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Sijott Notices of Bcccaseti persons, 










Edition 130 Copies. 





Tl is volume owes its origin to an accidental circumstance. 
Nc irly twenty years ago, the undersigned bad occasion to as- 
certain the date of death of a person who many years before 
had been a distinguished citizen of Albany, holding an import- 
ant public office, and filling a prominent place in social circlesin 
the day in which he lived. All existing biographical collections 
failed to give the information desired, and an extended course 
of personal inquiry among aged citizens of Albany elicited 
noth' ig but this, that while all remembered the fact that he 
had wed, none could give the slightest information as to when 
^r -< ere lie died. At length a man was found who thought, 
by looking in the files of a newspaper, published some 
years before, the elate desired might be found, and aceord- 
ii v ly, after a lengthy search, it was discovered, but several years 
earlier than the year which the informant had indicated. 

S^jw this incident must have had its parallel in the experience 
of ev^ery one who has had occasion to find obituary dates. It im- 
pr issed upon the writer the importance of saving, in form for 
convenient reference, these dates scattered all along the course 
of passing time, and daily corning under our notice to be read, 
laid aside and forgotten. Accordingly at leisure moments, these 
passing facts, with a brief note, and often a reference, were 
written down upon slips of paper of uniform size, and kept in 
alphabetical order until the practice became a habit ; and the 
collection extended to several thousand in number, without 
the slightest thought of its ever being used by any one but the 
writer. These abstracts were carried through several series of 
magazines and scientific pei iodicals, and through many volumes 
that came within our range of reading, without professing to be 
exhaustive in any case as to number or extent; they being in 
fact nothing but brief notes, with such further references as 
might happen To be convenient. 

In this form it lay until, upon its being incidentally mentioned 
to the publisher, its printing was undertaken, in the hope that 
it might form a convenient index to dates most widely scattered, 
and often most difficult to find. In the course of its collection, 
the names already given in Rev. William Allen's American 
Biographical DtctLminj had been avoided, and during the 

iv Preface. 

yeafe in which, at scattered moments, the series had been form 
ing, the Dictionary of American Biography of Mr. Francis A 
Drake had been published. When its printing was decidec 
upon, it was thought proper to throw out all the names thai 
had been included in the latter, unless we were able to presenl 
some additional facts, and in this event, to refer to it for fullei 
information. In some instances also, a name contained in Allen's 
Dictionary has been more fully given in this book. With this 
qualification, therefore, the present work maybe regarded as a 
supplement to these two series of American biographies, bul 
without pretensions to fullness, or to that editorial care which 
has been bestowed upon them. 

It is in fact, as its title claims, nothing but a series of notices, 
always brief, and in no case in any way approaching to that 
standard of completeness that would be required in a full bio- 
graphical sketch. 

From the prevalent custom of copying notices from one news- 
paper into another, without sufficiently indicating the day first 
intended, it sometimes becomes impossible to fix with accuracy 
the true date. If our newspaper editors, instead of noticing 
an event as occurring " on Thursday last," or " on the 7th inst.," 
would give the year, month and day (which could generally be 
done within less space than the indirect method above alluded 
to), a much more satisfactory result would be obtained. 

There are doubtless many errors arising from this source, 
but generally we have preferred to leave the date indefinite as 
to the day, or even the month, rather than assume to decide in 
a case of doubt. Of course a series of notes made like this at 
wide intervals, cannot pretend to any uniformity of style, in 
the arrangement of the facts that they contain. 

A further difficulty has occurred in the printing of the volume, 
from the fact that the greater part has been done without re- 
vision of proofs by the editor, and although reasonable care has 
been given to this by the publisher and his proof-readers, it can- 
not be claimed as entirely free from those defects which the writer 
of a manuscript could alone detect. 

We wish to return our thanks to several friends who have 
sent us notices of deceased persons, more especially to Dr. 
Moses M. Bass:, of Utica, Col. Charles Whittlesey of Cleveland, 
O., and Hon. Winslow C. Watson of Port Kent, N. Y. To the 
former, especially, we are indebted for many notices of early 
citizens of Oneida county, and central New York, which, with- 
out his kind cooperation, would not have been included. 

Franklin B. Hough. 

Lowville, N. Y., October 21, 1875. 



ABBEY, Mrs. Dillia, d. Oct. 28, 1840, in her 103d year, retaining 
her mental faculties till the close of life. 

ABBOT, Caleb Fletcher, d. at Toledo, 0., April 24, 1855, a. 43; 
b. in Chelmsford, Mass., Sept. 8, 1811 ; graduated at Harvard University 
in 1827 ; in 1836, settled as a lawyer in Toledo, 0., where he gained a 
high rank in his profession. He was mayor of the city and prosecuting 
attorney for third judicial district. 

ABBOT, Rev. Jacob, minister of Hampton Falls ; drowned at Wind- 
ham, N. H., Nov. 2, 1834; grad. at H. U. in 1792 and was settled a? a 
clergyman in 1795. 

ABBOT, John Lovejoy, clergyman, grad. at H. U. in 1805; some 
years college librarian; in 1814 ordained at Boston, and d. in 2 years. 

ABBOT, Stephen, officer of the revolution, resided in N. H., and lived 
to an advanced age. 

ABBOTT, Dr. Henry, collector of a valuable series of Egyptian an- 
tiquities, now in the rooms of the New York Historical Society; d. near 
Cairo, March 30, 1859, a. 47 ; b. in London, had been a surgeon in the 
British navy, and was long engaged in practicing his profession at Cairo. 

ABBOTT, Joel, commodore, U. S. N.,d. Dec. 14, 1855, at Hong Kong, 
China; was commanding the U. S. squadron in the East Indies, and had 
entered the service in 1812 ; was an officer of ability, brave and energetic. 

ABEEL, Capt. David, an officer on board the Alliance frigate in the 
revolutionary war, d. Oct., 1840, at New Brunswick, N. J. 

ACKER, Jacob, formerly sheriff of New York city, d. Nov. 6, 1849, 
a. 56. 

ACKLEY, Dr. Horace, prof, of surgery for many years in the Cleve- 
land Med. Coll. ; d. suddenly April 23, 1859, in his 48th year. 

ADAMS, Daniel, d. in Charlestown, Mass., March 27, 1846, a. 95 
years 6 months, being at the time, the oldest man in that town. 

ADAMS, David, b. at Waxhaws, S. C, Jan. 28, 1766 ; served at the 
close of the revolution in S. C. ; settled in Ga. ; served against the Creeks 
as maj., brig*, gen. and maj. gen.; served the state in several commis- 
sions ; was in the legislature more than 25 years, and was often speaker. 
(White's Hist. Ga., p. 501.) 
' ADAMS, Dr. Ira, d. at Lowville, N. Y., March 8, 1857, a. 65. 

ADAMS, George B., of Pa., consul for the U. S. at Alicant, Spain ; 
d. Sept. 10, 1834. 


2 American Biographical Notes. 

ADAMS, James, a native of Mass., and a soldier of the revolution, d. 
at Hartford, Susquehannah co., Pa., March 27, 1849, a. 104 years. 

ADAMS, John, financier, for many years at the head of the mercan- j 
tile firm of Clendenning & Adams of N. Y., and later was pres. of the. , 
Fulton Bank, filling this office from 1827 to his death ; was for a time, ■ 
treas. of the Am. Bible Soc, and 37 years treas. of the N. Y. Hospital ; d. ifi 
1855, a. 83. 

ADAMS, J. C, noted bear tamer, familiarly known as Old Adams. 
of California, d. Oct. 26, 1860, at Neponset, Mass., having long suffered 
from injuries received from a grizzly bear in California. 

ADAMS, Rev. John W., d. at Syracuse, N. Y., April 1, 1850, a. 54. ; . 

ADAMS, Robert H., senator in congress ^from Mississippi, d. sj*| 
Natchez, July 2, 1830. 

ADAMS, Samuel, patriot and surgeon in revolution ; native of Kil 
lingly, Ct. ; studied medicine and settled at Truro, Mass. ; served as sur- ■ 
geon through the war, and settled at Bath, Me., where he died in 1819, 

a. 74. (Bradford's N. E. Biog.) 

ADAMS, Samuel, in 1844 was presiding officer of the Arkansas' 
senate, at 1 *"""" rt time acting governor ; was afterwards state treas.,, 

11 a short time before his death which occurred Feb. 

[EN, native of Pennsylvania, was a senator in that state ; 
xciiiuved to Mississippi, and was elected to the legislature ; a judge of the 
circuit court, and from 1852 to 1857, a senator in congress; d. at Mem- 
phis, Tenn., May 11, 1857. 

ADAMS, Thomas Boylston, son of Pres. John A., grad. at H. U., in 
1790 ; engaged in law practice ; was a judge of com. pleas, and in 1811 
one of the executive council ; d. in 1832. 

ADAMS, Dr. Zabdiel Boylston, d. in Boston, Mass., Jan. -25, 1855; 

b. in Roxbury, Feb. 1793 ; grad. at H. U. in 1813, and was a skilful 
and successful physician. 

AD AN, John R., grad. at H. U., in 1813; read law with Judge Wm. 
Prescott ; several years pres. of the city council ; represented Suffolk co. 
in the senate ; was several times a counselor of the government ; d. at 
Boston, July 4, 1849. (Stryker's Am. Eegr., iii, 233.) 

ADDISON, Daniel Dulany, loyalist capt. in Md., in 1782 ; at the 
peace was a maj., and went to England, where he d. in London in 18C8. 

AGINEW, Rev. John, rector of the parish of Suffolk, Va. ; was calk d 
to account Mar. 24, 1775, for his tory principles; soon left and became" 
chaplain of the Queen's Rangers ; settled in New Brunswick ; d. near 
Fredericton in 1812, a. 85. (Sabine's Loyalists.*) 

AGNEW, Stair, loyalist captain in Queen's Rangers, and it is thought 
a son of Rev. John A. of Va. ; settled at Fredericton, New Brunswick, 
where he d. 1821, a. 63 ; was a half pay officer, and was a prisoner for 
some time. (Sabine's Loyalists.) 

ALBEERS, Solomon Gh, a merchant of Baltimore, Md., d. Oct. 19, 
1839, in his 63d year. 

ALBURTIS, William, capt. 2d U. S. Infantry; kd. at the siege of 
Vera Cruz, March 11, 1847 ; served with reputation in the Florida war. 

American Biographical Notes. 3 

ALBRIGHT, John, d. at East Homer, N. Y., March 2, 1845, a. 85; 
sen 1 in the revolution ; was twice a prisoner with the enemy, once at 
For Montgomery and once by the Indians at Fort Stanwix. 

I ^DERSON, Col. James C, d. at Holly Springs, Mississippi, 1850, 
hav : ■» filled many offices of trust and honor in the state ; at the time of 
his jath, he was pres. of the Northern Bank of Mississippi. 

A 'DIS, Asa, grad. Brown U.; eminent lawyer; in 1815 chief justice 
of th ■■ sup. court of Vermont; d. at St. Albans, Oct. 18, 1847, a. 77. 

A ^EXANDER, Andrew, d. near Lexington, Va., Feb. 6, 1847 ; a. 
75; he had been a member of the state legislature and took much interest 
in internal improvements. 

A ' TXANDER, Elijah, a native of Mecklenburg, N. C ; when 16 
or 1 years old joined the army as a vol., and served several months ; d. 
in 1 anesse, Nov. 10, 1850, at the age of 90. 

ALEXANDER, Mrs., d. at Winchester, N. H., July, 1835, aged 100. 

ALFRED, Asahel, rev. soldier, settled in Columbia, Herkimer co., 
N. Y., in 1791, from Ct. ; d. June, 1853, a. 93 ; was in the battle of Mon- 
Jiou.h, and taken prisoner at the Cedars in Canada and encountered many 
peri's. (Benton's Herkimer Co., p. 390.) 

ALICE, a female slave, b. in Philadelphia, of parents that came from 
Barbadoes, d. at Bristol, Pa., in 1803, a. 116. She was quite blind at 100, 
but gradually regained her sight at 102. (Kirby's Museum, ii, 271.) 

ALLAIRE, Anthony, tory ; in 1782, a lieut. in the Loyal Am. Regt., 
and at the peace a captain ; he settled in New Brunswick, received half 
pay, was a grantee of St. John, but removed to the country, and d. in Ct., 
in the parish of Douglas, in 1838, a. 84. 

ALLEN, Adam, tory officer in the Queen's Rangers ; went to St. Johns, 
N. B., rec'd half pay, and in 1798 was in command at Grand Falls on the 
St. Johns ; d. in York co., N. B., in 1823, a. 66. (Sabine's Loyalists.') 

ALLEN, Andrew, son of Chief Justice Win. A., of Pa. ; was early in 
the revolution a whig, and served in congress in 1775-6, and on the com. 
of safety; in 1776 he became tory, and during the war went to England 
where he d. in London in 1825, a. 85. (Sabine's Loyalists.) 

ALLEN, Capt. A., an early settler at Jefferson, O., was capt. of a 
vol. co., in war of 1812; served under Gen Harrison; d. May 26, 1850. 

ALLEN, Benjamin, LL.D , an eminent classical teacher, and for- 
merly prof, of mathematics in Union College, Schenectady ; d. at Hyde 
Park, N. Y., July 22, 1836. 

ALLEN, Rev. Beverly, removed from Va., merchant in Elbert co., 
Ga. ; became a self taught and effective preacher ; upon going in 1794 to 
Augusta to purchase goods, with his brother Billy, he resisted and killed 
the marshal (Robert Forsyth, father of the celebrated John F.), fled to 
Elbert co., was arrested, lodged in jail, rescued by a mob, and fled to the 
extreme western frontier; d. at an advanced age, apprehensive to the 
last of being arrested for killing Forsyth. (White's Hist. Ga., p. 448.) 

ALLEN, Chilton, born in Albemarle co., Va., settled when a lad in 
Kentucky; in 1807, removed to Winchester, where he studied law and 
settled; was elected to the state legislature in 1811, and subsequently 
served in both house? many years; was in congress from 1831 to 1837 ; 

4 American Biographical Notes. 

in 1837-8 was pres. of the board of internal improvement in Ky. ; d. at 
Winchester, Ky., Sept. 3, 1858, a. 73. 

ALLEN, Gen. Ethan, rev. patriot, brig, gen., b. in Litchfield, Ct., 
Jan. 10, 1737 ; removed young to Vermont; took a bold and active part 
as a leader of the Green Mountain Boys in opposition to the government 
of New York, and captured Ticonderoga by surprise May 10, 1775, aided 
by 83 Verruonters ; in the fall of 1775 he visited Canada twice, was 
taken prisoner to Halifax, and thence to N. Y., where he was exchanged 
for Col. Campbell May 6, 1778 ; was active in procuring the recognition 
of Vermont as a separate state ; d. at his home in Burlington, Vt., Feb. 12, 
1789. The state of Vermont, in 1858, erected a monument to his memory 
at Burlington. {Rogers's Am. Biog.; Hist. Mag., ii, 256.) Allen's Blog. 
Diet., 2d ed. says Ethan was born at Roxbury. Pease and Niles's Ga- 
zetteer of Conn, and R. 1., Cornwall. Blake's Biog. Diet., Salisbury. 
Sparks' s Life of Allen and Barber's, Conn., Litchfield. Cothren's Hist, of 
Woodbury, says Woodbury. The records of the town of Litchfield con- 
tain the register of his birth, Jan. 10, 1737-8. {Hist. Mag., ii, p. 49.) 

ALLEN, Ethan A., last surviving son of Col. Ethan A., of the rev. , 
grad. at West Point in 1806 ; was lieut. Oct. 1809, and capt. of 1st Ar- 
tillery in 1814 ; was disbanded in 1821 ; d. at his home in Norfolk co.; 
Va., Dec. 6, 1854, in his 70th year. ' (JY. ¥. Eve. Post.) 

ALLEN, George F., pres. of trustees of N. Y. Inst, for the Blind; 
d. Aug. 1, 1863. 

ALLEN, Heman, b. in 1776 ; was a resident of Milton, Vt. ; studied 
law, and was elected to congress from 1827 to 1829, and again from 1833 
to 1839 ; afterwards removed to Burlington ; d. there Dec. 11, 1844 ; at 
one time minister to Chili. 

ALLEN, Dr. James, health officer of Halifax; d. at Halifax, Sept. 1, 

1857, a. 35. 

ALLEN, James, a general officer in the Texan war of independence, 
and pioneer settler in California; d. at Washoe, Nevada ter., Oct. 30, 1863. 

ALLEN, James Bowdoin, member of the Suffolk bar; d. at East 
Boston, Mass., Dec. 23, 1853, a. 29; post master at East Boston at the 
time of his death. 

ALLEN, Jennings, a soldier of the rev. ; d. in Fairfield dist., S. C, 
Jan. 1835, a. 114. 

ALLEN, John, socialist, native of N. E., and formerly a Universalist 
preacher; he early adopted the former doctrine, became a popular orator 
and was connected with the experiment at Brook farm, and upon its 
failure removed to Patriot, Ind. ; engaged in vine raising; d. Oct. 15, 

1858. {Hist. Mag., ii, 350.) 

ALLEN, Richard C, judge of the U. S. dist. court of Apalachicola ; 
d. at St. Joseph's, Florida, July 30, 1841. 

ALLEN, Samuel, M.D., of Mass., settled at Lowville, N. Y., April, 
1809, and in 1811 in Copenhagen, N. Y., as a merchant and manufac- 
turer ; d. June 12, 1849, a. 66 ; he possessed fine social wit and pleasing 
manners. {Hough's Hist. Lewis Co., JY. Y., p. 82, with portrait.) 

ALLEY, Dr. John Burroughs, d. in Boston, Mass., April 29, 1862, 
a. 41 ; grad. at Yale, and at the Har. Med. Sch. ; several years supt. of 
the Boston Dispensary ; at one time sec. of the Mass. Med. Soc. 

American Biographical Note's. 5 

ALLEY, Saul, a leading merchant and capitalist of N. Y. city : d. 
Oct. 21, 1852, a. 74. 

ALLSTON, Willis, mem. of congress from N. C., from 1799 to 1815, 
and from 1825 to 1831 ; d. at Gretna Green, N. C, April 10, 1837 ; b. 
in Halifax co. ; served several years in the state legislature. 

ALLSTON", William Moore, brother of the distinguished artist; d. 
at Newport, R. I., May 29, 1844, a. 62. 

ALLYN, Capt. Francis, a leading citizen of New London, Conn. ; d. 
in that city, Aug. 23, 1862. He brought Lafayette to America in 1824. 

ALMADA, Don Domingo, a wealthy Cuban, d. at New York, April 
13, 1870, a 83. 

ALSOP, John, a venerable member of the society of Friends ; d. at 
Ledyard, N. Y., April 28, 1835, a. 84. 

ALSTON, John Ashe, son of Wm. Algernon A., of Georgetown, La., 
and nephew of Washington A. he was educated at the Va. Univ. ; re- 
sided at Georgetown as a planter, and was several years in the legislature 
of La. ; in 1854 he removed to New Orleans, his native city ; d. at Sul- 
livan's island, Oct. 8, 1848, in his 42d year. 

ALSTON, Col. William, d. in Charleston, S. C, June 26, 1839, a. 
83 ; was a captain under Marion ; in the state senate and a presidential 
elector, and father of the late Gov. Joseph Alston. (Am. Almanac, 
1840, p. 305.) 

ALTHOUSE, John., of N. Y., tory, and in 1782 capt. of N. Y. Vols. ; 
he went to New Brunswick where he d. ; his son John A. jr., was, in 
1782, an ensign in the N. Y. Vols. 

ALVEAR, Don Carlos de, envoy ex., and minister plenipoten. of 
the Argentine republic to the U. S.; d. in N. Y. city, Nov. 4, 1852. 

ALVORD, Elijah, d. at Greenfield, Mass., Sept. 9, 1840; had for- 
merly been clerk of the county c .urt of Franklin co. 

ALVORD, James O, elected mem. of the 26th congress for the Frank- 
lin dist. ; d. at Greenfield, Mass., Sept. 27, 1839 ; grad. at Dartmouth in 
1827 ; a lawyer of good standing; served in both branches of the state 

AMES, Nathaniel, a soldier of the rev. ; b. in Killingly, Conn., 
April 25, 1761; d. at Rome Corners, Wis., Oct. 27, 1863. 

AMES, Mrs. Sarah, d. at Waterford, Ct., Dec. 14, 1840, a. 105. 

AMRERST, William, bro. of Sir Jeffrey A., b. in 1732; lieut. 
Sept. 21, 1757, and capt. of the 1st Regt. Foot Guards; aid to the com- 
mander at Louisburgh in 1758; in 1759 It. col; in 1760 at Oswego; 
appointed to the command of the Light Infantry battalion ; in 1762 was 
sent to expel the French from Newfoundland, and in 1766 became col. in 
the army and aid-de-camp to the king; in 1774 became lieut. gov. of St. 
Johns, N. F., and in 1755, col. of the 32d Foot ; in 1777 was major gen. ; 
in 1779 lieut. gen. ; d. May 13, 1781 ; his son succeeded to the title of Earl 
of Amherst. {Com. Wilson's Orderly Book, 3hinsell's Hist. Series, i, 34.) 

AMORY, John, d. N. Y., Aug. 11, 1780; native of N. Y. city; left 
his property near Albany as a loyalist refugee in 1777, and joined Bur- 
goyne's army ; went to Canada after the surrender, whither after great 
hardships his family followed him. (See Rivington's Gazette, Aug. 16.) 

AMORY, Thomas C, merch. in Boston, d. in 1812, a. 45. 

6 American Biographical Notes. 

ANDERSON, Dr. Alexander, pioneer wood engraver, and distin- 
guished for the abundance and excellence of his work which he continued 
to produce till near the end of life ; d. at N. Y., Jan. 17, 1870, a. 95. 
(See Lossing's Memoir.} 

ANDERSON, Andrew, M. D., pres. of the Southern Life Ins. and 
Trust Co. ; formerly of N. Y. ; d. Nov. 7, 1839, at St. Augustine, Fla. 

ANDERSON, Cornelius V., formerly chief eng. of the fire dept. of 
N. Y. city ; at the time of his death, one of the board of ten governors ; 
d. in N. Y. city, Nov. 29, 1868. 

ANDERSON, Jacob, a militia officer in the rev. ; d in Hunterdon co., 
N. J., May 11, 1837, a. 84. 

ANDERSON, James- B., ed. of the New Orleans Sun ; d. at New 
Orleans, May, 1840. 

ANDERSON, John, a tory, of Thickety Creek, S. C. ; accepted an 
office in 1780 ; a lieut. in 1782, and at the peace capt. in the King's Ran- 
gers; his estate was confiscated. 

ANDERSON, Gen. Robert E., of the U. S. A., and the hero of Fort 
Sumter ; d. at Nice, Italy, Oct. 26, 1871. 

ANDERSON, Samuel, formerly an associate judge of the king's 
bench ; at the rev., he joined the royal cause; was capt. in the King's 
Royal Regt. of N. Y., and after the peace settled at Cornwall, Canada ; d. 
in Canada, Oct. 6, 1836, a. 101. 

ANDERSON, Dr. Samuel, mem. of the 20th congress from Chester, 
Pa. ; often served in the state legislature, and in 1849 was a speaker in 
the house of representatives; d. at Chester, Pa., Jan. 17, 1850, in the 77th 
year of his age. 

ANDERSON, Simeon H., mem. of congress from Kentucky from 
1839 to 1841 ; d. near Lancaster, Ky., Aug. 11, 1840. 

ANDERSON, Thomas O., formerly a lieut. in the U. S. navy ; d. in 
Newton, Sussex co., N. J., April 14, 1844, a. 60 ; was one of the com- 
pany under Decatur who captured and burned the frigate Philadelphia in 
the harbor of Tripoli. 

ANDERSON, Walker, a native of Va. ; res. many years in Florida; 
for a time chief justice of the supreme court of that state; d. at Pen- 
sacola, Fl., Jan. 13, 1857. 

ANDERSON, Dr. William, b. in Princeton ; where he grad. in 
1789; rem. to Schenectady, N. Y., practiced medicine with Dr. Joseph 
W. Hegeman ; went to New Orleans ; d. of yellow fever in returning in 
1811. (Tr. N Y. St. Med. Soc., 1857, p. 29 ; Munsell's Ann. Alb., ix, 93.) 

ANDERSON, William E., formerly a judge in Tennessee ; d. at 
Vicksburgh, Miss., a. 50 ; a distinguished lawyer, and much esteemed. 

ANDREWS, Asa, d. in Ipswich, Mass., Jan. 13, 1856; b. in Shrews- 
bury, Mass., in 1762; grad. at Cambridge in 1783; settled at Ipswich, 
where he spent his life ; collector there from 1794 till 1829. 

ANDREWS, Charles, d. in Paris, Me., April 30,1852, a. 38 ; a 
rep. in congress from the 4th dist. of Maine ; b. in Paris, in 1814 ; ad- 
mitted to the bar in 1837, and settled in Turner; in the state legislature 
from 1839 to 1843, and in 1842 was speaker. 

ANDREWS, Isaac, served in the last war with Great Britain ; d. at 
Newark, N. J., March 4, 1850, a. 76. 

American Biographical Notes. 7 

ANDREWS, James, consul of several foreign states ; d. in Boston, 
Mass., Feb. 24, 1842. 

ANDREW, Rev. James Osgood, bp. of the M. E.Ch. S. ; b. near Wash- 
ington, Wilkes co., G-a., May 3, 1794; his father, a soldier of the rev., 
was the first native Georgian who entered the itinerant ministry of the 
M. E. Ch. ; the son was admitted as a preacher in 1812, and labored with 
success on various circuits until in 1832 he was ordained bp. at Phila. ; 
in 1844 the Gen. Conf. at N. Y., passed resolutions for deposing him un- 
less he would cease owning slaves, which he had received by legacy and 
marriage, this led to the division of the M. Ch. into N. and S., the divi- 
sion resting chiefly upon the slavery question ; d. at Mobile, Ala., March 
2, 1871. {White's Hist. Ga., p. 515, with portrait.) 

ANDREWS, Joanna, d. in Gloucester, Mass., Jan. 20, 1847, a. 102. 

ANDREWS, Rev. Samuel, P. E. minister in Ct. ; became tory ; went 
to N. B. ; was first rector at St. Andrews, and after a ministry of 58 ys. 
d. there, Sept. 26, 1818, a. 82. {Sabine's Loyalists.) 

ANDREWS, Isaac, d. in Newark, N. J., Feb., 1850, a. 76; he com- 
manded a regt. of N. J. militia in the war of 1812, and was stationed for 
a time at Sandy Hook, for the defense of the coast, and harbor of N. Y. ; 
was afterwards brig, gen., and for nearly thirty years a magistrate in his 
county, and a mem. of the Pres. ch. 

ANSLEY, Ozias, a tory ; in 1782 an ensign in the 1st battalion of 
N. J. vols. ; he settled in N. Brunswick ; rec'd half pay ; was a magis- 
trate and a judge of com. pleas several years ; d. at Staten Island, N. Y., 
in 1828, a. 85 ; his son Rev. Tho. A., a P. E. minister of Nova Scotia ; 
d. at St. Andrews, N. B., in 1831, a. about 65. {Sabine's Loyalists.') 

ANTHON, Dr. Charles Christian, native of Germany; grad. at 
Amsterdam ; was in the service of the Dutch W. I. Co. ; Lord Amherst 
appointed him hosp. surg., at N. Y., and from thence was transferred to 
Detroit, where he remained through the French and Indian wars ; he 
settled in N. Y., in 1784, and died in 1815, a. 81 ; was the father of 
Prof. Chas. A., of Columbia Coll. (Hist. Mag., iv, 97.) 

ANTHONY, Joseph B., pres. judge of the 8th dist. court of Pa., 
and mem. of the 23d and 24th congresses; d. at Williamsport, Pa., Jan. 
17, 1851. 

APPLEGATE, A. J., exdieut. gov., d. at Mobile, Ala., Aug. 22, 1870. 

APPLETON, Gen. James, d. in Ipswich, Mass., Aug. 25, 1862 ; b. 
at that place Feb. 14, 1785 ; served in the legislature ; removed to Port- 
land, where he was also elected to the legislature ; in the war of 1812, he 
was a col. of militia, and became a brig. gen. 

APTHORP, Charles Ward, mem. of the council of N. Y., and held 
property in Mass., which was confiscated, by law, on account of his tory 

ARCHER, Samuel, a mer. of Phila., and for many years a successful 
importer of East India and China goods; d. 1839, a. 68. 

ARCULARIUS, Philip I., mem. of assembly in 1798, 9, 1801, 2, 5, 
and a citizen of great worth ; d. in N. Y., August, 1849. 

ARDEN, John B., of N. Y., late attache of the U. S. emb., at Ber- 
lin ; killed by a rail road accident near Miuden, Germany, Jan. 21, 1851. 
(Stryker's Am. Reg., vi, 208.) 

8 American Biographical Notes. . 

ARMISTEAD, Anthony, a soldier of the rev. ; d. Feb. 10, 1841, in 
Wilkinson co., Miss., a. 83. 

ARMISTEAD, Capt. William, d. in Clark co., Ala., March 1, 1842, 

a. 83 ; was present at the battles of Monmouth and Stony Point. 

ARMSTRONG, Amzi, d. in Petersburg^ Va., April 12, 1845, a. 88; 

b. in Mendham, N. J.; grad. at Princeton ; studied law with T. Freling- 
huysen ; a mem. of the council of the state of N. J., and of the court of 
errors and appeals. 

ARMSTRONG, John, a rev. soldier, and many years a judge of com. 
pleas ; d. in Warren co., N. J., May 7, 1836, a. 87. 

ARMSTRONG, Robert L., mem. of the bar of N. J. ; d. at Trenton, 
Sept. 21, 1838. 

ARMSTRONG, Samuel T., held many offices of trust; was lieut. 
gov. and for a time acting gov. of Massachusetts; a mem. of the state 
senate and mayor of Boston ; was a well known bookseller and publisher, 
and a useful mem. of A. B. C. F. mission ; d. at Boston, March 26, 1850, 
a. 66. (Stryker's Am. Reg , iv, 453 ; Am. Almanac, 1851, p. 310.) 

ARMSTRONG, William, was a loyalist capt. in the rev. ; settled in 
N. Y. at the peace ; in 1806 he joined Miranda's expedition as col. of 
riflemen, and a q. m. gen. ; he got involved in quarrels with every one 
about him, and finally quit without leave and went to London. (Sabine's 

ARNOLD, Edward, rev. soldier ; d. at Little Falls, N. Y., Oct. 29, 
1842, in his 83d year. 

ARNOLD, Benedict, the Descendants of. Very little is known 
in this country respecting the descendants of Benedict Arnold. Arnold's 
treason was not looked upon in England in the same light as Americans 
viewed it ; there he was regarded as a man who had repented of his 
error and had returned to the allegiance of his king. Occasionally he 
met with persons who did not fail to express their contempt for him, but 
the majority of people were inclined to put the best construction on his 
actions. The popular idea that he died unknown in a foreign land, and 
that his descendants have dropped out of the recollection of men, is not 
in accordance with the actual state of the case. Arnold m first in early 

life, Mansfield, who died at New Haven about 1775. By this 

marriage he had three sons : 

1. Benedict, who is described as a violent and headstrong youth, 

held a commission in the British army, and d. in the West Indies. 

2. Richard, was a merchant ; a lieut. of cav., in the Am. Legion in 

1782, commanded by his father, and his history down to 1829, is iden- 
tical with that of his brother Henry. It is believed that the store at St. 
Johns was burned to obtain a fraudulent insurance ; is supposed to 
have died in Canada. (Sabine's Loyalists.) 

3. Henry, was a merchant; joined the king's service after his father's 

treason ; was lieut. col. of cavalry in the Am. Legion and accom- 
panied his father to St. Johns, where he was in business ; his store 
was burnt on a night when he slept in it, yet was thought to have 
been fired by his own hand ; afterwards resided in Troy, N. Y. ; 
went to Canada, where in 1829, he was reputed rich ; rec'd half 
pay, and a grant of lands from the British government, and is 
supposed to have died in Canada. (Sabine's Loyalists.) 

American Biographical Notes. 9 

Arnold m. 2d, April 8, 1779, Margaret, dau. of Judge Edward Shippeu 
of Penna., and d. in 1801, having had issue as follows : 

4. Edward Shippen, lieut. 6th Bengal Cavalry ; paymaster at Muttra j 

d. at Singapore, India, Dee. 13, 1813. 

5. James Robertson, b. in the U. S. ; an infant when his father fled 

from West Point ; m. Virginia, dau. of Bartlett Goodrich, of Saling 
Grove, Essex, which lady d. July 14, 1852 ; he entered the British 
army, was col. of eng. and was stationed at Bermuda in 1816-18, and 
at Halifax in 1818-23; was lieut. gen. K. H. and K. C, and aid- 
de-camp to Queen Victoria ; d. 1834. 

6. Geobge Arnold, lieut. col., 2d Bengal Cav. ; m. Anne Brown ; d. 

in India, Nov. 1, 1828. 

7. William Fitch, the only one of his sons who left issue, was born 

June, 25, 1794. He was a captain in the 19th Lancers, and m. 
May 19, 1819, Elizabeth Cecilia, only dau. of Alexander Ruddach, 
of the island of Tobago, capt. in the royal navy, and had issue : 

1. Edwin Gladwin Arnold, the present head of the family, is 
a clergyman of the established church of England, and rector of 
Barrow in Cheshire; was b. April 25, 1823; m. April 27, 1852, 
Charlotte Georgiana, eldest dau. of Lord Henry Cholmondeley 
(a younger son of the Marquis Cholmondeley), and has issue as 
follows : 1. Edward Cholmondeley Arnold, b. Dec. 15, 1854. 2. 
William Henry Arnold, b. March 23, 1856; midshipman royal 
navy. 3. Charles Lowther Arnold, b. Dec. 28, 1859. 4. Henry 
Abel Arnold, b. Aril 5, 1861. Arthur Seymour Arnold, b. April 
24, 1865. 6 Herbert Tollemachel Arnold, b. April 5, 1867. 
7. Maria Elizabeth Arnold. 8. Emma Charlotte Georgiana Arnold. 
9. Mabel Caroline Frances Arnold. 

2. William Trail Arnold, b. Oct. 23, 1826, capt. 4th regt. ; killed at 
Sebastopol, May 5, 1855. 

3. Margaret Stewart Arnold, m. to the Rev. Robert H. Rogers. 

4. Elizabeth Sophia Arnold, m. to the Rev. Bryant Burgess. 

5. Georgiana Phipps Arnold, m. to the Rev. John Stephenson. 

6. Louisa Russell Arnold, m. to the Rev. J. Cecil Rogers. 

8. Sophia Matilda, m. to Col. Pownall Phipps, of the East Indian 

army (related to the Earl of Mulgrave's family, ; d. 1828. 
The estate and seat of the family is Little Missenden Abbey, Bucking- 
hamshire, a property which had previous to the reformation belonged to 
the church. Arnold received from the British government several grants 
of land in Canada, one of them being situated near what is now the city 
of Toronto ; this, after being held by the family for a long series of years, 
has recently become of great value. The present Edward Gladwin Ar- 
nold inherited it from his father, who came into possession of it on the 
death of his elder brother Gen. James Robertson Arnold. Whatever 
may have been the failings of Arnold, there is no denying the fact that 
his sons and grandsons were high-minded and honorable men. (Albany 
Argus.) This notice has been exteuded because no where else so fully and 
correctly stated. 

ARNOLD, Rev. Oliver, b. in Ct. ; grad. at Yale in 1776 ; went to 
St. John, N. B., after the rev.; labored as a missionary and became 
rector of Sussex, N. B., where he d. in 1834, a 79 ; he was ardently at- 
tached to the Epis. ch. (Sabine's Loyalists.) 


10 American Biographical Notes. 

ARNOT, Hugh, came to America as lieut. in 42d Highlanders in 1756 ; 
became capt., Dec. 27, 1757 ; served at Ft. Wm. Henry, under Amherst 
in 1759 ; continued in the army till 1769. ( Wilson's Orderly Book, 143.) 

ARRINDELL, Sir William, chief justice of Deniarara; d. Jan. 27, 


ARUSMONT, D' Madame, better known as Fanny Wright; d. in 
Cincinnati, 0., Dec. 4, 1852 ; a native of Dundee, Scotland ; b. in 1795, 
and was well known on account of her teachings in socialism and her pe- 
culiar theological views. 

ASHBARNER, Luke, d. in Stockbridge, Mass., June 17, 1844; b. 
in India, on the Malabar coast, of an affluent English family, and edu- 
cated in England ; returned to India, but in 1817, came to the U. S. ; 
settled with bis family at Stockbridge, where he res. till his death. 

ASHE, Richard, of Beaufort, S. C. ; after the surrender of Charleston, 
in 1780, accepted a British commission and his estate was confiscated. 

ASHLEY, Gen. Turner, of the confed. army ; killed near Harison- 
burg, Va., June 6, 1862 ; b. at Rose Hill, Fauquier co., Va., about 1824 ; 
res. at Markham, Va., when the war begun; he was a dashing and brave 
brave cav. officer, and was made brig. gen. in May, 1862. 

ASHLEY, Chester, U.S. senator from Arkansas; d. at Washington, 
D. C, April 29, 1848, a. 58 ; b. in Westfield, Mass., June 1, 1790 ; re- 
moved in infancy to Hudson, N. Y., where he lived till 27 ; then emi- 
grated, and after practicing successfully as a lawyer about two years he 
went to the ter. of Arkansas, and established himself at Little Rock ; in 
1844 was chosen senator, and was chairman of the judiciary committee. 

ASHMAN, George, d. at Springfield, Mass., July 16, 1870, a. 66 ; b. 
in Brandford, Mass., Dec. 25, 1804; grad. at Yale in 1823, and studied 
law at Greenfield ; was in the state legislature in 1833, 5, 6, 8, 41, and 
in the latter year was speaker; in cong. from 1845 to 1851. 

ASHTON, Col. Henry, marshal of the Dist. of Columbia ; d. at 
Washington, Feb. 24, 1834. 

ATIATONHARONKWEN, or Atayataghronghta. (See Cook, 

ATKINS, Charles, in 1774, was one of the com. of corres.,in Charles- 
ton, S. C ; became a tory, and in 1780 applied with others for arms ; in 
1782, he was an officer of vols. ; was banished aud his property con- 
fiscated ; he went to England. {Sabine's Loyalists.) 

ATKINS, Rev. Elisha, pastor of Cong. ch. in Killingly, Conn ; d. 
June 11, 1839 ; was a chaplain in the rev. war. 

ATKINS, Quintus F., removed from Connecticut to Ohio : was a 
pioneer on the Western Reserve, and a lieut under Gen. Harrison ; d. in 
Brooklyn, Ohio, Jan. 23, 1859, a. 77. 

ATKINSON, Daniel C, d. at Sandbornton Bridge, N. H., April 4, 
1842 ; he was many years judge of probate in Strafford county. 

ATKINSON, Thomas C, b. in Baltimore, and for 9 years a resident 
of Alexandria ; chief engineer of the Orange and Alexandria R. R., from 
the beginning of the work ; d. at Alexandria, Dec. 6, 1858. 

ATTWATER, Russell, pioneer agent and settler of Russell, N. Y. ; 
b. June 20, 1762, at Chester, Ct. ; settled at Russell, St. Lawrence co., 
N. Y., as agent in 1804 ; became county judge in 1808, and was com'r 

American Biographical Notes. 11 

for building several roads ; he was state senator in 1813-6, and pres. 
elector in 1816 ; d. at Norfolk, N. Y., June 16, 1851. (Hough's Hist. 
St. Law. and Fr. Cos. N. 7., p. 584.) 

AUDUBON, John W., only surviving son of J. J. Audubon, the great 
naturalist; d. at N. Y., Aug., 1862 ; he was preparing a new edition of 
the Birds of America. 

AUGUSTUS, George H., b. near St. Stephens, Ala., Nov. 12, 1802 ; 
bred to the law, and elected to the legislature of Mississippi in 1831 ; a 
judge of probate in Noxubee co., in 1833 ; afterwards elected to the house, 
and to the state senate, of which latter body he was pres. ; d. in Kemper 
co., Miss., Oct. 28, 1850, a. 48. 

AUSTIN, John, M. D., a native of Barbadoes and formerly a surgeon 
in the British navy and practitioner at Barbadoes and Demarara ; d. at 
Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 25, 1837, a. 67. 

AUSTIN, SAMUEL, b. in Boston and spent his life in that city; in 
1815 entered mercantile business and continued so employed through 
life ; was largely engaged in the Calcutta trade, and amassed a large fur- 
tune ; elected to the state legislature in 1827, and was reelected the 
next six years ; a mem. of the com. council in 1829-30, and a director 
of the State bank, from 1824 till his death, Sept. 15, 1858, a. 65. 

AVEL, Rev. Stephen M., R.C, b. at Cabazat, Fr., 1822; ordained 
priest in 1847 ; appointed pastor at Santa Fe., and in July, 1858, was 
sent to a large mission in N. Mex. ; d. Aug. 3, 1858, a. 36, of poisoned 
wine used in the service. (Metropolitan Cath. Almanac, 1859, p. 248.) 

AVERILL, Col. Perry, d. in Washington, Conn., July 10, 1842, a. 
88 ; was an officer in the Connecticut line in the rev. war. 

AVERY, Rev Ephraim, Episcopal, of Pomfret, Ct. ; grad. at Yale 
in 1767; succeeded Mr. Punderson as minister at Rye, N. Y., in 1765; 
he became obnoxious to the whigs in the rev., and his property was 
plundered ; he d. Nov. 5, 1776 ; was a step son of Gen. Putnam. (Doc. 
Hist. K Z, iv, 409.) 

AVERY, Julius, d. in Illinois, Nov. 27, 1870. 

AXTELL, Rev. Henry, D.D., b. at Morristown, N. J., in 1784; 
grad. at Princeton in 1796 ; settled in Geneva, N. Y. ; taught school ; 
studied theology with Rav. J. Chapman, and was licensed by the Presby- 
tery of Geneva, Nov. 1, 1810 ; in 1812 became pastor of a ch. at Geneva, 
and held till Feb. 11, 1829, when he died. (Hotchkin's Western K Y., 
p. 271.) 

AYCINENA, Don Antonio de, late consul gen. of Guatemala to the 
U. S. ; d. in Washington, D.C., June 20, 1852. 

AYLETT, Elizabeth, wid. of Philip Aylett of Montville, and dau. of 
the orator Patrick Henry; d. Sept. 24, 184*2, in King William co., Va., 
in her 74th year. 

AYLETT, Patrick Henry, a lawyer ; d. at Richmond, Va., April 
27, 1870. 

AYMAR, Francis, b. in N. Y. city in 1759, was one of the grantees 
of St. John, N. B., where he settled in 1783, and lived there ; lived also 
at Eastport, Me., New York, and St. Andrews ; d. at the latter place in 
N. B , Oct., 1843, a. 84. (Sabine's Loyalists.} 

12 American Biographical Notes. 

AYRES, Dr. Daniel, b. at New Braintree, Mass., May 17, 1787 ; 
settled in Salisbury, N. Y., in 1792 ; studied medicine and settled at 
St. Johnsville, in N Y. ; rem. to E. Canada Creek ; in 1837 to Amsterdam, 
N. Y.; d. May 25, 1853. (TV. N. Y. St. Med. Soc, 1855, p. 170.) 

AYRES, Stephen, b. at Braintree, Mass., Feb. 16, 1770 ; came with 
bis father Jabez, to Salisbury, N. Y., in 1792 ; settled that year in Fair- 
field, N. Y. ; in 1836 he was in the assembly ; d. Sept. 17, 1850, a. 81. 
(Benton's Herkimer Co., p. 294.) 

BABCOCK, Charles, M.D., b. in Stonington, Ct., June, 1787; 
studied medicine in Phila., in 1808-9, and settled at New Hartford, N. 
Y. j d. July 4, 1850. (Tr. N. Y. St. Med. Soc, 1851, p. 198.) 

BABCOCK, Rev. Luke, youngest s. of Joshua B., Ch. Jus. of Sup. 
Court of R. I. ; b. at Westerly, R. I., July 6, 1738 ; grad. at Yale in 
1755 ; studied divinity ; went to England for holy orders in 1769 ; li- 
censed as a missionary Feb. 2, 1770, and the next year went to Philips- 
burg, N. Y. ; becoming a tory, his person and papers were seized in 
1776, he was detained several months, and Feb., 1777, was ordered to re- 
move within the enemy's lines; d. Feb. 18, 1777. (Bolton's Church in 
West Chester Co., p. 504; Doc. Hist. N. Y., iv, 491.) 

BACHE, Theophylact, of N. Y., a determined loyalist; his bro. 
Richard m. Sarah, dau. of Dr. Franklin and was a whig ; resided at Flat- 
bush, N. Y., was abducted in 1778; in 1782 vice pres. of the N. Y. 
Chamber of Commerce ; d. in N. Y., in 1807, a. 78. (Sabine's Loyalists'). 

BACKER, Benjamin, sen , of Charleston, S. C, a tory, was banished 
and lost his estate under the act of 1782 ; d. soon after. 

BACKER, John, jr., of Marshfield, Mass., a tory; went to Halifax in 
1776, and was proscribed and banished in 1778, but was afterwards in 
the U. S. 

BACKUS, Frederick Fanning M.D., b. in Bethlehem, Ct., June 
15, 1794, s. of Rev. Azel Backus, D.D.,*Pres. of Ham. Coll., grad. at 
Yale in 1813 ; studied with Dr. Eli Ives, received a medical degree in 
1816, and settled in Rochester, then a small village, and engaged in a 
laborious practice ; in 1844-7, was in the state senate, where his influence 
procured the establishment of the Western House of Refuge at Rochester, 
and a state asylum for idiots ; since removed to Syracuse ; d. Nov. 4, 1859, 
a. 64. (Tr. N. Y. St. Med. Soc, 1860, p. 176 ; Hist. Mag., ii, 367). 

BACKUS, a negro slave, d. in King George co., Va., March 26, 1840, 
a. 110. 

BACON, Epaphroditus Champion, d. at Seville, Spain, Jan. 11, 
1845, while traveling for his health, a. 33 ; grad. at Yale in 1833 ; studied 
law, and evinced a taste for historical researches. 

BACON, John, b. in Canterbury, Conn. ; grad. at the Coll. of N. J., 
in 1765 ; preached in Md., and in Boston ; left the pulpit and became 
representative in the legislature ; presiding judge of com. pleas; senator 
and pres. of state senate, and from 1801 to 1803 mem. of cong. ; d. in 
Berkshire co. ; Mass., Oct. 25, 1820. 

BACON, John F., b. in Mass., settled in law, at Albany ; in 1814 
clerk of the senate and held by annual appointment till 1840 ; appointed 

American Biographical Notes. 13 

by Pres. Polk, U. S. consul at Nassau, N. P., and resigned about 1856 ; he 
afterwards spent his summers at Castleton, Rens. co., and winters at 
Nassau, where he d. Feb. 25, 1860, a. 71. {Hist. Mag., iv, 157.) 

BACON, Richard jr., poet, b. at Northington now Avon, Ct., and 
soon rem. with his parents to Simsbury ; d. insane at the Hartford 
Asylum, Dec. 29, 1838, a. 24. {Griswold's Biog. Annual, 1841, 121.) 

BADGER, Rev. Moses, grad. at Harv., in 1761, m. a dau. of Judge 
Saltonstall ; was an Episcopal minister and a loyalist; went to Halifax in 
1776, and was at one time chaplain to De Lancey's 2d battalion ; became 
rector of King's chapel, Prov., R. I., after the war; d. there in 1792. 
{Sabine's Loyalists.} 

BAGBY, Arthur P., b. in Va., in 1794, and studied law; settled in 
Alabama in 1818; was in the state legislature in 1820, and 1822, and 
governor of the state from 1837 to 1841 ; senator in congress, from 
1843 to 1849, and minister to Russia in 1849, where he remained four 
years; d. at Mobile, Ala., Sept. 21, 1858, a. 64. 

BAILEY, Adams, rev. officer, of Scituate, Mass., was a capt., and 
d. at an advanced age. {Bradford's N. E. Biog.} 

BAILEY, Adams, b. in Scituate, Mass., and except 2 years, held 
office in the Boston Custom House, 42 years, and for nearly half this time 
dep. coll ; was for many years secretary of the Mass. Soc. of Cincinnati, 
and d. in Boston, Nov. 20, 1858, a. 69. 

BAILEY, Capt. Daniel, a soldier of the rev., d. at Goshen, N. Y., 
May 16, 1841, a. 84. 

BAILEY, Gen. Mountjoy, an officer of the rev.; d. at Washington, 
D.C., March 22, 1836, in his 82d year. 

BAILEY, Goldsmith F., member of cong. ; d. at Fitchburgh, Mass., 
May 8, 1862. 

BAILEY, Henry, a lawyer of distinction, and formerly attorney gene- 
ral of S. Carolina ; d. at Charleston, April 28, 1849. 

BAILEY, John, mem. in congress from Mass., from 1823 to 31 ; d. 
at Dorchester, Mass., June 26, ?835. 

BAILEY, Lieut. Moses, d. March 14. 1842, at Andover, Mass.; his 
descendants then living amounted to 135 persons. 

BAILEY, Rev. Winthrop, Unit, clergyman ; d. at Deerfield, Mass., 
March 16, 1835, a. 51. 

BAILEY, William, tory, was capt. It. of Loyal Am. regt., in 1782; 
settled in New Bruns. after the war, and received half pay ; d. on the 
St. John, near Fredericton, in 1832, a. 97. 

BAKER, Capt. Richard Bohun, d. at Ft. Moultrie, S. C, Nov. 6, 
1837, a. 80 ; last survivor of those who defended that fort in the rev. war. 

BAKER, Dr Samuel, pres. of the Medico-chirurgical soc, and form- 
erly prof, of Materia Medica in the Univ. of Md. ; d. Oct. 16, 1835, a. 50. 

BAKER, Maj. James N., b. in Phila., and was an officer in the war 
of 1812, where he rose to the rank of major; in 1820, was mayor of 
Phila. ; in 1829, collector of that port, which office he held till 1838, 
when he was appointed first comp. of the treas. ; he held this place some 
years, and remained in the treas. dep. till his death March 9, 1858 ; he 
was a dramatic and literary writer. 

14 American Biographical Notes. 

BAKER, Theophilus, native of Yarmouth, Mass., and a patriot of 
the rev. ; d. at Eden, N. Y., April, 1838, a. 90. 

BAKER, Very Rev. R S., D.D., d. at Charleston, S. C, March 6, 

1873, a. 63. 

BALCH, Rev. Stephen Bloomer, d. at Georgetown, D. C, Sept. 22, 
1833, a. 87. 

BALCH, Thomas, d. at Waterloo, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1840, a. 75 ; served 
under Paul Jones in the rev. 

BALDWEEN, John, served the king through the rev., sought refuge 
in Charlotte co., N. Bruns. ; d. at St. George, N. B., Aug., 1840, a. 91. 
(Sabine's Loyalists?) 

BALDWIN, Abraham, b. in Conn.; grad. at Yale in 1772; tutor 
from 1775 to 1779 ; studied law and settled in Savannah ; was in state 
legislature ; was founder of the Univ. of Georgia ; in continental congress 
from 1785 to 1788, and a member of the convention for preparing the 
constitution of the U. S. ; was in cong. from 1789 to 1799, and in the 
U. S. senate from 1799 to 1807 ; d March 4, 1807, a. 53. 

BALDWIN, Abraham Dudley, d. May 20, 1862, in Boston ; b in 
Woburn, Mass., April 29, 1782 ; became a civil eng. in which his father 
and bro. both named Loamini were engaged ; was engaged in various 
public works. (National Almanac, 1863, p. 326.) 

BALDWIN, Briscoe G., d. in Staunton, Va., May 18, 1852 ; one of the 
judges of Court of Appeals of Va. ; b. in Winchester, Va., Jan. 4, 1789 ; 
elected by the legislature to the trust in which he d. in 1842. 

BALDWIN, Christopher C, lib. of the Am. Antiquarian Soc. of 
Worcester Mass. ; killed at Norwich O., Aug. 20, 1835, by the upsetting 
of a stage coach. 

BALDWIN, Dr. Jonas C, b. in Windsor, Mass., June 3, 1768 ; 
studied medicine and was for a time professionally employed at Little 
Falls; in 1797, he removed to Ovid ; in 1801 or 2 to Onondaga, East 
Hill, and in 1807 to Lysander and founded the village of Baldwinsville ; 
d. March 3, 1827. (Clark's Onondaga*, ii, 159 with portrait.) 

BALDWIN, Edmund, late a mem. of N. Y. assembly; d. in West 
Indies, May 3, 1861, a. 57. 

BALDWIN, Grant B., d. at Elmira N. Y., Feb. 1840, in his 48th 
year; formerly first judge of Tioga co., N. Y. 

BALDWIN, Harvey, pioneer settler of Onondaga co., N. Y., b. Feb. 
4, 1797 ; d. in Syracuse, Sept., 1863 ; a son of Dr. Jonas C. Baldwin, and 
largely interested in business at Baldwinsville. 

BALDWIN, Rev. Methuselah, d. in Scotchtown, Orange co., N. Y., 
March 27, 1847, a. .84; was licensed to preach by the presbytery of 
Newark in 1791 ; ordained in Dutchess co., in 1793 and settled. 

BALDWIN, Rev. Theron, D.D., d. at Orange, N. J., April 10, 1870. 

BALDWIN, William, M.D., naval surgeon and botanist, son of 
Tho. B., b. in Newlin, Chester co., Pa., Mar. 29, 1779; in 1805 became 
surg. in a merchant ship to Canton; in 1807, grad. at Phila. ; m. and 
settled at Wilmington, Del. ; became a zealous botanist and continued so 
through life; June, 1812, was appointed sura;, in the navy; was stationed 
at St. Mary's, Flor. 2 ys. ; in 1817 his reputation as a botanist led to his 

American Btooraphigal Notes. 15 

being sent with a frigate to South America; in 1819 he went with Maj. 
Long's ex. up the Missouri, but his constitution was unequal to the 
labor ; d. at Franklin on the Missouri, Sept. 1, 1819, a. 41. (Reliquae 
Bahhcinianae, by Tim. Darlington, Phila., 1843, 12 ruo., p. 346, with 

BALENTINE, Alexander, tory, from the U. S. ; went to St. John 
' N. B. ; and was one of the grantees of that city. 

BALFOUR, Henry, became lieut. in 2d Battalion Royal Foot, Mar. 
15, 1755 ; capt. Oct. 8, 1761 ; major in July 15, 1768, and left the regiment 
in July, 1769 ; served in America in the French war. 

BALLARD, Gen. Kradah, an officer of the rev. ; d. in Gates co., 
N. C., in Jan. 16, 1834, in his 86th year. 

BALLARD, John Parker, formerly of Pepperell, Me. ; grad. of 
Harv. in 1829 ; d. in Clinton, La., Jan., 1845. 

BALLARD, Joseph A., for many years connected with the shipping 
department of the Boston Daily Advertiser ; d. at Boston, Oct. 1, 1858, 
a. 53. 

BALL, Dr. Mottrom, d. Aug. 23, 1842, at Woodbury, Va. ; educated 
at Edinburgh and Glasgow, and practiced med. for a long time in his 
native county with great success. 

BALL, Elias, of S. C. ; two tories of S. C. of this name, one of Wam- 
baw, and the other of Curmantee, held commissions under the crown after 
the surrender of Charleston, and both lost their property by confiscation. 

BALL, John, an ens. in the rev. war ; d. near Parsippany, N. J., 
Dec. 15, 1838, a. 93. 

BALL, Richard, d. Sept. 25, 1780, at N. Y. ; surgeon's mate in gen. 
hospital (British) ; in America in the last war ; several years surgeon to 
the British consul at Algiers, where he took an exact map of the city, 
mole and fortifications, which was published. (Rivington's Gazette, 
Sept. 30.) 

BALL, William Lee, b. in Lancaster co., Va., and in cong. from 
Virginia 1817 to 1824; d. Feb.»29, 1824, a. 43. 

BALLINGALL, Robert, of S. C, a tory, and held a commission under 
the crown after the fall of Charleston in 1780 ; his estate was confiscated. 

BANGS, Edward P., d. at Worcester, Mass., April 2, 1838 ; was 
many years sec. of commonwealth of Mass. 

BANKS, Henry, d. at Kentucky, Dec. 22, 1833, at an advanced age. 

BANKS, Linn, accidentally drowned, Feb. 24, 1842, in Madison 
co., Va. ; for 2 1 ) successive years speaker of the house of del. of Va. ; 
he retired in 1838 and was elected to cong., in that year, to complete 
the unexpired term of Mr. Patton who was chosen councilor. (Am. 
Almanac, 1843, p. 307.) 

BARBARIE, John, in 1782, was capt. in 2d bat., of N. Y. Vol. 
(Loyalists), went to St. John, N. B. on the peace, was a grantee, and 
drew half pay ; was col. of militia and a magistrate of the co. of York ; 
d. at Sussex Vale in 1818, a. 67 ; his son Andrew, was a member of the 
house of assembly of N. B. 

BARBARIE, Oliver, in 1782 a lieut. in the Loyal Am. regt. ; he 
settled at St. John, N. B., in 1783, and was a grantee ; d. at Sussex 
Vale, N. B. 

16 American Biographical Notes. 

BARBER, John H., editor of the Newport Mercury, with which 
he was connected 60 years ; d. at Newport, R. L, Feb. 25, 1850. His 
paper was begun in 1758, by James Franklin jr., and was the second 
oldest existing paper in the country. 

BARBER, Noyes, d. in Groton, Conn., Jan. 5, 1844, a. 43; was 
mem. of cong., fr^m Conn., from 1821 to 1835. 

BARBOUR, James, eldest s. of James B , gov., of Va., from 1813 
to 1815 ; d. in Barbourville, Va., Nov. 7, 1857, a. 58 ; b. Dec. 22, 1798 ; 
grad. at Harv. Coll., in 1818 ; went with his father to Europe in 1828, 
the former having been appointed minister to England, and enjoyed un- 
usual opportunities for literary studies; after his return home, continued 
to pursue literature in the intervals of his leisure through life. 

BARBOUR, Philip N., brev. maj. 3d U. S. Inf.; b. in Ky., and 
grad. at West Point, in 1834; served in the Florida war; killed at 
Monterey, Mex., Sept. 21, 1846. {Am. Almanac, 1848, p. 343.) 

BARCLAY, Mordecai, ex-gov. of Ohio ; d. at Mansfield, 0., Oct. 9, 
1870, a. 84. 

BARCLAY, Thomas H., son of Rev. Henry B., of Trim Ch., N. Y., 
was b. Oct. 12, 1753; grad. at King's Coll., studied law with John Jay; 
entered the British army under Sir Win. Howe, as capt. in Loyal Am. 
regt., was promoted by Sir Henry Clinton, in 1777, and in active service 
till the peace; his estate was confiscated in 1779, and he fled to Nova 
Scotia; he was there adj. gen. of militia and speaker in the house of 
assembly; from 1796 to 1828 he held civil offices of trust and honor, 
was com'r, under Jay's treaty, consul gen., for the northern and eastern 
states, commissary for the exchange of prisoners, and again boundary 
comr., under the treaty of Gheut; d. in N. Y., April, 1830, a. 77. His 
son Col. JDelancy B., an aid-de-camp of Geo. IV, d. in 1826. {Sabine's 

BARCULO, Seward, judge of the supreme court for the first 
judicial dist., of the state of New York ; d. in N. Y. city, June 17, 
1854, a. about 50 ; succeeded Judge Ruggles as circuit judge, and was 
chosen justice of the supreme court at the first judicial election under 
constitution of 1846. 

BARCULO, Seward, a just, of the sup. court of N. Y., for the 2d 
jud. dist.; d. at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., June 17, 1854. 

BARDSLEY, Abel, a tory, from Fairfield co., Ct., arrived in St. 
John, New Brunswick, in 1783. 

BARKER, David, jr., mem. of cong. from N. H., in 1827-9 ; d. at 
Rochester, N. H., April 1, 1834, a. 37. 

BARKER, Gen. John, of Phila. ; formerly mayor of that city, and 
high sheriff; d. April 3, 1818, a. 72. 

BARKER, George P., a prominent lawyer and politician; was in the 
N. Y. assembly from Erie co., in 1836, and afterwards att. gen. ; d. at 
Buffalo, Jan. 27, 1848, a. 39. 

BAltKER, Joseph, grad. at Yale in 1771 ; in cong. from Mass., from 
1805 to 1809; d. 1815. 

BARNARD, Hezekiah, of Nantucket, held many responsible offices, 
among which were those of rep. to the gen. court, senator and state treas. ; 
d. March 25, 184", a. 86. {Stryker's Am. Reg., ii, 498.) 

Amebic an Biographical Notes. 17 

BARNARD, John, rev. patriot in Ga., and major; d. in Chatham co., 
Ga., a. 65. 

BARNARD, Rev. Jeremiah, d. at Amherst,' N. H., Jan. 15, 1835, 
a. 84. 

BARNARD, Timpoochee, maj. in the Creek nation ; son of Timothy 
B., and an Uchee woman ; took an active part with the Americans against 
the hostile Creeks in 1814, and commanded as major; he was in several 
engagements and was twice wounded. ( White's Hist. Ga., p. 166, with 

BARNES, Baxter, ex-mem. of cong. ; d. at West Brookfield, Mass., 
Dec. 28, 1863. 

BARNES, David Leonard, judge in U. S. dist. court, R. I. ; s. of 
Rev. Dr. B. ; grad. at Harv. in 1780 ; settled as a lawyer in Providence, 
and was appointed U. S. dist. judge in 1802 and held until his death 
in 1812. (Bradford's N. E. Biog.) 

BARNES, Henry, a tory merchant of Marlborough, Mass.; was pro- 
scribed and banished in 1778 ; he is supposed to have d. in London, in 
1808, a. 84. (Sabine's Loyalists.} 

BARNES, John, a comedian, well known throughout the U. S., as 
Old Jack Barnes; d. at, Halifax, N. S., Aug. 28, 1841, a. 61. 

BARNES, Levi, a mem. of the house of rep., and of the sen. of Conn., 
on repeated occasions, and a judge of probate, until disqualified by age ; 
d. at Southington, Ct., March 8, 1860, a. 88. 

BARNES, Samuel, many years editor of a paper in Frederick, Md., 
and more recently of the Baltimore Clipper ; d. in Baltimore, Dec. 15, 
1858, a. 72. 

BARNEY, John, son of Commodore Joshua B. ; a mem. of cong. 
from Baltimore from 1825 to 1827 ; d. in Washington, D. C, Jan. 26, 
1857, a. 72. 

BARNITZ, Charles A., was elected a senator to the Pa. legislature, 
in 1815, and in 1832 to cong. from the York dist. ; in 1837, was selected 
as a sen. delegate to the state convention ; many years pres. of the York 
bank and sustained the reputation of an accomplished scholar and an able 
lawyer; d. at York, Pa., Jan. 8, 1850, a. 62. (Stryker's Am. Reg., iv,412.) 

BARNITZ, Charles A.,d. at York, Pa., March, 1850; in cong. from 
Pa., from 1833 to 1835. 

BARNUM, David, the well known proprietor of Barnum's hotel in 
Baltimore, Md. ; d. at that city, May 10, 1844, a. 74. 

BARR, Rev. Joseph Welsh, missionary, b. July 22, 1802, in Liberty, 
Trumbull co., O. ; grad. at the W. R. coll., Hudson, O., in 1830; studied 
at Andover and Princeton, was ordained for the missionary service of 
the western for. mis. soc, on the coast of Africa ; d. at Richmond, Va., 
Oct. 28, 1832, when about to embark. (Memoir of Rev. J. W. B., by 
E. P. Swift, Pittsburg, 1833, 18mo, pp. 292 ) ' 

BARRADALL, Edward, an eminent lawyer of Va., att. gen., judge 
of admiralty, and incumbent in other offices of trust; d. in 1743", and 
buried at Williamsburg, Va. 

BARREMORE. Mansfield, maj. of the Loyal Westchester Refugees, 
d. N. Y., Dec. 27, 1780, from wounds received in an encounter in the 
month of November. (Riuington's Gazette, Dec. 30, IPSO.) 


18 American Biographical Notes. 

BARRINGER, Gen. Paul, d. June 20, 1844, in Lincolnton, N. C, 
a. 65 ; he was of Cabarras co., and long a mem. ofthe legislature of N. C, 
in which he served in both houses. 

BARllON, Rev. Edward, D.D., Cath. miss. bish. of the west coast 
of Africa; d. at Savannah, Ga., of yellow fever, Sept. 12, 1854. 

BARRON, Rev. Samuel, cong. minister at Sharon, Vt. ; d. March 
17, 1837, a. 61. 

BARROW, Alexander, U. S. senator from La., d. at Baltimore, 
Md., Dec. 29, 1846, a. about 45 ; b. at Nashville, studied law and settled 
in Louisania where he was repeatedly elected to the state legislature, and 
served with reputation ; he entered the U. S. senate in 1841. {Am. 
Almanac. 1848, p. 344.) 

BARROWS, Dr. Charles, b. in Mansfield, Conn., Sept. 11, 1793; 
d. at Clinton, Oneida co., Sept. 2, 1870; practiced medicine at the latter 
place 36 years. (Trans. JV. Y. State Med. Soc, 1872, p. 346.) 

BARROWS, William, d. at Hebron, Me., Nov. 22, 1837, in his 82d 
year; a soldier of the revolution. 

BARRINGER, Daniel L., b. in Mechlenburg co., N. C, Oct. 1, 
1788 ; studied law, served in the legislature of N. C., in 1813, and from 
1819 to 1822; was in congress from 1826 to 1835, and from 1843 to 
1849 ; removed to Tennessee, and was elected speaker of the house of 
rep. in that state ; d. Oct. 16, 1852. 

BARRY, Rev. Edmund D., D.D., rect. of St. Mathew's ch. in Jersey 
City, N. J. ; d. at that place April 20, 1852, a. 76. 

BARRY, John A., ex-gov. of Mich. ; d. Jan. 19, 1870, a. 68. 

BARRY, Robert, a tory, went from N. Y., to Shelburne, Nova Scotia 
after the rev. ; became eminent as a merchant, and established branch 
houses in various parts of the province ; d. at Liverpool, N. S., Sept., 1843, 
a. 84. (Sabine's Loyalists. - ) 

BARSTOW, Gideon, d. at St. Augustine, Fla., Mar. 26, 1852, a. 
69 ; was a native of Mass., and had gone south for his health ; had served 
in both houses of the state legislature, and was a member of cong. 
from Mass., from 1821 to 1823. 

BARTLE, Col , an early settler and formerly a leading merchant 

of Cincinnati, 0.; d. at that place in hospital Dec, 1859. 

BARTLETT, Dr. Josiah, d. at Stratbam, N. H., April 14, 1838, a. 
70. Was in congress from New Hampshire in 1811-13, and was son of 
Josiah B., of Kingston, first governor of N. H., under the constitution. 

BARTLETT, Dr Zaccheus, vice pres. of the Pilgrims' Society, d, 
at Plymouth, Mass., Dec, 25, 1855, a. 70. 

BARTLETT, Israel, d. at Haverhill, N. H., April 21, 1838; was a 
rev. soldier and several years in the state senate. 

BARTLETT, James, formerly a mem. ofthe sen. of New Hampshire, 
and register of probate ; d. at Dover, N H., July 17, 1837. 

BARTLETT, Rev. Willard, F. W. Bap. preacher. Moved from 
Vt. to Canada when young, was ordained in Wheelock, Vt., a. 33; soon 
removed to Melbourne, C. E., and preached statedly till old age; he d. 
Aug. 31, 1855, a. 73. (F. W. Bap. Reg., 1857, p. 87.) 


BARTLETT, Richard, formerly sec. of state of New Hampshire ; 
d. at New York city, Oct. 23, 1837, a. 45. 

BARTON, Cyrus, d. near Concord, N. H., Feb. 7, 1855; was 
editor of the Concord Reporter ; died suddenly after concluding a speech 
at a political meetiug. 

BARTON, David, senator in congress from 1821 to 1831; d. near 
Boonville, Mo., Sept. 28, 1837. 

BARTON, Rev. Thomas, b. in Ireland in 1730 ; grad. at Dublin, in 
1754, was appointed mis. in York and Cumberland counties, Pa. ; was chap- 
lain in the expedition to Ft. Duquesue in 1758 ; became a loyalist, and 
after two years' confinement fled to N. Y. ; d. May 25, 1780, a. 50 ; Prof. 
Barton of Phi la., was his s. ; m. a sister of Mr. Rittenhouse, the mathe- 
matician, whose memoirs were written by his s. William B. ; Benj. Smith 
Barton, was another s. (Doc. Hist. N. Y., iv, 361 ; Sabine's Loyalists.) 

BARTON, Rev. Thomas, Am. loyalist from Lancaster, Pa. ; d. N. 
Y. city, May 25, 1780 ; a soc. mis. ; had been compelled to leave his 
family and take refuge in N. Y. ; was buried in the chancel of St. George 

BARTON, Roger, d. near Holly Springs, Miss., March 4, 1855, a. 
about 55 ; was a native of East Tennessee, but for twenty years had lived in 
Miss., where he was a distinguished lawyer ; served in both houses of the 

BARTON, Seth, formerly solicitor of the treas., and charge d'affairs to 
Chili under Pres. Polk ; d. at New Orleans, La., Dec. 29, 1854. 

BASS, Henry, d. April 4, 1842, at Boston, Mass., a. 70; Mr. Bass 
had for several years been one of the permanent assessors of that city. 

BASS, Samuel, d. Feb. 1, 1842, at Randolph, Mass., a. 88; grad. of 
H. U., and much esteemed. 

BASSE, Jeremiah, clerk of the council, sec. of the province and pro- 
thonotary of the supreme court of N. J. ; had been gov. under the proprieta- 
ries ; in 1716, was elected a rep. of Cape May; in 1719, att. gen. of the 
prov. (Coll. N. Y. Hist. Soc, i, 156 ; ib., iii, 83.) 

BASSET, Rev. John, b. at Bushwick, L. I., Oct. 1, 1764; grad. at 
Columbia coll. ; settled as colleague of Rev. E. Westerlo at Albany, in 
1787, and installed Nov. 25; in Dec, 1804, became pastor at the Boght 
(Watervliet, N. Y.), and afterwards at Bushwick, where he d Sept. 4, 
1824 (Rogers's Hist. Discourse, p. 32.) 

BATCHELDER, Dr. John P., of N. Y. city ; d. April 7, 1868, a. 82. 

BATE MAN, Simon, a soldier of the rev. ; served through the war; 
d. Auo\ 7, 1841, at Houston co., G-a.; was a col. of militia. ( White's 
Hist. Ga,, p. 497.) 

BATES, Barnabas, was a native of England, and came to this country 
in childhood ; became a Bapt. preacher in R. I., but afterwards Unitarian ; 
was for a short time collector of the port of Bristol, under Pres. Adams, 
but in 1825 removed to N. Y., and started the Christian Inquirer, 
which was discontinued in a few years ; being appointed by Pres. Jackson 
to a position in the N. Y. P. O., his attention was called to the subject 
of cheap postage for which he labored earnestly and successfully ; d. in 
Bost., Oct. 11, 1853, a. 66. 

20 American Biographical Notes. 

BATES, John, theatre manager ; d. at Cincinnati, 0., July 27, 1870, 
a- To. 

BATES, Phineas P., rem. to Canandaigua, N. Y., in 1790, with his 
father, and afterwards continued to reside at that place; in 1812, he was 
appointed lieut. col., and served with reputation under Gens. Porter and 
Brown; in 1818 was in assembly and in 1819 was appointed sheriff of 
Ontario co., to which office he was twice elected after 1821; in 1828 
was the dem. nominee for cong. ; d. Dec. 11, 1857. 

BATES, Walter, a tory from Stamford, Ct., went to St. John, N. B. ; 
in 1783; settled in Kings co., N. B. ; was several years its sheriff; d. 
at Kingston, N. B., in 1842, a. 82. 

BAXTER, George, a distinguished lawyer ; d. at Lexington, Va., 
Nov. 1835. sii 

BAXTER, Rev. George, D.D., prof, of theo. in the Union Theo. 
Sem., in Prince Edward co., Va. ; formerly president of Wash. Coll. at 
Lexington ; d. in Va., April 24, 1841. 

BAXTER, Simon, tory, of N. H., was proscribed, banished, and his 
estate confiscated ; arrested by the whigs, condemned and led out to exe- 
cution, but fled with the rope about his neck and reached Burgoyne's 
army; went to New Brunswick ; d. atNorton, Kings co., N. B., in 1804, 
a. 74. (Sabine's Loyalists?) 

BAXTER, Stephen, a tory of Jamaica, N. Y., went to Nova Scotia 
in 1783. 

BAYARD, C. C, of the U. S. navy, son of ex-senator Bayard of 
Del. ; d. at Naples, Feb. 21, 1850, from lock jaw occasioned by a wound 
from a stone thrown from the crater of Vesuvius, which he was visiting 
during an eruption. 

BAYARD, Robert, of N. Y., a tory, was judge of the admiralty 
court, and was attainted and banished by act of Oct. 22, 1779. 

BAYARD, Samuel, d. at Princeton, N. J., May 12, 1840, a. 76 ; 
formerly a judge of the court of com. pleas, and author of two law books. 

BAYARD, Samuel, of N. Y., in 1776 was taken pris., in N. Y, as a 
tory; entered the service of the crown, and in 1782 was major of the 
king's Orange Rangers; his son Samuel jr., was dep. sec. of the col. of 
N. Y., previous to the rev., and was considered in office in 1782. 

BAYARD, Samuel Vetch, was a tory, and held a military office 
under the crown during the rev. ; d. at Wilinot, Nova Scotia, in 1832, 
a. 75. 

BAYARD, William, sympathised with the early patriot movements 
in N. Y., in the rev. sided with the tories, and wasattaiuted and banished, 
Oct. 22, 1779. 

BAY, Dr. William, d. Sept. 7, 1865, a. 91. (Munsell's Hist. Coll. 
Albany, iii, 263; Trans JV. Y. S. Med. Soc, i, p. 317.) 

BAYEUX, Thomas, in 1782, was an officer in the superintendent 
depart, at N. Y. 

BAYLEY, Dr. Joseph, d. in N. Y. city, Dec. 7, 1836, a. 61. 

BAYLIES, Hodijah, rev. officer, grad. at Harv. in 1777 ; entered the 
army and acted as aid to Gen. Lincoln, whose daughter he m. ; became an 
aid to Washington, and in 1804 was made judge of probate in Bristol 

American Biographical notes. 21 

co. ; resigned in 1835 at the age of 78 ; then retired to private life ; he 
was brother of Dr. Win. B. of Dighton ; d. at Dighton, Mass., April 26, 
1843, a. 86. (Bradford's N. E. Biog.) 

BAY, Bev. Andrew, Second Pres. minister at Albany; rem. from 
Ireland to Md. ; belonged to the Newcastle Presb., and succeeded Bev. 
Mr. Hanna at Albany, holding 5 years ; rem. to Newtown, L. I. ; was 
dismissed from the N. Y. Presb., in 1774; supposed to have gone to 
Charleston, S. C, where his son Elisha Hall Bay was afterwards judge. 
(Doc. Hist. N. Z, iv, 384.) 

BAY, Samuel Mansfield, d. in Mo., July 1, 1849 ; late att. gen. of 
that state, and an accomplished lawyer. 

BAYNTON, Benjamin, in 1782 a lieut. in the Pa. Loyalists. 

BEACH, Capt. Jedediah, a soldier of the rev. ; d. at Springfield, 
N. Y., May 23, 1841, a. 86. 

BEACH, Gen. Ebenezer S., d. in Bochester, N. Y., March 14, 1850, 
a. 65 ; was largely engaged in milling and speculations in grain and flour 
in which he was widely known. 

BEACH, Bev. Horace, d. at Woodville, Miss., Sept. 1, 1844 ; pastor 
of the Pres. Ch. 

BEACH, Bev. John, of Newtown, Ct., Cong., b. in 1700 ; grad. at 
Yale in 1721 ; was ordained in Eng., and appointed to the miss., of New- 
town, Ct., where he arrived Sept. 1732 ; continued there till his death, 
March 19, 1782 ; a steadfast loyalist till the end, and wrote upon polemic 
and doctrinal theology. (Doc. Hist. N. Zi, iii, 1053; Sabine's Loyalists.*) 

BEACH, William, of Auburn, mem. of the N. Y. senate in 1850-3; 
d. at the Delavan House, Albany, March 14, 1860. 

BEALLS, William, of the Boston Post; d. Dec. 8, 1870, a. 86. 

BEAN, Ebenezer, rev. pensioner ; d. at Conway, N. H., March, 
1846, a. 90 years 6 months ; was in the battle of Bunker hill, and served 
in Capt. Aaron Kinsman's co., Col. John Stark's regiment. 

BEAN, Thomas, a tory, went from N. Y. to St. John, N. B., in 1783 ; 
and was a grantee in that city; d. at Portland, N. B., in 1823, a. 79. 
(Sabine's Loyalists.') 

BEABD, Albin, printer, and editor of New Hampshire Telegraph ; 
post master at Nashua, and twice mayor of that city ; d. in Nashua, Aug. 
16, 1862. 

BEABD, Bobert, a tory of Charleston, S. C; was banished, and in 
1782, his property was confiscated. 

BEABDSLEE, John, b. in Sharon, Ct., Nov., 1759 ; left in 1781 ; 
tarried for a time in Sheffield, Mass., and in .Vt. ; built a bridge at Schat- 
icoke, N. Y., a church at Schoharie, then settled in Whitestown; finally 
settled at Manheim, N. Y., and became extensively engaged in Central 
N. Y., as a bridge builder, millwright and architect; d. Oct. 3, 1825. 
(Benton's Herkimer Co., p. 435.) 

' BEABDSLEY, Cyrus H., d. at Fairfield, Conn., Aug. 13, 1852, a. 
53; b. in Huntington, Conn., and grad. at Yale in 1818; studied law, 
but entering political life, was a mem. of both branches of the legislature, 
and speaker of the house, and judge of the county court of Fairfield co. 

22 American Biographical Notes. 

BEARDSLEY, Rev. John, a tory ; in 1872, chap, of the loyal Am. 
regt. ; went to N. Brunswick ; was settled as Epis. clergyman at Manger- 
ville, and d. there. 

BEASLEY, Reuben G., U. S. consul at Havre, France ; d. in that city 
June 1, 1847. 

BEATTY, William, rev. officer, b. in Frederick co., Md., June 19, 
1758, the eldest of 12 brothers ; in 1776 he was appointed ens. in the 
Md. flying camp and served in N. Y. ; his merits earned him a commission 
of lieut. and of capt. and his bravery was often proved in battle ; he was 
killed at the battle of Hobkirk's hill near Camden, S. C, April 25, 1781. 
(Rogers's Am. Blog.~) 

BEAUMONT, Andrew, b. in Penn. ; was in cong. from that state 
from 1833 to 1836, and d. at Wilkesbarre, Pa., Oct. — 1853. 

BECK, Abraham, a lawyer, brother of Dr. T. Romeyn Beck : d. at 
St. Louis, Mo., 1821. 

BECK, Nicholas Fairly, bro. of Dr. T. Romeyn Beck, d. June 30, 
1830, a. 34, while holding the office of adj. gen. of the state of New York. 

BECK, Washington, d. at New Orleans, La., Sept. 11, 1837, a. 
32 ; was formerly of Georgetown, D. C. 

BECKETT, Capt. John, was many years a mem. of the legislature of 
Md., and an officer in the war of 1812 ; at the battle of York he bore from 
the field the wounded Pike, and at the capture of Ft. George affair, at 
Stony Creek and the battle of Crysler's field he acted an honorable part ; 
d. at Locustgrove, Calvert co., Md., May 26, 1850, in the 59th y. of his age. 
(Striker's Am. Reg., iv, 464.) 

BECKMAN, Capt. Solomon, a rev. officer d. near Zebulon, Pike co., 
Ga., March 25, 1839, a. 76. 

BECKWITH, Col. John, a revolutionary soldier d. at Pou^hkeepsie, 
N. Y., Sept. 12, 1834, a. 83. 

BECKWITH, Dr. Josiah G., of Litchfield, Conn. : d. Mar. 21, 1871, 

a. 68. 

BECKWITH, Sir Jennings, known as the Leather Stocking of the 
Northern Neck • d. at Mount Airy, Richmond co., Va., Nov. 13, 1835, a. 72. 

BEECHER, Gen. Philemon, b. in Litchfield, Conn ; d. at Lancaster, 
O., Nov. 30, 1839, in his 64th year; a lawyer, and an early settler of 
Ohio, where he filled several public offices with ability, from 1817 to 1821, 
andfrcm 1823 to 1829, he was in cong. ; was of the Federal school of politics. 

BEEKMAN, Fletcher M., d. at Hudson, N. Y., April 9, 1835. 

BEELEN, Constantine Antoine, son of the Baron de Beelen de 
Bertholf ; came to this country with his father who was sent soon after 
the peace of 17S3 in a public capacity by the emp. of Austria; resided at 
Phila., several years ; political difficulties preventing their return, the 
parents remained and d. in Penn., the subject of this notice settled at 
Pittsburg at an early age, where he resided through life and d. Dec. 16, 
1850, in his 84th year. 

BEERS, Nathan, d. at New Haven, Conn., Feb. 10, 1849, a. 96; b. 
in Stratford, Conn., in 1753; rem. in early life to New Haven, and served 
in the rev. ; he was for a time in mercantile business, and for many years 
steward of Yale Coll. {Am. Almanac, 1840, p. 323.) 

American Biographical Notes. 23 

BEERS, Timothy Phelps, M. D., prof, in Yale med. sch. ; b. Dec. 
25, 1789, grad. at Yale in 1808 ; was surg. in the army in 1812 ; prof, of 
obstetrics at Yale from 1830 to 1856, and d. at New Haven, Ct., Sept. 
22, 1858 ; was son of Dea. Nathan Beers. (Hist. Mag., ii, 348.) 

BEHN, James B., Belgian consul at N. 0. ; d. in that city, Sept. 9, 1852. 

BELKNAP, Andrew Eliot, son of the late Bev. Dr. B., and for many 
years a respectable merchant in Boston ; d. in that city Jan. 25, 1858, a. 
78 ; took great interest in hist, matters, especially such as related to Boston 
and wrote frequently for the newspapers, over the sig. of A Boston Boy. 

BELKNAP, Ezekiel, son of Moses B. and an officer of the rev. ; d. 
at Atkinson, N. H., Jan. 5, 1836, a. 100 years and 10 days; his father 
d. in 1803, a. 99 ys. 5 mos. ; his grandmother, Hannah Belknap Atkinson, 
d. a. 107. 

BELKNAP, Gen. Chauncey, d. at Newburgh, N. Y., June 8, 1840, 
a. 73. 

BELLAMY, Joseph H., d. in Bethlehem, Conn., Nov. 1, 1848, a. 60; 
grad. at Yale in 1808 ; was repeatedly in the state legislature, and a 
senator from the 16th dist. 

BELL, Andrew, d. at Perth Amboy, N. J., June 4, 1843, a. 86; was 
many years surveyor gen. to the proprietors of East Jersey. 

BELL, George Henry, m. a sister of Gen. Herkimer, and was a promi- 
nent man in the Mohawk valley before the rev. ; he was a capt. in the 
battle of Oriskany and a wound there received disabled him for life; his 
two sons Joseph and Nicholas were in the battle; the former was killed 
and the latter fled ; he was many years a justice of the peace, and lived on 
Fall hill, Herkimer county. (Benton's Herkimer Co. iV. Y., p. 131.) 

BELLINGER, Christopher, b. at German Flats, was a wealthy farmer, 
held several town offices many years; in May, 1812, as col. of militia he 
was sent to Sackets Harbor, and commanded that post several months; 
in 1814 was again upon the frontiers as col.; in 1810, 11, 14, 22, 24, was 
in assembly; in politics he was a Jeff. rep. and later a bucktail ; d. about 
1839 at Little Falls, at an advanced age. (Benton's Herkimer Co. JSf. Y., 
p. 134.) 

BELLINGER, Frederick, merchant in Herkimer co., N. Y., and in 
assembly in 1836; d at Mohawk, German Flats; he was a major of 
militia. (Benton's Herkimer Co. N. Y., p. 139.) 

BELL, James, many years in the legislature of Vt. ; a lawyer, and 
much noted as a political speaker ; d. at Walden, Vt., April 23, 1852, a. 76. 

BELL, Joseph, d. at Saratoga, N. Y., July 25, 1851, a. 64 ; b. in 
Bedford, N. H. ; grad. at Dartmouth, in 1807, and practiced law with 
eminent success at Haverhill, N. H. ; removed to Boston, in 1841. 

BELL, Joshua F., d. at Danville, Ky., Aug. 20, 1870, b. in Kentucky, 
and a rep. to congress, 1845-7. 

BELL, Richard H., entered the army in 1808, was made capt. in 1813, 
and was wounded at Lyons creek, N. C, Oct. 19, 1814, retained in 1815, 
and resigned in May, 1817 ; d. at Norfolk, Va., May 9, 1835. 

BELL, Robert, an early auctioneer and bookseller of Phila. ; d. in 
Richmond, Va., in 1784. 

24 American Biographical notes. 

BELL, Samuel, was educated at D. Coll. ; studied law under Judge 
Samuel Dana, and after presiding in both branches of the legislature of 
N. H., was appointed judge of sup. court in 1816 ; in 1819, he was elected 
gov. and in 1823, senator in cong., where he remained till 1834; d. at 
Chester, N. H. ; Dec. 23, 1850, a. 81. 

BELLOWS, Benjamin, founder of Walpole, N. H. ; b. May 26, 1712, 
at Lunenburg, N. H. ; having with others bought a tract on the Conn, 
river at the Great falls, he rem. in 1752, built a fort and organized a 
town. The place suffered from Indian wars, but improved rapidly after 
1761 ; Col . B., d. July 10,1 777 ; his descendants consecrated a monument 

to his memory, Oct. 11, 1854. (Hist. Sketch of Col. B with an 

account of the gathering of 1854.) 

BELSER, James E., mem. of cong., from Alabama, in 1844-7; d. at 
Montgomery, Ala., Jan. 16, 1859. 

BELTON, Jonathan, of S. C, a tory, and after the surrender of S.C. 
held a commission under the crown ; his estate was confiscated. 

BELTON, Thomas, d. at Newark, N. J.. July, 1840, a. 108 years ; 
he was a soldier of the revolution. 

BELTRAMI, Giacomo Costantino, b. at Bergamo, Italy in 1779. 
Having gained a judicial office under the gov., he became involved in 
political affairs and was obliged to live in exile in 1821 ; he came to the 
U. S., traversed Mexico, and ascended the Miss., of one of the principal 
sources of which he was the first discoverer; he went to Loud., in 1826, 
or 7, and after res. some years on the continent, returned to Italy, and d. 
in Feb., 1855; he published in N. 0., in 1824 an account of his discoveries 
on the upper Miss., and several other works in Phila. and Lond. ; the 
legislature of Minn., have named a county in his memory, and the mu- 
nicipality of Bergamo in 1865, published a memoir of Beltrami, which is 
dedicated to the Minn. Hist. Soc. (Coll. of Minn. Mist. Soc, 1867, p. 13.) 

BENDER, John, a native of Germany, and soldier of the rev.; d. at 
Woolwich, near Swedesborough, N. J., Dec. 25, 1840, a. 108. 

BENEDICT, Amos, 2d dist. atty. of Jeff., Lewis and St. Law. counties, 
N. Y., native of Middlebury, Ct. ; grad. at Yale in 1800, settled at Water- 
town, N. Y., in 1807 ; was dist. att'y in 1810, 13, 15, and d. in 1816. 
(Hough's Hist. Jeff. Co., N. Y., p. 420.) 

BENEDICT, Dr. Abijah G., of Redhook, N. Y.; d. Oct. 4, 1862, 
a. 72. (Transac N. Y., State Med. Soc, 1864, p. 447.) 

BENEDICT, Dr. N. D., St. Augustine, Florida ; d. April, 1871. 

BENEDICT, Lewis, a prominent citizen of Albany, d. July, 1862, a. 
77. (Munsell's Hist. Coll. Albany, ii, 1 14.) 

BENEDICT, Col. Lewis, son of preceding, killed at battle of Pleasant 
hill, 9 April 1864, a. 46. (lb., iii, 465.) 

BENEDICT, Thomas B., militia col., in the war of 1812-15, b. at 
Woodbury, Ct., Oct. 23, 1783; settled at De Kalb, N. Y., as a merchant, 
and commanded the militia at Ogdensburgh in the summer of 1812; d. 
in De Kalb, March 11, 1829. (Hough's Hist. St. Law. and Fr. Cos., 584.) 

BENIIAM, Joseph S., d. in Cincinnati, O., July, 1840, a. 43; was a 
distinguished mem. of the bar in that place. 

BENJAMIN, Jonathan, d. Aug. 26, 1842 in Union, Licking, co., 
O. ; at the age of sixteen he enlisted in the army where he served for 

Amebic Aisf Biographical Notes. 25 

several years. The Indians broke in upon his family and killed and took 
prisoner three entire families, his ouly son escaping to the fort; he came 
to Ohio in 1804 where he resided until his death. 

BENJAMIN, Sarah, d. a. 114 ys. 5 mo. 3 d. at Mt. Pleasant, Pa., 
April 20, 1858; maiden name Sarah Matthews; b. in Goshen, N Y., Nov. 
17, 1743; her first husb., Win. Reed, d. of a wound in the rev.; 2d husb.. 
Aaron Osborn of G-oshen, a soldier in the rev. (Hist. Mag., ii, 216; Phren. 
Jour., Nov., 1854.) 

BENNEHAN, Thomas G., d. near Raleigh, N. C, June 24, 1847, a. 
65 ; grad. at the U. of N. C, and was for many years before his death one 
of its trustees ; one of the most extensive planters of the state. 

BENNETT, Rev. Benjamin, d. at Middletown N. J., Oct. S, 1840, a. 
78 ; was a Bap. minister, and from 1815 to 1819, mem. of cong. from N. tT. 

BENNETT, James, d. Sept. 4, 1842, in Billerica, Mass. a. 84; he 
served as ensign in the army during five years of rev. war. 

BENNETT, James Gordon, founder and editor of the New York. 
Herald, b. about 1800 ; d. June 1, 1872. (Brakes Diet. Am. Biog.) 

BENNETT, Rev. Alfred, b. iu Mansfield, Ct., Sept. 26, 1780, and 
settled as a Bap. preacher at Homer, N. Y., where he remained in that 
office and as senior agent of the Am. Bap. Miss. Union, until his death 
May 10, 1851. (Missionary Magazine; Memoir by H. Harvey, 12mo, 
pp. 232, N. Y., 1852.) 

BENNETT. Rev Bartlett, d. in Cincinnati, O., Oct. 12, 1842, a. 
99 ; b. in Albemarle, Va. ; a Bap. minister from the a. of 25 ; was one of 
the early pioneers iu the state of Kentucky. 

BENOIST, Catharine, an original settler of St. Louis, dau. of Chas. 
Sanguinet, and gr. dau. of Dr. Conde, a French surg., who came to St. 
Louis in 1755; d at St. Louis, Dec. 9, 1859. (Hist. Mag., iv, 60.) 

BENSON, Barry W., d. at Columbus, Miss., June 11, 1839, a. 27; 
sec. of state of Mississippi. 

BENTLEY, Rev. William, D D., native of Boston ; grad. at H. Coll., 
in 1778 ; 3 years teacher of Greek in the coll., and in 1783, was ordained 
over the 2d ch. of Salem, where he served till his death in 1819, a. 63. 
(Bradford's A 7 ". E. Biog.) 

BENTON, John Randolph, d. at St. Louis, Mo., March 17, 1852, 
a. 22 ; ouly son of Senator Thomas H. Benton. 

BENTON, Samuel, bro. of Thomas H. B., of Mo. ; d. in San Augus- 
tine, Tex., Sept. 29, 1846, a. about 60; was b. in N. C, and rem. to 
Texas from St. Louis about 1822 ; a distinguished supporter of the rights 
of Texas, and a mem. of cong., in the republic, before admission. 

BENZEL, Adolphus, son of Archbishop Ulric B. of Upsal; came to 
America in 1749 and settled at Wilmington, Del., in 1750; served as an 
officer in the British army from 1755 to 1770, when he was appointed in- 
spector of H. M. woods, forests and unappropriated lands, on Lake 
Champlain and in Canada. (Doc. Hist. A 7 ". Y, iv, 854.) 

BERGMAN, Rev. John E., b. in Germany, served the cong. of Salz- 
burgers at Ebenezer, Ga., 36 y. and d. at an advanced age. 

BERIOT, Madame Malibra>j de, — Maria Felicitas, eldest dau. of 
Seiior Manuel Garcia, — known iu Europe and America as an opera 


26 American Biographical Notes. 

singer ; b. in Paris, in 1808 ; came with her family to New York in 1826, 
and was married to M. Malibran ; she d. at Manchester, Eng., Sept. 23, 
1836. (American Almanac, 1838, p. 298.) 

BERKELEY, Dr. Carter, d. in Hanover co., Va., Nov. 3, 1839, a. 
72, a descendant of Sir William B. ; grad. at the Edinburgh Med. Sch. 

BERNARD, Sir John, son of Sir Francis B., gov. of Mass. ; was a 
whig, and remained in America, and reduced to abject poverty ; his father 
had given him the agency of a landed estate in Maine, but this was confis- 
cated in 1778; he lived at Bath and Machias Me., and after the peace at 
Pleasant Point near Eastport in a hut with no companion but his dog; he 
became insane and afterwards the legislature of Mass. released to him 
one half of the island of Mt. Desert, which had belonged to his father ; 
he res. several years about Boston, visited Maine occasionally and late in 
life held British offices at Barbadoes and St. Vincent, and was known as 
Sir John Bernard, baronet; d. in the West Indies in 1809. (Sabine's 

BERNARD, Sir Thomas, Bt., third son of Sir Francis B., gov. of Mass. ; 
grad. at H. U. in 1767, went to England, m. a lady of fortune, and on the 
death of his brother John succeeded to his title ; he was a man of great 
benevolence, d. in Eng. in 1818; the Univ. of Edin. conferred on him the 
degree of LL.D. (Sabine's Loyalists.') 

BERRY, Charles C, d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., June 22, 1852, a. 39 ; 
com. of the steamship United States, and for many years connected with 
the merchant marine service of N. Y. 

BERRY, Dr. J. L., of Memphis, Tenn., a vol. in the yellow fever epi- 
demic at Portsmouth, Va., in the autumn of 1855, and fell a victim to the 

BERRY, Laurence W., a lawyer of reputation and atty. for the com- 
monwealth in several of the state courts of Va. ; d. at Fredericksburg, Va., 
Feb. 3, 1*46, a. 52; a native of King George co., Va. 

BERRY, Maj. Jack, d. at JackBerrytown, Buffalo Creek Reservation, 
N. Y., July 3, 1839 ; a distinguished chief of the Seneca tribe of Indians. 

BERRY, Nathaniel, d. in Gardiner, Me., Aug. 22, 1850, a. 94 ; a 
soldier of the rev. 

BESANCON, Gen. Lorenzo A., d. on board a steamboat on his way 
from N. 0., to Baton Rouge, La., July 23, 1853, was a prominent news- 
paper editor of the Southern Rights party; in the Mex. war, he was a 
capt. of dragoons. 

BESANZON, Peter, rev. pat. ; b. near Besauzon France ; came to Ame- 
rica, a. 16, with La Fayette, and served through the war ; res. many years 
at Butternuts, N. Y., and rem. to Perry and Pike, N. Y., where he d. 
July 1855, a. 93. 

BETHUNE, Dr. Norton, d. March 29, 1842, in Philadelphia, Pa., 
a. 39 ; grad. at H. U., in the class of 1821. 

BETHUNE, George, one of the oldest citizens of Bos. ; d. Oct., 1859, 
a. 90 ; hi.s father m. a niece of Peter Faneuil, and he inherited the family 
plate, pictures, etc., of the Faneuil family. (Hist. Mag., iii, 354.) 

BETHUNE, Mrs. Joanna, wid. of Divie B., and mother of the Rev. 
Dr. B., of Brooklyn, b. at Ft. Miagara, in 1768, a dau. and an assistant of 

American Biographical Notes. 27 

Mrs. Isabella Graham, a well known teacher of N. Y. ; in 1796 she m. 
Divie Bethune a merchant and man of great liberality ; their early efforts 
in behalf of Bible and tract distribution, Sunday schools, and the relief of 
orphans and poor women, were assiduous and successful, leading to the 
formation of societies for these objects ; about 1827, she became interested 
in infant schools, and wrote several books for them, and in a school at 
the Five Points became herself a teacher ; she edited her mother's letters, 
and correspondence ; d. at N. Y., July 28, 1860, in her 92d year. (Hist. 
Mag., iv, 285.) 

BETTON, Silas, grad. at Dart., in 1787, was rep. in cong., from New 
Hampshire, from 1803 to 1807; d. in 1822, a. 58. 

BETTYS, Joseph, a noted tory of the rev. ; at the beginning of the 
war lived at Ballston, N. Y., and was a whig, and in Arnold's naval 
battle on Lake Champlain was captured and taken to Canada; he entered 
the royal service, became a spy, was arrested, tried and condemned to the 
gallows, but pardoned by Washington ; he returned to the enemy and 
began a course of burning and murder of the most successful and atrocious 
character, and was at last captured in 1782, taken to Albany and hung as 
a spy. {Sabine's Loyalists.') 

BEVERIUGE, Col. Noble, d. in Middlebury, London co., Va., Dec. 
8, 1844, in his 67th year ; was formerly a merchant, and acquired a large 

BEVERLEY, Carter, d. at Fredericksburg, Va., Feb. 10, 1844, a. 72. 

BEYRICK, Dr., naturalist and traveler from Germany ; d. at 

Ft. Gibson, Mo. Ter., Oct. — 1834; was going westward with the design 
of crossing the Rocky mountains. 

BIBBINS, Dr. William Burr, d. in N. Y., Jan. 1, 1871 ; b. in Fair- 
field, Conn., Aug. 8, 1823 ; grad. at Yale in 1845, and at the coll. of 
phys. and surg. N. Y., and became an eminent phys. in the city of N. Y. 
{Transactions N. Y. State Med. Soc., 1872, p. 327.) 

BIBIGHANS, Thomas M., d. in Lebanon, Pa., June 18, 1853, a. 37; 
mem. of cong. from Penn., in 1851-3. 

BIDDLE, CHARLES, late commissioner from the U. S. gov., for ex- 
ploring a route between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans ; d. at Phila., Pa., 
Dec. 21, 1836, a. 49. 

BIDDLE, JOHN, of Bucks co., Pa., was coll. of excise and a dep. 
bar. mast, under the whigs ; became tory in 1777, and his estate was con- 

BIDDLE, Jonathan William, a mem. of the Phila. bar; d. in 
Phila., Jan. 21, 1856. 

BIDLACK, Benjamin A., a native of Penn. ; in cong. from 1841 to 
1845 ; was charge d'affaires to New Grenada, and d. at Bogota, Feb. 29, 
1849; had formerly been in the state legislature, and his home residence 
was Wilkesbarre, Luzerne co. 

BIDWELL, Marshall S., lawyer; removed from N. Eng., to King- 
ston, Canada, and was several years in the prov. parliament; being a leader 
in the liberal party before the rebellion of 1837, he was ordered to leave 
Canada, and accordingly rem. to N. Y. city, where he afterwards lived ; 
was an able lawyer, and prominent mem. of various literary and benevolent 
societies; d. Oct., 1872. 

28 American Biographical Notes. 

BIGELOW, Abijah. was b. in Westminster, Mass. ; grad. at D. C, 
in 1795 ; studied law and practiced in Leominster ; a mem. of cons;, 
from 1811 to 1815, and clerk of the courts for Worcester co., from 1817 
to 1834 ; d. at Worcester, April 4, 1860, a. near 85. 

BIGELOW, Abraham, of Cambridge, Mass., d. in N. Y. July 7, 1832. 

BIGELOW, Alpheus, a distinguished citizen of Mass. ; b. in Weston, 
Mass., about 1784, and d. in that place Sept. 23, 1863. 

BIGELOW, Hardin, d. in San Francisco, Cal.,Nov. 27, 1850; mayor 
of Sacramento, displayed great vigor and bravery in quelling squatter 
riots and in enforcing the laws, in which he lost an arm; being reduced 
from this cause, he fell a victim to the cholera. 

BIGELOW, Timothy, an eminent lawyer, son of Col. Timothy B. ; 
grad. at II. U., in 1786, and settled as a lawyer at Groton, Mass., was 
long in the legislature and several years speaker of the house ; a state 
senator for some time, and member of the council; d. in 1821, a. 54. 
(Bradford's N. E Biog.) 

BILES, Samuel, sheriff of Bucks eo., Pa., and a tory in the rev. ; 
estate confiscated in 1779. 

BILLINGS, Asahel, d. at Hardwick, Mass.. July 16, 1839, a. 100 ; 
a lieut. in the rev., present at the capture of Burgoyne. 

BILLINGS, Dr. Benjamin, a surg. in the rev., and med. practitioner 
in Mansfield, Mass., for more than fifty years, d. in that town Oct. 9, 1842, 
a. 82. 

BILLOP, Christopher, a man of wealth and influence on Staten Is- 
land, N. Y. ; from 1769 to 1775 in the gen. assembly ; commanded a corps 
of loyalists or of loyal militia and was actively engaged on the loyal side ; 
was attainted and banished Oct. 22, 1779, fell into the hands of the whigs 
and was heavily ironed and closely confined on bread and water for his 
cruel treatment of prisoners; in 1782 he was sup't. of police on Staten 
Island ; went to New Brunswick and became prominent there ; was a 'mem- 
ber of the assembly and of the council, and on the death of Gov. Smythe 
in 1823 claimed the presidency of the government, but did not hold it; 
d. at St. John in 1827 a. 90; his two sons settled in N. Y., as merchants. 
(Sabine s Loya lists . ) 

BILLOP, Thomas, son of Christopher B., res. on Staten Island, with 
his brother, was a merchant in N. Y.; upon the occurrence of the yellow 
fever, his br. being single remained in the city to look after the property 
and died ; in 1806 he joined Miranda's expedition as captain, and was 
taken prisoner by the Spaniards and executed. (Sabine's Loyalists.} 

BINGHAM, Jeremiah, d. Feb. 1842 in Cornwall, Vt., a. 94; he was 
born in Norwich, Conn. ; in early life he was a schoolmaster and taught in 
many towns in Mass., and N. H.; rem. to Cornwall at the close of the 
rev. war, when there was not another inhabitant in the town, and in 1785, 
by his encouragement and assistance a church was organized there of eight 

BINKLEY, Col. Adam, d. in Davidson co., Tenn., Feb. 28, 1837, 
a. 136; at the time of the rev. he was m. and had eleven children. (S. 
W. Christian Advocate.} 

BINNEY, Col. Amos, was b. at Hull, Mass., in 1768, was left an 
orphan at an early age and entered upon the duties of life without educa- 

American Biographical Notes. 29 

tion ; he supplied this want by his own enterprise ; became a distinguished 
mem. of the Meth. Ep. ch. and a liberal promoter of public and private 
charities ; was navy agent for the port of Boston, and d. at Bost., Jan. 10, 
1833, a. 65. {Am. An. Reg. 1832 ; 3, Ap., 427). 

BTNNEY, Dr. Barnabas, a surg. of the rev., b. in Bost. in 1751 ; 
grad. at R. I. Coll . in 1774, and studied medicine in Europe; his health 
became so impaired in the rev. that he lived but a few years after, and d. 
June 21, 1787. 

BINNEY, Hibbert Newton, d. July 21, 1842, in Halifax, a. 76; for 
fifty years collector of impost and excise at that port. 

BINNEY, Horace, Jr., pres. of the loyal league of Philadelphia, d. 
Feb. 8, 1870. 

BIRCH, Rev- Robert, d. in New Brunswick, N. J., Sept. 12, 1842, 
a. 34 : pastor of the Presb. ch. at that place. 

BIRCH, William Young, b. in Manchester, Eng., a bookseller and 
publisher in Phila. ; began trade iu 1793, and in 1800, became a partner 
with Abraham Small ; their business was large for that day ; left a large 
estate, of which about S180.000 went to the Penn. In. for Ins. of the Blind. 

BIRCHARD, Dr. Solomon, an eminent physician of Baltimore, d. in 
that city, Nov. 30, 1836, a. 77. 

BIRD, John, son of Dr. Seth Bird, b. in Litchfield, Ct. ; grad. at Yale 
in 1786 ; was admitted to the bar in Ct., and settled in Troy, N. Y., 
in 1794 ; in the assembly in 1796-7, 8, and in cong. from 1799 to 1803 ; 
d. in 1806, a. 38 ; was brilliant but eccentric, often impatient and passion- 
ate without cause, and at times blasphemous ; {Woodworth's Troy, 94). 

BIRDSALL, John, judge and atty. gen., of Texas, settled in Greene, 
N. Y., in 1816 having grad. at Williams the year before, studied law 
with Robt. Monell ; became eminent at the bar ; settled at Mayville, N. 
Y., where he was appointed, Apr. 18, 1826, circuit judge of the 8th cir- 
cuit, and resided in Rochester ; resigned in 1829, returned to Mayville, 
was in the state senate in 1832, res. June 5, 1834, and in 1837 emigrated 
to Texas; became law partner of Sam Houston, and was atty. gen. of the 
Lone Star rep. till his death in 1839. {Chenango American, Jan., 1858.) 

BIRDSEYE, Victory, of Pompey, Onondaga co., N. Y. ; in assembly 
in 1823, 1838 and 1840 ; in the senate in 1827-8, and in congress from 
1815 to 1817, and from 1841 to 1843; d. in Wayne co., N. Y., Sept. 
16, 1853, a. 71. 

BIRDSILL, Benjamin, a tory of N. Y. ; went to New Brunswick, in 
1783, and settled in Queens co. ; d. at Gagetown, in 1834, a. 91. His 
widow d. in 1843, a. 97. {Sabine's Loyalists.} 

BISHOP, Clement, d. at Avon, N. Y., Feb. 5, 1840, a. 92 ; formerly 
of Montville, Conn., and a soldier of the rev. ; was captain of a company 
of Minute Men when New London was burned. 

BLACK, Edward, a mem. of the soc. of Friends, and the oldest in- 
habitant in town, d. Oct. 29, 1841, a. 96, at New Egypt, Mou. co., N. J. 

BLACK, Edward J., b. in Beaufort, S. C. in 1806 ; studied law and 
settled in Ga., where he served in the state legislature; was in cong. 
from 1839 to 1845 ; d. in Barnwell dist., S. C, whither he had gone for a 
chauge of scene in 1849. 

30 American Biographical Notes. 

BLACK, Jambs A., of S. C, a mem. of the 30th cong. ; d. at Wash- 
ington, D. C, April 1848. 

BLACK, James, d. in Winchester, Va., Aug. 29, 1854; was late of 
La., and from 1834 to 1838 a sen. in cong. from Miss. 

BLACK, James R., judge of the superior court of Del. ; d. at New- 
castle, Del., Sept. 3, 1839. 

BLACK, John, was at one time a res. of Louisiana, but rem. to Miss- 
where he was chosen senator to cong. from 1834 to 1838 ; d. in Winches- 
ter, Va., Aug. 29, 1854. 

BLACK, Joseph, of S. C, was a tory, and held a crown office after 
the surrender of Charleston ; estate was confiscated. 

BLACK, Rev. A. W. a prominent divine of the Ref. Presbyterian 
church, and a prof, of biblical literature in the Theo. Sem. of that sect 
in Phil. ; d. at Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 10, 1858. 

BLACK Rev. John, the oldest minister of the Ref. Protestant 
Dutch ch., and one of the oldest inhabitants of Pittsburg; d. at that 
place Nov. 1849, a. 82. 

BLACK COAT, a Cherokee chief, d. in Scott co., Kentucky, on a 
journey, March 29, 1855. 

BLACKBURN, Gen. Samuel, an eminent lawyer of Va. ; d. Mar. 2, 
1835, in Bath co., a. 77. He was for many years a conspicuous member 
of the state legislature, and at his death liberated 46 slaves, and charged 
his estate with their removal to Liberia. 

BLACKBURN, Gen. William, b. in Md., rem. to Penna., and af- 
terwards became an early settler in Ohio. He commanded a co. of vols, 
in 1812 ; was in the Ohio legislature in 1817, and reelected annually till 
1835, when he was appointed receiver of public moneys in Lima, 0., 
where he held till 1843; was again in the legislature in 1851; d. May 7, 
1858, a. 70. 

BLACKBURN, Samuel, of Irish descent, taught an academy at 
Washington, Wilkes co., Ga., and studied law ; m. Gov. Matthews's dau. and 
settled on Broad river in Ellert co. ; afterwards rem. to Va., and d. in 1835. 

BLACKLEDGE, William S., Newbern, N. C, March 21, 1857, 
a 64 ; in gen. assembly from Craven co., 1820, and the same year was 
elected to cong. and was reelected the following year ; held various offi- 
ces of trust in Craven co. such as commissioner, warden of the poor, clerk 
of the superior court, and chairman of the county court. 

BLACKMAN Eleazer, one of the survivors of the massacre of Wy- 
oming, d. at Hanover, Pa., Nov. 4, 1845, a. 85. 

BLACKSHEARJ David, b. in Jones co., N- C, Jan. 31, 1764; was 
active against the tories ; settled in Ga., in 1790, and had several conflicts 
with the Indians ; prior to 1813 he was brig. gen. and commanded a line 
of forts in Twiggs, Pulaski and Telfair co's. ; served in the Creek war 
with an army of 2,500 men, and received a vote of thanks from the Ga. 
legislature ; was in the legislature, and a presidential elector, and d. in 
Laurens co., Ga., July 4, 1837, a. 74. (Whites Hist. Ga., p. 510 ; Am. 
Almanac, 1838, p. 314.) 

BLAIR, Dr. Arba, of Rome, N. Y. ; d. June 20, 1863, a. 82. 
(Transac N. Y. State Medical Soc, 1869, p. 443.) 

American Biographical Notes. 31 

BLAIR, Gen. James, mem. of cong. from S. C. in 1821-2, and from 
1829 to 1834 j d. at Washington by his own hand March 27, 1834. 

BLAIR, John, a British spy, executed in 1778, at Hartford, Ct.; had 
a large amount of counterfeit continental money in his possession. 

BLAIR, Robert, a tory merchant of Bost. was pros, and banished. 

BLAIR, Robert, a tory of S. C. ; held a commission under the crown 
after the surrender of Charleston, and lost his estate. 

BLAKE, Col. Thomas H., d. in Cincinnati, 0., Nov. 28, 1849, na- 
tive of Calvert co., Md. ; rem. when young to Washington ; and on forma- 
tion of state gov. in Ind., settled at Terre Haute ; was many years in the 
legislature, a judge, dist. atty., and from 1827 to 1829, mem. of cong. ; 
under Pres. Tyler, was com'r of gen. land office, and at the time of his 
death had recently returned from England as financial agent of the state, 
and a trustee of the Wabash and Erie canal. 

BLAKE, Dominie T., a native of Ireland, and for thirty-six years a 
mem. of the N. Y. bar; d. in the city of N. Y., Nov. 6, 1839. 

BLAKE, George, for many years U. S. attorney for the dist. of 
Mass.; d. at Boston, Oct. 6, 1841, a. 73. 

BLAKE, Gen. John, d. Jan. 21, 1842 at Bangor, Me., a. 89; was an 
officer in the rev. known as Black Jack ; also commander-in-chief in 
the eastern section during the war of 1812. 

