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Full text of "American ancestry : giving name and descent, in the male line, of Americans whose ancestors settled in the United States previous to the Declaration of Independence, A. D. 1776"

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American Ancestry : 







A. D. i 77 6. 



Embracing Lineages from the Whole of the 



Those who do not look upon themselves as a link connecting the past with the future do 1 
perform their duty to the world."— Daniel Webster. 







' I "HE purpose of this work is, principally, to register in a convenient and simple form 
J- the pedigree of any one person, and thus record for all time many important facts in 
the history of families which would otherwise be lost. Another primary object is to publish 
here the ancestry of a person as complete as it is known, as a means of obtaining additional 
information regarding it. It is also designed to be a convenient work of reference, to show 
the origin of the various American families. However indifferent some may affect to be 
regarding this question of ancestry, those who have a good pedigree will usually have a 
natural pride for it. Many lineages must of necessity contain nothing but simple records 
of uneventful generations, but they will preserve facts of great interest to descendants which 
would otherwise in many cases be lost in the history of a family. The plan of the work is 
somewhat similar in idea to the well-known English works, but altered to suit the conditions 
of American society, and in detail is as follows: 

The surname or family name is given first, with the given name, residence, birthplace, 
and date of birth. This is followed by remarks of a brief biographical character, giving the 
principal events in the individual's life, such as occupation, college degrees if any, author- 
ship, public service, experiences, and if married, date, wife's name and parentage, with 
remarks relating to her ancestry. If the individual whose lineage is given had brothers, 
the same facts may be stated respecting each of them, in order of their birth, commencing with 
the eldest. This completes the first generation in tracing back the lineage. Next is given 
the father's name, followed by same class of facts, and so continued back in male line as far 
as can be traced. The name of son, father, grandfather, etc., in direct male line are printed 
in black type. As the abbreviations are all of the most ordinary kind, it is unnecessary to 
mention them here. 

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field, Ct., b. 1817(01. Helen M. Page); 
son of JalK'Z Terry Taylor of Enfield, Ct., 
b. Sep. 21, 1790 (m. Esther Allen of En- 
field); son of John of Bruce, Mich., b. at 
Westficld, Mass., Dec. 23, 1762, d. at Bruce 
Dec. 20, 1840, grad. Yale Coll. 1784, pastor 
at Deerlield, Mass., 1787, moved to Enfield 
1806, to Mendon, N. Y., 1S16, to Bruce 
1S32 (m. Elizabeth, dau. of Col. Nathaniel 
Terry); son of El dad of Westficld, Mass., 
b. 1708, d. 1777, deacon, member provincial 
congress (m. Thankful, dau. of Major [ohn 
Day of Springfield, Mass., b. 1673, d. 1752, 
son of Thomas Day, b. 1637, d. 171 1 [111. 
Sarah Cooper, b. 1641, d. 1726], son of 
Robert Day of Springfield 1633, Major John 
Day married Mary Smith, b. 1677, d. 1742, 
dau. John Smith of Hadley, b. about 1631, 
killed in the great fight of Turner's Falls, 
May 20, 1676 fm. Mary Partridge, sister of 
Judge Samuel Partridge], son of Lieut. 
Samuel Smith of Hadley, Mass., 1634); son 
of Edward Taylor of Westficld, Mass., b. 
at Coventry, Eng., 1642, d. 1729, came to 
America 166S, grad. Harvard Coll. 1671, 
settled at Westficld, Mass., 1671 (m. 1st, 
1674, Eliza Fitch, d. 16S9, m. 2d, 1692, Ruth 
Wyllys, who was gr.-dau. of Gov. George 
Wyllys 1642, of Gov. John Haynes 1639, ar, d 
Mabel Harlakenden 1635). 

of New Haven, Ct., b. Aug. 26, 1S50 
(111. Oct. 22, 1S72, Jessie G., dau. of Richard 
and Harriet [Pasman] BrinkerhofF, and had 
2 children, Bertha and John Richard); 

son of John (». of New Haven, Ct., b. Feb. 
22, 1S23 (m. May 31, 1S43, Elizabeth, dau. 
of Raphael and Mary [McNeil] Dickinson, 
and had 5 children, viz. : MaryG., Sarah E., 
John C. D., Edward C. F. and Cornelia 
C); son of Lemuel of Berlin, Ct., b. May 
6, 17S6, d. Aug. 25, 1845(111. Apr. 12, 1S07, 
Rebecca, dau. of John and Hannah [Dewey] 
Goodrich, and had 6 children, viz.: Revillo 
D., Orpha W., Laura, Hannah R., Curtis 
L. and John G.); sun of David of Berlin, 
Ct., b. 1761, d. Feb., 1S31 (m. Salome [dau. 
of Josiah] Wilcox, and had 12 children, viz.: 
Lucy, Anne, Lemuel, Sarah, David, Abigail, 
Daniel, Jemima, On in, Mary, Lydia and 
Orpha); son of Jedediah of Berlin, Ct., b. 
Jan. i(>, 1734, d. Dec. 16, iSi6(m. Jan. 27, 
1757, Sarah, dau. of Daniel and Sarah 
[White] Wilcox, and had 11 children, viz.: 
Asa, b. July 17, 1758 [rn. Mabel, dau. of 
Solomon Sage], Levi, b. 1760, d. Oct. 2, 
1846 [in. Apr. 20, 17S6, Rachel, dau. of 
Jedediah and Barbara White], Stephen, b. 
Jan. 26, 1767 [m. Jan. 1, 17SS, Susanna 
Savage], Simeon [m. Lucy, dau. of Jonathan 
Savage], David above, Sarah [m. Jacob 
Spalding of Vermont], Olive [m. Elisha, 
son of Benj. Cheney, Jr.], Patience, b. 1776 
[m. Silas, son of David and Hepzibah Beck- 
ley], Noah [m. Beulah Blake of Middle- 
field], Lydia [m. Joel Hart, b. June 14, 
1779], Hannah [m. Josiah Wells of Wethers- 
field]); son of Isaac of Berlin, Ct., b. Sep. 
27, 1702, d. Dec. 20, 17SS (111. 172S, Mary 
Woodford, dau. of Joseph and Lydia 
[Smith] Woodford, and had 7 children, viz.: 
Jedediah above, Isaac, b. Sep. 14, 1729 [m. 


Jan. iS, 1753, Hepzibah Hart], Abel (?), 
IMary, b. Aug. 27, 1732, Lydia, b. Dec. 16, 

1736, Samuel, b. Sep. 19, 1742 [m. June 28, 
1764, Lois WoodfordJ, Seth, b. May 4, 1749, 
m. Nov. 26, 1772, Eunice Woodford); son 
of Thomas of Farmington, Ct., b. about 
16S5, d. 1725 (m. Dec. 1, 169S, Martha 
Royce, b. June I, 1679, and had S children, 
viz.: Martha, b. June 30, 1700 [111. Aug. 6, 
1719, Daniel Beckley, son of Nathaniel and 
Comfort Deming Beckley], Isaac above, 
Thomas, b. Oct. 27, 1705 [m. Elizabeth], 
James, b. Apr. 17, 1709, d. 1758 [m. Sarah 
Seymour], Sarah, b. Feb. 24, 171 1, d. 1777 
[m. Joseph Woodford, Jr.], Samuel, b. 
July 28, 1715, Joseph, b. June 2, 1720, d. 

1737, Hannah, b. Sep. 2, 1722, d. 1739, m. 
Timothy North); son of Thomas of Farm- 
ington, Ct., b. June 30, 1649, d. 1712 (m. 
Hannah Newell, b. Apr. n, 165S, dan. of 
Thomas and Rebecca Olmstead Newell, 
and had 10 children, viz.: John Thomas 
above, Hannah [m. May 10, 1706, Samuel 
Seymour, who d. 1749J, Nathaniel, Mary, 
Joseph, b. Dec. 31, 1093, Rebecca, b. Dec. 
31, 1693, Lydia, Sarah and Ebenezer); son 
of J olio of Farmington, Ct., b. 161 5, d. 
1691-2, came to America in 1635 in the 
Susan and Ellin (m. Hannah Bird, dan. of 
Thomas, and had 9 children, viz.: John, 
b. Nov., 1641, d. 1682 [m. Apr. 15, 1671, 
Susannah Francis], Samuel, b. 1643, d. 
1682 [m. 1666, Hannah Norton], Mary, b. 
1645 (?), d. Nov. 5, 1726 [m. John Searle], 
James, b. 1647, d. July 5, 16S9 [m. Sarah 
Smith], Thomas above, Sarah, b. Dec. 18, 
1653, d. i69i-2[m. Matthew Woodrull'.Jr.], 
Nathaniel, b. June 29, 1656, d. unmarried, 
Lydia, b.May 9, 1658, d. unmarried, Joseph, 
b. Mar. 18, 1660, d. 1731, m. Sarah Porter). 

New Haven, Ct., b. June 4, 1844 
(m. June 4, 1867, Lizzie M. Andrus); son 
of Oliver B. of New Haven, Ct., b. Mar. 
13, 1817 (m. May 10, 1S43, Martha Eliza- 
beth Post and had 7 children, viz.: Wil- 
liam B., George P., Edward M., Lizzie, 
Ellen A., John H. and Mary R.); son of 
Alviu of New Britain, Ct., b. Aug. 13, 
1781, d. Sep. 1, 1865 (m. 1st, July 15, 1S04, 
Anna Stanley, dau. of Col. Gad and Mary 

[Judd] Stanley, m. 2d, May 1, 1S16, 
Clarissa Burnham, and had 9 children, 
viz.: Orrin S., Harriet A., Henrietta, 
Oliver B., Harriet A., Sarah R., Hubert 
F., Mary C. and Henrietta C); son of 
James of New Britain, Ct., b. Jan. iS, 
174S, d. 1S33 (m. Sep. 29, 1774, Rhoda 
Judd, dau. of John and Mary [Burnham] 
Judd and had 10 children, viz.: Rhoda, 
James, Seth J., Alvin, Henry, Abi, Nancy, 
Henry, Orptra and William B.); son of 
James of Farmington, Ct., b. Apr. 17, 
1709, d. 175S (m. Sarah Seymour and had 
6 children, viz.: Thomas, drowned in the 
French war, Asher, b. 1 741, d. 1S16 [m; 
1773, Betsey Foster], Lydia, d. 1S14 un- 
married, James, above, Sarah b. Feb. 22, 
1749, d- Sep. 15, 1S22 [111. Apr. 19, 1770, 
Judah Hart], Mercy, m. Samuel Bass; son 
of Thomas of Farmington, Ct., b. about 
1685, d. 1725 (m. Dec. 1, 169S, Martha 
Boycc); son of Thomas of Farmington, 
Ct., b. June 30, 1649, d. 1712 (m. Hannah 
Newels); son of John of Farmington, Ct., 
b. 1015, d. 1691-2, came to America 1635 
(m. Hannah Bird). 

meda, Cal., b. Sep. 6, 1S53 (m. Mar. 
23, 1881, Annie llayter Cave), brothers; 
JOHN GREENLEAF North of Riverside, 
Cal., b. Sep. 16, 1S55 (m. Dec. 3, 1S7S, 
Augusta Chandler Nourse, dau. of George 
A. Nourse), CHARLES LEWIS North, b. 
May 31, 1S5S, EDWARD North, b. July 
11, 1S60 (m. Feb. 19, 1SS7, Mary Eliza, 
dau. of Edward Young); sons of John 
Wesley North of Fresno county, Cal., b. 
July 4, 1S15, grad. Middletown, Ct., Wes- 
leyan Univ., preacher in early life, lec- 
turer for Ct. Anti-Slavery Soc, founder of 
Norlhlield, Minn., and Riverside, Cal., 
member of Minn. legislature, 1850-1, 
Minn. Const. Conv., 1857, surveyor-gen- 
eral of Nevada, 1S61, judge of Sup. Court 
there, 1S63 (in. 1st, Sep. 22, 1845, Emma, 
dau. of Nathaniel and Abigail [Taylor] 
Bacon, m. 2d, Aug. 28, 1S4S, Anne H., 
dau. of Dr. George S. and Mary [Lewis] 
Loomis); son of John of Sand Lake, N. 
Y., b. Feb. 29, 17S0, d. Mar. 20, 1S48, 
minister (m. Jan. 11, 1S02, Hannah [dau. 


of Peter and Susanna] Hawkins and had 6 
Children, viz., Minerva, Mary, Sarah, 
Elizabeth, Clarissa and John Wesley); son 
of John of Canaan, Ct., b. 1736, d. in 
Nov., 1S03 (in. Amy Russell, b. 1736, d. in 
Dec, 1S13, and had 7 children, viz.: Oliver, 
b. Auk. -1. J7°4. Mary, b. Feb. 2, 1707, 
Russell, b. Jan. 14, 1769, Sarah, b. Feb. 14, 
1771, Charles, b. Sep. 14, 1773, Amy, b. 
Nov. 22, 1777, and John above); son of 
Jonathan of Canaan, Ct., 1). 1704, moved 
from Winsdor to Canaan about 1740 (111. 
1730, Mary [dau. of Charles and Elizabeth] 
Wolcott and had 6 children, viz.: Eliza- 
beth, b. 1732, Mary, b. 1734, John, b. 1736, 
Charles, b. 1736, Sarah, b. 173S, Asa, b. 
1745, m. Susanna Newell, dau. of Nathan); 
son of John of Farrrrington, Ct., b. 166S, 
d. 1745(111. 1st, about 1692, Mary Warner 
who d. 1639, m. 2d, about 1694, Elizabeth, 
in. 3rd, 1700, Mary Seymour, b. 1670, dau. 
of John and Mary [Watson] Seymour, m. 
4th, 1734, Widow Abigail Judd, John had 
9 children, viz.: Hannah, b. 1693 [111. June 
28, 171O, Thomas Wilcox), Mary, b. 1695, 
d. July 6, 1734 [m. Dec. 16, 1717, Israel 
Wilcox], John, d. 1733, Margaret, b. 1701, 
d. unmarried, Ruth, b. 1702 [m. 1729, Isaac 
Cowles], Jonathan, b, 1704, Josiah, b. 
1705 [m. 1726, Temperance Baldwin], 
Samuel, b. 170S [m. 1737, Lois Porter], 
Eunice, b. 1710); son of Samuel of Farm- 
ington, Ct., b. 1643, d. 16S2, was one of 
the 84 proprietors of Farmington (m. 166G, 
Hannah Norton, b. 1649, dau. of John and 
Hannah [Clark] Norton, and had 4 chil- 
dren, viz.: John, b. 166S, Samuel, b. 1671, 
d. 1707, unmarried, Thomas, b. 1673, d. 
1755 [m. Dec. 14, 1699, Hannah Wood- 
ford], Hannah, b. 1677, d. 1752, m. Samuel 
Northaway); son of John of Farmington, 
Ct., b. 1615, d. 1691-2, came to America 
1635 (m. Hannah Bird). 

STONE, GEORGE F. of Chicago, III., b. 
1S36, secretary Chicago board of 
trade; HENRY ATKINS Stone, b. 1S3S, 
d. 1S67, 1st lieut. in U. S. colored troops 
under Col. Higginson, served 4 years in 
the war; GOODWIN ATKINS Stone, b. 
1842, d. 1S04, grad. Harvard Coll. 1S61, 
captain in 2d Mass. cavalry, killed in Vir- 

ginia; JACOB of Minneapolis, secretary 
of Syndicate Ins. Co.; ELIZA A., b. 1S32 
(m. Capt. Charles G. Merchant U. S. A., 
who d. of wounds received in service 1S54); 
SOPHIA M., b. 1S47, was a volunteer 
nurse in Armory Sq. Hospital in Washing- 
ton; SARAH G., b. and d. 1S51; LOUISA 
PARSONS Stone (m. Oct. 4, 1859, John 
Hopkins [son of John of Framingham] and 
had 6 children, viz.: Frederick S., lawyer, 
William J., electrical engineer, Louisa M., 
Prescott A., Helen I., and Henry G. who 
d. in infancy) supervisor of schools in 
Boston, author, etc.; children of Jacob 
Stone of Newburyporl, Mass., b. there in 
Nov. 1S05, d. there in Dec, 1875, cashier 
of the 1st Nat. Bank (m. Eliza Atkins); 
son of Jacob Stone of Newburyport, Mass., 
b. and d. there, ship-master, owner of 
several barks and other vessels, retired 
early from active life, was a man of educa- 
tion with a considerable property (m. Lois, 
dau. of Jonathan and Hannah [Gyles] Par- 
sons, gr.-dau. of Rev. Jonathan and Phebe 
[Griswold] Parsons of Newburyport); son 
of John Stone of Newburyport. 

PAGE, PIIINEAS L. of Ann Arbor, 
Mich., b. at Hawley, Mass., July 20, 
1819 (in. 1st, Sep. 21, 1S53, Julia, dau. of 
Henry Putnam of Hinsdale, Mass., and 
relative of Gen. Israel Putnam, m. 2d, Sep. 
14, 1S70, Lorie A., dau. of Elisha Eldridge 
of West Springfield, Mass.); son of Phineas 
Page of Hawley and Pittsfield, Mass., b. at 
Conway, Mass., 1776, d. at Pittsfield, in 
Nov., 1S49 (m. 1S04, Lynthia Macomber, a 
native of Taunton, Mass.); son of Theo- 
philus of Conway, Mass., b. at Walling- 
ford, Ct., about 1745, d. at Conway about 

ford, Mass., b. at Walpole Aug. 9, 
1820, author of " Huguenots in the Nip- 
muck Country " and " History of Oxford " 
now in press (1S90), justice, notary public, 
representative, deacon (m. Oct. 9, 1S45, 
Ann Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel and Antoi- 
nette [Jennings] Whritner of New York 
city); son of Sctll of Oxford, Mass., b. at 
Franklin, Mass., Sep. 14, 1794, deacon, 


representative, selectman (in. Nov., 1S19, 
Huldah Harris of Oxford); son of Joseph 

of Franklin, Mass., b. there Oct. 14, 1771 
(m. Sep. 4, 1793, Susa Fisher); son of Setll, 
b. Oct. 30, 1737 (m. Unit}' Thurston of 
Franklin); son of David, b. at Boges'tow, 
Med way, Mass., Feb. 21, 1699, moved to 
Franklin about 1740 (m. Magdalen Part- 
ridge of Med way); son of Joseph of Med- 
lield, Mass., b. there Dec. 15, 1695, moved 
to Bqgestow, where he owned a mill (m. 
Jan. 28, 1726, Elizabeth Grace); son of 
Joseph of Medheld, Mass., 1660; believed 
to have been son of Robert of Waterto.wn, 
Mass. (who m. Rachel Partridge), lived 
with his son Joseph at Bogestow Mill. 

I Brooklyn, N. V., b. at Lee, Mass., 
Ma)- 6, 1S34, pastor of the Puritan Congre- 
gational Church past S years, held a former 
pastorate in Brooklyn of 13 years (in. 1st, 
in Sep., i860, Julia A. de Forest of Hugue- 
not descent, m. 2d, in Oct., 1866, Helen A. 
Abbott of New England ancestry); son of 
)VilliaiU of Lee, Mass., and Oberlin, Ohio, 
b. at Lee in Dec, 1S01, d. at Oberlin in 
May, 1S73 (in. Jan. 1, 1S23, Scmanthc Lias- 
sett, desc. of the Bassetts of Sandwich, 
Mass., and the Dimmocks of Falmouth, 
Mass.); son of David of Lee, Mass., b. and 
d. there(m. Sarah Parsons, gr.-dau. of Pres. 
Jonathan Edwards, Sen.); son of William 
of Lee, Mass. 

Mass., b. in New York city July 28, 
1S1S, admitted to bar 1S39, practiced there 
until 1S65, then retired on a farm in Lenox 
and was an extensive breeder of Jerseys, 
one of the founders of tile Amer. Jersey 
Cattle Club and one of its presidents, state 
senator from southern Berkshire and 
Hampshire districts 1S71 (m. June 7, 1S45, 
Electa Woodbridgc Cheney, dan. of George 
and Electa Cheney of South Manchester, 
Ct., and sister of the well-known Cheney 
Brothers, silk manufrs. there); has one son 
Richard Goodman, grad. Amherst Coll. 
and Harvard Law Sell, and twodaus., Ros- 
alie C. and Electa Lillian; son of John K. 
Goodman of New York city, b. at Hart- 

ford, Ct., about 1792, d. about 1849 (m. 
Margaret W., dau. of Job Haines of Eli/.a- 
bethtown, N. J.); son of Richard Good- 
man of Hartford, Ct., d. 1S45, an officer in 
the Revolution, a prominent and wealthy 
citizen; son of lliehard of Hartford, Ct., 
a leading citizen there; son of Richard of 
Hartford, Ct., b. at Hadley, Mass., d. May 
4, 1730(111. Abigail, dau. of John Pantry); 
son of Richard of Hadley, Mass., freeman 
at Cambridge, Mass., 1632, an original pro- 
prietor of Hartford, Ct., held numerous 
offices there, one of the first settlers of 
Hadley, was killed by the Indians there- 
Apr. 1, 1676 (in. Dec. 8, 1659, Mary Terry, 
d. at Deerlield, Mass., 1692, dau. Stephen 
Terry of Windsor, Ct.). 

Lincoln, Neb.,b. atVergennesi Vt., 
May 3, 1822, grad. Knox College, Illinois, 
prof, of mathematics there 21 years, same 
in Nebraska Univ. since 1872 (in. July 2, 
1 85 1, Margaret, dau. of George \V. Gale, 
I). D., founder of the first manual labor 
institute at Whitesboro, N.Y., also founder 
of Galesburg and Knox College); son of 
Alnred Hitchcock of Vergennes, Vt., b. at 
Brimfield, Mass., May 7, 1773, d- a« Vl '>- 
gennes 1S30, farmer (m. 1S07, Sarah W. 
Stevens); son of Elijah of Brimfield, Mass., 
b. there Aug. 20, 1741, d. there Aug. I, 
1813 (in. a Townly); son of Noah, probably 
of Brimfield, Mass. 

BUSSING, JOHN S. of New York city, 
b. there Sep. 21, 1838, banker since 
1805, lieut. 22d N. G. S. N. Y., pres. and 
treasurer N. Y. Bible Soc, treasurer N. Y. 
Sunday-school Assoc, also of Board of 
Domestic Missions of Reformed Dutch 
Church, manager Evangelical Alliance of 
United States and of Y. M. C. A. of New 
York, elder in Collegiate Dutch Church, 
New York, member of the St. Nicholas 
Society (in. 1st, June 17, 1S73, Katherine 
Breath, d. Mar. 26, 1S74, dau. of James 
Breath of New York, sin- had twin ch. Kate 
and Ann, both d.young, m. 2d, Oct. 31, 1882, 
Emily Morton, dau. of Henry T. Jenkins 
of New York, formerly of Boston); son of 
John Sehermerliorn Bussing of New 


York city, b. there Oct. 15, 1S02, d. there 
June 9, 1S64, dry goods merchant 1S23, an 
incorporator of N. Y. Life Ins. Co., active 
in benevolent and church work, elder in 
church (in. 1st, Ann Speir and had son, 
Robert Speir Bussing, now of Brooklyn, 
N. Y., in. 2d, Aug. 20, 1S33, Ann, dau. of 
Abraham [and Margaret Field] Van Nest, 
who came from Somerville, N. J., to New 
York when a young boy, leading merchant, 
pics, of Greenwich Savings Bank, elder in 
Collegiate Church, trustee of Rutgers Coll., 
died aged 88 years; she Ann, had children; 
Abraham V. N. who d. in infancy, John S., 
above, and Mary); son of Abraham of New 
Vork city, b. there Mar. 16, 1770, d. there 
1S25, merchant many years, member of 1st 
Presbyterian Church (111. Apr. 17, 1794, 
Hester Kingsland, b. in New jersey Oct. 
12, 1774, d- at New York city, dau. of Ed- 
mund and Mary [Wilkinson] Kingsland, 
and had children: Abraham, Edmund K.. 
Elizabeth Mesier, John Schermerhorn, 
above, Mary Wilkinson and Jane); son of 
Abraham of New York city, bom in 1725, 
(1. at New York 179S (m. 1749, Elizabeth 
Mesierandhad children: Jane, b. July 12, 
1750 ['"■ Simon Schermerhorn], Elizabeth, 
b, July 24, 1752 [111. Peter Schermerhorn], 
Sarah, b. June 18, r 75 6 [m. J. T. Stoutcn- 
burg], and Abraham above, b. Mar. 16, 

Newburyport, Mass., b. there June 
22, 1813, educated at Yale Coll., which in 
1870 conferred the hon. decree of A. M., 
formed business connection with B. A. 
Gould of Boston, at one time head master 
of Boston Latin School, and made voyages 
as supercargo to Batavia, China, Calcutta, 
etc., settled at Newburyport and engaged 
in Calcutta trade and shipping, director and 
treasurer of many public institutions, pres- 
ident Mechanics' State and National Bank 
and of the Institution for Savings, member 
of the standing committee of the Society of 
Cincinnati of Massachusetts (m. Feb. 5, 1S39, 
Charlotte Augusta, dau. of Rev. George T. 
Chapman, D. D., son of Thomas Chapman 
of Chailey, Eng., early engaged in the silk 
traffic in India, came to America and finally | 

settled at Greenfield, Mass.; has children, 
of whom Edward A. the eldest is in Wash- 
ington, the secretary Inter-state Commis- 
sion); son of Ehoiiezer of Newburyport, 
Mass., b. Nov. 21, 17S1, d. Aug. 2S, 1S54, 
grad. Yale Coll. 1S02, lawyer, vested with 
various offices of public trust and honor, 
colonel of Massachusetts militia in War of 
1S12-5, seven years in the House, in Senate 
1S21-2, master in chancery, presidential 
elector, director of old Newburyport bank, 
etc. (m. June 17, 1810, Mary Ann, dau. of 
Edward Oxnard.grad. Harvard Coll. 1767, 
son of Thomas Oxnard, provincial grand 
master of Masons eleven years); son of 
EJicnezer, b. Feb. 19, 1741, d. Mar. 20, 
1S25, grad. Yale Coll. 1763, was the first 
person licensed to preach by Brooklield As- 
sociation 1765, ordained missionary among 
western Indians 1767, in April, 1775, com- 
missioned captain 9th co., 3d Ct. reg., 
Israel Putnam colonel, marched with his 
regiment to Bunker Hill and participated 
in the battle where his brother Samuel was 
killed, was afterward ordered by Connecti- 
cut to raise 1092 men to join the army at 
Providence, and appointed one of the cap- 
tains, subsequently colonel of the 5th Ct. 
reg. (111. Sep. 14, 1773, Martha Strong, desc. 
of Elder John Strong, sister of Gov. Caleb 
Strong); son of Samuel, b. Aug. 15, 170S, 
d. July 26, 1 7Qr, in the fifty-seventh year of 
his ministry, grad. Harvard Coll. 1729, 
chaplain to Gov. Belcher, ordained pastor 
of Second Church of Windham, Conn., 
1734 (m. July 4, 1734, Bethiah, widow of 
Rev. William Billings, his predecessor, 
dau. of Judge Joseph Otis of Scituate of 
the family of James, the author of the " Cir- 
cular Letter," desc. of John Otis, who came 
to New England in 1635); son of Ehoiiezer 
of Dorchester, b. Sep. 4, 1673, d. Sep. 19, 
1740, constable 1705, town treasurer 1720, 
town clerk 1721, selectman 1719-21 (m. 1st, 
Sarah, dau. of William Trescott, m. 2d, 
Hannah, dau. of John Weeks); son of 
Thomas of Dorchester, Mass.,d. there Oct. 
22, 1706, admitted to church there 165S (in. 
Oct. 2S, 165S, Mary Cooper); son of John 
of Dorchester, d. there Aug. 29, 1661, came 
probably in ship Mary and John, which 
sailed from Plymouth, Eng., Mar. 20, 1629- 


30, settled at Dorchester, Mass., 1630, ad- 
mitted freeman 163s, spelled his name 
Maudesley in 1641 (m. Cicely ). 

ton, D. C, b. at Elmira, N. Y., Oct. 
4, 1S23, rear admiral U. S. Navy since 1841, 
now retired, served in the Chinese pirate 
war 1S52-3, in Mexican war 1S47, and 
throughout the Rebellion (m. Sep. 12, 1S49, 
Eliza J., dau. of Dr. S. C. Snyder of 
Charlestown, Va., desc. of Gov. Snyder of 
Pennsylvania of German origin, niece of 
George F. Washington); son of Isaac Roe 
of Newburgh and Elmira, N. Y., b. at 
Newburgh Mar. 1, 17SS, d. at Elmira June 
19, 185S, a man of great piety and integrity 
(m. Oct. 10, 1S07, Hannah Drake, d. Apr. 
24, 1857, aged 68, whose father was an 
officer in the Royal Navy, resigned and 
became an American sea captain); son of 
John Roe of Westchester and New York 
city, b. probably at Westchester, N. Y., 
about 1754, d. at Havana, N. Y., 1S31, 
minute-man in Revolution, was with Wash- 
ington at battle of White Plains and owned 
the land where the battle was fought, was 
quartermaster of 1st reg. Suffolk co. militia 
Apr. 5, 1776, was paymaster on the docks 
at New York city, went to Plattskill, N. Y., 
thence to Drydrn, N. Y., 1812 (m. Sarah 
Harris, who d. at Elmira Mar. 22, 1S37, 
aged 76), he had 3 brothers, viz.: Stephen, 
Benjamin and Charles, all of whom lived 
in or near New York city in early life. 
Descendant of John Roe, who came from 
England 1630, and settled on Long Island, 
was one of the signers of the Indian treaty 
for the cession of east end of Long Island. 


jLIS, ARTHUR B. of Boston, Mass. 

b. there July 24, 1854, grad. Boston 
Public Latin Sch. 1S71, Harvard Coll. 1875, 
member Mass. Hist. Soc, author of " His- 
tory of First Church in Boston " and of 
various printed articles; son of Riifiis of 
Boston, Mass., b. there Sep. 14, 1819, d. 
at Liverpool, Eng., Sep. 23, 1S85, minister 
of Unitarian Church in Northampton, 
Mass., 1843-53, of First Church in Boston 
1853-85, grad. Harvard Coll. 1S3S, S. T. D. 
of Yale Coll. 1S74 (m. Oct. 2, 1S45, Ger- 

trude Louisa, dau. of Col. Henry Jones 
Blake of Brattleboro, Vt., who served in 
War of 1S12, and Gertrude Bleeker Truax, 
dau. of Isaac Truax of Albany, N. Y.); son 
of David Ellis of Boston and Newton, 
Mass., b. at Dedham, Mass., June 21, 1765, 
d. at Newton Upper Falls, Mass., Nov. 24, 
1S46, Boston merchant and ship-owner (m. 
2d, Dec. 5, 1S0S, Sarah, dau. of Jeremiah 
Dummer Rogers, grad. Harvard Coll. 
1702, a Boston lawyer, loyalist during the 
Revolution, desc. through an unbroken line 
of ministers from Rev. John Rogers of 
Dedham, Eng.); son of David Ellis of 

Dennysville, Me.,b. at Eastport, Me., 
Apr. 28, 1S04, lumberman (m. Sep. 4, 1828, 
Martha Rhodes Sargent of Portland, Me., 
dau. of Nathan and Ada [Going] Sargent); 
son of Mark of Dennysville, Me., b. at 
Cumberland, N. S., Mar. 31, r77o, d. at 
Dennysville Sep. 22, 1S1S, given as a host- 
age to (he Indians at age of n when sup- 
plies failed, afterward redeemed (mi 1794. 
Susan, dau. of Theophilus Wilder of Iling- 
ham, Mass., a captain in army 1776); son 
of John of Nova Scotia, b. in Edinburgh 
Castle, Scotland, Jan. 3, 1746, d. at East- 
port, Me., Feb. 7, 1805, member of Parlia- 
ment in Nova Scotia 1775, colonel in Ameri- 
can army, had charge of the Indians east of 
the Penobscot river (m. Oct. 10, 1767, Mary 
Patton); son of William of Scotland, b. 
there 1720, d. at Cumberland, N. S., about 
1775, major in British army (in. July 9, 1744, 
Isabella, dau. of Sir Eustace Maxwell of 

Ilollis, N. 11., b. at Alstead, N. II., 
July 11, 1S34, grad. Dartmouth Coll. 1858, 
pastor Congregational Ch. in Stoddard, N. 
II., 1S60-S, Goffstown, N. II., 1S6S-S6, 
Ilollis since 18S6, private in army 1S62-5, 
compiler of the " Jerauld Genealogy" 1SS5 
(m. 1st, Sep. 20, 1S60, Lucy A. Merriam, 
d. Jan. 12, 1S67, in. 2d, Dec. 5, 1867, Laura 
E. Thayer, desc. of Rich. Thayer of Brain- 
tree); son of MOSCS, b. at Stoddard, N. II., 
May 5, 1801, d. at Concord, N. II., June 


31, 1S74, (tasioi Congregational Ch. at Al- 
itead, N. II., 1S2S-44, Hinsdale, N. II., 
IS44-53, Canaau, N. II., 1853-63, Stoddard, 
N. II., 1^3-5, Langdon, N. II., 1865-9(111. 
Feb. 5, l Sag, Cjnthia Locke, desc. of Win. 
Locke of Wolnirn); son of Samuel of Stod- 
d.i. d, N. II., b. at Wrentham, Mass., July 
28, 17:5, d. at Stoddard Jan. 15, 1S24, 
farmer, served in Rev. war 4 years (m. Apr. 
3. 1786, Azubah Thompson of Medway, 
Mass.); son of Gamaliel of Wrentham, 
Mass., I,, at Medficld, Mass., Sep. 23. 1719, 
d. at Wiinthain Oct. tS, 1795, farmer (m. 
1st, Dec. 25, 1741, Rebecca Lawrence, 111. 
3d, Oct. u, 1751, Jerusha Mann, 111. 3d, 
Aug. 10, 1763, Mrs. Mar)' Everett of Ded- 
li.mi); son of Jacques Jerauld of Medtield, 
Mass., b. in prov. of Longncelve, France, 
d. at Medtield Oct. 25, 1700, a Huguenot 
who tied from France after the revocation 
of the edict of Nantes, physician (m. Martha 
Dtipec, a Huguenot). 

. Newton, Mass., b. at Warwick, 
Mass., May 4, 1S37 (in. May 4, 1S04, 
Catharine F. Thayer); son of Roger C. of 
Warwick, Mass., b. at Middletown, Ct., in 
Oct., 1765, d. at Warwick Sep. 12, 1S69, 
grad. Vale Coll., pastor Congregational 
church at Ilopkinton, N. II., 1S18, and at 
Warwick 1S36 (m. Sep. 13, 1S20, Han- 
nah Fay, b. at Westborough, Mass., Apr. 
2i), 1796, dau. of Benj., b. Nov. 22, 1744, 
son of lienj., b. 1712, son of John, b. 1667, 
who came from England and settled 
in Westboro); Roger C. had 7 children, 
viz.: Elizabeth Hronson (in. John Douglas), 
Junius Lorin (m. Lucy Plimmer), Henry 
Fay, d. 1S44, Sarah Hopkins, unmarried, 
Ellen Towne (m. Wm. Windom, secretary 
of the U. S. Treasury 1S90), George Ed- 
wards above, and Mary Louise (in. Erastus 
Willcox); son of Josiall, b. at Oxford, Ct., 
d. at Granville, Mass., 1S32, asst. surgeon 
U.S. A., was stationed at Brooklyn Heights, 
afterward surgeon at Middletown, Ct., New 
Hartford, Ct., and Granville, Mass. (111. 
Elizabeth Hronson Covant, widow of Dr. 
Covant, surgeon U. S. A., stationed at 
Brooklyn Heights, who d. at battle of Long 
Island); son of Zephaniah of Oxford, Ct. 

(m. 1745, Joanna Chittenden, cousin of 
Gov. Chittenden of Vermont); son of 
Ziph. of Guilford, Ct. 

burg, 111., b. at Adams, N. Y., Feb. 
15, 1S22, supervisor 35 years, alderman 10 
years, member 111. state const, conv. 1862, 
III. legislature 1S69, 111. slate revenue com. 
1SS5 (in. Oct. 15, 1S45. Caroline Eliza, 
dau. of Silvanus W. and Aurinda [Doty] 
Ferris of Norway, N. Y.); son of George 
Washington Gale of Adams and Whites- 
boro, N. V., b. at North-East, N. V., Dec. 
3, 17S9, d. at Galesburg, 111., Sep. 13, 1S61, 
educated at Union College and Princeton 
Theol. Sem., Presbyterian clergyman at 
Adams, N. V., founder of Oneida Inst. 
New York, Knox Coll. Illinois, and city of 
Galesburg, III. (m. Sep., 1S20, Harriet, dau. 
of Capt. Charles Selden, U. S. A., grad. 
Yale Coll. 1776, 2d lieut. 1776-S4, merchant 
in Lansingburg and Troy, N. Y., state 
senator, regent of N. Y. State Univ., 5th 
in desc. from Thomas Selden of Hartford, 
Ct., 1636); son of Josiall of North-East, 
N. Y., b. at Stamford, Ct., June 5, 1742, d. 
at Amenia, N. Y., 1797, captain of militia, 
justice of peace, deacon of church, served 
in French war and Rev. war (m. Rachel 
Mead); son of Joseph of Stamford, Ct., 
b. in England, d. at Stamford, came to 
America before 1732, built and owned a 
fulling-mill there, which he sold to his son 
William 1760 (m. Rebecca); his father died 
in England after 1732 and while Joseph 
was on his way back to England to bring 
him over. Joseph did not have the prob- 
able ancestry given him in the "Gale 

T UPBERY.JOHN II. of Rahway, N. J., 

J^ b. there Sep. 2, 1S18 (m. Apr. 6, 1845, 
Henrietta C. Freeman, d. Dec. 23, 1S88 
[dau. of Frederick and Ann of Woodbridge 
township, N. J.J, and had children: Mar- 
garet, John 11., Anne, Frederick, Mary and 
William); son of Abraham of Rahway, N. 
J., b. in Middlesex or Monmouth county, 
N. J., 1754, d- Aug. 5, 1S25, ship-builder, 
sergeant in Hazen's regiment, 2d Canadian 
Continental army, also 1st regiment, served 


throughout Rev. war, chairman of com. 
which received Lafayette in 1824 and was 
recognized by him as a companion in arms 
(m. Mai. 20, 17S5, Charity Oliver of Rail- 
way, then known as Bridgetown, N. J., and 
had 10 children, she d. 1S12-3 and he m. 
1814-5, Jennet Conges, and had 4 children: 
Sarah D., John 1L, Margaret and Isaac); 
son of John of Middlesex county, N. J. 

KIN(J, DANA W. of Nashua, N. II., 
b. at Alstead, N. II., June 29, 1S32 
(m. Sep. 4, 1857, Jennie L. P. Carter, dan. 
of Joseph and Almira [Whitchcr] Carter); 
son of William of Alstead, N. II., b. at 
Langdon, N. II., 1S00, d. at Alstead Oct. 
16, 1851 (m. Mary C. Ritchie of London- 
derry, N. II.); son of William of Langdon, 
N. II. , d. at Haverhill, N. II. , aged about 
80 years (in. a Dei by). 

Middle Island, N. Y., b. at Coram, 
N. Y., Mar. 23, 1846, teacher, author, local 
historian, had 2 brothers, Albeit E. and 
Edward F., both killed in battle Cold 
Harbor, Va., June 2, 1864; son of Richard 
HI. of Coram, N. Y., b. at Mt. Sinai, N. Y., 
Aug. 20, 1S10, d. at Coram Mar. II, 1S46, 
farmer(m. Jan. 24, 1S38, Harmony, dau. of 
Joshua Swezey of Middle Island); son of 
Thomas of Coram, b. at Mt. Sinai, N. Y., 
July 28, 177S, d. at Coram Dec. 23, 1S67, 
ship-builder, farmer (in. Phebc Under- 
wood); son of Daniel of Mt. Sinai, N.Y., 
b. there June 6, 1746, d. at Coram Feb. 17, 
1830 (m. Oct. 19, 1777, Joanna, dau. of 
David Davis); son of Thomas of Mt. Sinai, 
N. Y., b. 1 714, d. there 1796, shoemaker, 
mason, miller (m. Elizabeth); son of 
EHaS(2) of Wading River, N. Y., settled 
there 1671 ; probably son of John of 
Setauket, N. Y., was the first of the name 
on Long Island, tailor, lived at Southold, 
N. Y., 1656-61, at Huntington and Jamaica 
a few years, magistrate of Setauket 1673 
(m. Rebeckah). 

AYER, IIAZEN of Putney, Vt., b. at 
Newbury, N. II., Junes, 1813, fanner 
(m, Jan. 10, 183S, Eliza A. Proctor, dau. 
of Isaac, son of William Proctor, who d. 

Feb. 19, 1S46, aged 98, whose wife Mary d. 
Sep. 22, 1S45, aged 96); son of James Ayer 
of Washington, N. II., b. at Concord, N. 
II., May 12, 1788, d. at Washington, N. II. , 
Mar. 29, 1S63, farmer (111. Feb. 19, 1S11, 
Lucy [dau. (if Jonathan and Mary] Brock- 
way, and had sons: Leonard, Simon, Jona- 
than B. and Cyrus); son of William of 
Bow, Concord and Newbury, N. II., b. at 
Haverhill. Mass., Oct., 1753, d. at New- 
bury, N. II., June 6, 1S27, soldier in Rev. 
war, suffering many privations (m. June 9, 
1778, Molly Runnels, who d. Apr. 22, 1S42). 

of Newark, N. J., b. in Bedminster, 
N. ]., Apr. 10, 1S48, organizer of and past 
vice-pres. general of Sons of the American 
Revolution (m. Nov. 17, 1S73, Josephine 

Rebecca Tinianus); son of Augustus Wil- 
liam of Bedminster, N. [., b. at Morris- 
town, N. J., Dec. 12, 1S20, d. in Bedmin- 
ster 1SG1, surgeon in LI. S. army 1861, died 
from disease contracted in service (in. Sep. 
3, 1844, Anna M. Osborne); sou of Wil- 
liam Anderson McDowell of Morristown, 
N. J., Charleston, S. C, and Philadelphia, 
Pa.,b. in Bedminster, N.J., May 15, 17S9, 
d. there Sep. 17, 1S51, presiding minister, 
moderator of General Assembly, trustee 
Princeton Coll., pastor Third Presb. Ch. 
of Charleston, secretary Board of Domes- 
tic Missions 17 years (m. Jane, dau. Capt. 
Shepard Kollock, the Princeton artillery 
Officer in Rev. war); son of MllttllCW of 
Bedminster, N. J., b. there, d. there, 
farmer, soldier in Rev. war (m. Martha 
Anderson); son of Epliraim of Bedmin- 
ster, N. J., b. in Londonderry, Ireland, d. 
in Bedminster, was one of the defenders of 
Londonderry in the famous siege (m. Mar- 
garet Irving {?)). 

Auburn, N. Y., b. at Seipioville, N. 
Y., Dec. iS, 1S30, attached to U. S. legation 
at Constantinople 1859-60, 2d sec. of U. S. 
legation at London 1S64-S (in. Oct. 31, 1S65, 
Emily W., dau. of Hon. George R. Bab- 
cock of Buffalo, N. Y., formerly N. Y. 
state senator); son of Nathaniel of Seipio- 
ville, N. V., b. in Somerset county, N. J., 


Feb. 17, 1794, '1- at Scipio July 29, 1S48 
(in. Fell. IS, 1818, Betsey Freeman, b. July 

iS, i;<v), d:i 11. of William and Jerusha of 
Lcc, Mass.); son of William of Lcdyard, 
N. V., b. in Somerset county, N. J., May 
<,, 17(13. il. at Annua, N. V., Feb. 13, 1S16 
(111. May, 17S3, Betsey Cross, 1). in New 
[crscy Sep. n, 1765, dau. of William and 
Mary); son of Henry of New Jersey (m. 
Mary C'oxc, d. 1776, aged 47, gr.-dau. of 
Daniel Coxc, colonial governor of West 
leisey 16S7); son of Henry of New Jersey, 
c.iine f 1 England (m. Miss Compton). 


l 1 i Ludlow, Mass., b. at Springfield, 
Mass., Oct. 1, 1S13, ci. at Ludlow Aug. 24, 
1885, deacon of Cong. Church in Indian 
Orchard, Mass. (m. May 2, 1S37, Adaline 
Reynolds, b. at Mansfield, Ct., May 2,1814, 
d. at Springfield, Mass., Jan. 22, 1S90, dau. 
of Christopher and Charissa [Huntington] 
Reynolds, mother of Jane Adaline Eaton, 
b. at East Lyme, Ct., Sep. 30, 1839, who m. 
Henry Kirke Wight, whose lineage is given 
in vol. 5 of this work); son of David Eaton 
of Ludh.w, Mass., b. at Somcrs, Ct., Apr. 
23, 171)1, d. at East Longmcadow, Mass., 
Feb. 15, 1S72 (in. Mar. 30, 1813, Celinda 
Sweatland, b. Nov. 6, 1793, dau. of Jacob 
and Anne [Jennings] Sweatland); son of 
Sylvannsof Connecticut (m. Feb. 2r, 17S0, 
Sarali Goodrich, b. 1758, d. 1S32, dau. of 
Richard and Martha); son of Comfort of 
Connecticut, b. at Killingly, Ct., Sep. 25, 
1729, between 1759 and 1767 he drove cat- 
tle from Connecticut to Boston, and on his 
return was murdered for his money (m. 
1755, Mary Hall); son of .Tonal linn of near 
Killingly, Ct., b. 16S1, d. 1748, built a mill 
on present site of Putnam, Ct., was 1st 
deacon of church at Thompson, Ct. (m. 
about 1706, Lydia Starr); son of John of 
Dcdham Mass., b. 1633 (m. Alice); son of 
John who came from Dover, Eng., 1635 
(m. Apr. 5, 1630, Abigail Doman, widow). 

Brunswick, N. J., b. at Marion, Ct., 
Feb. 5, 1855, grad. Rutgers Coll. iSSr, 
taught several years, librarian Rutgers Coll. 
1SS4, A. M. 1884; son of Miles Henry of 

Waterbury, Ct., b. at Marion, Ct., June I, 
1827, teacher for many }ears (in. Nov. 6, 
1849, Sarah Forbes Webster); sou of Levi 
of Marion, Ct., b. 1795, d. there Oct. 31, 
1863(111. Louisa Todd); son of Amos, b. 
Mar. 14, 1771, d. Apr. 17, 1819 (m. May S, 
1794, Keziah Root); son of Amos of South- 
ington, Ct., b. at Wolcott, Ct., Mar. 17, 
1734, d. at Southington July 8, 1S10 (m. 
Feb. 27, 1706, Sarah Woodruff); son of 
ThOMiaS of Wolcott, Ct., b. at Waterbury, 
Ct., Mar. 1, 1692, d. at Wolcott Sep. 2, 
1761 (m. 1732, Rachel Judd); son of 
Stephen, b. at Farmington, Ct., about 
1650, d. 1735 (in. Dec. 29, 16S2, Mary Lee); 
son of Thomas of Farmington, Ct., d. July 
19, 1655, was in Hartford 1638, one of fust 
settlers and proprietors of Farmington (m. 
1646, Elizabeth Fuller). 

T3AGG, EGBERT of Utica, N. Y., b. 
1 f there Aug. 10, 1850, member Loyal 
Legion Assoc, memb. Am. Ornithologists' 
Union (m. July 5, 1SS2, Sarah A. Clarke, 
dau. of William M. and Rosanna); son of 
Egbert of Utica, b. there Feb. 2, 1820, d. 
at sea, major 117th N. Y. state vols., brev. 
lieut. -colonel U. S. vols., member Loyal 
Legion (m. Apr. 11, 1S49, Cornelia Hunt, 
dau. of Montgomery and Eli/a S.); son of 
JlOSeS of Utica (m. Sophia Derbyshire); 
son of Moses of Utica (m. Elizabeth Mears); 
son of Daniel of Westfield, Mass. (m. 
Abigail Dewey); son of Daniel of West- 
field, Mass. (111. Hannah Bancroft (?) ); son 
of John of Springfield, Mass., d. 1683 (111. 
1657, Hannah Burt, b. 1641, d. 1680). 

1 cusc, N. Y., b. at Pulaski, N. Y., 
Apr. 21, 1S25, grad. Union Coll. 1849, A. 
M. Wesleyan Univ. 1852, LL. D. Alle- 
gheny Coll. 1871, prof, of mathematics and 
dean of the College of Liberal Arts in 
Syracuse Univ. (m. Nov. 10, 1849, Ann 
Eliza Montgomery); has 2 brothers: Ben- 
jamin Franklin of Mexico, N. Y., b. at 
Watertown, N. Y., 1S21, cashier (m. 1S47, 
Martha A. Nelson), and George Gale of 
Mexico, N. Y., b. at Pulaski, N. Y., 1S27, 
banker and lawyer (m. Mary Frances 
Bowen); son of Ralph of Pulaski, N. Y., 


>>• at Pawlet, Vt., 17S7, d. at Pulaski, Mar., 
1850, surveyor, merchant, druggist, a pio- 
neer abolitionist (m. 1S13, Nancy Ray- 
mond); son of Nathan of Ellisburgh, N. 
V., b. at Canterbury, Ct., July ,, 1762, d. 
at Ellisburgh about 1856, farmer, justice 
of peace, moved bis family with an ox 
team from Vermont to the forest in Bur- 
lington, N. Y., i„ Feb., I7 S S , soon after 
moved to Rutland, N. Y., thence to Ellis- 
burgh (m. Jan. 1, 1784, Lydia Tracy); son 
Of John of Hanover, Ct., d. in Rutland, 
N- Y., Apr., 1S12, lived in Hanover 17 
years, had among other sons, Abner, Zeph- 
aniah and Elkanah. 

^ J Boston, Mass., b. at Rochester, N. Y., 
May 5, 1857, banker, manufr., member of 
Bostonian Society (m. Dec. 24, 1885, Helen 
Blanchard); sou of TllCOtlore H. of 
Topeka, Kans., b. at Gilbertsville, N. Y 
May 17, 1S30, teacher 13 years, musical 
composer, merchant (m. Aug. 7, 18-6 
Sarah Bleloch and had 4 children: Willard 
Q, b. May 30, 1863, Mary Violet b \ ug 
29, 1868, Louis, b. July 24, 1874, and Alena," 
b. Dec. 31, i8 7 ,) ; so,, f Simoon of Gill 
bertsville, N. V., b. at Hinsdale, N. H 
July 30, 17S3, d. at Gilbertsville Feb *(>' 
1S70, lumber merchant, surveyor, pioneer 
in central New York (m. 1808, Anna Bush- 
nell); son of Tit lis of Pawlet, Vt., b. at 
Saybrook, Ct. (had 2 sisters:' Theodosia 
[m. a Darbe], and Maria m. fehiel Clark 
of Pawlet); son of Simeon of Saybrook, Ct. 


'J quelle, Mich., b. at Lansing, Mich., 
Apr. 15, 1S50, mineral explorer, dealer in 
lands, mayor of city of Marquette 1890 
member board of control of Michigan 
Mining Sch., bd. of trustees of Alma Coll 
(m. Jan. 4, 1879, Mary Ilawley Beecher, 
dau. of Samuel Peck Beecher of Battle 
Creek, Mich., formerly of Erie, Pa., desc 
of Conn, family of Becchers); had brothers 
Howard Williams Longyear of Detroit 
physician, and James Turner Longyear 
■jvho d. 1S65, aged 8, and sister Ida Stevens 
Longyear of Lansing, Mich.; son of John 
Wesley Longyear of Lansing and Detroit 

Mich., b. at Shandaken, N. Y., Oct. 22, 
1S20, d. at Detroit Mar. 11, 1875, lawyer, 
member of Congress 1S63-7, delegate from 
Mich, to Loyalist Convention in Philadel- 
phia 1866, member State Const. Conv 
I36 7 , judge Of U. S. Dist. Court (m. June 
25, 1849, Harriet, dau. of Jesse Munroe, ' 
farmer, of Eagle tp., Mich., formerly of 
Buffalo, N. Y., who served in War of 1S12, 
and whose father, Capt. Josiah of Canter- 
bury, Ct., who d. at Pawlet, Vt., 1846, was 
a soldier and scout in Rev. war), had 
brothers Ephraim, Isaac and Stevens E. 
Longyear; son of Peter of Shandaken, N. 
Y., and Alaiedon tp., Mich., b. at Shan- 
daken, N. Y., June r, 17S4, d. at Alaiedon, 
June 11, 1S45, farmer, killed by a falling 
tree (m. Mar. 26, 1S0S, Jerusha Stevens* 
dau. of Jesse M. Stevens and Harriet 
Parker of Lister co., N. Y.); son of Jo- 
hannes of Shandaken, N. Y., b. 1754, (?) 
d. there Aug. 31, 1824(111. Annatje Win'nc 
b. 1754, (?)d. Mar. 20, 1S43); son of Jacob 
of Shandaken, N. Y. (m. Maria Cock or 

L^ York city, b. at ftlargaretville, N. Y., 

Nov. 7, 1S39, physician (m. Oct. I, 1S6S, 
Emilie Blackburn); son of John V. f 
Margaretville, N. Y. (m. Jan. 17, 1S33, 
Priscilla Hilton); son of Cornelius of 
Kingston, X. V., b. there Aug. 15, i 777) 
bp. Mar. 4, 1788 (m. Catherine Yaples); 
son of Ignatius of Kingston, N. Y., b. 
there 1753, bp. Sep. 23, 1753 (m. July 22, 
1777, Ariantyc Winnc); son' of Peter of 
Kingston, N. Y., b. there about 1730 (m. 
Sep. 16, 1752, Maria Van Wagenen); son of 
IgCIiasof Kingston, N. Y., b. there 1701, 
bp. May 26, 1701(111. Nov. 13, 1725, Cath- 
arine, dau. of David Schuyler, mayor of 
Albany 1706-7, and Eliza Rutgers); son 
of John Baptist du Mond of Kingston, 
N. Y., b. about 1670 (m. Neeltye Van 
Vegten); son of Walrait of Kingston, N. 
Y., soldier in Netherlandish service, in the 
company of the director-general stationed 
at Kingston, Mar. 2S, 1660, member of 
Military Council Dec. 1, 1663(11,. Jan. 13, 
1664, Margriet Hendricks, widow of Arent- 
sen and had 5 children, viz.: Margriet, bp. 


Dec. 2.S, 1664,, bp. Mar. 13, 1667, 
|ohn Baptist, above, Fransina, bp. July 21, 
1674, Peter, bp. Apr. 20, 1679). 

1 burn, N. Y., b. at Burlington, Vi., 
Oct. 23, 1838, novelist, ornithological au- 
thor, heraldic artist, draughtsman, 1st lieut. 
of volunteers in U. S. army in war of re- 
bellion, associate member Amer. Ornitho- 

logists Union, 

>f G. A. R. (m. Di 

5, 1865, Helena Phillips, youngest dan. of 
Daniel Phillips [or Vlypse] and Anne 
Scofield of Fishkill, N. Y.); son of Sam- 
uel Root Rathbun of Auburn, N. Y., b. 
at 1'ittstield, Mass., July iS, 1S12, d. at 
Auburn, N. Y., Aug. 6, lSSS, prominent 
woolen manufr. (m. Sep. 12, 1836, Maty 
Leonard Ilawley, b. at St. Armands, Can- 
ada, Jan. 17, 1819, d. at Auburn Oct. 1, 
1870, youngest dau. of Andrew Ilawley 
and Urana Leonard of Arlington, Vt.); son 
of Sylvester Of Pittslield, Mass., b. there 
May 27, 178S, d. there Apr., 1848, itinerant 
preacher, sportsman and mason (m. 1S11, 
Apame, eldest dau. of Samuel, son of Col. 
Oliver Root of Rev. fame); son of .Tallies of 
Pittslield, Mass. (m. a Langworthy); son 
of Valentine of Pittsfield, Mass., elder in 
church, built cloth works near South Pond 
(Rathbun's Pond) in Pittsfield about 1 769, 
pastor Baptist Church 1772, elected to im- 
portant county congresses and to General 
Court, rep. to State Legislature 1777, joined 
Suciety of Shakers under Ann Lee 17S0, 
left them and resumed Baptist pastorate, 
moved from Pittsfield to Scipio, N. Y., 
about 1793. 

LEY of Meriden, Ct., b. at Goshen, 
Ct., Mai. 2, 1S40, physician, representative 
of town 3 years, mayor of city 2 years, 
author, editor, member 15 historical and 
scientific societies (m. 1870, Caroline E. 
Harris); son of Timothy Fisher Davis of 
Meriden, Ct., b. at Marlborough, Mass., 
Mar. 13, 1S10, d. at Meriden Feb. 24, 1S70, 
physician (m. Nov. 1, 1S32, Moriva Hatch); 
son of Fliphas of Springfield, Mass., b. 
there Aug. iS, 1775, d. there 1S67, engaged in 
China trade many years, afterward Metho- 

dist preacher (m. 179S, Eliza Frost); son of 
Aaron of Atlleborough,' Mass., b. at Con- 
cord, Mass., July, 1729 (m. 1756, Hannah 
Pond); son of Josiah of Concord, Mass., 
b. there 1700 (m. 1726, Abigail, dau. of 
Capt. Hubbard); son of Simon of Concord, 
Mass., b. there Oct. 12, 1661, d. there Feb. 
ii !7°3. physician (fn. Feb, 14, 16S9, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Henry Woodhousc of Con- 
cord, Mass.); son of Simon of Concord, 
Mass., b. 1636 (m. Dec. 12, 1660, Mary, 
dau. of fames Blood and niece of Capt. 
Blood); son of Dolor of Cambridge, Mass., 
b. in Kent, Eng., about 1600, d. at Cam- 
bridge Aug. 4. 1634 (in. 1624, Margery, 
dau. of Richard Willard of Kent, Eng.). 

HALSTEDJOHN F. of Pasadena, Cat., 
b. at Patcrson, N. J., June 15, 1857, 
moved to California 1886, dairyman (m. 
1S79, Kate A., dau. of F. DeWitt Clinton 
of Savannah, Cal., formerly of Paterson, N. 
J., and has son Richard C); ALFRED T. 
Daisied of Springfield, Mass., b. at Patcr- 
son, N. J., Apr. 13, 1S62; sons of William 
M. of Pasadena, Cal., b. at Hanover, N. J., 
May 10, 1824, pharmacist (m. Oct. 16, 1S50, 
Mary R. Thompson, 8th indesc. from Roger 
Williams through his dau. Mary [Williams] 
Sayles); son of David AY. of Paterson, N. 
J., b. at Hanover, N. J., May 26, 1786, d. 
at Paterson Nov. 8, 1S42, teacher, account- 
ant, surveyor (m. Nov. 29, 1S09, Harriet A. 
Miller, whose ancestors before the Revolu- 
tion resided at Miller's Place, L. I., op- 
posite New HavVn, Ct.); son of John of 
Hanover, N. J., b. July 12, 1754, d. at Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio, Mar. 17, 1841, an early set- 
tlei there (m. 1st, Sep. lb, 1781, Phebe 
Wade, m. 2d, Jan. 7, 1S23, Ann Marsh). 

DAVIS, WILLIAM T. of Plymouth, 
Mass., b. there Mar. 3, 1S22, lawyer, 
state senator, ex-president Pilgrim Society, 
author of "Ancient Landmarks of Ply- 
mouth " and histories of counties of Ply- 
mouth, Essex, Middlesex and Worcester, 
and towns of Plymouth, Newburyport, 
Marshtield, etc. (111. Nov. 19, 1*49, Abby 
Burr Hedge, dan. of Thomas and Lydia 
I Gardner] Hedge of Plymouth); son of 
William of Plymouth, Mass., b. there 


Apr. 20, 17S3, (]. (here Mar. 28, 1S24, 
merchant (in. Aug. 4, 1S07, Joanna, dan. of 
Gideon White of Shelburne, N. S., a native 
of Plymouth, and a capt. in Hritish army, 
desc. of Peregrine White of the Mayflower); 
son of William of Plymouth, Mass., b. 
there July 13, 175S, d. there Jan. 5, 1S26 
(m. Dec. 9, 17S1, Rebecca, dan. of Nathaniel 
and Rebecca [Jackson] Morton of Ply- 
mouth); son of Thomas of Plymouth, 
Mass.,b. at Albany, X. Y.,1722, bapt. Aug. 
26, 1722, d. at Plymouth Mar. 7, 17S5, 
moved there 1737 to be educated under care 
of Elkanah Morton (m. May 24, 1753. Mercy 
dan. of Barnabas and Mercy [Barnes] 
Hedge, the latter dau. of Wm. Barnes and 
widow of Samuel Cole); son of Thomas of 
Albany, X. Y., moved to North Carolina 
and d. there (m. about 1720, Catharine 
Wendell of Albany). 

nOWDRICK, JESSE C. of Ogdcnsburgh, 
V^ N.J., b. at Tom's River, N. J., June 
7, 1S59, telegrapher 14 years, author (m. 
Sep. 1, 187S, Jennie, dau. of Charles P. 
Tier of Jersey City, son of John Tier of 
New Jersey); has one brother: George M. 
Cowdrick; son of David of Tom's River, 
X. J., b. at Cedar Creek, N. J., July 13' 
1S31, stage-driver, hotel proprietor, farmer 
(m. Feb. 11, 1S5S, Abigail H., dau. of 
Noah, son of Edward Flinn of Xew York 
city); had brothers: Cornelius, John, 
Charles, Jesse, William, Henry and Joseph; 
son of Jesse of Tom's River, X. J., b. at 
Kingwood, N. J., Sep. 25, 1799, d. at Tom's 
River May 21, 1S57, tanner, hotel proprie- 
tor, and of stage lines carrying mails (m. 
Jan. 19, 1S26, Hannah Barkalow, 6th in 
desc. from Willem Janse Van Parkeloo, 
who came from Borkulo, prov, of Gclder- 
land 1657, through his son Dirck, who set- 
tled at Freehold. X. J.); had 2 brothers: 
Joseph and Alton; son of William of 
Kingwood, N. J., b. there Mar. 20, 1768, d. 
there Mar. 13, 1S00 (m. Sarah, dau. of 
Samuel Hall); had brothers: Joseph, Isaac, 
Samuel, Elnathan, John and Enoch; son of 
Jollil of Kingwood, N. [., b. 1741, d. at 
Kingwood Feb. 22, 1S1S, supposed to have 
come from Germany to America alone at 
about age of 14, served to credit of New 

Jersey in Rev. war, ensign in 2d and 3d 
legs, of Hunterdon co. militia (m. May 5, 
1763, Sarah Alton of Burlington co., N.J., 
and had 11 children), his name is spelled 
Condrick on marriage bond on hie at 
Trenton and Condrick on war records at 

1' phia, Fa., b. at Steubenville, Ohio, 
May 27, 1840,(111. Oct. 19, 1S75, Lizzie C. 
Stanton); son of William Pratt Breed of 
Philadelphia, b. at Grccnbusli, N. Y., Aug. 
23, 1S16, d. at Philadelphia Apr. 14, 1SS9, 
grail. Univ. of New York 1S43, Princeton 
Thcol. Scm. 1S47, D. D., pastor Steuben- 
ville, Ohio, 1847-56, pastor West Spruce 
Stieet Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, 
1S56-SS, and pastor emeritus till his death 
(m. Sep. 14, 1847, Rebecca Sharp Murray); 
son of Allen of Greenbush, X. Y., and 
Xew Hope, Fa., b. at Xew Ipswich, X. IF, 
Jan. 20, 1792, d. at Xew Hope Mar. 13, 
1S27 (m. Oct. 22, 1815, Joanna Fratl); son 
of Allen of Fultonvilloand Stafford, N. Y,, 
b. at Marblehead, Mass., July 14, 1759, d. 
at Stafford Apr. 2, 1042, served in Rev. 
army 1775-S0 (m. July, 1781, Lucy Taylor); 
son of Josiall of Lynn, Mass., b. there 
Dec. id, 1731, d. there Dec. 12, 17^0 (m. 
Dec. IS, 1755, Mary Breed); son of John 
of Lynn, Mass., b. there Oct. 10, 1689, U. 
there Apr. 17, 1774 (m. Jan. 2, 1717, Lydia 
Gotl); son of Allen of Lynn, b. there Aim. 
30, 1060 (m. May 22, 16S4, Eli/. Ballard); 
son of Allen Bread, b. in England 1626, d. 
at Lynn, Mass. (m. Mary); son of Allen, b. 
in England 1601, d. at Lynn, Mass., Mar. 
17, 1692, came with Gov. Winthrop 1630, 
his trunk and wallets are still preserved, 
was one of the founders of Southampton, 
L. I., but returned to Lynn (m. 2d, Mar. 
28, 1O56, Elizabeth Knight). 

J pelier, Vt., b. at Lebanon, X. IF, 
June 5, 1S01 (m. Jan. 15, 1S6), Julia Kel- 
logg Field, dau. of Chatlcs Kellogg Field 
of Xewfane, Vt.); sou of Xalliail of Leba- 
non, N. IF, b. at Hopkinton, X. IF, Mar. 
6, 1767, d. at Montpclier Dec. 29, 1S61, 
moved there 1807 (m. Dec. 10, 1793, Ruth 



Payne, b. ..1 Plaiufield, Ct., July 9, 1770, 
,| .it Montpclier April 28, 1S2S, dau. of 
lion. KIM,. 1 Payne of Lebanon, N. II., b. 
41 Canterbury, Ct., Mar. 7, 1730, d. at 
Lebanon July 20, 1807, grad. Yale Coll., 
moved lo N. II. 1774, lieut.-gov. of Vt., 
chief justice of Supreme Court); son of 
Hnijuiiiiu Jewett of Ilopkinton, N. II., 
desc. of one of the brothers Jewett of Row- 
ley, 1639. 

MILES, JAMES A. of Stryker, Ohio, b. 
. at Wilmington, N. Y., Nov. 17, 1S26, 
teacher, merchant, hotel-keeper (m. 1st, 
July 3, 1855, Wei.tha Butler, d. at Stryker 

I urn- 1, 1S02, age 24, dau. of John L. But- 
ler of Flyiia, 1.1. 2d, July 5, 1863, PhebeM. 
Lulher, dau. of Jonathan and Sarah [Wood | 
Luihcr);has five children: Lucy, Millie (m. 
Louis Rice, fanner), Mysta(ni. C. Herring), 
John, book-keeper at Omaha, and Albert, 
salesman in Nebraska; son of Jason of 
Wilmington, N. Y., b. at Pittsfield, .Mass., 
1 7<)S, d. at Wilmington 1S50, farmer, 
cooper (m. Hetsey Downing, dau. of Jona- 
than and lluldah of Randolph, Vt., and had 
«,ix children: John, Joseph, Moses, James, 
Fanny and Olive); had brothers John 
Stephen, Thomas and Samuel, and sisters 
Lucretia and Polly. 

U IN W1I» PI E, OSCAR of Orchard 
Grove, Ind., b. near Joliet, 111., Sep. 
2, 1845(111. Feb. 2, 1874, Mary Joan, dau. 
of Eli Marion Robertson, son of llcv.ekiah, 
son of Eli Robertson); he had live children: 
Marion Elmer, Joseph Perkins, Belle 
Irene, Edwin Lorraine and Edith Janette: 
son of John Wilson Dinwiddie of Orchard 
Grove, Ind., b. in Ohio Oct. 1, 1S13, d. 
at Orchard Grove Apr. 12, 1S61, contractor 
in early life, merchant at Crown Point, 
Ind., 1S47-52, settled on 3,700 acres at 
Orchard Grove 1S53 (m. Aug. 19, 1S44, 
Mary Janette Perkins, whose mother, 
Elizabeth Cook, d. aged 100J; he had seven 
children: Oscar, Jerome, Frances Rosalie, 
Henry, Mary, Edwin Willis and Mary 
Elizabeth; son of Th 0111 .IS of Hebron, Ind., 
b. Mar. 27, 1787, d. at Eagle Creek, Ind., 
Sep. 17, 1S62, served in War of 1S12 (in. 
Oct. 20, 1808, Mary Ann Wilson, b, July 

19, 1788, dau. of Robert and Mary Wilson, 
and had ten children: Maria, Susannah P., 
John W., David, Margaret J., Eliza A., 
Mary, Sarah A., Thomas P. and Harriet 
A.); son of David of near Hebron, Ind., b. 
July 25, 1755, d. Dec. 5, 1S23 (m. Jan. 27, 
177S, Susannah Patterson, d. Aug. 31, 
1S49, had nine children: Sarah, John, Jane, 
Thomas, Susannah, David, Mary, William 
and Margaret); son of DaYld, b. 1724, d. 
Dec. 19, 1803(111. 1st, Dec. 17, 1745, Jean 
McClure, d. June 22, 17S1, in. 2d, Nov. 20, 
1783, Elizabeth Kerr, d. Nov. 21, 1789, had 
nine children: William, Mary, John, David, 
James, Sarah, Hugh, William "and Nancy); 
he was the fifth David son of David in 

U Francisco, CaL, b. at Springfield, 
Mass., June 23, 1367, member of linn of 
Williams, Dimond & Co. (m. Oct. 24. 
1S8S, Harriet C, dau. of Albro J. Newton, 
q. v.); son of William Henry Dimond of 
San Francisco, CaL, b. at Honolulu, II. 
I., Nov. 11, 183S, grad. Oahn Coll., Hono- 
lulu, at commencement of Rebellion raised 
a company and offered its services lo Pies. 
Lincoln, which was not accepted owing to 
fear of international trouble, came lo U. S., 
volunteered, appointed capt. and asst. adj.- 
gen. of vols, on stall' of Maj.-Gcn. Rufus 
Saxon, served throughout the war, returned 
to Honolulu, removed u> San Francisco, 
on Gov. Perkins' stall, 1880, brig. -gen., 2d 
brigade, N. G. C, 1881, maj.-gen. 1SS7, 
member G. A. R.,dept. commander Loyal 
Legion, park coram. 3 years, supt. U. S. 
mint at San Francisco, 1890, member firm of 
Williams, Dimond & Co. (m. 1st, Sep. 12, 
1S61, Ellen Dickenson Waterhouse, b. at 
Ilobart Town, Tasmania, Apr. 14, 1839, d. 
May 6, 1864, at Honolulu, dau. of Thomas 
Waterhouse, b.' in Berkshire, Eng., May 
16, 1S16, a prominent merchant of the 
Hawaiian Islands, and dau. of Eleanor 
Dickenson, b. in Birmingham, Eng., Feb. 
14, 1S13, Ellen D. Waterhouse Dimond had 

2 sons, William W. of Honolulu [ni. Caro- 
line Iligley of Ceder Rapids, Iowa] and 
Henry W. of San Francisco, William Henry 
Dimond m. 2d, Jan. 10, 1S66, Ellen Woods 


Gray, b. at Enfield, Mass., Sep. 9, 1S44, 
S.ui Francisco Jan. 15, 1S90, dau. of James 
Harrison Gray; q. v.); son of Henry 
Dimond of Honolulu, II. I., b. at Fairfield, 
Ct., Sep. 17, 1S0S, attended Phillips Acad, 
at Audover, Mass., studied for ministry at 
Univ. of N. Y., was sent by Am. Hoard of 
Foreign Missions to the Hawaiian Islands, 
1S34, in business there since 1849(111. Nov. 
3, 1834, Ann Maria, dau. of Capt. Peter 
Anner of N. Y., b. 17S6, who m. Mary C, 
dau. of Win. Sims, who m. a dau. of James 
llile); son of Jesse Dimon of Fairfield, Ct., 
b. there Sep. 11, 1771, d. at Augusta, Ga., 
Nov. 1, 1S22, cabinet-maker, employing 
many men in Fairfield, afterward in Au- 
gusta, served in War of 1S12, as volunteer 
to help prevent the landing of the Kritish 
at Black Rock, Ct., he and his ancestors, 
except Thomas, spelled the name Dimon 
(in. Apr. 9, 1795, Bethiah, dau. of Henry 
Marquand, b. on Isle of Guernsey July 3, 
1737, d. at Fairfield July 12, 1772, who m. 
Lucretia, dau. of Isaac Jennings, who m. 
Phebe, widow of Capt. John Redfield); son 
of Daniel Dimon of Fairfield, Ct., b. there 
Mar. 20, 1747, d. there Sep. 6, 1808, buil- 
der, there are three houses built under his 
supervision still standing, he was a com- 
missioned officer in Rev. war (m. Dec. 6, 
1770, Lois, dau. of Ebenezer Bradley, b. 
Oct. 5, 1723 [m. Sarah Hull, b. May 10, 
1726, dau. of Eliphalet Hull and Sarah 
Barlow), son of Francis Bradley, b, May 
29, 1699 [m. Mary, dau. of John Sturges], 
son of Francis Bradley, b. about 1670 [m. 
Sarah Jackson], son of Francis Bradley, the 
first of the name in Fairfield); sou of John 
Dimon of Fairfield, Ct., b. there 1700, bp. 
Nov. 17, 1700, d. there May 4, 1764, ser- 
geant 1727, captain, inherited property 
from his father valued at ,£5, 140(111. May 
io, 1727, Elizabeth Wheeler, d. Feb. 8, 
17S6, aged 83); son of MoSCS of Fairfield, 
Ct., b. there Oct. 7, I&72. d. there Aug. 7, 
1748, lieut. 1709, captain 1712, deacon 1733, 
owned "property worth £15,600 (m. 1st, Jane 
Pinkney, m. 2d, Abigail Gilbert, m. 3d, 
Jane Hill); son of MOSCS of Fairfield, Ct., 
d. there 16S4, settled there 164S, bought 
the Purdy homestead, which remained in 
the family until 1852(111. Abigail, dau. of 

Gov. Andrew Ward of Fairfield); son of 
TllOUiaS Dimond, first of the name in 
America, settled at Pequonnock, near 
Fairfield, where he bought the Beimel 
homestead, mariner, lost his vessel by fire, 
d. at Fairfield 105S. 

VfEWTON, ALBRO J. of Brooklyn, N. 

1 > V., b. at Sherburne, N. V., Aug. 16. 
1S32 (in. Aug. 16, 1SO0. Delia A. Lewis, b. 
June 12, 1840, d. Aug. 3, 1S7S, had dau. 
Harriet C, who in. Edwin R. Dimond, q. 
V.); son of William Newton, b. at Col- 
chester, Ct., Oct. 15, 17S6, d. Aug. 3, .1879, 
one of the builders of the Erie and the 
Delaware and Hudson canals (m. Aug. 22, 
1810, Lois Butler of Wethersfield, Ct., b. 
Dec. 12, 1790, d. Feb. 6, 1885); son of 
Asliacl, b. at Colchester, Ct., June I, 175S, 
d. at East Hamilton, N. Y., May 30, 1834-, 
soldier in the Revolution, served under 
Anthony Wayne at storming of Stony Point 
(in. Feb. 19, 17S4, Versalle Booth, b. Mar. 
28, 1763, d. Mar. 28, 1S43, dau. of William 
Booth, who came from England and shortly 
after 111. Hannah, dau. of Benj. and Hannah 
[Wyatt] Chamberlain); probably desc. of 
Thomas Newton of Fail field, Ct. 

field, Mass., b. there Oct. 18, 1846, 
clerk of courts of Hampden co. since 1872 
(m. Nov. 27, 1872, Lizzie J., dau. of George 
G. and Pamelia [Ball] Cadwell); son of 
Ueor«e Bliss Morris of Springfield, Mass., 
b. there Nov. 12, iSi3,d. there July 7, 1S72, 
lawyer, clerk of courts of Hampden Co. 
1S52-72 (111. Aug. 23, 1842, Elizabeth La- 
throp, gt.-gr.-dau. of Rev. Joseph Lathrop 
of West Springfield); son of Oliver Bliss 
Morris of Springfield, Mass., b. at Wilbra- 
ham, Mass., Sep. 22, 1782, d. at Spring- 
field Apr. 9, 1S71, lawyer, county attorney, 
judge of probate (m. Sep. 15, 1813, Caroline, 
dau. of Hon. George Bliss of Springfield); 
son of Edward of South Wilbraham, Mass., 
b. at Woodstock, Ct., Dec. 12, 1750, d. at 
South Wilbraham Apr. 29, 1S01, soldier in 
Rev. war (m. Mar. 28, 1782, Lucy, dau. of 
Hon. fohn Bliss of Wilbraham); son of 
Isaac of Woodstock, Ct., and Wilbraham, 
Mass., b. at Woodstock Mar. 26, 1725, "d. 



ji VViiliraham Jan. io, 1778 (m. Oct. 18, 
174^. Sarah, dau. of Joseph Chalice of 
Wuo.Mo. k, Ct.); son of Edward of Wood- 
Mock, Ci., b. at Roxbury, Mass., Nov. 9, 
1633, d. .11 Woodstock Aug. 12, 1764 (m. 
I"i i-', I7'5. Birthia, dan. of Jonathan 
I'eake, Jr.). 

field, .Mass., b. Feb. 15, 1S19, physi- 
cian, killed in railroad accident at Nor- 
walk, Ct., Ma}- 6, 1853 (m. Rachel Capcn, 
dau. of Theophilus Capen, d. Sep., 1S24 
[in. Miranda Colton, dau. of Reuben Col- 
ton, 1). Apr., 1795, d. Apr. 2S, i860], son 
«>f Theophilus Capen, d. 1S3S-9, who in. 

Rachel Lambert, d. 1838-9); son of Har- 
rison Cray of Boston, Mass., b. 1794, d. 
Autf., 1S46, grad. Harvard Coll., member 
publishing firm of Hilliard, Cray A Co. of 
Boston (m. Apr. 26, 1S18, Clarissa East-, b. Aug. 3, 1703, d. May, 1868, dau. 
of Francis B. Eastman, b. Aug. iS, 1763, d. 
Dec. 17, 1812 [m. 17S5, Lovey M. Tuck, b. 
June 11, 1704, d. Sep. 13, 1S4S], son of 
h\hv. Eastman); son of James Cray (m. 
1785, Bethia Curtis); son of William Gray 
(m. 1753, Abigail Perry); son of Thomas 

BARNEY, EDWIN E. of New Bedford, 
Mass., b. at Swansey, Mass., Apr. 1, 
1827, counselor at law, adm. 1850, justice 
of peace 3S years, master in chancery 38 
years, judge-advocate 1866-75, lawyer (m. 
Apr. 15, 1S56, Mary, dau. of Zachariah 
Ililbnan, the ship-builder); son of Kd win 
of Swansey, Mass., b. there Oct. 4, 1804, d. 
there Mar. 25, 1830, sea captain 1825-30 
(m. July 4, 1825, Abby, dau. of Peleg 
Luther of Swansey); son of Mason of 
Swansey, b. there, d. there Apr., 1S6S, a 
noted ship-builder (m. Martha, dau. of 
Constant Smith, a native of New England); 
son of Jonathan of Swansey, Mass. 

HAMMOND, WILLIAM W. of Buffalo, 
N. V., b. at Hamburg, N. Y., Nov. 

4, 1831, 1st lieut. co. C, 67th reg., N. G. 

5. N. Y., in Civil war. farmer, justice of 
peace, lawyer, supervisor 10 years, Erie 
county judge 12 years (m. Sep. 24, 1S54, 

Amy A., dau. of Richard llurd, b. in Ver- 
mont, moved to Erie co., N. Y., about 
1830); son of Charles of Brant, N. Y., b. 
in Montgomery co., N. Y., Nov. 2, 1807, d. 
in Erie co. July iS, 1S75, farmer (m. Aug. 
19, 1S30, Clarissa Clark, b. in Bennington, 
Yt., d. at Brant, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1S44); son 
of Bernini (L of Hamburg, N. Y., b. in 
Montgomery co., N. Y., Feb. 16, 1784, d. 
at Brant in Jan., 1867, school teacher, sur- 
veyor (m. May 1, 1803, Ruth Lobdell, b. in 
Connecticut); son of l'aulof Montgomery 
co., N. Y., b. Dec. 27, 1757, said to have 
been b. in England, d. in Montgomery co., 
N. Y., Aug. 8, 183S, soldier in Rev.' war 
(111. 1780, Mary Fuller, b. at Easton, Mass., 
Dec. 14, 1763, d. at Concord, Fa., July 9, 

land, Me., b. at Gorham, Me., Sep. 
14, 1S65; son of Charles J. of Portland, 
Me., b. at Gorham Oct. 22, 1S41 (m. Mar. 
2, 1864, Sarah C, dau. of Lothrop L. and 
Mary J. Crockett of Gorham); son of 
Nathaniel of Gorham, Me., b. at Fal- 
mouth, Me., Dec. 4, 1S06, d. at Gorham 
Feb. 17, 1S71, farmer (111. Jan. 15, 1833, 
Lydia, dau. of Edward and Olive [Water- 
house] Anderson of Windham, Me.); son 
of Joshua of Falmouth and Poland, Me., 
b. at Falmouth June S, 1767, d. at Wind- 
ham Oct. 15, 1347 (m. July 25, 1794, Olive, 
dau. of Nathaniel Wilson, an officer in Rev. 
war, and Ann Huston); son of Ohadiah of 
Falmouth, Me., b. there Oct. 14, 1738(111. 
Lucy, dau. of David and Eliza [Win slow] 
Torrey); son of Gcorg'e of Falmouth, Me., 
b. at Kittery, Me., 1706, d. at Falmouth 
1776, major, selectman 1753-4, ollicer in 
old French war, ship-builder (m. Jan. 11, 
1726, Eli/.., dau. of George and Rebecca 
Frink of Kittery). 


Washington, D. C, b. at Massillon, 
Ohio, May 19, 1844, entered U. S. navy as 
midshipman 1S61, now commander (J. S. 
navy and chief of Ordnance Bureau; son 
of Robert Haswell Folger of Massillon, 
Ohio, b. in Berks co., Pa., 1S12 (m. 1834, 
Amelia Hayden); sou of Mayhew, b. in 


Nantucket, Mass., d. at Massillon, Ohio; 
son of William of Nantucket, b. there; 
sun of Abislia of Nantucket, b. there, jus- 
tice of peace, member of Legislature (m. 
Sarah Mayhew); son of Nathan, b. 1678, 
d. 1747 (m. Sarah Church); son of Eleazcr 
b. 1648, d. 1710, rep, to Gen. Court (m. 
Sarah Gardner); son of Peter, d. 1704, re- 
corder, etc., his youngest dan. was mother 
of Benjamin Franklin (m. 1644, Mary Mor- 
rell); son of John who came from England 
to Nantucket, 1635. 

Maiden, Mass., b. at Concord, Mass., 
Dec. 7, 1818, d. Mar. n, 1876, journalist, 
parliamentarian, correspondent of" Spring- 
field Republican," " Boston Journal " and 
" NewYork Tribune" under nom-de-plume 
of "Warrington," clerk of Mass. Ho. of 
Reps. 1S62-73, author " Warrington's 
Manual of Parliamentary Law " and many 
political pamphlets, clerk of Mass. Const. 
Conv. 1S53, rep. to (.Jen. Court 1852-3(111. 
Nov. 30, 1848, Harriet Jane Hanson, au- 
thoi of "The New Pandora" ami other 
books, dan. of Wm. and Harriet [Browne] 
Hanson, desc. of Thos. Hanson of Dover, 
N. 11., and Nicholas Browne of Reading, 
Mass., both early settlers of New England); 
had brothers ELBR1DGE GERRY Robin- 
son of Dedham, Mass., b. at Concord, 
Mass., June 27, 1805, editor and publisher 
of a weekly paper at Dedham 1837-54, 
free-soiler, reformer, temperance advocate 
(in. May 5, 1836, Martha Cogswell Froth- 
ingham, dau. of Nathaniel of Salem, Mass., 
b. 1776, who, in 1S06, m. Poll)' Whipple of 
Hamilton, Mass., b. 1777); BENJAMIN 
FRANKLIN Robinson, b, at Dunstable, 
N. II., Sep. 26, 1809, d. at Cleveland, Ohio, 
Robinson, b. at Dunstable, N. II., May 
31, 1S12, now a dentist at Jackson, Mich.; 
sons of William Robinson of Concord, 
Mass., b. there Apr. 21, 1776, d. there 
Dec. 12, 1S37, hatter, learned niauuf. of 
napped hats in Canada and made the first 
of the kind in their locality, member of 
Corinthian Lodge (m. Nov. 4, rSo4, his 
cousin Martha Cogswell, dau. of Lieut. 
Emerson and Eunice [Robinson] Cogs- 

well, desc. of John Cogswell of Ips- 
wich); sou of Jeremiah Robinson of Con- 
cord, Mass., b. at Littleton, Mass., Apr. 
4, 1742, d. at Concord July 16, 1S15, shoe- 
maker, served in Rev. war (m. Oct. 13, 
r767, Susanna, dau. of Emerson and Mary 
[Pecker] Cogswell); son of Jeremiah, b. 
at Exeter, d. at Westford, Mass., Oct. 19, 
1771, physician, bought a house in Little- 
ton, Mass., 1740, lived at Haverhill 1702-7, 
at Marlboro 1748-58(111. 1st, Lydiaand had 

had dau. Eunice who m. Lieut. Emerson 
Cogswell); son of John of Exeter, Mass., 
now N. II. , b. there Sep. 7, 1671, d. there, 
will proved July 7, 1749 (>•>• Mehitablc); 
son of Jonathan of Exeter, Mass., d. there 
Sep 10, 1070 (m. Elizabeth and had sons, 
David, John and other children). 

1- TON of Syracuse, N. Y., b. at Warren, 
Pa., Feb. 26, 1S42, pastor First Ward 
Presb. Church (m. June 27, 1872, Elizabeth 
Wight Van Duyn, b. at Mapleton, N. J., 
Oct. 28, 1848, youngest dau. of William 
and 1 Ian iet [Robinson I Van Duyn); son of 
William of Warren, Pa., b. there Mar. 21, 
1S0S, d. at Brunswick, III., Feb. 22, 1881 
(m. \uwc 3, 1833, Ann Elizabeth Ernst, dau. 
of John Christopher and Sybilla Amelia 
[Steinman] Ernst); son of Charles of War- 
ren, Pa., b. there Feb. I, 1701, d. there 
June 10, 1837 (111. Susan Smith, b. Sep. 24, 
1768, d. Sep., 1S14); son of Casper, b. in 
IJalten, Prussia, Apr. 11, 1724, d. Aug. 17, 
1808 (111. Mary Catharine Cline); son of 
Dicuricll, b. at Halten, Prussia, Feb. 2, 
169!), d. at Ephrata, Pa., Oct. ro, 1775, an- 
cestor of all of the name in America, came 
with his wife, Anna Margarette Hertz, from 
Prussia 1726, settled near Ephrata, Pa., his 
homestead in Prussia is still standing; son 
of Laboring of Halten, Prussia. 

Philadelphia, b. at Coventry, Pa., 
|une 17, 1841, served during Civil war, 
1S61-5, captain co. E, 14th Pa. cavalry, 
now asst. adj. -gen. with rank of lieut.-col. 
Pa. Nat. Guards, stock broker, member 
Phila. Stock Exch. since 1865, member 


Governor's Committee (m. Oct. iS, 1S70, 
Harriet I. Robbins); son of George Wash- 
ington North of Philadelphia, b. there 
Aiik- Hi '£03, d. ihere June 29, 1877 (m. 
Catharine Margaret Clemson); son of 
Caleb of I'hila., and Coventry, Pa., b. 
in I'cnn. 1753, d. at Coventry 1S40, officer 
In Rev. war. colonel Penn. line, president 
Cincinnati Society, sheriff of Pliila. 1819 
(m. l.vdi.i North); son of Roger (m. Ann 
Ramho); son of Caleb of Ireland, was 
lord licut. of Ireland (in. Jane Eckerly); 

I Roarer of New Castle, Crawford co., 

West Heath, I, eland, 1701. 

Dayton, Ohio, b. at Cincinnati, Ohio, 
l.iu. ;,, 1857, grad. Otterbein University 
1*77, A. M. 1880, student in law, professor, 
author, sapt. book dept. U. B. Pub. House, 
Dayton, Ohio(m. Aug. 15, 1SS2, Effic Jane, 
d.iu. of Ross Mitchell, prominent manu- 
facturer and capitalist of Springfield, Ohio); 
b. at Cincinnati, Ohio, Feb. 24, 1859, grad. 
Otterbein University 1S79, A. M. 1SS2, 
student in theology, book-editor U. B. Pub. 
House, first libr. U. B. Hist. Soc; LIN- 
COLN CHASE of New York city, b. at 
Dayton, Ohio, Apr. 23, 1S65, grad. Otter- 
bein University 1884, A. M. 18S7, secretary 
of Harlem Branch of the Y. M. C. A. of the 
city of New York; sons of William John 
of Dayton, Ohio, b. at Miamisburg, Ohio, 
Feb. 9, 1827, clergyman, missionary to 
Africa 1855, author, publisher, manager of 
United Brethren Pub. Mouse, Dayton, Ohio, 
1S64 to present, D.D. iSSo(declined), mem- 
ber of seven general conferences, of vari- 
ous boards, committees, etc. (m. Mar. 7, 
184S, Sarah, dau. of Daniel Berger, Sr., who 
emigrated from Pennsylvania to Ohio in 
183S); only son of Adam of Miamisburg, 
Ohio, b. in Lebanon co., Pa., Sep. 21, 1799, 
d. in Dayton, Ohio, Apr. 22, 1SS2, farmer, 
carpenter, cabinet-maker, postmaster, 
church trustee, etc., emigrated from Penn- 
sylvania to Ohio in 1805 (m. Aug. 15, 1S19, 
Hannah, dau. of Isaac Aley, who emigrated 
from Maryland to Ohio at the beginning of 
the century); youngest son of John Martin 
of Lancaster co., Pa., b. lune 20, 17=10, d. 

in German township, Mont, co., Ohio, in 
Feb., 1S29, farmer, large land-holder, 
church trustee, etc., emigrated from Penn- 
sylvania toOhioin iSo5(m. Margaret Eliza- 
beth Conrad); second son of Louis Henry 
of Lancaster co., Pa., b. probably in the 
Palatinate, Germany, Oct. 12, 1726, d. in 
Lancaster co., Pa., Feb. 25, 1775, landed 
in Philadelphia Sep. 19, 1732, farmer, 
large land-holder, church trustee, member 
of Com. of Inspection to support the Con- 
tinental Congiess 1774-75 (m. about 1756, 

Elizabeth ); eldest son of Daniel 

of Lancaster co., Pa., b. probably in France 
or the Palatinate, d. in Lancaster co., Pa., 
in May, 1777, farmer, land-holder, came to 
Philadelphia, Pa., with company of Palati- 
nates, Sep. 19, 1732, ancestry believed to be 
Huguenot, assisted in defense against the 
Indians in 1756(111. Mary Martha ). 

' York city, b. Aug. 7, 1S29 (m. 1st, 
1S50, Elizabeth, dau. of John S. Ellis of 
Jersey City, N. }., she d. Apr., 1S86, m. 
2d, Aug. 18, iSSS, Marion T., widow of R. 
Francis Fortescue and dau. of John O. 
Shea of Nenagh, Ireland); had 4 children: 
Margaret B., b. Sep. 5, 1S51 (m. A. V. II. 
Kimberly), John Ellis, b. Feb. 25, 1S53 (m. 
Feb. iS, 1S79, Nannie Vance), Helen L., 
b. Mar. 20, J.S64, d. in infancy, Robert B., 
b. Aug. 20, 1.866 (m. Apr. 7, 1890, Grace, 
dau. of Lorenzo G. Wooclhouse), Robert 
B. Roosevelt- is son of Cornelius Y. S., of 
New York city, b. Jan. 30, 1794, d. July 
17, 1871 (m. Margaret Barnhill of Phila., 
Pa., d. Jan. 23, 1S61); son of James I. of 
New York city, b. Oct. 25, 1759, d. Aug. 
13, 1S40 (m. Mary Van Schaick, b. Dec. 
23, 1 773. d. Fed). 3, 1S45); son of .laeolnis 
Roosevelt of New York city, b. there in 
Aug. 13, 1724 (m. 1746, Annetje Bogart); 
son of Johannes of New York, b. at Eso- 
pus, N. Y., Feb. 27, i6S9(m. 1708, Ililotje 
Siverts); son of Nicholas of Esopus, N. 
Y., b. at New York in Sep., 165S (m. Dec. 
9, 1682, Ilyllotje Jans); son of Klaas (1. e., 
Nicholas) MarteitSOll Van Roosevelt of 
New Amsterdam, b, in Holland, came to 
America with his wife Jannetje Samuels- 
Thomas in Aug., 1640); son of ill lit' till, 


rPEIIKY, JOHN TAYLOR of Tarrytown, 

J- N. V., b. at Hartford, Ct., Sep. 9, 1S22, 
merchant of New York city, and from 1844 
to 18S3, until Gov. Morgan's death, they 
were partners under name of E. D. Morgan 
& Co. (m. July 22, 1S46, Elizabeth Roe 
Peet, whose father was a merchant of New 
York and a native of Bridgeport, Ct.); son 
of Roderick of Hartford, Ct., b. at En- 
field, Ct., Mar. 2, 178S, d. at Hartford Fob. 
9, 1849, merchant in Hartford 40 years, 
president of Exchange Bank there 15 years 
(m. Oct. u, 1S14, Harriette, dau. of Rev. 
John Taylor of Deerfield, Mass., see Tay- 
lor lineage); son of Eliplialctof Enfield, 
Ct., b. there Dec. 24, 1742, d. there Nov. 
2, 1812, justice of the quorum 177S, rep. 
in Conn. Assembly 33 years, was speaker 
or president most of that time, judge of 
County Court 1798-1812 (m. Dec. 6, 1765, 
Mary Hall); son of Ephraim of Enfield, 
Ct., b. there Oct. 24, 1701, d. there Oct. 
14, 1733, lawyer (m. Sep. 13, 172S, Ann, 
dau. of Rev. Nathaniel and Alice [Adams] 
Collins, the latter dau. of Rev. \V. Adams 
who m. Alice, dau. of Gov. Win. Bradford 
of the Mayflower); son of Samuel of En- 
field, Mass., b. at Springfield, Mass., Jul> 
18, 1661, d. at Enfield Jan. 2, 1730-1, con- 
stable, selectman, ensign, captain, 1716 
(m. 1st, May 17, 16S2, Hannah Morgan, 
rri. 2d, Jan. 4, 1697-8, Martha, widow of 
Benj. Crane). 

POWERS, LEWIS J. of Springfield, 
Mass., b. there Jan. 15, 1S37, pics, and 
treas. of Powers Paper Co. and of Con- 
necticut River Paper Mills of Ilolvoke, 
Mass., mayor of Springfield 1S79-S0, was 
member of Governor's Council (m. Dec. 26, 
1S55, Martha, dau. of Freeman Sears Hangs 
of Springfield); son of George \V. of 
Springfield, Mass., b. at W. Brimfield 
1S02, d. at Springfield Apr. n, 1SS0 (m. 
Mar. 29, 1S27, Miriam Pierce); son of Eli 
of West Brimfield, Mass. (m. 1st, Eunice 
Shaw, m. 2d, Jemima Preston); son of 
Isaac of Brimfield, b. 1740 (in. Sarah 
Clark); son of Phineas of Hardwick, 
Mass. (m. Martha); son of Thomas, b. 
1667, large land-owner in Littleton, Well- 
ington, Hardwick, etc. (m. 1st, Elizabeth, 

m. 2d, Mary llarwood); son of Waller, b. 
1639, d. Feb. 22, 170S (m. Mar. 11, 1661, 
Trial Shepard). 

IVl dale, R. I., b. at Prov., R. I., Dec. 
12, 1870, journalist (m. Feb. 21, 1890, Mrs. 
Carrie Boss Thompson, dau. of. Robt. P. 
and Clara [Pearce] Boss); son of John 
Joseph of Providence, R. I., b. at North 
Berwick, Me., June 3, 1S34, clerk and 
grocer (m. Oct. iS, 1S65, Jane A., dau. of 
Richard and Jane A. [Roberts-Nesbitt] 
Longstreet); son of John of Providence, 
R. I., b. at Rochester, N. H., Nov. 3, 1797, 
d. at Prov. June 7, 1S60, farmer, grocer, 
iron founder, wool-goods merchant, minis- 
ter of Soc. of Friends (m. Sep. 4, 1S19, 
Mrs. Elizabeth [Hoag] Taber, dau. of 
Joseph and Iiuldah [Case] Hoag); son of 
Joseph of Sandwich, N. IL, b. at Dur- 
ham, N. II. . Nov. 14, 1753, d. at Sand- 
wich June 16, 1S20, carpenter, farmer 
(m. 1st, Aug. S, 1773, Abigail, dau. of John 
and Mary Field, m.2d, Mar. 18,1786, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Samuel and Mary Gould); 
son of Joseph of Rochester; X. IL, b. at 
Nantucket Oct. 24, 1719, d. at Roches- 
ter Jan., 1796, cooper, farmer (m. Mrs. 
Martha [Marshall] Appleby); son of Jo- 
seph of Durham, N. II. , b. there Apr. 10, 
16S1, d. thereafter 1759, carpenter, farmer, 
moved when young to Nantucket to es- 
cape depreciation of the Indians, married 
and had a large family there, returned with 
his sons Moses and Joseph to the original 
Meaderland of his grandfather, leaving his 
sons John and Nicholas and several mar- 
ried daughters on the island (m. Dec. 29, 
1703, Charity, dau. of Joseph and Mary 
[Swain] Nason); son of John of Durham, 
N. IL, b. there before 1660, d. there 1736, 
farmer, taxed in 1GS0 (m. 1st, Sarah Fol- 
lett, m. 2d, Elizabeth, m. 3d, Mrs. Agnes 
Clark); son of John of Oyster River now 
Durham, N. IL, b. in England about 
1630, d. at Oyster River after 1712, 
came to America about 1650, received 
land grant at Oyster River 1656, taxed 
1661, his garrisoned house was destroyed 
by Indians 1094 (in. about 1053, Abigail 


Worcester, Mass., b. at Enfield, Ct., 
June s, 1847 (in. Oct. 4, 1S71, Mary, dau. 
o( Dr.^earge and Josephine [Rose] Chand- 
ler); son of Alexander Hamilton Bui- 
lock of Royalston, Mass., b. there in Mar., 
1S16. d. at Worcester Jan. 17, 1SS2, LL. D., 
ipeakcr of Mass. llo. of Reps. 1SG1-5, 
forcrnoi of Mass. 1865^(111. Elvira, dau. 
of Col. A. G. Hazard of Enfield,, Ct.,pres. 
of Hazard IWder Co.); son of Kit fits of 
Royalston, Mass., d. there 1S57 (m. Sarah 
Davis of Rindge, N. 11.); son of Hugh of 
Royalston, 1). at Rehoboth, Mass., Aug. 
12. i;sl, (I. al Royalston Mar. 2, 1837 (in. 
Rebecca Davis); son of Hugh of Rehoboth, 
Mass., b. there Apr. 1, 1706(111. Dec. 20, 
17.13. Anna, dau. of Ebene/.er and Mehit- 
kble Cole of Swansey, Mass.); son of 
Khenezcr of Rehoboth, b. there Feb. 22, 
1676(111. Mar. 29, 1699, Sarah Moulton of 
Rehoboth); son of Samuel of Rehoboth, 
b. there Aug. 19, 1648, d. there Mar. 10, 
1718 (111. 1st, Nov. 2, 1673, Mary Thurber 
Of Swansey, d. (Jet. 4, 1674, ,n. 2d, May 
16, 1075, Thankful Rouse of Rehoboth); 
Wtl of Kiclianl of Rehoboth, Mass., b. in 
Essex CO., England, d. at Rehoboth Nov. 
22, 1CO7, one of the 58 landed proprietors 
of Rehoboth, bought the governor's lot, 
value /I'on, his name appears on the 
records of the town in 1643 and he came 
there with Roger Williams. 

LEV of "Grasmer 


-■re" near Lexing- 
ton, Ky., b. there Mar. 16, i30i, grad. 
Princeton Coll., Columbia Coll. Law Sch., 
member New York bar, president and 
prof, of history in Miami Univ. since iSSS, 
author, member various societies (m. 1st, 
Jan. 28, 1886, Sarah Lacy Brookes, m. 
2d, Aug. 28, 1890, Nellie Frances Tilton); 
his brother, BENJAMIN BRECKIN- 
RIDGE WARFIELD of Princeton, N. 
(., b. at Grasmere, near Lexington, Ky., 
Nov. 5, 1851, grad. Princeton Coll. 1S71, 
studied abroad, grad. Princeton Theol. 
Sem. 1876, prof, of New Testament Greek, 
etc., in Western Theol. Sem. 1878, prof, 
theology in Princeton 1SS7, editor " Pres- 
byterian Review," D. D. by Princeton 

Coll. 1SS0, author, etc. (m. Aug. 3, 187O, 
Annie Pierce Kinkead, dau. of George 
Blackburn Kinkead, a distinguished law- 
yer and politician of Lexington, Ky.); sons 
of William Warfield of "Grasmere," near 
Lexington, Ky., b. there May 30, 1S27, 
prominent in loyalty to Union 1850-70, 
captain U. S. army by Lincoln's special ap- 
pointment, author (m. Dec. 21, 1848, Mary 
Cabell Breckinridge, dau. of Rev. Robert 
J. Breckinridge, D. I)., LL. D., gr.-dau. 
of U. S. Senator and Atty.-Gen. John 
Breckinridge, also of Gen. Francis Pres- 
ton, gr.-gr.-dau. of C^n. Win. Campbell, 
the hero of King Mountain, and his wife 
Elizabeth (sister of Patrick Henry); son of 
Benjamin Warfield of Grasmere, b. near 
j Elkridge, Md., Feb. S, 1790, d. at Benve- 
nue, Ky., Oct. 27, 1856, lawyer, soldier, 
1 tician; member of Ky. Legislature, captain 
[ volunteers 1812 (m. Sally Caldwell); son 
of Elisha of Fayette co., Ky., b. in Md. 
I Nov. 29, 1741, moved to Ky. 1790 (m. 2d, 
i Ruth Burgess); sou of Benjamin of Md. 

I tm. Rachel Ridgley); son of John of Md. 

j (m. Ruth Gaither); son of Richard who 
came to America 1637 and settled at 
" Black Horse Tavern," nine miles west of 
Annapolis, Md. 

pOOK, JOSEPH of Ticonderoga, N. Y., 
V^ b. there Jan. 26, 1S38, grad. Harvard 
Coll. 1865, Andovcr Theo. Sem. 1869, 
studied and traveled abroad 1S71-3, lec- 
turer on relations of religion and science in 
America. Europe and India, etc., author, 
founder and editor-in-chief of "Our Day"; 
son of William Henry Cook of Ticon- 
deroga, N. Y., b. there Sep. 2, 1812, d. 
there Mar. 19, 1SS5; son of Warner of 
Ticonderoga, N. Y.; son of Samuel of 
New Milford, Ct., moved to Ticonderoga 
soon after close of Revolutionary war, and 
his property there has been in the family 
about 100 years. 

VAIL, HUGH DAVIDS of Santa Bar- 
bara, Cal., b. at Plaiulield, N. [., Apr. 
12, 1S18, teacher of mathematics at West- 
town Sch. in Pa. 1S3S-47, llaverford Coll. 
1S48-54, member of linn of R. D. Wood & 
Co. of Philadelphia, manufrs. of water and 


gas pipe 1859-67 (m. May 3, 1S71:, Miriam 
L. Vail, dan. of Benj. F., and 4th in desc. 
from Samuel of Westchester co., N. Y.); 
son of Nathan of Plainfield, N. J., b. near 
there May 3, 1777, d. there May 27, 1S57, 
hat muruif., farmer, elder in Society of 
Friends (m. June 27, iSoi, Anna Webster, 
dan. of Hugh, b. July 27, 175S, and 4th in 
desc. from William, who came to N. J. 
about 1685); son of John of near Plain- 
field, N. J., b. there Aug. 29, 1734, d. there 
Jan. 13, 1S14, farmer (m. Apr. 23, 1760, 
Catharine Fitz Randolph, dau. of Edward, 
b. Sep. 5, 1706, 4th in desc. from Edward 
of Barnstable, Mass.); sen of .John of near 
Plainfield, N. J., b. in Westchester co., N. 
Y., Apr. 21, 170S, d. near Plainfield May 
l l, 1 754, farmer (m. Dec, 1 731 , Margaret 
Laing, dau. of John, son of John, who 
came from Craigforth, Scotland, 1685); son 
of Samuel of Westchester co., N. V., b. 
Dec. 21, 167S, d. June 26, 1733 (in. Abi- 
gail)!,?) had 4 brothers: John, Daniel. Ar- 
thur and Thomas and two sisters, Martha 
and Mar)', John was a preacher among the 
Quakers. and ancestor of the Vails of Mor- 
ris co., N. J., and Nova Scotia, Arthur of 
the Vails of Troy. 

VAIL, BENJ. F., b. at Woodbridgc, N. 
J., Nov. 17, 1S03, d. at Rahway, X. 
I., Dec. 10, 1866 (m. Dec. 23, 1S30, Martha 
C. Parker, b. at Rahway Feb. 2, 1810, d. 
there Mar. 19, 1S51, dau. of Jacob, b. Apr. 
23, 177S, see Parker lineage); son of Benja- 
min, b. at Greenbrook Oct. 3, 1750, d. at 
Woodbridgc Oct. 6, 1820; son of John of 
near Plainfield, N. J., b. Apr. 21, 170S, 
whose ancestry has been given. 

PARKER, JACOB of Rahway, N. J., b. 
Apr. 23, 177S, d. at Rahway Aug. 

3, 1848 (m. May 24, 1S04, Patience Cook, 
d. May 31, 1827, dau. of Jesse Cook, b. at 
Shrewsbury, N. J., Aug. 12, 1749, m. Oct. 

4, 1774, Deborah [dau. Benj.] Woollcy); 
son of George of Shrewsbury, N. J., b. 
May 7, 1739, d. there Nov. 15, 1798 (m. 
Apr. 28, 1763, Martha Thorn, b. June 9, 
1742, dau. of Jacob Thorn, b. May 20, 
1700); son of (JeorgC, b. at Shrewsbury 
Dec. 24, 1703 (m. Mar., 1734-5, Elizabeth 

Laing, b. Dec. 11, 1707, dau. of John, son 
of John and Margaret Laing, who came 
from Craigforth, Scotland, 1685); son of 
Joseph, b. at Shrewsbury Aug. 2S, 167- 
(m. Apr. 2, 1(199, Elizabeth Lippincott, b. 
Nov. 29, 1677, dau. of Remembrance, b. 
Sep. 15, 1641, son of Richard Lippincott); 
son of Joseph, d. at Shrewsbury Oct. 18, 
1684 (in. Margaret). 

WEBSTER, HUGH, b. at Plainfield, 
N. [., July 27, 1758, d. at Norwich, 
Can., Mar. 19, 1834(111. May 29, 17S1, Sarah 
Moore, b. Aug. 31, 1764, d. Aug. 14, 1S42, 
dau. of Samuel, b. June 4, 1742); son of 
John, b. at Plainfield Apr. 22, 1718, d. 
there Sep. 29, I Soo (m. Jan. 24, I743~4. 
Anna Taylor, b. 172(1, d. May 20, [762); 
son of William, b. at Woodbridgc, N. J., 
Jan. 19, 1692-3 (m. May, 1717, Susanna 
Cowperthwaitc, gr.-dau. of Hugh of Flush- 
ing 1674); son of William of Woodbridgc, 
N. |., 1600 (m. Mary). 


Woodbridgc, N. J., Sep. 5, 1706, d. 
there May 26, 1750(111. Oct. 3, 1734, Phebe 
Jackson, b. May 3, 1712, dau. of James 
and Rebecca of Flushing, L. I.); son of 
Edward of Woodbridgc, N. J., d. Feb. 23, 
1760 (in. Catharine Hartshorne, b. May 2, 
16S2, d. Aug. 13, 1759, dau. of Richard, b. 
at Hathern, Lug., Oct. 24, 1641, came to 
Middletoun, N. J., 1669, d. May 17, 1722); 
son of Nathaniel, b. at Barnstable, Mass., 
May 15, 1642, d. at Woodbridgc Nov. 2r, 
1713(111. Nov., 1662, Mary, dau. of Joseph 
and Rose Holley); son of Edward, b, in 
Nottinghamshire, Eng., about 1614, came 
to New England 1630(111. at Scituate, Mass., 
May 10, 1637, Elizabeth, dau. of Elder 
Thomas Blossom of Plymouth, Mass., 1633). 

Mass., b. Sep. 19, 1815, grad. Am- 
herst Coll. 1S40, D. D., clergyman, editor, 
author, sec. of home missions and national 
Sunday-school work (m. 1st, June, 1845, 
Lucia Amanda Case, m. 2d, 1849, Eliza- 
beth A. Gate); son of William, b. at 
Thompson, Ct., 1773, d. 1S56; son of Noah, 
b. 1727, d. 17S4; son of Samuel, b. 1700, 



d. 1777; son of George, b. 1670, d. 175S; 

son of Robert, d. at Plymouth, Mass., 1707, 
his residence, built in 1679, ' s st >" stand- 
ing there; son of John of Salem, .Mass.,b. 
1609, d. 1692, came from Yarmouth, Eng., 
to Salem, Mass., 1637. 

York city, b. there Sep. 8, 1831, one 
of the originators of Union League Club 
and of Bar Ass'n of N. Y. city, judge of 
Superior Court 1882, president N. Y. State 
Bar Ass'n 1SS9, permanent chairman Ju- 
diciary Centennial Com. 1S90, vice-pres. 
Nat. Soc. of Sons of Am. Rev. and of State 
soc. of same and of Soc. for Prevention of 
Crime (m. Oct. 16, 1866, Pauline A. Browne, 
dese. of Robt. Hicks the pilgrim 1621); son 

of Gabriel Archibald Arnoux of New 

York city, b. at Vergennes, Vt., Jan. 19, 
1805, d. at N. Y. city Jan. 20, 1S55, mer- 
chant there 1S24-55, member of Lafayette 
Guard (m. May n, 1826, Ann Kennett, 
whose father was drowned when crossing 
Long Island Sound to join the American 
army); son of Joan 15. Arnoux of Ver- 
gennes, Vt., b. at Marseilles, France, came 
to America with Count de Rochambeau 
and was captain under him and wounded 
in the Amur. Revolution (m. after 1780, 
Mary Cecilia). 

ington, D. C, b. at Philadelphia, 
Pa., Nov. 22, 1S39, resided in Charlestown, 
Mass., 1S51-72, grad. S. B. llarv. Univ. 
Scientific Sch. 1861, civil engineer, U. S. 
Patent Cilice 1872-6, asst. to Prof. Simon 
Newcomb, the astronomer, supt. of Amur. 
Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac since 
1878, author of various genealogical and 
scientific works (in. Sep. 12, 1888, Eliza, 
dau. of Thomas Peters, gr.-dau. of Thomas 
Peters of Phila., and Rev. A. Cohen of 
Richmond, Va.); son of McKeau of U. S. 
navy, b. at Baltimore, Md., July 27, 1798, 
d. at Charlestown, Mass., Mar. 18, 1871, 
entered navy 1826, veteran of two wars, 
officer of frigate "Congress," destroyed 
1862 by the "Virginia," under command 
of his brother (afterward Admiral) Franklin 
Buchanan of the Confederate navy (m. 

July 1, 1834, Selina, dau. of Lieut. -Col. 
Isaac Roberdeau, U. S. A., gr.-dau. of 
Gen. Daniel Roberdeau of Rev. army, and 
gt. -gr.-dau. of Dr. Win. Shippen of the 
Continental Congress); son of George of 
Baltimore, Md., b. there Sep. 19, 1763, d. 
at Phila. July 9, 1808, M. D. Univ. of Pa. 
17S9, S. P. A. S. 1786, pres. Royal Phys. 
Soc. of Edinburg, Scotland, author various 
works (m. June 11, 17S9, Letilia, dau. of 
Hon. Thomas McKean, of the Continental 
Congress, chief justice and governor of 
Pa., signer of Dec. of Independence, presi- 
dent of Congress); son of AlldrCMV of Bal- 
timore, Md., b. there Oct. 22, 1734, d. 
there Mar. 12, 178b, presiding justice of 
Bait. CO., one of com. of correspondence 
1774, brig. -gen. of State troops 1776 (m. 
July 20, 1760, Susan, dau. of Alexander 
Lawson, one of the commissioners of Bait. 
1746); son of George of Bait., Md., b. in 
Scotland about 1098, d. Apr. 23, 1750, 
came to America 1723, M. D. (m. Eleanor 
Rogers, dau. of Nicholas, son of Nicholas 
of Md., who d. 1690). 

Boston, Mass., b. at Kittery Point, 
Me., March, 1831, in house built by Sir 
Win. Pepperell for his daughter who m. 
Col. Sparhawk, was named for Gov. John 
Went worth of N. II., whose wife was a 
Deering (in. Martha A. Fenn, dau. of 
Jasen Fenn of New Haven and New York, 
grand-dau. of Gen. Potter of Litchfield 
county, Ct.); son of Capt, Roger Deering 
of Kittery Point, Me. (m. Lucinda, dau. of 
Josiah Boston of York county, Me., first 
cousin to Hon. D. W. Couch, Boston); son 
of Capt. Roger Deering of Kittery, Me., 
of Revolutionary fame (111. Col. Gowen 
Wilson's sister and whose dau. m. Gen. 
Mark F. Wcntworth of Kittery, Me., an- 
other sister in. Major Mark Dennett of 
Kittery, a distinguished member of Con- 
gress from York co., who d. at age of 
97); connected by in. with Sir William 

Darlington, Md., b. in Harford 
CO., Md., May 29, 1840, school commis- 


A M E R I C A N A N C E S T R Y 

sioncr for Harford co. 10 years (in. Nov. 
ii, 1S69, Annie E. Silver); son of Dodd- 
ridge S. of Harford co. (111. 1S39, Eliza- 
beth A. Silver); son of Hugh of Harford 
co., d. 1S14, surgeon in War of 1S12 (m. 
Elizabeth Duncan); son of Hugh of Har- 
ford Co.; son of Michael of Harford CO., 
b. in county Antrim, Ireland, d. in Har- 
ford co., Md., 1762, a very large land- 
owner, came from Ireland about 1720(111. 

of Closter, N. J., b. at Enfield, N. 
V., Oct. 20, 1S39, taught school 1859-62, 
enlisted in co. F), 14th N. J. vols., served 
3 years, promoted to chief musician of regi- 
ment, adm. to N. J. bar 1S73 (in. Mar. 4, 
1873, Mary Frances White, b. at Closter, 
N. J., Oct. 29, 1S4S, gr.-dau. of Jonas 
White of Avon, Eng., and desc. of Albert 
Zabriskieof Bergen co., N. J., 1662, cousin 
of last King of Poland); son of Joel B. 
Harvey of Howell, N. J., b. at Enfield, N. 
Y., Nov. 21, 1813, d. at Howell Aug. II, 
1SS0, farmer, moved from Tompkins co., 
N. V., to Monmouth CO., N. [., 1S56 (m. 
1st, Ar/illa, dan. of Amos and Susanna 
Buck, she died 1847, in. 2d, Oct. 30, 1849, 
Elizabeth B. Hagerman, desc. of Barcnt 
llagerman, who came from Holland to L. 
I. 1659); son of ReithCHof Enfield, N. V., 
b. at Shrewsbury, N. J., May 12, 17S2, d. 
at Enfield June 25, 1S66, moved from 
Shrewsbury to Tompkins co., X. Y., 1806, 
cleared 320 acres there, drover 1S35-50, 
farmer, cattle dealer (in. May, tSo6, Lydia 
Bennett, b. at Shrewsbury, N. J., Jan. 9, 

1754, d. at Enfield May 23, 1862, desc. of 
Wilhelmus Bennett who came from Hol- 
land to N. Y. city about 1660); son of 
Thomas of Shrewsbury, b. there Nov. 17, 

1755, d. there Dec. 21, 1S11, iron smelter, 
afterward farmer and fisherman (m. Jan. 
lu . 1775, Eli/. Sutton, b. at Shrewsbury 
Dec. 13, 175S, d. at Enfield Apr. 6, 1S36, 
whose-parents came from New Hampshire 
to Monmouth co., N. J.); son of Robert 
of Shrewsbury, N. J., b. in Suffolkshire, 
Eng., 1720, d. at Shrewsbury 17S0, emi- 
grated 1740, with brother Samuel and sis- 
ters Margaret and Hannah (in. 1st, 1743, a 

Drummond, m. 2d, 1764, Hannah While); 
son of Robert of Suffolkshire, Eng., sup. 
near Bramfield. 


A cord, N. 11., b. at St. Johnsbury, Vt., 
Dec. 19, 1S32, grad. Dartmouth ("oil. 1856, 
Andover Theol. Sein. 18 = 9, ordained at 
Milford, N. 11., 1SO1, installed at Concord 
1S67, D. D. from Dartmouth 18S7 (in. 
May 30, i860, Mary E., dan. of Hon. 
Moses Kittridgeand Caroline Lord); son 
of Nathan of Concord, N. 11., b. at St. 
Johnsbury, \'t., Eeb. II, 1S05, shoe manuf. 
(m. Mar. 6, 1832, Phila Ann Ilallett, dan. 
of Gideon Ilallett and Lydia Hall of Cape 
Cod); son of John of Si. Johnsbury, Vt., 
b. at Haverhill, Mass., Jan. 29, 1767, d. at 
St. Johnsbury Nov. 9, 1S54, farmer, early 
settler of St. Johnsbury (m. Mar. 4, 1790, 
Polly Silver); son of James (?) of Haver- 
hill. Mass. 

Lebanon, Pa., b. at Sunbury, Pa. 

17, attorney at 

ierved in 

war of Rebellion, attaining rank of colonel 
and bvt. brig. -gen., member of Pa. Senate, 
brig. -gen. of Pa. Nat. Guards, grand-mas- 
I ter of Knights Templar (111. Oct. 25, 1S65, 
I Annie M. Howe, dau. of Charles Howe, 
I b. in Massachusetts, collector of port of 
Ley West, Ela., many years); son of Sam- 
uel Shoemaker Gobin of Lebanon, Pa., 
b. at Sunbury, Pa., Aug. 5, 1812, wagon- 
maker and contractor at Sunbury many 
years (m. Apr. 15, 183G, Susan A. Shindel, 
dau. of Rev. J. P. Shindel of Lebanon).; 
son of Edward of Sunbury, Pa., b. at 
Shoemakerville, Pa., Oct. 28, 17S1, d. at 
Sunbury May 14, 1851, served in War of 
1S12-4, contractor, surveyor (in. Apr. 17, 
1806, Susan Shoemaker); son of Charles 
of Sunbury, Pa., served in Rev. war as 
captain of co. B, 6th Pa. reg. (m. Ann 

lege Hill, Ohio, b. at Marlborough, 
Vt., July 16, 1S27, librarian of Young 
Men's Mercantile Library of Cincinnati (m. 
June 1, 1861, Lavinia Murdock Graham, 



dan. of George Graham of Cincinnati); son 
of Fphraiiu Holland Newton of Marlbor- 
ough, \ r t., and Glens Falls and Cambridge, 
N. Y., h. at Newfane, Vt., June 13, 17S7, 
d. at Cambridge Oct. 26, 1S64, Presby- 
terian minister, educated at Middlebury 
Coll., Vt., studied at AndoverTheol. Sent, 
(in. I.111. 21), 1S15, Uuldah, dan of Gen. 
Timothy Fuller Chipman of Shoreham, Vt., 
disc, of John Howland the pilgrim); son 
of Marshall of Newfane, Vt., b. at Shrews- 
bury, Mass., Jan. 13, 1757, d. at Newfane 
Dec. 15, [S33, private in Rev. army 7 years 
(in. 17S6, Lydia Newton, a distant relative); 
son of Marshall of Shrewsbury, Mass., b. 
there Aug. 29, 1729, lieut. in Col. Wil- 
liams' reg. in French war 1756, was with 
him when he fell in battle at Lake George 
(m. Eunice, widow of Daniel Howe, dau. 
of Win. Taylor); son of Obadiah of Shrews- 
bury, Mass., b. at Marlborough, Mass., 
1702; son of Thomas of Marlborough, 
Mass., b. 1674 (in. 1698, Record Ward); 
son of John, b. in Sudbury, Mass., Aug. 20, 
1641 (in. 1666, Elizabeth); son of Richard, 
b. in England, d. at Marlborough, Mass., 
Aug. 14, 1 701, aged almost too (in. Anna). 

DU HOIS, PATTERSON of Philadel- 
phia, Pa., b. there Oct. 10, 1847, en- 
tered assay dept. of Philadelphia mint Jan. 
I, 1867, assistant assayer iS32, resigned 
Oct. 1, 1SS6, to become assistant editor of 
The Sunday School Times, he is a curator 
of the American Philosophical Society, fel- 
low of the American Association for Ad- 
vancement of Science, corresponding mem- 
ber of the American Archaeological and 
Numismatic Society of New York, author of 
various papers pertaining to numismatics, 
coinage, biography, English orthography, 
and was one of the contributors to and 
editors of the DuBois Re-Union volume 
(m. Oct. 28, 1S75, Clara, dau. of Dr. Jesse 
C. Green of Chester co., Pa., Quaker stock, 
originally English); son of William Ewillg 
of Philadelphia, \>. at Doylestown, Pa., 
Dec. 15, iSio, d. at Philadelphia July 14, 
1SS1, admitted to bar 1S32, entered mint as 
director's clerk 1S33, assistant assayer 1S36, 
assayer 1S72, member, honorary and active, 
in various learned societies, author of works 

on genealogy, several standard works on 
numismatics, minting and metrology, be- 
side numerous technical as well as popular 
tracts and articles celebrated for their clear, 
concise and engaging literary style as well 
as scientific accuracy, regarded by numer- 
ous ollicial and friendly correspondents as 
a master in epistolary writing, the collect- 
ing and arranging of the mint cabinet was 
chiefly his conception and labor, he was a 
singularly pure and elevated Christian 
character (m. Oct. 14, 1842, Susanna, b. 
at Philadelphia Feb. 17, 1810, d. May 26, 
1S90, dau. of Adam and Margaretta [HaushJ 
Eckfeldt, he b. at Philadelphia June 15, 
1769, son of Jacob, who came from Ger- 
many to America 1765 (?), manufactured the 
first screw coining press for the U. S. mint, 
became a regular employee there as early 
as 1795, assistant coiner Jan. r, 1796, chief 
coiner Feb. 15, 1S14, until resignation 1S39, 
after which he continued for some years to 
visit the mint and give assistance without 
remuneration, d. Feb. 6, 1852); son of Rev. 
Uriah of Doylestown, Pa., b. in Salem co., 
N. J., Feb., 1768, d. at Doylestown Sep. 
10, 1821, grad. Univ. of Pennsylvania 1790, 
ordained 1798, pastor (Presbyterian) at 
Deep Run and Doylestown, principal of 
L T nion Acad, and clerk of Orphans' Court 
(m. June 20, 179S, Martha, dau. of Robert 
Patterson, LL. D., he, third of the name, 
Scotch-Irish blood, assistant surgeon and 
subsequently brigade-major in the Revolu- 
tionary army, in which he served three 
years, 35 years professor of mathematics in 
the Univ. of Pennsylvania, president of 
Select Council, Philadelphia, 1799, director 
of U. S. mint 1805-1S24, secretary Ameri- 
can Philosophical Society during the presi- 
dency of Benjamin Franklin, and subse- 
quently filled the president's chair, suc- 
ceeding Franklin, Rittenhouse, Jefferson, 
and Wistar. author of works on arithmetic, 
astronomy, and of various scientific papers 
published in the Philosophical Society's 
Transactions [m. May 9, 1774, Amy Hunter 
Ewing, a sister of Dr. Thomas Ewing, who 
as a surgeon in our Revolutionary army, 
wore a sword presented to his gt.-gr. -father- 
by William of Orange for distinguished 
I bravery at the battle of Boyne-Water, she, 



fifth in descent from Thomas Maskcll and 
Bithia Parsons, early Connecticut settlers 
from England, and Thomas Stathem and 
Ruth Udell from England]); son of 1'eter 
of Pittsgrove, N. J., b, there Apr. 10, 1734, 
d. there Aug. 21, 1795, captain in Rev. war 
(m. 1758, Amey, dau. of Jeremiah and 
Sarah [Blackmail] Greenman, and gr.-dau. 
of Ebenezer, son of Adam Blackmail, who 
came from England in 1639 to Stratford, 
Ct.); son of Louis of Pittsgrove, N. J., b. 
at Hurley, N. Y., Jan. 6, 1695, d. at Pitts- 
grove 17S4, moved to Salem co., N. J., 
about 1720, owned about 1,091 acres (111. 
May 22, 1720, Margaret Jansen); son of 
Jacob of Hurley, N. Y., b. at Kingston, N. 
Y., Oct. 9, 1661, d. at Hurley June, 1745 
(m. Gerritjc, dau. of Gerrit, son of Corne- 
lius van Nieuwkirk, b. about 1600); son of 
Louis of New Paltz and Kingston, b. at 
Wicres, in province of Artois, Prance, Oct. 
23, 162b, d. at Kingston, N. V., June, 1696, 
was a Huguenot, known as Louis de Wall, 
or Louis the Walloon, refugee to America 
1660, his gun, oak chest and armorial sauil" 
box are still in the family, was a magistrate 
of the town of Hurley, his first place of resi- 
dence after landing in America, leader of 
12 patentees who purchased a tract from 
the Indians, of which the point on the 
Shawangunk, now known as "Sky-top" 
was a boundary mark, the tract included 
part of the present townships of New Paltz, 
Rosendale and Esopus, ami the whole of 
Lloyd, fust elder of the French church at 
New Paltz, the record of which is still 
extant in his handwriting, the twelve paten- 
tees, or " Duzine," were the undisputed 
civil government centered at New Paltz for 
more than a century (m. Catherine Blancon 
or Blanshan, Oct. 10, 1655, at Mannheim 
in the Palatinate of the Rhine, German)'); 
son of Chretien, designated in the record 
of his son's marriage at Mannheim as the 
deceased Chretien du Bois, resident of 
Wicies, b. perhaps about 1600. Mons. C. 
DuBois Gregoire, U. S. Consul, says that 
Wicres has a population of 300, and that 
many farmers in the vicinity have pointed 
out to him the farm which the tradition of 
the country recognizes to have belonged to 
the DuBoises. The obliteration and de- 

struction of all Protestant family records in 
France, carried into effect by order of Louis 
XIV, who at the time of the du Bois ex- 
patriation was King of France, have ren- 
dered it impossible for the descendants of 
Huguenots to trace their family records in 
that country beyond the time of that mon- 
arch; and especially so, if they were in any 
way allied to a noble family and in a possi- 
ble line of succession to the estate. Not 
only were their lands and goods confiscated, 
but their very names were erased or torn 
out in baptismal and genealogical registers. 
Accordingly, the archivists have found the 
records of the canton of La B. issue, and in 
the village of Wicres, torn or cut or other- 
wise mutilated where the Christian names 
occurred. M. DuBois Gregoire shows that 
the Wicies register is mutilated at the spot 
of the Christian names of the eldest sons 
of Chretien du Bois, of whom our hist 
American ancestor was a son. The infer- 
ence is unmistakable. But in the eleventh 
century surnames were first assumed as 
distinctive marks of nobility. And all 
family surnames which can be traced prior 
to the thirteenth century are of noble 
origin. The name du Bois is of feudal 
origin and is one of the oldest if not 
the most ancient patronymic which has 
descended unchanged to this time. The 
authors of the " Maison Royale de 
France" speak of the family du Bois 
as "Grand Masters of the Forests of 
France." The records in the royal library 
of Paris trace lines of descent from Geoff- 
roi du Bois, a Knight banneret under 
William the Conqueror, and Anselme and 
Dufourney attribute a common origin to 
the families of du Bois and Pierrepont, in 
Macquaire du Bois, Count de Roussy in 
mo, whose ancestor built the Castle de 
Roussy in 948 and added this title to his 
patronymic. The Castle de Roussy was 
situated in Artois, where, some suppose, 
the name du Bois to have originated, 
although others trace its origin to Nor- 
mandy. It was evidently an old name in 
Neustria, before the time of Rollo. All 
authorities on historic genealogy concur in 
the belief that the ancient families of this 
surname have a common origin. There is 



reason 10 believe that the Chr6tien afore- 
said was son, or near relative of Pierre, 
Seigneur of Fontaines Morau, whose son 
Louis was lieutenant-general of the armies 
.if the king; Pierre's father was Antoiiic, 
king's councillor and ambassador in the 
Pays Has, or Netherlands; son of Astrc- 
Dioilie, a Protestant, who afterward re- 
nounced his faith, and in 15S4 was restored 
10 his nobility and was declared to be 
descended by ancientry or dignity of birth, 
from "la maison du Hois en Artois;" son 
of Jean, king's councillor and controller- 
general of the finances (m. Oct. 17, 1403, 
the niece of the chancellor of France); son 
of Jean, Seigneur de Fontaines, maitic 
d'hotel of Charles VIII, d. 1507. This 
record appears under the head of du Bois 
de Givri and du Hois de Leuville and is 
continued down to 1761. Had Chretien 
renounced his faith as did Astremoine, we 
should doubtless have had the linking kept 
intact with this " Mouse of du Bois in 
Artois," as it is from this original stock 
(hat all collateral branches in Artois de- 
duce their origin; whether the original 
seat of the family was Artois or Normandy 
all ancient du Hois families who were 
entitled by nobiliary right to spell their 
name with a capital B have a common 
origin prior to the eleventh century. In 
feudal times the surname could not belong 
to two families without the addition of an 
agnomen, of which there are many exam- 
ples in France and Belgium. 

U Utica, N. Y., b. there Mar. 16, 1S32 
(in. April 4, 1S61, Harriet Louisa, dau. of 
Hon. John Butteriield of Utica, b. Nov. 
i3, 1S01, d. Nov. 14, 1S69); had brother 
Sep. 26, 1S26, one of the first to volunteer 
in co. A, 14th reg. N. Y. S. vols., was soon 
promoted to orderly-sergeant, served as 
one of the color guard, died in service Oct. 
30, 1S62; sons of Sllllbael of Utica, N. Y., 
h. at Mansfield, Ct., Dec. 13, 1778, d. at 
Utica July 29, 1847, moved there 1S03 
(m. Oct., 1S20, Chloe Bishop Makepeace 
of Norton, Mass.); son of Ebcnezer of 
Mansfield, Ct., b. there Aug. 26, 1774; son 

of Josiah of Mansfield, Ct., b. there Mar. 
25, 1721, d. there Aug. 9, 1796 (m. Nov. 9, 
1743, Mary Sargent); son of Thomas of 
Mansfield, Ct., b. at Barnstable, Mass., 
Oct. 27, 16S6 (in. Mar. 14, 170.8, Mehitable); 
son of Samuel of Mansfield, Ct., b. at 
Sutton-cum-Lound, Nottinghamshire, 
Eng., Nov., 1640, d. at Mansfield, Ct. , Apr. 
30, 1719 (m. 1st, Dec. 6, 1666, Mary Iluck- 
ins, m. 2d, Dec. 14, 16S5, Esther Egard), 
came to Barnstable, Mass., 1663, moved to 
Mansfield 169S, ancestor of most of the 
name in America, 

Q2HTH, HENRY ALLEN of Hrooklyn, 
O N. Y., b. Nov. 10, 1S47, merchant, 
member New York Produce Exchange, 
on Trade Committee, compiler " Gen. 
His. of Descendants of Rev. Nehemiah 
Smith, 1605-1888," which see p. 233 (m. 
Sep. 5, 1S71, Sarah Augusta Benedict, dau. 
of Frederick Wolcott and Susan De Forest 
[Squires] Benedict, see Benedict Gen., ed. 
1S70); son of William Edward of Ston- 
ington, Ct., b. June 2, iSii, d. Aug. 13, 
18S6, merchant, Brooklyn, N. Y., many 
years member New York Produce Exch. 
(m. 1st, Aug. 10, 1S34, Sophia Gallup, 
dau. of Benadam and Cynthia [Fish] Gal- 
lup, desc. of John Gallup, New London, 
1651, in. 2d, Oct. 22, 1S40, Lydia Maryott, 
dau. of Henry and Frances [Stanton] 
Maryott, desc. of Samuel Maryott of New- 
port, R. I.); son of Edward of Groton and 
Stonington, Ct., b. March 28, 1760, d. 
[une 25, 1S11, ship-builder, represen- 
tative, held various town offices (m. 1st, 
May 10, 17S1, Elizabeth Grant, dau. of 
Alexander Grant of Scotland and Abigal 
Chesebrough of Stonington, m. 2d, Oct., 
1S09, Phebc Moore, widow of Joseph Par- 
ker Wickham, dau. of Dr. Micah Moore 
and his 2d wife, the widow Abigal [Hemp- 
stead] Ledyard, all of Southold, L. I.); son 
of Oliver of Groton and Stonington, 
Ct., b. April 27, 1739, d. Aug. 1, iSii, 
ship-builder, lieut.-col. Sth reg., Conn, 
militia, 1777 (m. 1st, April 5, 1/59. Mal 7 
Denison, see Desc. George Denison, 
ed. 1SS1, p. 1S0, m. 2d, Mary Noycs Eg- 
gleston, id ch. by 1st wife, none by 2d); 
son of Nathan of Groton, Ct., b. Sep. 16, 



1702, d. Dec. 4, 1784, held various public 
ollices (m. Mary Denison Dec. 5, 1723); 
son of Neliemiali .'5(1 of Groton, Ct., b. 
Nov. 14, 1673, d. Nov. 21, 1724, towns- 
man 1712-14 (m. April 22, 1696, Dorothy 
Wheeler, dau. of Isaac and Martha [Park] 

Wheeler); son of Neliemiah 2d of New 

Haven and Groton, Ct., b. 1646, d. 

Any. S, 1727, owned large tract of land 
Niantic, Ct., justice for New London 
co. 1698, town clerk Groton 1707-18, 
representative Gen. Assembly 1705, con- 
tinued to 1716(111. 1st, Oct. 24, 1669, Lydia, 
dau. Alexander Winchester of Roxbury, 
Mass., m. 2d, Sep. 7, 1724, Elizabeth 
Haynes, widow); son of Nchomiah 1st of 
England, b. about 1605, caine to Plymouth, 
Mass., 1637, first religious teacher, Marsh, 
field, Mass., res. Stratford, New Haven, 
New London, Groton and Norwich, Ct.. 
where he d. 16S6 (m. Jan. 21, 1639-40, 
Sarah Anne Hourne of Mansfield, dau. of 
Thomas and Elizabeth Bourne). Bourne 
Homestead still in family (1S90), Smith 
Homestead, Groton, Ct., still in family 
(1653-1890). He had a brother John from 
England, res. Boston and New London, 
m., no ch., also a nephew Edward, from 
England, descendants at Franklin, Ct., 
Family coat of arms indicate desc. from 
Rt. Rev. Dr. William Smith, b. Prescot, 
county of Lancaster, 1460, bishop of Lin- 
coln, and with Sir Richard Sutton was 
the founder of Brazenose College, Oxford. 

apolis, Ind., b. at North Bend, Ohio, 
Aug. 20, 1833, grad. Miami Univ. 1S52, 
brig. -gen. of vols, in Civil war, U. S. sena- 
tor 18S1, president of U. S. 18SS; son of 
John S., b. at Vincennes, Ind., Oct. 4, 
1804, d. near North Bend, Ohio, May 26, 
1878, congressman 1853-7; son of William 
Henry, b. at Berkeley, Va., Feb. 9, 1773, 
d. Apr. 4, 1841, president of the United 
States (m. Nov. 22, 1795, Anna, dau. of 
John Cleves Seymour); son of Benjamin 
of Berkeley, Va., b. 1726, d. Apr., 1791, 
governor of Virginia (m. Elizabeth Barrett, 
gr.-dau. of Wm. Bassett of Governor's Coun- 
cil of Va.); son of Benjamin of Berkeley, 
Va., member of House of Burgesses, sher- 

iff of Charles City county (m. 1722, Anne, 
dau. of Rev. Robert Carter, known as King 
Carter of Virginia); son of Benjamin of 
Berkeley, Va., d. Apr. 10, 1710, atty.-gen. 
of Va., speaker of House of Burgesses (m. 
Elizabeth Burwell, gr.-dau. Major Lewis . 
Burvvell); son of Benjamin, b. in South- 
wark parish, Va., 1645, d. Jan. 30, 1712-3, 
member Governor's Council ; son of Benja- 
min, d. about 1649, clerk of Council of 
Va., member of House of Burgesses 1642. 

