record and of 
Jemima Pine, the Stows are desc. from 
the Duke of Stow, Stow Park Eng., 
Deputy John Stow was first of the name 
in Amer., came over with Winthrop to 
Roxbury Mass. 1634); son of Daniel Kel- 
ley, b. in Norwich Ct. Mar. 15, 1726, d. in 
Vt. 1814 (m. 1st May 2, 1751 Abigail 
Reynolds, d. in Norwich Mar. 7, 1765, dau. 
of John Reynolds and Lydia Lord of 
Lyme Ct., desc. from Thomas Lord, b. 
1585, came to Amer. 1635, settled in New- 
ton Mass., later in Hartford Ct. with Rev. 
Thomas Hooker, and gr.-dau. of Lieut. 
Richard and Elizabeth [Hyde] Lord); son 
of Capt. Joseph Kelley of Norwich Ct., b. 
about 1690, d. 1760, was one of the first 
settlers of Norwich, sea captain, carried on 
trade with the Barbadoes, was probably of 
English family (m. Oct. 13, 171S Lydia 
Caulkins, bapt. Aug. 9, 1696, dau. of David 
Caulkins of New London Ct. and Mary 
Bliss, and desc. from Deputy Hugh Caul- 
kins, b. in Eng. 1600, d. in Norwich Ct. 
1690, came to Amer. 1640, m. Ann). 

Mass.. b. there Mar. 11, 1869 (m. 
Jan. 18, 1893 Blanche E., dau. of Hiram 
Pitts and Elizabeth Thankful [Baily] Bean 
and had son James Francis Clark Hyde, b. 
Apr. 29, 1894) ; son of James Francis 
Clark Hyde of Newton Mass., b. there 
July 26, 1825, d. there May 2, 1898, select- 
man of Newton 6 years, elected first mayor 
of the city of Newton 1872, served in the 
house of reps, in the fifties (m. 1st Sophia 
Stone. 2d Emily Ward, dau. of John and 



Mary [Kingsbury] Ward and desc. of John 
Ward who settled in Sudbury Mass. 1640) ; 
son of James Hyde of Newton Mass., b. 
there Dec. 21, 1782, d. there March 3, 1870 
(m. Apr. 2, 1818 Clarissa, dau. of Norman 
and Alethia [Rogers] Clark of Roxbury 
Mass.); son of Thaddeus Hyde of Newton 
Mass., b. there Jan. 10, 1751, d. there Jan. 
9, 1821 (m. July 12, 1782 Elizabeth, dau. of 
James and Kezia [Chadwick] Grimes); son 
of Elisha of Newton Mass., b.. there Sep. 
6, 1730, d. there 1781 (m. 1751 Mary, dau. 
of John and Mary Knapp and desc. of Wil- 
liam Knapp Sr. who settled in Watertown 
Mass. 1630) ; son of Ensign Timothy Hyde 
of Newton Mass., b. there June 25, 1684, d. 
there 1756 (m. 1st Rebecca Davis of Rox- 
bury Mass., 2d Sarah, dau. of Samuel 
Whitmore of Roxbury [and Rebecca Gard- 
ner], desc. of William Park of Roxbury 
Mass. and Edward Parke of London Eng- 
land); descendant of Jonathan Hyde who 
settled on the old homestead in Newton 

" Rosemont Pa., b. in Pittsburgh Pa. 
Feb. 8, 1838, educated in Philadelphia pub- 
lic schools, grad. from central high school 
1876, entered Baldwin locomotive works as 
junior clerk 1877, became partner 1896 (m. 
Apr. 30, 1883 Elizabeth T. Reeves, dau. of 
Biddle and Ruthanna Reeves and gr.-dau. 
of Joel Reeves, also gt.-gr.-dau. of Henry 
Reeves, she Elizabeth had 3 ch., Reeves 
Kemp Johnson, Alba Boardman Johnson 
Jr. and Ruth Anna Johnson); son of 
Samuel Adams Johnson of Ivyland Pa., b. 
in Atkinson Me. Feb. 16, 1825 (m. July 22, 
1855 Alma Sarah Kemp, b. in Sullivan N. 
H. July 20, 1822, dau. of Benjamin and 
Abigail [Woods] Kemp and gr.-dau. of 
Benjamin Kemp [and Abigail Nims], was 
a soldier in rev. war, private in N. H. 
militia under Capt. James Likens, Col. 
Thomas Bartlet); son of Cyrus Johnson of 
Jackson Me., b. Dec. 29, 1799, d. May 4, 
1853 (m. Jan. 10, 1823 Hephzibah Page, b. 
Mar. 25, 1802, d. Feb. 22, 1886, had 13 ch., 
viz.: Samuel A. as above, Asa Foster John- 
son, b. Oct. 28, 1823, Erastus, b. Oct. 20, 

1826, Nathan, b. Mar. 8, 1829, William, b. 
May 8, 1834, Kezia, b. Jan. 7, 1831, James 
Brainerd Johnson, b. May 30, 1841, Henry 
White Johnson, b. Feb. 18, 1828, d. in Dec. 
1828, Hannah Silsbee Johnson, b. Jan. 2, 
!833, Charles Portius Johnson, b. Feb. 12, 
1836, George Meder Johnson, b. Apr. 
2i, 1839, Mary Ann Johnson, b. Apr. 17, 
1843, and Julia Augusta Johnson, b. Dec. 
27, 1846); son of Boardman Johnson, b. 
Sep. 23, 1769, d. 1858 (m. Kezia Foster and 
had 9 ch., viz.: Cyrus above, Hannah, b. 
Aug. 23, 1793, d. June 2, 1842 [m. Samuel 
Silsbee], Portius, b. Dec. 5, 1794, d. Jan. 
20, 1846 [m. Theis Croxford], Charles, b. 
July 20, 1797, d. Jan. 21, 1840 [m. Betsy 
Wiggins], Benjamin, b. June 14, 1802 [m. 
1st Louisa Willington, 2d Eliza Chadburn], 
Mary Ann Johnson, b. Sep. 2, 1804, d. June 
20, 1842 [m. Samuel A. Morse], Laura 
Jane, b. Aug. 31, 1806, d. May 3, 1829, Au- 
gusta, b. June 27, 1809, d. Nov. 21, 1834 [m. 
1st Harvey Morton, 2d Joseph Graves], 
and Samuel Johnson, b. Sep. 23, 1815, m. 
Ann May Upton) ; son of Benjamin John- 
son, b. June 1744, d. Oct. 21, 1832 (m. 
Elizabeth Boardman of Topsfield Mass. 
and had 8 ch., viz.: Boardman, Hannah, b. 
Apr. 26, 1767, John, b. Dec. 2, 1771, Ben- 
jamin, b. Nov. 15, 1773, Daniel, b. Jan. 11, 
1776, Elizabeth, b. Nov. 27, 1778, Mary, b. 
Nov. 8, 1780, Samuel and Josiah Cum- 
mings Johnson, b. Dec. 9, 1784); Asa 
Johnson, d. 1749; son of Lt. Timothy 
Johnson of Boston Mass., b. 1677, came 
from England and settled in Boston Mass., 
was a soldier of the colonial and Indian 
wars (had son Timothy who fought at 

rington Mass., b. in Wolfborough N. 
H. Apr. 26, 1837, captain in the army in 
war of rebellion (m. Oct. 11, 1865 Sarah J. 
Steel, dau. of John Steel of Scotland and 
desc. from the Fountains and Wandels, 
also from Count Fountain a Huguenot 
from Pau France and Von Vandel of 
Holland); son of George Bridgham Far- 
rar, b. in Chelsea Vt. Aug. 3, 1806, d. Jan. 
29, 1885 (m. Susan Maria Dow); son of 


1 07 

Joseph, b. Lincoln Mass. Feb. 24, 1775, d. 
in N. Y. in Feb. 1851, grad. from Dart- 
mouth coll. 1794 and settled as a lawyer in 
Chelsea Vt. (m. Mehitabel Dana who d. 
in Wolfborough N. H. 1850); son of 
Humphrey Farrar, b. Feb. 23, 1741, d. in 
Colbrooke Mass., grad. from Harvard coll., 
moved from Lincoln Vt. to Colbrooke 
Mass., minute man in the battle of Lex- 
ington in Capt. William Smith's co. in 
Abijah Pierce's reg., served in Capt. John 
Hartwell's co. in Col. Eleazarbrooke's reg., 
was engaged in fortifying Dorchester Hill 
1776, was also in service at Cambridge 
Mass. 1775, then marched south to N. Y. 
(m. Apr. 26, 1770 his cousin Lucy Farrar) ; 
son of George Farrar, b. in Lincoln Mass. 
Feb. 16, 1704, d. May 28, 1777 (m. Mary 
Barrett); son of George, b. Aug. 16, 1670, 
d. May 15, 1760 (m. Mary Howe); 
son of Jacob of England, b. there 
about 1642, killed by the Indians in 
King Philip's war Aug. 22, 1675, came 
to Amer. with his mother Ann and 
younger brothers and sister about 1658, he 
is credited on the colony book for service 
in Capt. Hunting's co. with 2 pounds 18 
shillings and charged with 13 shillings, 
leaving a balance uncalled for of 2 pounds 
5 shillings (m. 1668 Hannah, dau. of 
George Haywood of Concord Mass.); son 
of Jacob Farrar, d. in Woburn Mass. Aug. 
14, 1677, came from Lancaster Eng. to 
Amer. about the middle of the 17th cen- 

Providence R. I., b. in North 
Adams Mass. Oct. 12, 1862, educated at 
public schools and Drury acad. at North 
Adams, Cascadilla private school at 
Ithaca N. Y., Cornell univ., univ. of 
Heidelberg Germany, N. Y. state library 
Albany N. Y., receiving from there the de- 
gree of B. L. S., conferred by the regents 
of the univ. of the state of N. Y., was on 
editorial staff of N. Y. Commercial Adver- 
tiser and assistant Washington corre- 
spondent, was sub-librarian in N. Y. state 
library and is now librarian of Providence 
Athenaeum (unmarried); son of John Le 

Roy Harrison of New York city, b. in 
New York Mills N. Y. July 31, 1837 (m. 
Oct. 24, 1861 Ellen Maria Hawks, b. in 
North Adams Mass. July 21, 1842, desc. of 
John Hawks of Windsor Ct. 1640 who 
moved to Hadley Mass. 1659); son of John 
Harrison of Troy N. Y., b. in Langton 
Eng. July 28, 1814 (m. Sep. 8, 1836 Irene 
Van Dyke, b. in Cherry Valley N. Y., dau. 
of John Van Dyke of Middleberg N. Y., 
who served in the war of 1812, son of Jacob 
Van Dyke who served in the rev. war); 
son of David Harrison, b. in Tenington 
Eng. Mar. 10, 1782, d. Apr. 23, 1865 (m. 
Ann Rivis, b. in Crambe Eng., d. July 27, 
1873); son of John, b. in Yorkshire Eng. 

Brooklyn N. Y., b. in New York city 
Sep. 6, 1839, civil engineer, grad. from 
Rensselaer Poly. Inst, at Troy i860, engi- 
neer in U. S. navy 1862-8 (m. July 19, 1866 
Annie Wright Nourse, dau. of Joseph E. 
and Sarah [Wright] Nourse, and had 
Francis Despard Dodge, b. Jan. 14, 1868); 
son of Richard James Dodge of Brook- 
lyn N. Y., b. in New York city Jan. 26, 
1807, d. in Brooklyn Aug. 2, 1891 (m. Nov. 

16, 1837 Henrietta, dau. of Richard and 
Isabella [Daly] Despard, an old Huguenot 
family in Queens co. Ireland); son of 
Daniel Dodge of New York and Brook- 
lyn, b. in New York city Dec. 14, 1764, d. 
in Brooklyn N. Y. Apr. 2, 1841 (m. Mar. 

17, 1796 Ann, dau. of William and Sarah 
[Addoms] Turner of N. Y.); son of 
Samuel Dodge of Cow Neck L. I. and 
afterwards of New York, b. in Cow Neck 
Apr. 9, 1730, d. in Poughkeepsie N. Y. Oct. 
4, 1807 (m. Aug. 4, 1753 Helena Amerman, 
b. 1735, dau. of Derick Amerman, b. 1705, 
son of Albert, son of Derick Jantze Amer- 
man, who came from Holland to Flat- 
lands L. I. 1650) ; son of Samuel Dodge of 
Block Island R. I. and Long Island, b. in 
former Sep. 19, 1691, d. in New York 1761; 
son of William of Block Island R. I., 
came with his father to Block Island 1661 
or 2; son of Tristram Dodge. 



HILLHOUSE, Francis of New Haven 
Ct., b. there Sep. 12, 1859 (m. July 
14, 1897 Sarah Griswold Fitch, dau. of Wil- 
liam and Mary E. [Williams] Fitch of 
Norwich Ct. and a lineal desc. of Capt. 
John Mason and Rev. James Hillhouse, he 
Francis Hillhouse had dau. Mary Fitch 
Hillhouse); son of William Hillhouse of 
New Haven Ct., b. in Watervliet N. Y. 
Nov. 22, 1820 (m. Jan. 18, 1854 Frances 
Julia Betts, dau. of Hon. Samuel Rossiter 
Betts and Caroline A. Dewey); son of 
Thomas, b. in New London Ct. Sep. 24, 
1766, d. in Watervliet N. Y. July 15, 1834 
(m. Oct. 1812 Anne Van S. Ten Broeck, 
dau. of Maj. John Ten Broeck and Anne 
Ten Broeck); son of William Hillhouse of 
Montville Ct., b. there Aug. 25, 1728, d. 
there Jan. 12, 1816, was member of con- 
tinental congress 1785-6 (m. Nov. 1, 1750 
Sarah, dau. of John and Hannah [Lee] 
Griswold); son of Rev. James Hillhouse, 
b. in Ireland about 1688, d. in Montville 
Ct. Dec. 15, 1740, came to Amer. 1720 (m. 
Jan. 18, 1726 Mary Fitch, gr.-dau. of Rev. 
James Fitch and Priscilla Mason). 

HRATEE, LEWIS of Reading Pa., b. 
v^ near Spring City Pa. Aug. 9, 1843, 
author of the " Crater Genealogy " (m. 
Sep. 21, 1866 Rosa C. Lowe of Scotch- 
Irish descent) ; son of Ephraim of Chester 
co. Pa., b. there May 1, 1814, d. in Phcenix- 
ville Pa. Mar. 22, 1893 (m. Susan Longacre 
of German descent); son of Abraham 
Crater of Chester co. Pa., b. near Grater's 
Ford Pa. Mar. 2, 1792, d. in Chester co. 
Pa., changed his surname to Crater from 
Grater (m. Miss Clemens of German de- 
scent) ; son of Johannas Grater of Grater's 
Ford Pa., b. in Montgomery co. Pa. July 
I3j l 7&5 (m. Miss Neiman of German de- 
scent); son of Johannas of Grater's Ford 
Pa., b. there Apr. 10, 1734; son of Jacob 
Grater of Grater's Ford, b. in Germany, d. 
at Grater's Ford, came from Rotterdam 
Holland to Philadelphia Pa. 1733, was a 
man of wealth and education, he was 
bishop of the Menonite church, was of 
German descent and connected with the 
Dutch colony of Menonites which located 
nn the Perkiomen 1722. 

Hanover Pa., b. in Manchester Md. 
May 18, 1832 (m. Oct. 18, 1864 Anna C. 
Shelly, whose ancestors lived on Shelly's 
Island in the Susquehanna river ten miles 
south of Harrisburg for many years, had 4 
ch., viz.: E. Estelle, Sadie C, George S. 
and Oliver S.); son of George Everhart of 
Manchester Md., b. near there Jan. 31, 
1800, d. there Apr. 17, 1885 (m. Apr. 19, 
1829 Catharine Shower); son of George of 
Manchester Md., b. near there Nov. 10, 
1771, d. there July 4, 1857 (m. 1796 Eliza- 
beth Weaver) ; son of George Everhart of 
near Manchester Md., b. in Germantown 
Pa. Aug. 11, 1745, d. near Manchester Apr. 
13, 1835 (m. Feb. 12, 1749 Eve Elizabeth 
Zacharias) ; son of Paulus of near Man- 
chester Md., b. in Palatinate Ger., d. near 

of Sharon N. Y., b. there June 13, 
J 839, physician and surgeon, attended the 
Blockly med. coll., grad. from the Eclectic 
med. coll. of Phila. 1862, from E. med. coll. 
of N. Y. 1877, from U. S. med. coll. of N. 
Y. 1881 (m. Apr. 23, 1861 Harriet, dau. of 
Gerdon and Mary [Becker] Moulton, and 
had 4 ch., viz.: Emma, Minnie, Moulton 
and Flora); son of Henry Van Valken- 
burgh of Sharon N. Y., b. there May 14, 
1798, d. there Apr. 18, 1866, studied for the 
ministry in the Reformed Dutch church 
but followed farming all his life, owned a 
fine farm of 96 acres in Sharon N. Y. (m. 
1st Sep. 1, 1832 Rachael Bloomingdale and 
had son Henry, 2d Dec. 26, 1836 Olive 
Louisa Roth, dau. of Joseph Roth, son of 
John Joseph Roth, and had 4 ch., viz.: 
Jacob as above, Albert Amerman Van Val- 
kenburgh. Joseph and Emily) ; son of John 
Joseph Van Valkenburgh of Sharon N. Y.. 
b. in Schoharie N. Y. July 23. 1771, d. in 
Sharon July 23, 1855, farmer, owned a farm 
of 144 acres, was drafted in the war of 1812, 
furnished a substitute, built his house in 
1812 (m. Mary. dau. of Christian Bender of 
Bethlehem N. Y., and had 9 ch., viz.: 
Henry, Magdalane Lena. Christian, John, 
William. Maria. Joseph. Stephen and 
Elizabeth): son of Joseph Van Valken- 



burgh of Sharon N. Y., b. in Schoharie N. 
Y. Jan. 10, 1744, d. in Sharon Mar. 28, 1815, 
farmer, soldier, was a private in Col. Peter 
Vroman's reg., was in Capt. Christian 
Strubranch's co. in Albany co. militia in 
rev. war, did special duty as a scout, owned 
a farm in Sharon of 166 acres of land 1792 
(m. Mar. 27, 1765 Magdalene Brown and 
had 13 ch., viz.: John Joseph, Peter, Adam, 
Jacob, Joachim, Henry, Magdalene Lena, 
Maria who was buried on her father's 
farm in Sharon N. Y., Eve, Elizabeth, 
Nancy, Maria and Margaret); son of John 
Joseph Van Valkenburgh of Schoharie N. 
Y., b. in Lorraine Germany 1704, d. in 
Middleburgh N. Y. after 1784, served in 
the early Indian wars under the crown, 
was an ensign in the French and Indian 
wars, was promoted to 2d lieut, owned a 
farm near Sloansville N. Y. as early as 
1756-60, was buried in Middleburgh, was 
enrolled in Col. Killian Van Rensselaer's 
reg. in rev. war under the name of Valck 
J. J. (had 2 sons, Joseph as above and 
Joachim, who served in the rev. war in 
Col. Vroman's reg. and was shot by an 
Indian at the battle of Jefferson Lake 
Schoharie co. N. Y.); son of Arnold Van 
Valkenburgh of Schoharie N. Y., b. in 
Lorraine Germany 1674, d. in Middleburgh 
N. Y. (m. Anna Elizebeth, b. in Germany 
1675), had 3 brothers who came from Ger- 
many to Amer. under three different 
names, Andrew Volck moved to Pa. 1709, 
Arnold Falck and Valinten Falkenburg 
who both came from the camps in Ulster 
co. N. Y. into Schoharie co. N. Y., the 
original name was Falkenburg but the 
various families write Falk, Valk, Volk, 
Volck, Folluck and during the rev. war it 
was written Valkenburgh and since that 
time a part of the families Van Valken- 
burgh like the Holland family. 

111., b. in Norwich Ct. June 21, 1840, 
grad. A. B. and A. M. at Yale univ., assist- 
ant and passed assistant surgeon U. S. N. 
1863-9, M. D. of univ. of Pa., prof, of der- 
matology in Rush med. coll. 1870-90, 
author of several medical works (m. July 

31, 1871 Alice Louise Griswold, she is a 
member of the Conn. Society of Colonial 
Dames and had son Charles Cheney 
Hyde); son of Edward Goodrich, b. New 
York city Sep. 20, 181 1, d. in Bayonne N. 
J. Sep. 4, 1888, was a member of the firm 
of Hyde and Goodrich of New Orleans 
founded by his father (m. Nov. 9, 1839 
Hannah Huntington Thomas, dau. of 
Henry Thomas Esq. of Norwich Ct, who 
was one of the founders of the Norwich 
Free academy, also dau. of Hannah Jenks, 
dau. of John Jenks of Salem Mass.); son 
of James Nevins Hyde of New Orleans 
La., b. in Norwich Ct. Jan. 24, 1788, d. in 
New Orleans Sep. 24, 1838, was founder of 
the house of Hyde and Goodrich, New Or- 
leans (m. Feb. 17, 1810 Mary Goodrich, a 
Mayflower descendant) ; son of Capt. 
James Hyde of Norwich Ct, b. there July 
17, 1752, d. there Apr. 9, 1809, lieut. in rev. 
war (m. Apr. 5, 1774 Martha Nevins, desc. 
from Lt-Col. Lathrop, who fought at 
Louisburg and who was originally from 
the Lowthorpes of England); son of Capt. 
James Hyde of Norwich Ct., b. there Feb. 
28, 1707, d. there Apr. 24, 1793, was a ship 
master (m. Dec. 26, 1743 Sarah Marshall); 
son of John Hyde of Norwich Ct, b. there 
Dec. 1667, d. there July 26, 1777, farmer 
(m. Mar. 3, 1698 Experience, dau. of Caleb 
and Margaret [Post] Abel). 

HASSLES,, Ferdinand Augustus of 
Santa Ana Cal., b. near Norfolk Va. 
Mar. 6, 1844, grad. M. D. at univ. of Penn. 
1866 and Ph. D. 1872, member of Philo- 
sophical society of Washington D. C, ex- 
member of the Phila. academy of science, 
Biological society, etc., writer for various 
publications (m. June 27, 1882 Elizabeth E. 
Hall, dau. of Orren B. Hall [and Emily 
Potter], b. Feb. 27, 1828, d. Mar. 16, 1857. 
son of Owen Hall and Nancy Buell, said 
to be desc. from Susannah, dau. of William 
Shakespere, he Ferdinand had 4 ch., viz.: 
Charles, Arthur, Ferdinand and Adalbert) ; 
son of Charles Augustus Hassler of 
Washington D. G, b. in Schenectady N. 
Y. Feb. 2, 1810, lost on the ship " Atlan- 
tic " on L. I. sound Nov. 27, 1846, grad. M. 


D. at univ. of Pa. 1836, surgeon U. S. N. 
1837, member of numerous scientific so- 
cieties, lost his life while saving others 
during the wreck of the " Atlantic " (m. 
Oct. 4, 1837 Anna Josepha Nourse, dau. of 
Michael Nourse and Mary Rittenhouse, 
who belonged to the noted Rittenhouse 
family of which David the astronomer was 
a member); son of Ferdinand It. Hassler 
of Switzerland and West Point N. Y., b. 
in Aarau Switzerland Oct. 1, 1770, d. in 
Philadelphia Pa. Nov. 20, 1843, grad. at 
univ. of Berlin, studied at Gotha, Gotten- 
gen, Cassel and Paris, surveyed many parts 
of Switzerland, Came to Amer. 1805, made 
prof, of mathematics at West Point, de- 
signed the U. S. coast survey, author of 
numerous works on mathematics, biogra- 
phy published at Arrau 1877, another at 
Nice 1882 (m. Feb. 1798 Marianne Gail- 
lard, descendant of Guillaume de Gaillard, 
chevalier, Seigneur de Messire, Vivant a 
Blois, in 1400); son of Jacob Hassler of 
Aarau Switzerland, held several public 
offices of trust, had a large manufactory of 
Swiss watches. 

HUNT, DE FOREST of Grand Rapids 
Mich., b. in Maine N. Y. Aug. 15, 
1842, physician, grad. from univ. of the 
city of N. Y. 1864, author of work on diph- 
theria; son of Samuel M. Hunt of Mara- 
thon N. Y., b. there Oct. 30, 1798, d. there 
Nov. 15, 1880, physician and judge of court 
of common pleas (m. Dec. 11, 1823 Maria 
Havens, b. in Patchogue L. I. Aug. 14, 
1806, dau. of Meredock Havens [and Eliza- 
beth Davis, dau. of William Davis [and 
Rebecca Rutland], son of Daniel Davis], 
lieut. in the war of 1812, son of Capt. Paul 
Havens [and Elizabeth Moore, dau. of 
Silah Strong [and Mary], b. in England 
1680, had son Capt. Selah Strong of L. I.], 
son of Peter Havens); son of John Hunt 
of Marathon N. Y., b. in Mass. July 27, 
1765, d. in Marathon Aug. 8, 1815 (m. Dec. 
25, 1791 Lydia Mallory, b. Oct. 8. 1770, d. 
May 7, 1865. dau. of Samuel, son of Peter 
[and Mary Carley. dau. of Abraham Car- 
ley], b. Jan. 7. 1744, d. May 14, 1822, served 

in rev. war) ; son of Japhet Hunt of Mara- 
thon N. Y., b. in Mass. Dec. 11, 1711, d. 
in Marathon Mar. 7, 1808, was surgeon in 
Canadian and Amer. rev. (m. June 15, 1764 
Elizabeth Davis) ; son of John Hunt of 
Mass., b. in Wales. 

-«"*- Louis Mo., b. in Millersburg Ohio 
Jan. 30, 1862, taught school when 16 years 
old, traveled for a business house 1879-86, 
manager of department until 1896, in busi- 
ness for himself since 1896 (m. Nov. 24, 
1885 Myrah Blanche Collins, dau. of 
Charles Francis Collins, an Episcopal cler- 
gyman, gr.-son of John Collins of Portland 
Me. and desc. from John Rogers of Marsh- 
field Mass., he Charles Willis Alban had 
son Harvey Byars Alban, b. Nov. 3, 1895); 
son of Joseph Patterson Alban of Mem- 
phis Tenn., b. at Canal Fulton Ohio Sep. 
22, 1842, grad. M. D., was assistant surgeon 
during civil war, commander of post G. A. 
R. and a business man of ability (m. Apr. 
4, 1861 Jemima, dau. of Abraham and 
Christiann [Cook] B oilman, gt.-gr.-dau. of 
Isaac Bollman, who served in the rev. war, 
and gr.-dau. of Samuel Cook, who taught 
first school in Sugar Creek township Ohio, 
son of Asa Cook, who served in rev. war) ; 
son of 'William Alban of Canal Fulton 
Ohio, b. in Frederick co. Va. Mar. 22, 1786, 
d. in Canal Fulton July 1, 1845, captain in 
war of 1812, member of town council, jus- 
tice of the peace, ruling elder in the 
Presby. church and an influential citizen 
(m. 3d June 1840 Isabella, dau. of Joseph 
and Janet McCaughey and gr.-dau. of Mar- 
garet Jackson and William McCaughey, 
gt.-gr.-dau. of Dr. Joseph Jackson and 
Lady Mary Carr, who was sister to Lord 
James Carr, he William Alban was married 
3 times and had 17 ch.) ; son of George 
Alban of Steubenville Ohio, b. Feb. 15. 
1758, d. in Steubenville Jan. 27, 1840, en- 
listed under Capt. Thomas Berry and Col. 
Muhlenbur.s: 1776, was one of Gen. Wash- 
ington's body guards under Capt. Caleb 
Gibbs 1777. was a farmer all his life (m. 
1783 Jane Green b. 1760). 


of Howell Mich., b. in Goodrich 
Mich. Oct. 10, 1858, lived in Greeley, Erie 
and Georgetown Col. 1873-6, taught school 
when 16 years old, was with the milk firm 
of Wood, Schillinger and Co. of George- 
town Col. 1875-6, book canvasser in Ga., 
Kansas and Pa. 1877-8, taught school in 
Mich. 1876-85, in Dakota and Col. 1881, in 
N. Ind. normal school at Valparaiso 
1879-80, was railway postal clerk in Mich. 
1885, was civil service clerk in P. O. dept. 
at Washington D. C. 1886-91, clerk in 
Mich, state board of auditors 1891, supt. of 
Mich, state reform school 1892, grad, law 
school of Columbia univ. Washington D. 
C. 1S90, admitted to bar Lansing Mich. 
1891, circuit court commissioner Living- 
ston co. Mich. 1897-1900, village atty. 
Howell Mich. 1898, deputy township clerk 
1897-1900, author of " Roustabouts " and 
" Roundabouts " (m. Apr. 4, 1883 Flora 
Grace Addis, dau. of William Addis, was 
b. in Clarkston Mich, and was desc. of a 
New Jersey family, her mother's name was 
Buzzard, he William H. S. Wood had 5 
ch., viz.: Vernie, Dwight, Pontia Pauline 
Wood, b. in Washington D. C. Aug. 30, 
1888, Ruth Winifred Wood, b. in Lansing 
Mich. Oct. 29, 1891, and Bernice Howella 
Wood, b. in Howell Mich.); son of 
Thomas Parmerlee Wood of Goodrich 
Mich., b. in Avon N. Y. June 17, 1822, 
came to Genesee co. Mich. 1832, returned 
to N. Y. 1839, to Mich. 1849, teacher, jus- 
tice of the peace, undertaker and insur- 
ance agent (m. 1846 Paulina Hulbert, b. in 
West Bloomfield N. Y. Oct. 15, 1822, dau. 
of Stephen Hulbert, her mother's name 
was Miner of Ct. Valley, and had besides 
William H. S. Wood above 4 ch., viz.: Dr. 
R. H. Wood of Montrose Mich., E. O. 
Wood of Flint Mich., A. G. Wood of 
Goodrich Mich, and Emma Wood, who m. 
a Mr. Allen of Flint) ; son of Elijah Wood 
of Mishawaka Ind., b. in Essex Vt., d. in 
Mishawaka, has relatives in Chautauqua 
co. N. Y., Reeds, Phillips, Emerys, Tar- 
boxes, Woods and in Pa., Ohio, N. Y. and 
Mich. (m. a Stowe of Vt.); son of William 
Wood of Mass., Vt. and N. Y., b. in West- 
boro Mass. about 1764, d. in Arkwright N. 

Y. 1850, was serg. of Mass. troops in rev. 
war, also with Capt. Haywood and Col. 
Smith, pensioned from Chester Vt. 1818 
for 3 years' service in rev. war, was at 
Concord and Lexington when a boy, en- 
listed 1777, was private in Capt. Gideon 
Burts' guards, also in Capt. Joseph Ray- 
mond's co. in 3d Mass. militia under Col. 
Israel Chapin, guarded stores in Hamp- 
shire and Worcester counties, in Spring- 
field and Brookfield also 1779, and with 
Lafayette, was in 2d Mass. reg. Andrews 
(had 7 ch., viz.: Elijah as above, Arna, 
Cyrus, John, Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Emery 
and Mrs. Reed); son of William Wood, 
probably of R. I., was in rev. war. 

BUOWN, PLUMB of Springfield Mass., 
b. in Norfolk Ct. Nov. 15, 1868, physi- 
cian (m. Oct. 26, 1892 Rebecca Aiken Bas- 
set:, dau. of William Elliott Bassett and 
Mary Dowd, dau. of Elija Dowd, son of 
John, son of Amos, son of Isaac, son of 
John, son of Henry Doude, who came 
from England 1639, he Plumb Brown had 
Elliott Bassett Brown, b. Dec. 6, 1897); 
son of Plumb Brown of Norfolk Ct., b. 
there Oct. 11, 1822, d. there Feb. 2, 1896 
(m. Sep. 11, 1861 Olive Elizabeth Crissey, 
b. Apr. 6, 1835, dau. of Benjamin Crissey, 
who m. Mar. 4, 1828 Eunice Burr, b. Jan. 
l 4, 1 797, dau. of Daniel Burr, who m. Oct. 
l 7, *773 Betty Brown, b. May 15, 1753, dau. 
of Titus Brown [and Rachael Marshall], b. 
Nov. 11, 1714, son of Cornelius Brown, b. 
July 30, 1672 [m. 1701 Abigail Barker], son 
of Peter, b. 1632 [m. July 18, 1658 Mary 
Gillett], son of Peter Brown, who came 
over in the Mayflower, was signer of Com- 
pact, she Olive Elizabeth had beside Plumb 
Brown above, 4 ch., viz.: Edmund, b. in 
Norfolk Ct. July 25, 1862, Benjamin, b. in 
Norfolk June 16, 1864, Sarah, b. in Nor- 
folk Jan. 15, 1866 [m. a Mr. Scoville], and 
Mabel Eunice Brown, b. in Norfolk Feb. 
2, 1878); son of Edmund Brown of Nor- 
folk Ct., b. in Manchester Ct. Mar. 2, 1772, 
d. in Norfolk July 13, 1859 (m. Nov. 27, 
1809 Mabel H. Norton and had beside 
Plumb Brown a son Ralph, b. Dec. 2. 
1820, d. Apr. 4, 1885); son of Benjamin 
Brown of Manchester Ct., b. Sep. 20, 1740. 


d. Mar. 27, 1809 (m. Sarah and had be- 
sides Edmund above, 11 ch., viz.: Benja- 
min, b. Aug. 20, 1767, Iraenus, b. Oct. 23, 
1780, James, b. Apr. 5, 1783, Abigail, b. 
Aug. 17, 1769, Esther, b. June 6, 1774, 
Achsa, b. Aug. 23, 1778, and Sarah, b. 
Dec. 26, 1785). 

Chicago 111., b. in Lafayette N. Y. 
Aug. 21, 1835 (m. Jan. 26, 1862 Elizabeth 
H. King, and had Grace C. Hotaling); 
son of Conrad G. Hotaling of Jamesville 
N. Y., b. in New Baltimore N. Y. Aug. 31, 
1800, d. in Onondaga co. N. Y. Jan. 6, 
1887, farmer, was deacon of the Reformed 
church of Syracuse N. Y. (m. June 3, 1825 
Emily, dau. of David Holbrook [and Me- 
hitable Wells], was a surgeon in rev. war 
and was the first physician residing in 
Onondaga co. N. Y.) ; son of Garrett 
Hotaling of New Baltimore N. Y., b. 
there about 1770, d. there about 1833, 
farmer, owned a large farm near West 
Baltimore, was a devout Christian man (m. 
about 1798 Mary Bronk). 

Warren R. I., b. in Bristol R. I. Dec. 
12, 1841, carpenter and builder (m. Oct. 30, 
1879 Julia A. H. Phinney, dau. of Capt. 
Elisha P. Phinney [and Sarah A. Williams, 
desc. of Roger Williams], son of Daniel, 
son of Elisha, son of Jonathan, son of 
Jonathan, son of John Phinney); son of 
Benjamin Smith of Bristol R. I., b. there 
Jan. 11, 1793, d. there Dec. 31, 1859, 
farmer (m. Dec. 15, 1822 Ruth, dau. of 
Daniel and Comfort [Clark] Fish of Som- 
erset Mass); son of Samuel of Bristol R. 
I., b. there Oct. 27, 1760, d. there Sep. 14, 
1823, shoemaker and gardener, served in 
the battle in R. I. 1778 (m. Mar. 12, 1785 
Phebe Pearse, b. Oct. 5, 1760, d. Apr. 22, 
1847, dau. of Capt. Richard Pearse [and 
Phebe Munro], son of Nathaniel, son of 
Richard, son of Richard, son of Richard 
Pearse); son of Benjamin Smith of Bris- 
tol R. I., b. there July 2, 1716, d. there Apr. 
8, 1784, was a cordwainer and gardener 
(m. 1st May 31, 1739 Abigail Howland 

Church, widow of Israel Church, son of 
Joseph, son of Joseph, son of Richard 
Church, and dau. of Samuel Howland, son 
of Jabez, son of John Howland, 2d Oct. 
28, 1752 Sarah May, dau. of Elisha May, 3d 
Sep. 18, 1764 Jemima Lindsey Wardwell, 
widow of Joseph Wardwell and dau. of 
John Lindsey); son of Samuel Smith of 
Bristol R. I., b. there June 24, 1683, d. 
there Nov. 18, 1766, cordwainer (m. 1st 
about 1705 Sarah Antill, widow of Ed- 
ward Antill of N. Y., 2d Aug. 21, 1744 
Martha Gladding, widow of John Gladding 
Jr. of Bristol, son of John, son of John 
Gladding); son of Richard Smith of Eng- 
land, Boston Mass. and Bristol R. I., b. in 
Eng. Oct. 10, 1643, d. in Bristol about Apr. 
1, 1696, sailed from the Wapping docks 
London in the ship Blessing landing in 
Boston Mass. 1673, resided in Boston until 
he removed to Bristol 1680, was elected the 
first town clerk of Bristol which office he 
continued to hold until his death (m. about 
Mar. 1, 1667-8 Joyce Standish, b. in Lon- 
don Eng. about 1639, d. in Bristol R. I. in 
Aug. 1734, he Richard Smith had besides 
Samuel above 9 ch., viz.: Stillborn, Obi- 
diah, Hannah, Esther, Benjamin, b. in 
London, Joseph, John, b. in Boston Mass., 
Nathaniel and Daniel, b. in Bristol R. I.). 

New York city, b. in Rhinebeck N. 
Y. Apr. 15, 1840, grad. from law dept. of 
Albany univ. 1862, member of N. Y. as- 
sembly from Dutchess co. 1868, civil jus- 
tice by appointment of Gov. Tilden to fill 
vacancy in 7th judicial dist. N. Y. city 1875 
(unmarried) ; son of Jacob H. Ackert of 
Rhinebeck N. Y., b. there Feb. 7, 1809, d. 
there July 15, 1888, farmer (m. Aug. 20, 
1829 Lydia Maria Moore, dau. of Philip P. 
Moore, desc. of the Palatines, who were in 
the West Camp in the winter of 1710-11, 
coming over from the Palatinate of the 
Rhine with Gov. Hunter 1710, also desc. 
from Henrich Mohr of the Camps); son of 
Jacob M. Ackert of Rhinebeck N. Y., b. 
there Apr. 29, 1783, d. there May 19, 1875. 
captain of sloop 1808-19. engaged in 
freighting business from Rhinebeck to N. 


JI 3 

Y. and interested therein with Gov. Mor- 
gan Lewis at first sailing from the Gov- 
ernor's dock now called Ellerslie, was a 
farmer on Beekman lease land the last 50 
years of his life (m. Nov. 6, 1802 Margaret 
Progue, b. Oct. 27, 1785, d. July 21, i860, 
dau. of John George Progue, son of 
Mathew Progue, b. Aug. 16, 1708, d. June 
7, 1795) ; son of Martin Ackert of Rhine- 
beck N. Y., b. there in June 1749, bapt. 
June 21, 1749, d. there Dec. 18, 1842, farmer 
on Beekman lease land (m. Salome Asher, 
b. 1750, d. Mar. 8, 1816); son of Adam of 
Rhinebeck N. Y., b. there, bapt. Apr. 2, 
1721, d. there, farmer on lease land Beek- 
man patent (m. about 1742 Margaritje 
Althouser); son of Adam Ackert of Rhine- 
beck N. Y.j b. in Palatinate of the Rhine 
Germany, prob. one of the Palatines who 
settled in the East and West camps by 
Gov. Hunter 1710-11 (m. about 1711 Anna 
Rouw), the name Ackert is spelled Eck- 
hardt, Eckert, Ecker and Ykert. 

York city, b. in Hardyston N. J. July 
15, 1827, grad. A. B. at Rutgers coll. 1852, 
A. M. 1855, Union theological seminary 
1857, ordained minister of Presby. church 
1857, D. D. of Marysville coll. 1883, chap- 
lain I02d N. Y. volunteers 1862, general 
agt. U. S. Christian commission of dept. of 
the Gulf 1863 (m. Apr. 10, 1866 Katharine 
Judson Holden, b. Apr. 26, 1838, d. Dec. 
30, 1898, dau. of Horace Holden Esq. of 
New York city and Katharine Plant Jud- 
son, and desc. from Justinian Holden of 
Mass. 1634, he Joseph F. Sutton had 5 ch., 
viz.: Horace, b. 1867, d. 1874, Joseph, b. 
1869, Daniel, b. 1872, d. 1874, Edward, b. 
1874, and Frederick, b. 1876) ; son of 
Michael Rorick Sutton of Hardyston N. 
J. and Romeo Mich., b. in former Nov. 16, 
d. in latter Jan. 6, 1881 (m. Mar. 29, 1822 
Elizabeth Forrester, b. Jan. 23, 1799, d. 
Jan. 6, 1865, dau. of Peter Forrester [and 
Katharine Pietersen], son of John For- 
rester, an Englishman, and Anna Van Bus- 
kirk of Dutch descent and gr.-dau. of 
Daniel Pietersen of Dutch descent and 
Eva Hardt of Palatine German descent) ; 

son of Jacob Sutton of Hardyston N. J., b. 
in Bedminster N. J. Oct. 12, 1773, d. in 
Hardyston Dec. 27, 1852 (m. Mar. 18, 1797 
Hannah Rorick, b. Apr. 21, 1777, d. Mar. 
27, 1862, dau. of Michael Rorick prob. of 
Palatine German descent, b. Apr. 10, 1749, 
d. Oct. 28, 1832, also dau. of Lucretia Har- 
din, b. in Mass. Feb. 21, 1752, d. Sep. 12, 
1834); son of Jonathan Sutton of Bed- 
minster and Sparta N. J., b. in Basking 
Ridge N. J. Mar. 23, 1735, d. in Sparta 
Feb. 2, 1818, captain in rev. war, was pres- 
ent at the battle of Monmouth (m. 1761 
Rachel Colyer, b. Mar. 12, 1740, d. Apr. 
12, 1810); son of Zebulon of Basking Ridge 
N. J., b. in Piscataway N. J. Sep. 1, 1707, 
d. in Basking Ridge (m. 1731 Mary); son 
of Daniel Sutton of Piscataway and Bask- 
ing Ridge N. J., b. in former Feb. 25, 
1681-2, d. in latter 1761 (m. 1st Oct. 31, 
1704 Patience Martin, d. 1722, 2d Aug. 25, 
1724 Lydia Collier); son of William Sut- 
ton of Eastham Mass. 1666, d. in Piscat- 
away N. J. about 1718, removed there 1672, 
was the ancestor of most of the Suttons of 
N. J. and those deriving origin from the 
state (m. 1st July u, 1666 Damaris Bishop, 
d. Feb. 6, 1682-3, dau. of Alice and Rich- 
ard Bishop, 2d Jan. 9, 1684-5 Jane Barnes). 

" Ct, b. there Apr. 10, 1809, d. May 24, 
1869, grad. from Yale coll. 1831 (m. 1853 
Elizabeth Gridley, d. Apr. 29, 1891, dau. of 
Rev. Frederick Gridley of Lyme Ct., had 
5 ch., viz.: Elizabeth, Katharine, d. 1857, 
William, d. i860, Herbert W. and Horace 
H. Judson); son of Daniel Judson of 
Stratford Ct, b. there Nov. 4, 1763, d. 
there Oct. 4, 1847 (m. Sep. 10, 1797 Sarah 
Plant, d. Aug. 14, 1857, dau. of Solomon 
and Sarah [Bennett] Plant of Stratford 
and sister of Lieut.-Gov. David Plant of 
Ct. and desc. from John Plant of Branford 
Ct. 1670, he Daniel Judson had besides 
David Plant Judson as above 7 ch., viz.: 
Daniel, b. 1801, Catherine Plant Judson, b. 
1805 [m. 1833 Horace Holden Esq. of New 
York city], Mary, b. 1807 [m. 1832 John 
W. Sterling of Bridgeport Ct.], Julia M., 
b. 181 1 [m. 1829 Rev. John H. Hunter], 



William, b. 1813, Daniel, b. 1816, and Sarah 
A. Judson, b. 1799 [m. 1824 David L. Og- 
den]); son of Daniel Judson of Stratford 
Ct., b. there Apr. 26, 1728, d. there Nov. 
14, 1813, leading man of Stratford, captain 
of the train band, deputy to the general 
court 1775-9 and as such one of the court 
which ratified the Declaration of Independ- 
ence 1776-8, was one of a commission to 
examine and approve all fire arms made in 
the state (m. 1st Jan. 1, 1752 Sarah Curtiss, 
d. May 30, 1808, dau. of Capt. Stiles Curtiss 
[and Rebecca Judson], deputy from Strat- 
ford 1753 and gt-gr.-dau. of Joseph Cur- 
tiss, one of the first men in the colony, was 
governor's assistant 9 years, oft treasury 
auditor and deputy to general court, judge 
of Fairfield co. court 3 years, son of John 
Curtiss of Stratford Ct. 1639, he Daniel 
Judson m. 2d Feb. 20, 1809 Mercy Burritt 
and had by 1st m. 7 ch., viz.: Stiles, b. 1752," 
Silas, b. 1754, Phoebe, b. 1756, Rebecca, b. 
1758, Charity, b. 1760, Daniel, b. 1763 as 
above, and Sarah, b. 1766); son of David 
Judson of Stratford Ct, b. there Aug. 7, 
1693, d. there May 5, 1761, captain of 1st 
Stratford train band, auditor of the treas- 
ury 1735, deputy to general court 3 years 
(m. Oct. 29, 1713 Phoebe Stiles, d. Mar. 
20, 1765, dau. of Ephraim Stiles of Strat- 
ford [and Bathsheba Tomlinson], was a 
prominent man in Fairfield co., deputy 20 
years, of the court of election 13 years, 
member of the co. comm. of safety 1704, 
son of Francis Stiles, b. 1635, colonial agt. 
of Sir Richard Saltonstall, he David Jud- 
son had 10 ch., viz.: David, b. 1715, 
Phoebe, b. 1718, Abel, b. 1721, Abel, b. 
1722, Agur, b. 1725, Ruth, b. 1726, Daniel 
above, Sarah, b. 1730, Abner, b. 1733, and 
Elizabeth, b. 1737) ; son of James Judson 
of Stratford Ct., b. there Apr. 24, 1650, d. 
there Feb. 25, 1721, lieut. of Dragoons 
1690 and of foot 1697, French invasion be- 
ing feared, captain of Tst Stratford train 
band 1698, on comm. of war for Fairfield 
co. 1704, on comm. to procure masts for 
the British fleets 1705, deputy to general 
court 1689-1713 (m. 1st Aug. 18. 1680 Re- 
becca Welles, d. Nov. 3, 1717, dau. of Hon. 
Thomas Welles of Hartford Ct. [and Han- 

nah, dau. of Richard Tuttle of Boston 
Mass. 1635], son of Thomas Welles, second 
treas., sec, gov. pro tem., deputy gov., 
gov. of Ct. and commissioner for united 
colonies 1649, he James Judson m. 2d Nov. 
20, 1718 Anne Steele Welles, d. 1739, and 
had by his 1st m. 7 ch., viz.: Hannah, b. 
1681, Sarah, b. 1683, Rebecca, b. 1685, 
Joseph, b. 1687, James, b. 1689, Phoebe, b. 
1691, and David, b. 1693 as above); son of 
Joseph Judson of Stratford and Wood- 
bury Ct, b. in Kirby Moorside North 
Riding Yorkshire Eng. 1619, d. in Wood- 
bury Oct. 8, 1690, came to Amer. with his 
father when 15 years old, was one of the 
founders of Woodbury Ct. 1672, ensign, 
lieut. 1672, served in King Philip's war 
1675-6, one of comm. to prepare for de- 
fense of coast from Stratford to Rye 
against expected invasion of De Ruyter 
1665, lieut. of Woodbury train band 1684, 
deputy often from both Stratford and 
Woodbury (m. Oct. 24, 1644 Sarah Porter, 
d. Mar. 16, 1696, dau. of John Porter [and 
Rose] first of the name in the colony, was 
deputy to general court from Windsor 

1646, he Joseph Judson had beside James 
above 11 ch., viz.: Sarah, b. 1646, John, b. 

1647, Grace, b. 1652, Joseph, b. 1654, Han- 
nah, b. 1657, Joshua, b. 1658, Esther, b. 
1660, Joshua, b. 1664, Ruth, b. 1664. 
Phoebe, b. 1666, and Abigail, 1669); son 
of William Judson of New Haven Ct, b. 
in Kirby Moorside Eng., d. in New Haven 
July 29, 1662, came to New England with 
his wife Grace and three sons Joseph, Jere- 
miah and Joshua, settled first in Concord 
Mass., removed thence to Stratford 1639 
and finally to New Haven 1646, estate 
valued at his death at £326 (m. 1st Grace, 
d. Sep. 29, 1659, had 3 sons, Joseph, Jere- 
miah and Joshua. 2d Feb. 8. 1660 Elizabeth, 
widow of Benjamin Wilmonf). 

York city, b. there Jan. 15, 1844 (m. 
Sep. 1, 1885 Katharine Veighte Knox and 
had Edith Holden, b. Sep. 17, 1887); son 
of Horace of New York city, b. in Sud- 
bury Mass. Nov. 5, 1793, d. in New York 
city Mar. 25, 1862, eminent lawyer of N. 



Y. city (m. 1st Aug. 8, 1816 Bathsheba 
Sanford, d. Feb. 3, 1820, 2d Feb. 19, 1824 
Mary Cotton, d. Aug. 17, 1832, 3d Dec. 25, 
1833 Catharine Plant Judson, d. Dec. 17, 
1886, dau. of Daniel and Sarah [Plant] 
Judson of Stratford Ct. and desc. from 
William Judson of Stratford 1639 and Gov. 
Thomas Welles of Ct., he Horace Holden 
had besides Daniel J. above 3 ch., viz.: 
Harriet, b. 1817 [m. Stephen H. Thayer], 
James Cotton Holden, b. 1824 [m. Sarah 
Packard], and Katharine Judson Holden, 
b. 1838 [m. Rev. J. Ford Sutton D. D.]); 
son of Levi Holden of Sudbury Mass. and 
Newark N. J., b. in former Jan. 12, 1754, 
d. in latter Apr. 19, 1823, rev. soldier, 
captain, member of the society of the Cin- 
cinnati, lieut. 3 years and second in com- 
mand of the life guard of Gen. Washing- 
ton (m. Jan. 15, 1778 Hannah, dau. of 
Thomas Plympton Esq. of Sudbury, who 
was delegate to the provincial congress 
and a leader in the fight at Concord, he 
Levi Holden had 11 ch., viz.: Thomas, b. 
1779, Levi, b. 1780, Mary, b. 1783, George, 
b. 1785, Henry, b. 1787, Warren, b. 1788, 
Hannah, b. 1790, Emma, b. 1791, Horace, 
b. 1793 as above, Otis, b. 1796, and Harriet, 
b. 1798); son of Jonas Holden of Sudbury 
Mass., b. in Concord Mass. July 8, 1721, d. 
in Sudbury (m. Jan. 28, 1752 Abigail Ken- 
dall, desc. from Francis Kendall of Wo- 
burn Mass. 1640, and had 5 ch., viz.: Abel, 
b. 1752, Levi, b. 1754 as above, Jonas, b. 
1756, Asa, b. 1762, and Joel, b. 1768); son 
of John Holden of Concord Mass., b. in 
Watertown Mass. July 18, 1675 (m. Nov. 
7, 1699 Grace, dau. of Samuel and Judith 
[Newcomb] Jennison of Watertown and 
desc. from Robert Jennison of Watertown 
1636, and had 10 ch., viz.: John, b. 1700, 
Daniel, b. 1702, Peter, b. 1704, Grace, b. 
1707, Elizabeth, b. 1709, Josiah, b. 1711, 
Judith, b. 1715, Mary, b. 1718, Jonas, b. 1721 
above and Abigail, b. 1723); son of 
Justinian Holden of Watertown and 
Cambridge Mass., b. prob. in Cranbrook 
in Kent Eng. 1611, d. in Cambridge in 
Oct. 1691, sailed from Ipswich Eng. on 
the ship Francis 1634, of Watertown Mass. 
1642, freeman 1657, estate at his death 

valued at £1153 (m. 1st Elizabeth Jennison, 
d. Mar. 18, 1672, 2d 1673 Mary, dau. of 
John Rutter of Sudbury Mass. 1638 and 
Elizabeth Plympton, sister of Thomas 
Plympton of Sudbury 1643, he Justinian 
Holden had 7 ch., viz.: Samuel, b. 1674, 
John, b. 1675 as above, Isaac, b. 1677, 
Mary, b. 1678, Grace, b. 1681, Joseph, b. 
1683, and Elizabeth, b. 1686). 

^ Denver Col., b. in Norfolk Ct. Apr. 1, 
1837, was member of the Yale class of 1864, 
took law course in state univ. of Nebraska 
class of 1893 and received degree of B. B. 
L. (m. June 22, 1869 Carrie E. Williams, 
whose parents were desc. from rev. sol- 
diers, and had Edith Wells Crissey, b. in 
Mar. 1871, d. in Sep. 1871); son of 
Benjamin Wilmot Crissey of Norfolk 
Ct., b. in Winchester Ct. May 19, 1791, d. 
in Norfolk Oct. 28, 1864, was an active 
model farmer, ■thorough in all things, was 
deeply interested in schools (m. Mar. 4, 
1828 Eunice Burr, descended from Peter 
Brown, who was one of the signers of the 
compact on board the Mayflower 1620, and 
gr.-dau. of Titus Brown, who responded 
to the Lexington alarm 1775 and was in 
the 9th reg. Ct. militia in active service 
1775-6, he Benjamin Wilmot Crissey had 
besides Theron W. above 3 ch., viz.: War- 
ren, b. Mar. 5, 1831 [m. Mary Duncan and 
had 4 ch., Benjamin Wilmot Crissey [m. 
had 3 ch., viz.: Warren Wilmot Crissey, 
Edith and Ralph], Ellen, Minnie and 
Warren], Ralph Israel Crissey, b. Feb. 4, 
1833 [m. Cornelia Seymour, and they 
had dau. Isabella, who m. Mr. Winthrop 
Cone], and Olive Elizabeth Crissey, b. 
Apr. 6, 1835 [m. Plumb Brown and had 5 
ch., Edmund, Benjamin, Sarah, Plumb and 
Mabel Eunice Brown]); son of Israel 
Crissey of Norfolk Ct., b. in Waterbury Ct. 
Mar. 31, 1764, d. in Norfolk Dec. 6, 1833. 
moved to Winchester Ct. 1775, lived on the 
eastern border of Indian Meadow near 
Colebrook line, removed to Beech Hill in 
Colebrook 1803, to Norfolk 1810 (m. Feb. 
7, 1788 Alice, dau. of Hezekiah Woodruff 
and desc. of Matthew Woodruff, who was 



one of the proprietors of Farmington Ct. 
and had besides Benjamin Wilmot Cris- 
sey above 3 ch., viz.: Mehetable, b. 1789, 
Alice, b. 1793, and Olive, b. 1795 [m. Seth 
Barber]); son of David Crissey of Win- 
chester Ct., b. in Woodbury Ct. Oct. 19, 
1725, d. in Winchester Apr. 18, 1803, lived 
in Woodbury until 1758, was one of the 
militia that in the French and Indian war 
went to the relief of Ft. William Henry 
near Lake George N. Y. 1757, removed 
from Woodbury to Waterbury Ct. 1758 and 
from Waterbury to Winchester Ct. 1775, 
where he spent the remainder of his life 
(m. Nov. 15, 1753 Hannah Wilmot, b. in 
New Haven Ct., and had 10 ch., viz.: 
Jemima, b. 1755, Mary, b. in Woodbury 
1757, Naomi, b. in Waterbury Ct. 1759, 
Preserved, b. in Waterbury 1762, Israel as 
above, Liberty, b. in Waterbury 1769, 
Hannah, b. in Waterbury 1771, Sene, b. in 
Waterbury 1774, and Phineas, b. in Win- 
chester 1778); son of John Crissey of 
Woodbury Ct, b. there Feb. 2, 1696, d. 
there Feb. 16, 1787, captain (m. June 22, 
1720 Mary Hurd and had 11 ch., viz.: 
Sarah, b. 1721, Joseph, b. 1723, John, b. 
1724, David, b. 1725 above, Daniel, b. 1727, 
Mary, b. 1730, Mary, b. 1732, Abigail, 
b. 1734, Abijah, b. 1737, Jane, b. 1738, 
and Solomon, b. 1743); son of John 
of Woodbury Ct., b. in Stamford Ct. 
May 15, 1665, d. in Woodbury, re- 
moved there 1696 (m. Dec. 1, 1692 Abigail 
Knapp and had 7 ch., viz.: Sarah, b. 1693, 
Abigail, b. 1695, John, b. 1696 as above, 
Deborah, b. 1698, Nathaniel, b. 1700, 
Moses, b. 1702, and Mary, b. 1704); son 
of William Crissey of Stamford Ct., b. 
in England about 1630, landed in Salem 
Mass. 1649 and settled in Stamford (m. had 
3 ch., viz.: Mary, d. in Stamford 1658, 
Nathaniel and John above), had brother 
Mighill, who landed with him in Salem 
1649 and settled near there. 

HILL, LEW CASS of Boston Mass., b. 
in Fair Haven Vt. Mar. 18, 1852, brush 
in Fair Haven Vt. Mar. 18, 1852. brush 
manufacturer, member of John L. Whiting 
and Son Co. (m. Apr. 4, 1873 Clara Ken- 

dall Marcy, desc. from Rev. Samuel Whit- 
ing of Lynn Mass., one of the first settlers 
there, and had 3 ch., viz.: Charles Clark 
Hill, Henry Horace Hill and Edward 
Marcy Hill); son of Clark P. Hill of 
Hammonton N. J., b. in Pittsford Vt. Feb. 
11, 1821, d. in Hammonton 1895 (m. Apr. 
5, 1851 Eliza M. Pratt, dau. of James and 
Tamsin Pratt of East Poultney Vt.) ; son 
of Arnold Hill of Hubbardton Vt, b. in 
Holliston Mass. Sep. 4, 1778, d. in Hub- 
bardton 1844 (m. Lavina, dau. of Robert 
Smith, who was at the Lexington fight 
1775, and desc. from Pelatiah Smith of 
Bellingham R. I., b. 1658, d. 1727); son of 
Whitney Hill of Holliston Mass., b. in 
Sherborn Mass. May 13, 1748, d. in Hol- 
liston, was at Lexington fight 1775, also at 
other places while in the army during rev. 
war (m. Aug. 5, 1773 Rachel Daniels, d. in 
Holliston 96 years of age, desc. from Rob- 
ert Daniel of Watertown Mass. 1636); son 
of Isaac Hill of Sherborn Mass., b. there 
Feb. 28, 1703 (m. Lydia Whitney, desc. 
from John and Elinor Whitney of Water- 
town); son of Ebenezer Hill of Sherborn, 
b. there (m. Mary) ; son of John (m. Han- 
nah Johnson) ; son of John Hill of Dor- 
chester Mass. 1633 (m. Frances). 

v^ MOND of Collingwood Ont, b. in 
North Woodstock Ct. June 16, 1838, re- 
moved to Cleveland Ohio 1853, settled in 
Collingwood 1859 and conducting an ex- 
tensive wholesale and retail drug business 
1863-99 (m- Sep. 27, 1864 Jessie L. Smith, 
dau. of James Henry and Lew Jane [Law- 
rence] Smith, and had 9 ch., all b. in 
Collingwood Ont, viz.: Paul Amasa Car- 
penter, b. Dec. 25, 1865, d. May 10, 1890, 
John White Carpenter, b. May 15, 1867, d. 
Sep. 10, 1871, Mary Richmond Carpenter, 
b. Mar. 7, 1870, d. Dec. 2, 1870, Edward 
Michael Carpenter, b. Sep. 12, 1871, Henry 
Stanley Carpenter, b. Feb. 8, 1874, Jane 
Lawrence Carpenter, b. Apr. 8, 1876, Jes- 
sie Lenora Carpenter, b. Feb. 10, 1878, d. 
Aug. 26, 1883. Louise Melville Carpenter, 
b. Dec. 22, 1879, and Ceyril Richmond 
Carpenter, b. Feb. 28, 1889); son of Amasa 



Carpenter of North Woodstock Ct, b. 
there Sep. 14, 1804, d. in Cleveland Ohio 
July 14, 1854, merchant and shoe manu- 
facturer at North Woodstock, moved to 
Cleveland 1853 (m. 1st Oct. 17, 1830 
Susan Richmond, 2d June 30, 1836 Mary, 
dau. of Michael Richmond of Westford 
Ct); son of Ceyril Carpenter of North 
Woodstock Ct., b. there Feb. 10, 1772, d. 
there Nov. 19, 1839 (m. Jan. 17, 1799 Abi- 
gail May); son of Amasa of Woodstock 
Ct., b. there Mar. 2, 1744, d. in Newark 
N. J. 1776 (m. Jan. 11, 1770 Cynthia 
Childs); son of Jesse of Woodstock Ct., b. 
in Pomfret Ct. Mar. 3, 1716, d. in Wood- 
stock Dec. 3, 1779 (m. Apr. 16, 1743 Abi- 
gail Ainsworth) ; son of Jesse Carpenter, 
b. in Woodstock Mar. 29, 1686 (m. Feb. 
27, 1712 Margaret Bacon); son of John, b. 
in Rehoboth Mass. Oct. 19, 1652; son of 
William, b. in England 1631, was town 
clerk of Rehoboth 1665-93; son of 
William, b. 1605; son of William, b. 1576; 
son of William Carpenter, b. 1520. 

bridge Mass., b. in Durham Me. June 
11, 1850, grad. from Bowdoin coll. 1871, 
D. D. from same 1888, author of " Evi- 
dence of Salvation or the Direct Witness of 
the Spirit," " Prophecy or Speaking for 
God," " History of Durham Me.," " His- 
tory and Genealogy of the Stackpole Fam- 
ily " (m. Aug. 20, 1878 Elizabeth Augusta 
Blake, dau. of Rev. Charles E. and Lucy 
A. [Knowlton] Blake and desc. from Jas- 
per Blake of Hampton N. H. 1647, and had 
I ch., viz.: Everett Birney Stockpole, b. in 
Lisbon Me. Dec. 11, 1879, class of 1900 
Bowdoin coll.); son of Samuel O. Stack- 
pole of Durham Me., b. there Dec. 19, 
1794, d. in Brunswick Me. Apr. 7, 1876 (m. 
Nov. 8, 1838 Eliza S., dau. of Elijah and 
Eliza [Swett] Macomber and desc. from 
John Macomber of Taunton Mass. 
1643, of Scotch descent) ; son of John 
Stackpole of Durham Me., b. in Somers- 
worth N. H. Aug. 4, 1749, d. in Durham 
Me. June 26, 1829, tailor and farmer (m. 
July 4, 1775 Elizabeth Dunning, dau. of 
David and Mary Dunning of Brunswick 

Me. and gr.-dau. of Andrew and Susan 
[Bond] Dunning, who came from Ash- 
burton Eng. 1718); son of James Stack- 
pole of Somersworth N. H., b. in Dover 
N. H., d. in Somersworth (m. about 1740 
Elizabeth, dau. of Benjamin and Hannah 
[Ash] Pierce and desc. from John Pierce 
of Watertown Mass. 1638); son of Philip 
Stackpole of Somersworth in Aug. 1761 (m. 
H., d. in Somersworth in Aug. 1761 (m. 
Mercy); son of James of Dover, b. in Ire- 
land 1652, d. in Dover 1736, desc. from the 
Stackpoles of Stackpole court Pembroke- 
shire Wales, mentioned in the 12th cen- 
tury (m. before 1680 Margaret Warren, 
dau. of James Warren [and Margaret] of 
Kittery Me. 1656, came from Berwick 
Scotland); probably son of Philip Stack- 
pole of Limerick Ireland. 

HOUGHTON of Arverne N. Y., b. 
in New York city Sep. 22, 1846 (m. June 30, 
1870 Elizabeth A. Armitage of Scotch- 
English descent, dau. of Annie Dunbar, 
and had 2 ch., viz.: William H. H. Jr. and 
Corydon Melvin Amerman); son of Isaac 
Amerman of New York city, b. there Oct. 
2, 1786, d. in Greenville N. J. Apr. 25, 1877 
(m. 1st Apr. 30, 1810 Rebecca I. Knapp, d. 
Aug. 8, 1814, 2d Nov. 1, 1815 Hannah 
Brower, d. Jan. 17, 1824, 3d Feb. 15, 1827 
Jane Maria Banta, dau. of Petrius and 
Sarah [Westervelt] Banta, and had 13 ch., 
viz. : Isaac Augustus Amerman, b. Aug. 29, 
1828, d. in Feb. 1877 [m. Dec. 11, 1862 
Fanny M. Whaley], Julia Seaman Amer- 
man, b. Feb. 4, 1830, d. July 5, 1850 [m. 
July 2, 1849 Daniel D. Foote], Louis De 
La Montagnie Amerman, b. Oct. 3. 1831 
[m. Oct. 23, 1853 Maria Dixon], Emma 
Louisa Close Amerman, b. May 20, 1834 
[m. July 19, 1857 Horace Bliss], Franklin, 
b. Apr. 20, 1836, d. Sep. 16, 1859, Helen 
Mary Amerman, b. Mar. 2, 1838 [m. Jan. 
7, 1859 Christopher D. Beale], Abraham 
D. Meyer Amerman, b. Mar. 1, 1840, d. 
June 20, 1863, Josephine, b. Mar. 22, 1842, 
d. 1893 [m. July 27, 1865 William Melvin 
Dupree], Jane Fowler Amerman, b. Mar. 
29, 1844, d. Apr. 21, 1879 [m. Apr. 14, 1864 



Corydon L. Gray], William Henry 
Houghton Amerman as above, Eva, b. Jan. 
7, 1849 [m. Dec. 25, 1869 Joseph E. Eb- 
ling], Albert Peter Amerman, b. July 28, 
1851, d. Aug. 12, 1851, and Fanny Augusta 
Amerman, b. July 17, 1853 [m. Nov. 11, 
1875 George Chesebro]); son of Albert 
Amerman of New York city, b. there Feb. 
9, 1733, d. in Flatlands L. I. Sep. 1, 1818 
(m. Dec. 9, 1758 Appolina, dau. of Thomas 
de la Montagnie [and Rebecca Bryan], gr.- 
son of Johannas de la Montagnie, who was 
a director in Fort Amsterdam New Neth- 
erlands 1638); son of Derick Amerman of 
New York city, b. in Flatlands L. I. Sep. 
11, 1705, d. in N. Y. Aug. 15, 1787 (m. Jan, 
13, 1732 Helenn Mace); son of Derick 
Jans Amerman of Holland, b. in Amster- 
dam Holland, d. in Flatlands L. I., emi- 
grated from Holland 1650, deacon in Dutch 
church in Flatlands 1682 and elder 1703, 
captain of militia 1690, will dated 1709, pro- 
bated 1723, recorded at the surrogate's 
office in N. Y. (m. Althea Semlan Vander- 

Marietta Ga., b. in Milwaukee Wis. 
June 5, 1849, was at Mich. univ. and Cor- 
nell univ. 1865-70, civil engineer, began 
building harbors on Lake Mich. 1870 and 
railroads in Mich, and Ohio 1871, was en- 
gaged in constructing the Milwaukee 
water works in Mich. 1872-4 and then the 
Brookline water works in Mass. 1875-6, 
went to Chicago 111. 1878 and was civil 
engineer for the L. S. and Mich. Southern 
R. R. Co. until 1889, when he went to 
Marietta Ga. (m. Oct. 16, 1883 Josephine 
Cook, whose parents were both b. in Mass. 
and moved to Toledo Ohio about 1850, he 
James F. Clarke had 5 ch., viz.: Harry- 
Thomas Clarke, Eva Mary Clarke, Lewis 
Cook Clarke, Josephine Freeman Clarke 
and James Freeman Clarke Jr.); son of 
Abraham Fuller Clarke, b. in Newton 
Mass. Oct. 25, 1814, d. in Marietta Ga. 
Mar. 2, 1886, educated at Boston Latin 
school 1827, went to St. Louis Mo. 1830, 
to Chicago 111. 1835, to Milwaukee Wis. 
1841 and to Marietta 1879 (m. July 27, 1846 

Susan Stone Fisher, dau. of Jabez Fisher 
of Boston Mass., merchant there, was pre- 
sented with a gold headed cane for being 
the oldest merchant engaged in active busi- 
ness by his fellow merchants in Boston); 
son of Samuel Clarke of Boston Mass., b. 
there 1779, d. in Newton Mass. Nov. 30. 
1830, educated at Boston Latin school 
1790, was in store of Joseph Coolidge, im- 
porter of British goods, went into that 
business with J. Coolidge Jr. about 1800, 
studied medicine at Hanover, removed to 
Newton 181 1, practiced his profession there 
till 1816, when he removed to Boston, 
where he practiced medicine and carried 
on a drug business till 1829 (m. May 18, 
1805 Rebecca Parker Hull, d. in Boston 
May 25, 1865, dau. of William Hull of 
Newton Mass., was a woman of much tal- 
ent and energy, supported herself and fam- 
ily by her own exertions after the death of 
her husband) ; son of Samuel Clarke of 
Boston Mass., b. in Rawson Lane Boston 
1754, d. in Boston Oct. 15, 1780, was edu- 
cated at the Boston Latin school 1766, was 
sailing master and supercargo of vessels 
belonging to his father and William Denio 
of Boston when 19 years old, was sent as 
master of the boat the Benj. Dolphin with 
fish to Spain and return with a cargo of 
molasses and warlike stores (m. May 19, 
1778 Martha, dau. of Obadiah Curtis, who 
was major in one of Gov. Hancock's regi- 
ments of Boston Mass.); son of Barnabas 

gat N. J., b. in Port Elizabeth N. J. 
May 19, 1855, grad. from Pennington 
seminary with English salutatory, was 
student at Bryant and Stratton business 
coll. Phila. Pa., took special course in art 
in private studio of Peter Moran Phila., 
was principal of Elmer N. J. public schools 
1878-80, entered ministry of M. E. church 
1888, grad. C L. S. C 1889, took post 
graduate course in Harriman univ. Tenn., 
Ph. D. from same (m. 1st Oct. 10, 1882 
Sarah Emma Risley, b. Sep. 6, 1857, d. 
June 12, 1883, dau. of Samuel R. Risley 
and Sarah Somers of Linwood N. J. and 



desc. from Lord John Somers of England, 
2d Oct. 6, 1891 Georgie Lufburrow Morris, 
b. Dec. 6, 1858, dau. of George W. and 
Mary Matthus [Lufburrow] Morris of 
Monmouth co. N. J., and had 2 ch., viz.: 
Harold Wharton Ogden, b. in Mantua N. 
J. Dec. 16, 1893, .and George Morris Og- 
den, b. in Delanco N. J. Nov. 15, 1895) ; 
son of Wharton Ogden of Port Elizabeth 
N. J., b. in Mt. Airy N. J. Aug. 4, 1822, d. 
in Port Elizabeth Feb. 21, 1895, was mem- 
ber of M. E. church 43 years, continuously 
steward and trustee, class leader 33 years, 
Sunday school supt. 10 consecutive years, 
was manager Eagle Glass Works Port 
Elizabeth 12 years, afterward in mercan- 
tile life for 30 years, was stricken with 
apoplexy during singing of doxology in 
his church (m. Jan. 31, 1844 Harriet Jane 
Ludlam, b. Aug. 9, 1825, dau. of James J. 
Ludlam [and Eliza Brooks of Dennisville 
N. J.], son of James, son of Anthony, son 
of Anthony, son of Joseph, an original set- 
tler in Cape May co. N. J. about 1692, and 
became an extensive land owner, son of 
Anthony Ludlam who came from York- 
shire Eng. and settled in Southampton L. 
I. 1640); son of David Ogden of Moores- 
town N. J., b. in Battentown N. J. Feb. 19, 
1796, d. in Moorestown July 2, 1825, car- 
riage trimmer (m. Nov. 19, 1818 Sarah Ann 
Burr, b. Mar. 16, 1798, d. Jan. 1, 1832, dau. 
of Jacob and Rebecca [Hilliard] Burr of 
Lumberton N. J.); son of Samuel Ogden 
of Battentown N. J., b. in Springfield Pa. 
May 8, 1745, d. in Woodstown N. J. Apr. 
21, 1821, came to Battentown now South 
Swedesboro N. J. 1767, became the pro- 
prietor of a large tanning establishment 
(m. in Mar. 1770 Mary Ann Hoffman, b. 
Oct. 19, 1752, d. Jan. 18, 1818, dau. of John 
Hoffman [and Mary Fox of Battentown], 
Swedish tanner); son of Samuel Ogden of 
Springfield Pa., b. there Oct. 30, 1695, d. 
in Chester co. Pa. Nov. 14, 1748 (m. Mar. 
26, 1720 Esther Lownes, b. July 2, 1703, d. 
Nov. 11, 1747, dau. of George and Mary 
[Bowers] Lownes of Springfield and gr.- 
dau. of Jane Lownes, widow of Hugh, 
came from Cheshire Eng., suffered perse- 
cution on account of her religious princi- 

ples, came to Pa. with her 3 sons James, 
George and Joseph); son of David Ogden 
of Middletown Pa., b. in Lancashire Eng. 
Feb. 1, 1655, d. in Middletown Aug. 22, 
1705, emigrated to Amer. with William 
Penn in the ship Welcome on her first voy- 
age 1682, took up 200-acre tract land in 
Middletown, surveyed by Thomas Holmes 
1684, deeded by Penn, built a brick house 
and was a prosperous farmer adding 200 
acres to his original tract (m. Jan. 12, 1686 
Martha Houlston, dau. of John and Ann 
Houlston of Chester co. Pa., she Martha 
Houlston afterwards m. 1710 James 
Thomas of Whiteland Pa.). 