BLAKE, Jacob Edmund, lieut. top. engineers U. S. A., of Pa., West Point in 1833; was made 2d It. 6th Infantry, July 1, 1833, 
assist, com. of subsist. May, 1835, Q. M. A. 1835 to 1836 ; 1st It. Sept. 
1837 ; 1st It. top. engineers July 1838; before the battle of Palo Alto 
he rode boldly along the enemy's lines to observe their force ; killed by 
the accidental discharge of his own pistol, May 9, 1846. (Thorpe's Army 
of the Rio Grande, p. 193.) 

BLAKE, Rev. Caleb, d. in Westford, Mass., May 11, 1847, a. 85; 
grad. at H. U. in 1784, and was a settled minister at Westford, 45 years. 

BLANCHARD, Andrew, d.Feb. 14, 1839, a. 100, in Mon. co., N. J. 

BLANCHARD, John, b. in Caledonia co., Vt., Sept. 30, 17-87 ; grad. 
at D. C, in 1812 ; rem. to Penn., taught school, studied law, and was in 
congress from 1845 to 1849; d. at Columbia, Lancaster co., Pa., March 
8, 1849. 

BLANCHAND, Nathaniel, a native of Peacham, Vt., and a lawyer 
at Fayetteville, Ga. ; d. at Hardwick, Vt., Aug. 11, 1836, a. 37. 

BLANCHARD, William A., an eminent book publisher of Phila.; 
d. Oct. 6, 1874, a. 70. He was principally noted as a financier, possessing 
none of the literary taste and ability of his partners, Lea and Baird, the 
grandson of Matthew Carey. (Publishers' Weekly.} 

BLANDING, Col. Abraham, d. at Sullivan's Island, S. C, Sept. 20, 
1839, a. 60; He was of Columbia, S. C, pres. of the south-western rail- 
road bank ; was b. at Rehoboth, and grad. at Brown U. in 1796. (Am. 
Almanac, 1841, p. 275.) 

BLAND, Theodoric, ancestor of Blands of Va. ; was a merch. at Luars 
in Spain ; came to Va. in 1654 ; settled at Westover on the James river, 
and d. April 23, 1671, a. 41 ; He was buried in the chancel of a church 
which he built and gave to the Co. with 10 acres of land, a court house 
and a prison ; was one of tbe king's council in Va., and a man of talent 

32 American Biographical Notes. 

and fortune ; his wife was a dau. of Gov. Bennett ; he left a son, Rich- 
ard. {Campbell's Va.) 

BLATCHFORD, Dr. Thomas W., a prominent phys. of Troy, N. Y.; 
d. Jan. 7, 1866, a. 71. {Transac N. Y. State Med. Soc, 1866, p. 322.) 

BLATTERMAN, George, d. in Charlottesville, Va., Jan. 1, 1850; 
prof, of mod. languages in the Uni. of Va., from 1825 to 1833. 

BLEAKLEY, John, a wealthy and liberal Philadelphian, distin- 
guished for his benevolence and zeal for the promotion of literary objects, 
for which he made liberal bequests. 

BLEAN, Uriah, was an ensign in the 3d batt. of N. J. vols. (Loyal- 
ists) in 1782. 

BLEAN Waldron, was a capt. in the 3d N. J. vols. (Loy.) in 1782. 

BLEECKER, Anthony, b. in N. Y. city, Oct. 1770; grad. at Co- 
lumbia Coll. ; bred a lawyer, possessed a literary taste and wrote much for 
the press ; He wrote out Capt. Riley's narrative of the brig Commerce, 
and was constantly engaged in literary researches and studies ; d. in 
1827, a. 56. (Hist. Mag., ii, 46.) 

BLEECKER, Barent, d. at Albany, June 1, 1840 ; pres. of the 
Bank of Albany. 

BLEECKER, Harmanus, minister to the Netherlands; b. Oct. 19, 
1779; was admitted to the bar in Albany in 1801, a. 22; became emi- 
nent in his prof. ; was in cong. in 1811, 13, and in assembly in 1814, 15 ; 
was many years a regent, and acted as com'r for settling the line of N. Y. 
and N. J.; was appointed minister at the Hague by Van Buren ; his li- 
brary and portrait are preserved in the N. Y. State Library ; he d. at 
Albany, July 19, 1849. {Afunsell's An. Alb., i, 276; Rogers's Hist. Dis- 
course, p. 105.) 

BLISS, Daniel, tory of Concord, Mass., son of Rev. Samuel B.; b. 
1740 ; grad. at H. U. in 1760 ; was a barrister, and pros, and appointed 
commissary in the British army ; settled in New Brunswick ; became a 
mem. of the council and chief justice of the inferior court of com. pleas ; 
d. near Fredericton, N. B., in 1805, a. 66; his widow d. in 1807, a. 60; 
Samuel B., his br., d. at St. George, N. B., in 1803. {Sabine's Loyalists.') 

BLISS, Dr. John, drowned at Cooperstown, N. Y., June 26, 1858, a. 55. 

BLISS, George, grad. at Yale Coll. in 1784, and settled as a 
lawyer at Springfield, Mass., his native place ; several years a representa- 
tive, senator and counselor. {Bradford's N. E. Biog.) 

BLISS, Jonathan, of Springfield, Mass., grad. at H. U., in 1763, and 
d. at Fredericton, N. B., in 1822, a. 80 ; his wife and Mrs. Fisher Ames 
were sisters ; in 1768, be was a mem. of the gen. court of Mass., and one 
of the 17 rescinders, and in 1778 was pros, and banished; in N. B. he be- 
came chief just, and pres. of the council. {Sabine's Loyalists.) 

BLISS, John Murray, son of Daniel B., native of Mass, from 
whence, being a tory, he rem. at the beginning of the rev. ; settled in N. 
B. in 1786; practiced law several years; represented the co. of York in 
assembly, and, in 1816 was elevated to a seat in his majesty's council ; 
in 1824, he became pres. and commander-in-chief of the colony, and held 
nearly a year ; d. at St. John, Aug. 1834, a. 63, being then senior jus- 
tice of the supreme court. {Sabine's Loyalists.) 

American Biographical Notes. 33 

BLODGET, Jesse, pioneer settler in Denmark, N. Y. ; d. Jan. 9, 
1848, nearly 84 years of age ; his wife d. Aug, 5, 1844. 

BLOOD, Isaiah, state senator of N. Y. ; d. at Ballston, N. Y., Nov. 
30, 1870, a. 60. 

BLOODGOOD, Francis, d. at Albany, March 5, 1840, a. 72 ; pres. of 
the state bank, and formerly clerk of the sup. court, and may. of Albany. 

BLOODGOOD, Francis A., d. at Ithaca, N. Y., Dec. 1842, a. 67 ; 
studied law at Albany, with John V. Henry, and settled in Oneida co. ; 
was appointed co. clerk and clerk in chan. ; state sen. from 1809 to 1816, 
and an active friend of the Erie canal project. (Am. Aim. 1844, p. 308.) 

BLOODGOOD, Simeon De Witt, sometime editor of The True Sun 
in N. Y., and other newspapers, and an author ; d. July 14, 1866, a. 66. 
(Munsell's Hist. Coll. Albany, iii, 319.) 

BLOOMER, Rev. Joshua, grad. at Kings Coll. N. Y. in 1761 ; was 
a maj. in the prov. service and a merchant; went to Eng. in 1765 for 
orders; succeeded Dr. Seabury at Jamaica, N. Y., to which were attached 
Newtown and Flushing; d. at Jamaica, June 23, 1790, a. 55. (Thomp- 
son's Hist. L. I., ii, 125 ; Sabine's Loyalists.) 

BLUE-SKY, John, sachem of the Hawk band of the Senecas ; ren- 
dered important services to the Americans at the battle of Queenston 
Heights; he d. at Tonawanda, N. Y., April 30, 1850. 

BLUNT, Nathaniel Bowditch, d. at Lebanon Springs, N. Y., July 
16, 1854 ; an eminent lawyer of the N. Y. bar, and dist. atty. for the 
city of N. Y. at the time of his death. 

BLUNT, Simon Frazer, lieut. U. S. N. ; d. at Baltimore, Md., April 
27, 1854, a 34; appointed midshipman in 1831. 

BLYTHE, Calvin, a native of Adams co., Pa.; in 1813, entered into 
the service as a private and served through the war ; having studied law 
he settled at Mifflintown, from whence he was elected to the legislature 
and served in both houses ; was appointed sec'y of the commonwealth, 
and was twice appointed pres. judge of the judicial dist. embracing Dau- 
phin, Lebanon and Schuylkill co's ; was twice appointed collector of the 
port of Phila., where he afterward settled as a lawyer; d. June 27, 1849. 
(Striker's Am. Reg., iii, 231.) 

BOARDMAN, Dr. Daniel H., d. at New Orleans, Oct. 13, 1835; 
was a native of New Milford, Conn. 

BOARDMAN, Elijah, b. in New Milford, Conn., March 7, 1760 ; 
was a successful merchant and repeatedly in the leg. and council of Conn. ; 
sen. in cong. from 1821 to 1823; d. in Boardman, O., Oct. 8, 1823. 

BODISCO, Alexander de, Russian minister to the U. S. ; d. at 
Georgetown, D. C, Jan. 23, 1854 ; he had filled important offices in Rus- 
sia, and had served seventeen years in the office in which he died. 

BODLE, Charles, mem. of cong. from New York from 1833 to 1835 ; 
d. in New York city, 1836. 

BOEL, Henry, d N. Y. Oct. 10, 1780 ; many years a clerk in gen- 
eral post office. 

BOGARD, Abraham, a native of Delaware ; d. in the poor house 
Maury co., Tenn., June 14, 1833, a. 118 years, 4 days. 


34 American Biographical Notes. 

BOGGS, James, of Pa., a tory, went to St. John, N. B. after the rev. ; 
was a grantee of that city, and in 1792 a magistrate of Queens co. 

BOGUE, Rev. Publius V., a Presb. clergyman; d. in Oneida co., N. 
Y., Aug. 28, 1846, a. 73. 

BOHLEN, John, an eminent shipping merch. and importer at Phila. 
and a native of Germany ; d. at Phila., March 11, 1850, a. 80. 

BOIES, Jeremiah Smith, d. in Boston, March 29, 1851, a. 89 ; grad. 
at H. U., in 1783, of which class he was the last survivor; was connected 
with cotton mills and part owner of the first large one in the state; under 
difficulties that can now be hardly appreciated, it became eminently suc- 
cessful. (Stryker's Am. Reg. vi, 222.) 

BOILEAU, Alexander, sec. of state of Arkansas ; was appointed to 
fill a vacancy from death of Maj. D. B. Greer, and d. Jan. 18, 1860. 

BOILEAU, Nathaniel B., at an early age was an active mem. of the 
Pa. leg., and took a leading part in the well known impeachment of the 
judges in 1805, 6 ; was sec'y of state under Gov. Snyder nine years, and 
was an unsuccessful candidate for gov. in 1847 ; d. at Abington, Pa., 
March 16, 1850, a. 88. (Striker's Am. Reg., iv, 453.) 

BOISSEAU, James, of S. C, held an office under the crown after the 
surrender of Charleston, in 1780, and his estate was confiscated. 

BOKEE, David A., mem. of cong. from N. Y. from 1849 to 1851; 
d. in Washington, D. C, March 15, 1860. 

BOKER, Charles S., an eminent merchant and financier of Phila. ; 
d. Feb. 10, 1858 {Sargent's Eminent Philadelphians, with portrait.) 

BOKER, John G., importing wine merch. of N. Y. ; the collector of 
the fine paintings of the Dusseldorf school, long exhibited in N. Y., and 
came prominently before the public a few years before his death by the 
eccentric marriage of his dau. to his coachman Dean ; d. March 3, 1860. 

BOLLES, Mrs. Mary C, d. at Montville, Conn., Jan. 4, 1862, a. 104. 

BOLLES, Rev. Lucius, D. D., d. in Boston, Jan. 5, 1844, a. 64; 
formerly pastor of the First Baptist church in Salem, and many years sen- 
ior sec'y of the American Bap. board of foreign missions. 

BOLLING, Robert, m. Jane Rolfe, the only grandchild of Pocahon- 
tas ; was b. Dec. 1646, came to Va. Oct. 1660, and d. July 1709, a. 62 ; 
Col. B. left an only son, Maj. John B., father of Col. John B., and seve- 
ral daughters, who m. Col. Richard Randolph, Col. John Fleming, Dr. 
Win. Gay, Tho. Eldridge and James Murray. 

BOLTON, Nathaniel P., late U. S. consul at Geneva, and long con- 
nected with the press in Ind. ; d. at Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 26, 1858. 

BOLZIUS, Rev. John Martin, a teacher and leader of the Salzburg- 
ers who settled in Effingham co. Ga; reached Charleston, S. C, March 
1734, and soon settled near the Savannah, 25 miles by water, above the 
city, at Ebenezer. ( White's Hist. Ga., p. 928, with portrait.) 

BONAPARTE, Louis Napoleon, emperor of the French; d. Jan. 9, 
1872, a. 64; was some time resident of the United States. 

BOND, Dr. Thomas, a physician and philosopher of considerable emi- 
nence in Phila. ; d. in that city, in 1784, a. 72. 

BOND, George, d. in Phila., May 23, 1812, a. 53; was a merchant 
of Boston, and noted for his benefactions. 

American Biographical Notes. 35 

BOND, Phineas, several years British consul in Phila. ; d. in London, 
Dec. 29, 1815. 

BONFILS, Sauvier F., d. in Lexington, Ky., July,6, 1849, a. 54; 
was prof. mod. languages and literature in Transylvania University, and 
many years in the same depart, in the Univ. of Ala., at Tuscaloosa; was a 
native of France, but for the last 30 years a teacher of French in Am. 

BONGARS, Gen. Theodore Varien Thomas, Count de, d. in . 
New York, Feb. 1, 1862, a. 70; formerly in the French army. 

BONIFACE, Francois, Jesuit missionary ; sent to the Mohawks in 
1668, 9, laboring there after 1673; d. at Quebec, Dec. 17, 1674. 

BONKER, Joseph, b. in Marietta, 0., Feb. 1790, and said to have been 
the fourth white male born in the north-west territory, after its organiza- 
tion ; was chosen to serve in each house of the state leg., and was for 
many years asso. judge of the court of com. pleas ; d. at Newport, Ohio, 
Jan. 6, 1860, a. 70. 

BONNER, Henry, an officer of the rev. ; resided in Warren co., Ga. ; 
d. Jan. 1, 1822, a. 98. 

BONNETT, Isaac, b. in New Rochelle, N. Y. ; was a tory and left 
his property in N. Y. in 1783, on going to Annapolis Royal, N. S., where 
he d. 1838, a. 86. {Sabine's Loyalists.^) 

BONSALL, Benjamin S., marshal of the eastern dist. of Penn. ; d. at 
Phila., Aug. 20, 1837, a. 40. 

BOONE, Enoch, d. in Meade co., Ky., March 8, 1862; b. in 1778, 
and was the first male white child born in Kentucky. 

BOONE, Ratliff, d. in La., Nov. 20, 1844, a. 63; b. in N. C, in 
1781 ; was in cong. from Ind., from 1825 to 1827, and from 1829 to 1839. 

BOONE, William F., judge of the U. S. dist. court for New Mexico; 
d. at Philadelphia, Jan. 12, 1860. 

BOOTH, B., secretary of the loyal refugees; issued a call for a meeting 
in N. Y., Sept. 1778, at which about 2000 were present. 

BOOTH, Dr. Chauncey, physician and supt. of the McLean asylum 
for the insane; d. at Somerville, Mass., Jan. 12, 1858, a. 41 ; was a man 
of distinguished attainments and talents. 

BOOTH, James, chief justice of Delaware; d. in Newcastle, Delaware, 
March 29, 1855. 

BOOTH, Lebbeus, grad. at Union Coll. in 1813 ; was educated to the 
ministry at Princeton, but from his health failing he did not preach; was 
several years prin. of the Alb. Fern. Acad., and in 1824, established at 
Ballston, N. Y., a ladies' sem. which he conducted many years; d. Dec. 
16, 1859, a. 70. (Hist. Mag , iv, 61.) 

BOOTH, Thomas, d. in Burlington, N. J., May 29, 1843, a. 40 ; a 
prominent member of the society of Friends. 

BOOTT, Kirk, a prominent and enterprising citizen of Lowell ; d. 
April 11, 1831, a. 46; was b. in Boston, educated in Eng., and spent 
two years in the military school at Woolwich ; returned about 1817, en- 
gaged in mercantile business, and a few years afterwards was called to su- 
perintend the erection of factories at Lowell, where he evinced great talent 
for business. (Am. Almanac, 1838, p. 314.) 

36 American Biographical Notes. 

BORDEN, Enoch B., of Trenton, N. J., of the State Gazette; d. 
May 16, 1870. 

BORDEN, John, d. at Shrewsbury, N. J., Jan. 30, 1856, a. 95." 

BORLAND, John Lindall, of Cambridge, Mass., son of John B., 

grad. at H. U. in 1772 • entered the British army and became It. col. ; d. 

in England, Nov. 1825. 

BOSOMWORTH, Thomas, m. Mary Musgrove, alias Matthews, an 
Indian woman, and acquired claims to land in Ga. ( White's Hist. Ga., p. 21.) 

BOSSEAU, James, E., in 1782, was an ensign of infantry in the S. C. 

BOSSIER, Peter E., d. in Washington, D. C, April 24, 1844; was 
a descendant of an old French family of La. ; after serving ten years in the 
state sen., was elected a mem. of the 28th cong., but d. during his term. 

BOSTON, Polly, colored, d. in Maryland, April 25, 1859, a. 109. 

BOSTWICK, Isaac Welton, land agt. ; b. at Watertown, Ct., Mar. 
6, 1776 ; settled in Turin, 1804, and the next year in Lowville, where he 
became agt. for Low, Harrison & Hoffman and Pierrepont,and held respons- 
ible trusts till late in life ; was first surrogate in Lewis co., and a lawyer, 
but seldom practiced; d. Jan. 3, 1857, a. 81. {Hough's Hist. Lewis Co. 
N. Y., p. 149, with portrait.) 

BOSWORTH, Alfred, one of the associate judges of the supreme 
court of R. I. ; d. at Warren, R. I., June 10, 1862. 

BOTELER, Alexander R., he was mem. of the 36th cong. from the 
8th dist. of Va., being the only successful American candidate from 
that state, and remained in cong. for some time after other mem. from Va. 
had resigned ; participated in the bat. of Stone bridge with the rebels and 
was wounded ; d. of lock jaw Aug. 1861 ; resided at Shepherdstown, 
Jefferson co., Va. 

BOTH WELL, Rev. David E., b. in co. of Monaghan, Ireland; grad. 
at Glasgow, about his 28th year ; studied theology under the pres. of 
Monaghan, and was licensed in 1787; came to Ga., in 1790, settled at 
Queensborough ; d. at the house of Jared Irwin, Washington co., Ga., June 
1801, a. 45. (Whites Hist. Ga., p. 503.) 

BOTSFORD, Amos, of Newtown, Ct. ; became a loyalist, and rem. to 
New Brunswick, where he settled as a lawyer ; in 1784, was elected to 
the house of assem., and was uniformly returned from Westmoreland co. 
through life; in 1792, was speaker; d. at St. John, in 1812, a. 69; his son 
William was appointed judge of vice-admir. of N. B., in 1803, and was long 
a mem. of the council and a judge of the sup. court. (Sabine's Loyalists.} 

BOTTS, Gen. Thomas H., d. in Fredericksburg, Va., June 11, 1854, 
a. 54 ; was a leading lawyer in Va. 

BOUDINOT, Elias, a Cherokee, and a man of intelligence and talents; 
was murdered by Indians west of the Mississippi, June 10, 1839. 

BOULDIN, Thomas Tyler, mem. of cong. from Va. ; d. in the Capi- 
tol at Washington, Feb. 11, 1834; was struck with paralysis as he was 
about speaking to the house ; had been an able lawjer and judge, and re- 
sided in Charlotte co., Va. 

BOULIGNY, Dominique, b. in La. ; was a lawyer, and a senator in 
congress, from 1824 to 1829 ; d. 1833. 

American Biographical Notes. 37 

BOULIGNY, Don Francisco, b. in Alicant, Spain, of noble parents, 
March 5, 1785 ; entered the army as a cadet at the age of 18 ; in 1762 
went to Havana with his reg., and on the 24th of July arrived with the 
fleet at the mouth of the Miss. ; Col. Bouliguy, remained at N. 0., at the 
head of his reg. until ordered to join the expedition of Galvez which took 
Mobile and Pensacola in 1780, 1 ; his bravery secured his prom, to the 
rank of brig. gen. ; d. at N. 0., Nov. 25, 1800, and was buried in the Ca- 
thedral of that city ; he was greatly honored in La. (B. F. French's Hist. 
Memoirs of La., p. 182.) 

BOURK, William, of N. C, a tory; was arrested March 1776, and 
placed in close confinement. (Sabine's Loyalists.} 

BOURNE, Shearjasub, grad. at H. U., in 1764 ; was chief justice 
of the court of com. pleas for Suffolk co., Mass., and in cong. from 1791 
to 1795 j d. in 1806. 

BOURNOUVILLE, Dr. Anthony, a physician of Phila., Pa. j b. in 
1798 ; d. in Philadelphia, Feb. 27, 1863. 

BOUTELLE, Timothy, LL.D., d. in Waterville, Me.. Nov. 12, 1855, 

a. 77 ; was a native of Leominster, Mass., and grad. at Cambridge in 1800. 

BOWDEN, Rev. Charles, of N. Y. ; was chaplain of the provincial 
cong. in 1775, and became a tory ; was chap, of DeLancey's 1st batt. 

BOWDEN, Thomas, was in 1872 a maj. in DeLancey's 2d battalion, 
and at the peace went to England. 

BOWDOIN, Franklin W., d. in Henderson, Texas, June 6, 1857; 

b. in Ala.; was a rep. in cong. from that state in 1846-51 ; about 1852 
rem. to Texas, and engaged in law practice ; was a pres. elector in 1856. 

BOWDOIN, George R. I., American lawjer at London ; d. March 14, 
1870, a. 61. 

BOWDOIN, James, of Boston; d. at Havana, Mar. 6, 1883, a. 38. 

BOWDON, Franklin W., b. in Ala. ; was in cong. from 1846 to 
1851 ; in 1852 rem. to Texas, and engaged in law practice; d. at Hen- 
derson, Texas, June 6, 1857. 

BOWEN, Benjamin, b. in R. I. ; rem. from Newport, R. I., to Fair- 
field, N. Y., in 1787, and in 1792, to Newport, N. Y., where he built 
mills; in 1798, was in assembly, and was 5 years a county judge; d. at 
an advanced age. (Benton's Herkimer Go. N~. Y., p. 301.) 

BOW FN, Charles, lost on the steamer Belle Zane, on the Miss., 500 
m. above N. O., Dec. 19, 1845, a. 85, with wife and oldest boy; b. in 
Charlestown, Mass., but lived most of his life in Boston ; was many years 
pub. of the North American Review, the American Almanac, The 
Token, and many other works ; in 1838, he rem. to Zanesville, O. ; in 
1840-1, was in the Ohio legislature, and for some years was actively en- 
gaged in politics. 

BOWEN, Col. Ephraim, an officer of the revolution ; d. at Provi- 
dence, R. I., Sept. 1841, in his 89th year. 

BOWEN, George T., prof, of chemistry in the University of Tenn. ; 
he had while a student at Yale Coll. evinced a great talent for mineralogy 
and chemistry, and pub. several very creditable analyses; d. at Nashville, 
Tenn., Oct. 25, 1828, a. 28. (Am. Jour. Set. and Arts, 1st series, xv, 403.) 

38 American Biographical Notes. 

BOWEN, Henry, of Tryon (now Montgomery) co., N. Y., a neigh- 
bor of Johnson, and accompanied Sir John to Canada; was in several of 
the expeditions that ravaged the Mohawk valley ; William B., of the same 
family, was also thus engaged ; the family were from N. E., having emi- 
grated to the Mohawk about 1728. (Sabine's Loyalists.) 

BOWEN, W. W., a distinguished mem. of the Louisiana bar ; d. at 
Opelousas, La., Oct. 1839. 

BOWERS, John M., d. in Cooperstown, N. Y., Feb. 24, 1846, a. 74; 

prominently concerned in land titles in Otsego co. 

BOWIE, Col. James, the man from whom bowie knives were named ; 
b. in Burke co., Ga. ; went in 1802 to La., and became noted for a terri- 
ble duel fight with Norris Wright and others, Sept. 19, 1827, on a bar of 
the Miss., in which he was wounded, and two men killed ; was in the 
Texan army, showed great bravery on several occasions, and was killed 
with Col's Travis and Crocket, in the attack on the Alamo, March 6, 
1836 ; was a son of Rezin P. ; was long engaged in buying negroes of 
Lafitte, and smuggling them into La. (Hist. Mag., ii, 249, iii, 24 ; Texas 
Almanac, 1857, p. 137.) 

BOWIE Rezin P., d. at N. 0., La., Jan. 17, 1841, a. 48; "well 
known in the south-west by his many deeds of valor in its early history 
among the Mexicans and savages." 

BOWLES, Eld. Charles, a colored Free- Will Baptist minister of 
northern N. Y., and Vt. ; b. in Boston in 1761 ; d at Lawrenceville, N. 
Y., March 16, 1843. (Lewis's Life of Eld. C. Bowles.) 

BOWLS, William, in 1782, was an ensign of Maryland Loyalists. 

BOWMAN, Joseph, d. at New Braintree, Mass., Jan. 30, 1852, a. 80 ; 
was a native of that place, which he represented 14 years in the gen. 
court; was two years in the state sen., and 3 years of the gov. council; 
in the convention of 1820, and pres. of the Ware Bank for twenty years. 

BOWNE, Christopher, a soldier of the revolution ; d. at Philadelphia, 
May 30, 1837, a. 107. 

BOYD, Col., of Carolina, leader of a marauding band of tory robbers ; 
while advancing to meet the royal army near Savannah, he met Col. Pick- 
ens, at the head of a large body of whigs, and fell with many of his 
men, in 1779. (/Sabine's Loyalists.) 

"BOYD, David, F. W. Bapt. preacher; several years in the Mass. leg. 
from Me. ; a mem. of the Maine state conven. ; d. at New Berwick, Me., 
Dec. 11, 1855, a. 74 y. 6 mo. (F. W. Bap. Reg. 1857, p. 87.) 

BOYD, Dr. George W., d. at the University of Va., Sept. 23. 1840; 
formerly curator of the lyceum of natural history at N. Y., and lately an 
assistant on the geological survey of Va. 

BOYD, Gordon D., d. at N. O., April 8, 1850, a. 50 ; for many years 
a mem. of the house of representatives, and state senator in Mississippi. 

BOYD, John D., senator from Attala co., in the state senate of Miss. ; 
d. at Jackson, Jan. 30, 1844, a. 44. 

BOYD, John I., merchant at Albany, son of James B., a Scotch emi- 
grant; resided at Albany, and was interested in various public improve- 
ments; d. in N. Y., where he had gone on a visit July 13, 1856. (Albany 
Evening Journal, July 1856.) 

American Biographical Notes. 39 

BOYD, John, sheriff of St. Lawrence co., N. Y. ; b. in N. Y. city, 
Aug. 2, 1772; settled at Hamilton (Waddington, N. Y)., in 1805; was 
sheriff from 1807 to 1811 j d. July 17, 1833. {Hough's Hist. St. Law. 
and Fr. Cos. N. T., p. 585.) 

BOYLE, John, judge of the U. S. court for the dist. of Ky. ; was in 
cong. from 1805 to 1809, and also chief justice of Ky. ; d. Jan. 28, 1834. 

BOYLE, Junius J., commodore U. S. N. ; d. at Norfolk, Va., Aug. 
11, 1870. 

BOYNTON, Seth, inventor; d. at Middleville, New York, March 
31, 1870, aged 82. 

BRACE, John P., a teacher eminent for his success in conducting la- 
dies' seminaries, and afterwards editor of the Hartford Courant, d. in 
Litchfield, Conn., Oct. 18, 1872. 

BRACE, Jonathan, mem. of cong. from Conn., in 1798 and 1800, 
and formerly chief judge of the Hartford co. court, and judge of probate; 
d. at Hartford, Conn., Aug. 26, 1837, a. 83. 

BRACE, Rev. Joab, D.D., LL.D. ; d. in Pittsfield, Mass., April 20, 
1861, a. 80; was a Congregational minister and served fifty years in 
Newingtou, Connecticut. 

BRACE, Thomas Kimberlt, was b. in Glastonbury, Ct., Oct. 16, 
1779 ; was for many years a prominent citizen of Hartford, Ct., and a 
mayor of that city from 1840 to 1843 ; d. at Hartford, Jan. 14, 1860. 

BRACKET, Daniel, d. at New Market, N. H., April 4, 1837, a. 58. 
A short time before his death he weighed about 560 pounds. 

BRACKET, James, d. in Rock Island, 111., May 19, 1852, a. 70; b. 
in Greenland, N. H., March 31, 1783; grad. at D., in 1805 ; studied law 
and in 1808 began practice at Cherry Valley, N. Y. In old age he rem. 
to Illinois ; was for a time surrogate of Otsego co., N. Y. 

BRADBURY, George, b. in Portland (then Falmouth), in 1770 ; 
grad. at H. U., in 1789; settled as a lawyer in Portland, and in 1812 
was elected to cong. ; was again elected in 1814, and at the end of this 
term returned to practice until his death, Nov. 27, 1823. 

BRADBURY, Jabez, a member of the executive council of Maine; 
d. of small pox at Hollis, Me., April 13, 1836, a. 43. 

BRADBURY Theophilus, legislator and judge, of Newburyport 
Mass.; grad. at H. U., in 1757, and settled at Falmouth (Portland), Me. 
in 1761 ; soon after the war begun returned to Newburyport; was sev 
eral years in the leg. serving in both houses, and was in cong. in 1795-7 
was then made associate just, of the supreme jud. court of Mass., and held 
this rank until his death Sept. 6, 1803, a. 66. {Bradford's A 7 ". E. Biog.~) 

BRADFORD, Andrew, a descendant of Gov. William Bradford, and 
a quartermaster in the revolution ; d. at Duxbury, Mass., Jan. 1837, a. 
91 ; his twin brother Peter, d. about two years before. 

BRADFORD, Daniel, was a son of John Bradford, a pioneer printer 
of the west who established the Kentucky Gazette at Lexington, when the 
whole of the northwest territory was the home of savages ; his son suc- 
ceeded to the management of the paper and was long connected with pub- 
lic affairs in that state ; d. at Lexington, July 14, 1849, of cholera. {Stri- 
ker's Am. Reg., iii, 236.) 

40 American Biographical Notes. 

BRADFORD, Capt. Samuel, an officer of the revolution ; d. at Ac- 
worth, N. H., July 1833, a. 80. 

BRADFORD, Dunscourt, d. in Paris, France, Dec. 5, 1837, a. 30 j 
was vice consul of the United States, and formerly of N. Y. 

BRADFORD, Dr. Gamaliel, d. at Bost., Mass., Oct. 22, 1839, a. 44. 

BRADFORD, Rev. John Melancthon, b. an Danbury, Ct, May 15, 
1781, sou of Rev. Ebenezer B., the Cong, minister at that place ; grad. 
at B. U. ; studied theology with Rev. Dr. Green of Phil., and May 1805, 
was called to become pastor of the Ref. Prot. Dutch church at Albany j 
d. there in 1827 ; his son Alexander W. B., was many years surrogate in 
N. Y. {Rogers's Hist. Discourse, p. 40.) 

BRADFORD, Rev. William H., a Presb. ; d. at Homer, N. Y., 
April I, 1861 ; was b. in Cooperstown in 1814; grad. at Hamilton Coll. 
and at the Theo. school at Auburn ; had preached at Berkshire, N. Y., 
and for some years was connected with the New York Evangelist, of which 
for a time he was sole editor. 

BRADFORD, Thomas, LL.D., son of Thomas B. ; b. in Phila. Sept. 
11, 1781 ; became an eminent lawyer in that city, and d. there Oct. 25, 
1851. {Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.} 

BRADISH, Ebenezer, a lawyer of Worcester, Mass. ; grad. at H. U., 
in 1769 ; was a tory in 1774, and d. in 1818. 

BRADLEE, Josiah, an honorable and successful merchant, and dis- 
tinguished for his enlightened liberality and considerate charities ; d. in 
Boston, Mass., Jan. 4, 1860, a. 56 

BRADLEY, Abraham, many years assistant post master general; d. 
at Washington, D. C, May 7, 1839. 

BRADLEY, Cyrus Parker, d. at Concord, N. H., in his 20th year, 
July 6, 1834; was remarkable for the precocity of his genius, and at the 
age of 16 edited the Literary Gazette at Concord. 

BRADLEY, Dan., b. at Mount Carmel (since Haddam), Conn., June 
10, 1767 ; grad. at Yale in 1789 ; became a pastor at Whitestown, N. Y., 
in 1792, and three years after settled in Marcellus, Onondaga co., then a 
wilderness ; became a co. judge and prominent citizen ; d. Sept. 19, 1838. 

BRADLEY, Dr. Phinehas, d. at Washington, D. C, Feb. 28, 1845, 
a. 75 ; many years Second Asst. P. M. Gen. ; b. in Litchfield, Conn., 
July 17, 1769, and settled as a physician at Painted Post, N. Y. ; about 
1800 he relinquished his practice, and was appointed to an office in the 
gen. post office at Washington, which he held until Sept. 1829. 

BR.ADLEY, Edward, d. Aug. 5, 1848, a. 40 ; a prominent citizen of 

BRADLEY, Mrs. Ann, d. Jan. 8, 1840, at Danbury, N. H., a. 100. 

BRADLEY, Samuel, d. at Saco, Me., June 26, 1849, a. 47 ; was a 
lawyer in extensive practice. 

BRADSTREET, Dr. Edward, d. in Beverly, Mass., Dec. 13, 1844 ; 
youngest son of Dr. B., of Newburyport; grad. at Harvard in 1844. 

BRADY, Gen. William, d. of cholera in Rutherford co. Tenn, July 
23, 1835. 

BRADY, William V., ex-mayor of New York ; d. March 31, 1870, 
aged 69. 

American Biographical Notes. 41 

BRAINE, James H., shipping merchant ; b. at Shelburne, N. S., in 
1795 ; entered upon a seafaring life and rose to the post of capt. in a Liv- 
erpool packet before he was of age ; in 1822 he ui. and settled in N. Y., 
where he became an extensive flour dealer, and iu 1832 a shipping mer- 
chant; d. Sept. 29, 1855, a. 61. (New York Times, Nov. 9, 1855 ) 

BRA1NERD, Lawrence, atone time U. S senator of Vt. ; d. at Mont- 
pelier, Vt., May 8, 1870, a. 86. 

BRAINERD, Rev. John, missionary with the Indians; brother of 
Rev. David B. ; grad. at Yale in 1746, and labored with the New Jersey 
Indians ; d. March 21, 1781, a. 61. 

BRAMAN, Rev. Isaac, b. in Norton, Mass., July 5, 1775; grad. at 
H. U , in 1794, and settled as a clergyman at New Rowley (now George- 
town), in 1797 ; the parish had been destitute of a minister for nine years, 
and he was the last of sixty-four candidates who preached there on proba- 
tion ; he remained at this place 61 years, being, towards the last, aided by 
a colleague ; d. Dec. 26, 1858. 

BRANCH, Stephen, formerly a prominent politician of R. I. ; d. at 
Central Village, Ct, May 27, 1851. 

BRANDON, Gerard C, for two terms gov. of Miss., d. Mar. 31,1850. 

BRANNAN, Charles, served the king in the rev., and on the peace 
went to St. John, N. B. ; removed to Fredericton in 1785 ; d. there in 
1828, a. 81. 

BRANTLEY W. F., brig. gen. confederate army; assassiuated at Wi- 
nona, Miss., Nov. 2, 1870. 

BRASHEARS, Samuel, an accomplished lawyer and scholar ; d. at 
Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 10, 1847. 

BRATTLE, Thomas, b. at Cambridge, Mass., 1742 ; grad. at Harv. 
in 1760; went to England in 1775, and was proscribed and banished in 
1778 ; he labored to relieve the condition of prisoners in England ; came 
to America in 1779, and landed in R. I. ; the enactments against him in 
Mass., were rem. in 1784 ; d. Feb. 1801 ; he was humane, liberal and 
public spirited. (Sabine's Loyalists?) 

BRAYTON, Charles, one of the judges of the sup. court of R. I. • 
d. at Warwick, R. I., Nov. 16, 1831. 

BRAZE^, Rev. John, D.D., pastor of the North Dutch church in Sa- 
lem, Mass. ; d. Feb. 26, 1846, a. 66 ; wasb. in Worcester, Sept 21, 1780; 
grad. at Cambridge, in 1813 ; was appointed Latin tutor in 1815, and Latin 
prof, in 1817, and held this office in Harv. Coll. till Nov. 14, 1820. when 
he was ordained in the church where he served till death ; in 1829 he 
was elected one of the board of overseers of H. U. ; was a member of the 
Am. Acad., and in 1836 was made D.D. ; he wrote many articles for the 
North American Review and other publications. (Am. Aim. 1847, p. 330.) 

BREARLY, Col. David, d. at Dardanelles, Ark., Dec. 1837, a. 56; 
native of N. J., formerly of the army, and later, Indian agent; was an offi- 
cer in the war 1812. 

BRECK, Rev. Daniel, b. in Boston, Aug. 18, 1748 ; grad. at Prince- 
ton in 1774 ; served as chaplain in the rev., and was with Col. Porter's 
reg. in Canada; he was with the troops in the attack on Quebec; after 
the war he settled at Marietta, O.; d. at Hartlaud, Vt., Dec. 1845, a. 97; 


42 American Biographical Notes. 

was the father of Judge Daniel B., of the supreme court of Kentucky. 
{Am. Almanac, 1817, p. 323.) 

BRECKINRIDGE, Gen. Robert, d. at Lexington, Ky., Sept. 1833, 

a. 78. 

BRECKINRIDGE, James D., d. at Louisville, Ky., May 1849 ; mem- 
ber of cong. from Kentucky, from 1821 to 1823. 

BRECKINRIDGE, Rev. John, D.D., several years pres. of the Young 
Men's Colonization Soc. ; formerly prof, pastoral theology in the Theol. 
Sem at Princeton, and subsequently settled in the ministry at New Or- 
leans; d. in Ky., Aug. 4, 1841. 

BRECKNER, Robert H., d. near Jackson, Miss., Sept. 21, 1848, a. 
45 ; was a native of Ky., and rem. to Miss., in 1824. 

BREESE, Thomas, purser in the U. S. navy; d. Oct. 11, 1846, at 
Cambridge, Mass.; b. in Newport, R. I.; was on the personal staff of 
Com. Perry, and in the battle of Lake Erie, where he assisted in firing 
the last gun on board the Lawrence. 

BREHM, Diedrich, native of Germany, became lieut. in the 2d batt. 
of 60th regt. Feb. 21, 1756, and in 1759, acted as asst. engineer; he at- 
tended Maj. Rogers to Detroit in 1760, and went thence, it is said, to 
Michilimackiuac ; in 1774 he was capt., and March 19, 1783 became a 
maj. in the British army. {Com. Wilson's Orderly Book, 45.) 

BRENT, Daniel, U. S. consul at Paris, and agent for Am. claims ; d. 
in Paris Jan. 31, 1841, in his 65th year. 

BRENT. Richard, in cong. from Va., from 1795 to 1799, and from 
1801 to 1803; was a sen. in coag. from 1809 to 1814; d. Dec. 30, 1814. 

BRENT. William, d. at Washington, D. C, Dec. 14, 1848, a. 73 ; 
clerk of the dist , circuit and criminal court. 

BRENT, William Jr., of Alexandria, late charge d' affaires to 
Buenos Ayres ; d. May 1848. 

BRENT William L., a member of the 19th and 20th cong. from La. ; 
d. at St. Martinsville, La., July 7, 1848. 

BRENTON, Samuel, d. at Fort Wayne, Ind., March 29, 1857, a. 48 ; 

b. in Gallatin co., Ky. ; was a minister from the age of 20 till 1848, when he 
was disabled by paralysis ; he was then appointed regr. of the Fort Wayne 
land office; in 1851, and in 1855, he was elected to cong. ; from 1853 to 
1855, he was president of Fort Wayne College. 

BRESSANI, Francois Joseph, Jesuit missionary ; native of Rome ; 
arrived in Canada Aug. 1640; prisoner with the Mohawks from April 30, 
to Aug. 19, 1644 ; left for Europe Nov. 2, 1650, and d. at Florence, Sept. 
9, 1672 ; he wrote a history of Jesuit missions in Canada, pub. in 1653, 
and again at Montreal in 1852. {Relation Abregee par F. J. Bressani, 
Montreal, ed. 1852 : Doc. Hist. N. Y., iv, 292.) 

BREWERTON, George, of N. Y., commanded a N. Y. reg. in the 
French war, and the 2d batt. of De Lancey's Loyalist Corps in the rev. ; 
d. in 1779. 

BREWERTON, George and James, were ensigns in De Lancey's 
Corps; went to St. Johns, N. B. ; were grantees of city lots and drew 
half pay. 

American Biographical Notes. 43 

BREWSTER, Henry, a pioneer in the Genesee valley; settled in 
1806 in Riga, N. Y., where he built the first house and church ; he was 
proiniuent in religious affairs, and d. at LeRoy, N. Y., March 7, 1858. 
(Rochester Democrat.) 

BRIAN D, Jean Oliver, seventh R. C. Bp. of Quebec ; b. in the par- 
ish of Plevin in Brittany; came to Quebec Aug. 17, 1741, as sec. of M. 
Pontbriand, whom he was chosen to succeed as Bp. Sept. 11, 1764 ; he 
visited England the same year; was consecrated Bp. May 16, 1766. and 
arrived at Quebec June 28, 1766; he chose a coadjutor in 1770 and re- 
signed Nov. 29, 1784; d. June 25, 1794, a. 79 y., 5 m. (Liste Chron. 
des Eveques et des Pretres du Canada.') 

BRICE, Nicholas, during 34 years judge, and at the time of his 
death, senior and chief judge of Baltimore city court; d. at Baltimore, 
Md, May 8, 1851, a. 80. 

BRIDGAM, James, was an ensign in the Prince of Wales's American 
Volunteers in 1782. 

BRIDGEN, Edward, of N. C, a tory ; lost his estate by confiscation, 
but had it restored in 1785. 

BRIDGHAM, Ebenezer, merchant of Boston ; went to Halifax in 
1776 : was proscribed and banished in 1778 ; was dep. inspector gen. of 
loy. forces in 1782, and in 1783, was grantee of a lot in St. Johns, N. B. 

BRIDGHAM, Gen. Samuel W , d. at Providence, R. I , Dec. 1840, 
a 67 ; mayor of Providence from 1832 till the time of his death ; was 
many years atty. gen. of R. I., and a long time chancellor of B. U. 

BRIGGS, David, an eminent attorney ; formerly mayor of Fredericks- 
burg, Va., and a counsellor at law ; d. in Va., Nov. 5, 1836, a. 57. 

BRIGHAM, Capt. Stephen, a soldier of Bunker hill ; d. at Vernon, 
N. Y., Oct. 11, 1849, a. 96. 

BRIGHAM, Elijah, b, in Northborough, Mass. ; grad. at Dart, in 
1778 ; settled as a lawyer in Worcester, Mass., and from 1811 to 1816 
was in cong. ; was a justice of com. pleas in Worcester co., and some time 
a mem. of the sen. and ex. council ; d. Feb. 22, 1816, at Washington city, 
a. 66. (Bradford's N. E. Biog.) 

BRIGHAM, Rev. John C, D.D., Presb. clergyman, and 35 years cor. 
sec. of Am. Bible Soc; d. in Brooklyn, N. Y. (E. D.), Aug. 10, 1862. 

BRIMMER, George Watson, d. at Florence, Italy, Sept. 1838 ; was 
of Boston; grad. at Harv. in 1803, and after some years in mercantile life, 
devoted much attention to the fine arts, and particularly to painting and 
architecture; he was a liberal patron of the cemetery of Mount Auburn, 
and the Boston Atheneum. 

BRINCKERHOOF, Gen. Henry R., d. in Huron co, O., April 30, 
1844, a. 56 ; b. in Adams co., Pa., in 1788, and in early life settled in 
Cayuga co., N. Y. ; in the war of 1812 he was capt. of a com. of vols, and 
distinguished himself at the battle of Queenston ; emigrated to O. in 1837 : 
was elected to cong. in 1843, and d. before the end of his term. 

BRINLEY, George, merchant of Boston ; a tory, was proscribed and 
banished in 1778 ; went to England in 1783, being then dep. com. gen. ; 
in 1799 he was appointed com. gen. of his majesty's forces in British 
America ; his son Thomas, It. col. in the army, and qr. mr. gen. of Brit- 
ish troops in the West Indies ; d. there in 1805. 

44 American Biographical Notes. 

BRINSMADE, Dr. Thomas C, a distinguished physician of Troy, N. 
Y.; d. June 22, 1868, a. 66; b. June 16, 1802 at New Hartford, Litchfield 
co., Ct. ; rem. to Lansingburgh, N. Y., in the fall of 1823, and to Troy in 
1833. (Transac, N. Y. State Med. Soc, 1869, p. 238.) 

BRISBANE, James, tory of Charleston, S. C. ; congratulator of Corn- 
wallis on the victory at Camden in 1780 ; lost his estate in 1782, and 
was banished 

BRISTED, Charles Astor, author ; d. Jan. 15, 1874. {Drake's Biog. 
Diet., 124.) 

BRISTOL, William, judge of the U. S. court for the dist. of Conn.; 
b. at Hamden, Ct. ; grad. at Yale in 1798 ; became a distinguished mem. 
of the New Haven bar ; was appointed a judge of the sup. court in 1819, 
and of the U. S. dist. court of Conn., in 1826 ; d. at New Haven, March 
7, 1836, a. 57. 

BRITTAIN, James, of N. J., wished to remain neutral in the rev., 
but was plundered, escaped, joined Skinner with 70 men, and was in sev- 
eral battles ; was once taken prisoner but escaped ; in 1782 he was an en- 
sign of the 18th batt. of N. J. vols., and at the peace a lieut. ; in 1783 he 
went to St. Johns, N. B., and received a city lot and half pay ; was a 
col. of N. B. militia, and at his death the oldest magistrate in Kings co. ; 
d. at Greenwich, N. B., in 1838, a. 87 ; his widow d. in 1846, a. 94. (Sa- 
bine's Loyalists.} 

BRITTAIN, JosEPh, of N. J., br. of James B. ; was an ensign in the 
N. J. vols. ; was taken and escaped at the same time with his br. ; went 
to St. Johns, N. B. in 1780 ; d. in 1830, a. 72 ; he received half pay. 

BRITTAIN, William, of N. J., br. of Jas. and Joseph B. : was in 
the king's service in the rev. ; went to St. Johns, N. B., and d. about 
1811. {Sabine's Loyalists.} 

BRITTENNY, John, a tory ; went to N. B., and resided in King's co., 
till his death in 1846, in his 95th year. 

BROAD, Hezekiah, revolutionary patriot ; mem. of prov. cong. at 
Concord, Mass., 1774, and afterwards commissioner in the provincial 
army ; he was a delegate to the Mass. const, convention at Cambridge in 
1779, and d. at Natick, Mass., March 17, 1824, in his 66th year. (Rogers's 
American Biog.} 

BROADDUS, Rev. Andrew, a Baptist divine ; d. at Newtown, Va., 
Dec. 1, 1848, a. 78. 

BROADNAX, Gen. William H., d. at Petersburg, Va., Oct. 1834, 
of cholera, a. about 48 ; was a lawyer, and for several years a prominent 
mem. of the house of delegates; he favored a scheme of cautious abolition 
of slavery. 

BROADUS, Maj. Edward, represented Culpepper co., in the house 
of delegates, ten or twelve years ; d. at the U. of Va., June 26, 1850. 
(Stryker's Am. Reg., iv, 469.) 

BROADUS, Rev. Andrew, a distinguished divine ; d. at Newton, Va., 
Dec. 1, 1848; he was remarkable for his eloquence. 

BROCK, Dr. John B., of the Richmond Enquirer ; d. at Richmond, 
Va., April 27, 1870, a. 35. 

American Biographical Motes. 45 

BROCKENBRAUGH, William H., d. at Tallahasse, Fla., June 
1850, a. 37; was a senator under the territorial gov. of Fla., and at one 
time its pres. ; was U. S. dist. atty. for the western dist. of the territory, 
and rep. in cong. from 1845 to 1847. 

BROCKINGTON, John Jr., a tory of S. C. ; held an office under 
the crown after the fall of Charleston, and lost his estate by confiscation. 

BRODHEAD, Thomas, M.D., reared and educated a physician in 
Ulster co., N. Y. ; settled in Gerrnantown, N. Y., in 1790, and soon after 
rem. to Clermont, N. Y., where he d. Nov. 11 ,1830, a. 65. (Transac. JV. 
Y. State Med. Soc, 1856, p. 177.) 

BROGDAN, Samuel, a native of Philadelphia ; d. at St. Anne La 
Perade, U. C, a. 107. 

BROMFIELD, Edward Jr., b. 1723; d. Aug. 18, 1746. (Am. Hist. 
Record, iii, 322.) 

BRONSON, Ethel, of Ct. ; settled in Rutland, N. Y., as land agent; 
was in assem. in 1810, 4, 5 ; a county judge and pres. of Jeff. co. Bank, 
and d. in 1825. (Bough's Hist. Jeff. Go. iV. Y, p. 420.) 

BRONSON, John, d. at Waleott, Ct., Nov. 10, 1838, in his 104th year. 

BROOKE, W. T. H., brig, gen., late of U. S. vols. ; d. at Huntsville, 
Ala., July 19, 1870. 

BROOKS, Alexander S-, lieut. col. U. S. A. ; son of the late Gov. 
B., of Mass ; was killed in consequence of the bursting of the boiler of the 
steam packet Dolphin, at St. Johns bar, Fla., Dec. 19, 1836, a. 54; he 
entered the army in 1808, with the rank of 1st lieut. 

BROOKS, Dr. Pelatiah, of Binghamton, N. Y. ; d. March 2, 1864, 
a. 39. (Transac. N. Y. State Med. Soc. 1865, p. 302.) 

BROOKS, Eleazer, brig. gen. of the rev. ; b. in Concord, Mass., 1726 ; 
rep. in gen. court in 1774, and continued 27 years in public life ; was in 
the senate and council for some time ; at the battle of White Plains he led 
a reg., and also in the second battle of Stillwater; d. at Lincoln, Mass., 
Nov. 9, 1806, a. 80. (Rogers's Am. Biog.) 

BROOKS, Francis J., d. March 3, 1851, a. 87; was 30 years judge 
of the court of appeals in Va., and had been an officer in the rev. ; b. in 
Smithfield, near Fredericksburg, Aug. 27, 1763 ; practiced law in vari- 
ous places, aud served in both houses of the state leg., before being chosen 
judge. (Am. Almanac, 1852, p. 332.) 

BROOKS, Henry, a Swede, said to be the last surviving officer of the 
Kane arctic expedition, in which he was 1st lieut. ; d. at the Brooklyn 
navy yard, June 29, 1858, a. 45. (Hist. Mag., ii, 251.) 

BROOKS, James, journalist, d. April 30, 1873, a. 66. 

BROOKS, Micah, b. at Cheshire, Ct., 1775; son of David B. ; first 
visited the Genesee country in 1796, and settled at Bloomfield, Ontario 
co. in 1799 ; was about 20 years judge of the co. ; located several import- 
ant roads; served two campaigns as col. in the war of 1812, and repre- 
sented several western counties with J. C. Spencer in the 14th congress ; 
in 1821 he was in the state convention, and in 1824 was pres. elector ; 
rem. about this time to Brooksgrove, in Mount Morris, and purchased a part 
of the tract which had been owned by Mary Jemison, " the white woman ;" 
d. July 7, 1857, at Oramel, Allegany co., N. Y. (Rochester Hem.) 

46 American Biographical Notes. 

BROOKS, Rev. Edward, grandson of Caleb B. ; grad. at Harvard in 
1757, and from 1758 to 1760 was librarian of that institution ; was set- 
tled at N. Yarmouth, Mass., July 4, 1760, and in March 1769 asked a 
separation, when he returned to Medford, his native town ; the line of 
march of the British April 19, 1775, led near his home and he was engaged 
in the battle of Concord ; in 1777 he became a chaplain to the frigate 
Hancock ; was taken prisoner, released and returned to Medford, where 
he d. May 6, 1781, a. 48 ; was the father of Peter C. Brooks. 

BROUGH, Judge , presiding judge of the Hamilton co. court of 

com. pleas, and late editor of the Inquirer; d. at Cin., 0., May 10, 1849. 

BROUGHAM, Mrs. John, actress ; d. at N. Y., May 4, 1870. 

BROUWERE, John H. J., a sculptor and artist; d. at Newport, R. 
L, Sept. 5, 1834. 

BROWN, Anson, mem. of cong. from N. Y., in 1839 and 1840 ; d. at 
Ballston, N. Y., June 1840. 

BROWN, Bedford, d. in Tazewell co., N. C, Dec. 6, 1870, a. 75; was 
b. in Caswell co., N. C, in 1795, and elected to the house of commons of 
that state in 1815, in which office he served many years; was senator 
from N. C, in cong. from 1829 to 1841, and afterwards was elected to 
the state leg., but some years before his death retired to private life. 

BROWN, Charles, proprietor of Tammany Hall, N. Y-; d. July 15, 
1861, a. 45 ; was a native of Bradford, England. 

BROWN, Daniel, settled at Castine, Me. ; was from Scotland, in his 
youth, and was an active tory ; went to New Brunswick ; d. at St. Ste- 
phen, March 1835, a. 91. 

BROWN, Dr. James M., b. at Albany, Feb. 25, 1804; studied med- 
icine with I'r. Chr. P. Yates, and was licensed bv the Vt. acad. of med. 
in 1828 ; rem. in 1844 to Delphi, Ind. ; d. Albany, May 23, 1844, a. 50. 
(Munsell's Ann. Alb., ix, 109 ; Annals Alb. Co. Med. Soc, i, 315.) 

BROWN, Gen. Silas, d. at Jackson, Miss.. Juie 1839, a. 45; treas- 
urer of Mississippi. ■ 

BROWN, Henry, d. at Boston, O., Sept. 17, 1837, a. 104; was a sol- 
dier in the revolution. 

BROWN, Hugh and Malcom, tories of S. C. ; held offices under the 
crown after the fall of Charleston in 1780 ; lost their estates by confisc. 

BROWN, Jacob, major in U. S. army ; b. in Berkshire, co., Mass., 
1788 ; served as a private in the war of 1812-5; became ensign of 11th 
infantry April 15, 1814, and 2d lieut. Sept. 1814 ; was retained, became 
capt. 1825, and maj. of 7th inf. Feb. 27, 1843 ; commanded at the fort 
op. Metamoras (now Brownsville, Texas); lost a leg by a shell from the 
enemy; d. May 6, 1846. (Thorpe's Army of the Rio Grande, p. 189.) 

BROWN, James, d at Phila., of apoplexy, April 7, 1835, a. 73 ; had 
been U. S. hen. from La., from 1812 to 1817, and from 1819 to 1824, having 
previously held state offices in that state ; was appointed minister to France 
and remained 5 years, and settled in Phila., after his return. 

BROWN, James, d. in Watertown, Mass., March 10, 1856, a. 55; b. 
in Acton, Mass., in 1800 ; became a publisher in Boston and widely 
known as of the firm Little, Brown & Co. ; his acquaintance with bihlio- 

American Biographical Notes. 47 

graphy was equaled by few in the country ; was a careful student of lite- 
rature, fond of natural history, and a liberal patron of the soc. of natural 
hist., to which he gave a large part of his library. (Am. Aim., 1856, p. 352.) 

BROWN, James Jr., for many years second auditor of Va. ; d. at 
Richmond, Va., Jan, 3, 1859. 

BROWN, Jeremiah, d. in Hartford, Conn., Aug. 15, 1852 ; b. in 
Granville, Mass. ; was a merchant in early life at Hartford ; was chosen 
state treas. in 1835, and annually thereafter until 1838, when he re- 
mained in the office as clerk, declining to again become a cand. for treas. 

BROWN, Jeremiah, formerly a mem. of the Penn. leg. and of the 
constitutional con. ; a mem. of cong. in 1841-3, and one of the first asso. 
judges elected by the people ; d. in Lancaster co., Pa., Mar. 2, 1858, a. 78. 

BROWN, John, a native of Ireland ; d. at Mansfield, N. Y., June 22, 
1836, a. 104. 

BROWN John Carter, d. June 10, 1874, a. 77. (See Bibliopolist 
and Am. Hist. Rec.~) 

BROWN, John R., d. in Morristown, N. J., March 27, 1843, a. 45 j 
was a lawyer of excellent qualities. 

BROWN, John Thompson, several years a mem. of the Va. leg., and 
a very promising young man for his age; d. in Bedford co., Va., Nov. 20, 
1836, a. 36. 

BROWN, Joseph R., d. at N. Y., Nov. 9. 1870, while on business in 
that city ; b. Jan. 5, 1805, in Hartford co., Ind. ; went west about 1825 ; 
resided at Mendota ; was a prom. mem. of the territorial leg. ; was sec. of 
council in 1849 and 1851, and held various offices; was in the constitu- 
tional con. (democratic branch), and many years a journalist, pub. and In- 
dian trader; in 1857 he established at Henderson. ( Collec. Minn. Hist. 
Soc, iii, 201.) 

BROWN, Moses, d. at Providence, R. L, Sept. 6, 1830, in his 98th 
year ; b. in Providence, R. I., Sept. 1738, and was the youngest of four 
brothers, Nicholas, Joseph, John and Moses, all enterprising citizens, and 
largely engaged in commerce ; at the age of 35 he became a Friend, aud 
was noted for his philanthropy. (Am. Aim. 1838, p. 307.) 

BROWN, Mrs. Mary Porter, d. at Constantinople, Turkey, March 
28, 1862 ; was a sister of Com. David Porter, formerly American minis- 
ter to Turkey. 

BROWN, Nicholas, merchant of Providence, R. I. ; b. April 4, 1760; 
grad. at the coll. of R. I. (since named from him Brown University), in 
1786 ; was 50 years connected with this institution as treas. and trustee 
and gave most liberally for its endowment at various times ; his total bene- 
factions towards the coll. were nearly $100,000 ; the present name was 
given in 1789 ; Mr. B. inherited a large estate, became a merchant, was 
largely concerned in foreign trade in partnership with Thomas P. Ives, 
till the death of the latter in 1836, and evinced great capacity for busi- 
ness and strict integrity in his dealings ; d. Oct. 27, 1841 ; in his will 
he gave $30,000 towards the erection of a lunatic asylum at Providence. 
(Hunt's Lives of Am. Merchants, i, 215; Bradford's N. M. BiogJ) 

BROWN, Orlando C, col. of the 1st Iowa reg. vol. ; son of Capt. 
Geo. B., of Perch river, Jeff, co., N. Y . ; emigrated to Muscatine, Iowa, 

48 American Biographical Notes. 

about 1857 ; was engaged in merchandise, and was killed at the battle 
near Springfield, Mo, Aug. 10., 1861. 

BROWN, Rev. Isaac V., D.D., d. in N. J., April 19, 1861 j b.inN. 
J., Nov. 4, 1784; grad. at Princeton, and settled in Lawrenceville, N. Y., 
as a pastor, and classical teacher ; in 1833 he rem. to Mount Holly, N. J. ; 
he published several theological works and a number of tracts. 

BROWN, Rev. John, D.D., d. at Hadley, Mass., March 22, 1840, a, 
51 ; pastor of the Congregational church at that place; b. in Brooklyn, 
Conn., in 1786; grad. at Dartmouth, in 1809; was two years tutor, 17 
years pastor at Cazenovia, N. Y., 2 years at Pine street church Boston, 
and 8 years at Hadley. 

BROWN, Rev. Thomas, b in Oxford, Eng ; grad. at St. Allen's Hall ; 
came to America during the French war as chap., and in 1764 became 
rector of St. Peter's church, Albany; rem. to Dorchester, Md., in 1773, 
and d. in 1784 ; his last surviving dau., Miss Eleanor B., d. in Alb. Nov. 
18, 1859, a. 85. (Hist. Mag., iv, 26.) 

BROWN, Stephen W., b. in Williamstown, Mass.; was several years 
a merchant in Salisbury, N. Y., and about 1830 settled at Little Falls, 
and became extensively engaged in manufactures ; in 1837 he was elected 
sheriff; d. May 30, 1846, a. 49. (Benton's Herkimer Co. N. Y., p. 300.) 

BROWN, Sufax, colored; d. in Cumberland co., Va., a. 115 y. 7 m. 
and 5 d. ; was for many years a slave of the father of John Randolph, of 

BROWN, Thompson S., civil engineer ; son of maj. Sam'l B., and 
nephew of Maj. Gen. Jacob B., was b. at Brownville, N. Y. ; grad. at West 
Point iu 1825 ; was asst. prof, of math, a few months; resigned in the 
army Oct. 31, 1836, and was chief of the Buf. & E. R. R. 1836-8 ; U. S. 
C. E. in the harbor improvements on Lake Erie in 1838-42 ; chief engi- 
neer on the W. Divis. of N. Y. & Erie R. R , to 1819, and then became a 
consulting engineer iu the service of the Russian gov. on the St. Peters- 
burg and Moscow R. R. ; d. at Naples, Italy, June 38, 1855 (?) a. 49. 

BROWN, William H., shipbuilder; contractor of tnanv vessels 
among which were the Atlantic and Baltic of the Collins line, the New 
W'orld and Isaac Newton, on the Hudson, and several vessels for the Rus- 
sian gov. ; d. at N. Y. Oct. 27, 1855, a. 52. 

BROWN, William J., b. in Ky., in 1805 ; emigrated to Ind. in 1821 ; 
was sec. of state, mem. of the leg. ; and from 1843 to 1845, and from 1849 
to 1851, mem. of cong. ; was asst. P. M. under Polk's administration ; ed- 
ited the Indiana Sentinel ; at the time of his death was special agt. of the 
P. O. department for 111. and Ind.; d. Indianapolis, Ind., Mar. 18, 1857. 

BROWN, Wilson, d. at Cape Girardeau, Mo., Aug. 27, 1855, a. 57 ; 
b. in Md. ; rem. to Mo., iu 1827, and represented Scott co., in the leg. 
in 1836 ; was auditor of the state from 1849 to 1853, and was then elected 
lieutenant governor. 

BROWN, Zachariah, a tory; was lieut. in DeLancey's 3d battalion; 
retired to N. B. ; rec. half pay, and d. in the co. of Sunbury, in 1817, a. 78. 

BROWNE, Fielding A., d. at Key West, Fla., March 2, 1852; one 
of the oldest res. of that place, and vice consul for France and Spain. 

BROWNE, John, sen. in cong. from Ky., from 1792 to 1805 ; d. at 
Frankfort, Ky., Aug. 28, 1837, a. 80. 

American Biographical Notes. 49 

BROWNELL, Charles Frederick, a prominent citizen of R. I- ; b. 
in Providence, March 19, 1831 and d. in that city May 3, 1863. 

BROWNELL, Dr. Charles Clarence, d. at Egypt, May 20, 1862, 
while engaged in Mr. Petherick's expedition up the Nile ; b. at East 
Haddam, Ct. ; Trinity Coll., and several years a resident of Hart- 
ford, devoting himself to scientific pursuits. 

BROWNSON, Dr. Nathan, revolutionary patriot in Ga. ; a physician 
of Liberty co., Ga., and for a time surgeon of the Ga. brigade in the rev. ; 
in 1781 he was speaker in the leg., and by that body was elected gov. of 
Ga. ; in 1776-8, he was in the continental cong., and in 1788, speaker of 
the house of rep. of Ga., and pres. of the state sen. in 1789, 90, 91, and 
was in the conven. of 1789 for forming a state court; d. at Liberty co., 
Ga., Nov. 1796. {White's Hist. Ga., p. 213.) 

BROWNSON, Isaac, d. at Greenfield, Conn., May 19, 1839, a 77; 
he was a wealthy citizen of New York city. 

BRUCE, David, a tory of Charleston, S. C. ; was an addresser of Sir 
Henry Clinton in 1780; was banished, and in 1782 his estate was confis- 

BRUCE, James, of Boston, Mass. ; was a tory and banished ; a capt. 
of this name commanded the ship Eleanor, which arrived with tea in 
Boston harbor, Dec. 1, 1773, which was soon after thrown overboard. 
{Sabine's Loyalists.} 

BRUCE, Rev. David, Moravian missionary from Edinburgh, Scotland ; 
came to America in 1741 ; d. at the Wechquaduach mission, near the 
line of Ct. and N. Y., July 9, 1749 ; a monument was placed to his mem- 
ory by the Moravian Hist. Soc. Oct. 6, 1859. (Moravians in N. Y. & Ct.) 

BRUEN, Matthias, many years a resident of Perth Amboy, N. J., 
and formerly a merch. in N Y. ; d. at Alb., N. Y., June 29, 1846, a. 80. 

BRUNEL, Mark Isambard, b. at Hacqueville, France, and in his 
youth served in the French navy; came to America in 1793, and was 
with the first French surveyors of the Castorland tract on the Black 
river in 1793, and afterwards employed on a canal survey from the Hud- 
son river to Lake Champlain, and in a cannon foundry and other enter- 
prises in N. Y. ; he went to England; became one of the most distin- 
guished of engineers, and d. in London, Dec. 12, 1849, in his 81st year. 
(Beamish' s Memoir of Brunei ; Chamber's Edinburgh Jour., xv, 38 ; Precis 
Anali/t. des Trav. de V Acad, des Sci., Belles Lettres et Arts de Rouen 
1849-50, p. 67.) 

BRUNNER, V. Rev. Francis de Sales, a Benedictine, compelled 
by revolutions to forego convent life, established a convent in Switzerland ; 
he subsequently formed a congregation of priests and another of sisters 
which he incorporated with the cong. of the Most Precious Blood, founded 
by the ven. Caspar de Bufalo; in 1844 he came to Am. and rem. his 
establishment to O., where it largely increased, the sisters being teachers, 
and the priests ministering in Stark, Anglaise and Seneca cos. ; d. at 
Keldkirch, Voralberg, Austria, Dec. 29, 1859, a. 70. 

BRUSH, Crean, b. in Dublin, Ireland, about 1725; studied law, came 
to N. Y. about 1762; was several years asst. sec, and in 1771 rem. to 
Westminster, Vt., where he became clerk of Cumberland co. ; he was af- 
terwards surrogate, and in 1773 was elected to the gen. assem. of N. Y. ; 


50 American Biographical Notes. 

he took an active part as a loyalist ; was long imprisoned in Bost., but es- 
caping in his wife's dress, fled to N. Y. ; failing in any attempt to regain 
his property in Vt., and turned off with indifference by the authorities to 
whom he applied for redress, he committed suicide by shooting himself 
with a pistol, May 1778. {Hall's Eastern Vermont, p. 603, with portrait ; 
Sabine's Loyalists.') 

BRUYN, Andrew D. W., b. in N. Y. ; was in cong. from 1837 to 
1838 ; d. at Ithaca, N. Y., July 1838. 

BRYAN, Col. Henry H., mem. of cong. from Tenn., from 1819 to 1823; 
d. in Montgomery co., Tenn., May 1835 ; was a native of Martin co., N. 0. 

BRYAN, Jonathan, prominent in the early hist, of Ga. ; with his 
son James he was sent to N. Y., and placed on board a prison ship ; was 
exchanged, returned to Ga., and although 80, fought under Wayne: d. 
March 12, 1788. {White's Hist. Ga., p. 366.) 

BRYAN, Nathan, a native of Jones co., N. C. ; was a mem. of house 
of commons of that state ; in cong. from 1795 to 1798 ; d. at Phila. 1798. 

BRYMER, Alexander, merch. of Bost., and a tory ; was banished in 
1778 ; a man of this name was sworn in as one of His Majesty's council 
ofN. S.J d. at Halifax in 1809. {Sabi?ie's Loyalists.) 

BUCHANAN, John, d. near Williamsport, Md., Nov. 4, 1844, in his 
71st year; was 38 years a judge of the court of appeals of Md., and 21 
years chief judge. {Am. Aim.', 1846, p. 313.) 

BUCHANAN, Thomas, of Wash, co., Md. ; a jurist of ability; d. 
Sept. 29, 1848. 

BUCHER, John C, d. in Harrisburg, Pa., Oct. 26, 1851 ; was many 
years an asso. judge, and from 1831 to 1833, a mem. of cong. 

BUCK Amos, mem. of assem. from Lewis co., N. Y., in 1825 and 
1843 ; d. Denmark, N. Y., July 11, 1855, a. 60. 

BUCK, Capt. Thomas, d. June 4, 1842, at Front Royal, Warren co., 
Va., a. between 85 and 90 ; was an officer in the rev. war. 

BUCK, Chester, formerly mem. of assem. from Lewis co., N. Y. ; d. 
in Lowville, N. Y., July 3, 1847. 

BUCK, Daniel, an early settler of Vt., and mem. of cong. from that 
state from 1795 to 1797; d. in 1817. 

BUCK, Col. Daniel Azro A., a son of the preceding; b. in Vt., in 
1789; grad. at Middlebury in 1807, and at West Point in 1808, when 
he entered the army ; resigned in 1811 ; reappointed capt. in 1813, and 
left in 1815 ; settled as a lawyer at Chelsea, Vt., and was 14 years in the 
leg., being half this time speaker ; was state atty. from Orange co., 6 y., 
and in cong. from 1823 to 1825, and from 1827 to 1829 ; was afterwards 
connected with the Indian bureau of the war dept. at Washington, where 
hed. Dec. 24, 1841. 

BUCK, Henry, of S. C. ; d. at Sar. Spgs., N. Y., Oct. 3, 1870, a. 70. 

BUCKINGHAM, Caleb A., an atty. at law at Geneva, in 111., and late 
of Cambridge, Mass. ; d. at Chicago, Jan. 13, 1841, a. 26. 

BUCKINGHAM, Elias, a tory of S. C. ; held a commission under 
the crown after the fall of Charleston in 1780, and had his est. confis. 

BUCKLE, Thomas Sen., tory of Charleston, S. C. ; was banished and 
his property confiscated. 

American Biographical Notes. 51 

BUCKLE, Thomas Jr., also a tory, and lost his property by confis. 

BUCKLEY, Charles, a respected lawyer; Berlin, Vt, April 24, 
1836, a. 74. 

BUCKLEY, Dr. Henry D., of N. Y. city ; d. Jan. 4, 1872, a. 67. 
BUCKNER, Alexander, was sen. in cong. from Mo., from March 4, 
1831, till his death in Mo., May 1833. 

BUCKNER, Richard A., b. in 1763; was in cong. from Ky., from 
1823 to 1829; d. at Greensburg, Ky., Dec. 8, 1847, a. 84. 

BUDD, Dr. David, a physician of Turin, N. Y. ; d. in that town Nov. 
4, 1848. {Hough's Hist. Lewis Co., N. P., p. 246.) 

BUEL, Alexander Hamilton, son of Roswell B., of Killingworth, 
Ct., who settled in Fairfield, N. Y., at an early period, and about 1800 
began trade ; d. in 1813 of an epidemic, a. 86: the son was b. July 14, 
1801 ; conducted a large mercantile business at Fairfield; was elected to 
the 32d cong., and d. Washington, Jan. 31, 1853, a. 52. {Benton's Her- 
kimer Go. N. P., p. 295 (with portrait). 

BUEL, Jesse, journalist, politician and agriculturist; b. Coventry, Ct., 
Jan. 4, 1778; rem. at 12, to Rutland, Vt. ; learned the printer's trade, 
and in 1797, with Mr. Moffit, began the Troy Budget; in 1801, hem., 
and with Mr. Joiner began at Poughkeepsie the Guardian, and after- 
wards with another the Banner. Failing he went to Kingston, N. Y., and 
published ten years the Plebeian; in 1813, he began at Albany the Argus, 
and in 1820, bought a farm on the sand barrens near Albany, upon which 
he afterward lived ; his zeal and success in agricultural improvements 
were very remarkable ; in 1834 he began the Cidtioator (still published), 
and he took an active interest in agricultural societies and other movements 
of kindred object; in 1836, he was a candidate for gov., receiving 136, 
648 votes ; he was in assem. in 1823, and many years a judge ; d. at Dan- 
bury, Ct., Oct. 6, 1839, and interred at Albany. (Grisivold's Biog. Annual, 
1841, 37 (with portrait) ; Munsell's Ann. Alb., vi, 201 (with portrait) ; 
Am. Almanac 1841, p. 275.) 

BUFF, Michael, d. in Oglethorpe co., Ga., May 28, 1839, a. 102 ; 
was a soldier under Gen. Forbes in 1758, and in the battles of Brandy- 
wine and Germantown. 

BUFFUM, Capt. Samuel, d. at Newport, R. I., Feb. 26, 1841, a. 86; 
was an officer on board the armed ship Protector in the rev. war. 

BUFFUM, Thomas, d. at Smithfield, R. I., June 17, 1852, a. 75 ; had 
been actively engaged in politics and held many offices of honor and trust; 
was a judge of the supreme court ; had served in both houses of the leg. 
and was a mem. of the corporation of Brown University. 

BULKLEY, Justus R., pres. of N. Y. & New Haven R. R. ; d. in 
Rye, N. Y., Dec. 30, 1862 ; became pres. of the road in 1854, and brought 
it out of the embarrassments from the Schuyler frauds. 

BULL, George, b. in N. Y. city ; was a lieut. cavalry in the Am. Le - 
gion under the traitor Arnold in 1782 ; settled on half pay in N. B., and 
d. at Woodstock, in 1838, a. 86. 

BULL, Henry, son of Henry Bull ; a grandson of one of the first pur- 
chasers of R. I. ; an early atty. gen. of that province; was b. Nov. 23, 
1687 ; repeatedly chosen a mem. of the house of rep. of which in 1728-9 

52 American Biographical Notes. 

he was speaker; in 1728 he was one of a committee to revise the laws; 
d. Dec. 24, 1771, a. 84. {Updike's Memoirs of the R. I. Bar, p. 23.) 

BULL, Thomas, a soldier of the rev. ; d. in Chester co., Pa., July 13, 
1837, a. 94. J 

BULLFINCH, Rev. Stephen G-., D.D., d. at Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 
13, 1870. 

BULLOCK, Richmond, a ship owner and merch. of Providence, R. 
I. ; oncejjres. of the town council of the marine soc. etc.; d. Aug. 22, 
1849, a. 77; was a native of Seekonk, Mass., and d. very rich. 

BULLOCK, Rufus, formerly mem. of the state leg. of Mass., and of 
the constitutional convention; a successful manufacturer, and a liberal 
and honorable man; d. in Royalston, Mass.; Jan. 10, 1858, a. 78. 

BULLOCK, William B.,d. in Savannah, Ga., March 6, 1852, a. 76; 
son of Archibald B., a patriot of the rev. ; studied law with Judge Ste- 
phens, and was a prominent mem. of the bar as early as 1800 ; was a U. 
S. sen. in 1813, and in 1816 was chosen pres. of the bank of Ga., of which 
he was one of the founders, and held his office 27 years ; in 1809 he was 
mayor of Savannah, and for some time was collector of the port. 

BUNCKER, Capt. Elisha S., d. N. Y. city, Aug. 4, 1847, a. 75; 
was commander of the steamer Fulton, the first that ever made the pas- 
sage around Point Judith, on a trip between N. Y. and Providence. 

BUNN, John, d. in Warren co., N. J., June 1836, a. 104 

BUNNER, Rudolph, mem. of cong. from N. Y. in 1827-9 ; d. at Ot- 
sego, N. Y., July 23, 1837, a. 58. 

BUNTING, Roland, a loyalist ; d. at Loch Lomond, N. B., in 1839, 
a. 100. ' 

BURBANK, Elijah, d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., May 26, 1847, a. 85; 
was a paper maker, and made the paper for Isaiah Thomas at Worcester, 
for a nearly edition of the Bible at that place; in his youth he had served 
in the revolutionary war. 

BURBECK, G-en. Henry, d. at New London, Ct , Oct. 2, 1848, a. 94; 
was b. in Boston June 8, 1754, and spent the early part of his life in 
Castle William, now Fort Independence, Boston harbor ; he served with 
distinction in the rev., and in the Indian wars of the west; in 1812-15 
he commanded at N. Y., Newport and New Lond. {Am. Aim. 1850, p. 317.) 

BURCH, Rev. Thomas, was connected with the ministry in the M. 
E. ch. for nearly 50 years ; d. at Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 22, 1849, a. 81. 

BURCH, Robert, b. in Killingly, Ct., Dec. 3, 1761; rem. to Berk- 
shire co., Mass., and thence to Herkimer co., N. Y., where he settled, in 
Schuyler in 1799 ; in 1811-12 he was in assem. ; d. June 26, 1830, in 
his 69th year. {Benton's Herkimer Co., N. Y, p. 298.) 

BURCHARD, Peleg, co. clerk Jeff, co., N. Y. ; b. in Norwich, Ct., 
in 1790 : settled early in Utica, and in 1809 in Watertown, N. Y., where 
he was a merchant; rem. to Brownville, failed in business, was elected 
co. clerk in 1828, and held 12 years ; in 1843 he was appointed collector at 
Cape Vincent, and held two terms; d. there Feb. 2, 1851, a. 63 ; was a 
br. of Jedediah B., the celebrated revival preacher. (Bough's Hist. Jeff. 
Co., N. Y, p. 428.) , M 

American Biographical Notes. 53 

BURCHARD, Rev. Jedediah, a noted and talented but eccentric 
revival preacher ; d. at Adams, Jeff, co., N. Y., Oct. 1, 1864, a. 70. 

BURCHE, Samuel, d. in Washington, D. C, Sept. 29, 1846, a. 50; 
was many years chief clerk in the clerk's office of the house of rep., and 
at the time of his death, a mem. of city council. 

BURD, Benjamin, revolutionary patriot ; in July 1775 (a. 21), he 
joined a rifle co., and in Oct. became lieut., leading in various skirmishes 
near Boston ; was in the battle of Long Island, and as capt. in the 4th Pa. 
regt. fought in the battles of Trenton and Princeton ; was conspicuously 
engaged through the war, and at its close settled on his paternal farm at 
Fort Littleton, and afterwards at Bedford, where he d. Oct. 5, 1823, in 
his 70th year. {Rogers's Am. Biog.) 

BURD, George, in cong. from Pa. from 1831 to 1835* d. at Bedford, 
Pa., Jan. 13, 1844, a. 50. 

BURDICK, Dr. Phineas H., b. in DeRuyter, N. Y., June 3, 1800, 
and d. in Preble, N. Y., March 28, 1870. {Transac. N. Y. State Med. 
Hoc, 1871, p. 355.) 

BURG-EOIS, Margaret, d. on Prince Edward's Island, Feb. 15, 
1836, a. 110. 

BURGESS, Thomas, b. in Mass., but rem. to R. I. in 1796, where 
he was for several years chief just, of the court of com. pleas for Provi- 
dence co., and from 1832 to 1853 judge of the municipal court; he ac- 
quired a large fortune by his profession, and d. May 18, 1856. 

BURGESS, Thomas Mackie, second mayor of Providence, and re- 
elected annually for 12 years; d. at Prov., R. I., Oct. 17, 1856, a. 50 ; 
grad. at B. U., in 1822 ; studied law, and became a merchant. 

BURGUIN, Capt. John Henry K., 1st U. S. Dragoons ; killed Feb. 
7, 1847, in an action with the Pueblo Indians in their town near Taos, af- 
ter having charged and driven them from their houses. 

BURKE, Rev. Edmond, first vicar apostolic of N. S. ; nominated 
July 4, 1817 ; d. at Halifax, Dec. 1, 1820, a. 67, and succeeded by Wm. 
Fraser. {List Ghron. des Eoeques et des Pretres du Canada.*) 

BURLESON, Gen. Edward, d. at Austin, Texas, Dec. 26, 1851, a. 
52 ; rem. to Texas from N. C. in 1830 ; was an active participant in the 
Texan struggle for independence. 

BURNELL, Barker, native of Nantucket; d. at Washington, D. C, 
June 15, 1843, a. 45 ; had served in both houses of the Mass. leg. ; was 
a mem. of the constitutional conven., and of the couven. in 1840, which 
nominated Harrison for the pres. ; was a rep. in cong. from 1841 till the 
time of his death. {Am. Aim., 1844, p. 320.) 

BURNET, David S., b. at Newark, N. J., April 4, 1789 ; youngest 
son of Dr. Wm. B., a revolutionary surgeon; he aspired to a naval office 
but entered the counting house of Robinson & Hartshorne, in N. Y. in 
1805; in 1806 was in xMiranda's expedition as It.; in 1808 he again 
joined Miranda at Caraccas, but the measure had failed; in 1817 he 
came to Natchitoches, lived a year with the Indians ; went to Cin. and 
studied law; in 1826 he went to Texas ; in 1833 he attended a con. at 
San Felipe; in 1834 was appointed by the state govt, judge of the mu- 
nicipality of Austin; in 1836 was elected pres. ad interim, and in Oct. 

54 American Biographical Notes. 

1836 was succeeded by Houston ; became vicepres. under Lamar, and re- 
tired to a farm near San Jacinto. {Texas Aim., 1857, p. 133. 

BURNET, George Whitfield, b. in Newark, N. J. in 1772 ; grad. 
at Princeton in 1792 ; studied law and settled in Cincin. in 1796 ; be 
evinced early prominence in his profession, but d. at Chillicotbe in May 
1800. {Campbell's Biog. Sketches, p. 92.) 

BURNET, Isaac G., d. at Cin., 0., March 11, 1856, a. 71; was a 
lawyer at Dayton and Cin. ; was editor of the Cincinnati Gazette, mayor 
of the city several years, and clerk of the sup. court for Hamilton co. 

BURNET, James G., comedian ; d. at Chicago, 111., Mar. 20, 1870, a. 51. 

BURNET, Rev. Mathias, b. in N. J. ; grad. at Princeton in 1769 ; 
settled at Jamaica, N. Y., in 1775, and remained through the war; in 
1785 he was compelled to leave ; he is said to have been the only Presb. 
minister of Queens co., who was a tory ; became an Episcopal minister at 
Norwalk, Ct., and d. there in 1806. 

BURNHAM, Benjamin, d. in Essex, Mass., April 14, 1817, a. 92 ; 
was a soldier in the revolution. 

BURNHAM, Dr. John, a well known physician and politician; d. at 
Orland, Me., April 23, 1852, a. 80. 

BURNHAM, John, d. at Essex, Mass., April 16, 1847, a. 93; a sol- 
dier of the rev. ; his wife Mehitable, d. April 16, 1847 ; they were both 
buried in one grave. 

BURNS, Anthony, a colored Baptist preacher; d. in St. Cathaiune's 
C- W., July 27, 1862; his arrest and trial at Boston in 1854, as a fugi- 
tive slave attracted much notice at the time, and led to disturbances. 

BURNS, Timothy, d. in Wisconsin, Nov. 1853, a. 33 ; b. in Dublin, 
Ireland, in 1820; went to Wisconsin in 1837, and settled in Iowa co. ; 
he held various public offices, and in 1851 was elected lieut. gov., which 
office he held till his death. 

BURNSIDE, Samuel, d. in Worcester, Mass., July 29, 1850, a. 67; 
grad. at Dartmouth and was a lawyer. 

BURNSIDE, Thomas, one of the judges of the sup. court of Pa., and 
in cong. from 1815 to 1819 ; d. at Germantown, Pa., March 24, 1851. 

BURR, Howard C, of the JV. Y. World; d. at Washington, D. C, 

May 12, 1870. 

BURR, Theodosia, dau. of Aaron Burr, vice pres. ; lost her mother 
a. 11, in 1794, and became under her father's training one of the most 
polished women of her day, and the confidant of many of his plans and 
intrigues; she m. Joseph Alison, afterwards gov. of S. C, and was lost at 
sea on her passage from Charleston to N. Y. in 1812 ; gov. Allston d. at 
Charleston, Sept. 10, 1816, a. 38. 

BURROUGHS John, d. April 28, 1842, at Trenton, N. J., a. 89 ; he 
was a revolutionary soldier. 

BURROUGHS, William, d. at Germantown, Pa., March 24, 1861, a. 
38 ; grad. at Yale, and studied law and divinity, and in 1853 was admit- 
ted to the bar in Phila. ; he bequeathed $10,000 to the theological de- 
partment of Yale College. 

BURT, Benjamin, d. at Bellows Falls, Vt., June 1835, a. 95. 

American Biographical Notes. 55 

BURT, Francis, gov. of Nebraska ; d. at Bellevue in that territory, 
Oct. 18, 1854, a. about 45 ; was b. in Pendleton, S. C. ; was appointed 
third auditor by Pres. Pierce, and resigned for the office in which he d., 
some two weeks after reaching the territory. 

BURT, James, rev. soldier ; was in assem. from Orange co., N. Y., in 
1798-9, 1800, 2, 3, 16, 21, 22, and in the state senate in 1823, 4, 5, 6 ; 
d. at Warwick, N. Y., March 17, 1852, in his 91st year. 

BURT, William, a tory of Charleston, S. C; was banished and his 
estate confiscated. 

BURTON, Dr Casper Van Wie-, of Lansingburgh. N. Y. ; d. Sept. 
23, 1860, a. 50. (Transac. JV. Y. State Med, Soc, 1861, p. 275.) 

BURTON, George, a lieut. in the British army ; served in America 
in 1756-9. 

BUSBEE, Perrin, d. in Raleigh, N. O, Sept. 1853, a. 37; a lawyer, and 
reporter of the decisions of the sup. court, and pres. of the council of state. 

BUSH, Horatio N., d. in Harrisburg, N. Y., Oct. 1864; was a liberal 
benefactor of Lowville academy. 

BUSH, Maj. Oliver, a militia officer of the war of 1812 ; d. in Turin, 
N. Y., April 9, 1844 ; was a native of Westfield, Mass. 

BUtf HE, Dr. George Macartney, a distinguished surgeon ; d. in N. 
Y., April 17, 1836, a. 39. 

BUSHNELL, David, was a capt. in the rev., and contrived the sub- 
marine engines for blowing up British vessels above Phila., which floating 
down the tide, greatly alarmed the enemy and gave occasion for Hopkin- 
son's ballad of the Battle of the Kegs; he went to Ga. about 1796, and 
became a teacher in Columbia co., having visited Europe and encountered 
heavy mercantile losses ; he afterwards settled in Warrenton, Ga., and 
practiced under the name of Dr. Bush ; d. a. 90, leaving legatees in Ct. 
[White's Hist. Ga., p. 406.) 

BUSHNELL, Mrs. William A., lest known by her maiden name of 
Catharine Hays; b. in Limerick, Ireland, in 1820, and spent her early 
years in extreme poverty; her native vocal talent attracted notice, she 
was placed under instruction by the Bp. of Limerick, and in 1839 weut to 
Paris, resolved to engage on the lyric stage ; in 1841 she appeared in Mi- 
lan, in 1845 in Marseilles, in 1846 in Vienna, and the next year in Ven- 
ice ; she sang in England with great success in 1849, and in 1851 came 
to America where she acquired distinguished eminence and visited many 
of the larger towns ; in Cal. she attracted much notice, and afterwards she 
visited Australia and British India; in 1857 she m. W. A. Bushnell, of 
N. Y.; d. Aug. 1861 in Europe. 

BUSKIRK, Henry, a tory of N. Y. ; went to N. S. in 1783, and was 
many years a magistrate in Kings co. ; d. at Aylesford, N. S., in 1841. 

BUSSEY, David, d. in Lincolnville, Me., April 1840, a. 98, and his 
wife a. 102. 

BUSTIN, Thomas, of Va., a tory; joined the royal army at N. Y. ; 
rem to St. John, N. B., and d- there a. 90. 

BUTLER, Chester, d. in Phila. Pa., Oct 5, 1850, a. 52 ; was a mem. 
of cong. from Pa.; b. in Wilkesbarre, Pa., March 17^8, and grandson of 
Col. B., who com. the American troops at the massacre of Wyoming ; 

56 American Biographical Notes. 

grad. at Princeton in 1817; was admitted to the bar in 1820, and elected 
to congress in 1848. 

BUTLER, Col. Samuel, d. at Marshall, Mich., March 23, 1847, a. 70 ; 
b. in Stillwater, N. Y., in 1777, and was driven with his family into Mass. ; 
at the age of 14 he moved to Cherry Valley; at 22 to Deposit, N. Y., and 
in 1836 to Mich. ; was capt. of a com. in the war of 1812. 

BUTLER, Cyrus, one of the wealthiest citizens of R. I., and chief 
benefactor of the hospital for the insane at Providence, which bears his 
name; d. at Providence, Aug. 20, 1849, a. 82 ; he acquired his wealth 
as a merchant and ship owner. 

BUTLER, John, the celebrated huntsman ; d. in Wake co., N. C, 
Jan 19, 1836, supposed to be at least 110 years old. 

BUTLER. Josiah, d. at Deerfield, N. H., Oct. 29, 1854, a. 74; grad. 
at Harv. in 1803 ; studied law and settled in Va., his native state, where 
he was chosen to the state leg. ; was sheriff of Rockingham co., clerk of 
the courts, and in 1817, elected to cong. where he was continued 6 years; 
in 1825 he was appointed judge of the superior court of N. H., and contin- 
ued till the court was abolished. 

BUTLER, Pierce, a distinguished lawyer, and for several years in the 
state leg. ; d. at Louisville, Ky., Jan. 15, 1851. 

BUTLER, Rev. David, d. July 4, 1842, at Troy, N. Y., a. 80; for 
many years pastor of St. Paul's church in Troy. 

BUTLER, Walter N., tory of the Mohawk valley ; son of Col. John 
B-, and like him of infamous memory ; was taken and tried as a spy in 
1777, but reprieved and escaped ; he became a most vindictive scourge to 
the frontier settlements, especially in the Mohawk valley; in Oct. 1781, 
an expedition under Maj. Ross, fell upon the Johnstown settlements from 
the north, burning and destroying everything in their way ; Butler was 
with this body, and was killed on the west Canada creek, Oct. 30, 1781, 
by a party under Col. Willett. {Saline's Loy. ; Benton' s Herk. Co., N. Y) 

BUTTERFIELD, Justin, formerly of Watertown, N. Y. ; d. at Chi- 
cago, 111., Oct. 1855; was commissioner of the Land office under Pres. 
Taylor, and for many years a prominent lawyer in Illinois. 

BUTTERWORTH, Mrs. Catharine, a native of Kildare, Ireland ; 
d. at Dubuque, Iowa, Aug. 30, 1848, a. 114. 

BUTTNER, Rev. Gottlieb, a Moravian missionary; b. Dec. 29, 1716, 
in Silesia; went from Bethlehem, Pa., to Shekomeko, N. ¥"., in 1741, 
and d. there Feb. 23, 1745, a. 29 ; a monument was replaced over his 
grave Oct. 5, 1859, by a committee of the Moravian Hist. Soc. {Mora- 
vians in N. Y & Ct.~) 

BYER, Mrs. Hannah, d. at Calais, Me., April 1836, a. 100. 

BYLES, James, d. at Oyster Bay, N. Y., Jan. 31, 1839, a. about 118 
years ; was a native of France, and a soldier under Gen. Wolf at the bat- 
tle before Quebec. 

BYLES, Rev. Mather Jr., of Boston ; grad. at Harv. in 1751 ; set- 
tled as minister at New London, Ct., and in 1768 was dismissed ; was the 
same year made rector of Christ church, Boston, and in 1775 was com- 
pelled to abandon this charge ; went to Halifax in 1776, and two years 
after was proscribed and banished ; settled at St. John, N. B., was rector 
and chap., and d. in 1814. (Sabine's Loyalists.} 

American Biographical Notes. 57 

BYINGTOtf, Horatio, d. iu Stockbridge, Mass., Feb. 5, 1856, a. 58; 
was for several years a lawyer ; a mem. of the leg., aud judge of the court 
of com. pleas, which office he held till his death. {Am. Aim., 1857, p. 351.) 

BYRD, Francis Otway, as capt. he served in Tripoli, and distin- 
guished himself under Gen. Eaton in the battle of Derne ; he served in 
the war of 1812-15, having entered as 2d lieut., 2d artillery, July 1812 ; 
was distinguished in Gaines's victory at Ft. Erie ; was made brevet 1st It. ; 
for distinguished service in 1815, and was retained in the regular army 
till he resigned in 1818 ; he received from his native state, Va., a vote of 
thanks and a sword ; rem. from Clark co., Va.,to Baltimore in 1855, and 
d. there May 2, 1860, in his 70th year. {Hist. Mag., iv, 189.) 

BYRD, William, b. March 28, 1674, to a large fortune in Va. ; he 
was educated in England, studied law, was a fellow of the Royal Soc, and 
was appointed receiver gen. of his majesty's revenues in Va. ; was thrice 
agent of the colony in England, and at the age of 37 became pres. of the 
council in Va. ; d. Aug. 26, 1744, and was buried at Westover, Va. ; he 
collected the finest private library which had then been- formed in America. 
{Campbell's Va.) 

BYRNE, Bernard M., M.D., b. in Ireland ; grad. at the University 
of Md. ; was appointed asst. surgeon at Fortress Monroe, May 20, 1836, 
under Col. J. L. Gardner, and in the Mexican war was medical director 
for his dep. of the army ; was in several battles, and bore Ringgold mor- 
tally wounded from the field ; d. at Ft. Moultrie, S. C, where he had been 
3 yr. attending physician, Sept. 1850. {JV. Y. Times, Sep. 17, 1860.) 

CABET, M., founder of the Icarian community at Nauvoo, d. at St. 
Louis, Mo., Nov. 9, 1856, of apoplexy, being about 69 years old. 

CADWALLADER, Dr. Thomas, an eminent physician of Phila., son of 
John C, d. Nov. 14, 1779, a. 72. {Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

CADY, Daniel, justice of the Supreme Court of New York, b. in 
Columbia co., N. Y., April, 1773, read law in Florida, N. Y.,was admitted 
in 1775, and soon removed to Johnstown, where he gained a wide reputa- 
tion as an able lawyer. He, was in assembly in 1809, 10, 11, 13, and in 
1815, 17, was in congress. In 1847 he was elected a justice of the 
supreme court, for the term of 2 years, was reelected in 1851, and re- 
signed Jan. 1, 1855. He died Oct. 31, 1859, in his 87th year. Few 
lawyers have attained to greater merited distinction. {Hist. Mag., iv, 25, 
Alb. Eve. Jour., Nov. 1, 1859 ; Raymond's Distin. Men. Colum. Co., p. 
44; Johnstown Independent, Nov. 4, 1859.) 

CAHILL, Jerry II., chancellor of Middle Tennessee since 1844; d. 
at his res. near Nashville, April 15, 1851. {Striker's Am. Reg., vi, 226.) 

CALDWELL, Alexander, judge of the U. S. court in the western 
district of Virginia; d. at Wheeling, Va., April 8, 1839. 

CALDWELL, David, son of Samuel C, succeeded his father in the 
office of clerk of the district court for eastern districts of Penn., of the 
U. S., till Oct. 6, 1831. 

CALDWELL, Frederick, adjutant gen. of the Imperial Brazilian 
army ; of Irish parentage ; d. at Rio de Janeiro, April, 1873, a. 73. 

CALDWELL, James G., chancellor of South Carolina, an able jurist; 
d. near Columbia, S. C, March 11, 1850. 


58 American Biographical Notes. 

CALDWELL, Joseph P., d. in , N. C, Jan. 3, 1853 ; was mem- 
ber of congress from North Carolina, from 1849 till his death. 

CALDWELL, Merritt, prof, of metaphysics and political economy in 
Dickinson Coll., Carlisle, Pa. ; d. at Portland, Me., June 6, 1848, a. 41. 

CALDWELL, Philip, a soldier of the revolution; d. at Greece, Mon- 
roe co., N. Y., May 16, 1841, a. 86. 

CALHOUN, Andrew Hamilton, formerly canal appraiser of state of 
N. Y. ; clerk of the senate, and many years in the N. Y. custom house ; 
d. at Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 17, 1874. 

CALHOUN, Dr. Samuel, prof, of materia medica in the Pennsylvania 
Medical College; d. at Philadelphia, Pa., April 7, 1841. 

CALHOUN, James L., governor of New Mexico ; d. on the prairie 
near the line of Missouri, on his way from Washington to Santa Fe. 

CALHOUN, John, formerly surveyor gen. of Kansas and Nebraska, 
and president of the Lecompton constitutional convention ; d. at St. Joseph, 
Mo., Oct. 13, 1859. 

CAMERON, Charles, surveyor and land agent, b. and educated in 
Scotland; emigrated at 18, with Col. Chas. Williamson in 1791, and was 
many years his surveyor, and from 1798 to 1805, agent at Lyons ; 
built the first mill therein and was one of the first merchants at Canan- 
daigua; he removed to Greene, N. Y., in 1821, and d. therein 1852, 
a. 80. (Chenango American, Jan., 1858.) 

CAMERON, Duncan, d. near Raleigh, N. C, Jan. 3, 1853; formerly 
a judge of the superior court and afterwards for many years president of 
the Bank of the state of North Carolina, 1813. 

CAMERON, William, a cooper, of Charleston, S. C, a tory, was 
banished and his property confiscated. 

CAMP, Abiather, father and son, tories of New Haven co., Ct. ; went 
to St. John, N. B., in 1783, and received city lots, one of them d. in 1841, 
a. 84. (Sabine's Loyalists.} 

^ CAMP, Maj. John G., d. in Washington, D. C, Feb. 21, 1855, a. 
66 ; native of Virginia, and a prominent citizen of Sandusky, 0. 

CAMPBELL, Alexander, became major of the Montgomery High- 
landers; then the 62d, Jan. 7, 1757 was under Gen. Forbes in 1758, and 
Amherst in 1759, became lieut. col. of the 95th, Mar. 22, 1781; went on 
half pay in 1763; was lieut. gen. of St. George, Scotland, from 1774 to 
1778; was again called into 1780; returned to half-pay in 1783, became 
a col. in the army in 1790, major gen., Oct., 1794, lieut. sen. Jan., 1801, 
and d. in 1804. 

CAMPBELL, Alexander, formerly of Albany, and a distinguished 
civil engineer; d. at sea on his way from Aspinwall to New Orleans, June 
23, 1856 ; he was an engineer in the construction of railroads in South 

CAMPBELL, Allan, son of Barcladine C. ; came to America in 1756, 
as capt. in the 43d regiment, and in 1759, was appointed major for the 
campaign under Amherst ; he was employed at the head of the grenadiers 
and rangers clearing the way for the army to the lakes; he became maj. 
in the army Aug. 15, 1762; went on half pay in 1763, having obtained 
a grant of 5000 acres at Crown Point; in 1770, he was a major of 36th 

American Biographical Notes. 59 

Foot in Jamaica; became It. col., May, 1772; col. Nov. 17, 1780; maj. 
gen. in 1780; d. about 1797; bis regiment did not serve in America in 
the revolution. (Com. Wilson's Orderly Book, 18.) 

CAMPBELL, Anthony, native of Ireland; formerly a captain in the 
U. S. army, and afterwards marshal of the district of Mississippi ; d. in 
Adams co., Miss., Sept., 1837, in his 74th year. 

CAMPBELL, Archibald, removed from Voluntown, Ct., about 1750, 
to East Greenwich, R. I., as a lawyer; was elected in 1768, to the gen. 
assembly; d. Oct. 16, 1769, a. 41 years. (W. Updike's Memoirs of the 
E. I. Bar, p. 181.) 

CAMPBELL, Brookins, d. in Washington, D. C, Dec. 24, 1853, a. 46 j 

b. in Washington co., Tenn., in 1808 ; many years in the state legislature, 
and in 1845, speaker ; was an officer in the quarter master's department 
in the Mexican war, and at the time of his death a member of congress 
from the 1st dist. of Tennessee. 

CAMPBELL, Colin, ensign in De Lancey's 2d battalion (tory,) and 
q. m. of the corps ; he was afterwards lieut. ; his son Colin C., was 
sheriff of Charlotte co., New Brunswick. (Sabine's Loyalists.} 

CAMPBELL, Colin, tory ; settled as a lawyer at St. John, N. B., and d. 
there ; his widow, who was a dau. of Bishop Seabury, d. in N.Y., in 1804. 

CAMPBELL, Colin, tory ; went from N. Y., to Shelburne, Nova 
Scotia, after the revolution, and lived 40 years; he was at one time col- 
lector of customs at St. Andrew, N. B. ; d. in the co. of Annapolis, N. S., 
in 1834, a. 83. 

CAMPBELL, Daniel, d. at Amherst, N. H., Oct. 7, 1838, a. 100 ; 
was long a magistrate. 

CAMPBELL, Daniel, merchant; native of Ireland; acquired great 
wealth in Schenectady as a merchant, which he left to a Dr. Campbell of 
London, a nephew who resided several years in America. His estate was 
inherited by Daniel D. Schermerhorn, whose name was changed to Camp- 
bell by act of legislature in 1825; the latter was in the N. Y. state con- 
vention of 1846. (Doc. Hist. N. T., iv, 419.) 

CAMPBELL, Donald and James, of N. C; lieutenants in the N. C. 
loyalist volunteers in the revolution. 

CAMPBELL, Donald, captain in the 3d battalion of N. Y. volunteers, 

CAMPBELL, Donald, of N. C. ; a tory and ensign in the N. C. vol- 

CAMPBELL, Donald, was appointed dep. q. m. gen. of the N. Y 
department with the rank of col., July 15, 1775 ; went to Canada ; became 
obnoxious to the charge of cowardice, was court martialed and dismissed 
at Crown Point, July, 1776; his case was referred to congress who ac- 
quitted him and continued his pay and rank. ( Woodworth's Troy, 57.) 

CAMPBELL, Dugald, tory, and lieut. in the king's American regi- 
ment in the revolution. 

CAMPBELL, Duncan G., came to Delhi co., Ga., in 1807 and took 
charge of a female school ; he was several years in the legislature and was 
a com'r to negotiate a treaty with the Creeks at Indian Spring; he d. 
July 31, 1828. 

60 American Biographical Notes. 

CAMPBELL, Farquard, of N. C. ; a man of wealth, education, and 
influence, and elected to provincial congress, in the revolution as a whig, 
but was suspected of holding communication with the enemy during the 
time he was in that body; in 1776, he was seized in his own house, while 
entertaining a party of loyalists, and he was afterwards banished, and his 
estate confiscated. {Sabine's Loyalists?) 

CAMPBELL, George, a tory, and lieut. in the king's Am. regiment 
in the revolution. 

CAMPBELL, George, native of Tyrone co., Ireland ; emigrated to 
Philadelphia in 1765, and held various public offices, was in the legisla- 
ture ; and register of wills for Philadelphia ; d. in 1810. 

CAMPBELL, Jacob, only son of Archibald Campbell was b. in East 
Greenwich R. I., in 1760 ; graduated at the B. I. Coll., Sept. 1783, studied 
law and settled in his native town. Having but little practice he devoted 
a portion of his time to literature and published a volume of poetical essays 
and a number of essays in prose. Hed. March 8,1788, in his 28th year. 
( W. Updike's Memoirs of the R. I. Bar, p. 134.) 

CAMPBELL, James, a prominent lawyer; d. at Nashville, Tenn., 
Aug. 20, 1849, a. 54. 

CAMPBELL, John, a tory, and major in the second Am. regiment. 

CAMPBELL, John, of Melford, Scotland, was lieut. in the 77th regt. 
served against Fort Duquesne in 1758, became captain in 1760, and con- 
tinued in the army till 1770. {Com. Wilson's Orderly Book, 101.) 

CAMPBELL, John, of N. C, captain of a tory force that encountered 
Col. Caswell in 1776, and was slain. 

CAMPBELL, John, of Pa. was found guilty of supplying the enemy 
with provisions and sentenced to hard labor for one month. He was sub- 
sequently warned to appear and answer to charges of toryism. 

CAMPBELL, John W., judge of the United States district court of 
Ohio; b. Feb. 23, 1782, near Miller's Iron Works, Augusta co., Va. ; 
removed at 9 to Bourbon co., Ky., and a few years after to Ohio ; he 
studied law with his uncle Thos. Wilson of Morgantown, Va., in 1808, 
was admitted to the Ohio bar and settled at West Union, Morgan co., 
where he became prosecuting attorney ; he was elected to congress in 
1816, and served 5 terms, his politics being opposed to Adams and in 
support of Jackson. Ln 1826, he removed to Brown co., O., and in 1828 
was defeated as a candidate for governor. In March 1829, Pres. Jackson 
nominated him United States district judge for the state of Ohio, which 
office he held till death. In 1831 he settled in Columbus ; he d. at 
Delaware, O., Sept. 24, 1833. {Biog. Sketches with other Lit. Remains 
of the late John W. Campbell by his wid. Columbus 1838 with portrait.) 

CAMPBELL, Mrs. Maria, dau. of Gen. Wm. Hull; d. in Augusta, 
Ga., May 24, 1848. With a grandson of Gen. H. ; she prepared his 
memoirs. {White's Hist. Ga., p. 630.) 

CAMPBELL, Peter, of Trenton, N. J., entered the royal service in 
the revolution, and was at the peace, captain in the N. J. volunteers; 
settled in the province of New Brunswick on half pay ; and d. at Manger- 
ville in 1822 ; he was buried at Fredericton. {Sabine's Loyalists.) 

CAMPBELL, Bobert, b. at Hackensack, N. J., July 5, 1846, a 82. 

American Biographical Notes. 61 

CAMPBELL, Robert, formerly lieut. gov. of N. Y. ; d. at Bath, N. Y., 
July 13, 1870 ; was a lawyer, and many years a regent of the University. 

CAMPBELL, Thomas Jefferson, clerk of the house of representa- 
tives ; d. at Washington, D. C, April 13, 1850 ; was a citizen of Tennes- 
see, and a member of congress from that state from 1841 to 18-13. 

CAMPBELL, Walter, was in 1782, a capt. in De Lancey's 2d 
battalion of loyalists and after the war settled at New Brunswick; he re- 
ceived half pay; d. at Musquash, N. B. 

CAMPBELL, William, a tory of N. C, lost his estate by confiscation 
in 1779. 

CAMPBELL, William, d. in Cherry Valley, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1844, 
a. 77 ; was oldest son of Col. C, of Cherry Valley, and the only member 
of his family who escaped death or captivity in the massacre of Nov., 
1778 ; he was in assembly in 1816, '17 and '27, and recently surveyor 
general of New York ; he was at the time of his death, one of the regents 
of the university. ( Am. Almanac, 1844, p. 314.) 

CAMPBELL, William, of Pa., a tory ; failed to appear upon a sum- 
mons, and was attainted by order of the council, Oct. 30, 1778. 

CAMPBELL, William, of Worcester, Mass. ; was sent away on account 
of tory principles; went from Boston to Halifax in 1776; was in N. Y., 
in 1783, but returned, and in 1786, removed to St. John, N. B; was 
mayor of St. John 20 years ; d. 1823, a. 82 ; his widow Elizabeth d. in 
1824, a. 84. (Sabine's Loyalists.') 

CAMPEAU, Joseph, a wealthy citizen of Detroit; b. 1769; d. 1863; 
the last of the old French settlers of that place. 

CAMPFIELD, Rev. Nathan P., d. at Bellows Falls, Vt., Sept., 1868, 
a. 30 ; pastor of the Presb. church at Cazenovia. 

CANBY, Edward Richard Sprigg, maj. gen. U. S. A,; murdered 
by Modoc Indians April 11, 1873, at the lava beds, Oregon, near Fort 
Klamath ; b. in Ky., in 1819 ; settled in childhood in Ind., and grad. at 
West Point in 1839 ; served with honor in the Mexican war, and on the 
Union side in the rebellion. 

CANBY, Joseph, of Pa., a loyalist; went to St. John, N. B., at the 
peace, and received a city lot ; began business as a merchant ; was mem- 
ber of an artillery co., in 1795 ; was killed in 1814, by falling from a 
wharf. (Sabine's Loyalists.) 

CANDEE, David, d. in Harwington, Conn., June, 1841 ; one of nine 
brothers, the average age of whom was about 81 years. 

CANDLER, John, Jr., d. Aug., 1842, at Marblehead, Mass., a. 46; 
late pres. of the Grand Bank and Lafayette Insurance Company. 

CANE, Rev. Elias W., d. at Jamaica, N. Y., Nov. 10, 1840, a. 48. 

CANER, Rev. Henry, D.D., grad. at Yale in 1724, and in 1727 went 
to England for ordination. He was several years minister at Norwalk 
and Fairfield, Ct., and in 1747, became rector of the 1st Ep. Ch., Boston, 
from which in 1776 he was driven to Halifax, N. S. ; he went to England, 
and d. in 1792, a. 92. In 1778 he was proscribed and banished by Mass. 
(Sabine's Loyalists.) 

CANFIELD, Capt. Augustus, d. at Detroit, Mich., April 18, 1854; 
was a native of New Jersey ; grad. at West Point, in 1822, and an oificer of 
the corps of Topographical Engineers ; was a son-in-law of Hon. Lewis Cass. 

62 American Biographical Notes. 

CANFIELD, Judson, formerly of Sharon, Conn. ; d. at New York city, 
Feb., 1840, a. 81. He was several years a member of the council in 
Conn., and grad. at Yale in 1782. 

CANFIELD, Rev. Sherman B., D.D., long pastor of the 1st Pres- 
ch. at Syracuse, N. Y., and formerly of Cleveland, 0. ; d. at St. Louis, 
Mo., March 13, 1871, being on a visit to that place. 

CANNON, E. A., d. in New Orleans, La., Sept. 14, 1849 ; judge of the 
second judicial dist. of Lousiania. He emigrated from France in 1815. 

CAPE, Brian, a tory of S. C, held an office under the crown after the 
surrender of Charleston, and his estate was confiscated. 

CAPERS, Gabriel, of S. C, a tory, and office holder under the crown ; 
he was a whig at first, and in 1775 a member of provincial congress; his 
estate was confiscated. (Sabine's Loyalists.) 

CAPETON, Hugh, d. in Monroe co., Va., Feb. 9, 1847, a. 67; he 
was in congress from Va., from 1813 to 1815, having previously served for 
several years in the state legislature. 

CARDEN, John, entered the 17th regt., as ensign July 24, 1759, 
became lieut. April, 1767 and remained in the army till 1771 ; he served 
in America in the French war. (Com. Wilson's Orderly Book, 109.) 

CAREY, Col. Richard, in the revolution an aid of Gen. Washington ; 
d. in Cooperstown, N. Y. ; Dec. 13, 1806. 

CAREY, Edward L., d. in Philadelphia, Pa., June 16, 1845, a. 40; 

he was an enterprising publisher, and patron of the fine arts. (Simpson's 
Eminent Philadetyhians.) 

CAREY, George, b. in Md. ; resided several years in Columbia co., 
Ga. ; was in cong. from 1823 to 1827, removed to Upson, Ga., in 1834, 
and d. in 1844. 

CAREY, John L., late editor of the Baltimore American, and at the 
time of his death of the New Orleans Daily Crescent ; d. at New Orleans, 
Dec. 14, 1852 ; he was author of several popular works on political 

Carheil, Etienne de, Jesuit missionary ; arrived in Canada, Aug. 6, 
1666 ; sent to Cayuga in 1668 ; absent in 1671, 2 ; returned and remained 
till 1684 ; d. at Quebec, July, 1726 ; said to have spoken the Iroquois 
better than his own language. 

CARISIMO, Don Juan Andres, native of Cadiz, and for the last ten 
years resident in Philadelphia; d. there Aug. 12, 1835; he was distin- 
guished for his literary attainments. 

CARLE, Thomas. A tory of Dutchess co., N. Y. ; went to St. John, 
N. B., in 1783 with his family. 