J apolis, Ind., b. at Lexington, Ind., 
Nov. 3, 1S51, chairman Democratic County 
Committee 187S, pres. Young Men's Demo- 
cratic Club 1S79, member Ind. House of 
Representatives 1878-9, representative in 
Congress from 7th Ind. dist. 1883-4, pres. 
Indiana Soc. of Sons of American Rev., au- 
thor of " Letters from Europe, Egypt and 
the Holy Land" to Indianapolis Sentinel; 
son (and only child, except Rose E. Walling, 
a daughter) of William II. of Indianapolis, 
b. at Lexington, Ind., Aug. 27, 1S22, sec. 
of convention that framed the present con- 
stitution of Ind. 1850-1, speaker of Ind. 
House of Representatives 1852, represen- 
tative in ('(ingress from 2d Ind. dist. S 
years, Democratic candidate for vice-pres. 
1SS0, Hancock and English, regent Smith- 
sonian Institute, pres. Ind. Historical Soc, 
author of Legislative and Constitutional 
History of Ind., etc. (m. Nov. 14. 1S47, 
Emma M., dau. of John F. Jackson and 
Elizabeth Butler Grigsby of Va., grand- 
dau. of George King, a soldier in Rev. war); 
son of Elislia di. of Lexington, Ind., b. in 
Greene co., Ky., Mar. 23, 179S, d. at In- 
dianapolis Nov. 14, 1S74, emigrated to 
Ind. 1S1S, became a prominent Democratic 
politician, sheriff of Scott Co., U. S. mar- 
shal for Ind. and member of Ind. Legis- 
lature, House and Senate, 17 years (m. Nov. 
9, 1S19, Mahala, dau. of Lieut. Philip 
Eastin, an officer of 4th Va. regt. during 
the war of Rev., her maternal grand- 
father, Capt. Charles Smith, served under 
Washington in the Braddock wats being 
severely wounded, and her maternal gt.- 
grand-father Colonel John Ilite was the 
eldest son of the celebrated Joist Hite, 



trim, iii 1732, settled the first colony 
in the valley of Virginia); son of Elislia 
of Trimble county, Ky., born in Sussex 
t<>.. Del.. March 2, 176S, d. at Louisville, 
Kv , March 7, 1S57, one of the pioneers of 
Kv., removing there from Del. 1790, where 
he remained until 1830, when he removed 
lo Canollton, 111., where he and his wife 
kfc buried, tiny lived together as man and 
wife fur 60 years (m. Dec. 10, 1788, Sarah, 
tUu. of Revel Wharton, capt. of an Ameri- 
can privateer in war of the Rev., who was 
captured by the enemy and d. on board a 
British prison ship, refusing to secure his 
release by taking the oath of allegiance to 
the British crown); son of James of Sus- 
•c» cu., Del., b. in Delaware 171S, d. there 
IS04, his home was near Laurel, Del., a 
few miles from the Md. line, and his life 
was spent about this border line where he- 
was b., lived, d. and was buried (m. 1st, 
Amy Waller and had six children besides 
Elisha, above, her father emigrated from 
Eng. to Del., m. 2d, Priscilla Collins and 
had live children); son of James, b. in 
England, d. in Delaware, he emigrated to 
Delaware from England before 1700, he 
had another son, Cornelius, and three dans.: 
Margaret, m. Caldwell Winsor, one m. a 
Calloway, and one m. a Givens); son of 
Tlioitias of England. 

WAHUEN, FISKE of Boston, Mass., 
b. at Wahham, Mass., July 3, 1S62; 
son of SailllU'l Bt-uuis Warren of Boston, 
I), at Grafton, Mass., Sep. 13, 1817, d. at 
Boston May 11, 18SS, manufacturer of 
paper at Cumberland Mills, Me. (m. Sep. 
13, 1S47, Susan Cornelia Clarke, b. at 
Blandford, Mass., Mar. 3, 1S25, dau. of 
Rev. Dorus and Hannah Alvard [Bliss] 
Clarke, he b. at Westhampton, Mass., Jan. 
2, 1 7<J7, d. 18S4, she b. at Longmeadow, 
Mass., Dec. 21, 1S01, d. 1S78); sonof John 
of Grafton, Mass., b. there Nov. 28, 1767, 
d. there June 17, 1S2S (m. Oct. 14, 1804, 
Susanna, dau. of Jonathan Grout, b. 1730, 
d. 1S01, and Hannah Merriam, d. 1S11); son 
of Joseph of Grafton, Mass., b. there Apr. 
22, 1745, d. there July 19, 1808 (m. Mar. 
2S, 1765, Lois, dau. of Josiah and Deborah 
[Fisher] Lyon); sonof Samuel, b. at Wes- 

ton, Mass., Mar. iS, 1704, d. at Grafton 
Jan. 26, 1775 (m. Aug. 26, 172S, Tabitha, 
dau. of Joseph and Sarah Stone, he b. 
1671, d. 1713); son of John, b. at Water- 
town, Mass., May 21, 167S, d. at Weston 
about 1726 (m. 1699, Abigail, dau. of John 
and Abigail [Hammond] Hastings, he b. 
1653, d. 171S, she b. 1659, d. 171S); son of 
John of Watertown, Mass., b. there 1622, 
d. there Jan., 1702-3 (m. July n, 16G7, 
Michal, dau. of Robert and Grace lennisen, 
he d. 1690, she d. 16S6); son of John, d. at 
Watertown, Mass., Dec. 13, 1667 (m. Mar- 
garet, b. in England, d. at Watertown Nov. 
6, 1662). 

I HISSING, ABRAHAM of Montclair, 
J N. )., b. in New York city, merchant 
there, elder in Presbyterian Church (m. 
1S59, Emma, dau. of Samuel Frost of N. 
V. city); sonof Edmund Kingsland Bus- 
sing of New York city, b. there Jan. 25, 
1798, d. there Jan. 20, 1S53, wholesale dry 
goods merchant there, elder 1st Presby- 
terian Church (m. June 9, 1S25, Hester 
Kingsland, b. Jan. 3, 179S, d. May 17, 
18S1, her dau. Hester m. M. M. Vail); son 
of Abraham of New York city, b. there 
Mar. 16, 1770, whose ancestry appears 
elsewhere in this volume. 

Brooklyn, N. Y., b. there Jan. 25, 
1S53, grad. Yale Coll. 1 S74, lawyer in New 
York city; son of Robert Spoil* Bussing 
of Brooklyn, N. Y., b. in N. Y. city Sep. 
28, 1S26, real estate dealer (111. Jan. 8, 1850, 
Mary Kingsland Brown of Kceseville, N. 
Y., and had children Robert S., Jr., above, 
Mary, Florence, Maude, Edith, Cornelius, 
George and Jennie); son of John ScllCr- 
merllOril Bussing of New York city, b. 
there Oct. 15, 1S02, whose ancestry appears 
elsewhere in this volume. 

field, Mass., b. there Oct. 13, 1S43, 
farmer, deacon, justice, selectman, as- 
sessor, school com. (m. Oct. G, tS8i, Mary 
E., dau. of Dea. Simon W. Houghton of 
Putney, Vt.); brothers, Silas G., b. in Jan., 
1S27, d. in June, 1S90, Roswell, b. in Aug., 



1S35; sons of John of Hatfield, b. there 
iSoo, d. there 1844(111. 1S23, Clarissa, dau. 
of Seth Clapp of Northampton); son of 
John of Hatfield, b. there 1764, d. there 
1804 (m. Ruth Dickinson); son of Elisha 
of Hatfield, b. there 1721, d. there 176S 
(m. Lucy Stearns); son of John of Hat- 
field, b. there 1693, d. there 177S (m. Han- 
nah Cowles); son of Isaac of Hatfield, b. 
there 1667, d. there (m. Mar)' Warner); son 
of John (m. Mary Merriam); son of 
George who came from Glastonbury, 
Eng., b. 1595, d. 16S3. 

N. Y., b. there Jan. 17, 1S50 (m. Oct' 
17, 1SS3, Emma J. Whiteman); son of 
Samuel D. of Buffalo, b. at Springfield, N. 
J., May 29, 1S22, Buffalo July iS, 1S90, 
moved there 1S35, wholesale lumber dealer 
over 38 years (in. May 25, 1S46, Emily A. 
Smith, dau. of Judge Win. Smith of May- 
villc, N. Y.); son of Samuel of Buffalo, b. 
at Springfield, N. J., Apr. 30, 17S0, d. at 
Buffalo Apr. 30, 1S50 (m. Dec. 25, 1803, 
Elizabeth Woodruff); son of Daniel of 
Morristown, N. J., b. there May 14, 1742, 
d. at Springfield, N. J., Feb. sS, 1S12 (m. 
Abigail, b. Feb. 14, 1744). 

N. II., b. at Philadelphia, Pa., July 
19, 1S46, journalist (in. Oct. 5, r.86o, Annie 
Mary Moses Leavitt); son of Peter of 
Philadelphia, b. at Grecnbrook, N. J., 
Nov. 23, 1793, d. at Phila. Apr. 21, 1S7S 
(m. Oct. 1S35, Eliza Gilpin); descendant 
of Peter Marselis of Beest, who with his 
wife, four children and 2 servants, set sail 
from Amsterdam, Holland, in ship Beaver 
with others May 9, 1661, and settled at 
Bergen, N. J. 

Mich.,b. atllartwick, N. Y., in Nov., 
1S14, educated at Hamilton Coll. and 
Union Theol. Sem., founder of the Young 
Ladies' Seminary at Monroe, its president 
29 years, d. in Wyoming Nov. 23, 1SS1 (m. 
Sep., 1S47, Sarah, dau. of Dr. Clarke of 
Troy, N. Y.); son of William A. of Ilart- 
wick and Ovid, N. Y., and Monroe, Mich., 

b. at Richmond, Mass., Nov. 10, 1785, d. 
at Monroe July 25, 1S54, merchant (m. Ian., 
1S11, Ruth Seymour, b. at Berlin, Ct., 
Aug. 2S, 1789, dau. of John and Abigail 
[Hart] Seymour); son of John of Kinder- 
hook, N. Y., and Philadelphia, Pa., b. at 
Irvine, Scotland, 1739, d. at Phila. Sep. 
iS, 179S, educated at Edinburgh Univ., 
lawyer, notary public in Scotland 1761, 
licensed by Gov. Tryon of New York 1774 
(m. Christina, dau. of Robert Van Deusen 
of Kinderhook, N. Y., she had 4 sons, 
William, Robert, John and James); son of 
John of Irvine, Scotland. 

I AUGUSTINE of Philadelphia, Pa., 
b. Jan. 21, 1S45, grad. St. Joseph's Jesuit 
College of Philadelphia 1S63, LL. B. 
Univ. of Pennsylvania 1S82, A. M. George- 
town Univ. 1SS9, received the degree of 
centenary diploma, lawyer, lecturer, essay- 
ist, poet, special envoy to the Holy See 
from the Primate and Catholic laity of 
the U. S. at the Golden Episcopal Jubi- 
lee of Pope Pius IX, 1S77, founder and 
first vice-president of De Sales Insti- 
tute (Catholic Club) of Phila. 1S70, co- 
founder and first president of "Pegasus" 
(Poets Club) of Phila. iSS4,one of the origi- 
nal organizers and first vice-president of 
the Amei. Catholic Historical Soc, the 
parent organization of its kind in the 
United States 1SS4, member Penn Univ. 
and Penna. Clubs, Penna. Hist. Soc, etc. 
(111. Apr. 10, 1890, Elizabeth Baeder of 
" Fulwood ", Montgomery co., Pa., 4th 
dau. of late Charles Baeder, founder of the 
firm of Baeder, Adamson & Co. of Phila.); 
only son of Joseph Jeremiah of Phila- 
delphia, b. May 9, i S r 3 , member of the 
Franklin Institute of Phila., d. Feb. 5, 
1S74 (m. Nov. 30, 1843, Mary Anna, dau. 
of Jacob and Catharine Holahan); eldest 
son of NicholasSd of Philadelphia, b. Oct. 
17, 17S6, city comni'r 51I1 district of Phila. 
1813, " assistant " to committee for defense 
of Phila. and auxiliary superintendent of 
the erection of the fortifications 1S14, health 
officer of the Portof Phila. 1817-19, harbor- 
master 1836-39, d. 1S45 (111. 1S07, Cathe- 
rine, dau. of Jeremiah Hornketh of Phila- 



dclphia); eldest son of Nicholas 1st, of 

Philadelphia, a soldier in the Revolution, 
.111 escaped prisoner from the British lines 
.il New Yoik, a subscriber to the oath of 
allegiance to the State government of Penn- 
sylvania after the Declaration of Independ- 
ence, mem. of "The Friendly Society," 
I 795, tine of the earliest pew-holders of St. 
Mary's R. C. Church, I'liiladelphia, and 
trustee of that church 1799-1803, an origi- 
nal subscriber to and pew-holder in St. 
Augustine's R. C. Church, Philadelphia, 
IN*), d. Dec, 1803 (m. Nov. 27, 1784, Cath- 
erine, dan of Henry Snyder); eldest son of 
yollll I'atll of Philadelphia, a native of the 
Palatinate, b. about 1725, came to America 
with his father, 1740(111. Aug. 4, 1746, to 
Anna Christiana Bittenbender, said to have 
been (he dan. of the Burgomaster of the 
city of Darmstadt, and who with his 
brothers was among the early settlers of 
Northampton county, Pa., her two brothers 
being massacred by the Indians), one of the 
original subscribers to St. Mary's R. C, 
Church, Philadelphia, 1758, one of its in- 
corporators 17SS, and one of its original 
trustees 1788-98, also one of the original 
trustees of the Holy Trinity German R. C. 
school-house property 178S, a tanner and 
learned his trade under Nagle of German- 
town, a prominent citizen of Philadelphia, 
175S-9S, lie established his sons in the 
brickmaking business and created an ex- 
tensive reputation in that industry, d. Sep. 
iS, 1798; supposed to have been the second 
son of John George, b. about 1692, a na- 
tive of the Palatinate-on-the-Rhine, who 
arrived at I'liiladelphia in the ship "Loyal 
Judith," Nov. 25, 1740, settled first at Gcr- 
mantown, afterward at Philadelphia (m. 
Mary Magdalen, whose child'n were Peter, 
John, Paul, Nicholas, Eve married to 
Phillip Schilling, Mary Magdalen married 
to Emanuel Ohms), member of St. Joseph's 
K. C. Chinch, Philadelphia, 1741, buried 
according to tradition in the site of what 
is now Washington Square, Philadelphia. 

lumbus, Ohio, b. Dublin, N. II., 
Mar. 3, 1S42, grad. Harvard Coll., 1S66, 
A. M., 1877, teacher, professor in Antioch 

Coll., 1870-81, president of Antioch Col- 
lege, 1S77-S1, Prof, in Ohio State Univ. 
since tSSi, member of Phi Peta Kappa, 
Ohio Hist. Sue, and American Hist. Asso. 
(m. Aug. 29, 1S72, 1st, Eunice II. Ransom, 
of Iowa Falls, Iowa, 2d, Dec. 27, 1SS3, 
Frances Gage, dau. of John J. Janncy, 
and desc. of Tims. Janney, a Quaker 
preacher, who came to Penn. in 16S3); 
son of Dexter of Dublin, N. II., b. there- 
July io, 1810, d. there July 7, 1SS6, teacher, 
farmer, selectman and town agent (m. Dec. 
17, 1S40, Julia Piper, dau. of Jonas 15. 
Piper, and desc. of Nathaniel Piper of 
Ipswich, Mass., 1653); son of Samuel of 
Dublin, N. II., b. Mollis, N. 11., Aug. 23, 
1771, d. Dublin, N. II., Feb. 9, 1S41, 
farmer and earl)' settler in Dublin, N. II. 
(m. Feb. 23, 1806, Betsey, dau. of Dea. 
John Knowlton); son of Tarbox, b. Con- 
cord, Mass., Sept. 9, 1749, d. West Indies 
(m. Elizabeth Wright); son of Ebenezcr 
of Concord, Mass., b. Beverly, Mass., 
Nov. 23, 1712, was a soldier in the French 
and Indian War (m. Eunice Tarbox, dau. 
of Capt. Thos. Tarbox of Wenhain); son 
of John, b. Maiblehead, Mass., Oct. 8, 
16S1, d. Concord, Mass., Mar. 7, 1753, 
farmer (m. Deborah Conant, dau. of 
John Conant, and desc. of Roger Conant, 
first gov. of Salem colony); son of J oil II 
and Alice of Maiblehead, Mass. 

1JL Cambridge, Mass., b. Corfu, Greece, 
Feb. 7, 1S4S, grad. Colgate Univ., 1S71, 
A. M., 1874, sometime asst. in Harvard 
Coll. Library (m. June 26, 1873, Tir/ah 
Emerson, dau. of Elijah C. Emerson, of 
Boston and a gr.-dau. of Thos. Snell, D. 
D., for 64 years minister in N. Brooklicld, 
Mass., desc. through him from John 
Alden and Francis Cook, of the May- 
flower); son of Albert N., b. Cranston, R. 
I., Feb. 12, 1814, d. there Oct. II, 1883, 
grad. Brown Univ., 1838, Newton Theol. 
Inst., 1S41, missionary to Greece, 1S44-54, 
professor in Newton Theol. Inst., 1S55-7, 
pastor at Westboro, Mas-., 185S-64, Prof, 
in Hamilton Theol. Sem., 1S64-69, and in 
Bapt. Union Theol. Sem., in Chicago, 
1S69-7S (m. Oct. 13, 1S41, Sarah Allen, 


gr.-dau. of Robt. Crandall, of Exeter, R. 
I.); son of Nicholas of Cranston, R. I., 
b. there Feb. lb, 17O7, d. there April 19, 
iSi4(m. Lydia Rhodes, gt.-gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. 
of Joanna Arnold, b. in Leamington, Eng., 
in 1617, and sister of Stephen Arnold, m. 
Zachariah Rhodes, son of Lord Rhodes); 
son of Uriah (ni. Sarah Fenner); son of 

Elislia, b. 1G94, d. 1759; son of Elisha, 

b. 1662, d. 1712; son of StcpIlCll, b. in 
Leamington, Eng., 1613; son of Wil- 
liam, b. in Leamington, Eng., June 24, 
15S7, came to New Eng. in 1636, removed 
to Providence, R. I., with Roger Williams, 
and settled with him on the banks of the 
Pawtuxet river, one of the 54 proprietors. 

of Cincinnati, Ohio, b. Chester, N. 
II., Nov. 2y, 1S33, lawyer, grad. Dart- 
mouth Coll., 1S54, Harvard law school, 
1856(111. Feb. 20, 1S6G, Virginia E. Ghol- 
son, dau. of William Yates Gholson, 
judge of supreme court of Ohio, and 
Elvira Wright, dau. of Judge Daniel 
Wright of Miss.); son of Rlli'lis of Chester, 
N. 1L, b. there Nov. 21, 1794, d. Peeks- 
kill, N. V., 1SS0, physician, M. D., Dart- 
mouth Coll. (in. Sally T. Underbill, dau. 
of Lt. Josiah Underbill of Chester, N. IF); 
son of Benjamin of Chester, N. IF, b. 
Tewksbury, Mass., 175S, d. at Chester, 
N. IF, 1830, physician (m. Dec. 30, 1792, 
Elizabeth Webster, dau. of Col. John 
Webster of Chester, N. IF); son of Dr. 

John of Tewksbury, Mass. (111. Miss 

Baldwin); son of Dr. John of Billerica, 
Mass., b. there, d. 1714 (m. Aug. 3, 10S5, 
Hannah French); son of Dr. John of Bil- 
lerica, Mass., d. Oct. iS, 1676. 

HILL, JOHN F. of Brooklyn, N. Y., 
b. Florida, N. Y., Oct. 31, 1S40, 
profession, lawyer in N. Y. city, grad. 
Union Coll., 1S61, admitted to bar at 
Plattsburgh, 1S62, practiced at Schenec- 
tady, "1S62-3, then removed to N. Y. city, 
dist. atty., Schenectady CO., 1S65-S, as- 
sisted in defense of Rev. IF W. Beecher, 
1S74-5 (m. May 19, 1863, Adelaide Eddy, 
dau. of George W. Eddy of Waterford, N. 
V.); son of Rev. Nicholas of Florida, N. 

Y., b. Schenectady, N. Y., Dec. 22, 1766, 
d. Florida, N. V., June 14, 1S57, enlisted 
as drummer in.Capt. Hicks Co., 2d N. Y. 
Regt., 177b, was on Sullivan's expedition 
among Indians, was with the army at Mor- 
ristown and Valley Forge, and witnessed 
Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown, was 
ordained as a Methodist preacher in 1S03 
(m. 4th, Jan. 27, 1834, Sarah llegerman, 
b. at Clifton Park, N. Y., Jan. I, 1S00, d. 
at Waterford, N. Y., May, 1SS3, m. 1st, 
May 30, 17S5, Anna Newkirk, b. in Glen 
co., 1763, d. July 6, 1810, mother of the 
late Nicholas Hill, Jr., long a prominent 
lawyer at Albany, N. Y., m. 2d, Cath- 
erine Kowc, b. Sept. 21, 17S4, d. Mar. 
9, 1S15, m. 3d, Feb. 23, 1S1G, Sarah 
Mosier, b. Mch., 1792, d. Mch. 11, 1832); 
son of Henry of Schenectady, N. Y., 
b. County Deny, Ireland, about 1730, 
d. Schenectady, N. Y., 1776 (m. Martha 
Forsen [or ForseJ of French descent); son 
of Adam of Schenectady, N. Y., b. County 
Deny, Ireland, d. Schenectady, N. Y., 
Dec. 10, 1704. 

Phila., b. Hammonton, N. J., Sept. 
16, 1SO1, instruct, in chemistry, now located 
at University of Penn., studied at Goettin- 
gen, Germany, Ph. D. there, has in prepara- 
tion a complete genealogy of the Keith fam- 
ily in America; son of Joshua Aldcn of 
Brockton, Mass., b. Easton, Mass., Oct. 
15, 1S3S (m. Dec. 23, iS6o, Caroline [Feidy] 
lleacock, dau. of Edward and Catharine 
Heacock); son of Walter of Easton, 
Mass.,b. there Mar. 29, 1S05, d. Brockton, 
Mass., Aug. it, 1S79 (m. May 14, 1832, 
Sally Aldcn, dau. of Samuel and Sally 
[Ford] Alden); son of Eleazar of Easton, 
Mass., b. there May 12, 17S0, d. there May 
6, 1S63 (m. Nov. 26, iSoi, Sally [Pettee] 
Gay, dau. of Timothy and Elizabeth Gay); 
son of Lemuel of Easton, Mass., b. there 
Dec. 19, 1739, d. there Sept. 13, 1S21 (in. 
Nov. 24, 176S, Abihail Fathrop, dau. of 
Isaac and Patience [Alger] Fathrop); son 
of Eleazar of Easton, Mass., b. Bridge- 
water, Mass., Jan. 11, 1703, d. Easton, 
Mass., April 16, 1794 (m. June 9, 1726, 
Keziah Kingman, dau. of Henry and 



Hethiah [Howard] Kingman); son of 
Joseph, b. Feb. 14, 1675, at Bridgewater, 
d Sept. 27, 1730, in Bridgewater (m. Eliza- 
beth Fobes, dau. of Dea. Edward and 
Hu.dx.ih I Howard] Fobes); son of Rev. 
Julius, the first minister of Bridgewater, 
b. In Scotland 1643, d. in Bridgewater July 
31. 1719(111. Susanna, dau. of Dea. Samuel 

cago, b. N. Y. city, Jan. 29, 1832, 
connected with the 111. Central R. R. Co., 
1852-84, pics, of same 187(1-83, author of 
"Early Railroads of 111.," "Historical 
Sketch of III. Central R. R.," " Notes on 
Railway .Management," and various maga- 
zine ailicles (111. Nov. 30, 185S, Alida Rey- 
nolds Lewis, of Dutch and Spanish an- 
cestry, desc. from the Gonzales family); 
ion of Laurence of New York, b. there 
April 20, 1786, d. there Nov. 3, 1S70, served 
111 the War of 1S12, in 7th CO., 2d regt., 
was afterward lieut. and stationed at Ellis 
Island on Jan. 7, 1S13 (in. Oct. 11, 1S07, 
Cynthia Robinson, b. at Windsor, N. S., 
Jan. 2, 1791, d. in N. Y. Jan. 4, 1S54); son 
of Auraill I>. of N. Y., I., there Jan. 2, 
1755, d. there Jan. 22, 1796, capt. of a 
company in a N. J. regt. and served with 
Gen. Wayne at the storming of Stony 
Point (in. Mar. 16, 1877, Elizabeth Ver 
Wie, b. in N. Y. Sept. 4, 1758, d. there 
Feb. 17, 1818); whose father was born at 
Holland, 1700. 


port, R. I., b. Block Island, Aug. 30, 
lb 19, lawyer, member of convention that 
framed state constitution in 1842, was in 
state legislature nearly 30 years, congress- 
man, U. S. senator (in. Feb. 22, 1S47, Lil- 
ias W., dau. of Samuel Sanford of Boston, 
a desc. of John Sanford and of the first 
settlers of R. I.); son of GcOl'gC G. of 
Block Island, b. there Feb. 24, 1792, d. 
Lyme, Ct., May, 1871 (m. Jan., 1S16, Eliza, 
dau. of William L. and Mary [Clark] Paine 

01 Block Island); son of Edmund of Block 
Bland (m. Mercy Littlelield) ; son of Jo- 
slab (m. Mary Gardner) ; son of EdlllUinl 
of Newport, North Kingston and Block 


Island, b. Newport, Apr. 5, 1694 (m. Apr. 
5, 1719, Sarah Gardner); son of Joseph of 
Newport, b. there Aug. 22, 1661, d. there 
(m. Feb. 12, 16S5, Mary Shrieve); son of 
IcliabOtl (111. iddo, Mary, dau. of Geo. 
Parker); lived fust in Portsmouth, then 
Newport, son of Joseph, who was the first 
moderator of the first town meeting of 
which there is any record of R. I. 

Trenton, N. J., b. Nashua, N. IE, 
Feb. 13, 1850, merchant, president of 
Trenton Coal Exchange, Trenton Building 
Material Exchange, served eight years in 
U. S. navy on scientific expeditions (m. 
June 30, 1879, -Martha L. Hutchins, dau. 
of Benjamin P. Hutchins of Carlisle, 
Mass., desc. of Col. William Prescott, 
who commanded a regiment at Bunker 
Hill); son of Stillmaii Samuel of Nashua, 
N. IE, b. Dunstable, Mass., Oct. 14, 1820, 
d. Nashua, N. II. , May 26, 1SS6, prom- 
inent in masonic and odd fellow circles, 
was supreme chancellor of the knights of 
pythias of the world for two terms, pay- 
master in navy during civil war, col. on 
the staff of the gov. of N. II. (m. Nov. 15, 
1848, Alvina Catharine, dau. of Beta and 
Catharine Swallow of Tyngsboro, Mass.); 
son of Mial of Dunstable, Mass., b. 
Tyngsboro, Mass., June 9, T796, d. Dun- 
stable, Mar. 17, 1844, prominent in busi- 
ness (m. May 28, 1S22, Lucy Hutchins); 
son of i'hadtleus of North Chelmsford, 
Mass., b. Groton, Mass., Jan. 4, 1768, d. 
North Chelmsford, Jan. 10, 1863, farmer 
(m. 1st, Aug. iS, 1 791, Bridget Wright of 
Westford, Mass., 111. 2d, Elizabeth A. 
Kirk about May 6, 1827, m. 3d, Mary Cun- 
ningham about Sept. 30, 1S50); son of 
Barnabas of Groton, Mass., b. Littleton, 
Mass., Sept. 4, 1733, killed at the battle of 
Bunker Hill June 17, 1775, a private in 
first co., fifth regt. of foot, commanded by 
Col. John Nixon (m. Nov. 16, 1756, Ruth 
Gilson of Groton, Mass., m. 2d, Olive Far- 
well of Groton, Mass.); sou of Barnabas of 
Littleton, Mass., b. Groton, Mass., Dec. 19, 
1700, d. there, farmer, had four children; 
son of SaHlttel of Groton, Mass., and b. 
there Jan. 8, 1669, property owner in 



Groton, Mass., son of Samuel of Groton, 
b. England, 1(130, d. Groton, Oct. 25, 1704, 
killed by Indians, was an original pro- 
prietor of Groton, surveyor (m. Mary 
Waters); son of iiarnabas of Charles- 
town, Mass., b. Tewksbury, Eng., 1599, d. 
Charlestown, Nov., 1685, sailed from Eng. 
for America in the ship " Blessing," ar- | 
rived at Boston early in 1636, served in i 
Pequoit war, owned land in Charlestown, j 
Mass., and comprising part of Bunker I 

pO(HJIN, DAVID of Salem, Mass., b. 
v^ West Hampton, Mass., Aug. 4, 1S43, 
M. D., Harvard Univ., iS63 (m. Sep. 29, 
18S0, Elizabeth Emmes Williams of Bos- 
ton); son of David of West Hampton, b. 
Tewksbury, Mass., Sep. 14, 1S16, d. West 
Hampton, Apr. 2S, 1S52, grad. Dartmouth 
Coll., 1S36, clergyman (m. Sep. 13, 1S42, 
Ellen Kidder of Charlestown, Mass.); son 
of Jacob of Tewksbury, b. Woburn, 
Mass., Sep. 5, iySr, d. Tewksbury Dec. 
12, 1S54, grad. Harvard, 1S03, clergyman 
(m. Oct. 1806, May Symmes of Woburn); 
son of Jacob of Woburn, b. there Aug. 
-°. 1 739, d. there Nov. 15, 1803, grad. 
Harvard, 1763, preacher and teacher (m. 
July 3, 1777. Abigail Blanchard of Bur- 
lington, Mass.); son of Joint of Woburn, 
b. there Aug. 3, 1000, d. Sep. 15, 1782, 
referred to as captain (in. 1st, Oct. 21, 
1724, Elizabeth Jennison, d. Jan. 25, 1725, 
m. 2d, Aug. 31, 1726, Sarah Wyman of 
Woburn); son of John of Woburn, b. 
there Aug. 27, 16G6, d. there Feb. 17, 1725, 
known as captain of the Indian war (m. 
Apr. 12, 1692, Elizabeth Richardson); son j 
of John of Charlestown, b. there (111. Dec. 
22, 1664, Miss Mary Long, dan. of Michael 
Long of Charlestown, d. May 7, 16S1). 

Holmesburg, Pa., b. Salem, Mass., 
Sep. 15, 1817, Episcopal clergyman, grad. 
Gen. Theol. Sem. 1S47, M. A., Burlington 
Coll., D. D., Andalusia Coll., trustee St. 
Mark's School, Southborough, Mass., 
1S65, trustee Gen. Theol. Sem. 1863 (m. 
Aug. 24, 1S47, Lucy Maria Holbrook); son 
of Daniel of Salem, Mass., b. there May 

15, 1785, d. there July 26, 1853, merchant, 
capt. of Mechanic Light Infantry (m. May 
25, 1S07, Elizabeth Caldwell, a desc. of 
John, who married Sarah Dillingham, b. 
Ipswich, 1624); son of Joseph of Salem, 
b. there 1 737, d. there 1797, served in Col. 
Pickering's regt., was bearer of dispatches 
under Washington (in. about 1757, Eliza- 
beth Bullock); s.jii of Jonathan of Salem, 
Mass., b. there 1713, d. there (nV. May 15, 
1734, Mary Henlield); son of Nathan of 
Kettle Cove, b. there 1683, drowned in a 
Hood at Manchester, 1724 (m. 1709, Miss 
Habson of Gloucester); son of Nathaniel 
of Kettle Cove, b. there 1647, d. there 1719 
(m. 167U, Ann Lyster); son of TllOUUIS, b. 
1605, d. Brookheld, Mass., 1675, came 
from St. Saviour's church,, near 
London, Eng., in ship " Elizabeth," with 
one son Thomas, who was 2 years old when 
they aaiived in America (m. 1630, Mar) 
Green way). 

PLIMPTON, HENRY of Columbus, 
1 U., b. Medway, Mass., Nov. 20, 1S20, 
capt. in the late war, member city council, 
and board of trustees of Insane Asylum 
(m. Sep. 1, 1847, Elizabeth Osborn of 
Ware, Mass., b. Sep. 20, 1824, d. Oct. 30, 
1876, m. 2d, Sep. 27, 1SS2, Sallie Stewart 
of Columbus, O.); son of Capt. Nathan 
of Medway, Mass., b. there Nov. 10, 1781, 
d. there Jan. 7, 1S06, farmer at Medway 
and one of the early anti-slavery advocates 
(m. 180S, Prudence Metcalf, d. Sep. 2, 
1S51); son of Job of Medway, Mass., b. 
Aug. 12, 174b, d. there, farmer, sergeant in 
the rev. (m. Jan. 16, 1767, Beriah Hawes); 
son of Job of Mcdheld, Mass., b. there 
May 11, 1710, d. there Mar. iS, 1797 (m. 
Feb. 29, 1743, Esther Pond, b. 1723, d. 
Feb. 15, 1797); son of Henry of Medlield, 
Mass., b. there Dec. 19, 16S4, d. there 
Mar. 24, 1731, founded the old homestead 
on the Dover road, which has the earliest 
Plimpton title which has remained in that 
name to the present time (rh. 1705, Mary 
Smith); son of Ser-zeani John, b. in Cam- 
bridge, Eng., 1620, came to this country 
about 1640, joined the Ancient and Honor- 
ably Artillery Co. of Boston, 1643, was 
captured at Deerfield by the Indians, 




|$77, and burnt at the stake by them on 
ihnt way to Canada (in. 1644, Jane 

r> j in in 1 11 ) 

s 1 

lli., b. Hudson, ill., Aug: 22, 
1*48, 1. 1.. I), of Middlebury, Vt., founder 
Md laic editor of the Chicago Daily News 
(111 Nov. 25, iSOy, Martha Jameson Mc- 
Paifand, desc. of the McFarlands of Co. 
Antrim, Ireland, and Jamesons of N. II. 
iti.l Vt); son of Elijah of Chicago, b. 
Italnbridge, N. V., Aug. 24, 1S21, clergy- 
man connected with Rock River conference 
ol the M, IS. church, and pastor of par- 
ishes in northern 111. (m. .Mar. 12, 1S46, 
Sophia Creighton, a member on her 
mother's side of the Fox family of Kil- 
toursey, Ireland, a gd. -niece on the pa- 
ternal side of Rev. James Creighton, friend 
1. 1 John Wesley); son of Nathaniel of 
Ifainbridge, N. V., b. Dunham, Quebec, 
July 7. 17SS, d. North English, Iowa, Nov. 
}, !»<>) (m. July 11, 1809, Patience Pur- 
due, dau. (if John and Elizabeth [Stan- 
ton] Fordyce, John Fordyce's father came 
from Scotland and lived for a time in Nova 
Scotia); son of Elijah of province of 
Quebec, b. Pittstown, N. Y., Feb. 11, 
1768-9, d. Ellisville, 111., Nov. 23, 1844 
(in. Susanna Avlesworth, dau. of Capt. 
Thomas Ayleswoith of Scituate by his 2d 
wife, Martha Harrington of Scituate, and 
jd.-dau. of Chad Ayleswoith of North 
Kingston, Ct., by his wife Elizabeth 
Major); son of Archibald of Hoosick, 

N. Y., b. Woodstock, Ct., about 1737, d. 
Hoosick, 1S11, he built the first tannery 
in Hoosick (m. Rhoda Dewey); had three 
brothers, one of whom, Nathaniel, served 
wiih distinction at Benninirton. 

of Brooklyn. N. Y., 

., b. Ilillsboro, 
N. J., Nov. 23, 1S2S (m. Aug. 10, 1S52, 
Eliza E. Morris, dau. of David II. Morris 
Of Miami co., O., son of David II. Mor- 
ris); son of Andrew, b. New Brunswick, 
N. J., Apr. 22, 1795, d. Troy, ()., May 6, 
IS72 (in. Feb. 9, 1S2S, Jane Hoagland, b. 
Apr. 26, 1799, d. Aug. 23, 18S0, dau. of 
Cornelius Hoagland, b. July 22, 1774, d. 

Sep. 24, 1827, and Katharine Breece, b. 
Oct. 6, 17S1, d. Oct. 21, 1866); son of 
Isaac, b. Jan. 16, 1772, d. Florida, was 
asst. surgeon in U. S. army, serving in 
Florida at the lime of his death (m. Jan. 
17, 1792, Margaret Machett); son of Chris- 
toflcl, b. 1727; son of Christopher, b. 
1699, d. at Millstone, N. V., 1777; son of 

Christopher, b. Nov. 24, 1669; son of 

Christopher, d. 1684 (m. Catharine 
Creiger, dau. of one of the first burgo- 
masters of N. V. city). 

Saratoga Springs, N. Y., b. Madison, 
Ct., Apr. 25, 1S25, grad. Yale Coll. 1S53, 
originator of the system of longitude 
standards of lime adopted by the railroads 
in 1SS3, author of various works, Ph. D. 
of Univ. of N. Y. city 188S (m. Oct. 6, 
1S53, Harriet Miriam North); son of 
Wyllys Wedworth Dowd, b. Saybrook, 
Ct., June 21, 1794, d. Berlin, Ct., May 2S, 
1877 (in. Oct., 1820, Rebecca Crave); son 

of Luther, b. Madison. Ct., 177', d, there 
1820 (in. Mina Field, dau. of Capt. Timothy 
Field, whose wife was dau. of Dea. David 
Dudley; Mina Field was sister to Rev. 
David Dudley Field, D. D., father of the 
four well-known Field brothers); son of 
Cbeiiezer, b. Madison, Ct., 1744, d. there 
Sep. 30, 1805 (m. 1705, Tamson Wilcox); 
son of EbeitCZCr of Madison, Ct., b. there 
1707, d. there 17S9; son of Thomas, b. 
Madison 1684, d. there 171 1 (m. Silence 
Evans); son of Thomas, d. 1713 (in. Ruth 
Johnson); son of Henry, who came over 
from London, and landed in New Haven 

T) AND, CEORGE DOANEof Portland, 
i-i Me., b. there Dec. iS, 1844, coun- 
selor at law; son of .John of Portland, b. 
Newburyport, Mass., Aug. 1, 1S11, grad. 
Bowdoin 1S31, Harvard Law Sch. 1832-3, 
counselor at law (m. Oct. iS, 1833, Caro- 
line Dunton Doane, b. Apr. 2S, 1S1G, 
desc. in the eighth generation of Dea. John 
Doane of Plymouth, Mass., who arrived 
there in 1621, from Eng., he was b. 1590); 
son of John of Newburyport, Mass., b. 
there 1786, d. Caudaloupe, W. I., iSu 



(m. 1S10, Mchitable Smith, dan. of Na- 
thaniel Smith of Newbury port, Mass., d. 
at Portland, Me., May 13, 1S74, her mother 
was Judith Morse of Newburyport, Mass.); 
son of Edward of Newburyport, Mass., 
b. Charlestown, Mass., Sep. 4-15, 1750, 
d. Newburyport Dec. 3, 1S29 (m. 1st, 1781, 
Ruth Sprague, d. 1789, m. 2d, Mrs. Martha 
Parsons [Sprague], d. 1829, both daughters 
of Dr. Sprague of Newburyport, Mass.); 
son of Isaac of Charlestown, Mass., b. 
there Jan. n, 1719, d. 1790, surgeon (m. 
1st, 1740, Margaret Damon, d. 1753, m. 2d, 
1754, Elizabeth Appleton, d. 1756, m, 3d, 
1758, Jane Flucker, d. 1805); son of John 
of Charlestown, Mass., b. there Mar. 7, 
1690, d. Jan. 28, 1722 (m. June 14, 171 1, Ann, 
dau. of John Newell); son of Jollll, b. 
May 25, 1664, d. Sep. 24, 1737, lived in 
Charlestown, Mass. (m. 1st, Mehitabel 
Call, d. 1727, m. 2d, Mary Ridley, widow 
of Job Randall, d. 1757); son of Thomas, 
b. 1627, d. Aug. 3, 1683 (m. Mar. 12, 1656, 
Sarah Edenden, b. 1636, d. 1699); son of 
Robert, b. 1599, d. 1639 (m. Alice, dau. 
of Michael Sharp, b. 1604, d. July 29, 1691, 
Charlestown, Mass., settled in Charles- 
town 1634. 

Maiden, Mass., b. Hardwick, Mass., 

Feb. 4, 1S19, grad. at Amherst Coll. 1845, 
and Ct. Theol. Inst. 1S48 (m. Dec. 25, 
1861, Eliza Ann, dau. of Aaron Stone of 
Marlborough, N. H.); son of Timothy 
of Hardwick, b. Rutland, Mass., Mar. 29, 
17S4, d. Springfield July 19, 1849 (m. 1S12, 
Sally Kimball, dau. of John Kimball of 
Enfield, Mass.); son of John of Hardwick, 
Mass., b. Framingham, Mass., Nov. 13, 
1745, d. Hardwick Oct. 13, 1S24 (m. Tem- 
perance Packard, desc. of Samuel Pack- 
ard, the first of the Packards to come to 
this country, who settled in Rridgewater, 
Mass.); son of John of Framingham, 
Mass., b. there May 12, 1714, d. Brookfield, 
Mass."(m. 1733, Mary Potter); son of John 
of Framingham, Mass., b. probably Marl- 
borough, d. Framingham; son of Roger 
of Marlborough, b. probably Sudbury, 
Mass., d. Southboro, Mass., 1733 (m. about 
1690); son of John of Sudbury, who lived 

there about 1672 and is supposed to have 
come from Edinburgh, Scotland. 

') land, Me.,b. there May 4, 1S4S, mem- 
ber of Me. Historical, and other societies, 
merchant; son of WillfHvop Stanwood 

of Portland, Me., b. Cape Elizabeth, 
Me., May 2, 1S20, d. Portland, Me., Sep. 
2d, iS33 (m. June 30, 1S47, Elizabeth 
Sophia Merrill, dau. of Thomas Merrill, 
merchant of Portland, and a desc. from 
Nathaniel Merrill, who settled in Ncw- 
bury, .Mass., 1634); son of Eishworth of 
Cape Elizabeth, Me., b. there Jan. 31, 
1770, (1. there June 27, 1S53, ship-master, 
and farmer, county commissioner and 
member of the General Court of Mass. (m. 
Dec. 23, 1797, Mary Jones, dau. of Na- 
thaniel Jones, surgeon in the Revolutionary 
army, and grand-daughter of Dr. Benjamin 
Jones of Beverly); son of Benjamin of 
Cape Elizabeth, Me., b. Spurwink, now 
"Cape Elizabeth," 173S, ,d. there 1814, 
lieut. of militia in Revolutionary war (m. 
May 12, 1703, Hannah Weiman, whose 
father emigrated from Holland); son of 
Nathaniel of Spurwink, b. there 1696, d. 
there 17S3, was captured by the Indians 
1703, and carried to Canada, returned 
1713, farmer (m. 1717, Dorothy Hill, dau. 
of Ebenezer Hill of Saco); son of Domin- 
ions of Spurwink, b. there prev, to 1664, 
d. there 1703, killed by Indians Aug. 10, 
1703 (m. 1681, Hannah Tristram, dau. of 
Ralph Tristram of Winter Harbor, Saco); 
son of Robert, b. l6n, d. 1679, clergy- 
man of the Church of Eng., educated at 
Balliol Coll., Oxford, settled at Rich- 
mond's Island near Spurwink 1640, as 
chaplain to the Trelawney colony (m. 1642, 
Sarah Winter, dau. of John Winter, Tre- 
lawney's agent, d. 1679, Portsmouth, magis- 
trate, prominent man in the province, till 
with other colonists was driven away on 
the breaking out of King Philip's war 
1675; son of Edmund of Worcester, Eng. 

Wiscasset, Me., b. Dresden, Me., Mar. 
5, 1S58, treasurer of savings bank since 
1878; son of Setll of Wiscasset, Me., b. 



Dresden Sep. 13, 1S21, farmer and lum- 
berman there, represented that town in 
Slate Legislature in 1S55, for several terms 
selectman, and treasurer of same town, 
elected sheriff of Lincoln co. 1S68 (m. 
Mar. 23, 1857, Laura J. Call, whose father 
desc. on maternal side from the French 
Huguenot family of lloudelette, which 
came to this country from Germany, 1751); 
son of J allies of Dresden, Me., b. Pownal- 
borough, Me., Dec. iS, 17S3, d. Dresden 
Nov. 25, 182S, fanner (m. May 2, 1812, 
Elizabeth Pearson, b. July 20, 1784, dau. 
of Amos Pearson, desc. of Dea. John 
Pearson of Rowley, Mass., 1643); son of 
William of Dresden, Me., b. 1754, d. 
Dresden 1799, farmer, coroner for Lincoln 
co. (m. 1783, Elizabeth Call, b. Jan. 4, 
1763, dau. of Philip Call and wife Deliv- 
erance of Pownalborough); son of James 
of Pownalborough, d. about 1769, master 
mariner; son of David of Warren, Me., 
who is believed to have emigrated from 
the north of Ireland with other Scotch-Irish 
to St. George's (now Warren) prior to 
1735, and was an original settler there un- 
der Waldo. 

HA.YWARD, OTIS of North Bridge- 
water, Mass., b. there 1S06, d. at 
Hrockton 1S77, was deputy sheriff of 
Plymouth count)' 20 years (m. 1829, Be- 
Ihia Kingman, desc. of Henry Kingman, 
who came from Eng. in 1638, settled in 
Mass., her daughter, Bethia 1L Thayer, 
read an original poem at the Kingman 
celebration held in Brockton July 8, 1890); 
son of Ira of North Bridgewater, Mass., 
b. there 17S2, d. at Kingston, farmer and 
land-owner (in. 1st, Sarah Edson, m. 2d, 
Susan Fish, m. 3d, Olive McLanthlin); 
son of Waldo of North Bridgewater, 
Mass., b. there 1758, d. there (m. 1781, 
Lucy Bartlett); son of Edmund of Bridge- 
water, Mass., b. there 1720 (m. Anna 
Snell); son of Thomas of Bridgewater, 
Mass., b. there 16S7, d. there (m. 1719, 
Bethia Waldo); son of Joseph (m. 1st, 
Alice Brett, in. 2d, Experience Mitchell); 
son of Thomas, who came from Eng. and 
settled in Duxbury previous to 1638, free- 
man 1646, original proprietor of Bridge- 

water, bought land there of Miles Stand ish; 
son of Thomas, who was first officer of 
Bridgewater, first magistrate, one of the 
Governor's Council 1690, judge of the 

Hartford, Ct., b. Wethersfield, Ct., 
May 5, 1S36, local historian, translator, 
member of Ct. Historical Soc, represen- 
tative, justice, police court judge, A. A. 
paymaster in U. S. navy 1862-4; son of 
Welles of Wethersfield, b. there Dec. 6, 
1S04, d. there Feb. iS, 1S76, justice, rep- 
resentee, dep. sheriff, and civil officer 
(m. Nov. 25, 1S2S, Mary Welles Griswold, 
b. Aug. 11, 1S05, dau. of Thomas and 
Mary [Wolcott] Griswold, desc. of Maj. 
Josiah Griswold of the List French war, 
and of Michael Griswold, the Wethersfield 
settler); son of William of Wethersfield, 
b. there Feb. iS, 1779, d. there Nov. 2S, 
1S52, farmer and miller (m. Nov. 25, 1801, 
Mary Welles, b. Apr. 25, 1777, dau. of 
Elijah and Sarah [Belden Balch] Welles); 
son of Benjamin of Wethersfield, b. there 
Dec. 1, 1735, d. there Nov. 27, 1816, 
farmer and miller (m. Mar. 5, 1761, Pa- 
tience Blinn, dau. of William and Thank- 
ful [Nott] Blinn, desc. from Peter Blinne, 
a Huguenot settler, and John Nott, one of 
the first settlers of Wethersfield); son of 
Alliasa of Wethersfield, b. there 1708, d. 
July 6, 1790, farmer and miller (m. Aug. 
16, 1731-2, Hannah Camp, dau. of John 
Camp, and desc. of John, an early settler 
of Hartford); son of Benjamin of Weth- 
ersfield, b. Hartford or Wethersfield about 
1670, d. Jan. 2S, 1712-13, was a lister and 
appraiser of town in 1700 and later (m. 
about 1694, Abigail Dickinson, dau. of 
Thomas Dickinson, son of Nathaniel the 
settler of Wethersfield). 

T EW r IS, JAMES NOYES of Ashaway, 
J-i R. I., b. at Stonington, Ct., Oct. 30, 
1849, physician, surgeon, grad. of Coll. of 
Phys. and Surg. N. Y. 1S74 (m. Nov. 29, 
1876, Lois, dau. of Halsey P. Clarke and 
grand-dau. of David Clarke of Rich- 
mond, R. 1., b. Jan. 7, 1S55, and has one 
child, Susie Clark Lewis, b. at Ashaway, 



R. I., July 5, 1SS2); son of Daniel of Hop- 
kinton, R. I., b. at Hopkinton Feb. 4, 
1S21, d. at Hopkinton Aug. 16, 1S59, grad. 
of Albany Med. Coll. 1S44 (m. May 24, 
1846, Ann Frances, dau. of Dr. Joseph D. 
and Frances [Noyes] Kenyon, gr.-dau. of 
Stanton Kenyon of Sterling, Ct., d. at 
Hopkinton, R. [., Dec. 5, 1SS4); son of 
Christopher C. of Hopkinton, R. L, b. 
there Sep. 23, 1780, d. there Nov. 26, l86l, 
town clerk for 41 years, deacon of the 1st 
Seventh Day Baptist church for many 
years, teacher, farmer, had seven children, 
Hannah, b. Dec. 21, 1S12, Christopher C, 
b. Feb. 22, 1815, Alfred, b. Jan. 31, 1S17, 
Nathan K., b. Oct. 23, 1S1S, Daniel, b. 
Feb. 4, 1821, Welcome, b. July 7, 1822, 
Edwin R., b. Fan. 23, 1827 (Christopher C. 
m. Apr. 6, 1812, Wealthy [dau. of Nathan] 
Kenyon, d. July 7, 1S53); son of Daniel 
Of Hopkinton, R. F, b. there about 1734, 
d. there Feb. 7, 1S21, farmer (m. Mar. 16, 
1763, Amy [dau. of Christopher] Clarke 
of Hopkinton, d. Sep. 17, 1S04, had six 
children, Elizabeth, b. Sep. 26, 1764, 
Martha, b. Nov. 29, 1766, Hannah, b. Feb. 
10, 1769, Amy, b. Aug. 14, 1773, Daniel, 
Jr., b. May 23, 177S, Christopher, b. Sep. 
23, 17S0); son of Daniel of Hopkinton, b. 
at Westerly, R. F, d. at Hopkinton 1740, 
fuller, farmer, six children, Flias, Jona- 
than, Daniel, Maxson, Martha and Han- 
nah (m. Martha, dau. of John Prosser, who 
came from Somersetshire, Eng., after death 
of 1st husband, she married John Maxson 
Sep. 13, 1744, d. Nov., 1804, aged 100 yrs. 
14 da.); son of Daniel of Westerly, R. F, 
b. there, d. at Hopkinton 171S, fuller, six 
children, John, Jonathan, Mary, Dorcas, 
Daniel, and Hannah (m. Mary, dau. of 
John and Mary [Mosher] Maxson, d. about 
1721); son of John of Westerly, R. F, d. 
1690, farmer, signature is found to a cer- 
tain article relative to Misquamicut lands 
dated Mar. 22, 1661, had S children, Jona- 
than, John, Daniel, James, David, Israel, 
Samuel and Dorcas. 

T5 10 HARDS, HENRY WHITE of D ed- 
it' ham, Mass., b. there Nov. 7, 1S28, 
bank book-keeper in Boston (m. 1st, Sep. 
7, 1868, Mary Fiances, dau. of Moses 

Gragg of Roxbury, Mass., m. 2d, Mar. 13, 
1SS3, Eliza, dau. of Asa Cobb of Baru- 
stable, Mass.); son of EllWUl'tl MctCillf of 
Dedham, b. at Boston July 31, 1795, d. at 
Dedham Apr. 3, 1865 (m. Nov. 22, 1S27, 
Rebecca, dau. of Amasa Guild of Dedham, 
Mass.); son of Samuel of Boston and 
Dedham, Mass., b. at Dedham Sep. 9, 
1757, d. there Aug. 28, 1844, hardware 
merchant in Boston until 1S03, when he 
returned to Dedham (m. Mar., 1 77<J. Mary, 
dau. of Josiah White of Boston, Mass.); 
son of Samuel of Dedham, b. May 24, 
1714, d. at Boston previous to 1S00 (m. 
Sep. 2S, 1737, Hannah, dau. of Nathaniel 
Metcalf of Dedham, Mass.); son of James 
uf Dedham, b. there Apr. 24, 16S3, d. there 
Ma}' 22, 1700 (m. Hannah, dau. of Jona- 
than Metcalf of Dedham, Mass.); son of 
Nathaniel of Dedham, b. there Jan. 25, 
1649, d. there Feb. 15, 1727 (m. Feb. 21, 
1679, Mary, dau. of John Aldus. .f Dedham, 
Mass.); son of Edward of Dedham, b. in 
Eng. 1610-1615, d. at Dedham Aug. 25, 
10S4, one of the first settlers ami original 
proprietors of Dedham in 163S (in. Susan 

toria, Texas, b. at Medway, .Mass.-, 

May 17, 1S59, pharmacist; son of (jilman 
Cary of Leavenworth, Kan., b. at Med- 
way, Mass., June 2S, 1S35, machinist (m. 
Mar. 25, 1S58, Frances Smith Sharp, dau. 
of James and Jane Sharp, b. May 11, 1836, 
in Renfrewshire, Scotland); son of JlldsOH 
of North Wrentham, Mass., b. Jan. n, 
1S00, d. at North Wrentham Nov. 5, 1&47 
(m. 1S23, Clarissa Danforth Cary, dau. of 
Barnabas and Phoebe Cary, b. 1S04, in 
Attleboro, Mass., d. May 30, 1S73, in Nor- 
folk, Mass.); son of Elias of Medway, 
Mass., b. there Jan. 13, 175s, d. at Med- 
field, Mass., Mar. 30, 1820 (m. 1st, Thank- 
ful Forbes of Brooktield, Mass., d. 1790, 
m. 2d, Apr. 30, 1795, Hannah Baker of 
Walpole, Mass., d. Jan. 20, 1805, in Med- 
field, Mass.); son of Theodore, b. at Mfcil- 
way, Mass., July 24, 1731., d. there Dec. 
iS, 1S17 (m. Lois, dau. of Timothy and 
Abigail Clark); son of Isaae, b. at East 
Medway, Mass., Feb. 16, 1705, d. at Fast 



Med way Oct. 5, 1779 (m. Mar. 27, 172S, 
Rachel, dau. of Samuel and Hannah Hill); 
ton of Abraham of Medfield, Mass., b. 
there Aug. 15, 1655, d. there 1734(111. 1 si, 
Mary Mason, m. 2d, Sarah Fairbanks); 
» m of Abraham of Eng., d. in Medfield, 
Mass., Mar. 22, 1655, arrived in America 
1623 with Capt. Gorges, became pro- 
prietor in Medfield in 1650 (m. 1639, Eliz- 
abeth Harding, who came from Eng. in 

p UIL1), ISAAC ORR of Lynn, Mass., 
VJ b. at Francestown, N. H., June ig, 
1831, began work on marble in Lowell 
ni5, and carried on business in Lynn 
1855-87, is now in the employ of the Tiffany 
Glass Co. (m. Oct. 7, 1S57, Mary Stiles 
I'.ml, dau. of Bela and Mary [Briggs] 
Paul, b. at Hanover, X. 1L, Jan. 20, 1S30, 
>lie is now actively engaged in genealogical 
work on the Stiles, Strowbridge and Mor- 
rison families, two children, Irving Tracy 
and Sydney Paul); son of IglMC of Lowell, 
Mass., b. at Francestown, Nf. II., May 16, 
179.), d- ;it Lowell, Mass., Aug. 9, 1854, 
silversmith, storekeeper 1819-39, post- 
master 1824, moved to Lowell 1839 (m. 
Betsey, dau. of Owen and 
of Acworth, N. II., b. at 
1, 1793, d. Apr. S, 1S57, 
Scorgc F., Charles M., Car- 
ry C, Emma H., Isaac O., 
and Albeit 1).); son of Joseph of Frances- 
town, N. II., b. at Dedham, Mass., Mar. 
14, 1760, d. at Francestown Apr. 1, 1S02, 
farmer, home still stands, had three sons, 
Daniel, Isaac and Charles, and one dau. 
Josepha (m. Feb. 10, 17S9, Rebecca Felton, 
dau. of Daniel and Abigail Felton of Ded- 
ham, Mass.); son of Capt. Joseph of 
Dedham, b. there May 11, 1735, d. there 
Dec. 28, 1794, capt. of minute men at the 
breaking out of Revolutionary war, fought 
at Lexington, Ticonderoga, Montreal and 
other places, parish treasurer 8 years, 
justice of peace, representative to General 
Court (m. Jan. 25, 1759, Miriam Draper, 
d. Sep. 26, 1831, aged 93 years); son of 
Joseph of Dedham, b. there Sep. 19, 1694, 
d. there Oct. 24, 1751 (m. Dec 4, 1732, 
Abigail Curtis of Stoughton); son of Capt. 

Dec. 28, 







are, ( 

oline E. 

, lien 

Samuel of Dedham, Mass., b. there Sep. 
7, 1647, d. there Jan. 1, 1730 (m. Sep. 29, 
1676, Mary Woodcock, dau. of Samuel 
and Ann Woodcock, and had 7 sons ami 
3 dans.); son of John of Dedham, b. in 
Scotland, d. at Dedham Oct. 4, 16S2, one 
of the original grantees of the town, ad- 
mitted to the church 1640, made a freeman 
1643 (m. Elizabeth Crooke of Roxbury, d. 
Aug. 31, 1669). 

&001>EN'0\Y, RUFUS KING of Balti- 
more, Md., b. Feb. 7, 1S55 (m. Nov. 
S, 1SS3, Susan T., dau. of Dr. Wade of 
Liberty, Va., and bad two children: Rufus 
King, Jr., b. Sep. 25, 1S85, and Isabel 
Frances, b. fune 17, 1S8S); son of John 
of Baltimore, b. at Saco, Me., Feb. 1, 1S17, 
grad. Bowdoin Coll., lawyer (m. July 10, 
1S45, Sarah T., dau. of John W. Appleton 
of Portland, Me., bis children are Sophia, 
Fanny I., Virginia ami Rufus K.); son of 
Unfits Kill- of Paris, Me., b. at Ilenniker, 
N. II., Apr. 24, 1790, d. at Paris Mar. 24, 
1S63, capt. in War of 1S12, clerk of the 
courts for Oxford co. for 16 years, presi- 
dential elector in 1840, member of Con- 
gress 1849-1S51 (m. Mar. 31, iSiO, Jane, 
dau. of Capt. Tho. Bean, and had chil- 
dren: John, Algernon S., Frances I., Sarah 
L, and Emily A.); son of John of Brown- 
field, Me., b. at Marlboro, Mass., Dec. 1, 
1 7 5 1 , d. at Brownfield 1S43 (m. Sep. 12, 
17S4, Rebecca, dau. of Win. Tyler, and had 
children: John, Rufus King, Daniel, Wil- 
liam, Robert, Valeria [m. Daniel P. Stone 
of Boston! and Sally [m. Alpheus Spring 
of Hiram]); son of Daniel of Ilenniker, 
N. II. , b. at Westborough, Mass., Jan. 
21, 1726, d. at Brownfield, Me., Dec. 29, 
1S1S (m. Dec. 29, 1746, Martha, dau. of 
John Banister, son of John, son of Chris- 
topher, who came from Eng., she had 7 
sons, John, Stephen, Adino, Calvin, Eben- 
ezer, Daniel and Banister; also 5 daugh- 
ters, Sybil, Lavinia, Mary, Martha and 
Lydia); son of David of Westborough, b. 
at Marlboro Feb. 26, 1 7- • 1 , d. at West- 
borough (m. Nov. 8, 1722, Dinah Fay, and 
had 7 sons : Samuel, Daniel, Timothy, 
David, lames, Jonathan and Benjamin, 
also 3 daughters, Sarah, Mehitable and 



Elizabeth); son of Samuel, b. Nov. 30, 
1665, d. about 1720; son of Samuel, b. 
Feb. 28, 1646, d. 1722; son of Thomas, 
who came to America in the ship " Confi- 
dence "in 1638, with his 2 brothers, Ed- 
mund and John, was one of the original 
proprietors of Sudbury, selectman of Marl- 
borough, d. 1664. 

FOSTER, DAVID S. of Utica, N. Y. 
b. there 1S52; son of Thomas of 
Utica, b. at Whitesboro, N. Y., 1820 (m. 
1S48, Eliza P. Skaats, descendant of Gideon 
Schaets, Dutch minister at Albany in 1652); 
son of David of Whitesboro, N. Y., b. at 
Keene, N. IE, 17S9, d. at Whitesboro 
1863; son of David of Keene, N. II., b. 
there 1753, d. there 179S, served in the 
Revolution (m. 17S6, Mary, dau. of Martin 
Dassance, a French Refugee); son of 
David of Boxford, Mass., and Keene, 
N. II., b. at Boxford 1704, d. at Keene 
1779, 01lL ' °f the settlers and original pro- 
prietors of Keene, clerk of the proprietors 
for 30 years, fought in the Indian wars of 
174S-9, member of the committee of safety 
1776; son of Timothy of Boxford, Mass., 
b. there 1650, d. there 1731, selectman, 
portmastcr; son of William of Harlow, 
Eng., b. in Eng. 1630, d. at Boxford, Mass., 
1713, came to Ipswieh, Mass., 1638, select- 
man in Boxford for many years; son of 
Reginald of Harlow, Eng., b. in Eng. 
1600, d. in Ipswich, Mass., 10S4, came to 
Ipswich, Mass., 163S, in his will he devised 
together with a large property, two rapiers, 
one old and one new, one corslet, one 
beaver of iron and one pike. 

Baltimore, Md., b. at Ashburnham, 
Mass., Oct. 4, 1S42, lawyer, LL. B., Har- 
vard Univ. 18G2, admitted to Baltimore bar 
Nov. 2, 1863, member of Maryland House 
of Delegates 1867, member of Maryland 
Senate 1874 and 1S76, chairm. of Maryland 
Centennial Committee 1876, member of 
City Council of Baltimore 1S78-9 (m. 
Alexina, dau. of Alexander J. and Ariana 
Bouldin, ancestors resided in Maryland 
the past 250 years); son of Samuel S. of 
Baltimore, Md., b. at Wcstford, Mass., 

March 30, 1S07, d. at Baltimore Dec. 1, 
1S74, in chair business in Ashburnham 
in early life, moved to Baltimore 1S44, 
conducted an extensive furniture manu- 
facturing business for about 20 years and 
retired (m. Nov. 16, 1S30, Martha, dau. of 
Jacob Osgood); son of Abel of Chelms- 
ford, Mass., b. Apr., 1775, d. Jan. 31, 1820, 
farmer (m. Betsey Putnam, whose grand- 
father, John Putnam, b. 1720, was 2d 
cousin of Gen. Israel Putnam); son of 
Simeon of Chelmsford, Mass., b. 1735, 
d. July 22, 1S15, farmer (m. Elizabeth 
Wright, who died in 1S21, aged So years); 
son of Samuel of Chelmsford, Mass., b. 
there 1708, d. there Oct. 15, 1787, lieuten- 
ant, ensign in the Continental army, min- 
ute man at the battle of Lexington 1775 
(m. Ruth); son of Diehard of Chelmsford, 
Mass., b. 167b, d. Mar. 3, 1755, resided in 
the Block House or fort at Chelmsford, 
Mass. (m. Hannah, d. Nov. 1 1 , 1755, aged 
79 years). 

ANDREWS, JUDSON B. of Buffalo, N. 
Y., b. at North Haven, Ct., Apr. 25, 
1834, grad. Yale 1855, Yale Med. School 
1S63, served during the war of the Rebel- 
lion in the line and on the Med. Stall', 
supt. Buffalo State Hospital, member N. 
Y. State Med. Soc, N. Y. State Med. 
Assoc, Erie Co. Med. Soc, prof, psycho- 
logical medicine in Buffalo Med. Coll., 
member military order Loyal Legion (in. 
Dec. 27, 1S71, Agnes Sinclair Campbell, 
father native of Tarbolton, Scotland, pro- 
prietor New York Cotton Mills, State sena- 
tor); son of Jesse of North Haven, Ct., 
b. there Mar. 25, 1S05, d. at New Haven, 
Ct., Nov. 29, 1S69, was for many years 
engaged in teaching school (m. Sep. 10, 
1827, Mary Jcriette Bradley, dau. of Titus 
Bradley and Mary Munson, both of North 
Haven); son of Jesse of North Haven, Ct., 
b. there Mar. 3r, 1776, d. there May 30, 
1S55, tavern-keeper (m. (Jet., 1S01, Phila, 
dau. of Samuel Ilumiston); son of Timothy 
of North Haven, Ct., b. there Apr. 27, 
1749, d. at Vermont, tav.-i n-ku per im. 
Mary, dau. of James Pierpont); son of 
Timothy of Wallingford, Ct., b. there 
Apr. i, 1713, d. there July 25, 1793; son 



of QldCOlI, b. Mar. 9, 1679, d. 1746; son 
of Capt. Nathan of Wallingfbrd, Ct., b. 
there i(>}<) (m. 1st, Oct., 1661, Deborah, 
dau. of Rolicrt Abbott, who died in Dec, 
1672, m. 2d, Jan., 1676, Phcebe, dau. of 
Win. Gibbard, who died Dec. 19, 1720); 
■Oil of William of New Haven, Ct., b. in 
Hampsworth, Eng., d. in East Haven 
Mai. 4, 1(175 or '76, by trade a carpenter, 
and built the first meeting-house in the 
colony of New Haven, came to Boston 
and was made free in 1635, was one of 
tin; free planters of Ouinnipiac, came to 
New Haven with Davenport, was one of 
tin- framers of the colony compact 1639, 
kept the tavern for many years (m. Dec. 
7, 1665, Anna Gibbard, widow of Wm. 
Gibbard, secretary of the colony, and dau. 
of Edmund Tapp). 

Osborne, Kan., b. at Greenwood, N. 
V., Sep. 23, 1S22, grad. Hanover Coll. 
1S52, Princeton Theol. Sem. 1S55, pastor 
Albia, la., 1S55-73, pastor Osborne, Kan., 
1S7S-90, stated clerk of Des Moines presb. 
17 years, chairman Presbytetial Conv. on 
Missions 12 years (m. May 29, 1855, Har- 
riet, dau. of Jacob Geaihart of Danville, 
Pa.); son of Joseph of Greenwood, N. Y., 
b. at Greenfield, N. II., 17S6, d. at Peoria, 
III., Nov. '27, 1S49, teacher, justice of 
peace for many years, town clerk, elder in 
church and superintendent of Sabbath- 
school (m. 1S19, Mary T., dau. of James 
Humphrey of Athol, Mass., who was town 
officer, selectman, trustee, worked all 
night as a volunteer on the breastworks 
previous to the battle'of Hunker Hill); son 
of Joseph of Greenfield, N. H., b. 1745, 
d. at Greenwood, N. Y., 1S26, deacon, 
soldier Revolutionary war, was at the bat- 
tle of Ticonderoga and the taking of Bur- 
goync (m. Phcebe, dau. of Deacon Joshua 

New York, b. in Lowell, Mass., 
Sep. 20, 183S, grad. of Harvard Coll. 1859, 
rector of All Saints' Episcopal Church at 
Worcester, Mass., 1S62, rector of Grace 
Church N. Y. in 1883 (m. Oct. 14, 1863, 

Theresa, dau. of Ed. Reynolds, M. D., 
and Margaret Wendell, dau. of John 
Phillips of Boston); son of Elislia of 
Lowell, Mass., b. at Topsfield Apr. 9, 1796, 
d. at Lowell, Mass., Dec. 13, 1S65, mayor 
of Lowell 8 times, lieutenant-gov. of Mass. 
1 yr., pres. of the Mass. Med. Soc. (m. 
May 31, 1S25, Hannah, dau. of Joseph and 
Deborah Hinckley of Maiblehead, Mass.); 
son of Asalicl of Topsfield, b. in Franklin, 
Ct., Mar. 17, 1761, d. at Topsfield Apr, 22, 
1813, minister of the church in Topsfield 
for 23 years (in. June 2, 1791, Alethea, 
dau. of Dr. Elisha Lord of Abington, Ct.); 
son of IJarnahas of Franklin, Conn., bom 
May 29, 172S, d. there Apr. 14, 17S7, dea- 
con in the Cong, church (m. Dec. 11, 1751, 
Anne Wright of Hebron, Ct., b. Oct. iS, 

1725, d. July 21, 1821); son of Christopher 

of Franklin, b. at Norwich, Ct., Sep. 12, 
16S6, d. there Feb. 11, 1759 (m. Ist . Abigail 
W. Cabel of Barnstable, b. Mar. 16, 1690, 
d. June 2, 1730, m. 2d, Elizabeth Ensworth 
of Canterbury, Ct., m. 3d, Mary Brewster, 
in. 4th, Mary Gaylord of Hebron, Ct.); son 
of Christopher of Norwich, Ct., b. at Nor- 
wich Nov. 1, 1660, d. at Norwich Apr. 24, 
r 735 (m. ist, Sarah Adgate, b. 1663, m. 2d, 
Mrs. Brewster), he was the first male born 
in Norwich; son of Christopher ; son of 

Brooklyn, N. Y., and Davenport 
Ridge, Stamford, Ct., b. New Canaan, Ct., 
Oct. 30, 1S17, teacher in Brooklyn 1836- 
53, real estate broker, farmer, ordained 
ruling elder in Pres. Church 1843, deacon 
in Plymouth Church 1857, in New Canaan 
Church 13S7, author of Hist, and Gen. of 
Davenport family 1851, enlarged ed. 1876, 
corresponding member of N. E. Hist. Gen. 
Soc, life member of L. I. Hist. Soc. of A. 
B. C. F. Missions and other foreign and 
home missionary societies (m. ist, May 2, 
1842, Frances Maria Isaacs, m. 2d, Oct. 
30, 1850, Jane Joralemon Dimon, dau. of 
John Dimon, and gr.-dau. of Judge Teunis 
Joralemon), father of twelve children; son 
of William of New Canaan, b. at Daven- 
port Ridge Mar. 25, 17S1, d. Jan. 16, i860, 
farmer, member of Cong'l Church, N. C, 



and Plymouth Church, Brooklyn (m. ist, 
Sep. 12, 1S02, Abigail, dau. of Dea. Isaac 
Benedict, and gr.-dau. of Deacon Nathaniel 
Benedict, who desc. from Thomas who 
settled in N. E. 163s, m. 2d, Mrs. Catharine 
Mulfurd Isaacs); son of John of Daven- 
port Ridge, b. there May 24, 1749, d. Feb. 
6, 1S20, farmer, carpenter, deacon of 
Cong'l Church, N. Stamford, 1796(111. 1st, 
Prudence Bell, m. 2d, Sarah, dau. of Rev. 
Wm, Gaylord of Wilton); son of John of 
Davenport Ridge, b. in S. Jan. 15, 1724, 
d. June 23, 1756, farmer, member of Cong'l 
Church of N. Canaan 1742 (m. 174S, De- 
borah Amblar); son of John of Stamford, 
b. there Jan. 21, 1698, d. Nov. 17, 1742, 
farmer, inherited lands at Davenport Ridge 
by will of his father, where he resided, and 
which have never been alienated from the 
family in 1S0 years, six generations have 
successively owned this native seat (m. 
1722, by his father to Sarah Bishop), one of 
the original members of the Cong'l Ch., N. 
Canaan, 1733, and had fourteen children; 
(his sister Abigail, b. July 14, 1696, was 
married to Rev. Dr. Stephen Williams of 
Springfield, Mass., by whom she had eight 
children, three of whom became ministers, 
the aggregate period of whose ministry 
was over 150 years. Another sister, Martha, 
b. Feb. 10, 1700, m. Rev. Thomas Good- 
sell, of Branford, and Sarah, b. July, 1702, 
became the 2d wife of the Rev. Dr. Elca/.er 
Wheelock, of Lebanon, Conn., who be- 
came the founder of Dartmouth College 
and its first President. Elizabeth, another 
sister, b. May 28, 170S, m. Rev. Wm. Gay- 
lord, of Wilton. His two youngest broth- 
ers were ist Abraham, b. in Stamford 1715, 
graduated at Yale College in 1732, m. 
Elizabeth Huntington ; dea. Col. legislator 
and judge ; commissioned in 1776 by 
Washington to important military services 
in the Revolutionary War; represented his 
native town in the State Legislature for 25 
sessions; State Senator from 1766 to 1784; 
his action in the Senate on the memorable 
dark day in 1781 is commemorated by the 
poet Whittier; d. Nov. 20, 1789. For the 
aggregate period of more than 20 years his 
two sons James and John were represent- 
ative members of Congress. The youngest 

brother was James, b. 1716, Yale 1732, 
clergyman ; settled at Southhold, L. L, 
was known as the " New Light," itinerant 
with Whitfield, and finally settled at Hope- 
well, N. J., where he died Nov. 10, 1757); 
son of John of Stamford, b. in Boston 
Feb. 22, 166S, bap. by his gr.-father Feb. 
28, d. at Stamford Feb. 5, 1731, gfad. at. 
Harvard Coll. 16S7, settled over the Con- 
gregational Church of Stamford 1694-1731 
(m. ist, Mrs. Martha Selleck, m. 2d, Mrs. 
Elizabeth Maltby); son of John of Boston, 
Mass., b. in or near London, Eng., 1635, 
d. Mar. 21, 1677, came to New Haven 
1639, in one of the only two ships that ever 
arrived there from Eng., freeman in N. IL 
1057, removed membership from church in 
N. II. to First Church of Boston 1677 (m. 
1663, Abigail, dau. of Rev. Abraham Pier- 
son of Branford, and sister of Rev. Abra- 
ham Pierson, first rector of Yale Coll.); 
son of John of New Haven and Boston, 
b. in Coventry, Eng., 1597, d. in Boston 
Mar. 15, 1670, entered Univ. of Oxford 
1613, chaplain at Hilton castle 1616, min- 
istered for some years to church of St. 
Lawrence, Old Jewry, London, vicar of 
St. Stephen's Chinch 1624, resigned 1633, 
preached in Amsterdam, Holland, 1633-37, 
when he formed a company of emigrants 
and arrived in Boston in the ship " Hector," 
June 26, 1637, one of the founders of Har- 
vard Coll., arrived at New Haven Apr. 14, 
1638, and the next day preached to the 
new colonists under a spreading oak, min- 
ister to New Haven Ch. till 166S, when he 
became pastor of First Church, Boston, 
until death, author of several printed 
books and about 150 letters still extant, 
made B. D. at Oxfoid 1625, buried in the 
tomb of John Cotton (m. Elizabeth Wolley, 
d. in Boston 1076); son of Henry of Cov- 
entry, sheriff 1602, mayor 1613 [his brother 
Christopher was also mayor in 1602] (m. 
ist, Winifred, dau. of Richard Barnabit, 
mother of his children, m. 2d, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Thomas of Gloucester); will dated 
Mar. 27, 1027, directs " to be buried in the 
Church of Holy Trinity near the place 
where my father and mother lie buried;" 
will was proved June 11, 1627, and the in- 
ventory of peisonal estate amounted to 



/1276; son of Edward of Coventry, city 
chamberlain 1534, sheriff 1540, mayor 1550 
tin. dau. of John Harford Alderman of 

Coventry); son of Christopher of Wood- 
ford (Cheshire) and Coventry about 1500 
(in. Emma, dan. and heiress of John Blunt 
of Iknton); son of Nicholas of Woodford, 
J. intestate before Feb. 9, 1522 (m. Mar- 
K-uii, dau. of Sir Christopher Savage of 
Cliftpn Knight, buried at Macclesfield); 
ion of John of Woodford, d. 1477 (in. 
Alice, dau. of Ralph Prestwick); son of 
Christopher of Woodford, eldest son and 
heir, inherited with his father's estate the 
third part of the will of Oxton in Wyrhall, 
1421 (in. Alice, dau. of Hugh Alderne and 
Cecelia [de Hide] Alderne, dau. of Ralph 
de Hide, marriage articles dated 141 5); 
sen of Nicholas de Widford, ancestor of 
tin- Davenports of Woodford, lived in 1371 
ami had lands by indenture 1413 in Bred- 
bury (in. 1371 Ellena, widow of Edward 
Massey of Timberly) ; son of Sir Joint, 
knight, justice of Lancastershire 1384 and 
purchaser of Henbury (m. Elizabeth, dau. 
and co-heiress of Peter Legh of Betcher- 
lon); son of Thomas de Weltrough, who 
had lands in several adjoining townships 
not far from the original seat of the Daven- 
ports of Davenport (m. Elizabeth, survivor 
of her husband 1339); son of Sir Thomas, 
of Davenport, knight, d. 1320 (m, 1st, 
Agnes, dau. of Thomas de Macclesfield, 
who was b. 12S7, she was the mother 
of li is children, m. 2d, Roesia, dau. 
of Ralph de Vernon and widow of Sir 
Win. de Brereton); son of Eog'Cl", sergt. 
ol the Hundred of Macclesfield, witnessed 
deed of Alexander Wythington 1248(111. 
Mary, dau. of Robert Salemon); son of 
Vivian de Davenporte, who was granted 
by the Earl of Chester the grand sergeantcy 
of the forests of Leek and Macclesfield 
between 1209-26 (m. Beatrix, dau. of Ber- 
trand de FTulnie); son of Richard de 
Davenporte, who was granted by the Earl 
of Chester [Randel de Blundeville] by 
charter acquittance from suit in the shire 
.ind hundred court, for himself and heirs 
between 1209-26; son of Thomas de 
Davenporte, living in the time of Henry 
II, or about 1189; son of Richard de 

Davenporte, b. 1136, who was granted by 
Earl of Chester [Hugh Kevelioc] by charter 
the chief forestership of the forests of Leek 
and Macclesfield 1166, a right nominally 
held till the present time (m. Amabilia, 
dau. of Gilbert Venables, baron of Kin- 
dcrton, whose father, Gilbert Venables, 
was Norman grantee of Kingderton and 
Davenporte before 10S6 (m. Amabilia, who 
about 1176, brought him a moiety of Mar- 
ton by grant from her brother William de 
Venables, which with other est. descended 
to the late W. Bromley Davenport, M. 
P., and are now held by his son, bearing 
the same name and holding the same 
office); son of Oriuits de Dauneporte, b. 
10S6, assumed the local name in the CO, 
of Chester, witnessed a charter of enfran- 
chisement of Gilbert Venables in the time 
of William II or Henry I. 

WARD, EDMUND A. of New York 
city, b. there 1843, lawyer (m. 1S69, 
Frances, dau. of Rufus King of Mil- 
waukee, Wis.); son of Augustus It. of 
New York, b. there 1S01, d. there 1869, 
importer, retired (m. 1833, Ann M., dau. 
of Rev. Ralph Williston of New York); 
son of Moses of New York city and New 
Rochelle, N. Y., b. at Eastchester, N. Y., 
1754, d. at New Rochelle 1S11, major in 
British army, refugee at Halifax, about 
17 years (m. Abigail Fowler, his cousin); 
son of !■'.<! 111 it ml of Eastchester, b. there 
172S, d. at New York 1S07, loyalist, im- 
prisoned, property confiscated (in. Phcebe 
Fowler, desc. of Henry Fowler, one of the 
original settlers 1664); son of Edmund of 
Somerville, N. Y., b. at Eastchester 1705, 
d. at Somerville, will dated 1731, county 
judge many years, member Colonial As- 
sembly (m. Mary Hunt); son of Edmund 
of Eastchester, b. at Fairfield, Ct., d. at 
Eastchester 1712, judge of the Court of 
Common Pleas, purchased lands in West- 
chester co. 1693; son of Samuel of Fair- 
field, Ct., b. there 1649, d. there 1691; son 
of Andrew of Watertown, Mass., d. at Fair- 
field 1659, freeman, appointed by Gin. 
Court to form with others a gov't in Con- 
necticut, member of both houses many 
times, magistrate (m. Esther, d. 1665), it 



is claimed that he, Andrew, was the fifth 
in desc. from Richard of Gorleston, Nor- 
folk, Eng. 

of Manti, Utah, b. Edinburgh, Ind., 
Feb. 5, 1S34, salesman, bookkeeper and 
accountant, came to Utah 1S53, has had 
some experience in frontier life, third 
lieut. in the Indian war 1S54, settler of 
Kanab 1S70, resident of St. George 1S77- 
1SS8, since then of Manti (m. Feb. 26, 
1857, Elizabeth Jane Stewart, dau. of Levi 
Stewart and Melinda Howard, b. Mar. 18, 
1834, at Vandalia, 111.); son of Reuben of 
Plymouth, Ind., b. Harvard, Mass., Apr. 
1, 1787, d. Plymouth, Ind., Dec. 30, 1S47, 
was a pioneer westward to Ohio and In- 
diana, a millwright (m. 1st, Lucinda Kent, 
b. Aug. 16, 17S5, d. July 20, 1829, m. 2d, 
1833, Mary Laymon, dau. of Henry Lay- 
mon and Jane Goodpasture of Penn. and 
Va., an early settler in Johnson CO., Ind.); 
son of Reuben of Harvard, Mass., b. there 
June 4, 1751, d. Lunenburg 1S13 (m. 1st, 
Keziah Kellogg, b. Apr. 4, 1756, m. 2d, 
Anna Kellogg, b. Dec. 2, 1755, d. Dec, 
1S3S); son of Rcilbeil of Harvard, b. Water- 
town, Mass., 1731-2; son of lieubcil of 
Waleitown, Mass., 1). Apr. 2S, 1705, d. 1 755 
(m. Apr. 7, 1730, Mary Holdcn, dau. of 
Samuel anil Susanna); son of Jonathan of 
Groion, b. there June 1, 1675, d. there June 
16, 1748 (m. 1698, Ruth Shattuck, dau. of 
John Shattuck and Ruth Whitney); son of 

Malhias, b. Lancaster, Eng., at Farn- 
worth, near Manchester, 1612, an early 
proprietor and settler of Lynn and Groton, 

Mass. (m. Mary). 

BIDDLE, CRAIG of Philadelphia, Pa., 
b. there Jan. 10, 1S23, grad. Prince- 
ton Coll. 1841, member of the bar, member 
of the Legislature of Pa., A. D. C. of Gen. 
Patterson in his campaign in Shenandoah 
valley, military aid to Gov. Curtin of Pa. 
1S61-2, judge of the Court of Common 
Pleas of Phil, since 1875 (m. July 2, 1851, 
Mary C. Rockhill, d. 1852); son of Nich- 
olas of Philadelphia, b. there 17S6, d. 
Andalusia, Pa., 1844, elected president of 
the Bank of the U. S. 1823, member of 

Senate and House of Representatives of Pa. 
(m. 1S11, Jane Craig); son of Charles of 
Philadelphia, b. there 1745, d. there 1821, 
vice-pres. Supreme Executive Council of 
Pa. 17S5 (m. 177S, Hannah Shepard); son 
of William of Philadelphia, b. Burling- 
ton, N. J., d. Philadelphia 1756 (m. Apr. 
3, 1730, Mary Scull, dau. of Nicholas 
Scull, surveyor-general of Pa.); son of 
William of Burlington, N. J., b. London, 
Eng., 1669, d. Burlington, N. J., 1743 (in. 
1695, Lydia Wardell); son of William of 
Burlington, N. J., b. London, Eng., 1630, 
d. Burlington 1712, came to America 1681, 
one of the original proprietors of West 
Jersey, a member of the Biddulph family 
(m. 1666, Sarah Kemp). 

Manti, Utah, b. at Trenton, N. Y., 
Oct. 27, 1S14, moved to 111. in 1834, became 
justice of the peace and officer in the militia 
in Hancock CO., 111., moved to Salt Lake 
City, Utah, 1S4S, assisted in establishing and 
organizing civil government in Utah, mem- 
ber of the Legislative Council and member 
of the Legislature, regentand 9 years chan- 
cellor of the Univ. of Deseiet, aided in 
organizing the militia of the territory, 
assisted in the suppression of Indian hos- 
tilities under the government, supt. of 
public works, mayor of Salt Lake City 10 
years, member of Mormon ch., elder, 
high priest, apostle and second counsellor 
to Brigham Young in the first presidency of 
the church for 20 years, twice laboring in 
and presiding over the European mission 
in charge of Mormon emigration, editor of 
the "Millennial Star" at Liverpool, Eng., 
president of Manti Temple in Sanpete co., 
Utah (111. Eliza Rebecca, dau. of Charles 
Robison, b. June 4, 1S20, in Oneida co., 
N. Y.); son of Daniel of Wcthersrleld, Ct., 
b. there June 15, 1773, d. in Oneida co., 
N. Y., Sep. 26, 1S26, assisted in forming 
first settlement at Point Ilarmer, O., moved 
to Trenton, N. Y., farmer, volunteer in 
War of 1812, clerk of school district (m. 
1st, Honor Francis, m. 2d, Catherine [dau. 
of David and Ruth] Chapin, b. Mar. 15, 
17S8, d. Nov. 9, 1S45, gr.-dau. of David, 
son of Ebenezer, son of Japhet, son of 



Samuel of Roxbury, 1638); son of Joslma 
«,f Hartford, Ct., b. at Wethersfield., Ct., 
Sep., 1726 (m. Experience, dau. of Elihu 
and Lucy Dickinson of Hartford, Ct., b. 
Apr. 17, 1736, d. June 27, 1773); son of 
Joseph of Wethersfield, Ct., b. there Sep., 
16S0, d. 1744 (m. Hannah, dau. of Joshua 
and Elizabeth Robbins of Wethersfield, 
Ct., b. June 10, 16SS); son of Robert of 

Wethersficld, b. at Stratford, Ct., 1651, d. 
at Wethersfield June 22, 1714 (m. Elizabeth 

Goodrich, b. 165S, d. Feb. 17, 169S); son 
of John of Stratford, Ct., b. in Northamp- 
ton, Eng., 1621, d. at Stratford, Ct., 1659 
(m. Elizabeth Curtis); son of Thomas of 
Essex, Eng., b. there 159S, d. Jan. 14, 1660, 
guv. of Conn. (m. Miss Hunt of Rutland, 

A Marietta, Ohio, b. at Meigs Creek, 
<)., Apr. 6, 1842, prof, in Marietta Coll. 
(111. Aug. 12, 1869, Amanda Stone Laugh- 
lin, d. June IS, 1SS6); son of Setll of 
Meigs Creek, b. there June 7, 1S1S (m. 
Jan. 2, 1839, Elvira Thorla, descended 
bom the Thurlow [Thorla] family of New- 
buryport, Mass.); son of Jared of Meigs 
Creek, b. N. Y. Slate Jan. 19, 17S2, d. at 
Meigs Creek, O., Sept. 1, 1S47 (m. July, 

1503, Polly Green of Mass.); son of Setll 
of Meigs Creek, b. at Grassy Plain, Ct., 
1737, d. at Meigs Creek 1823, lived most 
of his life on the Hudson river (m. Sarah 
Baldwin); son of Hubert of Grassy Plain, 
Ct., b. at Waterbury, Ct., 1693, d. at Grassy 
Plain 174S (m. 1720, Anna Olmsted); son 
of Abraham of Farmington, Ct., b. there 
1648, d. at Waterbury 1693 (m. 1682, Sarah, 
dau. of Robt. Porter); son of John of 
Farmington, d. 16S1, came to Farmington 
about 1640 (m. Mary). 

Keokuk, la., b. at Geneva, N. Y., 
Feb. 6, 1S3S (m. Mrs. Elizabeth Swan, b. 
Mar. 8, 1834, at St'. Thomas, Canada); son 
of OttO, b. at Cazenovia, N. Y., Sep. 17, 

1504, d. at Lansing, la., 1854 (m. June, 
23, 1832, Lucinda, dau. of Reuben Farns- 
worth, b. Apr. 1, 17S7, and Lucinda Kent, 
b. August 11, 1785, dau. of Cephas Kent, 

Jr., of Dorset, Vt.); son of Isaac of Caze- 
novia, N. Y., b. at Iladley, Mass., Apr. 
24, 1769, d. at Erie, Pcnn., Oct. 20, 1S54, 
physician at Cazenovia, N. Y. (m. July 
6, 1S02, Mary Gaboon of Enfield, Ct., b. 
May 22, 1783, d. July 5, 1846); son of 
Caleb of Northampton, Mass., b. at North- 
ampton July 11, 173S, d. at Cazenovia, N. 
Y., Sep. 25, 1S24 (m. Jan. 5, 1764, Me- 
hitable [dau. of Caleb Strong and Pheobe] 
Lyman, b. Feb. 16, 1743, at Northampton, 
Mass.); son of .John, b. at Northampton 
(Jet. 12, 1093, d. at Hockanum, Mass., 
Nov. 9, 1797 (in. 171S, Abigail Mosely, d. 
Nov. 9, 1750); son of John, b. at North- 
ampton 1660 (m. Apr. 19, 1687, Mindwell 
Pomeroy, b. Feb. 24, 1666, d. Apr. S, 1735); 
son of John of Northampton, b. in High 
Ongar, Eng., Sep., 1623 (in. Dorcas 
Plumb); son of Richard, who came to 
America in the " Lion," and settled in 
Hartford, Ct. 

Ga., b. Sep. 2S, 1S59, g ra d. from 
Emory Coll., Ga., 1SS1, from the Tlieol. 
Dept. of Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, 1S84, 
author of " Tobacco; Its Use and Abuse," 
first editor "Southwest Georgian" (m. 
July 24, iSSS, Alice, dau. of Mr. Slater); 
son of George Allien of Cairo, Ga., b. at 
Sofkee, Ga., Feb. 13, 1S34, moved from 
Sofkee, where he had lived 55 years, to 
Cairo in 1890, served in Confederate army 
wo years, merchant for 36 years, bad ten 
children, seven boys and three girls (m. 
Mar. 11, 1862, Margaret Louisa, dau. of 
Hon. Kedar and Melvina Powell); son of 
Henry of Sofkee, b. at Bristol, R. L, Nov. 
5, 1791, d. at Sofkee Feb. 6, 1SS5, mer- 
chant in R. I., capt. of a vessel in Ga., 
teacher, farmer (m. Jan. 23, 1817, Abby 
Wardwell, dau. of Col. Samuel and Lucy 
Wardwell); son of Henry of Bristol, R. I., 
b. at Medfield May 26, 1752, d. at Bristol 
Aug. 12, 1837, grad. from Harvard in 1782, 
divine in the Congregational Church, D. 
D. in 1S11, pastor of Bristol Church 30 
years (m. Mar. 6, 1799, Clarissa Leonard, 
a relative of Rev. Perez Fobes, D. D.); 
son of Jonathan of Medfield, Mass., b. 
there Oct. 11, 1705, d. there Mar. 13, 1782, 

4 6 


carpenter, had twelve children, 3 educated 
in coll. (in. Nov. 22, 1732, Sarah Plimp- 
ton); son of Jonathan of Medfield, b. 
there Sep. 11, 1GS2, d. there Feb. 19, 1779, 
selectman 1740, cellar of his house is still 
visible in Medfield (m. Dec. 14, 1704, 
Margaret Fairbanks, d. Oct. 31, 1787, in 
her 103d year); son of Samuel of Medfield, 
b. at Dedham Feb. 5, 1639, (i - :lt Medfield 
Dec. 21, 1716, earliest Wight mentioned 
in Dedham records, moved to Medfield 
with his father about 1650, freeman 1672, 
constable 1672, proprietor 1675 (m. Mar. 
2 5> IO °3. Hannah, dau. of Benjamin Albee, 
b. in Braintree Aug. 16, 1641); son of 
TllOmnS of Medfield, b. in Eng., d. in 
Medfield 1674, arrived in New Eng. about 
1635, moved to Medfield about 1650, was 
one of the wealthiest citizens, held several 
important offices (m. 1st, Alice, b. in Eng., 
d. 1665, in. 2d, Lydia, widow of James 
Penniman of Boston, and sister of John 
Eliot, the Indian apostle). 

N. Y., b. there Jan. 6, 1S56, mechanic, 
surveyor, retains name of Church in virtue 
of laws of New York; son of Julia Ellon 
Church, b. Mar. ir, 1834, d. May 8, 1S72 
(m. Jan. 2, 1853, Alvin 11 Clark); dau. of 
Royal Tyler Church, b. in Middlebury, 
Vt., Aug. 26, 1S00, d. at Turin, N. Y., 
Aug. 8, 1S72, millwright, surveyor (m. 
Feb. 4, 1S28, Lienor Clarice, dau. of James 
Howard, she was descendant of the Tem- 
ple, N. II. , and Maiden, Mass., Howards 
who came to America in 1O35); son of 
Daniel Whipple Church of Morristown, 
N. Y., b. at Brattleboro, Vt., May 10, 
1772, d. at Morristown Jan. 7, 1S57, mill- 
wright, surveyor (m. Jan. 10, 1796, Dorothy, 
dau. of Col. Abijah Wheeler of Temple, 
N. 11.); son of Jonathan of Brattleboro, 
Vt., b. Apr, 17, 1747, d. at Morristown, 
N. V., Dec. 23, 1827, served all through 
the Revolution, had 14 children, Nathaniel, 
Jr., b.. Dec. 5, 172S, Win. Harrison, b. 
Mar. 3, 1730, Rachel B., b. Apr. 10, 1731, 
Malachi, b. June 24, 1732, Jesse, b. July 
14, 1733, Eber, b. Dec. 14, 1734, Timothy, 
b. May 12, 173G, Samuel, b. Dec. 7, 1737, 
Ruth and Experience, b. June 24, 1739, 

Mary, b. Aug. 4, 1741, David, b. Dec. 30, 
1744, and Benjamin, b. May 20, 1751 (m. 
Pcronc Whipple, b. Apr. 5, 1752, d. Sep., 
1817, dau. of Samuel Whipple); son of 
Nathaniel of Brattleboro, Vt., d. there 
May 9, 17S0, came to Brattleboro from 
New England, and settled under New 
Hampshire grants with his family, but all 
favored "York government" during the 
Vermont troubles, and one or two received 

land from N. Y. (m. Rachel ■, who d. 

Sep. IS, 17S8). 

13 ICE, JOHN LOVLLL of Springfield, 

It Mass., b. in Weathersfield, Vt., Feb. 
1, 1S40, lawyer, commissioner U. S. Cir- 
cuit Court Dist. of Mass., member Mass. 
House of Representatives from Spring- 
field 1SS2, postmaster at Springfield 18S6- 
90, capt. and lieut.-col. in Union army 
during the war of the Rebellion, U. S. 
customs inspector port of Boston 1S74-6 
(m. ist, Jan. 8, 1867, Marion Virginia 
Chellis, dau. Enoch F. Chellis of Cornish, 
N. II., d. Oct. 30, 1S73, m. 2d, Clara Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Allan M. Galpin of Spring- 
field, Mass.); son of Lysander Mason 
Rice of Weathersfield, Vt., b. at Reading, 
Vt., Nov. 1 1, 1S12, living 1S90 (in. Dec. 17, 
1835, Clarinda W., dau. of Asa Upham, 
who was 5th in desc, from John Upham 
born in England about 1597 and settled 
in Weymouth, Mass., in 1635); son OI 
Haven of West Windsor, Vt., b. at Peter- 
sham, Mass., Oct. 25, 17S6, d. at West 
Windsor, Vt., Feb. 6, iS63 (m. Dec. 15, 
1S11, Abigail Davis); son of Stephen of 
Reading, Vt., b. at Marlboro, Mass., June 
S, 1762, d. Reading, Vt., July 12, 1S02, re- 
moved to Bridgcwater, Vt., in 17S5, where 
his name appears on the first list of voters 
in 17S5 (m. Apr. 6, 17S5, Anna Hammond); 
son of JahCZ of Marlboro, Mass., b. there 
Apr. 7, 1727(111. Jan. 9, 1753, Miriam, dau. 
of Joseph and Abigail Morse of Marlboro, 
Mass.); son of Daniel of Marlboro, Mass., 
b. there June 3, 16S4, d. at Shrewsbury, 
Mass., about 1734 (m. Feb. 12, 1712-13, 
Elizabeth Taylor); sou of Daniel of Marl- 
boro, Mass., b. at Sudbury, Mass., Nov. 
8, 1055, d. at Marlboro, Mass., July 6, 
1737 (m. Feb. to, 1681, Bethia Ward); 



»on of Edward of Sudbury, Mass., b. in 
Eng. 1619, il. ai Marlboro, Mass., Aug. 15, 
1712(111. Anna); son of Edmund of Eng., 
b in Eng. about 1594, d. at Marlboro, 
Mass., May 3, 1663, came from Eng. and 
Killed at Sudbury, Mass., 1639. 

Paul, Minn., b. at Brewster, Mass.. 
Oct. 26, 1S27, merchant, president Minn. 
Hist. Soc, deputy collector of customs 
(m. May 7. 1861, Eliza Caroline, dan. of 
Timothy and Mary [Beccher] Fitch); son 
of Jeremiah of Brewster, Mass., b. at 
Harwich Jan. 29, 17S6, d. at Brewster June 
20, 18(17, master mariner, merchant, jus- 
tice, brigadier-general of stale militia (m. 
1st, Apr. 30, 1809, Sally Crosby, 2d, 
May 2, 1824, Mary Pad. luck Clark, dau. 
ol Isaac and Temperance [Sears] Clark); 
son of Asa of Brewster, b. at Harwich 
Feb. 7, 1755, d. at Brewster Dec. 4, 1823, 
blacksmith (m. Aug. 23, 177S, Sally, dau. 
.if Ichabod and Temperance [Gibbs] Sea- 
bury); son of TllOlliaS of Harwich, b. 
(here Apr. 1, 1725, d. at Newport, R. I., 
177S, captured on board privateer in Rev- 
olutionary war, and imprisoned on ihe 
"Jersey " (111. Oct. 5, 1752, Elizabeth, dau. 
of EInathan and Hannah [Allen] Wing); 
son of Joseph of Harwich, b. at Hingham, 
Mass., Dec. 22, 1696, d. at Harwich 1774, 
farmer, selectman, deacon (m. Abigail, 
dau. of Benjamin and Rebecca [Doane] 
Myrick); son of John of Hingham and 
Harwich, b. Oyster Bay, L. I., abt. 11)50, d. 
at Harwich Feb. 1, 1726, farmer, select- 
man, representative to General Court (in. 
Apr. 14, 16S1, Hannah, dau. of John and 
Mercy [Prence] Freeman); son of Samuel 
Of Barnstable, Mass., Oyster Hay, L. I., 
and Boston, b. in Eng., d. in Boston 1663, 
master mariner, bought a large tract of 
land of the Indians at Oyster Bay in 1653 
(111. Thomasinc, dau. of William and 
Thomasine Lumpkin); son of John of 
Barnstable, Eastham, Boston and Yar- 
mouth, Mass., L in En*.,d. in Yarmouth. 
Mass., May, 1676, came to Bar;;stat!c 
from Eng. in 1639, pastor of the second 
church in Boston 1055-1673 (m. Thoma- 

Brooklyn, N. Y., b. 


at St. Albans, 
Vt., Nov. 23, 1S45, grad. Yale Coll. 1S67, 
A. M. Harvard Law School 1S71, LL. B., 
practiced law in Brooklyn and New York 
city since 1S71, admitted to the bar in 
Franklin CO., Vt., 1871, Brooklyn, 1S72, 
unmarried, only brother Joseph Partridge 

Brainerd, b. 

'■7, i^4o, 


grad. Univ. of \'t. 1S62, enlisted in isi 
Vt. cav. in 1862, was wounded, taken 
prisoner and died in Andersonville Prison, 
Ga., 1864; son of Joseph HiuiirciTonl 
Brainerd of St. Albans, b. at Portland, 
Ct., Mar. 22, 1S01, d. at St. Albans Mar. 
23, 1879, grad. Yale Coll. 1S22, teacher, 
practiced law at St. Albans, editor, mem- 
ber of the Executive Council of the State 
of Vermont 1832-3, clerk of the courts, 
county clerk 38 years, deacon of Cong. 
Church 40 years (m. 1st, May 8, 1839, Fanny, 
dau. of Deacon Cotton Partridge and 
Hannah [Lyman] Partridge of Hatfield, 
Mass. Deacon Cotton Partridge desc. 
from Rev. John Cotton of Boston, Eng., 
who came to Boston, Mass., on the 
"Griffin" 1633, his wife was the dau. of 
Rev. Dr. Joseph Lyman, Yale Coll., 1767, 
one of the earliest presidents of Am. Board 
of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, 
111. 2d, 1857, Hannah Huntington Par- 
tridge, sister of his first wife and widow 
of David S. Whitney of Northampton, 
Mass.); son of Joseph Spencer of St. 
Albans, and Troy, N. Y., b. at Middle 
Haddam, Ct., Dec. 7, 1776, d. at St. 
Albans Jan. r, 1S17, clerk of the Cong. 
Church at St. Albans (m. May 24, 1S00, 
Hannah, dau. of Joseph Hungerford and 
Hannah [Greene] Hungerford of Hadlyme, 
Ct., b. July 13, 177S, desc. of a brother of 
Gov. Winslow of Plymouth Colony, Mass.); 
son of Ezra of Middle Haddam, Ct., b. 
there Aug. 17, 1744, d. there Apr. 7, 
1837, rep. from M. Haddam to the Gen. 
Assembly of Ct., justice of pence, deacon 
(m. Jerusha, dau. of Lieut. David and 
Dorothy [BrainerJj Smith, d. Oct. ji, 
i3n, aged 67 years ; son of Josiah of 
Quarry Hill, Haddam Neck, Ct., b. May 
4, 171 1, d. July 8, 1792 (m. Sep. 12, 1738, 
Hannah Spencer, d. July 24, 1787, aged 

4 8 


78 years); son of William of Iladdam 
Neck, b. Mar. 30, 1673 (m. Dec. 13, 169S, 
Sarah Hidwell); son of Daniel of Iladdam 
Neck, b. in England, came to America 
when eight years old, proprietor and set- 
tler of Iladdam about 1662, justice of 
peace, deacon (m. Hannah, dau. of Gerard 
Spencer of Lynn, Mass., afterward of Ilad- 
dam, Ct. 

mond, Va., b. at Red Hill, Va., Feb. 
14, 1831, grad. Univ. of Va. 1S50, member 
of the House of Delegates and of the Sen- 
ate of Va., vice-pies, of the Va. Hist. Soc, 
member of various societies, member of 
Amer. Hist. Association (in. Lucy Gray 
Marshall, dau. of Col. James P. Marshall 
and Elizabeth [Watkins] Marshall of Char- 
lotte co., Va.); son of John of Red Mill, 
b. there Feb. 16, 1796, d. there Jan. 7, 1S6S, 
magistrate, planter (m. Oct. 19, 1S26, Elvira 
McClelland, dau. of Thomas Stanhope 
McClelland of Penh, and gr.-dau. of Col. 
William Cabell of Va.); son of Patrick 
Henry of Charlotte co., b. at Hanover co., 
Va., May 29, 1736, d. at Red Hill June 6, 
1799, Revolut. patriot, orator, first gov. of 
Va. (m. Oct. 9, 1777, Dorothea Dandridge, 
dau. of Nathaniel West and Dorothea 
[Spottiswood] Dandridge, dau. of Gov. 
Alex. Spottiswood); son of John of Han- 
over, b. near Aberdeen, Scotland, d. in 
Hanover co., magistr., well educated, pub- 
lished ma], of Virginia (m. Sarah S. Win- 
ston, dau. of Isaac Winston, an emigrant 

from England 1704); son of Alexander of 

Scotland (m. Jean Robertson, aunt of Wil- 
liam Robertson, LL. I)., the historian, and 
gr.-gr.-aunt of Lord Brougham). 

BOOTH, JOHN II. of Milwaukee, Wis., 
b. at Berlin, Ct., Mar. 20, 1837, moved 
to Milwaukee 1S56 (m. June 15, 1S64, 
Marietta M. Allen, b. in Stuibridge, Mass., 
desc. Ethan Allen); son of Henry of 
Mazomanie, Wis., b. at Berlin Oct. 27, 
1805, d. at Mazomanie Apr. 6, 1SS1, lived 
in Springfield 182S-36, returned to Berlin, 
moved to Milwaukee 1856 (m. 1st, Sophia 
Bullard, b. in Cheshire, Ct., Feb. 6, 1S04, 
d. in Milwaukee Aug. 17, 1858, m. 2d, 

Laurilla Sleeper Wood, and had one child); 
son of Joseph of Berlin, b. at Enfield, 
Mass., Aug. 30, 1770, d. at Berlin Sep. 9, 
1S49, hatter, wool-puller (in. May 14, 1795, 
Hannah Henry, b. at West Hartford, Ct., 
Apr. 19, 1770, her father was killed in the 
Revolutionary war); son of Joseph of En-' 
field, b. there Oct. 23, 1736, d. there Feb. 
4, iSio, capt. in Revolutionary war, com- 
missioned by Jonathan Trumbull, comman- 
der of colony of Connecticut, dated Hart- 
ford June 20, 1776 commission still in 
possession of desc. in Phila. (m. Oct. 21, 
1762, Mary Hall, b. Oct., 1733, and had 
nine children); son of Joseph of Enfield, 
b. there Apr. 10, 1710, d. there Nov. 9, 
17S4 (m. Jan. 29, 1736, Sarah Chandler, d. 
Aug. 16, 1777, and had nine children); 
son of Zecliariall of Springfield or En- 
field, b. 1666, d. at Enfield May 2S, 1741, 
rep. to Gvn. Court, town clerk of Enfield 
1723-29 (m. 1st, July 15, 1691, Mary War- 
riner, m. 2d, Mary H. Harmon); son of 
Simeon of Fairfield or Hartford, Ct., b. 
May to, 1 64 1 , d. 1721 (m. Jan. 5, 1664, 
Rebecca Frost); son of Robert of Saco, 
Me., b. 1642, d. Mar. 14, 1673. 


VJ TINE SMITH of Saginaw, Mich., b. 
at Jefferson, O., Feb. 7, 1831, d. at Saginaw 
June 2r, 1S77, lawyer, county clerk, clerk 
Circuit Court, member of Mich. Legisla- 
ture 1S52-64, U. S. asst. atty.-gen. Dept. 
of Interior 1S75-7 (m. Oct. 21, 1S56, Erae- 
line E., dau. of Levi Warren); son of 
Harvey llussel Gaylord of Saginaw, 
Mich., b. at Ilarpeisfield, N. Y., July 25, 
1S05, d. at Saginaw Dec. 6, 1SS3, deputy 
auditor, recorder of Ashtabula co., O., 
1822-38, pies, and sec. Ash. Co. Hist. 
Soc, corresponding member Western 
Rescue Hist. Soc, general insurances 
Saginaw 1S64-S3 (m. May 5, 1S30, Stella 
M., dau. of Ouintas F. Atkins, a prominent 
pioneer of northern Ohio 1S02-37); son 
of Levi of Geneva, Ohio, b. at Farming- 
ton, Ct., Mar. 30, 1760, d. at Geneva, O., 
June 3, 1840, enlisted at the age of 16 in 
the co. of the Continental army commanded 
by his father and served till the close of 
the war, major of N. Y. Militia under Gov. 



Clinton, Ohio Mounted Vols. 1812, com- 
missioner, auditor, trcas. Ashtabula co., 
member Ohio Legislature 1806-27(111. Feb. 
U, 17S2, Lydia, dau. of David and Mary 
(Potter] Smith of Southington, Ct.); son 
of Levi of Wolcott, Ct., b. at Wallingford, 
Ct., Jan. io, 1730, d. at Ilarpersfield, N. Y., 
Aug. 17, 1795, soldier French war 1756-7, 
ensign and capt. in Revolutionary army 
1776-81 (111. 1754, Lois, dau. of Jedediah 
Barnes of Bristol, Ct.); son of Benjamin 
of Wallingford, b. at Waterbury, d. about 
1752 (in. Jcrusha Frisbie of Branford, Ct., 
ami had one son Enos, and one dau. 
Jcrusha, m. Jonathan Hall); son of Joseph 
of Waterbury, Ct., b. at Windsor, Ct., 
May 13, 1649. d. at Durham Feb. 2, 1712 
(m. July 14, 1670, Sarah Stanley); son of 
Walter of Windsor, Ct., b. in Eng. about 
1622, d. at Windsor, came with his parents 
Io Mass. 1630(111. 1st, Apr. 22, Mary, dau. 
of Deacon Edward Stebbins of Hartford, 
Ct., d, June 29, 1657); son of William, b. 
in Fng. about 1580-90, d. at Windsor July 
2<'., 1673, he was chosen deacon before 
leaving Eng. of a colony that came to 
America in the ship " Mary and John," 
arriving at Boston, Mass., May 30, 1630, 
settled at Dorchester, Mass., selectman, 
delegate to Mass. Gen. Court 1635-6-7, 
delegate from Windsor to Ct. Assembly 
41 semi-annual sessions between 1639-64. 

ficld, Mass., b. there Apr. 4, 1S30, 
music teacher, author of several school 
music books, of a " History of Medfield," 
member of the Legislature 1879 (m. Nov. 
6, 1853, Olive M. Babcoek, dau. of Lowell 
Babcock of Sherborn, Mass., desc. of 
Robert of Dorchester, one of the first set- 
tlers in the colony); son of Eleazar l\ 
of Medfield, b. at Wrentham, Mass., Ian. 
13, 1S04, farmer (111. Catherine, dau. of 
Ephraim Smith, a Continental soldier, 
desc. of Asahel Smith of Dedham, Mass.); 
son of Stephen of Medfield, b. at Stough- 
ton, Mass., Nov. 24, 1764, d. at Medfield 
Aug. 16, 182S (111. Oct. 4, 1792, Hannah, 
dau. of Eleazar Perry of Natick, Mass., 
desc. of John of Roxbury); son of Stephen 
of Stoughton, b. there Jan. 23, 1727, d. 


there 1766 (m. Oct. 25, 1753, Abigail 
Pierce, dau. of John Pierce, desc. of John 
of Watertown, who came from Norwich, 
Eng.); son of David of Stoughton, b. at 
Marshfield, Mass., 16S5, d. at Stoughton 
July 3, 1756 (m. 1710, Abigail, dau. of 
Samuel Pitcher of Dorchester); son of 
Stephen of Marshfield, b. in Eng. about 
1627 (m. Jan. 15, 1662, Hannah, dau. of 
Thomas Little and Anna [Warren] Little, 
gr.-dau. of Richard who came to America 
in the " Mayflower "); son of Nathaniel 
of Scituate, Mass., b. in Eng., d. in Scit- 
uate 1641, came with his family from 
Tenterden, Kent, and settled at Scituate 
1635, all known Tildens in America are 
desc. from him, researches into his ances- 
try in Eng. show his descent from Richard 
Tilden, who went to Palestine with Cceur 
de Lion 1191 (m. Lydia Bourne, dau. of 
Thomas of Marshfield, Eng.). 

MACY, JESSE of Grinnell, la., b. at 
Knightstown, Ind., June 21, 1842, 
grad. Iowa Coll. A. B. 1870, A. M. 1873, 
was tutor Prin. Academy, is prof. Consti- 
tutional History and Political Economy in 
Iowa Coll., author of " Civil Government 
in Iowa," " A Government Text-Book for 
Iowa Schools," " Institutional Beginnings 
in a Western State," "Our Government" 
(m. Maude M., dau. of Henry G. Little and 
Fidelia M. Stoddard, the former descended 
from George Little, who came from Lon- 
don, Eng., to Newbury, Mass., in 1640, 
the latter from John Stoddard and Mary 
Foote, who came from Eng, and settled in 
Wethersfield, Ct., as early as 1639, the 
Stoddard family intermarried with the 
descendants of Miles Standish in 1639); 
son of William of N. Carolina, Ind., and 
Iowa, b. at Guilford, N. C, Jan. 20, 1799, 
d. at Lynnville, la., Oct. 15, 1S72, farmer 
(m. 1S19, Phoebe, dau. of George and Sarah 
[Stanley] Hiatt, George d. Apr. 3, 1S37, 
Sarah d. in Ind. Mar. 22, 1838); son of 
Thaddens of Guilford, b. there Feb. 25, 
1775, d. there Oct. 3, 1S14 (m. Catharine, 
dau. of Isaac and Catharine [Stanton] 
White, b. in N. C, d. in Ind. Nov. 25, 
1839); son of Enoch, b. at Nantucket, 
Mass., May 11, 1743, d. Guilford, N. C. (m. 



Oct., 1763, Anna, dau. of David and Dinah 
[Gardner] Macy, d. at Guilford Feb. 27, 
1806); son of Joseph of Nantucket, b. 
there Apr. S, 1709, d. June 28, 1772 (m. 
172S, Hannah, dau. of Benjamin Ilobbs); 
son of Thomas of Nantucket, b. there 
about 16S7, d. there Mar. 16, 1759 (m. 
Deborah, dau. of John and Deborah 
[Austin] ColTin, d. at Nantucket Sep. 23, 
1760); son of John of Nantucket, b. at 
Salisbury, Mass., July 14, 1655, d. at Nan- 
tucket Oct. 14, 1691 (m. Deborah, dau. of 
Richard and Sarah [Shattuck] Gardner, b. 
Fell. 12, 1658, d. at Nantucket 1712); son 
of Thomas of Salisbury, b. in Wiltshire, 
Eng., 160S, d. at Nautucket Apr. 19, 16S2, 
emigrated from the parish of Chilmark, 
Eng., to Mass. in 1635, freeman at New- 
bury 1639, one OI tne fi rst settlers of Salis- 
bury, Mass., 1639, held position of trust, 
was a Baptist, sheltered persecuted Quak- 
ers, and asw then persecuted himself for 
so doing, with nine others purchased 
Island of Nantucket 1659, was nrst recorder 
appointed for Nantucket (m. Sarah Hop- 
cott, who came from Chilmark, Eng., b. 
1612, d. at Nantucket, 1706). 

WILLEY, AUSTIN of Northfield, 
Minn., b. at Campton, N. II., June 
24, 1806, grad. Bangor, Me., Theo. Sem. 
1837, entered the journalism of the anti- 
slavery reform in Me., and worked till 
completed 1S56, moved to Minn, for 
health, ordained 1S59, preached, edited, 
wrote a " Family History," and a " Hist, 
of the Anti-slavery Cause " (m. Feb. 23, 
1830, Judith R. Bartlett, d. iSSi, aged 74 
years, her parents emigrated from New- 
buryport, Mass., about 1775, to Campton); 
son of Darius of Campton, b. at Hadlyme, 
Ct., 1765, d. at Campton 1849, aged 84 
years, farmer (m. Dec. 14, 1792, Mary 
Pulsifer of Campton, b. there 1773, d. Sep. 
12, 1839, h er parents came from Ipswich, 
Mass., about 1770 and settled at Campton); 
son of Darius of Haddam, Ct., b. there 
1737, d. at Campton Mar. 5, 1829, aged 92 
years, early settler, farmer, ministered to 
town affairs (m. 1762, Mary Willey, d. Mar. 
19, 1814, age 76 years); son of Joint of 
Haddam, b. there about 164S, d. there 

1688 (m. 1669, Miriam Moore); son of 
Isaac of Boston, b. in Eng., d. at New 
London, Ct., 1662, came to America and 
joined the first emigrant company to Conn, 
in 1645 with John Davenport. 

Cincinnati, ()., b. at Pleasant Ridge, 
O., Feb. S, 1S31, principal of school in 
Cin. for 30 years, examiner of teachers, 
corporation clerk, newspaper correspond- 
ent, census enumerator, notary and ma- 
sonic sec')- (m. Dec. 24, 1S62, Mary Letitia, 
dau. of Caleb and Margaret [Finkbine] 
Lingo, who came to Cin. about 1S20); son 
of Ileman Bassett of Pleasant Ridge, b. 
at New Milford, Ct., Mar. 23, 1S0S, d. at 
Pleasant Ridge Jan. I, 1S63, grad. O. Med. 
Coll., but inheriting a farm shortly after- 
ward followed that vocation, with survey- 
ing, the remainder ot his life (111. Mar. 27, 
1S30, Betsey, dau. of James and Charity 
[Chandler] Wood of Chatham, N. J., who 
removed to Hamilton CO., O., 1S10, he, 
James, was b. Mar. 1, 1771 , d. Nov. 15, 
1824, she, Charity, was b. July 27, 1771, d. 
July 26, 1S50); son of Jared of Pleasant 
Ridge, b. at New Milford Oct. iS, 1762, d. 
at Pleasant Ridge Sep. 27, 1S33, farmer, 
tanner, shoemaker, emigrated with his 
family to Ohio 1818 (m. Feb. 22, 17S9, 
Hannah, dau. of James Buck of New Mil- 
ford, a capt. in the Rev. war, and Elizabeth 
Sherman, sister of Roger Sherman, signer 
of the Declaration of Independence); son 
of Caleb of New Milford, b. there 1717, 
d. there Feb. 25, 1706, farmer, active pub- 
lic citizen (m. 1739, Abigail, dau. of Robt. 
Bassett); son of Daniel of New Milford, b. 
at Old Milford, d. at New Milford, was 
one of the original proprietors of New Mil- 
ford Town in 1706, receiving by allotment 
Lot No. 16, was a descendant of an ancient 
and honorable family in Eng. who spell 
their names " Tyrell " (m. Dec. 12, 1706, 
Zeruia, dau. of Jeremiah Canlield). 

ton of Louisiana, Mo., b. in Bed- 
ford co., Va., Mar. 16. 183S, grad. B. A. 
Univ. of Va. 1S60 (to. May 2, 1S72, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of James L. Dawson of Lin- 


coin, Mo., sun of Ludwell Lee Dawson, a 
Methodist minister of Buckingham, Va., 
son of Lewis Dawson, a Methodist minis- 
ter, son of Joseph Dawson, her mother 
is Susan D. llarvey, dau. of F. L. 
Harvey of Lincoln, Mo.); son of William 
N. of Bedford CO., Va., b. there Nov. 12, 
1810, d. there Nov. 8, 1SS7, educated at 
the Univ. of Va., farmer (m. Mar. 2S, 
1833, Martha Louisa, dau. of Nathaniel 
|ohn Manson, son of Nathaniel J. Man- 
son and Lucy Whiting, also dau. of Sally, 
dau. of Robert and Ann [Austin] Alex- 
ander); son of Francis T. of Bedford (m. 
June 2, 1793, Catherine Eliza, dau. of 
Henry Landon Davies, b. Feb. 26, 174S, 
son of Nicholas Davies and Catherine 
Whiting, m. May 26, 1744, the latter dau. 
of John Clayton, the botanist); son of 
Nicholas of Albemarle CO., Va., b. 1736, 
d. Dec. 19, 1772, was one of the two 
men who carried Gen. Braddock from the 
field on which he received the mortal 
wound (m. Dec. 31, 1759, Margaret Doug- 
las, dau. of the Rev. Wm. Douglas of 
Goochland, Va., a minister of the English 
Church, b. in Scotland Aug. 4, 170S, her 
mother was b. 1715, d. Dec. 31, 1781); son 
of ThOIUaS (m. Elizabeth Thornton); son 
of David (m. Ann Holmes of King and 
Queen co., Va.); son of Nicholas, b. 
Oct. 26, 1647 (in. Elizabeth Crawford of 
New Kent co., Va.); son of Nicholas of 
Wales, d. Dec, 167S. 

Rockford, 111., b. at Ferrisburg, Vt., 
Apr. 5, 1S2S, common-school education — 
partial course in Knox and Illinois Colls., 
has been master in chancery, city attorney, 
mayor, sec. railway co., is collecting gene- 
alogy of descendants of Alexander Baker 
of Boston 1635 (m. Apr. 27, 1S52, Lucy 
Frances Marsh, dau. of Col. Jason and 
Harriet Spafford); son of Ira Watsoil of 
Rockford 111, b. at Clarendon, Vt., Apr. 
30, 1792, d. at Rockford Jan. n, 1S71, 
currier, farmer, settled in Rockford Oct. 
(>, 1S3S, pioneer, Congregationalist, Whig, 
Republican, deacon (m. Jan. 3, 1S19, Mira, 
dau. of Solomon and Lucy Noble, b. Sep. 
12, 1798, at Ferrisburg, d. Oct. 12, 1855, at 

Rockford); son of Elisha of Clarendon, 
Vt., b. at Woodbury, Ct., Jan. 21, 1759, 
d. at Charlotte, Vt., Nov. 2S, 1834, physi- 
cian of Castleton, Vt., also of Rome, N. 
Y., father of seven children, Joseph I sham, 
Oran Elisha, and 7 others (m. 1st, Mary 
Isham, m. 2d, Mary Griswold); son of 
Elisha of Williamstown, Mass., b. at Wood- 
bury, Ct., Oct., 1724, d. at Williamstown 
May 22, 1797, one of the earliest settlers, dele- 
gate in Berkshire Congress 1774, member of 
the original convention that framed Con- 
stitution 17S0, repres. 1779, he or his son 
Elisha practiced medicine, and all his fam- 
ily were active in the Revolution (m. Oct. 
20, 1746, Phcebe Nichols, dau. of Caleb of 
Woodbury, Ct.); son of John of Wood- 
bury, Ct., b. at New London, Ct., Dec. 
24, 1681, d. at Woodbury Feb. 15, 1750, 
appointed deacon of Roxbury church, 
farmer, father of six children, John, 
Ephraim, Remember, Elijah, Elisha and 
2 dau. (m. 1st, Comfort, m. 2d, Sarah); son 
of Joshua of New London, Ct., b. at Bos- 
ton Apr. 30, 1642, d. at New London Dec. 
27, 1717, received in 1700 a large tract of 
land by deed from Owaneco in Mohegan, 
was prominent citizen (m. Sep. 13, 1674, 
Hannah Tonge, b. July 20, 1654, widow 
of Tristram Minter, dau. of George [and 
Margery] Tonge, innkeeper and land- 
holder, her sister Elizabeth m. Gov. Fitz 
John Winthrop); son of Alcxailllcr of Bos- 
ton, Mass., b. in England, came to 
America and settled at Boston 1635, collar- 
maker, |land-owner, admitted to first church 
1645, freeman 1646, father of 12 children, 
eight sons: Joshua, John, William, Joseph, 
Alexander, Samuel, Benjamin and Josiah, 
and four daughters, was probably in Rev. 
Richard Blinman's company, and went to 
Gloucester, Mass., for a time. 

MORSE, MARY of Mediield, Mass., 
b. there July 10, 1810, has a great 
interest in local history and genealogies, 
contributed largely to the history of Med- 
field, as well as other historical and family 
researches; dau. of Eliakim of Medrield, 
b. there Mar. 22, 1762, d. there July 8, 
1S14, farmer, inherited the ancestral home- 
stead (m. Nov. 14, 1796, Olive, dau. of 



Ephraim Wlieclock, and descendant of 
Rev. Ralph Wlieclock, who came from 
Shropshire, settled at Dcdham 1636, was 
the founder of Medfield in 1651 and an- 
cestor of all the Wheelocks in America); 
son of Eliakim of Medfield, b. there Nov. 
22, 1712, d. there Mar. 30, 1S03 (m. Oct. 
31, 1756, Abigail, dau. of Samuel Morse of 
Medfield, descendant of Samuel); son of 
Josll Mil of Medfield, b. there Apr. 2, 1679, 
d. there Apr. 20, 17.19, member of the Gen. 
Court, known as Hon. Joshua Morse, inn- 
keeper, one of the original proprietors of the 
town of Sturbridge, Mass., held many town 
offices (m. 1st, 1699, Elizabeth Pennimand, 
d. 1705, m. 2d, Mary Paine of Braintree); 
son of Samuel of Medfield, b. at Dcdham 
Feb. 10, 1639, d. at Medfield Feb. 2S, 171S, 
lien t . , schoolmaster, representative to the 
Gen. Court, selectman six years, lived on 
ancestral place, when the town was fired by 
the Indians, his was the fust house fired 
(m. Feb. 10, 1665, Elizabeth, dau. of Nich- 
olas Wood of Dorchester); son of Joseph 
of Dedham and Dorchester, b. in Eng. 
r 6 1 5 , d. at Dorchester 1654, came to Water- 
town from Eng. and took freeman's oath 
1635, one of the original proprietors in 
Dedham 1636, of Medfield 1650 (m. 1st, 
Sep. 1, 163S, Hannah Phillips, m. 2d, 165S, 
Thomas Baydon); son of Siimiiel of Ded- 
ham, b. in Eng. 15S5. d. at Medfield Apr. 
5, 1654, came to America from Eng. 1635, 
with his wife Elizabeth and seven children, 
and settled at Watertown, but removed to 
Dedham as one of the original settlers of 
that town, selectman, treasurer (m. Eliza- 
beth in Eng. who died at Dedham 1655). 

CLINTON, GEORGE of Buffalo, N. Y., 
b. there Sep. 7, 1S46, grad. Columbia 
Coll. Law School, member of N. Y. State 
Legislature iSS4, pres. of Canal Union, 
lawyer, father of three children: Laura 
Katherine, Elizabeth and George, Jr. (m. 
Jan. 17, 1S72, Alice, dau. of Thomas Foster 
Thornton, who came to America in the 
spring of 1S50); fourth son of George W. 
of Buffalo and Albany, b. at Newtown, L.I., 
Apr. 13, 1807, d. at Albany Sep. 7, 18S5, 
judge of Superior Court of Buffalo many 
years, pres. of Buffalo Soc. of Nat. Sciences 

from its origin, vice-chan. of the board of . 
regents, eminent botanist (m. May 15, 1S32, 
Laura Katherine, dau. of John Canfield 
Spencer of Canandaigua, who was sec. of 
war under Tyler and gr.-dau. of Ambrose 
Spencer, chief justice); son of Do Witt of 
N. Y. and Albany, b. at New Windsor, N. 
Y., Mar. 2, 1769, d. at Albany Feb. IX, 
182S, gov. of N. Y. State, mayor of N. Y. 
city, U. S. senator, chief promoter in 
making the Erie canal, first grad. of Co- 
lumbia Coll., public speaker, writer, nat- 
ural philosopher, patron of the arts and 
sciences (m. 1st, 1795, Maria, dau. of Wal- 
ter Franklin, a wealthy Quaker merchant 
of New York city, d. 1S1S, m. 2d, Cath- 
arine, dau. of Dr. Thos. Jones of N. Y,); 
son of JtiniOS of Little Britain, N. Y., b. 
there Aug. 9, 1736, d. at Orange Co., N. Y., 
Dec. 22, 1S12, soldier, statesman, brig.- 
general in the Revolutionary war, fought 
at Fort Frontenac, commanded Fort Clin- 
ton, member of Senate and Assembly, com- 
missioner to settle the boundary line 
between N. Y. State and Penn. (m. 1st, 
1764, Mary, dau. of Egbert De Witt, sister 
of Simeon De Witt, claimed descent from 
Jan De Witt, grand pensionary of Holland, 
111. 2d, Mrs. Mary Gray); son of CliaiiCS 
of Longford, Ireland, and Little Britain, b. 
in Ireland, in September, 1690, d. at Little 
Britain Nov. 19, 1773. moved to America 
1729, and settled at Little Britain, N. Y., 
which was founded and named by him, 
judge of Common Pleas, col. of militia at 
the capture of Fort Frontenac (m. 1722, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Alexander Denniston of 
Longford, Ire., b. 1704, d. Dec. 25, 1779. 
at the home of her son Gen. James Clinton 
in Little Britain); son of James of Ireland, 
b. in Ireland, d. at Longford, Ire., Jan. 24, 
171s, officer in the Inniskillin troop of 
horse, was in all the wars of Ireland under 
King William,' badly wounded but recov- 
ered, on coming of age he went to Eng. to 
try to recover the patrimonial estate, but 
the time limited had expired (1641) and he 
was unsuccessful (m. Elizabeth, dau. of 
Capt. William Smith of Cromwell's army, 
d. Dec. 5, 1728); son of William of Eng., 
b. in Eng., he was grandson of Henry, 2d 
Earl of Lincoln, being the son of Sir Henry 



Clinton by his second wife, Elizabeth 
Hickman, dau. of Henry' Hickman, LL. D., 
an olliecr in the army of Charles I, in 
Ihc civil wars, and at the disenthronement 
of that monarch he fled to France, Spain, 
and then to Scotland (m. Elizabeth Ken- 
nedy, of the family of the Earl of Cassilis 
of Scotland). Thence they went to Sligo, 


I Portland, Me., b. at Norway, Me., 
May 25, 1S13, mechanic, inventor artificial 
limbs and musical instruments, pres. Me. 
Charitable Mechanic Assoc, member Me. 
Genealogical Soc, etc., has held civil and 
military offices (m, Sep. 23, 1841, Eliza- 
beth Marsh, dau. of David Dexter, who 
was deacon, b. Hampstead, N. II.); son of 
Hoyt of Norway and Waterford, Me., b. 
at Chester, N. II., May 14, 17S9, d. at 
Waterford, Me., June 23, 1865, was a 
»oldier in War of 1S12, farmer (m. 1S11, 
Sarah, dau. of Isaac Turner, b. in Free- 
port, Me., d. 1870, aged S6 years); son of 
Stephen of Norway, b. at Methuen, Mass., 
Auk. 7, 1752, d. at Norway 1S40, served 
in the Revolutionary war, Methodist (in. 
Sep, 21, 1773, Ruth lloyt, b. in Methuen); 
•On of Samuel of Methuen, b, in Ipswich 
Jan. 17, i/K), d. at Ipswich or Methuen 
1753 (m. Mar. 9, 174S, Elizabeth, dau. of 
Ebenezer Carlton); son of Job of Ipswich, 
b. there Oct. 17, 16SS, d. at Georgetown 
Apr. 25, 17S5, freeman (m. 1st, Nov. 1, 
17*7. Elizabeth Brocklebank, m.isd, Apr. 6, 
1749, Dorothy Dodd, m. 3d, May 14, 1772, 
Mrs. Elizabeth Platts); son of Aaron of 
Rowley, b. in Ipswich 1652, d. there 1714, 
removed to Rowle)' Dec. 21, 1696(111 Ann, 
dau. of John Pickard, d. Feb. 3, 1740); 
»on of Moses of Ipswich, b. 1616, d. 1696, 
commoner 1641, received a grant of land 
1650, selectman 1656, deacon 1652, deputy 
(o Gen. Court 1665 (m. Abigail Clement, 
who came from Eng. 1642), was the ancestor 
of all the Pingrees in U. S. and British 

BEAN, DEARBORN G. of East Wilton, 
Me., b. at Jay, Me., Mar. 24, 1S34 
(m. May 16, 1858, Rose A. Winslow, whose 

gr.-gr.-father came to Me. from Freetown, 
Mass., about 1S00, and settled at Liver- 
more); son of Dearborn of Jay, b. there 
May 17, 1S03, d. there Oct. 21, 1839, farmer 
(m. May 21, 182S, Lovina Butterfield, desc. 
Sth generation from Benjamin Butterfield, 
who came from Eng. and settled in Char- 
lestown, Mass., 1638); son of JaillOS of 
Jay, b. in Gilmanton, N. II., Mar. 14, 1780, 
d. at Jay Nov. 27, 1862, came to Readfield, 
Me., with his father 17S4, settled in Jay 
1801, farmer, lieut. in War of 1S12, capt. in 
State militia (m. 1801, Eunice Taylor, desc. 
from Richard Taylor who came from Eng. 
and settled in Chatham, Mass.); son of 
Joshua of Readfield, b. at Brentwood, N. 
II., I74r, d. at Readfield 1S14, farmer, 
mechanic, built fust saw and grist-mill in 
Gilmanton, came to Me. 17S0, bought 3200 
acres of land on the Kennebec river, rep. 
to Gen. Court 17S7 (m. Nov. 27, 1743, 
Mary Bean, his second cousin); son of 
Joshua of Gilmanton, b. at Brentwood 
1713. d. at Gilmanton (m. 1st, Hannah 
Robertson, m. 2d, Lydia Brown); son of 
Joint of Fxeter, N. II., b. at Exeter; son 
of John of Exeter, N. II., b. in Scotland 
and came to America about 1660. 

land, Me., b. at Gorham, Me., Mar. 
23, 1831, pres. of the Me. Hist. Soc, A. 
M., author of " The Great Seal of N. E. 
Cambridge," " Idyls of the Year," a book 

of poems, "The Tielawuav Papers, Ihe 

British Invasion from the North," " Docu- 
mentary Hist, of Me.," "A Period of 
Peril," " Early Voyages to America," " Sir 
Ferdinando Gorges and his Province of 
Maine," 3 vols., " George Cleeve of Casco 
Bay," "A Problem to Solve," and other 
books and articles in magaz. and period. 
(111. 1st, Sep. iS, 1854, Sarah Kimball Lewis, 
of Scotch desc from the Mcintosh and 
Campbell families, m. 2d, Apr. 2, 1S73, Me- 
hetabel Cummings Proctor.desc from John 
Proctor of Salem, the martyr); son of Eli hi] 
of Portland, b. at Norwich, Vt., Apr. 10, 
17S1, d. Portland Jan. 3, 1863, physician (m. 
Aug. 17, 1S07, Sarah, dau. of Col. Jared 
Coneof Revolutionary fame); sonofElillu 
of Norwich, b. December 18, 1749, d. there 



Aug. 6, 1835, soldier in the Revolutionary 
war, farmer (m. Oct. 24, 1777, Triphena 
Taylor of Pelham, N. II., d. May 14, 1S23, 
aged 65 years). 

AFRICA, J. SIMPSON of Huntingdon 
and Phila., Pa., b. at Huntingdon 
Sep. 15, 1S32, surveyor and civil engineer, 
now pies. The Union Trust Co., Phila.; 
surveyor of co. 1S53-57; clerk in Pa. Senate 
1858-59; memb. II. of R., rS6o; sec. and 
chief burgess of Boro' ; dep. sec. of Inter- 
nal Affairs of Pa., 1S75-79; cashier 1st N. 
Bk. of Huntingdon; sec. of Intern. Affairs 
of Pa., 1SS3-S7; memb. of Presb. church; 
now R. VV. Gr. Master, F. & A. M. of Pa. 
(m. Jan. r, 1S56, Dorothea C, dau. of 
Joshua Greenland, sheriff of Huntingdon 
co. 1853-6, and gr.-dau. of Dr. Jesse 
Wright, all of Baltimore co.,Md.); son of 
Daniel of Huntingdon, b. there Mar. 19, 
1794, d. there Dec. 13, 1S65, copper-smith, 
surveyor of Huntingdon co. 1S24-30, jus- 
tice of the peace 22 years, served a number 
of terms in the borough Council and as chief 
borough one term (m. Elizabeth Isabell, 
dau. of John Simpson, who was a native 
of Bucks co., Pa., but moved to Hunting- 
don, Pa., served as lieut. in the Revolu- 
tionary war under Capt. James Murray, 
also worked as blacksmith in the conti- 
nental smithshop, he m. 1776, Margaret, 
dau. of Capt. James and Rebecca [McLean] 
Murray, both born in Scotland and came 
to America when young); son of Michael 
of Germantown, Hanover and Huntingdon, 
Pa., b. at Germantown, d. at Huntingdon, 
Lutheran, ollicer of the church (m. 17S9, 
Catharine Graffius, whose parents en me 
from Germany before the Revolution and 
settled at York, Pa.); son of Christopher 
of Germantown, Hanover and Hunting- 
don, b. in Germany, d. at Huntingdon, 

EDWARDS, MELZAR of St. Louis, 
Mo., b. Dec. 5, 1859 (m. Sep. 30, 
1884, Laura Casey, and has two children); 
son of Melzar of Nashville, Tenn., b. at 
Skaneateles, N.Y., Jan. 13, rSi6, d. June 
1, 1S74 (m- Aug. 19, 1851, Frances, dau. of 
Silas and Betsey [Hatch] Bascom of Skane- 

ateles); son of AbllCr of Skaneateles, b. at 
Northampton, Mass., Apr. 20, 17S8, d. at 
Skaneateles July 26, 1S32 (in. Feb. 6, 1S15, 
Fanny, dau. of Nchemiah and Hannah 
[Parsons] Cleveland, dau. of Jacob and 
Beulah [Hunt] Parsons, dau. of Ebenezer 
and Hannah [Clark] Hunt, dau. of Wil- 
liam and Hannah [Strong] Clark, dau. of 
Elder John and Abigail [Ford] Strong, 
he, Nehcmiah, was son of Nehemiah 
and Dinah [Brown] Cleveland, son of 
Henry and Lucy [Fitch] Cleveland, sou 
of Josiah and Mary [Bates] Cleveland, son 
of Moses and Anne [Winn] Cleveland); 
son of Simoon of Northampton and Skane- 
ateles, b. at Northampton, bap. Nov. 
l 7, r 754, d. at Skaneateles July 16, 1830 
(m. Nov. 25, 1784, Lydia, dau. of Ebenezer 
and Lucy [Warner] Edwards, dau. of Mark 
and Abigail [Montague] Warner, dau. of 
Richard and Abigail [Downing] Montague, 
he, Ebenezer, was son of Nathaniel, son of 
Nathaniel, son of Alexander of North- 
ampton); son of Noah of Northampton, b. 
there June 6, 1722, d. there Sep. 3, 1S05 
(in. June 2S, 1749, Jcrusha, dau. of Benja- 
min and Eunice [King] Alvord, dau. of 
Joseph and Mindwell [Pomeroy] King, 
dau. of Medad and Experience [Wood- 
ward] Pomeroy, he, Benjamin, was son of 
Benjamin and Deborah [Stebbins] Alvord, 
son of Alexander and Mary [Vose] Alvord); 
son of Samuel of Northampton, b. there 
Mar. 26, 1676, d. there Mar. 8, 1749 (in. 
Sarah, dau. of Joseph Pomeroy, son of 
Eltweed, and brother of Medad Pomeroy); 
son of Sailiitol of Northampton, b. at 
Springfield, Mass., Mar. 7, 1643, d. at 
Northampton Apr. 13, 17T2 (m. 1675, Sarah, 
dau. of Jarvis Boykin, an early settler of 
New Haven, Ct.); son of Alexander of 
Springfield, came from Wales 1640, d. Sep. 
4, 1690, removed to Northampton abt. 1655 
(m. 1642, Mrs. Sarah Baldwin Searle, dau. 
of John Searle of Springfield). 

