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Full text of "American ancestry : giving name and descent, in the male line, of Americans whose ancestors settled in the United States previous to the Declaration of Independence, A. D. 1776"

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I 3 1833 01147 8226 

American Ancestry : '- 




A. I). 1776. 



VOL. T . 




' Those who do not look upon lliemselvcs as a link conneclinfi; the past with the futun 
perform their duty to the world."— D-\niel W'ELsruu. 





THERE has, for some years, been a growing interest in genealogical research, 
and the literature on the subject is already very extensive, although it 
is, for tlie most part, sliut up in the archives of historical libraries, and the 
public are ignorant of its existence. 

The perusal of elaborate and intricate tracings of genealogical branches is 
not a jjopular study, for it is impossible to create a very widespread interest in 
names the record and recollection of which have passed away in the current of 
time ; but it is not so with the direct pedigrees of those whose living personality 
is part of our social or national life. 

"Who is he ? " is almost the first question put regarding an individual who 
happens to come into prominence or notoriety, and the absence of trustworthy 
information on the subject of ancestry often gives rise to very serious misappre- 
hension. However indifferent some may affect to be regarding this question of 
ancestry, universal experience of human nature serves to prove that those who 
really have a pedigree will usually boast of it, whilst only those who lack one, 
and cannot perhaps even trace to their grandfather, will condemn such as friv- 
olous and foolish. Some of America's greatest citizens have not hesitated to 
declare their pride of birth and pedigree. President Garfield delighted to 
dwell on the traits of his ancestors and was justly proud of his long lineage ; 
Samuel J. Tilden found leisure amidst the strife of politics to devote to such 
investigations; and Daniel Webster often declared that the study of ancestry 
was an incumbent duty, and that we should look upon the present generation 
as connecting links between the eventful past and the unknown future. The 
preservation of pedigrees is therefore not the mere pastime of the idle or curious. 
It is the honorable employment of the student and of the historian. // has 
always formed the basis of all true history. 

In the ancient records of Assyria, Egypt, and Arabia, the pixligree of an 
individual was usually the thread upon which was strung the stirring events of 


centuries, and so important ;i place did the preservation of a lineage occupy 
amongst the Jewish people that it was established as a positive obligation upon 
every Levite of the temple. 

Nor was this genealogical form of history ])ecidiar to Semetic races. The 
earliest Greek records were also those of jjcdigrees. 'i'he histories of Acusilaus 
of .Argos, and of Hecata;us of Miletus were entitled ysviaXoyiai (genealogies), 
and, the fragmentary histories of Xanthus, Charon of I.amijsacus, and llellanicus 
are strongly marked with the genealogical element, a form of history which is 
clearly sustained in the Greek Testament by the writers of the gospel narrative, 
who base tlie wliole structure of Christianity upon the established pedigree of 
its founder. 

Josephus regarded genealogical study as of the utmost importance, and in 
giving an account of his personal history, boasts " I have traced my pedigree as 
I have found it recorded in the public tablets." And it is in harmony with such 
feelings tliat tlie present work on A.mkkic.\n Ances'iry has been undertaken. 

The names of only those who can trace their lineage to an ancestor who 
was settled in America previous to the DhXl.-A RATION OF AMERICAN 
INDEPKNDICNCE are admitted, and when it is remembered that there was 
only a population of less than two millions and a cpiarter in the whole of the 
Ifnited States in the year 1776 (exclusixe of sla\'es and Indians), it will be seen 
that but a small proportion of the jjresent population can claim the honor of 
being descended from the original American stock ; and consequently in ages 
to come, the arrival of the Virginian colonists, the emigration of the Puritan and 
Dutch settlers, as well as the settlement of the Quaker and Huguenot refugees 
will form as memorable epochs in the history of the Grkat Republic as the 
Saxon and Norman com[uests of GRiiAT liRiTAiN now do in the history of that 
country. A few centuries hence Americans will exjierience as much jjleasure 
in tracing back their ancestry to those jieriods as the English now do to the 
days of \V'illiamthe Conqueror. 

These volumes of American Ancesirv will supply a most convenient 
method of preserving such ])edigrees. And although its jiages will contain, 
for the most part, but simple records of uneventful generations, they will pre- 
serve facts which would otherwise be lost in the history of the people. 

The number of lineages in the present volume, embracing .^Vi.i:anv City, is 
comparatively small. Hut a very large majority of the residents (jf Albany, who 
have every reason to believe that they are descended from an old American 
stock, cannot trace as far back as 1776, whilst not a few of those who bear the 


well-known names of earl)- Dutch and English settlers haxx an awkward and 
inconvenient hiatus in their pedigrees, to which history cannot supply the 
necessary link. 

In a few instances the lineages of jirominent Albanians have been with- 
drawn, because the design of our work precludes the publication of atito-hlo- 
giapltical ikc-ti/ics (not always of the most modest and unassuming character) 
of living persons. As our work is e.\c hisively one on Ancestry, we have found 
it wiser and safer to omit all references to the living beyond the names and 

Each lineage is intended to an impartial record, and we have been care- 
ful to expunge all such adjectives as "great," "prominent" and " pious " from 
the pedigrees. The historic record of iniblic offices lield, works written, and 
other remarks pretty clearly define the jiosition of each line of ancestry with- 
out any laudatory statements. 

We have been an.xious to olitain all the information ])ossible regarding the 
history of a family prior to emigration, and when a distinct pedigree is given to 
a noble or distinguished ancestry, we lia\e been careful to insert it, but in those 
cases where the line is at present only probal'Ie wc have given a qualified state- 
ment to that effect, for as the i/tsissimd tit/hi of the manuscript sent to the edi- 
tor have in no case been inserted, he prai tically makes himself responsible for 
the lineages. 

Undoubtedly some of the very best blood of the old world flowed in the 
veins of the early American colonists, and the more carefully their genealogy 
is investigated, the more deeply interesting will be the facts elucidated, and we 
cannot but hope that the publication of successive volumes of American 
Ancestry will both stimulate incjuiry as to the early history of American fami- 
lies and also revive that most ancient method of forming history — the careful 
and painstaking study of genealogy and pedigree. 

The Editor. 

[Note. — A blank form for inbcnion in future editions of the work 
the end of this volume.] 



AimOTT. lOSF.PU, Albany; son of 
WALTER AliHUTT of Albany, b. 
1835 (m. Elizabcili Pike); son of James of 
Albany, b. 1794, d. 1854 (m- U"^ McCas- 
key of Scotland), served in war of 1812; 
son of Jaiiil'S of Nowburyport,a sailor, [i] 

FRED H. and JOHN A., Albany; 
sons of Giirret of Albany; son of (iill)Ort 
of Albany, d. Oct. 11, 1834 (m. Feb. 1799 
Rachel DcGarmo). Lineage not yet traced. 
Gilbert had two brothers, Jacob and Rich- 
ard. [2] 
ADAMS. SOLOMON, Albany; son of 
Uciijumill. b. at Schenectady, 1800, 
d. at Albany, 1S61 (m. Maria Weslfall) ; 
son of Jesse (m. Sarah Ulsluiver); son of 
Samuel who came from Massachusetts to 
Schenectady. [3] 

A LDEiN, WILLIAM HAM, b. 1800 (m. 
Sarah Becker), Albany; son of David, 
b. at Boston 1751, d. at Portland, Maine, 
1803 (m. Rachel, daughter of Lieut. Ham 
who came lo America with Lafayette); son 
of Jollll(J) of Boston, believed to have been 
a direct desc. of John Alden of the J/iy- 



INE, Albany; son of OLIVER CAL- 
VIN ALEXANDER; son of Tlloilias 
Clark of Lewistown, Penn., b. 1790, d. 
185S (m. 1820 Nancy Alexander); son of 

Jollll of Little Valley near Lewistown, 
Penn., b. 1756, d. 1S16 (ni. Margaret Clark 
of Sherman's Valley, Penn.), ruling elder 
of Presb. ch., served in Rev. army; son of 
Huirll of West Nottingham, Penn., who 
was born in Scotland about 1724, died 1777 
(m. 1752 Martha Edniision)one of the fram- 
ers of constitution of Pennsylvania, came 
to America with his father; son of JOHN 
ALEXANDER of Lanark, Scotland, born 
about 1700, married Margaret Glasson of 
Glasgow, came to America 1736. He was 
the son of Tliomas .Alexander who was in 
Lanark in 1710. See AWonh of ,ie>c. of 
Johu Alexander of Lanarkshire. [5] 

ALLEN, ARTHUR A., Albany; son of 
Campbell of Nelson, N. Y., b. 1S30, 
d. 1877 (m. 1S5S Amanda F. Ableman), 
major in civil war, sup. of police, provost- 
marshal; son of Elhaii of Nelson, N. Y. 
(m. Sophia Montgomery); son of SAMUEL 
ALViEN, who came from and set- 
tled in Dutchess county in the State of New 
York. [6] 

LES E. and LIAVIS W., Albany; 
sons of HENRY LEWIS ALLEN, b. 1819 
(m. 1S55 Elizabeth C. Macv) ; son of Pcler 
of Taghkanic and Chatham, N.Y., b. 1782, 
d. 1865 (m. 1804 Hannah, grand-daughter 
of Admiral Seth Cobel of the British navy); 
son of William of Churchtown, Columbia 
county, b. I756,d. 1S33 (m. 175S-9 Jane Sher- 

A U K R I C A N A N C E S T 1^ Y . 

man); assisted In placing the cliain across 
the Hudson 1777; son of THOMAS AL- 
LKN, b. 1710, d. 1794 (m. 1747 Elizabeth 
Chadwick of Pcckskill), came to America 
from England about 1717-23. and settled 
on Livingston manor, Columbia county, 
New York State, about 1750. His son 
John was massacred, with his family, by 
the Indians. [7I 

AMES, FRANK L.. Albany; son of AL 
MON AMES, b. 1801 (m. Caroline 
Marshall) ; son of AllllOU of Pennsylvania, 
b. 1740, d. 1S03, an officer in the Rev. 
army. [8] 

sonof Samuel of Canterbury, N. H., 
b. 17S4, d. 1870 (m. 1S13 Myra Avers); son 
of David of Canterbury, b. 1749, d. 1812 
(m. Phebe Hoyl); son of Sam ltd, b. Feb. 
13, 1723, died at Canterbury, Jan. 14, 
1S03 (m. Hann.ah DalofT, b. Jan. 18, 1728, 
d. Jan. 23, 1S04). Lineage not yet traced, 
probably tlie son of Jacob Ames. [>)! 

(rn. Alice Anable) Albany; son of 
GEORGE ANDREWS of Wallingford, 
Conn., b. 1823 (m. Julia A. Hooker); son 
of Orrill, b. 179^, d. 18S2 (m. Caroline 
Cook); son of Nathaniel, b. 1761, d. iS^u 
(m. Lois Blakeslee); son of Aliilrew, b. 
1719, d. 1772 (m. Elizabeth Dunbar); son 
of Jo.sopll, b. 1679, d. 1741 (m. Abigail 
Paine); son of Samuel, b. x()32, d. 1704 
(m. Elizabeth Peck), one of the original 
settlers of Wallingford, Conn., in 1670; 
son of WILLIAM ANDUEWSof Hamps- 
wordi, England, who was one of fifty-three 
persons besides women and children who 
shipped at Southampton, England, about 
April 6.1635, i" ''"= ship /ai/its of London, 
300 tons burden, William Cooper, master, 
and landed at I^oston, freeman, 1635; an 
early settler at New Haven; built the first 
meeting-house at that place, 1644. He had 
three sons and three daughters. Died 
Mar. 4, 1676. Secmsl.of ll'alli>:i;foni. [lo] 

ANGUS, JOHN CaiANT (m. 1816 Mary 
Ann Haganian), Albany; sou of 
Tlioiiias of Albany, b. 17S2, d. 1S28 (m. 
^Largaret Cummings of Berwick-on-Tweed); 
son of James of Albany, b. 1751, d. 1806 


;ral and messenger 

1 the 

(ni. in Albany before 1777 Mary 
Icne Baker); came from Scotland 
ica previous to the Revolution, 
Rev. army. 

bany; son of Lawson, b. at Borden- 
town, N. J., 1795, d. at Albany, iSSi (m. 
Laura Jones, daughter of Richard Lord 
Jones, a direct desc. of Gideon Warrton, 
Gov. of Rhode Island, 1747-48); son of 
WILLIAM ANNESLEV of Germantown, 
Penn., b.i76S,d. 1848, who came to America 
and was the son of William Annesley of 
Cumberland, England, who removed from 
thence to Belfast, Ireland, where he died 
and is buried in St. George's churchyard 
of that place. The family is of Saxon 6e, 
scent. William Annesley established the 
first pottery manufactory in the United 
States at Gcrrnautown. [12] 

VEY L.and C11ARLE.S T., Albany; 
sons of Daniel H'. of Providence, Saratoga 
county, N. Y., b. iSoi. d. 1849 (m. Mrs. 
Aseneth Grenell Arniatage); son of Jollll 
of Dartmouth, Mass., b. 1764, d. 1S38 (m. 
Phebe Hart of Dartmouth); son of Jollll 
of Dartmouth, b. 1736, d. 1764 (m. Maria 
Susan Mosher). [13J 

JARED H., Albany; sons of Joliii 
uf Providence, Saratoga county, N. Y., b. 
1792, d. 1828 (m. 1814 Aseneth Grennell); 
son of Jollll of Dartmouth, Mass., b. 1764, 
d. 1S3S (ni. Phebe Hart of Dartmouth); son 
of Jollll of Dartmouth, b. 1736, d. 1764 
(m. Maria Susan Mosher). [14] 

AU'K'HEIt, JOHN, Albany, son of 
. (Jeorgt! of Albany, b. i759(?). J- 
iSi3(?) (m. Mary Bruce); son of AVilliaill 

of Johnstown, N. Y. (m. Joyce), came 

from the north of Ireland before the Revo- 
lution, was killed by tlie Indians. His son 
George was made prisoner but escaped to 
Canada. [15] 

son of Caleb of Hoosac, b. 1803, d. 
1879 (m. isl, Celinda Henry, 2nd, Amelia 
Olive Rattoone, a desc. of Deacon William 




A U K R I C A N A N C K S '1' !<. Y 

Douglas of Scotland, who came to America 
1640, the iiiolhei uf Caleb); son of JollU 
of Bennington, Vt., b. 1772, d. 1858 (m. 
Amy Donner) ; son of CilU'l) (m. Heph- 
zibah Jones), a soldier in Rev. army; came 
to Bennington from SulTield, Conn. This 
lineage is not yet traced, but it seems 
probable that the descent is from John 
Austin of Catharine street. Strand, London, 
mentioned in Hinman's St-/llcrs, p. Si, fur 
Captain Anthony Austin of SufReld, Conn., 
had a son John born Oct. =2, 1672. [16] 

LER, Albany; son of Uaiiit'l of Al- 
bany, b. i32S (m. Margaret V. Schuyler), 
member of Stale legislature, member of 
school board; son of (Jcorji^l' of Hudson, 
b. 1787 (m. Mary Gavitt); son of Josopll of 
Westerly, R. L, b. 1736 (m. ist, Hannah 
Chaplain, and, Hannah Ross); son of 
Ielial)od of Westerly, b. 1703 (m. Jemima 
Babcock); son of Jiiliii uf Westerly, b. 

16&0, d. 1764 (m. Mary ) ; son of Jollll 

of Westerly, b. 1635, d. 1700 (m. Mary 
Lawton of Newport); son of JAMKS 
15.AUC0CK. See 20. [17] 

BAI5C0CK, ROBERT, Albany; son of 
Jollliof Bethlehem. Albany county, 
b. 1S14, d. 1879 (m. Hester Van Der Zee), 
doctor of medicine; son uf Josllilil of 
Bethlehem, b. 1774, J. 1852; son of Joshua 
of Westerly, R. I., b. 1747, sers'ed in 
the Rev. army; sou uf .loslliia, b. 17.17, 
d. 17.M. do,-|u, of nudi.iue. lubl 
oun.iy uilK-.s. ..,.„ ,.l Jollll, I.. .<.<..., ,1 
1730; son of Jollll, li. 1014, d. 17111, Mi- 
tied in Westeily, R. L, of which he was 
the first magistrate; a portion of his lands 
has been held by the family for two 
hundred years; son of JAMKS BAB- 
COCK. See 20. [18] 

J.\MES BABCOCK (ancestor 

of i7-iS)of Essex, England, b.i58o,flcd with 
his family to Leyden, Holland, 1620, em- 
barked in the.-/»HC, 1623, arrived in America, 
settled at Plymouth, Massachusetts. [19] 

son of JaliC/ Wiyht. of l.rb.umn 
Springs, N. Y., b. 1795, d. iSl,,, (m. K, I,,-, , ., 
Cook of New Haven, (^mii). supn vim.i , 

in 1S20; son of Lodowii'k Stanton, i76S(?), 

d. 1S2S (ni. Lydia Wight, dcsc. of John 
Wight of the Isle of Wight, Engl.and), 

captain in war 1812; son of , who 

m. Esther Stanton and moved from Con- 
necticut to Lebanon Springs. |2o] 
BACIIEl.Ll'i:, EDWARD E.(m. Kitiie 
Soulhwick), Albany; son of BEN- 
JAMIN F. BACHELLER of Albany (m. 
Charlotte A. Schermerhorn); son of Uwiijlll, 
b. in Worcester county, Mass., 1S04, d. 
1S72 (m. 1833, Eleanor Armstrong), served 
three years in the U. S. navy, justice of 
peace, elected to Assembly, 1858; son of 
Thomas, b. at Reading, Mass., d. at Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., aged 72 yrs., major in the 
army, deacon; son of John, b. in Haverhill, 
Mass. (m. 1766, Margaret Swain, a desc. of 
the Appleions of Ipswich, England), served 
in Rev. arniy; son of SaillUPl, b. in Massa- 
chusetts, a Methodist minister, a descend- 
ant of one of three brothers who came from 
England and settled in New England about 
1&32. [21] 

(m. 1S55, Sarah E. Harlow), Albany; 
son of Sailiiiol of Harvard, Mass., b. 1793, 
d. iSf.S (m. 1st, N.ancy Fanbiink, 2ml, Alma 
1:. Tyler); .son of JciTluiah ..f W;i.shiiiKlui,. 
N. H. Lineage not yel traced. Ji'riini.ib 
may liave been the son of Moses li.icon ul 
Wasliington, New Il.ampshirc. (22] 

1).vii,i;y, Tin'oDOKE pruddi'N 
') ;uh1i:1 (ii;,,i: IK-\-|Ni;,.\n.;,nv; 

of Augusta, Georgia), M. 1). Albany Med. 
Coll. 1853, M. D. Soiile University, 1869; 
sun of Solomon of Schodack, N. Y., b. 
1774, d. 1839 (""■ 1S12 Joanna Babcock); 
son of E|)hraim of Albany, b. Nov. 11, 
1741, d. Sept. II, 1S2S (m. Jan. 13. I773. 
Lucy Root). [23I 

bany; son of Solomon of Bethlehem, 
N. Y., b. 1774, d. 1039 (m. 1S12 Joanna Bab- 
cork), M. D.; son of Eivhraim of Albany 
...iiulv. N. v.. I., i/li. .1, iS;u (III 1;; I 


>,\iir:it, Ai;;j( 

) MM'MIS A! 


Albany, D. 1S17 (m. 1844 Adelia M. Good- 
rich); son of Arnold of Cherry Valley, b. 
i7go(?), d. i870(?) (m. Margaret Coonradt); 
son of Edward, Milford, N. Y. ; son of 
Georije, who came from Pownal, Vt., to 
Milford, Otsego county, New York State, 
about 1797. [25] 

BAKKU, GUY ELLIS, Albany, son of 
Bonjauiiii F., colonel in 43d Regt. 
N. Y. S. Vol.; com. of Light Div. of Sixth 
Corps; son of Ellis of Albany, b. at Ro.x- 
bury, Mass., 1793 (m. 1820 Lucy GifTord); 
son of David, b. 1756, d. 1S03 (m. Hannah 
Goolcin, a desc. of General Daniel Gookin) 
corporal of Minute Men at Concord when 
a youth; son of .Fiillll of Roxbury, b. 1735 
(m. Sarah ); son of Jollll of Rox- 
bury, b. 1705, d. 1781 (m. Abigail Colburn), 
captain; son of TItOlliaS of Roxbury, b. 
1676, d. 1761 (m. 1st, Sarah Pike, 2nd, 

Hannah ); son of Jolin of Roxbury, 

b, 1644, d. 1722; son of THOMAS IJAKEU, 
who was settled in Roxbury before 1640, 
and was the friend of Rev. John Eliot. 
His son Thomas fell in King Philip's war 
1675. [26] 

BAKER, WILLL\M I., Albany; son of 
Cliarlcs Baker of Albany; son of 
Arnold of Cherry Valley, b. i7go(V), d. 
1870(7) (m. Margaret Coonradt); son of Ed- 
ward of Milford, N. Y. ; son of (ieorge, 
who came from Pownal, Vt., to Milford, 
Otsego county, New York State, 1797. [27] 

BALCH, LEWIS, Albany; son of Lewis 
1*. y\'., of Detroit, b. iSio, d. 1874 
(m. Anna, grand-dau. of Gov. John Jay), 
D. D.,Sec. to the House of Bishops; son of 
Lewis P. W., of Leetown, Virginia, served 
in war of 1812, judge in U. S. court; son 
of Steplieu B., b. April 7, 1746, d. at 
Georgetown, D. C, Sept. 22, 1833. Grad. 
of Princeton Coll. 1774; ordained 1780, 
clergyman at Georgetown, D. C. Sce/aci- 
sci's Chron. of Georgeto-am, D. C, p. 143. [28J 

BALDWIN, LORRIN F.. Albany; son 
Baltimore, N. Y., b. 1817 (m. 1840 Eliza 
Ann White); son of Hezekiall of New 
Baltimore, b. at Stonington, Conn., 17S3 
(m. i3i2 Amanda Spalding); son of Ziba 
of North Stonington, Conn., b. 1755, d. 
1S03 (m. 1775 Amy Brown); son of John, b. 

1711, d. 1762 (m. 1st 1736 Mary Clarke, 2nd 
1740 Eunice Spalding); son of Tlieoiillilus 
of Stonington, b. 1C83 (m. 1710 Priscilla 
Mason); son of JOHN BALDWIN, b. 1635, 
of the parish of Aston Clinton, Berkshire, 
England, who came to America 1O3S with 
his father, Sylvester Baldwin (who died on 
the passage), and settled at Stonington, 
Conn., where the family resided for four 
generations. Bah/win dm. loSi. [29I 

son of Joseph Shellield of Schuy- 
ler's Lake, b. 1766, d. 1850 (m. Mary Mitch- 
ell), served in war i3i2; son of John of 
Block Island; son of Jollll of Block Island, 
b. 1722, d. 1810; son of Edward of Block 
Island, b. 1661 (m. Mary Dodge), warden of 
township, member of assembly; son of 
EDWARD BALL, who came from England 
and settled in Block Island 1650; who was 
probably a grandson of Rev. John Ball, a 
Puritan divine born near Woodstock, Eng- 
land, 15S5. [3"] 
Albany; son of Itoyal of Albany, b. 
tS2o, d.iSS6(m. 1847 Harriet E. Hamilton); 
son of Jollll of Westl'ield, Mass., b. 1783, 
d. 1823 (m. 1806 Clarissa Dewey); son of 
John of Westfield, b. 1755, d. i3n (m. 
Elizabeth Holcomb); son of Jolin of West- 
field, b. 1722, d. 1793 (m. Mercy Ashley), 
capt. in French war ; son of .loliu of West- 
field, b. 1679, d. 174S (m. Keziah Bridge- 
man); son of Nalliaiiiel of Windsor, b. 
1653, d. 1724 (m. 1677 Hannah Williams); 
son of John of Windsor (m. 1650 Hannah 
Dupper); son of JOHN BANCHOFT, who 
with his wife Jane came from London in the 
"James'' Apr. 1632, settled at Lynn, Massa- 
chusetts, died 1637, leaving two sons, John 
and Thomas. See Savage's Gen. Lewis 
Hist, of Lynn. [31] 

BARBER, FLETCHER, Albany; son of 
Isaae L of Gallupville, son of Isaac, 
b. 17S1, a physician, descended from a Con- 
necticut family. [32] 
BARHYDT, LEWIS, Albany; son of 
Riohard of Albany (m. Catharine 
FeUhousen); son of Riehard of Schenec- 
tady (m. Eleanor Swcetman); son of Lewis 
of Schenectady (m. Elsie Barhydt), whose 

A M E R I C A N A N C K S 'I' R Y 

anceslors came to Schenectady from Hoi- 
land. [33] 

BARKER, JAMES F., Albany; son of 
Willilim, b. 1S21, d. 1SS2 (m. Catha- 
rine Swits) ; son of Juijlllia of Oswego 
county, b. i7So(?),d. i87i(m. Betsy Wiley); 
son of Joshua who came from Massa- 
chusetts and settled in Oswego county in 
the Slate of New York, he served in ilie 
Rev. army and was wounded. [34] 

WILLIAM, Albany; sons of WIL- 
LIAM BARNES, Albany, b. 1824 (m. 
Emily Peck Kempshall, dau. of Tliurlow 
Weed, desc. of Jonas Weed, a pilgrim 
father who came to America 1630); son of 
Ofsoil, b. at Ponipey, N. Y., 1802 (1S23 m. 
Eliza Phelps of Suflield, Conn.), sup. 
schools, Onondaga county, 1843; son of 
Uilliam, b. at ^Yest Stockbridge, Mass., 
1 77 1 (in. 1794 Sara Wi Hard, a desc. of Major 
Simon Willard) ; son of Pllillt'as, b. I730(?) 
(m. Phebe Bement at Weihersfield, b. Jan. 
22, 1734), a pioneer settler of Pompey, New 
York State, in 1793. Phineas is believed 
to be descended from Thomas Barnes liv- 
ing at Martford, 1639, who was a soldier in 
tlie Pequot war of 1637. The patronymic 
Barnes was originally spelt Baineis, prob- 
ably from Saxon iiM/i, or the Norse hjcnie 
a warrior. [35I 

BAKIIETT, ISAAC B., Albany; son of 
(m. Phebe Baker); son of .John of White 
Creek, N. Y., b. 17S1, d. 1814 (m. Iluldah 
Bowen); son of Jaazailliall of Vermont, b. 
1752, d. 1S34 (m. Rhoda Read); son of 
Jollll of New Hampshire, b. 1728, d. 1756 
(m. Lucy Carroll); son of .TAAZAMIAII 
BARRETT (m. Rachel Osborn), a member 
of the Society of Friends, who is supposed 
to have come from England. [36] 

nie Sargent), Albany; son of Amos 
(iilman, b. 1814-, d. 18S0 (m. Georgiana 
M. Pike); a minister at Vineland, N. |.; 
son of Ezra of Haverhill, N. H., h. 
1770, d. 1848 (m. Hannah Gale); M. D., 
Dartmouth College, judge of court of com- 
mon pleas 1S06, chief justice of sessions 
1S20, senator of New Hampshire i82t>-2S; 

son of Josiali of Kingston, N. IL, b. 1728, 
d. 1795 (m. Mary Bartlett); M. D., provin- 
cial governor, colonial governor, rep. in 
prov. leg. 1 765, lieut.-col. 7th reg. of militia 
1770, colonel 1775, delegate to Congress 
1775-76. S1GNE13 THE Declaration of 
American Independence, being its first 
signer after the president, delegate to Con- 
gress 177S, chief justice of common pleas 
1779, judge of supreme court 1782, chief 
justice 1788, member of convention to 
adopt Federal Constitution 1788, president 
of the State 1793; son of Stephen of Can- 
terbury, Mass., b. 1691 (m. Hannah Web- 
ster); son of Richard of Newbury, Mass., 
b. 1649 (m. Hannah Emery); son of Rich- 
ard of Old Town Hill, Mass., b. 1621, d. 

1698 (m. Abigail ) ; member of the 

council; son of RICHARD BARTLETT, 
who came from Sussex. England, in 1635, 
and settled at Newbury, Mass. Died May 25, 
1647. Supposed to have been descended 
from the Barttlelots of Stopham, Sussex, 
England, through Edmund Barttelot, who 
died 1591, an old Norman family who came 
to England with William the Conqueror. 


BATES, EDWARD E., Albany; son of 
ELIJAH BATES of Albany, b. 1S18 
(m. Ann Elizabeth McGee) ; son of Otis 
of Stephentown, N. Y., b. 1777, d. 1841 (m. 
Sally Spring) ; son of COMFORT BATES 
of Lenox, Mass., b. 1749, d. 1807; came 
from England to .America 1771. [38] 

BAXTER, EDWIN C, Albany (m. Lillie 
R. Spr.ague); son of Hiram C. of 
Kenduskeag, Maine, b. 1808 (m. 1S37 Maria 
J. Jones); doctor of medicine; son of Elihll 
of Norwich, Vermont, b. 1781, d. 1863 (m. 
1807 Sarah Cone); doctor of medicine ; son 
of Elihll, b. Dec. i8, 1752 or 1749, at Nor- 
wich, Conn., d. at Norwich, Vt., Aug. 6, 
1838 or 1835 (m. 1777 Triphena Taylor). 
Lineage not yet traced, but probably a desc. 
of Gregory Baxter of Roxbury, 1630. See 
Memorial nf Ba.\Ur Family, by J. N. Bax- 
ter, 1879. [39] 
T:^EARI)SLEY, CHARLES, Albany; son 
J of Nelson of Albany, b. 1812, d. 1S62 
(m. Emeline, dau. of Henry Peers); son of 
William of Chesterville, b. 1769, d. 1S20; 
son of ^Villiaiii. [40] 

A M ]•: R 1 C: A N A N C K S T R Y 

of AlcxiiiKlcr, b. 1772, d. 1S32 (ill. 
Eli/.abclh Tuiten) ; served in war of 1S12; 
son of Tlioilias of Guilderland, b. 1740(?), 
d. 1S20. [41] 

Albany; son of Moses, b. 1S27; son 
of .Hoses, b. at Hartford, Conn., 1791, d. 
1867. An old Connecticut family, but lin- 
eage not yet traced. [42] 
Ellie Weeks); sonofHH^AM HEED- 
ING, b. 1816 (m. Elizabeth Brown, a desc. 
of Gov. Barclay of New Jersey Stale); son 
of Silliilll'l of Charlton, Saratoga county, 
N. Y., b. 1772, d. 1865 (m. Mrs. Elizabeth 
Holmes Curtis), postmaster of Charlton, 
master of chancery, commissioner of deeds, 
assemblyman; son of Olivor, a captain of 
mditia, who came to Lenox, Mass., from 
Wethersfield, Conn., in 1773, d. 181 1. [43] 

BELL. FREDERICK H , Albany; son 
of JAMES C, BELL of Albany, b. 
lSlr,(m. Alida Pruyn); son of Joscpll of Al- 
bany, b. 1785, d. 1870(111. 1st Ruth Sanford, 
2nd Sarah Winne); son of .lailics who came 
from Rhode Island to RensselaerviUc. [44] 

BELL, CHARLES S.. Albany; son of 
Noniiilii, b. 1S20 (m. Catharine Van 
Loom); son of AvillTCU of Fort Edward, 
N. Y., b. 1780, d. 1853 (m. Aurclia Dibble), 
justice of the peace; son of Epapliras of 
Fort Edward, b. 1757, d. 171^7 (m. Lucy 
Palmer), cajitain and paymaster in Rev. 


] BELLOWS, WILLARD (m. Abbey Su- 
) sannah Hardon), Albany; son of 
Willanl of Southboro, Mass., b. 1782, d. 
1S20 (m. Eunice Hemingway); son of 
Tiiiiolliy of Soulhboro, b. 1755, d. 1822 
(m. Hannah Bellows), served in Rev. army. 
Bunker Hill 1775, Ticonderoga 1777; rep. 
in assembly ; son of Jutliam who, it is 
claimed, is a direct desc. of JOHN BEL- 
I-(nVES (sn), who at the age of 12 landed 
■ n the //.AT.,-//. [4,,] 

son of Andrew Bender (m. Sara 
Marshall); son of Andrew of Delmar, b. 
i8og, d. 1SS6 (m. Maria Phebe Warren); 
son of .'ttallhew of Bethlehem, b. 17S2, 

d. 1S66 (m. Elijabeth Ramsey); son of 

rmasTiAN benuek. See 5s. [47] 

LIAM M. and HIRAM; sons of 
WILLIAM M. BENDER of Albany, b. 
iSt4 (m. Jji^e Leonard); son of Matthew 
of Bethlehem, b. 1784, d. 1S68 (m. Eliza- 
beth Ramsey); son of CHlllSTlAN UEN- 
I>EIL See 58. [48] 
A) Albany; son of tVeiidell of Bethle- 
hem, b. 1777, d. iS07(m. Margaret Ramsey); 
son of CHKISTIAN BEM»EI{. See 58. 
tor of 55-5C'-57) came from Wurtemburg, 
Germany, 1740, and settled in Bethlehem, 
Albany county (m. Mary Cramer), an offi- 
cer in Rev. army. [50] 
Albany; son of EPHRAIM BOOTH 
BENEDICT of Susquehanna, Penn., b. 
1S20 (m. Catharine P. Williams); son of 
Jabez of Newburgh, b. 1791, d. 1826 (m. 
i8og Clara Nichols), served in wari8i2;son 
of Ei)liraini of Danbury, Conn., b. 1765, d. 
1S49 (111. 1784 Betsey Cunis), served in Rev. 
army; son of Jabez of Danbury, d. 1804 
(m. Charily Booth) ; son of Alirnliani of 
Danbury,b.t68i,d. 1779 (m. Sa rah Hickok)(?) 
son of .Samuel of Danbury, d. 1719 (m. 
Rebecca Andrews); son of THOMAS 
BENNY DICK. See 65. [51] 

BENEDICT, EZRA G., Albany; son 
of .lames of Albany, b. 1805, d. 1885 
(m. 182S Lucy Gregory); son of Caleb of 
Danbury, Conn., b. 1764, d. 1848 (m. 1784 
Anna Gregory); son of (^aleb of Danbury, 
b. 1739, d. 1819(111. 1763 Ruth, daughter of 
Ebenczer Benedict), selectman 1780; son of 
James of Danbury, b. 1710, d, 1777 (m. 
Mercy Knapp); son of James of Danbury, 
b. 1685, d. 1761 (m. May Andrus). deacon 
of Cong. Ch.; son of Janie.s, born at South- 
old, Long Island, d. at Norwalk, Conn. (m. 
1st 1676 Sarah Gregory, 2nd 1707 Sarah 
Porter); son of THOMAS BENNYDICK. 

See 65. 


BENEDICT, GEORGE C, Albany; son 
of Zadoek of West Berne, N. Y., b. 
1791, d. 1870 (m. Sarah Tibbetts) ; son of 

A U K R I C A N A N C 


Abijnh of Danbury, Conn., d. in Canada 
1823 (m. 17S5 Betsey Sluart), served in Rev. 
army; son of Jlilttlll'W of Danbury, b. 
I707(?), d. 17S1 (ni. 1729 Mabel Noble), liis 
property burnt by British army April 27, 
1777; son of Dillliel of Danbury, d. 1776 
(m. Rebecca Taylor), one of the original 
settlers of Danbury; son of Dnilk'l, b. at 
Southold, Long Island, removed to Nor- 
walk, Conn. (m. Mary Marvin), Lieutenant, 
served in the " direful swamp light," Ducem- 
ber 19, 1O75; son of TIIOJI.\S BENNY- 
DICK. Sec 55. [53] 
son of Natliiiiiicl CartiT of Ballsion, 
b. 1S09, d. 1S54 (m. 1st Amanda Armstiong, 
2nd Catharine Jeronius, the mother of Wil- 
liam E.); son of .Tolill of Ballston, b. 1774, 
d. 1S43 (m. Susannah Darrou-); son of 
Jdhii of Greenfield, N. Y., bp. 1752, d. 
1S12 (m. 1772 Hannah Carter); son of 
Daiiit^l of New Canaan, Conn., d. 1777, 
captain; son of John, b. 1701, d. 1770 (m. 

ist Dinah Bouton, 2nd Mary ), 

deacon, removed from Norwalk to New 
Canaan, Conn.; son of .Tollll of Norwalk, 
b. 1676, d. 1766 (m. Mary naite(?)), select- 
man, 1705-15. surveyor 1 709-1 1, deacon 1725; 
son of .lollii of Norwalk, born at Southold, 
removed to Norwalk (m. Plicbe Gregory), 
selectman i6Sg-()2-99, deacon, rep. in gc-n- 
eral court 1722, 172=;; son of TIIO.M.^S 
ItENNYDICK. See'55. [sa] 
cestor of 51, 52, 53, 54, in four distinct lines) 
came from Nottinghamshire, England, and 
landed at Boston in 1&17 and eventually 
settled in Southold, Long Island. He mar- 
ried Mary Bridgum, by whom he had five 
sons, Thomas, John, Samuel, James and 
Daniel; town clerk, lieutenant, deacon, 
selectman, rep. in general court 1670, 1675. 
There is a tradition of the family that the 
Bennedicls or Bennydicks of Nottingham- 
shire, were of Huguenot extraction, their 
ancestors having fled from France to Ger- 
many, and thence by way of Holland to 
England. See Bcnedyct Gen., Albany, 
1S70. [55] 

(m. Cornelia L. Morgan), Albany; 

son of Epaininoiuln<! of Albany, b. 1807, 
d. 1S55 (m. 1S32 Lydia Ann Lincoln), 
served in war 1S12; son of Jolin of Still- 
water, N. v., b. 1773, d. iS50(?) (m. 

Congdon); son of .John of Stillwater, d. 
1777. A wagon-master in the British army 
during the Revolution. [sfij 

BENSEN, ALBERT V., Albany; son of 
Uichai-d Van Vrankon, b. 1S07; son 
of Cierrit, b. 1770, d. 1S61 (m. 1797 Mary 
Van Vrankin), witnessed the execution of 
Major Andre at Tappen, N. Y.; son of 
.Idllll, b. 1730 (m. 1753 Rebecca Dcmarest); 
son of Jdllil of Bergen county, N. J., b. 
1701 (m. 1724 Eli/.abeth Lydeckci); son of 
.Idliamii'S of Claverack, b. 1655, d. in 
Harlem, I7i5(m. 16S0 Lysbet Van Deusen); 
son of DIKCK DENSON {sic), 
of Groningen and afterward of Amster- 
dam where he married Catalina, dau. of 
Samson Berck, came to America about 
164S, and was a resident of Albany (Bever- 
wyck), as early as 1654. In 1&49 he pur- 
chased a half lot on the north-east side of 
Fort Amsterdam on Manhattan Island. 
He died in Albany, Jan. 6, 1659; his widow 
married Harman Tomes Hun. Tatcoit' s 
notes in loco. [57J 

BENSON, JOHN (m Margaret J. Dun- 
lop), Albany; son of .John, b. 1770, 
d. 1835 (married Jane Goeway); son ot 
Uicliard. I5SI 

Martlia Williams Hewson), .-Mbany; 
son of .Idsoph of Hartford, Conn., b. 1808, 
d. 1866 (m. 1S31 Emcline Seymour); son of 
George of Hartford, b. 1777, d. 1823 (in. 
1800 Mittie Steele); son of uf Hartford, 
b. 1741, d. iSn. [59] 

BKJEIiOW, JOHN M. (m. Sara A. 
Crook), Albany; son of lll'iall (irc!,'- 
ory of Albany, b. iS2i,d. lS73(m. 1843 Lor- 
nia Zenniner), M. D., president of med. 
soc, curator of Albany Med. Coll.;' son of 
Uriali (;r('a:ory of Worcester, N. Y., b. 
1794, d. 1S50 (m. 1S16 Henrietta Barney), 
M. D., memb. N. Y. Med. Soc; son of 
llriali of Worcester, b. 17(15, d. 1842, a phy- 
sician; son of Josiall of Weston, Mass., 
b. 1730, d. 1810, a physician. [There are 
five generations of physicians in this line- 
age.-Ei,,l [60]. 

A M E R T C A N A N C E S T R Y , 

BIGSBT, JOHN, Albany; son of Jona- 
tllllll of Johnstown, N. Y., b. 1777, 
d. 1851 (m. Catharine Turner), engaged in 

the war of 1S12; son of IJUiSlU', 

who was born in England about 172S, and 
came to America and settled on the Sus- 
quehanna river. Was killed by the Indians 
about 1783. His wife and her two sons, 
Jonathan and Elias, escaped to Johnstown. 

(ni. Elizabeth Stratton), Albanv; son 
of (Jcori;'!' W., b. at Arlington, Vt., 1799, d. 
at .Albany. 1SS5 (ni. 1S21 Sarah Howland); 
son of .Icdodiilll, b. at Sunderland, Vt, d. 
at Westfield, Penn., 1836 (m. 179S Hannah 
Hard); son of .JccU'diall of Salisbury ,Conn., 

b. 1742 (ni. Douw); son of Jiilil'Z 

(m. BerthiaVVood); son of Tlloillils of Wind- 
ham, Conn. (m. Hannah, dau. of Lieut. 
Backus); son of THOMAS BING11.\M, son 
of Thomas and Mary Bingham of Shelheld, 
Yorkshire, England'(m. 1666 Mary Rudd), 
who came to America in 1642 and settled 
in Norwich. Conn. Freeman 1671. Died 
at Windliam, Conn., June 16, 1730. [O2] 

BL.lKi:, GEORGE G., Albany; son of 
.lollll a. of Ellsworth, Me., b. 1S13, 
d. 1885 (m. Mary Spurling); son of .lo.scph 
of Ellsworth, b. 1770, d. i860; son of 
Joscpll of the State of Maine. [63] 

BI,.\NCHARI), CALVIN B. (m. 1827 
Phebe W. Hewlett), Albany; son of 
Uoiiisoii of Milford, N. II., b. 1775, d. 
1S26 (ni. Abigail Howard), in the war of 
1B12, taken prisoner by a British privateer 
and carried to England, detained in Dart- 
mouth prison until peace was declared; son 
of Sillioii of Milford. Believed to be of 
Huguenot descent. [64] 

BL.\N(_!K, THOMAS, Albany; son of 
Epiiniilll r. of New York, b. 1792, 
d. 1S51 (m. Ann Frothingham), served in 
war of 1812; son of TllOluns of New York, 
b. 1767, d. 1802 (m. .\bigail Fordham); son 
of John of New York, b. 1709, d. 1799 (m. 
Mary Devoe), served in Rev. army ; son of 
(;|;RIMT l{I.ANCorl5L.\NCK,desc.from 
early Dutch settlers in New York city. [65] 

son of I'oter of Guilderland, Albany, 

b. 1788, d. 1864 (in. Lydia Gray); son of 

.lollll, b. 1760, d. 1835 (m. LaGrangc); 

resided at Guilderland, Albany. [66J 

BOLTWOOl), RANSOM H., Albany; 
WOOD, b. 1810 (m. 1S40 Mabel E. Wash- 
burn); son of John of Windsor, Vt., b. 
1786, d. 1S46 (in. iSoS Eunice, dau. of 
Urijah Braiuard); son of John of Amherst, 
Mass., bp. 1759, d. 1S03, served in Rev. 
army; son of WiUiiilll of Amherst, b. 1725, 
d. 1779 (m, 1750 Mary, dau. of Ebenezcr 
Sheldon), lieut. in French and Indian war; 
son of Soloinoii of Amherst, b. 1694, came 
from Deer, Mass., to Amherst; son of Sam- 
uel of Deer (m. Sarah, dau. of William 
Lewis), killed when defending his village 
from the Indians; son of ROHKRT HOLT- 
WOOD, who came from Essex, England. 
/i.'l/zvoo.l Cm. 1S76. [67 1 

BONO, NEWTON R,, Albany; son of 
Lucius of Conway, Mass., b. 1793 
(m. 1S20, Polly -AUis); son of ISeii.jailiin of 
Conway, b. 1755. d. 184S (m. 1782, Miriam 
Manter); son of Jollll of Conway, b. 1724, 
d. 1S08 (m. 1751 Silence King); son of 
John of Worcester, Mass., b. i6go (m. 
1715 Ruth Whitney); son of Nlltlliinicl 
of Watertown, Mass., b. 1659, d. 1700 (m. 
1684-5 Berthia Fuller); son of WILLIAM 
HONH of Bury St. Edmunds, England, who 
was the eon of Thomas and Elizabeth Bond 
of that town, and was baptized in St. James' 
Church, Bury St. Edmunds, September 3. 
1625, came to America and settled in Water- 
town, Mass., before 1650; he married, ist, 
1649, Sarah Biscoe, 2d, Elizabeth Nevin- 
son; died December 14, 1695. See Ceii. of 
Early ScttL-rs of WaUrlowii. [68] 

BOItTinVICK, EDWIN, Albany; son 
of lliilllilloil of Albany, b. 1810, d. 
1S52 (m. Rachel Esmay); son of Ali'X- 
illidcr of Bethlehem, N. Y., b. 1767, d. 
1S50 ( m. Lamerau.x). [6g] 

BOSS, LEWIS, Albany ; son of SiiiiniLa 
I'. Uoss of Scituate, R. I.; son of 
Itclijaiiliil, b. I757,d. 1 849, served five years 
in Rev. war; son of Itt'iijaniin, b. 1727, 
son of Ethvard, b. 1685, d. 1752 (m. 1709, 
Phillipa Carr), freeman, 1713; son of ED- 
WARD 1!0SS (m. Susannah Wilkinson), 

A M E R I C A N A N C E S T R V 

settled in Narragansett, R. I., May 17, 1710, 
wlien he bought vacant lands sold by the 
Assembly; he died about 1724. The fam- 
ily is of Dutch origin. Name spelt Bosch 
and afterward Bos. (70J 

.liimi'S AVilsoii of Groton, b. iSu2, 
d. iSsg (m. Abigail Lowe); son of Alcx- 
lllltlcr of Geneva, N. Y., b. l78o(?), d. 
i843(?) (m. Martha Wilson), whose ancestor 
came from Scotland to Massachusetts, 
thence to Washington county, New York 
State. (71) 

BOUTON, EUGENE, Albany; son of 
Ira of JelTerson, N. Y., b. 1799, d. 
1864 (m. 1st, Catharine Maria Stanley, 2nd, 
Emma Foole, mother of Eugene, dcsc. from 
Nathaniel Foote who came from England 
to Watertowu in 1630); son of William of 
Norwalk, Conn., b. 1774, d. 1S45 (m. 
Hannah Carrington); son of William of 
Norwalk, b. 174S, d. 1828 (in. 1769 Sarah 
Benedict); son of JoSl'llll of Norwalk (m. 
1748 Susannah Raymond), otTicer in expedi- 
tion against French Provinces in 1758-9; 
son of Jakin of Norwalk; son of .lolm of 
Norsvalk; son of JOHN BOUTON or 
ISOWUEN wlio came from Graveseiid, 
England, in the Assurame, 1635, and was 
one of the first settlers of Norwalk, Con- 
necticut, probably a Huguenot (m. Abigail 
Marvin, Jan. i, iGsO. at Norwalk, probably 
his second wife). See AUron/s c/ jVonni/i, 
Con,.. [72 1 

Albany ; sons of UllfllS of Rens- 
selaerville, b. 1806, d. 18S2 (m. Esther 
Bush); son of Samuel, b. about 1749; sun 
of John of Coeymans(m, Sarah ); sup- 
posed to be of Huguenot descent. [73] 
ELAM ISAAC,. Albany; sons of 
I'liilo of Berne, b. 1795, d. iStJi (m. Mercy 
Gardner); son of'pll of Charlestown, 
Conn., b. I77P(?), d. iS55{?) (m. Mary 
Weeler), served in war of 1812; son of 
Daniel of Charlestown, Connecticut, who 
died 1833. [74] 

BRADT, ISAAC (m. Catharine Cla[.p), 
Albany; son of Isaac, b. 1773, d.iS2o 
(m. Elizabeth Van Deusen); son of Arcnt 

of Albany, b. 1745, d. 1S19 (m. 1766 Jane 
Hogan); son of Joliamics b. 1717 ([ii. 
Anna Van Antwerp); sun of Arcut (m. 
1793 Catharine Mabie) ; son of Samuel 
Arcnlse, b. 1O59 ('■'• Susannah Van Slyck); 
son of Arent Areiitsc (m. Catlina Do Vos, 
dau. of Andrieu De Vos), dep. director of 
Rensselaerwyck ; son of AltKNT AN- 
DIUESE IJUADT, who with his brother 
Albert Andriese were among the early 
Dutch settlers at Schenectady, New York. 

BUAI)T,JOHN J., Albany; son of John 
C. of New Scotland, b. 1792, d. 1874 
(m. Christiana Long;, served in war 1S12 at 
Sackett's Harbour ; con of .Vdaiil, settled at 
Sharon, New York Stale. [76] 

(m. Martha Wood); son of David, b. 17S9, 
d. 1854 (m. Martha Reamer) ; son of IStorm 
Albert, b. 1756, d. 1S4S (m. Catharine 
Winne); son of Albert Storm, d. 1799 
(m. Magdalena Lang), a lineal desc. of 
Noorman" who came from Holland to 
America in 1630, but the lineage is not yet 
traced. [77J 

SON, Albany; sons of LEONARD 
BRAINARD (m. Mary Ann Wilson); son 
of Elijah of Middletown, Conn., b. 1789, 
d. in Albany, 1S31 (ni. Asentha Plum); 
owned the first dry dock in Albany ; son 
of David of Middletown, b. about 1750, 
d. 1790; son of Leonard of Middletown, 
who is believed to be descended from 
David Brainard the missionary to the Amer- 
ican Indians 1717-1747. [7SJ 
Bl! .\ I N E U D , W I L L I A M H. and 
GEORGE W., Albany; sons of Sim- 
eon of Albany, b. 1803, d. 1861 (m. 1841 
Emeline Brainerd) ; son of Samuel of 
Wcstfield, N. J., b. 1777, d. 1863 (m. Lucy 
Rowley); a direct desc. of Samuel Brainerd 
of East Haddam, Connecticut. [79] 

bany; son of CHARLES BRIDGE 
of Albany, b. 1S24 (m. Lucy Medora, dau. 
of Dr. Tinker of Burlington); son of Jona- 
than of Elmore, Vt., b. 1787, d. 1S66 (m. 


1812 Hannah Taylor); son of Ebenczcr, 

b. ai Lexinglon, 1742, d. 1S23 (m. 1763 Me- 
hitable Wood), colonel in Rev. army; son 
of John, b. 1700, d. I776(m. 1st, Anne Mer- 
rick, 2nd, Sarah Tidd, mother of Ebenezer, 
3d, Mary Porter), selectman of Lexington, 
1746 and 1756; son of Matthew of Lex- 
ington, b. at Cambridge, 1650, d. 173S (m. 
1687 Abigail Russell), selectman, town 
clerk, served in King Philip's war and in 
Canadian exp., 1G90; son of Maltllcw, b. 
in England, I&i5(?), d. in America, I7(X) 
(m. Anne Danforth), settled in Lexington, 
Mass., 1643, member of the artillery com- 
pany; son of John Uriilge, who came to 
America from England a widower, married 
Elizabeth, widow of Martin Saunders, set- 
tled at Newtown (Cambridge), and was 
deacon of the church there, lie is sup- 
posed to have come from the county of 
Essex, England, and to have been born 
about 1578. See the Dacendants of John 
Bridge of Cam/iridgc, Boston, 1SS4. [So] 

BRIG(iS, JOHN N., Albany; son of 
Albi'l-t N. of Coeymans, b. iSog, d. 
1876 (m. 1836 Maria Andrews); son of 
Ncivtou of Sherman, Conn., b. 1782, d. 
1857 (m. 1808 Lucena Stephens); son of 
/i^phauia of Taunton, Mass., b. 1735 (m. 
1776 Patience Newton); son of Noali of 
Taunton (m. 1733 Eliz.abeth Trumbull); son 
of AVILLIAM I51{I(H;S, who came from 
England and settled at Taunton, Massa- 
chusetts, about i6go. [Si] 
son of Aldcii of Barnard, b. 1796, d. 
1872 (m. 1822 Lydia Lathrop Smith); son 
of Asa, b. 1758, d. 1835 (m. Sarah Newton); 
son of of Shrewsbury, b. 1721 ; son of 
Uavid of Westboto, Mass., b. 1678, d. 1750; 
son of Tliomas of Marlboro, Mass., b. 
1640, d. 1717; son of THOMAS IJKUJ- 
HAM, who came from London, England, 
in the Susan Ellyn, 1635, and settled at 
Cambridge, Massachusetts. [82] 

BUONK, JOHN, Albany; son of Al)ra- 
ham, b. 1764 (m. Catharine , b. 

1772); son of Nijcklaas, b. Feb. 28, 1713, 
whose ancestor came from Holland. [83] 

son of MOSES BROOKS, of Rock- 

dale, N. Y., b. 1808, (m, 1832 Sophronia 
Greenwoud); son of .loiias, b. 1770, d. 1S65 
(m. 1st, 1794 Lydia Tempie, the mother of 
Jonas, 2nd, 1822 Nancy Davis); son of 
Charles, b. 1732, d. 1798 (m. 1757 Mary 
Hapgood), lieutenant, settled in Princeton 
Mass.; son of Johu, b. 1702, d. 1777 (m. 

about 1726, Lydia ), settled at Acton, 

Mass. , of which he was one of the founders; 
son of Daniel, b. 1O63, d. 1733 (m. 1692 
Ann Merriam), lieutenant, buried at Con- 
cord, where grave is still seen; son of 
Joshua, d. at Lincoln, Mass., about 1697 
(m. 1653 Hannah, dau. of Hugh Mason of 
Watertown, Mass.), captain ; son of Cap- 
tain THOMAS IJHOOKE (.r;V) (m. Grace 
, d. May 2, 1664), came from Eng- 
land and is found settled at Watertown, 
Mass., Feb. 5, 1G31, of which town he was 
admitted a freeman, Dec. 7, 16^. He was 
a deputy to the general court for eight 
terms between 1642-62. Captain of militia. 
One of the founders of Concord. Pur- 
chased land at Medford, Mass., 1660, which 
is still held by his descendants. Sold his 
land at Watertown to Samuel Saltonstall. 
Died at Concord, May 21, 1667. Supposed 
to have been a native of either Suffolk or 
Cheshire, England. [84] 

BUOWi:i{, WALTER S. (m. Harriet 
A. Moore), Albany; son of Sperry 
1>., b. at New London, Conn., 1808 (m. 
1830 Harriet Putnam); son of Ahraliam, 
b. 1778, d. 1858 (ni. Hannah Douglass); son 
of Garret (m. 1743 Affa Van Gclden); son 
of Sybrant, b. 16S3 (m. 1706 Sarah Web- 
ber) ; son of Jacobus, b. 1660 (m. Anna 
Bogardus, grand-dau. of Rev. Everhardus 
Bogardus and Anneke Janse, at Brooklyn, 
Jan. 29, 16S2); son of Jan, b. 1630, mem. 
of the council which surrendered to the 
British, Sept. 5, 1664; son of Jau JnilS- 
sen, b. 1605, mem. of council of New Neth- 
erlands, July 15, 1630 and Aug. 30, 1630 
(See Doc. Hist. N. Y., vol. i, p. 43); son ot 
b. 1580 at Hoorn, Holland. One of sev- 
eral who obtained the first exclusive grant 
to trade with the New Netherlands Oct. 11, 
1614, and one of the owners of the Dutch 
ship Fortiiyn. [85] 

A M E R I C A N A N c: E S I" R \ 

Albany; son of Hl^ll Urouil, b. 
1S15 (in. isl, Calliarine Hart, 2nd, Susanna 
Sinitli, widow of Christoplier Plant); son 
of llllgll of Broadalbin, Fulton county, 
Now York State, b. 1771, d. about 1S32 (rii. 
Elizabeth Meatli). [SO] 

son of Ht'iiry Mercliuiit of Esper- 
ance, Schoharie county, N. Y., b. iSoij, d. 
1S66 (m. Mary L. Riggs); son of John, b. 
about 1768, d. 1S18 (in. Elizabeth Perry, a 
dose, of Commodore Perry). [87] 

BIJOWN, \VALTER M. (m. Eli/a I. 
Martin), Albany; son of JAMES 
MADISON BROWN, b. iSio(m. ist, Lu- 
cina Chappie, 2nd, Mary II B. Sanderson); 
son of Amasii I. of Fine, N. Y., b. 17S1, 
d. 1S55 (m. Sophia Foster); son of Aliiilsa 
of Hartford, N. Y., b. 1754, d. 1830 (m. ist. 
Mar)' , 2nd, Deborah Carr), a Bap- 
list minister; son of .lailics of Swanzey, 
R. I., b. 1731, d. 1805 (m. Mary Anthony); 
son of James of Harrington, Mass., b. 1706, 

d, 1777 (m. Ruih ); son of John of 

Swanzey, b. 1675, d. 1752 (m. Abigail Cole), 
captain; son of John of Bristol, b. 1650 
(m. Amy, dau. of Major-Goneral John Ma- 
son), magistrate, 1635-gg, captain in Pequot 
war; son of John of Swanzey, d. 1662 (m. 
a daughter of William Buckland); son of 
JOHN 15R0WN (a brother of Peter Brown 
of the M(iyjh>-ut-)-), who left England soon 
after his brother Peter and landed at Ply- 
mouth, with liis wife Dorothy, in 1626, set- 
tled at Swanzey, Rhode Island, where he 
died 1&62. His dau. Mary married Thomas 
Willett, the first mayor of New York. [88] 

Albany ; son of Jollll I'ranci.s of 
Scarborough, Maine, b. 181S, d. 1S54 (m. 
Hannah Batchellor); son of Stephen of 
Scarborough, d. 1846 (m. Hannah Prittum). 
Served in the Rev. army. [89] 

son of Jlirarn IJiiek of Crown 
Point, N.Y.(m. Amanda Russell); son of 
Hiram of Crown Point, b. 1S04, d. 1864 
(m. Almedia Bass Rawson). A colonel, 
served in civil war; son of Samncl of New 
Milford, New York State, b. 1767, d. 1S47 
(m. Polly Bush). , [go] 

BUEL, JESSE, Albany; son of Jesse of 
Albany, b. 1788, d. 1S39 (m. 1801 
Susan Pierce). See 93- [91] 

BL'KL, WILLIAM P., Albany; son of 
WILLIAM P. BUELof Adamsville: 
son of Je.-ise, b. 17S8, d. 1839 (m. i8or 
Susan Pierce). See 93. [92] 
J ESSE HL'ELof Albany (ances- 
tor of gi-92), b. in Coventry, Conn., 1778, 
d. 1839(111. iSoi Susan Pierce), established 
the Argus 1813, which he edkcd until 1821; 
established the Cultivator 1831 ; published 
the Farnit-rs' Instnictor in 10 vols. ; the 
Farmers Companion, 1S39 ; regent of New 
Y'ork University, magistrate, member of the 
State assembly, judge of Ulster county; 
son of Elias, b. 1737, d. 1824 (m. 1758 Sarah 
Turner); son of I'eter, b. 1604, d. 1769; son 
of Samuel, b. 1641, d. 1720 (ni. Deborah 
Griswold); son of WILLIAM Hl'ELL, 
or Bewelle, or Bevillc who was born at 
Chesterton, Huntingdonshire, England, 
about 1610, and came to America about 
1630. Settled first at Dorchester, Mass., 
and thence removed to Windsor about 
1635-6, where he died November 23, 1681. 
Hist, of Btull family. New York. [93] 

of Albany, b. April 2, 1S12 (m. Frances 
Sophia Conklin); son of Epaiihras, b. 1782, 
d. 1861 (m. Sibyl Ives), one of the first settlers 
of Bath; son of A.slier of Prattsburg who 
came from Old Hartford, Connecticut. [94] 

STEPHEN, Albany ; sons of MAR- 
TIN VAN BUREN HULLof Albany (m. 
1854 Anna Jane Stowell); son of Henry of 
Hebron, N. Y., b. 1795, d. 1861 (m. 1S16 
Nancy Classon); son of Mordeeai, b. 1776, 
d. 1852 (m. 1794 Polly Norlhrup). [95] 

and EDGAR S., Albany; sons of 
J(»seiih Nathaniel of Chaseville, Otsego, 
N. Y., b. 1814 (m. Anna Maria, daughter 
of Peter M. Snyder, of Schoharie county); 
son of Joel of Massachusetts, b. 1755, d. 
1S13 (m. Olive Carpont.r of Guilford, Ver- 
mont). [96] 
Albany; son of ROBERT JOSEPH 


BULLOCK, b. 1812 (m. Elizabeth Sey- 
mour); son of Josi'pli of Butlileliem, b. 
1774, d. iS28(m. Elizabeth Veeder); son of 
JOHN BULLOCK, who came from Eng- 
land in 1774 and purchased land in Belhle- 
licm. [97] 

FIELD. Albany; son of NORMAN 
BURDICK of Albany, b. 1834 (m. Mary 
D. Fisher); son of Jose|)ll Uriah of Dex- 
ter, Maine, b, iSoS(m. Cynthia Morgan); son 
of Ivlkilliall of (JranviUe, N. Y., b. Aug. 6, 
1771, d. April 21, iS32(m. Martha Worden), 
who is supposed to have come from Rhode 
Island. [,j8] 

son of Tlitinias of Albany, b. iSii, d- 
1873 (m. Francis Phelps, a descendant of 
Dr. Drake of Sing Sing); son of Jonalhail 
of Albany, b. 1774, d. 1846 (married Eliza- 
beth Slyman), who came from Rhode 
Island. [59] 

BUKDICK, LINNEUS U., Albany; son 
of Adtlisoii of De Ruyier, b. 1S2S, d. 
1873 (m. 1849 i^Iary Lee Stillman); son of 
Salpoiis M. IJiirdick of West Hallock, III., 
h. tSoS (m. iS2(j Cornelia Stillman); son of 
Wccdfii of Hopkinlon, R. I. (ni. Hannah 
Siillman of Westerly) ; son of Elias, whose 
ancestors were among the early settlers of 
Rhode Island. [100] 

ERICK E., Albany; sons of ED- 
chanicville, b. 1822 (m. Matilda II. Barton); 
.son of .llldsoil Williams of Ilonesdale, 
Penn., b. 1793, d. 1857 (m. Mary Bloise); 
son of Al)tier of Sharon, Conn., b. 1771, d. 
i8rS (m. 1st, Sally Williams, the mother of 
Judson W., 2nd, Jane Rowley); son of 
Applefoii of Cornwall, Conn., b. 1724 (m. 
Mary Walcott); son of William, b, 1684, 
d. i75o(m. 1st, Hannah Walcott, the mother 
of Appleton, 2nd, Anne Buckingham), grad. 
Harvard Coll. 1702. Pastor of church at 
Kensington (Farmingham) 1712, moderator 
of general association of Connecticut 1738: 
son of William of Wethersfield, Conn., d. 

1717 (m- 1st, Elizabeth , the mother 

of William, 2nd, Martha Thompson Gay- 
lord); son of THOMAS 15UKNHAM, bom 

in England 1617, died in America lOSS. 
He sailed from Gravesend. England, for 
the Barbadoes 1635, and soon after came to 
Hartford, Connecticut; freeman 1656. A 
shrewd criminal lawyer, and for his defence 
of Abigail Betts accused of blasphemy, 
" saving her neck," was prohibited. Settled 
on his lands at Podunk. House fortified 
and garrisoned during Indian war 1675. 
See Hinman's S./tkrs. The Biirnham Gni. 
1840. [lOl] 

bany; son of GEORGE RUSSELL 
BURROWS of Saratoga, N. Y., b. 1821 
(married Amanda Mai vina DuBois, a direct 
lineal descendant of Jacques DuBois who 
settled at Esopus 1660); son of Eda of 
Moreau; son of Calcl) of Morcau, New- 
York State. [102] 
BUllT, URl and ALBERT C, Albany; 
(m. DrusillaTittle); son of Uri, b. 178S; son 
of Asalu'l, b. 1755, d. 1826 (m. Ruth Bab- 
bit); son of Aaron of Westmoreland, N. H., 
b. 1717, d. 1796; son of Josepll of North- 
ampton, Mass., b. 1674, d. 1758, whose 
ancestor came to America about 1640, and 
settled on the Connecticut river. [103] 

WARD M. and LE ROY S, Albany; 
sons of TRUMAN D. CAMERON of 
Albany, b. 1832 (m. Elizabeth Flagler); 
son of James of Stony Creek, N. Y., b. 
1794 (m. Dinah Coman), rep. in State as- 
sembly two terms; son of ,lolin of Stony 
Creek, b. 1769. d. i8j!, (m. Julia Hudson), 
a minister; son of JAMES CAMERON. 
See 10&. [104] 

CIAMERON, TRUMAN D., Albany; son 
'' of James of Athol, b. 1794, d. 1S56 
(m. Dina Comax); son of William, born 
in Scotland; son of JAMES CAMERON. 
See lof.. [105] 

JAMES CAMERON (ancestor 

of 104-105) came from Scotland to America 
about 1770, and settled at Stony Creek, 
Warren county. New York State (m. Chris- 
tina Ann Mard); he was a Royalist in the 
Rev. war; lived to the age of 103. [106] 

bany; son of Elisha of Albany, b. 

A M li R I C A N A N C E S T R Y . 

iSt2 (m. Ellen S. Bcebe); son of Thoma^i 
llailk'l of Rye, b. 17SO, d. 1862 (m. Mary 
Yotien), served in war of 1812; son of 
Dailil'l of Coeymans, b. 1734, d. 1S14 (m. 
Rebecca Bloomer), served in Rev. army. 

C.VSS, LEWIS (m Kate Landon), Albany; 
sun of Lilbcril A. of Decatur, N. Y., 
b. i3i6, J. 18O5 (m. 1S37 Sarah Mac Donald); 
son of Levi of Decalur, b. 1793, d. 1S32 
(ni. Martha Shaw); son of ElkiUlilll of De- 
catur, b. 1771, d. 1S13; son of Joi'l of De- 
catur, b. 1723, d. 1776, one of ilie pioneer 
settlers of Otsego county, New York State; 
son of JOSK rU C.V.SS of Puritan descent, 
who lived in E.xeler, Mass., in 1680, and 
was the grandfather of Gen. Lewis Cass, 
sec. of war under President Jackson, gov- 
ernor of Michigan, minister to France, and 
sec. of State under President Buchanan. 

CHAFFEE, LUTHER, Albany; son of 
Martin of Woodstock, b. 1781 (m. 
Lucy Underwood); son of Noah of Reho- 
both, Mass.,b. 1745-46, d. iB2o(?) (m. Su- 
sanna ) ; son of Nathaniel of Reho- 

both, b. 1705 (in. 1734 Rebecca Jtason); 
son of Jonathan of Rehoboth, b. 1678 (m. 
1703 Hannah Carpenter); son of Nathan- 
iel, b. i649(?) (ni. 1669 E.xperience Bliss); 
son of THOMAS CHAFFEE, who came to 
America and had lands granted to him in 
Hingham, Mass., July 17, 1637; removed 
to Hull 1642, and to Swansea, Mass., 1659, 
where he died and was buried about 1680. 