CARLIN, Thomas, d. near Carlington, 111., Feb. 14, 1852; a. 60; 
was born in Kentucky, in 1790; and settled in Illinois, in 1812; was 
elected governor in 1838, and held this office four years. 

CARLISLE, Abraham, of Philadelphia, after the occupation of that 
city by the British, received a commission to guard the entrances and to 
grant passports; he was tried, sentenced and executed in 1778 ; in 1779 
his estate was confiscated. (Sabine's Loyalists.) 

CARLTON, Rev. Thomas, DD., d. at Elizabeth, N. J., April 16, 1870 ; 
city treasurer of Elizabeth at time of his death. Dr. Carlton was first 

American Biographical Notes. 63 

appointed treas. of the missionary soc. in 1852, immediately after entering 
upon his work at the Book Concern ; was regularly reelected to the same 
office each successive year for 20 years, when he refused a reelection in 
1852 he was elected to the office of sen. agt. of the Meth. Book Concern 
in N. Y. ; he held this office for 20 years, longer than it was ever held by 
any other man ; at the time of Dr. Carlton's death he had served for 22 
years on the board of managers of the miss. soc. 

CARMACK, Hon. Samuel W., d. in Jackson eo., Fla., Dec. 18, 1849 ; 
a. 47; was b. in Davidson co., Tenn., Jan. 9, 1802; in 1838 removed to 
Florida on account of his health; in 1842, was appointed judge of the 
Apalachicola dist., and in 1846, judge of the southern dist., of Florida, 
but declined. (Am. Almanac, 1851, p. 307.) 

CARMAN, Richard, a tory of N. Y.; went to St. John, N. B. ; 
after the revolution was a granter in that city; and died in the county of 
York, N. B.. in 1838; a. 71. 

CARMAN, Richard F., d. at Carmansville, N. Y., July 13, 1867; a. 68. 

CARNE, Samuel. A tory of S. C. ; lost his estate and was banished 
in 1782. 

CARPENTER, Dr. William M., d. at New Orleans, La., Oct. 4, 
1848, a. 38; prof, of materia medica and therapeutics in the University 
of Louisiana. 

CARPENTER, Mrs. Elizabeth, d. at Rehoboth, Mass., July 22, 
1839; a. 101. 

CARPENTER, Samuel, one of the greatest improvers and builders 
of Philadelphia, in an early day; d. in 1714. (Simpson's Eminent 
Philadelphians. ) 

CARPENTER, Thomas, ensign in DeLancey's 3d battalion of loyalists, 
and an adjutant of the corps ; he went to St. John, N. B. ; was a grantee 
of that city and drew half pay. 

CARPENTER, Thomas Francis, d. in Prov., R. I., July 14, 1859, 
a. 58; b. in Cranston, R. I., Feb. 21, 1796; grad. at Brown Uni. in 
1818; became maj. gen. of state militia; declined election to civil office, 
and gained a high position at the Rhode Island bar. 

CARPENTER, Willet, a tory ; settled in New Brunswick and d. at 
St. John, in 1833, a. 77. 

CARR, Benjamin, professor of music ; settled in Philadelphia in 
1797 ; d. May 21, 1831, a. 62. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians, 
with portrait.) 

CARR, Dr. Edson, of Canandaigua, N. Y. ; d. Nov. 28, 1861, a. 60. 
(Transac. N. Y. State Med. Soc. 1862, p. 441.) 

CARR, John, member of congress from Indiana, from 1831 to 1837, 
and from 1839 to 1841 ; d. in Clarke co., Ind., Jan. 20, 1845. 

CARR, Paddy, a Creek interpreter, half Irish, and brought up with 
civilized life ; in 1826, he was interpreter to a delegation of Indians at 
Washington ; he took sides with the U. S. in 1836 ; was guide and inter- 
preter to Jessup, and when the Creeks revolted, marched to Florida at the 
head of 500 warriors ; he owned 70 to 80 slaves, and lands and houses in 
1837. ( White's Hist. Ga., p. 169, with portrait.) 

64 American Biographical Notes. 

C ARR, Patrick, a partizan in the revolution ; lived and died in Jeffer- 
son co. Ga. ; he is said to have destroyed a hundred tories, and to have 
been murdered long afterwards by their descendants. 

CARRIGAN, Andrew, commissioner of emigration at New York; d. 
Sept. 5, 1872, a. 68. 

CARRINGTON, Abijah, d. in Milford, Conn., March 15, 1851, a. 72 ; 
grad. at Yale Coll. in 1800 ; was for several years a clergyman, but ill 
health required him to change ; was afterwards a merchant ; was a repre- 
sentative and a senator in the state legislature, and for two years comp- 
troller of Connecticut. 

CARRINGTON, Gen. Edward, d. in Providence, R. I., Dec. 24, 
1843, a. 68, distinguished for his enterprise and liberality. 

CARRINGTON, William C, d. at Richmond, Va., Dec. 29, 1851, a. 
30 ; editor of the Richmond Times, and distinguished for his attainments ; 
was a native of Charlotte co., and educated at Hampden Sidney College; 
member elect to the state legislature. 

CARROLL, Alexander, many years editor of the Charleston Courier ; 
d. in Charleston, S. C, August 22, 1856. 

CARROLL, Edward, d. at New Brunswick, N. J., Aug. 30, 1840, a. 

CARSON, Col. John, father of the late Samuel P. Carson, M. C, 
was a native of Ireland ; settled at Pleasant Garden before the revolution, 
and served in that war; he was for a time in the gen. assembly ; d. at 
Pleasant Garden, Burke co., N. C, April, 1841, in his 89th year. {Am. 
Almanac, 1842, p. 303.) 

CARSON, Col. William, d. in Warren co., Va., Dec. 21, 1865, a. 
81 ; served in the revolution, and was a volunteer at Norfolk in the war 
of 1812 ; was many years a delegate in the legislature ; was senator, and 
for three years a member of the executive council of Virginia. 

CARSON, Samuel P., b. in Pleasant Garden, Burke co., N. C. ; was 
several years in the legislature, and from 1825 to 1833, in congress f 
killed Dr. Robert B. Vance in a duel in 1827 ; removed to Arkansas; 
after the end of his term in congress; d. Nov. 1840. 

CARTER, Capt. Landon N, d. at Norfolk, Va., Sept. 26, 1847; 
belonged to the U. S. marine corps., and from Virginia. 

CARTER, Charles Shirley, d. at Richmond, Va., Jan., 1840, a. 88 ; 
a lawyer and attorney of the state in the circuit court of Henrico co. ; 
formerly a distinguished member of the state legislature. 

CARTER, Dr. William V., of Cohoes, N. Y. ; d. April 20, 1866, a. 54. 

CARTER, Gen. William B., d. in Carter co., Tenn., April 17, 1848, 
a. 56; he had served as state representative and senator ; president of the 
constitutional convention, and from 1835 to 1841 in congress. 

CARTER, Elizabeth, d. in South Carolina, March 17, 1859, a. 101. 

CARTER, John, b. on Black river, Sumter dist., S. C, Sept. 10, 
1792; grad. at the S. C. Coll., Columbia ; studied law, and was in congress 
from South Carolina from 1822 to 1829 ; removed from Camden, S. C.,to 
Georgetown, D. C, in 1836 ; d. June 20, 1850. 

CARTER, John C, commander U. S. N. ; d. at Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Nov. 23, 1871, a. 60. 

American Biographical Notes. 65 

CARTER, Nehemiah, d. in Harrisburgh, N. Y., March 2, 1829, a. 
87; was from Westfield, Mass. 

CARTER, Robert, as pres. of the council succeeded Drysdale as acting 
gov. of Va., in 1726; he owned large estates between the Potomac 
and Rappahannock ; speaker of the house of burgesses ; treasurer of 
the colony, and many years one of the council ; he lived at Corotoman, 
Lancaster co., Va., where he built a church; in Oct., 1727, he was suc- 
ceeded by Gov. Wm. Gooch ; from his large estate he was known as 
" King Carter." 

CARTER, Timothy J., d. at Washington, D. C, March 14, 1839 ; was 
member of congress from Maine, from 1837 till the day of his death. 

CARTERET, Philip, brother of Sir George Carteret one of the pro- 
prietors of New Jersey ; was appointed governor of that province Feb. 10, 
1664, sailed in the ship Philip and arrived at Elizabethtown Point in Au- 
gust ; he made Elizabethtown his seat and resided there; he married a 
daughter of Richard Smith of Smithtown L. I., April 1681 ; who survived 
him and inherited all his property ; d. in December, 1682, in less than 
two months after resigning his authority into the hands of his successor. 
( Coll. N. J. Hist. Soc, i, 84.) 

CARTLAND, Samuel, d. in Exeter, N. H., Feb. 24, 1852, a. 58 ; was 
b. in Lee, N. H. ; grad. at Dartmouth ; was a lawyer, and served in both 
houses of the legislature; was president of the senate, judge of probate, 
and for a short time acting governor ; was afterwards for some years a clerk 
in the treasury department at Washington, which office he relinquished 
in October, 1850. 

C ARTWRIGHT, Rev. Peter, a venerable Methodist preacher ; d. at 
Pleasant Plains, 111., Sept. 25, 1872, a. 87- 

CARY, Dr. Zenas, of Troy, N. Y. ; d. May 11, 1862; b. in Putney, 
Vt., in 1787, and settled in Troy in 1822. (Transac. N. T. State Med. 
Soc, 1863, p. 389.) 

CARY, George B., member of congress from the Petersburg district, 
Virginia, in 1842-3 ; d. in Southampton co., Va., March 5, 1850. 

CARY, Levi, member of congress from South Carolina from 1803 to 
1807; d. Feb. 3, 1807. 

CARY, Thomas Greaves, of Boston ; d. July 3, 1859, at Nahant, 
Mass., a. 67 ; he was b. at Chelsea in 1791 ; grad. at Harvard in 1811 ; 
settled as a lawyer in Boston, but soon removed to Brattleboro, Vt., and 
in 1821 went to New York and engaged in the cotton trade ; he was 
afterwards engaged in business in Boston, and was for many years pres. of 
the Hamilton and Appleton manufacturirjg cos., in Lowell; he was state 
senator from Suffolk several years, and much interested in matters of 
finance, literature and art, and a writer of merit on subjects of political 
economy, biography, etc. (J.m. Almanac, 1860, p. 373.) 

CASEY, James, a tory of S. C, and officer under the crown after the 
surrender of Charleston in 1780 ; his estate was confiscated. 

CASEY, Samuel, treasurer of the XJ. S. ; appointed by Pres. Pierce, 
and holding this office at the time of his death, which occurred at Casey- 
ville, Ky., Dec. 22, 1859, a. 70 years. 

CASH, Dr. Merrit H., of Ridgebury, Orange co., N. Y. ; d. April 
26, 1861, a. 59. (Transac. N. Y. State Med. Soc, 1862, p. 445.) 


66 American Biographical Notes. 

CASS, Charles L., d. Jan. 4, 1842, at Dresden, 0., a. 54 ; served in 
the army through the whole of the war of 1812; in 1824 he was ap- 
pointed Indian agent at Upper Sandusky, which office he held for six years. 

CASS, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Hon. Lewis Cass ; d. at Detroit, 
March 31, 1853, a. 65. 

CASSADY, George, in congress, from New Jersey from 1821 to 1827 ; 
d. at Hackensack, N. J., Dec. 31, 1842, a. 58. 

CASSELS, James, of Georgetown, S. C. ; a tory officer after the sur- 
render of Charleston in 1780, and lost his estate by confiscation. 

C ASSIDY, William, editor of the Albany Argus, and member of the 
constitutional commission of 1872 ; d. at Albany, Jan. 23, 1873 ; he was a 
prominent democratic politician, and a gentleman of cultivated literary 

CAST ANON, Gonzalo, of the Havana Voz de Cuba ; assassinated at 
Key West, Fla., Jan. 31, 1870. 

CATHCART, General Earl, a distinguished officer, and in 1846, 
governor and commander in chief of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Bruns- 
wick; he d. in London, Eng., July 17, 1859. 

CATHCART, Rev. Robert, a Presbyterian minister ; d. at York, Pa., 
Oct. 20, 1849 ; a. 90 years. 

CATLANO, Salvadore M., sailing master in the U. S. navy; d. in 
Washington, D. C, Jan, 4, 1846, a. 70; he was a native of Palermo, 
Sicily, and was admitted into the navy, as a reward of services, as a volun- 
teer, to pilot Decatur into the harbor of Tripoli, when he set fire to the 
frigate Philadelphia, then in possession of the Tripolitans. 

CATLIN, George S., b. in Litchfield co., Conn., in 1809, began law 
practice in 1830 ; was in congress from 1843 to 1845, and for several 
years in the state legislature, state's attorney and judge of the Windham 
county court; d. in Windham co., Conn., Nov. 26, 1851. 

CATLIN, Marcus, prof, of mathematics and astronomy in Hamilton 
College; d. in Clinton, N. Y., Oct. 11, 1849. 

C ATON, Mrs., widow of Richard C, and eldest dau. of Charles Carroll 
of Carrollton ; d. at Elkridge, Md., Nov., 1846. {Am. Almanac, 1848, 
p. 345.) 

CATON, Richard, d. in Baltimore, Md., March 19,1845, a. 83; 
native of Lancashire, Eng., and resident of Baltimore, 62 years ; m. a dau. 
of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, and was father of the Marchioness of 
Wellesley, the Duchess of Leeds and Lady Stafford ; he had for a long 
time the management of large landed estates, and was a zealous member 
of the Roman Catholic church. 

CATTELL, Jonathan, a veteran of the revolution and soldier of the 
battle of Princeton ; d. at Woodbury, N. J., Sept. 19, 1849, a. 91 years. 

CAUSEY, Peter F., ex-gov. of Delaware ; d. at Milford, Delaware, 
Feb. 17, 1871. 

CAVEDA, Frederico Fernandez, a gen. of the Cuban insurgents; 
shot at Trinidad de Cuba, July 1871, a 39 ; was educated in the U. S., 
and was in the Union army in our late war. 

CAZNEAU, Andrew, of Boston, was a barrister and judge of ad- 
miralty, went to England in 1775, and held an honorable post at Bermuda ; 

American Biographical Notes. 67 

in 1788 he returned to Boston where he died; he received $80,000 by 
his wife, a dau. of John Hammock ; in 1790, his only dau. married Tho. 
Brewer, of Boston, who is supposed to have perished in 1812, in a voyage 
from the Cape of Good Hope to Sumatra ; his widow resided at Eastport, 
Me. {Sabine's Loyalists.*) 

CELLINI, Rosa, opera singer ; d. at N. Y., Dec. 20, 1869, a. 39. 

CHACE, Shadraoh, a tory of Mass., proscribed and banished in 
1778; in 1782, he was an ensign in De Lancey's Third battalion ; he went * 
to St. John, N. B., drew a city lot, and half pay, and d. in N. B., in 1829. 

CHADBOURNE, Theodore Lincoln, lieut. 8th Regt. U. S. Infantry, 
b. at Eastport, Me. ; cadet Sept., 1839, had been two years in the army 
and fell at the battle of Resaca de la Palma, May 9, 1846. {Thorpe's 
Army of the Rio Grande, p. 193.) 

CHALMERS, Gilbert. A tory of Charleston, S. C, was banished 
and in 1782 his property was confiscated. 

CHALMERS, James, a tory of Md., a man of local influence, and 
commanded a corps of loyalists with the rank of It. col. ; he was in service 
in 1782. {Sabine's Loyalists.) 

CHALONER, Niayon, a tory from the states ; settled in New Bruns- 
wick and was register of deeds and wills for King's co. ; he d. at Kingston, 
N. B., in 1835. 

CHALONER, Walter, sheriff of Newport co., R. I., was a tory, and 
in N. Y., in 1782 as dep. commissary of prisoners; in 1783 he petitioned 
for lands in Nova Scotia; he sent to St. John, N. B., and d. there in 1796; 
his widow Ann d. in 1803. {Sabine's Loyalists.) 

CHAMBERLAIN, Alfred, late member of assembly from Otsego 
co.; d. at Richfield Springs, N. Y., Oct. 18, 1872. 

CHAMBERLAIN, John C, formerly a lawyer of Alstead, N. H., and 
from 1809 to 1811, a member of congress; d. at Utica, N. Y., Dec. 8, 
1835, a. 62. 

CHAMBERLAIN, Prop. William, of Dartmouth Coll., d. at Peacham, 
Vt., July 18, 1838, a. 33 years. 

CHAMBERLAYNE, Dr. Lewis W., d. near Richmond, Va., Jan. 
28, 1854; was one of the founders of the Richmond Medical College, 
and from the first professor of therapeutics and materia medica. 

CHAMBERS, A. B., editor of the Missouri Republican for many years ; 
d. at St. Louis, Mo., May 22, 1854, a. 45. 

CHAMBERS, Col. Benjamin, d. in Saline co., Mo., Aug. 27, 1840, 
a. 86; b. near Chambersburgh, Pa., and served in the revolution; he soon 
after removed to Indiana, and for the last thirty years had lived in Mis- 
souri, where he held various civil and military offices. 

CHAMBERS, David, d. in Cranberry, N. J.; Sept., 1842, a. 94; he 
was a soldier in the revolution. 

CHAMBERS, Eld. Harry, d. at Hillsboro', Scott co., Miss., Aug. 
8, 1844, a. 83; native of N. C, and a preacher since 1812, in the Bap- 
tist church. 

CHAMBERS, John, d. near Paris, Ky., Sept. 21, 1852; was b. in 
New Jersey, in 1779, and emigrated to Kentucky at the age of 13 ; began 
law practice in Washington, Mason co. ; served in the war of 1812, was 

68 American Biographical Notes. 

an earnest partizan of Gen. Harrison, and after his election was appointed 
governor of Iowa Terr., where he acquired influence among discordant 
Indian tribes; was elected to congress in 1828, 1836 and 1840. {Am. 
Almanac, 1854, p. 326.) 

CHAMPION, Epaphroditus, member of congress from Conn., from 
1807 to 1817; d. at East Haddam, Ct., Nov. 22, 1835, a. 78. 

CHAMPNEYS, Benjamin, ex-mem. of the leg. of Penn. ; d. at Lan- 
caster, Pa., Aug. 9, 1871, a. 71. 

CHANDLER, Charles Parsons, b. at New Gloucester Me. ; grad. 
at Bowdoin in 1822 ; was admitted to the bar at Portland, in 1825, and 
settled as a lawyer at Foxcroft, Me., in 1826; he filled many stations 
implying the confidence of his townsmen, and at the time of his death was 
senator elect; he d. Nov. 16, 1857, a. 56. 

CHANDLER, Dr. Thomas K., acting passed asst. surg. U. S. N. ; d. 
Feb. 1868 ; came from Fredonia, N. Y. in 1860, to Coll. of Physicians 
and Surgeons; grad. in 1862, and/was in the naval service in the Miss. 
and Gulf squadrons till the close of the war; was afterwards assigned for 
duty at the Washington Naval Hospital. 

CHANDLER, Gen. Joseph, d. in New York city, while on a visit to 
that place, Sept — 1846, a. 75 ; he was of Augusta, Me. ; was collector of 
the Portland district for some years, and had been prominent in the affairs 
of that state; in the war of 1812 he was with Gen. Dearborn. 

CHANDLER, John, a native of Va. ; served through the revolution 
under Greene and Sumpter, and shared the battles of Eutaw, Camden and 
Cowpens , he died near Jacksonville, Ala., Feb. 13, 1850, a. 104 years. 

CHANDLER, John, first son of Thomas Chandler ; was b. at Wood- 
stock, Ct., Mar. 4, 1736-7 ; removed with his father to Chester in 1763 ; 
held a commission of dedimus potestatem in Cumberland co., Vt., from 
July 17, 1766 to Apr. 14, 1772, and was county clerk from July 16, 1766 
to Feb. 25, 1772, when he was removed for misconduct. (Hall's Eastern 
Vermont, p. 638.) 

CHANDLER, Nathaniel, a tory ; d. at Portland, New Brunswick, 
in 1816. 

CHANDLER, Nathaniel, a tory of Worcester Mass. ; son of Col. 
John C. ; grad. at Harvard in 1768 ; began the practice of law, and in 
1776 went to Halifax ; in 1778, he was proscribed and banished ; he re- 
turned and died at Worcester in 1801, a. 51. {Sabine's Loyalists.) 

CHANDLER, Peleg, lawyer; d. at Bangor, Me., Jan., 1847, a. 73. 

CHANDLER, Rtjfus, of Worcester, Mass. ; son of Col. John C. ; was 
b. in 1747; grad. at Harvard in 1766, and became a tory; he went to 
Halifax in 1776; was proscribed and banished in 1778, and d. in London, 
Oct., 1823, a. 76. 

CHANDLER, Thomas, was born in Woodstock, Ct., July 23, 1709; 
removed to Walpole, N. H., and soon after to New Flamstead, now Ches- 
ter, Vt. ; in 1776, he became first judge of the inferior court of com. 
pleas, of Cumberland co., Vt. ; a justice and surrogate, and in the revolu- 
tion sympathized with the loyalists; he became impoverished in his old 
age and died a debtor in jail at Westminster, Vt., June 20, 1785. {Hall's 
Eastern^ Vermont, p. 633 ; Sabine's Loyalists.) 

American Biographical Notes. 69 

CHANDLER, Thomas, Jr., 2d son of T. C. j was born Sept. 23, 1740 ; 
served several years as clerk of Chester, Vt. ; in March, 1778, was chosen 
first sec. of state of Vt., and soon after clerk of the house ; in Oct. 1778, 
he was chosen speaker and afterwards served as member of council, repre- 
sentative and judge of the superior court, and com'r of sequestration ; 
he subsequently became reduced to poverty, and died in obscurity. {Ball's 
Eastern Vermont, p. 638.) 

CHANNING, William b. in Newport, R. I., May 31, 1751 ; grad. 
at Nassau Hall in 1769; held many honorable offices; in 1777, was 
chosen attorney general of R. I., which office beheld till 1787; d. at 
Newport, Sept 31,1793; he was the father of the Rev. Win. E. Channing 
of Boston, and Dr. E. T. Channing of Harvard University. ( IF. Updike's 
Mem. of the R. I. Bar, p. 94 ; Bradford's N. E. Biog.) 

CHAPIN, Dr. , emeritus professor of practice in the Pennsylva- 
nia Medical College ; d. in Phila., 1853. 

CHAPIN, John, a native of Connecticut and a soldier of the French 
war, the revolution, and the war of 1812 ; d. at Ogdensburgh, N. Y., 
Nov., 1839, in his 101st year. 

CHxiPMAN, Augustus, pres. of the Oswegatchie Bank at Ogdens- 
burgh ; d. very suddenly at his residence in Monistown, N. Y., May 11, 

CHAPMAN, Dan., b. in Ct. ; settled on the Stone ridge, Herkimer 
Village, N. Y.,as a merchant, but became a lawyer; in March, 1803, was 
appointed surrogate; removed in 1807; reappointed in 1808, and held 
'till Nov., 1816; in 1820, he removed to Oneida co. ; returned to Her- 
kimer, and finally to Montgomery, where he d. at an advanced age ; he 
was a subaltern officer in the revolution. {Benton's Herkimer Co. N. Y., 
p. 302.) 

CHAPMAN, George A., an original proprietor of the Indiannapolis 
State Sentinel and a popular democratic editor; d. at Indianapolis, 
March 15, 1851, a. 44. 

CHAPMAN, John, a tory from the states ; was a magistrate in New 
Brunswick ; and d. at Dorchester, in that colony in 1833, a. 72. 

CHAPMAN, Jonathan, better known as Johnny Appleseed, an ex- 
centrict person well known half a century ago in the western country, said 
to have been b. in Boston ; a devout Swedenborgian, barefooted and clad 
in rags, he wandered, on long journeys laden with a bag of apple seeds, 
planting them along the way. Sometimes he would stop a year or two ; get 
a nursery started, and then sell out or abandon it, and renew his planting. 
A welcome guest everywhere, in the Indian wigwam and the settler's cabin; 
harmless — zealous and earnest in the work of his lifetime, this strange 
being in his way doubtless wrought more good to humanity than thousands 
who die rich; d. in Allen co., Ind., in the summer of 1847, a. 72. • 

CHAPMAN, Jonathan, d. in Boston, Mass., May 25, 1848, a. 41 ; 
several years a mayor, and a man much esteemed. 

CHAPMAN, Reuben At water, chief just, of the sup. court of Mass. ; 
d. at Luzerne, Switzerland, June 28, 1873, a. 72. 

CHAPMAN, Rev. Jedediah, b. at Chatham, Ct., in 1741 ; grad. at 
Yale in 1762 ; was soon after licensed to preach, and was ordained over a 
church in Orangedale, N. J., where he remained 'till about 1800 ; he 

70 American Biographical Notes. 

then removed to Geneva, N. Y., as amissonary; he was installed over the 
Fresh, church therewith Rev. Henry Axtel, July 8, 1812 ; and d. May 22, 
1813, a. 72. (Hotchkin's Western N. Y., p. 264.) 

CHAPMAN, Seth, president judge of the 8th judicial dist. of Penn- 
sylvania ; d. Dec. 5, 1835. 

CHAPPELL, John J., mem. of cong. from South Carolina, from 1813 
to 1817 ; d. near Montgomery, Ala., May 23, 1871. 

CHARDON, Peter, son of a Boston merchant, and descended from 
one of the French refugees after the revocation of the edict of Nantes ; 
he grad. at Harvard in 1757; and d. at Charlotte Town in the West In- 
dies, Oct., 1766 ; he was a lawyer, and on intimate terms with Rev. Ed- 
ward Brooks, who named a son from him ; the latter gave name to the 
town of Chandon Ohio. 

CHARLTON, Thomas U. P., a lawyer of note, published a life of 
Gen. James Jackson in 1808, and d. in Savannah, Ga. 

CHASE, Edward J., U. S. marshall for the northern dist. of New 
York; d. at Lockport, N. Y., Oct. 14, 1862 ; b. in N. H., in 1809, and 
a brother of Salmon P. Chase, late chief justice of U. S. 

CHASE, George M., b. in Vt., resided in Me., and was appointed 
consul at Lahauia, in the Sandwich Islands, where he d. Dec. 5, 1855, 
a. about 50. 

CHASE, Hannah, widow of Stephen; d. in Unity, Me., June 21, 
1845, a. 106 ys. 25 d. ; b. in Swansea, May 27, 1739; left numerous de- 
scendants of whom about 130 walked in her funeral train. (Am. Alma- 
nac, 1846, p. 322.) 

CHASE, Leslie, grad. at West Point in 1838 ; served with distinc- 
tion in the early part of the Mexican war and in 1847 was placed on duty 
in the war department as judge advocate of the army for which his early 
studies in law had fitted him ; he d. at Smithsville, N. C, April 15, 1849. 
(Stryher's Am. Reg., ii, 500.) 

CHASE, Mrs. Hannah Kitty, widow of Judge Samuel Chase one 
of the signers of the declaration of independence ; d. at Baltimore, Md., 
March 22, 1848, a. 93. 

CHASE, Rev. Reuben, b. Plainfield, Ct., Dec, 1783; was a pioneer 
settler of Lowville, N. Y., and local preacher ; d. there Feb. 1, 1871, a. 
78. (Northern Christian Advocate, March 23, 1871.) 

CHASE, Salmon P., chief just, of the sup. court of the U. S. ; d. 
in Washington, May 7, 1873, a. 65. 

CHASE, Stephen, prof, of mathematics in Dartmouth Coll., and a 
contributor to several religious periodicals; d. at Hanover, N. H., Janu- 
ary 7, 1851, a. 37 years ; he grad. at Dartmouth in 1832, and was professor 
from 1838. 

CHASS ANIS, Pierre, a French speculator in New York lands, towards 
the close of the last century, and director of the " Compagnie de New 
York," or " Castorland company," on the Black river; d. in Paris. Oct. 
28, 1803. (Hough's Hist. Lewis Co., pp. 34-70.) 

CHATTERTON, Rev. Benjamin, F. W. Bap. preacher, b. in Ac- 
worth, N. H. ; ordained Feb. 3, 1828, lived in Middlesex, Vt. ; d. June 
17, 1855. a. 77. (F. W. Bap. Reg., 1857, p. 88.) 

American Biographical Notes. 71 

CHAUMONT, Le Ray de, (see Le Kay.) 

CHAUNCEY, Lieut. Charles Wolcott, d. at Anton Lizardo, Aug. 
10, 1847, in command of the U. S. steamer Spitfire. 

CHEESEMAN, Dr. John C, d. in New York city Oct. 11, 1862, a. 
75; was a medical professor and an eminent surgeon. 

CHEEVER, Col. Abner, d. at Lynn, Mass., Sept. 9, 1837, a. 81 ; 
was in the revolution, and a minute man at Lexington, in 1775. 

CHEEVER, Dr. Abijah, d. in Saugus, Mass., April 21, 1843, a. 84; 
grad. at Harvard in 1779; studied medicine with Dr. John Warren, and 
was several years in the medical department of the army and navy during 
the revolution ; after the peace he settled in Boston, and acquired an ex- 
tensive practice. 

CHEEVER, Samuel, judge and agriculturist ; d. at Waterford, N. Y., 
Sept. 25, 1874, a. 87. 

CHERRY, William W., d. at Jackson, N. C, May 2, 1845, in his 39th 
year; while attending the superior court for Northampton, co. ; he was a 
distinguished advocate ; twice in the state legislature ; whig elector of 
president in 1840, and 1844, and at the time of his death a candidate for 

CHESTER, Henry, a lawyer of Phila. associated with his brother-in 
law C. Chauncey ; d. in Phila., July 26, 1848. 

CHESTER, Rev. John, D.D., pastor of 2d Presb. ch. Albany; son 
of Col. John C. ; b. at Wethersfield, Ct., Aug. 17, 1785 ; grad. at Yale in 
1804; preached some time at Middletown, Ct., removed to Cooperstown,. 
N. Y., and from 1810 to 1814, was pastor of a church at Hudson ; in Dec. 
1815, he was installed, over the 2d Presb. ch., Albany; d. at Phil'a., Jan. 
12, 1829. {Obituary Notices of Rev. J. C, Albany 1829, 8vo, pp. 84, 
with portrait ; Goodwin's Notes, p. 17.) 

CHETWOOD, John J., d. at Elizabethtown, N. Y., Nov. 18, 1861 ; 
b. in 1800, was a lawyer ; 14 years surrogate of Essex co., N. J., and 
identified with the great railroad enterprises of the state. 

CHETWOOD, William, b. in 1769; grad. at Princeton in 1792; 
admitted to the bar in 1798; served in the expedition to suppress the 
whiskey rebellion, and in the state council of N. J. ; was in congress to 
fill a vacancy in Pres. Jackson's term, and d. Dec. 18, 1857. 

CHEW, Benjamin, Jr., b. Sept. 30, 1758, in Philadelphia, and d. 
near Germantown, Pa, April 30, 1844; was a lawyer, and practiced seve- 
ral years. 

CHEW, Dr. Samuel, d. Baltimore, Md., Dec. 26, 1863. 

CHEW, Joseph, a magistrate of Tryon co., N. Y. ; signed a declaration 
of loyalty in 1775 ; went to Canada in 1792, and was an officer under 
Sir John Johnson. {Sabine's Loyalists.} 

CHEW, Joseph, a tory, of New London, Ct. ; was com. in the royal 
service, and in 1777 was taken prisoner by the Whigs at Sag Harbor. 

CHEW, Robert S., chief clerk of the state department in Washing- 
ton ; d. Aug. 3,1873, a.. 62. 

CHEW, William, lieut. in a corps of loyalists ; settled in New Bruns- 
wick on half pay, and d. at Fredericton in 1812, a. 64. 

72 American Biographical Notes. 

CHEW, William, was during a long period official iuterpreter at the 
Tuscarora village Lewiston, N. Y., of which tribe of Indians he was a 
member, and the grand sachem ; d. Dec. 29, 1857. 

CHICK, John and Johannes, tories from Long Island, N. Y. ; settled 
in New Brunswick in 1783, the latter, with a wife and two children. 

CHILD, Capt. Abraham, an officer of the revolution ; d. at Groton, 
Mass., Jan. 3, 1834, a. 92. 

CHILD, William, d. in Springfield, Mass., June 17, 1847, a. 59 ; was 
in the state senate in 1841, and had been previously in the house, and 
chairman of the county commissioners. 

CHILDS, Francis, was b. in Phila., Oct. 23, 1763 ; left early an 
orphan found friend and patron in John Jay who sent him to school at 
Esopus ; he learned the printer's trade of Dunlap of Phila. ; having ob- 
tained a press by the aid of Franklin he settled as a printer in New York, 
March 1, 1785, began the " New York Daily Advertiser," the first daily in 
N. Y., which he continued till 1795 ; he also printed the laws and journals 
of N. Y., several years; in 1796, he was appoiuted consul to Genoa 
but did not accept ; he was afterwards several years an agent of govern- 
ment in France and Germany ; he d. at Burlington, Vt., Aug. 17, 1830. 

CHILDS, Gen. David, d. at Maysville, Ky., Nov. 14, 1835, a. 68. 

CHILDS, Perry G., formerly in the Vermont state senate ; d. at 
Cazenovia, N. Y., March 27, 1835. 

CHILTON, George, emigrated from England in 1797, at the age of 
30 ; and soon after settled in New York, as an instructor in chemistry, 
philosophy and astronomy; in 1803, he delivered a course of lectures on 
natural philosophy to a large class of ladies ; in 1808, he began the man- 
ufacture of uhrome yellow ; and in 1811, established a manufactory of 
pigments of chrome from the ore; in 1822, he established himself as an 
analyst and chemist and maker and importer of apparatus ; he was active 
in the pursuit and diffusion of science until his death Nov., 1836. (Am. 
Jour. JSci. and Arts. 1st. Ser., xxxi, 421 ; N Y. American, Nov. 17, 1836.) 

CHILTON, Rev. Thomas, d. in Montgomery, Texas, Sept. 14, 1852 ; 
formerly of Kentucky and in 1819-20 in the state legislature; in 1824- 
5 clerk of senate; in 1827-31, and 1833-5 in congress from Hardin dis- 
trict ; after leaving congress he became a clergyman, and preached in 
Kentucky, Alabama and Texas. 

CHIPM AN, George, a tory, was sheriff 29 years in Nova Scotia ; aud 
d. at Kentville, N. S., in 1838, a. 64. 

CHIPMAN, Jeffrey, d. in Kalamazoo, Mich., Nov. 1, 1849, a. 60 ; 
b. in Butlaud, Vt. ; was many years a resident of Canandaigua, and was 
the magistrate before whom William Morgan was arraigned on a charge 
of larceny, when committed to the Ontario county jail, in the beginning of 
the auti masonic excitement of 1826-8. 

CHIPMAN, John, a tory from the states ; d. at Cornwallis, Nova Scotia, 
in 1836, a. 91 ; he was " custos votulorum" of King's co. 

CHIPMAN, William Allen, a tory from the states ; d. at Cornwallis, 
N- S., in 1845, a. 89. 

CHISHOLM, Mrs. Mary, d. in Albemarle co., Va., Oct. 27, 1839, 
a. 107. 

American Biographical Notes. 73 

CHISHOLM, Rev. James, d. in Portsmouth, Va., Sept. 15, 1855, a. 
39; b. in Salem, Mass., in 1815 ; grad. at Cambridge in 1836 ; settled as 
rector of St. John's church in Portsmouth, in 1850, and resided till death ; 
he remained during the fearful epidemic of 1855, to render aid to the 
sufferers, and fell a victim to the disease. (Conrad's Memoir of Rev. J. 
Vhisholm, Report of Portsmouth Relief Association, p. 763.) 

CHITTENDEN, Noah, d. at Jericho, Vt., Jan. 8, 1835, a. 82. 

CHITTENDEN, William B., d. at Richmond, Va., Feb. 11, 1849, a. 
51 ; pres. of the James river and Kanawha co., which office he held two 
or three years, after being its sec. from 1836 ; he was a native of N. Y. ; 
grad. at Hampden, Sidney Coll., in 1824, and was some years a reporter 
for the press in New York; he returned to Richmond in the winter of 
1834-5, and remained there till his death. (Am. Almanac, 1850, p. 325.) 

CHITTI, Louis, an Italian exile, d. in New York, Sept. 1, 1853 ; sec- 
retary of finance to Murat ; afterwards prof, of political economy at 
Brussels, and theu a commissioner to the U. S., from the Belgian govern- 
ment. In the troubles in 1821, at Naples he was expelled from Italy, on 
account of his politics, and had since resided in this country. 

CHOTEAU, Pierre, one of the founders of St. Louis, and last sur- 
vivor of the La Clede party; d. at St. Louis, Mo., July 9, 1849, in his 
91st year. 

CHOVET, Dr. A., an eccentric physician of Philadelphia towards the 
close of the last century. 

CHRISTIAN, John B., d. in Williamsburg, Va., Feb. 21, 1856, a. 62 ; 
was one of the circuit and general court judges from 1836 to 1851, when 
a change of districts was made under which he was superseded ; he was 
at the time of his death a visitor of the College of William and Mary. 

CHRISTIAN, Phebe (colored), d. in Ohio, March 20, 1859, a. 118. 

CHRISTIE, Cr., a tory of Md. ; had his estate confiscated ; after the 
revolution he recovered a portion of his debts. (Sabine's Loyalists.) 

CHRISTIE, James, Jr., a merchant of Baltimore; was published as 
a tory in July, 1765. (Sabi7ie's Loyalists.) 

CHRISTIE, Thomas, a tory of N. C ; had his property confiscated in 

CHRISTY, George N. (See Harrington, George N.) 

CHRYSTIE, James, revolutionary officer ; b. near Edinburgh, 1750; 
removed to Pa. in 1775 ; in 1776, entered the army, in which the next 
year he became captain ; after Arnold's treason he was sent on an im- 
portant errand to West Point, and brought important news for Washington. 
(Rogers's Am. Biog.) 

CHUBB, John, a tory of Phila., went to St. John, N. B., and was a 
grantee of that city, in 1795 he belonged to the Loyal Artil Co. ; he d. 
in 1822, a. 69 ; his son Henry C, was proprietor of the St. John Courier. 

CHURCH, Daniel W., b. in Brattleboro, Vt. ; was a millwright, and 
saw the beginnings of many places in northern N. Y. ; was an adjutant 
in the reg. stationed at Ogdensburgh in the summer of 1812 ; d. in Mor- 
ristown, N. Y., Jan. 7, 1857, in h*s 85th year. (Rough's Hist. St. Law- 
rence and Franklin Cos., with portrait.) 


74 American Biographical Notes. 

CHURCH, John B., came from England a few years before the revo- 
lution as a young adventurer and for several years lived in Boston as an 
underwriter ; he was engaged in the commissary dep. through the war ; 
m. a dau. of Gen. Schuyler. His business having been with the French 
army he with Jeremiah Wadsworth was compelled to visit France, 
where they remained 18 mo, he then removed to Berkshire near London, 
and in 1797, returned to N. Y.; he d. in London in 1816 ; his son John 
B., became a pioneer on the Genesee in 1803. {Turners, Phelps & Gor- 
ham's Purchase, p. 448.) 

CHURCH, John P., county clerk of Orleans co., N. Y. ; d. at Albion, 
N. Y., Dec. 23, 1858. (Orleans American, Dec. 23, 1858.) 

CHURCH, Philip, son of John B. C, and grandson of Gen. Schuyler, 
entered the army as capt. of 12th Infan., Jan. 8, 1796, was aid to his 
uncle Gen. Hamilton, but was disbanded in 1800 ; having about this time 
purchased a part of the Morris Reserve in Allegany co , he began its set- 
tlement and in 1803 went to reside on the Genesee, four miles from An- 
gelica, at a place which he named Belvedere ; he d. there Jan. 17, 1861, 
a. 83 ; he was an efficient advocate of the N. Y. & Erie R. R. (Hist. 
Mag., v, 224; Turners, Phelps & Gorham's Purchase, p. 446) 

CHURCH, Rev. John H., D.D., d. June 13, 1840, at Pelham, N. H., 
a. 68 ; he was a Congregational minister. 

CILLEY, Jonathan, of Thomaston, Me., member of congress from 
Maine, and formerly speaker of the house in that state, killed in a duel 
at Bladensburg, Md., Feb. 21, 1839, by William J. Graves, member of 
congress from Kentucky ; the weapons used were rifles, distance 80 yards. 

CLAGETT, Dr. Henry, d. May 20, 1842, at Leesburgh, Va., a. 70, 
a distinguished practitioner of medicine. 

CLAGHORN, John W., d. in Phila., Oct. 17, 1869; b. in Mass., 
Aug. 25, 1789; came to Phila., and was partner in a large auction house. 

CLAP, Ebenezer, d. in Bath, Me , Jan. 28, 1856, a. 77; was b. in 
Mansfield, Mass., in 1779 ; grad. at Harvard, in 1799; was admitted to 
the law in 1803, and began practice at Nantucket but soon removed to 
Bath ; was a representative of his town in the Mass. legislature, and judge 
of the court of sessions ; for 14 years was judge of the municipal court 
of Bath. 

CLAPIER, Louis, an eminent shipping merchant of Philadelphia; b. 
in Marseilles, France, about 1768, and d. , 1838, in his 73d year. 

CLAPP, Ebenezer, b. Aug. 25, 1771, son of Noah C. ; grad. at Har- 
vard in 1735, was 41 years clerk of Dorchester, and d. March 6, 1860. 
(Hist. Mag., iv, 125.) 

CLAPP, Ezra, a pioneer settler of Turin, N. Y. ; d. in Westfield, 
Mass., his native town, June 17, 1838, a. 78. 

CLAPP, John Milton, b. in Ohio; grad. at Yale in 1851 ; settled 
in South Carolina, and for many years was an editor of the Charleston 
Mercury; he d. Dec. 16, 1857, a. 47. 

CLAPP, Mrs. Phebe, d. at Easthampton, Mass., Nov. 30, 1847, a. 97 
y., 7 d. (Am. Almanac, 1849, p. 323.) 

CLAPP, Rev. Dexter, d. at Salem, Mass., July 26, 1868, a. 52 ; grad. 
at Amherst, in 1839. 

American Biographical Notes. 75 

CLAPP, Washington, editor of the Natic k Times; d. Aug. 5, 1868. 

CLAPP, William, d. at St. Albans, Vt., April 30, 1870, a. 59. 

CLAREY, Daniel, a tory of ninety-six, S. C ; held an office under 
the crown after the surrender of Charleston ; his estate was confiscated. 

CLARK, Aaron, major, of New York; b. at Northampton, Mass.; 
removed to Middlebury, Vt. ; grad. at Union Coll. in 1808; was private 
sec. to Gov. Tompkins ; studied law with Erastus Root, at Delhi; went to 
Albany in 1814, was clerk of assembly, from 1815 to 1820 inch, and pre- 
pared a legislative manual, from which originated the present annual Red 
Book of the N. Y. legislature; he m. a dau. of Gen. Anthony Lamb; 
went to N. Y., was clerk in the N. R. Bank ; was elected alderman in 1835, 
and in 1837, 8, was mayor of New York ; he was for a time an extensive 
lottery and exchange dealer ; director of the N. R. Bank, and the first 
pres. of the Merchant's Insurance Co. ; he d. in Brooklyn, Aug. 3, 1861. 
(N. Y. Eve. Post.) 

CLARK, Abraham, signer of the Declaration of Independence ; reared 
on a farm in Elizabethtown, N. J., where he was born Feb. 15, 1726 ; was 
a surveyor and lawyer, and held colonial offices several years; from 1776 
to 1782, and in 1787-8, he was in continental congress, and he was a 
member of the convention that formed the U. S. constitution, under which 
he was again elected to congress, and from 1791 held till his death in the 
fall of 1794, in his 69th year. 

CLARK, Benjamin, d. in New York city, March 2, 1840, in his 66th 
year ; known as the " Quaker lawyer." 

CLARK, Capt. Ebenezer, d. at New Ipswich, N. H., Nov. 24, 1835, 
a. 82 ; he was a soldier of the revolution. 

CLARK, Cephas, d. in West Turin, N. Y., Dec. 1, 1854, a. 91. 

CLARK, Dr. Darius, d. at Canton, N. Y., Jan. 23, 1871, a. 72; he 
was several years an inspector of state prisons. 

CLARK, Dr. Israel, an eminent physician; d. at Clarksville, N. J., 
May 19, 1837, a. 78. 

CLARK, Dr. Joseph, of Stratford, Ct., fled to the British army in 
1776 ; he went to New Brunswick with his family in 1783 ; settled in his 
profession at Mangerville on the St. John ; was a judge of the court of 
com. pleas for Sunbury co., and in 1799, visited his friends in the U. S. ; 
he d. at Mangerville in 1813, a. 78. 

CLARK, Elisha B., d. in March 1, 1842, in Patterson, N. J., a. 41; 
he was for several years a member of the house of assembly of N. J. 

CLARK, Gen. Marston G., was b. in Lunenburg co., Va., Dec. 12, 
1771, and was one of a family of 29 brothers and 2 sisters of the same 
parents ; he went west, before coming of age, and acquired the confidence 
of his fellow citizens, whom he served in many stations, civil and military ; 
he was with Gen. Wayne, and Gen. Harrison, and served in both houses 
of the Indiana legislature; he d. in that state, July 25, 1846, a. 74. 

CLARK, George I. F., d. at St. Augustine, Fla., Oct. 20, 1836; he 
was a native of Florida, and for many years was lieut. gov., and surveyor 
general of the province of East Florida, under the Spanish government. 

CLARK, Horace F., a well known financier, and pres. of the Union 
Pacific R. R. Co., d. June 10, 1873, a 58. 

76 American Biographical Notes. 

CLARK, Jabez, late chief justice of Windham county court; d. at 
Windham, Conn., Nov. 11, 1836 ; he was long a member of the bar, and 
had served during the revolution in the quarter master's department. 

CLARK, James, a tory of R. L, went to St. John, N. B., in 1783; 
was a grantee in that city ; and d. in 1820, a. 90 ; his son James, d. in 
1803, at St. John, a. 41. 

CLARK, Joseph, son of Dr. Joseph, accompanied the family toN. B., 
and d. in N. Y., in 1828, while on a visit, a. 65. 

CLARK, Louis Gaylord, d. at Piermont-on-the-Hudson, Nov. 3, 
1873. He was born at Otisco, Onondaga co., N. Y., in 1810 ; was a twin 
brother of Willis Gaylord Clark, well known as a writer of entertaining 
prose and pleasing verse, who d. in 1841 ; the two brothers were educated 
by their father; in 1834 Louis Gaylord took the editorial charge of The 
Knickerbocker Magazine, which had been established in December, 1832, 
by Charles Fenno Hoffman, who was succeeded in 1833 by the Rev. 
Timothy Flint. Mr. Clark edited The Knickerbocker for twenty-five 
years, and made hosts of friends by his management, in the course of which 
he became acquainted, either personally or by correspondence, with many 
of the best known writers in our own country, as well as with not a few 
of the English authors of note in his time. Mr. Clark's own contributions 
to The Knickerbocker were principally of a miscellaneous, gossiping, 
conversational character, and were to be found in the last pages of each 
number, under the headings " Editor's Table" and " Gossip with Readers 
and Correspondents." Mr. Clark's books were only his collected contribu- 
tions to The Knickerbocker. The house in which he passed his later 
years and in which he died was dear to him, as having been bought with 
the proceeds of a volume, The Knickerbocker Gallery, made up of articles 
written for the purpose by his friends and by contributors to the maga- 
zine. (iV. Y. Tribune.') 

CLARK, Maj. Archibald, d. at St. Marys, Ga., Dec. 26, 1848 ; was 
34 years collector of that port, and prominently identified with the inter- 
ests of that place. 

CLARK, Maj. James W., d. in Tarboro, N. C, Jan., 1844, in his 
65th year ; b. in Bertie co., N. C. ; educated at Princeton and settled in 
Edgecomb, where he resided about forty years; he served in both houses 
of the legislature both from Bertie and Edgecomb counties and was in 
congress in 1815 and 1816. 

CLARK, Nehemiah, a tory and surgeon in the king's service ; he 
went to St. John, N. B., received half pay, and d. at Douglas, N. B., in 
1825, a. 86. 

CLARK, Rev. Charles, Baptist clergyman; b. Dec. 29, 1805; son 
of Elijah C., of Denmark, N. Y.; preached at Lowville, Watertown, 
Adams, and Rome, and d. at Rome, N. Y., Oct. 16, 1852. {Hough's 
Hist. Leiois Co., iV". Y., p. 170.) 

CLARK, Rev. Joseph S., D.D., b. in S. Plymouth, in 1800 ; grad. 
at Amherst and Andover ; was pastor of the Congregational ch. in Stro- 
bridge, Mass., from 1832 to 1839, when he became sec. of the Mass. 
home missionary soc. ; in 1857, he relinquished this office and became sec. 
and acting supt., of the cong. library asso. ; he was the author of many 
historical and biographical sketches in the Congregational Quarterly ; d. at 
West Trenton, Aug. 1861. (Independent, Aug. 29, 1861.) 

American Biographical Notes. 77 

CLARK, Rev. William, of Danvers, Mass. ; son of Rev. Peter C. ; 
grad. at Harvard in 1759 ; was Episcopal minister at Quincy, several 
years; went to England; drew a pension, and d. Nov., 1815. 

CLARK, Samuel, b. at Lebanon, Ct., Feb. 28, 1777 ; was a merchant; 
represented Dover, Vt., and subsequently Brattleboro in gen. assem ; was 
a member of the const, conven. ; a justice and county judge ; he d. at 
West Brattleboro, Vt., April 10, 1861. {Hist. Mag., v, 224.) 

CLARK, William, d. in Dauphin co., Pa., April 28, 1851 ; was, prior 
to 1828, state treasurer of Pennsylvania, and in that year was appointed 
treasurer of the United States, and held office one year ; from 1833 to 1837, 
he was a member of congress. (Simpson's Eminent, Pliiladelphians.) 

CLARKE, Alexander, a loyalist from the states ; d. at Waterborough, 
N. B., in 1825, a. 82; he was several years master armorer in the ord- 
nance dep. at St. John. 

CLARKE, Augustine, late treasurer of Vermont ; d. at Burlington, 
Vt., June 17, 1841, a. 62. 

CLARKE, Isaac Winslow, a tory of Boston ; he became commissary 
gen. of Lower Canada, and d. in 1822, after he had embarked tor England ; 
his dau. Susan, married Charles Richard Ogden ; solicitor gen. of L. C. 
in 1829. (Sabine's Loyalists.} 

CLARKE, John Hopkins, d. at Providence, R. I., Nov. 22, 1870, 
a. 79; was in the U. S. senate from R. I., in 1847-53. 

CLARKE, Lemuel, d. at Springfield, Mass.. Aug. 22, 1810, a. 85; 
he served through the revolution. 

CLARKE, Matthew St. Clair, d. at Washington, D. C, May 6, 
1852, a. 61, formerly clerk of the house of representatives. 

CLARKE, Ray, d. near Oxford village, Chenango co., N. Y., May 6, 
1847, a. 65; was formerly of East Greenwich, R. I., and grad. at Harvard 
in 1803. 

CLARKE, Rev. Richard Samuel, was Episcopal minister, 19 y. at 
New Milford, Ct., 25 y. at Gagetown, N. B., and 13 at St. Stephen, N. 
B. ; he was the oldest missionary in the British colonies at his death, 
which occurred at St. Stephen, Oct. 6, 1824, a. 87. (Sabine's Loyalists.) 

CLARKE, Richard, merchant of Boston ; grad. at Harvard in 1729, 
he and his sons were consignees of the tea destroyed in Boston harbor 
early in the revolution ; he was treated with severity by the whigs, went 
to England in 1775; Lord Chancellor Lyndhurst of Eng., was a grandson. 
(Sabine's Loyalists.') 

CLARKE, William, b. at N. Kingston, R. I. ; entered the service of 
the crown, and was capt. in Col. Whiteman's regt. of loyal New Eng- 
enders; he settled in New Brunswick in 1783; was an alderman of St. 
John; d. there in 1S04. (Sabine's Loyalists.) 

CLARKE, William Warner, b. in Bristol, Vt., Aug. 19, 1826; 
grad. at Middletown, and was several years prin. of Gouverneur Wesleyan 
Sem. ; in 1853, was called to the chair of mathematics in the Genesee 
Wes. Sem., at Lima, N. Y. ; went to Baton Rouge, La., but a year after 
returned to Lima, and d. Dec. 19, 1869. (Northern Christian Advocate, 
March 24, 1870.) 

78 American Biographical Notes. 

CLARKSON, Dr. Gerardtjs, son of Matthew C. Clarkson a merchant 
of New York, who d. in 1779, was a popular practitioner of Philadelphia 
as early as 1774, and d. Sept. 19, 1790, a. 53. 

CLAUS, Daniel, tory, and attainted and banished Oct. 22, 1779, he 
was a son-in-law of Sir Wm. Johnson of Tryon co., N. Y. ; served in the 
Indian dep. ; withdrew to Canada, where his wife d. in 1801 ; his son 
"William was dep. supt. gen. of Indian affairs in Canada. {Sabine's Loy- 

CLAY, Rev. Porter, last surviving full brother of Henry Clay and 
like him a selfmade man, d. at Camden, Ark., Feb. 16, 1850, in his 71st 
year. (Striker's Am. Reg., iv, 449.) 

CLAY, Theodore Wythe, (lunatic son of Henry Clay) ; d. at Lex- 
ington, Ky., May 14, 1870, a. 68. 

CLAYPOLE, David C, d. in Philadelphia, Pa., about March 19, 1849, 
a. 92 ; was one of the proprietors of Dunlap & Glaypole's Daily Adver- 
tiser, the first daily newspaper in the United States, first published as a 
daily in 1784. {Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

CLAYTON, George R., d. at Milledgville, Ga., Nov., 1840; was 19 
years treasurer of the state of Georgia, and afterwards cashier of the bank 
of that state. 

CLEAVELAND, Jesse F., member of congress from Georgia, from 
1836 to 1839, and subsequently a merchant at Charleston, S. C. ; d. at 
Charleston, May 19, 1841. 

CLELAND, Jonas, removed in early life to Warren, Herk. co., N. Y. ; 
represented that county in assembly in 1814, 15, 19, 26, and was 40 years 
in succession a magistrate, and one year a judge ; he was a successful 
merchant; d. at Warren, April 25, 1858. 

CLEMENTS, Peter, a tory ; entered the loyal service and at the close 
of the revolution was a captain in the king's Am. regt. ; he went to St. 
John, N. B., in 1783 ; was a grantee of that city and drew half pay ; he 
removed to York co., where he was a magistrate ; d. on the St. John near 
Fredericton in 1833, a. 94. {Sabine's Loyalists.') 

CLEVELAND, Hannah, d. at Skaneateles, N. Y., June 14, 1861, a. 
104 y. 7 mo. ; b. at Northampton, Mass. ; her two sisters with her own 
ages exceeded 300 years. 

CLEVELAND, Mason, d. at Hampton, Conn., Sept. 13, 1852; was 
state sen. in 1842 ; comptroller of the state in 1846, and com. of the school 
fund in 1853 ; was 59 years old. 

CLEVELAND, Nehemiah, for 53 years a practicing physician at 
Topsfield, Mass.; d. in that town Feb. 26, 1837; he was many years a 
magistrate, and for some time a member of the state senate. 

CLEVELAND, William, d. in Salem, Mass, July 30, 1842, a. 65; 
president of the Commercial Insurance Co. 

CLEVELAND, William Charles, prof, of civil eng. in Cornell 
University; d. at Ithaca, N. Y.,Jan. 16, 1873; grad. at Lawrence Scien- 
tific Institute of Cambridge, Mass., where he resided and practiced his 
profession up to the time of being called to the place he occupied at the 
time of his death. His rare talents and knowledge in his profession at- 
tracted the attention of the university authorities at the beginning of 

American Biographical Notes. 79 

selecting the faculty. Previous to this time he hud never taught, but his 
connection with the university was successful in the extreme. He 
was a passionate lover of art, and the best influences of its study were 
stamped upon his daily life, and made him one of the pleasantest of men 
to associate with students, and to exert a refining influence upon them. 

CLIFF, Dea. Joseph, of Marshfield, Mass. ; d. April 6, 1849, a. 81. 

CLIFFORD, John, a lieut. in the revolution, d. in Bethlehem, N. J., 
Aug. 2, 1842, a. 94. 

CLINCH, Peter, a tory ; was in 1872 a lieut. in the Royal Fensible 
Americans, and adj. of the corps; he settled in New Brunswick on half 
pay; d. in the co. of Charlotte, N. B. 

CLINTON, Gen. James H., killed at Knoxville, Tenn., Sept. 27, 1871. 

CLINTON, Rev. Isaac, first principal of Lowville Academy, N. Y. ; 
b. at Milford, Ct., Jan. 21, 1759 ; served a little in the revolution ; grad. 
at Yale in 1786; was installed over a Cong. ch. at Southwick, Mass., Jan. 
30, 1788; in Aug., he lost five children within a week from disease ; in 
1807, he settled as pastor and teacher at Lowville, N. Y., and served many 
years; he was known as a writer upon Infant Baptism ; d. at Lowville, 
N. Y, March 18, 1840. (Lowville Acad. Semi-centen. Celebration, p. 78; 
Hough's Hist. Leiois Co., p. 164.) 

CLITHERELL, Dr. James, a tory of S. C; lost his estate in 1782, 
and was banished. 

CLOPPER, Garrett, was an ensign in the N. Y. volunteers (loyalists) 
in 1782, and a qr. mas. of the corps; he went to St. John, N. B., drew a 
city lot and half pay ; was sergeant at arms, of the house of assembly, and 
a magistrate of York co. ; d. in New Brunswick. 

CLOPPER, James, was a lieut. in a corps of loyalists, went to New 
Brunswick, drew half pay, and was a magistrate in York co. ; d. at Frede- 
ricton in 1823, a. 67. 

CLOUD, Ezekiel, a revolutionary patriot; d. at Henry co.,Ga., June 
1850, a. 97 years. 

CLUTTER, George W., first auditor of the state of Virginia; d. in 
Preston co., Va., July 16, 1857; he was a captain in the Mexican war. 

CLYMER, George, inventor of the Columbian printing press, and 
formerly of Philadelphia; d. in London, Eng., Sept. 4, 1834, a. 80. 

COATES, John Reynell, eldest son of Samuel C, and principally 
known as land agent to the Penn family ; b. in Philadelphia, Nov. 22, 
1777; d. Feb. 22, 1842. {Simpson's Eminent PhiladeljjJiians.') 

COATES, Samuel, a distinguished merchant of Philadelphia ; d. June 
4, 1830, a. 81. {Simpson's Eminent Philadelpliians, with portrait.) 

COBB, George T., of N. J.; killed by railroad accident in Va., Aug. 
6, 1870, a. 61. 

COBB, Thomas, d. in Jersey city, N. J., Feb. 17, 1845, a. 85; b. in 
Parsippany N. J., Jan. 16, 1760; served in the revolution, and during 
the last two years acted as captain. {Am. Almanac, 1846, p. 323.) 

COBURN, Mrs. Bridget H., d. in Bloomfield, Me., in her 100th year ; 
she was formerly of Dracut, Mass. 

COCHISE, an Indian of the Coyoteros, a branch of the Apache tribe ; 
d. in Arizona, June, 1874. {N. Y. Tribune (s. w.), June 16, 1874.) 

80 American Biographical Notes. 

COCHRAN, Dr. George, health officer of Brooklyn; d. Nov. 19, 
1872, a. 40. 

COCHRAN, Maj. James, d. at Oswego, N. Y., Nov. 7, 1848,_a. 79; 
he was a member of congress from Montgomery co., N. Y., in 1797-9. 

COCHRANE, Col. James, served in the war of 1812, and was the 
captain of a volunteer rifle corps that rendered essential service in the 
protection of the ships built by Com. Perry until they were 'fitted out; he 
was elected to the Pa. house of representatives several years ; and d. at 
Meadville, Pa., March 31, 1850, a. 73 years. 

COCHRANE, Richard E., lieut. of 4th U. S. infantry, of Delaware ; 
became 2d It. 4th infantry, Sept. 18, 1838, and 1st It. Dec. 1842 ; was 
killed among the advance troops, by a charge of Mexican cavalry, at 
Resaca de la Palma,. May 9, 1846. (Thorpes Army of the Rio Grande, 
p. 196.) 

CODNER, James, a tory; was an ensign in the 2d Am. regiment in 
1782 ; went to St. John, N. B. in 1783 and drew a city lot; he was a 
magistrate and d. in 1821, a. 67. 

COE, Rev. Jonas, son of John C. ; b. at New Hampstead, now Ramapo, 
N. Y., March 20, 1759 ; his father was an ardent patriot, and on one occa- 
sion took five sons with him to battle; he grad. at Queen's, now Rutger's 
Coll. in 1789 ; studied theology under Dr. Rodgers of N. Y. ; was licensed 
to preach, Oct. 7, 1791 and June 25, 1793, was installed over the Presb. 
ch., then first formed at Lansingburgh and Troy; he settled in the former, 
but removed to Troy in 1802, and resided there until his death, July 21, 
1822 in his 64th year. ( Woodwork's Troy, 77.) 

COFFEE. Gen. John, representative in congress from Georgia ; d. in 
Telfair co., Ga., Sept. 25, 1836. 

COFFEE, John, a negro slave, a. about 120 years ; d. at Norfolk, Va., 
Jan. 2, 1836 ; he was a native of Africa, and was first sold at Barbadoes; 
he was brought to Norfolk about 1740, and lived there till his death. 

COFFIN, Capt. Alexander, d. at Hudson, N. Y., Jan. 11, 1839 ; 
the last survivor of the original proprietors of Hudson city purchase in 
1784; b. in Nantucket, in 1743 ; was mayor of Hudson in 1821-3, and 
held various other public offices. 

COFFIN, Col. Nathaniel, of Boston ; a loyalist; after the revolution 
repaired to Canada ; in 1812-15, he served against the U. S., and was for 
a number of years adj . gen. of the militia of N. C. ; d. at Toronto, Aug. 
12, 1846, a. 80. 

COFFIN, Isaac, during a long period he served as a town officer in 
various capacities, as a representative in the general court, as a senator 
of the commonwealth and for the last thirty-five years, as judge of probate 
for Nantucket county; d. Dec. 24, 1841, a. 78, at Nantucket. 

COFFIN, James Henry, LL.D., prof, of mathematics and astronomy 
in Lafayette College ; d. at Easton, Pa., Feb. 6, 1873, a. 67 ; w?s born 
Sept. 6, 1806, in Northampton, Mass.; was educated by the Rev. Moses 
Hillock of that state, and was graduated at Amherst, in 1838. His life 
was spent in teaching. While professor in Williams College, from 1838 
till 1843, he advised and directed the building of Greylock Observatory, 
on Saddle mountain, the first combined self-registering anemometer and 
barometer being there placed by him, an improved duplicate of which 

American Biographical Notes. 81 

he recently sent to the Brazilian government. Since 1846 he has been 
connected with Lafayette College. He was a member of the American 
Association for the Advancement of Science, and of the National Acad- 
emy of Science. Shortly before his death he completed a revised and 
enlarged edition of the Winds of the Northern Hemisphere, published by 
the Smithsonian Institution in 1851. The most noteworthy of his other 
publications are Solar and Lunar Eclipses, and A Discussion on the Me- 
teoric Fireball. As a private man his characteristics were kindness, 
integrity and honor. 

COFFIN, John, a Boston loyalist ; was assist, commissary gen. in the 
British army, and d. at Quebec, in 1837, a. 78. 

COFFIN, Nathaniel, of Boston ; grad. at Harvard in 1744, and 
when the revolution began was cashier of the customs at Boston ; in 1776, 
he went to Halifax, and thence to England, where he d. before the peace, 
Admiral C, of the royal navy, was his son. 

COFFIN, Nathaniel Jr., of Boston; son of the above; was a tory, 
and in 1783, went to Nova Scotia; he was afterwards 34 years collector of 
customs at the island of St. Kitts; d. in London in 1831, a. 83. 

COFFIN, William, three tories of this name of Boston are mentioned ; 
at least two went to Halifax in 1776, and were proscribed and banished 
in 1778. {Sabine's Loyalists.) 

COGGESWELL, James, a loyalist; was in 1782, an officer in the 
superintendent dep. at N. Y. 

COGSWELL, Dr. Mason F., a prominent physician of Albany ; d. 
Jan. 21, 1864, a. 54. {Transac. N Y. State Med. Soc, 1865, p. 286.) 

COIT, Joshua, in New London, Conn., Oct. 7, 1758; grad. at 
Harvard in 1776 ; settled in New London as a lawyer ; was in congress 
from 1793 to 1798, and served several years in the state legislature; d. at 
New London, Sept. 5, 1798. 

COKE, Richard, Jr., d. in Abington, Va., March 30, 1851 ; was a 
representative in congress from 1829 to 1833, and for many years a 
prominent member of the bar. 

COLBURN, Dana P., prin. of the State Normal School, R. I. ; b. at 
Dedham, Mass.. in 1822 ; was a grad. and teacher at the Normal School 
at Bridgewater ; in 1852, became assistant to Prof. Greene at Prov., R. I., 
and in 1855, became principal of the State Normal School ; he was the 
author of several arithmetics aud other school books ; d. Dec. 14, 1859, 
by being thrown from a carriage. (Hist. Mag., iv, 60.) 

COLBURN, Warren, grad. at Harvard Coll., in 1820, and became 
the author of popular treatises upon arithmetic and algebra; d. at Lowell, 
Mass., Sept. 15, 1833, a. 40. 

COLBY, Anthony, ex-gov. of N. H. (1846) ; d. at Concord, N. H., 
July 20, 1873, a. 80. 

COLBY, Hon. H. G. O., d. iu New Bedford, Mass., a. 44; was judge 
of the court of common pleas from 1845 to 1847, and afterwards district 
attorney of the south district, and author of a work on practice. 

COLCOCK, Charles J., d. at Charleston, S. C, Jan. 26, 1839 ; pres. 
of the State Bank of South Carolina, and formerly a judge of the court 
of appeals. 


82 American Biographical Notes. 

COLDEN, Alexander, son of Lieut. Gov. C, of N. Y., was post master 
and successor to his father as surveyor gen. ; he d. in 1774, a. 58. 

COLDEN, David, son of Lieut. Gov. C, of N. Y., was a tory, and at- 
tainted and banished Oct. 22, 1779 ; he went to England at the close of 
the war, and d. there July 10, 1784 : his wife d. Aug., 1785 ; he was 
father of Cadwallader D. C, of N. Y. (Sabine's Loyalists.) 

COLDEN, John, a tory, was in 1782, capt. in the first battalion of N. 
J. volunteers. 

COLDEN, Thomas, was a captain of Penna. loyalists in the revolution. 

COLE, Daniel, d. at Adolphustown, E. C, July 5, 1856, in his 106th 
year ; he was a native of Long Island. 

COLE, Dr. Cortley, of Philadelphia, a volunteer in the yellow fever 
epidemic at Portsmouth in the fall of 1855, fell a victim to the disease. 

COLE, John, a son of Elisha Cole, studied law with Daniel Updike, 
and began practice at Providence, It. I. ; in 1763, he was elected an as- 
sociate justice of the supreme court of the colony, and in 1764 was pro- 
moted to chief justice ; in the following year he resigned and entered the 
gen. assembly of which, in 1767, he was speaker ; in 1775, Mr. Cole was 
appointed advocate general in the maritime or vice admiralty court for 
P. L, which office he held till his death, Oct., 1777. CW. Updike's Me- 
moirs of the R. I. Bar, p. 122.) 

COLE, Joseph Green, d. in Paris, Me., Nov. 12, 1851 ; b. in Lincoln, 
Mass. j grad. at Harvard in 1822, and settled as a lawyer in Paris, was 
clerk of the house, representative in the state legislature, register of pro- 
bate ; clerk of the courts and judge of the western dist. court of Maine. 

COLE, Nathan W., d. at Burlington, N. J., July 18, 1848, a. 71 ; 
he had practiced medicine for fifty years at that place. 

COLEMAN, Chapman, d. in Louisville, Ky., July 21, 1850, son-in- 
law of Gov. Chittenden, and an influential citizen. 

COLEMAN, Daniel, at 12, he was employed to forward letters in the 
revolutionary army ; in July 1794 he became capt. of militia in the 101st 
Pa. regt. and the next year was capt. in the 42d ; he became col. and held 
that office through the war of 1812-15; d. at Danville, Va., June, 1860, 
a. 92. (Hist. Mag., iv, 221.) 

COLEMAN, Dr. Anson, d. at Rochester, N. Y., July 17, 1837. 

COLEMAN, Rev. Henry, well known from his devotion to the study 
of agriculture ; d. in England, Aug., 1849. (Stri/ker's Am. Reg., iii, 240.) 

COLEMAN, Rev. John, D.D., for 20 years rector of Trinity church, 
Southwark, Phila. ; d. at St. Louis, Mo., Sept., 1869, a. 70. 

COLEMAN, William Atkins, d. in New York, Jan. 27, 1850, a. 60 ; 
was for thirty years prominently connected with literature and art. 

COLFAX, Gen. Williams, an officer of the revolution ; d. at Pompton, 
N. J., Sept. 7, 1838, a. 84. 

COLLET, Mark W., a distinguished cotton manufacturer; d. at 
Paterson, N. J., July 1, 1840. 

COLLIER, Col. James, a veteran of 1812 ; d. in Steubenville, O., July 
20, 1873, a. 80. 

American Biographical Notes. 83 

COLLIER, Isaac, a tory of Tryon co., N. Y. ; in 1785 he signed a 
declaration of loyalty ; his house is said to have been plundered by the 
whigs in 1778. (Sabine s Loyalists.} 

COLLIER, John A., an eminent lawyer ; d. at Binghamton, N. Y., 
March 23, 1873, a. 80. 

COLLIN, Rev. Nicholas, of Upsal, sent to America, in 1771, ap- 
pointed to Wicacoe in 1786; and d. in 1831, at the close of the Swedish 
mission in Philadelphia. 

COLLINS, Dr. William, of Portsmouth, Va. ; d. of yellow fever, 
Sept. 8, 1855 ; was formerly a member of the state legislature, and under 
Pres. Tyler first auditor in the treasury department. 

COLLINS, Ela., dist. atty. and congressman; b. in Meriden. Ct., Feb. 
14, 1786, son of den. Oliver ; studied law in Whitestown ; settled at Low- 
ville, N. Y., in 1807 ; was many years dist. atty., of Lewis, Jeff, and St. 
Law. cos., holding in Lewis co., till 1840; he was in assembly in 1814, 
in the state convention of 1821, and in the 18th congress ; d. at Lowville, 
Nov. 23, 1848. (Bough's Hist. Lewis Co., N Y, p. 152, with portrait.) 

COLLINS, Jonathan, judge ; b. in Wallingford, Ct., May 3, 1775; 
served in the revolution, settled in Turin, N. Y., in 1796; was first judge 
of Lewis co., in 1809-15 ; and d. near Constableville, N. Y., Apr. 6, 1845, 
a. 90; he was presidential elector in 1820. (Hough's Hist. Lewis Co., 
N Y, p. 230, with portrait.) 

COLLINS, Oliver, brig, general, in the war of 1812-15 ; from Me- 
riden settled in Oneida co., N. Y., at an early period, owned a fine farm 
at New Hartford and having served through the revolution, was appointed 
militia officer and commanded a brigade on the frontier in 1814 ; d. at 
New Hartford, N. Y , Aug. 14, 1838. 

COLLINS, Rev. Isaac ; d. at Baltimore, Md., May 26, 1870, a. 81. 

COLLINS, Robert, one of the earliest settlers in Ky. ; d. in that state, 
Oct. 11, 1833, a. 90. 

COLLINS, Thomas, of N. C. ; a major in the loyalist force defeated by 
Col. Caswell in 1776; he was captured and confined. 

COLLYER, Thomas, an extensive ship builder ; d. in New York city, 
Nov. 9, 1862. 

COLSTON, Edward, d. in Berkeley co., Va., April 23, 1851, a. 63 ; 
was a distinguished citizen of Virginia, and held many public offices ; 
was in congress from 1817 to 1819, and frequently served in the state 
legislature ; was a long time one of the magistrates of his county, and 
for some time high sheriff. (Striker's Am. Reg., vi, 229.) 

COLSTON, Edwin, reporter for the N. Y. press, and formerly pub- 
lisher of the Northern Journal, at Lowville, N. Y. ; d. in Williamsburgh, 
N. Y., Oct. 11, 1857; b. in Carthage, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1824. 

COLTON, Dr. Walter, b. at Long Meadow, Mass. ; was many years 
a resident of Pompey, Onondaga co., N. Y., and a judge of the county 
court ; rem. to Oswego, N. Y., and afterwards to Monroe, Mich., where 
he d. Sept. 27, 1831, a. 61. 

COME, Immanuel, a colored man; d. at Claysville, Ky., May 15, 
1851, a. 121. 

84 American Biographical Notes. 

COMIS, Ezra, a member of the Michigan house of representatives from 
Calhoun co. ; d. at Detroit, Feb., 1837 ; he had been a member of the 
constitutional convention of 1835, and was of the first house of representa- 
tives under the state government. 

COMLEY, Robert, of Penn., a tory ; went to St. John, N. B., in 
1783 ; d. at Lancaster, N. B., in 1838, a. 83. 

COMMANDER, Thomas, a tory of S. C. ; held an office under the 
crown after the surrender of Charleston in 1870, and his estate was con- 

COMSTOCK, Capt. Joseph J., of the Collins line of steamers; d. in 
New York city Aug. 16, 1868. 

COMSTOCK, Rev. Oliver C, was a physician in Tompkins co., N. 
Y., and a representative in congress from 1813 to 1819 ; he gave up his 
seat to become a minister ; was some years a chaplain in congress, and 
afterwards preached in New York, Illinois and Michigan ; d. at Marshall, 
Mich., Jan. 11, 1860, a. 76. 

CON ANT, Dr. Abel Blood, b. in Lyme, N. H., Jan. 5, 1837 ; was 
a surgeon in a Kentucky regt. in the late war; d. Dec. 27, 1865, in New 
York city. (Transac. iV". Y State Med. Soc., 1866, p. 345.) 

CONANT, Dr. David S., b. at Lyme, N. H., Jan. 21, 1825 ; and d. 
Oct. 8, 1865, at New York city; he was a distinguished professor of ana- 
tomy and surgery. (Transac. N. Y., State Med. Soc., 1866, p. 336.) 

CONDICT, Benjamin, d. at Suckasunny, N. J., Oct. 29, 1839, a: 
80; was a soldier of the revolution. 

CONDIT, Joel W., many years a director of the Morris & Essex R. 
R., and vice pres., of the Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co., a director in several 
banks and formerly in the N. J. legislature; d. at his residence in 
Newark, N. J., Sept. 12, I860; in his 67th year. (JV. Y. Times, Sept. 

CONDY, Capt. Thomas Hollis, an officer of the revolution ; d. at 
Pawtuxet, R. I., Aug. 29, 1833, a. 77. 

CONE, Francis H., b. in Connecticut; grad. at Yale; studied law, 
and settled in Gainesboro, N. C, where he d. May 18, 1859, a. 61; he 
was judge of the Ocmulgee circuit from 1841 to 1845 ; and state senator 
in 1855-6. 

CONEY, Samuel, ex-gov. of Me. ; d. at Augusta, Me., Oct. 5, 1870. 

CONGDON, Benjamin T., d. in New Bedford, Mass., April 6, 1851 ; 
for many years publisher of the Neio Bedford Courier, a paper de- 
voted to the anti-masonic cause ; he held various public offices under the 
state and federal governments, and was at the time of his death register 
of deeds for the county of Bristol. 

CONKEY, Alexander, d. in Hardwick, Mass., Jan. 12, 1847 ; 
a. 93 ; was a soldier in the revolution and at Bunker hill, Saratoga and 

CONKLIN, Alfred, eminent jurist and author ; b. at East Hampton, 
N. Y.. Oct. 12, 1789 ; d. Utica, Feb. 5, 1874. 

CONKLIN, Sylvester, lieut. 4th N. Y. regt. ; d. Dec. 7, 1778. 

CONKLIN, Thomas L., a lawyer, d. in Martinsburgh, N. Y., June 
30, 1851. 

American Biographical Notes. 85 

CONKLIN, Timothy, a lieut. in the revolution, d. July 4, 1839 ; a. 96. 

CONNELL, George, mem. of the Penn. senate from 1859 to 1871 ; 
d. at Phila., Pa., Oct. 26, 1871. 

CONRAD, John, d. in Philadelphia, May 9, 1857, a. 83 ; was a re- 
presentative in congress from 1803 to 1815. (Simpson's Eminent Phila- 
delphians.') v 

CONSTABLE, William, merchant and extensive land proprietor in 
northern N. Y. ; b. in Dublin, Jan. 1, 1752, engaged in trade in Sche- 
nectady and afterwards in N. Y., where he formed extensive commercial 
relations; after the revolution his business extended to India and China, 
and his trade with the West Indies was extensive ; he early turned his 
attention to land speculations, and was a third owner of the great Ma- 
comb's purchase of northern N. Y., the most of which came into his 
hands; he was also interested in the ten towns on the St. Lawrence, and 
in Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia and Georgia ; he d. in N. Y., May 22, 1802. 
(Hough's Hist. Lewis Co., JY. Y., p. 238, with portrait.) 

CONSTABLE, William Jr., b. April 4, 1786, settled at Constable- 
ville, N. Y., and d. there May 28, 1821. 

CONVERSE, William M., of Franklin, Conn., d. July, 1872, at 
Norwich, Conn. ; was a prom, democratic politician, and was for 12 years 
mem. from Conn, of the national democratic committee, and for 4 years a 
mem. of the national executive democratic committee. 

CONWAY, Eustace, served several sessions in the house of delegates 
of Va., as a member from Spottsylvania, and was a member of the conven- 
tion of 1850 ; elected judge to the eighth district but a painful disease, 
compelled him to retire from judicial life ; he d. in Fredericksburgh, Va., 
May 20, 1857, a. 36. 

CONWAY, William B., d. at Burlington, Iowa, Nov. 6. 1839 ; secre- 
tary of the territory of Iowa, and a native of Delaware, was formerly a 
distinguished partizan editor of Pennsylvania, and a writer of poems, in 
which he acquired a considerable popularity. 

CONYNGHAM, John H., d. at Magnolia, Miss., Feb. 24, 1871, a. 67 ; 
was over 30 years judge of the court of com. pleas of Luzerne co., and a 
prom. mem. of the Protestant Episcopal church. 

COOK, Atwater, b. in Salisbury, N. Y., Dec. 17, 1795 was among 
the first in his section to turn attention to dairying; in 1831 and 1839 
he was in assembly ; he d. Feb. 14, 1853, at his home in Salisbury. 
(Benton's Herkimer Co., p. 303.) 

COOK, Bates, comptroller of the state of New York from 1840 to 
1842 ; d. at Buffalo, N. Y., May 30, 1841. 

COOK, Dr. Daniel, b. in Kingston, Mass., July 29, 1785; was a sur~ 
geon in the war of 1812 ; and d. at Maumee city, Ohio, March 22, 1863. 

COOK, George and James, tories of Charleston, S. C, were banished 
and their estates confiscated. 

COOK, James M., N. Y. state sen., in 1848-51 ; comptroller of the 
state in 1854-5, and supt. of banking department in 1856-7; d. at Balls- 
ton Spa, N. Y., April 12, 1868 ; was a prom, banker and business man. 

COOK, Louis, alias Atiatonharonkwen, St. Regis chief, and officer 
v of the revolution ; b. at Saratoga, about 1740, settled st Caughnawaga 

86 American Biographical Motes. 

near Montreal, and in 1775 went to Boston to learn facts about the war ; 
he was examined by a committee of the gen. court, appointed lieut.' col., 
by Washington, and served with his Indians through the war, mostly on 
scouting parties ; he removed to St. Regis, was a party to several treaties 
with that tribe, and in the war of 1812, again took up arms for the U. 
S. ; he d. on the Niagara frontier during the war. ( [lough's Hist. St. 
Law and Fr. Cos., JV. Y., p, 182.) 

COOK, Mrs. Rachael, d. in Albany, N Y., Dec. 2, 1840, a. 100 years 
wanting 8 days. 

COOK, William H., settled in Norway, N. Y., in 1792, from Dutch- 
ess co. ; became a farmer and merchant ; was sheriff of Herkimer co. 
from 1802 to 1806, and in 1807 ; he was in the battle of Tippecanoe, Nov, 
6, 1811, and d. at Vincennes, Iud. (Bentoti's Herkimer Co. N. Y., 
p. 305.) 

COOK, Zebedee, b. in Newburyport, Mass., in 1786 ; removed to 
Boston in 1810 and became a merchant, and afterwards an insurance bro- 
ker; in 1822, he became president of the Eagle Insurance co., and held 
five years ; he was in 1835-9 in the Mass. legislature, and in 1838 became 
first president of the Mutual Safety Insurance co. of N. Y., and removed 
to that city; in 1857, he retired from business, and d. at Framiugham, 
Mass., Jan. 24, 1858, a. 72. 

COOKE, Rt. Rev. Thomas R. C, bishop of Three Rivers, Canada ; 
d. April 30, 1870, a. 78. 

COOLEY, Horace S., secretary of state of Illinois; d. at New Orleans 
March 31, 1850. 

COOLEY. Rev. Timothy Mather, b. in Granville, Mass., in 1774 ; 
grad. at Yale in 1792 ; studied theology there ; was settled pastor at Gran- 
ville, Feb. 3, 1796, and continued till 1854 ; he d. Dec. 14, 1859, at East 
Granville, Mass., a. 87. {Hist. Mag., iv, 61 ; Am. Almanac, 1861, p. 387.) 

' COOLIDGE, Joseph, d. in Boston, Mass , Nov. 19, 1840, a. 67. 

COOMBER, John, a tory lieut. in the 2d battalion of N. J. vols. ; 
settled in New Brunswick, in 1783, on half pay, and d. in 1827, a. 74. 

COON, Michael, soldier of the revolution ; d. a. 105 y. 5 mo. 5d., at 
Phila., May, 1860. {Hist. Mag., iv, 157.) 

COOPER, Dr. Charles DeKay, sec. of state of N. Y. ; son of Dr. 
Annanias C. ; b. in Rhinebeck, N. Y. in 1769 ; studied with his father 
and Dr. Crosby, of N. Y. ; evinced skill in surgery, and in 1792, settled 
in Albany ; he soon became immersed in politics ; in 1806 was judge of 
the county court, and in 1808, 9, 11, 12, was county clerk; he was also 
agent for paying Indian annuities, and in 1817 became sec. of state ; he 
was a man of great physical strength and power of endurance ; he d. Jan. 
31, 1831, a. 63. (Munsell's Ann. Alb., ix, 104.) 

COOPER, Dr. E. S., a distinguished surgeon, d. at San Francisco, 
Cal., Oct. 13, 1862 ; b. in Ohio in 1821 ; practiced in Peoria, 111., and 
went to San Francisco in 1855, where he became professor of surgery in 
the University of the Pacific. 

COOPER, John, son of William C. ; town, clerk of Boston ; was first 
sheriff of Washington co., Me., at its organization in 1790, and d. at 
Cooper, Me., Nov. 18, 1845, a. 80. 

American Biographical Notes. 87 

COOPER, Richard, was in 1782, an| ensigu in the 3d battalion of 
N. J. loyalist volunteers. 

COOPER, Richard M., d. at Camden, N. J., March 10, 1843, a. 76; 
from 1820 to 1833, he was member of congress from New Jersey. 

COOPER, Robert, a tory of S. C. ; went to England, and was in 
London in 1779. 

COOPER, Susan Augusta, widow of J. Fennimore Cooper; d. Jan. 
20, 1852, a. 57. 

COOPER, William, founder of Cooperstown, and father of James 
Fennimore Cooper the novelist; was prominently concerned in many 
public enterprises of his day, and a man of unusual ability, in whatever 
business he undertook; d. in Albany, Dec. 22, 1809, a. 55. 

COOPER, William B., formerly governor of Delaware ; d. near 
Laurel Hill, Del., April 27, 1849. 

COPE, Herman, d. at Phila., March 20, 1869 ; b. in York, Pa., about 
1789 ; was for many years agent for the U. S. Bank in Cin. ; afterwards 
treas. of the bank of the U. S., under assignment, and for some years 
treas. of the gen. con. of the Prot. Epis. church. 

COPE, Jasper, d. in Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 13, 1856, a. 80; was 
of the society of Friends and very much respected ; was the last of the three 
brothers Thomas, Israel and Jasper, prominent citizens of Philadelphia. 

COPP, Rev. John B., F. W. Bap. preacher; b. at Lebanon, Me. ; 
was ordained in 1835; taught at Corinna; went to St. Albans, Me., in 
1836, and to Ashtabula, O., in 1847 ; d. at Flushing, Mich., Nov. 10, 
1855, a. 44. (F. W. Bap. Reg., 1857, p. 86.) 

CORNELIUS, Lewis, d. at Milford, Pa., Sept. 27, 1841 ; his body 
weighed after death 645 i pounds. 

CORNELL, Samuel, of Newbern, N. C. ; was a member of the council 
of N. C, and evinced an early tendency to the loyal side in the revolution ; 
he removed his family to N. Y., and his property was confiscated and sold ; 
he had previously deeded his property to his children, but the confiscation 
act was found valid against these claims. {Sabine's Loyalists.') 

CORNING, Erastus, b. in Norwich, Conn., Dec. 14, 1794; when 13 
went to a store in Troy^ N. Y., as clerk, and in 1814, to Albany, where 
from a subordinate place he came to be the head of a very extensive house 
in the hardware line, and largely concerned in iron works ; was extensively 
concerned in railroads ; first pres. of the Utica and Schenectady R. R., 
and after consolidation, was pres. of the N. Y. Central R. R. ; was regent 
of the University from 1833 till death; state sen. in 1842-4, in cong. in 
1857-9, and in the constitutional conv. of 1867 ; was much interested in 
benevolent and 'philanthropic enterprises; d. at Albany, Apr. 9, 1872, 
very wealthy. 

CORNISH, E. J., b. in Connecticut in 1841; grad. at Amherst 
Coll., in 1845, and after 1856, was president of Jefferson College, Missis- 
sippi ; d. May 17, 1859, a. 37, at Natchez, Miss. 

CORNWALL, Daniel, was a lieut. of cavalry in the S. C. royalists 
in the revolution. 

CORNWALL, John, was a tory of Westchester co., in the revolution. 

88 American Biographical Notes, 

CORNWALL, Thomas, was a captain in the king's Am. regiment, 
in the revolution. 

CORNWALL, Wm., of Jamaica, N. Y.. was a tory in the revolution. 

CORWIN, Thomas, d. at Washington, Dec. 18, 1865 ; b. in Bourbon, 
Ky., July 29, 1794; rem. in childhood with his parents to Pendleton co., 
Ky., and from thence while young, to 0., where he served in the leg., and 
in 1831 was elected to cong., and continued till 1840, when he was chosen 
gov. of 0. ; held that office 2 ys. ; in 1845 was elected to the sen. from 0. ; 
in 1850 was made sec. of the treas., and in 1858 again chosen rep. in 
cong. ; was at one time minister to Mexico. 

CORYELL, George, a revolutionary soldier and at the close of the 
war removed to Alexandria, D. C. ; he was in the battle of Monmouth 
and on terms of personal friendship with Washington ; d. at Lambertville, 
N. J., Feb. 16, 1850, in the 91st year of his age. 

COSKERY, V. Rev. Henry Benedict, vicar gen. and administrator 
of the arch diocese of Bait, j d. Feb. 27, 1872, a. 64. 

COSSTELL, Charles M., assistant judge of the supreme court of 
S. C. adhered to the royal cause and went to England in the revolution. 

COSTER, John D., d. in New York city, Aug. 8, 1841, a. 82 ; was a 
merchant, and in early life a surgeon in the British army. (Am. 
Almanac, 1845, p. 314.) 

COTES, Dr. John, of Batavia, N. Y. ; d. Feb. 26, 1859, a. 64. 

COTTEN, James, a tory of N. C, lost his property by confiscation. 

COTTON, Dr. John ; d. at Marietta, 0., May 2, 1847, a. 46. 

COTTON, Rossiter, register of deeds for the county of Plymouth, for 
a period of 48 years; d. at Plymouth, Aug. 12, 1837, a. 79; his father 
held the same office 33 years, and his grandfather 43 years making 124 
years in succession. 

COUGLE James, of Pa., was a tory, was captain in the 1st battalion 
of N. J. vol.; went to New Brunswick in 1783 ; and d. at Sussex Yale in 
1819, a. 73. 

COULBOURNE, Charles, was a lieut. in the loyal Am. regiment and 
qr. mr. of the corps, during the revolution. 

COULSON, John, a tory of Anson co., N. C, and a man of influence ; 
he was forced to make full confession or go to prison, and preferred the 
former. (Sabine's Loyalists.) 

COULSTON, James, journalist; d. in N. Y. city, July 23, 1873, a. 25. 
COULTER, John, d. in Stafford co., Va., Feb. 2, 1839; formerly a 
judge of the circuit court, and court of appeals of Virginia. 

COULTER, Richard, d. in Westmoreland, Pa., April 20, 1852; a 
judge of the supreme court of Pensylvania. 

COUPER, Dr. James, of Newcastle, Del. ; d. Aug. 1865. 

COUPER, John, b. at Lockumnoch, Renfrewshire, Scot., Mar. 9, 1759, 
removed to Ga., a. 16, in 1775 ; became a clerk, retired to Florida in the 
revolution ; returned in 1783, and removed to Liberty co., and later to 
Glynn co. which he represented in assembly ; in 1798 he was in the con- 
stitutional convention ; he devoted great attention to the cultivation of sea 
island cotton ; he d. in Glynn co., Ga. } March, 1850, a. 91. 

American- Biographical Notes. 89 

COURTENAY, James G., d. at Charleston; S. C, Feb. 3, 1835, a. 
32; he was during seven years an instructor in the college at that place. 

COUTIER, Jean, gov. of Surinam, from March 2, 1718, till his death 
in 1721. 

COVENTRY, Dr. Alexander, of Utica, d. Dec. 9, 1831, a. 65. 

COVENTRY, George, entered the British army as ensign of 55th 
foot, Dec. 25, 1755, and served in America in 1757 and 8 ; he was promoted 
to lieut., and May 5, 1759, became assist, dep. qr. mr. gen. to Amherst's 

COVINGTON, Alexander, d. at Warren City, Miss., Oct. 16, 1848, 
a. 71 ; b. in Prince George's City, Va., but for forty years a resident of 
Mississippi ; he was in the Virginia legislature, and many years one of 
the judges of the county court, under the territorial government of Miss. 

COWAN, Jonathan, a pioneer of Watertown, and first mill owner at 
that place ; b. July 12, 1760, in Gloucester, R. I. ; and d. at Evans's Mills, 
N. Y., Nov. 27, 1870. (New York Reformer, Dec. 16, 1858.) 

COWEN, Esek, d. in Albany, N. Y., Feb. 11, 1844, a. 56; judge of 
the superior court of New York, and well known as reporter of the supreme 
court and court for the trial of impeachments and the correction of errors, 
and of other legal works. 

COWLES, Gen. Solomon, an officer in the revolution ; d. in Farming- 
ton, Conn., Nov. 25, 1846, a. 89. 

COX, Alfred, represented Washington county, Miss., in the house of 
representatives, and in the state senate for several years; d. Oct. 14, 1841, 
a. 40, at Vicksburgh, Miss. 

COX, Clement, a prominent member of the bar; d. at Georgetown, 
D. C, Jan., 1848. 

COX, Daniel, member of his majesty's council of N. J. ; he was pres. 
of the board of refugees in N. Y., in 1779. 

COX, James, d. in Philadelphia, March — , 1834, a. 83; was a noted 
book collector; was a fashionable drawing-master ; he finally transferred 
his books to the Philadelphia library, who gave him an annuity of $400, 
per an. ; the number of books in. his library exceeded 5,000. (Simpson's 
Eminent Philadelpliians.') 

COX, Capt. John, d. at Gosport, Va., Dec. 15, 1837, in his 85th 
year; was commissioned as captain in the naval service of Virginia in the 
revolution, and an earnest patriot of that day. 

COX, John, d. in Clarke co., Ala., Sept. 25, 1842, a. 78 ; b. in Essex 
co., Va., Oct. 19, 1764 ; settled in Alabama, in 1811. (Am. Almanac, 
1844, p. 311.) 

COX, Col. John, d. in Georgetown, D. C, Dec. 14, 1849, a. 74; in 
the war of 1812, was inspector of the military of the district; was mayor 
of Georgetown twenty years in succession. 

CRAIG, John J., d. Jan. 9, 1839, at Staunton, Va., a. 36 ; was a law- 
yer, and a member of the legislature. 

CRAIG, Dr. Presley H., surgeon in the army and medical director 
in the army under Gen. Taylor, in Mexico ; d. at the barracks below 


90 American Biographical Notes. 

New Orleans, in Aug. 8, 1848 ; he was one of the oldest surgeons in the 

CHAIN, Dr. Rufus, b. in "Western, Worcester co., Mass. ; studied 
with Dr. Ross of Colerain and settled in 1790 at Warren, N. Y., and 
acquired a large practice ; he became a judge of the county court in 1817, 
and held several years ; in 1828 he was a presidential elector ; he d. in 
Warren, Sept. 18, 1846, at an advanced age. (Benton's Herkimer Co. N. 
Y, p. 305.) 

CRAMER, John, d. at Watertown, N. Y., June 1, 1870, a. 92. 

CRANCH, Richard, of Brain tree, now Quincy, Mass. ; self educated, 
a watchmaker and ingenious mechauic ; he was a founder of the Am. Acad, 
of Arts and Sci., and was a state senator; he d. in 1800, a. 74. (Brad- 
ford's JV. E. Biog.) 

CRANDELL, Dr. Charles Milford, d. at Belfast, Allegany co., N. 
Y., Oct. 4, 1867, a. 41 ; b. at Amity, N. Y., April 11, 1826, grad. at 
Castleton, Vt., in 1850;' was in the assembly of New York, in 1864, 1865, 
and 1867. (Transac. iV. Y State Med. Soc, 1868, p. 314.) 

CRANE, Jonathan, a tory ; went to Nova Scotia, where he was a 
magistrate; his widow d. in Horton, N. S. in 1841, a. 88. 

CRANNELL. Bartholomew, a public notary of N. Y., in 1782 ; he 
went to St. John, N. B., in 1783, and received a city lot; he began busi- 
ness as a merchant, and was in 1785, clerk of the common council. 

CRARY, Isaac E., d. in Michigan, May 8, 1854, was a delegate from 
the territory of Michigan in congress, in 1835, 1836, and representative 
from 1836 to 1841. 

CRAWE, Dr. Ithamer B., was b. at Enfield, Ct., June 11, 1792, and 
in 1802 removed to Madison co., N. Y. ; he began the study of medicine 
with Dr. Hastings, of Clinton, N. Y., and began to practice in 1822, in 
Watertown, N. Y. ; he afterwards resided in Ogdensburgh, N. Y., and in 
Pontiac, Michigan, from whence in a few years he returned to Watertown ; 
he was distinguished for his zealous researches in mineralogy and botany, 
and was drowned in Perch lake, Jeff, co., while on a botanical excursion, 
June 3, 1847. (Hough's Hist. Jeff. Co. N. Y, 428 ; Am. Jour. Sci. & 
Arts, 2d ser., iv, 300.) 

CRAWFORD, David, a distinguished lawyer; d. at Mobile, Ala 
Nov. 27, 1835. 

CRAWFORD, George W., governor of Georgia ; b. in Columbia co., 
Ga., Dec. 22, 1798 ; son of Peter C ; grad. at Princeton in 1820; studied 
law with Richard H. Wilde; was admitted in 1822, and opened an office 
at Augusta; in 1827 he became atty. gen., and held till 1831; in 1837, 
he was elected to the legislature, and continued till 1842 ; in 1843 he 
served a short term in congress, and the same year was elected governor, 
and continued till 1849, when he was appointed by Pres. Taylor, sec. of 
war ; he resigned upon his death, and retired to private life ; he was agent 
and attorney in pressing the Galphin Claim, the principal of which, 
was allowed during Polk's administration ; upon entering the cabinet, he 
managed to procure a report in favor of the interest, and this enormous 
swindle was perfected. ( White's Hist. Ga., p. 245, with portrait.) 

' American Biographical Notes. 91 

CRAWFORD, Joel, b. in Richmond co., Ga., June 15, 1783 ; studied 
law, settled at Milledgeville ; joined the army in 1813, under Gen. Floyd, 
and served as his aid through the war; he was in congress in 1817-21 ; 
in 1826 he removed to Hancock eo., where he was elected state senator 
and held 3 years; in 1828, and 1831, he was defeated in elections for 
governor; he d. in Early co., Ga., April 2, 1858. (White's Hist. Ga., 
p. 425.) 

CRAWFORD, Lorman, a native and prominent citizen of Georgetown 
dist, S. C; d. at Mount Pleasant, Monroe co., Ala., Oct. 11, 1847. 

CRAWFORD, Mrs. Mary, d. at Castine, Maine, Feb. 20, 1836, a. 
100 years and 5 months ; she was the widow of Dr. William C, who was 
a chaplain and surgeon at Fort Point, in the revolution. 

CRAWFORD, William, d. near Mobile, Ala., April 28, 1849, a. 64 ; 
judge of the district court of the U. S. ; native of Va., but a resident of 
Alabama, since 1810, where he filled various state and federal offices; 
was receiver of public moneys for lands ; commissioner of claims under 
various treaties; state senator, U. S. dist. atty. and judge of the U. S. 
district court. 

CREAGH, Thomas B., a pioneer settler in Wilcox co., Ala.; d. in 
that county, March 30, 1842, a. 74. 

CRENSHAW, B. Mills, chief justice of Kentucky ; d. May 5, 1857. 

CRIPPEN, William G., editor of Cincinnati Times; b. 1820, and d. 
May 23, 1863. 

CROCKER, Samuel, d. in Taunton, Mass, April 3, 1853, a. 80 ; was 
county treasurer nearly 25 years ; a member of the house, from 1809 to 
1813, and of the state senate from 1813 to 1817 ; he was also state coun- 
cillor, during the administration of Governor Brooks. 

CROCKETT, John W., son of the celebrated Davy Crockett; d. in 
Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 24, 1852; he was a member of congress from 
Tennessee from 1838 to 1843. 

CROES, Rev. John, a son of Bishop Croes, of New Jersey ; d. at 
Brooklyn 19th August, 1849, a. 63. 

CROFT, John, a revolutionary soldier ; removed to Genoa, N. Y., 
about 1798, and to Locke in 1809; he was a native of Greenbush; he d. 
at Locke, N. Y., Dec. 24, 1857, a. 99. 

CROGHAN, William, revolutionary officer; emigrated from Ireland 
young; joined the army in 1776 as capt. of infantry in the Va. line, and 
was in the battles of Brandywine, Germautown and Monmouth; in 1779 
he went south and shared the fortunes of the army under Gen. Lincoln at 
Charleston ; in 1784 he removed to Kentucky; married a sister of Gen. 
Geo. Rogers Clarke, and resided at Locust Grove, Jefferson co., Ky., till 
his death, Sept. 1822, in his 70th year. {Rogers's Am. Biog.~) 

CROSBY, Clarkson Floyd, in 1845 was in the assembly and in 
1848 was one of the presidential electors ; in 1854, 5, he was in the state 
senate; he resided in Watervliet, N. Y. ; he was a gentleman of brilliant 
talents, amiable, courteous and genial in his character; he d. at New York, 
Feb. 22, 1858, a. 41 years. 

CROSBY, Oliver, d. in Atkinson, Me., July 30, 1851, a. 82; native 
of Billerica, Mass. ; grad. at Harvard in 1795; studied law at Dover, N. 

92 American Biographical Notes. 

H., and practiced there nearly twenty-five years ; in 1821, he relinquished 
the profession of law, and settled in Atkinson, where he was largely inter- 
ested in lands. 

CROSBY, William, d. in Belfast, Me., March 31, 1852, a. 82; the 
oldest lawyer and judge in Maine, was b. in Billerica, Mass., in 1770 ; 
grad. at Harvard in 1794, and in 1802 settled in Belfast; was county 
attorney, till elected to the legislature ; in 1808, was in the senate of 
Mass., and in 1812 was appointed judge of the circuit court, and held till 
it was reorganized ; he then returned to practice and continued till 1831, 
when he withdrew wholly from public life. 

CROSS, Benjamin, b. in Philadelphia, Sept. 15, 1786; educated at 
the University of Pennsylvania ; devoted himself to music, of which he 
was a professor and performer; d. March 1, 1857. {Simpson's Eminent 
Philadelphians, with portrait.) 

CROSS, Robert, b. at Newburyport in 1799 ; grad. at Harvard in 
1819, and admitted to the Essex bar in 1823; he was in both houses of 
the Mass. legislature, and removed from his native state to Michigan, 
where from 1844 to 1849 he resided ; he then returned to Mass. ; settled 
in Lawrence, and d. there Nov. 9, 1859, a. 60. i 

CROSS, William, a New York tory ; went to Nova Scotia in 1783, 
and d. at Annapolis Royal in 1834, a. 83. 

CROSWELL, Dr. Andrew, a grad. of Harvard College in 1798, and 
a skilful and successful physician ; d. in Mercer, Me., June 4, 1858, a. 80. 

CROSWELL, Sherman, son of Rev. Harry C, of New Haven; b. at 
Hudson, N. Y. ; grad. at Yale in 1822; studied law, and was admitted in 
1826; in 1826 he went to Albany; became associated with Edwin Cros- 
well in the Albany Argus, and remained till 1855 ; he was many years 
legislative reporter, and prepared a manual of parliamentary rules, which 
has been received as authority, by the N. Y. legislature; he d. at New 
Haven, March 3, 1859, a. 56. (Hist. May. iii, 129.) 

CROUSILLAT, Louis Martial Jacques, a prominent merchant of 
Philadelphia; b. July 1, 1757, in Salon, in the south of France; came to 
America in 1780; settled at Philadelphia, and d. July 12, 1836. 

CROWE, C. C, ex-gov. of New Mexico ; d. June 18, 1870. 

CROWELL, Col. Johns, d. near Fort Mitchell, Ala., June 25, 1846; 
he was a delegate from the territory of Alabama, from 1817 to 1819, and 
first member of congress from that state, serving till 1821 ; he was soon 
after appointed an agent for the Creek Indians, then living in Alabama 
and Georgia, over whom, until their removal in 1836, he exerted consider- 
able influence. 

CROWELL, Joseph, capt. in the 1st battalion of N. J. volunteers; 
settled on half pay in New Brunswick, after the revolution, and d. at 
Carlton, N. B. 

CROWNINSHIELD, Edward Augustus, b. in Salem, Mass., in 
1817 ; grad. at Harvard in 1838 ; read law, but did not practice, and 
displayed jrreat taste as a bibliographer; he collected a choice library, 
and d. in Boston, Feb. 20, 1859, a. 41. 

CRUGER, Henry, d. Feb. 5, 1780, St. James's square, Bristol, a. 76 ; 
formerly resided in New York city, where he was a member of assembly, 
and of the council. 

American Biographical Notes. 93 

CRUIKSHANK, Charles, became captain of the 2d N. Y. indepen- 
dent co. of foot, April 16, 1757, and served in 1759, at Ticonderoga. 

CRUIKSHANK, Joseph, formerly a printer and bookseller at Phila- 
delphia ; d. in that city, Aug. 9, 1836, in his 90th year. 

CRUMP, George P., an esteemed and active citizen of Vicksburg, 
Miss., and at the time of his death (June 1860, at the age of 45), he was 
physician to the city hospital ; in the Mexican war, he was captain of one 
of the companies of the 1st Mississippi reg't. 

CRUSBR, William, late judge of the court of common pleas; d. near 
Princeton, N. J., Jan. 9, 1841, a, 53. 

CULL, Rev. Hugh, d. near Richmond, Ind., Aug 30, 1862, in his 
105th year; had lived there nearly 60 years. 

CULLEN, Dr. John, long professor of the theory and practice of 
medicine, in the med. dep. of Hampden Sydney College, Va. ; d. at Rich- 
mond, Va., Jan. 25, 1851, a. 53. 

CULVER, Dr. Charles, d. at Ellington, Conn., Sept. 7, 1868, a. 21 j 
house surgeon. Charity Hospital, Blackwell's island. 

CUMMING, Alfred, of Georgia; d. Oct. 10, 1873, near Augusta, 
Ga. ; was supt. of Indian affairs on the upper Mo., when in 1857 he was 
appointed gov. of Utah by President Buchanan ; entered on that office at 
a critical time in the affairs of the territory ; since their settlement at the 
Great Salt lake in 1848, the Mormons had been on bad terms with the 
federal authorities; Col. Steptoe who, in 1854, succeeded Brigham 
Young as gov. was deterred from entering on the duties of his office by 
the turbulent conduct of the Mormons, who continued their hostile acts 
until, in 1856, every U. S. officer, with the exception of an Indian supt., 
was forced to flee from the territory; it was during this condition of af- 
fairs that Mr. Cumming was appointed gov., and Judge Eckles of Ind.- 
chief justice of Utah; a force of 2,500 men, under experienced officers, 
was sent to protect them in the discharge of their proper functions ; the 
Mormons were greatly excited at the approach of these troops ; Young, 
in his capacity of gov., issued a proclamation denouncing the army as a 
mob, and forbidding it to enter the territory, and calling the people of 
Utah to arms to repel its advance ; the army, however, entered Utah, 
and, after being harassed by the Mormons, went into winter quarters near 
Fort Bridger; on Nov. 27, 1847, Gov. Cumming issued a proclamation 
declaring the territory to be in a state of rebellion ; in the spring of 1858, 
however, by the intervention of Mr. Thos. L. Kane of Penn., who had 
gone to Utah by way of California, bearing letters from Pres. Buchanan, 
a good understanding was brought about between Gov. Cumming and the 
Mormon leaders ; and toward the end of May an amnesty was offered to 
and accepted by the insurgents ; the troops soon after entered Salt Jake 
valley, and remained till May, 1860, when they were withdrawn from the 
territory. Gov. Cumming remained in office during Pres. Buchanan's 
administration, and was not afterward prominent in political affairs. 

CUMMING, Rev. Alexander, son of Robert C, from Montrose, 
Scotland; b. at Freehold, N. Y., in 1726; studied theology with Rev. 
Wm. Tennent; was licensed in 1746 or 7 ; preached in New Brunswick, 
and in Oct. 1750, was ordained over the Presb. ch. of N. Y. city, and re- 

94 American Biographical Notes. 

mained till Oct. 25, 1753 ; he was then called to the Old South ch., in Bos- 
ton, as colleague of Dr. Sewall, where he d., Aug. 25, 1763. {Miller's Life 
of J. Eodgers, p. 104.) 

CUMMINGS, Dr. Isaac, d. in N. Y., Dec. 17, 1869, a. 36; native 
of Mass., and house surgeon of the Demilt dispensary. 

CUMMINGS, John, was elected sheriff of Lycomming co., Pa., four 
times, the first in 1798 ; he was associate judge of that co. 17 years, and 
d. near Williamsport, June 3, 1850, at the a. of 84. 

CUMMINGS, Dr. Morgan Lewis, d. in Turin, N. Y., April 7, 1851. 

CUMMINS, John D., member of 30th congress from Ohio; d of cho- 
lera, at Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 11, 1849. 

CUNARD, Edward, hart. ; b. Jan. 1, 1816 ; one of the proprietors 
of the Cunard line of steamships ; d. at N. Y. April 6, 1869. 

CUNLIFF, Joseph, a tory; was in 1782, a It. in the 1st battalion of 
N. J. volunteers. 

CUNNINGHAM, John, was ensign in the loyal Am. regiment and 
adj. to the corps; he settled in N. B. ; received half pay, and d. at 

CUNNINGHAM, Patrick, br. of Gen. Robert C. ; in 1769 he was 
appointed dep. surveyor gen., of S. C. ; removed to Charleston in 1776, 
and in 1780, was col. ; his estate was confiscated in 1782; he went to 
Florida after the war ; in 1785, he was restored to his rights in S. C, 
and his estate amerced 12 p. c , with certain personal disabilities for a 
term of years; he was elected to the legislature, but was led to resign 
soon after; he d. in 1714. {Sabine's Loyalists.) 

CUNNINGHAM, Thomas, was a lieut. in De Lancey's 1st battalion, 
and adj. of the corps; he went to St. John, N. B., and was one of the 
grantees of that city. 

CUNNINGHAM, Walter, of N. C. ; a tory ; lost his property in 
1779, by confiscation ; in 1782 there was .an ensign of this name in the 
2d Am. regiment of loyalists. 

CUNNINGHAM, 1 William, of S. C, a tory known as Bloody Bill; 
early in the revolution served with the whigs ; he changed sides, became 
a major, was engaged in many desperate struggles; his property was con- 
fiscated in 1782, and he withdrew to Florida after the war. {Sabine's 

CURRIE, Ross, a lieut. in the Pa. loyalists and adj. of the corps; he 
settled in New Brunswick after the war, drew half pay, and practiced 
law ; he d. in that province. 

CURRY, John, a loyalist, settled in New Brunswick after the war, and 
in 1792 was senior justice of com. pleas, in Charlotte co., in which co. 
he d. ; his son Cadwallader C, wa&a merchant at Eastport, Me., and at 
Campo Bello, N. B. {Sabine's Loyalists.) 

CURRY, Otway, d. in Marysville, 0., Feb. 15, 1855, a. 51 ; a lawyer 
of respectable attainments, but better known as a literary man and poet. 

CURTIS, Charles, of Scituate, Mass., grad. at Harvard in 1765 ; was 
driven to Boston as a tory ; was proscribed in 1778, and d. in N. Y. pre- 
vious to 1832, {Sabine's Loyalists.) 

American Biographical Notes. 95 

CURTIS, Edward, d. in New York, Aug. 3, 1856; a prominent law- 
yer and politician ; b. in Vermont ; grad. at Union Coll. ; studied law, 
and began bis political career in 1834, by entering the com. council of 
New York, where after a long contest he was elected president of the 
board of assistant aldermen ; he was in congress from 1837 to 41 ; was 
appointed collector of New York by Gen. Harrison, and held this office 
nearly four years. 

CURTIS, George, d. at Jacksonville, Fla., Jan. 14, 1856 ; b. in Wor- 
cester, Mass., Feb. 1796; came to Prov., R. I., at an early age; in 1819 
became cashier of the Exchange Bank, aud iu Aug. 1835, treas. of the 
transportation co. ; rem. to N. Y., and became cashier of the Bank of 
Commerce, and afterwards pres. of the Continental Bank ; was in assem. 
in 1830, and a mem. of common council several years. 

CURTIS, Rev. Harvey, P.D., pres. of Knox College, at Galesburg; 
d. there Sept. 18, 1862; b. in Adams, N. Y., in 1806; educated at Middle- 
bury, Vt., and after preaching in various places with success, was appointed 
to the place in which he d. in 1858. {National Almanac, 1863, p. 629.) 

CURTIS, Hiram, inventor; d. at Albion, N. Y., May 18, 1870. 

CURTIS, James F., superintendent of the Boston and Worcester rail 
road ; killed in a rail road car, at Boston, April 13, 1839. 

CURTIS, Dr. Thomas, projector and editor of the Encyclopedia Metro- 
politana, and sole editor of Mr. Trigg's London Encyclopedia ; perished 
Jan. 29, 1869, by the burning of the steamer North Carolina, in Chesa- 
peake bay ; he was of Limestone Springs, S. C, and 71 years of age. 

CURTIS, William, grand sec'y of the Grand Lodge of Pa.; d. at 
Phila., Dec. 27, 1859, a. 57. 

CUSHING, John P., d. in Watertown, Mass., April 17, 1862, a. 75; 
his vast wealth was used for the promotion of botanical science, and to 
confer pleasure on his fellow citizens. 

CUSHING, Col. Washington, an officer of the war of 1812; d. at 
South Hingham, Mass., Aug. 24, 1849, in his 75th year. 