UPDIKE, JACOB S. of Cortland, N. 
Y., b. at Endlield, N. Y., July r8, 
1836 (m. Dec. 7, 1859, Priscilla M., dau. 
of James Crane, of English desc, farmer, 
great politician, justice of the peace for 
many years); son of Jacob of Princeton, 



N. J., and Tompkins co., N. Y., b. at 
Princeton Jan. i, 1792, d. at Dryden. N. 
V., Mar. 27, 1S72, farmer (m. Sep. 23, 
1335, Olive, dan. of Samuel Cook, b. 1770, 
d. 1S50); son of .lacoh of Princeton, b. in 
New Jersey 1752, d. at Endiield 1S27, 
moved from Princeton 1S02, to Endfield, 
and bought 640 acres of land (m. Anna 
Savage); son of John of Princeton, b. in 
New Jersey 170S, d. there 1700, his desc. 
arc very numerous, four of his sons were 
in the Revolution (m. 173S, Mary Bragaw, 
tlcsc. of Bourgon Broucarda, a French 
Huguenot exile); son of Lawrence of 
Maidenhead. N. J., b. 1675, d. in New 
Jersey 174S, large land-holder, author of 
the " Updike Spelling Book," was the 
ancestor of almost every New Jersey Up- 
dike (in. Agnes); son of JollillllieS of 
Dutch Kills, L. I., and Hopewell, N. J., 
b. 1651, d. 1729, a large land-holder, own- 
ing at one time what is now Long Island 
City (m. Catherine); son of Lotll'is Janseti 
of Gravesend, L. I., b. in Holland 1600- 
1 fj20, d. at Gravesend 1659 (m. Christina). 

I Davis, Texas, b. at Erie, Pa., Aug. 
7, 1S33, civil engineer till 1S61, 1st lieut. 
and rapt, in 63d O. V. I. till close of war 
(m. 1st, Feb. ro, 1S64, Ellen Thomas, 111. 
2d, Oct. 24, 1871, Sarah A. Black); son of 
Charles of Erie, b. at Waterford, Pa., 
Apr. 3, 1S03, d. at Erie May 31, 1S50, 
farmer (m. Mar. 8, 1S31, Elizabeth, dau. of 
John C. Wallace, M. D„ 1st resident phy- 
sician of Erie, 1st burgess of town, lt.- 
col. of 17th Pa. Militia 1813); son of Adam 
of Waterford, b. at White Deer, Pa., 1767, 
il. at Waterford 1S15, farmer (m. 1S01, 
Elizabeth Gilliland, of Scotch-Irish desc); 
son of Charles of White Deer, b. at 
Coleraine, Ireland, 1732, d. at White Deer 
'795i farmer, emigrated from Ireland 1750, 
and settled in Northumberland co., Pa. 
(m. Agnes, dau. of Adam Steele of Scotch- 
Irish desc, and probably came to America 
1740-50); son of Thomas of Coleraine, d. 
there, physician (m. Miss Cochran of Ren- 
frewshire, Scotland, prob. connected with 
the family of the Earl of Dundonold); desc. 
fiom Petrus, son of Fulbert. 

Mass., b. at Mollis, N. IL, June 7, 
1S17, grad. Dartmouth Coll. 1842, Andover 
Theolog. Sem. 1S46, prin. of Medford 
High School 1S4G-76, has three brothers, 
Wm. Whitney, b. Mar. 1, 1S03, d. at Salem, 
Mass.. Oct. 15, 1S5 1 . Thomas, b. Aug. 22, 
1S05, d. in Cambridge, Mass., Mar. 20, 
18S5, Samuel Caleb, b. June 3, 1S11, d. in 
Owasco, N. Y., Oct. 12, 1SS4 (he, Charles, 
m. Apr. 4, 184S, Elizabeth Lavinia Dyer, 
b. at S. Abingtou, Mass., Aug. 16, 1S17, 
dau. of Christopher and Betsey [Porter] 
Dyer, 7 th in desc. from Perigrine White, 
who was b. on the "Mayllower" 1S20, 
and 8th in desc. from Francis Cooke, a 
"Mayllower" passenger); son of Tlioinas 
of Hollis, N. IL, b. there Nov 1, 1776, d. 
there Feb. 10, 1S43, cordwainer, farmer, 
selectman (m. 1797. Mary Whitney, dau. 
of Caleb and Sarah [Trask] Whitney, b. at 
Bradford, Mass., May 21, 177S, d. Dec. i, 
1S50); son of Thomas of Hollis, b. there 
Aug. 22, 174S, d. 1777 (.?), lawyer, being a 
loyalist, he went abroad, and is supposed 
to have soon died, he had two brothers, 
Samuel, b. Dec. 10, 1742, a justice of the 
peace, and Benjamin, b. Nov. 25, 1757 
(he, Thomas, m. Nov. 17, 1772, Hannah, 
dau. of William and Hannah [Nichols] 
Pool, b. at Hollis Dec. 20, 1751, d. Feb. 
28, 1S32); son of Samuel of Hollis, b. at 
Groton, Mass., Mar. 6, 1709, d. at Hollis 
Jan. iS, 1772, justice of the peace, select- 
man, town clerk 23 years, had 2 brothers, 
Jerahmact, b. Oct. 10, 1700, and James, b. 
July 14, 1713 (he, Samuel, m. Jan. 30, 
1732-3, Prudence, dau. of Thomas and 
Prudence Lawrence, b. Sep. 14, 1715); son 
of Samuel of Groton, Mass. (111. Eliza- 

' South Dedham, Mass., b. at Halifax, 
Mass., Dec. 9, 1794, d. Dec. 26, 1S43, physi- 
cian (m. Feb. 2, 1826, Elannah, dau. of 
Rev. Jabez Chickering); son of Ejdiraim 
of Halifax, b. at Mansfield, Mass., Apr. 
19, 1736, d. at Halifax Dec. 22, 1799, grad. 
Harvard Coll. 1764, minister (m. Apr. 5, 
1768, Rebekah, dau. of Deacon Robert 
Waterman, desc. of Elder Thomas Cush- 



man and Rev. John Lathrop); son of 
Richard of Mansfield, b. at Norton 171 1, 
d. at Halifax 17S9, deacon (m. Mar. 9, 
1733, Abigail, dau. of Ephraim Andros of 
Bristol, R. I.); son of Richard of Norton, 
b. at Taunton Jan. 12, 1679, d. at Mans- 
field Oct. 27, 1732, deacon and selectman 
(in. 1706-8, Mercy, gr.-dau. of Joseph 
Kingsbury of Dedham); son of Richard 
of Taunton, b. .in England (111. 1662, 
Rebekah, dau. of William llaskins of 

Buffalo, N. Y., b. at Cincinnati, O., 
June 8, 1S51, has three brothers, Joseph 
Edward Guild, b. Aug. 23, 1S41, James B., 
b. June 23, 1845, and Charles Wm., b. 
June 30, 1848 (he, Alexander, m. Aug. 12, 
1S74, Katherine I., dau. of James M. and 
Charlotte I. Middleton); son of .Joseph of 
Silver Lake, Kan., b. at Honeoye Falls, 
N. Y., Nov. 29, 1 S 16 (m. Sep. 10, 1839, 
Susan, dau. of Rev. Benj. Holmes, b. at 
Stratford-on-Avon, Eng., May 12, 1819, d. 
Aug. 12, 1887); son of Silas of Salem, 
Mass., b. at Hatfield, Mass., 1770, d. at 
Honeoye Falls (m. Laura Brown of Lima, 
N. Y.); son of Jacob of Lebanon, Ct., b. 
there Aug. 1, 1722 (in. May 26, 1757, Han- 
nah Larrabee of Coventry, Ct.); son of 
Israel of Lebanon, b. at Dedham, Mass., 
June 11, 1690, d. Lebanon Mar. 11, 1766; 
son of Samuel of Dedham, b. there Nov. 
7, 1647, d. there Jan. 1, 1730 (m, Nov. 29, 
1676, Mary Woodcock); son of John of 
Dedham, b. in Eng. 1616, d. Oct. 4, 16S2 
(in. June 24, 1645, Elizabeth Crooke of 

New Haven, Ct., b. at Stepney, Ct., 
1808 (m. Oct. 11, 1842, Jane M., dau. of 
Rev. Edmund Matthews of S. Simon's 
Island, Ga.); son of Elihu of Stepney, 
b. at New Stratford 1777, d. at Stepney 
1844, farmer (m. Sep. 1, 1805, Ruth Ed- 
wards); son of Elisha of New Stratford, 
b. there Aug. 17, 1735, d. at Monroe Apr. 
6, 1824, large landholder (m. Mabel, dau. 
of Ebenezer Hurd of Stratford); son of 
Israel of New Stratford, born in 1708 (m. 

May 30, 1730, Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel 
Blagge); son of Tliomas of Ripton, b. 
at Stratford, d. at Ripton 1773 (in. July 13, 
1709, Sarah Dimin); son of Joseph of 
Stratford, b. in Eng. 1633, d. at Stratford , 
1712, second son of William and Mary 
Beardsley, who arrived from London in the 
ship "Planter" 1635, freeman 1636, re- 
moved to Ct. with his family and was one 
of the first settlers of Stratford 1639, deputy 
to Gen. Court 1645, again 1649, it is believed 
that he was the ancestur of all the Beards- 
leys in America. 

\-i cinnati, O., b. there Dec. 29, 1859, 
atty., grad. A. B. Georgetown Univ., D. 
C, 1881, LI.. B., Harvard Coll. 1SS4, A. 
M., Georgetown 1SS9; son of Timothy 
DauiclsOU of Cin., b. at Briinfield, Mass., 
May 11, 181 5, d. at Cin. Apr. 1, 1S90, 
atty-. grad. A. B. , Wesleyan Univ. 1836, 
had five brothers, Charles D., Fred'k D„ 
Francis D., Ja's D. and Win D. (111. Aug. 
13, 1S45, Mary Seymour Clarke, dau. of 
Mayor Nathan and Charlotte [Seymour] 
Clarke, and gr.-dau. of Thomas Young 
Seymour, who served in the Revolutionary 
war); son of Asa of Brainfield, b. at Taun- 
ton, Mass., June 17, 17S2, d. at Brimlield 
June 7, 1S54, M. D. 1843, justice of the 
peace, senator of Mass. 1S40--43 (m. Sep. 
4, 1809, Sarah E., dau. of Gen. Timothy 
Danielson of the Revolutionary war); son 
of Asa of Taunton; son of Thomas. 

TTTINSLOW, JOHN of Brooklyn, N. 
VV Y., b. at Raniapo, N. Y., Oct. 24, 
1825, studied at Brown Univ., grad. from 
Harvard Law School 1S52, lawyer, asst. 
atty. of Kings co., N. Y., twice (in. 1st, 
Dec. 27, 1854, Sarah Miller Bennett, m. 
2d, June 5, 18SS, Grace E. Woodhead, 
whose parents were English Quakers); son 
of Eleazcr RohhillS Winslow of Newton, 
Mass.,b. at Foxboro, Mass., Mar. 21, 17S6, 
d. at Newton Aug. 8, 1863 (m. Apr. 21, 
1873, Ann Corbett of Boston, Mass., her 
father was of Scotch descent); son of 
Shudrtich of Foxboro, b. at Freetown, 
Mass., Dec. 17, 1750, d. at Foxboro Feb. 
1, 1S17, physician, surgeon, grad. of Yale 



1771, acted as surgeon in the Revolutionary 
irar (m. Mar. 12, 1783, Elizabeth, dau. of 
Cajii. Eleazer Robbins, a soldier in the 
Revolution); son of James of Freetown, 
b there Aug. 10, 1712, d. there Mar. 1, 
1777, colonel, held several town offices and 
Military commissions (m. June 8, 1738, 
Charily Hodges of Norton, Mass.); son of 
Josiali of Freetown, b. at Marsh field, 
Mass., Nov. 7, 1669, d. at Freetown Apr. 
3, 1761 (m. June 13, 1695, Margaret Tis- 
dalc of Taunton, Mass.); son of Kenellll 
of Harwich, Mass., b. at Plymouth, Mass., 
1635, d. at Harwich Nov. n, 1715 (m. Sep. 
»3, 1667, Mercy Worden of Yarmouth, 
Mass.); son of Kenolin (bro. of Gov. W.) 
b. in Worcester, Eng., Apr. 29, 1599, d. at 
Salem Sep. 13, 1672 (m. 1634, Eleanor 
Ashanis of Plymouth); son of Edward of 
Worcester, Eng. 

Pa., b. at Greenwich, N. J., Nov. iS, 
1S40, grad. Rens. Pol. Inst, and Union 
Coll., civil and marine engineer, chief en- 
gineer Chicago and Muscatine R. R., supt. 
of Riverside Improvement Co., consulting 
engineer Spanish-American Iron Co., 
author of " Index to Reports of Chief of 
Engineers U. S. A." and "The Water-Jet 
as an Aid in Engineering Construction " 
(m. Dec. 4, 186G, Romie Rovie, dau. of Dr. 
John and Julia [Holden] Hovie); son of 
Bnront Cornelius of Greenwich, b. Scho- 
dack, N. Y., Jan. 2S, 1S04, d. at Troy, N. 
Y., Mar. 10, 1S72 (hi, Jan. 8, 1S27, Cath- 
arine Witbeck, desc. of Jan, Thomase and 
Ilcndricus [Van Dyck] Van Witbeck); son 
of Cornelius I. of Schodack, b. there Aug. 
15, 1764, d. there Aug. 25, 182S, merchant, 
member of State Legislature, ship-owner 
(m. Nov. 19, 1785, Elizabeth Mondain, d. 
June 9, 1815, aged 51 yrs.); son of Jacob 
Cornelius of Schodack, b. there May 25, 
1743, d. there May 5, 1S22, farmer, colonel 
of 74th N. Y. reg., member N. Y. State 
Legislature (m. Mar. 29, 1762, Gerritje.dau. 
of Johannes S. and Engeltie [Gardenicr] 
Schcrmerhorn, and gr.-dau. of Jacob S. ami 
Gerritje H. Van Huren); son of Cornelius 
J. of Schodack, b. there, bap. Jan. 1, 1719, 
d. there (m. Oct. 22, 1742, Maria, dau. of 

Pieter D. and Rachel [Van Allen] Winne, 
and gr.-dau. of Daniel and Dirkje [Van 
Ness] Winne); son of Jacob of Schodack, 
b. there, bap. Dec. 27, 16S5, d. there (m. 
June 23, 1714, Antje Van Vechten, dau. of 
Cornelius T. V. and Maria [Lucase] Eg- 
mont); son of Jacob, b. at Albany, N. Y., 
bap. 1662, d. at Schodack June 10, 1740 
(m. Gerritje Ilendrickse, dau. of Hendrick 
Van Burcn and gr.-dau. of Cornelius Maas 
and Catalyntje [Martense] Van Ruren); 
son of Jacob Janse of Albany, N. Y., 
b, at Waterland, Holland, 1620, d. at 
Albany 16SS, came to Albany 1636 (m. 
Jannetie, dau. of Cornelius Segerse Van 

Brooklyn, N. Y., b. at Newton, 
Mass., Aug. 10, 1S36, grad. A. B. Colum- 
bia Coll. tS6i, LL. R. Univ. of City of N. 
Y., A. M. Columbia Coll. 1864, lawyer, 
officer in Civil war, brother of C. H. West, 
lieut.-comdr. U. S. navy; sons of Edward 
Augustus of Rrooklyn, b. at Roston, 
Mass., Nov., 1S04, d. at Rergen Point, 
N. J., Mar. 11, 1S71, hardware merchant 
1831-2 (m. Sep. 22, 1835, Ann, dau. of 
Hon. Joseph H. Peirce of Roston, who 
was clerk Municipal Court 14 years her 
great uncles served as officers in the Revo- 
lutionary war, her brother was Hon. Henry 
A. Peirce, U. S. minister at Sandwich 
Islands); son of Joseph of Roston, b. 
at Dartmouth, Mass., 1756, d. at Roston 
Jan. 31, 1S24, sea captain trading to 
Amsterdam, etc. (m. May 31, 1783, Ann, 
dau. of John Holland of Boston and gr.- 
dau. of Thomas Holland of same place); 
son of Richard of Dartmouth, b. there 
Jan. 1, 1733, d. there Jan. 23, 17SG (m. 
1753, Mary Maccumbcr); son of Thomas 
of Dartmouth, b. there Oct. 23, 1702, d. at 
Freetown, Mass., Feb. 11, 1803, aged 100 
years, 3 months and iS days(m. 172S, Mary 
Jene of Dartmouth)- 

? Alt KM AN, FRANCIS of Boston, 
Mass., I), there Sep. if), 1823, author, 
historian (m. 1850, Catherine S., dau. of 
Jacob Rigclow, M. D.,of Boston); son of 
Francis of Roston, b. there June 3, 17S8, 


A M E R I C A N A NCRS T 11 Y 

d. there Nov. 12, 1S52 (m. 1st, Sarah Cabot, 
who had one child, and d. 1S1S, m. 2d, 
May 7. 1822, Caroline, dau. of Nathaniel 
and Joanna C. [Brooks] Hall, gr.-dau. 
of Rev. Edward and Abigail [Brown] 
Brooks, gt. -gr.-dau. of Rev. John and 
Joanna [Cotton] Brown, gt.-gt. -gr.-dau, of 
Rev. Roland Cotton, son of Rev. John 
Cotton, l>. 1639-40, d. 1699, son of John, b 
Derby, Derbyshire, Eng, Dec. 4, 13S5, 
grad. of Cambridge Coll. B. D., Head Lec- 
turer and Dean of Emmanuel Coll., vicar 
of Boston in Lincolnshire about 20 years, 
came to Boston, N. Eng., 1633, minister of 
the First Church until his death 1652, son 
of Rowland of Derby, Eng., who was a 
lawyer); son of Samuel of Boston, b. at 
Westboro, Mass., Aug. 22, 1751, d. there 
June 11, 1S24 (m. 1st, Sarali Shaw, who 
had six children, and d. 17S2, m. 2d, May 
8, 1784, Sarah, dau. of Rev. Daniel Rogers, 
b. 1706, d. 1702, son of Daniel, son of Rev. 
John, son of Rev. Nathaniel, gr. -son of Rev. 
John Rogers, the martyr, burned at the 
stake at Smithfield, Eng.); son of Ebcnezcr 
of Westboro, b. at Boston Sep. 5, 1703, d. 
at Westboro Dec. 9, 17S2, settled in the 
Congregational ministry at Westboro Oct. 
25, 1724 (m. 1st, July 7, 1724, Mary 
Champney of Cambridge, who had five 
children, and d. Jan. 29, 1735, m. 2d, Sep. 
1, 1737, Hannah, dau. of Rev. Robert 
Breck of Marlboro, son of [ohn, son of 
Edward Breck of Eng., b. 1595, d. 1662, 
who emigrated with the Puritans 1635); 
son of WilliffllU of Salem and Boston, 
Mass., b. at Salem Mar. 29, 165S, d. at 
Boston Nov. 30, 1730 (m. May 18, 1GS0, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Alexander and Mary 
Adams of Boston, b. Sep. 21, 1660); son of 
Elias of Salem and Boston, b. at Dor- 
chester Nov. 5, 1035, d. at Wapping, Lon- 
don, Eng., Aug. iS, 1691 (m. Oct. 13, 
1656, Sarah, dau. of Capt. Win. and Sarah 
Trask, b. in Salem Tan. 1, 1634); son of 
Elias of Salem, b. in Eng.; son of Thomas 
of Sid mouth, Devon, Eng. 


ETIER, LOUIS of New Brunswick, 

N. J., b, at Marbletown, N. Y., Apr. 

1S57/A. B. Rutgers Coll. 1878, A. M. 

i, Ph. D. John Hopkins Univ. iSSi, 

prof, of Modern Languages in Rutgers 
Coll. since 1884 (m. June 19, 1SS4, May 
Dealing, of a French family who settled in 
New York city 1750); son of Louis of " 
Marbletown, N. Y., b. there Aug. 29, 1822, 
farmer, supervisor 1874-S3, surveyor, mem- 
ber of the State Charities Aid Assoc, (in. 
Nov. 17, 1S47, Catharine, dau. of Lawrence 
C. Van Dyck of Columbia co., N. Y.); 
son of Louis of Marbletown, b. there Feb. 
13, 1799, d. there Oct. 25, 1826, capt. in 
War of 1S12, farmer (m. Jan. 1, 1S07, Maria, 
dau. of Cornelius Eltinge of Hurley, N.Y.); 
son of David of Marbletown, b. there Nov. 
27, 1746, d. there 1822, member of the 
Committee of Safety during the Revolu- 
tion, farmer (in. Jan. 27, 177S, Maria [dau. 
of Abraham] Hasbrouck of Kingston, N. 
Y., and had a son Joseph); son of Louis 
of Marbletown, b. there June 9, 1717, d. 
there Apr. 29, 1772, farmer, surveyor, super- 
visor, town clerk (m. Oct. 24, 1745, Esther 
[dau. of Philip] DuBois of Rochester, N. 
Y., and had a son Philip); son of Louis 
of Marbletown, b. at New Paltz, N. Y., 
Nov. 6, 1684, d. at Marbletown Feb. 19, 
1753, one of the founders of the Reformed 
Church at Marbletown 1737, had four 
brothers, Jean, Abraham, Samuel and 
Andries, was a farmer (m. May 6, 1713, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Jean Hasbrouck of New 
Paltz); son of Louis of New Paltz, N. Y., 
b. in France, d. at New Paltz 1720. emi- 
grated from France by way of Holland 
1675, one of the twelve patentees of New 
Paltz 1677 (m. 1673, Marie LaBlan). 

TON of Sioux City, la., b. at De- 
Witt, 111., Nov. 22, 1S30, enlisted as private 
1S61, discharged as first sergt. co. F, 41st 
111. Vol. [nfty. 1S64, admitted Supreme 
Court of 111. 186S, removed to Sioux City 
1SO8, auditor of Woodbury co. 1S70-3, cir- 
cuit judge 1SS5-6, district judge 1S87-00 
(m. Oct. 29, 1S73, Catharine, b. July 1, 
1843, d. Dec. 24, 1SS0, dau. of Peleg Pen- 
dleton, sun of Nathan, a soldier of the 
Revolution); son of Drill of DeWitt, b. at 
Watertown, N. Y., Aug. 27, 1S0S, d. at 
DeWitt May 3, 1S83, teacher, went to 111. 
1S34, settled upon a prairie farm and en- 



pfcd in (arming unlil his death, justice 
of Ihc peace (m. Mar. 31, 1836, Hannah. 
b. Apr. 4, 1S14, dau. of James and Mary 
McCord, and had eight children, live of 
•bom aie still living, viz.: Geo. W., above, 
Mdanclhon, b. at DeWitt Feb. 27, 1842, 
rrvdes at Cherokee, la., grad. of 111. Nor- 
ma! Univ., teacher several years, lawyer 
II7I, mayor of Cherokee several times, 
dty solicitor [m. Aug. 1, 1SS2, Ellen 
Neighbor], li.uidusia, b. at DeWitt Jan. 
II, 18 H, grad. of 111. Normal Univ., taught 
there fur a number of years, now resides 
with Geo. W. at Sioux City, Philetus, b. 
at DeWitt Jan. 4, 1850, physician, resides 
at Pratt, Kansas [m. Frances Williams, d. 
Mov. 4, 1S77], Lycurgus, b. June 11, 1S53, 
lawyer [m. Nov. 16, iS32, Mary Moskins]); 
»on of Joseph of Watertown, N. V., b. at 
Amherst, N. II., Oct. 7, 177,;, d. at Water- 
town May 6, 1S42, settled in the wilderness 
at Watertown 1S00 (m. Susan, dau. of 
Thomas and Susannah [Wilder] Sawyer, 
and had seven children, Elisha, who was a 
farmer and grocer, d. at Bloomington, 111., 
/era, d. at DeWitt, a physician, originated 
the "Wakefield Family Medicines," and 
Cyrcnius, d. at Bloomington, physician, 
manufactured medicines for many years); 
«,on of JoSCpll of Windsor, Vt., b. at 
Reading, Mass., May 9, 1752, d. at Wind- 
sor 1S27, served in the Revolutionary war 
(ill. 177S, Relief Kendall, b. May, 1753, d. 
Mar. 17, 1S37, in Jefferson CO., N. V., and 
had nine children, Joseph, Peter, John, 
Copia, Thomas, Zera, Relief, Betsey and 
James); son of Thomas of Amherst, N. II., 
b. at Boston, Mass., .Vug. 5, 1727, d. at 
Amherst Oct. 17, 1791, carpenter, farmer, 
selectman of Amherst 1761-9, town clerk 
(m. Mar. 24, 1750, Dorcas, b. 1725, d. 1S02, 
dau. of Timothy Pratt, a carpenter of 
Reading, Mass., and had eight children, 
Thomas, Joseph, Ebenczer, Timothy, John, 
William, Peter and Dorcas); son of Joseph 
of Boston, b. 1701, d. 1732 (m. 1726, Copia, 
dau. of Rev. Thomas Bridge); son of John, 
b. lM6, d. 173S, shipwright (m. 1693, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Thomas and Eliza Walker, 
and had six children, John, John, Thomas, 
Deliverance, Joseph and Elizabeth); son 
of John of Boston, b. 1640, d. 1703 (in. 

Deliverance and had six children, Deliver- 
ance, Anna, John, Joseph, Sarah and 
Samuel); son of John of Boston, b. in 
Eng., d. 1667, came to America about 1640, 
shipwright and boatman (m. Ann and had 
three children, John, Obadiah and Samuel, 
Ann m. 2d, John Childs). 

' Allegheny, Pa., b. at North East, 
Pa., Jan. 30, 1S2S, grad. Oberlin Coll. 
1S50, Western Theo. Seminary 1S54, pastor 
Market Square Presbyterian Church, llar- 
risburg, Pa., 1S54-S4, prof, of rhetoric etc. 
in Western Theol, Sem. 1SS4 (m. May 13, 
1856, Mary Wolf, dau. of Henry and Anna 
Margaretta [Wolf] Huehler, and gr.-dau. 
of George Wolf, governor of Pa. 1S29-35); 
son of William Andrew of North East, 
b. Cumberland CO., Pa., July 20, 1795, d. 
at North East Mar. 10, 1S71, farmer, of 
his six sons, five became bankers in Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., under the name of Robinson 
Bros., and firm is still in existence (m. 
Mar. 9, 1820, Nancy, dau. of Alexander 
and Nancy [Martin] Cochrane, b. near 
Belfast, Ireland, Dec. 22, 1797); son of 
Thomas of North East, b. Cumberland CO., 
1773. d. at North East July 12, 1S30, farmer, 
magistrate, left Cumberland co., 179S with 
the McCords, Blaines and Moorheads, and 
settled in Erie co., Pa., they were the fust 
settlers of that region fm. prob. 171)4, Mary, 
dau. of William and Mary [McKinney] 
McCord, desc. of Scotch-Irish ancestry, 
who settled in central Pa. about 1730); son 
of George of Georgetown, Ky., North 
Ireland 1727, d. at Georgetown Mar. 5, 1S14, 
farmer, justice of the peace undei the 
gov. of province of Penn., capt. in the 
Revolutionary war, resided first in Dau- 
phin, then in Perry Co., fought in the In- 
dian wars of 1757-65, removed to Ky. 
1797, whither eight of his children and 
their families had gone (111. I755(?), Mary 
Martin, desc. of one of the Scotch-Irish 
families of central Pa., that settled there 
1725-40); son of Philip of Hanover, 
Dauphin co., Pa., b. in North Ireland 
i69S(?), d. at Hanover May, t770, farmer, 
miller, one of the earliest settlers of cen- 
tral Pa., engaged in the Indian wars of 



1757-65, there was a fort on their farm at 
Mananda Gap; son of Thomas of Hanover, 
b. in North Ireland, d. at Hanover, came 
from North Ireland early in last century 
with his sons and was then an aged man. 

Hartford, Ct., b. at Enfield, Ct., May 
18, 1833, pres. of The Hartford Steam 
Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co., 
director in several banks, pres. Hartford 
Board of Trade, trustee Hartford Theo. 
Sem., deacon, member of the American 
Association for the Advancement of 
Science, American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers, and Academy of Social and 
Political Science of Phila., non-resident 
lecturer at Sibley College, Cornell Univ. 
(m. Apr. 10, 1S56, Harriet S., dau. of 
Hermon C. and Mary A. Griswold of 
Ellington, Ct., he, Hermon, was a manu- 
facturer of monuments and grave-stones, 
member of the Legislature); son of Jere- 
miah V. of Enfield, b. there Dec. 7, 1S01, 
d. there Aug. 2S, 1S66, builder, had a 
brother Josiah Bennett Allen, manufac- 
turer of telescopes and microscopes, which 
were used by Prof. L. Agassiz and Young 
Wing, Chinese Minister (he, Jeremiah, m. 
June 17, 1828, Emily, dau. of Eli and 
Cynthia Pease of Enfield); son of Isaiah 
of Enfield, b. there July S, 1774, d. there 
May 7, 1S45, farmer, carpenter, had a 
brother Anson, a mathematician and as- 
tronomer of considerable reputation in 
New England, author of, and made the 
calculations for Allen's New England 
Almanac, which had a large circulation 
(Isaiah m. Dec. 24, 1749, Martha Pease); 
son of Moses of Enfield, b. there May 14, 
1746, d. there Sep. 26, 1S26, farmer, sol- 
dier in Revolutionary war (m. May I, 
1766, Mary, dau. of Thomas and Mary 
Adams of East Windsor, Ct., desc. from 
Henry Adams who emigrated to America 
1632, .and was ancestor of the famous 
patriots, Samuel and John Adams); son of 
Azariah of Enfield, b. there May 14, 1701, 
d. there Apr. 3, 17S7, farmer (m. Dec. 3, 
1727, Martha Burt of Longmeadmv, Mass., 
d. at Enfield Oct. 12, 1782); son of John 
of Deerfield, Ct., and Enfield, b. at North- 

ampton, Mass., Sep. 30, 1670, d. at En- 
field Nov. 3, 1739, farmer, removed from 
Deerfield to Enfield to escape the Indians 
1690 (m. 1st, May 3, 1694, Bridget [dau. of 
Simeon and Rebecca] Booth, b. at Enfield 
1670, d. there Sep. 5, 1714, m. 2d, Eliza- 
beth Gardiner, b. at Gardner's, Ireland, d. 
at Enfield Feb, 27, 1759); son of John of 
Deerfield, Mass., killed by the Indians at 
the battle of Bloody Brook, Deerfield, 
Sep. IS, 1675 (m. Dec. 8, 1669, Mary [dau. 
of William and Honor] Hannum, b. Apr. 
5, 1650); son of Samuel of Windsor, Ct., 
b. at Braintree, Eng., 15SS, d. Windsor 
Apr. 28, 164S, came to America 1632, set- 
tled first in Cambridge, Mass., but re- 
moved to Windsor 1635, fanner, a man of 
public spirit and honored with positions 
of trusts (m. Ann Hurlbut, d. at North- 
ampton, Mass., Nov. 13, 16S7); Gen. Ethan 
Allen of Revolutionary fame was de- 
scended from his son Samuel. 

Oswego, N. Y., b. there Nov. 19, 
1S14, admitted to bar 1837, supervisor 1S63, 
fire comm. 1376-S5, any. Oswego City Sav- 
ings Bank 1S79-S2 (m. June 21, 1S43, Arti- 
misia C, dau. of George Noyes, a desc. of 
Rev. James Noyes of Newburyport, Mass., 
who emigrated to this country about 1634); 
son of GcorgC W. of Oswego, b. at War- 
wick, N. Y., Oct. 5, 1784, d. at Oswego 
Jan. 12, 1S65 (m. Mat. 11, 1S12, Amelia, 
dau. of Abijah and Amelia [Bulkeley] 
Benedict, desc. of Thomas Benedict who 
came to America 1635); son of Daniel of 
Oswego, b. at Ridgefield, Ct., Oct. 20, 
1740, d. at Oswego July 4, 1S23 (m. Jan. 
25, 1770, Martha Bradner); son of Daniel 
of Warwick, b. at Ridgefield July b, 1716, 
d. at Warwick Mar. iS, 1S05 (m. Hannah, 
dau. of Deacon James, Benedict, b. Jan. 
25, 1716, d. Jan. 20, 1S10, aged 94 years); 
son of Benjamin of Ridgefield, b. at 
Northampton, Mass., Nov. 17, 1680, d. at 
Ridgefield May 20, 1759, early resident of 
Deerfield, Mass., dining the French and 
Indian raid on that town, himself and wile 
were taken prisoners Feb. 29, 1704, and 
remained in captivity some time, purchased 
a tract of land from the Indians, and 


•ffinuol (he town of Ridgcfield (m. Oct. 
*% i>-. Sarah, dau. of Daniel Belder); 
w,o u< I»a>itl of Northampton, b. in Eng., 
4 at Northampton 1735, went to North- 
ampton 1051 (m. Nov. 18, 1654, Mary, dan. 
ot William IJolton); son of Henry of 
Iptingfield, Mass., b. in Eng., d. in Spring- 
UM Apr. 30, 1662, came from England, 
Killed at Roxbnry 163S, removed to Spring- 
i'i.J 1640, one of the fust settlers of 
Springfield, selectman, a leading member 
w>d deacon of the first church, when the 
town was without a minister, he with 
Samuel Chapin, was appointed by the town 
officers to read sermons on a Sunday, was 
clerk of the writs, an office of the town to 
f»»uc summons and writs of attachment in 
civil suits (m. Eulalia). 

O Hartford, Ct., b. at Litchfield, Ct., 
Jan. 2.1, 1S36, grad, Yale Coll. 1057, Berk- 
Icy Divinity School, Middletown, Ct., 
186], rector of Trinity P. E. Church 1SS3-90 
(in. June 20, 1S61, Mary Harrison Brown, 
b. Sep. 7, 1 835, dau. of Rev. Abraham and 
Lucy Maria [Harrison] Browne); son of 
OrlgCIl Slorrs Seymour of Litchfield, b. 
Fib. 9, 1804, d. Aug. 12, 1881, chief jus- 
tice Supreme Court of Errors of Ct. 1S73-4 
(m. Lucy M., dau. of Morris and Candace 
(Catlinj Woodruff); son of Ozins, b. July 
8, 1776, d. June 3, 1851 (111. Selima Storrs); 
son of Moses of Litchfield, b. Hartford, 
Ct., July 23, 1742, major in Revolutionary 
army in Strong's Horse Brigade, was at 
the battles of Saratoga and Burgoyne's 
surrender (in. Nov. 17, 1771, Molly, b. 
Nov. 24, 1752, d. 1826, dau. of Ebcne/.er 
and Deborah [Buell] Marsh); son of Moses, 
b, Feb. 17, 1710, d. Sep. 24, 1795 (111. Mar. 
14, 1737, Rachel Goodwin); son of John 
of Hartford, b. June 12, 1666, d. May 17, 
174S (m. Dec. 10, i(Kj3, Elizabeth, dau. of 
Robert and Susannah [Treat] Webster, 
and gr.-dau. of Gov. John Webster); son 
of Jollll of Hartford 1G04, freeman 1667, 
founder and an original member of the 
South Church 1670 (m. Mary, dau. of John 
and Margaret Watson of Hartford); son of 
Richard of Hartford 1639, b - in Eng., d. 
at Norwalk, Ct., Oct. 9, 1653, one of the 

original prop, of Hartford, chosen chim- 
ney viewer 1647, signer for planting Nor- 
walk, Ct., 1650 (m. Mercy or Mary, who 
m. 2d, Nov. 25, 1655, John Steele of Farm- 

BROCKWAY, BEMAN of Watertown, 
N. Y., b. at Southampton, Mass., 
Apr. 12, 1 S 1 5, learned printing business at 
15 years of age, assisted in the issue of the 
first number of the Mayville " N. Y. Sen- 
tinel" Dec, 1S34, published and edited 
the same ten years, purchased the Oswego 
"Palladium," and was the head eight 
years, was on the editorial stall" of the " N. 
Y. Tribune " 1S53-5, connected with the 
Watertown " Daily Times and Reformer" 
thirty years, member N. Y. Assembly 
1S59, author of fust registry law in this 
State, private sec. to Gov. Fenton, and 
canal appraiser 1S65 (m. 1st, May 23, 1837, 
Elizabeth Allen Warner, b. Apr. 21, 1S16, 
d. Sep. 10, 1S54, 111. 2d, Oct. 22, 1855, her 
cousin Sarah Warner Wright, b. June 24, 
1S1G, niece of the late Prof. Aaron Warner 
of Amherst Coll.); son of GideOn of 
Clyrner, N. Y., b. at Granville, Mass., 
Aug. 11, 17S4, d. at Clynier Jan. 15, 1870, 
farmer in Southampton till 1S32, removed 
to Clyrner, where he lived till death (m. 
Nancy, b. in Norwich 1786, d. in Clyrner 
1S55, dau. of Daniel and Lucretia [Wil- 
lardj Williams); son of Isaiah of South- 
ampton, b. in Lyme, Ct., 1749, d. at South- 
ampton 1829(111. 1st, Elizabeth Comstock 
of Lyme, m. 2d, Mrs. Anna Culver, d. 
1825); son of Gideon, b. at Lyme 1720, d. 
17S3O11. Lois, dau. of Phineas and Mary 
[Durban I Bcaman); son of William of 
Lyme, b. there (m. Oct. 13, 1716, Prudence, 
dau. of William Pratt, b. Mar. 11, 16S3, d. 
1760); son of WHHaiH, b. at Lyme July 
25, 1066, d. Mar. 29, 1755 (111. Mar. 8, 1692, 
Elizabeth); son of Wolston, b. 1O40, d. 
171S (m. Hannah Bridges of Lyme, d. Feb. 
6, 16S7). 

Li city, b. at White Plains, N. Y., Mar. 
9, 1846, proprietor of the " Lockwood 
Press," established 1872, publisher of va- 
rious technical, scientific and commercial 



journals (m. Oct. 25, 1SS2, Carrie Baker, 
gr.-dau. of Bowles Colgate); son of 31 1111- 
sou I. of White Plains, b. July II, 1S10, 
lawyer, brig.-gen. (m. ist, Aug. 1, 1S38, 
Sarah Lewis Smith, in. 2d, Apr. 13, 1864. 
Amelia J. Ilavell); son of Stephen of 
Greenwich, Ct., b. Oct., 176S, farmer (m. 
Jan. 1, 1792, Sarah Ingersoll); son of Silas 
of Greenwich, b. Sep. 3, 1743, farmer; son 
of Jonathan of Greenwich, b. 1-719; son of 
Still John of Greenwich, b. 1674, d 175S; 
son of Jonathan of Watcrtown, Mass., b. 
Sep. 10, 1034, d. at Greenwich May 12, 
16SS, one of the twenty-seven proprietors, 
rep. to the Legislature 4 years, lieut. (m. 
Mary Ferris); son of Robert of Watcrtown, 
b. in Eng., d. at Fairfield, Ct., 1658, came 
from England with Winthrop's tleet and 
settled in Watcrtown 1630, twenty-three of 
his male desc. took part in colonial wars, 
and one handled and forty-seven fought 
in the Revolutionary war. 


I J Ithaca, Nf. V., b. at Catharine, N. Y., 
Jan. 27, 1S56, law stenographer since 1876, 
admitted to the bar iSSo, special county 
judge of Tompkins co., 1SS9, steno- 
grapher to Court of Appeals, second divis- 
ion, since Mat., 1S89; son of Herman L. 
of Ithaca, N. Y., b. at East lladdam, Ct., 
Jan. 27, 1S25, farmer, merchant, sheriff of 
Schuyler co. 1876, by appointment of Gov. 
Tilden (m. Mar. 1, 1854, Emeline A., dan. 
of Solomon and Fiances [Evans] Booth of 
Catharine, b. Apr. 31, 1S33); son of 
lloliart of Ncwlicld, N. Y., b. at Milling- 
ton, Ct., May 9, 17S7, d. at Havana, N. Y., 
May iS, 1872, farmer, 1S27 moved to New- 
field as agent for Ct. school fund in selling 
16,000 acres of school lands about Newiield 
(m. May 16, 1809, Asenath, b. Dec. 15, 
17S9, d. at Havana Feb. 25, 1S77, dan. of 
Robert and Asenath [Cone] Harvey of 
Millington; son of Hohart of Millington, 
b. there 174S, d. at Lebanon, N. IE, Oct. 
8, 1S39, fanner, lived on old homestead 
until iSro when he moved to Lebanon (m. 
ist, June 20, 1773, Hannah, dau. or sister 
of Gov. Paddlcford of R. 1., she d. May 
24, 1S11, m. 2d, Jan. 16, 1S16, Mrs. Ruth 
Strong, widow of Jabez Strong); son of 

Hohart of Millington, b. at Canterbury, 

Ct., Dec. 17, 171(1, d. there Jan. 2S, 1700, 
grad. of Vale 1730, ordained Nov. 20, 1745, 
as pastor of the Cong'l Church at Milling- 
ton, ami served there till death (m. 1st, 
Sep. 12, 1743, Sarah, daughter of Rev. 
Elca/.cr Williams, grad. of Harvard 170S, 
and she d. June 25, 1746, in. 2d, Jerusha, 
dau. of Rev. Isaac Chauncey of Harvard 
11)93, b. Sep. 7, 1714, d. June 14, 1776); 
son of Samuel of Canterbury, b. at Con- 
cord, Mass., June 7, 1074, d. at Canterbury 
June 26, 1727, grad. of Harvard 1696, or- 
dained lust pastoral Canterbury June 13, 
1711, where he resided till death, preached 
election sermon to the Legislature May 8, 
1718 (m. Mar. 23, 1713-4, Rebecca, dau. 
of Rev. Neheniiah and Sarah [Jackson] 
Ilobart of Newton, Mass., d. Dec, 1727); 
son of Joseph of Concord, b. at Enfield, 
Eng., about 1640, d. at Concord Sep. 16, 
1711, came to America 1660, grad. from 
Harvard 1664 (m. May 20, 166S, Mary, dau. 
of ('apt. Hugh and Esther Mason, she b. 
Dec. 18, 1640), was a colleague of Rev. 
Edward Btilkeley and succeeded him 1696, 
as pastor of the church at Concord, till his 
death 1711; Thomas, a brother, came with 
Joseph to Concord, d. Jan. 2S, 1720 (m. 
there May 11, 16S3, Sarah Temple, d. Nov. 
29, 1726). 

Hi, 1875; son of J. Francis, b. Mar. 
26, 1S47, miller (m. at Palermo, Kan., 
Mar. 14, 1SO9, Magdalena Werner, b. Feb. 
19, 1S50, at Betterfield, Saxony, Prussia); 
son of Jesse li., b. Oct. 2S, 1S19, d. at 
Downington, Pa., Sep. 4, 1SS3, miller, 
operated mills in East Bradford and 
Downington, dealer in hard wood, tele- 
graph poles, ties, cordwood, rails, etc. (m. 
Mar. 5, 1846, Mary M. Zook, b. July 19, 
1825); son of Joseph of Marple, Pa., b. 
there Sep. 13, 1790, d. there May 8, 1S42, 
inherited from his father the West White- 
hind tract of land (m. Dec. 31, 1S1S, 
Eleanor P., dau. of Jesse and Elizabeth 
[Clay] Brooks of Radnor, Del. co., Pa.); 
son of James of W. Whitcland, Pa., b. 
there 1745, d. at Marple Apr. 16, 1S15, 
buried at Middle-town Pies. Church, Pa., 



the assessment list of 1799 gave his prop- 
erty llic value of $2,245 (m- May 2S, 177S, 
Rachel, dau. of William and Jane [Pen- 
lotv] Hum of Marple, d. Mar. 15, 1S30, 
tarieil at Mjddlctown); son of David of 
W Whiteland, d. there, supposed to have 
tonic from Ireland and bought land in W, 
HThileland, overseer of pour, supervisor 
im Aug. 28, 1744, Agnes, dau. of Robert 
Longhead of Oxford, Pa.). 

I of Cambridge, Mass., b. at Boston 
luly I'). 1S4G, astronomer (m. Mar. 9, 1S74, 
Uuie Wadsworth, dau. of Jared and 
Mar) [Silsbcc] Sparks); son of Edward of 
llostcm.b. at Wenham, Mass., Oet. 2, 1S07, 
■ I at Boston Nov. 21, 1870(111. Oct. 20. 1S41, 
Charlotte, dau. of Daniel and Sally [Stod- 
dard] Hammond); son of Timothy of 
Starucca, Pa., born Oct. 1, 1779, d, there 
May 14, 1807 (m. Oct. 29, 1S04, Lurena 
C.le, b. Sep. 28, 1781, d. Apr. 22, 1S60); 
ion of Timothy of Salem, Mass., b. July 
'». >745. d. Jan. 29, 1S29, sec. of war and 
Male under Washington (m. Apr. S, 1776, 
Rebecca White, b. July iS, 1754, d. Aug. 
14, 1S2S); son of Timothy of Salem, d. Jan. 
7, 177s ( m . Nov. 21, 1738, Mary Wright, b. 
June 16, 1708, d. Dec. 12, 17S9); son of 
JoIlD, b. Sep. 10, 165S, d. June 19, 1722 (m. 
June 14, 16S3, Sarah Bullitt, b. May 16, 
1661, d. Dec. 27, 1707); son of John. b. 
1637, d. May 5, 1094 (m. Alice Vint, d. 
1723); son of John, b. 1615, d. 1657 (ni. 
1636, Elizabeth, d. Aug. 30, 1662). 

Danville, 111., b. there Mar. 5, 1S33, 

vyer, author of books relating to " Nortl 
stern Indians" and " French America 

to Vermilion river, 1S1S, was an Indian 
trader, worked with his brother the Ver- 
milion Salines until 1826, when, as county 
surveyor, he laid out the newly-organi/cd 
county of Vermilion, a part of the site 
being donated by him, the place was called 
Danville, after his given name, he was a 
member of 111. Legislature 1830-i, laid out 
the state road from Peoria, 111., through 
Danville to the Indian State line, lieut.- 
col. in mounted vol. in Black Hawk In- 
dian war 1S32, U. S. deputy surveyor 
1S33-4. laying out the public domain and 
Indian reservations on either side of the 
Kankakee river in eastern 111. (m. Mar. n, 
1S23, Mary Julia [dau. of Benjamin] Wil- 
liams, b. at or near Chambersburgh, Pa., 
Nov. 30, 1S11, d. at Danville Dec. 6, 1S45, 
only sister of Amos Williams, an early and 
noted public officer of Vermilion comity, 
111.); son of Steven of Lyme or New Lon- 
don, Ct., b. 1763-4, d. at Lodi Plains, 
Mich., Aug., 1830 (m. at Waylusing, Pa., 
17SS-9, Hannah [dau. of Amos and Lu- 
cretia] York, b. Apr. 27, 1773, at Yoming, 
Pa., Lucretia was dau. of Manassa Miner, 
b. at Voluntown, Ct., Nov., 1750, and sur- 
vivor cf the Wyoming massacre, their 
house being plundered and burned); son of 
Jonathan of New London, b. there 1710, 
d. at Newark, N. Y., 1807, a supposed 
emigrant with the forty Ct. families to 
Wyoming valley 1762, later of Waylusing, 
thence to Yates CO., N. Y., 1804, and from 
there to Newark (m. Grace Strickland of 
Ct., d. near Newark 1816, aged 97 years). 

H A 


3, 1S60, ophthalmic surgeon at the R. I. 

Homeopathic Hospital, grad. Med. Dept. 

History," pres. board of 111. Stale Hist. Boston Univ., commodore R. I. yacht 

Library, local historian of Vermilion CO., club, house surgeon, St. Mark's Hospital, 

111., member of Amer. Hist. Assoc. (111. Dublin, L. M., Rotunda Hospital, Dublin 

Mar. 24, 1S57, Emily J. Reder, b. in (in. Sep. 25, 1889, Mary Owen, dau. 

Marshall, N. Y.); son of Daniel Washing- of John T. Fiske of Chepachet, R. I.); son 

ton Beckwith of 'Danville, b. at Waylus- of John W. of Middleton, N. Y., b. at 

ing, r;i, reb. 3, 1797, d. at Danville Dec. Woodstock, N. V., Nov. 20, 1S21, editor 

[835, left Wayne eo., N. Y., with and pub. Sullivan Co. Whig 1846-50, also 

George M., his older brother, and went to | of the Orange Co. Press 1S51-68 (m. July 

Terre Haute, lnd., 1S15, thence to North j 27, 185O, Dr. Lydia, dau. of Benjamin 

Aim prairie, 111. territory, 1S17, thence | Sayer, she was a hydropathic physician 

6 4 


and lecturer, b. Dec. 20, 1827)5 scm °f 
Richard M. of Kingston, N. Y., b. there 

Sep. 20, 17711, d. there May 10, 1S60, fanner 
(m. Sep. 17, 1798, Mary Johnson); son of 
Elias of Kingston, 1). May iS, 1740, d. at 
Woodstock Oct S, 1791, capt. in Revolu- 
tionary war, was with Gen. Montgomery 
at the storming of Quebec (m. Nov. 21, 
1702, Elizabeth Sleight, b. Sep. 9, 1737, d. 
Apr. 10, 1S07); son of Solomon (m. Sua 
Wagenar); son of Abraham of New Paltz, 
N. V., b. in France, was a Walloon who 
lied from the northern part of France into 
Holland on account of religious persecu- 
tions, came to this country 1675, and in 
1676-7 'settled, with his brother Jean, at 
New Paltz, being amongst the original 
owners of the celebrated Palt/. Patent. 

111., b. at Boston, Mass., May 12, 
1823, author of thirteen volumes of denom- 
inational journals, A.M. 1S67, D. D. 1876, 
Buchte Coll. (m. 1st, May 30, 1S46, Eli/a 
Rice Holbrook, m. 2d, Aug. 1, 1SS9, Mrs. 
Elizabeth L, [Rickerson] Judd); son of 
William of Boston, b. Milton Mills, N. H., 
Mar. 13, 1795, d. at Boston July 17, 1S31 
(m. 1S22, Harriet Browne, a lineal desc. of 
Nicholas Browne of Reading 1638, her 
father was one of the men who threw the 
tea into the Boston Harbor, also a minute- 
man in the Revolution, a non-commis- 
sioned officer at the battle of Bunker Hill, 
and one of the picked men to transport 
money from Lafayette at Newport to (Jen. 
Washington at White Plains, N. Y.); son 
of John of Milton Mills, N. IL, b. at 
Dover Nov. 17, 1746, d. at Milton Mills 
1S03, was killed by a load of stones falling 
on him (m. Sally Getchell, d. at Vassal- 
borough, Me.), desc. of Thomas Hanson, 
who had a grant of land, 100 acres, near 
Salmon Falls, N. IL, 165S, admitted free- 
man 1661. His wife " Old widow Hanson" 
was killed by the Indians June 2S, 16S9. 

Mich., b. at York, N. Y., Apr. 13, 
1841, served in the Civil war in the 5th and 
7th Mich. Cav. and 1st Mich. Vet. Cav., 
grad. Law Dept. Univ. of Mich. 1S6S, mem- 

ber of House of Rep. 18S1-2, member of 
the bd. of visitors of Albion Coll. 1882-3, 
circuit judge of iSth Judicial Circuit of 
Mich. iSSS(m. Nov. 1, 1871, Laura A., b 
at Mich. June 15, 1S4S, dau. of Algernon 
Sidney MungeF, b. at Bergen, Genesee co., 
N. Y., Mar. 1, 1S21, son of Jesse and 
Hulda Munger of Ct,); son of Elijah Vail 
of Bay City, Mich., b. at Paris, Oneida co., 
N. Y., Sep. 3, rS 14, from 1S42-55 resided 
at Rochester, N. Y., then moved to Lena- 
wee co., Mich., from 1S60-S5 resided at 
Ann Arbor, farmer, mechanic, had one 
brother, George Albert Cobb, a farmer who 
d. at Saline, Mich., Dec. 1, iSSS, aged 7(1 
years (m. Jan., 1S40, Lucy Hastings, b. al 
Bristol, Ontario co., N. Y., July 4, 1S12, 
dau. of Samuel Pomroy, a native of Am- 
herst, Mass., son of Simeon, son of Simeon, 
son of Samuel, son of Caleb, son of Elt- 
weed, d. at Northampton 1673); son of 
Elijah of Paris, N. Y., b. probably at 
Westmoreland, N. IL, d. at Paris, N. Y., 
Sep. 13, 1S14, served in the U. S. army 
where he contracted the disease from which 
he d. (m. Mary Vail of Guilford, Ct., she 

in. 2d, Avery); son of George of 

Westmoreland, N. II. , b. Oct. 1, 1757, d. 
there Nov. 9, 1825 (m. 1st, Martha Booker 
and had ten children, Esther, Martha, 
George, Elizabeth, Isaac, Elijah, Joseph, 
Barker, Abner, and Lydia; Isaac has desc. 
at Westminster, Vt., Joseph, d. in Mich, 
leaving a son named Hubbard, who also 
died and left daughters, Elizabeth, in. and 
lives in Wisconsin, and Barker, resided at 
Paris, N. Y., m. 2d, Sally Bingham). 

York, N. Y., b. there Jan. 1, 1S37, 
member of firm of R. Hoe & Co. (111. 
Dec. 3, 1863, Anna Rebecca, eldest dan. 
of Lawrence Johnson, and had six children, 
Theodore IL, b. Aug. 8, 1S67, d. May 27, 
1S7U, Mary Ella, b. Nov. 23, 186S, d. Nov. 
9, 1S69, Ethel, b. May 13, 1S71, d. May 29, 
1876, Lawrence Johnson, b. Dec. 12, 1872, 
Anna Theodora, b. Mar. 26, 1S75, and 
Gilbert W. II.. b. Mar. cS, 1-77; Lawrence 
Johnson was a native of Hull, Fug., and 
founder of the well-known firm of L. John- 
son & Co., type founders, now the Johnson 



Tfi<e Foundry); son of Enoch Milan 

Koi .-I New York, b. at South Salem, 
.* V . Aug. 12, 1 Soil, d. at Brooklyn Nov. 
. ix lljo. came to N. V. city at the age of 
HMUlcen .uid ruined the wholesale dry* 
$"»-«J» business and became the head of 
IS* 61111 of E. M. .Mead & Co. (m. July 22, 
|t>| t Elizaljcili [Hoe] Mudge, the widow 
•4 Henry Mudgc, and second dau. of 
I^Url Hue, who came to this country 
!',;n Ellg. 1799, and was the founder of 
Ike firm R. Hoe l\: Co., the well-known 
printing manufacturers); son of Solomon 
«t South Salem, now Lake Waccabuc, b. 
•t South Salem Apr. 9, 177S, d. there Mar. 
' 16, 1S70, farmer, a man of great upright- 
**»» and dignity of character, col. in the 

* Ullla, rode on horseback till past the age 
•1 ninety, he was married on the same 
4»lc and at the same age as his father, lie 

• *< also b. on his father's birthday (m. 
Ffb, J, 1793, Eunice, dau. of Benajah 
titlbctt of South Salem); son of Enoch of 
S'uth Salem, b. at Greenwich, Ct., Apr. 
« 1756, d. at South Salem Sep. 10, 1806, 
be married at nineteen a wife younger than 
kimtelf, and after a tour of exploration 
with her on horseback, settled on the ridge 
4 mile south of the beautiful Lake Wacca- 
buc, as early as 1776, lie enlisted in the 
Continental army and afterward served 
on Washington's stall", as a member of 
the secret service, with the rank of colonel, 
he was a younger brother of Ebene/.er 
Mead, .vho had entered the army a year or 
two earlier and eventually rose to the rank 
of major-gen. of the second division of Ct. 
troops (m. Feb. 1, 1776, his second cousin 
Jemima, dau. of Caleb and Hannah [Run- 
dil] Mead, b. at Greenwich, Ct., xVug. 12, 
1756, she was the youngest dau. of n chil- 
dren and a woman of great courage and en- 
ergy); son of Ebenezei" of Greenwich, b. 
there Oct. 8, 1718, d. there Feb. 25, 175S, 
was the oldest of twelve children, was dea. 
in Second Congregational Church (m. 174-, 
Amy Knapp, aad had three children, all 
of whom married Meads, the oldest was 
Ebenczer, b. 171^, d. 1S1S, the gen. who 
was also a deacon, Hannah and Enoch); 
son of Ebenczer of Greenwich, b. there 
Oct. 25, 1692, d. there May 3, 1775, was 


the oldest of nine children (m. Dec. 12, 
1717, Hannah Brown of Rye and had 
twelve children, eleven sons and one dau., 
two of his sons became ministers and one 
a doctor); son of Ebenczer of Greenwich, 
b. there 1663 (m. Sarah Knapp of Stam- 
ford, and had nine children, four sons and 
five daus.); son of John, b. 1635, possibly 
in Eng. but probably in eastern Mass. (m. 
Hannah, dau. of William Potter of Stam- 
ford and had eleven children, Gen. John 
Mead desc. from Ebenezer's eldest son 
John); son of William, b. in Eng. 1600, 
came from Eng. to Mass. about 1630, re- 
sided for a time in Mass., then in Hemp- 
stead, L. I., and finally removed to Green- 
wich about 1660, he is supposed to have 
been a member of a family of Saxon origin, 
which had been settled since very early 
times in Somersetshire, but had removed 
to Essex in the reign of Henry VI, early in 
the 15th century. Tradition asserts that he- 
sailed from Greenwich, Eng., with his two 
brothers (m. about 1631), she d. Sep. 19, 
1657, and had three children). 

O Syracuse, N. Y., b. at Montpelier 
Yt., Aug. 11, 1S35, grad. Univ. of Vt., 
1856, studied law, grad. Andover Theol. 
Sem. 1S61, pastor at Vergeanes, Vt., Hart- 
ford, Ct., Dover and Manchester, N. IE, 
now pastor First Presb. Ch. of Syracuse, 
1). D. Dartmouth Coll. (m. Aug. 6, 1861, 
Sarah Livingston Olmstcad, dau. of Dr. 
John W. Ol instead and gr.-dau. of Col. 
James Livingston who raised a regt. at his 
own expense and served through the Rev- 
olutionary war); son of James of Mont- 
pelier, b. at Sharon, Vt., Mar. 20, 1792, d. 
at Montpelier Mar. 15, 185s, distinguished 
surgeon and physician, a man of sterling 
qualities of character and a devout Christian 
(m. Nov. 2, 1820, Eliza Reed, gr.-dau. of 
Ilczckiah Hutchins of Hampstead, N. IE, 
who took part in the capture of Louisburg, 
and was the capt. of a company at the 
battle of Blinker Hill); son of Reuben of 
Sharon, b. at Tyringham, Mass., Dec. 15, 
175S, d. at Sharon Sep. 15, 1849, was the 
first settler in Sharon, lived on a farm of 
his own clearing for eighty years, soldier in 



the Revolutionary war, chief justice, mem- 
berof the Congregational Church 61 years, 
dea. 42 years (m. June 21, 1735, Jerusha, 
dau. of James and Irena Carpenter of Cov- 
entry, Ct., and a sister of Cephas Carpen- 
ter, the gar. -father of Senator Matthew Car- 
penter); son of Reulien of Tyringham, b. at 
Plainfield, Ct., Feb. 26, 1728, d. at Tyring- 
ham Jan., 1755, teacher, well educated and 
had an excellent character (m. Oct. 1, 1747, 
Mary, dan. of Timothy B. and Mary Pierce 
of Conn.); son of Ephraim of Plainfield, 
b. at Canterbury Apr. 3, 1700(111. Abigail 
Hullard, and had ten children); son of 
Edward of Canterbury, Ct., b. there June 
iS, 1672, d. there Nov. 29, 1740, it is said 
that lie was the third settler within the 
present boundaries of Brooklyn, Ct., and he was a member of the fust commit- 
tee of the religious society organized 1731 
(111. Mary Adams); son of Benjamin of 
Brooklyn, Ct., b. at Braintree, Mass., Apr. 
7, 1643, d. before 170S (m. Oct. 30, 1668, 
Olive, dan. of Henry and Olive Farwell of 
Concord, Mass., he, Henry, was freeman 
1689); son of Edward of Braintree and 
Chelmsford, Mass., b. in Eng., d. at 
Chelmsford Feb. 26, 1670, came from Eng. 
1630, freeman May 13, 1640, was the first 
settler at Chelmsford (m. Rachel). 

Hanover, Mass., b. at Hanson, Mass., 
Mar. 3, 1836, tack manufacturer, justice of 
the peace, representative to the Gen. Court 
tS73, clerk of the Hanover Branch Railroad 
Co., member of the N. E. Hist. Gen. Soc, 
pies. Fern Hill Cemetery Corporation (m. 
Oct. 31, 1SO5, Maria Eveline, dau. of 
Algernon and Mary [White] Jossclyn); son 
of Ezra of Hanover and Hanson, b. at 
Hanson Oct. 10, iSio, d. at Hanover May 
15, 1882, tack manufacturer and selectman 
(m. Nov. 27, 1S34, Catharine Hitchcock, 
dau. of Dr. Calvin and Catharine [Hitch- 
cock] Tilden, desc. from Elder Nathaniel 
Tilden of Scituate); son of Ezra of Han- 
son, b. at Pembroke now Hanson Oct. 2, 
1779, d. at Hanson July 6, 1S56, farmer, 
selectman, killed by lightning, several of 
the name were killed in the same way in 
the early days of Plymouth colony (m. 

1st, Nov. 16, 1S09, Mehitable Allen, desc. '| 
from Samuel Allen of Braintree, m. ju, 
1S14, Lucy Chamberlain, m. 3d, 1833, Mrs. 
Abigail [Phillips] Pratt); son of Lot of 
Pembroke, b. there Dec. 12, 1754, d. there 
Sep. 12, 1S12, farmer (rrt. May 20, 1779, 
Diana Howland, desc. from Henry of Dux- 
bury, a brother of John of the Mayflower); 
son of Blanc}' of Duxbury and Pembroke, 
b. at Plymouth Feb. 10, 1711-12, d. at 
Pembroke Dec. 21, 1800, moved from 
Duxbury to Pembroke about 1761, member 
of Dr. Gad Hitchcock's church, possessed 
a large and valuable farm (m. Mar. 23, 
1732-3, Christian, dau. of Christopher 
Wadsworth of Duxbury); son of Thomas 
of Plymouth and Duxbury, b. 167S, d. at 
Duxbury Dec. 17, 1759, carpenter, bad 
four sisters, Miriam, Margaret, Rebecca 
and Elizabeth, their mother is buried on 
the old hill at Plymouth (m. Dec. 31, 1702, 
Rebecca, dau. of John Blanev of Charles- 

KELLOGG, DAY OTIS of Yincland, 
N. J., b. at Troy, N. Y., Mar. 31, 
1S37, grad. Hobart Coll., Geneva, N. Y., 
1857, studied theology at Alexandria, Va., 
preached in Phila. and Providence, taught 
history and English literature in Kansas. 
State Univ., has been on the editorial 
stall' of several daily and weekly journals, 
has supplemented and indexed a reprint 
of the 9th edition of the Encyclopedia 
Britannica (m. Apr. 10, 1S61, Cornelia, 
dau. of Rev. Dr. Charles Hall, sec. of Am. 
Home Missionary Soc); son of Day OtlS 
of Brooklyn, N. Y., b. at Galway, N. Y., 
Aug. 7, 1796, d. at Brooklyn July, 1874, 
merchant of Troy 23 years, also last Whig 
mayor and an historian of that city, mem- 
ber of Legislature several times, state pay- 
master-general on Gov. Seward's staff, 
U. S. consul in Glasgow under Pres. Fil- 
more (m. Mary Ann Dimon, whose father 
was for many years sheriff* of Fairfield co., 
Ct., and mother was dau. of ('apt. Elijah 
Ilinman of New London, whose wife 
attempted lo shoot Benedict Arnold at the 
burning of that city); son of Charles of 
Kelloggsville, N.Y., b. at Sheffield, Mass., 
Oct. 3, 1773, d. at Ann Arbor, Mich., May 



II. 1642, member of the N. Y. Legislature 
I Tfifs, of Congress 2 years, judge of 
ftiuc.i rii. (m. Oct. 21, 1794, Mary Ann 
Olit, tlesc. from John Otis, who settled 
tfcj$. at Hinghain, Mass.); son of Asa of 
Gilway, b. Sheffield Feb. 19, 1745, d. June 
t I Sao, capt. in the militia and a justice of 
!&<• (m. Lucy Powell of Sheffield); 
♦.vnof Silas of Sheffield, b. at Westfield, 
M»m , 1754, d. at Sheffield 1790, clerk of 
li* Land Office for Sheffield and Great 
Harrington (m. Ruth Root of Westfield); 
♦on of Stephen of Westfield. 

C\ I'NNISON, CHARLES E. of Erie, Pa., 
I li. there Aug. 9, 1S29, banker (m. 
5<|>. l, 1S52, Jane T. Welsh, b. in Isle of 
Man t$3o); son of E. 1). of Erie, b. at 
Kittery, Me., 1790, d. at Erie 1S73, mer- 
chant (111. 1815, Sophia Baker of Newbury, 
V. II.); son of William of Fishersfield, 
b at Kittery 1763, d. at Fishersfield 1831, 
farmer; son of Joseph of Kittery, b. there 
1713, d. 171)9, shipwright; son of Elihll, 
b. at Dover, N. II., 1675, d. 1754. ship- 
wright; son of Elihll of Boston, Mass., 
1650, d. at Kittery, Me., 1729; sonof Hugh 
who came from Eng. 1630, d. Sep., 1658. 

I Bucks co., Pa., b. at Phila., Pa., 
Dec. 5, 1835, educated at private schools 
and at Haverford College, Penna., 
resided in Mankato, Minn., 1856-61, where 
he was engaged in the banking business, 
member of the Bucks Co. Hist. Soc, life 
member of the Hist. Soc. of Pa., member 
of the Soc. of the Sons of the Revolution, 
pres. of the New Hope Delaware Bridge 
Company, which was formerly a banking 
corporation chartered 1812 by the states of 
N. J. and Pa. (m. Oct. 11, 1S66, Ellen L., 
dau. of Rufus and Martha [Gerrish] Read, 
and gr.-dau. of Hon. Joseph M. Gerrish, 
who was at one time rep. in the Me. Legis- 
lature and a large landholder of Portland); 
son of Oliver of Phila. and Bucks co., 
Pa., b. at "The Old Parish Mansion" 
in Bucks county Dec. 20, 1794, d. at 
Phila. Feb. 20, 1874, a wealthy citizen and 
large landholder, he and his nephew, Na- 
thaniel Randolph, owned much of the 

famous Bush Hill estate, which was the 
residence of Gov. Hamilton in colonial 
times (m. May 1, 1827, Rachel, dau. of 
Maj. Edward F. Randolph of the Revolu- 
tion who commanded the outlying guard 
at the battle of Paoli, where he was des- 
perately wounded, he fought in all the 
principal battles of the war, he, Oliver, had 
three sons, Richard R., above mentioned, 
Edward Randolph Parr)', maj. U. S. army, 
now deceased, and George R. Parry, a 
physician of Bucks co., Pa.); son of Ben- 
jamin of Bucks co., Pa., born March I, 
1757, d. there Nov. 22, 1S39, a very prom- 
inent citizen during the latter part of the 
last and early part of the present century 
(m. Nov. 4, 17S7, Jane, dau. of Oliver 
Paxson, the elder, of Bucks co., Pa., and 
desc. from the ancient and honorable 
family of Paxsons of Oxfordshire and 
Bucks co., Eng., the first ancestor in 
America was James Paxson, who came 
from Eng. to America in the ship " Samuel " 
i682f with his brothers William and Hon. 
Henry Paxson of Bycot House, Oxford- 
shire); son of John of Montgomery co., 
Pa., b. at Moreland Manor, Pa., July 25, 
1721, d. there Nov. 10, 1789, active in gen- 
eral affairs, elder among Friends (m. Sep. 
21, 1751, Margaret, dau. of Derick and Ann 
Tyson, and gr.-dau. of Reynear Tyson who 
came to America 16S3 from Crefeld, Ger- 
many, and settled at Germantown, of 
which borough he was elected chief burgess 
twice, he afterward moved to Montgomery 
co., where he became possessed of a con- 
siderable estate); son of Thomas of Mont- 
gomery co., Pa., b. Caernarvonshire, Wales, 
16S0, d. in Montgomery co. 1751, was a 
large landholder, recorded as owning 
over one thousand acres of land in Mont- 
gomery co., a part of this estate was the 
Moreland Manor tract owned later by 
his son John (m. 1715, Jane Morris). 

CROSBY, HOWARD of New York, b. 
there Feb. 27, 1S26, pastor 4th Ave. 
Presb. Church (m. Mar. 17, 1S47, Mar- 
garet Evertson Givan of Dutch and Scotch 
ancestry); son of William B. of New 
York, b. there Feb. 7, 17S6, d. there Mar. 
18, 1865, prominent in various benevolent 



and religious societies (m. Feb. 7, 1807, 
Harriet Ashton Clarkson, gt.-gt. -gr.-dau. 
of Mathew Clarkson, sec. of N. Y. Colony 

1690); son of Ebettezer of N. Y., b. at 

Quincy, Mass., 1753, d. at N. Y. 178S, sur- 
geon to Washington's guard during the 
Revolution, prof, in Columbia Coll. after- 
ward (in. 1783, Catharine Bedlow of N. 
y.); son of Joseph of Quincy, b. there 
1681, d. there 1774, mayor, judge (m. 1st, 
1726, Abigail Adams, whose step-dau. m. 
Pres. John Adams, in. 2d, 1748, Ann 
Belcher, niece of Gov. Belcher); son of 
Joseph of Braintree now Quincy, b. at 
Cambridge, Mass., 163S, d. at Braintree 
1695 (in. 1675, Sarah Brackett); son of 
Simon of Cambridge, b. in Eng. 160S, d. 
at Cambridge 1639 (m. 1634, Ann). 

York, b. at Columbia, S. C, June 10, 
1821, grad. Univ. Pa. 1844, physician, 
member Co. Med. Soc. and of N. Y. Co. 
Med. Assoc, (m. June 9, 1853, Harriet, 
dau. of William Whiting Draper and gt.- 
gt.-gr.-dau. of Hon. John Chandler of 
Worcester, Mass., the "honest refugee," 
a desc. of Lyon Gardiner); son of Sidney 
of Columbia, S. C, b. at Newark, N. J., 
Aug. 22, 1701, d. at Columbia Mar. 13, 
1850 (m. Sep. 10, 1S18, Catharine, dau. 
of Charles Ilequembourg and sister to 
Mary, who m. James Brewster of New 
Haven, Ct., a lineal desc. of Elder Win. 
Brewster); son of John J. of Newark, N. 
J., b. Mar. S, 1767, d. July, 1S08 (m. Nov. 
7, 1790, Rebeckah, dau. of Thomas Saffen 
of Newark); son of Josiilh of Newark, N. 
J. (m. Abigail); son of Josiah of Newark, 
N. J., b. about 1718, d. Dec. 15, 1785, was 
a capt. in the Revolution (in. Phoebe); son 
of Joseph of Newark, N. J., b. about 1676, 
d. Aug. 4, 1726 (m. Abigail Lyon); son of 
Jasper of Newark, N. J., b. at East Haven, 
Ct., Apr. 2, 1651, d. Mar. 16, 1712 (m. Jo- 
anna, dau. of Lieut. Samuel Swaine, mem- 
ber of Assembly 1704-7); son of Jasper of 
New Haven, Ct., one of the earliest set- 
tlers of New Haven, signed the Funda- 
mental agreement 1639, freeman 1644, one 
of the first dep. to Gen. Court of electors 
from Branford 1653, magistrate New 

Haven Colony 1658-63, and of the United . 
Colonies 1665-8, one of the founders af 
Newark, N. J., magistrate 166S, deputy 

field, Mass., b. there Nov. 17, 1803, 
d. July 5, 1SS0, grad. Yale Coll. 1825, ad- 
mitted to Hampden bar 1S2S, state sena- 
tor 1S41, member Gov. Briggs' Council 
1S44-5, of Mass. board of education ■ 
1839-47, dist. atty. for four western coun- 
ties of Mass. 1853, rep. to Legislature 
1S6S, pres. Hampden county bar, presid. 
board of trustees of Westfield Acad, many 
years, master in chancery, pres. of West- 
field Bank and Savings Institution, gave 
the address at the dedication of Springfield 
Court-House 1874 (in. Oct. 20, 1S30, Jane 
Pcllctreau Ashley, dau. of Major Win. 
and Jane [Ilillyer] Ashley, and gr.-dau. of 
Hon". Pliny Hillyer of Granby, Ct.), had 
brother Henry W. Hates; sons of Elijah 
of Westfield, Mass., b. at Granville, Mass., 
July 27, 1770, d. at Westfield Feb. 4, 1850, 
grad. Yale Coll. 1794, atty. and counselor 
at law(m. Jan. 15, 1S00, Maiy, dau. of Dr. 
Israel and Mary [Gelston] Ashley and 
gr.-dau. of Hugh Gelston), had brothers 
Nathaniel and Charles F. Bates; sons of 
Nathaniel of Granville, Mass., b. there 
Mar. 17, 1744, d. there Nov. 18, iS25-(m. 
Sep. 21, 1769, Hannah, dau. of Jonathan 
and Abigail [White] Church, and gr.-dau. 
of Benjamin and Faith [Oakman] White, 
he, Benjamin, was son of Daniel and Han- 
nah [Hunt] White, son of Peregrine b. on 
the Mayflower, son of William and Anna 
[Fuller] White, son of Bishop John White 
of England); son of John of Iladdam 
and Durham, Ct., and Granville, Mass., 
b. at Iladdam, Ct., Mar. 3, 1717, d. at 
Granville Mar. 31, 17S2 (m. Edith Wood 
of Middlctown, Ct.); son of James, b. Dec. 
16, 16S3, d. prior to 1745 (m. Sep. 18,1707, 
Hannah Bull, b. Apr. 30, 1681), had 
brothers Samuel, b. and d. 1677, Samuel, 
b. Nov. S, 1682, Robert, b. Dec. 22, 16S6, 
Stephen, b. June 1,1689, Ephraim, b. May 
29, 1692, and Daniel, b. Aug. 18, 1697; 
sons of Samuel Bate (new Bates) of Say- 
brook, Ct., b. at Dorchester, Mass., bap. 



Apr. 19, 1648, d. Dec. 28, 1699 (m. May 2, 
1676, Mary, dau. of Robert and Ann [Bliss] 
Chapman, both of Ct.); son of James of 
Dorchester, Mass., bap. Dec. 19, 1624(111. 
Ann, dau. of Henry Withington of Dor- 
chester); son of James of Dorchester, 
Mass., b. at Lydd, Kent, Eng., Dec. 2, 
15S2, d. 1655, came to Dorchester 1635, 
elder there (in. Alice, d. Aug. 14, 1657). 

C\ XUE, ASAIIEL of Vineland, N. J., b. 
T at Watertown, N. Y., Mar. 20, 1836, 
moved to Chicago 1S36, to Vineland 1S79, 
received but little education, real-estate 
agent (m. Dec. 1S, 1S67, Helen J., dau. of 
Joel and Adeline [Capen ] Shepard, b. at 
Warren, Lake CO., 111.); son of John of 
Vineland, b. at Litchfield, Herkimer CO., 
N. Y., Aug. r2, 1S02, d. at Vineland, 
N. J., Dec. 29, 1S90, iron molder, lim- 
ited education, in foundry business 12 
years, moved to Chicago 1836, built the 
first flouring mill in Chicago (m. Oct. 4, 
1S30, Portia, dau. of Leonard and Sally 
[French] Kellog, b. Mar. 15, 1S13, and had 
eleven children, four of whom are living); 
1011 of James of Litchfield, b. Amherst, N. 
II., Aug. 5, 1767, d. at McHcnry, 111., Jan. 
34, 1856, farmer, manufact., one of the fust 
settlers in Litchfield 179'--'. "'here he pur- 
chased a farm and resided until 1S45, when 
being old he sold his farm and lemoved to 
III. where three of his sons lived (m. Sep. 
10, 1793, Lolly, dau. of Fbenezer and 
Miriam [Goodale] Drury and had twelve 
children); son of James, b. at Bradford, 
Mass., Aug. 21, 1736, d. Apr. 30, 1S1 5 (m. 
Sep. 29, 1761, Sarah, dau. of Samuel and 
Abigail Lamson, b. Sep. 22, 1739, J - Oct. 
27, 1S32, she, Sarah, was the first white 
child born in Amherst, Mass.); son of 
TllOUiaS of Bradford, b. there Mar. 10, 
1706, an account states that he d. at Fort 
William Henry in the old French war, Oct. 
S, 1756 (m. Apr. 30, 1734, Phcebe, dau. of 
James and Johannah Frye, b. Dec. 30, 
1714!; son of Jolfll of Bradford, b. there 
July 15, 1672, d. there Dec. 10, 1751, the 
tombstones of fobn and his wife remain 
standing in the old cemetery of Bradford, 
their children became extensive land- 
owners in Bradford and Rowley (m. June 

13, 1694, Sarah, dau. of David and Mary 
Hasletine, b. 1674, d. May 27, 1753); son of 
Benjamin of Bradford, d, there Oct. 10, 
1672 (m. Oct. 11, 1071, Prudence, dau. of 
Thomas and Damans [Bayley] Leaver of 
Rowley, b. June 11, 1044, d. Oct. 26, 1716, 
her tombstone remains standing); son of 
John of Bradford, d. Mar. 24, 1672-3, 
came from England with Gov. Winthrop's 
colony, 1630, and was one of the signers 
of the covenant of the 1st church of Bos- 
ton, Aug. 27, 1630, deposition taken Mar., 
1662, gives his age as about 5S, was one of 
the original proprietors of Ipswich, Mass., 
Mar., 1633, at his death he left a will ap- 
pointing his five sons executors, and giving 
John, son of Benjamin, the share which 
would have been Benjamin's had he lived 
— ; a part of this land is still in the posses- 
sion of his desc. tin. 1st, Amy, d. 163S, m. 
2d, Nov. 7, 165S, Sarah, widow of Robert 
Keyes, she d. Jul} 7, 1681). 


1S50, marshal of Spr 
of Utah co. (m. May 
of Thomas feffcrson 
[Kilts] Wiggins, am 



10 came f 

Edward of Springvil 

Ct., Nov. 15, 1S13, d. 
26, 1SS6, a pioneer in 
(m. Feb. 2, 1842, Na 
Thomas and Mary A 
ger); son of Jacob of 
dlebnry, b. at Waterb 
in Mahaska co., la. 
Jan. 28, 1790, Molly, 
ardofWaterbury, and 
son of Isaac of M 
Whitehall, N. V., a 
army on L. L, but de 
the Sound, his brotl 
American arm}- (m. 
posed to be the son c 
ford, Ct. 

WARD of Spring- 
Provo, Utah, Oct. to, 
ngyille and assessor 

12, 1S73, Katie, dau. 
and Elizabeth Delia 
gr.-dau. of Samuel 
10m Ireland); son of 
le, b. at Middlebury, 
at Springville Aug. 
III., Iowa and Utah 
my Lienor, dau. of 
nn [Hartley] Ballin- 
Waterbury and Mid- 
ury Sep. 21, 1773, d. 
, Aug. 10, 1S4S (m. 
dau. of David Prich- 
had twelve children); 
iddlebury, Ct., and 
lory in the British 
serted by swimming 
ids belonged to the 
Rachel Lyon); sup- 
if Jacob of Walling- 

pAVERLY, C. S. of Rutland, Vt., phys- 
ic ician, member state board of health; 
son of Al)icl Moore Caverly of Pittsford, 
Vt., b. at London, N. 11., Nov. 28, 1S17, 

7 o 


d. July ii, 1879, practiced med. in Troy, 
N. Y., 1S53-63, in Pittsford, Vt., 1863-79, 
author of histories of Troy, N. H., and 
Pittsford, Vt., member of Legislature in 
Vt. and N. II. (m. 1st, Caroline Ames, 
m. 2d, Nov. 30, 1S54, Sarah L. Goddord); 
son of Solomon of London, b. there Feb. 
2r, 1795, d. at Pittsford Feb. 22, 1S79 (m. 
Sarah Moore, b. June 2, 1796); son of 
Moses of London, b. at Harrington, N. II., 
Apr. 3, 1771, d. at London June 25, 1821 
(m. Aug. 4, 1793, Judith, dau. of John 
Caverno, b. Nov. 27, 1774); son of Philip 
of Barrington, b. at Portsmouth, N. II., 
Mar. 17, 1745, d. at Barrington Apr. I, 
1813 (m. 1770, Bridget Pendergast, b. Feb. 
24, 1745); son of Moses of Portsmouth, b. 
there 1719, d. at Barrington Mar. 17, 1795, 
merchant, barber, hair-dresser (m. 1741, 
Hannah Johnson); son of Moses of Ports- 
mouth, b. there, d. at Barrington, one of 
the original proprietors of Barrington (m. 
Jan. 30, 1714, Margaret Cotton). 


-Li Francisco, Cal., b. at Albany, Vt., 
Sep. 21, 1853 (m. Sep. 2, 1SS0, Belle Au- 
gusta, b. Nov. 21, 1S60, dau. of Charles A. 
and Mary [Ryer] Fisher of San Francisco 
and had two children, Florence and John 
F.); son of John of Irasburg, Vt., b. there 
May 19, 1S11, d. at Albany, Vt. (m. 1S41, 
Keziah, dau. of Joseph and Rebecca Chase, 
and had five children, Sarah Appleton, 
John Wilson, John Nelson, Charles and 
William Lovering); son of William of 
Irasburg, Vt., b. at Rye, N. II., Apr. 9, 
1776, d. at Irasburg Mar. 3, 1841 (m. Esther, 
b. Nov. 29, 17S1, dau. of Simeon Knowles 
of Pembrook, son of Jonathan Knowles, 
and had twelve children, Annah Lovering, 
Simon K., Sally, Nancy, William Lovering, 
Lydia, John, Florinda, Finettie, Felinda, 
Emeline and Albion); son of David of 
Rye, N. II., b. there Aug. 24, 1735, d. 
there. June 7, 1810 (m. 1st, Feb. 9, 175S, 
Hannah Lovering of Kensington, m. 2d, 
Mrs. Elkins, had thirteen children, Reu- 
ben, Simeon, Sarah, Mary, David, Jona- 
than, Levi, John, Hannah, William, Abi- 
gail, Benjamin and Nancy); son of Jona- 
than of Rye, N. H., b. there Mar. 15, 1702, 

d. there Jan. 2, 1774 (m. Mar. 2, 1727, 
Sarah Haines of Greenland, Vt., and ha<i 
twelve children, Sarah, Patience, Jona- 
than, Mary, David, Abigail, William, 
Margaret, Aimer, Sarah, Hannah and 
John); son of William of Rye, N. II., b. 
there Apr. 17, 1677, d. there Jan. 22, 1768 
(m. Nov. 23, 1699, Hannah Knowles of 
Hampton, and had eleven children, Jona- 
than, William, Abigail, Hannah, Patience, 
Sarah, Elijah, Elisha, Eliphalet, Jemima 
and Hannah); son of John-of Hampton,, 
N. II., came from Yorkshire, Eng., 
1638-44, and settled at Dover, N. 11., where 
he owned a right of land (m. about 1652, 
Elizabeth, dau. of William Berry, who was 
prob. the lust settler of Hampton, N. H.) 

Brooklyn, N. Y., b. there, grad. 
Columbia Coll. 1878, A. M. 1881, S. T. B. 
Episcopal Theo. Sch. of Mass., ordained 
deacon 1SS1, priest 1S82, rector of Holy 
Innocents Church, Albany, 1SS3, of Holy 
Sepulchre, N. Y., iSSS, asst. St. Annis Ch., 
Brooklyn Heights, 1S90, merab. of several 
learned societies, br. EDWIN DUNCAN 
KENYON, b. at Brooklyn Dec. 12, 1874, 
student at Polytechnic Inst. Brooklyn; 
sons of Ralph Watson Kenyon of Brook- 
lyn, b. at Albany, N. Y., Aug. 27, 1831, 
educated at Albany Acad., lumber dealer 
in Brooklyn 1855-81, capt. in Civil war, 
organized three companies of 47th regt. (m. 
Apr. 28, 1S53, Julia, dau. of Henry and 
Mary A. [Mereen] Waterman, gr.-dau. of 
Samuel and Rebecca [Chandler] Mereen, 
he, Henry, was the son of Calvin, son of 
Perez, son of Perez, son of John, son of 
John, son of Robert of Marshfield and 
Duxbury, Mass., 1636); son of John of 
Albany, b. at Lyme, Ct., July 9, 1S01, d. 
at Albany Apr. 18, 1S46, lumber dealer in 
Albany (m. Aug. S, 1829, Elizabeth Coe, 
dau. of facob and Catherine [Gould] 
Leonard, gr.-dau. of John and Lellis[Edo] 
Gotdd, he, Jacob, was the son of Jacob, 
son of Jacob, son of Jacob of Margate, 
Eng.); son of Payne, of New London, Ct., 
and Northumberland, N. Y., b. at New 
Loudon fuly 30, 1755, d. at Northumber- 
land July 20, 1831, otlicer in the Revolu- 


tionaty war, fought in battles of Saratoga, 
Lon K ' Island, Groton and at Burgoyne's 
MU1cndcr(ni, Nov. 26, i77S,Theda Rcdelia, 
dau of Rev. Nathan and Lucy [Miner] 
llowatd, desc. from Elder Win, Brewster 
*od John Turner of the " Mayflower," and 
tack in the Miner line to reign of Edward 
III); son of Pain of Westerly, R. L, b. 
there Apr. 20, 1733, d. N. London 1756(111. 
Hannah, dau. of James [and Mary Hyatt] 
Chapman, son of Jeremiah, son of William, 
«tho came to New London 1656, Hannah 
Chapman was a sister to Col. Richard 
Chapman and Lieut. James Chapman who 
killed Col. Ledyard's slayer at Fort Trum- 
bull); son of Joseph of Westerly (m. Sally- 
Pain [?]); son of John, who was descended 
honi the Kenyonsof Peel, Lancaster, Eng. 

T EWIS, ELIAS of Middletown, Ct., b. 
IJ at Hopkinton, R. I., Aug. 6, 1795, 
farmer, teacher, mechanic (m. 1st, 1S23, 
Sarah Prentice, dau. of Elishaand Deborah 
(Wecden] Prentice and had one child 
(Sarah Prentice, who m. Aug. 22, 1S49, 
Charles F. Browning|, m. 2d, 1845, Mrs. 
Mary[Fisk] Bound, widow of John Bound); 
son of Klias of Hopkinton, b. there July 
II, 1761, d. there Dec. 1, 1S35, farmer, 
served in War 1S12 (m. Nov. 19, 17S9, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Ephraim and Susannah 
Browning, gr.-dau. of John and Anna 
[Hazard] Browning, gt. -gr.-dau. of William 
and Sarah Browning, who came from Eng- 
land during the 17th century); son of Klias 
of Hopkinton, b. there about 1729, d. theie 
Apr. 10, 1814, farmer (m. Sep. 15, 1749, 
Susannah, dau. of Zacheus Reynolds, d. 
June 19, 1824, aged 93 years, die was the 
mother of three children, Elias, Jr., Lois 
and Eunice); son of Daniel of Hopkinton, 
b. at Westerly, R. 1., d. at Hopkinton 1740, 
farmer, fuller (111. Martha Prosser, dau. of 
John Prosser who came from Somerset- 
shire, Eng., and had six eh., Elias, Jona- 
than, Daniel, Macon, Martha and Hannah, 
she, Martha, after her first husb. death m. 
John .Maxson and had two children, she d. 
1S04, aged 100 yrs., 14 da.); son of Daniel 
of Westerly and Hopkinton, b. at Westeily, 
d. at Hopkinton 171S, fuller, purchased, 
with others, 5,300 acres of land in R. I. 

which was called the Lewis purchase (m. 
Mary Maxson, dau. of John and Mary 
[Mosher] Maxson, and had six children, 
she d. abt. 1721); son of John of Westerly 
1661, d. there about 1690, first settler at 
Westerly by name of Lewis, had seven sons 
and one dau. Elias Lewis above, b. July 
11, 1761, had nine children, Catharine, b. 
Oct. 15, 1791; Lois, b. Mar. 27, 1793; Elias, 
b. Aug. 6, 1795 ; Ephraim and Betsey, 
(twins), b. May 17, 179S; Pardon, b. Jan. 
11, 1806; Fanny, b. Mar. 9, 1S0S; Martha, 
b. Nov. 19, 1S10; Eunice, b. June 20, 1S14. 

dence, R. I., b. there Dec. 2S, 1S49, 
engaged in the wool business 1S66-S3, has 
been occupied the last seven years in pre- 
paring and publishing genealogical works, 
author of "The Genealogical Dictionary of 
Rhode Island," visited Europe and Cape 
Colony, Africa, walking six hundred miles 
to the Diamond Fields 1S73 (m. June 24, 
1S7S, Helen Augusta, dau. of William and 
Emma Louise [Barker] Whitaker, and the 
7th cousin of her husband thro' Richard 
Sisson, b. 160S, d. in Dartmouth, Mass., 
16S4); son of Samuel of Providence, 
Nantucket, Mass., June 15, 1S16, devoted 
his life to teaching and philanthropic work, 
was among the first to urge the establish- 
ment of night schools in Providence and 
public libraries in manufacturing villages 
(m. Oct. 12, 1S43, Elizabeth Hanson Os- 
borne, dau. of John and Eliza [AllenJ 
Osborne); son of Joseph of Nantucket, 
b. at Rochester, Mass., Nov. 13, 17SO, d. 
at Nantucket Aug. 24, 1S17, merchant (in. 
Dec. 7, 1S0S, Rachel, dau. of George and 
Deborah [Paddock] Hussey); son of Jere- 
miah of Rochester, Mass., b. at Charles- 
town, R. I., 175S, d. at Nantucket Dec. 
11, 1S22, tanner (in. Feb. 26, 1783, Patience, 
dau. of David and Jemima [Tallinan] 
Fish); son of Jeremiah of Little Compton, 
R. L, b. at Charlestown Mar. 24, 1730, d. 
at Little Compton Dec. 20, 1S15, farmer, 
had charge of the Scaconnet Point Farm 
(then belonging to William Rotch of New 
Bedford) for some time, opposed human 
slavery and freed his only slave (m. Aug. 
8, 174S, Margaret, dau. of James and Mar- 



garet [Eldred] Congdon); son of Robert 
of Charlestown, R. I., b. prob. at Kings 

Town, R. I., d. at Charlestown 1752, shoe- 
maker, farmer, he lived on a farm of 130 
acres after 1745, which he bought of the 
chief sachem of the Narragansett country 
(m. Hannah, dau. of Jeremiah and Pris- 
cilla [Warner] Crandall); probably son of 
Jeremiah of Exeter, R. I., d. there 1754 
(m. Elizabeth); probably son of Robert, 
who was living in 1665, but d. before 16S7. 

rpiTCOMB, WILLIAM II. of Florence, 

J- Mass., b. at Boston, Mass., Oct. 9, 
1840, served in the 42d Mass. Vols, in late 
war, detailed for special service in the en- 
gineer corps, stair-builder, is collecting 
genealogy of the Titcomb family (m. Oct. 
15, 1873, Mary A., dau. of Bradford G. and 
Fidelia [Bradford] Thomas, desc. of Gov. 
Wm. Bradford); son of Robert of Natick, 
Mass., b. at Newburyport, Mass., Aug. 6, 
iSoS, one of the most prominent stair- 
builders in Boston 40 years (m. Jan. S, 
1832, Louisa B. Parker, cousin of Gen. 
Lewis Cass); son of Robert of Salem, 
Mass., b. at Newburyport Jan. iS, 177S, 
d. at sea Sep., 1815, sea capt. (m. 1S06, 
Sally Gurney); son of Nicholas of New- 
buryport, b. there July 24, 1754, d. there 
Oct. 22, 1797, blacksmith (m. Aug. 4, 1772, 
Phoebe Male, a desc. of Thomas Hale, 
who settled at Newburyport 1638); son of 
Moses of Newburyport, b. there June 19, 
1700, d. at Lake George, N. V., Sep. 8, 
1775. killed on the battle-field of Lake 
George (in. Nov. 9, 172S, Miriam Cur- 
rier); son of William of Newbury, b. 
there Aug. 14, 1659, d. there Feb. 4, 1740, 
blacksmith (m. May 15, 1653, Ann, dau. of 
William Cottle); son of William of New- 
bury, d. Sep. 24, 1670, came to America 
from Newbury, Erig., in the ship " Hercu- 
les" 1634, selectman, rep. to Gen. Court 
(m. 1st, Joanna, dau. of Richard Bartlett, 
m. 2d, Mrs. Elizabeth [BittslieldJ Stevens). 


U Fork, Utah, 

Mar. 18, 1S36, removed to Lowell, Mass., 
1849, to Utah 1S54, mayor of Spanish Fork 
14 years, member Utah Legislature 2 years, 

bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter-day Saints, June, 1874, disfranchised 
and imprisoned under the Anti-Polygamy 
Act of i8S2(m. Oct. 24, iStiS, Alexandcrina, 
dau. of Francis and Fanny Porter Mc- 
Lean, b. at Hull, England), emigrated 
with parents to America 1S51, resided in 
Cin., Ohio, and removed to Utah 1S57); 
son of Cyrus of Me., N. B., .Mass., and 
Utah, b. at Eaton, N. II., Nov. 7, 1809, d. 
at Spanish Fork Sep. 5, 1873, clothier, 
emigrated to Utah 1S54, with wife and live 
sons, one of the founders of Spanish Fork 
and a member of the City Council 12 years 
(111. Mar. 13, rS32, Rhoda, dau. of John 
and Hannah [Dixon] Barnes, b. in Sack- 
ville Nov. 21, 1S15, gr.-dau. of John and 
Martha [Rounds] Barnes and Charles and 
Rhoda [Emerson] Dixon); son of Sinyr- 
(Ills, b. at Bridgewater, Mass., 17S0, d. at 
Eaton Apr., tSi3(m. 1S07, Lucy, dau. of 
Mark Phillips, and had two sons, Nathan 
and Cyrus, he, Mark, was the son of 
Thomas of Marshfield and Mercy Phillips, 
dau. of Blancy Phillips of Hanson); son 
of William of Eaton, b. at Bridgewater 
17JO, d. at Eaton, grad. Harvard Univ., 
soldier in French war and was at Ouebec 
with Montgomery and Arnold, where he 
lost the use of one leg (m. 1774, Abigail, 
b. 1756, dau. of Elcazerand Sarah [Whit- 
man] Alden, 5th in desc. from John Alden 
who came to America in the " Mayflower "); 
son of Thomas of Bridgewater, b. there 
1696, d. there 1772 (m. Hannah Lewis of 
Middleborough, Mass., and had ten chil- 
dren, Deliverance, Thomas, Eleazar, Jo- 
seph, Hannah, Pollycai pus, William, Bar- 
nabus, Lewis and Seth); son of Thomas of 
Bridgewater, b. there 1671, d. there 1739 
(m. Martha Brown, a desc. of Peter Brown 
who came to America in the " Mayflower" 
1620, she had four children, Thomas, Jo- 
seph, Abigail and Betty); son of Thomas 
of West Bridgewater, b. in Eng., came to 
America and settled at West Bridgewater 
about 1665, was probably the largest land- 
it still bear his name, as Snell's Plain, 
Snell's Meadows, etc. (m. Martha, dau. of 
Arthur Harris, and had six sons and three 
daughters); was a nephew of Dea. Samuel 



! ' n and is said to be desc. from Thomas 
Sucl! of Wiltshire, Eng., who was sheriff 
u( Wilt. 1600, their coat of arms was Quar- 
U;ly, (Jules and Azure, a cross fleury. 

1-i of Hopkinton, R. I., b. there July 28, 
liio, fanner, blacksmith and wagonmaker, 
lervcd in the war of the Rebellion (m. 1st, 
Ajt. 23, 1869, Annie A., dan. of James R. 
Mid Tacy Emcline [Kenyon] Edwards and 
hid one son, Edmund Lawrence Lang- 
worthy, who is now deceased, m. 2d, June 
4, iSSS, Celia F., dan. of Jeremiah and 
Ruth [Bates] Austin); son of Sanford of 
New York city and Hopkinton, R. I., b. 
xl Hopkinton Dec. iS, 17S2, d. there Mar. 
Ju, I Son, farmer, and at one time a grocer 
»nd fish dealer in N. Y. city (m. Dec. 11, 
1S17, Margaret, d. Sep. 15, 1S71, aged 70 
years, dau. of John Burtus and Mary 
[Ricrson] Morrell of New York, and had 
nine children, Sarah Ann, b. Feb. 25, 1S19, 
Elizabeth, b. July 31, 1823, Mary Catharine, 
b. Oct. 31, 1S26, John Sanford, b. Apr. 2. 
1S31, George Amos, b. Feb. 26, 1833, 
Thomas Sanford, b. Aug. 19, 1837, Edmund 
Rawson, b. July 28, 1S40, Margaret Alice, 
b. Nov. 28, 1S44, and John Morrell, b. 
Feb. 20, 1848); son of Amos of Hopkinton, 
R. I., b. November 12, 1733, died August 
9. 1818, farmer (m. Feb. 15, 1758, Sarah, 
d. Oct. 22, 1797, dau. of John and Sarah 
[Segar] Babcock of South Kingston, and 
had fourteen children, Mary, b. Nov. 2S, 
175S, Benjamin, b. Feb. 29, 1760, Anna, 
b. Sep. 8, 1761, Sarah, b. July 25, 1763, 
Amos, b. Mar. 2, 1765, Content, b. Jan. 21, 
1767, Thomas, b. Dec. 17, 176S, Mary, b. 
Aug. 26, 1770, Alice, b. June 26, 1772, 
Elizabeth, b. Mar. 9, 1774, John, b. Feb. 
3, 1776, John Babcock, b. May 5, 1778, 
Amy, b. June 25, 17S0, and Sanford, b. 
Dec. iS, 1782); son of Thomas of Sca- 
connct, R. I., b. there 1704, d. at North 
Stonington, Ct., Aug. 25, 1777 (m. Oct. 11, 
1726, Content, d. Feb. 16, 1814, aged 105 
years, 1 in., 5 days, dau. of John and Mary 
[I lowland] Sanford and had six children, 
Thomas, Mary, Amos, Anna, Sanford and 
John); son of Robert of Seaconnet, R. I., 
b. 1675-90, d. at Seaconnet, farmer (m. 

Mary Brownell, and had four children, 
Thomas, Robert, Joseph and Mary, after 
said Robert's death she m. John Sanford, 
father of above named Content. 

BAILEY, DAVID of Peabody, Mass., 
b. at Wentham, Mass., 1S17, engi- 
neer (m. Alinira Palmer of Georgetown, 
Mass.); son of David of Wentham and 
Beverly, Mass., b. at Rowley, Mass., Sep. 
15, 1780, d. at Beverly 1S65, carpenter (m. 
1S05, Anna Spiller of Rowley); son of 
Ezekiel of Rowley, Mass. (in. Lois 
Brockelbank); son of David of Rowley, 
Mass. (m. Mary Hodgkins); son of Na- 
thaniel of Rowley, Mass. (m. Sarah 
Clark); son of John of Rowley, Mass. (m. 
Mary Mighill); son of James of Rowley, 
came there 1639, b. 1605 (m. Lydia). 

HERBERT, JACOB of Freehold, N. J., 
b. at llerbcrtsville 1S12, prominent 
in State affairs, member of the Legislature 
2 years, was offered the position of sec. of 
state of Slate of N. J. under Gov. Charles 
Olden but declined, paymaster in the army 
during the Civil war (m. May 24, 1835, 
Eliza Smock, desc. of Hendrick Smock, a 
magistrate of L. 1. 1646, and gt.-gr.-dau. 
of Mary [Schenck] and Hendrick Smock, 
a distinguished family of the Revolution, 
three of its members served as capts. in 
the militia); son of Ohadiall of Herberts- 
ville, N. J., b. at Point Pleasant, N. J., 
June 13, 1775, d. at Herbertsville 1S56, a 
man of wealth and prominence, owning 
duringhis life-time some eighteen thousand 
acres of land, surveyor, and assisted 
Robert, John and Edwin Stevens in the 
survey of the Camden and Amboy road, 
was present at the trial of the first steam 
engine over the Camden and Amboy road 
(m. 1S11, Margaret Sophia, dau. of Judge 
Jacob "and Sarah [Morgan] Van Wickle, 
and gr.-dau. of Capt. James Morgan of the 
Revolut. army, and Margaret [Evertson] 
of N. J.); son of Obailiah of Mt. Pleasant, 
N. J., b. at Perth Amboy, N. J., Sep. 9, 
1731, d. at Mt. Pleasant Oct. 12, 1777, 
surveyor, owner of a large tract of land 
(m. 1765, Elizabeth, dau. of Joshua Warne, 
son of Thomas Warne, b. in Eng., one of 



the twenty-four proprietors of East N. 
J., and son of Katharine, a sister of Dr. 
Thomas Triplett, a dean of Westminster 
Abbey); son of bail i all of Perth Am- 
boy, N. J., b. at Middletown, N. J., d. 
at Perth Am boy June ig, 1759, surveyor, 
his surveys are preserved in the proprie- 
tor's office at Perth Amboy, and are con- 
sidered of great value as records of the 
old land surveys (m. 1730, Hannah, dan. 
of William and Ruth [Gibbons] Lawrence, 
he, William, was the son of William of 
Middletown who bought David Mudie's 
share of the twenty-four proprietary shares, 
Capt. James Lawrence, the naval hero, and 
Commodore Boggs arc desc. of this family); 
son of Francis of Middletown and Holm- 
del, N. J., d. at Holmdel 1719, came to 
Eli/abethtown, N. J., 1665, and on Feb. 19, 
same year, took the oath of allegiance to the 
king, and settled on about one thousand 
acies of land (m. Hannah, dau. of either 
Samuel or Obediah and Lydia [Holmes] 
Bowne and gr.-dau. of Obediah Holmes 
of Mass.). Margaret Morgan Herbert, 
dau. of Jacob Herbert and Eliza Smock, b. 
Monmouth co., N. J., Jan. 29, 1S47, col- 
lected and edited Frank Forester's Poems 
under the name of Morgan Herbert (m. 
DeWitt Clinton Mather of New York, Oct. 
20, i860, and had two children, Edith Her- 
bert and Geo. Herbert, cadet at Naval 
Academy, Annapolis, Md.). 

BAKER, CHARLES of Salem, Mass., 
b. at Wentham, Mass., 1S06, was 
formerly a resident and trader in the West 
Indies ( Salem 1S30, Ruth Woodbury); 
son of Jokll of West Wentham, b. there, 
d. there 1S21 (m. 1794, Sarali Paige of 
Ware, N. II.); son of Cornelius of West 
Wentham (m. Mary Elliott of Beverly); 
son of Joliu of Beverly, Mass., b. there, 
d. there 1745 (m. Nov. 21, 1723, Sarah, 
dau. of John Ilerrick of Wentham, son of 
Henry H. of Beverly); son of Jonathan 
of Beverly, Mass., b. there (m. 1697, Mary); 
son of Cornelius of Beverly, Mass., re- 
ceived a grant of land on which he built 
his home (rn. Hannah, dau. of John Wood- 
berry, who came to America 1623-4); son 
of Robert of Salem, b. in Eng., d. at 

Salem, came to America with Robert and 
James Moulton.and with James engaged in 
ship-building, he was killed while loading 
a vessel at Baker's Island, near Salem bar- 
bor, by a log falling upon him. The famih 
occupied the same house from 1723-1821. 

erly, Mass., b. at Wentham, Mass., 
Feb. 14, 1S1S, moved to Beverly iSjo, 
shoemaker, served as school com. of Bev- 
erly 20 years (m. Apr. 13, 1847, Irene, dau. 
of John and Ruth [Siandley] Conant, son 
of Maj.John and Sarah [Fish], son of John 
and Emma [Thorndike], son of Dca. John 
and Mary [Meacom], son of John and 
Martha [Dodge], son of John and Bethie 
[Mansfield], son of Lot and Elizabeth 
[Walton], son of Roger and Sarah [Horton], 
had brothers, William S., b. Oct. 23, 1796, 
d. Apr., 1880, Augustus, b. May 31, 1809, 
d. Oct., 18S6, and Charles, b. July 3, 1S11); 
sons of John of Wentham and Beverly, 
Mass., b. at Wentham Dec. 31, 1762, d. 
there Sep. 24, 1824, served in the Revolu- 
tionary war, was at the battle of Brandy- 
wine, shipped on a privateer, became 
master mariner and while sailing in that 
capacity in W. I. waters was captured by 
the French 1798 (m. 1st, June, 17S5, m. 
2d,(?) m. 3d, July 2, 1S0S, Mary, dau. of 
Ezekiel and Lois [Brockelbank] Bailey, 
son of David and Mary [Ilodgkins], son 
of Nathaniel and Sarah [Clark], son of 
John and Mary [Mighill], son of James, b. 
1605, and Lydia, who came to Rowley 
1639); son of Jonathan of Wentham, 
Mass., b. there about 1737, d. there 1807, 
resided on the ancestral farm, sergt. in 
Capt. John Dodge's co. in a regt. of Guards, 
commanded by Col. Jacob Gerrish, his 
only brother Josiah Moulton was killed on 
board a privateer in the Revolutionary war 
(m. Mary, b. at Wentham Mar. 12, 173s, 
d. 1S21, dau. of Capt. Samuel and Mary 
[Cue] Tarbox, son of Capt. Thomas and 
Esther [Edwards], son of Samuel and Ex- 
perience [Look], son of John of Lynn 
1639); son of John of Wentham, Mass., 
b. there Oct. I, 1698, d. there 1755, his 
signature is attached to a paper requesting 
Rev. Mr. Ward to accept the call of the 



W««iham church (m. Jan. 28, 1729, Ilan- 
ku..'-.. L. Mar. 22, 1695, dau. of Samuel, son 
J John, son of Daniel, son of Austin, 
•to came from Yorkshire, Eng., to Salem, 
)!»*»., 1637, but went to Dedham and 
*ft<»ward 10 Wentham where he d. 1667, 
»;r 65 years); son of John of Wentham, 
Mj - b, there, d. there 172S, at his death 
I » mate was valued at .£324 17..-. (m. Aug. 
It. 1693, Sarah, bapt. 166S, dau. of Exer- 
a*c Conant and gr.-dau. of Roger and 
Sarah [Horton] Conant); son of James of 
Wcnilum and Salem, Mass., b. at Salem, 
Vapt. Nov. 7, 1637, d. at Wentham Oct. 
14. i< K A moved with his father from Salem 
lo Wentham about 1646, held several 
•mail town offices, he had an only brother, 
Jonathan, who went to Wentham and was 
drafted to serve in the Narragansett war 
(01. 1st, Sarah, m. 2d, 1798, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Clover, dau. of Edward Norris); son of 
James of Salem and Wentham, Mass., 
b. probably at Ormsby, Norfolk co., Eng., 
1602, d. at Wentham 1678, freeman of 
Salem 1637, admitted to the church Dec, 
1637, granted So acres of land 1639, con- 
»table in Wentham 1646, granary man 
1654, deacon 1674, his estate amounted to 
j£4$b 12s. and was with one exception the 
largest in Wentham, he gave to Harvard 
Coll. £$, to Wentham church £5, and ^5 
lo the pastor, Mr. Gerrish (m. Mary). 

T ONO.JOHN CONANT of Chicago, 111., 
1 1 b. at Des Plains, 111., Aug. 1S37, asst. 
adj. -gen. 4th Div., Army of the Tenn., and 
of the 2d Separate Div., Army of the Cum- 
bcrland, has two sisters and two brothers, 
Eugene C. Long, James Henry Long, 
Frances M. Barker and Chara C. Wait, 
all residents of Chicago (m. 1st in fan., 
1667, Mary Clara Banks, dau. of James N. 
Hanks, she d. July 9, 1S75, he m. 2d, Oct. 
29, 1SS5, Marion, dau. of George Aug. and 
Marion [Heckle] Warren); son of James 
of Chicago, III., b. at Washington, D. C, 
Mar. 24, 1S05, d. at Paris, France, Apr. 10, 
1S76, alderman of Chicago city council 2 
terms, editor of a N. Y. daily newspaper 
iS::6(m. 1st, Sep. 22, 1829, Ccrusa, dau. of 
John Conant of Brandon, Vt., and direct 
desc. of Roger Conant, first gov. of Mass. 

Bay Colony, m. 2d, Emma C. Church, of 
Tarrytown, N. Y.). 

T7~INGMAN, LEWIS of Topeka, Kan., 
JLV b. at Brockton, Mass., Feb. 26, 1845, 
grad. Hunt's Acad. 1861, civil engineer in 
Pa. 4 years, commenced engineering on 
the Atlantic and Pacific road at St. Louis 
186S, chief engineer of that road west of 
Albuquerque 1S32-3, chief engin . Mexican 
Centr. 1SS3-4, asst. engineer A. T. & S. F. 
R. R., 4 years, city engineer of Topeka 2 
years, member American Society of Civil 
Engin. (m. 1st, Jan. 20, 1S75, Jennie E. 
Duncan, m. 2d, Jan. 20, 1SS7, Alice, dau. 
of Omar and Ellinor Newman and gr.-dau. 
of Judge John S. Newman of Indianapolis, 
Ind.); son of Isaac of Brockton, Mass., b. 
at Bridgewater, now Brockton, Dec. 19, 
1S11, d. there Nov. 30, 1885, selectman 
1S50-74, overseer of the poor, road com- 
missioner and assessor (m. June 2, 1S44, 
Sibel, dau. of Therori and Martha [Pack- 
ard] Ames); son of Eliphalet of North 
Bridgewater, Mass., b. there Feb. i3, 1775, 
d. there Oct. 30, 1S56, a prominent man in 
the government of the town, justice of the 
peace and selectman several years, during 
War of 1S12, was memb. of the State militia 
in active service at Plymouth (m. Nov. 27, 
1801, Zilpha, dau. of Josiah Edson); son 
of Mnttliew, b. Sep. S, 1732, d. Nov. 22, 
1S09, farmer (m. Nov. 6, 1775, Jane, dau. 
of David Packard); son of Henry, b. Apr. 
19, 1701 (m. ist, Nov. 24. 1726, Mary Allen, 
m. 2d, 1742, Abigail, widow of Seth Cope- 
land and dau. of Thomas White of Brain- 
tree, Mass.); son of Henry, b. 1668 (m. 
1693, Berlhiah, dau. of John Howard); son 
of John of Bridgewater, Mass., came from 
Weymouth to Bridgewater 1685; son of 
Henry of Weymouth, Mass., first Kingman 
in America, came from Dorsetshire, Eng., 
leaving the harbor of Weymonth, Eng. 
Mar. 20, 1635, and landed at Mass. May 6, 
1635, grand juror 1637, elected a represen- 
tative of his district 163S-52. 

Pittsfield, Mass., b. at Athens, O., 
May 26, 1S53, founder and pres. of the 
Agassiz Assoc, librarian Berkshire Athe- 

7 6 


naeum, A. B., A. M. Williams Coll. 1874, 
sec. Berkshire Hist. Soc, teacher 12 years, 
editor of " Swiss Cross," author, K. T. 
Berkshire Commandery, chairman school 
committee (m. Aug. 20, 1879, Lucy Bishop, 
dau. of John and Lucy [Bishop] Pike of 
Newbury port, Mass., and gr.-dau. of 
Nicholas Pike and Hon. Henry W. Bishop 
of Lenox, Mass., son of Hon. Nathaniel 
Bishop of Richmond, Mass.); son of Rev. 
Addison of Easton, Pa.,b. at Framingham, 
Mass., Oct. 18, 1822, A. B., A. M., D. D. 
Williams Coll. 1S42, prof, of Latin in O. 
Univ., rhetoric in Williams Coll., astr., 
math, and nat. phil. in Marietta, pastor 
1st Cong. Church at Williamstown, Mass., 
and Detroit, Mich., prof, of Christian, 
Greek and Latin at Lafayette 1S74-77, and 
of moral phil. and rhetoric since 1S77, 
author of "Arrows; or The True Aim in 
Study and Teaching" (m. Aug. 7, 1851, 
Julia Perkins, b. at Athens, <X, Mar. 27, 
1828, dau. of Capt. David Pratt, b. at Col- 
chester, Ct., Mar. r, 1780, d. at Athens 
July 6, 1861. David was son of John, 
b. 1740, d. 1817, son of Lieut. Daniel, b. 
1710, d. 1795, son of Sergt. Joseph, b. 
1671, son of John of Hartford, d. 16S7, 
son of John who came to Cambridge, 
Mass., 1633, owner of a house 1635, re- 
moved to Hartford where he was a juror, 
deputy and magistrate, and a very im- 
portant man in the colony, rep. Hartford 
in the first Gen. Court 1639, and for sev- 
eral years afterward. He was the first Pratt 
in America. Julia Perkins Pratt, de- 
scended by other lines directly from Gov. 
William Bradford and John Perkins, b. at 
Newent, Eng., 1590, and came in the ship 
'•Lyon" to Boston 1631. She is the 
author of "Building Stones," "Seven 
Years from To-night," "Grand-mother's 
Story," " Hole in the Bag" and " Among 
the Moths and Butterflies"); son of John 
of Athens, O., b. at Charlemont, Mass., 
Oct. 1, 1790, d. Aug. 23, 18S0, removed to 
Athens 1839, merchant and manufacturer 
for several years, pres. of Athens branch 
of the State Bank, one of the leading citi- 
zens in all local enterprises (m. 1st, i8r6, 
Pamela, b. Apr. 5, 1793, d. Oct., 1858, 
dau. of Joseph Bennett who was engaged 

at the battle of Lexington and d. Feb. 12, 
1S16, aged 64 years); son of Capt. William 
of Charlemont, Mass., b. at Lancaster, 
Mass., Mar. 23, 1764, d. at Charlemont 
May 25, 1842, capt. in the militia, builder 
(m. Mar. 19, 17S7, Elizabeth, b. Feb. 14, 
1769, d. Dec. 7, 1857, dau. of Jonathan 
and Mary [Wyman] Whitney); son o( 
Josiah of Lancaster, Mass., b. at Andover, 
Mass., 1721, d. at Lancaster 17S0, deacon 
(in. 1744, Sarah Carter); son of Josiall of 
Andover, Mass., b. there 1702, d. there. 
17S0 (m. 1721, Mary Chandler); son of 
Joseph, b. 1667, d. 1732 (m. 169S, Rebecca 
Johnson); son of Joseph, d. 1721 (m. 1st, 
Feb. 28, 1666, Elizabeth Phelps, d. July 
27, 1692, m. 2d, Nov. 15, 1692, Mrs. Re- 
becca Home, d. 1740); son of William 
of Andover, Mass., b. in Eng. 1603, came 
in the ship "The James," from Eng. 1635 
(m. 1 st, in Eng., Elizabeth, b. 1609, m. 
2d, Grace, d. at Andover 16S9). 

Drinking Manor, Maryland, b. there 
April 2, 1S39); son of John Coartes of 
Clean Drinking Manor, b. at Nanjemoy, 
Md., Aug. 13, 1S02, d. at Clean Drinking 
Manor May 20, 18S0, served in the army, 
navy and revenue service, member of Epis- 
copal Church (m. May 6, 1824, Elizabeth 
Sinclair Parker of Norfolk, Va., a neice of 
Col. Josiah Parker, aide of Gen. Washing- 
ton, the Parkers came to Va. 1647 and 
settled at Smithfield, they were desc. from 
the Earls of Macclesfield); son of John 
Courts of Clean Drinking Manor, b. there 
prior to 1775, d. at Nanjemoy May 20, 1S02, 
entered Continental army when very young 
and became aide to Gen. Wm. Small- 
wood and afterward brig. -major in the 
Maryland line, remained in the army until 
it was mustered out Nov. 20, 1783 (111, July 
29, 1S90, Dorothy Hanson Harrison, dau. 
of Col. Robert Hanson Harrison, aide to 
General Washington, descended on the 
mother's side from the Hansons of Mary- 
land., a very noble and distinguished fam- 
ily); son of Charles of Clean Drinking 
Manor, b. in Charles co., Md., 1705, d. at 
Clean Drinking Manor 1798, was one of 
the patriots of 1775, first judge of Mont. 



<o., Md., 1777, built a mill at Clean Drink- 
ing Manor 1751-2 (m. Elizabeth, dan. of 
Cut. John Courts of the British ami)', a 
wealthy land-owner of Md.). • 

HAM of Charlestown, Mass., b. 
Ihcre July 3, 1832, pres. and vice-pres. in 
*cvcral companies, author of five published 
and several privately printed books on 
hiMory, antiquities, etc., is living in the 
old homestead which has been occupied 
by four generations (m. Apr. 3, 1S72, Sarah 
Melville Famsworth, dose, of the Parker 
and Farnsworth families, old New Eng- 
land families); son of James of Charles- 
lown, Mass., b. there Feb. 10, 1794, d. 
there May 2, 1869, merchant 1S19, and 
established a mercantile house 1S26 at 
Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, where he 
resided 12 years, merchant in Boston 
1831-69 (m. Sep. 23, 1S19, Susan Lamson 
whose family have lived in Charlestown 
from early in the 18th century); son of 
William of Charlestown, Mass., b. there- 
May 19, 1759, d - there Nov. 22, 1S09, yeo- 
man in early life (m. 1781, Sarah Frothing- 
ham, whose ancestors have lived in Char- 
lestown from its settlement 1630); son of 
William of Charlestown, Mass., b. there 
May 10, 1735, d. there Oct. 9, 17S2 (in. 
June 22, 1758, Mary Fillebrown); son of 
Charles of Charlestown, Mass.. b. there 
June 10, 1700, d. there (m. Nov. 8, 1733, 
Margaret Patten); son of Charles of Char- 
lestown, Mass., d. there 1737, came there 
169s (m. Nov. 17, 169S, Elizabeth Davis). 

^;pTCALF, MARTIN of Battle Creek, 
i- Mich., b. in Oneida co., N. Y., Dec. 
12, 1823, educated in the common schools 
and at Whitesboro Acad., moved to Hol- 
land Patent 1839, to Mich. 18.(6-7, where 
he settled at Battle Creek, and at Detroit 
1852, was engaged in the hardware busi- 
ness at Grand Rapids 1S57, in firms of 
Foster, Martin & Co., W. D. Foster & Co. 
and Foster & Metcalf, he returned to Battle 
Creek in 1871, where he is engaged as a 
patent, pension and real estate agent (m. 
Jan. 6, 1857, Julia Ann, dau. of Albert and I 
Julia Ann [CushmanJ Arms, he Albert | 

was a pioneer of Van Buren co., Mich., 
and with the aid of his step-son built up 
the village bearing his son's name, " Ken- 
dall," where he has been postmaster and 
principal proprietor ever since, she Julia 
Ann Cushman was dose, from the Puritan 
families of Cushman, Washburn and 
Standish of Plymouth); son of David of 
Oneida co., N. V., and Mich., b. al Orange, 
Franklin co., Mass., after his mother's 
death he removed to Oneida co., where he- 
resided until 1829, when he went to Whites- 
town, N. Y., but finally settled in Mich. 
1S4S (m. Dec. 26, 1S07, Mabel, d. at 
Whitestown June 12, 1S46, only dau. of 
Jared and Mabel [Ball] Tolles of New 
Haven, Ct., she, Mabel Ball, was the dau. 
of Moses and Hannah [Sanford] Ball, and 
gr.-dau. of Caleb Ball of New Haven); son 
of Joseph of Northfield Farms, Mass., b. 
at Bellingham, Mass., Feb. 1, 1744, d. at 
Northfield Farms Dec. 17, 1825, justice of 
the peace for many years, educated at 
Harvard Coll., but left before grad. to 
attend to the surveying business of his 
father (m. June 10, 1772, Patience, b. about 
174S, dau. of Daniel and Sarah Clark); son 
of John of Bellingham, Mass., b. at Ded- 
ham Mar. 30, 1704, d. at Bellingham Feb. 
22, 1791, known by the name "Coroner" 
John to distinguish him from his father, 
was a man of great influence, surveyor (m. 
1726, Mary Fisher); son of Esq. John of 
Dedham and Wrentham, Mass., b. at Ded- 
ham Mar. 20, 1678, d. there Oct. 16, 1749, 
magistrate, surveyor, general arbitrator 
and executor in the settlement of disputes 
and estates (m. Oct. 3, 1701, Mehitable 
Saville of Braintree, Mass., of the Adams 
ancestry); son of Jonathan of Dedham, 
Mass., b. there Sep. 21, 1650, d. there Oct. 
16, 1749, his estate was settled by his son 
Esq. John Metcalf, among the bequests 
were considerable sums to the churches of 
Dedham and Lebanon, Ct., where his chil- 
dren settled (m. Apr. 10, 1674, Hannah 
Kendrick, d. at Dedham Dec. 23, 1731). 

HMIUKSTON, BROWN of Portland, Me. 
i- b. at Winthiop, Me., Oct. 6, 1S14, 
printer, commenced business for himself 
in Augusta, Me., 1839, moved to Portland 



1841, has the leading establishment for 
book and job printing in the state, member 
of the Me. Hist. Soc. (m. 1st, July 19, 1S42, 
Harriet, d. Feb. 2, 1S5S, ill. 2d, Oct. 26, 
1S59, Amanda Chapman, sister of Harriet 
and dans, of George Whitefield and Mary 
[Greenwood] Chapman of Gilead, Me., 
he, George, was son of Rev. Eliphaz and 
Hannah [Jackman] Chapman, b. at New- 
market, N. II., Mar. 7, 1750, son of Samuel 
of Hampton, N. II., son of Samuel of 
Hampton, son of Samuel of Ipswich, 
Mass., son of Edward of Ipswich, who 
came from a place near Hull, Eng., 1640); 
son of David of Winthrop, Me., b. at New 
Rowley, Mass., Feb. 6, 1779, d. at Litch- 
field Corner, Me., May 7, 1S65, grad. from 
Dartmouth Coll. 1S04, a Congl. clergy- 
man, ordained over the church in Win- 
throp Feb. iS, 1S07, resigned Oct. 15, 1851, 
D. D. Dartmouth 1S53, prominent anti- 
slaver)' and peace man and a preacher of 
acknowledged ability (m. 1st, Dec. 26, 
1S0S, Eunice, b. Feb. 15, 17S7, thru, of 
Hon. John Farley of Newcastle, Me., m. 
2d, Oct. 31, iSii, Prudence, b. Apr. 3, 
I7S6, d. May 2S, 1S71, dau. of Benjamin 
and Prudence [Kellcy] Brown of Chester, 
N. II., and sister of Pres. Francis Brown 
of Dartmouth, he, Benjamin, was the sun 
of Francis, son of Thomas, son of John, 
son of Francis, son of Thomas, who came 
from Milford, Eng., Apr. 6, 1635, and set- 
tled in Newbury, Mass.); son of David of 
North Sedgwick, Me., b. at Rowley, Mass., 
Mar. 19, 1751, d. at North Sedgwick, .Me., 
Aug. 26, 1821, farmer, member of Congl. 
chinch (m. Mary Bacon, b. Aug. iS, 1750, 
d. Oct. 21, 1790, dau. of Rev. Jacob and 
Mary [Wood] Bacon of Rowley, m. 2d, 
Chloe, b. May 11, 1767, d. at Bucksport, 
Me., Oct. 12, 1S62, dau. of Abraham and 
Sarah [Hook] Reedington of Boxford, 
Mass.); son of Richard of Rowley now 
Georgetown, Mass., b. at Newburv, 
Mass.,. Oct. 16, 1710, d. at Georgetown, 
Mass., July 12, 17S2, farmer, deacon of the 
Georgetown church from its organization 
Oct. 4, 1732 (m. May 5, 1731, Mehitable, b. 
July 19, 1710, dau. of Jonathan Jewett, 
who was gr.-son of Joseph Jewett, who 
came from Eng. 163S); son of Daniel, a 

farmer in Newbury, Mass., b. there Dec. 
iS, 1661, d. Feb. iS, 173s, m. Mary Dresser, 
b. Dec. 24, 1607, d. Dec. 7, 1735, dau. of 
Lieut. John Dresser of Rowley, Mass., 
sou of Daniel a farmer and weaver in 
Newbury, Mass., who served in the Narra- 
gansett war, b. in England, d. Feb. 19, 
1693, m. Oct. 20, 1655, Anne Pell, dau. of 
Joseph Pell of Lynn, Mass. This Daniel 
was probably the nephew of Daniel Thur- 
ston, a farmer and weaver in Newbury, 
who came with his wife from [probably] 
Gloucestershire, Eng., about 1635, and 
received agrant of land in Newbury, Mass., 
Nov. 24, 1638; his wife d. May 25, 1648, 
and he in. 2d, Aug. 29, 164S, Ann Light- 
foot, wid. of Francis Lightfoot, of Lynn, 
Mass., who came from Eng. and d. 1646. 

cine, Mich., b. at White Creek, N. 
Y., Ma) r 26, 1S35, served three years in 
the war of the Rebellion, member of the 
soc. The Sons of the American Revolution 
and of the G. A. R. (m. Nov. 5, 1S57, 
Sarah J. Callary, b. in America of Scotch 
parentage); son of Cornelius of White 
Creek, N. Y., b. at Hoosick, N. Y., July 

4, 1805, d. Cambridge, N.Y., Apr. 17, 1S88, 
prominent citizen and patriot (m. Apr. 26, 
1834, Caroline, dau. of Oliver Thayer a 
soldier in War of 1812, desc. of one of the 
Pilgrim families of Plymouth Rock); son 
of Walter of Schaghticoke, N. Y., b. there 
1767, farmer (m. 17SS, Jane Fonda of Hol- 
land Crescent); son of Derrick of Schaghti- 
coke, N. Y., b. there June 9, 1739, J - ;l1 
Oriskany, N. Y., Aug. S, 1777, second, 
major of the 14th N. Y. S. Militia, com- 
manded by Col. John Knickerbacker and 
was killed at the battle of Oriskany Aug. 

5, 1777, his tobacco box which was perfo- 
rated by the bullet that caused his death is 
now in the possession of his gt. -gr.-son 
Henry C. Van Vechten (m. May 2, 1761, 
Maria Knickerbocker of Holland desc. 
from the early Dutch settlers of New York 
city); son of Derrick of Schaghticoke, N. 
Y., b. there Feb. iS, 1713, d. there 1746, 
was killed and scalped by the Indians 
(m. 173s, Catharine Knickerbocker, also 
of Holland parentage from the Knicker- 



bockc-r families of New York city); son of 
Johannes of Albany, N. Y. (m. Mar. 17, 
l(*f), Maria Bogardus, b. Mar. 7, 167S, 
diu. of Cornelius and Helen [Teller] Bo- 
finlus, lie, Cornelius, was the son of 
tverardus and Anneke Webber [Jants] 
Howard us). 

of Saratoga, N. Y., b. at Newark, 
N. V., Jan. 17, 1S37, grad. University of 
Rochester A. B. 1S58, teacher in Ameri- 
ca^ Ga., and at the same time studied 
Uw, member of military company and 
ordered to march with it to seize U. S. 
forts, refusing to commit treason, he re- 
moved to Minn. 1,861, admitted to the bar 
At St. Paul, Minn., 1S62, at the breaking 
out of the Indian war he raised a company 
of soldiers at St. Paul and was madeCapt. 
of the same 1SO2, mustered into the 8th 
reg. Minn. vols, and was in active service 
Jjl-uust the Sioux Indians 2 years and S 
months, military escort to U. S. Treaty 
Commission, assisted in making treaty 
with Red Lake Indians (in recognition of 
hii services to the State of Minnesota he 
was made colonel on the staff of Gov. Win. 
k. Merriam of Minnesota at New York 
Centennial in 1 8 S 9 ) , subsequently in the 
war of the Rebellion where he was judge 
advocate of military commission, at close 
of the war he was made special inspector 
of customs for the entire State of North 
Carolina, and reorganized the revenue 
service in that State, the revenue cutters 
"Naugatuck" and "Northerner" acting 
under his orders for that purpose. For his 
services here he was promoted to general 
special agent of Treas. Dept. of the U. S., 
later he was asst. collect, port of Chicago, 
and engaged in the business of wholesale- 
druggist — the firm being Rockwood & 
Blocki. After the great Chicago hie he 
removed to Saratoga Springs, N. Y., vice- 
pres. of Citizens' Nat. Hank (m. June 5, 
1S67, Emily, d. at Chicago Aug. 17, 1S71, 
a>rcd 26 years, dan. of Alfred B. Nash of 
Troy, N. Y., who was for a long number of 
years vice-pres. of the Old State Hank, and 
also one of the govs, of the Marshall In- 
firmary and a leading citizen, W. T. R. had 

one son Nash Rockwood of Saratoga, N. Y., 
b. Feb. 2G, ibGQ, at Chicago, 111.); son of 
Elisha Hemiuway of Saratoga, N. Y., 
b. at Bridport, Yt., Jan. 6, 180S, physician 
of Newark, N. Y., more than 40 years, 
grad. Castleton, Vt., Med. Coll., member 
of the Wayne Co. Med. Soc, removed to 
Saratoga 1S72 (m. Jul)- 30, 1S34, Eliza, b. 
Jan. 6, 1S05, d. Feb. S, 1885, dau. of 
Hon. Judge Amos Thompson of East 
Poultney, Yt., a distinguished member, of 
the Yt. Legislature 40 years, he assisted 
Horace Greeley when a boy, and was noted 
for his many kind deeds; Dr. and Mrs. R. 
had two children, Wm. Thompson R. and 
Grace R. (m. C. A. McLeod of Troy, N. Y., 
and d. Dec, 1879, at the age of 39 years, 
had one dau. Giace), at this date, Dec. 25, 
1S90, Dr. E. H. Rockwood, William 
Thompson Rockwood and Nash Rock- 
wood are residing at Saratoga Springs, 
N. Y., Grace MeLeod at Troy, William 
Thompson Rockwood is member of the 
Military Society Loyal Legion; son of 
William of Bridport, Vt., b. at Chester- 
field, N. II., Jul)' 27, 1780, d. at Bridport 
about 1S00, highly respected citizen and a 
leading member of the Cong. Church (m. 
Apr. 2, 1S07, Chloe, b. Oct. 19, 17S7, dau. 
of Jacob H. Ilcminway, a wealthy farmer 
of Bridport); son of Klis'sa of Chesterfield, 
N. IL, b. at Groton, Ct., Nov. 20, 1740, d. 
at Chesterfield Feb., 1831 (m, June 4, 1771, 
Abigail Stone); son of Elisha of Groton, 
Ct., b. there June 11, 1716, d. there Dec. 
5, i7SS(m. Aug. 18, 1738, Elizabeth Adams, 
cousin to the father of Rev. Moses Adams, 
and a relative of the father of Robert Treat 
Paine, one of the signers of the Declara- 
tion of Independence); son of Nathaniel 
of Wrentham, b. at Medficld. Mass., Feb. 
23, 1665, d. at Wrentham Sep. 24, 1721 
(no. Dec. 7, 1098, Joanna Ellis); son of 
Nicholas of Medfield, Mass., b. 162S, d. 
16S0 (m. 1st, Jane Adams, d. Dec. 16, 1654, 
m. 2d, Margaret llolbrook, d. Apr. 23, 

1670, m. 3d, Silence , d. Nov. 9, 1677); 

sonof Ilichanl of Dorchester, Mass., 163G, 
came from Eng.; a page by name of Rock- 
wood, at the court of Henry VIII, in a 
game of chess with his king, won a manor 
belonging to one of the monasteries dis- 



tributed in his reign and in commemora- 
tion of the victory, he received from the 
king for his arms six chess rooks, the 
estate in England is still occupied by the 

lyn, N. Y., b. at Springville, N. Y., 
July 5, 1S2S, grad. Hamilton Coll. 1S50, 
prof, of nat. science, Clinton Liberal Inst. 
1850, prin. Fredonia Acad. 1S51, prof, of 
chemistry in State Normal School 1854, 
principal in same 1S56, Ph. D. 1S62, 
pres. Brooklyn Coll. and Polyt. Inst. 1S64, 
LL. D. 1868 (m. Aug. 7, 1S51, Harriet 
Stryker, dau. of Peletiah and Julia [Peck] 
Rawson, son of Paul, son of Samuel, son 
of Nathaniel, son of William, son of Ed- 
ward, first secy, of Mass. Bay Colony, and 
desc. of Sir Edward Rawson, England); 
son of Samuel of Springville, b. at 
Gilford, Vt., Jan. 21, 1785, d. at Spring- 
ville Oct. 19, 1S45, fust settler of Concord, 
N. V., served in the War of 1S12, wounded 
in the battle of Buffalo, held many town 
offices, farmer, one of the founders of 
Springville Acad. (m. Nov. 6, 1S05, Cath- 
arine Gallup, b. Feb. 22, 17S7, whose 
mother was dau. of Amos and Mercy 
[Franklin] Yaw, she, Mercy, was cousin 
of Benjamin Franklin, Samuel and Catha- 
rine begat nine children, all born in Spring- 
ville: Polly Minerva, b. July 10, 180S, 
Delilah, b. Dec. 22, 1811, Caroline Daphne, 
b. Feb. 16, 1S13, Orson, b. Jan. 26, 1S15, 
fanner, justice of the peace 36 years, now 
living Otto, Cat. co., N. Y., Joseph Gallup, 
b. Feb. 5, 1S15, missionary to Nestorians, 
Persia, head Theo. Sem., Samuel, b. Sep. 
6, 1S19, Byron, b. Jan. 30, 1S21, who re- 
mained upon homestead, justice of peace 
25 years, Rhoda Malvina, b. Feb. 22, 1823, 
Augustus G. E., July I, 1825, David II., 
above mentioned, all deceased with ex- 
ception of Orson, Augustus and David); 
Samuel of Springville was son of Thomas, 
b. at Coleraine, Ireland, came with his 
brother John to America from Ireland 
where they had settled to escape from 
Scotland in the time of King James; the}' 
were lineal desc. of the Earl Dundonald 
[Thomas Cochran]. 