LEON B. (m. Mary E. Harris), Al- 
bany; son of WILLIAM CHAPMAN, b. 
1810 (m. 1832 Emily Winans); son of 
William of Rensselaerville, N. Y., b. 1776, 
d. 1842, served in war of 1812; son of 
William of Germantown, N. Y., b. 1735, 
died in London, England, 1S03, served m 
Rev. army. [iio| 

C^HASE, ELIAKIM (m. Mary Jane 
J Hough), Albany ; son of .lahez of Al- 
bany, b, 1802, d. 1871 (m. 1825 Anne 
Williams); son of Jabez of Rhode Island, 
d. i825{?); son of Jabcz of Rhode Island, 
who had a brother William. ["'l 

/ ^HASE, SYLVANUS G., Albany; son 
\J of Moses of Little i-alls, N. Y., b, 
1777, d. 1SO3 (ni. Eli/.abeih Goodenough); 
son of Jacob, who was born in Vermont, 
was married three times, and died there at 
the age of 90. [112] 
/'^IIESTEH, ALDEN (m. Lina Thurber), 
\J Albany; son of Alden of Westford, 
Otsego county, N. Y., b. 1803, d. 1857 (in. 
1S38 Susan G. Draper); son of John of Gro- 
ton. Conn., b. 1761, d. iSo4(m. 1793 Frances 
Chester) ; son of John of Grolon, b. i6m(V), 
d. 1771 (m. Mary, dau. of Samuel Starr of 
New London); son of (JAPTAIN SAM- 
UEL ClIESTEU. See 115. I113] 
CHESTEU, ANDREW J., Albany (a 
minor); son of Frank E., b. 1S51, d. 
r833 (m. 1876 Virginia McBride); son of 
ANDREW J. CHESTER, b. in Groton, 
Conn., 1815 (m. Elizabeth W. Ball, whose 
great-grandfather was a cousin of George 
Washington's mother) ; son of Nicholas 
uf Groton, b. 1779, d. 1S2S (m. Mary, dau. 
of Simon Smith), captain in war of 1812; 
son of Starr, b. 175S, d. 1B12 (m. Mar)', 
dau. of Captain Morgan of Rev. army, a 
desc. of James Morgan), deputy to general 
court 16 years; son of Hciiajall of Gro- 
ton (m. ■ Starr); son of John of Gro- 
ton, b. 1692 (m. Mary, dau. of Samuel Starr 
of New London, Conn.); son of CAPTAIN 
SAMUEL CHESTEU. See 115. [114] 


(ancestor of 113-114) (ra. ist, Mary , 

2nd, Hannah ), commander and owner 

of ships in West India trade, who came 
from England to Boston in 1633. Removed 
to New London, 16&3. Freeman of New 
London, 1&63. Removed to Groton. Owned 
ground on which stands the Groton monu- 
ment which was conveyed to gov. by his 
son John, 1777. Commissioner of general 
court to settle boundary question 1693. 
Caulkins' Hist, of jVcw London ; Savage's' 
a,-n. Diet.; Hinman's Early Puritans: 
Allvn's BaItU- of Groton, ed. 18S2. [115] 

CilESTNEY, JAMES A., Albany; son 
of Janie.s A. of Albany, b. 1S24, d. 
i860 (m. Louisa M. Hills); son of John J., 
d. 1835 (m. C. Brook); son of JAMES 
CHESTNEV who came from Dublin be- 
fore the American Revolution. [116] 


Albany; sons of Jollli of Rotterdam, 
Schenectady, b. 17S5, d. 1S59 (m. Elizabeth 
Panyburn); son of ^SVLVESTI•:K ClIKIS- 
LEU of Nmv Scotland (m. A. Scranglini), 
came from Holland before the American 
Revolution, and settled in New Scotland 
near Albany. [1,7] 

\J Albany; son of RENSSELAER 
EMMET CHURCHILL of Albany, b. 
1S20 (m. Gcrlrude Ramsey); son of lios- 
WOll of Fonda Bush, d. 1S55 (ni. Abigail 
Covell); son of Amos of Broad Albin, N. 
Y., b. 1743, d. 1S32 (m. Lydia Cowles); 
son of Niilliiiuii'I, b. 1703 (m. Rebecca 
Griswold); son of Niitllilliiol, b. 1677 (m. 
1701 Mary-, dau. of John Hurlburt); son of 
Joseph of Weathersfield, Conn., b. 1641;, 

d. 1701 (m. Mary ); son of Josiall 

who was born at Watertown, Mass., and 
came to Weailicrsfteld, Conn., 1643 (m. 
Elizabeth Fool). [iiS] 

CI.Al'l', AUGUSTUS A., Albany; son 
of Abncr C, b. 1S14 (m. 1S37 Ger- 
trude Van Santford); son of Slfplieil of 
Southampton, Mass., b. 1775, d. 1827 (m. 
ist, Eunice Clark, 2nd, Lucy Elwell); son 
of Joi'l, b. 1737 (m. Mercy Pomeroy), lieut. 
in Rev. army; son of Roijt'r of Southamp- 
ton, b. 170S (m. Ann ), lieut. in Co- 
lonial army; son of Roijer of Northampton, 
b. 1684, d. 1762 (ill. Eli:<abeth Bartlett), rep. 
in general court; son of I'rcscrved, b. 
T643, d. 1720 (m. 166S Sarah Newbury), rep. 
in general court; settled at Northampton ; 
son of R()(JKR CLAl'P, who was born at 
Salcombe Regis, Devon, England, April 6, 
1609, canie to America in the A/a/j aiiJ 
John from Plymouth, England, March 20, 
1630, arrived at Nantasket, May 30, 1630, 
settled at Dorchester (married 1663 Joanna 
Ford). Died 161JO at Dorchester. Sea Clapfi 
MemoHal. [nq] 

AUGUSTUS HENLY, Albany, sons 
of Edwin Apollos of Albany, b. 1S40, d. 
1880 (in. Josephine Henly), asst. surgeon 
25th reg. N. Y. S. vol.; son of Roiiel of 
Albany, b. 1792, d. 1S49, at Greenbush (m. 
Huldah Miles); son of Noah of Norton, b. 

1747 (?), d. i8;o (m. Olive Shepard), a 
deacon of Baptist church ; son of Siinilicl 
of Norton, b. 1710, d. 1773 (m. Bethiah 
Clapp), rep. to general court ; son of Sllin- 
IK'I, b. 1682, d. 1772 (m. 1st, Elizabeth 
Fisher,2nd, Bethiah Dean); son of Thomas, 
b. 1639, J- if«J'5 ("11. Mary Fisher); son of 
Thomas Clapp; son of RICHARD CLAPP 
of Dorchester, England, and who came 
to America and arrived July 24, 1633. 
Settled in Dorchester, Mass., freeman, 
1O3S, thence to Weymouth, Mass. Resided 
for a time at Scituate. Dep. to the general 
court 1649. His wife's name was Abigail. 
See Clapp Mcnunial. [120] 

CLAPPER, WALTER G., Albany; son 
of .John, b. 1S23 (m. Tcneila Smith); 
son of J(thli of Schenectady, b. 1781, d. 
1S30 (m. Maria Core); son of Peter of Kin- 
derhook. [,21] 
pLARK, LEWIS (m. Louise M. War- 
^ ren), Albany; son of Mordecai of 
Root,N. Y,, b. 1795 (m. Clarissa Haskell); 
son of .lames, who came from Rhode Is- 
land and settled at Otis, Berkshire county, 
Massachusetts. [122J 
^ C. Albany; sons of JOHN CL.ARK 
(m Ida McClellan); son of John Hilton, 
b. 1815, d. 1SS2 (m. Margaret Hazzard); 
son of James Pierce, b. 17S6, d. 1832 (m. 
Eliz.ibeth Hilton, dau. of John Hilton); 
son of JAMi;S CLARK of Middletown, 
Conn., b. 1760, sailed in the Commerce from 
Saybrook, M.iy 6. 1S15, wrecked on the 
coast of Africa, Aug. 25, 1S15, said to be 
descended from Richard Clarke of the^I/a)'- 
Mvcr. [,23] 
yj Condit), Albany; son of Williain of 
Pittsfield, Mass., and Albany, b. 1776, d. 
1841 (m. Beulah Allen), lieut. in 23rd U. 
S. regt., 1812, severely wounded at 
Qucenstown, present at battle of Utica; 
son of Samuel of Sterling, b. 1730. d. i8i6 
(m. 1st, H,innah Gott, 2nd, Dolly Hovey); 
son of Peter of Danvers, b. 1693, d. 1768 
(m. 1719 Deborah Hobart), grad. Harvard 
Coll., 1712, a minister; son of Uriah, b. 
1644, d. 172: (m. 1st, Joanna Holbrook, 
2nd, Mary , 3rd, Martha ); 



son of HUGH CLARK (sir), b. 1613, d. 

1693 (m. Elizabeth ), settled at 

Walertown, Conn. See J^,-avds of //»-/; 
C/,j/v(-, by John Clark. [124] 



bany; sons of Ni'wcomh, b. 1S07, d. 1870 
(m. 1st, Mrs. Sarah Wheeler, 2nd, GertrnJe 
M. Freligh); son of Frederick of Worth- 
ing, Mass., b. at Tolland, Conn., 1770; son 
of Ezra of Canterbury, bp. 1726, d. I7S3{?) 
(m. 1747 Jcruslia Newcomb), removed to 
Worthing; son of .loseilll, b. 16S9; son of 
Snillliel of Chelmsford, b. at Woburn, 
Mass., 1657, d. 1736 (m. ist, 1680 Jane 
Kcyes, 2nd, 16S2 Persis Hildreth, the 
mother of Joseph), freeman r68g, sergeant; 
son of MOSES CLEVELAND, who came 
from England to America 1635, probably 
from the neighborliood of Ipswich, Suffolk, 
England, settled at Woburn, Mass., free- 
man 1643 (m. 26th of Sept., 1&4S, Ann, dau. 
of Edward and Joanna Winn). See C/<rr- 
/am/ G.u.;u'.'-y, Albany, 1S81. [125 | 

CLUTE, JACOB HENRY, Albany; son 
of Williillii, b. at GLjihlerland, 1797, 
d. at Schenectady, 1S7S (m. Mary Van 
Arnam; son of John .\. of Guilderland, 
son of Nieliolas. [126] 

CLUTE, WILLIAM K., Albany; son of 
I'cter U. Clute of Schenectady, b. 
1807 (m. Elizabeth, dau. of Jonathan Kid- 
ney); son of Kieliard of Schenectady, b. 
1770, d. 1862 (in. iSoo Mary Michael, dau. 
of Captain Michael of the British army, 
who resigned and settled at Albany); son 
of Peter, son of JACOIi CLUTE, who 
came from Holland and settled in Schenec- 
tady r750. [127] 
bany; son of LATHAM COFFIN of 
Newark, N. Y., b. 1814 (m. 1841 Susan M. 
Barker); son of Latham of Nantucket, b. 
1770. d. 1S41 (m. Hannah Scott) ; son of 
Paul of Washington, Dutchess county, N. 
Y., b. 1828-9 (m. Susanna Bunker); son of 
Zephaiiiah (m. Abigail Coleman); son of 
Stephen (m. Experience Look); son of 
Stephen, b. at Newbury, Mass., 1662 (m. 
166S Marv Bunker); son of TRISTPt.VH 
COFFIN (m. Dronis Stcvins), came from 

England to America lf)45, and settled on 
the Island of Nantucket, of which he was 
chief magistrate in 1660. Died 1681. [i2SJ 

CO(iS\VELL. LEDYARD (m. Cornelia 
McClure), Albany; son of Mason 
Fitch, b. at Hartford, Conn., 1807, d. 1SO5 
(m. Lydia Lush Bradford, a direct desc. of 
Gov. Bradford), grad. Yale Coll. 1S29, asst. 
■surgeon in Union army, com. major and 
surgeon Jan. 3, 1865; son of Mason Fiteh 
of Hartford, b. 1761, d. 1830 (m. Mary Au.s- 
tin Ledyard), M. D., Yale Coll. 1780, estab- 
lished deaf and dumb asylum at Hart- 
ford, 1S20, also the Hartford Retreat for 
Insane, pres. Conn. Med. Soc. 1S12; son 
of James, b. 1720, d. 1S07 (m. t745 .\lice 
Fitchl, grad. Yale Coll. 1742, D. D. of Yale 
1790, ordained pastor of church in Canter- 
bury 1744; son of Samuel, b. 1677, d. 1752 
(m. 1701 Ann Mason Denison, a desc. of 
Major John Mason of 1630); son of Sam- 
uel of Saybrook, Conn., b. before 1701, d. 
1752 (m. 166S Susanna Haven), freeman 
16&9; son of John, b. 1622, d. 1653, came 
to America with his father, died on a voy- 
age to England Sept. 27, 1653, leaving three 
children in America; son of JOHN COGS- 
WELL, a son of Edward and Alice Cogs- 
well of Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, Eng- 
land, where he was born 1592. He married 
Sept. 10, 1625, Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. 
William Thompson, Vicar of Westbury 
Leigh; he and his wife and family emi- 
grated to America in 1C35 and settled at Ips- 
wich, Mass. ; he died Nov. 29, i66g; she died 
June 2, 1676. See CogswiUs in Aiin-iica, 
by E. O.Jameson. [The landing of John 
and Elizabeth Cogswell was in the same 
August storm as that celebrated in \Vhit- 
lier's "Poison Avi->y." See " T/u- Cogswflh 
on the i-^rw."— Ed.] [129] 

/ W. and HENRY M„ Albany; sons 
of John Ortou of .•\lbany, b. 1793. J- 1S7S, 
city police justice 1821-70, school othcer 30 
years, served in war 1812, provost marshal 
in civil war, (m. 1st, 1817 Eleanor H. Sharp, 
2nd, 1S31 Adelaide Doughty); son of Wil- 
liam (m. Thankful Orton), served in Rev. 
army; son of JOHN COLE of Norfolk, 
England, came to America and settled at 
Farmington, Connecticut. [130] 

A U F. R 1 C A N A N C K S T R Y 

COLLIER, JASON (m. ist, Adelaide 
Newull,, Sarah A. Hermans), Al- 
bany; son of Khi'uezcr of Worcester, Mass., 
b. 17S6, d. 1S6S (m. Martha Flagg of Wor- 
cester, Mass.); son of Jnsoil of O.xford, 
Mass., b. 1744, d. 1840 (married Sarah 

children. [131J 

C^OM.INS, ALFRED F., Albany; son of 
'' r.(h>iir.l of Johnstown, N. Y., b. iSoi 
(m. Elizabeth Powell); son of Edward of 
Johnstown, b. 1776, d.iS52 (m. Mary Dcvee); 
son of Kdnard Collins, who came from 
England in 1740 and settled in Columbia 
county. New York State. [132J 

Albany, b. i8oS(m. ist, 1836 Rosina Matilda 
Ailing, 2nd, 1S45 Maria Halscy); son of 
.Tames of Coeymans, b. 1776, d. 1846 (m. 
Catharine, dau. of Johannes Verplanck); 
son of JOHN COLVIN, who was born near 
Douglas castle, Scotland, 1752. and came 
to America in 1770, settled at Nine Part- 
ners, Diilchess county, New York Slate, 
where lie Hiariietl, in 1774, Sarah Fuller, a 
d.-^L. ,,i i,nv of the Fullers of the yl/,n;/A.;m7-. 
lit- umn\i.l 10 Coeymans. Albany county, 
wljcri' he died in Jan. 1814, a member of 
State assembly 1810. The name Colvin, 
with its cognomens of Colyn, Colwyn, Col- 
lins, and Coel, are of ancient British origin. 

Anna S(ewari), Albany; son of All- 
drew of Providence, R. L, b. 17S2, d. 1SO4 
(m. Sarah Phelps); son of AlidrPW of Prov- 
idence, d. 1794 (m. 1772 Olive Foster). 

Maria Cole), Albany; son of CnriU'lills 
Sailford of Glenvillc, N. Y., b. 17S2, judge 
of Schenectady county; son of Adam, b. 
1748, d. 1S24 (m. Catharine Truax), one of 
the tirsl settlers in Glenville, served in Rev. 
army, a pensioner; son of .loiiallian, killed 
by the Indians in the massacre of Schenec- 
t.ady. [,35] 

J bany; sons of JOSIAH rONKLIN, 
b. 1S07, of Rockland county, N. V. (m. 

Mary Thomas); son of ,TamPS of Hamp- 
stead, Rockland county, b. 1756(?), d. 
iS45(?l, (m. Sarah Strant); son of Jo.seidl 

of llampstcad, d. i8lo(?) (m. Scott), 

whose ancestors settled in Long Island. 

CONKLIN, JOHN B., Albany; son of 
Cariiciitcr U.. b. iSoo, d. 18S2 (m. 
1.S22 Laussa Hunt), county judge eight 
years; son of Gilhorl of Ballston, b. 1755, 

d. 1835 (m. 1775 ), a soldier in 

Rev. army, whose ancestors settled in Long 
Island. [137] 

B., Albany; sons of FRANKLIN 
CONVERSE, of Albany, b. 1S27 (m. Sarah 
Frances Brown); son of Elam, b. at 
Tesvkesbury, Mass., 1790, d. 1S70 (m. 1818 
Susannah Salisburj-); son of Nalliauiel, b. 
174S, d. iSio (m. 1772 Abigail Lawrence), 
settled at Stallbrd, Connecticut. [138] 

AMOS, Albany; sonsof Amos .Sails- 
liiiry Coiivrrsc of Albany, b. 1S21; son of 
E'laili, b. at Tewkesbury, Mass., 171JO, d. 
1S70 (m. iSiS Susannah Salisbur)'); son of 
Nalliauiel,!). 174S, d. iSro(m. 1772 Abi- 
gail Lawrence), settled at Staflbrd, Con- 
necticut. [139I 
COOK, JAMES C, Albany ; son of 
.lames .M., b. 1S07, d. iS()8 ; State 
senator, comptroller, snpt. of banking 
dept. ; sou of Samuel, b. 1776, d. 1838 
(m. Fanny Fuller); grad. of Yale Coll., 
I7q5 ; adni. to bar, 17513; son of Pliili|i of 
Wallingford, Conn., b. 1752, d. 1S16 (m. 
Thankful Tultle); son of Daniel of Wal- 
lingford, d. 177S (m. Elizabeth Pond) ; son 
of Joscjlll, b. 16S2, d. 1764 (m. Eleanor 
Johnson); one of the original settlers of 
(jushen, N.Y. ; sou of Samuel, b. 1642 (ni. 
1667 Hope, dau. of Edward Parker) ; free- 
man of New Haven, Conn., i6(j6; son of 
HENRY COOK of Plymouth, Massachu- 
setts, supposed to have been a son of Fran- 
cis Cook of the A/,7r/o-if,r. 1 140J 
COOLEV, ROBERT M. (m. Mary Dib- 
ble) and LEANDER B. (m. Francis 
S. Laughlin), Albany ; sons of JOHN 
CLARK COOLEY of Oswego, N. Y., b. 
iSic) (m. 1S44 Henrietta A. Cooley); son of 


Rolwrt of Oswego, b. 171J5, d. 1S41 (m. | 
Electa Williams, dau. of Amos Rathbone, 
a dcsc. of John Railibone, of 1C20) ; son 
of JillllCS of Oswego, b. 1764, d. 1S24-5 
(m. Amy, dau. of Robert Dean of Clin- [ 
ton, Dutcliess county); who was the son of j 

COWLEY, who came from Ire- 

land and settled at Clinton, Dutchess 
county, New York, about 1740. The name , 
is variously spelt Cooley, Cowley, Colly, 
and Coly. [i4i] i 

p()Ol'i:U,-sce F.MiiiiioroCooi)i>r. j 

son of Nelson U. of Warren, Penn., | 
b. 1815, d. 1S7S (m. Sarah Iveson); son of j 
Aiiron of Warren (m. Rhuda Sutton) ; son j 
of Clement of Warren (m. Margaret Phile- 1 
brown), captain in Rev. army. [142] ! 

(m. Clara Porter Tompkins); son of 
iMOSES CORBIN of Glens Falls, N. Y., 
b. 181S (m. Mary A. Brockway), served as 
musician in war of rebellion; son of Moses 
of Massachusetts, b. 1772, d. 1832 (m. Polly 
Cook of Hartford, N. Y.) ; son of MOSES 
COUBIN, who came from England to 
America, and settled at Whitehall, New 
York State, before the Revolution. [143] 

CORNELl, LEWIS, Albany; son of 
Lewis uf Albany, b. 17S9, d. 1S58 (m. 
Elizabeth Moore), justice of city of Albany 
and town of Bethlehem courts; son of 
Niitlian of Syracuse, b. 1769, d. 1859 ('"■ 
Cynthia Fay); son of Nalluiii uf Saratoga 
in the State of New York. 1 144] 

Schnnck), Albany; son of ERASTUS 
CORNING of Albany (m. isl, Gertrude Tib- 
betts, the mother of Erastus. Jr., 2nd, Mary 
Parker); son of Erastn.s of Albany, b. 1794 
(m. Harriet Weld), alderman of Albany 
182S, mayor of Albany r834-37, a regent 
of the University 1S33, Stale senator 1S42- 
6; son of IJliss of Preston, Conn., b. 1763 
(m. Lucinda Smith); son of Neliemiall, b. 
1717, d. 1797 (m. 1st, Mary Richards Pride. 
2nd, Freeborn Bliss, the mother of Bliss); 
son of Joseph, d. I7t8 (m. Rebeckah Wood- 
bury); son of Saiiinel, d. 1714 (m. Hannah 
Bacheldor); son of ENSIUN SAMUEL 

COI{NIN(; (m. Elizabeth ), settled 

in Beverly, Connecticut, 1641. (See £fz'e,/y 
Town JiiioiJs.) Selectman 1674 and 167S, 
chosen assistant 1670, collector of rate 
1676. Died 1694. See Hinman's Puriuni 
SeltLn. [145] 

COTUELL, EDGAR. Albany; son of 
.loslma, b. 1804, d. 1S78 (m. 1836 Cor- 
nelia, dau. of Dr. Jabez Wilkinson); son of 
Oliver of Hancock, Berkshire county, 
Mass., d. 1S2S (m. Mary, dau. of Nathaniel 
Gardner, a desc. of Samuel Sewall, the com- 
panion and friend of Miles Standish); son 
of Joseph of Wickford (m. Hannah, dau. 
of Judge Nichols), a resident of Newport. 
R. I., in 17S0, and described as " owner of 
much leal estate." Lineage not yet traced, 
but probably descended from Nicholas 
Cottrell of Westerly. See Austin's Rhode 
hLuiJ Gai. Diet. [146] 

COUGirTRV. GEORGE B., Albany; son 
of rililip V. R. of New Scotland, b. iSio, 
d. i860 (m. Margaret J. Dollar); son of 
William, b. 1764, d. 1S26 (m. Ariana Moak); 
son of JOHN McCOU(!IITR¥ [sic). See 
149- [M7] 

r^OUGHTRY, JOSEPH, Albany ; son of 
\J William of New Scotland, b. 1790, 
d. 1842 (m. Susan Homes); son of William 
of New Scotland, b. 1764, d. 1S26 (m. Ari- 
ana Moak); son of JOHN MeCOUGHTRY 
{su). See 149. I14S] 

JOHN MeCOUGHTRY (ancestor 

of 147, 148), born at Girtham, Galloway, 
Scotland, in 1732; came to America with 
his family of four sons and four daughters 
in 1774; one of the first settlers at New 
Scotland, Albany county. New York State, 
where he purchased land. The original 
name was McCouKhtry, but with one ex- 
ception the present members of the fam- 
ily have dropped the distinctive Scotch 
prefix. [149] 

COVERT, DANIEL C. (m. Jennie Hoys- 
radt), Albany; son of HOFFMAN 
COVERT of Albany (m. Hai.nah I\I. Lewis). 
See 151. ("150] 

COVERT. JAMES (in. Mary Grilfuh) 
and HOFFMAN (m. Hannah M. 
Lewis), Albany ; sons of Ahraliaui of Al- 


bany, b, 1785, d. 1S64 (m. Harriet Ogden); 
son of Stephen, b. 1753. d. 1S30 (m. Elea- 
nor Panton), served in Rev. ariny ; son of 
Abraham of West Point (m. Charity 
Haigbt); son of Luke of West Point, b. 
in Holland; son of TEUNIS JANS CO- 
VERT of Heemstede, near Harlem, Hol- 
land, sailed in the Karitan and arrived at 
New Amsterdam in 1650. Settled in New 
York (or nine years. First deacon and 
then elder of the first Dutch church in 
Brooklyn. Removed to Bedford, Long 
Island. [.51I 

C (WELL. WILLIAM J., Albany; son 
of Uoyal of Albany, b. 1803, d. 1863 
(m. 1824 Annie Maria Ramsey); son of 
Josepll of Albany, b. 1771, d. 1836 (m. 1800 
Cynthia Johnson), came to Albany from 
Vermont in 1811. [152] 

COWLES, JAMES H., Albany; son of 
ham (m. Harriet Beers), doctor of medi- 
cine ; son of David of Durham, Greene 
county, b. 1762, d. 1829 (m. Eunice Paine), 
served in Rev. army ; son of John, b. 
1720, d. 1802 (m. Mary Cole), whose 
grandfather is supposed to have come from 
England. [153] 

COX, GEORGE A., Albany ; son of Jo- 
seph T. of GilbertsviUe, N. Y., b. 
1817, d. 1857 (m. Leonora Walker); son of 
Tlionias of GilbertsviUe, b. 1793, d. 1848 
(m. Sally Bump); son of JOSKI'H COX, 
who was born in England, 1758, and came 

to America, married Elizabeth at 

GilbertsviUe, New York State, and settled 
there. [154] 

COX, JAMES WILLIAM, Albany; son 
of Thomas of GilbertsviUe, N. Y., 
b. 1793, d. 1848 (m. Sally Bump); son of 
JOSEPH COX, who was born in England, 
1758, and came to America, married Eliza- 
beth at GilbertsviUe, New York 

Stale, and settled there. [155] 

CUAGIN, IRVING F. (m. Ella M. Paige). 
Albany; son of IJenjaiilin F. of 
Troy, b. 1813, d. 1875 (m. ist, Sarah Ann 
Dingman, 2nd, Harriet Louisa Coggeshall, 
the mother of Irving); son of Aaron of Ben- 
son, N. Y., b. 1772, d. 1849 (m. Sarah Wil- 
kins): son of Benjamin of M.ison, N. H., 

b. 1740, d. 1816 (m. Mercy Robbins); son 
of John, b. 1701, d. 1794 (m. Judith Bar- 
ker); son of John of Concord, b. 1677, d. 
1704 (m. Deborah Skilton); son of JOHN 
CKAGIN, or CHAGON, of Scotland, who 
was pressed into the service of King 
Charles when 16 years of age, made pris- 
oner at battle of Dunbar, 1650, after two 
years' imprisonment allowed to emigrate to 
America, came to America in the jfokn and 
Sarah, married Sarah Dawes, who saved his 
life on board ship. Died 170S. See Cragin 
G,n. [156] 

rine Perkins), Albany; son of Joshlia 
Eddy Crane of Bridgewatei, Mass., b. 1823 
(m. 1849 Lucy .Ann Reed); son of Barzil- 
lai of Berkley, Mass., b. 1783, d. 1851 (m. 
1810 Lydia Eddy), rep. to general court 
1835, justice of the peace, captain of 
local militia; son of EHsha of Berkley, b. 
1724, d. 1807 (m. Thankful Axtell, dau. of 
Elder Axtell of Berkley); son of Oershom 
of Berkley, b. 1692, d. 1787 (m. Susanna 
Whilmarsh, dau. of Samuel Whitmarsh of 
Weymouth, Mass.), deacon in Cong, ch.; 
son of Jolin of Taunton, b. 1658-g (m. 
Hannah, dau. of Captain Leonard); son of 
HENKY CRANE (m. a daughter of Elder 
Stephen Kingsley of Braintrce) was settled 
at Dorchester, Massachusetts, 1658 and at 
Milton 1667. [157] 

Wilber), Albany; son of FRANCIS 
F. CRANNELL of Albany, b. 1827 (m. 1856 
Harriet E. Adams); sun of William Wins- 
low of Albany, b.i795,d. 1847 (m. 1825 Mar- 
garet Laramie); son of AVilliaiu Winslow 
of Albany, b. 1749, d. 1828 (ni. 1780 Marytje 
Eaman); son of Robert of Albany, b. 1726, 
d. 1807 (m. 1748 Ariantje Beaufils); son of 
William of New York, b. 1693 (?),d. 1757 
(m. 1726 Margarita Benoit), removed to 
Albany; son of Robert Crauuell. See 
161. [158] 

■ Albany; son of MATTHEW CRAN- 

NELL, Albany, b. 1817 (m. 1843 Laura A. 
Prink); son of Matthew of Albany, b. 1781, 
d. 1873 (m. 1810 Sarah Visscher) ; son of 
William Wiuslow of Albany, b. 1749, d. 



l8:;8 (m. 17S0 Marylje Eamnn) ; son of 
Robert of Albany, b. 1726, d. 1S07 (rn. 174S 
Ariantjc BcanlUs); son of >VilIiamof New 
York, b. if'03(?), d- 1757 (m- I72f> Mar- 
garita Benoit), removed to Albany; son of 
ROBERT CRANNELL. See iCi. [159] 

and MONROE, Albany; sons of 
M'ilUaill ^Vilislinvof Albany, b. 1795, d. 
1847 (m. 1S25 Margaret Laramie); son of 
William Wilisloiv of Albany, b. 1749, d. 
i323 (m. 17S0 Marytje Eaman) ; son of 
Robert of Albany, b. 1726, d 1807 (m. 174S 
Ariantje Beaufils); son of William of New- 
York, b. 1693 (?), d. 1757 (m. 1726 Mar- 
garita Benoit), removed to Albany, son of 
ROBERT CRANNELL. See 161. [160] 
cestor of 15S, 159, i6o)of Devonshire, Eng- 
land, who came to America and settled at 
New Amsterdam (New York). Married 
Mary \Vinslow a niece of Governor Wins- 
low in 1690. He was a son of William 
Crannell of Devonshire, England. Several 
members of the Crannell family are buried 
on the north side of Trinity Church, New 
York. [161] 

Albany ; sons of .Moses of Albany, b. 
1811, d. 1SS2 (m. Catharine Van Antwerp), 
adjt.-gen. of State militia ; son of David 
of Sand Lake, N. Y., b. 1771, d. 1842 
(m. Christiana Fellows); son of David of 
Albany, b. 1700, descended from the first 
Dutch minister called to Albany. [162J 

Albany; son of Sc'bujler, b. 1796, 
d. 1872 (m. Anne Cooper, dau. of Isaac 
Cooper, and a niece . of James Fenimore 
Cooper); son of SilaS, b. at Kinderhook, 
N. Y., 17B1, d. 1798 (m. Elizabeth Water- 
man), justice of the peace, member of as- 
sembly. Ancestor came from Wales. [163] 
CRIPPEN, THAYER G., Albany; son 
of Philo of Worcester, N. Y., b. 
1816, d. 1865 (m. Hellen Crippcn); son of 
Daniel of Woicester, N. Y., b. 1786, d. 
1845; son of .Silas, b. at Kinderhook (m. 
Elizabeth Waterman), justice of the peace, 
member of assembly. Ancestor came from 
Wales. [164] 

son of William of Boston, Mass., b. 
1823 (m. 1S54 Emeline Jcnnelte Shattuck); 
son of Porter of New Hampshire, b. 1791, 
d. 1858 (m. 1812 Susann.ah, dau. of Stephen 
Hopkins, one of the signers of the Decla- 
ration of Independence), grad. of Dart- 
mouth Coll.; son of Josiali of Bedford, 
Mass., b. 1751, d. 1833 (m. 1773 Elizabeth 
Littlehale); son of Josiall of Milford, 
Mass., b. 1730, d. 1793 (m. 1750 Sarah 
Fitch), served in Indian war 1748, also in 
Rev. ariny 1776, present at Bunker Hill; 
son of Josiah of Bellerica, b. 1704, d. 1743 
(ni. 1729 Elizabeth French); son of .Tosiall 
of Bellerica, b. 1677, d. 1745 (m. 1703 Mary 
Manning); son of SilllOll of Cambridge, 
Mass., b. 1637, d. 1724 (m. 1659 Rachel 
Bracket), freeman t6&8, rep. in general 
court 1692-98; son of SIMON CROSBY, 
came from England in the Su^nna,,,/ Ellen, 
l.uided at Boston 1635, settled at Cam- 
bridge, freeman 1636, died 1639. [165] 

CUTLER, AMORY, Albany; son of 
Jonathan ; son of Jonatlian ; son 
of Ebenezer; son of Jonatlian of Hol- 
iiston, Mass., b. 1711, d. 1762 (m. 1733 Abi- 
gail Clark); son of Nathaniel of Reading, 
b. 1659, d. 1714 (m. 1st, 1700 Elizabeth 
Underwood, 2nd, 1709 Elizabeth Haines); 
son of Nathaniel of Reading, b. 1O30. in 

England, d. 1724 (tn. 1655 ist. Mary , 

2nd. Eliz.abeth ), came to Reading as 

early as 1652, son of JOHN CUTLER. 
See 169. [166] 

Maria A. Salisbury) and TIMOTHY 
ROCKWOOD, Albany; sons of Martin of 
Holliston, Mass.. b. 1773, d. 1845 (m. ist, 
1799 Elizabeth, dau. of James Miller, 2nd, 
1810 Mrs. Sophia Rockwood Holbrook); 
son of Simeon of Holliston, b. 1742, d. 
1799 (™- '77° Elizabeth, dau. of Timothy 
Rockwood), colonel in Rev. army; son of 
Jona.tliauof Holliston, b. 171 1, d. 1762 (m. 
1733 Abigail Clark); son of Nathaniel of 
Reading, b. 1659, d. 1714 im. ist, 1700 
Elizabeth Underwood, 2nd, 1709 Elizabeth 
Haines); son of Nathaniel of Reading, b. 
1630, in England, d. 1724 (m. ist, 1655 
Mary , 2nd, Elizabeth ), came 

A M E R I C A N A N C !■: S '1' R V 

to Reading as early as 1652; son of JOHN 
CUTLER. See i6g. [1G7J 

Albany; sons of MARTIN LUTHER 
of Albany, b. iSig (m. 1851 Maria A. Salis- 
bury). See 169. [i68] 

JOHN CUTLER (ancestor of 

166, 167, i63), came, with his wife Mary and 
seven children, from Norfolk, England, set- 
tled at Hingham, Mass., 1O37, died about 
1650; in 1672 his widow Mary married 
Thomas Hewitt. He was among the per- 
secuted adliercntsof the Rev. Robert Peck 
of Hingham. See Savage's Cch'. />;>/. [169] 

Albany; son of CYRUS LEE CUL- 
VER of West Troy, b. 1824 (m. Mary A. 
Bullock); son of James of Sandy Hill, b. 
I7tj6, d. 1S72 (m. Kezia Lee); son of 
Diivitl, b. 175S, d. 1843 (m. Abigail E. M. 
Curtice); son of navid (m. Mary Young), 
resided at Hebron, Conn., and died there 
Sept.,lSi3. [,70] 

TIS of Canaan. N. Y., b. at Stockbridgc 
1S13 (m. Elizabeth Colton) ; son of Harvoy 
of Canaan, b. 17S4, d. 1852 (m. Fanny, dau. 
of Lupton Warner) ; son of Abel of Stock- 
bridge, b. 1741, d. 1829 (m. 1767 Sarah 
Neal); son of Elliatliail of Stockbridge. b. 
1712, d. 17S1 (m. 1737 Rose Weller); son 
of Samuel of Windsor, Conn., b. 16S3, d. 
1760 (m. 1710 Lois Wentworth); son of 
Nathaniel of Windsor, b. 1651 (rn. Pru- 
dence ) ; son of HENRY CURTI.S, 

born at Stratford-on-Avon, England, 1621 ; 
came to America with his brother Thomas 
1643, settled at AVethersfield. Conn., mar- 
ried Elizabeth Abel, or Abeel, May 13, 1645. 
Died Nov. 30, 1661. [171] 

Albany; sons of PAULCUSIIMAN 
of Albany; son of Paul of Albany, b. 1767, 
d. 1833 (m. 1802 Margaret, dau. of Donald 
McDonald of Inverness, Scotland); son of 
Seth of Dartmouth. N. II. ; son of James 
of Dartmouth, b. in Plymouth, built the 
homestead four miles north of New Bed- 
ford; son of Eleazar of Plympton, b. 1656, 
d. (m. 16S7-3 Elizabeth Combes); son 

of TIiomaN, England Feb. 160S, d. Dec. 
10, i6yl (m, Mary. dau. of Isaac Allcrton of 
the Afayjhiv.-r), son of ItOUERT CUSH- 
MAN, born in England isSa-Ss. A leader 
of the Puritan exiles at Leyden. With 
Carver and Martin organized the expedi- 
tion in the MayJlowcrl?,20. Sailed in the 
Mayjlowei- from Southampton Aug. 5, 1620, 
in company with the Spcaluvll, and was ap- 
pointed "assistant governor;" the Speed- 
idif/Zbeing unsea worthy, he returned to Eng- 
land in her and took charge of the rest of 
the Puritan band, emigrating with them in 
the Fortune and arriving at Plymouth, New 
England, Nov. 9, 1621. On Dec. 12 he 
preached (although a layman) a seimon en- 
titled " The sin and danger of self love," 
the first sermon printed in America. Re- 
turned to England, leaving his son Thomas 
in the colony. Captured and detained in 
France for fourteen days. Wrote and pub- 
lished a vindication of colonial enterprise. 
Made an appeal for Christian missions to 
the Indians. Agent for the colonists in 
England. Obtained a royal charter for ter- 
ritory on Cape Ann. Must have died in 
England. The history of the pilgrim ex- 
pedition shows that Robert Cushman was 
the leading and most energetic spirit of the 
enterprise, both in Leyden and England. 
See John Davis' Memoir of Robert Cushman, 
Plymouth, 1785. Drake's Biog. Diet., Bos- 
ton, 1872. Cushman Gen., Boston, 1855. 
Hotten's Emii^raiits, Intro, xxviii. [172] 

DAVIS, JOHN A., Albany; son ofVYil- 
liam L. of New Baltimore, N. Y., b. 
iSor, d. 18S0 (m. Sally Houghtailing); son 
of El)eiiezer of New Baltimore, b. 1759, d. 
1834 (m. Sarah J. Hallack), served in Rev. 
army; son of Oill)ert. [173] 

DAVIS, JOSEPH PAIGE, Alb.iny; son 
Schenectady, b. 1S0& (m. 1836 Elizabeth 
Bullock); son of Benjamin of Ware, Mass., 
b. 1774, d. i860 (m. Theodosia Barnes); son 
of Craft of O.xford, Mass., b. 1747, d. 1841 
(m. Cathaiii.c, daugliK-r of Rev. Adam 
Streeter); sun of ISenjamiii of Oxford, b. 
1710 (m. Sibyl Rochet), served in French 
war; son of Benjamin of Dudley; son of 
Icliaboil. bp. 1676. d. 1754 ; sun of "NVIL- 



LIAM DAVIS, bp. April i, 1617, d. 16S3, 
came 10 xVuiucica 1635, probably from 
Wales. [174] 

W. and CHARLES C, Albany; 
sons of AVilliam of Albany (m. Ellen M. 
Friedenrich); son of Davi<I of VaUuie.NA'.; 
son of Joseph of Duylon Hollow, Ulster 
couniy, N. Y., b. 1755 (?), d. 1S35, served 
in Rev. army. [175J 

sons of r>i'lijilllliu, b. iSoo, d. 1849 (m. iS20 
Elizabetli Weaver); son of .Foseitll of Dray, 
ion Hollow, Ulster county, b. 1755 (?), d. 
1835, served in Rev. army. [176] 

DEAN, FREDERICK A., Albany ; son 
of AlilO.s of Albany ; b. 1S03, d.iS63 
(m. 1842 E. Joanna Davis), dean of Law 
School, Albany; prof. Med. School, Albany; 
author, irtslo>y of Clvilizalion, and other 
works ; son of Nalliuuit'l of Barnard, Vt., 
b. 1767 (ni. iSoi Rhoda Hammond); son of 
Paul of Hardwick, Mass., b. 1720. d. 1767 
(m. 1745 Mary Whitcomb); son of (Setll of 
Taunton, Mass., b. 16S3, d. 1719 (m. Mary 

); son of Ezra of Taunton, d. 1732 (?) 

(m. 167S Bethia Edsom); son of WALTER 
DEAN of Chard, Somersetshire, England 
(12 miles from Taunton, the capital of that 
county), who came to America and setikd 
at Taunton, Mass., about 1637. He marriid 
Eleanor Strong. [177] 

DEDEIM(!K, LEVI, Albany; son of 
Williaiii, b. 1778, d. 1831 ; son of 
I'lirisliaii, b. 1752, d. 1822 ; son of Chris- 
tian, a surveyor, who went from West 
Camp, Ulster countv, N. Y., to Dutchess 
county; son of .JOHN CHRISTIAN DIET- 
KICH {sic), and Margarette, his wife, who 
came from Germany to this country with 
the Palatinates, 1708-10. [178] 

CYRUS H. and TRACY R. ; sons 
of Gideon of Tolland, Conn., b. 1764, d. 
1840 (m. Hannah Birdsey); son of Joseph 
of Tolland (m. Hannah Mills), whose 
ancestors were Huguenots, who fled from 
France to Holland, and eventually came to 
America. One of them settled in Con- 
necticut, from whom this branch is de- 
scended, [179] 


E LA ORANGE, see Grange, De La. 

bany; son of Larajt'tlc, b. i3o6; son 
of Abraham of Chatham, N. Y., b. 1766, 
d. 184S (m. ist, Phebe Herrick, 2nd, Anetje 
Stone); sou of Joliaillies of Amenia and 
Chatham, b. 1720, d. 1793 (m. 1752 Maria, 
dan. of Johannes Kip); son of Isaac of 
Marblctown, b. 1694, d. 1775 (m. 1717 Re- 
becca Delamater of Harlem), captain in 
French war; son of Jaeiihtis of Kingston, 
b. 16O5, d. 1741 (m. 16SS Gertrude Yssels- 
teyn of Claverack); son of CLAUDE LE 
MAITRE or Delamater of Rechebourg 
Artois, France (m. Hester, dau. of Peter 
Du Bois of Amsterdam, Holland), of 
Huguenot descent, who came to America 
from Holland, and settled at Flatbush, 
1652-62, thence to Harlem in the State of 
New York, ^ce Dclumakr C.ii. [180] 

DE.MINfJ, PHILANDER, Albany; son 
of RuI'llS R. (m. Julia Ann, dau. of 
Dr. Norton Porter), minister in Champlain 
Presbytery, giad. Harvard Coll.; son of 
Davis, b. 1762, d. 1839 (m. 1789 Elizabeth 
Curtis); son of Jollll of Southbury, Conn., 
b. 1727, d. iBog {m. 1758 Ann Knowles), 
served in Rev. army; son of John of East- 
hampton. Long Island, d. 1765 (m. ist, 1718 
Deborah Hedges, 2nd, 1722 Elizabeth Davis, 
the mother of John, 3rd, 1730 Rachel Day- 
ton); son of James (m. ist, Hannah, dau. 
of Rev. Thomas James, first minister of 
church at Easthanipton, who came with his ' 
father. Rev. Thomas James, in the William 
Francis, 1632, the mother of John, 2nd, 
1707 Elizabeth Davis); son of' THOMAS 
DEMING (m. 1645 Mary Sheaffe), settled 
at Welherstield Connecticut. Savage, in 
mentioning the Wcthersfield ancestor given 
above — (See Gen. Diet., Vol. II) says: 
" Thomas, perhaps brother of first John." 
This agrees with a tradition of the familj'. 
Talcott mentions Elizabeth, sister of the 
same John, born in England in 1595, mar- 
ried Nathaniel Foote who died in 1646. She 
subsequently married Thomas Welles, gov- 
ernor of the Colony of Connetlicut. [iSl] 
son of HENRY E. DENISON of 
Berlin, N. Y., b. 1S2S; son of George F. of 




Berlin, b. 1795, d. 1874, colonel of militia; 
sou of Griswold of Stephentown, N. Y., 
b. 1765, d. 1826; son of Daniel of Stephen- 
town, b. 1730, d, 1793 (m. Katharine Avery); 
son of Dailii'I of New London, Conn., b. 
1703, d. 1760 (m. 1726 Rachel Starr); son 
of Geor^'e of New London, b. 1C171, d. 
1720 (m. i6g4 Mary Harris), grad. Harvard 
Coll., town clerk, county clerk, clerk of 
probate; son of Jollu of Stonington, 
Conn., b. 1646, d. 1698 (m. 1667 Phebe 
Lay), a captain ; son of C.VPTAIN 
GEORGE DEMSOX. See 1S5. [1S2] 

Albany; sons of DANIEL DEN- 
ISON of Albany, b. 1814 (m. Jane Ann 
Blackall); son of Thomas of Berne, b. 
1779 (m- iSui Polly Crary); son of Daniel 
of Stephentown, N. Y., b. 1730, d. 1793 (m. 
175O Katharine Avery); son of Daniel of 
New London, Conn., b. 1703, d. 1760 (m. 
1726 Rachel Starr); son of Ul'Org'e of New 
London, b. 1671, d. 1720 (m. 1694 Mary 
Wetherell), grad. Harvard Coll., town 
clerk, county clerk, clerk of probate; son 
of John, b. 1646, d. 169S (m. 1667 Phebe 
Lay), captain; son of CAPTAIN GEORGE 
DENISON. See 1S5. [183] 

Ella Holcomb)and EDGAR VALOIS 
(m. Libbic S. Brown) Albany; sons of 
Charles Ali Denison of Albany, b. 1817 
(m. 1843 Artemisia Harrington); son of 
Daniel of Brookfield, N. Y., b. 1784, d". 
1847 (m. 1S04 Phebe Welch), removed from 
Stonington to Brookfield, 1799; son of 
Georjfe of Stonington, Conn., b. 1722, d. 
1828 (m. 1700 Bathia Palmer), served with 
State troops in Rev. army, present at Bun- 
ker Hill; son of AVetherell of Stonington, 
b. 1705 (m. 1726 Lydia Moore); son of 
Georjje of New London, b. 1671, d. 1720 
(m. 1694 Mary Wetherell), grad. Harvard 
Coll., called to the bar; son of John of 
Stonington, b. 1646, d. 1698 (m. 1667 Phebe 
Lay), a captain; son of CAPTAIN 
GEORGE DENISON. See 185. [184] 


(ancestor of 182, 183, 184) came to America 
from England in the ship Lion with his 
father, WILLIAM DENISON, his brothers 

Daniel and Edward, and Rev. John Eliot, 
the apostle to the Indians, in 1631. Settled 
at Ro.xbury, Massachusetts. Captain 
George was born in England 1618, married 
Bridget Thompson, who died three years 
after their marriage. He then returned to 
England, and enlisted under Cromwell in 
the army of the parliament. Was wounded 
at the battle of Nasby, where lie was nursed 
by Ann Burodell, whom he afterward mar- 
ried in 1645. Returned to Roxbury, Mass- 
achusetts, where he was chosen captain 
and called "a young soldier lately come 
out of the wars in England." In 1654 he 
removed with his family to Stonington, 
Connecticut, and settled on the land, 
a part of which has been in the posses- 
sion of his descendants until the present 
generation. He commanded the expedi- 
tions against the Narragansett Indians, and 
was captor of the chieftain Canochet. He 
died 1694. William Denison, the father 
of George, was born in England 1586 and 
died at Roxbury, Mass., 1653. See Caul- 
kins' Hist. New Loudon. Tlu- DacenJanIs 
of Captain Goo,--,- Denison. [185] 

DERRY, HORACE B., Albany; son of 
LEVI DERBY of Albany (m. Esther 
Saunders of Westerly, R. I.); son of Rufus 
of Norwich, Conn., b. I770(?), d. 1825(7) (ra. 
Mary Jones), served in war of 1812; son of 
RLANCIIARD DERBY, whose father 
came from the north of England and who 
died at Norwich, Connecticut. [1S6] 

DEVOL, CHARLES (m. ist, Harriet 
Moore Allen, 2nd, Martha Mary 
Schell) Albany ; son of Cliarlos of Westport, 
Mass., and Schaghticoke, N. Y.,b. 1758, d. 
1S37 (m. Desire Potter), overseer of the 
poor; son of Davitl of Westport, b. 1746 

(m. Hannah ); son of William of 

Westport; son of David of Westport, 
whose ancestors were of the Society of 
Friends, and among the early settlers of 
America. [187] 

Albany: son of <'lint(>n of New 
York, b. 1814, d. 1S45 (m. Elsie, dau. of 
Abraham Van Dyck), called to the bar; son 
of John. b. 17SS, d. 1831 (m. Sarah Schoon- 
makcr), D. D., pastor Collegiate Dutch 


Church, Albany, 1813-15; pastor Second 
Rcfonncd Dutch Cluircli, Albany, 1S15-23; 
prof, sacred theology, New Brunswick 
Scm., 1823-31 ; son of Jollil of CatskiU and 
Saugertics, N. Y., b. 1762, d. 1S16 (ni. 
17S2 Mar)', dau. of Peter Breasted) ; son of 
John L., b. 1731, d. 1S03 (m. 1758 Anna 
Maria, dau. of Pceck De Witt, a son of 
Tjcrk C. DeWilt. below mentioned), a cap- 
lain in Rev. army; son of Lllt'llS, bp. 1703 
(m. 1729 Catharine, dau. of Evert Roosa 
Van Etten) ; son of I.iicas, d. 1703 (m. 
itjyg Annatje, dau. of Anthony Dclva and 
Jannalje Hillebrants, she was a Roman 
Catholic); son of T.IKHK CLAESSKN 1)K 
AVITT (son of Claes De Witt) of Zunder- 
land, Holland, who came to America and 
is found settled in New Amsterdam (New 
York), as certified in the entry of his mar- 
riage in the register of the Reformed Colle- 
giate Dutch Church of that city, which is 
dated April 24, 1656, and reads "Tjerk 
Claessen De Wilt van Grootholdt en Zun- 
derlandt" married "Barbara Andriessen 
van Amsterdam," d. 1714. Removed to Al- 
bany 1657, to Wiltwyck (Kingston) 1661, 
where he died February 17, 1700. Owned 
land at Esgpus. Magistrate of Ulster county. 
In 1661 had an estate in Holland from which 
he was receiving rents. See Munsell's C.'l- 
Ua,ons. [tSSj 

LEY W., Albany; sons of Ilichiird 
Varick of Albany, b. 1800, d. 1S68 (m. 
Sarah Walsh of Albany), brigadier-general 
of State militia 1S26; son of Siiiii'on b. 
1756. d. 1S34 (m. 1st, Elizabeth Lynott, 2nd, 
Mrs. Jane Varick Hardenbergli, 3rd, Susan 
Linn), chief of topographical stair under 
Gen. Washington; surveyor-general of the 
State of New York ; chancellor of the Uni- 
versity of New York. [1S9] 
NER and JOHN, Albany; sons of 
JABEZ B. of Albanj', b. 1S06 (m. 1st, 1835 
Mary Guire, 2nd, 1S42 Eliza Miller); son 
of Jaboz of Providence, Rhode Island, b. 
1760, d. 1S10-12 (m. Jane Bortle), served 
in Rev. .irniy. [i')o| 

Albany; sons of TlloniilS S. of Lan- 

singburgh, b. 1707 (m. Margaret ); 

son of WilliiUii M.. b. 1771, d. 1S62 (m. 
Rebecca Wendell) ; son of Tlumiiis S. (in. 
Mary McLanc), resided in Boston in 1759, 
and removed to Albany after tlie Revolu- 
tion. Commissary-general under Geiieral 
Arnold at the siege of Quebec, present 
at the battle of Saratoga, Ancestors were 
Huguenots. [191] 

DIAMOND, WILLIAM, Albany ; son of 
Williiilii M. of Lansingburgh, b. 
1771, d. 1862 (m. Rebecca Wendell); son of 
'riuimas S. (m. Mary McLane), resided in 
Boston in 1759, ^"d moved to Albany after 
the Revolution. Commissary-general un- 
der General Arnold at the siege of Quebec, 
present at the battle of Saratoga. Ances- 


were Huguenots. 
Albany; son of Tlieoithillt!; 
b. 1804, d. 1856 ( 




Catharine E. Dib- 

ble); son of TllcupllilllS of Falmouth, 
Massachusetts, b. 1730, d. 1S13 (m. Mrs. 
Hick), whose ancestor is supposed to have 
come from England in his own whaling- 
vessel and to liave landed at Falmouth, 
Massachusetts. [193] 

Sarah Katharine Condit); son of 
(il'Orsre W., b. 1799, d. 1S59 (m. 1829 Eliza 
Greene, wid. of James Perkins), ordained 
1821, asst. rector Trinity Cli., New York, 
1821-24, prof- Washington College, Hart- 
ford, Conn,, 1824, rector Trinity Ch., Bos- 
ton, bishop of New Jersey 1832, founded 
St. Mary's Hall, founded Burlington Coll., 
author Sotii;s by the Way, Sermons, etc.; son 
of Jdlialllilll, b. 175O, d. 1S21 (m. 1797 
Mary Higgins), architect of State buildings 
in Trenton, N. J. ; son of EI)l'HO/('r, b. 
1732, d. 1S18 (m. 1754 Annie SchacfTer), re- 
sided in Canada, died and was buried near 
Toronto, Canada ; son of .losppll of Bucks 
county, Penn., b. 1691, d. i75-(?) (m. 1727 
Mary Carter); son of DilliicI, b. at Sand- 
wich, Mass., d. 1724-5 at Newtown, Penn. 

(m. Mehitable ), a Quaker, friend and 

assistant of William Penn; see certificate 
from the Friends Society, dated "3, 17, 
1696"; son of Dillliol of Eastham, Mass., 
b, 1(136, d. 1712 (Ml Hep/.ibah Cole), moved 



to Sandwich, Mnss., where he died ; son of 
JOHN DOAM:, born in England, came to 
America between 1620 and 1623, settled in 
Plymouth, Mass., founded and resided in 
the town of Eastham 1644, was the asso- 
ciate and assistant of Governor Prince, 
1630. [194 J 

DOim, AL0N7.0 E., Albany; son of 
iroiiry P. of Albany, b. iSrC (m. 
Cordelia Bisho])) ; son of I'almcr C. of 
Chatham, N. Y., b. 1794, d. 1S75 (m. Betsy 
Wilcox), major in militia, served in war 
1S12 ; son of Edward, b. 1753, d. 1S39 (m. 
J. Cliamplin), served in Rev. army, present 
at Bunker Hill ; son of Jlattliow of Con- 
necticut. [195] 
i.a minor); son of Volckcrt 1». of 
Albany, b, 1S42, d. 1S75 (m. 1S70 Ella 
Brooks Gould of Cincinnati, Ohio); son 
of Vnllici't 1'. of Albany, b. 1790, d. 1S69 
(in. 1S34 Helen L. Franchot); son of Joliaii- 
iics dt' LVysterof Albany, b. 1756, d. 1S35 
(ni. 17S7 1st, Deborah Beeckman, the mother 
of Volkert P.; 2nd, Margaret Livingston; 
3rd, Catharine Gansevoort), grad. Yale Coll., 
1777, surrogate, Albany county, 17S2, 
alderman, I738, engaged in Sullivan's 
expedition ; son of Volkert P. of Albany, 
b. 1720, d. iSoi (m. Anna de Peyster, dau. 
of Johannes de Peyster and Anna Schuy- 
ler), recorder, 1750-60, asst. judge court 
common pleas, 1757, mayor and clerk of 
the market, 1761, 17O2-63, Indian com. 
northern dep., mem. com. s.ifety, 1775, 
commissar)', 1779, senator, 1786-93, vice- 
pres. prov. congress, 1775, mem. assem- 
bly. 1757-59; son of Petrus, b. 1692, d. 
1775 ("1- 1717 Anna, dau. of Hendrick 
Van Rensselaer), built the old house at 
Wolvenhoeck, 1724; son of Jonas, d. 1736 
(m. 16S3 1st, Magdalene Ouackenbush, 
mother of Petrus, 2nd, Cairina Sanders 
Glen), captain of foot soldiers; son of CAP- 
(son of Jan Dow, a burgher of Leuwarden, 
Friesland, Holland), was settled in Bever- 
wyck in 1638-S1. He married Dorothe 
Janse Van Breestede of Breestede or 
Bredstedt, Sleswick, Denmark, embracing 
the principles of the Mennonites, he fled 
to .'\merica to escape persecution from the 

Calvinists. He settled for a few month': at 
Catskill, thence to Bcvcrwyck 1638. Deacon 
and guardian of the poor, ifj54, magistrate, 
1654-1660. In a deed of sale, 1675, he is 
described as "the Honorable Volkert 
Dow, Burgher of the village and Hecrs- 
chaps (master) of the Bowery lying in the 
colony of Reiissclaerwyck." Talcott's Ct;;, 
A-,vo-,- Munsell's CoUcclious. [190] 

HARLAN PAGE. Albany; sons of 
iSio(m. 1846 Jane Sloan); son of Sj'lvfstcr 
of Westford.N. Y., b. i7S3,d. iS52(m. i3o3 
Sukey Bigolow); son of .Joslnia of West- 
ford, b. 1749, d. 1S39 fni. 1773 Mary Pratt), 
served in Rev. army, present at Bunker 
Hill ; son of Joshua of Roxbury, Mass.. b. 
1725 (?), d. 1792 (m. 1st, Abigail Faiibanks, 
2nd, Sarah White); son of James of Rox- 
bury, b. 1690 (?) (m. Abigail Child); son of 
James of Roxbury, b. 1660 (?) (m. Abigail 
Whitney); son of JAME.S DRAPER (m. 
Miriam Stanfield) wlio came from England 
and was one of the early settlers of Rox- 
bury. Massachusetts. His father's name was 
Thomas Draper, born about 1600. See 
Dmpir Family Riconl,\%-j\. ' [197] 

E., Albany; sons of AUGUSTUS 
DU BOIS of Albany, b. 1830 (m. Amelia 
Krebs 1S55); son of Aiillre\v, b. 179S, d. 
1S44 (m. Elizabeth Conklin, a cousin of 
Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt), of 
Huguenot descent, but the lineage is not 
yet traced. [lyS] 

Albany; sons of Henry J., d. 1S76 
(m. Anna Elting); son of Isaac (ui. Cor- 
nelia Rose) ; son of Henry P., d. 1876 (m. 
Anna Elting); son of Isaac (m. Rebecca 
Dego); son of Simon (m. Cathamitge Le- 
fever); son of Daniel (m. Mary Lefever), 
his first will is written in French; son ot 
Isaac of New Paltz, d. i6go (m. Mary 
Hasbrouck); son of LOUIS DU BOIS (m. 
Catharine IJIanchau in France), was called 
Louis De Wall "the Patentee," came to 
America and settled at New Paltz, New 
York State, a brother of Jacques Du Bois. 
See 201. [199] 

A M E R I C A N A N C K S '1' R V 


Albany; sons of Jaiucs of Albany, 
b. iSio(?), d. 1SS4 (ni. Margaret Le Fevre); 
son of Juuus of N(j\v Paliz (m. Racliul 
Le Fevre); son of Liiuis (ni. Cutheiine 
Broadhead); son of Joualliail (m. Eliza- 
bcih Le Fevre); son of Louis of New 
Palu(m. Rachel Hasbrook); son of LOUIS 
DU UOIS (m. Catharine Blanclum in 
France); was called Louis De Wall " the 
Patentee," came to America and settled at 
New Paliz, New York State, a brother of 
Jacques Du Bois. See 201. [2ouJ 

son of IX'lliTl of Blufrion, South 
Carolina, b. 1S25 (m. 1S62 Kate Hope); son 
of I'etor K. of Pleasant Valley. Dutchess 
county, N. Y., b. 1796, d. 1872 (m. 1817 
Sarah Latiin), justice of the peace, super- 
visor, memb. assembly, 1842, delegate const, 
convention, 1846; son of Kocrt of Clinton, 
Dutchess county, b. 1763, d. 1831 (m. 17S6 
Elizabeth Burroughs); capt. of militia, 
magistrate, memb. assembly, 1810-11 ; son 
of Peter of Fishkill, b. 1730, d. 17615 (m. 
Mary Van Voorhecs); son of Jouatliau of 
Fishkill (m. Adrietta Osierhout); son of 
Peter of Fishkill, b. at Lcyden, Holland, 
1674, d. at Fishkill, 1737 (m. 1697 Janneije 
Burhans), deacon and elder of the Dutch 
ch.; son of J.VCtJUKS DU HOIS, a French 
Huguenot of Artois, Fr.ince, who came 
from Holland to America, 1675 ; his brother 
Louis having emigrated some fifteen years 
previous. He married Pieronne Beutign 
at Leyden, 1663 ; on arrival in America they 
settled at Wiltwyck (Kingston), in the Stale 
of New York. [201) 

son of Albert Tyler of West Troy, 
N. v., b. 1807, d. 18S4 (m. 1S31 Elvira 
Ann Sage), twice elected president of 
the village of West Troy ; son of Samuel 
of Pompoy, N.Y., b. 1780, d. 1849 ("i- 1804 
Mary Parmelee); son of Daniel, b. 1744, d. 
1822 (m. 1767, Ann Moseley), settled at 
Lebanon, Connecticut. [202] 

son of EDWARD ALLEN ; son of 
Allen of Newton, Mass., b. 1757, d. 1834, 
M. D., surgeon in Rev. army ; son of 

Edward Duraut (m, ist, Annie Jackson, 
a desc. of Deacon John J.icksun, b. in Lon- 
don, 1002, an early settler at Cambridge, 
Mass.; 2nd, Mary Allen, dau. of John Allen, 
merchant, Boston, the mother of Edsvard); 
grad. of Harvard Coll., 1735, a leader in 
Revolutionary agitation in Ncwion, his 
house, built t740-50, siill standing; son of 
Kdward, b. 1695, d. 1740 (m. Judith 
Waldo), a captain, left an estate at Newton, 
value ^10,277 ; son of Kdward, b. 1&61, d. 
1718, owned the Lamb Tavern, Boston, on 
site of present Adams House ; only son of 
(iEOlKiE DUKAXT. See 207. [203] 

DUUANT, EDWARD P., Albany; son 
of (Jetirg-e W. of Rensselaerville, b. 
1S02, d. 1SS6, son of Allen of Newton. 
b,i757, d. 1S34, M.D., surgeon in Rev. army 
(m. 1st, Anne Jackson, a desc. of Deacon 
John Jackson, b. in London, 1602, an early 
settler at Cambridge, Mass. ; 2nd, Maty 
Allen, dau. of John Allen, merchant, 
Boston, the mother of Allen) ; grad. of 
Harvard Coll., 1735, a leader in Revolution- 
ary agitation in Newton, Mass., his house, 
built 1740-50, still standing ; son of Ed- 
iviird, b. 1695, d. 1740 (m. Judith Waldo), 
a captain, left an estate at Newton, value 
/■io,277; son of Edward, b. 1661, d. 1718, 
owned the Lamb Tavern, Boston, on site 
of present .Vdanis House, only son of 
(iEOIttiE DURANT. See 207. [204] 

GEORGE ALLEN (minors), Albany; 
sons of Allen D. of Albany, b. 1835, d. 
1882 (m. Eliza G. Wilson) ; son of Ueorsje 
W. of Rensselaerville, d. 18S6, son of Allen 
of Newton, b. 1757, d-i834; M.D., surgeon 
in Rev. army; son of Edward (m. ist, Anne 
Jackson, desc. of Deacon John Jackson, b. 
in London, England, 1602, an early settler 
in Cambridge, Mass.; 2nd, Mary Allen); 
grad. Harvard Coll., 1735, a leader in 
Revolutionary agitation in Newton ; his 
house, built 1740-50, still standing ; son of 
Edward, b. 1695, d. 1740 (m. Judith 
Waldo), a captain, left an estate at Newton, 
value £io,2Tj; son of Edward, b. 1661, d. 
1718, owned the Lamb Tavern, Boston, on 
site of present Adams House; only son of 
(iEORUE DUUANT. See 207. [205J 



DL'KANT, WILLIAM, Albany; son of 
William C, b. iSi6, d. iSSi; son of 
liilMiird, b. I77g, d. iSig; son of Tlioilliis, 
b. 1746, at Newton, Mass., d. 1S31 (m. Eliz- 
abeth Clark, a dcsc. of Hugh Clark of 
Watertown, Mass., b. 1613), captain in the 
Revolution; son of Ethvuftl, b. 1715, d. 
1782 (in. 1st, Anne Jackson, the mother of 
Thomas, a desc. of Deacon John Jackson, 
h. in London, England, 1602, an early set- 
tler at Cambridge, Mass.; 2nd, Mary Allen, 
dau. of John Allen, merchant, Boston); 
grad. Harvard Coll. 1735, a leader in Rev- 
olutionary agitation in Newton, Mass., his 
house, built 1740-50, still standing; son of 
Kdwanl, b. 1695, d. 1740 (m. Judith Waldo), 
a captain, left an estate at Newton, value 
£io,2Tj; son of E(hvar<l, b. r66i, d. 171S, 
owned the Lamb Tavern, Boston, on site 
of present Adams House; only son of 
(JEOIUJE lHJItANT. See 207. [206] 

(Ji:OR(JE nURAXT, ancestor 

of 206, 207, 2o3, 209, supposed to have come 
from Maldon, Essex, England, and settled 
at Middletown, Conn., in 1663. Descended 
from the Huguenot William Durant, who 
fled from France about 1570, and had an 
estate at Great Totham near Maldon, Eng- 
land. Died at Lyme, Conn., 16S7. [207] 

Marj' J. Burton), Albany; son of Ly- 
man of MechanicsviUe, N. Y., b. 1797, d. 
iSSi (m. 1824 Rebecca T. Watson); son of 
Alpheus of Henderson. N. Y., b. 1760, d. 
1845 (m, 17S4 Fanny Prentice), served in 
the Rev. army; son of Setll of Sumners, 
Conn., b. 1723, d. 1777 (m. 1743 Johanna 
Kelloy), high sheriff of Hartford; son of 
Samuel of Enfield, b. 1696, d. 1763 (m. 
1719 Jlary Lyman), captain; son of Na- 
thaniel of Northampton, Mass., b. 1666, 
d. 171 1 (m. 1693 Mehitable Patridge); son 
of Timothy of Dedham, Mass.,b. 1629, d. 
1717 (in. 1664 Anne Flynt), captain; son of 
JOHN DWIGUT of Dedham, Essex, Eng- 
land, who came to America in 1634. See 
Desc.of Johu Dwight. [208] 

bany; sons of David S. of East 
Berne, li. 1813, d. 1SS4 (ra. Louisa Bell); 
son of liradlittry of East Berne, b. i7y5(?). 