CUSHMAN, John Paine, d. at Troy, N. Y., Sept. 16, 1848, a. 64; 
b. in Pomfret, Conn.; grad. at Yale iu 1807, and settled at Troy ; from 
1817 to 1819 he served in congress, and in 1838, was appointed one of 
the circuit judges of the state of New York; he had previously been 
recorder of Troy; and was one of the regents of the University. 

CUSHMAN, Minerva, d. in Exeter, N. Y., March 1, 1842, a. 79 ; 
settled in Oswego co., in 1793. {Am. Almanac, 1843, p. 310.) 

CUSHMAN, Samuel, judge of the police court of Portsmouth, N. H. 
and member of congress from 1835 to 1839 ; d. at Portsmouth, May 20, 
1851, a. 68 ; he held several state offices at different times. 

CUSICK, Nicholas, alias Kayhnatho, a Tuscarora chief; was b. at 
Oneida Res., June 15, 1756; served the Americans as lieut. in the war, 
5 years, and at one time saved La Fayette's life ; he d. at Tuscarora vil- 
lage near Niagara, Oct. 29, 1840, a. 82. (Grisioold's Biog. Annual, 1841, 

CUSTIS, John Parke, stepson of Gen. Washington ; proved a way- 
ward youth, married young to Miss Eleanor, dau. of Benedict Colvert, 
and had 4 children; Elizabeth Parke married Mr. Law; Martha Parke 

96 American Biooraphical Notes. 

married Tho. Peters ; Eleanor Parke married Laurence Lewis, a favorite 
nephew of Washington, and Geo. W. Parke, who was aid-de-camp of Wash- 
ington at the siege of Yorktown. Was taken with a camp fever and d. at 
Elnathan in the fall of 1781. (G. W. P. Custis's Recollec. & Priv. Mem. 
of Washington.') 

CUTHBERT, Alfred, d. in Jasper co., Ga., 1856 ; representative in 
congress from Georgia, from 1814 to 1817, and again from 1821 to 1827, 
and senator in congress from 1825 to 1843. 

CUTLER, Ebenezer, of Northborough, Mass. ; atory ; he was allowed 
to join the British at Boston, without his effects, and he went with the 
army to Halifax ; in 1778 he was proscribed and banished ; he became 
prothonotary in Annapolis co., N. S., and d. at Annapolis Royal in 1831, 
at an advanced age. (Sabine's Loyalists.) 

CUTLER, Eldridge Jefferson, prof, of modern languages in Harv. 
Uni. ; d, Dec. 27 ; b. in Holliston, Mass., and grad. at Harv. in 1853 ; 
taught several years, and was connected with the New York Evening 
Post and the New York Tribune in some editorial capacity for a short 
time ; in 1865 received an appointment as asst. prof, of modern languages 
at Harv. Uni., but at the time of his death he had received a full profes- 
sorship ; in the first course of university lectures Prof. Cutler gave a se- 
ries on Goethe, and the principles of criticism, and, had he lived, he would 
have continued them in the course for the coming year; he published a 
small volume of war poems a few years ago, which were very warmly re- 
ceived, both by the press and the public, and a poem called Stella w^s 
also published separately, not long since ; although he wrote comparatively 
little for one who wrote so well, his contributions to the Daily Advertiser 
and the North American Review would make a very respectable volume ; 
for some time he had written many of the book-notes in the quarterly 
just named. 

CUTLER, Levi, d. in Portland, Me., March 2, 1856, a. 83; b. in 
North Yarmouth, Me., in 1774; removed to Portland in 1806, and was 
mayor of that city from 1834 to 1841. 

CUTLER, Robert Currie, d. at Livingston, Va., Oct. 31, 1846, a. 
53; clerk of the circuit superior court of law and chancery, for Nelson 
co., and clerk or sec. to every public body in the county in which he 

CUTTING, Rev. Leonard, b. near London in 1731 ; educated at 
Eton and Cambridge ; came to America in 1750, and lived at New Bruns- 
wick, N. J. ; in 1756, he became tutor and prof, in King's Coll., N. Y. ; 
was ordained in Eng. in 1763, and in 1766 succeeded Rev. Mr. Seabury 
at Hempstead, where he taught a classical school ; in 1784 he resigned, 
went south and d. sometime before 1803. (Doc. Hist. N. Y, iii, 1063 ; 
Sabine's Loyalists.) 

CUTTS, Charles, b. in Mass. in 1769; grad. at Harvard in 1790; 
was elected to the legislature in 1804, and then speaker of the house ; 
was in the U. S. senate from New Hampshire, from 1810 to 1813, and 
served as secretary of the senate, from 1814 to 1825 ; he d. in Fairfax co., 
Va., Jan. 25, 1846, a. 76. 

CUYLER, Abraham C, of Albany, N. Y. ; was authorized to raise 
600 men, for the royal service, and in Nov. 1779, was recruiting at Ja- 

American Biographical Notes. 97 

niaica; he was attainted and banished, Oct. 22, 1779 ; went to England 
in 1781 ; returned to America, and d. in Yorkfield, L. C, Feb. 5, 1810, 
a. 68 ; his son, Cornelius, was a major in the British service, and d. at 
Montreal in 1807. 

CUYLER, Benjamin Clark, D.D., an Episcopal clergyman ; b. at 
Jamaica Plains. Mass., Feb. 6, 1798; d. at Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 
10, 1863. 

DABNEY, Austin, a free colored soldier of the rev. ; was a man of 
much sense, and acquired a large circle of friends ; received a lot of land 
from the state of Ga., in Walton co.; acquired property; was a noted 
lover of horses and horse raising ; a son was educated at Franklin Coll., 
and studied law; d. at Zebulon, Pike co., Ga., having many years drawn 
a pension. ( Whites Hist. Ga., p. 584.) 

DABNEY, Frederic, b. in Fayal, Aug. 2, 1809, and grad. at Harv. 
in 1828 ; returned to Fayal, and became a partner in the firm in which 
his father, for many years U. S. consul, was senior member ; was greatly 
esteemed both by native and foreign residents ; d. Dec. 29, 1857, a. 48. 

DADE, Gen. Lawrence T., d. in Owensboro, Ky., March 25, 1842, 
a. 56 ; was a native of Orange co., Va. 

DADE, Philip Slaughter, d. in Dubuque, Iowa Ter., July 12, 1842, 
a. 28 ; was formely of King George co., Va. 

DAKIN, Francis Elihu, p. in Utica, N. Y., Dec. 13, 1828; grad. in 
1851 at Yale; went to Germany to complete his education, and became 
prof, of nat. phil., and chemistry at the State Normal School at Albany; 
resigned in Feb. 1854 ; d. at Freeport, 111., Dec. 25, 1868. 

DAKIN, Samuel Dana, b. in Jaffrey, N. H., July 16, 1802, and 
came with his parents to Oneida co., in 1815 ; grad. at Ham. Coll. in 
1821 ; was associated for a time with Wm. J. Bacon, in editing a weekly 
paper; in 1826 he was admitted to the bar of Oneida co., and in 1839 
he rem. to N. Y. ; here he d. very suddenly of a disease of the heart, 
Jan. 26, 1853 ; at the time of his death he was known in the commercial 
world as one of the patentees of an improved floating dry dock, two of 
which were completed for the U. S. gov. ; was the father of five sons, all 
of whom are graduates of Hamilton College. 

DALLAS, Jacob A., artist; d. in N. Y. city, Sept. 9, 1857; b. in 
Phila., in 1825; rem. at the age of eight to Mo., and studied at Ames 
Coll; returned to Phila., and became an esteemed portrait painter, and 
resided the last eleven years at N. Y. ; his talents were of a high order ; 
was one of the chief illustrators of Harper's, Putnam's, Frank Leslie's, 
and other popular periodicals, while many larger volumes are wholly in- 
debted to him for the engravings they contain. (Simpson's Eminent 
Philadelphians. ) 

DALLAS, Trevanion B., an eminent lawyer, and one of the judges 
of the dist. court for the county of Alleghany; d. at Pittsburg, Pa., 
April 7, 1841. 

DALRYMPLE, James A., register of wills in Calvert co., Md., and 
several ys. in the Md. leg. ; d. near Prince Frederick, Md., Aug. 18, 1842. 

DALTON, Dr. Edward Barry, d. at Santa Barbara, Cal, May 13, 
1872, a. 36. 


98 American Biographical Notes. 

DALYELL, James, was made lieut. in the 60th or Roy. Am. Regt. 
Jan. 15, 1756 ; obtained a comp. in the 2d batt. of royals, Sept. 13, 1760, 
and on the 31st of July, 1763, led a detachment against Pontiac, near 
Detroit; was killed in this engagement. (Parkman's Conspiracy of Pon- 
tiac, 275 ; Coil. Hist. A 7 ". Y., vii, 547.) 

DAMRELL, Willtam, S., b. in Portsmouth, N. H., Nov. 29, 1809; 
was in cong. from Mass. 1855 to 1859, and d. at Dedham, Mass., 
May 17, 1860 ; was a well known painter. 

DAMUTH, George, a pioneer of Utica, being one of three settlers 
only who lived on its site in 1786 ; his lease, dated July 28, 1787, is the 
first lease or title of any kind obtained from the proprietors of the soil of 
which there is any knowledge. 

DANA, James, was b. at Ashburnbam, Mass., May 20, 1780, and-was 
the-soa-of tme .of two Huguenot bros., who fled from France to England ; 
at the age of 12, he rem. to Windsor, Vt., and about 10 years after started 
for the west, stopping a year at Schenectady, and in 1803 settling in Utica, 
where he afterwards resided ; engaged in the saddlery and hardware busi- 
ness and followed the latter business with his son till 1850, when he re- 
tired ; d. at Utica, Jan. 7, 1860. James D. Dana, of Yale Coll. is a son 
of this person. 

DANA, Dr. John White, son of Jas. Dana of Utica; b. March 28, 
1817; attended medical lectures in N. Y. ; d. of cholera in the city of N. 
Y., where he bad commenced the practice of medicine, Aug. 27, 1849 ; 
his was the first body interred in Forest Hill cemetery, Utica. 

DANE, Joseph, b. in Essex co., Mass ; grad. at Harv. in 1799; set- 
tled at Kennebunk, Me., early in this century ; was chosen to the execu- 
tive council of Mass. in 1817 ; was representative of York dist. ; was in 
cong. from 1820 to 1823, and seven years in the state leg. ; d. at Kenne- 
bunk, Me., May 1, 1858, a. 79. (Hist. Mag., ii, 88; Am. Aim., 1859, 
p. 353.) 

DANFORTH, Asa, b. in Worcester, Mass., July 6, 1746 ; served in 
the rev. ; became a pioneer and prominent settler in Onondaga co. ; was 
a judge of the county court, supt. of the salt springs; mem. of assem. in 
1801-2, and state sen. in 1803-6 ; was a maj. gen. of militia ; d. at Onon- 
daga Hollow, Sept. 2, 1818. (Clark's Onondaga, ii, 115.) 

DANFORTH, Samuel, son of Rev. John D., of Dorchester, Mass.; 
grad. at Harv. in 1715 ; was several years pres. of the council, a judge, 
and in 1774, a mandamus councillor; was distinguished for his love of 
natural philosophy and chemistry ; d. in 1777, a. 81. 

DANFORTH, Thomas, lawyer at Charlestown, Mass. ; son of Hon. 
Sam'l D. ; grad. at Harv. in 1762; was proscribed and banished as a tory, 
and was the only man in his town who sought British protection ; went to 
Halifax in 1776 ; d. in London in 1825. 

DANIELS, Constans F., educated to the law, and many years con- 
nected with the press in South Carolina, in New York city and in New 
London, Ct., where he edited the New London Chronicle, and d. Oct. 20, 
1858, a. 69. 

DA-O-NE-HO-G-A-WEH, a Seneca chief known as John Blacksmith, 
d. at Tonawanda, N. Y., April 14, 1851, a. 70 ; he was distinguished for 
the advocacy of the rights of his people and after the death of Red Jacket 
was the greatest of his tribe. (Striker's Am. Reg., vi, 225.) 

American Biographical Notes. 99 

DARBY, Ezra, mem. of cong. from New Jersey, from 1806, till his 
death, Jan. 28, 1808. 

DARBY, John, became a maj. of the 17th regt. Sept. 21, 1756 ; served 
in 1758, at the seige of Louisburg; became lieut. col., May 14, 1759, and 
commanded a battalion of grenadiers in 1760; was adj. gen. at Martinico 
in 1762, and col. in the army in 1772 ; he left the British army in 1775. 
(Com,. Wilson's Orderly Book, 61.) 

DARGAN. George W., for a time commissioner of equity, for the 
Charleston dist. ; was state senator in S. C, and was one of the chancellors 
of the state from 1847 till his death, June 12, 1859, a. 58. 

DARLING, Sir Charles H., late governor of British Columbia; d. 
in London, Jan. 26, 1870; a. 61. 

DARLINGTON, Isaac, president judge of the 15th judicial dist. of 
Pennsylvania, from 1821 till his death ; d. at Westchester, Pa., April 27, 
1839, in his 58th year ; b. in Westtown, Chester co., Pa. ; served in the 
state legislature, and as a volunteer in the war of 1812. 

DARRx\CH, Lydia, a patriotic quaker lady of Philadelphia, who ren- 
dered service to the American cause in the revolution. ( Watson's Annals.) 

DARROW, Dr. William, a pioneer physician in northern part of 
Lowville, N. Y. ; d. Jan. 8, 1815, a. 44 ; was from Hebron, N. Y., and 
served in assembly in 1812. 

DAVEE, Thomas, b. in Plymouth, Mass., Nov. 9, 1797 ; removed to 
Maine ; was bred a merchant ; served 6 y. in the Maine legislature ; was 
speaker ; high sheriff of Somerset co., and in congress from 1837 to 1841 ; 
was many years a postmaster, and at the time of his death, Dec. 9, 1841, 
was senator elect to the state legislature. 

DAVENPORT, Ashley, b. Feb. 12, 1794; was a state senator from 
Lewis and Jefferson cos., N. Y., in 1852, 3 ; a farmer and merchant, and 
d. at Copenhagen, Lewis co., N. Y., where he had long resided, Feb. 10, 

DAVENPORT, Lieut. Hezekiah, Conn. ; killed April 27, 1777. 

DAVENPORT, John, of Stamford, Ct. ; congressman 18 years ; son of 
Abm. D. ; b. Jan. 16, 1752 ; grad. at Yale 1770 ; was major of militia 
when the war began; was in congress from 1799 to 1817, (having suc- 
ceeded his brother James) ; and d. Nov. 28, 1830 ; his wife d. in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., June 28, 1847, a. 93. (Davenport Family, p. 234.) 

DAVENPORT, Rev. John, son of Rev. James D., b. at Freehold, 
N. J., Aug. 11, 1752; grad. at Princeton in 1769 ; was ordained at Mat- 
tituck, L. I., in 1775 and preached 2ys. ; he lived at Bedford, N. Y., Deer- 
field, N. J., was dismissed on account of feeble health ; and d. atLysander, 
N. Y., July 13, 1825. (Davenport Family, p. 238.) 

DAVENPORT, Thomas, in congress from Virginia, from 1825 to 
1835 ; d. in Halifax co., Va., Nov. 1838. 

DAVIDSON, Capt., d. at Lost Valley Creek, Pa., Jan. — 1840, a. 88 ; 
belonged to the Pennsylvania line in the revolution, and was in several 

DAVIDSON, Hamilton, a tory from the states; d. in York co., N. 
Brunswick, in 1841, a. 92. 

DAVIDSON, James, d. at Stockbridge, Mass., Nov. 27, 1840; was a 
major in the revolutionary war. 

100 American Biographical Notes. 

DAVIDSON, Lieut. Levi P., d. at Saratoga Springs, N. Y., June 27, 
1842 ; he was of the 1st dragoons, U. S. A. ; grad. at West Point in 1837 ; 
was a son of Dr. D. and brother of Lucretia and Margaret Davidson, noted 
for their early poetic talent. 

DAVIDSON, William, b. in Mecklenburg co., N. C, Sept. 12, 1778 ; 
for many years a representative from Mecklenburg co., N. C. in the state 
senate, and a member of congress from that state in 1818-21 ; d. at Char- 
lotte, N. C, Sept. 17, 1857/a. 79. 

DAVIE, Col. G. W., several years a member of the state legislature of 
S. C. j d. at Chester, S. C, April 9, 1850. 

DAVIES, Solomon B., of the firm of Davies & Warfield, Baltimore ; 
d. in that city, June 25, 1860, in his 33d year. 

DAVIS, Amos, member of congress from Kentucky; d. June 5, 1835, 
at Owingsville, Ky. 

DAVIS, Gen. Aquila, of Warren, N. H. ; d. at Cumberland, Me!, 
of apoplexy, Feb. 27, 1835. 

DAVIS, Charles B., d. at Washington, D. C, Oct. 3, 1839 j a. 65. 

DAVIS, Charles Mortimer, b. at Sennett, N. Y., July 6, 1838; 
grad., at Hamilton Coll., in 1861. Taught academy at Auburn, N. Y. ; 
at the Oneida Seminary ,'and Cayuga Lake Acad., at Aurora; in April, 1864, 
became an assistant editor of the Utica Morning Herald, andd. at Sennett, 
Aug. 5, 1868. (Regent's Report, 1870, p. 598.) 

DAVIS, Daniel, d. at Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 27, 1855, a. 73. He 
was for 32 years solicitor general of Massachusetts. 

DA VIS, David, b. at Morristown, N. J., Oct., 1755 ; served as teamster 
through the revolution settled in Westchester co., and about 1830, went 
to Brooklyn; he died in indigence at Brooklyn, Nov. 11, 1858, nearly 
105 years old. (Hist. Mag., iii, 27.) 

DAVIS, Frederick W., a practical chemist and metallurgist ; d. at 
Boston, Dec. 12, 1854, a. 31 years; he received his chemical education 
with Prof. C. T. Jackson, and in 1847 was appointed supt. of the Revere 
Copper Cos., melting furnaces at Point Shirley. (Am. Jour. Sci. and 
Arts., 2d ser., xix, 449.) 

DAVIS, Garrett, U. S. senator and statesman of Kentucky; b. Sept. 
10, 1801 ; d. at his home in Paris, Ky., Sept. 22, 1872. (Brake's Die. 
Am. Biog.} 

DAVIS, Capt. Isaac, Mass. ; April 19, 1775, in revolution. 

DAVIS, Isaac R., a conspicuous Philadelphia merchant and citizen ; 
b. in 1809, in Montgomery co., Pa.; spent his life in Philadelphia and d. 
near that city, Feb. 4, 1857. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.') 

DAVIS, Gen. Jonathan, d. at Oxford, Mass., Aug. 3, 1838, a. 77 ; 
was for a long time a justice of the court of sessions, and sustained various 
other public offices. 

DAVIS, Capt. Joseph, Penna. ; killed in revolution, April 23, 1779. 

DAVIS, Joseph, many years a state senator in Massachusetts ; d. at 
Northboro, Mass., Oct. 23, 1843, a. 69. 

DAVIS, Dr. Samuel H., prof, in the Jefferson Medical College, 
Phila. ; d. March 2, 1872. 

American Biographical Notes. 101 

DAVIS, Thomas, financier; b. in Plymouth, Mass., in 1758, engaged 
in the fishing trade and became well versed in mercantile affairs ; he was 
chosen to the state senate, became president of an insurance co. in Boston, 
and held till his death in 1805, a. 48. {Bradford's N. E. Biog.~) 

DAVIS, Rt. Rev. Thomas, D.D., P. E bishop of South Carolina; 
d. at Camden, S. C, Dec. 2, 1872. 

DAVIS, Thomas Kemper, son of Isaac P. Davis ; b. in Boston ; grad. 
at Harvard, in 1827 ; studied law, but having an ample fortune, devoted 
himself to, and became learned in English and classical literature ; d. Oct. 
13, 1853. 

DAVIS, Warren R., d. at Washington, D. C, Jan. 29, 1835 ; b. in 

S. C; grad. at S. C. coll., in 1810 ; was solicitor for S. C. and from 1827 
to 1835 ; a member of congress from South Carolina. 

DAWKINS, George, of S. C, was in 1872, a capt. of cavalry in the 
S. C. Loyalists and his estate was confiscated. 

DAWSON, David, of Chester co., Pa., joined the royal army at Phila., 
went with it to N. Y., and was employed in passing counterfeit money. 
He was detected and executed in 1780. 

DAWSON, Gen. John B., d. at St. Francisville, La., June 26, 1845 ; 
member of congress from the 3d dist. of Louisiana. 

DAWSON, Josiah, b. in Philadelphia, Sept. 1, 1772, was of the Society 
of Friends, and acquired a large property, after giving to his family, and 
friends, he bequeathed nearly $30,000 to the Friend's Asylum for the in- 
sane; $25,000 to the Westtown boarding school, and $11, 000 to the Penna. 
Hosp., he left over $225,000 to his executors to be applied at their dis- 
cretion to different charitable objects and benevolent institutions of the 
county of Philadelphia. {Simpson's Eminent Philadelphia^.) 

DAWSON, Dr. Robert W., d. near New Madrid, Mo., April 6, 1843, 
in his 52d year ; b. in Montgomery co., Md., and emigrated to Missouri, in 
1812 ; where he engaged in practice of medicine; in 1815, was elected 
to the territorial legislature, and in 1820, aided in forming the first state 
consolidation, was chosen to the state senate in 1822, and continued by 
successive elections till 1836. 

DAWSON, Rev. William, second pres. of William and Mary's 
Coll., Va., succeeded Pres. Blair in 1743, and held till his death in 1761 ; 
he was succeeded by Rev. Wm. Yates. 

DAY, David M., d. at Buffalo, N. Y., Dec. 12, 1839 ; a. 48; one of 

the publishers of the Whig and Journal, of that city. 

DAY, Elkanah, a physician of Westmoreland, Vt., was appointed a 
captain of rangers by the provincial congress of N. Y., but resigned Oct. 
23, 1776 ; he was several years high sheriff of Windham co., and succes- 
sively elected to both houses of the N. Y. legislature, from Cumberland co., 
before the erection of Vermont as a separate state. (Roll's Eastern Ver- 
mont, p. 640.) 

DAY, Dr. Horace B., b. in West Schuyler, Herkimer co., January, 
1819, graduated at Albany Medical College in 1844, and began practice 
of medicine. In 1849 he removed to Utica, where he pursued his pro- 
fession until his death Aug. 23d, 1870. 

*o - *""*} 

102 i American Biographical Notes, 

DAY, Matthias, d. in Newark, N. J., Dec. 29, 1844, a. 74; was for 
some time editor of a newspaper, and afterwards postmaster of Newark, 
which office he held 27 years. 

DAYTON, Aaron Ogden, of Washington, D. C. ; for 24 years fourth 
auditor of the treasury department; d. in Philadelphia, Oct. 4, 1858. 

DAYTON, Nathan, judge in the supreme court of New York ; settled 
early in Niagara co. ; held the office of first judge from March 1833 to 
Jan. 1836; was appointed circuit judge of 8th dist, Feb. 23, 1838; was 
elected county clerk in 1857, and d. April 26, 1859, in his 64th year; he 
resided at Lockport. 

DEACON, Capt. David, of the U. S. navy; d. at Burlington, N. J., 
Jan. 22, 1840. 

DEAN, Gilbert, d. at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Oct. 12, 1870 ; b. in 
Dutchess co., educated at Yale; studied law, and was in congress in 1850- 
4, and a justice of the. supreme court in 1864; he was a prominent lawyer 
and conspicuous in his management in the case of Mrs. Emma A. Cunning- 
ham, indicted in 1857 for the murder of Dr. Burdell in Bond St., N. Y. 

DEAN, Jacob, of N. Y. ; was a loyal declarator in 1775; became an 
inhabitant of New Brunswick, and d. at St. John, in 1818, a. 80. 

DEAN, James, was the eldest son of Hon. James Dean of Westmore- 
land, Oneida co , and was b. Dec. 19, 1787, in what was then Whitestown, 
Montgomery co. ; was the first white male child born within the present 
limits of Oneida co. ; having pursued his preparatory studies at the Hamil- 
ton Oneida Acad, he was graduated at Union Coll. in 1811 with the high- 
est honor of his class ; from 1813 to 1816 he was a tutor in Ham. Coll. ; 
he studied law with Jonas Piatt of Whitestown, and James Powers of 
Catskill, where he was admitted to the bar; he removed to New Hartford 
and subsequently to Utica, where he d. May 23, 1841, in his 53d year; he 
held for some years the office of judge of the county court ; was treasurer 
of Ham. Coll. from 1825 to 1828; represented the county in the legisla- 
ture, and was clerk of the county for a single term. 

DEAN, John, grad. at Hamilton College 1832, studied law in Utica; 
member of assembly 1846 ; d. 1863, a. 50. 

DEAN, Nicholas, d. in New York city, Dec. 22, 1855, a. 64 ; was a 
prominent citizen and had held various offices of honor and trust ; was 
president of the Oroton Water Board, from 1849 to 1853, and afterwards 
was president of the Harlem rail road. 

DE ANGELIS, Pascal Charles Joseph, b. in the island of St. Eu- 
statia, West Indies, Oct. 14, 1763 ; settled in Holland Patent, Oneida co. 
N. Y., in 1798; was one of the judges of the court of common pleas, of 
Oneida co., and president of Hobart Hall Academy; he d. Sept. 8, 1839, 
at Holland Patent. ( Utica Gospel Messenger, Sept. 14, 1839 ; Jones's 
Eist. Oneida co., pp. 466, 467, 468.) 

DEARBORN, Greenlief, It. col. U. S. A. ; d. at Brattleborough, Vt., 
Aug. 9, 1846 : entered the army as a lieut. of artillery in March, 1842, 
and served in the Seminole war. 

DEAS, Capt. Edward, of the 4th U. S. artillery was taken prisoner 
before the battles of 8th and 9th, of May ; he was drowned from on board 
the steamer Yazoo, near Rio Grande city, May 6, 1849. 

American Biographical Notes. 103 

DEAS, Henry, d. in Charleston, S. C, Dec. 2, 1846 ; late president of 
the senate of that state. 

DE BEGNIS, Signor, a celebrated musician ; d. at New York, August, 

DE BENNEVILLE, Dr. George, b. in 1760, in Branditown in the 
22d ward of Philadelphia; and d. at that place Dec. 17, 1850, in the 
house where he was b. ; a. 90 years 1 month, rendered valuable services 
in the revoliitioD. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

DEBERRY, Edmund, of N. C, member of congress, from 1829 to 
1831, 1833 to 1845, and 1849 to 1851 : d. in Montgomery co., N. C, Dec. 
12, 1859. 

DE BLAZMERE, Peter Boyle, b. in Dublin, Apr. 26, 1783 j entered 
the British, navy served as midshipman under Capt. Bligh, of the County, 
at the battle of Camperdown, was present at the mutiny of the nore, and 
emigrated to Canada in 1837 ; in 1858, he took a seat in the legislative 
council, and on the remodeling of the Toronto University, he was appointed 
chancellor, but subsequently resigned ; he was also a member of the An- 
glican synod; d. at Yorkville near Toronto, C. W., Oct. 23, 1860. (iV. 
Y. Times, Oct. 29, 1860.) 

DEBLOIS, Lewis, merchant of Boston, went with the British fleet to 
Halifax, in 1776, and in 1778 was proscribed and banished ; he was in 
England in 1779 and 1784; and later a merchant in St. John, N. B. ; 
where he d. in 1802. (Sabine's Loyalists.') 

DE BOZE, Lieut. Col. Baron, of Pulaski's Legion killed at Egg 
Harbor, N. J., 1778. 

DEBRALER, John, a revolutionary soldier; d. at Paris, Ky., Jan. 8, 
1850, a. 99 years 6 months. 

DE CAMP, John, a soldier of the revolution ; d. in New York city, 
Oct. 24, 1844, a. 84; was 27 years one of the inferior judges of New Jersey. 

DEDERICK, Stewart J., a writer for the press ; d. at Orange, N. J., 
June 3, 1874, a. 26; had been employed on Scribner's Monthly, and the 
N. Y. Tribune. 

DEERING, Dr. Nicoll H., of Utica, N. Y. ; d. Dec. 19, 1867, a. 73. 
(Transac. N. Y. State Med, Soc. 1868, p. 307.) 

DEETH, Sylvanus G., bibliopolist, long resident at New Brunswick, 
N. J.; d. at Georgetown, D. C, Feb. 26,1858. (Am. Pub. Circular, 
Mar. 6, 1858 ; Hist, Mag., ii, 123.) 

D'ESGLIS, Louis Philippe Mariaucheau, eighth R. C. bp. of 
Quebec; b. at Quebec, April 5, 1710 ; became priest Sept. 18, 1735 ; co- 
adjutor of Quebec Sept., 1770, he succeeded M. Briand as bp. of Quebec, 
Nov. 29, 1785 ; and d. on the Isle of Orleans, June 4, 1788, a. 78 y. 2mo. 
(Liste Chron. des Eveques et des Pretres du Canada.) 

DE FOREST, Henry Alfred, M. D., missionary to Syria ; b. in 
Watertown, Ct., May 1814; grad. at Yale in 1832 ; studied medicine and 
settled at Rochester, N. Y. ; in five years married C. S. Saugeant and sailed 
for Beirut Syria, as a missonary ; he founded a female seminary, acted at 
times as consul, and superintended the publication of books ; he returned 
in 1854, and d. at Rochester, N. Y., Nov. 24, 1858. (Hist. May., iii, 99.) 

104 American Biographical Notes. 

DE GAICOURIA, Domingo, Cuban patriot; garrotted at Havana 
May 7, 1870. 

DE GRAFF, John I., a member of the 20th and 25th congresses; d. 
at Schenectady, June 26, 1848. 

DE GROOT, Jacob, d. at Bound Brook, N. J., July 22, 1843, a. 94 ; 
was many years a judge of com. pleas, for Somerset co. ; his wife Rachel, 
d. July 10 ; they had been m. 59 years. 

DE GROOT, William, d. near Bound Brook, N. J., Aug. 28, 1840 
a. 89 ; was an officer of the revolution. 

DE HART, Jacob, aid-de-camp, Pa. ; killed in the revolution, July 
21, 1780. 

D'HEU, Jacques, Jesuit missionary, with the Onondagasin 1708, and 
the Senecas in 1709, said to have been drowned in 1728. 

DEH-HE-WA-MIS. (See Jemison Mary.) 

DeHUYNE, Major General, d. July 25, 1780, at New York; a. 60, 
of the army of his serene highness, the landgrave of Hasse Cassel in the 
42d year of bis service. He had just returned from Charleston. (Riving- 
ton's Gazette, July 29.) 

DEJIHNONDAWEHHOH, alias John Jemison, grandson of Mary 
J., " the white woman of Genesee," resided on the Buffalo Reservation 
till 1845, when he removed to Cattaraugus ; he d. there Nov. 8, 1859. 
(Hist. Mag., iv, 60.) 

DeKAY, Dr. James E., was educated as a physician and studied in 
Edinburgh, Paris and Germany. His travels extended to Turkey and 
sketches of his travels were published in 1831-2. He devoted himself 
extensively to the study of natural history and he was appointed June 2, 
1836, zoologist to the geological survey of New York, the results of these 
labors were completed in 5 volumes, 4to, and confer upon him lasting 
honor. He died at his residence at Oyster Bay, N. Y., Nov. 21, 1851, 
at the age of 59 years; he married a daughter of Henry Eckford, the 
celebrated ship builder. (Am. Jour. Sci. and Arts, 2d ser., xiii, 300.) 

DELAFIELD, Brig. Gen. Richard, of the engineer corps, U. S. A., 
d. at Washington, D.C., Nov. 8, 1873; was born in New York city, and 
entered at West Point in 1814. He joined the engineer corps, and ad- 
vanced through successive grades to the rank of major in 1838, when he 
was appointed superintendent of the Military Academy ; an office he re- 
tained until 1845. During the Crimean war, acting under orders from 
Jefferson Davis, then secretary of war, he proceeded to Europe in company 
with Gen. McClellan and Major Mordecai, for the purpose of obtaining 
information in regard to the military service in general, and the changes 
which had been made in modern warfare. He made an elaborate report, 
accompanied by maps, giving an account of the siege operations at Sebas- 
topol, and describing several great fortresses of continental Europe. This 
report, which made a large volume, was printed by order of congress. In 
1856 Major Delafield was reappointed superintendent at the Military 
Academy, and continued to hold that position until 1861. His advanced 
age unfitted him for service in the field during the civil war, but he gave 
the federal cause all the aid he could, and in 1864 was promoted to be 
brigadier-general. In 1865 he was commissioned major-general by brevet, 

American Biographical Notes. 1Q5 

and the year following retired from the service. The general was one of 
five brothers, all of whom have reached advanced years and attained pro- 
minence in various walks of life. 

DELAMATER, John, M.D., LL.D., b. Chatham, New York, April 18, 
1787. His ancestors (l)e La Moitres) were Huguenots fleeing from 
France to Holland, intermarried with the Dutch, and came to the banks 
of the Hudson. He became a partner of Dr. Don at Chatham, at the age 
of 19 exhibiting great talents as a physician. In 1815 located at Sheffield, 
Berkshire co., Massachusetts. 1823, professor in Berkshire Medical In- 
stitute. 1827, prof, at Fairfield, N. York. 1836, prof, at Willoughby, 
Lake co. 1842, prof, at Cleveland Medical College. 1860, emeritus, 
lecturing occasionally for several years, always without notes. The lecture 
room was the glory and substance of his life. An incessant student, with 
a clear mind, a never failing memory ; and a fluent use of language, it is 
doubtful if, as a college lecturer, he was surpassed, in the U. 8. As 
a consulting physician, his opinions took the first rank, even after the 
infirmities of a long life prevented active practice. Benevolent, unosten- 
tatious, unselfish ; he was an acknowledged genius, and a model Christian. 

DeLANCEY, James, of Westchester co., N. Y., eldest son of chief 
justice and Lt. Gov. Jas. DeLancey, was educated at Corpus Christi Coll., 
Camb., rose to the rank of capt., in the royal army, and was aid to Aber- 
crombie, in the campaign against Ticonderoga. He sold his commission 
soon after his father's death and became his chief heir. His wife was 
dau. of Chief Justice Allen, of Pa. He went to England in May, 1775, 
and settled at Bath, having served in gen. assembly in N. Y., from 
1769 to 1775. He was attainted and banished Oct. 22, 1779. His son 
Charles D., was in the British navy and d. single. His son Jas. was 
lt. col., of 1st Dragoons. Capt. Jas. DeLancey was one of the com'rs for 
settling claims of loyalists to be adjusted by the British government. — 
{Bolton's West Chester, ii, 252 ; Sabine's Loyalists.) 

DeLANCEY, John, son of Peter D. ; his dau. Elizabeth, became the 
second wife of Gov. Yates, of N. Y. ; he was in the N. Y. assembly in 

DeLANCEY, John Peter, third son of Chief Justice DeLancey, b. 
July 15, 1753, and d. Jan. 31, 1828; his wife, a dau. of Col. Richard 
Floyd, d. May 7, 1820 ; his third son wasBp.Wm. H. DeLancey, of West- 
ern N. Y., who d. 5 Apl., 1865. 

DeLANCEY, Oliver, third son of Peter D., held a commission in 
the British navy,^but resigned on the approach of the revolution. He 
d. in West Chester co., Sept. 4, 1820, a. 70 years. 

DeLANCEY, Oliver, Jr., was educated in Europe and joined the 
17th light dragoons, was captain of horse in the British army in 1776, 
became major of the 17th Regt. of Dragoons, and after Andre's death 
adj. gen., with the rank of lt. col. His brutal conduct is said to have 
caused the death of Gen. Woodhull taken prisoner in 1776. He subse- 
quently rose to be a full general in the British army, and d. near the head 
of the army list, in 1820. He left one natural son who bore his name, 
and was killed in Egypt under Abercrombie. (Sabin's Loyalists, p. 254 ; 
Bolton's West Chester, ii, 254.) 

DeLANCEY, Peter, 3d son of Stephen De Lancey the emigrant of 
this family, was a man of wealth and influence in the colony of N. Y. 


106 American Biographical Notes. 

He married a dau. of Lt. Gov. Colden, resided in the borough of West 
Chester, which he represented in gen. assembly from 1750 to 1768. 

DeLAjNCEY, Stephen, 2d son of Chief Justice DeLancey, resided at De 
Lanceytown, now the town of North Salem, West, co., N.Y., which he owned. 
He built the large house now the Academy at that place, in 1769 or 70, 
was a lay reader in the Episcopal church, and died in 1795 without issue. 

DeLANCEY, Stephen, a French Huguenot fled to New York in 1686, 
married Anne, daughter of Stephanus Van Cortlandt, was an opulent mer- 
chant, and d. in 1741, upwards of 80, and worth £100,000 with large 
tracts of land in New York, West Chester and Ulster counties. His will 
is dated March 4, 1735. (Bolton's West Chester, ii, 252.) 

DeLANCEY, Warren, of N. Y., was in 1780, a cornet of dragoons 
in the British service. 

DELANO, Maj. Thomas, a pioneer in Watertown, d. N. Y., 1833. 
(New York Reformer, Dec. 15, 1859.) 

DELANY, Sharp, b. in county of Monaghan, Ireland, was a druggist 
in Philadelphia before the revolution, and an active member of committees 
favoring independence, subscribed £5,000 to supply the army in 1780. 
Served in the state legislature, and was collector of the post of Phila- 
delphia in Washington's administration. (Simpson's Eminent Phila- 

DeLEON, David, M.D., formerly a medical officer in the army of 
the United States, was appointed to a responsible place in the medical de- 
partment of the confederate army, and at the close of the late war returned 
to New Mexico, where he had long been stationed ; d. Sept. 3, 1872. 

DELESDERNIER, William, d. at Augusta, Me., Jan. 16, 1842; he 
was a member of the state senate from Aroostook co., and resided at Bailey- 
ville, Me. 

DELEVAN, Col. Daniel E., of New York, local politician ; d. at 
Danbury, Conn., March 30, 1870, a. 62. 

DELLET, James, d. at Claiborne, Ala., Dec. 2d, 1848, a. 60; native 
of South Carolina, and one of the early graduates of the S. C. University, 
removed to Alabama in 1818 ; was frequently in the general assembly, 
and in congress from 1839 to 1841, and from 1843 to 1845. 

DELLIUS, Rev. Godfreidus, early Dutch minister at Albany, came 
over in 1683, as a colleague of Dominie Schaats, and remained 16 y. ; he 
sailed for Holland in 1699. (Rogers's Hist. Discourse, p. 16.) 

DELMONICO, Constantine, caterer; d. at New York, June 11, 
1870, a. 48. 

DEMERITT, Gen. Samuel, d. at Lee, N. H, July 23, 1840, a. 58. 

DEMING, Benjamin F., of Danville, Vt., member of congress in 
1833; d. at Saratoga Springs July 11, 1834; was b. at Danville, Vt. ; 
was clerk of his native county 16 years. 

DEMURS, Rev. George W., an editor of the Albany Evening Journal; 
d. at Albany, May 25, 1870, a. 34. 

DENANT, Pierre, R. C. bp. of Quebec, b. at Montreal July 20, 
1843 ; became priest Jan. 27, 1767, coadjutor of Bp. Hubert, May 23, 
1794, and bishop of Quebec, Sept. 4, 1797; he d. at Longueil, Jan. 
17, 1806. (Liste Chron. des Eveques et des Pretres du Canada.} 

American Biographical Notes. 107 

DENIO, Hiram; a learned and distinguished judge; b. in Rome, 
N. Y., May 21st, 1799 ; pursued his academical course at Fairfield academy, 
and his legal studies partly in Rome, with Judge Hathaway, partly in 
Whitesboro with Storrs & White, and on their completion, in 1821, he 
formed a partnership with Wheeler Barnes of Rome ; in July, 1826, moved 
to Utica and became a partner with Edmond A. Wetmore; May 7th, 
1834, was appointed circuit judge, and on the 30th of October of the next 
year, became dist. attorney, and served nine years, his law partner at this 
time being Ward Hunt; on the 23d of June, 1853, was appointed to fill 
a vacancy in the court of appeals ; twice afterwards was elected to the 
same position, closing his career in 1866. His decisions are accepted as 
standards and models. He was also bank com., a trustee of Ham. Coll., a 
manager of the N. Y. State Lunatic Asylum, and pres. of the Savings 
Bank of Utica; d. Nov. 5, 1871. 

DENIO, John, printer and editor, a relative of the above, d. at Albion, 
N. Y., March 30, 1859, a. 81 ; he was b. in Greenfield, Mass., and be- 
came the publisher of the Gazette, in 1800, the first paper printed there, on 
which he had served his apprenticeship; he removed to Albany in 1827, 
where he published the Morning Chronicle ; he afterwards published 
papers in Rochester, Medina, and Albion ; the tradition of his ancestor 
is, that he was in the expedition of Hertel de Rouville, which destroyed 
Deerfield in 1704; that being detained by an attachment formed in that 
vicinity, his father came from Canada, in pursuit of him, threatening to 
run him through with his sword if he did not return. 

DENISON, Rev. Henry Mandeville, rector of St. Peter's church, 
in Charleston, S. C. ; d. there, Sept. 23, 1858; he was a native of Penn., 
and educated at the Episcopal Seminary in Virginia; settled at Green- 
ville, S. C, then in Brooklyn, N. Y., and then in Louisville, Ky. 

DENMAN, Matthias, d. at Springfield, N. J., Jan. 24, 1841, a. 91 ; 
was one of the first owners of the land on which Cincinnati is built. 

DENMEAD, Adam, proprietor of Monument Iron Foundry, Baltimore ; 

DENNIS, Cyrus Curtis, b. in Scipio, N. Y., May 6,1806; d. in 
Auburn, June 1, 1866; was a manufacturer of iron work and machinery 
at Auburn; pres. of that village in 1840, 1, 2, and first mayor in 1848; 
became a carpet manufacturer, and .<upt. of railroads. (Hall's Auburn.') 

DENNIS, Littleton P., member of congress in 1833 from Md. ; 
d. at Washington, April 14, 1834; grad. at Yale in 1803. 

DENNISON, Daniel, of Ipswich, Mass. ; counselor from 1650 to 
1681, and major gen. of militia; was com'r for settling disputes in Maine 
and with the Dutch of Manhattan ; d. in 1683. (Bradford 's 31. E. Biog.) 

DENNY, Harmar, d. Jan. 29, 1852, in Pittsburg, Pa., a. 58; grad. 
at Dickinson College; was a member of the Penn. legislature and in con- 
stitutional convention, and held various public offices in his native city. 

DENNY, Nathaniel Paine, d. in Barre, Mass., Aug. 23, 1856, a. 
85 ; his name was originally " Thomas Denny ;" was b. in Leicester, 
Mass. ; grad. at Harvard, in 1797 ; settled as a lawyer, and represented . 
Leicester 11 years in the house, and in 1824-5 was in the senate ; served 
many years as county com'r, and pres. of the Leicester Bank; from 1845 
to June 1856 resided in Norwich, Conn. 

DENT, Gen. Louis, d. at Washington, D. C, March 22, 1874; bro- 
ther-in-law of Pres. Grant; was a lawyer, but drifted into southern 

108 American Biographical Notes. 

politics during the reconstruction period, and in 1869 was nominated for 
governor of Mississippi by the national union republicans, a new party, 
organized on the basis of equal rights, general amnesty, and reconciliation ; 
it was expected that he would receive the support of the administration 
in the canvass, but prior to his nomination President Grant wrote him to 
this effect : " I would regret to see you run for an office and be defeated by 
my act, but as matters now look, I must throw the weight of my influence 
in favor of the party opposed to you ;" Judge Dent replied, defending the 
claims of his party, and asserting that their platform ought to be more 
acceptable to the people than that of the " bitter-enders," as his opponents 
were termed ; although the democrats made no nomination, but gave their 
votes to Mr. Dent, he was badly beaten, receiving only 38,097 votes 
against 76,186 for Gov. Alcorn, the regular republican nominee; he 
withdrew after this from politics, and engaged in legal business of a 
general character at Washington, and was thenceforth a resident there. 

De PEYSTER, Abraham, of N. Y., was a captain in the N. Y. loyal- 
ist volunteers and second in command at the battle of King's mountain 
in 1780, and surrendered after the death of Ferguson ; went to St. John, 
N. B. ; drew a city lot and half pay ; was a treasurer of the colony and a 
col. of militia; d. there previous to 1799. (Sabine's Loyalists?) 

De PEYSTER, Frederick, of N. Y. ; was a captain in the N. Y. 
loyalist volunteers in 1782; went to St. John, N. B., where he drew a 
city lot ; in 1792 he was a magistrate of the co. of York ; afterwards 
returned to the states. ( Sabine's Loyalists.') 

De PEYSTER, John, b. in N. Y., Jan. 14, 1693-4; moved to Albany, 
and married Anne Schuyler; he was recorder of Albany, from 1726 to 
1728, and mayor from 1729 to 1731, and in 1732; in 1734 he became a 
com'r of Indian affairs, and in 1755, for paying the forces of Johnson's 
expedition. (Munsell's Ann. Alb., vii, 312.) 

De PEYSTER, John Watts, Jr., son of Gen. John W. De Peyster, 
died 12th of April, 1873, in N. Y. city. The deceased served during the 
early part of the rebellion as volunteer aid-de-camp on the staff of his 
cousin, Gen. Philip Kearuey, and was especially commended for his gal- 
lantry at the battle of Williamsburg. At the battle of Chancellorsville 
he was chief of artillery of the second division, sixth corps, with the rank 
of major. For his gallantry on that and other occasions, on the recom- 
mendation of Major Gen. Hooker, he was promoted successively to be 
lieutenant colonel and colonel. 

DEPUY, Dr. Cornelius E., of New York; d. 1822, a. 30. 

DERBY, Richard, Jr., revolutionary patriot, merchant of Salem, 
Mass., took an active part in the revolution, was in several conventions 
and the provincial congress, a counselor and representative. (Bradford's 
N. E. Biog.) 

DERBY, Samuel G., d. in Weston, Mass., Jan. 17, 1843, a. 76 ; for- 
merly a merchant of Salem, and a graduate of Harvard in 1785. 

DERING, Dr. Nicoll Haven, b. on Shelter Island, January I, 1794; 
was graduate at Yale College in 1813 and attended lectures at the College 
of Physicians and Surgeons of New York, taking his degree in 1817 ; the 
following year he was made health commissioner of the port of New 
York ; after twenty years of practice in the metropolis, he retired to Rome 
in 1843, whence in 1847 he moved to Utica; died Dec. 19, 1867. 

American Biographical Notes. 109 

De ROSSET, Lewis H., of N. C, a member of the council, and took 
measures forbidding a whig convention in 1775 ; he was in communication 
with Gov. Martin after the royal authority had ceased. 

DERRICK, William S., d. in Washington, D. C, May 15, 1852, a. 
50; b. in West Chester, Pa. ; was a clerk in the department of state in 
1827, and well versed in the Spanish and French languages. 

DESMOND, Daniel J., for many years consul for the Italian states ; 
d. at Phila., July 29, 1849. 

De TOCQUEVILLE, Alexis C. H. Clarel, was appointed in 1831 
to visit the United States, on behalf of the French government to inspect 
our penitentiary systems ; he wrote a work entitled Democracy in Ame- 
rica, which has been widely read, and attracted great attention ; he d. 
April, 1859, a. 53. 

De VEAUX, Andrew Jr., of Charleston, S. C, held an office under 
the crown after the fall of Charleston, in 1780, and lost his estate by 

De VEAUX, Jacob, of S. C. ; was banished, and in 1782, his estate 
was confiscated as a tory. 

De VEBER, Gabriel, of N. Y. ; entered the royal service ; and in 
1782 was It. col. of the prince of Wales's Am. vols. ; he settled in New 
Brunswick; was a grantee in St. John, drew half pay, and in 1792, was 
sheriff of the co. of Sudbury and col. of militia ; d. there ; his wife, a dau. 
of Dr. Nathaniel Hubbard of Stamford, Ct. ; d. in King's co., N. B., in 1813. 

De VEBER, Gabriel Jr., of N. Y. ; was in 1782, a It. in De Lancey's 
3d battalion; he went to St. John, N. B., after the revolution, was a 
grantee in that city and drew half pay ; d. in New Brunswick. 

DEVEREUX, John Corish, an early and leading merchant of Utica ;* 
b. at Enniscorthy, county of Wexford, Ireland, Aug. 5, 1775 ; he came to 
America, shortly before the outbreak of the rebellion of 1798 ; in 1802 
he settled in Utica as a merchant, in which business he was uniformly 
successful and acquired a large property; he was prominent and influential 
in the community ; he was president of the United States Branch Bank 
from its organization in Sept. 1830, and also of the Utica Savings Bank, 
of which he was one of the founders ; he was mayor of the city in 1839 
and 1840, being the first mayor elected by the people; aided by his 
brother Nicholas and a few others, he established St. John's, the first 
Catholic church of the place ; of this and other charitable objects he was a 
munificent patron; d. Dec. 11, 1848. 

DEVEREUX, John Corish Jr., son of Thos. and adopted son of John 
C. Devereux of Utica; b. in Ireland Aug. 15, 1817 ; entered Yale in 1834, 
but left it for St. Mary's Coll., Maryland, intending to become a Catholic 
priest ; this design he abandoned, studied law in Utica, and practiced in 
N. Y. city, where he d. Oct. 1861. 

DEVEREUX, Nicholas, brother of John C, came to Utica, in 
1806, and was at first a clerk and afterwards a partner of his brother John ; 
acquired a large property and became an extensive land holder in Alle- 
ghany county, N. Y. ; he took an active part in the organization of the 
Utica and Schenectady rail road company and in other public improve- 
ments ; at the time of his death he was a director in the N. Y. Life In- 
surance and Trust company, the Utica Savings Bank and the Utica Steam 


Woolen mills, and a manager of the N. Y. State Lunatic Asylum ; he was 
a large benefactor to the Catholics of the state ; he d. Dec. 29, 1855. 

DJjfVEZAC, Maj. Auguste, was b. in St. Domingo in 1780, and was 
the son of a wealthy planter ; he was educated at a military school in 
France and when his family fled to the U. S., he studied medicine in 
N. C. and practiced for sometime in Accomac co., Va. ; he removed thence 
to New Orleans ; studied law with Edward Livingston and became a 
celebrated pleader in criminal trials ; he served under Jackson in the war ; 
and in 1831, was appointed charge to Holland where he remained some- 
time ; in 1840, he was in the N. Y. assembly ; d. at N. Y., Feb. 15, 1851, 
a. 70 years. (Striker's Am. Reg., vi, 213.) 

De VICO, Francis, for some years a professor of astronomy in Rome, 
and supt. of the observatory, where he made great discoveries in astro- 
nomical science, and was honored with several gold medals, and other 
testimonials; in the political disturbances which followed; became to the 
United States, and intended to accept the professorship of astronomy in 
Georgetown, D. C. ; was on business in England connected with that col- 
lege, and d. there Nov. 15, 1848. 

De VILLERS, Louis, d. at Ogdensburgh, N. Y., April 29, 1840, a. 
83 ; native of Abbeville, France ; came to America in 1783, having served 
as a lieutenant under Louis XVI. 

DEVLIN, Rev. Francis, a Roman Catholic priest, fell a victim to the 
yellow fever at Portsmouth, Va., the autumn of 1855. 

DEVOE, Rev. David, d. in Turin, N. Y., April 10, 1844, of apoplexy. 

DEWEY, Daniel Noble, b. in Williamstown ; grad. at Yale in 1820, 
and engaged in the practice of law; he held many places of trust, civil 
and judicial, and was for many years sec. and treas. of Williams Coll ; d. 
in Williamstown, Jan. 14, 1859, a. 59. 

DEWEY, Major Lewis F., d. at Jacksonville, Fla., Nov. 5, 1868; 
was from Lowville, N. Y., where he is buried. He had been in active 
service in the late war. 

DEWEY, Dr. Royal Dwight, b. in Westfield, Mass,, Oct. 3, 1891 ; 
was a physician at Turin, N. Y., and d. there, Nov. 13, 1839; he held 
several public offices in that town. 

DEWEY, Timothy, civil engineer, native of N. E., and long resident 
in N. Y. city where he constructed the first gas works ; he died at the 
residence of his son William in Lyme, N. Y., Nov. 18, 1853. {Hough's 
Hist. Jeff. Co., N. Y., p. 429.) 

DEWEY, Dr. Walter, d. in Collinsville, N. Y., Feb. 28, 1821; he 
was a pioneer in Turin, and built the first house in Turin village. (Bough's 
Hist. Lewis Co., p. 208.) 

De WITT, Charles G-., d. at Newbury, N. Y., April 12, 1839; late 
charge d'affairs to Central America and member of congress in 1829-30. 

De WITT, Jacob H., b. in Ulster co., N. Y. ; was in congress from 
New York from 1819 to 1821, and in N. Y. assembly in 1839 and 1847; 
d. at Kingston, N. Y., Jan. 30, 1857, a. 73. 

De WITT, Rev. John, native of Catskill, N. Y. ; settled at Albany 
as colleague of the Rev. Melancthon Bradford of the R. P. D. church, in 
1813 ; was a grad. of Nassau Hall in 1809 ; was elected prof, in the 

American Biographical Notes. ill 

Seminary at New Brunswick, and d. there Oct. 11, 1831, in his 42d year. 
(Rogers's Hist. Discourse, R. P. D. Ch., Albany.) 

De WITT, Moses, b. in Deerpark, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1766, was a pioneer 
and prominent settler of Onondaga co., N. Y., a surveyor, and at the time 
of his death one of the most considerable landed proprietors of western 
New York; was surrogate of Herkimer co., and afterwards of Onondaga 
co. ; many years a justice of the peace, judge of the county courts, and 
a prominent officer of militia; d. near Jamesville, Onondaga co., Aug. 
15, 1791, a. 28. {Clarke's Onondaga, ii, 230.) 

De WITT, Simeon, surveyor general of New York, b. Dec. 15, 1756, 
in Ulster co. ; grad. with honors at Queen's (now Rutger's), Coll., joined 
the army, witnessed Burgoyne's defeat; and in 1775 was appointed assist- 
ant geographer to the army, and in 1780, succeeded Col. Robert Erskine 
as geographer ; he was appointed surveyor gen. of the U. S., May 30, 
1796, but declined; in 1784 he was appoiuted surveyor gen. of N. Y., and 
held by repeated appointments till his death, through a highly important 
period when most of the state lands were surveyed and sold ; in 1798 he 
was elected a regent, in 1817 vice chancellor and in 1829 chancellor; he 
was a member of many learned societies, and author of numerous scientific 
notices and suggestions; he d. at Ithaca, N. Y., Dec. 3, 1831, a. 79. 
(Rogers's Hist. Discourse, p. 103 ; Am. Jour. iSci. and Arts, xxvii, 395 ; 
Eulogium by Dr. T. Romeyn Beck.) 

DeWITT, Rev. Thomas, D.D., during 47 years one of the pastors of 
the Collegiate Ref. church, in N. Y. city; d. May 18, 1874, in his 83d 

DeWOLF, William Henry, d. in New York city Nov. 19, 1853, a. 
51 ; son of James D. of Rhode Island ; b. at Bristol, R. I., May 15, 1802 ; 
served for a time in the navy ; at the time of his death, was U. S. consul 
at Dundee, Scotland, to which office he was appointed by Pres. Pierce. 

DeWOLFE, James, d. in the city of New York, Dec. 21, 1837 ; late 
of Bristol, R. I. and U. S. senator in congress in 1821-5. 

DEXTER, Aaron, M.D., physician and chemist of Chelsea, Mass.; grad. 
at Harv. in 1776 ; was fond of professional and scientific studies especially 
chemistry, of which in 1783 he became the first professor in Harvard; d. 
in 1816. (Bradford's N. E. Biog.) 

DEXTER, George, d. at Geneva, Switzerland, July 16, 1872; was of 
the American News Company ; in the news business since 1843 in New 
York city. 

DEXTER, S. Newton, contractor, manufacturer and banker; b. May 
11th, 1785 in Providence, R. I., where his father, Andrew Dexter, had 
been the first manufacturer of cotton goods in the United States; entered 
Brown University, but soon left it, to engage in business in Boston ; in 
1815 he removed to Whitesboro, and two years later took and fulfilled a 
contract for building a section of the Erie canal; in 1824-9 he was 
engaged in constructing the Chesapeake and Delaware canal; returning 
to Whitesboro he became agent of the Oriskany Manufacturing Company ; 
in 1832 assumed the charge of the Dexter Manufacturing Company near 
Oriskany ; was also largely interested in manufactures elsewhere in the 
state of N. Y. and Elgin, 111 ; a trustee of Hamilton College; for several 
years supported a professorship, giving the college in all about $32,000 ; 

112 American Biographical Notes. 

president of the bank of Whitestown from 1833 to 1853; in 1840 canal 
commissioner ; in 1850 manager of the N. Y. State Lunatic Asylum ; d. 
Nov. 18, 1862. 

DIBBLE, Rev. Frederick, b. at Stamford, Ct. ; grad. at King's Coll., 
N. Y.; was a tory; went to New Brunswick, where he became rector of 
the Episc. ch. at Woodstock ; d. there in 1826, a. 73; his widow d. in 
1838, a. 83. 

DIBBLE, Henry, d. in Albany, N. Y., Feb. 20, 1840, a. 62; was a 

DIBBLE, Tyler, lawyer at Stamford, Ct. ; was in 1775, capt. of the 
1st mil. co. of that place and a man of note; became a loyalist; in 1778 
with 16 others was taken on L. I. by a party of whigs from Ct. ; his pro- 
perty was confiscated ; was deputy agent for the transportation of loyalists 
from N. Y. to New Brunswick ; drew two city lots in St. John in 1784 ; 
some years after committed suicide. {Sabine's Loyalists.) 

DIBBLE, Walter, of Stamford, Ct. ; settled at St. John, N. B. in 
1784; d. at Sussex Vale in 1817, a. 53; was a tory from Ct. 

DICK, John, a loyalist from the states ; settled in New Brunswick in 
1783; d. at St. George in 1839, a. 95. 

DICKENS, Rev. John, Meth. Ep., book agent; b. in London, joined 
the Methodists in 1774 ; traveled extensively during the revolution ; was 
many-years in charge of the book printing of the soc. at N. Y., and Phila. ; 
where he d. of yellow fever, Sept. 27, 1798, a. 52. (Lee's Hist. Meth., 
p. 253.) 

DICKENSON, Dr. L. L., d. at Colchester, Conn., Aug. 2, 1868. 

DICKERSON, David W., late a member of congress ; d. in Franklin, 
Tenn., April 27, 1845. 

DICKEY, John, d. in Beaver co., Pa., March 14, 1853 ; was in con- 
gress from Washington and Beaver counties from 1843 to 1845, and from 
1847 to 1849 ; at the time of his death, was U. S. marshal for the western 
district of Pennsylvania. 

DICKINSON, Charles, a soldier of the revolution and for many years 
an alderman in the city of New York ; d. at Tappan, N. Y., Aug. 21, 1836, 
a. 84. 

DICKINSON, David W., member of congress from Tenn., from 1833 
to 1835, and from 1843 to 1845 ; d. at Franklin, Tenn., April 27, 1845. 

DICKINSON, Major, Edmund B., Va. ; killed at battle of Monmouth 
Va., June 28, 1778. 

DICKINSON, John, an eminent lawyer ; d. in Caroline co., Va., Nov. 
— , 1835, a. about 48 years. 

DICKINSON, John D., b. in Middlesex co., Conn., in 1767; grad. at 
Yale in 1785, was in N. Y. assembly in 1817, from Rensselaer co., and 
in congress from 1819 to 1823, and from 1827 to 1831; d. at his home 
in Troy, N. Y., Jan. 28, 1841. 

DICKINSON, Rudolphtjs, of Lower Sandusky, 0., a member of the 
30th and 31st congresses; d. at Washington, March 12, 1849. 

DICKINSON, Rev. R. W., D.D., several years a pastor in N. Y. city ; 
d. Aug. 16, 1874, in his 70th year. 

American Biographical Notes. , 113 

DICKINSON, Samuel F., d. at Hudson, Ohio, April 22, 1838, a. 
63; grad. at Dartmouth in 1795, and formerly a lawyer of Amherst, Mass. 

DICKINSON, S. N., d. at Roxbury, Mass., Jan. 16, 1849, a. 47; was 
an enterprising printer. 

DICKSON, David, joined the revolution Feb., 1775, at Snow Camp on 
Reedy river; commanded a volunteer co., under Gen. Williamson in the 
Cherokee country in 1776; in 1777 he was stationed with a co. of rniuute 
men on the Gra. frontier, and in 1778 went to the attack upon Savannah ; 
he returned to S. C, and d. in Fayette co., Ga., in 1830, a. 79 ; he was a 
militia general. 

DICKSON, David, of Jackson, Miss., d. at Little Rock, Ark., July 
31, 1836; he was a member of congress from Mississippi. 

DICKSON, John, d. in Ohio, April 25, 1859, a. 110 years. 

DICKSON, John, member of the N. Y. assembly in 1829 and 1830; 
and of congress from New York in 1831-5 ; d. at West Bloomfield, On- 
tario co., N. Y., Feb. 22, 1852. 

DICKSON, Robert, a loyalist, settled in Nova Scotia, was member of 
the house of assembly, and magistrate of the dist. of Colchester ; he d. in 

DICKSON, Samuel, member of congress from the Albany district in 
1855-7; d. at his home in New Scotland, N. Y., May 3, 1858, from the 
effects of a spinal injury received while in the faithful discharge of his 
public duties at Albany; he was educated as a physician. 

DICKSON, Dr. Samuel Henry, d. at New York city April 3, 1872. 

DIGGES, Dr. William J., d. in Opelousas, La., Oct. 21, 1853, a. 34. 

DILL, Lieut. James, Pa.; killed in the revolution Sept. 11, 1777. 

DILL, Col. John, b. in Shawangunk, Ulster co., N. Y., Nov. 27, 
1757 ; served in the revolution ; after the war was settled for a short time 
in N. Y., as a broker, and then at Middletowu Point, N. J., as a merchaut; 
in 1808, returned to Ulster co., and in 1813 settled in Onondaga co. ; in 
1828, made his home at Camillus where he d. Sept. 21, 1846. (Clarke's 
Onondaga, ii, 317.) 

DILLARD, Dr. Thomas, surgeon U. S. A.; d. at Philadelphia, Pa., 
March 1, 1870, a. 70. 

DILLET, James, b. in S. C, was an early graduate of the university 
in that state; became a lawyer and settled in Alabama, in 1818, where 
he became judge of the circuit court, and was often in the legislature; 
was in congress from 1839 to 1841, and from 1843 to 1845 ; d. at Claiborne, 
Ala., Dec. 21, 1848, a. 60. 

DILLON, Robert James, d. in New York city, Nov. 26, 1872 ; was 
a prominent lawyer, and corporation council, under Mayors Westervelt 
and Wood ; he took an active interest in the Irish Emigrant Soc, and 
was vice pres. of the Emigrant Saving Inst. Mr. D. was a patron of the 
fine arts, and his refined taste and appreciation of landscape scenery con- 
tributed in a great degree to the advancement of many of the delightful 
portions of the Central Park, in which he became especially interested 
before it was laid out, and for the establishment of which he labored 
assiduously before the legislature in 1856; and for the advancement of 


114 . ♦ American Biographical Notes. 

which he toiled with varying earnestness, as commissioner, from his ap- 
pointment in 1857. After the disruption of the ring, and the resigna- 
tion of Commissioners Sweeny and Hilton, he took renewed interest in 
all matters relating to the improvement of the Central Park and enterprises 
of a kindred nature; and as long as he was able to attend meetings of the 
commissioners maintained his interest in the enterprise. 

DIMON, Lieut. Col. David, Conn. : killed in the revolution, Sept. 
17,1777. P 

DIMOND, Francis M., several years U. S. consul at Vera Cruz, and 
afterwards lieut. gov. of R. I. • d. in Bristol, R. I., April 23, 1859, a. 63. 

DINWIDDLE, Rev. J. L., professor in the Theological Seminary at 
Allegany; d. at Baltimore, Jan. 11, 1849. 

DISBOROUGH, Daniel W., d. at New Brunswick, N. J., Sept. 10, 
1837, a. 65 ; formerly cashier of the state bank at that place. 

DISNEY, David T., native of Maryland, but in 1820, removed to 
Cincinnati, and was repeatedly elected to each house of the legislature, 
and was thrice speaker in the senate ; he was in congress, from 1849 to 
1855 ; d. at Washington, March 14, 1857. 

D1X, Charles Temple, American artist of merit ; and youngest son of 
Gov. Dix of New York; d. in Paris, March, 1873. 

DIX, Col. Roger S., a native of N. H., and brother of John A. Dix 
of N. Y. ; was a son of Col. Timothy Dix, who lost his life in Wilkinson's 
expedition in 1813; he grad. at West Point in 1832, and at once vol- 
unteered to attend Gen. Scott on the Black Hawk expedition ; after serv- 
ing several years in the qr. m. department, he was appointed by Polk pay 
master in the army ; he served with distinction in the Mexican war, and 
was brevetted It. col. for his gallantry at Buena Vista ; d. at Hillsboro, 
Pa., on his way from New Orleans to Washington, Jan. 7, 1849. 
(Stri/ker's Am. Reg., ii, 252.) 

DIXON, Charles, a loyalist, went to New Brunswick, near the close 
of the war ; d. in 1817, a. 89. 

DIXON, Rev. David R., teacher of grammar school in Utica, 1809-12 ; 
became first principal of Utica academy, 1816-18, during which time he 
studied divinity; was ordained as a Presbyterian minister and settled in 
Mexico, Otsego co. 

DIXON, James, ex-senator in congress from Connecticut; d. in Hart- 
ford, Conn., March 27, 1873, a. 58; b. in Enfield, Conn., Aug. 5, 1814; 
graduated at Williams College, Mass., in 1834, and adopted the profession 
of law. With natural tastes for politics and political life, he became pro- 
minent as a whig leader in the state very soon after entering upon the 
practice of his profession, and was always thereafter more devoted to 
politics and political controversies than to law. He was a member of the 
lower house of the Connecticut legislature in 1837, 1838, and 1844, and 
of the state senate in 1854, and took a leading position in all debates upon 
political questions. He represented the 1st (Hartford) district in con- 
gress from 1840 to 1849. During this time he was a constant contributor 
to the editorial columns of The Hartford Courant, then the leading organ 
of the whig party. In 1854, when the whigs carried the state, for the 
first time for several years, he was elected to the state senate ; upon the 

American Biographical Notes. 115 

expiration of Mr. Gillette's term, in 1856, Mr. Dixon was elected senator, 
and was reelected in 1862; he attended the Philadelphia Johnson con- 
vention of 1866, and, with Senator Doolittle, was quite active in the effort 
to organize a Johnson party. This ending in failure he identi6ed himself 
with the democratic party, who nominated him for reelection in 1868, 
when they being in a minority in the legislature, the nomination was 
merely a compliment, The following year they nominated him for con- 
gress in the 1st district, but he was defeated by the late Hon. Julius L. 
Strong. Since then he has lived a very retired and quiet life at his resi- 
dence, in Hartford, taking no part in politics and mingling but little in 

DIXON, Joseph, a loyalist from the states ; d. at Hampton, N. Bruns- 
wick in 1842, a. 92 y. 

DIXON, Matthias F., b. in Plainfield, Conn., in 1774; grad. at 
Brown Uni., in 1799 ; studied law, and settled in R. I., in 1802 ; in 1813 
was elected to the general assembly, and continued by 34 successive elec- 
tions, from 1839 to 1842 ; he was a senator in congress ; d. at Washington, 
D. C, Jan. 29, 1842. 

DIXON, Thomas, d. at Boston, Mass., Sept. 15, 1849, a. 68; b. in 
Westminster, England, in 1781, removed early with his parents to the 
continent, and in the French revolution narrowly escaped death ; came to 
America in 1816, and iu 1822, settled in Boston ; he was knight of several 
orders, and consul for the Netherlands, for the states of Mass., Me., N. 
H., and R. I. 

DOBALDO, Manuel, Mexican general and statesman ; d. N. Y., June 
19, 1865, a. 53 y. ; late minister of foreign affairs of the Mexican republic, 
and governor of the state of Guanajuato. 

DOBBS, Edward Brice, a loyalist of N. C; his property was con- 
fiscated in 1777. 

DOBSON, Capt. Henry, Md. ; killed in the revolution, Sept. 8, 1781. 

DODD, Rev. Betheul, first pastor of the united congregation of 
Whitesboro and old Fort Schuyler; b. in Bloomfield, N. J., 1767; 
grad. at Queen's, now Rutger's College in 1792, licensed the following 
year by the Presbytery of N. Y. and N. J. ; he was settled at Whitesboro, 
Aug. 21, 1794; he d. April 11, 1804. 

DODGE, Samuel, of Cleveland; native of New Hampshire; b. in 
1776; came to northern Ohio, in 1797 ; and d. in 1855. 

DOGGIT, John, a tory of Middleborough, Mass. ; went to New Bruns- 
wick and d. on the Island of Grand Menan in the Bay of Fundy in 1830, 
a. 70. 

DOHERTY, John, N. Y. state senator, b. Jan. 16, 1826, in N. Y. ; 
became a lawyer, was elected by the democrats to the senate of 1858-9 ; 
d. at Albany, April 20, 1859. {Murphy s Biog. of Leg is. 1858, p. 51.) 

DOLAN, Rev. James, pastor of St. Patrick's R. C. church, Baltimore, 
Md.; d. Jan. 13, 1870. 

DONALDSON, Alexander, served in the British army as adj. and 
lieut. in the French war ; became captain March, 1770, and major Dec. 
1770, but his health not permitting him to serve he sold out. {Com. 
Wilson's Orderly Book, 98.) 

116 American Biographical Notes. 

DONALDSON, Dr. Miles L., d. at Baltimore, Md, May 19, 1845, 
a. 28. 

DONOVAN, Adjt. Richard, Md. ; killed at Camden, Aug. 16, 1780. 

DOOLEY, Thomas., captain in the revolution ; was killed in a skir- 
mish with the Indians near the Ocanee river, Ga., July 22, 1776. 

DOOLITTLE, Dr. A. F., of Herkimer, N. Y. ;.d. 1872. 

DOOLITTLE, Charles H., b. in Herkimer, 1816, educated at Fair- 
field Academy, and at Amherst College, where he was graduated ; studied 
law with Mr. Ford at Little Falls, and afterwards with Denio and Hunt 
at Utica, and was admitted to practice in 1839 ; in 1869, after thirty 
years of active duty as a practitioner at the bar, he was chosen justice of 
the Supreme Court; he was a learned lawyer and an excellent judge ; in 
May 1874, he was lost at sea on his way to Europe. 

DOOLITTLE, Gen. George, d. at Whitesboro, N. Y., Feb. 21, 1825, 
a. 65 ; b. in Middletown, Conn., emigrated in 1786, to Oneida co. ; was 
a soldier of the revolution and much in public affairs ; in 1811, he served 
Oneida co., in assembly. (Jones's Oneida Co., p. 794.) 

DOOLITTLE, Harvey W., M. D., b. in 1789, reared at German Flats, 
N. Y. ; and began practice in 1809, at Herkimer village; he was a mem- 
ber of the state med. soc. ; d. in 1853. (Tr. N. Y. St. Med. Soc, 1854, 
p. 92.) 

DOOLITTLE, Jesse W., merchant of Utica, where he began in De- 
cember, 1805, and continued in successful business nearly to the period 
of his death, Sept. 18, 1845. 

DORCHESTER, EliasaPh, printer, editor and teacher ; b. in Farm- 
ington, Conn., 1780; learned the printing business in Utica of Thomas 
Walker, with whom in 1814-18 he was associated in the publication of 
the Columbian Gazette; established the Oneida Observer at Rome, in 
1818, which he soon removed to Utica ; during the years 1821-3 he filled 
the office of county clerk ; his later years were chiefly spent as teacher of 
the public schools of Utica; d. 

DORR, Samuel, d. in Boston, Mass., Dec. 18, 1845, a. 70 ; had been 
a representative and senator in the general court, and held many civil offices. 

DORSE Y, Clement, associate judge of the first judicial dist. of Mary- 
land; d. at Leonardstown, Md., Aug. 6, 1846, in his 69th year; filled 
many public stations in that state ; from 1825 to 1831 was in congress. 

DOSQUET, Pierre Herman, fourth R. C. bp. of Quebec; b. at Lille, 
Flanders ; came to Canada July, 1721 ; returned in 1823 , was made bp. 
of Samos, in partibus and assistant *of the pontifical throne; returned to 
Canada Aug., 1729; under authority from M. Mornay was confirmed as 
coadj. July 24, 1730 ; went to France in 1734 ; was made bp. of Quebec ; 
returned the same year; resigned June 25, 1739 ; became vicar gen. of 
the archbp. of Paris ; d. there March 4, 1777, a. 86. (Liste Chrou. des 
Eveques et des Pretres du Canada. ) 

DOTY, Lockwood Lyon, b. in Groveland, N.T., May 16, 1827 ; was 
many years in the offices of canal appraiser and N. Y. state treasurer ; 
deputy in the latter many years ; priv. sec. to Gov. Morgan and for a 
short time, to Gov. Seymour; chief of bureau of mil. statistics (rank of 
col.), 1863-66; assessor internal rev. 6th dist. N. Y., 1869; editor of 

American Biographical Notes. 117 

Livingston Republican at Geneseo, 1869-70 ; treas. N. 0., Mobile and 
Chatanooga R. R., 1870 ; pension agent N. Y., 1871-3 ; d. at Jersey City, 
Jan. 18, 1873; buried at Geneseo. 

DOUGHERTY, Thomas M., sbot by an assassin near St. Louis, Mo., 
July 15, 1838 ; one of tbe judges of tbe St. Louis county court. 

DOUGHTY, Rev. John, Episcopal ; grad. at King's College in 1770 ; 
went to PJngland ; was ordained for the church at Peekskill ; removed to 
Schenectady to which place he was appointed in 1773; in 1775 service 
was suspended and he was treated rudely ; was twice taken prisoner ; 
retired to Canada in 1777 ; was appointed chaplain of the royal regiment 
of N. Y. ; remained at Montreal till Oct. 1781 ; went to England ; re- 
turned to Canada June 12, 1784, having been appointed missionary at 
Sorel ; resigned his mission in 1803, having for a short time in 1793, 4, 
been in charge of St. Anne's church, Brooklyn ; his name was sometimes 
written Doty. {Doc. Hist. N. Y., iv, 494.) 

DOUGHTY, Joseph (J., a leading citizen of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., d. 
there April 7, 1873; had been a prominent shipping merchant and 
freighter, and represented that district in the legislature. 

DOUGLAS, Isaac R., judge of the 13th circuit of Va. ; d. of apoplexy 
at his residence near Charlestown, Va., Oct. 24, 1850, in his 61st year. 
{Stryker s Am. Reg., v, 187.) 

DOUGLAS, Thomas, judge of supreme court Florida; b. at Walling- 
ford, Ct., April 27, 1790; traded in Madison, Ind. ; studied law, and was 
appointed U. S. dist. atty., for the E. dist. of Florida, in May, 1826, and 
held till a state government was formed ; he was app. by the gov. judge 
of the circuit court for E. circuit, Sept. 27, 1845; and in 1853, he was 
elected judge of the supreme court; d. Sept. 11, 1855, a. 65 years. 
{Autobiography of T. D., New York, 1856, 12mo, pp. 132, with portrait.) 

DOUNIE, John, a loyalist of Camden, S. C. ; held office under the 
crown after the fall of Charleston, and his estate was confiscated. 

DOUSMAN, Col. Hercules, d. Sept. 12, 1868, at Prairie-du-chien, 
Wis. ; b. at Michilimackinack in 1800, and prominently connected with 
the fur trade of the North West. {Collec. Minn. Hist. Soc, iii, 192.) 

DO VAN, Joseph M., b. in Phil.; grad. at the univ. of Pa. ; studied 
law with David Paul Brown ; was admitted April 3, 1824 ; practiced till 
1820, when he became associate judge of the court of gen. sessions for 
Phila. ; in 1837 he was in the constitutional convention ; in 1843 he 
resumed his profession in which he greatly excelled, especially in the trial 
of criminal cases; d. June 6, 1859, in his 59th year. {Hist. Mag., iii, 

DOVE, David James, a popular satirical poet; b. in England ; settled 
in Philadelphia, as a schoolmaster before 1759 ; and was a teacher in the 
Phila. Acad., but disagreed with the trustees ; and in 1762, became head 
master of a seminary at Germantown, but was not long retained. {Simp- 
son's Eminent Rhiladelphians.') 

DOW, Rev. Daniel, many years a trustee of Yale Coll., and one of 
the founders of the Theological Seminary at East Windsor ; d. at Thomp- 
son, Ct., July 19, 1849, in the 77th year of his age ; and the 51st of his 
pastoral relation with the 1st Cong. ch. of that place. {Stryker' s Am. 
Reg., iii, 237. ) 

118 American Biographical Notes. 

DOWNER, Dr. Avery, d. at Preston, Ct., July — 1854, a. 91 y. 
8mo. ; b. at Preston, Nov. 17, 1762; admitted to practice in 1784; and 
was a witness of the massacre at Fort Griswold. (Norwich Aurora, July 
19, 1854.) 

DOWNS, Solomon U., d. at Orchard Springs, Ky., Aug. 14, 1854 ; 
collector of the port of New Orleans ; and from 1847 to 1853, senator in 
congress for Louisiana. 

DOXTATER, Peter, b. at German Flatts ; prisoner with the Indians 
3 y. and a soldier of the revolution ; cong. granted him a pension in 1834 ; 
d. at Adams, N. Y., Dec. 1, 1842, a. 92. 

DOXTATER, Robert B., engineer ; b. at Adams, N. Y. ; was many 
years a merchant ; in 1849, became supt. of the Watertown and Rome 
R. R. and in 1853, of the Mich. Southern and N. Ind. R. R. ; d. of apo- 
plexy at Laporte, Ind., May 17, 1853, a. 39. (Hough's Hist. Jeff. Co., 
ft. Y., p. 429.) 

DRAKE, Dr. Benjamin, of New York; d. Jan. 11, 1871, a. 65. 

DRAKE, Rev. Benjamin M., D.D., was a native of North Carolina; 
removed to Kentucky when a child, and came to Mississippi, in 1822 ; d. 
in Jefferson city, Miss., May 8, 1860, a. 59. 

DRAKE, Dr. Charles, of New York city ; d. 1832. 

DRAKE, Francis, a loyalist from the states ; d. at Queenshury, New 
Brunswick, in 1836, a. 81 ; he was several years in the service of the 

DRAKE, George K., lately a judge of the supreme court of Morris 
co., N. J. ; d. in that state, May 6, 1837, a. 48. 

DRAKE, Jeremiah, a loyalist, settled in New Brunswick, in 1783; 
d. at St. John, in 1846, a. 80. 

DRAKE, John R., an early settler of Tioga co., N. Y. ; was in congress, 
from 1817 to 1819; county judge in 1833 ; and in assembly, in 1834; d. 
March 21, 1857, at Owego, N. Y. 

DRAKE, Capt. Joshua, an officer of the New York militia in the 
revolution ; joined an expedition into the Indian country; and was killed 
in battle at Miami, Nov. 4, 1791. 

DRAKE, Lieut. Thomas, Va. ; killed in the revolution, Jan. 21, 1777. 

DRAKE, Uriah, of N. Y., a loyalist, went to St. John, N.B. ; was a 
grantee of that city ; d. at Carlton, N. B., in 1832, a. 70. 

DRAPER, Henry, director of English Opera comique and classical 
concerts ; d. at Providence, R. I., Aug. 2, 1868. 

DRAPER, James, a soldier of the revolution ; d. in Warren co., Ga.,, 
a. 83 ; he was an early settler of Warren co. 

DRAPER, Richard, printer and owner of the 31ass. Gazette, and 
Boston News Letter, succeeded his father John D. in the business ; he 
was government printer, and took a decided course in favor of the crown ; 
he was a man of feeble health, and of delicate and gentle mind and 
manners; d. June 6, 1774, a. 47, without children; his wife Margaret, 
with the aid of John Howe continued his paper till the evacuation in 
1776, went to Halifax and thence to England; where she d. about the 
close of the century ; she drew a pension from the British government. 
(Sabine's Loyalists.) 

Amebican Biographical Notes. 119 

DRAPER, Simeon, Sen., was a soldier of the revolution for thirty 
years a member of the state legislature and a member of the state convention 
of Mass., in 1820, for revising the constitution ; he long resided at Brook- 
field, Mass., and d. Dec. 28, 1848, a. 84 ; he was the father of Lorenzo 
D., formerly consul at Paris, and of Simeon D., of N. Y. city. {Hunt's 
Biog. Panorama, p. 294.) 

DRAPER, William, of Pontiac, Mich., d. at Mackinaw, Aug. 9, 
1858; he was b. in Dedham, Mass., and grad. at Harvard, in 1803 ; he 
settled as a lawyer in Marlborough, Mass., and in 1832 removed to Nashua, 
N. H. ; in 1833, he settled at Pontiac, Mich., where he afterwards resided. 

DRAYTON, Henri, a well known opera singer, d. in New York city, 
July 30, 1872; b. in Philadelphia, in 1822; finished his musical educa- 
tion in Paris, spent several years in Europe, engaged in his profession and 
in 1859 came with his wife to the United States; he was not only a good 
musician, but an actor of ability aud earnestness, and the author of several 
plays and operas. 

DRUMGOLE, George C, b. in Va. ; bred a lawyer, and in congress 
from Virginia from 1835 to 1841, and from 1843 to 1847 ; d. April 28, 

DRUMMOND, Alexander, was in 1782, surgeon of the king's 
Am. regiment of loyalists. 

DRUMMOND, James, a loyalist, was one of the grantees of St. John, 
New Brunswick in 1783. 

DRUMMOND, Robert, was major of the 2d battalion of New Jersey, 
loyalist volunteers in 1782. 

DRURY, Calvin, d. at Pittsford, Vt., Dec. 22, 1843, a. 78 ; was forty 
years a deacon in the Congregational church at that place. 

DRY, William, collector of customs and member of the royal council 
of N. C. ; he sided for a time with the loyalists, and after the adoption of 
the constitution in 1776 was a member of the new council. (Sabine's 

DRYSDADE, Hugh, gov. of Va., succeeded Gov. Spotswood in Sept., 
1722, and being a man of very ordinary talent, and chiefly anxious to re- 
tain place, yif Ided to party influences, and closed a weak administration 
by death in July, 1726. 

DUANE, Anthony, from cong., in the co. of Galway, Ireland, was in 
youth a purser in the British navy, on the N. Y. station, resigned and 
settled as a merchant there, where he d. Aug. 14, 1747; his son Richard, 
d. at Kingston, Jamaica, in 1740, a midshipman, and Abraham d. at sea 
in 1767, a post captain in the British navy ; his son James was afterwards 
mayor of N. Y., and a distinguished citzen. (Doc. Hist. N. Y., 1064.) 

DUANE, James, eminent lawyer and statesman, b. in N. Y. city, Feb. 
6, 1732-3, third son of Anthony D , studied law with Jas. Alexander, 
father of Lord Stirling, and was admitted to the supreme court, Aug. 3, 
1754; he m. the eldest dau. of Robert Livingston, proprietor of the manor 
of L. ; he became deeply engaged in law suits relating to the colonial 
boundaries, and in the Vermont controversy, was council for Trinity 
church, N. Y., and engaged in several contested election suits; in 1765, 
he began to settle Duauesburgh, N. Y., and in 1774 was chosen to conti- 

120 American Biographical Notes. 

nental congress where he remained till 1784, excepting a part of 1776-7. 
when he was serving in the state convention ; he served in the state 
senate from 1783 to 1785 and from 1788 to 1790 ; was mayor of New York 
from Feb. 5, 1784 to Sept. 29, 1789 r and in 1788 was in the state con- 
vention for adopting the U. S. constitution ; in 1789, he was appointed 
U. S. dist. judge for N. Y., by Washington, without his previous know- 
ledge; he resigned Apr. 8, 1794, retired to Duanesburgh, where he d. 
Feb. 1, 1797. {Doc. Hist. N. Y., iv, 10, 61 ; Munsell's Hist. Series, v, 
169; Sargent's Loyalist Poetry, 157.) 

Du BOIS, Rev. Gaultherus, of the Dutch Ref. ch., N. Y. ; b. in 
1671 at Streef-Kerk, Holland ; was educated at Amsterdam and Leyden, 
and was examined before the classis of Amsterdam, July 1, 1697 ; he was 
settled at New York, in Oct. 1699, a. 28, and served regularly till Sept. 
29, 1751 ; d. Oct. 1751. {Doc. Hist. N. Y, iii, p. 537.) 

Du BOIS, Peter, of Ulster co., N. Y. ; lost his property by confisca- 
tion and was banished in 1779 ; he is thought to have been the Col. D. 
of a loyalist corps under Sir John Johnson. {Sabine's Loyalists.) 

DUBOSE, William, d. at St. Stephen's parish, S. C, Feb. 24, 1855, 
a. 67 ; b. in that place ; grad. at Yale, in 1807 ; was a planter, and avoided 
public life but served as state senator, and in 1836, was chosen lieut. gov., 
for 2 years. 

DUBOURG-, William Louis Valentine, D.D., archbishop of 
Besancon, Fr., and formerly bp. of New Orleans ; b. Feb. 14, 1766, at 
Cape Francois, St. Domingo; educated in Sulpitian Seminary, Paris ; was 
driven by the revolution to Bordeaux, and to Spain, from whence he sailed 
to Baltimore, in 1794; in 1796, he was sent to the coll. at Georgetown, 
as pres. ; thence in 2 y. to Havana, and in 1799, to Baltimore ; in 1802, 
he sailed to New Orleans, with the design of teaching, but returned again 
to Bait., and devoted several years to active labors in teaching clerical 
duties and the founding of Catholic institutions ; in 1812, he was appointed 
administrator apostolic, of New Orleans, took an active part in encouraging 
resistance to the British in Jan. 1815, and sailed soon after for Europe ; 
he was consecrated bp. of N. O. by the pope, Sept. 24, 1815 ; he became 
a resident of New Orleans, in 1823, having tarried in St. Louis, until then ; 
he sailed for France, June 1826, to enter upon the diocese »f Montauban, 
and Feb. 1833, the archdiocese of Besancon ; d. Dec. 12, 1833, a. 65. 
{Metropolitan Oath. Almanac, 1839, p. 50, with portrait.) 

DUCATEL, Julius Timoleon, was b. at Baltimore, June 6, 1796 ; 
and was the eldest son of Eome Ducatel a pharmaceutist of that city ; he 
was educated at Saint Mary's College, and alter his course of study en- 
gaged in his father's business but finding that this pursuit was not con- 
genial to his mind his father indulged him with ample opportunities for 
study in Paris, from whence he returned in 1822, with an iutimate ac- 
quaintance with the sciences of chemistry and geology; he was appointed 
not long after as a professor of natural philosophy in the Mechanics In- 
stitute of Baltimore, and then as professor of chemistry and geology in 
the university of Maryland, in both which he acquired much reputation ; 
in 1830, he was elected to the chair of chemistry in the medical depart- 
ment of the University ; in 1832, he was appointed with J. H. Alexander 
upon a survey for a new map of the state in connection with a geological 
survey, which was suspended in 1841, from want of funds by the state ; 

American Biographical Notes. 121 

during these labors he was appointed a professor in St John's Coll., which 
he resigned in 1838 or 9, to devote himself more exclusively to geology ; 
in 1843 he accompanied Nicollet on a geological tour to the upper Mis- 
sissippi, and in 1846, he visited the Lake Superior region ; he returned 
from the journeys with impaired health ; and d. at Baltimore, April 23, 
1849 ; he was the author of a manual of toxicology, and for some time 
editor of the Baltimore Times. {Am. Jour. Sci. & Arts, 2d Ser., viii, 

DUCHE, Anthony, ancestor of Rev. Jacob D., and one of Penn's 
emigrants. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

DUCHE, Thomas Spence, b. in Philadelphia, about 1766; was a 
painter, and his father being a tory clergyman, removed to England, where 
he enjoyed the instructions of Benj. West. He painted a portrait of Bishop 
Seabury, which was engraved by Sharpe. 

DUCKINFIELD, Sir Nathaniel, baronet, a member of the council 
in N. C. ; lost his estate by confiscation in 1779. 

Du COUDRAY, Gen. Holstein, H. L. V., formerly a distinguished 
officer under Napoleon ; after the dethronement of the emperor he came 
to America, and resided some years in New York, and for eight years in 
Albany, where he d. April 23, 1839 ; he was the author of a Life of 
Gen. Lafayette. 

DUDLEY, David, d. at Roxbury, Mass., April 21, 1841, a. 54; late 
president of the Traders' Bank in Boston. 

DUDLEY, Edward B., d. November — , 1855, at Wilmington, N. C. ; 
was in congress from 1829 to 1831 ; and in 1836 was elected governor 
for 4 years ; afterwards became president of the Wilmington and Raleigh 
(now Weldon) rail road co. 

DUDLEY, Major Samuel E., Col. Warren's regt. and scalped in inva- 
sion of Niagara frontier, Dec. 30, 1813. 

DUFF, James, actor, d. at Brooklyn, July 22, 1870. 

DUFFIELD, Edward, was a clock and watch maker of Philadelphia; 
executed the first medals ever struck in the province of Pennsylvania; 
was a friend and executor of Dr. Franklin. (Simpson's Eminent Phila- 

DUGAN, Thomas, d. at Columbia, S. C, Oct., 1839 ; for the last 
twenty years a member of the South Carolina legislature. 

DULANEY, Walter, was in 1782 a major of the Md. loyalists. 

DULANEY, William H., a lawyer; d. at Richmond, Va., May 2, 


DULANY, Lloyd, of Annapolis, Md. ; took a bold stand against the 
whigs; became a refugee ; went to England ; in 1779 addressed the king; 
was a lawyer. 

DULCE, Domingo, formerly captain general of Cuba; d. at Madrid, 
Nov. 23, 1869 ; was sent to Cuba in 1860 ; was succeeded by Gen. de 

DUMAN, J. N., d. at New Orleans, La., March 25, 1841 ; formerly a 
judge of the city court. 

DUMAS, Hippolite, d. at Washington, D. C, July, 1841, a. 52; 
native of France ; formerly a captain of the U. S. engineers. 


122 American Biographical Notes. 

DUNBAR, Capt. Joseph, d. at New Bedford, Mass., July 20, 1841, 

a. 54. 

DUNCAN, Alexander, d. in Cincinnati, 0., March 2, 1852 ; member 
of congress from 1837 to 1841, and from 1843 to 1845. 

DUNCAN, Daniel, b. in Penn. July 22, 1806 ; removed to Newark, 
Ohio; was elected to the 30th congress; d. at Washington, D. C, May 
18, 1849. 

DUNCAN, Col. James, b. in Orange co., N. Y. in 1814 ; grad. at 
West Point in 1835; served in the Seminole war; was highly distin- 
guished in Mexico, as commander of light artillery; for these services he 
was promoted to the office of captain and colonel and in 1849 to the office 
of inspector general ; d. at Mobile, July 3, 1849. (Striker's Am. Reg., 
iii, 234.) 

DUNCAN, Capt. Richard, a partizan tory officer of the revolution; 
formerly of Schenectady ; d. there in Feb. 1819; was for a time member 
of the executive council of Upper Canada. 

DUNCAN, Thomas, a lawyer of Philadelphia ; was appointed a judge 
of the supreme court in March, 1817, and held till his death, Nov. 16, 

DUNHAM, Cyrus L., member of congress from Indiana, from 1849 
to 1855 ; d. at Valley Farm, Ind., Oct. 25, 1856. 

DUNHAM, Daniel, soldier of the revolution ; d. at Mexico, Oswego 
co., March 31, 1860, a. 98 ; was at Bunker hill, Camden, Yorktown, and 
the crossing of the Delaware. {Hist. Hag., iv, 125.) 

DUNLAP, Maj. Alexander, d. in Jackson, Fla., Nov. 10, 1853, a. 67 ; 

b. in Ky.; volunteered as a private in the war of 1812 ; a prisoner ; was 
promoted to a captain ; in the Mexican war was major. 

DUNLAP, John, a loyalist of N. C. ; lost his property by confiscation 
in 1779. 

DUNN, George G-., was bred to the bar and reached a high position as 
a lawyer ; was in congress from the 6th dist. of Indiana in 1847-9 ; d. at 
Bedford, Lawrence co., Ind., Sept. 4, 1857, a. 44. 

DUNN, John, a loyalist of N. Y. ; was one of the founders of St. 
Andrew, New Brunswick ; for many years was comptroller of customs at 
that port; d. April 14, 1829, a. 76. (Sabhie's Loyalists!) 

DUNN, Rev. John P., pastor of St. John's R. C. church, Phila. ; d. 
Dec. 28, 1869. 

DUNN, Josiah, d. in Portland, Me., Feb. 3, 1843, a. 65 ; late sheriff 
and for many years a representative in the legislature of M'ass. ; senator 
and counselor from Oxford county. 

DUNN, Oscar J., lieut. gov. of Louisiana (colored) ; d. at New Orleans, 
La., Nov. 22, 1871. 

DUNN, Capt. Peter, Va. ; killed in the revolution, Sept. 16, 1777. 

DUNTON, William, d. in Northampton co., Va., June 1, 1835, a. 60. 

DUPERRON, Francois, Jesuit missionary; arrived in Canada in 1640; 
returned to France in 1650 ; was missionary at Onondaga from 1651 to 
1658 ; went again to France in 1658, and to Canada in 1665 ; d. at Ft. 
St. Louis, Chambly, Nov. 10, 1665. 

American Biographical Notes. 123 

DUPONT, Gideon Jr., of Charleston, S. C. ; was a loyalist, and was 
banished ; in 1782 his property was confiscated. 

DUPR.EE, Col., mortally wounded by the hand of his son-in-law, 
Graves himself being the assailant, in Hinds co., Mississippi, June 8, 
1850. (StryJcer's Am. Reg., iv., 466.) 

DUPUY, Charles H., prof, of the French language ; d. at Baltimore, 
Md., 1869, a. about 51 ; was a prominent free mason. 

DURALL, Lieut. Edward, Md., killed in revolution at Camden, N. 
J., Aug. 16, 1780. 

DURANG, Charles, an actor and author-, d. at Philadelphia, Pa., 
Feb. 15, 1870, a. 70; b. in Phila., son of John D , an actor of Hallam's 
Am. co., at the old S. st. theatre in 1785 ; was a dancer, and had been 
ballet master in almost every theatre in the United States; wrote a hist. 
of the Phila. stage from 1752 to 1854, for the Philadelphia Despatch. 

DURANT, Charles P., d. in Jersey city, March 2, 1873, a. 68 ; was 
the author of several books of a scientific character; he made the first 
balloon ascension in America, in 1833, from the battery, New York ; sub- 
sequently he made 14 aerial voyages, on one occasion descending into the 
Atlantic ocean, and at another time landing on the steamer Independence 
in Chesapeake bay ; he was the author of a valuable work on the shells 
and sea-weeds of New York harbor, for which he received a medal from 
the government; his latest book was on astronomy, which has as yet only 
been printed for private circulation among scientific men ; he was a gen- 
tleman of wealth, and was the owner of Kepler market, Jersey city. 

D'URBAN, Sir Benjamin, entered the British army in 1793; served 
in the peninsular and French wars, and at the time of his death was com- 
mander cf the British forces in North America; he d. at Montreal, May 
25, 1848, a. 72. (StryJcer's Am. Reg., ii, 503.) 

DURELL, Daniel M., b. in Mass.; grad. at Dartmouth, in 1794; 
was in congress from 1808 to 1809, and d. in 1811, a. 71. 

DURHAM, Earl of (John George Lambton), formerly governor gene- 
ral of Canada ; d. at Cowes, Eng., July 28, 1840, a. 48 ; he was the 
eldest son of Wm. Henry Lambton, of Lambton castle, in the county of 
Durham, and by the death of his father at the age of 5 years he succeeded 
to a large estate; on his majority, he was elected to parliament, and in 
1828, was raised to the peerage; he went out as governor of Canada in 
1838, but finding himself not so well supported in the measures as he ex- 
pected, he returned home the same year, and afterwards published his re- 
port on Canada, which was highly commended. {Am. Aim., 1842, p. 289.) 

DURRIN, Noah, an aged Methodist Episcopal minister; d. in Low- 
ville, N. Y., Jan. — , 1853. 

DURYEE, Rev. Philip, d. at Morristown, N. J., in the 76th year of 
age and the 52d of his ministry, Feb. 27, 1850. 

DUTTON, George, musician and music dealer, being the first who 
sold musical instruments in Utica, whither he came about 1822. 

DUTTON, John, a native of New Haven, Ct., and late of La. ; d. in 
Mexico, June 18, 1850. 

DUY, Albert W., b. in Philadelphia April 9, 1823; was early a sub 
ject of religious impressions and grad. at the Theological Seminary o 

124 American Biographical Notes. 

Virginia ; was ordained in July, 1845 ; settled over St. Ann's church, 
Brooklyn, N. Y., but d. April 13, 1846, at his father's house in Phila- 
delphia. [Simpson's Eminent Philad 'civilians.') 

DWIGHT, Rev. Henry, b. June 25, 1783, in Springfield, Mass.; was 
the youngest of four brothers, all of whom have occupied conspicuous 
positions as bankers ; grad. at Yale Coll. ; engaged for a time in mercan- 
tile pursuits ; these he abandoned to devote his life to the Christian min- 
istry ; his professional studies were begun with Rev. Dr. Dwight of New 
Haven, and finished at Princeton Theolog. Sem. ; from Feb. 1813 to 
Oct. 1817 held the pastorate of the Pres. ch. in Utica; the failure of his 
voice compelled his return to secular business; removed to Geneva and 
established the Geneva Bank, of which he was pres. until the expiration 
of its charter in 1853; was 15 years a trustee of Ham. Coll.; thirty a 
trustee of Auburn Theolog. Sem. ; one of the first directors ; twenty years 
pres. of the Am. Home Missionary Society; d. at Geneva, Sept. 6, 1857. 

DWIGHT, Henry W., d. in New York city, Feb. 21, 1845 ; was in 
congress in 1821 to 1831. 

DWIGHT, Thomas, grad. at Harvard in 1778 ; was in congress from 
Mass. from 1803 to 1805 ; d. in 1819. 

DYCKMAN, Col. George W., d. in New York, May 21, 1868 ; was 
in the Mexican war which he entered as a captain, and at the close of the 
war was brevetted lieut. col. for bravery and meritorious conduct; was 
register of New York ; in the late rebellion entered the 1st N. Y. vols. 
as lieut. col. and succeeded to the colonelcy. 

DYE, Lieut. Jonathan, Va. ; killed in battle Sept. 11, 1777. 

DYER, Charles Jr., passed midshipman in the navy ; drowned at 
Pensacola, Fla., Aug. 23, 1850, in attempting to save the crew of a vessel 
in distress. 

DYER, John J., native of Pendleton co., Va. ; was appointed by 
Pres. Polk in 1846 judge of the Iowa district; d. at Woodstock, Va., in 
July, 1855, a. 46. 

DYER, Wyndham D. M., British consul at Baltimore ; d. there April 
23, 1859. 

DYSON, David, an English naturalist, who made large collections of 
natural history in the U. S. and Central America ; d. at Rusholme, Eng., 
Dec. 10, 1856. 

EAKIN, Constant M., d. in Philadelphia, Oct. 2, 1869, a. 75; b. in 
France; grad. at West Point, in 1X17, and after 20 y. service in the 
corps of topographical engineers, obtained the rank of major; was largely 
concerned in organizing the U. S. coast survey ; resigned in 1850, and 
was engaged in civil engineering till the war; in 1862, although at the 
advanced age of 62, became colonel in the Pennsylvania volunteers. 

EARLE, Caleb, d. in Providence, R. I., July 13, 1851, a. 80 ; was 
several years in the legislature, was formerly lieutenant governor and twice 
an elector of president, viz., in 1824 and 1828. 

EARLL, Jonas, Jr., d. in Syracuse, N. Y., Oct., 1846, a. 60; was 
canal commissioner from 1842 to 1846; was in assembly from Onon- 
daga co., in 1820-1, and in the state senate in 1823-6. 

EARLY, Rt. Rev. John, D.D., oldest bishop of the Meth. Episc. 
church south ; d. at Lynchburg, Va., Nov. 5, 1873 ; he was b. in Vir- 

American Biographical Notes. 125 

giniain 1785 ; joined the conference of that state and became an itinerant 
minister; lie filled successively the offices of secretary of conference, pre- 
siding elder, and delegate of the general conference. At the general con- 
ference of 1846 — the first held by the separately organized church of the 
South — he was appointed book agent, and held that office until elected 
bishop, in 1854. 

EASBY, William, late commissioner of public buildings ; d. at Wash- 
ington, D. C, July 29, 1854. 

EAST, Brig. Gen. Wellington H., d. at Bloomsburg, Pa., Nov. 

EASTERBROOKS, James, a loyalist, was an early settler in New 
Brunswick ; a magistrate and member of the house of assembly for many 
years ; d. at Sackville, N. B., in 1842, a. 85. 

EASTMAN, Benjamin C, d. in Platteville, Wis., Feb. 5, 1856; 
was from 1851 to 1855 a representative in congress from Wisconsin. 

EASTMAN, Maj. Elbridge George, b. in Bridgewater, N. H., in 
1813, and resided in Concord ; was some years in office in Washington, 
but about 1840, removed to Knoxville, Tenn., and established the 
Argus; afterwards was for many years principal editor of the Union 
and American ; he was for a time, sec. of the house of representatives 
of Tenn., and of the Agricultural Bureau of that state ; d. Nov. 23, 1859, 
a. 46. 

EASTMAN, Dr. Eli, a pioneer settler of Adams, N. Y. ; d. Sept. 6, 
1844, a. 77. 

EASTMAN, Rev. Ornan, sec. Am. Tract Soc; d. in New York, 
April 24, 1874, in his 78th year. 

EASTON, Giles C, merchant, at Lowville, N. Y. ; d. Feb. 19, 1860. 

EASTON, John, attorney-gen. of R. I. many years, and deputy go- 
vernor, in 1674-5; d. at Newport, Dec. 18, 1705; he left a manuscript 
account of Philip's Indian war, which was first priuted at Albany, in 1858. 

EASTON, Rufus, established and edited at Whitesboro, in 1794, the 
Western Centinel, the first paper started in Oneida county ; he was a 
lawyer by profession ; he removed about 1808 to St. Louis, Miss., and 
became a representative of that territory in the U. S. congress, about 1814. 

EASTON, William L., a successful merchant, and in early life a 
printer ; b. in Hancock, Mass., March 13, 1806 ; d. at Lowville, N. Y., 
where he spent most of his life, March 7, 1865 ; was much concerned with 
politics, and surrogate of Lewis county, N. Y., in 1840-1844. 

EATON, Rev. Asa, b. at Plaiston, N. C, July 25, 1778; grad. at 
Harvard, in 1803 ; was rector of Christ church Boston, 1805-1825, and 
for 8 years a city missionary ; from 1837 to 1841, he was connected with 
a literary institution in New Jersey, and afterwards with the Church of 
the Advent in Boston, where he d. March 24, 1858. 

EATON, Ebenezer, printer, from Worcester, Mass., and a brother of 
General Eaton, who afterwards distinguished himself in the war with 
Tripoli; in cooperation with his brother-in-law, Thomas Walker, he set 
up at Rome, N. Y., in Aug. 1799, the Columbian Patriotic Gazette, 
which was the first paper of the place, and the third in the county of 
Oueida; he left the paper and the village at the end of eighteen months. 

126 American Biographical Notes. 

EATON, George W:, ll.d., pres. of Madison University and Hamilton 
Theological Seminary; b. near Huntington, Pa., July 3, 1804; removed 
when an infant to Ohio; and grad. at Union Coll., in 1829 ; was one year 
tutor, and then became principal of the Union Academy at Belleville, 
N. Y. ; in 1831, removed to Georgetown College, Ky., and in 1833, be- 
came prof, of mathematics in what was then known as the Hamilton Lit. 
and Theol. Inst., at Hamilton, N. Y., and since 1846, Madison University ; 
in 1856, became pres. ; d. Aug. 3, 1872. (Regents' Report, 1873, p. 633.) 

EATON, Rev. Isaac, settled in Hopewell, N. J., in 1748 ; and re- 
mained pastor of the Baptist church at that place till his death, July 4, 
1772, in his 47th year. 

EATON, John H., senator from Tennessee, from 1818 to 1829 ; sec. of 
war under Gen. Jackson from 1829 to 1831 ; governor of the territory 
of Florida, from 1834 to 1836 ; and minister to Spain from 1836 to 1840 ; 
d. in Washington, D. C, Nov. 17, 1856, a. 70. 

EATON, Samuel A., a journalist, d. at Bichmond, Va., April 27, 1870. 

EATON, Timothy Dwight, son of Prof. Amos Eaton of Troy, adjunct 
prof, in the Rensselaer school; d. Nov. 14, 1828, at Troy, a. 21 years; 
he had evinced much enthusiam in natural history. (Am. Jour. Sci. and 
Arts, 1st ser., xv, 404.) 

EATON, Maj. Ga., killed at Augusta, Ga., May 21, 1781. 

ECCLES, John Dicks, d. near Fayetteville, N. C, a. 64; b. at 
Fayetteville, N. C, March 29, 1892 ; grad. at Yale in 1715 ; studied law 
and became an eloquent lawyer and orator, was several years a member 
of the house of commons, in the general assembly and was noted for his 
wit and eloquence. 

ECHOLLS, R. M., pres. of the senate of Ga., lived in Ware co. ; d. 
in Mexico and was brought home for burial. 

ECKFELDT, Jacob R., chief assayer of the U. S. mint at Phila. ; 
d. Aug. 9, 1872, a. 70; had been forty years employed in the mint, and 
was a son of Adam E., who was appointed chief coiner in 1794. 

ECKHARD, George B., d, in Charleston, S. C, Feb. 11, 1845, a. 
51, judge of the city court of Charleston, S. C. 

EDDY, James, gen. supt. of Am. telegraph co. ; b. at Ithaca, N. Y. ; 
was a pioneer in the telegraph business and built the first line from 
Boston, east to Calais, Me. ; he d. at Burlington, Vt., Aug. 23, 1858 ; a. 
about 40. (Hist. Mag., ii, 315.) 

EDDY, Norman S., secretary of state of Indiana ; d. at Indianapolis, 
Ind., Jan. 28, 1872. 

EDDY, Zachariah, a native of Middleborough, Mass.; d. in that 
town Feb. 14, 1860 ; a. 79 ; he graduated at Brown University in 1779, 
was a lawyer, and a diligent student of New England history. 

EDES, Peter, printer, d. at Bangor, Me., March 29, 1840, a. 85; son 
of the editor and publisher of the Boston Gazette, at the period of the 

EDGAR, William, d. May 22, 1845, a. 77, at Rahway, N. J. ; he 
had served frequently in the state legislature, and for the last 14 y. was 
pres. of the bank of Rahway. 

American Biographical Notes. 127 

EDMOND, William, b. in South Britain, Conn., Sept. 28, 1755; 
grad. at Yale in 1773; was a volunteer soldier in the revolution, and re- 
ceived a wound at the burning of Danbury, which made him lame for 
life ; was a lawyer ; a member of the legislature ; one of the council ; a 
judge of the supreme court, and from 1798 to 1801, member of congress; 
d. at Newton, Conn., Aug. 1, 1838. 

EDMONDS, Hiram Augustus, M.D., b. in Ridgefield, Ct., Sept. 21, 
1824; was several years a teacher at Southport; grad. at Alb. Med. Coll., 
in 1853, and settled in Albany, where he d. April 13, 1857. {Munsell's 
Ann. Alb., ix, 112.) 

EDMONDS, John Worth, an eminent lawyer, jurist, legal writer and 
spiritualist; b. in Hudson, N. Y., and d. there in 1873. {Drake's Diet. 
Am. Biog.) 

EDSALL, Joseph, a pioneer settler of Madrid, N. Y. ; b. in Vernon, 
Sussex co., N. J., in 1763; d. in Madrid, in 1814. 

EDSON, Capt. Alvin, d. on board the U. S. frigate Raritan, on her 
passage from Havana to Norfolk, July 15, 1847 ; was distinguished at the 
siege of Vera Cruz, and other operations in the gulf; was native of Ver- 
mont, and entered the marine corps in 1822. 

EDSON, Dr. Josiah, of Bridgewater, Mass., and known by the two 
most infamous appellations of Rescinder and Mandamus Councillor; 
he was driven from home in 1774 ; went in 1776 to Halifax, and thence 
to N. Y., where, or on L. I., he d. soon after; he had grad. at Harvard in 
1730, was a col. of militia, and in most respects a useful citizen. {Sa- 
bine's Loyalists.") 

EDWARDS, Maj. Benjamin W., d. at Clinton, Miss., Aug. 18, 
1838, was a candidate for the office of governor at the time of his death. 

EDWARDS, Evan, major in the American army, originally a Baptist 
and designed for the ministry, he imbibed the spirit of the times ; entered 
the revolution at the beginning, and was one of the defenders of Ft. 
Washington where he was taken prisoner; he was afterwards an aid to 
Gen. C. Lee, and received a third of his estate. 

EDWARDS, George C, b. in Stockbridge, Mass., Sept. 28,1787; 
d. at Bath, Steuben co., N. Y., Nov. 18, 1837; was an able lawyer, and 
from 1826 to 1838, first judge of Steuben co. 

EDWARDS, Henry P., one of the justices of the supreme court of 
the state of New York, for the 1st dist. ; d. Feb. 16, 1855. 

EDWARDS, John, d. in Chester, Pa., June 25, 1843 ; was a member 
of the last two congresses (1839-1843). 

EDWARDS, Lyman, of New Jersey, d. Aug. 12, 1870. 

EDWARDS, Col. Munroe, b. in Danville, Ky., 1808 ; a noted forger 
and swindler; d. in Sing Sing prison, Jan., 1847 ; he was largely con- 
cerned in business in the south west, and aided the Texan revolution. 

EG AN, Dr. Michael, first Roman Catholic bishop of Philadelphia; 
d. in that city, July 22, 1814, in his 53d year ; was consecrated bishop, 
Oct. 10, 1810. 

EGAN, Dr. William D., d. in the co. of Derry, Ireland, came young 
to America, taught schools in Canada, N. Y., and Va. ; began medical 
practice in Mississippi, in 1832, went thence to Chicago, and by a series 

128 American Biographical Notes. 

of successful operations in real estate acquired great wealth ; he was 
elected recorder of Cook co., in 1843, and held 4 years ; in 1852 he was 
in the state legislature, and in 1856, was a candidate for lieut. gov. ; he 
d. at Chicago, 111., Oct. 28, 1860. (N. Y. Times, Nov. 2, 1860). 

EICHELBERGER, Rev. Lewis, b. in Pa., removed in early life to 
Winchester, Va., and was several years editor of the Winchester Virginian, 
and afterwards prof, in Lexington Coll. S. C. ; he was a Lutheran divine, 
and d. Sept. 17, 1859 ; a. about 60. {Hist. Mag., iii, 354). 

EIGHTS, Jonathan M.D., of Albany; b. in Albany, Nov. 26, 
1773 ; began medical practice in 1795, near Albany; went to Canajoharie 
in 1797, and in May, 1810, again settled in Albany, and gained a large 
practice; he d. Aug. 10, 1848. (Tr. N. Y. St. Med. Soc, 1857, p. 42; 
Munsell's Ann. Alb., ix, 99). 

ELD, Lt. Henry, Jr., a naval officer of high standing, and a member 
of the exploring expedition under Capt. Wilkes, in 1838-42 ; d. in March 
12, 1850, of yellow fever at sea, on board the Ohio, soon after leaving 
Rio Janeiro; he was a son of Henry Eld, of New Haven, Ct. {Am. 
Jour. Sci. and Arts, 2d Ser., x, 137.) 