Hartford Ct, b. in Hoosick N. Y. 
Oct. 29, 1831 (m. Apr. 16, 1873 Etta, dau. 
of Robert Sladen, b. in Eng. 1799, and 
Elizabeth Swan of Lowell Mass., the 
Schleidens of Germany came to Eng. 1500, 
he Alfred had 6 ch., viz.: Cassandra May 
Herrington, Herbert Spencer Herrington, 
Bertha Elizabeth Herrington, Ernest 
Winthrop Herrington, Frederick Elmer 
Herrington and Gladys Herrington); son 
of Jonathan Herrington of Hoosick N. Y., 
b. there May 4, 1798, d. June 25, 1833, 
farmer, wool merchant and co. supervisor 
of schools (m. Dec. 21, 1820 Huldah De- 
forest, dau. of Sylvester and Huldah De- 
forest and gr.-dau. of George Deforest 
[and Hannah] of Sheffield Mass., rev. 
soldier, and had besides Alfred G. B. 
above 4 ch., viz.: Gula Elma, Maria H., 
George W. and Persis Z. Herrington); 
son of Philip Herrington of Hoosick N. 
Y., b. in Scituate R. I. Dec. 3, 1771, d. in 
Hoosick Jan. 24, 1851, farmer, land broker, 
was much respected in the community 
where his advice was sought whenever the 
validity of title to lands was in dispute (m. 
May 29, 1797 Persis, dau. of Elijah Spauld- 
ing [and Sibyl Schribner], rev. soldier, 
was in the battles of Stillwater and Sara- 
toga, he Philip had 11 ch., viz.: Jonathan 
above, David, Elijah, William, Hannah, 
Elizabeth, Persis, Philip Jr., Deborah, 
Lucinda and Matilda Herrington); son of 
Silas Herrinton of Hoosick N. Y., b. in 


Scituate R. I. June 4, 1740, d. in Hoosick 
Dec. 8, 1819, rev. soldier, farmer, inventor 
of the first grain cradle used in Amer., 
moved with ox team and sleds from R. I. 
to Hoosick 1784 (m. May 2, 1768 Freelove, 
dau of John and Martha [Young] Fisk 
and gr.-dau. Phineas and Amy [Colwell] 
Fisk of Greenwich R. I., and had 10 ch., 
viz.: Philip above, Joseph, Amy, Lucy, 
Silas, Josiah, Freelove, John, David and 
Jonathan Herrinton); son of Josiah Her- 
enton of Scituate R. I., b. there May 16, 
1702, d. there Oct. 19, 1786, received deed 
of gift of land from his father 1729, in this 
deed the name is Hernden, in his will, 
made and proved 1787, the name is spelled 
Herenton, was a surveyor and assisted in 
the final survey of the town 1724 (m. Nov. 
8, 1724 Elizabeth Bennett, whose father 
was a farmer and grist mill owner, lived 
near Bennett's Hill in Scituate R. I., he 
Josiah Herrenton had 8 ch., viz.: Jonathan, 
Josiah Jr., Elizabeth, Nathan, Martha, 
Mary, Silas above and Simeon Herenton); 
son of John Herenton of Scituate R. I., b. 
in Providence R. I., d. in Scituate 1736, 
deeds of gift to his five sons were given 
1729, 1731, 1736, received a large tract of 
land from his father, lived one mile south 
of Bennett Hill, where the ruins of his 
dwelling are yet visible, the homestead is 
now occupied by the descendants of E. 
Johnson (m. a wife who d. before 1729, had 
6 ch., viz.: John, Josiah above, Amos, Jon- 
athan, Stephen and Elizabeth); son of 
Benjamin Herenton, d. in Providence R. 
I. 1687, was connected with Rhodes and 
Wescot land brokers, was an intimate 
friend of Roger Williams with whom he 
was connected by marriage (m. Elizabeth, 
dau. of William and Elizabeth White of 
Boston Mass., and had 9 ch., viz.: Sarah, 
Alice, Mary, Benjamin, Joseph, William, 
John above, to whom he gave a large tract 
of land in Scituate, Thomas and Isaac). 
The lineage of the Herringtons includes 
nine generations from the first Benjamin, 
down to Raymond, b. June 28. 1899, son of 
Herbert S., son of Alfred G. B. Herring- 

Utah, b. in Philadelphia Pa. Nov. 22, 
1836, went to Cal. 1852, served in the civil 
war as staff officer with Gen. Butler, is a 
mining engineer (unmarried); son of John 
Howard Hill of Pa. and Cal., b. in Morris 
co. N. J. Jan. 9, 1792, d. in Phila. Pa. May 
7, 1886, Quaker, grad. from Jefferson med. 
coll., practiced medicine in Montgomery 
co. Pa., went to Cal. 1850, was pres. elector 
at Buchanan's election and state senator 
of Cal. (m. 1st Eliza Davis, 2d Oct. 8, 1835 
Cynthia Craig, desc. of the Scotch-Irish 
Craigs of Craig, settled in Northampton 
co. Pa. four brothers Thomas, William, 
James and Daniel, and dau. of Daniel 
Craig [and Jane Jamison], son of Thomas 
Craig [and Jean Jamison], son of Daniel 
Craig, who was an immigrant from Scot- 
land or Ireland and one of the brothers of 
Craig settlement, he John Howard Hill 
had 4 ch., viz. : Harry Craig Hill above, 
Horace Lewis Hill of San Francisco Cal., 
Alice J. [m. H. C. Patterson of Phila.], 
and Frederick A. Hill) ; son of Humphrey- 
Hill of Pa. and N. J., b. in Delaware co. 
Pa. Oct. 5, 1763, d. in Phila. Dec. 6, 181 1, 
Quaker, iron master, had furnaces at 
Andover N. J. (m. Mar. 3, 1791 Alice How- 
ard, Quaker, desc. from Thomas Howard 
and Grace Beakes, who was desc. from 
William Beakes, an immigrant from Som- 
erset Eng. to Bucks co. Pa.); son of John 
Hill of Phila. and Chester co. Pa., b. in 
Chester co. Apr. 10, 1736, d. prob. in Phila. 
Feb. 10, 1814, farmer, owned mills on 
Crum Creek in Chester co. (m. July 22, 
1760 Mary Gibbons, Quaker, desc. from 
John Gibbons, an immigrant from War- 
minister Eng. to Chester co. Pa.); son of 
William Hill of Chester co. Pa., b. prob. 
in Durham Eng., d. in Chester co. 1747, 
came with his father-in-law from Durham 
to co. Wicklow Ireland, thence to Amer. 
(m. Mary, dau. of John Hunter [and Mar- 
garget Albans] of Chester co. Pa., grazier 
in co. Wicklow Ireland, trooper in Wil- 
liam of Orange's army, was wounded at 
the battle of the Boyne, buried at St. 
Davis, Radnor Pa.). 


Cincinnati, as per lineage given in 
volume II, add at end of lineage the fol- 
lowing generations, viz. : son of Isaac 
Collord of Elizabeth N. J., b. about 1736 
in Westchester co. N. Y., served with the 
New Jersey volunteers and fell at battle of 
Quebec under Montgomery (m. May 17, 
1759 Anne Shining); son of James 
Collord of Morrisania N. Y., b. in West- 
chester N. Y. about 1701, d. in Manor of 
Morrisania, will proved Apr. 29, 1765, 
(m. Feb. 15, 1722 Marie De Gree, dau. of 
Michel De Gree, a Huguenot refugee, and 
Catherine La Forge); son or grandson of 
Isaac Caillaud, b. about 1635 in France, a 
resident of St. Christopher in 1671, where 
he was in the company of Sieur Lafont, 
came with other refugees to N. Y. in Nov. 
1686, bought land at N. Rochelle May 31, 
1690, where he or a son of same name re- 
ceived letters of denization Feb. 6, 1695-6. 

son Ohio, b. in Parkman Ohio 
Aug. 9, 1850, attorney, grad. Ann Arbor 
univ. 1878, has been clerk of board of elec- 
tions 9 years, mayor of Jefferson Ohio 
1892 to 1895, member of Sons of Amer. 
Rev. (m. Oct. 8, 1876 Amelia, dau. of Seth 
Burton [and Mary Russell], b. 1806, son of 
Isaac Burton of Mass., came to Ohio 1806, 
Burton Geauge co. named for him, he 
Alvin had 1 ch. Dellma, who d. when 3 
years old) ; son of E. Clark White of Park- 
man and Kirtland Ohio and Warren co. 
Pa., b. in Somers Ct. Nov. 2, 1816, d. in 
Parkman Mar. 19, 1897, wagon maker of 
extraordinary skill, many wagons made by 
him half a century ago are still in good 
running condition (m. Dec. 22, 1844 Emily, 
dau. of Capt. Levi Pinney [and Betty 
Hill], d. 1851, soldier in the war of 1812, 
was at the battle of Fallen Timbers and 
other engagements, came from Ct. to Ohio 
1810); son of Ebendzer White of Ct. and 
Parkman Ohio, b. in Middlesex co. Ct. 
Mar. 25, 1782, d. in Parkman Aug. 19, 1850, 
came with his family to Farmington Ohio 
1817, moved to Parkman 1821, owned a 
forge, made and worked iron (m. 1805 

Rebecca Clark, b. in Enfield Ct. Feb. 22, 
1784, d. 1826, had besides E. Clark above 6 
ch., viz. : Adeline, b. 1806, d. 1890, Elvira, 
b. 1807, d. 1881, William Warren White, b. 
1809, d. 1837, Harriet, b. 1812, d. 1882, 
Henrietta, b. 1821, d. 1887, and Julia, b. 
1823, d. 1896); son of William White of 
Middlesex co. Ct., b. in Mansfield Mass. 
1743, d. in Middlesex co. 1823 (m. 1767 
Elesbeth Loveland, b. in Middlesex co. Ct. 
1750, d. 1814, had 7 ch., viz.: William, b. 
1769, d. 1814, Elesbeth, b. 1772, d. 1861, 
Sarah, b. 1780, d. 1865, Ebenezer above, 
Polly, b. 1784, d. 1850, Hannah, b. 1787, d. 
1874, and David, b. 1793, d. 1873); had 3 
brothers and 2 sisters, viz.: Jonathan, 
Ephraim, Jedediah, Kate and Judith. 

leans, b. there Feb. 12, 1880; son of 
Robert Slark Day of New Orleans, b. in 
Stonington Ct. Aug. 3, 1855, d. in New 
Orleans Nov. 16, 1895 (m. Apr. 22, 1879 
Sarah Kercheval, dau. of Thomas Evadner 
Kercheval and Kate Thurston and adopted 
dau. of Emory Clapp of New Orleans); 
son of James Ingersoll Day of New Or- 
leans, b. in New London Ct. Mar. 5, 1812, 
d. there Sep. 21, 1895 (m. Jan. 5, 1836 
Sarah E., dau. of John Armitage and Sarah 
Gwinn of Baltimore Md., gr.-dau. of James 
Armitage and Abigail Lyal or Lyle) ; son 
of James of New London, b. there Mar. 
7, 1780, d. in Alabama 1851 (m. May 10. 
181 1 Hannah, dau. of Capt. Elisha Hinman, 
a rev. hero, gt.-gr.-son of Serj. Edw. Hin- 
man, the pioneer of Stratford Ct, who 
escaped to this country, having been one 
of the serj. at arms to King Chas. I); son 
of William Day, b. in Springfield Mass. 
Oct. 23, 1715, d. in Sheffield Mass. 1797 
(m. 1st his cousin Polly Day, dau. of John 
Day of Boston, 2d Eunice Ingersoll, 3d 
about 171 1 Rhoda Hubbell, mother of 
James Day above and dau. of Thomas 
Hubbell and Mabel Dewey, gt. -gr.-dau. of 
Thomas Dewey, the progenitor of the 
Dewey family) ; son of John of West Shef- 
field Mass.. b. Sep. 20, 1673, d. Feb. 28, 
1742 (m. Mar. 10, 1697 Mary Smith, dau. of 
John, who m. Mary Partridge, son of 


Deputy Lieut. Samuel Smith of Hadley 
Mass. by his wife Elizabeth); son of 
Thomas Day, b. in Springfield Mass. Dec. 
27, 171 1 (m. Oct. 27, 1659 Sarah, dau. of 
Lt. Thomas Cooper, who was killed by the 
Indians when they burned Springfield); 
son of Robert Day, b. in Aug. 1604, d. in 
Hartford 1648, came from Eng. with wife 
Mary in ship " Elizabeth," was a pioneer 
of Hartford, his name is on the monument 
raised in that city to the memory of the 1st 
settlers (m. 1st Mary, 2d Editha Stebbins, 
sister of Deacon Edward Stebbins, a 1st 
settler of Hartford). 

Annapolis Royal, formerly of Digby 
Nova Scotia (see Vol. IV, page 73), author 
of " Savery and Severy Genealogy" and 
" History of Annapolis county, including 
old Port Royal and Acadia, with genealo- 
gies of branches of American families set- 
tled in the county," descended from Elder 
Brewster of the Mayflower and Governor 
Prence as follows: Son of Sabine, who 
was son of Nathan, who was son of Uriah 
by wife Deborah, dau. of Isaac Bumpus 
by wife Mary Perry. Mary Perry was 
dau. of Ezra Perry Jr. by wife Rebecca 
Freeman. Rebecca Freeman was dau. of 
Edmund Freeman Jr. by wife Rebecca 
Prence. Rebecca Prence was dau. of 
Thomas Prence by wife Patience Brew- 
ster. Patience Brewster was dau. of Elder 
William Brewster, and was married to 
Thomas Prence, afterwards Governor, 
Aug. 5, 1624, the ninth marriage solemn- 
ized in Plymouth colony. 

RAY of Chicago 111., b. in Meriden 
Conn. June 28, 1836, moved with his par- 
ents to New Britain Conn. 1840 and finally 
settled in Seneca Falls N. Y. 1857, where 
he was engaged in business until the out- 
break of the civil war, when having raised 
a company of volunteers he was commis- 
sioned its captain in May 1861, his com- 
mand becoming part of the 33d N. Y. in- 
fantry, with which regiment in the 6th 
corps of the army of the Potomac he was 

actively engaged throughout the Virginia 
and Maryland campaigns, immediately 
after the battle of Antietam he was pro- 
moted to the lieut.-colonelcy of the 148th 
N. Y. and assigned with his regiment to 
the 18th corps in the army of the James, 
was commissioned colonel of the 148th in 
Oct. 1863 and with it participated in the 
many severe engagements of the Rich- 
mond and Petersburg campaigns, he was 
assigned to the command of the 2d brigade 
2d division 18th army corps in Aug. 1864, 
was appointed brigadier-general in the 
New York National Guard at close of war, 
is a member of the Grand Army of the 
Republic and a companion of the military 
order of the Loyal Legion of the United 
States, moved to Chicago 1891 (m. Feb. 
19, 1863 Adelaide Cornelia, dau. of Erastus 
Partridge of Seneca Falls N. Y., and has 
3 ch. : Adelaide Murray, b. Dec. 30, 1863 
[m. James Piatt Hubbell of Chicago June 
9, 1891], Elizabeth De Lancey, b. Oct. 14, 
1867 [m. Hamilton Garnsey of Seneca 
Falls N. Y. Dec. 4, 1897], Le Roy Par- 
tridge, b. May 5, 1874 [m. Ellen Frances 
Lormore of Seneca Falls Apr. 12, 1898]); 
son of Rev. John Marshall Guion S. T. 
D. of Seneca Falls N. Y., b. in Rye near 
New York Feb. 22, 1801 (m. Elizabeth 
Ives, dau. of John R. Wheaton and gr.-dau. 
of Dr. John Murray of Norwich England, 
May 15, 1832), graduate from Columbia 
college in 1826 and the General Theologi- 
cal Seminary of the Episcopal church in 
1829, was for a time associated with Dr. 
Creighton as assistant rector of St. Mark's 
church in New York and later became 
rector of parishes in Saybrook, Meriden 
and New Britain Conn., was called to the 
rectorship of St. Paul's church Baltimore 
1853, and remained there until the destruc- 
tion of the church edifice by fire in the 
following year, on various occasions offi- 
ciated for the chaplain of the U. S. senate, 
accepted 1855 a call to the rectorship of 
Trinity church in Seneca Falls N. Y., re- 
maining there up to the time of his death 
July 20, 1878 (was the father of 7 ch. : John 
Marshall, b. Mar. 9, 1833 [m. Susan Imo- 
gene Latham Dec. 16, 1863], d. July 26, 



1891, Elizabeth Wheaton, b. Jan. 15, 1835, 
d. Aug. 20, 1861, George William Murray- 
above, Charles Frederick, b. Dec. 3, 1837 
[m. Frances Augusta Milk Dec. 2, 1863], 
Mary Hobart, b. July 29, 1839 [m. Lan- 
sing S. Hoskins Sep. 30, 1863], Amelia 
Bowden, b. Oct. 8, 1841, Hetty B. Hart, b. 
Oct. 2, 1843, d. Nov. 12, 1888); son of 
Elijah of New York, b. in Rye N. Y. Apr. 
19, 1770 (m. Elizabeth Marshall of New 
York, dau. of Major Elihu Marshall of the 
rev. army, May 10, 1798, she was b. in 1779 
and died in 1872), Elijah served as captain 
in Colonel David Hobby's Westchester 
county regiment in the war of 1812, he 
lived in 1832 at 542 Broadway, he d. in 
1844 (his children were Almira, b. Apr. 15, 
1799, d. Oct. 11, 1844, Rev. John Marshall 
above, Alfred, b. Jan. 30, 1803, d. Oct. 5, 
1867; Euretta, b. Jan. 2, 1805, d. Aug. 5, 
1824, George L., b. Aug. 28, 1807 [m. 
Elizabeth Stewart Boker Feb. 4, 1830], d. 
Oct. 2, 1872, Rev. Elijah, b. Oct. 23, 1809 
[m. Clara M. d'los D. M. de Beck Jan. 2, 
1840], d. Jan. 17, 1879, Elizabeth Ann, b. 
Feb. 7, 1812 [m. Isaac Welsh Aug. 2, 1848], 
d. Jan. 27, 1895, Covington, b. Aug. 3, 
1816 [m. Elizabeth Braine Sep. 12, 1839], 
d. July II, 1849, Clement, b. Mar. 6, 1814 
[m. Eliza Jane Gibson Jan. 10, 1838], d. 
Oct. 6, 1882, Susanna Marshall, b. Sep. 7, 
1818, d. Aug. 27, 1819, Susanna, b. Oct. 12, 
1820, d. Nov. 20, 1836, Franklin Gardner, b. 
May 1, 1824 [m. Cordelia Lucella Warner 
Oct. 1, 1849]); son of John of Rye N. Y., 
b. there Feb. 21, 1723 (m. Anna Hart Apr. 
15, 1747), d. in New York June 21, 1792, 
his wife d. in 1814, they left 11 ch. : Jona- 
than, b. Jan. 28, 1749 [m. Phebe Lyon], d. 
Aug. 25, 1835, Sarah, b. Apr. 25, 1751 [m. 
Bartholomew Hadden], d. July, 15, 1808, 
Peter, b. May 27, 1753, d. 1772, James, b. 
June 22, 1755, d. Feb. 1, 1781, Dinah, b. 
May 7, 1757 [m. Peter Knapp], d. in Oct. 
1835, Anna, b. Jan. 12, 1760 [m. Silas 
Knapp], d. Feb. 26, 1814, John, b. Mar. 4, 
1762 [m. Phebe Huestise], d. Nov. 3, 1823, 
Abraham, b. Jan. 26, 1765 [m. Mary Purdy 
May 19, 1793], d. Oct. 9, 1831, Isaac, b. 
Sep. 19, 1767 [m. Elizabeth Wiltsea], d. 
Aug. 21, 1857, Elijah, b. Apr. 19, 1770 [m. 

Elizabeth Marshall May 10, 1798], d. Apr. 
7, 1844, Monmouth Hart, b. Oct. 8, 1771 
[m. Anna Lyon], d. Oct. 15, 1833); son of 
Louis of East Chester N. Y., b. at sea 
1687 [m. Tomaza ), d. in 1725, leav- 
ing 5 ch. : Isaac [m. Mary Bolt], Abraham, 
b. Jan. 1, 1719, d. Jan. 1, 1799, David [m. 
Esther Parcot], Peter and John above); 
son of Louis of New Rochelle N. Y., b. in 
La .Rochelle France in 1654 (m. Mary 
, who was b. in 1656), four years be- 
fore the revocation of the edict of Nantes 
he escaped from France with his wife and 
reached England in 1681, emigrated to 
America and settled with his father at New 
Rochelle 1686-7, he and his father received 
letters of denization from King William of 
England in 1695, the house built by him in 
1696 is still (1899) standing in New 
Rochelle, he (left three sons and one 
daughter: Isaac, b. in England in 1685 [m. 
Maria Humbert Aug. 25, 1710], Susanna, 
also b. in England in 1685 [m. John 
Soulice], Louis above, Louis Aman, b. in 
New Rochelle 1690 [m. Elizabeth Sam- 
son], d. 1757); son of Louis Ecuyer of 
New Rochelle N. Y., b. in La Rochelle 
France about 1630, escaped from there with 
his family during the Huguenot persecu- 
tion and reached England in 1681, emi- 
grated to America 1686-7, settling at New 
Rochelle, purchased from Jacob Leisler 
300 acres of land 1691, and in 1695 received 
letters of denization from King William of 
England, was prominent in the early his- 
tory of New Rochelle. 

YOUNG, BRIGHAM of Salt Lake city 
Utah, b. in Whittingham Vt. June 1, 
1801, d. in Salt Lake city Aug. 29, 1877, 
founder of church of L. D. S. ; son of John 
Young of Hopkinton Mass., b. there Mar. 
6, 1763, d. Oct. 12, 1839, soldier in rev. war, 
enlisted at age of 16 (m. Oct. 31, 1786 
Nabby Howe, dau. of Phineas of Hopkin- 
ton) ; son of Joseph Young of Hopkinton 
Mass., b. about 1729, d. in Hopkinton 1769, 
physician and surgeon in old French and 
Indian war (m. Aug. 27, 1759 Elizabeth 
Haydon Treadway) ; son of "William of 
Boston and Hopkinton Mass., d. in Hop- 



kinton 1747, amassed a fortune of ten 
thousand dollars between 1719 and 1747, 
was a capable man, an intimate friend of 
Rev. Samuel Barrett, to whom he deeded 
property, it is generally believed he was 
one of the Scotch-Irish immigrants of 1719, 
but there is no evidence except that he set- 
tled in Hopkinton, he was one of the 
original settlers of Nottingham and Bar- 
rington N. H. 1721, giving his residence as 
of Boston in all deeds of 1722-5 (m. Han- 
nah Healey, dau. of Nath. the Narr. 

ies Pa., b. 1847, iron master, captain 
of 20th Pa. cavalry in civil war 1861-5; had 
brother Henry Breneman, b. i860, d. 1895; 
sons of Cyrus S. of Boston Mass., b. 1825, 
d. 1892, newspaper publisher, ass't adju- 
tant-general U. S. vols. May 1, 1862 to 
Mar. 13, 1865, member of the board of 
aldermen in Boston in 1880, register of 
voters for Boston 1886-1889 (m. Elizabeth 
Steman Breneman, desc. of Melchior 
Breneman); son of Henry Haldeman of 
Lancaster Pa., b. 1787, d. 1849 (m. 1st 181 1 
Frances Steman, whose ancestors pur- 
chased land in Lancaster co. Pa. in 1717 
and became large land holders, m. 2d 1830 
Margaret Armstrong, and had by them 7 
children, viz.: Samuel Steman, 1812-1880 
[m. Mary A. Hough], was a distinguished 
naturalist and philologist, the author of 122 
scientific publications and a member of 28 
American and foreign scientific societies, 
Edwin, 1814-1872, iron master [m. Harriet 
E. Cole], Henry, 1816-1854 [m. Sarah 
Charles], Horace, 1820-1883 [m. Annie 
Breneman Haines], was an officer in the 
regular U. S. army, was in the Mexican 
war, was also a major in the confederate 
army during the civil war 1861-1865, Cyrus 
S. above, Paris, 1831-1893 [m. Caroline 
Newkirk Wood], Helen, 1834-1863 [m. 
Charles Eordan Wentz]); son of John of 
Lancaster Pa., b .1753, d. 1832 (m. Maria 
Breneman, a descendant of Melchior Bren- 
neman, who purchased land in Lancaster 
co. Pa. in 1709, on which he settled, his 
family became large land holders in Lan- 

caster co.), John Haldeman also became a 
large land holder, banker and engaged in 
foreign trade, was a member of the legis- 
lature of Pennsylvania in 1795, had 6 chil- 
dren, viz.: John Breneman, 1779-1835 [m. 
Ann Steman], Jacob Miller, 1781-1856, was 
an iron master and banker [m. Eliza Ew- 
ing Jacobs, whose father was an iron 
master], Ann, 1782-1870 [m. William Ow- 
ings, 2d m. Louis Lewis], Christian, 1784- 
1841 [m. Mira Elder], Henry above, 
Peter, 1801-1868, a merchant [m. Sarah 
Atlee Barber, a descendant of Col. 
Samuel John Atlee, 1739-1786, of the 
Continental Army and member of the 
Continental Congress from Penn., 2d 
m. Henrietta E. V. Claiborn, widow o; 
Preston B. Elder, gt..-gr.-dau. of George 
Ross, one of the signers of the Declaration 
of Independence and member of the Con- 
tinental Congress]); son of Jacob Halde- 
man of Lancaster Pa., b. 1722, d. 1783, 
purchased 524 acres of land in Rapho town- 
ship Lancaster co. Pa. in 1741 and 1761, 
was a member of the committee of obser- 
vation of Lancaster co. in 1775, and in 
Lancaster co. batallion of the " Flying 
Camp " in 1776, and also in the Pa. militia 
in 1781, in both of which he was in active 
service (m. Maria Miller and had Chris- 
tian, Jacob, Barbara [m. Frederick Steck], 
John as above); descendant of Honnote 
Gaspard Haldimand of the bailiwick of 
Thun in the Canton Berne Switzerland, re- 
moved to Yverdun Apr. 1, 1671, admitted 
to citizenship with his four sons Mar. 26, 
1694, one of whom Francois Lois was the 
father of Sir Frederick Haldimand K. B., 
who distinguished himself in the Ameri- 
can-British colonial service in the wars 
against the French and who was later gov- 
ernor-general of Canada. Antoine Francois 
Haldimand, a nephew of Sir Frederick, 
established a prominent banking house in 
London, and Jane Haldimand Marcet, the 
noted authoress, was his niece. Jacob 
Miller Haldeman above and Eliza Ewing 
Jacobs had: Sarah Jacobs, 1812-1895 [m. 
William J. Haly, who became a prominent 
member of the Philadelphia bar and au- 
thor of some legal text-books, he was a 



member of the Pennsylvania Legislature], 
Mary Ewing, 1814-1873 [m. Robert James 
Ross, who was an officer in the U. S. navy 
and later a banker], John, 1821-1865 [m. 
Maria Staley], Jacob Samils, 1823-1889 [m. 
Caroline R. Hummel], was a member of 
the senate and house of the Pennsylvania 
legislature in 1851 and 1853, also U. S. 
minister to Sweden in 1861, Susan Frances, 
1827-1891 [m. Dr. Mortimer C. O'Connor, 
a native of Ieland and a graduate of Trin- 
ity college Dublin, who was in the British 
service and in the Crimean campaign], 
Richard Jacobs, 1831-1885 [m. Margaret 
Cameron, a daughter of U. S. Senator 
Simon Cameron of Pennsylvania], was an 
attache of the American legation in Paris 
under President Pierce's administration, 
when John Y. Mason of Virginia was min- 
ister, was also a member of the 41st and 
42d congress. 

tanooga Tenn., b. in Corinth Miss. 
Dec. 11, 1884; son of Newton Chambers 
Steele of Chattanooga, b. near Elkmont 
Ala. Sep. 20, 1849, physician, grad. med. 
dept. univ. Nashville Tenn. 1873, studied 
diseases of the eye and ear in London 
Eng. 1886, moved to Chattanooga 1886 (m. 
Feb. 23, 1873 Frances Ellen Jones, dau. of 
John Jones [and Mary Dilworth, dau. of 
Thomas Dilworth of N. C], b. in N. C, 
moved to Miss, about 1840, son of William 
of N. C, son of William of N. C, son of 
William of Md.); son of John Newton 
Steele of near Elkmont Ala. and Kossuth 
Miss., b. in York co. S. C. Dec. 17, 1810, d. 
in Kossuth July 28, 1877, moved from S. C. 
to Limestone co. Ala. 1817, and then to 
what is now Alcon co. Miss. 1854, a most 
popular man of his co., noted for his enter- 
prise and good works (m. Feb. 18, 1840 
Mary Ann, b. in Madison co. Ala., dau. of 
Joseph Steele of N. C. [and Sarah Urqu- 
hart of N. C], son of Ninian Steele of Pa. 
and N. C); son of Robert Steele of York 
co. S. C. and near Elkmont Ala., b. in 
Lancaster co. Pa. Sep. 7, 1767, d. near Elk- 
mont Jan. 9, 1852, his 4 bros. fought in rev. 
war, and when 14 years old he ran away 

from home, tried to join the army with his 
bros., but was sent home because of his 
youth, a man of fine character (m. 1796 
Martha, dau. of John Starr of Ireland and 
Pa. [and Miss Stuart, prob. ■ French de- 
scent], son of John Starr of Ireland and 
Scotland, son of John of same places); son 
of Archibald Steele of Ireland, Pa. and 
York co. S. C, b. in Eng. or Scotland 1728, 
d. in York co. Oct. 28, 1805, came from 
Dublin Ireland about 1765, settled in Lan- 
caster co. Pa., moved to York co. S. C. 
1772, rev. soldier for a short time (m. prob. 
1756 Agnes Edwards, sister of Robert Ed- 
wards of the " Robt. Edwards Estate " 
fame. The sons of Archibald Steele above 
were: John, Joseph, William, James and 
Robert. Archibald and all of his sons, ex- 
cept Robert, who was too young, were in 
Gen. Francis Marion's command during 
the stormy times in S. C. about 1781. Jo- 
seph was a captain. Robert Steele had 
seven children: Mary, Archibald Jackson, 
Nancy, Dorcas, Martha Stuart, John New- 
ton and Anna Jane. John Newton Steele 
had seven children: Joseph R., Milas J., 
William H., Newton Chambers, Isaac D., 
Mary J. and Sarah A. Newton Chambers 
Steele has two children: Willard Hugo 
(see above) and Mary Irene, who was born 
Mar. 20, 1877. She married Wm. D. Cars- 
well. They have one child: Edward 
Ninian, born January 2, 1899. 

H ALDERMAN, JOHN A. of Leaven- 
worth Kan., b. 1833, removed to 
Kansas, where he became prominently 
identified with the affairs of that State, be- 
came a member of the Louisville bar, was 
secretary to General Reeder, governor of 
the territory of Kansas, secretary of the 
first territorial council, probate judge of 
Leavenworth county, major of 1st Kansas 
vols., major-general of the northern divi- 
sion state forces in active service, mayor of 
Leavenworth for two terms, regent of the 
state university, member of the house of 
representatives and state senator, was the 
first field officer in the Union vol. army 
commissioned in Kansas and was provost- 
marshal-general of the Army of the West 



on the staff of Major-General Nathaniel 
Lyon, was in the battles of Dug Spring and 
Wilson's Creek and received honorable 
mention for his soldierly conduct in Gen- 
eral Orders, succeeded Col. Dietzler in the 
command of the regiment, was also en- 
gaged in the battle of Westport Mo., was 
appointed U. S. Consul at Bangkok Siam 
1880 and later promoted to consul-general 
by President Garfield, was further ad- 
vanced in 1882 by being appointed U. S. 
minister at the court of Siam, had degree 
of LL. D. conferred on him by Highland 
university in 1883, was honored by the 
king of Siam for " faithful observance of 
treaty relations " and of his efforts to sup- 
press a nefarious traffic in spirits under 
cover of the American flag with the deco- 
ration of knight commander of the most 
exalted order of the White Elephant, and 
the French government gazetted him 
commander of the royal order of Cam- 
bodia; son of John A. of Chicago 111., b. 
1800, d. 1862, was a prominent physician 
and practiced in "Kentucky, Missouri and 
Illinois, he was a professor in Rush Med- 
ical college Chicago (m. 1st Susan Hen- 
derson Rogers, m. 2d 1846 Jane Birks, and 
had by them 4 children, viz.: Jeremiah 
Rogers, 1829-1876 [m. Rachael Bright], 
was a physician and a surgeon in the Con- 
federate army during the civil war 1861- 
1865, died in Louisiana, leaving a widow, 
two sons and two daughters, who reside in 
St. Louis Missouri, David Birch, b. 1831, 
an attorney-at-law, now residing in Kan- 
sas, was a captain in the Union army dur- 
ing the civil war 1861-1865, John A., b. 
1833, above, Mary E., b. 1847, m. John T. 
Rogers) ; son of David Haldeman of Mt. 
Washington Ky., b. 1772, d. 1852, was born 
in that portion of Lancaster co. Pa. now 
Dauphin co., removed with his father to 
Augusta co. Va. and thence with his broth- 
ers to Kentucky, settling at Mt. Washing- 
ton Bullitt co. in the latter state, spelled 
his name with an r Halderman (m. Eliza- 
beth Emmons and had John A. above, 
Jesse, 1802-1850 [m. Harriet Craft], was a 
soldier in the Texas revolutionary army, 
Thomas Jefferson, 1804-1874 [m. Sarah 

Ann Gilman], was a prominent western 
steamboat owner, also a paper manufac- 
turer, was a member of the Ohio legisla- 
ture, Mary, 1808-1872 [m. John R. Birch], 
David Jr., 1809-1895 [m. Candis Thomp- 
son], removed to Texas, Benjamin Frank- 
lin, 1811-1835, Peyton Simms, 1813-1834, 
Elizabeth, 1815-1832 [m. Dr. Francis 
Xaiver McAtee], Allen Smith, 1818-1843, 
died in a Mexican hospital, a prisoner of 
war, was a soldier in the army of Texas 
and a volunteer in the Mier expedition) ; 
son of Jacob of Augusta co. Va., b. in 
Lancaster co. Pa. 1747, d. 1790, moved to 
Augusta co. Va. 1788 (m. Elizabeth Musel- 
man of near Chambersburg Pa. and had 6 
children, viz.: Jacob, d. about 1835 [m. 
Elizabeth Arehart], was born in that por- 
tion of Lancaster co. Pa. which is now 
Dauphin co., and died in Augusta co. Va., 
John, 1771-1844 [m. Elizabeth Newman], 
they were both born in that portion of 
Lancaster co. Pa. which is now Dauphin 
co., removed with his father from Penn- 
sylvania to Augusta co. Va. and thence to 
Maysville Ky., David above, Peter, re- 
moved from Virginia to Kentucky and 
thence to Batesville Ark., died without is- 
sue, Frances, 1779-1866 [m. Thomas Price, 
2d m. Adam Long], Elizabeth, d. 1821, un- 
married); descendant of Gaspard Haldi- 
mand as given in accompanying lineage. 
Notes: John Haldeman (m. Elizabeth 
Newman and had 3 children, viz.: Walter 
Newman, b. 1821, publisher of the Louis- 
ville Courier-Journal [m. Elizabeth Met- 
calfe], Catharine Ann, 1823-1844 [m. James 
Vowles Escott, an Englishman], Robert 
Wilson, 1827-1846). Walter Newman 
Haldeman (m. Elizabeth Metcalfe, had is- 
sue: William B. [m. Lizzie Roberts 
Offutt], John A. [m. Lottie Ryan, 2d m. 
Annie Buchanan], Bruce [m. Annie Mil- 
ton], Elizabeth [m. Charles Duke Pearce], 
Isabella). James Vowles Escott (m. Cath- 
arine Ann Haldeman, had issue: Henry V.. 
Wilson H., Walter, James S., Emily, Nel- 
lie). Thomas Jefferson Haldeman (m. 
Ann Gilman had issue: Angeline [m. Wil- 
liam S. Grandin], Adelaide \m. J. C. Rich- 
ardson], Robert Allen, 1845-1882, Walter 



Birch, 1847-1876, Charles Jefferson, 1851- 
1860, William J., b. 1854 [m. Adeline Sher- 
man Moulton]). John R. Birch and his 
wife Mary Haldeman had issue: Richard 
Emmons. David Halderman and his wife 
Candis Thompson had issue: John Tyler, 
Jesse, Walter. Dr. Francis Xaiver McAtee 
and his wife Elizabeth Halderman had is- 
sue: Isabella, Georgiana. 

Pa. June 22, 1861 (m. 1st Dec. 28, 1882 
Sarah Louise Norbeck of Lancaster Pa., 
their children are: Claude N., Paul B., 
Mary L., all b. in Wrightsville Pa., re- 
moved to Philadelphia Pa., where Sarah 
L. died Jan. 26, 1890, was buried in Lan- 
caster Pa., and he m. 2d Dec. 11, 1893 
Laura E. Cheney of Manchester Conn., a 
descendant of Benjamin Cheney, who was 
living in Hartford Conn, in 1723) ; son of 
John Stoner Beidler, b. Feb. 10, 1836 on 
the old homestead in Hellam twp. York 
co. Pa., where he received a common 
school education and afterwards graduated 
from White's college in York, after living 
in York for a year he moved to Wrights- 
ville Pa., where he conducted an extensive 
lumber and hardware business for twenty- 
eight years, during which time he was one 
of the most public spirited men in the 
town, he was also extensively interested in 
the iron business, was the originator of the 
first national bank of Wrightsville, orig- 
inator, stockholder and treasurer of the 
Wrightsville and Chanceford turnpike co., 
originator and a director of the town hall, 
was borough treasurer, a director and sec- 
retary of the Wrightsville school board for 
a number of years, and since being out of 
active business he has devoted the greater 
part of his time to writing (m. 1859 Mary 
Elizabeth Bahn, d. Dec. 12, 1886, descend- 
ant of John Henry Bahn, who arrived in 
Philadelphia from the Palatinate Germany 
Sep. 21, 1731, and settled in the Kreutz 
Creek Valley on the farm upon which some 
of his descendants now live, Mary E. had 
5 children, viz.: Cordelia S.. Harry B., 
Daniel J., John E. and Mary L.J; son of 
Baltzer Beidler, b. on the old homestead 

Hellam twp. Pa. in 1808, d. May 4, 1884 and 
buried on the homestead (m. 1834 Eliza- 
beth Stoner, who d. Jan. 12, 1841, also 
buried on the homestead, their children 
were John S. and Susan); son of Daniel 
Beidler 2d, b. Mar. 6, 1770 on the home- 
stead, d. Aug. 5, 1816 (m. Susanna Fitz, 
who d. Oct. 22, 1862, aged 86, both were 
buried on the homestead, their children 
were Jacob, Barbara, Daniel, Baltzer, 
Anna and John, of these none were mar- 
ried but Baltzer); son of Daniel Beidler 
1st, b. on the homestead in 1746 (m. in 1768 
Barbara, and their children were Daniel, 
Barbara, Magdalena, Anna, Frena, Eliza- 
beth, Mary and Catherine); son of Ulrich 
Beitler (or Beidler), who came to Penn- 
sylvania from Switzerland about 1731 or 2 
and settled in the Kreutz Creek Valley Pa., 
received a patent from John, Thomas and 
Richard Penn (sons of Wm. Penn) in 1774 
for about 2,000 acres of land, of which the 
homestead part containing 256 acres de- 
scended from father to son till it reached 
John S. Beidler, Ulrich Beidler and his 
wife Barbara left three sons and three 
daughters, Daniel, Peter, Jacob, Anna, 
Barbara and Frena, they died and were 
buried on the homestead. 

Hartford Ct., b. there July 24, 1853, 
actor and dramatic writer (m. June 1, 1882 
Helen Nickles, d. Sep. 1, 1888); son of 
Francis Gillette of Hartford, b. in Win- 
tonbury Ct. Dec. 14, 1807, d. in Hartford 
Sep. 30, 1879, grad. from Yale coll. 1829, 
studied law but did not practice, U. S. sen- 
ator from Ct, identified with educational 
interests and literary pursuits, an earnest 
opponent of slavery, a distant kinsman of 
John Brown of Harper's Ferry fame (m. 
Sep. 10, 1834 Elisabeth Daggett Hooker, 
desc. from Rev. Thomas Hooker, founder 
of Ct. colony, Capt. Thomas Willet, first 
mayor of New York city, and many other 
notable ancestors, but of no ancestral hon- 
ors more proud than that of her gr.-father, 
who was a field officer in the rev. war); 
son of Ashbell Gillette of Wintonbury Ct., 
b. there Dec. 26, 1754, d. there Oct. 21, 



1814, farmer, Baptist preacher, an earnest 
advocate of human rights (m. June 19, 
1792 Achsah Francis of Wethersfield Ct., 
desc. from an early colonial family); son of 
Abel Gillette of Windsor and Wintonbury 
Ct, b. in former Oct. 18, 1705, d. in latter 
Dec. 15, 1794, farmer, weaver, freeman (m. 
May 18, 1731 Abigail Ensign, desc. from 
James Ensign, an early settler and proprie- 
tor at Hartford Ct. and a public officer 
there) ; son of Thomas Gillette of Windsor 
Ct., b. there July 18, 1676, d. there June 11, 
1708 (m. Feb. 26, 1704 Hannah Clark); son 
of John of Windsor, b. there Oct. 5, 1644, 
d. there (m. July 8, 1669 Mary Barker); 
son of Jonathan Gillette of Dorchester 
Mass. and Windsor Ct, b. prob. in Devon- 
shire Eng., d. in Windsor Aug. 23, 1677, 
immigrant in ship Mary and John from 
Plymouth Eng. 1630, resided awhile at 
Dorchester Mass., thence moved with Rev. 
John Warham to Windsor Ct., was first 
settler and proprietor there (m. Mary, d. 
in Windsor Jan. 7, 1685, immigrant with 
her husband 1630). The name Gillette was 
spelled in colonial days Gillett by drop- 
ping the final e. 

Phila. Pa., b. in Pittsburgh Pa. Mar. 
3c, 1857, merchant, member of the veteran 
corps nat guard of Pa., and of the sons of 
the rev. of Pa., member of the Cincinnati 
soc. of New Jersey (unmarried): son of 
Charles F. Hendry of Phila. Pa., b. in 
Trenton N. J. Dec. 22, 181 1, d. in Amboy 
N. J. Mar. 15, 1883, was one of the pioneer 
merchants of St. Louis Mo., was identified 
with the early local benevolent and politi- 
cal movements in that city, member of the 
Cincinnati soc. of N. J. (m. May 14, 1845 
Ann Frances Kelly, dau. of John Kelly, 
who emigrated from Ireland to Pittsburgh 
Pa. 1801, son of Torrance Kelly, a prom- 
inent agitator in the Irish rebellion 1801, 
she Ann Frances Kelly was desc. from an 
ancient and honorable Scottish family 
noted for their adherence to the Stuart 
e after its defeat at Culloden); son of 
John Anderson Hendry M. D. of New 
York city, b. in Burlington N. J. 1786, d. in 

New York city June 23, 1834, was an emi- 
nent physician and a fine classical scholar, 
rendered important services during the 
prevalence of cholera in New York 1832, 
member of the medical society of the city 
and co. of N. Y. and of the Cincinnati so- 
ciety of N. J. (m. Apr. 18, 1810 Abigail 
Chambers, desc. from rev. soldiers, whose 
father fought in the rev. war, her mother's 
name Reeder, the Reeders were also rev. 
soldiers); son of Capt. Samuel Hendry of 
Burlington N. J., b. there 1738, was ensign 
in rev. army, later captain, member of the 
Cincinnati society of N. J. (m. Mar. 2, 1785 
Elizabeth Anderson, her father's and 
mother's family both adhered to the cause 
of the colonies during rev. war, seven 
members of her mother's family were pri- 
vates in rev. war, she was dau. of Ezekiel 
Anderson of Hendry's Mills N. J., rev. 
soldier, fought with Washington in 
the French and Indian war, was one of the 
three guides who led Washington to the 
camp of the British when he attacked them 
at Princeton N. J., m. Nov. 19, 1761 Mary 
Combs, whose family adhered to and 
fought for the cause of the colonies during 
rev. war); son of John Hendry of Bur- 
lington N. J., rev. soldier (m. 2d Nov. 24, 
1764 Sarah Lovett, desc. from Samuel 
Lovett, who came to Burlington on the 
ship Kent 1677), desc. from Joseph Hendry 
who emigrated from Eng. to Va. 1635. 

dale Mass., b. in Hartford Vt. Dec. 
27, 1S32, educated at Phillips academy Dan- 
ville Vt. and Kimball union academy, grad- 
uated at Andover theological seminary 
1857, ordained with Henry Fairbanks at St. 
Johnsbury Feb. 17, 1858, acting pastor at 
Hardwick Vt. 1858-9, Barton i860, Ran- 
dolph 1861-2, installed at Plymouth N. H. 
1863, Lyme 1868, Pittsfield 1870, Billerica 
Mass. 1874, residence since 1880 in Auburn- 
dale, clerk in secretary's department A. B. 
C. F. M. 1880-3, secretary of the national 
council of Congregational churches since, 
associate editor " Congregational Quar- 
terly " 1876-8, editor Year Book since 1883, 
also of the triennial " Minutes of the Na- 
tional Council," in all twenty volumes to 



189S, also secretary of the New Hampshire 
general association 1872-4 and editor of its 
minutes, and has had the same office and 
duty in Massachusetts since 1888, secretary 
of Andover alumni association 1880-90, 
editing its annual necrology and its last 
general catalogue 1880, assistant secretary 
of the First International Congregational 
Council in London 1891, and secretary of 
the committee of arrangements for the 
second council held in Boston in 1899, a 
trustee of the New Hampshire missionary 
society 1872-4, of Kimball union academy 
1869-86, and of the Howe school at Bil- 
lerica 1875-86, a director of the American 
Congregational association since 1890, 
member of the New Hampshire and Ver- 
mont historical societies and of the New 
England Historic Genealogical Society 
since 1875 and its corresponding secretary 
1892-3, D. D. from Marietta college 1891, 
has published Historical Manual of the 
Congregational church of Plymouth N. H. 

1865, A Centennial Historical Discourse of 
same church 1875, The Ministry and 
Churches of New Hampshire 1876, The 
Pastors of New Hampshire 1878, The His- 
tory of Billerica Mass. 1883, 509 pages, 
New Hampshire and Vermont, an histori- 
cal study, being the annual address before 
the New Hampshire Historical Society 
1892 (m. 1st July 9, 1863 Charlotte Eloise 
Green, d. Feb. 8, 1881, dau. of Dr. George 
Barrett Green of Windsor Vt, 2d Aug. 31, 
1889 Martha Bethia Heath, dau. of George 
Warren Heath of Boston Mass., he Henry 
Allen Hazen had 3 ch., viz.: Mary, b. Nov. 
23, 1864, d. Sep. 30, 1865, Emily, b. Aug. 5, 

1866, grad. from Smith coll. 1889, teacher 
in Bridgeton N. J., Pueblo Col. and in the 
Newton high school since 1894, and Char- 
lotte Hazen, b. Nov. 6, 1868, grad. from 
Posse Gymnasium Boston 1894, teacher of 
gymnastics and physical culture Denver 
Col. 1894-5 and at the Posse Gymnasium 
1896-7, Baltimore Md. 1898-9) ; son of 
Allen Hazen of Hartford Vt., b. there 
Aug. 6, 1795, d. in St. Johnsbury Vt. June 
2, 1871, entered Dartmouth coll. in the class 
of 1817, farmer, business man (m. Feb. 15, 
1832 Hannah Putnam Dana, b. in Pomfret 

Vt. Mar. 6, 1804, dau. of Israel Putnam 
Dana [and Sarah Smith] of Danville Vt., 
was a leading business and public man 
there, had brother Gov. Judah Dana of 111., 
senator, sons of Hannah, dau. of Gov. 
Israel Putnam); son of Asa Hazen of 
Hartford Vt., b. in Woodbury Ct. Nov. 16, 
1749, d. in Hartford Vt. Mar. 12, 1819, re- 
moved from Ct. to the N. H. grants and 
to Vt. 1769, was a prominent man in the 
early settlement (m. Dec. 7, 1780 Susannah 
Tracy, dau. of Thomas Wag Tracy [and 
Elizabeth Warner, dau. of Joseph and 
Elizabeth [Allen] Warner], b. in Ct. Aug. 
19, 1725, d. in Hartford Vt. in Feb. 1822, 
son of Stephen Wag Tracy [and Deborah 
Bingham], b. 1673, son of John Tracy [and 
Mary Prince], b. in Plymouth Mass. 1623, 
son of Stephen Tracy); son of Thomas 
Hazen of Woodbury Ct. and Hartford Vt, 
b. in Norwich Ct. Sep. 30, 1719, d. in Hart- 
ford Aug. 19, 1782, was one of the leading 
men in Hartford, owned over 3,000 acres of 
land there, built the first two-story house 
in the town 1775, this house has always 
been occupied by the family and is now in 
possession of Charles Dana Hazen (m. 
Mar. 7, 1742 Ann, dau. of Joseph Tenny 
[and Abigail Anne Wood] of Rowley 
Mass., b. Mar. 16, 1698-9, son of Dea. 
Samuel Tenny [and Abigail Bailey], b. 
Dec. 14, 1640, son of Dea. John, son of 
Thomas Tenny, who came to Salem Mass. 
1638); son of Thomas Hazen of Norwich 
Ct., b. in Boxford Mass. Feb. 7, 1690, d. in 
Norwich 1776 (m. 1st Sep. 30, 1714 Sarah 
Ager, d. Sep. 16, 1753, 2d Mrs. Elizabeth 
Bacon); son of Thomas Hazen of Boxford 
Mass. and Norwich Ct., b. in Rowley Mass. 
Feb. 29, 1657-8, d. in Norwich Apr. 12, 
1735, moved there 171 1 (m. Jan. 1, 1684 
Mary Howlett of Ipswich Mass., dau. of 
Thomas, son of Serg. Thomas Howlett, 
who was one of the first settlers of Ipswich 
and a leading man there); son of Edward. 
Hazen, the emigrant ancestor, was a man 
of influence in his town, buried July 22, 
1683 (m. 1st Elizabeth, who was buried in 
Rowley Mass. Sep. 18, 1649, 2d in Mar. 
1650 Hannah Grant, who after his death 
m. Edgar Brown). 



Lexington Mass., b. in Boston Mass. 
Jan. 24, 1837, grad. at Phillips acad. at And- 
over 1854, Harvard coll. 1858, A. M. 1861, 
Andover theol. sem. 1864, ordained over 
Hancock Cong, church at Lexington 1868, 
pastor emeritus 1891, member of Amer. 
antiquarian soc, Mass. historical soc, 
Mass. colonial soc, pres. of the New Eng- 
land hist. gen. soc, vice-pres. Prince soc, 
author, chairman Lexington sch. comm., 
pres. Lexington pub. library, trustee Law- 
rence acad., trustee of Abbot acad. in 
Andover and also of central Turkey coll. 
at Aintab Asia Minor (unmarried); son of 
Royal Loomis Porter of Boston Mass., b. 
in Williamstown Mass. Feb. 24, 1801, d. in 
Charleston S. C. June 13, 1844, grad. at 
Williams coll. 1823, editor and proprietor 
of " The American Traveller " Boston, 
served two terms in the Mass. legislature- 
Cm. June 20, 183 1 Sarah Ann Pratt, b. in 
Charlestown Mass. Mar. 6, 1813, dau. of 
Silas Pratt [and Sally Hobbs of Notting- 
ham N. H.], b. in Fitchburg Mass. Oct. 17, 
1782, son of David Pratt); son of Daniel 
Porter of Williamstown Mass., b. in East 
Hartford Ct. Dec. 13, 1772, d. in Williams- 
town Nov. 6, 1809 (m. Polly Badger of 
Coventry Ct., dau. of Enoch, who was desc. 
from Giles Badger, who came from Eng- 
land to Newbury Mass. about 1635); son of 
James Porter of Ct., b. 1746 (m. Sarah 
Porter, b. 1750, dau. of David and Thank- 
ful [Eggleston] Porter and desc. from 
Bigod Eggleston of Dorchester Mass. 
1630 and Windsor Ct. 1635); son of James 
Porter, prob. of East Hartford Ct, b. 1721 
(m. 1745 Eunice Taylor, b. 1720, d. 1789, 
desc. from Stephen Taylor of Watertown 
and Windsor, who m. Sarah Hosford) ; 
son of James Porter of Ct., b. 1696, d. 
1759 (m. July 20, 1720 Mabel Pitkin, b. 
1695, dau. of Roger Pitkin); son of Heze- 
kiah Porter, b. Jan. 7, 1665 (m. 1st May 20, 
1686 Hannah Coles, d. Sep. 5, 1701 [desc. 
from John Coles of Hartford Ct. and Had- 
ley Mass., d. in Sep. 1675], m. 2d Hannah 
Merrifield); son of Samuel Porter, b. in 
England 1626, d. Sep. 6, 1689, merchant (m. 
1659 Hannah Stanley, d. 1702-8, dau. of 

Thomas Stanley, d. in Hadley Jan. 30, 1663, 
came to Watertown Ct., to Lynn Mass. 
1635, freeman of Mass. 1635, moved to 
Hartford Ct., thence to Hadley 1659); son 
of John Porter, b. in Eng., came to Wind- 
sor Ct. about 1637, located near Little 
River (m. Rose, who d. in July 1647). 

cago 111., b. in Toronto Canada June 
30, 1844, admitted to the bar in Canada 
1865, removed to Chicago and admitted to 
bar of state of 111. 1867, high sheriff of 
Cook co. and city of Chicago, alderman 
and acting mayor of Chicago, delegate-at- 
large for 111. to Nat. Republican Conven- 
tion 1892 and appointed to notify Pres. 
Harrison of his renomination, pres. of the 
Garden City Banking and Trust Co. (m. 
June 15, 1870 Ella Katherine Huntley, dau. 
of Silas Huntley and desc. from Capt. 
Nicholas Stillwell and Lt. Nicholas Still- 
well, both served in Indian wars, John 
Huntley of Lyme Ct., John Richmond of 
Taunton Mass., John Reynolds, Eliakim 
Richmond, rev. soldier, and Thomas Still- 
well, rev. soldier, he James Harris Gilbert 
has 2 ch., viz.: Helen Richmond Gilbert, 
b. May 26, 1871, and Huntley Harris Gil- 
bert, b. Feb. 10, 1887); son of Elisha 
Benjamin Gilbert of Rome N. Y. and 
Toronto Canada, b. Oct. 2, 1803 (m. Sep. 
3, 1829 Jane Harris, sister of Rev. James 
Harris of Toronto) ; son of Benjamin 
Gilbert, b. Nov. 30, 1770, d. Apr. 9, 1807 
(m. Jan. 10, 1791 Susanna White, b. Sep. 
25, 1770, d. Mar. 10, 1837) ; son of Corporal 
Nathaniel Gilbert, b. in Middletown Ct. 
Apr. 23, 1750, removed to New York state, 
rev. soldier (m. Apr. 29, 1770 Rebecca 
[Chloe] Ranney, b. Mar. 2, 1753, dau. of 
Willet and Mary [Butler] Ranney and 
desc. from Thomas Ranney of Middletown 
Ct., George Hubbard, colonial deputy of 
Middletown, Richard Watts, Nathaniel 
Willet, constable and selectman, Jeremy 
Adams, constable, inn-keeper and custom 
master. Robert and John Johnson, desc. 
from Fitz-James of Normandy, who accom- 
panied William the Conqueror to England 
in the nth century, John Parmely of New 


J 3i 

Haven, Edward Grannis of Hartford, John 
Wakefield of New Haven, Ensign Ben- 
jamin Butler, who served in French wars, 
Deacon Richard Butler, colonial deputy 
1656-60, Ensign William Goodrich, colon- 
ial deputy, William Marvin, colonial deputy 
of Hartford, David Sage, from Wales to 
Hartford, John Kirby of Hartford and 
Middletown, Dr. Thomas Starr, surgeon of 
the Mass. forces in the Pequot war, Capt. 
Joseph Wells, member of the ancient and 
honorable artillery co. and captain of the 
Roxbury military co. under Col. John 
Winthrop, and from Comfort Starr of Ash- 
ford England, came to Araer. 1635); son of 
Capt. Nathaniel Gilbert of Middletown 
Ct, b. Dec. 4, 1723, d. Mar. 2, 1787, re- 
moved to New York state, soldier in the 
wars of the colonies, captain in the Amer. 
rev. (m. Dec. 25, 1744 Mary, dau. of Peter 
Butler and desc. from Dea. Richard But- 
ler, Lt. Thomas Stow, who served in the 
colonial wars, John Stow, who served in 
King Philip's war and was wounded by 
the Indians, Alexander Bowe, Richard 
Hughes, colonial deputy for Guilford Ct. 
1640, Capt. William Hills, serving in the 
Indian wars and severely wounded by In- 
dians at Hockanum, Abraham Elsen, 
Thomas Stow of ancient and honorable 
artillery 1639, John Stow of ancient and 
honorable artillery co. 1638, John Wet- 
more, killed by the Indians in Oct. 1648, 
John Hall, colonial deputy, John Wilcocke, 
settler of Hartford, Richard Lyman, son 
of Henry Lyman of Essex Eng., of royal 
descent from Cedric the Saxon who in- 
vaded Eng. A. D. 495, Alfred the Great, 
etc.); son of Lt. Nathaniel Gilbert, b. Dec. 
27, 1689, d. Apr. 19, 1756, served in the 
Indian, French and Queen Anne's wars 
(m. Mar. 1, 1717 Hannah Allen, b. Mar. 6, 
1699, d- Oct. 15, 1724, dau. of Thomas and 
Hannah [Leek] Allen and desc. from Sam- 
uel Allyn, Dea. Obadiah Allen of Middle- 
town Ct, Thomas Sanford of Milford Ct. 
and Philip Leeke of New Haven); son of 
Jonathan Gilbert of Middletown Ct., b. 
May 11, 1648, d. Mar. 7, 1698 (m. June 22, 
16 — Dorothy Stow, b. Aug. 1, 1659, d. 
July 14, 1698, dau. of Rev. Samuel and 

Hope [Fletcher] Stow and gr.-dau. of 
John Stow of ancient and honorable artil- 
lery co. 1638 and William Fletcher of 
Boston); son of Jonathan Gilbert of Mid- 
dletown Ct, b. 1618, d. Dec. 10, 1682, mem- 
ber of ancient and honorable artillery 1653, 
agent for the colonial commissioners to 
various Indian chiefs, cornet in Capt. John 
Mason's troops in Pequot war (m. Jan. 29, 
1646 Mary White, b. July 16, 1626, dau. of 
Elder John White, colonial deputy 1654); 
son of John Gilbert of Little Ellingham 
Norfolk Eng. (m. Anne); son of Thomas, 
Lord of the manor of Wolcott in North 
Burlingham Norfolk Eng., cousin of Sir 
Humphrey Gilbert, the celebrated navi- 
gator (m. Aleny, dau. of Thomas Ward of 
Brooke Norfolk Eng., from whom was de- 
scended Dudley, Lord Ward, Baron of 
Burlingham); son of Richard Gilbert of 
North Potherwain Devonshire Eng., d. 
1548, removed to Norfolk and became Lord 
of the manor of Wolcott (m. 2d Elizabeth 
Newton); son of William Gilbert of 
Bridge Ruh in Cornwall; son of Otho of 
Compton, high sheriff of Devonshire 1475 
(m. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Hill of Shel- 
ston in Modbury co. Devon); son of 
William Gilbert of Compton (m. Isabelle 
Ganbon of Mereston) ; son of William of 
Compton (m. Elizabeth, dau. and co-heir 
of Oliver Champernon esquire, and of 
royal descent through her mother, dau. of 
Hugh Valletort, from Cedric the Saxon, 
Emperor Charlemagne, Alfred the Great, 
etc.); son of Thomas Gilbert of Compton 
(m. Joan, dau. of William Compton of 
Compton, esquire); son of Jeffry Gilbert 
of Compton (m. Amy); son of Gilbert of 
Compton, in the parish of Manadon in 
Devonshire 1068. 

Louis Mo., b. there Mar. 20, 1862 
(unmarried); son of William M. Black of 
St. Louis and Vandalia 111. previous to 
1851, b. in Lee Mass. Sep. 17, 1821, d. in 
St Louis Jan. 11, 1888, was well acquainted 
with Lincoln, Douglas and others prom- 
inent in the early history of 111. (m. Apr. 
2, 1846 Elizabeth, dau. of Judge Samuel F. 

3 2 


Dale, d. Sep. i, 1842, was in the forces at 
Erie 1812 and judge of the court of com- 
mon pleas in Lancaster Pa., her gr.-father 
was a captain in the militia known as the 
Pa. associators in the rev. war) ; son of 
William Malcolm Black of Lee Mass., b. 
in New York city June 28, 1785, d. in Lee 
Apr. 20, 1850 (m. Sep. 3, 1819 Persis Fuller, 
gr.-dau. of Lt. Isaac Fuller [and Mary 
Alden, desc. from John Alden and Pris- 
cilla Mullins, Pilgrims in the Mayflower 
1620], desc. from Dr. Samuel Fuller, Pil- 
grim) ; son of James Black of New York 
city, b. in Nithsdale Scotland, drowned 
1798, came from Scotland to Amer. before 
the rev. war, was captain in Col. Spencer's 
reg. previously Col. Malcolm's reg. of con- 
tinental troops and afterwards held some 
position in the N. Y. state troops, prob. 
that of commissary-general (m. about 1783 
Mary McHench of Scotch descent, and 
had William Malcolm Black above and 
John Black, who served the U. S. in Mex- 
ico for over 40 years, being minister pleni- 
potentiary at the time of the Mexican 

N. Y., b. in Albany N. Y. Jan. 15, 
1852, car wheel manufacturer, proprietor 
of the Brown Car Wheel Works at Buf- 
falo, member of sons of Amer. rev., N. Y. 
soc. colonial wars, founder and patriots 
soc, Ellicott club, transportation club of 
N. Y. and engineers' club of N. Y. (m. 
Oct. 1, 1889 Rosalia Alison Cant and had 
2 ch., viz.: Harold C. and Katherine J.); 
son of Daniel Brown of Buffalo N. Y., b. 
in Canajoharie N. Y. Dec. 10, 1820, d. in 
Buffalo Jan. 23, 1894, was a member of the 
Union continentals during the civil war, 
Pres. Fillmore was captain and A. K. Hall 
postmaster-general, was an officer in this 
co., which acted as a guard of honor over 
the remains of Pres. Lincoln, was a mem- 
ber of the Buffalo historical soc, life mem- 
ber Buffalo library and of the fine arts 
academy (m. Mar. 4, 1844 Catherine A. 
Badgeley, whose great-grandfather fought 
in the rev. war, was taken prisoner in the 
battle of L. I. and d. on the prison ship 

Jersey); son of George Brown of Cheshire 
Mass., Albany and Canajoharie N. Y., b. 
in Cheshire July 15, 1783, d. there Nov. 6, 
1874 (m. Eliza Smith, b. in Hancok N. Y. 
Aug. 31, 1794, d. in Cheshire Sep. 7, 1879); 
son of William Brown of Warwick R. I., 
Cheshire Mass. and Schenectady N. Y., b. 
in Warwick Dec. 15, 1761, d. in Schenec- 
tady 1847, fought in the rev. war, was at 
the battle of Bennington, lieut. in his uncle 
Daniel Brown's co. in Col. Joab Stafford's 
reg. (m. Apr. 10, 1783 Betsey Clemmence, 
b. Sep. 26, 1758); son of Elisha Brown Jr. 
of Warwick R. I. and Cheshire, b. in for- 
mer Aug. 1, 1739, d. in latter Feb. 24, 1823 
(m. May 21, 1761 Mary Tibbitts, many of 
her relatives of the same name fought at 
the battle of Bennington, she is 5th in de- 
scent from Capt. Michael Pierce of King 
Philip's war, who was sent out from Ply- 
mouth Mass. against the Narragansett 
Indians, was massacred with his entire 
command at Rehoboth Mass. 1676, she was 
also desc. from Capt. John Hoolbrooke, 
who served in King Philip's war); son of 
Elisha Brown of Warwick R. I. and 
Cheshire, b. Jan. 26, 171 1, d. in Cheshire 
July 1, 1800 (m. Jan. 14, 1735 Patience Ed- 
monds, whose grandfather Capt. Andrew 
Edmonds took a prominent part in King 
Philip's war) ; son of Daniel Brown of 
Westerly R. I., b. 1682, d. 1726, represented 
the town of Westerly in the colonial as- 
sembly 1715 (m. Frances Watson, who d. 
1726); son of Jeremiah, of Providence and 
Newport R. I., d. 1690, he with two other 
men appointed by assembly to proportion 
rate of tax for the town of Kingston R. I. 
their share of the French and Indian war 
1690 (m. Mary); son of Chad Brown of 
Melchboone Eng., Boston and Salem 
Mass. and Providence R. I., d. in Provi- 
dence 1665, emigrated from Eng. in ship 
Martin and arrived in Boston 1637, went to 
Salem Mass., was exiled from Mass. for his 
religious belief, came to Providence R. I. 
1638, one year after Roger Williams, was 
elder of the first Baptist church of Provi- 
dence, was Roger Williams' pastoral suc- 
cessor and one of the founders of the town 
of Providence, his descendants founded 



Brown univ. at Providence, prominent 
among his descendants are Chancellor 
Walworth, Gov. Matthew Griswold, ex- 
Pres. Grover Cleveland and others (m. 
Elizabeth); son of Arthur Brown of 
Melchbourne Eng. 