Jj iiiiind of 

d. iS63(?)(m. Polly Shepard); son of James, 
born 17401,?), died iS2o(?), served in Rev. 
army. [209] 

EA.MES, MILO E.. Albany; son of Gill- 
eim 1>., b. at Washington, Mass., 1809, 
d. at Albany, iSSO; son of Mark uf Wash- 
ington, Mass., b. 1783, d. 1S17 tm. Harriet 
Deiiing); son of .Vlltliony of Washington, 
b. 1753, d. 1808, rep. to general court iSoi; 
son of Mark, d. I794(V) (m. Anna Grace); 
son of Anthony, b. 1703, d. 1793 (m. 1725 
Anna Barker), settled at Marshfield, Mass., 
thence to Lebanon, Conn., and afterward to 
Voluntown, Conn., where he died. Tomb- 
stone still standing. Believed lobe a desc. 
of Rhirk the son of ANTHONY EAMES 
of Marshfield, 1650, who was settled in 
Charleston, JLass., 1634. [210] 

ARLES, Albany; son of Ed- 
if Bath, N. Y., b. 1795, d. 
1S75 (m. Elizabeth Brewster); son of Ed- 
mniid of Hilton Head, b. 1769, d. 1850, a 
brother to Governor Ellis, served in war of 
1812; son of Edmund of Hilton Head, 
South Carolina. [21 ij 

ELMENDOUF, W. F., Albany; son of 
Ezi-a 11. 1:., b. 1804, d. '1S32 (m. 
Mary Ann Lowe); son of Cornelius (m. 
1794 Elizabeth, dau. of John Sleight and a 
desc. of Dominie Eveihadus Bogardus, the 
minister of the Dutch church. [212] 

Gilman) Albany; son of Jonathan 
Jciinerof Bergen, N. Y., b. 1S05 (m. ist, 
Mabel Smith, 2nd, Harriet Goodrich); son 
of EliakiUL of Sharon, Conn., b. 1764 (in. 
Lois Merrill), doctor of medicine, one of 
the first to practise vaccination; son of 
David, b. 1736, served in Rev. army, name 
changed from Elmer to Elmore; son of 
Jonathan, b. 1C85; son of Samuel, b. 
1649; son of EDWAKD ELMER, who 
came to America in the ship Lion, 1632, with 
47 persons, comprising the church of Rev. 
Thomas Hooper, settled at Cambridge, 
Massachusetts, thence to Hartford, Conn., 
1636, and to South Windsor, where he was 
killed by the Indians in King Philip's war, 
1676. Clu. of Elmore Family. [213] 

YEUTS, NOAH REED, Albany; son 


of Marshall M., b. 1S02, d. 1SS4 (r 

A M E R I C A N A N C E S T R Y 

Lovina Green Reed I; son of Kdward, b. 
175:, <i- 1837 (ni. Selphina Culver); son of 
t'uU'b, b. 1707, d. 1751 (m. Elizulieih 
Siockcr); son of Jiidali, b. 16S1, d. 1749 
(n,. Mary Egleston). [214I 

. BERT, Albany; sons of WILLIAM 
h. FAIRCMILD, b. i3io (ni. 1S36 Sarah 
Johns); son of David of Great Harrington, 
Mass., b. 1775(?), d. 1S16 (ra. Sarah Robin- 
son). Ancestors on both sides were early 
settlers in America. [215] 

FE.VTHERLY, JOHN (m. Mary GiUen), 
Albany; sonoi Frt'dcrick of Albany, 
b. 1793 (m. Mary Ann Lecon); son of John 
of .Albany, b. 1755 (m. Rebecca Ramsey), 
wliose ancestors came from Holland. [216J 

Albany; son of Ifarri.s Israel of 
Lyme, N. H., b. 1837, d. i83i (m. Abbie 
L. Wilbur), M. D., Albany Med. Coll.; 
son of Josopll of Picrmont, N. H., b. 1S06, 
d. 1S76 (m. Mary Harris), grad. Williams 
Coll., 1S40; son of Joseph of Piermont, 
b. 1762, d. 184S (m. Sarah Ouinby), served 
in Rev. army; son of Saiiniel, b. 1738 (in. 
Molly King), an officer in Rev. army; son 
of Joseph, b. 168S (in. Elizabeth Young); 
son of Samuel of Salisbury', Conn., b. 
1647; son of Samuel of Salisbury, b. 1619, 
d. 1698; son of WILLIAM FELLOWS, 
who came from England to America and 
was settled at Ipswicli, Mass., 1641, and 
whose will was proved, Nov. 27, 1677. Sec 
//amm.,/^ Papas. [2. 7 J 

of Albany (rn. Mary Fuller, dau. of Eliezer 
Storrs and Catherine Chloe Barrows, Cath- 
erine being dau. of Thomas Fuller whose 
ancestor arrived in America 1&20); son of 
James, novelist, author of "The Spy," 
"The Pilot" and numerous other works 
of fiction, name changed from Cooper to 
Fcnimore-Cooper, by act of legislature, 
April 13, 1826, b. at Burlington, N. J., 1789, 
d. at Cooperstown, N. Y., 1851 (m. Susan 
Augusta De Lancey, i8ii); son of William, 
b. at Byberry, Penn., 1754, d. at Albany, 
1809 (m. 1775 Eliz.abeth Fenimore), first 
judge of court of common pleas of Otsego 

couijty, rep. in U. S. congress, 1795-7. 
1799-1801, Cooperstown, N. Y., named 
after him, 17S6; son of James, b. at By- 
berry, Penn., 1729, d. 1795 at West Cain 
(m. 1st, Hannah Ilibbs, the mother of 
James, and 2nd, Elizabeth Wager); son of 
William, d. 1736 (m. Mary Groome); son 
of JAMES COUrER of Stratford-upon- 
Avon, England, the birth place of Shakes- 
peare, b. 16G1. d. 1732 (ni. ist, Hester, d. 
1706, the mother of William, 2nd, Mary 
Barrows, no issue), arrived in America be- 
fore September 21, 16S2, when he received 
a grant of land in New Jersey. In 1683 he 
bought a lot on Chestnut street, Philadel- 
phia, opposite to the marble custom-house. 
In deeds for land dated September 21-22, 
16S2, James Cooper is entered as of Strat- 
ford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England. 
The family for several generations were 
Quakers. Cooper Family Chart, i%^<^. [218] 

ITIITCH, HENRY, Albany; son of Avery 
J- of New Salem, b. 17S0, d. 1848 (m. 
1808 Martha Allen); son of Nathan of 
Guilderland, N. Y., b. 174S (m. Amy 
Avery); son of Elislia of Coventry, Conn, 
(m. 1716 Priscilla Patten); son of Jeremiah 
of Norwich, b. 1670, d. 1736, captain of 
militia; son of Rev. JAMES FITCH of 
Norwich, b. 1622, d. 1702 (m. Priscilla Ma- 
son), a minister of the gospel. [-I9] 
ARTHUR, Albany; sonsof William 
of Albany, b. iSog, d. 1883 (m. 1844 Jose- 
phine Gladding) ; son of Avery of New 
Salem, N. Y., b. 1780, d. 1848 (m. i8o3* 
Martha Allen); son of Nathan of Guilder- 
land, N. Y., b. 174S (m. Amy Avery); son 
of ElisIia of Coventry, Conn. (m. 1716 
Priscilla Patten); son of Jeremiah of Nor- 
wich, Conn., b. 1670, d. 1736, captain of 
militia; son of Rev. JAMES FITCH of 
Norwich, Conn. ,b. 1622, d. 1702 (in. Priscilla 
Mason), a minister of the gospel. [220] 

A., Albany: sonsof John H. of Scho- 
dack Landing, N. Y., b. 17S9, d. 1874 (m. 
Cornelia A. Gardiner), served in war 1812; 
son of John P. of Kinderhook, N. Y. fm. 
Mary Clow); son of William of Kinder- 
hook. [221J 


I?l(ll,(;i:i;, ROBERT C, (m. Emma F. 
1} Dickcl; Albany; son uf AVilli;im .1. 

of Albany, b. 1S14, d. 1S74 (m. Ann P. 
Hopkins); son of Uobert C. (m. Susan 
Macy); son of Aliislia, b. 1743, d. 1S14 (m. 
Elizabeth Coleman); son of Abislia of 
Martha's Vineyard (m. Sarah Mayliew), 
justice of the peace, mem. of legisl.; son of 
Natliail, b. 1G7S, d. 1747 (m. Sarah Cliurchj; 
son of ICIeilzer, b. 1648, d. 1716 (m. 
Sarah Gardner), rep. at general court; sou 
of I'fter of Martha's Vineyard (m. 1644 
Mary Morrell), removed to Nantucket, 1673, 
clerk of writs, recorder of court, died 1704. 
His youngest daughter married Josiah 
Franklin in 1690, and was the mother of 
Uenjamin Frankli.i; son of JOHN VOL- 
HTM wlu, came from England to America, 
1635, and settled at Martha's Vineyard. 

T710XT>.\, DOUW HENRY (m. ist, Mary 

i: A. French, 2nd, Ellen A. Barker), 
Albany; son of Garrett T. I!, of Fonda, 
N. Y. (.m. Rachel Polhemus); sonof Doinv 
Adam of Fonda, d. 1S55, mem. of legis- 
lature; son of .Vdain ; son of Doim' of 
Caughnawaga (now Fonda), killed by the 
Indians i7bo; son of Jilli-i Atlaill, b. r66S 
(m. a dau. of Peter Winne, 1695) ; son of 

I>(>ll>v Jellisc, d. 1700 (m. Rebecca -), 

resided at Lubberde land (Troy) in 1676; 
son of Jl'LLIS KOUWSE FONHA, first 
of the name in the Mohawk valley, was in 
Bev(;rwyek as early as 1654. His wife's 
name was Hester, who in 16O& was the 
f^idow of Barent Gerritse. See Munsell's 
CMrtums. [223] 

Albany; son of Townsend of Albany, 
b. 1817, d. 1SS2 (m, Ruth, dau. of Nathan 
and Sarah Thompson Hollister); son of 
Lsaac, b. 17S6, d. 1853 (m- Martha, dau. of 
Absolom Townsend); son of John, b. 1761, 
d. 1S14 ^n. 17S3 Cornelia, dau. of William 
Hun); son of Isaac, b. 172S (m. 1752 Su- 
sanna de Forest); son 0/ Douiv, b. i7oS(m. 
1727 Aaltje Onderkuk) ; son of Kaai', b. 
1684 (ni. 1707 Alida Lansing); son of Douw 
Jellist^, d. 1700 (m. Rebecca ), re- 
sided at Lubberde land (Troy) in 1676; son 
of .lELLIS nOUWSE FONDA {su). Was 

in Beverwick as early as 1054. His wife's 
name was Hester, who in 1666 was the 
widow of Barent Gerritse. See Munsell\ 
Co//.cMc„s. [224] 

FOSTElt, ALBERT, Albany; son of 
I.onis of Morristown, N. J., b. 1S21, 
d. iSSt (m. PrisciUa Berry); son of Wil- 
liam of Burlington, N. Y., b. I78y(?), d. 
1849 ("i- Elizabeth, whose ancestors were 
of the Society of Friends and airiong the 
early settlers of America). [225] 

son of JOHN NEWTON of South 
Hampton, Long Island, b. iSog.d. t837(m. 
Jane Ann, dau. of Asa Fitch of Scotland, 
who was of the Society of Friends); son of 
David H. of Palmyra, b. 17O7, d. 1S27 (m. 
1st, Eunice Reeves, who died at Palmyra, 
1839; 2nd, Eunice Woodruff of WoolcotI, 
New York State). [226] 

FOWLFK, AMOS, Albany; sonof Alviii 
ot Frankfort, N. Y., b. 1795, d. i3St 
(m, Olive Lord); sonof Jlark of Lebanon, 
Conn., b. 1756, d. 1813 (m. Miriam Sterling 
Warner); son of Dijal) of Lebanon, b. 1717, 
d. ;i804 (m. Abigail Bigelow), captain of 
militia; son of John of Lebanon, b. 1680, 

d. 1 75 1 (m. Sarah ), one of the first 

settlers of Lebanon in 1702; son of Mark 
of New Haven, bp, 1655, d. 1686 (m. Mary 

); son of AVilliam, born at Islington, 

England, d. 16S3 (m. ist, Mary Tapp, 2nd, 
Elizabeth Alsop Baldwin), captain of town 
company; son of WILLIAM FOWLER of 
Islington, London, England, a prisoner in 
Bridewell with other Puritans, 1592. Came 
to America with Governor Eaton and Rev. 
John Davenport, arriving at Boston June 
26, 1637, and sailed with them to New Ha- 
ven April, 1638. In 1639 a trustee of the 
settlement of Milford, the only one bearing 
the honorable prefix "Mr." One of the 
"seven pillars" of the church, 1639. Mag- 
istrate, 1639-54. Among the monumental 
remains at Islington are found those of his 
family, bearmg this inscription after some 
names and dates: " Divers of this family 
lie -here interred; the ancestors of Sir 
Thomas Fowler, knight and baronet, living 
1630." Gi>u-(iloi;ical Memoir of the Desceud- 
anls of Ambrose Fowler of Windsor, and 

a:\ierican ancestry 


C..//. ir,>,. Fn'ky of .Xew mzni. Con,,." 
lioston, 1S57. [227] 

r M. and ROBERT S. and CHARLES 
E. and HORACE R. A.; sons of CliarU'S 
Ilcury Fonlei-of Albany, b. iSi6(m. 1839 
Catliarine Ann Turner); son of John of 
Waterford, N.Y., b. 1776, d. 1847 (m. Sarali 
Sulherland). [22S] 

FRALEKill, PHILIP E., Albany; son 
of Geor-e W. of Red Hook, Dutchess 
county, N. Y., b. 1S16, d. iS6(j (ni. Regina 
Waldorf) ; son of reter P. of Red Hook, 
b. 1772, d. 1S53; son of PETER ERA- 
LEKJIf, who came from Germany before 
I77-, and settled at Red Hook, Dutcliess 
county. New York State; died 17S8. [229] 

bany; son of JAMES 11. FRANCE of 
Albany(m. Julia Rest); son of Ciirisloiilier 
I. of Cobleskill, b. 1799, d. 1S64 (m. Eliza- 
beth Cole) ; son of Jiifob of Cobleskill, b. 
1747 (?), d. 1839 ('"• Mary Bouck); com- 
missioner of highways; son of SEBASTIAN 
FRANTZ (x/0, who married Betsy Fritz, 
and came from the Palatinate in Ger- 
many in 1745, and settled at New Dorlack 
(Seward). His son, John, was murdered 
by the Indians. [■030] 

FRANCE, GEORGE S., Albany; son of 
Henry 1,. of Seu-ard, N. Y., b. 1S03, 
d. 1S65 (ra. Famey Shaver); son of Linv- 
reiice,b. 1765, d. iS30(m. Margaret Bouck), 
who is believed to be of German extraction 
and was probably the son of Sebastian 
Frantz. See 230. [231] 

FRAVOR, PETER (m. Elizabeth Ander- 
son), Albany; son of (,'e()r;,'c of Cherry 
Valley, N. Y., b, 1756, d. 1858, aged 102 
years (m. Nancy Edict), served in war of 
1B12-14, at Sackctis' Harbor ; son of Fran- 
cis, b. 1721 (m. Moyer). [232] 

FREDENRICir, JOHN (m. Mary Mar- 
shall), Albany; son of .loliu C. of 
Albany,b.i79i,d.i8S4(m. Maria Featherly), 
coroner; son of ,IOHN C. FREDENRICII 
of Albany, b. 1753, d. 1821 (m. Feath- 
erly), a soldier in the British army under 
Gen. Burgoyne, taken prisoner, escaped to 
Guilderland, where he married his wife and 
became an American citizen. [233] 

i- Ella llcrrick) and NORMAN (m. Etta 
Kittle), Albany; sons of NORMAN K. 
FREEMAN of West Farms, N. Y., b. 1817 
(m. Ann Elizabeth Lowerre); son of Jfcury 
of Richfield, Otsego county, b. June 21, 
1779 ("1- Mary Sweet); son of Thomas (m. 
Sallie Moore); served in Rev. army, taken 
prisoner by the British and escaped, an- 
cestors came from the north of England 
and settled at Woodbridge, New Jersey. 


- Jessie G. Marsh), Albany; son of 
Albany (m. i860 Harriet A. Shepard); son 
of William Waller of Albany, b. at Hud- 
son, 1796, d. at Albany, 1876 (m. Lucretia 
Gregory, a desc. of Nicholas Worthing- 
ton, a soldier in Cromwell's army, who 
came to America and settled at Hatfield, 
Mass., 1650), called to the bar; son of 
Thomas of Sand Lake, N. Y., b. 1755, d. 
1S27 (m. 1785 Elizabeth Frost, a desc. of 
Edmund Frost of Cambridge, Mass., 1657), 
soldier in Rev. army, m.ajor at the siege of 
Boston, New York State senator, 1S20-22; 
son of William of Charlestown, Mass., b. 
1729, d. 1806 (m. 1751 Hannah Hewson); 
son of Nalhiinil'l of Charlestown, b. 16S9 
(m. 1721 Susannah Whitlemore); son of Na- 
tliailil!l of Charlestown, b. 1671, d. 1730 
(m. Hannah Rand); son of Nalhaulel of 
Charlestown, b. 1639, d. 16S8 (ni. Mary 
HAM, who came from Holderness, York- 
shire, England, in Northrop's fleet, and set- 
tled at Charlestown, Mass., 1630; freeman, 
1G32. Died 1652. See Whman's Charles- 
town Gens., Frothingham's Hist, of Chai-les- 
town. (-235] 

FRY, JOSEPH B,(m. Mary V. B. Utter). 
Albany; son of Williillll (J. of Al- 
bany, b. 1S05, d. 1S47 (m. Sarah Soutlnvick); 
son of Joscjih of Albany, b. 1774, d. 1856 
(m. Ann Bowler), tlie first publisher of a 
city directory in Albany; son of Samuel 
probably of E.ast Greenwich, Rhode Island. 

FULLER, ALBERT W., Albany; son of 


Scrnnton, Pcnn., b. 1821 (m. 1846 Carrile 
Gates); son of Jossft of New Hartford, N. 
Y.,b. 1792, d. 1862(111. Philanda Morse and 
Sarah Billings); son of Jcssc, b. 1752, d. 
1S32 (m. Lydia Miller), served in Rev. 
army; son of Sillllllcl (111. isl, Susan Hur- 
ton, 2nd, Waity Ormsbec, 3d, Hannah 
Lake); son of Noilll, died in Relioboth, 
Mass., of wliom information has not been 
obtained, bnt it is known that he was a di- 
rect desc. of ]»1{. S.VML'l- L FULl.EU of 
the.l/,n://..r,.,v. (237) 

FULLER, I). T., Albany, b. 1813; son of 
lU>ul)eii of Connecticut, b. 1769, d. 
184! ([11. Sarah Turtle), lineage not yet 
traced, but believed to be a desc. of one of 
the Fullers of the Mayflower, 1620. [23SJ 

FULLER, JOSEPH W., Albany (m. 
Margaret Jane Grant); sonof ORRIN 
BAXTER FULLER of Albany, b. 1S19 
(m. Phebe Thorn Clark); son of OlTill of 
Keesville, b. 17S3, d. 1827 (m. Sarah Wilie); 
son of Ezbotl, who is believed (o be de- 
scended from the Fullers of the Mayjlowcr, 
but the lineage is not yet traced. [239] 

Albany; sons of ANDREW FULLER of 
Albany, b. 1820 (m. Elizabeth Gay); son 
of Potpr of Warren, Maine, b. about 179I, 
d. 1866 (m. -iSti Phebe Dunbar), sheriff in 
Lincoln county; son of Andrew of War- 
ren, b. 1761, d. 1820 (m. 1785 Hannah 
Richards), corporal in Rev. army, a min- 
ister; son of Jilljoz of Middleboro, Mass., 
b. 1717, d. 1770 (m. Hanna Pratt); son of 
Joniilllilli of Middleboro (m. Eleanor, 
dau. of John Bennett); son of .Taliez of 
Middleboro (m. Mercy Wood); son of 
Saililiel of Middleboro, first pastor of 
church in Middleboro; son of DR. SAM- 
UEL FULLER, who came to America in 
the Miiyjluwcr, 1S20, and was physician to 
the pilgrim fathers. Dr. Fuller came alone 
in the Mayflower, and his wife and child 
remained in England and came to America 
afterward; they had two more children in 
America. See Hotlon's Emigntnfi. [240] 

GAIGE, WALTER, Albany; son of 
iKaac It., b. 1794, d. 1869 (m. 1st, 
Joanna Lason, 2nil, ^Llrgaret Steinbcrge); 

son of r.oiij:iniiii of Dutchess county, b. 
r762, d. 1S31 {m. Deliverance Hoag); son, 
of Josciih of Dutchess county (m. Mary 
Mortimer). [241] 

GALE, WILLIAM B., Albany; son of 
JiU'ob of Albanj', b. 1803, d. 1870 
(m. Mary L. M.aben); son of .VIpllCllS of 
Waltham, Mass., b. 1761 (m. 1757 Lydia 
Hammond); son of Samuel of Waltham, 
b. 1726, d. 1793 (m. 1755 Anna Fiske); son 
of SiUniK'I of Walertown, Mass., b. 1705 

(in. Rebecca ); son of Abralia'.il of 

Watertown, b. 1674 (m. 1699 Rachel Park- 
hursl); son of Abnihillll of Watertown, b. 

1643. d. 1718 (m. Sarah ); son of 

RICHARD GALE (m. Mary ), who 

came from England to America and was 
settled at Watertown, Massachusetts, 1O40, 
died about 1679. There is a Richard Gale, 
aged 16, in a list of passengers from Lon- 
don to Barbadoes. See Hotton's Emi- 
granls. p. 703. [242] 

GALLUP, ALBERT, Albany; son of 
Berne, N. Y. (m. Sallie Walden); 
Natliailifl of East Berne (ra. 
Latham); son of Saiuilcl. b. 1746 (m. 1769 
Jemima Enos), came from Groton, Conn., 
about iSoo; son of Nathaniel of Stoning- 
ton, Conn., b. 1718 (m. 1742 Hannah Gon of 
Norwich, Conn.); son of Nathaniel of 
Stonington, b. 1692 (m. 1717 Margaret Gal- 
lup); son of Jolm of Stonington, b. 1646 
(m. 1675 Elizabeth Harris of Ipswich, 
Massachusetts); son of U.^PTAFN JOHN 
(JALLUP. See 246. [243J 

GALLUP, GEORGE B., Albany; son 
of ELON GALLUP of Albany, b. 
1822 (m. Nancy Broeffle). See 246. [244] 

GiALLUP, JOHN ENOS (m. Cl.ara J. 
r Martineau), Albany; son of JOHN 
JACKSON GALLUP of Albany, b. l8r4 
(in. Ezra S. Van Schaack). See 246. [245] 

S. Van Schaack) and ELON (m. 
Nancy Brocflle), Albany; sons of John 
Enos of Knox, Albany county, b. 1777, 
d. 1S73 (m. 1st, 1799 Betsey Chipman, 2nd, 
Mrs. Esther Walden); son of Samuel, b. 
1746 (m. 1769 Jemima Enos), came to 
Albany coumy from Groton, Conn., with 

^on of 

1<. I C A N A N C E S T R Y . 

his son Jolin, about i3oo; son of Natlliiu- 
Icl of Stonington, Conn., b. 1718 (ni. 1742 
H.innah Gon of Norwich, Conn.); son of 
Natlirtuiel of Stonington, b. 1692 (m. 1717 
M.ugarct Gallup); son of John of Stoning- 
ton. b. 1646 (ni. 1075 Elizabetli Harris of 
Ipswich, Mass.); son of born in 
England (m. Hannah, dau. of John and 
Margaret Reed Lake said to be a descend- 
ant of William the Conqueror), killed in 
the swamp-tight with the Indian King 
Philip, Dec. 25, 1675; son of JOHN GAL- 
LUP, who came from England (or Wales), 
and landed at Boston, 1630, and settled at 
Stonington where he died 1649. Ketords of 
first Colli;. Ch. Slonin^coH. [246] 

Josepliine Rogers, 2nd, Eliza Green 
Doane), Albany; son of Daniel of Troy, b. 
1799, d. 1S63 (married 1S35 Ann Terr}-, 
dau. of Judge Scth Terry of Hartford, a 
direct desc. of Samuel Teriy of Enfield, 
Conn.), grad. Union Coll., 1S17, recorder 
of Troy city, author Moral Lawof jVatioiis, 
Tracts on Representative Governments, Law 
of Rebellion, Institutes of International Law; 
son of George, b. 1766, d. 1840 (m. Louisa 
Dawly), judge of county court; son of 
Otliuiel of Stephentown, N. Y., b. 1743, 
d. l7S4(m. Lydia Reynolds of Providence, 
Rhode Island), migrated from Exeter, 
Block Island, to Stephentown, signed com- 
pact to organize new colonial gov. of New 
York Stale, 1775, sheriff of county during 
Revolution; son of Bcnoni of Exeter, 
Rhode Island, b. 1720, d. 1790; son of Isaac 
of Exeter, Rhode Island, b. 1665; son of 
Beuoni of Kings Town, Rhode Island, b. 
1630, d. 1734 at the age of 104; son of 
JOSEPH GARUINEU, b. 1601, who 
came from England to America and 
settled in South Kings Town about 162S-30 
and died in Washington county, Rhode 
Island, 1679. According to an entry made 
in an old family Bible, 1790. July 11, by 
William C. Gardiner, Joseph Gardiner was 
the youngest son of Sir Thomas Gardiner, 
knight, and there is a tradition in the 
family that he came from Yorkshire, Eng- 

GARDNER, LEWIS, Albany; son of 
Jacob of Schoodis Center, N. Y.; 

son of Richard, b. 1797, d. 1850 (m. Eliza- 
beth Minkler of Clermont, N. Y.); son of 
Derack, born at Germantown, and died at 
Clermont, Columbia county, in the State 
of New York. [24S] 

SAMUEL FISHER, Albany; sons 
Albany, b. 1S16 (m. 1S42 Eleanor, dau. of 
John Orton Cole); son of Ljinau of Troy, 
b. 1791, d. 1S63 (m. 1S16 Nancy, dau. of 
Colonel Timothy Whiting^; son of Tim- 
othy of Fitchburg, Mass., b. 1765, d. 1841 
(m. 17S9 Eunice Pond); son of Ucnjauiiii 
of Vermont, b. 1740 (m. 1764 Lucy Chase); 
son of RcMJaniin of Watertown, Mass., b. 
1715, d. 1756 (m. 1739 Abigail Harrington), 
killed by the Indians; son Of Samuel of 
Watertown, b. 1692; son of Denjamin, b. 
1643, d. 1717 (m. ist, 1673 Mehitable 
Hawkins, 2nd, 1677 Elizabeth Bridge), 
captain of militia, mem. of general court 
eleven times; son of Edward of Water- 
town, d. April 16, i66i; son of EDWARD 
GARFIELD of Chester, England, who 
came to America with colonists under Gov- 
ernor Winthrop, June 30, 1630, and is said 
to have been descended from the Garlields of 
Teddington, Middlesex, England. [249] 

ALFRED, Albany; sons of Isaac 
Parker, Albany, b. 1S02, d. 187S (m. isl, 
Ann Capron, 2nd, Mary HIantchford); son 
of Thomas of Esopus, N. Y., b. 1772, d. 
i3i6 (m. Hannah Durling), accidentally 
killed by the discharge of a blast at Eso- 
pus. [250] 
C1 ATES, WILLIAM E., Albany; son of 
J Elias, b. at Westmoreland, N. H., 
iSoi, d. 1SS6 (m. 1833 Mary A. Stcdman); 
son of Elias of Westmoreland, b. 1772; son 
of Elias, 1). at Leominster, Mass., 1742; 
son of REUBEN GATES who was a col- 
lector of taxes in England and came to 
America 1740. [-5'] 

Gi AY, GILBERT, Albany ; son of JOHN 
r GAY of Albany, b. rS20 (m. 1842 
Betsy Jane Anderson, desc. from John 
Anderson, a Scotchman, who came over to 
America during the Revolution and served 
in the Rev. army); son of Joliu of Balti- 
more, Greene county, N. Y.,b. i79S,d. 1S30 



(m. 1S19 Elizabeth Rea) ; son of John of 
lijllimore, Greene county, N. Y., b. 1761, 

a. 1S46 (m. Jane Conine). [252] 

G1 1: i:!!. FREDERICK C, Albany; son 
K of IJolicrt (ill'or of Albany; son of 
.(allies L. of Norwich, Conn., b. 1808 (m. 
1st, Prudence A. Gallup, 2nd, Mary E. 
Gear); son of JaiuCS of Ledyard, Conn., b. 
1783 (m. iSoS Sally Lewis); son of llobt'l't 
of Ledyard, b. 1743, d. 1834 (m. 1767 Lucy 
Fitch), grad. of Yale Coll., 1763; son of 
Ebt'iu'zcr of Ledyard, b. 1709, d. 17O3 (m. 
1773 Prudence Wheeler) ; son of JlollCrt, 

b. 1675, d. 1742 (m. 1733 Martha Tyler); the 
fourth son of GEORGE (JEEH, who came 
from England, 1G35, and is found settled, 
witli his brother Thomas, in that part of 
New London now called Ledyard. His 
wife was Sarah Allyn, to whom he was mar- 
ried February 17, 1658. He is believed to 
be the son of Jonathan Geer of Havitree, 
Devon, or, according to some, of Shore- 
ham, Devon, England. Gtii. of George and 
Tluvnas Gccr, Hartford, 1S56. [253] 

son of SAMUEL T. GERMAIN, of 
Albany, b. iS29{m. 1850 Anna King); son of 
(j|corj,'e of Glen Cove, Long Island, b. 
1783, d. about 1839 (m. M. Traverse); cap- 
lain and owner of a coasting vessel; son of 

Cliarlcs of Glen Cove (m. Jermain); 

born at Neck, and captain in Rev. 
army under General Israel Putnam. [254J 

GL.U)I)IN(;, JAMES F., Albany; son 
of Ercoiiiaii of Albany, b. iSi6,d. iSSi 
(m. Lavantia K. Utman); son of Tilliotliy, 
b. 177O, A. 1S46 (m. ist, Lucy Morion; 2nd, 
Cynthia Whipple), settled at Albany. [255] 
^JT Albany; son of Jacoll of Albany, b. 
1796, d. 1872 (m. Maria Baker), served in 
war 1812 ; con of (ierrit, descended from 
the early Dutch settlers of Albany. [256] 

•SCOTT DU MONT, Albany; sons 
of ADtert of Albany; b. 1803, d. 1869 (m. 
Jane Laing of Northumberland, N. Y.); son 
of Eltlad V. of Ashficld, Mass. (m. Lucy 
Scott of Montague, Mass.); son of Uriah 
of Ashficld, Mass. (m. Mabel Francis of 
Newington, 1757); son of Isaac uf Hartford, 

Conn., b. 1G91, d. 1773 (m. Hannah Mor- 
gan); son of Nalhauicl of Hartford. Conn., 
d. 1747 (m- Mehctable,dau. of .Samuel Por- 
ter of Hadley), deacon; son of William of 
Hartford, b. 1629, d. 1689 (m. Susanna); son 
of Ozia.s UoiMhviii, b. in England 1596 (m. 
Mary, dau. of Robert Woodward of Brain- 
tree, Esse.t, England), came to America 
and resided at Newtown, Mass., thence to 
Hartford, Conn., 1636, of which he was one 
of the founders ; d. at Hartford, 1683. See 
Gen.Xotci by Nathaniel Goodwin, Hariford, 
1856. [257I 

bany, b. i8i2 (tn. Julia Morgan); son 
of Cliauiifoy of Stephentown, N. Y., b. 
17S7 (m. Sally Gardner); son of David of 
Lyme, Conn., b. 1757 (m. 1787 Rebecca 
Granger); son of .lailll^s of Lebanon, 
Conn., b. 1722 (m. Elizabeth Chappel); son 
of John (m. Betsy A. Greenleaf), settled 
at Nantasket, Massachusetts. [25SI 

GOOLD, HENRY, Albany; son of 
James of AlbaTiy, b. 1790, d. 1879 
(m. Elizabeth Vail), member of common 
council, trustee of Albany Academy; son 
of Daviil of Lyme, b. 1757 (m. 1787 Re- 
becca Granger); son of Jaiiios of Lebanon, 
Conn., b. 1722 (m. Elizabelh Chappel); son 
of John (m. Betsy A. Greenleaf), settled 
at Nantasket, Massachusetts. [259] 

CHARLES BURTON, Albany; sons 
of John Ser;;-fnt of Albany, b. 1816, d. 
1S73; son of JaillOS of Albany, b. 1790, d. 
1S79 (m. Elizabeth V^iil), member of com- 
mon council, trustee of Albany Academy; 
son of David of Lyme, Conn., b. 1755 (m. 
Rebecca Granger); son of Jaillo.S of Leba-' 
non. Conn., b. 1722 (m. Elizabeth Chap- 
pel); son of Jolin of Nantasket, Mass. (m. 
Betsy A. Greenleaf). [260] 

and ANTHONY, and OTIS AL- 
LEN, and ALBERT L., Albany; sons of 
William of Albany, b. 1814, d. 18S6 (m. 
Sarah Margaret Hartness); son of Jo.seplt 
of Caldwell, N. J., b. 1742, d. 1852 (m. 
Betsy Condit); son of'|ih of Cald- 
well, b. 1737. d- iSio(m. Rebecca Pax(on); 
son of Jolili uf Caldwell, b. 1708 (m. Abi- 


I c A N AN c: ]': S T k V 

gail Woodruff); son of John of Elizabctli- 
lown, N. J. (m. Maitliii Fiazier); son of 
JOHN (JOIILI) of Devonshire, England 
(m. Sarah Extell), wlio came to America, 
wiling from Dartmouth, in 1664, with his 
two brothers, Thomas and Robert. One 
brollier settled in Massachusetts and one 
on Long Island. John Gould settled in 
Connecticut, thence to Elizabethtown, New 
Jersey, where he died. [-^^] 

GUAHAM, MILES G., Albany; son of 
Merlin of Bath, N. Y., b. iSoS, d. 
1372 (m. Lurah Gustin); son of Timotliy 
of DeWilt, N. Y., b. 1779, d. 17S4 (m. Kulh 
Wilcox of Simsbury, Conn., died 1S69, 
aged 92); son of ISAAC (JUAIIAM of 
Simsbury, b. 1728, d. May 23, 1S07 (m. 
Sarah Moses), a brother of Dr. Elisha and 
Daniel Graham, who settled at Simsbury, 
Conn., about 1752. (See Brown's ScliUrs' 
of Wist Siinsl'iiry.) Supposed to have 
come to America from Grahamstown, Scot- 
land. [262] 

CREA, Albany; son of Jacobus, b. 
1763, d. 1S27 (m. isl, 1784 Annatie Viss- 
cher, 2nd, 1796 Maria McCrea, a niece of 
Jane McCrea who was murdered by the 
Indians at Fort Edward, 1777) ; son of 
Arie, b. 1738, d. 179S (m. Maria Van 
Antwerp), alderman of Albany, 1775; son 
of Jacuhiis, b. 1691, d. 1765 (m. Engeltie, 
dau. of Johannes S. Veeder); son of Omie 
(m. Annetie de Vries), resided at New 
Amsterdam, 1656, a trader at Albany, 1665, 
lx)ught of John Hendr. Vroman, in 16SO, 
one-half of Van Bael's patent on the Nor- 
mans Kill (Tawasentha), consideration was 
one hundred good and merchantable beaver 
skins, and with Johannes Symonse Veeder 
in 1716 bought the remaining half of said 
patent from Isaac de Peystcr, Niclilaas 
Evertsen and Henry Wileman, heirs of 
Jan Hendrickse Van Bael, consideration 
two hundred and fifty pounds, colonial 
money, the patent is said to have contained 
sixty-nine thousand acres ; son of JOHAN- 
NES l)KI-A(inAN(.JE, a Huguenot emi- 
grant from France about 165O, who settled 
in New Amsterdam. Tradition says that 
he came either from Rochelle or Nor- 
mandy. [263] 

GRAVES, JOHN SIMON, Albany; son 
of John of Vermont, b. 1790, d. 
1S52 (m. Catharine Smith); son of John of 
Vermont, b. 1763, died at Crown Point, 
TS33(m. Evelyn Shirts). [264] 

GEORGE STUART, Albany, sons 
of DANIEL H. GREGORY of New York 
and Albany (m. Julia, dau. of Col. James 
DufT, and great grand dau. of Thos. Ivers, 
alderman of New York city, 1783, and 
mem. of prov. war com. during Revolu- 
tion); son of Hiirvpy Holmes, b. at Platte- 
kill, N. Y., 1794, d. 1S26 (m 1824 Isabella, 
dau. of James Stewart of Delaware county, 
N. Y.); son of Diiniel of Stratford, Conn., 
U. 1770, d. 1S44 (m. Mary, dau. of Isaac 
Holmes of Bedford, Conn.), one of the 
first settlers of Plattekill; son of Haiiiel 
of Motwalk, Conn., b. 1734, d. 1788 (m. 
1759 Hannah, dau. of Harvey Smith), called 
to the bar, served in Rev. army ; son of 
John of Norwalk, b. 1697 (m. 1725 Clara, 
dau. of Daniel Kellogge); son of John of 
Norwalk, b. 1669 (m. ^Lary, dau. of Harvey 
Stuart), freeman, 1694, ensign, 1694, deacon, 
1702; son of John, removed from Strat- 
ford to New Haven, thence to Norwalk, 
of whicli he was one of the original settlers, 
deputy to general court, 1662, selectman, 
1O68; son of HUNUY (iUlCiJOUV, b. at 
Nottingham, England, about 1570. emi- 
grated to America and settled in Boston 
prior to 1639, removed to Springfield, 
thence to Stratford, Conn., of which he was 
one of the founders. His brother William 
was alderman of Nottingham, England, 
in 1650; son of John of Broughton-Sul- 

ney, England fm. Alicia ), mayor of 

Nottingham, England, 1571, 1586; son of 
Tlloma.S of Overbroughton, Nottingham, 
England (m. Dorothy Beeston) ; son of 

Hii!,'o (m. Maria ); son of William 

(m. Dorotha of Kempenhaugh, Lancashire, 
England); son of Adam (ni. Adae Ormes- 
ton of Ormeston, Lancashire, Eng.); son of 
Nicholas; son of John (ireyory, lord of 
the manors of Freselcy and Asfordby (m. 
Maud, dau. of Sir Roger Molon, knight of 
Peckleton, Leicestershire, Eng.). See A. E. 
I fist. aiiJ Gelt. AVJ,^, vol. 23 ; Hall's If isl. of 
Norwall;; OiQu^'s Hist, oj StraiforJ. [263] 


A M E R I C A N A N C R S T R Y 

GRAT, STEPHEN R, (m, Charlotte 
Comstock), Albany; son of (Jarrit 
of Guilderland, b. 1783, d. 1836 (m. Mar- 
garet.dau. of John M. and Isabella Douglass 
Van Der Pool) ; son of Robert of Guilder- 
land, b. 1745, d. 1S34 (m. 1777 Susannah 
La Grange), one of five brothers, namely, 
Garrit, John, William, Isaac and Robert, who 
came fronj the State of New Jersey and all 
served in the Rev. army. At the establish- 
ment of American Independence, John 
settled in Virginia, Garrit, William and 
Isaac in South Carolina. Robert came to 
the city of Albany about 1777, moved to the 
western part of Albany county i Boo, assisted 
to organize Guilderland, where he was a 
town olTicer and supervisor. These are 
probably descended from Edward Gray and 
Mary Winslow of Rhode Island. See 
Austin's Cfn. Diet., in loco. [266] 

son of Samuel of Quaker Springs, 
N.Y., b. 17S4, d. iS48(m. Abigail Wilbur); 
son of Joiiatlinil of Quaker Springs, b. 

1757, d. 1S37 (m. Mary ), came from 

Dutchess count)', [267) 

J CHARLES P., and FRANK and 
EDWARD, Albany ; sons of R. M. 
GRIFFIN of Albany, b. 1814 (m. Charlotte 
L. Hewson); son of Michael of Dutchess 
county, b. 178O, d. 1872 (m. Mary Kruth) ; 
son of Jaeolt of New York, b. 1757, d. 

1S29 (m. Catharine Hofman); son of 

(iRIFFIX, who came from England and 
Holland to America in 1700. [-^jS] 

son of Martin of Vernon, N. Y., b. 
iBog, d. 1S54 (m. Hannah Smith); son of 
Mattliew of Vernon, d. 1830 (m. Sarah 
Macalpin); son of Pliincas of Winchester 
county, descended from one of the early 
settlers of Connecticut. [2(19] 

. H.,and CHARLES EDWIN.Albany; 
sons of Sylvester Lorenzo of Kinderhook, 
b. 1S28, d. 1862 (m. Elizabeth Miller) ; son 
of John of Kinderhook, b. 1S05, d. 18S5 
(m. Anna Mickle). Probably descended 
from Symon SymonseGroot of Beverwyck, 
>&54. [2/0] 

GROAT, WILLIAM D., Albany (m. 
Duranna Gross); son of .lohn of Kin- 
devliook, b. 17S1, d. 1821 (in. Anna Pulse); 
son of Henry of Ghent, b. 1712, d. 1797. 
The lineage of the Groats probably desc. 
from Symon Symonse Groot of Beverwyck, 
1654. See Munsell's Collections. [271I 

\ Albany (m. Lctitia D. Ide); son of 
William Anson of Lansingburgh, b. 1809, 
d. 1S63 (m. Louisa Chichester); son of 
Woiiter W. of Schaghticoke, b. 1771, d. 
lS49(m. about 1791 Hannah Arnold); son of 

Wonfer N.of Schaghticoke (m. Alida ); 

son of Nicliolas of Schaghticoke (m. ist, 
Marytje Quackenbush, 2nd, Agnietje dc 
Wandlaer): son of Willem Claase of Al- 
bany, died 1723 (m. 10S4 Gertruy, dau. of 
David Pieterse Schuyler, uncle of Col. 
Pieter Schuyler, first mayor of Albany); 
GROESUECK, who was the son of Jaco- 
bus Groesbeck of Rotterdam in Holland. 
He was born in 1624, probably in Rotter- 
dam, and married Elizabeth ■ , and is 

found settled in Albany in 1662. On Oct. 
10, 1I196, he deposed that he was 72 years 
old. He then had a house and lot on the 
west side of Pearl street, the second north 
of Maiden Lane. See Talcott's Gen. Notes. 

M. Hoirman Hcrtzler), Albany; son 
of (ieorii'e Lyell of New York city and 
Philadelphia, b. 1S09, d. 1873 (m. 1830 
Elizabeth Stuart Boker); son of Elijah of 
New York, b. 1770, d. 1844 (m. 1798 Eliza- 
beth Marshall); son of John of New 
Rochclle, b. 1723, d. 1792 (m. 1747 Anna 
Hart); son of Lonis of New Rochelle, b. 
1700, d. 1769 (m. 1722 Phebe Lyon); son of 
Louis of New Rochelle, b. at .sea 1676, d. 

1725 (m. Tomaza); son of LOUIS 

(iUION. b. 1654 (m. Marie ), of La 

Rochelle, France, who tied to England, be- 
fore the revocation of edict of Nantes, and 
came to America 1685, was settled at New 
Rochelle, New York State, in 1710. He 
is believed to be a son of Jaques Guion, 
who married Jeanelte Marie Bouvier de 
la Morte, in 1664, afterward the historical 
"Madame Guion." The old Guion resi- 



dence at New Rochellc is still standing. 
See Bolton's //ist. U\-sU/u-il,;- County. [273] 

H.V(JA1)0RN, EDWARD, Albany; sun 
of SILAS HAGADORN of Albany 
(in, 1st, Kate O'Connor, 211a, Cecelia Fran- 
ces); son of .Silavi of Albany, b. 1775, d. 

iS40(ni. 1st, ■ Roods, 2nd, Aary Vale); 

son of SILAS(.') HA(;ADOnX or 1IA(JE- 
DOP.N, descended from a Diitcli settler. 
See Munsell's ColU'dions. [274] 

SELL WESCOTT (minors), Albany; 
sons of Willitllll Jaillt'.S of Albany, b. 
1833, d. 1877 (m. Josephine Wescott); son 
b. 1805 (m. Sarah Coffee); son of Oliver 
of Coeynians (m. ILinnah Rowe); son of 
John of Little Rest, Dutchess county, N. 
Y., b. 1730, d. 1S04. [275] 

son of John of Wolf Hill, N. \. 
(m. Jane De Reamer); son of Oliver of 
Coeynians (m. Hannah Rowe); son of Jollli 
of Little Rest, Dutchess county, b. 1730, 
d. 1804. [276! 

HALCOTT, JOHN B., Albany; son of 
(.'eorj^e W. of Catskill, N. Y., b. 
i8i3, d. 18S3 (ni. 1839 Lucinda Cornish), 
sheriff of Greene county, collector of rev- 
enue, 187S-33; son of LIKFTENANT 
JOHN IIALCOTT, who came 10 America 
in the British army and was private secre- 
tary to Sir Henry Clinton when he was 
governor of New York, at the conclusion 
of the war became a citizen of the United 
States and settled in Greene county, New- 
York State. He married Letitia Jenkins 

HALE, MATTHEW, Albany; s.m of 
lliirryof Chelsea. Vermont, b. 1780, 
d. 1861, county clerk for many years, and 
member of Vermont legislature ; son of 
Nathnil, b. 1743; sers'ed in Rev. army; col. 
of New Hamp. rcg., died in Long Island a 
prisoner of war, 1780; son of Moses of New 
Hampshire, b. 1703, d. 1762; son of Thomas 
of Haverhill, Mass., b. i(J8S-g, d. 1732, 
M.D., justice of the peace formally years ; 
son of Tliomas, b. in England, November 
18. 1633, d. at Newbury, Mass.. October 22, 
l583; son of THOMAS HALE, b. at Wat- 

ton at Stone, Hertfordshire, England, 1606, 
came to America and stilled at Newbury, 
Mass., 1&37, where he died December 21, 
16S2. He was son of Tliomas* llalc (m. 
Joan Kirby), a yeoman of Watton at Stone, 
who died October, 1630. See Tluiitas Ihde 
ami hisJesc, 1S77, NJi- nisi, and Gen. Reg., 
Oct., 1 88 1. [278] 

sons of Silvester, b. 1S04, d. i88i 
(m. 1829 to Nancy A. Eamcs); son of •Wil- 
liam, b. 1753, d. 1823 (m. 17S4 Mary Burn- 
ham), served in Rev. army ; son of Eliziir, 
b. 1724, d. i7go(m. 1749 Abigail Hollisler), 
M. D. grad. of Yale Coll., 1742, served in 
Rev. army; son of Joiialhan, b. 1696, d. 
1772 (m. 1717 Sarah Talcott), held the com- 
mission of captain, rep. Glastenbury, Conn., . 
in general court; son of Samuel, b. 1645, 
d. 1711 (m. Mary Welles), lieut., rep. 
Glastenbury in the general court; son of 

SAMUEL HALE (m. Mar>- ), came 

to America and settled in Hartford in 1O37, 
owned land, and on east side of the river 
in 1639, ^ representative in the general 
court, one of the first settlers in Glasten- 
bury, a soldier in the Periuot war. Died 
1693. See Glastnihtiry Cent.; Taleott Gen.; 
Hist. Grad. Yale. [279] 

son of ^Villiam of Oak Hill. Greene 
county, N. Y., b. 1805, d. l8(Jo; son of 
I'eter of Athens, N. Y., b. 17CS, d. 1826 ; 
son of Jneol) of Athens, b. 1738, d. 1792, 
served in Rev. army. TzBo] 

minor), Albany; son of Samuel of 
Albany, b. at Elizabethtown, Esse.x county, 
N. Y., 1834, d. 18S6 (m. Lydia Learned), 
LL. D., Union Coll., judge of court of 
appeals, editor of Philobibhm, 1861 ; son of 
Aliijiistiis C. of Elizabethtown, Essex 
county, N. Y. (111. Marcia Northrop), judge 
of supreme court, 1S47 ; son of Samiiel, 
who died at Shorcham, Vermont. [281] 

son of DAVID HANNAV of Albany 
(m. Ruth Welch); son of Ilavid of Basic 
Creek, Westerlo, N. Y., b. 1784, d. 1871 (in. 
1805 Hannah T. Bush); son of ANDUEW 
IIANNAY of Galloway, Scotland, b. 1733, 


and at the age of 24 enlisted in the 51st reg. 
of tlie British army, came to America 1774, 
married Elizabeth Ricord TowsicI;, died 
180S. [2S2] 

HAKE, GEORGE, Albany; son of Wil- 
liillU D. of Esperancc, Schoharie 
county, N. Y., b. 17S9. d. iSSo (m. Linia 
Brown); son of Daniel D., b. 1768 (?), d. 
iS46(?)(m. Elizabeth Graliam), came from 
Dutcliess county and settled at Espcrance, 
and who is believed to be descended from a 
Duteli settler of the name of liar or Ilur. 

HAURIS, HAMILTON, Albany; son of 
Frederick R. AViiteriiiaii, b. at 

Steplientown, N. Y., 1780, d. 1S51 ; son of 
Nicliolas. b. i749,d.iSi9; son of Jedcdiali; 
son of Nieliolas, b. 1671; son of Tlioiiias, 
d. 1710; son of THOMAS IIARllIS, who 
with his brother William came to America 
fro.Ti Deal, Kent, England, 1634, and were, 
with Roger Williams, among the first set- 
tlersof the Providence Plantation in Rhode 
Island, mentioned in one of the deeds of 
Roger Williams as •' Thomas Harris, 
Senior," Governor's assistant in Providence 
in 1654, died i6S(j. [2S4] 

HARRIS, JULIUS F., Albany ; son of 
Marvin C. of Kingsbury, N. Y., b. 
iSii, d. 1874 (m. 1st, 1835 Hilda Dickin- 
son; 2nd, 1870 Jane Faxon); son of William 
1>. of Oueensbury, N. Y., b. 17S1, d. 1S33 
(m. 1803 Sina Chandler); son of Joseph, b. 
1750, d. 1831 (m. Elizabeth Sly), served in 
Rev. army; son of MOSES HARRIS, who 
caine from Wales to America, and settled 
in Dutchess county, thence to Oueensbury, 
Warren county, in the State of New York. 

son of John of Argyle, N. Y., b. 
17S6, d. 1S58 (m. Agnes McDougall); son 
of Jolin of Salem, N. Y., b. 1745, d. 1830 
(m. Mary Craig), soldier in Rev. army, 
present at the battle of .Saratoga ; son of 
JAMES IIARSHA, who, with his son John, 
emigrated from Ballybay, Ulster, Ireland, 
for America, and settled at Stillwater, in 
the ^tate of New York, 1764, died 1765. 


HART, ELI H., Albany; son of JOHN 
J, HART of Albany, b. 1S17; son of 
Jaoohof New Scotland, N. Y. (m. Annie 
Miner); son of David of New Scotland. 

son of Simeon 1'. of Madison county, 
b. 1780, d. 1839 (m. Mary H. M.ay); son of 
Simeon, b. 175S, d. 1846 (m. Sarah Par- 
sons); served in Rev. armj'; son of Zecli- 
ariall of Granville, Mass., b. 1732, served 
in French war ; son of Ebenezer of Gran- 
ville, b. i6go; son of Jose])ll, b. 1646; son 
of WILLIAM HASKELL, b. 1617, came 
from England to America, 1632, died 1693. 

HAWES, GEORGE W., Albany; son of 
Isaac L. of Albany, b. 1765, d. 1S71 
(m. Abigail Bailey); son of Lyman of Kin- 
derhook, d. 1S52, served in Rev. army. 
[2 So] 

bany; sun of Jolin of Nassau, N. 
Y., b. 1S06, d. iSSo (m. Terissa Adamsl, 
coroner, school superintendent; son of 
Daniel of Nassau, b. 1782. d. 1S70 (m. 
Mrs. J, Burnett) ; son of John of Bedford, 
Mass., b. 1736, d. 1S16. [290] 

HAYNES, GEORGE W., Albany; son 
of Ezra of Green Island, b. 1817 (m. 
Emaline Hoag) ; son of Ezra, b. 1778, d. 
1S59 (m. Elizabeth Terry), sergeant in war 
of 1812 ; son of Daniel, b. 1741 ; son of 
Peter, b. 1685; son of Peter, b. 1654; son 
of WALTER HAYNES, b. 15S3, who came 
from England in the ship Confidence, 163S, 
and settled in America. [-91] 

HEATH. JOHN E., Albany; son of 
David Whijiple of Washington 
county, N. Y., b. 1799, d. 1870 (m. 1S20 
Elizabeth Sybrandt, a direct desc. of Sover- 
eign of Sybrandt); son of Samuel of Wash- 
ington county, b. 1773 (m. 1794 Sylvia 
Whipple, a direct desc. of Job Whipple of 
Rhode Island). See Whipple Gen., Cam- 
bridge, iSSi. [292] 
son of Jacob 11. of Albany, b. 1808, 
d. iS79(m.Jane McClelland), alderman of 
Albany, 1853; son of Mattliew of New Sa- 



1cm, b. 1766,0. 1822 (m. Mari.i Van Loon); 
son of William of Durham, Greene county, 

in Ihe Slalu of New York (m. Mar- 

klc). [2931 

HEItltlCK, JOMATIIAN R, Albany ; 
son of JaiiK'S of Duanesburgli, N. 
v., b. 1792, d. 1843 (m. Jnlia Sherburne); 
son of Jouatllilll of Duanesburgh, b. 1760, 
d. 1847 (m. 17S7 Patience Palmer); son of 
Stoplien of Dutchess county, h. 1727 (m. 

ist, 1747 Anna Fargo, 2nd, , the 

mother of Jonathan); son of Stoplieii of 
Preston, Conn., b. 1705 (m. 1726 Phebe 
Guile), removed to Dutchess county ; son 
of Samuel of Preston, Conn., b. 1675 (m. 
169S Mehetable Woodward); settled at 
Preston, 1702; son of npliraim of Bircli 
Plain, bp. 163S, d. lU)-, (married Man,- 
Cross),, i663 ; son of HENKIUE 
IIIRECK, fifth son of Sir William Hireck 
of Bean Manor, Leicester, England, b. 1604. 
He was named by command of Prince 
Henry, eldest son of James I. His spon- 
sors were Sir David Murray, Sir John Spdl- 
man and Lady Aston. He probably came 
to Virginia, and eventually settled at Sa- 
lem, Mass. He married Editha Larkin. 
See //.-mci Oct., 18S5. [294] 

son of EDWARD HICKS, b. 1S13 
(in. Helen Mar Soule) ; son of Samuel, b. 
1752, d. 1S20 (m. Mary Sheppard), engaged 
in battle of Plattsburg, 1S12; son of John, 
b. 1725. d. 1775 (m. Elizabeth Nutting), 
killed in the battle of Le,\ington ; son of 
John; son of Zacliarinli, b. 1657 (m. 
Ruth, dau. of John Greene); son of Zai'll- 
ariall, b. in England, 1628, d. in America, 
1702 (m. 1652 Elizabeth Sill, d. 1730), set- 
■ tied in Cambridge, Mass. ; son of THOMAS 
HICKS of London. England (m. Margaret, 
dau. of Zcchariah West, a linen draper of 
London), came from England about 1630, 
his brother Robert having preceded him 
and settled in Scituate, Mass. In his will, 
dated Jan. 10, 1653, lie mentions his three 
sons, Zechariah, Daniel and Samuel ; died 
at Scituate about 1653. The English de- 
scent of THO.IIAS HICKS is as follows: 

He was the son of James (m. Phebe , 

perhaps a daughter of Rev. Ephraini Al- 
lyneof Hertfordshire); son of Baptist, b. 

about 1526 (m. Nancy, dau. of James Ever- . 
hard); son of Tlioiiias Hieks of Tortworth, 
Gloucestershire, which estate he inherited 
frotii his father, John Hicks, and on which 
he resided until his death (m. Joan D.irney). 
This Thomas was the eldest son of JollU 
Ilitks who was lineally descended from Sir 
llllis liielis who was knighted by Edward 
the Black Prince at the battle of Poictiers. 
Sept. ly, 135G. In the RiigVnk Fuuoii.-hise 
(see Foster's Edition, 1S81, p. 311I the line- 
age of Sir Michael Hicks-Beach,, of 
Beverstone, Gloucestershire, is traced to 
Robert Hicks, the son of John Hicks of 
Tortworth. [295] 

HILL, DAVID, Albany (m. Edwina Bel- 
den); son of Elieiiezer of Norwalk, 
Conn.,b: 1797, d. 1S75 (m. 1S39 Hannah 
Lyon), member of State leg. ; son of Ebc- 
Iiezer of Reading, Conn., b. 176S, d. 1842 
(m. 1791 Sarah, sister of Joel Barlow); son 
of Elieuezer of Fairfield, Conn., b. 1742, d. 
1798 (m. 1765 Mabel Sherwood), captain in 
Rev. army; son of Joseph, b. 1699, d. 1797 
(m. 1731 .\bigail Dimon), a deacon; son of 
William, d. 1739 (m. Sarah ■ — — ) ; son 
of William, d. 1728; son of William, d. 
1684 (m. Elizabeth ); son of WIL- 
LIAM HILL who came from England in 
the WiUiain and Frames and arrived at Bos- 
ton June 5, 1632, settled at Dorchester, 
1635, at Windsor, 1639, selectman, 1636, 
dep. to general court, 1639-41, 1644, 1652- 
53, auditor of public accounts, 1639, gov- 
ernor's assistant, collector of customs. See 
Ga>. of the J fill Family. [296] 

HILTON, PHILIP, Albany; son of 
Simon A'au Antwerp of .\lbany, b. 
1792, d. 1S75 (m. Maria Crannel); son of 
Johnson of Albany, b. about 1730, d. 1810, 
served in Rev. army; son of Jonathan, b. 
1750 (m. Catharine Hanson), served in Rev. 
army, supposed to have been lost at sea; 
son of WILLIAM HILTON, younger 
brother of Baron Hilton, who both came 
from England to America. [297] 

Albany; son of CliarleS Ansou of 
Pittsford, Vermont, b. 1827 (m. Laura A. 
Rice); son of Ira of Pittsford, b. 1802, d. 
1870 (ra. Abigail Leonard); son of Uemem- 



braiioe of Pittsford, b. 1770, d. 1849; son 
of Jollll (in. Abigail Chapman). [29S] 

HERBERT HAKER, Albany, sons 
of Sutllt'l-liliul 0. uf Albany, b. 1824, d. 
1S80 (m. Elizabeth Barker); son of Joilil- 
tllilU of Easton, Washington count)', b. 
179S (m. Elizabeth Slocnni); son of Elisllll 
of Easton, b. 1773, d. 1S57 (m.Rutli Thomas), 
wlio resided in Dutchess county. l-9')\ 

and GEORGE RICE, Albany; sons 
of Stcplii'U Loriii;^ of Salem, Mass., b. 
iSio, d. 1S74 (m. 1S3S Lucinda E. Graves, 
a desc. of Maximilian, king of Bavaria); 
son of Slcpllt'U of Ipswich, N. H., b. 1782, 
d. 1S27 (m. 1807 Arathusa Corbin); son of 
Ilezckiiili of Ipswich, N. H., b. Sept. 3, 
1757, d. Oct. 3, 1821 (m. Lydia Cummings 
of Topsfield), a soldier in Rev. army, for 
which his children receive a pension. [300] 

Mary L. F.iy, desc. of Miles Stan- 
dish), Albany; son of JlOhCS of Braintree, 
Mass., b. 1797, d. 18(19 ("'■ 1825 .Amanda 
White, a desc. of Peregrine White, tlie first 
born babe of the M.iyjJo-Mcr, 1620), a captain ; 
son of James of Braintree, b. 1753, d. 1836 
(m. 1774 Rhoda Vinton); son of David of 
Braintree, b. 1717, d. 1785 (in. 1741 Mary 
ILiyden); son of Diivid of Braintree; son 
of Itliahod of Weymouth, Mass., b. 1690 
(m. Mary Pitter) ; son of John of Wey- 
mouth (m. Sarah ), captain; son of 

THOMAS nOKUltOOK who, with his 
brother John and others, came from Wey- 
mouth, England, and founded the town of 
Weymouth, Mass., in 1624. [301 J 

Albany; sons of Edwin of S.auger- 
ties, N. Y., b. 1S30, d. 18S4 (m. Catharine 
Jane Machesney); son of Caleb of Sauger- 
ties, b. 1768 (?), d. 1862 (m. Amanda Cole), 
came from Connecticut, a sailor. [302] 

HOLLAND, ALMON, Albany; son of 
PARK HOLLAND of Albany, b. 
1812 (m. 1841 Harriet Vaughan of Kings- 
bury); son of Lot of Battleborough, Ver- 
mont, b. 1784, d. 1S43 (ill. Abigail Rice); 
son of Joal), b. 1758 (m. Abigail ), set- 
tled at Barre, Massachusetts. [303] 

(m. Amelia Schuyler); son of Wil- 
liam of Leyden, N. Y., b. 1787, d. 1877 (m 
i8i2 Mary Warner); son of Daniel D. of 
New London (m. Mabel Bradley), a pris 
oner on British man-of-war, 1S12 (see Hoi 
Family Cii., p. 275); son of Daniel of 
New London, b. 1764, d. 1790 (m. Mary 
Pier|)onl), a mariner who died at sea; son 
of D.VNILL HOLT who came from Eng 
land. [304] 

bany; son of Henry of Boston, b. 
1776, d. 1B45 (m. 1st, Isabella Porter, 2nd, 
Dorcas Freeman); son of William of 
Boston, b. 1742, d. 1825(01. ist, Elizabeth 
Whitwell, 2nd, Anna Durscott, 3rd, Mary 
Grcenough), niem. of prov. congress; son 
of AVilliam of Boston, b. 1717 (m. Rebecca 
Dawes); son of IJobert of Boston, b. 1694, 
a sea captain, probably lost at sea, Oct. 27, 
1727 (m. Mary, sister of Benjamin Frank 
lin); son of ItEV. WILLIA.U HO.HI^S of 
Ulster county, Ireland, who came to America 
ill ifi36 and was pastor of Chilmark, in 
Martha's Vineyard. [3"5] 

HOOS, WALTER J., Albany; son of 
EPHRAIM J. HOOS of Coxsackie, 
N. Y.,b. 1S28 (m. Charlotte A. Seabridge) ; 
son of Jollll of Greenville, b. 1802, d. 1859 
(m. Elizabeth McGuire); son of Nicilolas 

of Coxsackie, b. 1760, d. 1840 (m. 