ELHOLM, Augustus Christian George, b. in the Duchy of Hol- 
stein, Denmark, came to America early in the revolution and served in the 
dragoons, rendering important services in Georgia, under Gov. Telfair; 
he became adj. gen. of Ga., and planned a system of defense against the 
Indians ; when Geo. Mathers was gov. a collision occurred with Elholm 
who was court martialed and cashiered ; he had a grandiloquent style of 
expression and writing ; his death occurred at Augusta, Ga., in 1799. 
( White's Hist. Ga., p. 628.) 

ELI AS, Domingo, sec. of state of Peru, under Gen. Castilla; d. at 
Lima, Dec. 4, 1867, a. 62. 

ELIOT, Thomas D., ex-member of congress; d. at New Bedford, 
Mass., June 14, 1870, a. 64. 

ELL, Thomas, African, d. in Somerset co., N. J., May 1, 1842, a. 104, 
as nearly as could be ascertained. 

ELLERY, Christopher, grad. at Yale, in 1787 ; was senator in con- 
gress, from R. I., from 1801 to 1805, and in 1806 was appointed com- 
missioner of loans ; was appointed collector at Newport, in 1828 ; and d. 
in 1840. 

ELLERY, John Graem, was educated at Hamilton Coll., N. Y., en- 
gaged in geology and mineralogy as the great study of his life, completed 
his studies in the Royal Academy of Mines in Freiberg, Saxony, and while 
engaged in a geological survey of North Carolina, sickened and d. at 
Gold Hill, N. C, June 2, 1855. (Am. Jour. Sci. & Arts 2d ser., xx, 

ELLICE, Rt. Hon. Edward, English statesman ; d. Sept. 16, 1863, 
at his summer residence at Ardochy in Scotland, a. 81 ; he was the owner 
of extensive estates in Canada, and at Ticonderoga, Little Falls, and else- 
where in the state of New York, and was largely concerned in mercantile 
affairs, and in British politics. (Alb. Eve. Journal, Oct. 12, 1863.) 

ELLIOT, Andrew, collector of customs in N. Y., from 1764 to the 
revolution ; in 1774, he seized some arms and was threatened with tar 
and feathers; he coutinued in office under the British, and in 1782, was 

American Biographical Notes. 129 

lieut. gov., receiver gen. of quit rents supt. gen. of police, and chief of 
the superintendent dep. estate in 1777 ; in 1780, he was one of the three 
comr's sent to save Andre ; his estate was confiscated after the war. 
{Sabine's Loyalists.') 

ELLIOT, Joel M., major in U. S. army ; killed in battle with the 
Cheyennes and Arapahoes, on the Washita river, near Antelope Hill, In- 
dian territory, 1869. 

ELLIOT, John, grad. at Yale in 1794 ; resided in Sunbury, Liberty 
co., Ga. ; was a senator in congress from 1819 to 1825 ; and d. in 1827. 

ELLIOTT, James Gurnsey, b. at Catskill, N. Y. ; grad. at Hamilton 
Coll., in 1823 ; d. in N. Y. city, Feb. 14, 1862. 

ELLIS, Caleb, b. at Walpole, N. H. ; grad. at Harvard, in 1793; was 
admitted to the bar, and settled at Claremont, N. H. ; was in congress 
from 1805, to 1809 ; a member of the council, and in 1811, was elected 
to the state senate ; in 1812, was presidential elector, and in 1813, became 
a judge of the supreme court of N. H., in which ofiice he continued till 
his death, May 9, 1816, a. 49. 

ELLIS, Elizabeth E., wife of Rev. Geo. E. E., pastor of the Harvard 
church, Charlestown, Mass. ; d. April 8, 1842, a. 27. 

ELLIS, Harvey W. d. near Fairfield, Pickens co., Ala., Nov. 12, 1842 ; 
was of Tuscaloosa, Ala., and 41 years old ; native of Fayette co., Ky., and 
in 1802 settled as a lawyer in Alabama; was several times in the general 
assembly. {Am. Almanac, 1844, p. 311.) 

ELLIS, Henry, colonial gov. of Georgia ; b. in 1720, was sent as 
agent of parliament, on an exploring expedition to find a new passage to 
the Pacific in 1746, and his report gained him a fellowship in the royal 
society; he was appointed lieut. gov. of Ga., Aug. 15, 1756, and arrived 
Feb. 16, 1757 ; he found the colony distracted and defenseless, but evinced 
great firmness and decision, and was so successful that he was appointed 
governor-in-chief of the colony, May 17, 1758 ; in Nov. 1759 his failing 
health induced him to solicit a recall, and he left Nov. 2, 1760, amid the 
sincere regrets of the people; he was afterwards, for 2 1 years, gov. of 
Nova Scotia ; he was compelled by ill health to visit France and Naples ; 
d. in 1805, over 85 years of age. ( White's Hist. Ga., p. 185.) 

ELLIS, Rev. Joseph S., d. in Harvard, Mass., June 19, 1842; pas- 
tor of the Meth. Epis. ch., a. 31, and the 10th of his ministry. 

ELLIS, Lyman, early proprietor of Ellisburgh, N. Y., which is named 
from him; was from Troy, N. Y., and d. in Ellisburgh, March 31, 1847. 

ELLIS, Morrel, brother of the above; d. in Utica in 1806, a. 46. 

ELLIS, Capt. Paul, Mass. ; killed at Monmouth, June 28, 1778. 

ELLISON, Henry, settled from N. E., in Herkimer, N. Y., several 
miles north of the village ; was many years engaged in farming and tan- 
ning, and in 1836 was a presidential elector ; he d. about 1850. {Ben- 
ton's Herhimer Co., N. Y., p. 308.) 

ELLWELL, Mrs. Mehetabell, d. at Saco, Me., a. 100. 

ELMER, Daniel, d. at Bridgeton, N. J., July 3, 1847, a. 64 ; late a 
judge of the supreme court of New Jersey, and a member of the constitu- 
tional convention of 1844. 


130 American Biographical Notes. 

ELMER, John Edgar, b. at Unionville, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1848; grad. 
at Ham. Coll. in 1870 ; d. at Morehead, Minn., May 27, 1874. 

ELSEFFER, John, d. at Redhook, N. Y., Feb. 18, 1873, a. 74 y. 5 in. 

ELY, Sumner, M.D., was b. at Lyme, Ct., May 22, 1787 ; and grad. 
at Yale Coll., in ]804 ; be studied medicine witb Dr. Tho. Brodbead of 
Clermont, N. Y,. and in 1809, took a diploma from tbe Greene co. med. 
soc. ; be settled in practice at Clarksville, Otsego co., N. Y., where be 
afterwards resided ; in 1840, he became president of tbe State medical soc, 
and March 14, 1843, a fellow of tbe Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons of 
the University of N. Y. ; in 1836, he was in assembly, and in 1839, he 
was elected to the state senate for four years ; he d. Feb. 3, 1857. (Tr. 
N. Y. State Med. Soc, 1858, p. 23, with portrait.) 

ELY, William, grad. at Yale, in 1787 ; was in congress from Mass., 
from 1805 to 15 ; d. in 1817. 

ELY, William M., late member of assembly from Broome co. ; d. at 
Bingbamton, N. Y., Feb. 6, 1872, a. 53. 

ELZEY, Arnold, ex-confederate brig, gen., at Baltimore, Md. ; d. Feb. 
21, 1871, a. 55; b. in Maryland, in 1816; grad. at West Point; served 
in tbe Florida and Mexican wars, and resigned to join the southern cause 
at the beginning of the late war. 

EMANUEL, David, governor of Georgia; settled in Ga., about 1770, 
in Burke co., served in the revolution ; was captured by loyalists, sentenced 
to be shot, but the gun missed its aim and be fled, nearly naked ; he was 
many years in the legislature ; was pres. of tbe senate and in 1801, gov. ; 
d. in 1808, a. 64. (White's Hist. Ga., p. 221.) 

EMATHLA, Tustennuggee, a Creek warrior, was full blooded and b. 
on tbe Tallapoosa in 1793 ; he attached himself to the party wishing to 
emigrate ; and in the Florida war rendered important services ; he perished 
with 236 of his nation, on board the steamer Monmouth with four of his 
children. ( Whites Hist. Ga., p. 174, with portrait.) 

EMERSON, Arthur, d. at Portsmouth, Va., June 7, 1842, a. 65 ; 
pres. of board of trustees of that place, and senior warden of Trinity 
church parish. 

EMERSON, Benjamin D., one of the compilers of Emerson's 
Arithmetic; d. Oct. 1872, at Jamaica Plains, Mass.; he bequeathed a 
quarter of a million of dollars to public objects, among which was over 
$100,000 to Dartmouth College. 

EMERSON, Elihu, d. in Leicester, Mass., Oct. 31, 1873, a. 102 y. 3mo. 
EMERSON, Frederick, an eminent instructor, and authorof a valu- 
able treatise on arithmetic extensively used in the schools ; d. in Boston, 
Mass., April 26, 1857, a. 68. 

EMERSON, Ruth, mother of Ralph Waldo Emerson ; d. at Concord, 
Mass., Nov. 16, 1853, a. 83. 

EMERY, John A., d. in Exter, N. H., Oct, 25, 1842, a. 25, member 
of senior class of Harvard College. 

EMLEN, Dr. Samuel, b. in Chester co., Pa., March 6, 1789 ; grad. 
at tbe university of Penn., and continued his medical studies in England 
and France ; was one of the physicians of the Phila. dispensary, and after- 

American Biographical Notes. 131 

wards a manager, and the secretary ; was connected with other charities, 
and in 1819, sec. of the board of health in an epidemic of yellow fever; 
became sec. of the Coll. of Physicians, and in 1825, a physician to the 
Penn. Hosp. ; d. April 17, 1828. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphia^.) 

EMMETT , Robert, d. at New Rochelle, N. Y., Feb. 15, 1873 j son of 
Thomas Addis E., leader of the United Irishmen of 1798 ; who came to 
the United States in 1798 ; was a lawyer, and through life took an active 
interest in Irish affairs. 

EMMETT, Thomas Addis, an eminent lawyer of New York; d. at 
Astoria, Aug. 12, 1863; a. 63; he was a nephew of the Irish patriot, 
Robert Emmett. 

EMORY, Gen. Thomas, d. at Old Point Comfort, Va., Aug. 24, 1842 ; 
he was of Queen Annes co., Md. ; had often served in the house of 
delegates and senate of Md., and had filled many other public offices. 

ENGLE, Philip H., d. at St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 16, 1844; late judge 
of the circuit court of St. Louis. 

ENGS, George, d. Dec. 16, 1846, at Newport, R. I., a. 60 ; was an 
enterprising merchant, and several times lieut. gov. of the state. 

ENNIS, William, a member of the bar; d. at Newport, R. I., June 
7, 1849 ; a. 47. 

ENO, Enisgn Martin, Conn. ; killed in revolution, Oct. 11, 1780. 

ENOS, Dr. De Witt C, of Brooklyn, b. in De Ruyter, N. Y., March 
17, 1820 ; settled as a physician in Brooklyn about 1849, and d. there, 
, 1868. (Transac. N. Y State Med. Soc, 1868, p. 262.) 

ENSTON, William, a millionaire, d. in Charleston, S. C, March 23, 
1860 ; being childless he gave his vast estate to the city of Charleston, 
for public purposes. (Vincent's Semi An. Register, p. 205.) 

EPPES, Lieut. Col. Francis, Va., killed in battle of Long Island, 
Aug. 27, 1776. 

ERVING, John, of Boston, loyalist in 1775. 

ERVING, John Jr., grad. at Harvard in 1747; in 1760 signed the 
Boston memorial, but in 1774 was a mandamus councillor; he fled to 
Halifax in 1776, and thence to England ; he was proscribed and banished 
in 1778 ; and in 1779 his estate was confiscated ; he d. in Eng., in 1816, 
a. 89 ; his wife was a dau. of Gov. Shirley, and the wife of Gov. Bowdoin 
was his sister. (Sabine's Loyalists.*) 

ERWIN, James, member of congress from South Carolina, from 1817 
to 1821; d. at Darlington C. H., S. C, Oct., 1838. 

ESKIDGE, Rev. Vernon, of the Meth. Epis. church, a victim of 
the yellow fever at Portsmouth, Va., in the autumn of 1855 ; was. b. Oct. 
26, 1801, in Westmorland co., Va., and had been a traveling preacher 
since 1827. 

ESSELSTYN, Richard M., merchant and co. clerk; b. at Claverack, 
N. Y., May 22, 1778; in 1801 came to Chaumont, N. Y., as surveyor, 
and soon settled in trade at Cape Vincent, N. Y. ; he was clerk of Jeff, 
co. in 1813-15 ; and d. at Utica, Oct. 2, 1822. (Hough's Hist. Jeff. Co., 
N. Y, p. 430.) 

132 American Biographical Notes. 

EUSTACE, Thomas, of Charleston, S. C, a tory, was banished in 
1782, and his property confiscated. 

EUSTIS, George, ex-congressman from Louisiana, and confederate 
envoy to France ; d. at Cannes, France, March 15, 1872. 

EVANS, Albert S., of San Francisco, Cal., lost on steam ship Mis- 
souri, Oct., 1872, a. 45; native of New England, and many years a resi- 
dent of California ; was invited by Mr. Seward to accompany him in his 
journey through Mexico, and wrote a book entitled Our Sister Republic, 
was an elegant writer; contributed much to the press, and was for many 
years editor of the Alia California ; more recently, he was agent at San 
Francisco, for the associated press. 

EVANS, Dr. Cadwallader, an original member of the Am. Phil. 
Soc. ; d. 1778, a. 57. 

EVANS, Charles, d. at Pensacola, Fla., Jan. 31, 1856 ; was formerly 
mayor of the city ; judge of probate ; representative in the state legislature 
and marshal of the United States for the western district of Florida. 

EVANS, David E., for thirty years connected with the agency of the 
Holland Land Co. ; was elected to the state senate in 1818, and to con- 
gress in 1826, but he resigned the latter before taking his seat; he d. at 
Batavia, May 17, 1850. (Strykcr's Am. Reg.,iv, 464; Turner's Holland 
Land Co., p. 442.) 

EVANS, Ethni, a pioneer of Jefferson co., N. Y., and millwright 
from Hinsdale, N. H. ; removed to Jeff, co., N. Y., about 1802, and d. 
Feb. 22, 1832, a. 62; the village of Evans's Mills, N. Y., is named from 

EVANS, Joel, of Phila. ; a loyalist merchant ; lost his estate by con- 
fiscation in the revolution. 

EVANS, William B., a successful Philadelphia publisher; d. Oct. 8, 
1874, a. 40 ; he had charge of the publications of the Presbyterian board 
for some years, and bore an excellent reputation for strict integrity in 
business, and amiability in private life. (Publisher's Weekly.) 

EVERETT, Meletiah, a lawyer, and in early life a federalist in poli- 
tics ; he was in the senate of Mass., and acted with the whigs and free 
soilers in later times ; he long resided at Wrentham, Mass., where he died 
Dec. 26, 1858, a. 82. {Hist. Mag., iii, 93.) 

EVERITT, George, was a qr. mr. in the king's service in the revolu- 
tion ; went to New Brunswick in 1783, and d. at Fredericton in 1829, 
a. 70. 

EVERHEART, Lawrence, b. in Middletown valley, Frederick co., 
Md., May 6, 1755 ; entered the army as a soldier, in Aug, 1776 ; was in 
the battle of Long Island ; escaped at the surrender of F-t. Washington, and 
returned home in the spring of 1777 ; he again enlisted in 1778, under 
Col. W. Washington, and served faithfully in the south as sergeant, and 
was present at the surrender of Yorktown ; he returned to agriculture in 
his native valley, and some years after became a Methodist preacher ; he 
d. in 1839. (Papers relating to the Md. Line, pub. by the Seventy-Six 
Soc, 1857, p. 42.) 

EVERTS, Dr. Franklin, of Oswego ; d. Feb. 12, 1864, a. 36. ( Tran- 
sac. JV. Y. State Med. Soc, 1864, p. 441.) 


EWELL, Rich 
Jan. 25, 1872. 

EWING, Maj. 
Juue 13, 1873, a. 

EWING, John 
Baltimore ; bred a 
ture, and was in c 
suddenly at Vince 

EWING, Johi 
1854; son of Juds 
gress from the di 
promising young i 

EWING, Samt 
literary writer. ( 

EYRE, Willi; 
foot, Jan. 7, 1756 
1758, he was comi 
the army ; in Julv 
out a plan for a nt 
Oswego to Montre 
he was drowned 
Book, 27.) 

EYRE, Sir W 

mander of the E 
Crimean wars ; d 

FAEY, Ensigi 


35, pastor of St. I 

FAILE, Edw\ 

the N. Y. state aj 

of his age, was fo 

FAILE, Thow 

32 ; he was a yoi 
siderable literary 


Samuel ; learned 
port, N. Y., in 1£ 
afterwards reside 
a tanuery, saddle 
connections at oi 
tions he had moi 
served out their 
in 1815, he was 

t«rt Klitijl' 


nosTOiV: s.m i;i).iv, skit. si. kvj. 


The nnnounectuenl 
hanks in Paris, on tin 
am) (In- brief reeniM i> 
widely know n in this. 

of the death of Chnrles IV Pair- 
• :M of September, lias lunni made, 
f the departure of one who was so 

his native eitv, lias caused not on- 

Ij, the tleojicsl jxriefto his mother, tdster and lolativos. 
I >ut in various ei roles where hi."* presence « as always so 
welcomed there are mounters with heavy hearts. Those 
who knew him intimately regret the loss of a true friend, 
largely sifted with the art of contributing to ever) one's 
happiness by word ami deed, while others think oi a 
bright intellectual light which shed its enrh ra \ s «>t' 
promise, ami has pun* nul ore it reached its fulness. We 
mourn not that he is dead, for if n life of rectitude and 
noble bearing towards all men can entitle him to a crown 
of Liilory, our loss is his pain, lie was weak in flesh, long 
suffering, hut ever patient, and now that he sleeps, freed 
from the penalties of disease, we can but rejoice that ho 
has left to us all a reputation for manliness, for filial de- 
votion and purity of life which will ever adorn his mem- 

Mr. Fairbanks was for several vears in M»*» employ oi 

Mossrs. James Mm * «' ' u; " »•»»■••■ i-v« of 

books was fostered and encouraged, mid hi.* Ilfornr.v 
1. 1-.. .-., t-in iv pvououneeil, were;»tl\ facilitated !■> lr> 
appointment as \ssistaut Librarian of the Moston Atheiv 
aniiu. Ills knowledge of books ami fuuilUarUy with au- 
thors soon gave him a position among men of letters, but 
his habits of industrious application impaired his vision, 
and he proposed a visit to Europe. At the suggestion of 
:i mutual friend, Mr. Kairhanks commenced bis corres- 
pondence with this paper over the signature. of"Aguo- 
cheok," and while abroad, and on his return, our readers 
can fully appreciate bow acceptably he, held bis posi- 

It was the intention of the deceased to have become a 
priest ilthe, Roman Catholic Church, but his health did 
not permit his embracing the active duties of such an of- 
fice, lie, however, \\;i- a frequent contributor to theeol- 

umns of the Host on Pilot, and his "Lives of the Saints'* |Jj(l« eX-pVeSldeflt of 
were justly regarded as ail acquisition to the literature or . • .i r*ni\ 

the church. 4, in the both year 

A few months since, Mr. Fairbanks beeamo convinced fg 
that a sea voyage, I Ho beneficial , aud a generous of- 
fer from the Trauscript to visit l'aris ami contribute to | 3 1873, a. 70. - f s>o 

m 133 

Maury co., Tenn., 

; d. in that city, 

is from Ireland to 
ae Indiana legisla- 
. 1S37 to 1839 ; d. 

Ky., Sept. 27, 
resentative in con- 
nost brilliant and 

was a well known 

major of the 44th 
George ; in Jan., 
n July, Lt. col. in 
the army, and laid 
ied Amherst from 
ca till 1764, when 
Wilson's Orderly 

my, formerly com- 
the heroes of the 
9, a. 53. 

ion, Sept. 19,1777. 

May 25, 1868, a. 


3, 1859,"a. 

that paper was accepted. His health, however, only ena- 
bled lilm to givca few letters over the slgnaturo of "Mal- 

volio," when ho was attacked by a hemorrhage of tho l j apmiWpft 1 COn- 
liings,andaTteran lllnessof a tow wooks, diod, surround- U *i" 

«l by loved frlouds and a nohlo hostess, who alleviated tfftty $>Zpf~ A£ / SS"^ 
bis sufferings aud cared for every want. Ills rouialns will .. , , p 

lloatMontmatro, at his own request, and thoro will ho ndon, iMllSS., SOU OI 
many who will turn from tlio busy soones of lifo In tho T- or settled at NeW- 
gay capital to stand noar tlio grave of one who died re- 
gretted and lovod. 

"Early hath tho spoiler found thee, 

Brother of our lovol 
Autumn's faded earth around thee, 

And its storms above! 
Evermore that turf lie lightly^ 

And, with futuro showers, 
O'er thy slunibors fresh aud brightly 

Blow the summer flowers!" 

pwn, N. Y., where he 
j in business, having 
nth several business 
. ;e mechanical opera- 
times, of whom 365 
respectable citizens ; 
jjjje honesty of Samuel 
Ifed to have been rob- 

Knn)NK38 TjHJpptutqATTniBttfeJMAntul t^havo 
Whittlesey, paymaster ot drarteu muitia, wnu pTui 
bed of some $30,000 of public moneys ; by watching, eaves-dropping cross 
questioning and inquiry, they became convinced that W. and his wite had 
stolen the money, and by enticing him intd a by-place, and almost drown- 
in" hiin, compelled him to confess; the wife at once committed suicide 

132 American Biographical Notes. 

EUSTACE, Thomas, of Charleston, S. C, a tory, was banished in 
1782, and his property confiscated. 

EUSTIS, George, ex-congressman from Louisiana, and confederate 
envoy to France ; d. at Cannes, France, March 15, 1872. 

EVANS, Albert S., of San Francisco, Cal., lost on steam ship Mis- 
souri, Oct., 1872, a. 45; native of New England, and many years a resi- 
dent of California; was invited by Mr. Seward to accompany him in his 
journey through Mexico, and wrote a book entitled Our Sister Republic, 
was an elegant writer ; contributed much to the press, and was for many 
years editor of the Alta California ; more recently, he was agent at San 
Francisco, for the associated press. 

EVANS, Dr. Cadwallader, an original member of the Am. Phil. 
Soc; d. 1773, a. 57. 

EVANS, Charles, d. at Pensacola, Fla., Jan. 31, 1856 ; was formerly 
mayor of the city ; judge of probate ; representative in the state legislature 
and marshal of the United States for the western district of Florida. 

EVANS, David E., for thirty years connected with the agency of the 
Holland Land Co. ; was elected to the state senate in 1818, and to con- 
gress in 1826, but he resigned the latter before taking his seat; he d. at 
Batavia, May 17, 1850. (Stryker's Am. Reg., iv, 464; Turner' s Holland 
Land Co., p. 442.) 

EVANS, Ethni, a pioneer of Jefferson co., N. Y., and millwright 
from Hinsdale, N. H. ; removed to Jeff, co., N. Y., about 1802, and d. 
Feb. 22, 1832, a. 62; the village of Evans's Mills, N. Y., is named from 

EVANS, Joel, of Phila. ; a loyalist merchant ; lost his estate by con- 
fiscation in the revolution. 

EVANS, William B., a successful Philadelphia publisher; d. Oct. 8, 
1874, a. 40; he had charge of the publications of the Presbyterian board 
for some years, and bore an excellent reputation for strict integrity in 
business, and amiability in private life. (Publisher's Weekly.) 

EVERETT, Meletiah, a lawyer, and in early life a federalist in poli- 
tics ; he was in the senate of Mass., and acted witb the whigs and free 
soilers in later times ; he long resided at Wrentham, Mass., where he died 
Dec. 26, 1858, a. 82. (Hist. Mag., iii, 93.) 

EVERITT, George, was a qr. mr. in the king's service in the revolu- 
tion ; went to New Brunswick in 1783, and d. at Fredericton in 1829, 
a. 70. 

EVERHEART, Lawrence, b. in Middletown valley, Frederick co., 
Md., May 6, 1755 ; entered the army as a soldier, in Aug, 1776 ; was in 
the battle of Long Island ; escaped at the surrender of F.t. Washington, and 
returned home in the spring of 1777 ; he again enlisted in 1778, under 
Col. W. Washington, and served faithfully in the south as sergeant, and 
was present at the surrender of Yorktown ; he returned to agriculture in 
his native valley, and some years after became a Methodist preacher ; he 
d. in 1839. (Papers relating to the Md. Line, pub. by the Seventy-Six 
Soc, 1857, p. 42.) 

EVERTS, Dr. Franklin, of Oswego ; d. Feb. 12, 1861, a. 36. (. Tran- 
sac. AT. Y. State Med. Soc, 1864, p. 441.) 


us. 133 

EWELL, Richard S., a confederate general ; d. in Maury co., Tenn., 
Jan. 25, 1872. 

EWING, Maj. Henry, of the St. Louis Daily Times; d. in that city, 
June 13, 1873, a. 31. 

EWING, John, b. at sea on a voyage of his parents from Ireland to 
Baltimore ; bred a merchant, served in both houses of the Indiana legisla- 
ture, and was in congress from 1833 to 1835, and from 1837 to 1839 ; d. 
suddenly at Vincennes, in the winter of 1857. 

EWING, John Presbury, d. at Mammoth Cave, Ky., Sept. 27, 
1854; son of Judge E., of the court of appeals ; a representative in con- 
gress from the dist. of Kentucky; was one of the most brilliant and 
promising young men of the state. 

EWING, Samuel, d. at Philadelphia, Feb., 1825 ; was a well known 
literary writer. {Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.} 

EYRE, William, British army engineer ; became major of the 44th 
foot, Jan. 7, 1756 ; and built Ft. Wm. Henry on Lake George ; in Jan., 
1758, he was commissioned engineer in ordinary and in July, Lt. col. in 
the army ; in July, 1759, he became chief engineer of the army, and laid 
out a plan for a new fort at Ticonderoga ; he accompanied Amherst from 
Oswego to Montreal, in 1760 ; and remained in America till 1764, when 
he was drowned on his passage to Ireland. (Com. Wilson's Orderly 
Book, 27.) 

EYRE, Sir William, major general in British army, formerly com- 
mander of the English forces in Canada, and one of the heroes of the 
Crimean wars; d. in Warwickshire, Eng., Sept. 8, 1859, a. 53. 

FAEY, Ensign Joseph, N. H. ; killed in the revolution, Sept. 19, 1777. 

FAGAN, Rev. Peter C, d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., May 25, 1868, a. 
35, pastor of St. Patrick's church (R. C). 

FAILE, Edward G., an eminent agriculturist, and- ex-president of 
the N. Y. state agricultural society ; d. April 20, 1864, in the 66th year 
of his age, was formerly engaged in commercial pursuits. 

FAILE, Thomas Hall, d. at Nice, France, Jan. 13, 1873, a. 70. ■ f^ 
FAIRBANKS, Charles B., of Boston, Mass. ; d. Sept. 3, 1859,^. 
32 ; he was a young man of ability and promise, and had acquired a con- 
siderable literary reputation. ■& c /?./v*r> t> <j J &** Zi<zft£ C, $zp4~ £-3 / &S~J 

FAIRBANKS, Jason, b. Sept. 5, 1785, at Mendon, Mass., son of 
Samuel ; learned the trade of saddle and harness maker, settled at New- 
port, N. Y., in 1807 ; but in 1808, removed to Watertown, N. Y., where he 
afterwards resided ; he there engaged very extensively in business, having 
a tannery, saddle and harness shop, and merchandize with several business 
connections at other places ; in the course of his large mechanical opera- 
tions he had more thau 500 apprentices, at different times, of whom 365 
served out their time, and at least 350 proved to be respectable citizens ; 
in 1815, he was bondsman with Perley Keyes, for the honesty of Samuel 
Whittlesey, paymaster of drafted militia, who professed to have been rob- 
bed of some 830,000 of public moneys ; by watching, eaves-dropping, cross 
questioning and inquiry, they became convinced that W. and his wife had 
stolen the money, and by enticing him into a by-place, and almost drown- 
ing him, compelled him to confess; the wife at once committed suicide 

134 American Biographical Notes. 

upon learning that a disclosure had been made ; the money was found 
quilted into a pair of drawers, with a kind of will, or directions to the 
children as to how it should be divided among them ; Mr. Fairbanks was 
for some years sheriff of Jefferson co., and remained in full enjoyment of 
health and mental powers till near his death, which occurred January 10, 
1875, at Watertown, N. Y. {Hough's Hist, of Jefferson Co., with portrait.) 

FAIRCHILD, James M., a loyalist, went to New Brunswick in 1783 ; 
and d. at St. John, in 1807. 

FAIRCHILD, Morton, brevet major in the Mexican war, native of 
Troy, and orderly serg. of the Troy citizen's guard ; served in every battle 
in the Mexican war except that of Molino del Rey, and at Cerro Gordo 
led his regiment with great bravery; he d. in N. Y., Aug. 3, 1860, a. 54 ; 
a few years since a committee of the com. council of N. Y., awarded him 
a gold snuff box, left in the will of Gen. Jackson, to the man, a citizen of 
New York, who should evince the greatest bravery in the first foreign war. 

FAIRCHILD, Robert, formerly a judge : d. at Stratford, Ct, July 
— , 1835, a. 66. 

FAIRFAX, Charles Snowden, d. at Baltimore, Md., April 4, 1869, 
a. 40 ; was clerk of the supreme court of California, and a prominent 
democratic politician. 

FAIRFAX, George William, great grandson of Thomas, 4th lord 
Fairfax and son of Hon. Col. Wm. F., who was It. of the co. of Fairfax, 
collector of customs of S. Potomac, and pres. of the Va. council ; he was 
educated in Va., was an early companion of Washington, and an associate 
land surveyor; he m. dau. of Col. Carey of Hampton, was a member of 
council and lived at Belvoir ; he went to England in 1773, and remained; 
he settled at Bath, and d. in 1787, a. 63 ; a part of his estate in Va., was 
confiscated. {Sabine's Loyalists.') 

FAIRFIELD, George J., U. S. consul; d. at Buenos Ayres, S. A.; 
only brother of the late John F., of Maine. 

FAIRLIE, James, entered the revolution in 1775, or 1776, was first 
made It. in the 1st N. Y., reg't. under Col. McDougall, and af'terwrds un- 
der Col. Philip Van Cortlandt ; he was present at the capture of Burgoyne 
and in 1778 was appointed aid to Steuben in which capacity he served 
in the battle of Monmouth ; he was taken prisoner in Va., was exchanged, 
joined the army at Newburgh and served till peace ; he was in assembly 
in 1798-9, 1S09, and in convention in 1821 ; d. in N. Y. city Oct. 10, 
or 11, 1830. 

FAIRMAN, Gideon, b. in Newtown, Conn., June 26, 1774 ; was ap- 
prenticed to a firm of jewelers and engravers in Albany, and in 1810, settled 
in Philadelphia, as one of a firm of bank note engravers; was a captain, 
and then a colonel of militia and volunteers in the war 1812; in 1819, 
became a partner with Jacob Perkins, and went to England where he re- 
sided three years; d. April 18, 1827. 

FANNIN, W. B., d. at Montgomery, Ala., Dec. 8, 1868 ; was many 
years a member of the Georgia legislature. 

FANNING, John, was in commission under the crown, after the fall 
of Charleston, S. C, in 1780, and his estate was confiscated. 

FARDO, John George, of S. C. ; held a royal commission, after the 
fall of Charleston, and lost his estates by confiscation. 

American Biographical Notes. 135 

FARIBAULT, Bartholomew, b. in Paris ; became a lawyer and was 
appointed military secretary to the French army in Canada ; after the 
English conquest, he retired to private life at Berthier, Canada, and held 
the office of notary till his death in 1801. 

FARIBAULT, Jean Baptiste, sou of the above ; was b. at Berthier, 
Canada, in 1774 ; became a trader in the north west, and identified with 
some of the pioneer events of Minnesota ; he resided at the place now called 
Mendota, and d. Aug. 20, 1860, a. 87. (Collections Minn. Hist. Soc, iii, 
part 2, p. 168.) 

FARLEY, Capt. Caleb, d. at Hollis, N. H., April, 1833, a. 102. 

FARLEY, G-eorge Frederick, d. in Groton, Mass., Nov. 8, 1855, a. 
62 ; b. in Dunstable, Mass., April 5, 1793 ; grad. at Harvard in 1816 ; 
studied law, and was admitted to the bar in New Hampshire in 1820 ; 
practiced at New Ipswich, N. H., till 1831, when he removed to Groton ; 
was one of the most eminent and successful lawyers in Middlesex county. 

FARLIN, Dudley, d. at Warrensburg, N. Y., Sept. 27, 1837 ; mem- 
ber of congress in 1835-7. 

FARMER, John W. a well known compiler of several valuable maps 
of Michigan and Wisconsin ; d. in Detroit, March 24, 1859. 

FARMER, W. W., d. at Baton Rouge, La., Oct. 29, 1854, a. 48 ; was 
a native of Louisiana, and at the time of his death lieutenant governor. 

FARNHAM, John Fay, a native of Mass.; grad. at Harvard Coll., 
in 1811, was a lawyer of distinction and sec. of the Indiana hist. soc. ; he 
d. at Salem, Ind., July 10, 1833, of cholera, a. 42. 

FARNHAM, Noah Lane, col. of the N. Y. Fire Zouaves, son of Geo. 
W. F., a merchant tailor of N. Y. city ; was b. in New Haven, Ct., June 
6, 1829 ; went to N. Y., with his parents in 1833 ; received an academic 
education at Cheshire, Ct., and at 16 became a clerk with S. M. Berkley 
& Co. of N. Y. ; at 18 he joined the city guard, a crack regiment, and at 
20 the engine co., No. 42, and soon after the hook and ladder co., No. 1, 
of which he became foreman ; he introduced several new forms, and prac- 
ticed his men in climbing, jumping, and other athletic feats; in 1856 he 
became assist, engineer of the N. Y. fire dep. ; joined the 7th regt. in 
1857, and became 1st It. of co. B. ; on the visit of Col. Ellsworth of 
Chicago to N. Y., Farnham escorted the co. to West Point, when the 
corps of Fire Zouaves was formed in April, 1861, he became second in com- 
mand, and on Ellsworth's death became col. ; he was wounded at Stone 
bridge, and d. at Washington, Aug. 16, 1861. (N~. Y. Eve. Post.) 

FARNSWORTH, Oliver, b. in Woodstock, Vt., served an appren- 
ticeship to printing at Windsor came to Newport, R. I., and was editor of 
the R. 1. Republican, till 1805 ; he returned to Vt., thence went to Cin- 
cinnati, O., where he established the first printing office and in 1857 re- 
turned to Newport; he d. at Newport, Oct. 23, 1859, in his 84th year. 
(Hist. Mag., iii, 384.) 

FARNSWORTH, William, settled at Sheboygan, Wisconsin, as a 
trapper and Indian trader in 1818, and in 1835 returned and bought half 
the village interest, of which he sold a sixteenth for $30,000 to the N. Y. 
& Erie transportation co., and another sixteenth for $25,000 ; he resided 
there subsequently and perished on the steamer Ludy Elgin on Lake 
Michigan, Sept. 7, 1860; his body was recovered. 

136 American Biographical Notes. 

FARNUM, Maj. Gen. J. Egbert, late of U. S. vols. ; d. at New York, 
May 16, 1870, a. 46; b. in Pendleton, N. J. ; entered the military service 
in 1847, as sergeant major, and served through the Mexican war ; was 
colonel of the 70th N. Y. vols., in the late war, wounded at Spottsylvania, 
and promoted to brig. gen. of vols. 

FARNUM, Capt. Joseph, d. at Concord, N. H., Nov. 1, 1837, a. 97; 
was a soldier of the French and revolutionary wars. 

FARQUHAR, William, became major of the 18th or Gen. Amherst's 
regt., Mar. 12, 1754; served against Rochefort in 1757, and at the siege 
of Louisbourg in 1758; he commanded the 44th regt. as lieut. col. at the 
siege of Fort Niagara in 1759. 

FARR, Levi, M.D., b. in Pittsfield, Mass., July 22, 1787 ; studied 
with his br. Jonas, of Minden, N. Y., was licensed in 1806 and settled 
the next year at Greene, Chenango co., N. Y., where he d. July 18, 1859, 
(TV. N. Y. St. Med. Soc., 1850, p. 174.) 

FARRAR, Preston \V., speaker of the house of representatives of 
Louisiana; d. at Baton Rouge, March 7, 1850, a. 44; he was a grad. of 
Transylvania University ; removed to Mississippi in 1827 and served 
with credit in both houses of the legislature. 

FARRAR, William, a tory of Va., went to England, and in 1779 
was an addresser of the king. 

FARWELL, Levi, d. at East Brookfield, Mass., May 27, 1844, a. 60, 
was of Cambridge, steward of Harvard Coll ; 

FAULKNER, Capt. Daniel P., an early property holder and spirited 
citizen of Dansville, acquired the name of Captain Dan, and from him 
the present village of Dansville, Livingston co., N. Y., is named. 

FAXTON, Charles O., of the Louisville Journal; d.«at Clarksville, 
Tenn., Jan. 28, 1870, a. 45. 

FAY, Cyrus M., teacher; removed from Saratoga co., to Lowville, 
N. Y., having grad. at Union coll. in 1831, and was 3 y. a principal of 
the academy there ; he taught 16 years in Buffalo, went to California and 
d. on his return, at San Juan Nicaragua, Dec. 12, 1850, a. 45. (Lowville 
Acad. Semi-Cent. Celeb., p. 81). 

FAY, Dr. Jonas, a native of Vermont, he practiced medicine in 
Cazenovia, N. Y., as early as 1802 ; in the year 1810 he was the first 
president of the village ; he moved to Utica and became a lumber dealer. 

FAY, Nahtjm, d. at Northborough, Mass., Nov. 16, 1841; was for 
more than forty years an instructer of youth, and he served his fellow 
citizens in various other offices. 

FAY, Samuel Phillips Prescott, d. at Cambridge, Mass., May 18, 
1856, a. 78 ; b. in Cambridge, Mass., in 1778 ; grad. at Harvard in 1798; 
studied law, was a member of the Massachusetts legislature ; of the ex- 
ecutive council in 1818 and 1819, and of the convention in 1820; in May, 
1821, was appointed judge of probate for Middlesex co.. and held this 
office 35 years. 

FEETER, William, b. at Stone Arabia, N. Y., Feb. 2, 1756; was a 
soldier of the revolution and served in Tryon co. ; he was afterwards col. 
of militia, settled in Glen's Purchase, Little Falls, N. Y., and d. May 5, 
1844, a. 88. (Benton's Herkimer Co., p. 420). 

American Biographical Notes. 137 

FELIX, Elizabeth Rachel, a noted actress and singer, well known 
in the United States ; d. in Cannes, Prance, Jan. 5, 1858 ; a. 57. 

FELLOWS, Ensign David, Conn., killed in the revolution, Dec. 10, 

FENTON, Col. Nathaniel, b. in Mansfield, Ct. ; served in the revo- 
lution, and settled in Otsego co., N. Y., in 1791 ; he represented Otsego 
co. in assembly, in 1815 and 1818, and Chautauque co., in 1828; he d. 
in Jamestown, N. Y., Jan. 25, 1846, a. 82. 

FENTON, William M., ex-lieut. gov. of Michigan ; d. at Flint, Mich., 
May 13, 1871 ; was col. in the 8th Mich. vols, in the late war, till his 
resignation, March 15, 1863. 

FENWICK, Rt. Rev. Benedict Joseph, R. C. bp. of Boston ; b. 
near Leonardstown, Md., Sept. 3, 1782; studied at the Georgetown Coll. 
and was called to teach some of the higher classes in that institution ; in 
1805 he entered the seminary of St. Sulpice, Bait., and the next year be- 
came a novitiate of the S. J. in Georgetown Coll. ; he was ordained priest 
in 1807, and began labor in N. Y. city, where on the death of Rt. Rev. 
Dr. Concannon, he became administrator of that diocese; in 1817 he be- 
came pres. of Georgetown Coll. ; in 1818 was sent as vicar general to S. 
C. ; in 1822 returned to Georgetown, and May 10, 1825, was appointed 
by the pope to the see of Boston ; having erected an Ursuline school at 
Charlestown, it was occupied July 17, 1826, and in Nov. following a con- 
vent at that place, which were destroyed by a mob in 1834 ; he closed an 
active life Aug. 11, 1846, a. 65. (Metropolitan Cath. Almanac, 1850, p. 
57 ; Am. Almanac 1847, p. 335.) 

FENWICK, Rt. Rev. Edward, first R. C. Bp. of Cincinnati; b. in 
St. Mary's co., Md., in 1768 ; was educated at the Dominican Coll. of 
Boruheim, near Antwerp, Belgium, and labored some years as professor 
and procurator; the French army broke up this establishment, but he 
was released, and he undertook to found his order in America ; he was 
sent as a missionary to the west in 1805 ; founded a house of his order in 
Washington co., Ky ; he was consecrated bp. of Cincinnati, Jan. 13, 
1822 ; went to Rome ; was liberally assisted with funds and spent many 
years in zealous labors throughout the west, and in founding churches, 
schools, and religious houses; he d. at Canton, O., Sept. 25, 1832. (Me- 
tropolitan Cath. Almanac, 1848, p. 58.) 

FENWICKE, Thomas, of S. C. ; was an office holder after the fall of 
Charleston, under British authority in 1780, and lost his estate by confis- 

FERGUSON, Josiah, a captain in the revolution; d. at Princeton, 
N. J., March 16, 1836, a. 80 years. 

FERN ALL, Benjamin C, teacher; d. in Portland, Me., Nov. 12, 
1868, a. 67. 

FERRIS, Benjamin, d. at Wilmington, Del., Nov. 10, 1867 ; author 
of Early Settlements on the Delaware ; was a watchmaker ; lived seve- 
ral years in Philadelphia, and was a long time clerk of the Phila. Yearly 
Meeting of Friends. 

FERRIS, Charles G., member of 23d and 27th congresses from New 
York city ; d. at New York, June 4, 1848. 


138 American Biographical Notes. 

FERRIS, Rev. Isaac, pastor of the 2d R. P. D. church of Albany 
from Oct. 1824 to 1836, when he was elected chancellor of the University 
of New York, and removed to New York city ; d. in Roselle, N. J., June 
16, 1873, a. 75. 

FERRIS, Joseph, a tory of Stamford, Ct., raised a company and was 
capt. in Col. Butler's rangers ; he was taken prisoner but escaped, and after 
the war went to Newfoundland, and thence removed to New Brunswick ; 
he lived for a time at Eastport, Me., after it was captured by the British 
in the war of 1812, but returned to N. B. ; and d. at Indian island, in 
1832, a. 92 ; he enjoyed half pay 53 y. (Sabine's Loyalists.) 

FERRY, Heman, a merchant in Remsen, N. Y., whence he removed 
to Utica; was in 1838 one of the first board of directors of the Bank of 
Central New York; he was b. in Granby, Mass., Aug. 4, 1786; d. in 
Utica, March 31, 1856. 

FERRY, Rev. William M., founder of the city of Grand Haven, 
Mich.; b. at Granby, Mass., Sept. 8, 1796; grad. at Union Coll.; was 
ordained as a minister of the Presb. ch., in 1822 ; went to Mich., in 1834, 
and settled at Grand Haven, where he d. Dec. 30, 1866. 

FETTERMAN, W. W., an eminent member of the Pittsburg bar; 
d. at Pittsburg, Pa., Dec. 12, 1838. 

FIDLER, Rev. Daniel, d. in Pemberton, Burlington co., N. J., Aug. 
21, 1842, a. 71 ; was 53 years a Methodist minister. 

FIELD, Rev. Alpheus, d. at Argentine, Genesee co., Mich., Feb. 4, 
1861, a. 72 ; many years a resident of Jefferson co., N. Y. 

FIELD, Barnum, grad. at Brown University in 1821, established the 
Independent Inquirer at Providence, and after some time spent in the 
printing business at Providence, removed to Boston and labored 25 years 
as a teacher with great ability and success ; he d. at Boston, May 7, 1851, 
master of the Franklin school. 

FIELD, Jonathan E., d. in Stockbridge, Mass., April 23, 1869, for- 
merly president of the Massachusetts senate. 

FILLMORE, Miss Abby, dau. of ex-Pres. Millard F. ; d. at Aurora, 
N. Y., July 26, 1854, a. 22. 

FILLMORE, Mrs. Abigal, wife of ex-President Millard F. ; d. in 
Washington, D. C, March 30, 1853, a. 55. 

FILLMORE, Millard, president of the United States from the death 
of Pres. Taylor, July 9, 1850, to the end of his term ; d. at Buffalo, 
March 8, 1874. 

FILTER, Daniel, formerly high sheriff of Philadelphia; d. in that 
city, Oct. 4, 1849. 

FINCKE, Andrew A., d. at Little Falls, N. Y., May 22, 1871, in the 
89th year of his age, son of Major Andrew Fincke of the revolutionary 

FISCHER, Charles, d. at Hillsborough, Miss., May 7, 1849, a. 58; 
was many years in the state legislature of North Carolina, of which he 
was several times chosen speaker, and a member of congress. 

FISHER, Dea. Elijah, d. in Livermore, Me., Jan. 28, 1842, a. 85; 
a revolutionary soldier and a native of Attleborough, Mass. 

American Biographical Notes. 139 

FISHER, Rev. George H., d.d., a native of New Jersey, a grad. of 
Rutgers college and the Theolog'l Sem. of New Brunswick ; was for 
several years pastor of the Broome st. Reformed Dutch church in N. Y., 
whence he went in 1855 to take charge of the Reformed church of Utica; 
after his resignation of the pastorate of the latter in Sept., 1859, he had 
no settled charge; in 1849 he was pres. of the general synod of the Re- 
formed Dutch church ; he d. at Hackensack, N. J., Nov. 23d, 1872, in 
his 69th year. 

FISHER, John, of Orangeburg, S. C, held a commission under the 
crown; was banished, and lost his estate under the act of 1782 ; he was 
a colonel. 

FISHER, Miers, b. in Philadelphia, June, 1748, of quaker parents, 
and became a lawyer; was member of the city council from 1789 to 1791, 
and in the latter year, a member of the house of representatives of the 
state, was many years a director of the Bank of North America, and of the 
Insurance Company of Pennsylvania ; d. March 14, 1819, in his 72d year. 
{Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

FISHER, Rev. Samuel Ware, d.d., ll.d., a preacher of eloquence 
and power, a faithful pastor and a liberal minded and influential college 
president ; the son of an eminent Presb. minister, he was b. in Morris- 
town, N. J., April 5, 1814 ; was grad. at Yale college in 1835 and pursued 
his theolog'l studies at Princeton >nd at Union Theolog'l Sem. ; grad. in 
1839 ; from April of that year to Oct., 1843, he was minister of the Presb. 
church in West Bloomfield, N. J. ; from 1843 to 1847 of the Fourth church 
of Albany, N. Y.; and from 1849 to 1858 of the Second church of Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio; in July 1858 he was appointed president of Ham. Coll.; 
after a service of 8 ys. he was again solicited to engage in pastoral work, 
and assumed the care of Westminster church in Utica, Nov. 15, 1867, 
but resigned on account of ill health in Jan., 1871. He d. in Cincinnati, 
Jan. 18, 1874. He was moderator of the new school general assembly in 
1857, and was one of the committee of conference which reported the 
plan of reunion of the two schools in 1869 ; he published the Three Great 
Temptations, and a volume of Sermons and Addresses. {Memorial of 
Rev. S. W. Fisher, with portrait.) 

FISHER, Turner, of Boston, son of Wilfred F., followed the British 
to Halifax in 1776, entered the navy and became sailing master ; after 
the war he m. Esther the dau. of Ezekiel Foster of Machias, Me., and 
settled in N. B. ; his son Wilfred has a magistrate of the island of Grand 
Menan, N. B., where his wife d. Nov. 1844, a. 88. 

FISHER, Wilfred, a Boston loyalist, went to Halifax in 1776; and 
was with a corps of light horse ; died before the peace ; he was pro- 
scribed and banished in 1778, and his estate confiscated ; his son Wil- 
fred, a whig and shipmaster, was captured by the British, carried to N. 
Y., and died there in prison. 

FISKE, Dr. Caleb; d. at Scituate. R. I., Sept. 1834; a. 65. 

FISKE, Dr. Joseph ; d. at Lexington, Mass., Sept. 25, 1837 , a. 85; 
served in revolutionary war, as a surgeon. 

FISKE, Josiah J., d. at Sturbridge, Mass., Aug. 15, 1838, a. 50 ; was 
of Wrentham, and for several years a state senator. 

FISKE, Samuel, d. at Claremont, N. H., Dee. 30, 1834; a. 65. 


FITCH, Mrs. Abigal, d. in Lebanon Ct., March 17, 1842, a. 88. 

FITCH, Eleazer, 2d son of John F., of Norwich, Ct. ; b. Aug. 27, 
1726; commanded the 4th Ct. regt., at the battle of Ticonderoga, and 
down to 1760. 

FITCH, Rev. Eleazer T., d.d., ex-professor of divinity at Yale 
Coll.; d. at New Haven, Conn., Jan. 31, 1871, a. 80; was appointed 
pastor of the Yale Coll. church, and prof, of divinity in 1817, and held 
the latter office 35 years. 

FITCH, Elisha, d. at Pensacola, Fla., Oct. 22, 1839 ; prof, of mathe- 
matics in the navy ; on board the Levant ; was formerly of Connecticut. 

FITCH, Jeremiah G., d. at Orono, Me., Feb. 25, 1845, a. 35 ; grad. 
at Harvard in 1831 ; had formerly resided in Boston. 

FITCH, Joseph, d. at Geneva, 0., Jan. 13, 1841, in his 100th year. 

FITZGERALD, Edward H., b. in Va. ; entered the army as 2dlieut. 
of 6th infantry Oct. 26, 1839; was assist, qr. mr., with rank of captain 
when the Mexican war began ; was aid to Gen. Pierce, in the valley of 
Mexico ; capt. of 9th inf. Sept. 1847 ; brevet major for gallantry at Chapul- 
tepec, and was in every battle on Gen. Scott's line from the surrender of 
Vera Cruz to the fall of Mexico ; he served several years in New Mexico 
and California; and d. in Cal., June 9, 1860. (Hist. Mag., iv, 125.) 

FITZGERALD, Thomas H., d. in Niles, Mich., March 25, 1855; 
served in the war of 1812, under Gen. Harrison; in 1848-9, was senator 
from Michigan by governor's appointment. 

FITZHUGH, Thomas, d. in Fauquier co., Va., Nov. 23, 1843, a. 81 ; 
was for many years presiding judge of the county court. 

FITZHUGH, Col. William, d. in Livingston co., N. Y., Dec. 27, 
1839, in his 79th year; formerly of Maryland; was a lieut. of dragoons 
at the siege of Yorktown, in the revolutionary war. {Turner's Phelps 
and Gorham Purchase, p. 364.) 

FITZPATRICK, Thomas, d. in Washington, D. C, Feb. 8, 1854, a. 
about 70 years ; was agent for the upper Arkansas and Platte Indians, 
and a valued servant of the Indian department, having much influence 
with the Indian tribes of the great plains. 

FLAGG, Azariah C, ex-secretary of state, d. in New York city, Nov. 
24, 1873, a. 83 ; began public life as editor of a newspaper at Plattsburg, 
N. Y., and published the Plattsburg Republican from 1813 till 1826 ; 
was in assembly in 1823-4 ; secretary of state in 1826-38 ; and comptroller 
of the state in 1842-7 ; was afterwards comptroller of the city of New York. 

FLAGG, Major Ebenezer, R. I. ; killed by tories under Col. Delancy, 
in West Chester co., N. Y., May 13, 1781. 

FLANDERS, Charles, of the New Hampshire bar; d. at Plainfield, 
N. H., April 15, 1860, a. 72 ; author of Life and Times of the Chief 
Justices of the United States, and of two legal works. 

FLANDRAU, Thomas Hunt, a skillful jury lawyer, was of Huguenot 
descent, and b. in New Rochelle, Sept. 8, 1801, whence he removed with 
his father's family to Utica ; he graduated at Ham. Coll., in 1819, and 
read law with Judge Nathan Williams of* Utica ; soon after his admission 
to the bar, he was for about two years a law partner of Aaron Burr in 

American Biographical Notes. 141 

N. Y. ; he practiced law several years at Waterville, N. Y., and afterwards 
at Whitesboro and at Utica ; his death occurred October 2d, 1854. 

FLEESON, Pltjnkett, b. in Philadelphia, Pa. ; d. in 1791 ; was 
much concerned in local charities and was long a magistrate ; was among 
the early contributors to the Pennsylvania hospital, and a director of that 
institution. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

FLEET, Miss Ann, last of the name long connected with the print- 
ing business in Boston ; she d. July, 1860, a. 89 ; her grandfather 
Thomas T. came in 1712 ; was a printer and the putative father of 
Mother Goose's Melodies. His paper, the Eve. Post, was continued by 
his sons Thomas and John till April 24, 1775 ; and their other business 
till 1808. (Hist. Mag., iv, 286 ; Thomas's Hist. Printing, 2d ed., i, 
104; ii, 49.) 

FLEMING, Benjamin, d. at Erie, Pa.; May 9, 1870, a. 88; sup- 
posed to be the last survivor of the crew of Com. Perry's fleet of the 
battle of Lake Erie. 

FLEMING- John, printer at Boston, and a loyalist; was proscribed 
and banished under the act of 1778 ; he was a partner of Mein, and some 
of the books they printed have a London imprint; in 1767, they began 
the Boston Chronicle, which in 1768, became tory, and extremely abusive 
to the whigs ; Mein left the country, and the paper (the first Boston Semi 
Weekly), was suspended in 1770. Fleming went to Eng., in 1773, and 
came to the U. S. but once after, subsequent to 1790, as the agent of a 
commercial house ; he d. in France, where he had lived several years. 
(Sabine's Loyalists.') 

FLEMING-, John, late president of the Mechanics' Bank; d. in New 
York city May 7, 1837 ; he was found dead in bed, and according to the 
coroner's verdict, died of mental excitement. 

FLETCHALL, Thomas, of S. C. ; col. of a considerable body of 
loyalists during the difficulties with the Cunninghams in 1775; and 
signed a truce as agreed upon between the whigs and loyalists ; after the 
fall of Charleston in 1780, he held office, and in 1782, his estate was confis- 
cated ; he was a man of considerable influence before the war. (Sabine's 

FLETCHER, Andrew J., of Tennessee; d. July 16, 1870, a. 51. 

FLETCHER, Gen. Isaac, d. at Lyndon, Vt., Oct., 19, 1842 ; formerly 
in the Vermont legislature, and in congress from 1837 to 1841. 

FLETCHER, Jonathan Emerson, b. in Hartford, Vt. ; went to 
Ohio when young and settled at Muscatine, Iowa, in 1838; In 1846, was 
appointed Indian agent to the Winnebagoes and held 11 years; residing 
during this time at Port Atkinson, Iowa, and Long Prairie and Blue Earth, 
Minn. ; returned to Muscatine in 1858 ; and d. April 6, 1872. 

FLETCHER, Samuel, was b. at Grafton, Mass , in 1728; served in 
the French and revolutionary wars; In 1776, he was chosen qr. mr., 
and soon after captain; he served as major, brig. gen. and maj. gen.; 
represented Townshend, Vt., in gen. assembly at its first session ; was 
chosen councilor and in 1782, a judge of the supreme court, but refused 
to serve ; from 1788 to 1806, he was high sheriff of Windham co., and in 
1778, 83, 4, 6, a judge of the county court; he d. Sept. 15, 1814, a. 
nearly 70 y. (Flail's Eastern Vermont, p. 640.) 

142 American Biographical Notes. 

FLEWELLEN, Capt. William, an officer of the revolution ; d. Sept. 
23, 1834, in Carroll co., Tenn., a. 81. 

FLEWELLING, Abel, a New York tory, settled in New Brunswick, 
and drew a lot at St. John ; he was a magistrate, and d. at Mangerville 
in 1814, a. 68; Morris P., of N. Y., also went to St. John. (Sabine's 

FLINT, Col. Daniel, d. at Reading, Mass., June 5, 1838, a. 78. 

FLOYD, Benjamin, loyalist, 3d son of Richard F. 3d, b. Dec. 4, 1740 ; 
was a col. of militia, and lived on the paternal estate of Setauket ; he 
made himself conspicuous in 1775, by circulating a petition for the sup- 
port of the royal authority; he d. Dec. 27, 1820, a. 80. 

FLOYD, David Richard. (See Jones, David Richard Floyd.) 

FLOYD, Charles A., d. at Comae, Long Island, Feb. 20, 1873, in his 
82d year. 

FLOYD, John, son of Charles F., of Va., who settled in Beaufort 
dist., S. C. John F. was b. there Oct. 3, 1769 ; was apprenticed to a 
carpenter; removed in 1791 or 1792 to Ga., and settled at the mouth of 
St. Ilia river Camden co. ; where he became a boat builder, and acquired 
wealth ; he was often in the legislature, and, in 1827-9 was in congress ; 
he became brig, gen., and afterwards major gen. of militia; during the 
war of 1812-15 he was engaged against the Creeks ; and led at the battle 
of Chalibbee ; he d. June 24, 1824. ( Whites Hist. Ga., p. 289.) 

FLOYD, Matthew, of S. C, was in commission under the crown after 
the fall of Charleston in 1780, and his estate was confiscated. 

FLOYD, Richard, 1st common ancestor of the name on Long Island, 
N. Y., came from Wales, and settled at Setauket, L. I., in 1656, where 
he acquired a considerable landed estate ; he was one of the 55 original 
proprietors of Brookhaven, and d. about 1700. (Thompson's Long Island, 
ii, 431.) 

FLOYD, Richard 2d, son of Richard F., the first settler of the name ; 
was b. at Brookhaven N. Y., May 12, 1665; married a dau. of Matthias 
Nicoll, sec. of the colony, Sept. 10, 1686; was many years a judge and 
col of Suffolk co., and d. Feb. 28, 1728 ; he had 5 daughters, and 2 sons. 
(Thompson's Long Island, ii, 431.) 

FLOYD, Richard, 3d, eldest son of Col. Richard F., second of the name 
in America ; b. in Brookhaven, N. Y., Dec. 29, 1703, inherited the family 
estate at Setauket, and was also a county judge and colonel, and d. April 
21, 1771 ; his children were Richard, Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Gilbert, 
Win., Samuel, Mary and Anne. (Thompson's Long Island, ii, 431.) 

FLOYD, Richard 4th, loyalist; b. at Mastic, N Y., Feb. 26, 1731; 
eldest son of Hon. Richard Floyd 3d ; he married Arrabella, dau. of David 
Jones of Queens co., N. Y. ; he was attainted and banished, Oct. 22, 1779, 
and he d. at St. John, N. B., in 1792; the farm called Paterquas, was 
sold by the corn's of forfeited estates, Aug. 5, 1784, to Benj. Floyd his 
brother ; his children were Elizabeth (who married John Peter DeLancey, 
father of Bp. D. of Western N: Y.) Anne Willet, and David Richard. 
(Sabine's Loyalists; Thompson's Long Island, ii, 432.) 

FLOYD, Ool. Rush, of Va ; brother of the secretary of war : d. at 
Washington, D. C, Feb. 15, 1860. 

American Biographical Notes. 143 

FLOYD, Dr. W. P., of Virginia; accidentally killed in Tazewell co., 
Dec. 21, 1871. 

FOGG-, William, noted for his fondness for local historical investiga- 
tion ; b. in Eliot, Me. ; lived on the farm which had belonged to his fam- 
ily since 1680, a period of four generations, and d. Sept. 18, 1859, a. 69 ; 
he left in ms. a hist, of Kittery, Me. {Hist. Mag., iii, 354.) 

FOISSIN, Elias, held office under the crown in S. C, after the fall of 
Charleston, in 1780, and his estate was confiscated. 

FOLKER, John, a loyalist; was qr. mr. of the 2d battalion of N. J. 
volunteers in the revolution. 

FOLLETT, Timothy, a grad. of the University of Vermont, in 1810 ; 
was in early life a lawyer and afterwards a successful merchant, and the 
pioneer and first president of the Rutland and Burlington railroad; d. at 
Burlington, Vt., Oct. 12, 1857, a. 66. 

FOLLIOT, George, a merchant of N. Y. ; was elected to the provin- 
cial congress in 1775, but declined serving ; he was also one of the com- 
mittee of 100, but refused to serve; he was attainted and banished, Oct. 
22, 1779. 

FOLSOM, Capt. Joseph L., d. at San Jose* mission, Cal., July 19, 
1855, a. 38 ; b. in Strafford co., N. H., May 19, 1817; grad. at West 
Point in 1840, and served in Florida; was soon after appointed assistant 
instructor of tactics at West Point ; arrived in California in March, 1847, 
as assist, qr. mr. in the 7th N. Y. vols., and was the first collector of cus- 
toms of San Francisco; is said to have been the richest man in that city. 

FONDA, Alexander G., b. in Schenectady, Aug. 17, 1785; grad at 
Union Coll. in 1804, and began practice in 1806, at Schenectady, where 
he continued many years. {MunselVs Ann. Alb., ix, 97.) 

FOOTE, Col. Enos, d. June 20, 1840, at Southwick, Mass.; a. 68; 
had held many public offices. 

FOOTE, Moses, b. Aug. 4, 1734, in Waterbury, Conn.; d. in Clinton, 
N. Y., Feb. 9, 1819 ; a. 84. 

FOOTE, Moses, a captain in the army of the revolution ; in 1787, he led 
a colony of seven or eight families from Plymouth, to begin the settlement 
of Clinton, Oneida co., N. Y., which was his place of residence until his 

FOOTE, Stillman, pioneer settler of Canton, N. Y , in 1801 ; b. at 
Simsbury, Ct., Sept. 10, 1783 ; d. May 12, 1831. {Hough's Hist. St. 
Law. and Fr. Cos. N. Y., p. 589). 

FOOTE, Dr. Thomas Moses, only son of Moses F. ; b. Aug. 9, 1808, 
graduated at Ham. Coll. in 1825, and completed a course of medical 
studies at Fairfield ; in 1836, he became editor of the Buffalo Commercial 
Advertiser and soon a proprietor; in 1849 he was appointed minister to 
Bogota, under President Harrison, and on his return in 1850, became 
one of the editors of the Albany State Register ; soon after he was ap- 
pointed minister to Vienna, under President Fillmore, but held the post 
only one year ; at the time of his death, at Buffalo, Feb. 20, 1858, a. 49 ; 
he was still connected with the Commercial Advertiser; a man of ex- 
tensive reading, a good writer and an entertaining talker. 

144 American Biographical Notes. 

FORBES, Alexander S., had been to Mexico for the bodies of Lt. 
Col. Baxter, of N. Y., Capts. Pearson and Barclay, Lieuts. Gallagher and 
Chandler, of N. Y., and Capt. Van Olinda, of Albany; while returning 
home he d. at New Orleans, June 29, 1848. 

FORBES, Capt. John, S. C, killed at battle of Guilford, March 15, 

FORBES. Rev. Reves, ll.d., native of Bridgewater, Mass., 
graduated at Harvard in 1762, and settled as pastor in Raynhani where 
he d. in 1798, a. 57 ; he was employed to lecture on astronomy and nat. 
philosophy at Brown University. (Bradford's N. E. Biog.) 

FORBES, William C, many years a theatrical manager at the south ; 
d. April 14, 1868. 

FORCE, Rev. James G., a graduate of Princeton and a soldier of the 
revolution ; d. at Sandystown, N. J., July 3, 1849, in the 84th year of 
his age and the 57th of his ministry. (Striker's Am. Reg., iii, 233.) 

FORD, Lt. Col. Benjamin, Md., killed in battle at Hobkirk's hill, April 
25, 1781. 

FORD, David, militia colonel in war of 1812 ; b. in N. J. ; was an 
officer in the expedition into Western Pa., in 1794 ; settled in Morris- 
town, N. Y., as agent in 1804, and d. at Ogdensburgh, Nov. 6, 1835, a. 
75 ; he was brother of Judge David F. (Bough's Hist. St. Law. & Fr. 
Cos. N. Y, p. 589.) 

FORD, John, loyalist of N. J. ; fled to Staten Island, and remained 
several years ; in 1783 he was commissioned to take charge of a company 
of loyalists, emigrating to Nova Scotia, and settled at St. John, N. B., 
where he received a city lot; he went thence to Hampton, and d. in 1823, 

a. 77. 

FORD, Nathan, pioneer agent and settler at Ogdensburgh, and judge ; 

b. at Morristown, N. J., Dec. 8, 1763; settled at the mouth of the Os- 
wegatchie in 1726, as agent of Samuel Ogden ; was 1st judge of St. Law- 
rence co., from 1802 to 1821, and d. April, 1829 ; he was a man of great 
originality and energy. (Hough's Hist. St. Law. & Fr. Cos. N. Y, p. 
589, with portrait.) 

FORD, Simeon, settled in Herkimer co., from Berkshire co., Mass., 
before 1797, as a lawyer, and some years partner of Gaylord Griswold ; 
he became dist. atty., June 10, 1818, and held till May, 1823, and again 
in 1836 ; in 1821, and 1822 he was in assembly ; in 1824 he was appointed 
engineer at the Syracuse Salt Springs and held till 1826 ; lived 5 y. in 
Rochester, returned to Herkimer in 1832, and in 1836 settled in Cleve- 
land, 0. ; he was prosecuting attorney from this time till his death, Oct. 
12, 1839, a. 63. (Benton's Herkimer Co., JV. Y., p. 311.) 

FORD, Thomas, d. at Washington, D. C, Feb. 29, 1868, in his 55th 
year; had been lieut. gov. of Ohio, and commanded a brigade at Harper's 
Ferry during Lee's invasion. 

FORD, Virginia, (colored), d. in Washington, June 22, 1859, a. 120 

FORM AN, Joshua, b. in Pleasant Valley, Dutchess co., N. Y., Sept. 
6, 1777 ; grad. at Union Coll., and studied law ; in 1800 settled in Onon- 
daga valley, N. Y., and became a prominent lawyer; in 1803, became 

American Biographical Notes. 145 

a law partner with Wm. H. Sabin ; took an active interest in the Erie 
canal, and was elected to assembly, where he became a leading advocate 
of that measure ; was first judge of Onondaga co. ; was one of the founders 
of the city of Syracuse, where he settled in 1819 ; in 1829-30, he bought 
of the state of North Carolina some 300,01 acres of land in Rutherford 
co. ; and took up his residence there ; where he d. Aug. 7, 1849, a. 72. 
(Clark's Onondaga Co., ii, 69-83 ; Leavenworth Genealogy, p. 357, each 
with a portrait.) 

FORMAN, Dr. Samuel, d. at Freehold, N, J., Dec. 11, 1845, a. 81 ; 
he was for 40 years an elder of the Presbyterian church at that place. 

FORNEY, Daniel M., b. in Lincoln co., N. C, May 1784 ; was a 
major of the state line in the war of 1812 ; in congress from 1815 to 1818 ; 
and in 1820 was a comr. to treat with Creek Indians ; from 1823 to 1826 
was in the state legislature; in 1834, removed to Lowndes co., Ala., and 
d. there Oct. 1847. 

FORNEY, Peter, b. in Lincoln co., N. C, April 1756; served in the 
revolution, and in the state legislature several years ; was in congress 
from 1813 to 1815; and d. Feb. 1, 1834. 

FORREST, Edwin, a celebrated tragedian ; d. in Philadelphia, Dec. 
12, 1872, a. 66. (Brake's Am. Biog.) 

FORRESTER, George Peabody, a loyalist from the states ; d. at 
Hampton, King's co., New Brunswick, in 1840, a. 83. 

FORRESTER, Joseph, a loyalist, and a grantee of St. John, N. B. ; 
he d. while in Boston, in 1804, a. 46. 

FORSYTH, Oliver, a revolutionary soldier; d. in Greig, N. Y., Feb. 
24, 1838, a. 76 ; was in the battle of Stonington. 

FORSYTH, Robert, U. S. marshal for Ga., appointed by Washing- 
ton, Sept. 26, 1789; and killed by one Beverly Allen while endeavoring 
to serve a process at Augusta, in 1794 ; he was the father of John F. the 

FORT, Arthur, was a soldier of the revolution, one of the committee 
of safety of Ga. ; resided 75 years in Ga., and d. in Twiggs co., a. 85 y. 
(White's Hist. Ga., p. 657.) 

FORT, George F., ex-gov. of New Jersey ; d. at Egypt, N. J., April 
23, 1872, a. 63. 

FORT, Dr. ToMLiNSON,d. in Milledgeville, Ga., May 11, 1859, a. 72 ; 
he was a member of the state legislature ; was in congress from Ga., from 
1827 to 1829 ; and president of the Central Bank of Georgia, from 1832, 
till his death. 

FOSS, Archibald C, d. at Clarens, Switzerland, April, 1870; a 
Methodist minister, in 1861, was prof, at the Wesleyan University ; had 
been pastor at Morrisania, N. Y. city, Tarrytown and Poughkeepsie. 

FOSSIT, Thomas, a distinguished merchant of Phila. ; d. at that city, 
March 28, 1836, in his 60th year. 

FOSTER, Rev. Charles G., of the Tennessee conference; b. Sept., 
16, 1820, d. Oct. 26, 1853. (Beems's Annals of Southern Methodism, p. 

FOSTER, Ensign Ebenezer, Mass., killed in the revolution, Oct. 
19, 1777. 


146 American Biographical Notes. 

FOSTER, Edward, and Edward Jr., loyalists of Boston; black- 
smiths; went to Halifax in 1776, and was proscribed and banished in 
1778; they d. at Union Me.; the father d. July, 17, 1822; a. 72. 
(Sabin Loyalists ; Sibley's Hist, of Union, p. 833.) 

FOSTER, Ephraim H., d. at Nashville, Tenn. ; Sept. 4, 1854; en- 
tered public life at an early age, and in 1829, was speaker of the house 
of representatives of Tennessee ; in 1837, was elected to the U. S. senate; 
resigned in 1839, from having received instructions from the legislature 
which he could not obey ; and in 1843, was elected to fill out the re- 
mainder of a term; in 1845, was unsuccessful candidate for governor. 

FOSTER, Frederick, a loyalist from the states ; settled in New 
Brunswick ; and d. on the island of Grand Menan in 1834, a. 74. 

FOSTER, Herman Ten Eyck, d. at Lakeland, on the east shore of 
Seneca lake, N. Y., Feb. 9, 1869; b. in the city of New York, March 1, 
1822; grad. at Columbia Coll., and settled as a farmer; took much in-. 
terest in agricultural pursuits. (Memorial of H. T. E. F. by A. B. 
Conger, 1870.) 

FOSTER, Isaac, patriot and surgeon of the revolution ; native of 
Charlestown Mass. ; grad. at Harvard in 1758 ; studied medicine abroad 
and settled in his native town ; he was a delegate to the co. convention, 
and prov. cong. ; early in 1775, was appointed a surgeon and served pro- 
fessionally in camp and hospital till 1780 ; he d. in Feb. 1781 a. 
45, of health impaired by intense service in discharge of duty. (Brad- 
ford's JV. E. Biog.) 

FOSTER, Judge Jabez, b. Aug. 1, 1777, at Lebanon, Ct. ; removed to 
Lewis co., and soon after to Jefferson co., N. Y. ; he engaged largely in 
trade ; was many years a county judge, and d. at Monroe, Mich., Dec. 10, 
1847. (Bough's Hist. Jeff. Co. JY. Z, p. 430.) 

FOSTER, T. Heron, d. at Pittsburg, Pa., April 21, 1868 ; b. at 
Greensburg, Va., in 1822; was a printer and established the Pittsburg 
Dispatch, in 1846. 

FOSTER, Nathaniel, celebrated hunter in northern New York ; b. 
in 1767; settled at Salisbury N. Y. ; in 1834, he was tried for the mur- 
der of an Indian but-acquitted ; he died in Ava, N. Y., March, 1841, a. 
74. (J. R. Simms's Trappers of N. T., p. 175-252.) 

FOSTER, R. C, recorder of Nashville ; thatplace, Dec. 27, 1871. 

FOSTER, Theodore, U. S. senator from R. I. ; son of Jedediah F. ; 
grad. at the coll. of R. I. in 1740 ; acquired a large legal practice in R. I. 
and was several years one of the overseers of the college; he was U. S. 
senator from 1790 to 1803. (Bradford's N. E. Biog.) 

FOSTER, Thomas F., b. in Greensborough, Ga., Nov. 23, 1790 ; grad. 
at Franklin Coll. in 1812; studied law at Litchfield, Conn., and was ad- 
mitted to the bar in 1816 ; was many years in the Georgia legislature, 
and in congress from 1829 to 1835, and from 1841 to 1843; d. in 1847. 

FOSTER, William, was appointed lieut. col. of 1st royals, Dec. 24, 
1755, and served at the siege of Louisburg in 1758; he served in 1759, 
on Lake Champlain ; became a col. in the army in Feb., 1762, and is 
i found on the army lists till 1768. 

FOSTER, Lieut. Col. William, of 4th U. S. infantry, d. at Baton 
Rouge, La., Nov. 26, 1839. 

American Biographical Notes. 147 

FOSTER, William B., a prominent citizen of Philadelphia; vice 
pres. of the Penu. rail road, and formerly a civil engineer in the con- 
struction of that road; d. at Philadelphia, March 4, 1860, a. about 50 ; 
was elected a member of the state canal board, and served 3 y., ending 
Jan., 1847 ; was formerly a member of the select council from the 9th 

FOULKE, William, d. in Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 30, 1775, in his 
67th year. {Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

FOWLE, Rev. Robert, d. at Holderness, N. H., Oct. 16, 1847 ; rec- 
tor of Trinity church in that town, and one of its earliest inhabitants ; 
had officiated as a lay reader to the parish before his ordination ; was ad- 
mitted to the ministry by Bishop Seabury, Dec. 13, 1789. 

FOWLE, William, a merchant of Alexandria, Va. ; d. Jan. 8, 1860. 

FOWLER, Caleb, of White Plains, N. Y., a loyalist, and in 1775 
• denounced the whigs and their deeds ; entered the royal service and be- 
came captain in the loyal Am. regt. ; he went to N. B. ; drew half pay, 
and d. near Fredericton. 

FOWLER, Rev. Henry, d. at Vineyard Haven, Mass., Aug., 1872 ; 
he was about 48 years old, and was born in Stockbridge, Mass., and was 
graduated at Williams College ; he afterward edited Holden's Magazine 
and other journals in this city, and was the proprietor of The Chicago 
Tribune in its early days, before it had achieved its present prosperity, 
and become a power in the north-west ; he studied theology in the Roch- 
ester Theological Seminary, and subsequently became professor of politi- 
cal economy in the university of that city ; fourteen years before his death 
he was chosen pastor of the Central Presbyterian church in Auburn, N. 
Y., and during his ministration, caused by his individual exertions the 
erection of two churches for his congregation ; last year his health had 
grown so delicate and his eyesight so defective that he resigned his charge, 
but only too late, to seek rest and recuperation ; the Rev. Mr. Fowler, 
was the author of several works, among them The American Pulpit, 
which has had a large sale. 

FOWLER, Capt. John, a soldier of the revolution who attained the 
rank of captain ; member of congress from 1797 to 1807; d. at Lexing- 
ton, Ky., Aug. 22, 1840, a. 85. 

FOWLER, Rev. John W., at first studied law, and afterward a course 
of theology ; was settled as a Presbyterian minister in Binghamton, N. Y., 
whence he went in May, 1836, to the charge of the First Presbyterian 
church of Utica ; for gross immorality he was deposed in June, 1841 ; he 
was an eloquent public speaker and did effective service for Henry Clay 
in 1844; he established a law school at Saratoga, which he afterwards re- 
moved to Poughkeepsie ; he d. at the latter place July 1st, 1873. 

FOWLER, Robert, a leading merchant and prominent politician ; d. 
at Baltimore, Md., March 3, 1874; he held the office of state treasurer 
from 1862 to 1870, and was a member of the present Maryland house of 
delegates. During the war he was a strong unionist and as a business 
man was largely identified with the commercial interests of the state. 

FOWLER, Samuel, b. in N. J., in 1776 ; d. in Sussex co., N. J., 
Feb. 21, 1844, a. 65 ; was a distinguished physician, and a member of con- 
gress from New Jersey, from 1833 so 1837. 

148 American Biographical Notes. 

FOWLER, Capt. Solomon, killed in the attack upon a picket guard 
at Horseneck, Ct., May 22, 1780 ; buried May 26, in the burying ground 
at Hunt's Point; he was a loyalist. {Rivington's Royal Gazette, June 3.) 
FOWLER, Theodosius, of New York, an officer of the revolution, and 
former owner of the town of Fowler, St. Lawrence co., N. Y., and other 
lands in northern New York. 

FOX, Jabez, removed from Ct. to Herk. co., N. Y., about 1810 ; was 
admitted to the bar Jan. 1813 ; settled in Herkimer and then at Little 
Falls where he was elected co. clerk in 1822, for 3 years; he d. at Her- 
kimer, Jan. 1825, a. 35. 

FOX, Dr. James L., for many years a physician at Cooperstown, 
N. Y. ; d. in that village, Jan. 16, 1857. 

FRANCIS, Rev. Amzi, d. at Bridgehampton, N. Y., Oct. 18, 1844, a. 
52 ; pastor of Presb. church. 

FRANCIS, Ebenezer, financier, (only son of Col. Ebenezer F., who 
was killed at Hubbardton, Vt., July, 1777.) He came to Boston, Jan., 
1787 ; became a large ship owner, and acquired a large fortune, estimated 
from 3| to 4 millions ; he was known in financial circles as a large dealer 
and operator in negotiable paper and stocks; he d. at Boston, Sept. 21, 
1858, in his 83d year. {Hist. Mag., ii, 347 ; Am. Almanac, 1858, p. 369.) 
FRANCIS, Gilbert Y., d. at New Orleans, of yellow fever, Nov., 
1839, formerly of Va. ; his life was romantic and eventful; though a man 
of defective education his great energy of character and extensive travels, 
which extended to the four quarters of the globe, made him a most en- 
tertaining companion. {Am. Almanac, 1841, p. 278.) 

FRANCIS, Tench, many years agent of the Penn family in Pennsyl- 
vania, and first cashier of the Bank of North America, in which office he 
d. In 1780 he subscribed £5000 for supplying the American army with 

FRANK, Andrew (col'd), d. at Johnstown, R. I., Dec. 15, 1834, a. 104 . 
FRANK, John, son of Conrad F., a patentee of Staley's 3d tract in 
Herkimer co. ; he was many years a judge of the Herkimer co. court, 
served actively in the revolution and d. in German Flats, about 1836, in 
old age; his house was nearly opposite Herkimer village near Ft. Herkimer. 
{Benton's Herkimer Co., N. Y., p. 309.) 

FRANKLAND, Sir Charles Henry, colonial collector at Boston ; 
b. in 1716; inherited a baronetcy in 1747 ; resided several years in Boston ; 
1757, was consul general to Portugal; d. at Bath, Eng., Jan. 11, 1768, 
a. 51 y. 8 m. {Mason's Life of.) 

FRANKLIN, Meshack, d. in Surry co., N. C, Dec. 18, 1839, a. 
67; was in congress from North Carolina in 1807-15. 

FRANKLIN, Walter, president, judge of the court of common pleas 
of Lancaster co. ; d. at Lancaster, Feb. 7, 1836. 

FRANKLIN, Walter S., d. at Lancaster, Pa., Sept. 30, 1838; was 
of York co., Pa., clerk of the house of representatives of the United States. 
FRANKLIN, William Temple, grandson of Dr. Benjamin F., and 
for some years his secretary ; he edited the papers of his illustrious rela- 
tive ; d. at Paris, in May, 1823. 

American Biographical Notes. 149 

FRARY, Dr. Robert G., of Hudson, N. Y., d. Dec. 29, 1862, a. 69. 
(Trausac. N. Y. State Med. Soc., 1864, p. 435.) 

FRAZER, Maj. Donald, U. S. A.; d. at Brooklyn, N. Y., March 
6, 1860 ; served in the war of 1812 • was near Gen. Pike when mortally 
wounded at York, N. C. ; was a superior partizan officer. 

FRAZER, Dr. James, a loyalist of S. C. ; held an office under the 
crown ; lost his estate under the act of 1782 ; a man of this name d. at 
Charleston in 1803. 

FRAZER, John, a loyalist ; was b. in Scotland ; settled in N. Y. 
before the revolution; went to Nova Scotia; d. at Shelburne, in 1840, a. 

FRAZER, Lewis, a loyalist; settled in Nova Scotia in 1783; d. in 
Kings co. in 1835, a. 72. 

FRAZER. John W., prof, in the University of Penn. at Philadelphia; 
d. Oct. 13, 1872, a. 63. 

FRAZER, Thomas, a loyalist; was a major of the S. Car. loyalists 

FRAZIER, William C, d. at Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 18, 1838, a. 62; 
associate judge of the court of the territory of Wisconsin. 

FREDET, Rev. Pierre, D.D., prof, in St. Mary's R. C. Seminary, 
Bait., about 1801, at Sehasat, Fr. ; educated at Clermont; became a 
member of the soc. of St. Sulpice ; came to Bait, in 1831 ; till his death 
was attached to St. Mary's Seminary in that city; was a diligent and tho- 
rough student and voluminous writer; d. Jan. 1, 1856. (Metropolitan 
Cath. Almanac, 1857, p. 43.) 

FREEDLEY, John, b. in Norristown, Pa., May 22, 1793; was 
admitted to the bar in 1820 ; engaged in business of various kinds with 
success; was in congress from 1847 to 1851 ; d. Dec. 8, 1851. 

FREEMAN, Enoch, patriot of the revolution ; native of Eastham on 
Cape Cod ; grad. at Harv. in 1729; was a delegate to a co. convention in 
Maine in 1774 ; was chosen to preside ; was a delegate to the prov. con- 
ven. at Concord in 1774; with Jedediah Preble was employed in 1775 
in preparing defenses for Falmouth and other points in Maine ; was col. 
of a regt. till declining health prevented. (Bradford's N. E. Biog.} 

FREEMAN, Rev. Evan E., of the N. C. conference M. E. ch. south ; 
b. in Granville co., N. C, Aug. 15, 1820; d. in Pittsylvania co., Va., 
April 8, 1859. 

FREEMAN, Rev. Joshua, d. at Adams Centre, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1860, 
(N. Y. Reformer, March 8, 1860.) 

FREEMAN, Russell, of Sandwich, Mass. ; d. in Boston, Mass., Jan. 
19, 1842, a. 59 ; formerly collector of the port of New Bedford, and at 
several times in the state legislature, and of the executive counsel. 

FREEMAN, Samuel, revolutionary patriot of Falmouth, Me.; was 
secretary of the Cumberland convention in 1774, and delegate to the 
2d and 3d prov. cong. of Mass., where he was also, in the latter, secretary ; 
he was clerk to the representatives in 1775; and served in many public 
trusts ; he was an active friend of Bowdoin College, and a member of its 
board of trustees ; d. at Portland, June, 1831, a. 88. (Bradford's N. E. 

150 American Biographical Notes. 

FREEMAN, Col. William H., of the U. S. marine corps ; d. in 
Westboro, Mass., March, 1845, a. about 50 ; he entered the service in 
1812, and was present in the action of the Constitution with the Java ; 
and in that with the Cyane and Levant. 

FRELINGHUYSEN, Rev. Johannes, son of Rev. Jacobus Theodorus 
F., pastor at Raritan, N. J., from 1750, till his death in 1754, a. 28. 

FRELINGHUYSEN, Rev. Theodorus, pastor of the R. P. Dutch 
church, Albany, from 1745 ; he took passage for Holland in 1760, and 
is said to have been lost overboard on the passage. (Rogers's Hist. Dis- 
course, R. P. D. Ch., Albany; Munsell's Hist. Coll. Alba?iy, i, p. 2.) 

FRENCH, Abel, of Albany ; was in assembly from Oneida co., N. Y., 
(the part now Lewis co.), iff 1799, 1801, 2, 3, and from Albany co. in 
1810 ; d. in Albany Nov. 17, 1843, a. 78. (Hough's Hist. Lewis Co., p. 

FRENCH, Maj. Benjamin B. ; d. at Washington, D. C, Aug. 12, 
1870; b. in N. H., went to Washington about 1830 ; was reading clerk 
in the house of representatives for several years, and clerk from Jan. 
1847 to Dec. 1847 ; was afterwards com'r of pub. buildings and grounds ; 
was a prominent free mason. 

FRENCH, Benjamin Vinton, for many years a merchant in Boston, 
and well known for his skill in agriculture and horticulture ; he d. in 
Dorchester, Mass., April 11, 1870, a. 68. 

FRENCH, Daniel, formerly attorney general of New Hampshire; d. 
at Chester, N. H., Oct. 16, 1840, a. 72. 

FRENCH, George, (colored); d. at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Sept. 7, 
1868, a. 106. 

FRENCH, James, was in 1782, a captain in De Lancey's 1st battalion 
of loyalists; he went to St. John, N. B., in 1783, and drew a city lot and 
half pay ; he was several years a magistrate in York co., and d. there in 
1820, a. 75. 

FRENCH, Joseph, of Jamaica, N. Y., was elected to the provincial 
congress of 1775, but refused to serve ; in 1777 he contributed to a loyalist 
fund, and in 1780 he was an addresser of Gov. Robertson. (Sabine's 

FRENCH, Ralph Hill, d. in Manchester, N. H., Oct. 31, 1855; b. 
in Marblehead, Mass., Jan. 31, 1776; grad. at Harvard in 1796; prac- 
ticed law in Essex county and was for twenty years register of deeds for 
that county. 

FRENCH, Samuel T., d. at Concord, N. H., Feb., 1840, a. 38; 
weighed 430 lbs. 

FRENCH, Stephen, d. May 22, 1842, in Prince William co., Va., a. 
82; was in the revolutionary war. 

FRENCH, Thomas, a loyalist of N. Y., was in 1782 a captain in De 
Lancey's 1st battalion. 

FRENCH, V. B., d. at Dorchester, Mass., April 11, 1860, a. 69; from 
1812 to 1836 was a merchant in Boston and afterwards devoted to agri- 
cultural pursuits; in 1843, was one of the governor's council. ( Vincent's 
Semi An. Register, p. 278.) 

FREY, Barent, a tory of N. Y., was in the royal service with Brant 
and a band of tories and Indians, ravaging the Mohawk valley. 

American Biographical Notes. 151 

FRBY, Hendrjck, a loyalist of N. Y., served as a major in trie revo- 
lution. {Sabine's Loyalists.') 

FREY, Philip R., a tory of Tryon co., N. Y., entered the royal service 
as ensign in the 8th regt., was in the battle of Wyoming, and d. at Pala- 
tine, N. Y., in 1823; his son Samuel C, settled in Canada, and furnished 
for Wm. L. Stone particulars of the Wyoming massacre for the Life of 
Brant. (_Sabine's Loyalists.) 

FRICK, Henry, d. in Washington, D. C, March 1, 1844, a. 48; 
member of congress from Pennsylvania ; educated as a printer ; became an 
editor, and served three sessions in the state legislature before being 
chosen to congress. 

FRICK, William, d. at Warm Sulphur Springs, Va., July 29, 1855; 
judge of the superior court of Baltimore. 

FRINK, Nathan, b. in Pomfret, Ct., entered the British service and 
was a capt. of cavalry in the Am. Legion, and aid to Arnold after his 
treason ; he went to St. John, N. B., and a few years after to St. Andrew ; 
finally moved to St. Stephen, and d. there Dec. 4, 1817, a. 60. He had 
been educated for the bar, and in New Brunswick was a merchant and 
shipowner, and for more than 30 y. a magistrate in Charlotte co. ; he was 
nearly related to several prominent whig families in the United States. 
{Sabine's Loyalists.) 

FRISBY, James, was a captain in the Md. Loyalists in the revolution. 

FROST, Rev. Barzillai, b. in Effingham, N. H., grad. at Harvard, 
in 1830, studied theology at Cambridge ; was instructor of undergraduates 
for 2 years, and settled at Concord, Mass., in 1837; he remained there 
till Oct., 1857, and d. there, Dec. 8, 1858; a. 54. 

FROST, Rev. John, from March 1813, he was for many successive 
years minister of the Presbyterian church of Whitesboro ; a useful and 
respected minister. 

FROTHINGHAM, Joseph, d. in Salem, Mass., Aug. 12, 1846, a. 
75 ; a shoe manufacturer, in which business he acquired a very handsome 
estate. (Am. Almanac, 1847, p. 335.) 

FRY, Joseph, captain of the filibustering steamer Virginius ; was 
executed at Santiago de Cuba, Nov. 7, 1873, with 36 of the crew, and on 
the next day 12 more Cuban passengers were shot ; he was a son of Major 
Fry of the United States army, who died in Florida during the Seminole 
Indian war. Young Fry was appointed a midshipman in the navy in 
1841, and after the formation of the school at Annapolis, studied there 
for nearly a year, and was graduated a passed midshipman ; he married 
the daughter of Capt. Sands of the United States army ; in 1847 Fry 
fought a duel near Washington, with Midshipman Brown of Mississippi ; 
but after drawing his antagonist's fire generously refused to return it. He 
served for 20 years in the American navy, and his record during that 
time is a good one ; when Louisiana, his native state, seceded, he threw 
up his lieutenant's commission, and went south ; he was given a command 
in the rebel army, their navy not being sufficiently large to furnish com- 
missions to all the naval officers who seceded, and served during the war 
in the south-west; he is charged with having allowed his command on 
one occasion to fire on our sailors, who had leaped overboard to escape the 
scalding water and steam from the boiler, which had been penetrated by 

152 American Biographical Notes. 

a rebel shot ; this is denied by Capt. Fry's friends ; all agreed that he was 
a brave man. 

FRY, William, b. in 1777 ; with Robert Walsh, he established the 
National Gazette, of Philadelphia, which acquired great prominence, 
and was connected with that paper till 1849; d. at Philadelphia, Aug. 
31, 1855, in his 78th year. {Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

FRY, William H., d. in Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 31, 1855, a. 78, 
was founder of the National Gazette. 

FRYE, Peter, a loyalist of Salem, Mass. ; he grad. at Harvard in 1744, 
was in the gen. court, and in 1768 was a rescinder ; he was a judge of com. 
pleas, regr. of probate, and col. of Essex co. militia ; he d. in England, 
Feb., 1820, a. 97. His dau. m. Dr. Peter Oliver, a loyalist of Mass., and 
afterwards Sir John Knight of the British navy ; she d. at her seat near 
London in 1839. 

FULLER, Azariah, a revolutionary soldier ; native of Fitchburg, 
Mass.; d. at Hingham, Mass., March 1846, a. 82 ; he entered the army 
at the age of 16, and served in Capt. Bradford's company. 

FULLER, Benjamin, native of Ireland ; became the most eminent 
ship-broker of his time, at Philadelphia ; acquired a handsome fortune, 
and d. unm. ; in 1780, he subscribed £2,000 to supply the American army 
with provisions. {Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.*) 

FULLER, George, a S. C. loyalist, lost his estate by confiscation in 
the revolution. 

FULLER, Henry Holton, b. at Princetown, Mass., July 1, 1790 ; son 
of Rev. Timothy F. ; grad. at Harvard in 1811, taught at Exeter, N. H.; 
studied law at Litchfield, Ct., and was admitted to practice Sept. 19, 1815, 
at Boston ; he was several times a representative in the state legislature, 
and in 1832, aided in starting the Boston Atlas and held an interest in it 
till 1835 ; he was instrumental in effecting several useful public improve- 
ments and was long a laborious and successful member of the Suffolk bar. 
{Livingston' s Biographical Sketches, p. 121.) 

FULLER, Perry, a prominent politician; d. at Washington, D. C, 
Jan. 11, 1871, a. 44; was active in promoting the free state party opera- 
tions in Kansas in the troubles preceding the late war, and held several 
offices in the territories ; in 1868, was appointed collector of customs at 
New Orleans, by Pres. Johnson. 

FULLER, Philo C, d. at Rose Hill, near Geneva, N. Y., Aug. 
1855 ; was in assembly in 1829 and 1830 ; in the state senate in 1831-2 ; 
and in congress from 1833 to 1837 ; in 1810, was appointed assits. post 
master general, from which office he was removed by Pres. Tyler; went 
to Mich., but returned, and became comptroller of the city of New York. 

FULLER, Rev. Samuel, d. at Rensselaerville, N. Y., April 9, 1842 ; 
founder and first pastor of Trinity church at that place, in his 75th year, 
and the 50th year of his ministry. {Two Sermons by his son Rev Samuel 
Fuller on the death of S. F., Andover, Mass., 1843.) 

FULLER, Samuel W., of the Chicago bar ; d. Oct. 25, 1873 ; he 
was one of the oldest and ablest lawyers of that city. 

FULLER, Silas, M.D., was distinguished as a surveyor in the war of 
1812-15 ; practiced in eastern Ct., till 1834, when he succeeded Dr. Todd, 

American Biographical Notes. 153 

as sup't of the Retreat for the Insane at Hartford, where he held till 1839 ; 
he was several years pres. of the Ct. State Med. Soc. ; and d. at Hartford, 
Nov. 1847, a. 73. (Am. Jour. Insanity, iv, 279.) 

FULLER, William A., d. in Ontario co., N. Y., Nov. 10, 1868, a. 
64 y. ; was justice of the peace 38 years, and associate justice of the 
county court. 

FULLER, William S., an American statesman ; b. in Cecil co., Md., 
1795 ; settled in Arkansas, where he was appointed first secretary ; in 
1835-6, was governor and from 1836 to the end of life, U. S. senator; 
d. near Black Rock, Ark., Aug. 15, 1844. 

FULLERTON, David, d. at Greencastle, Pa., Feb. 1, 1843, a. 72 ; ' 
was several years in the state legislature and from 1819 to 1820 in 

FULTON, John H., a member of the 23d congress ; d. at Abingdon, 
Va,, Jan. 28, 1836. 

FURMAN, Gabriel, d. in New York city, July 23, 1844 ; member 
of assembly in 1796 and 1814, and state senator from 1839 to 1842. 

FYFFE, Dr. Charles, held an office in S. C, after the fall of Charles- 
ton in 1780, and his estate was confiscated. 

GABEL, John, a loyalist ; settled in New Brunswick, and d. at St. 
John, in 1816, a. 84. 

GAGNA, Gen. Antonio, was 52 years in the Mexican service, and 
was governor of St. Juan d'Ulloa, when bombarded by the French ; he 
adhered to Iturbide during all his vicissitudes, and was brave, benevolent 
and courtly ; he d. at Puebla, Mexico, June 24, 1848. 

GAINES, Maj. Augustus W., U. S. A. paymaster; d. at Fort Smith, 
Arkansas, Feb. 19, 1860. (Vincent's Semi-An. Register, p. 120.) 

GAIR, S. S., d. at Liverpool, Eng., Feb. 13, 1847 ; native of Boston ; 
was the chief manager in the Liverpool house, and one of the partners of 
the firm of Baring Brothers & Co. 

GAITHKR, Gen. William Lingan, of Montgomery co., Md.; form- 
erly a prominent politician of that state and for many years in the house 
of delegates and state senate ; d. at Berkeley Springs, Aug. 2, 1858. 

GALBRAITH, Benjamin, an eminent lawyer in New York city ; d. 
May 9, 1871. 

GALBRAITH, John, was a native of Penna. ; member of congress 
from that state in 1833-7, and from 1839 to 41 ; d. at Erie, Pa., June 
15, 1860, being at the time judge of the 6th judicial (list, of the state. 

GALE, Rev. George Washington, entered Union College from 
Greenbush, N. Y. ; grad. in 1814; then pursued theological studies at 
Princeton ; became pastor of Presbyterian church in Adams, N. Y. (1832), 
whence he removed to Whitesboro (1828 ?) ; was principal of the Oneida 
Institute ; about 1834 (?) he headed a colony which settled Galesburg, 
111., which place was named from him and there he resided until his 
death, 1866 ; founded Knox College at Galesburg ; was a professor therein. 

GALE, Samuel, member of gen. assembly from Orange co., N. Y., 
from 1750 to 1759 and from 1769 to 75; was regarded as a loyalist and 
is alluded to in McFingal. 


154 American Biographical Notes. 

GALE, Dr. Samuel, a pioneer physician at Troy, N. Y. ; 5th son of 
John G., of Goshen, N. Y. ; b. March 3, 1743 ; resided at Killingworth, 
Ct., till 1787 ; settled at Troy in that year ; d. Jan. 1799 ; four of his 
sons were merchants. ( WoodwortV s Troy, 48.) 

GALE, Samuel, b. in Hampshire, Eng., Oct. 14, 1747 ; came to Ame- 
rica as paymaster in the army about 1770 ; settled in Westminster, Vt., 
became a clerk of the court ; bore a conspicuous part as a loyalist in the 
Westminster massacre ; was imprisoned the next day ; in March following 
was sent to Northampton, where he was released; went to N. Y. ; was 
soon after seized and again imprisoned, but at length released on parole; 
removed to Quebec; was appointed provincial secretary; d. at Farnham, 
Canada, June 26, 1826. {Hall's Eastern Vermont, p. 643; Sabine's 

GALES, Weston B., editor of the Raleigh Register, N. C. ; d. at 
Petersburg, Va., July 19, 1848, in his 47th year. 

GALLAGHER, Eev. James, a Universalist clergyman; d. at Hamil- 
ton, 0., July 11, 1857. 

GALLATIN, Mrs. Hannah, a daughter of James Nicholson ; first 
on the list of American port captains ; widow of the Hon. Albert Gallatin ; 
d. at New York, May 25, 1849, in her 83d year. (Stryker's Am. Reg., 
ii, 504.) 

GALLUP, Albert, d. Nov. 1851, in Providence, R. I.; sheriff of the 
county of Albany in 1831-4 ; a representative to the 25th congress from 
the Albany district and collector of Providence during Mr. Polk's admin- 

GALLUP, Elias, formerly sheriff of Lewis co., N. Y. ; d. in Harris- 
burgh, N. Y., Oct. 25, 1864, a. 64. 

GALLUP, Robert, last survivor of the Ft. Griswold massacre in the 
revolution; d. at Greene, N. Y., May 19, 1858, a. 98. 

GALT, Patrick, lieut. col. U. S. A., a native of Williamsburgh, 
Va., entered the army in the war of 1812 ; he d. in the service at Phila., 
Jan. 12, 1848. 

GALUSHA, Rev. Elon, minister of the Baptist church in Whitsboro 
from May, 1816, to the spring of 1831 ; afterwards in charge of the Bap- 
tist church in Utica ; an esteemed and successful preacher. 

GAMBEL, Dr. William, an enterprising explorer and naturalist of 
Philadelphia; he left for California in 1849 by the overland route and d. 
Dec. 13, 1849 ; his favorite sciences were botany and ornithology. (Am. 
Jour. Sci. and Arts, 2d ser., xi, 143.) 

GAMBLE, Col. John M., of the United States marine corps; d. at 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 11, 1836. 

GAMBLE, David, of the 8th Pa. regt. in the revolution ; in 1778 he 
deserted, was tried, found to have counterfeit continental money in his 
possession and sentenced to suffer death. 

GAMBLE, Lieut. Peter, U. S. navy; killed Sept. 11, 1814, in naval 
battle before Plattsburg. 

GAMBLE, Roger L., d. Dec. 20, 1847, was a member of congress 
from Georgia from 1833 to 1835, and from 1841 to 1843, and afterwards 
a judge of the superior court of that state. 

GAMMEL, Elizabeth, d. in Georgia, Sept. 28, 1859, a. 115. 

American Biographical Notes. 155 

GANNETT, Benjamin, husband of Deborah Gannett the woman 
soldier of the revolution; d. Feb., 1837, a. 80; at the time of his death 
a bill was pending in congress for giving him a pension in consideration 
of the military services of his wife. 

GANNETT, Deborah, heroine soldier in the revolution ; enlisted and 
served in male apparel through the war, under the name of Robert Shurt- 
lieff ; discharged a soldier's duty faithfully, and was discharged unsus- 
pected and unblemished; m. Benj. Gannett, Apr. 9, 1784; was long a 
pensioner of Massachusetts, and of the U. S., and d. April 9, 1827 ; her 
maiden name was Deborah Sampson. (Memoir Dedham, Mass., 1797, 
12 mo., pp. 258, with port. ; Women of the Revolution, by E. F. Ellet ; 
Hist. Mag., ii, 339.) 

GANNON, Mary, (Mrs. Stephenson), comic actress ; b. at N. Y., Oct. 
8, 1829, and d. Feb. 22, 1868 ; m. Geo. W. Stephenson, a lawyer, and 
after his death, resumed her maiden name. 

GANSEVOORT, Leonard, br. of Gen. Peter G. ; was a patriot of the 
revolution, and much of his life devoted to commercial pursuits at Albany ; 
he was pres. of the state const, conven. of 1777, and 1st judge of Albany 
co., from Mar. 19, 1794, to Feb. 7, 1797 ; the latter part of his life was 
spent at Whitehall, N. Y. (Rogers's Hist. Discourse, p. 102.) 

GANSEVOORT, Ten Eyck, M. D., son of Conrad G. of Alb. ; b. at 
Minden, N. Y., Jan. 5, 1803 ; grad. at Union Coll. in 1822, and at the 
Univ. of Pa. in 1825 ; practiced in Albany and in Bath, N. Y., where 
he gained reputation as a surgeon ; he d. in Sept., 1842, a. 40. (Mun- 
sell's Ann. Alb., ix, 111.) 

GANSON, John, b. in Leroy, N. Y. ; grad. at Harvard in 1839; re- 
moved to Buffalo, at the age of 30 ; was a prominent lawyer, and in 1862- 
3, a state senator; d. at Buffalo, Sept., 1874, a. 57. 

GANTT, Robert, d. in Greenville, S. C, Oct. 18, 1850, a. 85; was 
appointed to the bench of the general sessions and common pleas of South 
Carolina in 1815, and discharged the duties of this office till 1842, when 
he resigned. 

GANYARD, James, b. at Killingsworth, Conn., Jan. 14, 1772 ; re- 
moved to Bristol, Ontario co., in 1793; and in 1811 to Granger, Ohio, 
where he d. Dec. 20, 1844. 

GARDEN, Benjamin, of S. C. ; was a loyalist, but in 1775 a mem- 
ber of provincial congress ; his estate was amerced 12 p. c. in 1782. 

GARDEN, Lieut. James, royal Newfoundland regt. ; killed inaction 
on Lake Erie, Sept. 10, 1813. 

GARDEN, William, a loyalist ; was employed under the crown after 
the revolution, and d. in York co., New Brunswick in 1812, a. 63, hold- 
ing at that time the office of assist, dep. qr. mr. gen. of the garrison at 
Fredericton, N. B. 

GARDINER, Charles K., formerly col. in the U. S. army; d. at 
Washington, D. C, Nov. 1, 1869, a. 82 ; b. in N. J. ; entered the army 
as ensign in 1808; adj. gen. under Brown in 1812; adj. gen. of U. S. 
from 1815 to 1818, when he resigned; was 1st assist, p. m gen. under 
Jackson ; auditor of the treasury under Van Buren ; p. m. at Washington 
under Polk ; surveyor gen. of Oregon under Pierce ; was the author of a 
dictionary of the army, and other military works. 

156 Amebican Biographical Notes. 

GARDINER. David, killed on board the steamer Princeton by acci- 
dent, Feb. 28, 1844, a. 55 j resided in New York ; from 1824 to 1827 
state senator. 

GARDINER, Ferdinand, many years U. S. consul at Port Praya; d. 
May 6, 1847. 

GARDINER, James B., editor of the Ohio Free Enquirer ; d. at 
Marion, 0., of apoplexy, April 13, 1837. 

GARDINER, Jethro, d. at Dorchester, Mass., May 25, 1838 (colored), 
supposed to be over 100 years old. 

GARDINER, Valentine, entered the British army in 1755 ; became 
a major in 1776; served in the southern states in the revolution; pre- 
sumed to have d. about 1781. {Wilson's Orderly Booh, 192.) 

GARDNER, Edwin L., of Nashville, Tenn. ; a prominent merchant; 
d. June 18, 1860. 

GARDNER, Francis, formerly of Walpole ; member of congress from 
New Hampshire from 1807 to 1809; d. at Roxbury, Mass., June 25, 
1833, a. 63. 

GARDNER, Dr. Henry, b. in Boston, Aug. 2, 1779; grad. at Har- 
vard in 1798; studied medicine, but having inherited a large amount of 
property did not practice ; was a member of the constitutional convention 
of 1820 from Dorchester ; in the state legislature from 1822 to 24 ; in 
the senate from Norfolk co. from 1825 to 27 ; d. in Boston, June 19, 1858. 

GARDNER, John, a soldier of the revolution ; d. at Lower Bethel, 
Pa., April 1, 1850, a. 104 years. 

GARLAND, John, first lieut. on board a British vessel in battle of 
Lake Erie, Sept. 10, 1813. 

GARNIER, Julien, Jesuit missionary, b. in 1643, arrived in Canada, 
Oct. 27, 1662 ; was ordained April, 1666 ; sent to the Mohawks, May 17, 
1668, passed to Onondaga and thence to Seneca ; on the mission till 1683 ; 
he appears to have been sent to the Cantons in 1702. {Doc. Hist. AT. Y., 
iv, 292.) 

GARRETT, Col. Henry A., d. in Adams co., Miss., Feb. 12, 1844, 
a. about 38 ; a lawyer by profession. 

GARRETTSON, Rev. Freeborn, an itinerant Methodist minister; 
began to preach in 1775 ; and d. in New York city, Sept. 27, 1827, a. 76. 

GARRETSON, John, a soldier of the revolutionary war ; d. in Somer- 
set co., N. J., Aug. 1, 1842, a. 70. 

GARRISON, John, a loyalist, settled in New Brunswick and was 
several years in the house of assembly; he d. on the St. John in 1810 ; 
Joseph G., d. at Deer Island, N. B., in 1819, a. 50. 

GARROTT, William, d. in Warren co., N. B., about Jan. 1834, a. 
105 years. 

GARROW, Nathaniel, marshal of the U. S. dist. court for the 
northern dist. of New York; b. in Barnstable, Mass., April 26, 1780 ; d. 
at Auburn, N. Y., March 3, 1841. {Hall's Hist Auburn, p. 540.) 

GARTH, William, was several years prof, of mathematics in the 
Georgetown College; settled on a farm near Paris, Bourbon co., Ky., and 
perished on the Lady Elgin on Lake Michigan, Sept. 7, 1860. (A 7 . Y. 
Times, Sept. 14, 1860.) 

American Biographical Notes. 157 

GARTLAND, Rt. Rev. Francois Xavier, Roman Catholic bishop, 
of the diocese of Georgia ; d. of yellow fever Sept. 20, 1854, during an 
epidemic, in which he refused to leave his people and the post of duty. 

GARYAN-WAH-GAH, or Corn Planter ; a celebrated Indian chief; 
friendly to the Americans in the revolution ; d. at the Seneca Reservation, 
Pa., Feb. 17, 1836. 

GASTON, William, d. at Newark, N. J., Sept. 12, 1837; a merchant 
of Savannah, Ga. 

GATLIFF, Capt. C&arles, d. in Whitley co., Ky., June 30, 1838, 
a. about 90 ; was an early adventurer in Kentucky; appointed a captain 
of Martin's Station in 1780 ; served in most of the campaigns in Kentucky. 

GAULTIER, Rev. Lucien, first Catholic priest of St. Paul; b. in the 
department of Ardechen, France in 1811 ; was ordained at Dubuque, Jan. 
5, 1810; soon entered on his duties at Fort Snelling; in 1848 he re- 
turned to France, but returned to Prairie du Chien where he d. Feb. 21, 
1866. (Collec. Minn. Hist. Soc, iii. 221.) 

GAVIT, John E., son of Joseph G., b. in N. Y. city, Oct. 29, 1817 ; 
learned the transfer branch of bank note engraving with Burton, Durand, 
and Edmonds ; settled in Albany in 1838 ; in the employment of Hall, 
Packard & Cushman, bank note engravers; in 1840 on the retirement of 
C, became partner; successful competitor for engraving part of Nat. Mist. 
of N. Y. Survey ; the firm failing in 1841, he started business for himself; 
many years did an extensive business in engraving at Albany ; in 1859 
went to N. Y. having been instrumental in establishing the American 
Bank Note Co. by consolidation of many interests, of which his was one; 
became general supt. in the new company; vice pres. in 1864; in 1866 
succeeded G. W. Hatch as president, which office he held till his death 
at Stockbridge, Mass., Aug. 25, 1874. Mr. G. was an active and energetic 
man, devotedly attached to the study of natural history ; a skillful micro- 
scopist ; a proficient in minute dissections, and the preparation of objects 
of which he left a large and valuable collection : took an early interest in 
telegraph; was well versed in the sciences upon which it depends; in 
short his active mind appeared to grasp and comprehend almost any science 
that he took in hand. Although eminently successful in the business he 
had chosen, there were many of his friends who would have wished that 
his early education and subsequent studies had been exclusively given to 
science, in which he evinced especial talents, and might have won the 
highest fame as an original investigator and pioneer discoverer ; his later 
studies related to the microscopic fauna of the north-eastern coast, and 
Bay of Fundy, and facts concerning the gulf stream in its influence upon 
deposits; from a great number of facts which he had accumulated he was 
deducing a theory which would have been published in a year or two had 
his life been spared ; was pres. of the N. Y. Microscopical Soc. ; a mem- 
ber of the Bailey Club, whose specialty relates to microscopy. 

GAY, Allen, revolutionary soldier ; entered the army at 16, as his 
father's substitute ; was attached to Gen. Greene's army ; served at the 
battle of Eutau Springs, where he took 5 prisoners ; removed to Ga. after 
the war; d. in Columbia co., a. 82. (^White's Hist. Ga., p. 414.) 

GAY, Ebenezer, d. in Hingham, Mass., Feb. 11, 1842, a. 71 ; grad. 
at Harvard in 1789; studied law with Gov. Gore; two years in the state 

158 American Biographical Notes. 

Massachusetts ; was offered the office of judge of the court of com. pleas, 
but declined. 

GAY, George, d. at Andover, Mass., Nov. 9, 1843, a. 53 ; grad. at 
Harvard in 1810 ; soou after his admission to the bar removed from Ded- 
ham, his native town, to Boston, where he remained in practice till his 

GAY, Mrs. Lydia, d. at Natick, Mass., April 12, 1837, a. 103 ; her 
hair which had been white with age, was turning to its original color, 

GrAY, Dr. Martin, was b. at Boston, Feb. 16, 1803 ; was the eldest 
son of Ebenezer Gray; grad. at Harvard in 1823; received a medical 
diploma in 1826 ; was one of the founders of the Boston soc. of nat. hist. ; 
particularly occupied in mineralogy and chemistry in the intervals of his 
professional engagements; d. at Boston, January 12, 1850. (Am. Jour. 
Sci. and Arts, 2d ser., ix, 305 ; Stri/ker's Am. Reg., iv., 444.) 

GJ-AY, Samuel, son of Martin Gray ; b. in Boston ; grad. at Harvard 
in 1775 ; left the country soon after the revolution began and settled in 
New Brunswick ; he was there in assembly ; several years a magistrate, 
and chief justice of com. pleas ; he d. at Ft. Cumberland, N. B., Jan. 21, 
1847, a. 93. (Sabine's Loyalists.') 