TOY, ELMER R. of South Norwalk Ct, 
v b. in Canaan Me. July 30, 1878 (un- 
married) ; son of Albert of Shawmut Me., 
b. in Clinton Me. Aug. 2, 1853 (m. Jan. 5, 
1873 Thais Edy Morse, dau. of Leander 
Mellen Morse [and Olive Emery Holt of 
English descent, dau. of James Holt, b. in 
Me., and Thais Flint, b. in Me.] of English 
descent, son of Ebenezer Morse [and 
Phebe Lovejoy], b. in Cape Cod Mass., he 
Albert Joy had 3 ch., viz.: Fred Burton 
Joy, b. in Clinton Me. Mar. 10, 1874, Elmer 
Ray Joy as above and Myrtie Lena Joy, b. 
in Canaan Me. Oct. 9, 1883); son of George 
W. Joy of Clinton Me., b. there July 24. 
1818, a lifelong farmer (m. Mar. 26, 1837 
Adah Farnham, dau. of Samuel Farnham 
[and Eleanor Blaisdell, dau. of Elijah and 
Mary [Emery] Blaisdell], son of John and 
Sarah [Webber] Farnham, both of whom 
are thought to have been b. in South Ber- 
wick Me., he George W. Joy had beside 
Albert Joy above 7 ch., viz.: Alfred of 
Ventura Cal., b. in Clinton Me., removed 
to Cal. [m. Mrs. Mary A. Beekman, for- 
merly Miss AVood of New York state], 
Lorinda, b. in Clinton Feb. 2, 1839 [m. 
1863 Crowell Hall, d. Jan. 20. 1879], Al- 
meda, b. in Clinton Feb. 23, 1S40 [m. Mar. 
16, 1864 Edmund Mitchell], Frances Ellen 
Joy, b. in Clinton Apr. 9, 1843, d. Aug. 3, 
1899 [m. July 8, 1865 Abram Savage], Har- 
riet, b. in Clinton Aug. 24, 184S [m. July 
2, 1866 Reuben Stockbridge Pratt], 
Amanda, b. in Clinton Aug. 4, 1850. d. 
May 10, 1872, and Colby Joy, b. in Clinton 
Sep. 27, 1855 [m. in Oct. 1878 Louise Belle 
Hoxie]); son of James Joy of York co. 
and Clinton Me., b. in Berwick Me. Sep. 
15, 1787, d. in Clinton Nov. 19, 1838, was 
cne of the early settlers of Clinton, re- 
moved there from York co. Me. 1812 (m. 
1st May 20, 1807 Molly Berdeen, d. Nov. 

18, 1833, 2d May 18, 1834 Mrs. Eleanor 
Farnham and had dau. Clarrissa Augusta 
Joy, b. in Clinton in May 1835 [m. Hiram 
Merrill of Cornville Me.], she Molly Ber- 
deen had 10 ch., viz.: Theodate, b. in Ber- 
wick Me., d. in Clinton Aug. 21, 1892 [m. 
Reuben Kendall of Clinton], Andrew, b. 
in Berwick June 15, 1810 [m. Apr. 19, 1832 
Melinda Lewis, d. in June 1856], Ivory, b. 
in Clinton Feb. 9, 1813, d. in Sherman Me. 
Mar. 18, 1866 [m. Apr. 23, 1865 Anne 
Elizabeth Williams of Boston Mass.], Mary 
Jane Joy, b. in Clinton, d. June 1, 1842 [m. 
Aug. 18, 1839 Orrin Fitzgerald, and had 
son Dr. Orrin Fitzgerald Jr. of Allston 
Me., d. 1897, was a well-known physician 
of Allston], George W. Joy above, Sarah 
Ann Joy, b. in Clinton Mar. 25, 1821 [m. 
Apr. 14, 1843 Orrin Fitzgerald, her brother- 
in-law], Lucretia, b. in Clinton Apr. 21 
1824 [m. Aug. 30, 1848 Benjamin Morri- 
son], Susan, b. in Clinton Apr. 27, 1827, d 
in Lowell Mass. July 1, 1845, Orlando, b 
in Clinton Nov. 20, 1829, d. in Calaveras co 
Cal. in Oct. 1858, and Naomi Fifield Joy 
b. in Clinton Jan. 20, 1831 [m. Jan. 18. 1857 
Charles Leighton]); son of Samuel Joy o 
Berwick Me., b. there Sep. 22, 1742, d. Apr 
4, 1829, was a soldier at the battle of 
Bunker Hill (m. prob. Aug. 8, 1765 Lydia 
Hamilton, and had 13 ch., all b. in Berwick, 
viz.: Mary, b. May 28, 1766, d. Jan. 3, 1823. 
Ephraim, b. Mar. 29, 1768, Reuben, b. Feb. 
20, 1770, Sarah, b. Apr. 20, 1772, Catherine, 
b. May 23, 1774, d. May 13, 1822, Olive, b. 
May 5, 1776, d. Jan. 7, 1801, Mehitable. b. 
Oct. 29, 1778, Samuel, b. Mar. 25, I7°i, 
d. Dec. 10, 1834, Benjamin, b. June 7, 1783. 
d. July 4, 1824. Lydia, b. Sep. 20. 1785. 
James above, Meliitable, b. June 8, 1791, 
and Ivory Joy, b. Mar. 22, 1795); son of 
Ephraim Joy of Berwick Me., bapt. in Ber- 
wick church May 12, 1709 (m. Sarah 
Walker); son of Ephraim of Berwick; son 
of Ephraim, in Hingham Mass. July 12, 
1646 (m. Susanna Spencer); son of 
Thomas Joy, an emigrant, prob. came from 
Eng. 1635 and settled in Boston Mass., car- 
penter and builder, designated and built 
the first state or colony house of Mass. (m. 
Joan Gallop). 



Haverhill Mass., b. in Merrimac 
Mass. formerly West Amerbury July 31, 
1849, fitted for coll. in Haverhill high 
school, grad. at Harvard coll. 1873, taught 
school at St. Paul's school Concord N. H. 
3 years and in the Haverhill high school 
since 1876, made principal of same 1881, 
communicant in the Protestant j-pis. 
church (m. Aug. 24, 1876 Caroline Moore, 
b. Apr. 15, 1851, dau. of Joseph and Caro- 
line [Wingate] Moore and desc. from Rev. 
Paine Wingate of Amesbury Mass. and 
John Wingate of Dover N. H. 1658); son 
of Giles Merrill Kelley of Merrimac and 
Haverhill Mass., b. in West Amesbury 
Nov. 19, 1813, d. in Haverhill Aug. 8, 1888, 
lived on the ancestral homestead West 
Amesbury till past middle life, then moved 
to Haverhill, educated at the Atkinson 
acad. N. H. and the Phillips acad. Andover, 
teacher many years, communicant in Trin- 
ity church Haverhill, compiled " Genea- 
logical record of the Descendants of John 
Kelly " (m. Apr. 20, 1845 Abby Grove 
Chase, dau. of William D. S. Chase of 
Haverhill and Zelinda Gage of Bradford 
Mass.); son of Jacob Kelley of W. Ames- 
bury Mass., b. there Dec. 10, 1772, d. there 
May 1, 1843, farmer, spent his life in W. 
Amesbury, selectman of Amesbury several 
times, deacon of the Congregational church 
30 years (m. 1st June 15, 1805 Elizabeth 
Noyes, d. 1806, 2d Aug. 14, 1810 Mary Mer- 
rill, dau. of Rev. Gyles Merrill of Haver- 
hill and desc. from Rev. John Cotton of 
Boston Mass.) ; son of John Kelley of W. 
Amesbury Mass., b. there Oct. 22, 1736, d. 
there Mar. 29, 1821, farmer, served in 
colonial wars, owned beside the farm on 
which he lived one in Newton N. H., an- 
other in Plaistow N. H. and outlying lands 
in other towns (m. June 5, 1758 Elizabeth 
Hoyt of Amesbury); son of Richard Kel- 
ley of Newbury Oldtown Mass. until 1727, 
afterwards Amesbury Mass., b. in W. New- 
bury Mar. 8, 1704, d. in West Amesbury 
June 18, 1774, commander of 2d foot co. 
militia in Amesbury, left several papers of 
interest to the historian and antiquary 
which have been quoted in Coffin's Hist, of 

Newbury, Merrill's Hist, of Amesbury and 
Chase's Hist, of Haverhill (m. Dec. 20, 
1725 Hannah Bartlett, who loaned money 
to the town of Amesbury 1780, was a 
woman of strong character and great 
physical endurance) ; of of John Kelley of 
W. Newbury, b. there June 17, 1668, d. 
there Nov. 29, 1735, bought land in West 
Amesbury now Merrimac, where two 
branches of the family afterwards settled 
and where some of his descendants still 
live (m. Nov. 16, 1696 Elizabeth Emery); 
son of John Kelley of Newbury Mass., b. 
July 2, 1642, d. Mar. 21, 1718 (m. 1st May 
25, 1663 Sarah, dau. of Dea. Richard 
Knight, 2d Mar. 15, 1716 Lydia Ames of 
Bradford Mass.); son of John Kelley of 
England, b. in Exter Eng., d. Dec. 

Cambridge Mass., b. in Eliot Me. 
Jan. 21, 1849, carpenter and builder (m. 
Sep. 29, 1872 Sarah Lucretia Grant, dau. of 
Sedley and Lucretia [Marchant] Grant of 
South Berwick Me., and had 5 ch., viz.: 
Rena Cicelia Furbish, b. July 14, 1873, 
Cyrus, b. May 26, 1875, d. Apr. 1, 1888, 
Mabel Ethel Furbish, b. June 9, 1878, d. 
June 3, 1879, Louis, b. June 27, 1882, and 
Frederick B. Furbish Jr., b. July 4, 1887); 
son of Joseph Furbish of Eliot Me., b. in 
Kittery now Eliot Me. Feb. 26, 1805, d. 
there Aug. 6, 1886, farmer and house car- 
penter (m. Dec. 22, 1845 Caroline Green- 
lief Baker, b. May 20, 1819, d. Jan. 4, 1896, 
dau. of Thomas and Nancy [Lord] Baker 
of Portland Me.); son of Stephen Furbish 
of Eliot Me., b. there Apr. 12, 1770, d. 
there Oct. 5, 1826 (m. Apr. 23, 1797 Cath- 
erine Hill, bapt. July 5, 1770, d. about 1844, 
dau. of John and Martha [Rogers] Hill of 
Kittery Me.); son of Joseph Furbish of 
Eliot Me., b. there July 17, 1735. d. there 
1808 (m. Dec. 7, 1769 Hannah Stacy, d. 
May 12, 1773, dau. of Benjamin and Sarah 
[Tidy] Stacy of Kittery) ; son of Joseph 
of Kittery Me., b. there about 1700-10, d. 
there Apr. 5, 1795 (m. May 20, 1734 Eliza- 
beth Meads); son of Daniel Furbish of 
Kittery Me., b. prob. there about 1664-5, 
d. there in Jan. 1745, his widow was ap- 



pointed administratrix of his estate 1745, 
his house was a garrison 1722, Quaker 1734 
and 1737 (m. about 1688-9 Dorothy); son 
of William Furbish of Dover N. H. 1648, 
b. prob. in Scotland, d. about 1701, owned 
land in Kittery 1664 (m. had 7 ch., prob. all 
in Kittery, viz.: Daniel as above, John, d. 
in Kittery 1701, Hopewell [m. 1st May 17, 

1693 Enoch Hutchins Jr., 2d Apr. 25, 171 1 
William Wilson], Katherine [m. about 

1694 Andrew Neal], Sarah [m. about 1698 
Thomas Thompson], Bethiah [m. about 
^OS Joseph Goold] and William [m. 
Sarah, went to South Carolina before 1722, 
had son William]). 

of Washington D. C, b. in Pasquotank 
co. N. C. Feb. 2, 1865, A. B. from univ. of N. 
C. 1886, A. M. from same 1887, Ph. D. 
same 1888, Ph. D. from Johns Hopkins 
univ. Baltimore 1891, professor of history 
and political science Trinity coll. N. C. 
1891-3, on editorial staff U. S. bureau of 
education Washington D. C. since 1894, 
educator and historian, author, etc. (m. 
1st June 12, 1888 Mary Lee Martin, d. May 
19, 1891, dau. of Rev. Joseph B. Martin, b. 
1824, d. 1897, was a prominent and leading 
member of the North Carolina conference 
of the Methodist Episcopal church South 
over 50 years, "and gt.-gr.-dau. of Gen. 
Joseph Martin, b. 1740, d. 1808, was an 
Indian agent of Va. and N. C. in Tenn. 
among the Cherokees, pioneer and Indian 
fighter, it was he who by address and 
diplomacy kept the Cherokees quiet during 
the King's Mountain campaign 1780 and so 
made the campaign and the victory over 
the British which followed possibilities, he 
Stephen B. Weeks m. 2d June 28, 1893 
Sallie Mangum Leach, dau. of Col. Martin 
W. Leach, b. 1806, d. 1869, was a prominent 
planter and capitalist of Randolph co. N. 
C, had brother Gen. James M. Leach, b. 
1821, d. 1891, who was a member of the 
confederate and federal congresses and 
who was never defeated for any office for 
which he was a candidate, she is a gr.-dau. 
of Willie Person Mangum, b. 1792, d. 1861, 
was judge of the N. C. superior court, 

member of congress from N. C, U. S. 
senator from N. C. 1830-6 and 1840-53, 
president of the U. S. senate 1842-5 and 
as such acting vice-pres., he Stephen B. 
Weeks had by 1st m. 1 ch., viz.: R. Jack- 
son Weeks, by 2d m. 2 ch., viz.: Willie 
Person Mangum Weeks and Sallie Preston 
Weeks); son of James Elliott Weeks of 
Pasquotank co. N. C, b. there Feb. 2, 1819, 
d. in Elizabeth City N. C. July 11, 1866 (m. 
1st Catharine J. Long, 2d Feb. 20, 1851 
Mary Louisa Mullen, b. Feb. 2, 1833, d. 
Aug. 10, 1868, dau. of Mary Ann McDon- 
ald, dau. of James McDonald, b. 1769, d. 
in Plymouth N. C. 1816, and desc. from a 
Huguenot family which settled in Perqui- 
mans co. N. C. prior to 1740, slave holders 
and planters) ; son of John Weeks of Pas- 
quotank co. N. C, b. in Perquimans co. 
1791, d. in Pasquotank co. July 13, 1842, 
slave holder, planter, merchant (m. about 
1812 Elizabeth Elliott, d. Oct. 19, 1826, 
dau. of Nathan, son of James Elliott, d. 
1791, planters in Perquimans co., Quakers 
and had freed their slaves); son of Lemuel 
Weeks of Perquimans co. N. C, b. there 
about 1774, d. there about 1802, planter (m. 
about 1790 Sallie Wright, d. about 1820); 
son of Thomas of Perquimans co., b. prob. 
there about 1740, d. there, will probated 
Aug. 8, 1805, planter, was prob. a member 
of Gen. Gregory's reg. of militia in the 
southern campaign of 1780 and was cap- 
tured at Camden S. C. 1780; son of Thomas 
Weekes of Perquimans co. N. C, d. there 
about Apr. 1, 1763, will made Nov. 2, 1762, 
probated Apr. 17, 1763, came to Perqui- 
mans co. 1726, planter, school teacher, large 
land holder, frequently member of provin- 
cial assembly, sheriff of co., justice of the 
quorum, entry taken for Lord Granville's 
lands in N. C. 1759 (m. 1st prior to 1727 
Anne, 2d Elizabeth Barcliff). 

Cleveland Ohio, b. in Kelley's Island 
Ohio May 15, 1859, lawyer (m. Sep. 3, 
1899 Florence Alice Kendall, dau. of F. A. 
Kendall U. S. A. and Virginia Hutchinson, 
a dau. of one of the famous Hutchinson 
family of singers of New Hampshire, he 

i3 6 


Hermon A. Kelley had 3 ch., viz.: Virginia 
Hutchinson Kelley, Alfred Kendall Kelley 
and Hayward Kendall Kelley); son of 
Alfred Stow Kelley of Cleveland Ohio, b. 
in Rockport Ohio Dec. 23, 1826, lived on 
Kelley's Island 1836-89, then removed to 
Cleveland (m. May 21, 1857 Hannah, dau. 
of Aurelius Farr [and Louisa M. Folliott], 
son of Eliel Farr [and Hannah Gardner, b. 
Apr. 26, 1769], b. in Cummington Mass. 
June 6, 1777, son of Joseph and Sarah Farr 
and gr.-son of Joseph and Dinah Farr); 
son of Datus Kelley of Kelley's Island 
Ohio, b. in Middletown Ct. Apr. 24, 1798, 
d. in Kelley's Island Jan. 24, 1866, removed 
from Middletown to Lowville N. Y. 1798, 
thence to Rockport near Cleveland Ohio 
1810, bought Kelley's Island in Lake Erie 
1833 and removed there with his family 
1836 (m. Aug. 21, 181 1 Sara, dau. of Sam- 
uel and Mary [Weller] Dean of Martins- 
burgh N. Y. and gr.-dau. of Faxon Dean 
[and Mehitable Cleveland] of Westfield 
Mass., son of Joseph Dean [and Mary 
Faxon] of Dedham Mass., son of John 
and Sarah Dean of Dedham); son of 
Daniel Kelley of Cleveland Ohio, b. in 
Norwich Ct. Nov. 27, 1755, d. in Cleveland 
Aug. 7, 1S31, lived in Middlefield near Mid- 
dletown Ct. until 1798, then removed to 
Lowville N. Y. where he was elected judge 
and held other offices, removed to Cleve- 
land 1814 (m. June 28, 1787 Jemima, dau. 
of Elihu Stow [and Jemima Paine], son of 
Eliakim Stow [and Lydia Miller], son 
of Nathaniel Stow [and Sarah Sumner], 
son of John [and Mary Wetmore], son of 
Thomas [and Mary Craig], son of John 
and Elizabeth [Briggs] Stow of Roxbury 
Mass., who came from Eng.); son of 
Daniel Kelley of Norwich Ct., b. there 
Mar. 15, 1726. d. in Vt. in the sprinsr of 
1814 (m. May 2, 1751 Abigail, dau. of John 
and Lydia [Lord] Reynolds and gr.-dau. 
of Joseph Reynolds [and Sarah Edgerton], 
son of John Reynolds, who was one of the 
original proprietors of Norwich Ct. 1659); 
son of Joseph Kelley of Norwich Ct., b. 
about 1690, was a sea captain and builder 
of ships at Norwich (m. Oct. 13, 1715 
Lydia, dau. of David and Mary [Bliss] 

Caulkins and gr.-dau. of Hugh and Ann 
Caulkins, who came from Monmouthshire 
Eng. to Amer. 1640 and settled first on 
Cape Ann, thence removed to Norwich 

Germantown Pa., b. in Geneva N. Y. 
June 14, 1852, educated at Geneva union 
and classical school, removed to Elmira N. 
Y. 1868 and engaged with the coal firm of 
Jervis Langdon and Co., elected sec. of 
Mclntyre Coal Co. 1871 and pres. of Clear- 
field Bituminous Coal Corporation 1886, re- 
moved to Philadelphia 1889, member of 
Union League of Phila., Penn. historical 
soc, soc. war 1812, etc., etc. (m. Oct. 9, 
1877 Charlotte L. Cook, b. in Waterloo N. 
Y., dau. of George Cook [and Mitilda 
Coleman Gregory, b. in Frome Eng., dau. 
of Joseph Gregory], b. in Wrington Eng., 
son of William and Anne [Wrentmore] 
Cook, he William D. Kelly had 6 ch., viz.: 
Gregory Cook Kelly, b. Aug. 27, 1879, 
Jeannette Sage Kelly, b. May 28, 1882, 
Anna L., b. July 12, 1884, d. Nov. 30, 1890, 
William D. Jr., b. May 27, 1891, Cornelia 
Clarke Kelly, b. May 27, 1891, and Luther 
Wrentmore Kelly, b. Apr. 14, 1896), had 
brothers Albert Frederick Kelly, b. in 
Geneva N. Y. Oct. 29, 1857 (m. Oct. 27, 
1896 Mary King Stanchfield), and is presi- 
dent of the Empire Coal Mining Co. of 
Phila., Luther Sage Kelly, b. in Geneva 
N. Y. July 27, 1849, educated at Genesee 
seminary and coll. Lima N. Y., enlisted in 
10th U. S. infantry when a little over fif- 
teen years old and saw service in the field 
at City Point and Richmond Va. during 
the last year of the civil war, was sent with 
reg. to Northwestern frontier after grand 
review in Washington 1865, served at Forts 
Wadsworth and Ransom, Dakota Terri- 
tory, where he was discharged by expira- 
tion of term of service, was chief of scouts 
in district of Yellowstone 1876-8, took part 
in campaign after Sitting Bull and Bui! 
Eagle 1876, battle of Wolf Mountain 1877 
and Nez Perce campaign 1877, was chief 
scout of Cantonment on White river Col. 
1880-3, explorer in Alaska with Capt. Glen 



of U. S. A. 1898, captain in 7th U. S. V. 
infantry in war with Spain 1898, captain in 
40th U. S. V. infantry stationed in the 
Philippines 1899, was a frequent contrib- 
utor to the magazines and journals of the 
day, was member of soc. of colonial wars 
and of George H. Thomas post No. 5 G. A. 
R. Chicago 111. [m. Sep. 23, 1885 Alice 
May Morrison of Detroit Mich.]; sons of 
Luther Kelly of Geneva N. Y., b. in Bris- 
tol N. H. Oct. 13, 1803, d. in Geneva Feb. 
14, 1857, merchant in Geneva for many 
years, pres. of the village trustees 1848-9, 
was prominent in the Methodist church 
and in Freemasonry, trustee of Genesee 
coll. (m. Apr. 26, 1842 Jenette Eliza Sage, 
dau. of Col. Hezekiah Sage of Chittenango 
N. Y., desc. from David Sage of Cromwell 
Ct. and Elizabeth Williams, dau. of Capt. 
Joseph Williams, desc. from Thomas Wil- 
liams of Plainfield and of the Gates and 
Lawences of Mass. and Ct.); son of 
Ebenezer Kelly of Geneva N. Y., b. in 
Amesbury Mass. Sep. 9, 1768, d. in Marion 
Mar. 13, 1829, cloth manufacturer in Bristol 
N. H., removed to Geneva 1808, where he 
lived for about 12 years, thence removed to 
his farm in Wayne co. N. Y. (m. Apr. 16, 
1789 Elizabeth Cheney, dau. of Lt. Daniel 
Cheney of Newbury Mass. and desc. from 
John Cheney of Newbury and gt.-gt.-gr.- 
dau. of Thomas and Hannah Duston, the 
heroine of Haverhill Mass.) ; son of 
Jonathan Kelly of Amesbury Mass., b. 
there Dec. 24, 1736, d. in Bristol N. H., 
member of second foot co. of Amesbury 
and saw service in colonial wars of 1755-60 
(m. Nov. 22, 1760 Sarah, dau. of Samuel 
Foot of Amesbury and Dorothy Colby, 
gt.-gr.-dau. of Capt. Samuel Foot, who 
was tortured to death by Indians July 7, 
1690, and gt-gt.-gr.-dau. of Pasco Foot of 
Salem Mass.); son of Jonathan Kelly of 
Amesbury Mass., b. there Oct. 10, 1709, d. 
in Hamstead N. H. in Jan. 1780 (m. May 
22, 1733 Hannah, dau. of John Blaisdell of 
Amesbury and gt-gt.-gr.-dau. of Ralph 
Blaisdell of Newbury and Amesbury 
Mass.); son of Jonathan Kelly of Ames- 
bury, b. in West Newbury Mass. Mar. 10, 
1681, d. in Amesbury about 1770 (m. July 

6, 1702 Esther, dau. of Dea. Benjamin 
Morse of Newbury and gr.-dau. of Anthony 
Morse of Newbury 1635); son of John 
Kelly of Newbury Mass., b. there July 2, 
1642, d. in West Newbury Mar. 21, 1718 
(m. May 25, 1663 Sarah, dau. of Dea. Rich- 
ard Knight, who came from Romsey Eng. 
to Newbury Mass. 1635); son of John 
Kelly of Exeter Eng., d. Dec. 28, 1644, 
came from Exeter Eng. to Newbury Mass. 

\J Berkeley Cal., b. in Rockport Ohio in 
June 1878, grad. from univ. of Cal. 1899 
(unmarried); son of Carlos Gilman Cal- 
kins of Berkeley Cal., b. in Ohio 1850, 
navigator of the Olympia at the action in 
Manila Bay on May 1, 1898 (m. 1877 
Caroline Cathcart, b. in Ohio 1856, dau. of 
Charles and Armena Cathcart, both natives 
of Ohio, her grand-parents the Cathcarts 
emigrated from Me. to Ohio) ; son of 
Charles Gilman Calkins of Berkeley Cal., 
b. in N. H. 1818, moved from Vt. to Ohio 
1833 and to Cal. 1887 (m. 1847 Harriet R. 
Masters, whose father emigrated from N. 
Y. to Ohio 1834, and her gr.-parents emi- 
grated from central Pa. to northern N. 
Y.); son of Charles Calkins of New 
Hampshire, b. there 1783, d. in Ohio 1877, 
was well known in N. H. and Vt. as a 
Congregational preacher and an effective 
public speaker, was a zealous anti-slavery 
man from 1835 and one of the first mem- 
bers of the liberty party (m. 1813 Marian 
Gilman, whose parents were of the John 
Gilman of Exeter line, her intelligence and 
memory were both unusual and retained to 
the end in the 87th year); son of John 
Prentiss Calkins of New London Ct., N. 
H., Vt. and Ohio, b. in Ct. 1752, d. in 
Ohio 1836, minute man in Ct., soldier from 
N. H., removed to N. H. 1775, to Vt. 1794 
Ohio 1833 (m. prob. 1775 Sarah Hubbard 
Harris, b. in R. I. and their dau. was gr.- 
mother of George Kennan, writer, trav- 
eler, etc.); son of William Calkins, b. 1724 
(m. 1746 Mary Prentiss and had John P. 
above and Frederick Calkins, who were 
noted for muscular ability); son of 



Joseph, b. 1694; son of David, b. 163-; 
son of Hugh Calkins of Hingham Mass., 
b. 1600, d. in Norwich Ct. 1690, emigrated 
from Chepstow to Hingham 1638, to Ply- 
mouth Mass., to Gloucester Mass., to New 
London Ct. 1651 and to Norwich Ct. 1660. 

lands Cal., b. in West Haven Ct. Aug. 
23, 1856, grad. from Sheffield scientific 
Yale 1876, civil engineer, went to Cal. 1877, 
from barren land developed the flourish- 
ing city of Redlands Cal. through irriga- 
tion from Bear Valley (m. Dec. 31, 1877 
Jessie Fremont Smith, had 6 ch., viz.: 
Reuben Quincy Brown, Elwood Smith 
Brown, Edward Judson Brown, Paul Win- 
throp Brown, Geofrery and Emeline Rich 
Brown of Redlands Cal. who married and 
had one son); son of Reuben Quincy 
Brown of West Haven Ct., b. in Norfolk 
Ct. Dec. 1, 1827, d. in West Haven Jan. 
9, 1870, teacher, founder the West Haven 
Male Seminary 1854, gave up teaching on 
account of health 1864, was a Christian man 
and an esteemed citizen (m. Dec. 21, 1853 
Rebecca Wilmot, desc. of early New 
Haven settlers and had 3 ch., viz.: Frank 
Elwood Brown above, Minnie Rebecca 
Brown [m. Benton O. Johnson] and 
Brainard Warren Brown [m. Kittie M. 
Shaw]); son of Reuben Brown of Norfolk 
Ct, b. there July 13, 1779, d. there 1845, 
farmer, an active Christian man and useful 
citizen (m. Oct. 2, 1805 Huldah, dau. of 
Roswell Griswold, son of Seth Griswold of 
Torrington Ct. and had beside Reuben 
Quincy above 8 ch., viz.: Seth Griswold 
Brown, George, Louisa, Electa, Minerva, 
Warren, Loomis and William Brown) ; 
son of Cornelius Brown of Norfolk Ct., b. 
in Windsor Ct. Jan. 6, 1740, d. in Norfolk 
1821 (m. Mary Loomis and had 4 ch., viz.: 
Reuben above, Luman, Uriah and Abijah) ; 
son of Cornelius Brown of Norfolk Ct., b. 
in Windsor Ct. May 1, 1701, d. in Norfolk 
1769, removed with his brother Titus from 
Windsor to Norfolk 1744, being the first 
settlers there, built a sawmill near Butter- 
milk Falls (m. and had 2 ch., viz.: Corne- 
lius above and Stephen); son of Cornelius 

Brown of Windsor Ct., b. there July 30, 
1672, d. there, united with the church in 
Windsor 1692, was known as Deacon 
Cornelius Brown and was proprietor of a 
grist-mill in Windsor (m. Dec. 4, 1701 Abi- 
gail Barber, had 3 ch., viz.: Cornelius 
above, Titus and Aaron) ; son of Peter 
Brown of Windsor Ct, b. in Plymouth 
Mass. 1632, d. in Windsor Mar. 6, 1692, 
removed from Plymouth to Windsor Ct. 
1650 (m. July 18, 1658 Mary Gillett and 
had Peter, Jonathan, Cornelius and John 
Brown, from whom was desc. John Brown 
the martyr of Harper's Ferry Va.); son of 
Peter Brown of Plymouth and Dorchester 
Mass., b. in England about 1600, d. in Ply- 
mouth Mass. 1633, was one of the signers 
of the compact on board the Mayflower 
1620, was one of the seven which remained 
of all the company of the Mayflower able 
either to nurse the sick or to bury the 
dead, took charge of digging the graves 
and burying the dead of the Mayflower 
(m. 1st about 1623 Martha Ford, a widow, 
and had 2 ch., viz. : Mary and Priscilla, m. 
2d about 1628 Mary, had 2 ch., viz.: Peter 
above and John). 

Bradford Mass. August 17th 1829, 
entered Dartmouth College 1851 and grad- 
t ated 1854 in a class of 58 members, of 
wlrch he was elected class orator and 
president. He received the degree of 
LL. B. in 1856 from University of Albany 
and commenced the practice of law in St. 
Louis. He received the degree of M. A. 
from Dartmouth College in 1857 and went 
that year to England on business in con- 
nection with a suit involving large inter- 
ests. In i860 he became editor of the 
London American and for two years wrote 
its leaders which were extensively copied 
by the British press and pronounced by the 
American minister Hon. Chas. Francis 
Adams unsurpassed by those of the Lon- 
don Times. In 1862 he established a patent 
firm that acquired a business unrivalled in 
Europe and gained a world-wide reputa- 
tion. The reforms which he proposed in 
ihc British patent laws were embodied in 



a patent act by the attorney-general Sir 
John Holker. The evidence he gave in 
Parliament on the subject appeared in vari- 
ous publications and was made, states an 
eminent German attorney, " by our tech- 
nical societies the basis of discussions that 
led to the reform of the German patent 
system." In 1872 he received the degree 
of LL. D. from the Chicago University and 
was elected a member of the Royal Society 
of Arts. Dr. Haseltine was one of the or- 
ganizers and a member of the Vienna Pat- 
ent Congress. Gen. John Eaton, a class- 
mate who visited him in 1873, states that 
" he had won the position of leader in the 
patent reform movement and among his 
friends were the most eminent of English 
barristers." He conducted with success 
many patent cases before the law offices of 
the crown. In 1876 Dr. Haseltine retired 
from the London firm of which he was the 
head and returned to New York where he 
established a patent firm that acquired a 
foreign practice unequalled in America. He 
is a member of the Psi Upsilon Club and 
a life member of the New England So- 
ciety. He is the son of Col. Richard and 
Rebecca (Gage) Haseltine. On his moth- 
er's side he is related to George Peabody 
and on his father's side to Ann Haseltine 
Judson. His mother was a granddaughter 
of an officer of the revolution. Col. Hasel- 
tine was the son of Amos (and Abigail), 
son of Amos (and Eunice), son of Rich- 
ard (and Abigail), son of Abraham (and 
Elizabeth), son of Robert (and Anne), born 
in Yorkshire England, who came to Row- 
ley Mass. in 1639 and became in 1640 a 
first settler of Bradford. 

" ington D. C, b. in Pike Pa. Nov. 21, 
1837 (unmarried); son of Edward Wads- 
worth. Jones of Stevensville Pa., b. in 
Barkhamsted Ct. Apr. 29, 1806, d. in Stev- 
ensville June 24, 1873 (m. Oct. 20, 1830 
Arabella, dau. of Salmon Bosworth, one 
of the early settlers of northern Pa., went 
there from New Milford Ct.); son of 
Israel Jones of Barkhamsted Ct., b. in En- 
field Ct. Sep. 2. 1753, d. in Barkhamsted 

Sep. 1, 1812, was a sergeant in rev. war in 
Capt. Watson's co. of Col. Benj. Hin- 
man's regt. 1775, ensign in the 7th regt. Ct. 
line 1777, 2d lieutenant 1778, captain in 8th 
reg. Ct. militia 1778, fought at German- 
town 1777, wintered at Valley Forge 
1777-8, was in the battle of Monmouth 
Court House 1778 and afterwards colonel 
of a Ct. regt. of militia (m. Dec. 27, 1796 
Lois Wadsworth) ; son of Israel Jones of 
Barkhamsted Ct., b. Mar. 18, 1715-16, d. 
in Barkhamsted Dec. 28, 1798 (m. Nov. 29, 
1744 Jemima Clark); son of Thomas of 
Enfield Ct., b. 1680, d. 1763 (m. Mary, dau. 
of Capt. Isaac Meacham of Enfield); son 
of Benjamin Jones of Somers and Enfield 
Ct, b. 16 — , d. 1718, first settler of Somers, 
was of Welsh descent, came from Enfield 
to Somers 1706, he and his family resided 
here several years alone in summer, in win- 
ter returned to Enfield and at other times 
in the year when in danger from the In-. 
dians (m. Ann). 

ford Ct., b. in New Haven Ct. Jan. 
12, i860, financier, interested in Jersey 
stock raising; son of Horace J. Wickham 
of Hartford Ct., b. Apr. 1, 1836, inventor 
of the machine for the U. S. government 
which makes over six hundred million 
stamped envelopes and wrappers annually 
(m. 1857 Fylura Sanders) ; son of John 
Wickham of Manchester Ct., b. 1801, d. 
1865, was a posthumous son (m. Melinda 
Culver, d. in Bloomfield Ct. 1881, dau. of 
Benj. Culver of Manchester Ct.); son of 
Hezekiah Wickham of Glastonbury Ct, b. 
1756, d. 1800; son of Hezekiah of Glaston- 
bury, b. 1725, d. Nov. 9, 1792, received land 
from his father 1749, was society clerk and 
deacon in Eastbury many years, was a man 
of character, marched to the relief of Bos- 
ton 1775; son of Jonathan Wickham of 
Glastonbury Ct. 1723, b. before 1713, school 
teacher 1739; son of William, of Glaston- 
bury, b. before 1690 ; son of William of 
Glastonbury, b. in New Haven Ct. 1657, 
was the first holder of land in Glaston- 
bury; son of Thomas Wickham of 
Wethersfield Ct., freeman there 1658, ac- 



quired land in Eastbury Ct. 1673 (m. Sarah 
and had Thomas, William, Samuel, Joseph, 
John and a daughter). 

HANCE, EDWARD H. of Germantown 
Phila., b. in Philadelphia Pa. Nov. 
1, 1833 (m. Nov. 5, 1857 Charlotte E., dau. 
of Anthony and Elizabeth [Beckenbach] 
Miskey and had 3 ch., viz.: Anthony Mis- 
key Hance, Mary Miskey Hance and 
Edward H. Hance Jr.); son of David E. 
Hance of Philadelphia Pa., b. in Burling- 
ton co. N. J. Aug. 22, 1803, d. in Philadel- 
phia Dec. 1, 1875 (m. Jan. 27, 1830 Sarah 
J. Lancaster, dau. of Moses and Susanna 
[Jordon] Lancaster); son of Jediah. Hance 
of Burlington co. N. J., b. in N. J. June 
20, 1767, d. there Jan. 1, 1827 (m. Sarepta 
Burr) ; son of David of New Jersey, b. 
there Sep. 18, 1739, d. there (m. June 23, 
1762 Hannah Cook); son of Timothy 
Hance of N. J., b. there Mar. 21, 1714, d. 
there Oct. 23, 1759 (m. Oct. 9, 1736 Re- 
becca Allen); son of Isaac Hance of N. J., 
b. there Aug. 25, 1685, d. there Sep. 5, 
1764 (m. 1st Aug. 25, 1710 Rachel White, 
2d Mar. 2^, 1736 Content Bills, 3d Apr. 30, 
1741 Joana Bills, 4th Feb. 8, 1750 Mary 
Allen), desc. from John Hance of New 
Jersey, d. in Monmouth co. N. J. 1710, 
came from Eng. or Wales and settled first 
in New England then in New Jersey (m. 
1669 Elizabeth prob. Hanson). 

Sacramento Cal., b. in St. Lawrence 
co. N. Y. May 9, 1833, held commissions 
in three different regiments during the war 
of the rebellion, viz.: 4th Mich, cavalry, 9th 
111. cav. and 7th Cal. inft., was wounded at 
battle of Stone River Tenn. while serving 
in co. F 4th Mich. cav. 1862 (m. 1st 1869 
Emma McPherson, d. 1887, 2d Sep. 20, 
1899 Mrs. Nellie Emerson Greene); son of 
Samuel Bowles Anderson of New York 
State and Mich., b. in Berkshire co. Mass. 
1785, d. in Adrian Mich. 1855 (m. 1811 
Maria Willard, b. in Pawlet Vt, d. in 
Adrian Mich. 1857, dau. of Jonathan and 
Abigail [Rose] Willard, had 7 ch. all born 
in St. Lawrence co. N. Y. viz.: James, b. 

1816, Emily, b. 1819, Willard, b. 1824, 
Charles, b. Feb. 22, 1827, Elizabeth Rose, 
b. Feb. 22, 1829, Katherine Maria, b. Sep. 
26, 1830, and Walter Bowles Anderson 
above); son of James Anderson of Berk- 
shire co. Mass., b. there 1756, d. in Adrian 
Mich. 1846 (m. Grace Taggard); son of 
James Anderson of Berkshire Mass., b. in 
North of Ireland, d. in Berkshire, came 
with his wife from the north of Ireland and 
settled in Berkshire Mass. about the middle 
of the eighteenth century (m. Katherine 

town Wis., b. in Jefferson co. N. Y. 
Dec. 1, 1821, farmer, immigrated to Wis. 
with parents 1844 and located on farm near 
Watertown where he has since remained, 
was one of the earliest settlers in this part 
of the State (m. in Dec. 1854 Lucy Jane 
Carley and had 3 ch., viz.: Walter S., b. 
Jan. 1, 1855, Geo. W., b. June 13, 1865, and 
Lillie J. Warriner, b. Sep. 19, 1876) ; son 
of Daniel Warriner of Granville N. Y., b. 
in Wilbraham Mass. Apr. 6, 1779, d. in 
Watertown Wis. Oct. 31, 1854, farmer, 
moved with family to Watertown 1844 (m. 
July 14, 1805 Lucy Stewart, d. on the farm 
near Watertown Feb. 17, 1862); son of 
Nathaniel Warriner of Adams N. Y. 1805, 
b. in Springfield Mass. Oct. 18, 1750, d. in 
Clayton N. Y. about 1833, lived for some 
time in Norwich N. Y. and then moved to 
Adams 1805, where he found an almost 
unbroken wilderness, two or three log 
cabins and a small sawmill (m. Diadema 
Wright, b. in Springfield Mass. Mar. 2, 
1753); son of Moses Warriner of Spring- 
field Mass., b. there July 24, 1708. d. in 
Wilbraham Mass. Mar. 20, 1766 (m. 1st 
prob. 1738 Meriam Ferry of Springfield, 
2d in Nov. 1741 Anne Cooley of Spring- 
field, d. Aug. 22, 1795); son of William 
Warriner of Springfield Mass., b. there 
Jan. 6, 1672. d. there prob. 1738, his will 
was dated Nov. 13, 1738, which was made 
only a short time before his death (m. 1st 
Feb. 3. 1697 Elizabeth Weller, d. prob. be- 
fore 1731, 2d Oct. 26, 1731 Rebecca Lamb, 
d. Mar. 10, 1740); son of James of Spring- 



field, b. there Nov. 21, 1640, d. there May 
14, 1727, served in King Philip's war, was 
deacon in the first Congregational church 
of Springfield (m. 1st Mar. 31, 1664 Eliza- 
beth Baldwin, d. Apr. 24, 1687, 2d July 10, 
1689 Sarah Alvord, b. 1660, d. May 16, 1704, 
3d Dec. 29, 1704 Mary, widow of Benjamin 
Stebbins of Springfield, Mr. Warriner be- 
ing her third husband); son of William 
Warriner of England, b. prob. th there, d. 
in Springfield Mass. June 2, 1676, joined 
the settlers of Springfield 1638 (m. 1st in 
1639 Joanna Scant, d. Dec. 12, 1660, 2d 
Oct. 2, 1661 Elizabeth, widow of Luke 

111., b. in Lebanon Ohio Oct. 5, 1823, 
d. in Chicago Fe"5. 6, 1897, judge, was a 
man of note in Ohio, tall, handsome and 
distinguished, was a friend of Tom Corwin, 
Gen. Schenck, Gen. Sheridan, Hayes, Gar- 
field, etc. (.m Sep. 26, 1848 Sarah Janet 
Hubbard, b. Oct. 9, 1827, d. Oct. 24, 1884, 
dau. of Rev. Hiland Hall and Janet Eliza- 
beth [Rees] Hulburd); son of Anthony 
Howard Dunlevy of Lebanon Ohio, b. in 
Columbia Ohio Dec. 21, 1793, d. in Leb- 
anon Dec. 1, 1881, judge, was the first white 
child born in the North Western Territory, 
Columbia was a few miles above what is 
now Cincinnati (m. Aug. 20, 1818 Lucinda 
Corwin, b. Dec. 8, 1800, dau. of Ichabod 
and Sarah [Griffin] Corwin and a cousin 
of Gov. Tom Corwin of Ohio) ; son of 
Francis Dunlevy of Va. and Ohio, b. in 
Winchester Va. about 1761, d. in Lebanon 
Nov. 6, 1839, judge, was educated at Dick- 
inson coll. Pa., served in the rev. war, 
member of the territorial legislature of 
Ohio and the first judge, was judge for 14 
years, also served with Col. William Craw- 
ford in the Indian campaign of 1782 (m. 
1793 Mary Craig, b. 1764, dau. of John 
Craig of Scotland and Mary Burnett); son 
of Anthony Dunlevy of Winchester Va. 
1735, b. in Ireland, d. prob. on his estate 
" The Towers " in Va. (m. about 1746 
Hannah White, dau. of Dr. Robert White 
and Margaret Hoge, dau. of William 
Hoge); son of Anthony Dunlevy of Ire- 

land, d. when about 100 years old, lived in 
the north of Ireland, prob. Sligo or Don- 

Bloomfield Ont. Canada, b. there 
June 25, 1862, merchant, miller (m. Sep. 
10, 1891 Hannah Maria Cooper, dau. of 
Josiah Cooper [and Jane Van Cleaf], son 
of John Cooper and Mehitable Bull, dau. 
of Josiah and Mehitable Thomas of Dutch- 
ess co. N. Y.); son of Charles Gideon 
Bowerman of Bloomfield Ont., b. there 
Sep. 19, 1827, d. there Feb. 18, 1890, farmer, 
was also a prominent Friends minister (m. 
Sep. 6, 1855 Mary Jane Brewer, dau. of 
Philip Brewer [and Elizabeth King, dau. 
of John King, an officer in the British navy 
under Lord Nelson and wounded at Tra- 
falgar], son of Aaron [and Elizabeth 
Cooper, m. Apr. 20, 1783], son of Elazarus, 
son of Adam and Deborah [Allen] 
Brewer) ; son of Judah Bowerman of 
Bloomfield Ont., b. in Dutchess co. N. Y. 
July 16, 1779, d. in Bloomfield Aug. 2, 1868, 
removed with his mother and family to 
Canada about 1790, bought land adjoining 
his brother Stephen's farm 1801, was a 
member of the Society of Friends and to- 
gether with his brother gave the land for 
a meeting house and burial ground on the 
hill still known as " Bowerman's Hill " 
1803 (m. in June 1809 Abigail Hughes, had 
Rachel [m. Peter Cronkhili], 4th Lavina, 
dau. of Samuel Taylor [and Margaret 
Jones, dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth 
[Taylor] Jones], came from Germany 
when eight years old and settled near Bur- 
lington City N. J.); son of Ichabod Bow- 
erman of Dutchess co. N. Y., b. 1720, 
whose lineage has already been given. 

Denver Col., b. in Madison co. N. Y. 
Oct. 31, 1859 (m. Sep. 10, 1889 Alice W. 
Forbes, dau. of Albert R. and Alice War- 
ner, b. in Ottawa 111. June 5, 1869 and had 
3 ch., viz.: Albert Warner Dewey, b. Dec. 
5, 1891, Edward Bradley Dewey, b. Oct. 
26, 1895 and Clarence Forbes Dewey, b. 
Mar. 17, 1897); son of Bradley Smith 



Dewey of Madison co. N. Y., b. there Feb. 
16, 1827, d. there Feb. 24, 1873, bought a 
farm of his father one-half mile from the 
homestead upon which he lived the re- 
mainder of his life (m. Mar. 30, 1852 Dor- 
othy A. Dunham, b. Oct. 20, 1834, dau. of 
Frederick Dunham and Harriet Thomp- 
kins both of New England -descent, desc. 
of John Tompkins of Plymouth Mass. 
about 1630); son of Chauncey Dewey of 
Madison co. N. Y., b. in Mass. Apr. 13, 
1800, d. in Madison co. Apr. 2"], 1858 (m. 
Feb. 20, 1823 Lucina Hulbert, b. prob. in 
New England, dau. of Philip Hulbert and 
Deborah Hanchett, dau. of David Han- 
chett, son of John, son of John, gr.-son of 
Thomas of Plymouth 1620 and Deliverance 
Langton); son of David Dewey of Madi- 
son co. N. Y., b. in Pittsfield Mass. Dec. 
22, 1774, d. in Madison co. May 27, 1837 
(m. May 28, 1794 Margaret Tracy, b. in 
Pittsfield Aug. 13, 1775, dau. of Ezra Tracy 
[and Jemima Kimball], son of Dea. Jede- 
diah Tracy, son of Thomas, son of Lieut. 
Thomas Tracy of Norwich Ct); son of 
David Dewey, prob. of Westfield Mass., 
b. Apr. 18, 1752, d. Jan. 16, 1835, rev. 
soldier (m. 1774 Seviah Knowlton of 
Hancock Mass.); son of David, prob. of 
Westfield Mass., b. July 20, 1725, d. Jan. 5, 
1813 (m. Oct. 24, 1751 Rebeckah, dau. of 
Isaac Philps of Westfield) ; son of David 
Dewey, b. June 28, 1700, d. in Aug. 1746 
(m. Aug. 23, 1724 Abigail Ashley, b. Jan. 
6, 1700, d. Mar. 20, 1747); son of Dea. 
David Dewey, b. Jan. n, 1675-6, d. Nov. 
30, 1712 (m. Sarah, b. 1682, d. Aug. 3, 
1756); son of Israel, b. Sep. 25, 1645, d. 
Oct. 23, 1678 (m. Aug. 20, 1668 Abigail 
Drake, b. Sep. 28, 1648, d. Jan. 25, 1727-8); 
son of Thomas Dewey of Sandwich Eng., 
d. in Windsor Ct. Apr. 27, 1648, first of the 
name in America, came from Sandwich 
Eng. to Dorchester Mass. 1630-3, enrolled 
there a freeman 1634, removed to Windsor 
about 1638, was cornet of the town troop of 
mounted light infantry, also juror and 
deputy to the general court (m. May 22, 
1638-9 Widow Frances Clark and had 5 
ch., viz.: Thomas, Josiah, Anna, Israel and 
Jedediah Dewey). 

field Ont. Canada, b. there June 22, 
1850, grad. M. B. from the univ. of Toronto 
1876, physician and surgeon, has been in 
regular practice since 1876 (m. Aug. 19, 
1895 Lilian Thorne, b. Nov. 20, 1875, dau. 
of James P. Thorne, son of William and 
Elizabeth Petit, desc. of Dutchess co. fam- 
ily, also dau. of Helen A. Harrington, dau. 
of Jeremiah Harrington [and Parthina 
Carnaham, dau. of Aaron and Sarafina 
[Van Sickler] Carnaham of Schenectady 
N. Y.], son of Moses and Vesta [Wood] 
Harrington of Schenectady); has brother 
Stephen J. Bowerman of Bloomfield Ont. 
Canada, b. there Dec. 31, 1848, farmer (m. 
Sep. 20, 1869 Elizabeth Lucas and had 3 
ch., viz.: Byron G., b. June 30, 1870, Ethel 
Maud Bowerman, b. Apr. 21, 1879, and 
Stephen Earl Bowerman, b. Aug. 2, 1887) 
son of Gideon Hughes Bowerman of 
Bloomfield Ont. Canada, b. there Nov. 29, 
1818, d. there Sep. 16, 1877, farmer, me- 
chanical engineer (m. June 25, 1845 Mary 
Christy, b. Oct. 2, 1822, d. Dec. 12, 
1897, dau. of William Christy [and Ruth 
Bull, dau. of Josiah and Mehitable 
[Thomas] Bull Jr.], son of Dennis and 
Cornelia [Stewart] Christy, all of Dutch- 
ess co. N. Y.); son of Stephen Bower- 
man of Bloomfield Ont. Canada, b. in 
Dutchess co. N. Y. Oct. 212, 1773, d. in 
Bloomfield June 3, 1857, came to Canada 
with his brothers and mother 1790, settled 
on the farm at Bloomfield then called West 
Lake 1796, member of nine partners meet- 
ing of Friends in Dutchess co. N. Y., 
afterwards gave a portion of his farm for 
Friends meeting house and burial ground, 
the latter still known as Bowerman's Hill 
(m. Jan. 18, 1812 Amy Hughes of New- 
market, b. Dec. 16, 1787, d. July 31, 1863, 
dau. of Job Hughes [and Eleanor Lee of 
Oley Pa.], son of William [and Amy Wil- 
letts of L. I.], son of Ellis [and Jane 
Foulke, dau. of Edward and Eleanor 
Foulke of Gwynedd Pa.], son of John ap 
Hugh the Welsh ancestor who came to 
Amer. in 1698); son of Ichabod Bowerman 
of Dutchess co. N. Y., b. prob. in Mass. 
1720, d. at his home in Dutchess co. now 



called Verbank 1790 (m. 1st Lydia Mott 
and had 5 ch., viz.: Timothy the ancestor of 
the family at Coemans Patent near Albany 
N. Y., Elizabeth [m. Ebenezer Palmer], 
David [m. Catherine Bartlett], Jane [m. 
Sylvester Richmond], and Hannah Bower- 
man, he Ichabod Bovverman m. 2d prob. in 
1758 Jane Richmond, b. in Stonington Ct. 
June 7, 173S, d. in West Lake Ont. Oct. 12, 
1797, dau. of Cyrus Richmond [and Phebe 
Mott, who were m. Mar. 27, 1734]. son of 
John, son of Edward, son of John Rich- 
mond); son of Thomas Bowerman of 
Barnstable Mass., b. there (mar. Jane and 
had: Ichabod, Judah, David, Silas, Joseph, 
Sarah, Jane, Eliza, Peace and Deborah) ; 
son of Thomas Bowerman b. in 16148 
(m. Apr. 9, 1678 Mary Harper and had 
Samuel, Thomas, Stephen, Benjamin, Han- 
nah and Waite); son of Thomas Bow- 
erman of Plymouth Mass. 1633, Barnstable 
1643, b. prob. in Eng., d. prob. in Barn- 
stable Mass. May 25, 1679, came to Ply- 
mouth in 1633, freeman 1634-5 (m. Mar. 3, 
1644 Hannah, dau. of Anthony Annable, d. 
1673, and Jane, they came out in the ship 
" Fortune " 1621, but also said to have 
reached Cape Ann in the ship " Ann " 1623, 
were prob. the first settlers at Cape Ann, 
then at New Plymouth, was one of the old 
settlers, he Thomas Bowerman had 6 ch., 
viz.: Thomas above, Samuel, b. 1651, De- 
sire, b. 1654, Mary, b. 1656, Mehitable, b. 
1658, and Tristram, b. 1661). 

Francisco Cal., b. there Aug. 10, 
1857; son of Jabez Davis Hawks of San 
Francisco, b. in Burlington N. Y. Nov. 21, 
1811, d. in San Francisco May 11, 1869, was 
a pioneer of Cal. (m. Mar. 25, 1856 Harriet 
Eddy., desc. from Wolfart Acker a colonial 
settler near Newburg on the Hudson and 
had Henry D. as above and James Law- 
rence Hawks, b. in San Francisco Cal. 
Dec. 9, 1859, and who is at present in the 
bank of Cal. San Francisco) ; son of Hon. 
James Hawks of Rochester N. Y., b. in 
Worcester co. Mass. about 1774, d. in 
Rochester prob. 1864, was sheriff of co., 
member of state legislature, rep. in con- 

gress for the district then composed of 
Otsego and Chenango counties; son of 
Hon. Daniel Hawks, b. in Lynn Mass. 
Oct. 20, 1749, represented Otsego co. 8 
consecutive terms in state legislature; son 
of Moses, b. in Lynn Mass. Mar. 4, 1699; 
son of Moses Hawks, b. in Lynn Nov. 29, 
1659, desc. from Rebecca Maverick, b. in 
Marble Head Mass., bapt. Aug. 7, 1639, 
Sarah Allerton, b. in Hyden, d. in Marble 
Head Mass. before 1656, and Isaac Al- 
berton, b. in England in 1585, d. in New 
Haven Ct. 1659, was first lieut.-gov. of 

Cambridge Mass., b. in Westmin- 
ster West Vt. Nov. 9, 1841 (m. Sep. 15, 1891 
Adelaide L. Burnham of Chester Vt.); son 
of Alfred Wright of Westminster West 
Vt, b. there 181 1, d. there Dec. 8, 1874 (m. 
Feb. 28, 1837 Emily, dau. of Elihu Weight, 
son of Medad) ; son of Caleb Wright of 
Westminster Vt., b. there 1763, d. there 
July 28, 1831, soldier in the war of 1812, 
first settled on the hill between east and 
west parish, afterwards removed to the 
west parish and inherited the homestead of 
his father-in-law (m. Feb. 4, 1790 Charlotte 
Priest, desc. of the Pilgrims of Plymouth 
Mass.); son of Azariah Wright of West- 
minster Vt., b. in Northfield Mass. 1737, d. 
in Westminster Aug. 27, 181 1, was one of 
the pioneers of Westminster, scout, leader 
in the boundary dispute between New 
Hampshire and New York, captain of the 
Liberty Boys, led his men at the West- 
minster court house massacre when the 
first tocsin of the rev. was sounded 1775, 
was among that daring band under Bene- 
dict Arnold in the unfortunate expedition 
against Quebec in which he and others 
were obliged to chew the leather of their 
cartridge boxes to obtain a little suste- 
nance 1776, was called an Ethan Allen on a 
smaller scale (m. 1st Mary Safford, 2d 
Miriam Safford); son of Azariah Wright 
of Northfield Mass., b. there 1697, d. there 
Oct. 17, 1772, wheelwright, weaver, brick 
maker, brick mason, came to Northfield at 
the third settlement, was a scout in the 



French and English war (m. Jan. 27, 1776 
Widow Elizabeth Field, dau. of William 
Arms of Deerfield Mass., was a woman of 
great energy and the first school teacher in 
Northfield); son of Eliezer Wright of 
Northfield Mass., b. in Northampton Mass. 
1668, d. in Northfield May 12, 1753, lieu- 
tenant in Rasle's war, came to Northfield 
with his father at the first settlement, dea- 
con and a prominent man in town affairs 
(m. Mary Pardee); son of Samuel Wright 
uf England, b. there about 1629, d. in 
Northfield Mass., one of the firbt settlers 
there 1673, sergeant in command at tihe 
first attack by the Indians upon the town 
of Northfield in which he was killed 1675 
(m. Nov. 24, 1653 Elizabeth Burt); son of 
Samuel Wright of Northampton and 
Springfield Mass., d. Oct. 17, 1665, first of 
the name in Amer., his name first appears 
in the town records of Springfield 1639, 
juryman there, deacon of the church, was 
engaged to dispense the word while the 
society were without a minister, moved to 
Northampton Mass. 1655, was among the 
first settlers there, active member of so- 
ciety, was engaged in building mills and 
made many public improvements; son of 
John Wright of Wrightsbridge Eng. 

McMATH, FRANK M. of Detroit 
Mich., b. in Niles Mich. Sep. 23, 
i860, lawyer, compiled the " Memorials of 
the McMath Family " (m. Nov. 14, 1883 
Ada M. Shuart, d. in Detroit May 12, 1891, 
a woman of fine character, dau. of H. Gar- 
rison and Ellen M. [Crippen] Shuart, both 
old Monroe co. N. Y. families); son of 
Robert Warner McMath of Ypsilanti 
Mich., b. in Lowell Mich. Jan. 9, 1836, d. 
in Rienzi Miss. Aug. 2, 1862, served in co. 
C 3d regt. Mich, cavalry, died of camp 
fever in military hospital at Rienzi (m. 
Apr. 14, 1859 Julia Ette Parkhurst Row, b. 
in Superior Mich. Mar. 1, 1838, dau. of 
Abel Parkhurst [and Lydia Brown], who 
came from Monroe co. N. Y., farmer, was 
the first treasurer of the first Masonic lodge 
organized in Washtenaw co. Mich.); son 
of Samuel Kelsey McMath of Ypsilanti 
Mich., b. in Romulus N. Y. Mar. 23, 1813, 

d. in Ypsilanti Nov. 19, 1870, farmer in 
Superior Mich, many years, upright and 
highly respected in church and community 
(m. June 12, 1834 Caroline Shuart, dau. of 
Elisha Shuart [and Julia Evarts], came 
from Honeoye N. Y. 1833, purchased the 
farm near Ypsilanti originally taken up by 
Col. Samuel McMath, father of Samuel 
K.); son of Samuel McMath of Seneca co. 
N. Y. and Washtenaw co. Mich., b. in 
Northumberland co. Pa. Jan. 28, 1782, d. 
near Ypsilanti Mich. 1826, colonel, inher- 
ited from his father 272 acres of the old 
homestead in Seneca co. N. Y., took up 
new farm near Ypsilanti 1826 and died 
while removing his family from N. Y.. en- 
listed in war of 1812 (m. May 24, 1805 Mary 
Fleming, b. near Harrisburg Pa. June 20, 
1784, d. in Niles Mich, in Nov. i860, dau. 
of John Fleming [and Mary Jackson], b. 
in Chester co. Pa. 1752, and gr.-dau. of 
Robert and Jane [Jackson] Fleming); son 
of Alia McMath of Seneca co. N. Y., b. in 
Londonderry Ireland Jan. 11, 1738, d. in 
Romulus N. Y. Oct. 17, 1804, farmer, one 
of the first elders of first Presby. church 
established in Romulus, removed from 
Turbut township Delaware co. Pa. to 
Seneca co. N. Y. 1794 (m. 1769 Mabel, dau. 
of John and Margaret [Wilson] Kelsey, 
gr.-dau. of James and Mabel [Witherough] 
Wilson, who came from the north of Ire- 
land to Amer. about 1750, and gt.-gr.-dau. 
of William and Jane [Stewart] Wilson, 
who were sufferers at the siege of Derry); 
son of Archibald McMath of Londonderry 
Ireland, b. prob. in Dumfriesshire Scot- 
land, left Scotland to escape persecution 
on account of his having embraced the 
Presbyterian religion (m. and had 3 ch., 
viz.: Mary, Alia as above and Daniel, d. at 
19, was educated for the ministry), this 
family undoubtedly belonged to Dumfries- 
shire the seat for many hundreds of years 
of the MacMath of that ilk. 

COLLINS, LEWIS S. of Bethany Pa., b. 
there 1828, civil engineer, county sur- 
veyor (unmarried); son of Lucius of 
Bethany Pa., b 1799, sheriff (m. Sophia 
Sasman, b. in Germany); son of Lewis of 



Cherry Ridge Pa., b. Oct. 29, 1753, d. 1818, 
physician in Guilford Ct., moved to Cherry 
Ridge 1803 (m. 1st Ruth Root, 2d Louisa 
Huntington); son of Charles of Litchfield 
Ct., b. there Aug. 5, 1727 (m. June 18, 1752 
Anna Huntington) ; son of Timothy of 
Litchfield Ct., b. Apr. 13, 1669, d. 1776, 
clergyman, physician, justice of the peace, 
surgeon in expedition against Crown Point 
(m. Elizabeth Hyde) son of John f Guil- 
ford Ct. (m. July 23, 1691 Ann, dau. of Gov. 
Leete); son of John of Guilford Ct. (m. 
Mary Trowbridge); son of John of Boston 
Mass. 1640. 

HULL SHERMAN of Santa Rosa 
Cal., b. in Sangerfield N. Y. May 23, 1848, 
member society of colonial wars, California 
society of Amer. rev., lawyer, U. S. com- 
missioner 1895-6, treasurer of William 
Bartholomew association 1883-4, com- 
mander armed schooner C. H. Tupper 
Honolulu H. I. Wilcox rebellion (m. Dec. 
17, 1885 Helen Parsons Severance, gt.-gt.- 
gr.-dau. of Aaron Parson and had 4 ch., 
viz.: May, Yula, Stella and Sherman Burg- 
hursh Bartholomew); son of Sherman 
Willard Bartholomew of Waterville N. 
Y., b. in Sangerfield N. Y. Oct. 4, 1825, d. 
in Waterville Dec. 30, 1862 (m. Oct. 21, 
1846 Mary Kingsbury Parke, desc. from 
Capt. Joseph Kingsbury, Thomas Stanton, 
Capt. Thomas Prentice, Jonathan and Ann 
[Treat] Richardson and from George and 
Charity Brown) ; son of Ira Hull Barthol- 
omew of Waterville N. Y., b. in Palatine 
Bridge N. Y. 1798, d. in Sangerfield N. Y. 
Oct. 14, 1830 (m. 1824 Mary Clarke Drury, 
dau. of Capt. John Drury and desc. from 
Lieut. John Drury and Sir Hugh Drury); 
son of Ira Bartholomew of Palatine Bridge 
N. Y., b. in Wallingford Ct. 1753, d. in 
Sangerfield N. Y. June 24, 1828, purchased 
one hundred acres of land at Palatine 
Bridge of Sir William Johnson, was one 
of the pioneers of Sangerfield N. Y. (m. 
Nov. 19, 1778 Caroline Shattuck of Wall- 
ingford Ct., d. in 1836, was buried in 
Sangerfield); son of Lieut. Joseph. Barthol- 
omew of Wallingford Ct., b. in Branford 

Ct. May 6, 1721, d. in Wallingford Oct. 27, 
1781, commanded by commission from the 
general court all subject to military duty 
in the town, was minute man in the Lex- 
intgon alarm (m. Jan. 13, 1741 Mary Sax- 
ton); son of Andrew Bartholomew of 
Branford Ct., b. in Roxbury Mass. Dec. it, 
1670, d. in Wallingford Ct. in 1752-5 (m. 
1698 Hannah, dau. of Deputy John Frisbie 
of Branford, gr.-dau. of Thomas Gregson 
founder of New Haven Ct., also gr.-dau. of 
Samuel Bowler and Robert Rose); son of 
Lieut. William Bartholomew (m. Mary 
Porter Johnson, dau. of Capt. Isaac John- 
son who was killed in the Swamp Fight in 
1675, and gr.-dau. of John Johnson sur- 
veyor of all ye King's armies in New 

Detroit Mich., b. in Madrid N. Y. 
Oct. 4, 1812, d. in Detroit Apr. 24, 1879. 
educated at Rochester N. Y., prominent as 
an abolitionist and philanthropist, took a 
leading part in the rescue of Milton Clark 
from slavery at Madison Ohio and while 
living in Columbus Ohio during the chol- 
era epidemic he nursed neglected prisoners 
in the penitentiary (m. Apr. 9, 1838 Eliza- 
beth Gilman Calkins, desc. from Dea. 
Hugh Calkins, Capt. Wetherell, Capt. Geo. 
Dennison of New London Ct., Elder Wil- 
liam Brewster, Governor Thomas Dudley, 
Judge Nicholas Gilman, Col. John Gilman 
of Exeter N. H. and Tristram Coffin of 
Nantucket, he Philander Winchester had 3 
sons, viz.: Charles Jonathan Winchester, 
Arthur H. and Philip); son of Rev. 
Jonathan Winchester of Madison Ohio, b. 
in Ashburnham Mass. Apr. 28, 1781, d. in 
Madison Aug. 17, 1835, grad. from Middle- 
bury coll. Vt. 1809, prepared for the Pres- 
byterian ministry with Rev. Holland 
Weeks, was pastor at Madrid and Wad- 
dington N. Y. 10 years, Rochester N. Y. 5 
years, Madison Ofiio 10 years, visited Eng- 
land in 1833, was a great student of 
prophesies and talked with Mr. Rothschild 
and his sons regarding the return of the 
Jews to Palestine, which he predicted (m. 
Oct. 6, 1811 Hannah Mills Bunn, dau. of 


John Bunn, b. in London Eng., rev. soldier 
in Col. Frederick Fishe's N. Y. regt., im- 
pressed into the British service while on a 
trip to Italy, crossed to the American lines 
under fire to serve throughout the war, 
also dau. of Bethiah Field, dau. of Rev. 
Ebenezer Field and desc. from Zacheriah 
Field of Hartford Ct., Dea. Joseph Mills 
of Simsbury Ct, William Phelps and Ed- 
ward Griswold of Killingworth Ct.); son of 
Henry Winchester of Ashburnham Mass., 
b.' in Brookline Mass. May 25, 1753, d. in 
Malone N. Y. Mar. 23, 1734, rev. soldier in 
Capt. Gates' co. at the age of 21, remained 
at the siege of Boston in Capt. Wilder's co. 
(m. Apr. 30, 1780 Lois Davis, b. Oct. 23, 
1751, d .in Malone May 16, 1842, dau. of 
Lt. Simon Davis of Harvard and Littleton 
Mass. and widow of John Phelps Jr., her 
epitaph is as follows: She was an affection- 
ate wife, a beloved mother and a sincere 

Grace will complete what grace begins 
To save from sorrow and from sins; 
The work that wisdom undertakes, 
Eternal mercy ne'er forsakes) ; 

son of Rev. Jonathan Winchester of 
Brookline and Ashburnham Mass., b. 
in former Apr. 21, 1717, d. in latter 
Nov. 26, 1767, grad. from Harvard 
coll. 1737, was active in school and 
church, first minister in Ashburnham, 
his epitaph says: "The gentleman, the 
scholar and the Christian were in him con- 
spicuous " (m. May 5, 1748 Sarah, dau. of 
Samuel Crafts of Brookline Mass. and desc. 
from Lt. Griffin Crafts of Roxbury Mass., 
Lt. John Sharp who was killed in the Sud- 
bury fight 1676, and Samuel Aspinwall, he 
Jonathan Winchester had 2 sons, viz.: 
Henry above and Samuel whose son Lt.- 
Gov. Oliver F. Winchester of Ct. was 
founder of the Winchester Arms Co. of 
New Haven Ct.); son of Henry Win- 
chester of Brookline Mass., b. there, d. in 
Dec. 1750, held several town offices, was 
on a committee to bring the schools into 
some good order 1724 and was on the 
committee to seat the meeting house 1737, 
it was noted that he and his heirs forever 

"shall have that half of the spot on which 
the women's to hindmost seats are erected 
upon in the body of the meeting house next 
the alley going to the pulpit the broad 
alley said Winchester paying into the 
town treasury for the same thirteen 
pounds" (m. Oct. 5, 1705 Frances, dau. of 
Joseph White, gr.-dau. of John White of 
Watertown Mass., 1st cousin of John 
White of Cambridge Mass. 1685, chaplain 
to Gov. Phipps and treasurer of Harvard 
coll. and 1st cousin of Anna White who m. 
Benjamin Boylston, gr.-father of Pres. 
Adams); son of Hon. John Winchester Jr. 
of Brookline Mass., bapt. June 2, 1644, d. 
in Brookline Feb. 1, 1718, was the first 
representative from Brookline to the Mass. 
colonial assembly 1709, soldier in King 
Philip's war stationed at Ponkapog now 
Canton Mass. 1676, his estate was listed at 
£1,006 9s. (m. Joanna Stephens, b. May 
28, 1652) ; son of John Winchester of Bos- 
ton Mass., b. 1616, d. Apr. 25, 1694, em- 
barked for Amer. in the ship " Elizabeth " 
I0 35, joined the first church in Boston 1636, 
freeman 1637 and a member of the ancient 
and honorable artillery co. 1638 (m. Oct. 
IS, 1738 Hannah, dau. of Dea. Richard 
Sealis of Scituate Mass.). 

Hartford Ct., b. in Hartford Ct. Jan. 
7, 1855 (m. Jan. 7, 1886 Sarah Lavinia 
Lines, dau. of H. Wales and Sarah C. 
[Munger] Lines of Meriden Ct., she had 
2 ch., viz.: Maude Lines Hamilton, b. Nov. 
3, 1886 and Lorenzo Hamilton, b. June 
24, 1895) ; son of Lorenzo of Hartford Ct. 
and Sacramento Cal., b. in Woodbury Ct. 
Dec. 12, 1818, d. in Sacramento Cal. July 
20, 1868, one of the founders of Hartford 
Young Men's inst. now Hartford library, 
sec. of " Henry Lee " argonauts to Cal. 
1849, was after coll. of port San Fran- 
cisco, connected with Central Pacific R. R., 
also merchant (m. Mar. 14, 1847 Lavinia 
Delliber, dau. of Joseph Delliber, boot and 
shoe merchant of Hartford, who m. 
Lavinia Richardson) ; son of 3>avid of 
Danbury Ct., b. there Oct. 26, 1791, d. 
there Mar. 29, 1834 (m. Deborah Knapp 


J 47 

Boughton, dau. of Abijah Boughton [desc. 
of John Boughton, French Huguenot] 
and Rebecca Shute, dau. of Capt. Shute 
of Danbury Ct., soldier in rev. war); son 
of Paul of Danbury Ct., b. there Nov. 