Moore), wliose father resided in Columbia 
county, New York State, and served in the 
Rev. army. [306] 

and ALAXCIE and EDWARD, Al- 
bany; sons of Jared Sliepard of Hartford, 
Conn.,b. 1822, d. iS86(m. Harriet Tredear) ; 
son of Ezra of Hartford, b. 1794, d. 1856 
(m. Lucy Shepherd); son of Ezra of Union, 
Conn., b. 1761, d. 1848 (m. 1785 Olive 
May), a deacon; son of Ezra of Southold, 
Long Island, b. 1733, d. 1789 (m. Mary 
Hempstead), grad. Princeton Coll., 1754, 
A, M., Yale Coll., 1772, pastor of Cong. ch. 
twenty-four years; son of James of South- 
old, b. 1694, d. 1762 (m. Anna Goldsmith), 
a deacon; son of Joiiallian of Soulhold, b. 
1648, d. 1707 (rn, Bethia, dau. of Williara 
Wells, one of original settlers of South- 


old); son of BARNABAS IIOUTUN. See 

3'0- [307] 

HOllTOX, JOHN, Albany ; son of 
John of Goshen, b. 17S3, d. 1S26 (m. 
Catharine Solomans); son of MuthiilS of 
Goshen, b. 1760, d. 1815 (m. 1782 Saiah 
Rumscy) ; son of Silns of Goshen, b. 
1730 (?) (m. 1755 Experience Vail); son of 
BiU'uabilS of Soulhold, Long Island, b. 
1690 (m. Mary Swcazy) ; son of Bar- 
nabas of Goshen, b, i6(j6, d. 1698 (m. 
16S6 Sarah Hines); son of Caleb T. of 
Southold, Long Island, b. at Soulhold 
about 1O40 (m. Abigail Ilallock); son of 
BARNABAS IIORTON. See 310. [308] 

HORTON, W. OSCAR, Albany ; son of 
"William Cook of Chaumont.N. Y., 
b. 1797, d. 1839 (m. 1817 Mary Smith); son 
of Henry of Point SaUibrius, N. Y., b. 
1771, d. 1S55 (m. 1792 Abigail Cook); son 
of William of Colchester, N. Y.. b. 1743, 
d, 1S31 (ni. 1768 Lizzie Covert of Huguenot 
desc), justice of the peace, county judge; 
son of Daniel of Yorktown, b. 1692, d. 
1777 (m. Esther Lane); son of Bavid of 
White Plains, b. 1664 (m. Esther King); son 
of Josei)ll of Rye, Westchester county, born 
in England (ni. Jane Bndd); son of BAR- 
NABAS IIORTON. Sec 310. [309] 
tor of 307,308,309); son of Josepli Horlon 
of Mouscly, Leicestershire, England, was 
born 13th July, 1600, and came in the 
ship Swallow (of which Captain Jeremy 
Horton was master) to America, 1635. 
Joseph Horton of Mousely, was the son 
of William Horton of Barkisland, who, 
in the 15th year of the reign of King 
Charles I, purchased the estate of How- 
royde. See Norton G^-n. [3'°] 

WILLIAM, Albany ; sons of Aaron 
of Albany and New Scotland, b. 1798(7), d. 
1S66 (m. Mary Rogers) ; son of Coenraadt 
of Berne, N. Y., b. 17C1, d. 1833 (m. Eliza- 
beth ). Of Diitch descent. [311] 

HOTALIN(i, WILLIAM R., Albany (m. 
Magdalene Hotaling); son of Mioliael 
of Clarksville, N. Y., b. iSio (m. Ellen 
Robertson); son of Jonatlian of Clarks- 
ville, b. 1775, d. 1S25 (m. Elizabeth Van 

Natten), son of Tenuis of Clarksville, b. 
I7s0(ni. 1770 Lena Hoogteeling), Of Dutch 
de'scent. ' [312] 

HOTALING, JOSHUA, Albany; son of 
Peter of Belhlehem Centre, b. 1797, 
d. 1S77 (m. 1S22 Ann Wynkoop; ; son of 
Johannes of Bethlehem, b. 1757, d. 1816 
(m. 1793 Janneke Burhans); son of I'ieter 
of Bethlehem, b. 1718 (m, 1747 Ann Becker); 
■son of Willcni of Bethlehem, b. 1692 (m. 
1716 Helena Uzille), a freeholder in 1742; 
son of Coenraailt of Rcnsselaerswyck, b. 
1667 (?) (ni. 168S, Tryntje Willcmse Van 
Slyck), a freeholder in 1720 ; son of 

HOTALING, MOSES, Albany; son of 
Mans of Bethlehem, b. 17S7, d. 1864 
(ni. Mary Coffin); son of M'illiam of Feura 
Bush, N. Y., b. 1753, d. 1834 (m. 1773, 
JIarytje Bloemendale); son of Pieter of 
Bethlehem, b. 171S (m. 1747 Ann Becker); 
son of Willem of Bethlehem, bp. 1692 (m. 
1716 Helena Uzille), a freeholder in 1742 ;. 
son of Coenraailt of Rensselaerswyck, b. 
1667 (?) (m. 16SS Tryntje Wdlemse Van 
Slvck), a freeholder in 1720 ; son of 


(ancestor of 313, 314), of Rensselaerswyck, 
b. 1644, d. 1706 (m. i66o(?), Maria Ilen- 
drikse), in 1697 a patent of land was granted 
him south of Rensselaerswyck in the present 
town of Coxsackie, probably emigrated to 
America from Holland, as he is the first of 
the name of Hooghteeling. See Munsell's 
Collectiovs. [315] 

Albany; son of JOHN DANFORTH 
HOUGHTALING; son of David Ether- 
ing-ton of Johnstown, N. Y., b. 1806, d. 
1S43 (in. Phebe Danforth), doctor of medi- 
cine; son of Walter of Bethlehem, b. 1759, 
d. 1830 (m. Jane Etheringlon, dau. of Col. 
George Etherington of the British army, 
stationed near Albany during the Revolu- 
tionar)' war; son of Yellis (m. Trj-ntje 
Becker), settled at Bethlehem in the Slate 
of New York. Of Dutch descent. [316 


WIN DEWEY; sons of JOHN A 
HOWE (,n. Delia Ann Rice): son of 
Aloiizo of Pouhney, Vermont, b. 1797, d. 
1867 (m. JS25 Elizabeth Horr, a desc. of 
Benjamin Warren, brotlier to Dr. Warren 
who fell at Bunker Hill); son of John of 
Poulmey, b. 1763. d. 1S34, captain of a 
company of scouts on the borders of Canada 
in the Rev. army; son of Neliciliiall of 
Poulincy, b. 1723(?), removed from Marl- 
boro to Ponltney with Ethan Allen in 1771, 
and was present at capture of Ticonderoga; 
son of PetiT of Marlboro, Muss., b. 1695 
(m. Grace ); son of John of Marl- 
boro, Mass., b. ifj7i, d. 1754 (m. Rebecca 

); son of Joliii of Marlboro, b. 1640, 

killed by the Indians, 1675; son of JOHN 
HOUE, who came from England (it is sup. 
posed from Warwickshire) and was settled 
in Sudbury, Mass., in 1638, freeman, 1657. 
See Hist. F}\uni,igha,n, jVass. [317] 

-IJ- Mary Seymour); son of CH.-VKLES 
HOWELL, b. iSoi (m. Mary, dau. of Capi. 
Matthews and Ruth Rogers), captain; son 
of Oliver of Southampton, Long Island, b. 
1764, d. 1S05 (m. 1792 Mchelablc, dau. of 
Stephen Rogers), captain N. Y. militia; son 
of Zel)iiloil of Southampton, b. 1721, d. 
iSii (m. _Johana, dau. of John and Johana 
Howell); son of Zehiiloil of Southampton, 
b. 1694, d. 1761 (m. Amy, dan. of Samuel 
Butler); son of Josppli of Southampton, b. 
i65i(?), d. 1734 (m. Lydia Stocking '01 
Connecticut); son of Edivanl of South 
ampton,b. in England 1626, d. 1699 (m. ist. 
Mar;-, dan. of Rev. Robert Fordham, 2nd, 
Mary, dau. of Richard Bryan of Mil'ford)' 
son of E1>W.\UT) H01VELL of Marsh 
Gibbon, Buckinghamshire, England, who 

1639 -ind settled 

came to Atne 

Lynn, Mass., where he obtained a grant of 
600 acres; tile leader of a new colony in 
Southampton. Long Island, in May, 1640, 
which was the f^rst town settled by the Eng- 
lish in the State of New York. See 
Jii-conis of SoHthampioii; Burke's General 
Armory of England; Lipscomc's Hht. of 
Buckinghamshire, Vol. HI, p. 53; G. R. 
Howell's Hist, of Southampion, rev. ed., 
with genealogies, 1887. ' [31S] 

of (Jcorye IJ.of Albany, b. 1823. d. iS36 (m. 
1S45 Elizabeth White, desc. from a brother 
of Gen. Israel Putnam), president of board 
of public instruction, 1S84-5, supervisor, 
1S71; son of Oooi-ifo Ausou of Albany, b.' 
1793, d- 1S46 (m. 1S17 Antoinette Ray- 
moud); son of Job of Norxvalk, Conn., b. 
1765, d. 1S46 (m. 1st, 17S5 Anna Raymond, 
2nd, 1S24 Lvdia Richardson); son of 
Nallian of Norwalk, Conn., b. 1718, d. 
i799(m. 1st, Elizabeth Lockwood, 2nd, 1741 

Sarah ); son of Dauiol of Norwalk, 

b. 1681, d. 1756-64 (m. 1st , 2nA, 

1748 Sarah Starr), a deacon, a member of 
com. to sell common land, 1741-50; son of 
Zornblialicl of Norwalk, b. i65o(?), d. 1727- 

38 (m. ist, , o„d, Mehetabel 

Kceler), a deacon; son of Walter of Wind- 
sor, Conn., b. i6iS(?), d. i09S(?), one of 
the ten founders of Norwalk, selectman, 
1672, deputy to the general court, 1658 to 
16S1, sergeant of a company, 1659; son of 
SIMON llOVT or HAVT, probably of 
Somersetshire, England, who came to 
America in i62Sand was settled in Charles- 
town, Mass., 1628, died at Stamford, Conn., 
Sept. I, 1657. See I/ist. of the Uoyt family, 
1S71. The word Ifoyt, which is spelled 
nineteen different ways by various branches 
of the family, is said to be derived from the 
Icelandic liaiila, to leap. [31^] 

.sons of l.iieilis Caleb of Albany, b. iSiS, 
d. 1884 (m. Susan Kilderhouse); son of 
IJenjaiilin of Hartford, Vermont, b. 1779, 
d. 1S44 (m. 1807 Abigail Strong); son of 
Ueiijaiiiiuof Hartford, Vermont, b. 1755, 
d. 1S30 (m. 1st, Is.ibella Elliot, 2nd, Mrs! 
Mack, 3rd, Mrs. Smith), served in Rev. 
army; son of William of E.x.eter, N. H.(m. 
Sarah Smith), served in French war, served 
in Rev. army, killed in battle July 5, 1777; 
son of Epiiraim of Hampton Falls, N. H.,' 
bp. 1716, d. 1767 (m. isl, 1726 Sarah Cloughi 

2nd, 1754 Abigail Welch, 3rd, Susanna ); 

son of Eplli-aiii, of Hampton Falls, b. 1671! 
d. 1741 (m. 1st, 1695 Hannah Godfrey, and, 
1736 another Hannah Godfrey, 3rd, 1738 
Elizabeth Macrest); son of Tli(jin'a.S of 

A M E R I C A N A N C E S '1^ R Y 

Amesbiiry, h. 1640, d. 1690 (m. Mary 
lirown), son of .lOILN HOYT, wlio was 
sellled at Salisbury, Massachusetts, select- 
man, l6Si-2, moderator of town meeting, 
1687, died 16S7. Sue J/ist. of IloyI /,/;«///■)-, 
■ 871. [3=0.1 

and CHESTER, Albany; sons of 
(m. Julia Ann Wlioeler); son of Uriilll of 
Fairfield, Conn., b. 1S06, d. 1S71 (m. Sally 
Sterling); son of Jlosos of Greenfield, 
Conn., b. 1771, d. 1S51 (m. 1793 Susannah 
Sillitnan); son of (JcrsllOll of Greenfield, 
Conn., b. 1729, d. 1S02 (m. ist, Mary Brad- 
ley, 2nd, Sarah Wakenian, 3rd, Sarah St. 
John), served in Rev. army; son of Niltliail 
of Norwulk,Conn.. b. 1699, d. I76i(m. 1723 
Martha Finch); son of Snillliel of Fairfield, 
Conn.; son of Samuel of Gilsford, Conn., 
b. 1657 (m. 1st, 1687 Elizabeth Wilson, 2nd, 
i683 Temperance Preston); son of UlCII- 
AllD HUBUKLL, who came, probably, 
from Wales to America, 1645-47, died Oct. 
23, 1699. Supposed to be a Danish family 
who settled in Wales. See ///./. Huhbh- 
F.,„u/y. 1 32 1] 

HENRY, Albany; sons of THOMAS 
HUN of Albany (m. 1841 Lydia Louisa 
Reynolds, a desc. of the pilgrim fathers 
Robert Bartlett, Richard Warren and Jolm 
Alden); son of Abniliaill, b. 176S, d. 1S12 
(m. 179O Maria Gansevoort, a desc. of 
Harmen Gansevoort, an early emigrant to 
America), grad. Columbia Coll., called to 
the bar; son of Tlloilins, b. 1736, d. 1802 
(m. 1761 Elizabeth Wendell, a desc. of 
Evert Janscn Wendell, agent for the 
patroon; son of Jollii, b. 1695, d. 1776 (m. 
1725 AnnaWinncadesc. of Pieter Winne); 
son of Thomas Harmense, b. 1668, d. 
1716 (m. 1692 Mayeke Jansen, dau. of Jan 
Jansc Oothout, who resided in Albany, 
1665); son of HAUMEN THOMASK UIJN, 
b. at Amersfort, Holland (m. idbi at 
Beverwyck to Calalina Berck), came to 
America; he was the son of Thociias of 
Amersfort, Holland. See Munsell's Co/- 
laltons; Talcott's 6V„. Nol.s. [322] 


Hl'NOERFOKn, JOHN, Albany; son 
of Isaac, of Knox, N. v., b. 1829, 
d. 1S74 (m. 1st Jemima Tyget, the mother 
of Isaac, 2nd, Huldah Winne); son of 

StcpIiiMi of Berne, N. Y. (m. Devol); 

son of ,1(11111, who c:iiiic from Coimecticut. 

HL'N(;l':iirOKU, OLIVER M., Albany; 
son of Dailifl of East Berne, N.Y.. 
b. iSoo.d. 1S64 (ui. Hannah Stalker); son of 

Stoi.llCli of Berne, N. Y. (m, Devol); 

son of .)()llli, who came from Connecticut. 

Albany; sons of (iforg'O of Benson, 
Hamilton county, N. Y., b. 1S26 (m. Jane 
Thornton); son of DaUtl, b. 1766, d. 1S60 
(m. Abigail ). [325J 

Hl!NTrN(J, NELSON (m. Elizabeth F. 
Toll), Albany; son of JOHN HUNT- 
ING of Gallupville, N. Y., b. iSoi (m. 
Christina Dominick); son of Jose|)h of 
Gallupville, b. at Easthanipton, N. Y., 
1766, d. 1875, moved to Gallupville, 1785); 
son of .Tosi'l)ll of F.asthampton, b. 1731, d. 
1771, captain; son of Nalliailipl of East- 
hanipton, b. 1702, d. 1770, a minister; son 
of Natliailifl of Easlhampton, b. 1675 at 
Dedham, d. 1755, removed to Easthampton, 
1696, a minister; son of John of Dedham, 
b. 1640, d. 1696; son of JOHN HUNTING 
or 1[UNTT1N(;, probably of Norfolk, Eng- 
land, who arrived in America, August, 163S, 
and settled at Dedham, Massachusetts. [326] 

Albany; sons of ELISHA P. HURLBUT 
of Bethlehem, N. Y., b. 1817 (m. 1S47 
Catharine Van Vcchtcn); son of Haiiiel of 
Salisbury, N. Y., b. 1769, d. 1852 (m. Han- 
nah Cole of Wilton, Conn.), member of 
legislature, judge of court of common 
pleas. (327] 

Albany; son of Nathaiiifl of Pleas- 
ant Valley, Dutchess county, b. 1798, d. 
1S7S (m. Elmira Burnham); son of Thad- 
(leus, b. 174S, d. 1S20 (m. Demeus Meade), 
captain in cavalry regt. in Rev. army, whose 
ancestors came from Connecticut. [3-3J 


A M E R I C A N A N C E S T R Y . 

WALTER LUCE, Albany; sons of 
Sli'pllt'll C. of Albany, b. 1S36, d. 1SS3 (ni. 
1S5S Mary Wiggins); son of SteplnMl of 
Springfield and Cooperslown, b. 1803, d. 
1S43 (m. Mary Ziinmcrnian, whose fallier 
served in war of 1S12); son of fSamili'l of 
Bennington, Vermont, b. 1771, d. 1S2S (rn. 
Saiali P. Allen); son of '\Villi;im (m. Sarah 
Hinghani), served as captain in French and 
Revolutionary war, whose ancestors came 
from England. [32./J 

JACKSON, CHARLES L., Albany; son 
of Silllllll'l of Mabees, Jackson county, 
Ohio, b. 1S23 (m. ist, Alfiah Allen, mother 
of Charles L., 2nd, E. Mosburger); son of 
Willinui of Chester county, Penn., and 
Hale's Creek, Ohio, b. 17S0, d. 1S73 (m. 

Tomlinson); son of Samuel of 

Chester county, Pennsylvania, wliose an- 

H. and JAMES E. and FRANKLIN' 
IL, Albany; sons of 'William of Albany, 
b. 1S06, d. 1SS2 (m. Mary A. Hawley). 
founded the city of Janesville, Wis.; son 
of Elisliama of Janes' Corners. N. Y., b. 
Jan. g, 1772 (m. Betsey Jerolomon); son of 
Elislia of Canaan, N. Y., b. 1741 (in. ist, 
1763 Elizabeth Davenport, 2nd, Desire 
Thompson); son of Elislia of Coventry, 
Conn., b. 1715 (m. 1740 Mrs. ^L^ry Diinock), 
his dau. Baihsheba was the grandmother of 
Samuel J. Tilden ; son of Bcil.jamill of 
Northampton, RLass., b. Sept. yi, 1672 

(m. Hannah ); son of 'WILLIAM 

JANESor JEANES.born in England, 1610, 
came to America and arrived at Boston 
June, 1637, one of the founders of the col- 
ony of New Haven, the plantation covenant 
bearing his signature. In 1656 established 
a settlement at Northampton, Mass., died 
Sept. 20, ifjijo. It is claimed that he is in 
direct descent from Guido de Jeanes, a 
general tjf French confederation who ac- 
companied Henry H when he left France 
to a.ssumc the English throne, 1154, and 
who was rewarded by the grant of the 
manor of Kirtland, Cambridgeshire, Eng- 
land. Pcc/..'wj (7.-«,-,r/.J-/. [331] 

"TENKINS, CHARLES M., Albany (m. 
fJ Elizabeth Wood); son of Jonathan 
of Rensselaerville, b. in Columbia county 
1776, d. 1S56 (m. 1S09 Elizabeth Mulford); 
sun of SaiilUl'l of Rensselaerville, b. 1753, 
d. 1837 (m. Mercy Squires of Wallingford, 
Conn.); son of ,Ii).sepll of Litchfield, Conn., 
b. 1703, d. 1777 (m. Hannah Culver); son 
of .losci.liof Barnstable, ALissachusctts, b. 
166.J. [332] 

bany; son of Sjlvauus ricrsun of 
Albany, b. 17S4, d. i36g(m. Catharine, dau. 
of James and Elizabeth BarcKay, of Scottish 
descent), came from Sag Harbor, Long 
Island, son of Ma.jor Jolin Jordan (who 
subsequently altered his name to " ]er- 
niain "), born in Westchester county 1758 
(m. 17S1 Margaret, dau. of Sylvanus Pier- 
son of Sag Harbor), he moved from White 
Plains to Sag Harbor during the Revolu- 
tion. The history of Major John Jermain 
and the circumstances under which he 
changed his name will be given in a gene- 
alogical history now in course of preparation 
by a member of the family line. [333] 

THORP and WALTER E., Albany; sons 
of Henry Lancaster of West Albany, b. 
iSii (ni. 151,1831 Margaret Chambers, 2nd, 
1854 Anna Lang), son of Jereniiall P. of 
Albany, b. 17S3, d. 1S54 (m. 1S07 Margaret 
Thompson); son of Josepll of Albany, b. 
1751;, d. 1812 (m. Anna Daniels); son of 
Henry L. of Concord, N. II., b. 1732. d. 
at Southampton, N. H., 1762 (m. Sar.ih 
Gould), served in French war, wounded ; 
son of Tlionias of Amesbury, Mass., b. 
1704(7) (m. 1732 Judith Lancaster); son of 
Jolin of Amesbury, b. 1683 (m. 1702 Han- 
nah Prowse) ; son of Tllonia.S of Amesbury 
(m. 1672 Susannah Guilford); son of 
THOMAS JEWELL who came from Eng- 
land and was settled at Mount Miller, Bos- 
ton, Feb. 24, 1639. 'i<ic Jewell Family, i860. 

JOHNSOX, CHAPMAN, Albany; son of 
Cnrler I'ayc of Richmond, Virginia, 
b. 1S22, d. 1S54 (m. ..\nne Love Forrest of 
Washington), M. D., principal of Med. Coll., 



Richmond, lost in return voyngc from Eng- 
hind ill the .-!rtu\ Supi. 27, 1854 ; son of 
Cliapiliaii of Richmond, b. 1779, d. 1849 
(m. Mary Ann Nicolson), grad. of William 
and Mary Coil. .Williamsburg, called 10 the 
bar, rector of University of Virginia; son of 
Tlioilias of Louisa county.Virginia (m. Jane 
Chapman), wliose ancestors came from 
England. [335J 

JOHNSON, JAMES F., Albany, son of 
.lollll, b. iSoS, d. 1S72 (m. Catliarine 
Burdick); son of John of Albany, b. 1750, 
d. 1848, served in Rev. army. [33<jJ 

SarahA.Torbell; 2nd, Susan A.Brown), 
Albany; son of Ldrciizo B.. b. 1794, d. 1S77 
(m. Sophronia Chapman), served in war of 
1S12; son of I'llilicas of Spencer, Mass. (m. 
Lucy Baldwin), soldier in Rev. army; son 
of Nathaniel, deacon; son of Nathaniel 
(m. Mary Cook); captain ; son of .JOSIAU 
JONES of Wales, b. 1640 came to America, 
arriving at Boston 1670; settled at Wesion, 
Massachusetts; deacon, captain of militia, 
d. Oct. 3, 1714, aged 74. [337] 

BERT CONDE, Albany; sons of 
Icliahod of Albany, b. 17S5, d. 1865 (m. 
Parthenia Conde), captain in U .S. army of 
1812; son of Nathaniel, born in Hunting- 
don county, 1753, died at Albany, 1S3S (m. 
1782 Lydia Lewis), lieut. in Rev. army. 


ERICK AUGUSTUS, Albany; sons 
of Jasper Sears of Albany, b. 1781, d. 
iS66(m. 1799, Mary Plum); son of Thomas 
of Norwalk, Connecticut (m. Anna Squires). 

sons of Henry of Albany, b. 1S02, d. 18S0; 
sons of Jasper Soars of Albany, b. 17S1, 
d. 1866 (m. 1799 Mary Plum); son of 
TllOIlias of Norwalk (m. Anna Squircsl 

YON of Brooklyn (m. Julia Waterman); 
son of .Tohn, b. at Lyme, Conn., iSoi, d. 
at Albany, 1846 (m. 1829 Elizabeth Coe 

Leonard); son of I'ayno, b. at New London, 
Conn., 1755, d, at Nonhumbeiland, N. Y., 
1S36 (m. 177S Theda Redelia Howard), an 
officer in Rev. army; son of I'aine of Wes- 
terly, Rliodc Island, b. 1733, d. 1756 (m. 
1753 Hannah Chapman of New London) ; 
sou of Joseph (m. Sarah Paine); son of 
JOHN KENYON and Ruth, his wife, who 
came from England to America about 1C95, 
and (with his brother James, wlio landed at 
Portsmouth, Rhode Island sometime pre- 
vious) claims to be descended from Jordan 
de Lanton, Lord of Kenyon, of the reign of 
Henry III, king of England. [341] 

Agnes Bradley) Albany ; son of 
El)er, b. 1799, d. 1SS3 (m. 1st, 1S27 Lydia 
Kidder, 2nd, 1831 Juliette C. Gray, the 
mother of Addison A.); son of Ashley of 
\'ermont, b. 1765, d. 1S53 (m. isl, 17S8 
Anna Willard, the mother of Eber, 2nd, 
1S05 Tirzah Baker); son of Elisha, b. 1729, 
d. 1811 (m. 1757 Catharine Baker); son of 
Ebenezer, b. 1700, d. 1780 (m. 1726 Tamer 
Wheelack); son of John, b. i668(?), d. 
1 748(?), deacon, selectman, town clerk; son 
of Elias, b. 1643 (m. 1665 Sarah Beaufort); 

son of RORERT KEYES (m. Sar.ih ), 

probably of Kent, England, who came to 
America and was settled in Watertown, 
1630, died 1647. See Asa Keyes' Cui. of 
Robert Kfyes, 1S80. [342] 

KIRREE, AUSTIN S. (m. ist, AnnaM. 
Meeker, 2ud, Carrie M. Johnson), 
Albany; son of Joel of Somers, Conn., 
b. 17S6, d. 1861 (m. 1809 Elizabeth Abbot); 
son of Joel of Somers, b. 17C14, d. 1840 (m. 
1785 Esther Durkee); son of Charles of 
Somers, b. 1737, d. 1833 (m. 1758 Mary 
Wood); son of Elisha of Enfield, Conn., 
b. 1697 (m. Mehilable ); son of Ed- 
ward of Salem, Mass., b. 1670, d. 1756 (m. 
1693 Dorothy Phelps), one of the first set- 
tlers of Somers, Conn.; son of Elisha of 
Salem, b. 1643, d. 1735 (m. 1667 Rachael 
Cook), one of the founders of Enfield, 
Conn.; son of EUM'ARO KI1JI5i;i'; of E.x- 
eter, England, b. 1611 (111. lOj") Mary Part- 
ridge), came to America and settled in Bos- 
ton, 1O40. He was a son of Edward and 
Deborah Kibbee of tlie city of Exeter, Eng- 
land. [343] 



I^'IDNEY, JONATHAN, Albany; son 
V of Joillllliau of Albany, b. 1760, d, 
1S40 (m. Hannali Van Zandt), served in 
Rev. army, fought at Saratoga; son of John 
of Albany (m. Phebe Brooks), sherifT. [344] 

WILLIAM, Albany; sonsof Gt'Orfje 
of Albany, b. 1792 (ni. 1S22 Catharine 
Dale); son of Jailius of Hartford, b. 1752, 
d. 1805 (m. 177(1 Elizabeth Wells), served 
in Rev. army ; son of Thomas, b. 1729, d. 
at sea, June 14, 1759, mate of the ship of 
which his brother Daniel was captain ; son 
of Tlionias of Middletown, Conn., b. 1705, 
d. 174S (ra. 1728 Mary Diggins); son of 
Thouiil.s of lloccanum, Conn., d. 1712 (ni. 
1700 Hannah Hills); son of Tlloiiias of 
Hoccanum, b. 1653, d. 1712 (m. a dau. of 
William Hills), surveyor, 16S4, selectman, 
sergeant; son of John of Wethersfield, 
Conn., bp. at Wood Ditton, England, Sept. 

2y, 1624 (m. 1650 Naomi ), sergeant, 

membe. of Colonial grand jury, 1662 ; son 
of THOMAS KILUORNE {sic), born at 
Wood Dition, Cambridgeshire, England, 
wliere he was baptized May 8, 157S (m. 
Frances ), church warden of the par- 
ish, 1632, embarked from London in tlie 
Increase April 15, 1635, settled at Wethers- 
field, Conn., where he died before 1G39. 
See ///.>7. of Kilhourn Family, \%'^b. [345J 

KIMMEY, ABRAHAM, Albany; son 
of ]>iivi(l of Bethlehem, b. 1791, d. 
1S75 (m- 'S16 Margaret Maybee) ; son of 
JACOB KIJIMEV of Bethlehem, b. 174S, 
d. 1S38 (m. 1770 Elizabeth Foot), came from 
Germany to America when he was only six 
years of age. [346] 

IT-IMMEY, PHILIP, Albany; son of 
^ Jilfob of Bethlehem, N. Y.,b. 1776, 
A. iStS (m. Jane Winne); son of JACOB 
K'IMMEY of Bethlehem, N. Y., b. 1748, 
d. 1S3S (m. 1770 Elizabeth Foot), came from 
Germany to America when only si.\ years 
of age. [347] 

son of Sailllli'l II. of Oxford and 
Portland, Maine, b. 1799, d. 1S64 (m. 
Eliza Shaw, a desc. in 7th gen. from John 
Alden of the Mayjlo-ocr), chairman of 
board of selecimen, colonel of militia; son 

of Samuel of Paris, Maine, b. 1771, d. 
1S56 (m. 179S Sally, dau of Jonathan Hall), 
selectman, captain ; son of Ut'orgO of 
Raynhani, Mass., b. 1745, d. 182 — (m. 
Betsey, dau. of Deacon Nathaniel Shaw), 
a pensioner of the Revolution; son of 
Benjamin of Raynham, b. 1720, d. 1803 
(m. 1743 Abiah, dau. of Deacon Samuel 
Leonaid), rep. in gen. court, 1774, delegate 
to prov. congress, mem. of committee of 
safety; son of Jolin of Raynham, b. 1676, 
d. 1741 (m. Alice, dau. of Isaac Dean); son 
of rillLlP KING who died at Taunton, 
Mass.. Dec. 26. 1710 (m. Judith, dau. of 
John Whitman), who was probably the first 
emigrant, but according to some he was son 
of John King of Weymouth. See Savage's 
Gen. Dut., in loco. [34S] 

KING, WILLIAM II., (m. Elizabeth 
Dtinlap) Albany ; son of Henry 
Stanton of New Lebanon, Columbia 
county, b. iSio, d. 1878 (m. Elizabeth 
Smith); son of Henry of New Lebanon, b. 

17S6, d. 1S52 (m. Yates of Albany); 

son of .\sa of New Lebanon, Columbia 
county, New York Slate, colonel in Rev. 
army. [349] 

KIP, LEONARD. Albany (m. Harriet I 

L., dau. of John S. Van Rensselaer 
of Albany); son of Leonard of New Y'ork 
city, b. 1774, d. 1846 (in. Maria, dau. of 
Duncan Ingraliam of Greenvale, N. Y.) ; 
son of Leoiiiinl of New York city, b. 1725, 
d. 1804 (m. Elizabeth, dau. of Francis Mars- 
chalk of New York city); son of Isaac of 
New York city, b. 1695, d. 1762 (m. Cor- 
nelia, dau. of Leonard Lewis of New York 
city); son of Jaeobus of New York city, 
b. 1666, d. 1753 (m. Rachel Swarthout of 
New York city); son of Isaac of New 
York city (then New Amsterdam), b. 1642 
(m. Catalina Hendricks de Suyers). Isaac 
was one of three brothers, of whom Hen- 
dricks, the eldest, was a member of Gov. 
Stuyvcsant's council, and Jacob, the second, 
was secretary of the council of New Nether- 
lands. In this generation the patent of the 
" Kip's B.ay Farm " was obtained, upon 
which, until recently, stood the " Kip's 
Bay House," the oldest residence on the 
island, and celebrated as the quarters of 



Major Andre In the Revolution. These 
llirce brulhurs, licndrick, Jacob, and Isaac, 
were sons of HEXDKICK KIP of Amster- 
dam, wlio came to New Amsterdam in 1635, 
and afterward returned to Holland, leaving 
hi", family settled in lliis country. The Kip 
family have mostly resided in New York 
city, and as schepens or aldermen have 
hcen identified with the city government at 
Jilfcrent periods from 165O to iSig. [350] 

BOCKER; son of I'etfl- of Dutchess 
county, b. 17S2, d. 1S4S (m. Jane Mon- 
tross). See 353, 354. [351] 

Albany; sons of Philip Henry of Cler- 
mont, N. Y., b. iSo4,d. 1S64 (m. ist, Chris- 
tina Jane Elsie Ten Broeck, 2nd, Jane 
Mulford, the mother of David M.); sun 
of John of Red Hook, N. V., b. 1771, d. 
1S49 (m. Mary Benner); son of Plliiip of 
Rhinebeck, Dutchess county, N. Y., b. 
1745 (m. Cathariiie Van Wagenen); son of 
Pieter of Rhinebeck, b. I7rt (in. Margery 
Bane); son of Lo^vrens of Rhinebeck, b. 
16S1 (m. Catharine Van Horn); son of 
See 354. [35=1 

EDMUND, Albany; sons of Peter 
of Dutchess county, N. Y., b. 17S2, d. 1S48 
(m. Jane Montross); son of Hnnnon Jaii- 
Seil of Rhinebeck, Dutchess county, b. 
I748(?), d. 1S02 (ni. Susanna Basson), an 
officer in Rev. army; son of Harmon of 
Red Hook, Dutchess counly, b. 1720 (m. 
Rebecca De Wandelaer); son of LowreilS 
of Red Hook, b. 16S1, d. 1766 (m. Catha- 
rine Van Horn); son of H.VRHEN JANSE 
KNICKERBOCKER. See 354. [353] 
tor of 357, 358, 35g,was the sonof Jolmnnes 
Yiin BerjJrhen and his wife Julianna, dau. 
of Rutger Van Marnix, Lord of Botselaer. 
He served in the navy of the Netherlands, 
and was severely wounded at the battle of 
Solebay. July 25, 1665. Upon his recovery 
he came to America and settled at Albany, 

where he married Lysbcth.dau. of Myndert 
Van de Bogaart. In 1O90 moved to Scbagh- 
ticoke, and afterward to Dutchess counly. 
In his will, dated Jan. 7, 1707, he mentions 
the following children: Johannes, Low- ' 
rens, Cornelia, Evert, Pieter, and Jannetjc, 
widow of Hendrick Lansing. The name 
is variously spelt; it is supposed to mean 
the " marble baker " and to have been as- 
sumed by Harnien Janse Berghen after his 
arrival in America. See Munsell's ColUc- 
lions; Smitli's Jlist. of Ji/iiinbick, family 
records. [354] 

KNOWLTON, WILLIA.M, Albany; son 
of Nalliiiuiel of Ashford, Conn. (m. 
Sarah Leech), served in war 1S12; son of 
Daniel, a lieutenant in the Revolutionary 
army. [355] 

LA 1)0)V. CHARLES (m. Alice R. 
Smith), Albany; .son of STEPHEN 
LA D(J\V of Milton, Saratoga county, b. 
1S22 (m. Margaret McWilliams); son of 
Oaniel of Milton, d. 1S53 (m. Ruhamah 
St. John); son of Ste|(lieii of Middletown, 
Conn., who was a grandson of the Hugue- 
not LA UOW, wlio took an active part 
against Louis XIV of France, and who 
with his wife, in order to escape the fury 
of that monarch, was headed up in a hogs- 
head and placed on ship-board for Amcric.i. 
They settled at Middletown, Conn. Their 
descendants variously spell their names, 
La Da-u; La Deu, La Due. l.tdiu, etc. [356J 

LA (iRANGE, JOHN A., Albany; son 
of Abrani'of New Scotland, b. 1804, 
d. 1S60 (m. Caiharina Arnold); son of John 
of New Scotland, b. 1759, d. 1S41 (m. Anna 
Maria Mordecai), serve'd in Rev. war. [357] 

LAORANdE. See (inin-e De La. 
and URIAH; sons of CONRAD 
TEN EYCK LA MOURE of Rensselaer- 
ville, b. i3o6 (m. Sarah, dau. of Uriah Bige- 
low of Pilgrim ancestry); son of James of . 
Rensselaerville, b. 177.1, d. 1S24 (m. Harriet 
Faulkner, desc. of Conratdt Ten Eyck of 
1650); son of JAMES LAMOREAUX, 
settled at Rensselaerwyck, b. 173S, d. 1S15. 
The house he erected in 1760 still stands. 



bany; son of rrcdiTick of Albany 
county, b. 1791, d. 1S61 (m. Rebecca, dan. 
of Wessel Strope, vvliose grandfalhcr came 
from Holland and whose family was mas- 
sacred near Kiskatam); son of John Freil- 
crick of Albany county, b. 1733, d. iSi2 
(m. Magdalene Plank), wliose ancestor 
came from Germany and settled in Rens- 
selacrville, New York State. [360] 

Albany; sons of C'livistoplicr Villi's, 
b. 171)6, d. 1S72 (m. iSaij Caroline Mary, 
dan. of John Thomas, a surgeon in Rev. 
army), grad. Union Coll., private secretary 
to governor. New York Stale, 1822-4; son 
of .Vlii-illiaill G., b. 1756, d. 1834 (m. I7y9 
Susanna Yates); son of Gorrit .F., bp. 1711 
(m. 1st, 1734 Maria Everts, 2nd, 1748 Jane 
Waters, the mother of Gerrit); son of Jacob 
(■'., b. i63l, d. 1767 (m. 1710 Helena Glen); 
son of (ierrit, born in Hassel, Holland, 
(m. Elsie, dau. of Wouter Van Wythorst); 
son uf Gl'Itltrr !•'. I,ANSIN(J. See 36.1. 

J son of Amlrow Doinv of Albany, b. 
I7y6,d. iS64(m.iS22 Gertrude Hinman); son 
of Jiicol) H., b. 1770, d. 1S45 (m. ist, Alida 
Douw, 2nd, Alida A. Oalhout, 3rd, Anna 
Groesbeck); son of Ili'iillrick J., of the 
colonic, b. 1747, d. 1792 (m. Lena AVinne); 
son of Jai'oh, b. 1714, d. 1794 (m. 1738 
Hybertje Yates); son of Jacob 11., b. 1707, 
d. 1756 (m. 1701 Helena Prnyn); son of 
llciitlrick Gerril.'^eri, d. 1709 (m. Lysbet 

); son of GERRIT F. LANSING. 

Sue 369. ■ [362I 

(minors), Albany; sons of llciiry, b. 1S32, 
d. 1884 (m. ist, 1S54 Fannie A. Wood, 2nd, 
1S71 Caroline M. Paige, the mother of An- 
dries D. and Alonzo C. P.); son of Andrew 
l)oinv,.b. 1796, d. 1864 (m. 1S22 Gertrude 
Hinman); son of ,Tacob H., b. 1770, d. 1845 
(m. 1791 Alida Douw); son of llcnilrick 
J., b. 1747, d. 1792 (m. 1769 Helena Winne); 
son of Jacob J., b. 1714, d. 1794 (m. 173S 
Hybertje Yates); son of Jacob H., d. 1756 
(m. 1701 Helena Pruyn); son of lIciMlrick 

Gorn(spn, d. 1709 (m. Lysbet ); son 

of (MERUIT F. LANSING. Sec 369. 


J bany; son of RICHARD LANSING, 
Albany; son of Henry 15. of Lishaskill, b. 
1805, d. iS6g; son of IScuJaniin of Lishas- 
kill, b. 1776 (ni. 1799 Mary Tymensen); son 
of llcnilrick J. of Albany, d. 1792 (m. 1769 
Lena, dau. of Benjamin Winne); son of 
Jacoli Jacobseof Albany, bp. 1714, d. 1791 
(m. 173S Hybertje, dau. of ChrystofTel 
Yates), colonel in Rev. army; son of Jacob 
H. of Albany, d. 1756 (ni. Helena Pruyn); 

son of Ilcndrick, d. i709(m. Lysbet ); 

son of GERRIT V. LANSING. See 369. 

LANSING, HENRY K., Albany; son of 
Henry V. of Albany, b. 1819, d. 1848 
(m. Julia V. Hawley); son of Obadiali of 
Greenbush, b. 17S5 (m. Jane Sharp); son of 
Ob.ldiab of Greenbush, b, i74o(m. 151,1772 
Cornelia Van Benthuysen, 2nd, I774(V) Cor- 
nelia Cooper); son of Evert, b. 1704 (m. 
I735(?) Ann.atje Couper); son of (ierri(,d. 
1708 (ni. Catharine Glen, widow of C. B.Van 
Ditmars), a trader residing sometimes in 
New York, Schenectady and Albany; son of 
Gerril, born probably in Hassel, Holland 
(m. Elsje, dau. of Wouter Van Wythorst); 
son of GFRRIT F. LANSIN(;. Sc,- 369. 

Albany; sun of JOSEPH ALEXAN- 
DER LANSING, Albany (in. ist, Jane A. 
Moor, the mother of Howard A., 2nd, Lucy 
A. Tiler); son of Jacob J., b. 1792, d. 1877 
(in. 1st, Julia Ann Alexander, 2nd, Jane 
Root, the mother of Joseph A.), alderman 
of Albany; son of Jeroiuiah, b. 1754, d. 
1817 (m. Helena, dau. of Hermanus Wen- 
dell), alderman of Albany, master in chan- 
cery; son of Peter, b. 1721, d. iSo7(m. 
1745 Elizabeth, dan. of Isaac \Vendcll); son 

of Johannes, bp. 1687, d. (m. 1714 

Geertruy, dau. of Pieter Schuyler and 
Maria Van Rensselaer), .alderman of Al- 
bany ; son of JohnnnPii Gerrit., born 
probably in Hassell, died in Albany, 172S 
(m. 1O7S Geertje, dau. of Goorsen Gerritse 
Van Schaick); son of <jERRIT F. LAN- 
SING. See 369. [366] 



bany; son of IMiilii* Scliii) lor ("i 
iS4g Sarali A. Vissclier) ; son of Isnac 1)<; 
Foreest, b. lygo; son of (jcrrit, b. 1765 
(in. Alida, dau. of Is.iac Dc Foreest); son 
of Kutg'er, bp. 1722(01. 1674 Susanna, d.ui. 
of Jacobus Van Schoonhoven); sonof (Jcr- 
rit, b. 1693 (m. Engeltje, dau. of RutRcr 
Van Deusen); son of (ii'rrit. d. 1708 (m. 
Cailiarine Glen), a trader who resided in 
New York, Albany and Scheneclady; son 
of (iorril, horn in Holland (m. Elsje, dau. 
of Wouier Van Wythorsl); son of (iKR- 
KIT F. L.\NSlN(i. See 369. [367] 

Albany; sons of CHARLES B. LANSING, 
-Albany (m. ist, Catharine Clinton, 2nd, 
Abby Townscnd); son of (icrrit Y., b. 17S3, 
d. 1862 (m. Helen Ten Eyck), member of 
State congress, chancellor of the Regents 
of the University of New York; son of 
.\l)r:!liaill <<., b. 1756, d. 1S44 (m. 1799 
Susanna Yates); son of (itTfit J., hp. 171 1 
(m. 1st, 1734 Maria Everts, 2nd, 1748 Jane 
Waters, the mother of Gerrit): son of .lavdh, b. 1681, d. 1767 (m. 1710 Helena 
Glen), built the old " Pemberton House,'' 
still standing (18S7); son of (Jcrrit, b. in 
Hassel, Holland (m. Elsjc, dau. of Woutcr 
Van Wythorst); son of UEUIUT FUFJ)- 
Ellick LANSlN(i. See 309. [36S] 

(JKUUIT F. L VNS1N(; (ances- 
tor of 361, 362, 363, 364, 365, 366, 367, 36S); 
son of Freilerick liiiiisiii!;' of the town of 
Hassel, in the Province of Ovcryssell, came 
to New Amsterdam (New York) with three 
sons, and prob.rbly settled in Rensselaer- 
wyck about 1650. He had also three 
daughters, all his children having been 
born before leaving Hassel. He died be- 
fore 1679. See Talcott's Genealogual Nolcs, 
in loco. The name is interchangeably spelt 
in early documents — Lansingh, Lansinck 
and Lansing. The family of Lansing has 
been settled in Albany from it's earliest 
period, and it is probable that Gerrit F. 
Lansing is the progenitor of all the Lan- 
sings in the United States.] [369J 
IANSING, ABRAM W., Albany; son 
J of EGBERT W. LANSING; son of 

Alirahaiii of (^ohocs, b. 1794, d. 1S67; son 
of .Viidrcw, b. 1749, d. 1S35; son of iJo- 
liaiilies, 1). 1719, d. 1S13, settled in Colioes 
about 17G0, wliose ancestors came from 
Holland. [370] 

Jj Mary \'an Schoonhoven), ,and ISA.\C 
NEWTON (m. Lena Hallenbeck), and 
CHARLES EDGAR; sons of Doinv 
Fonda, b. at Watervliet, Albany county, 
iSii, d. 1SS4 (m. 1836 Jane Ann, dau. of 
Peter Leversee); son of William, b. 1774 
(m. Alida Fonda); son of Jacob iF. ; son 
of Henry whose ancestors came from IIoI- 




\1;KIN, ELMER E. and JOHN L., 
Albany; sons of ElaiJl of West Chazy, 
N. Y., b. 1826; sonof .lohti (m. 1800 Sarali 
Wood); lieut. in militia, served in war of 
1S12, present at the battle of Plattsburgh; 
son of F.laiii of Boston, h. 1745; son of 
JAMES LAUKIN (m. 1710 Annie Mary 
Phelps), who came to America from Bir- 
mingham, England, idifi. [372] 

LATIFROP, ARIEL (m. Catharine P. 
Beardsley), Albany; son of Dyer of 
Albany, b. 178S, d. 1855 (m. 1824 Jane A. 
Shields), a founder of Albany Orphan Asy- 
lum; son of Jetlidiall of Norwich, Conn., 
and Starke, N. Y., b. 1747, d. 1S24 (m. 17O9 
Amy Gardner); son of Jetlidiall, b. 171S, 
d. 1792 (m. Abigail Hyde), captain; son of 
Israel of Norwich, b. 16S7 (m. 1710 Mary 
Fellows); son of Israel of Norwich, b. 
ifj59, d. 1733 (m. 1686 Rebecca Bliss); son 
of Saiimel of Norwich, Conn., d. 1700(01. 
1644 Eliz.ibeth Scudder), constable, 1673- 
16S2, "townsman," 16S5 ; son of RFV. 
Elton, Yorkshire, England, where he was 
baptized Dec. 20, 15S4, educated at Queen's 
Coll. Cambridge, B. A., 1605, M. A., 1609, 
vicar of Egerton, Kent, i6ii, resigned his 
benefice, 1O23, became pastor of the first 
Independent Church in London, 1623, im- 
prisoned in Newgate on acronnt of his non- 
conformity, 1632, emigrated to America and 
landed at Boston, 1634, settled at Scituate, 
removed to Barnstable, where he died Nov. 
8, 1653. He was descended from the Low- 


tliropcs of Lowthropc, East Riding, York- 

sliire. See Ilunlinglon's lo-lal/i,\^p Faimlv. 


1828 (in. Elizabeth M. Lloyd); son of 
Joseph of Kinderliook, Columbia county, 
New York State. Lineage not yet traced, 
but most probably a desc. of either John 
Luthropp of Scituate or of Mark Lothrop 
of Salem. See Gen. of Lo-Lalhrop Family, 
kidgefield, Connecticut, 1884. [374 | 

IATIMMU, JAMES AL, Albany; sun of 
J (Jcoi-ye Ori.swolil of Chesterfield, b. 
lyyo, d. 1869 (m. ist, Lydia Tinker, 2nd, 
Amy Comstock), served in war of 1S12, 
mem.of legisl.; sou of (iCiir^e of Latimer's 
Mills, Conn., b. 1749, d. 1S37 (m. 1772 
Rachel Smith) ; son of Jorialliaii of 
Latimer's Mills, b. 1724 (m. 1747 Lucrelia 
Griswold),grad. Yale Coll., colonel in Rev. 
army, present at Bunker Hill ; son of 
Jdlialllitii of New London, Conn. (m. 1721 
Boradill Denison), captain, served in French 
war; son of Kobei't of New London, b. 

1664, d. 172S (m. Hannah ); son of 

Anna Griggs Jones), came to America from 
England before 1661, died 1O71. [375] 

T AWYER, ABRAHAM L., Albany; son 
1j of .laiufs 1). W. of Coblcskill, b. iSoS. 
a. 1S70 (m. Jane Ann ShelTer) ; son of 
Alll-aliaui L. of Cobleskill, b. 1792, d. 1S53, 
member of assembly three terms. Stale sen- 
ator twice; son of LawITlICO of Cobles- 
kill, b. 1750, d. 1840; son of JdliailllC'S of 
Schoharie county; son of JOHANNt.S 
li.VAVYER, who came from Germany to 
America, 1709, and settled in Schoharie 
county. New York State, 1711. [37C)| 

T EA€1[, HOSEA and WILLIAM aiid 
Jj GEORGE, Albany; sons of EDWIN 
LEACH of Albany; son of Hosoa of Green- 
bush, d. 1S30; son of llezcliiall of Che- 
nango, N. Y.,b. 1740, d. 1S20, son of Ricli- 
iiril, who is believed to be a descendant of 
Lawrence Leach, who came to .America in 
the British fleet with Higginson in 1629, 
and was scllled at Salem, 1630. [377] 

T EARNED, WILLIAM L., Albany; son 
1 of Ebflll'ZtT of New London. Conn. 

(m. 1S20 Lydia Coit); son of Altiasa of New 
London, member of congress of 1791-95, 
member of constitutional convention to 
ratify the constitution of the United States, 
1788; "assistant" of the State (m. Grace 
Hallam of New London); son of EllciKver 
of Killingly, Conn. (m.. 1749 Keziah Leav- 
ens); son of WilHaill of Killingly (m. 1715 
Hannah Biyant) ; son of Isaac of Fram- 
inghani, Mass. (m. 1679 Sarah Bigelow), 
wounded in the battle of Narragansett; son 
of Isaac of Woburn, N'lass., and Chelms- 
ford, Mass. (ni. \(j\(i Mary Sternes); son of 
WILLIAM LEARNED of Bermondscy, 
Surrey, England, b, I590(?), who with his 
wife Goodith and at least two of their chil- 
dren came to America .about 1632, and set- 
tled at Charlestown and Woburn, Mass. 
He and his wife were the tirsl persons ad- 
mitted to the church of Charlestown. Mass., 
" 1632, 10 mo. day 6." A widow Jane (?) 
survived him and died in Maiden, 1660. 
He was selectman first of Charlestown, and 
then of Woburn, to which latter place he 
removed in 1641. Learned Genealogy; 
Bond's WalerloK'n : Savage's Dictionary, 
in loco. ■ [373] 

LK FEVUE, LEROY, Albany; son of 
ISAAC LE FEVRE (m. Margaret M. 
Richtmayer). See 380-82. [379] 

J Albany; sons of Dailicl of Roxbury, 
N. Y., b. 1783, d. 1848 (m. 1808 Henrietta 
Schermerhorn); son of Isaac of Bontecou, 
N. Y., b. 1744, d. 17S9 (m. Maria LeFevre); 
son of JoIiailllCS of Bontecou (m. Sarah 
Vernoyof Rochester); son of Isaac of Bon- 
tecou, b. 1CS3 (m. Marie Freer); son of 
SIMON LE FEVRE. See 382. [380] 

N., Albany; sons of GILBERT LE 
FEVRE of Albany (m. ist, Lavina D. 
Gleason, 2nd, Marietta Gleason, mother of 
Roman G., 3rd, Mary A. Lobdell, mother 
ot.Arlluir). See 382. [3S1] 

SIMON LE FEVUE (ancestor 

of 379. 3S0. 381), a Huguenot refugee from 
France, who lied to Paltz in Germany, 1650, 
and came to America, 1660, settled at Wilt- 
wyck (Kingston). In 1663 he and his 
brother Andnes went on an expedition to 

A M ERIC A N A N C E S T 11 Y . 



recover Catharine Le Fevre, wife of Louis 
Du Bois, when ihey discovered the fertile 
valley of WallkiU. Obtained a grant of 
land from Gov. Andros, on the Paltz pat- 
ent, Sept. 29, i(j(j7. [3S2] 
G.VRDNER COTRELL, Albany; sons 
of DANIEL LEONARD of Albany (m. 
Mary Elizabeth Cotrell); son of Jailics of 
West Springfield, Mass., b. 1S06, d. iS32(m. 
1S30 Mar)' Rood); son of Daiiiol of Feed- 
ing Hills, Hampden county, Mass., b. 
1781, d. 1S13 (m. 1S05 Nancy Fenn of Ply- 
mouth, Conn.), captain; son of Dmiil't of 
Feeding Hills, Mass., b. 174S, d. 1827 (m. 
1771 Eleanor Ripley, a direct desc. of Gov. 
William Bradford of the Plymouth colony), 
lieutenant; son of Daniel, b. 1713, d. 17S3 
(m. Penelope Leonard); son of John, b. 
1679, d. 1744, doctor of medicine; son of 
.losepll, b. 1042 (m. Sarah Noble of West- 
field); son of .lOlIN Ll'ONARD who came 
from England to America and settled at 
Springfield, Mass., in 1639, married Sarah 
Healy, Oct. t2, 1640, and was killed by tho* 
Indiansearlyin 1676. [383] 

Ll'.ON.MtD, JACOB, Albany; son of 
.laenl. uf Lasion, Mass., b. 1700, d. 
1877 (m. Abigail Mouley), captain; son of 
.lacob of Easton, b. 17OS, d. 1S06; son of 
Eli|)llot of Easton, Massachusetts. [3S4] 

LEROY, WILLIAM, Albany; son of 
SAM UELLEROY of Albany, b. 1S03; 
son of Jacol> of Berne, b. I7fjr{?), d. i847{?) 
(m. Elizabeth Murray), served in Rev. 
army ; son of Josi'])!! Lara way (j/<), of 
Dutch descent. [335] 

bany; son of .lolin of Brooklyn, b. 
1809, d. 1867 (m. Jane E. Utter), invented 
and patented stoves and furnaces; son of 
Robtd-tof Quebec, b. 1769, d. iS28(?) (m. 
1799 Ann Northrop), probably the first 
American ancestor. [386] 

LIKE. PETER J."(m. Rosclla, dau. of 
Benjamin Cowles), Albany; son of 
.lollli of Kinderhook, b. 17S7, d. 1859 (m. 
Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Wiley of Kinder- 
hook); son of Peter of Kinderhook, b. 
I772(?), d. 1843, of Dutch name originally 
spell Luyke. [3S7] 


11., Albany; sons of Andrew W., of 
Albany, b. 1821, d. 1863 (m. Marthaelte 
Scjuire of Skowhcgan, Maine, a desc. of 
Gen. Mercer); son of Thomas of Oramocio, 
Province New Brunswick, b. 1798, d. 
1 868; son of Alexander of New York city, 
b. 1765, d. 1835, returned to New Bruns- 
wick, 1776; son of Robta't of New York, 
b. 1743, d. 1824, resided in New Y'ork until 
1776, but being a royalist, emigrated to 
New Brunswick with his father; son of 
ANDREW LINDSAY \/ho came from Scot- 
land to America in 1708, and resided in 
New York city until 1776, when he emi- 
grated to St. John, New Brunswick, on ac- 
count of his political convictions. [3SSI 
son of (icor^'e A. of Minden, b. 179O 
(m. 1819 Maria Wagner); son of Albert of 
New York city, b. 1767 (m. Elizabeth 
Westerman); son of (JEORGE LINTNER, 
born in Dashensorf, Bavaria, Germany, 
came to America and settled in New York 
in 1766, removed to Minden, Montgomery 
county, New York, 1773. [3S9] 

LITTELL, JOSEPH A., Albany; son 
of GEORGE LITTELL of Service, 
Penn., b. 1824 (111, Mary Leiper) ; son of 
David of Service, b. 1794, d. 1S64 (m. Jane 
Shillito); son of William of Service, d.1814 
(m. Sarah Walker), served in war of 1812, 
also in Rev. army. [39°] 

Herbert), Albany; son of Weare 
CkIIIii of Albany, b. 1806, d. 1885 (m. 
1846 Elizabeth Latimer); son of Nath- 
aniel Collin, b. 1762, d. 1S34 (m. 1791 
Elizabeth Cofhn) ; son of Daniel, b. 1724, 
d. 1801 (m. ist, 1751 Mary Moody Emerson, 
2nd, Sarah Moorse), missionary to the In- 
dians, member of American Academy of 
Arts Science; son of Daniel, b. 1692, d. 
1777 (m. 1st, 1712 .Abiah CIcmant, 2nd, 1768 
Hannah Morrill); son of . losepll, b. 1653, 
d. 1740 (m. Mary Codin) ; son of (JEORGE 
LITTLE, who was born in London and re- 
'sided in Unicorn si. near London bridge, 
came to America and settled in Newbury, 
Mass., married .Mice Poore, died 1693-4. 
See LittU Gen., by G. T. Little. [391] 


A U E R I C A N A N C E S T R Y 

Albany; son of Douis Getcliell of 
Albanj', b. 1817 (m. Sarah Jane Brown); 
son of Isaac of Wells, Maine, b. 1775, d. 
1859 (m. Phebe Getchell); son of Isaac of 
Wells, collector of taxes, 1784; son of 
Isaac of Wells, collector of taxes, 1747; 
son of Isaac of Wells, b. i652(?), d. 1676, 
killed by Indians; son of Francis of Wells, 

b. 1619, d. 1712 (m, Mary ); son of 

ter, England, 1591 (m. Annie ), a 

Churchman and Royalist who came to 
America 1641, and on account of his reli- 
gious and political opinions was not per- 
mitted to reside in Boston, settled at Wells, 
Maine, where he died 16&1. [392] 

HART, Albany; son of HENRY 
manor, Livingston, Columbia county, N. 
Y. (m. Angelica Urquhart); son of Jtciiry 
Walter (m. Catharine, dan. of Francis de 
Pau) ; son of Henry Walter (m. 1799 Mary 
Penn Allen, of Pennsylvania) ; son of 
Walter (m. Cornelia, dau. of General 
Schuyler); son of Itobert. d. i7go(m. Mary 
Thong), the third and last "Lord of the 
Manor" of Livingston; son of Philip, d. 
1727 {m. Catharine Van Brugh), second 
" Lord of the Manor" of Livingston; son 

son of Hiram of Albany, b. 1S14, d. 
1879 (m. Deborah Smith); son of Henry 
Gilbert of Casileton, N. Y., b. 17S3, d. 
1850 (m. 1805 Hannah Swift), lieut in 
United States army ; son of Henry Gil- 
bert, major in Rev. army; son of Gilbert 
(m. Cornelia Bcekman), meniberof colonial 
legislature of New York ; son of ROBERT 
LIVINGSTON. Sec 395. [394] 


" Lord of the Manor " of Livingston in the 
State of New York (ancestor of 393, 394), 
was one of seven children of the Rev. John 
Livingston, a lineal descendant of the fifth 
Lord Livingston, ancestor of the earls of 
Linlithgow and Callendar (see Burke's F.x- 

of the Reformed church in Scotland, who 
was banished for his non-conformity, and 
took refuge in Rotterdam, where he died, 
1672. Of his seven children, Robert 
Livingston (born in 1654) came to New 
York about 1675, and in 16S6 received 
from Gov. Dongan a large tract of land, 
which was in 1715 confirmed by royal char- 
ter of King George I, creating the manor 
and lordship of Livingston. This tract em- 
braced large portions of what are now 
Dutchess and Columbia counties in the 
State of New York. A portion of it is 
still held by the Livingston family, and is 
known as Livingston manor. He married 
Allda, widow of Domine Nicolas Van 
Rensselaer, daughter of Colonel Philip 
Plelerse Schuyler of Albany, and had three 
sons, Philip, Robert and Gilbert, who are 
the ancestors of the Livingstons of Amer- 
ica. [395J 
CHARLES, Albany; sons of Motl- 
crief of Livingston, N. Y., b. 1S07, d. 1875 
(m. Lucinda Moore); son of Moncrief of 
Livingston manor, b. 1770, d. 1853 (m. 

), major in United States army of 

1812. I396] 

Albany; son of Benjamin P., b. i8io, 
d. 1859 (m, 1835 Sarah A. Bloomticld); son 
of Joscjill, b. 1780 (m. Theodosia Wattles), 
son of Josepli, b. 1743 (m. Lydia Boswirth), 
served in Rev. army; son of Tiiomas, b 
1714 (m. Susannah Clark); son of Thomas 
b. 16S4 (m. Elizabeth Fowler) ; son of 
Tliomas, b. 1653 (m. Sarah White); son of 
ScottJ, the second son of Joseph Loomis, 
born at Braintree, Essex, England, 1590 
and came to America, 163S, settled at 
Windsor, Connecticut, 1639. See Loomts 
Gin., by Prof. E. Loomis. [397] 

LOWELL, DELMER R., Albany; son 
of REUBEN LOWELL of Dunning 
Station, Illinois, b. 1812 (m. Catharine See- 
ber) ; son of Abraham of Connecticut, b 
1774, d. tSji (m. Sally Inman); son of 

Jacob of Putney, Vermont (m. Brad 

bury), who is supposed to be descended 
from Percival Lowell or Lowlo who 




came to America from Bristol, England, in 
[639. See Savage's o'™. /;/</., /H Aw. [icjS] 

HENRY, Albany; sons of Timotliy 
Francis of Albany, b. 1816, d. 1845; son 
of John Albert of Springfield, Mass., b. 
1754, d. 1831 (m. Sarali Mahoney). [399] 

Jj bany; son of Ed>viii of Albany, b. at 
Pitisfield, Mass., 1808, d. 1883 (m. 1S38 
Ellen Gardneer), city assessor, supt. of 
public schools; son of Ctilistilllt of Pitts- 
6eld,b. 1773, d. 1S55 tm. 1793 Irene Davis); 
son of llozokiilll of Martha's Vineyard (m. 

Thankful); son of KxptTU'iiei' wlio 

married Hope. [400] 

LUKE, HEMR Y, Albany ; son of Honry, 
b, 1776. d. 1S4S (m. Jane W^aterson); 
son of riiilipof BcthleliLin, b. 1753, d. 
1782 (m. Helen Van Wie); son of t'onnid 
whose ancestors came from Germany. [401] 
T YMAN, ED\VARD E., Albany; son of 
lj Joel Merrick of Wilburham, Mass., 
b. 1790, d. 1857 (m. Caroline M. McCrage) ; 
son of Joel of Wilburham, b. 1769 (m. 
Mary Merrick); son of James of Bolton, 
Conn., b. 1727; son of Samuel of Suf- 
field, Conn., b. 1700, d. 1754 (m. 1722 Eliza- 
beth Smiili); son of .Samuel of Lebanon, 
Conn., b. 1676 {m. 1699 Elizabeth Fowler); 
son of Kicliard of Northampton and Leb- 
anon, b. 1647, d. 170S; son of Iticliard 
(m. Hephzibah, dau. of Thomas Ford of 
Windsor); son of IMCHAUl) LYM.VN. 
See 404. I402] 

LYMAN, RUSSELL (m. Ellen Van Allen) 
Albany; son of CHARLES RUS- 
SELL LYMAN of Albany, b. 1S18 (m. 
Angelina Spencer); son of Jonathan of 
Schodack Landing, N. Y., b. 17S6, d. 1856 
(m. 1st, 1S36 Martha Brown, 2nd, 1839 
Maria Burhans; son of Jonatlian of Derby, 
Conn., d. 1790 (m. Sarah Davis); son of 
Jonathan of Derby, b. 1717, d. 1763 (m. 

Abigail ), grad.of Yale Coll., ordained 

minister, served in Rev. army; son of Xoall 
of Northampton, b. i686. d. 1728 (m. Eliz- 
abeth ) ; son of Thomas of North- 
ampton, b. 1649, d. 1725 (m. Ruth Holton 
Baker); son of Richard, b. 1617, d. if.62 
(m. Hcph/ibah. dau. of Thomas Ford of 

Windsor, Conn.); son of RICHARD LY- 
MAN. See 404. [403] 

RICHARD LYMAN (ancestor 

of 402, 403) of High Ongar, Esse.x, Eng- 
land, where he was baptized Oct. 30, 1580. 
Married Sarah, dau. of Roger Osborne of 
Ilalstead, Kent. Embarked at Bristol, 
with his wife and children, in the Lion, and 
landed at Boston, Nov. 4, 1631. Freeman, 
1635. One of the original settlers of Hart- 
ford, 1636. He was the great-grandson of 
Tliomas Lyman of Navistoke, Essex, who 
died in 1509, and who was in direct descent 
from Thomas Leman, who held lands in 
the county of Wiltshire in 1275; and of Sir 
Radulphus Lambert, kniglit, grandson of 
Count Loraine, a kinsman of William the 
Conqueror, who was present at the battle 
of Hastings; and of Sir Robert Unfreville, 
knight, lord of Tours and Vian, who re- 
ceived from the Conqueror a grant of the 
forest of Riddesdale and whose grandson 
became Lord of Riddesdale, Northumber- 
land. The above pedigrees have been dis- 
tinctly traced in the Genealogy of the Lyman 
/''.!;«;/>' by Lyman Coleman, D. D., Albany, 
1S72. [404] 

Jj GEORGi;, Albany; sons of "Warren 
of Milford, Otsego county, N. Y., b. 1S04 
(m. Sophia Smith) ; son of Elisha, who 
came from Woodstock, Conn., and settled 
at Milford in the State of New York. [405] 

MACK, EDWARD E., Albany; son of 
Josiall of Lenox, Mass.. b. , d. 

tS35 (m. 1864 Ella L., dau. of Elisha Mack 
of Albany>; son of Elislia. U06] 

son of Josiall of Lenox, Mass., b. 
1798, d. 1S61 (m..iS22 Maria, dau. of Capt. 
John Ward) ; son of Elisliti of Middlefield, 
Mass., b. 1760, d. 1850 (m. Sarah Blossom 
Howe); son of Elislia of Hebron, Conn., 
b. 1728, d. 17S3 (m. Mary Ellis); son of 
Josiall of Hebron, b. 1091, d. 1767; son of 
DEACON JOSl A H MACK, who came from 
Scotland about 1680, and settled at Lyme, 
Conn., where he died. [407] 

MACK. ELISHA, Albany; sonof Elishil, 
b. iSir in Windsor, Mass. (m. 1837 
Julia Ann Murpliy of Walervlict); son of 


Klislin, b. 1784 at Middlefield, Mass., d. 
1S54 at Albany (m. iSoQ Sarali Haywaiil, 
Plainlield, Mass.); son of Klislia, b. 1700 
in Hebron, Conn., d. 1850 in Leno.x, Mass. 
(m. 17S1 Mrs. Sarah Howe, rn-i- Blossom, of 
Cape Cod, Mass.), captain; son of Klislia, 
b. 1728 in Hebron, Conn., d. 17S3 in Mid- 
dlefield, Mass. (m. 1750 Mary Ellis of 
Plymondi, Mass.); son of Josiall, b. 1693 
in Lyme, Conn., d. 1761) in Hebron; son of 
from Scotland, 1680, and settled in Lyme, 
Conn., where he died. [4"8] 

Greer), Albany; son of .JaillOS of 
Glen. N. Y., b. iSoi, d. 1S67 (m. Elizabeth 
Pittenger); son of Kdward of Glen, b. 
1771, d. 1S44 (m. Lydia Pettit); son of 
EihvanI of Princetown, N. Y., d. iS7S(?) 