GrAY, Maj. Seth, a native of Mass. ; removed to GJ-ardiner, Me., in 
1783 ; he was present at the battle of Lexington, and although a lad of 
but fifteen, he was one of the first to give notice of the approach of the 
British; he was town clerk of Gardiner 41 years, and postmaster a quar- 
ter of a century, and d. in that town, Jan. 30, 1851, a. 89. 

GAYLORD, Capt. Enoch, a revolutionary soldier ; d. at Triangle, N. 
Y., Nov. 7, 1857, a. 94. 

GAYLORD, Wyllys, b. in Bristol, Conn., in 1792 ; removed in 1802 
with his father to Otisco, N. Y. ; with slender opportunities for education, 
he evinced a fine taste for literature, and self taught, became an effective 
writer and contributed to the magazines; d. at Howell Hill, Camillus, N. 
Y , March 27, 1844, in his 51st year. {Clark's Onondaga, ii, 339.) 

GEAKE, Samuel, a whig soldier ; taken prisoner and induced to be- 
come a spy ; he was arrested in 1778, tried and condemned to death, and 
confessed his crime, but was spared for the information he possessed con- 
cerning Hammell, formerly brigade major to Gen. James Clinton. (Sa- 
bine's Loyalists.") 

GEARY, John White, ex-gov. of Pennsylvania ; d. at Harrisburg, 
Pa., Feb. 8, 1873; he was b. Dec. 30, 1819, in Westmoreland co , Pa., 
and after spending some years in commercial pursuits, he became a civil 
engineer and surveyed rail road lines in Kentucky ; on the outbreak of the 
Mexican war he promptly responded to the call for volunteers, and organ- 
ized a company, which he named the American Highlanders, afterward 
incorporated in the 2d Pennsylvania regiment, of which Geary was made 
lieutenant colonel ; he joined, with this regiment, the army of Gen. Scott 
at Vera Cruz, and served with marked distinction in the advance upon 
and capture of the Mexican capital ; President Polk recognized his ser- 
vices by appointing him postmaster of San Francisco, and mail agent for 
the Pacific coast. Col. Geary arrived in California in April, 1849, and 
during the three years which he spent in the young state, he held succes- 

American Biographical Notes. 159 

sively several important judicial and municipal offices, including the mayor- 
alty of San Francisco ; he took an active part in establishing order and 
promoting the prosperity of the golden state, displaying considerable exe- 
cutive ability. After spending three years at farming in his native county, 
he was appointed in 1856, governor of the territory of Kansas, then dis- 
turbed by the free soil and pro-slavery conflicts ; he held this position 
about six months, when he tendered his resignation to President Bucha- 
nan, who had just come into power. Gov. Geary returned to his Pennsyl- 
vania farm, and was residing there when the war for the union began ; 
he promptly tendered his services, and received the commission of colonel 
of the 28th regiment of Pennsylvania volunteers, which he had organized 
within a month ; henceforth he was one of the most active and prominent 
soldiers of the war ; he was in command in several minor engagements in 
the Shenandoah valley in the fall of 1861 ; in April, 1862, he received 
the commission of brigadier general, and, with his brigade, the second of 
the first division of Gen. Banks's corps, served in the Cedar mountain 
campaign ; he was severely wounded at the battle of Cedar mountain, and 
was disabled for active service until December, when he was again in the 
field, and captured Winchester from the confederates; in 1863 he was 
promoted to a major generalship and placed in command of the second 
division of the twelfth army corps ; in this capacity he served in the great 
battles of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and Gettysburg, and in 1864 
was ordered to Tennessee to join Gen. Sherman ; assuming command of 
the second division of the twentieth corps, he joined in the " march to 
the sea," participating prominently in several of the principal engage- 
ments ; addressing his troops, in 1864, at Savannah, of which he had been 
appointed military governor, he enumerated their battles as follows : Rich 
mountain, Carrick's Ford, Winchester, Port Republic, Bolivar, Cedar 
mountain, Second Bull Run, Antietam, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, 
Wauhatchie, Lookout mountain, Missionary Ridge, Ringgold, Mill Creek 
Gap, Resaca, New Hope Church, Pine hill, Muddy creek, Nove's creek, 
Kolb's Farm, Kenesaw, Peach Tree creek, Atlanta, and Savannah ; fol- 
lowing the fortunes of Sherman, he served in the Carolina campaigns, 
and witnessed the surrender of Johnson, his military career terminating 
only with the close of the war. 

In March, 1866, the republican state convention of Pennsylvania nomi- 
nated him for governor, and after an animated contest with Heister Cly- 
mer, the democratic nominee, he was elected by a majority of 17,178 ; 
he was reelected three years later by a reduced majority, over Asa Packer, 
and retired from his official duties as recently as the 20th ult., when Gen. 
Hartranft came into office. (A r . Y. Tribune.') 

GEDDES, James, b. near Carlisle, Pa., July 22, 1763 ; when a young 
man, in 1793, went to Onondaga, and engaged in salt making; settled 
in Camillus ; became a surveyor and was one of the engineers of the Erie 
canal, of which he was an early and earnest advocate ; was in assembly in 
1804, and 1822, and in congress in 1813-15 ; was engaged in canal sur- 
veys in Ohio, Pennsylvania and the south and west ; in 1809, became an 
associate justice, and in 1812, a judge of the Onondaga co. court; d. Aug. 
19, 1838. {Clark's Onondaga, ii, 45, with a portrait.) 

GEDNEY, Dr. Eleazar, a skillful dentist; settled at Utica, some 
time prior to 1824 ; he removed thence to Orange, N. Y. ; in 1828 he 
received the honorary degree of M. D., from the regents of the state. 

160 American Biographical Notes. 

GEER, Samuel, a revolutionary soldier ; d. atFredonia, N. Y., March 
31, 1860, in his 97th year; b. at Preston, near New London, Conn.; re- 
moved in 1787 to Paris, Oneida co., -and in 1806 to Chautauque co., N. 
Y. ; was a volunteer in the war of 1812. 

GEFFRARD, Charles Clodomir Fabre, colonel in the Haytien 
army, and son of the president of Hayti ; d. in Port au Prince, Hayti, 
Jan. 28, 1859. 

GEIGER, Jacob, of S. C, a loyalist and office-holder under the crown 
after the surrender of Charleston ; his estate was confiscated. 

GELBARDT, Dr. Leon, a volunteer physician from Richmond, Va., 
in the yellow fever epidemic at Portsmouth, Va., in the autumn of 1855 ; 
fell a victim to the disease. 

GEORGE, Capt , civil and war chief of the Onondaga nation of In- 
dians; d. on the Onondaga reservation, nine miles south of Syracuse, 
Sept. 24, 1873, a. 78. Capt. George was with Gen. Scott at Lundy's 
Lane, and was bearer of dispatches to the Onondagas for reinforcements; 
in late years he was the recognized head of the remnants of the six nations. 

GERHART, Andrew, member of the general assembly of Ohio from 
Richland county; d. at his residence in Bellville, O., Nov. 24, 1868, a. 
36; b. in Cumberland co., Penn.; settled in Richland co., twenty years 
before his death. 

GERRARD, Gen. James, d. in Bourbon j co., Ky., Sept. 1, 1838, a 
64 ; was many years a member of the legislature of Kentucky, and an 
officer of militia in the war of 1812 ; was a distinguished agriculturist. 

GERRISH, Moses, grad. at Harvard in 1762, and in the revolution 
was in the commissary dep. of the royal army. With Thos. Ross and one 
Jones he undertook to found a settlement on the island of Grand Menan, 
N. B., but failed ; he was many years a magistrate, and d. in 1730, a. 80. 
(Sabine's Loyalists.} 

GERSTNER, Francis Anthony Chev. de, of Vienna, a distinguished 
Austrian engineer, d. at Philadelphia, Pa., April 12, 1840, a. 44; b. in 
Prague, Bohemia, April 17, 1796, and educated under his father who was 
a distinguished mathematician and founder of the Polytechnic School at 
Prague ; at 21, was appointed prof, of practical geometry at the Poly- 
technic School of Vienna, and held 6 years; pub. an elaborate work on 
practical mechanics in 3 vols., 4to ; after a visit to England, he obtained a 
charter for a rail road from Budweis on the Moldau, to Lintz, on the 
Danube, and began work at his own risk ; it was finished by a company, 
in 1832 ; is 130 miles long, and the first executed on the continent of 
Europe; in 1834, he went to Russia, and in 1837 opened a rail road from 
St. Petersburg to Zarskoe-Selo and Pawlowsky ; having made repeated 
visits to England, and having traveled through Germany, Belgium, Hol- 
land and France, he put in execution a favorite plan of visiting the United 
States, where he arrived in Nov., 1838.; was everywhere received with 
due attention, and visited various parts of the country, examining with 
great care the public works, particularly the rail roads, and collected a 
great mass of information which it was his intention to publish. (Am. 
Almanac, 1841, p. 290. The Almanac of 1840 has an article by him on 
American and Belgian raiLoads. Griswold's Biog. Annual, 1841, p. 136.) 

GETMAN, Margeret, d. at Phila., May 21, 1834, a. 108 ; she was a 
native of Frankfort, Germany, and had lived 70 years in Phila. 

American Biographical Notes. 161 

GETTIS, James, d. at Tampa, Fla., Dec. 14, 1867 ; had been a member 
of the legislature, and district judge. 

GHOLSON, James H., b. in Va; grad. at Princeton, in 1820, was 
circuit judge in Va. ; and a member of the 23d congress (1833-5) ; d. at 
Brunswick, Va., July 2. 1848, a. 50. 

GIBBENS, Edward, of Pa., was in 1778 ordered to appear and stand 
trial for treason, or have his estate confiscated. 

GIBBON, Dr. J. H., d. in Baltimore, Md. Dec. 16, 1868, a. 74 j was 
a native of Philadelphia, but had lived south many years, and was the 
father of Maj. Gen. J. H. Gibbon. 

GIBBS, David, d. at Norwalk, 0., March 16, 1840, a. 51 ; was an 
early settler of Huron co., and many years clerk of the court of common 

GIBBS, John W., of Charleston, S. C, a loyalist, was banished in 
1782, and his estate confiscated. 

GIBB, Thomas, was in 1782, a surgeon of the N. Y. loyalist volun- 

GIBBS, Zachariah, of S. C. ; held office under the crown in the re- 
volution, and his estate was confiscated. 

GIBSON, Abraham P., d. in London, Eng., Nov. 30, 1852 ; was many 
years consul of the U. S., at St. Petersburg. 

GIBSON, Henry B., native of Washington co., N. Y. ; in 1803, he 
was a clerk in Utica; in 1809, teller of the Manhattan Branch Bank of 
that place, and three years later of the Bank of Utica ; after carrying 
on for six years a successful mercantile business in N. Y., he was appointed 
in February, 1820, cashier of the Ontario Bank at Cannandaigua; this 
post he held until the expiration of the charter Jan., 1856, having ac- 
quired reputation as a banker, and amassed a large property; his death 
occurred Nov. 20th, 1863, at the age of 81. 

GIBSON, James, d. in Philadelphia, Pa., July 8, 1856, a. 87; oldest 
member of the Philadelphia bar, having been admitted in Sept., 1791. 

GIFFOLID, Archer, a respectable lawyer of New Jersey; d. at 
Newark, N. J., May 12, 1859, a. 64. 

GILBERT, Benjamin J., a native of Brookfield, Mass. ; graduated at 
Yale Coll., in 1786; and settled as a lawyer at Hanover, N. H. ; he main- 
tained a highly respectable standing in his profession during more than 
a quarter of a century ; and d. Jan. I, 1850, a. 85. (Striker's Am. Reg., 
iv, 440.) 

GILBERT, Bradford, of Freetown, Mass., br. of Tho. F. jr. ; was 
proscribed and banished in 1778 ; settled in New Brunswick, in 1783 ; 
and received a lot in St. John ; in 1803, he was an alderman ; he d. in 
1814, a. 68. 

GILBERT, Francis, a loyalist, and naval officer of New Brunswick ; 
d. at St. John, in 1821, a. 82. 

GILBERT, David, d. in Mansfield, Mass., Sept. 12, 1842, a. 71 ; 
counselor at law aud a graduate of Harvard, in 1797. 

GILBERT, Elisha M., leather dealer of Utica, an efficient and pros- 
perous business man ; he was president of the' Michigan Southern rail 


162 American Biographical Notes. 

road, a director of the First National Bank of Utica, and of the Central 
Bank of New York, a trustee in other public enterprises; he d. March 
16, 1868, a. 61. # 

GILBERT, Ezekiel, b. in Middletown, Conn., in 1755 ; grad. at Yale 
in 1778 ; was in congress in 1793-7, and in assembly in 1799, 1800 and 
1801 ; for thirty years before his death he was deprived of active useful- 
ness by paralysis ; and d. at his home in Hudson, N. Y., in July, 1841 ; 
he was a lawyer by profession. 

GILBERT, Marinus W., many years a merchant at Watertown, 
N. Y. ; held several important town and county offices, was interested in 
a privateering enterprise on the St. Lawrence in the war; and d. June 
7, 1833, a. 53. {Hough's Hist. Jeff. Co. N. Y., p. 430.) 

GILBERT, Perez, of Freetown, Mass., was proscribed and banished 
as a tory ; settled in New Brunswick with his father and brothers and d. 

GILBERT, Samuel, of Berkley, Mass.,br. ofThos. G, and went with 
him to Halifax, in 1776; in 1778 he was proscribed and banished; he 
settled in New Brunswick, but finally returned to the U. S. 

GILBERT, Stephen F., member of assembly from Steuben co., N. Y., 
in 1873; d. at Hornellsville, N. Y., June 14, 1874. 

GILBERT, Sylvester, in 1756, in Hebron, Conn ; grad. at Dartmouth 
in 1775 ; studied law, and was admitted to practice law in 1777, at Hebron ; 
in 1780, was in gen. assem ; in 1788, state's attorney, for Tolland co., 
and held this office 21 y. ; in 1807, became chief judge of the county court 
and judge of probate, and held till 1825, except a term in congress in 
1818-9 ; in 1810, was teacher of a law school, and contin. 7 y. ; in 1826, 
in the legislature, and speaker ; had been elected to that office 30 times ; 
d. Jan. 1846. 

GILBERT, Thomas, of Berkley, Mass., son of Francis G., fled to 
Boston in 1775, but did not accompany his father to Halifax ; he was 
proscribed and banished in 1778 ; was an active loyalist, and settled in 
New Brunswick, where he d. on the river St. John. 

GILBKRT, Thomas, of Freetown, Mass., a loyalist; was in 1745, a 
captain in the siege of Louisburg, and in 1755, a lieut. col. under Brig. 
Gen. Ruggles at Crown Point. After the death of Col. Ephraim Williams 
he succeeded to the command of his regiment ; in the revolution he was 
an early and decided tory, and at the time in the legislature and a col. of 
militia ; he raised 300 loyalists, was bitterly denounced by the provincial 
congress, fled to Boston, in May, 1775, went to Halifax, in 1776, was pro- 
scribed and banished in 1778, and continued with the army but not in 
commission through the war; in 1783, he settled in Nova Scotia, and 
later in New Brunswick, where he d. in 1796, a. 82. (Sabine 's Loyalists.') 

GILCHRIST, Edward, surgeon in the navy; resident physician at 
Chelsea hospital; d. at Boston, Nov. 7, 1860, a. 57. 

GILCHRIST, John, d. in Charlton, Saratoga co., N. Y., May 4, 1849, 
a. 75 ; b. in Scotland, and emigrated to America when 15 ys. old ; was 
three times elected to assembly and was 9 years one of the judges of the 
court of common pleas. 

GILCHRIST, Robert B., d. in Charleston, S. C, May 1, 1856 ; judge 
of the U. S. district court of South Carolina. 

American Biographical Notes. 16 3 

GILES, John, of Salisbury, d. in Stanley co., N. C, while on his cir- 
cuit, March 2, 1846 ; he grad. at the University of N. C, in 1808, studied 
law, and was a member of the bar for more than thirty years; in 1829 he 
was elected to congress, but resigned before taking his seat, on account 
of ill health ; he was a member of the N. C. constitutional convention of 

GILLESPIE, William, d. at Belleville, 0., March, 1841, a. 104; 
was a colouel in the rebel army in Ireland in 1768-9 ; came to America 
in 1770, and served in our revolution. 

GILLET, Rev. Moses, first minister of Congregational church of 
Rome, N. Y.; he grad. at Yale in 1804, and began his labors in Rome 
two years later; until Oct., 1837 he devoted himself faithfully and effect- 
ively to the duties of his pastorate ; during this time 807 members were 
added to the church ; he d. in 1848. 

GILLIS, Thomas H., a native of Somerset co., Md., was born in 1768, 
and in 1798 was appointed chief clerk to the navy, accountant as he was 
then called, now fourth auditor of the treasury ; he removed to Washing- 
ton in 1800 and continued in the same office until age and infirmities com- 
pelled him to resign in June, 1850 ; he d. at Washington, Feb. 25, 1851, 

a. 83. 

GILLIAM, Albert M. b. at Lynchburg, Va., was consul in Mexico 
under Tyler, and author of Travels in Mexico ; he was ed'r of the Dover 
Intelligencer of Tenn., and d. suddenly Sept. 13, 1859. (Hist. Mag., iii, 

GILLILANTJ, William, was b. near the city of Armagh, Ireland, of 
respectable parents ; at an early age he emigrated to New York and 
formed a mercantile partnership with a merchant of wealth named Phagan, 
whose daughter he m. 8th Feb., 1755 ; he purchased largely soldier's grants 
issued under the royal ordinances of 1763 ; he located these extensively 
in the environs of Lake Champlain with the purpose of establishing a 
baronial domain. He was the pioneer settler of the Champlain valley; in- 
troduced a colony in May, 1765, and erected, on the banks of the Bouquet 
river, the first civilized habitation between Crown Point and the Canada 
line ; this was the scene of Burgoyne's famous Indian treaty; the colony 
at the opening of the war was prosperous and populous, but during its 
progress was entirely destroyed and Gillilaud fell from large wealth into 
indigence, and disordered in mind wandered into the forest and perished 
from exposure and starvation 2d Feb., 1796, at the age of 62. Mr. Gilli- 
land was an eminent actor in the early history of the region, and was pro- 
minently engaged with Skeene and others in the project of forming a new 
province (MunseU's Series Local Hist., vol. I; Watson's Pioneer Hist, 
of the Champlain Valley.) 

GIL.MAN, Peter, son of Maj. John G., was b. in 1704, commanded a 
regiment in the French war, was a speaker of assembly and a member of 
the council of N. H., and d. in 1788, a. 84; he resided at Gilmanton. 
(Sabine's Loyalists.') 

GILMAN, R. C, member of congress from North Carolina; d. at Ox- 
ford, N. C, Oct. 17, 1870. 

GILMER, John A., d. in Greensboro, N. C, May 21, 1808 ; he was 

b. in 1805, educated for the law, and admitted to the bar in 1832 ; he 

164 American Biographical Notes'. 

was a member of the state senate of North Carolina from 1846 to 1856, 
and was elected a representative to the 25th congress, serving as a member 
of the committee of elections; in 1855 he was the whig candidate for 
governor of his state, but was defeated ; he was reelected to the 26th con- 
gress, and made chairman of the committee of elections ; during the rebel- 
lion he was a member of the Confederate states congress. 

GILMOR, Robert, a banker and merchant of high social standing 
and distinguished for his fondness for mineralogy; d. at his residence in 
Baltimore, Md , Nov. 30, 1848, at the age of 74. (Am. Jour. Sci. and 
Arts, 2d ser., vii, 142.) 

GILMORE, Addison, d. in Waterton, Mass., Jan. 10, 1850, a. 47 ; 
was b. in Windsor co., Vt., and came to Boston about twenty-five years 
before his death, and engaged in various business with success, became 
interested in rail roads, and president of the Western rail road, which office 
he held till his death. 

GILMORE, Thomas, first printer at Quebec, with Wm. Brown, about 
1765-74. (Thomas's Hist. Printing, i, 362; ii, 183, 2d ed.) 

GILPIN, Joshua, son of Thomas G., b. in Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 8, 
1765, became a lawyer, but devoted himself to the care of his family 
estates, which were large, and located in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Mary- 
land and Virginia ; was in Europe from 1795 to 1801 ; was prominently 
concerned in promoting the construction of the Chesapeake and Delaware 
canal, and d. in his 75th year. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.') 

GILPIN, Thomas, b. March 18, 1728 ; on coming of age, settled on 
a farm near the Susquehannah, but afterwards on the Brandy wine, near 
Wilmington, Del., where he became owner of mills; went to England, 
and soon after his return, in 1753, settled at the head of tide water on 
Chester river on the eastern shore of Maryland, where he founded the 
town of Millington ; m. in 1764, and settled in Philadelphia. He was of the 
society of Friends, and incurred the displeasure of the patriotic party, 
and with others was removed to Winchester, Va., under charges of dis- 
loyalty to the revolutionary cause ; he d. there March 2, 1778. (Simpson's 
Eminent Philadelphians.) 

GILPIN, Thomas 2d, son of Thomas G., b. in Philadelphia, Sept. 10, 
1776; and d. in that city, March 3, 1853; became an extensive manu- 
facturer on the Brandywine, where he had woolen, cotton and paper mills, 
and in 1817, succeeded in making paper by machinery, in a continuous 
sheet; his mills were destroyed by a flood, in 1822 ; afterwards resided in 
Philadelphia and resumed commercial business, in connection with literary 
pursuits. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

GILPIN, Thomas W., d. at Belfast, Ireland, Jan. 9, 1848 ; consul of 
the U. S., at that post. 

GILSEY, Peter, d. in New York city, April 10, 1873 ; an alderman. 
He was b. on May 22, 1811, at Hobro, in the province of Jutland, Den- 
mark, and after receiving a fair education, emigrated to America in 1827. 

GIRTY, Simon, among the most infamous of tories and most cruel of 
partizan brigands in the revolution ; in 1778 he was a prisoner at Pitts- 
burg, but escaped; in 1778 he went through the Indian country to 
Detroit, inciting the Indians to murder, and in 1782 witnessed the torture 
of Col. Crawford ; the same year he assisted in driving away the Moravians 

American Biographical Notes. 165 

from among the Wyandots, and in 1791 was with the enemy against St. 
Clair. In 1793, he acted as interpreter at a treaty, and was very insolent 
and false to his duty, and the failure of the negotiation was ascribed to 
him. (Sabine 's Loyalists.} 

GIST, Dr. W. R., a young physician of much promise ; d. at Jackson, 
Miss., Feb. 12, 1849. 

GITTINGS, Maj. Thomas, d. at his residence, Hills and Dales, 
Montgomery co., Md., Dec. 1, 1847, a. 62; was 10 years a member of the 
Maryland legislature, from that county. 

GLASCOCK, Thomas, served as lieut., under Pulaski at the siege of 
Savannah; was col. in the Indian wars, and became general of militia; 
he d. in Richmond co., Ga., a. 54. (White's Hist. Ga., p. 628.) 

GLASCOCK, Gen. Thomas, was in the Indian wars of the west, and 
in congress from Georgia, from 1836 to 1839; d. at Decatur, Ga., May 9, 

GLASS, James W., artist and engineer ; son of an English merchant 
at Cadiz; spent his early life in England and the U. S. in engineering, 
and was connected with the coast survey and fortification service as a 
draftsman ; he studied painting with Huntington, in 1845, and excelled 
in wild, stirring scenes, in which horses could be introduced ; in 1847 he 
went to England, where he painted several years and acquired notoriety ; 
he returned in 1855, and d. by his own hand, Dec. 22, 1855. (Crayon, 
Jan., 1856.) 

GLEN, Henry, a delegate in the N. Y. provincial congress ; served 3 
years in assembly and 8 years in congress (1793-1801) ; d. at Schenec- 
tady, Jan. 6, 1814, a. 74. 

GLEN, John, a loyalist of S. C. ; lost his estate by confiscation, in 
1782, and he was banished. 

GLEN, William, of Charleston, S. C. ; a loyalist ; was banished and 
estate confiscated ; he went to England. 

GLEN, John, judge of the U. S. district court of Maryland ; d. at 
Baltimore, Md., July 8, 1853. 

GLENNY, William, lieut. 2d N. Y. regt. ; killed in the revolution, 
Oct. 30, 1781. 

GLONINGER, John, d. at Lebanon, Pa., Jan. 22, 18)!6, a. 77 ; he 
was many years an associate judge. 

GLOVER, Rev. Joseph, projector of the first printing in America; 
he sailed for Massachusetts in 1638, but d. on the voyage. 

GLOVER, P. G., d. Oct. 16, in Missouri ; for many years treasurer of 
the state. 

GLOVER, Rev. Solomon, d. in Newton, Ct., July 26, 1842, a. 92 ; 
he was the oldest Universalist clergyman in the United States. 

GLYNN, James, commodore in U. S. navy ; d. at New Haven, Conn., 
May 13, 1871 ; was 56 years in service. 

GOBERT, Jacques Benjamin, formerly vice consul of France in Sa- 
vannah, Ga. ; d. a. 80, in Jefferson co., Ga. 

GODARD, M., aeronaut; d. June 25, 1855, at New Orleans. 

GODDARD, Dr Giles, first to establish a printing press in Providence, 
R. I. ; he afterwards settled in Philadelphia and Baltimore, but returned 
to Rhode Island, and d. near Providence, Dec. 23, 1817. 

166 American Biographical Notes. 

GODDARD, William, son of Giles G. ; a p. m. of New London, Ct. ; 
was bred a printer, and started the first paper at Providence, R. I., in 
1762 ; he soon went to N. Y., and with John Holt published the N. Y. 
Gazette and Post Boy. After the repeal of the stamp act in 1766, he went 
to Phila., and with Galloway and Wharton, issued the Pa. Chronicle; the 
firm fell to quarrelling and Goddard went to Bait., started another paper, 
and engaged in a plan to establish a line of post riders from N. H. to Ga. 
in opposition to the p. o. of the crown, and was entirely successful, but 
failing to succeed Franklin as p. m. gen., resigned in disgust, and returned 
to Bait., where his paper had meanwhile been conducted by his sister. He 
excited the whigs against him so greatly, March, 1777, that he was forced 
to claim protection from the assembly ; he was repeatedly mobbed, but 
continued variously employed upon the paper, until 1797 when he sold 
and retired to a farm in Johnston, R. I., where he d. in 1817, a. 77; he 
was a bosom friend and an heir of Gen. Chas. Lee. (Sabine's Loyalists.') 

GOFF, Duell, formerly a judge of Lewis co., N. Y. ; d. at Houseville, 
N. Y., Sept 8, 1852. 

GOFFE, John, b. in 1701, probably at Boston ; settled near Manchester 
N. H. ; removed to Bedford, Hillsboro co., N. H., and in 1746 to 1755, 
was a captain in service ; in 1757 he served against Crown Point, as lieut. 
col., and in Col. Munroe's surrender, lost 80 men by massacre ; in Am- 
herst's campaign he was second to Col. Lovewell, and in 1760 led 800 
provincials to Montreal under Haviland ; in 1768 he was col. of the 9th 
N. H. regt. ; he was a patentee of Amherst; was a representative from 
1767 to 1775 ; a judge of probate from 1771 to 1776 ; he was a warm 
patriot of the revolution, and d. Oct. 20, 1781; he gave name to Goffe- 
town, N. H. {Com. Wilson's Orderly Book, 58.) 

GOGGIN, William, d. at Richmond, Va., Jan. 4, 1870, a. 63; b. in 
Bedford co , May 31, 1807 ; was admitted to the bar in 1828, and prac- 
tised in several of the circuit and district courts of the state of Va. ; in 
1836 was in the legislature; elected to congress in 1839, 1841, 1843, and 
1847 ; was afterwards a visitor to West Point, and in later years engaged 
in his profession, in connection with agricultural pursuits. 

GOIN, Thomas, d. in New York, March 14, 1847 ; was acting master 
in the U. S. navy, and founder of the naval apprenticeship system. 

GOING, Rev. Jonathan, d.d., d. in Granville, O., Nov. 9, 1844; 
president of Granville College. 

GOLD, Theodore Sedgwick, son of Thomas R. ; was graduated at 
Hamilton College in 1816, and twelve years later one of its trustees; he 
was a merchant of Utica, and in 1837, mayor of that city ; he d. 1863, 
a. 67. 

GOLD, Thomas Ruggles, a leading lawyer and public man of Oneida 
co., N Y. ; b. at Cornwall, Conn., 1764, and graduated at Yale College in 
1786; about 1792 he settled in Whitesboro, N. Y. ; he obtained much 
influence and held several offices ; he was state senator 1796 to 1800; dis- 
trict attorney, 1798, member of council of appointments, 1800 ; member of 
assembly 1808, and representative of congress 1809-13, and again 1815- 
17 ; he d. Oct. 25, 1827. {Jones's Oneida Co., p. 795.) 

GOLDEN, David V. W.. b. in Beekmantown, N. Y. ; in 1792" removed 
to Niskayuna, N. Y., as a merchant, and in 1798 settled in Columbia, 

American Biographical Notes. 167 

Herk. co., N. Y., where he traded till his death, Feb. 11, 1814, a. 41 ; he 
was several years a county judge. (Benton' s Herkimer Co., N. Y, p. 314.) 

GOLDSBOROUGH, Robert H., senator in congress, from Md., from 
1813 to 1819, and from 1835 to 1837 j d. at New Easton, Md., Oct.5, 1836. 

GOLDSMID, John L., b. near London, Nov. 1789; entered the Brit- 
ish army in his youth and served many years as an officer in Spain and 
the East Indies ; after traveling extensively, and experiencing great 
vicissitudes in finance, he settled at Champion, N. Y., about 1830 and 
a few years after at Watertown, where he died Dec. 8, 1853, a. 64. 
(Hough's Hist. Jeff. Co., N Y., p. 430.) 

GOLDSMITH, Rev. Benjamin, Presb. minister, in the town of River- 
head, N. Y. j d. Nov. 19, 1810, a. 75. (Prime's Hist. L. L, p. 155.) 

GOLL, Pierre Frederick, one of Napoleon's body guard ; d. at 
Newark, N. J., May 18, 1860, a. 71. ( Vincent's Semi-An. Reg., p. 418.) 

GOOD, David, a loyalist, went to New Brunswick, in 1783 ; and d. at 
King's Clear, co. of York, in 1842, a. 95; leaving a very large number 
of descendants. 

GOODE, William 0., many years a member of the Virginia house of 
delegates ; once a speaker of that house ; a member of convention in 1829, 
and since 1855, in congress and a member elect at the time of his 
death, July 3, 1859. 

GOODHUE Jonathan, merchant, b. at Salem, Mass., June 21, 1783; 
son of Benjamin G. ; entered a counting house, and went to China as su- 
percargo, in 1803-5; made a second voyage in 1805-6; and settled in 
N. Y., in Nov., 1807. His commercial transactions gradually expanded, 
and extended to various parts of Europe, the East Indies, South America 
and Mexico, and he was known as a man of integrity, and benevolence, 
with a strict regard for the rights of others, and a simplicity and humility 
of manners quite in contrast with many persons having much less of 
substantial wealth and worth ; he d. Nov. 24, 1848. (Hunt's Lives of 
Am. Merchants, i, 345.) 

GOODMAN, Alfred T., b. of English parents, Washington, Pa., Dec. 
15, 1845 ; d. Cleveland, O., Dec. 20, 1871 ; grad. of Cleveland High 
School 1863, taking the Lead in all the studies ; the superintendent said 
of him, " his capacity to acquire knowledge was remarkable, and his in- 
dustry kept pace with his capacity." 1864 a private in the 150th 
regiment Ohio nat. guards; presejit at the attack on Fort Saunders, 
Washington ; reporter and asst. ed. Patriot and Union, Harrisburgh, Pa. 
1868, secretary W. R. and Northern Ohio Historical Society, Cleveland, 
O. ; an indefatigable searcher after historical books and especially Mss. ; 
author of Notices of the Governors and Supreme Judges of Ohio ; Notice of 
Col. Wm. Crawford and of Genl. Harmar's Campaign of 1790 ; edited 
Capt. Trent's Journal of 1752, from the Mss., 1871 ; engaged upon a Life 
of Genl. St. Clair, nearly finished when cut down by quick consumption, 
his rare powers only partially developed. 

GOODRICH, Dr. Abel, d. Jan. 12, 1841, at Merrimack, N. H. 

GOODRICH, Rev. Chauncey Enoch, son of Dr. Enoch Goodrich ; he 
was b. near Troy, N. Y., Sept. 19, 1801 ; he graduated at Union College in 
1825, and at Princetown Theological Seminary in 1828. He held pastorates 
in Salisbury, Herkimer co., in Butternuts and Fly Creek, Otsego county, 

168 American Biographical Notes. 

and again in Herkimer county, at Winfieid. Removing to Utica with broken 
health in 1841, he became a market gardener ; for sixteen years he de- 
voted himself to the improvement of the potato, renewing the seed with 
tubers obtained from Chili, and thus producing several new and valuable 
varieties ; he furnished for different agricultural journals as many as one 
hundred and thirty papers on various topics. For the last nineteen years 
of his life he acted also as chaplain of the N. Y. State Lunatic Asylum; 
his death took place May 11, 1864. 

GOODRICH, Elizur, lawyer of Utica, trustee of Ham. Coll., 1828-33 j 
returned to Hartford, Conn., whence he came; d. 1868. 

GOODRICH, Lieut. Ezekiel, Mass., killed in the revolution, Oct. 
7, 1777. 

GOODRICH, Levi., an enterprising citizen of Pittsfield, Mass. ; d. at 
that place Aug. 8, 1868, a. 84. 

GOODRICH, Rev. W. H., ll.d., b. at N. Haven, Conn., Jan. 19, 
1824; d. Lausanne, Switzerland, July 11, 1874; at Yale from primary to 
theological departments and tutor, 1850 ; a licensed Pres. minister, traveling 
in Europe ; pastor at Bristol, Conn., and Binghamton, N. Y. ; assistant 
pastor 1st Pres. church, Cleveland, July, 1858 ; afterwards pastor, then 
the sole male representative of five generations. He was a finished scholar ; 
occasionally a poet; a pleasing, logical, and earnest preacher. Probably 
no man of our times possessed more of the qualifications of a successful 
minister, and pastor, though many have possessed some of them in a higher 
degree ; a well balanced and rounded character, attractive manners, a 
good judge of men and measures, he enjoyed the respect and affection of 
a large church and society, in a large and growing city, until his death. 
In the rebellion he took firm patriotic ground, laboring in the field on 
the sanitary and Christian commissions ; another distinguished pastor 
has spoken of him as distinguished for " sanctified common sense." 

GOODSELL, Jonas Platt, son of Dr. Thomas, was an engineer much 
employed on the Erie canal, and in November, 1865, was appointed state 

GOODSELL, Livingston, another son of Dr. Thomas ; grad. at Ham. 
Coll., in 1838, studied law and began its practice in Cayuga co., but d. 

GOODSELL, Dr. Thomas, b. June, 1775 at Washington, Litchfield 
county, Conn. ; attended medical lectures at the University of Pennsyl- 
vania, and was licensed in 1809 ; practiced at Woodbridge and New 
Haven, Conn., at Whitesboro, N. Y., but for a longer period at Utica. 
Received honorary degree of M. D., at Yale Coll., in 1822, and from the 
regents of the state of N. Y., in 1842 ; in 1827 was appointed to the 
chair of materia medica in Pittsfield Medical School. Was much interested 
in agricultural pursuits, and secretary of the first Oneida County Agricul- 
tural Society. He d. Jan. 12, 1864, a. 89. 

GOODWIN, Rev. Daniel L , for 30 y. pastor of the Prot. Epis. ch., 
Wilkinsonville, Mass. ; d. Dec. 25, 1867. 

GOODWIN, Henry, a native of Boston, began the practice of law at 
Taunton ; removed to Newport and was elected attorney general of R. I., 
in 1787-8; he d. at Bristol, on a visit to Gov. Bradford, May 31, 1789. 
(W. Updike's Memoirs of the R. I. Bar, p. 90.) 

American Biographical Notes. 169 

GOODHUE, Jonathan, d. in New York city, Nov. 24, 1848, a. 65 j 
native of Salem, Mass., and an opulent merchant. 

GOODLOE, W. C, formerly judge of the Lexington dist., Ky. ; d. at 
Lexington, Aug. 14, 1870. 

GOODMAN, John, b. in Germantown, Pa., in 1763; was in the 
revolution ; in 1803-6, in the state legislature, and was then appointed a 
justice of the peace, and in 1809 a notary public in Philadelphia; in the 
war of 1812, was colonel of the 42d regiment of Pa. militia; in 1822, 
became prothonotary of the district court. (Simjison's Em. Philadelphians.') 

GOODRICH, Levi, d. at Pittsfield, Mass., Aug. 8, 1868 ; rail road 
contractor on the Harlem road ; built the Pittsfield and North Adams rail 
road, and on various other public enterprises. 

GOODWIN, Henry C, b. in De Ruyter, Madison co., N. Y , June 
25, 1824 ; was admitted to the bar in 1846, was dist. atty. of Madison co., 
1848 to 1850 inclusive; be was in the 33d and 35th congresses and d. at 
Hamilton, N. Y., Nov. 12, 1860. 

GOODWIN, Capt. Nathaniel, Conn., killed in the revolution, May 
1, 1777. 

GORDON, Dr. Alexander, of Norfolk, Va., in Feb., 1775, was cen- 
sured by a whig committee for importing medicines contrary to continental 
asso. ; he went to Eng., and was an addresser of the king in July, 1779. 

GORDON, Anthony, Jesuit missionary, founded the mission at St. 
Regis, in 1760; his health failing, he returned in 1775 to Caughnawaga 
near Montreal, where he d. July 29, 1779. 

GORDON, Archibald, became capt. June 9, 1740, was wounded at 
Ticouderoga, July 8, 1758 and July 16, became major of the regt. ; in 
1760 he accompanied Amherst into Canada, and in 1762 served at Mar- 
tinico and Havana, where it is thought he d. 

GORDON, Charles, lawyer of Cecil co., Md., was declared a public 
enemy to the whigs in 1775. {Sabine's Loyalists.') 

GORDON, Charles, lawyer at St. George, Del., a loyalist, was required 
to submit to a trial for treason or lose his estate, during the revolution. 

GORDON, Lord Gordon, a noted swindler, shot himself at Fort 
Garry, Manitoba, Aug. 1, 1874, while under arrest, in his room. The New 
York Tribune speaking of him says : " Gordon Gordon, whose singular 
career has closed so sadly, came to this oouutry about three years ago, 
representing that he was authorized to act for the English shareholders 
of the Erie railway company ; his statement received general credence 
and secured him the couutenance of leading capitalists; he went west, and 
after sojourning some time in Minnesota returned to this city, and stated 
that he was Lord Gordon ; that he intended settling part of his Scotch 
tenantry on lands in the west, where on account of his health he would 
be compelled to reside ; having procured by false pretences a large sum 
of money from the late Horace F. Clark, and also victimized Jay Gould, 
he decamped from New York and settled in Manitoba; he resided in the 
latter province undisturbed until, at the instance of the executors of the 
Clark estate, he was arrested near the frontier; the Canadiau authorities, 
however, interfered, placed his captors in jail for exercising unlawful 
authority on British soil, and allowed Gordon to escape ; he was supposed 
to have gone to British Columbia, but he appears to have returned soon 


170 American Biographical Notes. 

to Manitoba, where his grand schemes of colonization bewildered the 
settlers ; in appearance Gordon was gentlemanly and pleasing ; he had 
the bearing of a man who had moved in good society, and spoke intelli- 
gently on current topics of the day ; he affected to be on intimate terms 
with the British nobility, and among other things, stated that his cousin 
was to have married the wealthy Marquis of Bute, but the match was 
broken off. He lived extravagantly in this city, and professed to have un- 
limited means at his control ; his address and ingenuity were such that if 
well applied he might have earned a fair livelihood and been generally 

GORDON, Gen. James, was in early life an Indian trader at Detroit 
and Schenectady, and was b. at Killead, county Antrim, Ireland, in 1793 ; 
was on active service as colonel of militia, in what is now Saratoga co., N. 
Y., in the revolution ; was in assembly in 1778, 9, 80, 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 90 ; 
in congress from 1791 to 1795, and in the state senate, from 1797 to 1804 ; 
was for some time county judge, and the first supervisor of Ballston ; he 
d. at Ballston, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1810. {Albany Gazette, Jan. 29, 1810.) 

GORDON, Harry, of Pa., was attainted in 1781 and his estate sold 
in 1780, on account of loyal principles. [Sabine's Loyalists.') 

GORDON, James, of S. C, a loyalist, held an office under the crown 
after the fall of Charleston and lost his estate by confiscation. 

GORDON, J. Wright, d. in Pernambuco, S. A., Dec, 1853; formerly 
lieut. gov. of Michigan, was accidentally killed by a fall from a balcony. 

GORDON, Nancy, widow of David Gordon d. Feb. 19, 1851, a. 90 y. ; 
having had 163 descendants of whom 114 survived her. 

GORDON, Thomas K., last chief justice of S. C, under the crown; 
he was a loyalist, and was allowed to leave the country. 

GORDON, William F., member of congress from Va., 1829 to 1835, 
and said to be the first one to propose the sub-treasury scheme of Pres. 
Jackson's day; d. in Albemarle co., Va., July 21, 1858. 

GORDON, William W., d. at Savannah, Ga., March, 1842; he was 
much interested in the internal improvements of his state. 

GORE, Asa A., last survivor of the Wyoming massacre, having been 
carried away when a child in his mother's arms; he d. at Preston, Ct., 
Dec. 1, 1859. {Hist. Mag., iv, 29.) 

GORHAM, Nathaniel, Jr., son of the great land proprietor of west- 
ern New York ; settled in Canaudaigua, N. Y. in 1789 ; was an early 
supervisor, county judge, and pres. of the Ontario Bank, from its organi- 
zation till his death in 1826, a. 62. 

GORHAM, William, d. in the parish of Iberville, La., Jan., 1845 ; 
was a native of Barnstable, Mass., and had resided in Louisiana for more 
than 30 years. 

GORUM, Nathaniel, a tory, went to New Brunswick in 1783, and 
d. at Kingston, N. B.,Feb. 9, 1846, a. 94, leaving numerous descendants. 

GOUGE, Joseph, a soldier of the revolution, and native of Virginia ; 
d. in Gwinnett co., Ga., Jan. 24, 1838, in his 109th year. 

GOULD, Capt. Benjamin, d. at Newburyport, Mass., May 27, 1841, 
a. 90 ; was an officer of the revolution, and an officer of the guard at West 
Point, on the night when the treachery of Arnold was discovered. 

American Biographical Notes. 171 

GOULD, David, surgeon, Va. ; d. in the revolution, July 12, 1781. 

GOULD, Rev. Daniel, d. in Rumford, Me., May 21, 1842, a. 90 ; he 
was two years in the revolutionary war, and left to enter Harvard Coll., 
where he graduated in 1782. 

GOULD, George, d. at Troy,.N. Y., Dec. 6, 1868 ; b. in Litchfield, 
Conn, in 1807; practiced law in New York city for many years ; was 
elected mayor of Troy in 1852, and elected one of the judges of the su- 
preme court of New York in 1855 and 1863. 

GOULD, Jacob, b. in Essex co., Mass., 1794; settled in Rochester, 
N. Y. ; in 1816, was major gen. of militia; collector of the port; pres. 
of the Rochester City Rank, and U. S. marshal for the northern dist. of 
N. Y. ; d. at Rochester, Nov. 18, 1867. 

GOURGAS, Francis R., d. in Concord, Mass., July 12, 1853, a. 41, 
represented Concord in the state legislature in 1841-2, and in the senate 
in 1843, was one of the executive council in 1852, and at the time of his 
death, was a member of the state constitutional convention. 

GOURLAY, Mrs. Ann, d. in Charleston, S. C, March, 1846, a. 99. 
{Am. Almanac, 1847, p. 336.) 

GOVE, Charles Frederick, d. at Nashua, N. H., Oct. 21, 1856, a. 
63; he was b. in Goffstown, N. H., May 13, 1793; grad. at Dartmouth, 
in 1817 ; practiced law in his native town from 1820 to 1839, and then 
removed to Nashua ; he was in the state legislature in 1830-34; senator 
and president of the senate in 1835 ; solicitor of Hillsborough co., from 
1834 to 1837 ; attorney general from 1837 to 1842 ; circuit judge of 
com. pleas from 1842 to 1848 and for many years after 1848, superin- 
tendent of the Lowell and Nashua rail road. 

GOVE, Jesse, d. in Rutland, Vt., April 30, 1842, a. 60 ; he grad. at 
Middlebury in 1805, and held the office of clerk of the U. S. circuit and 
district courts in Vermont, from 1810 till the time of his death. 

GOYER, Jan de, Dutch gov. of Surinam from April 15, 1707, till his 
death in 1715. 

GRACIE, Archibald, b. in Dumfries, Scot., in 1756, received a mer- 
cantile education of a high order in Liverpool, came to America soon after 
the revolution ; m. a sister of Moses Rogers of N. Y., and settled in Va., 
where in 1793 he was ranked among the first merchants for credit and 
capital; he removed to N. Y., engaged exteusively in commerce, and his 
transactions amounted to millions; his opinion was sought with confidence, 
and his reputation for honor and credit stood high ; the restrictive system 
and the war swept away his fortune. He was made pres. of an insurance 
co , and was again ruined ; he d. April 11, 1829, in his 74th year. {Hunt's 
Am. Merchants, i, 467.) 

GRAEFF, George, a revolutionary officer; marched from Lancaster, 
Pa., in 1776, as It., and was soon promoted to captain ; he served at the 
battle of Long Island and d. at Lancaster, Nov. 13, 1823, in 68th year. 
{Rogers's Am. Biog.~) 

GRAFF, Frederick, August 27, 1775 ; was in early life a carpenter 
in Philadelphia, became a draftsman under Mr. Latrobe, ami in 1799 
aided in erecting the first water works in Philadelphia ; was afterwards a 
distinguished engineer in various public works, and d. April 13, 1847. 
{Simpson's Eminent Phifodetyhians.') 

172 Amepman Biographical Notes. 

GRAHAM, Charles, d. in New York city, Feb. 12, 1838, a dis- 
tinguished lawyer and citizen. 

GRAHAM, Charles J., d. at Newark, N. J., April 27, 1840, a. 58; 
many years cashier of the State Bank in Newark. 

GRAHAM, Gordon, became ensign in 43d Highlanders, May, 1740, 
served in Flanders, and shared in the defeat at Fontenoy in 1745; in 
1756, he came to America with a company, and in 1757 was at the sur- 
render of Ft. Wm. Henry ; in 1758, he was wounded before Ticonderoga. 
He succeeded as major July 17, 1758, and was with Amherst in 1759-60; 
he served in the West Indies, became lieut. col. in 1763, and in 1763, 
returned to N. Y., and defeated the western Indians at Bushy Run; he 
d. about 1771. (Com. Wilson's Orderly Book, 14.) 

GRAHAM, James, b. in Lincoln co., N. C, Jan., 1793 ; grad. at the 
N. C. Univ., in 1814 ; studied law, and practiced with success some years ; 
was 4 y. in the state legislature, and from 1833 to 1843, and from 1845 
to 1847, in congress; he spent the close of his life in agricultural pursuits, 
and d. Sept., 1851. 

GRAHAM, Capt. John, of the 1st N. Y. regiment, was promoted to 
major, and commanded fur a time at Fort Stanwix ; he d. May, 7, 1832. 

GRAHAM, Maj. Richard, b. in Va., and in the war of 1812, aid to 
Geu. Harrison ; afterwards Indian agent in Mo., till 1829; he was one of 
the com'rs to establish the boundaries of Illinois, and in the later years 
of his life, having gained an ample fortune, retired to private life; he d. 
in St. Louis co., Mo., July 27, 1857, a. 77. 

GRAHAM, William, d. near Valonia, Ind., in 1857, a. 76; he wasa 
member of the first constitutional convention of Indiana, and served many 
years in both houses of the legislature ; in 1837, he was elected to congress, 
and at the end of his term retired to private life. 

GRANGER, Rev. James Nathaniel, d.d., studied theology at 
Hamilton, N. Y., preached in N. Y., state; in 1842 became pastor of a 
Baptist church in Providence, and d. there Jan. 5, 1857, a. 42. 

GRANGER, John A., d. at Canandaigua, N. Y., May 26, 1870, a. 75. 

GRANGER, Mrs. Mindwell, mother of Hon. Francis G., and of 
Hon. John A. G., of Canandaigua ; d. April 17, 1860, a. 99. 

GRANGER, Ralph, d. in Cleveland, O., Dec. 7, 1843, a. about 50 ; 
native of Sufiield, Conn. ; grad. at Yale in 1810, and several times a mem- 
ber of the Ohio senate. 

GRANT, Dr. Asahel, studied medicine in Utica. and became a mem- 
ber of the Oneida County Medical Society in 1832; in 1835 he embarked 
as a missionary among the Nestorians of Persia; d. at Mosul, 1844; is 
the author of a History of the Nestorians. 

GRANT, Daniel, native of Gillespie, Scotland; came to America be- 
fore the revolution and in 1783 went to St. Andrew, N. B., where he d., 
Jan., 1834, a. 82. 

GRANT, Francis, served in Flanders and became a major in the 42d 
Highlanders; he became It. col. in 1755, and came the next year to Amer- 
ica ; he was in the battle before Ticonderoga, July 8, 1758, and in 1759- 
60, was with Amherst, "and commanded the van in the descent of the St, 
Lawrence ; in 1761 he led an army against the Cherokees, and in 1762 

American Biographical Notes. 173 

was brig. gen. in the expedition against Martinico ; he became that year 
a col. in the army, and afterwards commanded the 90th light infantry. 

,He was at the seige of Havana, and went on half pay at the peace of 1763 ; 

"in 1768 he became col. of the 63d, in 1770, major gen., in 1777, lieut. 
gen., and early in 1782 he died. {Com. Wilsons Orderly Book, p. 3.) 

GRANT, Jesse R., father of President Grant, and post master at Cov- 
ington, Ky.; d. in that city, June 29, 1873, a. 79. 

GRANT, John, Jr., held the office of 1st judge of Oswego co., from 
1820 to 1828, and was for some time collector at the port of Oswego ; he 
died at that place, May 26, 1850, about 60 years of age. {Stryker's Am. 
Rey., iv, 461.) 

GRANT, Dr. William Henry, b. at East River, Nova Scotia, Dec. 
22, 1811 ; came to Philadelphia in 1836, to attend medical lectures, and 
grad. in 1839 ; was demonstrator of anatomy, and a professor in the Penn- 
sylvania College; he d. March 28, 1852. {Simpson's Eminent Philadel- 
phlans, with portrait.) 

GRATZ, Hyman, d. Jan. 27, 1857, in Philadelphia, where he had 
been for many years a merchant, a. 81 ; was many years president of the 
Penn. Insurance Co., and pres. of the Pa. Acad, of the Fine Arts. {Simp- 
son's Eminent Philadelphlans.') 

GRAVES, John, revolutionary officer, b. in Culpepper co., Va. ; en- 
tered the revolution in 1776 as lieut. in the 8th Va. regt, and retired 
with the rank of major ; he was in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, 
and Monmouth, and at the siege of Yorktown. Upon the peace he settled 
in Ga., and in 1786, commanded a regiment against the Creeks ; he d. in 
Wilkes co., Ga., in his 77th year. ( White's Hist. Ga., p. 683.) 

GRAVES, John, b. in Dutchess co., N. Y. ; removed to Russia, N. Y., 
in 1795 ; in 1813 and 1824 he was in assembly ; in 1829 he became 
sheriff of Herkimer co., and held one term; he d. at Gravesville, N. Y., 
Feb. 16, 1855, a. 76. '{Benton's Herkimer Co., N. Y, p. 320.) 

GRAVES, Dr. John W., d. at Lowell, Mass., Nov. 28, 1873, native 
ofN. H. 

GRAVES, Lewis, member of the New York assembly in 1808 and 
1810 ; judge and supervisor, in Lewis co., N. Y. ; d. in Denmark, N. Y., 
May 10, 1816, a. 61 ; his widow d. in 1852. 

GRAVES, Rev. Matthew, from England, missionary of S. P. G., at 
New London, from 1745 to 1778, when he adhered to the royal cause and 
was violently deposed; he remained in great penury several years, and d. 
in N. Y., March 29, 1780; his brother John was minister at Providence, 
R. I., where he d. Nov., 1785. {Doc. Hist. JST. Y, iv, 486.) 

GRAVES, Dr. Rosewell, d. at New York city, Oct. 28, 1837. 

GRAVES, William T., d. at Louisville, Ky., Sept. 27, 1848, a. 43; 
was in congress from Kentucky from 1827 to 1841. 

GRAY, Mrs. Elizabeth S., d. in Boston, Mass., Aug. 15, 1842, a. 
33 ; dau. of the late Joseph White, Jr., of Salem. 

GRAY, George, was an active friend of the revolution at Philadelphia, 
and a member of the convention for amending the constitution ; was in 
the legislature of Pennsylvania, and speaker of the house ; d. 1800. 
{Simpson s Eminent Philadelphlans.') 

174 American Biographical Notes. 

GRAY, Lieut. Hugh, Mass., killed in the revolution, Aug. 3, 1777. 

GRAY, James, a lieut. in the British army at Albany in 1756. 

GRAY, Rev. Jeduthan, a pioneer Baptist preacher in Chenango co., 
N. Y. ; settled in Greene, N. Y. ; from Berkshire co., Mass., in 1806 ; 
labored over a large district till his death at Sugar Grove, Pa., in 1830, 
a. 75. (Chenango American, Jan., 1858.) 

GRAY, John, an original member of the N. Y. Typographical Soc. ; 
early friend of the Sunday school movement; d. at New York, April 18, 
1850, at an advanced age. (Striker's Am. Reg., iv, 458.) 

GRAY, John, b. at Boston in 1793 ; grad. at Brown Univ. in 1823 ; 
studied law in Ct. ; settled in Brooklyn, Windham co., Ct; edited for a 
time, the Windham Co. Telegraph ; afterwards removed to Newburyport, 
Mass., where he was a bookseller, and to Worcester, where he was libra- 
rian of the Y. M. Lyceum; d. in Worcester, Nov. 21, 1859, a. 61. 

GRAY, Lizzy, d. a. 127 years, on the farm of D. E. T. Mines, Edge- 
field, S. C, Sept. 1860 ; was an African. (N. Y. Times, Sept. 20, 1860.) 

GRAY, Ninian Edwards, native of Ky. ; grad. at Yale in 1831 ; 
studied law in Lexington and became eminent in his profession ; served 
in both branches of the legislature ; was a member of the constitutional 
convention of 1850 ; many years prosecuting attorney and a judge of the 
circuit court; d. at Hopkinsville, Ky., Nov. 18, 1859, a. 51. 

GRAY, William, a tory of Westchester co., N. Y. ; settled in New 
Brunswick ; was a magistrate ; d. in 1824, a. 96. A man of this name 
was a capt. in the N. Y loyalist volunteers in the revolution. 

GRAY, William, chief and interpreter at the Indian village of St. 
Regis upon the St. Lawrence ; was stolen from Cambridge, N. Y., a. 17 ; 
was adopted and lived with the Indians ; in 1812 was taken prisoner by 
the British; d. in jail at Quebec. (Hough's Hist. St. Law. and Fr. Cos. 
K. Y., p. 198.) 

GRAY, William, a wealthy tobacconist of Richmond, Va. ; d. in that 
city, Nov. 28, 1873, a. 75. 

GRAY. Capt., of the British quarter master general's department; 
killed in battle of Sacket's Harbor, May 29, 1813. 

GRAY HILL, Henry, b. at Lancaster, Pa. ; removed to S. C. ; was 
active in the revolution ; was a surveyor ; clerk of the court ; four times 
in the Ga. legislature ; 42 y. a resident of that state ; d. in Hancock co., 
Ga., a. 82. (White's Hist. Ga., p. 492.) 

GRAYSON, Peter W., d. by suicide at Bean's Station, Tenn., July, 
1838 ; minister plenipotentiary from Texas to the United States; a native 
of Kentucky. 

GRAYSON, Col. Spence M., a distinguished lawyer; d. in Missis- 
sippi, Aug. 8, 1839, a. 37. 

GREANER, William, d. in Richmond, Va., Dec. 30, 1858, a. 75 ; 
native of Baltimore ; a soldier in the war of 1812 ; since 1815, a tobacco 
manufacturer; during the war his factory was used as a prison, under the 
name of Castle Thunder. 

GREELEY, Horace, founder of the New York Tribune ; one of the 
most distinguished journalists of his age ; a writer of great eminence ; late 
candidate for president of the United States ; d. in Westchester CO., N. Y., 
Nov. 29, 1872. 

American Biographical Notes. 175 

GREELEY, John, last surviving brother of Horace G. ; d. at Lon- 
donderry, N. H., May 16, 1872, a. 88 y. 5 m. 5 d. His father, Zaccheus 
G-., d. about 20 y. before, a. 94 ; his brother Zaccheus at Wayne, Erie CO., 
Pa., Dec. 18, 1868, a. 86. 

GREELEY, Col. Joseph, d. at Hudson, N. H., May 12, 1840, a. 81 ; 
was a soldier of the revolution ; wounded at the battle of Bunker hill. 

GREELEY, Philip, d. at Havana, Cuba, March 15, 1854, a. 48 ; b. 
in Portland, Me. ; many years in business in Boston ; collector of the port 
of Boston and Charlestown under Presidents Taylor and Fillmore ; by his 
suggestion to the government, a notorious system of false entries at several 
of the large ports was broken up. 

GREEN, Dr. Abel, of Paine's Hollow, Herk. co., N. Y. ; d. 1862. 

GREEN, Rev. Beriah. a preacher of anti-slavery and temperance ; 
remarkable for clearness and force of logic, and fearless and persistent 
zeal ; b. at Preston, Conn., March 24th, 1795 ; grad. at Middlebury, 1819 ; 
entered the ministry in 1824; pastor at Brandon, Vt,, and Kennebunk, 
Me. ; in 1830 was made prof, of sacred lit. in Western Reserve Coll., 0. 
His strong denunciations of slavery caused opposition which led to his 
resignation in 1833 ; became pres. of the Oneida Inst., a manual labor 
school at Whitesboro, N. Y., until 1839; in 1838 separated from the 
Presb. church of Whitesboro, of which he was the pastor, and with a few 
anti-slavery adherents, formed a Congregational church ; to this church, 
though much reduced in numbers, he ministered until his death, May 4, 
1874, having no sympathy with the war that put an end to slavery, 
because humanity, he argued, should have effected a bloodless reform. 

GREEN, Rev. CALEB,a Baptist minister ; d. at Stillwater, N. Y., 
April 16, 1811, a. about 78. 

GREEN, Isaiah L., b. in Massachusetts; grad. at Harvard in 1781 ; 
was in congress from Mass. in 1805 to 1809; from 1811 to 1813; from 
the Barnstable district ; d. in 1841. 

GREEN, Capt. James Jr., U. S. A. of the 2d artillery ; d. at Fort 
Columbus, N. Y. harbor, Aug. 17, 1842. 

GREEN, James S., b. in Fauquier co., Va., Feb. 28, 1817; 1836' 
with no fortune but a common English education, removed to Alabama ; 
a year later to Missouri ; was admitted to the bar in 1840 ; was in the 
convention of 1845 ; elected to congress in 1846 and 1848 ; in 1853, was 
appointed charge d' affaires, and afterwards minister resident at Bogota, 
New Granada ; was elected to congress in 1856, but before taking his seat 
was chosen to the U. S. senate ; d. at St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 17, 1870, a. 63. 

GREEN, Lester, m d., b. in Middlebury, Schoharie co., N. Y., Feb. 
18, 1797; removed to Trenton, N. Y. in 1803; studied with Dr. L. Gui- 
teau; grad. at Fairfield in 1821 ; settled at Little Falls, N. Y. ; d. Feb. 
7, 1849. (Tr. N. Y. St. Med. Soc, 1851, p. 199.) 

GREEN, Matthew D., a prominent sporting character; d. at New 
York, Feb. 8, 1870, a. 58. 

GREEN, Samuel, d. in Washington, D. C, March 22, 1850; was 
formerly judge of the supreme court of Ne-w Hampshire ; for fifteen years 
a clerk in the treasury department. 

176 American Biographical Notes. 

GREEN, Samuel, b. in New London, Ct. ; became a printer; pub- 
lished the New London Gazette, and The Register, an annual statistical 
volume ; d. at Hartford, Sept. 6, 1859, a. 91, being at the time, the oldest 
printer in the state. 

GREEN, Thomas, first printer in Hartford, Ct., 1764; d. 1812, a. 73. 

GREEN, Timothy, son of Samuel jr. ; early printer at Boston; re- 
moved in 1714 to New London, Ct. 

GREEN, Col. Thomas I., d. in Warren co., Miss., March 5, 1845, a. 
about 40 ; was formerly a member of the state senate. 

GREEN, Timothy B., d. at Whitehall, near Savannah, Ga., March 
16, 1840 ; a member of the New York bar; one of the managers of the 
American Bible Society. 

GREENE, AlpheusS., native of R. I. ; settled in JeflP. co., N. Y., in 
1812; was in assembly in 1827-8; was a co. judge; a member of the 
convention in 1846 ; eleven years p. m. at Watertown ; d. in the Lunatic 
Asylum, Utica, Feb. 25, 1851, a. 64. {Rough's Hist. Jeff. Co., N. Y., p. 

GRI^ENE, Bknjamin F., one of the judges of the supreme court of 
New York, for the 8th judicial dis. ; d. in Fredonia, Aug. 7, 1860, a. 39. 

GREENE, Charles Winston, b. in Norwich, Ct., July 3, 1783, and 
removed with his father's family, when young, to Boston ; grad. at Har- 
vard in 1802, and was for some years a merchant in Boston ; meeting re- 
verses, he established a school at Jamaica Plain, where he taught for more 
than twenty years, with great success; he removed to East Greenwich 
and continued to teach till within a year of his death, which occurred Dec. 
24, 1857, a. 74. {Am. Almanac, 1859, p. 348.) 

GREENE, Nathaniel Ray, son of Gen. N. G., of the revolution ; b. 
Jan. 11, 1780; he died at Greensdale, R. I., June 11, 1859; his elder 
and only brother was drowned in the Savannah river, in 1792. {Hist. 
Mag , iii, 255.) 

GREENE, Rev. Samuel, d. at Boston, Nov. 20, 1834, a. 42. 

GREENE, Samuel, formerly judge of the supi erne court of New Hamp- 
shire, and clerk in the U. S. treasury department during the last 15 years ; 
d. at Washington, D. C, March 22, 1851. 

GREENLAW, Charles, of Castine, Me.; a loyalist; went to St. 
Andrew, New Brunswick, and d. in 1811, a. 68. 

GREENLAW, Ebenezer, of Castine, Me.; a loyalist; went to St. 
Andrew, N. B., and d. in 1810, a. 70. 

GREENLAW, Jonathan, of Castine, Me.; went to St. Andrew, N. 
B., in 1783, and d. in 18 18, a. 80 ; his six sons were whigs ; Wm., the only 
one who served in the revolution, d. at Deer Island, Me., in 1838, a. 87. 

GREENLEAF, Benjamin, patriot of the revolution, and judge ; b. at 
Newburyport, Mass. ; grad. at Harvard in 1751 ; became a patriot in the 
war, and wrote in its defense ; he was representative several years before, 
and in Oct., 1774, became of the executive council and committee of 
safety ; in 1775, 6, he was again in the council, and afterwards was judge 
in the court of com. pleas for Essex co., in which office he continued many 
years; he d. in 1799. {Bradford's N E. Biog.) 

American Biographical Notes. 177 

GREENLEAF, Daniel, d. at Jackson, Miss., March, 1839, a. about 
40 ; late district attorney for the 1st dist. of Mississippi. 

GREENLEAF, Samuel, d. in Boston, Mass., Nov. 16, 1845, a. 77 ; 
he was a merchant of excellent reputation. 

GREENLEAF, Thomas, d. in Quincy, Mass., Jan. 5, 1854, a. 80; 
grad. at Harvard in 1784, and for more than six years the sole survivor 
of his class. 

GREENLY, Mrs. (colored), d. in Pa., Dec. 25, 1859, a. 110. 

GREENWOOD, Samuel, of Boston, was a tory, and went to Halifax 
in 1776 where he d. ; his son Samuel d. there in 1832, a. 57. 

GREENWOOD, William, of Charleston, S. C, a loyalist, was banished 
in 1782, and his property confiscated. 

GREENWOOD, Holmes, a revolutionary soldier, and survivor of the 
Jersey prison ship captives ; d. at Providence, R. I., April 9, 1860, a. 95. 
{Vincent's Semi- An. Register, p. 271.) 

GREER, Maj. David B., secretary of state of Arkansas; d. at Little 
Rock, Aug. 28, 1859. 

GREGG, Frederick, of New Hanover, N. C, a loyalist, lost his estate 
by confiscation in 1779. 

GREGOR, John, was an ensign and lieut. in the French war, went 
on half pay in 1783 ; entered active service in the English army Aug. 
27, 1775, and March 22, 1780, became captain; he served through the 
war and d. Dec, 1782. 

GREGORY, Benjamin, of S. C, was in office under the crown after 
the surrender of Charleston, in 1780, and his estate was confiscated. 

GREGORY, J., gov. of the Bahamas; d. July 30, 1854. 

GREGORY, Matthew, a lieutenant of the revolution and last sur- 
vivor of the New York Cincinnati; d. at Albany, N. Y., June 4, 1848, 
in his 91st year. (Munsell's Annals of Albany, passim.) 

GREGORY, William, an assistant judge of the superior court of S. 
C, under the crown, and was allowed to leave the country in the revolu- 
tion. {Sabine's Loyalists.') 

GREIG, John, prominent land agent and financier; b. at Moffat, 
Scotland, Aug. 6, 1779 ; came to Canandaigua, N. Y., in 1800, as a lawyer ; 
became agent of the Hornby and Colquhoun estate in 1806 ; pres. of the 
Ontario Bank in 1820 ; regent of the University in 1825 ; member of 
congress in 1841 and was for many years president of the Ontario Co. Ag. 
Soc. ; he d. at Canandaigua, April 9, 1858. The town of Greig, Lewis 
co., N. Y., was named from him. {Hough's Hist. Lewis Co., N. Y., p. 
101 ; Turner's Phelps and Gorham Purchase, p. 282.) 

GREINER, John, author of the Log Cabin, and other songs, popular 
during the political campaign; d. at Toledo, Ohio, May 13, 1871, a. 60; 
the songs known as Old Zip Coon, and Tippecanoe and Tyler too, were 
of his production. 

GRENVILLE, Sir Richard, kinsman and associate of Sir Walter 
Raleigh in the early settlement of Va. ; he was killed in 1791, in an ac- 
tion with the Spanish fleet near the Azores. 


178 American Biographical Notes. 

GRESHAM, Alexander, served in the revolution, and in 1812-15 
as a silver-gray ; he d. Feb. 23, 1823, in Greene co., Ga., a. 70. (White's 
Hist. Ga., p. 478.) 

GRIDLEY, Dr. T. J., d. in Amherst, Mass., March 10, 1852, a. 65; 
grad. at Yale in 1808 and formerly a member of the executive council of 

GRIDLEY, Orrin, a merchant and influential citizen of Clinton, N. 
Y. ; b. Aug. 30, 1786; was a captain in the war of 1812; in 1845 he 
established the Kirkland Bank of Clinton ; was a trustee of Hamilton 
College from 1834 until his death April 3, 1847. 

GRIDLEY, Philo, ll.d., b. at Paris, N. Y., Sept. 16, 1796; grad. 
at Hamilton College in 1816 ; studied law in Onondaga and in Waterville, 
and practiced in the latter place, and afterwards in Hamilton. After 
serving some time as district attorney of Madison county, he was in July, 
1838, elected circuit judge of the fifth judicial district, and the following 
year removed to Utica. After the adoption of the state constitution of 1846 
he was elected judge of the supreme court for six years, serving the last 
year of his term as judge of the court of appeals. After another short 
term on the bench of the supreme court, he resumed practice, his health 
much shattered by successive paralytic attacks; he d. Aug. 16, 1864. He 
presided at the trial of Alexander McLeod, upon the issues of which was 
thought to depend the question of war with England. His acuteness, 
vigor and despatch joined with his untiring industry gave him the sou- 
briquet of " steam boat judge." 

GRIDLEY, Rev. Wayne, son of preceding; b. Nov. 12, 1811 ; grad. 
from Hamilton in 1836 ; studied at Andover Seminary and was ordained 
a missionary but was prevented from fulfilling his purpose. In February, 
1840 he became pastor of the Congregational church at Clinton, but at 
the end of five years he was obliged by ill health to relinquish his charge ; 
lie d. Nov. 23, 1846. 

GREIRSON, George, of Warsaw, S. C, held an office under the 
crown after the surrender of Charleston in 1780, and lost his estate by 

GRIERSON, James, native of Scotland, settled in the colonies before 
the revolution, served in the royal army, and in 1783 went to Nova Scotia, 
where he d. in 1846, a. 105; he was a pensioner more than sixty years. 

GRIFFIN, Capt. David, d. at Ogdensburgh, N. Y., April 2, 1840, 
in his 75th year, settled at that place in 1800. 

GRIFFIN, Ebenezer, an eminent counselor and advocate ; b. at 
Cherry Valley, N. Y., July 29, 1789 ; he removed in his youth with his 
father's family to Clinton ; he was two years in Union College, but did 
not remain to graduate, and in 1818, received the degree of a.m. from 
Hamilton College ; he studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1811 ; 
having practiced eight years in Clinton, and six in Utica, (until 1825,) 
and after brief residences in New York, in Rochester, and again in N. Y., 
he finally settled in Rochester in 1842 ; his practice was still more ubiqui- 
tous, for his reputation extended throughout the state, and was equaled 
by that of few lawyers at the bar. He d. Jan. 22d, 1801. 

American Biographical Notes. 179 

GRIFFIN, John K., member of congress from South. Carolina, from 
1831 to 1811 j d. at Milton, S. C, Aug. 1, 1841. 

GRIFFIN, Nathaniel, b. in Windham co., Conn., Oct. 11, 1761 ; 
settled in 1790 on a farm of 315 acres bought of Pres. Washington and 
Gov. Clinton, in present town of Kirkland, N. Y., and d. there Dec. 26, 

GRIFFIN, Maj. Thomas, second in command at the battle of Hampton, 
and member of congress from Virginia, in 1803-5 ; d. at Yorktown, Va., 
Oct. 7, 1836. 

GRIFFITH, Rev. David, d.d., went to Eng. for orders in 1770, 
became missionary to Gloucester, N. J. ; moved to Va. In 1776, was ap- 
pointed chaplain and surgeon to 3d Va. battalion, and settled as pastor 
at Fairfax, Va. ; he was elected bishop of Va., in 1786, but was never 
consecrated owing to his inability to visit England ; he resigned his 
pastoral charge in 1789 ; and d. at Phila., Aug. 3, 1789. (Doc. Hist. 
N. Z, iv, 440.) 

GRIGGS, Joseph, d. at Brimfield, Mass., Aug. 26, 1840, a. 91 ; was 
an officer in the revolution. 

GRIMES, James W., ex-senator from Iowa; d. at Burlington, Iowa, 
Feb. 7, 1872, a. 55. 

GRIMES, Capt. William, Va., killed in the revolution, Aug. 1, 1777. 

GRINNELL, Cornelius, d. at Ryde, Isle of Wight, Aug. 10, 1869, 
a. about 40; he succeeded his father Henry Grinnell, late of the firm of 
Griunell, Minturn & Co.; established the house of Grinnell & Co. in London, 
about 1859, and was pres. of the N. Y. Packet Line, v. pres. of the Liver- 
pool and London Insurance Co., and was engaged in other mercantile 

GRINNELL, Michael, d. in Clinton tp., Pa., Feb., 1858, a. 106. 

GRISCOM, Dr. John H., a prominent writer and engaged in various 
educational and benevolent movements ; d. in New York city, April 28, 
1874, in the 65th year of his age. 

GRISWOLD, Chester, b. in 1779; son of Simeon G., of Pittsfield, 
Mass. ; removed to Nassau, Rens. co.,N. Y., in 1804, and to Troy in 1810, 
but returned to Nassau, where he died Sept., 1860, a. 81 ; he was in as- 
sembly in 1823-31-35 ; many years supervisor, and p. m. ; he was father 
of Hon. John A. G-, and Mrs. Isaac B. Heartt, of Troy. 

GRISWOLD, Eliuu, b. Aug. 17, 1756; removed from Windsor, Ct., 
early in the settlement of Herkimer co., N. Y. ; he was county clerk from 
April 6, 1804, to Feb., 1810, aud in 1811, was again appointed and held 
till his death, Jan. 12, 1812, a. 55. (Benton's Herkimer Co., p. 317.) 

GRISWOLD, Caylord, b. in Wiudsor, Ct. ; settled in Herkimer, N. 
Y., soon after it was formed, as a lawyer, and was an energetic politician ; 
he was in assembly iu 1797 aud 1798, and in congress in 1803-5, aud d. 
iu Herkimer, March 1, 1809, a. 41, leaviug a fine estate. (Benton' s Her- 
kimer Co., iV. K,p. 314.) 

GRISWOLD, Geokok, was b. at Lyme, Ct. ; began business with his 
brother Nathauiel, iu N. Y., as a merchaut, iu 1791, and loug maintaiued 
an honorable and conspicuous place among the merchants of that city, 
and as a mau uoted for his benevolence aud charity. He was a whig elec- 

180 American Biographical Notes. 

tor in 1848, but held no other public office, and d. Sept. 5, 1859, on Staten 
Island, a. 83. 

G-RISWOLD, Joab, b. in Goshen, Ct, June 29, 1769 ; settled early 
in Herkimer co. ; was an active federalist ; was appointed co. clerk in 
March, 1798, and held 6 y. ; the office and records were burned the night 
before he was to deliver possession to his successor, perhaps by accident. 
He was a lawyer and farmer, and lived at Herkimer. (Benton's Herkimer 
Co., N. Y., p. 316.) 

GRISWOLD, John, d. at Hyde Park, N. Y., Aug. 4, 1856, a. 74 j 
native of Lyme, Conn., and a prominent merchant of New York. 

GRISWOLD, John A., d. at Troy, N. Y., Oct. 81, 1872 ; b. in Nassau, 
N. Y., in 1822 ; went to Troy at the age of 17, and in a few years went 
into business as a druggist; but became interested in the iron manufac- 
tures, and a partner in the Rensselaer Iron Co. ; in this field of enterprise 
he was eminently successful; his business expanded from year to year, 
until not many years ago, by the consolidation of his works with those of 
Mr. Corning, he became the principal partner in one of the largest iron 
establishments of the country, owning a rolling-mill and Bessemer steel 
works in Troy and blast furnaces at Fort Edward and on the Hudson ; he 
was also, with his partners, the owner of an iron mine at Lake Champlain, 
and, besides, was largely interested in several local companies. In 1856 
he was elected mayor of Troy ; was an active union man in the war, and 
assisted in raising the 30th, 125th, and 169th regiments of New York 
volunteers, as well as the Black Horse Cavalry and the 21st New York or 
Griswold Light Cavalry. Mr. Griswold also rendered effective aid to 
the union cause by building, at great pecuniary risk, the celebrated Moni- 
tor, which rendered such effective service in its conflict with the Merri- 
mac in Hampton Roads. Besides this vessel, Mr. Griswold and his 
partners displayed great energy and patriotic confidence in meeting the 
demands of the naval service at critical periods during the war. 

In October, 1863, Mr. Griswold, at that time a democrat, was nominated 
as a candidate for representative in congress, and although the district 
(the XVth) was strongly republican, he was elected by a majority of 1,287 
votes. He soon afterward joined the republican party, and was reelected 
by large majorities in 1864 and 1866. He served on the naval commit- 
tee, and, on returning to Washington for the third term, was placed on 
the committee of ways and means. In 1868, he was republican candidate 
for governor, but was defeated by Mr. Hoffman. 

GRISWOLD, Mary, d. at Goshen, N. Y., Jan., 1840, a. 100. 

GRISWOLD, Seth, a loyalist, settled in New Brunswick in 1783, and 
d. at Queensbury, York co., in 1838, a. 81. 

GRISWOLD, Rev. Whiting, rector of St. John's church, St. Louis, 
Mo. ; d. of cholera, Aug., 1848, while devoting his energies to the care 
of the sick. (Striker's Am. Reg., iii, 238.) 

GROSS, Ezra C, b. in Windsor co., Vt. ; grad. at the University of 
Vermont, in 1806; was in congress from Essex co., N. Y., in 1819-21, 
was in assembly in 1828, and 1829 but d. before the close of his second 
year; he lived at Keeseville, N. Y. 

GROSVENOR, Col. Thomas W., prosecuting attorney at Chicago 
111. ; shot Oct. 20, 1871. 

American Biographical Notes. 181 

GROUT, John, was b. in Lunenburgh, Mass., June 13, 1731, settled 
in Windsor, Vt. ; became a land agent, but siding with the loyalists, met 
with many difficulties and in 1777 removed to Canada ; he was attainted 
by the laws of Vermont. He became somewhat eminent as a lawyer and 
his end was as tragic as his life was turbulent and unhappy ; he was mur- 
dered for money known to be in his possession, but the facts were not 
ascertained until years after when they were confessed on the gallows by 
a convicted murderer. {Hall's Eastern Vermont, p. 650.) 

GROVER, Talleyrand, prof, in Del. Coll., son of Dr. John G., of 
Bethel, Del.; grad. atBowdoin ; in 1813 was made prof, of modern lan- 
guages and rhetoric in Deleware Coll., Newark, N. Y., and afterwards 
prof, of ancient languages ; he d. at Stockholm, Sweden, June 4, 1859. 
{Hist. Mag., iii, 352.) 

GROVER, Thomas D., acquired a large fortune in Phila., and spent 
much in acts of benevolence to the poor and in aiding worthy young men ; 
he d. at west Phila., March 8, 1849, a. 60. (Striker's Am. Reg., ii, 496.) 

GRUYER, William de, Dutch gov. of Surinam, from Oct. 23, 1706, 
till his death in 1707. 

GUERARD, David, a loyalist of S. C, lost his estate by confiscation 
in the revolution. 

GUERLIS, Francois Vaillant de, Jesuit missionary, arrived in 
Canada before 1674 ; succeeded Boniface among the Mohawks about 1674 ; 
accompanied the expedition against the Senecas in 1687 ; on the 31st of 
Dec, 1687, sent to New York, and in 1703-4 to the Senecas. 

GUEST, John, an enterprising merchant of Philadelphia; b. May 11, 
1768, andd. in St. Domingo in 1817, whither he had gone for health, and 
on business. {Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.') 

GUEST, William, a loyalist of Tiger River, S. C, was in commission 
under the crown after the fall of Charleston, in 1783, and his estate was 

GUIDICINI, Giuseppe, artist and architect; d. at N. Y., Jan. 8, 
1868; b. at Bologna, Italy, in 1812; came to America in 1832; was 
scenic artist, and decorated many theatres; was especially successful as a 
fresco painter. 

GUILD, Benjamin, died at Boston, Mass., March 30, 1858, a. 72 ; he 
was b. in Boston, May 8, 1785; grad. at Harvard in 1804; studied law, 
and practiced in Boston ; he was, for over thirty years, an active member 
of the Mass. Soc. for the Promotion of Agriculture, and for a time its cor- 
responding secretary. 

GUILFORD, Nathan, d. in Cincinnati, O., Dec. 18, 1854, a. 68 ; b. 
in Spencer, Mass., July 19, 1786 ; grad. at Yale in 1812, and settled as 
a lawyer in Cincinnati in 1815; was eminent in his profession, and con- 
spicuous for his efforts in promoting th,e cause of popular education. 

GUION, James, d. at Staten Island, N. Y., March 8, 1846, a. 68 ; he 
represented Richmond co., in assembly in 1811, 2, 3, 4, and West Chester 
co. in 1819, and was a member of congress in 1820-21. 

GUION, John J., d. in Vicksburg, Miss., June 26, 1855, a. 54 ; was 
a son of the late Major Isaac G. of the army, and b. in Natchez, in 1801 ; 
at the time of his death, was judge of the 3d judicial district, to which 

182 American Biographical Notes. 

office be had been elected for nearly 2 years; was formerly judge of the 
criminal court of Adams county ; state senator, and as president of the 
senate, governor pro tern, from Feb. 3, 1851, to Nov. 3, 1851, on Gov. 
Quitman's resignation. 

GUION, John W., d. at Newbern, N. O, July 17, 1840, a. 58 ; cashier 
of the Merchants' Bank at Newbern. 

GUITE AU, Calvin. This and the two following were sons of Dr. Fran- 
cis Guiteau of Pittsfield, Mass., who all settled in Oneida county, N. Y. 
Calvin resided in Deerfield, and was much employed as a surveyor in the 
central part of the state, from a period at least as early as 1795. Francis 
was a physician in Deerfield in 1792, and the first supervisor of the town ; 
in 1801 he took up his residence in Utica, and until 1814 was actively 
engaged there in the practice of his profession; afterwards at Whitesboro, 
where he died about 1822. 

GUITEAU, Luther, m.d., b. in Lanesboro, Mass., in 1778; studied 
with Dr. Buel of Sheffield, Mass., and settled in Trenton, N. Y., in 1802, 
where he practiced extensively and with great success ; he d. Feb. 12, 
1850. (Tr. N. Y. St. Med. Soc, 1851, p. 187 ; Jones's Hist. Oneida Co., 
p. 472.) 

GUNN, James, U. S. senator from Georgia, from 1799 to 1801; d. at 
Louisville in that state, July 30, 1801. 

GURLEY, Henry H., b. in Lebanon, Conn., in 1787; grad. at 
Williams Coll.; studied law, and settled in Louisiana; was U. S. judge of 
the dist. court of La.; and in congress from 1823 to 1831 ; d. in 1832. 

GURLEY, Ralph R., d.d., a well known Presbyterian clergyman of 
Washington, D. C, d. July 30, 1872, a. 75; he was sec. of the Am. 
Colonization Soc. 

GURNEY, Nathan, formerly a member of the Massachusetts senate, 
and many years an alderman of Boston ; d. in that city January 12, 1850, 
a. 81. 

GUSTIN, Lydia, d. at Marlow, N. H., July 20, 1847, a. 101 y. 20 d. ; 
her maiden name was Mack; she was b. at Lyme, N. Y., June 25, 1746. 
{Hunt's Biog. Panorama., p. 479.) 

GUSTINE, Amos, d. in Lost Creek Valley, Pa., March 3, 1844; was 
in congress from 1841 to 1843, from Pennsylvania. 

GUTHRIE, James, d. in Louisville, Ky., March, 1869 ; b. near 
Bardstown, Ky. ; educated at the Bardstown acad. ; became a trader to 
New Orleans ; studied law, and was appointed prosecuting attorney for 
Nelson co., Ky., in 1820; was a member of one or the other house of the 
state legislature 15 years; secretary of the U. S. treasury from 1853 to 
1857; and U. S. senator from 1865 to 1868, when he resigned. 

GUYON, James, was in the N. Y. assembly from Richmond co., in 
1811, 12, 13, 14, 19; and in congress from 1819 to 1821 ; d. on Staten 
Island, N. Y., March 8, 1846. 

GWINAP, Dr. Jabez, d. in Oxford, Warren co., N. J., June 1, 1843, 
a. 72 ; was for fifty years an active and successful practitioner. 

GWINN, Capt. John, entered the U. S. naval service in 1809; he 
was a native of Md., and d. at Palermo, on board of the U. S. frigate 
Constitution of the Mediterranean squadron Sept. 4, 1849. 

American Biographical Notes. 183 

GWINN, William, major in the revolution, settled in Pa., from 
Ireland in 1772, and entered the staff dep. of the army in 1776 under 
Gen. Mifflin. He rem. to Md., after the war, and set. on a farm. He 
d. at Monkton Mills, Bait co., Md., Oct. 1, 1819, a. 70. {Rogers's Am. 

G-WYNN, Col. Samuel, d. at New Orleans, La., Dec. 1838, a. about 
45 ; cashier of the Union Bank of Mississippi. 

GWYNN, William, d. in Hartford, Md., Aug. 14, 1854, a. 80 ; was 
of Baltimore, and formerly editor of the Baltimore Gazette; the oldest 
lawyer of Maryland. 

HABERSHAM, Richard W.,d. in Habersham co.,Ga.,Dec. 2,1842, 
a. 56 ; a representative in congress from Georgia ; b. at Savannah in 
1786 ; grad. at Princeton in 1805 ; studied law, and served in various 
offices of the federal and state governments ; was elected to congress in 
1838 and 1840. 

HACKETT, James H., a distinguished comic actor ; b. in N. Y., at the 
close of the last century ; was prepared for Columbia Coll., and for a brief 
period a student there ; a fit of sickness suspended his studies and he 
became a clerk with a wholesale grocer; in 1820 he began mercantile 
business at Utica, but after a successful career of four years he removed 
to N. Y. ; ill-judged speculations soon wrought his financial ruin, and in 
March, 1826, he went upon the stage. As an actor of broad comedy, he was 
a great favorite both in this country and in Europe, which he three times 
visited professionally ; he was one of the first to introduce the Yankee 
type of the American character ; was admired in his impersonation of Sir 
John Falstaff, of Monsieur Mallet, the irritable Frenchman, &c, &c. ; 
Organically a humorist and a mimic, he showed great versatility in the ex- 
pression of his ludicrous conceptions ; he d. about 1871. 

HACKLEY, Aaron, moved from Wallingford, Conn., with the family 
of his father, Aaron Hackley, to Salisbury, N. Y., in 1795 ; grad. at 
Williams Coll., and then studied law, setting up in practice at Herkimer ; 
in 1812 he was county clerk, in 1814-15, in assembly, and in 1818 in 
congress; in 1828 he was dist. att. ; he resided afterward some years at 
Utica, and for a shorter time in N. Y., where he d. 

HACKLEY, Rev. Charles W., professor of Columbia Coll. (See 
Appleton's Annual Cyclopaedia for 1861.) 

HACKLEY, Philo M., b. in Wallingford, Ct., Oct., 1776; settled in 
Salisbury, N. Y., with his father, Aaron H., in 1795, and removed to 
Herkimer where he became a merchant; he was federal in politics. In 
1807 he was surrogate, in 1810 sheriff and in 1820 member of assembly ; 
he resided several years at Little Falls, and went thence to Auburn, N. Y., 
about 1839 ; five years after he removed to Allegan, Michigan, where he 
d. Oct. 24, 1849, a. 73. {Benton's Herkimer Co. A r . Y, p. 337.) 

HADLEY, Henry H., prof, of Hebrew in the Union Theological 
Seminary, N. Y. ; b. July 19, 1826; d. in Washington, D. C, Aug. 1, 
1861, of disease contracted in the service of the U. S. Sanitary Commis- 
sion ; he was a son of Prof. James Hadley of Geneva, N. Y. 

HADLEY, Dr. James, d. at Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 17, 1869, a. 84; 
was a long time professor in the Fairfield and Geneva Medical Colls. ; b. 
in Weare, N. H., July 5, 1785; grad. at Dartmouth in 1809. {Transac. 
N. Y. State Med. Soc, 1871, p. 345.) 

184 American Biographical Notes. 

HADLEY, James, prof, at Yale Coll. ; was b. in Fairfield, Herkimer 
co., N. Y., March 30, 1821 ; his father, Dr. James Hadley, was for many- 
years professor of chemistry in the Medical Coll. at Fairfield, and after- 
ward held the same chair in the Medical Coll. at Geneva, N. Y. ; he 
entered in September, 1840, the junior class at Yale, and was grad. in 
1842 ; he continued his studies at the coll., except when for a brief period 
he acted as tutor in Middlebury Coll., Vermont ; and in 1845 joined the 
Yale Faculty as assistant professor in Greek. In 1851, ex-President 
Woolsey resigned the professorship of Greek, and Prof. Hadley was ap- 
pointed to that chair ; in 1860, the professor published a Greek Gram- 
mar for Schools and Colleges founded on a similar work by Prof. George 
Curtius, in Germany; and in 1869, an abridgment under the name of 
Elements of the Greek Language. Prof. Hadley contributed articles 
to various scientific and literary periodicals, especially to The New Eng- 
lander. He was an active member of the American Oriental Society, and 
was the president thereof at the time of his death. Beside his varied 
linguistic attainments, he was well versed in civil law, and his course of 
lectures on that subject was included in the curriculum of the Yale Law 
School, and was also delivered at Harvard ; he attained excellence in what- 
ever branch of study he pursued, and possessed wise, discriminating judg- 
ment, which gave great weight to his opinions ; his private character was 
pure and amiable, and he was deservedly held in esteem by the faculty 
and students. He d. in New Haven, Nov. 14, 1872. 

HAGA, Godfrey, b. at Isinger in Wirtemburg, Nov. 30, 1747 ; came 
to Philadelphia as a redemptioner, and became an importing merchant, 
and acquired a large estate; he withdrew from active business in 1814, 
and d. Feb. 7, 1825, a. 77. {Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

HAGADORN, Dr. Stephen, of Cohocton, N. Y. ; d. Aug. 1, 1863, 
a. 52. 

HAGEDORN, Clamor F., many years consul for several German 
states at Philadelphia, d. Feb. 25, 1868 ; native of Bremen, where b. May 
23, 1773; came to America when a young man, and was engaged in com- 
mercial business. 

HAGAM AN, John I., b. at Nine Partners, Dutchess co., N. Y., March 
21, 1792; removed in childhood to Lodi, N. Y., and in 1821 settled in 
Auburn; was a builder; settled in Lodi in 1843, and d. Oct., 1853. 
{Rail's Aubvrn, p. 568.) 

HAGAN, Theodore, one of the ablest musical critics and representa- 
tives in the country ; d. Dec. 27, 1871, a. 42. 

HAGNER, Thomas H., d. March, 1848; b. in Maryland and son of 
third auditor of U. S. treasury ; had resided eight or nine years in Florida 
and was a lawyer. 

HAIGHT, Gen. Nicholas, d. in New York city, Aug., 1854; was an 
active officer of the war of 1812. 

HAIGHT, Thomas G., d. at Colt's Neck, Monmouth co., N. J., Sept. 
2, 1847, a. 52; was formerly speaker of the house of assembly, and a 
member of the constitutional convention of 1844. 

HAIL, Mrs. Catharine, d. at Flat Creek, Lancaster dist., S. C, in 
her 102d year ; native of Virginia. 

American Biographical Notes. 185 

HAILE, Levi, asso. justice sup. court, R. I., b. at Warren, R. I., in 
1797, and resided there through life; he grad. at Brown Uni., in 1821 ; 
studied law, was in gen. asseni., from 1824 to 1835 when he became 
associate justice of the supreme court and held till his death July 14, 
1854. (Prov. Journal, July 17, 1851.) 

HAILE, William, a member of congress from Mississippi, in 1826-8 ; 
d. near Woodville, Miss., March 7, 1837, a. about 40. 

HAIT, Trueman, d. at Palmyra, N. Y., Feb. 6, 1838. 

HAJAONGUEH, alias Two Guns, head chief of the Senecas, and 
step son of Red Jacket, served through the war of 1812-15, and was in 
the battles of Bridgewater and Chippewa ; he possessed great influence 
with his people; and d. June 17, 1855, a. 75 y. {Puff. Com. Adv., 
June 19, 1855.) 

HALE, Albert M., d. at Cape Island, N. J., July 14, 1838 ; a promi- 
nent merchant of Philadelphia. 

HALE, Alexander, d. in Pensacola, Fla., Aug. 23, 1850, a. 21 ; as- 
sistant engineer in theU. S. service; grad. at Harvard, in 1848; he lost 
his life in assisting the crew of a vessel in distress. 

HALE, Cyrus K., sec. of the Mass. Life Insurance Co.; d. June 5, 
1874, in Boston ; he was a son of the late Rev. B. Hale former president 
of Geneva College, N. Y. 

HALE, John P., d. in Dover, N. H., Nov. 19, 1873, a. 67 ; many 
years a senator in congress from New Hampshire and afterwards U. S. 
minister to Spain. {Drake's Am. Biog.) 

HALE, Moses, m.d., of Troy, N. Y. ; b. June 12, 1780, son of 
Moses H., of Alstead, N. H., settled in practice at Troy, N. Y., in 1804, 
where he resided till his death, Jan. 3, 1837 ; his widow d. in 1853 ; his 
son, Richard Hale, m.d., d. in 1849, a. 41. (TV. iV. Y. St. Med. Soc, 
1857, p. 73.) 

HALE, Samuel, native of Mass., and one of the first settlers of Oneida 
co., N. Y. ; d. in Southport, Wis. Terr., Aug. 25, 1842. 

HALE, William, d. at Mobile, Ala., Nov. 17, 1844, a. 55; native of 
Albany, N. Y. , but for 20 years a resident of Mobile. 

HALE, William, d. at Dover, N. II., Nov. 8, 1848, a. 84; was a 
member of congress in 1810-11, and from 1813 to 1817. 

HALL, Bolling, member of congress from Georgia, from 1811 to 
1817; d. near Montgomery, Ala., March 25, 1836, a. 67. 

HALL, Caldwell Brig. Gen. R., late of U. S. vols.; d. at Newton, 
N. J., May 30, 1870, a. 31. 

HALL, Rev. Daniel, Presb. minister at Sag Harbor ; for the last 
six years at Shelter Island, N. Y. ; d. April 12, 1812. 

HALL, Ebenezer L., d. at Bartlett, N. H., Nov. 18, 1834, a. 74; 
was 5 years in the revolutionary war; a judge of probate 18 years. 

HALL, Dr. Edmund H., of Auburn, N. Y. ; d. April 28, 1871; b. 
in Keene, N. H., Feb. 28, 1821 ; educated at Keene ; grad. at the Har- 
vard Medical School ; settled at Hoosick, N. Y. ; in 1858 in Auburn 
where he took charge as medical superintendent of the asylum for insane 
convicts. {Transactions N. Y. State Med. Soc, 1872, p. 333.) 


186 American Biographical Notes. 

HALL, John, d. at Perrysburgh, Ohio, Jan., 1840; native of Con- 
necticut ; lieutenant in the revolution. 

HALL, John B., editor and proprietor of the CatsJrill Recorder ; d. at 
Catskill, Oct. 1, 1874, a. 47 ; served in the constitutional commission of 
1872-3, in place of Wm. Cassidy, deceased. 

HALL, Joseph, grad. at Harvard in 1781 ; formerly judge of probate 
in Suffolk co. ; d. April 14, 1848, a. 87. 

HALL, Lancelot, a lieut. in the English army in the French war; 
became lieutenant May 28, 1768; capt. Aug. 31, 1770; left the 55th 
regt. in 1783. 

HALL, Lot, was b. in Yarmouth, Mass., in 1757, enlisted in May, 
1775, in the naval service of S. C. ; became a lieut., captured a vessel, and 
attempted to reach home with the prize; the prisoners mutinied, took 
command and sailed to Glasgow; he was discharged in 1777, attempted 
to return, was captured but exchanged and reached Phila., in Jan., 1778 ; 
he studied law, moved to Vermont in 1782, and settled in Westminster. 
He was several years in gen. assembly, a presidential elector in 1792, and 
in 1800 he was constituted a fellow of Middlebury Coll. From 1794 to 
1801 he was a judge of the supreme court. He d. May 17, 1809 ; his 
widow survived till Feb. 21, 1843. {Ball's Eastern Vermont, p. 658.) 

HALL Dr. Marshall, a physician of eminence who visited the United 
States in 1853-4, and published a little work entitled, The Two-fold 
Slavery of the United States ; he d. at Brighton, Eng., Aug. 4, 1857. 

HALL, Nathan K., formerly m. a, p. m. gen., and for many years 
before his death, judge of the U. S. district court for the northern dist. 
of N. Y., d. at Buffalo, March, 1874. 

HALL, Maj. Nathaniel Nye, a gallant officer in the war of 1812, 
and 15, aid to Gen. Gaines at the attack on Fort Erie; he d. in New 
York, May 2, 1850. (Striker's Am. Reg., iv, 463). 

HALL, Primus (colored) a revolutionary pensioner, d. in Boston, 
March 22, 1842, a. 84 ; he was fond of relating revolutionary incidents 
and had been attached to the quartermaster general's department. 

HALL, Richard, d. at Francestown, N. H., Oct. 18, 1834, a. 92. 

HALL, Dr. Thomas H., d. at Tarborough, N. C, June 30, 1853, a. 
80 ; was in congress from the 3d dist. of N. C, from 1817 to 1825, and 
from 1827 to 1835. 

HALLET, Samuel, was in 1782, a capt. in DeLancey's 2d battalion 
of loyalists; he retired on half pay in 1783, settled in St. John, N. B., 
and drew a city lot. In 1792 he was a vestryman of the Episcopal church 
and d. before 1804. 

HALLET, George, d. in Roxbury, Mass., Sept. 13, 1847; a. 64; was 
an eminent merchant of Boston. 

HALLET, Daniel, was in 1782, a lieut. in DeLancey's 2d battalion 
of loyalists ; he went to St. John, N. B., where he was a grantee ; he d. 
in York co., N. B., in 1827, a. 76. 

HALLET, Col. William R., of Mobile, Ala.; d. in New York city, 
June 5, 1860; was nearly thirty years president of the Bank of Mobile, 
and a successful merchant and banker. 

American Biographical Notes. 187 

HALLETT, Benjamin, was b. in 1760 ; served 3 years on board the 
Frigate Dean and in the land forces, and was a member of the legislature 
and magistrate ; he d. at Barnstable, Mass., Jan. 14, 1850. (Striker's 
Am. Beg., iv, 443). 

HALLETT, Stephen, b. in Salisbury, N. Y., in 1787 ; son of Maj. 
Jonathan H., of the revolution; in 1820 he settled in Fairfield, N. Y., as 
a merchant ; in 1821, he became sheriff of Herkimer, and held till 1826 ; 
he d. at Fairfield, Nov. 19, 1827, a. 40. (Benton s Herkimer Co. N. Y., 
p. 336.) 

HALLETT, "William Paxson, for several years clerk of the supreme 
court of New York ; d. in New York city, Oct. 26, 1848. 

HALLIBURTON, Rev. "William, was chaplain of the royals, from 
May 22, 1787, to March 27, 1765, and served in America. 

HALLO WAY, Ransom, of Beekman, Dutchess co., N. Y., a member 
of the 31st congress ; d. at Mount Pleasant, Prince George co., Md., April 
6, 1851. 

HALLO WELL, Benjamin, loyalist com'r of customs at Boston, Mass., 
was proscribed and banished in 1778 and included in the conspiracy act 
of 1779 ; he went to Halifax in 1776, and thence to England ; he after- 
wards settled in Canada, the township of Manchester, N. S., was granted 
to him, and a number of loyalists went there and settled. (Sabine's 

HALLO WELL, Joiin, settled at Darby, now Delaware co., Pa., in 
1682, from Nottinghamshire, Eng. 

HALLO WELL, John, a descendant of the above, b. in Philadelphia, 
Sept. 10, 1768; became a lawyer, and in 1815 a member of the house, in 
the state legislature ; was appointed to the court of com. pleas in .1820, and 
in 1825 became a judge of the district court, which office he held till 
November, 1832 ; he d. Jan. 7, 1839, having been some years afflicted 
with paralysis. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.} 

HALSTED, Job S., d. at Newton. N. J., April 13, 1844; was a 
member of the New Jersey bar for nearly fifty years. 

HALSTEAD, Oliver, law bookseller; d. at Moristown, N. J., July 
24, 1857. 

HAMBLETON, Samuel, senior purser in the U. S. navy; d. in Tal- 
bot co., Md., Jan. 18, 1851, a. 73 years; was purser on board the 
Lawrence in the battle of Lake Erie; served with Com. Perry at the last 
gun fired from that brig. ; was desperately wounded by a discharge which 
dismantled the gun and left the vessel powerless. 

HAMBLIN, Maj. Gen. Joseph E., late of the U. S. vols. ; d. at New 
York, July 4, 1870. 

HAMERSLEY, Dr. William, senior consulting physician at the 
New York Hospital ; formerly prof, of the theory and practice of physic in 
the College of Physicians and Surgeons ; d. in New York city, Feb. 8, 
1837, a. 72. 

HAMILTON, Archibald, of Queens co., N. Y. ; an active loyalist and 
aid-de-camp of Gen. Robertson ; in 1780, his house in Flushing was 
burned with its contents ; commanded the militia of Queens co., and had 
17 companies. (Sabine's Loyalists.} 

HAMILTON, Claude, actor ; d. at Washington, D. C, July 12, 1847. 

188 American Biographical Notes. 

HAMILTON, Cornelius S., member of congress for the 8th dist. of 
Ohio; killed by his son (a maniac), Dec. 22, 1867, a. about 50; had 
been several times in the legislature. 

HAMILTON, FREDERICK, became major of the 2d battalion of 1st 
Royals, March 7, 1757 ; served at Louisburgh in 1758, and against the 
Cherokees in 1760 ; retired from the army Nov. 24, 1776. 

HAMILTON, James, b. in Philadelphia; in 1741, became prothono- 
tary ; in 1747, lieut. gov. of Pennsylvania ; resigned in 1754 ; in 1759, 
being then in England, again accepted this office, and held till 1763, 
retaining, however, a place in the council. He d. soon after the revolution, 
at an advanced age. 

HAMILTON, John, of S. C. ; accepted a military appointment under 
the crown ; became lieut. col. of N. C. volunteers in the revolution ; his 
estate was confiscated in 1779. {Sabine's Loyalists.) 

HAMILTON, John, d. in Washington co., Penn., Aug. 31, 1837, a. 
84 ; formerly high sheriff of that county ; member of congress in 1805-7. 

HAMILTON, Louis M., capt. 7th U. S. cavalry, killed Nov. 31, 1868, 
in an engagement with Black Kettler's band of Cheyenne Indians ; was 
b. in N. Y. ; entered the army as 2d lieut., in 1862, and served through 
the war. 

HAMILTON, Paul, Sen., of Charleston, S. C. ; was banished in 1782, 
and his estate confiscated. 

HAMILTON, Willlam, b. in Philadelphia, and a man of great wealth ; 
he owned the site of the city of Lancaster and valuable property in and 
around Philadelphia ; was a botanist; in the revolution was suspected of 
disloyalty to the popular cause, and tried for treason, but acquitted ; he d. 
about 1824, at Woodlands, Philadelphia. (Simpson's Eminent Philadel- 
phians ; Sabine's Loyalists.') 

HAMILTON, Col. William S., youngest son of Alexander H., and 
four years old at his father's death ; grad. at West Point at the age of 21 ; 
went to Illinois; became a surveyor of public lands, and held various pub- 
lic offices ; removed to Wisconsin and thence to California ; d. in Sacra- 
mento, Aug. 7, 1850. 

HAMLIN, William D., b. in Conn, in 1805 ; about 1822 he removed 
to Utica, N. Y., and began business as a wagon maker; from small begin- 
nings he built up a large and lucrative business, and d. March 3d, 1873, 
leaving an ample estate ; was pres. of the Utica Water Works Co. ; vice 
pres. and director of the Second National Bank, of that city. 

HAMMEL, John, was a surgeon of the 3d battalion of N. J. volunteer 
loyalists in the revolution. 

HAMMIT, Rev. William, founder of the Primitive Methodists; of 
Irish birth ; was a Meth. Ep. preacher in the W. I. ; came to Charleston, 
S. C, in 1791 ; withdrew and founded a sect which he styled Primitive 
Methodists ; he died May, 14, 1803. (Lee's Hist. Meth., p. 206.) 

HAMMOND, Lieut. Benjamin, Pa. ; killed in the revolution, Feb. 20, 

HAMMOND, Samuel, son of Charles H., was b. in Richmond co., 
Va., Sept. 21, 1757 ; served against the Indians under the order of Grov. 
Dunmore, and in the revolution as captain, major and col. ; served actively 

American Biographical Notes. 189 

in the south, and evinced great bravery ; he resided several years in Savan- 
nah, which he represented in assembly, and was surveyor gen. of Ga., and 
state com'r ; in 1793 he commanded on the Indian frontiers ; in 1803-5 was 
in congress, and resided 20 y. in the territory of Missouri, where he was 
appointed to the legislative council in 1813, and became receiver of public 
moneys in 1815; he fell into habits of. speculation, became heavily in- 
volved in debt to the U. S. ; returned to Charleston and was arrested, but 
settled up ; he removed to Varellofarm, on Horse creek, 3 miles below 
Augusta, Ga. ; in 1827 he was elected surveyor gen. of S. C, and in 1831 
sec. of state, residing occasionally at Charleston and Columbia, until 1835 ; 
he then retired to Varello, and d. Sept. 11, 1812, a. 85. ( White's Hist. 
Ga., p. 624, with portrait.) 

HAMMOND, Rev. John, a native of England; b. about 1740; was 
in 1795 minister of the Baptist church of Schuyler, N. Y. ; he lived after- 
wards for the most part in Utica, and d. Aug., 1819 ; he was also a land 
surveyor, as were his sons Calvin, Worden and John D., all of whom were 
much employed in this capacity in New York and Ohio. 

HAMMONS, Joseph, member of congress from New Hampshire from 
1829 to 1833 ; d. at Farmington, N. H., April 1836. 

HANCOCK, Dr. R. C, d. in De Soto co., Mississippi, Feb. 1857, a. 
56 ; he had been for several years a representative in the state legislature. 

HAND, Capt. David, a soldier of the revolution ; d. at Sag Harbor, 
N. Y., Feb. 29, 1840, a. 81. 

HAND, John, a loyalist from N. J., settled in St. John, N. B., in 1783. 

HAND, Joseph W., d. in Washington, D. C, May 25, 1843, a. 52j 
chief clerk in the patent offi., b. in Madison, Conn., grad. at Yale, in 1813 # 

HANDY, Lieut. Levin, U. S. N. ; d. on board the U. S. frigate Con- 
stellation at Hong Kong, China, Sept., 1842, a. 29. 

HANFORD, Thomas, of Ct., was a loyalist, and settled in St. John, 
N. B., after the revolution; he there became an eminent merchant; and 
d. at St. John, in 1826, a. 73. 

HANNA, Gen. Robert, a member of the Indiana Constitutional Con- 
vention of 1846; d. at Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 19, 1858. 

HANNA, Rev. William, first presb. minister in Albany; educated 
at Dr. Finley's Acad., Nottingham, Md. ; attended at Princeton Coll., 
and in 1759, grad. at Kings Coll., N. Y. He was licensed to preach May 
28, 1760, and settled in Albany in 1762, and preached 5 y. ; he then 
went to Schenectady, and settled as a lawyer in May 1767 ; in 1772, he 
received holy orders from the bp. of London. (Doc. Hist. N. I 7 ., iv, 373.) 

HANSINFRANTS, Mrs. Catharine, d. in New York city, a. 102. 

HARALSON, Hugh A., b. in Greene co., Ga.. Nov. 13, 1805; grad. 
at the University of Georgia, in 1825 ; studied law and by special act was 
admitted to practice before of age, was many years in the Georgia legisla- 
ture ; was in congress from 1843 to 1851, and d. at his residence Oct., 

HARDEE, Gen. William J., of Selma, Ala.; d. Nov. 6, 1873, at 
Wytheville, Va. ; entered the military academy at West Point from Georgia 
in 1834, and joined the second dragoons in 1838. He attained the rank 
of captain in 1814, and was appointed major by brevet in March, 1847 

190 American Biographical Notes. 

for gallant conduct in the combat at Medelin, near Vera Cruz, during the 
Mexican war. He also behaved creditably at San Augustine and El Mo- 
lina del Key, and was rewarded with the rank of lieutenant colonel by 
brevet. His compilation of Infantry Tactics was adopted by the war de- 
partment for the United States regular army, and continued to be the 
standard authority until superceded during the war by that of Casey. At 
the outbreak of the civil war he went over to the confederates, and at- 
tained eventually command of one of the three corps forming Braggs's 
army of 45,000 men. His corps began the fighting at Stone river, and 
shared in the subsequent disasters which befell his commander's forces. 
During Sherman's campaign Gen. Hardee was driven, step by step, into 
Savannah, which he held at the head of 15,000 men, but promptly aban- 
doned just as Gen. Slocum was ready to attack' him. He retreated to 
Charleston, but finding himself flanked by the advance of the federal 
troops and the fall of Columbia, he caused the cotton warehouses and the 
arsenals to be fired, and hastily retreated. He finally joined the forces of 
Gen. Jo. Johnston, and surrendered with them. After the war Gen. 
Hardee lived in comparative retirement. He frankly accepted the results 
of the conflict, and labored to restore good feeling between the once 
hostile sections. — N. Y. Tribune. 

HARDEN, Samuel, d. at Baltimore, Md., Feb. 9, 1841, a. 65. 

HARDENBERGH, Rev". James Bruyn, d.d., d. at New York, Jan. 
22, 1870, a. 70; b. in New York state June 28, 1800; grad. at Union 
coll., and at the sem of the R. P. D. ch., at New Brunswick, and was 
pastor at New Brunswick; N. J. ; of Orchard st. ch., N. Y. city; at Rhine- 
beck, N. Y., and Phila. and at the Franklin st. church and mission church 
in N. Y. city. 

HARDENBURGH, Cornelius L., was a lawyer, and for several 
years prosecutor of the pleas for Somerset co., N. j", and in 1836-7, in 
the New Jersey legislature ; for more than forty years, he was a trustee 
of Rutgers Coll., and d. at New Brunswick, July 17, 1860, a. 70. 

HARDENBURGH, Jacob, d. in Albany April 29, 1874, a. 49. 

HARDIN, Benjamin, b. in Westmoreland co., Pa., and in congress 
from Kentucky from 1815 to 1817, from 1819 to 1823, and from 1833 
to 1837; d. at Bardstown, Ky., Sept. 24, 1852. 

HARDING, Fisher Ames, one of the editors of the Detroit Daily 
Advertiser, d. at Detroit, Mich., Aug. 4, 1846 ; he was b. in Dover, 
Mass., in 1811 ; grad. at Harvard in 1833, and settled at Chicago as a 
lawyer in 1835 ; in 1837 he went to Detroit, and formed a law partner- 
ship with Fletcher Webster; in 1841, he was elected to the state legis- 
lature, and the same year became associated with Morgan Bates in the 
Advertiser, with which he continued (with about a year interval) till his 

HARDING, William, went to St. John, N. B., in 1783 as a loyalist, 
and was a grantee of that city ; he d. there in 1818, a. 73. 

HARDMAN, Capt. John, Md., killed in the revolution Sept. 1, 1780. 

HARDY, Elias, a loyalist ; settled at St. John, N. B., and practiced 
law ; the traitor Arnold sued him for slander in saying that A. had burned 
his owu warehouse; was lined two shillings and six pence ; in 1792 was a 
member of the house of assembly; d. at St. John before 1890. 

American Biographical Notes. 191 

HARE, Edward, of Charleston, S. C. ; a loyalist; was banished, and 
in 1782 his estate was confiscated. 

HARE, Henry, a tory lieut. ; engaged with Brant and Johnson in 
the Mohawk valley in the revolution ; was seized and hung at Canajo- 
harie, N. Y., in 1779, while Gen. Jas. Clinton was stopping at that place 
on his way to join Sullivan's expedition. 

HARE, Michael, of Bedford co., Pa.; a loyalist; was ordered to 
stand trial for treason or suffer banishment and confiscation in 1778. 

HARKER, Joseph, member of the New Jersey legislature from the 
second dist. of Gloucester co. ; d. at Mullica Hill, N. J., Jan. 27, 1860. 

HARKNESS, Anthony, b. in Rhode Island in 1793 ; became a 
machinist at Paterson, N. J.; went to Cincinnati in 1820; established 
a shop for building engines, and afterwards locomotives, which business 
he continued till 1851, when he retired with a large fortune; d. in Cin- 
cinnati, 0., May 10, 1858. 

HARLAN, Carter B., sec. of state of Ohio ; d. at Philadelphia, Ohio, 
June 10, 1840. 