19, 1752, d. there Pembroke dist. May 
31, 1830, soldier in rev. war, capt. (m. 
Anna Stevens, b. Sep. 28, 1757, d. Feb. 

20, 1829, dau. of Lieut. Ezra Stevens, sol- 
dier in rev. war, a desc. of Thomas Stevens 
of Darien now Stamford Ct. 1658, and 
Ann Barnum, desc. of Thomas Barnum, 
one of the first settlers of Danbury Ct. 
1684-5); son of Silas of Danbury Ct., b. 
there, d. there, was capt. of train band, 
when Tryon's soldiers were burning Dan- 
bury he had gone to the mill on horseback 
for a piece of red flannel which was to be 
made into a cloak for his wife, lingered 
to see the British soldiers, who spying 
him put after him shouting " We'll have 
you, old daddy! We'll have you!" " Not 
yet! Not yet!" he replied and put spurs 
to his horse, as they were gaining on him 
and drew their sabres to cut him down, 
the roll of cloth was unrolled and stream- 
ing back frightened their horses so that 
after a chase down the main street he got 
away and turning down a side street 
escaped (m. Elizabeth Knapp, probably 
dau. of Peter and Elizabeth [Slauson] 
Knapp) ; son of Joseph, b. probably in 
Scotland, d. in Danbury Ct. aged 86 years; 
son of William, b. in Glasgow Scotland 
1643, d. in Danbury 1746, settled in Cape 
Cod where he was persecuted for "dealing 
with evil spirits" for having killed the first 
whale on N. E. coast, fled to R. I., re- 
moved to Danbury; probably son of Gal- 

Newton N. C, b. in Sherrill's ford, 
N. C. July 26, 1841, lost his leg in civil war 
1864, clerk Superior Court Catawba county 
14 years, represented the co. in both 
branches of the leg., elected state librarian 
1899, represented the Methodist church re- 
peatedly in annual and gen'l conferences 
(m. May 1, 1867 Sarah R. Bost, dau. of 
Capt. J. M. Bost killed near Petersburg 

Va. in civil war 1864 and Caroline Ram- 
saus dau. of David and Ann [Loretz] 
Ramsaus, she had 7 ch. viz.: Garland, 
Bessie C, Edward Gilmer, Clarence O., 
Charles Marvin, Russell G. and Mary 
Lura); son of Hiram of Sherrill's Ford 
N. C, b. there Nov. 5, 1795, d. there Jan. 
5, i860, was a planter, made a success of 
farming (m. 1820 Sarah Sherrill, b. near 
Sherrill's Ford 1802, dau. of Moses and 
Mattie [Osborne] Sherrill and gr.-dau. 
of William Sherrill); son of Nicholas of 
Sherrill's Ford N. C, b. there Aug. 22, 
1762, d. there May 1, 181 1 (m. Mrs. Dil- 
lon) ; son of Adam of Sherrill's Ford, b. 
in Md. Nov. 1, 1731, d. in Sherrill's Ford; 
son of Adam of Sherrill's Ford, b. in 
Md., d. in Sherrill's Ford 1772, said to 
have been the first white man to cross the 
Catawba river and the fording place has 
been known as Sherrill's Ford, Adam had 
a William b. May 1, 1723 d. Dec. 31, 1786 
(m. Agnes White) who had son Moses b. 
Oct. 15, 1759 d. Mar. 8, 1829 (m. Mattie 
Osborne) who had son Isaac b. Aug. 8, 
1781 d. Sep. 10, 1856 (m. Mary Hibbitts) 
who had son Martin Van Buren Sherrill 
b. Nov. 4, 1837, clergyman who m. Dec. 
2, 1856 Martha J. Douglas. 

HARMON, ISRAEL of Springfield 
Mass. b. in Suffield Ct. Nov. 19, 1834, 
educated in the common schools and at 
Easthampton and Wilbraham Mass. sems., 
taught school 10 terms and was a farmer, 
bought the Springfield Mass. dye house, 
has been in business 1867-1900, pub. a 
unique and handsome fam. chart, de- 
livered addresses before the Harmon re- 
union in Aurora O. 1896 and before the 
Sons of Amer. rev. in Springfield Mass. 
1898, is prominent in North Congrega- 
tional church, is member of the George 
Washington Soc. of the Sons of Amer. 
rev. (m. 1st Sep. 28, 1859 Frances Maria 
Cooley, d. Jan. 24, 1896, 6 gen. of old 
N. E. ancestors, dau. of Rev. Henry 
Cooley educated at Mt. Holyoke sem., 
she had 3 ch. viz.: Martha F. Harmon m. 
Edward C. Johnson d., had Israel, Francis 
and Lillie grad. Philadelphia Pa. Woman's 



School of Design, Clara E. Harmon and 
Lillie M. Harmon m. 2d Sep. 21, 1898 
Clara Bell, a desc. of the distinguished 
fam. of Bell's in N. H.); son of Israel, 
b. in Suffield Ct. Dec. 17, 1784, d. there 
Apr. 20, 1849, mfr. of powder for the Erie 
canal, was also large farmer, was a promi- 
nent citizen, held every office in Suffield 
(m. Nov. 24, 1819 Paulina Harmon, fifth 
in desc. from the original John Harmon 
though only distantly related to her hus- 
band, she was a handsome, healthy wo- 
man, she had 4 sons and 3 daus., she 
reared her children in the fear of God and 
, to keep his commandments); son of Israel 
of West Suffield Ct., b. there Oct. 29, 1753, 
d. there Dec. 14, 1831, was soldier in rev. 
war, as were Harmon's, all desc's of the 
original John, was one of the original set- 
tlers of Springfield Mass. of which Suffield- 
was then a part, was a leading citizen (m. 
Elizabeth Norton, of old New England 
settlers, she had 6 sons and 1 dau.) ; son 
of Ebenezer of West Suffield Ct., b. there 
1727, d. there 1807, was a prominent citizen 
(m. Jan. 7, 1753 Rachel Harmon, dau. 
Jonathan Harmon, desc. of the original 
John, she had 2 sons viz.: Israel above and 
Ichiel who served under Gen'l Washing- 
ton in rev. war) ; son of Joseph of West 
Suffield Ct., b. there 1682, d. there 1747, 
was a farmer and trader; son of Joseph of 
Springfield Mass., b. there 1647, d. in 
Suffield Ct. 1729, was a great fur trader 
with the Indians, had trading routes and 
traveled west many miles over the moun- 
tains, was Col. Pynchon's chief partner 
in the fur and other trading operations, he 
and his brother Samuel were the first set- 
tlers of what is now Suffield Ct.); son of 
John, b. in Eng. 1617, d. in Springfield 
Mass. 1661, the original ancestor in Amer., 
ancestor of about 3,500 desc's, was with 
Col. Pynchon, one of the original settlers 
of Springfield 1644. 

Chicago 111., b. in McAllesterville Pa. 
May 7, 1850, learned the trade of typeset- 
ting and telegraphing, employed with P. 
r. r. co. as telegrapher many years, went 

to the Pa. and N. Y. r. r., was dept. supt. 
of telegraph in Sayre Pa., removed to Chi- 
cago 1885 (m. Oct. 1, 1874 Eva J. Hopkins, 
dau. of John Richard Hopkins, a pioneer 
abolitionist and underground r. r. to free- 
dom man, son of Rev. Daniel 4 , Samuel 3 , 
David 2 and James 1 , chief of pilgrims 1620, 
desc. of Elder William Brewster, she had 
2 daus. viz.: Evelina Weed Hamilton and 
Amelia Weed Hopkins Hamilton, m. G. S. 
Dade); son of James Wallace Hamilton 
of Mifflintown Pa., b. in Juniata co. Pa. 
Dec. 15, 1822, held lieut. commission in 
civil war signed by Gov. Curtain Penn, 
was sheriff of Juniata co. (m. 1849 Eliza- 
beth Bard Kurtz, b. Jan. 5, 1823, dau. of 
David Kurtz, b. Jan. 30, 1798, d. 1873, 
farmer, was one of 14 sons, had 5 sisters, 
m. Margaret Bard of Reading Pa., dau. of 
George Bard of Lancaster Pa., b. there 
Oct. 11, 1773, d. May 27, 1856, took oath 
of allegiance May 22, 1777, m. Elizabeth 
Swope, dau. of John Swope, b. 1747, son 
John, son of Yost Swope, coat of arms, 
son of George Philip and Margaret tKitz- 
miller] Bard) ; son of James W. Hamilton 
of Port Royal Pa., b. in Edinburgh Scot- 
land, soldier in rev. war, was sheriff, re- 
ceived a grant of land for services, served 
as highlander in war of 1812 (m. Eleanor 
Riddle, dau. of Capt. William Riddle 1776- 
78 of Port Royal and Martha McCardle, 
dau. of James McCardle of Germantown 
1809, they had son stolen by the Indians 
and made a chief. 

SCOTT, JAMES LEE of Ballston N. Y., 
b. there Jan. 9, 1856, grad. Williams 
coll. 1876, Col. Law school N. Y., at- 
torney, referee in bankruptcy 1898, co. 
clerk of Saratoga co. 1888 (m. 1st 1886 
Nathalie Heloise Hall, dau. of Theo. Par- 
sons and Alexandrine [Godfrey] Hall, she 
had Brenton Hall Scott b. Feb. 1, 1890, m. 
2d 1896 Anna May Boone of Louisville 
Ky., dau. of J. R. Boone and had Gor- 
don Boone Scott b. Nov. 6, 1897); 
son George Gordon Scott of Ballston N. 
Y., b. there May 11, 1811, died in Ballston 
N. Y. 1886, grad. Union coll. 1831, justice 
of the peace 1837-49, judge of Court of 



Common Pleas 1838, N. Y. assembly 1856- 
57, senate 1858-59, supervisor of Ballston 
20 years (m. 1839 Lucy Pitkin Lee, b. in 
Ballston 1814 d. there 1883, dau. of Hon. 
Joel and Patience [Westcott] Lee); son of 
James of Ballston N. Y., b. on Gordon 
farm Ballston Jan. 31, 1774, d. at Scott 
homestead Ballston Jan. 18, 1857, was a 
noted surveyor of northern N. Y. and 
Canada, master in chancery etc. (m. in 
Vernon Conn., Mar. 7, 1809 Mary Bots- 
ford, dau. of John Botsford [son of Samuel 
Botsford soldier in rev. war who m. Sarah 
Hall dau. of Dr. John Hall' of Wallingford 
Ct.] and Mary Chapman); son of George 
of Ballston N. Y. b. in Drumenagh Ire. 
May 11, 1725, d. in Ballston May 211, 1785, 
scalped by the Indians and his house 
burned during the rev. war 1780 (m. about 
1760 Jane Gordon, dau. of Alexander and 
Martha [Wallace] Gordon and sister of 
Gen'l James Gordon of Antrim, b. in Kil- 
lead Ire. 1728, d. in Ballston 1813, an officer 
in rev. war, relative of Gen'l Macomb 
whose gr.-father m. Jane Gordon cousin 
of Gen'l Gordon) ; son of George V. in 
Drumenagh Ire. 1685 (m. Mary Dilworth 
of London Eng., she had 2 sons viz.: John 
and George) ; son of George, b. 1640; son 
of George b. 1610; son of Benjamin of 
Ackerworth Eng., b. 1560, desc. of the 
ancient fam. of Scott of Dumfries, Scotland. 

Ct., b. town hill in Salisbury Ct. Aug. 
11, 1847, grad. Eastman's Business coll. 
Poughkeepsie N. Y. 1863, has been in the 
employ of the Sharon Valley Iron Co. 25 
years, Democratic mem. of Ct. leg. 1876, 
first selectman of the town of Sharon 
Ct. 1884-86, again 1890-91, engaged in 
retail coal trade (m. Oct. 27, 1870 Caroline 
B. Bunnell, b. July 13, 1851, dau. of Henry 
Bunnell and Alma E. Goodrich, a desc. of 
William Goodrich of Wethersfield and 
Sharon Ct., she had 4 ch. viz.: Charles 
Goodrich Walton, b. July 27, 1873, Jennie 
Belle b. Mar. 29, 1875, Alma Caroline b. 
Jan. 20, 1878 and William Frederick b. 
Nov. 18, 1884) ; son of Frederick Augus- 
tus Walton, of Town Hill Salisbury Ct., b. 

in Salisbury Mar. 9, 1817, d. there Oct. 15, 
1869, was mem. of Ct. leg. from Salisbury 
1865 (m. Nov. 12, 1844 Caroline Tibbals 
Barnum, b. May 18, 1822, dau. of Milo 
Barnum and a desc. of Thomas Barnum 
one of the first eight original settlers of 
Danbury Ct., who emigrated to Amer. 
1650) ; son of Frederick Augustus of 
Town Hill Salisbury Ct., b. in Salisbury 
Ct. Mar. 18, 1794, d. there Nov. 26, 1861, 
farmer, was mem. of Ct. leg. 1835-36, 
selectman of Salisbury 1831 (m. Jan. 23, 
1816 Mary Stevens, b. Jan. 23, 1793, d. Jan. 
19, 1884, dau. of Adine and Abigail 
[Bradley] Stevens, gr.-dau. of Ebenezer 
and Lucy [Griswold] Stevens, who moved 
from Killingworth and settled in Salisbury 
and desc. of John Stevens of Guilford 
1650) ; son of William of Town Hill Salis- 
bury Ct., b. in Pomfret Ct. May 14, 1759, 
d. in Salisbury May 14, 1819, physician, 
removed to Salisbury about 1780 (m. Mary 
Wessells, b. 1762, d. Apr. 22, 1824, dau. of 
Lawrence Wessells, who removed from 
Lyme Ct. to Litchfield Ct. m. Abigail 
Baldwin a desc. of Joseph Baldwin, one of 
the first settlers of Milford Ct. 1639); son 
of William of Town Hill Salisbury Ct., 
b. Nov. 16, 1735, d. in Salisbury Apr. 14, 
1787, removed from Pomfret to Salisbury 
about 1780, the farm where he settled is 
now in possession of George M. Walton 
of Sharon Ct., lived in Pomfret Ct. some 
time and practiced medicine in that and 
surrounding towns (m. Elizabeth, b. 1737, 
d. Mar. 8, 1783); son of Dr. John Norwich 

bridge Mass., b. in North Andovel 
Mass. Feb. 24, 1852, A. B. Harvard univ. 
1877, LL. B. Harvard Law school 1878, 
A. M. Harvard univ. 1879, lawyer in Bos- 
ton (m. Feb. 12, 1885 Mary P. Bell, dau. 
of Charles H. Bell of Exeter N. H., d. 
there, was gov. of N. H., she had Gladys 
Loring Bailey b. July 11, 1887); son of 
Otis of Andover and No. Andover Mass., 
b. in Andover Apr. 14, 1806, d. in No. 
Andover May 30, 1866, was a deacon in 
the Unitarian church (m. Lucinda Alden 



Loring b. in Duxbury Mass., a desc. of 
John Alden who emigrated in the "May- 
flower" 1620) ; son of James of Andover 
Mass., b. there Aug. 16, 1757, d. there 1807 
(m. Apr. 17, 1786 Lucy Brown, dau. of 
William Brown of Tewksbury Mass.) ; son 
of Samuel of Andover Mass., b. in Brad- 
ford Mass. Nov. 17, 1728, d. in battle of 
Bunker Hill June 17, 1775, lieut. (m. Jan. 
22, 1753 Hannah Kittridge); son of Samuel 
of Bradford and Andover Mass., b. in 
Bradford Feb. 20, 1705, d. in Andover Jan. 
5, 1784 (m. 1st Feb. 2, 1728 Mary Rolf, m. 
2d Dec. 1774 Dorcas Abbott); son of 
James of Bradford, b. in Rowley Mass. 
1680, d. in Bradford Feb. 1769 (m. 1st July 
14, 1702 Hannah Wood, m. 2d Nov. 212, 
1733 Mary Bacon, widow); son of John of 
Rowley Mass., b. there Dec. 2, 1642, d. 
coming from Can. Nov. 19, 1690, went 
there in expedition under Gen'l Phipps (m. 
June 16, 1668 Mary Mighill, dau. of 
Deacon Thomas Mighill of Rowley) ; son 
of James, b. about 1612, d. in Rowley 
Mass. Aug. 9, 1677, removed to Rowley 
about 1640, acquired some property and 
held a number of town offices, had brother 
Richard who removed to Ipswich 1638 
then to Rowley 1639 (m. Lydia, d. in Row- 
ley Apr. 29, 1704). 

Philadelphia Pa., b. in Montgomery 
co. Pa. Dec. 27, i860, grad. Univ. of Pa., 
M. D. and B. S. 1884 111. Wesleyan univ. 
A. M. 1894, first assistant laboratory of 
hygiene, Univ. of Pa., author (m. June 5, 
1884 Annie S. Hallman, dau. of Joseph 
and Kate [Stauffer] Hallman, a desc. of 
Anthony Hallman, who was rated as a 
well-to-do farmer of Montgomery co. Pa. 
1745); son of Godshalk of Skippack Pa., 
b. in Montgomery co. Pa. Jan. 25, 1833, 
followed farming all his life, now living 
retired (m. 1856 Susan D. Hendricks, dau. 
of John Hendricks, gr.-dau. of Henry 
Hendricks, she had 6 ch. viz.: Nelson, 
David, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary and Irwin, 
daus. all d.); son of David of Mont- 
gomery co. Pa., b. there June 9, 1804, d. 
in Skippack Pa. July 1, 1887, was a min- 

ister in the Menonite church in Skippack 
(m. Elizabeth Reiff, whose ancestors emi- 
grated from Germany before 1776, she had 
6 ch. viz.: Mary, Godshalk, George, Lena, 
Jacob and 1 d. in infancy) ; son of Jacob 
of Montgomery co. Pa., b. there Jan. 12, 

1761, d. there Nov. 5, 1828, farmer (m. 
Elizabeth Godshalk of German desc, she 
had 4 ch. viz.: Anna, John, Goosbalk and 
David); son of John of Montgomery co. 
Pa., b. there, d. there, was a miller by 
occupation; son of John Ulrica Bergey of 
Montgomery co. Pa., b. probably in Ger- 
many, d. in Montgomery co. Pa. Nov. 

1762, farmer, emigrated to Amer. about 
1717, located in Salford township Pa., 
purchased a farm there 1726, was one of 
the organizers of the Menonite church in 
Salford 1738 (m. Mary, she had 11 ch.). 

of Chicago 111., b. in Detroit Apr. 18, 
1851, B. A. Bethany coll. W. Va. 1870, 
barrister-at-law Osgood hall Toronto 1876, 
founded and built West Toronto junction, 
deputy reeve 1 year, reeve 1 year, mem. 
of York co. council 2 years, mayor 3 years, 
cand. for Ontario parliament 1890, ad- 
mitted to practice before Supreme Court 
N. D. 1895 (m. June 5, 1878 Clara M. 
McMillan, b. in Wellington co. Ont. Can. 
Jun. 28, 1858, dau. of Charles McMillan 
I. P., b. in Erin Ont. of Scotch desc, 
who m. Christina McDougal, b. in Wel- 
lington co. Ont. of Scotch desc. and 
a desc. of the Stewarts, she had 7 ch. viz.: 
Charles George Robinson, Clara, May 
Stuart, Daniel Wallace Douglas, George 
Oswald Albrechte, Anna Katharine, Frank 
Earnest and Mary) ; son of George, b. in 
township Louth Lincoln co. Ont. Dec. 
18, 1825, d. in Aberdeen S. D. May IX, 
1882, student Hanodb Ky. coll. 1841, 
minister of Christian church for over 30 
years, in 111., Ind., O., Mich, and Can. 
(m. Aug. 1850 in Hamilton Ont. by 
Bishop Greene of Methodist Episcopal 
church Anne [Robinson] Langdon, b. in 
Dublin 1824, d. in Toronto Can. 1899, 
widow of Charles Langdon, dau. of 
Thomas Robinson of Armagh Ire., d. in 



Hamilton Can. 1852, soldier in war 1812-15, 
at Waterloo, occupation of Paris and Irish 
constabulary, in Can. in militia putting 
down rebellion 1837, who m. in Dublin 
Ire. Catharine Kearney, d. in Peterboro 
Ont. of cholera 1832); son of Daniel of 
Glencairn Louth township Ont., b. in 
present site of St. Catharine Ont. May 3, 
1793, d. in South township Ont. 1866, was 
in Can. militia 1812, located about 1820 
near Jordan Ont. on large farm, had saw- 
mill for years, was prosperous in business 
(m. Susan Albrechte or Albright, who 
was brought by her parents .when six 
months old on horseback from Bucks co. 
Pa. to Clinton township about 1800) ; son 
of Abraham of St. Catharine Ont., b. 
1760, d. 1812-1815, took part with the 
British in rev. war, was on home guard 
duty in 1812 and died from exposure (m. 
Jan. 2, 1788 Hannah Hainer, b. 1772); son 
of James, who came from Ire. or Scot- 
land with his brothers John, Samuel and 
Charles to Pa. about 1746. John lived in 
Cumberland co. Pa., was a 1st lieut. in 
Capt. Sample's company in rev. war. 
Samuel was lost track of. Charles went 

South Yarmouth Mass., b. there Sep. 
10, 1821, merchant of Boston, mem. of 
governor's councils 1870-72, held several 
important positions in Boston, retired to 
South Yarmouth 1888 (m. 1st Sep. 3, 1845 
Sarah L. Ba,*sett, dau. of Zenas D. Bassett, 
shipmaster, m. 2d Sep. 24, 1850 Martha E. 
Torry, dau. of Rev. Reuben Torry, she had 
2 sons viz.: Henry E., b. Feb. 10, 1853, and 
Frank H., b. Jan. 25, 1854, m. 3d Frances 
A. Beecher, dau. of Laban S. Beecher of 
Boston, carver, carved the figurehead of 
Pres. Jackson for the U. S. ship consti- 
tution " Old Ironsides," which was sawed 
off at night during the excitement of the 
removal of the U. S. bank deposits by 
Pres. Jackson 1834, she had 2 daus. viz.: 
Martha L., b. Jan. 11, 1865, and Alice B., 
b. Apr. 4, 1867); son of Isaiah of Yar- 
mouth, b. there Mar. 10, 1779, d. in Boston 
Mass. Jan. 2, 1864, was shipmaster in early 

life, was captured during the war of 1812 
by the British sloop of war Albert and 
carried to St. Johns Newfoundland, was 
director and pres. of Barnstable bank of 
Yarmouth for 37 successive years (m. 1st 
Jan. 13, 1803 Hannah Howes, desc. of 
Thomas Howes, who was one of the original 
grantees of Yarmouth, m. 2d June 3, 1807 
Abigail Kelley, desc. of David O'Killia of 
Yarmouth 1657); son of Christopher of 
Yarmouth Mass., b. there Apr. 7, 1737, d. 
there Jan. 12, 1781, was soldier in rev. 
war in Capt. Micah Chapman's company, 
Col. Nathaniel Freeman's reg. that 
marched from Yarmouth on Lexington 
alarm 1775, marched on secret expedition 
to R. I. 1777, marched on alarm to Dart- 
mouth 1778 (m. 1 761 Deborah Sears, desc. 
of Richard Sears, the pilgrim) ; son of 
Christopher of Yarmouth Mass., b. there 
July 24, 1698, d. there Jan. 12, 1781 (m. 
Sep. 23, 1724 Sarah Matthews); son of 
John of Yarmouth Mass., b. there 1662, 
d. there Oct. 15, 1728 (m. 1684 Bethia 
Sears, desc. of Richard Sears, the pilgrim) ; 
son of John of Yarmouth Mass., b. there 
1638, d. there Feb. 28, 1688, was town clerk 
and school teacher (m. about 1660 Mehit- 
able Miller, dau. of Rev. John Miller, grad. 
Cambridge coll. 1627, settled in Roxbury 
Mass.); son of John of Yarmouth Mass., 
b. in Eng., d. in Yarmouth Jan. 4, 1672, 
spelled his name Crowe, emigrated to 
Amer. 1635, was admitted an inhabitant of 
Charlestown Mass. the same year, the old 
colony court granted the lands in Mat- 
tacheset now Yarmouth, to Anthony 
Thacher, Thomas Howes, John Crowe and 
John Coit, moved to Yarmouth 1638, was 
appointed by the old colony court on the 
first land committee, was admitted free- 
man of the colony 1640, was deputy 
1641-43, on the Yarmouth records the 
notice of his death reads, " The late Mas 
Crowe was buried the 7th of Jan. '72," old 
soldier (m. Elishua, emigrated to Amer. 
before 1635). 

Brooklyn N. Y., b. in Ashford Ct. 
Sep. 19, 1824, d. in Brooklyn Nov. 2, 1894, 

*5 2 


moved to Southbridge Mass., then to New 
York city 1857 where he was a successful 
merchant (m. in No. Scituate R. I. June 

20, 1852 Lydia Waterman [Smith] Allen, 
widow of his brother, she has 3 ch. viz.: 
William Lafayette b. in N. Y. city May 27, 
1857, grad. Yale coll. 1880 m. in Brooklyn 
Feb. 3, 1885 Grace Laflin dau. of Addison 
H. Laflin of Herkimer N. Y. and Helen 
Maria Hall of Syracuse N. Y., Martin 
Smith Allen b. in N. Y. city Feb. 12, i860, 
grad. Yale coll. 1882, Zachariah Nelson 
Allen b. in Brooklyn Feb. 12, 1865, grad. 
Yale coll. 1886, was admitted to N. Y. bar 
1888) ; EDWIN LEE Allen of Providence 
R. I., b. in Ashford Ct. June 11, 1822, d. 
in Providence Oct. 10, 1849 (m. May 20, 
1847 Lydia Waterman Smith of No. Scit- 
uate R. I., a direct desc. of Roger Will- 
iams, Richard Waterman and Christopher 
Smith the first settlers of R. I., she had 2 
ch. viz.: Edwin Lee Allen of Brooklyn 
N. Y. b. in No. Scituate Feb. 29, 1848, 
grad. Yale coll. 1868, A. M. there 1871, 
m. Mary Tuder Pratt dau. of John M. 
Pratt of Brooklyn, Mary Caroline Allen 
b. in No. Scituate June 20, 1850 m. Dec. 
12, 1877 Edward L. Tripler of Brooklyn); 
son of Zachariah, b. in Ashford Ct. Mar. 

21, 1786, d. Feb. 16, 1855, he and his 
brothers owned large tracts of land around 
Ashford (m. Nov. 18, 1810 Charlotte 
Woodward of Canterbury Ct., b. 1788, d. 
Apr. 13, 1847, dau. of Peter Woodward, 
she had 9 ch. viz.: Philip b. Mar. 6, 181 1 
d. Mar. 17, 1811, Zachariah Nelson b. in 
Ashford Mar. 20, 1812, d. Apr. 10, 1865, m. 
June 16, 1833 Caroline Skinner, Bethuel 
Woodward b. Dec. 23, 1813, d. June 19, 
1848, m. in Nov. 1840 Mary Ann Whipple, 
Juliette b. in Ashford Aug. 29, 1816, d. in 
Brooklyn N. Y. Dec. I, 1888, m. in Ash- 
ford Jan. 1, 1839 Warner Howard and had 
Mary of Brooklyn, Charles Nathan 
of Brooklyn and Ellen F. m. James H. 
Remington, Angenette Allen b. Nov. 25, 
1819, d. Dec. 17, 1868 m. Merrick Clem- 
ence, Edwin Lee above, William Lafayette 
above, Fielder Palmer b. Sep. 9, 1826, d. 
Jan. 12, 1848 and Harriet C. Allen b. Jan. 
27, 1829, d. Sep. 1, 1855, m. Moses G. 

Leonard of Putnam Ct.) ; son of David of 
Ashford Ct., b. in Rehoboth Mass. Oct. 
17, 1757, marched to the relief of Boston 
under Capt. Thomas Knowlton in the 
Lexington alarm 1775, was corpl. in the 
revised Ashford 5th co. 3d Ct. reg. under 
Col. Israel Putnam, afterwards under Bene- 
dict Arnold (m. Sylvia, she had 5 ch. viz.. 
Philip b. Oct. 11, 1781, moved to N. Y. 
state, David b. Feb. 4, 1784, Zachariah 
above, Solomon b. Nov. 17, 1789 and Han- 
nah b. Aug. 21, 1792, d. Nov. 20, 1806); 
son of David, b. in Rehoboth Mass. May 
14, 1734, d. Dec. 9, 1815, buried in Ashford, 
moved to Providence R. I., then to Ash- 
ford Ct., owned large tracts of land around 
Ashford (m. Mary, d. Jan. 1, 1816, she had 
2 ch. viz.: Mary b. June 28, 1756 and David 
above) ; son of David, b. in Rehoboth 
Mass. Dec. 9, 1707, had a large estate in 
the division of which a commission ap- 
pointed to settle it awarded his eldest son 
David a double share, decision was given 
Apr. 2, 1754 (m. Hannah, d. 1751, she had 9 
ch.); son of Benjamin, b. in Salisbury 
Mass. 1652, d. in Rehoboth Mass. Sep. 3, 
1723, fought in King Phillip's war (m. 1st 
Sep. 3, 1686 Rachel Wheeler, widow of 
Henry Wheeler of Boston, d. May 5, 1694, 
m. 2d Nov. 13, 1695 Hopestill Leonard, d. 
1754, 11 ch.); son of William, d. June 18, 
1686, will proved same year, emigrated 
from Eng. to Newbury Mass., was one of 
earliest settlers of Mass., had land granted 
to him 1638, moved to Salisbury Mass. 
1639, was one of first settlers there (m. 1st 
Ann Goodale, d. May 1678, m. 2d Alice, d. 
Apr. 1687). 

cago 111., b. in Wayne O., Aug. 20, 
1851, grad. physician of the National coll., 
had professorship chair in acad. of science 
in Europe, is an electro-theraputist and 
professor of electro-physics, received di- 
ploma as master of electro-surgery and 
physics, is an inventor and mfr. of medical 
batteries, is a practicing physician (m. Feb. 
26, 1877 Nancy Allen Hill, dau. of Capt. 
Robert Hill [a lineal desc. of John Hill of 
Warwickshire Eng.] and Agnes Webb who 



m. 2d Robert Arden of the Asbies, she had 
3 ch. viz.: Leroy Alexander Webb, Pearl 
Edith Webb and Faith Eva Webb) ; son of 
Silas of Naples N. Y. and Wayne O., b. 
in Naples "Bristol Hill" Nov. 9, 1815, d. 
in Jefferson O. Jan. 12, 1804 (m. June 25, 
1843 Rachel Sherman Webb, dau. of Ezra 
Webb [son of Elkana Webb of Darien 
Ct.] and Susan Sherman dau. of William 
Sherman, cousin of Gen'l W. T. Sherman) ; 
son of Silas of Bristol Hill N. Y., b. in 
Darien Ct. July 31, 1784, d. there 1845, 
was a man of education and culture, own- 
ing a large landed estate in Bristol Hill, 
enlisted as musician in a N. Y. reg. when 
war was declared 1812, was noted for 
philanthropy and was highly adored as a 
man and citizen (m. 1802 Mindwell Hoyt, 
desc. from the Hoyts of Stamford Ct.); 
son of Sylvanus of Darien Ct. and Bristol 
Hill N. Y., b. in Stamford Ct. Oct. 5, 
1745, d. in Bristol Hill 1810, was an 
educated man and a patriot, enlisted in 2d 
Westchester N. Y. reg., served through 
rev. war under Col. Thomas, when the reg. 
disbanded he was a non-commissioned 
officer under Capt. Lyon 1783 (m. 1765 
Dolly Wood, dau. of Daniel Wood [gr.- 
dau. of Jonathan Wood of Huntington L. I., 
known as Jonathan Wood Weaver of 
Jamaica L. I. and in the pub. hist, of 
First Presbyterian church in Jamaica, sold 
his property in Jamaica and purchased a 
home near Norwalk Ct. 1706] and Dorothy 
Rockwell); son of Richard of Stamford 
Ct., b. there Jan. 10, 1722, d. there 1765, 
was a well-to-do citizen, established a com- 
fortable inheritence for his ch. (m. 1743 
Abagail Hoyt, of the well-known and 
honored fam. of Hoyts of Stamford and 
whose descs. have been men of prominence 
in many states) ; son of Jonathan of Stam- 
ford Ct., b. there Apr. 12, 1675, d. there 
Aug. 5, 1744, received an education and 
started in life as befitted a cultured son of 
an English born gentleman, was a well- 
to-do citizen of the town and state (m. 
May 15, 1710 Judith Chamberlin of a cul- 
tured Eng. fam. that settled early in Stam- 
ford); son of Richard, b. 1610, emigrated 
to Amer. with his son Richard 1629, they 

finally settled in Ct.) ; son of Richard, b. 
1580; son of Alexander, b. 1559; son of 
Alexander, b. 1534; son of Henry sr, b. 
1510, educated and refined, was gentleman, 
usher in Hampton court King Henry VIII 
1544; son of John Alexander Webb, sir, 
of the army of King Henry VII, had 2 
sons, William b. 1509, held his father's 
estates and Henry above; son of John 
Alexander Webb, sir, b. 1472, officer; son 
of John, b. 1450; son of William, b. 1426; 
son of John, b. 1405; son of Geoffry, b. 
1372; son of Henry, b. in Warwickshire 
Eng. 1350. 

v^ Everett Mass., b. in No. Sandwich N. 
H. Feb. 4, 1867, was educated in the pub- 
lic schools and Beede's high school in Cen- 
tre Sandwich until 19 years of age, then 
went to New Hampton to attend school, 
grad. New Hampton lit. inst. 1890, teacher, 
principal of Wilmington Mass. grammer 
school, of West Dennis grammer school, 
and Dennis high school, instructor in pen- 
manship and bookkeeping in Burdett busi- 
ness coll. Boston 1900 (m. July 12, 1893 
Jennie May Fisk, b. in West Dennis Sep. 
27, 1869, dau. of Capt. H. H. and Cynthia 
Jane [Baker] Fisk, gr.-dau. of Capt. 
Nathan and Polly [Baker] Fisk of Dennis, 
she had son Louis Fisk Corliss b. Jan. 24, 
1895); son of Hiram Stevens Corliss of 
No. Sandwich N. H., b. there Apr. 12, 

1844, is a good specimen of a shrewd New 
Eng. farmer, honest, intelligent, indus- 
trious and a good citizen, owns the farm 
where he was born and on which his father 
settled nearly a century ago (m, July 16, 
1865 Sarah Elizabeth Goodwin, b. Sep. 2, 

1845, dau. of John and Mary [Dolloff] 
Goodwin of Moultonborough N. H., gr.- 
dau. of Nathan Goodwin who came from 
Lebanon Me.); son of Benjamin of No. 
Sandwich N. H., b. there Sep. 1, 1807, d. 
there Aug. 29, 1895, farmer, was noted for 
his remarkable health, his industry and 
honesty (m. Oct. 21, 1833 Mary R. Hub- 
bard, b. in Acton Me. Nov. 3, 1814, d. 
Jan. 22, 1892, sister of Louise Hubbard 



wife of John Cotton Corliss); son of 
Joseph, of No. Sandwich N. H., b. in 
Weare N. H., Sep. n, 1780, d. in No. 
Sandwich Sep. 1 1, 1853, farmer, a devout 
Christian, mem. of Baptist church, d. of 
cancer (m. about 1803 Lydia Cotton, b. in 
Gilmanton N. H. May 4, 1785, d. Mar. 11, 
1845, was a member of free will Baptist 
church 40 years); son of Nathaniel of 
South Weare and North Sandwich N. H., 
b. in Haverhill Mass. 1738, d. in Sandwich 
1826, bought one-half lot in South Weare, 
with his brother Timothy, was chosen 
town clerk at the first meeting in Weare 
1764, was chosen tithing man, with 11 
others organized the 2d Baptist church in 
N. H., removed to Sandwich about 1770 
(m. Lois Emery); son of Timothy of 
South Weare N. H., b. in Haverhill Mass., 
Dec. 13, 1693, d. in South Weare 1783, 
moved from Bedford and was the fifth set- 
tler of Weare 1753, bought a lot for £9 
old tenor bills of credit and built a very 
fine log cabin (m. Feb. 15, 1726 Sarah 
Hutchins, b. in Haverhill Mass. June 20, 
1701); son of John, of Haverhill Mass., b. 
there Mar. 4, 1648, d. Feb. 17, 1698, was 
a farmer and soldier (m. Dec. 17, 1684 
Mary Wilford, b. in Haverhill Nov. 18, 
1667, dau. of Gilbert Wilford) ; son of 
George of Haverhill Mass., b. in Exeter 
Eng. 1617, d. in Haverhill Oct. 19, 1686, 
emigrated to Amer. 1639, settled in Haver- 
hill, farmer (m. in Haverhill Oct. 26, 1645, 
Joanna Davis, sister of Thomas Davis of 
Marlborough Eng.). The old Corliss 
farm at Haverhill known as Poplar Lawn 
and settled by George Corliss in 1640 has 
never been out the hands of his direct 
descendants. Fam. of Hiram S. Corliss: 
Chas. Edwin b. Feb. 4, 1867, Arthur Elmer 
b. Dec. 12, 1870, Mary Etta b. Dec. 14, 
1872, Benj. Franklin b. Nov. 28, 1876, d. 
Aug. 10, 1896, Lucy Ethel b. May 8, 1878, 
Lizzie M. b. Sep. 7, 1882. Fam. of Ben- 
jamin: Sam'l Hubbard b. May 7, 1835, 
Mary Francis b. Feb. 1, 1839, William H. 
H. b. Dec. 4, 1841, d. Sep. 15, 1850, Hiram 
S. b. Apr. 12, 1844, Jennie Louisa b. Oct. 
12, 1846, Olive Ellen b. Feb. 3, 1849, 
Julia A. b. Jan. 19, 1852, d. July 21, 

I 1870, Martha Q. b. Dec. 17, 1856, Geo. 
Harrison b. Apr. 15, i860. Fam. of 
Joseph: Benjamin b. Sep. 1, 1807, d. Aug. 

29, 1895, John Cotton b. May 7, 181 1, d. Jan. 
8, 1875. Fam. of Nathaniel: Phebe b. Jan. 
20, 1766, Hannah b. May 19, 1769, d. Oct. 

30, 1803 (m. Andrew McGaffey), Lydia b. 
Apr. 6, 1770, Sarah (m. Enoch Colby, vet. 
of war of 1812), Jonathan b. 1774, Nathaniel 
b. 1776, Daniel b. 1778, Jessie b. 1780, 
Joseph b. Sep. 11, 1780, d. Sep. 11, 1853 
(b. at Weare N. H.), Sam'l b. 1784, James 
b. 1785, d. May 14, 1873 (m. Lydia Brier 
Sandwich). Fam. of Timothy: Timothy b. 
Nov. 28, 1726, d. 1810, Joanna b. Apr. 14, 
1729, Sarah b. Apr. 30, 1731, Jeremiah b. 
1734, d. Dec. 20, 1775, Nathaniel b. 1738, d. 
1826. Fam. of John: John b. Mar. 14, 
1686, d. Nov. 1766-9, Mary b. Feb. 25, 1687, 
Thomas, b. Mar. 2, 1689, d. 1784, Hannah 

, b. 1691, d. Sep. 8, 1764, Timothy b. Dec. 13, 
1693, d. 1783, Jonathan b. July 16, 1695, d. 
Mar. 22, 1787, Mehitable b. May 15, 1698. 
Fam. of Geo. : Mary b. Sep. 6, 1646, d. Oct. 
22, 1722, was captured by the Indians Mar. 15, 
1697, John b. Mar. 4, 1648, d. Feb. 17, 1698, 
Joanna b. Apr. 28, 1650, d. Oct. 29, 1744, 
Martha b. June 2, 1652, Deborah b. June 6, 
1655, Ann b. Nov. 8, 1657, d. June 1691. 

NER of Cohasset and Boston Mass., 
b. in Hanover Mass. Oct. 19, 1818, d. Oct. 

31, 1895, followed the sea for many years, 
retired and lived quietly at his home in 
Cohasset, soon however entered upon his 
career as a druggist in Boston, remained 
in that business until hia death (m. Or 
8, 1845 Drusilla Snow, o. in Boston Dec 
16, 1882, dau. of Ephraim and Mar 
[Polly] Snow of Cohasset, she had 5 ch. 
viz.: Mary Snow Percival, Priscilla 
Lothrop, John Henry, Drusilla Snow 1st 
and Drusilla Snow 2d) ; son of Sylvanus 
of Hanover Mass., b. in South Sandwich 
Mass. June 20, 1796, d. in Boston June 7, 
1879, after the death of his wife he lived 
in the fam. of his son John and was greatly 
beloved by all who knew h'm (m. Nov. 
14, 1816 Celia Ewer); son of Benjamin of 
South Sandwich Mass., b. there Jan. 13, 


J S5 

1752, d. there Apr. 15, 1817 (m. 1772 Lydia 
Goodspeed, b. 1753, d. Sep. 5, 1843); son 
of John of South Sandwich Mass., b. there 
Dec. 2, 1720, d. there Oct. 10, 1788 (m. 
Oct. 10, 1742 Lydia Fuller, dau. of Ben- 
jamin and Rebecca Fuller of Sandwich); 
son of John of Barnstable Mass., d. there 
1738 (m. July 3, 1703 Mary Bourne) ; son 
of James of Sandwich Mass., b. in Eng., 
d. in Sandwich 1691 (m. Mary, d. Apr. 12, 

Vt, b. there Dec. 25, 1837, d. there 
Feb. 26, 1900, educated at Allentown Pa. 
acad. and at Pinkerton acad. in Derry 
N. H., was reg. quartermaster in 1st Vt. 
cavalry U. S. vol., with rank of 1st lieut, 
pres. Grand Isle Steamboat Co., gen. 
baggage agent C. V. R. R., auditor Na- 
tional Car Co., state fish and game com- 
missioner 1881-90, pres. St. Albans vil- 
lage ass'n, represented St. Albans in 
Vt. leg. 1880, state senator 1882-83, ap- 
pointed by the sec. and treas. as U. S. 
sup't of construction of the federal build- 
ings of St. Albans 1897, charter mem. Vt. 
commandery, military order of the loyal 
legion and senior vice-commander of the 
same, pres. N. E. ass'n of gen. baggage 
agents, mem. N. E. fish and game league 
(m. Feb. 6, 1866 Anna Maria Forbes, b. 
in Windsor Vt. Nov. 22, 1847, only dau. 
of Abner Forbes Jr. Esq., successively 
paymaster, cashier and auditor C. V. R. R., 
and Catherine Tucker Campbell, and gr.- 
dau. of Gen'l Abner Forbes Sr. of Wind- 
sor Vt., a distinguished and conspicuous 
figure in Vt. affairs during first half of the 
19th century, pres. of the bank of Windsor, 
gen. of militia, state leg., mem. of 
the govs, council, chief judge of the court 
of common pleas, a trustee of Middlebury 
coll. and of Columbian coll., also gr.-dau. 
of Hon. Edward Raymond Campbell of 
Windsor, banker, man of letters, author, 
senior warden in St. Paul's parish Wind- 
sor, and mem. of the standing committee 
of the diocese of Vt., she had 4 ch. viz.: 
Louisa Brainerd, Harry Forbes Brainerd, 
d. in infancy, Lilian Miranda m. Robert 

Alexander Gunn Jr. of New York, and Law- 
rence Brainerd) ; son of Hon. Lawrence 
Brainerd, b. in East Hartford Ct. Mar. 16, 
1794, d. in St. Albans Vt. May 9, 1870, one 
of the incorporators and builders of C. V. 
R. R., pres. Amer. Missionary Soc, one 
of the founders of the national Republican 
party, delegate to national conventions 
1856-1860, treas. Franklin co. 1826-45, state 
legislator 1834, U. S. senator 1854-55, 
presidential elector 1856 (m. Jan. 16, 1819 
Fidelia Burnet Gadcomb, b. in Gloucester 
R. I. Mar. 31, 1793, d. in St. Albans Oct. 
18, 1852, dau. of William and Amey 
[Owen] Gadcomb, and gr.-dau. of Hon. 
Daniel Owen, chief justice and lieut.-gov. 
of R. I., who m. Hannah Angell, a lineal 
desc. of Gov. Roger Williams) ; son of 
Ezra, b. in Middle Haddam Ct. May 11, 
1769, d. in Holly N. Y. Nov. 15, 1833, 
architect, built Carthage bridge, many 
churches and public buildings, lieut.-col. of 
militia, served during the war of 1812 (m. 
1787 Mabel Porter, dau. of James Porter 
Jr. and Eunice Taylor, and a desc. of the 
Pitkins, Stanleys, Goodwins, Bartletts, 
Harts, Richards, Andrews and other 
prominent Ct. fams.); son of Ezra, b. in 
Middle Haddam Ct. Aug. 17, 1744, d. there 
Apr. 7, 1837, owned and managed an ex- 
tensive quarrying business in Haddam 
Neck for over 60 years, was a man greatly 
esteemed, deacon of the church of Had- 
dam, served 21 terms in Ct. leg. be- 
tween 1 777-1818, was justice of the peace 
and a mem. of the Hartford convention 
1814 (m. Aug. 31, 1762 his 3d cousin 
Jerusha Smith, dau. of Lieut. David and 
Dorothy [Brainerd] Smith of Haddam, 
gr.-dau. of Hon. Hezekiah Brainerd, a 
mem. of the Ct. council and father of 
David Brainerd the missionary, gt.-gr.-dau. 
of Rev. Jeremiah and Elizabeth [Whiting] 
Hobart) ; son of Josiah, b. in Middle Had- 
dam Ct. May 4, 171 1, d. there July 8, 
1792, was lieut. 14th company 6th Ct. reg. 
1752, served later in rev. war, mem. of 
Ct. leg. 1782 (m. Sep. 12, 1738 Han- 
nah, dau. of Jared and Sarah [Day] Spen- 
cer) ; son of William, b. in Middle Had- 
dam Ct. Mar. 30, 1673, was lieut. of Had- 



dam train band 1722 (m. Dec. 13, 1698 
Sarah, dau. of John Bidwell) ; son of 
Daniel, b. in Eng., d. Apr. 1, 1715, emi- 
grated to this country when a boy and 
lived till of age in the Wyllys fam. of 
Hartford, was an original proprietor of 
Haddam Ct. 1662, deacon, justice of the 
peace, was held in high esteem (m. Han- 
nah, dau. of Gerrard Spencer Esq. of Lynn 
Mass. and Hartford Ct.). 

Braintree Mar. 5, 1858, b. on the old 
homestead, at an early age evinced a fond- 
ness for natural history, was one of asso- 
ciate editors of the Ornithologist and 
Oologist 1886, devoted his whole time. to 
the profession of a naturalist after 1887, 
was an active mem. of the Boston Scien- 
tific Soc. 1888, was its pres. 1894-95 and 
sec. 1896-1900, has contributed a number 
of works on natural history (m. Oct. 1, 
1879 Cora Alberta Hibbard, b. Nov. 15, 
1858, d. July 14, 1886, dau. of Albert B. 
and Lucy A. [Howard] Hibbard of Milton 
Mass., she had 2 ch. viz.: Lucy Mary, b. 
June 12, 1880, and Samuel Albert, b. Aug. 
14, 1881, d. Mar. 30, 1883, m. 2d Sep. 16, 
1891 Ruth Foss, b. in Barrington N. H. 
July 14, 1869, dau. of James W. and Julia 
A. Littlefield Foss of Dover N. H., she 
had son Harold Austin, b. Feb. 18, 1896); 
son of Samuel Austin Bates, b. in Brain- 
tree Mar. 25, 1822, d. Mar. 20, 1897, b. on 
the old Bates homestead and there he 
passed most of his days, was educated in 
the public schools, learned the shoemaker's 
trade which he followed in part many 
years, was employed by one concern over 
40 years, advocated the cause of temper- 
ance and was a total abstainer, was a mem. 
of Odd Fellows and held high offices, also 
mem. of Free Masons and held high offi- 
ces, was town clerk of Braintree 1855-57 
and 1875-97, refused re-election on account 
of ill health 3 weeks before his death, 
served on board of registrars 13 years, 
justice of the peace, receiving his first com- 
mission from Gov. N. P. Banks 1860, 
served on the school committee 7 years, 
wrote a number of hist, and gen. works 

of great value, honorary mem. of Wey- 
mouth Hist. Soc. 1879, Old Colony Hist. 
Soc. of Taunton 1888, honorary corre- 
sponding mem. and corresponding mem. 
Me. Hist. Soc. 1894, charter mem. and vice- 
pres. Quincy Hist. Soc. 1893 (m. Feb. 4, 
1846 Mary Hervey Kittrell, b. Nov. 10, 
1819, d. Sep. 30, 1895, dau. of Joshua 
Parker and Lucy Bryant Kittrell) ; son of 
Samuel, b. in Weymouth Dec. 14, 1787, 
d. Aug. 28, 1873, farmer and bootmaker, 
moved to Braintree 1818, bought the Capt. 
John Hollis place cor. Union and Middle 
streets, the old house is still there (m. 
Nov. 21, 181 1 Susanna Hobart Hunt, b. 
Apr. 23^ 1791, d. July 11, 1876, dau. of 
Asa and Silence Orcutt Hunt, she had 5 
ch. viz.: Sarah Hobart, b. June 7, 1812, 
m. July 8, 1829 Gideon Thayer, David, b. 
June 3, 1815, m. Sep. 14, 1836 Eliza T. 
Arnold, Samuel Austin above, Susan Jane, 
b. Dec. 21, 1828, d. Sep. 16, 1866, m. 1st 
Sep. 13, 1846 Amasa Robbins, d. Jan. 28, 
1856, m. 2d Apr. 30, 1857 John Stoddard, 
d. Dec. 13, 1893, and Eliza Ann, b. Apr. 
24, 1838) ; son of Samuel, b. Dec. 21, 1760, 
d. Dec. 3, 1808 (m. Oct. 7, 1782 Dorcas 
Shaw, b. Apr. 8, 1762, d. Oct. 1840, dau. 
of Zachariah and Martha [Gurney] Shaw, 
she had 8 ch. viz.: Caleb, b. Feb. 6, 1784, 
m. June 26, 1806 Betsey Pittee, Samuel, b. 
Apr. 4, 1786, d. in infancy, Samuel above, 
Sally, b. May 3, 1790, d. Feb. 9, 1817, 
Zachariah, b. Nov. 10, 1792, m. Mary Nash, 
David, b. June 25, 1795, m. Ruth Howard 
Burrill, Clarissa, b. June 3, 1798, m. Mar. 
31, 1825 Samuel P. Pratt, Susan, b. Nov. 
20, 1800, m. June 18, 1826 Daniel Hunt 
Jr.); son of Samuel, b. Apr. 16, 1733, d. 
Sep. 19, 1764 (m. Dec. 25, 1754 Hannah 
Pratt, b. Aug. 7, 1738, d. Dec. 5, 1764, 
she had 5 ch. viz. : Samuel, b. Nov. 5, 
1754, d. in infancy Lois, b. Feb. 8, 1756, 
m. Sep. 10, 1778 Jacob Turner, Lucy, b. 
Jan. 29, 1757, d. in infancy, John Ward, b. 
Apr. 7, 1759, m. Betty Porter, and Samuel 
above); son of Samuel, b. about 1693, d. 
Dec. 8, 1752, miller and cordwainer (m. 1st 
Grace, d. Dec. 29, 1724, she had 7 ch. viz.: 
Deborah, William, b. Dec. 7, 1812, m. 
Mary Ward, Lydia, Sarah, Samuel, d. 



young, Deborah and Samuel, b. Dec. 9, 
1724, m. 2d Sep. 18, 1725 Hannah Ward, 
dau. of John and Hannah [Beal] Ward, 
she m. 2d Nov. 26, 1753 Joshua Torrey, 
she had 7 ch. viz.: Hannah, b. Aug. 25, 
1726, m. Joseph Dyer Jr., Mary, b. Feb. 
13, 1728, m. John Reed, Grace, b. Feb. 9, 
1730, m. Fred Cushing, Samuel above, 
Persis, Ruth and Leah, b. Oct. 8, 1739, m. 
Stephen Dyer); son of Increase, b. Dec. 
28, 1641, d. Feb. 20, 1717, date of will 1713 
(m. Mary Whitmarsh, d. Dec. 21, 1715, 
dau. of John Whitmarsh, she had 9 ch. 
viz.: Edward, b. Jan. 21, 1681, Ebenezer, 
b. Mar. 1, 1686, m. Catharine Arnold, 
Samuel above, Anna, Ruth, John, Mary, 
Judith m. Aaron Renpuf, and Sarah m. 
Ephraim Richards) ; son of Edward, b. in 
Eng. about 1605, d. Mar. 25, 1686 (m. 
Susanna, she had 8 ch. viz.: Prudence, 
Susanna m. Nathaniel Blanchard, Increase 
above, John m. Mary Farwell, Mary m. 
John Rogers, Anna m. James Stuart, Ed- 
ward m. Elizabeth Shaw, and Jehosha- 

Cleveland O., b. in Marietta O. June 
19, 1843, d. in Cleveland July 19, 1889, pri- 
vate in 148th O. vol. artillery 1861, grad. 
Marietta coll. 1864, Andover theol. sem. 
1869, B. A., M. A. and D. D. Marietta 
coll., pastor in Atwater O. 1870-76, in 
Cleveland 1876-84, organized the Franklin 
ave. Congregational church (m. Dec. 2, 
1869 Malvina Whipple, her gr.-mother was 
dau. -in-law of Manasseh Cutler, who 
secured the adoption of the clause in the 
ordinance of 1787 " one of the three title- 
deeds of American constitutional liberty," 
which forever dedicated the northwest to 
freedom, she had 5 ch. viz.: Charles Whip- 
ple Shipman, Fannie L., Anna L., Paul 
Cutler and Ralph Bingham) ; son of 
Samuel of Marietta O., b. there Oct. 15, 
1807, d. there May 9, 1880, merchant, treas. 
and trustee of Marietta coll., deacon in 
Congregational church (m. Jan. 22, 1833 
Lucina Bingham, b. Nov. 26, 1807, dau. of 
Jeremiah and Rhoda [Fenn] Bingham, 
cousin of Rev. Hiram Bingham, one of the 

first missionaries to the Sandwich Islands, 
she had a dau. Rhoda Shipman m. gr.-son 
of Manhasseh Cutler, from whose home in 
Ipswich [old Rutland] Mass. started the 
" O. company " to settle the " northwest 
territory," landing in Marietta O. 1788) ; 
son of Joshua of Athens and Marietta O., 
b. in Saybrook Ct. Apr. 16, 1767, d. in 
Marietta Oct. 3, 1823, boss carpenter of 
Muskingum acad. 1798-99, and the first 
Congregational church in the northwest 
territory 1807-8, was elder in the Presby- 
terian church in Athens O. (m. Dec. 1, 
1786 Sibyl Chapman, b. Aug. 14, 1768, dau. 
of Robert and Anne [Bliss] Chapman); 
son of Samuel of Saybrook Ct., b. there 
May 21, 1726, d. Sep. 4, 1801 (m. 1st Sarah 
Doty, m. 2d Jan. 10, 1754 Hannah Bush- 
nell); son of John of Saybrook Ct., b. 
Jan. 1687, d. July 7, 1742 (m. "each to 
other" Jan. 11, 1715 Elizabeth Kirtland); 
son of John of Saybrook Ct., b. Apr. 5, 
1664 (m. "each to other" May 5, 1686 
Martha Humphries) ; son of Edward of 
Saybrook Ct. (m. 1st Jan. 1651 Elizabeth 
Comstock, m. 2d July 1, 1663 Mary An- 
derson or Andrews) ; son of Edward of 
Saybrook, emigrated to Amer. from Hull 
Eng. with George Fenwick 1639. 

\J West Waterford Vt., b. there May 25, 
1818 (m. June 24, 1847 Cosbi B. Parker); 
son of Isaiah of Waterford Vt., b. in Ash- 
ford Ct. June 29, 1783, d. in St. Johnsburg 
Vt. July 6, 1871 (m. Apr. 21, 1808 Caroline 
Bugbee); son of Jonah of Ashford Ct., b. 
in Sutton Mass. 1744, d. in Ashford Ct. 
Jan. 31, 1805 (m. Nov. 22, 1769 Zerniah 
Whitmore) ; son of Isaiah of Sutton 
Mass., b. in Attleboro Mass. Feb. 7, 1714, 
d. in Sutton Mar. 23, 1744 (m. Sep. 12, 
1734 Alathea Titus, widow); son of Moan 
of Rehoboth and Attleboro Mass., b. in 
Rehoboth Mar. 28, 1672, d. in Attleboro 
Apr. 1756, m. 3 times; son of William of 
Rehoboth Mass., b. in England 1631-2; son 
of William b. in Eng. 1605, d. in 
Rehoboth Feb. 7, 1659; son of William, 
b. in Eng. 1576, d. there, moved to New 
Eng. 1638, returned to Eng.; son of 



William; son of William, b. about 1520, 
d. 1550; son of John of Eng. ; son of 
James of Eng.; son of William of Eng.; 
son of John of Eng.; son of John, brother 
to John the town clerk of London; son of 
Richard; son of John. 

of Pittsburg Pa., b. in Marietta O. 
Sep. 12, 1871, N. Y. univ. 1893-91, Marietta 
coll. 1895-96, B. A. 1896, M. A. 1898, Johns 
Hopkins univ. 1895-98, Ph. D. 1898, prof, 
of Greek Fairmount coll. Wichita Kans.; 
son of Joseph A. of Pittsburg Pa., b. in 
Putnam O. Sep. 26, 1840, Phillip's acad. An- 
dover 1857, Marietta coll. 1861, B. A. 1861, 
M. A. 1864, deacon Franklin ave. Congre- 
gational church Cleveland O. 1877, East 
Congregational church Brooklyn N. Y. 
1885, elder East End Presbyterian church 
Pittsburg 1895, sup't Keystone Live Stock 
Ex. Co. Pittsburg (m. Jan. 18, 1866 Sarah 
Elizabeth Shipman, b. in Marietta O. Sep. 
29, 1839, dau. of Samuel and Lucina 
[Bingham] Shipman); son of Addison of 
Zanesville O., b. in North Coventry Ct. 
July 5, 1800, d. in Marietta O. Jan. 25, 
1892, entered Amherst coll. 1823, Andover 
theol. sem. 1825-58, pastor 50 years, mem. 
New Eng. Hist. Gen. Soc, trustee Putnam 
female sem. 38 years., of Lane theol. sem. 
31 years, of Marietta coll. 51 years, D. D. 
Marietta coll. 1854, " he was among the 
most zealous and efficient of those pioneers 
of the church who began their ministry 
at the front, when O. was yet largely a 
wilderness " (m. Aug. 20, 1832 Mary 
Farrar Price, b. in Bucksport Me. Dec. 
26, 1804, d. in Marietta O. Jan. 17, 1888, 
dau. of Rev. Ebenezer and Lucy [Farrar] 
Price, gr.-niece of Hon. Timothy Farrar 
LL. D., chief justice of Supreme Court 
of N. H.); son of Joseph of North Coven- 
try Ct., b. there Apr. 17, 1753, d. there 
Apr. 13, 1828 (m. Feb. 21, 1780 Lois Rich- 
ards Porter, dau. of Jonathan and Sarah 
[Ladd] Porter, she had Mary m. Harlan 
Page, and Addison above) ; son of Ebe- 
nezer of Coventry Ct., b. Feb. 11, 1716, 
d. in Coventry Sep. 6, 1800, was mem. of 
the assembly in Hartford when Gen'l 

Washington visited Gov. Trumbull, then 
of Valley Forge to devise relief for 
the continental army, he took the leaden 
weights from his big clock, substituting 
sand, and moulded them into bullets with 
the aid of his good wife Priscilla, who 
spent the following Sabbath baking bis- 
cuits for the army, which were forwarded 
with the bullets on Monday (m. Nov. 28, 
1743 Priscilla Kingsbury, her dau. Martha 
betrothed to Capt. Hale, whose last words 
were, " I only regret that I have but one 
life to lose for my country," executed by 
order of Sir William Howe Sep. 22, 1776); 
son of Joseph, b. Jan. 22, 1682, d. Dec. 1, 
1757 (m. Feb. 15, 1705 Ruth Denison, dau. 
of William and Margaret Denison, who 
came to Amer. in ship "Lion" 1631); son 
of Joseph of Norwich Ct., b. in Haverhill 
Mass. 1656, d. Apr. 9, 1741 (m. Apr. 2, 
1679 Love Ayer, b. Apr. 15, 1663, dau. of 
John Ayer) ; son of Henry of Haverhill 
Mass., b. 1615, d. Oct. 1, 1687 (m. Susan- 
nah); son of Henry of Ipswich Mass., b. 
in Eng., emigrated from Eng. in ship 
"Talbot," one of Gov. Winthrop's fleet, 
and landed in Charlestown 1630, he and 
his wife joined the 1st church of Boston, 
being the 25th and 26th mems. (m. Mar- 
garet Alabaster). 