(m. \'roonie). The tradition is 

that tlie ;\mcrii-an ancestor of this family 

teen. " [40,1 

sons of DANIEL MANNING of Albany 
(m. 1st, Mary Little, 2nd, Mary M. Fryer), 
son of .loliil, who settled at Albany. [410J 

bany; son of .Tacoli of Barringion, 
New Hampshire; son of 'rimotliy ; sun 
of Solomon. [411) 

MAUCII, ALDEN (a minor), Albany; 
son of Henry of Albany, b. 1S26, 
d. at Santa Barbara, Cal., i836 (m. 1S02 
Mary F. Bush), M. D.; son of Aldcli 
of Albany, b. at Sutton, Mass., 1795, d. 
at Albany, iSGi) (m. Joanna P. Armsby), 
M. D., founder of Albany Med. Coll.; 
son of .lufoh of Sntton, Mass.. b. 1747, d. 
1S14 (m. 17S1 Eleanor Moore); son of 
llaiiifl of Newbury and Sutton, N. Y., 
b. Oct. 30, 1695; son of Kilgli of New- 
bury, b. Nov. 3, 1656 (m. Mrs. Sarah 
Moody); sou of IIl'(JII MAHCH of New- 
bury, who came from England and settled 
at Newbury, about 1&53. See //is/, of 
N^,,bu,y. [4,2] 

MAKSH, ALBERT, Albany; son of 
('liarlos I), of Albany, b. iSiq. d. 
iS73(m. Margaret t^uackenbush), M. D.; 

son of Tiinotliy of Sharon, Vermont, b. 
1786, d. iSf.i (m. Fannie Durkce); son of 
.Joel of PlainUeld, Conn., b, 174; (m. . 
•Sarah Wheeler). [413] 

MAUSTON, GEORGE (m. Helen Ma- 
ria Sav.age), Albany; son of JAMES 
MARSTON of Albany, b. 1807 (m. 1835 
Emily Sexton) ; son of .laniOS of Bath, 
Maine, b. 1785, d. 1827 (m. Jemima Morse); 
son of .loliti of Meihuen, Mass., b. 1749, 
d. 1795 (rn. Olive Sargent), served in Rev. 
army; son of John of Methuen, b. 1721, d. 
iSoo (m. Mary Poor); son of Jollli of An- 
dovcr, Mass. (m. Mary Osgood); son of 

John of Andover (m. Martha -), took 

the oaih of allegiance, 1O7S. selectman, 
(m. Sabina P.age), came from England to 
Salem, Massachusetts, 1O36. [414] 

MARTIN, JAMES, Albany; son of 
Jacob of New Scotland, b. 1800, d. 
1842 (m. Elizabeth Stalker); son of Jolin 
of New Scotland, d. 1830, served in the 

Rev. army; son of MARTIN, who 

came from Scotland and settled at New 
Scotland, .Albany county, in the State of 
New York. [415] 

bany; son of Joliii Weed Riiffrs of 
Albany, b. 1825, d. 1856 ^m. Mary Matilda 
Stone), came to Albany from Charlton, N. 
Y.; son of Timothy of Charlton, b. 1792, 
d. 1847 (m. 1st, Matilda Riggs, 2nd, Maria 
Iloyl); son of Kenjamhi of Sharon, Conn., 
b. I7fi2 (m. 1st, Hannah Hanford, 2nd, 
Sarah Ilovt), served as a youth in the Rev. 
army; son of Benjamin of Norwalk, 
Conn., b. 1737, d. 1822 (m. Mehetable Mar- 
vin); son of John of Norwalk, b. 1705, d. 
1775 (m. Abigail St. John); son of Jolin of 
Norwalk, b. 1678, d. 1774 (m. ist, Mary 
Beers, 2nd, Rachel St. John), rep. in gen- 
eral court, 1734, 173S; son of Matthew, 
born in England, 1627, came with his pa- 
rents to Norwalk (m. Mary ), one of 

the original proprietors of Norwalk, rep. 
in general c.nut, 1694-1697; son of MAT- 

THKW MARVIN (m. ist, Elizabeth , 

2nd, Mrs. Alice Kellogg), came with his 
brother, Reinold Marvin (see 417), to Amer- 
ica in 1635. Represented the (own of Hart- 

A M E R 1 C A N A N C 

R V. 

ford in the general court in 


bany; son of RICHARD PRATT 
MARVIN of Jamestown, N. Y., b. 1S03 
(111. 1S34 Isabella Newland), a member of 
:5lli and 26tli congress, also of the consti- 
lulional convention, 1S46, jiidjje of su- 
preme court of New York for nearly 25 
years; son of Seidell of Chautauqua 
county, N. Y., b. 1773, d. 1832 (ni. ist, 
171)8 Charlotte Pratt of Saybrook, Conn., 
2nd, Mrs. Elizabeth Vandenburg); son of 
Dan of Lyme, Conn., b. 1731, d. 1776 (m. 
1762 Mehitable Selden); son of Keinoltl of 
Lyme, b. I70i(?), d. 1761 (m. ist, 1725 Mrs. 
Sarah Lay, 2nd, 1746 Mrs. Mary Kellogg), 
called "Deacon .Marvin"; son of Heillitlil 
of Lyme, b. 1669, d. 1737 (m. ist, Pliebe 

, 2nd, 1708 Martha Waterman), rep. 

in »he general court, 1701-172S; son of lU'i- 
liold of Lyme, b. 1634, d. 1676 (111. ist, Je- 
mima Belcher, 2nd, Sarah - — ), one of 

tlie committee appointed to divide the town 
of Saybrook in 1665, known as Lieut. Mar- 
vin; son of IIEINOLU MARVIN, born in 
England, April 15, 1635, came to America 
with hisframily and brother Matthew Mar- 
vin, 1635 (see 416). Settled at Hartford, 
Conn., afterward Farmington, and from 
thence to Saybrook, where he died, i(i()2. 
See .Vai-vin Gai. [417] 

Albany; sons of ANDREW A. 
MATHER of Burlington, N. V., b. 1812 (m. 
1st, Teresa Davis Cummings, the mother 
of Andrew E. and A. Dan, 2nd, Adelaide 
Birdsall); son of Dim of Burlington, N. 
Y., b. 1774, d. 1856 (m. 1st, Sarah Frost, 
2nd, Susannah Ondcrhonk, the mother of 
Andrew A.); son of .lelloiila of Lyme, 
Conn., b. 1740, d. 1811 (m. 1764 Eunice 
Miller); son of 'I'imolliy of Lyme, Conn., 
b. I7II, d. 1800 (ni. Elizabeth Matson); son 
of Timothy of Lyme, b. 1C81, d. 1755 (m. 
Sarah Noyes); son of Rielianl of Lyme, 

b. 1653, d. i6S3 (m. t68o Elizabeth ); 

son of Tilliolliy, b. 1628, at Lowton, Eng- 
land, d. ai Dorchester, Mass., 16S4-5 (m. 
ist, Katharine, dau. of Major-Gcncral 
Humphrey .'^therton, the mother of Rich- 

ard, 2nd, 1680 Elizabeth, dau. of Amiel 
Weeks of Dorchester); son of RltUARl) 
MATH Kit. See 421. [41S] 

(ni. ist, Cornelia H. Olcott. 2nd, 
Alice E. Yager), Albany; son of SAMUEL 
HOLMES ^L\.THER of Washington, N. 
H., b. 1S13 (m. Emily Worthington Greg- 
ory, desc. from " Peter Parley"); son of 
OzLls, b. 17S6, d. 1813, M. D. (in. 1S08 Har- 
riet Brainard); son of Aug-llstllS, b. 1741, 
d. 1S05, M. D.; son of Eleazer, b. 1716, 
d. 1798 (m. 1741 Anna Waterman), M. D.; 
son of ,Ioisei)Il of Lyme, b. 1686, d. 1749 

(m. Phebe ); son of Kiulianl of Lyme, 

b. 1653, d. 1688 (m. Elizabeth ); son 

of Tilliolliy, b. at Lowton, England, 162(1, 
d. at Dorchester, Mass., 16S4-5 (m. ist, 
Katharine, dau. of Major-General Humph- 
rey Atherton, the mollier of Richard, 2nd, 
l63o Elizabeth, dau. of Amiel Weeks of 
Dorchester); son of RICHARD MATHER. 
See 421. [419] 

MATHER, MOSES, Albany; son of 
.losepli of Lyme, Conn., b. 1776, d. 
iS()2 (in. Zeliuda Goold); son of .losepIl of 
Lyme, b. 1713, d. 17SS (m. 1756 Joanna 
Matson); son of Timotliyof Lyme. b. 1681, 
d. 1775 (m. Sarah Noyes); son of Rielliirtl 
of Lyme, b. 1653, d. 16SS (m. 16S0 Eliza- 
beth ); son of TiiuoOiy, b. at Low- 
ton, England, d. at Dorchester, Mass., 
16S4-5 (m- 1^1. Katharine, dau. of Major- 
Gcneral Humphrey Atherton, the mother 
of Richard; 2nd, 16S0 Elizabeth, dau. of 
Amiel Weeks of Dorchesier); son of 
RICHARD MATHER. See42i. [420] 

tor of 41S, 419. 420), son of Tlioiiias 
Mallier and Margaret, his wife, and the 
grandson of >loliii Matlief of the chapclry 
of Lowton of the parish of Winwick, Lan- 
cashire, England; came from England and 
arrived at Boston in America, August 17, 
1635. He wasastudcntof Biasenose Coll., 
O.xford, and was minister of Toxteth about 
fifteen years, from which he was ejected for 
non-conformity. He married ist, 1G42 
Catharine, dau. of Edmund Holt of Bmy, 
Lancashire, England, the mother of his 
children; 2nd, 1056 Sarah (Story) Cotton, 


A l\r F. R ] C: A N A N C E S T K Y 

widow of Rev. John Cotton of Boston. 
Tliu journal of Richurd Mallier in the year 
1635 is in original among the collections of 
the Dorchester Antiq. and Hist. Soc, and 
has been printed, Boston, 1850, from which 
it appears he left Warrington on April 16, 
1635. His tomb, with its Latin inscription, 
is still to be seen in the old Dorchester 
burying ground; and the Anastatic Draw- 
ing Society's publication for 1880. ed. by L. 
Jewclt, F. R. S., has two engravings of tlie 
old Matlier residence at Lowton. [421] 

McC.UM'IIY, GEORGE F., Albany; 
son of James I'ord of Troy. N. Y., 
b. iSoo, died 1879 (in. Polly Myers); son 
of George, b. in Greenbusli, 1775, d. i860 

(m. Patience Ford); son of iMf- 

CAKTY (j/,)(ni. Rebecca Patten), boin in 
county Cork, Ireland, and came to Ainer- 
ica. [422I 

bany; son of lliivid of Coeymans, b. 
180S, died 1878 (m. Elizabeth Shear), colo- 
nel iioth New York State militia; son of 
.lollii of Cocymans, b. 1782, d. i850(m. 1806 
Helen dau. of IsaacVcrplank), State senator, 
1S26, justice of the peace, county judge; son 
of IJUni.VlUEK (iKNDKAL DAYII) illc- 
CAUTV, who came from the north of Ire- 
land, and settled at Cocymans, Albany 
county. New Y'ork State, about 1771. He 
married Charlotta, dau. of Pieter Cocy- 
mans, and died 1S12; member of New York 
leg., 1692; elder in Dutch Ch., 1797; county 
judge, 1804. [423J 

of Albany, b. 181S (m. Catharine Bradt); 
son of C'liarlcs of New Scotland, b. i77o(?), 
d. 1845 (ni. Hannah DeLong) ; son of WIL- 
LIAM JIcCI;LL()(!H, born in the High- 
lands of Scotland, 1773, and settled at New 
Scotland, Albanv county, New York State. 

MtnUrFIK. JOHN, Albany; son of 
Allans of .Albany, b. 17S9, d. 1845 
(m. Sarah Bryant), sherifTof Albany, super- 
intendent of State prison; son of Alitrus of 
Dutchess county, b. 1765, d. 1815; son of 
ANGUS Mt-nrFFlE, born in the High- 
lands of Scotland; came 10 America, and 

settled in Dutchess county, New York 
State. [^05] ■ 

MeHAKO, ARTHUR (a minor), Al ' 
bany ; son of (Jurret V. A. of Al- 
bany, b. 1S38, d. 187 1 (m. Helen K. Bless- 
ing); son of JOHN McHARG, of Bethle- 
hem, N, Y., b. 1810 (m. Ann Van Allen); 
son of .loliii 1'., born 1770, d. 1830 (m. 
Catharine Campbell) ; son of I'FTDR Mi- 
ll A lUJ. See 429. [4:6] 
Mi'lLVlUi, JOHN V. and MARTIN, 
Albany; sons of Horatio of New 
Scotland, b. 1S16, d. 18S6 (m. Agnes Vee- 
der); son of John I', of Bethlehem, b. 1770, 
d. 1S30 (m. Catharine Campbell); son of 
ri'TKU McllAUIJ. See 429. [427] 

McIIAIM;, WILLIAM C. (m. Francis 
A. Hamilton), Albany; son of John 
1'. of Bethlehem, b. 1770, d. 1830 (m. 
Catharine Campbell); son of I'ETER Mo- 
ll A K(;. See 429. [428] 

I'KTKR McHAI{(J (ancestor of 426, 

427, 428); son of Andrew Mellarjr, was 
born at Galloway, Scotland, 1740, married 
Mary Mcl-Cie of Galloway, 1762, came from 
Scotland to America and landed at New 
Y'ork Sept. 2, 1774, resided at Rockingham, 
East River, for a short time, thence to Cam- 
bridge, Washington county. N. Y., and 
finally settled at Bethlehem, Albany county. 
New York State, 1779. He served in Rev. 
army and was taken prisoner by the British 
and escaped. He died 1S04. [429] 

MfKISSlCK, STUART (a minor), Al- 
bany; son of Kdward of Albany, b. 
1854 (m. Florence Paul); son of ,Sf liart of 
Albany, b. 1807, d. 1882 (m. ist, Julia Nor- 
ton, 2nd, Eliza Mclntire), came from Saco, 
Maine; son of of S:ico, b. 1784, d. 
1825 (m. Abigail Stuart), served in war of 
KISS1(!K, who came from Scotland to 
America, 1763, and settled at Saco in the 
State of Maine. [430] 

McLFAN, SF.TH, Albany; son of 
Ja(Ml') of Veigenius, Veiinont, b. 
I796(?), d. 1S31 (m. Semantha Warner), 
captain of military company; son of JACOB 

McLEAN of Addison, Vermont (m. 

Champion), born in Scotland and came to 

A M E R I C A N A N C E S T R Y . 


America at an unknown date, served in 
Rev. army, and war of i3i2. [43'] 

MELIUS, WHEELER B., Albany; son 
of Anil row of Albany, b. 1795, d. 
1858 (m. Elizabelli Murpliey), served in war 
of 1S12 under Captain Martin; son of 
Jacob of Columbia county, b. 1760, d. 1S42, 
whose grandfather came from Holland and 
settled on the Livingston manor, Columbia 
county, in the State of New York. [432] 

Albany; son of Uilldlo of Albany. 
b. 1797, d. 1870 (m. Cornelia Luther); son 
of Georjje of Albany. [433] 

Albany; son of fjcor^e AVilliiliii of 
Albany, b. 1790, d. 1S32 (m. iSig Ann 
Maria Waterman); son of (Jeorf^o of Al- 
bany, b. 1757, d. 1830 (m. 1785 Elizabeth, 
dan. of Rev. Elihu Spencer), served in 
Rev. army, county clerk; son of JOHAN- 
NES KAUFFMAN. b. 1700 (m. ist, 1733 
Maria Englerin, 2nd, 1741 Ursula Stcn- 
glerin), who came to America from Stutt- 
gart, Germany, 1745. On his arrival in 
America he changed the German '" Katiff- 
maii" to its English equivalent •'Merchant;'" 
bv which name his descendants are now 



SING, Albany; sons of Eliakim of 
Albany, b. 1771, d. 1857 (m. Charity Birge); 
captain in war of 1812; son of Joint of 
Dutchess county, b. 1783(7), d. 1S57 (m. 
Prudence Stoddard); son of Jollii of Dutch- 
ess county, of Huguenot descent. The 
ancestor of this family spelled his name 
Marchant. [435] 

MERENESS, HENRY E., Albany; son 
of Stephen of Sharon, N. Y,, b. 
1S02, d. iSSo (m. 1st, Martha Barr, 2nd, 
1843 Julia A. Sharpe, the motlier of Henry 
E,), son of John of Sharon, b. 1762, d. 1851 
(m. 1788 Margaret Lawrence); served in 
Rev. army; son of William, who was 
killed at the battle of Oriskany, 1777. 

MILLARD, BRACE (m. Clymena Cliloe 
Winchell), Albany; son of Alniou 
Hopkins of Pittsford, Vermont, b. 17S7, d. 
183S (m. 180S Mary Brace), major in war of 

iSt2, taken prisoner by the British ; son of 
Abiatharof Penlield, Ontario county, N. 
Y.,d. iSii (m. a dau. of Stephen Hopkins, 
governor of Rhode Island, who was one 
of the signers of the Declaration of Amer- 
ican Independence). [437] 
son of Borden Hicks of Albany, b. 
1S21, d. 1S72 (m. Harriet Newell Hood); 
son of GeortJC of Mills Corners, N. \'., b. 
1779, d. 1871 (m. Susanna Hicks); son of 
(Jeorge E. of Marblehead, b. 1754, d. 1826 
(m. Martha Gray), served in Rev. army, 
fought at Quebec, taken prisoner by the 
British, one of the guard at the execution 
of Major Andre; son of John of Marble- 
head, b. 1703, d. 1773; son of Joint, b. 1660, 

d. 1722 (m. Hannah ); son of John, 

bp. 1632, d. 171 1 (m. 1653 Eli/.abeth Shrove); 

son of JOHN MILLS (m. Susanna ), 

born in Middlesex, England, and came to 
.America in Winthrop's fleet, 1630. [438] 

MINKLER, HENRY C. (m. Ella Wi- 
nans), Albany; son of CHARLES 
MINKLER of CorbettsviUe, N. Y., b. 1809 
(m. Sabra Cox); son of John of Columbia 

county, b. 1777 (m. Doty), served in 

war of 1812; son of Jonathan, b. 1737, 

served in Rev. army; son of Minkl(>r, 

who came to America with liis father from 
Holland about 170S. [439] 

MOAK, JAMES, Albany; son of Jacob 
of Bethlehem, b. 1776, d. 1849 (m. 
Martha McClasky); son of JOHN MOAK, 
who came from Holland to America and 
settled at Bethlehem, Albany county. New 
York State, 1750, died about 1800. [440] 

-l-'-L Albany; son of Jacob of Coopers- 
town, N. Y., b. 1S12 (m. Amy Cleveland); 
son of Henry of Decatur, N. \. (m. Amy, 
dau. of Storm Ilotaling of Coeymans); son 
of Jiieob of Sharon, b. 1761 (m. Mary Mc- 
Ghee); son of JACOB MOAK (m. ist. 

Frena , 2nd, 1761 Kaiherine Claus 

or Claasen of Holland, b. 1740, d. 1821, 
mother of Jacob), who came from Switzer- 
land to America and settled in Bethlehem, 
New York State. In early records the 
name appears as Hannes Jochem Moogh. 
See Munsell's ColLctioin. [44'] 



son of Apollos of Reusselaerville 
(m. Margaret E. Sipple), served in war of 
Reb. under General Burnside; son of 
Chester of Rensselaerville (m. Mary Les- 
ter); son of APOLLOS MOOKE, born in 
England, came to America and settled in 
Rensselaerville, served in Rev. army. 


^rOOH^:, W. C, Albany; son of John 
i of Albany, b. iSuS, d. i860 (m. Ella- 
norc Ilagerdorn); son of Williillll of Al- 
bany, b. 1760, d. 1S23; son of Jdllll of Al- 
bany. [443J 
Albany; son of SAMUEL FRAME 
MORROW of Albany; son of Jailie.S of 
Jamestown, Ohio, b. in Virginia, 1774, d. 
1S55 (ni. Anna Kyle), served in war of 1812, 
member of Ohio legislature; son of JAMES 
aiOUKOW (m. Elizabeth Frame), born in 
Ireland, 1745, came to America and settled 
in Greenbrier county, West Virginia, mar- 
ried Elizabeth Frame, removed to Lexing- 
ton, Kentucky, died in Clarke county Nov. 
27, 1S12. [444J 

bany; son of John of Coeymans, b. 
1791, d. 1855 (m. Ehianor Houghtaling), 
served in war of 1S12, wounded at Ticon- 
deroga; son of Joiisithiin of Coeymans, b. 
1755, d. 1843 (m. Catharine Green), served 
in Rev. army; son of DAYIl) MOSHER, 
born in England, came to America and 
settled in Dutchess county, New York 
State. [445] 

son of John of Half Moon, Saratoga 
county, b. 1S06, d. 1846 (m. Jane Gates), 
major-general of State militia; son of 
Zebiiloii of Half Moon, b. 1757, d. 1S42 
(m. Rebecca Smith), came to Saratoga 
county from Hempstead, Long Island, 
jnembcr of assembly three times, supervi- 
sor, soldier in Rev. army; son of Johll(?) 
of Hempstead, Long Island. IaA(>] 

son of Janio.s of Albany, b. 1818, d. 
1850 (m. Sophia Bliss); son of James of Al- 
bany, b. i7S7,d. 1S65 (m. Hannah Sturgis 
Simons), served in war of 1812; son of 

JOHN MUIR of Schenectady, born in Sect 
land, 1735, came to America, and settled m 
Schenecl.idy in the State of New Yoil 
served in Rev. army, died 1812. l447l 

sons of Joel of Albany, b, at North 
I'lcld. Mass., 1S08, d. 1S80 (m. ist, 1834 
Jane C. Higelow, 2nd, 1856 Mary A. Reid* 
author of Aniiah of Allhiiiy, 10 vols 
1850-1859; CuILlIuiiis ,'/ Albany. 4 vols 
1S65-71; son of Joel of Northfield, b at 
Windsor, Conn., 1785, d. 1865 (m. 1807 
Cynthia Paine); son of Hezekiah of Wmd 
sor. Conn., b. 1753, d. 1844 (m. 1777 Irene 
Bissell), served in Rev. army; son of Hi 
sha of Windsor, b. 1723, d. 1803 (m. 17^0 
Kezia Taylor); son of Jaeol) of Windsor 
b. New London, Conn., tfiyot'/) (m, 1713 
Sarah Calkins, 1718 Phcbe Loornis, mother 
of Elisha); son of THOMAS MUNSI II, 

b. about 1650 (m. Lydia ), was set 

tied in New London, Connecticut, in 16S3 
where he died 17 12. Sec Mimsi-ll h 11 
by Frank Munsell, 1SS4. [448] 

MI'UI'IIEV, JAMES, Albany; son of 
John S. of Columbia county, N. 
Y., b. 1767, d. 1831 (m. Hannah Clopper), 
served in war of 1812; son of JAMES 
MURIMIEV, b. in Dublin, Ireland, 1694, 
educated at Dublin University, came to 
America and settled in Columbia county, 
in the State of New York. [449] 

and JASON G., Albany; sons of 
John 15. of Mentz, N. Y., b. 180&, d. iS6j 
(in. 1S28 Arriet, dau. of Captain Jolm Gil- 
lespy of 1812, and grand-dau. of Major 
John Gillespy of 1776); son of IJciiJaniin 
of Saugertics, N. Y., b. 1783, d. 1S69 (m. 
1804 Sarah, grand-dau. of Colonel Johan- 
nes Snyder of Ulster county); son of Teu- 
lli.S of Saugerlies, b. 1755, d. 17S1 (m. 
17S1 Cornelia Legg) ; son of Iteiijaiiihi of 

Saugerties, b. 1728, d 1819 (m. Leah ), 

whose ancestor came from Holland and 
settled in New York city. [450] 

MYERS, PETER W., Albany (m. Mi- 
nerva Perkins); son of Levi of King- 
ston, N. Y., b. 1786, d. 1862 (m. Margaret 
Davis); son of Peter of Kingston), served 
in Rev. army; son of Joliaiine.S 1). of 

A I\r E R I C A N A N C ]•: S T R Y . 


Kingston in the Stale of New York, wliose 
ancestors came fri>m Hijlland. [45i] 

Nl-LLIS, JOHN HENRY, Albany; son 
of Joseph I', of Richrnondville, N. 
Y., b. 1794, d. 1S75 (m. Amy Dewey), 
fouglil at Sacketi's Harbor in war of 1S12, 
and promoted for bravery ; son of PcttT 
P. of St. .Johnsville, New York, b. 1756, 
d. 1810 (ni. Maiy Kilts), served in Rev. 
army. [452] 

son of JACOB NELLIS of Albany, 
b. 1S20 (m. Julia Ann Wright); son of 
Joseph Peter of Richrnondville, b. 17134, 
d. 1S75 (m. Amy Dewey), fought at Sack- 
ett's Harbor in 1812, and promoted for 
bravery; son of Pt'ier P. of St. Johnsville, 
N. Y., b. 1756, d. iSio (m. Mary Kilts), 
served as private in Rev. army. [4531 

Hawn), Albany; son of Ezef of Scho- 
harie, N. \'., b. 1779, d. 1S64 (rn. 1803 
Magdalene Parmcrtier); son of THOMAS 
Niri'IIAWAV, who was born in Scotland, 
1742, and came to America with his two 
brothers and settled at Jamaica, Long Island, 
before the Revolution. He married Rulh 
Wood, 1769. [454] 

NKWCOMU, EDWARD, Albany; son 
of Tlioiiiiis Wallaee of Pittstown, 
b. 1797, d. 1870; son of Daniel of Pleasant 
Valley, b. 1766; son of /aeheiis of Leb- 
anon, Conn., b. 1724, d. 1790, served in 
Rev. army, judge of court of common pleas; 
son of Thomas of Martha's Vineyard, b. 
1691, d. 1761; son of Simon of Kitter)', 
Maine, b. i6f.6, d. 1744; son of CAPTAIN 
ANDREW NEWCOMB, b. 163S in Eng- 
land, and came to America as the captain 
of a sailing vessel, and eventually settled 
in the country. Sec Niwcomb Cciifalogy, 
'874. [4551 

MAYER, Albany; sons of ireiiry of Albany 
(ill. 1st, Elizabeth Humphrey, 2nd, 1825 
Mary Ann Lyman, grand-dau. of Colonel 
James Lyman of Rev. army), trustee of 
Lutheran ch.; son of CHAltLES NEW- 
MAN of Blackenback Hanan, Germany, 
who came to America before 1773 and 

established a wool and fur house in Broad- 
way, Albany, 17S0. He married Christina 
Zeglerof Albany. 1773- [456I 

NEWTON, HORACE B. (m. ist, Mary 
Henry, 2ud, Sarah IC. Booth) and 
W^VLTER McI. (m. Anna M. Parsons) 
and JOHN MILTON (m. Mary Austin 
Clark), Albany; sons of Jolin Milfoil, b. 
179S, d. 1S67 (m. Elizabeth Mclntosli); son 
of John of Middleheld, Mass., b. 1758 at 
Colchester (m. Martha Whiting), served in 
Rev. army; son of John of Colchester, 
Conn., b. 1722, d. 1S07 (m. 1756 Mary Hol- 
brook); son of James of Colchester, deacon 
in Cong, ch.; son of ISRAEL NEWTON 
who came from England to America and 
settled at Narragansett, Rhode Island, about 
1650, thence to Colcliester, Connecticut. 


E., Albany; sons of Dan 15. of East 
Hampton, Conn., b. 1797, d. 1879 (m. 1818 
Maria Harrington); son of Danit^l of East 
Hampton, Conn., d. 1836 (m. Abigail 
Beach); son of Ambrose of Westchester, 
Conn., whose father came from England 
with a cousin of the s.ime name, and set- 
tled in Connecticut. [45S] _ 
(m. Lillian Sill Comstock), Albany; 
son of EDWARD NORTH of Clinton, N. 
Y.,b. 1820 (m. 1S44 Mary F. Dexter, dan. 
of Simon Newton Dexter of WTiitesboro, a 
desc. of Richard Dexter of 1642); son of 
Renhen of Berlin, Conn., b. 1786, d. 1852; 
son of Simeon of Middletown, Conn., b. 
1765, d. 1852 (m. Sarah Wilcox of Worth- 
inglon. Conn,); son of Jedeiliall of Berlin, 
b. 1734, d. iSi6; son of Isaac of Berlin, b. 
1703, d. 1788 (m. Mary Woodford), a deacon; 
son of Tliomas of Kensington, Hartford 
county. Conn., b. 1673, d. 1725; son of 
Tliomas, b. about 1650, d. 1712 (m. Han- 
nah Newell), one of the pioneers of Norlh- 
ington, now Avon, Connecticut, a soldier 
in Indian wars, received grant of land for 
military services; son of JOHN NORTH, 
b. 1G15, left England in the Susan and Ellen, 
and landed at Boston, 1635. He and his 
sons, John and Samuel, were among the 
early settlers of Farmmgton, Connecticut, 



in 1672. He died 1691. He had nine cliil- 
drcn. [459] 

MUND, Albany; son of JOSEPH 
b. 1S23 (m. 1846 Mary Caroline Hawley); 
son of KdmuiKl of Worcester, N. Y., b. 
I7VS, d. 1S54 (m. 1S19 Anna Maria Miliing- 
tonl; son of lOliim Nortlll'llli, b. 1770, d. 
1S2S (m. 1790 Elizabeth Ednuinds). [400] 

NOTT, JOHN C, Albany; son of IJcii- 
jainill of Bethlehem, N. Y., b. 1S05, 
d. iSSi (ni. Elizabeth Cooper), called to 
the bar, judge of court of comnion pleas; 
son of lOliplialot of Schenectady, b. 1773, 
d. 1866 (ni. 179b Maria Benedict), principal 
Plainfield Academy, Presbyterian minis- 
ter, president of Union College; son of 
St('l>lu'll of Ashford, Conn., b. 1728, d. 
179O (in. ist, 1749 Deborah Selden, 2nd, 
1789 .'Vbigail Bradford); son of Ahrillil of 
Saybrook.Conn., b. 1696, d. 1756 (m. Phebe 
Tapping), grad. of Yale Coll., 1720, pastor 
of Cong. Church; son of .lollii of Weihers- 
field. Conn., b. 1O51, d. 1710 (m. 1683 Pa- 
tience Miller); son of JOHN NOTT, who 
came from Nottingham, England, about 
1640 (m. Ann ); settler at Wethers- 
field, Connecticut, representative at the 
general court for several years after 1665, 
died January 25, 1682. He is supposed to 
have been a great grandson of Lord John 
Nott of Nottingham, England. [461] 

OBER, FRANK W., Albany; son of 
ANDREW K. OBER, Beverly, 
Mass. (m. Sarah A. Hadlock); son of An- 
(IrLMV of Beverly, Mass., b. 1798, d. 1862 
(m. 1S24 Sarah Smith); son of AlldlTW of 
Beverly, b. 1703, d. 1S32 (m. Susannah 
Gale, of Marblehead, Mass.); son of Ricll- 
ani of Beverly, b. 1716 (m. Lydia Chap- 
man); son of Kiclianl of Beverly, b. 1684 
(in. 1705 PrisciUa Woodbury); son of 
RICHARD OHMR (m. 1679 Abigail, dan. 
of Nicholas Woodbury), who came from 
England to America and settled in Salem, 
16GS, and in Beverly, 1679, died 1716. See 
Savage's C7f«. Di'tt. [462] 

son of John of Cortland, b. 1797, d. 
JS45 (in. Nancy Foster); son of Jatk- 

soii ol Lorlland, Westchester county, d. 
,7^0. [463] 

bany; son of Tlunuas W. of Albany, 
b. 1795 (m. 1818 Caroline Pepoon); son of 
.losiali of Hudson, N. Y., b. 1760, d. iStjo 
(in. 1794 Deborah Worth); son of Tllonia.«i 
of Stratford, Conn., b. 1713, d. 1795 (m. ist, 
Sarah Easton, 2nd, Sarah Thompson); son 
of Tlioilias of Hartford, Conn. (m. 1691 
Sarah Foole); son of TllOllias of Hartford, 

a. after 1719 (m. Mary ); son of 

THOMAS OLCOTT, b. i6io(.?), d. 1654 (m. 

Abigail ), who settled at Hartford, 

Connecticut. See O/n'C/ Gi-ii. [464] 

M., Albany; sonsof Thomas, b. 1821 
(m. isl, Lucia M. Fowler, 2nd, Harriet M. 
Leonard, 3rd, Emma McClure); son of 
Thomas AV. of Albany, b. 1795 (m. 1S18 
Caroline Pepoon); son of .TosiaU of Hud- 
son, N. Y., b. 1760, d. 1S60 l^m. 1794 De- 
borah Worth); son of Thomas of Stratford, 
Conn., b. 1713, d. 1795 (m. 1st, Sarah 
Easton, 2nd, . Sarah Thompson); son of 
Thomas of Hartford (m. 1691 Sarah Foote); 
son of Thomas of Hartford, d. after 1719 
(in. Mary ); son of THOMAS OL- 
COTT, b. 1610, d. 1654 (m. Abigail ), 

who settled at ILartford, Connecticut. See 
0/coU GcH. [465] 

SHORN, JOHN, Albany; son of Nehe- 
miah, b. 1817, d. 1871 (m. 1854 
ILarriet Pardee); son of Ncliemiah,b. 1770 
in New Haven. Conn., d. 1853 in Albany, 
N. Y. (m. Mary Frazier); son of David, b. 
1746, d. 1786 (m. Mary Talmadge); son of 
.lerciuiah, b. 1699, d. 1789; son of .Joseph, 

b. 1667, d. 1735; son of .Icrciiiiah, b. 
i62o(?), d. 1676; son of THOMAS OS- 
lUntN, who was one of the original settlers 
of New Haven, Connecticut. See Savage's 
G.-n. Diet., in Kho. [466] 

Albany; son of LATH AM J. OSTER- 
HOUT of West Chenango (m. ist, Harriet 
Gallup, 2nd, Jennie Paisley, niece of the 
Ettrick Shepherd); son of Nicholas of 
East Berne, b. 1796, d. 1872 (m. ist, Mary 
Warner, 2nd, Catharine Jones), colonel, 
served in war of tSi2; son of Kcoryc of 



Albany, b. 1771, d. 1S42 (m. Magdalene 
Bronk), whose fatlier caine from Kingston, 
New York Stale, and settled -t Albaiij-; 
his ancestor having conje from Holland. 


JAMES H., Albany; sons of >ViIliilln 
H. of Albany, b. 171)1, d. 1856 (m. Margaret 
Conover); son of (Jcorge of Albany, b. 
1771, d. iS42(m. Magdalene Bronk), whose 
father came from Kingston, New York 
State, and settled at Albany; his ancestor 
having emigrated from Holland. [4(^8] 

and ELSWORTH C, Albany; sons 
of ABRAHAM OTTMAN of Washington, 
0. C. (m. Ellen Boyce); son of Cliristiuii 
of Seward, N. Y., b. 17S7, d. 1S67 (m. 
Maria Eckerson) ; son of William of 

Sharon, b. 1760 (m. France), during 

the Revolution captured by the British, 
taken to Canada, where he remained for 
two years. [469] 

1st, i36i Imogene L. Packard, 2nd, 
1SS3 Olive Pritchard), Albany; son of 
Chester, b. 1799, d. 1863 (m. 1S21 Maria 
Louisa Pritchard); son of .liirod, b. July, 
1 774, d. June 29, 1S43 (m. Hannah Williams), 
settled at Denmark in the State of New 
York. [470J 

Albany; sons of Williillll Sliailkluild of 
Albany, b. 1821, d. 1SS3 (m. Magdalen 
Hotaling), recorder of Albany county, act- 
ing mayor of Albany, 1859, admitted to the 
U. S. supreme court 1866; son of Henry 
of Albany, b. 1796, d. 1874 (m. Jane Van 
Wie), served in war of 1812; son of Job of 

Bethlehem, b. before 1754, d. 1834 (m. 

Tinsler), served in Rev. army. [471] 

son of John of Bethlehem, b. 17S5, 
d. 1832 (m. Christina Oliver nee Bradt); son 
of Jolt of Bethlehem, b, before 1754, d. 

1834 (m. Tinsler), served in Rev. 

army. [472] 

bany; son of STEPHEN PADDOCK 
of Albany, b. 1S24 (m. Harriet Hitchcock); 

son of Steplien of Albany, b. 1800 in Am- 
sterdam, N. Y., d. 1865 (m. Elizabeth Cod- 
well), supervisor of Albany; son of Job of 
Bethlehem, b. before 1754, d. 1834 (m. 

Tinsler), served in Revolutionary 

army. [473] 

ARD S. and CLARI:NCE U., Al- 
bany; sons of HORACE M. PAINE of 
Albany; son of John Alsop, b. 1795, d. 
1871 ; son of Ezr.l, b. 1767, d. 1828; son of 
Jdllll, b. 1739, d. 1815; son of Alsojl, b. 
i69S(?), d. 1795; son of Jollti, b. i649(?), d. 
1712(7); son of John, b. 1620, d. 170S ; son 
of THOMAS 1>A VNE (m). b- 158& at either 
Wrcnion or Cooklie in Suffolk, England, 
and came to America before 1637; died at 
Salem, Mass., 1610. See J'tiiiu- Family 
Records, Albany, 1S80. [474] 

Louisa, dan. of Andrew Jelly), Al- 
bany; son of Addison of Canaan, N. Y.,b. 
1801, d. 1882 (m. 1823 Welthia Ford of 
Austcrlitz), served in French and Indian 
wars, lieut. in Rev. army; son of Ezra of 
Canaan, b. 1759, d. 1827 (m. 1782 Anne 
Beebe), served in Rev. army; son of Sinilll 
of Sharon and Canaan, b. 1722, d. 1807 (m. 
Mary Davis); son of Joseph of Sharon (m. 
Mary Smitt); son of Nallianiel of Nor- 
wich, Conn., d. 171S (m. Sarah, eldest dan. 
of George Goer); son of Tlionias of Wealh- 
crsfield, Conn, and Preston, removed to 
Stonington, and thence to the Pequol Plan- 
tation (New London) in 1649; deacon, b. in 
England.d. July 30, I709(m. Dorothy Thom- 
son); son of UOUIORT I'ARKE {sic), born 
in England, died 1665; came from Preston, 
Lancashire, England, to America, and set- 
tled at Ro-tbury, Mass., 1630; to Weathers- 
ticld, 1639, freeman, 1640, to Pequot plan- 
tation, 1649, deputy to gen. court, 1641, 1642 
and 1652, selectman, 1651. See Savage's 
Gen.; Caulkins' Hist, of New Lon- 
<lon. [475] 

PARKER, AMASA J., Albany; son of 
AMASA J. PARKER of Albany, b. 
1807 Sharon, Conn, (m. Harriet L. Roberts); 
son of Daniel of Sharon, Conn., b. 1774, d. 
1S34 (m. Anna Fenn), a minister, pastor of 
Cong. Church; son of Amasa of Watoriown, 



Conn.,b. 1751, d. T805 (m. Di.idamb Par- 
iiic'lue); son of TUouias of Washington, 
Conn., b. June 7, 1708 (m. Abigail Diitton); 
son of Joseph of Wallingford, Conn., d. 
March 6, 1750 (m. Sarah Curtess); son of 
Jollll of Wallingford, b. 164S (m. Hannah 
Basscit); son of John of New IJaven; son 
of WILLIAM PAUKER, who came from 
England, and in June, 1635, in company 
with one hundred others, founded tlie ciiy 
of Hartford, Connecticut. See Savage's 
Gni. Dict.,in loio. [471^] 

L HEXRV L. and EDWIN B., Alljany; 
sons of EDWIN PARKHURST of Albany; 
son of Orson of Ludlow, Vermont, b. 1804; 
son of Diiriiis, b. 177S; son of Diirius, b. 
1739; ^"" °f John, b. 16137, a deacon ; son 
of John, b. 1644; son of (ieorire, b. 161S; 

son of (;i:oi!<ii': pakkhuust, who 

came from Europe to America in 1638, and 
settled at Watertown near Boston, living 
tliere for a number of years, thence to Bos- 
ton, where he died. [477! 
JOHN DAVIS, AllMuy, .^oiis of 
Sylvimns Henry Hill of Albany, b. 1S19 
(m. Maria L. Van Schoonovcn); son of 
SililS E. of East Hampton, b. 17S3 (m. iSiS 
Esther Smedley); son of St('|>Il('n of New 
Baltimore, b. 1754, d. 1851 (m. Hannah 
Cook); son of John of East Hampton, 
Long Island, b. 1706, d. 1793 (m. Phebc 
Chatfield iiec Mulford); son of Soth of East 
Hampton, b. if)65, d. 1725; sonof SAMUEL 
I'AUSONS. See 4S1. [47S] 

BOWNE, Albany; sons of JOHN 
DAVIS PARSONS of Albany, b. 1815 
(m. 1S41 Elcnor Bowne); son of Slephcn 
of New Baltimore, b. 17S5, d. 1S20 (m. 1809 
Hannali Thornc); son of Slei)h('n of New 
Baltimore, b. 1754, d. 1851 (m. Hannah 
Cook); son of John of East Hampton, 
Long Island, b. 1706, d. 1793 (m. Phebc 
Chatfield ,iec Mulford); son of Selh of 
East -Hampton, b. 1665, d. 1725; son of 
SAMl'KL PARSONS.' See 4S1. [479] 

JAMES WHITE, Albany; sons of 
JillMcs White of Albany, b. tSi2, d. 18S3 

(m. Eliza Gray); son of Stpphen of New 
Baltimore, b. 17S5, d. 1S20 (m. 1S09 Han- 
nah Thome); sun of Stei.hcn of New Bal- 
timore, b. 1754, d. 1851 (m. Hannah Cook); 
sonof Jolin ofEasl Hampton, Long Island, 
b. 1706, d. 1793 (m. Phebe Chatfield lu-e 
Mulford); son of Scth of East Hampton, 
b. 1665, d. 1725; son of SAMUEL PAU- 
SONS. See 481. • [480] 


of 47S, 479, 4S0), b. I(J30 (m. Hannah ); 

came from England and settled at East 
Hampton, Long Island, where he died 
1714- [4S1] 

JOHN BRADFORD, Albany; sons 
of A.s,! Keniplon of Albany, b. 1827 (m. 
1S46 Antoinette Maben, a desc. of Gov. 
Bradford), musician, 22nd reg. N. Y. S.V.;' 
son of WillTCn RllfT? of Saratoga, b. 179S, 
d. iS8i (rn. 1823 Phebe Kenipton); sun of 
Alexaiuler of Saratoga, b. 1769, d. 1843 
(m. Ruth Paine), his father was of Scotch 
descent and was present at the battle of 
Bennington. [482] 

■pAT'l'ERSON, WILLIAM (m. Mary 

L Thatcher Thayer), Albany; son of 
Koliorl Living'ston of New York, b. 1776. 
d. 1S62 (m. Marianne McFarlan); sou of 
JOHN PATTERSON, b. 1738, came to 
America as a lieutenant in the 15th British 
infantry, married Catharina, dau. of I'tobert 
Livingston, lord of the manor of Living- 
ston (sec 395); after, peace of 1763 left the 
army and was appointed a collector in Phila- 
delphia, when Revolutionary war broke 
out, remained a Royalist and returned to 
England. He was a son of William Pat- 
terson of Fox Hall, Lithkcnny, county 
Donegal, Ireland, and his wife, Eliza Todd 
of Buncrara Castle, county Antrim, Ire- 
land. [483 1 

LEY, Albany; sons of Itenjaniin of Al- 
bany, b. 1821, d. iSSi (m. Elizabeth Felt- 
houson). United Stales revenue olTiccr for 
two years; son of IJi^njamln Ilawley of 
Albany, b. 1775 at Fort Miller, d. 1834 (m. 
1803 Sophia Sill); son of Noah of Fort 
Miller in the State of New York. [484] 


PAYN, SAMUEL GILES, Albany; son 
of Saiuiicl (iik'S of Findcinc, N. J., 
b. 1815 at Fort Miller, N. Y.(m. Sar.ah No- 
ble); son of Itonjiiiiiiii Ilaivlcy, b. 1775 
at Fort Miller, d. 1834 (ni. 1S03 Sophia Sill); 
son of Noah of Fort Miller in the State of 
New York. [485] 

PEACODY, CHARLES J., Alb.any; son 
of(ioorii-t' ir.,b. 1S07, d. iSSo; son of 
AVilliam llpiiry of Bridgeport, Conn, b. 
176S, d. 1S41 ; son of Asa of Norwich, 
Conn.,b. 1717, d. 178S; son of Uicliard 
of Pomfret, Conn., b. itjiji, d. 1771, son of 
Williani of Buxford, Mass., b. 1646. d. 
1699; son of LIKUT. FRANCIS PEA- 
IJODV of St. Albany, Hertfordshire, Eng- 
land, b. 1614, came to America in the 
Playiter, 1635, at the age of 2i (m. Mary, 
dau. of Renokl Foster), freeman, i8th May, 
1642, died Feb. ig, 1697; his widow died 
Ajiril 9, 1705. See Pfulwily G/nt\ihj;y: "i^w- 
::,'ie%Gcn. Dic(.,i„ Lh-o. [4S6J 

PECK, CIL\RLES H., Albany; son of 
JOEL B. PECK of Sandlake, N. Y., 
b. 1S09 (m. 1S32 Pamelia Morton); son of 
MaiTiis of Sandlake. b. 178S, d. 1S51 (m. 
Margaret Garner); son of Isaac of Sand- 
lake, b. 1756, d. 1S3S (m. Hannah Munson); 
son of Eloazer of Sandlake, b. 1730, d. 
1S13 (m. Elizabeth WoodrulF), came from 
Farmington, Conn., 1791, settled at Sand- 
lake; son of Eloazor of Southington, 
Conn., b. 1685 (m. Elizabeth Culver); son 
of Eleazcr of Wallingford, Conn., b. 1643, 
d. 1734 (m. Mary Bunnell); son of HENRY 
I'ECK, supposed to have sailed from Eng- 
land and arrived at Boston in the Hector in 
1637, settled in New Haven, Conn., 163S, 
died 1651. See Cm. of Peek Family, by 
Ira B. Peck. [487) 

PECK, JOHN U., Albany ; son of David 
of Lyme, Conn., and Nassau, N. Y., 
b. 1751, d. 1S37 (m. Elizabeth ALainwaring), 
served in Rev. army; son of David of 
Lyuie, b. 1721, d. 1810 (m. Abigail South- 
ward; son of Joscpll of Lyme, b. 16S0, d. 
I740(?); son of Josopll of Lyme, b. 1641, d. 
1718, settled at East Saybrook and after- 
ward at Lyme, 1O62; son of M'illiaiil of 
New Haven; son of WILLIAM I'ECK 
(m. Elizabeth ), came from England, 

was one of the founders of New Haven, 
1638. [4SS] 

13ELTZ. JOHN DE WITT, Albany; son 
of IMlilili of New Paltz, N. Y., b. 
1S23, d. 1SS3 (m. JS52 Mary Van Dyck, 
dau. of Rev. John Do Witt, D. D., pastor 
of Middle Dutch Church, Albany), grad. 
of Penn. University, D. D., grad. Theol. 
Scm. of Ref. Prot. Dutch Ch., and for 
some years corresponding sec. of Board 
of Foreign Missions; son of Ril'liard of 
Philadelphia, b. 1795, d. 1S47 (ni. 1816 
Sarah Lent?.), for many years member of 
the Pennsylvania legislature; son of I'llili)) 
of Philadelphia, b. 1762, d. tS46 (m. 1789 
Rebecca Brown); son of JOHN PELTZ, 
b. May ig, 1714, d. Nov. ig, I7gi (m. Ger- 
trude Grau, b. 1717, d. Feb. 27, 17S7), came 
with his wife from Germany to America 
and settled at Philadelphia. [48gJ 

PEMIJEUTON, H(J\VARD, Albany; son 
of John of .VUany, b. 1S07, d. 1SS5 
(m. Nancy Skinner), canie from Amsterdam, 
N. Y.: son of Ebeiiozcrof Preston, Conn., 
b. 177S, d. 1823 (m. 1S02 Sarah Skinner); son 
of Palrii'k (il-aiit of Preston, Connecti- 
cut. [490] 
. Albany; son of MOSES K. PERRY 
of Albany (m. Louisa Stanley); son of 
John of Dublin, N. H., b. 1768, d. 1S63 
(m. iSoo Esther Emery); son of Ivory of 
Sherbourn, Mass., b. 1743, d. 1808 (m. 
Kezia Broad), settled in Dublin, N. H., 
1767, on a tract of land purchased by his 
father; son of Mosi's of Sherbourn, Massa- 
chusetts. [49,] 
t MARCY, Albany; son of Pliiliii of 
Albany, b. 17S9, d. 1S76 (m. 1S13 Hannah 
Masctaft), deputy comptroller for 50 years: 
son of Joliii Sawyer of Albany, b. 1758, 
d. 1S12 (m. Catharine, dau. of Philip 
Conine), lieut. in cavalry in Rev. army; 
son of Nadianicl of Hebron, Conn., b. 
1703, d. 1781 (m. 1752 Rachel Sawyer); son 
of NalliaiiicI of Hebron, b. 1677, d. 174O 
(m. 1700 Hannah Bissell), town clerk, and 
one of the founders of Hebron; son of 
'rilliolliy of Windsor, Conn., b. ifi3g. d. 
1719 (m. 16(11 .Mary Griswold), freeman, 



1664; son of WILLIAM PHELPS of 

Teivkcsbury, GloucesiersUire, b. Aug. 19, 
151)9 (ni- 1^3^ Mary Dover), came 10 Amer- 
ica in ihe Mary and John, landed at Hull 
in Boston harbor, Jlay 30, 1630, settled at 
Dorchester, 1635, thence to Windsor. Conn., 
of which he was one of the founders, d. 
July 14, 1672- He was a son of William 


..„„, ,,l.,...:. I492J 

13l(;Ki:itlN(J, JAMES (m. Jennie C. 
Lake), Alljany; son of John Low, b. 
iSiS, d. 1S84 (m. Mary J. Berry); son of 
Jiliiics, b. 1768, d. 1S16 (m. Nancy Hoyl); 
son of Willlliroi) of Newington, N. H. (m. 
Phebe Nutter); son of .Tallies of Newing- 
ton, N. H., b. about 1680, d. 176S, lieut. in 
French war; son of Tliomas, d. 1719-20 

(m. Mary ); son of .lOHN PICKER- 

INU, wlio came from England to America 
and settled at Strawberry Bank (Ports- 
mouth) as early as i(::33. He was buried in 
Point of Graves cemetery. Sec dii. Data 
of John I'iika-ing, Boston, 1SS4. [493] 

PIEKCE, HIRAM, Albany; son of Rus- 
sell, b. 1763 (m. Lucina, dau. of John 
Van Dusen and Elizabeth Spicer, whose 
father, Jabez Spicer, came to Connecticut 
from Holland); son of Sylvester (m. Pa- 
tience Wheeler). [494J 

Albany; sons of Jesse of North An- 
dover, Mass., b. 179S, d. 1842 (in. 1S22 
Catharine Johnson); son of NelK^niiilU of 
Monmouth, Maine, b. 1771, d. 1850 (m. ist, 
Clarissa Williams, 2nd, Nancy Ladd), jus- 
tice of peace; son of Nelieiiliall of Coven- 
try, Conn., b. 1730, d. 17S3 (m. 1759 Lydia 
Sheppard); son of ISeilJailliil of Brooklyn, 
Conn., b. 1710, d. 17S2, capt. in Rev. army; 
son of Tilliotliy of Plainfield, Conn., b. 
1673, d. 174S (m. tst, Lydia Spaulding, 2nd, 
Hannah Bradhurst), judge of probate, col. 
of militia, member of governor's council; 
son of Thoiuasof Woburn, Mass., b. 1645, 
d. [717; son of Tliomas of Charlestown, 
Mass., b. 160S, d. 1OS3 (m. Elizabeth Cole), 
selectman, sergeant; son of THOMAS 
PIERCE, born in England, 15S3, came to 

America and settled in Charlestown, Mass., 
1633. See Pierce Genealogy, by F. B. 
Pierce. [4951 

PIERSON, HENRY, Albany; son of 
HENRY R. PIERS(JN of Albany, 
son of Riil'iis; son of Slirtdrack, b. on 
Long Island, removed to New Jersey, 1770, 
and to New York Stale, 1785 (m. Rebecca 
Piersonj; son of Henry, b, 1720, d. 1783; 
son of 'I'lieopllillis of Bridgchampton, N. 
Y., b. 1690, d. 1742; sonof Henry of South- 
ampton, N. Y., b. if)52, d. 1701 at Bridgc- 
hampton (m. Susannah Howell), colonel, 
member of assembly, 1691-5, 1698-1701; 
sonof HENRV IMERSON, who came to 
America in 1640, and was settled at South- 
ampton, Long Island, of which he was one 
of the first and leading settlers, 1640 (m. 
Mary Cooper, of Lynn, who afterward 
married Rev. Selh Fletcher). Sec Picrson 
Genealogy. [456] 

Albany (m. 1S35 Eunice M. Walker); son 
of Jesse of Albany, b. 1774, d. i3ii (m. 
1796 Elizabeth Duns), a member of the So- 
ciety of Friends, came to Albany from Penn- 
sylvania about 1790; son of Saillliel, b. 
1723, d. 17S4 (m. 1772 Sarah Fritz); son of 
Daniel, b. 1698, d. 1730 (m. 1721 Sarah 
Shoemaker): son of ILVVJl) POTTS, b. 
1671, who came from Wales to America and 
settled at Bristol, Penn., previous to 1692, 
one of the Society of Friends, married Alice 
Croasdaie, who with her parents, Thomas 
and Agnes Croasdaie, came to America 
with William Penn in the ship H'eleoine, 
16S2. He died 1730. [497] 

PRATT, LOUIS W., Albany; son of 
Daniel Johnson (m. Ann Eliza 
Whipple); son of Aniasa, b. 1796, d. 18S6 
(m. Mary, a desc. of John Littlejohn, who 
came from Scotland in 171S); son of Enos, 
b. 1766, d. 1S5S (m. Mabel Johnson); son 
of William, b. 1737, d. 1820 (m. Abigail 
Bishop); son of Renjaniiii, b. 1709 (m. 
Anna Bates); son of Renjaiiiin, b. i68i 
(m. Sarah Meigs); son of \VilIiaill, b. 
1O53, d. 171S (m. Hannah Kirtland), a cap- 
tain, settled in Saybrook, Conn.; son of 

A M E R 1 C A X 

C ¥. S T R V 

cur-e Ircm En;!2.nd ir.d fe'.'.'.oJ '.n >. am- 

Hooker. . Rer.-.ovc-d lo HiriioiJ, Conn. 
Married EH/abeih Clark of Saybrook. Died, 
1673. This line is descended in seven gene- 
alogies iruiu an eldest son. [4.)3] 
of Ezra I'lirmalee of Albany, b. 1 797 , 
d. 1876 (m. 1S22 Philena, dau. of Col. 
Cheney), son of Sarlell, b. 1767, d. 1S49 
(m. Jemima Parm.ilee); son of Nathaniel 
Sartell of Alstead and Grafton, b. 1735, 
d. 1S15 (m. 1757 Martha Howard), a deacon, 
justice of the peace, judge of court of com- 
mon pleas. Slate rep.. State senator, major 
in Rev. army; son of SoloillOU, b. 1705, d. 
1773 (m. Sarah Sartell), grad. Harvard Coll., 
1727, ordained minister, first pastor of 
church at Grafton ; son of Solomon of 

Cambridge, Mass., b. 1C.73 (m. Lydia ); 

son of Soltnniin of Cambridge, Mass., b. 
1646, d. 1719 (m. 1st, Elizabeth, 2nd, Ilep- 
zebah Dunn), sonof llENUY I'REXTK'E, 
"planter" of Cambridge, Mass., where he 
was settled before 1640, owned lands in 
Sudbury. He was probably born in Eng- 
land. See Hunney's Pn-mic.-Pn-nliss (;.«., 
18S3. [4W] 

PKEST, .M.\TTH1AS, Albany; son of 
)OHN PREST, b. i8o(){m. 1838 M.ary 
Van Sleenberg), removed from Middlesex 
county to Albany in 1831; son of Matthias 
of Coltsneck, New Jersey, b. 1777, d. 1S47 
(m. Rebecca Owen, dau. of soldier in Rev. 
army); son of 1MCH.\UI) PKEST, born 
1732 at Dublin, Ireland (m. ist, Helena Van 
Brunt, 2nd, Jennie Tice, mother of Mat- 
thias, 3rd, Sarah EcUman), came to America 
previous to 1750. [500] 

PUUVN, AUGUSTUS, Albany (m. 
Catalina Ten Eyck) ; son of C'as- 
parus of Albany, b. 1792, d. 1S46 (m. 1S14 
Anne Heuson); sonof Francis C, b. 17G9, 
d. 1837 (m. 1791 Cornelia Dunbar); son of 
('aspariis, b. 1734, d. 1S17 (m. 1762 Catli- 
erineGroesbeck)'; son of Francis S.,b. 1704, 
d. 1767 (m. 1726 Alida Van Yveren), alder- 
man of the city of Albany, 1761-62; son of 
Sanilll'l, b. 1677, d. 1752 (m. 1704 Maria 
Bogart), alderman of the city of Albanv, 
1729-32; son of FRAN'S J.^NSEN Pin.' VN. 
See 506. [501] 

nKl\N. I K\Nv\< S\; V; < \ .x.-v . 
1 ,.;;..-.,...;.„- \.-;, , -o. . , \,.uiMuu 
01 Alhanx, b. 1.-05, J i^TT V'"- -^i"'-' ^l-")' 
Saltus); sou oi l)a\iil, b. 1771. d. l^43 <,■". 
1794 Hibcnic Lansing); son of (.'asitariis, 
b. 1734, d. 1S17 (m. 1762 Catherine Groes- 
beck); son of Francis S., b. 1704, d. 1767 
(m. 1726 Alida Van Yveren), alderman of 
thecityof Albany, 1761-62; son of Samuel, 
b. 1677, d. 1752, alderman of the city of 
Albany, i72i)-32 (m. 1704 Maria Bogart); 
son of FU.iNS JANSFN PItLVN. See 
506. [502] 

PKUYN, JOHN V. L,, Albany; son of 
John V. L. of Albany, b. at Albany, 
1811, d. at Clifton Springs, 1S77 (m. 1st, 
Harriet Corning Turner, dau. of Thomas 
Turner, an officer in the war of iSi2.and 
Mary Ruggles Weld, dcsc. from Rev. 
Thomas Weld of Roxbury, Mass., who 
came from England, 1632, the mother of 
John V. L., 2nd, Anna Fenn Parker, dau. 
of Amasa J. Parker, M. C), inem. 38111 
and 40th congress. State senator, a re- 
gent of Univ. of New York, 1844-77, chan- 
cellor of New York Univ., 1S62-77, 
examiner in chancery, master in chancer)', 
president of Albany Institute, president of 
board of charities, president of State survey, 
mem. assoc. for codification of law of na- 
tions; son of David, b. 1771, d. 1S43 (m. 
1794 Hibcrtie Lansing); son of CaspariLs, 
b. 1734, d. 1817 (m. 1762 Catherine Groes- 
beck); son of Francis S. b. 1704, d. 1767 
(m. 1726 Alida Van Yyercn), alderman of 
the city of Albany, 1761-62; sonof Samuel, 
b. 1677, d. 1752 (m. 1704 Maria Bogart), 
alderman of Albany, 1729-32 ; son of 

of Robert Heiison, United States minister 
to Japan, of Albany, b. 1S15, d. tS32 (m. 
1841 Jane Ann Lansing); son of Casiiarns 
F., b. 1792, d, 1841 (m. 1S14 Anne Heuson); 
son of Francis C, b. 1709, d. 1S37 (m. 1791 
Cornelia Dunbar); son of Casparns, b.1734, 
d. i8i7(m. 1762 Catherine Groesbeck); son 
of Francis S., b. 1704, d. 1767 (m. 1726 
Alida Van Yveren), aUlerman of the city 
of Albany, 1761-62; sou of Samuel, b. 



1677, a. 1752 (m. 1704 Maria Rogart); son 

of I'llANS .IANS1:N IMtUYX. Sec 506. 


PllUYN, SAMUEL S., Albany; son of 
Samuel of Albany, li. iSoo, d. 1S62 
(m. 1st, Helen Vandcrvoort, 2nd, Mary, 
mollier of Samuel S., dau. of Samuel S. 
Puuiam, who assisted Joel Munscll in the 
conifjilation of his .hi/.'n/s o/J/hniy); son 
of .lohii S., b. 176S, d. 1S16 (m. 1794 Mar- 
garet Lansing), captain of a sloop on the 
Hudson; son of Slllliliel, b. 172S, d. 17S5 
(m. 1756 Ncclijec Ten Eyck), a deacon of 
the Dutch Church; son of Ki-iiiitis S., b 
1704, d. 1767 (m. 1726 Alida Van Yveren), 
alderman of Albany, 1761-62; son of Saill- 
iLcl, b. 1077, d. 1752 (m. Maria Bogart), 
alderjnan of Albany, i72i)-32 ; son of 
FKANS .lAN.SEN I'llUYN. See 506. 



PUUEN (as the name is written presumably 
by liimself) (tlie ancestor of 501, 502, 503, 
504, 505), who was tlie son of John Pruyn 
of Holland, is found settled in Albany with 
his wife, Acltje or Alida, as early as 1665. 
Being a Roman Catholic he refused 10 take 
the oath of allegiance to King William, the 
Protestant king of England, but expressed 
himself willing to swear fidelity. His son 
John, however, subscribed to the oath. 
His widow, Aeltje, joined the Dutch Re- 
formed Church in 16S3. (See Pnii-ii Ga:. by 
John V. L. Pruyn, Jr., 1SS6.) This family 
has been resident and has held positions of 
trust in the city of Albany during its six 
generations. There are traces of the name 
in Holland as far back as 1333, and of a 
similar name in France as far back as 800. 

bany; son of Stoddaril Iliiiiii'ls of 
Rensselaervillc. N. Y., b. i8o3 (m. 1829 
Caroline Wilson); son of Archibald of 
Rensselaerville, b. 17S7, d. 1861 (m. 1807 
ZiporalvSloddard); son of Salter of Rhode 
Island, b. 1755, d. 1828 (m. Orpha Olmstedl, 
served in Rev. army, after the war settled 
in Dutchess county, thence to Rensselaer- 
wyck. He was of French descent. [507] 

PUMrT.LI;Y, JOHN H. (m. Mary Ann 
Fool), Albany; son of William of 

Owcgo, Tioga county, N. Y., b. 1788, d. 
1S76 (m. Mary H., a dcsc. of Gov. Thomas 
Welles of thccolony of New Haven), ruling 
elder in the Presbyterian Church for forty 
years; son of JollII of Danby, N. Y,, b. 
1727, d. i8ig(m. Hannah Bushnell of Sal- 
isbury, Conn.), a sergeant in French and 
Indian wars, stood next to Gen. WolfF, on 
the Heights of Abraham, when he was 
killed in the French war, saved the life of 
Gen. Israel Putnam when the latter fell 
into a lake during a skirmish, member of 
Rogers' Rangers, at the risk of his life the 
bearer of dispatches to Fort William 
Henry, commissary in Rev. army at the 
time of Burgoyne's surrender, removed 
with his family from Salisbur)', Connecti- 
cut, to Danby, in the State of New York, 
in 1802; son of JOHN POM IM LIE (sic), 
who was a sea captain and of French de- 
scent. The name is variously spelt Pum- 
pelly, Pumpely and Pompilie. [508] 

R A.MS AY, JOHN A. (m. Jane Chamber- 
len), Albany; son of Archibald of 
New Scotland, d. 1846 (m. Margaret Wands); 
son of .Idliii of New Scotland, b. 1757, d. 
184S (m. Margaret CoLinclly), came with his 
father from Scotland, served in Rev. army; 
son of SAMUEL P.AMSAY, born in Scot- 
land, and came with his son to America in 
1772, and settled in New Scotland, Albany 
county, New York State. fsog] 

RANKIN, EDWARD W., Albany; son 
of EDWARD E. RANKIN of New- 
ark, N. J., b. 1850 (m. 1884 Catharine B. 
Putnam); son of William of Newark, b. 
1S20 (m. 1847 Emily Watkinson); son of 
AVilliam of Newark, b. 1785, d. i86q (m. 
1809 Abigail Ogden) ; son of WILLIAM 
RANKIN of Slerlingshire, Scotland, b. 
May 16, 1745, came to America 1763, set- 
tled at Troy in the Stale of New York, mar- 
ried, June 4, 17S0, Mrs. Wilhelmina Payne, 
the dau. of Dr. Lodowick Dunble of New 
York; he died Sept. 9, 1834. [510) 

son of ,l(>el of Kenwood, b. 1S06 at 
Salem, Mass., d. 1K63 in Paris, France (m. 
Emeline Munn), inventor of various im- 
provements in stoves; son of Sniiiliel of 
Colchester, b. 1756. d. 1831 fm. i735L,vdia 


Sparhawk) ; son of Jnsliiin, b. 1723 (m. 
1745 Sarali Tennaiit), known as " Dcacun " 
Rathbone; son of Jonatliari, b. 1691, d. 

1766 (m. Elizabeth ); son of JOHN 

RATHUONK. Sec 513. [511] 

LEY, Albany; sons of Valentine 
M'rijrlifniaii, b. at Salem, Conn., 17SS, d. 
at Clarkson, 1833 (m. 1S14 Nancy Forsyth); 
son of Saiiincl of Colchester, Conn., b. 
175S, d. 1831 (m. 17S5 Lydia Sparhawk); 
sun of Jo.sliua, b. 1723 (m. 1745 Sarah 
Tennant), known as ■' Deacon" Rathbone; 
sonof ,l(inatliaii, b. i6gi, d. 1 766 (ni. Eliza- 
beth ), purchased from the Mohegan 

Indians a tract of land, and settled at Col- 
chester, now Salem, Conn.; son of JOHN 
KATIIBONE. See 513. I512I 

JOHN UATHRONK (ancestor 

of 511, 512), came from Enf,'land and set- 
tled in Block Island, .Vug. 17, 1660. Rep. 
in legislature of Rhode Island, 16S2, 16S3, 
ifiS4; his wife's name was Margaret. The 
early histor)' of the Rathbone family has not 
been traced, it is probable that ihcy are de- 
scended either from Thomas Rathbone, who 
came from England in 1621, or from John 
Rathbone, of Liverpool, who came from 
that town in 1625. There was a Colonel 
John Rathbone, of the Parliamentary army 
of 165S, with whom the first ancestor of the 
American family mav have been related. 


RATTOONE, THOMAS, Albany; son 
of William of Albany (m. 1846 Sarah 
M. Blackwcll of Richmond, Virginia); son 
of Thomas of Lansingburgh, b. at Perth 
Amboy, New Jersey, 1771, d. 1S3S (in. 1S02 
Olive Brown, daughter of Major Jonathan 
Brown, in Rev. army, and inember of as- 
sembly, lygi-iSoi, grand-dau. of Asa Doug- 
las of Stephentown,N. Y., a direct descend- 
ant of Deacon William Douglas, who came 
from Scotland in 1640); son of John of Perth 
Amboy, b. 1744, d. 1S23 (m. Isabella Dun- 
ham), judge of court of common pleas, 
1796-1806, alderman, 1796, mayor, 1798, 
i8o3, justice of the peace, 1796-1S01, war- 
den of St. Peter's Church, Penh Amboy, 
1790-1SGI and 1S09 ; son of Thomas of 
Pcrtli Amboy, b. 1704 (m. Elizabeth Eu- 


banks); son of THOMAS ItATTOONE, 
who was born Dec. 23, 1604, and died Jan. 
10, 1730, and whose tomb is still to be 
seen, bearing the above dates, near the 
entrance door of St. Peter's Church at 
Perth Anjboy, New Jersey; he is believed 
tu be of Huguenot descent. This appears to 
be the only family of the name of Rattoone 
in the whole of the United States. [514] 

bany ; son of A L E X .\ N D E R 
MURRY RAWSON of Albany (m. Eliza 
.\. Siurgcs); son of Edmund tJriiidal 
of Broadalbin, N. Y.,b. 1S02, d. 1857 (m. 
Celtina Fonda); son of Edmund (jriudal 
of Broadalbin, b. 1772, d. 1847(111. Maria Van 
Burcn of Kinderhook, N. Y.), member of 
N. Y. State legisl.; son of Cjrindal of East 
lladdam. Conn., b. 1739, d. 1S23 (m. Sarah 
Holmes), grad. of Yale Coll., student of. 
divinity; sonof Gl'illdal of Menton, Conn., 
b. 1707, d. 1777 (m. Dorothy Chenney), the 
first settled minister in South Hadley, 
Conn.; son of Edward of Menton, b. 1659, 
d. 1715 (m. Susanna Wilson), grad. Harvard 
Coll. and classmate of Cotton Mather, a 
minister; son of EI) WAR UAWSON. 
See 517. [515] 

RAWSON, HENRY N., Albany; son of 
Thomas Heid of Albany, b. 1803, d. 
1S77 (m. 1st, Louisa W. Dawes, 2nd, Sarah 
A. Thomas), grad. Amherst Coll., ordained 
pastor of Cong. Ch., 1S34, chaplain to U. 
S. army during the Reb.; son of Gardner 
of Townshend, Vermont, b. 17C2, d. 1838 
(m. 1788 Susan Wilkinson); son of Thomas 
of U.xbridge, Mass.,b. I732(m. 1755 Eunice 
Read\ served in Rev. army, supposed to 
have been killed in active service; son of 
William of Mendon, Mass., b. 1711, d. 
1790 (m. 1731 Margaret Cook), town treas- 
urer, 1734, town clerk, 1740; son of 
William, b. 16S2, d. 1769 (m. 1710 Sarah 
Crosby of BiUerica), H.arvard Coll., 
town clerk, 1731, captain; son of William, 
b. 1651, d, 1726 (m. 1673 Ann Glover); son 
of EDWARDTtAWSON. See 517. [516] 

EDWARD RAWSON (ancestor 

of 515, 516), born at GiUingham, Dorset- 
shire, England, April, 1615, died 1693 (m. 
1636 Rachael Pcsne, a niece of Archbishop 


A iM ERIC A N A N C I'. S T R Y, 

Edmund Grindal, 1576-S3), came to New | 
England, 1636-37, and srlllcd at Newbury, 
secretary oT ll>e Colony of Massachusetts, 
1650-69. [517] 

KEN, Albany; sou of Hcury Aii- 
JJllstilS of Albany county, b. 1S04, d. 1S77 
(m. 1834 Catherine JE Miller), a minister; 
son of ('liipil of Dutchess county, b. 1765, 
d. 1831 (m. 17S7 Sarah Dunninf;); son of 
Cliipp of NorwalU, Conn., d. iSoo (m. 1762 
Rebecca Bctts), in 17S0 was on a boundary 
committee constituted by the legislature, 
in a deed he is termed " gentleman," he 
died and was buried at Ballston Spa, N. Y. 
The lineaije is not yet traced, but it is be- 
lieved that he is descended from RICII- 
AKI) R.VTMOND, mariner, of Salem, 
Massachusetts, of which he was freeman. 
May 14, 1634. He and his wife Judith were 
members of the f^rst churcli at Salem before 
1636. He had a brother, Captain William 
Raymond. [51S] 

1~)EA1), CHARLES E., Albany; son of 
A. John 15. of Albany, killed at battle 
of Cold Harbor (m. Hester J. Hotaling); 
son of Joel of Albany, b. 1S03, d. 1SS2 (in. 
Ann Burnes); son of David of Kcene, 
New Hampshire, a grandson of CAP- 
TAIN JOHN KHAD of England. [519I 

biiny; son of JOHN MEREDITH 
READ of Albany (m. Delphine M. Pum- 
pelly;; son of Joliu MciTtlitll of Phila- 
delphia (m. Priscilla Marshall, dcsc. from 
Gov. Bradford of the Mayflower), called to 
the bar, 1S23, member of Penn. leg., 1S23, 
attorney-gen. of the State, judge of supreme 
court, chief justice, author, see Allibone's 
Diet, of Authors ; son of John of Phila, 
delphia (m, Martha, dau.of Gen. Meredith), 
grad. Princeton Coll., 17S7, member Slate 
leg., 1S15-16, State senator, city solicitor; 
son of Geovg'C of Delaware, b. 1734, d. 
1798 (m. Gertrude, dau. of Rev. Geo. Ross, 
and sister to George Ross, one of the sign- 
ers of the declaration of American inde- 
pendence), called to the bar, 1754, attorney- 
gen, of county, 1763-74, member of leg. of 
Delaware, president of the Delaware State, 
member of constitutional congress, 1774-7. 