Sandusky, O., b. at Washington, D. 
C, Dec. 17, 1S24, A. B., LL. B. Harvard 
Coll., LL. D. Marietta, author of " From , 
Fort Henry to Corinth" and of several 
papers mainly upon points of history and 
archrcology, edited Walker's "American 
Law" and Harris' "Criminal Law," judge 
court of common pleas Hamilton co., 0., 
to years, judge of superior court of Cine, 
10 years, served in war of the Rebellion as 
major, lieut.-coL, and col. of the 20th 
Ohio Infantry and brig, and brevet maj.- 
gen. U. S. V. (m. May 13, 1S74, Frances 
Dabney, dau. of Valentine B. and Clara 
Alsop [Pomeroy] Morton, and gr.-dau. of 
Samuel Wyllys and Clarissa [Alsop] Pom- 
eroy of Middletown, Ct.); son of Peter of 
Washington, D. C, b. near Paterson, N. 
J., Nov. 26, 1790, d. at Washington Jan. 
23, 1S6S, sergt. in N. Y. in the War of 
1812, mayor of Washington two terms, 
compiled American archives and Hist, 
tracts, and the Arctic observations on the 
Aurora Borealis, also wrote sundry tracts 
and papers on historical topics (m. Jan. 1, 
iSiS, Hannah, b. Apr. 2, 179S, dau. of 
David and Ann [GHliland] Evans, who 
were in. 179I-2 in Chester, Pa., he, David, 
was son of Jesse Evans of N. Wales and 
Montgomery co., Pa., she, Ann, was the 
dau. fames G. and Hanna Gilliland, dau.. 
of James and Ann Adams. Peter and 
Hannah Force had the following children, 
Mary Isabel, b. Oct. 19, 181S [m. William 
11. Jones of Virginia, d. July 21, 1S80], 
William Ouerean, b. Mar. 7, 1S20 [m. 1st, 
Georgianna Lyons of Washington, D. C, 
m. 2d, Elizabeth A. Stewart of Virginia, 
d. Dec. 15, 1SS0], Peter, b. Aug. 3, 1S22, 
d. in infancy, Manning Ferguson, b. 
Dec. 17, 1S24 jm. Frances Dabney Hor- 
ton of Pomeroy, O.j, Charles Fairchild, b. 
Feb. 9, 1S27 [m. Mary Matthews of Ala- 
bama, d. Aug. 6, 1S84], Edward Leggett, 
b. Aug. 1, 1829, d. Mar. 18, 1S63, Peter, 
b. Aug. 1, 1829, d. in infancy, Henry 
Clay, b. May 13, 1832 [m. Kathrine 0. 
Frierson of Alabama, d. Feb. 7, 1874], 
Samuel Southard, b. Apr. 11, 1S35, d.Mar. 
7, 1856, and Marion Evans, b. Nov. 27, 
1838, d. Jan. 31, 1S61) ; son of William 



of New Jersey, b. July 29, 1752, d. near 
Patcrsnn Mar. 3, 1S26, served in the Rev- 
olution (m. Sarah Ferguson, b. Dec. n, 
1765, d. July 24, 1S01, and had seven chil- 
dren, Manning, b. Mar. 11, 1789, Peter, b. 
Nov. 26, 1790, Martha, b. July 17, 1792, 
Monson Winchell, b. July 19, 1794, Wil- 
liam, b. Aug. 16, 1796, Edward B., b. Nov. 
10, 179s, and Ile/.ekiah Ferguson, b. Dec. 

J3, 1S00); son of Manning (m. Lucretia 

Winchell, b. in Ct. but lived in New York, 
and had seven children, William [m. Sarah 
Ferguson], Loraine [in. Paxton], Abi- 
gail [m. Philip Ouerean], Monson [m. 
Mary WoodJ, Obadiah, Benjamin and 
Jabez); son of Obadiah of New York, b. 
1691, d. 1789, desc. of Huguen., (in. a Man- 
ning, desc. of the Huguenot and had eight 
children, Manning [m. Lucretia Winchell 
of Ct.], Thomas, Squire [m. Margaret 
Johnson of Ct. j, Rosanna [in. Moses 
Young], Elizabeth [m. Daniel Lyons], 
Sarah [m. Joel Osmond], Johannah [m. 
Amos Meeker], Rachel [m. John Meeker]). 

O Reading, Pa., b. at Henrietta, N. Y., 
May 20, 1834, removed to Saratoga Springs 
1S44, and from there to Reading 1S65, en- 
gaged in the iron business 1S65 to date 
(in. 1st, June 10, 1S62, llattie M. May, m. 
2d, Nov. 10, 18SS, Mary Candace Dodds); 
sonof William of Saratoga Springs, N. Y., 
b. at Charlestown, N. Y., June S, 1775, d. 
at New York city Oct. 8, 1S61 (m. 1st, 
Feb. 26, 1796, Hannah Keller, m. 2d, Oct. 
23, 1810, Margaret Schuyler); son of Adam 
of Charlestown, N. Y., d. there aged 84 
years; son of Adam, d. 17S2, came to 
America from Germany 1703, with his 
three brothers, and settled in Schoharie 
Co., N. Y., they were probably driven out 
of Germany during the trouble with the 
Palatinate (in. and had four children, 
Peter, Adam, Joseph and Betsey. 

ton, Mass., b. at Randolph, Mass., 
Apr. 11, 1S25, grad. Amherst Coll. 1S44, 
Andover Theo. Sum. 184S, pastor of First 
Church, Yarmouth, Me., 1850-54, Congl, 
Church, Lenox, Mass., 1S54-59, Phillips 

Church, Boston, 1S59-76, since then cor. 
sec. of A. B. C. F. M. ( m . Apr. 25, 1S50, 
Maria Hyde of Bath, Me., desc. from 
William Hyde of the Ct. Colony); son of 
Ebcnezer of Randolph, Mass., b. there 
Mar. 17, 17S8, d. there Jan. 26, 1SS1, dis- 
tinguished physician and surgeon, trustee 
of several educational and philanthropic 
institutions (m. Apr. 14, 1S1S, Anne Kim- 
ball, desc. from the Kimballs of Ipswich, 
Essex Co. Colony); son of Ebeiiozer of 
Randolph, Mass., b. at Stafford, Ct., July 
4, 1735, d. at Randolph Oct. 16, 1S06, a 
physician highly respected and esteemed 
(m. Apr., 1787, Sarah Bass, desc. of Deacon 
Samuel Bass of Roxbury 1630, and son 
John of Braintree who m. Ruth, dan. of 
John Alden of the " Mayflower," and from 
whom desc. John and John Ouincy Adams); 
son of Daniel of Stafford, Ct., b. at Bridge- 
water, Mass., Sep. 5, 1720, d. at Lebanon, 
N. H., May iS, 1790, magistrate, much en- 
gaged in public business, deacon of Congl. 
Church (111. 1747, Jane Turner, desc. of 
Humphrey Turner); son of Daniel of Staf- 
ford, Ct., b. at Bridge-water Jan. 29, 1691, 
d. at Stafford May 3, 1767, magistrate (m. 
1 71 7, Abigail Shaw, sister of Rev. John 
Shaw of Bridgewater, who was gr.-father 
of Chief Justice Lemuel Shaw); son of 
Joseph of Bridgewater, Mass., b. there 
1667, d. there Dec. 22, 1747, deacon of the 
First Church (in. 1690, Hannah, dau. of 
Daniel Dunham of Plymouth); son of 
Joseph of Bridgewater, Mass., b. at Ply- 
mouth, Mass., 1624, d. at Bridgewater Feb. 
8, 1697 (m. Mary Simmons); son of John 
of Duxbury, Mass., b. in Eng. 1599, d. at 
Duxbury Sep. 12, 16S7, came to America 
in the "Mayflower" 1620 (m. 1621, Pris- 
cilla, dau. of William Mullens, probably of 
Huguenot desc). 

ver, Col., b. at Apulia, N. Y., Aug. 
7, 1S3S, d. Oct. 26, 1SS9, member of co. 
G, N. Y. vol. engineers (m. Feb. 17, 1874, 
Sarah J., dau. of Valentine C. and E111- 
meline [Clark] Nye); son of John (J. of 
East Bloomfield, N. Y., b. at Falmouth, 
Mass., Feb. 28, 1S05, d. at East Bloom- 
field Dec. 24, 18S3, shoemaker, died from 


cancer in the stomach (in. Oct. 3, 1835, 
Sarah Parson, b. Nov. 19, 1S12, dau. of 
Ambrose and Amy [Parson] Grow); son 
of Job of Falmouth, Mass., b. there Feb. 
13, 1776, d. at Sacketts Harbor Oct. 26, 
1820, was left an orphan when nine years 
old, sailor and died from Lake fever con- 
tracted on Lake Ontario (m. Nov. 16, 1802, 
Achsali, dau. of David and Temperance 
[Dimmick] GifTord); son of Joseph of 
Falmouth, Mass., b. there Mar. 8, 1735, d. 
there 17S5 (m. 1st, Jan. 15, 1756, Mehitable, 
b. Sep. 17, 1735, d. about 1780, dau. of 
Ichabod and Anna [KendrickJ Johnson, 
rn. 2(1, Jan. 28, 17S2, Mary Hamlin, and 
had a large family of children); son of 
Moses of Falmouth, Mass., b. there, bap. 
at Barnstable July 3, 1G9S, d. at Falmouth 
1750, held several town offices and was the 
owner of a considerable amount of real 
estate (m. Apr., 1724, Mary, b. Feb. 20, 
170I, d. Mar. 2, 1739, dau. of Rev. Joseph 
and Abigail [Hinckley] Lord, and gr. -dau. 
of Gov. Thomas Hinckley); son of Moses 
of Falmouth, Mass., b. there Mar. 4, 16G2, 
d. there May 20, 1747 (m. 1st, Mar. 9, 1CS6, 
Hepzibah, d. 169S, dau. of John and Hep- 
zibah [Daggett] Eddy, m, 2d, Oct. iS, 1699, 
Elizabeth, dau. of John Thatcher, m, 3d, 
Hannah, dau. of Joshua Bangs, m. 4th, 
Patience Perry); son of Jonathan, b. in 
Eng. 1626 (m. Sarah Rowley). 

KITE, WILLIAM of Gcrmantown, Pa., 
1). at Phila. Oct. 25, 1S10 (m. Nov. 
8, 1S38, Mary F., dau. of Josiah T. and 
Esther [Canby] Clement of Wilmington, 
Del.); son of Thomas of Phila., Pa., b. 
at Phila. July 16, 1785, d. there Jan. 25, 
1845, a minister of the gospel in the Soc. 
of Friends (in. Mar. 30, 1S0S, Elizabeth 
Barnard, b. at Wilmington Feb. 12, 17S6, 
d. at Phila. Nov. 9, 1810); son of Ilcii.ja- 
lllill of Phila., Pa., b. there Aug. 10, 1754, 
d. there Sep. 16, 183S (m. 1784, Rebecca 
Walton, desc. of Daniel Walton who emi- 
grated to Pa. 1682, and settled at Phila.); 
son of Thomas of Phila., Pa., b. there 
1 719, d. there May io, 1790, aged 71 years 
(m. Dec, 1742, Mary, dau. of John Brint- 
nall); son of Abraham of West Phila., 
Pa., b. there, d. there (m. July, 1708, Mary, 

dau. of Hugh Peters); son of James of 
West Phila., b. there, emigrated to Pa. 
1670, having received a patent from tin 
Duke of York which was located in what 
is now the city park of Phila. (m. Jan. 7, 
— , Mary, dau. of William Warner, one of 
the first English settlers in Pa.); son of 
Sir George of Eng., b. in England, but 
joining the Society of Friends left England 
and settled in Pa.). 

ville, N. Y., b. at Ridgeheld, Ct., 
Aug. 5, 1S2S, farmer, town clerk, justice 
of the peace, member of the Assembly 
1SG1-72, notary public 20 years (m. Tst, 
Oct. 22, 1S50, Elizabeth M. Robinson, d. 
Mar. 20, 1S69, and had three children, 
Frank H., A. Sanford, and Theodore F., 
m. 2d, June 26, 187S, Mary Elizabeth, dau. 
of Josiah Benedict); son of Aaron of Nel- 
son, N. Y., b. at Ridgefield Dec. 22, 1804, 
d. at Nelson Dec. 29, 1SS6, farmer, one of 
the first to engage extensively in dairying ' 
(m. 1st, 1S26, Electa, dau. of Capt. Isaac 
Keeler of Wilton, Ct., his ancestors settled 
at Norwalk, Ct., in the 17th century); son 
of Abijah of Nelson, N. Y., b. at Ridge- 
field, Ct., 1777, d. at Nelson 1859, farmer, 
was a Methodist, and was the first to form . 
a society of that denomination at Ridge- 
field, emigrated to Nelson 1S28 (m. 179S, 
Clarissa Hayes, a dau. of a soldier in the 
British army who left the service and set- 
tled in Ct. in the 17th century); son of 
Thomas of Ridgefield, Ct., and Nelson, 
N. Y., b. at Ridgefield 1753, d. at Nelson 
1832, farmer and miller at Ridgefield (m. 
Elizabeth, only dau. of Elijah and Eliza- 
beth [Benedict] Smith and lineal desc. of 
James and Sarah [Hyatt] Benedict, the 
first settlers of Ridgefield); son of Thomas 
of Ridgefield, Ct., b. there 1712, d. there 
Dec. 14, 1759, farmer (m. Hannah Burr, 
and had three sons and six daus.); son of 
Thomas of Ridgefield, Ct., b. at Norwalk 
1680, d. at Ridgefield 1750, one of the 
original settlers of Ridgefield, with twenty- 
live others he purchased the township of 
Catoonah, chief sachem of Ramapoo tribe 
of Indians, Sep. 30, 170S (m. Experience); 
son of Thomas of Norwalk, Ct., b. at 



Stamford, Ct., participated in Indian wars 
•ud received bounty lands for his service 
(m. Mary St. John, and had two sons, 
Thomas and Ebenezcr, and six daus.); 
»on of Thomas of Stamford, Ct., d. when 
about 45 years old (m. and had three sons, 
Caleb, lohn and Thomas). 

Huston, b. at Barrington, R. I., Sep. 
6, 1S34, grad. Brown Univ. 1S60, farmer, 
teacher, commissioner of public schools, 
councilman, representative in Rhode 
Island, and in Mass. legislatures, editor, 
publisher, treasurer, deacon, pies. Am. 
Inst. Instruct., Nat. Ed. Assoc, Nat. Coun- 
cil of Ed., S. S. Supts. Union, Mass., S. 
S. Union and of Bicknell Family Assoc. 
(m. Sep. 5, iS6o, Amelia Davie, dau, of 
Christopher Blanding, whose ancestors 
came to Boston about 1640, and settled 
at Rchoboth, Mass., prior to Phillip's war 
1675); son of Allen of Barrington, R. I., 
b. there Apr. 13, 1787, d. there Aug. 22, 
1^70, farmer, selectman, deacon, repre- 
sentative, senator and colonel (m. 1st, Dec. 
23, 1S17, Harriet Byron Kinnicutt, whose 
ancestors were in New Engl, in the mid- 
dle of the 17th century; m. 2d, Apr. 13, 
1 $30, Elizabeth W., dau. of Gen. Thomas 
Allen of the Revolution); son of Joshua 
of Barrington, R. L, b. there Jan. 14, 1759, 
d. there Dec. 16, 1S37, fanner, deacon, 
treasurer, selectman, representative and 
senator iS years, assoc. justice Supreme 
Court, commissioner (m. Apr. iS, 17S2, 
Amy Brown whose ancestors came to New 
England before the middle of the 171I1 
century, and were among the first families 
in Mass.); son of Joshua of Barrington, 
Mass., b. there 1723, d. there Nov. 23, 17S1, 
fanner, lieut.-col. (m. 1st, 1745, Ruth Bick- 
nell, m. 2d, 175S, Jerusha [Beck] Heath, 
desc. from Capt. Nicholas Peck who came 
to New England about 1660, m. 3d, in 
1764, Hannah •, in. 4th in 1767, Free- 
born ); son of Joshua of Swanzey, 

Mass., b. there 1696, d. there Feb. 6, 1752, 
farmer, deputy to gen. court, gave land for 
Congl. Church of Barrington, which was 
then a part of Swanzey, held slaves, freed 
them, and gave to each of them a gift for 

support (in. 1st, Mar. 29, 1721, Hannah 
Lyon, m. 2d, Abigail Allen); son of 
Zachary of Weymouth and Swanzey, 
Mass., b. at Weymouth Feb. 7, 166S, d. 
at Swanzey, farmer, leading citizen of 
Swanzey, in 1717 he with 28 others 
secured the formation of the town of Bar- 
rington, town meetings were held in his 
house (in. Nov. 24, 1692, Hannah Smith); 
son of John of We3'inouth, Mass., b. in 
Eng. 1624, d. at Weymouth 1679, came to 
America in company with Rev. Joseph 
Hull (m. 1st, May , m. 2d, Mary Por- 
ter); son of Zachary of Weymouth, Mass., 
b. in Eng., d. at Weymouth 1636, came to 
America 1635 and settled with Rev. Joseph 
Hull's company at Weymouth (m. Agnes, 
and had one son John). 

BURGH of New York city, b. at 
Ghent, N. V., Mar. 15, 1S3S, grad. Albany 
Med. Coll. 1S5S, removed to N. Y. city 
1S61, physician and med. examiner N. Y. 
city civil scrvice(m. Dec. 19, 1865, Mary V., 
dau. of James and Mary [Chipp] Ball, and 
had two children, Minnie Seymour Vos- 
burgh and Arthur Seymour Vosburgh, 
grad. Columbia Coll. 1S79); son of Wil- 
liam L\ of Ghent, N. Y., b. at Stuyvesant, 
N. Y., 1S02-3, d. at Ghent Mar., 1856(111. 
Maria, dau. of Benjamin and Catharine 
[CooperJ Fredenburgh, and had eight chil- 
dren, Abraham, Catharine, Elizabeth, Ben- 
jamin F., Peter Mastin, Anna F., Agnes 
Maslin and John); son of Peter 1. of 
Stuyvesant, N. Y., b. at Kinderhook, N. 
Y., soldier in the Revolution and War of 
1 81 2 (in. Elizabeth Van Alstyne). 

D[ ZERMJA, ALFRED L. B. of Aldie, 
Va., b. at New York city Feb. 3, 
1838, educated in Belgium and France, 
midshipman on board ship "Queen of 
Clippers " in French government service 
during the Crimean War, commanded N. 
Y. and Liverpool packet ship " Com- 
promise," but May, iS6r, gave up his 
command and joined the U. S. navy, 
served on board the "Susquehanna" at 
the taking of Hatteras and Port Royal, 
afterward in command of U.S. steamers 

8 4 


"Fasmine" and " Antona," and was on 
special service under Admiral D. G. Far- 
ragut in \V. G. B. squadron (m, Aug. 17, 
1S64, Alice A., dan. of James A. and 
Emily [Dorse)-] Gasquet, he, James A., was 
h. at Petersbury, Va., and was the son of 
a French officer doing service at San 
Domingo during the revolt of the negroes 
1791, she, Emily, was the dau. of Green- 
berry and Emily A. [Packwood] Dorsey); 
son of Augustus of Island Hall, Westell, 
eo., N. V.; b. at Martinique Dec. 3, 1S03, 
d. at New York Dec. 23, iSSS, merchant 
at Caraecas, Ven., a friend of Simon 
Bolivar, suffering from the revolution came 
to the U. S. 1S31, settled in Phila., but 
removed to New York, where he estab- 
lished the Z line of clipper ships, retired 
from business 1S62, bought the Aldie 
estate 1S42-3, went to reside on his estate 
of Island Hall on L. I. sound 1S55, (m. 
Apr. 0, 1825, Eli/a M. Uytendalle, Baron- 
ess Von Brctton, dau. of John B., Baron 
von Bretton of Denmark, and Hester 
[Bladwell] Uytendalle of England, and 
had eleven children, Eliza, b. 1S26, John 
A., b. Sep. 13, 1S2S [m. Apr. 27, 1SG5, 
Katharine Berry], Augustus H., b. Sep. 
ig, 1830, lost at sea 1S60 (in. Hattie Rickcr], 
George Theodore, b. Dec. 11, 1831 [m. 
Juliana Irvine of Phila.], Frederick C., b. 
Jan. 6, 1S36, resides in London, Eng., 
Alfred L. B., b. Feb. 3, 1S3S [m. Alice A. 
Gasquet of New Orleans], Louisa A., b. 
May 20, 1S40 [m. Horace Barnard of New 
York], Azelia C., b. Dec. 2, 1S42 [m. 
Samuel Huntington of Ct.], Florence A., 
b. Sep. 13, 1S45, and Francis A., b. Nov. 
21, 1S48 [in. Mary Berry of New York]); 
son of Francisco of Caraecas, Ven., b. 
near Chiav.tri, Italy, d. at Caraecas 1840, 
came to the West Indies latter part of the 
last century (m. 1st, Catharine Louise 

Grego of Guadaloupe, m. 2d, of 

Caraecas, by the first wife he had three chil- 
dren, John [m. Mercedes, dau. of the 
Marquis de Tobar of Ven., d. in London 
186-], Albert, d. at New York 1823, and 
Augustus, b. Jan. 3, 1S03 [m. Eliza M. 
Uytendalle, d. Dec. 23, 18S8, by his second 
wife he had two children, Francisco, gov. 
of Vera Cruz and of the National Palace 

of Mexico, 33d degree mason, d. 18S0, and 
Cecelia, d. in the battlefield in the Mexi- 
can army]). Issue of Alfred L. B. di Zc- 
regaand Alice A. his wife: Emily Augusta, 
b. at North Carolina, Sep. 24, 1865; 
Augustus, b. at Aldie, Va., Sep. 8, 1868; 
Martha Alice, b. at New Orleans, Mar. 9, 
1S73; Frances Gasquet, b. at Aldie, Va., 
Aug. 31, 1877, and Gasquet, b. at Aldie, 
Va., Oct. 19, 1879. 

of Charlestown, W. Va., b. at Mor- 
gantown, Va., Apr. 14, 1S07 (m. 1st, Sep. 
8, 1S35, Dorcas S. Blaine, d. May 13, 1S38, 
desc. from the Iloge and Blaine families 
of Pa., m. 2d, July 15, 1S46, Dulce R. Mc- 
Farland, gr.-dau. of the late Rev. Calvin 
Chaddock, a distinguished Presby. minis- 
ter of Mass.); he is brother of James M., 
son of .1 aitlCS (J. of Wood co., Va., b. in 
Phila. July 20, 17S1, d. at Parkersburg, 
Va., Sep. 5, 1S21, lawyer, raised a volun- 
teer company of riflemen and joined the 
army under Gen. Harrison, member of the 
Va. Legislature 1803-4, 1805-6 (in. Mar. 
15, 1S06, Harriet B., eldest dau. of Col. 
Alexander Ouarrier, a Scotchman who 
came to America in 1774, and raised a 
company in Phila. and entered the army 
under Gen. Washington and served during 
the war); son of Thomas of Marion co., 
Va., b. at. Ayreshire, Scotland, Jan. I, 
1756, d. at Cabell co., Va., Mar. 17, 1838, 
came to America 1774, entered the army 
of the Revolution, capt. of a gunboat on 
the Delaware, was in battle of Trenton, N. 
J., after the war settled in Phila., but after- 
ward removed to Monongahela Co., served 
in the Va. Legislature (m. June' 18, 177S, 
Sally Osborne of Lancaster, Pa.); son of 
James of Scotland, b. there, d. there Jan. 
27, 1789 (m. Aug., 1746, Sarah Stuart, d. 
Sep., 1805). 

FLINT, HENRY II. of Willimantic, Ct., 
b. at Windham, Ct., Oct. 28, 1845, 
grad. Cheshire Military Acad. 1862, drug- 
gist, 15 years city clerk and treas. 1876, as- 
sessor 1S80 (m. Mar. 2, 1S77, Elizabeth L., 
dau. of Louis and Emeline [Dunham] 
ShefTer, desc. from her mother's ancestry of 



Gen. E. F. Reyfenburg, a Hessian gen. in 
the Revolutionary war); son of Lucius of 
Windham, Ct., b. there June 12, 1S13, d. 
there Apr. 7, iSSS, farmer and lumberman 
(111. .Nov. 1, 1S37, Nancy, dau. of Hon. 
Dixon Hall of Sterling, Ct., senator, rep- 
resentative 1812-20, was killed in his fac- 
tory June 10, 1S23); son of Jacob of Wind- 
ham, Ct., b. there Nov. 25, 1780, d. there 
July 7, 1859, served in War of 1S12, and 
for 20 years in the old 5th Regt. Militia, 
held several town offices (m. Nov. 6, 1806, 
Hannah, dau. of Capt. Jacob Holt of 
Hampton, Ct., a Revolutionary soldier, b. 
I73S); son of John of Windham, Ct., b. at 
Hampton Sep. 6, 1749, d. at Windham 
June io, iSio, farmer, soldier in Revolu- 
tionary war, was at the battle of Bunker 
Hill (m. Dee. 30, 1773, Sarah Tilden of 
Norwich, Ct., who was a gr.-aunt of Hon. 
Samuel J. Tilden); son of SiUllUCl of 
Hampton, Ct., b. there Apr. 9, 1712, d. at 
Randolph, Vt., Jan. 6, 1802, farmer and 
lumberman (m. Apr. 13, 1736, Mary Lamp- 
shere); son of John of Windham, Ct., b. 
there Feb. S, 16S1, d. there, farmer (m. 
May 5, 1709, Christian Reed). 

of Rochester, N. Y., b. at Speeds- 
ville, N. Y., Feb. 1, 1S42, gen. coal freight 
agent N. Y. C. and II. R. R. and West 
Shore R. R. (m. Dec. 14, 1S71, Sarah Anna, 
dau. of Charles and Mary [Ballard] Mor- 
rell of Ludlowville, N. Y.); son of Lelloy 
W. of Owego, N Y., b. at Cincinnatus, 
N. Y., Aug. 9, 1S0S, d. at Owego Mar. 
2, 1861, merchant, county clerk of Tioga 
CO. 1S53-59 (m. May S, 1837, Maria, dau. 
of Col. William and Sally [Loring] Liver- 
more of Spencer, Mass.); son of John of 
Cincinnatus, N. Y., b. at Wethersfield, 
Ct., Oct. 5, 1770, d. at Cincinnatus Jan. 
30, 1859, removed from Lenox, Mass., to 
Cin. where he built the first store and 
school-house, and kept the first inn, col. in 
the militia, supervisor of town n years in 

Feb. 12. i--)i, Miriam, dau. of Oliver and 
Sarah [Wilson] Isbell of Lenox, Mass.); 
son of Mitchell of Wethersfield, Ct., b. 
at Iiridgewaler, Mass., 1744, d. at Cincin- 

natus Oct. 22, 1S19, soldier in Revolu- 
tionary war (m. 1769, Keturah, dau. of 
John and Anna [Grimes] Latimer of 
Wethersfield); son of Samuel of Bridge- 
water, Mass., b. there May 13, 1710 (in. 
Feb. 3, 1737, Phebe Washburn); son of 
Samuel of Bridge water, Ct., b. at Wey- 
mouth, Mass., May 23, 1670 (m. Jan. r, 
1696, Mary Mitchell); son of John of 
Bridgewater, Mass., b. in Eng. 1633, d. at 
Bridgewater, came to Weymouth 1635, 
freeman 1666 (m. Elizabeth); son of Henry 
of Weymouth, Mass., b. in Eng. 1595, came 
from Eng. to Weymouth Mar. 20, 1635, 
with his wife and three sons and twodaus., 
became a freeman 1636, licensed 1636 to 
keep the ferry at Weymouth, licensed 1637 
to keep a house of entertainment, grand 
juror 1637, representative 163S-52, member 
of committee to lay out highways 1649 (m. 
Joan, d. Mar. 4, 1G67). 

Avon, b. there June 4, 1871, edu- 
cated at the Genesee State Normal School, 
Williams and Rogers Business University, 
Rochester, N. Y.; son of Francis of South 
Avon, b. Caledonia May 14, 1824, received 
a common school education, his father 
removed to the town of Avon 1831, farmer, 
justice of peace for town of Avon 12 years 
(m. Sep. 28, 1S53, Helen M. Iloginirc, 
whose ancestors came from Ilagerstown, 
Md., at an early dale and took up a large 
tract of land in L. CO.); son of John of 
Avon, b. Colchester, Ct., Nov. 29, 1792, 
d. Avon May 6, 1S77, farmer, came from 
Colchester, Ct., when 19 years of age and 
settled in Avon in 181 1, then an almost 
unbroken wilderness (m. Feb. 27, 1S23, 
Martha Doming, dau. of Benjamin Dom- 
ing who moved from Ct. to western N. Y. 
1S06); son of Charles of Avon, b. Col- 
chester, Ct., Dec. 23, 1772, d. Avon Dec. 
23, 1S49, came from Colchester, Ct., to 
New York 1S11 (m. Lydia Winnefield); son 
of Ebenpzcr oi Ct., b. there fan. 30, ipo. 
d. r-<? ,:::. May : .\ :-?:. \> - ' Row'o 
son of Eheutver of CoL-hesiei, t>. Fast 
Hartley, Mass., Nov. 22, 1077, d. Col- 
chester Apr. 23, 1746 (111. July 6, 1706, 
Mabel Butler); s< i Linn, Joseph ..I 


A M E R I C A N A N C E S T R Y. 

Hadley, Mass., had two wives and twenty 

ville, Utah, b. in Newcastle co., 
Del., Apr. S, 1S15, went to West Chester, 
Pa., 1830, brick-mason 11 years, moved to 
Nauvoo, 111., 1S43, removed from Nauvoo 
with the Mormon Exodus to Council Bluff, 
la., 1S46, to Springville 1S52 (m. Feb. 21, 
1S39, Sarah, dau. of Richard and Frances 
[Sawdon] Lovell, b. at Weavcrthorpe, 
Yorkshire, Eng., Mar. 12, 1S1S, emigrated 
to America with parents 1S19 and landed 
at Phila., Pa. J; son of Abraham of New- 
castle co., b. there Mar. 28, 1766, d. there 
May 17, 1S33, farmer, cloth-dresser, owned 
a fulling mill (m. Jan. 14, I7qS, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Harrison and Hannah [Vandeer] 
Wells, b. Dec. 15, 1778, d. Aug. 20, 1S63); 
son of Aaron of Newcastle co., b. at East 
Cain, Pa., May 13, 1729, d. in Newcastle 
co. Mar. 10, 1S13, farmer, miller, owned a 
grist-mill, Ouakcr(m. Nov. 11, 1756, Mary, 
dau. of William and Eliza [Marshall] Wood- 
ward, b. June 11, 1735); son of Aaron of 
East Cain, b. at Concord, Pa., Nov. 20, 
1690, d. at East Cain Apr. 30, 1765, farmer, 
Friend (m. June 16, 1715, Rose, dau. of 
Thomas Pierson, b. June 16, 1693, Thomas 
Pierson was surveyor to William Penn); 
son of .Toll 11 of Concord, b. at Marridge 
Hill, Wiltshire, Eng., 1660, d. at Concord, 
one of the earliest settlers of Concord, 
Friend, granted the land occupied by the 
Concord Friends meeting-house and grave- 
yard (m. July, 1685, Elizabeth, dau. of 
George Maris, who emigrated from the 
Parish of Inkborough, county of Worces- 
ter, Eng., 16S3, he was an eminent Friend). 

J Charleston, W. Va., b. in Cabell co., 
Va., June 27, 1839, educated at Marshall 
Academy there, now practicing in Kan- 
awha co. (m. Sep. 23, 1S69, Virginia 
Brown, eldest dau. of Judge J. H. Brown 
and gr.-dau. of Matilda Scales); son of 
John OsllOrne of Cabell co., b. at Ma- 
gantown, Va., Apr. 28, 1791, d. in Cabell 
co. Apr. 14, 1863, was in the War of 1812, 
lawyer, prosecuting atty. all his life, mem- 

ber of Va. Legislature several times (m. 
Dec. 29, 1816, Mary Scales, dau. of Jacob 
llite of Va. and Sally Scales of N. C); son 
of Thomas S. of Cabell co., b. in Scotland • 
Jan. 15, 1756, d. in Cabell co. Mar. 17, 1838, 
came to America in Sep., 1774, entered 
American army, was in battle of Trenton, 
commanded vessel on the Delaware during 
the Revolution, settled in Monongahela, 
Va., member of Va. Legislature in 1798-9, 
also 1S01 (m. June 3, 177S, Sarah, dau. of 
Chas. and Sarah Osborne, b. Oct. 12, 1760, 
d. Mar. 28, 1S40); son of James Laid Inn 
of Ayrshire, Scotland, the name in Scot- 
land was Laidlaw but when he came to 
America he called it Laidley, because' lie. 
did not wish to be recognized as a British 
subject (m. Jane Stuart). 

OLMSTM*, HENRY of Hartford, Ct., 
b. there Aug. 31, 1824, physician, 
grad. A. M. Trinity Coll., M. D. Coll. of 
Phys. and Surg. N. Y. city (m. Dec. iS, 
1S55, Anna M. Olmsted, a 4th cousin); son 
of Lyildo of Hartford, b. at East Hartford 
Dec. 5, 1790, d. there Oct. 15, 1870, mer- 
chant, deacon in Congregational Church 
for many years (m. Aug. 8, 1 S 1 5 , Amelia, 
dau. of Richard Goodman, b. 1761, son of 
Richard, b. 1704, son of Richard, b. 1663, 
son of Richard, b. in Eng. 1609, and killed 
by the Indians at Hadley 167G); son of 
Michael of East Hartford, b. there July 2, 
1766, d. there Aug. 27, 1S33, farmer (in. Jan. 
7, 1789, Abigail, dau. of Elisha Merrow, 
whose ancestor was Henry Merrow of Read- 
ing, Mass. ); son of TliaddeilS of East Hart- 
ford, b. there Aug. 20, 1713, d. there Nov. . 
28, 1798, farmer, town officer (m. Mar. 24, 
1765, Hannah Pitkin, dau. of Caleb Pitkin 
of E. Hartford); son of Richard of East 
Hartford, b. there 1682, d. there Jan. 9, 
1760, farmer (m. May 8, 1712, Deborah, 
dau. of Stephen and Hannah [Bushnell] 
Hosmer); son of Josonh of Hartford, b. 
there 1654, d. at E. Hartford Oct. 5, 1726, 
farmer, manufacturer, deacon of the First 
Church in Hartford 1623, deacon of First 
Church East Hartford, selectman 1703 (m. 
1672, Elizabeth, dau. of Deacon Richard 
and Elizabeth [Bigelow] Buller, a prorain. 
man in the Revolution); son of Nicholas, 



b. in Eng. about 1619 (m. Sarah Lomis, 
il»u. of Joseph Lomis of Windsor), was in 
itr Pequot war 1637, and in King Philip's 
wit; son of James of Newtown, b. in 
Eng , came to Newtown 1632, in the ship 

of New York, N. V., b. at Geneva, 
N. Y., Apr. 15, 1861, trustee St. Nicholas 
Club; son of Samuel Hopkins of Geneva, 

b. at Albany, N. Y., Jan. 31, 1827, grad. 
Ilobart Coll. 1847, pres. Geneva Nat. 
JUnk 30 years' (m. Sep. 20, 1854, Mary 
C.ramJin Vought, dau. of Abraham and 
Ruth Leslie [Voorhees] Vought); son of 
William Gordon of Geneva, b. Oct. 12, 
1801, d. there Mar. 30, 1S79 (m. Feb. 22, 
1S26, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Miles 
Hopkins of Albany); son of William 
Bcckiuail, b. Mar. 2, 1770, d. Dec. 30, 
1804 (in. Melinda, dau. Gen. Jas. Gordon of 
Ballston, N. Y., who married Mary Ball, 
dau. of Rev. Eliphalet Ball, founder of 
llallston, and cousin of Mary Ball, mother 
of Washington); son of Philip, b. Aug. 
30, 1736, d. June 20, 1777 (m. Apr. 6, 1764, 
Ellie Beekman); son of Philip of Dutchess 
co.,b. June 2S, 1695, d. Oct. 13, 1771, rep. 
in the Colonial Assembly of New York 
1734-68 (m. Apr. 10, 171S, Gertrude, only 
dau. of Johannis Van Courtlandt, upon 
whose death she received one-third of the 
manor estate, and this portion was called 
Ver Planck's Point); son of James, b. 
Dec. 1, 1671, d. Oct. 30, 1699 (m. Sep. 8, 
■Cgi, Margaretta Schuyler); son of Ueleyn 
or Gllliail, b. Jan. 1, 1668, d. Apr. 23, 
16S4 (m. June 20, 1668, Henrica Wessels); 

son of Abraham Isaacsen, d. 1680, came 

from Holland prior to 1637 (m. Maria Ross, 
(a widow), dau. of Jan Vigne). 

Rockville, Ind., b. near Montezuma, 
Ind., May 21, 1833, left an orphan when 
eleven years old, carpenter and school 
teacher till 1861, capt. company H, 21st 
Ind. Inf., engaged in the capture of New 
Orleans, wounded in the battle of Baton 
Rouge 1862, county treas. 4 years, author 
of several political pamphlets, surveyor 

and civil engineer, member of A. A. A. S. 
and A. A. P. S. S. Phila., author of several 
articles on topographical and glacial 
geology, on archaeology and other miscel- 
laneous articles (m. Dec. 15, 1S64, Annie, 
b. Jan. 23, 1S41, a second cousin, dau. of 
Sherebiah Butterfield of Venice, O., she, 
Annie, grad. Eclectic Med. Coll. Cincin- 
nati, O., 1S72, is now practicing. Was 
pros. Ind. Woman Suffrage Assoc. 1872-3); 
son of Joseph of Parke co., Ind., b. at 
Venice, Butler co., O., May 17, 1808, d. 
in Parke co. Mar. 4, 1S44, a western 
pioneer, owner of a saw-mill, builder of 
flat-boats, col. in the militia (m. Rachel, 
b. about 1815, dau. of Conrad and Eliza- 
beth [Tate] Ten Brook, and gr.-dau. of 
John and Frances [Marshall] Tate of 
Northern Ireland); son of John of Lan- 
caster, Mass., Whitehall, N. Y., and Ind., 
b. at Lancaster Oct. 17, 1770, d. near 
Montezuma, Ind., 1850 (m. July, 1794, 
Nancy, d. Sep. 10, 1S10, dau. of Daniel 
and Elizabeth Rugg of Lancaster, Mass., 
and had eleven children, one of whom 
John was taken captive by the Indians and 
never escaped); son of John of Lancaster, 
Mass., b. in Northern Eng. 172S, d. at 
Lancaster, came to Lancaster 1732, lieut. 
of the minute men, wounded by the British 
before the battle of Lexington, served in 
the battles of Lexington, Bunker Hill and 
at Yorktown (m. 1768, Hannah Rogers, a 
relative or desc. of John Rogers, the mar- 
tyr); son of John of Lancaster, Mass., b. 
in Scotland 1700, d. probably at Lancaster, 
came to America when his son John was 
about 4 years old. 

•J Bane, Pa., b. at Marquette, Wis., 
1853, editor of the " Wilkes-Barre Record " 
since 18S3, grad. M. D. Univ. of Pa. 1883, 
editor of " Hist. Record," devoted to the 
history of Wyoming valley, assl. librarian 
of the Wyoming Hist, and Geol. Soc. 1S90 
(m. 1SS5, Georgia Post); son of Wesley 
of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., b. there 1819, 
sec. of Wyoming Commemorative Assoc, 
author of the memorial volume devoted 
to centennial celebration of Wyoming 
1878(111. 1852, Cynthia II. Green, a desc. 


of the Puritans); son of Jehoida Pitt 
of Wilkes-Banc, Pa., b. there, d. there; 
son of Jacob of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., b. at 
Wallingford, Ct., 1713, d- at Wilkes-Barre 
I 797> y ra ^- Yale Coll. 1740, missionary to 
the Indians on the Mohawk, was the first 
pastor of Ct. settlers in Wilkes-Barre 1772- 
97 (m. Mary, dau. of Capt. Nathan Gid- 
dings of Norwich, Ct., gt.-gr.-son of 
George who came from Eng. 1635, and 
settled at Boston, Mass.); son of Jacob of 
Ct., b. 1G69, d. 1749 (m. 1693, Abigail 
Hitchcock); son of William, one of the 
original subscribers to the compact for the 
settlement of Wallingford, Ct.; son of 
Robert of New Haven, Ct., b. in Eng., 
came from Kingston, Eng., with his two 
brothers, one of them was a clergyman 
and settled near Boston, Mass., and was 
killed by the Indians; the other brother 
settled in Ct. 

ford, Ct., b. Canton, Ct., Aug. 2, 
1S22, lawyer (m. Nov. 25, 1851, Paulina 
Jane, dau. of John M. Bartholomew of 
Wallingford, Ct., who removed to Shef- 
field, Mass., about 1804 and d. there about 
1S7S, aged 78, his wife was Paulina T. 
Fullar, b. Egremont, Mass., d. Dec. 31, 
1SS6, aged 82); son of Henry of Canton, 
Ct., b. there Mar. 12, 1793, d. there Apr. 
12, 186S, farmer (m. Apr. 2, 1S17, Naomi, 
dau. of Solomon Humphrey, d. 1S34, was 
a soldier in the Rev. war, she was sister of 
Rev. Herman Humphrey, D. D., who was 
a president of Amherst Coll., also uf Rev. 
Luther Humphrey of Ohio); son of Jon- 
athan of Canton, Ct., b. Simsbury, Ct., 
1703, d. Canton 1817, was a soldier in 
Rev. war (m. 17S6, Abigail, dau. of Jon- 
athan Merrill, Jr., of New Hartford, Ct., 
son of Jonathan, son of Daniel, son of 
John, son of Nathaniel, who came to New- 
bury before 1640, her mother was Hannah, 
dau. of Samuel Douglass of New Hartford); 
son of John of Simsbury, Ct., b. 1719, d. 
1799, came to Canton about 1740 (m. 174&, 
Lydia Reed, gr.-dau. of Dr. Jacob Reed, 
son of Dr. Philip Reed of Concord, Mass.); 
son of Samuel, d. about 1725 (in. Mercy 
or Sarah Holcomb. dau. of Nathaniel of 

Simsbury, son of Thomas, b. Windsor 
1636, and Mary Bliss, dau. of Nathaniel 
Bliss of Springfield, son of one of original 
settlers of Hartford, and Catharine, dau. ' 
of Dea. Samuel Chapin of Springfield); 
son of Thomas, Jr., of Simsbury, b. prob- 
ably Windsor or Simsbury 1644, d. there 
1 701 (m. 1665, Mary Phelps, dau. of Wil- 
liam Phelps, who came to Windsor 1635); 
son of ThoiliaS, b. about 1614, d. 1602, 
came to Windsor 1635, then to Simsbury 
(in. 1640, Jane, who d. 1662). 

DEANE, LLEWELLYN of Washington, 
D. C, b. at Ellsworth, Me., Apr. 23, 
1829, grad. Bowdoin Coll. 1S49, Harvard 
Law Sch. 1S52, practiced law in Portland 
1S52-61, rep. in Me. Legislature 185S, 
moved to Washington 1S61, examiner in 
U. S. Patent Office 1804-73, resigned and 
practiced law (111. Aug. 29, 1S71, Mrs. 
Louise E. [Andrews] Rick); son of John 
Gilmore Deane of Portland, Me., b. at 
Raynham, Mass., Mar. 27, 17S5, d. at 
Cherryheld, Me., Nov. 10, 1839, grad. 
Brown LJniv. 1806, lawyer in Ellsworth 
1809, held many town olfices, olficer in 
War 1S12, rep. to State Legislature, con- 
spicuous in the N. E. boundary dispute, 
was voted by the Legislature a township 
of land, moved to Portland 1S35 (m. Sep. 
13, 1810, Rebecca Dennis, dau. of Selh 
and Rebecca [Dennis] Padelford, he, Seth, 
was judge of probate in Bristol co. 20 
years, and was 5th in desc. from Deacon 
Richard, the emigrant); son of Joseph of 
Raynham, b. there Nov. 23, 1753, d. there 
Feb. 10, 1S37, lieut. in the Revolutionary 
war, farmer, a large property holder (m. 
Jan. 9, 1783, Mary, dau. of John and Sarah 
[Reed] Gilmore of Raynham, and gi.-dau. 
of James Gilmore, the emigrant); son of 
Joseph of Taunton, Mass., b. there 1710, 
d. at Raynham Jan. 29, 1803, farmer (in. 
1st, Feb. 24, 1741-2, Katharine Willis, d. 
Dec. 7, 177S, in her 57th yr., m. 2d, 177.), 
Mary Ellis); son of John of Taunton, b. 
there Sep. lS, 1674, d. there July 31, 1724, 
farmer, member of the first church, held 
several town ollkes (m. Sep. 21, 1699, 
Hannah, b. Dec. 10, 1677, d. July 15, 174S, 
dau. of John and Elizabeth [Williams] 



Biul of Dorchester, Mass., and gr.-dau. of 
Richard and Frances [Dighton] Williams); 
»on of John of Taunton, b. there 1639, d. 
there Feb. iS, 1716-7, supposed to be the 
first white child b. in Taunton, a large 
land holder, deacon of the First church, 
held several town offices, died during the 
greatest snow storm ever known, his body 
remained in his house ten days, his dau. 
Elizabeth in charge of and watching it until 
the roads were cleared to permit the burial 
(m. Nov. 7, 1663, Sarah, dau. of Dea. 
Samuel [and Susanna Orcutt] Edson of 
Bridgewater, Mass., one of the original 
scttlers'of Bridgewater, deacon of the first 
church, built the first mill, was one of the 
councillors of war 1666); son of John of 
Taunton, b. in Chard, Eng. ,d. at Taunton 
1660, came to Taunton after a temporary 
sojourn in Dorchester, Mass., 1636-7, dea- 
con of First Cong. Church (m. in England 
Alice Deane); son of John and brother of 
Dea. Walter who were among the first 
Settlers of Cohannet 1637, Taunton 1639, 
resided on Deer street, side by side on the 
bank of the Taunton river until death, 
tablets have been erected to memorialize 
their homestead lives. 

QANFORD, MYRON S. of Erie, Pa., b. 
Oct. 10, 1824, d. Nov. 26, 1SS6, banker, 
one of the founders of the city library; 
sisters, LAURA GOODWIN Sanford of 
Erie, Pa., b. there Nov. 11, 1S19, Presby- 
terian missionary to Spain 1S72, author 
"History of Erie County, Pa.," 1S62; 
LAV1NIA STANLEY Sanford b. Sep. 
I, 1817, d. Sep. 29, 1SS6 (m. Judah Colt 
Spencer, president of First Nat. Bank of 
Erie); children of Olilcs of Erie, Pa., b. at 
Franklin, Ct., Sep. iS, 17S3, d. at Erie 
Feb. 13, 1S66, formed a mercantile partner- 
ship with R. S. Reed 1814, government 
contractor 1S23, delegate to canal conv. 
1824, was public spirited, gave liberally to 
church and school, member various socie- 
ties (m. Oct. 6, 1S16, Laura, dau. William 
and Amy [Stanley] Goodwin, desc. of 
Filler William Goodwin of Hartford, Ct., 
1637); son of King\sbiiry of Norwich 
Farms, now Franklin, Ct., b. Sep. 14, 
1753, d. at Jordanville, N. Y., Feb. 20, 

1S34, farmer, volunteer at time British 
evacuated N. Y. (m. about Nov. 2, 1777, 
Lavinia, dau. of Beta Edgerton of Ran- 
dolph, Vt., who had three sons — Asa, Ezra 
and Ariel, a son of Asa was governor); son 
of Joseph, b. Sep. 2, 1715 (m. April 6, 1743, 
Beth'iah Lathrop); son of William of Ports- 
mouth, R. 1., b. Aug. 4, 1709, d. June 16, 
1796 (m. Jan. 26, 1699, Hope Sisson, dau. 
of George and Sarah); son of Samuel (m. 
Sara); desc. of John, governor of Rhode 
Island 1655. 

DINWIDDIE, JOHN A. of Chicago, 
111., b. at Bellbrook, Greene co., O.; 
son of John R. ; son of II 1 1 l: 1 1 (m. 1st, 
Apr. 12, 1792, Martha Finley and had two 
children, John and Sarah, m. 2d, Sarah 
Weems Black, and had eight children, 
Henry B., David, Jane C, Robert, James, 
Anna W., Rosana and Franklin W.); son 
of Hugh (m. Jean Crawford, and had nine 
children, Rosana, John, David, Hugh, 
Robert, Jean, Sarah, Martha and Isabel). 

Brooklyn, N. Y., b. at Goshen, N. 
Y., June 5, 1S43, merchant, pres. of N. Y. 
Produce Exchange 1S85-6 (m. Sep. 26, 
1866, Hattie Halsy Durland, dau. of Ben- 
jamin Young and Emeline [Halstead] Dur- 
land of Chester, Orange co., N. Y.); son of 
Richard M. of Goshen, b. at Florida, N. 
Y., Jan. 25, 1S20, d. at Goshen June 16, 
1S82, merchant in Goshen 40 years, county 
treasurer 1S60, supervisor 1S49-52 (m. Nov. 
10, 1841, Mary, dau. of William Wallace 
Armstrong of Warwick, N. Y., son of 
William, son of William, son of Francis 
who came from Ireland 1727; they were 
originally Scotch but moved to Ireland 
1650); son of James of Florida, b. there 
Apr. 28, 178S, d. there May 22, 1833, farmer, 
tailor (m. 1st, Dec, 1S10, Elizabeth Dill of 
Dutch ancestry, m. 2d, Dec. 3, 1828, Mar- 
garet Thompson of English descent); son 
of Joseph of Florida, b. at Goshen Nov., 
176S, d. at Florida 1828, weaver, soldier 
in Revolutionary war, in Col. Hetfield's 
regiment, ensign 1789 (m. Julia Smith); 
son of Gilbert Townsend Vail of Goshen, 
I b. there 1740, d. at Minisink July 22, 1779, 

9 o 


killed at battle of Minisink, minute man 
in Col. Hetfield's regt., member of Capt. 
John Wood's co., his name is on the monu- 
ment at Goshen (m. Hannah Arnot); son 
of Samuel of Goshen, b. at Southold, L. I., 
d. at Goshen, fanner, came to Goshen 
1740, was one of the twenty men who or- 
ganized the town of Shelter Island 1730 
(m. Hannah Petty); son of Benjamin; son 
of Jolin who settled in Rye 1683, went to 
Southold about 1700, he was an English 
emigrant, although the family remained in 
France about 150 years, beginning with 
John Vaill, b. in Gloucester, who went 
into France witli Henry Eighth 1513, as 
ensign to a company. 

LEIGH of Parsonsfield, Me., b. there- 
May 2, 1832, studied medicine, grad. at 
Ann Arbor, Mich., 1857, physician and 
surgeon since (m. June 19, 1853, Mary, 
dau. of Gardner and Sally [MighetJ Smart 
of Parsonsfield); son of John of Parsons- 
field, b. there Feb. 13, 1S01, d. there Apr. 
17, 1877, farmer (m. 1826, Sally, dau. of 
Elisha and Sally [Smith] Wadleigh); son of 
Jeremiah of Parsonsfield, b. at Hampton 
Jan. 8, 176S, d. at Parsonsfield Jan. 25, 
1S51, farmer, one of the first settlers of 
Parsonsfield (m. 1st, June 6, 1790, Ruth 
Bachelder, m. 2d, Nancy, sister of Ruth, 
desc. from Rev. Stephen Bachelder, who 
came to America from Holland 1632, went 
to Lynn, thence to Newbury and finally 
settled in Hampton, N. II.); son of John 
of Hampton, b. there July 21, 1740, d. there 
Oct. 18, 1794 (m. 1762, Ziporah, dau. of 
Francis Fowler, d. Nov. 11, 1S04); son of 
JOhll of Hampton, b. there Mar. 28, 1703, 
d. there Mar. 24, 1754, inherited the original 
farm of Godfrey Dearborn, the ancestor of 
all the Dearborns in America (m. Sep.. 1724, 
Anna, dau. of John Sanborn, son of Wil- 
liam of the first Hampton Congress); son 
of John of Hampton, b. there Sep. 2, 1673, 
d. there Mar. 19, 1746, deacon of the 
Hampton church, lived on the original 
Dearborn farm (m. Jan. 10, 1695, Hannah, 
dau. of Daniel Dow, son of Henry who 
settled in Hampton prior to 1645); son of 
John of Hampton, b. in Exeter Oct., 1642, 

d. Nov. 14, 1730, selectman 1694 (m. Dec. I 
12, 1672, Mary Ward, b. 1652, d. Dec. 14, 
1725); son of GrOdfrey, b. in Eng. 1612, d. 
i636 (m. 1G32 and had six children, m. ;J, I 
Dorothy Dal ton, widow of Philome Dalton); 
Gen. Dearborn of the Revolutionary war 
was a desc. of his eldest son Henry. 

NICHOLS, ANDREW of Danvers. 
Mass., b. there June 10, 1862, natur- 
alist (m. Nov. 23, 1SS6, Mary Ann, dau. of 
Caleb R. and Annie M. [Bowlman] Bill 
and gr.-dau. of Ingraham E. and Isabell 
[Lyons] Bill); son of Andrew of Danvers, 
b. in what is now Peabody Sep. 17, 1837, 
civil engineer (m. Sep. 5, 1S61, Elizabeth 
Perkins, dau. of John and Elizabeth [Hum] 
Stanley, he, John, was b. in Liverpool, 
Eng., 1799, she, Elizabeth, was b. in Salem, 
Mass., Sep. 30, 1797, and was dau. of 
Thomas and Sally [Chapman] Hunt, dau. 
of George and Lydia [Henfield] Chapman^ 
dau. of Edmund and Lydia [Hardy] Hen- 
field, dau. of Joseph and Sarah [Pickering] 
Hardy, dau. of John and Sarah [Burrill] 
Pickering, son of John and Alice [Flint] 
Pickering); son of Andrew of Danvers, b. 
there Nov. 22, 1785,4. there Mar. 30, 1853, 
physician, naturalist, pres. of Essex Co. 
Natural Hist. Soc, a leading temperance 
reformer and abolitionist (m. 1st, June 1, 
1S09, Ruth, dau. of John and Sarah [Fuller] 
Nichols, she, Ruth, his cousin, was b. Jan. 
21, 1785, d. Mar. 31, 1832, he m. 2d, in 
Oct., 1S33, Mary Holyoke, dau. of Joshua 
[and Susanne Holyoke] Ward, son of 
Capt. Joshua, son of Miles, son of Miles, 
son of Joshua and Hannah [Flint] Ward,, 
she Susanne was dau. of Dr. Ed. Holyoke, 
son of Edward, son of Elisar, son of Capt, 
Elisar and Mary [Pynchon] Holyoke, son 
of Edward and Prudence [Stocton] Hol- 
yoke, son of John); son of Andrew of 
Danvers, b. at Middleton Apr. 3, 1757, 
d. at Danvers Sep. S, 1S12, farmer, major 
of the Mass. Vol. Militia, introduced the 
Lombardy poplar to Essex co., and prop- 
agated the yellow locust tree (in. Apr. 1, 
1777, Eunice, dau. of John and Elizabeth 
[Prince] Nichols, dau. of Joseph Prince, 
son of Robert and Sarah [Warren] Prince, 
she, Sarah, after her husband's death m. 


Alciandcr Osborne, and was accused of 
Wum a witch, was imprisoned and died in 
Boston jail), son of Samuel of Middleton 
»aJ Merrimac, N. II., b. at Middleton July 
IJ, 1714-1 5, d. at Merrimac, farmer (m. 1st, 
Abigail Elliot, d. Ma)' 27, 1759, m. 2d, Anna 
While, supposed to be a dan. of Samuel 
White of Middleton); son of John of Tops- 
1(1 d, now Middleton, b. there Jan. 14, 1667, 
d. there (in. 1st, Constant, m. 2d, Lydia, dau, 
of Bray Wilkins, who settled at Wills Hill, 
near Salem, and d. Jan. 1, 1702, aged 92 
»r$.), son of William of Peabody, b. in 
Kng. 1599, took grants of land in Brooksby, 
now Peabody, settled there 163s, he lived 
on a farm between Ipswich and Salem in 
1652, will dated Apr. 26, 1693, proved Feb. 
17, 1695 (m. Mary ). 


U fords, Me., b. at Portland, Me., Apr. 
S, 1S23 (in. Nov. 15, 1S46, Harriet Louisa, 
dan. of Simon [and Lydia Nicoll] Brad- 
street, b. at Gardiner, Me., Oct. 3, 1S19, 
son of Andrew [and Mary Hill] Brad- 
sircet, b. in Saco, Me., May 29, 176S, son 
of John [and Rebecca Andrews] Bradstreet, 
b. in Windham, Ct., Mar. 28, 1723, son of 
John [and Sarah Perkins] Bradstreet, b. in 
Topslield Jan. 30, 1694, son of Gov. Simon 
and Anne [Dudley] Bradstreet); son of 
William of Portland, b. there, d. there 
Nov. 12, 1828 (m. )an., 1S06, Lucretia 
Smith, dau. of Rev. Peter Thacher and 
Elizabeth [Werfdci] Smith, son of Rev. 
Thomas [and Sarah Tyng] Smith, b. in Port- 
land June 14, 1731, son of Capt. Tho. [and 
Mary Corwin] Smith, b. in Boston, Mass., 
Mar. 10, 1702, son of Capt. Tho. [and 
Rebecca Glover] Smith, b. May 19, 1678, 
she, Rebecca, was dau. of Habbakuk and 
Hannah [Eliot] Glover, dau. of Rev. John 
Eliot); son of Richard of Portland, b. at 
Charlestown, Mass., June 23, 1729, d. at 
Portland Sep. 12, 1793 (m. 2d, Feb. 23, 
1763, Sarah, dau. of Rev. Thomas Smith, 
b. Nov. 14, 1740); "son of John of Charles- 
town, b. there Sep. 29, 1696, d. there Sep., 
'7551 poisoned by his slaves, for which 
Mark was hung and Phillis was burned at 
the stake (m. 1718, Parnel Foster, b. Aug. 
25, 1696, dau. of Richard and Parnel 

[Winslow] Foster, gr.-dau. of Isaac and 
Mary [Nowell] Winslow, he, Isaac, b. 1640, 
was son of John and Mary [Chilton] Win- 
slow, she said to be the first who landed on 
Plymouth Rock); son of Stephen of Char- 
lestown, b. there Jan., 1655, d. there Apr. 
5, 1706 (m. Nov. ii). 1674, Elizabeth Ran- 
dall); son of Robert of Salem 1637, Salis- 
bury, Hartford 1050, Saybrook 1654, d. at 
Edgarton 167S. 

Peoria, 111., b. in Spottsylvania co., 
Va., May 15, 1S54; son of Robert Clar- 
ence, b. in Louisa co., Va., Mar. 4, 1S22, 
d. in Spottsylvania co. May I, 1S75 (m. 
Nov. 12, 1S50, Margaret Millian Browne, 
dau. of Capt. John Cook Browne of Revo- 
lutionary fame); son of Joseph Fewell, 
b. in Hanover co., Va., d. in Louisa co., 
Va. (m. Rachael Burnettc Dickinson); son 
of Rol)in of Hanover co., b. there, d. there 
(in. Barbara Winston); son of William of 
Aldringham, b. in King William co., Va., 
d. in Hanover co. (111. a dau. of Rev. 
Barrett of the faculty of William and Mary's 
Coll.); son of George 1). of England or 
Wales, d. in King William co.; son of 
Cornelius d'Aubigne of Wales, b. in 
France, he descended from Theodore 
Agrippa d'Aubigne, and came to Virginia 
from Wales where he lied from France 
during the revocation of the edict of Nantes 

San Francisco, Cal., b. at Campton, 
N. II., Mar. 11, 1S21, clergyman, grad. 
Dartmouth Coll. 1S45, Union Theo. Sem. 
184S, D. D. Dartmouth Coll. 1S75, author 
"History of the College of California," 
and various other publications (m. Sep. 19, 
184S, Martha N. Jeflers, native of New 
Jersey); son of Darius of Campton, b. at 
Hadlyme, Ct., Aug. 15, 1765, d. at Camp- 
ton Jan. 7, 1849, farmer, member of Cong'l 
Church (m. Dec. 4, 179^, Mary Pulsifer, 
dau. of Joseph and Mary [Browne] Pulsi- 
fer); son of Darius of Campton, b. at 
Lyme, Ct., May 3, 1737, d. at Campton 
Mar. 5, 1829, laid out land in Campton to 
give titles (m. 1762, Mary, dau. of Abel and 

9 2 


Mary [Holmes] Willey of Westchester, Ct.); 
son of Isaac of Lyme, b. there Sep. 15, 
1699, d. there June 2, 1767, freeman 1753 
(m. May 12, 1727, Deliverance Tallman); 
son of Isaac of Lyme, b. at New London, 
Ct.,Jan. 18, i67o(m. 1st, Dec. 14, 1697, Rose 
Rennet, m. 2d, Sarah Ashfell, dau. of Wil- 
liam Ashfell of North Yarmouth, Me.); 
son of John of Haddam, Ct., b. at New 
London May 2, 168S, land was confirmed 
to him in Lyme by the town Sep. 23, 16S2, 
the inventory of his estate amounted to 
^169 (m. Mar. 18, 166S, Miriam, dau. of 
Miles and Isabel Moore); son of Isaac of 
New London, b. in Eng., came to Boston 
as early as 1640, went to New London with 
John Winthrop, Jr., had charge of town 
affairs 1647 (m. 1st, Johanna, d. in New 
London, m. 2d, 1670, Mrs. Edward Lester, 
d. 1692). 

city, b. at Phila., Pa., Aug. 17, 1850, 
artist, studied in Acad, of Design, Art 
Students' League and in Europe, member 
of Soc. Sons of the Revolution and Mili- 
tary Order Loyal Legion (m. June 11, 1878, 
Mary Cornelia, dau. of William B. Staf- 
ford, pres. North River Savings Bank, 
New York city); son of Stephen Decatur 
of New York city, b. at Brooklyn, N. Y., 
July 10, 1818, d. at New York city Nov. 
15, 1883, rear admiral U. S. navy, Florida 
war, U. S. S. Saratoga, received sword 
from Queen Victoria for rescuing the Brit- 
ish crew of barque " Adieu " 1856, distin- 
guished for service rendered at Fort Fisher 
(m. Dec. 1, 1747, Ann O'C, dau. of Capt. 
lohn Mortimer Barclay, U. S. A., 2d Dra- 
goons, 44th Inft. at battle of New Orleans, 
flag lieut. to Admiral Tattnall, China, 1S5S, 
wounded at battle of the Piho,comdg. steam- 
ers " Keystone State" and " Rhode Island," 
N. and S. Atlantic, Gulf and W. I. squad- 
rons, and lieut. officer convoy fleet, rescued 
crew.of the "Monitor"); son of Edward of 
Brooklyn, N. Y., b. at Salem 1787, d. at 
Brooklyn 1S24, capt. U. S. navy, U. S. S. 
"Constitution" siege of Tripoli iSos.comdg. 
U. S. S. "Madison," War 1812, comdg. U.S. 
S. "Cyane," suppression of the slave trade, 
Africa, 1820 (m. Feb. 3, 1811, Eliza, dau. of 

Hon. Joshua Sands, naval officer, port ofl 
New York, senator, quartermaster Conti- 
nental line); son of Curtis of Salem, N. J., 
b. there 1740, d. there 17S0, clerk of Salem 
co. 177S-9 and afterward surrogate (ro 
1739, Miss Burchan, dau. of atty. Burchin 
of Salem); son of George of Salem, N. J , . 
b. there 170S, d. there 1780, admitted attj 
1724, sheriff of Salem co. 1727, justice ol 
the peace, surrogate, gen. of Salem co.. 
atty. -gen. of West Jersey under the crown 
1769-76, chairman Committee of Safety,- 
Salem co., 1777, captain 2d battalion Salem 
co., capt. Salem Light Horse, one of the 
citizens to whom Col. Mawhood's letter 
was addressed (m. Mary, dau. of Judge 
Andrew Sinnickson of Salem, N. J.); son 
of George of Alloway township, Salem co., 
N. J., b. at Somersetshire, Eng., 16S6, d. at 
Alloway township 172S, came to America 
with the followers of Win. Penn, surveyor 
of Salem co., assessor, county sheriff 1723, 
owner of a plantation of 372 acres (m. 
Mary Bender of Salem); son of George n/ 
England, member of Parliament (m. Miss 
Speake, dau. of Hugh Speake). 

of Paterson, N. J., b. at Schuyler's 
Basin, N. J., June 13, 1S63 (m. Jan. n, 
1S83, J. C. Gould, descended from John 
Gould, who came from Dartmouth, Wales, 
1664); son of Philip Isaac of Paterson, b. 
at Schuyler's Basin Nov. 29, 1S33, deputy, 
marshal during late war (in. Mary Elizabeth 
Bartholf, desc. of Guillaume Bartholf, the 
first ordained and installed pastor of the 
Dutch Reformed Church in New Jersey); 
son of Isaac of Schuyler's Basin, b. there 
Jan. 7, 1799, d. there, wealthy farmer, held 
several county offices (m. Elizabeth Jones); 
son of Philip Isaac of Pompton, N. J., 
b. there June 5, 1764, d. there 1834, major 
in War 1812, uncle of Schuyler Colfax; son 
of Areiltof Pompton, b. at New Barbadoes 
Feb. 23, 1715, d. at Pompton, acquired 
from king of Eng. ten thousand acres of 
land at Pompton, where he built the Schuy- 
ler homestead that stands to-day; son of 
Philip. of New Barbadoes, b. at Albany, 
N. Y.j 1688, d. at New Barbadoes, leader 
of militia (m. Hesther Kingsland, a desc. 



«f»ocaily N. J. family); son of Arcnt of 
AJbany, I), (here June 25, 1662, bought land 
tr*a Indians on which he discovered the 
S»kuvlcr copper mines and became very 
Mllhy (in. Miss Van Rensselaer); son of 
rklllp Petersen of Albany, b. in Hoi, 
toad, d. at Albany May 9, 1663, came to 
America 1650(10. Margritta Slechtenhorst). 

i'V liarrisburg, Pa., b. there Aug. 3, 
l§73; sun of Levi B. of liarrisburg, Pa., b. 
then; Aug. 15, 1S43, lawyer since Sep. 6, 
|W>5 (in. Oct. 1, 1S72, Anna, dau. of John 
5. and Pbebe Ann [Ashbridge] Hender- 
Ma, and gt.-gr.-4au, of Col. Christopher 
Itewarl of the Revolutionary army); son of 
Hamilton of liarrisburg, Pa., b. at Oak- 
land Mills, Pa., June 1, 1S06, admitted to 
ike bar Jan. 28, 1S2S, member of House of 
Representatives 1S37, member of State 
Constitutional Convention 1872-3(111. Dec. 
|8, 1S37, Caroline J., dau. of Rev. Levi 
Dull. D. D. of Warwick, Pa., son of Col. 
Thomas Bull of the Revolutionary army); 
*<iti of JaillOS of Carlisle, Marietta, Pa., 
Hagcrstown, Md., Oakland Mills and liar- 
risburg, Pa., b. at Carlisle Dec. 2, 1769, d. 
at liarrisburg Oct. 2S, 1S33, merchant, jus- 
tice of the peace, clerk of Orphan Court 
of Dauphin co., Pa. (m. July 21, 1796, Mar- 
tha, dau. of John and Margaret [Alexan- 
der] Hamilton); son of Harmanus of Car- 
lisle, Pa., b. at Phila., Pa., d. at Carlisle 
Dec. 14, 1772, member of Gen. Assembly, 
prothonotary of Cumberland co., justice, 
and as such commissioned by John Penn 
to swear in the other justices and hold the 
County Courts (m. 1st, Sarah, m. 2d, Ann 
T. West, b. 1733). 

BAKER, GUY ELLIS of Albany and 
Ballston, N. Y., b. at Turks Islands, 
West Indies, June 27, 1858; had brothers, 
William Bliss Baker, b. Nov. 27, 1S59, d. 
Nov. 20, 18S6, was one of the leading 
landscape painters of America, Benjamin 
Henry Baker, b. Jan. 20, 1S69, George 
Clinton Baker, b. Jan. 19, 1872, and Ashley 
Bayeux Baker, b. May 14, 1S77; sons of 
Benjamin Franklin Baker of Ballston, 
Saratoga county, N. Y., and Hoosick 

Falls, N. Y., b. at Albany, N. Y., Sep. 3, 
1834, educated Bernard French School, 
New York, and at Yale Coll., served 
through war of the Rebellion, col. 43d regt. 
N. Y. S. vols., commander of Light Division 
of Sixth Corps, Army of the Potomac, 
brevet brig. -gen., distinguished for bravery 
in the charge at Marye's Heights battle of 
Fredricksburgh May 3, 1S63, mem. Loyal 
Legion, member of Assembly 1S80-2 (m. 
Nov. 25, 1S57, Ilarriette Luisa, dau. of 
Capt. Henry F. and Martha L. [Vail] Bay- 
eux, he Henry was desc. of the Bayeuxs of 
Normandy, France, a noble Huguenot 
family, possessed of large estates in 
France and in New York before the Revo- 
lution); son of Kllis of Albany, N. Y., b. 
at Roxbury, Mass., July 29, 1793, d. at 
Albany Mar. 3, 1S73, resided in Albany 
50 years, director of Albany City Bank, 
Albany Mutual Insurance Company, Peo- 
ple's Line Steamboats, one of the founders 
of the Albany Rural Cemetery and of the 
Albany Hospital, before the railroads were 
built he was the owner of stage lines run- 
ning from Albany to the West, North and 
to Boston (m. Aug. 29, 1S20, LucyGiflord, 
dau. of Abner and Mary [Allen] Giflbrd, 
desc. from an English Quaker family, who 
settled 1650 at Sandwich, Mass., and after- 
ward at Dutchess co., N. Y. ); son of 
David of Roxbury, Mass., b. there Sep. 7, 
1756, d. there Feb. 9, 1803, corporal of the 
minute men at the battle of Concord, 1775, 
farmer (m. July, 1778, Hannah Gookin, 
gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of Daniel Gookin of Rip- 
ple Court, county Kent, Eng., who came 
to Boston 1644, appointed maj.-gen. of all 
the military forces of the colony of Mass., 
a confidential agent of Oliver Cromwell, 
made three voyages to England on public 
missions to the court of the Lord Protec- 
tor Cromwell); son of John of Roxbury, 
Mass., b. there Feb. 6, 1735, farmer (m. 
Sarah); son of John of Roxbury, Mass., b. 
there Dec. 17, 1705, d. there Aug. 10, 1781, 
farmer, ensign, capt. of artillery company, 
soldier of the Revolution (m. Feb. 23, 1762, 
Abigail Draper); son of Thomas of Rox- 
bury, Mass., b. May 26, 1676, d. May 10, 
1761 (m. 1st, Sarah Pike, d. Nov. 29, 1715, 
m. 2d, Hannah, d. Mar. 6, 1776); son of 



John, b. 1644, d. 1722; son of Thomas of 
Roxbury, Mass., b. in Kent, Eng., d. at 
Roxbury Jan. 2S, 16S3, came to America 
1635, probably in the Norsey bark " Batch- 
let," of which his brother Richard was 
master's mate, purchased an estate at 
Boston Neck, Roxbury, and built 1st tide- 
mill, he was a friend of Rev. John Eliot, 
the apostle to the Indians (m. Elizabeth, 
and had one son, Thomas, who fell at the 
storming of Mt. Hope in King Philip's 
war, 1676, and two daughters, Elizabeth 
and Sarah, they both m. brothers, sons of 
Edward Jackson of London, Eng., but 
afterward of Mass., the richest man in the 
province); had brother, Richard Baker of 
Dorchester, Mass., b. in Eng., came to 
America and bought an estate at Dorches- 
ter, 1641, a petitioner to King Charles II 
1664, selectman, ruling elder, farmer (m. 
Faith Withington); had nephew, John 
Baker, member of old North Church of 
Boston, owner of ship "Hercules" and 
ship " Mary," soldier in artillery co. (m. 
Thankful Foster), his children were heirs 
to lands at Maidstone and Cranbrook, 
county Kent, Eng. The family descends 
from the Bakers of the Wold of Kent, 
land-owners as early as the reign of Henry 

Louisville, Ky., b. there Jan. 27, 
1S42, educated in public school, soldier in 
Civil war, corporal in Federal army, taken 
prisoner by the rebels and held in confine- 
ment seven months, druggist, mail carrier, 
tax collector, assistant city assessor, 
United States storekeeper, is compiling 
a genealogical history of families of John- 
ston, Campbell, Preston, Henry and Har- 
ris (m. June 15, 1870, Margaret Heimers, 
her father was b. on the river Rhine, and 
is a retired merchant of Ky., her mother 
was Mary Dorthea [Ravhla] Heimers, b. 
at Paris, France, she was a governess there 
ten years, and her gr. -father was game- 
keeper to the king); son of Alfred Wallace 
R. of Louisville, Ky., b. at Washington, 
Ky., Aug. 6, 1S03, d. at Chicago, 111., Aug. 
13, 1880, located at Louisville May 3, 
1819, pharmacist, merchant's clerk, painter, 

and stencil-cutter, city assessor of Louis- 
ville sixteen years, deputy grand master 
and past grand secretary of Masons (m. 
Aug. 20, 1S26, Mary Janet Dorothy, dau. 
of Gen. Washington Johnston, and gr.- 
dau. of Dr. Benjamin Johnston, and gt.- 
gr.-dau. of Lord William Johnston, heredi- 
tary keeper of Lochmaben castle, a royal 
fortified residence in Annandale, Dum- 
frieshire, Scotland, who came to America 
1722, after having fought a duel, Sep. 4, 
1721, and settled at Fredericksburg, Va.); 
son of Edward of Washington, Ky., b. at 
Shropshire, Eng., May 14, 1766, d. at 
Washington, Ky., June 11, 1833, copper- 
smith, hardware merchant at Washington 
(m. July 22, 1796, Elizabeth Campbell, dau. 
of Ensign Robert and Rebecca [Wallace] 
Campbell, and gt.-gr.-dau. of Sir William 
Wallace); son of Edward of Washington, 
Ky., b. at Nithdale, Scotland, May 16, 
1741, d. at Washington, Ky., June 24, 1825, 
located in London, Eng., owner and com- 
mander of a trading vessel, came to Amer- 
ica 1773, soldier in the Revolutionary war 
under Washington, after the war was ap- 
pointed by him military storekeeper and 
postmaster at Washington, was the mater- 
nal gr. -father of Gen. Albert Sidney John- 
ston and the paternal gr.-father of Alfred 
Wallace Rutherford Harris (m. Sep. 21, 
1763, Margaret Baird Jackson); son of 
William of Nithdale, Scotland, b. there, 
d. there, Earl of Nithdale; son of John of 
Nithdale, Scotland, b. there, d. there, Earl 
of Nithdale; son of John of Nithdale, 
Scotland, b. there, was the escort of Queen 
Mary from the ill-fated battle-field of Lang- 
side, and advised her retreat to England, 
his dau., Sarah, m. Sir James Johnston, a 
chilvalrous knight of that period); son of 
Herbert of Nithdale, Scotland, created 
Lord Herries in Scotland, 1493; son of 
Regellns de Herrize, living in the time of 
King William, and a desc. from the Counts 
of Vendosme of France. 

neoye Falls, N. Y., b. at S. Rush, 
N. Y., Nov. 26, 1864, educated at Genesee 
Wesleyan Sem., Syracuse Univ. and Wil- 
liams Coll., Mass., banker, del. to the 



forty-second annual convention of the 
Zeta Psi Fraternity, held in Chicago Jan., 
i53g; son of Ira Wesley of S. Rush, b. 
there May 2, 1832, educated at Genesee 
Wesleyan Sem., Lima, N. Y., bank of 
Rochester 1851-53, farmer, coal and pro- 
duce, grower and propagator of choice 
varieties of field seeds (m. 1st, Dec. 26, 
1S55, Hester A., dau. of Isaac Ruliffson of 
Henrietta, N. Y., and niece of Col. R. W. 
RulifTson of Stamford, N. Y., projector 
»nd builder of Ruliff'son's Utsayantha 
Observatory, at the summit of Mt. Utsay- 
antha, an elevation of 3,405 ft., m. 2d, 
Ellen M. Williams); son of Nathan of 
Rush, N. Y., b. at Scipio, N. Y., Apr. 5, 
1804, d. there Aug. 26, 1874, a large 
landed proprietor, granted the building 
site free, for two public schools and two 
churches (Nathan m. 1st, July 1, 1827, 
Mariah Greene, desc. of John Greene of 
Warwick, to which lineage Gen. Nathaniel 
Greene belonged, m. 2d, Oct. 26, 1846, 
Rachel, dan. of Elnathan Perry, who 
entered the army when 15 years of age, and 
served 6 years, S months, he was one of 
Gen. Lafayette's picked brigade), took 
part in the battles of Bennington, Trenton, 
Eutaw Springs, and at the surrender of 
Cornwallis and Burgoyne, was second 
cousin of Oliver Hazard Perry, commodore 
of U. S. N., the hero of the battle of Lake- 
Erie, b. in R. I. 17S5, d. 1819; son of 
Jabez of Scipio, b. at Coventry, R. I., 
Dec. 19, 1762, d. at Aurora, N. Y., Sep. 19, 
1804, a soldier in the Revolution, drew 
pension, was crier of the U. S. District 
Court at Aurora, an extensive landholder, 
died suddenly while attending court (in. 
Oct. 7, 17S4, Abigail Wilcox); son of 
Nathan of West Greenwich, R. I., b. East 
Greenwich May 29, 1731, d. at Coventry 
(m. 1st, Sep. 24, 1756, Huldah Bowen, m. 
2d, 176S, Ruth); son of John of West 
Greenwich, b. at East Greenwhich Apr. 9, 
1688, d. at West Greenwich 1756 (m. 1st, 
Nov. 30, 1 713, Ann Hill, m. 2d, 1731, 
Mary); son of John of Coventry, b. June 
6, 1651, d. in Warwick Oct. 6, 1729 (m. 
Abigail D.); son of John of Narragansett 
or Quidnesset, settled at Wickford about 
1639, at Quidnesset 1664, one of the thir- 

teen proprietors who were assured by the 
General Assembly of R. I. during the May 
session 1671 of peaceful possession of 
their homes, and took up their engagement 
as freemen of R. I., d. about 1682(111. Joan). 

CLARK, EMMONS of New York city, 
b. at Huron, N. Y., Oct. 14, 1827, 
grad. Hamilton Coll. 1S47, sec. health 
dept. of New York city 1S66-90, col. of 
7th regt. N. G. S. N. Y. 1S64-89, brevet 
brig. -gen. by joint resolution of the Legis- 
lature of N. Y. 1S89, author of " Hist, of 
2d Company 7U1 Regt. N. G. S. N. Y." 
1S64, and "Hist. 7th Regt. N. G.S.N. 
Y." 1890 (m. Nov. 15, 1859, Adelia Au- 
gusta, dau. of John H. and Adelia [Ca- 
thell] llallett); son of William of Huron, 
N. Y., b. at Lebanon, Ct., 1777, d. at 
Parma, N. Y., 1882, Presbyterian clergy- 
man (m. 1S07, Sophronia, dau. of Gen. 
Tohn [and Elizabeth Biockway] Tillotson, 
desc. of John Tillotson, who emigrated to 
New England from Southampton 1635); 
son of Lemuel of Lebanon, Ct., b. there 
1735, d. at Candor, N. ¥., 1831 (m. 1772, 
Ruth Baldwin, desc. from John of Nor- 
wich, who emigrated to New England 1638); 
son of Jonathan of Lebanon, Ct., b. there 
1715, d. iS5o(m. 1734. Mercy Dewey); son 
of Jonathan of Lebanon, Ct., b. at North- 
ampton, Mass., 16S8, d. at Lebanon 1743 
(m. 1713, Hannah Smalley); son of Wil- 
liam of Lebanon, Ct., b. at Dorchester, 
Mass., 165G, d. at Lebanon 1725, joint 
owner of the Clarke and Dewey purchase 
from the Mohican Indians, first representa- 
tive of Lebanon in the Gen. Assembly of Ct. 
1765, and represented it for 13 years, se- 
lectman 16 years, town clerk 25 years, capt. 
in the militia during the Indian wars (m. 
1680, Hannah Strong of Northampton, 
Mass.); son of William of Northampton, 
Mass., b. in Eng. 1609, d. at Northampton 
1690, emigrated to New Eng. 1630 in the 
ship " Mary and John," and settled in Dor- 
chester, Mass., selectman 1646-50, removed 
to Northampton 1659, organized 1661 a 
train band of sixty men for defense against 
the Indians, was lieut. of a company in 
King Philip's war, and several other In- 
dian wars, one of the seven incorporators 



of the first church at Northampton, select- 
man 20 years, judge of the County Court 
(m. ist, Sarah, d. 1675, 01. 2d, 1676, Sarah 
Cooper, d. 16SS). 

Saginaw, Mich., b. at Mantorville, 
Minn., Feb. 6, 1S5S, grad. law dept. Univ. 
of Mich. 1S79, and brother EDWARD 
WADE Fowler of Saginaw, b. at Randolph, 
Wis., Dec. 30, 1S59, lumberman and farmer 
(m. Oct. 13, 18SS, Elnora E. Wanole); 
sons of Melvin Nelson Fowler of Ran- 
dolph, Wis., b. at Conesus, N. Y., July 
18, 1831, d. at Rutland plantation, Colum- 
bia, La., Oct. 7, 1S66, grad. Cumberland 
Univ. Law Dept. 1S55, lawyer, member 
of Constitutional Convention of Minn. 
1S57, adjutant, judge-advocate, provost- 
marshal, supt. of freedmen, was in war of 
Rebellion l862-66(m. Feb. 25, 1S57, Marcia 
O., dau. of Harvey R. Gaylord of Geneva, 
O.); son of Josiilll of Kingsville, O., b. 
at Thetford, Vt., July 29, 1794, d. at Wyo- 
cena, Wis., Dec. 29, 1864, Bapt. minister 
(m. Oct. 5, iSxS, Dorothea, dau. of Jesse 
and Ruth D. Wordcn of New Haven, he, 
Jesse, served in the Revolution); son of 
Philip of Thetford, Vt., d. at Rossville, 
0. (m. Ruth Moore.) 

BOTTUM, FRANK M. of Rochester, 
N. Y., b. there Sep. 17, 1S50, grad. 
A. B. Rochester Univ. 1S71, admitted to 
bar 1S77, supervisor 1S79-S2, canal collec- 
tor 1SS2, lawyer (m. June 21, 1SS2, Bertha 
C, dau. of Peter Widener of Chili, N. Y.); 
son of Elijah of Rochester, N. Y., b. at 
Shaftsbury, Vt., Oct. 29, 1S1S, d. at Roch- 
ester July 27, 1 88 1, came to Rochester 1S40, 
merchant, iron founder, was connected 
with D. \V. Rowers Banking House (in. 
May 22, 1845, Mahala D. French, b. at 
Painted Post, N. Y., dau. of John M. 
French, the celebrated merchant and iron 
founder of Rochester); son of Nathan II. 
of Shaftsbury, Vt., b. there Jan. 24, 1793, 
d. there Aug. 4, 1855, farmer, selectman, 
town treasurer, rep. in Legislature, sheriff 
of Bennington co. and probate judge (m. 
Sep., 1815, Peace Huntington, a desc. of 
Simon Huntington of Norwich, Ct.); son of 

Simon of Shaftsbury, Vt., b. at Norwich 
Aug. 23, 1759, d. at Shaftsbury Feb. 1, 1S2J, 
farmer, merchant, selectman and town 
treasurer of Shaftsbury for many years 
(m. Elizabeth Huntington, a desc. of Simon 
Huntington of Norwich); son of Elijah uf 
Shaftsbury, Vt., b. at Norwich Aug. 27, 
1724, d. at Shaftsbury Mar. I, 1S09, emi- 
grated from Norwich to Shaftsbury with 
his family 1767, and after his arrival there, 
the family name, which was Longbottom, 
was changed to Botium (in. Jan. 14, 1747, 
Dorothea Williams); son of Daniel Long- 
bottom of Norwich, Ct., b. there Mar. 19, 
1694, d. there, farmer at Lisbon, Ct. (m. Nov. 
12, 1723, Mary Caswell); son of Daniel oi 
Norwich, Ct., farmer, surveyor of town 
1702, member of First Cong'l Church 
171S, his farm was situated in that portion 
of the old town of Norwich which was 
called Newent and is now in the town of 
Lisbon (m. at Norwich Feb. 15, 1692, 
Elizabeth Lamb). 


Chicago, 111., b. at Bethel, Mich., May 
24, 1S42, banker, soldier in the war of the 
Rebellion, enlisted in Co. G, 1st Regt. 
Mich. Vol. Inf., commanded by Capt. 
Abbott, Apr. 19, 1S61, commissioned lieut. 
Co. G, 4 th Regt. Mich. Cav. Vols. (m. 
Sep. 28, 10O3, Mary Ann, dau. of William 
F. and Betsey [Shaw] Staco of Barr Oak, 
Mich.); son of Joseph D. of Bronson, 
Mich., b. at East Guilfoid, Ct., Sep. 10, 
1S0S, d. at Bronson Apr. 13, 1S50, gun- 
smith and blacksmith, served in the Mex- 
ican war (m. July 31, 1834, Eliza Strieker, 
widow, dau. of Samuel and Louis Smith 
of Worcester, Mass.); son of Joiari!) of 
East Guilford, Ct., b. there May 7, 1773, 
d. there Nov. 16, 1845, ship carpenter (111. 
Sep. 5, 1793, Phoebe Wellman, d. at East 
Guilford Jan. 26, iS2<j); son of Joiarib, 
b. at East Guilford Apr. 3, 1745, d. at 
Bergen, N. Y., Dec. 11, 1836 (m. 1st, Nov. 
4, 1767, Hannah Crampton, d. at East 
Guilford Apr. 23, 1780, m. 2d, 1781, Anna, 
dau. of Joseph and Esther [Collins] 
Blatchley of East Guilford); son of Samuel, 
b. at East Guilford Jan. 12, 1704, d. there 
17S3 (111. Dec. 15, 1735, Bethiah Johnson, 



d. at East Guilford Apr. 13, 1776); son of 
Bbeaezer, b. at Northampton, Mass., Oct. 
jl, 1671, d. at East Guilford May 17, 1713, 
Krved as sergeant in command of a com- 
pany organized to protect the white settlers 
on Long Island from Indian depredations 
(m. Jan. 14, 1697, by Andrew Leete, a 
member of the governor's council, Mar)' 
Deadiey or Dudley, d. Apr. 20, 1740); son 
of Zecharinli, b. at Hartford, Ct., 1045, d. 
at Deerlield, Mass., 16S4 (m. Dec. 17, 166S, 
Surah, dau. of John Webb of Northampton, 
Mass., site m. 2d, Robert Price, and botli 
were killed by the Indians at Deerlield 
July 29, 1704); son of Zechiiriuh of Mass., 
b. in East Ardslcy, Yorkshire, Eng., 1596, 
d. at Hatfield, Mass., June 30, 1666, came 
to America in the Winthrop and Saltons- 
tc|l expedition 1630, and settled at Dor- 
chester Heights, Mass.). 

HERKIMER, WARREN of Little Falls, 
N. Y., and Janesville, Wis., b. at 
Danube, N. Y.. Nov. 12, 1805, d. in Wis. 
Jan. 6, 1S78, merchant and manufacturer, 
removed to Wis. 1S54 (m. Mar. 21, 1S2S, 
Anne, dau. of Rev. John Farley, a Bapt. 
clergyman of New Hampshire, and Susan- 
nah Rockwell of Vt., and had four chil- 
dren, Horace [a widower with one child, 
Maria Louise], Charles, Amanda and Mary 
L. who m. Win. H. Brayton, has four ch.: 
Harvey, Jessie, Maria Louise and Warren 
II.); son of Joseph of Danube, N. Y., b. 
there 1776, d. there June 29, 1824, studied 
law in Albany, lawyer in Herkimer co., 
farmer (m. Mar. 2, 1S00, Eunice Trow- 
bridge, desc. from the Woodbridges of 
Connecticut, and had five children, one 
son above mentioned, and four daus., Mrs., 
Lester Greene, Mrs. Gervas Greene, Mrs., 
Volney Eaton and Mrs. Daniel McMullen); 
son of George of Danube, N. Y., b. there 
1744, d. there May 24, 17S8, brother of 
Gen. Nicholas Herkimer, and had eight 
sisters: Elizabeth (m. Hanyost Schuyler), 
Delia (m. Col. Peter Bellinger), Catherine 
(m. George H. Bell), Gertruyd (m. Rudolph 
Shoemaker), Anna (in. Peter Ten Brock), 
Anna Maria (m. Rev. Abraham Rosen- 
crantz), Eliza (m. Hendrick Frey), and 
Lana (m. 1st, Warner Dygert, m. 2d, Nich- 

olas Snell, m. 3d, John Roorback), (George 
in. Alida Schuyler, cousin of Gen. Philip 
Schuyler, and had 7 children, 2 sons and 5 
daus., the daus. are Mrs. Brooks, Mrs. 
Sternberg, Mrs. Packer, Mrs. Greene and 
Mrs. McCombs); son of Joliau Jost of 
Danube, N. Y., b. there, d. Aug., 1775(111. 
and had live sons and three daus.); son of 
Joliail Jost of Danube, N. Y., b. there(?), 
his father was one of the patentees of 
Burnetsfield, and he himself was one of 
the patentees of the Fall Hill tract, granted 
1752 to himself and Hendrick Herkimer, 
the name is sometimes called Erghemar; 
son of Jurgh or George, who was one of 
a family of four, who received what is 
called the Burnetslield grant, to each of 
them was allotted one hundred acres of 
land situated on the south side of the 

New York city, b. at La Guayra, 
Venezuela, Sep. 13, 1S2S, member of N. 

Y. Stock Exchange (m. Apr. 21, 1S65, 
Katherine, dau. of Richard Berry, late 
pres. of Tradesmen's Nat. Bank, N. Y., 
and desc. from Major John Berry of the 
British army, and who was granted a 
patent of land 10 miles square near Hack- 
ensack, N. J., about 1700, a portion of 
this land has until recently remained in 
possession of the family. John Augustus 
has two children: Richard Augustus and 
Charlotte, who m. Dec. 10, 1S90, Sir Fred- 
erick William Francis George Frankland, 
10th baronet of Thirkleby, Eng.); John 
Augustus is eldest son of Augustus 
of Island. Hall, Westchester, N. Y., b. 
at Martinique Dec. 3, 1S03, d. at New 
York Dec. 23, iSSS, educated in Eng. and 
France, lived for several years at Caraccas, 
Ven., friend of Simon Bolivar, the patriot, 
left S. America and came to U. S. 1831, 
owner of the famous Z line of clipper 
ships, retired from business 1S62, owned 
for 35 years an estate in Westchester co. 
(m. Apr. 9, 1S25, Baroness Eliza M. Uyten- 
dalle, dau. of Baron John von Bretton 
of St. Thomas, West Indies, the title was 
conferred on his gr. -father by King Chris- 
tian VI of Denmark 1707); son of Fran- 

9 8 


Cisco of Caraccas, Ven., b. near Chiavari, 
Italy, d. at Caraccas 1S40, came to West 
Indies the latter part of last century (m. 
1st, Catherine L.Gregoof Guadaloupe, and 
had the following children, John [m. Mer- 
cedes, dan. of the Marquis de Tobar of 
Ven., d. in London 1SS6], Albert, d. in N. 
Y., Augustus, b. Dec. 3, 1S05 [m. Apr. 9, 
1S25, Eliza M. Uytendalle, d. in N. Y. 
Dec. 23, iSSS], by his second wife the fol- 
lowing children, Francisco, who was a 
gen. in the Mexican army, and a governor 
of the National Palace of Mexico, also of 
the province of Vera Cruz, and is a 33d 
degree mason, and Cccelio, an officer in 
the Mexican army. 

Pa., b. there Mar. 19, 1S4S, phy- 
sician, secretary Muncy Valley Med. Soc. 
1S73-76, farmer, author, member of Pa. 
Legislature 1SSS-90 (m. Sep. 9, 1S74, Jen- 
nie N., dau. of llezekiah Noble, a mer- 
chant of Muncy), and William J. Wood of 
Muncy, Pa., b. there June 26, 1S39, farmer, 
m.; sons of Thomas of Muncy, Pa., b. in 
Juniata co., Pa., Jan. 21, 1S10, d. at Muncy 
Feb. 12, 18S4, justice, county commis- 
sioner, farmer, member Pa. Legislature 
1854-55 (m. Mar. 25, 1834, Margaret D., 
eldest dau. of Col. Jacob Beecher, a 
pioneer and farmer); son of William of 
Muncy, Pa., b. in Juniata co. May 27, 1S07, 
surveyor, pioneer, farmer, a noted Indian 
fighter, was taken prisoner by the Indians 
but escaped after a few months' captivity 
(m. 1755, Mary McMean, of Scotch-Irish 
ancestry, her father emigrated from Ireland 
and settled in Cumberland co., Pa., where 
he d. 174S, his is the oldest marked grave- 
stone in Silver Spring grave-yard); son of 
James of Cumberland co., Pa., b. in county 
Caven, Ireland, 1709, d. in Cumberland 
co. Feb. 24, 1750, emigrated from Ireland 
1731, one of the first settlers in Cumber- 
land co., farmer, left a large farm to heirs, 
his tombstone still stands in Silver Spring 
grave-yard (m. 1730, Jane, b. in Ireland, 
emigrated with her husband); son of Capt. 
John of county Caven, Ireland, b. in 
Eng., d. in count)' Caven, soldier and 
fought under King William at battle Boyne 

1690, was rewarded for his gallantry with 
a grant of land in county Caven on Loch 
Erne, where he settled, belonged to the 
so-called Williamites, the English settler!, 
in Ireland under King William. 

vis, N. Y., b. at Pewaukee, Wis., . 
May 27, 1853, fitted for coll. at Barrc, 
Mass., grad. Williams Coll. 1S79, A. M. 
18S3, prin. High Sch., Mass., 1 yr., Ct. ft 
yrs., at present prin. of Port Jcrvis Acad. 
3 yrs. (in. Jan. 5, 1SS1, Jessie L. Wildes, 
b. Sep. 17, 1S56, desc. of the Henrys, the 
first white family of Coleraine, Mass.); son 
of Charles Otis of Grafton, Mass., b. July 
27, 1S22, d. at Chicago, 111., Aug. 12, 1SS6, 
one of the early pioneers in the north-west 
ter., settled in Central Wisconsin, but 
afterward returned to Mass., where he 
spent the greater part of the remainder of 
his life on a farm (m. Oct. 30, 1S46, De- 
borah Ann Chickering, born July 15, 
1S25); son of Otis of Grafton, Mass., h. 
there Feb. 13, 179S, d. there May 4, iSGo, 
several times county commissioner for 
Worcester co., member of the board of 
trustees of Weslboro Reform Sch., post- 
master several limes, director of several 
insurance companies, stockholder and 
director of a number of large manufacturing 
establishments, deacon in Grafton Congl. 
Church 32 years (m. May, 1S22, Sylvia 
King of Sutton, Mass., b. July 30, 1799, d. 
July, 1SS5); son of Nathaniel of Gration, 
Mass., b. there Jan. 1, 1757, d. there Jan. 
24, 1S29, deacon in Congl. Church, and 
for many years one of Graf ion's most hon- 
ored citizens (m. Feb. 2S, 17S4, Mary Har- 
rington, b. Apr. 11, 1763, d. Sep. 24, 1845); 
son of Andrew IS. of Ipswich, Mass., b. 
1715, d. Sep. 23, 17S2, settled in Grafton 
1740-50, much of the land occupied by 
him is still in the hands of his direct 
descendants (m. 1st, Oct. 15, 1741, Eliza- 
beth Hunt of Concord, Mass., d. Aug. 9, 
1770, m. 2d, May 30, 1771, Mrs. Sarah 
Torreyof Mendon, Mass.); son of Samuel 
of Ipswich, Mass., b. there June 29, 1682, 
d. at New Ipswich, N. II. (m. Mary Bur- 
ley, sister of Andrew Burley); son of 

Nathaniel, b. about 1641; son of William 



of Ipswich, Mass., went to Cambridge 
1635, removed to Ipswich 1642; probably 
son of Henry of Boston, came from Eng. 

D., of West Randolph, Vi., b. at 
Waterbury, Vt., Jane S, 1849, grad. Dart- 
mouth Coll. 1S73, asst. physician Butler 
Hospital 1873-1876, removed to Orange, 
Mass., in practice there till 1879, when he 
removed to Tiverton, R. I., which place he 
left to accept an appointment as deputy 
supt. State Insane Asylum of R. I. 1SS4, 
was asst. supt. of State Insane Asylum of 
Osawatomie, Kan., 3 yrs., resigned 1S88, 
returned east and settled in Vt., has been 
for 20 years compiling a genealogy of the 
Stim(p)son families of America, to whom 
all information should be sent, member of 
and clerk of the Cong'I Ch. (m. Dec. 7, 1S75, 
Sarah A., dau. of J. \V. and Sarah [liar- 
wood] Belcher, desc, ninth gen. from both 
parentage, from John and Priscilla Alden 
of Plymouth colon)'); son of Joel ({row of 
Norwich, Vt., b. at Greensboro, Vt., July 
23, 1S12, merchant, member of Congl. 
Ch., resided in Strafford, Vt., till 1844 when 
he removed to Waterbury, continued in 
successful business there till 1S6S, when 
he removed to Norwich, where he is now 
engaged in the Hour and grain business 
(m. 1st, Aug. 29, 1S38, Juliet Walker of 
Straflord, m. 2d. Aug. 10, 1S4S, Cynthia 
R.,dau. of Col. John Stone of Cabot, Vt., 
he, Col. John, was the son of Matthias of 
Watertown, Mass., son of Samuel, son of 
Ebenezer, son of Simeon who came from 
Eng. 1630); son of Soldi of Greensboro 
and Craftsbury, Vt., b. at Norwich, Vt., 
Aug. 8, 17S1, d. at Waterbury Feb. 23, 
1862, mechanic, member of Congl. Ch. 
(m. 1st, Jan. 3, 1805, Phylabe Allen of 
Craftsbury, b. Mar. 10, 17S6, d. Feb. 7, 
1842, and had ten children, m. 2d. Sep. 21, 
1842, Mary Dampson Holbrook of West- 
minster, Vt., b. Sep. 28, 1791, d. Apr. 27, 
1845, m. 3d, Oct. 15, 1S45, Mary Burr, b. 
Aug. 9, 17S7, d. Jan. 31, 1866); son of 
Joel of Norwich, Vt., b. at Tolland, Ct., 
Aug. io, 1751, d. at Norwich, Vt., Apr. 15, 
1813, sailed with his brother Stephen, but 

afterward enlisted as tifer 1776, served 
three years, was discharged and removed 
to Norwich, Vt. (m. Apr. 15, 1779, Susan- 
nah Grow, b. June 10, 1760, d. Sep. 14, 
1841); son of Icliabod of Tolland, Ct., 
b. at Lynn, Mass., Jan. 22, 1713, d. at 
Tolland (in. at Tolland Feb. 28, 1740, Mar- 
garet, dau. of Joseph Paulk, and had eleven 
children: Stephen, b. 1740, Noah, b. 1742, 
d. 1762, Sarah, b. 174}, Joseph, b. 1746, 
Ruth, b. 1749, Joel, b. 1751, Margaret, b. 
1753, Lois, b. 1756, Alice, b. 175S, Gideon, 
b. 1 761, and Eneas, b. 1765); son of Dr. 
.Tallies of Tolland, Ct., b. at Reading, 
Mass., 1669, d. at Tolland Mar. 10, 1758 
(m. 1st, 1706, Sarah Upton, she d. 170S at 
Lynn, m. 2d, Mar. 21, 1710, Hannah, dau. 
of Shubeal Stearns, and had six children); 
son of Dr. James of Reading, Mass., b. 
thereabout 1640 (m. 1661, Mary Leflingwell, 
and had thirteen children); son of Dr. 
James of Reading, Mass., one of the 
earliest physicians of Reading (m. Naomi, 
d. 16S1). 

OTDISON, AUGUSTUS of Stroutsburg, 

O Ind., b. at St. George Apr. 2, 1835 
(m. Apr. 12, 1S6S, Elizabeth Catherine, b. 
Aug. 17, 1850, eldest dau. of Isaac and 
Hannah Smart, and had six children), and 
WILLIAM Stimson, M. D. of Earlsville, 
S. C, b. at St. George, Ontario, Feb. 19, 
1S37, grad. Univ. of Buffalo i860 (m. in 
Ohio Oct. 26, 1861, Maria Jane, b. Mar. 31, 
1S3S, dau. of Joseph and Maria L. Hud- 
son, d. abt. 1SS0, and had seven children), 
and JAMES Stimson of Detroit, Mich., 
removed to Lexington, Neb., b. at St. 
George Aug. 28, 1833, grad. Med. Dept. 
Univ. of N. Y. 1854, of the Victoria Coll. 
at Toronto 1S55 (m. Aug. 28, 1856, Anne 
Biggar, b. Apr. 22, 1S33, at Brantford, Ont., 
dau. of Hamilton and Eliza Racry Biggar, 
and. had five children), and Rev. ELAM 
RUSH Stimson of St. Catherine, Ont., b. 
Mar. 4, 1S24 (m. Sep. 6, 1S47, Effie Burn- 
ham, dau. of Hon. Z. Burnham), and 
EDWIN BOLLES Stimson, M. D., b. 
Mar. 12, 1822, at Tolland, Ct., grad. Coll. 
of Phys. and Surg. 1S45 (m., wife and 
children dead); sons of Klaill, M. D., 
Dart. 1819, b. at Tolland, Ct., Oct. 4, 1792, 


d. at St. George, Ont., Can., Jan. i, 1869 
(m. 1st, Mary Ann Francis Bollcs, b. 1799, 
d. July 30, 1S32, in London, Can., and 
bad six children, m. 2d, Nov. 13, 1S32, 
Susan, sister of Mary Ann Francis Bolles, 
and had three children); son of Stephen 
of Tolland, Ct., b. there Nov. n, 1740 (m. 
1st, Nov. 26, 1767, Keziah, d. Feb. 10, 177S, 
dau. of John Faulk, and had six children, 
111. 2d, Apr. 21, 1779, Rebecca Nye, d. Mar. 
23, 1S15, and had seven children); son of 
lehnbod of Tolland, Ct., see lineage above. 

cuse, N. Y., b. at Athens, Ohio, June 
9, 1845 (m. Sep. 16, 1867, Nellie Newcomb, 
b. May 22, 1S4S); son of E110S of Syracuse, 
N. Y., b. at Homer, N. Y., Jan. 16, 1S09, 
d. June 27, 1S79 (in. 1st, Delia Warren, b. 
Apr. 5, 1S20, at E. Hartford, Ct., d. Jan. 12, 
1849, 111. 2d, Nov. 7, 1S53, Mary Ann Fran- 
ces Warren, b. Oct. 29, 1S24, has daughters: 
Arrabella, b. Sep. 10, 1840 [111. May I, 
1S02, George Wilson], Caroline Louise, b. 
June iS, 1S38 [111. Aug. I, 1858, Slocuni 
Wright, M. D.], Mary Francis of Syracuse, 
N. Y., b. Apr. 4, 1843 [m. May 24, 1S71, 
George li. Day], and sister Anna Endora 
[Stimson] of Syracuse, N. Y., b. 1S55 [in. 
1876, G. Davis]); son of Enos of Homer, 
N. Y., b. at Monson, Mass., June 24, 1772, 
d. at Homer (m. Desire and had seven 
children: Orrin, Martha, Enos, Austin, 
Alanson, h. Mar. 2, 1805, Lucius, and Enos, 
b. Jan. 16, 1S09), he built fust frame house 
in Homer, and kept hotel; son of Joseph 
of Monson, Mass., b. at Tolland, Ct., Jan. 
12, 1746, d. Jul)- 1, 1S10, at Monson (m. 
Rebecca Williams, b. 1749, d. 1828, age 79 
years, and had eleven children: Enos, b. 
1772, Rebecca, b. 1774, d. 17SS, Anna, b. 
1770, Joseph, b. 1778, Rufus, b. 1781, 
Noah, b. 17S3, Ira, b. 17S5, Mary, b. 17S7, 
Rebecca, b. 1789, Jeremy, b. 1791, and 
Gyrus, b. 1795, d. 1797); sou of lehahod, 
see lineage above. 

STIMSON, THOMAS, b. 1764, d. 1S51; 
son of J allies of Tolland, Ct., b. there 
Sep. 20, 1719 (111. and had four children, 
Sally, Phoebe, William and Thomas); son 
of JamCS of Reading, Mass., see lineage 

bridgeport, Mass., b. Aug. 30, 1837 
(m. June 7, 1875, Florence Emily Bonner, 
b. July 15, 1S55); son of John, b. Oct. 15, 
1S01, at Reading, Mass., d. Oct. 6, 1S72 
(m. 1st, Elizabeth Lorkin, b. July 13, 1808, 
d. Sep. 14, 1S33, in. 2d, Caroline Loud.b. 
Mar. 22, 1S16, and had eight children); 
son of EbCUCZCl', b. Aug. 24, I749( m - ^So, 
Esther, b. 1763, dau. of Timothy Harts- 
horn, and had eleven children); son of 
Ehenezer, b. 1720, d. 1775 (™- *748. 
Eleanor Damon, and had live children); 
son of Dr. Thomas, b. 1671, of Reading, 
Mass. (m. Mary Taylor, and had nine chil- 
dren); son of Dr. James, b. 1640, see line- 
age above. 

STIMSON, GEORGE W.; son of Oeorgo 
Washington, b. Feb. 20, 1794, <i. 
Dec. 13, 1S74 (m. 1st, Susan Johnson, 
m. 2d, Sarah Aborn, and had twelve 
children); son of William, b. Aug. 23, 
1768, at Reading, Mass. (m. 1st, Sarah 
Danforth Lynnfield, m. 2d, Lydia Boyn- 
ton of Dunstable, Mass., in. 3d, Hannah 
[Wheeler] Teperell of Boston, and had 
nine children); son of Dr. William of 
Reading, Mass., b. there 1732, d. 1812 (m. 
Mar. 28, 175S, Catharine, b. 1734, d- l8 3L 
aged 97 years, youngest dau. of Col. 
Ebene/er Nichols, and hail five children); 
son of Dr. Thomas, b. 1704 (m. 1726, Eliza- 
beth Bryant, and had five children); son of 
Dr. Thomas of Reading, Mass., see lineage 

QTIMSON, ALFRED; son of Alfred of 

U Wakefield, Mass., b. Jan. 16, 1S11, d. 
there July 16, 1S43, cabinet-maker (m. 
Mary Gould, and had three children, 
Alfred, Mary and William N., b. 1839, 
enlisted, d. May 19, 1863, at Baton Rouge); 
son of William, b. Aug. 2S, 176S (m. Sarah 
Danforth of Lynnfield, Mass.); son of Dr. 
William, see lineage above. 

kj Suffield, Ct., b. there June 23, 1820, 
author of " Suffield Documentary History," 
and of " Suffield " in " History of Hartford 
County," member of the Assembly, pres. 


of Suffield Nat. Bank (m. Nov. i, 1843, 
Almira C, d. Aug. 30, 1887, dau. of Bar- 
low Rose of Ct.); son of Julius C. of Suf- 
field, Ct., b. there Dec. 12, 1791, d. there 
Dec. 5, 1873, farmer, justice of the peace 
(m. Sep. 30, 1S19, Mindwell, b. Apr. 22, 
1797, d. Aug. 23, 1SS5, dau. of Hezekiah 
Spcnce of Suffield); son of Martin of 
Suffield, Ct., b. there Feb. 1, 17G2, d. there 
Sep. 4, 1S4S, farmer, merchant, member 
of the Assembly, director of Newgate 
Prison, founder of the Ct. Lit. Inst. (m. 
Jan. 1, 17S4, Abigail Gillett, b. at Suffield 
Apr. 29, 1762, d. Jan. 10, 1S16); son of 
Elijah of Suffield, Ct., b. at Northampton, 
Mass., Nov. 2, 1719, d. at Suffield June 1, 
17S5 (m. Nov. 15, 1737, Sarah, b. Aug. 7, 
1722, d. 181 5, dau. of James King, Jr., of 
Sullield); son of Capt. Jonathan of Suf- 
field, Ct., b. at Northampton May 29, 1687, 
d. at Suffield Apr. 10, 1769, removed from 
Northampton to Suffield 1723, prominent 
in town affairs, a large landholder, pioneer 
of Sullield, where his residence, built 1723, 
Still stands, and is the oldest house in the 
town (m. Dec. 30, 1708, one of the daugh- 
ters of William Southwell, and had ten 
children); son of Isaac of Windsor, Ct., 
and Northampton, Mass., b. about 1629, 
d. at Northampton July 29, 1708, lived in 
Windsor 1650, removed to Northampton 
1654 (m. 1st, 1653, Mary Woodford of 
Hartford, in. 2d, 16S5, Mchitabel [Gunn] 
Ensign, d. 1720, dau. of Thomas Gunn, 
and divorced from David Ensign). 

MORE of the U. S. army, b. at North 
Yarmouth, Me., Mar. 25, 1837, capt. 8th 
Infantry U. S. army, served in war 1S61— 5, 
in command of a regt. of Rhode Island cav. 
volunteers (m. 1st, Jan. 1, 1S61, Eliza 
Lurena Twitchell, m. 2d, Mary Elizabeth 
Alvarez, m. 3d, Eliza Crawford Cun- 
ningham, m. 4th, Dec. 3, 1870, Mrs. Fran- 
ces T. Russell); son of Robert Elwell of 
North Yarmouth and Yarmouth, Me., b. 
at North Yarmouth Mar. 31, 1799, d. 
at Yarmouth Feb. 8, 1884, merchant, sheriff 
(m. 1st, Aug. 13, 1820, Asenath, dau. of 
James and Abigail [True] Field, m. 2d, 
Abby Chandler Dennison); son of Ebon- 

ezer of Yarmouth, Me., b. at South Weare, 
N. H., Feb. 6, 1764, d. at Yarmouth Feb. 
19, 1853, merchant, farmer (m. Apr. 10, 
1790, Lydia, dau. of Payne and Rebecca 
[Webber] Elwell of Gloucester, Mass.); 
son of Joshua of Haverhill, Mass., South 
Weare, and Hampstead, N. H., b. at 
Haverhill Jan. 19, 1733, d. at Hampstead 
Jan. 29, 1S19, soldier, farmer (m. 1st, 1759, 
Abigail Marsh, m. 2d, Molly [Wells] 
Colby); son of John of Haverhill, Mass., 
b. there Mar. 4, 16S6, d. at Haverhill Nov., 
1766-9, prominent citizen (m. 1711, Ruth, 
b, Feb. 7, i6c)t, d. 17S7, dau. of Jonathan 
and Margaret [Moulton] Haynes of Haver- 
hill); son of John of Haverhill, Mass., b. 
there Mar. 4, 1648, d. there Feb. 17, 1698, 
farmer, soldier 1676 (m. Dec. 17, 1684, 
Mary Wilford, b. Nov. iS, 1667, dau. of 
Gilbert Wilford of the Merrimac); son of 
GcorgC of Haverhill, Mass., b. at or near 
Exeter, Devonshire, Eng., 1617, d. at 
Haverhill Oct. 19, 16S0, first member of 
the Corliss family in America, came from 
Eng. 1617, and settled on lands in Haver- 
hill that have never been out of the posses- 
sion of his direct descendants (m. Joanna 
Davis, sister of Thomas Davis of Marl- 
borough, Eng.). 


dence, R. I., b. at North Providence 
May 31, 1841, grad. A. M. Brown Univ. 
1S61, LL. B. Harvard Law School 1S78 (in. 
Sep. 15, 1873, Alice Maude Mary, dau. of 
Jacob and Amey [Brown] Dunnell of Paw- 
tucket, R. I., and had six children, Amasa 
Mason Eaton, Jr., b. Sep. 24, 1S74, Wil- 
liam Dunnell Eaton, b. Feb. 26, 1S77, 
Sarah Brown Eaton, b. June 30, 1878, 
Charles Curtis Eaton, b. Jan. 16, 18S0, 
Lewis Dinman Eaton, b. Sep. 13, 18S1, 
and Amy Brown Eaton, b. Jan. I, 1SS5); 
son of Levi Curtis of Providence, R. I., 
b. at Farmington, Mass., Dec. 12, 1S12, 
d. at Providence Aug. 25, 1852, A. M. 
Harvard 1S30, lawyer (m. Oct. 12, 1S37, 
Sarah Brown [Mason] Rugglcs); son of 
Levi of Farmington, Mass., b. there June 
14, 177S, d. there Apr. 8, 1853 (m. May 16, 
1805, Susannah, b. May 19, 1756, dau. of 
Ezekiel How, son of Ezckiel and Sally 


[Read] How of Sudbury, Mass.); son of | 
John of Farmington, Mass., b. there July 
30, 1S40, d. there May 28, 1S16 (in. at Stow, 
Olive Conant); son of North of Farming- 
ton, Mass., b. there July 22, 170S, d. there 
Oct. S, 1791 (m. July 29, 1730, Hannah, b. 
at Stoneham, Mass., Mar. 9, 1707-S, d. 
Mar. S, 1795, dau. of John and Hannah); 
son of Jonas of Farmington, Mass., b. at 
Reading, Mass., May iS, 16S0, d. at Farm- 
ington Aug. 13, 1727 (m. Mehetable, dau. 
of John Gould, she m. 2d, Nathan Brig- 
ham of MarlLorough); son of John of 
Reading, Mass., b. at Sudbury, Mass., 
Sep. 10, 1645, d. at Reading May 25, 1691 
(m. Nov. 20, 1674, Dorcas Green, sup- 
posed to be the dau. of Thomas Green of 
Maiden, Mass.); son of Jonas of Reading", 
Mass. (m. Grace). 

town, Pa., b. at Phila., Pa., May 31, 
1843, one of the founders of the Penna. 
Soc. Sons of the Revolution, and is at 
present one of the board of managers, 
member of the Union League of Phila. 
(m. Nov. 24, 1S70, Julia A., dau. of Geo. 
W. Herring of Baltimore, Md.); son of 
Wallace of Phila., Pa., b. there Sep. 6, 
1S14, d. there May 5, 1S66, druggist 
(m. June 29, 1S42, Rebecca, daughter of 
Joseph and Esther [Coates] Ridgway, 
members of the Society of Friends of 
Phila.); son of Charles of Phila., Pa., b. 
here June 2, 1774, d. there Sep. 27, 1S37, 
first pres. of the Phila. Coll. of Pharmacy, 
continued in the drug business established 
by his gr. -father until 1830 (m. Apr. 20, 
179S, Mary, dau. of Philip Wallace who 
was b. at liridesborough, N. J., 16S2, d. 
1764); son of Charles of Phila., Pa., b. 
there Apr. 27, 1744, d. there Aug. 22, 1825, 
druggist in the firm of Christopher and 
Charles Marshall, they supplied nearly all 
of the medicine to the Continental Con- 
gress for the use of the troops in Md., Pa. 
and N. J., the account-book of the same is 
in possession of the Hist. Soc. of Pa. (in. 
Aug. 15, 1765, Patience Parrish, a member 
of a very old family of Md. living at that 
time on what was then known as the Par- 
rish Range); son of Christopher of Phila., 

Pa., b. in Dublin, Ireland, Nov. 6, 1709, 
d. at Phila. May 4, 1797, educated at coll. 
in Eng., came to America 1729, settled in 
Phila. and was one of the first chemists 
there, retired from business Nov. 30, 1772, 
member of the Committee of Safety; in his 
dairy are notes stating that he had enter- 
tained Adams, Jefferson nnd many of the 
prominent men of Revolutionary times, 
his cut glass and portraits of all the sons 
of the six generations are now in the pos- 
session of Charles Marshall of German- 
town (m. 1st, Jan. 4, 1735, Sarah, dau. of 
Robert Thomson of Phila., m. 2d, Abigail 
Cooper Fisher of Camden, N. J.). 

O gerfield and Brooklyn, N. Y., b. at 

Brooklyn, P. A. Harvard Coll. 1S74, M. A. 
Harvard Coll. 1S75, LL. B. Columbia Coll. 
1S77; son of Hdiry of Brooklyn, N. Y., 
b. at New Hartford, Oneida CO., N. Y., 
May 20, 1S23, d. at Brooklyn Mar. 15, 1SS6 
(m. Feb. 19, 1S52, Mary E. Requa, a 
Huguenot and gr.-dau. of Joseph Requa, 
an officer in the Revolutionary war); son 
of Zedekiah of New Hartford, N. Y., and 
Orange, N. J., grad. Brown Univ. 1S07 
(111. Sarah Kissan of Long Island, his 
uncle, Jedediah Sanger, was founder of 
New Hartford, fust county judge of Oneida 
co., member of the Legislature, the town 
Sangerfield was named in his honor); son 
of Zedekiah of Duxbury, Mass., grad. 
Harvard Coll. r 771, studied divinity and 
was ordained pastor of the church in Dux- 
bury July 3, 1776, S. T. D. Brown Univ. 
iSo7, one of the original members of the 
American Acad, of Arts and Sciences (m. 
Irene Freeman); son of Richard of Sher- 
born and Boston, Mass., b. at Sherborn 
1706, d. 17S6, selectman at Sherborn 10 
years, he was placed on the Committee of 
Safety when 70 years old); son of Richard 
of Sherborn, Mass., b. 1666; son of Rich- 
ard of Sudbury, Mass., and Watertown, d. 
at Sudbury 1091, he and his two sons, 
with three others, guarded the mill at 
Watertown during King Philip's war); son 
of Richard of Hingham, Mass., b. in Eng., 
d. at Hingham 1661, came to America and 
settled at Hingham 1636. 


-TL Swatthmore, Pa., b. at Portland, 
Mc, June 10, 1842, A. B., A. M. and 
I.L B. Harvard Coll., Ph. D. Swarthraore 

Coll., prof, of Greek and pros, of Swarth- 
more Coll.; son of Elisha of Providence, 
K. I., Beverly, Mass., 1S10 (ni. Martha 
Wylly, dau. of William Hyde, the well- 
known publisher of Portland, Me., desc. 
from Win. Hyde of Norwich, Ct.); son of 
John W. of Portland, Me., b. 17S0, d. 
iS62(m. Sophia Williams); son of Samuel 
of Ipswich, Mass., b. there 1739, <P 1S19 
(m, Mary White of Haverhill, Mass.); son 
of Isaac of Ipswich, Mass., b. 1704, d. 
[794 (m. Elizabeth Sawyer of Wells, Me.); 
son of Isaac of Ipswich, Mass., b. 1G64, d. 
1747 (m. Priscilla Baker, gr.-dau. of Lieut. - 
Gov. Symonds); son of Samuel of Ipswich, 
Mass., b. in Suffolk, Eng., 1624, d. 1696, 
came to New England with his father 1636, 
deputy of the Gen. Court, commander in 
Philip's war, was one of the men who 
opposed the tryanny of Sir Edmund An- 
dres, and was persecuted and imprisoned 
by him (m. 1st, Hannah Paine, m. 2d, Mary 
Oliver); son of Samuel of Ipswich, Mass., 
b. in Suffolk, Eng., 15S6, d. 1 (170, came to 
Ipswich 1636, received a grant of land 
consisting of 460 acres, most of which is 
now in the possession of his desc. (m. 
Mary Eve raid). 

M Brooklyn, N. Y., b. at New York 
city Oct. 17, 1S1S (m. Nov. 11, 1844, Mary 
M. Myrick, gr.-dau. of Aaron Mitchell of 
Nantucket, Mass., and had one son, Wil- 
liam Henry Metcalf of New Haven, Ct., 
b. Oct. 4, 1S46); son of Elial) of New York 
city, b. at Franklin, Mass., Feb. 5> 1785, 
d. at Havana, Cuba, Jan. 15, 1834, artist 
(in. Sep. 15, 1S14, Nancy Benton); son of 
James of Franklin, Mass., b. there Aug. 
3L 1757, (1- there July 18, ^43 (m. Apr. 

21, 1773, Abigail Harding); son of James 
of Franklin, Mass., b. at Wrentham, Mass., 
Aug. 1, 1729, d. at Franklin Aug. 16, 1S03 
(m. Jan. 3, 1754, Abiel Haven); son of 
Michael of Wrentham, Mass., b. there 
May 21, 16S7, d. there Jan. 9, 1754 (m. Dec. 

22, 1712, Abiel Colbom); son of ElCUZCl" 

of Wrentham, Mass., b. at Dedham, Mass., 
Mar. 2, 1653, d. at Wrentham May 10, 1704 
(m. Apr. 9, 16S4, Meletiah Fisher); son of 
Michael of Dedharn, .Mass., b. at Norwich, 
Eng., Aug. 29, 1620, d. at Dedham Mar. 
27, 1654 (m. Apr. 2, 1644, Mary Fairbanks); 
son of Michael of Dedham, Mass., b. at 
Tatterford, Eng., July, 1587, d. Dec. 24, 
1664 (m. Oct. 13, 1616, Sarah); son of 
Leonard of Tatterford, Eng., b. there 
1545, <P there Sep. 22, 1616, rector of the 
Parish of Tatterford, Norfolk co., Eng., 

ORTON, EDWARD of Columbus, O., 
b. at Deposit, N. Y., Mar. 9, 1829, 
grad. Hamilton Coll. 1848, prof, and after- 
ward pies, of Antipch Coll., O., 1866-73, 
pres. Ohio Slate Univ. 1873-S1, assistant 
in geological survey of Ohio 1S69-74, State 
Geologist of Ohio 1SS0, pres. Ohio State 
Sanitary Assoc, Ph. D. Hamilton Coll. 
1S75, LL. D. Ohio State Univ. 1SS1 (m. 
1st, Aug. 30, 1S55, Mary M. Jennings, m. 
2d, Aug. 26, 1S75, Anna D., dau. of 
Samuel D. Torrey of Millbury, Mass.), has 
one brother, Samuel G. Orton; sons of 
Samuel (I. of Buffalo and Ripley, N. Y., 
b. at Litchfield, Ct., June 6, 1797, d. at 
Sandusky, ()., May 12, 1S73, grad. Hamil- 
ton Coll. 1S22, studied theology at New 
Haven, Ct., entered ministry of Presb. 
Church, D. D. (m. Dec. 2S, 1S24, Clara, 
dau. of Justus Gregory of Dover, N. Y., 
and sister of Rev. 1). D. Gregory, a Presb.' 
clergyman, and Maj.-Gen. E. M. Gregory, 
a distinguished officer in the Civil war); 
son of Miles of Litchfield, Ct., b. there 
Mar. 21, 1774, d. there, a soldier in the 
War of 1S12 (m. Jan. 22, 1795, Lydia, dau. 
of Zebulon Gibbs, and had four sons, 
William, Edward, Samuel G. and Miles); 
son of Samuel of Litchfield, Ct., b. there 
Oct. iS, 1724, d. there Mar. 31, 1S10, lived 
on what is known as Orton Hill in present 
town of Morris, Ct. (m. Ruth Mason, d. 
Nov. 10, 179S, and had four sons, Gideon, 
Samuel, John and Miles); son of Samuel 
of Litchfield, Ct., b. at Farmington, bap. 
Nov. n, 1694, d. at Litchfield Mar. 28, 
1779, one of the fifty original purchasers 
and settlers of Litchfield, settled there 



1720, the Orton tract of land consisted of 
600 to Soo acres situated south of Bantam 
lake (m. Oct. 26, 1723, Abigail Smedley, 
and had five sons, Samuel, Hezekiah, 
Azariah, John and Gideon); son of John 
of Farmington, Ct., b. at Windsor, Ct., 
bap. 1648 (in. and liad three sons, Samuel, 
Thomas and John); son of Thomas of 
Windsor, Ct., b. in Eng. 1613, d. at Farm- 
ington, came to America about 1640. 

ampton, Mass., b, at Canterbury, Ct., 
June 2, 1S47, d. Oct. 22, 18S1, grad. 
Columbia Coll. Law Sch. 1869, practiced 
law (m. May 23, 1S72, Elizabeth M., dan. 
of Townsend and Catharine Powell of 
Ghent, N. Y.), and brother Daniel Web- 
ster Bond, b. at Canterbury, Ct., Apr. 29, 
1838, grad. Columbia Coll. Law Sch. 1S62, 
district attorney of Mass. 12 years, now 
a justice of Superior Court of Mass. 
(m. May 21, 1S63, Susan, dau. of Harvey 
R. and Sarah [Wood] Dyer); son of Daniel 
II (Trick Bond of Northampton, b. at 
Canterbury, Ct., June 29, 1S04, d. at North- 
ampton June 1, 18S0, manufacturer, mem- 
ber Ct. Legislature 1S4S, moved to North- 
ampton 1864 (m. July 4, 1835, Deborah, 
dau. of George S. and Mary [Warmslcy] 
White of Eng.); son of Delluiel of Canter- 
bury, Ct., b. at Tolland, Ct., Jan. 1, 1762, 
d. at Canterbury Aug. 3, 1S1S (m. 1794, 
Ruth Ilerrick, a desc. of Henry llerrick 
of Salem, Mass., 1629); son of Bcthlicl of 
Tolland, Ct.,b. Apr. 24, 1728, d. at Tol- 
land (m. Lydia Hyde of Canterbury); son 
of Nathfllliel of Canterbury, Ct., b. Mar. 
3, 16S5-6, bought at Canterbury 1710 200 
acres of land for ,£70 (m. Mar. 17, 1713, 
Elizabeth Backus); son of Nathaniel of 
Watertown, Mass., b. there Jan. 9, 1659-60, 
d. April 1, 1700(111. Feb. 27, 1684-5, Bethia, 
dau. of John and Elizabeth Fuller of New- 
ton, Mass.). 

J-i Cleveland, O., b. at Southport, Ct., 
July 15, 1848, 4th bishop of Protestant 
Episcopal Church of Ohio, educated at 
Phillips Acad., St. Stephen's Coll. and 
Berkeley Divinity Sch., rector of Church 

of the Redeemer, Brooklyn, N. Y., and 
St. John's Parish, Washington, D. C. (m. 
Apr. 17, 1873, Sarah L., dau. of Thomas 
and Phoebe [Powell] Sullivan and gr.-dau. 
of Arthur Bull and Margaret Dunn, gl.- 
gr.-dau. of Thomas Sullivan of Waterford, 
Ireland); son of William Doardman 
Leonard of Brooklyn, N. Y., b. at Owego, 
N. Y., 1S20, banker, seniorwarden of Holy 
Trinity Church, Brooklyn, pres. of Kings 
Co. Bank, Homoeopathic Hospital, Apollo 
Club, Children's Humane Society and So. 
Yuba Water Co. and trustee of Brooklyn 
bridge (m. July, 1S47, Louisa D., dau. of 
Andrew and Sally D. Bulkley, gr.-dau. of 
Eleazer Bulkley, desc. of Rev. Peter Bulk- 
ley of Colchester, Ct. , a non-conformist 
church of Eng. divine); son of Stephen B. 
of Owego, N. Y., b. in New York city 
Apr. 15, 1793, d. at Owego, member of 
Congress 1S37-44, postmaster, editor, 
prominent free mason (m. Feb. 22, 181S, 
Esther Henrietta, dau. of Jared and Esther 
Sperry, step-dau. of Anson Camp of 
Owego, they were desc. of the Boardmans 
of Litchfield co.,' Ct.); son of Silas of 
Owego, N. Y., b. at Parcippany, N. J., 
d. at Owego, leather manufacturer (m. 
Joanna Gregory, dau. of Seth, Bridgeport, 
Ct.); son of .Joshua of Morris co., N. J., 
b. at Taunton, Mass.; son of Stephen of 
Taunton, Mass., b. there 16S0, d. there 
Mar. 4, 1 741; son of Capt. James of Taun- 
ton, Mass., b. there 1643 (m. Lydia Gulli- 
ver); son of TllOUiaS of Taunton, came 
there from Pontypool, Wales, 1643, desc. 
from the Barfett-Lennardb of Avcly, Essex, 
England; the title of Lords Dacre belongs 
to the English Lennards, the crest is a 
wolfdog'shead; motto," Pourbien desirer;" 
arms: 3 lleur de lys, or on a red field. 

York city, b. at Romulus, N. Y., Apr. 
13, 1S3S; son of Orrin of East Bloomfield, 
Ct., b. at Sharon, Ct., Jan. 27, 17S2, d. at 
East Bloomfield Dec. 6, 1S57, capt. in 
militia, mayor of Ct. (m. 1837, Sophia 
Gibson, d. at Victor, N. Y., 1S63); son of 
Samuel of Sharon, Ct., b. there Mar. 7, 
1746, d. there Apr. 26, 1S27, capt. in militia 
(m. Oct. 12, 1749, Faith Brewster, a lineal 




desc. of Elder Brewster of the "May- 
flower"); son of ThoUUlS of Sharon, Ct., 
b. there Oct. 31, 1722, d. there Aug. 1, 
1806, capt. in militia (m. Nov. 24, 1743, 
Weltheon Cook, d. Nov. 19, 1804); son of 
John of Sharon, Ct., b. at New Haven 
Feb. 6, 1698, d. at Sharon July 13, 1766, 
one of the original proprietors of Sharon 
(m. Betsey Horn, d. Jan. S, 1762); son of 
Joseph, b. at New Haven Apr. 27, 1664 
(m. Jan. 31, 16SS, Elizabeth, dau. of the 
first Thomas Yale, who came from Wales 
to New Haven 163S); son of George of 
New Haven, Ct., b. in Eng. 1619, came 
to New Haven 1644 (m. 1650, Martha, dau. 
of Richard Miles). 

DERBY, PERLEY of Salem, Mass., b. 
at Murfreesboro, Tenn,, Oct. 26, 1S23, 
in early life a portrait painter and engraver, 
genealogist and copyist, employed by the 
city for many years in taking the census of 
births and school children (m. at Salem Dec. 
I, 1850, Harriet, b. Feb. 1, 1S27, dau. of 
Wm. and Abigail [Punchard] Knight, son 
of John, son of Jos., son of John, son of 
John, son of John, son of William, all of 
Manchester, Mass., except William 7th), 
and brother Charles Washington Derby of 
Salem, b. at Derry, N. II., Nov. 8, 1S27, 
watchmaker (m. Apr. 12, 1S52, Emeline J., 
b. at Salem May 2, 1S34, dau. of Stephen 
Hare); sons of Charles of Salem, Mass., 
b. there July 20, 1798, d. there Sep. 23, 
1S6S, jeweler and watchmaker, moved to 
Murfreesboro, Tenn., resided there 3 years, 
returned to Salem and then lived in So. 
Danvers, Lynn, Andover and at Derry, N. 
H.(m. Feb. 14, 1S20, Nancy, b. near Nor- 
folkj Va., Oct. 11, 1S04, d. at Salem Nov. 
19, 187S, dau. of Henry and Elizabeth Ann 
Pulling, and gr.-dau. of Henry Pulling); 
son of John of Salem, Mass., b. at Salem 
May 28, 1770, d. there Mar. 1, 1S34, tailor, 
a valuable citizen, elected member of the 
convention to amend the State Constitution 
1821, rep. to the Gen. Court from Salem 
(m. Aug. 24, 1794, Elizabeth, b. at Danvers 
Aug. 19, 1770, d. at Salem Nov. 17, 1842 
dau. of Sarah [Page] and Tarrant Putnam; 
after Tarrant's death Sarah m. Robert 
Foster, who hid the cannon from the 

British at North Field bridge 1775); son of 
Samuel of Salem, Danvers, Lynn, Mass., 
b. at Salem, bap. Feb. 14, 1719, d. there 
Apr. 22, 1783, cordwainer, member of 
Essex Lodge of Free-masons Jan. 5, 1780, 
and was appointed tiler on the same day 
(m. 1st, Aug. 13, 1745, Bridget, b. Nov. 30, 
1722, d. Mar. 14, 1750, dau. of Benjamin 
Newhall of Lynn, m. 2d, May 7, 1 75 1 , Ann, 
b. 1727, d. at Salem Jan. 19, 1S11, dau. of 
Bcnj. Williams, son of Joseph, son of 
Thomas, son of Thomas); son of Samuel 
of Salem, Mass., b. at Ipswich, Mass., 
Nov. 24, 1673, d. at sea, a mariner (m. 
about 1699, Hannah Young, after her hus- 
band's death she opened a small variety 
store in Salem, which she kept until her 2d 
m. to Daniel Clark of Topsfield); son of 
ltog'er of Ipswich and Salem, Mass., b. at 
Topsham, Eng., 1643, d. at Salem Sep. 26, 
1698, soap manufacturer, but in later life 
he was a dry goods merchant, was a non- 
conformist and affiliated with the Quakers, 
was often fined for non-attendance at 
church; the Salem records read that he 
arrived in Boston July iS, 1671 (m. 1st, 
Aug. 23, 166S, Lucrctia, b. in Eng., bap. 
at Topsham Aug. G, 1643, d. at Salem May 
25, 16S9, dau. of Roger and Honor Hitman, 
m. 2d, 1690-1, Elizabeth, wid. of Wm. 
Dynn and dau. of Stephen and Elizabeth 
[Langdon] Haskett, she, Elizabeth, was a 
sister of Martha Haskett, who m. Feb. 25, 
1702-3, Richard, son of Roger Derby and 
gr.-father of the eminent merchant Elias 
Haskett Derby). 

Point, Ind., b. at West Springfield, 
Mass., Feb. 16, 1S26, became a Pioneer 
boy in Lake co., Ind., iS37,grad. Franklin 
Coll., Ind., A. M. 1S53, grad. Newton 
Theo. Inst. 1863, settled at Crown Point, 
became pastor, teacher, author and pub- 
lisher (m. Apr. 19, 1S55, Martha C, dau. 
of Rev. Hiram Creighton of Clarke co., 
Alabama, who came to Alabama from S. C. 
1818, son of John C, son of Thomas from 
Great Britain); son of Hervey of Cedar 
Lake, Ind., b. at West Springfield, Mass., 
Oct. 16, 1794, d. at Cedar Lake Oct. 13, 
1868, grad. Middlebury Coll., Vt., lawyer 



in Columbia co., Ga., moved to Lake co., I 
Ind., 1837, judge of Probate Court, farmer I 
at Cedar Lake (in. Nov. II, 1S24, Jane i 
Ayrault, dau. of Dr. Timothy and Elisa- 
beth [Ilanmcr] Ilorton, son of Dr. Timothy 
Horton of West Springfield); son of Char- 
les of West Springfield, Mass., b. there 
1760, d. there July 3, 1S3S, was a lieut., 
rep. in the State Legislature 1S06-8-9-11- 
-12-15-16-20-27, town moderator 1S14 (m. 
17S6, Merab Miller, a member of one of 
the old and wealthy families of West 
Springfield); son of Charles of West 
Springfield, Mass., b. there 1725, d. there 
1795, selectman 1777"); son of Benjamin 
of West Springfield, Mass., b. there 16S9, 
d. there 1773, planted 1751 what is now 
known as the big elm tree of Holyoke St., 
Holyoke, Mass.); son of Jonathan of 
West Springfield, Mass., b. there 1645, d. 
there May 21, 1741 (m. Mrs. Susan Worth- 
ington, widow of Nicholas Worthington); 
son of FraiiClS of Dorchester, Mass., b. in 
Eng., came to Dorchester 1640, removed 
to Springfield, Mass. (m. 1644, Abigail, dau. 
of Henry Hurt, who was clerk of the writs 
in Springfield). 