PHELPS, H. WARREN of Blendon O., 
b. there May 5, 1839, enlisted in Co. 
H, 95th reg. O. vol. infantry Union army 
1862, served 3 years, was orderly sergeant, 
commissioned 2d lieut., then 1st lieut., 
commanded company 2 years, was en- 
gaged in 30 battles (m. Jan. 1, 1868, 
Louisa M. Clark, dau. of George B. Clark, 
who m. Mar. 29, 1842 Mindwell E. Gris- 
wold, gr.-dau. of Ursula Phelps, dau. of 
Timothy Phelps and sister to Edward 
Phelps Sr., gr.-dau. of Isaac and Ursula 
Griswold, she had 6 ch. viz.: George H. 
Phelps, b. Dec. 23, 1868, m. Sep. 30, 1895 
Bertha Swickard/ Rolland C. Phelps, b. 
May 28, 1871, m. Jan. 26, 1898, Elva H. Car- 
penter, Grace C. Phelps, b. Nov. 23, 1874, 
Warren Dwight Phelps, b. Apr. 8, 1877, 
Mary Louise Phelps, b. Dec. 11, 1880, 
Homer Moore Phelps, b. July 10, 1883); son 


T 59 

of Homer M. Phelps of Blendon O., b. 
there Feb. 9, 1812, d. there June I, 1883, 
was farmer and live stock dealer, was jus- 
tice of the peace 12 years, held other town 
offices, was administrator of estates and 
held trust funds, stood high in community 
and church, was a good juror (m. Jan. 14, 
1835 Elizabeth G. Connelly, dau. of Ed- 
ward Connelly, who m. in Lancaster Pa. 
Sep. 1807 Mary Graham, removed from 
south of Eng. when quite young, dau. of 
William Graham, sent as a missionary from 
Eng. to Amer. by John Wesley 1789, but 
d. at sea) ; son of Edward of Windsor Ct. 
and Blendon O., b. in Windsor Aug. 27, 
I 759> d. in Blendon 1840, settled estates 
as administrator in Windsor, traveled to 
O. with Isaac Griswold on horseback 1805, 
they selected land on Alum creek, removed 
to his land in O. 1806, was first settler of 
Blendon (m. June 12, 1789 Azubah Moore, 
dau. of Simeon and Hannah [Barber] 
Moore, gr.-dau. of Andrew and Sarah 
Phelps Moore, also gr.-dau. of Benjamin 
Barber) ; son of Timothy of Windsor Ct., 
b. in Poquonock Ct. Feb. 3, 1714, d. in 
Windsor Feb. 1794, made a will 1792, and 
an order of distribution of his estate from 
court of probate of Hartford Ct. 1794 (m. 
Apr. 24, 1746 Margaret Gillett) ; son of 
Cornelius of Windsor Ct., b. there Apr. 
26, 1671, d. there, was very active in public 
works in Windsor (m. Nov. 2, 1704 Sarah 
Mansfield); son of Timothy of Windsor, 
b. there Sep. 1, 1639, d. there 1719, lieut. 
(m. May 19, 1661 Mary Griswold, b. in 
Windsor Oct. 5, bapt. Oct. 13, 1644, dau. 
of Edward Griswold, b. in Kenilworth 
Eng., emigrated to Amer. 1839); son of 
William, b. in Exeter or Tewkesbury Eng. 
about 1590, m. there and had 4 sons viz.: 
William, Samuel, Nathaniel and Joseph, 
they emigrated to Amer. with their father 
in ship " Mary " and John 1630. 

ton D. C, b. Feb. 1, i860, secretary 
to Associate Justice Rufus W. Peckham of 
Supreme Court of U. S. (m. in Syracuse 
N. Y. Sep. 19, 1888 Evva Etta Lynn, b. 
Apr. 7, 1861, dau. of William Henry and 

Orpha [Smith] Lynn); son of Arza, b. in 
Schuyler N. Y. Nov. 23, 1821, d. in Syra- 
cuse N. Y. Feb. 1, 1899, was educated in 
common schools and Clinton sem., was 
school teacher until his marriage, moved 
from Schuyler to Salina with his gr.- 
father Gershom Hinckley, engaged in 
farming about 1846, dealt in wood and 
lumber, salt mfg. and mercantile business, 
was mem. of Methodist Episcopal church 
in Clay N. Y. in his younger days, was a 
Democrat and took great interest in poli- 
tics, moved to Denver Col. 1886, was jus- 
tice of the peace in Granite Col. 1890-96, 
returned to Syracuse 1896 (m. in Clay Mar. 
30, 1846 Sarah Adeline Plummer, b. in 
Richmond Mass. July 25, 1819, d. in Liver- 
pool N. Y. Sep. 22, 1876, dau. of John 
Lester and Jerusha D. [Stanton] Plum- 
mer, she had 6 ch. viz.: Lucy Amanda 
Ball, b. Oct. 4, 1847, d. Sep. 13, 1896, m. 
in Clay Dec. 25, 1869- Amos G. Bettinger, 
carpenter, son of Martin J. and Polly 
[Chamberlin] Bettinger, she had 4 ch. viz.: 
Minnie Letitia Bettinger, b. Oct. 5, 1871, 
m. Sep. 14, 1898 Clarence Adelbert Bard 
of Syracuse, b. Nov. 27, 1872, bookkeeper, 
son of George M. and Flora Louisa 
[Dean] Bard, Josie Ellen Bettinger, b. 
Feb. 19, 1874, Irving A. Bettinger, b. Apr. 
22, 1876, d. Sep. 3, 1882, Howard Max 
Bettinger, b. Apr. 9, 1886, d. Dec. 28, 1891, 
Lester Zebina Ball, b. Aug. 19, 1850, d. 
Mar. 30, 1853, Emma Junia Ball, b. July 
12, 1853, d. in Syracuse Jan. 27, 1899, m. 
in Granite Col. Oct. 31, 1888 Frank M. 
Guerin, miner, had child, d. in infancy, 
George Augustus Ball of Syracuse, b. July 
19, 1855, merchant, Rosa A. Ball, b. May 
24, 1857, d. Dec. 23, 1857, and Jesse 
Charles Ball above; JESSE Ball of Nor- 
wood Park 111., b. Mar. 7, 1819, d. in Nor- 
wood Park May 25, 1895, farmer, moved 
to Cook co. 111. 1842, removed to Mich, 
where he resided 8 years, returned and 
located in Lyden township 1858, went to 
Kans. to assist in making that a free state 
1856, was the first collector of taxes in N 
Jefferson precinct Kans. under the free 
state law and voted for the Wyandotte 
constitution, returned to his home in 



Lyden i860 and purchased his farm in the 
town of Norwood Park 1866, resided there 
until his death, was elected assessor of 
Norwood Park on the Republican ticket, 
excepting 1 year, for 28 years, which office 
he held at his death, was constable several 
times in earlier years and was frequently 
elected mem. of school board (m. in Park 
Ridge 111. May 8, 1842 Drusilla Tanner, b. 
in Camden N. Y. May 15, 1822, d. Feb. 
14, 1893, dau. of Williard and Watie [Sher- 
man] Tanner and cousin of Elisha Tanner, 
she had 5 ch. viz.: Zebina Williard Ball, 
b. Mar. 30, 1843, d. May 14, 1862, was en- 
rolled into service as a private in Co. B, 
Chicago light artillery, in civil war, d. of 
typhoid fever in City Hospital St. Louis 
Mo., Andrew Jackson Ball, b. July 30, 
1844, d. in Kans. Feb. 3, 1859, Arza Myron 
Ball, b. Nov. 10, 1845, d. May 27, 1864, was 
enrolled and mustered into service 1863, 
as private in Co. G, 89th 111. vol. infantry, 
to serve 3 years, was killed in action in 
Dallas Ga., Caroline Adelia Ball, b. July 
13, 1847, m. in Chicago May 31, 1871 James 
Thomas Walsh, b. Dec. 24, 1845, traveling 
salesman Chicago, son of James Walsh of 
New 1 York city, and had 3 ch. viz.: Starrie 
Walsh, b. Sep. 4, 1872, Robert James 
Walsh, b. Nov. 19, 1875, d. Oct. 9, 1884, 
Zebina Walsh, b. Jan. 25, 1883., d. Apr. 8, 
1886, and Margaret Ball, b. July 24, 1849, 
m. Albert Filkins of Park Ridge 111., car- 
penter) ; SILAS Ball of Liverpool N. Y., 
b. in Schuyler N. Y. Mar. 4, 1830, was edu- 
cated in the common schools and by pri- 
vate teacher, pursued his studies in ancient 
languages and theol. subjects also with 
private tutor, removed from Schuyler to 
Liverpool with his mother 1837, became a 
mem. of Methodist Episcopal church 1843, 
was licensed to exhort at Morgans Clay 
N. Y. and as local preacher 1854, was 
recommended to Black river conference 
1855, was received and appointed to the 
charge in Gilbert's mills, remained there 
2 years, ordained deacon 1858, elder i860, 
was sent to Parish 1 year 1857, Central 
Square 2 years, Taberg 2 years, Sprague's 
Corners 1 year, 1st ward Syracuse 1 year, 
Liverpool 2 years, Bridgeport 1 year, Man- 

lius station 1 year, became a mem. N. Y. 
Central conference upon its organization 
1868 from Black river and Oneida con- 
ferences by the general conference of 
Methodist Episcopal church held in Chi- 
cago, was appointed to the charge in 
Oneida and remained 3 years, then at 
Manlius 4 years, Chittenango 1 year, 
Homer 3 years, Horseheads 3 years, Tully 
3 years, Phoenix 5 years, Lodi 5 years, 
retired 4 years, at the organization of the 
Grand Lodge in Syracuse 1865 was elected 
grand worthy chief templar of the Order 
of Good Templars of the state of N. Y. 
1865-71, during his term of service there 
was an increase from 10 lodges with 300 
mems. to 100,000 lodges with 75,000 mems., 
in this work he raised and expended in 
the cause of temperance over $80,000 and 
traveled over 1,000 miles in N. Y. state, 
as the head of the organization all appeals 
upon questions of law, order and usage 
were referred to him, and in but one in- 
stance did the Grand Lodge change or 
reverse his decision, has been a mem. of 
the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons 
since 1858, has been chaplain of Liverpool 
Lodge No. 525 for 45 years, is also mem. 
of Military Lodge No. 93 of Manlius (m. 
1st Apr. 18, 1849 Harriet B. Kinnie, d. 
May 12, 1856, dau. of Moses Kinnie and 
Polly Warner of Euclid N. Y., she had 2 
ch. viz.: Ella Anna Ball, b. Mar. 10, 1852, 
m. in Manlius June 2, 1875 James Frank- 
lin Dickerson, b. Sep. 20, 1849, farmer, son 
of James and Jane A. [Butts] Dickerson, 
she had 7 ch. viz.: Walter Cheney, b. May 
20, 1876, J. Helena, b. July 21, 1877, 
George Ball, b. Jan. 27, 1879, Hattie Buell, 
b. Aug. 1, 1880, Fern, b. July 28, 1881, 
Inez, b. Sep. 10, 1882, and James Silas, b. 
Feb. 9, 1884, Henry Silas Ball, b. May 12, 
1856 of Chicago 111., clerk, m. June 1890 
Lydia Hutchins of Chicago, and had 2 
ch. viz.: Silas Brigham and Roy Bemis, 
m. 2d in Parish N. Y. Feb. 24, 1858 Eliza- 
beth Inez Phelps, b. Mar. 10, 1834, dau. of 
Alfred Phelps of Berkshire co. Mass., and 
Abigail Dickinson of Cobleskill N. Y., 
she had 3 ch. viz.: Charles Wesley Ball of 
Syracuse N. Y., b. Jan. 30, 1862, dealer in 



pianos, organs and musical instruments, 
m. Jan. 16, 1894 Helen Nicholson, b. May 
27, 1870, dau. of Nathan D. Nicholson and 
Sarah Storrs of Rome N. Y., ..William Ar- 
thur Ball of Chicago, b. Sep. 26, 1863, 
lawyer, m. in Kenosha Wis. Aug. 3, 1886 
Sarah Virginia Leggett, b. Apr. 1, 1862, 
dau. of John and Hannah Leggett of Mon- 
treal Can. now residing in Bolton 111., she 
had 2 ch. viz.: Douglas Phelps, b. Mar. 5, 
1893, and Sara Virginia, b. Dec. 21, 1896, 
and Frank Allenson Ball, b. Apr. 15, 1866, 
d. in Lodi N. Y. Mar. 29, 1895, local 
preacher in the Methodist Episcopal 
church, m. in Cortland N. Y. May 5, 1886 
Margaret A. Bartlett, d. in Liverpool 
N. Y. Aug. 18, 1898, she had 2 ch., Mabel 
E., b. Aug. 18, 1888, and Frances, b. 1892, 
d. in infancy); sons of Zebina Ball, b. 
Apr. 24, 1787, d. in Paw Paw Mich. Jan. 
1839 farmer, removed to Liverpool 1837, 
with his son Jesse went to Paw Paw 1838 
(m. in Remsen N. Y. 1814 Anna Hinckley 
Fairchild, b. Feb. 7, 1793, d. in Liverpool 
May 24, 1866, dau. of Gershom and Prud- 
ence [Tenant] Hinckley and widow of 
French Fairchild, she m. 3d Jacob Staf- 
ford of Truxton N. Y., she had 7 ch. viz. : 
Junia Ball, b. May 19, 1815, m. in Schuyler 
1835 Elisha Tanner, farmer, she had James, 
b. Oct. 7, 1836, m. 1st Lucy Brown, m. 
2d Mary Hamilton, m. 3d Libbie Mann, 
Harriet Emiline Tanner, b. July 10, 1838, 
m. Joseph Hinckley, Hulda Ann Tanner, 
b. Oct. 9, 1840, d. Sep. 3, 1856, Nathan 
Zebina Tanner, b. May 2, 1844, m. Jan. 1, 
1865 Leaticia Strimple, Caroline Zebina 
Tanner, b. June 22, 1849, m. Frank A. 
Roberts of Wellington O., Elisha Delzon 
Tanner, b. Dec. 6, 185 1, m. Bulah Curtis 
of North Fairfield O., Rhoda Ball, b. Apr. 
21, 1817, d. Feb. 27, 1862, m. in Clay N. Y. 
1838 Henry Cronkhite, farmer, Jesse Ball 
above, Arza Ball above, Caroline Ball, b. 
Feb. 10, 1824, m. Oct. 8, 1845 John Wesley 
Plummer, b. Feb. 7, 1824, farmer, son of 
John and Jerusha D. Plummer, she had 
7 ch. viz. : Anna Jerusha Plummer, b. July 
8, 1846, d. 1848, Mary A. Plummer, b. Sep. 
5, 1850, m. Adelbert B. Rodgers of Jordan 
N. Y., b. Jan. 26, 1S52, d. Mar. 22, 1897, 

ijm. 2d Dec. 14, 1899 Albert Vickery of 
j Phoenix N. Y., Anna R. Plummer, b. Apr. 
25, 1853, m. 1879 Adelbert B. Sharp, b. 
1854, Edward Joseph Plummer, b. Jan. 27, 
1858, m. Mar. 25, 1885 Nellie Dunning, b. 
Apr. 26, 1862, Roda C. Plummer, b. June 
13, 1862, and Agustus J. Plummer, b. Sep. 
5, 1864, Agustus Ball, b. Sep. 3, 1826, d. 
June 9, 1851, m. 1846 Mary Ann Haines, 
and Silas Ball above) ; son of Zerubbabel, 
b. in Brookfield May 18, 1742, d. in Schuy- 
ler N. Y. 1828, soldier in rev. war, enlisted 
from Rutland Mass. in Capt. Walker's 
company Col. Grout's reg. 1779, was in 
Col. Thomas Nixon's reg., capt. Lieut. 
Peter Claye's company and Col. Jonathan 
Grout's reg., was discharged 1781, farmer 
(m. 1st Mary Whitaker, and had sons 
Thomas, settled in Can., and Charles, set- 
tled in Huron co. O., m. 2d Submitty 
Hines, b. Apr. 18, 1743, d. in Schuyler 
May 1833, gr.-dau. of John Hines of North 
Brookfield Mass^ she had 6 ch. viz.: Silas, 
Eli, Jesse settled in Huron co. O., Rhoda 
m. John Hinckley of Albion N. Y., Thank- 
ful m. Eli Gilbert of Remsen N. Y., and 
Zebina above) ; son of Thomas, b. Aug. 
16, 1714, d. 1760, was one of the signers 
to a petition asking that the northeast sec- 
tion of the township be erected into a 
separate precinct, which petition also pro- 
vided for the construction of a meeting- 
house 1748, which was immediately there- 
after built, was one of a committee of 
three appointed to build a schoolhouse 
1756, bought 60 acres of land on the Spen- 
cer side of and the privilege on Five Mile 
river in the northeast corner of North 
Brookfield 1753, built and carried on saw 
and grist mills 1753-60, Thomas and Jacob 
Ball were among the Brookfield soldiers 
forming the expedition planned against 
Crown Point and Ticonderoga 1757, were 
also in the campaign formed for the in- 
vestment of Louisbourg and the expedi- 
tion against Ticonderoga and Fort Du 
Quesne 1758, was killed by being run ovei 
by a team coming down Shrewsbury hill, 
his widow sold the mills to Isaac Johnson 
1861, the privilege was afterwards called 
Johnson's Pond (m. Feb. 17, 1739 Hannah 



Wright, b. Apr. 15, 1719, d. Aug. 21, 1785, 
dau. of Edward Wright Jr. of Framing- 
ham, she had 9 ch. viz.: Hannah, Zerub- 
babel above, Hannah m. Samuel Pickard, 
Thomas b. Apr. 20, 1748, Sarah, Abraham 
b. Apr. ±6, 1750, Benjamin b. Feb. 12, 1752 
m. Jerusha Woodbury, Silas b. Apr. 23, 
1754, physician, m. Roda Griffin and Eli b. 
Aug. 20, 1756); son of Benjamin, b. about 
1676, settled near the Salem end of Fram- 
ingham Mass. (m. Mar. 29, 1704 Mary 
Brewer, b. 1680, dau. of John and Eliza- 
beth [Rice] Brewer of Sudbury, she had 
9 ch. viz.: Benjamin b. Dec. 17, 1704, John 
b. July 16, 1706 m. 1734 Margaret Heraen- 
way and had 7 ch., Abraham, b. Dec. 29, 
1707 m. Jan. 13, 1732 Martha Bryes of 
Framingham and had 5 ch., Jacob b. May 
28, 1712 m. in Sudbury Jan. 9, 1749 
Deborah Belknap of Framingham, Thomas 
above, Mary b. Feb. 11, 1716 m. Jan. 22, 

1737 William Wright of Framingham, Abi- 
gail b. Feb. 16, 1719 m. Apr. 27, 1742 
Samuel Mellen Jr. of Framingham, Daniel 
b. Dec. 29, 1722 m. 1st Aug. 25, 1748 
Patience Gleason of Framingham, she had 
9 ch., m. 2d 1772 Elizabeth Prouty of 
Spence and Isaac, settled in Brookfield m. 

1738 Rachel How and had 4 ch.) ; son of 
John of Watertown b. 1644 (m. Oct. 17, 
1665 Sarah Bullard, dau. of George and 
Beatrice Bullard of Watertown, she had 8 
ch. viz.: Sarah b. July 11, 1666, John b. 
June 29, 1668, d. May 8, 1722, James b. 
Mar. 7, 1670, Joseph b. May 1, 1674, 
Jonathan b. Mar. 29, 1680, Daniel b. Aug. 
2, 1683, Abigail b. Oct. 5, 1686 and Ben- 
jamin above) ; son of John, b. in Eng., d. 
in Lancaster Sep. 10, 1675, sold his farm 
in Watertown to William Perry 1665 and 
moved to Lancaster where he was killed 
by the Indians, his estate was administered 
by his son John 1677-8 (m. 1st Elizabeth 
Pierce, d. about 1660, dau. of John Pierce 
of Watertown, she had 5 ch. viz. : John 
above, Mary Esther, Sarah b. 1655, and 
Abigail b. Apr. 20, 1658, d. soon, m. 2d 
Oct. 3, 1665, Elizabeth Fox of Concord 
and had Joseph b. Mar. 12, 1670) ; son of 
John of Watertown d. Nov. 1, 1655, prob- 
ably from Wiltshire Eng., was admitted 

freeman 1650, had among other ch. 2 sons 
John above and Nathaniel who settled in 
that part of Concord which is now part of 
Bedford and had 4 sons Ebenezer, Eleazer, 
John and Nathaniel. 

land O., b. in Mansfield Ct. Jan. 16, 
1833, b. and raised on the farm held by 
members of the fam. nearly 200 years, edu- 
cated in common schools and Williston 
sem., went to Cleveland 1854, on to Elyria 
in a few days, where he engaged in car- 
riage mfg., removed to Adrian Mich. 1859, 
opened a carriage factory and in a few 
years built up the most extensive establish- 
ment in southern Mich., has great me- 
chanical ability arid rare business qualities, 
carriage hardware inventor, during the early 
days of the war was among the hardest 
working and most public spirited citizens, 
spending time and money raising and 
equipping the troops with such results that 
the ward he lived in was never compelled 
to meet a draft, returned to Elyria 1869-79, 
removed to Cleveland and built another 
factory for his patented specialties, at 
present he has the largest establishment in 
the U. S. for the mfg. of specialties of car- 
riage hardware, is a stockholder in several 
mfg. companies and banks and has been 
useful in many other directions, has kept 
fully abreast with the knowledge and cul- 
ture of the times, a humane employer, 
generous in all the relations of life, good 
citizen, has earned and deserved the high 
success he has achieved, has visited many 
parts of his own country and spent several 
seasons abroad (m. in Detroit Mich. Dec. 

11, 1862 Frances A. Hunt, eldest dau. of 
Hon. C. W. Hunt of Detroit, she had 1 
dau. Ellena m. John Seward Gray of Syra- 
cuse N. Y.); son of Horatio of Mansfield, 
b. Aug. 31, 1785, d. Apr. 16, 1851 (m. Nov. 

12, 1806 Sarah Howe Sargent, desc. of the 
Sargent and Howes, two of the oldest and 
best N. E. fams., Isaac N. above was her 
12th child) ; son of Calvin, b. Aug. 24, 
1729. d. Dec. 23, i8oq, was^ prominent in 
church and political affairs (m. 1758 
Jerusha Bicknell); son of Samuel, b. May 



30, 1695, d. Nov. 1, 1754, capt, was many 
years deacon in the church, buired in Wil- 
lington Ct. (m. Feb. 5, 1715 Hannah Tres- 
cott); son of Samuel, b. May 7, 1646, d. 
Oct. 12, 1722, was selectman in Dorchester 
Mass. 1699, deacon 9 years, ordained rul- 
ing elder 1701-22 (m. Patience, b. 1652, d. 
Sep. 8, 1728) ; son of Clement, b. in Eng. 
Nov. 17, 1603, emigrated to New Eng. and 
settled in Dorchester Mass. soon after the 
Pilgrims, made freeman 1640, it is said of 
him "he was a godly man devoted to his 
fam., to his adopted country and his God," 
his tombstone is in Dorchester graveyard 
(m. Sarah, b. 1605, d. July 29, 1693). 

Buell, Cal., b. in Essex Vt. Nov. 10, 
1827, educated at acad. and coll., which 
came from teaching school three months 
in the year and sweat of the buck saw, his 
first lessons to it were however pinned to 
his coat sleeves while he held on to his 
father's plow handles on his sterile and 
rocky farm in Vt., moved to and taught the 
Pine Grove acad. in La. 1854, went to the 
Cal. gold fields and there acquired property 
and now the owner of said rancho, was 
editor-in-chief of the "Pacific Green- 
backer" in San Francisco, a radical mone- 
tary reform sheet (m. 1st Dec. 11, 1867 
Henry Olin, and had 4 ch. viz.: Linus b. 
Oct. 2, 1868, Anna O. b. Apr. 24, 1870, d. 
Nov. 12, 1870; Odin E. b. Oct. 15, 1874, d. 
Dec. 26, 1882 and Andrew Guy Buell b. 
Sep. 21, 1876, d. Dec. 6. 1887, m. 2d Apr. 
30, 1892 Emily Budd, b. in South Sea Eng. 
Apr. 27, 1868, and had 5 ch. viz.: Rufus T. 
b. Nov. 17, 1893, Walter George b. Nov. 
21, 1894, Glenn Budd b. Oct. 28, 1895, Odin 
Goth b. May 27, 1897 and Gertrude Minnie 
b. Sep. 21, 1899; ALONZO WILLIAM 
Buell of Santa Barbara Cal., b. in Essex 
Vermont Mar. 18, 1836, left home Mar. 17, 
1857, crossed the plains and arrived in San 
Francisco Jan. 1 185S (m. Dec. 25, 1868, 
Mary Carter of Essex Vt., she had 10 ch. 
viz.: Hannah Anna b. Oct. 24, 1869, d. Apr. 
13, 1883, John Orange b. May 4, 1871, d. 
Mar. 17, 1878, Mary Marian b. June 6, 
1873, d. July 30, 1878, Jennie b. Aug. 12, 

1875 Daniel Wilcox b. Nov. 18, 1877, d. 
June 30, 1878, Lizzie M. b. Jan. 13, 1879, 
Alonzo Vinson b. Mar. 2, 1881, Lena b. 
Apr. 5, 1884, Mabel b. Aug. 7 1882, Lucy 
b. Feb. 12, 1886, Harold J. b. Apr. 26, 
1888, all b. and d. in Santa Barbara) ; 
HERVEY J. Buell b. July 6, 1849, d. Jan. 
13, 1899 (m. Mar. 11, 1873 Elsie A. Whit- 
ten b. Apr. 18, 1852, she had 6 ch. viz.: 
Percy Orange b. Sep. 10, 1875, Ada Elsie 
b. Dec. S, 1877, Arthur Whitten b. Feb. 1, 
1880, George Washington b. Feb. 22, 1882, 
d. Jan. 2, 1888, Marion Deett b. July 18, 
1883, d. Feb. 23, 1888 and Lester Hervey 
Buell, b. Apr. 6, 1892); HARLAN P. 
Buell, b. Nov. 21, 1842 (m. Oct. 29, 1874 
Sarah Carey) ; sons of Linus, b. Dec. 16, 
1807, d. June 17, 1874 (m. Nov. 9, 1826 
Hannah Olin, b. May 10, 1807, d. Aug. 26, 
1875, she had 6 ch. viz.: Rufus T. above, 
Mary M. Buell b. May 13, 1831 m. Dec. 
11, 1851 Samuel Thompson, Andalusia b. 
Dec. 11, 1833, Alonzo William above, 
Harlan P. above and Hervey J. above) 
son of Samuel, b. July 12, 1757, d. Mar. 
26, 1825 (m. Sept, 28, 1870 Rachel b. Aug. 
16, 1762, d. Jan. 17, 1834, she had 8 ch. viz.: 
Zilpha b. July 3, 1781, Rachel b. Feb. 11, 
1783. d. May 14; 1784, Rachel b. Apr. 10, 
1785, d. Aug. 8, 1850, m. a Kimball, Molly 
b. Apr. 27, 1787, Orange b. Mar. 2, 1799, 
d. Feb. 2, 1878 Samuel b. Aug. 8, 1795, 
Billa b. Feb. 2, 1801, d. Nov. 20, 1871 and 
Linus above). 

FITCH, THEODORE of Yonkers N. 
Y., b. in Franklin N. Y. Mar. 30, 
1844, grad. A. B. Yale coll. 1864, A. M. 
1868, taught in Delaware acad. Delhi 
N. Y. 3 years after grad., at same time 
studying law in office of Hon. William 
Murry then county judge of Del. co., after- 
ward Supreme Court justice, was admitted 
to the bar in Binghamton N. Y. 1867, re- 
moved to Yonkers and commenced prac- 
ticing law 1867, removed office to New 
York city 1882, his law firm being T. & 
S. H. Fitch (m. Feb. 4, 1869 Catharine 
Hawley Coe, b. May 6, 1848, dau. of Rev. 
Samuel Goodrich and Grace Ingersoll 



[Hawley] Coe, direct desc. of Robert Coe, 
who settled at Watertown Mass. 1634, 
Wethersfield 1638, Stamford 1641, then re- 
moved to L. I., her maternal ancestor was 
Thomas Hawley, who settled in or near 
Boston 1629, removed soon to Roxbury 
Mass., nearly all her ancestors were early 
settlers of the Ct. colony, and had 4 ch. 
viz.: Grace Hawley b. Feb. 9, 1870, d. Aug. 
17, 1870, Frederick Coe b. Mar. 7, 1871, d. 
Aug. 20, 1872, Mary Goodrich and Frances 
Hawley; SILAS HEDDING Fitch, b. 
Dec. 8, 1855, grad. Wesleyan univ. A. B. 
1877, lawyer in New York city; sons ot 
Silas Fitch of Irvington N. Y., b. in 
Franklin N. Y. Mar. 15, 1813, d. in Irving- 
ton Oct. 26, 1885, grad. Wesleyan univ. 
1838, A. M. 1841, principal of Del. Lit. 
inst. 1838, commenced preaching as a 
regular pastor of the M. E. church 1846, 
being thenceforth until his decease actively 
connected with the N. Y. conference and 
settled over many different pastorates, was 
pastor of the church in Irvington when he 
d. suddenly of heart failure, was an able 
preacher and successful pastor (m. Mar. 
30, 1842 Mary Amanda White, b. in Stam- 
ford Ct. Oct. 19, 1816, d. Aug. 19, 1896, at 
time of m. was preceptress of Del. Lit. 
inst., dau. Nathaniel Smith and Anna 
[Seely] White, removed with their fam. to 
Walton N. Y. 1823, was b. on the farm 
purchased by her ancestor James White 
1717 when he came from Huntington L. I. 
where his father Richard White settled 
1673, many of her ancestors were early 
settlers of Stamford Ct.) ; son of Silas of 
Apulia N. Y., b. in New Canaan in town 
of Norwalk Ct. Jan. 28, 1773, d. in Apulia 
Feb. 15, 1857, removed to Franklin N. Y. 
immediately after his marriage, all his 
children were b. there, removed to Apulia 
1825, he and his wife are buried there, was 
col. in N. Y. state militia, farmer (m. Sep. 
7, 1795 Clarissa Howell, b. Jan. 4, 1774, d. 
in Apulia, dau. of Isaac Howell, who 
abandoned his L. I. home at time of rev. 
war to avoid taking oath of allegiance ex- 
acted by the British government and fled 
with his wife and infant dau. Clarissa to ! 
Norwalk, later they moved to Canaan and ! 

to Franklin 1795 [desc. of Richard Howell, 
one of the early settlers of Southold L. I. 
1640, his posterity resided there and in 
Southampton for many gens.] and Abigail 
Freeman) ; son of Matthew of New 
Canaan Ct., b. there June 17, 1744, d. there 
about 1790, soldier in rev. war in 9th reg. 
Ct. militia under Gen'l Wooster in Capt. 
John Carter's co. which was recruited 
mainly from New Canaan (m. Dec. 27, 
1770 Sarah Reed, dau. of Eliakim and 
Sarah [Richards] Reed of Middlesex Ct., 
son of Daniel and Elizabeth [Kellogg] 
Reed; son of John and Elizabeth [Tuttle] 
Reed, son of John Reed the Cromwellian 
officer who settled in Providence R. I. 1660 
and m. there Mrs. Ann Derby, later they 
removed to Rye N. Y. and finally settled 
in Norwalk 1684, purchasing land on Five 
Mile river known as Reeds farm) ; son of 
Matthew of New Canaan, town of Nor- 
walk Ct., b. in Norwalk Ct. May 1708, d. 
in New Canaan Apr. 16, 1779 (m. 2d Dec. 
7, 1738 Lydia Olmsted, dau. of Nathan 
and Mercy [Comstock] Olmsted of Nor- 
walk, son of Capt. James and Phebe [Bar- 
low, dau. of Thomas and Rose Sherwood 
Barlow of Fairfield] Reed, son of Capt. 
Richard Olmsted, who settled in New- 
town Cambridge Mass. 1632, moved to 
Hartford 1635 being one of its founders, 
was soldier in Pequot war, removed to 
Norwalk 1651 being one of its founders 
and prominent men) ; son of John of New 
Canaan town of Norwalk Ct., b. in Nor- 
walk Sep. 29, 1677, d. in New Canaan 1760, 
removed to New Canaan then a parish in 
town of Norwalk and settled upon "Clap- 
board Hill" a sightly table land about 4 
miles from Norwalk, where he and his 
posterity owned considerable land (m. 
Lydia Bushnell, b. 1684, d. Aug. 25. 1786, 
dau. of Francis Bushnell, who removed 
from Saybrook to Norwalk m. there Oct. 
12, 1675 Hannah Seymour, dau. of Thomas 
and Hannah [Mavvin] Seymour, removed 
to Danbury 1685, being one of its founders, 
son of Lieut. William Bushnell of Say- 
brook, who m. about 1643, a Chapman); 
son of John of Norwalk Ct., b. there, d. 
there (m. Dec. 3, 1674 Rebecca Lindall, b. 

A M E R I C?A N I A N C E S T R Y. 


in New Haven Ct. Oct. 20, 18531, dau. of 
Deacon Henry and Rosamond Lindall) ; 
son of Thomas of Norwalk Ct., b. in 
Bocking Eng. about 1613, d. in Norwalk 
1704, is named as one of the grantees to 
Norwalk proprietors 1651-52, purchased a 
home lot 1654, was one of the most prom- 
inent settlers of Norwalk, was chosen clerk 
of the train band of Norwalk, and recorder 
of lands 1655, selectman 1659, commis- 
sioner 1669-94, deputy 1673, '78, '80-86, '91, 
'92, '94 (m. in Eng. 1654, had 2 sons and 
3 daus., the eldest son Thomas was gr.- 
father of Gov. Thomas Fitch of Ct.); son 
of Thomas of Bocking Eng., "d. 1633 
owned a large amount of property (m. 
Aug. 6, 161 1 Anna'ffism, she had 5 sons 
who came to this country and settled in 
Ct. 1638, Thomas, who settled in Norwalk 
1651, John who settled in Windsor 1643 
was mortally wounded in Great Swamp 
fight 1675, left no issue, Rev. James who 
was in Hartford 1638, was pastor in Say- 
brook 1646-60, when he removed to Nor- 
wich, Samuel who was in Milford 1644, 
in Hartford 1650, Joseph who accompanied 
his brother Thomas to Norwalk 1651-52, 
removed to Northampton Mass. 1655, to 
Hartford 1660 and finally settled in Wind- 

Richmond Va., b. in Elyria O., Feb. 
8, 1848 (m. Oct. 13, 1875 Ellen May Cant- 
rell of Little Rock Ark., dau. of Dr. Will- 
iam Armour Cantrell of Little Rock, who 
m. Ellen Harrell, regent for Ark. Soc. of 
Daus. of the Amer. Rev.; DANIEL BEN- 
TON Axtell, d. in Texas June 22, 1882, 
had 2 sons Almon b. 1875 and Decatur 
Boynton Axtell b. 1876, both living in 
Texas; sons of Almon of St. Louis Mo., 
b. in Peru Mass. Sep. 18, 181 1, d. in Poplar 
Bluff Mo. June 19, 1873 of cholera (m. in 
So. Amherst O. Oct. 20, 1835 Sophronia 
Boynton, b. in Waterville Me. Nov. 21, 
1813, dau. of Capt. Joshua Boynton, b. 
1773, son of John Boynton of Wiscasset 
Me. and Beza Delano, dau. of Hopestill 
Delano, b. in Kingston Mass., a direct 
desc. of Philip De La Noye of the ship 

"Fortune" and through William Peabody 
who m. Elizabeth Alden, dau. of John 
Alden, a desc. of John and Priscilla [Mul- 
lens] Alden of the "Mayflower"); son of 
Daniel of Lorain co. O., b. in Mass. Feb. 
22, 1787, d. in Lorain co. Aug. 20, 1855, 
was one of the first settlers of Lorain co. 
1822 (m. 1809 Jane Wellman, b. in Bel- 
grade Me. Oct. 26, 1791, d. in Lorain co. 
O. Mar. 26, 1873, dau. of Abraham Well- 
man, served in army throughout the rev. 
war, received a pension which was con- 
tinued to his wife Rebecca [Pearsons] Well- 
man until her death in Lorain co. 1848, 
aged 86 years) ; son of Thomas of Mass., 
b. in Sutton Mass. 1754, d. probably there 
(had 6 sons viz.: Thomas, Ebenezer, b. 
I 783, Sylvester, Asa, Daniel above and 
Silas) ; son of Ebenezer of Mass., b. in 
Berkley Mass. 1724, d. in Mass.; son of 
Daniel of Dighton Mass., b. probably in 
Sudbury Mass. Nov. 4, 1673, d. in Dighton 
[Taunton] 1735 (m. in S. C. Thankful 
Pratt, dau. of William Pratt of Weymouth 
Mass. 1702, moved to S. C. 1695, she re- 
turned with her husband to Mass. during 
1703, had 5 sons Daniel b. 1704, William 
b. 1713, Henry b. 1715, Samuel b. 1717, 
Thomas b. 1724 and Ebenezer above); son 
of Henry, b. in Berkhampstead Eng. d. in 
Marlborough Mass. 1676, took lands in 
Marlborough Mass. 1660, was killed by In- 
dians (m. June 14, 1665 Hannah Merriam, 
dau. of George Merriam of Concord); son 
of Thomas, b. in Berkhampstead Eng., 
buried in Sudbury Mass. Mar. 8, 1646, 
moved to Mass. 1642 and settled in Sud- 
bury; son of William, as appears on the 
parish register of St. Peter's church in 
Berkhampstead Eng., had sons Thomas 
above and Daniel b. in Berkhampstead 
1622, was col. 

-L North English la., b. in Readington 
N. J. Mar. 13, 1822, removed to Wis. 1856, 
to Keokuk co. la. 1865 and to North Eng- 
lish 1868, farmer (m. in Monroe Wis. Nov. 
13, 1858 Marilla Smith, b. in Grafton 
N. Y. Oct. 26, 1833, dau. of Israel and 
Zipporah [Burdick] Smith, and had 5 ch . 



viz. : George Clyde, Mabel May, Minnie 
Bernice, Martha Anderson and Laura 
Edith); son of Henry A. Post of Read- 
ington N. J., b. there Dec. 7, 1782, d. there 
Apr. 17, 1830 (m. 1st Jan. 13, 1803 Eliza- 
beth Wyckoff, b. Oct. 1, 1775, d. Apr. 17, 
1808, she had 2 sons viz. : Simon Wyckoff, 
b. Dec. 6, 1805, d. Jan. 6, 1806, and John 
Demott, b. June 11, 1807, d.; m. 2d Apr. 
23, 1809 Martha Anderson, dau. of. George 
and Anna [Wyckoff] Anderson, gr.-dau. 
of George and Metje [Van Wickelen] An- 
derson, gt.-gr.-dau. of George [from Scot- 
land] and Jacomeyntje Gerritse [Van 
Duyn], m. in Flatbush L. I. Sep. 6. 1718 
and removed to New Brunswick N. J.; 
she had 8 oh. viz. : Abraham, Ann m. 
Joseph Thompson, George, Henry, Cath- 
arine, Elizabeth, George Anderson and 
Peter Quick); son of Abraham of Read- 
ington N. J., b. in Weston N. J. Oct. 11, 
1741, d. in Readington Feb. 11, 1836, he 
and his younger brothers William and 
Hendrick were soldiers in rev. war, his 
commission as lieut. is on file in Wash- 
ington D. C. (m. 1st Nov. 14, 1766 Cath- 
arine Demott, b. 1742, d. 1794, dau. of 
Johannis Demott [son of Dirck Demott] 
and Elizabeth Davids, she had 8 ch. viz.: 
John, John, a dau., Abraham, John, 
Henry A., Peter, Peter A., b. Sep. 12, 1792, 
d. Jan. n, 1877; m. 2d Apr. 15, 1796 Sarah 
[WvckoffJ Kinney, b. Sept. 22, 1758, d. 
about 1839, widow of Jacob Kinney); son 
of Johannis of Weston N. J., b. in Mill- 
stone N. J., bapt. in Somerville Oct. 29, 
1707, d. in Amwell N. J. Apr. 1750, made 
his will and d. away from home, his will 
on file in Trenton was made Apr. 23 and 
proved May 1, 1750, it directs the wife to 
give the said ch. learning out of the in- 
terest of the said estate, making her an 
executrix and co-heir with their 6 ch. "and 
my son John to have iio more than the 
rest" being eldest son (m. 1732 Altje 
Blauw, b. June 14, 1714, d. after 1800, was 
a very pious and efficient woman bringing 
up her children well, spent her last years 
with her son Abraham, her Dutch bible 
with fam. records is still preserved, dau. 
of Abraham Blauw of L. I., d. Mar. 8, 

1722, she had 6 ch. viz.: Charity, John, 
Maria, Abraham, William and Hendrick); 
son of William of Millstone N. J., b. in 
N. Y. state, bapt. in New York city July 
21, 1680, bought 2,300 acres on Peace 
brook Millstone of John Covert 1711, 
which Covert bought of Royce and Dock- 
war 1702, was appointed administrator of 
his father's estate 1724 (m. Marretje Van 
Kleef, had son William, bapt. in New York 
Mar. 7, 1705, d. in Neshanic N. J. 1789 or 
1790, m. Eyda Probasco, dau. of Jacob 
Probasco, their ch. lived in Dutch Neck 
near Princeton N. J.) ; son of William of 
L. I., b. in New Netherlands, took the 
oath of allegiance in Kings co. N. Y. 1687 
(m. about May 14, 1679 Altje Covert, be- 
came a communicant in New York 1687, 
" Vertrocken na Bedfort," dau. of Theunis 
von Coverden and Barbara Lucus, and had 
S ch. viz.: William, Agnietje, Barbara, 
Jannetje and Elizabeth). 

WILTSEE, JEROME of Jefferson pre- 
cinct Neb., b. in Clarance N. Y-. Oct. 
12, 1834, moved from place of birth to 
Mukwonago Wis. 1859, moved from Muk- 
wonago to Jefferson precinct 1861 (m. 
Nov. 7, 1879 Mary L. Wahl, b. in Buffalo 
N. Y. May 2, 1839, dau. of Philip and 
Salome [Stephan] Wahl, who moved to 
Buffalo N. Y. 1834, she had 11 ch. viz.: 
Carlos P., Edward W., George W., Cora 
E., Jerome C, Albert, Clarence B. H., 
John, James, David and Mary E. C.) ; son 
of Jeremiah of Clarence N. Y., b. in 
Pownal Vt. Aug. 29, 1782, d. in Clarence 
N. Y., July 10, 1844, moved from Pownal 
to what is now Clarence in 1815, resided on 
a farm there until his death (m. Apr. 14, 
181 1 Sarah Green, b. Dec. 14, 1791, [dau. 
of Russel of Hancock Mass., emigrated 
from Providence R. I. to Hancock 1765, 
m. Patience Strait of Providence], she had 
11 ch. viz.: Caroline, Patience, Diana, Liv- 
ingston, Green, Rebecca, Jackson, Eliza- 
beth, Jeremiah, George Buradore and 
Jerome Wiltsie) ; son of Thomas of Pow- 
nal Vt., b. in Fishkill N. Y. Oct. 9, 1745 
and he d. in Shaftsbury Vt. Nov. 6, 1826 
(m. 1st Apr. 18, 1769 Elizabeth Cary, b. 



1750, d. Aug. 3, 1814, dau. of David Cary 
of Pownal, b. in N. C, moved from L. I. 
to Dutchess co. N. Y., then to Pownal, 
she had 14 ch. viz.: John, b. Jan. 9, 1770, 
Mary, b. Feb. 8, 1771, Hannah, b. Feb. 29, 
1772, Darias, b. Sep. 15, 1773, David, b. 
July 5, 1775, Elizabeth, b. Apr. 11, 1777, 
Jerimiah, b. Nov. 15, 1780, d. Dec. 15, 1781, 
Jerimiah, b. Aug. 29, 1782, Nancy, b. Mar. 
5, 1784, Sarah, b. Feb. 12, 1786, Thomas, 
b. Nov. 11, 1787, Ruth, b. Mar. 5, 1790, 
Susanna, b. Nov. 11, 1791, Phebe, b. June 
12, 1793, m. 2d June 22, 1815 Eunice Brown, 
widow) ; son of Jeremyas of Fishkill and 
Rondout N. Y., b. in Jamaica L. I. Nov. 
1718, d. in Rondout precinct June 1792 (m. 
1744 Mary Cornel, a French Huguenot, 
she had 8 ch. viz.: Thomas, b. Oct. 9, 1745, 
bapt. in Fishkill Jan. 5, 1745 and 1746, Cor- 
nelius, b. 1747, Ruth, b. 1750, John, b. 1752, 
Elizabeth, bapt. in Presbyterian church 
Rondout Aug. 17, 1755, Marten, b. 1757, 
Hannah, b. 1760, and Henry B., b. 1762) ; 
son of Cornells of Jamaica L. I., b. in 
Newton L. I. in spring of 1691, d. in Fish- 
kill, lived in Flushing and in Jamaica, 
moved to Dutchess co. with his brother 
Johonnes in 1734 (m. 1712 Rachel alias Ruth 
Smith, dau. of Jerimiah Smith of Hemp- 
stead L. I., moved from N. E., was a 
Quaker and because not in accord with the 
teachings of the church, the child given 
his name was probably not bapt. by the 
Dutch minister, she had 10 ch. viz. : Eliza- 
beth, bapt. Oct. 20, 1713, Martyn, bapt. 
May 22, 1715, Anna, bapt. Feb. 10, 1717, 
Jermyas [no church record], b. Nov. 1718, 
Marya, bapt. Sep. 1720, Rutie, bapt. June 
17, 1722, Cornells, bapt. Apr. 12, 1724, Hen- 
drick, bapt. Mar. 20, 1726, Jahonnes, bapt. 
June 30, 1728, Jacobus, bapt. Mar. 1, 1730, 
Jacob, bapt. Sep. 6, 1732, all b. in Jamaica) ; 
son of Marten of Flushing and Jam- 
aica L. I., bapt. in Esopus N. Y. Apr. 3, 
1667 (m. in Flackbos now Flatbush June 
26, 1690 Marretje of Flackbos, dau. of 
Cornelius Barent Van Wyck and Anna, 
dau. of Rev. Theodorus Polhemus and 
Catharine Van Werven, she had 9 ch. viz. : 
Cornelius, b. 1691, Hendrikus, bp. July 23, 
1693, Johonnes, bapt. July 25, 1695, Mar- 

garett, bapt. 1697, Maria, bapt. Oct. 19, 
1702, Catharrina, bapt. Oct. 27, 1704, 
Anatie, b. about 1706, Sophia, bapt. Oct. 

I, 1709, and Martine, b. about 1711); son of 
Hendrick Martensen Wiltsee of Kingston 
and Newtown N. Y., b. on the sea in the 
spring of 1623, he and his brother Pierre 
are said to have been taken prisoners in 
Swaanendael by the Indians, at the time of 
the destruction of the colony there in 1632, 
and taken by them to Quebec 16331, and 
given to the Jesuit fathers who kept them 
a year under training as donnes and then 
took them to the Huron country with 
them and kept them with them until they 
escaped in 1640, they returned to Esopus 
where they spent the most of two years 
trading with the Indians and finally went 
to sea as sailors for many years, he was a 
freeholder in Newtown L. I., in 1655, he 
went to Quebec from Fort Orange with the 
Mohawk Indians as interpreter 1658, had 
a law suit in the New Amsterdam city hall 
1660, he as commander of a vessel wrote a 
letter to Stuyvesant from the island of 
Aruba, Dutch Antilles 1660, was soldier in 
Kingston 1660-67, was reported killed in 
Esopus 1663, had his son Hendrich bapt. 
in New Amsterdam 1669, was on the list of 
inhabitants in Newtown L. I. in 1675, pur- 
chased land at Hellgate 1681. is mentioned 
in Newtown patent by Gov. Dongan 1686, 
is mentioned in the baptismal records and 
in others as Hendrick Martensen up to 
about 1690, then the family began to assume 
their ancient tribal or national name in 
signing records and documents, from then 
on his name appears as Wiltsee, on the 
baptismal record of the Dutch church in 
New York when his gr.-dau. Margareta 
was bapt. July 6, 1701, his name is signed 
Hendrick Martense Wiltsee and his wife's 
Margarita Meyerings (m.Jan. 10, )i66o Mar- 
garita Meyerings, widow of Herman Jan- 
sen, dau. of Jan Meyers and Fenntie Straits- 
man, she lived in the Dutch colony at Fort 
Margriete in Brazil, and had 3 husbands 
of whom Jan was the 1st, she m. her 4th 
husband Gabriel Cardosie in New Amster- 
dam, she had 8 ch. viz. : Sophia, bapt. Dec. 

II, 1660, Jennetje, bapt. Jan. 7, 1663, Bar- 



ber, bapt. Mar. i, 1665, Marten, bp. Apr. 3, 
1667, Hendrick, bapt. Nov. 24, 1669, Meyn- 
dert, bapt. Feb. 11, 1672, Thennis, bapt. 
Jan. 10, 1674, Jacob, bapt. Mar. 8, 1676) ; 
son of Philippe Martin of Fort Orange 
and Waal-Bogt, b. probably in Tirlamont 
Holland the last part of the 16th century, 
d. in Swaanendael Mar. 1632, was a soldier 
under Mewrice toward the close of the war 
between Holland and Spain, emigrated to 
Amer. with his wife, 2 ch. and 2 servants 
in ship "New Netherlands" in 16231, was one 
of those who were detailed to build Fort 
Orange. When the Indians forced the 
colonists to return to New Amsterdam he 
and his fam. settled in Waal-Bogt. Wish- 
ing to visit the new colony in Swaanendael, 
he took passage to that place accompanied 
by his sons Pierre and Hendrick and was 
killed by the Indians in the fort when sick. 
Such is the family tradition (m. Sophia Ter 
Bosch [probably] of Overyssel Holland. 
After the death of her husband she is sup- 
posed to have returned to Holland with the 
younger members of the fam., she had 2 ch. 
b. in Holland previous to 1621, Lyntje, d. 
1646, m. Adam Roelantsen, the first school 
teacher in New Amsterdam, and Pierre, 
b. in Holland, Macheltje, Marten, b. in 
Fort Orange, Martin and Maria, b. in 

St. Albans Vt., b. in Windsor Vt. 
Aug. 6, 1851, journalist, editor and author, 
removed with his parents to St. Albans 
1864, is editor and publisher of " The Ver- 
monter" an illus. monthly, U. S. immigrant 
inspector dist. of Vt., Vt. mem. of National 
Republican league, one of the incorpor- 
ators and sec. of the Vt. Soc. S. A. R., 
one of the incorporators and treas. of Vt. 
Soc. Colonial Wars, corresponding sec. of 
Vt. Hist. Soc, mem. of N. Y. ,Soc. of 
Mayflower desc, mem. of Soc. of Desc. of 
Colonial Govs., parish clerk and ex-ves- 
tryman of St. Luke's church in St. Albans, 
col. and aide-de-camp on staff of Gov. 
Dillingham 1888-89, Vt. mgr. of the cor- 
respondence to Boston Journal for 20 
years, has been pres. of the Vt. Press 

Ass'n, delegate to various state conven- 
tions, sec. Vt. state Republican convention 
1886, sec. Vt. Republican league, state com- 
missioner World's Columbian Exposition, 
state commissioner Cal. Midwinter Expo- 
sition, sec. Vt. commission to centennial 
anniversary of the inauguration of George 
Washington New York 1889, sec. to ex- 
ecutive committee on the Vt. Dewey day 
celebration, deputy collector of internal 
revenue Vt. division; son of Abner of 
Windsor and St. Albans Vt., b. in Windsor 
Dec. 10, 1822, d. Sep. 8, 1873, sec. of Law- 
rence & Robbins Mfg. Co., town clerk and 
treas. of Windsor, removed to St. Albans 
1864, successively paymaster, cashier and 
general auditor of C. V. R. R. (m. Dec. 
1, 1844 Catharine Tucker Campbell, young- 
est dau. of Hon. Edward Raymond Camp- 
bell of Windsor, poet, banker, senior war- 
den of St. Paul's parish of Windsor, and 
mem. of the standing committee of the 
diocese of Vt. [son of Judge Alexander 
Campbell M. D. of Rockingham, son of Dr. 
Alexander Campbell of Oxford Mass., 
mem. of Mass. provincial congress 1774, 
son of Rev. John Campbell the distin- 
guished divine of Oxford Mass., whose 
father was the. earl of Loudoun] by his 
1st wife Anna Maria Cutler, dau. of Dr. 
Samuel Cutler of Bellows Falls Vt., A. M. 
Harvard, M. D. F. R. H. S., an eminent 
physician, cultured gentleman and influen- 
tial churchman, founder and senior warden 
of Immanuel parish Bellows Falls, who m. 
Jenette Caldwell, dau. of Capt. James Cald- 
well of Hartford Ct., desc. of Sir James 
Foote, Judge Philip Smith of Hadley 
Mass. and from the Edwards, the Bige- 
lows, the Olcotts and other distinguished 
fams. of Hartford, she had Charles S. 
above, William Henry Forbes of Chicago, 
and Anna Maria [Forbes] Brainerd, 
widow of Hon. Herbert Brainerd of St. 
Albans Vt.); son of Abner of Windsor 
Vt., b. in Sutton Mass. Feb. 29, 1772, d. 
Dec. 28, 1828, removed to Windsor Vt. 
1788, col. 1800-1805, brig.-gen. 1805-10, 
pres. Windsor bank, state's prison com- 
missioner, legislator, mem. of governor's 
council, judge, last chief justice of Windsor 



co. court under the old judiciary system, 
trustee of Middlebury coll., Newton theol. 
inst. and Columbian coll., vice-pres. of Vt. 
Temperance Soc, Vt. Colonization Soc. 
and Vt. Bible Soc, a man of distinguished 
and courtly bearing and possessing influ- 
ence in state affairs and soc, a liberal 
benefactor of missions and charitable 
insts., one of the foremost laymen in the 
Baptist denomination in the U. S. (m. 
Sep. 4, 1805 Sally Spooner, dau. of Hon. 
Alden Spooner of Windsor Vt., editor of 
the Vt. Journal 1783-1827, legislator, state 
printer, a lineal desc. of Dep.-Gov. John 
Alden, Richard Warren, Francis Cooke 
and Rev. John Cooke, all of the " May- 
flower " 1620, who m. Sarah Burton, dau. 
of Judge Jacob Burton of Norwich Vt., 
one of the " state fathers," mem. of com- 
mittee which drew up Vermont's declara- 
tion of independence, mem. of the conven- 
tion which adopted the name Vermont and 
the state constitution, judge, legislator); 
son of Absalom of Sutton and Upton 
Mass., b. in Bridgewater Mass. 1751, d. 
in White Plains N. Y. while a mem. of 
the regular continental army 1778 (m. July 
25, 1771, Martha Hall, dau. of Hon. Willis 
Hall of Sutton Mass., prominent patriot, 
mem. of the committee of correspondence, 
inspection and safety of Sutton, mem. of 
the Mass. general assembly 1777, mem. of 
Mass. state convention 1779, pres. of 
Worcester co. convention 1784, justice); 
son of Abner Forbes or Fobes of Bridge- 
port and Uxbridge Mass., b. in Bridge- 
water 1727, was highly respected and of 
local prominence (m. 1750 Phoebe Leach, 
dau. of Benjamin Leach Esq. and Hep- 
zibah Washburn, who was gt.-gr.-dau. of 
Hon. John Washburn 1st sec. Mass. Bay 
colony and of John Windslow of Boston, 
shipping merchant, deputy and mem. of 
council of war, and of Mary [Clinton] 
Winslow of the " Mayflower " 1620, gt.- 
gt.-gr.-dau. of Francis Cooke of the " May- 
flower " 1620) ; son of William Forbes or 
Fobes, b. in Bridgewater Mass. 1698, d. 
June 20, 1764 (m. Feb. 3, 1725 Thankful 
Dwelly, dau. of John Dwelly of Scituate 
Mass.) ; son of Edward, b. in Bridgewater 

Mass. 1651, d. there 1732, honorable, was 
man of large landed interests and of local 
distinction, deacon, deputy to general 
court or assembly 1702-3, 1708-9, 1711-12, 
1715 and 1722, magistrate (m. Elizabeth 
Howard of Bridgewater); son of John, b. 
in Scotland, d. 1661, accepted by tradition 
as the son of Rev. John Forbes, who was 
moderator of the general assembly of the 
church of Scotland, holden in Aberdeen 
1605, moved to Plymouth with the rem- 
nant of Parson Robinson's church 1636, 
settled first in Duxbury, removed to 
Bridgewater as an original proprietor 1645, 
served in early Indian wars (m. Constant 
Mitchell, who came to Amer. with her 
brother Experience Mitchell in the "Ann " 

veston Tex. b. in Richmond Tex. 
Jan. 18, 1835, was educated at the Western 
Military inst. Ky., engaged in civil eng. 
up to 1858, was capt. of Co. D 1st Tex. 
cav. in the confederate service (m. Nov. 9, 
1858 Palmyra Atkinson, b. in Williamson 
co. Tenn. Nov. 9, 1836, d. Feb. 8, 1870, 
dau. of Dorsey and Mary [Patton] Atkin- 
son, she had 3 ch. viz.: Harriet Lovisa 
Borden, b. in Victoria Tex. Oct. 7, 1859 
[m. in Elgin 111. William Clayton Weld, 
b. 1856 [son of Nelson A. Weld, b. Sep. 11, 
1833, wn o m. Frances Scott, b. Nov. 1, 
1837] she had Mildred, b. July 29, 1888, 
d. July 5, 1891, James Romaine, b. Nov. 
2, 1890, Eleanor Marion, b. Apr. 20, 1895] 
Mary Willie, b. Nov. 3, 1861 [m. 1880 Gail 
Borden Johnson] and Flora Parker, b. 
May 25, 1865, m. 1884 Robert J. Davis, 
m. 2d May 3, 1883 Clara Virgina Arnold, 
dau. of Lloyd and Mary [Smith] Arnold 
of Calais Me., she had 3 ch. viz.: Robert 
Stafford, b. Apr. 11, 1884, Maie Phila, b. 
Dec. 24, 1885, and Adine Dennis, b. Dec. 
26, 1886); son of Thomas H. Borden of 
Galveston Tex., b. in Norwich N. Y. Jan. 
28, 1804, d. in Galveston Mar. 17, 1877, 
went to the republic of Tex. 1824, inventor 
of the steam gauge now known as the 
Bourdon steam gauge, with his brother Gail 
established the first newspaper in Tex. and 



advocated the separation from Mexico (m. 
June 4, 1829 Demis Woodward, d. 1836, 
dau. of Joseph Woodward of Vt, desc. of 
the Woodwards of N. J. and N. Y.); son 
of Gail of Norwich N. Y., b. in Gloucester 
R. I. Aug. 23, 1777, d. in Columbia Tex. 
Aug. 1863, went to the Republic of Tex. 
with his 3 youngest sons 1827, and passed 
through all the vicissitudes attendant upon 
the settlement of the country by Anglo- 
Americans, farmer, then stock grower, al- 
ways taking an active part in his country's 
service (m. Dec. 1800 Philadelphia 
Wheeler, dau. of Henry Wheeler, jr., who m. 
Esther Williams, dau. of Silas 4 , Peleg 3 , 
Daniel 2 and Roger 1 , the founder of the 
state of R. I. and settler in Providence 
R. I., she had 4 sons, Thomas H. above, 
Gail, inventor of condensed milk, Paschal 
and John) ; son of Gail of Gloucester R. I., 
b. in Providence Sep. 9, 1745, d. suddenly 
in Gloucester 1777 (m. 1774 Mary Knowl- 
ton, dau. of Thomas Knowlton and Lydia 
Ballard, who was a direct desc. of Gabriel 
Bernon, b. 1644, d. 1736, the Huguenot, 
emigrated to Amer. 1688, settled in Bos- 
ton, buried in the crypt of St. John's 
church Providence R. I., m. Esther Le 
Roy, she had 2 ch., Gail and Mary, d. 1828, 
who m. William Bradford of Providence, 
a lineal desc. of Gov. Bradford, she had 2 
ch., Marcy King Bradford m. John M. 
Turpin, and Ruth); son of John of Scit- 
uate R. I., b. in Swansea Mass. June 4, 
1710, d. in Gloucester July 8, 1761, was 
made freeman of Scituate 1739, sold two- 
fifths of his father's homestead 80 acres in 
Warren R. I. to James Mason for $45°. 
the deed was executed in Providence 1747, 
he obtained a water privilege on tht 
Ponoganset river where he set up a forge 
to mfr. wrought iron, the old forge still 
stands (m. Mary Peters, dau. of Rev. 
Hugh Peters, she outlived her husband 
many years, did not m. again but devoted 
herself to rearing her 4 sons, Samuel Asa, 
John, Nathaniel and Gail); son of John, 
b. in Portsmouth R.. I. 1675, farmer in 
Swansea Mass. on Tonasset Neck now in 
Warren R. I. (m. Sarah Earle, she had 
3 sons and 2 daus.); son of John, b. in 

Portsmouth 1640, d. June 4, 1716, settled 
with his sons Richard and Joseph on the 
Fall river, here their descs. have lived 
until the Fall river has become the great 
Borden center in that section, the great 
Borden mfg. interest being located there, 
was owner of large tracts of land in R. I., 
N. J., Pa. and Del. (m. Mary Earle, dau. 
of William Earle, she had 9 ch. viz.: Rich- 
ard, John, Mary, Joseph, Thomas, Hope, 
Amey William and Benjamin, each of 
whom left large fams.); son of Richard, 
b. in Borden Eng. 1601, d. in Providence 
R. I. 1671, emigrated to Amer. 1635, set- 
tled first in Boston, but afterwards when 
Providence was founded was one of the 
first settlers, was one of 3 appointed to 
survey all the lands around Providence 
1639, was made a freeman of Providence 
1641, was appointed on a committee for 
- settling matters concerning L. I. and in 
the case concerning the Dutch 1653, assist- 
ant treas. 1653-54, general treas. 1654-55, 
commissioner 1654-57, deputy assistant or 
senator of the colony 1667; son of John 
of Kent Eng. 

Louisville Ky., b. in McLean co. 111. 
June 22, 1839, d. Louisville Nov. 28, 1899, 
grad. Cumberland coll. law dept. i860, 
soldier in confederate army until it sur- 
rendered 1865, engaged in commercial pur- 
suits in Louisville 1865-92, vice-pres. of 
Louisville Trust Co. 1865-1900 (m. Sep. 30, 
1869 Mary Churchill Richardson, dau. of 
William Allen Richardson of Jefferson co. 
Ky., b. in New Orleans La., d. 1892, she 
had daus. Violet Flournoy and Lucy 
Ridgely Henry); son of John Flournoy 
Henry of Ky., b. in Scott co. Ky. Jan. 17, 
i/93» d- in Burlington la., Nov. 12, 1873, 
surgeon in the Can. campaign 1812-14, 
prof, in medical coll. of Mianis univ., was 
mem. of congress from Ky. 1837-38, re- 
turned to country life in 111. among Ky. 
friends, subsequently removed to Burling- 
ton (m. July 1, 1828 Lucy Stringer Ridgely, 
her father was b. in Md., was a distin- 
guished soldier from Md. in rev. war, re- 
moved to Ky. where he became a physician 



and surgeon of much prominence in Lex- 
ington) ; son of William of Charlotte co. 
Va. and Scott co. Ky., b. in Charlotte co. 
Apr. 12, 1761, d. in Hopkinsville Ky. Nov. 
23, 1824, soldier in rev. war in the partisan 
rangers of Col. Harry Lee, emigrated to 
Ky. 1 781, engaged in many hard battles 
with the Indians, was a farmer, a distin- 
guished mem. of the convention forming 
the first constitution of Ky., was mem. of 
leg. from Scott co. 20 years, became maj.- 
gen'l commanding first div. of Ky. vols. 
in war of 1812, received commendation of 
congress (m. Oct. 12, 1786 Elizabeth Julia 
Flournoy, b. in Flournoy's Station Ky. 
May 9, 1768, d. Nov. 21, 1813, dau. of Mat- 
thews Flournoy, soldier in rev. war from 
Va.); son of Robert of Charlotte co. Va., 
b. in Cambellton Scotland about 1725, d. in 
Charlotte co. May 8, 1767, grad. of Eden- 
burgh high school about 1745, of Prince- 
ton coll. 1751, ordained Presbyterian minis- 
ter by the Presbytery of N. Y. 1753, in- 
stalled pastor Cub Creek church in Char- 
lotte co. 17SS, also a "rebel" compelled to 
leave Scotland for upholding the cause oi 
Prince Edward the pretender (m. Jean 
Johnson) ; son of Robert of near Aberdeen 
Scotland, b. in Campbellton Scotland, d. in 
Scotland, was a covenantor of the father of 
John Knox. 

ristown N. J., b. in Titusville Pa. 
Aug. 9, 1878, removed from Titusville to 
Morristown 1891, student at Stevens inst. 
of technology, mem. of B.T. P. I. fraternity; 
son of Elias Hurlbut Ames of Titusville 
Pa., b. in Keeseville N. Y. May 17, 1851, 
d. in Titusville Pa. Apr. 5, 1891, student 
in Brooklyn polytechnic inst. and Heidle- 
burg Germany, degree M. E., was owner 
then sup't of large iron works in Titusville 
until his sudden death of pneumonia (m. 
Apr. 11, 1876 Eleanor Gray Bushnell, desc. 
of Francis Bushnell, b. 1576, emigrated 
from Horsted Eng. 1639, was one of the 
original settlers of Guilford Ct., removed 
to Saybrook Ct. shortly); son of Fred- 
erick W. Ames of Titusville Pa., b. July 
30, 1822, d. in Titusville Oct. 15, 1898, re- 

moved to Titusville at time of oil excite- 
ment, was a prominent man, served in 
House of Representatives at time of the 
impeachment of Pres. Johnson, d. of pneu- 
monia (m. Aug. 27, 1847 Mary Hurlbut, 
desc. 7th generation from Thomas Hurl- 
but, d. in Wethersfield about 1671, who 
emigrated from Eng. to Saybrook Ct. 
1635, supposed on the " Bachilor " from 
London, afterwards settled in Wethersfield 
Ct); son of Charles, b. in Burtonville 
Can. East Jan. 24, 1796 (m. Harriet Ash- 
mun of the Mich, fam., was sister to 
Judge Ashmun); son of Charles of 
Burtonville Can., b. in Bridgewater Apr. 
8, 1767, d. Apr. 13, 1830 (m. Rhoda Snell) ; 
son of Ebenezer of Bridgewater Mass., b. 
there Mar. 15, 1739, d. 1779, was soldier 
in rev. war and was killed in battle (m. 
Jane Howard, gt.-gr.-dau. of John and 
Martha [Hayward] Howard of Bridge- 
water Mass.); son of Joseph, b. in Bridge- 
water Mass. May 6, 171 1, d. there May 14, 
1790 (m. Susanna Littlefield) ; son of 
Thomas, b. in West Bridgewater Mass. 
Feb. 21, 1682, d. there Feb. 3, 1737, capt. 
(m. Mary Hayward) ; son of John, b. in 
Braintree Mass. Mar. 24, 1647, d. in West 
Bridgewater 1726 (m. Sarah Willis, dau. 
of Deason John and Elizabeth Willis) ; son 
of William, b. in Bruton Eng. Oct. 6, 
1605, d. in Braintree Mass. Jan. 11, 1654, 
the founder of the fam. in Araer., he and 
his younger brother John, b. Dec. 10, 1610, 
d. in West Bridgewater 1698, emigrated to 
Duxbury Mass. 1643, he settled in Brain- 
tree, John m. in Duxbury Elizabeth Hay- 
wart 1645, and settled in Bridgewater 1656; 
son of John of Bruton Eng. 

*J Trappe Md., b. there May 5, 1827 
grad. from Trappe high school, engaged in 
the retail drug business in Baltimore Md., 
studied medicine in the meanwhile and 
grad. from the univ. of Maryland 1854, 
commenced practice in his native town and 
has ardently and successfully continued the 
practice of his profession to the present 
time, is now president of the Trappe sav- 
ings bank, pres. of a branch of the Balti- 



more building and loan assoc. in Trappe 
and also pres. of the board of town com- 
missioners of Trappe (m. Nov. 9, 1854 
Evelina, dau. of Dr. Samuel T. Kemp a 
leading physician of Talbot co., whose an- 
cestors came from England in the 17th 
century and located in Talbot co., she 
Evelina had 2 ch., viz.: Louis and Ella 
Chaplain) ; son of James Chaplain of 
Trappe Md., born near Trappe Md. Nov. 
2 3> 1783, d. in Trappe Apr. 28, 11844, mer- 
chant there, chief judge of the magistrates 
court for many years and an official mem- 
ber of the Methodist Episcopal church 
(m. Dec. 16, 1823 Eliza dau. of John 
Stevens, whose ancestor came from Eng- 
land about 1648 and located in Md. and 
had 5 ch., viz.: John, Francis, James S. 
Sarah, Mary Elizabeth and Alexander 
Chaplain); son of Francis Chaplain of 
near Trappe Md., b. there Feb. 16, 1757, 
d. there in Nov. 1786, planter in Ferry 
Neck, Talbot co. Md. (m. Jan. 9, 1783 
Margaret Jenkins, whose brother William 
Jenkins was a wealthy merchant of Easton 
Md. where he died) ; son of Francis Chap- 
lain of near Trappe Md., b. there Jan. 29, 
1731, d. there, planter and raised tobacco 
(m. Margaret) ; son of James of near 
Trappe, b. there Nov. 17, 1706, d. there 
in Feb. 1776 (m. June 5, 1728 Elizabeth 
Martin, whose family was a prominent on; 
in Talbot co. Md., and had 6 ch., viz.: 
James, b. March 11, 1729, Francis above, 
Thomas, b. June 29, 173.1, Mary, b. Sep. 
16, 1733, William Aires Chaplain, b. Apr. 
T 3, J 736, and John Chaplain); son of 
James Chaplain of near Trappe Md., b. 
there 1670, d. there Feb. 17, 1708, tobacco 
planter (m. Feb. 20, 1704 Elizabeth White, 
and had 2 ch., viz.: James above and Fran- 
cis Chaplain, b. Dec. 10, 1707); son of 
Francis Chaplain of near Trappe Md., b. 
in Stfffolk Eng., d. near Trappe Aug. 27, 
1707, planter, came from Suffolk Eng. to 
Talbot co. Md. about 1660, bought a tract 
of land on Bolingbroke Creek from Cor- 
nelius Mulraine, giving in exchange there- 
fore 7,000 £ of good sound merchantable 
tobacco in casque, was a member of the 
church of England, vestryman of White 

Marsh parish in Talbot co. Md., was ap- 
pointed press master for Bolingbroke hun- 
dred in Talbot co. 1694, he wrote his name 
Chaplin, but his great gr.-son Francis 
wrote the name Chaplain, which has been 
retained by his descendants (m. Martha, 
who d. 1700). 

FREEMAN, ALDEN of East Orange 
N. J., b. in Cleveland O. May 25, 
1862, B. S. New York univ. 1882, M. S. 
1887, member of the council of the soc. of 
colonial wars N. J., the council of N. J. soc. 
of the order of the founders and patriots 
of America, Metropolitan club N. Y., 
and one of the founders and incorporators 
of the hereditary patriotic order of the set- 
tlers and defenders of Amer. ; son of Joel 
Francis Freeman of East Orange N. J., b. 
in New York city Oct. 12,, 1836, was for 
many years treasurer of the Standard Oil 
Company, also vice-pres. of the board of 
the Mo. Kans. and Texas Railway Com- 
pany (m. Dec. $, i860 Frances Maria 
Abbey, dau. of Seth Alden Abbey of Cleve- 
land O., was judge, served throughout the 
civil war as 1st lieut. of the 2d O. cavalry, 
and part of the time as quartermaster of 
his brigade; son of Peter Abbey, b. 1769, 
d. 1857, gr.-son Thomas Abbey, ensign and 
lieut. in French and Indian war, noted 
capt. in rev. war, was adjt. of Chester's 
Ct. reg. ; gt.-gr.-son of Thomas Abbey of 
Enfield Ct., b. 1686, d. 1759, lieut., gt.-gt.- 
gr.-son of Thomas Abbey, b. 1656, d. 1728, 
early settler of Enfield Ct, was wounded 
in the Great Swamp fight 1675; son of 
John Abbey, who sailed in the " Bonaven- 
ture " 1634, was an early settler of Salem 
Mass., Seth Alden Abbey above was also 
gr.-son of Amos Alden of Enfield Ct., 
colonel, 5th in lineal desc. from John 
Alden, deputy-gov. of Plymouth colony, 
7th signer of the Mayflower compact, in- 
cluding John Alden, nine of Seth Alden 
Abbey's ancestors were in the military 
companies of Plymouth colony in 1643, 
viz.: William Vassall, b. 1592, d. 1655, came 
with Winthrop as assist. -gov. of Mass. bay 
colony of which he was one of the orig- 
inal patentees 1630; son of John Vassall 



alderman of London, who fitted out and 
commanded 2 ships of war " Samuel " and 
" Tobey Jr." against the Spanish " Ar- 
mada," Thomas Harvey, b. 1617, d. 1651, 
gt.-gr.-son of William Harvey, b. 1510, d. 
1567, was sent by Queen Mary to declare 
war against France 1557, held the office of 
Clarencieux king-of-arms until his death, 
son of Turner Harvey, favorite archer and 
long-bowman of Henry VIII, at whose 
death there was no man in Eng. who 
could spring his bow, John Dunham, 
Moses Simmons [fortune 16211] Thomas 
Hayward, deacon John Willis, John Hard- 
ing and James Adams, other ancestors of 
Seth Alden Abbey were Capt. Samuel 
Terry and John Pease both of Enfield Ct, 
the latter was known as the founder of 
Enfield and father of the 1st white child 
b. there, and Capt. Miles Morgan the hero 
of Springfield in King Philip's war; gr.- 
son of Sir William Morgan of Tredegus 
Wales, where he entertained King Charles 
I for 2 days 1645; gt.-gr.-son of Thomas 
Morgan of Machen esquire of the body of 
Henry VII, lineal desc. in 13th gen. of the 
Welsh chieftain Cadivor-fawr, d. 1089, was 
buried in Carmarthen) ; son of Alexander 
of New York city, b. in Woodbridge N. J. 
Nov. 15, 1807, d. in New York city Oct. 
24, 1839 (m. May 12, 1831 Hannah Maria 
Low, dau. of Jacob, b. 1783, d. 1824, whose 
home was in Dutchess co. N. Y., on the 
site now occupied by Vassar coll. [son of 
Aaron, b. 1757, d. 1807, and Hannah 
[Fort] Low, son of Peter Low, b. 1724, 
d. 1811], and Adrianna Mott, b. 1786, d. 

i860, dau. of Mott and Adrianna 

Pell, b. 1762, d. 1834); son of Joel of 
Woodbridge N. J., b. there Sep. 19, 1770, 
d. there Apr. 23, 1835 (m. Apr. 2, 1801 
Nancy McMinn, dau. of Alexander Mc- 
Minn, who left Whithorn Scotland 1777, 
son of William McMinn, merchant in the 
West Indies, admitted as burgess of the 
town of Irvine Scotland 1750, and Rachel 
Campbell, dau. of Dugold Campbell, b. 
1732, d. 1809, private in Middlesex co. 
troops of N. J. in rev. war. in Metuchen 
N. J. 1776); son of Israel of Pray Hill 
Columbia township N. Y., b. in Wood- 

bridge N. J. 1742, d. in Columbia township, 
private in Middlesex co. troops of N. J. 
in rev. war, after which he removed to 
N. Y. state in the vicinity of Richfield 
Springs, where many of his relatives were 
located (m. Louisa Miller); son of Henry 
of Woodbridge N. J., b. there Mar. 23, 
1717, d. there July 16, 1784, killed by stroke 
of lightning (m. about 1740 Mary Read, 
b. Nov. 24, 1724, d. Oct. 28, 1796, sister 
of Rev. Israel Read, d. Nov. 28, 1793, 
classmate at Princeton coll. of Aaron Burr, 
1st pastor of Presby. church in Bound- 
brook N. J., afterwards of Presby. church 
in New Brunswick N. J., the character of 
Rev. Alexander McClave in Leicester 
Ford's " Janice Meredith " is said to be 
drawn from Israel Read) ; son of Henry 
of Woodbridge N. J., b. 1670, d. in Wood- 
bridge Oct. 10, 1763, buried in the Presby. 
church yard in Woodbridge, where his 
tombstone is still standing amidst the 
graves of 7 gens, of his desc, a prominent 
figure in the early days of the province, 
sturdy in his assertion of the rights of the 
people against the encroachment of the 
royal authority which at the same recog- 
nized his worth by long continued-appoint- 
ments as one of the 6 judges of the pleas 
of the co. of Middlesex (m. in Wood- 
bridge May 16, 1695 Elizabeth Bonue, b. 
1673, d. Dec. 5, 1760, buried beside her hus- 
band, was a Huguenot). 

" New York city, b. in Weedsport N. Y. 
July 28, 1844, served in the army almost 
continuously in civil war 1861-65, one of 
first to vol. from central N. Y., officer of 
the old guard of N. Y., superintendent and 
secretary of the N. Y. Soc. for the Pre- 
vention of Cruelty to Children since its 
organization 1875, member of Sons of the 
Rev., Soc. of Colonial Wars, military order 
of foreign wars, New Eng. Soc. and the 
Larchmont Yacht Club (m. July 11, 1889 
Adelaide E. Montgomery, dau. of George 
Montgomery, M. D. of Newburyport 
Mass.) ; son of John S. Jenkins of Sennett 
N. Y., b. in Albany N. Y. Feb. 18, 1818, 
d. in Syracuse N. Y. Sep. 20, 1852, lawyer, 



editor and author of many historical and 
other works (m. Apr. 18, 1843 Minerva 
Porter Fellows, dau. of Edmund B. Fel- 
lows and gr.-dau. of Gen. John Fellows 
of Sheffield Mass., one of Washington's 
generals in rev. war.) ; son of Hermon, b. 
in Coeymans N. Y., served his time as 
an apprentice of the silversmith and jew- 
elry trade to Gen. John Stillwell, member 
of the firms Wendell and Jenkins and 
Jenkins and Havard of Albany, many years 
and subsequently under his own name on 
State st. Albany, was a man of some note 
in Albany, early attached himself to the 
Republican party, served as an alderman 
and was a warm supporter of Gov. Tomp- 
kins and of the war of 118112; when that 
war was declared he was sergeant of the 
Albany Republican artillery, his company 
entered the service and was sent to New 
York city where they joined a regiment 
commanded by Col. Swartout, his com- 
pany visited New York city again 1814, at 
that time he was 1st lieut. of the company 
and commanded it the most of the time 
while in service, was a personal friend and 
adviser of Martin Van Buren, Benjamin F. 
Butler and William L. Marcy, moved to 
Jordan N. Y., where he was elected an 
assemblyman 1828, justice of the peace 
there 4 years, later he was connected in 
the milling business with his brother Ira 
Jenkins (m. 1815 Elizabeth Fryer, dau. of 
Isaac Fryer of Albany N. Y., grocer, was 
of Dutch desc); gr.-son of a Baptist 
clergyman of R. I., of English desc. 