PICNDENCE, and one of the si.x sign- 
ers who were also framors of the Consli- 
tntion of the United States, 1776, judge 
of court of appeals, 1779, chief justice of 
Delaware, United States senator, 1789-93; 
son of COLONKL JOHN HEAD, b. in 
Dublin, i6S3, came to America and pur- 
chased lands in Cecil county, Maryland, 
died June 15, 1756, married Mary Howell, 
an aunt of Governor Howell of New Jersey. 
Colonel John Read was the son of John 
IJi'iid of Ireland, the son of IMchanl Roail 
of England, the son of Sir Tlionias Keail, 
knight, of Barton court and Dun's Tew, 
high sherifTof Berkshire, knighted by Oueen 
Eli/.abcth in 1598, who is fifth in descent 
from Eilward Uoail, Lord of the manor of 
Beedonand high sherifTof Berkshire, 1439. 
See Bu rke's Peerage, Baronetage and Ktii;ht- 
<JiV, iSSi, p. 1061; Hist, of Read Family, 
1S61; Drake's />Vfl,s-m///j', 1S72. [520] 

pi-ESE, J. LIVINGSTON, Albany; son 
I t of <Jforyc. n. of Philadelphia, d. 
iSIj6 (ni. Margaret Mesur); son of Jacoh 
of Philadelphia, b. 1765 (m. Kittie Slieafe); 
son of Gt'orye, born 1730, and resided at 
Philadelphia. [521] 

1:)EII». GEORGE E., Albany; son of 
son, N. v., b. 1S20 (m. 1849 Abigail E. 
Darling); son of Klliaiiah (m. Manha Ran- 
som). Ls-^^l 

T)EYNOI,DS, DEAN F., Albany (ni. 
\i Hannah Freese); son of Hosca of 
Cartwright,b. 178S, d. 1S64; son of Andrew 

R.. b. in Columbia county (m. ist, 

Mun.molherof Hosca, 2nd, Smith), 

served in the Rev. army; son of Andrew 
of Chatham, New York State, died at an 
advanced age. [5-3 1 

REYNOLDS, DEXTER (m. Catherine 
M. Cuyler), Albany; son of Marcil.^* 
T. of Albany, b. 1788, d. 1S64 (m. Elizabeth 
Ann De.xtcr); son of Stephen of Florida, 
N. V. b. 1765, d. 1S33 (m. 1787 Lydia 
Bartlett of Lebanon, Conn.); son of Slf- 
\>heii (m Rachel Denton); son of Francis 
Heynolds (m. Ruth Purdy); son of Jainc-i, 
b. 1674. d. 1767. [524J 

A M E R I C A N A N C E S T R Y 


Albany; son of Ilczokiall of Cabiit, 
Vermont, b. 1799, d. 1S74 (m. Mary Shurt- 
lilT, niece of Commodore Porter); son of 
Jdllii of Boston, b. 1759, d. iSoS, served 
seven years in Rev. army, a minister of 

RICE, WILLIAM G., Albany; son of 
WILLIAM A. RICE of Worlliing- 
ton, Mass., b. 1820 (m. Hannah Seeley); 
son of Williiim of Worthington, b. 177S, 
d. 1S63 (m. Wealthy Cottrell), ensign in 
war 1S12, colonel, magistrate ; son of 
JuscpU of Conway, Mass., b. 1745, d. 1826 
(m. Mary Green), served in Rev. army; son 
of El)eii('/cr of Westboro, b. 1709 (m. Anna 
Rice), son of VAwnc'ivr of Sudbury, b. 
i67i,d. 1724 (m. Bethia Williams); son of 
lienjiiniill of Sudbury, b. 1640, d. 1713 
(m. Mary Brown); son of EDMUND MICE 
of Berkhampstead, Hertfordshire, England, 
wlio came to America and settled at Sud- 
bury, Massachusetts, 1639, thence to Marl- 
boro, where he died, ,May, 1663. The de- 
scendants of Edmund Rice have been accus- 
tomed to meet annually at the old homestead 
at Wayland, Sudbury ,which is still in posses- 
sion of a member of the family. [526] 

HAMILTON CHASE, Albany; sons 
of Albany (m. 1S56 Algienah Chase); son 
of Waller of Leno.x, Mass., b. 1803 (m. 1S33 
Jane Kellog); son of William of Hinsdale, 
Mass., b. 1756, d. i8ioi?)(m. Monica Fris- 
zell), colonel; son of William of Rich- 
mond, Mas-s., b. 1729(7), d. 1794 (m. 1753 
Elizabeth Knapp); son of Jost'llll of South- 
borough, Mass., d. 174S (m. 1726 Mary 
Bowden); son of Crispiis of Lynn, Mass., 
b. 16S1 (m. Sarah Collins); son of Jollli of 
Lynn, Mass. (m. 1754 Mary Brewer), free- 
man, i6gt, served in King Philip's war; 
son of Ethvaril of Lynn, b. 1621, d. Jan. 

26, 1C1S9 (m. Ann ), one of the early 

settlers of Lynn; son of IMCII.MM) KICH- 
AIiDS who came probably from England 
and settled in Lynn, 1633. See Morse's 
Gcn. of Richards Family. [527J 

Albany; son of (U'oryc of Rouse's 

Point, N. 'V., b. lS;r (m. Harriet Aurclia 
Belcher), deputy collector of customs of 
Platisburgh, district attorney for Warren 
county, judge-advocate 14th brigade, 4th 
div. N. Y. militia, member assembly, State 
senator; son of Vclatiallof Warrensburgh, 
N. Y., b. 1786, d. 1870 (m. Sally Wheeler), 
ensign in Colonel Wm. Cook's reg. in war 
of 18:2, sheriff of Warren county, member 
of legisl. assembly ; son of Tclaf iali of 
Schroon Lake, N. Y., b. 1759, d. 1S27 (m. 
1779 Abigail Barber); son of Samuel of 
PUiinville, Conn., b. 1726, d. 1793 (m. 1747 
Lydia Buck), doctor of medicine; son of 
Tliomas of Southington, Conn., b. 1694 
(m. 1717 Abigail Turner); son of Tlioiiias 
of Hartford, Conn., b. 1666, d. 1749 (m. 
ifjgr Mary Parsons), a deacon; son of Jiiliii 
of Hartford, b. 163], d. 1712 (m. Lydia 
Stocking), collector of taxes ; son of 
THOMAS RICHARDS, born in England 
about 1600, came to America in 1(133 ^'iJ 
died, 1638. See Morse's 0'./;. ../ A'i.harJs 
Family. [528J 

Albany; sons of ABRAM SICKLES of 
Albany, b. 1S22 (m. Elinor Barr^O; son of 
William of Albany, b. 1800, d. 1S43 (m. 
Maria Montgomery) ; son of Ezra of 
Albany, b. in Dutchess county. New York 
State (m. Ann Sickles), served in Rev. 
army. [529] 

bany; son of WILLIAM MONT- 
GOMERY of Albany, b. 1S20 {m. Mary 
McDonnouch Ross); son of William of 
Albany, b. 1800, d. 1843 (in. Maria Mont- 
gomery); son of Ezra of Albany, b. in 
Dutchess county. New York State (m. Ann 
Sickles), served in Rev. army. [53"] 

RKJGS, FRED JAMES, Albany; son 
of James, b. 1S16, d. 1S54 (m. Ann 
Odell), publisher of the Amsterdam IiiL-lli. 
gviictr and Raorda-; son of Isaac of Sclie- 
nectady, b. 1779, d. iS50(?; (m 1812 Cath- 
arine Seaman, whose father was captured 
in the war of 1S12); son of Sircinis, b. 
1750, d. iS2o(m. Mary Crane). Ancestors 
came from Wales. [53'] 

A M E R 1 C A N A N C E S T K Y . 

I)IGIITER, JOHN, Albany; son of 
Alban)', b, 1856 (in. Sophia ^Ll^garct Mil- 
ler); son of Slicklos of Wright, N. Y., 
b. 1S05, d. 1S77 (m. Polly Roukcfelk-r, a 
desc. of a Holland family); son of ■\Villi:iin 
of Dutchess county. State of New York. 

Albany; sons of BRADFORD ROB- 
BINS (ni. Nancy Davis); son of Brad Co I'll 
of Charlottevillc, N. Y., b. 17S4, d. 1S56 
(in. Polly Schcrnierhorn), served in war of 
1S12 at Sackelt's Harbor; son of John of 
Fulton, N. Y. (m. Hannah Row), served in 
Rev. army, whose ancestors came from 
Lyon, Connecticut. - [533J 

ROI5I5INS, FRANK O., Albany; son 
of JOHN S. ROBBERS of Albany, 
b. 1822 (m. ftEary Miller); son of CalC'l), b. 
1795 (m. Phebe De La Mater). [534] 

• NELL, Albany; son of Boliorl 
Cliirk of Pittslield, JLiss., b. i3i5. d. 
1857 ; son of .Idliii of New Hamp., b. 1774, 
d. at Pitlsfield, 1849 ; son of Jollll of New 
Hampshire, b. 173S, d. 1777, shot by cither 
an Indian or a tory in his own orchard, 
when defending his home. [535] 

son of Albert David, b. 1S14, d. 
1883 (m. Helen Agnes Fay), county judge; 
son of Hciliail of Bennington, b. 1787 
(m. Betsey Wadsworth); son of David of 
Bennington, b. 1754, d. 17S1 (in. Sarah 
Fay); son of SaiuiU^l, b. 1705 (m. Marcy 
Leonard), resided at Cambridge, Mass., 
moved to Ilardwick and thence to Ben- 
nington, Vermont, the first magistrate of the 
State of Vermont; son of SAMUKL BOB- 
INSON, b. 1668, d. 1730, who was settled 
at Cambridge, Massachusetts. See Gciu-- 
ahnry by Sarah Robinson. [536] 

garet Coleman) and WILLIAM 
HENRY ALLEN (m. Catharine Todd), Al- 
bany; sons of Zadocli Nowhiiry of Hud- 
son, b. 1792. d. 1843 (m. 1791 Ann Lam- 

phiui); son of .loSPldl, b. 1760 (m. 

Newbury), served in Rev. army, supposed 
to have been born in New London, Con- 
necticut. [537] 

ROUSE, GEORGE v., Albany; son of 
Cofiieliiis of Athens, N. Y., b. iSot, 
d. 1867(1.1. Pauline Vail); son of .Toll 11 of 
Athens, b. 1740, d. 1837, served in Rev. 
aiiiiy, whose ancestor came from Holland. 

ROUSK, THOMAS H., Albany; son of 
(icorgc of Bacon Hill, N. Y., b. 
1807, d. 1S76 (m. Sarah Howland); son of 
David of Bacon Hill, b. 1768, d. 1S49 (m- 
Polly Ross), tame fiom Kingston, New 
York. [539] 

of Albany, b. 1S16 (m. 1S48 Adeline Martha 
Piatt, eighth in desc. from Richard Piatt 
of Hertford, England); son of Joiialliailot' 
Cherry Valley, h. 1774, d. 1S63 (m. i3oi 
Sarah Johnson); son of Jonalliail of Wind- 
ham, Conn., b. 1743 (m. 1766 Mary Tracey), 
a deacon; son of .luiiatliail of Windham, b. 
i7io(m. Esther Tyler); son of NatliailicI, 
b. 1684, d. 1760 (m. 1709 Rebecca Walds). 
lieutenant; son of Nalliailiel of Windham, 
b. 1660, d. 1727 (m. ist, Mary Post, 2nd, 
Abigail Hartshorn); son of JONATHAN 
IIUIH), who came from England and set- 
tled at New Haven, 1640, freeman of Say- 
brook, 1644, married, 1647, died, 1668. See 
Coleman's I/isl. of A'civ London for an ac- 
count of his romantic marriage at Bride's 
Brook. [540] 

ROE, Albany; sons of Nicholas 
Fniliois of Albany, b. 1823, d. 1874 (m. 
Catherine Jane Mosher); son of Frauds 
of Bethlehem, b. 17S4, d. 1871 (m. Barbara 
Arnold); son of Fredl'rick of Bethlehem, 
b. I75S(?), d. 1S40 (m. Elsie Leonard), 
served in Rev. army; son of FIIANCIS 
UUSO. See 541. [541] 

RUSO, FREDERICK F., Albany; son 
of Fraiici.'* of Bethlehem, b. 1784, 
d. 1871 (m. Barbara Arnold); son of Fred- 
crick of Bethlehem, b. I758(?), d. i34o(m. 
Elsie Leonard), served in Rev. army, son 
of FRANCIS Kl'SO. See 544. [542] 

and JOHN, Albany; sons of JoIlli 
of Bethlehem, b. 1794, d. 1842 (m. Helen 
Montgomery), capt. of rifle company of 



Bethlehem in war of 1S12, received grant 
0/ 160 acres of land for war services; son 
of Frederick of Bethlehem, b. 175S, d. 
1840 (m. Elsie Leonard), served in Rev. 
army; son of FRANCIS KL'SO. See 544 

FRANCIS RUSO (ancestor of 

541, 542, 543), born in France, came to 
America at an unknown date, and settled 
at Bethlehem, Albany county, in the Stale 
of New York. [544] 

RUYTEK, JOHN (m. Catherine Morris), 
Albany; son of John of Lower 
Canada, b. 1775, d. 1S31 (m. Magdelena 
Krouse), captain in British service, lSi2; 
son of Joliunncs of St. Armand, Lower 
Canada, b. Feb. 26, 1744 (m. 1764 Elizabeth 
Pest), col. in British army in American 
Rev.; son of FREDERIC RUYTER or 
RDITER of Hoosac (m. Feb. 6, 173S, 
Engeltic Van Der Werken), a royalist, 
probably the lirst ancestor. See Munsell's 
Collections. [545] 

SAGER. JOHN, Albany (m. Rachael 
Robinson); son of Jamcs of Nores- 
ville, N. v., b. 17S7, d. 1842 (m. Margaret 
Fromer); son of John of Noresville, b. 
1729, served in Rev. army, died 1S32, aged 
103 years and f) months. [546] 

SA.1IPS0N. HiA BRADFORD (m. iS'.s 
Mary Almira Cooley), Albany; son of 
Ira B., b. 1812, d. 18S6 (m. 1834 Julia Ann 
Blush); son of Issacliar, b. 176S, d. 1S25 
(m. Deborah Wilbur); son of (ieorge, b. 
i6c)o, d. 1774; son of Georg'e, b. 1655, d. 
July 26, 1739; son of ABRAHAM SAMP- 
SON, who with his brother Henry, and Ed- 
ward Tillie, came to America in the May- 
flowc-r and landed at Plymouth, Mass., 
'1620. Sec Ga,. Memoir of Sampson Fam- 
ily, 1S64. [547] 
SANFORD, HENRY T. (m. Louise A. 
Brewster), Albany; son of Henry 
B. of Lawrence, N. Y., b. 1S16, d. 1879 
(m. 1S3S Casendana Ellithorpe), lieut. of 
volunteers; son of Jonah, b. at Cornwall, 
Vermont, 1790, d. at L.awrence, 1S67 (m. 
iSii Abigail Green), member of congress, 
1829-30, brigadier-general of militia; son 
of Benjamin of Litchfield, Conn., b. 1760 
(ni. 1783 Sarah Marsh); son of Jonall of 

Litchfield, Conn., b. 1735, d. 1S17 (m. 1757 
Rhoda Woodruff); son of Joseph of Litch- 
field, Conn., bp. 1701, d. 1754 (m. ALiry 
Clark); son of Samuel of Durham, Conn., . 
b. 1674, d. 1749 (m. Hannah Baldwin), one 
of the founders of Durham, Conn.; son of 
Ephraiin of Milford, Conn., b. 164'j (m. 
Mary Powell); son of THOMAS SAN- 
FORD (m. Sarah ), who came from 

Gloucester, England, to America, and set- 
tled in Dorchester, 1S31-33. He was son 
of Anthony and Jane Sanford of Glouces- 
ter, England. See Sanford Geneab-y, Wor- 
cester, 1SS2. [548] 
SANFORD, LUTHER, Albany, b. 1823 
(m. 1S32 Catherine M. Church); son 
of Thomas of RcnsselaeiviUe, b. 1793, d. 
1S2S (m. 1S13 Catharine Lameraux); son of 
Roseome of Rhode Island, b. Mar. 3, 1759, 
d. Nov. 15, 1S23 (m. 17S9 Sarah Cogshall), 
enlisted in Rev. army and was taken pris- 
oner on Long Island. [54y] 
SAAVYER, WILLIAM, Albany; son of 
Luther of Lancaster, Mass., b. 1794, 
d. 1827 (m. 1815 Ann Lombard); son of 
Lutlier of Lancaster, b. 1760; son of Ln- 
ther; son of lulher ; son of Calvin ; 
son of Calvin; son of LFTHER SAW- 
YER, who came from Lancasliire, England, 
in 1634. [550I 

of Jolm of Albanv,b. at While Creek, 
1803, d. 1S71; son of Duly of White Creek, 
b. 1776, d. 1S32 ; son of Oziel of White 
Creek, b. 1752, d. 1804; son of Sylvauus 
of Providence, b. 1724, d. 1S69; son of 
Thomas of Providence, Rhode Island, b. 
Feb. g, 1699, d. Dec. 9, 1754; son of John 
of Cranston, Rhode Island, b. i6i5at Man- 
chester, England, d. 1720; son of JOHN 
SAYLES of Manchester, England, who 
came to America in 1O35 in his own vessel, 
with his wife, two sons and seven daugh- 
ters; settled at Portsmouth, Rhode Is- 
land. [551J 
C( C inV A R T Z . D A \' I D L. and 
io CHARLES W., Albany; sons of 
David of Liltleiown, Penn., b. 1S05, d. 
1S75 (m. ist, Lydia Sprangler, mother of 
David L., 2nd, Sarah Snyder, mother of 
Charles ^V.) ; son of Ludwiff of York 




served in 

Hill and 

ame from 


county, Penn., b. about 
Rev. army, present at 
Krandywine ; his ancei 

LIAM J. and JACOB C. E., All, 
sons of WILLIAM J. SCOTT of Albany, 
b. 1817 (m. Martha Jane Waters); son of 
JilC(il) of Albany, b. 1793, d. 1S77 (ni. 
Susan Varian Smith). See 554. [553] 

H. and DAVID I. and CHARLES E. 
and ROBERT A. of Albany; sons of 
Jacolt of Albany, b. 1793, d. 1S77 {m. 
Susan Varian Smith, cousin of Isaac L. 
Varian, mayor of New York), served in 
war of iSt2; son of John of Coeymans, 
N. Y., b. 1762, d. 1S17 (m. Deborah, dau. 
of Jacob Klock of Connecticut) ; son of 
.lollil of New York (m. Hannah Patten), 
served in Rev. ariny ; liis ancestor carne 
from Scotland. [554] 

QCIMVEN, GARDNER, Albany; son of 
k5 Joshilil M. of Grafton, N.Y.,b. 17S3, 
d. 1S53 (m. Permeltra Clark), town clerk, 
supervisor; son of Jusliua of Grafton, b. 
about 1754, d. 1824 (m. Mercy Chapman), 
served in Rev. army ; son of AVILLIAM 
SCKIYEN, b. in England, 1730, came to 
America, and settled in Stonington, Con- 
necticut, died 1S29, [555J 
SE.^BUIIY, HILAN (m. 1S47 Nancy 
Car>'), Albany; son of Isitac of Troy, 
N. Y.,b. 17SS, d. iSOo (m. iSt6 Frances 
Fitchctt) ; son of Tiliiiaii of Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y., b. 1755, d. 1823 (m. 177S Cornelia 
Kip); son of John of Poughkeepsie, b. 
1727, d. about 1799 (m. 1749 Mary Man- 
chester) ; son of Joseph, b. 167S, d. 1755 
(m. 1st, 1722 Phebe Smith, 2nd, Mary Ladd); 
son of Sililiupl, b. at Boston, 1640, d. 16S1 
(m, Tst, 1690 Patience Kemp, 2nd, Martha 
Peabody, grand-dau. of John Alden of the 
Mayjlo'^er); son of JOHN SEAIJUUY (m. 

Grace ; ■ — ) of Porlock, Somersetshire, 

England, and came to tlie Barbadoes, thence 
to America in 1639, when he settled at 
Boston. [556] 

SELKIRK, CHARLES (m. Lillian P. 
Connolly) and WILLIAM F. (ni. 
Mathilda E. Koenig) and JOHN A. and 

ALEXANDER, and FRANK E, Albany; 
sons of ALE.XANDER SELKIRK of Al- 
bany, b. 1S30 (m. 1S53 Eliza J. Fee); son of 
Cliarlcs of Selkirk, N. Y., b. 1799, d. 1S68 
(m. 1S29 Jane Elmendorf); son of JAMES 
SELKllIK, b. 1757. d. 1S20 (m. Eliz.abelli 
Henry, aunt of Professor Joseph Henry), 
came from Kirkcudbright, Scotland, to 
America, and served as quartermaster in 
tlie Rev. army. He was a son of James 
Selkirk of Kiikcudbriglu, Scotland, b. 1720, 
d. 1759- [557] 

SELKIRK, EDWARD, Albany; son of 
Josst; of Waterbury, Conn., b. 1766, 
d. iSio (m. 1790 Mary Seymour of the Wal- 
ton family); son of John of Waterbury, 
Connecticut (m. Irena Hopkins); son of 
America in 1730. [558] 

ERY R., Albany; son of JailieS Cal- 
tvell of Lysander, N. Y., b. iSoo, d. 1874 
(m. Harriet Fellows); son of Sylvaiilis 
of Kortright, N. Y., b. May 24, 1770, d. 
June 29, 1S50 (m. 1794 Anna Clark), whose 
parents came from Ireland, 1750) ; son of 
Aaron, who died in Korlriglit, Delaware 
county, New York State, supposed to have 
come from England. [559] 

SEXTON, EDWIN, Albany; son of 
Cliarlcs of Albany, b. 1S24 (m. Caro- 
line Wilson); son of Ezckit'l of Upper 
Freehold, N. J., b. 176S, d. 1S43 (m. ist, 
Elizabeth Duley, 2nd, Henrietta Ilayden), 
member of State assembly, 1814-15; son of 
Peter of Upper Freehold, b. 1740, d. 1S12; 
son of Jaiut'S of Upper Freehold, b. 171S, 
d. 17S4 (m. Rebecca ); son of Wil- 
liam of Long Island, b. 1CS6, d. 1732 (m. 
Anne Stringham).; son of Daniel of Wind- 
sor, Conn., b. 1660, d. i7io(m. Sarah Ban- 
croft); son of (jEOROE SEXTON, b. 1630, 

d. 1690 (m. Catherine ), settled at 

Windsor, Connecticut, and afterward at 
Westfield, Massachusetts, probably the first 
American ancestor. [560] 

SHAW, n,\NIEL, Albany; son of Dan- 
iel Denaisoii of .Albany, b. iSoi, d. 
1S64 (m. Nancy Badgley), alderman, super- 
visor; son of Jollli of Albany, d. 1826 (m. 
Isabella Dennison, sister of Isaac Denni- 


son), officer in Rt-volutionary army, mili- 
lary store-keeper Albany, member of Ciii- 
cinnatus. [S^^] 

S HELTON, CALVIN, Albany; son of 
Nichols of Havana, N. Y., b. 1801, d. 
1S84 (m. 1S24 Dilhy Nichols), came to New 
York Slale, 1S05; son of Lcniliol of Schuy- 
ler county, N. Y. ; son of Lcinuol, born in 
Connecticut, came to New York, 1805; son 
of Ebciii'zer of Huntington, Conn.; son of 
llnniel of Fairfield, Conn., b, 1700, d. 
1773 (m. Man' Hubbil); son of LIET- 
Conn,, b. at Dcptford, Yorkshire, England, 
166S, d. 172S (m. April 4, 1692, Elizabeth 
Wells), came with his brother, Richard Shel- 
ton, to America before lOgo. He settled 
at Stratford, Connecticut, and his brother 
Richard in Virginia. See Shelton JMc-morial. 

SHEPARl), CHARLES T. (m. Emma 
Holt), Albany; son of AH'red Day of 
Albany, b. iSoi, d. 1S69 (m. Harriet C. 
King); son of Mather of Amsterdam, N. 
Y., b. 1773, d. 1822 (m. Harriet Day); son 
of David of Chester, Mass., and Amster- 
dam, b. 1744, d. 1S19 (m. Lucinda Mather, 
a niece of Rev. Cotton Mather), grad. Yale 
Coll., 1766, surgeon in Rev. army, captain, 
present at Bunker Hill, delegate to const, 
convention, 17S8; son of John of West- 
field, Mass., b. 1706, d. J7S3 (m. Elizabeth 
Noble); son of JOHN .SliEI'AUD. See 
565. [5113] 

WARD L., sons of SAMUEL 
MATHER SHEPARD of Albany, b. 1813 
(m. Ann Alida Hilton); son of Mathor of 
Amsterdam, N. Y., and Root, N. Y.,b. 1773, 
d. 1822 (m. Harriet Day); son of David of 
Chester and Amsterdam, b, about 1744, d. 
1819 (in. Lucinda Mather, niece of Rev. 
Cotton Mather), grad. Yale Coll., 1766, sur- 
geon in Rev. army, held a captain's com- 
mission at the battle of Bunker Hill, dele- 
gate to const, convention, 1788; son of Jolin 
of Westfield, Mass., b. 1706, d. 17S3 (m. 
Elizabeth Noble); son of JOHN SHET- 
ARD. See 565. 1 564] 

JOHN SHErAHD (ancestor of 

563, 564)of Wethcringset, Sullblk, England, 

b. 1G71 (m. Elizabeth WoodrulT of West- 
tield, ^Lls3.), a desc. of John ShcparJ of 
Mendlesham, Suffolk, 1550, who came to 
America and settled in Westfield, Massa- 
chusetts, where he died, Aug. 10, 1756. 

WOOD of Albany, b. iSio (in. Mary Wag- 
goner); son of .Vug-listlis Cyrus of Stan- 
ford, N. Y., b. 1786, d. 1S22 (m. Chloe 
Warren); son of JdllU of Stanford, b. 1754, 
d. 1841 (m. Lavinia Alger), served in Rev. 
army, was one of Ethan Allen's " Green 
Mountain Boys " and assisted at the capture 
of Fort Ticonderoga; son of GABRIEL 
SHERWOOD, born in England (m. Martha 
Seymour), came to America and settled at 
Stanford, New York State, he was a son 
of Isaac Shertvood of England, who was 
a grandson of Thomas Shernood, born in 
England, 1586. [566] 

SHULTER, FOSTER E.; son of Elijiha- 
Ict of Coeynians, b. 1S27 (m. Abigail 
Ayrault); son of Nicolas, b. 1790, d. 1870 
(m. Hannah Reynolds), of Coeymans, New 
Y'ork State, who was son of Nicolas{?). 

QICKELLS, HIRAM E. (m. Caroline A. 
lO Fairman), Albany; son of Hiram of 
Albany, b, 1796, d. 1S72 (m. Laura Laslier); 
son of Zacliarias of Hoosic; son of 
Thomas of Hoosic; son of Zacliarias of 
Troy, New York State, member of assem- 
bly, county judge, supervisor. [s'JS] 
Albany; son of William N. of Albany, 
b. iS53,d.i8S5; son of FRANCIS NICOLL 
j SILL of Albany, b. 1818 (m. Elizabeth A., 
I dau. of Colonel John DeFreest); son of 
j William Nicoll of Bethlehem, b. 1786, 
j d. 1S44 (m. 1808 Margaret Mather), super- 
visor, member of legislature, judge; son 
of Richard of Bethlehem, b. 1755, d. 1790 
, (m. 17S5 Elizabeth Nicoll), grad. of Yale 
Coll., lieut. in Rev. army, 1776, major, . 
1782; son of John of Lynn, Mass., b. 
1710, d. 1796 (m. 1st, Phebe Fitchin, 2nd, 
Hephzibah Lee, 3rd, Lucy Peck); son of 
Joscpllof Lynn, b. 1O7S, d. 1765 (m. Phebe 
Lloyd); son of Joseph of Cambridge, Mass., 
i b. in England, 1636, d. i696(m. ist, Jemima 



Belcher, 2nd, Mrs. Sarah Marvin), captain, 
served in French and Indian war, 1676; son 
of JOHN SILL, who, with his wife Jo- 
hanna and their son John, came from Eng- 
land in 1637 and settled at Cambridge, 
Massachusetts. He was probably a native 
of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in Great Britain. 
Died before 1662. [569J 

SILL, JOHN Di;FREEST, Albany; son 
Elizabeth A., dau. of Colonel John De 
Freest. See 569. I570] 

CUS S., Albany; sons of Ia^mIsMiiI- 
I'oril Dayton of Rensselaerville, b. 1S14, 
d, 1S82 (m. Oclavia Walker); son of Al- 
IterlllS, who wlien a child came with his 
parents from Holland to America, b. about 
1774, d- 1855. I571J 

Albany; sons of William, b. 1S02, d. 
1S73 (m. Louisa Leek), pioneer newsman 
of Albany; son of Jonathan of Albany, 
b. in Connecticut 1764, d. 1S54 (m. 1793 
Sarah Northrup); son of Ebenczer, b. at 
Pound Ridge, major in Rev. army. [572] 
KJ Maria Purdy), Albany; son of Jona- 
tliau of Albany, b. 1764, d. 1854 (m. 1793 
Sarah Northrup); son of Ebenezer, b. at 
Pound Ridge, major in Rev. army. [573 j 

VAN D. and WILLIAM; sons of 
Joliu I. of Slingerlands, b. 1803, d. 1S60 
(m. 1st, Elizabeth Van Derzee, 2nd, Sally 
Hall), member of congress, 1847-48; son 
of John Albert, b. 176S, d. 1S50 (m. Leah 
Brett); son of AUtPrt, b. 1733 (m. Eliza- 
beth Moak); son of Johannes, b. 1696 (m. 
Anne Slingerland); son of Albert, b. 
1666, d. 1731 (m. Hester Becker); son of 
See 577. [574] 

B. and JAMES N. and DeWITT C, 
Albany; sons of HENRY SLINGER- 
LAND of Albany, b. 1808 (m. Hannah 
Winne); son of Henry of Now Scotland, 
d. 1808 (m. Jemima Slingerland); son of 
Albert of Onisquatha, b. 1733, d. 1814 (ni. 
1760 Elizabeth Moak); son of Johanne.s of 

Onisquatha, b. 1696, d. 1731 (m. 1724 Anne 
Slingerland); son of Albert of Onis- 
quatha, b. 1666 (m. Hester Becker); son of 
See 577. [575I 

Albany; sons of WILLIAM H. SLINGER- 
LAND (m. isl, Elizabeth W.tyne, and 2nd, 
Maria, dau. of Andrew Witbeck); son of 
John Albert, b. 1768, d. 1850 (m. Leah 
Brett); son of Albert, b. 1733 (m. Elizabeth 
Moak); son of Johannes, b. 1696 (m. Anne 
Slingerland); son of Albert, b. 1666, d. 
I73> (ni. Hester Becker); son of TEUNIS 


2nd, Apr. 9, 1684, Geerlie Fonda, widow 
of Jan Bicker), came from Amsterdam, 
Holland, about rGso, one of the early set- 
tlers in Bcverwyck (Albany), where he pur- 
chased about 10,000 acres of land from the 
Indians. Settled at Onisquatha on land, 
which is still held by his direct descend- 
ants. [577] 

Q1LITEU, ALBERT H., Albany; son of 
I^J Calvin of Sandlake, N. Y., b. 1800, 
d. i860 (m. Anna Maria Uline), supervisor 
of the county; son of Clement of Sand- 
lake, b. t772, d. 1837 (m. Ruth Wilmott); 
son of William of Nassau and Sandlake 
(m. Mary Ray), had eleven sons, author of 
■■ Miscv/himoiis KcgisUT," Geneva, N. Y. 
Spelt his name Shiyter. [57S] 

SMITH, CHARLES H., Albany; son of 
Jolltl of Albany, b. about 1798, d. 
.about 1846 (m. Sarah Capron); son of 
Charles, who came from New England to 
Albany before the Revolution. [579] 

QMITH, DANIEL C, Albany; son of 
C!) Edward of Chapinsvilk-, N. Y., b. 
about 1S24, d. about iSoo (m. Hannah 
Corner); son of Kthvard of Chapinsville, 
N. Y., major in Rev. army. [580J 

SMITH, EDWIN W., Albany; son of 
Ethvin of New Hampshire, b, 1S06, 
d. 1876; son of Solomon of Bath, d. 1859, 
whose ancestors were Quakers. [581J 

A M E R I C A N A N C K S T R Y 



W., Albany; son of 
SMITH of Albany 
(m. Lucy A. Markliam); son of Henry of 
Canaan, N. Y., b. 1803, d. iSSi (m. Mary 
HoUey), Metliodist minister for 58 years; 
son of Samuel of ShelTicld, Mass., b. 1774, 
d. 185S (m. Sally Jewcu), one of the early 
Methodists, and called a " Licensed E.\- 
horler." [582J 

SMITH, HENRY.Albany; sonof Heiify 
Van Olinda of Albany, b. 1S13, d. 
1S77 (m. 1836 Elizabeth Cartwright); son of 
Jat'Olt of Berne and Watervliet, b. 1784, d. 
June 25, 1879 (m. Eleanor Van Olinda); 
son of .Tolin (m. Eliz.abeth Rice), seized in 
Rev. army; son of John, whose ancestors 
came from Holland. [sSj] 

Albany; sons of Ansel Soivle.s of 
ParishviUe, N. Y., b. 1S13, d. 1S74 (m. 
1840 Susan Z. Shepard); son of Ansel of 
Albourgh, Vermont, b. in Vermont, d. in 
Wisconsin, 1867 (m. 1st, Mehetable Sowles, 
2nd, Eleanor Bush). [5S4] 

SMOCK, JOHN C. (Ml. Katharine E. 
Beekman), Albany; son of Isaac (J. 
of Monmouth county, New Jersey, b. 1809 
(m. Ellen Conover); son of fieorg^e of 
Jlonmouth county. New Jersey,b. 1754 (m. 
Margaret Van Derventcr), served in Rev. 
army; son of .Iiilin of Monmouth county, 
b. 1727 (m. Elizabeth Conover); son of 
Heildriek of Monmouth county, h. 169S 
(m. Mary Schenck); son of Johannes, d. 
1754 (m. Katharine Barents), removed from 
Long Island to Monmouth county. New 
Jersey, 1712; son of IlKNDRICK M.\T- 
THYSE SMOCK or SM.VCK (m. Geertjie 
Hermans), who came from Holland to 
America, 1654, and settled at New Utrecht. 
Long Island, magistrate, 1669-Sg. Bcrgeji's 
£uify SellUrs of Long Island. [5S5J 

HARVEY J., Albany; sons of HENRY 
C. SOUTHWICK of Albany, b. 1827 
(m. Margaret Julia Eraser); son of Henry 
C. of Albany, b. 1806, d. 1882 (m. Mary 
Parkinson); son of Henry C. (m. Margaret 
Wood). Sec 5S8. [586] 

T.. Albany; sons of Henry C. of 

Albany, b. 1S06, d. iS32 (m. Mary Parkin-' 
son); son of Henry C. (m. Margaret Wood). 
See 5SS. [5S7] 
Henry C. .Sonlhwick of Al- 
bany (ancestor of 5S6, 5S7), b. at Newport, 
Rhode Island, 1772, d. 1821 (m. Margaret 
Wood, cousin of General Wood); son of 
Solomon of Newport, Rhode Island, b. 
1731, d. 1797 (ni. Ann Gardner), editor 
NiWport Mi-rcury : son of Solomon of New- 
port, b. 1672 (m. 1712); son of Josiall of 
Salem, Mass., b. 1632, d. 1693 (m. 1658 
Mary -); son of LAWRENCE SOUTH- 
WICK of Salem (m. Cassandra ), came 

from Lancashire, England, in 1&27, re- 
turned to England and brought his wife, 
son and daughter to Massachusetts in the 
Mayjlowir, 1630, settled at Salcni, were 
fined, whipped and banished for being 
Quakers, and his daughter Provided was 
sentenced 10 be sold into slavery. Died 
on Shelter Island, 1660. There is an in- 
teresting account of the persecution of 
this family given in the historical extracts 
quoted in SoutlnAck Genealogy, tSSi. [588] 

Albany; son of Allien of Oriskany 
Falls, N.Y., b. 1S06, d. 18O7 (ni. Betsy Bar- 
ker); son of Llltlicr of Madison, N. Y., b. 
1769 (m. Eunice Boynton nee Simmons); 
son of Isaac of Little Compton, Rhode 
Island, b. 1727; son of Benjamin. [589] 

Agusta Hillsdale), Albany; son of 
Sylvaniis of Ghent, Columbia county, b. 
1S39, d. 1879 (m. Jane Leggelt); son of 
Abrani of Ghent, b. 1S14, d. 1885 (m. 
Catharine Smith); son of Richard, one of 
the early settlers of Ghent. [590] 

MIN R., Albany; sons of BENJA- 
MIN ROOT SPELMAN of Albany (m. 
Isabella Dey Ermand, d. 1885); son of 
Jesso of Granville, Mass., b. 1775, d. 1S42 
(m. Anna Root); son of StC|)heu of Dur- 
ham, Conn., b. 1745, d. 1800 (m. 1770 De- 
borah Rose), he and his wife, Deborah, had 
12 children, 9 of whom attained to ages 
ranging from 67 to 97, served in Rev. army; 
son of Thttma.S b. at Middletown, Conn., 
1712, d. at Granville, 1790 (m. Sarah 

7 1 


llickok), son of l?ICIIARn SPELJIAN, 

boiu ill Danbiiry, Essex, England, 1665, 
came from Chelmsford, England, with his 
wife, Alice French of Wales, 10 America, 
1700, and settled at Middletown, Connecti- 
cut. He died April '21, 1750, aged 85, as 
still to be seen on his tombstone in the 
Farm Hill cemetery at Middletown. The 
Spelman family in England is traced in the 
archxological works of Sir Henry Spelman 
to its earliest progenitor in England, Wil- 
liam Spelman who came over with William 
the Conqvieror, and is mentioned honor- 
ably in the pipe rolls of Henry H. [5'ji] 
STENCKR, ITHAMAR, Albany; son of 
PHILIP SPENCER of Albany, b. 
1S06 (m. Jane Ann Worden); son of lllitl- 
Jlliir, b. 1776, d. 1S65 (m. Matilda Hoten); 
son of Iflirtbod of Columbia county, b. 
1741, d. 1S39, a colonel, served in Rev. 
army; son of Itliailiar of Stonington, Con- 
necticut; son of IC'HAIJOI) Sl'ENCEU 
who came to America. [592] 

SPEN'CER, SAMUEL. Albany; son of 
Jollll of Kingsbury, b. 1766, d. 1846 
(m. Mary Sweet); son of Henry of East 
Greenwich, Rhode Isl.and, b. 1720, d. 1769 
(m. i744LydiaJenke,.s). [593J 

Sl'RA(;UE, CHARLES H., Albany; son 
of Jo.sliiiii of Brimfield, Mass., b. 
1774, d. 1856 (m. iSoS Lucy Haynes), cap- 
tain of United States army, served in war 
of 1S12; sonofTilllotliy of Leicester, Mass., 
h. 1752, d. 1S15 (ni. 1774 Mary Saigent), 
selectman; son of .lost'lill of Maiden, b. 
1722, d. 1792 (m. 1747 Phebe Hutchinson); 
son of AVilliam of Maiden, b. 1695, d. 1747 
(m. 1717 Dorothy Floyd); son of Ed- 
IVlird of Maiden, b. 1663, d. 1715 (m. 1693 
Dorothy, dau. of Job Lane); son of Jollll 
of Maiden and Charlestown, b. in England 
1624 (m. Lydia GofFe), selectman, 165S-91, 
rep. to general court, 1690-91 ; son of 
RALPH SPRA(iUE, was born in Upway, 
Dorsetshire, England, 1603 (m. Joanna 
Corbin of Upway), came to America with 
John Endicott and others, 162S, and settled 
in Charlestown, Mass., constable, freeman, 
1&39, dep. to general court, 1641, died at 
Maiden, Mass., 1650. His father was 
Edward Sprague who died at Upway, 
1614. [594] 

SPRIN(iER, ADRIAN O. (m. 1869 
Nettie Squires), Albany; son ol 
Aaron of Albany, b. 1S09, d. 1862 (m. 
1S33 Anna M., dau. of John B. Schermer- 
horn of Schenectady, N. Y., served in civil 
war; son of Oliver of Rotterdam, N. Y., 
b. 177S, d. 1831 (m. Barbara Putrnan); son 
of Iti'lljaillill of Schencctadycounty.N. Y., 
b- 1737, d. 1820 (m. Henrietta Oliver), lin- 
cage not yet traced, but probably descended 
from .Admiral John A. Springer, a Swedish 
naval officer. [595] 

(m. Lydia Ann Mead), Albany; son of 
Joliaiiiies Yales of Albany, b. 1776, d. 
iS3o(m. Maria Evertsen), sloop capt., dep. 
sup., publislied the Diratory of Albany ; 
son of Willcm, b. 1736, d. 1825 (m. 1771 
Annatie Yates), a sloop captain on Hudson 
river, tax collector; son of Isaac (m, 1728 
Maria Van Deusen); son of Jodieill (in. 
Antje, dau. of Barcnt Reyndertse); son of 
MAJOR ARRAM STAA'I'S, a suigeon 
who came to Rensselaerwyck in 1642, with 
Dominie Megapolensis; he became one of 
the council and president of the board in 
i()44, for many years he was a skipper on 
the North river, commanding the sloop 
Claverack, plying between New York and 
Albany. He married Catrina, duu. of 
Jochem Wessels by whom he had four 
sons. See Munsell's ColUclions. 159^'] 

Albany; sons of Pclcr P. of Albany, b. 
1803, d. 1S74 (m. Ilettie Van Zantz Piatt), 
doctor of medicine; son of Pliilip P. of 
Staats' Island, Albany county. New York 
State. [597I 

bany; son of JAMES GIBBONS 
STAFFORD of Albany (m. Fannie Mas- 
ters, dau. of Tibbits Briggs); son of llal- 
Iciibake of Albany, b. 1793, d. 1S35 (m. 
1824 Maria, dau. of James Gibbons of Al- 
bany), captain in war of 1812; son of Spi'li- 
cer of Albany, b. 1772, d. 1844 (m. ist, 1790 
Dorothea, a dcsc. of Caspar Jacobse Halen- 
beek, the giolher of Hallenbake, 2nd, Har- 
riet Romeyn), alderman of Albany, 1817, as- 
sessor of Albany city; son of Joah, b. 1729, 

A M 1-: R I C A N A N C K S T l^L V 


d. 1801 (Tn. 1751 Susannah Spencer), col. in 
Rev. army, deputy general courj (or Coven- 
iry. Rhode Island, commissioner of land pat- 
enis; son of TlloillilS of Warwick, Rhode 
Island, b. 16S2, d. 1765 (m. ist, 1707 Anne, 
dau. of Job Greene, 2nd, 1719 Audrey, dau. 
of Richard Greene, the mother of J oab), dep- 
uty to general court; sun of Suiimt'l of War- 
wick, Rhode Island, b. 1635, at J'lymouih, 
d. 171S, at Warwick (m. Mercy, dau. uf 
Slukely Westcott), deputy to the general 
court, assistant or senator for War\vick; 
son of THOMAS STAriOUI), b. about 

1605 (m. Elizabeth ), who came from 

Warwickshire, England, to Plymouth, 
Mass., about 1626, and settled at Newport, 
Rhode Island, thence to Providence, thence 
to Warwick, Rhode Island, in 1652, where 
he died, 1677. He brought with him the 
arms of the Stafford family of Warwick- 
shire, engraven on wood and paper 
mounted on a panel about a foot square, 
from which it is assumed that he was de- 
scended from the family of Robert, a 
younger son of Roger de Tonci, standard 
bearer of William of Normandy, and wlio 
was appointed by the Conqueror governor 
of Stafford castle, and from whom are de- 
scended the Dukes of Buckingham. See 
Munsell's a/Ar/w,is,vo\. Ill, p. 440. fs^SJ 

MIN I., Albany; sons of Kflijuilliu 
of Lebanon, Maine, b. 1618, d. 1S74 (m. 
Catherine P. Coflin,6th gen. from Tristram 
Cothn), prof, of Latin language and litera- 
ture in Union Coll., Schenectady, N. Y.; 
son of James of Lebanon, Maine, b. 1790, 
d. i863 (m. 1S12 LabraAVentworth, 5th gen. 
from William Wentworth, Thomas Evans, 
John Allen, Philip Chesley); son of IJcii- 
Jaillili of Alfred, Maine, b. 1759, d. 1797 
(m. 1786 Lydia Bracket, a desc. of Anthony 
Bracket and Nathan Lord; son of IJeii- 
jamin of Dover, N. H., b. 1724, d. 1793 (m. 
1746 Eleanor Jones), served in Rev. army; 
son of BENJAMIN STANTON of Dover, 
New Hampshire, b. 169S, d. 1760 (m. 1723 
Eleanor, dau. of George Ricker), in Dover 
train band, 1746, came from England, was 
settled in Dover, New Hampshire, 1719, 
as appears from colonial records of the 
State. [599] 

QTAHKS. HENRY A,, Albany; son of 
O RALPH J. STARKS of Troy, N. Y., 
b. 1802 (m. Elizabeth U. Davis); son of 
Amos of Chatham, Columbia county, N. 
Y., b. 1773, d. 1S67 (m. Ruth Ford); son of 
Amos of Canaan, Columbia county, New 
York State, who came from Connecli.rut. 

QTEinUNS, JAMES, Albany; sou uf 
iO Ua>i(l of New York, b. 179^. <!■ '^7;, 
(ui. Catharine Mclntyio, of Hailloul. 
Conn.); sou of David of New Voik, b.' 
Oct. 7, 1708, d. Apr. 3, 1S2S (m. S.uali 
Cowdry); son of TllOOllllilllsof Ridgelield, 
Conn., b. 1729 (m. Ann Crouch); son of 
Rcnjamiii of Ridgelield, b. i6gi, d. Sept. 

6, 1780 {m. Sarah ); son of IJiMlouii 

of Deerlicid, Conn.; son of Thomas; son 
of KOWLANl) STE1JT5INS, born at Ips- 
wich, SulTolk, England, 1594, came to 
America with his family, 1634, settled at 
' Ro.\bury, Massachusetts. See Savage's 
CfH. Die/., p. 177. [601] 

M., Albany; sons of Cluirlcs Henry 
of Albany, b. 1S17, d. 1883 (m. Caroline 
Rice); son of Levi of Albany, b. 177O, d. 
1S39 (m. 1804 Sarah Van Benihuysen), 
served as ensign in war of 1S12; son- of 
Lemuel, b. 1744, d. 1815 (m. Mary Clapp); 
son of Daniel of West Hartford, b. 1697, 
d. 1770 (m. 1725 Mary Hopkins); sou of 
Samuel of Hartford, Conn., b. 1652. d. 
i7io(m. 1680 Mercy, dau. of Major William 
Bradford); son of John of Hartford and 
Farmington, d. i653(?) (m. 1645 Mercy 
Warner); son of JOHN STEEL {sic). See 



bany; son of Lemuel of Albany, b. 
17S7, d. 1S53 (ni. 1810 Tabitha, grand-dau. 
of Capt. John Barnard); son of Lemuel of 
Hartford, Conn., b. 1744, d. 1815 (m. Mary, 
dau. of Elijah Clapp, desc. in 5th gen. of 
Capt. Roger Clapp of Dorchester, Mass.); 
son of Daniel of Hartford, b. 1697, d. 1770 
(m. 1725 Mar)' Hopkins, desc. in 4th gen. 
from John Hopkins uf Hartford, Conn^; 
son of Samuel of Hartford, b. 1652, d. 1710 
(m. 16S0 Mercy, dau. of Major Bradford, 
grand-dau. of Governor Bradford of the 



Mayflower); son of Jollll of Hartford, d. 
1653 (m. 1645 Mercy, dau. of Andrew War- 
ner of Hadley); son of JOHN STEKL {sU). 
See ()04. [&03] 

.JOHN STET: L (iiV) (ancestor of 

002,603), born in Essex, England, came lo 
America in 1630, settled in Cambridge, 
Mass., representative in general court, 1635, 
led band of settlers to Connecticut river 
and founded Hartford, first secretary of 
colony, a magistrate, for 23 years, elected to 
principal colony court, and for 20 years re- 
corder of Hartford. See 5/cv;V GciiL-alogy. 

STEW.VUT, DANIEL J., Albany; son 
of Jollll of Florida, N. Y., b. 1760; 
son of AVllXl.V.M STEAVART. b. 1740, 
came with his son Jolin from near Edin- 
burgh, Scotland, to America in 1770 and 
settled at Florida in the State of New York. 

son of Loaiiilcr of Albany, b. 1S15, d. 
1SS3 (in. ist, Fanny Rodgers, 2nd, Mary 
Ellen Dowlia); son of Jereilliall of .'Antrim, 
N. H., b. 17S3, d. 1S65 (ni. 1807 Susannah 
Atwood), a doctor of medicine; son of 
Aliraliaill of Tewkesbury, b. 1733, d. 1S03 
(111. 1755 Sarah Kittredge), lieut. in Rev. 
army; son of A))raliaiii of BiUerica and 
Tewkesbury, b. 1703, d. 17S3 (m. 1727 
Abigail Hall), deacon, lieutenant; son of 
Samuel of Bradford, b. 1663, d. 1714 (m. 
Mary Haseltine); son of Sailllicl of Brad- 
ford, b. 1633 (m. 1st, 1653 Julia Swan, 2nd, 
1674 Prudence Gage), lieutenant, rep. in 
gen. court; son of AVILLIAM STU'K- 
NEY. See 60S. [606] 

Rosa A. Hobbe), Albany; son of 
Moses M'lliliufr of Albany, b. 1S09, d. 1S79 
(m. 1st, Susan S. Carr, 2nd, Mary A. Plank I; 
son of Jeremiah of Antrim, N. H., b. 1783, 
d. 1SC5 (m. 1807 Susannah Atwood), a 
doctor of medicine; son of Aliraliaili of 
Tewkesbury, b. 1733, d. 1S03 (m. 1755 
Sarah Kiitredge), lieut. in Rev. army; son 
of .Vliraliam of Billerica and Tewkes- 
bury, b. 1703, d. 17S3 (m. 1727 Abigail 
Hall), deacon, lieutenant; son of Samuel 
of Bradford, b. 1663, d. 1714 (m. Mary Has- 

eliiue), son of Samuel of Bradford, b. 
1633 (111. 1st, 1653 Julia Swan, 2nd, 1674 
Prudence Gage), lieutenant, rep. in gen. 
court; son of AVILLIAM STICKNKY. 
See 60S. [607] 
cestor of 606, 607) of Framplon, Lincoln- 
shire, England, where he was baptized at 
St. Mary's Cli., Sept. 6, 1592, being the son 
of William and Margaret Stickney and the 
grandson of Robert-Stickney of the same 
place, sailed from Hull, England, probably 
in 1637, and was admitted, with his wife 
Elizabeth, members of the church in Bos- 
ton, Nov. 6, 1633. One of the original set- 
tlers of Rowley, now Bradford, Mass. See 
SUikiuy CiiULihgy. [60S] 

Slei.heii Lewis of Westerly, Rhode 
Island, a minister for fifty years; son of 
Ethan, a gunsmith who furnished rifles for 
Rev. army; son of Elisha of Westerly; 
son of (ieorsje of Westerly; son of 
(iIEOlUiE STILI,MA>', who came from 
England to America in 1695, settled at 
Weathersfield, Conn. See J/ist. of thf Family. [609] 

ST0(JK1X(J, CHARLES H. W. (m. Isa- 
bella Holcomb), Albany; son of Sire- 
liius S. of Canterbury, Conn., b. 1804, d. 
18S5 (m. 1826 Juliana Baker of Tolland, 
Conn.), ex-member of State legislature; 
son of Jeremiah of Glastonbury, Conn., 
1). 1767, d. 1S53 (m. 1st, 1790 Mary Wood, 
2nd, 1829 Abigail Ames), pastor of church 
in Connecticut, a judge; son of Abuer of 
Chatham, Conn., captain; son of (ieorg'O of 
Chatham; son of Geor^O of Middletown. 
Conn.; son of (JEOKGE ST()CK1N(;, 
born in the west of England, of a family 
whose name was originally .'ilcc/.-lo)!, came 
to Boston in 1633, joined a company of 
colonists and settled at Hartford, Conn., 
in 1635. Name inscribed on a monumental 
shaft in the old Centre bur)'ing ground of 
Hartford, erected by the city to its found- 
ers. [610] 
TER, Albany; son of Timothy of 
Cornwall, Conn. , b. 1774, d. 1S52 (m. Mary, 
dau. of Rev. Noah Merwin of Washing- 

A M E R I C A N A N C E S T R Y 


ton), a minister; son of TimolUy of Go- 
shon, Conn., b. 1742, d. 1797 (m. Eunice 
Williams); son of Tiiudtliy of Guilford, 
Conn.,b. 1696, d. 1765 (m. Rachel Norton); 
son of Tiiiiolhy ; son of Tiiuotliy, wliosc 
father probably came to America. See Dr. 
Knox's History of MiitisUrs. [611] 

STURGES, ISAAC, Albany; son of 
■\ViHiiliil of Marlboro, b. i7GS,d. 1852 
(m. Sarah Moorcock); son of WILLIAM 
STUR(JES, who came from England to 
America and landed at Boston, thence to 
Marlboro, Massachusetts. [612] 

^J son of Michael of Schoharie, b. 1S2S, 
d. Jan., 1S73 (m. Christina Lawyer); son of 
Kill'us of Scholiarie, b. 17139, d. 1S49 (m. 
Sally Nivar), removed from Kinderhook to 
Schoharie, 1S40; son of WiUiaui of Kin- 
derhook, b. Dec. 31, 1761, d. Dec. 31, iSii 

(m. Folly 1; son of Tll.miasof Ilorse- 

neck. Conn., b. 1736, d. 1S07 (m. Harsheba 
Palmer); son of .TOSKPII SlITHEU- 
L.\.NI), wlio came from Scotland and set- 
tled at Plorseneck, Connecticut. [613] 
QWAN, HARVEY, Albany; son of I'ari.s 
lo of Berlin, Rensselaer county, N. Y., 
b. 1769, d. 1S37 (m. Jemima Berry), [(jm] 

Albany; sons of Joliu J. of Amster- 
dam, N. Y., b. 17SS, d. 1855 (m. Angelica 
Van Wormer). doctor of medicine, son of 
John of Amsterdam, b. about 1751, d. about 
1S40. [615] 

(m. 1S43 Olivia Maria Shearman), Al- 
bany; son of George of Albany, b. 17S6, d. 
1862 (m. 1810 Angelica, widow of Samuel 
Reed, and dau. of Isaac H. Bogart), held 
brevet rank of brigadier-general " for meri- 
torious services particularly in the Mexican 
war;" son of George of Glastenliury, Conn., 
b. 1755, d. 1S13 (m. 1st, 1777 Vienna Brad- 
ford, 2nd, 17S6 Abigail Goodrich, the mother 
of George) ; son of Eliziir, b. 1709, d. 1797 
(m. 1730 Ruth Wright), colonel of troop of 
horse in Rev. war; son of Itenjaillili, b. 
1674, d. 1727 (m. 1C99 Sarah Hollistcr), a 
deacon, lieut. in "Trained Band;" son of 
Samuel, b. 1634-35, d. 1691 fm. 1661 Han- 
nah, dau. of Elizur Holyoak), graduate of 

Harvard Coll. 165S, freeman, 1662, commis- . 
sioner, 1670-S4, deputy to general court, 
captain of troop of horse, one of the origi- 
nal settlers of Wethcrsfield and Glaston- 
bury, Connecticut; son of JOHN TAL- 
(:(>TT (m. Dorothy Mott), who came from 
England in the Lwn, .and arrived at Boston, 
Sept. 16, 1632, freeman, 1682, rep. at gen- 
eral court, 1634, selectman, 1634, one of 
the founders of Hartford, Connecticut; son 
of Joliii Taleott of Braintrcc, Essex, 
England (m. Anne, dau. of William Skin- 
ner of Braintree, d. 1604) ; eldest son of 
John Taleott of Colchester, England (m. 

1st, Wells, the mother of John, the 

founder of the American family, and 2nd, 
Marie Putten, the mother of Thomas, the 
head of the English br.anch); a son of John 
Taleott of Warwickshire, England. The 
name is variously spelled, Taylcot, Tayl- 
coat, Taylecote, and the tradition is that 
the family originally came from Wales. 

[Mr. S. V. Taleott, who was born 1812, is 
the author of Talcott's G.iu-ahgical Nolc-s of 
New York and Ne-ui Eiii^lami Fainihcs, 1SS3, 
frequently quoted in this volume; he was 
quartermaster-general of the army in the 
State of New York in the war of the Rebel- 
lion, 1S62-63.— Ed.] |6i6j 

of Samuel West of Albany, b. 1S05, 
d. 1SS3 (m. 1835 Laur.i Winants) ; son of 
James of Schodack, N. Y., b. 1784, d. 
1855 (m. 1804 Anna West); son of Jolin, 
b. 1752, d. 1815 (m. 17S2 Sarah Lyon) ; son 
of James of New Haven, Conn., b. 171O 
(m. 1 741 Martha Roberts); son of Janies 
of New Haven, b. 1&89, d. 1748 (m. 1713 
Hannah Hanson) ; son of John of New 
Haven, b. 1654 (m. 1686 Abigail Bishop); 
son of Robert, removed from Southamp- 
ton, Long Island, 1644, d. jC6o at New 
Haven (m. 1649 Sarah Nash); son of 
land, came to America, landed in Boston, 
i63r, removed to Lynn, Mass., 1634, thence 
to Southampton, Long Island, 1639. The 
name is said to-be derived from the Saxon 
Tollmock, " the tolling of (he bell," and at 
the old manor house at Bentley may be 
seen the inscription: "Before the Nor- 
mans into England came, Bentley was my 
ring seal and Tollmache my name," [617] 



son of Josiah of Westerlo, N. Y., b, 
17S7, d. 1S67 (m. Abigail Duncan); son of 
Ic'llilbod of Dutchess county, b. 1737, d. 
1S17 (m. Mary Delaney); son of Josiull of 
Dutchess county. New York Slate. [6r8J 

bella Strong), Albany ; sun of ■Wil- 
liam of Sharon Springs, b. at Chesterfield, 
Conn., 1771, d. iSig (m. 1794 Philopheta 
Frary of Whalely, Mass.), one of the earli- 
est settlers of Schoharie county, a colonel, 
served in war of 1S12, stationed near Platts- 
burgh; son of Elislia, h. at HadU-y, Mass., 
1732, il. 1S14 (m. 1757 Martha Stetson); son 
of Suiimi'l, b. at South Hadley, 1703, d. 
1794 (m. 1730 Elizabeth Warner); son of 
John, b. at Hadley, 1670 (m. 1694 Han- 
nah Gilbert); son of JOHN TAYLOR, b. 
1639-40, d. 1713 (m. Dec. 12, 1666, Mary 
Selden), came from England to America, 
and was one of the first settlers at Hadley 
in 1662, where he was described as "a 
young single man," "a land holder " and 
"a citizen." The family tradition is that 
he sailed for New England when very 
young, in "the spirit of an adventurer." 
See ]udd's Biil.of J/adhy; Temple's His/, 
of Whalely. [619] 

TE.VrOR, HENRY M.(m. Maria Tcalor), 
Albany; son of John of Red Ilool<, 
N. Y., b. 1794, d. 185S (m. Hannah Stee- 
gar, the dau. of a Hessian of the German 
army); son of James of Red Hook, b. 1751, 
d. 1834 (m. Elizabeth HolTman); son of 
John, whoso family were of Dutch descent, 
and settled at an early date at Red Hook, 
Dutchess county, New York State. [620] 

bany ; son of Urijall of Westmore- 
land, N. H.,b. 17S1, d. 1S33 (m. Harriet 
Wade), selectman; son of Urijall of West- 
moreland, b. 1750, d. 1835 (m. Hannah 
Warner), served in Rev. army at battle of 
Bunker- Hill, with Renedict Arnold when 
he traversed the wilderness; son of Urijall 
of Boston and Canada, assisted at the cap- 
ture of Burgoyne, among the first settlers 
of Westmoreland, and, with his son, was 
the first to navigate the New Hampshire 
river. [621] 

ERHOFF(m. I.ydia Sanford Ransom), 
Albany; son of Cornelius of Albany, b. 
iSii, d. 1S74 (m. 1833 Gcorgina Pearson), 
called to the bar, county treasurer, deputy 
State treasurer, deputy clerk court of ap- 
peals; son of Leonaril of Half Moon. N. 
Y., b. 1775, d. 1812 (m. 1802 Sarah Doll); 
son of JohailllCS of Half Moon, bp. 1740, 
d. 1822 (m. 1762 Sara, dau. of Herman 
Gansevoort); son of {'ornelisof Katerskil, 
bp. 1706. d. 1773 (m. 1733 Maria Cuyler); 
son of Wessel of Katerskil, d. 1747 (m. 
1684 Caatje, dau. of Jacob Lookermans); 
b. 1C42 (m. 1663 Styntje, dau. of Cornelis 
Maascn Van Biiren), came from Holland to 
America before 1662, was largely engaged in 
Indian and public afl'airs, recorder at Bever- 
wyck, 16S6, mayor, 1696-98, died at his 
''bouwery" at Roeluf Janscn's Kil and 
was buried there, Sept. 13, 1717. See Mun- 
sell's CiilUctioHs. [622] 

^VILLIA^I B. and LEONARD, sons 
of LEONARD TEN EYCK (m. Ellen Bul- 
lock); son of Coeiiraai! Aiillioiiy (m. Hes- 
ter Gansevoorth, dau. of Jacob Ten Eyck), 
county clerk, sheriff Albany county; son of 
Anthony, b. 1749 (m. 1775 Maria Egberts), 
first judge of Rensselaer county, member 
of State convention, 1787, member of sen- 
ate eight years; son of .lai'ol) C, b. 1705, d. 
1763 (m. 1736 Catharine Cuyler), judge of 
court of common pleas, mayor of Albany, 
1748; son of Coenraedt, b. 1678, d. 1753 
(m. 1704 Geertje Van Schaick); son of 
Jacob, born in Holland, died at Albany 
(m. Gertruy Coeymans); son of COEN- 
RAEDT TEN EVCK. See 632. [623] 

LER, Albany; sons of A. CUYLER TEN 
EYCK (m. Matilda Haswell); son of 
Coenraad Anthony (m. Hester Gans- 
voorth, dau. of Jacob Ten Eyck), county 
clerk, sheriff .Mbany county; son of An- 
thony, b. 1749 (m. 1775 Maria Egberts), 
first judge of Rensselaer county, member 
of State convention, 1787, member of sen- 
ate eight years; son of Jacob C.,b. 1705, d. 