Waierville, Me., b. at Portland, 
Me., Sep. 9, iS40, prof, modern languages 
and librarian at Colby Univ., pres. Me. 
Pedagogical Soc, grad. Colby Univ. 1S62 
(m. Ian. 3, 1S05, Mary S., dau. of Ralph H. 
Hascill, and gr.-dau. of Rev. Daniel Ilas- 
call, founder of Madison Univ.); son of 
Winslow of Portland, Me., b. at Windham, 
Me., Oct. 4, iSoi.d. at Waterville Apr. 17, 
1889, merchant, joint author of " Record of 
the Descendants of Hate Evil Hall"(m. 
May 7, 1S37, Eunice M., dau. of Elkanah 
Harding, third in descent from Joseph, b. 
at Eastham about 1629, whose wife, Bethia, 
was gr.-dau. of Francis Cook, signer of 
the "Mayflower" compact 1620); son of 
Daniel of Falmouth, Me., b. at Dover, N. 
H., Feb. 15, 1707, d. at Falmouth Nov. 27, 
1797 (m. Apr. i, 1733, Sarah Furbush of 
Kittery, N. IL, d. Mar. 2, 1790); son of 
Hate Evil of Dover, N. II. , drowned in 
early manhood (m. Mercy Cromwell); son 
of John of Dover, N. IL, b. in Eng., d. at 

Dover about 1633, town clerk, commis- 
sioner, selectman, deacon (m. Elizabeth . 
Leighton or Layton, dau. of Thomas); son 
of John of Dover, N. H., b. in Eng., came 
to Dover about 1650. 

KNYPE RS, SAMUEL S. of St. Albans, 
W. Va.,b. at New York city Dec. 25, 
1859, came to West Va. 1879, merchant, 
interested in journalism, recorder of St. 
Albans twice (m. Feb. 10, 1SS2, Minnie, 
dau. of Joseph A. Smith and gr.-dau. of 
Allen M. Smith, a leading capitalist of 
Kanawha co.); son of Gerard US A. of New- 
York city, b. there Nov. 19, 1826, d. there 
Sep. 14, 1875, active in native American 
politics (m. Dec. 17, 1S56, Mary J., dau. of 
George IL and Sarah M. [Craig] Rogers); 
son of Samuel I. of New York city, b. 
there Mar. 8, 1795, d. there 1870, physician 
(m. 1S14, Amelia Ann, dau. of John Van 
Zandt and gr.-dau. of Peter Pran Van 
Zandt); son of Gerard US A., b. in Island 
Curacoa Nov. 16, 1766, d. at New York city 
June 28, 1833, came to New York 1769, 
licensed as Dutch Reformed minister by 
particular synod N. Y. 17S7, oidained at 
Ilackensack as collegiate minister 17SS, 
pastor N. Y. Collegiate Church 1789, 
preached last Dutch sermon when the 
church took up English (m. May, 17S9, 
Elizabeth Schuyler); son of Wariiiulilus 
C, b. in Holland, d. at Ilackensack, N. J., 
settled on Island Curacoa, chaplain to king, 
came from Curacoa to Rhinebeck 1769, 
preached there and at Ilackensack, Dutch 
Reformed minister. 

VJ Newton, Lower Falls, Mass., b. there 
June 18, 182S, grad. Rensselaer Pol. Inst. 
1S49. M. D. Harvard 1859, med. officer 
18G1-65 (m. Sep. 29, 1S57, Mary Wyer, 
dau. Henry and Elizabeth F. [Tracy] Loring 
and gr.-dau. of John Tracy of Newbury- 
port, Mass.); son of Lemuel of Newton, 
Lower Falls, Mass. , b. at Dorchester, Mass., 
Mar. 2, 1791, d. at Boston, Mass., Aug. 18, 
1868, paper manufacturer at Newton 1S25- 
68 (in. Aug. 1, 1S27, Mrs. Mary Ann Dodge, 
dau. of Thomas Clark, an engraver of 
Liverpool, Eng.); son of John Sliepard of 



Milton and Dedliam, Mass., b. at Milton, 
Mass., 1767, d. at Dedham, Mass., Jan. 7, 
1S33 (m. Sep. 9, 1790, Hannah, dau. of 
Elhanan and Rebecca [Belcher] Lyon of 
Stoughton, Mass.); son of Jedediah of 
Milton, Mass., b. there Oct. 9, 1727, d. 
there Sep. 28, 17S1 (in. Jan. 3, 1754, Chloe, 
dau. of Gen. John and Rebecca Shepard of 
Stoughton); son of Timothy of Milton, 
Mass., b. there Dec. 3, 1689, d. there Dec. 
26. J 775 (m. Dec. 24, 1712, Mary Triscoll); 
son of Timothy of Milton, Mass., b. at 
Milton or Dorchester Oct. iS, 1666, d. at 
Milton Aug. 15, 1739 (in. Feb. 10, 168S, Ruth 
Riol); son of Teagiie of Milton, Mass., b. 
in Ireland, d. in Milton Jan. 3, 1695, aged 
55 years (m. 1665, Mary, dau. of Robert 
Spurr of Dorchester). 

Buffalo, N. Y., b. there Nov. 7, 1845, 
banker, for many years cashier of the 
Farmers and Mechanics' Bank of Buffalo 
(m. Jan. 6, 1875, Mary Tenny, dau. of 
Amos A. Blanchard and gr.-dau. of William 
Tenny of Hanover, N. H.); son of Elbridge 
Gerry of Buffalo, N. Y., b. at Sumner Hill, 
N. Y., Feb. 24, 1S09, lawyer with a large 
practice, but 1852 engaged in the banking 
business, in which he is now engaged, 
member of Congress during the Civil war, 
author of the " Legal Tender and National 
Bank Acts" (m. Sep. 5, 1S42, Nancy Selden, 
dau. of Samuel Strong of Windsor, Ct.); 
son of Edward of Sumner Hill, N. Y., b. 
at Lyndeborough, N. II., Nov. 19, 1764, d. 
at Alexander, N. Y., Sep. 14, 1845, farmer 
(m. Oct. 30, 178S, Mehitabel, dau. of Rev. 
Sewall Goodrich of Lyndeborough); son of 
Levi of Lyndeborough, N. H., b. at Not- 
tingham, West N. II., Oct. 23, 1737, d. at 
Plainlield, N. Y., Mar. I, 1S25, served in 
the Revolution at the battles of Bunker 
Hill, Trenton, Valley Forge, and at the 
surrender of Lord Cornwallisat Yorktown, 
he received an honorable discharge from 
the War Dept., and received a captain's 
pension as long as he lived (m. 1758, Anna 
Burn); son of Edward of Nottingham, N. 
H., b. at Chelmsford, Mass., Mar. 8, 1707, 
d. at Nottingham, himself and wife Eliza- 
beth sold a piece of land of seventy-five 

acres to Joseph Pierce Oct., 1766 (m. Eliza- 
beth); son of Ebenezer of Chelmsford, 
Mass., b. there Jan. 13, 16S3, d. at Hudson, 
N. II., cooper (m. Anna); son of Edward 
of Chelmsford, Mass., b. there about 1635, 
d. there Jan., 1708, rep. to the Gen. Court 
1691, his grave-stone remains standing in 
the Chelm. burying ground near the main 
entrance (in. Nov. 22, 16S1, by Gov. Endi- 
cott, Margaret Barrett); son of Edward of 
Braintree, Mass., b. in Eng., d. at Chelms- 
ford Feb. 26, 1670, first of the family in 
America, supposed to have settled in Mass. 
colony 1630-3 (m. about 1632, Margaret). 

KING, ALFRED of Portland, Me., b. 
there July 2, 1S61, grad. Portland 
High Sch. 1S79, Colby Univ. 1S83, Medical 
Sch. of Me. 1SS6, city physician 18S7-90, 
adjunct instructor in Portland School of 
Medicine, adjunct surgeon Me. Gen- 
eral Hospital (m. Oct. 26, 1S87, Nellie 
Grace, dau. of Warren M. and Lucretia 
A. [Gary] True of Waterville, Me., he, 
Warren, was the son of Samuel and Jane 
[Beal] True, son of William and Abigail 
[Wheaton] True); son of Marquis Fayette 
King of Portland, Me., b. at Oxford, Me., 
Feb. iS, 1S35, photographist, Active mem- 
ber of the Supreme Council A. and A. S. 
Rite and Past Grand Master of the Masons 
in Me., honorary member of the Old Col- 
ony Historical Society, member of Maine 
Historical Society, president of the Maine 
Genealogical Soc, served in both branches 
of City Council, mayor of Portland, mem- 
ber of the Executive Council of Maine (m. 
Mar. 8, 1S56, Frances Olivia, dau. of Sam- 
uel Pomeroyand Sabrina[Perkins] Plaisted 
of Portland, son of Samuel and Susan 
[Hight] Plaisted, son of Samuel and Eliza- 
beth [Hart] Plaisted, son of William and 
Jane [Hight] Plaisted, son of Elisha and 
Hannah [Wheelwright] Plaisted, son of 
John and Mary [Pickering] Plaisted, son 
of Roger and Olive Plaisted of Berwick, 
Me., he, Roger, was killed by the Indians); 
son of Samuel Hall King of Portland, 
Me., b. at Paris, Me., Feb. 4, 1799, d. at 
Portland May 6, 1S64, housesvright, farmer, 
settled in that part of Hebron which is 
now Oxford, served both towns as select- 



man, chairman of the first board of Oxford, 
prominent in the militia, being promoted 
from the ranks, through every line office 
until he became commander of his regi- 
ment, moved to Portland 1845 and en- 
gaged in trade (111. Oct. 31, 1S24, Eliza, 
dan. of Gilbert and Silence [Cole] Shaw 
of Paris, Me., son of Abner and Abigail 
[Eaton] Shaw, son of John and Han- 
nah [White] Shaw of Middlcboro, Mass.); 
son of Samuel of Paris, Me., b. at 
Raynham, Mass., May iS, 1771, d. at Paris, 
Me., April 26, 1856, housewright, farmer, 
came to Paris 1794, Held several town 
offices, capt. in the militia (m. Mar. 29, 
1798, Sally, dau. of Jonathan and Lydia 
[Haven] Hall of Paris, Me., son of Pre- 
served and Abigail [Whitney] Hall, son of 
Benjamin and Sarah [Fisher] Hall, son of 
Edward and Hester Hall of Rehoboth, 
Mass.); son of (Jcorgeof Raynham, Mass., 
b. there Nov. 27, 1744, d. there Jan. 16, 
1827, farmer, very patriotic, orderly-ser- 
geant in Walker's regiment, of which his 
cousin, John King, was captain, served 
during the entire siege of Boston, later he 
served under Capt. Josiah Crocker in Gen. 
Sullivan's campaign in Rhode Island (m. 
1st, Betty, dau. of Nathaniel and Elizabeth 
[Hall] Shaw of Raynham, son of Samuel 
and Elizabeth Shaw, son of Benjamin and 
Hannah [Rogers] Shaw, son of John and 
Alice [Phillips] Shaw, son of Abraham 
Shaw of Dedham, Mass., m. 2d, Lucy 
French); son of Benjamin of Raynham, 
Mass., b. there Oct. 21, 1720, d. there Dec. 
4, 1803, worthy citizen, prominent in town 
affairs, rep. to the General Court, delegate 
to the Provincial Congress which met at 
Salem 1774, member of the Committee of 
Safety, five sons served in the Revolu- 
tionary war, one, Gains, being killed dur- 
ing a naval engagement on the " Haz- 
ard " (in. ist, Nov. 22, 1743, Abiah, dau. of 
Samuel and Katharine [Dean] Leonard, 
son of Thomas and Mary [Watson] Leon- 
ard, son of James Leonard of Pontypool, 
Wales, m. 2d, 1757, Dcliverence, dau. of 
Joseph Eddy, rn. 3d, Constant, widow of 
Richard Cobb); son of John, b. at Wey- 
mouth, Mass., 1676, d. Oct. 5, 1741, lived 
on the homestead, active business man, 

owned considerable amount of property, 
built the second meeting-house in Taun- 
ton, capt. in the militia, representative (in. 
Feb. 1, 1799, Alice, dau. of Isaac and 
Hannah [Leonard] Dean, son of John and 
Alice Dean, one of the original purchasers 
of Taunton); son of Philip of Weymouth, 
Mass., and Taunton, Mass., b. at Wey- 
mouth about 1645, d. at Taunton Dec. 26, 
1710, held several town offices at Weymouth 
1683, bought of Tared Talbut a farm in 
Taunton, a portion of which is yet by in- 
heritance in possession of his desc, officer 
in the militia, representative, selectman, 
justice of the peace, was buried with mili- 
tary honors (m. Judith, dau. of John Whit- 
man of Weymouth); son of John of New- 
towne 1636,, Sandwich 1637, and Wey- 
mouth 1639, he had at Weymouth land 
joining Joseph Shaw's farm, also ten acres 
bounded on the north, south and west by 
the sea and is known as King's Cove, 
another portion of elevated land not far 
from this cove is called King's Oak Hill, 
he is called seaman in the will of his cd 
wife, was first on the list of Weymouth 
proprietors of Mendon (m. 2d, Dorothy, 
widow of Enoch Hunt, m. 3d, Oct. 17, 
1658, Abigail, widow of William Hatch 
and dau. of John Hewes). 

ville, Tenn., b. in Abbeville co., S. 
C, June 30, 1S52, A. B. WofTord Coll. 
1872, A. M. 1S75, Ph. D. Leipzig Univ. 
1881, prof, of ancient languages in Wof- 
ford Coll. 1S75-81, asst. prof, of ancient 
languages in Williams Coll. 18S1-2, prof, 
of modern languages in Vanderbilt Univ, 
1882-3, prof, of Greek in Vanderbilt Univ. 
1SS3, — editor of "Thucydides "and contri- 
butor to reviews and periodicals (m. Aug. 
12, 1879, Anna Leland, dau. of Warren Du 
Pre, and ^r.-dau. of Rev. Daniel Du Pre, 
and gt.-gr.-dau. of Josiah Du Pr6, a 
Huguenot who came from France); son of 
James Francis Smith of Spartanburg, S. 
C, b. in Laurens co., S. C, Oct. 7, 1S21, 
A. B. Randolph Macon Coll. 1S39, or- 
dained Methodist minister 1841, teacher, 
farmer (m. Aug. 5, 1842, Julianna Forster, 
dau. of Rev. Alexius Mador and Elizabeth 



[Rodgers] Forster, and gr.-dau.of Alexius 
Mador, an indigo planter, surve)'or, sena- 
tor and a member of N. C. State Conven- 
tion called to decide upon adoption of the 
Constitution of the U. S., and gt.-gr.-dau. 
of Thomas Mador, M. D., whose father 
was a London merchant); son of Joltn of 
Laurens co. , S. C, b. at Stony Point, S. C, 
Mar. 15, 1795, d. in Laurens co. Mar. n, 
1861, wealthy farmer and merchant ' (m. 
Jane Franklin, b. in Charles co., Md.,1798, 
d. in Laurens co. Dec, 1S3S); son of Wil- 
liam of Stony Point, S. C, b. near Cul- 
peper C. IL, Va., farmer, merchant (m. 
Lucy Wright, b. near Culpeper 1770, d. at 
Stony Point 1S47). 

pREEN,- JESSE COPE of West Ches- 
vl ter, Pa., b. at Birmingham, Pa., Dec. 
13, 1S17, grad. Pa. Coll. of Dental Surg. 
1865, pres. of State Dental Soc. 1883, 
member and sec. of the State Dental ex- 
amining board since its organisation 1S76, 
organized 1S57 a movement to establish 
district school libraries, for which the State 
law made no provision, as district treasurer 
he devoted a portion of his commissions 
for the purchase of books, afterward was 
its pres., pres. and one of the organizers 
of the West Chester Microscopical Soc., 
now the Chester County Academy of Arts 
and Sciences, volunteer observer and re- 
porter of meteorological and United 
States signal service observations for the 
Smithsonian Inst, since 1855 and also for 
the Pa. State weather service, his paternal 
and maternal ancestors have consecutively 
for more than 200 years been members of 
the Society of Friends or Quakers, and 
some suffered imprisonment and fines for 
adhering to their religious views (m. Sep. 
30, 1845, Alice \V., dau. of Edward and 
Tabitha Shields of West Chester, and had 
four children: Clara, b. Dec. 23, 1848 [m. 
Patterson Du Boisj see lineage in this vol.], 
Mary, b. Aug. 11, 1S52 [m. Jan. 6, 1883, 
William T. Elliott, lawyer of Phila., Pa.], d. 
Oct. 1, 1886, Edith, b. Dec. n, 1S55, d. Feb. 
8, 1859, and William II. , b. Jan. 23, 1S64); 
son of William of West Chester, Pa., b. 
at Birmingham Dec. 18, I7<jr, d. at West 
Chester Apr. 19, 1881, resided in Birming- 

ham until 1841, removed to West Chester 
1845 (m. Mar. 5, 1817, Phebe, b. June 
2 5- J 797. dau. of Peter and Phebe [Malin] 
Matton. and had three children: Jesse C, 
Edith II. , b. Mar. 10, 1822, and Annie, b. 
Dec. 10, 1S33 [in. M.W. Forstcr, D. D. S..M. 
D., of Baltimore, and had 3 ch.: Mat- 
thew, Dr. William G., m. Emma Hopper, 
and Isabel], he, Peter Ilatton, was a twin 
brother of Joseph Ilatton of Concord, Pa., 
and was b. Feb. 19, 1757, m. Apr. 3, 17S3, 
d. Apr. 16, 1837, son of Peter and Sarah 
[Pyle] Ilatton, m. Oct. 13, 1 75 1 , son of 
Peter and Hannah [Yearsley] Ilatton, b. 
June 14, 16S4, in. fan. 13, 1717, d. Nov. 6, 
1758, she, Phebe Malin, was b. Nov. 1, 
1762, d. July 28, 1S47, dau. of Gideon and 
Phebe [Bowman] Malin, b. 1725, d. Nov. 
26, 1796, 111. Mar. 2S, 1754, son of Jacob 
and Susanna [Jones] Malin, b. July 7, 1686, 
d. 1727, in. 1710, son of Randall Malin of 
Great Barrows, Chester, Eng., came to Pa. 
abt. 1682, settled in Del. co., Pa., where he 
d. 1730, Phebe Bowman was the dau. of 
Henry and Hannah Bowman of Derby- 
shire, Eng., son of Cornelius Bowman of 
Eng., b. Sep. 12, 1666, son of Henry Bow- 
man, d. Mar. 5, 1 7 14, son of John Bow- 
man, d. Oct. 31, 1661); son of Jesse of 
Birmingham and West Chester, Pa., b. at 
Birmingham Apr. 23, 1757, d. at East 
Bradford, Pa., Mar. 12, 1S44, farmer (m. 
1st, Jan. 14, 17S9, Edith, b. Aug. 4, 1765, 
d. Dec. 20, 1 791, dau. of William and 
Sarah [Dickinson] Thatcher and had 
one child: William Green, he, William 
Thatcher, was b. Dec. 7, 1736, m. May 4, 
1757, d. Feb. i, 1807, farmer, son of Rich- 
ard and Edith [Grubb] Thatcher, farmer, 
m. Nov. 23, 1734, d. 1763, son of Jonathan 
and Hannah [Dicks] Thatcher, farmer, b. 
Dec. 15, 1667, m. abt. 1700, d. 1750, son of 
Richard Thatcher, d. abt. 1722, she, Sarah 
Dickinson, was b. Jan. 9, 1734, d. Aug. 7, 
1S17, dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth [Miller] 
Dickinson, in. Aug. 25, 1732, at Lancaster 
co.,Jessem. 2d, Mar. 12, 1795, Mary Cope, 
d. July 27, 1332, and had three children: 
John, Edith and Samuel C); son of Rob- 
ert of Birmingham, Pa., b. there, d. there 
1790, farmer»(m. June 10, 1756, Hannah, 
d. 1803, daughter of Edward and Ann 


[Whitaker] Clayton, m. Dec. 25, 1713, d, 
1760, son of William and Elizabeth Clayton, 
m. Dec, 16S2, d. 1727, son of William 
and Prudence Clayton, d. 16S9); son of 
Robert of Birmingham, Pa., b. at Con- 
cord, Pa., 1695, d. at Birmingham Mar. 20, 
1779, farmer (m. Sep. 1S, 1724, Rachel, b. 
Sep. 27, 1704, d. Feb. 17, 1751, dau. of 
John and Sarah [Pyle] Vernon, m. 1702, 
son of Robert and Elinor [Minshall] V., 
he, Robert V., came from Chester, Eng., 
to Pa. 1682); son of Thomas, b. in Eng., 
d. at Concord 1713 (m. Sarah); son of 
Thomas of Concord, Pa., b. in Eng., d. at 
Concord 1691, came from Eng., arrived at 
Pa. May 11, 1686, and settled at Concord 
(m. Margaret). 

of Burlington, Vt., b. .there Dec. 10, 
1626, grad. Univ. of Vt. 1847, editor of 
"Burlington Free Press" 1S53-90, lieut. 
co. C, 12th Vt. vols. 1862-3, and A. D. C. 
on staff of 2d Vt. brigade, senator 1869-70, 
pres. Vt. and Boston Telegraph Co., post- 
master of Burlington, cor. sec. Vt. Hist. 
Soc, pres. Vt. Press Assoc, pres. Vt. Soc 
of Sons of Am. Revolution, author of 
" Vermont at Gettysburg," one volume, and 
"Vermont in the Civil War," two vols. 
State military historian, collector of cus 
toms of the district of Vt. (m. 1st, Oct. 27 
1853, Mary Ann, dau. of Edward and Abi 
gail F. [Warner] Kellogg of Canaan, N 
Y., d. Nov. 9, 1857, m. 2d, Dec. 22, 1S64 
Katharine Almira, dau. of Rev. Dr. Cal- 
vin and Martha [Howes] Pease, he, Dr. 
Calvin Pease, was pres. of the Univ. of 
Vt.); son of George WyllyS Benedict of 
Burlington, Vt., b. at North Stamford, Ct., 
Jan. 11, 1796, d. at Burlington Sep. 24, 
1871, grad. Williams Coll. 181S, prof, in 
Univ. of Vt. 1S23-47, editor "Burlington 
Free Press" 1S53-66, senator 1855-6 (m. 
1st, June 5, 1823, Eliza, dau. of Stephen 
and Elizabeth [Owen] Dewey of Sheffield, 
Mass., m. 2d, Aug. 8, 1842, Evelina, dau. 
of Ebenezer Dimon of Fairfield, Ct.); son 
of Joel Tyler Benedict of Stamford, Ct., 
and Chatham, N. Y., b. Middletown, Ct., 
Sep. 6, 1772, d. at Phila., Pa., Oct. 21, 1S33, 
Presbyterian clergyman (m. Jan. 1, 1795, 

Currance, d. June 4, 1S62, age 90 yrs., dau. 
of Dea. Adin Wheeler of Southbury, Ct.), 
son of Aimer of North Salem, Middle- 
town, New Lebanon and North Stamford, 
Ct., b. at North Salem, Ct., Nov. 9, 1740, 
d. at Roxbury, N. J., Nov. 19, 1S18, grad. 
Yale Coll. 1769, an intelligent, able and 
prominent Cong'l divine, chaplain in the 
Continental army during the Revolutionary 
war (m. Lois, dau. of Dr. Northrop of New 
Milford, Ct.); son of Peter of North 
Salem, Ct., b. at Ridgefield, Ct., Mar. 20, 
1714, d. at North Salem 1787, moderator of 
the meeting which voted to organize the 
first church in North Salem, which was 
then a small settlement, and was deacon 
of that church subsequently (m. 2d, June 
2 3, 1737. Agnes Heaton, dau. of John 
Tyler of Branford, Ct., and widow of Rev. 
Samuel Heaton); son of James of Ridge- 
field, Ct., b. at Norwalk, Ct., Jan. 5, 1685, 
d. at Ridgefield Nov. 25, 1762, one of the 
original settlers of Ridgefield, Ct., justice 
of the pence of Fairfield co., town repre- 
sentative, author of the first genealogy of 
the Benedict family (m. 1709, Sarah, dau. 
of Thomas and Mary Hyatt of Norwalk, 
Ct.); son of John of Norwalk, Ct., b. at 
Southold, L. I., freeman of Norwalk 16S0, 
and selectman 1680-92-94-99, represented 
Norwalk in the General Assembly 1722-5, 
deacon (m. Phcebe, dau. of John and Sarah 
Gregory of Norwalk); son of Thomas of 
Nottinghamshire, Eng., b. 1617, d. at Nor- 
walk 16S9, was an only son, and the name 
had been confined to only sons for more 
than a hundred years, came to New Eng. 
1638, resided first in Mass. Bay and after- 
ward in Southold, L. I., and Norwalk, Ct., 
deacon in the church of Norwalk (m. Mary 
Bridgum, who lived 100 years). 

HILL, NATHANIEL P. of Denver, 
Col., b. at Montgomery, N. Y., Feb. 
18, 1832, educated at Brown Univ., instruc- 
tor of chemistry there 1856-9, prof, of same 
1S59-64, manager of the extensive busi- 
ness of the Boston and Colorado Smelting 
Co. in Col. 1867-90, U. S. senator 1879- 
S5 (m. July 26, i860, Alice Hale, whose 
father's ancestors were among the early 
settlers of New England, and for several 


(fenerations resided in Newbury and Row- 
Icy, Mass., her mother was a dau. of David 
Johnson and a gr.-dau. of Thomas John- 
son, author of " Letters and Extracts " re- 
lating to early history); son of Nathaniel 
P. of Montgomery, N. Y., b. there Feb. 4, 
1781, d. there May 12, 1842, member of N. 
Y. Assy. 1816-19-20-25, sheriff of Orange 
co. 1821-2, judge of the Court of Com- 
mon Pleas 1831, presidential elector 183G, 
lieut. in Capt. Peter Miliken's cavalry 
which was stationed at Harlem Heights 
during the War of 1812, capt. of the Orange 
co. Huzzars for many years (m. May 24, 
1827, Matilda Crawford, dau. of Moses 
Crawford, for whom the town of Crawford 
was named, and gt. -gr.-dau. of James 
Crawford, one of the early settlers of that 
part of Ulster co. which is now Orange co., 
this family trace its ancestry back to an 
early date when they were Scotch High- 
landers and Covenanters); son of Peter of 
Montgomery, N. Y., b. at Dwaarskill, N. 
Y., 1751, d. at Montgomery Oct. 14, 1795, 
soldier in the Revolutionary war, capt. 
when 24 yrs. old in Col. James Clinton's 
regt., and took part in the defense of Ft. 
Montgomery 1777, when this fort and Ft. 
Clinton were attacked by the British under 
Sir Henry Clinton (m. 177S, Isabella Trim- 
ble); son of Nathaniel of Dwaarskill, N. 
Y., b. in the northern part of Ireland 1705, 
d. at Dwaarskill May 5, 17S0, came to 
America 1730 and settled on the west fron- 
tier of the Scotch-Irish settlement west of 
the Hudson river, large land proprietor, 
member of Capt. John Bayard's company 
of militia of the Wallakill 173S (m. 1746, 
Susanna Armstrong, who came to America 
from Caven, Ireland, abt. 1730, with two 
sisters, one of whom had previously m. a 
Mr. Hunter and the other Mr. Gillespie, 
they all settled in the vicinity of the 
Dwaarskill, and were the progenitors of 
large and respectable families). 

Louis, Mo., b. at Port Byron, N. Y., 
Dec. 10, 1847, elected prof, in Wash. Univ. 
1S74, pres. St. Louis Acad, of Science 1885, 
pres. St. Louis Engineers' Club 1890, direc- 
tor of the Missouri weather service which 

was organized by him 1S77 (m. July I, 1873, 
Matilda Aikins, a desc. on her mother's 
side from Oliver Cope of Wiltshire, Eng., 
who came to Pa. abt. 1688); son of Peter 
of Iowa City, la., b, Coxsackie, N. Y., Oct. 
16, 1S09 (m. Dec. 30, 1846, Roxalana P. 
Tilden, a lineal desc. through the Lebanon, 
Ct., branch from Nathaniel Tilden, who 
came to Plymouth colony 1628); son of 
Michael of Brutus, N. Y., b. at Coxsackie 
Jan. 27, 17S3, d. at Brutus Mar. 10, 1859, 
served in the ^Var of 1812 (m. June 27, 
1S06, Maria Clow); son of Michael of 
Caughnawaga or Fonda, b. at Wittenberg, 
Germany, Jan. 2, 1746, d. at Caughnawaga 
Mar. 5, 1S26, came with his father and six 
brothers to America when ten yrs. old and 
settled on the Livingston Manor, corporal 
in the nth Albany co. during the Revolu- 
tionary war, and was present at the surren- 
der of Burgoyne (m. June 20, 1780, Sophia 
Severson); son of Michael Niver of Liv- 
ingston Manor, b. at Wittenberg, d. at 
Livingston Manor, came to America 1756, 
had five sons, namely: Michael, b. at Wit- 
tenberg Jan. 2, 1746, d. at Fonda Mar. 5, 
1826 (m. June 20, 17S0, Sophia Severson, 
b. June 27, 1750, d. Nov. 18, 1824, and had 
two children: Michael and Nicholas), 
David, b. at Wittenberg, d. at Bethlehem, 
N. Y., 1S16 (m. Margaret Wagoner, and 
had six children), George, b. at Wittenberg 
Apr. 23, 1751, d. at Copake, N. Y., Feb. 8, 
1833 (m. 1st, Miss Crysler, and had three 
children, m, 2d, Maria Harder, b. Mar. n, 
1756, d. Dec. 2S, 1S44, and had four chil- 
dren), John, b. at Wittenberg, d. at Johns- 
town, N. Y., had eight children, and Chris- 
topher, b. at Wittenberg, d. in Columbia 
co., N. Y. (m. Elizabeth Crysler and had 
two children). Michael Nipher of Fonda 
had two children: Michael, b. at Coxsackie 
Jan. 27, 17S3, d. at Brutus Mar. 10, 1859 
(m. June 27, 1806, Maria Clow, b. Mar. 8, 
17S8, d. Apr. 24, 1864, and had five chil- 
dren), and Nicholas, b. at Amsterdam, N. 
Y., Jan. 31, 1790, d. at Stephens Mills, N. 
Y., May 21, 1870 (m. Catharine Palmatier, 
d. June 14, 1843, in her 54th yr., and had 
six children). Michael Nipher of Brutus 
had five children, namely: Margaret, b. at 
Coxsackie Feb. 1, 180S, d. at Port Byron 


Oct. 15, 1SS5 (in. Philip Link, and had ten 
children), Peter, b. at Coxsackie Oct. 16, 
1809, resides in Iowa City (m. Dec. 30, 
1846, Roxalana P. Tilden, b. at Port Byron 
July 20, 1S19, and had four children), 
Sophia; b. at Coxsackie July 26, 1S12, d. 
at Port Byron Aug. 4, 1858), Gertrude, b. 
at Johnstown Sep. 5, 1S19, resides in 
Auburn, N. Y. (in. May 2, 1S41, James 
McLaughlin, divorced, had two children), 
and Silas, b. at Fonda Nov. 10, 1824, re- 
moved to California 1S49). Peter Nipher 
of Coxsackie had four children, namely: 
Francis E., b. at Port Byron Dec. 10, 1S47, 
resides at St. Louis, and has five children, 
Lyman T., b. at Port Byron Dec. 19, 1S49, 
resides at Pueblo, Cal., and has one child, 
Stephen S., b. at Throopsville, N. Y., Aug. 
25, 1S51, d. at Port Byron Aug. 17, 1S53, 
and Julia A., b. at Throopsville Dec. 12, 
1S56, resides in Iowa City. 

It Phila., Pa., b. at Cromwell, Ct., July 
10, 1815 (m. Aug. 16, 1843, Mary Jane, 
dau. of Asa Whitney, car-wheel manufac- 
turer of Phila., and had two sons, William 
Wallace Redlield, b. at New York city, 
July 7, iS44,grad. Sheffield Scientific Sch., 
engaged in R. R. surveys in Minn, for 
many years, engaged at present time in 
Minneapolis City Water-Works (m. at 
Waseca, Minn., Emma L., dau. of Oliver 
J. and Jennette E. [Williams] Stoddard of 
Lawrence, Mich.) and Robert Stuart Red- 
lield, b. in New York city, May 2, 1S49, 
educated at Phila. High Sch., engaged in 
car-wheel works of A. Whitney's Sons of 
Phila., sec. of Phila. Photographic Soc. 
(m. Oct. 30, 1877, Mary, dau. of Rene and 
Cynthia Guillou of Phila.); son of William 
C. of New York city, b. at Middletown, 
Ct., Mar. 26, 17S9, d. at New York city 
Feb. 12, 1857 (m. Oct. 15, 1814, Abigail, 
dau. of Eliphalet and Abigail [Shepard] 
Wilcox of Cromwell, Ct., son of Ozias, 
son of John, son of Israel, son of John, 
son of John, one of the first settlers of 
Hartford, Ct.); son of l\>le£ of Middle- 
town, Ct., b. there Jan. 22, 1762, d. there 
Sep. 10, 1802 (m. 17S8, Elizabeth, dau. of 
Jonathan and Mary [Latham] Piatt); son 

of William of Middletown, Ct., b. at Kil- 
lingworth, Ct., Dec. 5, 1727, d. at Middle- 
town, Ct., July, iSi3(m. Jan. S, 1755, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Samuel and Elizabeth [Jatcic] 
Starr, he, Samuel, was son of Joseph, son of 
Comfort, son of Dr. Thomas, sou of Dr. 
Comfort who came to America 1635); son 
of TheopllilllS, Killingworth, Ct., b. prob- 
ably at Saybrook, Ct., 1GS2, d. at Killing- 
worth Feb. 14, 1759(111. Dec. 24, 1706, Pris- 
cilla, dau. of Daniel and Lydia Greenel of 
Saybrook, he, Daniel, was son of Daniel of 
Seaconnet afterward Little Compton, R. 
I., and gr.-son of Matthew Greenel of 
Portsmouth, R. I., 1638); son of James of 
Saybrook, New Haven, Martha's Vineyard 
and Fairfield, Ct., b. abt. 1646, d. at Fair- 
field, Ct., between 1 721-23 (m. prob. 1693, 
Deborah S., dau. of John Sturges of Fair- 
field, Ct.); son of William of New Lon- 
don, d. there 1662, came to Newton, Mass., 
1639, removed to New London between 
1646-53 (111. abt. 1655, Rebecca). 

GRIFFIN, SIMON G. of Keene, N. II., 
b. at Nelson, N. II., teacher, studied 
law and had begun practice at the bar, 
when, at the breaking out of the war, he 
raised a company in Concord, N. H., 
joined the 2d N. II. vols., made lieut. -col. 
and col. of the 6th N. 1L, afterward brig, 
and brev. maj.-gen. in U. S. vols., com- 
manded a division of the 9th corps at the 
surrender of Lee and until the close ofthe 
war, member N. H. Legislature 5 terms, 
speaker of the House 1S67-8, commander 
of the Mass. Commandery of the Military 
Order of the Loyal Legion of U. S. 1887-8 
(m. Jan. 1, 1S63, Margaret Russell Lamson, 
dau. of Charles Lamson of Keene and gr.- 
dau. of Judge Wood of Concord, Mass.); 
son of Nathan of Nelson, N. II., b. there 
Nov. 25, 17S5, d. there Apr. 15, 1872, cele- 
brated teacher, town clerk for many years 
(m. Sep. 11, 1808, Sally, dau. of Nehemiah 
Wright who was in Col. Reed's N. II. regi- 
ment at the battle of Bunker Hill); son of 
Samuel of Packersfield, now Nelson, N. 
H., b. at Bradford, Mass., June 3, 1756, 
d. at Nelson Jan. 29, 1S11, removed from 
Bradford to Temple, N. H., and enlisted as 
a minute-man 1775, was at the battle of 


Hunker Hill, removed to Nelson, where he 
wis prominent in town affairs, deacon of 
«he church, selectman, town clerk, justice 
of the peace, representative to the General 
Court several terms (m. Aug. 13, 1783, So- 
phia, dau. of Rev. Jacob Foster, the first 
permanently settled minister of Packers- 
field); son of Nathaniel of Bradford, 
Mass., b. there, d. there May 24, 1719 (m. 
Jan. 20, 1746, Elizabeth Fails); son of Na- 
thaniel of Bradford, Mass., b. there Sep. 
14, i63o, d. there (m. 1709, Hannah Barker); 
son of John of Bradford and Haverhill, 
Mass., b. at Ipswich, Mass., d. at Brad- 
ford (m. Sep. 17, 1663, Lydia Shatwell, 
dau. of Theophilus Shatwell of Haverhill, 
Mass.); son of Humphrey of Rowley, 
Mass., d. there 1661, removed from Ips- 
wich to Rowley (m. Elizabeth and had five 

N. J., b. at New York city Dec. 26, 
1S51, merchant, member of St. Nicholas 
Club of N. Y. (m. July 28, 1SS6, Alice 
Maud, dau. of Whitman Vassel White, M. 
D. of New York city, and had two children, 
Hester Anne, b. May 20, 18S7, and Henry, 
b. Feb. 1, 1S89); son of Henry of Monis- 
town, N. J., b. at Newark, N. J., Sep. 6, 
1819, d. at Morristown Jan. 25, 1S64, phy- 
sician (m. Dec. 11, 1S49, Hester Anne, dau. 
of Charles Jeremiah Wctmore of Morris- 
town); son of EliaS of Newark, N. J., b. 
Dec. 13, 1770, d. at Newark Mar. 19, 1S46, 
grad. Princeton Coll. 1791, lawyer, pres. of 
State Bank (m. Oct. 14, 1S00, Margaret, 
dau. of Robert Johnston of Dutchess co., 
N.Y.);son of Jacob, grad. Princeton Coll. 

NYE, VALENTINE C, of Hudson, N. 
Y., b. at Sandwich, Mass., Nov. 18, 
1810, d. at Hudson Feb. 22, 1S75, moved 
to Pa., and then to Hudson (m. at Hudson, 
Feb. 17, 1S39, Emmeline, d. Mar. 7, 1887, 
dau. of Harry and Hannah [Fairman] 
Clark and had one dau., Sarah J., who m. 
Edwin T. Hatch, d. Oct. 26, 1889); son of 
Moses of Sandwich, Mass., b. there 1774, 
d. there (m. Aug. 6, 1796, Chloe, b. Apr. 
2, 1774, d. Dec. 31, 1859, dau. °f David 

J 5 

and Temperance [Dimmick] Gifford); son 
of Lemuel of Sandwich, Mass., b. there 
Jan. 29, 1741, d. there 1813(111. Feb., 1744, 
Mary, dau. of David and Thankful [Hatch] 
Dimmick); son of Melatiali of Pocasset, 
Mass., b. at Falmouth, Mass., Apr. 3, 
1719, d. at Pocasset Dec. 23, 1777 (m. Dec. 
18, 1740, Ruth, dau. of Moses and Mercy 
Swift, d. Nov. 29, 1790); son of 3Ielatiah 
of Falmouth, Mass., b. there 1679, d. there 
1749 (m. Dec. 17, 1712, Sarah, dau. of Na- 
thaniel and Sarah [Hatch] Wing); son of 
Ebeuezcr of Falmouth, Mass., b. at Sand- 
wich, d. at Falmouth 1734 (m. Dec. 17, 
1075, Sarah, dau. of Thomas Gibbs); son 
of BciljnUlill of Sandwich, Mass., d. there 
(in. Oct. 19, 1640, Katharine, dau. of 
Thomas and Ann Tupper). 

pOX, JACOB DOLSON of Cincinnati, 
\J O., b. at Montreal, Canada, Oct. 27, 
1S28, parents were both natives of U. S. 
and resided in N. Y. city, and were only 
temporarily absent from U. S. when Jacob 
D. Cox was born, removed from N. Y. to 
Ohio 1846, grad. Oberlin Coll. 1851, set- 
tled at Warren, Ohio, same year, began 
practicing law there 1853, senator 1859, 
brig. -gen. U. S. vols, in Civil war, pro- 
moted major-gen. U. S. vols, at South 
Mountain and Antietam, 1862, permanent 
commandant 23d Army corps 1S65, gov. 
of Ohio 1866-7, removed to Cincinnati, 
sec. of the interior in Grant's cabinet 
1S69, rep. to Congress 1S76 (in. 1849, Helen 
Finney, dau. of Rev. Chas. G. Finney, a 
celebrated Congl. minister and pres. of 
Oberlin Coll.); son of Jacob Dolson Cox of 
New York city, b. there June 10, 1792, d. 
in Cal. Nov. 5, 1S52, architect, builder, 
timber framer, built ship houses at Savan- 
nah for U. S. navy yard, supt. of construc- 
tion of the Ch. of Notre Dame at Montreal 
(m. May 25, 1S21, Thedia Redelia, dau. of 
Joseph and Sarah [Allyn] Kenyon, who 
.vere m. Sep. 27, 1S00, he, Joseph, was b. 
at Stonington, Ct., Sep., 1779, d. at Sandy 
Hill, N. Y., son of Payne Kenyon, see 
vol. i for Kenyon lineage); son of 
Michael of New York city and Albany, 
b. at New York Oct. 23, 176S, d. at New- 
town, L. I., Nov. 21, 1852 (m. Feb. 13, 



1791, Mary, dau. of Jacob, b. Nov. 2, 1736, 
d. May 20, 1779, and Mary [Cook] Dolson, 
who were m. 1763 and had eight children, 
Jacob Dolson, Nicholas, John, Robert M., 
Elizabeth, Michael, Samuel M. and Mary 
Ann); son of Michael of New York city 
(in. abt. 1750, Elizabeth, and had eight 
children, Samuel, Michael, Lewis, Nich- 
olas, Mary, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Cath- 
arine); son of Michael of New York city, 
b. at Hanover, Germany, d. at New York 
city, came to America a young married 
man abt. 1702, the name originally was 
Koch, but was anglicised to Cox, all the 
Coxes of this family lived in the neighbor- 
hood of New York city, and are uncon- 
nected with the Coxes of English ancestry. 

Durham, Ct., b. at Windsor, Vt., 
Oct. 16, 1S53, physician, grad. of E. Med. 
Coll. N. Y. city, where he was prof, of 
chemistry 18S5-7, grad. of Wesleyan Univ. 

1575, A. B., 1885 A. M., non-resident stu- 
dent, Ph. D. of 111. Wes. Univ., member of 
N. Y. City E. Med. Sue, K. of P., S. A. 
R., O. I. II., med. examiner (m. Apr. 21, 

1576, Annie Dering Brown, dau. of Addi- 
son and Mary A. [Willcox] Brown, and 
gr.-dau. of Sylvanus Brown); son of Oliver 
of Middletown, Ct., b. there July 17, 1825, 
gunsmith, contractor for Sharp's Armory 
during entire existence, inventor of parts 
of the gun, member Hartford City Council 
1862, director of Central Nat. Bank of 
Middletown (m. July 23, 1848, Sarah Ann, 
b. July 8, 1825, dau. of Ambrose Clark, b. 
at Middletown 1790, d. at Portland 1S65, 
[son of Ambrose, son of Lamberton], 
Ambrose m. Minerva Root, b. at Scipio, N. 
H., 1S07, d. Oct., i8S7,dau. of Obediah Root 
and Susannah Wilcox, dau. Comfort and 
Consider Wilcox); son of John of Middle- 
town, Ct., b. there Mar. 5, 1797, d. there 

1S74, blacksmith and gun maiui- 
last owner of Markham's Mills 
15, 1S19, Polly, b. at Middlebury 
1795, d. Aug. 17, 1873, dau. of 
Hid Abigail [Northrup] Clark, he, 
served in the Revolutionary war 

Aug. 24, 


(m. Sep. 

Sep. 8, 

Daniel a 


where he was wounded, and received a 

pension); son of Jeremiah of Middletown 

and Portland, b. at Middletown May 13, 
1771, d. at Portland Oct. 1, 1853, black- . 
smith and miller, owner of Markhim'l 
mills (in. Sarah Clark, b. at Haddam 1776. 
d. at Portland Feb. 20, 1S66); son of Jert- 
llliah of Middletown and Plymouth, Ct., 
b. at Middletown Jan. 20, 1735, d. at Ply- 
mouth Nov. 17, 1S27, blacksmith for ship 
iron-work, sergt. in Cook's regt. undti 
Gates, fought in the battles from Ticondc- 
roga to the second battle of Bemis Height!, 
in which he was shot through the head but 
recovered (in. Apr. 20, 1769, Amy Deming, 
b. at Wethersfield, Ct., Sep. 4, 1743, J. 
Mar. n, 1825); son of Jeremiah of Mid. 
dletown, Ct., b. there Feb. 18, 1709-10, d. 
there 1753, blacksmith for ship iron-wotks 
(m. at Eniield 1734, Sarah Meachem, b. at 
Middletown ? abt. 1709, d. at Middletown 
Mar. 30, 17S7, aged 78 yrs.); son of Daniel 
b. in Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 1, 1671 (m. 
Deborah); son of Daniel of Cambridge, 
Mass., b. in England, came to America 
1665, made freeman 1674, removed to Mid- 
dletown 1677, deacon First Congl. Ch. 
1C90, one of the proprietors of the first bell 
which was hung in the meeting-house, 
Nov. 18, 1679 (m. 1st, Nov. 3, 1669, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Francis Wetmore, and had 
two sons, Daniel, above mentioned, and 
James, m. 2d, Patience, dau. of William 
Harriss of Middletown); son of Daniel; son 
of Sir Robert of Nottinghamshire, Eng.,a 
brother of Matthew, mayor of Norwich 
1665, and seventh in desc. from Sir John, 
lord chief justice of Eng., who d. at East 
Markham on St. Silvester's day 1409, who 
is tenth in desc. from Claron de Markham, 
the Saxon chief, of West Markham, the 
first of the name, 1066. 

port, la., b. at Bloomtield, Ct., July, 
1S30, educated at Bacon Acad., learned the 
drug business in Hartford, removed to. 
Iowa 1857, prcs. of the Davenport National 
Bank 10 yrs. (m. Sep. 5, 1S62, Frances A., 
dau. of Zerab and Aii.inda [Moore] Webb, 
both of New Eng. desc); son of Rev. 
John Kates Ballord of Colchester, Ct.,b. 
at Dudley, Mass., Oct. 25, 1795, d. at N. 
V. city Jan. 29, 1856, educated at the 



Hamilton Literary and Theol. Inst., Madi- 
son Univ., ordained minister in Mason- 
ville, N. Y., Nov. 13, 1S27, afterward set- 
tled in Bloomfield, Ct. (m. June 17, 1825, 
Augusta M., dau. of John and Rachel 
(Frccsc] Oilman, son of Jolin, son of Jon- 
athan, son of James, sou of Moses, son of 
Edward the emigrant, who came to Boston 
Aug. io, 163S, and settled at llingham, 
Mass., son of Robert, son of Edward and 
Rose [Rysee] Gilman of Creston, Eng.); son 
of Lvmle of Thompson, Ct., b. at Oxford, 
Mass., May 15, 1774, d. at Thompson June 
7, 1825, soldier in War of iSi2(m. Dec. 4, 
1794, Polly, dau. of Capt. John and Chloe 
[Fuller] Hate, and had eleven children, he, 
John, was son of Jacob, son of Clement of 
llingham, desc. from Clement, the emi- 
grant, who arrived in America Apr. 6, 1635, 
»he, Chloe, is supposed to be the desc. of 
Dr. Samuel Fuller, surgeon of the "May- 
flower"); son of ZtlCCllCtlS of Thompson, 
Ct., h. at Framingham, Mass., 1731, d. at 
Thompson, Ct., Apr., 1S00, soldier in the 
Revolutionary war, and in the last French 
and Indian war 1757-60 (m. 1758, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Tho. and Elizabeth [Gooch] 
Valentine, he, Tho., was son of John 
and Mary [Lynde] Valentine, she, Mary, 
was the dau. of Samuel, son of Simon, son 
of Enoch and Elizabeth [Digby] Lynde, 
she, Elizabeth, was the heiress of Sir Ed- 
ward Digby, executed in London for com- 
plicity in the Gunpowder plot); son of 
William of Framingham, Mass., b. at 
Lynn Apr. 23, 16S6, d. there Oct. 18, 1771, 
admitted to the church 1728 (m. 1st, Debo- 
rah Seiver, m. 2d, Oct. 17, 1771, Deborah 
Irony, m. 3d, — , had fourteen chil- 
dren and was eighty-two years old when 
last m.); son of Nathaniel of Lynn, b. 
there, d. there 1721-2, soldier in King 
Philip's war (m. Dec. 16, 1662, Rebekah 
Hudson, d. May 16, 1724, and had nine 
children); son of William of Lynn, Mass., 
b, in England 1602, d. at Lynn 164 1, 
came to America in the ship "James," 
1634 (m. Elizabeth); son of William. Both 
Barrie and Temple in their histories of 
Framingham are in error in recording that 
Joseph Ballord m. Elizabeth Valentine, as 
it is positively known that Zaccheus Bal- 

lord m. her; she, Elizabeth, m. 2d, John 
Ellis, and that Joseph m. Mary Valentine. 
Until the early part of this century this 
name was spelled Ballord, latterly it is 
more generally written Ballard. 

apolis, Minn., b. in Chester co., Pa., 
Mar. 14, 1S4T, has three brothers, Charles, 
John and E. Evans (m. Dec. S, 1S68, Kate 
L. Patten of New England parentage); son 
of JaillCS of Newtown Square, Pa., b. in 
Chester co., Pa., iSu.d. at Newtown Square 
Mar. 9, 1S83 (m. Mar. 12, 1S40, Hannah 
Hood, desc. of John Hood of Leicester co., 
Eng., and of Phila., 16S4); son of William 
of Chester co., Pa., b. there Feb. 17, 1785, 
d. there 1834 (m. 1S10, Sarah Evans, desc. 
of Evan Evans who settled in Chester co., 
Pa., 1722); son of .lames of Chester co., 
Pa., b. there 1745, d. there Apr. id, 1S15 
(m. May 28, 1778, Rachel Burns); son of 
David of Chester co., Pa., b. 1719, d. in 
Chester co., Pa., 17S9 (in. Aug. 28, 1744, 
Agnes Longhead). 

VAUX, GEORGE of Philadelphia, Pa., 
b. there April 30, 1S32 (m. Oct. 5, 
1S59, Sarah II., dau. of Levi and Naomi 
[McClenachan] Morris, gt.-gr.-dau. of 
Capt. Samuel Morris, a Revolutionary offi- 
cer and desc. on her mother's side from 
Thos. Lloyd, deputy gov. of Pa. under Wil- 
liam Pcnn); sonof Ueorg'e of Phila., Pa., b. 
near Valley Forge, Pa., Nov. 26, 1779, d. 
at Phila. Jan. 17, 1836, lawyer, grad. of 
Yale Coll. (m. Mar. 14, 1809, Eliza H., dau. 
of William and Susanna [Head] Sansom of 
Phila., and gr.-dau. of Samuel Sansom); 
son of James of Valley Forge and Phila., 
b. at London, Eng., Nov. 28, 1748, d. at 
Phila. Oct. 6, 1S42, farmer, introduced the 
cultivation of the red clover into America, 
one of the first in the introduction of an- 
thracite coal, came to America 1771 (m. 
fan. 9, 1777, Susanna, dau. of Jeremiah 
and Mary [Head] Warder of Phila.); son 
of George of London, Eng., b. at Rcigatc, 
Eng., May 16, 1721, d. there Mar. 17, 1303, 
surgeon (m. Sep. 19, 1745, Frances, dau. 
of Jeremiah and Susanna [Ayre] Owen of 
London, Eng.); son of ©eorge of Reigate, 



Eng., b. there Nov. 30, 1680, d. Dec. 8, 
1741, physician (in. Nov. 19, 1719, Martha, 
dau'. of Rdbcrt and Elizabeth Shergold of 
Salisbury, Eng.); son of George of Rci- 
gate, Imilj., d. 170;, physician, his gr.-dau., 
Anne Vaux, m. William Penn, Jr.,gr.-son 
of William Penn, the founder of Pa. (in. 
Sep. 26, 1678, Lydia Hitchcock); son of 
George of Great Baddow, Essex, Eng. 
(m. Mary); son of George of Caversham 
and Westminster, Eng. (m. Elizabeth). 

I Y.HAN, BEMENT of Indianapolis, 
J Ind., b. at New Albany, Ind., Sep. 
30, 1S49 (m. Oct. 13, 1S79, Etta Louise, 
dau. of lames and Julia [Crooks] Spears 
of Lafayette, Ind.); son of George of New 
Albany, Ind., b. at Berkshire N. Y., Oct. 
14, iS r 3 (111. Dec. 31, 1889, Sarah Marga- 
ret, dau. of Josiah and Sarah Hitchcock of 
New Haven, Ct.); son of No.lll of Berk- 
shire, N. Y., b. at Durham, Ct., Dec. 26, 
1773, d. at Berkshire Feb. iS, 1S15 (m. 
Nov. 12, 1795, Lucy Bishop, b. at Guil- 
ford, Ct., Sep. 4, 1774); son of Noah of 
Durham, Ct., b. there, bapt. at Durham, 
June 21, 1747; son of Noah of Durham, 
Ct.,b. there, d. there, bapt. at Durham, Jan. 
24, 1713; sou of Noah of Durham, Ct., b. at 
Northampton, Mass., 16S6, d. at Durham 

172^; son of Thomas, b. 1649, d. 1725; 
son of Richard, d. 1662; son of Richard, 
b. 1580, d. abt. 1640. 

KINGMAN, HENRY of Tientsin, 
China, b. at Boston, Mass., Dec. 2, 
1S63, grad. Colby Univ. 18S4, Hartford 
Theol. Scm. 1SS7, sent to China as mis- 
sionary by A. B. C. F. M. 18SS (m. Mar. 
19, 1890, Annie Lees); son of Afoncr of 
Boston, Mass., b. at Providence, R. I., 
Feb. 5, 1814, d. at Boston Nov. 1, 1880, 
an East India merchant, many, years con- 
nected with the American house of Gossler 
& Co. (m. June 29, 1854, Sarah Jane An- 
derson, dau. of Rev. Rufus Anderson, 
D. D., for many years foreign sec. of 
American board of missions); son of Abncr 
of Providence, R. I., b. at Middleboro, 
Mass., June 20, 1772, d. at New Haven, 
Ct., Aiijj., 1833, teacher, deacon of Congl. 
ch. in Providence 22 years (in. 1793, 

Lydia, dau. of Thomas Paddock, son o( 
Joseph, son of John, son of Zech.iriah whn 
came over as a minor in the " Mayflower" 
1620); son of Aimer of Bridgewater, b. 
there 1735, d. 1812, parish clerk of church 
in Bridgewater, minute-man in Revolution- 
ary war (m. Susanna, dau. of Josiah Lean- 
ord and had twelve children); son of John, 
b. 1703; son of John, b. 1664, d. 1755; son 
of Henry of Weymouth, b. in Eng. 1O1O, 
d. 1690, came to America from England 
1630, rep. to Gen. Assembly 1638-52. 

York city, b. at Brooklyn, L. L, Feb. 
iS, 1S60 (m. May 26, 1SS7, Margaret Wit 
Hams, dau. of Henry B. and Martha 
[Barkley] Mead); son of Nathan Gillctt 
Pond of Milford, Ct., b. at New York city 
May 31, 1S32, merchant (111. Nov. ri, 1856, 
Sophia M., dau. of Benjamin and Sophia 
[Misplee] Mooney, desc. of Col. Hercules 
Mooney of the 6th N. II. regt. during the 
Revolutionary war); son of Charles llobliy 
Pond of New York city, b. at Milford, Ct., 
Sep. 29, 1S07, d. (here July 29, 1S60, whole- 
sale grocer (in. Sep. S, 1831, Martha, dau. 
of Capt. Nathan and Charissa Gillett, and 
gr.-dau. of John W. Gillctt, a member of 
Capt. Samuel Peck's company during the 
Revolution); son of Adam of Milford, Ct., 
b. there July 12, 17S3, lost at sea 1822, 
brother of Gov. Charles Hobby Pond of 
Ct. (m. Dec. 31, 1806, Sarah, dau. of Eph- 
raim Strong, a member of Col. Tliad. 
Cook's regt. during Revolutionary war, 
and a desc. of Elder John Strong of North- 
ampton, Mass.); son of Charles of Mil- 
ford, Ct., b. there 1744, d. there May 18, 
1S32, soldier in the Revolution, crossed 
Delaware with Washington, was at siege 
of Boston, Long Island, and White Plains, 
capt. in Col. Webb's regt., member Soc. 
Cincinnati (m. Martha Miles, desc. of 
Richard Miles, Alex. Bryan, settlers of 
Milford, 1639, and of Roger Newton, 
Thomas Hooker, and Wm. Whiting); son 
of Peter of Milford, Ct., b. at Branford 
Jan. 22, 171S, d. at Milford 1765, fur trader 
in Canada and Detroit 1761 (m. Mary, 
dau. of Zacliariah and Mary [Hobby] Hub- 
bert, and gr.-dau. of Sir Charles Hobby, 


knighted 1698 for bravery at Jamaica); son 
Of Samuel, b. Jan. 22, 171S (m. Abigail 
Goodrich); son of Samuel, b. July 1, 1679 
(.n. Miriam Blatchley); son of Samuel, b. 
Mar. 4, 164S (m. Sarali Ware); son of 
SlUllliel, 1st of the family at Windsor, Ct., 

of Bridgeport, Ct., b. at Danbury, Ct.. 
June 22, 184S, wholesale druggist, member 
of the Legislature 1891, director and sec. 
of the Masonic Temple Assoc, past master 
Corinthian Lodge, F. and A- M., member 
of Scientific and Historical Soc, prominent 
member of the board of trade, fire com- 
missioner 2 yrs., road and bridge commis- 
sioner of Bridgeport tin. |unc 22, 1S76, 
Anna May, dan. of Edward Lot and Mary 
Rebecca [Miner] Gaylord, and gr.-dau. of 
Ransom and Pamela [Alcott] Gaylord, and 
had seven children, Edward, Sylvester T., 
Louise May. Nellie Stan, Miner G. and 
Ferris Alcott); sou of Sylvester of Dan- 
bury, Ct., and Knoxville, 111., b. at Dan- 
bury Sep. 12, 1S04, d. at Knoxville June 
15, 187S, physician, removed to Knoxville 
1850(111. Jan. 25, 1827, Angeline, dau. of 
Zadock Starr of Bethel, Ct.);son ofZadock 
of Danbury, Ct., b. there Nov. S, 1777, d. 
at Knoxville July 13, 183S, associate judge, 
rep. to the Gen. Assembly 1824-5 ( nl - Phebe, 
dau. of Thomas P. White, and gr.-dau. of 
Rev. Ebenezer White, the second Congl. 
minister in Danbury, and gt.-gr.-son of 
Thomas White, who came to America in 
the "Mayflower"); son of Ezra of Dan- 
bury, Ct., b. there May 25, 1724, d. there 
Feb. 5, 1823, aged 98 yrs. 8 mo. 10 da., 
officer of a company in the Revolutionary 
war (in. 1st, Ann, dau. of Benjamin Bar- 
nnra and gr.-dau. of Richard Barnum, gt.- 
gr.-dau. of Thomas Barnum, one of the 
first eight settlers of Danbury 16S4-5, m. 2d, 
Elizabeth [Coe] Burt); son of Nathaniel, 
b. at Stamford (m. Abigal Barnum, the 
first white female child b. at Danbury, and 
had six sons, Nathaniel, Nathan, Abra- 
ham, Timothy, John and Ezra, and two 
daus. Ruth and Hannah); son of Benjamin 
of Danbury, Ct., b. piob. at Stamford abt. 
1650, d. at Danbury 1735, removed 1680 

to a place called Hop Grounds, which is 
now in Bedford, but at that time was under 
jurisdiction of Stamford, between 1700-10, 
he and his sons, with two of the Wildman 
family, went to Danbury, where they set- 
tled; son of Thomas of Stamford, Ct., d. 
there 1658, had live sons, Obadiah, Th'os., 
Benjamin, Ephraim and Joseph; Obadiah 
and Benjamin were each granted a house 
lot, 1676, by the town of Stamford, for 
services rendered against the common 

Franklin, Pa., b. at Custaloga, 
Pa., May 19, 1S30, grad. Allegheny 1S52, 
A. M. 1855, lawyer, member of commis- 
sion to revise the revenue laws of Pa. (m. 
June 20, 1S60, Francis Helen, dau. of 
Richard and Hannah White [May] Irwin, 
and gr.-dau. of Rev. llezekiah and Mar- 
garet [White] May, she, Margaret, was a 
desc. of Peregrine White); son of Charles 
11. of Custaloga, Pa., b. at Chestnut Hill, 
Phila., Mar. 5, 1799, d. at Custaloga Dec. 
16, 18S3, educated at Univ. of Pa., farmer 
and surveyor, county auditor, county sur- 
veyor (in. March 2, 1S26, Mary Ann, dau. 
of James and Rachel [Black] Adams of 
English ancestry on father's side, anil 
Scotch-Irish on the mother's); son of Chris- 
topher of Chestnut Hill, and Custaloga, 
Pa., b. at Springfield, \\\., Apr. 7, 1770, d. 
at Custaloga Feb. 9, 1S56, grad. from uwd. 
dept. of Univ. of Pa. 1792, physician at 
Philadelphia hospital, member of the cabi- 
net of sciences of Phila. (m. Apr. 13, 1793. 
Mary, dau. of Capt. Peter Care); son of 
Abraham of Springfield, Pa., b. at Fred- 
erick township, Pa., Nov. 5, 1742, d. at 
Springfield Aug. 30, 1826, merchant, far- 
mer (m. May 4, 17(17, Susanna, dau. of 
Christopher and Mary [Schultz] Veakle); 
son of Baltliasar of Frederick township, 
Pa., b. at Harpersdorf in the principality 
of Liegnitz in Silesia, d. at Frederick 
township Jan. 12, 1753, he and his ances- 
tors for two hundred years were of the 
people called Schwenkfelders, followers 
of Casper Schwenkfeld, one of the leaders 
of the reformation in Silesia, for which, 
several of the Heydrick family of different 


generations were the objects of persecu- 
tion, George Hejftlrick, author of " A Con- 
fession of Faith," ami of some liyinns, 
was incarcerated in Liegnitz prison from 
1650-S (111. May 15, 1741, Mary, dau. of 
Christopher llolfrichter, a Schwenkfclder, 
and a desc. of Balthasar IIouTichtcr, one 
of the deputation maintained by that people 
at the court of Charles VI); son of Mel- 
clioirof llarpcrsdoif, Lower Silesia, Ger- 
many, b. there 16S3, d. there (m. Barbara 

HATCH, JOHN of Greenland, N. II., 
b. at Portsmouth, N. II., Jan. 1, 
1S49, lawyer of Portsmouth) member of 
Legislature iSyo-So.of Senate 1SS5, resides 
on the old homestead, commander DeWitt 
Clinton Commandery, K. T. (m. June 30, 
1S72, Alice C, dau. of Rev. George Hen- 
ton, an Episcopal missionary to the island 
of Crete); son of Albert lloytcr Hatch of 
Portsmouth, N, II., I), at Greenland Oct. 
10, 1S17, d. at Portsmouth Mar. 4, 1SS2, 
grad. Howdoin Coll., studied law with 
Hon. Ichabod Bartlett, admitted to the bar 
Sep.,iS.ii, remained in active practice until 
death, clerk of Circuit Court 1S4S-73, mem- 
ber of House of Rep. 1347-S, 1S73-6, 
speaker of House 1S74, commander of De- 
Witt Clinton Commandery, K. T., 25_yis., 
Grand Commandery of State 1S62-3 (m. 
Mai. 23, 1S4S, Margaret R., dau. of Thos. 
and Ann [Miller] Harris, and had four 
children: John, above, Francis M., lawyer 
in Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, Annie 
M. [in. Lieut. J. K. Cogswell, U. S. N.J, 
and Mary A.); son of John of Green- 
land, N. IL, b. there Dec. iS, 17S4, 
d. there Apr. 10, 1S61, one of the leading 
men of the town, member of the House of 
Representatives, 1830-1-2, of State Senate 
1844-5 (m. ^ ov - J 7. 1S16, Ann Simes John 
son); son of Samuel of Greenland, N. II., 
b. at Portsmouth Apr. 3, 1759, <■'• there 
June 7, 1S43, resided at Newington, but 
moved to Greenland 17S4, kept a tavern, 
rep. to Legislature (m. Nov. 16, 1783, Mary, 
dau. of John Pickering, and had four 
children); son of Thomas of Portsmouth, 
N. II. , b. there, d. there 1780, a parishioner 
of Queens chapel, and taxed from 1757-S5 

(m. 1st, Mary, m. 2d, Alice Knight, had eight 
children); son of Samuel of Portsmouth', 
b. there, d. there Aug. 22, 1S16, mariner, - 
supposed to be the Capt. Samuel Hatch 
who commanded the brig "John and 
George " which arrived at Boston from Ma- 
deira and Fayal, June 2, 1712 (m. F.Iiia- 
beth, who in. 2d, Thomas Greenough of 
New Castle); son of John of Portsmouth, 
N. H., b. on the Island of Jersey on the 
coast of Normandy, d. abt. 1701, came to 
America and settled at Portsmouth prub. 
1GS9-90, owner of a house in Portsmouth, 
valued at £170 in probate papers, he ap. 
pears to have been first officer of the shij> 
" Suttross," 1CS4, and first officer of the; . 
" Ketch America," (in. Sarah, and had one 
son and two daughters). 

MOOAR, GEORGE of Oakland, Cal., 
b. at Andover, Mass., May 27, 1S30,, 
grad. Phillips Acad., 1S47, Williams Coll., 
A. B., 1S51, A. M. 1S54, D. D. 1863, and 
Andover Thco. Sem. 1855, pastor of South 
Ch., Andover, 1S55-61, 1st Congl. Ch., 
Oakland, 1861-72, Plymouth Ave. Ch., Oak- 
land, 1S74-S9, prof, theol. and church his- 
tory in Pac. Theol. Sem., Oakland, 1870-9, 
assoc. editor " Pacific," San Francisco, 
from 1S63-90 (111. Oct. 5, 1S55, Sarah Ann, 
dau. of Joseph Arnold and Lucy [Clark] 
Comstock of Essex, Ct.); son of Benjamin 
of Andover, Mass., b. there Sep. 3, 1770, 
d. there Jan. 17, 1S55, farmer, carpenter, 
resided for a short time in Greenfield, N. 
IL (m. 1st, Nov. 19, 1795, Lucy Chandler, 
and had nine children, m. 2d, May I, 1S26, 
Susan, dau. of Deacon Asa and Hannah 
[Peabody] Cummings, lie, Asa, was a 
pioneer in the town of Albany, Me., and 
was a desc. of Isaac Cummings of Tops- 
field, Mass., 1641); son of Benjamin of 

Andover, Mass., b. there Oct. 2S, i743>d. 
near Lewiston, Me., 1S28, farmer, moved 
to Me. abt. 1794, and settled with his 
family at Lewiston (m. Sep. 29, 1767, Han- 
nah Phelps, and had ten children); son of 
Benjamin of Andover, Mass., b. there 
Feb. 18, 1715-0, d. there 1777(111. Sep. 16, 
1739, Abiah Hill, and had eight children); 
sou of Timothy of Andover, Mass., b. 
there Sep. 16, 168S, d. there Mar. 6, 1762, 


(inner, held positions of trust (m. 1st, 
Miy 12, 1712, Ainu-, dau. of Jona and 
Aone [Lo*cjoy] Blanchard, and had six 
Children, m. 2tl, Oct. 11, 1746, Mehitabel 
Lovejoy); son of Abraham of Andover, 
Mass., d. there Apr. 12, 1706, one of the 
proprietors of the town (m. Dec. 14, 16S7, 
I'liseilla, dau. of Daniel and Mary [Far- 
ntirnj 1'oor, and had five children, he, Dan- 
iel, was one of the earliest and most sub- 
luntia! settlers of Andover) 

Ohio, b. at Bellbrook, O., Nov. 13, 
1836, educated in the common schools, 
Ipent his youth at service in his father's 
stoic and post-office, in 1SC1 enlisted in the 
three mo. service for defense of the Union 
in CO. II, 2d Ky. inf., re-enlisted for 3 yrs. 
In co. F, 34th O. V. I., partner with his 
lather 21 yrs., justice of peace 20 yrs., 
town clerk 12 yrs., corp. clerk 10 yrs., 
moved to Xenia 1S90 (m. July 25, 1865, 
Sarah E., b. at Bellbrook July 8, 1S40, dau. 
of John G. and Susan [Austin] Conner, 
and had six children, Jesse Grant, James 
Clifford, John Silas, Susan M., Katy C. 
and Edith); son of Silas of Bellbrook, O., 
b. near there Aug. 26, 1803, d. there June 
;o, 1889, learned the cabinet maker and 
undertaker business, started a general 
store 1833 and remained in the business 
until death, town treasurer 43 yrs., post- 
master 31 yrs., justice of peace several 
terms (m. July 20, 1830, Miriam, b. near 
Bellbrook Feb. 5, 1814, dau. of Henry and 
Catherine [Cummings] Opdyke and gr.- 
dau. of Albert Opdyke and Albert Cum- 
mings, and had ten children); son of Joint 
of Kosciusko co., Ind., b. in Md. Nov. 25, 
1775, d. in Kosciusko co. Sep. 25, 1845, 
moved from Md. to Pa., learned the tan- 
ner trade at York, removed to Mason co., 
Ky., and in 1S02 moved near Bellbrook, 
started a tannery, member of Capt. Ammi 
Maltbie's co. of militia during the War of 
1812, moved to Indiana 1838 (m. 1st, Sarah 
Howen, b. in Chester co., Pa., 1777, d. 
near Bellbiook 1S13, and had six children, 
111. 2d, June 29, 1 St 5, Sarah Lewis, born 
in Ind. 1796, d. Dec. 14, 1853, and had 
ten children); son of James of Baltimore 

co., Md., b. prob. in England 1737, d. in 
Mason co., Ky., 1S01, Quaker, resided in 
Md., but finding that this was Lord Balti- 
more's lands, he moved to Huntingdon 
co., Pa., and from there to Mason co., Ky. 
(m. Catharine Baird, of Irish or Welsh 
parentage, b. 1741, d. in Randolph co., 
Ind., 1S1S). 

SON of Brooklyn, N. Y., b. at 
Kingston, N. Y., May. 17, 1834, wholesale 
tea merchant (m. Jan. 20, 1S5S, Laura 
Mail, b. Sep. 29, 1S30, dau. of John Henry 
and Eunice D. [Tonsley] McAlister); son 
of Henry of Kingston, N. Y., b. Oct. 16, 
1791, d. in N. Y. State i860, buried at 
Kingston, spelled his name Hough Taling 
(m. July 7, 1S14, /Vnn Van Bramer, d. 1S70, 
and had seven children); son of Johannes 
of Kingston, N. Y., b. there Nov. 25, 1753, 
d. at Kingston(?) (m. Apr. 20, 1777, Anna 
Margaritta, b. Sep. 4, 1757, dau. of Petrus 
and Rachel [Crispelj Roosa, and had ten 
children); son of Tennis of Kingston, N. 
V., b. there June 30, 1723, d. at Kingston(?) 
(m. Nov. 1, 1747, Elizabeth, bapt. at Kings- 
ton Feb. 4, 172S, dau. of Thomas B. and 
Marretjen Wyncoop, and had nine chil- 
dren); son of AVillielniiis of Kingston, N. 
Y., b. at New York city 1699, d. at Kings- 
ton (in. Nov. iS, 1720, Marretje, b. Nov. 
12, 1699, dau. of Tennis and Sara [Schep- 
moesj Tappen); son of Jail of Kingston, 
N. Y., b. at New York city Mar. 28, 1678 
(m. Maria, dau. of Laurence Jans and Sara 
[Waldron] Colerelb); son of Will em Jans 
Iloogteling (m. Aniantje Samuels); son of 
Jan Willeiusen of Kingston, N. Y., d. 
there 1702, came from Loosdrecht to 
Kingston 1661 in the ship "Jan Baptist," 
appointed shipper at Wiltwyek, now 
Kingston, June IS, 1664, elder in the 
church (m. Barbara). 

Lynn, Mass., b. at Lynnfield Nov. 1, 
1843, lawyer, pres. of Common Council, and 
School Committee, member of Legislature, 
state senator, author of " Gleanings of the 
Family of Adam llawkes," " Semi-Histor- 
ical Rambles," and " By-Paths in Puri- 


tan Footprints " (m. Dec. 2, 1S67, Mary 
Buffum, a descendant of the Salem Buf- 
fums); son of NatllllU I), of Lynnlield, b. 
at Lynn May 4, 1811, d. there Apr. 23 
1850(111. KS42, Tracy Pratt Hawkes, who 
was b. on the homestead which lias been 
in the family in unbroken succession from 
its first occupation by Adam Hawkes, the 
pioneer settler, 1630); son of NalllUU of 
Sangus, Mass,, b. at Lynn, now Sangus, 
Jan. 22, 1775, d. at Sangus Aug. 22, 1S62 
(111. Jan. 22, 1S05, Elizabath Taibell, a 
desc. of John Tarbell of Salem, the leader 
in the removal of Rev. Samuel Parris after 
the witchcraft troubles); son of Niltlltlll of 
Sangus, Mass., b. at Lynn July 1, 1745, d. 
at Sangus Oct. 17, 1S24, selectman 1S05- 
6-7, one of the leading petitioners in the 
formation of the towns of Lynnlield and 
Sangus from the town of Lynn, parish 
clerk (111. Sep. 3, 1769, Sarah Ditchings, a 
desc. of Daniel Ilitchings, a soldier in 
King Philip's war, and held the title to his 
lands under a deed from the Indian Sag- 
amores); son of Moses of Lynn, Mass., b. 
there Mar. 4, 1699, d. there, one of the 
founders of Sangus (m. Apr. 9, 1730, Su- 
sanna Townsend, of kin of Daniel Town- 
send, a minute man, killed by the British 
at Lexington 1775); son of Moses of Lynn, 
Mass., b. there 1659, d. there Feb. 1, 1709 
(m. May 10, 169S, Margaret Cogswell of 
Ipswich, Mass.); son of Job 11 of Lynn, 
Mass., b. there 1632, d. there 1694, first 
male of the family b. in America, active 
citizen and large land-owner (m. 1st, 165S, 
Rebecca, dau. of Moses Maverick, the fust 
magistrate of Marblehead, and Sarah 
[Allerton] Maverick, dau. of Isaac and 
Mary [Norris] Allerton of the "May- 
flower," 111. 2d, Sarah Cushman); son of 
Adam of Lynn, Mass., b. in England abt. 
159S, d. at Lynn 1671, came to America 
with Winthrop and settled in what is now 
known as North Sangus 1638(111. 1st, 163], 
Ann Hutchinson, m. 2d, Sarah Hooper). 

STONE, JACOB of Newburyport, Mass., 
b. there 1S05, d. 1S75, cashier of First 
Nat. Bank many years (m. Eliza Atkins, b. 
in Boston, d. in Newburyport, Mass., 1890, 
desc. from the Atkins and Goodwin fami- 

lies, and had four sons and four daughters: 
Eliza Atkins Stone m. Capt. Charles G. 
Merchant, U. S. A., Louisa Parsons Stone 
of Newburyport, b. there Apr. 19, 1834, 
teacher, poetess, member of the bd. ol 
supervisors of Boston public schools, re- 
sided in New Bedford 25 yrs. [in. 1 S39. 
John Hopkins, b. at Framingham, Mass., 
music dealer of New Bedford, seventh in 
direct desc. from Stephen Hopkins of the 
" Mayflower," and had six children: Fred- 
erick Stone, lawyer in Boston, William 
John, electrical engineer, Louisa May, 
Henry Goodwin, d. young, Prescott An- 
drews, architect, and Helen Isabel]; George 
Frederick Stone, sec'y of Board of Trade, 
Chicago ; Henry Atkins Stone, d. 1S76, 1st 
lieut. 33d [J. S. Col.'d troops; Goodwin 
Atkins Stone, d. 1S63, capt. 2d Mass. Caw; 
Sophia May; Jacob, manager of Nat. Ins. 
Co., Minneapolis ; Sarah Goodwin, d. 
young); son of Jacob, b. at Newburyport, 
d. there, ship-master, merchant (111. Lois, 
dau. of Capt. Jonathan and Hannah [Gyles] 
Parsons, she, Hannah, was dau. of J>.hn 
Gyles); son of John of Newburyport, desc. 
from the Stones of Charlestown and from 
John Stone, an English clergyman, who 
came to America with five sons. 

p RIFPITH, FRANCIS P. of La Grange, 
VX hid., b. at Baltimore, Md., Dec. 19, 
1818, emigrated to Ohio 1S39, to Indiana 
1S52, glad, in medicine at Willoughby 
Univ. 1S45, asst. sec. of Ind. Senate 1861, 
legislator 1S63-5 (in. June 29, 1S43, Sarah 
J. Ball, of a highly-respected family of 
Knox co., Ohio); son of Howard of Bal- 
timore, Md., b, in Montgomery co., Md., 
June 7, 1794, d. at Baltimore 1S66, volun- 
teer soldier War of 1812, engaged in the 
battle of North Point, vice-pres. of the 
Assoc, of Old Defenders of Baltimore, 
merchant, member of the Baptist Ch. (in. 
Nov. 20, 1S17, Ruth Plummer of Fred- 
erick co., Md., her father was of a Quaker 
family and her mother was an Episcopa- 
lian, they emigrated to Ohio 1S25), and 
brothers Capt. Mordecai Griffith of K.y., 
volunteer in War of 1S12, and Major Green- 
bury Griffith of Md., also a volunteer in 
War of 1812; sons of Howard of Mont- 


gomery co., Md., b. in Md. June 7, 1757, 
(]. there, elder in Baptist Ch., farmer, slave- 
owner, universally respected by the whole 
community (m. Feb. 5, 17S2, Jemima 
Jacobs of Md.), and cousin Charles G, 
(son of Henry), colonel in the Revolution- 
iry war, went with his regiment to the I 
succor of Boston after the throwing over- | 
board of the tea in Boston Harbor; son 
of Qroeilbliry (J. of Md., b. there Dec. 31, ! 
1727, d. there, farmer (m. Ruth Riggs of | 
Md.); son of Orlando of Md., b. there, d. I 
there (m. Catharine Howard, of the same 
family as Col. John Eager Howard of 
Revolutionary fame, and had one dau., 
who m. a Duvall of Md.), and brothers j 
Charles and William Griffith; sons of | 
William of Md., d. there (m. Miss Mc- 
Cubbin); the Griffith family is of Welsh j 
origin, and claims direct desc. from Llewel- 
lyn, the last king of Wales, who was be- j 
headed by the English 1282, and was the \ 
sonof Griffith, also kingof Wales. Children j 
of Orlando, who married Catharine How- 
ard, were Henry, Sarah, Greenbury, Benja- 
min, Joshua, Orlando, Jr., Charles H., Lu- 
cretia. Children of Henry Griffith, 1st, and 
1st wife, Elizabeth Dorsey, were Henry, 2d, 
Sarah, Ruth and Charles— (4) ; by 2d wife, 
Ruth Hammond, were Samuel, Philemon, 
John, Joshua, Nancy, Ellen, Ruth, Ra- 
chel— (8). Children of Greenbury G., and 
Ruth Riggs, were Hezekiah, Lydia, How- 
ard, Caleb, Greenbury, 2d, Ruth, Rachel, 
Catharine, Mary and John— (10). Judge 
Hezekiah Griffith Wells, of Kalamazoo, 
Mich., was a grandson of Hezekiah, son 
of Greenbury. Dr. Benjamin W. Griffith, 
of Springfield, 111., is son of Nicholas H., 
who was a son of Mordecai. Children of 
William Griffith, the progenitor of the 
family in America, were Orlando, Charles 
and William. Rev. Alfred Griffith of Balti- 
more, a presiding elder of the M. E. Ch., 
was son of Capt. Samuel Griffith, who was 
son of Henry, 1st. Alfred had brothers — 
Richard, Israel, Henry B., also of Balti- 

DEXTER, JOHN of Smithfield, R. I., 
b. there 1701, d. there, farmer, burner 
of lime; son of Joint of Smithfield, R. I., 

b. there 1670, d. there, farmer, lime burner 
(m. Anna Appleby); son of Stephen of 
Smithfield, R. I., b. at Prov., R. I., 1647, 
d. there 1676, commenced burning lime in 
Smithfield abt. 1670, when the Indian war 
broke out he and his wife and son fled to 
the garrison house in Prov. for safety; son 
of Gregory of Providence, R. I., b. at 
Olney, Eng., 1610, d. at Prov. abt. 1700, 
came to America with Roger Williams, 
one of the leading men of the colony, 
named in the second charter by Charles II 
1663, town clerk, fourth pastor of the first 
Baptist Ch., held many civil offices (m. 
Abigail Fuller); son of Joseph, who settled 
at Killingly, Ct. 

MOWRY, NATHANIEL of Smithfield, 
R. I., b. there Dec. 8, 1774, d. there 
July 6, 1843, aged 69, tavern-keeper at 
Lime Rock from 1817-41 (married Lydia, 
dau. of Jonathan Dexter, and had eight 
children, only one of whom is now living); 
son of Elisha of Smithfield, R. I., b. there 
Mar. 25, 1735, d. there June 28, 1792, one 
of the leading men of his time, farmer, 
merchant in India goods, lieut.-col. during 
the Revolutionary war, in the army of 
observation (m. Lydia, dau. of Jonathan 
Dexter, sixth in desc. from Gregory Dex- 
ter, who came to America with Roger 
Williams 1644, when he brought the first 
charter for the infant colony, see Dexter 
lineage in this vol.); son of Daniel of 
Smithfield, R. L, b. Aug. 17, 1729, one of 
the leading men of this place (m. Aug. 27, 
1749, Anna Phillips); son of John of 
Smithfield, R. I., b. abt. 1700, farmer; son 
of Nathaniel (m. Mar. 24, 1699); son of 
Nathaniel, b. 1644(111. 1666); son of Ro^er 
of Salem, Mass. 

field, Mass., b. at Sunderland, Mass., 
Nov. 13, 1S1S, lawyer, regr. of probate 
1854-5, clerk of the courts since 1856, 
pres. of the Third Nat. Bank of Pittsfield, 
member of Am. Ant. Soc. and various 
historical soc. (m. 1st, Oct. 12, 1842, Har- 
riet, dau. of Dr. Charles Worthington of 
Lenox, Mass., m. 2d, Oct. 1, i%2, LucyN., 
dau. of Henry Raymond, a desc. of Wil- 


Ham Raymond of Beverly, Mass.); son of 
Horace "Wood Taft of Sunderland, Mass., 
li. at Montague, Mass., July I, 17S7, d. at 
Sunderland Mar. 7, 1S68, lawyer, D. C. 
1S06 (m. Aug. 7, LS17, Mary Montague, 
dese. of Richard Montague of Wethers- 
field and afterward one of the founders 
of Iladley, Mass.); son of Lyman of Mon- 
tague, Mass., b. at Mendon, Mass., Mar. 
14, 1763, d. at Montague July 24, 1S33 (m. 
Apr. ir, 17S6, Deborah, dau. of Dexter 
Wood of Uxbridge); son of Samuel of 
Uxbridge, Mass., b. at Upton, Mass., Sep. 
2 3. '735, d. at Uxbridge Aug. 2, 1S16, 
farmer, tavern-keeper, entertained Wash- 
ington on his New England tour while 
President (m. 1st, 175S, Mary, d. Mar. 26, 
17S5, dau. of Benjamin Murdock and had 
iS children, in. 2d, 17S6, Experience 
Hume, d. Nov. 4, 1S36, and had four 
children); son of Israel of Upton, Mass., 
b. at Mendon, Mass., Apr. 26, 1695, d. at 
Upton abt. 1753, farmer (m. Dec. 19, 1717, 
Mercy Aldrich, desc. of George Aldrich of 
Braintreu and had 19 children) ; son of 
Robert of Mention, Mass., b. prob. in 
England, d. at Mendon Apr. 29, 174S (m. 
abt. 1694, Elizabeth) ; son of Robert of 
Mendon, Mass., b. in England, d. at 
Mendon 1724, came from England to 
America after 1670 and settled at Mendon 
(m. in England, Sarah and had five sons). 

dolph, Vt., 1). at Randolph, Vt., 
Jan. 1, 1826, pres. of the Randolph Sav- 
ings Bank, postmaster at W. Randolph 
15 yrs., state senator 2 terms, county 
judge 2 terms (m. Nov. 2, 1847, Abby, 
dau. of Elijah Flint, seventh in desc. 
from Thomas Flint who settled at South 
Danvers), son of James of Randolph, 
Vt., b. at Braintree, Vt., Feb. 27, 1797, 
d. at Randolph Oct. 2, iS82, farmer, 
accumulated a large fortune (m. Nov. 16, 
1820, Sophia, b. at Randolph Nov. 12, 
1S01, d. Mar. 3, 1S61, dau. of Henry 
Brown); son of John of Braintree, Vt., b. 
at Sutton, Mass., Jan. 18, 1766, d. at Brain- 
tree May 29, 1845, farmer, representative 
seventeen times in the Vt. Legislature, 
held many public offices (m. Feb., 1792, 

Lucy Kenny, b. at Sutton, Mass., Sep. 
23, 1771, d. Nov. 2, 1868); son of liar. 
tltoloiliew of Sutton, Mass., b. there June 
28, 1734, d. there 1820, farmer (m. Aug. 
4, 1763, Ruth Haven of Framinghain and 
had ten children); son of Nathaniel of 
Salem, Mass., b. there May 3, 1G9S, d. ai 
Ipswich (m. Mary Conant, ol 
Roger Conant who came from Devonshiir, 
Eng., 1623); son of Benjamin of Salem, 
Mass., b. there, d. there 1733 (m. Nov. 
14, 16—, Jane, dau. of Walter Phillips), 
son of Joseph, b. at Mustham, Eng., 1633; 

son of Richard. 

field, Mass., b. at Hinsdale, Mass., 
Dec. 11, 1S14, grad. Williams Coll. 1842, 
teacher there 1844, also in Lee Acad, and 
in Northampton and Fitchburg High 
Schools, and in Williston Sem. 12 yrs., 
member of the House of Rep. 1S63, presi- 
dential elector 1SS4, supt. of schools of 
Springfield and Fitchburg, agent Mass. 
board of education (m. Aug. 19, 1844, 
Frances, dau. of R. Daniels of Worthing, 
ton, Mass.); son of John of Cummington, 
Mass., b. at Ilolden, Mass., Aug. 24, 
176S, d. at Windsor, Mass., Nov. 22, 1849, 
farmer (m. 1790, Lydia, dau. of Wm. Ray- 
mond of Ilolden) ; son of Elisha of 
Ilolden, Mass., b. there 1744, d, there 
1S14, lieut. in the Revolutionary array, 
deacon (m. Mercy, dau. of John Hubbard 
and gr.-dau. of Jonathan Hubbard, the 
first Hubbard in Concord, Mass.); son of 
Samuel of Holden, b. there 1713, d. there 
1785 (m. 1st, Eunice Woodward, m. 2d, 
Abigail Clark); son of Samuel of Holden, 
b. at Concord 1687 (m. Mary Clark); son of 
Jonathan of Concord, Mass., b. at Glas- 
tonbury, Ct., 165S-9, d. at Concord 1728, 
progenitor of the Middlesex and Worces- 
ter co. Hubbards in Mass. (in. Hannah 
Rice); son of John of Hatfield, Mass., b. 
in Eng. 1630, d. at Hatfield 1702, came to 
America abt. 1634, located at Glastonbury, 
but removed to Hadley and later to Hat- 
field (m. Mary Merriam); son of George 
of Guilford, Mass., b. at Glastonbury, 
Eng., 1595, d. at Guilford 16S3, came to 
America abt. 1634 and located at Wethers- 



fcrld, removed to Milford, Ct., 1644, to 
Guilford 1650, member of the Gen. Court 
1635(111. Mary Bishop). 

of Rochester, N. Y., b. there July 
13. 1S20, lawyer (m. Dec. 14, 1S4S, Mary 
Griswold, dau. of Andrew G. Whitney, 
KC. to Gen. Cass when governor of 
the Michigan Terr.); son of Hawcy of 
Rochester, N. Y., b. at Phila., Pa., Oct. 
*, 1789, d. at Detroit, Mich., Aug. 12, 
1869(111. 1S12, Mary Eleanor, dau. of Col. 
Nathaniel Rochester, founder of Roch- 
ester, N. Y., and had fifteen children, six 
of whom are now living); son of Willi .1111 
of Phila., Pa., b. at Eglinton, near Allen- 
town, N. J., Jan. 30, 1752, d. at Phila. 
Mar, 4, 1831, shipping merchant and im- 
porter (m. Oct. 25, 17S1, Rachel, dau. of 
Sampson Harvey, a merchant of Phila., 
and had ten children); son of James of 
Eglinton, N. J., b. there Feb. 26, 1720, d. 
there 1759-60 (in. May 15, 1746, Esther, 
dau. of John Wood and gr.-dau. of Wil- 
liam Wood, b. in Leicestershire, and came 
to America in the Flie Boat Martha 1677); 
son of Robert of Eglinton, N. J., b. in 
Scotland 10S7, d. at Eglinton 1766, came 
with his father from Brigend, Scotland, to 
America when abt. 15 yrs. of age (m. Feb. 
6, 1709-10, Sarah Stacey); son of William 
of Eglinton, N. J., b. at Brigend, Scotland, 
d. at Eglinton after 1721, came to America 
1701-2, and with his father-in-law, Burnett, 
purchased the land on Doctors creek, 
N. J., and named it Eglinton, after the 
Earl of Eglinton of Ayrshire, Scotland (m. 
Jan. 8, 16S4, Isabel, dau. of Robert Bur- 
nett who came to America from Aber- 
deenshire, Scotland, and was one of the 
proprietors of the Quaker settlement of 
N. J.); son of Hugh of Brigend, Scotland, 
d. 1710; son of John of Brigend, Scot- 
land; son of William of Brigend, Scot- 
land, d. abt. 1652; son of Sir Neil of Lain- 
shaw, Scotland, d. prior to 1621; son of Sir 
Neil of Lainshiw; son of Sir Neil of 
Lainshaw, d. at Irvine 1547; son of Hugh, 
d. 1545, first Earl of Eglinton, titled by 
King James IV, 1507-S; son of Alexan- 
der, d. prior to 1484, second Lord of 

Montgomerie; son of Alexander, d. 1452, 
Master of Montgomerie; son of Alex- 
ander, d. abt. 1461, first Lord of Mont- 
gomerie, titled by James II, 144S-9; son 
of Sir John of Androssan, d. prior to 1429; 
son of Sir John of Eaglesham; son of Sir 
Alexander of Eaglesham, knighted by 
Robert Bruce; son of Sir John of Eagle- 
sham ; son of Sir John of Eaglesham; son 
of Sir Alan of Eaglesham ; son of Sir John 
of Eaglesham ; son of Robert of Eagle- 
sham; son of Philip; son of Arnulph, d. 
1119, Earl of Pembroke; son of Roger, 
Count of Montgomery, commanded the 
vanguard of William the Conqueror's 
army at the battle of Hastings 1066; son of 
Hugh de M.; son of William de M.; son 
of Roger de M.; son of Roger de Mont- 
gomery of Normandy. 

CANN of Kansas city, Mo., b. Crit- 
tenden co., Ark., July 21, 1S61, grad. Van- 
derbilt Univ. 1SS3, B. S., assistant prof. 
mathematics 18S3-4 in same, grad. Found- 
ers' Medalist Law S5, lawyer since 1SS5 
(in. Sep. 2S, 1S37, Lucy Underwood, dau. 
of Capt. Win. Wallace Western, C. S. A., 
and gr.-dau. of Gov. Warner Underwood 
of Ky., and gr. -niece of Joseph R. Under- 
wood, congressman 10 years, U. S. sena- 
tor 1S47); son of James Hunter Meri- 
wether of Todd co., Ky., b. there Mar. 28, 
1814, d. there 1890, physician many years, 
a large slave-owner, and at the opening of 
the war went with his slaves to his Ark. 
plantation (m. Mar. 10, 1S40, Lucy Eglan- 
tine, dau. of lames McClure and gr.-dau. 
of Robert McClure of Ireland); son of 
Charles Nicholas Meriwether of Todd 
co., Ky., b. at Va. 1766, d. in Todd co., 
Ky., 1843, educated at Univ. of Edin- 
burgh, M. D., 1791 (m. 1st, Lydia Laurie, 
his cousin, m. 2d, 1S0S, Mary, dau. of 
Edward Walton, a nephew of Geo. Walton, 
one of the signers of the Declaration of 
Independence); son of Nicholas Hunter 
Meriwether of Albemarle co., Va., b. 
there Sep., I73«, d- t here l 17 3 i otie 0I ll,e 
four Americans who bore Braddock from 
the field of battle at his disastrous defeat, 
and Gen. Braddock's sister afterward sent 

I2 4 


him a gold-laced embroidered coat from 
Ireland, which remained foryears a curious 
relic in the family; his brother Frank in. 
Martha Jameson, sister of Col. Jameson 
of the Va. continental line, and removed to 
Ga. 1784 (m. 1735, Margaret, dau. of Par- 
son William Douglas, a learned Scotch- 
man, distinguished in the annals of Albe- 
marle co., admitted to deacons order 1748, 
priesthood 1749); son of TIlOHLilS of Char- 
lottesville, Va., b. there 1708, d. there 
1756, very wealthy, his dau. Lucy was the 
mother of Meriwether Lewis, the famous 
explorer, and hist governor of Missouri 
Terr. (m. Elizabeth Thornton, whose sis- 
ter, Milred Thornton, m. Samuel Wash- 
ington, brother of Gen. George Washing- 
ton); sun of Willitim of Charlottesville, 
Va., b. there abt. 1684, d. there 1745, was 
a brother of David, who had many illus- 
trious children and gr. -children, among 
whom may be mentioned, Gen. David 
Meriwether of Ga., member of Congress 
several times, and very prominent in the 
Revolutionary war); son of Nicholas of 
Va., b. in England 1647, d. near Charlottes- 
ville, Va., 1744, came to America during 
the reign of Charles II, 1681, his father 
made a large loan to the crown and was 
forced to accept in payment a land grant 
in the colony of Va.; Nicholas and his 
two brothers, William and David, came 
over to look after it and made it their 
home (m. Elizabeth, dau. of David Craw- 
ford of New Kent co., and nearly all of the 
Meriwethers of America are their desc); 
son of Nicholas of England, d. there Dec. 
19, 1678. 

KASSON, WM. TURNER of Colorado 
Springs, Col., b. at Bethlehem, Ct., 
Feb. 20, 1854, fanner, teacher, doorkeeper 
of the Ct. State Senate (m. Oct. 16, 1884, 
Ina A. Allen, d. at Col. Springs Oct. 4, 
1S90, dau. of Gilbert Allen of Wood- 
bury, Ct.); son of Ueorjje Myron Kasson 
of Bethlehem, Ct., b. there May 19, 1803, 
manufacturer of spinning wheels, farmer, 
school teacher in winter 25 years, school 
visitor 40 years (m. Apr. 7, 1830, Lucretia 
Mason, b. Apr. 8, 1811, d. July 9, 1887, 
dau. of Isaac and Cynthia Turner of Mor- 

ris, Ct.); sou of (xCOrge Dixon Kasson of 
Bethlehem, Ct., b. there June 2, 1765,(1.. 

there June 3, 1S2S, school teacher, studied 
medicine with Dr. Hull of Woodbridge, 
farmer, spinning wheel manufacturer, 
selectman many years, justice of peace, 
legislator two sessions (m. 1st, Dec. 19,. 
1793, Selirna Camp of Northtield, Ct., b. 
Nov. 12, 1772, d. Nov. 20, 1794, m. 2d, 
May 16, 1796, Lucy Steele, b. Nov., 1771, 
d. May 19, 180S, dau. of Elisha Steele, m. 
3d, May, 1812, Deborah McCall, d. Jan., 
1851, aged 77, dau. of Capt. Solomon 
Marsh of Littlerield, Ct.); son of JailU'Sof 
Bethlehem, Ct., b. at Carrick-furgus, Ire- 
land, Nov., 1714, d. at Bethlehem July 5, 
1791, came to America 1722, and settled at 
Voluntown, Ct., wheelwright, moved to 
Woodbury, Ct., Jan. 22, 1742-3, built 1760 
what is called the north purchase or Beth- 
lehem society, removed to Bethlehem Oct. 
1, 1760(111. 1st, Oct. 14, 1740, Esther Dun- 
can, d. Sep. 26, 1757, aged 57, m. 2d, June 
4, 1758, Margaret Dixon of Voluntown, 
Ct., d. Feb. 23, 1S11, aged 80); son of 
Adam of Voluntown, Ct., b. in Scotland 
abt. 1 6 S 1 , d. at Voluntown Nov. 1, 1752, 
aged 71, spinning wheel manufacturer, re- 
moved to Carrick-furgus, Ireland, from 
Scotland, came to America and arrived at 
Boston 1722, located at Voluntown, Ct., 
member of Voluntown Presbyterian Ch., 
deacon in this church Aug. 4, 1731 (m. 
Jane Hall, an English lady, d. Mar. 31, 
1767, aged 85). 

MEAD, JAMES R. of Wichita, Kan., b. 
at New Haven, Vt., May 3, 1836, fur- 
trader, hunter, county surveyor, legislator 
1864, senator 1S60, president Kansas 
Acad, of Science iS3S, vice-pres. Wichita 
Savings Bank, director Wichita Board of 
Trade (in. 1st, Dec. 1, 1S61, Agnes Bar- 
come, d. Apr. 19, 1S69, m. 2d, Jan., 1873, 
Lucy A. Inman); son of Enoch of Daven- 
port, la., b. Sep. 2, 1S09, grad. Yale Coll. 
1830, grad. Andover Theol. Sem., pastor 
Pres. Ch. of New Haven, Vt., moved to 
Iowa 1S37, pioneer minister there (m. Mary 
E., dau. of Samuel James of Middlebury, 
Vt.); son of Ebenezer, b. at Greenwich, 
Ct., Mar. 3, 1778, colonel of Ct. infantry, 



wrved in War of 1S12; son of Ebenezer, 
b. Dec. 12, 1748, major-gun. of Ct. militia 
1S01; son of Ebenezer, b. Oct. S, 1718, d. 
it Greenwich, Ct., Feb. 25, 175S (in. Mary); 
*on of Ebejiezcr, b. at Greenwich Oct. 25, 
1692, d. there May 3. 1775; son of Ebene- 
zer of Greenwich, Ct., b. 1663 (m. Sarah 
Knapp); son of .I0I111 of Greenwich, Ct., 
J. 1696, aged 80, purchased a large tract 
of land 1660, left a farm to each of his 
eleven children; son of John of Green- 
ivich, Ct., b. in England, came from Green- 
wich, Eng., to America 1642, resided in 
Mass. several years, moved to Long Island, 
thence to Greenwich, Ct., 1660. 

mABB,JOHN BANISTER of Virginia, 
i b. in Amelia county, Va., Mar. 22, 

1845; son of Thomas Yelvcrtoii Tabb of 

Amelia co., Va., b. at Goshen, Va., Sep. 
30, 1S09, d. in Amelia co. Aug. 6, 1S77 
(m. Sep. 11, 1834, Marianna B. Archer); 
son of Yelvei'tOU of Goshen, Va., b. at 
Clay Hill, Va., d. at Goshen (m. Apr. 16, 
1806, Mary Gary Peachy); son of John of 
Clay Hill, Va., b. there (m. 1st, Miss 
Meyer, m. 2d, Frances Peyton); son of 
Thomas of Clay Hill, Va., b. at Clay 
Hill, Va. (in. Miss Booker); son of Ed- 
ward of Seaford, Va. 

-L ville, Tenn., b. at Eutaw, Ala., lawyer 
(m. Feb. 25, 1S73, Margaret Hamilton, 
dau. of Gen. William Bowen [and Fanny 
I. Owen] Campbell, he Gen. Campbell was 
governor of Tenn.); son of Oixon Greene 
Pilcher of French Camp, Miss., b. in York 
Dist., S. C, Mar. 9, i3oS, d. at French 
Camp June 26, 1862, was elder in the 
Presbyterian church (m. 1830, Jane Hope, 
dau. of John and Mary [Hope] Carothers 
of S. C. and gr.-dau. of Andrew Carothers 
of Scotland); son of John of Choctaw co., 
Miss., b. in North Carolina Mar. I, 1781, 
d. in Choctaw co., Miss., Feb. 4, 1851, 
farmer, elder in Presbyterian ch. (m. Eliz- 
abeth Edwards, dau. of Richard and Mil- 
dred [Powell] Taliaferro of Amherst co., 
Va., and gr.-dau. of Charles and Isabella 
[McCullough] Taliaferro and gt. -gr.-dau. 
of Richard and Rose [Berryman] Talia- 

ferro of Essex co., Va.); son of Robert of 
York Dist., S. C, b. in Culpeper co., Va., 
abt. 1758, d. in York Dist. 1828, resided 
for a time on the Pedee river in N. C, 
removed to York Dist. 1799, soldier in the 
Revolutionary war, farmer (m. 1780, Eu- 
nice Bowcn); son of James of Va. and N. 
C, b. in Wales or Va. abt. 1735, d. in N. 
C. (m. abt. 1755, PhuL-be Fielding); son of 
Robert of Wales, Va., and N. C, b. in 
Wales, d. at N. C, supposed to have come 
to America abt. 1740. 

J- Salem, Mass., b. there Dec. 5, 1S03, 
in a house now standing and near^- 200 
yrs. old, entered the banking office of 
John W. Fenne 1815 and remained with 
him until 1826 when he was made cashier 
of the Commercial Bank of Salem and 
when this institution went into the national 
banking system 1S64, he was chosen 
cashier of the First National Bank and 
has held this position ever since (m. Nov. 
3, 1S27, Amelia, b. Apr. 25, 1806, d. Apr. 
23, 1889, dau. of Capt. William and 
Amelia [Lyon] Melius and had five chil- 
dren, Mary Ellen, b. Oct. 12, 1S2S, d. Jan. 
16, 1836, Harriet Amelia, b. Nov. 8, 1S31 
[m. George W. Felton, manager of the 
Union Telegraph office at Chicago, 111.], 
William Edward, b. July 14, 1S39, d. Ian. 
2, 1841, William Edward, b. Feb. 14, 1842 
[m. Marie [Hoffer] Medbury] and Albert 
Henry, b. Dec. I, 1847, appointed 1864 a 
cadet in the Military Acad, at West Point, 
grad. 1S6S, engineer at New York, Mass., 
Me. and Cal. 23 yrs. [m. Nov. 19, 1884, 
Abbie Josephine, dau. of John Parrott of 
San Francisco, Cal.]; he, Capt. Melius, 
was the son of John and Jerusha [Fenne] 
Melius and was b. 1772, d. 1S27, merchant 
at Machias and commander of packet 
ships, trading and freighting between 
Boston and Liverpool and Havre, invented 
the valuable improvement of covering the 
heads of spikes, holding the floor timbers 
of ship decks, to prevent the heads from 
rusting off, but was never granted a patent 
for it, she, Amelia Lyon, was the dau. of Rev. 
James Lyon of Newark, N. J., he grad. 
Princeton Coll. 1759, ordained 1764); son of 



Lemuel of Salem, Mass., Dorchester, 
Mass., July 29, 1776, d. there Sep. 22, 1S22, 
resided there during the early part of his 
life, moved to Salem where he entered 
business with Albeit Gray (m. at Salem 
Apr. 27, 1S01, Joanna, b. at Lynn Mar. 
17, 1784, d. at Salem Oct. 9, 1864, dau. of 
Col. Ezra and widow Alice [Breed] [Gray] 
Newhall, he, Col. Ezra, was fifth in desc. 
from Thomas Newhall who came from 
England in Gov. Winthrop's company and 
settled at Lynn, prominent soldier in the 
Revolutionary war, she, Alice [Breed] 
Gray, was fifth in desc. from Allen Breed 
who came from Eng. 1630 and settled at 
Lynn; Lemuel and Joanna Payson's chil- 
dren arc, William Henry, b. May 11, 1802, 
d. 1826, Edward Ilulden, b. Dec. 5, 1S03, 
Lemuel Albertus, b. Oct. 22, 1S05, grad. 
Amherst Coll. 1S33, clergyman in western 
states, and Alice Newhall, b. Jan. 16, 
1806); son of Samuel of Dorchester, 
Mass., b. there Jan. 29, 1732, d. there 
Dec. 6, 1803, carpenter, member of Capt. 
Samuel Clapp's company, and did service 
in the Revolutionary war (m. Feb. 21, 1760, 
Ann, dau. of William Robinson of Dor- 
chester and sister of Jerusha Robinson); 
son of George of Durchester, Mass., b. 
there Dec. 12, 1702, d. there Nov. 5, 1734, 
farmer, brother of Dr. Phillips Payson, 
minister of Walpole, Mass. (m. June 23, 
1726, Mary, b. 1707, dau. of Samuel and 
Mary [Beal] Trott of Boston or Dorches- 
ter, she in. 2d, Nehemiah Davis of Brook- 
line, Mass.); son of SilMliel of Dorchester, 
Mass., b. there abt. 1660, d. there 1721, in- 
herited the homestead, farmer, constable 
1698, selectman 1706-7, brother of Rev. 
Edward Payson, b. 1657, d. 1732, grad. 
Harvard Coll. 1677, ordained as colleague 
with Mr. Phillips over the Rowley ch., 
pastor of the ch. 1696-1732 (m. 1st, Eliza- 
beth Phillips, and had 21 ch., m. 2d, Eliz. 
Appleton, in. June 14, 16SS, Mary, dau. 
of Rev. Samuel Phillips of Rowley, Mass., 
and gr.-dau. of Rev. George Phillips, the 
first minister of Watertown, Mass.); son of 
Edward of Dorchester, Mass., b. at Naz- 
ing, Eng., bapt. Oct. 13, 1613, d. at 
Dorchester 16S9, came to New England 
between 1636-40 and settled at Roxbury, 

took the freeman's oath 1640, donated . 
1645, 3 shillings payable annually for the 
support of the free schools (m. 1st, Aug. 
20, 1640, Ann Parke, d. Sep. 10, 1641, 
supposed to be the sister of William 
Parke who came to New England abt. 
1630, m. 2d, June 21, 1643, Mary, dau. of 
Benit Eliot of Nazing, Eng., and supposed 
to be the sister of the apostles John and 
Philip Eliot, she came to America 1635 
and settled at Roxbury, Mass., they had 
eleven children, 5 sons and 6 daughters, 
all b. at Roxbury) and brother Giles Pay. 
son of Roxbury, Mass., b. in England, 
bapt. May 14, 1609, d. at Roxbury Jan. :S, 
1687, aged 78 yrs., came to Roxbury from 
Eng. 1635, took the freeman's oath at 
Boston 1637, donated 1645, four shillings, 
payable annually for the support of the 
free schools of Roxbury (m. 1637, Eliza- 
beth Dowell, and had four children, Eliza- 
beth, b. Feb. 3, 1639, d. in infancy, Sam- 
uel, b. Nov. 7, 1641 [m. Mar. 31, 1677, 
Prudence Lincoln], Elizabeth, b. Feb. 4, 
1645 [m. 1666, Hopestill Foster], and Sarah, 
b. I uly 16, 1648 [m. 1st, Apr. 10, 1678, 
Elisha Foster, in. 2d, Ebcn. Wiswell, son 
of Thomas Wiswell]) as Samuel was the 
only son of Giles Payson, and he having 
died without male issue, the male line 
from Giles became extinct, and therefore 
all who bear the Payson name in America 
must be desc. of Edward Payson. 

more, Md., b. there Jan. 19, 1846, 
lumber dealer, member of the Soc. of 
Friends (111. Oct. 20, 1SS6, Mary E., b. 
Jan. 4. 1S5S, dau. of Charles C. and Pris- 
cilia [Price] Haviland); son of John D. 
of Oregon, Md., b. at Baltimore, Md., 
Nov. 7, 1S19, member of the Soc. of 
Friends, farmer (m. May 8, 1845, Anna, 
dau. of David and Mary [Roberts] Foulke, 
member of Soc. of Friends); son of 
Thomas of Baltimore, Md., b. Jan. 4, 
1781, d. there Oct. 1, 1864, lumber mer- 
chant, member of the Soc. of Friends (m. 
Nov. 30, 1S03, Sarah, dau. of Philip and 
Catherine Hopkins); son of Thomas of 
Baltimore co., Md., b. there 1752, d. there 
Feb. 7, 1792, grist miller, member of the 




Soc. of Friends (m. Oct. 12, 1775, Ann 
Humphreys, b. Aug. 17, 1750, d. Dec. 8, 
1S22, member of tbe Soc. of Friends); son 
of Oliver of Baltimore co., Md., b. there 
Nov. 28, 1721, d. there Jan. 17, 1S24, 
farmer, member of the Soc. of Friends, 
lived 103 years (m. 1751, Hannah Johns, 
desc. of the Johns of the Cliffs, a member 
cf the Soc. of Friends); son of Thomas of 
Baltimore co., Md., b. Mar. 29, 1693, d. 
there Nov. 29, 1766, farmer, member of 
the Soc. of Friends, removed from a short 
distance from Baltimore co. on the Phila. 
road to Gunpowder, near 19 mile stone 
York road, and took up land 1725 (m. 
Aug. 28, 1 7 1 S , Sarah Thomas); son of 
Oliver, a soldier in Cromwell's army; son 
of Thomas; son of Oliver, a minister 
among the Friends; son of Thomas of New 
Castle co., Del., d. there, came from New 
Cumberland in the north of England about 
1640 and settled at New Castle county, 
minister of the Friends. 

ROGERS, THEODORE D. of Norwalk, 
Ct., b. at New Fairfield, Ct., June 
10, 1S22, practiced law in Danbury, Ct., 
and San Francisco, Cal.; son of Allizi of 
New Fairfield, Ct., b. there Dec. 17, 1793, 
<l. there May 21, 1SS0 (m. Sep. 22, 1814, 
Betsey, dau. of Samuel T. Barnum of New 
Fairfield, son of David, son of Nathan of 
Danbury, Ct., son of Francis, son of 
Thomas); son of Med ad of New Fairfield, 
Ct , b, at Branford, Ct., Aug. 17, 1750, d. 
at New Fairfield Aug. 24, 1824, grad. of 
Yale Coll., minister at New Fairfield 17SG- 
1822 (m. July 9, 1787, Rachel, dau. of 
Gamaliel and Rebecca [Hcrault] Baldwin, 
she, Rebecca, was b. on the Isle of Jersey 
and came to America when a child); son 
of Josialt of Branford, Ct., b. there 170S, 
d. there Oct. 5, 1783 (m. Apr. 24, 1728, 
Martha, dau. of Edward Frisbie of Bran- 
ford, Ct.); son of Josiall of Branford, Ct., 
b. there Jan. 31, 1679, d. there (m. Lydia, 
dau. of Thomas Goodscll of New Haven, 
Ct.); son of Noah of Branford, Ct., b. at 
Huntington, I.. I., d. at Branford Oct. S, 
1725, removed from Huntington abt. 16G9 
and settled at Branford (m. Apr. 8, 1673, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Micaell and Eliz- 

abeth Taintor, he, Micaell, was b. in 
Wales, was a wealthy coaster, coasting 
along the New England coast and had five 
sons, Obadiah, Jonathan, John, Noah and 
Samuel; son of widow Ann Rogers who d. 
at Huntington, L. 1., 1669, whose husband 
is supposed to have been named William. 

field, Mass., b. at Catskill, N. Y., May 
23, 1834, merchant, assessor (m. Apr. 9, 
1S61, Mary Louise Stebbins) and brothers, 
Solomon B., Horace T. and Alexander C; 
sons of Truman of Feeding Hills, Mass., 
b. at West Springfield Dec. 23, 1793, d. at 
Feeding Hills Oct. 25, 1S5S (m. 1S20, Ruth 
Bailey); son of Alexander of West Spring- 
field, Mass., b. there Dec. 31, 1765, d. 
there July iS, 1S56 (m. 1793, Elizabeth 
Hastings, d. Oct. 8, 1S29); son of Thomas 
of West Springfield, Mass., b. there, d. 
there; son of Thomas of West Springfield, 
Mass., b. at Haverhill, Mass., 1700, d. at 
West Springfield (m. Abigail Austin, b. 
1701, d. Nov. 14, 1799, her gr. -mother was 
a Jewish woman from England. 

ton, Mass., b. at Baraboo, Wis., 
June 14, 1852, grad. Iowa Coll. 1S74, 
Andover Sem. 1079, minister, editor of 
" Golden Rule" 1SS1-86 and of the maga- 
zine "Education" (111. Dec. 25, 1880, Liz- 
zie, dau. of Joseph and Elizabeth Day of 
Haverhill, Mass.); son of ,1 allies of Grin- 
nell, la., b. at Sherburne, N. Y., Feb. 16, 
1S17, d. at Grinnell, la., Nov. 27, 1872, 
studied at Hamilton Coll. and Auburn 
Sem., missionary in Wis. 1S46-55 (m. Sep. 
3, 1S46, Mary S., dau. of Samuel and 
Fanny [Osborne] Robbins and gr.-dau. of 
A. R. Robbins, pastor of a Norfolk ch. 50 
yrs.);,son of Joseph of Lenox, Rochester 
and Syracuse, N. Y., b. at Bethlehem, Ct., 
June 4, 1790, d. at Syracuse May 18, 1S66, 
contractor on the Erie canal, built the 
aqueduct at Rochester where the canal 
crosses the Genesee river (m. 1st, May 14, 
1812, Hannah Grey, d. May 20, 1827, m. 
2d, Jan. 7, iS3o, Mary Dickerson); son of 
James of Bethlehem, Ct., b. prob. at Vol- 
untown, Ct., June 19, 1748, d. there Jan. 




27, 1S03 (m. Jan. 16, 1771, Reliance Hatch 
of Kent, ft., her father, at ninety years or 
more, rode on horseback from Kent to 
Sherburne, N. Y., to visit his sons Timo- 
thy and Joel Hatch); son of .Tallies of 
Bethlehem, Ct., b. in Ireland 1714, d, at 
Bethlehem July 5, 1791, built in Bethlehem 
1760 a house which has been in the Kasson 
family 130 yrs. (m. 1st, Oct. 14, 1740, 
Esther Duncan, in. 2d, June 8, 1758, 
Margaret Dixon); son of Adam of Volun- 
town, ft., b. in Ireland, d. at Voluntown 
Nov. 1, 1752, aged 71, emigrated from Bel- 
fast, Ireland, 1722 and came to Boston, 
Mass., with seven sons and two daughters, 
from there they removed to Voluntown, 
his wife d. Mar. 31, 1767, aged 85, she was 
of English descent. 

Wcstfield, Mass., b. there Nov. 22, 
i860, grad. Amherst foil. 188S, student at 
Yale Theol. Sell., now at S. f . Univ. Law 
Sch., and brother Henry Waldo Greeuough, 
b. Feb. 4, 1870; sons of James C. of West- 
field, Mass., b. at Wendell, Mass., Aug. 
15, 1829, teacher at Heath, Gloucester, 
Rockport, Salem and Wcstfield, grad. at 
Williams foil. 1800, established R. I. 
State Normal Sch. at Prov., principal 
there 1871-83, pies. Mass. Agri. foil. 
1883-6, principal Wcstfield, Mass., State 
Normal School 1887 — (m. Nov. 27, i860, 
Jane Ashley, dau. of Hon. Win. G. and 
Jane Pelletreau | Ashley] Bates and gr.- 
dau. of Major Win. and Jane [Hillyer] 
Ashley) and brothers William, Thomas, 
Gharlesf., Edward Emerson, John John- 
stone and Henry Waldo; sons of Thomas 
of Dcerricld, Mass., b. at Newton, Mass., 
1803, d. at Deerfield, Mass., Mar. 2, 1873, 
farmer (m. June 11, 1826, Mary Johnstone, 
b. at Ecclefechan, Scotland, 1S02, dau. of 
Rev. James and Robina Lochhead [John- 
stone] Garruthers and gr. -dau. of Rev. 
John Johnstone, an eminent Scotch divine); 
son of William of Newton, Mass., b. at 
Boston, Mass., June 29, 1756, d. at New- 
ton Nov. 7, 1831, grad. Yale foil. 1774, 
installed over fongl. ch. at Newton 17S1, 
was preparing his 50th anniversary sermon 
when he died (m. 1st, June I, 1785, Abi- 

gail, dau. of Rev. Stephen Badger o| 
Natick, Mass., m. 2d, May 22, 1799, 
Lydia, b. Oct. 7, 1763, dau. of John Ha* 
kins of Boston); sun of Thomas of Boston, 
Mass., b. there May 6, 1710, d. there May 
1, 1785, mathematical instrument inakci, 
member of the Committee of Safety (m. 
1st, Martha, dau. of William f larke, m.. 
2d, Sarah, b. 1718, d. 177S, dau. of David 
Stoddard); sou of John (in. Elizaboih 
Gross); son of William, emigrated from 
the west of England 1650, d. Aug. 6, 1693., thomas perkins of 
Pittsfield, Mass., b. at Salem, Mass. 
June 23, 1829(111. June 23, 1S58, Catharine,' 
dau. of E/.ekiel R. and Electa Colt of 
Pittsfield, and had one child, fatharine 
Pingree); son of Thomas of Salem, Mass., 
b. at New Rowley, now Georgetown, 
Mass., July 24, 1803, iniporting-merchaiu 
(m. July 17, 1S2S, Abigail, d. at Wen- 
ham, Mass., Dec. 29, 1S64, dau. of Capt. 
Nathaniel and Lydia [Jacobs] Garland of 
Baltimore, Md.); son of Asa of New Row- 
ley, Mass., b, there June 25, 1770, d. at 
Andover, Mass., Apr. 24, 1S34, farmer, 
owner of a saw-mill at Bridgeton, Me. (m. 
Mar. 17, 1795, Annar, d. June 9, 1S53, dau. 
of Moses and Annar [fummings] Per- 
kins); son of Asa of Topsfield or George- 
ton, Mass., b. prob. at Georgeton Apr, 6, 
1732, d. there or at Topsfield Oct. n, 1811 
(111. 1st, Mar. 12, 1757, Elizabeth Kneeland 
of Topsfield, d. Sep. 23, 1803, aged 67 yrs., 
111. 2d, Nov. 3, 1S04, Abigail Kimball, d. 
Oct. 1S, 1805, m. 3d, Feb. 22, 1806, Mary 
Kenny of Middleton, Mass.); son of Job 
of New Rowley, Mass., b. at Ipswich, 
Mass., Oct. 17, 16SS, d. at Georgeton Apr. 
25, 17S5 (111. tst, Nov. 1, 1717, Elizabeth, 
d. Feb. 12, 1747, aged 52, dau. of Samuel 
Brocklebank, deacon, captain in the army, 
killed in battle during King Philip's war, 
m. 2d, Apr. 6, 1749, Dorothy Dbod of 
Topsfield, d. Jan. 31, 1771, aged 54, m. 3d, 
May 14, 1772, Mrs. Elizabeth Platts, d. 
May 21, i7Si, aged 83 yrs.); son of Aarou 
Pengry of Rowley, Mass., b. abt. 1652, d. 
at Rowley Sep. 14, 1714(111. Ann, d. Feb. 
3, 1740, dau. of John Pickard, rep. in the 
Legislature 1661-95); son of Moses of 



Ipswich, Mass., d. there Jan. 2, 1696, se- 
lectman 1(154, deputy to Gen. Court 1665, 
Jeacon of the ist Church of Ipswich (m. 
Abigail, dan. of Robert Clement). 

BALLOU, DANIEL of Utica, N. Y., 
b. at Norwich, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1838, 
gr.ul. St. Lawrence Univ. i36i, entered the 
I'niversalist ministry immediately after 
jnd has continued therein, trustee St. 
Lawrence Univ., proprietor of" the Grand 
Army Journal" (m. Oct. 1, 1S62, Betsey 
M., dan. of Joel and Abigail [Loomis] 
Webb of Oxford, N. Y.); son of Sylvanus 
of Norwich, N. Y., b. at Gloucester, R. I., 
Feb. 10, 1767, d. at Smithville, N. Y., Dec. 
1, 1857, a man of ability and enterprise, 
pioneer of Norwich, extensive agricultur- 
ist, stock raiser and dealer (m. abt. 182S, 
Amy, 1). May 17, 1S06, dan. of Isaac and 
Anna [Ballon] Paine); son of Daniel of 
Cumberland, R. I., b. at Wrcntham, 
Mass., Dec. 27, 1722, d. June, 1S01); son of 
Obcdiall of Wrentham, Mass., and Cum- 
berland, R. I., b. at Providence, R. 1., Sep. 
16, 16S9, d. Oct. 12, 1703 (in. ist, Damaris 
Bartlett, m. 2d, Mrs. Sarah [Whipple] 
Saulisbury); son of .funics of Prov., R. I., 
b. 1652, d. at Lincoln, R. I. (m. 16S3, 
Susanna, dan. of Valentine and Mary 
Whitman); son of Matnrin of Prov., R. 
I. (m. 1646-49, Hannah, dau. of Robert 
and Catharine Pike). 

Springs, N. Y., b. at Camillus, N. 
Y., Apr. 3, 1S14, prepared for college at 
Ca/enovia Scm., grad. Weslcyan Univ. 
1S3S, taught at Ca/.enovia Sent. 1S38-42, 
licensed to preach 1S35, ordained deacon 
1839, elder 1841, entered pastoral relations 
1842; D. D. 1S63, author of several books, 
tracts, reviews, articles, and is a writer for 
church papers (m. Aug. 2, 1840, Elizabeth 
R., dau. of Capi. Isaac Webber of Crom- 
well, Ct., soldier in War 1S12, ship car- 
penter, of German desc); son of Isaac of 
Camillus, N. Y., b. at Munroe, Ct., June 
22, 17S6, d. at Camillus Mar. 10, 1S27, 
cavalryman in War of 1S12 (m. 1S13, Lu- 
cina, dau. of Elijah, b. at Cheshire, Mass., 
and Patty 1 Jo wen, b. in Hopkinton, 

Mass.); son of kglir of Munroe, Ct., b. 
there Sep. 16, 1762, d. there Mar. 9, 1790 
(m. 17S3, Anna Hinman); son of Thomas 
of Stepney, Ct., b. at Stratford, Ct., Sep. 
S, 1734, d. at Stepney, Ct., Aug. 2S, 1S17, 
fanner (m. Nov. 16, 1763, Sarah Olcott of 
Stratford); son of Nathaniel of Stratford, 
Ct., b. there 1701, d. there Jan. 7, 1754(111. 
Dec. 12, 1723, Mary, dau. of Samuel 
rifford of Stratford); son of Samuel of 
Stratford, Ct., b. prob. at Scituate, Mass., 
1647, d. at Stratford Aug. 24, 1731, came 
to Stratford with his parents 1650, farmer, 
dealer in real estate, one of the original 
36 proprietors of the township of Newton, 
Ct., representative of Colonial Assembly 7 
yrs. (m. ist, May 20, 1673, Mary Thomp- 
son, m. 2d, Patience 1 lubbell, widow of 
Lieut. John Hubbell of Bridgeport and 
gr.-dau." of Gov. Thomas Welles of Ct.); 
son of Joscpli of Stratford and Derby, Ct., 
b. at Derbyshire, Eng., 1603, came to 
America 1629-30, town clerk or recorder 
of Stratford from 1650-66, these records 
are still in existence, built a house at 
Derby, Ct., 1676, ancestor, of nearly all of 
the Hawleys in America. 

Brooklyn, N. Y., b. at Jamaica, 
L. I., Apr. 29, 1S43, educated at Union 
! Hall Acad., merchant and importer (m. 
j ist, Aug. 12, 1S62, Imogene, b. at New 
York city Jan. 6, 1S47, d. at Brooklyn 
1 June 16, 1S75, dan. of William and Eme- 
, line Shepherd, and had five children, 
j Emetine [m. James H. P. Vandewater], 
Daniel Talman, Sylvester Tuttle, b. Aug. 
I 15, 1869, d. July 18, 1879, Adelia Imogene, 
b. Mar. 19, 1S71, d. June 27, 1879, and 
Isaac S., b. March 20, 1S73. d. Apr. 5, 
1S74, m. 2d, Dec. 25, 1S75, Mary Cath- 
J arine, b. at Sag Harbor, L. I., Jan. 15, 
I 1850, d. at Brooklyn Mar. 10, i8SS, dau. of 
Capt. James H. and Phebe Eldridge, and 
had live children, Eldridge, b. Sep. 27, 
1876, Warren Harding, b. Oct. 21, 1877, 
Lloyd Pell, b. Feb. 2, iSSo, Dewitt Clin- 
ton, b. July 24, 1SS1, and May, b. May 30, 
1SS5, m. 3d, Dec. 15, iSSS, Clara Elfie, 
dau. of William Lewis and Medina Lentz 
of Dayton, Ind.); son of Tlionias Hallctt 


Waters of Jamaica, L. I., b. there Apr. 27, 
1S15, d. there Dec. 26, 1S67, farmer (m. 
Aug. 2t, iS.ii, Adelia Antoinette, dau. of 
Aaron and Maria Pell of Pelham Manor, 
N. Y.); son of John of Jamaica, L. I., b. 
Flushing May 11, 17S5, d. Oct. 20, 1S21 
(m. July iS, 1S09, Agnes, b. Sep. 6, 1779, 
d. Mar. 19, 1S53, dau. of Elbert and Maria 
Snedeker, a Holland-Dutch family of 
Flushing, L. I.); son of John of Flushing, 
L. L, 1). there 1740, d. there Feb. iS, 1S06, 
studied medicine and surgery, acquired an 
extensive practice in Jamaica, Newtown 
and Flushing (m. Mar. 31, 17S1, Mary 
Hallett of Newtown, L. I.); son of Daniel 
of Flushing, L. I., b. there 1694, d. there 
Sep. 1, 174S, was a farmer (m. Nov. iS, 
1714, Mary Talman); son of Anthony of 
Jamaica, L. I., d. there prior to 1722, man 
of wealth, vestryman in church, delegated 
to receive the colonial governor, Lord 
Cornbury, at the Brooklyn ferry and escort 
him and the Council to Jamaica, at the 
time when New York was temporarily 
abandoned on account of sickness raging 
there (m. Elizabeth, dau. of Major Daniel 
Whitehead, one of the patentees of the 
town of Jamaica); son of Anthony of Ja- 
maica, L. I., (!. there 1675, resided at 
Marshlield, Mass., 1643, at Southampton, 
L. I., 1659, lawyer, one of the patentees of 
Jamaica Feb. 5, 1665, of Marshpathkill 
Oct. 2, 1665, served on the grand jury at 
New York, during the trial of Ralph and 
Mary Mali for witchcraft. 

maica, L. I., b. there Dec. 17, 
1846, metal business; son of John Tal- 
ma.11 of Jamaica, L. I., b. Flushing Apr. 
5, 1S10, d. Oct. 5, 1861, boot and shoe 
merchant (m. June 21, 183S, Marietta, dau. 
of Alexander and Elizabeth Rogers of Ja- 
maica); son of John; son of John; son of 
Daniel; son of Anthony; son of Anthony 
(see lineage of I. S. Waters in this vol.). 

(m. Phcebe C. Welling); son of 
John of Queens co., N. Y., b. 17S7, d. 
Aug. 6, 1S39 (m. Frances F. Blackwell); 
son of John Treadwell Waters of Staten 

Island, N. Y., d. in Queens co., N. Y . 
May, 1796(111. June 23, 1775, Ann BclU), 
son of Anthony Whitehead ofSttiea 

Island, b. at Jamaica, L. I., d. at Staicn 
Island 1771, wealthy and influential, ex- 
tensive owner of real estate on Stalca 
Island (m. May 21, 1726, Margaret Willi u 
of Flushing, L. I.); son of Anthony; son 
of Anthony (see lineage of I. S. Watcn 
in this vol.). 

of Jamaica, L. I., b. there July :o, 
1842, bank clerk, educated at Union Hall 
Acad. (m. June 24, 1S63, Arabella, 
William and Sarah Stoothofl' of Jamaica. 
L. I., and had one son, Newton Field 
Waters, b. Feb. 11, 1S67, bookseller and 
stationer of Jamaica); son of Daniel Sned- 
eker of Jamaica, L. I., b. Flushing, Dec. 
17, 1S12, d. Aug. 10, 1S64, draper and 
tailor (m. June 7, 1837, Sarah Ann, dau. ol 
John and Hannah Tompkins of Newtown, 
L. I.); son of John of Flushing, L. I., b. 
there May n, 17S5, d. Jamaica Oct. 20, 
1S21; son of John; son of Daniel; son of 
Anthony; son of Anthony (see lineage 
of I. S. Waters in this vol.). 

York city, b. there Oct. 11, 1521, 
formerly merchant of N. Y. city (in. July 5, 
1849, Caroline L., dau. of Don Alonzo 
Cushman of N. Y., and had two sons, 
Janus Talman Waters, b. July 6, 1852, of 
Charleston, W. Va., lawyer [m. Apr. 15, 
1SS0, Jane, dau. of John A. Bailey] issue, 
one child Frances, b. Aug. 26, iSSS, and 
Henry Anton Waters, Fla. Orange Grow. 
er, b. Jan. 31, 1859); son of Talman 
James Waters of N. Y. city, b. at Jamaica, 
L. I., June 30, 1792, d. at New York city 
Nov. 26, 1S63, comptroller of N. Y. city 
1831-5, cashier of U, S. custom-house 
l8 37-43, comptroller Life and Trust Co. 
1S43-5, comptroller of N. Y. city 1848-9, 
asst. treasurer Erie Railway 1853, treas. of 
same 1861-3 ( nl - Is t, May 13, 1S1S, Eliza, 
dau. of George Gilferi, and had seven chiU 
dren, George Gilfert, b. Mar. 20, 1S19, d. 
June 27, 1875, James Talman, above de- 
scribed, Henry Anton, b. Nov. 3, 1823, d. 



Sep. 6, 1846, Sarah Cebra, b. Dec, 1S25, 
d. Jan., 1826, Thomas Lawrence Clark, b. 
Feb. 17, 1S27, d. Oct. 3, 1849, Agnes, b. 
Sep. ii, 1S49, Catharine W.,b. and d. 1831, 
m. 2d, Apr. 11, 1339, Caroline Gilfert); 
»on of James of Jamaica, L. I., b. there 
May 18, 1766, d. Sep. 2, 1S02 (m. July 26, 
17S8, Sarah, dau. of James Cebra, and had 
four children: James Talman, Eliza Cebra, 
b. May 4, 1796, d. 1869, and two daus. 
who d. in infancy); son of Talman of 
Flushing, L. I., b. there Sep. 30, 1726, d. 
there May 25, 1774, farmer (m. Jan. 10, 
1752, Mary Lawrence, and had ten chil- 
dren: two of his daughters married officers 
of the British army, William, b. Nov. 25, 
'753, J- June 10, 1S2G, James, b. Feb. 10, 
1775, Johanna, b. Mar. 31, 1757, d. Nov. 3, 
1779 [m. Jacob Moore of Newtown], Catha- 
rine, b. June 23, 1759, c '- Sep. 25, 1763, 
Mary, b. Apr. 11, 1761, d. Sep. 1, 1761, 
Mary, b. June 16, 1762 [m. Capt. John 
Cunningham of the British army], Ann, 
b. Sep. 16, 1764, d. Sep. 20, 1S53 [m. Col. 
Bradford Gilbert], James, described above, 
Margaret, b. July 30, 176S, d. Jan. 16, 1791, 
Daniel, b. July 7, 1770, d. Mar. 28, 17S6); 
son of Daniel; son of Anthony; son of 
Anthony (see lineage of Isaac Snedeker 
Waters in this vol.). 

STONE, WATERMAN of Kansas City, 
Mo., b. at Cumberland, R. 1., Mar. 10, 
1847, civil engineer July 1, 1S71, to Dec. 
31, iSSS, supt. and chief engineer of the 
Prov., Warren and Bristol R. R. Jan. 1, 
18S9, general manager of Interstate Con- 
solidated R. T. R. Kansas City, Mo. (m. 
Jan. 3, 1S72, Emily Clark, dau. of Clark 
and Emily E. [Whipple] Steere, a desc. of 
John Whipple and of Roger Williams); 
son of Lemuel Morse Ellis Stone of North 
Providence, R. I., b. there Feb. 24, 1820, 
commissioner of dams and reservoirs in 
R. I., civil engineer of the Boston and 
Albany, New York Central, Norwich and 
Worcester, New Haven and New London, 
Hampshire and Hampden and Prov. rail- 
roads, supt. of the Prov., Warren, Bristol, 
Hartford and Ct. Valley R. R., member of 
Legislature (m. Feb. 20, 1S48, Caroline 
Lucretia, dau. of Ashel Phitteplace, a 

desc. of Walter Phitteplace); son of Henry 
of Smithfield, R. I., b. at Stoughton, Mass., 
Sep. 9, 17S1, d. at Smithfield, R. I., Feb. 
15, i860, cotton goods manufacturer, 
farmer after 1S27 (m. Apr., 1813, Luciny, 
dau. of Augustus and Nancy [Waterman] 
Winsor, both desc. of Roger Williams); 
son of Lemuel of Stoughton, Mass., b. at 
Canton, Mass., Mar. 5, 1755, d. at sea 
17S5 (m. Oct. 23, 1757, Sarah Smith); son 
of Henry of Stoughton, Mass., b. there 
Feb. 19, 1 721, d. there Jan. 7, 1784, inn- 
holder, established with Edward Went- 
worth the first chocolate mill in North 
America at Milton Lower Fall, Mass. (m. 
1742, Lydia Wadsworth); son of Daniel 
of Dorchester, Mass., b. 167S, d. there 
May 2, 1762, settled at Dorchester between 
1706-11, fust taxed 1727, received his 
deeds from the Indians (m. 1st, Jan. 5, 
1711, Thankful Withington, d. Oct. 27, 
1732, m. 2d, Mrs. Hannah Woodcock). 

VV Hope Valley, R. I., b. at Hopkin- 
ton, R. I., Mar. 6, 1S17, farmer, mechanic 
(m. ist, Oct. 3, 1S3S, Hannah Elizabeth, 
b. July 31, 1820, d. Dec. 2, 1S51, dau. of 
Augustus and Hannah Babcock, m. 2d, 
Oct. 31, 1S52, Maria B. Dixon and had 
four children, Sarah Elizabeth, b. Aug. 28, 
1S39 [m. July 8, 1S58, Nathan II. Griffith], 
Emily Adelaide, b. Jan. 12, 1842, d. 
Apr. 2S, 1S42, George M., b. Nov. 10, 
1S44, d. Sep. 11, 1S46, Mary Augusta, b. 
Mar. 26, 1S47 [m. Oct. 17, 1S64, Flenry 
C. Nichols, son of Gardiner and Lois 
Ann [Langworthy] Nichols); son of Josiah 
of Hopkinton, Westerly and North Ston- 
ington, Ct., b. at Hopkinton Apr. 10, 1778, 
d. at North Stonington Feb. 27, 1S60, 
teacher, farmer, surveyor (m. abt. 1S08, 
Dorcas, b. May 13, 17S7, d. Jan. 23, 1S71, 
dau. of Joseph and Anna Lawton and had 
five children, Albert [m. Eliza Noyes], 
Tacy [m. Josiah W. Langworthy], Eunice 
[m. Sanford Noyes], Sarah Ann [m. David 
Nichols] and Jedediah Davis [m. as above 
stated]); son of Josiah of Hopkinton, R. 
I., b. prob. there Jan. 25, 1739, d. at Hop- 
kinton July 20, 1S2S, farmer, surveyor (m. 
Tacy, dau. of Zacheus Reynolds and had 


eight children, Weeden, b. Apr. 30, 1765, 
Susannah, b. May 7, 1767, Lois, b. Oct. 1, 
17GS, Hannah, b. Aug. 12, 1771, Joseph, 
b. Mar. 28, 1773, Eunice, b. Oct. 31, 1775, 
Josiah, b. Apr. 10, 1778, and Sarah, b. 
Feb. 6, 1780); son of Joseph of Hopkin- 
ton, R. I., b. Apr. 4, 1706, d. at Ilopkin- 
ton Jan. 12, 1799 ( m - Sarah, b. May 23, 
1715, d. Mar. 23, 1S02 in her 87th yr. and 
had three sons, Joseph, William [in. Mar- 
tha Cole] and Josiah [m. Tacy Reynolds]). 