HATHORN-, JOHN of Elmira N. Y., 
b. in Horseheads N. Y. May 3, 1846, 
served 31 years in war of rebellion in Co. 
A 107th N. Y. Vols., enlisted 1862, dis- 
charged 1865 (m. May 9, 1877 Anna May 
Judd, b. in Elmira May 13, 1856, she had 
son Judd Whiton Hathorn, b. Jan. 9, 
1887); son of Andrew of Elmira N. Y., b. 
in Florida N. Y. June 29, 1814, farmer for 
several years, now interested in real estate 
(m. May 31, 1842 Sarah Anne Welling, b. 
in Warwick N. Y. Aug. 28, 1816, d. in 
Elmira Mar. 3, 1888, she had 2 sons John 
and Charles Beecher Hathorn); son of 

John of Horseheads N. Y., b. in Warwick 
N. Y. Mar. ui, 178s, d. in Horseheads July 
27, 1850 (m. Jan. 18, 1806 Hannah Post, 
b. in Florida N. Y. Nov. 28, 1784, dau. of 
James Post, col. in rev. war, she had 7 ch., 
viz.: Caroline m. Judah Linsay, James m. 
Sarah and Caroline Lockwood, Richard 
Morris m. Louisa Dennett, John Welling 
m. Mary Osborn, Andrew above, Eliza, b. 
in Florida N. Y. May 10, 1817, d. in El- 
mira N. Y. Aug. 18, 1867, m. Jan. 14, 1841 
Orson Hallenbeck Fitch, b. in Green N. Y. 
Feb. 112, 1812, d. in Elmira Aug. 20, 1891, 
they had 4 ch., viz. : Hester Maria, Sarah 

B. m. Feb. 3, 1875, Comfort Bennett and 
had C. Fitch Bennett, b. Dec. 19, 1876, and 
Raleigh Hathorn Bennett, b. May 17, 1883, 
Margaret Robinson and Clara Eliza, d. in 
Elmira Oct. 3, 1881, m. June 18, 1879, John 

C. Remington and Hannah m. Zackariah 
Winegar); son of John of Warwick N. Y., 
b. in Elkton Del. Jan. 9, 1749, d. in War- 
wick Feb. 19, 1825, col. in command of the 
Florida and Warwick N. Y. militia 1776, 
was called out on the Minnisink alarm 
1777* chairman of Goshen N. Y. committee 
of safety 1776, was member of the 1st Con- 
gress of the U. S., was member of 1st As- 
sembly of N. Y. state, speaker in Assembly 
1784, was returned many times to Assem- 
bly and Senate of N. Y. state, was made 
general, with Gen. James Clinton and John 
Cantine, was appointed commissioner on 
the port of N. Y. to survey the lands in 
Chemung region and to settle disputes 
among those located there which had 
arisen from time to time from various 
causes (m. Jan. 9, 17721 Elizabeth Welling, 
b. in New Town L. I. June 14, 1750, d. in 
Warwick N. Y. Aug. 10, 1810, she had 11 
ch., viz.: Sarah, Thomas Welling, Mary, 
Hannah, Elizabeth, John above, Catharine 
Cornelia, George Clinton, Andrew, Peter 
Townsend and Richard Morris). 

■£*- York city, b. in Newton L. I. Sep 1, 
1857, grad. Union coll. A. B. 1878, Colum- 
bia coll. law school L.L. B. 1880, lawyer 
(m. Dec. 22, 1891 Annie Housel Schenck, b. 
Sep. 16, 1863, only child of William George 



Schenck of New York city and Mary M. 
Housel of Easton Pa., she had son An- 
thony, b. in New York city Jan. 11, 1897); 
son of Henry Sheldon Anable of L. I. 
city N. Y., b. in Albany N. Y. June 211, 
1815, d. in Flushing L. I. Sep. 2, 1887, 
lived in Albany, New York city, Utica 
N. Y., lieut.-col. of Utica Light Guards in 
Sheboygan Wis. and Sacramento Cal., 
moved to Hunters Point in Newton L. I. 
1855, afterwards L. I. city, served on com- 
mittee to procure incorporation of L. I. 
city 1870, as member of L. I. city survey 
commission 1872-74, laid out and mapped 
L. I. city, member of L. I. city improve- 
ment commission 1874-81, as manager of 
real estate investments of Union coll. at 
L. I. city 1855-87 (m. in Sheboygan Wis. 
Feb. 13, 1855 Rosanna Frick, b. in Wil- 
liamsville N. Y. Nov. is, 1831, dau. of 
Emanuel and Elizabeth [Henley] Frick, 
both b. in Lancaster Pa. of German desc); 
son of Joseph of New London Ct. and Al- 
bany N. Y., b. in East Haddam Ct. July 
18, 1773, d. in Bethlehem N. Y. Sep. 24, 
1831, in business at New London until 1810, 
spelled the name with two n's, removed to 
Albany 1810, about this time began spelling 
name with one n. (m. 1st Aug. 16, 1706 
Anna Crosby, d. in Albany Mar. 9, 1813, 
m. 2d July 28, 1814 Alma Sheldon, b. in 
Adams Mass. Apr. 28, 1785, d. in Phila- 
delphia Aug. 4, 1875, dau. of Asa and Isa- 
bella [Low] Sheldon of Troy N. Y.); son 
of John of Millington Ct., b in East Had- 
dam Ct. Apr. 18, 1744, d. in Millington 
Oct. 23, 1815, was in business in New Lon- 
don as shipping merchant until 1810 when? 
he returned to Millington Ct. (m. Han-f 
nah Stewart, dau. of John and Elizabethj 
Stewart of East Haddam Ct.) ; son of i 
Cornelius of East Haddam Ct., b. in I 
Barnstable Mass. Nov. 3, 1704 known to 
have been in East Haddam 1747 (m. Ex- ; 
perience, they were m. and living in parish' 1 
of Millington Ct. 1728) ; son of John of 
Barnstable Mass., b. there July 19, 1673 
(m. June 16, 1692 Experience Taylor, b.' 
1672, dau. of Edward and Mary [Merks], 
Taylor); son of Samuel of Barnstable' 
Mass., b. there Jan. 22, 1646, d. there 1678, 

(m. June 1, 1667 Mehitable Allyn, dau. of 
Thomas and Winifred Allyn) ; son ot 
Anthony of Barnstable Mass., b. in 
county Kent Eng. 1599, d. in Barnstable 
1674; the name was then spelled Annable 
sometimes Anibal, came from Kent county 
England to Plymouth in the ship "Ann" 
in 1623, with his wife, Jane, and one 
daughter, Sarah (some records mention 
another daughter, Hannah, as accompany- 
ing him, but it appears that a daughter, 
Hannah, was born at Plymouth soon after 
the landing of her parents and a grant of 
land was made to her by virtue of her 
right as one of the first children born in 
the colony). He resided at Plymouth un- 
til 1634, when he removed to Scituate, of 
which he was one of the original settlers, 
and united with others in organizing the 
church there. In Scituate he filled several 
public trusts, representing it in the general 
court of the colony for two years, and in 
1636 as delegate from that town serving 
as a member of a committee to revise the 
laws of the colony. In 1639 with his min- 
ister, the Rev. John Lothrop, he removed 
to Barnstable where he lived to the end 
of his life, representing that town in the 
general court in 1646 and for twelve con- 
secutive years thereafter, and serving in 
1643 as a member of a committee "to pro- 
vide plans and defence against the attacks 
of the Indians," and in 1645 of a committee 
"to propose laws to redress present abuses 
and to prevent future," and the following 
year on a committee, consisting of one 
for each township in the colony, appointed 
to devise means for defraying the expenses 
of the colony. A daughter, Sarah, born 
about 1622 in England, accompanied An- 
thony and Jane Anable in the ship "Ann." 
The children of this marriage were: 1. 
Sarah, who married Henry Ewell, Nov. 23, 
1638, by whom she had eight children. 
She died in 1687. 2. Hannah, born at 
Plymouth in 1625, to whom a grant of land 
was made by virtue of her right as one of 
the first children born in the colony. She 
married Thomas Boreman, March 3, 1645, 
by whom she had seven children. 3. Su- 
sanna born at Plymouth 1630, married Wil- 



Ham Hatch of Scituate, March 13, 1662. 
4. Deborah, born at Scituate and baptized 
on May 7, 1637. Jane, his first wife, died at 
Barnstable, Dec. 13, 1643, and on March 
3, 16415, he married 2d Ann Clark. The 
children of this marriage were: Samuel, 
above, Ezekiel, baptized April 29, 1649, 
Desire, born October 6, 1653, who married 
John Barker, Jan. 18, 1677. Anthony's 
estate was administered by his widow, Ann. 

dependence Mo., b. in Bourbon co. 
Ky. Jan. 22, 1835, farmer and stockman all 
his life, wrote and published Hearne gen. 
1895-98, successful in business, a Democrat 
in politics and Baptist in religion (m. 1st 
Jan. 24, 1854 Margaret Hawkins, d. June 
9, 1864, a desc. from an old Va. fam. and a 
direct desc. of Esther Ball [sister of Mary 
[Ball] Washington] who m. Raleigh 
Chinn, she had 5 -children viz.: Katie, Nan- 
nie, Fannie, Margaret and Willie T., m. 
2d May 7, 1868 Jennie Barkley, d. July 28, 
1898, desc. on both sides from old Va. 
fams., maternal ancestors were of those 
who were put in prison in Va. for preach- 
ing the gospel, one Joseph Craig when ar- 
rested for preaching without a license said 
"a good man ought not to be put in prison 
I wont have any hand in it" and forthwith 
laid down in the road and would neither 
walk nor ride, they let him go, she had 2 
children viz.: Lizzie b. Sep. 13, 1869 d. 
Sep. 1, 1893 and Frank B. b. Sep. 24, 
1871); son of Cannon of Bourbon co. 
Ky., b. there Sep. 30, 1798, d. there May 
11, 1839, farmer and stockman, successful 
in business, Whig in politics, Episcopalian 
in religion, d. of typhoid fever (m. Feb. 3, 
1825 Sally Owen, of Md. desc, whose an- 
cestors were tillers of the soil and raisers 
of stock, gr.-dau. of Thomas Owen, a rev. 
soldier, a private in Capt. John Dandridge's 
company and in Col. Charles Harrison's 
reg. T st artillery continental troops, his 
name appears on roll Oct. 1777, enlisted 
Jan. 9, 1777 for 3 years, she had 6 children 
viz.: Nancy K, Franklin P., Jonathan D., 
Robert C, William T. and James W.) ; 
son of Clement of Bourbon co. Ky., b. 

in Sussex co. Del. Nov. 29, 1763, d. in 
Fayette co. Ky. July 7, 1851, successful 
farmer, in politics Federalist then Whig, 
voted for George Washington for presi- 
dent both times and lastly for Gen'l Taylor 
1848, a most devout Episcopalian (m. May 
16, 1787 Keziah Cannon, desc. from an old 
Del. fam. of English desc. who were 
mostly farmers and devout Episcopalians, 
she had 7 children viz.: Sally, William, 
Burton, Minos, Cannon, Mariah and 
Joseph) ; son of Ebenezer of Sussex 
co. Del., b. in Somerset co. Md. May 
6, 1717, d. in Sussex co. Del. Apr. 
1785, successful farmer and stock raiser, 
Federalist, Episcopalian (m. about 1750 
Priscilla Fooks, desc. of an old Del. fam., 
very domestic and mostly Episcopalians, 
she had 6 children viz.: Lowder, George 
soldier in continental army and was killed 
by the Hessians in N. J. 1778, Joseph, Cle- 
ment, Thomas and Ebenezer) ; son of 
Thomas of Somerset co. Md., b. there 
May 31, 1691, d. there Mar. 1762, farmer, 
Episcopalian, obtained from Frederick 
lord of the provinces of Maryland and 
Avalon and lord baron of Baltimore grants 
to lands on which his father settled in 1688 
(m. about 17.13 Sally Wingate, desc. of an 
aid Md. fam. of English desc. some of 
them moved to central Ky. and are of the 
most prominent citizens of that state, she 
had 12 children viz.: George, Ebenezer, 
Thomas, Elizabeth, John, Nehemiah, 
Jemima, Mary, Esther, Sarah, Anne and 
William) ; son of William of Somerset 
co. Md., b. in London Eng. 1627, d. in 
Somerset co. Md., Oct. 1691, was a mer- 
chant in London, a capt. in Cromwell's 
army and in all his famous battles, 
after the restoration went to St. Chris- 
topher's islands in the West Indies and 
continued a merchant there, obtaining 
his goods in London and trading along 
the coast of the American colonies 
and was termed the "blanket mer- 
chant" because of the lnrge quantities he 
sold the colonists, on his return trip to 
London he took large cargoes of Mus- 
covada sugar, finally settled in Province of 
Md. 1688 (m. Mary, a highly cultured lady 



with a fine education, her parentage was 
of London's best fams. she had 2 ch., 
viz.: William, b. Sep. 24, 1688, d. Jan. 1756, 
and Thomas above). 

field Pa., b. near Mainland Pa. Oct. 
21, 1829, was raised on farm, had common 
school education, learned plastering trade, 
active man when came of age, went to 
school several years, taught school 22 
years (m. Mar. 21, 1854 Mary Lukens, d. 
Dec. 8, 1864 teacher, [dau. of Peter Hox- 
worth of Dutch desc, who married a Jen- 
kins of Welch desc], she had 5 ch., viz.: 
Henry Clifton, Elizabeth, Annie Matilda, 
Joseph Addison and Mary Alice, m. 2d 
Dec. 24, 1865 Lydia Havley, d. in an insane 
asylum, had 1 son, Charles Jerome of 
Philadelphia, builder); son of Joseph of 
near Mainland Pa., b. there Apr. 15, 1806, 
d. there Dec. 26, 1887, was healthy active 
man about six feet tall (m. Mar. 20, 1828 
Elizabeth Yocum, 6th in desc. of Yocum 
fam. originally from Sweden, who were 
on the Delaware before Penn's time, she 
had 6 ch., viz.: James Y. above, Charles, 
Rev. Jesse, Sarah, Mary, Joseph and 1 
died in infancy) ; son of Peter of near 
Mainland Pa., b. there Dec. 27, 1770, 
d. there Jan. 22, 1847, farmer, Mennonite 
(m. Sarah Detweiler, dau. of Jacob and 
Maria [Funk] Detweiler, their gr.-parents 
were persecuted Mennonites who fled to 
Pa. under William Penn) ; son of George 
of near Mainland, b. in Retchweiler 
France Apr. 26, 1736, d. near Maitland 
Aug. 28, 1816, Franco-German and spoke 
the German language, was a Redemptioner 
three years which made him learn the 
value of money, owned at his death. 406 
acres of best land in these parts (m. Chris- 
tina Freed, dau. of Peter, son of Johannes 
Freed, a persecuted Mennonite who emi- 
grated under William Penn, she had 11 ch., 
viz.: Barbara, Hannah, George, Peter, 
Michael, Abraham, John, Catharine, 
Elizabeth, Jacob and David) ; son of 
Michael of Retchweiler France, d. there 
1780, he had some property and his son 
Michael only brother of George above, 

was forbidden by law to send any money 
out of their country, therefore George's 
share was turned into dry goods and sent 
to him as far as Philadelphia where George 
received it. 

Trenton N. J., b. in Pleasant Run 
N. J. Oct. 14, 1830, grad. A. B., A. M. and 
D. D., Rutgers coll., teacher in N. J., 
preacher in N. J., N. Y. and Cal., theol. 
prof, and editor in San Francisco, evan- 
gelist in Italy, author, historian and gen- 
ealogist (m. Apr. 5, 1859 Hannah Gar- 
rigues Reeve, dau. of Josiah Miller Reeve, 
desc. of Mark Reeve, who came from Eng- 
land to Salem N. J. 1675, has 2 sons, Wil- 
liam Reeve Thompson and Henry Dallas 
Thompson) ; son of Joseph of Readington 
N. J., b. in Pleasant Run N. J. Sep. 30, 
1808, d. in Readington N. J. Oct. 23, 1893, 
farmer, teacher, surveyor, scrivener, ex- 
ecutor, administrator and judge of the 
Hunterdon and Somerset county courts 
28 years, no judicial decision of his being 
ever finally reversed by the superior court 
(m. Jan. 6, 1830 Ann Post, dau. of Capt. 
Henry A. Post, and his 2d wife Martha 
Anderson) ; son of John of Pleasant Run 
N. J., b. head of Holland Brook N. J. 
July 3, 1770, d. in Pleasant Run Mar. 9, 
1847, judge of the Hunterdon county court 
30 years, teachers and preachers were al- 
ways welcome at his hospitable home (m. 
1st Dec. 1, 1793 Hannah Van Syckle, b. 
Feb. 29, 1772, d. May 18, 1806, had 7 chil- 
dren, m. 2d June 1807 Elizabeth Morehead 
[dau. of Joseph Muir Head, who came 
from Straban Ire., served in French 
and Indian war and later lived near Cen- 
treville N. J., was famed for piety, m. 
Judick Aten], she had 4 children); son of 
John of Somerset and Hunterdon coun- 
ties N. J., b. in Scotland Apr. 15, 1730, d. 
in Loyalsock Pa. June 10, 1778, served in 
the Somerset N. J. militia 1776, moved to 
Loyalsock 1777, sent out on a foraging 
party of 12 men under Capt. Berry from 
Fort Muncy 1778, was killed and scalped 
by Indians led by a tory, his body was 
discovered next day by J a search party 

i 7 8 


under Capt. Shafer (m. Juda Bodine, b. 
Mar. 13, 1735, dau. of Abraham Bodine, 
lived in Somerset near the Hunterdon 
county line on southwesterly quarter sec- 
tion of lot no. 67 in the Elizabethtown bill 
in chancery, and m. Adriantje Jansen). 

Chicago 111., b. in Cadiz O. Dec. 28, 
1863; son of Neri Augustus Hanna of 
Cadiz, b. in McConnellsville O. Apr. 3, 
1827 (m. June 7, 1849 Eliza Jane Phillips, 
b. Feb. 22, 1829, dau. of John and Eliza 
Gilmore Phillips of Cadiz O., gr.-dau. of 
William and Rachel Hamilton Phillips of 
West Nottingham township Pa. and of 
Samuel and Elizabeth Buchanan Gilmore 
of Cadiz, gt.-gr.-dau. of Thomas and Jane 
[dau. of Jennet Blair] Phillips of West 
Nottingham and of Robert and Martha 
[dau. of John McMillan] Hamilton of 
West Nottingham, and of Nathaniel and 
Sarah McFadden Gilmore of county Cavan 
Ire., and of William and Nancy Bu- 
chanan of Washington co. Pa.) ; son of 
John Evans Hanna of McConnellsville 
O., b. in Rostraver township Pa. Dec. 19, 
1805, d. in McConnellsville Aug. 30, 1894, 
presiding judge 8th Ohio judicial district 
1840-47 and 1854, postmaster of McCon- 
nellsville under Andrew Jackson and 
Grover Cleveland (m. in Cadiz O. June 
8, 1826 Susannah Robertson, b. Mar. 9, 
1804, dau. of Robert and Beulah Stanley 
Robertson of Morgan co. O., gr.-dau. of 
John and Eleanor Dick Robertson of 
Alexandria Va., and of Zachariah and 
Susannah Mendenhall Stanley of Loudoun 
co. Va., gt.-gr.-dau. of John and Elizabeth 
Coates [dau. of Moses and Susannah 
Coates] Mendenhall of Chester co. Pa. and 
N. C, gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of Aaron and Rose 
Pierson [dau. of Thomas and Rose Dixon 
Pierson] Mendenhall and gt. -gt.-gt.-gr.- 
dau. of John and Elizabeth Maris [dau. of 
George and Alice Maris] Mendenhall); 
son of John of Cadiz O., b. in Fairfield 
township Pa. Dec. 23, 1773, d. in Cadiz 
June 2, 1847, auditor and associate judge 
of Harrison co. O. (m. Dec. 6, 1796 Anne 
Leonard, b. June 7, 1775 [dau. of James 

and Mary Finley Leonard of South Hunt- 
ington township Pa., gr.-dau. of Leonard 
of Enniskillen Ire., and of John and 
Martha Berkeley Finley of Lurgan town- 
ship Pa., and gt.-gr.-dau. of Michael 
Finley of Sadsbury township Pa.]); son of 
John of Fairfield township Pa., d. about 
1788; possibly son of Patrick of Hopewell 
township, Pa., d. 1758. 

lanta Ga., b. in Lampkin Ga. Sep. 
26, i860; son of James Furber Nutting, 
b. in West Windsor Vt. Jan. 23, 1827, d. 
in Atlanta Ga. June 30, 1891, moved from 
Vt. to Ga. 1845 (m. June 4, 1851 Eppie 
Adeline Holmes, dau. of Josiah Holmes of 
Ga., who m. Amelia Williams, dau. of 
John Williams of N. C, who m. Sarah 
Lane, cousin of Gen'l Joseph Lane of Or., 
U. S. Senator and candidate for vice-pres. 
with Breckenridge and Gov. Henry S. 
Lane of Ind., U. S. Senator) ; son of Abel, 
b. in Vt. Feb. 11, 1791, d. in Vt. 1875 
(m. about 1815 Mary Furber of N. H.); 
son of Abel, b. in Groton Mass. Sep. 23, 
1 761, d. in Vt. 1848 (m. about 1783 Polly 
Boynton, b. in Dunstable N. H. Aug. 26, 
1763, aunt to ex-Gov.^James S. Boynton 
of Ga.); son of William of Mass., b. there 
Nov. 20, 1712, d. Groton Jan. 2, 1776, lieut. 
(m. about 1737 Jane Boynton, b. Aug. 3, 
1717, dau. of Benoni Boynton); son of 
1 Jonathan, b. in Mass. July 7, 1689, d. 
there (m. about 171 1 Mary Green, b. Nov. 
21, 1690, d. Sep. 24, 1778); son of John; 
son of John, d. 1663, emigrated from Eng- 
land about 1650, killed by Indians, had 4 
sons, viz.: John above, Jonathan, Ebenezer 
and James, the ancestors of all the Nut- 
tings in America. 

LINN of Chambersburg Pa., b. in 
Lancaster Pa. Apr. 29, i860, grad. Frank- 
lin and Marshall coll. 1882, attorney at 
Franklin co. bar Pa. since 1884, author 
(m. Aug. 16, 1887 Pauline Forward Kim- 
mell, dau. of the late ex-Judge Francis M. 
Kimmell, formally judge of the 16th ju- 
dicial district of Pa.); son of Henry of 



Mercersburg Pa., b. near Waynesboro Pa. 
Oct. 28, 1817, d. in Mercersburg Dec. 28, 
1867, minister, D. D., of the Reformed 
church in the U. S., elected prof, in sem. 
1863, author of religious books, Pa. Ger- 
man poems, poems in English and a con- 
tributor to many papers and magazines 
(m. 1st Dec. 14, 1843 Louisa Goodrich, d. 
Sep. 1847, m. 2d Nov. 14, 1848 Mary Louisa 
Linn of Lewisburg Pa., b. 1827, d. Feb. 
T 3, 1S97) ; son of George of near Waynes- 
boro, Pa., b. in Harbaugh's Valley Md. 
Mar. 17, 1774, d. on farm near Waynesboro 
Feb. 3, 1853, farmer (m. Jan. 2, 1801 Anna 
Snyder, Pa. German of Lancaster co. Pa.); 
son of Jacob of Harbaugh's Valley Md., 
b. Switzerland Feb. 5, 1730, d. near Kreutz 
Creek in Berks co. Pa. Apr. 28, 1818 (m. 
Apr. 1761 Anna Margaretta Smith, b. Apr. 
3, 1740, d. Mar. 18, 1803); son of Yost 
Herbog [Herrbach, Herbaugh] of Switzer- 
land and Berks co. Pa., b. in Switzerland, 
d. in Maxatawny township Pa. Apr. 1762, 
moved to America 1736, his will is re- 
corded in York co. The name is variously 
spelled, in a deed it is Joost Herbog, had 
ro children (m. 2d Mary Elizabeth). 

of Glencoe 111., b. in Richmond Ind. 
Mar. 25, 1835, wholesale druggist in Chi- 
cago, member of Soc. of Friends and an 
approved minister (m. Mar. 7, 1855 Han- 
nah Ann Ballard, b. in Roachester O. Nov. 
21, 1835, dau. of Thomas and Sarah Lewis 
Ballard of Bedford co. Va., members of 
the Soc. of Friends, she had 6 ch., viz.: 
Mary Wright, Elizabeth Ballard, Joseph 
Pemberton, John Thomas, Frances Rachel 
and Addison William); son of John 
Thomas Plummer of Richmond Ind., b. 
in Baltimore Md. Mar. 12, 1807, d. in 
Richmond Apr. 10, 1865, grad. Yale med. 
school, practising physician in Richmond, 
member of Soc. of Friends (m. 1st 1833 
Hannah Wright, d. 1836, dau. of Jonathan 
and Mary Bateman Wright of Springboro 
O., " Friends," had son Jonathan Wright 
Plummer, b. 1835, m. 2d about 1838 Sarah 
O. Peirce of Portsmouth N. H.) ; son of 
Joseph Pemberton Plummer of Richmond 

Ind., b. in Md. Oct. 4, 1783, d. in Rich- 
mond 1868, merchant in Baltimore, after- 
wards in Richmond, member of Soc. of 
Friends and a minister (m. Mar. 13, 1806 
Susannah Husband, in Baltimore, dau. of 
Joseph and Mary [Pusey] Husband of 
London Grove Pa., had 4 ch., viz.: Sarah 
m. William Bancroft, Mary m. William 
Owen, Joanna m. John Laws and John 
Thomas) ; son of John of Maryland (m. 
Joanna Hopkins, dau. of Richard and 
Anne Hopkins); son of Jerome of Md. ; 
son of Samuel of Md. (m. Sarah Miles); 
son of Thomas of Prince George co. Md., 
b. 1723 or 1724 (m. Elizabeth Knight) ; 
the gr.-father of Thomas is said to have 
gone to the Bermudas and died there, leav- 
ing a son who returned to the colonies of 
North America. 

selton N. D., b. Dec. 14, 1863, dentist 
(m. Jan. 29, 1896 Zoe Watson, dau. of 
James Moody Watson and Alice Little of 
Casselton N. D.); Charles Oliver Sprake 
of San Jose Cal., b. in Worcester Mass. 
Aug. 18, 1856, bookkeeper (m. May 15, 
1883 Louisa Margaret Fox) ; sons of 
Oliver Marshall Sprake of Red Wing 
Minn., b. in Hudson N. H. Aug. 16, 1832, 
d. in Red Wing Dec. 25, 1885, soldier in 
civil war in Co. F, 6th reg. Minn. Vol. 
18611-63 ( m - Ja n - 9, !863 Roenah Thomas, 
dau. of Joseph Thomas, b. in Dracutt 
Mass., soldier in war of 1812, and m. 
Martha Smith of Lunenburg Vt.) ; son of 
Oliver of Hudson N. H., b. there June 6, 
1795, d. there June 27, 1879, soldier in 
war of 1812, inherited his father's farm in 
Hudson, now owned by a gr.-son, retained 
the ancient form of spelling the name 
which is spelled Sprague in other branches 
of the family (m. Betsy Marshall, dau. of 
Lot Marshall, who m. a dau. of Henry 
Tarbox and Sarah Wright of Dracut 
Mass.); son of Samuel of Hudson N. H., 
b. in Billerica Mass. Sep. 9, 1750, d. in 
Hudson Dec. 10, 1836, war record Mass. 
Archives Lexington, alarm vol. XII and 
XVI, town records vol. IV, moved to. 
Hudson about 1788 (m. Jan. 3, 1777 Anna 



Sprake, his cousin, dau. of Nicholas 
Sprake) ; son of Samuel of Billerica Mass., 
b. there Feb. 2, 1725 or 1726, d. there, sol- 
dier 3 months in rev. war (m. Dec. 112, 
1749 Judith Pollard, dau. of Edward Pol- 
lard [son of Thomas Pollard, who came 
from co. Warwick Eng. 1692] and Judith 
Hazeltine) ; son of Nicholas of North Bil- 
lerica Mass., d. there Mar. 31, 1768, desc. 
of an English ancestor who came to 
America in early colonial days (m. 1st 
Aug. 1721 Elizabeth Burge, b. in Chelms- 
ford Mass. July 12, 1698, dau. of John 
Burge, m. 2d Judith Hazeltine Pollard, 
widow of Edward Pollard). 

Quincy 111., b. in Columbus 111. Feb. 
6, 1848, grad. A. B. Knox coll. 1870, hard- 
ware merchant (m. Sep. 18, 1872 Carrie 
Seymour Hosford, dau. of James M. Hos- 
ford of Geneseo 111., maj. of 112th reg. 
111. vol., war of rebellion, who m. Susan 
Sophia Seymour, dau. of Horace Seymour 
and Polly or Mary Standish, oldest dau. 
of Levi 6 Israel 4 , Samuel 3 Josiah 2 Miles 
Standish 4 "May Flower" descs., who settled 
in Ct. and Mass., she had 2 ch., Amy 
Seymour Castle, m. Harold K, Smith and 
Egbert Hosford Castle) ; Chauncy H. 
Castle, col., pres. of Comstock Castle 
Stove Company Quincy 111.; Henry A. 
Castle, auditor of the P. O. dept. Wash- 
ington D. C; sons of Timothy Hunt 
Castle of Quincy 111., b. in Wilmington Vt. 
1814, d. in Quincy 1880, moved from Vt. 
and helped lay out the town of Columbus 
111. 1835, conducted a general store, p. o. 
and real estate business, moved with his 
fam. to Quincy 111. i860, shortly afterwards 
he became partner in stove mfg. firm 
Comstock Castle & Co., which he 
retained until his death (m. 1839 Julia Ann 
Boyd, b. in Wilmington Vt. 1812, gr.-dau. 
Abram Boyd, and Jonathan Hastings, both 
rev. soldiers, desc. of John Hastings d. in 
Cambridge Mass. Dec. 2, 1657, emigrated 
from Eng.); son of Philo of Wilmington 
Vt, b. there 1781, d. there 1845 (m. 1808 
Jerusha Dix, dau. of Ozias Dix, rev. 
soldier, son of Moses 4 John 3 John 2 Leon- 

ard 1 , who d. in Weathersfield Ct. 1696, her 
father's and mother's mothers were sister' s 
Hannah and Esther Dickinson, desc. 
through Elihu Thomas Nathaniel, b. in 
Eng. 1600, back to Walter Dickinson, who 
came to Eng. with William the con- 
queror) ; son of Timothy of Wilmington 
Vt., b. in Waterbury Ct. Apr. 22, 1747, d. 
in Wilmington, soldier in rev. war (m. 
Hunt) ; son of Israel of Waterbury Ct., b. 
in Woodbury Ct., 1722, d. in Waterbury 
(m. 1746 Eunice Terrell, dau. of Timothy 
and Thankful [Galpin] Terrell); son of 
Isaac of Woodbury and Waterbury Ct., 
bap. in Woodbury 1686, d. in Waterbury 
after 1725 (m. Joanna Richardson, b. 1683, 
dau. of Thomas and Mary Richardson, her 
sister Rebecca was the first white child b. 
in Waterbury 1679) ; son of Henry of 
Stratford and Woodbury Ct., d. 1697 (m. 
Hannah Squires). 

Hanson Mass., b. Pembroke Oct. 19 
1837, mechanic, at the age of 15 went to 
foundry trade, afterwards followed shoe 
business, was twice in the war of rebellion 
1861, 1865, has traveled quite extensively in 
this country and Europe; son of Elisha W; 
Tillson of Pembroke, b. in Hartford Me. 
May 4, 1804, d. in Pembroke June 12, 1888, 
blacksmith (m. Mar. 22, 1829 Almira K. 
Turner, b. June 19, 1804, d. Oct. 16, 1889, 
dau. of Thomas and Mercy [Parris-Sturte- 
vant] Turner of Pembroke Mass., desc. of 
Humphrey Turner, who moved to Ply- 
mouth 1628) she had 7 sons viz. : Albion 
K. b. Dec. 28, 1S30, Elisha A., b. Feb. 20, 
1S32, Joseph, b. Aug. 3, 1833. Thomas T., 
b. Jan. 4, 183S, Mercer V., above, Myron 
W., b. Jan. 17, 1839 and John P., b. June 
29, 1840) ; son of Joseph, b. in Plympton 
Mass. Dec. 16, 1777, d. in Marietta O. Mar. 
27, 1849, moved to Halifax Mass. in a 
horse wagon with 5 ch. from three to 
eight years 181 1, moved in company with 
other fams. to Morietta 1817, leaving the 
two sons in Halifax taking three daus. with 
him (m. Jan. 21, 1802 Hannah Waterman, 
b. in Halifax Jan. 11, 1778, d. in Hartford 
Me. Feb. 8, 181 1, dau. of Elisha and 



Martha [Benson] Waterman, m. 2d May 
22, 1S15 Betsey Everson of Kingston 
Mass.); son of John of Carver Mass., b. 
in Plympton Mass. Dec. 31, 1742, d. in Car- 
ver Nov. 25, 1820, was sent to Boston 
Mass. for military duty 1777, was at Stony 
point N. Y. 1779 (m. Dec. 19, 1770 Ruth 
Barrows, b. in Plympton Mass. 1736, d. in 
Carver Mass. Oct. 16, 1820, dau, of Pelcg 
and Hopestill Barrows) ; son of Stephen of 
Plympton Mass., b. there Apr. 6, 1717 (m. 
Nov. 13, 1740 Janet Murdock, dau. of John 
and gr.-dau. of John Murdock esq., mer- 
chant in Plymouth, a native of Scotland, m. 
2d Jan. 24, 1759 Mercy Holmes of Kings- 
ton Mass.) ; son of Edmund of Plympton 
Mass., b. in Plymouth N. E. about 
1667, d. in Plympton (m. 1st Jan. 28, 1691 
Elizabeth Waterman, m. 2d Hannah Or- 
cutt, d. Sep. 22, 1715, m. 3d about 1716 
Deborah Caswell of Taunton Mass.) ; son 
of Ephraim d. in Plymouth Oct. 1716 (m. 
July 9, 1666 Elizabeth Hoskins, dau. of 
William Hoskins of Plymouth N. E., she 
had s ch. viz.: Edmund above, Ephraim, 
b. about 1670, John, b. about 1672, Lydia, 
b. about 1675, Anne, b. about 1680, all b. 
in Plymouth) ; son of Edmund, d. in Ply- 
mouth Oct. 25, 1660, settled in Plymouth 
before 1638 (m. Joane d. before 1669, she 
had s ch. viz. : Mary, Ephram, Elizabeth, 
Joan and John). 

pLAY, CECIL of Washington D. C, b. 
yJ in Philadelphia Pa. Feb. 13, 1842, 
grad. univ. of Pa. 1859, read law with his 
father till 1861, 1st lieut. 58th Pa. vols. 1861, 
capt. 1862, maj. 1864, lieut.-col. 1864, col, 
brev. col. and brig.-gen'l, medal of honor 
for distinguished bravery at the storming 
of Fort Harrison Va. 1864, left army 1866, 
lost right arm and severely wounded in 
left hand, lumber business in Va. and W. 
Va. 1866-80, chief clerk dept. of justice 
1883 to date, was ten years col. of 2d reg. 
of the D. C. nat. guards, president of the 
reform school D. C, noted rifle shot (m. 
June 8, 1865 Anne Wood Kester, her 
father's ancestors settled near Philadelphia 
1684, her mother desc. of Boyds and Liv- 
ingstons of N. Y., she had 4 ch. viz.: Cecil 

L., Eleanor, Cornelia and John Cecil); son 
of Joseph Ashmead Clay of Philadelphia, 
b. there June 3, 1806, d. there Mar. 18, 
1881, grad. univ. of Pa. 18212, admitted to 
bar 1827, front rank of Philadelphia law- 
yers, in orphans' court practice, member of 
many religious and secular socs., acad. nat. 
sciences, acad. fine arts, Legal club, Social 
Art club and others, excellent mineralo- 
gist and well up in travel and geography 
(m. Mar. 12, 1835 Cornelia Fletcher, her 
father's ancestors settled in Mass. 1635, 
her mother desc. from Robert Pease of 
Essex co. Eng. whose son Robert moved 
to Mass. 1634) ; son of Joseph of Philadel- 
phia, b. there July 24, 1769, d. there Aug. 
27, 1811, an accomplished mathematician, 
member of congress from Pa. 8th, 9th and 
10th congresses, resigned to take place of 
cashier in Farmers' and Mechanics' bank 
Philadelphia, member of Philosophical 
soc. (m. Sep. 10, 1805 Mary Ashmead, 
desc. of John Ashmead who m. in Chel- 
tenham Eng. 1677, her mother Mary 
Mifflin, desc. of the Mifflins who came to 
N. J. 1679 and of Capt. John Rush of 
Cromwell's cavalry) ; son of Curtis of 
Philadelphia, b. in Newcastle Del. Apr. 9, 
1747, d. in Philadelphia Sep. 11, 1809, mer- 
chant in Philadelphia (m. ' Nov. 3, 1768 
Margaret Wood, her father was maj. and 
lieut.-col. in St. Clair's battalion 1776 and 
col. 3d Pa. continental line, resigned 1777 
on account of wounds received at Lake 
Champlain) ; son of Slater of Newcastle 
Del., b. in Philadelphia Nov. 27, 1711, d. 
in Newcastle Feb. 20, 1767, sea captain in 
early life, owned a place called Swanwick 
near Newcastle (m. Feb. 2, 1740 Ann 
Curtis, dau. of Jehu Curtis, judge of Su- 
preme Court of Del., gt.-gr.-dr. of John 
Curtis of Kent co. Del. one of Penn's 
council); son of Robert of Philadelphia, 
b. in Chesterfield Eng. Dec. 9, 1688, lost 
at sea while in command of ship "Tri- 
umph" 1716, intended to retire from sea 
upon completing the voyage on which he 
was lost and settle in Philadelphia (m. 
Dec. 16, 1710 Ann Curtis, gr.-dau. of John 
Curtis above, on mother's side was gr- 
niece of Henry Dunster first president of 


Harvard coll.) ; son of Robert of Bridge 
House near Sheffield Eng., d. July 1737, 
was a wealthy lead mine and coal pit 
owner in Derbyshire and Yorkshire (m. 
Jan. 15, 1687 Hannah Slater, bapt. in 
Chesterfield Derbyshire Mar. 5, 1661, 
buried Jan. 3, 1688 dau. of Jonathan and 
Hannah [Mower] Slater. 

STRATiTQN, FRANK A. of Johnson 
city Tenn., b. in Little Valley N. Y. 
Sep. 28, 1853, real estate dealer in Tenn., 
Va., and Ky., the town of Stratton Va. was 
named for him (m. Feb. 28, 1882 Annie 
Wilder, dau. of Gen'l J. T. Wilder); son 
of Lorenzo, b. in Concord N. Y. Aug. 2, 
1816, d. in Grassy Cove Tenn. June 30, 
1884, publisher in Cincinnati O,, later 
made experiments in domesticating wild 
animals in western N. Y., Elkdale N. Y. 
was named for his drove of elk (m. Oct. 
21, 1846 Sophia J. Hill, b. in Brazil, dau. of 
Henry Hill U. S. consul to Brazil) ; son 
of James, b. in Athol Mass. Sep. 5, 1786, 
d. in Little Valley N. Y. Aug. 1876, 
moved from New Salem Mass. to Concord 
N. Y. 1812, pensioner of war of 1812 (m. 
1811 Betsey Wheeler, dau. of Joshua 
Wheeler of Athol); son of Zebulon b. in 
Athol May 15, 1753, d. in Little Valley 
Aug. 18, 1842, fought in battle of Lexing- 
ton, re-enlisted 1777, pensioner (m. May 
17S0 Jerusha Bradish); son of James, b. 
Oct. 16, 1729, d. July 29 1782, farmer (m. 
Dec. 26, 1751 Abigail Morton) ; son of 
James, d. in Athol Oct. 22, 1775, settled 
in Athol about 1735. 



Creighton Neb., b. in Burlington 

N. Y. Mar. 2, 1856, sergeant in U. S. army, 
school director, town clerk and justice of 
the peace (m. June 9, 1878 Olive L. Trues- 
dell, had son Waldo Stirling); son of 
Reuben L., b. in Sherburne N. Y. Feb. 
28, 1814, d. in Deposit N. Y. Apr. 4, 1874, 
ordained Baptist minister in Smyrna N. Y. 
1844 (m. Dec. 24, 1835 Clarissa Benedict); 
son of Jeremiah, b. in Ct. Oct. 26, 1784, 
d. in Hamilton N. Y. Jan. 14, 1868 (m. 
July 3, 1813 Eunice Hall) ; son of Willard, 

b. in Springfield Mass. Feb. 17, 175a d. in 
Martinsburg N. Y. Mar. 9, was soldier in 
rev. war (m. Nov. 27, 1779 Lois Stebbins 
Hancock, widow of Elijah Hancock, who 
was killed in rev. war) ; son of Benjamin, 
b. in Springfield Mass. Sep. 3, 1727, soldier 
in French war (m. June 28, 1749 Persis 
Willard) ; son of Benjamin, b. in Spring- 
field Mass. Apr. 15, 1698, d. in Wilbraham 
Mass. Jan. 22, 1764 (m. Oct. 20, 1726 
Mercy Bartlett); son of James of Spring- 
field Mass., b. there Nov. 21, 1640, d. there 
May 14, 1727, was soldier in King Philip's 
war, deacon of 1st Cong, church of Spring- 
field (m. 1st Mar. 31, 1664, Elizabeth Bald- 
win, d. Apr. 24, 1687, m. 2d July 10, 1689 
Sarah Alvord, d. May 16, 1704, m. 3d Dec. 

29, 1704 Mary Stebbins, widow of Ben- 
jamin Stebbins of Springfield) ; son of 
William of Springfield Mass., d. there 
June 2, 1676, settled in Springfield 1638 
(m. 1639 Johanna Scant or Searl, d. Dec. 
7, 1660, m. 2d Oct. 2, 1661 Elisabeth Hitch- 
cock, widow of Luke Hitchcock). 
DUTTY, j QNAH of CHnton Ct> b in 
J-v Killingworth Ct. Aug. 10, 1742, d. 
Dec. 21, 1819, soldier in French and Indian 
war (m. 1st Sarah, b. about 1746, d. May 
17, 1804, had 7 ch., m. 2d Dec. 23, 1805 
Mary Huntington, b. Sep. 29, 1770, d. 
1853, dau. of Rev. Eliphalet Huntington, 
who m. Sarah Eliot, dau. of Dr. Jared 
Eliot, gt.-gr.-dau. of Rev. John Eliot, the 
apostle to the Indians, she had dau. Eliza- 
beth Mansfield Rutty, b. Apr. 1808, d. May 

30, 1887, m. 1 st Asa M. Bolles, m. 2d 
Rev. Owen Street) ; son of Edward of 
Killingworth Ct., b. there 1710, d. there 
about 1777 (m. 1st Dec. 22, 1736 Kathron 
Eaton, d. Feb. 9, 1737, m. 2d Feb. 1, 1739 
Mary Purple, dau. of Edward Purple of 
Haddam, gr.-dau. of Edward and Hannah 
[Ackley] Purple of Haddam, Edward Pur- 
ple was admitted as an inhabitant of Had- 
dam 1674); son of Edward of Killing- 
worth, b. there 1680, d. there Feb. 1758 
(m. 1st Jan. 18. 1709 Abigail Barber, d. Dec. 
4, 1710. dau. of William Barber, a planter 
in Mass. 1663, who m. Ruth, she had 1 
son, Edward above, m. 2d May 12, 1713 
Rachel Shether, d. Sep. n, 1721, dau. of 



John and Elizabeth [Wellman] Shetlan, 
she had 3 ch., viz.: Samuel, Daniel and 
Rebecca, m. 3d Sep. 17, 1722 Judith 
Wright, d. Apr. 16, 1734); son of Edward 
of Killingworth Ct., d. May 1, 1714, was 
in Milford Ct. 1677, moved to Killing- 
worth, where he received a grant of land 
1680-81, was one of the founders of the 
church in Killingworth (m. May 6, 1678 
Rebecca Stevens, d. Feb. 26 or 27, 1736-37, 
dau. of Thomas and Mary Stevens, gr.- 
dau. of John Stevens of Guilford, adminis- 
tration on her estate was granted to Ed- 
ward Rutty, her eldest son 1737-38 and 
distribution made to Edward Rutty, Daniel 
Post, John Carter, George Hall, Thomas 
Rutty, Abigail Chittenden and Hannah 
Barber 1738. 

HAST, of Brooklyn N. Y., b. in 
Newport R. I. Aug. 15, 1863, educated at 
Huntington L. I. and Columbia coll., civil 
eng., assist, eng. dept. of city works 
Brooklyn 1891, civil eng. dept. of sewers 
N. Y. city 1898 to date; son of G-eorge 
Tillinghast of Brooklyn N. Y. and New- 
port R. I., b. in Newport Mar. 1, 1836, d. 
in Middletown R. I. Mar. 8, 1897, editor 
and proprietor of Newport "Daily News" 
1857-66, dep. collector N. Y. custom hous'e 
1867-71, held various public offices 1871-90, 
editorial writer 1890-97, hon. member Am. 
Press ass'n., Am. Scientific ass'n., N. Y. 
Reform club (m. Nov. 22, 1855 Mary Eliza- 
beth Shipman, b. Dec. 3, 1837, dau. of 
James Ingraham Shipman, civil eng., 
C. E., chief eng. L. I. r.r., chief eng. Alton 
and Chicago r. r., lineal desc. from Edward 
Shipman, an original settler in Ct. to 
whom the Indian king Uncas devised in 
his will of 1676, 3,000 acres of land near 
Hartford, 7th in desc. from John and Pris- 
cilla Alden of Plymouth colony, 6th in 
desc. from Rev. Thomas Buckingham, one 
of the founders of Yale coll., also Robert 
Chapman of Saybrook Ct. m. Sarah 
Charles Fodel-Delafield, of pure Hugenot 
desc. ch. Sarah Shipman b. in Newport 
April 3, 1 861, George T. above, John 
Farnsworth b. July 4, 1866 civil eng., dept. 

of sewers N. Y. city m. Feb. 20, 1893 Maria 
Augusta Sault, has son John F. b. Oct. 
25, 1893, Mary Catharine b. Nov. 3, 1869 
m. June 10, 1896, Courtland E. Smith has 
dau. Anna Elizabeth b. May 12, 1897, 
James Shipman b. Dec. 7, 1871 journalist, 
William Gardiner b. Aug. 9, 1874, musician 
studied at N. Y. conservatory and under 
Herr. August Spanuth of Berlin, twin 
brother Henry Bull lawyer, LL. B. N. Y. 
Univ. Law school, Thomas Cook, b. Mar. 
24, 1876 d. Mar. 14, 1897, Charles Frederick 
b. Oct. 26, 1879, grad. Brooklyn boys high 
school 1899 and 2 boys d. in childhood); 
son of William Gardiner Hammond of 
Brooklyn and Newport, b. in No. Kings- 
town R. I. Jan. 21, 1802, d. in Jamaica L. I. 
June 19, 1858, grad. A. B. Brown univ. 
18211, studied law, had large practice in R. 
I., popular political leader and talented 
orator, enthusiastic scholar of classics, sur- 
veyor of customs in Newport 1829-46, 
moved to Brooklyn N. Y. 1846, secured 
large law practice there (m. Jan. 21, 1828 
Sarah Tillinghast Bull, b. in Newport Dec. 
24, 1808, d. there Dec. 18, 1888, dau. of 
Hon. Henry Bull, [one of Austin's cele- 
brated "33 Rhode Islanders," lineal desc. 
of Gov. Henry Bull one of 19 original 
purchasers of R. I., Gov. William and 
Anne Hutchinson, Gov. Walter Clarke and 
Pres. John Coggerhall] who m. Mary 
Fores Holmes Tillinghast, dau. of Dr. 
William Tillinghast, lineal desc. of Rev. 
Pardon Tillinghast of R. I., Rev. John 
Norton of Mass., and Rev. Obadiah 
Holmes of R. I., whose homestead farm 
she inherited, ch. William Gardiner b. 
May 3, 1829, d. in St. Louis Apr. 12, 1894, 
grad. Amherst coll. A. B. 1849, L.L. D. 
1877, chancellor la. State univ. 1866-81, 
dean St. Louis Law school 1881-94, dis- 
tinguished author, Maria b. Jan. 4, 1831, 
d. young, George b. Mar. 7, 1832 d. young, 
Henry Bull b. Feb. 14, 18313, d. May 7, 
1868, grad. William and Mary's coll.. civil 
engineer U. S. coast survey, maj. U. S. 
cavalry in civ. war and George above) ; 
son of William of No. Kingstown R. I., 
b. in Newport Mar. 3,, 1766, d. in No. 
Kingstown Sept. 24, 1827, merchant and 
ship builder engaged in the east and west 

1 84 


India trade, inherited Hammond Hill estate 
from his father, was extensive real estate 
owner, engaged in banking, was founder 
of No. Kingstown bank [now Wickford 
Nat'l bank] appointed by Pres. Madison 
surveyor of customs for the port of No. 
Kingston 1S16, held the office many years 
(m. Nov. 8, 1790 Alice Tillinghast, b. May 
12, 1766, d. Feb. 27, 181 1, dau. of Pardon 
Tillinghast of Exeter R. I., [son of Philip 8 
Pardon 2 and Rev. Pardon] who m. Ruth 
Fry [dau. of Thomas* Thomas 3 Thomas 2 
John 1 , lineal desc. of Dr. John Greene and 
Rev. Samuel Gorton, founders of Warwick 
R. I.] ch. Pardon T. b. Jan. 3,1, 1792, d. 
Sep. 17, 1872, Maria b. Oct. 26, 1795, d. 
Jan. 29, 1879, m. Capt. Benj. Champlain, 
Esther, d., Ruth Fry, b. June 20, 1799, d. 
Nov. 25, 1870, m. Eliphlet Young, Wil- 
liam G. above, George, b. Oct. 31, 1804 d 
May 30, 1879 m. Rebecca Gireud, dau. of 
Joseph of N. Y. city, Lydia Alice b. Jan. 
29, 1807, d. Apr. 1886 m. Jabez Bullock) ; 
son of William, of Newport and No. 
Kingstown b. No. Kingstown Feb. 19, 
1733, d. there Jan. 23, 1809, educated in 
Newport, lawyer, judge of court of com- 
mon pleas of Kings co. R. I., extensively 
engaged in West India trade, became very 
wealthy, took up his residence on Ham- 
mond Hill 1774, retired 1780 from mercan- 
tile pursuits, had charge of recruiting and 
supplies for the R. I. militia 1780 to end 
of war, deputy 1782-3, asst. 1784-86, advo- 
cated and helped pass the act of abolition 
of slavery in R. I. 1784, owned slaves but 
on their enlisting in Am. army freed them 
(m. Apr. 20, 1755 Chloe Wilber, b. in 
Swanzey Mass. Feb. 7, 1734, d. Dec. 14 
1818, dau. of Thomas* of Swanzey [son of 
Daniel 3 William 2 Samuel 1 ] who m. Mary 
Bowen of Rehobeth Mass., lineal desc. of 
William Bradford of Austerfield Eng., 1st 
Am. ancestor Samuel spelled his name 
Wildboore and Wilbor, was one of the 
original purchasers of R. I., established the 
first iron works in New England at Taun- 
ton Mass. left over 20,000 acres of land, ch. 
Joseph b. Aug. 2, 1756, d. Mar 10, 1792, 
Mary b. Aug. 4, 1758, d. Mar. 1853, Eliza- 
beth b. Apr. 10, 1760, Rachel b. Mar. 24, 
1763, d. Feb. 1841, William above, Benja- 

min b. Mar. 12, 1769, d. Mar. 1834, Esther 
b. Mar. 12, 1771 d. Jan. 28, 1796, Lucy b. 
Jan. 2, 1775, Gardiner b. Dec. 8, 1777, d. 
Dec. 20, 1777, Lydia b. June 14, 1779, d. 
Oct. 31, 1801); son of Joseph, of Newport 
and No. Kingstown R. I., b. in Eng. Nov. 
16, 1690, d. in No. Kingstown June 24, 
1776, coll. education in Eng., came to R. 
I. early in the 18th century, bringing a 
fortune with him, religious and political 
reasons seem the cause of his emigration, 
Baptist and Puritan, at the age of 21 began 
purchasing land in No. Kingstown, in 1738 
he owned an extensive estate which he 
called Hammond Hill, a portion of this 
estate, about 600 acres with the house he 
erected in 1717, still is owned by his desc.,' 
lived the life of country gentleman, chiefly 
from the income of his plantation, later in 
life he engaged with success in the Cuba 
trade in which he estabished 2 of his 
sons, spelled his name Hamond (m. 1716 
Rachel Gardiner, b. Mar. 25 1696, d. Feb. 
7, 1756, dau. of William Gardiner of Kings- 
town gr.-dau. of George and Herodias 
Gardiner; ch. Joseph b. Aug. 28, 1717, d. 
May 5, 1792, John b. Oct. 28, 1722, d. May 

30, 1792, Lucy b. Aug. 28, 1725, Rachel b. 
July 19, 1728, d. 1815, Benjamin b. July 4, 
17131, d. Mar. 24, 1749, William above.) 

N. Y., b. there Apr. 21, 1891; son of 
R. T. of Bath, b. in Meshoppen Pa. Jan. 

31, 1863 (m. May 23, 1888 Kate A. Sterling, 
dau. of Nicholas and Angeline [Kennedy] 
Sterling, gr.-dau. of John Sterling, b. in 
Ct.) ; son of Henry S. of Tunkhannock 
Pa., b. there Aug. 28, 1835, d. there Aug. 
10, 1866 (m. Feb. 11, 1862 Margaret M. 
Spring, b. May 12, 1839, dau. of Tileston 
D. Spring [son of Liba G. desc. of John 
and Elinor Spring, who sailed for Water- 
town Mass. 1634] m. Ann Wetmore, dau 
of John, gr.-dau. of Rev. James Wetmore, 
desc. of Thomas Wetmore who came to 
America 1635, m. Sarah Hall of Middle- 
town Ct.] and Polly Lacey) ; son of 
Washington of Tunkhannock Pa., b. in 
Baltimore, Md. June 20, 1805, d. in Tunk- 
hannock 1891, 1st associate judge of Wyo. 



co. Pa., furniture dealer and undertaker 
for 50 years, member of M. E. church 
45 years, steward and class leader most of 
the time (m. Sep. 4, 1828 Elizabeth Hig- 
gins, b. in N. J. June 2\, 1806, Irish desc. 
had 6 ch. viz.: Benjamin H., Aurora E., 
Truxton S., Henry S., George W., and 
Olivia E.); son of Elijah of Pigeon Run 
O., b. in Baltimore co. Md., d. in Pigeon 
Run 1813, a man of education, refinement 
and financial ability, above the average 
man of his time (m. Mar. 7, 1802 Elizabeth 
Eck, d. 1887, dau. of Jacob Eck of Switzer- 
land, and had 5 ch. viz. : Martin, Jacob, 
John, Elizabeth and Rachel m. J. Watter- 
son) ; son of William of Baltimore co., 
officer in rev. war. 

HEAUD, AUGUSTINE of Washington 
D. C., b. in Ipswich Mass. Dec. 7, 
1827, grad. Harvard coll. 1847, minister 
resident and consul gen'l in Korea 1890- 
93, offered renewal but resigned (m. Apr. 
29, 1858 Jane Leep de Coninck, she had 5 
ch. viz.: John, Amelia, Augustine, Augus- 
tine Albert and Helen Maxima) ; son of 
George Washington Heard of Ipswich 
Mass. b. there Feb. 5, 1793, d. there Apr. 
2il, 1863, member of Mass. house of repre- 
sentatives (m. 1823 Elizabeth Ann Farley) ; 
son of John of Ipswich, b. there 1744, d. 
there 1834, member of Mass. senate and 
Mass. house (m. 2d 1777 Sarah Staniford); 
son of Baniel of Ipswich, b. there 1717, d. 
there (m. Mar. 18, 1740 Mary Dean); son 
of Daniel of Ipswich, b. there, d. there 
1770 (m. Nov. 5, 1715 Mary Baker); son 
of Edmund of Ipswich (m. 1672 Elizabeth 
Warner) ; son of Luke, who came to this 
country 1634; son of Edmund, of Claxton 

ferson O., b. in Ashtabula O. May 
26, 1837, d. at his lake shore cottage, Con- 
neout O. Sep. 9, 1899, B. A. Williams 1858, 
M. A. i860, member O. legislature 1869-70, 
O. Am. Bar ass'n., Sons of Am. rev. and 
Fellow Am. Ass'n Advancement of Science 
(m. Oct. 25, 1864 Alta Deirexa Winches- 
ter, dau. of Philander Winchester [son of 

Rev. Jonathan of Madison O. grad. Mid- 
dlebury coll. gt.-gr.-son of Jonathan, grad. 
Harvard 1737, was the first minister in 
Ashburnham Mass. who m. Sarah Craft 
and had son Henry Craft, soldier in rev. 
war.] who m. Elizabeth Calkins, dau. of 
Rev. Charles and Marian [Gilman] Cal- 
kins and had 5 ch. viz.: Winchester, b. in 
Ashtabula O. Nov. 21, 1867, grad. Cornell 
univ. 1888, attorney, m. June 30, 1897 
Florence Lynnette Hopper, dau. of George 
H. Hopper of "Elmwood farm" Union- 
ville O., she had dau. Alta Jane Fitch, and 
Katherine E., Annette, b. 1870, grad. Lake 
Erie coll. 1800, m. Jan. 30, 1893 Isaac 
Curtis Brewer 4th of Sandusky O., grad. 
Cornell univ. 1889, had son Isaac Curtis 
Brewer 5th, b. 15, 1899, Edward Hubbard 
of Detroit Mich., b. in Ashtabula, O. Mar. 
31, 1874, grad. Western Reserve acad. 1893, 
entered Oberlin coll., grad. Cornell univ. 
1897, Alta Deirexa, b. July 25, 1876, 
educated at Huntsville Ala. and Lake Erie 
coll., m. Mar. 23, 1898 Howard Lyman 
Ingersoll of Cleveland O., has son Win- 
chester Fitch Ingersoll, Flora Cornelia, b. 
Aug. 6, 1878 being educated at Lake Erie 
coll.); son of Orramel Hinckley Fitch of 
Ashtabula O., b. in Lebanon Ct. Jan. 12, 
1803, d. in Ashtabula Sep. 17, 1882, editor 
of "Ashtabula Sentinel," attorney, member 
O. legislature 1837-40, 1st pres. Farmers' 
Nat'l bank Ashtabula, elder 1st Presby. 
church (m. Oct. 29, 1835 Catharine Hub- 
bard, b. June 5, 181 1, dau. of Col. William 
Hubbard, soldier in war of 1812, who m. 
Catherine Hulbert, dau. of Thomas and 
Catharine [Clark] Hulbert, gr.-dau. of 
Isaac Hubbard, sergt. in rev. war at Long 
Island N. Y., who m. Ruth Coleman, gt.- 
gr.-dau. of Nehemiah Hubbard of Middle- 
town Ct., who m. Sarah Sill, dau. of Lieut. 
Joseph Sill of Lyme, Conn.) ; son of Azel 
of Lebanon Ct. and Ashtabula O., b. in 
Lebanon Apr. 29, 1771, d. in Ashtabula 
Sep. 10, 1842, was enterprising man of 
affairs, mfr. of woolens, the peace of 1815 
flooded Am. markets with cheap foreign 
goods which injured his business, followed 
his son to O. and invested in land 1829 (m. 
1802 Fanna Hinckley, dau. of Charles 
Hinckley of Lebanon, who m. Elizabeth 



Throop, dau. of Rev. Benjamin Throop, 
grad. Yale 1735, who m. Sybil Dyer, dau. 
of Col. Thomas Dyer of Windham) ; son of 
Abraham of Lebanon Ct, b. there Jan. 212, 
1737, d. there Apr. 1, 1821, capt. of ad Ct. 
reg. light horse cavalry rev. war, served 
in French and Indian war, was never ill a 
day in his life, walked out of doors an 
hour before death (m. Elizabeth Bissell, b. 
May 1, 1738, see Stiles His. Ancient Wind- 
sor); son of Nathan of Lebanon, b. there 
Mar. 29, 1705, d. there June 12, 1750, 
soldier and ensign in colonial wars (m. 
Hannah Huntington, dau. of Lieut. Samuel 
Huntington of Lebanon) ; son of Nathan- 
iel, his epitaph is " here rests the body of 
Capt. Nathaniel Fitch, who in his life was 
useful to the world, and rendered himself 
beloved and esteemed by his kindness, hu- 
manity, benevolence and other virtues" (m. 
Dec. 10, 1701 Anna Abell, dau. of Joshua 
Abell of Norwich Ct., who m. Mehitable 
Smith, dau. of Nehemiah Smith of Nor- 
wich) ; son of James in Norwich 1660, 
minister (m. Priscilla Mason, dau. of Maj. 
John Mason, deputy gov.). 

nebunk Me. and Cambridge Mass., b. 
in Waltham Mass. Jan. 18, 1823, d. in 
Cambridge Oct. 31, 1871, grad. Harvard 
coll. 1846, pastor of first parish in Kenne- 
bunk 1850-69, sec. of Nat. Hist. Soc. Bos- 
ton 1870 (m. Apr. 16, 1851 Sarah, dau. of 
Rev. Richard Hodges); son of Joshua of 
Lowell Mass-, b. in Methuen Mass. Jan. 10, 
1788, d. in Lowell Apr. 21, 1867, left Me- 
thuen for Lowell when the mills were 
transferred 1824, pres. Mechanics' Assn. 
1834-5, selectman several yrs., alderman 
1837, rep. gen. court 1839-40, county com. 
1845-51 (m. Dec. 3, 1817 Olive Jones, dau. 
of Samuel Jones of Lancaster, and gr.-dau. 
of David Jones of Dracut Mass.); son of 
Joshua of Methuen, b. there Mar. 12, 1755, 
d. there Mar. 25, 1845, soldier in rev. war, 
in battle of Bunker Hill, Ticonderoga, 
Brandywine, West Point at the time of 
Arnold's treachery, and at close of war had 
rendered service longer than any man in 
Essex co. (m. Oct. 28, 1784 Deborah, dau. 

of David Burbank of Andover); son of 
Francis of Methuen, b. in Haverhill May 
31, 171O', d. in Methuen Jan. 13, 1797, lived 
in that part of Haverhill afterwards be- 
came Methuen, lieut. in Col. Frye's reg. 
in French and Indian war (m. Mar. 20, 
1746 Lydia, dau. of Nathan Frye of And- 
over); son of Joshua of Methuen, b; in 
Haverhill Sep. 131, 1674, d. in Methuen Sep. 
2 > l 757, chosen with William Whittier to 
measure and bound out burial ground on 
meeting-house hill 1728 (m. Jan. 6, 1701 
Sarah Ingalls, dau. of Henry Ingalls, gr.- 
dau. of Edward Ingalls, who came from 
Lincolnshire Eng. to Lynn Mass. 1629; ; 
son of Robert of Haverhill, b. in England 
about 1638, d. in Haverhill Feb. 11, 1698 
(m. 1652 Elizabeth Asie, b. in Engiand 
Oct. 24, 1632, dau. of William Asie, Acy or 
Acie); son of Richard of Rowley Mass., 
b. in Eng., d. in Rowley 1678, came from 
Eng. with his wife and 5 or 6 ch. to Bos- 
ton 1638, removed to Rowley upon settle- 
ment of the town, remained there during 
his life, selectman in Rowley 1652, rep. to 
gen. court. 1666, 1673, 1675, 1677 (m. Tsf 
Ann, d. Apr. 1, 1658, m. 2d, Mar. 1, 1659, 
Ann Trumble, d. 1678, widow of John 

BOWEN, DANIEL of Rochester N. Y... 
b. in Reading Vt. Feb. 4, 1831, grad. 
Rochester univ. 1856, received 1st prize for 
essay on Magna Charta, grad. Rochester 
Theo. Sem. 1858, Harvard Divinity School 
1859, ordained in Hingham Mass. 1859, left 
pulpit 1867, author (m. Dec. 15, 1859 Jane 
Colvin, d. in Hingham Feb. 9, 1861, dau. 
of Hiram Davis and Zorada Jane [Barker] 
Colvin of Rochester N. Y., she had one 
son Carroll Everett, now asst. cashier in 
Traders' Nat'l bank of Rochester) ; son of 
Silas of Felchville Vt., b. in Reading Vt. 
Nov. 8, 1797, d. in Weathersfield Vt. Mar. 
4, 1884, farmer, a partner in woolen factory 
that built up the village of Felchville, was 
highly respected and 1st deacon in Baptist 
church there (m. Jan. 1, 1828 Rowena Ban- 
ister, youngest dau. of Silas Banister [son 
of Thomas of Brookfield [son of Joseph 
of Brookfield, son of Christopher] and 



Mercy Wheeler who lived to be 100 yrs.] 
who m. Thankful Ely, dau. of Joel, b. in 
Springfield Mass., desc. of Nathaniel Ely, 
the Puritan emigrant of 1635) ; son of 
Daniel of Reading Vt., b. in Woodstock 
Ct. Oct. 21, 1750, d. in Reading Apr. 13, 
1829, soldier in rev. war at Valley Forge, 
later in Washington's Life Guards 1777-80, 
had hard experience in privateering (m. 
Feb. 21, 1728 Mehitable Packard, b. June 
6, 1758); son of Silas of Woodstock Ct., 
b. there Apr. 7, 1722, d. in Brookfield 
Mass., Feb. 16, 1790, schoolmaster, mem. 
Ct. legislature, his desk is in possession of 
the fam. (m. 1st Apr. 17, 1746 Dorothy 
Lyon, dau. of Deacon Daniel Lyon of 
Woodstock, son of William and Deborah 
[Colburn] Lyon, son of John, son of Will- 
iam who at the age of 14 moved to Rox- 
bury from England in ship " Hopewell " 
1635 and Priscilla Morse, dau. of Peter and 
Priscilla [Carpenter] Morse, gr.-dau. of 
Anthony, gt.-gr.-dau. of Anthony) ; son of 
Henry of Woodstock Ct., b. in Framing- 
ham Mass. June 30, 1700, d. in Woodstock 
Jan. 1, 1758, educated in grammar schools 
in Roxbury, was a leading man in town 
and church affairs in Woodstock, many 
times mem. of Ct. legislature (m. May 10, 
1721 Margaret Davis, dau. of Matthew 
Davis and Margaret Corbin dau. of Cle- 
ment Corbin) ; son of Isaac of Roxbury 
Mass., b. there Apr. 20, 1676, d. in Stough- 
ton Mass. Jan. 1727 (m. 1699 Hannah Win- 
chester); son of Henry, b. in Wales, a 
lieut, came to Boston with his parents 
1638 (m. Elizabeth Johnson, dau. of Capt. 
Isaac Johnson); son of Griffith; son of 
Francis; son of Philip G f Slade in Oxwich 
Glamorganshire; son of Griffith ap Owen. 

jyrONTAGTTE, ALBERT of Sunderland 
-L»-L Mass., b. there Oct. 22, 1822, d. there 
May 27, 1885, selectman of Sunderland 17 
years, trial justice 16 years, member of 
legislature 1874 (m. April 8, 1847 Lucinda 
Wilder, dau. of Levi Wilder son of Beza- 
leel and Sarah [Adams] Wilder, and gr.- 
son of Bezaleel and Elizabeth [Adams] 
Wilder who m. Sarah Pierce, Lucinda was 
thus desc. in two lines from Henry Adams 

the emigrant ancestor of the presidents of 
that name she had dau. Abbie Talitha) ; 
son of Ira of Sunderland, b. there Jan. 7, 
1787, d. there Mar. 5, 1865 (m. Oct. 18, 1815 
Talitha Hubbard, dau. of Deacon Elijah 
Hubbard [desc. of George Hubbard, one 
of the first settlers of Guilford Ct., who m. 
Abigail Clapp desc. of Capt. Roger Clapp 
of Dorchester) ; son of David of Sunder- 
land, b. there Mar. 3, 1757, d. there Jan. 21, 
1839 (m. Sarah Clark, dau. of Deacon 
Jedediah Clark [desc. of William Clark of 
Northampton Mass.] who m. Sarah Rus- 
sell, desc. of John Russell of Hadley 
Mass.);. son of Caleb of Sunderland, b. 
there July 27, 1731, d. there Nov. 9, 1782, 
capt. of militia in rev. war, his commis- 
sion dated at Watertown signed by "major 
part of the council" 1776 is still extant, his 
comparatively early death was due to dis- 
ease contracted while in service (m. Oct. 
30, 1751 Eunice Root, dau. of Joseph Root 
[desc. of Thomas Root of Northampton] 
who m. Mary Russell, desc. of John Rus- 
sell of Hadley) ; son of Samuel of Sunder- 
land, b. in Hadley Mass. Apr. 2, 1695, d. 
in Sunderland Jan. 31, 1779, deacon, capt. 
of militia (m. Jan. 24, 1718 Elizabeth White, 
dau. of Nathaniel White [desc. of John 
White of Hartford Ct.] who m. Elizabeth 
Savage dau. of John Savage 'of Middle- 
town Ct.) ; son of John of Hadley Mass., 
b. in Wethersfield about 1655, d. in Hadley 
about 1732 (m. Mar. 23, 1681 Hannah 
Smith, dau. of Chileab Smith [son of 
Lieut. Samuel Smith of Hadley] who m. 
Hannah Hitchcock dau. of Luke Hitch- 
cock); son of Richard of Hadley, b. in 
Boveney, Bucks co. Eng. about 1614, d. in 
Hadley Dec. 14, 1681 (m. Abigail Down- 
ing, dau. of Rev. Dr. Downing of Nor- 
wich Eng. cousin of Emanuel Downing of 
Salem); son of Peter (m. Helen Allen); 
son of William, ( m . Margaret Malthus) ; 
son of Robert (m. Margaret Cotton); son 
of William (m. Joan). 