1763 (m. 1736 Catharine Cuyler), judge of 
court of common pleas, mayor of Albany, 
1748; son of CofunuHlt, b. 167S, d. 1753 
(m. 1704 Geerlje Van Schaick); son of 
Jacob, born in Holland, died at Albany 
(m. Gerlruy Coemans); son of dOKN- 
UAKDT TEN KY€K. See 632. [624] 

son of CLINTON TEN EYCK (m. 
Catharine Montuith Wilsoni; son of Cocil- 
raad Aullioiiy (m. Hester Gansvoorth, 
dau. of Jacob Teu Eyck), county clerk, 
sherifT Albany county; son of AlilllOliy, b. 
174.) (m. 1775 Maria Egberts), lirsl judge 
of Rensselaer county, member of the State 
convention, 17S7, member of the senate 
eight years; son of Jacol) C, b. 1705, d. 
1763 (m. 1736 Catharine Cuyler), judge of 
court of common pleas, mayor of Albany, 
1748; son of CociirrtCllt, b. 1678, d. 1753 
(m. 1794 Geertje Van Schaick); son of 
Jacob, born in flolland, died at Albany 
(m, Gertruy Coemans); son of COEN- 
KAEDT TEN EYCK. See 632. [625J 

J. and A. CUYLER and CLINTON, 
Albany; sons of C'oeiiraad Anthony (ni. 
Hester Gansevoortli, dau. of Jacob Ten 
Eyck), county clerk, sherifT Albany county; 
son of Alltliotiy, b. I749(m. Maria Egberts), 
first judge of Rensselaer county, member 
of Stale convention, 1789, member of sen- 
ate eight years; son of ,Taoob C.,b. 1705, d. 
1763 (m. 1736 Catharine Cuyler), judge of 
court of common pleas, mayor of Albany, 
174S ; son of Cooriracdt, b. 1678, d. 1753 
(m. 1704 Geertje Van Schaick); son of 
Jacob, born in Holland, died at Albany 
(m. Gertruy Cocymans) ; son of COEN- 
RAEDT TEN EYdK. Sec 632. [O26] 

VOORTH and WILLIAM, Albany ; 
sons of Ilorjiiaii (iansvoorfh. b. 180&, d. 
iS8i (m. Catherine Britton) ; son of Jacob, 
b. 1772, d. r862 (m. 1795 Magdalena Gans- 
voorth), count)' judge, 1807-12; son of 
Abraham J., b. 1743, d. 1824 (m. 1796 

Annatjc Lansing); son of Jacob C, b. 1705, 
d. 1763 (m. 1736 Catharine Cuyler), judge of 
couri of common pleas, mayor of Albany, 
174S; son of Cocnractit, b, 1678, d. 1753 

(m. 1704 Geertje Van Schaick 
Jacob, born in Holland, died ; 
(m. Gertruy Coeymans); son ( 



rpEN EYCK, JACOB H. (m. Matilda 

L Eliza Blcccker), Albany; son of llcr- 
liiail of Albany, b. 1793, d. 1861 (m. 1S21 
Eliza Bogarts); son of MariliaiillS of Al- 
bany, b. 1749 (m. 1776 Margaret Hleecker); 
son of Jacob H. of Albany, b. 170S (m. 
1737 Anneby Wendells); son of Ifciidricks 
of Albany, b. 16S0 (m. 1706 Margaret 
Bleeckcr), eldest son of Jacob of Albany 
(m. Gertruy Coeymans); son of COEN- 
RAEUT TEN EYCK. See 632. [62SJ 



bany, b. 1S24 (m. Caroline E. Crane); son 
of JamC8 of Albany, d. 1S27 (m. Eliza, 
dau. of Abraham R. Ten Eyck); son of 
Alldl-ow of New York, d. 1828 (m. Eliza- 
beth Lloyd); son of I'ichanI Ten Eyck of 
New York, b. 1730, d. iSio(m. ist, Eliza- 
beth Braisted, 2nd, Elizabeth Lebrun. the 
motherof Andrew, 3rd, Elizabeth Douglas); 
son of Abraham of New York, b. 1691, d. 
1765 (m. Jacinte Berkels); son of llirck of 
New York, d. 171 1 (m. Aefje Boelen); 
son of C()EN1:AE1)T TEN EYCK. See 
632. • [629J 

rnEN EYCK. JAMES, Albany; son of 
-L A'isschcr, b. at Albany, 1809, d. at 
New York, iSS6(m. 1S33 Eliza Ann Young, 
a desc. of Rev. John Young of Southold, 
Long Island), water commissioner, member 
of common council, police commissioner, 
presented by common council with silver 
service; son of Abraham IMchard, b. at 
New York, 1775, d. at Albany, 1857 (m. 
1801 Ann Visschcr) ; son of liichard of 
New York, b. 1730, d. 1810 (m. ist, 1751 
Elizabeth Brestede, 2nd, 1764 Elizabeth 
Lebrun, 3rd, Elizabeth Douglas); son of 
Aliraliam of New York, b. 1691, d. 1765 
(m. 1725 Jcsjntge Berkeloo); son of Dirck, 
b. in Holland, d. at New York, 171 1 (m. 
Aefje Boi:lcn); son of C(»EM! A EI>T TEN 
EYCK. SCCG32. [(,30] 

bany; sons of Abraham' of Albany, 
b. 1775, d. 1S57 (m. i8or Annetje Visscher); 


son of Riflliinl of New York, b. 1730, d. 
iSio (m. 1st, Elizabetli Bruisicd, 2nd, Eliza- 
beth Lebriin, the motlicr of Abraham, 3rd, 
Klizabcth Douglas); sun of Abrallillll of 
New York, b. 1691, d. 1765 (m. Jacintc 
Berkcis); son of Dirck of New York, d. 
171 1 (m. Aefje Boelen); son of COEN- 
RAEDT TEN EYCK. See 632. [631] 


ancestor of 623, 624, 625, 626, 627, 628, 
629, 630, 631, came from Amsterdam, Hol- 
land, and settled in New Amsterdam (New 
York), America, about 1650 (in. ist, Maria 
Boele, the mother of his children, 2nd, An- 
nelje Daniels, without issue), and pur- 
chased land in the city on the west side of 
what is now known as Broad street. New 
York. In 1674 he was estimated as being 
worth $5,000, quite a fortune in those days. 
After his death, 16S7, his sonsDirck, Tobias 
and Coenraedt, succeeded him in the tan- 
ning business at New York, and his eldest 
son, Jacob, niit;rated to Albany, vvhere liis 
descendants have established for two hun- 
dred years. Talcott's Gen. NoU-s ; Juimity 
Records. The words "Ten Eyck " mean 
" from the oak," the oak being the coat of 
arms of the family. It is believed that the 
family name was originally Van Eyck, the 
same family as that of John of Bruges, the , 
celebrated painter, 1370-1441. [(Jj^J 

rictte A. Bachelder, 2nd, Ellen Le Gros), 
Albany; son of Joililtliau of Concord, 
N. H.,b. l7(Ad.iS65(m. 1S16 LydiaOwen 
Crane), grand-son of Gen. Jacob Bayley, 
an olTiccr in French and Rev. wars; son of 
Juiiathail of Newbury, Vermont, b. 17A9, 
d. 1813 (ni. 1779 Anna Bayley, dau. of 
Gen. Jacob Bayley), quartermaster; son of 
Jouatliail of Corinth, Vl., b. 1736, d. 1806 
(m. Mehitable Peaslee); selectman, lieut. of 
cavalry; son of Joiiatliail of Bradford, 
Mass., b. 1703, d. 1786 (m. ist, Rebecca 
Hardy,. 2nd, 1740 Lydia Perley) ; son of 
SailincI of Bradford, Mass., b. 1667, d. 
174S (m. 1st, Abigail Bailey, 2nd, Sarah 
Boynlon, 3rd, Hannah Moody), lieutenant, 
elder in church, selectman, town clerk, 
member of prov. assem.; son of Jolin of 
Bradford, Mass., b. 1640, d. 1715 (m. ist. 

16O3 Mary Parrott, 2nd, Sarah Atkins, 3rd, 
i6S3 Susanna Woodbury), ensign, mod- 
erator, selectman ; son of E N S I (J N 
THOMAS TENNEY, born in Rowley, 
Yorkshire, England, 1614, came to Amer- 
ica as a member of the colony and church 
of Rev. Ezekiel Rogers, settled at Rowley, 
Essex county, Massachusetts, 1637, married 
ist, Ann Mighill, 2nd, Elizabeth Parrott, 
died 1700. [633] 

nie L. King), Albany; son of Eli, b. 
at Lebanon, Conn., 1790, d. at Manchester, 
Vermont, 18S1 (m. 1824 Sally Viall, b. at 
Jamaica, Vermont, 1793, d. 1S81); son of 
Benjamin, b. at Lebanon, 1764 (m. 1790 
Sybil Foster of East Windsor, Conn.), d. 
at Cornish, N. H., 1S35 ; son of Benja- 
min, b. at Lebanon, 1724 (m. 1754 Desire 
Yerrington of Stonington, Conn.), d. at 
Piermont, N. H., 1S07; son of Ralpll, b. 
at Duxbury, Mass., 1678 (m. Patience, dau. 
of Nathan SkifTe of Tisbury. Mass.), d. 
at Lebanon, 1757; son of Kall)ll, b. at 
Weymouth, Mass., i645(?) (m. 1670 Ruth, 
dau. of George Partridge of Duxbury, 
Mass.), town clerk of Duxbury, 1G85-94, 
first pastor of a church at Chilmark, Mar- 
tha's Vineyard, 1694-1714, moved to Leba- 
non, 1714, d. at Groion, Conn., I735(?); son 

rnilAClIER, JOHN BOYD (m. Emma 
JL TreadsvcU) and GEORGE IIOR- 
NELL, Albany; sons of (Jeorge Hornell, 

b. iSi8, d. 1SS7, mayor of Albany (m. Ur- 
sula Jane Boyd); son of Sanincl Olney, b. 
at Smithfield, Rhode Island, 1789 (m. 1814 
Martha, dau. of George Hornell of H'or- 
nellsville, N. Y.); son of Natlianiel, b. 
1767 (m. Lydia Place of Gloucester, Rhode 
Island, 1787); son of Saninel, b. at Mid- 
dieborough, Mass., 1717 (m. 1747 Deborah 
Bennett); son of Peter of Middleborough, 
b. at Milton, Mass., 1O88 (m. 1711 Mary, 
dau. of Samuel Prince of Boston), a min- 
ister, grad. Harvard Coll., 1706; son of 
Peter of Milton, b. at Salem, Mass., 1O51 
(m. Theodora, daughter of Rev. John 
Oxenbridge of Boston, 1677), a minister, 
grad. Harvard Coll., 1671; son of REV. 
THOMAS TIIACHER. See 637. [035] 

R I C A N A N C K S T ]^ Y 

-L 1st, 1S59 Annie E. GlaziL-r, 2nd, 1S72 
Louise Clinton Huntington), Albany; son of 
lialpll, b. at Lebanon, Conn., 17(96, grad 
D.irtmouth Med. School, 1725, d. at Brock- 
port, N. Y., 1S72 (m. 1st. Clara Burton, 2nd, 
JcTuslia Burton Harrison, niotlier of Ralfih 
Wlicelcr, 3rd, Sarah Ann Ormstead); son of 
Itciijaiiiiii, b. at Lebanon, 1764 (in. 1790 
Sybil Foster of East Windsor, Conn.), d. 
at Cornish, N. IL, 1S35; son of Hciijillllill, 
b. at Lebanon, 1724 (m. 1754 Desire Yer- 
ruigton of Slonington, Conn.), d. at Pier- 
mont, N. H., 1S07; son of lialpIi, b. at 
Diixbnry, Mass., 167S (m. Patience, dau. 
of Nathan SkilT of Tisbury, Mass.), d. at 
Lebanon, 1757; son of IJalpli, b. at 
Weymouth, Mass., i645(?) (m. Ruth, dau. 
of George Partridge of Du.xbury, Mass., 
1670), town clerk of Duxbury, 1085-94, 
first pastor of a church at Chilinark, Mar- 
tha's Vineyard, 1694-1714, moved to Leba- 
non, 1714, d. at Groton, Conn., I735(?); son 


(the ancestor of 634, 635, 636), born at Mil- 
ton-Clevedon, May i, 1620, came from Eng- 
land to America witli his uncle Anthony in 
ihe ship James, April 6, 1635, and landed at 
Boston June 4, 1O35, the hrst pastor of llie old 
South Church, Boston (m. Elizabeth, young- 
est daughter of Rev. Ralph Partridge of 
IJu.vbury, 1643), the author of a Hebrew 
lexicon, and of a treatise on small-pox, 
said to have been the first medical work 
printed in America, died 167S. This 
Tliomas Thacher was a son of the ]{ov. 
I'ctoi- TliaclKT, b. 1588, fellow of Corpus 
Christi Coll., Oxford, i(ji3. Vicar of Millon- 
Clevedon, Somerset, England, Rector of 
St. Edmund's Church, Salisbury, England, 
the personal friend and a legatee of Dr. 
John Reynolds, the Puritan divine. Died 
1G40, and is buried in the church-yard of 
St. Edmund's, Salisbury. Tluiclur Gen., 
.S72. [637] 

rpilATOIli:!!, GEORGE ALFRED (m. 
1- Fannie P. and JIU-IAN 
ADLER, Albany ; sons of Cliarlcs S. of 
Lee, Mass., b. 1S02, d. iSGq (m. Atteresta 

Hirchard); member of the Mass. leg., held 
many public olhces ; son of Tilliothy, b. 
1774, d. 1S83 (m. Dorolha Phelps); son of 
liolaild, b. 1745, d. 1S13 (m. Elizabeth 
Niye), known as " Deacon " Thatcher, one 
of the earliest settlers of Lee; son of Kov. 
Itoland of Wareham, Mass., b. 1710, d. 
1775 (m. Abigail Crocker), grad. Harvard 
Coll., first pastor of church at Wareham; 
son of Jttllii, b. 1C74, d. 1764 (m. Desire 
Sturgis Dummock), colonel of militia, 
judge of the court of com. pleas; son of 
Jollll, b. 1639, d. 1713 (m. Rebecca Wins- 
low), assistant of the governor, member of 
prov. council ; son of ANTHONY THAT- 
C'HEU, b. at Salisbury, EngLand, about 

1595 (m. 1st, , 2nd, lilli/abeth Jones), 

sailed from Southampton, England, in the 
%\nX>J(inics, .-^pril &, landed at Boston, Mass., 
June 4, 1635, accompanied by his nephew, 
Thomas Thatcher, and his cousin, Rev. 
Joseph Avery. After a short stay at Ips- 
wich, he accoinpanied Avery to Marble- 
head, Ihe pinnace was wrecked and all lost 
but Anthony and his wife, who were cast 
on the island known as Thatcher Island, as 
tlie rock on which the ship struck is known 
as Aver)''s woe. See Son^ of Parson Avery 
by Whittier. Rep. Yarmouth in general 
court, 1(^43-65, tiled 1667, buried upon his 
own land, a portion of which is still held 
by his family, and a house built by his son 
John still stands. He was a refugee in Hol- 
land for twenty years, but was afterward his 
brother's curate at Salisbury. It is said he 
had twenty children. Sec Savage's Ccn. 
Did., in l,co. [63S] 

THAYEPt, AUGUSTUS, Albany; son 
of Person of Maiden Bridge, N. Y.. 
b. 179S, d. 1850 (m. Fanny Burgess), served 
in war of 1812; son of Aliyitsllts of Wil- 
liamstown, Mass., b. 1740, d. 1S20, whose 
ancestor came from England. [C>39] 

Margaret McNaughton), Albany; son 
of Andrew, b. 1795 (m. 1S43 Mary Thomp- 
son Tyler); son of Joslllia, b. 1767; son of 
Aiitlruw, b. 1739; son of Josliua, b. I7r3; 
son of Andrew, b. 1676; son of ANDREW 
THO.IIl'SON, b. 1637, who was a son of 
Thomas Tlloilll»sou of Yorkshire, Eng- 


land, who resided nenr Dublin, Ireland, 
from 165S to 1677. He and his brother 
John Thompson, with their families, came 
to America and landed Dec. 22, 1677, from 
ship MaiyofJiiibHii, at Elsinborough Point, 
on the Delaware river, now Elsinborotigh 
Township, Salem county, New Jersey, pur- 
chasing in 16S0 lands of Richard Guy, 
grantee of John Fcnwick; partof these lands 
remained in this family until 1SS2. John 
Thompson, the emigrant, was appointed 
by Fenwick one of the justices of the peace 
of the Fenwick colony. The family were 
members of the Society of Friends. See 
Shourd's llisl. .^f Fcnwuk-s CuL;iy, 1876. 


South Londonderry, Vermont, b. i8t3; son 
of .Siliuiicl of Londonderry, b. 1776, d. 1S53, 
served in war of iSi2 with Vermont troops 
on Lake Champlain ; son of SillllllcI of 
Londonderry, b. May 23, I75r, d. Feb. 13. 
1838, captain, served in Rev. army, a 
prisoner, settled in Vurmunt. [&4i| 

TlinOOP, :\tONTGO.MEKV H. (m. 
Charlotte W. Gridley), Albany; son 
of (icorg'O I), of Auburn, N. Y,, b. 1793, 
d. 1S54 (m. 1826 Francis Hunt), State sena- 
tor, brother of Enos T. Tliroop governor 
of New York State; son of (i('Ori;'e U. of 
Jamestown, N. Y., b. 1759, d. 1794 (m. 
Abiah Thompson); son of Goiir^'C of Johns- 
town, b. 1724 at Norwich, Conn., d. 1S04 
at Johnstown, N. Y., a minister, who was 
a grandson or great-grandson of WILLIAM 
THROOP of Bristol, Rhode Island, who is 
said, by family tradition, to have been the 
son of Adrian Scrope, the regicide judge, 
executed in 1660, and to have emigrated to 
America and changed his name from Scrope 
toThroop. See fluntington's .lAv/z^-Zn, p. 
127. [642 1 

TIBBETS, HARRY, b. 1S04, Albany; 
eon of JillllOS of Schoharie county, b. 
1779, d. 1857 (m. Elizabeth Hopkins), 
served in Rev. ariny, wounded: son of 
JAMES TIBBETS, who came from Eng- 
land to America, 1730. [b43j 

TINKHAM. EDWIN M,, Albany; snn of 
Calvin of Middlcboro, Mas5.,b. iSoi, 

d. 1S67 (m. Harriet Harlow); son of Ebfi- 
liczci- of Middleboro,b. about 1 777, d. about 

1S54 (in. Morrison); sou of Natliu- 

liicl o( Middleboro, b. about 1742. [644) 

FRANKLIN, Albany; sons of 
King). See 6411. [045] 

X ERICK, Albany; sons of Isiiiall of 
Albany, b. 1777, A. iSjS (m. Hannah Town- 
send); son of Boiiry of Cornwall, N. Y., 
b. 1752, d. 1815 (ni. JIary Bennett); son of 
Iloiiry of Chester, N. Y., b. 1725, d. 1S03 
(m. Anne AVright); son of Henry of Ches- 
ter (m. Elizabeth Titus); son of Henry of 
Oyster Bay, Long Island, d. 1709 (m. 
Eliphal Wright); son of Henry of Oyster 
Bay, b. 1649, d. 1703 (m. Deborah Under- 
bill); son of HENRY TOWNSEM). See 
''49- [640] 

rnOWNSENl). JOHN, Albany; son of 
liany; son of ,Iolili (m. Abby Spencer); son 
i.f Henry oi C.jrnwall, N. Y., b. 1752, d. 
tSrs (ni. Mary Bennett); son of Henry of 
Chester, N. Y., b. 1725, d. 1803 (m. Anne 
Wright); son of Henry of Chester (m. 
Elizabeth Titus); son of Henry of Oyster 
Bay, Long Island, d. 1709 (m. Eliphal 
Wright); son of Henry of Oyster Bay, b. 
1649, d. 1703 (m. Dubor.di Underbill); son 
of HENP.VT(nVNSENl). See649. [647] 

(m. Caroline E. Towner), Albany; son 
of John Fdiidii of Albany, b. iSog, d. 
1S74 rni. Catherine Louise Douw), M. D. 
of Philadelphia Med. Coll., grad. Albany 
Law School, grad. Union Coll.; son of 
Cliarles de Kiiy of Albany, b. 177S, d. 
iS.17 (m. Maria Fondey); son of Ah.silloni 
of Chester, N. Y. (m. 176S Helen de Kay); 
son of Henry of Chester, N. Y. (m. Eliz.a- 
beth Titus); son of Henry of (Jyster Bay, 
Long Island, d. 1709 (m. Eliphal Wright); 
son of Henry of Oyster Bay, b. 1649, d. 
J703 (m. Deborah Underbill); son of 
HENltV TOWNSEND. See64o. [64S] 


Anne Coles), ancestor of 645, 646. 647, 64S, 
with his two brothers, John and Rich- 

A M E K I (_: A N A N C E S T R Y 


.ltd, came from Norwich, Norfolk, England, 
and landed probably at Lynn, Mass., and 
then came lo Long Island, and settled at 
Flushing; his brother John being one of 
llie original settlers of that place, to whom 
die patent was granted by Gov. Kieft, in 
1645. On account of political and relig- 
ions dilTiculties with the Dutch governor, 
Peter Sluyvesant, the Townsend brothers 
removed to Warwick, Rhode Island, where 
lliey were all three members of the provin- 
cial assembly, and lield, besides, munici- 
pal offices. In 1656 they once more at- 
tempted to settle in Long Island, and in 
that year obtained, with others, the patent 
of Riislihrp (now Jamaica). In 1657 Henry 
Townsend was arrested, imprisoned and 
fined "one hundred pounds Flanders "for 
harboring Quakers in his house. In the 
following year, 165S, he moved with his 
brothers to Oyster Bay, which was out of 
the jurisdiction of the Dutcli hierarchy at 
New Amsterdam, where he spent the re- 
mainder of his life, and died at Oyster Bay, 
in 1695. This family is probably connected 
with the distinguished family of the Town- 
sends of Raynham, Norfolk, England, and 
of Sir Roger Townsend of Ludlow Salop, 
but the link is not established. See Town- 
u„J Family of Lynn. p. 7S. [649] 

son of (i!t'orf;-c C. of Albany, b. 1812, 
d. iSS; (m. 1S36 Amy D. Roberts); son of 
(ieorijc C. of Farmington, Conn., b. 1783, 
d. 1S42 (m. 1S05 Nancy Curtis); son of 
.(ollll of Farmington, b. 1745, d. 1823 (m. 
1770 Dorothy Pomeroy), first president of 
American Board of Commissioners for 
Foreign Missions, governor of Connecti- 
cut, last of the Puritan governors; son of 
Epliraim b, 1710, d. 1782 (m. Mary Porter), 
settled al Farmington, Connecticut. [650] 

TWITCH ELL, ASA W. (m. Nancy Si- 
monds), Albany; son of Asa of Dub- 
lin, N. 11., and Lansingburgh, N. Y., b. 
1793 (m. Sarah Stowell); son of Joshua of 
Shcrborn, Mass., b. 1757 (m. S.arah Coz- 
zens); son of JOSO])!! of Shcrborn, rep. in 
gen. court, justice of the peace, town clerk, 
captain; son of Bcujaiuin of Medfield and 
Shcrborn, Mass. (m. 1685 M.iry White) ; 

son of .Idsoilll, d. Sc].!., 

England and settled at Dorc 
chusetts, of which he was Ir. 
See Hist, of Shcrborn. 

son of 
le from 

in 1034. 

rni!owi5iai)(;K. john p. and frank 

J_ R. and GEORGE W.. Albany; sons 
of Johu Harris of Albany, b. 1S22, d. 1S86 
(m. Catherine \Vilkinson); son of Saimiel 
of Sing Sing, N. Y., b. I77y. J- 1S53 (>"• 
1S07 Rachel Mabie) ; son of Jaiue.S, b. 
I753(?) (m. Elizabeth Harris); son of SaiH- 

ucl (m. Ellis) ; son of JaiUOS of 

New Haven, b. ifiS9; son of Janics of 
Stratford, Conn., b. 1664, d. 1732 (m. ist, 
1&8S Lydia Alsop, 2nd, 1691 Hester Howe, 
3rd, 169S Mary Heldun) ; son of ■\Villiam, 
b. i634(?), d. i6yo (m. Elizabeth Selivant); 
son of THOMAS THOWHUinGE, who 
came from Taunton, Somersetshire, Eng- 
land, to America as early as 1636, and set- 
tled at Dorchester, Massachusetts, removed 
in 1638 to New Haven, left three sons in 
New Haven, and returned to England in 
1644, where he died in 1672. See Tro-.o- 
hridse ecu. [652] 

Albany; sons of Isaac of Albany, b. 
1S19, d. 1S75 (m. Emma Lansley); son of 
Jafdl) of Albany, b. 1790!?), d. iS25(?) (m. 
Catherine Smith); son of Isaac of Schenec- 
tady, in the State of New York. I&53] 
T RUMBLE, JOHN, Albany; son of 
HraiiianI, b. 175S, in Colchester, d. 
1841, in Kinderhook (ni. Mary Parsons); 

son of L'riall (m. Gates), resided at 

Colchester, Connecticut, during the Revo- 
Union. [654] 

1 M. and WILLIS G., Albany; sons of 
Luther of Albany, b. 1S02, d. 1S73 ("'• 
Mrs. Margaret Lucinda Burr) ; son of 
Stc]ilicil of Brandow, Vermont, b. I7(>i, d. 
1S20 (m. Olive Green); son of Stci»heu of 
Woodstock, Conn., b. 1732, d. iSoS (m. 
Lois Lyon), an early settler of Woodstock; 
son of Eliftrailll of Milton, Mass.,b. i63g, 
d. 1764 (m. Mary Sumner); son of EphrailU 
of Milton, b. 1642, d. r73& (m. Hannah 

) ; son of ItOlJERT TUCKER of 

Weymouth, En^, came to America in 



1635 (m. Eliz;ibeth Allen ?), settled at Wess- 
agassc-t (Weymouth), Massachusetts, select- 
man recorder, rep. at general court, died 
,652'. ^55] 

TUFFS, LUCIEN, Albany; son of Lu- 
cieii of Albany, b. 1806, d. 1S63 (ni. 
1S32 Joanna Sheridan); son of Joliu of 
Brooklield. Mass., b. 17S0, d. 1S24 (m. 
Marana PatUer); son of John of Brook- 
lield, b. 1743. J- 18=3 cm. Mary Sliaw) ; son 
of JOHN TUFFS, who married Agnes 
Foots, and came from Londonderry, Ire- 
land, to America about 173°. an'l settled in 
Brookfield, Massachusetts. The descend- 
ants of one of John TullV children have 
changed the name to Tufts. [656] 

ADELBERT, of Albany; sous of 
Albany, b. 1821 (m. 1845 Susan Holder); 
son of Pelcr of Loudonville, N. Y., b. 
I7,)5(?), d. 1852 (m. Sarah Diamond); son of 
IVter of Albany, b. 1761, d- 'S31 ("i- H-i'^" 
rict Bulsou), served in Rev. army. [657J 

bany; son of ANDREW BENJA- 
MIN ULINE, of Albany (m. 1S60 Amanda 
Melvina Schuyler, a desc. of General Peter 
Schuyler); son of CU'org-c of West Sand- 
lake, N. Y., b. iSoS, d. 1874 (ni- ist, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Benjamin Burton, b. in Lu- 
zerne, 1S09, of English desc, 2nd, Mrs. 
Godfrey); son of Aiidrov of West Sand- 
lake, b. Aug. 24, 1773. d- AP"! 29, 1S60; 
son of UMNK, who came to Amer- 
ica from Frankfort, Germany, previous to 
(he Revolution. [t^SSJ 

UNUEUlllLL, DANIEL, Albany; son 
of A;il-uu of Albany, b, 1804, d. 1885 
(m. Hannah Mintross); son of Heiirj' of 
Rensselaerville, b. 1772, d- Nov., 1S64 (m. 

Ruth ), supposed to have come from 

Rhode Island. [f-Sol 

bany; son of J. T. VAN AERNAM 
of Albany, b. tSog; son of Thomas of 
Knovversville, N. Y., b. I7f'7. <♦• 1S50 (m- 
1798 Margaret Post), whose ancestors came 
from Holland. [f'H 

VAN .\KKN, DE BAUN, AUiany; son 
of DAVID F. VAN AUKEN (./,) of 

Maiden, N. Y. (m. Abbie Lansing); son o( 
heesville, N. Y.,b. iSo6(,m. Sophia j\I. West- 
fall), justice of the peace; son of Diivid ol 
Knox, N. Y.. b. 1775, d- iS39 (m. Elizabeth 
Partridge); son of HKNUV VAN AUKKN 
(m. Mary Terpency), who with his brother 
Lcroy came from Holland, served in Rev. 
army. i^^'] 

11., Albany; sons of Adam of Albany, b- 
1813, d. 18S4 (m. Eleanor, dau. of Teunis 
Slingerland); son of Garret \\. of Bethle- 
hem, b. 1790, d. 1S51 (m. Hannah Winne, 
dau.' of Adarn F. Winne); son of William 
of Belhleheni, b. i7-f4. d. 1795 (m. Magda- 
len Van Wie); son of (Jcrri't of Bethle- 
hem, b. 1704, d. 1793 (ni- Catharine Van 
Wie); son of Willem of Renssclaerwyck, 
d. 1753 (m- Maritje Van Petten); son of 
I'lliTKU VAN ALEN. See (.04. [662] 

HUYSEN CORNELL, Albany; son 
of John of Adamsville, N. Y., b. i8ti, d. 
1S7S (m. ist, rS3S Louisa D. Lay, who died 
185O, 2nd, 1S5S Charlotte W. F. Cornell), 
M.D.Yale Coll., 1858, sergeant of iioth 
reg.; son of (iarret of Bethlehem, b. 1770. 
d. 1856 (m. Anne Hotaling); son of Johan- 
lies, b. i74S,d. 1S35 (m. 177S Maria Look); 
son of (iorrei, b. 1704, d. 1793 (m- i742 
Catharine Van WHe); son of Willcm of 
Renssclaerwyck (m. 1694 Maritje Van Pet- 
ten); son of I'lETEUYAN ALEN. See 
664. [«'3] 
I'lETElt VAN ALEN («V) (an- 
cestor of 6(>2, 663) was settled in Bever- 
wick, 1658 (m. Maria, dau. of Willem 
Teller), d. at Kinderhook, r674. See Mun- 
sell's ColLrlioiis. V'^^\ 
V son uf Jolin J. of Albany, b. 17S9, 
d. 1S77 (m. Catharine Laggard); son of 
Thomas of Columbia county, N. Y., b. 
1740, d. 1830, served in Rev. army; son of 
Tliomas, whose ancestor came from Hol- 
land, [f^f'sl 
HENRY, Albany; son of Joint 
Jlabie of Coeymans, b. 1790, d. 1845 (m. 

A M E R I C A N A N C li S T R Y 


i3ir Hannah Ilallunback), served in war 
of i3i2. juslicc of tlie pcaccj, lS20-42;son of 
Kaiiicl (Jiirritof Albany, b. 1747, d. 1S22 
(ra. isl, 1760 Dirka VVinne, 2nd, 1772 «a"- 
iije Witbeck;, son of (liirrit Diiiiiel (m. 
1st; Maria Yates, 2nd, Eva Mabie, 3rd, 
Catharine Brown); son of ]laiiiel I), of 
Schenectady (m. Ariantje Veeder); son 
See 668. [666] 

IEL LEWIS, Albany; sons of Williaill 
of Albany, b. 1799. d. 1S29 (m. 1S22 Sarah 
Meadon); son of Uilliiel Lt'wis of Schenec- 
tady and Albany, b. 1771, d. 1S32 (m. 1795 
Hannah Van Zandt), incmber of constitu- 
tional convention, iSoi, member of leg. for 
Saratoga, iSoS-io, district attorney, 1811, 
brigade quartermaster in war of 1S12, 
member of leg. for Schenectady, iSiS, judge 
of court of justices, 1S20; son of Li'wis of 
Schaghticoke, N. Y., b. 1731 (m. 1754 
Hendrikje Fonda Van Buren); son of Si- 
mon of Schaghticoke, d. 1747 (m. 1706 
Maria Peck), a freeholder of Albany, 1720; 
WEI! I'. See 61, S. [667] 


WEIIL* (ancestor of 666, 667) (m. Maritie, 
dau. of Simon Groot), settled in Beverwyck 
1661, and in 1676 one of the magistrates of 
the town, resided at Schenectady where he 
gave the land on which the Reformed 
church now stands, June 23, 1715. His 
family records were lost in the burning of 
Schenectady by the French and Indians. 
See Pearson's First Sdtlcrs; Munsell's Col- 
h-ilwns. [66S] 

and FR/\NK, Albany; sons of 
Cliarks of Albany, b. 1817, d. 1881 (m. 
Eliiiabeth Root), the first printer in America 
who used steam for printing; son of O'la- 
(Hall KuniiK^y of Albany, b. 17S7, d. 1S45 
(ni. Sara Wood, grand-niece of Benjamin 
Franklin); son of Obadiall of Albany, b. 
1744, d. i8i6 (ra. Johanna Romncy); son of 
JacoUus r. of Albany, b. 1712 (m. Sara 
Cooper); son of BalbllsPoiltese of Albany 
(m. Lydia Daily); son of PAULUS MAlt- 

of Bent-huizen (frame liuuses), Holland, 
who is supposed to have arrived in Amer- 
ica between 1642 and 1650. He had a 
brother, Peter Martense, the ancestor of the 
Van liuren family of Kinderhook. See 
Munsell's ColL-cfums. [669] 

and HENRY ADAMS. Albany; 
sons of Isaac of Albany, b. 1S21, d. 1S6S 
(m. J850 Susan Foster); son of Jnillos of 
Kinderhook, b. 1787, d. 1S43 (m. iSo3 
Anna Doll), circuit judge of Coluiribia 


of Isaac of Chatham, b. 1747, 

d. 1S07 (m. 17S3 Moyea Iluyck), adj. of 
seventh reg. , joined British forces, estates 
confiscated; son of Johannes, Kinderhook, 
b. 1705, d. 1777 (ni. 1743 Annetje, dau. of 
Dr. Samuel Siaats); son of M('lj,'crt of 
Kinderhook (m. 1696 Catharina Van Alen); 
son of Melgrert of Albany, d. before 1700 
(m. 1st, Ariaantje Verplanck, 2nd, 1692 
Elizabeth Teller, mother of Melgert); son of 
who came from Holland and was in Albany 
as early as 1657, where he resided until 
1694, when he settled at Wynantskiil, He 
died between 1695 cuid 1702. SeeTalcott's 
Gen. Nolcs. \Ulo\ 

VEER of Albany, b. 1S04 (m. 1826 Sarah 
Martin^; son of (iaiTCt of Root, Montgom- 
ery county, N. Y., b. 1765, d. 1813 (m. 17S9 
Rachel Cooenhoven); son of Jacob, b. 
about 1726 (m. Alche WicholT); son of Tu- 
nis, b. about 1704 (m. Alche Schenk); son 
of Doininiciis, settled on the Raritan river. 
New Jersey, b. 1679; son of COBNELIS 
JANSK VANBER VEER (m. Catherine 
Manderville), came from Alkmaar, Hol- 
land, to America in the ship Ollci; February, 
1659, and shortly after settled at Flatbush, 
Long Island. [671] 

VAN BERZEE, ANDREW, Albany; son 
of CoflielillS of Coeymans Hollow, 
N. Y., b. 1S04, d. 1SS5 (m. 1S35 Jane Ann 
Shear); son of Andrew (m. Anetje Ten 
Eyck); son of Cornelius, b. 1740 (m. 1763 
Agnietze Whitbeck); son of Harmon ; son 
of Alliert ; son of Storm; son of AL- 


A M E R I C A N A \ C K S T R V 

ItERT AXDI!Ii:S liRATT. dc Noo- 
inau," who caiiR- tu America from Holland 
and sclilcd in Rcns.sclacrwyck, 1630. Ills 
son Siuini is said lo have been bora at sea, 
whence his name. Mnnsell's (V'//,r//.>«f 
vol. IV, p. iSj. [f_,7,| 

"V^AX KIM'S, CEORGE O., Albany; son 
y of llill'lliiiiliis of Sclicacctady, b. 
iSoO, d. 1S79 0"- Manha Hemstrcel); son 

of Johii of Schenectady (ni. Van 

Vechleii), descended from Jiiil Dirksc, 
wlio was settled in Scheneciady and piir- 

Ld property tin 



BOYNE (m. Antoinette Hoyt Kee- 
ler), Albany; son of Jacobus of Kingston, 
N. Y., b. 1780, d. 1S36 (m. 1S09 Helen 
Boyd), doctor of medicine; son of Jacobus 
of Kingston, b. 1737, d. 1S25 (m. Deborah 
Keirsied); son of 'flioilias of Kingston, b. 
1707, d. 1772 (m. Margaret Elrnendorf); 
son of Abram of Kingston, b. 1679 (m. 
Sarah Bayard), who assumed the surname 
of Chambers, as his mother, after the death 
of Lawrence Van Gaasbeek, married Sir 
Thomas Chambers, lord of the manor of 
Foxhall, New York; son of ItEV. LAW- 
IJENC'E VAN (;AASBEEK, a graduate of 
the University of Leyden, 1674, came from 
Holland lo America, sailing from Amster- 
dam, May 13, 167S, and settled at Kingston 
m the State of New York, where he died 



MON, Albany; sons of I'ctcr, b. 
1773 at Schenectady, d. 1857 at Albany (m. 
Judith Conning); son of Peter of Schenec- 
tady, whose ancestors came from Holland. 
[675 1 

E. and ARCHlIi.VLD H., Albany; sons of 
Dec. 25,.iS26 (m. Mary Ann Pratt); son of 
Miiidert of Schenectady, b. 1779, d. 1S5S 
(m. 1st, Anna Van Horn, 2nd, Tina Ved- 
der); son of Jacob of Schenectady, d. 1S03 

(m. 1st, Jane , 2nd, Elizabeth Oat- 

houi), whose ancestors came from Holland. 
See Munsell's ColUctio)is. [676] 

\rAN l.OON, CHARLES, Albany; son 

V of Jas. Scliiijler of Albany, b. 1817, 
d. iSSi (m. 1S4S Rebecca Stratten); son of 
refer of Albany, b. 1775, d. 1852 (m. Sarah 
Wendell); son of Jacob of Albany (m. 
1772 Cathalina Schuyler), probably de- 
scended from Jan Van Loon of Holland, 
but the lineage is not traced. See Mun- 
sell's Co!Lcl,o,u. [677] 


V MIN, Albauy (ra. ist, Harriette Van 
Allen, 2nd, Eliza Jane Lansing); son of 
Uplijaiiiill of New Scotland, b. 1793, d. 
1S69 (111. 1870 Elizabeth Slingerland), dea- 
con in Union Church; son of William of 
New Scotland, b. 1756, d. 1S30 (m. Hannah 
R.adlif), deacon in Jerusalem Church, New 
Scotland, Albany county. [678] 


V ARD (m. Louisa Lane, a desc. of 
Jeremias Van Rensselaer, mentioned be- 
low), and HOWARD, Albany; sons of 
IJayanl of Albany, b. 1S33, d. 1859 ^m- 
Laura, dau. of Marcus T. Reynolds); son 
of Sleplieii of Albany, b. 17S9, d. iS6S(m. 
Harriet, dau. of William Bayard); son of 
Sleiibeii of Albany, b. 17&4, d. 1839 (m. 
1st, Margareta, dau. of Philip Schuyler, the 
mother of Stephen, 2nd, Cornelia Patter- 
son), grad. Harvard Coll., 1782, general in 
United States army, lieut. -governor New 
York State, member of congress, known as 
" the Young Patroon; " son of Ste|iliaillls 
of Albany, b. 1742, d. 17O9 (m. Catharine, 
dau. of Philip Livingston), the third patroon; 
son of Sleilliailll.s of Albany, b. 1707, d. 
1747 (ni. Elizabeth Groesbeck), the second 
patroon, having succeeded his elder brother 
Jeremy, the lirst patroon, who died without 
issue; son of Kiliaail of Albany, b. 1063, 
d. 1720 (m. in New York, Oct. 15, 1701, 
Maria Van Kortlant), first " Lord of the 
Manor of Rensselaerwick," eldest son 
who came from Holland to .A.merica and 
succeeded his brother, Jan Baptist, as 
"director of the colonic," 1(158. He mar- 
ried July 12, 1GG2, Maria, dau. of OlolT 
Sievense Van Kortlandt, who died fan. 29, 
1689, leaving five children, the eldest of 
whom, Kiliaail, was the t^rst Lord of the 

A M E R I C A N A N C E S T R Y . 

Manor of Rensselacrswyck. Jorcmias died 
Oct. 12, i()74. He was the son of lvili:lilii 
Van Uciisscliior, a pearl and diamond mer- 
cliant of Aiasterdam, Holland, director of 
the Dutch West India Company of the Am- 
sterdam chamber established in 1621, and 
who was sixth in descent from ILciiry 
Walters Villi llciissoliier of Hemegseet, 
Holland, and his wife Lureuc Van Smyck, 
who does not appear to have ever visited 
America, but he is the progenitor of all 
the Van Rensselacrs in the United Stales; 
he married ist, Hillegonda Van Bylet, the 
mother of Johannes, who died without 
issue, 2nd, Anna Wely, by whom he had 
the following sons: /i-m/iias, above men- 
tioned, /.;« Jiiijf'tist tlic first of the family to 
visit the colonic, jYiiWiiiis, a clergyman, for 
a time director of Renssclacrswyck. Jan 
Baptist and Nicolaas died without male 
issue, Jeramias had two sons, Kiliaan and 
Hendrick, from whom are descended the 
numerous members of the family iu 
America. The coat of arms of this historic 
family, which has been associated with Al- 
bany from its first settlement, is the cross 
with the Dutch mono inc;/tct,tJ :oih/,->-, "no 
one without it." See Munsell's ColLclions: 
MunselTs Annals; O'Callaghan's Illst. of 
New NdhcrlanJs. [679] 

(m. Mary F. Peck) Albany; son of 
Peter of Albany, b. 17SS, d. 1S62 (m. Mary 
Woodin), served in war of 1S12; son of 
Cornelius Zees'er of Schenectady, d. 1845 

(m. Sivitz); son of Cornelius of 

Schenectady, served in Rev. army, present 
at Burgoyne's surrender; son of UKV. 
from Holland to America, 171S, pastor of 
Dutch Reformed Churcli, Slaten Island, 
removed to Schenectady, . 1740, where he 
was pastor of a church until the time of his 
death, Jan. 6, 1752, aged 52 years. See 
Picrson's SdlUrs; Muiisull's Co/Ar/iem. 

Mary A. Lovett), Albany; son of 
ZeeiJi'er of Schenectady, d. 1S24 (m. Eliza- 
beth Loague); son of Cornelius /ecyerof 
Schenectady, d. 1845 (m. Sivitz); sou 

of Coriielins of Schenectady, served 



der; son of REV. CORNIvLlUS VAN 
SANTVOOUR, came from Holland to 
America, 171S, pastor of Dutch Reformed 
Church, Stalen Island, removed to Schenec- 
tady, 1740, where he was pastor of a church 
until the time of his death, Jan. 6, 1752, 
aged 52 years. See Piersou's S,'tlh-rs; 
Munsell's ColUclions. [6S1] 

Albany; son of John C. of Albany,, 
b, iSocj, d. 1SS3 (in. 1S43 Mary U. Evertsen); 
son of Cornelius of Albany, b. 17C7, d. 
1S27 (m. 1802 Rebecca Van Ness); son of 
Derrick Rniilt of Albany, b. 1720 (m. 
1747 Volkie Vandonburgh); son of Jaeo- 
l»ns of Albanv (m. 1714 Susanna Bradt); 
son of (ilMUUT lIl'.MUnCK VAN 
.SCUOONIIOVEN, came from Holland to 
America in 16S1, settled at Halve Maan, 
1675, had a farm on Colioos island, 1G81, 
died Jan, 12, 1702. Sec Munsell's Collcc- 
lions. [6S2] 

son of Refer 1$. of New Baltimore, 
b. 1790, d. 1S64 (m. Sarah Coovert) ; son of 
RaltllS of New Baltimore, bp. 1749, d. 
1S27 (m. Annatic Lewis); son of Andrie.S 
of New Baltimore, b. 1704 (m. 1747 Maria 
Van Oenthuysen); son of Tennis 
(m. Feb. 5, 1696, Jannctje Van 
Wie of Cocymans); son of WIl-LE.II 
PIETERSE VAN SLVCK, who was settled 
in Beaverwyck as early as 1628. [683] 

bany; son of Rensselaer of Chat- 
ham, b. iSoo, d. 1S22 (m. i8rS Amanda 
Palmer); son of Lawrence of Chatham 
(m. Gertrude Sharp), served in Rev. war; 
son of ,Iaeol)ns, who settled in Columbia 
county, New York State, and whose ances- 
tor came from Holland. [6S4] 
Eliza M., dan. of Major Thomas 
Hamilton), Albany; son of Jacob Teil 
Rroeeii, b. iSoi, d. 1S41 (m. 17S4 Caroline 
C, dau. of Capt. Arthur Roorback); son 
of Abraham, b. 1762, d. 1837 (m. 17S4 
Catharina, dau. of Philip Pieterse Schuy- 
ler), Slate senator, 1798-1805, and again 


i3i6-20, attorney-general of the State of 
New York, iSio and 1S20, member of (lie 
constitutional convention, 1821 ; son of, b. 1707, d. 17S5 (m. 1742 Jndikje, 
dau. of Jacob Ten Broeck); son of Tenuis, 
b. 166S', d. 1707 (m. Cathlyntje Van Pet- 
ten); son of Dirck Tcmiisi', d. 1702 (m. 
Jannetje, dan.uf Michiel Jansen, Vrelant); 
TKN alias rOENTIK, came to America 
from Holland, with his wife, child and 
two servants in the Arms of Norvmy, in 
163S, and settled in Rennselaer county, 
Sec Munsell's ColUctiom and Talcott's Gat. 



VAN VKCIITI-N, EDWIN, Albany, son 
of (^illTct Wciidilll of Albany, b. 
iSoo, d. 1S77 (m. Martha Thorn); son of 
irarillfll of Schuylcrville, N. Y., b. 1772 
(m. Catharine Wendell); sonof Corilclis of 
Schaghticoke, N. Y., d. 1735 (m. 1757 An- 
neta Knickerbocker), colonel in Rev. army, 
under (Jen. Schuyler; son of llarilicil of 

gchaghticoke, b. 1704 (m. Elizabeth ); 

son of J)irk C' of Schaghlicoke, 
b. about 16S0, d. about 1752 (m. Nov. 20, 
1703, Margaritc Ilarmense Luwes); sonof 
f'oriiflis 'rciinist!, alias Keesoom, of the 
island of Papsknee (m. ist Salmouse Goe- 
way, 2nd, Annatie Lcendcrthe, 3rd, July 
3, i6Sy, Maria Lucase, widow of Jacob 
Claase); son of TllUNlS DIKKSK VAN 
VECIITKN, came to America from Holland 
with his wife, child and two servants in the 
Anns of A^ynuay, in i(J3S, and settled in 
Rennselaer county. See Munsell's Col- 
A-c-t/oiis and Talcott's 6V«. A''oh-s. [6S6J 

VAN YLACK, WILLIAM, Albany; son 
of Abvaiu A. of Dutchess county, b. 
1777, d. 1866 (m. iSor Catharine Weaver); 
son of Aliraiii of Dutchess county, joined 
Rev. army as a private, and became capt. 
before close of the war; sonof AlSUAiU 
YAN VF-ACK, who came with his wife 
from Holland to America. [687] 

son of .John of New York, b. 1790, 

d. i84f) (m. Phebe ), justice of the 

peace at Searsburgh, Vermont, served in 
war of 1S12; son of Alirnliiiiii, who was 
resident in Vermont. [688] 

LIAMSON, Albany; son of PETER 
VAN VRANKEN of Lisha's Kill (m. Ar- 
rietta, dau. of John V. Lansing); son of 
AtlillU of Amity, N. Y., b. 1798, d. iSSi 
(in. 1819 Catalinc Witbeck), captain of mili- 
tia; son of Adam of Amity, b. 1760, d. 
1837 (m. 1784 Gety, dau. of Petrus Van 
Vranken), justice of the peace; son of 
Adam of Amity, b. 1717 (in. 1744 Arriantje, 
dau. of Jacob Clule); son of iHaas Kytlisc 
of Amity (m. Annatie, dau. of Adam 
Winne); son of ItYCK CLASSE YAN 
VHANKKN; son of Claas Van Yraiikcn 
of Holland, was in Beverwyck as early as 
1665, captured by the Frencli army and 
taken to Canada, escaped and with Klyn 
I.saac Swits of Schenectady, and his son 
Synion and a soldier taken at the burning 
of Schenectady, arrived at Albany, July 9, 
1690. He was a brother of Gerrit Claase, 
who settled at Albany, and in 16S4 at 
Rosendale. His wife's name was Helli- 
gonda. [689] 

Betsy A. Weilfall). Albany; son of 
Aanill of Guilduiland, N. Y., b. 1778, d. 
1S28 (m. Susan Wagoner of Dutch desc); 
son of AliUAM VAN WORMEK, who 
was born in Holland, 1737, and came to 
America (in. Catharine Lainhart of Guilder- 
land, Albany county, 1774, who died 1S45, 
agpd loi years). He died 1S12. [&90] 

VEEUKI!, CHARLES E., Albany; son 
bany (m. 1S40 Hulda Bates): son of Jclio- 
iakim of Bethlehem, N. Y., b. 1791, d. 
1867 (m. Edith La Grange); son of .lai'ol) 
of Normanskill and Bethlehem, b. 175S, 
d. 1S30 (m. 1787 Catharine Spawn); son of 
Myndert of Normanskill (m. Dec. 19, 
1733, Elizabeth Douw), whose ancestor 
came from Holland. See Munsell's Co/- 
Urlicns. [691] 

VEKl'EANCK, DAVID I. 1). (m. Let- 
tie N. Powell) and JOHN, Albany; 
sons of Isaar of Westerlo, Albany county, 
N. Y., b. 1S09, d. 1S54 (m. 1st, 1S35 Char- 
lotte E., grand-dau. of General David Mc- 
Carthy of Coeymans, and his wife Zelotta 
Whilbeck, 2nd, 1S51 Phebe Ann Edgett); 

A M ]■: R U: A N A N C K S T R V 

son of "DaTid J. H. of Wcitcrlo, b. 17S5, d. 
IS54 (m. 1S04 Eli/.abclli Whiibeck), member 
o( assembly, 1S2S; son of IsHiK' 1>. of Coey- 
mans, b. 1759, d. 1836 (m. 1792 Lena Hoiigh- 
l:iling); son of David of Coeymans, b. 
If) j5, d. 1763 (m. 1st, Aviaantje, dau. of 

Barent Pcterse, Coeymans, 2nd, 

Biower, 3rd, Catrina Boom, the mother of 
Isaac D.); son of Isaac of Albany, bp. 
1651, d, before 1720 (m. Abigail Uytenbo- 
gart); sonof AIJKAHAM ISA.VCSK Vl.IJ- 
PLANCK of Holland, who landed at New 
Amsterdam (New York) prior 10 163S, mar- 
ried Maria, dau. of Guleyn Vigne and Adri- 
aantie Cuvilje, who died 1671; he died 
1691. See Munsell's C\>lhrtlons. [692] 

V son of DAVID 1. D. VF.RPLANCK 
of Albany (m. 1S60 Lettie N. Powell); son 
of Isaac of Westerlo, Albany county, N. 
Y., b. 1S09, d. 1S54 (jn. ist, 1S35 Char- 
lotte E., grand-dau. of General David Mc- 
Carthy of Coeymans, and his wife Zelotta 
Whilbeck, 2nd, 1S51 Pliebe Ann Edgett); 
son of David J. I), of Westerlo, b. i7S5,d. 
1S54 (m. 1S04 Elizabeth Whitbeck), member 
of assembly, 1S28; son of Isaac 1). of Coey- 
mans, b. 1759, d. 1836 (m. 1792 LcnaHough- 
taling) ; son of David of Coeymans, b. 
1695, d. 1763 (m. 1st, Ariaanlje, dau. of 

Barent Peterse, Coeymans, 2nd, 

Brower, 3rd, Catrina Boom, the mother of 
Isaac D.) ; son of Isaac of Albany, bp. 
1651, d. before 1729 (m. Abigail Uylenbo- 
PEANC'K of Holland, who landed at New 
Amsterdam (New York) prior to 1638, mar- 
ried Maria, dan. of Guleyn Vigne and Adri- 
aantie Cuvilje, who died 1671 ; he died 
169I. See Munseirs CM-.-liom. [693] 

of Coxsackie, New York (m. Mary E. 
Chapman); son of Isaac of Westerlo, Al- 
bany county, N. Y., b. 1S09, d. 1854 (m. 
1st, 1S35 Charlotte E., grand-dau. of Gen- 
eral David McCarthy of Coeymans, and his 
wife Zelotta Whitbeck, 2nd, 1S51 Pbebe 
Ann Edgetl); son of David J. D. of WeM- 
erlo.b. i7S5,d. iS54(m. 1804 Elizabeth Whit- 
beck), member of assembly, 1S28; son of 

Isaac D. of Coeymans, h. 1759, d. 183C1 (m. ' 
1792 Lena Iloughlaling); son of David of 
Coeymans, b. 1695, d. 17O4 (m. ist, Ari- 
aantje, dau. of Barent Peterse, Coeymans, 

2nd, Brower, 3rd, Catrina Boom, 

the mother of Isaac D.); son of Isaac of 
Albany, bp. 1651, d. before 1729 (in. Abi- 
gail Uytenbogari); son of ADKAHAM 
ISAACSE VEItPLANCKof Holland, who 
landed at New Amsterdam (New York) 
prior to 163S, married Maria, dau. of Gul- 
eyn Vigne and Adriaante Cuvilje, who 
died 1671; he died i6gi. See Munsell's 
CMcUo„s. [694] 

T7ESCELI11S, W. IRVING (m. Ella M. 
V Baker), Albany ; son of Jailics of 
New Jersey (m. Francis Gould) ; son of 
Aiidrov of Lodi, Seneca county, N. Y.; 
CELIUS, who came to America with the 
Hessians, from Hesse Castle, Germany, 
surgeon in Rev. army, and settled in the 
Mohawk valley, where he died. [IJ95] 

EDWARD, Alb.any;.sons of .[ollli 
L. of Albany, b. 178S, d. 1832 (m. Kathlyne 
Knickerbocker), regent of University of 
New York, senator ; son of Llldof icluis 
of Albany (m. EfTie Toll); son of Jacoh of 
Albany (m. Eva Le Fort) ; son of Elldo- 
vickiisof .Mbany, b. 1709(01. Maria Frcar); 
VIELE, wlio came to America from Hol- 
land, where he had fled from France to es- 
cape persecution, first settled at Albany, 
thence to Schenectady in 1668, where he 
acquired lands, returned to Albany in 1670; 
his homes were burnt by the Indians, and 
one of his daughters and her child mur- 
dered in 16S9. See Munsell's CoUe^tinns. 

VINE. PETER H.. Albany; son of 
Ilciil-y 1. of Guildeihind, b. 17S1, d. 
1853 (m. Hillen Chism); son of .lollii of 
Guilderland, b. i73o(?)- l^gT] 

V Albany ; sons of .lolianiiCS B. of 
Albany, b. 1769, d. 1825 (m. 1st, Geertruy 
Dunbar, 2nd. Catharine Willet, the mollier 
of Johannes B); son of IJarcill .1. of Al- 
bany, b. 1737, d. (,m. 1705 Sarah, daughter. 


A M ]•: R I C A N A N C E S ■ 

of H.irman B. Visscher); son of .Tnliainies 
N. uf Albany, b. 169S, d. 1753 (m. 172S 
Annclje St.aats); son of Naiilliiiu: of Al- 
bany, d. 1730 (m. 16S6 Alida Vinliagen) ; 
son of llaniK'll of Albany, b. 1619, d. 
before 1693 (ni. Hester Tjcrkse), villase 
surveyor, 1666; son of BASTIAKN VISS- 
CUKIl of Iloorn, in Holland, came to 
America prior 10 1O44, and settled in 
Rensselaerwyck, married Dirkjo T., dau. of 
Tennis Teunise <L' metsdaer, died April, 
1737, The name has been known in Hol- 
land from very early times. Sec Talcolt's 
Gai. NoUs. [CioS] 

VOOnHEES, ALONZO B. (m. Catha- 
rine M. Van Valkenburgh, Albany); 
son of Ht-iiryG. of Cherry Valley. N. Y.,b. 
1772, d. 1S54 (in. 1797 Rebecca Osteihout); 
son of (iiirrct of New Brunswick. N. J., 
b. 1743, d. about 1S15 (m. Elizabeth Burr), 
removed from New Brunswick to Glen, 
N. Y.; son of Hcililrick (iiirratsc of Flat- 
lands, Lony; Island (m. Jannetje Andreas); 
son of (JiiriTt Coorto of Flatlands, d. 1703 
(m. Mense Janse); son of Cocrt StoVCIlSe 
of Flatlands, b. 1637 (m. Marretje Gerretsc 
Van Couenhaven), came from Holland to 
Flatlands, Lonj; Island, with his father; son 
born 1600 in Holland, died Feb. iG, 16S4, 
at Flatlands, Long Island (m. ist, in Hol- 
land, 2nd, RoelolTse Senbering, b. 1619, d. 
1690), came with his son from Holland to 
America, and settled at Flatlands, Long 
Island, April, 1660; son of Coert Alberts 
Van Voor Hees, who resided, prior to 1600, 
in front of .the village of Hees, near the 
town of Ruinen, in the province of Dreuthe, 
Holland, the word ''Voor" meaning "be- 
fore," or "in front of." [699] 
WOODWARD, Albany; sons of 
ISAAC W. VOSBURGIl of Albany, b. 
iSoi (m. 1S41 Sarah J. Fletcher, desc. of 
Robert Fletcher of 1630); son of William 
of Albany, b. 1772, d. 1839 (m. 1799 Mary 
McDonald); son of Isaac of Albany, b. 
1720, d. 17S5 (m. 1759 Catharine Staats); son 
of Abraham of Albany, b. 1G96, d. i75o(?) 
{m. 1719 Gecrtje Van Den Berg); son of 
Isaac, of Albany, b. 1657'?!, d. 1720 (m. 
l6S6 Anna Janse Goes); son of ABKAJI 

PIETEUSE VOSBL'RCill of Albany, d. 
about 1660 (in. Gertruy Pieterse Koeynians 
or Coeymans), one of four brothers, all of 
whom settled in Beverwyck prior to 1651, 
See O'Callaghan's Hist. Neio NfthcrlamI; 
fldchcr Gfii.: Munscll's Co/Uctioiis. [700J 

VOSE, RODNEY (m. Sarah J. Miller); 
Albany ; son of Samili'l of Spencer, 
N. Y. (m. Betsey Cutler), county supervisor; 
son of IJdg'cr of Bedford, N. H.; son of 
Samuel of Bedford; son of Uolicrl ; son 
of lleiiry ; sun of Tliomas ; son of ItOlt- 

ERT VOSE (m. Jane — ), came from 

Lancashire, England, to America in 1635, 
and settled at Milton, Massachusetts. (701] 

Albany; sons of AVIlliaiil of Coey- 
mans, b. 1S12, d. 1S76; son of Petor of 
Coeymans, whose ancestors came froin 
Holland. See Munsell's CulU-clions, vol. 
IV. p. 184./. [702] 

Mary Saltus Pruyn), Albany; son of 
rctt'l- of Schenectady, b. 1806, d. 1830 (m. 
Margaret Ann, dau* of John Sanders Ten 
Eyck); son of Isaac. L. of Schenectady, b. 
1784, d. 1SO4 (m. 1804 Catherine CUite); 
son of EollVClis of Schenectady, b. 1757 
(m. Maria Bratt); son of Isiiac of Schenec- 
tady, b. 1712, d. 1807 (m. 1744 Dorothea 
Van Boskerken), surveyor, judge of court 
of common pleas, member of provincial 
assembly, 1759, member of the first Stale 
assembly, 1779; son of Woilter of Sche- 
nectady, b. 16S0, d. 1756 (m. 1707 Marytje, 
dau. of Is.iac Casparsc Hallenbeck), he 
was father of Dornine Barent Vrooman, 
pastor of Ref. Dutch Church of Schenec- 
tady; son of Adam of Schenectady, b. in 
Holland, 1649, d. 1730 (m ist, 1678 Engel- 
tie Bloom, 2nd, 1691 Grietje Rj'ckman, 3rd, 
1697 Grietje Takels Heemstraat), was 
uralized in the Province of New York 1717, 
his wife and infant child killed, and his two 
sons, Wouter and Barent, taken captive by 
the French and Indians, in 1690; eldest son 
came from Holland, accompanied by his 
brothers, Peter Jleese and Jacob Meese, 
and settled in Kinderhook in 1670 and 
thence to Schenectady, in 1677. His home 


A :m 1', 

C A N A N C !■: S T R ^■ 

was on l!ie site now occupied by ihe New 
York Central Railu-.iy depot, at Sche- 
nectady. In the massacre of 16130, he was 
liilled with his son Bartliolomew, and his 
son John was carried away captive. He 
left two surviving sons, Adam and John. 
See Pearson's S.t//.-n ,>/ Sc/uiu\/,u(v, San- 
der's //isi. of [703] 
WADE, EDWARD UPtlAM (minor), 
Albany; son of EDWARD WAD!' 
of Albany, b. iSii); son of .laillCS of 
Watervliet, b. 1781;, d. 1S6S (in. 1S13 Sally 
Mulford),doctorof medicine; sonof JailK'S 
of Andover, Ohio, b. I750,d. 1S26 (m. 1781 
Mary Upham). served in Rev. army at 
Bunker's Hill; son of Sillliuel of Medford, 
Mass., b. 1715 (m. 1741 Martha Upham); 
son of SauilU'l of Medford. b. 16S1, d. 
173S (m. 170(1 Lydia Newhall); son of 
Niltliailifl of Medfoid, d. 1707 ('"• i('7 = 
Mercy Uradstock); son of JONATHAN 
■\VAI>E, an early settler of Ipswich, Mass., 
freeman, 1634, moved to Medford, Massa- 
chusetts, where he died, i(jS3. See Iliit. 
of Medford, Mass. [704 J 

WADSWORTH, PAUL, Albany; son 
Auborn, b. 1809 On. Amanda Van Allen); 
son of Joseph of .\uiiorn, Mass., b. 1783, 
d. 1854 (m. Anna liarnes), served in Rev. 
army; son of David of Grafton, Mass., b. 
1741, d. 1S21 (m. Elizabeth Whipple); son 
of Diiviil of Grafton, b. 1720, d. 1749 (ni. 
Hannah Paul); son of llci'limpcuse of 
Milton, Mass., b. 16SS, d. 1729 (m- Sarah 
Morey); son of Elioiiczcr of Milton, b. 

1660, d. 1717 (m. Mary ), a deacon, 

one of the early settlers of Milton; son of 
Siimucl of Milton, d. iCjfi (m. Abigail 
Lind.dl); son of CIllllSTOl'UER WADS- 
WORTH who came from En-land in the 
ship "Lion" which landed at lioston, 1632. 
See IVadsworth Gen. [7"5l 

T. and M. Y. H. and LEVI JACOB, 
Albany; sons of Lovi Jacob of Albany, b. 
Juno 5. 1807, d. July 28, i36o; son of Jai'oll 

of Kindcrhook (m. Schwict), served 

in Rev. army; son of .Trtfob AVa^'Oiiaar 
(su) of Kinderhook. Probably the Jacob 
Wagenaar who married Annatje, and who 

had a son Jacob bp. Jan. 
Munsell's Coiuclwns. 


V> Albany; son of Jami'.s J. of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., b. 1S05, d. 1S78 (m. Eliza 
Thompson Bond, a desc. of Count Rum- 
ford), a doctor of medicine; sonof William 
of Rochester, N. Y., b. 1700, d. 1S23 (m. 
Anna Dondal); son of William of London- 
derry, N. II., b. 1730, d. iSio(ni. Hannah, 
sister of Matthew Thornton, delegate to 
continental congress, 177&, and a signer of 
the declaration of independence); son of 
JOHN WALLACE (m. Annis Barnet), 
came from Antrim, Ireland, to America in 
1720 and settled at Londonderry in the 
State of New Hampshire. See llistoiy of 



^\7ALW0RTll, CLARENCE A., Al- 
>V bany; son of Hculicu lljde of 

Saratoga, b. at Bosrah, Conn., 178S, d. 1867 
(m. isl, Maria K. Averill, mother of Clar- 
ence, 2nd, Mrs. Sarah Smith Hardin), ad- 
mitted to the bar, iSog, served in war of 
1S12, at Plattsburgh in Sept. ^814, aide de 
camp to Gen. Mooers, Ofl's adj.-gen., jus- 
tice of the peace, master in chancery, su- 
preme court comm., member of congress, 
circuit judge, 1S23-28, chancellor of State 
of New Y'ork for twenty years, pres. of law 
school, LL. D. Harvard Coll., LL. D. Yale 
Coll., author Rules and Orders of N. Y. 
Court of Chttnc-ry, 1829; Hyde Ceiiea/o^'y, 2 
vols., 1864; son of l>('ll,jailiill of Bosrah, 
Conn., and Hoosic, N. Y., b. 1746, d. 1812 
(m. Apphia Hyde, widow of Samuel Car- 
dell, she was a desc. of Mary Winslow, 
niece of Gov. Winslow of the Mayflower, 
and who desc. through Lieut. Thomas 
Tracey from the Traceys of Tewksbuiy, 
England), quartermaster, and acting adj. 
in Rev. arn1y under Col. Nichols, present 
at battle of White Plains; son of Jollll of 
Groton, b. 1695-1700, d. 1749 (m. Sarah 
Dunn), captain of dragoons; son of AVIL- 
1,1AM AVALWOUTH who came from 
the neighborhood of London, England, and 
came to America about lOSy, and shortly 
afterward married Mary Seaton, an immi- 
grant by the same ship, settled first on 
Fisher's Island as lessee of Gov. Win- 



tlirop, thence to Groton. He died in 1703. 
Fiuin lilm arc debceuJcd the Walu-orllib of 
the United Stales, and tliey belong to that 
biancli of the family classed by Burke as 
"the Walworths of London and Suffolk" 
who bear the shield of Sir William Wal- 
worth of the reign of Richard II. This 
old Saxon name is sometimes by the French 
and Norman chroniclers misspelled " Cou- 
louvre, GouloufTre, and Golafer." Sec 
Froissart's Chroii., vol. IX, chap. 13 and 
The Roll of Baltle Abbiy; Ilisl. 0/ X.-.o 
Lonaon ; IlyJc duu-alogy ; Norwich Jubili,: ; 
Burke's Gm. Armory. [yoSJ 

Mary Edmunds), Albany; son of 
Los Angeles, California (m. 1862 Jennie 
Purdy); son of EBENEZER E. WANDS 
of New Scotland, Albany county, b. iSii 
(m. 1833 N.-rncy McBride); son of Kobcrt 
of New Scotland, b. 1780, d. 1S55 (m. 1802 
Jennie Jackson); son of JOHN ^VAXDS, 
b. 1740, d. 1S24 (m. Margerctte Burnsidc), 
came frorji Scotland to America as a soldier 
in the Britisli army, settled in New Scot- 
land, Albany county, New York State, in 
176=. [709] 

•^T/^AKD, JOHN G. and WALTER E., 

V > Albany; sons of GILBERT WARD 
of Albany, b. 1S22; son of' (iillicrt of 
While Plains, N. Y., b. 1780, d. 1853 (m. 
iSoo Phebe Carpenter); son of Xiitliail of 
Westchester county, b. 1758, d. tS38 (m. 
Mary Churchill); son of Gilbert of West- 
chester county, b. 1730, d. 1783, held a 
commission in the British arm)- at the com- 
mencement of the Rev. war, in considera- 
tion of his oath remained neutral. His 
father came from England to America when 
a youth, and died at the advanced age of 
105 years, in Westchester county. New 
York Slate. [710] 

WAKI), SAMUEL B., Albany; son of 
r. IJ. of Morristown, b. iSoi, d. 
1835 (,m. 1S39 Abby Pratt), member of as- 
sembly, 1851; son of Siliis of Morris 
county and Elizabethtown, N. J., b. 1767, 
d. 1S62 (m. 1794 Phebe Dod); son of Sam- 
uel, b. Aug. 20, 1724, d. .April 15, 1799 ('^n- 

Mary Shipman), 

from Virgini: 

Mornstoun. [71^] 

WARXEIl, CHARLES A., Albany: son 
of Albert of Schodack, N. Y., b. 
1S40, d. 18S0 (in. Mary Barringer); son of 
iMieliael of Greenbush, N. Y., b. 1S03, d. 
1S75 (m. Almedah Barringer); son of 
(Jeoi'fro of Greenbush, Rensselaer county, 
New York, b. 1750, d. 1820. [7'2] 

TT^UKEN, CLEMENT (m. Christina 
T> Johnson), Albany; son of Moses of 
Watertown, b. 17S2, d. 1S20 (m. 1803 Han- 
nah Lailh); son of Moses of Watertown, b. 
1759 (m. 17S0 Eleanor White), fought with 
his cousin, Gen. Joseph Warren, at Bunker 
Hill; son of I'lliiieus of Watertown, b. 
I7I7,<J. 1707 (ni. 1739 Grace Hastings); son 
of Joshiiii of Watertown, b. i663; son of 
David of Watertown, b. 1628; son of JOHN 

WAIilJ EN (ni. Margaret ), who came 

from England to America in 1630, settled 
at Watertown, Massachusetts, where he 
died, Dec. 13, 1607. [713] 

son of ,Saninel of Lisha's Kill, N 
Y.; son of /(•pliailiall of Lisha's Kill; son 
of Oliver of Lisha's Kill, New York State 

bany; son of George of Albany, b 
1S16, d. 1S76 (m. 1S33 Anna E. Rice); sor 
of Robert of Albany, b. 1793, d. i366 (m 
Esther Graham); son of JAMES WATER 
T^I.VN, who came to .America previous tc 
the Revolution, settled at Hartford, Con 
necticut, was taken prisoner by the Brit 
ish. [715 

Martha A. Mather, a lineal desc. 0: 
Richard Mather of 1635), Albany; son o: 
Sfeplleii Mellen of Naples, N. "Y., b. 1812 
d. 1S56 (m. iS3(j Eveline Hamlin); son o 
Stejilieu of Grass Lake, Mich., b. 1773, d 
1S5S (m. 1797 Betsey Clark); son of Na 
tliail of Naples, N. Y., b. 1737, d. 181 

(m. Sarah : — ), removed from Hopkin- 

ton, Mass., one of the earliest settlers o 
Partridgeville (now Peru), Berkshire, and 
of Naples, N. Y., captain Rev. army, pres 
ent at battles of Bunker Hill, Trenton ant 
Princeton, and at the surrender of Bur 

A M K R I C A N A N C E S T I'l Y 


goyne; son of Daniel of Hopkinton, Mass., 

t). 1702 (m. Thankful ); son of .loliu 

of Charlesiown, Mass., b. 1654 (m. Abigail 

); son of THOMAS W.VTKIXS {m. 