BEMIS, CHARLES A. of Marlbor- 
ough, N. 11., b. at N. II. Jan. 29, 
1848, mechanic, genealogist, author of 
" Hist, of Marlborough, N. II.," published 
1SS1 (m. Jan. 1, iSSi, Mary L., dau. of 
Washington and Eliza [Day] Phillips and 
sixth in desc. from James Phillips of 
Providence, R. I., during the last part of 
the 17th century); son of Charles R. of 
Marlborough, N. IE, b. at Princeton, 
Mass., Dec. 5, 1S14, d. at Marlborough 
Mar. 11, 1S90, house and carriage painter 
(m. July 21, 1S39, Elrnira, dau. of Etheel 
and Rebecca [Baker] Parmenter and 
eighth in desc. from John Parmenter of 
Sudbury, Mass., 1640); son of William of 
Westminster, Mass., b. there [an. 11, 1777, 
d. there Oct. 8, 1835, blacksmith (m. Nov. 
28, 1799, Hannah, dau. of John and Han- 
nah [Gary] Derby); son of Zucheus of 
Westminster, Mass., b. at Cambridge, 
Mass., d. at Westminster 1804(111. Eliza- 
beth Lyon, of Scotch ancestry); son of 
Phillip of Westminster, Mass., b. prob. 
at Cambridge, d. at Westminster, re- 
moved from Cambridge to Westminster 
1738, being the third settler of that place 
(m. Elizabeth Lawrence); son of Joseph 
of Cambridge, Mass., d. prob. Dec. 12, 
1 651; son of Joseph of Watertown, Mass., 
b. 1619, d. 16S4, settled at Watertown 
1640, selectman 164S-72-5. 

LYLE, GEORGE TATE of St. Albans, 
W. Va., b. in Botetourt Co., Va., 
June 18, 1836, grad. at Washington Coll. 
now W. L. Univ. 1858, entered Union T. 
Sem. 1S59, l eIt sem. for the army 1S61, 
capt. in the Confederate army, licensed as 
a Presbyterian minister 1S66 (m. 1st, Nov. 

12, 1S67, L. Lacy Marquess, m. ad, May 
19, 1S79, M- L. Menager, a desc. of the 
French settlers of Gallipolis, O.); son o( 
John Newton of Montgomery co., Va., 
b. in Rockbridge co., Va., Sep. 6, 1806, d. 
at Montgomery White S. Spgs. May 19, 
1S67 (m. June 18, 1833, Catherine E., dau. 
of Capt. Hugh Young, an ollicer in War of 
1S12); sou of Daniel of Rockbridge co„ 
Va., b. there Oct. 21, 1778, d. there Sep. 
15, 1843 (in. Aug. 6, 1801, Martha Adair of 
Scotch-Irish stock); son of JaineS of 
Rockbridge co., Va., b. there, d. there 
(,m. Sarah, dau. of John Lyle); son of 
Daniel of Augusta, Me., b. in noithetn 
part of Ireland, came to Rockbridge, re- 
moved to Augusta co. in 1737, had three 
brothers, fames, John and Matthew. 

S. Framingham, Mass., b. at Cam- 
den, Me., Oct. 21, 1S19, grad. Dartmouth 
Coll. 1 S43, Andover Theol. Sem. 1846, or- 
dained May 17, 1S49, Congregationalism 
author of the " History of Westford, 
Mass." (m. 1st, Sep. 17, 1846, Martha, b. 
at Mason, N. II. , Oct. 31, 1816, d. May 2, 
1854, dau. of Ebenezer Hill, b. at Cam- 
bridge, Mass., 1766, grad. at Harvard 
Univ. 1786, m. 2d, Jan. 15, 1S56, Abbie P. 
Simonds); son of Buckley of Camden, 
Me., 1). Oct. 24, 17S9, d. there Feb. 3, 
iSjo, farmer, whig (m. Oct. 11, 181S, 
Pratt, b. at Lunenburg, Mass., 
1795, was a lineal desc. of Rev. 
Pratt of Eng. through Phinehas 
uth 1623); son of Job of 
j. at Concord, Mass., July 
iden Feb. 4, 1834, one 
of Camden (m. Jan. I, 



Pratt of Plym 
Camden, Me., b. 
13, 175S, d. at O. 
of the first settlei 
17S9, Anna Hosmor, b. at Concord Nov. 
l i, I75g, and was a desc. of James Hos- 
mer of Hockhurst, Eng., who settled at 
Concord 1635); son of Benjamin of Con- 
cord, Mass., b. at Reading, Mass., Dec. 
iS, 1722, d. at Mason, N. IE, Jan. 25, 
1802, resided in Concord until 1771, re- 
moved to Ashby, Mass., and afterward to 
Mason (m. 1744, Lydia, and had six sons 
and three daughters); son of Thomas of 
Reading, Lynnlkld and Concord, Mass., 
b. at Reading Feb. iS, 1692-3, d. at Con- 



cord Oct. 4, 1739, settled first at Reading, 
removed to Lynnlield and afterward to 
Concord 173s, where lie owned a large 
(;irm (ni. Jan. 12, 17 13-4, Abigail (jerry, 
and liad eight sons and one dau.); son of 
Jesiall of Reading, Mass., b. 166S, d. at 
Reading Mar. 24, 1749 (m. May iS, 1691, 

BAKER, ELLIOT W. of Antrim, N. 
II., b. at Jall'rey, N. IL, Sep. I, 1S46, 
postmaster, justice of the peace, insurance 
agent, notary public (m. Feb. 10, 1S7S, 
Julia V. McCoy); son of Asa of Jaffrey, 
N. IL, b. at Marlborough, N. IL, Feb. 24, 
1S03, d. at Jall'rey Oct. 12, iS6y, farmer 
(rn. Sep. 19, 1S30, Hannah, dau. of John 
and Hannah [Fitch] Moors of Sharon, N. 
IL); son of Bezaled of Marlborough, N. 
II., b. at Westminster, Mass., Jan. 4, 1768, 
d. at Marlborough Oct. 1, 1S49 (m. Sep. 
II, 1793, Abigail, dau. of Nathan and 
Rebecca [HaynesJ Wood of Westminster, 
Mass.); son of Richard of Westminster, 
Mass., b. at Concord, Mass., Apr. 3, 
1728, d. at Westminster Dec. 13, 1S0S, 
soldier in the French and Indian war (m. 
Mary, dau. of Thomas Sawyer, one of the 
first settlers of Lancaster, Mass., taken 
captive by the Indians and carried to Can- 
ada where he built the first saw-mill that 
was built in the Dominion of Canada); 
son of John of Concord, Mass., b. prob. 
in England, d. at Lillingly, Ct. (m. Eliz- 

Vt., b. at Boston, Mass., July 23, 
1827, giad. Univ. of Vt. 1S49, admitted to 
the bar of Orange CO., Vt., 1S57, lieut.-col. 
of the 1 2th Vt. regl. 1S62-3, lieut. of Co. 
D, 1st Vt. regt., 1S61, governor of Vt. 
1880-S2 (m. Dec. 25, 1849, Mary Elizabeth, 
b. at Hath, N. IL, Jan. 19, 1S28, dau. of 
Ezekiel and Nancy C. [Rogers] Johnson); 
son of RoSWCll Farnhamof Bradford, Vt., 
b. at Plymouth, N. IL, Oct. 10, 1792, d. 
at Bradford, Vt., Dec. 20, 1S60, resided in 
Boston abt. 10 yrs., and for the same 
period in Haverhill, shoe manufacturer 
(m. 1st, Apr. 29, 1S22, Nancy, dau. of 
Capt. David Bixley, a soldier of the Revo- 

lutionary war, fought at Bunker Hill, and 
later was taken prisoner from a privateer 
by a British frigate oil" Salem harbor, and 
was imprisoned in the Mill prison, Eng., 
17 mo., m, 2d, Ruth, sister of Nancy Bix- 
by); son of John of Concord, Warren and 
Plymouth, N. IL, b. at Concord Jan. 2, 
1766, d. at Warren June 2, 1S56, soldier in 
War of 1S12 (111. Sarah Thompson); son of 
Benjamin, b. at Concord Mar. 21, 1739, d. 
there (m. Anna Merrill); son of EphraiiU 
of Concord, N. IL, b. at Andover, 
Mass., d. at Concord (m. Molly Ingles); 
son of EphraiiU of Andover, Mass., b. 
there Oct. 1, 1675, d. there (m. Mar. 20, 
1700, Priscilla Holt); son of Ralph of An- 
dover, Mass., b. abt. 1630, d. Jan. 8, 1692 
(m. Oct. 26, 165S, Elizabeth, d. Oct. 14, 1710, 
dau. of Nicholas Holt); son of Ralph, b. 
in Eng., came from Southampton, Eng., in 
the brig James 1635 and landed at Boston 
(m. Alice). 

•J lyn, N. Y., b. there Jan. 25, 1865; 
son of Henry Rowland Jones of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., b. at Fairfield, Ct., Nov. 3, 
1S30, merchant of New York city (m. Oct. 
10, 1S55, Annie L., dau. of Denison B. 
Tucker of Norwich, Ct.); son of Obediall 
William Jones of Fairfield, Ct., b. at 
Huntington, N. Y., Apr. 21, 1793, d. at 
Fairfield Jan. 26, 1S89, merchant of New 
York city, during the War of iSi2 was 
stationed at Fort Green in Brooklyn, N. 
Y. (m. Nov. 9, 1S20, Elizabeth Rowland, 
dau. of Samuel and Sarah Maltbic); son of 
William of Huntington, N. Y., b. Jan. 
13, 1753, d. at Huntington, in this genera- 
tion the name was changed from Johnes 
to Jones, merchant (111. May 18, 1783, 
Esther Titus); son of Obediall of Hunt- 
ington, N. Y., b. at Southampton (?) Feb. 
7, 1715, d. at Huntington Dec. 8, 1790, 
member of the Committee of Safety during 
the Revolutionary war (m. Apr. 24, 1741, 
Esther Tithian); son of Samuel of South- 
ampton, N. Y., b. there 1072, d. there 1760, 
trustee several times and constable 16S1 
(m. Esther, b. Feb. 28, 1679, dau. of Capt. 
Thomas Stephens); son of Samuel of 
Southampton, N. V., b. there, d. 1693 (m. 



S:irah, d. Oct. 2, 1692); son of Edward of 
Southampton, N. Y., d. there 1659, came 
to America with Winthrop 1629, settled at 
Charlestown, Mass., where he remained 
till 1643 where he removed to South- 

Y., b. there Feb. 14, 1SS9; son of 
Lewis of Buffalo, N. Y., b. in Mont- 
gomery co., Pa., Mar. 12, 1862, lawyer (m. 
Apr. 5, 18SS, Eloise, dau. of Colgate 
Gilbert, and gr.-dau. of Edward Gilbert 
who came from Kent); son of Rev. R. 
of Phcenixville, Pa., b. at Phila., Pa., Oct. 
30, 1820, chaplain in Civil war (m. Mar. 3, 
1843, Emma T. Gross, whose maternal gr.- 
father was Capt. John Trout of Phila., and 
whose father d. from wounds received in 
the War of 1S12); son of Charles of Phila., 
Pa., b. at Burlington, N. J., Mar. io, 1792, 
d. at Phila. (m. Apr. 30, 181S, Eliza Mur- 
ray, dau. of John Wharton of Phila.); son 
of William of Burlington, N. J., b. there 
Oct. 20, 1752, d. there Feb. 2, 1S15, large 
land-owner and farmer (m. Elizabeth Rod- 
gers); son of Daniel of Burlington, N. J., 
b. there Nov. 10, 1705, d. there Mar., 1763 
(m. July, 172S, Hannah Fisher); son of 
John of Oneanickon, N. J., b. 1674, d. 
Mar. 29, 1747 (m. Mary, dau. of Daniel 
Leeds, surveyor-general of West N. ].); 
son of Richard of Flushing, L. I., b. in 
Eng., d. at Oneanickon 1707, emigrated 
to America before Nov. 8, 1656); gr.-fathcr 
of Richard, one of the signers of the Decla- 
ration of Independence. 

Battle Creek, Mich., b. at Greens- 
boro, Vt., Dec. 2, 1808 (has sister Sarah 
Wight Wheelock of same place, b. at 
Athens, Pa., Sep. 13, 1819); son of Samuel 
of Medfield, Mass., Greensboro, Vt., and 
Athens, Pa., b. at Medfield Oct. iS, 17S1, 
d. at Athens Aug. 13, 1859, removed from 
Medfield to Greensboro 180S, and thence 
to Athens 1814 (m. Nov. 18, 1S04, Eliza- 
beth, b. Mar. 8, 1783, d. Sep. 1, 1S52, dau. 
of Moses and Sarah [Tolman] Wight, son 
of Jonathan and Sarah [Plimpton] Wight, 
son of Jonathan and Margaret, son of 

Samuel and Hannah [Albee] Wight, son 
of Thomas Wight of Medfield); son of 
Ephiaim of Medfield, Mass., b. there 
1733, d. there 1826, served in the French 
and Indian war four years, was captain al 
the siege of Louisburg, colonel in the 
Revolutionary war, commanded a regt. in 
the Continental army and was at Ticon. 
deroga and Crown Point (m. 1767, Mary, 
d. 1S0S, dau. of Stephen Clapp of Walpole, 
Mass.); son of Ephraillt of Medfield, 
Mass., b. at Mendon, Mass., 1697, d. al 
Medfield 17S5, deacon of the Medfield cli., 
prominent in town affairs (in. four times, 
the 2d, 1729, Priscilla, d. 1740, dau. of 
Joseph and Priscilla [Partridge] Plimpton 
of Medfield); son of Eleazar of Medfield, 
Mendon and Medfield, b. at Medfield 
1654, d. there 1731, removed to Mendon 
abt. 1680, surveyor of wild lands there 
16S1, returned to Medfield abt. 1701, select- 
man 1720, prominent in town affairs (m. 
Man', d. 1732, dau. of Isaac Chenery, son 
of Lambert Chenery of Dedham); son 01 
Ralph of Shropshire, Eng., and Medfield 
Mass., b. at Shropshire 1600, d. at Med- 
field 16S3, educated at Clare Hall, Eng., 
dissenting preacher, one of the first settlers 
of Dedham (m. Rebecca, d. 1CS0). 

Orange, N. J., b. at Scranton, Pa., 
July 5, 1869; son of Charles Preston 
Brooks of East Orange, N. J., b. at Phila., 
Pa., Apr. 30, 1S42 (m. Aug. 31, 1S65, Maiy 
Hurley, dau. of James Iliatt Matchin and 
had four children, James Emery, Ellen, 
May and Elizabeth Thompson, he, James 
Iliatt Matchin, was the son of Richard and 
Hannah [Iliatt] Matchin, son of William 
and Jane [Morley] Matchin, dau. of Rich- 
ard Morley); son of James Emery Brooks 
of Phila., Pa., b. at Exeter, N. H., July 
2S, 1799, d. at Spring Mill, Pa., Apr. 23, 
1850, sea captain in early life, settled at 
Phila. 1S27, Hour and crockery merchant, 
moved to Spring Mill 1846 (m. 1st, Mary, 
dau. of George and Mary [Preston] Cham- 
bers and gr.-dau. of Thomas and Sarah 
Preston and had three children, Mary 
Harris, Elizabeth Mitchell and George 
Chambers, m. 2d, Mar. 12, 1835, Clarissa 



Macauley, sister of Mary Chambers, and 
had 5 cli. : Emery James, Arthur Oilman, 
Frances Chambers, Charles Preston and 
Alexander Chambers); son of Samuel of 
Exeter, N. II., b. at Medford, Mass., 
Aug. 24, 1729, d. at Exeter Mar., 1S07, 
>;rjt!. Harvard Coll. 1749, recorder of 
deeds at Exeter, whig;, member of Com- 
mittee of Supplies, quarter-master in a N. 
H. regt. (m. 1st, Elizabeth Pike and had 
seven children, Oliver Pike, Samuel, Jo- 
seph, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, William and 
Mary, m. 2d, Dec. 6, 1795, Tirzah, dau. of 
Dudley and Tirzah [Emery] James, gr.- 
dau. of Francis and Elizabeth James); and 
had 3 ch., Oliver, James Emery and Eliza- 
beth; son of SaiUUCl of Medford, Mass., b. 
there Sep. 3, 1700, d. there July 5, 176S (in. 
Mary Boutwell of Reading, Mass., and had 
5 children, Mary [m. William Whitmore], 
Samuel, Thomas, b. Jan. 6, 1732, Jona- 
than, b. Aug. 17, 1735, and Edward, b. 
Nov. 4, 1743); son of Samuel of Medford, 
Mass. b. at Concord Sep. 1, 1672, d. at 
Medford July 3, 1733 (m. Sarah, dau. of 
Dr. Thomas Boylston of Brookline and 
had two children, Samuel and Sarah); son 
of Caleb of Medford, Mass., b. prob. at 
Watertown 1632, d. at Medford July 29, 
1696 (m. 1st, Susannah, dau. of Thomas 
Atkinson and had five daughters, m. 2d, 
Hannah, sister of Susannah Atkinson and 
had two sons); son of Thomas of Concord, 
Mass., d. there May 21, 1667, came from 
Suffolk, Eng., and settled at Watertown 
1631, constable of Concord, where he re- 
sided 1638 (m. Grace and had four chil- 
dren, Joshua, Caleb, Gershom and Mary). 

. of New York city, b. at Clarendon, 
Vt., Jan. 12, 1823, d. Oct. 6, 1S79 (m. Jan. 
7, 1852, Caroline Hart, dau. of George H. 
and Eliza [Bates] Boughton and had one 
child, Laura Hart Skeels (m. at Ithaca, N. 
Y., Aug. 1, 188S, Francis C. Dom); son 
of Christopher Howard Skeels of Hart- 
land, N. Y., b. at Clarendon, Vt., Aug. 
30, 1794, d. at Hartland Feb. 26, 1877, 
supervisor 16 yrs., justice of the peace 20 
yrs., member of Assembly 1847 (m. Feb. 
12, 1815, Phcebe, dau. of Eliphalet Eddy 

and 8th in desc. from Samuel Eddy who 
came to America in the ship " Hand- 
maid " 1630, son of Rev. William Eddye 
of Cranbrook, Eng.); son of Samuel 
Anable Skeels of Canaan, N. Y., b. Apr. 
17, 1772, d. at Colesville, N. Y., Oct. 13, 
1856 (m. Oct. 3, 1790, Zilpah Howard); son 
of Thomas, b. Apr. 10, 1751, d. Nov. 26, 
1792 (m. Sep. 4, 1771, Hannah Lee), the 
original spelling of the name was Schecle. 

BAILEY, JESSE F. of Washington, N. 
11., b. there Mar. 6, 1823, farmer, 
school teacher (m. June 25, 1S51, Sarah E., 
dau. of Rev. Samuel H. Peckham of Pe- 
tersham, Mass.); son of Samuel P. of 
Washington, N. II., b. at Weare, N. IE, 
Feb. 27, 17S0, d. at Washington, N. II., 
July 12, 1SS0, fanner, member of the 
Masonic fraternity since 1S1S (m. 1st, 1802, 
Betsey Balch, m. 2d, 1816, Betsey II. Har- 
riman); son of Jesse of Weare, N. IE, b. 
at Haverhill, Mass., 1752, d. at Weare, N. 
IE, Jan. 10, 1S36, farmer, a very devout 
Christian (m. 1776, Sarah Philbrick); son 
of Ebon of Bradford, Mass., b. there 1719; 
son of Elder R. of Bradford, Mass., b. 
there Sep. 30, 1675, d. there Nov. 19, 174S, 
active business man, very prominent in 
town affairs, holding all the principal town 
offices 25 yrs., deacon in the ch. (in. Feb. 
21, 1706, Joanna Webster); son of Joseph 
of Rowley, Mass., b. there abt. 1635, d. 
there Oct. 11, 1712, business man, held 
several town offices for 23 yrs. (m. Abigail); 
son of Richard of Rowley, Mass., b. at 
Yorkshire, Eng., settled at Rowley abt. 
1635, came over in the ship " Bevis," com- 
manded by Capt. Richard Dummer. 

Hills, Mass., b. at Andover, Mass., 
July 17, 1S20, grad. of Yale Coll. 1S40, 
pastor of Congl. ch. at Woburn, Dedham, 
Wellesley, Mass., and Rochester, N. Y. 
(m. Aug. 31, 1S4S, Fiances Swan, dau. of 
Hon. David Bronson of Augusta, Me., 
and gt.-gr.-dau. of Rev. Ebenezcr Gay of 
Suffield; Ct.); son of Justin of Andover, 
Mass., b. Apr. 25, 17S7, d. at Bath Alum 
Springs, Va., July 23, 1S53, grad. of Wil- 
liams Coll. 1S10, pastor Congl. Ch. at 



Andover and Boston, Mass., pres. of An- 
dover Theb, Seminary (m. Sep. 17, 1S17, 
Lydia, dau. of Asa and Lydia [Newton] 
Bigelovv of Colchester, Ct., he, Asa, was 
son of Asa, son of Lieut. John, son of 
Joshua, son of John Biglo, the emigrant, 
who d. at Watertown, Mass., July 14, 1703, 
aged 86); son of Justin of Westhampton, 
Mass., b. at Northampton 1752, d. at West- 
hampton Oct. 6, 1S16 (in. 1st, prob. 17S2, 
Elizabeth Clark and had 4 ch., m. 2d, 
Mary Bartlett); son of Noah of Northamp- 
ton, Mass., b. (here 1722, d. there Sep. 3, 
1805 (m. 1st, 174Q, Jerusha Alvord, m. 2d, 
1795, Elizabeth Wright); son of Samuel 
of Northampton, Mass., b, there Mar. 26, 
1676, d. there Mar. S, 1749 (in. 1st, Mercy 
Pomcroy, d 1712, 2d, Sarah Poineroy); 
son of Samuel of Northampton, Mass., b. 
at Springfield Mar. 7, 1643, d. Apr. 13, 1712 
(m. 1075, Sarah Boykin of East Haven, 
Ct.); son of Alexander, b. in Wales, d. 
at Northampton Sep. 4, 1690, came to 
America 1640 and settled at Springfield, 
where he resitted 12 yrs., removed to 
Northampton (m. Apr. 2S, 1642, Mrs. 
Sarah Searle). 

shire, Ct., b. at Coventry, N. Y., 
July 38, 1S44, grad., A. M. B. D. of Yale 
Coll., 1S64, taught at New Haven and 
other places, pastor of Congl. Ch. at Sher- 
man, Ct., 4 yrs., at Newtown, Ct., i6yrs., 
called to Cheshire 1890(111. Nov. I, 1SG7, 
Emma A. Judd of New Haven); son of 
John 1>. of Coventry, N. Y., b. at Walton, 
N. Y., Jan. 31, 1791, d. at Coventry July 
4, 1862, grad. Yale Coll. 181.4, pastor at 
Coventry 33 yrs., pub. a vol. of sermons 
(m. Oct. S, 1S43, Eliza Ann Phillips of 
Coventry, gt.-gr.-dau. of Rev. Geo. Phillips 
of L. I., and gt. -gt.-gr.-dau. of Rev. Geo. 
Phillips of Watertown, Mass., who came 
there 1620 and is the ancestor of Gov. 
Phillips of Mass. and Wendell Phillips of 
Ms.); son of Thaddeus, b. at New Canaan, 
Ct., Nov. 21, 1763, d. at Walton, N. Y., 
Mar. 17, 1S42, served in the Revolutionary 
war (m. Oct. 27, 1785, Jemima Benedict, 
desc. of Thomas Benedict, an original 
settler of Norwalk, Ct.); son of Matthew, 

b. at Norwalk, Ct., May 6, 1741, d. at 
Walton, N. Y., Apr. 14, 1S21 (m. Jan. 1. . 
1 7 6 1 , Mary Lock-wood); son of Ezra, U. 
at Norwalk, Ct., Apr. 23, 1707, d. at New 
Canaan, Ct., Apr., 1790, original member 
of New Canaan Congl. Ch. (m. Apr. 4. 
1731, Phebe Benedict); son of Daniel of .M 
Norwalk, Ct., b. there Jan. I, 1681, d. ' 
there T756, deacon in church (m. Apr. 2$, 
1735, Sarah Benedict); son of Zcrubliuliel, • •*■ 
b. 1650, d. 1727; son of Walter of Nor- 
walk, Ct., d. there 169S; son of Simon of • /M 
Windsor. Ct., b. in Eng. 1595. 

-L Shelburne Falls, Mass., b. at Canan, 
daigua, N. Y., Feb. iS, 1S55, soldier in 
7th U. S. cavalry, Gen. Custer's regt., wa» 
in the detachment under Major Reno, at 
the battle of Little Big Horn June 25-26, 
1S76; son of Otlinicl W. of Canandaigtia, 
N. Y., b. May 25, 1S20, d. at Canandaigua 
Apr. 29, 1S62, music teacher (in. Sep. 6, 
1843, Fidelia Phillips, dau. of Zcphaniah 
and Fanny [Moore] Richmond, a desc. of 
John Richmond who was at Taunton, 
Mass., 1637); son of Samuel of Buckland, 
Mass., b. there Aug. 7, 1774, d. at Shel- 
burne Falls Nov. 25, 1S64, farmer, promi- 
nent in town affairs (m. abt. 1796, Sarah, 
dau. of James and Sarah [Joslin] Butler of 
Leominster, Mass.); son of Samuel of 
Buckland, Mass., b. at Deerfield, Mass., 
Sep. 21, 1744, d. at Buckland Sep. 5, 1837, 
first town clerk of Buckland, and held this 
office 40 yrs., capt. in the militia, member 
of Provincial Congress 1775, representative 
to the General Court, trial justice, owner 
of a deer park, from which the town name 
originated (m. 1769, Esther, dau. of Col. 
Jonathan White of Lancaster, Mass., and a 
desc. of John White of Salem, Mass., 1638); 
son of Otltniel of Deerfield and Charle. 
mont, Mass., b. at Deerfield, Mass., Apr. 
16, 1719, d. at Charlemont Dec. 27, 1788, 
one of the first settlers of Charlemont, 
prominent in the French and Revolutionary 
wars (m. June 27, 1743, Martha, dau. of 
Daniel Aims of Deerfield, and desc. from 
AVm. Arms who came from Guernsey and 
settled at Hadley, Mass.); son of Samuel 
of Deerfield, Mass., b. at Northampton, 



Mass., Aug. 30, 16SS, d. there Mar. 5, 
1735. sergt. in French and Indian war, 
kclcctman, constable, held many important 
town offices (m. 2d, Mary, dau. of Luke 
Hitchcock of Springfield, Mass.); son of 
John of Northampton, Mass., b. at Wind- 
sor, Ct., 1641, killed by the Indians May 
13, 1704, capt. militia, very prominent in 
town affairs (m. Nov. iS, 1662, Thankful, 
dau. of Henry Woodward of Northampton, 
Mass.); son of Jolin of Windsor, Ct., b. 
in England, d. at sea, came to America 
with Gov. Winthrop 1630 (m. twice, and 
had two sons). 

L of Washington City, D. C, b. in 
Bedford co., Va., July 13, 1S63, clerk in 
chief signal office at Washington, took the 
faculty prize for having passed the best 
examination at Columbian Univ. 1890, M. 
D.; son of Diinviddie IJrazier Phillips 
of Waverly, Va., b. at Warrenton, Va., 
June 7, 1S26, grad. Jefferson Med. Coll. 
1S46, assistant surgeon (J. S. navy Nov. 7, 
1847, entered C. S. N. 1861, surgeon of 
Va. during the battle between the Monitor 
and Merrimac (m. Feb. 26, 1S57, N. F. 
Walden, dau. of Capt. Wm. Walden and 
gr.-dau. of Ambrose Walden who served 
as lieut. in Col. Hazcn's regt. called Con- 
gress's Own 1777); son of William Fowke 
Phillips of Warrentown, Va., b. in Stafford 
co., Va., Mar. 13, 1795, d. at Warrenton 
Feb. iS, 1S69, clerk of the Circuit Superior 
Court of Law and Chancery several years, 
auditor of U. S. Treasury in P. O. dept. 
during President Pierce's administration, 
sec. to Finance Committee U. S. Senate 
(m. May 14, 1S17, Edith Harrison Ashmore 
Cannon, dau. of Luke and Elizabeth 
[Brazier] Cannon and gr.-dau. of L. and 
Elizabeth 'Buckner [Fowke] Brazier, gt.- 
gr.-dau. of Chandler and Harrison Fowke, 
gt.-gt. -gr.-dau. of Chandler and Tassaker 
Fowke, gt. -gt.-gt. -gr.-dau. of Gerard and 
Sarah [Burdett] Fowke, gt.-gt. -gt.-gt. -gr. 
dau. of Gerard and Ann [Chandler] Fowke, 
gt. -gt.-gt. -gt.-gt. -gr.-dau. of Roger and 
Mary Fowke of Gunston Hall, Stafford- 
shire, Eng.); son of William of Stafford 
co., Va., b. there, d. there 1797, col. of 

10th Va. regt. during the Revolutionary 
war, high sheriff of Stafford co. (m. Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Gerard and Elizabeth [Din- 
widdie] Fowke, niece of Gov. Dinwiddie 
and desc. of Roger and Mary Fowke of 
Eng.); son of James of Stafford co., Va., 
b. in Wales, d. in Stafford co., came from 
Wales to America near the close of the 
17th century (m. Harriet Griffin), 

apolis, Ind., b. at St. Albans, Me., 
May 3, 1852, patent lawyer; son of 
Charles («., b. at Vassalboro, Me., Apr. 28, 
1814, d. at Detroit, Me., May 31, 1868, far- 
mer, lumberman (m. 1st, Jan., 1841, Emily 
White, m. 2d, Oct. 15, 1S50, Mary Pren- 
tiss, a desc. of Valentine Prentiss of Rox- 
burv, Mass., 1631, and dau. of Jesse and 
Mary Prentiss); son of Martin of St. Al- 
bans, Me., b. at Duxbury, Mass., Sep. 22, 
1790, d. at Lewiston, Me., Apr. 29, 1873, 
farmer (m. Mar. 22, 1813, Tyla Hayden of 
Winslow, Me., and had twelve children); 
son of Peter of Readfteld, Me., b. prob. 
at Duxbury June 2, 1745, d. at Readfield, 
Me., i833(m. Abigail Loring of Pembroke, 
and had eight children); son of Gamaliel 
of Duxbury, Mass., b. there May iS, 1704, 
d. 1778, judge of the County Court, member 
of the Colonial Assembly 25 yrs., was 
wealthy and very popular with his towns- 
men (m. Aug. 30, 172S, Abigail Bartlett of 
Duxbury); son of Samuel, prob. of Dux- 
bury, Mass., b. there 166S, d. there Apr. 
11, 1714, prominent in local alfairs, select- 
man, lieut. in army, held several town 
offices (m. July, 1689, Hannah, dau. of 
John and Elizabeth Rogers of Duxbury, 
and had seven children); son of William 
of Plymouth, Mass., b. June 17, 1624, d. 
Jan. 26, 1703-4 (m. 1st, Alice Richards, m. 
2d, Mrs. Wiswall, m. 3d, Mary Holmes, and 
had fifteen children); son of William of 
Plymouth colony, of which he was governor. 

TANNEY, JOHN JAY of Columbus, O., 
'J b. at Goose Creek, Va., Apr. 25, 1S12, 
educated at the common school, went to 
Ohio 1832, clerk in the House of Repre- 
sentatives of state of Ohio, sec. of the bd. 
of control, State Bank of Ohio 15 yrs., sec. 



and treas. of C. and H. V. Rd. Co. 15 yrs., 
member of school bd., of the city council, 
and of the police commissioners, director 
of Ohio penitentiary and held several 
other similar positions (m. Sep. 2g, 1835, 
Rebecca Anne, dau. of Seth Smith; son 
of Thomas Jefferson Janney of Goose 
Creek, Va., b. Oct. 1, 1784, d. there May 
25, 1812, farmer, educated at the Friends' 
School (m. 1811, Mary Taylor, farmer, 
member of the Soc. of Friends'*; son of 
Blcackstonc of Goose Creek, Va., b. Sep. 
7, 1845, d. at Goose Creek, farmer, prom- 
inent member of the Soc. of Friends (m. 
Mary Nichols); son of Jacob, d. Aug. 3, 
17S6, removed from Bucks co., Pa., to 
Goose Creek, Va., 1745 (m. Hannah, who 
d. at the age of 93 yrs.); son of JoSCpll of 
Bucks co., Pa., b. at Cheshire, Eng. (in. 
1703, Rebecca Biles); son of Thomas of 
Bucks co., Pa., b. at Cheshire, Eng., 
1633, d. there Dec. 12, 1696, prominent 
minister in the Soc. of Friends, extensive 
traveler, was imprisoned at Chester, Eng., 
in 1664 for refusing to pay tithes, came to 
Pa. 1683, and settled at Makefield, mem- 
ber of the Provincial Council. 

Mass., b. there June 26, 1S60, grad. 
Harvard Coll, 1882, and brothers, Nathan 
Matthews, b. Mar. 28, 1S54, grad. Harvard 
Coll. 1S75, studied at Harvard Law Sch. 
and at Leipsig, mayor of Boston 1891, and 
Constant Southworth Matthews, b. Sep. 
25, 1869, grad. Harvard Coll. 1890; sons 
of Nathan of Boston, Mass., b. at Yar- 
mouth, Mass., Sep. 15, 1814 (m. Sep. 9, 
1S51, Albertine, dau. of William Jenkins 
and Ann [Southworth] Bunker, she, Ann 
Southworth, was sixth in desc. from Alice 
[Carpenter] Southworth, who m. 2d, Gov. 
Bradford, and also from John and Priscilla 
[Mullins] Alden of the Mayflower); son of 
James of Yarmouth, Mass., b. there June 
12, 1779, d. there Dec. 15, 1S57, selectman 
25 yrs., town clerk 1829-37, freeman (m. 
Mar. 9, 1806, Sarah, dau. of Edward and 
Sarah [Hedge] Hallett); son of Isaac of 
Yarmouth, Mass., b. Nov. 24, 1736, d. 
Dec. 15, 1790, selectman 12 yrs. (m. Mar. 
23, 1775, Phebe Howes); son of James of 

Yarmouth, Mass., b. Oct. 15, 1700, d. 1750 
(m. June 13, 1723, Dorcas Howes); son of 
Benjamin of Yarmouth, Mass.,d. Nov. 4, . 
1741 (m. Jan. 16, 1699, Hannah Ryder)}' 
son of James of Yarmouth, Mass., b. in 
England, d. at Yarmouth Jan. 26, 16S5-6. 
resided for a short time at Charlestown, re- 
moved to Yarmouth 1639, deputy 1644, sc 
lectman 1665-9; son of Edward of Tewlct. 
bury, Eng., will was dated Sep. 11, l6l3 
(in. Christian). 

HAYNES, FRED A. of Haverhill. 
Mass., b. at Houlton, Me., June 
18, 1S65, atty.-at-law; son of George A. 
of Haverhill, Mass., b. there Mar. 14, 1334, 
farmer (m. July 27, 1863, Isabella M., dau. 
of Augustus F. Hammond of Houlton); 
son of Zacheus of Haverhill, Mass., b. 
there June 29, 1803, d. there Sep. 4, 1847 
(m. Dec. 13, 1S26, Hannah Sargent); son 
of Jonathan of Haverhill, Mass., b. there 
Apr. 23, 1757, d. there Feb. 25, 1833, 
cooper (m. Jan. iS, 1759. Polly Corliss, 
dau. of Geo.; son of Joseph of Haverhill. 
Mass., b. there Feb. 5, 1715, d. there Dec. 
6, 1S01, trader, author of religious works, 
delegate to Mass. Provincial Congress 
1774-5, member of town Committee on 
Safety (m. 1st, Aug. 1, 1734, Elizabeth 
Clement, m. 2d, June, 1756, Mehitable, 
dau. of Jonathan Marsh and gt.-gr.-dau. 
of Hannah Dustin of Indian fame); son of 
Thomas of Haverhill, Mass., b. there May 
14, 1680, d. there Dec. 6. 1771, farmer, se- 
lectman 1721-33, captured by the Indians 
1696 with his father, three brothers and sis- 
ters, but escaped with his father, they were 
again captured, and the father was killed 
and he held till ransomed 1698 (m. Oct. 22, 
1703, Hannah Harriman); son of Jonathan 
of Haverhill, Mass., b. in Eng. 1616, killed 
by the Indians Feb. 22, 1698, emigrated to 
America 1633, settled at Newbury, removed 
from there to New Jersey, thence to Haver- 
hill, brickmaker, farmer, was taken pris- 
oner by the Indians Aug. 15, 1696, escaped 
to Saco, Me., again captured, and killed 
by them Feb. 22, 169S (m. 1st, Jan. I, 
1674, Mary, dau. of William Mouhon of 
Hampton, d. soon after, m. 2d, Sarah, sis- 
ter of Mary Moulton). 



Providence, R. I., b. at Killingly, 
Ct., Mar. 21, iS3o(m. Nov. 5, 1S57, Harriet 
E. H., dau. of William F. and Hannah 
[Seymour] Hammond); son of Gl'indal of 
Woodstock, Ct., b. at Prov., R. I., Aug. 
12, 1803, d. at New Haven, Ct., Aug. 29, 
iS6g, deacon of the 1st Congl. ch. for 30 
yrs. (m. Mar. 30, 1824, Lucretia Cornell, 
gr.-dau. of Col. Christopher LelTingwell of 
Norwich, Ct.); son of Joseph of Prov., 
R. I., b. there Dec. 24, 1760, d. there July 
'9i 1335, joined the Revolutionary army at 
the age of 16, served through the war, lieut. 
(m. 1785, Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel 
Rhodes); son of (Jrindal of Prov., R. I., 
b. at Mendon, Mass., July 13, 1719, d. at 
Prov. 1803, manufacturer of war utensils 
(m. 1752, Elizabeth Boyd of Newport, 
R. I.); son of Wilson of Mendon, Mass., 
b. there June 23, 1692, d. there Dec. 1, 
1726 (m. May 4, 1712, Margaret Arthur of 
Nantucket, Mass.) ; son of (Jrimlal of 
Mendon, Mass., b. Jan. 23, 1659, d. at 
Mendon Feb. 6, 171 5, preached to the In- 
dians in their language, and translated the 
Bible into their tongue 1678 (m. Susanna, 
dau. of Rev. John Wilson of Medfield, 
Mass.); son of Edward of Boston, Mass., 
b. at Gillingham, Eng., Apr. 16, 1615, d. 
at Boston Aug. 27, 1693, secretary of Mass. 
colony 1650 (m. Rachel Perne, gr.-dau. of 
John Hooker, whose wife was a sister of 
Edmund Grindal, archbishop of Canter- 
bury, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth). 

kinsville, Yt., b. at S. Londonderry, 
Vt., Apr. 9, 1S38, grad. from Madison 
Univ. 1S62, from Hamilton Theo. Sem. 
1865, teacher, Bapt. clergyman, supt. of 
schools, town clerk, A. M. 1865 (m. Apr. 
6, 1870, Fannie M., dau. of Asa and Fan- 
nie [Dunham] Webster, she, Fannie M., 
was a teacher and preceptress of academies 
before marriage and supt. of schools since 
then); son of William W. of So. London- 
derry, Vt., b. at Windham, Vt., Nov. 4, 
1810, d. at S. Londonderry Aug. 2, 1863, 
farmer, Bapt. deacon (m. Feb. n, 1836, 
Rachel, b. at Andover, Vt., d. July 29, 
1871, dau. of Ezra and Rachel [Putnam] 

Dodge); son of Elijah of So. London- 
derry, Vt., b. at Framingham, Mass., (?) 
May 3, 1775, d. at S. Londonderry Sep. 2, 
1848, farmer (m. abt. 1796, Lucretia, dau. 
of Daniel and Lucretia Farr); son of 
Daniel of Hinsdale, N. II., b. in Mass. 
Apr. 17, 1 75 1 , farmer (m. -Sarah Bancroft); 
son of Jonathan, Jr., of Framingham, 
Mass., b. about 1722; son of Jonathan of 
Marlborough, Mass., b. Feb. 10, 1781; son 
of John of Lancaster, Mass., freeman, 

HYATT, ALPIIEUS of Cambridge, 
Mass., b. at Washington, D. C, 
Apr. 5, 183S, naturalist (m. Jan. 7, 1867, 
Audella Beebe, and had three children, 
Harriet Randolph, Alpheus and Anna 
Vaughan); son of Alpheus of Baltimore, 
Md., b. in Prince Geo. co., Md., d. at Bait. 
Feb., 1S65, merchant (m. 1st, Rachel Stet- 
tinus, and had two children, Amelia and 
Edward, m. 2d, Harriet R. King, and had 
four children, Alpheus, Louise, Rufusand 
Ida); son of Sctll of Hyattsville, Md., b. in 
Prince Geo co., d. there, farmer, merchant 
(m. Jemima Jones, and had nine children, 
Jemima, Sarah, Eleanor, Nancy, Rachel, 
Seth, Wesley, Richard and Alpheus); son 
of William of Prince, Md. (m. Elizabeth 
Walker, and had five children, Christo- 
pher, Elizabeth, Abednigo, Martha and 
Seth); son of Charles of Prince Geo. co., 
received a grant of 300 acres of land from 
Lord Baltimore 1 717, planter (m. Sarah, 
and had seven children, Ann, Peter, Ann, 
Elizabeth, Penelope, William and Peter). 

of Phila., Pa., b. there May 30, 
1802, lawyer, admitted to Phila. bar 1884, 
sec. Law Acad. 1SS6-7, member of Soc. 
for Extending Univ. Teaching, of Scotch- 
Irish Assoc, of Penna. and of Amer. Acad. 
Political and Social Science (m. June 6, 
18S8, Mary C, dau. of Jacob C. and Mary 
[Flock] Brand of Chambersburg, Pa.); 
son of John Bowers Wallace of Phila., 
Pa., b. Warwick tp., Pa., Mar. 3, 1S36, d. 
at Phila. Mar. 9, 1877, real estate assessor 
of Phila. (m. Maria L., dau. of Peter and 
Mary LePage); son of James of Warwick 



tp., b. there Dec. 29, 1800, d. at Phila. 
Jan. 27, 1S66 (m. Mary Ford); son of 
Robert of Warwick, Pa., b. there, d. 
there (111. Mary, dan. of Hugh and Mary 
[Corbit] Long); son of J allies of Warwick 
township, Pa., d. there 1777, active in the 
county before and during the Revolution- 
ary war, member of the Committee of 
Safety, one of the deputies from Bucks 
co. at the Provincial meeting of deputies 
from the counties of Pa., held at Phila. 
1774, also member of committee from 
Bucks co. at conference of committees of 
the Province, hold at Carpenter's Hall 
June 1S-25, 177G, member of the commit- 
tee of Bucks co. to purchase arms not in 
use throughout the county, and in 1777 
was delegated to attend the Saltpetre 
works at Phila. to learn the process of 
powder-making and to instruct the inhab- 
itants of Bucks co. in the method, coroner 
Bucks co. 176S-72, justice of the peace 
1777, trustee 1767 of Neshaminy Presby- 
terian cli., whose first pastor, Rev. Wm. 
Tennent, founded the famous Log College 
adjoining the church (m. Isabella, dau. of 
William Miller of Warwick tp.); son of 
JaillCS of Warwick tp., d. there 1724, 
came from the north of Ireland with early 
Scotch-Irish immigration. 

Foster's, O., b. at Lancaster, Mass., 
Feb. 15, 1S21, grad. Harvard Coll. 1S46, 
A. M. 1S50, of Cambridge Div. Sch. 1S49, 
pastor of church in East Lexington Nov. 

7, 1849, minister at Dublin, N. II., teacher, 
prof, of moral philosophy in Antioch Coll., 
Ohio (m. Feb. 24, 1S50, Elizabeth Guild, 
dau. of Rev. Jaazaniah Crosby of Charles- 
town, N. H., grad. Harvard Coll. 1804, 
D. D., son of Jaazaniah of Billerica, 
Mass., son of Jaazaniah of Ashby, son of 
William and Hannah [Ross] Crosby, son 
of Joseph and Sarah [French] Crosby, 
son of Symon of Cambridge, b. 1630); 
son of Josiah of Lancaster, b. at East 
Sudbury Aug. 20, 1782, d. at Lowell Feb. 

8, 1S27, merchant (m. Mar. 2, 1805, Eirene, 
dau. of Rev. Asarelah and Ilephzibah 
[Hall] Morse, son of Capt. Theodore and 
Thankful [Crocker] Morse of Barnstable, 

she, Thankful, was the dau. of ThomM, 
son of Josiah and Meletiah [IIincklc>| 
Crocker, dau. of Gov. Thomas Hincklc)). 
son of Josiah of East Sudbury, Mass., b. 
at Lexington Dec. S, 1739, d. at East SuJ. 
bury June 19, iSoi, a distinguished cler- 
gyman of his time (m. Jan. 30, 1766, 
Martha, dau. of Rev. Aaron and Martha 
[Allen] Smith of Gloucester, dau. of 
Joseph, son of Joseph, son of William of 
Gloucester, he, Aaron, was son of Daniel, 
son of Richard Smith of Ipswich, Mass.); 
son of John of Lexington, b. there Sep. 
1, 1700, d. there May 7, 1776, farmer, 
prominent citizen (m. 1732, Sarah, b, Nov. 
9, 171 1, dau. of Joseph and Mary TidJ, 
son of John and Rebecca [Wood] Tidd. 
son of John of Charlestown); son of Mat- 
thew of Cambridge, b. there May 5, 1650, 
d. at Lexington May 29, 1738, a leading 
citizen, prominent in town and church 
affairs (m. 16S7, Abigail, b. May 12, 166S, 
dau. of Joseph and Mary [Belcher] Rus- 
sell, son of William and Martha Russell 
of Cambridge); son of 3IattllCW, b. about 
1615 (m. Anne, dau. Nicholas Dan forth of 
Cambridge and of Framingham, Eng., she 
b. about 1620, bap. Nov. 3, 1622); son of 
John of Cambridge, b. in England, d. Sep., 
1665, prominent in the affairs of the colony, 
town and church, was m. in England. 

Amherst, Mass., b. at Burlington, 
Vt., Apr. 28, 1844, librarian of Amherst 
Coll., served in the 6th Mass. regt. during 
the Civil war (in. Oct. 11, 1S69, Annie 
Le Baron, dau. of Francis Richmond of 
Hartford, Ct.); son of StiUlliau of Win- 
Chester, Mass., b. at Plymouth, Vt., Mar. 
6, 1S10, d. at Reading, Vt., Nov. 16, 1S74, 
printer, contributor to the press, editor 
of the New England Farmer 15 yrs. (m. 
June 15, 1S38, Elizabeth, dau. of Abner 
and Rebecca [Hard)'] Severance of Wind- 
sor, Vt.); son of Reuben of Plymouth, 
Vt., b. at Westford, Mass., Dec. 7, 17S3, 
d. at Reading, Vt., Nov. 6, 1S79, farmer, 
teacher, volunteer in the War of 1812 (m. 
Mar. 3, 1S0S, Betsey, dau. of Dea. Na- 
thaniel and Lydia [Mason] Pratt of Read- 
ing, Vt.); sou of Henry of Westford, 


Mass., and Plymouth, Vt., b. at Westford 
Aug. 17, 1751, d. at Plymouth Apr. 17, 
1S29, farmer and miller, served in the 
Revolutionary war (m. Nov. 30, 1773, 
Deborah, dau. of Aaron and Dorothy 
[Fletcher] Parker of Westford); son of 
Reubcu of Westford, Mass., b. there July 
12, 1720, d. there, farmer, imprisoned for 
lefusing to pay the tax for the established 
church, as he was a Baptist, author of 
Lamentable State of New England (m. Su- 
sannah Chandler); son of William of 
Chelmsford, Mass.; son of Samuel of 
Concord, Mass., b. July 23, 1664 (m. 1st, 
Hannah, m. 2d, Sarah Bale, m. 3d, Eliza- 
beth Proctor); son of William of Concord, 
Mass., b. in Eng. 1622, selectman of 
Chelmsford 1654 (m. Lydia Bates); son of 
Robert of Concord, Mass., b. in Eng. 
1592, d. Apr. 3, 1677, first known at Con- 
cord 1630, founder of the Fletcher family 
in America. 

LINCOLN, GEORGE of Ilingham, 
Mass., b. there Sep. 23, 1S22, his- 
torian, author of " Ilingham Genealogies," 
associate with F. Burr in the preparation 
of " Bingham in the Civil War" (m. May 
16, 1S44, Mercy, b. Dec. 14, 1S24, dau. of 
William and Sarah [Kent] Hall, he, Wil- 
liam, was a master shipwright and a desc. 
of Capt. Adam Hall of Scotch ancestry); 
son of (Jeorye of Ilingham, Mass., b. 
there June 9, 1797, d. there Jan. 2, 1S6S, 
was a sailmaker, was one of the orig- 
inal seven members of the first Methodist 
Ep. Class, formed at Hingham 181S, sup- 
porter and preacher of the religious views 
of John Wesley 50 yrs. (m. Dec. 19, 1821, 
Jane, b. at Ilingham Aug. 21, 1S05, dau. 
of Elpalet and Susa [Wilder] Loring, he, 
Elpalet, was a farmer and an extensive 
tanner and a desc. of Thomas and Jane 
[Newton] Loring); son of George of Iling- 
ham, Mass., b. there Jan. 5, 1765, d. there 
July n, 1S29, master mariner (m. Dec. 24, 
1793, Sarah, b. Apr. 2S, 1771, dau. of Ezra 
and Hannah [Kent] French and a desc. of 
Stephen French, one of the early settlers of 
Weymouth, Mass.); son of Joshua of 
Hingham, Mass., b. there Nov. 14, 1737, 
d. there Sep. 3, 1S10, inn-holder, farmer, 

proprietor of the Pine Tree Tavern (in. 
Dec. 23, 1762, Tamar, dau. of Isaac and 
Leah [Stodder] Sprague and 4th in desc. 
from William Sprague, one of the early 
settlers of Ilingham); son of Joshua of 
Ilingham, Mass., b. there Jan. 1, 1701-2, 
d. there Apr. 14, 1751 , farmer, inn-holder 
(in. Dec. 20, 1733, Rachel, clau. of Simon 
and Bethia [Lane] Stodder and a desc. of 
John Stodder); son of Daniel of Hingham, 
Mass., b. there 1G61-2, d. there Nov. 2S, 
1724, fanner, selectman (m. Apr. 16, 16S7, 
Sarah, dau. of Thomas and Sarah [Winston] 
Nichols of Scituate, Mass.); son of Daniel 
of Ilingham, Mass., b. prob. at Hingham, 
Eng., bapt. at Ilingham, Eng., Mar. 2S, 
1619, d. at Hingham, Mass., Mar. 19, 169S 
(in. Susanna, d. Feb. 20, 1703). 

bus, O., b. at Strasburg, Pa., Apr. 
1, 1S23, grad. Yale Coll. 1S47, ordained 
Presbyterian minister 1850, pastor West 
Chester, Pa., 1S50-72, Columbus, O., 1872, 
D. D. Marietta Coll. 1873, moderator of 
the general assembly of the Presbyterian 
ch. 1S90, author of " Digest of Presbyterian 
Ch. Law"(m. Sep. 19, 1S50, Harriet F., 
dau. of Rev. George Foot, desc. of Na- 
thaniel Foot); son of Jaeob of Glasgow, 
Del., b. at Mill Creek Apr. 29, 1797, d. May 
5, 1829, grad. of Univ. of Pa. iSi6, physi- 
cian (m. 1S18, Sarah S., dau. of William 
Faris of Delaware); son of William of 
Mill Creek, Del., b. there Dec. 2S, 1770, 
d. there Aug. 26, 1S1S, farmer, sheriff of 
New Castle co., Del., 1811-13 (m. May 31, 
1796, Rachel Bouldin); son of Jacob of 
Mill Creek, Del., b. in New Castle co., 
Del., 1730, d. at Mill Creek 1795, farmer, 
served in the army during the campaign 
of 1777 (m. 1765, Hannah Steele); son of 
William of New Castle Co., Del., b. at 
Londonderry, Ireland, 1689, d. in New 
Castle co., Del., 1740, his parents came to 
America abt. the beginning of the 18th 
century and settled in New Castle co. ; son 
of Jacob of New Castle co., Del., b. at 
Argyleshire, Scotland, d. in New Castle 
co., was among the party of the Earl of 
Argyle who, after his execution, were ban- 
ished to the London colony at Ulster. 



Louis, Mo., b. at Northfield, Mass., 
Jan. 29, 1S34, prof, of English and German 
literature in Washington Univ. (m. 1st, 
Oct. 15, 1863, Eliza Adelaide Cutler of 
Warren, Mass., in. 2d, Nov. 27, 1S7S, 
Jenny Persis Garland of St. Louis); son of 
George Washington Hosmer of Buffalo, 
N. Y., b. at Concord, Mass., Nov. 27, 1S03, 
d. at Canton, Mass., i8Sr, minister at 
Northfield, Mass., 7yrs.,at Buffalo 30 yrs., 
pres. of Antioch Coll. 7 yrs., minister at 
Newton, Mass., 5 yrs. (m. abt. 1830, Han- 
nah Poor, dau. of Rev. James Kendall, 
D. D., minister of the 1st Church, Ply- 
mouth, Mass., 1S00-59); son of Cyrus of 
Concord, Mass., b. there, d. there, farmer 
(m. Patty Barrett, gr.-dau. of Col. James 
Barrett, a rep. to the Gen. Court, soldier in 
the Fiench war, commander of the minute 
men at Concord 1775); son of Joseph of 
Concord, Mass., b. there, d. there, farmer, 
major in the Revolutionary war, sheriff of 
Middlesex CO., adjutant, commander of a 
company of minute men (in. Lucy Barnes 
of Marlborough, Mass.); son of Thomas 
of Concord, Mass., b. there, d. there (m. 
Prudence Hosmer of Concord, Mass.); son 
of Thomas of Concord, Mass., b. there, 
d. there (111. Hannah Ilartwell of Lincoln, 
Mass.); son of James of Concord, Mass., 
killed at Sudbury by the Indians in Philip's 
war (m. Sarah White, dau. of the fust min- 
ister of Lancaster and sister of Mrs. Row- 
landson); son of James of Concord, Mass., 
b. in England, came to America in the ship 
"Elizabeth" 1635, one of the founders of 

P03IR0Y, SAMUEL of Bristol, N. Y., 
b. at Amherst, Mass., Sep. 3, 1781, d. 
Nov. 1, 1S75, farmer (m. Penelope Allen, 
and had eleven children: Allen, Elisha 
Hastings, Mary, Samuel Hastings, Lucy 
Hastings, Penelope Allen, Elvira, Moses 
Bissell, Cynthia, Hannah and Richard 
Wells), and brothers, Simeon, Levi, Lu- 
ther, Moses and Jesse; sons of Simeon of 
Mass., b. there Apr. 24-2S, 1754, d. prob. 
at Amherst Oct. 2S, 1847, farmer (m. 1st, 
Dec. 30, 1779, Mary, b. Aug. 7, 1759, d. 
Feb. 12, 1814, dau. of Thomas Hastings, 

son of Thomas, son of Thomas, b. at 
Watertown July 1, 1652, d. July 23, 1712, ■ 
physician); son of Simeon of Amherst, 
Mass., b. prob. at Southampton June 5, 
1725, d. at Amherst 1S12 (m. 1747, Abigail 
Smith, and had eleven children: Abigail, 
Eunice, Lucy, Simeon, Mary, Jerusha, 
David, Mar)', Dorcas, Samuel and Moses); 
son of Samuel of Southampton, Mass., b. 
at Northampton 1669, d. at Southampton ^?) 
174s (m. 1st, Elizabeth French, m. 2d, Jo- 
hanna Root, m. 3d, Elizabeth) ; son o( 
Caleb, b. 1642, d. 1691 (m. Mar. 8, 1664-5, 
Hepzibah, dau. of Jeffrey Baker); son of 

Eltweed, d. 1673. 

keepsie, N. Y., b. there Jan. 4, 
1S52, grad. of Harvard Univ., A. B., 1872, 
lawyer, vice. -pres. of the Holland Soc. of 
New York (m. Get. 10, 1S76, Esther Jack- 
man, and had four children: Ross, Alfred, 
Glga and Elsa); son of Alfred of Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y., b. at Guilford, N. Y., July 
17, 1S20, grad. Yale Coll., A. B., 1844, 
N. Y. Coll. of Phy. and Surg. 1S4S, phy- 
sician and surgeon (m. Sep. 2S, 1S48, Mar- 
garet Ann Manning, desc. of Hugh Freer, 
one of the twelve New Paltz patentees, and 
Baltus Van Kleeck, the original settler of 
Poughkeepsie); son of Joseph of Guilford, 
N. Y., b. there May 25, 1781, d. there Apr. 
5, 1853, prominent citizen of Ulster CO., 
member of the Assembly 1S01-4 (m. Oct. 
19, 1809, Jane Ilasbrouck, desc. of Jan 
Hasbrouck, one of the patentees of New 
Paltz); son of Joseph of Guilford, N. Y., 
b. at Kingston, N. Y., Mar. 3, 1743-4, d. 
at Guilford Feb. 26, 1808, general in the 
militia, major of the 3d Ulster regt., 
member of Assembly 17S6-91-2, senator 
1793-6 (m. Mar. 25, 1773, Elizabeth Bevier, 
a desc. of Lawrence Bevier, one of the 
patentees of New Paltz); son of Abra- 
ham of Kingston, N. Y., b. at Guilford 
Aug. 21, 1707, d. at Kingston Nov. 10, 
1791, member of the Provincial Legisla- 
ture for Ulster co. 1739-52, 1759-68, mem- 
ber of N. Y. Provincial Congress 1776, 
member of the Assembly of the Legislature 
17S2, lieut.-col. of 1st Ulster regt. 1775, 
col. of the same, reorganized as the North- 


crn Ulster regt. Feb. 13, 1776 (m. Jan. 5, 
'738-9, Catharine Bruyn, his cousin); son 
of Joseph of New Paltz, N. Y., b. there 
Oct. 23, 16S3, d. at Guilford Jan. 28, 
1723-4, prominent citizen (m. Oct. 2, 1706, 
Elsie, dau. of Capt. Joakim Schoonmaker 
and gr.-dau. of Hendrick Joakimsen 
Schoonmaker, who came to America from 
Hamburg, German)', in the employ of the 
Dutch West India Co.); son of Abraham 
of New Paltz, N. Y., b. near Calais, 
France, d. at New Paltz Mar. 17, 1717, 
came to America 1675 and settled at 
Kingston; with his brother Jan and ten 
others, he obtained a patent for 40,000 
acres of land on the west shore of the 
Hudson river Sep. 29, 1677, and called it 
New Paltz, representative for Ulster co. 
in the Colonial Assembly 1698-9, major in 
the militia, commissioned to lay out roads 
in Ulster co. June 19, 1703 (m. Marie, 
dau. of Christian Deyo, one of the New 
Paltz patentees 1676). 

ton, Mass., b. there Nov. 26, 1854, 
grad. Harvard Coll. 1875; son of John of 
Boston, Mass., b. there Dec. 30, 1823, late 
lieut.-col. commanding Independent Corps 
of Cadets M. Y. M. (m. May 8, 1851, 
Anna Lloyd, dau. of Hon. Wm. Parkinson 
Greene of Norwich, Ct., son of Gardiner 
Greene); son of John of Boston, Mass., 
b. there Mar. 23, 1796, d. there July 16, 
1876, grad. of Harvard Coll. 1815, phy- 
sician (m. May 13, 1S02, Ann Geyer, dau. 
of Rufus Greene and Ann [von Geyer] 
Amory and gr.-dau. of Frederick William 
von Geyer); son of John of Boston, Mass., 
b. there Feb. 5, 1744, d. there Sep. 16, 
1S19, grad. Harvard Coll. 1763, tory, 
surgeon in the English army during the 
Revolutionary war, was the first to cross 
the British channel in a balloon (m. Sep. 
8, 1787, Hannah, dau. of William Hunt of 
London); son of David of Boston, Mass., 
b. there Oct. 23, 1714, d. there Dec. 26, 
1785, grad. Harvard Coll. 1732, treasurer 
of Boston and Suffolk co. 2S yrs. (m. Oct. 
21, 1741, his cousin Sarah, dau. of Hon. 
George Jaffrey); son of David of Boston, 
b. there June 16, 1690, d. at sea Sep. 13, 

J^Jfc, grad. Harvard Coll. 1708, lost at sea 
while returning from England, where he 
had been sent to represent the colony of 
Mass. (m. Mar. 18, 1713, Katherine, dau. 
of Capt. John Eyre and gr.-dau. of Capt. 
Thomas Brattle, the noted Indian fighter 
and who was founder of the Old South 
Church); son of David of Boston, Mass., 
and Portsmouth, N. 11., b. at Rhode, 
Wiltshire, Nov. 18, 1658, d. at Boston 
Nov. 10, 1742, prominent merchant of Bos- 
ton (in. Sep. 15, 1686, Elizabeth, dau. of 
Hon. John Usher, lieut. and actinggovernor 
of New Hampshire, treasurer and receiver- 
general of New England, member of the 
Council under Andros); son of David of 
Castle Green, Eng. 

SON of Bethlehem, Pa., b. at 
Proctorsville, Vt., Sep. 30, 1849, A. B. 
Yale 1S72, A. C. Lehigh Univ. 1875, E. 
M. 1876, mining engineer 1S76-81, pro- 
fessor of mining engineering and geology 
at Lehigh Univ. 1881-91, member of the 
Am. Inst, of mining engineers and of the 
Am. Geological Soc., compiled several 
books on genealogical subjects (m. June 
19, 1S83, Jennie Olive, dau. of Augustine 
Samuel and Ophelia [Leland] Bemis, b. 
at Boston, Mass., April 2, iS6r); son of 
Edward HigginSOll Williams of Phila., 
Pa., b. at Woodstock, Vt., June 1, 1824, 
M. D. Vt. Medical Coll. 1846, civil en- 
gineer 1853-70, asst. supt. of several 
western roads, gen. supt. Galena Div. C. 
& N. W. R. R. and of the Pa. R. R. 1865-70, 
partner in Baldwin Locomotive Works 
since 1S70, U. S. commissioner of the In- 
ternational Exhibition of Sydney, N. S. 
W., member of the Royal Soc. of Sweden, 
knight of the Swedish order of the Polar 
Star (m. June 15, 1S48, Cornelia Bailey 
Pratt, b. at Woodstock, Vt., Jan. 16, 1827, 
d. July 16, 18S9, dau. of John A. and Sarah 
[Bailey] Pratt); son of Norman of Wood- 
stock, Vt., b. there Oct. 6, 1791, d. there 
Jan. 12, 1868, A. B. and A. M. Univ. of Vt. 
1S10, practiced law 1816-68, senator, sec. 
of Vt., county clerk of Windsor co. 30 yrs. 
(in. Dec. 11, 1817, Mary Ann Wentworth 
Brown, b. Nov. 24, 1795, d. Nov. 6, 1879, 



dau. of Henry Barlow and Rebecca [Ap- 
pleton] Brown); son of Jesse of Wood- 
stock, Vt., b. at Mansfield, Ct., Tune 14, 
1761, d. at Woodstock Jan. 27, 1842, served 
at Bunker Hill, judge of probate, asso- 
ciate and chief justice of Windsor (Vt.) 
Count}' Court (m. Oct. 3, 1790, Hannah, 
dau. ofGershom and Lucia [Field] Palmer); 
son of Phinchns of Woodstock, Vt., b. at 
Watertown, Mass., Nov. 5, 1734, d. at 
Woodstock Dec. 2S, 1820, capt. in the 
militia, colonel 1st rcgt. of Windsor co., 
engineer and roadbuilder (m. Jan. 12, 
1754, Mary, b. Nov. 12, 1735, d. Dec. 2S, 
iS2o, dau. of Bennet and Elizabeth [Spof- 
ford] Field and gr.-dau. of John and .Mary 
[Bennet] Field (she was captured by the 
Indians at Deerfield Feb. 29, 1704); son of 
William of Mansfield, Ct., b. at Newton, 
Mass., Sep. 19, 1690, d. at Mansfield Feb. 
4, 1767, carpenter and builder, constable 
of Watertown, capt. in the militia (in. 
1720, Experience, b. at Newton, Mass., 
Nov. 10, 1696, d. Mar. 13, 1761, dau. of 
Joseph and Deliverance [Jackson] Wil- 
son); son of Isaac of Roxbury, Mass., b. 
at Newton Dec. 11, 1761, d. at Roxbury 
1739, capt. of militia (m. 16S5, Elizabeth, 
b. Sep. 4, 1659, d- June 26, 1699, dau. of 
Jonathan and Mary [French] Hyde); son 
of Isaac of Newtown, Mass., b. at Rox- 
bury Sep. 1, 163S, d. at Newtown Feb. n, 
1707, weaver, deacon, capt. in the militia, 
selectman, representative to the General 
Court S yrs. (m. 1660, Martha, b. Mar. 2, 
1642, d. Oct. 24, if>74, dau. of Deacon 
William and Martha [Holgrave] Parke); 
son of Itoltert of Roxbury, Mass., b. 160S, 
d. at Roxbury Sep. 1, 1693, shoemaker, 
came to America Apr. 15, 1637, in the ship 
" Rose of Yarmouth," one of the first set- 
tlers of Roxbury (m, Elizabeth Stalham of 
Norwich, Eng., and had four children, 
John, Samuel, Elizabeth and Deborah, all 
b. in Eng.) 

DODfiE, ALLEN of Lowell, Mass., b. 
at New Boston, N. IL, Dec. 27, 1S36 
(m. Oct. 5, 1853, Jennie M., dau. of Col. 
John and Mary [Batchelder] Gregg and 
gr.-dau. of Joseph Gregg); son of Elzap- 
haii of New Boston, N. II., b. at Wen- 

ham, Mass., Dec. 26, 1790, died in Apr. 
4, 1857, advocate of anti-slavery, deacon . 
of Rev. Putnam Bradford's ch. (m. Levini 
Dodge, h. Mar. I, 1797, and had ten chil- 
dren, Anna, b. Sep. 26, 1S20, Elnathan, b. 
May 25, 1822, Uziel, b. Mar. 12, 1825. 
Willard, b. Sep. 19, 1S27, Mary Ann, b. 
Mar. 27, 1S31, Edwin, b. Aug. 1, 1833. 
Allen, b. Dec. 27, 1S36, Lendell, b. May 
2S, 1S38, Sarah Jerusha, b. Sep. 22, 1840, 
and Marian Levina, b. Mar. 24, 1S43). 

CONNET, ALFRED of McLeansville, 
N. C, b. in Green co., Pa., Oct. 17, 
1S34, educated at Oberlin, O., ordained 
Oct. 20, 1S61, to the ministry of the Coni,'!, 
ch. (m. Oct. 17, [861, Anna Electa, b. near 
Cynthiana, Ind., Oct. 12, 1841, dau. of 
Rev. Levin and Henrietta [McReynolds] 
Wilson and gr.-dau. of Joshua and Com- 
fort [Knowles] Wilson, and had eight chil- 
dren: Levin, b. at Oberlin, O., Aug. 5, 
1S62, Minette, b. near Cynthiana, Ind., 
Oct. 24, 1SG3, Myrie Henrietta, b. same 
place Sep. 21, 1S65, Orthy, b. at Bone 
Gape, 111., Mar. 7, 1S6S, Adelaide, b. at 
St. Mary's Mission, Ran., Feb. 20, 1871, 
Roy, b. at Solsberry, Ind., Nov. 14, 1S75, 
Ruth Agele, b. same place Mar. 6, 1878, 
and Photos, b. near McLeansville, N. C, 
Nov. iS, 1SS1); son of Isaac of Prosperity, 
Pa., and Champaign, 111., b. at Prosperity 
Mar. 12, 1S05, d. at Champaign Feb. 21, 
1S65, resided for a time at West Finley, 
Pa., Senecaville, O., and Solsberry, Ind., 
cooper, farmer, lumber and Hour dealer, 
member of Presbyterian ch., abolitionist 
(in. 1st, Sep. 7, 1826, Abigail, dau. of 
Aaron, b. Apr. 19, 1767, d. Jan. 31, 1850, 
and Ruth [Coe] French, b. Aug. 19, 1770, 
d. Mar. 19, 1S35, and had eight children: 
Amanda, b. at Prosperity Feb. 11, 1828, 
Nelson, b. June 23, 1S30, Madison, b. Oct. 
23, 1S32, Alfred, b. Oct. 17, 1834, Silas, b. 
at West Finley May 9, 1S37, Minerva, b. 
Sep. 20, 1S39, Milton, b. Oct. 2, 1841, and 
Rachel, b. Sep. 15, 1S44, m. 2d, Lucinda 
Smith, and had four children: Dickey, b. 
at Solsberry, Ind., July 21, 1S56, Osker, b. 
Nov. 29, 1858, Oliver, b. Oct. S, i860, and 
Ella, b. Apr. 2, 1863); son of JaiUCS of 
Bound Brook, N. J., and Prosperity, Pa., 



b. at Bound Brook Apr. 14, 1764, d. near 
Prosperity June 25, 1845, weaver, member 
of the Presbyterian ch. (m. Oct. 21, 1793, 
Jane Powel, and had thirteen children: 
Sarah, b. Oct. S, 1794, d. Aug'. 9, 1826, 
James, b. Jan. 16, 1797 [m. Rebecca Cary], 
d. May 31, 1SS2, Elizabeth, b. Dec. 31, 
1798, d. Nov. 24, 1S41 [m. Feb. 14, 1818, 
Daniel Ferrel], Joseph, b. Jan. 17, 1801, 
d. Oct. 11, 1S75, Mary, b. Jan. 25, 1803, 
d. Apr. 23, iSSS [m. Apr. 7, 1850, Luther 
Day], Isaac, b. Mar. 12, 1S05, d. Feb. 21, 

1865 [m. 1st, Sep. 7, 1826, m. 2d, ], 

Priscilla, b. June 16, 1807 [m. Oct. 24, 
1830, Norman Powers], Lydia, b. July 17, 
1809, d. Aug. 9, 1S64, Jane, b. May 23, 1813, 
d. Aug. 25, 1881, Melissa, b. Feb. 11, 1816, 
John, b. Aug. 11, 181S, d. Aug. 31, 1820, 
Spencer, b. Sep. 13,- 1820, d. Sep. 29, 1869 
[m. May 12, 1S53, Eliza Jane Robinson], 
and Edward, b. Oct. 16, 1S24, d. Oct. 30, 
1S24); son of JaillCS of Bound Brook, 
N. J., b. prob. in N. J., d. at Bound Brook 

prior to Oct. 21, 1793 (111. 1st, , and 

had four children: Moses, William, John 
and Sarah, m. 2d, Amy [Kelly] Harris, 
and had three children: Mary, James and 

R. I., b. at Amesbury, Mass., Apr. 
16, 1833, author of Hoyt Genealogy, prin- 
cipal of Prov. High Sch. (m. Apr. 9, 1S56, 
Mary E. Pierce, m. 2d, Dec. 16, 1868, 
Martha J. Guild); son of Enoch of Ames- 
bury, Mass., b. there Mar. 7, 181 1, d. there 
Mar. 12, 1S65 (m. May 29, 1832, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Levi and Elizabeth [Chase] Wil- 
liams); son of Enoch of Amesbury, Mass., 
b. there Apr. 5, 1775, d. there July 18, 
1826 (m. Nov. 24, 1802, Lois, dau. of Jon- 
athan and Sarah Martin); son of Theo- 
dore of Amesbury, Mass., b. there, bapt. 
Aug., 1740, d. there 1790-1800 (m. Mary, 
dau. of Titus Wells); son of Theodore of 
Amesbury, Mass., b. there Apr. 24, 1711, 
d. there 17S1-2 (ni. Hannah Colby, sister 
of Abraham and Willebee Colby); son of 
Robert of Amesbury, Mass., b. there, d. 
there 1741 (m. 1st, Martha Stevens, who 
was killed by the Indians July 4, 1706, m. 
2d, Mar. 17, 1706-7, Mary Currier); son of 

John of Amesbury, Mass., b. about 1638 
killed by the Indians in Andover Aug. 13, 
1696 (m. June 23, 1659, Mary, dau. of Wil- 
liam and Rachel Barnes); son of John of 
Amesbury, Mass., d. there Feb. 2S, 16S7-8. 

HUCKEL, SAMUEL of Phila., Pa., b. 
there Feb. 14, 1S5S, architect, mem- 
ber of the American Inst, of Architects, 
N. Y., and of the Phila. Soc. of Architects, 
director of Art Club of Phila. (m. Dec. 14, 
1SS1, Emma Frances Kirk of Scotch an- 
cestry); son of William S. of Phila., Pa., 
b. there Mar. 26, 1S35, poet, mathemati- 
cian, college prof., physician and manu- 
facturer (m. June 30, 1S56, Ruth A., dau. 
of Charles and Ruth [Edwards] Sprowles); 
son of Samuel of Phila., Pa., b. there 
[une 16, 1798, d. there Nov. 8, 1883, mer- 
chant, prominent in the development of 
Frankford, Pa. (m. 1821, Rebecca A. Ming 
of Quaker ancestry); son of William of 
Phila., Pa., b. at Bedfordshire, Eng., Dec. 
25, 1759, came to America, served in col- 
onial army, made captain by Gov. Mifflin 
1794, promoted to the rank of major dur- 
ing the western Pa. expedition (m. 1779, 
Susannah Uhl of the distinguished Uhl 
family of the Dukedom of Wurtemberg, 
came to Phila. before the Revolutionary 
war and did much for the American sol- 
diers during the British occupation of 
Phila.); son of Robert of Bedfordshire, 
Eng., b. there June 3, 1719, d. there 1763, 
gentleman; son of (ieleitinesde Frano- 
trnen Huckel of Rouen, Fr., and Bedford- 
shire, Eng., b. at Rouen 1662, d. at Bed- 
fordshire 172S, came to Eng. from Fr. 
with the Huguenots 16S5 on the revocation 
of the edict of Nantes. 

Crawfordsvillc, Ind., b. at Sunder- 
land, Mass., Aug. 24, 1845, grad. Amherst 
Coll. 1S70, Yale Divinity Sch. 18S0, teacher 
in Amherst High Sch. 1S70-2, at Morgan 
Sch. Clinton, Ct., 1872-S, preacher 1S7S- 
85, prof, of Latin lang. and lit. at Wabash 
Coll., A. M., Amherst Coll., B. D., Yale 
Coll. (m. Aug. 23, 1871, S. Belle, dau. 
of W. Chandler Sabin of Amherst, Mass.); 
son of William B. of Sunderland, Mass., 

4 6 


b. at Westfield, Vt., July 13, 1821, d. at 
Sunderland Sep. 7, 1 S5 1 (m. Dec. 5, 1844, 
MaryLovina Clark of Sunderland); son of 
Luther of Sunderland, Mass., b. at Brim- 
field, Mass., Feb. 2S, 17S2, d. at Sunder- 
land May 14, 1S73, capt. in the militia, 
deacon of the First Ch. of Westfield 1824, 
resided at Westfield 29 yrs. removed to 
Sunderland where he was engaged in 
farming (in. Sep. 10, 1S07, Mary, dan. of 
Medad and Martha [StebbinsJ Hitchcock 
of Biimlield); son of Shubacl of West- 
field, Vt., b. ai Rochester, Mass., Sep. 
20, 1739, d. at Westfield Jan. 16, 1S21, 
served in the French war, practiced medi- 
cine (in. Apr. 21, 1765, Azubah, dan. of 
Joseph and Martha [Stebbins] Blodgett); 
son of Thomas of Pom fret, Vt., b. at 
Rochester, Mass., June 7, 171 1, d. at 
Pomfret Mar. 13, 17S2 (m. June 27, 1734, 
Rebecca Ewer of Barnstable, Mass.); son 
of Samuel of Petersham, Mass., b. at 
Harwich, Mass., 1674, d. at Petersham 
after 1750, cordwainer, farmer, deacon 
First Ch. of Rochester, Mass., 1710, one of 
the proprietors of Leicester, Mass., 1724 
(m. 1st, Sep. 26, 1700, Bethia Holbrook of 
Scituate, m. 2d, Nov. n, 1703, Mercy 
King, m. 3d, 1739, Ruth Biggs); son of 
Kcitclm of Harwich, Mass., b. at Ply- 
month, Mass., 1635, d. at Harwich Nov. 
n, 1715 (in. Mercy Worden); son of 
Keiielm of Marshfield, Mass., b. at Droit- 
witch, England, Apr. 29, 1599, d. at Salem, 
Mass., Sep. 13, 1672. 

Mass., b. at South Otisfield, Me., 
July 12, 1833, grad. Bowdoin Coll. 1862, 
studied law with Hon. Win. P. Fessenden, 
admitted to Cumberland co. Bar 1865, 
librarian of Portland Public Lib. 1871, 
prof, of Latin and Greek at Buchtel Coll. 
1875 (m. Sep. 25, 1SG6, Sophia Pote, dau. 
of J. M. and Eleanor [Potc] Thompson); 
son of EbCliezer of Naples, Me., b. at 
Essex, Mass., Nov. 19, 1796, d. at Naples 
(m. Eliza, dau. of William and Sarah [Kim- 
ball] Barker); son of Ebenezer of Bridg- 
ton, Me., b. at Ipswich, Mass., 1765, d. at 
Bridgton, Me., 1S52, seaman on the ship 
"Vengeance" 1779, private in the Cont. 

army at White Plains, mustered out May 10, 
1782 (m. Elizabeth, dau. Stephen and Flu- 
abeth [Patch] Choate and had fourteen • 
children); son of Nehemiah of Ipswich, 
Mass., b. there, d. there; son of Robert 
of Ipswich, Mass., b. there, d. there (m. 
Eunice Perkins); son of John of Ipswich', 
Mass., b. there, d. there (m. Mrs. Elizabeth 
Giddings); son of John of Ipswich, Mass., 
b. near Sudbury, Eng., d. at Ipswich, 
Mass., came to America 1635, ancestor of 
all the Choates in America (m. Anne). 

T OMBARD, ALBERT E. of Lowell, 
-Li Mass., b. there May 6, 1861, grad. 
Lowell public sch., business correspond- 
ent, editor of The Recorder 1S84-5, con- 
tributor to the amateur and professional 
press, author of "The Early Lombards," 
member of several masonic soc. and liter- 
ary clubs (m. Oct. 9, 1S90, Emma Lydia 
Smart); son of Oliver David Lombard of 
Lowell, Mass., b. at Belgrade, Me., Dec. 
22, 1S39, manufacturer (m. Laura Anne 
Bumpus); son of Joshua of Belgrade, 
Me., b. there Sep. 1, 1S05, d. there, farmer, 
lumberman (m. Sarah C. Clark); son of 
James of Belgrade, Me., b. at Barnstable, 
Mass., June 11, 1761 (m. Freelove Springer, 
b. at Dartmouth, Mass., Aug. 16, 1760); 
son of Solomon of Gorham, Me., b. at 
Welllleet, Mass., May 15, 173 s ! son °f 
Solomon of Gorham, Me., b. at Barnsta- 
ble, Mass., Mar. 1, 1706, d. 1781, grad. of 
Harvard Coll. 1723, minister at Province- 
town, Truro, Scituate and Gorham, judge 
of circuit and county court 1776, member 
of the Provincial Congress (m. Sarah 
Harding of Welltleet); son of Bernard, b. 
at Barnstable, Mass., 1668; son of Jabcz, 
bapt. July 4, 1641 (m. Dec. 1, 1660, Sarah 
Darby) ; son of Bernard of Scituate, 
Mass., b. at Tenterden, Eng., abt. 1606, 
settled at Scituate 1633, ensign in the 
colonial militia, surveyor, freeman of 
Barnstable, Truro and Scituate. 

ner, N. 1L, b. at Harvard, Mass., 
July 2, 1790, d. at Warner, N. II., Mar. S, 
1375, lawyer, prominent Free Mason, Har- 
ris Lodge of F. & A. M. of Warner was 



named after him (m. 1S22, Mary, dan. of 
Richard Bartlett, a leading magistrate of 
Warner who served in the Revolution, and 
had dau., Amanda 13. Harris of Warner, 
N. H., b. there Aug. 15, 1S24, contributor 
to magazines, author of several books); 
son of Richard of Harvard, Mass., b. at 
Ipswich, Mass., bapt. Apr. 3, 1743, d. at 
Harvard June 27, 1798, carpenter, deacon 
of Congl. ch., town clerk, selectman sev- 
eral years (m. Lydia, dau. of John and 
Phcebc [Wright] Atherton of Harvard); 
son of Richard of Ipswich, Mass., d. at 
Harvard Dec. 20, 1776 (m. 1st, 1735, Mar- 
tha, dau. of Jacob and Martha Foster, m. 
2d, Dec. 17, 1755, Mrs. Phcebe [Wright] 
Atherton, widow of John Atherton); son 
of John of Ipswich, Mass., b. there Jan. 
7, 1653, d. there Nov. 21, 1732, fisherman 
1699, commoner 1707, sergeant (m. Jan. S, 
168-, Grace, dau. of William and Grace 
Searle); son of Thomas of Ipswich, Mass., 
b. prob. in England abt. 1615, d. at Ips- 
wich Aug. 2, 1CS7, one of the early settlers 
of Ipswich, being there 1636, and one of 
the twenty Ipswich men who fought the 
Indians 1643 (m. Nov. 15, 1647, Martha, 
dau. of John and Margaret [Read] Lake); 
son of Thomas of Mass., kept the ferry 
from Boston to Chelsea and Charleston 49 
yrs.; son of Thomas, b. in Eng., d. in 
Mass., emigrated from Eng. to Mass. and 
settled at Charlestown 1(130 (m. Eliza- 

TUBUS, CHARLES of Osceola, Pa., b. 
there July n, 1843, grad. Union Coll., 
A. B., 1S64, law dept. Mich. Univ. 1S67, 
LL. B., atty.-at-law, clerk H. R. at Harris- 
burg 1869, representative 1SS0-4, author of 
history of " Deerfield, Knoxvilleand Osce- 
ola" 1883, of " Osceola in the war of the 
Rebellion" 1S84, director of Wellsboro 
Nat. Bank 1888-91, state trustee of the hos- 
pital for injured persons at Blossburg, Pa., 
1890 (m. Oct. 22, 1879, Sylvina, b. Oct. 3, 
1846, dau. of Ard Hoyt and Lucinda [Mur- 
dock] Bacon of Pa.); son of James of 
Osceola, Pa., b. there Feb. 12, 1818, far- 
mer, capt. in the militia 1841-50, supervisor 
many years, school director 30 years, bur- 
gess of Osceola borough (m. May 9, 1841, 

Anna, dau. of Paul and Judith [Warren] 
Gleason, he, Paul, was the son of Abner, 
son of Joseph, son of Thomas, son of 
Thomas, son of Thomas); son of Samuel of 
Elkland, Pa., b. at Southport, N. Y., Dec. 
15, 1794, d. at Osceola May 15, 1870, far- 
mer, soldier in the War of 1812 (m. 1815, 
Permelia, dau. of Capt. Ebenezer and Polly 
[Cook] Taylor); son of Samuel of Elkland, 
Pa., b. prob. at Lyme, Ct., 1755, d. at Elk- 
land Sep. 7, 1S41, came to Wyoming, Pa., 
1773, enlisted in the Revolutionary army 
Aug. 26, 1770, under Capt. Robert Durkee, 
and served until the close of the war, was 
in the battles of Millstone, Bound Brook, 
Mud Creek, Brandywine, Germantown 
and participated in Sullivan's expedition 
against the Indians, colonel in the militia 
after close of the war, farmer (m. 1777, 
Sarah Susannah, dau. of Lt.-Col. George 
Dorrance, who was killed in the Wyoming 
massacre July 3, 177S); son of Lebheus of 
Newtown, now Elmira, N. Y., b. in Ct., d. 
1800, emigrated in 1760 with a large party 
of Ct. people to Grand Pre, N. S., and 
took up the lands of the expatriated Aca- 
dians, returned to Ct. 1762 and pur- 
chased a farm in New London where he re- 
sided until 1773, from there he moved to 
Wyoming and resided until 17SS when he 
moved to Newtown (m. 1734, Bathsheba, 
Hamilton); son of Samuel of Lyme, Ct. 
and New London, b. at Lyme, Ct., Sep. 15, 
1699, d. at New London after 1771, farmer; 
son of Samuel of Lyme, Ct., bapt. at New 
London July, 1672, d. at Lyme 1714, farmer 
(m. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 18, i6Sr, dau. of 
John Lay); son of Samuel of New London, 
Ct., b. at Duxbury, Mass., 163S, d. at New 
London 1696, engaged in the New London- 
Lyme riot Aug., 1671, on the New London 
side, soldier in King Philip's war 1676, for 
which service he received land at Volun- 
town, farmer (m. Mary, b. 1642, dau. of 
Isaac Willey of New London); son of 
William of Duxbury, Mass., d. May 2, 
1688, volunteered to go on the expedition 
against the Pequot Indians June 7, 1637, 
admitted freeman of Plymouth colony Jan. 
2, 1637-8, granted land by the court in 
Duxbury several times, one of the proprie- 
tors of Bridgewater, surveyor of the high- 

!4 8 


ways of Duxbury 1678-85, member of 
Capt. Miles Staadish military company (m. 
ist, Nov. 9, 1637, Mercy, dau. of Francis 
Spraguc, divorced from her July 9, 1668, 
m. 2d, Mar., 1(171-2, Dorothy Soams of 
Scituate). He first appeared at Plymouth 
in May, 1635, came probably from Sutton, 
Isle of Ely. Camb., Eng. 

Cambridge, Mass., b. at Northamp- 
ton, Mass., May 20, 184S, grad. Harvard 
Coll. 1S69, Harvard Law Sch. 1871, active 
at Suffolk bar(m. June 4, 1SS1, Arria Sar- 
gent, dau. Epes Sargent and Mary Ingersoll 
[Bowditch] Dixwell); son of James Mur- 
ray Howe of Cambridge, Mass., b. at 
Worthington, Mass., Apr. 20, 1S19, d. at 
sea 1879, banker and broker, at one time 
member of the firm of Blake, Howe & 
Co., Boston (m. Harriet Butler, dau. of 
Christopher and Harriet [ButlerJ Clarke 
and gt.-gr.-dau. of Col. John Brown of 
Pitisfield, Mass., a prominent soldier of the 
Revolutionary war, who was killed at Stone 
Arabia, N. Y.); son of Samuel of North- 
ampton, Mass., b. at Belchertown, Mass., 
d. at Boston 1S2S, grad. Williams Coll. 
1808, lawyer, judge of Common Pleas, 
teacher of law, advocate of liberal theology 
in Northampton, a founder of Unitarianism 
in western Mass. (m. ist, Susan, dau. of 
Uriah Tracy of Litchfield, Ct., m. 2d, Sarah 
Lydia, dau. of Edward Hutchinson and 
Elizabeth [Murray] Robbins, he, Edward 
H., grad. Harvard Coll. 1775, lawyer, poli- 
tician, lieut.-gov., son of Rev. Natli. Rob- 
bins of Milton, Mass.); son of Estes of 
Belchertown, Mass., physician, surgeon in 
Col. David Brewer's regt. during the Rev- 
olutionary war. 

v^ Leominster, Mass., b. there Nov. 5, 
1827, atty.-at-law, trial justice, assessor, se- 
lectman, overseer of the poor (in. ist, Jan. 
2, i860, Mary E., dau. of Rev. O. and 
Mercy [Williams] Tinker, m. 2d, May 13, 
1868, Clara A., dau. of Lukeand Martha W. 
[Carter] Lincoln); son of BartilUUS of 
Leominster, Mass., b. there Dec. 27, 1800, 
d. there Apr. 3, 1879, an anti-slavery advo- 

cate (m. May 25, 1823, Sophia, dau. of John 
and Sophia [Carter] Maynard); son of 
Joseph Warren Carter of Leominster, 
Mass., b. there Nov. 10, 1776, d. there July 
31, 1859, carpenter (m. June 4, 1797, Ruth . 
Tenney); son of .losiall of Leominster, 
Mass., b. there Jan. 29, 1749, d. there July 
19, 1827, farmer, shoemaker (m. ist, Aug. 
22, 1770, Elizabeth Graves, m. 2d, Pru- : 
dence England, had eighteen children); 
son of Josiali of Leominster, Mass., b. at 
Lancaster, Mass., Jan. 26, 1726, d. at Leo- 
minster Feb. 13, 1812 (m. 1745, Tabiths 
Hough); son of Samuel of Lancaster, 
Mass., b. at Woburn, Mass., Jan. 7, 1678, 
d. at Lancaster Aug. 30, 1733 (m. 1701, ■ 
Dorothy, dau. of Nathaniel and Mary 
[Sawyer] Wilder of Lancaster, and had 
twelve children, six sons and five daus.); 
son of Samuel of Groton, Mass., b. at 
Watertown, Mass., Aug. 8, 1640, d. at 
Groton 1693, grad. Harvard Coll. 1660, re- 
sided at Woburn where he was selectman, 
commissioner, town clerk, grammar school- 
master, ordained minister at Groton 1692 
(m. 1672, Eunice, dau. of John and Eunice 
[Mousall] Brooks of Woburn); son of 
Thomas of Woburn, Mass., b. in England 
1610, d. at Woburn Sep. 15, 1684, took the 
freeman's oath at Dedham Mar. 9, 1636-7, 
owned land at Watertown, ordained minis- 
ter at Woburn Nov. 22, 1642 (m. Mary 

Greenville, Tenn., b. near Lewis- 
town, Pa., June 2, 1815, grad. Jefferson 
Coll. 1S39, Princeton Theol. Sem., D. D., 
1842, author of " Record of the Alexander 
Family," "Hist, of Washington Coll., 
Tenn.," " Hist, of Greenville and Timber- 
ridge Churches," " Holston Presbytery," 
also of the hist, of " The Synod of Tenn.," 
" Prin. Miller Acad.," " Hightstown Class. 
Inst.," and of Elkton Acad., pres. of Wash- 
ington Coll. (m. ist, Nov. 22, 1842, Mary, 
dau. of Robert Milliken of Kishacoquillas 
Valley, Pa., and had five children: Samuel 
M., Anna Mary, Robert W., Mattie and 
John E., m. 2d, Dec. 28, 1S58, Catharine 
Milligan, dau. of Daniel Potter and gr.-dau. 
of Rev. Lyman Potter of Steubenville, O., 



and had four children: Catharine, Susan, 
Daniel P. and William P.); son of Samuel 
Edmiston Alexander of Lewistown, Pa., 
b. at Sherman's Valley, Pa., Jan. 17, 1785, 
d. near Lewistown Dec. 9, 1869, farmer, 
elder in Pres. ch. soyrs., county commis- 
sioner, associate judge (m. Dec. 28, 1809, 
Mary, d. Dec. 9, 1869, aged 77, dau. of 
James Alexander, son of James Alexander 
of West Kishacoquillas, pioneer settler of 
that valley, large landholder, elder in Pres. 
ch., and had 15 children, eight sons and 
seven daus., all of whom were well edu- 
cated); son of John of Lewistown, Pa., b. 
at Nottingham, Pa., 1756, d. near Lewis- 
town Nov. 23, 1816, served in the Revolu- 
tionary war at the battle of Trenton, ex- 
press rider for Pa. Assembly 1777, moved 
on a tract of 1,000 acres of land, four miles 
from Lewistown, 17S7, where he became a 
prosperous farmer, elder in the Pres. ch. 
(m. 1780, Margaret Clark of Sherman's 
Valley, d. 1830); son of Hugh of Sher- 
man's Valley, Pa., b. either in Ireland or 
Scotland, 1723, d. at Phila, Pa., 1777, emi- 
grated with his parents from co. Armagh, 
Ireland, to West Nottingham, Pa., 1736, 
settled abt. 1758, on an estate of 1,100 acres, 
at Sherman's Valley, Pa., member of the 
Provincial Conference which met at Car- 
penter's hall, Phila., June 18, 1776, member 
of the Constitutional Convention of Pa. 
Sep. 28, 1776, member of Pa. Assembly 
1777, and died while attending the meeting 
(m. 1st, 1752, Martha, dau. of David and 
Margaret [Donnel] Edmiston, and had five 
children: Margaret, John, Mary, David 
and Hugh, m. 2d, Lettice Thompson, and 
had three children: James, William and 
Emily); son of John of Nottingham and 
Chambersburg, Pa., b. at Lanarkshire, 
Scotland, 161)3, d. at Chambersburg, emi- 
grated from Scotland to county Armagh, 
Ireland, 1720, from there to Chester co., 
Pa., 1736, farmer, Presbyterian (m. 1720, 
Margaret Glasson of Glasgow, Scotland, 
and had five children: James, Hugh, John, 
Rachel and Margaret); son of Thomas 
of Lanarkshire, Scotland, prominent in 
Lanarkshire abt. 1710, supposed to be a 
desc. of William Alexander, Earl of 

T)EED, EDGAR HODGES of Taunton, 
-LV Mass., b. there July 3, 1S14, mer- 
chant in Taunton 54 years, representative 
to the General Court, alderman, deacon, 
pres. North Bristol Congl. club (m. Aug. 30, 
1837, Ellen Augusta, b. Jan. 2, 1S17, d. 
May 16, 1888, dau. of Chas. Godfrey, mer- 
chant of Taunton, b. Mar. 16, 17S5, d. Sep. 
28, 1871, son of John, b. Feb. 26, 1754, d. 
Aug. 1, 1829, selectman, son of George, 
b. Mar. 19, 1720-1, d. June 30, 1703, brig.- 
gen., rep. to Gen. Court, selectman, 
county treasurer, son of John, b. Oct. 31, 
1691, d. Nov. 4, 175S, rep. to Gen. Court, 
son of Richard, b. 1651, d. Aug. 1, 1725, 
son of Richard, d. 1691); son of Hodires 
of Taunton, Mass., b. there June 3, 1790, 
d. there Apr. 15, 1S64, merchant, member 
of the Legislature, author of several works 
in prose and poetry (m. May 13, 1813, 
Clarissa, b. Apr. 18, 1788, d. Nov. 19, 
1856, dau. of Capt. Joseph Hodges, b. 
Oct. 1, 1752, d. Apr. 10, 1S10, son of Capt. 
Joseph Hodges, b. Apr. 25, 1714, d. Oct. 
1, 1756, in the French and Indian war, near 
Lake George, son of Major Joseph Hodges 
of Norton, Mass., b. abt. 16S9, d. 1745, 
son of Elder Henry Hodges of Taunton, b. 
1652, d. Sep. 30, 1717, held many impor- 
tant offices, son of William Hodges of 
Taunton, d. Apr. 2, 1654); son of John of 
Taunton, Mass., b. there Mar. 29, 1752, d. 
there Feb. 24, 1841, farmer, member of the 
Legislature, selectman (in. Nov. 21, 1775, 
Mary, b. Nov. 8, 1751, d. Oct. 12, 1843, 
dau. of Brig. George Godfrey); son of 
John of Taunton, Mass., b. there 1722, d. 
there 1788, farmer, blacksmith, selectman, 
member of Com. of Safety, captain in the 
militia (m. 1st, Dec. 30, 1746, Dorothy, b. 
Dec. 6, 1725, d. May 4, 1770, dau. of 
James Pinneo of Lebanon, Ct., m. 2d, 
Jan. 9, 1771, Mrs. Hannah Austin); son of 
William of Taunton, Mass., b. there, d. 
there I734> farmer (m. Jan. 8, 1721, Mary, 
b. 1699, d. Dec. 25, 1784, dau. of Joseph 
Richmond of Taunton, b. Dec. 8, 1663, 
son of John, b. 1627, d. Oct. 7, 1715, son 
of John Richmond of Ashton, Eng., b. 
there abt. 1593); son of John of Dighton, 
Mass., b. at Weymouth 1649, d. at Dighton 
Jan. 13, 1720, carpenter, large landholder 



(m. abt. 1673, Bethiah, b. 1655, d. Oct. 20, 
1730, dau. of George Frye of Weymouth, 
b. at Combe, Eng., 1616, came to America 
1640, freeman 165 1); son of William of 
Weymouth, Mass., b. 1605, d. prior to 
1658, freeman Sep. 2, 1635, rep. 1636, '8 
(m. Avise); son of William (m. Lucy 

WHITE, HOMER of Northfield, Vt., 
b. at Weathersfield, Vt., Mar. 9, 
1837, grad. Union Coll. 1S61, A. B. Univ. 
New York 1862, LL. B., ordained in Epis. 
ch. 1869, author uf several published his- 
tories, novels, poems and miscellaneous 
articles (m. 1st, Nov. 10, 1S64, Catharine 
Frances Corhein, m. 2d, Apr. 15, 18S0, 
Martha Eunice Cram ton) and brothers, 
Plin, Azro, Edwin and Hugh; sons of 
George of Felchville, Vt., b. at Cavendish, 
Vt., Jan. 8, 1797, d. at Felchville Dec. 30, 
1S73, copper-plate printer and engraver 
(m. Oct. 15, 1821, Electa, dau. of Asahel 
and Lurana [Wood] Cushman, son of 
Consider, son of Nathaniel, son of Isaac, 
son of Rev. Isaac, son of Elder Thomas, 
son of Rev. Robert Cushman of the May- 
flower) and brothers, Lincoln, Samuel and 
Charles; sons of Thomas of Cavendish, 
Vt., b. at Westmoreland, N. II., Nov. 10, 
1767, d. at Cavendish Dec. 21, 1805, far- 
mer, one of the early settlers of Cavendish 
(m. Mar. 1, 1790, Betsey, b. Mar. 6, 1758, 
d. July 31, 1S25, dau. of Seth and Polly 
[Page] Lincoln of Brookficld, Mass.) and 
brothers, Stephen, Martin and Peregrine; 
sons of Samuel of Westmoreland, N. H., 
b. 1739, d. near New Bedford, Mass., 177S, 
captain in the Revolutionary war; son of 
Moses, b. abt. 1700; it is supposed that he 
was the son of Benjamin and a desc. of 
John White of the Mass. colony. 

BOOTH, ALFRED of Springfield, 
Mass., b. at Long Meadow, Mass., 
Oct. 10, 1824, physician (m. Oct. 20, 1S47, 
Fanny W. Abell, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Aug. 
1, 1825); son of Edwin of Springfield, 
Mass., b. at Berlin, Ct., May 6, 1796, d. at 
Springfield Mar. 4, 1865, manufacturer 
and dealer in hats and furs40yrs. (m. Oct. 
29, 1S21, Sarah Maria, b. at Berlin 1798, 

d. at Springfield Aug. 13, 1857, dau. of 
Abijah Porter and gr.-dau. of Dea. Aaroo ■ 
Porter); son of Joseph of Berlin, Ct., fc. 
at Enfield, Ct., Aug. 30, 1770, d. at Berlin 
Sep. 9, 1S49, manufacturer and dealer in 
hats, furs and wool 50 yrs. (m. May 14, 
1795, Hannah Henry, b. Apr. 19, 1770, d. 
at Berlin Sep. 4, 1S46, her father wit 
killed in the Revolutionary war); son of 
Joseph of Enfield, Ct., b. there Oct. 29, 
1736, d. there Feb. 4, 1S10, served in the 
French and Indian and Revolutionary 
wars, his diary, gun and camp-chest arc 
preserved and may now be seen (m. Oct. 
21, 1762, Mary Hale, b. 1733); son o( 
Joseph of Enfield, Ct., b. there Apr. 10, . 
1710, d. there Nov. 9, 1784 (m. Jan. 29, 
1736, Sarah Chandler, d. Aug. 16, 1777, 
aged 70); son of Zcchai'iall of Enfield, Ct., 
b. abt. 1666, d. at Enfield May 28, 1741, 
large landholder, representative from En. 
field to the Gen. Court at Boston several 
times, town clerk 1723-9(111. 2d, May 20, 
1696, Mary Harmon of Springfield, and 
had nine children); son of Simeon of En- 
field, Ct., b. in Me. May 10, 1641, d. at 
Enfield 1721, received a grant of 35 acres 
of land 1GS0, came to Enfield abt. i68o(m. 
Jan. 5, 1664, Rebecca Frost, b. 1640, d. at 
Enfield Dec. 25, 16S8, and had two sons; 
Zechariah and William); son of Robert of 
Saco, Me., b. in England 1602, d. at Saco 
1673, very prominent in Saco. 

West Dedham, Mass., b. at Acworth, 
N. II., Oct. 11, 1829, grad. Amherst Coll. 
1S49, Cambridge Divinity Sch. 1S54, set- 
tied over Unit. Soc, W. Dedham, Dec. 6, 
1854, preached at Dover, Mass., 1S68-79, 
traveled in Europe 1SS6-7 (m. June 5, 1S55, 
Anne, dau. of Jairus and Mary [Ware] 
Lincoln and gr.-dau. of Hawkes Lincoln 
and Henry and Mary [Clarke] Ware, he, 
Henry, was son of John, son of Joseph, 
son of John, son of Robert Ware of Ded- 
ham, Mass., came there from Eng. 1644 
(rn. 1st, Mar. 24, 1045, Margaret Hunting, 
m. 2d, May 3, 1676, Hannah Jones); son of 
Amos Jewett Locke of Acworth, N. H., 
b. at Sullivan, N. H., Feb. 11, 1800, d. 
there May 10, 1834, fanner (m. Mar. 12, 



1823, Clementine, dau. of Timothy Slough- 
Ion of Gill, Mass.); son of Calvin of Sul- 
livan, N. IL, b. at Ashby, Mass., June 18, 
1765, d. at Sullivan Aug. 12, 1S43, farmer 
(ra. Feb. 25, 1796, Sarah, dau. of Stephen 
Jewett); son of James of Ashby, Mass., 
b. at Hopkinton, Mass., 1729, d. at Sulli- 
van Jan. 19, 180S, moved to Sullivan abt. 
1784, prominent in Ashby (m. Dec. 17, 
1753, Hannah Farnsworth, b. at Groton, 
Mass., June 22, 1734); son of James of 
Woburn, Mass., b. there June 17, 1703, d. 
at Ashby Sep. 1, 1782, resided at Hopkin- 
ton abt. 1725, removed to Ashby 1749, 
moderator at town meetings, and was very 
prominent in the church (m. Jan. 11, 1727, 
Elizabeth, b. at Reading, Mass., May 1, 
1708, dau. of Dea. Benjamin Burnap, son 
of Robert, son of Robert Burnap, first per- 
son bearing that name in N. E.); son of 
James of Woburn, Mass., b. there Nov. 
14, 1767, d. there Jan., 1745-6 (m. Dec. 5, 
1700, Sarah, dau. of Richard and Elizabeth 
Cutter of Cambridge, Mass., he, Richard, 
m. 2d, Mrs. Frances Amsden); son of 
William of Woburn, Mass., b. at Step- 
ney Parish, London, Eng., Dec. 13, 162S, 
d. June 16, 1720, resided at Charlestown 
1634 (m. Dec. 27, 1655, Mary, dau. of 
William and Margery Clarke of Woburn). 

BERGEN, FRANK of East Orange, 
N. J., b. at Roycefield, N. J., Dec. 1, 
1851 (m. May 24, 18S7, Lydia Swift, dau. 
of Robert Gardiner and gr.-dau. of Henry 
Gardiner of New London, Ct.); son of 
Peter S. of Somerville, N. J., b. at 
Roycefield, N. J., Mar. 5, 1818, d. at 
Raritan, N. J., Aug. 2S, 1890 (m. Aug. 12, 
1844, Rebecca M., dau. of Daniel Dilts of 
Morris co., N. J., son of Daniel Dilts of 
N. J., a recruiting officer during the Revo- 
lutionary war, son of Daniel Dilts, b. in 
Germany, came to America during the 
early part of the 18th century); son of 
Evert J. of Roycefield, N. J., b. there 
Oct. 12, 1780, d. at Millstone, N. J., Nov. 
19, 1862 Cm. Sep. 14, 1804, Jane Stryker); 
son of James of Somerset co., N. J., b. 
there Sep. 11, 1755, d. there Jan. 30, 1830 
(m. May 20, 1779, Ann Van Voorhees); 
son of Evert of Somerset co., N. J., b. in 

Long Island 1717, d. in Somerset co., 
N. J., Nov. 17, 1776 (m. 1739, Jane Hege- 
man); son of Hans Jorise Bergen of Long 
Island, b. there, bapt. Aug. 31, 1684, d. 
there 1745 (m. Aug. 16, 1741, Leytje, dau. 
of Evert Van Wicklen, who came from 
Holland 16S8); son of Jores Hansen 
Bergen of Long Island, b. there, bapt. 
1649; son of Hans Hanson Bergen of 
Long Island, b. at Bergen, Norway, abt. 
1600 (m. 1639, Sarah Rafalje). 

J York city, b. at Elizabethtown, N. J., 
Jan. 20, 1776, d. at New York city Feb. 20, 
1843, lawyer (m. 1807, Mary Ruthcrfurd, 
dau. of Gen. Matthew and Mary [Ruthcr- 
furd] Clarkson, and had a dau., Eliza- 
beth Clarkson Jay, b. at New York city 
July 2, 1S23); son of John of New York 
city, b. there Dec. 12, 1745, d. at Bedford, 
N. Y., 1329 (m. 1774, Sarah Van Brugh, 
dau. of Win. Livingston, governor of New 
Jersey until death); son of Pierre of Rye, 
N. Y., b. at New York city 1704, d. at 
Fishkill, N. Y., 1777, merchant, retired to 
Rye 1744 (m. 172S, Mary, dau. of Jacobus 
and Eva [Philips] Van Cortland); son of 
Augustas of New York city, b. at La Ro- 
chelle, Fr., 1665, d. at New York city 1751, 
prosperous merchant, a Huguenot, came 
to America 1685 (m. 1697, Anna Marica, 
dau. of Balthazar Bayard and gr.-dau. of 
Samuel and Anna [Stuyvesant] Bayard and 
gt. -gr.-dau. of Rev. Balthazar Bayard and 
Gov. Stuyvesant); son of Pierre of Bristol, 
Eng., b. in France, d. at Bristol, Eng., a 
Huguenot, fled from Fr. to Eng. 1685 (m. 
Judith Francois). 

Hamburg, N. J., b. there Mar. 18, 
1830, Presbyterian minister, educated at 
Princeton Coll. and Sem., civil engineer 
1850-5, pastor at Berlin, Md., 1858-60, at 
Amagansett, L. I., 1S60-2, chaplain in the 
army 1S62-5, pastor at Hamburg 1865-90, 
engineer of U. S. Palestine exploration 
soc. 1873, explored Sinai Peninsular and 
Petria 1876, author of local histories; son 
of Daniel of Hamburg, N. J., b. in N. Y. 
city Jan. 6, 1S01, d. at Hamburg Jan. 26, 



1877, lawyer, member of State Council 
1839-40, governor of N. J. 1843-4, 1847-51, 
judge of Supreme Court of N. J. 1852-66 
(in. June 23. 1827, Ann Maria, dau. of 
Alanson and Hannah [Welling] Austin, 
she, Hannah, was a desc. of Thomas Well- 
ing, b. in Wales 1647, and settled on Long 
Island); son of Elias of New York city, 
b. at Elizabeth, N. J., Dec. 31, 1766, d. 
there Oct. II, 1S24, merchant, had set- 
tlement at Florida under a grant from the 
Spanish govt. (m. Feb. 26, 1S00, Mary, 
dan. of Robert Ogden, b. at Sparta, 
and gt.-gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of John Ogden, 
one of the original proprietors of 
Elizabcthtown, b. at Northampton, Eng., 
1610, d. 16S2) ; son of Stephen of 

Elizabeth, N. J., b. there Feb. n, 1733, 
d. there July 1, 1810, was a prisoner in 
Sugar-house prison, N. Y., during the 
Revolutionary war (m. 1754, Joanna, b. 
1736, dan. uf Edward Sale of Elizabeth, 
N. J., and a desc. of Edward Sale, b. at 
London, Eng., 1611, and resided at Salem, 
Mass.); son of Stephen of Elizabeth, 
N. J., b. at North Sea, L. I., 1704, d. at 
Elizabeth 1770, came there 1725 (m. Es- 
ther); son of .Tallies of Bridgehampton, 
L. I., b. at Southampton 1673, d. at 
Bridgehampton, will proved Oct. 13, 1732 
(in. Sarah, b. 1667, d. Dec. 21, 1721); son 
of Benjamin of North Sea, L. I., b. in 
England, d. 1687, came to America abt. 
1637, and with Lynn colony settled at 
Southampton 1640 (m. Johanna, dau. of 
John Jennings of Southold, L. I.). 

Cumberland, Pa., b. in York co., 
Pa., June 17, 1852, grad. Jefferson Med. 
Coll. 1S77, contributed a sketch of ances- 
tors (Hock) to the Hist, of York co., Pa., 
1886, under biographical sketches; son of 
Elias of New Cumberland, Pa., b. in 
York co. Apr. 14, 1827, farmer, miller (m. 
Dec. 12, 1S50, Susanna, dau. of Rudolph 
and Elizabeth [Engle] Good of York co., 
Pa.); son of Jacob of York co., Pa., 
b. there Jan. ir, 1778, d. there Apr. 
21, 1850, farmer, buried at Union cemetery 
in York co., Pa. (m. Anna Mary Copcn- 
hafer, b. Feb. 12, 17S3, d. June 18, 1846); 

son of Andrew of York co., Pa., b. theft 
Mar. 13, 1754, d. there June 18, 1832, far- 
mer(m. Anna Mary Wintermeyer, b. Dec. 
I2 . 1755, d- Aug. 3, 1817, both are buried at 
the Christ Evangelical Lutheran ch.atYotk, 
Pa.); son of John Jacob Hock of Manche*. 
tertwp., York co., Pa., b. in Germany May 
5,1724, d. in York co., Pa., farmer and tan. 
ner, arrived in America Sep. 15, 174S, from 
Rotterdam; son of John Frederick llckk 
of Codorus twp., York co., Pa., b. in Ger- 
many, d. in York co.. Pa., arrived in 
America Sep. 26, 1749, came from Eisen- 
berg on the ship Ranier (m. Anna Calh. 
arine Forbauch of Rothin, Germany). 

Providence, R. I., b. at West Dei 
ham, Mass., May 4, 1822, grad. Brown 
Univ. 1847, LL. D., librarian of the same, 
author, member of school committee, 
City Council, secretary and president of 
several soc. (m. Dec. 17, 1849, Jane Clif- 
ford, dau. of Deacon Samuel Hunt of 
Prov., R. I.); son of Reuben of West Dcd- 
ham, Mass., b. at So. Dedham Sep. 20, 
1793, d. at Dedham Mar. 3, 1882, captain 
in militia, deacon of Unitarian ch. 4oyrs., 
superintendent of Sunday-school, black- 
smith and carriage-maker (m. Apr. 22, 
1818, Olive Morse of So. Dedham); son of 
Joel of So. Dedham, Mass., b. there Jan. 
20, 1765, d. there Jan. 14, 1842, blacksmith, 
farmer (m. Jan. 4, 1789, Hannah Weather- 
bee); son of Aaron of So. Dedham, Mass., 
b. at Dedham Apr., 1728, d. at So. Ded- 
ham Feb. 3, 1818, farmer, captain, major, 
member of the Committee of Safety 1774, 
muster-master 1775 (m. 2d, 1756, Anna 
Coney of Stoughton, Mass.); son of Na- 
thaniel of Dedham, Mass., b. there Nov. 
12, 1678, d. there Jan. 28, 1774 (m. 1706, 
Mchitabel of Dedham, and had ten chil- 
dren, 69 gr. -children and 96 gt.-gr. -chil- 
dren); son of Samuel of Dedham, Mass., 
b. there Sep. 7, 1647, d. there Jan. 1, 1730 
(m. Sep. 29, 1676, Mary, dau. of Samuel 
and Ann Woodcock of Dedham, Mass.); 
son of John of Dedham, Mass., b. in 
Scotland, d. at Dedham Oct. 4, 1682, came 
to Dedham 1636 (m. Apr. 24, 1645, Eliza- 
beth Crooke of Roxbury, Mass.). 



rence, Kan., b. at Deleware, O., Mar. 

18, 1S47 (m. June 24, 1S73, Flavia A. 
Camp); son of l-'li Hawley Canlicld of 
Arlington, Vt., b. there June S, 1S17 (in. 
May 19, 1846, Martha Craft lltilme); son of 

Nathaniel Stevens Canfield of Arlington, 

Vt., b. tltere Apr. 14, 17S5, d. there June 
2, 1S53 (m. Jan. 24, 1808, Almera Hawley); 
son of Israel of Arlington, Vt., b. at Mil- 
ford, Ct., Mar. 24, 1730, d. at Arlington 
Mar. 20, 1827, moved to Arlington abt. 
1775, drafted to go to the rescue of Fort 
William Henry 1756 (m. Apr. 6, 1756, 
Mary Sackett); son of Azariah of New 
Milford, Ct., b. at Milford, Ct., June 

19, 1G9O, d. at New Milford, came 
there 172S, one of the committee who 
built the first bridge over the Great 
river 1737 (m. Feb. 26, 1719, Mary 
Baldwin); son of Jeremiah of Milford, 
Ct., b. there, d. at New Milford, one of 
the original proprietors of New Milford 
(m. Alice); son of Thomas of Milford, Ct., 
resided there as early as 1646, admitted to 
the church Mar. 1, 1656, freeman 1669, 
sergt. of the Train Band 1669, representa- 
tive to the General Court 1674-6, at his 
death the inventory of his property was 
£482 15s. 7d. (in. Phebe Crane of Weth- 
erstield, Ct.). 

Mount Kisco, N. Y., b. at New 
Castle, N. Y., Oct. 14, 1835, educated in 
country schools, at Amenia Sem. and 
Mt. Kisco Educational Inst., studied law, 
admitted to practice June 20, 1S66, justice 
of the peace 1806-74 (in. June 28, 1S71, 
Maria, dan. of Caleb and Mary Merritt 
and gr.-dau. of Abijah and Ruth [Carpen- 
ter] Merritt and gt. -gr.-dau. of Jeremiah 
and Maria [Silleck] Merritt, desc. of 
Thomas Merritt, who settled at Rye, N. 
Y., 1673); son of Abraham Purely Hyatt 
of New Castle, N. Y., b. there Nov. 10, 
1S01, Mt. Kisco, N. Y., Nov. 1, 1SS5, 
farmer, owned an So-acre farm from 1842- 
57, town assessor and town collector 
of taxes,' trustee of district school (m. Dec. 
10, 1S28, Hannah, b. Apr. 6, 1802, dau. of 
Aaron and Jemima [Van Tassel] Mabie, 

he, Aaron, was captain of a sloop which 
carried passengers from N. Y. city to Sing 
Sing, deputy sheriff, collector of military 
fines, proprietor of a country tavern where 
the annual town meeting was held); son of 
Elijah of Trayback, Yorktown, N. Y.,b. 
at Fishkill Flats, N. Y., Sep. 11, 177S, d. 
at Trayback, Yorktown, N. Y., Jan. 9, 
i860, fanner, collector of taxes 25 yrs. (m. 
1799, Zilpha, dau. of James Purdy and gr.- 
dau. of James Purdy, whose anct stors came 
from northern France, and settled at White 
Plains); son of Nathan of Fishkill Flats, 
N. Y., b. at White Plains, N. Y., 1745. d - 
at Albany, N. Y., 1824, farmer, educated 
in the common schools (m. 1766, Sarah, 
dau. of Nicholas Fisher, a large land- 
holder of White Plains); son of Nathan 
of White Plains, N. Y., b. at Rye, N. Y., 
1712, d. there 1775. constable of White 
Plains (m. 1743, Anna Hunt); son of 
Caleb, b. at Stamford, Ct., 167S, d. at 
White Plains, one of the patentees of 
White Plains purchase 1721, active Pres- 
byterian, assistant justice in the Court of 
Common Pleas 1741-5; son of Caleb, b. 
at Stamford, Ct., constable of Rye, N. Y., 
1678; son of Thomas of Norwalk, Ct., 
bought land there 1629. 

CRUMRINE, BOYD of Washington, 
Pa., bom Feb. 9, 1S38, grad. Jeffer- 
son Coll. 1S60, admitted to the bar Aug. 21, 
1S61, served in the Civil war in U. S. S5 
Pa. vols., author of " Pittsburgh Reports," 
"Hist, of Washington co., Pa.," is state 
reporter of the decisions of the Supreme 
Court of Pa. (m. Aug. 2, 1S60, Harriet 
Jane, dau. of George A. and Jane B. Kirk 
of Canonsburg, Pa., and has two children: 
Ernest E., b. Apr. 14, 1S61, and Louisa C, 
b. Feb. 3, 1S63); son of Daniel of Washing- 
ton co., Pa., b. there Apr. 25, 1S05, d. there 
Apr. 9, 1SS3, farmer, millwright (m. Dec 
26, 1830, Margaret, b. Mar. 25, 1S12, d. 
Oct. 19, 1S49, dau. of John and Elizabeth 
[Rex] Power and gr.-dau. of Andrew 
Bower and gt. -gr.-dau. of Michael Bower, 
son of a native of Switzerland); son of 
GcOTgeof Washington co., Pa., Carroll 
co., Md., Sep. 7, 1776, d. Washington co., 
Pa., Sep. 23, 1832, came to Washington co., 



Pa., iSoo(m. May 19, 1799, Elizabeth Gar- 
rett, li. Oct. 12, 1775, d. Jan. 6, 185a); son 
of Abraham of Carroll co., Md.,b. Feb. 2, 

1752, d. Mar. 31, 1S35, stone-cutler (111. 

Judith Bcrgor); son of George Lcnhart 
Krumrein, b. in Germany, was one of the 

27 emigrants who came from Palatinate, 
Germany, in the ship Edinburg, to America, 

and lauded at Pliila. Sep. 5, 174S. 

O N. Y., b. at White Plains, N. Y., 
Sep. 17, 1S50, grad. med. dept. Union 
Univ. 1S75, member Co. Med. Soc. and 
assoc. also of the Holland Soc. (m. 1st, 
18S0, Catherine, dau. of Ebcn K. Scoville, 
m. 2d, Chatte W. llartwell. dau. of WAV. 
llartwell); son of Thomas II. of West 
Troy, b. at VVatervliet 1S16, d. at West 
Troy 1S64 (111. Angelica Aspinwall); son of 
ilanuaiiiis 1*. of Watervliet, b. there 
1769, d. there Oct. 13, 1S22 (in. Sarah 
Packwood); son of Philip, b. 1736, d. 
June 3, iSoS, col. of a regt. in the- Revolu- 
tionary war (m. Annatje Wendell); son of 
Peter of Albany, N. Y., b. there 1697, d. 
there (m. Catherine Grocsbeck); son of 
PetW' of Albany, N. Y., b. there Sep. 17, 
1657, d. there Feb. 19, 1724, was known as 
the great Quidor of the Five Nations, first 
mayor of Albany (m. 1st, l68l, Engcltie 
Van Scliaick, 111. 2d, Sep. 14, 1G9I, Maria 
Van Rensselaer); son of Philip Pictci'SC 
Schuyler of Albany, N. Y., b. in Holland, 
d. at Albany May 9, 1083, commissioned 
captain in Albany 1667 (111. Dec. 12, 1050, 
Margarita Van Slichtenhorst). 

nil.VCKPORD, SAMUEL of Chicago, 
O 111., b. at Eastport, Me., Feb. 22, 
1821, ship-master, moved to Chicago 1853, 
member of the Board of Trade, of the City 
Council, of the Cook co. lid. of Supervis- 
ors and Bd. of Education (m. July 22, 1S51, 
Mary M., dau. of Abial W. and Charlotte 
[Ilsley] Tinkham and a desc. of William 
Ilsley of Newbury, who came from Eng- 
land in the ship Confidence 1638, he, Abial 
W., was a desc. of Ephraim and Mary 
[Brown] Tinkham of Plymouth 1643, she, 
Mary, came from England in the May- 
flower); son of Samuel of Eastport, Me., 

b. there Sep. 28, 1787, d. at Demararu, S 
A., Aug. 31, 1820, ship-master, was the 
fust native-born citizen of Eastport (ni. 
Dec. 20, 1818, Elizabeth, b. at Hingham 
Aug. 3, 1795, d. at Eastport Apr. 2S, 18S4, 
dau. of Otis and Elizabeth [Thompson] 
Lincoln, and a desc. of Samuel Lincoln, 
who came from England 1637 when l8yn. 
old, and settled at Hingham; he was the 
ancestor of Abraham Lincoln, U. S. Presi- 
dent); son of John of Eastport, Me., b. at 
Newburvport, Mass., 1753, d. at Eastport 
Dec. 25, 1S40 (m. Nov. 26, 1780, Esther. 
dau. of Capt. Gideon and Hannah Wood- 
well); son of Samuel of Newbury, Mass., 
b. at Newington, N. 11., d. at Newbury- 
port, mariner (m. July 19, 1740, Mary 
Coombs); son of Joshua of Newington, 
X. 1L, b. there, d. there (m. Elizabeth, 
and had three sons: Samuel, John and 
Paul, bap. at Newington 1728); son of 
William of Bloody Point, N. II., d. at 
Newington 1720, took the oath of fidelity 
1669, member of the grand jury 1GS2, 
farmer, housewright (m. Deborah, dau. of 
Thomas Trickcy of Dover, N. II. , and had 
three sons: Samuel, John and Joshua). 

ark, N. J., b. at Denville, N. J., 
July 2S, iSio, went to Ohio 1S14, fanner 
in early life, teacher, merchant's assistant 
in ()., came to N. ]. and was engaged in 
the manufacture of charcoal hammered 
iron (m. Dec, 1S32, Harriet, dau. of Petei 
Post Brown of Newfoundland, N. J., 
farmer, ironmaker, his ancestors came 
from Holland); son of Job of N. J. and 
Ohio, b. at Denville, N. J., July 2, 17S0, 
d. in Ohio 1S05, farmer, merchant, black- 
smith, captain in War 1S12 (111. 1S00, Bet- 
sey Jackson, and had four sons and four 
daughters); son of Job of Denville, N. J., 
b. there Aug. 17, I75<J, d. there 1799, cop- 
peras manufacturer, capt. in the militia 
(m. Mary Miturn); son of Job of Denville 
and Rockaway, L. L, b. in Scotland, d. at 
Denville Nov. 5, I7°7, ^u\t a forge at 
Rockaway, prominent in the building of 
the first church at Rockaway, capt. of the 
militia, deacon in the church (m. Miss 




3, 1858, grad. Harvard Coil. 1SS2, Episco- 
pal clergyman, member Pa. Hist. Soc, and 
member Old Colony Hist. Society (m. 
June 30, 1SS6, Laura Woodbury Harris, b. 
June 3, 1855, d. July 31, 1SS9, and had 
one child: Harris Moore, b. Mar. 25, iSSS, 
d. Jan. 13, 1B90); son of Benjamin 
Franklin Robinson of Hartford, Me., b. 
there Feb. 26, 1S30, d. there Nov. 26, 1880, 
held many town offices (111. May 1S, 1S5 r, 
Adelia Fit/alan, dau. of John and Esther 
[Ryerson] Moore, he, John, served in 
War of 1812, and was the son of Thomas 
Moore, who came to America with Bur- 
goyne's army, she, Esther F., was 5th in 
desc. from Martin Ryerson, who came to 
America from Amsterdam 1646, and settled 
on Long Island); son of As:i of Hartford, 
Me., b. at Sumner, Me., Dee. 30, 1792, d. 
at Hartford Sep. .), 1865, served in the War 
of 1S12, held town olTices, was an early 
and ardent abolitionist (m. 1815, Lois Bai- 
rows, 6th in desc. from John Harrows, who 
came from Yarmouth, Eng., 1637, to Salem, 
Mass., removed later to Plymouth, Mass.); 
son of Ami of Sumner, Me., b. at Pem- 
broke, Mass., Sep. 1, 1765, d. at Sumner 
Mar. 2J, 1844, served in the Revolutionary 
war when a boy, came with his father to 
Sumner 17S3 and was one of the first set- 
tlers (in. Jan. 10, 17SS, Deborah Briggs, 
4th in desc. from Hugh Briggs of Taun- 
ton, Mass., d. there 1692, prob. the son of 
Richard Briggs); son of Increase of Pem- 
broke, Mass., and Sumner, Me., d. at 
Sumner Jan. 9, 1S17, lieut. in the Revolu- 
tionary war, one of the first settlers of 
Sumner, built the first mills, vcrv promi- 
nent in the early history of the town, 
deacon in the church (m. June 18, 1761, 
Rebecca Bourne, 51b in desc. from Thomas 
Bourne, who was made freeman of Ply- 
month 1637, and settled at Marshlield, d. 
there May 11, 1004, aged S3); son of In- 
crease of Pembroke, Mass., b. prob. at 
Raynham, Mass., d. Dec. 1, 1767, promi- 
nent in town and church affairs (in. 1737, 
Margaret Bonne}', 4th in desc. from 
Thomas Bonne}', who came from Sand- 
wich, Eng., 1634, and settled at Plymouth, 

Margaret's gr.-mother was Dorcas Samp- 
son, dau. of Henry Sampson, who came 
from England in the Mayflower); son of 
Increase of Raynham and Pembroke, 
Mass., d. 173S (m. 1695, Mehitable 
Williams, 3d in desc. from Richard and 
Frances Dighton, who were among the 
first settlers of Taunton, Mass., both were 
from Gloucestershire, Eng.); son of In- 
crease of Taunton, Mass., bapt. Mar. 14, 
1642, d. 1699(111. Nov. 19, 1603, Sara Pen- 
nitnan, 2d in desc. from James and Lydia 
Penniman, who came from England on the 
Lion 1630-1, and setiled at Boston, but 
being a follower of Ann Hutchinson he 
was banished, he then settled at Braintree, 
Mass., 163,;); son of William of Dorches- 
ter, Mass., b. in England, d. at Dorchester 
July 6, 106S, came from England abt. 

p UILI), GEORGE SIDNEY of Bcthle- 
vT born, Ct., b. at Litchfield, Ct., Sep. 
24, 1826, representative in the Legislature 
1S72, selectman three yrs., carriage and 
sleigh manufacturer, member of the Epis- 
copal ch. of Bethlehem (m. Apr. 24, 1860, 
Fidelia M., dau. of Timothy J. and Mahala 
[Stone] Parmelee and gr.-dau. of Lyman 
Parmelee); son of Jeremiah of Litchfield, 
Ct., b. at Middlefield, Ct., Apr. 15, 1792, 
d. at Litchfield Aug. 1S, 1S59, millwright 
and carpenter, member of the Episcopal 
ch. (m. Sep. 1, 1S13, Laura, dau. of George 
and Lydia [Osborn] Clark antl gr.-dau. of 
George and Sarah [Oatman] Clark); son of 
JerCllliall of Warren, Ct., b. at Middle- 
town, Ct., Sep. 4, 1746, d. at Warren Jan. 
31, 1S22, owner of a sloop, made several 
voyages to the West Indies, taken prisoner 
by the British, imprisoned at Halifax and 
vessel burned, moved to Warren 1793, was 
gr.-father of 84 children (in. 1st, Jan. 15, 
1775, Hannah, dau. of Ebene/er and Mary 
[Turner] Hale of Middle-field, Ct., m. 2d, 
Sep. 2, 1S00, Lucinda Fenton, b. at Cov- 
entry, Ct.); son of JerCllliall of Middle- 
town, Ct., b. at Dedham, Mass.. July 3, 
17TI, d. at Middletown abt. 1748, resided 
at Lebanon in early life (m. 2d, abt. 173S, 
Elinor, b. at East Guilford, Ct., Dec. 9, 
1714, [dau. of James and Mary [Carter] 



Evarts, and had four children); son of 
Samuel of Lebanon, Ct., b. at Dedham, 
Mass., Oct. 12, 1677, d. at Lebanon Ma}' 
29, 1750, moved from Dedham to Windham 
abt. 171 4, thence to Lebanon 1716, will was 
made Feb. 6, 1748-9 (m. Jan. 3, 1700, 
Sarah Hartshorn, b. at Reading 1679); son 
of Samuel of Dedham, Mass., b. there 
Nov. 7, 1647, d. there Jan. 1, 1730, served 
in King Philip's war 1675, freeman 167.3, 
member of a committee to invest and man- 
age school funds 1703, selectman of Ded- 
ham 1693-171 3, delegate to the General 
Court 1719 (in. Nov. 29, 1676, Mary, dau. 
of Samuel and Ann [Herring] Woodcock of 
Dedham); son of John of Dedham, Mass., 
b. in Scotland abt. 1616, d. at Dedham 
Oct. 4, 16S2, freeman May 10, 1643, weav- 
er (m. June 2, 1645, Elizabeth Crooks, d. 
Aug. 31, 1669). 

Assonet village, Freetown, Mass., b. 
there Apr. 5, 1S22, resides in the same 
house in which he was b., right arm was 
severed at the shoulder by a cannon ball 
June 30, 1862, while serving in the Civil 
war, commanded the 2d brigade, 1st div., 
nth army corps in Va., Ken. and Tenn. 
until Dec, 1S64. appointed collector inter- 
nal revenue for 1st congressional dist. of 
Mass. 1S66, author " Peirce Family of Old 
Colony" 1S70, "Contributions Biographi- 
cal, Genealogical and Historical" 1S74, 
"Indian History, Biography and Geneal- 
ogy" 1S7S, "Civil, Military and Profes- 
sional Lists of Plymouth and Rhode Island 
Colonies" 1SS1, " Genealogies of Dean and 
Hind Families" 1SS3, " Historical Sketches 
of Several Towns in Bristol and Plymouth 
Counties, Mass.;" son of EbciiOZCr of 
Middleborough and Freetown, Mass., b. at 
Middleborough May 26, 1775, d. at Free- 
town Jan. 6, 1S45, merchant (m. Apr. 24, 
1803, Joanna, b. May 8, 1786, d. Jan. 6, 
1859, dau. of Col. Benjamin and Amey 
[Brownell] Weaver); son of Job of Middle- 
borough, Mass., b. there Nov. 29, 1737, d. 
there July 22, 1819, donor of the Pierce 
Acad, in Middleborough, soldier in French 
and Indian war several years, captain in the 
Revolutionary war, extensive landholder 

(m. May 18, 1 761, Elizabeth, b. Aug. 25, 
1743, d. June 9, 1790, dau. of William and' 
Elizabeth [Macomber] Rounsevill and gr.. 
dau. of Philip Rounsevill, the emigrant); 
son of EbcilCZCr of Middleborough, Mass., 
b. at Duxbury or Pembroke, Mass., d. at 
Middleborough Aug. 14, 1796(111. Dec. 13,. 
172S, Mary, b. Oct. 8, 1711, d. Oct. 5, 176S, 
dau. of Henry, b. Oct. 12, i6So, and Abi- 
gail [Godfrey] Iloskins of Taunton); son of 
Isaac of Middleborough, Mass., b. at Dux- 
bury, d. at Middleborough Jan. 17, 1757, 
Quaker, bought lands at Middleborough 
1709, will was made 1756 (in. Judith, b. 
Mar. 13, 16S0, d. May 4,1733, dau. of John 
Boothe); son of Isaac of Middleborough, 
d there Feb. 2S, 1732, soldier in King 
Philip's war, for which he received a laud 
grant at Middleborough (m. Alice). 

-1-i Galion, O., b. at Lexington, O., Apr. 
26, 1S54, supt. schools (m. July 29, 1S80, 
Flora C, dau. of James Speelman); son 
of William of Galion, O., b. at Union 
Town, Pa., Apr. 1, 180S, d. at Galion, 
merchant, fanner (m. Cynthia, dau. of 
Amariah Watson of Lexington) and sis- 
ters, Martha, Jane, Mary, Melinda, Phoebe 
and Bertha, and brothers John and Milton 
Lewis; sons of Jacob of Lexington, 0., 
b. at Union Town, Pa., Oct. 16, 1783, d. 
at Lexington (111. July, 1S05, Cisson Mur- 
phy) and sisters Joanna [Lewis] Murphy 
and Polly [Lewis] Springer and brothers, 
George, b. Dec. 31, 1779, Freeman, b. 
Dec. 2r, 17S0, Thomas, b. Sep. 10, 17SS, 
Peter, b. May 10, 1791, John, b. Jan. 12, 
1794, and Samuel, b. Sep. 2S, 17991 sons of 
Jacob of near Union Town, Pa., b. near 
Basking Ridge, Pa,, Oct. 27, 1734, '1- near 
Union Town 1S01 (m. 1st, Dee. 29, 1755, 
Catharine Freeman, m. 2d, Nov. 23, 1778, 
Mary, dau. of John Beabout and gr.-dau. of 
Peter Beabout who came from Holland and 
settled in N. J.) and sisters, Mary Collycr 
and Sarah, and brother Zephaniah Lev/is; 
sons of Thomas and brothers, Benjamin, 
Eliphalet and Edward; sons of Samuel of 
Somerset Co., N. J., b. in England or Wales 
and came to America with his two brothers 
John and . 



St. Paul, Minn., b. there Aug. 30, 

1S70; son of Henry Mower Rice of St. 

Paul, Minn., b. at Waitslicld, Vt., Nov. 
.'9, 1S16, came to Minn. 1839, had charge 
of fur trade with Chippewa Indians, dele- 
gate to Congress 1 S53 57, member of 
U. S. Senate 1S57-63, Chippewa Indian 
commissioner (m. 1849, Matilda Whitall); 
son of Edmund, date of birth not known; 
son of Jedcdiah, b. at Spencer Apr. 2, 
1755, soldier in the Revolutionary war, 
marched to Quebec 1776 under Capt. Abel 
Walker (in. 17S3, Jemima, dau. of Syl- 
vanus and Jemima [Willard] Hastings 
and gr.-dau. of Lieut. Moses Willard); son 
of Ashur, b. at Wcstboro July 6, 1694, d. 
at Spencer Aug. 20, 1773, captured by 
Indians at Marlboro Aug. S, 1704, and 
taken to Canada, but was afterward re- 
leased; son of TIlOllluS, b. at Sudbury, 
Mass., June 30, 1(154, d. abt. 1747, repre- 
sented Marlboro in the General Court (m. 
Nov. 10, 16S1, Anna Rice); son of TllOllias 
of Sudbury, Mass., b. there 1621, d. at 
Marlborough Nov. 16, 16S1; son of Ed- 
mund of Sudbury, Mass., b. at Barkham- 
stead, Eng., d. at Sudbury May 3, 1663, 
came to Sudbury 1638-9, selectman 1644. 

ALLEN, B. ROWLAND of Hartford, 
Ct., b. atEnfield, Ct., May 17, 1S3S, 
for the last twenty years an insurance agent 
and stock and bond broker in Hartford, 
previously manufacturer in Windsor Locks, 
sch. teacher in Enfield, Sulheld and Elling- 
ton, Ct. (m. Mar. IS, 1S63, Annie Pierson, 
dau. of Charles H. Dexter of Windsor 
Locks, she is ade'sc, on her mother's side, 
of Rector Pierson, first president of Yale 
College, the Dexters settled in Windsor, 
Ct.); son of Jeremiah Vallel of Enfield, 

Ct., b. there Dec. 7, 1S01, d. there Aug. 
28, 1866, farmer, joiner and builder, built 
many of the buildings of the Hartford 
Carpet Co., at Thompsonville, Ct. (m. 
June 17, 1S2S, Emily, dau. of Eli Pease of 
Enfield, Ct., a farmer and desc. of Robert 
Pease of England, one of the first settlers 
in this country); son of Isaiah of Enfield, 
Ct., b. there July S, 1774, d. there May 7, 
1845, fanner and carpenter (m . Dec. 24, 

1794, Martha, dau. of William and Martha 
[Webster] Pease); son of MoSCS of Enfield, 
Ct., b. there May 14, 1746, d. there Sep. 
26, 1S26, soldier in American Rev. in 5th 
Connecticut reg., farmer (m. 1st, May 1, 
1766, Mary, dau. of Thomas and Mary 
[Hammond Vallct] Adams, m. 2d, Mary 
Pease of Enfield, Ct., widow of James 
Pease and dau. of Thomas and Mercy 
[Hall] Pease); son of A/aiiah of Enfield, 
Ct., b. there May 14, 1701, d. there Apr. 3, 
1707, fanner (m. Dec. 3, 1727, Martha 
Hurt, b. at Longmcadow, Mass., 1706, d. 
at Enfield, Ct., Oct. 12, 17S2); son of John 
of Dceriield and Enfield, Ct., b. at North- 
ampton Sep. 30, 1670, d. at Enfield Nov. 
3, 1739 (111. 1st, May 3, 1694, Bridget 
Booth, m. 2d, Elizabeth Gardner of 
Gardener's Island); son of John, killed at 
battle of Bloody Brook, Deerfield, Mass., 
Sep. iS, t(>75 (m. Dec. S, Kj<kj, Mary Han- 
iiiiin); son of Samuel of Braintrce, Eng., 
b. 15SS, came to Cambridge, Mass., in 
1632, removed to Windsor, Ct., 1035, was 
a man of public spirit, and honored by his 
townsmen with positions of trust, d. Apr. 
28, 1648, leaving a widowand six children. 
She (Ann) removed to Northampton, 

Mount Deseict, Me., b. Jan. 19,1835, 
grad. Wesleyan Univ. 1S63, clergyman M. 
E. ch., Prof. Scholfield's Com. Coll. 1S63- 
70, Pros. N. E. Southern Conf. Scni. 
1884-5, D. D. 1S8S, member N. E. S. 
Conf., also E. M. Conf. (in. 1st, Mar. 0, 
1S59, Hannah A., dau. of Capt. Andrew 
Lopaus of Tremont, Me., and had one 
child: Flora A., m. 2d, Ruth A. Lawton of 
Leverett, Mass., and had one child: Louisa 
L.); son of Ebon of Tremont, Me., b. June 
10, 1S10, d. Apr. 9, 1884 (m. Mar. 7, 1831, 
Sophronia Wasgatt); son of Tobias, b. at 
Kittcry, Me., Dec. 31, 1767, blacksmith (111. 
1806, Comfort Tarr of Tremont); son of 
Tobias of Kittery, Me. (111. 174S, Lucy); 
son of John (in. 1724, Elizabeth Rogers); 
son of John (m. Sarah); son of John; son 
of Reginald of Kittery, Me., surgeon in 
English navy, settled -at Kittery 1631 (m. 