TJ EEVE, DALLAS of Trenton N. J., b. 
-Lu in Allowaystown N. J. Oct. 28, 1840, 
registrar of vital statistics (m. Oct. 5, 1869 
Ellen Bailey Parker) ; son of Josiah Miller 



Reeve of Allowaystown, b. near Green- 
wich Mar. 13, 1791, d. in Allowaystown 
Mar. 14, 1865, founder of the firm of 
Reeve & Brothers, shipbuilders (m. 1st 
Nov. 30, 1824 Susanna Haydock Garrigues, 
b. Sep. 17, 1797, d. Oct. 3, 1835, gt.-gr.- 
dau. of Mathew Garrigues, who on the rev- 
ocation of the edict of Nantes fled from 
Languedoc to St. Kitts and so to Phila- 
delphia, m. 2d Dec. 6, 1837 Mary Beasley 
Dallas, b. July 11, 1802, d. Apr. 16, 1857, 
dau. of Jonathan and Elizabeth Dallas, 1st 
wife had Leatitia Ann, Hannah Garrigues, 
m. John Bodine Thompson, Elizabeth Gar- 
rigues and Emma m. E. M. Hunt M. D., 
LL. D., 2d wife had Dallas above and 
Josiah Miller d. in childhood) ; son of 
William of near Greenwich and Medford 
N. J., b. near Greenwich Dec. 11, 1766, d. 
there 1823 (m. Apr. 1, 1789 Letitia Miller, 
b. June 1, 1769, d. 1816, dau. of Josiah Mil- 
ler b. 1731 (m. Letitia Wood) son of 
Ebenezer Miller Jr. b. Sep. 15, 1725, d. 
July 11, 1800 (m. Ruth Wood, b. 1732) son 
of Ebenezer Miller b. 1702, d. 1774 (m. 
Sarah Collier) son of Joseph Miller who 
same from Ct. to Cohansey in 1698, and d. 
about 1728) ; son of Mark of near Green- 
wich N. J., b. there Feb. 28, 1723, d. there 
Oct. 25, 1788, the most noted of three 
brothers Mark, John and Benjamin, all 
preachers from whom the "Friends meet- 
ing" in Cy. was called "the school of the 
prophets" his travels as preacher extended 
to the Carolinas and to New England, 
wrote an epistle of tender love and advice 
to the negroes of Newport and other parts 
of New England 1772 (m. 1761 Hannah Fos- 
ter of Haddonfield N. J., b. May 27, 1734, 
d. near Medford N. J. Aug. 6, 1812, was a 
ministering Friend, before marriage and in 
1800 she made a preaching tour to No. 
Carolina, she was a very energetic wo- 
man); son of Joseph of near Greenwich, 
b. there about 1685, d. there Nov. 25, 1748, 
constable 1721, assessor 1827, commissioner 
1731, freeholder 1723-4, member of N.W.J, 
legislature 1727, 1738, judge of the 1st 
Cumberland court 1748, on legislative com- 
mittee to receive interest on loan to the 
farmers of Hunterdon co. (m. Feb. 25, 

1723 Eleanor Bagnall, d. before 1748, sister 
of lieut-gov. of Ct., her chest of drawers is 
in Moorestown, N. J.); son of Mark of 
Salem and Greenwich N. J., b. in Eng., 
d. in Greenwich Nov. 15, 1694, he left 
London with John Fenwick and his other 
colonists, in ship "Griffin" July 7, 1675, 
arrived in what is now Salem N. J. Sep. 
23, 1675, had a house lot in Salem and a 
plantation in Mannington called Borough 
Hill, removed to Greenwich where he had 
500 acres 1684, member of legislature in 
Burlington 1682, 1685 and 1686 (m. 2d 
Dec. 3, 1686, Ann Hunt, widow of Pa. 
after his death she married Joseph East- 

city, b. in Randolph Vt. May 22, 1838, 
d. in Brooklyn N. Y. May 30, 1898 (m. 
Nov. 19, 1867 Sallie Bronson, dau. of 
William W. and Ellen [Belger] Bronson); 
son of Lebbeus of Carbondale Pa., b. in 
Randolph Centre Mar. 17, 1812, d. in Car- 
bondale Jan. 29, 1889 (m. Jan. 7, 1836 Jane 
Baldwyn, dau. of Rev. William D. Bald- 
wyn, sent to Canada by " Society for 
Propagating the Gospel in Foreign Lands" 
in 1813, at time of his death was rector of 
St. James church in St. Johns P. Q., who 
m. Abigal Riggs [originally Dallen- 
Riggs]); son of Lebbeus of Randolph 
Centre, b. in Ct. May 4, 1773, d. in Ran- 
dolph Centre Aug. 14, 1846, lieut-col. of 
3d reg. U. S. A. 1813^14, afterwards organ- 
ized another reg., lieut.-gov. of Vt. in 1836 
(m. Jan. 16, 1798 Catharine Doty, dau. of 
Barnabes Doty, capt. in rev. war, desc. of 
Edward Doty of the " Mayflower," who m. 
Catharine Freeman, desc. of Edward Free- 
man of the " Mayflower ") ; son of Asa, 
b. Mar. 1736, d. May 1798 (m. June 11, 
1767 Eunice Storrs) ; son of William (m. 
Lydia Barston, b. in Norwich Ct. May 27, 
1715, desc. of Anthony Annible, a passen- 
ger in the " Anne " 1623) ; son of Samuel 
of Norwich, b. there, d. 1748, was one of 
8 mem. of a church called Second Society 
of Norwich, organized by west-farmers in 
1716 (m. Sep. 17, 1683 Alice Ripley, dau. 
of Joshua Ripley, who m. Hannah Brad- 



ford, dau. of William Bradford, maj. and 
dep. gov. of Plymouth, son of William 
Bradford gov. of Plymouth, passenger in 
" Mayflower ") ; son of Richard of Say- 
brook Ct. 1655-6, d. in Norwich 1692, one 
of first proprietors of Norwich (m. in Say- 
brook Apr. 7, 1655 Mary Sylvester). 

of Springfield 111., b. in Carrolton 111. 
Apr. 21, 1868 (m. June 16, 1897 Ira Burton 
Blackstock, b. in Ford co. 111. April 3, 
1866 son of Robert and Emily Meharry 
Blackstock, both were prominent in Sun- 
day school work and they were desc. of 
pioneers of the 18th century) ; dau. of 
John Hardtner of Springfield 111., b. in 
Wuerttemburg Ger. Aug. 1, 181 1, d. in 
Springfield April 13, 1899, physician and 
dentist until about 1875 when he retired 
from active practice having through care- 
ful investments accumulated a large 
fortune, m. June 11, 1867 Frances Baker 
Waller, b. Feb. 11, 1835; dau. of John 
Hockaday Waller of Va., b. in King and 
Queen co. Va. July 30, 1806, d. in Green 
co. 111. Jan. 19, 1892, was quite a Chester- 
field (m. Mar. 9, 1834 Mary Ann Williams, 
b. Apr. 25, 1818, d. Mar. 31, 1848, dau. of 
William W. Williams, b. at Knott's Island 
N. C. 1789, d. in Green co. 111. 1883, who 
m. Mrs. Lydia Williams Whitus, b. in 
Clark co. Ky., d. in Green co. 111.) ; son of 
John Waller of King and Queen co. Va., 
b. there May 14, 1773, d. in Va. Aug. 17, 
1815, a gentleman in body and soul, m. 
Nov. 22, 1800 Frances Baker, b. Sep. 1, 
1782, d. Mar. 13, 1837; dau of George 
Baker, b. in James city co. Va. about 1751, 
a gentleman of excellent character, was 
possessed of much wealth with which he 
greatly assisted many colonists of Va. who 
were patriotic but could not actively par- 
ticipate in the army, was with his brother 
James in the battles in rev. war with Gen'ls 
Gates and Green near Camden where the 
Amer. were defeated, was son-in-law of 
Capt. Goddin of James city co. Va. (m. 
about 1779 Patsey Goddin Firth, b. about 
1758, 1st m. a gentleman named Firth, after 

his death she, a young handsome and in- 
telligent widow, married Geo. Baker, she 
was dau. of Capt. Goddin of James city co. 
b. about 1735, who for many years was 
judge of the James city co. court, was with 
Va. troops in the rev. war, Capt. Goddin 
and wife had a large family of sons and 

Milwaukee Wis., b. in Morristown 
N. Y. Feb. 22, 1827, was raised on a farm, 
commenced teaching school at the age of 
18 to raise means to complete his educa- 
tion, studied law in Norwalk O., removed 
to Oshkosh, Wis., then to Milwaukee (m. 
Sep. 30, 1850 Loa Brown, she had 6 ch. 
viz.: Kossuth Kent, Chester T., Loa 
Brown, Mary B., Charlotte J. and Thomas 
L. jr.); son of G-eorge, b. in Waterbury Vt. 
Oct. 18, 1795, d. in Portage Wis. Feb. 25, 
1876, farmer, early pioneer of northern 
New York, having settled in Morristown 
about 1825 (m. Feb. 1817 Mary Tullar, b. 
at St. Albans June 8, 1801, dau. of Capt. 
Chester Tullar of Bangor N. Y.) ; son of 
Thomas of Norwalk O., b. in Charlemont 
Mass. June 3, 1773, d. in Norwalk Jan. 26, 
1853, he helped to organize the First Con- 
gregational church in Waterbury Vt., af- 
terwards became Presbyterian minister and 
preached in northern New York (m. Feb. 
: 9> r 795 Sally Lathrop, desc. of Rev. John 
Lathrop, who came from Eng. and located 
in Scituate Mass. 1634 an d dau. Sarah Harris 
dose, of Elder William Brewster who came 
from Eng. in the " Mayflower " and landed 
at Plymouth rock 1620) ; son of G-eorge of 
Waterbury, b. in Rutland Mass. Jan. 2, 
1752, d. in Waterbury 1830, officer in rev. 
war, made a fine appearance on horseback 
dressed in his uniform, col., several times 
mem. of Vt. legislature, raised a large fam. 
(m. 1772 Abigail Sherman, d. suddenly in 
Waterbury Vt. 1799); son of James of 
Rutland Mass. (m. May 25, 1744 Margaret 
Smith, dau. of James and Margaret Smith 
of Holden Mass. who came from the north 
of Ire. and located in Worcester co. Mass. 
about 1715, were Presbyterians). 



Churchtown N. Y., b. in Clinton N. 
Y. June 23, 1848, educated at Hartwick 
sem., Pa. coll. Gettysburg, and Gettysburg 
Theological sem., pastor at Chatham N. 
Y., Spruce Run N. J., Rhinebeck and 
Churchtown (m. Sep. 20, 1876 Ida Jones, 
[dau. of J. C. Jones physician, gr.-dau. J. 
H. Jones, pastor at Rockville for over 50 
years] and had Eulla, Edna, Ethel and 
Oliver); son of Gideon A. of Rhinebeck 
N. Y., b. in Clinton June 2, 1804, d. in 
Rhinebeck Mar. 21, 1878, farmer, and an 
earnest mem. and worker in St. Paul's 
Lutheran church of Wurtemburg N. Y. 
(m. Sep. 17, 1826 Eve Traver dau. of 
Henry B. Traver [son of Bastian, son of 
Nicholas] Traver); son of Abraham of 
Clinton, b. there Sep. 27, 1761, d. there 
Nov. 4, 1842, spent some years with his 
father at Walkill valley, later at Ft. Put- 
nam (m. 2d May 30, 1802 Anna Barbara 
Weger) ; son of David of Clinton (m. 
Apr. 8, 1755 Catharine Lewis, b. in Filken- 
town, lived in Staatsburg N. Y. m. by 
Eggo Tonkins von Hovenburg) ; son of 
Sebastian of Rhinebeck and Clinton, b. in 
Wollstein, Ober Ambt Crutznach, Ger., 
d in Clinton, he and brother Peter came 
over with the Palatinates to east and west 
camps in 1710, came to Rhinebeck about 
1714 (m. Christina dau. of Henry Ohle) ; 
son of John Niclaus a native of Wool- 
stein Ger. (m. Anna Maria). 

Brooklyn N. Y., b. in Pequanac N. J. 
Oct. 13, 1877, grad. Rutgers coll. 1896; son 
of William of Butler N. J., b. in Bloom- 
ingdale now Butler, May 1, 1834, C. E., 
dep. surveyor board of proprietors eastern 
div. of N. J., com. of deeds, notary public, 
author (m. Apr. 25, 1865 Sarah Josephine 
Burton, eldest dau. of William Allison 
Burton [a direct desc. of John Burton of 
Salem Mass., b. about 1607], who m. 
Ann Carnell, b. Dec. 13, 1849, she had 3 
ch. viz.: Ella Josephine, m. Richard H. 
Lamscha of Brooklyn N. Y., Clara Mabel, 
d. in infancy and Allison Burton); son of 
Benjamin of Pompton Plains N. J., b. 

there Jan. 20, 1799, d. at Butler N. J. Apr. 
14, 1894, began surveying in 1816, located 
large tracts of land for the board of pro- 
prietors, later became com. of Rutherford 
estates in Passaic and Sussex cos., was 
otherwise closely connected with land 
lines, locations and measurements over a 
large scope of country in N. J., dep. sur. 
of eastern div. of N. J. 1843, master in court 
of chancery N. J. 1854, assessor both before 
and after div. of township, his last service 
covering the 20 yrs. between 1852-72, he 
enjoyed extraordinary health and vigor and 
continued with compass and chain until 
his 90th yr. (m. Dec. 31, 1818 Ann Berry, 
b. Feb. 7, 1799, d. Apr. 19, 1873, dau. of 
Jacob Berry, she had 8 ch.) ; son of Joseph, 
of Newfoundland N. J., b. in Pompton N. 
J. Feb. 17, 1775, d. in Newfoundland 1870, 
was in vigorous health to the day of his 
death (m. Aug. 28, 1796 Sarah Elyea, who 
had 12 ch.) ; son of Jacob, b. in Morris co. 
N. J., d. about 1785 (m. 1st Sep. 11, 1755 
Sarah Spear, 2d Hannah Morse, had 8 ch.) ; 
son of Peter, bapt. Feb. 24, 1703, d. 1778 
(m. 1725 Anna Berry of Morris co. and 
settled near Pompton Plains N. J., she had 
9 ch.); son of Peter Willemse Roome, 
d. May 15, 1729 (m. in New York city Nov. 
26, 1684 Hester Van Gelder, bapt. Jan. 28, 
1662, d. Apr. 17, 1729, she had 10 ch., dau. 
of John Van Gelder, who m. Jane Mon- 

Ont., b. there Sep. 22, 1866, farmer, 
now living on the homestead of his gr.- 
father (m. Mar. 18, 1892, Isabelle Jane 
Brown, b. in Leeds co. Jan. 17, 1864, d. in 
Sharon, Mar. 1, 1900, dau. of Thomas 
Brown, she had dau. Bessie, b. in Tex- 
arkana Tex. Dec. 5, 1894) son of Amos 
Job Hughes, b. in Sharon Ont. Feb. 17, 
1841, clerk and treas. of East Gwillimbury 
township, and license inspector of Co. 
York (m. Dec. 21, 1865 Martha Deborah 
Phillips, b. in King township Jan. 12, 1845, 
dau. of David and Emiline Hill Phillips 
and gr.-dau. of S. E. Phillips who came 
when a child from Pa. with his parents 
in 1800, she had 2 ch. viz.: Job Walter 



above and Addie, b. Feb. 5, 1868, 
m. Mar. 3, 1895 Ellis M. Long, has son 
Leslie Hughes Long, b. Mar. 12, 1896); 
son of Job of Sharon East Gwillimbury 
township, b. in King township June 11, 
1810, d. in Sharon Aug. 5, 1875, farmer 
in E. G. township all his life, member of 
the "Children of Peace" desc. of Pa. 
quaker parentage (m. Nov. 25, 1837 Eliza- 
beth Thrope, dau. of John and Dorah 
Phillips Thrope who emigrated from co. 
Carlow Ire. in 1829 and settled in W. 
Gwillimbury township, she had 5 ch. viz.: 
Rachel Lundy, Amos Job, James Hender- 
son, John William and David Willson); 
son of Amos of E. Gwillimbury, b. in 
Berks co. Pa. Sep: 11, 1782, d. Sharon Ont. 
June 6, 1834, moved from Pa. to York co. 
in 1805 (m. Feb. 25, 1808 Rebecca Chap- 
man, b. in Bucks co. Pa. and moved to 
Canada in 1805, dau. of Charles and Eliza- 
beth Linton Chapman, she had 4 ch. Mary 
b. Feb. 28, 1809, d. June 8, 1876, m. July 
21, 182,7 Israel Willson, Job above, Rachel, 
b. June 12, 1813 and Ellen, b. June 28, 
1815) ; son of Job of Pa. and York co. 

111., b. in New Lenox 111. May 10, 
1863, grad. 111. Univ. 1883, attorney in Jol- 
iet since 1885, mem. of firm Hill, Haven, 
Hill, one of the leading firms of northern 
111. (m. Apr. 3, 1890 Mary Robinson, b. in 
Detroit Mich, and has dau. Florence 
Dwight) ; son of Dwig-ht of New Lenox, 
b. in Sheridan N. Y., Dec. 14, 1821, moved 
from Sheridan to New Lenox in 1834, has 
held many public offices, among others, 
co. supt. of schools, mem. of legislature, 
justice of peace 1850, a man of sterling in- 
tegrity (m. Dec. 26, 1861 Lizzie Craig, b. 
in Dublin Ire., whose father was an officer 
in British army, and came to United States 
in 1850) ; son of Samuel of New Lenox, 
b. in Chesterfield N. H., July 14, 1779, d. 
in New Lenox Mar. 12, 1866, came to 111. 
in 1834, was a strong abolitionist and mem. 
of underground ry. (m. Jan. 11, 1821 Hep- 
sibah Maria Denny, dau. of Charles Denny, 
buried at Mokena 111., a rev. soldier, who 

m. Lucinda Allen) ; son of Elias, b. Oct. 
30, 1765 (m. Rebecca Eaton, and had 3 ch. 
viz. : Elias, Jemima and Abigail) ; son of 
Elias, of Dover Mass., b. in Hopkinton 
Mass. June 18, 1742, d. in Concord Mass. 
Apr. 19, 1775, was killed by British in fight 
at Arlington Mass. (m. Jemima Whiting, of 
Dover Mass.); son of Joseph, b. in Fram- 
jingham Mass. 1718, d. in Dover (m. Dec. 
\ 2 9, *737 Miriam Bayley) ; son of Joseph, 
b. Feb. 8, 1869, d. 1768 (m. Martha Walker, 
in 1710); son of Moses, b. May 20, 1667, 
jd. Nov. 14, 1747 (m. Mary Ballord of Lynn 
SMass.); son of Richard (m. Susanna New- 
ihall of Lynn) came to America before 

Bloomfield Ont, b. there Sep. 8, 
1865, farmer (m. Dec. 4, 1889 Emma A. 
Van Cleaf, dau. of Benjamin, son of John 
of L. I. and Hannah [Pearsoll, dau. of 
Oliver of L. I.] Van Cleaf, had son Willet, 
b. May 8, 1899); son of Willet Niles Be- 
dell of Bloomfield, b. Oct. 17, 1824, d. in 
Bloomfield Ont. Nov. 22, 1874 (m. Apr. 
10, 1850 Elizabeth Wilson, dau. of Stewart 
Wilson, of Johnstown N. Y. [son of 
Charles Wilson and Susannah Booth, son 
of Stewart Wilson of Belfast Ire. m. Jane 
Gregg sister of Capt. Gregg of rev. fame] 
and Eleanor O'Neal of Berne Mont. co. 
N. Y., b. Aug. 15, 1796 [dau. of James 
O'Neal, b. June 20, 1760, d. Mar. 30, 1826, 
m. Elizabeth Bradt of Kinderhook, b. 1764, 
d. Apr. 5, 1826, son of James O'Neal son of 
an Irish nobleman [O'Neal or O'Neil of 
the redhand] the ancestor James O'Neal is 
said to have suffered shipwreck near New- 
foundland, being rescued he went to N. Y. 
city, where he married and had 3 ch. 
John, Sarah and James all of whom went 
to Canada about 1796]); son of Enoch D, 
Bedell of tp. Hillier co. Pr. Ed. Ont., b. 
in Dutchess co. N. Y., Sep. 8, 1790, d. in 
Hillier, Oct. 1, 1828, farmer (m. Sarah 
Casey b. Oct. 1, 1794, d. Aug. 3, 1829, dau. 
of Willet Casey of Otsego co. N. Y., b. 
Feb. 14, 1763, d. Mar. 10, 1848, m. 1782, 
and removed to Adolphustown on Bay of 
Quinte Ont. Jane Niles of Otsego co., 



b. May 16, 1763, d. Feb. 12, 1856, long re- 
membered as Aunt Jane, they left a num- 
ber of desc. distinguished in early colonial 
politics) ; son of Reuben of Dutchess co. 
N. Y., d. in Dutchess co. (m. Letty Dor- 
land, she had 5 ch. viz.: Daniel m. Polly 
Whiting, Enoch m. Sarah Casey, Mar- 
garet m. Beadle, Anna, m. Cicero 

Hancock of Fulton N. Y., Polly m. 

Clapp) the family were Quakers, they re- 
moved to Canada early in the century. 

»" Jamaica N. Y., b. in Brooklyn L. I. 
Dec. 16, 1835 (m. June 23, 1864 Sarah M. 
McCormick dau. of Richard of N. Y., and 
had dau. Edith May Walker who m. 
Thomas W. Lamar) ; son of Phineas 
Walker of Brooklyn and Woodhaven L. I., 
b. in Hopkinton Mass. May 3, 1793, d. 
Apr. 5, 1885 in Guilford Ct, was soldier 
in war of 1812, for particulars see Sons of 
Revolution (m. 1816 Maria Williams dau. 
of Thomas of Claverack N. Y., a rev. 
officer) ; son of Joseph of Hopkinton 
Mass., b. there 1761, d. there about 1849, 
was rev. soldier (m. Mehitable Gibbs); son 
of Solomon. 

Chambersburg Pa., b. in Pittsburgh 
Pa. Sep. 21, 1858, grad. Columbia coll. 
1879, grad. school of mines of same inst. 
1883, served continuously since with Penn. 
r. r., at present eng. of Cumberland Valley 
r. r. (m. Dec. 31, 1884 Frances Lindsay 
dau. of the late Wm. H. who came to 
Amer. from Rugly Eng., and Jane Seton, 
dau. Anketell desc. in eldest line from 
ancient Scottish fam. and Martha Jane 
Magee youngest sister of Archbishop 
Magee of Dublin, gt.-aunt to the late Arch- 
bishop Magee of York); son Thomas 
John of Pittsburgh, b. at Washington D. 
C. Aug. 13, 1822, d. at Yonkers N. Y. Sep. 
18, 1870, educated at Boston Latin school, 
grad. West Point in famous class 1843 
standing third in his class, Gen'l Towson 
presented him with a gilt sword which had 
saved his own life in battle, twice pro- 
moted for gallant and meritorious conduct 

at Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma, 
commanded Fort Brown, all supplies for 
Amer. army passed through his hands, re- 
signed 1858 (m. Oct. 12, 1854 Amelia M. 
Denny dau. of Hon. Harmar [son of Maj. 
Ebenezer Denny a rev. officer, an original 
mem. of Soc. of Cincinnatus and Nancy 
Wilkins dau. of Capt. John of Carlisle Pa., 
sister of Hon. Wm. and John Wilkins Jr.] 
and Elizabeth F. O'Hara dau. Genl. James 
and Mary Carson O'Hara); son of John 
Andrew of Washington b. Baltimore Md. 
Apr. 15, 1787, d. at Charlestown Mass. Apr. 
21, 1839, coll. grad. surgeon U. S. N., 
served in war 1812 on U. S. frigate 
"Congress," his elder and only brother 
Thomas an ensign U. S. N. d. young un- 
married (m. Dec. 14, 1815 Amelia Lover- 
ing dau. of Wm. Lovering architect de- 
signer of many early buildings of Wash- 
ington, buried in Baltimore, and Mrs. 
Reid) ; son of Thomas of Baltimore Md. b. 
in Dublin Ire. d. in Baltimore, sailed 1761 in 
com. of the privateer "Betty" owned by 
John Walker of Liverpool, merchant hav- 
ing 12 carriage guns carrying shot of 9 
and 6 lbs. weight and swivel guns and 
navigated by 40 men, was intimate friend 
of Gen'l Washington, some of whose let- 
ters the fam. possess (m. Feb. 26, 1781 
Sarah Marshall dau. of Maj. Thomas John 
of Col. Gist's reg. Maryland vol. desc. 
John Marshall who settled on Allen Creek 
Northampton co. Va. in the year 1635, 
had plantation on Occahannock creek 
inherited from gr.-father who died 1720 
and Sarah Darley) ; engaged in business 
as ship chandler and warehouseman, his 
adv. appears in first Baltimore newspaper, 
was notary public, his notarial seal bearing 
the ancient arms of the Brereton fam. 
(argent two bars sable, crest on a ducal 
coronet, a bear's head sable, muzzled ppr 
witnesses his claim of desc. from that an- 
cient and knightly fam. who came to Eng. 
with the Conqueror and were settled at 
Brereton Hall Sandbach Cheshire from 
twelfth century until 1720, when the eldest 
line became extinct, the title dormant. 
The present head of fam. is Maj. Wm. R. 
Brereton of New Abbey co. Kildare, Ire. 
between whose fam. and the Amer. branch 



correspondence has been intermittent dur- 
ing two generations. 

ROSS, JONATHAN of St. Johnsbury 
Vt, b. in Waterford Vt. Apr. 30, 1826 
(m. 1st Nov. 22, 1852 Eliza A. Carpenter, 
m. 2d July 4, 1887 Helen Augusta Daggett, 
both English desc, 1st wife had 8 ch. : 
Caroline, Eliza M., Helen M., Julia, Mar- 
tha E., Edward H., Jonathan C. and 
Edith); son of Royal of Waterford, b. 
there July 22, 1799, d. there Nov. 2, 1856, 
farmer (m. Dec. 6, 1821 Eliza Mason, d. in 
Waterford May 7, 1898 aged 95 yrs., dau. 
of Rev. Ruben Mason, desc. from Sampson 
Mason, who came from Eng. and settled 
in Dorchester Mass., lived there in 1649) ; 
son of Jonathan of Waterford, b. in Tem- 
pleton Mass. Feb. 14, 1771, d. in Waterford 
Nov. 11, 1820, his mother d. when he was 
small and he was thrown on his own re- 
sources, bought a wild lot in Waterford 
in 1793, moved there in 1795, cleared the 
lot, made a farm, d. there of typhus fever 
(m. about 1795 Lucy Stoddard of Chester- 
field); son of Roger of Templeton and 
Phillipstown Mass., b. Sep. 20, 1740, d. in 
Phillipstown Oct. 6, 1817, minute man in 
rev. war, started to join troops at battle of 
Bennington, and afterwards went to Sara- 
toga, was of Scotch desc. 

Damariscotta Me., b. in Nobleboro 
Me. Apr. 16, 1826 (m. Nov. 4, 1852 Lu- 
cinda Poole Burnham, a rel. of Daniel 
Webster, had Edward Everett D., Lizzie 
Lucinda, Kendall Moody, Willie Burnham, 
Herbert Allen, Hattie Winslow and Mer- 
ton Webster) ; son of Jesse of Nobleboro, 
b. in Brockton Mass. Apr. 4, 1782, d. in 
Nobleboro Dec. 8, 1872, when 11 yrs. old 
he and his father sailed from Brockton 
landing in Bremen, they walked from there 
8 miles, and settled on farm partly cleared 
with a log house on it (m. Dec. 25, 1805 
Sarah Winslow, 7th in desc. from Edward 
Winslow, the father of Gov. Winslow of 
Plymouth renown, who came with his 
brother Gilbert in the " Mayflower " in 
1620) ; son of Jesse of Nobleboro, b. in 


Hingham June 26, 1744, d. in Nobleboro 
1806 (m. July 31, 1766 Mary Stone of 
Stoughton Mass.); son of Solomon of 
Hingham (m. Nov. 23, 1738 Rachael Da- 
mon); son of Joshua (m. Sep. 21, 1699 
Hannah Hatch) ; son of Robert of Hing- 
ham, b. in Scotland 1630, d. Oct. 5, 1693, 
came from Scotland and settled in Hing- 
ham 1655 (m. Rose, d. Nov. 10,1700). 

Pa., b. Sep. 13, 1832, lawyer (m. Jan. 
18, 1859 Fannie Edwards Boyd) ; son of 
Joseph, b. in Sunbury Pa. Oct. 8, 1808, 
miller (m. Oct. 10, 1831 Sarah Woodrow, 
had Paul Ross, b. Sep. 13, 1832, John, b. 
Oct. 9, 1833, d. June 30, 1872, Charles B., 
b. Apr. 1, 1835, William, b. July 14, 1836, 
d. July 14, 1875, Lott B., b. Apr. 10, 1838, 
Mary E., b. June 2, 1839, Albert, b. June 
11, 1842, d. Oct. 27, 1845, George P., b. 
Sep. 7, 1844 and Joseph, b. May 6, 1848); 
son of John, b. in Sunbury Pa. Mar. 24, 
1772, d. Oct. 9, 1835, miller, merchant, jus- 
tice, 1806-3.5 (m. 1805 Eliz. Lehr, d. 1853, 
had Joseph, b. Oct. 1808, Eliz. m. Wm. 
Bowen, Paul, d. aged 10 yrs., William and 
Margaret, m. P. K. Fisher) ; son of John, 
b. in Lancaster Pa. Dec. 30, 1752, d. at 
Sunbury 1799, moved to St. Augusta Pa. 
1771, opened store there, co. com. 1772, 
justice 1774, mem. of safety 1776, rep. 1776, 
commissary 1780, judge 1789 (m. 1st Tabi- 
tha Morris, d. 1791, 2d Eliz. Lebo, had 
John, b. Mar. 24, 1772, Paul, b. Sep. 10, 
1775, moved to Norfolk Va., Charlotte, b. 
Feb. 25, 1778, Mary, b. Aug. 21, 1780, 
George, b. 1793, Eliz. and Tabitha) ; son 
of Paul of Lancaster, b. about 1717, d. 
about Sep. 1797, came to Amer. Sep. 3, 
1742, settled in Lancaster about 1745 (m. 
Charlotte, had Casper, b. 1748, d. 1782, 
John, Jacob, Peter, Eliz., Philip and 

fret Ct., b. in Lebanon N. H. Nov. 
24, 1852, prin. Yeates Inst, of Lancaster Pa. 
and Bishop Hopkins hall, ordained priest 
Sep. 29, 1891 (m. Apr. 16, 1884, Sarah Eliz- 
abeth Philip, cousin of the late Admiral 

i 9 4 


Philip and had Philip Martin and Eliza- 
beth) ; son of Antthony Colby of Concord 
N. H., b. in Hebron Oct. 13, 1828, Metho- 
dist minister in N. H. conference 34 yrs., 
ordained in Episcopal church 1894 (m. 
Aug. 30, 1848 Eliza Martin, desc. of the 
Martin, Squire, Newel, and Williams fams. 
of Vt.) ; son of Daniel of Lebanon, b. in 
Nottingham N. H. about 1780, d. in Hyde 
Park Vt. 1867, an honest, upright, enter- 
prising man, in all respects a self-made 
man (m. about 1802 Betsy Packard, b. in 
'Bridgeport, desc. of one of the earliest set- 
tlers there) ; son of Jonas of Stoddard N. 
H., b. in Andover Mass. about 1740, d. in 
Lebanon about 1834^ soldier in rev. war; 
son of Jonas of Bradford Mass., b. in Bos- 
ton Mass., d. in Bradford; son of Jonas of 
Boston, b. in Eng., capt. in British army, 
was in the garrison of Ft. William Henry 
when it surrendered to Montcalm and the 
garrison massacred by the Indians, m. dau. 
of prin. Indian chief near Boston where he 
commanded the garrison, had 2 boys. 

West Plains Mo., b. in Geauga co. 
O., Aug. 15, 1818 (m. Oct. 1843, Angeline 
M. Hull, [9th in desc. of George Hull, b. 
in Somersetshire Eng., came to Amer. 1630] 
and had Julia A., Henry, Wilbur Maria, 
Harriet, Lora Cornelia [who m. Elijah 
Ames Little of Port Byron N. Y.], Cora 
Mabel, and Frank Elmer and m. 2d Ar- 
minda Milliken and had Sarah and Charles 
Edgar) ; son of Martin of Ct., Mass., O., 111., 
b. at Norwich Ct. Sep. 25, 1788, d. in 111. 
Apr. 5, 1885 (m. Ruth Ferris, dau. of John 
Ferris, O. pioneer from Westchester co. 
N. Y., soldier in rev. war, and Jerusha 
Lockwood, dau. of Reuben, both were 
desc. of Jeffrey Ferris, one of the first set- 
tlers of Stamford Ct.) ; son of Asher of 
Norwich Ct., Northfield Vt., b. in Plain- 
field Ct. Sep. 9, 1760, d. Dec. 1814, on way 
home to Northfield after battle at Platts- 
burg, soldier rev. and war of 1812 (m. Jan. 
16, 1777, Elizabeth, dau. of John and Ann 
[Fordl Vergison of Norwich); son of 
Ebenezer of Plainfield Ct. (m. Abigail). 

Jr. Charleston S. C, b. in Orangeburg 
S. C. June 16, 1871, grad. S. C. Military 
acad. 1892, attorney, author; son of Alex- 
ander McQueen Salley of Orangeburg, b. 
there Aug. 6, 1847, sheriff of Orangeburg 
co. 1880- 1892 (m. Oct. 25, 1868 Sallie Ann, 
dau. of Cephas Manly [and Rachel Jen- 
nings] McMichael, gt.-gr.-dau. of George 
McMichael, an officer in Braddock's army, 
who settled in S. C. after French and In- 
dian war); son of Alexander Samuel of 
Orangeburg, b. there Apr. 26, 1818, d. 
there Apr. 1, 1895, grad. S. C. Medical 
coll. 1843, mem. S. C. legislature 1868-9 
(m. Apr. 8, 1845 Julia Eliza Murrowe, dau. 
of William [sheriff Orangeburg dist.] and 
Caroline Lois [Stroman] Murrowe); son 
of George* Elmore of Orange Parish 
Orangeburg dist, b. there Mar. 10, 1788, d. 
there Aug. 14, 1828, 1st capt. of Orange- 
burg troop 1812, mem. S. C. legislature 
1815-16, state senator from Orange Parish 
1820-24 (m. May 19, 1808 Margaret Lock- 
port, dau. of Samuel Phillips Jones, desc. 
of Lewis Jones, early settler in Ms., 
Richard Lord, charter patentee of Ct. Will- 
iam Pynchon, early of Mass. and other dis- 
tinguished New Englanders) ; son of John 
of Orange Parish, b. at Orangeburg 1740, 
d. there Aug. 10, 1794, large land owner, 
25,000 acres, capt. in rev. war (m. 1775 
Mary Keziah [Wright] Moss, widow of 
Va.) ; son of Henry of Orangeburg, b. in 
Eng. d. in Orangeburg prob. desc. of Sal- 
leys of Salley of Gisberne Parish, York- 
shire and of Rutlandshire Eng., obtained 
grants of land in Orangeburg township, 
Berkeley co. 1735 (m. N). 

line Mass., b. in Cambridge Mass. 
Oct. 24. 1866 ; and broiher Frank I., b. 
Oct. 3 1847 ; sons of Henry Lawrence of 
Cambridge, b. in Fort Independence Bos- 
ton Harbor Feb. 1, 1819, d. in Cam- 
bridge Jan. 1 r, 1885, prof, of eng. Lnw- 
rence scientific school, Harvard coll. 34 
years, brig.-gen'l. 10th Mass. Sep. 12, 1863 
until resigned June 27, 1864 (m. 1st May 
2, 1844 Sarah Augusta Eckley, 2d July 10, 



1856 Caroline Bartlett Hall, b. in Spring- 
field Mass., Jan. 10, 1826, dau. of Joseph 
Hall lb. May 20, 1789, d. July 16, 1844 m. 
Sep. 5, 1816 Maria Bartlett, b. Feb. 13, 
1776, d. Aug. 13, 1873) ; son of Abram b. 
in Petersburg Va. Mar. 28, 1786, d. in 
Portland Me. Jan. 27, 1843, soldier in war 
1 812, in Black Hawk 1832, in war with 
Seminoles in Fla., many years in com- 
mand of school for artillery practice at Ft. 
Monroe, Old Point Comfort Va., at 
time of death was col. 1st artillery and 
brig.-gen'l, headquarters at Portland (m. 
Rebecca Sprague b. in Dedham Mass. July 
22, 1787, d. in Jamaica Pis. Mass., June 8, 
1820, dau. of Dr. John Sprague b. in Bos- 
ton June 2, 1752, d. in Dedham Mass. 
Apr. 17, 1800, m. Nov. 17, 1773 Rebecca 
Chambers, b. 1748 d. in Dedham July 122, 
1813); son of Abram, b. in Boston Apr. 
26, 1757, d. in Va. Dec. 24, 1788, had 
brother William Eustis, gov. of Mass. 1823- 
25 (m. by John Eliot, July 29, 1784 Mar- 
garet Parker, b. in Boston June 8, 1762, 
d. in Cambridge Nov. 24, 1841, sister of 
Isaac Parker, ch. just, commonwealth, dau. 
of Daniel Parker, b. Nov. 20, 1726, d. in 
Boston 1785, m. Oct. 3, 1751 by Rev. 
Andrew Eliot, Margaret Jarvis b. Oct. 18, 
1729 d. Oct. 19, 1815); son of Benjamin 
b. in Boston Apr. 16, 1720, d. there 
May 4, 1804 (m. in Cambridge, May 
11, 1749 Elizabeth Hill, b. 1728, d. May 30, 
1775 dau. Abraham Hill, b. in Maiden 
Mar. 22, 1688, d. in Cambridge Dec. 27, 
1754 m. in Cambridge Dec. 18, 1717 
Prudence Hancock, b. 1697, d. there Jan. 
26, 1775); son of Benjamin, b. Feb. 20, 
1690, will proved at Boston 1761 (m. in 
Boston Mar. 4, 1713 Katherine Ingersoll, 
b. in Falmouth 1692 bapt. in Charlestown 
July 22, 1696, dau. George Ingersoll b. in 
Falmouth May about 1644, d. in Boston 
Aug. 10, 1721 (m. Catherine). 

Col., b. in Cuylerville N. Y. May 6, 
1851 (m. Oct. 8, 1884 Catherine Kennedy, 
dau. of Rev. Joshua Kennedy D. D. [who 
was b. in Ire., d. in Greencastle Pa.] she 
had Kenneth Kennedy and John Dunlap) ; 

son of James Brown of Newville Pa., b. 
there July 12, 1820, clergyman, D. D., 
wrote regularly for reg. papers and mag. 
since 1844 (m. June 21, 1848 Helen I. Niv- 
ers, her father came from Scotland, lived 
to be over 100 yrs. old) ; son of John of 
Newville, b. there Nov. 25, 1776, d. in 
Newville Apr. 26, 1823 (m. Apr. 4, 1809 
Jane Brown, her father was rev. soldier, 
3d in desc. from John Brown of Muirkirk 
Scotland, who was murdered by Claver- 
house) ; son of John of Newville, b. in 
Scotland June 8, 17313, d. in Newville Feb. 
10, 1807 (m. Dec. 23, 1762 Jane Currie of 
Scotch desc); son of John of Lancaster 
co. Pa., b. in Lanarkshire Scotland about 
1703, d. in Muddy Run, Lancaster co. 
Pa. Sep. 10, 1754 (m. Oct. 29, 1731 Mar- 
garet Forrest) ; son of John of Lanark- 
shire; son of John of Lanarkshire. 

Norristown Pa., b. there Jan. 20, 1856, 
was educated in the public school of Mont- 
gomery co. Pa., learned the printing trade, 
grad. Philadelphia Coll. of Pharmacy 1879 
and Jefferson Med. Coll. 1882, practiced 
medicine in Cape Point N. J. and at his 
home in Jeffersonville several years, en- 
gaged in the drug business in Norristown 
1884, mem. of the Amer. Pharmaceutical 
Assn., Pa. Pharmaceutical Assn., was its 
pres. 1895-96, filled many positions of pub- 
lic trust, mem. of the Alumni Assn. of the 
Philadelphia Coll. of Pharmacy, Philadel- 
phia Batonical Club, Pa. German Soc, 
Montgomery Hist. Soc, treas. of same, has 
been a contributor to medical, pharmaceu- 
tical, historical, genealogical and general 
literature (m. Nov. 5, 1884 Annie R. Jar- 
rett, the only surviving child of Samuel 
Farra Jarrett of Jeffersonville Pa., pros- 
perous farmer, treas. of Montgomery co. 
Pa. 5 yrs., held many positions of public 
trust, is much respected socially and looked 
upon as an exempliary citizen, is of Scotch 
origin and mem. of Soc. of Friends, who 
m. Amanda Crawford, son of David Jar- 
rett, b. Oct. 24, 1797, d. Oct. 20, 1890, who 
m. Rebecca Farra and had 8 ch. viz. : Jes- 
sie, Samuel Farra, Charles Palmer, Atkin- 



son Farra, Elizabeth, John, Lucretia and 
Chakley, son of Jesse Jarrett, b. Mar. 26, 
1757, d. Aug. 30, 1828, who m. Elizabeth 
Palmer and had 6 ch. viz.: Mary, David, 
Alice, Joseph, Tacy and John, son of John 
Jarrett, b. Mar. 3, 17 18, who m. Aug. 9, 
1740 Alice Conrad, b. Aug. 3, 1718 and had 
12 ch. viz.: John, Mary, Elizabeth, Han- 
nah, Rachel, William, Alice, Jonathan, 
David, Jesse, Tacy and Joseph, son of John 
Jarrett, the ancestor in this country who 
settled in Horsham township Pa. early in 
the 18th century, is recorded land owner 
1 714, m. Mary Lucken, b. Nov. 18, 1693, 
dau. of Jan Lucken, who came from Hoi. 
with a colony of " Friends " and landed in 
Chester Del. 1683, and had among their 
ch. John above) ; son of Michael Hartman 
Reed, b. at the home of his gr.-father in 
New Britain Pa. Oct. 24, 1809, d. in Jeffer- 
sonville Pa. Jan. 17, 1898, was educated 
near his home in the Mennonite dist. 
school, learned the hatting trade, after 
completing his apprenticeship located in 
the hatting business in Skippackville Pa., 
removed to Philadelphia to engage in same 
business 2 yrs. later, after a r >uccess1ul busi- 
ness he retired 1847 and removed to 
Doylestown Pa., moved to Norristown 
1855, moved to Jeffersonville 1857, was a 
man of more than ordinary intelligence 
and of retiring habits, held many positions 
of public trust, was much respected in the 
community in which he lived, was active 
and influential in the Presbyterian church 
and contributed liberally to its support (m. 
Feb. 15, 1852 Mary Ann Rockafellow, b. 
in New Britian township Pa., eldest dau. 
of Jonas and Elizabeth [Probasco] Rocka- 
fellow, son of William and Rachel [That- 
cher] Rockafellow, son of John and Mar- 
garet [Kitchen] Rockafellow, son of Peter 
and Mary [Bellis] Rockefelt, son of Peter 
Rockefelt, son of Johann Peter Rockefelt 
who. with his 2 sons Peter above and Jo- 
hannes immigrated to Amer. from Hoi. 
1730, Peter settled near Flemington N. J. 
and Johannes settled in N. Y. state and is 
presumed to be the ancestor of John D. 
Rockafellow the millionaire, she had 3 ch. 
viz.: Franklin P. of National City Cal., m. 

Willoughby H. and Mary E., who resides 
at the paternal home) ; son of Andrew, 
b. in Hatfield township Pa. May 14, 1781, 
d. there June 10, 1869, farmer in New Brit- 
ain township Pa., moved late in life to 
Hatfield Pa., was strictly honest in his 
dealings, devoted to his fam., beloved by 
his neighbors and a consistent Christian 
(m. 1807 Mary Hartman, dau. of Henry 
Hartman who m. Sarah Harner, farmers, 
moved from Montgomery co. to Lykens 
Valley Pa. 1800, both d. there, dau. of 
Christian Harner, soldier in rev. war, she 
had 5 ch. viz. : Jacob, Michael Hartman, 
Julien, Abigail and Sarah); son of Jacob, 
b. in Marlborough township Pa. June 30, 
1730, d. in New Britain township Pa. Nov. 
2, 1820, received a liberal education, farmer 
in Hatfield township Pa. in early life, was 
a man of much prominence in his day, was 
active and influential as a citizen and filled 
many positions of public trust, was mem. 
of Reformed church in which he took a 
deep interest, was prominent and active as 
a defender of his country during rev. war, 
served as an officer in the militia during 
the whole war, was lieut.-col. and maj. of 
the 1st battalion of the Philadelphia co. 
militia, actively participated in the battles 
of Trenton, Brandywine, Germantown and 
others, escaped unhurt on the field of bat- 
tle, but on one occasion when at home 
visiting his fam. he was waylaid by tories, 
who first shot him in the leg, then tied him 
to a tree, tarred and feathered him and 
commenced digging his grave in which 
they proposed burying him, before com- 
pleting the last act they were discovered 
and fled, when he was released from his 
perilous situation (m. 1756 Magdaline 
Leidy, dau. of Jacob Leidy, who immi- 
grated with his fam. to the province of Pa. 
from the Palatinate Germany 1727, was 
one of 1st settlers of Franconia Pa., was 
prominently identified with the early re- 
formed church in this locality, was also 
the ancestor in this country of the late 
eminent naturalist and physician Prof. 
Joseph Leidy of the uni. of Pa., she had 9 
ch. viz., Philip, Jacob, Andrew, Margaret, 
Elizabeth, Catharine, Magdalina, Eve and 


J 97 

John); son of Johann Philip Riedt 
(Rieth or Reed) of Marlborough town- 
ship Pa., emigrated from Mannheim Ger- 
many "in ship friendship" landed with his 
fam. in Philadelphia 1727, settled in Marl- 
borough township, farmer, was one of the 
original enrolled members of the new 
Goshenhoppen Reformed church, fled 
from Germany to this country on account 
of religious persecution (m. Veronica, 
whose parents fled from Switzerland into 
Germany on account of religious persecu- 
tion, she had 7 ch. viz., Michael m. Anna 
Maria Mowerey, Jacob m. Madgalena 
Leidy, Andrew, Anna Maria Leidy, Catha- 
rine m. Abraham Arndt, Eve m. 1st Valen- 
tine Dickenscheid 2d Joseph Kochen, Mar- 
gretha m. Theobold Winck and Anna 
Maria m. Michael Welker). 

^ N. Y., b. there Sep. 11, 1827, teacher 
21 yrs. including principalship of Sodus 
acad. 10 yrs. and of Macedon acad. 6 yrs., 
town supt. of schools 3 yrs., clerk in state 
leg. 3 y rs -> supervisor of Sodus 1881- 
84 and 1896-1901, author (m. July 18, 1852 
Ellen Kittridge, b. in Blue Hill Me. Jan. 
30, 1832, d. in Macedon Centre Oct. 26, 
1886, dau. of Rev. Hosea and Nancy 
[Fisher] Kittridge, gr.-dau. of Dr. Kendal 
Kittridge of Mt. Desert Island Me., also 
gr.-dau. of Rev. Jonathan Fisher of Blue 
Hill, Me., she had 6 ch. viz. Mary Asenath, 
b. Nov. 4, 1856, Nancy Fisher, b. Aug. 24, 
1858, d. Oct. 30, 1875, Ellen Kittredge, b. 
June 9, 1862, Lewis Hosea, b. July 4, 1868, 
Harriet Azalia, b. Aug. 10, 1871, d. Mar. 
26, 1877, and Margaret Irene, b. Sep. 5, 
1873, m. July 29, 1897, Benton Sergent 
Rude); son of Eli of Sodus N. Y., b. in 
Westhampton Mass. Sep. 22, 1790, d. in 
Sodus N. Y. Dec. 4, 1871, was an early 
abolitionist, a man of puritanic habits and 
thought, settled in Sodus 1816 (m. Nov. 
14, 1826 Asenath Clark, b. Aug. 28, 1795, 
d. in Sodus Oct. 1863, dau. of David Clark 
and cousin to her husband) ; son of 
Matthew of Westhampton Mass., b. in 
Northampton Jan. 1761, d. in Westhampton 
Jan. 25, 1837 (m. Jan. 27, 1785 Irene 

Strong, b. Dec. 30, 1762, d. Dec. 28, 1836, 
a desc. of elder John Strong) ; son of David 
of Northampton Mass., b. there Sep. 24, 
1729, d. in Westhampton Nov. 13, 1810, 
(m. 1st about 1752 Eunice Bartlett, b. Sep. 
21, 1727, d. Oct. 22, 1798, a near relative 
of Phebe Bartlett about whose conversion 
a tract was issued, m. 2d Mary Wood, 
widow, b. 1735, d. in Easthampton Mass. 
Apr. 3, 1821); son of John of Northamp- 
ton Mass., b. there Dec. 28, 1679, d. there 
about 1763 (m. Oct. 31, 1704 Elizabeth 
Cook) ; son of John of Northampton 
Mass. (m. 1st July 12, 1677 Rebecca 
Cooper, she had a dau., m. 2d Mar. 16, 
1679 Mary Strong, she had 11 ch.); son of 
William, b. about. 1600, d. July 18, 1690, 
sailed from Eng. in ship " Mary and John" 
1630, settled in Dorchester 1630, removed 
to Northampton 1659, was chosen select- 
man 1660, with others he formed the 1st 
church in Northampton and was chosen 
lieut. of the train band, a very important 
position, left 4 sons, viz.: William, John, 
Samuel and Nathaniel. 

OWELL, ROLAND of Manchester 
N. H., b. there Feb. 22, 1849 (m. 
Sep. 5, 1885 Susan A. Crosby, dau. of Al- 
phonso and Sarah J. [Fairfield] Crosby); 
son of Ephraim K. of Manchester N. H., 
b. in Hooksett N. H. Nov. 21, 1822, d. in 
Manchester Oct. 5, 1896 (m. Apr. 27, 1847 
Mary A. Davis, dau. of Robert and 
Lucinda [Gould] Davis); son of John 
Page Rowell of Manchester N. H., b. in 
Chester N. H. Oct. 15, 1796, d. in Man- 
chester Mar. 20, 18751 ( m - May 10, 1820 
Betsy Emerson, dau. of James and Nancy 
Emerson) ; son of Samuel of Chester 
N. H., b. there 1754, d. in Hooksett N. H. 
June 11, 1830, was soldier in rev. war, was 
in battle of Bunker Hill, White Plains, 
Trenton, Princeton, Monmouth court 
house and Quaker Hill (m. Nov. 2j, 1777 
Sarah Dustin, dau. of Paul and Betty 
Duston and gt.-gr.-dau. of Hannah Dustin 
of Indian massacre fame) ; son of John of 
Chester N. H., b. there, d. in Charlestown 
N. H. Oct. 23, 1760, was soldier in French 
and Indian war and d. while in the army 



(m. Elizabeth) ; son of John of Amesbury 
Mass., b. there 1683, d. in Kingston N. H. 
Feb. 1, 1736 (m. Mar. 2, 1715 Elizabeth 
Colby); son of Philip; son of Valentine; 
son of Thomas of Salisbury Mass. 1639. 

TON of Kansas City Mo., b. in Cass 
co. Ind., eng. and surveyor of railways, 
lands and municipal improvements, Union 
vol. in war of rebellion 1861-65 (m. in 
Kansas City Dec. 6, 1876 Elizabeth Jane 
Mehaffey, youngest dau. of George W. 
and Sarah Watson Mehaffey) ; son of 
Lawrence, b. near Beverly Va. now West 
Va. Aug. 11, 1820, d. 1898, buried in 
Logansport Ind., farmer (m. Sarah Mil- 
dred Hamilton of New Philadelphia Ind., 
dau. of William and Charlotte [Townsend] 
Hamilton) ; son of George W. Stalnaker, 
b. in Randolph co. Va. Feb. 27, 1777, d. 
in Logansport Ind. Nov. 14, 1857, farmer 
(m. Susannah Hart, dau. of Edward and 
Nancy [Stout] Hart of Rich Mounton, 
W. Va., son of John Hart, a signer of the 
Declaration of Inde.); son of Valentine, 
buried near Beverly Va., emigrated from 
Pa. before the rev war ; son of Jaco I. a 
peasant, one of the early settlers of Pa., 
probably from Hanover, Germany. 

BEMIS, B. BEE of Oregon 111., b. in 
Nashua 111. Oct. 12, 1869, dentist 
(m. June 17, 1896 Hattie E. Peck, dau. of 
Daniel Webb Peck, b. in New Bedford 
Mass.); son of Henry H. Bemis of 
Oregon 111., b. in Nashua 111. Feb. 24, 
1841, enlisted in Co. E, 46th 111. vol. in- 
fantry 1 861, discharged in Baton Rouge 
La. 1866 (m. Dec. 26, 1867 Lucy Ann Reed 
of N. H. or Vt., dau. of Lyman Reed, 
she had 2 ch., viz.: B. Bee above and 
Lula, b. in Nashua Oct. 28. 1871, m. Sep. 
29, 1892 Jenkin Rees of Chicago, and had 
4 ch.) ; son of Stephen of Oregon III., 
b. in Westminster Mass. Mar. 20, 1804, d. 
in Oregon Mar. 1, 1889 (m. 1st Apr. 30, 
1827 Miran Thurston Farwell of Fitchburg 
Mass., she had 3 ch., viz.: Stephen A., b. 
Feb. 6, 1828, Judson M.. b. May 18, 1833, 
and Mary H., b. Dec. 21, 1830, m. 2d Apr. 

4, 1840 Mary [Early] Neville, she had 6 
ch., viz.: Henry H. above, Achsah Ann, 
b. Oct. 19, 1842, d. Apr. 20, 1844, Cassius 
C, b. Feb. 5, 1844, d. in civil war, George 
W. M., b. Oct. 18, 1847, J. Clinton, b. Apr. 
2, 1852, and John E., b. Dec. 9, 1855); son 
of Stephen, b. in Westminster Mass. Mar. 
16, 1768, d. in Ashburnham Mass. July 18, 
1856, resided some years in Westminster, 
removed to Ashburnham 1806 (m. 1st Oct. 
25, 1792 Dolly Ross of Fitchburg Ms., m. 
2d Nov. 17, 1796 Achsah Pollard and had 
12 ch., viz.: Sophia, Stephen, William, 
Dolly, Hannah, Stephen above, Slyvia, 
Achsah, Betsey, William P., Samuel and 
Zacheus) ; son of Zaccheus, b. 1736, d. in 
Westminster Mass. 1805 (m. Feb. 10, 1761 
Elizabeth Lyons, d. 181 1, she had 8 ch., 
viz.: Zacheus, Betsey, Philip, Stephen 
above, Lydia, Mercy and William) ; son of 
Philip, b. in Cambridge Mass. 1700, d. in 
Westminster Mass. 1782, moved to the new 
town of Westminster 1738, was third set- 
tler (m. Nov. 21, 1773 Elizabeth Lawrence, 
she had 6 ch., viz.: Philip, William, David, 
Abigail, Edmund and Zacheus above) ; son 
of Joseph, b. in Watertown Mass. Dec. 
12, 1751, had 4 ch., viz.: Joseph, Mary, 
Philip above and Thomas; son of Joseph, 
b. in Eng. 1619. d. Aug. 7, 1684, settled in 
Watertown Mass. 1640, evidently was a 
man of ability, moral worth and religious 
spirit as only such were eligible to office 
in those days, an honor repeatedly con- 
ferred upon him, was selectman 164S, 1672, 
1675 (m. Sarah, d. about 1712, she had 9 
ch., viz.: Sarah, Mary, Joseph, Ephraim, 
Martha, Joseph Jr., Rebecca, Ephriam and 

Ithaca N. Y., b. in Dryden N. Y. 
June 20, 1871 (m. June 9, 1897 Mary Lyon, 
gr.-dau. of Phillip Church Schuyler, desc. 
of Philip Pietersie Schuyler, she had son 
Faber Lyon Southworth) ; son of William 
Henry Harrison Southworth of Dryden 
N. Y., b. there Mar. 4, 1841, d. there Feb. 
20, 1885 (m. May 24, 1870 Ellen E. Ward, 
desc. of Wards of Holland, who settled in 
Md.. and on mother's side from Spriggs 



of Wales, who settled in Johnstown 
N. Y.); son of John of Dryden N. Y., b. 
in Salisbury N. Y. Sep. 26, 1796, d. in 
Dryden Dec. 2, 1877 (m. 18311 Betsey Jag- 
gar) ; son of Thomas of Dryden N. Y., 
b. July 17, 1772, d. in Dryden July 27, 1863 
(m. Sally Eldridge of Hancock Mass., d. 
Apr. n, 1814); son of John, b. in Little 
Compton R. I. Apr. 4, 1743 (m. Dec. 6, 
1762 Elizabeth Wightman) ; son of Eobes 
of Little Compton R. I., b. there Sep. 1, 
1710 (m. Oct. 19, 1738 Mary Seabury); 
son of Edward, b. 1684; son of William, 
b. 1659, capt. ; son of Constant, b. 1614; 
son of Edward of Leyden Holland (m. 

TON of Georgetown Mich., Ac- 
worth N. H. and Keene N. II., b. in 
Surry N. H. Feb. 14, 1839, farmer, en- 
listed in Co. E, 6th Reg't N. H. vols. 
1861, re-enlisted in Co. H, 1st Reg't N. H. 
heavy artillery and was discharged ai close 
of war in Concord N. H. 1865, deacon, 
justice of the peace, selectman, council- 
man, the 1st commander of W. S. Han- 
cock Post No. 9, G. A. R. in Alstead, 
member of school board in Keene (m. 
June 29, 1864 Ellen M. Carpenter, dau. of 
William and Abigail [White] Carpenter 
of Surry N. H., lineal desc. of William and 
Abigail Carpenter, who emigrated to 
Amer. 1638 in ship " Bevis " with William, 
his father, and settled in Rehaboth Mass., 
she had 8 ch., viz.: Lizzie E., Frank B., 
Delia F., Charles A., Bessie E., 1 son and 
2 daus. d.) ; son of Josiah of Surry and 
Keene N. H., b. in Keene Nov. 6, 1807, 
d. there Nov. 19, 1893, was a mechanic, 
farmer from 1837-1893, was selectman in 
Surry, was m. 4 times (m. 1st Sarah 
Baker, Hb. in Westminster Mass., dau. of 
Nathan Jr. and Sally [Miles] Baker, desc. 
of John and Elizabeth Baker, who came 
to Amer. from Bristol about 1720, settled 
in Charlestown Mass., she had son Ed- 
ward Appleton above) ; son of Abijah of 
Keene N. H,, b. there Mar. 5, 1778, d. 
there Oct. 7, i860, was one of Keene's 
business men many years, being in the 

boot and shoe business and a dealer in 
religious books and periodicals, was very 
liberal, benevolent and upright in all his 
dealings with his fellow men and noted 
for his Christian character (m. Sep. 12, 
1803 Abigail Wilder, dau. of Deacon 
Abijah and Sarah [Ellis] Wilder of Keene, 
and a lineal desc. of Thomas Wilder, b. 
in Eng. about 1618, lived and d. in Lan- 
caster Mass. Oct. 23, 1667) ; son of 
Nathaniel of Wrentham Mass. and Keene 
N. H., b. in Wrentham Feb. 18, 1739, d. 
in Keene N. H. Jan. 26, 1803, farmer, set- 
tled in Keene N. H. about 1765 (m. 2d 
Mar. 16, 1769 Hannah Ware, dau. of 
Eleazer and Hannah LMann] Ware, m. 3d, 
each wife left one or more issue) ; son of 
Daniel of Wrentham Mass., b. there Mar. 
n, 1715, d. there Mar. 25, 1783, probably 
a farmer, lived in that part of Wrentham 
which was set off in 1778 to form the town 
of Franklin and doubtless in the vicinity 
of Kingsbury's pond (m. Nov. 3, 1737 
Beriah Mann, dau. of Deacon Theodore 
and Abigail [Hawes] Mann, gr.-dau. of 
Rev. Samuel and Esther [Ware] Mann of 
ye old town of Wrentham) ; son of Daniel 
of Wrentham Mass., b. in Dedham Mass. 
Nov. 11, 1688, d. in Wrentham Apr. 27, 
1754, probably a farmer, was chosen 
deacon of the first church in that part of 
Wrentham called Western or Second Pre- 
cinct afterwards Franklin 1739 (m. Dec. 
2 9> I 7 I 3 Elizabeth Stephens of Dedham, 
b. 1691, d. in Wrentham July 12, 1764) ; 
son of Nathaniel, b. in Dedham Mass. 
Mar. 26, 1650, d. there Oct. 14, 1694, was 
made freeman 1677 (m. Oct. 14, 1673 Mary 
Bacon, dau. of John Bacon); son of 
Joseph, the emigrant who came to Amer. 
from Eng., was living in Dedham Mass. 
1636 (m. before 1636 Millecent). 

ville N. Y., b. in New York city Aug. 
28, 1852, grad. St. Stephen's coll. 1873, 
member of N. Y. Stock Exchange 1882-87, 
grad. gen'l theol. sem. 1892, ordained 
deacon 1892, priest 1893, appointed mis- 
sionary in Henderson co. N. C. 1892, in 
Evanston Wyo. 1892, curate St. John's 



Ogdensburg 1893, in charge of Gloria Dei 
church Palenville 1805; son of George 
Corlies Hance of New York city and 
Woodbridge N. J., b. in New York city 
Nov. 8, 1820, d. there Feb. 26, 1884, was 
member of N. Y. Stock Exchange 1873-82, 
deputy to gen'l convention 1877, 80, 83, 
treas. New Brunswick convocation from its 
inception to time of his death, trustee of 
gen'l theol. sem. and of episcopal fund 
in diocese of N. J., vestryman or warden 
of Trinity church Woodbridge 1861-84 (m. 
Oct. 1, 1851 Sarah White, b. Apr. 19, 1825, 
dau. of George and Jane [Irwin] White and 
gr.-dau. of Joseph White, a friend of T. 
Addis Emmett, Commodore Nagle and 
others connected with the Irish rev. and 
compelled to flee with them from Ireland, 
who m. Mary O'Kennedy, and had 4 sons 
viz.: William White Hance above, George 
Clarence Hance b. Sep. 27, 1854, d. Jan. 
5, 1857, Revaud Kearney Hance b. Apr. 1, 
1859 and Irwin Howell Hance b. May 26, 
1861); son of Revo Carney Hance of New 
York city, b. in Rumson Neck N. J. Nov. 
9, 1790, d. in New York city Feb. 25, 1862, 
was member of mercantile firm Leggett 
and Hance of New York city, chief bureau 
of water rents c. a. d., was an organizer 
and trustee of Mercantile Library Ass'n, 
vestryman of St. Thomas' church (m. Nov. 
9, 1815 Mary Augusta Ming, dau. of Ed- 
ward and Anne Gouveneur [Provoust] 
Ming, she had 11 ch., of whom George 
C. above was the 3d); son of William, 
b. in Shrewsbury N. J. May 20, 1760, d. 
there Jan. 30, 1827 (m. 1st 1784 Achsah 
White, b. Nov. 9, 1765, d. Aug. 20, 1796, 
dau. of Thomas and Dinah [Lippencott] 
White and gr.-dau. of Thomas and Chris- 
tian White, she had 1 son Revo C. above, 
m. 2d Dec. 19, 1799 Margaret Tilton, she 
had 2 ch. viz.: Elizabeth, who m. Robert 
H. Hance and Obadiah Tilton b. 1806, d. 
1825) ; son of Jacob, b. in Shrewsbury 
N. J. May 3, 1729, d. June 21, 1798 or 99 
(m. 1st Oct. 6, 1750 Ann White, b. Apr. 
18, 1727, d. Aug. 22, 1757, she had 3 ch. 
viz.: Rachel, Thomas and Sarah, m. 2d 
Feb. 8, 1759 Elizabeth Corlies, b. Dec. 18, 
1736, d. Mar. 12, 1816) ; son of Isaac, b. 

in Shrewsbury N. J. Oct. 25, 1685, d. Sep. 
5, 1764 (m. Oct. 25, 1710 Rachel White, d. 
Aug. 30, 1734); son of John, moved to 
Shrewsbury N. J. from Dover N. H. about 
1665, was among the original settlers of 
Monmouth co. N. J., contributing £4 to- 
wards buying the land from the Indians, 
was overseer of courts 1667, schepen 1676 
(m. 1669 Elizabeth, she had 7 ch., Isaac 
above was the youngest ch.). 

AYMAR of Wyoming N. J., b. in 
New York city Jan. 15, 1841 (m. Sep. 14, 
1870 Elizabeth A. Henderson, dau. of John 
Henderson of Newcastle Eng., she had 4 
ch., viz.: Louise Abeel, Elizabeth Hender- 
son, George Danforth and Theodore 
Varick) ; son of James Abeel Williamson, 
b. in New Brunswick Apr. 12, 1816, d. in 
Wyoming N. J. Apr. 6, 1897 (m. Apr. 22, 
1840 Mary Louisa Hardenbergh) ; son of 
Douw Ditmars Williamson of New York 
city, b. in Neshanic N. J. Jan. 4, 1789, d. 
in New York city Aug. 4, 1869, comp- 
troller of city of New York (m. Nov. 1, 
1810 Mary A. Abeel, sister of David 
Abeel first missionary to China from 
Amer.) ; son of Nicholas "William Wil- 
liamson, b. Oct. 8, 1762, d. Aug. 18, 1856 
(m. Jan. 10, 1788 Alche Ditmars, dau. of 
Douw and Seytie [Smydam] Ditmars); 
son of Garret, b. in Gravesend L. I. Mar. 
15, 1728, d. in Neshanic N. J. Jan. 17, 
1790, elder in Reformed church (m. Aug. 
18, 1761 Charity Bennett); son of 
Nicholas, b. in Gravesend L. I. 1680 (m. 
1st 1715 Lucrecy Voorheese, m. 2d Ida 
Remsen) ; son of "Willem Willemson, b. 
in Amsterdam 1637, emigrated to Amer. 
in ship '" Concorde" 1659 (m. 1678 Mayke 
Peterse Wyckoff). 

O BELL of Pittsburg Pa., b. in Mifflin- 
town Pa. June 22, 1875, grad. Washington 
and Jefferson coll. 1895, prof, in Shady- 
side acad. ; son of Thomas Johnston Sher- 
rard of Chambersburg Pa., b. in Steuben- 
ville O. Feb. 25, 1845 (m. Dec. 21, 1871 
Mary Rachel Campbell, dau. of Hon. 


James Campbell of Clarion Pa. son of 
John Campbell son of Robert Campbell 
who emigrated from co. Down Ire. 1746, 
son of Dugald Campbell of Scotland son 
of Capt. Robert Campbell distinguished in 
the battle of Boyne, and of Nancy Jane 
Hallock dau. of Rev. John Keese Hallock 
son of Peter 8 son Peter 2 son of Peter 1 
son of John son of William son of Peter 
Hallock the pilgrim emigrated from Eng. 
to Hallock's Neck L. I. 1640) ; son of 
Bobert Andrew Sherrard of Steubenville 
O., b. in Fayette co. Pa. May 4, 1789, d. 
in Steubenville Jan. 1, 1874 ( m - May 24, 
1827 Jane Hindman) ; son of John b. near 
Limavady Ire. 1750 (m. May 5, 1784 Mary 
Cathcart) ; son of "William of Limavady 
Ire., b. there 1720, d. there 1771 (m. 1750 
Margaret Johnston). 