HARMANSON, John H., d. in New Orleans, La., Oct. 25, 1850, a. 
47; b. in Norfolk, Va., Jan., 1803; removed to Louisiana when 8 years 
old; became a lawyer, but finally a planter; entered the state senate in 
1844 ; in Nov., 1845, was elected to congress and again in 1847 and 1849 ; 
was actively engaged in securing land grants for levees on the banks of 
the Mississippi. 

HARMON, Elias, d. Sept. 18, 1851, in Mantua, ^Portage co., Ohio, a. 
78; b. in Connecticut ; removed to Ohio in 1799 ; settled on a farm in 
Mantua; was county treasurer in 1800; in the legislature in 1810, 11, 
12; associate judge for Portage co., for 21 years, attending every court 
but one during that period. 

HARPER, Col. Charles Carroll, d. near Paris, France, June 23, 
1837, in his 36th year ; was of Baltimore ; son of the late Robert Good- 
loe Harper ; late secretary of the American legation at Paris. 

HARPER, Francis J., elected to congress from Pennsylvania, but 
d. before taking his seat, March 18, 1837, a. 38. 

HARPER, John, a militia colonel of New York, in revolution, and a 
pioneer settler in Tryon co. ; d. at Harpersfield, Delaware co.. N. Y., Nov. 
20, 1811. 

HARPER, Joseph W., of the house of Harper Brothers; d. at 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 15, 1870, a. 70 ; b. at Newtown, N. Y., in 1801, 
served as an apprentice of his brother with whom he became a partner. 

HARPER, Kenton, editor of Stanton Spectator, d. in Stanton, Va., 
Dec. 25, 1867, a. 60 ; had been mayor and pres. of a bank, and member 
of the legislature, was agent in the Indian Territory under Fillmore, and 
in the late war commanded confederate militia at Harper's Ferry. 

HARRINGTON, Alfred W., d. at Chicago, Dec. 31, 1867, b. in 
N. C. ; had been a Methodist preacher, lawyer, legislator in Arkansas 
and judge in Texas ; in 1857, resumed law practice in Chicago. 

HARRINGTON, George N., well known as George N. Christy, 
Ethiopian comic vocalist ; d. in New York city, May 12, 1868, a. 40. 

192 American Biographical Notes. 

HARRINGTON, Isaac R., mayor of Buffalo, N. Y., in 1841, and 
since 1847 postmaster; d. in that city Aug. 10, 1851. 

HARRINGTON, Jonathan, d. in Lexington, Mass., March 26, 1854, 
a. 85 ; was afif'er for the Minute men who assembled at Lexington Green, 
April 19, 1775, and said to be the last survior of that battle. 

HARRIOT, Dr. Hampton, d. April 2, 1868, in New York city. 

HARRIS, Dr. Augustus, b. in Rensselaer co., July 17, 1776, son of 
Dr. Nicholas H., with whom he studied medicine ; he settled in Bethlehem, 
N. Y., in 1803, and in 1817, in Van Buren, N. Y., where he practiced 
till 1821. (Tr. N. Y. St. Med. Soc, 1857, p. 33; MunseU's Ann. Alb., 
ix, 97.) 

HARRIS, Charles, b. in Eng., educated in France, came to Ga., in 
1788, settled in Savannah and became eminent as a lawyer; he d. March 
17, 1827. 

HARRIS, Ezekiel. A soldier of the revolution, d. in Wilkes co., 
Ga., a. 71. 

HARRIS, Francis H., lieut. col. in the revolution, sou of Francis H., 
of Ga., was in college in England when the revolution began; returned, 
became capt. in the continental army, and soon after commanded a bat- 
tallion ; he was taken prisoner at Briar Creek, and served in the battles 
of Camden and Eutaw ; he d. in 1782, and was buried at the High hills of 
Santee. ( White's Hist. Ga., p. 365, with portrait.) 

HARRIS, Horatio J., U. S. dist. atty. for southern dist., of Mis- 
sissippi, and member of the city council of Vicksburgh ; d. in Newark, 
O., Oct. 25, 1859 ; he was formerly auditor of public accounts in the 
state of Indiana. 

HARRIS, Lieut. John, Conn., d. in the revolution, Dec. 7, 1777. 

HARRIS, Sampson W., d. in Washington, D.C., April 1, 1857, a. 
48. Since 1847 he had been a representative from the state of Alabama. 

HARRIS, Gen. W. P., d. at Gallatin. Miss., May 17, 1845, a. 50; 
formerly a receiver of public moneys at Columbus, Miss. ; and a mem- 
ber of the Mississippi legislature. 

HARRIS, William R., one the judges of the supreme court of Ten- 
nessee; d. June 26, 1858, at Memphis, Tenn. 

HARRIS, W. S., commander in the U. S. navy; drowned by the 
swamping of a boat on the bar of Tuspan, May 15, 1848. 

HARRISON, Albert G., d. at Fulton, Mo., Sept. 7, 1839; wasa 
member of congress; and was again elected to the 26th congress; b. in 
Kentucky; a lawyer by profession and had resided in Missouri the last 
twelve years. 

HARRISON, Charles, was a captain in the 2d battalion of N. J. 
volunteers (loyalists,) and after the revolution went to St. John, N. B., 
and drew a lot and half pay ; he was It. col. of militia in N. B.; he was 
a relative of President Harrison. 

HARRISON, Eliphalet Portkr, d. in Boston Oct. 7, 1856, a. 74 ; 
he was a native of Walpole, Mass., and for more than half a century a 
merchant ; prominent in the affairs of his town, and five years a represent- 
ative in the state legislature. 

American Biographical Notes. 193 

HARRISON, Lieut. James, Va., killed in the revolution, Oct. 7, 1777. 

HARRISON, James, a lieut. in the 2d battalion of N. J. loyalist 
Volun., and went to St. John, N. B., where he drew a lot in 1783. 

HARRISON, John and S., tories and captains of loyalist troops, in 
the state of South Carolina. 

HANDY, John Harrey, merchant of New Hartford and of Utica, 
N. Y. ; b. in Waterbury, Conn., Nov. 21, 1785; d. at Utica, July 12, 

HARRIS, Daniel, sergeant, Capt. Wni. B. Hamlin's co., killed in in- 
vasion of Niagara frontier, Dec. 30, 1813. 

HARRISON, Dr. J. P., a professor in the Ohio Medical Coll. ; d. at 

Cincinnati of cholera, Aug. 27, 1849. 

HARRISON, Lt. Montgomery P., a grandson of President Harrison, 
was shot by the Indians near the Colorado river, Texas, Oct. 7, 1849. 

HARRISON, Robert Monroe, U. S. consul at Kingston, Jamaica; 
d. May 24, 1858, a. 90 years ; he was a native of Virginia, and cousin of 
President Harrison. 

HARRISON, Thomas, d. at Greenville dist., S. C, July 21, 1837, a. 
47 ; lately comptroller general of South Carolina. 

HART, Eli, an enterprising merchant of New York city, and at times 
the largest holder of flour in the United States ; acquired an ample fortune 
and retired some two or three years before his death, which occurred Jan., 
1846, at the age of 65 years. 

HART, Eli, son of Thomas; was a prosperous merchant in New York 
city; d. in 1843. 

HART, Elisha, d. May 30, 1842, a. 83 ; at New Haven, Conn., 
formerly of Saybrook, Conn. 

HART, Ephraim, b. in Farmington, Dec. 27, 1774; in 1801 he 
succeeded his father as a merchant, but in 1817 removed to Utica where 
he continued in mercantile pursuits. During the years 1817-23, he re- 
presented his district in the state senate. Was a friend of DeWitt 
Clinton, and a firm supporter of the Erie canal ; director of Utica Bank 
from its organization ; he d. at St. Augustine, Fla., Feb. 14, 1839. 

HART, Dr. Erastus L., d. at Elmira, N. Y., Oct. 22, 1871, a. 84. 

HART, Levi, many years a judge of the county court of Lewis co., 
N. Y., and in 1818, a mem. of assembly ; d. in Turin, Dec. 30. 1834, a. 61. 

HART, Orson B., d. at Jacksonville, Fla., March 18, 1874; was ap- 
pointed associate justice of the supreme court of Florida by Gov. Reed in 
1868, and held that position until he became governor in 1873. He was 
the republican nominee for the latter office, and received at the election 
in November, 1872, 17.603 votes, against 16,004 for Bloxham, the 
democratic candidate. In his first message he urged the legislature to 
improve the election laws and adopt a sound financial policy. Lieut. Gov. 
Marcellus B. Stearns succeeded him by virtue of his office. 

HART, Roswell, son of Thomas, merchant at Rochester, N. Y. ; d. 
in 1824. 

HART, Stephen, a pioneer of Turin, N. Y. ; d. in that town Aug. 13, 
1857, a. 91. 


194 American Biographical Notes. 

HART, Thomas, a native of Farmington, Conn., he settled about 
1790 in Clinton, N. Y. ; was a farmer and merchant. County judge, 
1801-2; member of assembly 1806; d. about 1809. 

HART, Truman, son of Thomas ; was a lawyer ; lived at Palmyra, 
Wayne co., N. Y. ; was a member of assembly from Ontario county in 
1820-21 ; a state senator in 1826-9 ; d. in Palmyra, 1838. 

HARTMAN, John Adam, b. in Edenkoben, Germany, Sept. 1743; 
settled on the Upper Mohawk ; served through the revolution ; d. April 
5, 1836, in his 93d year. He was reputed an inveterate hater and killer of 
Indians. (Benton's Herkimer Co., p. 409.) 

HARTSHORN, Richard, d. near Rahway, N. J., Nov, 1836, a. 87; 
belonged to the society of Friends. 

HARTWELL, Maj. David, d. in West Bridgewater, Mass., April 
1, 1844, a. 89 ; served in the revolution ; was a pensioner. 

HARTWELL, Rev. Jesse, d.d., b. in New Marlborough, Mass., in 
1794; grad. at Brown U. in 1819; taught school; studied theology; 
preached and taught at the south ; in 1855, became president of Mt. 
Lebanon University; d. at Mt. Lebanon, La., Sept. 16, 1859, a. 65. 

H ARTWICK, Rev. John Christopher, a Lutheran, b. in Saxe Gotha, 
Jan. 6, 1714; pastor at Frederick, Md. ; chaplain in the revolution; 
missionary to the Palatines of Albany and Dutchess co. ; resided in New 
York, and at Rhinebeck ; became proprietor of a valuable tract of land in 
Otsego co., and was founder of Hartwick Seminary; d. July 16, 1796. 
(Hartwick Seminary Semi Centennial.} 

HARVEY, Henry L., formerly of Champion, N. Y., and of Water- 
town, N. Y., where he published the Watertown Register; afterwards 
published a paper at Erie, Pa. ; was last, a clerk in the navy department 
at Washington, D. C, where he d. Oct. 20, 1859, a. 55. 

HARVEY, Susanna, d. in Rhode Island, Aug. 17, 1859, a. 100 years. 

HARVEY, Sir Thomas (vice admiral in British navy) ; d. in Ber- 
muda, May 28, 1840, a. 65; was commander in chief in the West Indies 
and North America. 

HARVEY, William, a member of the Canadian parliament for East 
Elgin; d. at Aylmer, Canada, June 13, 1874. 

HARVIE, Jaquelin B., d. in Richmond, Va., Feb. 8, 1856, a. 67 ; 
had held various honorable stations in civil life, and at the time of his 
death, was major general of the 4th div. of Virginia militia. 

HASBROUCK, Dr. David, was son of Gen. Joseph Hasbrouck of 
Shawangunk, Ulster co., N. Y. ; he pursued his medical studies here and 
in N. Y., and in 1804 settled at Utica; there he practiced medicine and 
sold drugs until about 1815, when he returned to Ulster county ; he d. 
in Schenectady. 

HASBROUCK, Jonathan, descendant of a Huguenot settler of New 
Paltz, N. Y. ; removed to Newburgh in 1853 and at the beginning of the 
revolution was a militia colonel. (MnnselFs Hist. Series, v, 160.) 

HASBROUCK, Louis, first clerk of St. Lawrence co., N. Y.; b. at 
New Paltz, N. Y , Apr. 22, 1777, settled at Ogdensburgh as co. clerk in 
1802, and held till 1817 ; he d. Aug. 20, 1834, while holding the office 
of state senator. (Hough's Hist. St. Law. & Fr. Cos, p. 594.) 

American Biographical Notes. 195 

HASBROUCK, Dr. Moses Cantine, of Nyack, N. Y. ; b. in Marble- 
town, N. Y., Nov. 23, 1808, and d. Oct. 28, 1870. (Transac. N. Y. State 
Med. Soc. 1872, p. 354.) 

HASCALL, Asa, legislator and dist. atty ; from Essex co., Vt. ; 
settled at Malone, N. Y., in 1815, as a lawyer ; was in assembly in 1825, 
6, 35, 9, and dist. atty. of Franklin co. from 1818 till 1841; he d. at 
Malone Jan. 5, 1852, a. 66. {Hough's Hist. St. Law. & Fr. Cos, AT Y. 
p. 593.) 

HASELL, James, one of the council of N. C, advised prompt mea- 
sures against the whigs early in the revolution, and for a time acted as 
governor, being president of the council ; he was also temporarily chief 
justice of the colony. 

HASEY, Benjamin, oldest lawyer in Maine ; d. at Topsham, where 
he had lived 37 years ; March 24, 1851, a. 79 years ; was b. in Lebanon, 
York co., Me., July 5, 1771 ; and never married. 

HASSELBAUGH, Nicholas, first printer in Baltimore, Md. ; he 
was lost at sea, and in 1773, his printing materials were bought by Wm. 

HASSLER, Marianne, widow of F. R. Hassler, first supt. of U. S. 
coast survey ; d. at Miller's Place, Suffolk co., Feb. 25, 1858, a. 87 years. 

HASLETT, Capt. John, Del. ; killed in battle of Princeton, Jan. 
3, 1777. 

HASTINGS, C. C. P., d. at Mendon, Mass., Sept. 25, 1848. 

HASTINGS, Eurotas Parmelee, b. July 20, 1791 ; was a banker 
in Geneva, N. Y., and in Detroit, Mich. ; was president of the Bank of 
Michigan until its close ; was sometime auditor general of the state of 
Michigan ; d. June 1, 1866. 

HASTINGS, Maj. John, d. at Cambridge, Mass., Feb. 16, 1839, a. 
85 ; grad. at Harvard in 1772 ; entered the army as captain in 1775, and 
served during the whole war. 

HASTINGS, John, d. in Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 29, 1854 ; was in con- 
gress from Ohio, from 1839 to 1843. 

HASTINGS, Joseph Stacy, of N. H. ; grad. at Harvard in 1762; 
was ordained at North Hampton in 1767, and having embraced the San- 
demanian faith left the ministerial office in 1774. He went to Halifax in 
1776, but returned to Boston and kept a grocery; he d. in 1807, on a 
journey to Vt. 

HASTINGS, Orlando, b. March 7, 1789 ; was a lawyer of good stand- 
ing in Geneseo and in Rochester, N. Y. ; was dist. attorney of Livingston 
county in 1824, and member of assembly in 1853 ; d. March 19, 1861. 

HASTINGS, Setii, grad. at Harvard in 1782 ; was in congress from 
Mass., from 1801 to 1807, and d. in 1831. 

HASTINGS, Dr. Seth, b. Aug. 23, 1780 ; removed with his father's 
family from Washington, Litchfield co., Conn., to Clinton, N. Y., Feb., 
1797 ; practiced medicine in Clinton from 1801 to 1851, when he was dis- 
abled by a paralytic attack ; d. March 26, 1861. 

HASTINGS, Thomas, Dr. Music, b. Oct. 15, 1784; from 1806 or 7, 
he was a teacher of sacred music in Central New York; in 1817-18 he 
lived in Troy ; in 1823 he moved to Utica and was editor of the Western 

196 American Biographical Notes. 

Recorder ; thence in 1832 he removed to New York, where he d., May 
15, 1872; between the years 1819 and 1860 he published upwards of 
twenty collections of sacred music, besides editing 7 or 8 others ; of the 
600 hymns and versions of the psalms, which he composed, 200 are cur- 
rent in this country and in Great Britain ; he received the degree, Doctor 
Musicae, from New York University. 

HASTINGS, William Soden, d. at the Sulphur Springs, Va., June 
17, 1842 ; he was frequently in the Mass. legislature, and from 1837 to 
1842 in congress. (Am. Almanac, 1843, p. 315.) 

HATCH, Christopher, of Boston, was proscribed and banished as a 
tory in 1778, became a capt. in the loyal Am. regt., was wounded, retired 
upon half pay, drew a city lot and settled in St. John, N. B., and after- 
wards in St. Andrew, N. B., as a merchant; he was a magistrate and col. 
of militia, and d. in 1819, a. 70; his son Harrison Hatch, has been a 
prominent officer in N. B. (Saline's Loyalists.) 

HATCH, James Lewis, assist, ed'r of Charleston Mercury, b. in Ox- 
ford co., Me., grad. at Bowdoin Coll. in 1854, became a contributor for 
N. E. journals, went to S. C. for his health, was engaged upon the 
Standard, and in 1857 upon the Courier. He d. of yellow fever, at 
Charleston, S. C, Sept. 25, 1858. (Hist. Mag., ii, 348.) 

HATCH, Dea. Joel, of Marshfield, Mass.; d. April 5, 1849, a. 79. 

HATHAWAY, Benoni, revolutionary officer of New Jersey, led a 
company under Brig. Gen. Winds, in a night attack on Elizabethtown in 
Dec, 1777, was severely wounded but recovered; he d. at Newark, April 
19, 1823, in his 70th year. (Rogers's Am. Biog.) 

HATHAWAY, Jay, son of Joshua ; was for many years post master 
at Rome, N. Y. 

HATHAWAY, Joshua, b. in Suffield, Conn., Aug. 13, 1761; he was 
present with his father and brothers at the battle of Bennington. In 
1787 he grad. at Yale College. He became a lawyer and settled in Rome, 
N. Y., where in 1798, he was justice of the peace. He was surrogate 
during the years^ 1808-13, 1815-19, 1821-27, and judge of county court 
1821 and 1828-33. In the war of 1812, he was appointed quarter master 
general of the N. Y. state militia, and was in command at Sackett's Har- 
bor. He had the honor of removing the first shovelful of earth when 
ground was broken for the construction of the Erie canal July 4, 1817 ; 
he d. Dec. 8, 1836. 

HATHAWAY, Elnathan Pierce, grad. at Brown University in 1818, 
studied law, and was a member of the state legislature of Mass., and of 
the convention of 1853, for revising the constitution ; he d. Jan. 23, 1858, 
at Freetown, Mass. He was for some years commissionary of insolvency 
for Bristol county. 

HATHAWAY, Joshua, judge of the court of common pleas in the 
county of Oneida; d. at Rome, N. Y., Dec. 8, 1836. 

HAUN, Henry P. was a native of Scott co., Ky. ; and was admitted 
to the bar in 1839, was prosecuting attorney of Scott co., and in 1845 
removed to Iowa; in 1846 he was a member of the constitutional conven- 
tion of that state; in 1849, he emigrated to California, and became a 
county judge in 1850 ; he was appointed senator in place of Mr. Broderick, 
and d. at Marysville, Cal., May 6, 1860. 

American Biographical Notes. 197 

HAUVERMAN, Adam, d. in Antwerp, N. Y., Aug. 8, 1860, a. 102 ; 
b. in 1758, was a captive in Canada in his childhood. 

HAVEN, Jonathan Nicoll, member of the New York assembly 
from Suffolk co. from 178G to 1795, and in congress from 1795 to 1799, 
but d. before the end of his second term ; resided at Shelter island, N. Y. 

HAVILAND, Ebenezer, surgeon's mate, 2d N. Y. regiment; d. June 
28, 1781. 

HAVIS, Maj. Thomas, d. July 31, 1841, at Franklin co., Miss.; was 
formerly a member of legislature of that state. 

HAWES, Albert G., member of congress from Kentucky, from 1831 
to 1837; d. in Davis co., Ky., April 14, 1849. 

HAWES, Dr. Aylett, d. in Culpeper co., Va., Aug. 31, 1833, in his 
65th year; he was a noted philanthropist, and at his death manumitted 
all his slaves, 110 in number, and made provision for their removal to 

HAWES, Prince, an honorable merchant, of Boston ; d. Aug. 2, 1859, 
a. 69. 

HAWKINS, Joseph, settled in Henderson, N. Y., in 1810, was a 
prominent business man, and largely concerned in lake trade ; he was in 
congress in 1829-31, and d. April 20, 1832, a. 50. {Hough's Hist. Jeff. 
Co., N. Y, p. 43.) 

HAWKINS, Capt. Moses, Va., killed in the revolution at German- 
town, Oct. 4, 1777. 

HAWKINS, Nathan, revolutionary patriot of It. I., early entered the 
revolution at the head of a volunteer corps, served in several engagements, 
and settled at Charlestown, Mass., as a farmer, where he d. Oct. 3, 1817, 
in his 69th year. (Rogers's Am. Biog.) 

IIAWLEY, Jesse, d. at Lockport, N. Y., Jan. 10, 1842 ; one of the 
projectors of the Erie canal; a member of assembly from Genesee co., in 
1821, and for several years a collector of the port of Genesee. 

HAWLEY, Joel Edwin m.d., son of Rev. Stephen H., b. in 
Bethany, Ct, Sept. 14, 1S02 ; educated at West Point, studied medicine 
with Dr. Reed of Charlotte co., Va., and Dr. Ives of New Haven, and 
grad. at the Yale Med. School in 1829 ; he settled at Ithaca, N. Y., was 
elected prof, of surgery at Geneva, Dec. 1853, and held till April, 1855. 
He d. at Ithaca, Aug. 1, 1859, a. 57. (TV. N. Y. St. Med. Soc, 1860, 
p. 173.) 

HAYES, Catharine (see Bushnell, Mrs. William A.). 

HAYDEN, Chester, b. near Rome, Oneida co., N. Y., studied law iu 
Rome ; was member of assembly from Oswego county in 1825 ; removed 
to Utica, and was first judge of Oneida co., 1830-40, and again 1843-6 ; 
he removed to Saratoga, where he was connected with a law school, and 
afterwards to Cleveland Ohio; d. about 1868. 

HAYES, John E., d. Sept. 17, 1868, at Savannah ; proprietor of the 
Savannah Republican. 

HAYES, William R., U. S. consul at Barbadoes; d. at that place, 
July 13, 1852. 

198 American Biographical Notes. 

HAYNE, William E., d. in Charleston, S. C, Nov. 24, 1844; was a 
distinguished citizen, and had discharged the duties of several important 
offices, was a son of Mr. Hayne, martyr in the revolution. 

HAYNES, Aaron, d. in Princeton, Mass., Feb. 16, 1842, a. 83; he 
served in the revolutionary war. 

HAYNES, Col. Thomas, d. at Savannah, Ga., Jan. 5, 1842, a. 55; 
native of Va., but resident of Georgia from childhood ; was many years in 
the state legislature and state treasurer, in which last office he died. 

HAYS, Col. Andrew, d. at Jackson, Miss., Sept. 10, 1843, a, about 
60, an eminent lawyer, formerly of Tennessee. 

HAYWARD, Dr. Joshua Henshaw, son of Dr. Lemuel H.; was b. 
in Boston, Feb. 6, 1797 ; grad. at Harvard in 1818 ; studied medicine 
and visited Europe to complete his education. He soon left his profession, 
was for a time in the drug business, and afterwards a portrait painter; he 
d. in Boston, Dec. 2, 1856, a. 59. 

HAYWOOD, William H., d. in Raleigh, N. C, Oct. 5, 1852, was an 
eminent lawyer, and a senator in congress from 1843 to 1845. 

HAZARD, Benjamin, d. March, 1841, a. 69, at Newport, R. I., was 
an eminent lawyer, and for more than thirty years in succession a member 
of the legislature of Rhode Island, and for several years speaker ot the 

HAZARD, Nathaniel, b. in Newport, R. L, was in congress from 
1819 to 1821, and d. Dec. 17, 1820, a. 47. 

HAZELWOOD, John, of Phila., was employed to construct fire rafts 
for the defense of the Delaware, in^the revolution, with the rank of cap- 
tain ; he was sent to the Hudson on business relating to the obstruction 
of navigation ; he was raised to the rank of commodore Oct. 7, 1777, and 
rendered efficient aid at the attack on Ft. Mercer, Oct. 21, 1777 ; he was 
presented by congress with a sword. (MunseWs Hist. Series, v, 19.) 

HEARD, Stephen, acting governor of Georgia in the revolution, was 
an active revolutionary officer ; he had emigrated from Ireland to Va., 
during the French war and he served as captain under Washington in 
that war ; during a part of the time that Ga. was overrun by the British 
he was president of the executive council; he was chief justice of the 
superior court and a trustee of the acad., at Washington; Ga. ; he d. Nov. 
15, 1815. ( White's Hist. Ga., p. 212.) 

HEARNE, Edward L., ex-judge, d. Jan. 27, 1870, at Far Rockaway, 
N. Y., a. 65. 

HEATH, James P., b. in Delaware, Dec. 21, 1777, served in the war 
of 1812 ; in 1838, was wrecked on the steamer Pulaski ; was in congress 
from Maryland, from 1833 to 1835, and d. at Georgetown, D. C, June 
12, 1854. 

HEATH, Upton S., d. in Baltimore, Md., Feb. 21, 1852 ; judge of the 
U. S. district court of Maryland. 

HEATHCOTE, Caleb, son of Gilbert H., mayor of Chester, Eng., 
and brother of Sir Gilbert H., founder and 1st pres. of Bank of Eng., and 
Id. mayor of London, in 1711 ; he came to N. Y. in 1692, bought large 
tracts of land in Westchester co., which were erected March 21, 1701, 
into the manor of Scarsdale. He was judge of Westchester and col. of 

American Biographical Notes. 199 

militia, first mayor of Westchester, a councillor, and from 1715 to 1721, 
receiver general of customs for all North America ; he was many years 
vestryman of Trinity church ; he died in 1721. (Bolton's Hist. West- 
chester Co., ii, 102; Doc. Hist. N. Y., iv, 1039.) 

HEATON, David, member of congress from North Carolina, d. at 
Washington, D.C., June 25, 1870 ; b. in Hamilton, 0., March 10, 1823 ; 
became a lawyer, was in tma state senate of Ohio, and in 1847, removed 
to Minnesota, where he was three times elected to the state senate; 
was appointed third auditor of tbe treasury, but declined; became pres. 
of the National Bank at Newbern in the fall of 1865, was elected to 
congress in April, 186S, and reelected ; was a republican politician and 
author of the Platform adopted at Raleigh in 1867. 

HEDDEN, James, an active officer of the New Jersey militia, during 
the revolution; d. at Newark, N. J., May 18, 1838, a. 83. 

HEDGE, Barnabas, d. at Boston, Mass., July 12, 1840, a. 73; was 
a merchant of Plymouth, Mass., of wealth and eminence. 

HEENAN, John Carmel, pugilist ; d. of consumption in Wyoming 
Territory, Oct. 26, 1873; b. in West Troy, N. Y. in 1834; in 1849, 
went to California and there acquired the title of t! the Benecia boy " by 
which he was afterwards known in sporting circles; in 1858, was de- 
feated by John Morrissey at Long Point, Canada ; his great fight was 
with Tom Sayers in England, in 1860. 

HEILMAN, Julius F., brevet lieut. col. U. S. A. ; d. at Fort Duane, 
June 27, 1836. 

HEISTER, Gen. Gabriel, formerly surveyor gen. of Tennessee ; d. 
at Pittsburg, Pa., Sept. 14, 1834, a. 56. 

HEISTER, Isaac E., ex-member of congress, d. at Lancaster, Pa., 
Feb. 6, 1871 ; b. in Lancaster co ; grad. at Yale in 1842 ; admitted to 
the bar; deputy atty. gen. for Lancaster co. in 1848; in congress from 
1853 to 1855. 

HEISTER, William, d. Oct. 14, 1853, in Pennsylvania, a. 62; was 
for many years an active politician and leading antimason ; member of 
congress from 1831 to 1837 ; and a delegate in the constitutional conven- 

HELM, John, pioneer and surveyor, b. Nov. 29, 1761, in Prince 
William co., Va., son of Thomas H. ; the family settled at what is now 
Louisville, Ky., in 1780; and soon after at Elizabetbtown, Ky. He served 
with courage and success in the Indian wars, escaping many dangers ; and 
continued actively employed mostly as a surveyor through life ; he was 
many years surveyor of Washington co., and a local judge ; d. at Eliza- 
betbtown, Apr. 3, 1840, a. 51. (Griswold's Biog. Annual, 1841, 247.) 

HELME, Rouse J., a son of James Helme ; was elected dep. sec. to 
the gen. assem. of R. I. Oct. 1776 ; clerk of the council of war Feb. 1777 ; 
one of a committee to draft a form of government Sept., '77 ; and to other 
important committees in the war ; he was several times elected to the gen. 
assembly of R. I., from New Shoreham ; d. Oct. 13, 1789, in his 46th year. 
(W. Updike's Memoirs of the R. I. Bar, p. 110.) 

HELMS, William, an officer of the revolution ; member of congress 
from New Jersey from 1801 to 1811; removed to Tennessee, and d. at 
an advanced age. 

200 American Biographical Notes. 

HEMBEL, Dr. William, b. in Philadelphia, Sept. 24,1764; studied 
medicine and served in the medical department of the army; his favorite 
study was chemistry; he was pres. of the Academy of Natural Sciences, 
of Philadelphia, until he resigned in 1849; d. June 12, 1851, a. 87, 
a batchellor. 

HEMPHILL, Rev. Andrew, d. at Hereford, Md., Sept., 1837, a. 60 ; 
was an eminent Methodist minister. 

HENDERSON, Dr. Frederick B., b. Feb. 7, 1807 in New England ; 
studied medicine, and before he was of age, commenced practice in Floyd, 
Oneida co., N. Y. ; thence in 1833 he removed to Whitesboro, and was suc- 
cessful, both as a medical practitioner and in other business affairs ; was pre- 
sident of the bank of Whitestown ; d. July 1, 1863. 

HENDERSON, Gen. John, a lawyer by profession ; senator from 
Mississippi, from 1839 to 1845, and during the latter part of his life in 
the practice of law in Louisiana; d. at Pass Christian in 1857, a. 62. 

HENDERSON, Samuel J., a member of the bar; d. at Phila., June 
21, 1850. 

HENDERSON, Thomas, d. at the Virginia Military Institute, Aug. 
11, 1854, a. 85 ; Surgeon in the U. S. army, was well kuown as a practi- 
tioner of medicine in Washington and Georgetown, D. C, before entering 
the army in 1833. 

HENDRICKS, Capt. John, Penna., killed in the revolution, Dec. 
31, 1775. 

HENLEY, Maj. , aid to Gen. Heath; killed at Montressor'a 

Island, Sept. 24, 1776. 

HENNEGAN, Benjamin K., d. in Marion dist., S. C, Jan. 10, 1855, 
was lieut. gov. of S. C, in 1838, and on the death of Gov. Noble, in 
April, 1840, he became governor for the residue of the term ending in 
December of that year. 

HENNON, Alfred, a lawyer, d. at New Orleans, La., Jan. 25, 1870, 
a. 84. 

HENRY, Edward W., commander in U. S. navy; d. at Piedmont, 
N. Y., March 8, 1873. 

HENRY, Hugh II., U. S. marshal for Vermont; d. at Chester, Va., 
Dec. 18, 1869. 

HENRY, John Campbells, member of the governor's council under 
the old constitution and for many years judge of the orphan's court of 
Dorchester co., Md. ; d. near Cambridge, Md., April 1, 1857, a. 69. 

HENRY, Louis D., lawyer; and several times in the N. C. house of 
commons, of which he was one year the speaker; d. at Raleigh, N. C, 
June 12, 1846. a. 55 ; he was one of the com'rs to settle the claims of 
American citizens under the treaty with Spain, and in 1842, was democratic 
candidate for governor. 

HENRY, Thomas, of Beaver co., Pa.; d. July 27, 1849; was a 
representative from that district, for three successive congresses (1837- 
1843) ; b. in Ireland, and came in early childhood with his parents, and 
settled in the west in 1787. 

HENRY, a slave, d. in Woodford co., Ky., Oct. 24, 1846, a. 112. 

American Biographical Notes. 201 

HENSHAW, Joseph, revolutionary patriot, of Leicester ; grad. at Har- 
vard, in 1748 ; served in county convention and provincial congress and 
in 1775, was made col. but tailed to raise a regiment; he was employed 
in collecting military stores for the army for sometime; he d. in 1794. 
(Bradford's N. E. Biog.) 

HENTZ, Prof. Nicholas M , entomologist, of French birth was many 
years employed as a teacher, first with Geo. Bancroft at Northampton, 
Mass , and afterwards at Cincinnati, 0., and Chapel Hill, N. C, as prof, 
of belle-lettres ; he was early devoted to the study of natural history es- 
pecially to the crachnida and insects, concerning which he published several 
valuable papers ; he d. at the residence of his son Dr. Charles A. Hentz, 
at Marianna, Florida, Nov. 25, 1856; his wife, Mrs. Caroline Lee Hentz, 
was known in literature. (Am. Jour. Sci. & Arts, 2d ser., xxiii, 148.) 

HERBERT, Rev. Hardy, early Methodist preacher; b. in N. C, 
raised in S. C, preached 6 y. ; and d. Nov. 20, 1794, a. 25; he was a 
young man of genius and a pleasant speaker. (Lees Hist. Meth., p. 225.) 

HEREFORD, John, d. in Mason co., Va., June 13, 1846, in his 89th 
year; he was b. in Fairfax co., Va. ; was raised in Leesburg, Loudon co., 
and was many years a magistrate of that county ; he had served in the 
revolution and was adjutant under Col. John Alexander, of the Loudon 
militia, Col. Dabny of the Louisa militia, and Col. Geo. West, of the Lou- 
don militia, the latter serving at the siege of Yorktown. 

HERKIMER, John, son of George and nephew of Gen. Nicholas H., 
inherited the general's home estate and held it till about 1814 ; he was in 
assembly in 1800-4-6, and several years a judge of Montgomery and 
Herkimer cos, his residence having been set off in the town of Danube, 
in 1817 from the former to the latter. He was a major in Col. Mill's regt. 
in 1813, and served at the battle of Sackett's Harbor ; he was in earlier 
days a republican and afterwards anti-Clintonian ; in 1823-5, he was in 
congress ; he d. in Danube, N. Y., a. 73, leaving no male issue. (Ben- 
ton's Herkimer Co., N. Y., p. 170.) 

HERRICK, Anson, editor of N. Y- Sunday Atlas, b. in Lewiston, 
Me., in 1812; went to New York in 1836, and a partner in establishing 
the Atlas in 1836; was an alderman, naval store keeper, and in 1862, 
elected to congress; d. at N. Y., Feb. 6, 1868. 

HERRICK, Ebenezer, member of congress from Maine, from 1821 
to 1827 ; d. at Lewiston, Me., May 7, 1839. 

HERRICK, Mrs. Rachel, d. at Hopkinton, N. H., Jan., 1837, a. 103. 

HERRICK, Richard P., b. in 1791, and a member of congress from 
New York from' 1845 till his death, which occurred at Washington, June 
20, 1846. In 1839, he represented Rens. co., in the New York assembly. 

HERRICK, Samuel, b. in Dutchess co., N. Y., April 14, 1779; 
settled as a lawyer at Zanesville, O., and was appointed collector of taxes, 
and afterwards prosecuting attorney, and U. S. dist atty. ; was in congress 
from 1817 to 1821, and in 1829 again dist. atty.; d. Dec, 1851. 

HERRICK, Stephen, d. Nov. 3, 1841, at Randolph, Vt., a. 82, a revo- 
lutionary < soldier and a prisoner of war for nine months on board the 
memorable Jersey prison ship in New York harbor. He was a lineal de- 
scendant of Sir William Herrick, of Ball Manor England. 

HERSEY, Ebeh, d. at Hingham, Mass., a. 97, Dec. 27, 1836, 


202 American Biographical Notes. 

HESEY, Reuben, a soldier of the revolution ; d. at Hingham, Mass., 
Nov., 1845, a. 88 ; he was the 4th in descent from William H., who d. 
in Hingham, March 22, 1657-8, and his ancestors were of remarkable 
longevity ; his father d. at 82 ; his grandfather at 84, and his great grand- 
father at 81. 

HESTON, Edward, was an officer of the revolution, and at its close 
a lieut. colonel ; served for some years in the Pennsylvania legislature, and 
was a judge of the court of common pleas of Philadelphia ; for the last 
fifteen years of life, he was a farmer; d. in Hestonville, Philadelphia co., 
Pa, March 14, 1834, a. 79; of which about 60 were spent on the patri- 
monial estate. (Simpson's Eminent PhiladelpMans.^) 

HETH, Joyce, a blind negress, d. Feb. 22, 1836, very old, she had 
been exhibited by Mr. Barnum as the " nurse of Gen. Washington," but 
a post mortem examination showed that she was less than a hundred. 

HETZEL, Capt. Abraham B., assist quarter master U. S. A. ; d. 
at Louisville, Ky., July 20, 1847. 

HEWETT, Randall, a native of Canaan, Ct., at the age of 16 ; joined 
the army in 1776 and went on the expedition to Canada; he d. at Seneca 
Falls, N. Y., May 2, 1850, a. 90. 

HEWSON, John, a revolutionary patriot; d. at Philadelphia, Pa., 
Jan. 1, 1860; b. in England in 1756; was a calico printer. (Vincent's 
Semi An. Register, p. 5.) 

HIBB ARD, Harry, d. at Somerville, N. H., July 30, 1872. He was b. 
in Vermont, and grad. at Dartmouth Coll. in 1835. After having been 
successively assistant clerk and clerk of the house in the New Hampshire 
legislature, he was elected a member of the house, and was speaker in 
1844 and 1845. He was a member of the state senate from 1846 to 1849, 
officiating two years as president. In 1849, Mr. Hibbard, who was a 
democrat, was elected in the IV th cong. dist. of JSew Hampshire a re- 
presentative in congress by a large majority over his whig opponent, and 
served in all three terms. 

HICKCOX, Augustus, an early settler in Utica, N. Y-, and a capt. 
in the war of 1812-15 ; d. at Brooklyn, May 3, 1861. 

HICKEY, Thomas M., late judge of the circuit court of Kentucky ; 
d. at Lexington, Ky., Dec. 29, 1842 ; was a distinguished lawyer. 

HICKS, Capt. Samuel, d. at Warren, R. I., a. 88. He was an officer 
of the revolution. 

HICKS, Samuel, d. at New York, Oct. 12, 1837, was a member of 
the society of Friends, and a prominent merchant. 

HICKS, Zachariah, d. in Boston, Mass, May 11, 1842, a. 87; he 
was a revolutionary soldier and was once a representative in the state 

HIGBEE, Rev. Edward, of Trinity church, New York city ; d. Dec. 
L0, 1871. 

HIGBY, Amos, many years town clerk in Turin, Lewis co., N. Y.; 
resigned when he could be no longer unanimously elected ; and d. in that 
town, Feb. 17, 1858, a. 63. 

HIGBY, Bev. Jeremiah, d. in Turin, N. Y., Jan. 1850, a. 84; b. in 
Middletown ; formerly preached at Enfield, Conn. 

American Biographical Notes. 203 

HIGBY, Zaccheus, d. in , Illinois, Sept. 14, 1861, a. 98 ; he was 

a pioneer settler of West Turin, N. Y., where he spent most of his life. 

HIGGINS, John, a lieut. in the Mass. regt. in the Mexican war; and 
acting adjutant of that regiment on its return in 1848 ; d. at Boston, Mass., 
Feb. 17, 1850, a. 28 years. 

HIGiNBOTHAM, Sands, b. in Rensselaer co. in 1790; he removed 
with his parents to central New York ; his youth was passed in Utica as 
a student and a clerk; in 1810 he began as a merchant in Vernon ; and 
after a successful business of 24 years, moved to the site of the present 
village of Oneida; where he had previously purchased several hundred 
acres; shortly afterward the Syracuse and Utica 11. 11. company located 
their road through his farm and made there an important station; under 
his fostering care the place grew during his life-time to be a thriving and 
beautiful village. He was a man of high standing in his vicinity though 
he declined any political office; for thirty years he was a trustee of Ha- 
milton Coll.; his death took place in Sept., 1SG8. 

HILDEBRAND, Peter, d. at New Holland, Lancaster co., Pa., Nov. 
1832, a. 103 years. 

HILDRETH, Rev. Hosea, cor. sec. of the Massachusetts Tern. Soc. ; 
d. at Sterling, Mass., July 10, 1835; he was b. at Chelmsford, Mass., in 
1782; grad. at Harvard in 1805; was some years prof, of mathematics at 
Philip's Academy, Exeter, and 8 years Cong., minister at Gloucester. 

HILDRETH, William, a distinguished agriculturist; d. at Phelps, 
N. Y., Nov., 1839, a. 56. 

HILL, Isaac, was b. near Cambridge, Mass., April 6, 1788, and re- 
moved at the age of 10 to Ashburnham, Mass. ; in 1802 he was apprenticed 
to Joseph Carling of the Amherst Cabinet as a printer, and in 1809, 
he went to Concord and published the Am. Patriot, soon changed to 
the N. H. Patriot, a paper which long enjoyed an extensive patronage 
and great credit ; he was chosen to the N. H. legislature and served in 
both houses; he eutered the U. S. senate in 1831 ; in 1836 was chosen 
governor of New Hampshire and repeatedly reelected until 1839 when 
he retired to private life. In 1840, he was appointed by Van Buren sub- 
treasurer at Boston but was the next year removed by the whigs. He es- 
tablished Hill's N. H. Patriot with two of his sons, but in 1847 this 
was united with the old Patriot. During ten years he edited the Farm- 
er's Monthly Visitor. He d. at Washington, D. C, March 22, 1851, a. 
63 years. (iStryker's Am. Reg., vi., 220). 

HILL, Dr. John, d. in Wilmingtou, N. C, May 9, 1847, a. 51; presi- 
dent of the Bank of Cape Fear ; grad. at the University of North Carolina. 

HILL, Mark Langdon, d. in Phipsburg, Me., Nov. 26, 1842, in his 
71st year ; from 1792 to the end of life almost constantly in public office, 
was at various times in the two houses of the Mass. legislature ; a judge 
of com. pleas; member of congress from 1819 to 1821; post master at 
Phipsburg, Me. ; collector at Bath, and in various town and county 
offices; was an overseer of Bowdoin Coll., till 1821, when he became a 
trustee and during 49 years attended every meeting except one. {Am. 
Almanac, 1844, p. 312). 

204 American Biographical JSotes. 

HILL, Nicholas Jr., reporter to sup. court and court of errors in 
New York; b. in Florida, Montgomery co., N. Y., in 1805, and studied 
law ; he assisted Esek Cowen in preparing some of his Reports in sup. 
court and court of errors, and from Jan., 1841 to Dec, 1844, reported 
the decisions of that court, in 7 vols. ; he settled in Albany, and in 1843 
formed a partnership known as Hill, Cagger & Porter; he d. May 1, 
1859, a. 53. (Alb. M. Express, May 2, 1859 ; Memoir by a Committee 
of the Bar of New York City ; with Portrait.) 

HILL, Richard, b. in Maryland, bred a mariner and afterwards settled 
in Philadelphia; was 25 y. a member of the governor's couucil, several 
times speaker of assembly, and for several years first commissioner of pro- 
perty ; he was for the last 10 years of life a judge; was an influential 
member of the society of Friends, and a member of the Philadelphia city 
council in 1708, 9, and mayor iu 1710, 15, 10, 17; d. in Phila., Sept. 
9, 1729. 

HILL, Simon, a soldier of 1812, and one of the Marine corps; d. 
April 18, 1800. (Vincent's Semi. An. Register, p. 306). 

HILLARD, Capt. Miner, of Danby, Vermont, d. at that place Feb. 
28, 1846; a. 82 y. 11 mo. ; he was a revolutionary patriot. 

HILLARP, Rev. Timothy, b. at Kensington, N. H., graduated at 
Harvard in 1764, and was tutor from 1768 to 1771; he was ordained at 
Barnstable and in 1784 at Cambridge, over the 1st Cong, eh., and d. in 
1790. Several of his sermons were published. (Bradford's N E. Biog.) 

HILLARD, Timothy, grad. at Yale, in 1793 ; was several years rector 
of the Episcopal church in Portland, Me., and d. in Claremont, N. H., 
Jan. 2, 1842. 

HILLHOUSE, Augustus Lucas, son of James H., of New Haven, 
grad. at Yale in 1810 ; soon went to Europe, and resided most of his life 
in retirement near Paris ; he was a scholar of uncommon endowments, 
and translated Michaux's great work on the forest trees of America; he 
d. March 14, 1859, a. 67. (Hist Mag., iii, 193 ; Am. Aim., 1860, p. 375.) 

HILLHOUSE, Mrs., of Wilke's co., Ga., upon the death of her 
husband in 1804, took charge of his paper, the Monitor and Impartial 
Observer, and conducted it several years; she was printer to the legis- 
lature of Ga. for a time. 

HILTON, Lieut. William, N. C ; killed in the revolution, July 15, 

HINCKLEY, Edward, of the Baltimore bar ; d. June 30, 1854, in 
Washington, D. C. 

HINCKLEY, Sylvanus, d. at Barnstable, Mass., Aug. 1, 1841, a. 94; 

was a revolutionary pensioner. 

HINDS, Gen. Thomas, a distinguished officer in the battle of New 
Orleans; b. about 1775; was iu congress from Mississippi, from 1828 to 
1831; d. in Jefferson co., Miss., Aug. 23, 1840. 

HINCKLEY, John Goddard, b. in Buckland, Mass., Aug. 27, 1809 ; 
grad at Hamilton in 1834 ; was one of the founders of the Westfield Acad- 
emy, and d. March 6, 1869. 

HINCKLEY, Rev. Orramel S., d. at Natchez, Miss., Sept. 13, 1837 ; 
prof, of languages in Oakland College; grad. at Dartmouth, in 1819. 

American Biographical Notes. 205 

HINDS, Rev. William Prescod, b. in Barbadoes, June 3, 1795; 
educated in England, was a minister in Barbadoes, and about 1834, settled 
in Phil. ; where he d. Jan. 23, 1859. ( Simpsons Eminent PhiladdpMans.') 

HINES, Richard, d. Nov. 10, 1851, at Raleigh, N. C, a. 58 j served 
his country both in the state and national councils. 

H IN MAN, Benjamin, a native of Southbury, Conn., served some 
years in the army of the revolution as capt., commissary, wagon master, 
and aid to Gen. Greene ; soon after the war he settled in Little Falls and 
afterwards near Trenton, whence in 1797, he removed to Utica, and d. 
April 7, 1821. 

HINMAN, Joel, ex-chief justice of Connecticut; d. at Cheshire, Conn., 
Feb. 21, 1870, a. 68. 

HINMAN, John Edward, b .at Little Falls, June 2, 1789 ; in the war 
of 1812, was qr. m. of the 134 militia; several years deputy sheriff of 
Oneida, co. ; in 1821, appointed sheriff, and elected in 1822, and 1828; 
in 1851, 1852 and 1854, he was mayor of Utica ; d. Aug. 12, 1873. 

HINMAN, Robinson S., d. in New HaveD, Conn., Nov. 10, 1843, a. 
42 ; clerk of the state senate, and of the superior and county courts ; gen- 
eral of a brigade of militia and judge of the court of probate for the dis- 
trict of New Haven. 

HIROSAWA, N. Kenzo, a young Japanese nobleman pursuing studies 
in the Polytechnic Institute Brooklyn ; d. April 9, 1873. {N. Y. Tribune 
s. w., April 15, 1873.) 

HITCHCOCK. Henry, president of the Alabama Life and Trust Com- 
pany ; d. at Mobile, Ala., of yellow fever, Aug. 11, 1839, a. 48. 

HITCHCOCK, Luke, a prominent citizen of Onedia, Madison co., N. 
Y., member of assembly in 1841 ; well known as a canal contractor and 
prominent politician, formerly of the democratic, and afterwards of the 
republican school; d. April 30, 1860. 

HITCHCOCK, Dr. Marcus, physician and druggist at Utica, from 
1803 to 1829, during which time he was also P. M. ; b. in New Haven, 
Conn., and d. at Terre Haute, Ind., where his latter years were passed. 

HOA, Albert, d. in New Orleans, La., Feb. 14, 1844, a. 38; pro- 
minent as a lawyer, and had served in the state councils. 

HOAG, Truman H., member of congress from Ohio; d. at Washing- 
ton, D. C, Feb., 3, 1870. 

HOBAN, James, U. S. dist. attorney for the dist. of Columbia ; d. at 
Washington, Jan. 19, 1846, a. 38 ; he was a native of Washington, and 
had raised himself by his talents to a place of distinction. 

HOBART, Nathaniel P., from 1836 to 1838, auditor general of 
Pennsylvania; d. at Pottstown, Pa.. July 3, 1860, a. 70. 

HOBBS, William, d. in North Berwick, Me., March 16, 1848, a. 81 ; 
for some twelve or fifteen years a member of the Massachusetts legi«lature, 
and also of the legislature of Maine after the separation ; was a delegate 
to the Maine convention of 1820. 

HOBSON, Julius A., an old citizen of Richmond, Va. ; 10 y. city 
collector, killed by the falling of the floor of the court of appeals in the 
Capitol building, April 20, 1870. ' 

206 American Biographical Notes. 

HOCKLEY, Col. G. W., a native of Pa., resided some time in Ten- 
nessee, and removed to Texas in 1835 ; he commanded the artillery and 
acted as Gen. Houston's aid, at the battle of San Jacinto ; was sec. of war 
under Houston, and sec. of the navy, under Lamar; in 1843 he went 
with Col. S. M. Williams to Mexico, on an unsuccessful mission. He d. at 
Corpus Christi, Texas, June 6, 1851. (Am. Almanac, 1852, p. 338.) 

HOCKNELL, John, early Shaker leader ; b. in Cheshire, Eng. ; joined 
the Methodists, became a follower of the Wardley's, and of Mother Ann, 
and d. Feb. 27, 1799, a. 76. (Evans's Shaker's Compendium, p. 181.) 

HODGE, Dr. Hugh L., d. in Philadelphia, Feb. 26, 1873; he was 
educated at Princeton College and the University of Pensylvania, and in 
1835 succeeded to the chair of Prof. Dewees at the latter institution, retain- 
ing it until 1863, when the burdens of age compelled him to resign. He 
wrote two medical works, and was a devoted and useful member of the 
Presbyterian church. 

HODGES, William D., d. at Richmond, Va., Feb. 26, 1840, a. 28; 
a member of the house of delegates. 

HOFFMAN, Dr. William, d. at West Farms, N, Y., March 16, 1833, 
a. 52. 

HOFFMAN, Col. William, of the army; d. at Corpus Christi, Texas, 
Nov. 26, 1845 ; he entered the army in 1813, and was "retained in 1815, 
serving with the army through life. 

HOGAN, ])r James, d. June 7, 1843, at Vicksburg, Miss.; b. in 
Ireland, and about 38 years old; resided sometime in Essex co., Va., 
where he taught school, and practiced medicine; removed to Washington, 
and was a reporter for the Telegraph; thence to Philadelphia, and when 
the plan of a Washington monument was started, he became an agent, to 
obtain subscriptions; settled in Vicksburg, and became an editor; was 
killed in the street, in a fight with D. W. Adams, one of the political 
party that Dr. Hogan had attacked. (Am. Almanac, 1844, p. 324.) 

HOGAN, Michael, founder of Hogansburg, N. Y., and formerly a 
merchant in New York ; d. at Washington, D. C, March 26, 1833, a. 68. 
He had for several years, held the office of consul for the U. S., at Valpa- 
raiso, Chili. 

HOGEDOOM, Henry, b. in Columbia co., N. Y. ; grad. at Yale, and 
was admitted to the bar in 1830, at Hudson, where he acquired an emi- 
nent position; he held the office of master in chancery, from 1831 ; was 
a county judge, and in 1831, member of assembly ; in 1857, was elected 
a justice of the supreme court, for the third judicial district, and was 
chosen to a second term, butd. before its close, at Hudson, N. Y., Sept., 1872. 

HOGG, Dr. Thomas T., a young physician; d. at Port Gibson, Miss., 
Aug. 28, 1840. 

HOGG, William, d. at Brownsville, Pa., Jan. 28, 1841, in his 86th 
year, leaving an estate, valued at a million ; more than fifty years before, 
he can*e to Brownsville, poor, and established himself in trade. 

HOLBIRD, William S., d. in Winsted, Conn., May 22, 1855; was a 
prominent lawyer of Litchfield co. U. S. attorney for Connecticut from 
1833 to 1840 ; and lieut. gov. of the state iu 1842-3. 

UOLBROOK, E. D., delegate from Idaho in congress; assassinated at 
Idaho city, June 18, 1870. 

American Biographical Notes. 207 

HOLBUOOK, Josiah, d. near Lynckburgh, Va., June, 17, 1854; a. 
about 65 ; b. in Derby, Conn. ; grad. at Yale in 1810, and devoted himself 
to the cause of popular education ; was very successful in diffusing among 
the young a love of mineralogy and geology, aud in establishing village 
lyceums ; prompting exchanges, and introducing school apparatus ; was 
killed by falliug into Black creek, while on a geological excursion. 

HOLBY, John M., of Lyons, N. Y., a member of the 30th congress; 
d. at Florida, March, 1848. 

HOLDEN, Levi, revolutionary officer, served through the war, during 
3 years of which he was an officer in Washington's Life Guard and lived in 
his family; he d. at Newark, N. J., April 19, 1823, in his 70th year. 
(Rogers's Am. Biog^) 

HOLE-IN-THE-DAY, a Chippewa chief, assassinated June 29, 1S68 ; 
he owned a large amount of property in Minn, (estimated at $2,000,000), 
and resided at Crow-Wing. During the Indian war of 1861-3, he exerted 
his influeuce to preserve the peace, and with some success. 

HOLGATE, Jacob, b. June 10, 1767 ; d. Sept. 18, 1832, in Phila- 
delphia ; was several years in the state legislature, and an influential re- 
publican politician of the old school ; was democratic candidate for go- 
vernor of Penn., but not elected. (Simpson' s Eminent Philadelphians.') 

HOLLAND, Cornelius, member of congress from 1831 to 1833; d. 
at Lewiston, Me., June 3, 1870, a. 87; was a member of the constitutional 
convention of 1820 ; several years in the state legislature ; and in 1831-3 
in congress. 

HOLLAND, Park, d. in Bangor, Me., May 22, 1844, a. 91 j was an 
officer of the revolution and a pioneer in the settlement of Eastern Maine. 

HOLLAND, Capt. Thomas, Del., killed at Germantown, Oct. 4,1777. 

HOLLAND, Dr. William, formerly editor of the N~. Y. Standard, and 
of the N. Y. Times ; d. at Washington, D. C, Nov. 1839. 

HOLLEY, John M., d. at Jacksonville, Fla., March 8, 1848 ; member 
of 30th congress from the Seneca and Wayne district, N. Y. 

HOLLEY, Myron, canal commissioner in N. Y., b. in Salisbury, Ct., 
Apr. 29, 1779 ; was in the N. Y. assembly in 1816, and 1821 ; was canal 
com'r from 1816 to his death Mar. 4, 1841, at Rochester, and gave his 
personal attention to the construction of several canals. A monument 
was erected over his grave June 13, 1844, by admirers of his anti-slavery 

HOLLIDAY, Lieut. James, Penna. ; killed in the revolution at 
Brandywine, Sept. 11, 1777. 

HOLLINGSWORTH, Henry, son of Valentine, one of the first settlers 
under Penn. in 1682, assisted in surveying the city of Philadelphia; in 
1695, he represented Newcastle co. in assembly, and was sheriff" of Chester 
county. Afterwards was deputy master of the rolls, and prothonotary of 
the court of common pleas. He removed to Maryland, settled at Elkton, 
and was a surveyor of Cecil county, under Lord Baltimore. 

HOLLINGSWORTH, Levi, b. in Elkton, Bid., Nov. 29, 1739 ; and 
d. in Philadelphia, Pa., Blarch 24, 1824, was an enterprising merchant, 
and prominent in public affairs. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphia «s.) 

208 American Biographical Notes. 

HOLLINGSWORTH, Valentine, one of William Penn's emigrants 
in 1682 ; was a member of assembly, for Newcastle co., in 1083, and 
several succeeding years, and one of the first grand jurors empaneled in 
the province. 

HOLLINGSWORTH, Zebulon, pres. of the court of Cecil co., Mary- 
land, and one of the nine magistrates of that county, in colonial times. 
He d. at Elkton, Md., where his father Henry, was one of the first settlers. 

HOLLISTER, Frederick, merchant and manufacturer at Utica ; b. 
in Berkshire co., Mass., about 1810, went to Utica from Buffalo in 1831, 
at first as a clerk, but soon as a partner in a wholesale drug and grocery 
store. Enlarging his operations, he bought and built cotton factories at 
Checkerville and Clayville, and expended at the two places over a million 
of dollars. Was endowed with wonderful enterprise, but his failure was 
as signal as his enterprise was great, his obligations amounting to $1,800,000. 
d. in New York, Dec. 16, 1863, where he was living as a broker. 

HOLM AN, Gen. Silas, d. at Bolton, Mass., May 1847, a. 86, was 
connected with the state legislature twenty or thirty years, as a member 
of the house, or of the senate. 

HOLMES, Abraham, d. at Rochester, Mass., Sept., 1839, a. 86; one 
of the last three survivors of the delegates of the Massachusetts conven- 
tion of 1788. 

HOLMES, David, surgeon, Conn., d. in the revolutionary service, 
March 20, 1779. 

HOLMES, Rev. Henry S., of the northern N. Y. conference, M. E. 
church, b. in Richland, N. Y., Mar. 10, 1829, and d. at Vienna, N. Y., 
Aug 18, 1872. {Northern Christian Advocate, Nov. 7, 1872.) 

HOLMES, Hopkins, editor of the Athens Banner, and a member of 
congress from Georgia from 1836 to 1839; d. at Columbus, Ga., March 
31, 1859, a. 59. 

HOLMES, James, was made a captain in the 27th or Inniskilling re- 
giment, Feb. 2, 1757, and acted as major of light infantry in 1759. In 
1760 he accompanied Gen. Haviland's expedition to Montreal. In 1771 
his name was dropped from the army lists. 

HOLMES, Owen, d. at Wilmington, N. O, June 6, 1840, in his 45th 
year, was an eminent lawyer, and active politician. 

HOLSEY, Robert D., masonic writer ; d. at New York, March 12, 
1870, a. 54. 

HOLT, David, settled in Herkimer co., in 1805 from Hudson, N. Y., 
and began printing a paper and continued several years. He was many 
years P.M. at Herkimer, a collector of direct tax, and a county judge. 
He published a paper at Herkimer and Little Falls, went to Albany and 
thence to Wisconsin. {Benton's Herkimer Co., JSf. Y., p. 321.) 

HOLT, John E., nearly 20 years mayor of Norfolk, Va. ; d. in that 
borough, Oct. 13, 1832. 

HONYMAN, James, a son of Rev. Jas. H., of Newport, was elected 
attorney general of R. I., in May, 1732, and annually until May, 1741. 
He then became king's atty., for Newport co., and a com'r for settling the 
boundary of Mass. In 1756, he was elected first senator and continued 
till 1764. He was soon after appointed by the crown, advocate gen. of 

American Biographical Notes. 209 

the court of vice admiralty in the colony which office he held till the re- 
volution, when he resigned his commission to the assembly. He d. at 
Newport, Jan. 15, 1778, a. 67, while the British held possession of the 
Island. ( W. Updike's Memoirs of the R. I. Bar, p. 27.) 

HOOD, Washington, capt. U. S. topographical engineer corps; d. 
at Bedford Springs, Pa., July 17, 1840, a. 33. 

HOOKER, Dr. Charles, of New Haven, Ct, d. March 19, 1863, a. 64. 

HOOKER, Edwards, b. in Farmington, Ct. ; grad. at Yale in 1835, 
studied law, but engaged in agriculture ; and rilled various civil offices in 
his native town, where he d. May 5, 1846, a. 61. 

HOOKER, Zibeon, d. at Newton, Mass., Dec, 1840 ; was in the revo- 
lution in which he became a lieutenant. 

HOOKS, Charles, b. in Bertie co., N. C. ; was many years in the 
state legislature and in congress in 1816-17; and in 1819-25, removed 
to Alabama, and d. in 1851. 

HOOPS, Adam, pioneer surveyor and settler at Hamilton, now Olean, 
N. Y. ; was from Philadelphia, and had served in the revolution ; he was 
unmarried; and d. in West Chester, Pa., in 1835 or 1836. (Turner's 
Phelps & Gorham Purchase, p. 243.) 

HOOVER, Jonah D., ex-marshall of the District of Columbia, d. at 
Washington, D. C, June 4, 1870, a. 48 ; was marshal under Pierce, and 
prominent in political affairs. 

HOPE, Rev. Matthew B., prof, at Princeton ; was appointed prof, 
of belles lettres in 1847 ; and d. Dec. 17, 1859. {Hist. Mag., iv, 61.) 

HOPES, Capt. Robert, Pa., killed at Brandywine, Sept. 11, 1777. 

HOPKINS, Benjamin F., member of congress; d. at Madison, Wis., 
Jan. 1, 1870; b. in Washington co., N. Y., April 22, 1829, went to Wis- 
consin; was private secretary to the governor, in 1856-7; in the state 
legislature in 1865 ; and state senate in 1862-3 ; was member of the 40th 
congress, and reelected. 

HOPKINS, Henry, settled at Herkimer, N. Y., at an early day in 
trade'; became sheriff in 1813, and held 2 years; was in assembly in 1816 ; 
he d. Nov., 1827 ; in politics he was republican. (Benton's Herkimer Co. 
JV. Y., p. 339.) 

HOPKINS, James D., d. at Portland, Me., June, 1840 ; an old and 
eminent lawyer. 

HOPKINS, James G., a lawyer of Ogdensburgh, N. Y. ; d. at Saratoga 
Springs, July 6, 1860, in his 60th year; was formerly county clerk of 
St. Lawrence co., and state senator in 1840-44. 

HOPKINS, Jesse, b. at Waterbury, Ct., 1766, evinced a taste for 
literature, and engaged in manufactures. After spending five years in 
the W. I. he became a land agent for Wm. Henderson in Jeff, co., and 
settled in 1805. He was visionary and unfortunate, and d. at Henderson, 
N. Y., a. 71. (Hough's Hist. Jeff. Co., N. Y, p. 432, with portrait.) 

HOPKINS, John, d. at New Market, N. H., July 3, 1842, a. 52 ; he 
was of Portsmouth, and had been recently inspector of customs at'that 


210 American Biographical Notes. 

HOPKINS, Joshua, d. in Orleans, Mass., March 19, 1842, a. 88; 
he had been a whaler on the coast of Greenland, in early life, and 
served in the revolutionary war. 

HOPKINS, Col. Mark, of Great Barringtou, Mass. ; d. at White 
Plains, N. Y., Oct. 26, 1776, a. 36. 

HOPKINS, Roswell, pioneer of Hopkinton, N. Y., and co. sec. state 
of Vt. ; b. at Amenia, N. Y., May, 1757. Served in the revolution, was 
ten years sec. state of Vt., settled in St. Law. co., N. Y., 1802. Was in 
assembly in 1810-1-2-3, and d. at Chazy, N. Y., Sept. 5, 1829, a. 73. 
(Hough's Hist. St. Law. and Fr. Cos. N. Y., p. 595.) 

HOPKINS, Samuel M., d. at Geneva, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1837, was an emi- 
nent lawyer ; grad. at Yale in 1791, and a member of congress in 1813-15. 

HOPKINS, Capt. Weigh, Sheldon's horse, killed in the revolution, 
July 15, 1779. 

HOPKINSON, Thomas, d. in Cambridge, Mass., Nov. 17, 1856, a. 
52 ; he was b. in New Sharon, Me., Aug. 25, 1804 ; grad. at Harvard, in 
1830, and settled as a lawyer in Lowell. He was chosen to each house 
of the legislature, and in 1848, was appointed judge of com. pleas but 
the next year resigned to become president of the Boston and Worcester 
R. R. which office he held till his death. He removed to Boston in 1849, 
and to Cambridge in 1855. In 1853, he was a member of the constitu- 
tional convention. (Am. Almanac, 1858, p. 348.) 

HOPOETHLEYOHOLO, a Creek chief, principal councillor of great 
influence and friendly to the U. S., in the troubles of 1836, in which he 
received the rank of colonel. He was opposed to emigration to the last. 
In 1834 or 5 he bought lands in Texas, but lost them through the jealousy 
of the Mexicans. ( White's Hist. Ga., p. 165, with portrait.) 

HOPPEL, John Adam, d. at Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 11, 1836, in his 
101st year. He was a native of New Jersey. 

HOPPER, Jasper, b. in New York city, June 10, 1770, entered the 
office of secretary of state as a clerk, at the age of 18, and in 1821 became 
deputy sec. state, and held till 1802, when he removed to Onondaga co., 
where he was county clerk from 1810 till 1818, was census marshal in 
1810, resided at Onondaga Hollow 19 ys., and d. at that place June 30, 
1848, a. 79. (Clarke's Onondaga, ii, 124, with a portrait.) 

HORN, Charles E., a musical composer d. at Boston, Mass., Oct. 
26, 1849, a. 63. 

HORNBECK, John W., d. at Allentown, Penna., Jan. 16, 1848, 
member of congress from Lehigh and Bucks dist., Pennsylvania. 

HORTON, Rev. Azariah, d. March 27, 1777, a. 62 ; b. at Southold, 
N. Y., was a missionary to the Indians of Long Island, removed to South 
Hanover, N. J., aud was 25 years pastor. (Prime's Hist. L. I., p. 104.) 

HORTON, Hiram, judge, agent, etc., b. at Springfield, Mass., re- 
moved to Brandon, Vt., was dep. sec. state of Vt., and in 1808 settled at 
Malone, N. Y., where he built mills, and held the offices of co. treasurer, 
1st judge, land agent, etc. He d. in 1834, a. 64. (Hough's Hist. St. 
Law. & Fr. Cos, N. Y, p. 596.) 

HORTON, Dr. William, distinguished for his researches in the 
science of mineralogy and assistant to Prof. L. C. Beck in the mineralo- 

American Biographical Notes. 211 

gical survey of New York. He d. at Craigville, Orange co., N. Y., in the 
spring of 1846. {Am. Jour. Sci. and Arts, 2d ser., i, 152.) 

HOSKINS, Charles, 1st lieut. 4th infantry, killed in battle of Mon- 
terey, Mex., Sept. 21, 1846, a. 33; b. in Edenton, N. C. ; grad. at West 
Point in 1836, and at once entered the army and joined a company in the 
Cherokee country. In 1839, removed to Port Gibson, Ark. ; went to 
Corpus Christi in 1845, and did good service in the battles of Palo Alto, 
and Resaca de la Palma. 

HOSMER, John, d. Oct. 5, 1780, on Long Island a merchant of N. Y. 

IIOSMER, Rufus, d. at Boston, Mass., Aug. 20, 1839, a. 61 ; was of 
Stow, Mass., a member of the Executive Council. 

IIOSMER, Dr. Timothy, b. in Hartford, Conn., in Sept., 1745, settled 
as a physician in Farmington, Conn., and was a surgeon in the revolution, 
settled in Avon, N. Y., in 1792, and d. there Nov. 29, 1815. {Tamer's 
Holland Purchase, p. 376.) 

HOTOHKIN, Rev. Beriah, b. in Guilford, Ct., March 27, 1752 (o. s.) 
learned the trade of a tanner and shoemaker; in 1780 removed to Corn- 
wall, Ct., studied theology and Aug. 17, 1785, was ordained and installed 
pastor of a Congregational church in Guilford. In 1789. he was settled at 
Greenville, Greene co., N. Y., where he remained till 1824, when he re- 
moved to western N. Y., preached at Wheeler and Pulteney, Steuben co., 
and in 1827 went to reside with a son at Prattsburgh where he d. Jan. 
^28, 1829. {Hotchkln's Western N. Y., p. 283). 

HOUGH, Rev. Alfred, son of Levi, b. in West Turin, N. Y., Feb. 
23, 1803, grad. at Yale in 1830, and at Audover in 1833 ; was ordained 
a Presbyterian minister and settled at Vernon Centre, N. Y. ; d. at 
Philadelphia, May 2, 1838, while attending General Synod. 

HOUGH, David, son of David H., b. in Norwich, Conn., March 13, 
1753, was a ship carpenter and employed in building the ships of Ar- 
nold's fleet on Lake Champlain, and the frigate Confederacy, at Nor- 
wich ; in 1778 settled in Lebanon, N. H. ; was many years in the state 
legislature; justice of the peace; col. of militia, and delegate in conven- 
tion for forming constitution. In July, 1798, was appointed a commissioner 
of valuation, and was in congress from New Hampshire in 1803-7; d. at 
Lebanon, N. H., April 18, 1831. 

HOUGH, Horatio Gates, physician, b. in Meriden, Ct., Jan. 5, 1778, 
removed with his parents to Southwick, Mass., in 1787, and in 1797, 
settled in Constableville, N. Y. ; early in 1805 he removed to Martins- 
burgh, N. Y., and d. Sept. 3, 1830 ; he was the first physician who settled 
in Lewis co. His widow, Mrs. Martha H., afterwards m. Judge Ichabod 
Parsons, of Denmark, N. Y., and d. in Martinsburgh, N. Y., Aug. 20, 
1874, a. nearly 87. 

HOUGH, John, sou of David; b. Dec. 28, 1757, in Bozrah, Conn., 
served in the revolution, and settled in his native town, where he was a 
justice of the peace, and col. of militia ; removed in 1816 to Unadilla, N. 
Y., and d. there Nov. 19, 1832. 

HOUGH, Rev. John, b. Aug. 17, 1783 ; son of Walter H., grad. at 
Middlebury Coll., Vt., and was a professor in that college 27 years; d. 
July 17, 1861, at Fort Wayne, Ind. 


212 American Biographical Notes. 

HOUGH, Eichardson Harman, b. in Warrensburg, N. Y., July 15, 
1806, settled as a farmer and lumber dealer (making a specialty of birdseye 
maple), at West Leyden, N. Y., was in assembly from Lewis co., in 1860; 
d. at West Leyden, Aug. 26, 1871. 

HOUGH, William, common ancestor of nearly all of this name of 
New England origin, was b. in Cheshire co., England, in 1619 emigrated in 
the party of Rev. Blinman, in 1640; settled first at Green's Harbor near 
Plymouth; then at Gloucester, Mass., and finally at New London, Conn., 
where he d. Aug. 10, 1683. 

HOUGH, William Jarvis, b. March 20, 1795, at Eaton, Madison 
CO., N. Y. ; settled as a lawyer in Cazenovia ; was in assembly in 1835-6, 
and in congress in 1845-7; removed to Syracuse, N. Y., and d. there 
Oct, 4, 1869. 

HOUGHTON, J. Dunbar, many years principal of an academy at 
Belleville, Jeff, co., N. Y., and at Oneida, N. Y. ; d. at Carthage, N. Y., 
Oct., 1874. 

HOUGHTON, Levi, for many years one of the wealthiest men, and 
most extensive ship owners, in Maine, aud an unostentatious, but liberal 
contributor to the various benevolent enterprises of his day ; d. at Bath, 
Me., Dec. 22, 1857, a. 74. 

HOUNSFIELD, Ezra, a Sheffield cutler; came toN. Y., about 1800, 
and became part owner of the town of Ilouusfield, N. Y., named from him ; 
d. about 1817 in the city of New York. 

HOUSE, Anson, a lawyer, of Rochester, N. Y. ; d. at that place, 
Aug. 15, 1864, a 75. 

HOUSE, James, brevet brig. gen. U. S. A., col. of the 4th artillery; 
d. at Georgetown, D. C, Nov. 17, 1834. 

HOUSED, Capt. William, served five years in the army, and was on 
the Canada frontier, where he was taken prisoner, and confined at Quebec; 
d. at Louisburgh, Pa., June 8, 1850, a. 61. (Stryker's Am. Reg., iv, 466.) 

HOUSTON, Dr. John A., d. in New York, Sept. 17, 1849, a. 33 ; 
formerly official reporter for the senate of the U. S., and at one time con- 
ductor of a medical periodical. 

HOUSTON, Robert, emigrated from Abbeville dist , S. C, to Knox 
co., Tenn., in 1790 ; was first sheriff of that co., and several years secre- 
tary of state; in the war of 1812, he was paymaster in East Tennessee; 
he d. April 2, 1834, in his 69th year. 

HOW, Rev. Thomas Y., b. in Princeton, N. J., grad. at Princeton 
in 1794; studied law, and was selected by Hamilton, as his mil. sec, in 
the expected war with France ; he made a tour with him, through N. E., 
and settled early at Brownville, N. Y. ; he returned to N. Y., practiced 
for a while, and became an Episcopal clergyman, but was prevented from 
continuing, by an incident, which caused much feeling at the time. He 
spent many years in lecturing, and d. at Brownville, N. Y., May 9, 1855, 
in his 79th year. 

HOWARD, Benjamin C, compiler of Howard's U. S. Supreme 
Court Reports, d. at Baltimore, Md., March 6, 1872, a. 81. 

HOWARD, Daniel, formerly a judge of the county court, d. at West 
Bridgewater, Mass., Aug. 1833, a. 85 years. 

American Biographical Notes. 213 

HOWARD, George, formerly governor of Maryland, d. in Anne 
Arundel co., Md., Aug. 2, 1846. 

HOWARD, James, an actor and vocalist ; d. in Philadelphia, Pa., 1848. 

HOWARD, John, d. in Fayette co., Ky., Nov. 1, 1834, a. 103. He 
served in the rev., aud was a member of the Presb. church over 80 years. 

HOWARD, John, d. in Springfield, Oct. 23, 1849, a. 58. 

HOWARD, Dr. Samuel L., d. at Princeton, N. J., Nov. 1, 1835, a. 48. 

HOWARD, Tilghman A., b. near Pickensville, S. C, Nov. 14, 1797. 
Removed to Tennessee ; became a lawyer, served in the legislature, aud 
was a Jackson elector at his first election, was in congress from Indiana, 
in 1839-41. Removed to Indiana; became U. S. dist. atty., and in 1844, 
became charge d'affaires to Texas. He d. iu that republic, Aug. 16, 1844. 

HOWARD, William, became adj. of the 17th Foot Dec. 12, 1746, 
capt. 2, 1756, served iu America in the French war, and left the army in 

HOWARD, Dr. Willtam of the U. S. topographical engineers, d. at 
Baltimore, Md., Aug. 25, 1834. 

HOWE, Gen. HEzekiah, d. at New Haven, Conn., May, 1838, a. 63 ; 
was a well known bookseller. 

HOWE, Joseph, lieut. gov. of Nova Scotia ; d. at Halifax, N. S., 
June 1, 1863, a. 68. 

HOWE, Rev. Samuel B., d d., for 30 y. pastor of the 1st Rcf. Prot. 
Dutch church, at New Brunswick, N. J. ; d. at that place, March 1, 1868, 
in his 79th year. 

HOWE, Solomon, surgeon, Coun. ; d. in the rev. service, June 10, 

HOWELL, Arthur, by trade a tanner and currier, and a prominent 
member of the society of Friends among whom he was a preacher ; d. Jan. 
26, 1816, in his 68th year. {Simpson s Eminent Philadelphians.) 

HOWELL, Nathaniel W., b. in Blooming Grove, Orange co., N. Y. ; 
grad. at Princeton in 1788, studied law at Goshen, N. Y., taught 3 y. at 
Wand's Bridge, Ulster co., N. Y., and was admitted to practice in the 
supreme court in May, 1794. In May, 1795, opened an office in Union, 
near Binghamton, N. Y., and in 1795, removed to Canandaigua, where 
he resided till his death and held many offices ; was assist, atty. gen. ; 
member of assembly in 1804, in congress from 1813 to 1815. and first 
judge of Ontario county from 1819 to 1833 ; d. at Canandaigua, Oct. 10, 
1851, a. 81. {Turner's Phelps and Gorham Purchase, p. 179.) 

HOWL AND, Benjamin, senator in congress from Rhode Island, from 
1804 to 1809; d. May, 1821. 

HOWLAND, Gardiner, G., d. Nov. 9, 1851, in New York. An 
eminent and successful merchant, and a useful and energetic member of 
the charitable institutions of his city. 

HOWLAND, Samuel S., d. in Rome, Italy, Feb. 9, 1853 ; senior 
partner in the house of Howland and Aspinwall, of New York. 

HOWLE, Dr. Thomas Parke, of Richmond, was a volunteer physician 
in the epidemic at Portsmouth, Va., iu the fall of 1855, and fell a victim 
to the disease. 

214 American Biographical Notes. 

HOWLEY, Richard, governor of Georgia ; was a lawyer ; was a mem- 
ber from Liberty co., in the legislature, and was elected gov., Jan. 4, 1780. 
When the state was overrun by the enemy, a council was held, and the 
state officers retreated to N. C, barely escaping capture on the way; in 
1780-1, he was in continental cong., and while there strenuously opposed 
a proposition for conceding Ga. to the British. ( White s Hist. Ga., p. 211.) 

HOX1E, Joseph, politician • d. at Westerly, R. I., Aug. 18, 1870, a. 75. 

HOXSIE, Stephen, d. at Leonardsville, N. Y., Oct. 6, 1836, in his 
102d year ; was of the society of Friends. 

HOYT, David P., b. in Banbury, Conn., Nov. 17, 1778; settled in 
Utica, as a tanner and currier, in 1803 ; was a man of enterprise ; mem- 
ber of assembly, 1819 ; d. June 3d, 1828. 

HOYT, Dolly E., missionary, b. in Danbury, Ct., Apr. 27, 1797; 
undertook a mission to the Osage nation, as a member of the Union Mis- 
sionary family, and d. on the Arkansas river, on her way thither, July 
20, 1820, a. 23. (Memoirs of D. E. II, Danbury, 1828, 18mo, pp. 108.) 

HOYT, John C, b. in Danbury, Conn. ; came to Utica, in 1798 ; was 
a merchant tailor, an active man and a participant in all the enterprises 
designed to improve the place ; he d., 1820. 

HOYT, John P., sergeant Capt. Warner's co. ; killed in invasion of 
Niagara frontier, Dec. 30, 1813. 

HUBBARD, David E., d. at Glastonbury, Conn., Feb. 20, 1860, a. 
63 ; was formerly much engaged in public affairs, and was a member of 
the constitutional convention of 1818. ( Vincent's Semi-An. Reg., p. 121.) 

HUBBARD, Rev. Henry Clarke, d. at South Kingston, R. I., May 
9, 1841, a. 73 ; was a Baptist minister, and d. suddenly in his pulpit. 

HUBBARD, Noadiah, the pioneer settler of Champion, and a promi- 
nent citizen of Jefferson co., N. Y. ; b. in Middletowu, N. Y., Oct. 11, 
1764 ; d. in Champion, June 12, 1859. (Hough's Hist. Jefferson Co.) 

HUBBARD, Rev. Robert, an early minister in Western N. Y. ; b. 
in Shelburne, Mass.; grad. at Williams Coll. in 1803, studied law, 
practiced a few years, and became a Presbyterian preacher. He settled 
in Allegany co., and d. at Canisteo, N. Y., May 24, 1840, a. 57. {Hotch- 
kin's Western N. ¥., p. 96.) 

HUBBARD, Thomas H., native of Connecticut, and grad. at Yale ; 
settled as a lawyer at Hamilton, N. Y., was a surrogate in Madison co., 
10 years, and in 1823, settled in Utica. He was in congress from 1817 
to 1819, and from 1821 to 1823. In 1812, 1844 and ^1852, he was a 
presidential elector. He d. in Utica, N. Y., May 22, 1857, a. 76. 

HUBBARD, Thomas Hill, son of Rev. Bela Hubbard of Trinity 
church, New Haven, Conn., in 1781, and grad. at Yale, in 1799; pursued 
legal studies with John Woodworth of Troy, and settled about 1804, in 
Hamilton, N. Y. He was the first surrogate of the county and served 
from 1806 to 1816. For two years thereafter he was prosecuting attorney 
of the district, composed of Madison, Oneida and Herkimer counties. In 
1821-3 he represented his district in congress. Receiving the appoint- 
ment of clerk of the court of chancery, he moved to Utica in 1823, and 
soon after received that of clerk of the supreme court. He was thrice 
elector of pre.-i. voting for Madison, Polk and Pierce. He d. May 21st, 

American Biographical Notes. 215 

HUBBELL, Ferdinand Wakeman, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., May 
4, 1801 ; was a prominent lawyer, and d. Aug., 1852. (Simpson's 
Eminem t Philadelphians.') 

HUBBELL, Frederick A., for twenty years a member of the Clinton 
county bar; d. at Champlaiu, N. Y., April 25, 1853. 

HUBERT, Jean Francois, ninth R. C. bp., of Quebec, b. at Quebec, 
Feb. 3, 1739, became priest, July 20, 1766, coadjutor Nov. 30, 1784 ; 
succeeded D'Esglis as bp. June 12, 1788, and resigned Sept. 1, 1797. 
He d. at Quebec, Oct. 17, 1797. (Liste Clvron. des Eveques et des 
Pritres du Canada.} 

HUBLEY, Edward B., d. in Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 23, 1856; was 
in congress from 1835 to 1839, was from New York, and in the assembly 
of that state in 1841. 

HUDSON, William, a Quaker and one of the first settlers of Phila- 
delphia, acquired a large property as a tanner, and dealer in real estate, 
and d. in 1742. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

HUDSON, William Henry, was b. in Prince Edward co , Va., in 
1808; grad. at Yale in 1827, and became a professor in a college in Va., 
in Lagrange co., Tenn., and in the University of Alabama. In 1841, 
he became a prof, of mathematics in the University of Mo., at Columbia, 
and held till 1856, when he was chosen president of this college ; d. June 
14, 1859, a. 52. 

HUFTY, Joseph, engraver and stationer; d. at Philadelphia, Pa., 
May, 13,1860. 

HUGER, Daniel Elliott, d. in Charleston, S. C, Aug., 1854 ; a 
distinguished citizen of South Carolina; was for half a century identified 
with the public service of his state, as a member of the legislature, senator, 
and from 1843 to 1846, senator in congress. 

HUGHES, Christopher, d, in Baltimore, Md., Sept. 18, 1849; was 
for many years in public life, as charge to Sweden, and afterwards as 
minister to Holland. 

HUGHES, Capt. Elias, d. near Utica, Licking co., Ohio, Feb. 22, 
1845, a. 90 ; took an active part in the Indian wars that harassed the 

new settlements of the west. 

HUGHES, George W., d. at West River, Md., Dec. 3, 1871 ; b. in 

1806; partly educated at West Point; served in the Mexican war, and 
remained an engineer officer ; was afterwards minister to the Hague ; pres. 
of the Northern Central R. R., and from 1861 to 1863 member of congress. 

HUGHES, Jeremiah, d. at Baltimore, Md., Nov. 27, 1848, a. 65; 
was many years editor of the Annapolis Republican ; printer to the state, 
and a member of the legislature ; after the death of Mr. Niles, he became 
the editor and proprietor of Niles's Register, which he conducted until 
within a few months of his death. 

HUGHES, Maj. Peter, a deserving officer of the revolution; com- 
manded at Ft. Schuyler for a time; d. at Cayuga, N. Y., Dec. 1816, a. 65. 

HUGHES, Sarah W., d, in Mississippi, July 16, 1859, a. 113 years. 

HUGUENIN, Gen. Daniel, d. in Kenosha, Wis., June 1874, a. 59 ; 
was an officer in the war of 1812, and from 1825 to 1827, a member of 

216 American Biographical Notes. 

congress from Oswego, N. Y. ; afterwards U. S. marshal for the territory 
of Wisconsin. 

HUIDEKOPER, Harm. John, d. in Meadville, Pa., May, 1854, a. 
78 ; b. in Holland, and at an early age entered the service of the Holland 
Land Co., which owned large landed estates, and had an office at Meadville, 
until he bought the company's interests in that part of the state. He was 
a man of wealth and education and the founder of a Theological Institute 
and Unitarian church at Meadville. 

HULBERT, Col. John W., b. on Alford, Mass., in 1775 ; grad. at 

Harvard iu 1795, was a lawyer at Pittsfield, Mass., and in 1805J was in 

the legislature. In 1814 was elected to congress, went to Auburn, N. 

Y., in 1817; was in assembly in 1825, and d. at Auburn, Oct. 19, 1831. 

, (Hall's Auburn, p. 573.) 

HULL, Dr. Amos G., settled in New Hartford, N. Y., as early as 1798. 
Continued in practice at New Hartford until 1812 and at Utica until 
1821, when he removed to New York. Was the first president of Oneida 
County Medical Society, of repute as a surgeon, and inventor of the 
hernial truss known by his name. 

HULL, Rev. Hope, b. in Md., in 1763, was admitted as a traveling 
minister in the Methodist Ch., in 1785, and went to Ga., in 1788. He 
drew crowded audiences and left deep impressions. He ceased to travel 
about 1796, established a classical school at Washington, Wilkes co., 
settled at Athens in 1803, and was one of the trustees of the State Uni- 
versity ; he d. Oct. 1, 1818; his son Asbury H., has held many offices, 
and Dr. Henry H., was a prof, in the university. (White's Hist. Ga., 
p. 393.) 

HULL, Dr. Laurens, of Angelica, N. Y. ; d. June 27, 1865, a. 86. 

HULL, Dr. Marshall, an eminent physician, visited the U. S. in 
1853-4, and lectured with success. He made many important discoveries 
in medicine, and d. in Brighton, Eng., Aug. 11, 1858, a. 67. 

HUME, Lieut. Alexander, S. C, killed in the attack on Savannah, 
Oct. 9, 1779. 

HUMPHREY, Charles, of Ithaca, N. Y., was in assem. in 1834-5-6 
and 42 and 1835-6, was speaker. He was afterwards clerk of the supreme 
court; he d. at Albany, N. Y., April 18, 1850, in his 59th year. (Striker's 
Am. Reg., iv, 458.) 

HUMPHREY, Isaac, was the first to make known the value of the 
gold discoveries in California ; b. in Ga., and a gold miner when the dis- 
coveries of nuggets at Sutter's mill were made he reported them as gold, 
the first authentic information that was received on the subject; d. at 
Victoria, Dec. 1, 1867. 

HUMPHREY, John, an original patentee of Mass., in 1628, and one 
of 1st board of assistants, came over in 1634, settled at Lynn. His wife was 
sister to the Earl of Lincoln and to Lady Arbella the wife of Isaac John- 
son. He was unfortunate in commercial speculation suffering in property 

and character. (Bradford's N. E. Biog. ; Young's Chron. Mass.,$. 106.) 
HUMPHREY, Micah, an early settler of Harrisburgh, N. Y., d. in 
that town, Nov. 16, 1847, a. 81. 

American Biographical Notes. 219 

them ; and in 1845, he resigned the office of district attorney, which he 
had held since 1832; in 1851, he was appointed clerk of the courts of 
Essex co. ; in 1853, was delegate in the state constitutional convention, 
and in 1854, mayor of Salem, He d. 1871. 

HUNTINGTON, George, judge of common pleas in 1798, and in 
assem. in 1810, '11, '12, '18, '20, and '21 ; collector of the Western Inland 
Navig. Co., from the opening of their work until the opening of the Erie 
canal. Agreed on all other matters, he and his brother were opposed in 
political sentiments, and both were candidates for the office of lieut. 
governor ; he d. Sept. 23d, 1841, in his 72d year. 

HUNTINGTON, Henry, b. in Norwich, Conn. ; removed with his 
brother George, to Rome, N. Y., before 1798; they became country 
merchants and each acquired a large property, Henry at the time of his 
death being the wealthiest man in the county; he had a high standing 
in community, and filled several important offices; was a member of the 
constitutional convention of 1801, and 1821 ; a member of the state senate 
1805-7, and of the council of appointment in 1806 ; presidential elector 
in 1808 ; and a member of assembly in 1816-17. From the year 1812 
until his death he was president of the Bank of Utica, going from Rome 
to Utica twice a week to attend to the affairs of the bank ; he was also one 
of the first board of trustees of Hamilton College. He d. Oct. 15, 1846, 
a. 80. 

HUNTINGTON, Hezekiah, d. in Middletown, Conn., May 27, 1842, 

a. 83 ; for many years attorney for the district court of Connecticut. 
HUNTINGTON, Samuel G, d. at Troy, N. Y., July 5, 1854; was 

from Middletown, Conn. ; removed to Waterford and practiced law, and 
afterwards settled in Troy; was a judge of com. pleas under Gov. De- 
Witt Clinton. 
'HUNTINGTON, William, a pioneer settler of Watertown, N. Y., 

b. in Tolland, Ct., removed to N. H., in 1785; and to Watertown in 
1804 ; d. May 11, 1842, a. 85. 

HUNTLING, Rev. Nathaniel, second Presb. pastor at East Hamp- 
ton, N. Y. ; d. Sept. 21, 1753, a. 80 or more. (Prime's Hist. L. I., p. 176.) 

HURD, Joseph, formerly of Charleston, Mass., an eminent merchant; 
d. in Portsmouth, N. H., Aug. 14, 1842, a. 89. 

HURD, Joseph, b. in Concord or Lincoln, Mass. ; grad. at Harvard 
in 1797, and became a merchant in this country and England; after 1812 
he settled on a farm, and was successfully employed in a patent for refin- 
ing sugar, which yielded him a large profit; he willed $5,000 to each of 
the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont aud Massachusetts, the 
income of which, was to be applied in promoting the manufacture and re- 
fining of sugar; d. in Maiden, Mass., March 19, 1857. 

HURLBURT, Kellogg, d. Oct. 19, 1847, a. 64 ; a distinguished citi- 
zen of Oneida co., N. Y., and a native of Richmond, Mass. 

HURLEY, Rev. Michael, d.d., an eminent Catholic clergyman; d. 
in Philadelphia, May 15, 1837, a 57. 

HUSON, Calvin, Jr., grad. at Geneva Coll., in 1845; studied law 
with Wm. H. Seward, at Auburn ; was admitted to practice in 1847, sett, at 
Rochester, and was dist. atty. for Monroe co., from 1857 to 1860 ; he was 
captured at Stone Bridge, taken prisoner to Richmond, and d. in Oct., 1861. 

220 American Biographical Notes. 

HUSSEY, Josiah. magistrate at Nantucket, Mass. ; d. Nov., 1839, a. 71. 

HUSTON, Capt. Alexander, Pa. ; killed at Brandywine, Sept. 
11, 1777. 

HUSTON, Eli, a distinguished lawyer; d. at Natchez, Miss., June 
13, 1835. 

HUSTON, Gen. Felix, native of Kentucky ; d. near Natchez, Miss., 
Feb. 25, 1857, a. 53 ; he went to Natchez about 1828, and began law 
practice with his brother Eli ; he was for a time in the Texas war of inde- 
pendence, but returned to La., and engaged in planting, taking little 
part in politics, except with his pen, with which he evinced eminent abilities. 

HUTCHINS, Solomon, d. at Wakefield, N. H., Aug. 3, 1846, a. 86 ; 
he was with John Paul Jones, on board the Bon Homme Richard in the 
action with the Serapis, and in other exploits of the revolution. 

HUTCHINS, Thomas, capt. 60th Royal regiment of foot, 1762, from 
New Jersey; engineer to Col. Bouquet's expedition against the Indians, 
on the Ohio, 1763, and Muskingum, 1764 ; conceived a plan for military 
settlements in the Indian country, 1765, with surveys, in sections of a 
mile square ; early in the revolution, a captain in the confederate service ; 
arrested in London, and his property confiscated in 1778 ; reached Charles- 
ton, S. C, and appointed geographer to the United States; 1786-7, exe- 
cuted the first surveys of public lands in the U. S., among hostile Indians 
in Ohio, next west of the Pa. line ; d. in office at Pittsburg, 1788 ; buried 
in the cemetery of the 1st Pres. church, with no stone or monument. The 
simple system of surveys into townships and sections, by north and south, 
and east and west lines, adopted in the surveys of the U. S. lands, and 
practiced to this time, had never been tried, and probably never thought 
of before. He was a man of genius, science, and patriotism. ((?. W.) 

HUTCHINSON, Anderson, formerly judge of the supreme court of 
the republic of Texas ; d. at Jackson, Miss., Dec. 31, 1852. 

HUTCHINSON, Andrew B., vocalist, son of Jesse H. of Milford, 
N. H., and one of a well known family of vocalists; d. at the Lunatic 
Asylum, S. Boston, Oct., 1860, a. 52. 

HUTCHINSON, Eli, of Catskill ; d. at Albany, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1842, 
a. 63 ; was a man of large wealth. 

HUTCHINSON, Holmes, an engineer in the construction of the Erie 
canal, and in the location and defining of numerous tracts of land in Central 
and Western N. Y. ; was active and influential in the construction of the 
Syracuse and Oswego rail road, and long its president ; b. in Columbus, 
0., Feb., 1695. His residence was in Utica, where he was many years 
director of the Bank of Utica, and where he d. Feb. 21, 1865, in his 
70th year. 

HUTCHINSON, Dr. James, b. in Wakefield township, Bucks co., 
Pa., Jan. 29, 1752, and fell a victim to the yellow fever in Philadelphia 
Sept. 5, 1793. He was partly educated in Europe ; was a surgeon in the 
revolution, and conspicuous for his talent and learning. (Simpson's 
Eminent Philadelphians, with portrait.) 

HUTCHINSON, Rev. Sylvester, d. at Hightstown, N. J., Dec, 
1840, a. 55 ; a. minister of the Methodist Episcopal church. 

American Biographical Notes. 221 

HUTCHINSON, Titus, grad. at Nassau Hall, N. J., in 1796, and 
for many years was an eminent lawyer of Vermont, and for several years 
chief justice of that state ; he d. at Woodstock, Vt., Aug. 24, 1857, a. 86. 

HUXFORD, William, d. in Brooks, Me., July 9, 1842, a. 87 ; was 
from Martha's Vineyard, and had lived in Oneida co., N. Y., but resided 
in Brooks, Me., for many years; in the revolution in the navy. 

HUYLER, John, ex member of congress, murdered at Hackensack, 
N. J., Jan. 9, 1870, a. 61. 

HYBART, Thomas L.,d. near Fayetteville, N. C, Jan. 1, 1847; was 
a member of the bar. 

HYDE, Dr. Williams of Stonington, Conn., an eminent physician; 
d. Sept. 25, 1873. 

IDE, Rev. George B., d.d., pastor of the First Baptist church in 
Springfield, Mass.; d. April 16, 1872, a. 66. 

IDE, Dr. W. E., d. in New York city, April 15, 1873. Dr. Ide re- 
sided in Columbus, 0., for over twenty years ; was a man of large resources, 
which he used with great benefaction, and of a masculine, cultured mind. 
He contributed much to the advancement of Columbus, by his public 
spirit, and to its social life by his genial disposition. He was b. in Kirby, 
Vermont, and was 57 years of age. 

IMLAY, William H., an enterprising and successful merchant; d. 
in Hartford, Ct., Sept. 4, 1858, a. 78. 

INCHES, Henderson, b. in Boston, Feb. 7, 1774; grad. at Harvard 
in 1792, and became an intelligent and successful merchant ; d. in Boston, 
Sept. 9, 1857, a. 83. 

INGE, Zebulon Montgomery Pike, lieut. 2d U. S. dragoons of 
Alabama, cadet in 1834, and made 2d It., July 1, 1838, and 1st It. May 
1, 1841 ; he fell at the battle of Resaca de la Palma, in a charge at the 
head of dragoons. (Thorpe's Army of the Rio Grande, p. 195.) 

INGERSOLL, John, clerk of the courts of the county of Hampden ; 
d. at Springfield, Mass., Dec. 26, 1840, a. 41. 

INGERSOLL, Capt. Jonathan, d. at Windsor, Vt., July, 1840, a. 
89, formerly of Salem, Mass. 

INGERSOLL, Ralph I., a prominent lawyer of New Haven ; d. Aug. 
26, 1872, a. 84, served in the state legislature many years ; was in con- 
gress from 1825 to 1833 ; at one time state attorney, and for two years 
minister to Russia. 

INGERSOLL, William J., d. at Mobile, Ala., Oct. 6, 1839, was 
cashier of the Bank of Mobile. 

INGLIS, Rt. Rev. John, bishop of Nova Scotia, d. in N. S., Oct. 27, 
1850 ; he was the son of the Rt. Rev. Charles Inglis first bp. of N. S., 
was educated at King's Coll., Windsor and consecrated in 1825 ; he was 
in his 73d year. (Stryker's Am. Reg., v, 187.) 

INGHAM, Miss Marietta, b. in Saybrook, Conn., in 1800 ; d. in 
LeRoy, N. Y., June, 1867. In 1835, she founded the Ingham Collegiate 
Institute which in 1857, received a university charter. (Regent's Report, 
1868, p. 708.) 

INGHAM, Samuel D., d. at Trenton, N. J., June 5, 1860, in his 81st 
year; b. in Buck's co., Pa., Sept. 16, 1779, became a lawyer, and in 

222 American Biographical Notes. 

1805-6-7, was elected to the legislature; was in congress from 1813 to 
1818, and from 1822 to 1829. When he was appointed secretary of the 
treasury, resigned with others of Jackson's cabinet. In 1856, he favored 
Fremont's election. 

INGRAH AM, Joseph W., a member of the board of education ; d. at 

Boston, Mass., Aug., 28, 1848. 

INMAN, William, land agent, b. in Somersetshire, Eng., and when 
young a clerk of Lord Pultney. Came to America in 1792, as agent of 
Patrick Colquhoun for the town of Leyden, and the Brantingham tract in 
Lewis co. ; lived many years in Whitestown, afterwards in N. Y., as a 
merchant and d. in Leyden, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1843, a. 81. His principal 
had cause to regret placing confidence in him. Henry I., the painter, 
John I., the editor and writer, and Win,, captain in the U. S. navy, 
were his sons. (Rough's Hist. Lewis Co. N. Y., p. 124.) 

ION, Jacob Bond, b. in South Carolina ; grad. at Yale in 1803, 
entered the army in 1811 and served till 1815. He was retained on the 
peace establishment, and was placed in charge of the fortifications at 
Charleston and Savannah. He was many years president of the state 
senate, a member of the convention of 1832, which passed the nullification 
ordinance ; he d. at Charleston, July 17, 1859, a. 77. 

IRELAND, William H., prominent politician, d. in N. Y., Aug. 1849. 

IRISH, George, judge of the first judicial district of Mississippi; d. 
at Port Gibson, Sept. 17, 1836, a. about 45. 

IRVIN, Samuel A., collector of internal revenue at Chicago; d. Oct. 
11, 1874, a. 50; b. in Gettysburg, Pa., in 1824; was a lawyer many years 
in Chicago ; corporation council four years. 

IRVING, Walter, d. at Natchez, Miss., July, 1839, a. about 67; 
native of Ireland, one of the longest residents at Natchez. 

IRVINE, Andrew, revolutionary officer of Irish birth, and brother of 
Gen. Wm. J. ; entered the army as It. marched with his br. to Canada, 
served under Wayne, and participated in movements prior to the massacre 
of Paoli, where he was wounded ; he served in the northern campaigns 
and at the South serving actively and honorably through the war ; he d. 
at Carlisle, Pa., May, 4, 1789. (Rogers's Am. Biog.') 

IRVINE, Gen. Callender, d. at Phila. Oct. 9, 1841, a. 67; com- 
missary general of purchases of the U. S. army. 

IRVINE, William W., representative in Ohio legislature, and judge 
of the supreme court of that state, for some years; was in congress from 
that state from 182£T to 1833 ; d. at Lancaster, 0., April, 1842. 

IRVING, Ebenezer, eldest brother who survived Washington I. ; d. 
at Sunnyside, Tarrytown, N. Y., Aug. 22, 1868; b. in 1775; was his 
brother's business agent. 

IRWIN, Col. Alexander J., receiver of the land office at Green 
Bay ; d. in Brown co., Wis., June 1847, a. 45 ; was an old resident of the 
territory, and for many years member of the legislative council. 

IRWIN, Douglass S., 1st lieut. 3d U. S. infantry; killed in battle 
of Monterey, Sept. 21, 1846; educated at West Point, and served in the 
Florida war. 

IRWIN, James, member of congress from S. C, in 1817-21; d. 
at Darlington, C. H., S. C, Oct. 1838. 

American Biographical Notes. 223 

IRWIN, William W., member of Congress from Pennsylvania from 
1841 to 1843 ; and charge" <T affaires to Denmark from 1843 to 1847 ; d. 
in Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 15, 1856. 

ITABORABY, Visconte de, prime minister of Brazil, d. at Rio 
Janeiro, Jan. 8, 1872, a. 68. 

IVES, Eli, m.d., prof, in Yale Medical School, New Haven ; b. in 
Windsor, Ct., in 1770; grad. at Yale in 1798, with honors; studied 
medicine and in 1802, was admitted to practice; in 1813, he became 
prof, of materia medica and botany in the Yale Med. Sch., in 1829, 
prof, of theory and practice, and in 1852, of materia medica and 
therapeutics, in 1853 he became emeritus prof. ; his death occurred 
Oct. 7, 1861, a. 84. (iV. 7. Eve. Post, Oct. 8, 1861.) 

IVES, John, an officer of the revolution, and pioneer settler of Turin, 
N. Y.; d. in that town, March 13, 1828, a. 66] his wife d. Feb. 12, 1841. 
(Hough's Hist. Lewis Co., p. 228.) 

IVES, Levi, father of the late Bishop Levi S. Ives, committed suicide 
by drowning in Turin, N. Y., June 19, 1815. 

IVES, Moses Brown, grad. at Brown Uni., in 1812; studied law at 
Litchfield, Ct., and became a merchant in Providence, R. I., where he d. 
Aug. 7, 1857, a. 63. He was an active promoter and liberal benefactor 
of learning, philanthropy and religion, and was for 35 years trustee of 
Brown University and for 32 years its treasurer. 

IVES, Dr. Titus, a pioneer of Watertown, Jeff, co., N. Y. ; d. Feb. 
12, 1847, a. 69. 

JACK, James, b. in Pa., settled in Charlotte, N. C, and took an 
active part in the revolution. He afterwards settled in Ga., and d. Jan. 
18, 1823 in Elbert co., Ga., a. 84. ( White's Hist. Ga., p. 447.) 

JACK, Samuel, a revolutionary soldier, d. in Wilkes co., Ga., a. 65 ; 
he was a col. of militia. 

JACKSON, Gen. C. M., ex-speaker of the house of representatives of 
Georgia; d. Feb. 26, 1860, at Augusta, Ga. 

JACKSON, Elizabeth Willing, sister of Richard Willing, and 
widow of Major Wm. Jackson, aid and sec. of Washington. He was chosen 
to deliver the funeral oration upon Washington at Phila., and many years 
conducted a daily paper. His wid. d. Aug. 5, 1858 in her 93d y. (Hist. 
Mag., ii, 283.) 

JACKSON, Col. Ephraim, Mass., killed in the revolution, Dec. 19, 

JACKSON, George W., son of Richard J., from Feb., 1836 to July, 
1838 was proprietor of the Providence Journal and marshal of R. I., 
under Fillmore ; he d. at Prov. Oct., 1860, a. 55. 

JACKSON, Isaac Rand, d. in Copenhagen, Denmark, July 27, 1843; 
charge d'affaires at the court of Denmark. 

JACKSON, Joseph W., d. at Savannah, Ga., Sept. 28, 1854 ; he was 
frequently a member of the city council, and had been a mayor ; was a 
member repeatedly of each house of the legislature, and was in congress 
from 1850 to 1853. 

JACKSON, Col. Philip, N. J.; killed at the battle of Long Island, 
Aug. 27, 1776. 

224 American Biographical Notes. 

JACKSON, Dr. Samuel, d. at Philadelphia, Pa., April 6, 1872, a. 85. 

JACOBS, Phebe Ann, a black woman ; d. at Brunswick, Me., March 
3, 1850, at an advanced age; she was remarkably honored at her funeral, 
by the attendance of many eminent persons, on account of her Christian 
virtues. {Stryker's Am. Reg., iv, 452.) 

JACQUES, Col. Samuel, a well known agriculturist; d. in Somer- 
ville, Mass., March 27, 1859, a. 82. 

JACQUETT, Maj. Peter, d. on the banks of the Christiana, in Dela- 
ware, Sept., 1834, in his 80th year; he was appointed, Jan., 1775, lieut. 
in the Delaware regiment, and was engaged in thirty battles of the war. 

JAMES, Amos, d. in Stephentown, Feb. 9, 1845, a. 84; was one of 
the party who captured Gen. Prescott on Rhode Island, and brought him 
over to the American camp. 

JAMES, John, revolutionary officer of S. C. ; b. in Ireland in 1732 ; 
came an infant with his parents, to S. C, and settled at what is now Kings- 
Tree, Williamsburg. In 1776, as captain of militia, he marched to the 
defense of Charleston ; he served nearly through the war, as major, and 
was reduced from comparative wealth to poverty; he retired to his farm, 
and d. in 1791. {Rogers's Am. Biog.~) 

JAMESON, George W., comedian ; d. at Yonkers, N. Y., Oct. 1868. 

JAMIESON, W. L., comedian, son of Geo. J., actor ; d. at New York, 
Nov. 9, 1868, in his 33d year. 

JANSEN, Henry, member of assembly from Sullivan and Ulster 
counties, New York in 1812, 1813, and delegate from these counties in 
the constitutional convention of 1821; d. suddenly in the hall of the 
Capitol, Sept. 14, 1821. 

JARNAGIN, Spencer, U. S. senator from Tennessee from 1845 to 
1847 ; d. at Memphis, Tenn., June 24, 1851 ; b. in Granger co., Tenn.; 
grad. at Greenville Coll. in 1813, and was admitted to the bar in 1817. 

JARRATT, Rev. Devereux, b. in New Kent co., Va., Jan., 1733, 
of obscure parents, received a slender education but by application ac- 
quired sufficient to teach in Albermarle co., Va. He studied Latin and 
in 1763, took orders in the Episcopal church, in England. While abroad 
he heard Wesley preach. After his return to Va., he gained celebrity 
as a preacher and spent part of his time in itinerant preaching, going 
hundreds of miles in every direction. He was in the habit of speaking 
in the open air, and was by some considered a Methodist, although he 
never broke off from the church of England. His sermons were published 
in several volumes. {Campbell's Va.~) 

JARVIS, Samuel, a loyalist from Stamford, Ct. ; d. Sept. 1, 1780, at 
New York city, a. 60 ; he was many years recorder in Stamford. About 
a year before his death he was stripped, and landed from a whale boat at 
Matinicook Point. {Riving ton' s Gazette, Sept. 6.) 

JARVIS, William, was b. in Boston ; became consul of U. S. at 
Lisbon in the time of Jefferson, and in 1810, returned and settled in Weth- 
ersfield, as a farmer. He did much to improve the growth of wool in the 
U. S., and imported from Spain over 3,500 fine wooled sheep; he d. at 
Wethersfield, Ct., Oct. 21, 1859, a. 89. 

American Biographical Notes. 225 

JARVIS, William C, of Charlestown, Mass.; d. atWeathersfield, Vt., 
Oct. 3, 1836; he was formerly speaker of the house of representatives of 

JEANDELL, Dr. William D., publisher and journalist; d. at Wil- 
mington, Del., Dec. 12, 1870, a. 52. 

JEM1SON, John. (See Dejihnondawehhoh.) 
. JEMISON, Mary, alias Dehhewamis, the white woman of the Gene- 
see ; b. on the voyage of her parents to America, in 1742 or 3. Her father's 
family was attacked by French and Indians in the spring of 1755, at 
Marsh Creek, Pa., was saved while the rest were murdered, and grew up 
among the Indians. She was twice m. and bore eight children, and lived 
many years at Gardeau reservation on the Genesee, containing 17,927 acres 
given to her at the council of Big Tree, by the chiefs. The Seneca reser- 
vations were sold in 1825, and in 1831, she removed to Buffalo creek, 
where she d. Sept. 19, 1833, a. 91. She witnessed many cruelties 
among the Indians, and only confessed her origin and history in old age; 
three daughters d. nearly at the same time in 1839, a. 69, 63, and 58, 
and one of her sons, was the murderer of another. (Life of 31. J. by 
Ja's E. Seaver, 4th ed., N. Y. and Auburn, 1856, pp. 312.) 

JENKINS, Charles J., b. in Beaufort dist., S. C, Jan. 6, 1805; 
settled in Jeff, co., Ga., in Jan., 1816; grad. at Union Coll., N. Y., in 
1822, studied law in Ga. and settled at Saundersville, Ga. In 1825 he 
removed to Augusta, and was elected to the assembly in 1830; in 1831, 
was elected atty. gen. of Ga., was again returned to the legislature iu 1836, 
and annually till 1852, except in 1842; iu 1810,3, 5, 7, he was speaker; 
in 1850, he was offered tlie post of sec. of the interior but declined; he 
was afterwards beaten in an election for governor 510 votes. 

JENKINS, Charles Montgomery, and Jenkins, Hiram Tuttle, 
sons of Timothy and his partners in the law. The former was b. Sept. 
21st, 1830. the latter April 8, 1833; they entered Hamilton College 
together, grad. in 1852, and were admitted to the bar in 1854; the health 
of the former began early to decline ; he spent the winter of 1855-6, in 
Nassau, New Providence, and d. the 21st Dec, following. Hiram T. 
was in 1859, elected district attorney of Oneida county, was reelected 
without opposition in 1862, and in 1865, was again elected, having been 
placed in nomination by both parties; he d. July 29, 1868. 

JENKINS, David T., col. 146 regt. N. Y. state vols., was the son of 
J. Whipple Jenkins, brother of Timothy ; he was educated at the Rens- 
selaer Institute in Troy, studied law, and was gaining repute in his profes- 
sion when the war commenced. He joined the 146th regt. as adjutant, and 
became successively major, lieut. col. and col. ; he was killed at the battle 
of the Wilderness, May 5, 1864. 

JENKINS, John J., d. near Port Tobacco, Md., Jan. 2, 1845, a. 57; 
judge of the orphan's court in Charles co. (Am Almanac, 1846, p. 327.) 

JENKINS, Timothy, was b. in Barre, Mass , in 1799; where he was 
educated to the law and admitted to the bar; he began practice at Oneida 
Castle, Oneida co., N. Y., whe^-e he resided the remainder of his life ; 
from 1810 to 1845, he held the office of district attorney for Oneida co. ; 
and he was elected to the 29th, 30th, and 32d congresses ; the republican 


226 American Biographical Notes. 

nomination for judge of the court of appeals was tendered to him with 
much unanimity, in 1857, and he received 175,325 votes for that office, 
while Mr. Denio his opponent received 196,016. He d. at Martinsburgh, 
N. Y., after a brief illness on the 29th of Dec, 1859; he had gone 
thither to attend court, and by a singular coincidence'd. at the place where 
nearly a year previous he narrowly escaped alive from a burning hotel ; 
he was distinguished for his sound learning, acute penetration and 
forensic abilities. (JV". Y. Eve. Post, Dec. 24, 1859 ; Hist. Mag., iv, 61 ; 
Alb. Eve. Jour., Dec. 27, 1859.) 

JENKS, Greenville T., of Brooklyn, a lawyer ; d. at Saratoga 
Springs, Aug. 14, 1870. 

JENNESS, Richard, ex-mayor of Portsmouth, N. H., d. Feb. 3, 
1872, a. 73. 

JENNINGS, Chester, b. in Connecticut, and for many years a suc- 
cessful hotel keeper in New York city ; d. at the Astor House, N. Y., 
Jan. 25, 1854; leaving his estate to his sister Mrs. Otis Warren, of Ley- 
den, N. Y. 