*t Shanghai, China, b. at Shawanguak, 
N. Y., Nov. S, iS 4 o(m. Nov. S, 1871, Ellen 
McGrath, and had ft children: John De- 
witt, b. July 22, 1S76, Edward Clinton, b. 
Nov. 2S, 187S, Ellen Rachel, b. May 19, 
1873, Edith Mary, b. Mar. 29, 1874, Mabel, 
b. Nov. 16, 1S77, and Catharine, b. Nov. 5, 
1S80); son of John Richard of Shawan- 
guuk, N. Y., b. at WallkiU, N. Y., d. at 
Shawangunk Mar. 11, 1845 (m. May, 
1S30, Rachel Tcrwilligcr); son of Thomas 
of Wallltill (ni. Leali Clincman); son of 
JacohllS of Shawangunk; son of Thomas 
of Shawangunk, lie, with his brother, 
Johannes, were the first settlers in the 
WallkiU valley, they built two stone 
houses in Shawangunk as a means of 
safety in their frontier position; son of 
Hcudt'ick of Newburgh, b. 1679, d. 1749 
(in. 1724. Anneke Schoonmaker); son of 
Jan of Esopus, b. probably at New Am- 
sterdam, d. at Esopus (in. 1659, Miss 

f\ [LBERT, NORTHROP of Greenfield, 
VT Ct., b. Dec. 26, 17S2 (m. 1S01, Char- 
ily, dau. of David and Abigail [ Hill] Gould, 
gr.-dau. of Onesimus and Eunice [Hub- 
bell I Gould, gt. -gr.-dau. of Lieut. -Gov. 
Nathan Gould, and gt.-gt. -gr.-dau. of Maj. 
Nathan Gould of Fairfield, Ct., and had 
four children: Abbey, Ann, Clara and 
Charity); son of David of Weston, now 
Easion, Ct., b. 174ft, d. 1S12 (m. Nov. 2, 
1774, Abigail, dau. of William Wakcley); 
son of KboilCZCr, b. Mar. 31, 1724 (m. 
Miss Northrop); son of John of Fairfield, 
Ct., b. there 1696, d. 17S2, had four chil- 
dren: Thaddeus, Ebenczer, Joseph 'and 
|ohn); son of Joseph of Fairfield, Ct.; 
supposed to be the son of Obildiall of 
Fairfield, Ct., will made 1674, had three- 
sons: Obadiah, Benjamin and Joseph. 

GOULD, HENRY of Greenfield, Ct, 
b. there; son of Jesse of Fairfield, 
Ct. (m. Sarah Whitehead, and had ten chil- 
dren, Esther, Nathaniel, Melissa, Alden, 
Morris, Emily, Amelia, Henry, Luther and 
Lorenzo); son of Jesse of Greenfield, Ct. 
(m. Sarah Gould, his cousin, and had eight 

children: Jesse, Esther, Jonathan, Ebenewfr, 

Joseph, Sally, Abel and Laura); son of Na- 
than (m. Abigail, dau. of Peter Burt, and 
one of nineteen children); son of Onesimuj 
of Greenfield, Ct., bapt. Oct. 19, 1701 (m. 
Eunice Hubbcll); son of Nathan of Fair- 
field, Ct., d. Oct. 3, 1723, aged 60, licut.- 
gov. 1712, chief justice of the Supreme 
Court (in. Hannah, b. at Hartford Dec. 8, 
1663, dau. of Lieut. -Col. John and Helena 
[Wakeman] Talcott); son of Nathan o( 
Fairfield, Ct, b. in England, d. at Fairfield 
Mar. 4, 1093-4, first citizen of Fairfield, 
one of the leading men of the colony of 
Ct, member of the Gen. Court at Hartford 
May 12, 1670, the richest inhabitant 61 
Fairfield, major in the militia, active in the 
church affairs, name spelled Gold (m. Mat. 
tha, widow of Edward Harvey). 

13 Woonsocket, R. I, b. at Cambridge, 

Mass, Oct. 14, 1S41, grad. Woonsocket 
High School, Boston Mercantile Acad., 
clerk of Woonsocket Falls Hank 1S73, when 
he was appointed assistant cashier, assist- 
ant treas. of the Woonsocket Inst, for 
Savings, treas. of several soc, member of 
Senate, leading member of the Universalist 
ch. (m. Oct. ft, iS63, Susan Ann, dau. of 
Willis and Cyrcna Cook, and had three 
children: Latimer W, Marie L. and Roland 
IL); son of Latimer Whipple Ballon of 
Woonsocket. R. I., b. at Cumberland, 
R. 1, Mar. t, 1S12, at sixteen he became 
apprentice to a printing firm at Cambridge, 
but before the expiration of his apprentice- 
ship, the firm dissolved, and he became 
assistant foreman in the University printing 
office, with two others he started the Cam- 
bridge Press and continued at this for 7 
yrs, moved to Woonsocket 1S42 and be- 
came associated with his brother-in-law, 
Wm. O. Bisbec, in mercantile business, 
cashier of the Woonsocket Falls Bank 
1850-91, treas. of Woonsocket Inst, for 
Savings 1S50-91, presidential elector i860, 
delegate to the National Republican Con- 
vention 1S72, rep. to Congress 1875-81, 
vice-pres. of the Congressional Tern. Soc, 
LL. D. 1SS7, member of Universalist ch. 
(m. Oct. 20, 1836, Sarah A, d. June 24, 



0J9. dau. of Charles and Ruth [Hadley] 

llunncwell of Cambridge, and had four 
chiMicn: Mary F., Sarah J., Henry L. and 
Murit L.)i son of Levi of Cumberland, 
R. I., b. there Aug. 29, 1732, d. there June 
4, 1S36, moderator of town meetings, pres. 
of l'robate Town Council several yrs., 
member of Universalis! ch. (m. May 10, 
1S04, Hepzibah, b. at Wrentham, Mass., 
Jan. 5, 1779, d. Nov. 20, i860, dau. of 
Thomas and Jemima [Ray] Metcalf, and 
had seven children); son of Levi of Cum- 
berland, R. I., b. at Wrentham, Mass., d. 
at Cumberland July 13, 1S05, soldier in the 
Revolutionary war, held several town 
oilices, justice of the peace, member of 
the General Assembly of the State, buried 
in the old burial ground of the Cumber- 
land Ballous (m. Mar. 21, 1765, Comfort 
Thompson, and had twelve children); son 
of Ezekiel of Cumberland, R. I., b. at 
Wrentham, Mass., Jan. 5, 1718-9, d. 
June 5, 1789, owned a homestead on 
the Wrentham road, will was made Apr. 
r 3> 1 7S7 (m. Jan. 3, 17)0, Joanna, 
dau. of Elder Josiah Cook, and had 
eight children); son of Obadiah of Wrent- 
ham, Mass., b. at Providence, R. I., Sep. 
6, 16S9, d. Oct. 12, 1768 (m. 1st, Jan. 5, 
1717-8, Damans, dau. of John and Sarah 
[Aldrich] Bartlett, and had eight children, 
m. 2d, Dec. 26, 1740, Mrs. Sarah [Whipple] 
Salisbury, widow of Jonathan Salisbury and 
dau. of Israel Whipple, son of David, son 
of Capt. John Whipple, and had three chil- 
dren); son of .lames of Prov., R. I., b. 
there 1652, d. abt. 17.11, was a man of su- 
perior abilities and moral judgment, and a 
prominent citizen (in. July 25, 16S3, Su- 
sanna, b. at Prov. Feb. 2S, 165S, dau. of 
Valentine and Mary Whitman, and had 
seven children); son of Blatliril) of Prov., 
R. I., d. there abt. 1663, located there 1646 
(m. 1646-7, Hannah, dau. of Robert and 
Catharine Pike, and had six. children). 

Jr., New York city, b. there 1S54 (m. 
1881, Annie G. Jardine, and had three 
children: Grace Duncan, b. 10S2, Louis 
Jardine, b. 1884, and Alber Farrington 
De Voe, born 1891); son of Thomas Far- 

ringtou De Voe of New York city, b. at 

Yonkers, N. Y., 1S11 (m. 1836, Lucy 
Pock, b. 1S1S, and had twelve children); 
son of John of New York city, b. at 
Yonkers 17S5, d. at New York city 1S55, 
soldier in the War of 1S12 (m. 1S07, 
Sophia, b. 17S7, dau. of Thomas Farring- 
ton of Yonkers, and had ten children); 
son of John of Yonkers, b. there 1756, d. 
there Sep. 8, 1S24, soldier in the Revolu- 
tionary war (m. 1779, Rebecca, his cousin, 
b. 1760, d. Mar. 10, 1841, dau. of Daniel 
De Voe, and had eleven children); son of 
Frederick of Yonkers, b. abt. 1710, d. 
abt. 1779, was much persecuted by the 
British during the Revolutionary war (m. 
prior to 1753, Jane Doty, and had seven 

children); son of Frederick of Yonkers, 

b. 1684, d. abt. 1753, inventory of his per- 
sonal estate amounted to £10 (m. 1st, Hes- 
ter Dykman, and had three children, m. 
2d, 1721, Mary Odell, and had eight chil- 
dren); son of Frederick of Harlem, b. abt. 
1045 near Rochclle, France, d. 1743, when 
12 yrs. old he came to Manheim, Germany, 
with his parents, and resided there until 
1675, when he came to America and set- 
tled at Harlem, the inventory of his money, 
bonds and estate shows that for that period 
he was a man of considerable wealth (m. 
1st, 1673, wife d. abt. 1674-5, m. 2d, June 
24, 1677, Hester Tourneur, dau. of Daniel 
Tourneur of Harlem, and had thirteen 

Plainlield, N. J., b. at New York 
city June 30, 1S3S, grad. N. Y. Univ. 1S56, 
author of the "op Dyck Genealogy" (m. 
1st, 1S62, Jane W., 'dau. of Samuel, b. 
1796, d. 1S80, and Abigail [Warne] Crevel- 
ing, b. 1S00, d. 1S63, gr.-dau. of John and 
Susanna [Fckel] Warne, dau. of Henry 
and Mary Eckel who came from Hesse 
Darmstadt, Germany, also gr.-dau. of Jo- 
hannes, b. 1706, d. 1782, and Catharine 
Crevcling, b. 1716, both were from Wover- 
lington, Holland, and were in. 1737 by 
Rev. Johannes Casprivis Eyerhartus at 
Branmoxcein, and came to America where 
they were among the earliest settlers in 
Musconetcong valley, N. J., m. 2d, 1S72, 



Percy S., dau. of John N. and Louisa 
[Smith] Wheeler, d. 18S6, and gr.-dau, of 

William and Ililia [Curtis] Wheeler of 
Ct., dau. of Major Curtis of the War of 
1S12, also gr.-dau. of Tyler and Catherine 
[Bartlc] Smith, dau. of Henry and Eliza- 
beth [White] Bartle, and gr.-dau. of Hen- 
drick Bartle of Holland); son of (ieorge 
of New York city, b. at Kingwood, N. J., 
Dec. 7, 1805, d. at New York city June 12, 
1880, mayor of New York city 1862-3, 
vice-pies. N. Y. Chamber of Commerce 
1867-75, delegate-at-large to N. Y. Consti- 
tutional Convention 1867-S, member of 
N. Y. Constitutional Commission 1S72-3, 
author of Treatise on Political Economy 
(m. Sep. 26. 1S29, Elizabeth Hall Stryker, 
dau. of Peter ami Ke/iah [Davis] Stryker, 
son of Jacobnsand Jannette Stryker, they 
moved from Flatbush, L. I., to Franklin, 
Somerset, N. J., abt. 1763, and lost much 
property by the repudiation of the Con- 
tinental money, son of fan and Margaret 
[Schcnck] Stryker, he, Jan, was a sachem 
of Tammany Society, N. Y., son of Pieter 
and Anuetje [Barcnds] Stryker, he, Pieter, 
was high sheriff of Kings co., N. Y., 168-3, 
judge 1720-2, captain of Flatbush militia, 
purchased 4,000 acres of land on the Mill- 
stone river, N. J., 1710, son of fan and 
Lambertjc [Seubering] Stryker, he, fan, 
was b. in Holland 1615, emigrated from 
Ruinen, province Drenthc, to New Am- 
sterdam in 1652 with liis wife and six chil- 
dren, and settled at Flatbush, L. I., 1654, 
rep. from ftlidwout to Landtag at New 
Amsterdam 1064, chief magistrate of Flat- 
bush 20 yrs.}; son of George Opdycke of 
Kingwood, N. J., b. there Dec. 6, 1773, d. 
there June 15, 1S51, school trustee, over- 
seer of the poor, assessor (m. 1796, Mary, 
dau. of Reeder Stout, and gr.-dau. of 
Joseph, b. 169S, and Martha [Reeder] 
Stout of Brunswick, N. J., son of David, 
b. 1669, and Rebecca [Ashton] Stout of 
Amwell, N. J., son of Richard and 
Penelope [Van Princes] Stout, son of 
John Stout); son of Luther of Hunterdon 
co., N. J., b. at Kingwood Mar. 29, 1750, 
d. in Hunterdon co., N. J., 183S, justice 
of the peace 50 years, and none of his de- 
cisions were ever reversed, associate judge 

of Common Pleas, of the Surrogate'* 
Court, county freeholder 30 yrs., omtinu. 
ally appointed administrator or guardian. 
2d lieut. in the Revolutionary war fin 
Gertrude, dau. of Theodore and Gertrude 
[Gordon] Hall of England, moved to 
Kingwood 1757 and established a mill on 
the west bank of the Delaware river); son 
of Joshua Opdyke of Kingwood, N. J., b, 
at Lawrenceville, N. J., abt. 1713, d. at 
Kingwood 17S9, owned much land in 
N. J., was a founder of Baptisttown; and 
of its Baptist church (m. 173S, Ann, dau. 
of Samuel Green, surveyor of the province 
of West Jersey, assessor, collector, town- 
ship clerk, freeholder, justice of the peaw 
and a pioneer of Greenwich, N. J.); son 0/ 
Albert Opdyck of Lawrenceville, N. J., b. 
at Dutch Kills, L. I., abt. 16S5, d. at Law. 
renceville 1752, one of the founders of (he 
Baptist ch. of Hopewell, N. J. (m. Eli/a- 
beth); son of Johannes of Dutch Kills, 
L. 1., b. 165], d. in Hopewell, N. L, 1729, 
purchased the largest tract of land in 
Hopewell, that on which the town of Pen- 
nington is now built (m. Catherine); son 
ot Louris Jansen op Dyck of Albany, 
N. Y., d. 1659, came from Holland prior 
to 1653, owned the n. -western corner of 
State st. anil Broadway at Albany, and re- 
sided there until 1655, and on Pearl 
street, New York, 1G56-7, owned two store- 
houses al Flatbush, petitioned against the 
English and Indians at Gravesend (in. 

HALE, WILLIAM of West Newbury. 
Mass., b. at Newbury May 27, 1820, 
engaged in early youth in the mackerel 
fishery, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, sailed 
for California 1850, lived on the Pacific 
coast until 1S57, miner at Orleans Bar, on 
the Klamath river, 4 yrs., served in the 
Klamath ritles during the Indian troubles 
1S54-5, under Capt. Win. M. Young, re- 
turned to Mass. where he is engaged in 
farming (m. 1st, 1S44, Mary Dole, b. at 
Newbury Dec. 15, 1S18, d. 1849, dau. of 
Silas, b. Feb. S, 17S2, and Hannah Har- 
mon [Moulton] Plummer, b. June 9, 1783, 
m. 2d, Aug. 4, 1858, Sarah A., b. Dec. 23, 
1S34, dau. of Waller, b. July 21, 1771, and 


Mary [Pierce] Piper, b. May 21, 1798, and 
Ijr.-dau. of Walter Piper of Boston, who 
ringed the old ship Constitution); son of 
trillion of Newbury, Mass., b. there 
1796, d. at Newburyport, Mass., June 30, 
1S57, sea captain several yrs., captain of a 
military company 7 yrs., merchant in the 
West India business several yrs., dealer in 
coal, flour and grain (in. 1819, Elizabeth, 
b. Mar., 179S, d. Sep. 19, 1846, dau. of 
Stephen, b. Nov. S, 1767, and Eunice 
[Coffin] Goodwin, b. Aug. 1, 1761); son of 
Enoch of Newbury, Mass., b. there 1757, 
d. there Nov. 10, 1S25, youngest member 
of a party of 17, who captured an armed 
British merchant ship that appeared off 
Newbury bar, with stores for the British 
army at Boston (m. Mary Woodwell, 
whose bridal dress was made from silk 
found on the captured ship, and intended 
for some British lady at Boston); son of 
Samuel of Newbury, Mass., b. there Oct. 
2, 1722, drowned on Newbury bar Mar. 2, 
1786, prominent for bravery and intelli- 
gence (m. Apr. 18, 1745, Elizabeth Petten- 
gell of Newbury); son of Richard of New- 
bury, Mass., b. there Nov. 9, 1690, d. 
there 1771, weaver, fisherman (m. Mary 
Silver); son of John of Newbury,- Mass., 
b. there Sep. 2, t66i, d. there Mar. 4, 
1725-6, carpenter (m. Oct. 16, 1683, Sarah, 
b. Mar. 20, 1664, dau. of Henry and Anna 
[Knight] Jaques, and had sixteen chil- 
dren); son of John of Newbury, Mass., b. 
there 1(136, carpenter, known as scrgt. (m. 
ist, Dec. 5, 1660, Rebecca, b. Jan. 27, 
1642, d. June 1, 1662, m. 2d, 1663, Sarah, 
d. 1672, dau. of Henry and Judith 
Somerby, m. 3d, Miss Symonds, d. Jan. 
19, 1699, dau. of Hon. Samuel Symonds); 
son of Thomas of Newbury, Mass., b. in 
Eng. May 15, 1606, d. at Newbury Dec. 21, 
1682, came to Newbury 1635, glover, 
surveyor (m. Thomasinc, d. Jan. 30, 1682). 

KIDDER, SAMUEL of Lowell, Mass., 
b. at Charlestown, Mass., Aug. 3, 
1821, druggist (m. ist, Oct. 21, 1846, Ellen, 
dau. of Rev. Jacob Coggin of Tewksbury, 
Mass., m. 2d, Sep. 24, 1S57, Mary Jane 
Davis, and had five daughters); son of 
Samuel of Lowell, Mass., b. at Medford, 

Mass., Sep. 4, 17S1, d. at Lowell Jan. 19, 
1870 (m. Mar. 31, 1806, Hannah Phillips 
Rogers, desc. from John Rogers, the Chris- 
tian martyr, also a desc. of the Abbots and 
Phillips of Andover, Mass., and had seven 
daughters and one son); son of Samuel of 
Medford, Mass., b. there Sep. 17, 1746, d. 
there Dec. 16, 1821, deacon in the Medford 
ch. (m. 177S, Mary, dau. of Gardner Green- 
leaf, and had seven sons and one dau.); 
son of Samuel of Medford, Mass., b. at 
Cambridge, Mass., [une 21, 1720, d. at 
Medford Mar. 6, 1777, deacon in the Med- 
ford ch. (m. ist, Mar. 20, 1744, Mary 
Thompson, m. 2d, Joanna Dodge); son of 
Francis of Cambridge. Mass., b. there 
1692, d. there Jan. 21, 1723-4 (m. Feb. 13, 
1717-8, Mary Prentice, and had four chil- 
dren, three sons and one dau.); son of 
Samuel of Cambridge, Mass., b. at Bil- 
lerica, Mass., Jan. 7, 1666, d. at Cambridge 
July 4, 1724, deacon, selectman (m. Oct. 
23, 1689, Sarah Griggs, and had ten chil- 
dren); son of James of Billerica, Mass., b. 
at East Grinstead, Eng., 1626, d. at Bil- 
lerica Apr. 16, 1676, sergt. and ensign in 
the military company of Billerica, select- 
man, commander of the Billerica Garrison 
(m. abt. 1649, Anna, dau. of Elder Francis 
Moore of Cambridge). 

Portland, Me., b. at Winslow, Me., 
Aug. 30, 1S27, grad. Waterville Coll., now 
Colby Univ., 1846, LL. D. 1S71, lawyer, 
member of the House of Representatives 
3 terms, Speaker 2 terms, Senator, Atty.- 
General 4 terms, 1S60-4, Grand Master, 
Grand High Priest, Grand Master (Coun- 
cil) and Grand Commander K. T. of Me. 
Free Masonry, General Grand High Priest 
of General Grand Chapter, U. S. A., Gen. 
Gr. Master Grand Council, U. S. A. and 
Gr. Commander of Supreme Council, 33d 
North Mas. Juris. U. S. A., 12 yrs., chair- 
man of committee on foreign correspond- 
ence of Gr. Lodge of Maine 27 yrs. (m. 
Dec. 10, 1850, El/.ada Rollins, dau. of 
Benjamin Wadleigh and Lucetta [Foster] 
Bean); son of Clark of Winslow, Me., b. 
there July 5, 1796, d. there Sep. 5, 1888, 
farmer, lived till death upon the farm on 



which he was b., a period of ninety-two 
yrs., 2 mo. (m. June 5, iS2i, Cynthia, dau. 
of Capt. Mordecai and Sarah [Burgess] 
Black well); son of John ofWinslow, Me., 
b. at Georgetown, Me., Apr. 13, 1772, d. 
at Winslow Dec. 24, 1S57 (m. Dec. 3, 1795, 
Damaris, dau. of Col. Josiah and Silence 
[Howard] Hayden, and fifth in desc. from 
Richard Williams, one of the principal 
founders of Taunton, Mass.); son of Joint 
of Georgetown, Me., b. there Sep. 27, *744, 
d. there Sep. 10, 1771 (m. Mar)' McFadden, 
dau. of Daniel and Margaret [Stinson] 
McFadden); son of Patrick of George- 
town, Me., b. at Cappa, Ireland, June 11, 
1694, d. at Georgetown Dec. 2S, 1761, 
came from the north of Ireland to George- 
town 1729 with the Scotch-Irish immigra- 
tion (m. 2d, Susanna, dau. of Rev. Robert 
Rutherford, one of the first Presbyterian 
clergymen who came to Me., east of the 
Kennebec river); son of Alexander of 
Georgetown, Me., d. there 1730, was a 
Scotch-Irish Presbyterian, and either a 
native of Scotland, who emigrated to the 
north of Ireland, or born there of Scottish 
parentage, came to America with a family 
of grown-up children with their children 
1729, and settled at Georgetown, his wife 
d. before he came to America). 

Montpelier, Vt., b. at Alstead, N. 

H., Mai. 20, 1S13, moved to Marshfield, 
Vt., with his father 1820, educated at 
Washington CO. Grammar Sch., Mont- 
pelier, merchant 1S35-S3, school teacher, 
rep. to Legislature 1S4S, Senator 1S5S-59, 
judge of Washington co. court 1S49-50, 
postmaster 6 yrs. (m. Mar. 26, 1845, Mary 
Ann, dau. of Joseph and Esther [Alden] 
Stone of Cabot, Vt., she, Esther, is said to 
be a desc. of John Alden of the May- 
flower); son of Jacob of Marshfield, Vt., 
b. at Hancock, N. 11., Mar. iS, 17S4, d. 
at Marshfield Apr. 30, 1S56, moved to 
Alstead 1811, to Marshfield 1S20, justice 
of the peace abt. 25 yrs., town clerk 19 yrs. 
(in. Apr. 2S, 1S03, Lucy Barnes, b. at 
Litchfield, N. II., 1783, d. at Marshfield 
1SO6, and had six children); son of Joseph 
of Marshfield, Vt., b. at Wilton, N. IL, 

July 23, 1744, d. at Marshfield Nov.. 17, 
1826, moved to Temple, N. IL, to Society 
Land, N. IL, 17S2, and built a saw and 
grist mill on the Great Falls of Contoo- 
cook river, his land was annexed to Han- . 
cock 1792, a new town was formed fiom 
Society Land and Hancock, and was called 
Bennington 1S42, he owned all the land 
on which Bennington was built, moved to 
Alstead 1S04, and to Marshfield 1820 (rri. 
1763, Miriam Hamblett, b. at Wilton, N. 
II. , 1745, d. at Marshfield Feb. 12, 1S36); 
son of Jacob of Wilton, N. IL, b. at Dan- 
vers, Mass., d. at Wilton Feb. 10, 1781. 
moved to Wilton 1738, first settler of thai 
town (111. Hannah Ilarriman, d. Jan. 27, . 
1776, and had eleven children); son of 
Nathaniel of Danvers, Mass., b. there 
Aug. 25, 16,34, d. there, deacon (m. June 4, 
1700, Hannah Roberts, and had eight chil- 
dren); son of Benjamin of Danvers, . 
Mass., b. there 1G64, d. there (m. ist, Aug. 
25, 16S5, Elizabeth Putnam, d. 1702, m. 2d, 
July 1, 1706, Sarah Ilolton, had eight chil- 
dren); son of Nathaniel, b. 1621, d. at 
Danvers, Mass., T700 (m. 1651, Elizabeth 
Hutchinson, and had seven children); son 
of John of Salem, now Danvers, Mass., b, 
at Buckinghamshire, Eng., emigrated from 
Eng. with his wife and three sons, and 
settled at Salem Village 1634, received a 
grant of too acres of land from Salem au- 
thorities, and afterward purchased a largo 
tract himself, he was the gt.-gr.-father of 
Gvn. Israel Putnam, a cousin of Gen. 
Rufus Putnam, one of the first settlers of 
Ohio, ancestor of all the Putnams in 
America (m. Piiscilla, and had three sons: 
Thomas, Nathaniel and John). 

of Ashby, Mass., b. there Aug. 6, 
1795, minute-man in the War of l8l2, 
drummer in Capt. Oliver Kendall's Ashby 
company, when it was called out by Gov. 
Strong, at the time of the bombardment of 
Castine and expected invasion of Mass. 
(m. Jul) 17, 1817, Mary, b. at Waltham, 
Mass., Sep. 14, 1796, d. at Ashby July 5, 
1888, dau. of Josiah and Mary [Barrett] 
Whitney); son of John of Ashby, Mass., 
b. at Concord, Mass.. July 2, 1756, d. at 



Ashby Mar. 24, 1840, though not partici- 
pating in the battle of Hunker Hill, he was 
a member of Capt. Abijah Wyman's com- 
pany, which fought in the redoubt, and 
marched with the company to Cambridge, 
where he was detailed for commissary 
duty just prior to the action (he was a 
nephew of Amos Wheeler, orderly ser- 
geant of the same company, and said to 
be the last man to leave the field, he was 
shot through the thigh, and carried from 
the field, and died the next day at Cam- 
bridge), served throughout the war, taking 
part in the capture of Burgoyne, directly 
after which he was sent in charge of a 
drove of cattle to Phila. for the troops 
under Washington, after delivering the 
cattle he had no money, and though he 
was given an order for supplies the stores 
were empty, he became much reduced by 
illness, and a Dutch woman, in a Tory 
neighborhood, kept and nursed him until 
he was able to start on his homeward 
journey, he was a trusted soldier, served 
much in the patrol guard, and assisted in 
guarding the Burgoyne prisoners at Cam- 
bridge, served at the battle of Rhode Island 
and other engagements, in Lafayette's 
"Life Guard," a company of American 
infantry made up, at Lafayette's request, 
of men selected by Baron Steuben, and 
who formed Lafayette's personal escort 
and guarded his quarters, he was the 
second man whom the baron touched with 
his sword as he picked out the men for 
the corps, his son, Oliver L. Wheeler, 
above named, remembers, among the 
many Revolutionary stories which his 
father used to tell, a simple incident in 
which lie took especial pride: one sharp 
morning, while sentry in front of Lafay- 
ette's tent, he saluted that general upon 
his appearance in the doorway, and the 
latter instantly stepped forth, extended his 
hand and, after a hearty "good morning, 
soldier," bade him enter and drink a 
morning glass with him (m. 1783, Hannah, 
b. at Groton, Mass., Dec. 26, 1765, d. at 
Ashby Sep., 1848, dau. of Samuel Law- 
rence of Groton); son of Joseph of Con- 
cord, Mass., d. at Fitchburg, Mass., abt. 
1812, served in the French and Indian war. 

was at the raising of the Ashby meeting- 
house 1810, and d. a few years later, 
buried prob. on the "Hat" of the old 
burying-ground, now covered with build- 
ings (in. Miss Hosmer, b. at Concord, 
Mass., d. 1806-10, buried at Fitchburg). 

T INCOLN, LUKE of Leominster, 
Li Mass., b. there Feb. 12, 1S01, d. 
there Aug. 22, 1870, carriage and harness 
manufacturer, fruit cultivator (m. Oct. 9, 
1S31, Martha Wilder, dau. of Abel and 
Lucy [Wilder] Carter of Leominster, and 
gr.-dau. of Asa Carter, son of Nathaniel, 
son of Samuel, son of Rev. Samuel, son 
of Rev. Thomas Carter, the first minister 
of Woburn, Mass., 1640); son of William 
of Leominster, Mass., b. there Oct. 25, 
1769, d. there Dec. 26, 1840, farmer, re- 
sided from his fourth year until death on 
Union st. (m. June 25, 1797, Tabitha, dau. 
of Edward and Prudence [IlartwellJ Ken- 
dall, and gr.-dau. of Timothy Kendall, son 
of Samuel, son of Thomas, son of Francis 
of Woburn, Mass.); son of William of Leo- 
minster, Mass., b. prob. at Scituate, Mass., 
May 23, 1738, d. at Leominster Feb. 22, 1814, 
came to Leominster prior to 1707, and 
bought the farm on Union st. 1773, a por- 
tion of this farm is still owned by his de- 
scendants, was a carpenter, there are sev- 
eral ancient houses in this place standing 
which were built by him (m. 1st, May 26, 
1767, Prudence, dau. of Stephen and Pru- 
dence [Carter] Buss, m. 2d, Apr. 29, 1773, 
Mrs. Relief Sawyer, m. 3d, Oct. 4, 1787, 
Sarah Meriam); son of Luke of Leicester, 
Mass., b, at Hingham, Mass., May 27, 1695, 
d. at Leicester Feb. 29, 1770, removed from 
Scituate, Mass., to Leicester between 1738- 
41 (111. 1st, Mar. 2, 1719, Elizabeth Otis, m. 
2d, Mar. 18, 1735-6, Lydia, b. 171 1, dau. 
of Job Loring of Barnstable, Mass.); son 
of Caleb of Hingham, Mass., b. there- 
Mar. 2, 1645, d. there 1721 (m. 16S4, 
Rachel, dau. of James Bates of Hingham); 
son of Thomas of Hingham, Mass., b. 
prob. in England, d. at Hingham Aug. 16, 
1692, was called "Thomas the husband- 
man" to distinguish him from the others of 
the same name who settled at Hingham, 
came from Wyndham, Eng., 1638 (m. abt. 


r6 4 


1642, Margaret, dau. of Richard Sanger of 
Hingham, and had nine children: Caleb, 
Joshua, b. Mar. 2, 1645, Caleb, b. Mar. 2, 
1645, Susanna, b. Apr. 23, 1648, Mary, b. 
same date, Sarah, b. Sep. 29, 1650, Han- 
nah, b. Dec. 26, 1652, Elizabeth, b. Nov. 
19, 1G64, and Ruth, b. same date). 

at Ravenna, O., Nov. 17, 1864, 'grad- 
Harvard Coll. 1888, taking highest honors 
in political economy, instructor at Har- 
vard, studied law at Cambridge Law 
Sch., author of "History of the Veto," 
now studying law at Buffalo, N. Y.; 
son of Edward Bceclier Mason, b. at 
Cincinnati, O., Mar. 7, 1838, grad. 
Farmer's Coll. and Andover Theol. Sem., 
pastor of churches at Ravenna, Indian- 
apolis, Detroit, Arlington, Mass., and 
Brunswick, Me., and brother of William L. 
Mason, b. at Cincinnati Jan. 21, 1S47, edu- 
cated at Yale Coll., is in business at Chi- 
cago and Cincinnati (m. June 5, 1878, 
Pella Follett Hull); gr.-sons of Capt. Sam- 
uel Hall, a soldier in the Continental 
army during the Revolutionary war, was 
at one time a member of a company which 
was under the personal orders of Gen. 
Washington, and was also one of the 
guards detailed to look after Burgoyne's 
captured troops; sons of Timothy Bat- 
telle Mason, b. at Medfield, Mass., Nov. 
17, 1S01, d. at Cincinnati Feb. 10, 1861, 
moved to Cincinnati in 1833, and en- 
gaged in the music trade, leader of music 
there many years, composer and publisher 
of church music, was a brother of the dis- 
tinguished Dr. Lowell Mason of Boston, 
and in conjunction with the latter, and Dr. 
George F. Root of Chicago, inaugurated 
a series of musical conventions throughout 
the country (m. 1st, Nov. 1, 1821, Alma 
Harding, m. 2d, May 25, 1S37, Abigail 
Hall); son of Johnson, b. at Medfield, 
Mass., Aug. 7, 1767, d. Nov. 13, 1856, one 
of the founders of the straw-weaving trade 
of Medfield, col. of Mass. militia, rep. to 
the General Assembly 1809-11-21-43 (m. 
May 27, 1791, Catharine Hartshorn); son 
of Barachias, b. at Medfield June io, 
1723, d. 1783, grad. of Harvard Coll. 1742, 

land surveyor, selectman 5 yrs., innhohlrt, 
leader of a singing school, was the origin*! 
owner of Mason place at Medfield (ta. 
1767, Love Battelle); son of Thomas, b. X 
Medfield Apr. 23, 1699, d. Dec. 26, J7V 
selectman 4 yrs., had brothers: EbcncjH' 
and Zachariah (m. 1722, Mary AinolJ, 
step-dau. of Capt. Samuel Sadey); son of. 
Eljcnezer, b. at Medfield Sep. 12, 1669, d. 
Mar. 18, 1754, was the only surviving male 
member of the family after the attack on 
Medfield, by the Indians, under Kinf 
Philip Feb. 21, 1676, his father and thitr 
brothers were killed while assisting in the 
defense of the town, was a rep. to tin- 
Mass. Gen. Assembly 1730 (m. Apr. i$. 
1691, Hannah, dan. of Benjamin Clark, 
selectman of Medfield 17 yrs.); son of 
Thomas, b. prob. at Roxbury, Mass., 
1625, came to Dedham, Mass., with hi* 
father and brothers 1642, subscriber to the 
building fund of Harvard Coll. (m. Apr. 
23, 1653, Margery Partridge, a desc. of 
Richard de Pertriche of Wishanger Manor, 
Gloucestershire, Eng.), Th. was killed in 
battle, by the Indians under King Philip, 
at Medfield Feb. 21, 1676; son of Robert, 
b. in Eng. abt. 1590, d. at Dedham 1667, 
one of John Winlhrop's company which 
settled at Roxbury 1630, moved to Ded- 
ham with three sons: Thomas, John and 
Robert, and was an original landholder 
there 1642. 

Georgetown, Mass., b. there May.22, 
1S37, captain in the army 1S65, justice of 
the peace, town clerk of Georgetown since 
1S84, associate editor of the Georgetown 
"Advocate" 1S74 (m. Nov. 3, 1858, Sarah 
Ann, dau. of Nathan Hardy, son of Sam- 
uel Hardy, of the family who settled at 
Ipswich, Mass., 1634); son of Hiram of 
Georgetown, Mass., b. at Rowley, Mass., 
June 9, 1804, d. at Georgetown June 7, 
1S76, coroner many yrs., shoe manufac- 
turer (m. Apr. 10, 1S33, Sarah S., dau. of 
Samuel Spofford, son of Samuel, son of 
Amos, son of Samuel, son of John Spofford 
who settled at Rowley 163S and was one 
of the pioneers of Georgetown); son of 
Enoch of Bradford, Mass., b. at Rowley, 





Mass., Mar. 12, 1775, d. at Bradford Apr. 
10, 1844, farmer and trader (111. 1794, Sarah, 
dau. of John Brocklebank, son of John, 
son of Sam'l, son of Capt. Sam'l, who was 
killed by the Indians at Sudbury, Mass., 
Apr. 22, 1676, son of John of Rowley, 
163S); son of EnOCll of Rowley, now 
Georgetown, Mass., b. there, bapt. Aug. 
29, 1736, d. at Haverhill, Mass., Sep., 1821, 
farmer, soldier in the French and Indian 
war (m. June 5, 1759, Martha Palmer of 
Rowley); son of John of Rowley, Mass., 
b. there July 13, 1703, d. there Jan. 25, 
1753 (m. abt. 1726, Jane, dau. of Thomas 
and Eunice [Walker] Bailey of Rowley); 
son of Jonathan of Rowley, Mass., b. 
there Oct. i, 1657, d. there Feb. 28, 1741, 
pioneer of Georgetown, farmer, miller, 
iron maker (ra. 1690, Margaret [Ellithrop] 
Wood, widow of Samuel Wood and dau. 
of Nathaniel and Mary [Batt] Ellithrop); 
son of Leonard, b. at Rowley, Eng., 1625, 
d. May 6, 1691, came to America 163S 
(m. about 1649, Margaret, d. October 20, 

of New Haven, Ct., b. at Stonington, 
Ct., Apr. 1, 1S17, grad. Yale Coll. 183s, of 
Jefferson Med. Coll. 1S44, physician (m. 1st, 
Nov. 26, 1S44, Jerusha, d. Dec. 1, 1S71, dau. 
of Hon. Benjamin and Jerusha [Williams] 
Pomeroy of Stonington, Ct., in. 2d, Dec. 
26, 1872, Anna, sister of Jerusha Pomeroy); 
son of William WoodbridgC Rodman of 
Stonington, Ct., b. at New London, Ct., 
Sep. 1, 17S9, d. at Stonington Dec. 15, 
1854, merchant (in. Jan. 10, iSi6, Lucy 
Sheldon, dau. of Joseph and Lucy [Shel- 
don] Wcjodbridge of Hartford, Ct.); son of 
Daniel of 'New York city, b. at South 
Kingston, R. I., May 4, 1747, d. at New 
York 1799, dep. in the R. I. Gen. Assem- 
bly 1773, resided at Norwich, Ct., for a time, 
where he was engaged as a merchant, 
moved to New York city (m. 1st, June 9, 
1774, Elizabeth, d. 1793, dau. of Dr. Dud- 
ley and Sarah [Sheldon] Woodbridge of 
Stonington, Ct., and a desc. of Rev. John 
Woodbridge, whom. Mary, dau. of Thomas 
Dudley, second Royal Gov. of Mass., m. 2d, 
Apr. 17, 1794, Mary, dau. of Capt. Story); 

son of Samuel of South Kingston, R. I., 
b. there Mar. 22, 1716, d. there abt. 1776, 
farmer, member of Soc. of Friends (m. 
Mar. 10, 1744, Penelope Halloway, d. July 
2, 1751); son of Thomas of South Kings- 
ton, R. I., b. at Newport, R. I., Nov. 11, 
1683, d. at South Kingston 1775, physi- 
cian (m. 1st, Sep. 20, 1706, Katharine, d. 
■ Mar. 4, 1740, dau. of Thomas Fry of New- 
port, m. 2d, Abigail, d. Jan. 16, 1761); son 
of Thomas of Newport, R. I., b. in Eng- 
land Dec. 26, 1640, d. at Newport Jan. 
n, 172S, eminent physician, prominent 
member of the Soc. of Friends, settled at 
Newport 1675 (m. 2d, June 7, 1682, Pa- 
tience, d. Nov. 21, 1696, widow of Robert 
Malines and dau. of Peter and Ann Easton, 
m. 3d, Nov. 26, 1691, Hannah, b. Oct. 2S, 
1667, d. Oct. 22, 1732, dau. of Gov. Walter 
Clarke of Rhode Island); son of John of 
Barbadoes, b. in Eng., d. at Barbadoes 
16S6, Quaker, and as such was banished to 
the island of Barbadoes, 1655, progenitor 
of the Rodman family in America. 

burn, Miss., b. at Baltimore, Md., 
Dec. iS, 1842, educated at St. James' Coll. 
in Md., was in Treasury Dept. C. S. A. 
1S61-3, when he was appointed capt. C. S. 
A., and served on staff duty till 1865, 
banker in Baltimore 1S66-70, business in 
Greenville, Miss., postmaster and mayor 
of Clinton, Miss., is nowa planter (m. 1st, 
Dec. 28, 1869, Fanny Van Wyck Golds- 
borough, dau. of Matthew Tilghman 
Goldsborough and Elenor Sarah [Tilgh- 
man] Goldsborough); son of Robert Har- 
ris Archer of Patapsco, b. at "The Re- 
treat," Harford co., Md., May, 1812, d. at 
Baltimore, Md., Aug. 12, 1875, grad. U. S. 
Mil. Acad, at West Point, N. Y., 1832, 
appointed brt. 2d lieut. 3d inf. U. S. A., 
transferred to 4th art. 1833, promoted 2d 
lieut. 1835, served through Seminole war, 
resigned as 1st lieut. 1837, conducted a 
school for young ladies, well known 
through the south, at Baltimore and Elli- 
cott's Mills, till his death (m. 1st, Jan. 16, 
1S38, his cousin, Elizabeth Margaret 
Archer, dau. of Judge Stevenson Archer 
I and Pamelia Barney [Hays] Archer, gr.- 



dau. of Archer Hays, m. 2d, Nov., 1858, 
Mary Ringgold); son of Thomas of " The 
Retreat," Harford co., Md., b. Feb. 23, 
1768, d. there Oct. 7, 1S21, read medicine 
with his father, passed at Univ. of Pa., 
practiced in lower part of Harford co. 
1788-1821 (m. June 9, 1803, Elizabeth Paca 
Phillips, dau. of James and Martha [Paca] 
Phillips, and gr.-dau. of John and Eliza- 
beth [Smith] Paca, and sister of Gov. 
William Paca, the Signer); son of John of 
'•Medical Hall," Harford Co., Md., b. 
May 5, 1741, d. Sep. 2S, 1S10, educated at 
W. Nottingham Acad., A. B. Princeton 
Coll. 1760, A. M. same 1763, studied 
theol. but abandoned it for medicine 
which he studied with Dr. John Morgan, 
attended lectures at the Coll. of Phila., 
and June 2r, 1 70S, received M. B., the 
first medical diploma given in the New 
World, practiced at Delaware, but re- 
moved near Churchville, Md., active Revo- 
lutionary patriot, member of the Md. 
State Convention 1776, also member U. S. 
II. Rep. 1S01-5 (in. Oct. 18, 1766, Cathe- 
rine, dau. of Thomas and Mary [McKin- 
ney] Harris, and had five sons doctors and 
one a lawyer, he, Thomas, was an Indian 
trader and iron-worker, b. 1698, d. 1801, 
lived in three centuries); son of Thomas 
of Harford co., Md., b. prob. in Cecil co., 
Md., 1720, d. in Harford Co., Md., 1772, 
came to Baltimore co. 1750, purchased 
tracts of land 1752 and '69, portions of 
which are still in possession of his desc, 
planter, storekeeper, member of the Pres- 
byterian church (m*. Oct. 22, 1739, Eliza- 
beth Stevenson, d. 1774, aged 60); son of 
Jehll (m. Esther Irwin, and had four 
children : Thomas, Nathaniel, Esther and 

hatan co., Va., b. at Montpelier, Va. , 
July 17, 1829, judge of the County Court 
of Cumberland and Powhatan counties, 
member of the 4th Va. cavalry ; had brother 
R. Dabney, LL. D., prof, of Univ. of the 
South Sewanee, Tenn., who d. 1S76, a monu- 
ment was erected in his memory by the 
students of the Univ. (m. Oct. 31, 1856, 
Leila, dau. of Ambrose and Jane [Willis] 

Madison, and gr.-dau. of Gen. William 
Madison, brother of James Madison, U.S. 
president, also gr.-dau. of Col. William C. • 
Willis, gt. -gr.-dau. of Col. Lewis Willis, 
and gt.-gt. -gr.-dau. of Col. Henry Willis. 
first settler and founder of Fredricksburg, 
Va.) ; son of Robert K. of Montpelier. 
Va., b. in Prince Edward co., Va., 1797, 
d. at Montpelier, 1S77, an old Va. land 
and slaveholder, gentleman, justice of the 
peace, an Episcopalian (m. 1827, Lucy Ann, 
dau. of Col. Win. Pope, son of Nathaniel 
Pope, son of Nathaniel Pope, the first sel- 
ler on Pope's Creek near the Potomac 
river, whose dau. m. Col. John Washing- 
ton, father of Lawrence, father of Augus- 
tus, father of George Washington, U. S. 
pres.); son of John of Prince Edward 
CO., Va., b. in Hanover co., large land and 
slaveholder, known as the "best man " in 
Prince Edward co. (m. Ann, dau. of Major 
John Harris, and had twelve children) ; son 
of Cornelius of Hanover, Va., b. there; 
tobacco inspector, very prominent in town 
affairs ; son of Cornelius of Hanover, Va , 
b. in France, d. at Hanover, he and his 
brother John left France for Wales at the 
revocation of Edict of Nantes, and then 
emigrated to Va. (m. Sarah Jennings). 

N. Y., b. at Morristown, N. J., Feb. 
14, 1839, merchant in Liverpool, Eng., San 
Francisco, CaL.and Honolulu, II. I.; son 
of George CoursCIl King, b. on Long Isl- 
and, N. Y., d. at San Francisco, merchant 
(m. Sarah Blauvelt Day); son of Septilriias 
of SnufTtown, N. J., b. on Long Island, d. 
at SnufTtown (m. Esther Amanda, dau. of 
Richard Young, son of Jonathan Young, 
son of Gideon Young, son of Gideon 
Young, son of Rev. John Young, first 
minister of Southold, L. I., where he ar- 
rived with the first settlers of that town, 
1640); son of Jason of Long Island, N. Y., 
b. there, d. there; son of Jason of Long 
Island, N. Y., b. there, d. there; son of 
Jeremiah, b. on Long Island, d. there; 
son of William ; son of John; son of 
John ; son of John who arrived at East 
Hampton, L. I., and settled at Oyster Pond 
now Orient, L. I., 1654. 


>6 7 

TIIROOP of Willowbrook, N. Y., 
k at Johnstown, N. Y., Nov. 25, 1808, 
Uirycr, partner in the firm of Graham, 
Sandford & Martin (m. June I, 1S37, 
Cornelia, dau. of John and Eliza [Sickles] 
Williams and gr.-dau. of Major Thomas 
Sickles of U. S. Army, who served on the 
MifT of Gen. Morgan Lewis, in the Revo- 
lutionary war, and had ten children, 
Mary W., Cornelia E., Evelina T. [m. Gen. 
Andrew J. Alexander, U. S. A.], Enos T. 
(m. Helen Tremain], Emily N. [m. Gen. 
l T pton, U.S. A.], Eliza [m. Grenville Tre- 
main], John W. [m. Elizabeth Swift], George 
B., Edward S. [m. Julia Whitney], and 
Violet B. [m. Capt. Wilber Elliot Wilder 
of 4th U. S. Cavalry]) ; son of Thaddetts 
of Avon, N. Y., b. at Woodbury, Ct., 
June 9, 1779, d. at Avon April 23, 1826 
(m. Oct. 10, 1S05, Mehetable, dau. of 
George Bliss Throop of Johnstown, N. Y., 
and sister of Gov. Enos T. Throop of New 
York); son of Nathan of Woodbury, Ct., 
b. there July 30, 1734, d. there 1794 (m. 
Ellen Bradley); son of Samuel of Wood- 
bury, Ct., b. there, bapt. 1693, d. at Wood- 
bury (m. Jan. 15, 1716, Annis, bapt. 1697, 
dau. of Benjamin and Elizabeth [Lamb] 
Hinman of Woodbury); son of William 
S. of Woodbury, Ct., b. on ocean while 
parents were en route from England to 
Plymouth, d. at Woodbury July 4. 1715 
(m. June 25, 1685, Abigail, b. Oct. 17, 
1671, d. Jan. 4, 1735, dau. of Jonathan 
Curtiss of Stratford). 

BARRETT, JAMES of Rutland, Vt., b. 
at Stralloid, Vt., May 31, 1S14, grad . 
Dartmouth Coll. 1838, senator, pres. Dart- 
mouth Alumni Assoc, slate atty., judge 
of the Supreme Court, vice-pres. Vt. His. 
Soc, also of the New Eng. His. Gen. Soc, 
LL. D. 1S65 (m. Sep. 23, 1S44, Maria Lord, 
dau. of Simeon Woodworth of Coventry, 
Ct., and had nine children); son of Martin 
of Stafford, Vt., b. at Strafford, Ct., Aug. 
26, 17S4, d. at Strafford, Vt., Feb. 15, 1874, 
settled with his parents at Strafford, Vt., 
1802, machinist, merchant, fanner, rep. to 
Legislature 5 yrs. justice of the peace 16 
yrs., member of the Constitutional Conven- 

tion 2 yrs. (m. July 3, 180S, Dorcas, dau. 
of Josiah Patterson of Strafford, N. II., b. at 
Londonderry, N. II., June 4, 1757, son of 
Alexander Patterson of Londonderry, N. 
II., b. at Londonderry, Ireland, 1724, came 
to N. II. when abt. 12 yrs. old, and had ten 
ch.); son of JaniCS of Strafford, Vt., b. at 
Killingby, Ct., Feb. 17,1761,0!. at Strafford, 
Vt., May 21, 1S13, farmer, lay-preacher 
(m. Dec. 14, 17S3, Elizabeth, dau. of David 
Hibbard, b. at Windham Mar. 7, I7*&. 
and gr.-dau. of Samuel Hibbard, one of 
the early settlers of Windham, and had six 
children); son of Benjamin of Strafford, 
Vt., b. at Framingham, Mass., Oct. 25, 
1726, d. at Strafford May 6, 1813 (m. Sep. 
27, 1759, Mary Sprague, and had eleven 
children); son of Jonathan of Maiden and 
Framingham, Mass., b. at either Maiden 
or Charleslown (m. July 19, 1720, Mehita- 
bel Lynde of Maiden, and had eight chil- 
dren); son of Jonathan, b. 167S (m. Dec. 
8, 1698, Abigail Tuttle of Boston, and had 
six children); son of James of Maiden, 
Mass., b. there 1644 (m. 1672, Dorcas 
Gicen, and had three children); son of 
James of Mass. Bay Colony, b. in Eng. 
1615, came to Mass. 1O35 (m. Hannah 
Frederick, and had six children). 

mAPT, RUSSELL SMITH of Williston, 
J. Vt., b. there Jan. 2S, 1S35, lawyer, 
city and state atty., member of both houses 
of the Vt. Legislature, lieut.-gov. of Vt., 
judge of the Supreme Court since Dec, 
1SS0 (m. 1st, May 5, 1S58, Maria L. Car- 
lisle, m. 2d, June 27, 1876, Jennie Marlette, 
a native of HI., among her ancestors were 
the Cornwell, Steadman and Eldridge 
families); son of Elijah of Williston and 
So. Burlington, Vt., b. at Arlington, Vt., 
Mar. 12, 1796, d. at So. Burlington Jan. 5, 
1881, resided at Arlington and Shaftsbury 
until 1S1S, went to Williston and So. Bur- 
lington and resided until death (m. Jan. 1, 
1S22, Orinda, dau. of Charles and Lucy 
[Chase] Kimball of Connecticut); son of 
Aaron of Shaftsbury, Vt., b. at Mendon, 
Mass., May 26, 1761, d. at Shaftsbury, Vt., 
May 14, 1S31, enlisted when 14 yrs. old in 
the Revolutionary war and served until the 
close, settled in Vt. abt. 1790(111. Temper- 



ancc Wellman); son of Aaron of Mendon, 
Mass., b. there July 20, 1722, d. there Apr. 
24, 1764 (m. abt. 1746, Bethiah Daniels, 
who was living 73 yrs. after her marriage); 
sou of ElcilZCrof Mendon, Mass., b. there 
Apr. 5, 1697, d. there Aug. 29, 1759, com- 
manded a company of troops in the south- 
eastern part of Worcester co. 1744-5 ( in ■ 
Dec. 15, 1720, Rachel Thayer); son of 
Thomas. of Mendon, Mass., b. 1671, d. at 
Mendon 1755 (m. 1692, Deborah, dau. of 
Isaac Genery of Dedham, Mass.); son of 
Robert of Mendon, Mass., d. there Feb. 
8, 1724-5, carpenter, lessee of land at 
Braintree, Mass., came from Eng. abt. 
1675, settled at Mendon 1679 (in. Sarah, 
and had five sons and forty-live gr. -chil- 
dren, from whom nearly all the Tafls in 
America have desc). 

York, b. at Lee, N. IL, June 24, 
1833, d. at London, Eng., Sep. 2, 1S81, 
distinguished civil engineer, grad. Law- 
rence Scientific Sch., engineer-in-chief in 
charge of the Dry Basin and railway con- 
struction at Pola, Austria, went to S. 
America in the interest of the Columbian 
government 1861, saved the SS. Great 
Eastern, and the lives of eight hundred 
people, by the invention of a temporary 
steering apparatus to take the place of the 
vessel's broken rudder (m. May 23, 1853, 
Annie Frances, dau. of Ira Weeks and 
Sophia Smith [JewettJ Wiggin, and had 
three daus.: Adelaide Ela Towle, b. at 
Rouses' Point, N. Y. [m. June 2, 1879, 
Maurice Lindsay, b. Dec. 27, 1853, son of 
George Crawford and Jane [Woods] Lind- 
say, and had three children: Edith, b. Oct. 
5, 1880, Gertrude Ela, b. Aug. 10, 1882, 
Maurice Hamilton, b. Sep. iS, 1SS6]; Edith 
Hamilton Towle, b. at Pola, Austria [m. 
Apr. 6, 1SS1, Capt. Frederick Leo of the 
Prussian army] and Maud Annie Towle, 
b. June 25, 1S71 at Bonn, Prussia); son of 
Unr'dner of Lee and Exeter, N. II. , b. at 
Epping, N. H., Mar. 3, 1791, d. at Exeter 
May 27, 1880, member of Legislature, col. 
in the N. II. militia (m. 2d, May 12, 1S31, 
Hannah Duncan Ela, dau. of Joseph and 
Sarah [Emerson] Ela, son of Jacob and 

Elizabeth [Ayer] Ela, son of Jacob and ] 
Ednah [Little] Ela, son of John and Rarhct 
[Page] Ela, son of Israel and Abigail [He*. 
worth] Ela, son of Daniel and Elizabctfc 
Ela of Haverhill, Mass.); son of Levi of 
Epping, N. IL, b. at Rye, N. II. , Feb. j$, 
1757, d. at Epping May 24, 1S27, mcinbct 
of Legislature, signed the Association Tot 
1776, served in the Revolutionary war (m. 
2d, Parna, dau. of Robert and Sarah [Gor- 
don] Judkins); son of Jonathan of Rye, 
N. II. , b. at Hampton, N. IL, July 4. 
1729, d. at Epsom, N. H., signed the Asso- 
ciation Test 1776 (m. Elizabeth, dau. of 
John and Elizabeth [Scavcy] Jenncss, sou 
of Ilezekiah and Anne [Folsom] Jenncss. ■ 
son of Francis and Hannah Jennings); son 
of Jonathan, b. at Hampton, N. IL, Apr. 
5, 1703, d. Apr. 23, 1791, soldier in the 
French and Indian war (m. Feb. 10, 172S, 
Anna, dau. of Bonus and Mary [Goodhue] 
Norton, son of William and Lucy [Down- 
ing] Norton, son of William and Alice 
[Browst] Norton, son of William and 
Margerie [Ilawes] Norton, son of Richard 
and Margery [Wingar] Norton, son of 
John and Jane [Cowper] Norton, son of 
John Norton of Sharpenhow, Bedfordshire, 
Eng.); son of Joseph of Hampton, N. IL, 
b. there May 24, 1669, d. there Sep. 4, 
1757 (m. 1st, Dec. 14, 1693, Mehetable, 
dau. of John and Sarah [Colcord] Hobbs, 
and gr.-dau. of Maurice Hobbs and Ed- 
ward Colcord); son of Philip of Hamp- 
ton, N. II. , b. abt. 1616, d. at Hampton 
Dec. 19, 1696, came to Hampton prior to 
1640 (m. Nov. 19, 1657, Isabella Astyn or 
Austin, dau. of Francis and Isabella 
[Bland] Austin, and gr.-dau. of John and 
Joanna Bland of Edgartown). 

JjL of New Brunswick, N. J., b. at 
Cameron, N. Y., Feb. 16, 1870, Ph. B. 
A. K. E. Coll. frat., English master in the 
Rutgers Coll. Grammar Sch., member of 
the Holland Soc, is collecting materials 
for the van Allen genealogy ; son of Daniel 
I), of Dansville, N. Y., b. at Richford, N. 
Y., Jan. 7, 1834, M. A., principal of Cam- 
den, New York, High School, teacher in 
N. Y. state over 25 yrs. (m. June 2, 1868, 



Frances J , dau. of William and Sarali 
[Davis] Holland, of Scranton, Pcnn., and 
gr.-dau. of Philip Holland of Cloughjordan, 
Ireland, and gt.-gr. dau. of Philip Holland 
of same place) ; youngest son of John 
of Dansville, N.Y., b. at Pittstown, N.Y., 
May 11, 1796, d. at Dansville April 19, 
1883, soldier in the war of 1S12, early 
settler of Genesee Valley (m. June 2, 1S19, 
Mary, dau. of William M'Allaster of Paw- 
let, Vt., and 5th in desc. from the M'Allas- 
ters of Ayr) ; son of Elliauiicl llai'liian 
van Allen of Pittstown, N. Y., b. at Kin- 
derhook, N. Y., 1770, d. at Ridgway, N. 
Y., 1S24, one of the last slaveholders of N. 
Y. (m. Maitha Northrup and had seven 
children, four sons and three daughters, 
[one dau. Susan m. Judge Tappan of Or- 
leans co., a lieut. in the war of 1812] ) ; son 
of Pieter of Kinderhook, N. Y., b. at 
Bethlehem, N. Y., Nov. 5, 1749, d. 1S16 ; 
he and his brother Barent were officers in 
the Revolutionary war (m. Anna van Buren, 
a desc. of the old Kinderhook family and 
the aunt of Martin Van Buren, U. S. pres., 
and had three children, Emanuel, Henry 
and Elsa) ; son of l'ietcr of Bethlehem. 
N. Y., b. there April 10, 1702, d. there 
1749(111. 1st, 1727, Anna van Wie and "had 
two childien, William and Agnietje, m. 2d. 
1733, Anna win Benthuysen and had six 
sons and two daughters); son of WillClU 
of Albany, N. Y., b. there abt. 1670, d. at 
Bethlehem. N. Y., April 17, 1753, exten- 
sive trader with the Indians, owned several 
sloops plying between N. Y. and Albany, 
received large grants of land along the 
Hudson (111. Nov. 4, 1694, Marie, dau. of 
Nicholas Frederickse [b. in Holland 1641, 
d. at Albany Oct. 3, 172S], and Aeflie 
[Bradt] van Petten. and gr.-dau. of Arent 
and Catelyntje [De Vos] Bradt, who settled 
at Schenectady 1664, justice of the peace 
1690) ; son of L'ieter van Alen or Ilalen 
of Albany, N. Y., b. in the Netherlands, 
d. at Albany Jan., 1674, came from 
Utrecht 1O58, on the Gilded Beaver, re- 
ceived a patent for land at Kinderhook 
from Gov. Nicholls, June 26, 1668, which 
estate is still held by his desc. , a large trader 
with Indians, owned considerable property 
at Albany and along the Hudson river; 

during his absence in Holland, 1G62, his 
servant, Dirk Wessels Ten Broeck, was- 
steward of the estate, and the grant of 
power of attorney made by him is preserved 
in Colonial MSS. in the Capitol at Albany 
(m. Marie, b. 1648, dau. of Willem and 
Margaret [Doncheson] Teller; he, Willem, 
was b. in the Netherlands, d. at N. Y. city 
I70r, came to New York 1639, sent to 
Fort Orange by Gov. Kieft as corporal 
" wachtmeester " of the fort 1639-92, mer- 
chant at Albany 50 yrs., removed to N. Y. 
city 1092, one of the proprietors of Sche- 
nectady, but never resided there) ; son of 
LaiirCHS van Alen of Amsterdam, Hol- 
land, merchant. Name derived from Haelen 
or Ilaalen, a town in Belgian Limbourg. 
Branches of the family reside at N. Y. city, 
Kinderhook, Albany, and in Pa. Thecoat- 
of-arms borne by the family van Allen of 
Holland is blazoned : Gules, a chevron ar- 
gent ; Crest, two wings endorsed gules, 
each charged with as many chevrons ar- 

X of N. Y. city, b. at Fort Washington, 
N. Y. city, [an. 13, 1S70, educated at 
Brooklyn Polyt. Inst, and Coll. of the city 
of N. Y., clerk at the Mercantile Nat. 
Bank ; son of Richard Henry Greene of 
New York city, b. there June 12, 1839, 
A. B. Yale Coll. 1S62, A. M. 1S65, grad. 
Columbia Coll. LL. B. 1865, mustered 
capt. of Pierrepont R. N. Y. vols. 1S62, 
served in the N. Y. Seventh regt. 1S63, 
capt. P.M. and Post Adj. 69th N. Y. 1S64, 
pres. N. 2d St. R. R. Brooklyn and of the 
Brooklyn and Bush wick R. R. (m. June 
20, 1S67, Mary Gertrude, dau of Capt. Ed- 
win Beach Munson and Amelia C. [Sperry] 
Munson ami gr.-dau. of Wyllys and Caty 
[Ramsdell] Sperry and gt. -gr.-dau. of Dan- 
iel and Chloe [Ailing] Sperry, he, Edwin 
Beach Munson, was capt. of the 10th Ct. 
Vols, and gr.-son of Joseph Kirk Munson, 
a drummer boy in the Revolutionary war 
at age of 12, gt. -gr.-son of Daniel Munson, 

a grad. of Yale Coll. 172(1, gt 

rr.-son of 

Captain Theophilus Munson, a blacksmith 
and one of the wealthiest citizens of New 
Haven and a large contributor to Yale 



Coll., and descendant of Capt. Thomas 
Munson, one of the original settlers of 
New Haven, 1639); son of William Wehh 
Green of New York city, b. at East Had- 
datri, Ct., March 29, 1S07, ensign, lieut. 
and captain in the iothN. Y. militia, alder- 
man of Brooklyn 1853-5, trustee of Church 
of Pilgrims and Washington Heights Pres- 
byterian ch. (in. Aug. 10, 1S36, Sarah Ann, 
dau. of Col. William W. and Maria Caro- 
line [Duffle] Todd) ; son of Richard of 
East lladdam, Ct. , b. there March 10, 1765, 
d. there Feb. 8, 1S4S, captain in the militia 
1S12, prominent citizen, moderator of town 
meetings, selectman (m. May 1, 1S03, Sally, 
b. at Saybrook, Ct., July 9, 1779,(1. June 
5, 1S5S, dau. of William and Elizabeth 
[Hudson] Webb and gr.-dau. of Ebcnczer 
Webb, one of the associators of Southold, 
L. [., also of Richard, b. June 20, 1724 and 
Keturah [Goldsmith] Hudson, b. Jan. 29, 
1729) ; son of JftTllCS of East Haddam, Ct., 
b. at Barnstable, Mass., Sep. 17, 172S, d. 
at East lladdam March II, 1S09, large 
landholder, commanded a troop of the 2d 
Reg. Ct. Light Horse during the Revolu- 
tionary war, served at N. Y. 1776, at Sara- 
toga 1777, selectman, moderator of town 
meetings, postmaster (m. Feb. 13, 1754, 
Ruth, b. April 1, 1737, d. Nov. 27, 1S16, 
dau. of John, b. April 3, 1701, and Eliza- 
beth [Winslow] Marshall, b. 1697, and gr.- 
dau. of Lieut. Job Winslow) ; son of Wil- 
liam of Barnstable, Mass., d. fan. 28, 
I 75°> aged 70 (m. March 25, 1709, Desire, 
b. Mar. 15, 16S9, dau. of John Bacon, gr.- 
dau. of Hon. Nathaniel and Hannah 
[Mayo] Bacon, a desc. of William Bacon 
of Stretton, Eng.). 

NEWTON, BAXTER of Montague, 
Mass., b. at Cazenovia, N. Y., edu- 
cated in public schools and at the Oneida 
Conference Sem., ordained Baptist min- 
ister 1S43, preacher 47 yrs., pastor at North 
Leverett, Mass., 24 yrs. (m. 1st, July 28, 
1844, Susan M. Boutwell, m. 2d, March 25, 
1852, Mary L., dau. of Rev. Moses Curtis, 
and had four children, Edwin Baxter, 
William Stephen, Charles Seaverand Clar- 
ence Edson) ; son of Stephen of Cazeno- 
via, N. Y., b. at Southboro, Mass., June 

13, 1782, d. at Cazenovia July 17, 'i86j. 
an early settler of Cazenovia, an esteemed . 
citizen, and member of the Baptist ch. (in. 
Jan. 14, 1S07, Achsah, dau. of Samuel 
Smith of Montague, Mass., and had eight 
children); son of Paul of North Leverett, 
Mass., b. at Southboro, Mass., 1751, d. at 
North Leverett March 2, 1337, a soldier 
in the Revolutionary war, was in the siego 
of Boston (m. Jan. 23, 1776, Martha New- 
ton); son of Nathan of Southboro, Mass., 
b. there June 23, 1723 ; son of Jonathan, 
b. Sep. 30, 1679, d. 1753 (m. Oct. 2S, 170S, 
Bertha Rice); son of Moses, b. at Sud- 
bury Jan. 26, 1646, d. at Marlboro May 
2 3> J 73° (nti. 1st, Oct. 22, 1668, Joanna Lar- 
kin, m. 2d, April 14, 1714, Sarah Josliu); 
son of Richard of Sudbury, b. in Lng. 
1601, one of the original proprietors of 
Sudbury, made a freeman 1645, one of the 
petitioners for Marlboro. 

Boston, Mass., b. at Macao, China, 
May 1, 1S42, during residence of parents 
in China (m. Aug. 14, 1S66, Sophie Amelia, 
dau. of Samuel Myers and Sophia Ruth 
[Strecter] Hurlbert, and gr.-dau. of Rev. 
Sebastian Streeter, a prominent Universal- 
ist divine, widely known as Father 
Streeter); son of PI, Hip of Boston, Mass., 
b. at Swan Island, Me., Apr. 30, 1S04, lost 
at sea June 25, 1S61, stood at the head of 
his profession as a shipmaster, having 
been engaged in the China and East India 
trade from the date of his first command, 
when he was only 20 yrs. old (m. 1836, 
Margaretta Mary, dau. of Francis Deblois 
of Boston, Mass.); son of James of Swan 
Island, Me., bapt. at King's Chapel, 
Boston, Jan. 1, 1772, drowned in the Ken- 
nebec river Oct. 1, 1S26, officer in the Eng- 
lish navy, gr.-son of Rev. Sylvester Gardi- 
ner, first rector of Trinity Church, Boston 
(m. Oct. 17, 1797, Sarah, dau. of Ebenezer 
Farwell of Vassalboro, Me.); son of 
Philip of Nassau, New Providence, bapt. 
at Trinity Ch., Boston, Apr. 4, 1738, d. at 
Nassau, N. P., aide-de-camp to Lord Dun- 
more (m. Dec. 15, 1763, Rebecca, dau. of 
Dr. Sylvester Gardiner of Trinity Ch., 
Boston); son of Philip of Boston, Mass., 



b. on the Island of Jersey, came to Boston, 
owned ami was captain of the Young 
Eagle 30 guns (in. June 12, 1716, Susannah, 
dau. of Henry Ferry of Havrc-de-Grace); 
son of Elias of Island of Jersey, b. there 
1648, d. there 1731 (m. Frances, dau. of 
Sir Francis de Carteret, atty.-gen. of Jer- 
sey); desc.of Guillcof the Island of Jersey, 
b. 1360, living 1407, Lord of Lallaute, 
judge, delegate and lieut. of the Island of 

1 ton, Mass., b. at Randolph, Vt., Jan. 
22, 1S43, private co. H, 13th Vt. vols., 
grad. medicine Univ. Vt. 1865, author 
" Vt. Medical Register," adjunct prof, 
of anatomy Univ. of Vt., med. dept., 
prof, of anatomy at Coll. of Phys. and 
Surg. (m. Sep. 21, 1872, Mary Alice Hemis); 
son of Samuel White Thayer of Burling- 
ton, Vt., b. May 21, 1817, d. at Burlington 
Nov. 14, 1SS2, surgeon-general of Vt. dur- 
ing the war of the rebellion (m. Jan. 6, 
1841, Sarah Louisa Pratt, d. at Burling- 
ton, Vt., Apr. 2, iS(ji) ; son of Samuel 
White Tbayer of Thetford, Vt., b. Jan. 
26, 17S3, d. at Burlington Dec. 19, 1S63 
(m. Oct. 7, 1S13, Ruth Packard); son of 
Samuel White Thayer, b. June 4, 1757, 
d. Jan. 3, 1S16 (in. Esther French) ; son of 
Uriah d. Match 10, 1797 (m. Deborah 
Copeland); son of Shndrach of Braintree, 
Mass., b. April iS, 1701, d. Feb. 17, 17S3 
(m. Rachel White) ; son of Kplirailll of 
Braintree, Mass. (m. Miss Bass, dau. of 
Samuel Bass, who m. a dau. of John Al- 
den of the Mayflower). 

FENK1NS, HENRY T. of New York 
J city, 1). at Boston, Mass., Mar. 8, 1S16, 
merchant (m. Sep. 14, 1846, Sarah Eliza- 
beth, dau. of William C. Barstow, captain of 
one of the Black Ball line of packet ships 
to Liverpool, president of the East Boston 
Co., and had six children, Henry T., 
Emily M., Elizabeth F., Frances Lincoln, 
William G. and George Peabody); son of 
Gera of Boston, Mass., b. at Scituate, 
Mass., Nov. 2, 1770, d. at Boston Aug. 14, 
1S53, merchant (in. Dec, 1813, Rachel, b. 
at Hingham, Mass., Mar. 13, 1784, d. Feb. 

1, 1S64, dau. of Jacob Thaxter); son of 
(J C1M of Scituate, Mass., b. there 1740, 
farmer (m. 1766, Lillis, dau. of John and 
Leah Colman); son of Thomas, b. Mar. 5, 
1707(111. i740,Sarah Bailey); son of Edward, 
b. 1633 (m. 1705, Martha Damon); son of 
Thomas (m. 167S, Martha); son of Edward 
of Scituate, Mass., b. in Eng., came to 
Scituate 1646. 

\J of Charleston, S. C, b. there Feb. 4, 
1831, entered business life at age of 15, 
publisher and bookseller 1S50-60, man- 
ager Charleston Mercury 1860-1, capt. C. 
S. A. 1S61-5, agent of Baltimore, Phila. 
and N. Y. S.S. lines 1S66-8S, mayor of 
Charleston 1879-S7, trustee Peabody 
educational bd. 18S7, was mayor during 
the cyclone of 1SS5 and the earthquake of 
iS36; son of Edward S. of Charleston, S. 
C, b. there July 11, 1795, d. there Oct. 5, 
1S57, lawyer; son of Edward of Charles- 
ton, S. C, b. at Newry, Ireland, Sep. 9, 
1770, d. at Savannah, Ga., Aug. 4, 1S07; 
son of Edward of Newry, Ireland (m. 
Miss Carlile, and had two sons, Edward 
and John, who came to America 1791, Ed- 
ward settled at Charleston, John at Savan- 
nah, Ga.). 

of Auburn, N. Y., b. there Dec. 30, 
1S44, grad. Union Coll. 1S68, civil engi- 
neer, supt. and treas. Auburn Gas Light 
Co. 1S6S-91, pies. Auburn Mfg. Co. 
1890-1, farmer, real estate dealer (m. Mar. 
22, 1871, Alice J., dau. of Charles B. 
Hutchinson of Auburn); son of Henry 
Silas Dunning of Auburn, N. Y., b. at 
Aurelius, near Auburn, N. Y., Sep. 6, 
1816, d. at Auburn Apr. 22, 1871, farmer, 
justice of the peace, supt. and treas. Au- 
burn Gas Light Co. 1S64-S (m. Oct. 7, 
1S40, Jane, dau. of Joseph Wadsworth 
of Auburn, N. Y., fanner, scythe manfr.); 
son of Ira of Auburn, N. Y., b. at Salem, 
N. Y., Mar. 23, 1789, d. at Auburn Sep. 
25, 1S41, farmer and manufacturer (m. 
Apr. 2, 1S09, Susannah, dau. of Henry 
Montgomery, who came from Vt. to N. Y., 
and settled at Aurelius 1796); son of Silas 



of Aurelius, N. Y., h. at Brookfield, Ct., 

May 6, 1755, d. at Aurelius Sep. 25, 1S30, 
fanner, moved from Brookfield to Salein, 
N. Y., 17S4, from Salem to Amelias 1796 
(m. Jcrusba, 1.. May 14, 1762, d. July 5, 
1814, dau. of EntOS Uristol of Newtown, 
Ct.); sou of David of Newtown, Ct., b. at 
Bridgeport, Ct., Sep. 6, 1711, d. at Brook- 
field, Ct., 17S3 (m. 173S, Hannah, dau. of 
John ami Abigail [Allen] Sheppard, and 
gr.-dau. of Gideon Allen, and had ten 
children); son of JJenjaillill of Newtown, 
Ct., b. at Jamaica, L. I., abt. 1GS0, d. at 
Newtown 1730, scrgl. in the militia; son of 
Benjamin of Jamaica, L. I., supposed to 
have come from Devonshire, England). 

BOVNTON, EVERETT of Swampscott, 
Mass., b. at Peppercll, Mass., July 
12, 1S22, grad. at Dartmouth Coll. A. B. 
1845, teacher many yrs., A. M. Dart. Coll., 
soldier in Civil war, justice, counselor (in. 
May 5, 1S47, Sarah Cleveland Cune, gr.- 
dau. of Frederic Cleveland, and 7th in 
desc. from Moses Cleveland who came to 
America fiom Eng. abt. 1035); son of Eli 
of Pepperell, Mass., b. there May 24, 
1780, d. there Aug. 7, 1S56, farmer, car- 
penter, leader in martial music, member 
of Congl. eh. (m. Dec. 17, 1809, Mary 
McDonald, d. at age of 101 yrs. 7 mo. 
4 da., was a desc. from the Donalds of 
Scotland of the nth century); son of 
Abi.jali of Pepperell, Mass., b. at West- 
ford, Mass., 1740, d. at Pepperell 1821, 
farmer, carpenter, captain in the militia 
(m. Sarah Chamberlain); son of Nathaniel 
(m. Hannah Perham); son of Joseph : son 
of John who came from Yorkshire, Eng., 
to Rowley, Mass., about 1639. 

WIN of Kendal Green, Weston, 
Mass., b. at Boston, Mass., Aug. 8, 1S1S, 
merchant and planter at Hawaiian islands 
1S3S-5S, II. II. M. envoyex., minister plcn. 
to Eng. 1S43, chairman of committee on 
education in Hawaiian Parliament 1850-3, 
rep. to Ms. Legislature 1S62, paymaster-gen. 
of Mass. 1S64-5, treas. Hampton Inst. 
1870-84, in charge of Negro and Indian 
educational work of Amur. Unitarian 

Assoc. 18S6-S (m. Oct. 4, 1848, Martha, $, 
Nov. 28, 1S24, dau. of John and Elba, . 
Johnson of Charlestown, Mass.) ; son of 
Thomas of Charlestown, Mass., b. at 
Boston fan. iS, 17S1, d. at Westborougli, 
Mass., Sep. 12, 1S6S, merchant, cashier of 
Bunker Hill Bank 31 yrs., first treas. of 
Warren Inst, for Savings 12 yrs. (m. Sep. 
14, 1S13, Sophia, dau. of Samuel Kendal, 
D. D., and gr.-dau. of Rev. Samuel Wood- 
ward, gt.-gt.-gr.-dau. of Rev. John Wil- 
liams of Deeriicld, who was taken captive 
by the Indians Feb. 29, 1704, and descen- 
ded in a direct unbroken ministerial line 
from Rev. John Warham and Rev. Richard 
Mather who came from Eng. to avoid re- 
ligious persecution 1630 ; Thomas anJ 
Sophia Marshall had eleven children, So- 
phia K., b. June 7, 1S14, T. Harris, b. 
July 5, 1S15, Elizabeth B., b. April 4, 1817, 
James F. B., b. Aug. 8, ioiS, Sarah W., 
b. Oct. 29, 1 3 19, Abby M., b. March iS, 
1S21, Martha P., b. Dec. 3, 1822, Charles 
F., b. Oct. 4, 1827, Sarah F., b. Jan. 1, 
1S29, and Jane Maria and Maria Jane, b. 
July 6, 1S30) ; son of Christopher of Bos- 
ton, Mass., b. there March 20, 1743, d. 
there Oct. 23, 1S04, capt. in 10th regt. 
Mass. troops during the Revolutionary 
war, member of the Ancient and Hon- 
orable Artillery co. 1765 (m. Sep. 23, 1766, 
Rachel, dau. of John and Ann Harris and 
had four children, Elizabeth, b. Nov. 30, 
176S, Margaret, b. April 4, 1774, Thomas, b. 
Jan. iS, 1781, and Ann Harris, b. April 
27.1785); son of Christopher of Boston, 
Mass., b. there May 22, 1G95, d. at Louis- 
burg 1746, captain in II. B. M. service, 
commanding a company in the expedition 
against Louisburg 1745, at the siege of 
which he died, member of the Ancient and 
Honorable Artillery company, 1724 (m. 
Nov. 29, 1716, Elizabeth Wheeler and had 
ten children, Monias T., b. Aug. 6, 1721, 
Elizabeth, b. Aug. 6, 1721, Christopher, b. 
Sep. 19, 1725, Christopher, b. Dec. 1, 172S, 
Elizabeth, b. July 1, 1731, Mary, b. Dec. 
16, 1733, Amy, b. Feb. 15, 173^, Dorcas, b. 
Feb. 26, 173S, Ann, b. Jan. 27, 1740, and 
Christopher, b. March 20, 1743); son of 
Thomas of Boston, Mass., b. there May I, 
1656, d. there Oct. S, 1719, cooper (in. 



Dorcas and had seven children, Thomas, 
b. Aug. 3, 16S9, John, b. Dec. 27, 1690, 
Dorcas, b. May 17, 1694, Christopher, b. 
May 22, 1695, Antipas, b. May 3, 1699, 
Hannah, b. Sep. 5, 1701, and Joseph, b. 
fune 19, 1703); son of John of Boston, 
Mass., b. in Eng. 1621, d. at Boston 
March 10, 1715, came to America Sep. 11, 
1635, on the ship Hopewell from London, 
supposed to be a desc. of John Marshall 
of Southwark, Eng. - , whose son John 
founded Christ Ch. at Southwark, and to 
whom a coat-of-arms was given by Wil- 
liam Camden (m. 1645, Sarah, d. Sep. 2S, 
16S9, aged 66, and had eight children, 
John, b. Dec. 10, 1645, Joseph, Samuel, 
Sarah, Hannah, Thomas, b. May n, 1656, 
Benjamin, b. Feb. iS, 1060, and Christo- 
pher, b. Aug. iS, 1664). 

PAUL, BELA of Windsor, Vt., b. at 
Taunton, Mass., Aug. 21, 1792, d. at 
Windsor Apr. 7, 1S63, shoemaker, busi- 
ness at Chester, Vt., very intelligent (m. 
Nov. 20, 1817, Mary, b. July 7, 1796, dau. 
of Eliphalet and Elizabeth [Stiles] Briggs, 
gt.-gr.-dau. of Eliphalet Briggs, member of 
the Committee of Safety 1776, also of 
Jeremiah Stiles, commander of a company 
at Hunker Hill 1S00; Mai)' and Bela Paul 
had dau. Mary Stiles Paul of Lynn, Mass., 
b. at Hanover, N. 11., Jan. 26, rS3o, author 
of the Genealogy of Mass. and Dover, N. 
11., "Family of Stiles," also of the 
" Strowbridge and Morrison Genealogy" 
(m. Oct. 7, 1S57, Isaac Orr Guild, son of 
Isaac and Betsey [Tracy] Guild, monument 
builder); son of Jeremiah of Taunton, 
Mass., and Woodstock, Vt., b. at Taunton 
Dec. 18, 1766, d. at Woodstock May 19, 
1S44, tanner, shoemaker, farmer, deacon 
of the Congl. ch., captain of a company 
during Shay's Rebellion (m. Jane, b. May 
13, 1768, dau. of William Strowbridge, gr.- 
dau. of William and Margaret [Henry] 
Strowbridge, Scotch-Irish settlers of Mid- 
dleborough, Mass., abt. 1719); son of Selh 
of Taunton, Mass., b. at Berkeley, Mass., 
Oct. 1, 1741, d. at Barnard Aug. 21, 1825 
(in. Dec. S, 1765, Freelove, b. at Berkeley 
May 30, 1747, d. Feb. 14, 1S16, dau. of 
Samuel and Freelove [Andrews] French, 

sister of Hon. Samuel French of Berkeley); 
son of Benjamin of Berkeley, Mass., b. 
there Aug. 7, 1705, d. there Jan. 25, 17S9, 
school teacher (m. Anne Staples, d. Nov. 
2, 177S, aged 72 yrs., and had eleven chil- 
dren); son of Benjamin of Berkeley, 
Mass., b. at Taunton 16S1, d. at Berkeley 
Jan. 12, 1757 (m. Ruth, d. Jan. 24, 1776, 
aged 93 years and had eight children); son 
of William of Taunton, Mass., d. there 
Nov. 9, 1704, one of the first settlers of 
Taunton, came to America 1635 (m. Mary, 
d. Oct. 3, 1715, dan. of John Richmond, 
and had six children). 

VT Syracuse, N. Y., b. at Hyde Park, 
now Scranton, Pa., Oct. 8, 1S44, served in 
Union army 1S63, identified with coal and 
R. R. interest in the Lackawanna Valley, 
Pa., since 1S63, served in the Select and 
Common Councils of Scranton 5 yrs., pres. 
of Select Council I yr. , member of the Bd. 
of health 2 yrs., removed to Syracuse July 
1, 1890 (m. Oct. 21, 1869, Emma Christy, 
dau. of Joseph J. and Susan II. [Bartow] 
Posten, and had three children, Annie Pos- 
ten, Joseph Douglas and Albert Henry); 
son of Noi'Val Douglas Greene of Wav- 
erly, Pa., b. at Sherburne, N. Y., Sep. I, 
1S0S, business man widely known in N. 
E. Pa., postmaster, justice of the peace 
(ni. Oct. 2, 1843, Charlotte, dau. of Capt. 
Albert Felts, b. in Germany); son of Henry 
of Factoryville, Pa., b. in R. I. Jan. 6, 
1788, d. at Factoryville Nov. 2S, 1S25, re- 
moved with his father when abt. ten yrs. 
old from R. I. to Saratoga co., N. Y., and 
from there to Sherburne, was educated 
here and studied medicine with Dr. Asa 
White, grad. from Medical Coll. of Fair- 
field, N. Y., surgeon's assistant in War of 
1812, moved to Factoryville 1S14 (m. Feb. 
19, 1806, Almira [Rice] Gardner, dau. of 
Samuel Rice and widow of Mr. Gardner); 
son of Benjamin of Benton, Pa., b. at 
Exeter, R. I., Aug. 13, 1764, d. at Benton 
Apr. 22, 1S55, came to Saratoga co., N. Y., 
179S, removed to Sherburne and from there 
to Pa. 1814, farmer, prominent citizen (m. 
1787, Joanna, dau. of Robert and Eunice 
[Waite] Reynolds, desc. from William Rey- 



nolds of Prov.. R. I., 1037); son of Benja- 
min of West Greenwich, R. I., b. Jul)' 17, 
1729, at E. Greenwich, R. I. (m. Sept. 21, 
1752, Mehitable, dau. of Job and Sarah 
Tripp, desc. from John Tripp, Ports- 
mouth, R. I., 163S); son of Henry of 
East Greenwich, R. E, b. at Kingston, R. 
E, d. at West Greenwich Feb. 21, 1752 
(m. May 15, 1724, Margaret, dau. of Joseph 
and Mary [Masber] Rathbone, and a desc. 
of John Rathbone of New Shoreham, R. E, 
1661); son of Benjamin of Kingstown and 
East Greenwich, R. E, d. at East Green- 
wich 1719, deputy to Gen. Assembly, 
assessor (m. Humility, dau. of Joshua Cog- 
geshall, the first pres. of the R. E Colony 
and a desc. of John Coggeshall of Essex 
co., Eng., and Newport, R. E); son of 
John of Kingston, R. E, b. prob. in Eng., 
was in R. E 1639 (m. Joan). 

land, Me., b. there July 4, 1833, grad. 
Brown Univ. 1S54, anpd. aid U. S. Coast 
Survey Oct. I, 1855. Served during the 
late war as follows: With the Port Royal 
Squadron in 1861. On the Fortifications 
of Washington City in 1S62. With the 8th 
Army Corps in Maryland in 1863. With 
the Cavalry Corps, Army of the Cumber- 
land, as Capt. and A. D. C. in 1SC4, and 
on the stall" of Maj.-Gen. Geo. IE Thomas, 
Commanding Dept. of the Cumberland in 
1SO5, as Major and Topi. Engr. Present 
service (1891) as Engr. Chickamauga Mili- 
tary Park and also in charge of the triangu- 
lation, "North Eastern Boundary'' be- 
tween Maine and New Brunswick. Mem- 
ber of the Military Order of the Loyal 
Legion, United States: of the Grand Army 
of the Republic: of the Society Sons of 
the American Revolution, etc. (m. Sep. I, 
1858, Annette Maria, dau. of Col. Green- 
leaf Dearborn, U. S. A., and gt.-gr.-dau. of 
Maj.-Gen. Henry Dearborn, commander- 
in-chief of the army during the War of 
1812, sec. of war during Pres. Jefferson's 
administration); son of William of Port- 
land, Me., b. there Dec. 16, 1800, d. there 
May 10, 1875, grad. Harvard Univ. and 
Law Sch., lawyer, held many public offices 
(m. Sep. 10, 1S32, Susan Dayton, dau. of 

Charles and Hannah Rolf [Dayton] Ilautxl 
and gr.-dau. of Gen. Elias Dayton of the 
Revolutionary army, pres. of N. J. Sue. o( 
Cincinnati, he Charles Harrod was A. I). 
C. to General Jackson at the battle ol 
New Orleans); son of Robert of Portland, 
Me., b. at Newburyport, Mass., Oct. 6, 
175S, d. at Portland Jan. 18, 1S27, mer- 
chant, shipowner, eldest brother of (nn. 
John P. Boyd, U. S. A., who was col. of 
the 4th Inf., commanded the Regulars at 
Tippecanoe, also a brigade under Gen, 
Dearborn in the campaign on the Lakes 
1S12-14, was several yrs. in India when 
he commanded large armies of native 
troops (m. 1st, 1791, Ruth Smith, d. Any. 
10, 1805, m. 2d, Hannah, dau. of Judge 
Benjamin Greenleaf of Newburyport, Mass., 
gt.-gr.-dau. of Rev. Charles Chauncy, 2d 
pres. Harvard Coll., she d. at Portland, 
Me., Jan. 21, 1S46); son of Janiesof New. 
buryport, Mass., b. at Kilmarnock, Scot- 
land, May 3, 1732, d. at Boston, Mass., 
Sep. 30, 179S, came to America 1756 with 
a grant from King George II of several 
thousand acres of land at St. Andrews, 
New Brunswick, this parchment with 
seal of George II is still in the family, 
these lands were confiscated during the 
Revolutionary war, built Kilmarnock 
House at St. Andrews, where he resided 
in the summer and at Newburyport in 
the winter (m. Aug. n, 1757, Susanna 
Coffin, b. Sep. 6, 1735, a direct desc. of 
Tristram Coffin of Devin, Eng., who came 
to New England 1642 and settled at Nan- 
tucket 1660); son of KolKTt of Kilmarnock, 
Scotland, b. there 1089, d. there 1762, 
younger brother of William 10th Lord 
Boyd, Earl of Kilmarnock (m. Oct. 25, 
1714, Margaret Thompson); son of Wil- 
liam 9th Lord Boyd, Earl of Kilmar- 
nock, Scotland, b. there, d. there 1692, 
direct descendant from the kings of Scot- 
land, through Lord Robert Boyd who was 
regent of Scotland during the minority of 
James III, his son, Lord Thomas, m. the 
Princess Mary Stuart, dau of James II (m. 
Apr. 25, 1661, Lady Jane Cunningham, 
dau. of Earl of Glencairn). See Brown- 
ing's Americans of Royal Descent, Phila- 
delphia, 1SS3. 



A field, Mass., b. there Mar. 13, 1S4S 
(m. May 30, 1S7S, E. Jennie Strong); son of 
David A. of Springfield, Mass., b. at 
Mansfield Centre, Ct., Feb. 6, 1S07 (in. 
Dec. 3, 1S34, Harriet, b. at Wethersfield, 
Ct., Oct. 17, 1S12, dan. of Fail, b. Apr. 8, 
17S4, d. June 14, 1S69, and Laura [Ripley] 
Swift and gr.-dau. of Bazilla Swift and 
Ralph Ripley, he, Ralph, was the son of 
Joshua, son of Joshua, b. Oct. 30, 1726, 
son of Joshua, b. May 13, 16S8 and Han- 
nah [Bradford] Ripley and gr.-son of Gov. 
Wm. Bradford); son of Jal)CZ of Mans- 
field Centre, Ct., b. at Lisbon, Ct., Aug. 
25, 176S, d. at Mansfield Centre May 24, 
1S4S (m. 1st, Lucy Swift, b. Aug. 27, 1772, 
d. Jan. 11, iSi4, m. 2d, Apr. 12, 1825, 
Lucy Ensworth); son of Phi liens of Lis- 
bon, Ct., b. there, d. there, farmer. 

ford, Mass., b. there Jan. 19, 1S52, 
graduate Brown University 1 S73, graduate 
Boston University Law School 1S75, mem- 
ber of the Legislature 1S90-1, lawyer, 
author of " Manuals on Wills and Corpo- 
rations," "The Monroe Doctrine," "A 
Quaker Home," and author with John M. 
Gould, of "Notes on the U. S. Revised 
Statutes; " son of Charles Itussscll Tucker 
of New Bedford, Mass., b. at Dartmouth, 
Mass., Mar. 5, 1S09, d. at New Bedford 
Dec. 21, 1S76, prominent merchant, lead- 
ing member of the Soc. of Friends (m. Sep. 
J 9. J S33, Dorcas, dau. of John and Lydia 
[Earle] Fry of Bolton, Mass.); son of Beil- 
jamiii of Dartmouth, Mass., b. there Sep. 
15, 17S1, d. there Dec. 19, 1861, one of the 
leading residents of the town, widely 
known and esteemed, owner of large inter- 
ests in real estate, a prominent member of 
the Society of Friends (m. Oct. 11, 1S02, 
Lucretia, dau. of Elijah and Hannah 
[Brayton] Russell); son of John of Dart- 
mouth, Mass., b. there Feb. 14, 1731-2, d. 
there Mar. 12, 1S20, highly esteemed citi- 
zen and prominent member of the Soc. of 
Friends (in. Oct. 25, 1769, Rhoda, dau. of 
Benjamin and Rhoda [Rogers] Wing); son 
of Joseph of Dartmouth, Mass., b. there 
Nov. 7, 1696, d. there May 21, 1790, es- 

teemed member of the community, and of 
the Society of Friends (in. Dec. 22, 1720, 
Mary, dau. of Nicholas and Hannah 
[Woodman] Ilowland); son of John of 
Dartmouth, Mass., I). Aug. 28, 1656, d. at 
Dartmouth Sep. 2, 1751, a minister and 
very influential member of the Soc. of 
Friends for 50 yrs., served as clerk and 
keeper of the records of the meeting, large 
land proprietor (m. Apr. 25, 1688,'Ruth, 
dau. of Emanuel and Elizabeth Woolley); 
son of HiMiry of Dartmouth, Mass., b. 
1619, d. at Dartmouth Apr. 21, 1694, pur- 
chased lands at Dartmouth 1669 from 
William Allen (111. Jan. 9, 1651, Martha). 

-L'J- Gloucester, Mass., b. Sep. 9, 1S53, 
editorial writer, printer, councilman at 
Gloucester 18S6-7 (in. Mar. 6, 1S79, Char- 
lotte Estelle, dau. of Samuel and Mary 
Potter [Brown] Lufkin, a desc. of Moses 
Lufkin, a drummer in the Revolutionary 
war); son of George of Gloucester, Mass., 
b. Aug. 3, 1S2S, master mariner, seine 
manufacturer, an expert in fishery mat- 
ters, councilman of Gloucester 1SS5-7 (m- 
Mar. 6, 1S51, Mary, dau. of Robert and 
Mary [Parsons] Douglass); son of George, 
b. Aug. 11, 1S07, fisherman, violinist (m . 
Nov. iS, 1S26, Lucy, dau. of John and 
Betsey [Bray] Norwood, and had thirteen 
children); son of Epos, b. Oct. 21, 17S0, 
d. 1S59, fisherman, master mariner and 
outfitter, member of the Coast Guard dur- 
ing the War of 1S12, captured by the Eng- 
lish privateer Roily, but was released, cap- 
tain in the militia, held several minor town 
offices, prominent in school alfairs (m. 
Dec. 1, 1S03, Sally, dau. of William 
Thomas); son of William, b. Sep. 6, 1751, 
d. abt. 1S03, lieut. in the Revolutionary 
war (111. Dec. 23, 1777, Hannah, dau. of 
Moses and Susanna [Norwood] Wheeler, 
a desc. of Judge Norwood of Essex co., 
Eng., whose large estate was confiscated 
by Charles II 1660); son of Daniel, b. 
Nov. iS, 1721, owned slaves at Gloucester 
1755, fisherman, farmer (m. Nov. 19, 1744, 
Hannah, dau. of Nathan and Hannah 
[Giddings] Woodbury, a desc. of John 
I Woodbury, who came from Somersetshire, 

i 7 6 


Eng., and was one of the first English set- 
tlers of Cape Ann); son of Jabez, d. abt. 
1773, fisherman, farmer, granted two pieces 
of land by the commoners of Cape Ann 
1722-3, supposed to be a desc. of William 
of Watertqwn 1639, or John of Braintree 
1638-9(111. Jan. 12, 1721, Mary, prob. dan. 
of John and Sarah [Robinson) Hutman, a 
desc. of Rev. John Robinson, of the New 
Eng. Pilgrims of Plymouth 1620). 

T Saco, Me., b. at South Berwick, Me., 
Aug. 14, 1815 (m. Sep. 23, 183S, Prudence 
Aiken Nourse, dan. of Benjamin and Mary 
[Goodale] Nourse, a desc. of Rebecca 
Nourse, who suffered in the Salem witch- 
craft delusion July 19, 1692, and had five 
children: George L., Caroline 11., Benja- 
min N., Walter T. and Alfred M.); son of 
EllOCll of Saco, Me., b. at Oakham, Mass., 
Nov. to, 17S4, d. at Saco Mar. 4, 1874 (m. 
Jul}' 19, 1S14, Lucy, dau. of Stephen and 
Lydia [Foster] Lincoln); son of David of 
Oakham, Mass., b. Sep. 13, 1749, d. at 
Oakham Feb. 7, 1S33 (m. Apr. 8, 1772, 
Dorothy, dau. of Ezekiel and Dorothy 
Newton); son of Edward, b. May 23, 1715, 
d. 1756(111. 173S-9, Sarah Temple); son of 

Benjamin, b. July 4, 16S7, d. 1754 (m. 

Hannah); son of Zai'lia I'iilli, b. at Salem, 
Mass., May 31, 1639-40 (m. June 30, 1666, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Edward and Mary 
Beacham of Salem); son of Robert, b. 
1604, emigrated from Ipswich, Eng., Apr., 
1634, on the ship Elizabeth (m. Catha- 

ginia City, Mont., b. at Ilarperstield, 
N. Y., June 25, 1847, civil engineer, came 
to Mont. 1S70, banker, mayor of Va. City 
2 yrs., chairman of Rep. Cen. Com. 8 yrs. 
(m. Nov. 28, 187S, Mary, dau. of Rev. 
Henry Hedges Prout and Maria [Wickes] 
Prout and gr.-dau. of David Z. Wickes, 
6th in [desc. from Timothy Prout who 
was b. in England 1620, came to Mass. 
1 06 1, and from Thomas Weekes of Hun- 
tington, L. I., b. in Eng. 1612, came to 
Watertown, Mass., 1635, and had three 
children, Minerva M., b. Aug. 31, 1879, 

Henry Phincas, b. Jan. 8, 1881, and lj. 
man Hakes, b. Feb. 15, 1SS5), and brother!, 
Lyman Hakes Bennett of Wilkes Banc. 
Pa., attorney at law, and Isaac Bennett ol 
York, Pa., merchant; sons of i'ililtl'iH 
Lomisbcrry Bennett of York, Pa., b. .it 
Harperslield, N. V., Feb. 15, 1S06, f.irmci. 
school teacher, school trustee and supenn- 
tendent, supervisor, removed from New 
York to York, Pa., iSS6(m. Dec. 23,1840, 
Minerva, b. Mar. 14, 1S1S, dau. of Lyman 
Hakes, judge of courts in Delaware co., N. 
Y., son of George S., son of George , son ol 
Solomon and Anna [Billings] Hakes o( 
Stonington, Ct.); son of Isaac of Harpers- 
field, N. Y.,b. at Stanford, N. Y., June 22. 
17S0, d. at Harperslield Mar. 30, l8li. 
farmer, Quaker (m. Mar. 6, 1S03J Anna, 
dau. of Simeon and Miriam Losee ui 
Dutchess, N. Y., and gr.-dau. of Nathaniel 
Carpenter, 4th in desc. from William 
pentcr, who came to America and settled 
at Prov., R. 1., 1636); son of Allien, b. ai 
Rhode Island Apr. 24, 1754, d. at sea abt. 
17S4, sea captain, commanded a whaling 
vessel (m. 1776, Elizabeth Vail). 

city, b. near Somerville, N. J., May S, 
1777, d. at New York Sep. 14, 1864, came to 

New York city 17S9, leading merchant, pros. 
Greenwich Savings Bank of N. Y., trustee 
Rutgers Coll., N. J., the Van Nest Hall on 
Coll. campus was named after him because 
of his labors for the coll. and his liberal 
gifts; active in the councils of the Dutch 
Reformed chinch, elder in the Collegiate 
church; purchased for his residence 1819. 
the mansion erected by Sir Peter Warren 
1740 (m. April 5, 1800, Margaret, b. Feb. 
II, 17S2, d. Aug. S, 1S49, eldest dau. of 
John and Phoebe [Brokawj Field, and had 
eleven children, Phcebe [m. 1st, George 
Van Nest, 2d, Rev. Eli Baldwin], George, 
Catharine, Mary Jane [m. Rev. Gtistavus 
Abeel, D. D.], Catharine, Ann [m. John 
Schernierhorn Bussing], John [m. Eliza- 
beth Jancway], Abraham, Margaret Jo- 
anna [m. W. T. Wallis], Caroline Eliza- 
both and William Milledoler] ); son of 
UeOTge of Somerville, N. J., b. there 
Aug. 27, 1736, d. there Nov. 2, 1821, 



farmer, generally known as "Prince 
George" on account of his hospitality (m. 
Dec. 23, 1762, Catharine Williamson, b. 
Feb. 4, 1740, d. Jan. 21, 1S10, and had 
nine children, Peter, b. Nov. 16, 1763, 
Tiny, William, John, Rynier, b. Oct. 12, 
1771, George, Abraham, b. May 8, 1777, 
Jacob and Jane) ; son of l'etei* of Somer- 
ville, N. J., b. 1700, d. Oct., 1795 (m. 1st, 
Miss Beekman, in. 2d, Margaret Jeromison, 
d. 1771, and had three children, George, b. 
Aug. 27, 1736, John and Rynier); son of 
George of Raritan or Somerville, N. J., b. 
1660 (m. Miss Van Angelen and had only 
one surviving child, [Peter, b. 1700); the 
Van Nest family came from Holland 1647, 
settled on Long Island, removed to New 
Jersey 1GS3, they were the first Europeans 
to settle in Somerset co., N.J., their family 
Bible was printed at Leyden 1645. 

PEItLEY, M. VAN B. of Ipswich, Mass., 
b. there, farmer and butcher till age 
olf 20, began study at Topsfield Acad., 
grad. Dartmouth Coll. 1863, dry goods 
merchant and commercial traveler 15 yrs., 
school teacher 11 yrs., teaching now at 
Topsfield (m. 1st, March 6, 1S60, Lydia M. 
Pearson, in. 2d, May 4, 1881, Laura E. 
Pearson, daughters of Isaac and John 
Pearson, desc. of John Pearson, the first 
clothier in America, owner of a fulling 
mill at Byfield) ; son of SililS of Ipswich, 
Mass., b. there Oct. 24, 1S00, d. there 
Aug. 28, 1S61, shoe manufacturer, was 
noted for his business qualifications and 
excellent judgment (m. April 11, 1S32, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Jacob Perley) ; son of 
John of Ipswich, b. Feb. 6, 176S, d. there 
Aug. 20, 185S, farmer (m.ini7o-, Mehita- 
ble, b. at Topsfield Apr. 3, 1775, drowned 
at Ipswich Nov. 20, 1S36, dau. of Jacob 
and Joanna [Rhodes] Dwinnells); youngest 
son of Allen of Ipswich, Mass., b. there 
May 9, 1718, d. there Oct. 14, 1804, farmer 
(m. Nov. 10, 1757, Martha, b. Nov. 1, 1738, 
d. Sep. 3, 1819, dau. of John and Mercy 
[Howe] Fowler); eldest son of Stephen 
of Ipswich, Mass., b. there June 15, 1684, 
d. there Sep. 4, 1724, farmer (m. Dec. 19, 
1714, his cousin, Hannah, b. at Newbury 
Mar. 10, 1683, dau. of Benjamin and Martha 


[Perley] Coker); only son of Timothy of 
Ipswich, Mass., b. there 1653, d. there Jan. 

25, 1718-9, farmer (m. Deborah ); 

youngest son of Allan of Ipswich, Mass., 
b. in England in 1608, d. in 1675, came to 
America in 1630, planter (m. Susannah 
Bokeson, b. in England, d. at Ipswich, 
Mass., in 169-). 

Cambridge, Mass., b. Upper Darby, 
Pa., Apr. 13, 1S44, grad. Haverford Coll. 
1S60, Harvard Coll. 1S63, LL. D. Haver- 
ford, 188S, dean of Harvard Coll., 1SS2-91, 
prof, of Latin at Harvard Coll. since 1883 
(m. Aug. 25, 1S70, Emma Gertrude, dau. 
of Dr. John Hoskins Griscom, and gr.-dau. 
of Rembrandt Peale, the artist); son of 
George of Upper Darby, Pa., b. Haverford 
Feb. 12, 1S04, d. Up. Darby Mar. 10, 1SS2, 
grad. Univ. of Pa. M. D. 1826, senator 
1832-6, associate judge of Court of Com- 

1 mon Pleas 1S36-57, 1S61-6, historian (m. 

! Feb. 26, 1829, Mary, b. 180S, dau. of Abra- 
ham, b. 1759, d. 1826, and Rebecca [Law- 

I rence] Lewis, b. 1766, d. 1S29; he, Abra- 

I ham, was son of Abraham, d. 1776, son of 
Abraham, son of Ralph, d. 1710, emigrated 
from Ulan, Wales, 16S3; she, Rebecca, was 
the dau. of Henry, son of Henry, son of 
David, d. 1699, emigrated from Penches- 
ton, Wales 1683, with his wife Eleanor, 
and her father, Thomas Ellis, an eminent 
minister of the Society of Friends); son 
of Benjamin Hayes Smith of Haver- 
ford, Pa., b. there August 11, 1765, d. 
there Apr. 26, 1S06, pupil, and afterward 
teacher, in father's school, private sec. for 
Wm. Hamilton, moved to Haverford 1793, 
farmer, surveyor, justice of the peace, rep. 
Delaware co. in Legislature 1801-4 (m. 
1801, Margaret, b. 1774, d. 1S50, dau. 
of George, b. 1743, d. 1S05, and Mary 
[Curry] Dunn, b. 1757, d. 1S21, and gr.- 
dau. of Robert, b. 170S, d. 174S, and Mar- 
garet [Alexander] Dunn, b. 1713, d. 1798, 
also of Archibald and Agnes [Shannon] 
Curry); son of George of Phila., Pa., b. 
at Ilkley, Eng., prob. 1732, teacher at 
Phila., member of the Soc. of Friends (m. 
June 8, 1764, Eliz., b. 173S, d. 1767, dau. 
Benjamin, b. 1710, d. 1763, and Mary 

: 7 8 


[Jones] Hayes, d. 1792; he, Benjamin, was 
the son of Richard, d. 1738, and Elizabeth 
[Lewis] Hayes, d. 1743, and grandson of 
Richard, d. 1697, and Issatt Hayes of 
Ilmiston, Wales, settled at Haverford, 
Pa., 1687, and of Henry, d. 16SS, and 
Margaret Lewis, who emigrated from Nar- 
berth, Wales, in 16S2; she, Mary [Jones] 
Hayes, was dau. of Jonathan, b. 16S0, d. 
1770, and Gainer [Owen] Jones, b. 16S1, 
gr.-dau. of Edward and Mary Jones, who 
emigrated from Wales 1682 and of Robert, 
d. 1697 and Rebecca Owen who came from 
Tyddyn y Garreg, Wales, in 1690); son of 
Thomas of Ilkley, Eng., b. there, d. 
there, weaver; son of Thomas of Ilkley, 
Eng., b. there, d. there 1728, weaver; son 
of Thomas, b. 1626, d. 1701; son of Peter 
Smyth, b. 1600; son of Thomas, d. at Ilk- 
ley, Eng., 1617. 

CUMMINGS, ROYAL of White River 
Junction, Vt., b. at Newport, Vt., 
May 1, 1838, printer, newspaper publisher 
(m. May 1, 1862, Sarah Augusta, dau. of 
Augustus Sanborn); son of Russell of 
Newport, Vt., b. Mar. 10, iSog, f d. at New- 
port July 19, 1S71, farmer, carpenter (m. 
Oct. 30, 1836, Lucy Sherburne Wood); son 
of Cyrus of Newport, Vt., b. in N. H. 
May 21, 1777, d. at Newport Feb. n, 1858, 
shoemaker (m. Abigail, d. at Newport 
Feb. 9, 1854, dau. of Moses Davis); son of 
Jonathan of Merrimac, N. H., b. there 
June 5, 1729, d. July 10, 17S7, a delegate 
to a Constitutional Convention 1783, 
deacon in the church, selectman 1770; son 
of Jonathan of Merrimac, N. H., b. July 
3, 1703, purchased abt. 600 acres of land 
at Merrimac, abt. two miles west of 
Thornton's Ferry, and settled there, one 
of the founders of the Merrimac church, 
deacon many years, one of the leading 
men in town affairs (m. Elizabeth, dau. of 
Capt. Joseph Blanchard of Dunstable); son 
1659, of Thomas of Dunstable, N. H., b. 
held several town offices at Dunstable (m. 
Dec. 19, 16S8, Priscilla Warner); son of 
John of Dunstable, N. H., b. 1630, d. 
Dec. 1, 1700, made freeman at Topsfield 
1667, resided at Rowley, Mass., but re- 
moved to Dunstable 1680, one of the pro- 

prietors of Dunstable, one of the founder* 
of the church, selectman 16S0. town clerk 
many yrs. (m. Sarah Howlet, d. Dec. 7, 
1700, and had seven children: John, N». 
thaniel, Sarah, Thomas, Abraham, Isaac 
and Ebenezer); son of Isaac of Topsfield, 
came from Eng. or Scotland abt. 1640, 
freeman at Ipswich, Mass., May 18, 164J, 
deacon at Topsfield, had children: John, 
Elizabeth (m. John Jewett) and Ann (ra. 
Oct. 8, 1669, John Pease). 

burn, R. I., b. at Lawrence, Mass., 
June 25, 1852, educated in the public 
schools of Boston, Lawrence and Provi. 
dence, employed since his sixteenth year 
in the organ business of Henry Baket 
until Oct. 1, 1S90, physical director of 
Prov. Y. M. C. A. since Oct. 1, 1890, 
served the Attleboro Assoc, similarly one 
year (m. Oct. 7, 1874, Louisa Lincoln 
Jones, dau. of Seth L. and Louisa J. Jones 
of Pembroke, Mass., and had five children: 
Herbert L., b. Sep. 5, 1875, Frank L., b. 
July 20, 1S77, Edith B., b. Dec. 14, 1S02, 
d. Sep. 25, 18S6, Elton J., b. Dec. 30, 1887, 
and Delos A., b. Nov. 20, 1S89); son of 
Samuel A. of Prov., R. I., b. at Plympton, 
Mass., Mar. 2, 1828, iron worker, moved 
to Lawrence 1851, removed to Wilming- 
ton, N. C, 1855, returned to Lawrence 
1856, moved to Prov. 1862, where he was 
employed by the U. S. govt, in making 
heavy ordnance, had charge of R. I. Loc. 
Works 1S66, manager of New Bedford 
Iron Foundry iS3i-4 (m. Nov. 24, 1850. 
Sarah Louise Smith of Rockport, Mass., 
and had three children: John Allen, La- 
mira Ellen, b. Sep. 23, 1855 [m. Oct. 31, 
1881, John A. Goodwin of Montpelier, Vt.] 
and Ellis L., b. May 24, 186S); son of 
Allen of Plympton, Mass., b. at Pem- 
broke Nov. 14, 1799, d. at Pembroke Sep. 
14, 1874, millwright, removed to Pem- 
broke 1829 (m. Mar 21, 1827, Ruth A. Ellis 
of Plympton, b. Nov. 5, 1864, and had two 
sons: Samuel A. and Caleb E.); son of 
Allen of Pembroke, Mass., b. there Nov. 
12, 1771, d. there July 21, 1853, carpenter 
(m. Oct. 25, 1796, Sally Oldham, b. Aug. 
25, 1776, d. Mar. 22, 1867, and had eleven 



children); son of Robert of Pembroke, 
Mass., b. there Sep., 1742, d. there Apr., 
1821, carpenter (ra. Ruth Crocker, and had 
nine children); son of ltobert, b. at Dux- 
bury, Mass. (m. July 5, 1733, Margaret 
Sprague, and had six children); son of 
Prince of Duxbury, Mass., b. at Marsh- 
field, Mass. (m. Mar. 13, 1706, Deborah, 
dau. of Francis Barker, and gr.-dau. of 
Robert Barker of Duxbury, and had three 
children, she, Deborah, m. 2d, Benjamin 
Keen); son of Arthur, b. at Marshfield, 
Mass. (m. Dec. 9, 1667, Eliza, dau. of Gov. 
Thomas and Mary Prence, and had one 
dau. and four sons); son of Arthur of 
New Plymouth, d. at Marshfield abt. Oct. 
30, 1675, member of the Soc. of Friends, 
large landholder at Marshfield (m. Mrs. 
Margaret Reed, d. abt. June 22, 1683, and 
had five children, four daus. and one son). 

PAINE, JOSIAH of Harwich, Mass., 
b. there Sep. 7, 1836, educated in the 
public schools, contributor to the press, 
writer on local history and genealogy, has 
held several public offices (m. Dec. 22, 
1868, Phebe A. Long, a desc. of William 
Long an early settler of Harwich and had 
three children: Fred. W., Helen C, both 
d. in infancy, and John Howard, b. May 
30, 1883); son of Josiall Y. of Harwich, 
Mass., b. there March 18, 1S05, d. there 
June 25,i8S8, contributor to public journals 
(m. Nov., 1831, Betsey Kenrick Kingman, 
b. Feb. 2, 1812, dau. of Matthew and 
Mercy [Kenrick] Kingman, and adesc. of 
Henry and Joanna Kingman who came to 
Weymouth 1635) ; son of Seth of Har- 
wich, Mass., b. there Aug. 14, 1777, d. 
there April 14, 185 1, farmer (m. July 10, 
1804, Rachel Young, d. Jan. 13, 1853, aged 
77 yrs., dau. of Joshua Hopkins, a lineal 
desc. of Stephen Hopkins of the May- 
flower, and widow of Josiah Young, and 
had seven children) ; son of Ebeiiezar of 
Harwich, Mass., b. at Eastham, Mass., 
Nov. 26, 1722, d. at Harwich April 28, 
1795, cordwainer, farmer (m. 1st, Mary, 
d. 1756, dau. of William and Patience 
Allen of Salem, Mass., and had three 
children, m. 2d, Sep. 2, 1756, Thankful, 
dau. of Eben and Mary White, a desc. of 

Peregrine and Sarah White, he, Peregrine 
was the first white child b. in New Eng- 
land) ; son of Ebeiiezar of Eastham, 
Mass., b. there 1692, lost at sea 1733, en- 
gaged in the whale fishery, drum major in 
the militia many yrs. (ra. 1721, Hannah, d. 
Oct. 24, 1793, aged 93 yrs., dau. of Joshua 
Hopkins, gr.-dau. of Giles, gt. -gr.-dau. of 
Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower) ; son 
of Samuel of Eastham. Mass., b. there, 
d. there Oct. 13, 1712, prominent citizen 
(in. Ian. 31, 16S2, Patience, dau. of Mnj. 
John and Mercy [Prence] Freeman and 
gr.-dau. of Gov. Thomas and Patience 
[Brewster] Prence and gt.-gr.-dau. of Elder 
William Brewster of the Mayflower) ; son 
of Thomas of Eastham, Mass., b. in Eng., 
d. at Eastham Aug. 16, 1706, came from 
Eng. when about 12 yrs. old, very prominent 
at Eastham (m. Mary, d. April 28, 1704, 
dau. of Nicholas and Constance [Hopkins] 
Snow of Eastham, and had seven sons: 
Samuel, Thomas, Elisha, John, James, 
Nicholas and Joseph); son of Thomas of 
Massachusetts, b. in Eng., emigrated to 
America and probably settled at Yarmouth, 
Mass., in 1639. 

ton, Mass., b. there Mar. 3, 1825, 
member of city govt., land commissioner, 
served in both houses of Mass. Legislature, 
col. of 32d Mass. Inf. (m. Apr. 28, 1846, 
Anna Whiting Lyman, dau. of Josiah 
D wight Lyman of Northfield, Mass., and 
had four children: Francis Vose, b. Mar. 
13, 1847, Clara Virginia, b. Mar. 7, 1850, 
Cullen Sawtelle, b. Aug. 16, 1857, d. Feb. 
16, i860, and Elizabeth Lyman, b. Oct. 11, 
1S61); son of Isaac of Boston, Mass., b. 
at JafiYey, N. H., April 14, 178S, d. at Bos- 
ton May 27, 1858, founded the firm of Par- 
ker, Wilder and Co. of Boston and New 
York 1817, pres. of Traders' Bank, director 
and trustee of several other corporations, 
member city council, rep. from Boston 
(m. Nov. 17, 1S12, Sarah, dau. of Rev. 
Laban Ainsworth, who was for more than 
76 yrs. the settled minister of Jaffrey, N. 
H.); son of Abel of JafTrey, N. H., b. at 
Westford, Mass., Mar. 25, 1753, d. at Jaff- 
rey, N. H., May 21, 1831, minute man 1775, 



ensign and lieut. in Revolutionary army, 
member of Legislature, presidential elector, 
judge of probate (m. Oct. 14, 1777, Edith, 
dau. of Jedediah Jewett of Pepperell, 
Mass.); son of Samuel of Westford, Mass., 
b. at Chelmsford, Mass., Jan. 1, 1717, d. 
at Jaflrey Aug. 7, 1795, held several town 
offices, sergt. in the militia during the 
French and Indian war (m. 1st, Jan. 22, 
173S, Sarah Fletcher, 2d, May 12, I748,Mrs. 
Mary [Proctor] Robbins, m. 3d, 1758, Mrs. 
Hannah Fletcher); son of Aaron of West- 
ford, Mass., b. at Chelmsford, Mass., Apr. 
Q, 1689, d. at Westford Dec. 19, 1775 (m. 
abt. 1712, Abigail Adams); son of Moses 
of Chelmsford, Mass., b. there abt. 1657, d. 
there Oct. 12, 1732 (in. June 19, 1684, Abi- 
gail, dau. of Richard Ilildreth); son of 
Abraham of Chelmsford, Mass., b. prob. 
at Marlborough, Eng., d. at Chelmsford 
Aug. 12, 1685, settled at Woburn, Mass., 
freeman, 1645, removed to Chelmsford 
abt. 1653 (m. Rose Whitlock, d. 1691). 

rpiIOMPSON, THOMAS B. of Topeka, 

I Kan 

March 25, 1S20, resided at Logansport, 
Ind., removed to Dalton, Ga., thence to 
New York city and from there* to Topeka 
(m. 1st, April 27, 1847, Isabella Adams, 
m. 2d, Nov. 29, 1859, J ane . dau. °f David 
Roal, member of the Home Guards) ; son 
of Peter of Thompsontown, Pa., b. there 
1776, d. there Nov. 3, 1831 (m. Dec. 6, 
1S4S, Mary Patterson, and had five sons 
and four daus.); son of John of Thomp- 
sontown, Pa., b. in Scotland, d. at Thomp- 
sontown, went from Scotland to Ireland 
and from there to America 1735. 

SWIFT, PAUL of Nantucket, Mass., 
and Phila., Pa., b. at Sandwich, 
Mass., Mar. 2, 1794, d. at Phila. Nov. 8, 
1866, physician, prof, of Ilaverford Coll. 
(m. Sep. 5, 1S21, Dorcas, dau. of Lenas 
and Susanna [Hussey] Gardner of Nan- 
tucket, Mass., a desc. of the first settlers 
of that island, and has live daughters: 
Mary [m. Edwin Lamson of Boston], 
Katherine [m. 1st M. A. Moore of Bos- 
ton, 2d Robert Wharton of Boston], Susan, 
b. at Nantucket Jan. 30, 1827 [m. Feb. 8, 

1849, Albert Henry Franciscus, a direct 
desc. of Christopher Franciscus, who came 
to America from Switzerland early in th« 
iSth century, and was one of the first set- 
tlers of Lancaster, Pa.], Elizabeth [111. John 
E.Phillipsof Baltimore, Md.]); sonof 811*1 
of Sandwich, Mass., b. at Falmouth July \i, 
174S, d. at Sandwich Feb. 5, 1S38 (m. abt. . 
1770, Elizabeth, d. at Sandwich, aged 71, 
buried in Friends' burying-ground, only 
dau. of Benjamin and Ruth [Sprague] 
Bumpus); son of Benjamin of Sandwich. 
Mass., b. there 1713, d. there 1800(111. Sep. 
4, 1741, Waitstill Bowerman); son of Hen- 
jiliniu of Falmouth, Mass., b. there idSi, 
d. at N. Falmouth abt. 1776, farmer, 
member of the Congl. ch. (m. Feb. 84, 
1703-4, Hannah Wing, a desc. of John 
Wing of Sandwich); son of William of 
Sandwich, Mass., b. there Aug. 2S, 1654, 
d. there 1701 (m. Elizabeth); son of 
William of Sandwich, Mass., b. at Hock- 
ing, Eng., abt. 1627, will made Dec. 15, 
1705 (m. Ruth, and had seven children); 
son of William, of Sandwich, Mass., b. at 
Bocking, Eng., d. at Sandwich 1643, re- 
sided at Wateitown, Mass., 1634, moved 
to Sandwich 1637, inventory of his estate 
amounted to £72 lis. id. (m. Joane). 


2RNALD, CHARLES of Santa Bar- 
bara, Gal., b. at North Berwick, Me., 
May 27, 1S30, judge of Santa Barbara co., 
judge of County Court, judge of Court of 
Sessions 1S52-62, mayor of Santa Barbara 
1S82-4, counseloi-at-law in the Supreme 
Court of U. S., and commissioner of U. 
S. Circuit Court, 9th Judicial Circuit 
of Cal., resided in Cal. since July 1st, 
1S49, life member of Pioneer Soc. of Cal., 
member of National Assoc, of Sons of 
American Revolution, member of the 
Amer. Acad, of Political and Social 
Science of Phila., vice-pres. of State Bar 
Assoc, of Cal. (m. Aug. 7, 1S62, Hannah 
Hill Hobbs of North Berwick, Me., a desc. 
of Judge John Hill and Samuel Goodwin, 
dau. of Wilson and Sarah Eliot Goodwin 
Hobbs of North Berwick, York Co., Me., 
had children: Beatrice F. Roberts [wife of 
Edwards Roberts, Chestnut Hill, Mass.], 
Edith Eliot, d. Dec. 23, 1873, Florence 


C 8 1 

Hermione, Charles Anselm and Regi- 
nald Goodwin Fernald); son of Oliver of 
North Berwick, Me., b. there Oct. 25, 
1799, d. there Mar. 2, 1882, farmer (in. 
1st, 1823, Olive Hurd, d. Mar. 2', 1S31, 
m. 2d, 1836, Louisa Adams of York, Me., 
d. there Aug. 9, 1844, m. 3d, 1S45, Mary 
Ricker); son of Hercules ArclielailS 
Fernald, b. at Kittery, Me., Dec. 4, 1749, 
d. July 22, 1836, volunteer in the Conti- 
nental arm)', member of Col. Francis' 
regt., marched to Dorchester Heights, and 
joined the army there under Gen. Wash- 
ington, rendered important services in 
fortifying that place. After the evacuation 
of Boston by the British, he was detached 
to Col. Frost's command, marched to Ft. 
Constitution, on the Hudson, was sent to 
Bennington with Col. Story's command, 
where he joined Gen. Staiks' army, and 
was present at that battle; then joined the 
army under Gen. Gates in the battles of 
Bemis Heights, Stillwater and Saratoga, 
present at the surrender of Burgoyne, de- 
tached as one of the guard of prisoners to 
conduct them to Hartford, Ct. (m. 1773, 
Miriam Percy); son of Hci'CUlCS of 
Kittery, Me., b. there Sep. S, 1713, d. 
there 1703 (m. Mary Tucker); son of Sam- 
uel of Kittery, Me., b. there 1644, d. there 
1755 (m. Susanna Paul); son of Thomas, 
b. 1653, m. Elizabeth Hawkins; son of 
of Reginald of Kittery, Me., b. at Bristol, 
Eng., 1603, physician and surgeon of the 
company of Capt. Mason and Sir Ferdi- 
nando Gorges, came to Kittery with the 
company 1630, fust town clerk of Ports- 
mouth, one of the leading men of the col- 
ony, became the owner of Fernald's island, 
in the Piscataqua river, consisting of abt. 
230 acres, soon after his arrival at Kittery, 
by a grant from Capt. Mason and Sir Fer- 
dinando Gorges, it remained in the posses- 
sion of the family till 1S06, when it was 
conveyed to the U. S. for a navy-yard (m. 
in Eng. 1624, Joanna Warbruton, and had 
seven children: Thomas, b. in Eng., 1625, 
and came to Kittery with him, d. there 
1697, was a shipbuilder, Elizabetn, b. 
at Kittery 1632, Mary, b. 1634, d. Aug. 
16, 1722 [m. John Partridge], Sarah, b. 
1636 [m. Capt. Allen Lynde], John, b. 

1642, d. Apr. 9, 16S7 [m. Mary Spinney], 
Samuel, b. 1644, d. Dec, 1698 [m. Han- 
nah Spinney], William, b. Mar. 6, 1646, 
d. July 5, 1728 [m. Elizabeth Langdon of 

lY Fond du Lac, Wis., b. at Warsaw, 
N. Y., Dec. 27, 184S, grad. Beloit Coll. 
1873, of Andover Theol. Sem. 1877, or- 
dained to the Congl. ministry, Saugus, 
Mass., Apr. 17, 187S, pastor at Winnetka, 
111., 1SS0-S5, at Fond du Lac, Wis., 1885- 
91 (m. Sep. 2S, 1SS0, Martha Elizabeth, 
dau. of Martin and Agnes [Moorhead] 
Brainard, and gr.-dau. of Isaac and Alice 
Braiuard, descs. of Daniel Brainard, Hart- 
ford, 1651); son of Coi'bill, b. at Wards- 
boro, Vt., June 1, 1S01, d. at Poplar Grove, 
111., Dec. 29, 1874, grad. Amherst Coll. 1S28, 
Andover Theol. Sem. 1832, ordained Congl. 
minister Saxonville, Mass., July 30, 1834, 
pastor of churches in Mass.,Vt., N.Y., Ind. 
and 111. (in. Dec. 22, 1840, Esther Lorena, b. 
at Westminster, Mass., June 17, i8n,dau. 
of Ezra and Catharine [Jackson] Wood, 
and gr.-dau. of Abel and Phcebe [Holden] 
Wood, gt. -gr.-dau. of Nathan and Rebecca 
[Haynes] Wood, gt.-gt. -gr.-dau. of Abra- 
ham and Hannah Wood, gt. -gt.-gt. -gr.- 
dau. of Michael Wood, gt.-gt. -gt.-gt. -gr.- 
dau. of Win. Wood, who came from Eng. 
163S); son of Nathaniel of Wardsboro, 
Vt., b. at Dudley, Mass., May 2, 1765, d. 
at Brattleboro, Vt., Nov. 5, 1843, shoe- 
maker, a pioneer of Windham co., Vt., 
capt. of Wardsboro militia (m. Feb. 12, 
1792, Polly, dau. of Capt. John Eddy, son 
of Jonathan, son of Joshua, son of Zech- 
ariah, son of Samuel Eddy of London, 
Eng., 1C30, and had sixteen children); son 
of Samuel of Dudley, Mass., b. there 
Feb. S, 1734, d. there 1776, farmer, took 
part in the siege of Boston 1775 (m. Mar. 
30, 175S, Sarah, dau. of Elisha Corbin); 
son of Richard of Billerica, Mass., b. 
there May 10, 1705, d. at Dudley 1773; son 
of Enhraim of Billerica, Mass., b. there 
Aug. 31, 1660, d. there Sep. 25, 1724, 
farmer (m. Aug. 4, 16S5, Rachel Crosby); 
son of James of Billerica, Mass., b. at 
I East Grinstead, Eng., 1626, d. at Billerica 



1676, came to Cambridge before 1650 (m. 
1649, Anna, dau. of Elder Moore of Cam- 
bridge); son of James of East Grinstead; 
son of John of Maresfield, Sussex, Eng. ; 
son of John of Maresfield, Eng.; son of 
Richard of Maresfield; son of Richard 
of Maresfield; son of Richard of Mares- 
field, 1492. 

born at Harrisville, Ohio, May 5, 
iS40(m. Nov. 29, 1S69, Emma Sibley); son 
of Ahia William Brown of Nauvoo, 111., 
b. at Buslington, N. J., d. at Nauvoo Aug. 
27, 184S, prior to his death he resided at I 
Wheeling, W. Va., physician and surgeon 
(m. Apr. S, 1S30, Abby, dau. of Asa and 
Jane Cadwallader, Quakers and early set- 
tlers of Pa.); son of Samuel Riles Brown 
of Buslington, N. J., and Phila., Pa., d. 
there, merchant, baker (m. Ann, dau. of 
Moses and Elizabeth Kcmpton, early 
Quaker settlers of N. J.); son of William 
of New Jersey, b. in England, d. in N. J., 
baker (in. Rebecca). 

SLAFTER, EDMUND F. of Boston, 
Mass., b. at Norwich, Vt., May 30, 
1816, grad. Dartmouth 1840, D. D. 1S90, 
presbyter of Prot. Epis. ch., author of sev- 
eral historical publications(m. Aug. 16,1849, 
Mary Ann, dau. of Charles Hascn of Bos- 
ton, and gr.-dau. of Hon. Win. Mazen of 
St. John, N. B., and a desc. of Richard 
Hazen of Rowley, Mass.); son of Sylves- 
ter; son of John; son of Samuel; son 
of John of Willington, Ct. 

ton, N. J., b. at Yardley, Pa., Dec. 
5, 1845, educated at the Trenton Acad., 
Fort Edward Inst., Eastman's Business 
Coll. 1863, grad. Polytechnic Coll. of Pa. 
1867, Univ. of Pa. M. D. 1S6S, physician 
of Phila. Hospital iS63, adjunct prof, of 
chemistry 1869, practiced fncd. at Phila. 
1SG9-74, visited Europe and attended 
univs. of Fr., Ger. and Italy, author of 
several papers, contributed to many medi- 
cal periodicals, some of which have been 
translated into other languages, is now 
preparing a bibliography and history of 

the 15th century literature of medicine, en- 
titled " Incunabula Medica," has not prac- 
ticed medicine since 1874, but has devoted 
his time to the study of the history of the 
literature of medicine, and is now a lec- 
turer on this subject (m. ist, Jan. 29, 1874, 
Sarah M., d. in Italy, Jan. 10, 1S75, dau. of 
Dr. Win. Wetherill, dec. of Christopher 
Wetherill, who came from England and 
settled at Burlington, N. J., 1678-80, and 
had one child: Frances E. A. E. Hough, b.. 
at Florence, Italy, Di:c. 30, 1874, in. 2d, 
June 30, 1SS7, Edith Reilly of New York 
city, and had two children: Richard Stock- 
ton, b. April 24, 1SS8, and Edward, b. Feb. 
2, 1890); son of William Aspy Hough of 
Ewing, N. J., b. at Yardley, Pa., Dec. 4, 
1819, d. at Ewing, Dec. 11, 1888 (m. Feb. 
6, 1S45, Eleanor, dau. of John Stockton, 
son of Joseph Stockton, a loyalist of 
Princeton, N. J., and who was a cousin of 
Richard Stockton, the signer of the Dec- 
laration of Independence); son of lMiincil* 
of Yardley, Pa., b. there Dec. 20, 1795, d. 
at Ewing 1877 (m. Deborah Asphy); son of 
John of Yardley, Pa., b. there, d. there 
(m. Miss Yardley); son of Henry of Yard- 
ley, Pa., b. there, d. there; son of Richard 
of Yardley, Pa., b. there, d. there; sun of 
Richard of Yardley, Pa., b. in Cheshire, 
Eng., drowned in the Delaware river 1705, 
came to Pa. Sep. 29, 1683, and settled at 
Yardley, member of the council of Pa., 
owned 2,065 acres of land in Bucks co., 
Pa. (m. Jan. 17, 1684, Margery.dau. of John 
Clowes, this was the first marriage of 
white people in Bucks co.); the name 
Hough was originally De la Hooghe, De 
Hoogh, or Van der Hoogh, and subse- 
quently in Eng. De Hough, and is of 
Flemish origin. 

N. Y., b. there Mar. 12, 1822, d. there 
July 9, 1S55 (m. Sep. 2, 1846, Frances 
Mary, dau. of Oliver and Mary Augustus 
[Livingston] Steele, and gr.-dau. of Daniel 
and Elizabeth [Van Benthuysen] Steele, 
and also of Moncriefle and Frances [Co- 
vert] Livingston, 5th in desc. from Robert 
Livingston of Albany, and had three chil- 
dren: Win. II., b. Sep. 29, 1847 [m. July 



19, 1871, Zulma D'L., dau. of Seneca and 
Julia [Ripley] Dorr], Elizabeth Livingston, 
b. June 2, 1849 [m. Sep. 5, 1873, Albert 
Egerton Adams, son of Rev. John Ripley 
Adams] and Frederic Morgan, b. Nov. 27, 
1S51 [m. Nov. 6, 1S83, Ella, dau. of Wm. 
H. Harrison Pratt, and Roxana Roe]); son 
of Lemuel of Albany, N. Y., b. at Hart- 
ford, Ct., Aug. 22, 1737, d. at Albany Dec. 
26, 1853, merchant (m. 1S12, Tabitha Bar- 

WILLIAMS, JAMES of Springville, 
Utah, b. at Plymouth, Ct., April 
15, 1831, soldier in the Civil war, member 
of Co. I. la. Vol. Inf. and of Co. B. Eng. 
regt. of the West Mo. Vol. (m. Sep. 15, 
1857, Elizabeth D. Skitts); son of James 
of Naugatuck, Ct., b. at Watertown, Ct., 
June 15, 1793, d. at Naugatuck Jan. 2, 
1875, soldier in the War of 1S12 (m. 1S1S, 
Mary Ann, b. June 5, 1S00, d. Mar. 12, 
1872, dau. of Jacob Hall of Middlebury, 
Ct.); son of James of Watertown, Ct., b. 
there Sep. 23, 1755, d. there Feb. 28, 1803 
(m. 1st, 1775, Sarah Boardman, m. 2d, 1781, 
Hannah, d. Jan. 17, 1840, aged 86, dau. of 
Joseph Chilson); son of Timothy of Bos- 
ton, Mass., and Westbury, Ct., b. at 
Waterbury, Ct., 1725, d. at Westbury, Ct., 
Feb. 6, 1803, chairman of the Boston tea 
meeting (m. Mar. 22, 1750, Eunice Lydia 
Foot, d. Dec. 5, 1776); son of James of 
Northampton, Mass., and Waterbury, Ct., 
d. at Waterbury 1740, he was the gr.- 
father of Benjamin Franklin, Col. Jona- 
than Williams and William Williams, 
signers of the Declaration of Indepen- 
dence, and of Thomas Paine, author of 
the "Age of Reason;" son of Richard 
Cromwell, alias Williams of Huntingdon, 
Eng., Hadley, Mass., and Glanmorgan, 
Wales, b. at Huntingdon, Eng. 1625, d. 
in Wales 1712, Lord Lieut, of Ireland, 
Lord Protector of Eng., Scotland, Wales 
and Ireland, afterwards a Congregational 
preacher; son of Oliver of Huntingdon 
and London, Eng., b. at Huntingdon 
April 25, 1599, d. at London Sep. 3, 1658, 
Lord Protector of England, Scotland and 
Ireland ; son of Robert (m. Elizabeth, 
dau. of Sir James Boucher); son of Henry 

(m. Elizabeth Stewart, aunt of Charles I 
of Eng.); son of Sir Richard Williams, b. 
at Glanmorganshire, Wales, assumed the 
name of Cromwell in order to get the es- 
tate of his maternal uncle, Thomas Crom- 
well, Earl of Essex and sec. of the state 
during the reign of Henry VIII ; son of 
Morgan Williams of Glanmorganshire, 
Wales, was the first of the family to have 
a surname; son of William; son of Evan; 
son of Thomas supposed to be a desc. of 
Carraddock of Glanmorganshire, Wales, 
who was a desc. from Brutus, first king of 
the Brittons ; the royal families of Tudor 
of Eng. and Stuart or Stewart of Scotland, 
are desc. of this stock. 