Little Compton R. I., b. there July 15, 
1843, was an importer, mfr. and sugar re- 
finer in Boston Mass., resided there about 
30 years, retired from active business 1896 
and devoted his time to the care of estates 
held in trust and to the compilation of 
gen. (m. Dec. 22, 1880 Josefa Rubira, b. in 
Havana Cuba Jan. 4, 1853. she had 3 ch. 
viz.: Corinne b. Oct. 26, 1881, Ralph Sum- 
mer b. Dec. 13, 1883 and Carleton Rubira 
b. Feb. 13, 1887, all b. in Boston) ; son of 
Isaac of Savannah Ga. and Little Comp- 
ton R. I., b. in Little Compton June 14, 
1798, d. there Oct. 2, 1888 (m. Sep. 30, 
1823 Abigail Brown, b. Sep. 15, 1803, d. 
July 4, 1884, dau. of Hon. John Brown of 
Little Compton, soldier in rev. war and 
received a pension who m. Lois Taylor) ; 
son of Joshua of Providence R. I., b. in 
Dartsmouth, now Westport Mass. Apr. 27, 
1770, d. in Little Compton R. I. Mar. 31, 
1812, was a merchant in Providence (m. 
Sep. 10, 1797 Mary Bailey, dau. of Isaac 
and Sarah [Manchester] Bailey of Little 
Compton R. I.) ; son of Joshua of Little 
Compton R. I., b. in Dartsmouth, now 
Westport Mass., July 1, 1734, d. in West- 
port Mar. 1, 1778 (m. Nov. 26, 1761 Eliza- 
beth Gushing, b. Apr. 9, 1744, d. Oct. 25, 
1780, dau. of John and Deborah [Barker] 
Cushing of Scituate Mass.) ; son of Perez 

of Little Compton, R. I., b. in Westport 
Mass. Oct. 5, 1702, d. in Little Compton 
Sep. 15, 1770, his commission as capt. was 
from King George II, dated 1742, was 
prominent among the men of his time (m. 
Mar. 11, 1731 Deborah Loring, b. Dec. 9, 
1 710, dau. of Thomas and Deborah [Cush- 
ing] Loring); son of Silvester of Little 
Compton R. I., b. there 1672, d. there Nov. 
20, 1754, was commissioned lieut. 1710, col. 
1742, was justice of the peace 171 1-29 (m. 
1st 1693 Elizabeth Rogers, b. 1672, d. Oct. 
23, 1724, gr.-dau. of John and Priscilla 
[Mullens] Alden, m. 2d Feb. 1728 Deborah 
[Cushing] Loring, widow of Thomas Lor- 
ing); son of Edward, b. in Eng. about 
1632, d. in Little Compton R. I. Nov. 1696 
(m. 1 st Abigail Davis, dau. of James Davis, 
m. 2d Amy Bull, dau. of Gov. Henry Bull 
of Newport R. I., capt. in the colonial 
army who m. Elizabeth) ; son of John, b. 
ing Eng. 1594, d. in Taunton Mass. Mar. 
20, 1664. 

New Haven Ct., b. there Apr. 23, 
1856 (m. June 30, 1891 Helen Harrison 
Morris, dau. of Luzon Burritt Morris, gov. 
of Ct., who m. Eugenia Laura Tuttle, she 
had 3 ch. viz.: Morris Hadley, Hamilton 
Hadley and Laura Beaumont Hadley) ; son 
of James of New Haven Ct., b. in Fairfield 
N. Y. Mar. 30, 1821, d. in New Haven Nov. 
14, 1872, prof, of Greek in Yale coll. (m. 
Aug. 13, 1851 Anne Loring Twining, dau. 
of Stephen and Almira [Catlin] Twining); 
son of James of Fairfield N. Y., b. in 
Weare N. H. July 15, 1785, d. in Buffalo 
N. Y. 1869, prof, of materia medica Fair- 
field coll., afterwards in Geneva coll. (m. 
Sep. 4, 1812 Maria Hamilton, dau. of Hosea 
and Anna [Hubbard] Hamilton); son of 
George of Weare N. H., b. in Hampstead 
N. H. Mar. 1740, d. Nov. 1823 (m. Lydia 
Wells); son of George of Haverill Mass., 
b. 1709, d. in Hampstead 1740 before the 
birth of his son George (m. Elizabeth 
Plummer) ; son of George, b. 1686 (m. 
Sarah Wiggins) ; son of Samuel of Ames- 
bury Mass.; son of George of Ipswich 



Chicago 111., b. in Boston Mass. Dec. 
6, 1854, B. S. Mass. Inst, of Technology 
1876, returned to Chicago and was ad- 
mitted to the bar 1879, is now in law and 
real estate business, mem. of Oriental 
lodge No. 33, A. F. A. M., Chicago 
chapter R. A. M. and Chicago Chevalier 
Bayard Commandary K. T., moved to 
Chicago with his parents 1857 (m. Dec. 
3, 1879 Florence Clifton Ames, dau. of 
Seth C. Ames, physician of Boston who 
m. Abbie E. Gould of Chatham Mass., 
ancestors of both parents were from Cape 
Cod, she had 5 ch. viz.: Charles Coleman, 
Charles Adrian, Abbie Elizabeth, Clifton 
Ames and Emerson Gould) ; son of 
Charles Bailey Sawyer of Chicago 111., b. 
in Warwick Mass. Aug. 7, 1819, d. in 
Chicago 111. Jan. 6, 1896, was a merchant 
in Boston before 1840, went west, was em- 
ployed by mercantile firm in St. Louis 
1846, in mining Alton 111. 18515, went into 
business with Davis and Moody Chicago 
1856, later Davis, Sawyer & Co., pres. 5th 
Nat'l bank 5 years, retired from business 
1871, invested largely in real estate, left 
estate of $650,000 (m. July 31, 1851 Eliza- 
beth Emerson Turner, b. in Lyme N. H. 
Aug. 27, 1822, d. Feb. 1900, dau. of Jacob 
Turner, a desc. of Humphrey Turner of 
Scituate Mass., who m. Mary Wright 
Emerson, her gr. -mother Emerson was a 
Cushing, a desc. of Matthew Cushing of 
Hingham, Eng. and Mass., also a relative 
of Ralph Waldo of Concord); son of 
Eliakin of Sterling Mass., b. in Lancaster 
Mass. Jan. 22, 1786, d. in Sterling Mass., 
was a skilled mechanic (m. about 1810 
Hannah Bailey, dan. of Shubael Bailey of 
Sterling, soldier in rev. war, was 6 feet 7 
inches tall and weighed 305 lbs., was 
very muscular and many wonderful stories 
are told of his feats of strength, had 10 
ch., all of whom except one who d. quite 
young, lived to be over 80 and 4 of them 
over 90 years, he lived to be 84 and his 
widow 94 years, she had 5 ch. viz.: Charles 
Bailey above, Eliakim, Lucy Ann, Samuel 
Ward and George M.) ; son of Luther of 
Lancaster Mass., b. there Dec. 19, 1755, 

d. there Sep. 2, 1824 (m. June 16, 1785 
Zilpah Houghton, a desc. of John Hough- 
ton one of the early settlers of Lancaster 
during French and Indian war, his gt.-gt.- 
gr.-son Abijah soldier in rev. war enlisted 
from Lancaster, she had 5 ch. viz. : Eliakim, 
Almy Ellery, Zilpah, Luther and Cynthia) ; 
son of Amos of Lancaster Mass., b. there 
Sep. 30, 1733, d. there Jan. 25, 1768, soldier 
in French and Indian wars (m. Jan. 9, 1755 
Mary Rugg, was left a widow, gt-gr.-dau. 
of John Rugg an early settler of Lancaster, 
with son Daniel, took part in Indian and 
French wars in Lancaster, who m. Hannah 
dau. of John Prescott and sister of Marie 
Prescott wife of Thomas Sawyer, she had 

8 ch. viz.: Luther, Lydia, Relief d., Relief 2, 
Calvin, Sarah, Mary and a posthumous 
child Amos); son of Amos of Lancaster 
Mass., b. there June 20, 1693, d. there Dec. 
29, 1756 (m. May 14, 1719 Abigail Hough- 
ton, gr.-dau. of John Houghton, she had 
6 ch. viz.: Amos, Esther, Abigail, Amos 
d. young, Deborah and David') ; son of 
Nathaniel of Lancaster Mass., b. there 
1670, d. there Nov. 10, 1756, soldier in 
French and Indian war in Lancaster, was 
in the garrison with his father and brother 
Thomas Jr., was a town official (m. Mary); 
son of Thomas of Lancaster Mass., b. in 
Lincolnshire Eng. 1618, d. in Lancaster 
Sep. 12, 1706, emigrated to Amer. 1636, 
first settled in Rowley Mass. with his 
brothers William and Edward, removed to 
Lancaster 1647, was one of the first 6 set- 
tlers, was commander of a garrison during 
French and Indian wars, was a prominent 
man in Lancaster (m. Marie, dau. of John 
Prescott the founder of the town, she had 

9 ch., Nathaniel above being the youngest). 

PROWELL, GEORGE R. of Hanover 
Pa., b. in York Pa. Dec. 12, 1S49, 
spent 10 years in the educational work as 
supt. of city schools, has since been en- 
gaged in literary and general newspaper 
work, has traveled extensively (m. Oct. 13, 
J 875 Virginia Dean, Eng. and Dutch 
desc, dau. of John Dean, b. in Ct., soldier 
in war of 1812, whose ancestors settled in 
Ct. 1680, gr.-dau. of Samuel Dean soldier 



in rev. war and col. of Ct. reg. in war of 
1812-15, she had 3 ch. viz.: Nellie, Edna 
and Dean Prowell) ; son of Samuel of 
York Pa., b. in Fairview Pa. July 12, 1813, 
d. in York Pa. Sep. 1871, was an indus- 
trious and successful farmer and merchant 
(m. July 2, 1838 Sarah Reeser, her parents 
were of German desc, her gr. -father emi- 
grated to Pa. from the Palatinate about 
1760 when 18 years of age); son of Joseph 
of Fairview Pa., b. there 1785, d. there 
1838, was a thrifty and industrious farmer 
(m. 1812 Mary Nicholas, her ancestors 
were old English Quakers, who first settled 
in Chester co. Pa. and Emigrated to York 
co. Pa.); son of Joseph of Chester co. Pa., 
b. there 1752, d. in Philadelphia 1805, was 
mem. of Phil, light horse, city troop, the 
oldest cavalry organization in Amer., this 
co. was Washington's body guard in Jer- 
sey campaign, commanded a reg. in Sul- 
livan's expedition against the Indians in 
Wyoming Pa. and in N. Y. during rev. 
war (m. 1784 Mary Wilson, of English 
Quaker ancestry, she had besides Joseph 
above, William who was capt. in rev. 
war) ; son of Thomas of Philadelphia Pa., 
b. in Chester co. about 1700, d. in Philadel- 
phia 1765, was a farmer and mfr. of powder 
(m. 1751 Rachel Griffith, was m. by Epis- 
copal ceremony in old Swedes church soon 
after it passed from the Lutherans to the 
Episcopalians, mem. of Soc. of Friends) ; 
son of James of Welsh tract Chester co. 
Pa., d. in Philadelphia co., emigrated to 
Pa. with the early Welsh emigrants ahout 
1695. resided on line near border of Eng. 
and Wales, the original Welsh name was 
Ap Rowell meaning son of Rowell, has 
been written Prowell since 1705. 

Picton Ont. Canada, b. in Bloomfield 
co. P. Edward Ont. Can. July 8, 1832, was 
brought up to mercantile business by his 
cousin David Barker Stevenson J. P. and 
M. P. P. for co. Prince Edward Can., ow- 
ing to feeble health he entered into no 
permanent business but became an enter- 
tainer of friends and a helper in word and 
deed to those about him, was first pres. of 

co. P. Edward Hist. soc. instituted 1899 
(m. Oct. 28, 1857 Elizabeth Emma Aish- 
ton, b. Oct. 4, 1836, eldest child of Dr. 
Aishton b. Sep. 21, 1808 and bapt. Oct. 2, 
1808 in parish of Stoke Damerel Eng. m. 
Dec. 16, 1835 Sarah Aurelia Fairfield, and 
gr.-dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth Aish- 
ton, she had 5 ch. viz.: Harriet Barker b. 
Oct. 2, 1858, Mary b. Sep. 26, i860, Joseph 
Aishton Barker b. July 4, 1866, Lillian 
Emma May Barker b. Nov. 4, 1872, d. 
June 2, 1890 and Lenore Ira b. Oct. 20, 
1879); son of Joseph of Bloomfield Ont. 
Can., b. near Poughkeepsie N. Y., July 
10, 1804, d. in Bloomfield July 16, 1841, 
buried in Picton Ont., resided with his 
father in Wellington Can., was with his 
father in business there, removed to 
Bloomfield where he erected extensive 
woolen mills as Barker & Williams making 
flannels and fine cloths, getting weavers 
etc. from Lowell Mass. and Eng., did a 
very extensive business in that as well as 
farming, had ill health and d. early from 
over ambition, greatly mourned as a 
neighbor, leaving 4 small ch., David 
Barker Stevenson was his acting executor 
of a thousand acres of land in various parts 
of Can. for his children (m. May 4, 1831 
Harriet White, b. Mar. 3, 1813, d. Feb. 12, 
1885, youngest dau. of Cornelius White of 
Bloomfield Can. [eldest of 3 ch. of William 
White and Hannah Tompkins, who re- 
moved from Rhinebeck N. Y. to first Con. 
tp. Sidney co. Hastings about 1802 and 
named their new residence Rhinebeck, 
afterwards known as Whitesville and 
Whiteschurch on the bay of Quinte Can.] 
who m. Elizabeth Acker who had 8 ch., 
she had 4 ch. viz.: John Stevenson above, 
Shove b. Nov. 18, 1833, Mary Anne b. June 
13, 1835 and Merritt b. July 16, 1837) ; son 
of James of Bloomfield Can., b. in R. I., 
probably Dartmouth, Aug. 10, 1772, d. in 
Bloomfield Oct. 13, 1847, removed from 
Dutchess co. N. Y. about 1805 to his 
father's on Quinte bay, learned milling in 
Stone Mills, built and ran a saw mill on 
his father's property High Shore, built a 
grist and saw mill and did a merchandising 
business in Wellington 1815-30, removed 



to Bloomfield 1830, giving its name 
Bloomfield in the tp. Hallowell, erected a 
large mansion 1831-32, his son Joseph and 
John Piatt Williams put up on same prop- 
erty [300 acres] a large modern woolen 
frame factory 1840, here he passed the re- 
mainder of his days, retired from active 
business (m. in Nine Partners N. Y. Mar. 
1797 Mary Leavens, dau. of Joseph and 
Phebe [Stillwell] Leavens of Dutchess co., 
they had 10 ch. viz. : Jane, Sarah, Mary, 
Katy, Deborah, Benjamin, Peter, Elipha- 
let, William and James, gr.-dau. of Peter 
Leavens b. in Killing Ct. Nov. 17, 1707 
who m. by Soc. of Friends in Westchester 
co. N. Y., Feb. 24, 1745 Catharine Caston 
b. June 6, 1722, she had 4 ch. viz.: Eliza- 
beth b. July 6, 1708, Hugh Judge b. Apr. 
9, 1800, Anna b. June 9, 1802, and Joseph 
above) ; son of David of Barker Pt. and 
Ferry, Adolphustown Can., b. in R. I. July 
16, 1732, d. in Barkers Pt. bay of Quinte 
Jan. 7, 1821, buried in "Friends" meeting 
house yard Adolphustown, farmer, mem. 
Soc. of Friends moved from Dartmouth 
R. I. to Dutchess co. N. Y. about 1780, 12 
miles east of Poughkeepsie, now called the 
old Barker homestead and Mitchell farm, 
removed to Bay of Quinte 1784 and settled 
on what was called Barker's Pt. and Ferry, 
in the bay dists., he located many of his 
ch. with ample means at his disposal 
$17,000 (m. Mar. 11, 1762 Lydia Shove, 
dau. of Samuel Shove, she had 12 ch. viz.: 
Samuel Shove Barker b. 1763, d. 1836, Asa 
b. 1765, d. in Eng. a marine pensioner of 
battle of Trafalgar, Edward b. 1776, d. 
1820, David b. 1768, d. in Barkersville N. 
Y. 1856, Phoebe b. 1770, d. in Picton Can. 
1830, James above, Elizabeth b. 1774, d. 
in Sophiasburgh 1848, Sarah b. 1776, Re- 
becca b. 1779, d. 1853, Abraham b. 1781, 
d. in Picton 1829, Lydia b. 1782 and Caleb 
b. 1786, d. in Poughkeepsie Nov. 21, 1852); 
son of James, b. Jan. 26, 1692, d. 1750 (m. 
1715 Elizabeth Tucker, dau. of Abraham 
and Hannah [Mott] Tucker, David above 
was her youngest son). 

^ b. in Ross co. O. Nov. 3, 1855, lived 

on the farm in the old Cunningham home- 
stead until 1873, attended the O. univ. 1874- 
75, remained on farm 5 years after leaving 
school, was engaged in hardware and im- 
plement business in Chillicothe O. 1882-85, 
removed to Alton 111., 1886, traveling sales- 
man in wholesale trade in implements and 
vehicles in 111. and Mo. 1886-1901 (m. 1st 
Oct. 11, 1877 Francis Jane McCoy of Ross 
co. O., dau. of John McCoy, gr.-dau. of 
James Dixon McCoy and gt.-gr.-dau. of 
Joseph McCoy, who was with Gen'l Mas- 
sie in making the first settlements in Chil- 
licothe about 1795, she had 3 ch. viz.: Car- 
oline, Newton Corwin and Walter Dunn, 
m. 2d Oct. 9, 1894 Mary Louise Miller of 
Alton 111., dau. of Daniel Miller, carriage 
builder, who emigrated to U. S. from 
Sternbach Germany 1849, learned the car- 
riage trade in N. Y., then located in Grif- 
fen Ga., joined the confederate army 1861, 
was taken prisoner 1863, was held in Rock 
Island 111.', until 1865, then settled in Alton 
and m. there Apr. 6, 1869 Mary Elizabeth 
Rodemeyer, dau. of Charles Rodemeyer, 
carriage builder, who was b. in Wurtem- 
bury Germany, they had 2 ch. viz.: Horatio 
Scott and Mary Virginia) ; son of David of 
Ross. co. O., b. there Feb. 22, 1809, d. there 
Apr. 20 1877, was a farmer and stock raiser, 
was successful in business and died pos- 
sessed of several hundred acres of land in 
addition to his father's homestead and 
chattel of considerable amount, served first 
as lieut. and later as capt. in state militia 
1833-39, was a Republican and was held 
in high esteem by his neighbors and coun- 
trymen (m. Dec. 29, 1842 Rebecca Brown 
Hicks, a woman of strong intellectual and 
religious mind and character, a member of 
the presby. church and an ardent worker in 
its cause, dau. of Willis Hicks and gr.-dau. 
of Thomas Hicks, she had 5 sons viz.: 
Scott above, Marion Francis, Thomas 
Nicholas, Willis and Newton and 3 daus. 
viz.: Sarah Ann, Flora and Rebecca); son 
of Nicholas of Ross co. O., b. in Fred- 
erick co. Va. Jan. 28, 1775, d. in Ross co. 
Aug. 5, 1847, emigrated to Ross co. with 
his fam. from Pa. 1803, having first emi- 
grated to Pa. from Frederick co. Va. 1795, 



settled in O. on a farm of 200 acres that 
has since been held as the Cunningham 
homestead, was one of the early settlers in 
that locality, served as capt. of a co. offi- 
cially designated as Capt. Nicholas Cun- 
ningham's co. 1st regt. McArthur's O. 
vols, in war of 1812, held judicial office 
1814-35, was active member of bapt. church 
and in influential citizen (m. 1795 Ann 
Morris of Pa.); son of John of Frederick 
:o. Va., b. there about 1747, d. there Aug. 
1808, served as private in Capt. John Mor- 
ton's co. 4th Va. regt. commanded by Col. 
Robt. Lawson in rev. war, enlisted 1776 for 
2 years, served full enlistment, made will 
1776 leaving his estate to his wife and sons, 
Nicholas had already received his share and 
emigrated to Pa. (m. about 1773 Elizabeth 
Brown of English origin, she had 4 sons 
viz. : Nicholas above,, Thomas, John and 
Charles) ; son of Thomas of Frederick co. 
Va., b. in Ireland about 1717, d. in Fred- 
erick co. Va., Nov. 1761, emigrated to Am. 
about 1740, was a young man of means, 
met on board ship a young lady who 
had sold her time to the capt. for her 
passage to Am., fell in love with her and 
bought her time of the capt. and on land- 
ing were married and settled in the colony 
of Va. Frederick co., bought their home- 
stead 1743, made his last will 1761 leaving 
homestead and all realty to his sons and 
his chattel to his wife and daus., she had 2 
sons viz.: John and Thomas and 3 daus. viz. : 
Mary, Margarett and Sarah. 

HICKS, FRANCIS of Madison co. O., 
b. in Ross co. O., May 9, 1824, d. in 
Madison co. Mar. 8, 1873, was a very suc- 
cessful farmer and stock raiser, left large 
land and property interests, was held in 
highest esteem by his neighbors and coun- 
trymen (m. Mar. 8, i860 Joanna Williams 
Loafboro and had Lida Lee Hicks of Col- 
umbus O., Horatio Seymour Hicks, Miner- 
va A., Carrie Frances and Frankie Floy) ; 
son of Willis of Ross co. O., b. in Md. 
Mar. 25, 1782, d. in Madison co. O., Aug. 
26, 1867, buried in Mt. Pleasant cemetery 
in Madison co., moved to Ross co. with 
his parents 1802, was sergeant maj. in the 

2d Willet's regt. O. infantry in war of 1812, 
enlisted twice, severed enlistment 1813, ac- 
quired a goodly fortune in lands and chat- 
tel, was a man of strong character, a 
staunch Dem. and an influential citizen (m. 
Apr. 4, 1815 Frances White, moved with 
her parents to Ross co. O. from Sussex co. 
Del. about 1805, was of English desc, she 
had 2 sons Ebenezer Newton and Francis 
and 8 daus. viz. : Sarah Small, Pamelia, 
Rebecca Brown, Minerva, Mary, Rachel 
Maria, Milcah and Druscilla); son of 
Thomas of Ross co. O., b. Sep. 28, 1760, 
d. in Ross co. O. Apr. 13, 1817, buried on 
the old homestead, moved with his fam. 
from Md. to O. 1802, farmer, was success- 
ful in business, left several hundred acres 
of land on Dry Run, was one of the early 
settlers in that locality and was for a num- 
ber of years associate judge and d. in office 
(m. about 1781 Milly Newton of Md. and 
of English origin, she had 4 sons viz. : 
Willis, William, John and James and 4 
daus. viz.: Milcah, Mary, Sarah and Kath- 
erne); son of Thomas of New York. 

T> ARKEE, JESSE J. of Philadelphia 
J-\ Pa., b. in Beaver ch. Pa., Dec. 
28, 1846, is actuary of the Pa. mutual 
life insurance company of Philadelphia, 
lawyer, member of the Philadelphia 
bar and member of Pa. hist. soc. 
(m. Jan. 29, 1873 Mary W. Cook, desc. of 
Ellis Cook of Southampton L. I. 1640, her 
gt.-gr.-father James Cook and his uncles 
John and Epaphrus Cook were soldiers in 
a N. J. regt. in rev. war, she had 6 ch. viz. : 
Ralph E., Lizzie C. m. Howard F. Whit- 
aker, Edith, Neville d., Pierce and Ruth 
M.); son of Richard Butler Baker of Bea- 
ver c. h. Pa., b. in Pittsburgh Pa. Nov. 23, 
1803, d. in Beaver Aug. 4, i860, was a cele- 
brated physician and surgeon of Beaver co. 
Pa. for 30 years and editor of the Beaver 
River Gazette for some time (m. in Pitts- 
burgh Pa. Oct. 14, 1826 Eliza Hunter, b. in 
the naval station Bantry bay Ireland June 
5, 1809, dau. of Thomas Hunter, a British 
naval officer of Scotch desc, and on her 
maternal side a desc. of the O'Sullivan- 
Beare fam. of Munster Ireland) ; son of 



Abner of Pittsburgh Pa., b. on the old 
Barker homestead near Stanton Del., 
bought from William Penn 1685, July 31, 
1760, d. in Pittsburgh July 8, 1829, he and 
his brothers Jeremiah and Jesse were 
prominent merchants in Pittsburgh before 
1800, settled there about 1785, was a patron 
of learning and was one of the incorpora- 
tors of the western univ. of Pa. (m. Sept. 
1, 1800 Ellen Scandrett, niece of Gen'l 
Richard Butler of the rev., was taken as an 
orphan and reared in Gen'l Butler's fam. 
in Pittsburgh, Gen'l Butler was killed in 
St. Clairs defeat Nov. 1791, he and his 
brothers William, Thomas, Edward and 
Pierce were officers in the rev. of the Pa. 
line, her cousin Gen'l William O. Butler 
of the war of 1812 was candidate for vice- 
pres. of the U. S. with Gen'l Lewis Cass) ; 
son of Samuel of near Stanton Del. on old 
homestead, b. there Mar. 20, 1721, d. there 
1803 about Oct. 27, was a farmer on the 
old Barker homestead (m. Rachel Ball, b. 
July 24, 1732, dau. of Jeremiah and Mary 
[Ogle] Ball of New Castle co. Del., she 
had 6 sons 2 of whom viz.: Capt. Joseph 
and William served in rev. war from Del.); 
son of Joseph of near Stanton Del. on the 
old homestead, b. there about 1693, d. there, 
and will proved May 20, 1755 (m. Sept. 27 
1716 Johanna Clayton of the distinguished 
Oayton fam. of Del. which afterwards fur- 
nished a gov. and a chief justice to that 
state) ; son of Samuel of near Stanton Del., 
b. in Eng. bapt. Feb. 22, 1648, d. on the old 
homestead about July 25, 1720, buried in 
the old Swedes churchyard in Wilmington 
Del., was of English birth, bought from 
William Penn 1685, 200 acres of land on 
Red Clay Creek, New Castle co. Del. at a 
place now called Barker's Bridge and built 
a stone residence thereon which remained 
in the fam. as the old homestead until 
about 1840. 

of Greenville Tenn.. b. near Lewistown 
Pa., June 2, 1815, clergyman and editor (m. 
1st Dec. 22, 1842 Mary Milliken, dau. of 
Robert Milliken, a prosperous farmer of 
Kishacoquillas Valley Pa., of Scotch Irish 

des., whose ancestors were among early 
settlers on the Juniatta river, she had 5 
ch. viz.: Samuel M., Anna Mary, Robert 
W., Mattie and John E., m. 2d Nov. 28. 
1858 Catherine M. Potter, dau. of Daniel 
Potter of Steubenville O. son of Rev. Ly- 
man Potter emigrated from Vt. to O. 1800, 
she had 4 ch. viz.: Katie, Daniel P., Susan 
P. and William P.); son of Samuel E. 
of Alexander of near Lewistown Pa., b. in 
Sherman's Valley Pa., Jan. 17, 1785, d. near 
Lewistown Pa., Jan. 17, 1862, farmer, elder 
of presby. church, was associate judge in 
Lewistown 1809 (m. Mary Alexander a 
cousin, dau. of James Alexander a farmer 
of West Kishacoquillas, son of James 
Alexander, one of the first settlers in that 
valley, whose deed of 1,000 acres was dated 
in Carlisle 1755, the fam. was originally 
from Scotland, emigrated from Ireland to 
Am. 1736, she had 8 sons and 7 daus. the 
largest fam. in the Alexander records) ; 
son of John of near Lewistown Pa., b. in 
Nottingham Pa. 1756, d. near Lewistown 
Pa. Nov. 23, 1816, his childhood was spent 
on his father's farm in Sherman's Valley, 
was in the army when the Hessians were 
captured 1776, was express rider for the 
assembly of Pa. 1776, enlisted again 1777, 
on the death of his father settled his es- 
tate, purchased and removed to a tract of 
1,000 acres in Little Valley near Lewistown 
1787, was a church founder and ruling elder 
(m. 1780 Margaret Clark of Sherman's 
Valley, an intelligent and pious woman, she 
had 7 ch. viz.: Hugh, Samuel E., Martha, 
Thomas C, Margaret, Mary and John) ; 
son of Hugh of Sherman's Valley Pa., b. 
in Scotland or Ireland 1723, d. in Phila- 
delphia Pa. Mar. 1777, was 13 years old 
when his father's fam. emigrated to Am., 
became a large land owner, was public 
spirited and patriotic, was a member of the 
house of deputies 1776, member of the con- 
stitutional convention 1776, member of the 
1st leg. assembly of Pa. 1777, d. suddenly 
while acting in that body (m. 1752 Martha 
Donnell Edmiston, b. 1733, dau. of David 
Edmiston of lower W. Nottingham, a fam. 
of note in Pa. and Va., she had 5 ch. viz.: 
Margaret, John. Mary, David and HugM ; 



son of John of Scotland Ireland and Ches- 
ter co. Pa., b. in Lanarkshire Scotland 
1693, d. near Chambersburg Pa. during the 
rev. war, was a man of sterling integrity, a 
farmer, after living a while in co. Armagh 
Ireland, removed with his wife and ch. 
to lower W. Nottingham Pa. on the east 
side of Octovara creek, d. while with his 
son John's fam. (m. 1720 Margaret Glas- 
son of Glasgow, she had 5 ch. viz.: Hugh, 
James, John, Rachel and Margaret) ; son 
of Thomas of Lanarkshire Scotland, was 
a prominent man of Lanark 1710. 

FISHEB, IRVING of New Haven Ct, 
b. in Saugerties N. Y. Feb. 27, 1867, 
prof, of polit. econ. in Yale univ. (m. June 
24, 1893 Margaret Hazard, dau. of Row- 
land Hazard of R. I. and Margaret Rood 
of Ct., gr.-dau. of Rowland G. Hazard and 
Caroline Newbold, from a long line of 
Hazards in R. I., other names in her an- 
cestry are Robinson, Ogden and Grouver- 
neur, she had 2 daus. viz. : Margaret and 
Caroline) ; son of George W. Fisher of 
Peacedale R. I., b. in Cambridge N. Y. 
De. 25, 1831, d. in Berlin N. J. July 14, 
1884, grad. Yale coll., was congl. clergy- 
man (m. Ella Wescott, dau. of John Wes- 
cott 1S22-Q8 and Catharine Bozorth 1825 
living 1900, gr.-dau. of Reuben Wescott 
1790-1853 and Amy Beebe 1796-1838, gt- 
gr.-dau. of Thomas Wescott 1747-1823 and 
Chloe 1779-1851 gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of Daniel 
Wescott 1705-91 and Deborah 1709-91, gt- 
gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of Daniel Wescott, gt.-gt.- 
gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of Daniel Wescott d. 1702 
and Abigail, gt.-gt.-gt.-gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. 
Richard Wescott d. 1651 the original im- 
migrant and brother of Stukely Wescott 
of R. I. and Joana); son of John of Cam- 
bridge N. Y., b. in White Creek N. Y. 
Mar. 9, 1794, d. Dec. 12, 1861, farmer (m. 
Mar. 19, 1818 Almira King, b. 1795, d. 1873, 
dau. of Hezikiah King 1755-1823 and Mercy 
Thornton 1757-1824, gr.-dau. of John King 
1730-1808 capt. in rev. war m. Elizabeth 
Fenner 1727-1808, gt.-gr.-dau. of Hezikiah 
King 1690-1740 and Sarah Read 1694-1750); 
son of Zachariah of Nine Partners N. Y., 
b. June 20, 1767, d. May 5, 1840, farmer (m. 
Delight Norton, dau. of George Norton 

1724-76 and Patience, gr. dau. of George 
Norton, b. 1697 and Agnes Austin, gt.-gr.- 
dau. of George Norton and Hannah 
Younglove, gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of George Nor- 
ton 1641-96 and Sarah Hart, gt. -gt.-gt.-gr.- 
dau. of George Norton the immigrant and 
Mary Machias and gt.-gt. gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. 
of Robert Norton); son of William (m. 

Bangor Me., b. there Jan. 15, 1878, 
lawyer; son of Lewis Amasa Barker of Ban- 
gor Me., b. in Stetson Me., Aug. 12, 1854, 
d. in Boston Mass. Jan. 16, 1890, lawyer 
and one of the leading young men in the 
state, served in the state leg. 2 years (m. 
Oct. 14, 1875 Margaret Larke Appleton, 
dau. of Moses L. and Jane S. [Hill] Ap- 
pleton, gr.-dau. of Dr. Moses Appleton of 
Waterville Me., gt.-gr.-dau. of Isaac Ap- 
pleton of New Ipswich Mass., she had 2 
children viz. : Lewis A. above and Alice 
Elizabeth) ; son of Lewis of Stetson and 
Bangor Me.,b. in Exeter Me. Feb. 18, 1818, 
d. in Bangor Oct. 9, 1890, lawyer and poli- 
tician, was a stump orator of great abil- 
ity, during the civil war, served in Me. leg. 
several terms and was speaker of the house 
(m. Aug. 2, 1846 Elizabeth Hill, dau. of 
Col. Francis Hill of Exeter Me.) ; son of 
Nathaniel of Exeter Me., b. there 1785, d. 
there 1823, settled and named Exeter Me. 
1802 (m. Sarah Pease, b. in Parsonfield 
Me. 1790, d. in Exeter Me. Jan. 6, 1880, 
she had 10 ch. among whom were Lewis 
above and David " the Me. poet ") ; son 
of Daniel, who was b. in Exeter N. H. 
1754, d. 1820, moved from Limerick Me. 
to Exeter Me. 1805 (m. Anna Hill, she 
had 9 ch.) ; son of Josiah, a clothier, set- 
tled in Exeter N. H. (m. Mary Hurd of 
Ipswich Mass.) ; son of Noah, b. about 
1685, settled in Stratharri Mass., a seat in 
the meeting house was assigned him 1718, 
the town records show that he held many 
offices of trust in the town, he had 10 ch. 
viz.: Ebenezer, Susannah b. 1718, John b. 
1720, Ezra b. 1722, Elizabeth b. 1724, 
Josiah b. 1727, Benjamin b. 1729, Nathaniel 
b. 1732, Ephraim b. 1734 and Nathan b. 
1 74i. 



Col. Richard and Rebecca [Gage] 
Haseltine, was b. Aug. 17, 1829 at Brad- 
ford Mass. His gr.-father, Amos Hasel- 
tine, was the son of Amos, son of Richard, 
son of Abraham, son of Robert, who was 
a son of Peter, a noted puritan of York- 
shire, Eng., and ancestor of Ann Hasel- 
tine Judson and the wife of Sir Anthony 
Trollops. The son, Robert, came to Row- 
ley Mass., where he was m. Oct. 23, 1639, 
and ten years later, with his brother John, 
became a first settler of Bradford. These 
brothers are ancestors of all Americans 
who have inherited the name of Haseltine. 
The mother of Dr. Haseltine, a gr.-dau. 
of an officer of the revolution, was a 
relative of the London banker, George 
Peabody, and Minots of Mass. Dr. Hasel- 
tine graduated at Dartmouth coll. in 
1854, with fifty-seven classmates by whom 
he was elected orator and first president, 
as stated in the class history, serving 
twenty-five years. He received the degree 
of LL.B. in 1856 from the univ. of Al- 
bany and commenced the practice of law 
in St. Louis. In 1857 he received the de- 
gree of M.A. from his college and visited 
Eng. to conduct a law suit, involving 
large interests, which was won two years 
later. He was engaged, 1860-62, as editor 
of the London American and his editorials 
which were extensively quoted by the 
British press, were pronounced by the 
American Minister, Hon. Chas. Francis 
Adams, unsurpassed by those of the London 
Times. In 1862 he commenced the practice 
of patent-law and in 1865 established a 
patent firm, that secured a patronage un- 
rivalled in Europe and gained a world-wide 
reputation. He was summoned in 1870 by 
the " parliamentary select committee " 
to give evidence on patent laws that ap- 
peared in various publications, and " was 
made," says an eminent German attorney, 
" the basis of discussions by our technical 
societies that led to the reform of the Ger- 
man patent system." In 1872 he was elec- 
ted a member of the British Society of 
Arts and received the degree of LL.D from 
the Chicago univ. He was a promoter 

and active member of the Vienna patent 
congress. Gen'l John Eaton, a classmate, 
who visited London in 1873, states that 
" Dr. Haseltine had won the position of 
leader in the patent reform movement, and 
among his friends were the most eminent 
of English Barristers." The reforms he 
favored were embodied in a patent bill 
that was introduced in the house of com- 
mons by Attorney-General Sir John Hol- 
ker. He conducted with unusual success, 
as shown by the reports, many patent cases 
before the law officers of the crown. Dr. 
Haseltine retired from the London firm, of 
which he was the head, in 1876 and came to 
New York where he established a firm that 
acquired a foreign patent practice un- 
equalled in America. He is a member of 
Psi Upsilon Club, and a life member of 
the New England Society. 

of Philadelphia Pa., special agent of 
the Phoenix Assurance Co. of London, 
b. in New York City, May 3, 1868. 
(m. Jan. 6, 1891, Gertrude Robbins 
Pitcher [b. Apr. 1, i8" t , dau. of 
William Robinson Pitcher (and Gertrude 
Ruckel), of Brooklyn, New York; gr.- 
dau. of David Austin Pitcher (and 
Caroline Robinson), of Norwich, Conn.; 
gt.-gr.-dau. of David Pitcher (and Mary 
Gibbon), a farmer of Lebanon, Conn., who 
served as capt. in Conn, militia in the 
war of 1812; and seventh in desc. from 
Ephraim and Desire Pitcher; and gt.-gr.- 
dau. of William Robinson (and Hannah 
Robbins), who served as a private in the 
Conn, troops in the war of 1812; gt. -gt.-gr.- 
dau. of Solomon Robbins who served as 
corporal in the Conn, troops 1778 in rev. 
war, gt.-gt. -gr.-dau. of Clifford Rob- 
inson (and Lucy Morgan), who served in 
the Conn, troops 1776 in revolutionary war; 
and gt.-gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of Reuben Robinson 
(and Esther Palmer), who served in the 
Conn, troops 1781 to 1783 in revolutionary 
war; ninth in desc. from Isaac Robinson 
(and Mary Foster), who was b. in 1610, 
Leyden Holl., came to Plymouth in 1631, 
was representative from Barnstable 1645 to 



1651; tenth in desc. from Rev. John 
Robinson (and Bridget White), who was 
b. in Gainsborough Eng., in 1575, who 
was pastor and leader of the Pilgrims from 
1608 till his death in 1625; ninth in desc. 
from Captain John Morgan (and Rachel 
Dymond), who was deputy to Conn, gen- 
eral court in 1690; tenth in desc. from 
James Morgan (and Marjory Hill), who 
was b. in Llandaff Wales 1607, came to 
Boston, March, 1636, and removed to 
Conn, where he was deputy to the general 
court nine terms, from 1657. James Mor- 
gan was eighteenth in desc. from Cadivor- 
Fawr, a Welsh chieftain in Dyfed, founder 
of the Morgans, who d. in 1089 A. D.] 
Have one son, Charles Pitcher Hubbard, 
b. Jan. 22, 1893, in Brooklyn New 
York); son of Hubbard, b. in 
Boston Mass. Jan. 3, 1835, removed to New 
York City in 1856, designing engineer and 
pig * iron merchant (m. Nov. 7, 1866, 
Martha Jane Pack [b. Nov. 27, 1848, 
dau. of Joseph Sayres Pack (and Eliza 
Ann White) ; gr.-dau. of Hezekiah Pack 
(and Abigail Sayres); gt. -gr.-dau. of Joseph 
Sayres (and Sarah Littell), who served in 
the New Jersey troops, revolutionary war, 
and was with Washington at Trenton; 
seventh in desc. from Daniel Sayres (and 
Sarah ), who served as capt., com- 
missioned 171 1, in French and Indian war; 
eighth in desc. from Daniel Sayres (and 

Sarah ), who was one of the first 

settlers of Elizabethtown, N. J.; ninth in 
desc. from Thomas Sayres who was b. 
in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, Eng., 
came to Lynn, 1637, and was one of foun- 
ders of Southhamton, Long Island, 1640; 
twelfth in desc. from William Sayres, 
yeoman farmer of Podington, Bedford- 
shire, Eng., who d. 1563; seventh in desc. 
from Samuel Littell (and Lydia Bon- 
nell), one of the first settlers of Eliz- 
abethtown, N. J.; ninth in desc. from 
Thomas Thompson who was b. in Scot- 
land, and was one of the founders of East- 
hampton, Long Island, 1649, was one of 
founders of Elizabethtown, N. J., 1664, and 
deputy to N. J. leg. 1672; gr.-dau. 
of John White (andArrietta Bancker) ; gt- 

gr.-dau. of Adrian Bancker (and Elizabeth 
Decker) a resident and large land owner 
of Staten Island; gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of Adrian 
Bancker (and Anne Boelen), who was b. 
New York, 1724, removed to Staten Island, 
was supervisor of Westfield, 1772-3, 
deputy to New York provincial congress, 
1 775-6, member of New York state as- 
sembly 17S4, and surrogate of Richmond 
co. 1787 to 1792; sixth in desc. from 
Christofel Bancker (and Elizabeth Hoog- 
landt), who was alderman from north 
ward, New York city, 1738, '42 and '55; 
seventh in desc. from Evert Bancker 
(and Elizabeth Abeel), who was mayor of 
Albany, N. Y., 1695-6 and 1707-9; eighth 
in desc. from Gerrit Bancker, (and Eliz- 
abeth, dau. of Dirk Van Eps), who came 
from Amsterdam, Holl., to New Amster- 
dam. 1654, settled in Albany N. Y., and 
was one of founders of Schenectady N. Y. ; 
ninth in desc. from Cornelis Diercksen 
Hoochlandt (and Aeltie Ariaens), who 
came from Amsterdam, Holl., to New Am- 
sterdam before 1638, was one of first set- 
tlers of Brooklyn, New York, and oper- 
ated first ferry between New York and 
Brooklyn; ninth in desc. from Joris Jan- 
sen de Rapalje (and Catalina Trico), who 
came from Holl., to New Amsterdam in 
1623 with Director Peter Minuits on ship 
commanded by Kornellis Jacobse Mey; 
twelfth in desc. from Ga.spc.rd Colet de 
Rapalje, b. Chatillon, Sut Lois, France, 
1505, a nobleman who served with distinc- 
tion under Francis 1st, being commissioned 
Colonel in 1545]: son of Charles Hubbard, 
b. Brighton Mass., Mar. 18, 1801, d. 
Chelsea Mass., Dec. 27, 1875, an artist, was 
director of New England Mutual Life In- 
surance Co., director of the Winnissimmit 
Ferry Co., Boston, many times selectman 
of Chelsea, was Mass. state senator two 
terms from 1850, when a boy, worked on 
fortifications of Boston in war of 1812, 
(m. Jan. 19, 1826, Amelia Jane Rip- 
ley [b. July 29, 1806, dau. of John 
Ripley (and Jane Molineux, whose ances- 
tors were French Huguenots and fled from 
France at the revocation of the Edict of 
Nantes in 1685); gr.-dau. of Nehemiah 



Ripley (and Lydia Hobart) ; seventh in 
desc. from William Ripley who came 
from Norfolkshire, Eng., on ship " Dili- 
gent " in 1638 to Hingham Mass.; gt.-gr.- 
dau. of Rev. Nehemiah Hobart (and Lydia 
Jacob), Harvard A. B., 1714, and 'pastor of 
Cohasset, Mass.. for 19 years from 1721, 
gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of Lieut. David Hobart 
(and Sarah Joyce), selectman of Hingham, 
Mass., deputy to general court 1692 to 1696; 
gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of Deacon Peter Jacob 
(and Hannah Allyn) of Hingham, Mass., 
constable 1699, selectman seven years; 
sixth in desc. from John Jacob (and 
Mary, dau. of George Russell), of Hing- 
ham, Mass., selectman five years, and in 
1682 officer of ancient and honorable 
artillery co., and served as capt. in 
King Phillips war in 1675; seventh in desc. 
from Nicholas Jacob who came to 
Boston in 1633, freeman in 1636, selectman 
1637, at Hingham, deputy to general court 
1648-9; sixth in desc. from Lieut. Sam- 
uel Allyn (and Hannah, dau. of Rev. 
Thomas Walley of Barnstable, Mass.,) of 
Barnstable Mass. who was constable 1(371, 
many years town clerk, commissioned lieu- 
tenant in 1678; seventh in desc. from 

Thomas Allyn (and Winifred ), came 

from Taunton, Eng., before 1643, constable 
of Barnstable three times, was a wealthy 
merchant and large land owner; gt.-gt.-gr.- 
dau. of Caleb Lincoln (and Rachel Bate), 
of Hingham Mass.; sixth in desc. from 
Thomas Lincoln (and Margaret, dau. of 
Richard Langer), known as " the husband- 
man," was selectman of Hingham three 
terms, came from Norfolkshire, Eng. 1638; 
sixth in desc. from James Bate (and 
Ruth, dau. of Rev. John Lyford), who was 
schoolmaster and selectman in Hingham, 
Mass. ; seventh in desc. from Clement 

Bate (and Anna ), who came from 

Lydd Eng. in 1635, on the ship " Eliza- 
beth." (Clement Bate was sixth in desc. 
from Thomas Bate of Lydd, parish of All 
Hollow Eng., who d. 1485) ; seventh in 
desc. from Stephen Gates (and Anne 

), who came from Hingham Eng. 

on the ship " Diligent" 1638, and was 
constable of Cambridge 1657; seventh in 

desc. from Rev. Peter Hobart, a grad. 
of Cambridge univ. Eng. 1626, came 
to Hingham Mass. in 1635, and was first 
pastor of the church of Hingham 1635 to 
1679) ; son of William Hubbard, b. Brain- 
tree Mass. Oct. 17, 1764, d. at Brigh- 
ton Mass. 1809, a farmer, served in 
Mass. troops in revolutionary war 1779 to 
1783, was a gunner in Col. Paul Revere's 
artillery reg. (m. Sept. 2, 1792, Elizabeth 
Capen [b. July 3, 1768, dau. of John Capen 
(and Mary Williams), who served in the 
revolutionary war from Dorchester Mass., 
gr.-dau. of John Capen (and Ruth Thayer \ 
gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of Capt. John Capen (and 
Mary Bass) of Dorchester Mass., select- 
man 16 years, deacon 33 years, deputy to 
general court 6 terms, town clerk 13 
years, and capt. of the town militia many 
years; sixth in desc. from Bernard Capen 
who came from England in 1635; gt.-gr.- 
dau. of Ephraim Thayer (and Sarah Bass) ; 
and sixth in desc. from Thomas Thayer 
who came from England before 1645; gt.- 
gt.-gr.-dau. of John Bass (and Ruth Alden) ; 
gt.-gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of Deacon Samuel Bass 

(and Anne ),who came from England 

in 1631 to Roxbury Mass., freeman 1634, 
first deacon of Braintree church, deputy to 
the general court 12 terms from 1641; gt.- 
gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of John Alden (and Pris- 
cilla dau. of Mr. and Mrs. William Mo- 
lines, all of whom came over on the May- 
flower), came to Plymouth in Dec. 
1620 on the Mayflower, was assistant to the 
governor of Plymouth colony from 1633 to 
1687, being first assistant and known as the 
deputy-governor from 1666 to 1687, was 
deputy from Duxbury to the colonial 
council from 1640 to 1650; gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. 
of Edward Payson (and Mary Eliot), came 
to Roxbury Mass. from England before 
1640; and gt.-gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of Philip 
Eliot, who came from Nazing Eng in 1635 
on the " Hope Well," was deacon in Rox- 
bury, in the church of his brother, John 
Eliot, the Indian apostle, and deputy to 
the general court 1654 to 1657) ; son of 
William Hobard (or Hobart), b. Brain- 
tree Mass. June 15, 1740, d. Braintree 
Mass. May 19, 1812, was town warden 


1782, on committee of channels 1784 to 88, 
surveyor of highways 1786, constable 1788, 
served in Mass. troops 1775 to '77 in revo- 
lutionary war, was a minute man, sergeant 
and lieutenant (m. Oct. II, 1762 Abigail 
Curtis, b. Apr. 20, 1742, dau. of John Cur- 
tis (and Zipporah Belcher) ; gr.-dau. of 
Theophilus Curtis (and Hannah Payne) ; 
gt.-gr.-dau. of Samuel Belcher (and Mary 
Billings) ; gt. -gt.-gr.-dau. of Gregory Bel- 
cher who came from England in 1634 to 
Boston; gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of Roger Billings 
of Dorchester Mass. who came from Eng- 
land before 1643); son of Peter Hobart, 
b. Braintree Mass. Apr. 3, 1709, d. Fort 
William Henry, New York, Sep. 5, 1756, 
served in the French and Indian war from 
May 1756 till his death in the field (m. 
Desire Copeland b. Oct. 22, 1715, dau. of 
Samuel (and Mary) Copeland; gr.-dau. of 
John (and Ruth) Copeland, and gt.-gr.- 
dau. of Lawrence Copeland (and Lydia 
Townsend) of Braintree Mass. b. in Eng- 
land in 1599 and came to Boston before 
1650); son of Benjamin Hobart (or Hub- 
bert), b. Braintree Mass Feb. 13, 1677, d. 
there Sep. 19, 1718, was field-driver in 1712, 
and constable 1716 (m. Apr. 5, 1699 Susan- 
nah Newcomb, b. June 22, 1673, dau. of 
Peter Newcomb (and Susan Cutting) of 
Braintree Mass., husbandman, surveyor of 
highways, and tithing man; gr.-dau. of 

Richard Cutting (and Sarah ), who 

came to Boston from Ipswich Eng., Apr. 
1634, on the ship " Elizabeth," settled in 
Watertown Mass., gr.-dau. of Francis 

Newcomb (and Rachel ), who came 

to Boston from London, in Apr. 1635 on 
the ship " Planter." Francis Newcomb was 
sixteenth in desc. from Hugh Newcomen 
of Saltfletby, co. Lincoln Eng., who was 
living temp. Richard 1st, 1189 A. D.); son 
of Caleb Hobart, b. Wymondham Eng. 
1630, d. in Braintree Mass. Dec. 24, 
171 1, came to Boston with his father 1633, 
was taken to Hingham Mass. in 1635, re- 
moved to Braintree Mass. 1660, was select- 
man, deacon, deputy to the general court 
1694 (m. thirdly, Jan. 15, 1675, Elizabeth, 
widow of Richard Faxon) ; son of Thomas 
Hobart, b. Hingham Eng. Feb. 26, 

1605-6, d. in Hingham Mass. July 2, 1699, 
came to Charlestown Mass. from Hing- 
ham Eng. in 1633, freeman 1634, re- 
moved to Hingham Mass. 1635, member 
of the " train band " (m. June 2, 1629 Anne 
Plomer, at Wymondham Eng.); son of 
Edmund Hobart (or Hubberd), b. Hing- 
ham Eng. about 1570, d. in Hingham 
Mass. Mar. 8, 1646, came to Charlestown 
Mass. in May 1633', constable of Charles- 
town 1634, one of the founders of Hing- 
ham Mass. in 1635, deputy to the general 
court 1639 to 1642 (m. Sep. 6, 1600 Mar- 
garet Dewey). 

W AXEMAN, ROBERT P. of South- 
port Ct., b. there Oct. 2, 1849; son 
of Maurice, b. in Southport Sep. 15, 1801, 
d there Dec. 1, 1870, was a man of scholarly 
tastes (m. Oct. 15, 1845 Mary C. Thorp, 
dau. of Capt. Walter Perry Thorp) ; son 
of Jesup, of Southport Ct., b. in Greens- 
farms Ct. Feb. 12, 1771, d. in Southport 
Mar. 4, 1844, was a good business man and 
connected with many public enterprises, 
Wakeman O. was named for him as he 
owned a large amount of land there (m. 
May 24, 1796 Esther Dimon, dau. of Will- 
iam Dimon) ; son of Jesup of Greens- 
farms Ct., b. there, bapt. Sept. 25, 1748, d. 
there Jan. 2, 1780 (m. Dec. 29, 1768 Amelia 
Banks, dau. of Nehemiah Banks); son of Ste- 
phen of Greensfarms Ct., b. there 
Mar. 10, 1717, d. there Mar. 23, 1760, grad. 
Yale coll. 1738, was a man of wealth, and 
position (m. Jan. 11, 1743 Sarah Jesup, dau. 
of Edward Jesup) ; son of Joseph of Greens- 
farms then Fairfield Ct., b. in Fairfield Ct. 
1670, d. in Greensfarms Ct. Dec. 5, 1726, 
was a man of prominence occupying many 
public offices of trust including that of "as- 
sistant " to the gov., was capt. (m. 1697 or 
'98 Elizabeth Hawley, dau. of Ebenezer 
Hawley) ; son of Samuel of Fairfield Ct., 
bapt. in Bewdley Eng. June 7, 1735, d. in 
Fairfield Mar. 8, 1692, clergyman (m. Aug. 
28, 1656 Hannah Goodyear, dau. of Gov. 
Stephen Goodyear) ; son of John, b. in 
Bewdley Eng. 1598 or '99, d. in Hartford 
Ct. 1661, was treas. of New Haven colony 
(m. in Bewdley Jan. 29, 1629 Elizabeth 
Hopkins, dau. of William Hopkins). 


N. Y., b. in Wilson N. Y. May 17, 
1857, grad. univ. of N. Y., physician and 
surgeon (m. Oct. 26, 1899 Luella Scott, 
dau. of David and Mary Mackey Scott) ; 
son of Tunis of Lockport N. Y., b. in 
Bergen co. N. J. Feb. 13, 1820, d. in Lock- 
port June 19, 1882, removed from Bergen 
co. to Wilson with his parents 1832, was 
nurseryman, farmer and merchant in 
Lockport (m. May 18, 1843 Mary E. Cude- 
back, b. Oct. 28, 1825, dau. of Samuel A. 
and Elizabeth [Smith] Cudeback, gr.-dau. 
of John and Roxanna [Caldwell] Cude- 
back, lineal desc. of the French Huguenot 
Jacques Caudebec and Margareta Provost, 
m. in Dutch Reformed church New York 
Oct. 21, 1695, dau. of Benjamin Provost, 
gr.-dau. of David Provost, she had 7 ch. 
viz.: Cathalina, b. Jan. 5, 1849, Elizabeth, 
b. Nov. 25, 1850, d. Oct. 20, 1898, m. Feb. 
27, 1878 Joseph L. Adkins, John, b. Jan. 
*7, ^853, m. Sep. 29, 1880 Sylvia Hancock, 
Tunis, b. Aug. 4, 1855, m. Mar. 30, 1886 
Nina E. White, Samuel above, Alida, b. 
June 17, 1859, m. May 19, 1885. Henry 
Hobart Dawson, Mary, b. Mar. 18, 1864, 
d. Feb. 18, 1883) ; son of John of Bergen 
co. N. J. and Wilson N. Y., b. in Bergen 
co. N. J. Aug. 9, 1781, d. in Wilson Sep. 
25, 1842, removed from Bergen co. to 
Wilson 1832, farmer and sawmill owner 
(m. in Bergen co. Feb. 1. 1813 Cathalina 
Van Bussum, b. Nov. 9, 179-1, d. Dec. 9, 
1871, probably dau. of David Van Bussum 
of Borsum, a capt. in the N. J. state troops 
from Bergen co. in rev. war, she had 4 
ch. viz.: Nicholas m. Sarah Smith, Har- 
man, b. Dec. 19, 1815, d. Jan. 25, 1879, m. 
1st Elizabeth Van Horn, m. 2d Phebe J. 
Dix, John Jacob, b. Dec. 30, 1817, d. Nov. 
9. 1869. m. Hannah Wisner, and Tunis 
above) ; son of John or Jan of Bergen co. 
N. J., b. there Sep. 17, 1746, d. there May 
18, 1823, was surveyor, farmer, capt. in 
N. J. state troops in rev. war, was wounded 
in the leg, was judge of court of common 
pleas for Bergen co. several terms 1800-17 
Cm. Hendrikie Lozier, b. Dec. 12, 1745. 
d. Sep. I, 1828, she had 7 ch. viz.: Niclaus, 
b. Oct. 12, bapt. Nov. II, 1770, m. Rachael 

Brinkerhoff, Pieter, b. Feb. 1, bapt. Mar. 
l 4, 1773, Elizabeth, b. Jan. 15, bapt. Feb. 
5, 1775, m. about 1795 Israel Oakley of 
Staten Island, Richard, b. Feb. 9, 1777, m. 
and had ch., Jacob m. Elizabeth Brinker- 
hoff, John above and Abraham m. twice) ; 
son of Jacob of Bergen co. N. J., b. there, 
d. there, was a trustee of the Hackensack 
church 1755, changed his fam. name from 
Oudwater to Outwater (m. July 27, 1728 
Martyntje Bertholf, probably dau. of Guil- 
liamn Bertholf, pastor of Hackensack 
church, also of Sleepy Hollow church in 
Tarrytown, she had ir ch. viz.: Thomas, 
bapt. Mar. 7, 1731, probably m. Dec. 15, 
1770 Catharine Vander Hoof, Marritjiu, 
bapt. Sep. 24, 1732, m. May 20, 1748 Kobus 
Vander Hoof, Catrina, b. Apr. 2, bapt. 
Apr. 21, 1734, Annatje, bapt. Sep. 10, 1738, 
probably m. 1st Abraham Berry, m. 2d 
July 2, 1778 Cornelius Van Vorst, Hen- 
drikjin, bapt. Mar. 23, 1740, m. Nov. 26, 
J /63 Jacob Cornelius Banta, Hendrick, 
bapt. Sep. 5, 1742, Elizabeth, bapt. Sep. 30, 
1744, m. Cornelius Van Horn, Jan above, 
Petrus, bapt. Jan. 22, 1748, Guilliaum, bapt. 
Feb. 17, 1751, m. Antie Van Wagenen, and 
Hendrick, bapt. Jan. 27, 1751); son of 
Tomas Fransen Oudwater of Bergen co. 
N. J. and New York city, probably emi- 
grated with his brother Thys Franse from 
Oudwater South Holland to New Al- 
banien, to New York city and to Bergen 
co. prior to 1700 (m. 1st May 31, 1686 
Tryntje Breestede of New York city, d. 
about 1706, she had 7 ch. viz.: Frans of 
Moonachie N. J., b. in New York city 
about 1690, m. Oct. 22, 1715 Jannatje Dor- 
remus, Jan, b. in Bergen co. about 1692, 
m. Mar. 17, 1722 Aeltie Briiyn, Jacob 
above, Pieter, b. in Bergen co. about 1697, 
m. Sep. 28, 1728 Beeltje Demarest, Andries, 
bapt. Dec. 26, 1700, Thomas, bapt. Jan. 31, 
1703, m. June 27, 1735 Saertjen Slote, and 
Annatjen, bapt. Nov. 18, 1705, m. Johannis 
Sclurig, m. 2d 1706 Mettie Peters, she had 
3 ch. viz.: Elizabeth, bapt. Dec. 14, 1707, 
d. Sep. 25, 1732, m. May 20, 1726 Claes 
Romeyn, Catryna, bapt. May 24, 1710, m. 
June 3, 1729 Dirk Van Dien, and Jenneke, 
b. or bapt. Nov. 15, 1713, m. June 6, 1734 


2I 3 

Johannis Van Houter, m. 3d June 28, 1730 
Jannettye Dureye). 

O WRIGHT, was graduated as optimus 
Trinity coll. i860, General Theol. sem. N. 
Y. city 1863, ordained 1863, hon. degree 
D. D. William and Mary coll. 1873, rector 
of Christ church Ansonia Ct., Trinity 
Rochester N. Y., Epiphany Chicago, Grace 
Detroit, Trinity Albany N. Y. and Holy 
Innocents Orange N. J., was prindipal 
Freehold N. J. Ladies sem., author (m. 
Sep. 21, 1865 Isabella Wheaton Holcomb, 
dau. of William Ward Holcomb and Julia 
Ann Wheaton of Bridgeport Ct., and had 5 
ch. viz.: Julia Holcomb, Willie Holcomb, 
Helen A., Florence Isabella and Grace); 
son of Serenius of Norwich and Canter- 
bury Ct., b. in Glastonbury Ct. July 13, 
1804, d. in Canterbury 1885, was a farmer 
and prominent politician of the old whig 
party (m. Oct. 5, 1828 Juliana Baker, dau. 
of John Baker of Tolland Ct., gr. :au. of 
Maj. David H. Jewett, surgeon on Gen'l 
Wadsworth's staff during rev. war, gt.-gr.- 
dau. of Joseph Baker, one of the original 
proprietors and grantees of Tolland Ct. 
1717); son of Jeremiah, of Glastonbury Ct., 
b. in Middle Haddam Ct. Dec. 8, 1767, d. 
in Glastonbury Mar. 23, 1853, served on a 
privateer sailing out of N. Y. during rev. 
war, mail carrier from Hartford to Say- 
brook, traveling 150,000 miles and crossing 

the Ct. river 5,500 times, was a Methodist 
clergyman 60 years, father of 11 ch. (m. 
1st Sep. 19, 1790 Polly Wood, m. 2d May 
11, 1829 Abigail Ames); son of Abner of 
Middle Haddam Ct., b. there Apr. 1, 1730, 
d. there, commanded a privateer sailing 
out of N. Y. during rev. war, was one of 
the leaders in the Point Judith expedition, 
enlisted as private in 2d co. Capt. Ezekial 
Strong, 2d reg. Ct. militia, Brig.-Gen'l 
Joseph Stephens commanding, was at siege 
of Boston and Bunker Hill, in Arnold's 
Quebec expedition 1775, commissioned 
capt. of Ct. militia 1780 (m. Feb. 8, 1749 
Ruth Higgins); son of George of Middle 
Haddam Ct., b. in upper Middletown Ct. 
Apr. 16, 1705, d. in Middle Haddam 1790, 
was commissioned capt. of militia 1752, 
owned the first mill in what is now Middle 
Haddam (m. Mar. 1, 1727 Mercy Savage 
of East Middletown Ct.); son of George 
of Upper and East Middletown Ct., now 
Chatham and Portland, b. in Hartford Ct. 
Feb. 20, 1665, d. in Portland Ct. Feb. 17, 
1714, his estate of 359^095 iod was divided 
among 6 children, was taxpayer in South- 
ampton L. I. for a short time (m. 1693 
Elizabeth) ; son of Samuel, deacon, soldier 
in King Phillip's war, was one of the three 
signers of the Indian deed of Middletown 
and was representative 1658, '59, '65, '69, 
'74* '77 ar) d '81; son of George b. in England 
1588, d. in Hartford Ct. May 23, 1683, a 
founder there 1636, selectman 1647, surveyor 
1654, 1662. 


Ackert, 112. 
Alban, no. 
Alexander, 97, 206. 
Allen, E. N. 23. 

" W. L. 151. 
Allyn, 76. 
Amerman, 117. 
Ames, 171. 
Anable, T74. 
Anderson, 140. 
Atkins, 75. 
Axtell, 165. 

Babbitt, 10. 
Bailey, 149. 
Ball. 159. 
Barker, J. J. 205. 

" J. S. 203. 

" L. A. 207. 
Barnum, 42. 
Bartholomew, 145. 
Bassett, 29. 
Batchelder, 42. 
Bates, 156. 
Bedell, 191. 
Beidler, 127. 
Bemis, 198. 
Bergey, 150. 
Betz, 34. 
Bishop, 27. 
Black, 131. 
Blackstock, 189. 
Bonte, 43. 
Borden, 169. 
Bowen, 186. 
Bowerman, A. C. 142. 
" D. B. 141. 

Bowman, 40. 
Bracken, 37. 
Brackett, 6, 8. 
Brainerd, 155. 
Brereton, 192. 
Brewster, 28. 
Brown, A E. 150. 

" F. E. 138. 

" H. M. 132. 

" P. in. 
Buel, 104. 
Buell, 163. 
Burnett, 28. 
Burr, 35. 
Burrows, 68. 
Bush, 77. 
Butler, 11, 22, 43. 
Button, 44. 

Calkins, 137. 
Card will, 31. 

Carpenter, A. B. 157. 
E. R. 116. 
Carrington, 27. 
Case, 37. 
Castle, 180. 
Chaplain, 171. 
Chappell, 90. 
Chase, 45. 
Church, 34. 
Claflin, 28. 
Clark, 24, 41, 197. 
Clarke, J. F. n8. 

R. 41. 
Clay, 181. 
Clemens, 25. 
Clendenan, 150. 
Cole, 6. 
Colegrove, 29. 
Collins, 144. 
Collord, 121. 
Conway, 41. 
Corliss, 153. 
Couch, 35. 
Crater, 108. 
Crissey, 115. 
Crowell, 151. 
Culver, 21. 
Cunningham, 204. 

Dame, 79. 
Davidson, 20, 29. 
Davison, 46. 
Day, 121. 
Delano, 45. 
Dewey, 141. 
Dodge, 107. 
Dorland, 62. 
Dunbar, 193. 
Dunlevy, 141. 
Durfee, 25. 

Eames, 29. 
Eastman, 35. 
Edgerton, 32. 
Egerton, 188. 
Eustis, 194. 
Everhart, 108. 

Farmer, 49. 
Farrar, 106. 
Farrington, 25. 
Fay, 6. 
Field, 48. 
Fillebrown, 48. 
Finley, 29. 
Finney, 13. 
Fisher, 207. 
Fitch E. H. 185. 

Fitch, T. 163. 
Forbes, 168. 
Foster, 36. 
Fowler, C. H. 12. 

R. 12. 
Freeman, 172. 
Fry, 14. 
Frye, 32. 
Fuller, 12, 15. 
Furber, 15. 
Furbish, 134. 

Gardner, 51. 
Garr, 33. 
Gates, 13. 
Gilbert, 130. 
Gillett, 50. 
Gillette, 127. 
Goodhue, 16. 
Goodloe, 17. 
Goodwin, 18, 36. 
Gowing, 16. 
Grant, 30. 
Graves, 19. 
Green, 49. 
Greene, 63 . 
Grimball, 101. 
Guion, 122. 

Hadley, 201. 
Haines, 83. 
Haldeman, 124. 
Halderman, 125. 
Hale, 18, 104. 
Hall, 10, 26. 
Hallock, 20. 
Hamilton. F. L. 146. 
H. H. 148. 
Hammond, G. T. 183. 
W. R. 40. 
Hance, 140, 199. 
Hanna, 178. 
Harbaugh, 178. 
Hardy, 193. 
Harmon, 147. 
Harrison, 107. 
Haseltine, 208. 
Hassler, 109. 
Hastings, 53. 
Hathorn, 174. 
Haven, igi. 
Hawks, 143. 
Hayden, 57. 
Hayes, 33, 55. 
Hays, 54. 
Hazen, 128, 
Heard, 185. 
Hearne, 176. 

Heath, 6, 42. 
Heckler, 177. 
Heffner, 32. 
Heller, 54. 
Hendry, 128. 
Henry, 170. 
Hereford, 36. 
Herrington, 119. 
Hicks, 205. 
Hill, F. P. 25. 

" H. C. 120. 

" J. W. 30. 

" L. C. 116. 
Hillhouse, 108. 
Hills, 98. 
Hitchings, 41. 
Hobart, 54. 
Hodgkins, 35. 
Holden, 114. 
Hole, 53. 
Hotaling, 112. 
Houghton, 8. 
Howe, 58. 
Hubbard, 208. 
Hughes, 190. 
Hume, 9. 
Hunt, no. 
Hunter, 24. 
Hyatt, 34. 
Hyde, F. C. 105. 
" J. N. 109. 

Ide, 66. 
Ingalls, 42. 

Jenkins, 173. 
Jennings, 25. 27. 
Jewell. 59. 
Johnson, A. B. 106. 

H. 31. 
Jones, 139. 
Joy, 133- 
Judson, 113. 

Kelley, A. D. 105. 

" C. E. 134. 

" H. A. 135. 
Kelly, 136. ■ 
Kendall, 57. 
Kennan, 189. 
Kingsbury, 158, 199. 
Kinne, 78. 
Kissam, 61. 
Knight, 34. 
Lay, 36. 
Leonard, 30. 
Liggett, 26. 
Lyon, 33. 



Malcolm, 36. 
Mallett, 30 
Mandeville, 25. 
Mathews, 3. 
Matson, 32. 
Maxwell, 60. 
McConnell, 40. 
McFarland, 36. 
McMath, 144. 
McNair, 26. 
Mendum, 31. 
Mills, 41. 
Mitchell, 34. 
Montague, 187. 
Montgomery, 61. 
Moore, 60. 
More, 32. 
Morgan, 74. 
Morris, 33. 
Morse, 103. 
Moseley, 59. ' 

Nutting, 178. 

Ogden, 118. 
Orwig, 23. 
Cutwater, 212. 

Park, 37. 
Parks, 82. 

Payson, 64. 
Pearce, 11. 
Percival, 154. 
Phelps, H. W. 158. 
" J. W. 102. 
Plummer, 179. 
Pond, 63. 
Poree, 64. 
Porter, 130. 
Post, 165. 
Prowell, 202. 

Reed, J. B. 66. 

" W. H. 195. 
Reeve, 187. 
Richardson, 100. 
Richmond, 201. 
Roberts, 76. 
Robinson, 82 85. 
Roe, 87. 
Roome, 190. 
Ross, 193. 
Rowell, 197. 
Rowland, 86. 
Rudd, 87. 
Rutty, 182. 

Salley, 194. 
Savary, 122. 
Sawyer, 202. 
Schenck, 88. 

Scott, 148. 
Scouller, 195. 
Shaw, 100. 
Sherrard, 200. 
Sherrill, 147. 
Shipman, 157. 
Sisson, 9. 
Slavton, 89. 
Sm'ith, B. F. 112. 

" G. G. 92. 

" O. D. 91. 
Snedeker, 4. 
Southworth, 198. 
Spalding, 95. 
Spencer, 104... 
Sprake, 179. 
Stackpole, 117. 
Stalnaker, 198. 
Stanford, 97. 
Stansbury, 184. 
Steele, 125. 
Stocking, 213. 
Stratton, 182. 
Summers, 92. 
Sutton, 113. 
Swan, 186. 

Thompson, 177, 
Thrall, 93. 
Tillson, 180. 
Todd, 94. 

Topliff, 163. 
Tracy, 93. 
Traver, 190. 

Van Dyke, 96. 
VanValkenburgh, 108. 

Wakeman, 211. 
Walker, 192. 
Walton, 149. 
Warriner, H. 140. 

W. S. 182. 
Waters, 5, 38. 
Webb, 152. 
Weeks, 135. 
Weitzel, 193. 
Whitcomb, 37. 
White, 121. 
Wickham, 139. 
Wilkins, 89. 
Willard, 96. 
Williams, 194. 
Williamson, 200. 
Wiltsee, 166. 
Winchester, 145. 
Wood, in. 
Wright, A. J. 94. 
" R. P. 143. 

Yeaton, 9. 
Young, 123 

HI! fi 









Form No. 522: 6-10-'55-10M. 



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