Eli/.abcih ), who was freeman of 

Boston, 1660, member of artillery company, 
1666, and it is supposed he came from Lon- 
don to Boston in 1635. It is probable that 
the family originally came from eillier 
Brecon or Montgomcr)' in Wales. [7t6j 

bany; son of Williaiii Henry of 
Cobleskill, b. 1795, d. 1847 (m. Margaret 
Smith); son of .Tilde of Newport, N. Y., b. 
ALar. 19, 1759, d. at Bracketts Bridge, Ang. 
19, 1877 (m. Mary, dau. of Col. Jcnksi, 
served in Rev. army at West Point when 
the British were defeated. [7'7) 

Hunting), Albany; son of Felix of 
Chestcrville, Albany county, b. 1S25 (m. 
Caroline Lawrence), grad. of .'\lbany Medi- 
cal School; son of Felix of Berne, Albany 
county, b. 17S5. d. 1S25 (m. Elizabeth 
Shell); son of Jacob of Berne, b. 1797, d. 
iSrs; son of JACOB WEIDMAN of Switz- 
erland, came to America with a party of 
German emigrants and settled at Berne in 
New York State, where he built the first 
house and to which place he gave the name 
of th£ Swiss capital, Berne. [718] 

WEIDMAN, PAUL (m. Orcelia Bur- 
leigh), Albany; son of Felix of 
Berne, Albany county, b. 1785, d. 1875 (m. 
Elizabeth Shell); son of Jacob of Berne, b. 
1797. d. 1813; son of JACOB WEIDMAN 
of Switzerland came to America with a 
party of German emigrants and settled at 
Berne in New York State, where he built 
the first house and to which place he gave 
the name of the Swiss capital, Berne. [719] 

Catharine Storrs) and GEORGE AN- 
DREWS (m. Elizabeth Judson), Albany; 
sons of A^ur of Albany, b. 1790, d. 1876 
(m. 1816 Abigail Hitchcock); son of ACJLIl 
WELLS, born in England 1756, and came 
to .-Vmerica, married, 1779, Mary Pixley, re- 
sided at Bridgeport, Connecticut, died at 
Auburn, New York State, iSii. [720] 

S., Albany; sons of AUSTIN 
HENRY WELLS of Albany, b. rSi4 (m. 
ist, Martha H. Mitchell, 2nd, Margaret L. 
Dow); son of Samuel of Cambridge, N. Y., 
b. I78i,d. i8u6 (m. ist, Miriam Henry, 2nd, 
Olive Scott); son of Etliiiiiiid of Whites- 
boro, N. Y., b. about 1740, d. about 1S21; 
son of EdlUUlid, who came frotn Connecti- 
cut and was one of the original proprietors 
of Cambridge, N. Y., and whose ancestor 
came from Wales and settled i[i Connecti- 
cut. L7=i] 
WENDELL, WILLIAM (m. ist, Sarah 
Kip, 2nd, Frances E. Roberts), Al- 
bany; son of Ilaniiaiilis C. of Albany, b. 
17S1, d. 1837 (m. Cathalina Hun), justice 
of the peace, 1S17-37; son of Cornelius of 
Albany, b. 1745, d. 1S14 (m. Anna Lansing), 
one of the patentees of Jersey Field; son 
of Hai-iiianns, bp. 1714, d. 1771 (m. Catha- 
rine Van Vechieii), assi. alderman 1749, 
asst. judge of court of com. pleas, 1752-58; 
son of Herinauus of Albany, b. 1678, d. 
1731 (m. Anna Glen), alderman, 1714-1720, 
1726-27, com. of Indian affairs 1728-32; 
son of Jeroniniiis of Albany, b. 1655 (m. 
Ariaantje Visscher); son of EVEUT JAN- 
SEN WENDELL, born at Emden, Hano- 
ver, 1615, and came to America, 1642, settled 
at Albany, 1647, ruling elder of Dutch 
Church, 1656', orphan master, 1657, magis- 
trate, T660-61. [722] 
bany (m. Estella L. F. Hurcomb); 
son of Nathan of Albany (m, J.ane A. 
Mosher); son of Jacob, descended from 
Evert Jansen Wendell, but the lineage is 
not yet traced. [723] 

son of .lacob of Albany, b. 1805, d. 
1S87 (m. Margaret Failing), colonel in U. 
S, army; son of Jacob of Fort Plain, 
Montgomery county, New York State, 
probably a descendant of Evert Jansen 
Wendell. [724] 

son of John F.of Albany, b. 1821; 
son of .Toliu of Bethlehem, b. 1799, d. 1S50 
(ni. Frances Clark); son of Abrani of Beth- 
lehem, b. 1761, d. 1S43 (m. Anna Le Roy); 


A U E 

C A N A N (.: E S V R V . 

son ol Jlirrieil of Bethlelieni, b. 1720. d. 
1796.(111. Hendrikse Van Hoskurck); son 
of Libljort (m. 1703 Cornelia Van Voor- 

liees); son of AVKSTiaiVKI-UT (m. 

Geesie RoclolVe), wlio came from Wepple, 
Dreuthe, Holland, in (he ship /7i'/f, April, 
1662, and sealed in Bergen county, New 
York State. [725] 

WCTIlllinV.VX, CHARLES, .-Vlbany; 
son of ll.Mir.V, West Sandlaku. N. 
Y., b. 1805, d. 1S60 (m. Malinda Soule), 
licensed to preach in M. E. Church, by 
Bishop Elijah Hedding, Dec. 13, 1820; son 
of Seliastiilil of West Sandlake, b. 1S22, 
d. 1S55 (m Catharine Uline), justice of the 
peace, 1S03-5; son of ,\ll(lrisof West Sand- 
lake, moved from FJutchess county, b. 

1737, d. May 16, 1824 (m. Catharine ); 

came from Wiriemburg, Germany, and set- 
tled in Dutcliess county, New York Slate. 

beth Wooster), Albany, son of Sill- 
111011 B. of Canajoharie, N. Y., b. 1795, d. 
1854(111. 181O Hannah Waffle); son of Selll 
of Winchester, Conn., and Canajoharie, N. 
Y., b. 1761, d. 1S36 (in. Lois Bronson), 
member of Connecticut leg., magistrate, 
sherill", judge of Montgomery county, N. 
Y.; son of Joliii of Torrington, b. 1727, d. 
I7g5; son of SillUllcl of Winchester, b. 
1692, d. 1773 (m. 1722 Hannah Hubbard); 
son of Silinuol, b. 1655, d. 1741 (m. 1687 
Mary Bacon); son of TllOM.VS ^YET- 
MOUT;, who came from the west of Eng- 
land to Boston, Massachusetts, in 1(135, 
among the early settlers of the Connecticut 
colony. See ffc/wo/v Gciifci/o^^y, 1S61. 


son of John C. of Stockbridge, 
Madison county, N. Y., b. 1S28 (m. Ada- 
lino Freeman); son of Moses of Connecti- 
cut, b. 1800; son uf Jollll, b. 175(1, settled 
in Connecticut. [72SJ 

WIlKELEIt, SETH (m. Elizabetli 
Boyd), Albany; son of Alonzo 
of Albany, b. 1805, d. 1867 (m. 1834 Harriet 
H., dau. of Richard W. Bishop); son of 
AVillium of Ch.uham, N. Y., b. 17S0, d. 

1S51 (m. Martlia, dau. of Joseph Thorn); 
sun of 'I'lioiiias, b. 1752, d. iS2o(m. Eli/a- 
belh Conner); son of Henry, b. 1717 (m. 
Deborah UnderhiU), settled in Dutchess 
county, in the State of New York. |72y] 

son of JOHN WHITMORE of 
Bou'doinham, Maine (m. Mary B. Berry); 
son of .lolin, b. 1771, d. 1865 (m. Sarah 
McClellan); son of Stc|>lK'n, b. 1739 (m. 
1763 Mary Whitlemore); sun of Pnincis 
(m. Mary Hall). [73o] 

minor), Albany, son of Edward 
Cliaiincey of Albany, b. 185S, d. 1885; son 
Frances Lord); son of Jonas of Schaghti- 
coke, N. Y., b. 1786, d. 1849 (m. Sarah, 
dau. of Nathan Belts), dep. county clerk, 
1832-49; son of Silas of Schaghticoke, b. 
175S, d. 183S (m. Elizabeth Roscoe); son of 
Daniel of Huntington, b. 1724, d. 1784 
(m. Rebecca, dau. of Jonah Wood), in con- 
sequence of Revolution removed from 
Huntington Jo Dutchess county; son of 
Joseilll (m- Hannah, dau. of Jonathan 
Lewis); son of 'I'lionias, b. 1650-51, im- 
prisoned by Gen. Andros, i68r, captain, 
1690, member of county convention; son 
of THOM.VS WEEKES [sh-), who came 
from England, Nov. 20, 1635, arrive[l in 
America, and settled at Watertown, Mas- 
sachusetts. See n-ia-.-s Cvii. [731] 
WILltOR, ANSON G., Albany; son 
of SAMUEL WILBOR of Chat- 
ham, N. Y., b. 1S40 (m. 1864 Ella A. 
Gilford); son of Samuel, of Ch.-itham, 
b. 1809 (m. Elsie M. Van Valkenburgh); 
son of Samuel of Chatham, b. 1780, d. 
about 1818 (m. Hannah Fitch); son of 
Samuel of Chatham, b. 1750, d. 1S20, de- 
scended from S-VaiUEL -WILBORE, who 
came from England, and settled at Boston, 
about 1633, but the lineage is not traced. 
See IVilbor Gtncalosy. [732] 

son of Thomas of Albany, b. 1S05, 
d. 1883 (m. Sarah Ann Townsend); son of 
Thomas of Quaker Springs, N. Y., b. 
Dec. 13, 1764, d. Sept. 19. 1S32 (m. Abigail 
Leggetll, one of the hrsl settlers of Quaker 

A U V. K 1 C A N A N C l''. S 'l' R V 


Springs; son of Jonathan, b. Dec, 12, 
'724- [733I 

WILD.II.VN, WILLIAM, Albany; son 
of William Watson of Troy, b. 
1S02, d. 1S76 (ni. 1st, Fannie Benedict, 2nd, 
Catharine Bell Kingsman); son of Uz of 
Danbury, Conn., b. 1772, d. 1864, whose 
f.1ther resided at Danbury, Connecticut, and 
whose store was burnt by ilie Britisli army 
in 1777- [734] 

GEORGE A., Albany; son of 
Thomas of Schenectady and Albany, b. 
iSii,d. 1S73 ("1- 1S45 Matilda Clark); son of 
Thomas of Schenectady, b. 1753, d. 1S33 
(ni. Mary Velthanson), colonel in Rev, 
army; son of THOMAS UILKIE of Fish- 
kill, N. Y,, who came from England about 
1700, and settled* at Schenectady, married 
Man,' Bogardus, and died 1757, [7351 

Albany; son of Thomas of Alba.iy, 
b. 1775 (m, Ann Hilton); son of .roliu. 
[73' > I 

sun of Sjlvostcr ]). of Albany, b. 
at Wilton, Conn., 1825, d. at Albany, 1S65 
(m, 1861 Susan E. Spence), M. D., surgeon- 
gen, of Fed. army in Rebellion, the Wil- 
lard Insane Asylum erected to his name by 
the State leg,; son of David of Wilton', 
Conn,, b, 1789, d. 1S60 (ra, Abbie Gregory), 
doctor of medicine and brother of Sylvester 
Willard, M. D,, of Auburn, N. Y.; son of 
Daniel of Saybrook, Conn., b. 17&0, d. 
1S14 (m. Sarah, dau. of Rev. Robert Silli- 
man, d. Feb. 14, 1S14, the same day as her 
husband), colonel; son of George of Say- 
brook, b. 1725 (m, Hannah Murrell); son 
of Samuel of Saybrook, b. 1694, d, 177. 1 
(m. Sarah Stillman), a member of of 
representatives; son of Samuel, b, at Hart 
ford, Conn,, 165S, d. at Saybrook, 1713(10. 
16S3 Sarah Clark); son of .Fosiall of Hart- 
ford, b. 163CP, d. i(J74 (m. Hannah Hosmer), 
the eldest son of MA.TOU SIMON WIL- 
liARl), who was born 1605, at Horsmon- 
den, Kent, England, d. Apr. 24, 1676 (m. 
1st, Mary Sharpe, 2nd, Elizabeth, sister of 
Henry Dunster, pres. of Harvard Coll.), 
a commissioned officer of the British army, 

who came from England witli his sister Mar- 
gery and her husband, Capt. Dolor Davis, 
l.uidcd at Boston, 1634, and settled at Cam- 
bridge, he was the son of lUeliard 'Wil- 
lard of Horsmonden, a direct lineal dc- 
cendant of llieliard AVillard, baron of 
the Cinque Ports in the time of Richard 
11. There is a tablet in the chancel of 
Horsmonden parish church marked "Wil- 
lard," which bears date 1587. See // //- 
/,;/■,/ Mc»wir, by Joseph Willard, Boston, 
1S58. [737] 


1S42; son of .li^liiel, b. 1733, d. 1810, set- 
tled in Upper Middletown, Conn.; son of 
Sle|>lien, b. 1693; son of .laeob, b. 1664, 
d. 1712, settled in Wethcrsfield, Conn.; son 
of THOMAS WILLIAMS, d. Feb. 5,1692, 
and wlio, according to the traditions of the 
family, came to America from Wales and 
settled at Wcthersfield in the Connecticut 
valley at an early period. The earliest au- 
thentic fact being the registration of the 
birth of a son Thomas, March 9, 165O. His 
wife's name was Rebtckah. [73s] 

bany; son of SELEY WILLIAMS 
of Albany, b. 1812 (m, Merdulia Caldwell); 
son of Matthew of Greenville, N. Y., b. 
1794, d. 1S40 (m. Ruth Searles); son of 
Thomas of New Baltimore and Coxsackie, 

b. 1757, d, i850(?) (m. McCabe), 

served in Rev. army. [739J 

'IT/'ILLIAMS, SELEY (m. Merdula 
} V Caldwell), Albany; son of Matthew 
of Norton Hill, N. Y,, b, 1784, d. 1840 (m, 
Ruth Searles), capt. of militia; son of 
Thomas who was born in New York and 
died aged 93 years. [740] 

WILSON, DAVID A., Albany; son of 
THOMAS WILSON of Albany, b. 
1823 (m. Nancy Carter); son of Alexander 
of Lansingburgh and Albany, b. 1800, d. 
1SS4 (m. Hannah Van Keuren); son of 
David A. of Lansingburgh, b. about 1775, 

d. 1S35 (ni. — Glasspiece), a sloop 

captain, • [741 1 


179S, d. 

■1 I!. 

^32 (n 

if W( 
Jane Wile 

N. Y, 



A M K R I C A N A N C I-: S T R \' . 


Kolicrt of Westerlo, b. 1745, d. 1829 (m. 
Catharine Wilscy), wliose ancestors were 
from Scotland and settled in Dutchess 
county. [742] 

WILSON, FRANK P., Albany; son of 
Steplioil of Albany, b. iSoi, d. iS(i6 
(m. Catharine Dowling), first district scliool 
teacher in Albany; son of Jollil of Essex 
county, b. 1771, d. 1S40, [743] 

WILSON, GL;<.)R(;E p. and ROBERT, 
■Albany; sons uf Ahrillll roilda of 
Albany, b. 1S05, d. iSSO(m. Henrietta Pow- 
ers); son of'lill of Albany, b. about 
1765, d. May 14, 1S3S (in. Sarah Fonda), 
came from New YorU near Basken Ridge; 
son of JAMKS A. WILSON (m. Sarah 
Arim). who came from Scotland to America 
and settled in New Jersey. [744] 

V\ Albany; son of AVilliaiii, b. 1790, 
d. 1S6S, served in war of 1812-14; son of 
AVilliillU of Kensington, Conn., b. 1762, 
d. 1339, served in Rev. army; son of Dim 
of Kensington, b. 1736, d. iSii, served in 
Rev. army, his son Ira was killed at Bunker 
Hill; son of Ilczckiall of Kensington, b. 
i607, d. I7f)0; son of Nalllrtllit'l of Wind- 
sor, Conn., b. before 1635, d. 1699, free- 
man, 1657; son of IIOIJKIIT WINCIIELL, 
who came from England to America and 
was settled at Dorchester, Mass., 1634, and 
•at Windsor, Conn., 1635, freeman, May 6, 
1635. There is a tradition that the family 
is descended from the Winchelscys or Win- 
chclseas, of whom was Robert Winchelscy, 
archbp. of Canterbury, 1293. [7451 

WIN(J, ALBERT, Albany (m. Maria 
Carle); son of Archilmld of Do- 
ver, Dutchess county, N. Y., b. 1791, d. 
iSf.o (m. Nancy Seaman); son of Tlnirslou 
of Dover, N. Y., b. I76fi, d. 1842 (m. Mary 
Young), probably descended from Edmund 
Wing of Dartmouth, but the lineage is not 
traced. [74f'l 

FRY; sons of .lacol) Laiisini;, b. 
17S8, d. iS6o(m. Julia Ann Fry), alderman 
of Albany city; son of Liviniis, b. 1745, 
d. 1825 (m. Marytje Lansing); son of lU'U- 
jaillill, b. 1705, d. 17117 (m. R.ichel Van 
.Arnan); son of Livilllls, b. 1647. d. 1706 

(m. 1st, Tcuntje Martensc, 2nd, Mrs. 
WiUiamje Viele Schemerhorn, llie mother 
of Benjamin); son of riL'lTU AVINNE. 
See 750. [747] 

WINNE, FRANKLIN, Albany; son of 
(m. .Mida W. Scovel); son of Jaeub Lail- 
silllj, b. 17SS, d. 1S60 (m. Julia Ann Fry), 
alderman of Albany city; sonof LivinilS,b. 
1745, d. 1825 (m. Marytje Lansing); son of 
Dciljaillill, b. 1705, d. 1797 (m. Rachel 
Van Arnam); son of Liviliils, b. 1(147, d. 
1706 (in. 1st, Teuntjc Martcnse, 2nd, 1699 
Mrs. WiUempje Vicle Schemerhorn, the 
mother of Benjamin); son of IME'l'EK 
WINNE. See 750. [74S] 

bany; son of Naiuiiii!;;' Visselier of 
Albany, b. 1807, d. 1858 (m. R.achel, dau. 
of Garret Van Sante Bleecker). M. D., 
grad. Union Coll., 1S24, Yale Coll., 1S26, 
com. -surgeon with rank of lieul.-col. on 
Major-General Stephen Van Rensselaer's 
stall; son of Livilllls Lau.siliy of Albany, 
b. 17S3, d. 1S16 (m. Ann Visscher), grad. 
Union Coll., 1S04, captain U. S. A., 1812, 
served in war of 1812, son of Livilllls of 
.-Mbany, b. 1745, d. 1825 (m. Marytje Lan- 
sing); son of IScnjaillili of Albany, b. 1705, 
d. 1797 (m. Rachel Van Arnam); son of 
LivimiS of Albany, b. 1647, d. 1706 (m. 
ist.Teunlje Martense, 2nd, Mrs. Williamje 
Viele Schemerhorn, the mother of Ben- 
jamin); son of I'lETER WINNE. .Sec 
750. [749] 

I'lETEH WINNE (ancestor of 

747, 74S, 749), was born in the city of 
Ghent, Flanders, and his wife, Tannatje 
Adams, was born in the city of Leeuwaer- 
den in Vrieslandt, came to America and 
settled at Bethleliem near Albany, July 6, 
16S4, when they made a joint will. The 
family is probably of British descent and 
the same as Ihe Wynns of Wales, having 
migrated' lo Holland duri.ig the Puritan 
troubles. See Munsell's J/i./o,y of Albaiiv. 

WINSIII I', WILLIAM F., Albany; son 
of William of Boston, Mass., b. 
iSri, d. 1875 (m. 1840 Lncretia Willis); son 
of Isaac of Portland, Maine, b. 1774, d. 

A M ]i R I C A N A N C E S T R \- 


1S37 (m. 1807 Eunice Gould); son of Isaac 
of Lexington and Mcdfoid, Mass., b. 174'j, 
d. 1S34 (m. 1773 Sarali Fessenden), asses- 
sor, 171)3-1814; son of Isauc of Lexington, 

b. 1724, d. 17S3 (ni. Hannah ), served 

in French and Indian war, 1755; son of 
Edwnril of Lexington, b. 1684, d. 1763 (m. 
1755 Sarah Manning); son of Edward of 
Cambridge and Lexington, b. 1654, d. 171S 
(m. 1683 Rebecca Barsham), selectman, 
i69i-93-()5 and 1701; son of EDM'AKl) 
WINSUIl* of Cambridge, d. Dec. 2, loSS 

(m. 1st, Jane , 2nd, Elizabeth ), 

freman in 1635, member of ancient and 
honorable artillery companj', 163S, select- 
man eleven years, rep. to general court 
four years, lieut. in the militia, and who 
came frotn England. His original estate at 
Cambridge is still in the family. See Mud- 
son's Hist, of Lexington. [751] 

minor), Albany; son of Barfialias 
of Albany, b. iSiq, d. 1875 (m. Elizabcih 
Vati Derzee), a doctor of medicine; son of 
U'hahod of Albany and Guilderland, b. 
1781, d. 1854 (m. Barbara Shondy); son of 
l$ariial>as of Courlland, New York Stale. 

Mrs. Eliza Clark); son of Samuel 
of Westport, Conn., b. 175S, d. 1S43 (in. 
Rebecca, dau. of David Lyon) ; son of 
Samuel of Middleborough, Conn. (jii. 
Lydia, dau. of David Ripley, a desc. of 
Governor William Bradford of the May- 
flower), a minister, chaplain in the Rev. 
army, taken prisoner at Fort Washington, 
1776, died on board prison ship Aria in 
New York harbor; son of Henry of Ply- 
mouth, RLissachusetts, who married Eli.(a, 
widow of Joseph Clark, and dau. of Thomas 
Gould. [753] 

WOOD, GEORGE L. (m. Hannah I.Vro- 
man), Albany; son of CH.\RLES 
A. WOOD of Chicago (m. Eugenia A. 
Sherwood); son of William 0. of New- 
burgh, b. 1805, d. i860 (m. iS2ft 

Lawrence); son of JOHN WOOD, b. 1773 
d. 1S35, the son of a Mohawk chieftain, 
who married a Dutch lady. [754] 


WOOD, JOHN, Albany; son of Harvcv 
of Albany, b. 181S (m. 1841 Mar- 
garet Wheaton); son of .Vsca of Saratoga, 
N. Y., b. 1797, d. 1869 (m. Sarah Nash); 
son of David of Balston, b. 1753, d. 1820, 
son of WOOD, who came from Ire- 
land to America. [755] 
WOODIRIUY, JOHN N., Albany; son 
of P.eM.jamiii U. of Methuen, Mass , 
b. 1S18, d. 1873 (m. 1840 Betsey Denncy) ; 
son of .lolin of Salem, N. H., b. 17S3, d. 
1849 (m. 1809 Elizabeth Woodbury); son of 
.lohll of Salem, b. 1749, d. 1829 (m. Han- 
nah Woodbury); son of Nathaniel of 
Beverly, ftLass.. b. 1715; son of Eheiiezer 
of Salem, b. 1667, d. 1708 (m. Hannah 
Dodge); son of Jitllll of Salem, b. 1626, d. 
16S2; son of JOHN W00D15UUV of Som 
erselshire, England, who came to America 
about 1624, in the interest of tlie Dorchester 
colony, and settled at Cape Ann, now Glou- 
cester. [756J 

WOODRUFF, HALSEY, Albany; son 
Albany, b. lSi2 (in. Gertrude Winne); son 
of llalsey of Boston, b. 1782, d. iS6i (m. 
Innocent Kingsley); son of David of Long 
Island, b. 1748 (m. Lulhera Marble), came 
from Rhode Island, and whose ancestors 
emigrated from France. [757] 

DEWITT, Albany; son of DAVID 
HALSEY WOODRUFF of Albany, b. 
iSro (m. Charlotte Putnam); son of llal- 
sey of Boston, b. 1782, d. i86r (m. Inno- 
cent Kingsley) ; son of David of Long 
Island, b. 1748 (m. Liithera Marble), came 
from Rhode Island, and whose ancestors 
emigrated from France. [758] 

son of Royal, b. 1815, d. 1SS2 (m. 
1S5S Charlotte :\I. Smith, desc. of Captain 
Thomas Smith, early emigrant to America); 
son of Alllier of .Ashford, Conn., b. 1762, 
d. 1840 (m. 1st, Mariam Knowlton of Ash 
ford, 2nd, 1795 Eunice, dau. of Dr. Jona- 
than Fuller), served in Rev. army; son of 
Joseph of Windham and Ashford, b. 1725, 
d. 1814 (m. 1748 Elizabeth Perkins, desc. 
of Cotton Mather); son of Joseph, b. i6S3, 
d. 1727 (m. 1714 Elizabcih Lilsby), removed 


from Newton to Canterbury, Conn., 1710; 
son of Joliii of Newton, b. 1641) (in. 1st, 
Rebecca, dau. of Richard Robbinsof Camp, 
2nd, 16S6 Sarah Bancroft of Reading); son 
of Gl'Or^'C of Watertown (m. Elizabeth 
Hammond), freeman, 1646; son of IlICU- 
ARD WOODWAUl), who cmbariced from 
Ipswich, England, April 10, 1634, with his 
wife Rose, in the ship EHzabsth, landed in 
America, settled at Watertown, of which he 
was freeman, Sept. 16, 1635. See WucJ- G.n. [759] 

WlilOUT, HENRY R., Albany; son 
of Jli'iiry of Duanesburg, N. V., b. 
1816, d. 1SS4 (ni. Jane Liddle); son of 
John T. of Duanesburg, b. Jan. g. 17S7 

(m. Wilscy); son of Joli.i. b. at 

Simsbury, Conn. (m. Susan Bas.set|) ; son 
of MattheiV, b. in Simsbury, Conn., lived 
to be 103 years old, and died about 1S20 
(ni. Esther Lewis), b. in Chatham, Conn., 
lived to the age of 90 years, and died about 
iSio. [760] 

WYiNKOOP, LEONARD, Albany; son 
of Peter, b. 1S06 (m. 1S39 Jane 
Long); son of Josliui) of Bethlehem, N. 
Y., b. 1770 (ni. Margaret Amont); son of 
Evert of Saugerties, N. Y., b. about 1732 
(m. 1754 Saartje Decker); son of Jolinn- 
IIOS K., b. 1707 (m. 1730 Catharine Schut); 
son of Evert, b. 1665, d. 1746 (m. 1688 
Gertrude Elmendorf); son of Cornelius of 
Albany, b, 1616 in Holland, who is sup- 
posed to be a son of I'ETEll AVYNKOOF, 
wlio was supercargo o( the vessel T/ie 
Arms of Rauselacr-uy.l:, and arrived with 
her at New York, 1644. See ]iy,:l:cop Gem- 
alogy. ' [761] 

YALE, ASA J. (m. Sarah J. Cornish), 
Albany; son of CHESTER YALE 
of Bainbridge, N. Y. (m. Eliza Radnor); 
son of Eliliu of Guilford, Chenango county, 
N. Y.,b. 17S1 (m. 1st, 1S04 Mirab Ives, the 
mother of Chester, 2nd, Nancy Wood); 
son of Uriah nf Wallingford, Conn., b. 
1761, d. 1S33 (m, 1780 Eunice Merwin); 

son of Beiljaniill of Wallingford, b. 1714, 
d. 1777 (m. 1737 Ruth Ives), resided also 
in Wolcott and Paterson, N. Y.; son of 
Tlionia.s of Wallingford, b. 1678, d. 1750 
(m. 1705 Mary Bentham); son of Tliomas, 
b. i647(?), d. 1736 (m. 1667 Rebecca Gib- 
bards), removed from New Haven, Conn., 
and was one of the first settlers of Walling- 
ford, captain of Train band, justice of the 
peace, surveyor; son of DVVll) YALE, 
who came with his wife Ursula from Eng- 
land before 1637, first settled in New Haven 
and resided there until 1645, when he re- 
moved to Boston. May, 1646, signed a 
petition favoring the Church of England, 
petition being unfavorably received by the 
general court, he returned to England, 
visited America about 1657, returned to 
England with his mother, 165S, was in 
London, England, in 1659. He was the 
son of David Yale of Wrexham, Denbigh- 
shire, Wales, and his wife, Ann, dau. of 
Thomas Morton, bishop of Durham, 1632- 
59, who died, 1659, and who was a cele- 
brated ecclesiastic in his day. The Yales 
of Denbighshire are still represented by the 
Parry- Yales of Plas-yn-Yale, Denbigh- 
shire. [762] 
YATES, BENJAMIN, Albany; son of 
Ueii.jailiiu of Albany, b. 1787, d. 
i86i(m. Margaret Sturges); son of. lOSEPH 
YATES, born in Yorksliire, England, 1747, 
mariied in France and came to America, 
1-67, died 1S37. [763J 

ZLI[, JOHN (m. Margaret Scott), Albany; 
son of David, b. 1802, d. 1880 (m. 1825 
Catharine Deitze); son of Joiiaillics of 
Berne, Albany county, N. Y., b. 1772, d. 
1S47 (m. Eva Warner, who died aged gg); 
son of Henry of Berne, b. 1749; son of 
JOHN JOST ZEH, one of twin brothers 
who, in company with a family of the name 
of Warner, came from Beaverdam, Ger- 
many, to America and settled at Berne, 
Albany county, in the State of New York. 





A mmh of 

■J/^.,!/r>, by JoelMunscll. 

Dirkje, Klaasje, 

and other 



ing in je and ken proper 

y are diminutives. 


apply either to little 

boys or fe 



e say Billy, Nelly, etc. 





Aarend, Aart, 








Adnaantje, /. 


Christiaan, tn. 




Christyntie, /. 






Aaltje, Aletta, ) 





Alida, f 





Derrik, Dirk,) 




Dirkje. \ 


Anneken, | 




Annetje, ( 





































Filips, Flip. 


Beletje, Bella, 











Gillis, Jellis, 





Godfrey, Goeffr 

Gysberl, | 
Gyselbert, f 


Geerlruyd, ) 


Geenje.Giertjc, ) 







Ileiidiik, Henrik, 















i.lannetje, Janne 


•Japik, Jaap, 






Johanna, j 
Janneken, j 


Johannes, Jan, 






Joris,Jurian, 1 
J urge, \ 


Josyntje, Josina, 






Katrvne, Kaatje. 


Kcrsten, ) 
Kristiaan, ) 






Klaasje. Klasyne, 


Krelis, Kees, | 
Kors, Krelis, f 


Kobiis, . 




Laurens, Louris, 




Licven, Liewe, 


Leentje, Lena, 

Helena, Madalene 

Leonora, Lenoor, 




Lodevvyk, / 


Louis, f 



Lukas, Luytje, 


Lysbet, Lysje, 












Maria, ^Lariken, 


^Larritje, Marytje, 

- Mary. 

Maartje. Maaike, 





Cornelia, Nelly. 







Paulus, Pauwel, 


















































Sl^e pa/T)ily I^ec^i^ter, 

^fic eFan4ifi| c^VcQlytc^. 

JJew lineages for insertion in the next edition, or corrections in lineages already 

inserted should be given on this 


Published by JOEL MUNSELL'S SONS, Albany, N.Y. 

I^eg-arding- the living, nothing but the name is required, but the names of wives 
may be added if desired. fTothing additional will be inserted, the publication being- 
strictly a work on ancestry, in distinationfrom, a dictionary of ootem.porary biography. 

I^egarding the departed, state all of the important events in each ancestor's life 
in as brief a form as possible. 

JTo charge is made for the insertion of this information in jfimeri^an flncestry. If 
a copy of the book is desired, mention the sa^ne, and when published it will be delivered 
at your aidre:^s, price $j3 50 payable upon delivery. 

il) jYanifs of adult 

male represoitublvcs 

Residence . 

(*') S.m. or son.s of 


year ofhirth year of death, 

married [yea r ) 

remark.^ of puhlir. interest, 

[3) son of 

];earofhirtli year of death, 

m a rried (yea r ) 



(4) son. of 

residence, ' 

]ie<tr ofhirth year of death,. 

-married (year ) 

remarks, _ 

(5) son of 


year of birth . 

married {year 

16') son of 


year of birth 

married (year 

year of death, 

year of death. 

(7) son of 

year of birth year of 'deal li,, 

Tnarried (year ) 


(5) son of. 

State authority for above facts, if they have been printed. 

J^ew lineafres for insertion in the next edition, or corrections in lineages already 

inserted should be inven on t1iir. 


Published by JOEL MUNSELL'S SONS, Albany, N.Y. 

Iiegarding- the living, notJung but the na)iii is r»juired, but the names of vjives 
may be added if desired. J^fothing additional wUl be inserted, the publication being 
strictly a work on ancestry, in distinotionfrom, a dictionary of cotemporary biography. 

Iiegarding the departed, state all of the important events in each ancestor's Ufa 
in as brief a form as possible. 

JVb charge i.3 made for the insertion of this information in Jlmeriaan flncesiry. If 
a copy of the book isdesired, mention the same, and when published it will be delivered 
at your addi-ess, price $S.SO payable upon delivej-y. 

(1) JfaniPS of adult 

nude reprc.seu.t(itiuc^ 

Residence . 

(2) Son, or .•inns of 


yerirofhirtli year of death, 

married (year ) 

rcDKirk.'i of /juhlir, 

(J) .sun of 

yearofbirtJi year of dcaih, 

married (year ) 


(^) .'ion of ; 

yciii' ofhii'ih yetir of death,.. 

married (year )... 

(<5) son of 
year ofhirth 
married Lyear 

(6') son of 

residence , 

year ofhirth 

married {year ).. 


yp,a r of dcatlv 

year of death, 

(7) son of 

year of hi, -th 

(5) son of . 

married (year ).. 

yeal' of death., 

State authority for above facts, if they have been printed. 


Al)tU 1, l£bT 


IFOI^ SjVXjE by 


To Gu.VEALor.isTs. — We liave pulilisliod a new edition revised to date of the Alpha- 
belical Index to American Geneulo//ie^ and Pedigrees contained in State, County 
and Town Histories, Printed Genealogies and Kindred Works by D. S. Durrie, 
containing alioiit 2J,00U references (former edition issued in 1878 had 15,000) bound 
in clotli, price -J^i. Evei-y person eng.ii^od in genealogical research and all those 
interested in their un<vsLry ami kindred will find the possession of this work of 
ruFerence invalualjle. See ]iage 8 of this catalogue for full description. 

Joel ]\[li.\sell's Soxs, Puhlishers Aluvny, N. Y 


Uuiieilict, 1870, 8vo, 505 piigeB 


Iti-iisoii, :87J, Icillfl Iruiii Albi 

i!.T„K,,'|'. -' '■'■ ' '". ' .' 

P'lgUB, SI- 

{jj|;Kl'^-i".Jhul, -,:.^.., ...a-. 

HlCIlt, Jl.50. 

Hisbet-, )87U, 8V0, 48 paat-e, $1 
Hissell, ISTl.Spag.f, 50tt9. 

llj'de, SOcts. 

.lK..r, I.S70, Svo, 4) 

u,'l8li5, an 

A.'ds, ISSfi, rnldeil, $1. 

imn'.. by Egle, issi]. 8 vo. 

Albany Settlers. SScta. 
oiu Stroiie Geuealoijy, 75ct8. 
;iS>.'9, paper cover, $i ,'jO. 


I, fJ.SO- 
i, 60ot«. 

■„u... '- ,, J ;,,,.,- fuvn McniMic Journal. SScta. 
■.luii. l-hii, I iiijr^ iliircroni from above, 50ct9. 
ro\vn, ('apt. Jttlni, 18ri4, 3 nagee, 5flcts. 
•.leii, I'r(!.itH3 and Ila'l. 1831, Svo. 8 p.. reprint, 75i 
irlinrorP,;nni., 1S%. 13pa;e«, Jl 60 
ipkincliam, 1S72. Svo. .184 paics. portraits, cloth, 
i«l, 1804. .3 pnjcs from ITyrie. 50cli>. 
ilklev, ISrir) 2 pases and arms, 50ct3. 
iilklcy family chart, 1880, BOcts. 

i I 

Jllinisell's List of Genealogical Book'^ 

Bfr I! J 

Man sell's List of Genealogical Books. 

rnnklln, 180C. 3] 
rrmcli, islil, 2 im; 
rylf r, 1878. r, iiii-i- 


licJoiiniul. sorts. 
irn.-il,diiruL-unt, .'jnc 
, clotli, *3. 

'. 5llc|s, 

ill l.l-e?,clolli, *3. 
Viri;iiiia Ijy llujiU-ii, Ib.Hi, 

)vcr, Sl.'«. 

, ?i.50. 

tmly Scttlcri", fiDcts 

ii? Gf iicnUiL'y, 'ihcU. 
I ■-<:-, clolli, !;3 50. 
1 .\nmiiy Si-lllei's, 50c;tB 
V I' Hull, issii, 8vo, 102 piiy 
' irnii, clotli, S3. 

'. .. !■?■; i.!!-.-'^ portraits, cloth, J5. 

; 1-' .' .: I!,- rrmnlliTaWic Jonr., 50ct«. 
\. Iiy lii-rio% svo', 107 pages, J2. 
, 8vo, out of print and nirc> ?30. 
, bvTiurie, 1H78, VA pages, $2.60. 

Hancock, ISCiU- 2 ii^'T, ... ; -..mvi- 

Unndcrson, 18B5, 8v.., - -l 

Hansen, 1883, Svo, 4 |.. : ,:,«?. 

Harris, by Harris, l.-K ; ... ,ii ,.,.. . platLS, cloth, 

Harris, by Morgan, !8^^, - ■ , -' " i-.- .-, clolh. $4. 

Harris, 1S65, 11 paji's. T.iclt. 

Hart by Andvcwa, 1875, Svo. 606 pages, plates, cloth, 

HascaJl, 1371. 3 paj.n-s, SOcts. 

Hastings by Richnnlson. 1,S77, Svo, 11 pages, SOcts. 

Hastings, 1875, 2 pages, 75ct8. 

Haven, 1871 1 page Irnin Strong Genealogy. Svlcta, 

Uavon, by Aduuis, 18-13, Svo, 01 pages, J1.60. 


cloth, $3. 


ail, $1.75. 
oth, $6. 


y, iiOcti. 


9. paper, 11.50 
oth, S6. 

, aeoti. 





Settlers, 81. 
paper cover 

pages, S6. 



size 14X15 


nldic Journal,;a5cti. 

ee, 1871, 6 pages from Strong Genealogy, 76cts. 

eeds raiiiilv chart, lS8(j folded, $1. 

ees of Ipswich, Mass., 1887. Svo, cloth, in press, $6. 

eosnf Fariiiington, i.'oiin ,1835, Svo, 138 pages, cl , $1.50, 

Leoto, 18S4. Svo, IbS pages, cloth, ?2. 

Lefferts, 1878. Svo, 172 patrea, cloth, jS. 

Leisliton. 1885, Svo, 150 pagis, edition 100 c 
With collateral notes relating to 
Frost, Wentworth, Parsons, 

Hill, I.angflon, Peppcrrell, 

liano, Briiljdou, FurnnM, 

jpies, $3. 

Mun sell's List, of Genealogical Books. 


1881, S2 liayeb, 50ct3. 

lus, J3. 

!, clolh.$<f. 
per, 75c[9. 

'ttlera, asotd 

Ml- Kins 
IMeliio, 1 


i:r. 1SS1, Svo, 3 | 
ISM. 8vo. IT) p.i 

ver, 75 c 


Sloiitatfuo, 18311, 8vo, 783, pinjcti, plnlcs. cloth, S5. 

Montgomeiy, 18B6, 4 pages from Hernlclic JoiirnnI, SOcts 

IMoruiin, ISIi'.l, Bvo, 280 puL'es, cloth, f5. 

niorrin, 1867, 2 p«!;c9 froni llcniidic Joninnl, Sflcte. 

iMon-ison, 1,S80. 8vo, 403 pa^cs, plates, cloth, $1, 

INtoselcy, ISW. 8 pilges, 75ct9. 

Molt, 1SS3. 8™. 6 pajcs, pnpor cover, $1.25. 

Mountfo.-t, 186G, 2 pases from ricralilic Joilinnl, .Wets. 

Mc.wry. Nalhank-l'ii descendants, 1.S78. 8vo, .3t;i piijiea, cl., $3 

Mowiw. Richard'd descendant-^, 1878, flvo, .313 pii'-es, cl. £3 

MiKlije, ISliS, 8vo, 418 paiji.s, cloth. J3.50. " 

]>riiller, lS7-a, leaflet from Albany Settlers, 25cts. 

Miiller ofPenn., 1886, 9 p .ges. *I: 

Mcmaell, 18,S4. 8vo, l.W leaves, cloth. $2. 

Murray of Peiina,. 18SB, 12 pages, fl. 

Myndoi-tse, 1873, 2 pages, 50cts.; 

Nual family chart, size 7 x.-JO, and arms, 25cls. 

Neflf, 1886. 8vo, 400 pages, doth. J.5. 

Neville otPo- n., 188(i. 14 pages, $1.50. 

Newcoiiil), 1876, 8vo. 604 pages, portraits, half mor., S12. 

Nowoll. lj^78, 12mo, 2r,8 pages, portrait, cloth. $3. 

Newhall, by Waters. 1882, 8vo, lOn pngc^s, paper $1. 

Nicoll. 1871, leaf from Strong family, SOcts 

Niles, 1664, 4 pages. SOcts. 

Noble, by Bolcwood. 1878, Bvo, 870 pages, plates, cloth 88 

Northencl. 1883, 8vo. 14 pages. i;l. 

Norton, I86ii, 6 pages and arms. 75cts. 

Norton, 1871, 1 page from Strong family, 75ctB. 

Olcott, 1874, 124 pages, $3. 

OlmsteMd, 1869, 16nio, 30 pages, cloth, 7Bcts. 

OolUout, 1873, 2 pages. Mots. 

out, 1883, Svo, 10 pages, paper cover, $3. 
■aiider, 1872, leall.-t Irom Albany .Settlers, 55clt. 
of I'enna , 1.S,SI5. 19 pages, $1.5U. 

Heraldic, SOcti 

Keed chart bv .Niuman, Imj, -l : 
Keynolils, 1664, 3 pages, SOcts. 
Rpynolds, 1871. 2 pages from St 
Keynolrts and Runnels, 1873, 8v 
Kico, 1858, Svo. 3S3 pages, cloth, 
Rit-liardh, l--'! J ' ^ 'i' :- 
Richards, a,-: 1- ' ' !l..-.i !■: 


Rickcr,l>77, -.•', ^'^ h.:- i' 'ill • ■■■ ; '?• 
Ridden, Riddb-, Uidlon, Tiidloy, ISMl. 8v 
Ritter, 1871. 1 page from Strong Geuoalo, 
Roan of Penna., 1886. 5 pages, $1. 
Robbins family chart, SOcls. 
Robinson orPenna., 1836, 15 pages. $1. 
Rockwood, 1,<!.56, ISS pages, cloth, J1.50. 
Rodman, f6 50. 
Roe, 1671, 3 paRus from Strong Goncalng 

Mmi sell's List of GencaJo^cal Books. 

■! II ', 

Ocneiilogy, : 


nrooi'Ii, 1872, Icaflrt from Alljiiiiy Settlers, SOcta. 


ICy<k, IS'::!, 8vii, 2.-1 llMi; ^ 1«|rt fov.-r. $2. 

■ c;,,|,|^.|.j 33rt8. 


i;y. k, 1S72, l.iUKt ri,.ni .Mh.iuy Si'llliTS, 50ct6. 

-.'.' ::: |.'.', .*:!. 


,-l,..,', 1--,. '.'■: ... .. ;.._■. - •-^-"i^^ 


':/.\' ■i-xxl'.'^' 


i\',.!.iV'.; /; ."- ,;. - ''''■'-'~'"-" 

,'i \K\'j,ce, 30cif. 


!l!;!^i',' :, \' :- ^ ' . ,■ 1 ■ ii''.-', cl,. vareJlU 



,',';-;i-, ,,',", ;: ' ' ■ ■" ' ''■'-■■-'•'^'■'^"'' 


■s, JL.Mi. 



;i-0-, 93C1S. 

vli,.^,]--; ... 1, . . 1 1 h.-luis, imU'\i'>, clutli, j:."!. 

or. $1 


r cov.r, ?l.r.O. 


i',n',,,.in, :--. ■''■>'; "-' iihilc. 


r. ,. 1- , -, li. jil. . 


>i,,..„,l.l, M ., ; , ,,,,.!:; ,„is;f.,JO.;l=i. 

' , j;-J. 


AlbiiiiySuttlcT-. 2.-,cls. 


V'.r'i'-''i' i- :.",., i;tm'aloi.-y,S;2. 

\m\m- ciiVLT, T.'icts. 




■;',',,"' ' ' ^ ■ : *: '■ r,,v,:r, r.nclK. 

loiii Lailv. STdp, ?!-- 


.■J viils., 8vo, cl, flO, 


.'u I'.riiii;.'-. I.'v (' hnl-nnii, is',''', bvn', .ll'Tl'ui^n'P, clc'il li,' :r."i 

iii.l.iill IK r.,"i, 1N,M,, Kv,., .12 i.'i^'. .,, ., .Iiiili, phiU'»,s:i 
hill, l,H,li. !l |,„-,-r ami n\;«* In. mi Ili-mldic .Julir,, 5(lcl8 

cM,o,;la^-V, sncs. 


;; (iciiculoi'y, 6llCl.-i. 


u-r, l^l.l si.i, 11 ]vl_-.s, IwllcV CUIXT, ollttf. 

.'*, clotll. Jl-nO. 


"■'■' '''''''• " l''-'-. ■■";''• 

' . . ' L'v . 'rr.ris.; 

1. \ll.-n \n,. \\-^^^w Van .Snuv.-riH'ii, \'all Anllieli 

\.i,, l;,.. ;..■.,, \ A, r.. ' 1 \-.: 11. ,•'■!. \':-n IH 
1-,. 11 ,. ;■. ,, \.in Dl 
;■, \ . ■ 1 1 ..... .11 Ihi.iBC 

\.,u ■.. ... •, . l: .- '1 ,.:i.,-Lllak- 

!;■-.■ .'m,.r,J-J. 

v'l'.'hlrn \ . \ iiV Wii-', \'an \Vo',-u' Vo 
ZilMlt, l..:l 1 \ . ^.Itlers, Ducts. CMlch. 

: ;>:..rr,)viT, 50cts. 


\\ li.'"i'.-ii: ! ' , '.-, paiHlcuviT, ,f2. 

,1 c„ril; ■ . , ■ : ■.. 1 1 , r , !,■ i^' ,1 n. nnl, SOctB 

. 5tlcls. 

i, 2.'jcts. 

-i/i' 12 X 12, 25ct8. 

1' :^ ._:. i«^c^$l. 

^, 1-T'., -.. i. JO pages, portraits, cloth. $3. 

)S72, k-anetTrom'.Vlbany Settler8,'25ct3. 

', 18B5. 4 p'ase's anil arms, SOcts. 

- ISOH. 5 pages. Stlcts. 

B, by Prime, 1887, 100 pace-, 1.50 

ston, IS71, 2 pagfb Iroin Stronj.^ Gcncalogj, 50ct!, 


• Dean 

, JO.-)p .pl.,cl , J.5 

Webb, 1S.S0, by Wat.i- i , 

Weeks of Portumoiitli, - 
Webster, John olIn-vMui. r- , 
Weeks, Wci-kea, Wioks, 18So. Sv 
Wi-lt7.el, 188.3, 8vo, 81 pngeo, iiidi 
Wflles, 1883, Svo, 5 pagus, paper 

MmiseWs List of Genealogical Books. 


.>r, llimo, 1U3 ijngcs, $1.1 

. , tiill indexes, $5. 

i pngcB, clotll, S3. 


Appendix to Mci 

funie, No.G, lliinni.ii, $2. 

Jjinicson's Medway, Masd., families 

Kulp's Wviinii 
:>Iu/./..-.v's Hon 

nL' Valley, Pa., familiee, IHV: 8vo, 507 pagci 

iiii.-ceiicus and lli inoriaU of Men of tlio Roi 
th: ir l.inilliB.', IMsa, l-\o, .1S4 p., cloth, ji2.5( 
ociitr Ti JUS., 18S.',, Svo, S-.'S \.., porli-aitB, $3 

amilicB, 18S7, 410, U3 pagee, cloth 
17 families, 1S85, folio. S7.50. 
clionary, vol. 3, K to fi, 55. 

Van Curtlandt, 

The notes relate to the following families : 

or Dutch origin: 

k-eckman, Lantine, Ten Eyck, Van Nos8, 

ienson, :Mar-<clie, Visacher, Van Schnick, 

Bogan, MLtj.luLT, Van Bergen, Van Vechten, 

Munsell's List of Genealogical Books. 

Of Englieh orlgiu 
;rt, Jlarvin, 

iwin, Molt, 

■iiark'Stowii, Mn?B 


Albiiiiy, hy Howell aiul Tcimcj, 18.%, luib. fir,, iicl 3l:i.50, 

Albany, by Fernow, KS%. Mots. 

Brainti-c'f, Mass., Ri/cordsby Bates, 1880, 8vo. !M0 pages, 

ololh, J3. 
Bristol, R. I., First cliilicll,137.'i, Iv!mo, 2.",3 pugcs, cl., $1 .'iO. 
Barkhftinsteacl, Conn., 1871), 8vo, 100 (Wgiis, $1.00. 

me Co. N. Y , by Bit ir. 1870, 8vo, B5 pages, papor, TOcts. 
Bristol Parifb, Va., by Slaughter, 18711, 12mo, Sa" pafee 

;s Co. Ph., by Davis, 187(i, 8vo, 900 pages, clolli $12. 
ter, I'a., by M:irtill, 1877, 8vo, 530, pages, cloth, $5. 
jiaiiil, O., by Whittlesey, 1807, Svo, -187 pages, cl., iff. 
iiiius. O,, by Steoder, 1873, 8vo, 5.S4 pages, plates. 

. ll(-l .'inc. Coll., ISliO, Svo, 333 pages, cloth, S2 50. 
.•i,t..Mii. N. Y , by Shaw, 1830. lOmo, 240 pages, 

.r,. M.i^s., Baptisms by Wheatland, ISsO.-n pp.3Jct8. 
...111. Mu-..., Births, Marriages, and Deaths, l(i3.5-184,'>, 

loth, i 

,i:iislliaiiii.ton, Mass., Centeli. 
I all-Held, Ct., Centon. 187U, 8vo, 104 pages, uncnt, JI.CO 
. rarminjstoii, Me., by Butler, 1880, thick Svo, clotti, $3 25 
■^tiwyncilU, Pa , by Jenkins, 1884, 8vo, .100 liages, cloth, $6. 
Hillsdale, N. Y., by Collin, 1883, 8vo, 313 pages, el , rarei8. 
Uinliland Co., O., by Thompson, 1878, 8vo, 132 pages, $1.25 
Hanover, Pa., by Plumb, 18S5, Svo, 500 pagis cloth, $4. 
nampstcad, N. II., by Sniiih, 1331, 8vo, 4G pages, $1. 
Hartford. Ct., First church Hist. Cat., 1033-1865, 12iuo, 

271 pages, $2. 
Kings Comity, N. Y., Gon. Club, 1832, 43, pages, 75ct8. 
Jnuesboroii;,'!!, Mc., by Drisco, 1657, 10 mo. 103 pages, 

paper, $1.50. 
Litchfleia, Conn., Ccnten. 1851, Svo, 912 pages, 9 plates, ?2 
Lancaster, Co. Pa , by Rupp, 1811, Svo, 5211 pages, plates. 

Ma.l.ia.s, jiu,LVia,.n. l*;;i, 
.Medford, Mass., by Brooks' 
Jledway, Mass., by Jauieso'.i 
.■Medway, Mass.. Faniili,.., 

>fWUarllord,Ct., 1883, Svo, ,t;|. 
Xouay, Me. by Laphain, l^sr, tin. :. 
Norway, Jle., by Noyos, !.S5-.'. ,m n 
Xorlh UrooUlluld, Mass., by Trn. 

t^^'K" County^ _N. Y., by Beardsley, 18.52, 8vo, 575, pages. 

Kofhester, Mass , Center 

, by DiKll,. 



■argcil, .r 

Troro, Mass.. Baptisms, by Treat, 1880. Svo, (JO pages, $1. 
Virginia Hist. Soc. Coll., 5 vols., 1882-11. 
Virginia, by Wirt, 1882, Svo, 03 iiages, 75cls. 
Winlhrop, Mc., by Tliiirston, 185 
Wesleh.-ster, Co., N. Y., by Boll 
Wa.shiiigton, N. II., 13,80, Svo, 7011 

M-y. Ct.Bi 
History of 
, clotlr$3. 

p., cl.,$1.60. 

ols. $12. 

es, cloth, J3 

Worcester, Mass.. in Revnlntion, by hnvoll, 1,^70. Svo, 128 

ry<>iniiiB,_Valley, Pa., Families by Knlp, 1^85. 507 pages, 

Woodstock, Vt., by Dana, in i)iess. 

Yates County, N. Y., by CleVL-laiiil, 1873, 8vo, 780 pages, 
cloth, $0. , . < 1 b . 

Yorlt, Me., Hecords hy Lapliara, 1SS7, in pres.s. 


liangor. Me., Hist. Magazine, vol. 1, 1885, Svo, S2. 

IJssex Inst. Hist. Coll., 20 vols., each $A. 

Heraldic .Journal, 1805-8, vols. 3 and 4 for 1807 and 1SG8, 
$3. each ; odd iios., .OOets and 75cis. 

Interior Penna., Historical Register, 9 vols., all pub., $5. 

Maga/.inc of American History, 1S78-85, each $5. 

IMaine Genealogists, odd immbcrB, 75ets. each, 


rragansett Register, vols. 1, 2, 3, 1882-5, each $2. 

E, Oenealogical Register, odd volnmea, each $3. 

IV York Genealogical Record, 1870-85. 15 vols., each $2. 

in Magazine of History and Biography, $3. per vol. 
Uhodo Island Historical Magazine, 1884-5, each $S. 

nont Hist. G iz., 1808-85, 6 vols., each $6. 
■Wilkes llarro Hist. Record, v. I, 18S(i-7, monthly, $1.60. 

Munsell's List of Genealogical Boohs. 

a i:.\ i:a l o ore a l ma y ua ls. 

livUi!,' Am 

ud 111 suiV impct 

"Calhishaii's Niiui'S of pursoiis fur wiioiii miUTiuKC 
liceiidfs WLTU iasiiud by the Province of N>;w York pre- 
vious to nai. ISUO, 8vo, 'ISO pagus, clotli, $-1, 

ir^i'Ml's MaiiiL- \Vi 

\M.ii - •: . ^ , .ilonial civil list, l(i:)0-mi; alistofilie 

1 . : ! - uf jippolmnifnt ol nil tlio civil oflimn 

( .; "li I ,' ij. :i.i[iiuiity or llic charters of local ^'ovi-rn. 

1H7U- ,svo, 17v ptigee, bour(is, iiuciit, ?3. 
A mine of facts for the gciioalogibt. 

Tcnnej-s New Eiiglandera in Albany. I?8a, ICnio, cl., $l.r,1 

Marylniul ScltkTs. The Founders of Jlaryland as Pur- 
truycd in ^tal^lsrrlpt3, I'rovintiiil Rixorda and Kiirli 
Documents, by Iler. Kdwiird D. Ncill, A. B .aullicr ut 
Virt-'iniu Oouipanv of litnidon, Fairfaxes of England and 
America, tic. Albany, lS7i;. lanio, 194 pages, stnmntd 
cloth, $2, Jivenla concerning the first Eunipenii s»tll«ri 
on Ihe shores of the Potomac and Chesapeake. 


mil Epitaphs. Prepared bv 
ny. 1S7R. Svn. xxv, llli piigf s, 

W. II. Whltmori. 
■dllinn 100 copin, » 

,. lir, ifilipinscrip. 

French,' King,' 
Ciill, I.anS, 




Goodwin, Lewis, 
Gould, Lincoln, 
lirant, l.oring. 



uson, Rhodes, 

Held, Ol Epii-nphs, 1S3S, 8vo, 2(1 pages, cloth, $8. 

on Eiiltapha, 1873, Svo, 300 pages, illnstrated, cloth, S8 

ai-v I'-pitaphs Inscriidion on the tombstones in 
r.iii.iry Ruria Oromvls, Boston. Prepared by W. H. 

'Infninre Albany, 18S7. in ;)r6M. Svo, 150 pages, cloth, ' 

Uia not a re-casling j 


twnde, Cha 
uinual Orbit 

Baker, Billard, BaoL's. Barnes. Barretl| ' 
1. Hell, Bhili... linriinil, Hrnrkelt. Breed, I 

stsof Emigrants to America. 11:00-1700, 
1S8 I, Jto, 580 iniges, uncut, cloth, §10. 
rage's Genealojical Di 

Svo, 38 p., Jl.-iO 

•ar. SpraLHie, storl.MiM. Tilrsiono, 
■man, Tvler. Wahdi. Walker. Warden, 
te, VVhitwell, Williams, Williston, 

N. Y., Gen. Clnl. Cull. Epitaphs, 


The representative Repuljlic<an Newspaper at tlie State Capitftl. The 
best family newspaper in Albany and the best advertising nicdinm lor 
300.000 people. 

It is the only Republican Morning Paper publishe<l between Vwa on 
the West and Hudson on the south, a distance of 135 miles, and with one 
exception, between Binghampton on the Southwest and Montreal »n tlie 
North, a distance of 3G0 miles ; and this vast territory is completely 
covered by the 

Advertisers should examine the map of New York State, and see the 
great number of pi-osperous towns and villages embraced in llie above 


One week U;wiih Sunday 10 

One Month 00 ; with Sutiday "'■• 

Tliree Months §1 75 ; willi Sunday ^2 "0 

Six Months 3 50 ; with Sunday 4 00 

One Year 7 00 ; with Snn<lay ^ 00 

To Mail Subseiilieis the MuiiNiNC Exi-Ricss will be sent for ^'..50 Per 
Annum ; wilh the Smulay edition for *7 50, in advant-e. ^ 



Thk Histokic Advocate and 1/iiFKNDiiu oi-a 


DAILY i=;St50 A YE\I{. SEMI-WElClvIA' ^2.00. WKLKTA' *! 00. 

The Ti.iBCNH is the laru'os! Siw^emnrnin? daily in N..n- Voil; Cily, a Im i ' ' ■. complete, 

aj;L;ri-i-^ioii new.-.|mi)ur. lis ye.irly ,.iib-cri|,li<.n price i>- ^yw cnoi^'li to^pluo'^^' ■ ^ ^^ .; ^i ;'^ ' '' ' ''^^^'J'_^'^ ^'™^>' 

"/ink bn^lu?nc''Xy',illi!l" hura^i;lll° n ..r"'.'"' 'r ''""'" \!r'n nr'l'wou'yUr v, inc. I „,"l>^,iATmu'vs'i 

'i'lIK i'\' .:'<•• '•[•'.'■ i.i, .\T- HOME. 

Wall streot Alnrkct n-porti cumpliT \'<u- , ',.ii. v<ii,.i ■•l,:imed for nfwfi. ropioiis Bpecial Cubic 

dir^piittlMS fn. Ill Europe. Tile pap-r ihr,in-ii wiiini Mr. IMrnell and tlie Iri«h Iculera in Parlinnieiil 


the recoi<l» of ll 
n^.ord of wonder 

ol t .wn,'j;u.5ll 

iidiliw*, till iiiipur to Miiollier, i 


A Newspaper Supporting the Priiviples ol a Democratic 
Administration. . . 

Published in the City of New York. . ■ • 


Daily, Weekly an'd Sunday editions. 


Thu Daily Stau c.mtaiiis :ill tlic ueu-s .i|' the day in ;iii ;ini-;iftiVL' lonn. 
lis sjiCH-uil coiresiioiuk'nce by Gable from l.oiub.ii, I'arls, Berlin, Vicuna 
and Dublin, i.s a eonimendable feature. 

At Washinoton, Albany ami other news eeiitres tlie ablest eon-espon.leiits 
specially i-etained by Tin-: Staii, furnish the latest news by lelei^rai'li. 

It.-, literary features are iinsnipassed. 

The Financial and IMarket Reviews are unusually full and eonii.lete. 

Special terms arid extraordinary imlucmeiits to agents and eaiivassurs. 

Send for Circulars. 

Tkhms of the Daily Stai: to SuJiscitii'.Eits, viiK of posrAfiK, m tlie 
United Stales aiulCan.ada, outside the the limits of New York City : __ 

Every day for one year (incUidiiig Sunday) 5^"^ "" 

Daily, without Sunday, one year « "'| 

Every day, six months '' '"' 

Daily, without Sunday six months ■' "" 

Sunday, without Daily, one year ' •'" year....- ' 1 ("> 


'thIHjt era ry world. 

.1 Fnrlnhihtbi Journal of LUa-ar,/ Cn/lrism, AV;y.f, and IH^c<n.^i<>„. 

E. H. HAMES & CO,, Publishers, EDWARD ABBOTT, Editor. 

$ 2.00 A YEA R. 

The LiTKiiAUV Would, now i'n its 18th volume, is the oldest as it is con- 
fessedly the foremost journal of purely literary criticism in the United Slates. 
Other journals make a si)eciality of literary criticism, and there are one or 
two "literary monthlies," so called ; but as a fonni-litly or^'au of current 
lilerature the LiTEUAiiY W.,i;i.i. stands without a rival, and it challeuoes 
comparison with any other publication in liie coutilry, occn)iyiiiL;' to ;ir,y 
extent the same field. 


Critical rcoidios of all 11, 10 hinik,-:. 

Descriptive uolice.-i of all new writem. 

Fri'.sh news from the puldishinff hotise.'i. 

Lderarij ijossip front. Boston, New Yovf, rfiladcl/ifia, and Cliieaf/o. 

lletjula'r 'correspondenc from Knijhnal and tin- .■oulincitt. 

A department deuotcd to ,S/oif,^yn'nre stud,/, cunduri.d /;_,/ IT. ./. 7?<'//c. 

An index, to noluhlc ortir/ts o, ///-; naujazinc^, Ajncrifan and ] on.iijn. 

A/i annual reoicw of ih, ii-orl.r.< literature, by nations. 

Selections front the best new books, etc., etc., etc. 

Send for a Specimen Copy. 1 Somerset St., Boston. Mass.. 


(ESTAnUSIIKD BY TIIURLOW WEED IN 18:J0.) i-.(>uirr):i> \^•^nI Wki; Pkksses. 
,.i , TiiK LicAnixr; XEWsPArin; at the 

State Caimtal. 

The Joup.nai, is stiiuiiclily I!i_'pnl)lic;iii aiul is csseiitiall}' a ]y.\\io.r for tlie 
masses, Newsy, r>i-ight and Interesting at all times. Its Daily ami Weekly 
eiliiions arc read liy more than 100,000 persons. 

AnVERTlSTNC. UATi;S I,0\\'i;U than any other TArEU AVHEN CIRCHI.ATION 

is considered. 

The Journal Co. 

Allmny, N. Y. 


The Critic, estalilisheil in January, 1881, is universally admitted to be 
"the fiirst literary journal in America." It aims to keep its reailer.s tlior- 
oughly informed on literary matters in America and Enoland. Its plan 
embraces a leadinij^ essay or editorial, u.sually on .some literary topic of 
timely interest ; indeiiendent and impartial reviews of all important books 
liublished in America ; occasional comment on matters relatini^ to tlic fine 
arts, music and the drama ; literary news and notes ; original jioetry ; 
communication; a jrossiping de])arttneiit called (■'The Lounger;") a 
column of notes and queries (" 'I'lie Free Parliament "), 0])cn to any siib- 
Rcrilier who wishes to ask or answer a ])ertinent literarj' question ; and 
carefully selected articles from the English literary journals and reviews. 
At present a very interesting series of )iersonal sketches is appearing inider 
the title i.f " Authors at Home." 


( Exlrw I I'nim a primle leUcr jvinted hy ixnniiiRiort.') 
T am glad of this opportunity to express to you my keen sense of indebt- 
edness for TIk'. C'ritir. I never read it — and, no matter liow much driven, I 
never allow it to go unread — without a fresh conviction of its rare worth. 
It is so thorongidy Juf<t, so discriminating, so full of the atmosphere of a 
courageous, candid and open-minded criticism, that one cannot but lie proud 
and glad that so good and helpful a journal is winning its way to the wider 
recognition and esteem which it so al)undanlly desei'ves. 

New York, Oct. 27, 188.5. II. C. Potter. 


To any reader eif Ihis hook wJio deshvf; to examine The Crtic with a view to 
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Look to your Linens and buy a Pure Article with Trade Mark on Every Box. 

Probably not one in ten of the consumers understand iriie ingredients 

tvhich compose the numberless varieties of Soap noxu offered for sale. Did 
they do so, asiuell as the injurious nature of many of the adulterations, 
they would be more cautions in purchasimj. We subjoin a list of articles 
used to cheapen Soaps by many manifacturers : French clay, plaster of 
pariSy talc, silex, quartz and ground glass formed into a liquid, with a 
7iu7nber of other articles, to lighten the color and add to the weight. Good 
Soap, like good luine is improved by age. A bo.e of soaj) in a family is 
better than money at interest as when from three to six inonfJts old, one 
pound luill go further than three pounds of new soap. ' . . 


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