MC'CORD, DAVID A. of Oxford, Ohio, 
b. in Union co., Pa., J 111107, 1S22, car- 
penter and builder, member of various 
scientific soc, assistant at the O. F. Coll. 
and W. F. Sem., scientific bee-keeper (m. 
1st, July 9, 1844, Esther Reed, m. 2d, Julia 
Avry, and had one son, William, m. 3d, 
Caroline McCasson); son of Alexander of 
Pa., b. there Sep. 17, 17S7, d. in Perry co., 
Pa., July 12, 1850, tanner, farmer (m. Apr. 
9, 1812, Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph Shrom 
and gr.-dau. of Roomell, and had nine 
children); son of William of Eastern Pa., 
b. there, d. there Sep. 9, 1S06 (m. 1st, 
Mary McKinney, in. 2d, Rachel Scudder, 
m. 3d, Rachel Patterson); son of John of 
Shermans Valley, Pa., b. in Ireland, d. in 
Pa., came to Shermans Valley 1750; son 

of of Landisburg, Pa., b. in Ireland, 

on his farm a fort was built for protection 
against the Indians, which is known at the 
present time as McCord's fort. 

TON of Brooklyn, N. Y., b. at Cin- 
cinnati, O., Apr. 27, 1S40, educated in 
Brooklyn Polytechnic Inst., Univ. of 
Heidelberg and Munich and in the Mining 
Acad, of Freiberg, Ger., cant, and A. D. 
C. U. S. regular army 1861, resigned 1863, 
U. S. commissioner mining statistics 1868- 
76, U. S. commissioner to Vienna expo- 
sition 1873, lecturer at Lafayette Coll., Pa., 
1869-76, president of the Amer. Inst, of 
Mining Engineers 1872-4, secretary same 

i8 4 


since 1SS4, mining engineer, commissioner 
of electric subways of Brooklyn 1SS6-90, 
prominent member of Plymouth Ch., au- 
thor of •' Metrical Paraphrase of the Book 
of Job with Essays " 1S7S, 3 vols, of "Min- 
ing Statistics" and several volumes of 
stories (m. Sarah Mellen, dau. of William 
R. Dwight), and brother Charles Walker 
Raymond, b. at Hartford, Ct., Jan. 14, 
1S42, grad. at West Point Military Acad. 
1865, major of Corps of Engineers U. S. 
army (m. Nov. S, 1S66, Clara Wise of 
Brooklyn, N. Y.); sons of Robert Raikes 
Raymond, b. at New York city Nov. 2, 
1S17, d. at Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 16, 18SS, 
grad. Union Coll. 1S37, grad. Hamilton 
Theo. Sem. 1S42, prof, of English litera- 
ture in the Brooklyn Coll. and Polytechnic 
Inst., afterward principal of Boston School 
of Oratory 1S73-S4 (m. July 16, 1S39, Mary 
Anna Pratt), and brothers John Howard 
Raymond, b. Mar. 7, 1814, d. Aug. 13, 
187s, grad. Union Coll., assisted in estab- 
lishing the Rochester University 1S50, 
first president of Polytechnic Institute of 
Brooklyn 1S55, first president of Vassar 
Coll., where he remained 14 years until 
death (m. May 12, 1S40, Cornelia E. Morse 
of Eaton, N. Y.), and Israel Ward Ray- 
mond of San Francisco, Cal., b. at New 
York city April 2S, 1S11, d. at San Fran- 
cisco Jan. 14, 1SS7, president of Atlantic 
Mail Steamship Company, many years 
vice-president of Pacific Mail Steamship 
Company (m. Apr. 16, 1S36, Frances 
Bryant Howard); sons of Eliakim of 
Brooklyn, N. Y., b. at Norwalk, Ct., May 
29, 1782, d. at Brooklyn Dec. 14, 1845, 
manufacturer, deacon of Oliver St. Baptist 
Ch., New York (m. May 29, 17S2, Mary, 
dau. of Dr. Carrington of Danbury, Ct.); 
son of Nathaniel of Norwalk, Ct., b. May 
4, 1753, d. at Norwalk in his 96th yr., lived 
all his life near the "Old Well Wharf," 
was among the Ct. troops when the British 
landed at Flatbush, L. I. (m. Aug. 3, 1772, 
Dolly Wood); son of Eliakim of Norwalk, 
Ct., b. Feb. 20, 1720 (m. Nov. 27. 1740, 
Hannah Street) and brother, Samuel Ray- 
mond, b. Dec. 11, 1724 (rit. Feb. 21, 1751, 
Abigail Bates); sons of Samuel of Nor- 
walk, Ct., b. May 7, 1697 (m. abt. 1719, 

Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Hoyt of Nor- 
walk); son of Samuel of Norwalk, Ct., 
1673 (m. Apr. 1, 1696, Judith, dau. of 
Epluaim Palmer of Greenwich) and 
brother, John of Norwalk, Ct., b. Sep. 9, 
1665, captain of Train Band, owner of con- 
siderable real estate (m. Mar. 7, 1690, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Samuel St. John, and gr.- 
dau. of Matthias St. John, the immigrant); 
sons of John of Norwalk, Ct. (m. Mar)-, 
dau. of Thomas Betts of Norwalk); son of 
Richard of Salem, Mass., mariner, made 
freeman May 14, 1634, received a grant of 
land at Salem 1636, member of the First 
Ch. of Salem prior to 1636, purchased 
lands at Norwalk 1662, removed to Say- 
brook, Ct., 1664, where he died. 

ASHLEY, WILLIAM of Sheffield, Mass., 
b. there Jan. 4, 1773, d. April 26, 
1S49, grad. Harvard Coll. 1793, owner of 
large estates in Sheffield (m. Jan. 4, 1803, 
Jane, dau. of Hon. Pliny and Jane [Pelle- 
treau] Hillyer of Granby, Ct.); son of John 
of Sheffield, Mass., b. there Sep. 26, 1736, 
d. there Nov. 5, 1799, grad. Yale Coll. 
1756, merchant, rep. to Gen. Court, niaj.- 
gen. of 9th Div. of Mass. militia, active 
in suppressing Shay's Rebellion (m. 1st, 
May 20, 176a, Louisa Ward of New Marl- 
boro, 111. 2d, Oct. 17, 1769, Mary, b. Dec. 10, 
1744, d. March S, 1S27, dau. of Rev. John 
and Mary [Gay] Ballantine, he, John, was 
pastor of First Ch. of Westfield, Mass.); 
son of John of Sheffield, Mass., b. at 
Westfield, Mass., Dec. 2, 1709, d. at Shef- 
field Sep. 1, 1S02, grad. Yale Coll. 1730, 
admitted to the bar 1732, colonel in the 
militia, magistrate, judge of County Court 
1765-S1, owner of 1,000 acres of cultivated 
land (m. Hannah Hugaboom of Claverack, 
N. Y., d. June ig, 1790); son of John of 
Westfield, Mass., b. there June 27, 1669, 
d. there April 17, 1759, held many respon- 
sible positions of public trust, had four 
brothers : Samuel, b. Oct. 26, 1664, David, 
b. March 10, 1667, Joseph, b. July 31, 1671, 
and Jonathan, b. June 21, 167S (m. 1st, 
1692, Sarah Dewey, d. 1708, m. 2d, 1708, 
Mrs. Mary Sheldon, b. Aug. 19, 1672, d. 
1735, dau. of Joseph and Mary [Pynchon] 
Whiting and gr.-dau. of Col. John Pyn- 




chon of Springfield, Mass., m. 3d, 1753, 
Hannah Glover); son of David of West- 
field, Mass., b. April 3, 1642, d. at West- 
field 171S, had two brothers : Jonathan, b. 
Feb. 25, 1645, and Joseph, b. July 6, 1652 
(m. 1663, Hannah, dau. of Henry Glover 
of New Haven, Ct.); son of Robert of 
Springfield, Mass., b. in Eng., d. at Spring- 
field Nov. 29, 16S2, came from Eng. to 
Roxbury, removed to Springfield 1640 (m. 
Mary, d. Sep. 19, 1683). 

p HO ATE, HANNIBAL of Winona, 
\J Minn., b. at Carthage, N. Y., Apr. 2S, 
1835 (m. Mar. 9, 1SS9, Mrs. Harriet R. 
Donovan, b. Feb. 23, 1853, dau. of Cyril L. 
and Harriet [Cavenor] Stewart); son of 
Amos(m. Betsey Raymer); son of William; 
son of Samuel; son of Samuel; son of 

DODGE, ROBERT of Flushing, N. Y.,. 
b. at New York city Dec. 15, 1820, 
grad. N. Y. Univ. A. B. 1840, member of 
N. Y. Hist. Soc. and St. Nicholas Soc, 
counselor-at-law since 1843, author of 
" Diary Sketches and Reviews," "Lectures 
on Austria," "Memorials of Columbus" 
and many magazine articles (m. May 16, 
1867, M. Annie, dau. of Charles Roe of 
Flushing, son of John, son of John, son of 
Ezekiel Roe of Flushing then Bayside;; son 
of Robert of New York city, b. at Marble- 
town, N. Y., 1779, d. at New York city 
Dec. 14, 1825, officer of N. Y. artillery dur- 
ing the War of 1812, member of Mechanics 
and Traders Soc, and of the early Sachems 
Tammany Soc, foreman Engine Company 
No. 15, director of Tradesman Bank (m. 
Jan. 3, 1S01, Eliza Pollock Fowler, b. at 
Bayside Sep. 10, 1783, d. at N. Y. city Nov. 
10, 1S63, she was eminent for intellect and 
beneficence and was a senior member of 
the Baptist Ch.); son of Samuel of New 
York city, b. at Cow Neck, L. I., 1740, d. 
at N. Y. city 1S00, settled at Marbletown 
1767. where he resided until Aug., 1779, 
when his home was burnt during the scalp- 
ing raid of Brandt and Butler, removed to 
N. Y. city, joined the Ulster Grenadiers, 
was engaged in the battle of Saratoga (m.' 
1767, Deborah, dau. of Robert North, M. 

D., of London, Eng.); son of Wllkie of 
N. Y. city, b. at Cow Neck 1725, d. at N. 
Y. city 1778, prominent ship-builder at 
Whitestone, L. I., for many yrs. (m. Mary 
Hunt, b. 1725, d. July 23, 1796, dau. of 
Thomas Hunt of Hunt's Point, N. Y.); 
son of Samuel of Cow Neck, L, I., b. at 
Block Island, R. I., Sep. 19, 1691, d. at 
Cow Neck 1766, settled at Cow Neck 1718 
(m. Elizabeth); son of William of Block 
Island, R. I., b. in Eng. 1640, d. at Block 
Island, with his father, Tristram Dodge and 
his three brothers, Israel, John and Tris- 
tram, purchased and settled on Block Island 
1661, came from Devonshire, Eng., to Bos- 
ton 1659; son of Tristram of Block Island, 
R. I., b. in Eng. abt. 1620, d, at Block 
Island 1700. 

Hyde Park, Mass., b. at Parsonfield, 
Me., Aug. 3, 1S20, teacher of music in 
Boston, musician, director of several 
musical socs., member of the faculty of 
Findlay Coll., O. (m. Mar. 4, 1847, Mary 
Jane, dau. of John and Mary [Burges] 
Gove, he, John, was an eminent Boston 
merchant, of great benevolence and public 
spirit, one of the conspicuous Free Soilers 
of 1848-52, prominent member of the 
Methodist ch.) and brothers, Thomas Par- 
sons Emerson, b. at Lyman, Me., Nov. n, 
1808, d. at Bloomington, 111., 1870, grad. 
Bowdoin Coll., studied theology, preached 
at Mahomet, 111., and Plain, O. (in. Stella 
Nearing of Fulton, O.), Joseph Pratt Em- 
erson, b. at Lyman, Me., 1S10, d. 1884, 
farmer, singing-school master (m. Sarah 
Dunfield of New Brunswick), Sylvester 
Emerson, b. at Parsonfield, Me., 1812, d. 
there 1833, and Charles Henry Emerson of 
Port Kenyon, Cal., b. at Parsonfield 1818, 
grad. Bowdoin Coll. 1846, admitted to the 
Boston bar 1849, practiced 3 yrs., studied 
theology at Andover, Mass,, 1852, 
preached at Springfield, Mass., 14 yrs., 
removed to Nebraska as a missionary of 
the A. H. M. S. 1871, very successful in 
forming congregations and building houses 
of worship, financial agent of Oakdale Sem., 
Nebraska, 18S6, removed to Cal. 1889 (m. 
1858, Lydia, dau. of Squire Ricker of Lee, 

1 36 


Mc); sons of Llltlicr of Parsonfield, Me., 
b. at Alfred, Me., July 4, 1875, one of the 
earliest settlers of the town, prominent in 
musical and social circles, leading Whig, 
capt. in the militia (m. 1S07, Elizabeth 
Usher Parsons, dau. of Thomas Parsons, 
b. 1735, d. iSii, founder of the township 
bearing his name, a direct desc. of Sir 
Humphrey, lord mayor of London 1740); 
son of Joseph of Alden, Me., b. at Tops- 
field, Mass., d. at Alfred, grad. Harvard 
Coll. (m. Lydia Durrell); son of John of 
Topsfield, Mass., b. at Charlestown, 
Mass., d. at Topsfield, grad. Harvard 
Coll., Cungl. minister at Topsfield many 
yrs. (m. Elizabeth Pratt of Charlestown, 
Mass.); son of Edward of Chelmsford, 
Mass., b. at Milton, Mass., 1670, d. at 
Chelmsford, prominent merchant (m. 1697, 
Rebecca Waldo of Chelmsford); son of 
Joseph of Wells, Me., and Milton, Mass., 
b. in Eng. 1620, d. prob. 1690, educated at 
Oxford Coll., came to America abt. 1642, 
settled at Wells, Me., as teacher and 
preacher (m. 1st, Miss Woodmoney, ni. 
2d, 1665, Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Edward 
Bulkley, minister of Concord, Mass., and 
gr.-dau. of Rev. Peter Bulkley, first min- 
ister of Concord); son of Thomas of Ips- 
wich, Mass., b. in England, d. at Ipswich 
abt. 1654, farmer, owner of considerable 
property, desc. from Sir Ralph Emerson, 
who was knighted by Henry VIII 1535. 

cie, Ind., b. at Elizabeth, Pa., Nov. 14, 
1830, clergyman, educated at Washington 
and Jefferson Coll. and Allegheny Un. Pres- 
byterian Theol. Sem., pastor of churches at 
New York, Brooklyn and other places, 
author of several published sermons and 
addresses (m. 1st, Sep. 22, 1853, Jane, dau. 
of Samuel and Lydia Reed of Huntingdon, 
Pa., m. 2d, Mar. 1, 1881, Mary Isophine, 
dau. of D. D. and Eleanor Moore of Xenia, 
O.); son of John of Allegheny, Pa., b. at 
Elizabeth, Pa., May 22, 179S, d. at Salts- 
burg, Pa., June 9, 1S74, farmer, ruling elder 
in United Pies. Ch. (m. Apr. 10, 1S2S, Jane, 
dau. of Ebenezer and Nancy [Mitchell] 
Gill, and gr.-dau. of John Gill, a soldier in 
the Revolutionary war); son of Hugh of 

Elizabeth, Pa., b. at Gettysburg, Pa., J7'*V 
d. at Elizabeth 1831, farmer, ruling elder. 
purchased from the govt., at the close o( 
the Revolutionary war, a farm on the 
" Forks of the Yough," Pa., where he ic< 
sided until death (m. July r, 17S3, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of David and Eleanor Robinson); 
son of Thomas of Gettysburg, Pa., b. in 
the northern part of Ireland, d. at Gettys- 
burg, came to America abt. 1730, one of 
the first settlers of Gettysburg, member of 
the first Covenanter Soc. formed in Amer- 
ica, farmer (m. Mary Dinwiddie, dau. of 
David Dinwiddie, first Reformed Prcs. 
Covenanter ruling elder ordained in Amer- 
ica, and sister of Major Hugh Dinwiddie 
of the Revolutionary army, who d. at Phila. 
Jan. 12, 1777). 

TJOMNSON, CHARLES of Brookings, 
It S. D., b. at Virgil, N. Y., July 13,. 
1S34, capt. co. A, 8th regt., of U. S. 
C. Art. in Civil war (ni. Mar: 4, 1863, 
Caroline E., dau. of Independence Stone, 
a desc. of Simon Stone of Watertown, 
Mass., 1635); son of Gideon of Virgil, N. 
Y., b. at Roxbury, N. Y., Aug. n, 1800, 
d. at Virgil Mar. 27, 1S04 (m. Mar. l6, 
1S23, Polly, dau. of Thomas and Susannah 
[Place] Hammond, and desc. of Enoch 
Place 1663); son of David of Virgil, N. Y., 
b. prob. at Salem, now Lewisboro, N. Y., 
1763, d. at Virgil Feb. 26, 1835, Baptist 
clergyman, soldier in the Revolutionary 
war, member of Capt. Fleming's co. of 
Lamb's art., N. Y. militia (m. 1785, Betty 
Hunt, a desc. of Ralph Hunt of Newtown, 
L. I., 1656); son of Ehcnezcr of Salem, N. 
Y., b. abt. 1735, d. at Roxbury, N. Y., 
after 1S00. 

Riverside, Cal., b. at Minneapolis, 
Minn., Sep. 16, 1855 (m. Dec. 3, 1878, 
Augusta, dau. of George A. Nourse, b. 
Dec. 19, 1824, son of Dr. Amos Nourse of 
Hallowell, Me., b. Dec. 17, 1794, son of 
Jonathan Nurse, b. \)iC. iS, 174S); son of 
John Wesley North of Fresno, Cal., b. at 
Sand Lake, N. Y., Jan. 4, 1815, d. at 
Fresno, Cal., Feb. 22, 1890, one of the 
leaders of anti-slavery in N. Y. and Ct., 




one of the leaders in organizing the state 
of Minn., member of the National Conven- 
tion which nominated Lincoln, federal 
judge of Nevada Ter. (m. Aug. 2S, 1S48, 
Anne Hendrix, dau. of George S. Loomis 
of DeWitt, N. Y., b. May 19, 1S02, son of 
John Loomis of Westmoreland, N. Y., b. 
Dec. n, 1774, son of Ensign Nathaniel 
Loomis of Coventry, Ct., b. Aug. 28, 1747, 
son of Nathaniel Loomis of Coventry, b. 
Feb. 15, 171 1); son of John of Sand Lake, 
N. Y., b. Feb. 29, 17S0, d. at Sand Lake 
Mar. 20, 1S4S (m. July 11, 1802, Hannah, 
dau. of Peter and Susannah Hawkins); son 
of John of Canaan, Ct., b. 1736, d. 1S03 
(m. Amy Russell, b. 1736, d. 1S13, of East 
Haven, Ct.); son of Jonathan of Windsor 
and Canaan, Ct., b. 1704 (m. 1730, Mary, 
dau. of Charles and Elizabeth Wolcott); 
son of John, b. 1668, d. 1745 (m. 1700, 
Mary Seymour); son of Samuel, b. 1643, 
d. 1682 (m. 1666, Hannah Norton, b. 
1649); son of John, b. in Eng. 1615, d. 
1691-2 (m. Hannah Bird). 

of Milton, Mass., b. there Dec. 3, 
1S32, one of the pioneers to Cal. 1849, 
mariner, at present treasurer of Boston 
Marine Soc. (m. Nov. 5, 1862, Ellen M. 
Emerson); son of Thomas Thacher Wads- 
worth of Milton, Mass., b. there Mar. 24, 
1799, d. there May 29, 1S82, rep. to Legis- 
lature, chairman of selectmen, assessor, 
overseer of the poor, surveyor of highways 
(m. June, 1S29, Mary Brad lee, a desc. of 
one of the oldest families of Milton); son 
of Benjamin of Milton, Mass., b. there 
1765, d. there 1S29, manufacturer of 
wooden ploughs (m. 17S9, Mary Babcock); 
son of John of Milton, Mass., b. there 
1739, d. there 1775 (m. 1760, Catherine 
Buliard); son of Benjamin of Milton, 

Mass., b. there 1707, d. there 1774, dea- 
con of Congl. ch. 2S yrs. (m. 1735, Esther 
Tucker); son of John of Milton, Mass., b. 
there 1664, d. there 1750, wealthy citizen, 
owner of an estate valued at ,£7,032, rep. 
many yrs. (m. 169S, Elizabeth Vose); son 
of Samuel of Milton, Mass., b. in Eng. 
1630-1, d. at Sudbury, Mass., 1676, killed 
at Sudbury while serving in King Philip's 

war, his homestead at Milton is still pos- 
sessed by his desc. (m. 1655, Abigail Lin- 
dall); son of Christopher of Duxbury, 
Mass., b. in Eng., d. at Duxbury 1678, 
settled at Duxbury 1632 (m. Grace Cole), 
he and his brother William were the first 
of the name in America. 

IV of Portland, Me., b. Compton, P. Q., 
April 7, 1S14, d. at Portland Jan. 26, 1891 
(m. March 9, 1S4S, Ann Ilutchins Hap- 
good, dau. of Thomas and Betsey Hapgood, 
and gr.-dau. of Ilutchins and Elizabeth 
Hapgood); son of Samuel of Compton, 
P. Q., b. at Plymouth, N. H., Aug. 3, 
1791, d. at Compton June 13, 1S6C, farmer 
(m. 1st, 1S11, Mehitable ShurtlelT, d. Aug. 
28, 1842, desc. from William Shurtleff, the 
emigrant ancestor of all of the name in 
the U. S., m. 2d, Mar. iS, 1845, Mrs. Abi- 
gail Kathon, d. Feb. 4, 1869); son of David 
of Compton, P. O., b. at Hudson, N. IL, 
Aug. 5, 1763, d. at Compton May 13, 1849 
(m. 1790, Polly Dearborn, a desc. of God- 
frey Dearborn, the progenitor of the Dear- 
born family in the U. S.); son of Zobadiah 
of Fryeburg, Me., b. at Pelham, N. H., 
Mar. 6, 1742-3, d. at Sanford, Me., 1820, 
minister (m. abt. 1762, Rebecca Snow); son 
of Ebenezer of Pelham, N. II. , b. at Bil- 
lerica, Mass., Feb., 1707-S, d. at Pelham 
Oct. 22, 176S (m. Ruth); son of Stephen 
of Billerica, Mass., b. at Woburn, Mass., 
Feb. 20, 1675-6, d. at Billerica Jan. 14, 
1711-12 (m. 1700, Susanna Wilson); son of 
Stephen of Woburn, Mass., b. there Aug. 
15, 1649, d. there Mar. 22, 1717-S (m. Jan. 
2, 1674-5, Abigail Wyman); son of Samnel 
of Woburn, Mass., b. in Eng. abt. 1610, d. 
at Woburn Mar. 23, 1658, came to the U. S. 
about 1636 (m. abt. 1636, Joanna). 

Prow, R. I., b. there Nov. 19, 1867, 
wool agent and salesman; son of Na- 
thaniel (}. of Prov., R. I., b. at Hooksett, 
N. II., May 17, 1837, retired cotton broker 
and manufacturer (m. Nov. 28, 1S60, Amey 
Richmond Humphreys, dau. of James and 
Rebecca Covell [Martin] Humphreys); son 
of Calvin of Dedham, Mass., b. there Nov. 


22, 1808, living 1891, treasurer, justice, 
deacon of First Orthodox Cli. (m. May 19, 
1836, Margaret, dau. of Frederick and 
Abigail [Wood] Taft of Uxbridge, Mass.); 
son of Calvin of Dedham, Mass., b. there 
July 6, 1775, d. there April 25, 1858, hatter, 
auctioneer, sheriff (m. April 6, 1800, Len- 
daminc, dau. of Mayor Abijah and Desire 
[Foster] Draper); son of Joseph of Ded- 
ham, Mass., b. there May 11, 1735, d. there 
Dec. 28, 1794, capt. of minute-men, mem- 
ber of Com. of Safety, muster-master, se- 
lectman 1775, representative 1775 (m. June 
28, 1758, Miriam, dau. of Ebenezer and 
Dorothy [Child] Draper); son of Joseph 
of Dedham, Mass., b. there Sep. 13, 1694, 
d. there Oct. 24, 1751, precinct collector in 
Dedham 1739 (m. Dec. 4, 1732, Hannah, 
dau. of Jonathan and Sarah Curtis of Rox- 
bury, Mass.); son of Samuel of Dedham, 
Mass., b. there Nov. 7, 1647, d. there June 
I, 1730, member of Capt. Moseley's com- 
pany in King Philip's war, 1675, select- 
man, delegate, weaver (m. Nov. 29, 1676, 
Mary, dau. of Samuel and Ann Wood- 
cock); son of John of Dedham, Mass.,b. 
prob. in Scotland 1616, d. at Dedham Oct. 
4, 16S2 (m. June 24, 1645, Elizabeth 
Crooke of Roxbury, Mass.). 


of Keokuk, la., b. at either New- 
port or Claremont, N. H., Apr. 30, 1832, 
resided at Newport until 1840, removed to 
Wethersfield, Vt., resided there till 1845, 
from there he went to Southbridge and to 
Worcester, Mass., where he was engaged 
as engineer, went to Keokuk 1857, one of 
the pioneer engineers there, employed on 
the K. & D. Co. R. R., and C, R. I. & P. 
R.. R. Co. (m. Aug. 10, 1856, Caroline 
Mary, b. at Troy, N. Y., Mar. 2, 1S35, dau. 
of Cyrus and Kesiah [Dodge] Olds, and 
had one child: Nellie Jane, b. at Keokuk 
May 24, 1862); son of Clark of Unity, N. 
II., b. at Newport Oct. 16, 1794, d. at East 
Unity Sep. 3, 1871, farmer (m. abt. 1825, 
Caroline, dau. of Samuel Ellis of South- 
bridge); son of Joel of Newport, N. H.,b. at 
Sutton, Mass., Jan. 10, 1764, d. at New- 
port June 14, 1S09, came to Newport 1792, 
farmer, large landholder, in 1795 he gave 

to the town land for a graveyard at North- 
ville (m. Jan. 26, 1792, Mercy, dau, of 
Benaiah and Betsey [ Eames] Morse, gr.-dau. 
of Obadiah and Mercy [Walker] Morse, 
gt. -gr.-dau. of Daniel and Susanna [Ilol- 
brook] Morse, gt.-gt. -gr.-dau. of Daniel 
and Elizabeth [Barbour] Morse, gt.-gt. -gt.- 
gr.-dau. of Daniel and Lydia Morse of. 
Sherborn, Mass., gt.-gt. -gt.-gt. -gr.-dau. of 
the emigrants, Samuel and Elizabeth Morse, 
who came from near Sherborn, Eng., in 
the ship Increase Apr., 1635, and settled at 
Dedham 1637); son of Jonathan of Sut- 
ton, Mass., b. there Oct. 16, 1736, d. at 
Dorchester Heights, Mass., Mar., 1776(111. 
May 21, 1760, Anne Wheeler, d. at New- 
port Dec. 24, iS2g, aged 89); son of Jona- 
than of Sutton, Mass., d. prob. at Sutton 
Mar. 9, 1776 (m. Abigail). 

QUMNER, SAMUEL b. Nov. 13, 1695, 
O d. Feb. 8, 17S2 (m. Nov. 20, 1723, 
Elizabeth GritTin, and had one child: Ann, 
b. Sep. 25, 1724, d. at Montague, Mass., 
July 10, 1S0S (m. Edward Ruggles of Pom- 
fret, Conn., see vol. 5 Amer. Ancestry); son 
of George, b. Feb. 9, 1666, d. 1773(111. Ann 
Tucker of Roxbury, Mass.); son of Ueorge 
of Milton, Mass., b. in Eng. Feb. 14, 1634, 
d. at Milton Dec. 11, 1715 (m. Nov. 7, 
1662, Mary Baker of Lynn, Mass.); son of 
William of Dorchester, Mass., made a 
freeman 1637, will was probated Mar. 24, 
1691 (m. Mary). 

ford, Ga., b. in Carroll co., Ga., Aug. 
23, 1S57, D. D., president of Emory 
College (m. Nov. 21, 1877, Nettie Curt- 
right, dau. of John C. and Mary C. Curt- 
right, and gr.-dau. of (Jen. Thomas C. 
Evans, and had three children: Florence, 
John and Warren); son of Samuel C. of 
Carroll co., Ga., b. in Columbia co., Ga., 
Dec. 6. 1S09, d. in Carroll co. Nov. 13, 
1S73 (m. Dec. 8, 1833, Martha, dau. of 
Noble P. and Justiana Bell, and gr.-dau. 
of Gen. Win. Beall); son of Daniel of 
Columbia co., Ga.,b. 1779, d. in Columbia 
co. 1816 (m. Sarah Slaughter); son of Wil- 
liam of Columbia co., Ga., b. prob. at 
Dublin, Ireland, 1738, d. in Columbia co. 


r8 9 

17S9, major in the Revolutionary war, com- 
manded Ga. troops at King's Mountain (m. 
1761, Elizabeth Anthony, a Genoese Ital- 
ian); son of TItOmaS of Dublin, Ireland; 
son of Henry of Ireland, b. at Kilkenny, 
Ireland, d. 1757, arch-deacon of Ossory, 
and rector of Callan; son of Thomas of 
Callan Castle, Kilkenny, Ireland (m. Jane, 
dau. of Sir Henry Tuite, and niece of the 
Earl of Clarendon); son of William, lieut.- 
col. in Cromwell's army (m. Annie, dau. of 
Capt. John Villiers). 

MORRIS, SAMUEL of Phila., Pa., b. 
prob. there Apr. 24, 1734, d. July 7, 
1812, capt. of First Cav. of Phila., which 
served at the battle of Princeton (m. Re- 
becca, dau. of Caspar Wistar, who was b. 
at Heidleburg, Germany, Feb. 3, 1696, 
emigrated to Phila. Sep. 16, 1717, d. there 
Mar. 21, 1752, and Katharine [Jansen] 
Wistar, b. Sep. 20, 1703, d. at Phila. Dec. 
8, 17S6); son of Anthony of Phila., Pa., b. 
there Nov. 14, 1705, d. there Oct. 3, 1780 
(m. Dec, 1730, Sarah, b. June 29, 1713, d. 
Apr. 11, 1751, dau. of Samuel, b. in Eng. 
abt. 1673, d. at Phila. June 27, 1756, and 
Abigail [Wilcox] Powell, b. Sep. 28, 1679, 
d. Sep., 1733); son of Anthony of Phila., 
Pa., b. at London, Eng., Mar. 15, 1682, d. 
at Phila. Sep. 23, 1762, came to New Jer- 
sey 16S3 (m. May 10, 1704, Phebe, b. Sep. 

23, 16S5, d. Mar. iS, 1769, dau. of George 
and Alice Guest of Birmingham, Eng., 
who came to America 1681); son of 
Anthony of New Jersey, b. at St. Dun- 
stan, London, Eng., Aug. 23, 1654, d. Oct. 

24, 1721, came to New Jersey 16S3 (m. 
Jan. 30, 1676, Mary Jones, d. 16SS); son 
of Anthony, b. in Wales abt. 1630, d. at 
sea abt. 1656 (m. Elizabeth Senior, d. in 
Barbadoes abt. 1660). 

of Pawtucket, R. I., b. at Smith- 
field, R. I., Apr. 2i, 1826, postmaster of 
Pawtucket 1837 (m. Sep. 7, 1S49, Eliza 
Hurd Arnold, desc. of Gov. Arnold of R. 
[.); son of Isaac of Smithfield, R. L, b. 
there Oct. 1, 1776, d. there Feb. 25, 1S63, 
town treasurer 28 yrs., member of the Leg- 
islature several terms (m. Apr. 22, 1819, 

Hannah, dau. of William and Hannah 
[Mason] Streeter of Cumberland, R. I.); 
son of David of Smithfield, R. I., b. there 
Oct. 10, 1748, d. there Apr. 12, 17S0 (m. 
Apr. 25, 1773, Lydia Spear); son of Israel 
of Smithfield, R. I., b. there Mar. 21, 1711, 
d. there Apr. 30, 17S4 (m. Apr. 6, 1732, 
Mary Aldrich); son of Samuel of Smith- 
field, R. I., b. at Providence, R. I., Sep. 
18, 1674, d. at Smithfield Jan. 18, 1726-7 
(m. Iluldah Aldrich); son of Samuel of 
Providence, R. 1., d. there Aug. 27, 1727 
(m. Plain, dau. of Rev. Wm. Wickenden 
of Prov.); son of Lawrence of Providence, 
R. I., b. in England. 

ing, L. I., b. there July 21, 1843 (m. 
1st. Feb. 19, 1S73, Josephine K. Beesley, b. 
Jan. 1, 1S44, d. Jan. 18, 1SS3, and had five 
children: Josie B., h. Apr. 6, 1S74, d. Oct. 
2S, 1875, Flora, h. Sep. 30, 1875, d. Jan. 
30, 1S78, Maria Louisa, b. Apr. 24, 1878, 
David Talman, b. Feb. 10,, 18S0, and 
Joseph B., b. Sep. 21, 1S82, d. July 9, 1SS3, 
m. 2d, Feb. 12,1890, Marie Louise Beesley); 
son of David Talman Waters of Flushing, 
L. I., b. there Oct. 14, 1803 (m. Dec. 28, 
iS35, Esther Layton, d. Apr. 23, 1S91); son 
of Talman of Flushing, L. I., b. there 
Sep. 18, 17S2, d. there Feb. 11, 1S53 (m. 
Dec. 26, 1S02, Sarah Ousterman of Long 
Island); son of Oliver of Queens county, 
N. Y., b. there, d. there May 5, 17S9, 
owner of considerable real estate (m. Sep. 
17, 177S, Jane Talman, d. Sep. 2, 17S4); 
son of Benjamin of Oueens county, N. 
Y., b. there, d. there abt. 1767, farmer (m. 

J- Pottsville, Pa., b. Aug. 14, 1840, stud. 
Yale Coll. B. A. 1S61, M. A. 1S71, capt. 
of 7th Pa. Cav. 1861-5, member of Ameri- 
can Philosophical Soc, of the American 
Inst, of Mining Engineers, of the Hist. 
Soc. of Pa., of the Military Order of the 
Loyal Legion of the U. S., civil and mining 
engineer, engineer of the Girard estate 1S74- 
91 (m. Jan. 23, 1S66, Sarah E., dau. of Isaac 
Beck, and had four children: Emily B., 
Samuel C, Margaretta L., and Ileber II.) 



brothers, William and Lewis C. ; son of 
Samuel of Pottsville, Newton Hamilton 
and Thotnpsontown, Pa., b. 1792, d. Mar. 
7, 1851, farmer, merchant (m. Aug. 6, 1S33, 
Elizabeth Cunningham of Newton Hamil- 
ton, Pa., and had four children: Hebcr 
S., William, Lewis C. and Emily B. 
(m. Edward Carey Baird); son of William 
Thomson of Thompsontown, Pa.,b. 1754, 
served in the Revolutionary war, farmer, 
merchant (m. Jane Mitchel of near Cham- 
bersburg, Pa.); son of John of Chester 
and Franklin cos., Pa., b. in county 
Antrim, Ireland, emigrated to Pa. 1735 (m. 
1st, Miss Greenleaf, m. 2d, Mrs. Slocum, 
m. 3d, Sarah Patterson) spelled his name 

ton, Vt., b. there July 14, 1S01, d. 
there Apr. 4, 1S7S, grad. Middlebury Coll. 
1825 (m. Sep. 29, 1S29, Sarah Gerrish Little, 
and had five children: Emma L., Leavitt N., 
Henry P., Edwin H. and Alfred L\); son 
of ErastllS of Castleton, Vt., b. at Sims- 
bury, Ct., May 16, 1772, d. at Castleton 
Sep. 3, 1861, deacon, judge of probate, 
representative (m. Oct. 9, 1798, Esther 
Anna Guernsey of Bethlehem, Ct., and 
had seven children: Sara Maria, Ilervey 
Owen, Nelson, Zilpah, Esther Anne, 
Emeline and Columbus); son of Brewster 
of Simsbury, Ct., and Castleton, Vt., b. at 
Simsbury Mar. 14, 1735, d. at Castleton 
Apr. 11, 1S05, moved to Castleton 1779, 
served as ensign in the Revolutionary war, 
deacon, judge of probate, town clerk, 
very prominent in town affairs (in. Apr. 7, 
1757, Esther Humphrey Owen, dau. of 
Judge John Owen of Simsbury, and had 
ten children: Brewster, Louise, Anne, 
Zilpah, Delight, Erastus, Esther, Iole, 
Harley and Zernah); son of Brewster of 
Simsbury, Ct., b. there Dec. 12, 1709, d. 
there Mar. 21, 1794, farmer, deacon (m. 
1734, Esther, dau. of John and Ann [Petti- 
bone] Holcomb, and had seven children: 
Brewster, Hannah, Joel, Esther, Seth, 
Huldah and Enoch); son of Brewster of 
Simsbury, Ct., b. at Windsor, Ct., 16S0, d. 
at Simsbury Nov. 5, 1760 (m. Feb. 17, 
1709, Esther, dau. of Nathaniel Holcomb, 

and had eight children: Brewster, David. 
Joseph, Hannah, Elizabeth, John, Esthct . 
and Naomi); son of John of Simsbury, 
Ct., b. at Framley, Eng., July 22, 1049, d. 
at Simsbury Aug. 5, 1714, came to America 
at age of 17, capt. in the militia, justice of 
the peace, member of the Assembly (m, 
1st, Nov. 6, 1761, Hannah, dau. of John 
Drake, m. 2d, Sarah Strong Bissell, and 
had the following children, the first nine 
by the first marriage: John, Jonathan, 
Elizabeth, Katharine, Brewster, Hannah, 
Joseph, Samuel, Mindwell, Sarah, Nathan- 
iel, Joshua, Josiah, Abigail, Susanna and 

Mass., b. at Goshen, Ct., Sep. 8, 
1S09, farmer in early life, educated at Yale 
Coll., and Tlieol. Inst, of Ct., teacher 8 
yrs., pastor of churches at Milton, Ct,, 
North BridgeAvater, Athol, West Yar- 
mouth and Hubbardston, Mass., and at 
Fitzwilliam, N. II., 40 yrs., author of 
"Athol in Suppressing the Rebellion," 
"History of Fitzwilliam, N. II.," "His- 
tory of Athol, Mass.," " History of Natick, 
Mass.," also of several sermons (m. Sep. 
22, 1853, Ann Maria, dau. of Rev. Cyrus 
and Nancy Mann of Sloughton, and 
had one son: Lewis M. Norton, Ph. D., 
prof, of chemistry at Boston, Mass.); son 
of Lewis Mills Norton of Goshen, Ct., 
b. there Dec. 22, 17S3, d. there Apr. 30, 
1S60, builder, county surveyor, inventor of 
the patent of the machinery for making 
pine-apple cheese, the maker of the first 
power-loom for weaving woolen goods in 
the country, deacon, author of " Goshen 
Family History," and other genealogies 
(m. Oct. 10, 1S05, Laura, dau. of John 
Foote, a desc. of the family of Admiral 
Foote, of the Civil war); son of EliCliezer 
of Goshen, Ct., b. there 1748, d. there 
Sep. 24, 1795, farmer, surveyor, during the 
Revolutionary war manufactured stocks 
for U. S. muskets (m. 1782, Charity Mills 
of Norfolk, Ct., a desc. of the English 
Mills family); son of EbeilCZer of Goshen, 
Ct., b. at Durham, Ct., Dec. 30, 1715, d. 
at Goshen Mar. 15, 17S5, colonel in the 
militia, deacon, justice of the peace, mem- 


bcr of Gen. Assembly 26 times, prominent 
in town affairs (m. 1740, Elizabeth, b. Dec. 
11, 1722, d. Apr. 16, 1S11, dau. of Dea. 
Nathaniel Baldwin of Goshen, son of John 
and Mary [Bruen] Baldwin of Milford, 
Ct.); son of Samuel of Durham, Ct., b. at 
Saybrook Nov. 6, 16S1, d. at Durham 
July 13, 1767, moved to Durham 1704, 
bought a proprietor's right at Goshen Nov. 
20, 173S (m. Mar. 13, 1713, Mrs. Dinah 
Birdseye Beach, and had three sons: 
Ebenezer, Samuel and David); son of 
TllOmaS of Saybrook, Ct., b. in England 
abt. 1626, d. at Durham shortly after Nov. 
5, 1712 (m. May 8, 1671, Elizabeth, dau. of 
Nicholas Mason); son of Thomas of Guil- 
ford, Ct., b. in England, d. at Guilford 
1648 (m. Grace Seward). 


GLEY, WARREN of New York 
city, b. at Auburn, N. Y., July 1, 
1S33, grad. Hamilton Coll. 1S62, school 
commissioner of Cayuga co., N. Y., 
1861-3, principal Cayuga Lake Acad. 
1S63-6, principal High Sch., and supt. of 
public schools at Auburn 1S66-S, principal 
Cayuga Lake Acad. 1S6S-70, of the Cleve- 
land, O., High Sch. 1S70-1, supt. public 
instruction, Dayton, O., 1S71-3, admitted 
to the bar of Ohio 1S74, judge of Cincin- 
nati, O., City Court 1S81-3, removed to 
New York 1SS4, one of the originators 
and organizers of the American Forestry 
Congress, pres. of Ohio State Forestry 
Assoc, twice pics, of the American For- 
estry Congress, and vice-pres. of the N. 
Y. State Forestry Assoc, secretary and 
one of the originators of the Ohio Soc. of 
N. Y. (m. 1st, Jan. 1, 1863, Fiances W. 
Tyler, and had one child: Arthur Warren 
Higley, in. 2d, June 30, 1873, Emma 
Clark); son of Chester of Auburn, N. Y., 
b. at Onondaga, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1S07, d. at 
Auburn May 3, 1S75, farmer (m. July 6, 
182S, Prudence Miller, d. Jan. 5, 1SS2, 
aged 73 yrs,); son of Warren of Onon- 
daga, N. Y., b. at Simsbury, Ct., 1775, d. 
at Onondaga May 16, 1S48, removed from 
Simsbury to Onondaga 1804, farmer, capt. 
of the Onondaga artillery, served in War 
of 1812 (m. Lucy Sawyer of Ct.); son of 
Seth of Simsbury, Ct., b. there Oct. 29, 

1746, d. there Mar., 1794, served in the 
Revolutionary war, in the iStli Ct. regt., 
corporal of this regt. (m. Mar. 3, 1768, 
Mindwell Higley, b. abt. 1735); son of 
Brewster of Simsbury, Ct., b. there Dec. 

12, 1709, d. there Mar. 2T, 1794, a wealthy, 
influential citizen, ensign 1758 (m. Mar. 

1 3, 1734, Esther Ilolcombe); son of 
Brewster of Simsbury, Ct., b. at Wind- 
sor, Ct., 16S0, d. at Simsbury Nov. 5, 
1760, ensign 1728, prominent citizen, large 
land-proprietor, held many public offices 
(m. 1707, Hester, dau. of Nathaniel and 
Mary [Bliss] Ilolcombe); son of John of 
Simsbury, Ct., b. at Frimley, Eng., July 
22, 1649, d. at Simsbury Aug. 25, 1714, re- 
moved Eng. to Ct. i666(m. ist.Nov. 9,1671, 
Hannah, dau. of John Drake of Windsor, 
Ct.,d. Aug. 4,1694, m. 2d, l6ijl, Sarah, dau. 
of Return Strong, both of Windsor, Ct.); 
son of Jonathan of Frimley, Eng., b. 
there about 1620, d. there 1G64 (m. Jan. 3, 
164S, Katherine Brewster, dau. of the Rev. 
John Brewster of Frimley, Eng.). 

DAYIS, HORACE of San Francisco, 
Cal., b. at Worcester, Mass., Mar. 
16, 1S31, grad. Harvard Coll., A. B., 1849, 
Univ. of the Pacific, LL. D., 1SS9, mem- 
ber of House of Representatives, pres. of 
the Univ. of Cal. iS8S-9-yo(m. 1S75, Edith 
Sawyer, dau. of Rev. Thomas Starr King); 
son of John of Worcester, Mass., b. at 
Northboro, Mass., Jan. 13, 17S7, d. at 
Worcester Apr. 19, 1S54, grad. Yale Coll. 
1812, member of Congress 10 yrs., U. S. 
senator 14 yrs., governor of Mass. 1835-6 
and 1840-1 (m. Mar. 28, iS22, Eliza, dau. 
Rev. Aaron Bancroft of Worcester, and 
sister of George Bancroft, the historian); 
son of Isaac of Northboro, Mass., b. at 
Rutland, Mass., Feb. 27, 1749, d. at North- 
boro Apr. 27, 1S26, deacon, rep. in Legis- 
lature 7 yrs. (m. May 21, 1772, Anna, dau. 
of Samuel Brigham of Westboro, Mass.); 
son of Simon of Rutland, Mass., b. at 
Holden, Mass., May 17, 1714, d. at Rut- 
land Apr. 9, 1754 (m. 1734, Hannah Gates 
of Stow, Mass.); son of Simon of Holden, 
Mass., b. at Concord, Mass., Aug. 9, 16S3, 
d. Feb. 16, 1763, lieut. in the militia (m. 
1713, Dorothy); son of Samuel of Con- 


cord, Mass., b. at Mass., d. prob. at Bed- 
ford, Mass. (in. Jan. n, 1665-6, Mary Med- 
dowes); son of Dolor of Cambridge, Mass., 
b. at Kent, Eng., d. at Barnstable 1673, 
came to America 1634 (m. Margery Wil- 
lard, and had three children). 

BUFFUM, MOSES of Oxford, Mass., 
b. at Smithfield, R. I., July 10, 1S00, 
d. Nov. 20, 1874, woolen manufacturer (m. 
Inly 24, 1S23, Louisa, b. Oct. 30, 1805, d. 
Jan. 13, 1SS5, dau. of Esek and Abigail 
[Wood J Pitts); son of Joshua of Smith- 
field, R. I., now North Smithfield, b. Aug. 
13, 1766, d. there Oct., 1S09, farmer (m. 
June 4, 17S6, Sabra Ballou); son of Renja- 
Ulin of Smithfield, R. I., b. there, will 
proven May 14, 1798 (m. 1st, Ann Farnum, 
m. 2d, Elizabeth Swett); son of Benjamin 
of North Smithfield, R. I., b. at Salem, 
Mass., 16S6, d. at Smithfield Jan. 3, 1748 
(m.Miss Buxton (?)); son of Caleb of Salem, 
Mass., b. prob. there 1650, d. there, will 
proved 1730 (m. Mar. 26, 1672, Hannah, 
dau. of Joseph and Gertrude Pope); son 
of Robert of Salem, Mass., b. in York- 
shire, Eng.(?), d. prob. at Salem 1679, came 
from Eng. in company with Joseph Pope, 
father of Hannah, in the ship Mary and 
John, 1634 (m. Thomasine Bacon, b. 1606). 

of Wallingford, Ct., b. at Northford, 
Ct., Nov. 21, 1821 (m. 1st, Dec. 18, 1850, 
Erry Ann Lee of Southington, Ct., m. 2d, 
Sep. 23, 1874, Jennie E. Harrison); son of 
Timothy of Northford, Ct., b. there Feb. 
6, 1793, d. there Mar. 4, 1S79 ( m - Fcb - 6 > 
1820, Mariett, d. Feb. 12, 1S79, dau. of 
Abel Cook of Wallingford); son of Timo- 
thy of Northford, Ct., b. there Jan. 6, 
1758, d. there Sep. 16, 1835 (m. Dec. 5, 
1782, Abigail Munson); son of Samuel of 
Branford, Ct., b. there Sep. 12, 1706, d. at 
Northford 1795 (m. 1st, Sarah, d. Dec. 8, 
1754, m. 2d, Hannah Frisbie, d. Aug. 10, 
1769, m. 3d, Martha Hart); son of Andrew 
of Branford, Ct., b. at Roxbury, Mass., 
abt. 1670, d. at Wallingford between 
1752-5 (m. abt. 169S, Hannah, d. Feb. 2, 
1741, dau. of Samuel Frisbie); son of 
William of Woodstock, Ct., b, at Ips- 

wich, Mass., 1640-1, d. at Woodstock 
1697, resided at Deerfield during King 
Philip's war, and while there his dau. Abi- 
gail was taken prisoner by the Indians 
and carried to Canada, where she was 
held for 8 mo., until ransomed by paying 
,£200 (m. Dec. 17, 1663, Mary, dau. of 
Capt. Isaac Johnson, who was killed by 
the Indians at Fort Narragansett Dec. 19, 

Burlington, la., b. Apr. 25, 1854, 
grad. Notre Dame Univ. 1874, lawyer, 
state Senator 18S5-93, lieut.-col. on Gov. 
Boies' stair 1890; son of Augustus C. of 
Burlington, la., b. at St. Genevieve, Mo., 
Jan. 2, 1S12, d. at Burlington Nov. 20, 
1S83, served under his father, Henry 
Dodge, in the Winnebago war of 1827, 
and in the Black Hawk war 1S32, register 
of Land Office of la. 1S38-9, delegate to 
Congress 1840-7, when la. became a state 
he became U. S. senator 1S48-1855, presi- 
dential elector 1848, U. S. minister to 
Spain 1S55-9, delegate to Chicago Na- 
tional Democratic Convention 1S64 and 
1873-4, mayor of Burlington (m. Clara A., 
dau. of Joseph Hertich of St. Genevieve); 
son of Henry of Burlington, la., b. at Vin- 
cennes, Ind., Oct. 12, 17S2, d. at Burling- 
ton June 19, 1867, commanded a mounted 
company of volunteer riflemen Aug. and 
Sep., 1812, major of Louisiana militia 
under Gen. Howard, major of Mo. militia 
in McNair's regt. 1813, commanded a bat- 
talion of Mo. mounted inf. as lieut.-col. 
1814, col. of Mich, volunteers 1832, major 
U. S. rangers June 21, 1832, and became 
first colonel of the first dragoons Mar. 4, 
1S33, commanded an expedition to the 
Rocky mts. 1S35, was unsurpassed as an 
Indian fighter, and was presented with a 
sword, with the thanks of the nation, by 
Congress, resigned July 4, 1836, having 
been appointed by Pres. Jackson governor 
of Wisconsin Ter., held this office till 1841, 
delegate to Congress 2 terms, re-elected 
governor of Wis. 1846, and when it was 
admitted as a state to the Union, he was 
one of its first U. S. senators, served from 
June 23, iS48-Mar. 3, 1S57 (m. 1800, Chris- 



tina, dau. of James McDonald); son of 
Israel of St. Genevieve, Mo., b. at Pom- 
fret, Ct., Sep. 3, 1760, d. at St. Genevieve 
1806, one of the first settlers under Spanish 
govt, when it passed to the U. S. in the 
Louisiana purchase (m. 1780, Nancy 
Hunter of Carlisle, Pa.); son of John 
of New London, Ct., b. there 1727, d. at 
Ct. 1792 (m. Oct. 23, 1748, Lydia Rogers 
of Pomfret, Ct.); son of Israel of Block 
Island, b. in Eng., d. at New London 1745, 
one of the four sons of Tristram Dodge of 
Eng., who came to America 1659, and 
was one of the first purchasers and settlers 
of Block Island 1661. 

BRYANT, PERCY of Buffalo, N. Y., 
b. at Charles City, la., Apr. 19, 1S62, 
grad. med. dept. Columbia Coll., physi- 
cian, practiced at Chicago, 111., 1883, New 
York city 18S7, and brother, Walter Bry- 
ant, b. at Cedar Falls, la., Oct. 1, 1S63, 
grad. Univ. of la. 1SS6, civil engineer; 
sons of Nathaniel Gushing Bryant of 
Cedar Falls, la., b. at Nobleborough, Me., 
Mar. 27, 1823, d. at Cedar Falls Sep. 19, 
1874, grad. No. 4 Naval School, Phila., 
1843, commander U. S. N., served in the 
Mexican war, lieut. 1850, served on the 
sloop Richmond 1861, Miss, squadron 
1862, retired 1S64 (m. Sep. 19, 1S60, Mary 
Elizabeth, b. Aug. 16, 1S34, dau. of Mark 
John and Mary [Yardlcy] Southal); son of 
Cashing of Damariscotta Mills, Me., b. 
at New Castle, Me., July 18, 1797, d. at 
Damariscotta Mills Oct. 25, 1S63, ship- 
builder (m. Sep. 25, 1821, Arlitta, b. Dec. 
27, 1799, d. Dec. 18, 1861, dau. of Dr. 
Josiah and Mary Myrick of New Castle); 
son of Nathaniel of Newcastle, Me., 
b. at Scituate, Mass., May 2, 1765, d. at 
Jefferson, Me., Jan. 9, 1835, ship-builder 
and merchant (m. 1787, Betsey Wall, b. 
at Bristol, Me., Mar. 25, 176S, d. Sep. 12, 
1846); son of Nathaniel of New Castle, 
Me., b. at Marshfield, Mass., Oct. 10, 
1738, d. at New Castle July 9, 1772, ship- 
wright (m. 1763, Hannah, b. July 5, 1742, 
dau. of Capt. Samuel and Patience [How- 
land] Barker of Scituate, Mass.); son of 
Seth"of Marshfield, Mass., b. at Scituate 
Feb. 12, 1714, d. at Marshfield 1772, 

gentleman, will dated 1771 (m. July 29, 
173C, Elizabeth, b. Feb. 9, 1713, d. Feb. 7, 
17SS, dau. of Ebenezer and Deborah [Ran- 
dall] Barker of Scituate, Mass.); son of 
Thomas of Scituate, Mass., b. there July 
J 5. I0 75> d. there 1748, justice of the peace, 
rep. to Legislature 1725-30-4, very promi- 
nent, will dated 174S (in. Aug. 23, 1707, 
Mary, b. Aug. 14, 16S5, dau. of Gersham 
and Mary Ewell of Scituate); son of John 
of Scituate, Mass., d. there Nov., 1684, 
freeman 1639, representative 1677-8, active 
in public affairs, will dated 1684 (in. 1st, 
Nov. 4, 1643, Mary, dau. of George Lewis 
of Barnstable, m. 2d, Dec. 22, 1657, Eliza- 
beth Witherle, m. 3d, 1664, Mary, dau. of 
Thomas Hiland of Scituate). 

ELLIS, SETH H. of Springboro, O., b. 
in Clinton CO., O., Jan. 3, 1S30, 
teacher, farmer, master of State Grange of 
Patrons of Ohio Husbandry Apr. 9, 1S73- 
9, chairman of same 10 yrs., re-elected 
master of same. Dec.iSSS to date, chaplain 
of National Grange 2 yrs., trustee of Ohio 
State Univ. May 19, 1878-S7 (m. Rebecca 
Tressler, and had five dans, and two sons); 
son of Robert, b. at Knoxville, Tenn., 
abt. 1794, d. at Janesboro, Ind., Mar., 1S73, 
farmer, Quaker (ni. Mrs. Anna Moon); son 
of Nehemiah, d. in Clinton co., O., 
Quaker, removed to Ohio abt. 1807-S. 

l 1 market, Ind., b. at Clark's Hill, Ind., 
Feb. 19, 1834, educated at Waveland Acad, 
and 111. State Normal Univ., teacher, far- 
mer (m. 1st, June 3, 185S, Martha Byers, m. 
2d, Apr. 14, 1S70, Hannah Cook, and had 
three children: Alice, Gracie and Earl), and 
brother James C. Fullenwider, grad. Wa- 
bash Coll. 1S61, com. sergt. of 33d Ind. 
Vols, in Civil war, killed at Thompson's 
Station, Tenn., Mar. 5, 1S63; son of Elea- 
zar of Waveland, Ind., b. at Scott's Sta- 
tion, Ky., Feb. 5, 1S02, d. at Crawfords- 
ville, Ind., 1S70, pioneer of Ind. 1830, 
elder in Pies. ch. (in. Aug., 1822, Lavinia 
Allen of Ky., and had eleven children); 
son of Jacob of Shelby co.. Ky., b. at 
Ilagarstown, Md., June 2, 1767, d. at 
Scott's Station 1S48, soldier in Wayne's 



campaign, lived in a fort 9 yrs. at Ky., re- 
moved to Pa. 17S1, returned to Ky. 17S3, 
resided in one house 50 yrs., elder in Pres. 
ch. (in. Apr. ig, 1796, Catharine Winter of 
German parentage, and had fifteen chil- 
dren); son of Pot IT of Hagarstown, Md., 
b. in Switzerland, d. in Shelby co., Ky., 
1799, emigrated from Switzerland to Ha- 
garstown 1752, pioneer in Ky. 17S3. 

\J LOW of Exeter, N. II., b. at Notting- 
ham, N. II., Sep. 6, 1838, moved to Exeter 
Mar., 1842, attended Phillips Exeter Acad., 
grad. Harvard Coll. 185S, taught at Albany 
Boys' Acad., prof, ancient languages at 
Phillips Exeter Acad, since Feb. 14, 1S59 
(m. Aug. 3, 1S64, Amanda Currier Morris, 
dau. of John and Amanda [Currier] Mor- 
ris, a desc. of Elder Wm. Wentworth); son 
of Joseph Longfellow Cilley of Notting- 
ham and Exeter, N. II., b. at Nottingham 
Oct. 27, 1S03, d. at Exeter Aug. 18, 1S68 
(m. Nov. 22, 1837, Lavinia Bayley Kelly, 
dau. of Hon. John and Susan [Hilton] 
Kelly, he, John, was a lawyer, an antiqua- 
rian, grad. of Dartmouth Coll. 1S04, and 
was son of Rev. William Kelly, a desc. 
of John of Newbury, Mass., she, Susan, 
was a desc. of Edward Hilton, the first 
setiler of N. H., also of Govs. Winthrop 
and Dudley of Mass.); son of Jacob of 
Nottingham, N. II., b. there July 19, 1773, 
d. there Jan. 22, 1831, farmer, trader (m. 
Harriet, dau. of Gen. Enoch and Martha 
[Osgood] Poor of Andover, Mass.); son 
of Joseph of Nottingham, N. H., b. there 
1734, d. there Aug. 25, 1799, col. of 1st 
N. II. regt., major of Poor's regt., and 
maj.-gen. of N. H. militia, was present at 
battles of Monmouth, Valley Forge and at 
the surrender of Burgoyne, treas., vice- 
pres. and pres. of Cincinnati (m. Nov. 4, 
1756, Sarah, b. Nov. 17, 1739, dau. of 
Jonathan and Mary [Clark] Longfellow 
and gr.-dau. of Nathan and Mar)' [Green] 
Longfellow of Hampton); son of Joseph 
of Nottingham, N. II., b. at Hampton 
Oct. 6, 1701, d. at Nottingham, name was 
sometimes spelled Ceilley and Cillev (m. 
1724-5, Alice, dau. of Benjamin Rawlings 
and gr.-dau. of Tomas Rawlings of Exeter); 

son of Thomas of Hampton, N. H. (m. 
Ann, dau. of John and Mary [Bradbury] 
Stanyan, and gr.-dau. of Anthony Stan- 
yan, also of Thomas and Mary [Perkins] 

yj Woburn, Mass., Mar. 19, 180S, d. 
Dec. 9, 18S8, grad. Middlebury Coll. 1826, 
pastor of High St. Ch., Portland, Me., 30 
yrs., D. D., sec. Mass. Temp. Soc. and of 
Congl. Temp. Soc. many years (m. Nov. 
9, 1S30, Frances Evelina, d. May 30, 1885, 
aged 76, dau. of Dea. Joseph Knowlton of 
Phillipston, Mass.) ; son of Joseph of 
Woburn and Phillipston, Mass., b. at 
South Dedham Apr. 30, 17S0, d. at Phil- 
lipston Jan. 27, 1S44, grad. Harvard Coll. 
1799, minister (m. 1S05, Betsey, dau. of 
Dea. White of Concord); son of Jabezof 
South Dedham, Mass., b. at Dover Nov. 
4, 1753, d. at South Dedham Mar. 12, 1812, 
grad. Harvard 1774, minister (m. Apr. 22, 
1777, Hannah, dau. of Rev. Thomas and 
Mary [Sumner] Balch of South Dedham); 
son of Joseph of Dover, Mass., b. there 
May 5, 17 17, d. there Nov. 28, 1754, deacon 
(m. Feb. 7, 1744, Rebecca, dau. of Capt. 
Josiah and Hannah [Fisher] Newell of 
Needham); son of Nathaniel of Dedham, 
Mass., b. there Mar. 28, 1677, d. at Dover 
Jan. 16, 1747, deacon (m. June 26, 1716, 
Deborah, dau. of Dea. Joseph and Deborah 
[Colburn] Wight of Dedham); son of Na- 
thaniel of Dedham, Mass., b. at Wren- 
tham, Eng., bapt. Oct. 8, 1647, d. at Ded- 
ham Oct. 21, 1694 (m. Dec. 23, 1674, Lydia, 
dau. of Danl. and Abigail [Marriott] Fisher 
of Dedham); son of Simeon of Wrentham, 
Eng., d. 1674 (m. 1635 Prudence); son of 
Henry of Ringsford, Eng., d. 1627 (m. 
Mary); son of Stephen of Wicklewood, 
Eng., d. 1576 (m. Anne or Agnes Dey); 
son of Thomas of Wymondham, Eng., d. 
prior to 1538 (m. Clare Brown). 

BOU<aiTON, ROBERT LEE of Detroit, 
Mich., b. there July 17, 1SS4; son of 
Frank Pardee Boughton of Detroit, 
Mich., b. at Victor, N. Y., Nov. 26, 1S60, 
grad. Univ. of Mich. B. A. 1SS1, lumber 
manufacturer, banker (m. Oct. 9, 1883, 



Louise Pitkin Skinner, dau. of William 
II. and Caroline [Reed] Skinner of Battle 
Creek, Mich.); son of James of Battle 
Creek, Mich., b. at Victor Nov. 5, 1838, 
merchant, banker (m. Dec. 20, 1859, Fran- 
ces Sophia, dau. of Orrin and Sophia De 
Lano [Gibson] Pardee); son of Caleb of 
Victor, N. V., b. at New Canaan, Ct., d. 
at Victor July 20, 1S60, farmer (m. his 
cousin Irene Boughton); son of Elciizai' 
Bouton of Victor, N. Y., b. at New Ca- 
naan, d. at Victor, farmer (m. Jan. 22, 
1786, Deborah Benedict); son of Eloazar 
of Stamford, Ct., b. there, Jan. 22, 1728 
(m. Nov. 10, 1763, Dinah Benedict); son 

of Eleazer of Norwalk, Ct., b. 1695 (m. 

1721, Elizabeth Seymour); son of John of 
Norwalk, Ct., b. there Sep. 30, 1659 (m. 
1685, Sarah Greggoiie); son of John of 
Norwalk, Ct., b. in France, d. at Dan- 
bury, Ct., 1704 (m. Jan. 1, 1656, Abigail 
Marin); son of Nicholas of France, b. 
there abt. 15S0, Count Chamilly and Baron 

JA> Washington, D. C, b. at Thornton, 
N. H., Jan. 2, 1828, Congl. minister in St. 
Albans, Vt., Lowell and Boston, Mass., 
Washington, D. C, and Orange, N. J., 
president Howard Univ., grad. Middle- 
bury Coll. 1S4S, Andover Theol. Sem. 
1854, D. D. 1S69, LL. D. 1SS9, author of 
published poems, hymns and sermons, 
contributor to religious papers, associate 
editor of Congl. Review (m. Nov. 29, 1854, 
Mary Howell Birge, directly descended in 
a double line, through the Eatons and 
Elliots, from the Pilgrim fathers, and dau. 
of Cyrus and Adeline [Frink] Birge, and 
had five children: Eames Birge, Mary 
Farnham, Walter Newton, Andrew Wyman 
and Edith Gadcomb) and brother, Hon. 
Andrew Rankin of St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; 
sons of Andrew of Danbury, N. 11., b, at 
Littletown, N. H., Nov. 1, 1796, d. at Dan- 
bury, Congl. minister, trustee of Middle- 
bury Coll. (m. Jan. 15, 1824, Lois Eames, 
dau. of Col. Jeremiah and Persis Williams 
of West Ste'wartstown, N. II., he, Col. 
Jeremiah, was active in the War of 1S12, 
representative in N. H. Legislature, far- 

mer); son of Andrew of Littletown, N. H., 
b. there, deacon in Congl. ch., captain in 
the militia, farmer (m. Dolly French of 
Candia, N. H.); son of James of Little- 
town, N. II., b. at Paisley, Scotland, d. at 
Littleton, one of the early settlers of Lit- 
tleton, farmer, mill-owner (m. Margaret 
Witherspoon, and had eight children: John, 
Andrew, Samuel, James, William, Henry, 
David and Marion). 

BATES, STEPHEN of Canandaigua, 
N. Y., b. at Granville, Mass., Aug. 
2 S, 1773, sheriff of Ontario co. 1806, mem- 
ber of the Assembly 1813, senator 1814, re- 
elected 1817 (m. 1795, Naomi Handy, b. 
1777, d. 1S66, and had eight children: 
Philo, Stephen, Harriet, Eliza, Emma, 
Esther, James and Curtiss); son of 
l'hineas, b. at Durham, Ct., July 26, 
1749, d. 1S29, magistrate, sheriff, trustee 
of the Congl. church (m. Dec. 5, 1771, 
Esther, b. Nov. 15, 1751, dau. of David 
and Thankful Curtiss); son of Stephen of 
Durham, Ct., b. Mar. 20, 1722 (m. Lois, 
had 5ch.: Phineas.b. July.26, 1749, Linus, b. 
Sep. 6, 1751, Lois, b. Jan. 7, 1754, Phcebe, 
I b. Feb. 4, 1756, and Stephen, b. July 10, 
1759); son of Stephen of Durham, Ct., his 
ancestors arrived from England abt. the 
middle of the 17th century, and located 
near Boston, Mass. (m. Dec. 29, 171 5, 
Patience, dau. of Joseph Seward, b. 1655, 
d. Feb. 14, 1732, the fust physician of Dur- 
ham, Ct.). 

J- of Boston, Mass., b. at West Green- 
wich, R. 1., Apr. 3, 1843, educated in the 
public schools of Windham co., Ct., 
teacher, school visitor for several years in 
Killingly, Ct., connected with the editorial 
dept. of the Boston Daily Journal 1870-9, 
city editor several years, librarian of State 
Library of Mass. 1S79-91, assistant secre- 
tary and treasurer of Mass. State Bd. of Edu- 
cation, chairman of Free Public Library 
Commission of Mass., member of Boston 
Art Club, Appalachian Mountain Club, 
New Eng. Hist. (Jen. Soc, corresponding 
member of Chicago Hist. Soc, Buffalo 
Hist. Soc, Weymouth Hist. Soc, Old 

i 9 6 


Colony Hist. Soc, Society of Antiquity, 
and life member of Boston Y. M. C. 
Union (in. June 30, 1886, Mattie A. Won- 
son); son of Pardon of Danielsonville, 
Ct., b. at West Greenwich, R. I., May 31, 
181 1, d. at Danielsonville Apr. 6, 1SS7 (m. 
Eunice, dau. of Benjamin and Eunice 
[Green] Tillinghast of West Greenwich); 
son of Charles of West Greenwich, R. I., 
b. Sep. iC, 17S6, d. Jan. 20, 1879; son of 
Pardon of R. I., b. June 23, 1763, d. Nov. 
20, 1S16; son of Charles of R. I., b. 1730, 
d. 1775; son of John of R. I., d. Oct. 21, 
1777; son of Pardon, b. Feb. 16, 1666, d. 
Oct. 15, 1743; son of Elder Pardon, b. 
1622, d. Jan. 29, 171S. 

Ravenna, O., b. there Oct. 19, 1S41, 
cashier of 2d National Bank, has been en- 
gaged in that institution 31 yrs., prominent 
member of Odd Fellows (m. Oct. 13, rS&4, 
Ellisif Reeves, a desc. of Tumis Reeves of 
Revolutionary fame); son of Horace Tony 
Beebc of Ravenna, ()., b. at Middletown, 
Ct., Sep. 14, 1S16, d. at Ravenna Jan. 29, 
18SS, member of the Universalis! ch. and 
of the Odd Fellows, very prominent in 
town affairs (m. Apr. 30, 1S38, Augusta, 
dau. of Hon. William Coolman of Raven- 
na); son of Oliver Button Beebc of Mid- 
dletown, Ct., b. there Dec. 5, 17S3, d. 
there 1S24, carpenter and contractor (m. 
Phebe Harris Holt, b. May 22, 1779, dau. 
of Joseph and Elizabeth [Crochcn] Holt of 
London, Ct.); son of Alvan of East Had- 
dam, Ct., b. there 1761, d. there; son of 
Brockway of East Haddam, Ct., b, there 
1745, d. there Feb. 23, 1S15, he had six 
children: Alvan, mentioned above, Otis, 
d. Mar., 1829, aged 64 yrs., Amasa, d. July, 
1807, aged 36 yrs., Dura, d. Jan., 1S36, 
aged 75 yrs., Lydia, d. Nov., 1S15, aged 
38 yrs., and Phebe); son of Joshua of 
Ludlow, Mass., b. at East Haddam, d. 
there, aged S4 yrs., moved to Ludlow 176S 
(m. Hannah Brockway, d., aged 103, and 
had three sons: Brockway, Joshua and 
Gideon); son of Jonathan of East Had- 
dam, Ct., had four sons: Jonathan, Wil- 
liam, Joshua and Caleb, all of East Had- 
dam except Joshua. 

Ct., b. at New Fairfield, Ct., Aug. 13, 
1839, enlisted Apr. 25, 1S61, in co. C, 3d 
Ct. vols., discharged Aug. 12, 1861, re- 
enlisted Oct. 29, co. A, nth Ct. vols., and 
served 3 yrs., has held all the subordinate 
offices, and is now commander of the 'as. 
E. Moore Post iS, G. A. R., of Danbury 
(m. May 13, i860, Louise, dau. of Russell 
and Marilda Slocum, and had six children: 
Catharine E., b. Aug. 24, 1861, Theo. A., 
b. Aug. 12, 1S65, Fred. R., b. Apr. 6, 
1867, Carrie L., b. Sep. 16, 1S6S, Howard 
S., b. Sep. 3, 1872, and Eben L., b. May 7, 
1S79); son of Homer B. of New Fairliekl, 
Ct., b. there May 12, 1S09, d. at Peters- ; 
burg, Va., July 12, 1S64, enlisted in co. A, 
nth Ct. vols., Sep. 14, 1S61, at age of 52 
yrs., was in every battle of the regt., 
killed at Petersburg (m. Sep. 8, 1S30, 
Eliza, dau. of Philo and Phebe Foote Of 
Newtown, Ct., and had six sons: William 
A., b. Aug. 24, 1834, Theo. H., b, June 
i6, 1S37, Eben L., b. Aug. 13, 1839, Geo. 
W., b. Mar. 7, 1S42, Fred. C, b. Oct. 14, 
1S43, and Edwin H. , b. Oct. 28, 1S47, five 
of the six sons served in the Civil war, and 
Fred. C. was killed in battle June 22, 1S63V, 
son of EbeuCZCr of New Fairfield, Ct., b. 
there Oct. 31, 1772, d. there Oct. 4, 1846 
(m. ist, Betsy, dau. of Eliakim Nash of 
Wilton, Ct., and had seven sons and one 
dau., m. 2d, Rebecca Mead, and had two 
sons); son of David of New Fairfield, Ct., 
b. at Danbury Mar. 30, 1733. d. ^ New 
Fail field Jan. 28, 1S22 (m. 1st, July 13, 
1756, Anna Towner, d. Jan. 13, 1767, and 
had hvc children, m. 2d, Mar. 22, 176S, 
Jemima, dau. of Capt. Ebenezer Stevens, 
and had five children: Serajah, Samuel T., 
Ebenezer, jemima and Thaddeus); son of 
Nathan of New Fairfield, Ct., b. at Dan- 
bury, Ct., d. at New Fairfield (m. Rebecca 
Lockwood, a gt.-gr.-dau. of Robert Lock- 
wood, who came from Eng. 1630, and set- 
tled at Watertown, Mass.); son of Francis 
of Danbury, Ct., b. at Norwalk, Ct., d. at 
Danbury between I73<> ;,Ild I 74Q, repre- 
sented the town in the colonial Legislature- 
several times, was a wealthy and prominent 
citizen (m. Deborah Hoyt, a dau. of John 
Hoyt, one of the first eight settlers of Dan- 



bury, and son of Walter of Norwalk, Ct., 
son of Simeon, one of the first settlers of 
Dorchester 1628-9, anc l nac ^ s * x sons: Isaac, 
David, Samuel, Thomas, Nathan and 
Abel); son of ThoiUUS of Danbury, Ct., d. 
there Dec. 26, 1695, aged 70 yrs., one of 
the first eight settlers of Danbury 16S4-5, 
resided at Fairfield 1663 (m. twice, all his 
children were by his first wife, their names 
are: Thomas, b. July 9, 1663, Francis, 
Richard, John, b. Feb. 24, 1677, Ebenezer, 
b. May 29, 16S2, Hannah, b. Oct. 4, 1680, 
and four other daughters). 

\J York city, b. at Phila., Pa., Dec. 6, 
1848, at age of 16 served as captain's clerk 
to his brother, Lieut. -Com. Alex. F. Cros- 
man, U. S. Navy, during last five months 
of the Civil war, stock broker (m. Apr. 25, 
1872, Ellen Williams Hall) and brothers, 
George Hampden Crosman, b. Nov. 18, 
1836, captain of 10th inf. U. S. A., re- 
signed after the war; Alexander F. Cros- 
man, b. Nov. 11, 1838, grad. at Annapolis, 
commander U. S. navy, drowned at Grey- 
town, Nicaragua, Apr., 1872; Frederick 
E. Crosman, b. July 14, 1840, lieut. 17th 
inf. U. S. army, killed at the battle of the 
Weldon R. R. 1S64, and sisters, Margaret 
Shoenbcrgcr and Mary Knox, twins, b. 
Jan. 20, 1S52, also Amelia, George and 
Alexander who d. in infancy; children of 
Gen. George II., U. S. Army, b. at 
Taunton, Mass., Nov. 2, 1799, d. at Phila. 
May 2S, 1SS3, grad. at West Point 1S19, 
breveted captain for gallantly in Mexican 
war, col. and maj.-gen. in U. S. army (m. 
Apr. 2, 1S29, Hannah Blair Foster, a desc. 
of a long line of Revolutionary and 
colonial families); son of George of Taun- 
ton, Mass., b. at Stoughton, Mass., Nov. 
26, 1761, d. at Canton, Mass., Apr. 2S, 
1S14, came from Stoughton to Taunton, 
sold his house and land in 1799 and re- 
moved to Bristol, R. I., removed to Can- 
ton 1805, manufacturer (m. June 11, 1797, 
Amelia S. D. W. Keith, a desc. of Rev. 
James Keith, who came from Scotland to 
Bridgewater, Mass., 1662, and was the first 
minister of the church there); son of 
Dr. George of Canton, Mass., b. Taunton 

!737, d. at Canton Sep. 25, 1805, promi- 
nent physician, town clerk, justice of 
peace, treasurer, owner of considerable 
property (m. 1759, Sarah, b. Sep. 6, 1738, 
dau. of Joshua and Hannah [Truesdale] 
Andrews of Hopkinton, Mass.); son of 
Robert of Taunton, Mass., b. there 1707, 
d. there July 6, 1799, colonel of the 3d 
regt. of Gen. Godfrey's brigade during the 
Revolutionary war, prominent in town 
affairs, large landholder, owned the grist- 
mill at Taunton (m. May 24, 1733, Martha 
Gashet, d. Oct., 1762, aged 52); son of Na- 
thaniel of Taunton, Mass., b. there 16S0, 
d. 1757, large landholder, proprietor of 
the grist-mill (m. Oct. 21, 1703, Sarah 
Marick); son of Robert of Taunton, 
Mass., b. there Aug. 30, 1657, d. 1738, 
large landholder, purchased the grist-mill, 
selectman, representative to the Gen. 
Court (m. July 21, 1679, Hannah Brooks); 
son of Robert of Taunton, Mass., b. in 
England, d. at Taunton 1692, came to 
America when a lad, with his father, large 
landholder (m. Mar. 25, 1652, Sarah Kings- 
bury); son of Joint of Taunton, Mass., 
b. in England, d. at Taunton abt. 1643, 
came to Taunton from Somerset county, 
Eng., in 1637, one of the 46 original pur- 
chasers of the land from the Indians and 
founder of the town of Taunton, was abt. 
54 yrs. old when he came to this country. 

ville, Ga., b. in Lumpkin co., Ga., 
Nov. 4, 1S34, grad. Mercer Univ. A. B. 
1859, A. M. 1S66, col. in the Confederate 
army, representative in Legislature 1873-7, 
senator 1879-S1, representative to Congress 
1883-91 (m. Jan. 12, 1S64, Eugenia Wil- 
liams, and had ten children: Marcus A., 
Thomas C, William D., John C, Victor 
E. and Benjamin Lee, and four daughters); 
son of Daniel G. of Gainesville, Ga., b. in 
Columbia co., Ga., Feb. 22, 1S12, d. at 
Gainesville Oct. 17, 1S7S, lawyer, judge, vol- 
unteer in U. S. military 1837-8, also in the 
Confederate army 1S61-2 (in. Oct. 8, 1833, 
Nancy C, dau. of Allen and Marg. [Elton] 
Matthews); son of Daniel of Columbia co., 
Ga., b. in Richmond co., Ga., 1779, d. in 
Columbia co., Ga., Sep., 1816, noted for 



his integrity (m. 1799, Sarah, dau. of Sam- 
uel Slaughter, a Virginian and a soldier in 
the Revolutionary war); son of William of 
Columbia co., Ga., b. in Ireland 173S, d. 
in Columbia co. 1789, man of literary cul- 
ture, colonel in the Revolutionary war, 
commanded Ga. rebels at King's Mountain, 
Cowpens, Augusta, etc., member of the 
Legislature, judge (m. 1760, Elizabeth, dau. 
of Mark Anthony, a native of Genoa, Italy, 
and aunt of Gov. James Clark of Ky.); son 
of Thomas of Dublin, Ireland, b. in Callan 
Castle, Kilkenny, Ireland, abt. 1706, d. 
there, had two sons: John of Queens co. 
and William, who came to North Carolina 
abt. 1756 and thence to Georgia 1768; son 
of Thomas of Callan Castle, Kilkenny, 
Ireland, b. at Callan Castle, d. there (m. 
Jane, dau. of Sir Henry Tuite and Diana 
Mabot, niece of the Earl of Clarendon, and 
first cousin of the Duchess of York, mother 
of Queens Mary and Anne of England); 
son of William of Kilkenny, Ireland, b. 
in Northampton county, Eng., It. -col. in 
Cromwell's army, an extensive grant of 
land was given him in the counties of Kil- 
kenny and Wexford, Ireland (m. the widow 
of Major John Villiers). 

Lowell, Mass., b. at Carlisle, Mass., 
Mar. 23, 1S07, A. M. Brown Univ., teacher 
5oyrs. , professor of mathematics in Lowell 
High Sch. 43 yrs., author of an arithmetic, 
algebra and geometry, contributor to nu- 
merous papers (m. Oct. 4, 1S42, Elizabeth 
Chapin Bartlett, dau. of Waitt and Martha 
Gould [Chapin] Bartlett of Granby, Mass., 
and gr.-dau. of Ebenezer, gt.-gr.-dau. of 
Ebene/.er of Northampton, gt. -gt.-gr.-dau. 
of Ebene/.er, a desc. of Robert, b. in Eng. 
1603, came to Cambridge, Mass., 1632, 
killed by the Indians 1675-6); son of James 
of Concord, Carlisle and Pelham, N. 1L, 
b. at Concord, Mass., May 9, 1775, d. at 
Pelham June 5, 1858, farmer, mechanic 
(in. Aug. 27, 1797, Mary, b. Mar. 26, 1779, 
d. Jan. 1, 1S63, dau. of Joseph Butler of 
Concord, and gr.-dau of Joseph, a son of 
John Butler of Fram., and had five chil- 
dren: William L., b. Oct. 28, 1799, grad. 
Harvard Coll. 1826, physician, Emerson, b. 

Sep. 13, 1S02, Mary Ann, b. Oct. 3, 1804 
[m. Capt. David Butler of Pelham], James 
S., mentioned above, George W., b. Aug. 
9, 1809); son of James of Concord, Mass., 
b. there May 10, 1723, d. at Carlisle Aug. 
17, 1S01, farmer, commanded a company at 
the battle of Concord, lieut. in Canadian 
war, held various town offices, styled gen- 
tleman (m. Dec. 5, 1764, Lydia, b. June 7, 
1733, d. Nov. 26, 1S26, dau. of Samuel 
Potter, b. Jan. 2, 1705, d. Feb. 15, iSoo, 
son of Judah, b. Apr., 1657 (m. Dec. 6, 
16S6, Grace, dau. of Joshua and Hannah 
[Mason] Brooks); son of James of Con- 
cord, Mass., b. there Dec. 26, 1695, d. there 
May 15, 1773, farmer, constable, collector 
of public revenue, parish treasurer, large 
dealer in real estate (m. 1st, Aug. 16, 1732, 
Susanna Farrar, h. Nov. 11, 1707, d. Aug. 
1, 173S, dau. of Jacob, b. Apr. 29, 1669, 
and Susanna [Rediate] Farrar, d. Apr. 22, 
1722, and gr.-dau. of Jacob, b. in England 
1643, and Hannah [Hayward] Farrar of 
Concord, m. 2d, Hannah [Hall] Merriam, 
widow of John Merriam of Littleton, 
Mass.); son of William of Concord, 
Mass., b. at Cambridge, Mass., June 12, 
1667, d. at Concord Jan. 12, 1717-S, farmer, 
removed to Concord with his father at age 
of 13, held many public olfices, possessed 
great energy (m. 1GS7, Hannah, b. 16GS, 
dau. of James and Priscilla [Ramsden] 
Adams of Concord); son of Benjamin of 
Cambridge and Concord, Mass., b. at Cam- 
bridge 1642-3, d. at Concord Jan. 8, 1712-3, 
farmer, carpenter, established a homestead 
in Concord 16S0, which remained in the 
family for five generations (m. 1656, Re- 
becca); son of William of Cambridge, 
Mass.,b. in England, Cambridge Feb. 
14. 1 66 1 , arrived at Cambridge abt. 1640 
(m. Martha, and had ten children: Joseph, 
Phcbc, Martha, b. in England, and Benja- 
min, John, Philip, Thomas, William, Jason 
and Joyce). 



t Chester, N. II., Sep. 
ips Exeter Acad. 1854, 

York city, b 
12, 1S37, grad. PI 
Harvard Coll. 1S57, LL. B. and librarian 
Harvard Law Sch. 1S59, admitted to the 
bar of N. Y. city 1S60, deputy collector of 



customs at Boston 1862-5, banker at Bos- 
ton 1865-70, in First National Bank, N. Y. 
1874-88, president of Manhattan Trust Co. 
of N. Y. (in. Mar. 5, 1861, Ellen, dau. of 
Hon. Amos Tuck of Exeter, N. H., mem- 
ber House of Rep. 1847-53, naval officer at 

Boston 1861-5); son of Benjamin 15. of 

Washington, D. C, b. at Chester, N. II., 
Sep. 4, 1S00, d. at Washington Aug. 12, 
1870, lawyer in N. II. 1S25-33, in clerk's 
office House Rep. 1833-45. clerk of House 
Rep. 1845-7, president of Magnetic Tele- 
graph Co., commissioner of public bldgs. 
1S61-5 (m. Jan. 20, 1S25, Elizabeth Smith 
Richardson, dau. of Chief Justice W. M. 
Richardson); son of Daniel of Chester, N. 
H., b. at Epping. N. H., Feb. 22, 1769, d. 
at Chester Oct. 15, 1840, atty. -general of N. 
II. (m. Sep. 15, 1799, Mercy Brown, sister 
of Rev. Francis Brown, president of Dart- 
mouth Coll.); son of Gould of Epping, N. 
H., b. at Southampton, N. H., Sep. 17, 
1741. d. at Alton, Me., May 12, 1S23 (m. 
May 2, 1763, Dorothy Whittier); son of 
Daniel of Salisbury, Mass., now South- 
ampton, N. II., b. there Aug. 21, 1708, d. 
there Sep. 1, 1783 (m. May 28, 1730, Sarah 
Gould, whose family were the original sett- 
lers of Salisbury 1639); son of Joseph of 
Salisbury, Mass., b. there Mar. 22, 1679, d. 
there Dec. 10, 1756 (m. Abigail Brown); 
son of Joseph of Salisbury, Mass., b. there 
Mar. 16, 1654, d. there Dec. 14, 1683 (m. 
Sarah Eastman); son of Joseph of Ipswich, 
Mass., circa 1636, b. in England, d, at 
Ipswich Feb. 10, 1688 (m. Susannah); son 
of Edward of Salisbury, Mass., b. in Eng- 
land, d. at Salisbury, arrived at Ipswich 
1636, one of the original settlers of Col- 
chester now Salisbury, third tax payer in 
amount on list, prudential man 1646 (m. 
Ann, d. at great age Dec. 28, 1674). 

FIELD of Brooklyn, N. Y., b. at 
Pomfret, Ct., July 17, 1832, d. at New 
Pass Station June 3, 1866, enlisted in the 
13th regt., N. Y. vols., first lieut. A. D. C. 
on staff of Brig.-Gen. N. J. Jackson 1863, 
had commission in 46th N. Y. vols., sta- 
tioned at Knoxville, Term., was with Sher- 
man in his march to the sea 1864, agent of 

the Keystone Mining Co. at Austin, 
Nevada, but on account of illness was 
compelled to return home, on which jour- 
ney he d. (m. Dec. C, 1S54, Fanny E., dau. 
of Levi Bates of Boston, Mass.) and 
brother, Charles Gould Benedict of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., b. at Manlius July 25, 183S, d. 
Mar. 5, 1S63, educated at Boston, though 
in feeble health, joined the 13th regt., N. 
Y. S. M., stationed at Suffolk, Va., but 
his health compelled his return home, 
where hed.; sons of Anizi of Brooklyn, 
N. Y., b. at New Canaan, Ct., May ig, 
1791, d. at Brooklyn Nov. 17, 1866, grad. 
at Yale Coll. 1S14, studied theology at 
Andover Sem., ordained Sep. 24, 1818, 
as a missionary to destitute parts of the 
country, settled at Vernon 1824, Pomfret 
1S33, Manlius 1S37, principal of Female 
Seminary at New Haven 1S42, author of 
"A Biblical Trinity" (m. Martha, dau. of 
General Solomon Coles of Farmington, 
Ct.) and brothers, Isaac Benedict, b. July 
13, 1774, and Gould Benedict, b. Feb. 4, 
1776, d. 1846, were as early as 1797, pio- 
neer settlers of Clinton, N. Y.; sons of 
Isaac of New Canaan, Ct., b. at Norwalk 
Jan. 25, 1 761, d. May 17, 1840, moved to 
New Canaan abt. 1774, farmer, deacon in 
Congl. ch. of New Canaan 36 yrs., soldier 
in the Revolutionary war (m. 1st, Oct. 13, 
1773, Jane, dau. of Samuel Raymond, m. 
2d, Aug. 19, 1794, Mary, dau. of Deodate 
Davenport); son of Nathaniel of Norwalk, 
Ct., b. 1716, d. Apr. 2, 1S06, fence-viewer, 
surveyor, listor, constable, collector, select- 
man 10 yrs., representative in General 
Assembly 1762, his home was burned by 
British. 1779, deacon of First Congl. Ch. 32 
yrs. (m. 1st, Mar) - , d. Jan. 12, 1763, dau. of 
Dea. Lockwood, m. 2d, Jan., 1764, Han- 
nah, dau. of Rev. Thomas Ilawley, and had 
twelve children, 91 gr. -children and 88 gt.- 
gr.-children); son of John of Norwalk, 
Ct., b. Mar. 3, 1676, d. Jan. 16, 1766, se- 
lectman, surveyor, listor, fence-viewer, 
sergeant, deacon of Congl. ch. abt. 40 yrs. 
(m. Mary Haite); son of John of Norwalk, 
Ct., b. at Southold, L. I., d. abt. 1730, 
freeman of Norwalk 1680, deacon, repre- 
sentative in the General Assembly 1722-5 
(m. Nov. ii, 1670, Phcebe, dau. of John 


and Sarah Gregory); son of Tkomas of 
Norwalk, Ct., h. in Nottinghamshire, Eng., 
1617, arrived at Boston 163S, removed to 
Southold, L. I., 1640, where he purchased 
a large tract of land, was appointed by the 
Gen. Court to exercise certain functions 
of the government at Southold 1662, re- 
moved to Jamaica, L. I., 1662, removed to 
Norwalk 1669, selectman 1670, town clerk 
1674, representative to Gen. Assembly 
1670-5, deacon Congl. ch., will was 
dated Feb. 2S, 1690 (m. abt. 163S, Mary 

ABBOTT, LYMAN of Brooklyn, N. Y., 
b. at Roxbury, Mass., Dec. 18, 1S35, 
grad. Univ. of the City of New York 1853, 
lawyer 1S5 4, studied theology with his 
uncle, Rev. John S. C. Abbott, ordained to 
the ministry 1S60, settled over the Congl. 
ch. at Terre Haute, Ind., 1S60-5, pastor of 
New England ch. at N. Y. city 1S66-9, 
edited the Literary Record of Harper's 
Magazine, and conducted the Christian 
Weekly 1S68-79, became joint editor of 
the Christian Union with Henry Ward 
Beecher 1876, editor-in-chief since 1SS1, 
author of "Life of Jesus" 1S69, "Old 
Testament Shadows and New Testament 
Truths" 1870, "Laicus" 1872, "Diction- 
ary of Religious Knowledge " 1874, " Com- 
mentaries on the Gospels, Acts and Romans" 
1S75-S0, "Book of Family Worship" 
1883, succeeded Henry Ward Beecher as 
pastor of Ply mou thCh., Brooklyn, 1 SSS.recd. 
degree D. D. Univ. of N. Y. 1S76, and 
from Harvard Coll. iS9o(m. Oct. 14, 1857, 
Abby Frances, dau. of Hannibal and Abi- 
gail [Abbott I Hamlin), and brothers: Ben- 
jamin Vaughan Abbott of Brooklyn, N. 
Y., b. at Boston June 4, 1S30, admitted to 
N. Y. bar 1S51, author of "Law Reports 
and Digest" 22 vols., "United States 
Practice," "Law Dictionary" and "Judge 
and Jury," one of the commissioners for 
revising the U. S. statutes 1870-7 (m. Sep. 
21, 1853, Elizabeth, dau. of John Titcomb, 
d. Feb. 17, 1890), Austin Abbott of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., b. at Boston Dec. 18, 1831, ad- 
mitted to N. Y. bar 1852, partner with 
Benjamin and co-operating with him in the 
preparation of " Legal Treatises and Di- 

gests " (m. 1st, Nov. 2, 1854, Ellen Louis* 
Dumner Gilman of Hallowell, Me., m. 
2d, Sep. 24, 1879, Mrs. Anna Worth of N. 
Y. city); Edward Abbott of Cambridge, 
Mass., b. at Farmington, Me., July 15, 
1841, grad. Univ. of City of N. Y. i860. 
studied theology at Andover, ordained 
Congl. minister at Farmington 1863, in- 
stalled at the Stearness Chapel at Cam- 
bridgeport 1865, became associate editor 
of the Congregationalist and Boston Re- 
corder, had charge of the Literary World 
1877, is now rector of St. James Episcopal 
Ch. at Cambridge, author of " The Baby's 
Things" 1871, "Good Things," "Conver- 
sations of Jesus" 1S75, "Pilgrim's Pa- 
pers" 1S72-5, "A Paragraph History of 
the U. S." 1875, "A Paragraph History of 
the Amer. Revolution" 1876, " Revolu- 
tionary Times " 1876, " Long Look House 
Series" 1877-3 and "A Trip Eastward" 
1SS0 (m. 1st, Feb. 16, 1S65, Clara E. Davis, 
m. 2d, Aug. 21, 1SS3, Mrs. Catharine 
[Kelly] Dunning of Cambridge, Mass.); 
sons of Jacob of Farmington, Me., b. 
Nov. 14, 1803, d. at Farmington Oct. 31, 
1879, grad. Bowdoin Coll. 1820, Andover 
Theol. Sem. 1821, tutor and prof, of Am- 
herst Coll. 1S24-9, pastor Elliott Ch., Rox- 
bury, Mass., 1S34, author of " Young 
Christian," of which 9,000 copies were 
sold the first year, moved to Farmington 
1837, here he wrote the " Rollo Books," 
"Lucy Books" and "Jonas Books" 1843- 
51, moved to N. Y. city, where he engaged 
in teaching with his brother, and resumed 
his literary life; between 184s and 1872 no 
less than 130 books were written and pub- 
lished by him, while the entire list of his 
works numbers over 200, the last ten yrs. 
of his life were spent on his farm at Farm- 
ington (in. 1st, Mar. 18, 1828, Harriet, dau. 
of Charles Vaughan, m. 2d, Nov., 1853, 
Mrs. Mary Dana of Woodbury) and 
brothers, John Stevens Cabot Abbott of 
New Haven, Ct., b. at Brunswick, Me., 
Sep. 18, 1805, d. at New Haven June 17, 
1877, grad. at Bowdoin Coll. 1825, studied 
divinity at Andover, pastor at Worcester, 
Mass., 1830, Roxbury 1836, associated with 
his brothers in teaching in New York 1S51, 
when his whole attention 'was turned to 


literature, author of "Life of Napoleon," 
the " Red Histories," " Kings and 
Queens," " French Revolution," " Na- 
poleon at St. Helena" and ten vols, of 
" Illustrated Histories," in all he wrote 52 
vols., nearly all of an historical character, 
among his later works are the " Romance 
of History" and a "History of Frederick 
the Great" (m. Aug. 17, 1S30, Jane Wil- 
liams Bourne); Gorham Dummer Abbott 
of Natick, b. at Brunswick Sep. 3, 1807, d. 
at Natick 1SS4, grad. at Bowdoin Coll. 
1826, studied theology at Andover, made 
a tour of the U. S. and Europe for the ex- 
amination of educational methods, settled 
over the Pres. ch. at New Rochelle 1837- 
41, agent of the Amer. Soc. for the dif- 
fusion of useful knowledge 1841-3, his 
subsequent life was devoted to the work of 
instruction (m. Feb. 11, 1834, Rebecca S. 
Leech of South Natick); Charles Edward 
Abbott, b. Due. 24, 1S11, d. July 24, 1SS0, 
grad. Bowdoin Coll. 1S32, Andover Sem. 
1S37, teacher for many yrs. at New York 
and Hartford (m. Nov. 25, 1841, Mar}' E. 
Spalding); Samuel Phillips Abbott, b. 
Dec. 8, 1814, d. June 29, 1849, grad. Bow- 
doin Coll. 1836, Andover 1S40, teacher 
from 1844 till death (m. June 12, 1841, 
Hannah Baker of Nottingham, Eng.); 
sons of Jacob of Farmington, Me., b. at 
Wilton, N. IL, Oct. 20, 1776, d. at Farm- 
ington Jan. 21, 1847, resided for a time at 
Ilallowell, Me., but removed to Farming- 
ton 1836 (m. Apr. 8, 1798, Betsey Abbott); 
son of Jacob of Wilton, N. H., b. Mar. 
22, 1746, d. at Brunswick Mar. 5, 1820, 
represented Wilton in the General Court, 
first justice of the peace, justice of the 
Common Pleas, counsel of the State, 
trustee of Phillips Academy 1797, repre- 
sented Concord in General Court 3 terms, 
senator, member of bd. of overseers of 
Bowdoin Coll., removed from Andover to 
Brunswick 1802 (m. 1767, Lydia Stevens); 
son of Joseph of Andover, Mass., b. Feb. 
2, 1705, d. 1787, moved to Wilton 1776, 
deacon in the Congl. ch. (m. Aug. 12, 
1731, Deborah Blanchard); son of Na- 
tltaniel of Andover, Mass., b. July 5, 
1671, d. Dec. 12, 1749, member of Rev. 
Thomas Barnard's church (m. Nov. 1, 

1695, Dorcas Hibbert); son of George of 
Andover, Mass., d. Dec. 4, 1681 (m. 1647, 
Hannah, dau. of Wrn. and Annis Chand- 
ler); son of George of Andover, Mass., 
came from Yorkshire, Eng., abt. 1640 to 

ton, Mass., b. at Phila., Pa., Sep. 17, 
1843, educated in public schools, grad. 
Rutgers Coll. 1869, Union Theol. Sem. 
1S77, educator in Japan 1870-74 (m. 
June 17, 1879, Katharine Lyra, dau. of 
Prof. Benjamin Irving and Catherine P. 
[Coffin] Stanton); son of John L, of Phila. 
Pa., b. there Oct. 14, 1S04, d. there Apr 
2, 1879, educated in public schools and at 
Mount Airy Coll., first voyage at sea in his 
1 6th yr., seaman, captain 1836, coal mer- 
chant 1840-61 (m. June, 1837, Anna Maria, 
dau. of John Harby and Margaret Hess of 
Pa., and had seven children); son of John 
of Phila., Pa., b. in England Aug. 25, 
1766, d. at Phila. Apr. 7, 1807, seaman, 
captain, owner of schooner brig (in. Nov. 
28, 1802, Hannah Eyre, a desc. of George 
Eyre of Burlington 1740, of Quaker 

of Lockport, N. Y., b. at Stockbridge, 
Mass., July 31, 1792, merchant, first post- 
master of Lockport 1S22, senator 1S29, 
canal appraiser, appointed by the Senate 
as canal commissioner, and in 1855 harbor 
commissioner at New York city, one of 
the founders of the Grace Church, vestry- 
man 20 yrs. (m. Dec. 19, 1827, Eliza, dau. 
of Stephen and Naomi [Handy] Bates of 
Canandaigua, N. Y.); son of Ilezekiah, Jr., 
of Stockbridge, Mass., b. at Stamford, Ct., 
Dec. 29, 1752, d. at Canandaigua, N. Y., 
Feb., 1793, moved to Victor 1789 from 
Stockbridge, Mass. (m. 1776-7, Huldah 
Willson, b. 1757); son of Ilezekiah of 
Stockbridge, Mass., b. at Norwalk, Ct., 
Nov. 2, 1725, d. at Victor, N. Y., 1798, 
moved to Victor 1790, purchased a tract of 
land 6 miles sq., resided on Boughton 
Hill, gave land for a cemetery which still 
exists (m. Oct. 12, 1749, Abigail, d. Sep., 
1790, dau. of Samuel and Theophila [Sel- 


lick] Penoyer, of Huguenot descent); son 
of Eleazer of Norwalk, Ct., b. there 1695, 
d. at Stamford, Ct. (m. 1st, 1721, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Thomas and Hannah Marvin Sey- 
mour, m. 2d, Mary Petit Bouton, widow 
of John Bouton); son of John of Norwalk, 
Ct., b. there Sep. 30, 1659 (m. 1685, Sarah 
Greggorie, b. 1667); son of John of Nor- 
walk, Ct., b. in France 1615, d. at Norwalk, 
Ct., 1704-5, fled from France during the 
Huguenot persecution to England, and 
sailed from there for Boston on the ship 
Assurance July, 1635, and landed Dec, 
1635 (m. 1st, Joan Turney, m. 2d, Jan. 1, 
1656, Abigail Marvin, m. 3d, 1673, Mrs. 
Mary Stevenson); son of Nicholas, Baron 
Montague de Naton, of France, b. there 
1580, motto of the family " De Gules a la 
fasce d'Oor," had three sons: Herard, 
John and Noel. 

New York city, b. Aug. 22, 1824, 
lawyer 1846, special deputy surveyor of 
customs at New York 1853-S3, surveyor of 
port of New York 1SS3-5; son of William 
of Schenectady, N. Y., b. at Danbury, 
Ct., Oct. 31, 1798, d. at Schenectady Sep. 
24, 1830, merchant (m. Oct. 21, 1823, 
Mary, dau. of David and Experience 
[Boyden] Lancaster); son of Caleb of 
Danbury, Ct., b. Aug. 6, 1764, d. Mar. 23, 
1848, farmer (m. 1st, Oct. 1, 1784, Anna, 
dau. of Ephraim Gregory, m. 2d, 1830, 
Belinda Phillips); son of Caleb of Dan- 
bury, Ct., b. May 20, 1739, d. Sep. 18, 
1819, farmer (m. Mar. 2S, 1760, Ruth, dau. 
of Ebenezer Benedict); son of James of 
Danbury, Ct., b. 1710, d. Mar. 3, 1777, 
farmer (m. 1734, Mercy Knapp); son of 
James, b. 16S5, the first white male child 
born in Danbury, Ct., d. 1761 (m. 1706, 
Mary, dau. of Abraham Andrus); son of 
James of Danbury, Ct., b. at Southold, L. 
I., 1664, d. 1717, one of the eight who pur- 
chased and settled at Danbury, farmer (m. 
1st, May 10, 1676, Sarah, dau. of John 
Gregory, m. 2d, 1707, Sarah, dau. of 
Robert Porter); son of Thomas of Notting- 
hamshire, Eng., b. there 1617, d. at Nor- 
walk, Ct., 1690, came to New England 
1638, moved to Southold, L. I., 1640, pur- 

chased, with three others, a tract of land 
near Southold, called Hashamomuck, 
in 1649, removed to Huntington, L. I., 
prior to 1657, to Jamaica, L. I., prior to 
1662, removed with his family to Norwalk, 
Ct., 1665, prominent in public affairs, one 
of the founders of the First Presbyterian 
Church in America, at Jamaica, in 1662, 
deacon of Norwalk church (m. abt. 1638, 
Mary Bridgum, and had nine children, 
five sons and four daughters); son of Wil- 
liam of Nottinghamshire, Eng. 

Omaha, Neb., b. at Mercersburgh, Pa., 
Oct. 6, 1840, member of co. C, 126th Pa. 
Inf. 1S62-3, in the Army of the Potomac, 
has resided in Omaha since 1S64, presi- 
dent O. F. Davis Real Estate and Loan 
Co., member of Scotch-Irish Soc. of 
America, and of the Soc. of the Sons of 
the American Revolution (m. Sep. io, 
1S72, Mary McClelland Irwin, dau. of 
Matthew Irwin, son of James Irwin, son of 
Archibald Irwin, whose parents came 
from the north of Ireland in an early day, 
and settled in what is now Franklin co., 
Pa., and had two children: Thomas and 
Alfred I. Creigh); son of Thomas of Mer- 
cersburgh, Pa., b. in Perry co., Pa., Sep. 
9, 180S, d. at Mercersburgh Apr. 21, 1880, 
grad. Dickinson Coll., studied theol. at 
Princeton Theol. Sem., pastor of Presby- 
terian church at Mercersburgh for nearly 
50 yrs. (m. Nov. 29, 1837, Jane McClelland 
Grubb, dau. of Joseph Grubb, son of 
Thomas Grubb, son of Emanuel Grubb, 
who came from England with William 
Penn in 1682, and settled in Lancaster co., 
Pa.); son of John of Carlisle, Pa., b. there 
Sep. 13, 1773, d. there Nov. 7, 1848, grad. 
Dickinson Coll. 1792, from Univ. of Pa. 
Med. Coll. 1795, practiced at Carlisle 
until death (m. May 13, 1796, Eleanor, dau. 
of John Dunbar, son of William Dunbar, 
who emigrated from Ulster, Ireland, and 
settled near Carlisle 1730); son of John of 
Carlisle, Pa., b. at Carnmoney, Ireland, 
Aug. 25, 1741, d. at Carlisle Feb. 17, 
1S13, left Ireland Apr. 12, 1761, and 
landed at Phila., Pa., May 19, 1761, 
settled near Carlisle, where he lived till 



death, captain of 6th co., 1st battalion, 
Pa. Assoc, delegate to the meeting of 
the Provincial Conferences, held in Car- 
penters' Hall, Phila., 1776 (m. Aug. 25, 
1766, Jane, dau. of Samuel Huston of East 
Pennsboro, Pa.); son of Thomas of Cam- 
money, Ireland, b. there Apr. 23, 1717, d. 
there (m. Sep. 22, 1740, Janet McCreerie); 
son of John of Carnmoney, Ireland, b. at 
Templepatrick, Ireland, 1680, d. at Carn- 
money, ordained ruling elder in the Pres- 
byterian ch. at Carnmoney May 21, 1718, 
until his death, about 1731 (m. 170S, 
Mary); son of John, b. in Scotland, emi- 
grated to Ulster, Ireland, prior to 1680, 
member of the Presbyterian ch. 

sor, Vt., b. there Aug. 18, 1S34, 
machinist, tool-maker (m. Mar. 20, 1S61, 
Sarah E., dau. of Benjamin F. and Sarah 
C. [Huggins] Dorr, and had four children: 
Frank E., b. Dec, 1861, Harry W., b. 
Apr., 18C5, Mary M., b. June, 1867, and 
Allan M., b. Jan., 1S71); son of Alfred of 
Windsor, Vt., b. there Feb. 20, 1S04, 
farmer, selectman 23 yrs., overseer of the 
poor 25 yrs., president of Savings Bank 16 
yrs., supt. of Toll Bridge Co. 18 yrs. (m. 
Aug. 26, 1833, Catharine A., dau. of Col. 
John and Eunice [Brewer] Morgan of 
Wilbraham, Mass.); son of Jonathan of 
Windsor, Vt., b. at Sutton, Mass., Oct. 25, 
1757, d. at Windsor Sep. 24, 1S45, served 
in the Revolutionary war, was capt. of 
veterans when Gen. LaFayetle visited 
Windsor, served in the 5th Sutton regt. at 
Cambridge, Rhode Island, Long Island 
and White Plains, also at Bennington under 
Gen. Stark, and at Saratoga under Gen. 
Gates (m. abt. 17S0, Mercy, dau. of Benja- 
min Cady of Windsor, Vt.); son of Willis 
of Sutton, Mass., b. at Medlield, Mass., 
Mar. 8, 1720, d. at Sutton Apr. 10, 1800, 
very prominent in town and county, dea- 
con of the church, selectman 10 yrs., rep- 
resentative in the Legislature, chairman of 
a convention held at Worcester, consisting 
of five hundred people, to consider some 
diificulties between the government and 
the people (m. 1st, May 15, 1746, Martha 
Gibbs, m. 2d, Dec 9, 1756, Anna Coye, 

daus. of Jacob Gibbs of Hopkinson, Mass., 
and William Coyne of Western, Mass.); 
son of Percival of Sutton, Mass., b. at 
Cambridge, Mass., Feb. n, 1672, d. at 
Sutton Dec. 25, 1752, one of the founders 
of the Medford Church 1713, a proprietor 
of Sutton 1720, deacon in the churches of 
Medford and Sutton, very prominent in 
town affairs (m. Oct. 18, 1694, Jane, b. 1677, 
d. 1757, dau. of Thomas and Grace [Tay] 
Willis); son of John of Medford, Mass., 
b. at Coventry, Eng., 1627, d. at Medford 
Oct. 18. 1701, farmer, resided for a time at 
Cambridge and Concord, moved to Med- 
ford, where he was constable and select- 
man 1677 (m. Apr. 2, 1656, Elizabeth, dau. 
of Percival and Ellen Green of Cam- 
bridge); son of widow Mary Hall of Cam- 
bridge, Mass., tradition says that her hus- 
band and family came from Coventry, 
Eng., in company with his brother, John 
Hall of Yarmouth, Mass., in 1630, prob- 
ably in the fleet with Gov. Winthrop. 

Chester, Vt., b. there June 26, 1819, 
attorney-at-law, commissioner of the U. S. 
Circuit Court, postmaster of Chester 9 
yrs., democratic candidate for Congress 
from the second district of Vermont, presi- 
dent of the Fletcher family union (m. 1st, 
Nov. 10, 1839, Emily Cedoro Jacobs, d. 
May 23, iSSS, she was a woman of su- 
perior scholarship and ability, and had 
two children: Ara Dillingham, b. Nov. 10, 
1840, and Charles Linsley, b. Mar. n, 
1843; her gt.-gr.-father, John, came to 
Chester from Penn., his name originally 
John Jacobs Hover, but the Hover was 
dropped, m. 2d, June 30, 1890, Lois A. 
Felton of Prov., R. I.); son of Jonas of 
Chester, Vt., b. there Apr. 2b, 1789, d. 
there Mar. 5, i860, served in the War of 
1812, marched on foot from Windsor, Vt., 
to Hartford, Ct. , thence to Greenbush, 
N. Y., opposite Albany, and from there to 
Christlisfields, N. Y., killed by the falling 
of a tree (m. Lucinda Sawtell.b. at Wilton, 
N. H., Aug. 29, 17SS, d. May 21, 1SS9, 
aged 100 yrs. 8 mo. 23 da., dau. of Michel 
and Sarah [Foster] Sawtelle, he, Michel, 
was 3d in descent from David, who came 



from England and settled at Groton, 
Mass., prior to 1776); son of Daniel of 
Chester, Vt., b. at Groton, Mass., Mar. 13, 
1763, d. at Chester June 21, 1S44, served 
in the Revolutionary war before his iSth 
yr., one of the first settlers of Chester (m. 
Susan Stone, who was noted for her intel- 
lectual ability, and had ten children); son 
of Paul of Groton, Mass., b. in Mass., d. 
at Chester (m. 1st, Anna Willard, and had 
one son: Daniel, m. 2d, Abigail, m. 3d, 
Thankful Beman); son of John of Mass., 
b. there, d. there (m. June 23, 1763, Lydia 
Patch); son of Paul of Chelmsford, Mass., 
b. at Westford, Mass., abt. 16S3, d. at 
Chelmsford, town treasurer 1731, served 
in the Indian war, was a member of the 
Snow Shoe Company; son of Joshua of 
Chelmsford, Mass., b. there Mar. 30, 1648 
(m. 1st, May 4, 166S, Grissies Jewell, d. Jan. 
16, 16S2, m. 2d, Sarah Willey, had ten 
children, all b. at Chelmsford); son of 
William, b. in England 1622, d. Nov. 6, 
1677, came to Concord, Mass., from Eng- 
land with his father and settled on land in 
Mass., where Lowell is now built, some 
portions of this land are still in the posses- 
sion of his descendants (m. Lydia Bates, d. 
Oct. 12, 1704); son of Robert, b. in Eng- 
land, d. in Concord, Mass., Apr. 3, 1677, 
came from England with his wife and chil- 
dren 1630. 

. Boston, Mass., b. at Charlestown, 
Mass., July 9, 1S46, grad. M. D. Harvard 
Univ. 1868, member Mass. Med. Soc, 
visiting physician Boston City Hospital, 
member of Boston Soc. for Medical Im- 
provement, of Soc. for Medical Observa- 
tion, life member Mass. Horticultural 
Soc, author of " Manual for Medical Offi- 
cers of the militia of U. S." (m. Sep. 5, 
1871, Anita Damon Lyon, dau. of Henry 
Lyon, M. D., and gr.-daughter of Abra- 
ham Rand Thompson, M. D., both resi- 
dents of Charlestown, Mass., and grad. of 
Harvard Coll.); son of Jacob of Charles- 
town, Mass., b. there June 7, 1803, d. 
there July 7, 1857, commission merchant 
at Boston, Mass., president of Eitchburg 
Railroad Co. (m. June 22, 1830, Louisa, 

dau. of Nathan and Sarah [Leach] Webb); 
son of Jacob of Charlestown, Mass., b. at 
Berwick, Me., June 23, 1764, d. at Charles- 
town Sep. 1, 1S33 (m. Oct. 3, 17S6, Re- 
becca, dau. of David and Sarah Vose); 
son of Jacob of Berwick, Me., and Nel- 
son, N. IL, b. at Holliston, Mass., Mar. 
10, 1732, d. at Nelson Dec. 3, 1798, grad. 
Harvard Univ. 1754, ordained pastor of 
Berwick Chuich 1756, chaplain of Col. 
James Scammon's regt. May 3, 1775, after- 
ward settled at Parkersfield, now Nelson, 
N. H. (m. Oct. 13, 1756, Hcpzibah, dau. 
of Deacon Henry and Elizabeth Prentice); 
son of Jacob of Holliston, Mass., b. at 
Ipswich, styled captain and gentleman on 
documents (m. Apr. 10, 172S, Mary, dau. 
of William and Mary [Liullard] Sheffield); 
son of Isaac of Ipswich, 1650 (m. Abi- 
gail); son of Reginald of Ipswich, Mass., 
b. in Eng. 1636, d. at Ipswich Dec. 23, 1707 
(m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Dane); son of 
Reginald Po(r)ster of Ipswich, Mass., b. 
in England, d. in Ipswich, will proved 
Jan. 19, 170S, first of the name in America 
(m. 1st, Judith, m. 2d, Sarah). 

SANFORD, MYRON of Erie, Penn., 
b. Oct. 16, 1S24, d. Nov. 26, iSSo, 
banker, one of the founders of the city 
library (m. Apr. 3, 1S69, Susan M. Law- 
rence and had son II. L. Sanford, b. May 
16, 1S70, ent. Brown Univ., d. Jan. 22, 
1S89); sisters, Laura Goodwin Sanford of 
Erie, Pa., b. there Nov. 11, 1819, Presby- 
terian missionary to Spain 1872, author of 
" History of Erie County, Pa.," 1S62, La- 
vinia Stanley Sanford, b. Sep. I, 1817, d. 
Sep. 29, 1SS0 (m. Judah Colt Spencer, 
president of First Nat. Bank of Erie); chil- 
dren of Giles of Erie, Pa., b. at Franklin, 
Ct., Sep. iS, 17S3, d. at Erie Feb. 13, iSuG, 
formed a mercantile partnership with R. 
S. Reed 1814, government contractor 1823, 
delegate to canal convention 1824, was 
public spirited, gave liberally to church 
and school, member of various soc. (m. 
Laura, dau. of William and Amy [Stanley] 
Goodwin, desc. of Eider William Good- 
win of Hartford, Ct., 1637); son of Kings- 
bury of Norwich Farms, now Franklin, 
Ct., b. Sep. 14, 1753, d. in Herkimer co., N. 



Y., Feb. 20, 1834, farmer, volunteer at the 
time the British evacuated N. Y. (m. abt. 
Nov. 2, 1777, Lavinia, dau, of Bela Ed- 
gerton of Randolph, Vt., who had three 
sons: Asa, Ezra, and Ariel; a son of Asa, 
was governor;; son of Joseph, b. Sep. 2, 
1715 (m. Apr. 6, 1743, Bethiah Lathrop); 
son of William of Portsmouth, R. I., b. 
Aug. 4, 1709, d. June t6, 1796 (m. Jan. 26, 
1699, Hope Sisson, dau. of George and 
Sara Sisson); son of Samuel, b. at Ports- 
mouth, R. I., 1677, d. Mar. iS, 1713 (m. 
1st, 16G2, Sarah Wodell, m. 2d, 16S6, 
S. Spatcharst); son of John of R. I., b. 
June 4, 1633, governor of R. I. 1680-3, will 
was proved Sep. 1, 1701; son of John of 
Portsmouth, R. I., d. there 1653, was at 
Portsmouth Mar. 9, 163S, became president 
of Portsmouth and Newport 1653. 

O., b. at Howland Twp., Ohio, Nov. 
1. lS 53, grad. Albany Law Sch. May 20, 
187S, admitted to Ohio bar 1S80 (m. Mar. 
10, 1880, Soula Estelle, dau. of Rev. J. B. 
Solomon, a Baptist minister of Hunting- 
ton, Ind.); son of John of Howland Twp., 
O., b. at Ginger Hill, Pa., Mar. 21, 1S15, 
farmer, county treasurer (m. Feb. 21, 1839, 
Hannah Nevill Mason, dau. of Ambrose 
and Jemima [Turner] Mason); son of John 
of Howland Twp., O., b. at Rastraver 
Twp., Pa., June 5, 17S1, d. at How- 
land Twp. Nov. 20, 1S51, very prom- 
inent in church and school affairs, 
member of the Warren Baptist Ch. (m. 
Apr. 16, 1S01, Sarah, dau. of Samuel 
Ouinby, who served in the Revolutionary 
war); son of Almd' of Rastraver Twp., 
Pa., b. at Southold, L. I., 173S, d. at Ras- 
traver Twp. July 31, 1S2S, served in the 
Westchester Signet Horse under Capt. De 
Sa Van, member of the Rehoboth Presby- 
terian Ch. (m. 1762, Hannah Barnes). 

TONES, JOHN D. of New York city, b. 
J on Long Island, N. Y., Aug. 15, 1S14, 
president Atlantic Mutual Ins. Co., the 
foremost marine ins. co. of the U. S., 
prompt, exact and punctual in business, 
commenced as a clerk, at age of 14 yrs., 
and has filled all the olhces; son of 

John H. of Long Island, N. Y., b. there, 
d. at New York city, farmer, manufacturer, 
engaged largely in the whaling industry 
with his brothers at Cold Spring, L. I. (rn. 
a descendant of a highly respected Quaker 
family); son of John of Long Island (m. 
Hannah Hewlett of Quaker desc); son of 
William of Long Island, b. Apr. 25, 1708 
(in. Phebe, dau. of Col. John Jackson); 
son of Thomas of South Oyster Bay, L. I., 
b. in Wales (?), d. 1713, was a Brit, officer, 
came to this country from Strabane, Ire- 
land, after the battle of Boyne at which he 
was present 1693, landed at Rhode Island, 
but went to Long Island where he settled 
1696 (m. Freelove, dau. of Thomas Town- 

HEWINS, JAMES of Medfield, Mass., 
b. there Apr. 27, 1846, educated at 
Amherst Coll. and Harvard Law Sch., 
member of Boston bar, representative in 
Legislature (in. Dec. 14, 1S65, Jennie G., 
b. at Medlield Sep. 26, 1S45, dau. of Cyrus 
Siedman, son of John of Holliston, son of 
John of Brookline, son of Thomas of same 
place, son of Thomas, son of Thomas, son 
Kaac of Scituate, who came from Eng. in 
ship Elizabeth 1635); son of William 
Peters Hewins of Medfield, Mass., b. 
there June 6, 1S19 (m. July 9, 1843, Laura, 
b. Sep. 14, 1S1G, d. Oct. 10, 1855, dau. of 
John and Experience [Breck] Harmsted); 
son of James of Medfield, Mass., b. at 
Sharon, Mass., July 2, 17S2, d. at Medfield 
Aug. S, 1S46, grad. at Harvard Coll. 1S04, 
studied medicine with Dr. Abijah Rich- 
ardson of Medway, and Dr. John Jeffries 
of Boston, came to Medlield 1S07, prac- 
ticed medicine there until his death (m. 
Nov. 27, 1S14, Mary, b. Dec. 27, 1794, d. 
Oct. iS, 1S76, dau. of William Peters of 
Medfield, son of Adam, son of William, 
son of Samuel of Andover, son of Andrew 
of Andover, d. there 1713); son of Joseph 
of Sharon, Mass., b. there Oct. 24, 1745, d. 
there Dec. 15, 1S13, leading citizen of 
Sharon, selectman, justice of the peace, 
representative to the General Court (m. 
Dec. 10, 1772, Anna Gould, b. Apr. 23, 
174S, d. May 26, 1S12); son of Ebcnezcr 
of Sharon, Mass., b. there Mar. 24, 1707, 



d. there July 22, 1751, selectman, held 
several town offices (m. Oct. 24, 1730, 
Judith Porter of Norton, d. June 30, 1753); 
son of Joseph of Sharon, Mass., b. at 
Dorchester, Mass., May 20, 1668, d. at 
Sharon after 1745, moderator of town meet- 
ings, town clerk, treasurer, selectman, as- 
sessor (in. Jan. 29, 1690-1, Mehitable, b. 
Oct. 23, 1669, dau. of Peter Lyon of Dor- 
chester); son of Jacob of Dorchester, 
Mass., b. in Eng., d. at Dorchester Nov. 
9, 171 1, came to New Eng. abt. 1650, 
owned a dwelling-house in Boston 1657, 
purchased land at Dorchester Feb. 19, 
1655-6(111. Mary, d. Mar. 12, 1715-16). It 
was formerly supposed that there was no 
such name as Hewirts in England, and 
that it was a corruption of some other 
name, but through the investigations of 
Charles A. Hewins of Boston, a desc. of 
this Jacob, the name has been discovered 
in the southern part of Warwickshire and 
the northern part of Gloucestershire, Eng. 
There were Ilewinses at Bearley, a hamlet 
in the Parish of Snitterfield about 3^ miles 
north of Stratford-on-Avon, as early 
as 1550. The name occurs on grave- 
stones in the churchyard at Stratford where 
Shakespeare is buried. On records of a 
church in that vicinity is found the name 
Hewins. Agnes ArJen, the sister of 
Mary Arden, wife of John Shakespeare, 
the poet's father, married John Hewins of 
Bearley. There have also been Ilewinses 
at Weston-Sub-Edge, a village in the north- 
ern part of Gloucestershire, abt. 9^ miles 
south of Stratford for at least three hun- 
dred years. Win. A. S. Hewins of Ox- 
ford, Eng., desc. from Thomas Hewins, 
who built the Glebe Farm House at Wes- 
ton 1624. The name is very uncommon 
in England; there has never been a sin- 
gle instance of it in the London directory. 

Tabor, la., b. at La Porte, Ohio, 
Mar. 5, 1S35, moved to Iowa 1857, princi- 
pal of Tabor Literary Institute 1S57-66, 
president of Tabor Coll. 1866, supt. of 
public schools in Fremont co., la., 
1S61-3, presidential elector 1S76, member 
of la. Legislature 1876-8 (m. Jan. 17, i860, 

Adelia S., dau. of Jonas and Pamela 
[Comings] Jones of Dover, Vt., and had 
nine children: Gilbert E., Edith M., Eu- 
gene W., Helen A., Dell S., Raymond C, 
Anna P., Edwin H. and William M.); son 
of Samuel of La Porte, O., b. at Haddam, 
Ct., Feb. 27, 17S6, d. at Elyria, O., Dec. 
20, 1S74, moved from Ct. to Ohio 1819 (m. 
Sophia Johnson, b. at Upper Middle- 
town, now Cromwell, Ct., June 22, 1791); 
son of James of La Porte, O., b. Nov., 
1758, d. at La Porte Dec. 30, 1832, prob- 
ably b. at Haddam, Ct., served in the Revo- 
lutionary war, and was for three yrs. one 
of Gen. Washington's Life Guards (m. 
1783, Lydia King); son of Samuel, b. 1730 
(m. 1757, Dolly Smith); son of Abl'ilUi, b. 
1701 (m. 1729, Martha Porter); son of 
Thomas, b. 1664 (m. 1700, Sarah Boyl- 
ston); son of Thomas, b. in England 1617, 
d. 1668, came to America 1635 (m. 1663, 
Alice Spencer). 

Bucyrus, O., b. at Cleveland, O, 
Aug. 17, 1855, grad. Hamilton Coll. 1878, 
manufacturer of steam shovels and 
dredges, eldest of five children, two only 
survive (m. June 26, 1884, Rebecca Sweney 
Swigart, dau. of Daniel Swigart, an able 
lawyer and personal friend of Abraham 
Lincoln, by whom he was offered the 
position of secretary of State, and later 
that of foreign embassador, both of which 
were refused), and brother, Walter Ilayden 
Crittenden of New York city, b. at Cleve- 
land, O., Feb. 8, 1859, grad. Amherst 
Coll. iSSr, lawyer; sons of Scth AVllitmore 
Crittenden of Utica, N. Y., b. at West 
Bloomfield, N. Y., Aug. 16, 1S10, d. at 
Bucyrus Dec. 2, 1888, banker, almost all 
of his business life was spent at Cleveland 
where his name always stood as the 
synonym of honor and integrity, was much 
respected and honored, and had a very 
exalted character (m. Oct. 25, 1S54, Cor- 
nelia Goldthwait Bacon, dau. of William 
J. and Eliza [Kirkhuul ] Bacon, he, William 
J., was judge of Supreme Court of New 
York State, and M. C. for Oneida co., N. 
Y., and was the gr.-son of John Bacon, 
pastor, at the breaking out of the Revolu- 



tionary war, of the Old South Church of 
Boston, Mass., she, Eliza [Kirkland] 
Bacon, was a descendant on her mother's 
side, from Alice Bradford, gr.-dau. of 
Gov. Bradford of the Mayflower); son of 
Orriu of West Bloomfield, N. Y., b. at 
Conway, Mass., June 15, 17S3, d. at West 
Bloomfield Apr. 30, 1S63, was a man of 
sterling integrity and Christian character, 
honored by all and connected with some 
of the best families in his vicinity (m. 
Aug. 24, 1804, Candace, dau. of Oliver 
and Abigail [Hayden] Whitmore, a desc. 
on her father's side from Thomas Whit- 
more of Middletown, Ct., who came to 
America 1635, and on her mother's side 
from William Hayden of Windsor, Ct., 
who came to America 1630); son of Eben- 
ezcr of Conway, Mass., b. there Oct. 18, 
1757, d. there Jan. 26, 1846; son of John 
of Conway, Mass., b. at Guilford, Ct., 
1728, d. at Seneca Castle, N. Y., 1812; son 
of Abraham of Guilford, Ct., b. there- 
Mar. 6, 1662, d. there 1743 (m. May 6, 16S6, 
Susanna, dau. of John Kirby of Middle- 
town, Ct.); son of Abraham of Guilford, 
Ct., b. in England 1635, d. at Guilford 1694, 
came from England to America 1639 ( m - 
May 16, 1661, Susanna, dau. of Thomas 
Greyson of New Haven, Ct., who came to 
America July 26, 1637, in company with 
John Davenport, Theophilus Eaton and 
other gentlemen of family and fortune); 
son of Abraham of Guilford, Ct., b. in 
England, d. at Guilford 16S3, came to 

America from Cranbrook, Eng., in 1639, 
with his wife and two or three children and 
settled at Guilford (m. Mary). 

Vt., b. at Becket, Mass., Dec. 21, 
1750, d. May 25, 1S25 (m. Feb. II, 1779, 
Abigail Wood of Sudbury, Vt., and had 
two children: Lucy, b. Oct. 4, 1783, d. 
Dec. 17, 1S73 [m. Apr. 6, 1806, Joshua 
Osgood] and Eunice, b. Aug. 24, 17S5, d. 
June 29, 1S21 [m. Dec, 1S07, Major John 
Ruggles of Rutland, Vt., see Ruggles 
lineage in vol. 5]); son of Isaiah of 
Becket, Mass., b. at Windham, Ct., June 
ir, 1725, d. Dec. 29, 1797 (m. Jan. 20, 1747, 
Abigail Palmer); son of AlUOS of Wind- 
ham, Ct., b. at Rehoboth, Mass., Jan. 18, 
1696, d. Apr. 23, 17S7 (m. Jan. 12, 1723, 
Ruth Adams); son of John of Rehoboth, 
Mass., b. there May 6, 1665, d. Mar. 17, 
1732 (m. July 1, 16S6, Sarah Sabin); son of 
Eldad of Rehoboth, Mass., b. at Dorches- 
ter, Mass., 163S, d. at Swansea, Mass., 
Aug. 30, 1679 (m. 1662, Mehitable Morey); 
son of John of Dorchester, Mass., b. at 
Hampshire, Eng., emigrated from there to 
Taunton, Mass., where he was one of the 
original purchasers, removed to Dorches- 
ter 1635; his ancestors spelled the name 
Kyngesley, and bore these arms: Vert, a 
cross engrailed ermine, crest — in a ducal 
coronet gules a goat's head argent. De- 
scended from Randulphus de Kyngesleigh 
of Chester, 1120. 



Abbott 200 

Ackerman 33 


O. H 98 

S. W 37 

W. F 175 

Africa 54 

Aldcn 81 

Alexander 148 

Allan S 


B. R 157' 

J. M 60, 154 J 

Alricks 93 

Alward 10 


J-B 40 

M.R 45 

Appleton 103 

Archer 165 

Arnold ....... 31 

Arnoux 23 

Ashley 1S4 

Austin 71 


F. D 24 

H 10 

Bagg 11 


D 73 

J. F 135 


C 74 

E. II si 

E. W 133 

G.E 93 

Ball 105 

Ballard 75 

Ballord 114 


D 129 

H. L 158 

Barbour SS 

Barney 17 

Barnum 196 

Barrett 167 

Barrows 22 


Bartholomew . . 192 

Batchelder 41 


S 195 

W. G 68 

Baxter 53 

Bayles 10 

Bean 53 

Beard si ey 56 

Beckwith 63 

Beebe 196 

Bemis 132 


E. B 199 

G. G no 

J- 1 202 

Bennett 176 

Bergen 151 

Berry 17 

Bevier 58 

Bicknell S3 

Biddle 44 


A 150 

J. II 4S 

Bond 104 

Bottum 96 


G. H 201 

R. L 194 


C H 174 

E. J 30 

Boynton 172 

Bradford 137 

Braincrd 47 

Breed 14 

Bridge 140 

Briggs 55 

Brockway 61 


I. E 134 

W.M 206 

Brown 1S2 

Bruce. . 36 

Bryant 193 

Buchanan 23 

Bu flu m 192 




. . 21 


•• 5 


. . 60 

Davenport... . 

. . 41 



. . 29 

C. 11. S.... 

•• '3 


.. 6 

E. S 

•• 33 

R. S 

.. 29 
.. 87 

.. 197 

.. iSS 
• 153 



W. T 

.. 13 

A. I) 

\V. A 

Canlield . . . 

Dearborn . . . 



.. 90 
• • 23 

.. 105 


.. 14S 
.. 69 
.. 194 

.. 185 
.. .46 

S C. . 


Chickering . 


I. B 




Dimond .... 

J- A 


Di Zerega: 

A. L. B .. 





W. W 

.. 159 
. . 121 
• 15 

.. S 9 

II. B .... 

R. T 

Cilley .... 



• • 194 

• • 95 

• • 52 


■ • S3 
.. 97 


.. 64 

• • M4 
.. 185 
. . 192 
•• 35 
. 161 

Cochran .... 
Codman .... 





.. 80 
. .. 91 

• •• 34 

Drummond . 

. . . 30 
. . . 144 
. . . 21 


Dumaresq . . 
Duniond .... 
Dunning . . . 
Dunwoodic . 
Dun woody. 

•• 25 
.. 170 

Corliss . .. 

. . . 101 

• • • I2 

Courtenay . . 
Cowdrick . . . 

... 171 
... 14 
. . 113 

.. 171 

. .. 62 

■ 115 

... 63 


A. M 


. . . 106 


. . . 202 



Crittenden .. 


Crosman . . . 
Crunirine . . . 

... 206 

... 67 
... 197 
••• 153 



■ ■• 54 

A. B 

... 8 



... 55 
... 17S 

S. 11 ... . 


. .. *93 

... 185 



... 2S 


... 91 


. .. 30 

W. P.... 

. . . 166 

Estabrook . . 

... 62 


Fahnestock .... 18 

Farnham 133 

Farrisworth .... 44 

C 180 

O. II 157 

Field 96 

Fitz-Randolph.. 22 

G. L 203 

W. 1 140 

Flint S4 

Folger 17 

Force 80 

Forster 204 

Foster 40 

Fowler 96 


F. O 198 

J- R » 

Fullen wider 




Gaylord 48 

Gerould . 
Gilbert .. 



Gobin 24 

Goodale 176 

Goodman . 


Harriman 164 

Harrison 2S 

Harvey . . . 

F . 142 

S 63 


E. T Si 

G. E 9 

J "3 

Hawkes 119 

Hawley 129 

Haynes 13S 

Hay ward 37 

Henry 4S 

Herbert 73 

Herkimer 97 

Hewins 205 

Heydrick 117 


II. O 190 

W 191 


T. L 32 

"N. P no 

Hitchcock .... 6 

Hoagland 35 


Gould 15S 

Gray 17 

Green 109 


D. N 173 

M. W 94, 169 

Greenough 128 

Griffin 112 

Griffs 201 

Griffith 120 


A. W 56 

G. S 155 

H. R 187 

1.0 39 

R. A 152 

Gunnison 67 


F. H 127 

W. T 124 

Keith 32 


D. O 66 

J. F S 5 

Kenyon 70 


S 161 

S. T 1S1 



D. W.. 

J. C... 

H ... . 


W. L.. 


Ilodgman 13; 

Hosmer 14c 

Hough 18; 

Houghtaling ... 1 it 

Howe I4J 

I lowland ... 17S 

D.W 14! 

J. P i3< 


E. A 12: 

II. S ... 
Huckel .. 

.. 29 

• • 145 

Hunnewell 77 

Huntington .... 41 

Hutchinson . . . 122 

A 139 

E. C 153 

F. A 82 

Kings] ey 207 


Kittredge . 
Knypers . , 

Haines 151 

Hake 152 


H. H 119 

W 160 


E. W 106 

J. E 69 

R. M 203 

Halsted 13 

Hammond .... 17 

Hanson 64 

Harding 38 


A. W 94 

H. G 146 

Laid ley: 

A. T S4 

W. S 86 

Langworthy .... 73 

Leonard 104 


A. W is6 

E 71 

J.N 37 


G 141 

J. L s6 

L 163 


C. S 150 

W. L 70 

Lockwood 61 

Lombard 146 

Long 75 

Longyear 12 

Lufbery 9 

Lyle 132 


B 116 

W. C 45 



T. II .... 
Meader .... 

Merchant 175 


F. T 50 

II. M 123 


M 77 

J.T 103 

Miles 15 

Millett 34 

Moore 141 

Montgomery ... 122 

Morse 51 


R. O i( 

S i8< 

Mooar ni 

Moseley ; 

Mouit,;.! 7 . 

Mowry 12 




I. M.... 
Nipher . . 

G. II .. 

G. L... 

T.C. D. 

[. G.... 

W. B... 
Norton . . . 

Ingersoll 6 

Jansen 158 

janney 137 

T^y 151 

Jeffries 143 

Jenkins 171 

Jewett 14 

Johnson 87 


J. D 205 

N. E 76 

W. D 133 

Jordan 36 

Macy 49 

Marseilles 30 

Markham 114 

Martin 167 


C 102 

J. F. B 172 

Mason 164 


A 138 

T. F 126 

Mayo 47 

McCord 183 

McDowell 10 

Olmsted 86 

Orton 103 

Opdyke 159 

Page 5 

Paine 179 

Pardee 104 


F.J 179 

J 22 

Parkman 57 

Parry 67 

Patterson 36 


Payson . . . 
Peirce. . . . 

C. T.... 

W. F. R 

Pickering 63 

Pilcher 125 





T. P 128 

L-F 53 

Plimpton 34 

Pollock 55 

Pomroy 142 

Pond 116 




Rand 35 

Rankin 195 

Rathbun 13 

Rawson 139 

Raymond 1S3 

Redfield 112 

Reed ran 


F. D .... 

J- I 



L. M . . . . 

T. II .... 

W. S iS 

Rockwood 79 

Rodman 165 

Roc 8 

Rogers 127 

Roosevelt ii) 

Rll K£ 139 

Russell 1 98 

Sanford 204 

Sanger 102 | 


Schermerhorn . . 57 

C C 154 

P. R 92 

Seymour 61 

Shackford 1^4 

Sheffield 33 

Sheldon 100 

Shuey ig 

Skeels 135 

Slafter 1S2 


C. F 10S 

C. L 177 

G.B 127 

II. A 27 

Snell 72 

Spalding 65 

Spaulding .... 107 

Steele 1S2 

Sternbergh. ... Si 

F. P 40 

F. S 117 


A 99, 100 

E. P 99 

E. W 100 

G. W 100 

J. F 100 

T 100 

Stockton 134 

G. F 5 

J 120 

M. E 35 

W 131 

Storrs 27 

Sumner 18S 

Swift 180 




II. W 121 

R. S 167 


G.A 3 

W. 136 

Terry 20 

Thayer 171 


II. S 189 

T. B -. .. 1S0 

Thurston 77 

Tilden 49 

Tillinghast 195 

Titcomb 72 

Towle iGS 

Trenchard 92 

Tubbs 147 

Tucker 17s 

Turrill 50 



B. F 

G. M 

H. D 

Van Allen . 
Van Arsdale 
Van Nest .. 
Van Vechten 

Vaux ... 

Ver Planck . 



Vosburgh S3 

Wadsworth 187 


G. W 58 

S. W .... ... 188 

Wallace 139 

Ward 13 

Wai field 21 

Warren 29 


B. S 130 

D. B 1S9 

I.S 129 

I. T 130 

S. B 130 

Webster 22 

Wells 44 

West 57 

Wheeler 162 

Wheel ock .... 134 

While 150 

Whiteford 23 

Wight 45 

Wilkinson 1S9 


A 50 

S. II 91 


E. H 143 

J 183 

Wilson 1S6 


E. C 145 

J 56 

Witter 131 

Wood 98 

6145 1