JP]NNINGS, Henry, founder of an immense estate in New Jersey ; 
came to America towards the close of the 17th century; and settled in 
Burlington, N. J. ; he d. in Phila. 1707, leaving a son Isaac, who left a 
son and four daughters ; the latter married Lippincott, Price, Flanagan 
and Burrough ; the estate early in this century was valued at forty millions. 
{Hist. Mag., i, 158.) 

JEROME, Rev. Charles, b. in Pompey, Onondaga co., N. Y., Jan. 
2d, 1815 ; grad. at Hamilton, in 1839 ; studied theology at Auburn and 
at New Haven ; spent twenty years of service in the ministry at Oxford 
Bergen, Ellicottville and Fenton, N. Y. ; in 1861 he removed to Clinton, 
and d. May 31, 1873. 

JEROME, Rev. William, b. in Burlington, Conn. ; d. Jan. 14, 1871, 
at Rome, N. Y., a. 61. {Northern New York Advocate, March 16, 1871.) 

JESSOP, Dr. Robert, formerly of Ireland, d. at Mount Erie, 111., 
Oct. 30, 1867, in his 67th year. 

JEWELL, Dr. Wilson, physician and author, d. at Philadelphia, 
Nov. 4, 1867', a. 67. 

JEWETT, Freeborn G., judge of the court of appeals, settled at 
Skaneateles, N. Y., about 1815, as a lawyer, became surrogate of Onon- 
daga co., Feb. 11, 1824, and held till 183L In 1826 he was in assembly, 
and in 1831-3 was in congress, but declined reelection, and March 5, 
1845, he was appointed a puisne justice of the supreme court, and held 
about two years. In 1847 he was elected judge of the court of appeals, 
drew the term of 2 years ; was reelected in 1849 but resigned in 1853. He 
d. at Skaneateles, Jan. 27, 1858, a. 68. {Syracuse Standard, Jan. 28, 
1858 ; Auburn D. Amer., Jan. 30.) 

JOHNSON, Alexander Bryan, a.m., son of Bryan, an eminent 
banker; b. at Gosport, Eng., May 29, 1786. Removed to Utica in 
1801. Was in business with his father until 1809 ; studied law and was 
admitted as a counselor, but never practiced. In 1816 he became a 
banker at first as cashier and secretary of the Utica Insurance Company, 
a banking institution whose charter he procured, and afterwards as presi- 
dent of the Ontario Branch Bank of Utica. The latter position he occu- 


American Biographical Notes. 227 

pied from Sept., 1819 until July, 1857. He d. Sept. 9, 1867. Besides 
a volume of political papers made up of newspaper contributions, he was the 
author of several works relating chiefly to his philosophy of human know- 
ledge, viz. : " The Philosophy of Human Knowledge, or a Treatise on 
Language," " The meaning of Words Analyzed." " The Physiology of the 
Senses," " Deep Sea Soundings, or the Ultimate Analysis of Human Know- 
ledge." etc., also " Religion in its Relation to the Present Life " and " Papers 
in Banking." 

JOHNSON, Col. Ames, d. at Redfield, N. Y.; Dec. 7, 1858, a. 
nearly 100 years, b. at Middletown, Conn., Sept. 16th, 1860 ; and served 
in the revolution. 

JOHNSON, Amos, b. in Middletown, Ct., Sept. 16, 1760; served 
in the revolution; settled early at Redfield, N. Y., and d. there Dec. 7, 
1858, in his 99th year. 

JOHNSON, Augustus, was b. at Amboy, N. J., about 1730; came 
to R. I., young ; studied law with Matthew Robinson and settled in New- 
port in the practice. In May' 1757, he was appointed attorney General 
and held 9 years. In 1765, he accepted the office of stamp master, 
against the eutreaties of his friends and was compelled by the mob to 
resign ; while the British held Newport in the war he had several civil ap- 
pointments, and in 1779, he withdrew with the enemy to N. Y., and his 
property was confiscated. He received a pension from the British govern- 
ment until his death. The town of Johnson R. I., was named from him 
in 1759. ( W. Updike s Memorial of R. 1. Bar, p. 65.) 

JOHNSON Benjamin Pierce, b. Nov. 30, 1793, in Canaan, N. Y. ; 
grad. in 1813, at Union Coll. ; studied law and settled in Rome, N. Y. 
was in Assembly in 1827, 8, 9; took a deep interest in agricultural affairs. 
Published with Elon Comstock at Rome the Central New York Farmer. 
In 1845 became cor. sec. of the State Agricultural Soc. ; and in 1815 its 
president; traveled iu England and in 1847 entered upon the duties of 
corresponding sec. of the State Agricultural Soc, and held till his death, 
which occurred at Albany, April 12, 1869. {Memorial by Gen. 31. R. 
Patrick, 1870.) 

JOHNSON, Bryan, b. in England 1740 ; removed to Old Ft. Schuy- 
ler (now Utica), July 4, 1797. Was a prominent and sucessful mer- 
chant; retired in 1809, and d. April 12, 1824. 

JOHNSON, Dr. Daniel, killed in a duel with Thomas F. Jones at 
Bladensburg, Md., Feb. 2, 1846. 

JOHNSON, Edward, a pioneer of Turin, N. Y. ; d. in Martinsburgh, 
N. Y., March 19, 1851, at an advanced age. 

JOHNSON, Edward a confederate general, d. at Richmond, Va., 
March 2, 1873. He was b. May 12, 1816, in Virginia, and was graduated 
in 1838 at West Point, with Gens. Beauregard, Hardee, and others of the 
confederate service, and Gen. McDowell of the United States army. He 
was appointed second lieutenant in the 6th regiment of infantry and 
served with credit in the Seminole and Mexican wars, attaining the rank 
of brevet major, and receiving a valuable sword from his native state ; 
in 1861 he resigned his commission and joined the confederate service, 
attaining iu a short time the rank of brigadier-general. Just before the 
Gettysburg campaign he was assigned to the command of Stonewall 

228 American Biographical Notes. 

Jackson^s old division, and took part in the fighting in the Shenandoah 
Valley, in the Wilderness, and in Tennessee, where he was made prisoner 
and confined in Fort Adams until the close of the war. Since the war he 
was engaged in farming and mercantile pursuits. 

JOHNSON, Francis, revolutionary colonel, sheriff of Phila. ; h. in 
Pa., left the law to join Wayne's regiment and upon his promotion com- 
manded 5th Pa. regt., with which he was present in many engagements ; 
he held several offices of trust, and became high sheriff of Phila. co. He 
d. in Phila., Feb. 22, 1815, in his 67th year. {Rogers s Am. Biog. ; 
Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

JOHNSON, Francis, one of the oldest members of the bar in Louis- 
ville, Ky. ; d. in that city May 14, 1842. 

JOHNSON, G., a well known citizen of Mobile, Ala. ; d. Aug. 28, 1873, 
on board the steamer Yazoo, after leaving Philadelphia for New Orleans. 

JOHNSON, Jeromus, d. in Goshen, N. Y., Sept. 7, 1846 ; was a re- 
presentative in congress from the city of New York, from Brooklyn, from 
1825 to 1829. 

JOHNSON, John, b:in Pa., in 1775, accompanied Wayne's army to 
the west in 1793, was long an Indian agent and made the Wyandot treaty 
in 1841-2 ; he was pres. of the Ohio Hist. Soc. at the time of his death, 
which occurred at Washington, D. O, Feb., 1861. (Hist. Mag., v, 128.) 

JOHNSON, Rev. John Barent, b. at Brooklyn, N. Y., March 3, 
1769, son of Barent G. ; grad. at Columbia Coll. about 1792 ; was licensed 
by the Classis of N. Y., April 21, 1775, and June 5, 1796, was ordained 
as colleague pastor at the R. P. D. Ch. Albany. In 1802. he was called 
to Brooklyn, where he d. Aug. 29, 1803. He was a man of great elo- 
quence, and preached a funeral discourse on death of Washington before 
the N. Y., legislature. (Rogers's Hist. Discourse, p. 35 ; Munsell's Annals.) 

JOHNSON, Eld. John F., brother of Richard M. Johnson, was once 
judge of the court of appeals in Kentucky, and member of congress from 
1821 to 1825. He was afterwards for thirty years preacher of1,he gospel 
without a salary, and d. in Lexington, Mo., Pec, 18, 1857. 

JOHNSON, Capt. J. H., of the Louisville Courier, d. at Louisville, 
Ky., May, 12, 1870, a. 39. 

JOHNSON, John Mercer, member of the dominion parliament; d. 
Nov. 9, 1868, a. 50; b. in Liverpool ; had been solicitor gen. ; p. m. gen. 
and atty. gen. and speaker of the house. 

JOHNSON, Joseph, a revolutionary soldier; d. in Wilkes co., Ga., 
a. 98. 

JOHNSON, Col. Joseph E., d. at St. Francisville, La., Dec, 21, 
1838, late president of the senate of Louisania. 

JOHNSON, Lawrence, typefounder and stereotyper in Philadelphia; 
d. April 26, 1860, a. about 60. ( Vincent's Semi An. Reg., pp. 333, 345.) 

JOHNSON, Marmaduke, early printer in Cambridge, Mass. He un- 
dertook to print the Indian Bible translated by the Rev. John Eliot, but 
was dismissed before the end of the work. (See Thomas's Hist. Printing.) 

JOHNSON, Noadiah, d. at Albany, N. Y., April 4, 1839 ; a member 
of the New York senate from Delaware co., and member of congress in 

American Biographical Notes. 229 

JOHNSON, Osgood, late principal of the Phillips Academy at Andover, 
Mass ; d. in that town, May 9, 1837, in his 34th year ; grad. at Dart- 
mouth in 1828, and became principal at Andover in 1832. 

JOHNSON, Samuel, ll.d., third pres. of Columbia Coll., son of 
Samuel J., 1st pres. C. Coll., grad. at Yale in 1744, studied law, and in 
1784 was elected to congress; was appointed pres. of Columbia Coll. 
Nov. 12, 1787, and held till July 16, 1800, when he resigned from old 
age and returned to Stratford, Ct., where he d. a. 93, nearly twenty years 
after leaving N. Y. ; while pres. he was first senator for Ct., in congress. 
(Moore's Hist. Columbia Coll.) 

JOHNSON, William Cost, d. at Washington, D. C, April 15, 1860 ; 
b. in Maryland in 1806, served several years in the state legislature and 
from 1837 to 1843, in congress. Was again in the state legislature, and 
in the convention for revising the constitution. ( Vincent's Semi- An. 
Register, p. 294.) 

JOHNSON, William, H. d. at Cambridge city, Ind., April 28, 1839 ; 
judge of the Wayne criminal circuit court, at the time of his death, and 
a prominent lawyer of Indiana. 

JOHNSON, Wm. R., a native of North Carolina ; resided mostly in 
Virginia. He was styled the " Napoleon of the Turf; " he d. at Mobile 
Ala., Feb. 10, 1849, a. 70 y. (Stryk&r's Am. Reg.) ' 

JOHNSON, Col. Witter, a patriot of the revolution ; d. at Sidney 
Plains, N. Y. ; Nov. 4, 1839, a. 86 ; was alieut. in Col. Willet's regiment 
and was an active officer on the frontiers. 

JOHNSTON, Charles C, member of the 22d congress from Va. ; d. 
at Washington June 18, 1SM2. 

JOHNSTON, Edward W., d. at St. Louis Mo., Dec. 9, 1867 ; in his 
68th year; b. in Va., and had been a prof, of history and belles letters in 
the Uni. of S. C, and editor or asssociate editor of the Richmond Whig, 
National Intelligencer, N. Y. Times, St. Louis Intelligencer and Leader. 

JOHNSTON, James, first printer in Georgia, (1762); d. Oct. 1808, 
a. 70. 

JOHNSTON, William F., ex-gov. of Pennsylvania ; d. at Pittsburg, 
Pa,, Oct. 25, 1872. 

JOHNSTON, William S., judge of the parish of Rapides, La.; d. at 
Alexandria, La., Sept. 20, 1839, a. 24. 

JOHNY Appleseed. (See Chapman, Jonathan.') 

JONES, Aaron, pugilist, and trainer of Heenan in his fight with 
Sayres, in England; d. Feb. 16, 1869, at Leavenworth, Kan. 

JONES, Rev. Dabney, prominent temperance lecturer in Georgia; 
settled on Shoal creek, Ga., in 1828 ; preached the first sermon at New- 
nan, and began lecturing in 1832. From that time to 1847, he lec- 
tured at most of the superior courts of Ga. ( White's Hist. Ga., p. 414.) 

JONES, Dr. Daniel T., of Baldwinsville, N. Y. ; d. March 29, 1861, 
a. 60. 

JONES, David R. Floyd, in assembly from New York in 1841-2-3, 
and from Queens co., in 1857 ; in the state senate in 1844-5-6-7 ; secretary 
of state in 1860-1, and lieut. gov. of N. Y., in 1863-4; d. at South 
Oyster Bay, N. Y., Jan. 9, 1871. 

230 American Biographical Notes. 

JONES, Col. De Garmo, d. in Detroit, Mich., Nov. 14, 1846, a. 59 ; 
was a member of the territorial council before the admission of Michigan 
as a state, and afterwards member of the city council, mayor, and state 

JONES, Eleazer, d. at Worcester, Mass., April 14, 1843, a. 89 ; 
grad. at Harvard in 1778. 

JONES, James, b. ,in Md., went young to G-a., settled at Savannah as 
a lawyer ; was often in the legislature, and was in cong. in 1799-1801 ; 
he d. at Washington, Jan. 12, 1801. 

JONES, Gen. James J., of New York city; d. in Basle, Switzerland, 
Sept. 4, 1858 ; he was active in the concerns of the charitable institutions 
of New York city. 

JONES, Joel, d. in Farmington, Me., Feb. 4, 1860, in his 77th year. 

JONES, John Coffin, b. at Newbury, Mass., grad. at Harvard in 
1768, and settled as a merchant at Boston ; he was incidentally con- 
cerned in politics ; in 1788 was in the gen. court and in the state senate ; 
his commercial knowledge led to his appointment to a convention of states 
for increasing the powers of congress, which led to the fed. convention of 
1787 ; he d. in 1829. (Bradford's N. E. Biog.) 

JONES, John H., d. at Leicester, Livingston co., N. Y., Jan. 4, 1856, 
a. 85 ; was youngest brother of Capt. Horatio Jones, Indian interpreter of 
former times and a pioneer settler of Livingston co., of which in 1821 he 
was judge. (Genesee Republican.') 

JONES, Rev. J. H., d.d., d. in Philadelphia, Dec. 22, 1868, a. 68 ; 
was pastor of the 6th Presb. ch. from 1840 to 1860, and after that, was 
supt. of the society for relief of superannuated clergymen. 

JONES, J. M., d. Dec. 14, 1851, in San Jose, Cal., United States 
district judge for the southern district of California ; was a native of 
Scott county, Ky., but resided several years in New Orleans where he 
practiced his profession of the law before going to California ; was a 
member of the convention which formed the state constitution. 

JONES, Randal, b. in Columbia co., Ga., Aug. 19, 1786 ; went in 
1810, to Wilkinson co., Miss. ter. ; in 1812 entered the army as a volun- 
teer, and in 1814 became captain ; he went to the Sabine in 1814, engaged 
in Indian trade in Texas, shared largely in the rough vicissitudes of that 
country, and was concerned with Lafitte ; he was elected to the consulta- 
tion, served in the Ayuntamiento ; and was at the Bradburn affair in 
1835; he resided many years in Fort Bend co., Tex. (Texas Almanac, 
1857, p. 137.) 

JONES, Stephen, d. in Ashby, Mass, April 30,1842, a. 66; formerly 
a member of the general court of Massachusetts. 

JONES, Sybil, wife of Eli Jones, of China, Me.; d. Dec. 4, 1874. 
During 40 years she was a popular preacher in the society of Friends, of 
which her husband was also a distinguished member ; she visited with 
him the new republic of Liberia, and afterward traveled in Europe, 
whence they made two temporary tours to Egypt and the Holy Land. 
Mrs. Jones preached eloquently, and found attentive hearers among her 
co-religionists, both at home and abroad. 

JONES, Walter Restored, financier, son of John Jones, b. at Cold 
Spring, N. Y., April 15, 1793; prominent in all benevolent objects, and 

American Biographical Notes. 231 

many years pres. of the Atlantic Mutual Insurance Co., N. Y. ; d. April 
7, 1855, a. 62. The first Atlantic Ins. Co. of which he was v. pres, ended 
in 1826 ; in 1829 with J. L. Hale, he started the second, with $350,000 
capital ; in 1842 it was reorganized on the mutual plan, and under his 
presidency, grew into great favor ; for 10 y., from Jan., 1844, its annual 
average was over 33 p. c, and in 1\\ y., its business profits were $6,092,- 
571; he was concerned in manufactures and whaling at Cold Spring, Suf- 
folk co. ; the Life Saving Benevolent Asso., found in him a zealous friend, 
and the life boat stations on the coast were the result of these efforts. 
(Hunt's Lives of Am. Merchants, i, 415.) 

JONES, William Carey, son-in-law of Thomas H. Benton, and a 
prominent lawyer of San Francisco, Cal. ; d. Nov. 5, 1867. 

JOSE, Louis D., commonly called Old Portuguese Joe; burned in a 
hotel of which he kept the bar, at New Orleans, La., Nov. 1, 1842, a. 
about 70 ; was captain of the Maintop, on board of Com. McDonough's 
ship Saratoga, in the naval battle before Plattsburg ; the flag being shot 
away, he mounted the rigging, and nailed the flag to the mast, for which 
the public thanks of the commodore were given when the fight was over. 

JOSSLYN, Dr. Charles, settled in Greene, N. Y., in 1805, where 
he was physician 25. years ; p. m. 20 years, and for a long time co. judge 
and magistrate; d. in Windsor, N. Y., in 1856. (Chenango American, 
Jan. 1858.) 

JOUOTT, Capt. Mathew, Va., d. Nov. 15, 1775. 

JOURDAN, John, supt. of N. Y. police ; d. at New York, Oct. 10, 
1870, a. 39. 

JOYNER, Col. Andrew, d. in Halifax co., N. S., Sept. 20, 1856, 
a 71 ; he was an officer in the war of 1812, and served in both houses of 
the general assembly, being several times speaker of the senate. 

JOYNES, Thomas R. Sen., a lawyer and member of the Virginia 
state constitutional convention of 1829-30 ; d. in Accomac co., Va., Sept. 
12, 1858, a. 69. 

JUAREZ, Gen. Don Benito, president of the republic of Mexico; 
d. July 22, 1872. 

JUDD, Rev. Bethel, b. at Watertown, Ct., in 1776 ; grad. at Yale 
in 1797 ; was ordained deacon by Bp. Mooi'e in 1798 ; was rector of St. 
James ch. New London, Ct., 15 y. ; a pioneer of the Ep. ch. in N. C, 
and a missionary at St. Augustiue, Fl. He was an early president of St. 
John's Coll. Annapolis, and d. at Wilmington, Del., April 18, 1858. 
(Hist. Mag. ii, 215.) 

JUDD, CHAUNCEY, was abducted by a gang of tories from Nauga- 
tuck, Ct., in 1778; narrowly escaped beiug murdered; was conveyed to 
Long Island, rescued by his friends, and d. at Waterbury, Ct.,in 1823, a. 
53. (Hist. Mag. ii.i, 263.) 

JUDD, Dr. G. P., at Honolulu, Sandwich Islands, July 12, 1873; he 
was b. at Paris, New York state, in 1803; when he was 25 years of age 
he went to the Sandwich Islands as physician to the American Mission. 
Twelve years afterward he accompanied Commodore Wilkes in an explor- 
ing tour through the islands; in 1842, Dr. Judd resigned his position in 
the Mission and became recorder and interpreter to King Kamehameha 
III ; in the following year, finding the government was resolved to abro- 

232 American Biographical Notes. 

gate laws for the maintenance of moral order, he dissolved his connec- 
tion with the government ; but he was soon called by the king to 
constitute a ministry ; in this ministry he selected for himself the de- 
partment of the interior. In 1849, when the Princes Liholiho and Lot 
made their journey to Europe to rearrange the relations with foreign 
powers, they were accompanied by Dr. Judd. His official career lasted 
about ten years, during the most eventful period in the history of the 
island ; the influence which he exerted was most beneficial for the country 
of his adoption. 

JUDD, Philip, Serjeant in Capt. Peck's co., killed in invasion of the 
Niagara frontier, Dec. 30, 1813. 

JUDD, Sylvlster, for many years editor and part proprietor of the 
Hampshire Gazette; d. at Northampton, Mass., April 18, 1860, a. 71. 

JUDSON, Andrew T., d. in Hartford, Conn. March 17, 1853, a. 67 ; 
U. S. district judge for Connecticut ; b. at Eastford, Conn., Nov. 29, 1784 ; 
was admitted to the bar in 1806, and removed to Montipelier, Vt. ; returned 
to his native town, and in 1809, settled permanently in Canterbury. In 
1819, was made U. S. attorney for Windham co., and held for 14 y. ; 
served in both houses of the legislature, was in congress from 1835 to 

1839, and was then chosen district judge, and held this office till his death. 

JUDSON, David C, b. in Washington, Ct., in 1786 ; settled in St. 
Lawrence co., N. Y., in 1808; was employed for a time in teaching and 
afterwards as deputy sheriff and sheriff; in 1818, he served in assembly, 
and in 1822 in the state senate, his term being cut short by the adoption 
of a new constitution. He was one of the county judges from 1829 to 

1840, and many years a trustee of Ogdensburgh village ; he was promi- 
nent in public affairs, acquired a very large estate, and was liberal in 
aiding various objects of local improvement; he died at Ogdensburgh, 
N. Y., May, 5, 1875, in his 89th year. (Notice and Portrait in Hough's 
Hist. St. Law. and Franklin Cos.) 

JULIAND, Joseph, b. at Lyons, France, Jan. 17, 1749, entered the 
mercantile marine and made several voyages as captain of a vessel. He 
settled in Greenfield, Mass., in 1788, and in 1798 joined a French colony 
at Greene on the Chenango, where he d. Oct. 13, 1821. (Chenango 
American, Dec, 1857.) 

JULICK, Abram J., d. at Cranberry, N. J., Feb. 25, 1842, a. 87; a 
revolutionary soldier. 

KAIGHN, Joseph, d. in Gloucester co., N. J., Feb. 23, 1841, a. 67; 
was of the society of Friends, and for several years in the legislature of 
New Jersey. 

KALBFLEISCH, Martin, ex-mayor of Brooklyn, N. Y. ; d. in that 
city, Feb. 12, 1873, a. 69. (^ee Stiles's Brooklyn, with portrait.) 

KANE, Elias, navy agent, formerly a prominent merchant of New 
York; d. at Washington, D. C., Oct. 3, 1840, in his 65th year. 

KANE, Elias K., senator from Illinois in congress ; d. at Washington, 
D. C, Dec. 12, 1835; b. in New York, went in early life to Tennessee, 
and finally settled at Kaskaskia, 111., in 1815; was in the convention of 
1818 for preparing a state constitution and became first secretary of state; 
was afterwards in the legislature and from 1825 till his death, in the 
federal senate. 

American Biographical Notes. 233 

KANE, John K., b. in Albany, May 16, 1795; d. Feb. 21, 1858, in 
Philadelphia, grad. at Yale, and became a lawyer and prominent in public 
affairs ; was a distinguished politician of the democratic school ; in 
1845, was appointed attorney general of the state, and in 1816, became 
judge of the U. S. district court, for the eastern dist. of Pennsylvania. 
(Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians, with portrait.) 

KANE, Dr. Joseph, a practitioner in Philadelphia ; d. March 3, 1860. 

KASEY, Rev. Richard, F. W. Bap. preacher; b. in Levant, Me., 
1795, joined the Methodists in 1822, and the Bap. in 1837 ; he preached 
in Maine many years, and d. at Cox Creek, Iowa, Aug. 12, 1855, a. 60. 
(F. W. Bap. Reg., 1857, p. 89.) 

KAUFMAN, David S., member of congress from Texas; d. at Wash- 
ington, Jan. 31, 1851, aged 38 years; he was a native of Cumberland, 
Pa. ; grad. at Princeton Coll. in 1833, studied law with Gen. Quitman at 
Natchez, and settled at Nacogdoches, Texas, in 1837, and in 1838 was 
elected to the Texan congress, of which he was twice chosen speaker ; in 
1843 he was a member of the senate, and after the adjournment of the 
Texan congress in 1845, was appointed charge to the U. S ; he was one 
of the first members elected from Texas to the congress of the U. S. 
(Striker's Am. Reg., vi, 212 ; Am. Almanac, 1852, p. 399.) 

KAY, James, d. in Philadelphia, Pa., April 22, 1856, in his 52d year ; 
native of England, became an extensive publisher in Philadelphia, es- 
pecially in the departments of law and medicine. (Simpson's Eminent 
Ph ila deiphians.') 

KEAN, Charles John, tragedian ; visited the U. S. in 1830, 1839, 
1845, and 1863; d. in London, Eng., Jan. 21. 1868. 

KEAN, James, d. in Pa., Aug. 20, 1859, a. 105 y. 

KEATING, John, d. in Philadelphia, Pa., May 19, 1856, a. 96; b. 
in France, came to America with some thirty noble French families, after 
the death of Louis XVI, and settled at Asylum, near Towanda, Pa., 
was grandson of Jeffries K., who raised a troop of horse during the siege 
of Limerick. 

KEELER, Rev. Ezra, d.d., pres. of Wittenberg Coll., Springfield, 
Ohio ; d. Jan. 3, 1849. 

KEENE, Laura, a well known actress, d. at Mount Clair, N. J.; 
Nov. 6, 1873, a. 43. 

KEENE, Col. Richard R., of New Orleans, d. at St. Louis, Mo., 
Sept., 1839 ; b. in Maryland ; grad. at Princeton, in 1795 ; was U. S. 
attorney for the territory of Orleans, and afterwards passed several years 
in Spain, during the war with Bonaparte; where he bore the title of 
colonel in the Spanish service. 

KEEP, Henry, d. in New York city, July 30, 1869 ; b. in Adams, 
Jeff, co., N. Y., June 22, 1818; was in boyhood a canal driver ; became 
an exchange broker at 19 ; established several banks, under general 
banking law of New York, and in 1854, went to New York, where he 
became extensively engaged in stock speculation and the management of 
rail roads ; became an important stockholder and president of the Cleveland 
& Toledo, Michigan Southern, N. Y. Central, and Chicago and North- 
western rail roads, all of which under his management prospered ; buried 
at Watertown, N. Y. 


234 American Biographical Notes. 

KEESE, Theodore, a native of New York and most of his life a 
resident of that city, and a successful merchant ; removed to Cooperstown, 
N. Y., and d. there Sept. 27, 1858, a. 58. (Livermore's Cooperstown, 
p. 165.) 

KELL, Dr. Thomas, d. at Baltimore, Md., March 8, 1846, in his 74th 
year; he was a native of Baltimore, and began law practice in August, 
1796; was attorney gen. of Md., in 1824, and until appointed a judge of 
the Baltimore county court in 1827 ; in 1833, he was appointed clerk 
of Baltimore co., and held till 1845. 

KELLER, Charles Theodore, ll.d., editor of Die Freie Presse, 
Philadelphia, d. in that city, Nov. 1, 1870, a'. 68; b. in 1807, in Altdorf, 

KELLEY, Alfred, b. Middletown, Conn., Nov. 7, 1789 ; d. Columbus, 
0., Dec. 2d, 1863; emigrated from Lowville, N. Y., to Cleveland, 0., 
1810 ; admitted to the bar and made prosecuting att'y, Cuyahoga co., 0., 
on the day of his majority; member of Ohio legislature, 1814-22-36-44 
and 1857 ; com'r to survey and construct the Ohio canal 1822-30, with 
double the number of locks in the Erie canal, it was built at a cost of 
$4,000 per mile less, and also below the estimates ; his pay was three 
dollars per day. As state fund commissioner in 1840-44, when the 
party in power proposed to repudiate the bonded debt of Ohio, acting in 
connection with the late Gov. Brough, his opponent in politics, the public 
credit was saved ; he raised half a million on his personal responsibility 
for state purposes; in 1819, originated a bill to abolish imprisonment 
for debt; in 1844, another to establish the State Bank of Ohio; in Ohio 
he was best known as the father of the Ohio canal. 

KELLOGG, Daniel, b. in Williamstown, Mass., April 19, 1780; 
was admitted to the bar in 1800, settled at Auburn, in 1802, and at 
Skaneateles in 1803 ; in 1813 was appointed dist. attorney for four coun- 
ties, and held for three years ; in 1818 was elected pres. of the Bank of 
Auburn, and held till his death, which occurred at Skaneateles May 4, 
1836. {Clark's Onondaga ii, 300, with a portrait.) 

KELLOGG, L. C, ex-judge supreme court of Vermont; d. at Benson, 
Vt., Nov. 26, 1871, a. 55. 

KELLOGG, Spencer, b. at Williamstown, Mass., Sept. 19, 1786, 
removed with his parents to Otsego co., N. Y., in 1794 ; was a merchant 
at Plainfield, from 1813, and at Utica from 1825; in 1841 was mayor of 
Utica; d. Dec. 31, 1871. 

KELLUM, John, an eminent architect of New York ; d. at Hemp- 
stead, N. Y., July 25, 1871. 

KELLY, Daniel, judge, b. in Norwich, Ct., Nov. 27, 1775; was a 
pioneer settler and mill owner at Lowville, N. Y., in 1798, and first judge 
of Lewis co., from 1805 to 1809; he moved to Cleveland, O., in 1814, 
and was p. m., and co. treas. ; he d. there Aug. 7, 1831, a. 79. Alfred, 
Irad, Datas and Thomas Kelly of Ohio were his sons. {Hough's Hist, of 
Lewis Co. N. Y., p. 144.) 

KELLY, James, ex-post master of New York city, from 1863 to 1869 ; 
d. Jan. 10, 1871, a. 59. 

American Biographical Notes. 235 

KELLY, Michael J., journalist, d. in New York city, Jan. 27, 
1873, a. 32. 

KELLY, William, a wealthy and distinguished citizen of Rhinebeck, 
N. Y. ; formerly a merchant of the city of New York, and afterwards an 
agriculturist, and prominently connected with the State Agricultural 
Soc. ; was state senator in 1856-7, and democratic candidate for governor 
in 1860; trustee of several colleges and benevolent institutions, in the 
welfare of which he took much interest; d. at Forbay, England, Jan. 14, 
1872. {Historical Record, i, 238 ; Regent's Report, 1873, p. 643.) 

KELSEY, Eber, a pioneer millwright from Killingworth, Ct., to Lewis 
co., N. Y. ; d. at Cape Vincent, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1839, a. 76. 

KEMBAL, Rev. Heber C, a mormon leader; b. in 1801; embraced 
the mormon faith in 1832, and remained an active member of this church 
through all its vicissitudes till his death at Salt Lake city, June 23, 1868 ; 
he was uneducated, coarse, cunning and revengeful, and an especial ad- 
vocate of polygamy. 

KEMBLE, Rev. David T., senior pastor of the first church in Ipswich, 
Mass. ; d. Feb. 3, 1860, in his 78th year, and the 54th of his ministry. 

KENAN, Col. Thomas, b. in Duplin co., N. C, in 1771 ; in 1799, 
was in house of commons, and served in state senate in 1804 ; was in con- 
gress from North Carolina from 1805 to 1811 ; removed to Alabama and 
served for many vears in the legislature ; d. near Selma, Ala., Oct. 22, 

KENDALL, Rev. James, d.d., was b. in Sterling, Mass., in 1769; grad. 
at Harv., in 1796 ; was a teacher in Phillips Academy in Andover ; 
studied theology ; was a tutor of Greek in Harvard, in 1798-9 ; was or- 
dained in Plymouth in 1800, and sole pastor of the society for 48 years, 
when a colleague was settled with him ; he published fifteen sermons at 
different times ; d. at Plymouth, Mass., March 17, 1859, a. 89. 

KENDALL, James Brown, a young man of excellent character and 
great promise; grad. at Harvard in 1854 ; taught at Portsmouth, N. H., 
studied law, and had just settled at Worcester; d. in Framingham, Mass., 
Oct. 9, 1859, a. 25. 

KENDALL, Jonas, d. in Leominster, Mass., Oct. 22, 1844, a. 87, was 
13 years in one or the other branch of the legislature, and in 1819-21, 
in congress. 

KENDALL, Joseph G., d. at Worcester, Mass., Oct. 2, 1847, son of 
Jonas K. of Leominster, Mass.; grad. at Harvard in 1810; tutor there 
from 1812 to 19; from 1829 to 1833, in congress from the northern 
dist. of Worcester co., was afterwards clerk of the courts. 

KENNARD, Nathaniel, patriot of the revolution, volunteered in a 
Massachusetts regiment one year, was captured on a privateer and held 
2| years in prison, was sent to France in a cartel, and served with Paul 
Jones on the Bon Homme Richard ; he was sent on a prize to France, 
was again captured, escaped iu Jamaica ; he returned to America just 
before the peace, continued a shipmaster till 1812 when he was appointed 
to command a revenue cutter through the war ; he was then made in- 
spector of the customs at Portsmouth, till his death June 24, 1823, a. 68 y. 
(Rogers's Am. Biog.) 

236 American Biographical Notes. 

KENNEDY, Andrew, b. in Ohio, in 1810, had no advantages for 
education in his youth, but afterwards studied law, and was in the Indiana, 
state senate, and from 1841 to 1847 in congress; d. at Muncietown, Ind., 
Dec. 31, 1847. 

KENNEDY, David, was captain in the British army in 1747, served 
under Lord Loudon in 1757, and Abercrombie in 1758; in 1759, he 
was sent to St. Francis with a flag of truce, and detained, this brought 
down a severe chastisement to the Indians ; he soon after sold out. {Com. 
Wilson's Orderly Book, 34.) 

KENNEDY, John, one of the associate brothers of the Supreme Court 
of Pennsylvania ; d. at Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 1848, a. 71. 

KENNEDY, John A., ex-supt. of New York Metropolitan Police, in 
the city of New York ; d. in that city June 30, 1873, a. 70. 

KENNEDY, Mrs. Margaret, a pioneer of Monroe co., N. Y. ; d. at 
West Webster, N. Y., June, 1860, a. 97; widow of Robert K., who in 
1805 refused to purchase land where the city of Rochester now stands. 

KENNEDY, Samuel, surgeon, Penn., killed in the revolution, June 
28, 1778. 

KENSETT, John Frederick, artist; d. Dec. 14, 1872, in New York 
city ; b. in Cheshire, Conn., March 22, 1818 ; and was apprenticed to 
his uncle, Alfred Daggett, an engraver of bank-note vignettes. The young 
artist experimented with oil colors in his spare hours, and in 1840 went 
to England to study painting. On his arrival in London he became known 
to Durand, Casilear, and Rossiter, and shared their studies. For five 
years he studied oil-painting, supporting himself by engraving. At the 
end of this time he exhibited a view of Windsor Castle in the exhibition 
of the society of British artists, at the rooms in Suffolk-st., Pall Mall East. 
It is the custom of this association to have a lottery at a guinea a head, 
and the holders of the two lucky numbers are allowed to choose a picture 
each as a prize. The winner of the first prize on this occasion selected 
Kensett's picture, which was admitted by every one to be the best land- 
scape painting in the collection. A sketching tour down the Rhine, over 
the Alps, among the Italian lakes, yielding abundant fruit in a well-filled 
portfolio, and upon his arrival at Rome he began to paint with earnestness 
and power. In 1848 he sent to the Academy of Design his landscape 
View on the Anio, and a fanciful sketch, entitled The Shrine. He 
was unanimously elected associate, and the following year was made Aca- 
demician. In 1850 he returned to New-York, and began a series of land- 
scapes of the mountain, river, and lake scenery of New-York and the 
Eastern States, with marine views, which found eager purchasers. There 
is scarcely an American art collection of note that is not graced by one of 
his pictures. In 1859 he was appointed a member of the national art 
commission, and engaged to superintend the ornamentation of the national 
capitol. His works were highly esteemed in France, Belgium, and Eng- 
land, as well as in this country. 

KENT, Rev. Benjamin, was b. in what is now Somerville, Mass. ; in 
1794 ; grad. at Harvard in 1820 ; settled as a pastor at Duxbury, Mass., 
in 1826. and in 1833. removed to Roxbury, where he taught a private 
school for young ladies several years ; he was afterwards librarian of the 
Roxbury Atheneum, and d. Aug. 6, 1859, a. 65. 

American Biographical Notes. 237 

KENT, Jacob, d. at Caldwell, N. J., June 2, 1840, a. 87 ; a soldier of 
the revolution, leaving 268 descendants. 

KENTNER, John P., a pioneer settler of Turin, N. Y. ; d. in that 
town, Nov. 11, 1836, a. 86. 

KENYON, Rev. William Colgrove, b. in Hopkinton, R. I., Oct. 
14, 1812; did not graduate, but received the degree of A.M., from Union 
College in 1844; became a teacher at Alfred, N. Y., and in 1857, became 
president of Alfred University; was compelled to suspend labors by sick- 
ness; went to Europe; and d. in London, June 7, 1867. {Regent's Re- 
port, 1868, p. 712.) 

KERR, Rev. George, b. about 1815 in the north of Irelaud, of Scotch 
ancestry, removed at nine to Canada and thence to Plattsburgh, N. Y. ; and 
to Windham, and Hunter, N. Y. ; grad. at Williams Coll. ; and at the 
Union Theological Sem. N. Y, in 1844 ; became prin. of the Delaware Lit. 
Inst, at Franklin, N. Y. ; and remained 16 y. ; in 1860 became prof, of 
Math., in the Ag. Coll., at Ovid till it closed; was then prin. of the 
Jefferson Co. Inst, at Watertown.. N. Y., 2 y. ; and at Cooperstown Sem- 
inary; d. Feb. 27, 1867, a. 52. '{Regent's Report, 1868, p. 709.) 

KERR, John Leeds, d. at Easton, Md., Feb. 21, 1844, a. 64, late U. 
S. senator, and a leading member of the bar of the eastern shore ; b. at 
Greenbury Point near Annapolis, Jan. 15, 1780 ; grad. at St John's Coll. 
in 1799 ; studied law, and was in cong. from Maryland from 1825 to 
1829, and from 1831 to 1833; was in the U. S. senate 1841 to 1843; 
before entering congress he was the agent of Maryland in the prosecution 
of militia claims against the United States. 

KETCHAM, Hiram, d. at New York, Sept. 16, 1870. a. 78. 

KETCHUM, George H., of the Cincinnati bar; d. May 17, 1858, at 
Cincinnati, O. 

KEY, Edmund, many years one of the judges of the circuit court of 
Maryland ; d. in Prince George's co., Md., Feb. 19, 1857, a. 86. 

KEY, John, first b. white child of Philadelphia, in 1682, in a cave at 
N. W. cor. of Vine and Water st. ; he d. July, 1767, resided in Chester 
co. {Simpson's Emh\ent Philadelphians.} 

KEYES, Edward L., edited for many years a paper at Dedham, 
Mass., and served in the state senate, and as a member of the executive 
council ; he d. in Somerville, Mass., June 6, 1859. 

KEYES, John, d. in Concord, Mass., Aug. 29, 1844, a. 57 ; b. in 
Westford, 1789; grad. at Dartmouth in 1809; was admitted to the Mid- 
dlesex bar in 1812, and practiced at Concord till his death ; he was a 
delegate to the convention of 1820 ; a representative from Concord in 
general court, in 1822-3, and in 1823-30 in the state senate, afterwards 
again a representative, and for a time speaker. 

KEYES, Perley, state senator, b. at Ackworth,N. H., Feb. 24, 1774 ; 
settled at Watertown, N. Y., in 1808 and in 1815, with Jason Fairbanks 
evinced great shrewdness and enterprise in recovering money stolen by 
paymaster Whittlesey ; he was sheriff in 1808-12 ; and very influential 
in the senate where he served in 1814-7 and 1824-7, and in 1816 was 
one of the council of appointment ; he d. at Watertown, May 13, 1834. 
{Hough's Hist. Jeff. Co. K Y., p. 436.) 

238 American Biographical Notes. 

KEYES, Samuel Whitney, d. in Highgate, Vt., Feb. 18, 1851, a. 
66; was an enterprising merchant. 

- KEYSER, Elhanon W., d. in Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 17, 1860 ; was 
an active member of the historical, agricultural, and other local societies. 
( Vincent's Semi-An. Register, p. 115.) 

KEYSER, Rev. Peter, descended from one of the early settlers of 
Pennsylvania, who came from Amsterdam in 1688, via. N. Y. ; was a 
clergyman, and active in various public charities ; d. in Germantown 
where he was b. May 21, 1849, a. 83. (Simpson's Eminent Philadel- 
phians, with portraits.) 

KIBBY, Epaphras, d. at Mobile, Ala., Sept. 15, 1839, a. 27 ; one of 
the editors of the Mobile Register. 

KILGOUR, Charles J., judge of the county court of Montgomery 
co. Md. ; was killed about twenty miles from his residence at Rockville, 
Md. Aug. 1837, by being thrown from his carriage. 

KILGOUR, John, a native of England, and for many years engaged 
in banking in Cincinnati, 0. ; d. April 18, 1858, a. 60. 

KILHAN, Thomas, a pioneer settler from Westfield Mass., to Turin, 
N. Y. ; d. April 25, 1825, a. 73, from an opiate given in over dose by a 
drunken physician, his wife Mary d. March 18, 1845, a. 93. 

KIMBALL, Rev. David Tenney, was b. in Bradford, Mass , in 
1782; grad. at Harvard in 1803, and was settled at Ipswich, in 1806, 
where he filled the pastoral office for nearly forty years, without a col- 
league ; he d. there Feb. 3, 1860, a. 77. 

KIMBALL, Rev. Reuel, installed as pastor of Presb. ch. Leyden, 
N. Y., 1817; and pastor till 1826, d. at East Hampton, Mass., Oct. 1, 
1847, a. 67. 

KIMBALL, Richard, was constructor of the Middlesex canal, and 
was consulted by Gov. Clinton of N. Y., in the beginning of the N. Y. 
canals, parts of which he personally directed; he died at Mount Lebanon, 
N. H., Feb. 12, 1860, in his 92d year; he was engaged in the construc- 
tion of the Middlesex canal, Mass. (Hist. Mag. iv, 127.) 

KINDELTON, Rev. Adam, Founder of the Catholic Association for 
the relief of destitute male orphans ; d. at New Orleans, La., Oct. 14, 1837. 

KING, Adam, member of congress from Pennsylvania, from 1827, to 
1833 ; d. May 1835. 

KING, Alexander, ex-member of state senate of Pennsylvania in 
1847-50; d. at Bedford, Pa., Jan. 10, 1871, a. 76; was elected judge of 
the 16th judicial district, in 1864. 

KING, Austin A., ex-governor of Missouri, d. April 22, 1870, at 
St. Louis, Mo., a. 70. 

KING, Daniel Putnam, d. July 25, 1850, in Danvers, Mass., a. 50 ; 
grad. at Harvard in 1823 ; served several years in the Massachusetts 
legislature, and in 1843 was elected to congress, where he was continued 
till his death. (Am. Almanac, 1851, p. 316.) 

KING, Gen. Edward, a distinguished lawyer, and formerly speaker 
of the house of representatives of Ohio, d. at Cincinnati, O., Feb. 6, 

.American Biographical Notes. 239 

King, Rev. George, (S. J.), b. at Laurel, Del., ordained priest in 
1835, and sent to eastern Md., where he labored 20 y. ; in 1855, he re- 
moved to Newtown, Md., and d. in Bait., June 20, 1856. (Metropolitan 
Cath. Almanac, 1857, p. 299.) 

KING-, Henry, b. in Hampden co., Mass., July 6, 1790, an elder 
br. of T. Butler King of Ga. ; in 1810 began to study law under W. H. 
Brainerd, of New London, Ct.; went to Wilkesbarre, Pa., in 1812, was 
admitted to the bar, and settled at Allentowu, Pa. ; in 1825 he was elected 
to the state senate, and again in 1829 ; he was in congress from 1831 to 
1835, and to his influence is largely due a reform securing a more equal 
appointment of cadets at West Point ; he was deeply interested in reforms 
in prison discipline and the result of his system at Moyamensing, Pa., 
led to an invitation for assistance by the Prussian government ; he was a 
whig, a warm friend to the public canals and railways, and opposed to the 
incurring of heavy public debts j he d. at Allentown, Pa., Julv 13, 1861. 
(M Y. Eve. Post.) 

KING, John, member of congress from New York, in 1831-3 ; d. at 
New Lebanon, N. Y., Sept. 1, 1838, a. 63. 

KING, John Glen, d. in Salem, Mass., July 26, 1857; a. 70; he 
was b. in Salem, March 19, 1787 ; grad. at Harvard in 1807, studied law 
and became eminent in his profession ; he served in both branches of the 
legislature and in the executive council, and held several offices of trust 
in his native city, where he d. July 26, 1857. ( Am. Almanac, 1858, p. 356.) 

KING, John W., in 1838 and 1839, was speaker of the house of 
representatives, of Mississippi ; d. at Brandon, Miss., Mar 18, 1859, a. 49. 

KING, Miles, d. in Norfolk, Va., Dec. 8, 1849, a. 63, was an officer 
in Ott's Norfolk light artillery when it was in service in 1812 ; was in gen. 
assem., and in 1816, was made naval agent, which office be filled for 
eleven years ; was again elected to the legislature, and afterwards for 13 
successive years mayor of Norfolk. 

KING, Rev. Samuel, d. in Southampton, N. Y., Nov. 29, 1833, in 
his 42d year. 

KING, Gen. Thomas D., elder brother of the late William R. King, 
vice pres. of U. S. ; d. at Tuscaloosa, Ala., Feb. 24, 1854, a. 74 ; b. Sept. 
22, 1779, in Duplin co., N. C, and educated in Univ. of N. C. ; while 
yet young, frequently elected to the legislature in which he served 
in both houses; in 1812 was-major of the 43d regt. and held till peace ; 
lived many years in retirement, and was fond of literary pursuits. 

KING, Walter, b. in Norwich, Conn., and son of the Presbyterian 
minister of that town ; grad. at Yale College in 1805, and soon removed 
to Utica; pursued the study of law with Erastus Clark and became his 
partner ; he remained in practice until 1832, when in consequence of ill 
health, he engaged in farming in Marcy; he d. 1852, he was an able bib- 
lical scholar, and the author of a Harmony of the Gospels. 

KINGMAN, Ensign Edward, Mass., killed in the revolution Sept. 
26, 1777. 

KINGSBURY, James, d. at Newburg, N. Y., Dec. 12, 1847, a. 80 ; 
was one of the very first settlers of the western reserve, having landed at 
Connaut in the summer of 1796 and settled at Newburg the same season ; 

240 American Biographical Notes. 

was a territorial judge, and a member of the legislature of Ohio at an early 
day. ( Whittlesey's Cleveland, pp. 262-273.) 

KINGSBURY, R., a lieut. in British army, killed at battle of Platts- 
burg, Sept. 6, 1814. 

KINGSBURY, Samuel, a prominent citizen of Brockport, Monroe co., 
N. Y. ; d. Dec, 1855. 

KINGSLEY, Elijah, a soldier of the French and revolutionary wars; 
d. at Bernardstown, Mass., Oct. 30, 1839, a. 98. 

KINGSLEY, Lewis, ex-judge and deputy naval officer of New York; 
d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 7, 1872. a. 46. 

KINGSLEY, Martin, b. in Bridgewater, Mass., June 2, 1754; grad. 
at Harvard in 1778 ; studied medicine ; served some in the revolution, 
and was in the convention for forming the constitution of his native state ; 
was in the legislature about 30 years, and at different periods in the 
council ; was judge of com. pleas, judge of probate, and in congress from 
1819 to 1821 ; d. at Roxbury, Mass., June 20, 1835. 

KINGSLEY, Rufus, d. at Hartford, Susquehannah co., Pa., a. 84; 
he was a drummer in the revolution, and served in this capacity through 
the war. 

KINNICUTT, Thomas, b. in Warren, R. I., Nov. 30, 1800; grad. at 
Brown U., in 1822, settled in law at Worcester, Mass., in 1825, and for 
several years in the state legislature, being in 1842, speaker of the house ; 
in 1838, 9, he was senator; in 1848 he was appointed judge of probate 
for Worcester co., and held this office till his death, Jan. 22, 1858. (Am. 
Almanac, 1859, p. 355.) 

KINTZING, Abraham, of the house of Pratt & Kintzing, of Phila- 
delphia; was b. in 1763, first settled in Winchester, Va., but returned 
and became an importiug merchant of extensive business; d. June, 1835, 
a. 72. (Simpson' s Eminent Philadelphians.} 

KIP, Isaac L., many years assistant register of the court of chancery 
in the state of New York; d. in New York city, Jan. 20, 1837, a. 70. 

KIRK, Rev. Edward N., d.d., d. at Boston, March 27, 1874, a. 72 ; 
was b. here in 1802, and after graduation at the Princeton College in 
1820, he entered a New York office; where he remained eighteen months; 
he then became a member of the Theological School at Princeton, and 
after four years of study received an appointment from the board of com- 
missioners for foreign missions ; his ministerial labors began at Albany, 
where he was invited to take charge of a pulpit for a few months ; at the 
expiration of this engagement a new Presbyterian church was organized, 
of which, in 1828, he became pastor ; here his ministrations were contin- 
ued for nine years ; his health demanding a change, he resigned his pas- 
toral charge and visited Europe, preaching regularly in Paris for one year ; 
on his return he preached as an evangelist, with great popularity and 
usefulness in several Eastern cities, and then became pastor of the Mount 
Vernon church in Boston, retaining that charge until 1871, when the 
infirmities of age compelled him to abandon the active care of his church. 

KIRKLAND, Mrs. Caroline Matilda (Stansbury), wife of William, 
was b. January, 1801; she was a successful authoress; among other 
works she wrote, under the name of Mrs. Mary Clavers, A New Home, 
Who'll Follow f, lorest Life, and Western Clearinys ; upon settling in New 

American Biographical Notes. 241 

York, she undertook the education of young ladies ; was next editress of 
the Union Magazine, and, after a visit to Europe, wrote Holidays Abroad, 
Personal Memoirs of George Washington, and several other works ; she 
d. April 5, 1864. 

KIRKLAND, George Whitfield, son of Rev. Samuel and twin 
brother with Rev. John Thornton Kirkland, pres. Harvard College, mer- 
chant of Clinton, N. Y. ; b. 1771, d. at Port au Prince, April 21, 1810. 

KIRKLAND, Joseph, b. in Norwich, Conn., Jan. 18, 1770; grad. at 
Yale College in 1790, and pursued legal studies; in 1794 he removed to 
New Hartford, Oneida co., N. Y., and engaged in practice, removing in 
1813 to Utica; in 1804 and 5, he was a member of the assembly, and 
again in 1818, 1820, '21, and '25 ; in Feb., 1813, he was appointed district 
attorney of the 6th district ; in 1821-3 he was a representative in congress ; 
he was tbe first mayor of Utica, and served as such during the years 1832, 
'34, and '35; he d. Feb. 2, 1844. 

KIRKLAND, Lieut. Nathaniel, Conn. ; killed in the revolution, 
Oct. 12, 1777. 

KIRKLAND, Rev. Samuel, missionary to the Oneidas and Senecas, 
and his son Rev. John Thornton Kirkland, president of Harvard College, 
may be found in all the dictionaries; d. March 28, 1808, a. 66. 

KIRKLAND, William, son of Joseph, was b. in New Hartford, 
Feb. 6, 1802, grad. at Hamilton College and was tutor and professor of 
Latin in that institution; he lived subsequently in Seneca co., in 
Michigan and in New York city, and was for the most part engaged in 
teaching; d. 1846. 

KIRKPATRICK, John, b. Glasgow, Scotland, 1819, only son of an 
invalid machinist, with whom he worked in the shop ; 1842, having lost 
his father and married, emigrated to a new farm near Port Stanley, Canada, 
on account of his connection with the Chartists; an ardent student in 
natural history and chemistry between the hours of labor ; removed to 
Cleveland, O., 1843, employed as a machinist until 1856; collected full 
specimens of entomology ; secretary of the Cleveland Academy of Natural 
Science; asst. editor of the Ohio Farmer ; 1863, joined the volunteers 
for 100 days, and on his return made commissioner of drafts. 1866, 
superintendent of city infirmary ; studied mental diseases, botany, and 
conchology; member of the city council of Cleveland attaked by chronic 
laryngitis d. at Cleveland, suddenly Dec. 4, 1869. An earnest, energetic, 
thoughtful, self-taught man of genius, cut down in the fullness of his 
mental activity. 

KIRKPATRICK, Dr. William, b. in Amwell, Huntingdon co., 
N. J., Nov. 1768, son of Rev. William K., a Presb. ; grad. at Princeton ; 
studied medicine with Dr. Rush, and began practice of medicine at 
Whitesboro, N. Y., in 1795 ; in 1806, removed to Salina and became 
sunt, of Salt Springs, while living in Oneida co. ; was in congress in 1807- 
9; in politics was a republican, as then called; was a man of literary 
tastes; d. of cholera at Salina, Sept. 2, 1832. (Clark's Onondaga, ii, 39.) 

KERTLAND, Rev. Orlando L., b. in Durham, N. Y., May 15, 1801, 
several years a Presbyterian pastor at Morristown, and at Springville, 
N. J.; d. at Morristown, N. J., May 23, 1874. 


242 American Biographical Notes. 

KLRTLAND, William A., sole survivor from the wreck of the 
Charles Lawrence, which foundered at sea in 1865 and of the S. S. 
Varuna, that foundered off the coast of Florida, in 1870 ; d. at West 
Brook, Conn., Jan. 24, 1872, a. 25. 

KITE, John, d. at Baltimore, Md., Sept. 18, 1870, a. 108, was a team- 
ster in the revolution, and many years sergeant at arms for the Baltimore 
city council. 

KITTS, John, revolutionary veteran: d. at Baltimore, Md., Sept. 19, 
1870, a. 108. 

KNAPP, Dr. Frederick A., d. at Smithville, Jeff, co., N. Y., Feb. 
14, I860, a. 37. (N. Y. Reformer, March 1, 1860.) 

KNAPP, Col. Jared, d. at Copenhagen, N. Y., March 29, 1854, a. 73. 

KNICKERBACKER, Herman, b. July 27, 1779, studied law with 
John V. Henry, and John Bird, began practice and adopted federal 
politics, and was in congress in 1807-9 ; in 1816 he was in assembly 
and was many years a co. judge and supervisor ; he was popularly known 
as the Prince of Schaghticoke, and distinguished for his courteous 
manners, generous hospitality and ready wit ; he d. at Schaghticoke, in 
1855. (Woodworth's Troy; Munsett's Notes, 91.) 

KNIGHT, Dr. Jonathan, d. at New Haven, Conn., Aug. 24, 1864, 
a. 75. 

KNIGHT, Jonathan, b. in Bucks co.. Pa., Nov. 22, 1787 ; removed 
in 1801, to E. Bethlehem, Washington co., was mostly self educated, and 
became a surveyor; was 3 y. county com'r ; in 1827 was employed on the 
national road between Cumberland and Wheeling, and through Ohio and 
Indiana ; in 1822, was elected to the legislature, and served 6 y. ; in 1828 
visited England to acquire a thorough knowledge of engineering and was 
chief engineer on the Bait, and Ohio R. R. ; was in congress from 1855 
to 1857 and d. in Washington co., Pa., Nov. 22, 1858, a. 69. 

KNIGHT, Mary, a sister of Gen. Worrell, and devoted friend of the 
suffering at Valley Forge in the revolution ; d. at Rahway, N. J., of cholera, 
July, 1849, at the age of 90. (Striker's Am. Reg., iii, 233.) 

KNIGHT, Samuel, was commissioned as a lawyer June, 1772, and 
was present at the affray at Westminster, Vermont, March 13, 1775 ; he 
was with four others declared guilty of death at the inquest upon the 
body of Wm. French ; he fled to Boston, and thence to N. Y., but re- 
turned to Brattleboro a year after ; he favored the N. Y. claims as long 
as there was hope, when he became a supporter of the Vermont govern- 
ment; he was 1st judge of Windham co., 4 years, and presided as chief 
justice of the state from 1789 to 1793. (Hall's Eastern Vermont, p. 673.) 

KNOWER, Benjamin, d. at Watervliet, N. Y., Aug. 23, 1839, a. 
64 ; was more than forty years a mechanic and then a merchant of Albany. 

KNOULTON, Calvin, son of Luke Knoulton ; grad. at Dartmouth 
Coll. in 1788 ; studied law, and d. Jan. 20, 1800, a. 34. (Hall's Eastern 
Vermont, p. 676.) 

KNOWLTON, Luke, a native of Shrewsbury, Mass., removed to New- 
fane, Vt., in 1772 where he was town clerk 16 y. ; representative in gen. 
assem. in 1784, 8, 9, a member of the council 1790 to 1800, a member 
of the constitutional convention in 1793, and a judge of Windham co., 

American Biographical Notes. 243 

from 1787 to 1793 ; he took an active part in settling the Vermont con- 
troversy ; he d. Dec. 12, 1810, a. 73. {Hull's Eastern Vermont, p. 675.) 

KNOX, Rev. John, d.d., b. in Adams co., Pa., June 17, 1790, licensed 
to preach June, 1815, ordained colleague pastor of the Reformed Prot. 
Dutch church in the city of New York, July 16, 1816, and d. in that city, 
Jan. 8, 1858. (Knox Memorial Volume, with portrait.) 

KOHL, Johann George, a distinguished German archaeolgist, and 
author of numerous books describing his travels, d. in Bremen, Germany, 
June 6,1871, a. 63; he prepared for the Maine Historical Society, a 
volume of documents relating to the early discoveries of that coast, of 
great merit. 

KOSSUTH, Emilia Zalavasky, sister of Louis Kossuth, the Hun- 
garian patriot; d. at Brooklyn, N. Y., June 29, 1860, a. 43. 

KOZTA, Martin, a Hungarian refugee whose rescue from the Austrian 
authorities in 1853 by Commodore Ingraham occasioned much diplomatic 
correspondence ; d. near the city of Guatemala, May 25, 1858. 

KRAITSER, Prof. Dr. Charles, a Polish exile, came to America in 
1833 devoted himself to teaching, and in 1842, was appointed prof, of 
modern languages in the Univ. of Va. ; he published several remarkable 
works on philology and lectured extensively on the subject; he d. at 
Morrisania, N. Y., May 7, 1860, a. 56. (Hist. Mag., iv, 189.) 

KRAMER, Allen, banker, d. at Pittsburg, Pa., Nov. 8, 1869. 
KRAUSE, David, d. at Norristown, Pa., June 13, 1871, a. 73, was 
president judge of the 7th judicial dist. of Pennsylvania, in 1845-51. 

KREPPS, Gen. Solomon G., senator of Pa. ; d. of cholera at Browns- 
ville, Pa., July 14, 1833. 

KUHN, Jacob, for fifty years messenger of the general court of 
Massachusetts; d. at Boston, Sept. 22, 1835. 

KUPER, Henry George, British consul in Baltimore; d. in that city 
of suffocation in a burning building, Dec. 7, 1856. 

LACOSTE, Felix, consul general of France for the United States; d. 
Nov. 14, 1853, at New York city. 

LACY, Thomas J., a member of the bar, and formerly a judge of the 
Arkansas supreme court; d. at New Orleans, La., Jan. 11, 1849. 

La FRENIERE, Nicholas Chauvin de, attorney general of Louisi- 
ana was b. in 1736 ; and became an ardent advocate of French supremacy 
in that colony as opposed to Spain, and his eloquent and fearless appeals 
made him the object of great regard by the people ; his eloquence has 
been compared to Patrick Henry's, and his speech before the superior 
council is regarded as a master piece of eloquence and logic; upon the arri- 
val of a Spanish fleet in July 1769, he was seized with a few others, 
tried and condemned ; and on the 25th of October, 1769, he was shot 
with his compatriots, by a file of Spanish grenadiers in the yard fronting 
the barracks. (B. V. French's Hist. Memoirs of La. p. 183.) 

LaGAUDE, Pierre Paul Frs. de, Sulpitian missionary; arrived in 
Canada, May 1755 ; succeeded Picquet at Oswegatchie in 1760, aud d. 
at Montreal April 4, 1784. 

LAIDLEY, Joseph, chemist, b. in Ireland, came to Phila., in his 
youth ; grad. at the College of Pharmacy in that city in 1850 ; he secured 

244 American Biographical Notes. 

a place with Adie & Gray of Richmond j was several years with them, and 
then engaged in business on his own account; he engaged in the prepara- 
tion of detonating powder for the rebel army at Richmond, Va., in the 
summer of 1861, and was killed by an accidental explosion, Aug., 1861. 

LAIDLIE, Rev. Archibald, d.d., b. in Scotland, accepted a call 
to the Dutch ch. of Flushing in Zealand where he lived 4 y. and came to 
N. Y. in 1764; he was the first minister of the Dutch ch. in America who 
officiated in English ; he d. at Redhook, N. Y., in 1778 ; an exile on ac- 
count of the war. (Miller's Life of Reo. J. Rogers, p. 136.) 

LAKE, William Hume, d. at Toronto, Canada, Nov. 15, 1871 ; was 
many years prof, of law, in the University of Toronto ; and for many 
years chancellor of the court of chancery of Canada. 

LAMAR, John, soldier of the revolution, served bravely as a partisan 
under Marion and Pickens ; was at Eutaw, Cowpens, the siege of Au- 
gusta and in other engagements, and was twice wounded ; he removed to 
Ga. and d. in Jones co. ( White's Hist. Ga., p. 506.) 

LAMAR, Jose, ex-president of Peru ; d. at Cartago, Central America, 
Nov. 15, 1830. 

LAMAR, L. Q. C, judge of the Oakmulgee circuit, d. in Georgia, July 
4, 1834, a. 32 years. 

LAMAR, Major Marion, Penn. ; killed Sept. 21, 1777. 

LAMB, John, d. at Washington, D. C, Sept. 20, 1837, a. 62 ; chief 
clerk in the office of first comptroller in the treasury. 

LAMBDIN, Rev. William, of Memphis conference; b. in Talbot 
co., Md., June 4, 1784, and d. at Paris, Tenn., May 22, 1854. (Deems's 
Annals of Southern Methodism, p. 348.) 

LAMBERVILLE, Jacques de, Jesuit missionary ; arrived in Canada 
June 21, 1673; among the Mohawks in 1675-8 ; subsequently at Onon- 
daga, which he left in 1686 ; at Montreal in 1700 ; with the Iroquois in 
1703, and at Onondaga in Sept., 1708 ; he was at Cayuga in 1709, whence 
he fled on the breaking out of war ; be d. Sept. 16, 1718. 

LAMBERVILLE, Jean de, Jesuit missionary, arrived in Canada 
about 1671 ; at Onondaga in 1671, 2 ; left and sent to Niagara in 1687 ; 
at Laprairie in 1690 and in France in 1699. 

LAMBORN, Josiah, d. in Whitehall, N. Y., March 21, 1847; attor- 
ney general of Illinois. 

LAMBTON, John George. (See Durham, Earl of) 

LANE, Amos, member of the Indiana legislature and in one session 
speaker, was a lawyer of eminence and in congress from Louisiana from 
1833 to 1837 ; d. at Lawrensburg, Ind., in 1850. 

LANE, Derick, son of Matthias L. ; b. at Bedminster, N. J., April 
30, 1755 ; served as lieut. and capt. of N. J. troops in the revolution and 
was in several battles ; he settled in Troy, N. Y., as a merchant at an 
early day, was several years loan com'r for Rensselaer co., and in 1808-9 
was in assembly ; he d. March 26, 1831. ( Woodworth's Troy., 38.) 

LANE, Rev. D. Howe, d.d., d. at Granville, O., Nov. 10, 1870, a. 65. 

LANE, Gilbert Cooke, b. March 18, 1828 ; grad. at Middlebury in 
1853; evinced talent as a poet, and especially as a classical scholar; he 

American Biographical Notes. 245 

had nearly finished a commentary on Herodotus ; he d. at Cornwall, Vt., 
Nov. 10, 1858. (Hist. Mag., ii, 368.) 

LANG, Andrew J., b. at Palmyra, Maine, in 1831 ; grad. at Union 
Coll.; taught academies at Fort Plain, N. Y., at Essex, Conn., and at 
Waverly, N. Y. j d. at Waverly, Aug. 22, 1870. (Regent's Report, 1872, 
p. 699.) 

LANG, Robert U., senior editor of the New York Gazette ; d. in 
the city of New York, July, 1837. 

LANGLEY, William, d. at Hawley, Mass., July 8, 1836, a. 92; he 
was a year in the French war, and five years in the revolution. 

LANIER, Capt. Edward, U. S. N., d. at Baltimore, Md., March 20, 


LANSING, Abraham G., brother of Chancellor L., b. in Albany, saw 
some revolutionary service, and settled as a lawyer in Albany ; he was 
surrogate from Mar. 13, 1787. to April 12, 1808, and d. in 1834, a. 77. 
(Rogers's Hist. Discourse, p. 111.) 

LANSING, Barent Bleecker, son of Col. Gerrit G. Lansing of the 
army of the revolution ; b. in Argyle, N. Y., Jan. 17, 1793 ; merchant in 
Utica, 1813 to 1830 ; in 1831-2 bookkeeper of U. S. Branch Bank of 
Utioa; in 1835 cashier of Bank of Belleville, N. J.; in 1837 cashier of 
Oneida Bank of Utica ; d. Dec. 3, 1853. 

LANSING, Dirck C, d.d., b. in Lansingburg, N. Y., March 3, 1785 ; 
grad. at Yale, was licensed to preach in 1806 ; was settled at Onondaga, 
and Auburn ; and in 1829 at Utica, where he was pastor of the 2d Presb. 
ch. and in 1833 went to New York ; in 1856 removed to Walnut Hill 
near Cincinnati, and d. there, March 19, 1857. (Thompson's Funeral 
Discourse, with portrait.) 

LANSING, Gerrit Y., ll.d., a prominent lawyer and citizen of 
Albany, d. in that city Jan. 3, 1862 ; was judge of the State court of 
probates from 1816 until the office was abolished in 1823 ; was chosen a 
regent of the University in 1829 ; and for the last twelve years was chan- 
cellor of the regents ; and from 1831 to 1837, was in congress. 

LANSING, John Jr., chief justice and chancellor of N. Y. ; son of 
Gerrit L. b. in Albany Jan. 30, 1754; studied law with Robert Yates 
(chief justice) at Alb. and Jas. Duane at N. Y. ; in 1776, 7, he was mil. 
sec. to Gen. Schuyler; he settled at Albany, was in assembly in 1780-1, 
to '84, and in 1786, 7-9, being speaker in 1786, 9 ; in 1 786, was appointed 
mayor of Albany ; in 1787 he was appointed to congress ; he was in the 
convention that formed the U. S. const., but being opposed to its provi- 
sions withdrew ; and in 1788, in the N. Y. state conven. voted against 
its adoption ; he served on several state commissions, and Feb. 15, 1798, 
was appointed chief justice of N. Y., and Oct 21, 1801, became chancel- 
lor; in 1817, became a regent, in 1824 was pres. elector, and secretary of 
the electoral college. He d. Dec. 12, 1829, in his 7 6th year. (Street's 
Council of Revision p. 159; Rogers's Hist. Discourse, p. 104.) 

LANSING, Richard R., son of Col. Gerrit G., grad. at Union 
Coll. 1808, studied law and practiced in Utica; was clerk of northern 
district of N. Y., 1818 to (about) 1827 ; removed to the city of New 
York and became a wine merchant; thence went to Detroit and dealt in 
lands ; he gave the name to Lansing, capital of Michigan, d. 1854. 

246 American Biographical Notes. 

LANSING, Sanders, b. in Albany June, 17, 1766; bro. of Jobn L., 
chief justice; he was educated to the law, and and appointed register in 
chancery ; in 1820, he settled at Little Falls, N. Y., in a land agency ; 
was in the state convention of 1821 ; was a county judge until 1828, and 
held several other legal officers; he finally settled in Manheim, N. Y., 
and d. there Sept. 19, 1850, in his 85th year. (Benton's Herkimer Co. 
N. Y., p. 340.) 

LAPHAM, Seneca, d. at Mount Tabor, Ohio, Dec. 30, 1853, a. 70. 

LAPORTE, Count De, d. near Tuliy, Lewis go., Mo., July 30, 1858 ; 
well known as a teacher of French, and formerly instructor in French at 

LARDNER, Dr. Dionysius, professor of natural philosophy and 
astronomy in the University of London, and editor of the Cabinet Cyclo- 
pedia ; in 1840, he visited the United States, and lectured with success ; 
he d. in Paris, April 29, 1859, a. 66. 

LARKIN, Thomas O., b. at Charlestown, Mass., Sept. 16, 1802; 
arrived in California April, 1832, was appointed U. S. consul at Monterey, 
in 1844, and was of great service to the U. S. during the Mexican war; 
he d. at San Francisco, Oct 27, 1858, a. 56 years. (Hist. Mag., iii, 26.) 

LARKINS, Rev. John, one of the ministers of the R. C ch. of St. 
Francis Xavier, 16th st., N. Y. ; d. suddenly Dec. 11, 1858. (Hist. Mag., 
iii, 28 ; Tribune, Dec. 14, 1858.) 

LARNED, Gen. Charles, d. of cholera at Detroit, Aug. 13, 1834. 

LARNED, James, chief clerk in the office of first comptroller of the 
treasury ; d. near Frederick, Md., Aug. 1, 1849. (Stryker's Am. Reg., 
iii, 238.) 

LARNED, Samuel, d. in Providence, R. I., 1847 ; many years a mer- 
chant at Cadiz, Spain, where he was U. S. consul; in 1823, was appointed 
sec. of legation to Chili, and in 1829, charge d'affaires, to the confederated 
republics of Peru and Bolivia; was recalled in 1837, at his own request 
and retired to domestic life. 

La ROCHE-HERON, Henry de Courcy de, b. at Brest, France, in 
1820 ; came to the U. S. in 1845 ; was engaged in mercantile affairs and 
was a contributor to the Univers and Ami de la Religion, of France, and 
to periodicals in this country ; he wrote a sketch of the female convents 
of Canada, in 1855, and The Catli. Ch. in the U. 8., in 1856 ; he returned 
and d. at Cannes, dep. of Var, France, May 14, 1861. (Hist. Mag. v, 224.) 

La ROCHE, Dr. R£n£, d. in Philadelphia, Pa., June 6, 1819, in his 
65th year; b. in St. Domingo in 1755 ; educated in France, and fled to 
America, from the massacres of 1793 ; was skilled in his profession, but 
of feeble health, and of mild and retiring habits. (Simpson's Em. Phila.') 

LARRABEE, William C, native of Maine, and formerly supt. of 
public instruction, in Indiana; d. at Greencastle, Ind., May 5, 1859, a. 59. 

LARRANAGA, Vincente Antonio, Spanish consul at Charleston, 
S. C; d. at that place, Aug. 19, 1860. 

LATHROP, Isaac, of Plymouth, grad. at Harvard in 1726 ; was a 
representative and one of the council, and some years a justice of the 
court of com. pleas; he d. at Plymouth in 1750, a. 42. (Bradford's N. 
E. Biog.) 

American Biographical Notes. 247 

LATHROP, Rev. John, d.d., native of Norwich, Ct., grad. at Princeton 
in 1763 ; studied theology with Rev. Eleazer Wheelock and in 1768, was 
ordained over the 2d Cong. ch. in Boston where he labored till his d. in 
1816. {Bradford's N. E. Biog.) 

LATHROP, John Hiram, ll.d., an eminent educator ; b. in Sher- 
burne, N. Y., Jan. 22d, 1799 ; entered Hamilton Coll. in 1814, but grad. 
at Yale in 1819 ; was four years tutor of Yale, during which he studied 
law and was admitted to the bar ; was engaged two years in teaching in 
Vermont and in Maine ; from 1828 to 1840, professor of Hamilton Coll. 
holding successively the chairs of mathematics and nat. philos., of ethics 
and political economy, and of law, history &c. ; in 1840 he became presi- 
dent of the University of Missouri, in 1848 chancellor of that of Wisconsin, 
and in 1859 president of that of Indiana; in 1860 he returned to the 
University of Missouri, at first as professor of English literature, but at 
the time of his death Aug. 2d, 1866, he was again its president. 

LATHROP, Samuel, b. in Hampden co., Mass., in 1771 ; grad. at 
Yale in 1792 ; studied law, and gained a high position at the bar ; was in 
congress from Mass. from 1818 to 1826, and d. in W. Springfield, July 
1, 1846. 

LATOUR, Anthony, d. at Utica, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1839, in his 87th 
year ; was a soldier of the revolution and a native of France ; he came 
to America with Lafayette. 

LATTIMORE, William, b. in Norfolk, Va., Feb. 9, 1774; studied 
medicine and removed to Mississippi ter. ; was a delegate in congress from 
1803 to 1807, and from 1813 to 1817, was in the convention that formed 
the first state constitution, and d. April 3, 1843. 

L'AUBE RIVIERE, Francois Louis de Pourroy de, fifth R. C. bp. 
of Quebec ; b. at Attigny, Fr. ; priest of Sorbonne, when chosen in 1739 
to succeed M. Dosquet, which was confirmed the same year; he was con- 
secrated bp. of Quebec, Dec. 21, 1739.; he arrived at Quebec, Aug. 8, 
1740, and d. the 20th of the same month, a. 29. {Liste Chron. des Eve- 
ques et des Pretres du Canada.") 

LAURENS, Lieut. Col. John, S. C. ; killed in a skirmish on the 
Combahee, Aug. 27, 1781. 

LAW, Maj. James O., d. in Baltimore, Md., June 2, 1847; was for- 
merly mayor of the city, and held various other offices. 

LAW, Lyman, b. in New London, Conn., Aug, 19, 1870; grad. at 
Yale in 1791 ; studied law with his father Richard, (who was in continen- 
tal congress) and practiced law at New London ; served in the state legis- 
lature, and was speaker; was in congress from 1811 to 1817, and d. at 
New London, Feb. 3, 1842. 

LAW, Thomas, a native of England, son of Dr. Edmund Law, formerly 
bp. of Carlisle, and a brother of the late Lord Ellenborough ; d. at Wash- 
ington, D. C-, July, 1834, a. 78 years. 

LAWLER, Rev. Joab, b. in N. C, June 12, 1796; was a Baptist 
minister; in 1826 was in the Alabama legislature, and continued till 1831, 
when he was chosen to the state senate; in 1852 was made receiver of 
public moneys for the Coosa land dist., and held till 1855; in 1833 was 
made treasurer of the University of Alabama ; was in congress from 1835 
to 1838, and d. at Washington, D. C, May 8. 1838. 

248 American Biographical Notes. . 

( LAWLOR, John, d. April 18, 1869, a. 59 ; b. in Canada ; in 1848 
founded the Philadelphia Sunday Dispatch, with which paper he was 
connected till his death. 

LAWRASON, Samuel C, a surgeon in the navy, on board the Ger- 
mantown sloop of war; d. at Pensacola, July 14, 1849. (Strylcer's Am. 
Reg., iii, 236.) 

LAWRENCE, Alexander H., d. in Washington, D. C, March 16, 
1857, a. 46. ; he was b. in New Hampshire, grad. at Dartmouth, and 
opened a boy's school at Washington in 1834 ; was appointed a clerk in 
the General Land office in 1836, and studied law ; in 1845 he was removed 
and began his practice, in which he acquired honorable success. 

LAWRENCE, Dr. Ebenezer, d. in Pepperell, Mass., June 14, 1856, 
a. 86; b. in that place in 1770 ; grad. at Harvard in 1795, and first settled 
in Hampton, N. H., where he practiced 51 years; about five years before 
his death, he returned to his native town. 

LAWRENCER, Isaac, d. in New York city, July 12, 1841, a. 74 
late pres. of the branch of the U. S. Bank in that city. 

LAWRENCE, Rev. James, b. in Richmond, Ky., March 12, 1821 
d. Oct. 16, 1853. (Deems's Annals of Southern Methodism, p. 344.) 

LAWRENCE. John L., one of the secretaries at the treaty of Ghent 
a member of assembly in 1816-7, and of the senate in 1848, 9, and of tin 
constitutional convention of 1821 ; d. of cholera at New York, July 23 
1849; he was at the time of his death, city comptroller. {Stryker's Am 
Reg., iii, 237.) 

LAWRENCE, Joseph, b. in Pa., in 1788 ; was 9 y. in state legislature 
1 y. state treasurer, and from 1825 to 1829, and from 1841 till his death 
April 17, 1842, a member of congress ; d. at Washington, D. C. 

LAWRENCE, PniLiP K, judge of the U. S. dist. court, for the east 
ern dist. of Louisiana ; d. at New Orleans, May 19, 1841. 

LAWRENCE, William A., d. at Harrisburg, Pa., April 22, 1860 
was late speaker of the house of representatives of Pennsylvania. 

LAWRIE, Gawen, deputy governor of New Jersey, was one of the 
assignees of Edward Byllinge (the purchaser of West Jersey from Lord 
Berkley), who in 1676 placed the whole of that province in their hands 
for the benefit of his creditors ; he resided at Elizabethtown until his death 
in the autumn of 1687, having surrendered the government to his suc- 
cessor, in October, 1686. {Coll. N. J. Hist. Soc, i, 126.) 

LAWSON, Alexander, b. in Lanark, Scotland, in 1773, became a 
self-taught engraver, and at the age of 20 settled in Philadelphia ; his 
plates for Alexander Wilson the ornithologist, form his chief work. 

LAWSON, Fabius M., formerly treasurer of the state of Virginia ; d. 
in Goochland co., Va., Oct. 1, 1857, a. 51. 

LAWSON, Dr. Thomas G., an Englishman, came to Sodus Point, N. 
Y., and resided some years ; he returned to England and d. there in 1833. 

LAWTON, Charles W., d. at Red Sulphur Springs, Va., Aug. 7, 
1838 ; native of England, and a merchant of Charleston, S. C. 

LEA, Col. Luke, a native of Tenn., distinguished himself under Jack- 
son in the Indian wars in Florida ; was in congress from Ea->t Tenn., 
from 1833 to 1837, and for 30 years discharged faithfully the duties of 

American Biographical Notes. 249 

cashier of the state hank, and register of the state land office of Tenn. ; in 
1849 he was appointed Indian agent at Ft. Leavenworth ; and d. near 
Westport, Mo., June 17, 1851. (Am. Almanac, 1852, p. 340.) 

LEAKE, John GL, son of Robert Leake, d. in N. Y., a bachelor, 
June 2, 1827, leaving an estate valued at $400,000, and an informal 
will, bequeathing his estate to Robert Watts upon condition of his taking 
the surname of Leake ; if he did not, or died before 21, he gave funds for 
an orphan asylum in N. Y. city; this Watts died soon after becoming of 
age, and before changing his name ; his father released his interest, in 
behalf of the asylum which bears the name of the Leake and Watts 
Orphan Asylum ; the will was contested, and found valid so far as con- 
cerned the personal estate, but the real estate escheated to the state and 
$85,754.49, was paid into the treasury Jan. 1842 ; James Hay and 
others have since set up claims as heirs but without success. (N. Y. Assem. 
Doc. 87, 1850; do 93, 1854, etc.) 

LEAKE, Robert, b. about 1710, at Calder in Lanarkshire, Scotland, 
joined the horse guards in 1741, and was wounded at the battle of Det- 
tingen, in 1743 ; in 1745 he was lieut. of an independent co. ; in Feb. 
1747, was appointed commissary at Cape Breton ; and in 1849 returned 
to England on half pay ; in 1754 he was commissary of provision to 
Braddock, and served in America till 1763 ; he resided in N. Y. till his 
death Dec. 8, 1773. 

LEAKIN, Sheppard C, d. near Baltimore, Md., Nov. 20, 1867, in his 
78th year; commanded a troop at the battle of North Point; was mayor 
of Bait, in 1842, and for some years editor of the Bait. Daily Chron. 

LEAMINGr, Thomas, b. Aug. 20, 1748 ; rendered good service to 
his country in the revolution, as a lawyer, a soldier and a merchant, was 
a prominent delegate to the convention that formed the constitution of 
Pennsylvania, and d. of yellow fever in 1797. (Simjison's Eminent 
Philadelph ians.) 

LEAR, W. W., major 3d U. S. infantry ; d. Oct. 31, 1846, at Monterey, 
of wounds received in the battle of Sept. 21st. 

LEARNED, Edward D., d. at Jackson, Miss., Sept. 27, 1837, in his 
39th year ; native of Maine ; grad. at Bowdoin. 

LEAVENWORTH, Rev. Mark, b. in Stratford, Conn. ; grad. at Yale 
in 1737 ; was chaplain in a Connecticut regiment in 1760, and went to 
Canada, settled at Waterbury, Conn., and d. Aug. 20, 1797, in the 86th 
year of his age, and the 58th of his ministry. 

LEAVENWORTH, Thomas, common ancestor of most of those of 
this name in the United States ; b. in England; d. in Woodbury, Conn., 
Aug. 3, 1683. 

LEAVITT, Rev. Joshua, d.d., b. at Heath, Mass., Sept., 1794 ; grad. 
at Yale in 1814; taught for a while, studied law, and opened an office in 
Putney, Vt. ; soon afterwards, he went to New Haven and entered the 
Tbeological Seminary. Settled as pastor in Stratford, Conn., where he 
remained four years ; in 1819, while a student of law in Heath, Dr. Lea- 
vitt organized one of the first Sunday schools in western Massachusetts, 
embracing not only the children, but the entire congregation, all of whom 
were arranged in classes for religious study. An earnest revival resulted, 


250 American Biographical Notes. 

and the school grew into one of the strongest churches in the region. lie 
early became interested in the improvement of the public schools. Before 
he entered the Theological Seminary, he prepared a new reading book, 
called Easy Lessons in Reading, which met with an extensive sale. Dr. 
Leavitt was among the first to perceive the evils of intemperance, and ex- 
erted all his influence against it, and when the American Tempe- 
rance Society was formed, he became its first sec, was one of its 
traveling agents, and spent several months in lecturing in New Haven, 
Northampton, and towns in that neighborhood, in many places delivering 
the first temperance lecture the people there had ever heard. In 1828 
he came to this city as secretary of the American Seamen's Friend Society 
and editor of The Sailor's Magazine, and he has ever since been engaged 
in editorial work. The society, under his management, became popular 
and useful. He established chapels in Canton, the Sandwich Islands, 
Havre, New Orleans, and other domestic and foreign ports. At this time, 
too, he aided in starting the first city temperance society, and became its 
first secretary. Perceiving early the advantage of having a combined 
hymn and tune book for use in revival and social meetings, nothing of 
the kind then existing, he, in company with an excellent young musician, 
set about making one, which was published under the name of The Chris- 
tian Lyre. This has always been considered one of the best of its kind. 
Dr. Leavitt, in 1831, became editor and proprietor of the The Evangelist, 
which had been started a year before, during which time he had fre- 
quently assisted in its editorial work. He went to work earnestly, and 
soon made his paper one of the most powerful in the land ; it was the 
organ of the more liberal religious movements, and was outspoken on the 
subjects of temperance and slavery. It early became noted for doctrinal 
discussions, in which he was completely at home, possessing a keen argu- 
mentative mind, and a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of theological 
contests. Dr. Leavitt bore a conspicuous part in the early anti-slavery 
conflict, and his denunciation of slavery during the time of the excite- 
ment attending the formation of the first abolition societies and the robbery 
of the mails at Charleston cost his paper its circulation in the south and 
a large portion in the north, and it seemed as though it would have to 
suspend. To bring up its circulation again he then undertook the difficult 
feat of reporting in full Finney's revival lectures, which, though not. a 
shorthand reporter, he accomplished so successfully that his subscribers 
came back by hundreds, till his list reached 12,000. These reports were 
afterward published in book form, and sold to the extent of over a 
hundred thousand copies. The financial crash of 1837 compelled him, 
while erecting a new building, to sell out The Evangelist, which thence- 
forward became thoroughly Presbyterian, and lost almost entirely the 
strong anti-slavery character which Dr. Leavitt had given it. Dr. Leavitt's 
correspondence with Cobden and his Memoir on Wheat, setting forth the 
unlimited capacity of our western territory for the growth and exportation 
of wheat, were very instrumental in procuring the repeal of the English 
corn laws During his visit to England he also became much interested 
in Sir Rowland Hill's system of cheap postage, which he advocated for 
adoption in this country, both through the newspapers and before the 
congress committee; he d. in New York, Jan. 16, 1873. 

Le COUTEULX, Louis Stephen, b. at Rouen, Fr., Aug. 24, 1756 ; 
came to America in 1786 on business, and remained ; lived first in Trenton, 

American Biographical Notes. 251 

N. J. ; then in Bucks co., Pa. ; was a farmer and imported the first 
Merino sheep into the U. S. from Spain in 1789 ; traveled extensively ; 
was arrested at Ft. George in 1800 on suspicion of being a French spy, 
and kept in prison at Quebec till 1802; went to Buffalo, N. Y., in 1804 ; 
became county clerk of Niagara co., and agent of the Holland Land Co., 
and in 1812 removed to Albany ; was sergeant at arms in the senate, and 
in convention of 1821 ; returned to Buffalo, and d. Oct. 16, 1839 ; the 
city of Buffalo is largely indebted to him for his public benefactions. 
(Turner's Holland Land Co., p. 501, with portrait.) 

LEDERER, Baron Louis, consul general for the Austrian states, d. 
at New York, Dec. 22, 1845 ; he had long resided in this country and 
was distinguished for his mineralogical researches ; his collection of foreign 
minerals was purchased by the University of Michigan. (Am. Jour. Sci. 
& Arts, 1st ser., xliv, 216.) 

Le DUC, Mary P., d. near St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 15, 1842, a. 70, was 
b. near St. Denis, France, and settled at St. Louis near the close of the 
last century ; he was secretary of the province under the Spanish govern- 
ment of Louisiana, and held till it was ceded to the U. S. and afterwards 
till Missouri became a state ; he was in the constitutional convention in 
1820, and judge of the county court of St. Louis co., many years. 

LEDYARD, John Denise, son of Col. Benjamin Ledyard of the revo- 
lutionary army ; b. at Middletown Point, N. J., June 10th, 1793, but was 
removed the following year with his father and family to Aurora, N. Y. ; 
in 1798 he became an inmate with his brother-in-law, Col. Lincklaen of 
Cazenovia ; he grad. at Union College in 1812, studied law, and then 
joined Col. Lincklaen in the agency and purchase of the unsold lands of 
the Holland Land Company lyiug in Madison and Chenango counties; 
after the death of Col. L., in 1822, he had the sole management and in 1844 
the ownership of these lands ; he was president of the third Great Western 
Turnpike Company, first president of the Madison County Agricultural 
Society, a trustee of Hamilton College, and foremost in every project for 
the improvement of his town and neighborhood ; his death occurred Jan. 

LEE, Dr. Charles A., of Peekskill, N. Y.; d. Feb. 14, 1872, a. 71. 

LEE, Edmund L., d. in Alexandria, D. C, May 30, 1843, a. 71, was 

several times mayor, and many years clerk of the U. S. district court. 

LEE, Edward G., confederate brig, gen.; d. in Virginia, Aug. 27, 

LEE, Ezra, captain in the revolution, was often employed upon secret 
and dangerous service, and made an unsuccessful attempt to blow up the 
ship Asia in New York harbor, with a submarine engine called the Marine 
Turtle, made by David Bushnell of Saybrook. Capt. Lee d. at Lyme, Ct., 
Oct. 29, 1821, a. 72. (Rogers's Am. Biog.) 

LEE, Gideon, b. in Amherst, Mass., April 27, 1778, became a tanner, 
began business at Worthington, Mass., and spent his first earnings in edu- 
cating himself at the Westfield Academy; he was extremely industrious, 
but having lost all by a fire, made a voyage to St. Mary's Fla., where his 
constitution was permanently injured by fever, and was wrecked on his 
return; he settled in N. Y., where from nothiug he became successful 
and eminent, as a leather dealer ; in 1823 he was in assembly, in 1833 

252 American Biographical Notes. 

was mayor, and in 1857 in congress; in 1840 he was elected to the elec- 
toral college; he removed to Geneva, N. Y., bought and improved a 
beautiful estate, and d. Aug. 21, 1841, in his 64th y. (Hunt's Lives of 
Am. Merchants, i, 401; Am. Almanac, 1842, p. 310.) 

LEE, Dr. James, of Mechanicville, N. Y., d. April 13, 1866, a. 47 ; 
b. at Fishkill, N. Y., Nov. 15, 1818. (Transac. N. Y. State Med. Soc, 
1864, p. 466.^ 

LEE, Jay Elen, b. in Sweden, N. Y., Dec. 27 1833; grad. at Ham. 
Coll. 1858, was a capt. N. Y. Independent Battery in 1861-3 ; N. Y. 
military agent in Wash, in 1865-8; d. at St. Paul, Minn., Oct. 10, 1873. 

LEE, Ludwell, second son Richard Henry Lee, d. at Belmont, Lou- 
don co., Va., March 25, 1836, a. 76. 

LEE, Mrs. Mary Custis, widow of Gen. Robert D. Lee, and only 
dau. of Geo. W. P. Custis, formerly of the Arlington house near Wash- 
ington, D. C, d. at Lexington, Va., Nov. 6, 1873, aged about 67 ; her 
grandfather, Col. John Parke Custis, was a son of Martha Custis, after- 
wards the wife of George Washington ; Mrs. Lee was a woman of strong 
intellectual powers, and persistently favored the Confederate cause; she 
was in Richmond during the war, and when the contest was over, accom- 
panied her husband to Lexington, where she resided until her death ; she 
had been an invalid for about ten years, suffering from a rheumatic affec- 
tion ; the funeral took place on Saturday in the Memorial Church in Lex- 
ington ; her three sons, W. H. F. Lee, Custis Lee, Robert E. Lee, and 
her daughter, were present, besides a large number of friends. 

LEE, Dr. Moses A., prof, of materia medica and pharmacy in the 
Berkshire Medical Inst.; d. at Pittsfield, Mass., June 16, 1842, in his 
36th year. 

LEE, Richard Bland, eminent for his literary ability and member 
of congress from Va., from 1789 to 1795 ; he was judge of the orphan's 
court at Washington, at the time of his death, which occurred in 1827. 

LEE, Robert, d. in Rahway, N. J., March 14, 1842, a. 57. 

LEE, Thomas, member of the council of Va., and as pres. succeeded 
Gov. Gooch in the administration in Aug., 1749, but d. a few days after; 
his sons, Philip Ludwell, Richard Henry, Thomas L., Arthur, Francis 
Lightfoot, and William, were public characters ; they were natives of 
Westmoreland co. (Campbell's Va.~) 

LEE, Thomas, merchant, b. in Beverley, Mass., Oct. 11, 1779 ; d. in 
Boston, Dec. 14, 1867 ; was of the firm of Lee & Cabot; in 1865, presented 
the statue of Alexander Hamilton to Boston, and in 1866, a fountain. 

LEE, William, br. of Ann Lee founder of Shakers, b. in Manchester, 
Eng., and in 1740, adopted the Shaker faith, and d. July 21, 1784. 
(Evans's Shakers' Compendium, p. 156.) 

LEE, William L., chief justice of the Sandwich Islands ; b. at Sandy 
Hill, N. Y., Feb. 25, 1821 ; began the practice of law at Troy, N. Y., in 
1844, but threatened with consumption started soon after for Oregon ; he 
arrived at Honolulu on his way, Oct. 12, 1846, was invited to remain, ac- 
cepted the office of presiding judge of the old court of Oahu, and after 
the organization of the judiciary in 1847, was appointed chief justice of 
the superior court of law and equity ; in 1852 he was appointed chief 
justice of the supreme court and chancellor of the kingdom; in 1855 

American Biographical Notes. 253 

upon revisiting the U. S-, he was made minister to the U. S., and negotiated 
a treaty at Washington ; he d. at his home in Honolulu, May 28, 1857. 

LEE, T. Collins, judge of the superior court of Bait. ; son of Richard 
Bland Lee, grad. in a Va. Coll., read law with Wm. Wirt, and settled in 
Baltimore ; he was appointed U. S. dist. atty. by Tyler, and continued 
through Fillmore's term ; in Nov., 1855, he was elected judge of the sup. 
court of Bait. , and held till near the time of his death, which occurred 
Dec. 26, 1859. (Hist. Mag., iv, 29.) 

LEECH, William A., d. in Philadelphia, July 20, 1870; b. in that 
city; entered at West Point; afterwards studied law, served in the 17th 
Pa. regt. as major, and in the 9th as lieut. col. in the late war; was in 
prison at Bichmond, Salisbury and Danville ; was brevetted brig. gen. ; 
in 1867, was elected register of wills at Philadelphia. 

LEEDS, Henry H., auctioneer at New York; d. March 12, 1870, a. 
69 ; b. in New London, Conn., and came to New York in 1801 ; in 1847, 
became auctioneer with A. B. Minor. 

LEESUG-, Miss' Catharine, an actress, who excelled in the line of 
comedy; in 1819, while at the height of herpopularity, she m. Mr. James 
Hackett, and left the stage ; she resumed her profession in 1826, and 
made her last appearance at her husband's benefit at the National Theatre 
in Leonard st., N. Y. ; she d. at Jamaica, L. L, Dec. 4, 1845, a. 47. 

LEET, Isaac, d. in Washington, Pa., June 10, 1844, a. 42; M. C. 
from 1829 to 1831, and for several years in the state senate. 

LEGG, Rev. Judson L., d. in Speedsville, N. Y., Aug. 30, 1871, a. 
43. (Northern Christian Advocate, Oct. 5, 1871.) 

LEHMAN, William, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 14, 1779 ; d. at 
Harrisburg, Pa., March 29, 1829 ; studied medicine but did not practice, 
and became a druggist in Philadelphia; was elected to the legislature, in 
1814, and annually after for 15 years. (Simpson s Em. Philadelphians.') 

LEIGH, William, d. July 19, 1871, a. 84; was judge of the circuit 
court, from 1830 to 1857. 

LEIPER, George G., d at Lapidea, Pa., Nov. 17, 1868, in the 8od 
year of his age; b. in Philadelphia; was in congress from 1829 to 1831, 
from Pennsylvania ; was identified with the building of the first rail road 
in the U. S., in 1809, from the Leiper quarries, Delaware co., to Ridley 
creek, one mile in length. 

LEIPER, Thomas, native of Scotland, settled first in Virginia, and 
then in Philadelphia; was a prominent democratic politician, but accepted 
no offices, other than as director of the banks of Philadelphia, and of the 
U. S. ; com'r for defense of the city ; was a liberal giver for the public 
good, and d. July, 1825. (Simpson's Em. Philadelphians, with portrait.) 

LEITCH, Major Andrew, Va., k. at Harlem Plains, Sept. 28, 1776. 

LELAND, Aaron Larkin, b. in Sherborn, Mass., in 1813 ; grad. at 
Harvard in 1835; studied medicine, and settled in Pontiac, Mich.; re- 
moved to Detroit, in 1847, and continued to practice medicine till his 
death, Nov. 14, 1858. 

LELAND, John D., d. in Fayette, Mo., June 6, 1847 ; was judge of 
the 2d judicial circuit of Missouri, seven years before his death, and a 
native of Virginia. 

254 American Biographical Notes. 

LELAND, Simeon, a prominent and successful hotel proprietor, in 
New York city; d. at New Rochelle, N. Y., Aug. 3, 1872, a. 56. 

LEMERCIER, Francois Joskph, Jesuit missionary; arrived in 
Canada, July 20, 1635 ; superior, from 1653 to 1656; sent to Onondaga, 
May 17, of that year, and remained till March 20, 1658 ; he died in the 
West Indies. 

LEMON, Lieut. James, Pa., killed Sept. 11, 1777, at Brandywine. 

LEMUS, Senor C. Josfi Morales, Cuban agent in the United States; 
d. at Brooklyn, N. Y., June 28, 1870. 

LENNARD, Thomas B., brevet maj. of corps of topographical engineers 
of U. S. army; d. at Phila., April 24, 1851, a. 41. 

LENOX, Robert, d. in New York city, Dec. 13, 1839, a. 80 ; native 
of Scotland, but for sixty years a resident of New York, and one of the 
most enterprising and wealthy of the merchants of that city. 

LENT, James, Jr., member of congress from Newtown, Queens co., 
N. Y.; d. at Washington, D. C, Feb. 22, 1833. 

LEONARD, James Harvey, merchant; b. in West Springfield, Mass., 
Sept. 22, 1780 ; settled in Lowville, N. Y., in 1804, and continued in 
business, till 1839 ; he was many years p. m. ; he d. at Syracuse, Mar. 14, 
1845. {Hough's Hist. Lewis Co. N. Y., p. 150, with portrait.) 

LEONARD, James Loren, youngest son of James Harvey Leonard ; 
was b. at Lowville, June 5, 1821, and d. in that town, Jan. 25, 1867; he 
acquired a considerable estate, became president and sole owner of the 
Bank of Lowville, and was a liberal benefactor of the Lowville Academy 
and other public objects. 

LEONARD, Jonathan, late of Canton, Mass. ; d. at Covington, Ky., 
Oct. 20, 1839, a. 76 ; was a prominent member of the society of Friends. 

Le RAY, James Donatien (de Chaumont), land proprietor in north- 
ern N. Y.; b. Nov. 13, 1760, at Chaumont, France; son of a commissary 
of the Am. fleet and host of B. Franklin, when living at Passy, Fr. ; he 
came to America in 1785, returned in 1790, and in 1808, made a perma- 
nent settlement at Le Raysville, Jeff. co. ; he had been many years con- 
cerned in the Company of N. Y., a Parisian land speculation, and in the 
Antwerp Company, of Holland, and finally became owner of much of their 
lands in Jefferson and Lewis cos., N. Y.; in 1812, he was employed to 
negotiate a foreign loan, but without success; in 1823, he encountered 
heavy pecuniary difficulties, and in 1832, returned to France, but in 1836 
revisited America ; he d. in France, Dec. 31, 1840, a. 80; he was the 
first president of the State Ag. Soc, in 1832, and took a zealous interest 
in all public improvements. {Hough's Hist. Jefferson Co. JW. Y., p. 441, 
with portrait.) 

LESESNE, J. W., a judge in the Alabama courts, and a native of 
South Carolina; was drowned in Mobile bay, Ala., Oct. 16, 1856. 

LETTERMAN, Dr. Jonathan, formerly medical director of the army 
of the Potomac; d. at San Francisco, Cal., March 17, 1872. 

LEVIN, Lewis C, d. March 14, 1860, at Philadelphia, Pa. ; b. in 
Charleston, S. C, Nov. 10, 1808; grad. at Columbia Coll., S. C, became 
a lawyer, and practiced in Md., La., Ky., and Pa. ; was in congress from 
Pa., from 1845 to 1847, and from 1847 to 1851 ; was an active politician 

American Biographical Notes. 255 

and one of the founders of the American party. {Vincent's SemiAn. 
Register, p. 183.) 

LEVINGS, Rev. Dr., financial secretary of the American Bible Society; 
d, at Cincinnati, Ohio, Jan. 10, 1849, a. about 53. 

LEWIS, Addin, d. April 7, 1842, a. 62; was b. in Stonington, Conn., 
grad. at Yale in 1803, and was for a time instructor in the University of 
Georgia, and afterwards collector at Mobile ; he was afterwards post master, 
president of a bank, mayor of Mobile, and for several of the last years of 
his life a resident of Mobile. 

LEWIS, Alfred J., recorder of the third municipality of New Orleans; 
d. at that place Oct. 23, 1842, a. 32. 

LEWIS, Maj. Lawrence, of Wood Lawn, Va., a nephew of Gen. 
Washington ; d. at Arlington House near Washington, Nov. 30, 1839, 
a. 73. 

LEWIS, Mordecai, b. in Philadelphia, Sept. 21, 1748 ; and d. March 
13, 1799 ; was extensively engaged in foreign trade at Philadelphia, and 
spent some years in Europe ; was a director of the Bank of North America, 
of the Philadelphia Contributionship for the insurance of houses from loss 
by fire, of the Phila. Library Company, and treasurer of the Pennsylvania 
Hospital. {Simpson's Eminent Fhiladelphians.') 

LEWIS, Capt. Robert, Conn., killed March 22, 1777. 

LEWIS, Rev. Stephen, F. W. Bap. preacher, ordained in Whitfield, 
Me., Nov. 7, 1834, and spent much of his life in Windsor ; he d. at 
Augusta, Me., March 15, 1856, a. 77. {F. W. Bap. Reg., 1857, p. 88.) 

LEWIS, Lieut. William, Va., killed Sept. 14, 1779. 

LEWIS, William, b. in Chester co., Peun., in 1751 ; studied law, and 
for some time president of the council and recorder of Philadelphia; was 
a member of the legislature, and a leading federalist ; in 1789 was in the 
convention that revised the constitution ; became U. S. dist. attorney and 
afterwards district judge, but soon after returned to the bar; d. Aug. 15, 
1819. {Wharton's State Trials; Simpson's Eminent Philadelphiam.} 

LIEBER, Francis, publicist and professor in the law school of Columbia 
Coll. ; d. in New York city, Oct. 14, 1872, a. 72. {Drake's Am. Biog.) 

LIGHTFOOT, Robert, was b. in London in 1716; grad. at Oxford, 
studied law in the Inner Temple, was appointed judge of vice admiralty 
in the southern district of the Am. colonies, and came to Newport ; he d. 
at Plainfield, Ct., in 1794, where he had settled. ( W. Updike's Memoirs 
of the R. I. Bar, p. 246.) 

LILLIE, John, officer of the revolution ; b. at Boston about 1752, 
entered the army as It. of artillery, and on the peace held the rank of 
captain, having served actively and honorably ; he was appointed chief 
officer at West Point iu 1799, and d. soon after. {Bradford's N. E. 

LILLIE, John Sweetser, for thirty years pension clerk in the loan 
office ; d. at Boston, Mass., Aug. 16, 1842, a. 76. 

LINCKLAEN, Jan Van, was b. in Amsterdam, Holland, Dec. 24, 
1768 ; educated for the most part under a private tutor in Switzerland, he 
entered the Dutch navy at the age of 14 years, served therein several 
years; in 1790 he came to this country under the patronage of Mr. 

256 American Biographical JS/otes. 

Stadnitski of Amsterdam, the principal director of the Holland Land Com- 
pany's affairs in America ; in 1792 he penetrated the wilderness of Central 
New York, and surveyed the land subsequently purchased by this com- 
pany, and the following year, as their agent, he began the settlement of 
Cazenovia, N. Y. ; becoming the joint purchaser of the unsold lands be- 
longing to this company in Madison and Chenango counties he devoted 
the remainder of his life, which terminated Feb. 9th, 1822, to promote 
their occupation and improvement. 

LINCOLN, Capt. George, 8th U. S. infantry, killed in battle of 
Buena Vista, Feb. 23, 1847 ; b. in "Worcester, Mass. ; entered the army 
in 1837, and was brevetted for honorable services at the battle of Resaca 
de la Palma. 

LINDLEY, Eleazer, officer in the Jersey Blues in the revolution, ex- 
plored the Genesee country in 1790, and bought tp. 1, 2d r., Phelps and 
Gorham's purchase, and settled with forty persons ; this tract is now the 
town of Lindley, N. Y. ; he d. in 1792 while attending the legislature at 
N. Y. city. (McMa&t&r's Hist. Steuben Co., JV. ¥., p. 79.) 

LINDSEY, Aaron, d. Dec, 1841, at Jackson, Miss., a. 28, formerly 
secretary of state and senator ; was a ready political writer, and dis- 
tinguished himself as a newspaper editor. 

LINDSEY, Henry, d. in New Bedford, Mass., Oct. 27, 1853 ; was 
editor of the Neio Bedford Whalemen's Shipping Lists. 

LINGARD, James W., formerly manager of the Bowery Theatre, N. 
Y. ; d. July 6, 1870, a. 47. 

LINNARD, Thomas B., brevet major of the corps of topographical 
engineers, U. S. A. ; d. at Philadelphia, Pa., April 24, 1851, a. 41. 

LINTON, William O, of Terre Haute, Ind. ; one of the canal fund 
com'rs of Indiana; d. at Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 31, 1835. 

LIPSCOMB, Dr. Dabney, d. in Columbus, Miss., June 22, 1850, a. 
56 ; president of the state senate. 

LISTON, Sir Robert, first minister from Great Britain to the United 
States after the acknowledgment of independence, and late minister to 
Constantinople ; d. at Edinburg, Scotland, July 15, 1836, in his 94th year. 
{Am. Almanac, 1838, p. 295.) 

LITTLE, Charles C, d. at Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 9, 1769 ; b. at 
Kennebunk, Me., 1799; brought up a bookseller, and about 1829, formed 
with James Brown, the partnership of Little, Brown & Co., having bought 
out the old firm of Hillard and Gray, of Boston. 

LITTLEFIELD, Edward B., president of the Planter's Bank, of 
Tenn., and a native of Newport, R. I. ; d. at Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 18, 1836. 

LIVINGSTON, Henry A., a grandson of Philip Livingston, and son 
of a R. P. D. clergyman ; was in assembly in 1827, and in senate in 1838— 
41 ; d. at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., June, 1849. {Stryker's Am. Reg., ii, 505.) 

LIVINGSTON, John W., d. in New York city, April 11, 1860; was 
in the army in early life, and served in the war of 1812 ; became marshal 
of the northern dist. of New York, and took up his residence at Skaneateles ; 
after residing there 21 years, removed to New York city; he retired to 
private life. 

American £iograpiiical Notes. 257 

LIVINGSTON, Mortimer, shipping merchant and financier; son of 
Maturin L., and grandson of Gov. Lewis ; he became concerned in the 
shipping business in N. Y., with Bolton & Fox, proprietors of a line of 
N. Y. and Havre packets ; upon Bolton's death, the firm was known as Fox 
& Livingston, and later as Mortimer L., alone ; he was pres. of the U. S. 
mail, N. Y. and Havre Steam Packet Line, and director in several financial 
institutions at the time of his death, which occurred Aug. 24, 1857, a. 
about 49, at his home on Staten Island. 

LIVINGSTON, Col. Peter R., son of Robert L., 3d prop'r of the 
manor of Livingston, b. May 8, 1737, was in the gen. assem. of N. Y., 1761 
to 1769, and in 1774; was chosen pres. of the provincial convention in 
1776, and chairman of the committee of safety ; he was in assembly in 
1780-1 ; and d. Nov. 15, 1794. a. 57; his sister Mary m. James Duane. 
{Doc. Hist. N. Y, iv, 448.) 

LIVINGSTON, Peter R., a native of Dutchess co., a man of fine 
fancy and great declamatory power, who filled many stations in the state 
and national governments; was a member of the New York assembly in 
1823, and speaker of the house, and of the state senate from 1821 to 3, 
and from 1826 to 9 ; d. at Rhinebeck, Jan. 19, 1847, a. 81. 

LIVINGSTON, Philip, second prop'r of manor of Livingston, b. in 
Albany, 1686, attended his uncle Col. Vetch, to Quebec in 1705, served 
at Port Royal in 1710, and served on a perilous mission to Quebec; he 
was admitted to the bar at N. Y., Dec. 31, 1719, and in 1720 was made 
com'r of Indian affairs ; in 1721, succeeded his father as sec. of that board 
and clerk of Albany ; he was appointed councillor in May, 1725, and in 
1726 again visited Canada ; he served on various commissions for settling 
boundaries, and d. in N. Y., Feb., 1749 ; his daughter Sarah m. Lord 
Stirling of the revolution. (Munsell's An. Alb., vii, 311.) 

LIVINGSTON, Philip Cortlandt, son of Lt. Gilbert Ja's L., of 
Poughkeepsie ; b. Nov. 17, 1790 ; was a midshipman on board the Chesa- 
peak, and was killed in the action with the Shannon, June 1, 1813, a. 22. 

LOCKE, Francis, colored, killed at Charlotte, S. C, Sept. 25, 1780. 

LOCKE, Francis, b. in Rowan co., N. C, Oct. 31, 1766; elected a 
judge of the superior court in 1803, and having resigned, was chosen 
senator in cong. from North Carolina, for the years 1814-15 ; d. Jan., 1823. 

LOCKE, Richard Adams, formerly editor and journalist of New 
York, d. at Staten Island, Feb. 16, 1871, a. 71 ; was author of the Moon 
Hoax, and other sensational stories ; was editor of The N Y. Sun, The 
New Era, and other journals. 

LOCKHART, James, member of congress elect from the first con- 
gressional dist. of Indiana ; d. at Evansville, Ind., Sept. 7, 1857. 

LOCKWOOD, John Davenport, b. in Stamford, Ct., evinced an early 
maturity of talent, became a student in Yale in 1844; and d. suddenly 
Dec. 20, 1844. {Memoirs of J. D. L., by his Father.) 

LOCKWOOD, Le Grand, of the banking house of Lockwood & Co., 
New York ; d. Feb. 24, 1872, a. 52. 

LOGAN, William, b. in Harrodsburg, Ky., Dec. 8, 1776; was in the 
state constitutional convention of 1779 ; practiced law, and was several 


258 American Biographical Notes. 

years in the legislature, and speaker ; was twice chosen judge of the court 
of appeals; was a senator in congress in 1819-20, and d. Aug. 8, 1822. 

LOMAX, Maj. Mann P., of the U. S. ordnance corps; d. at Water- 
town, Mass., March 27, 1842, a. 55 ; he was a native of Virginia. 

LONGNECKER, Henry C, d. at Lehigh, Pa., Sept. 18, 1872, a. 49; 
was a soldier of the Mexican war; member of congress in 1858-61 ; col- 
onel of the 9th Pa. regt., in 1861, 2, 3, and judge of Lehigh co., from 1867. 

LONGSTREITH, Moses, b. in Philadelphia, Dec, 1800 ; became a 
merchant, and in 1835, became a farmer in White Marsh township, 12 m. 
from Philadelphia; was for a time, associate judge of the courts in the 
county of Montgomery, and in 1847, was elected canal commissioner ; was 
a democratic candidate for governor, but was defeated ; d. at his farm resi- 
dence, April 26, 1855. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.') 

LOOKER, Othniel, d. in Palestine, 111., July 23, 1845, a. 87 ; b. in 
N. J., Oct. 6, 1757; served in the revolution, emigrated to Hamilton co., 
O., in 1804, and was chosen to the senate of Ohio, in 1813 ; was afterwards 
speaker of the senate, and after the resignation of Gov. Meigs, in 1814, 
became acting governor of Ohio ; was associate judge of Hamilton court 
of com. pleas, for the term of 7 years. 

LOOMIS, Col. Gustavus, U. S. A., d. at Stratford, Conn., March 
5, 1872. 

LOOSEY, Chevalier C. F. de, Austrian consul general at New York, 
d. July 21, 1870, a. 60. 

LORD, Charles B., judge of the circuit court, St. Louis, Mo. ; d. 
Nov. 16, 1868. 

LORD, Frederick William, of Greenport, L. I. ; d. in N. Y. city, 
May 24, 1860, a. 59 ; he was b. in Lyme, Ct. ; grad. at Yale in 1810 ; 
studied medicine, and lived at Lyme, from 1828 to 1830, when he removed 
to Sag Harbor, N. Y., and practiced till 1846 ; he was in congress from 
New York in 1847-9. 

LORD, James Cooper, d. at New York, Feb. 9, 1869 ; was noted for 
his efforts in philanthropic enterprises. 

LORD, Joseph, of Putney, Vt., was 2d judge of the inferior court of 
C. P., in Cumberland co., Vt., from 1766 till the revolution ; he stood 
high in the confidence of government. (Hall 's Eastern Vermont, p. 677.) 

LORD, Rufus L., banker, d. in New York, May 15, 1869, a. 83 ; b. 
in Franklin, Conn. ; began life as a clerk in a dry goods store in that 
state ; came to N. Y., in 1805, and began business which he continued 
till 1832 ; was the victim of a noted bond robbery. 

LORD, Gen., a Cuban minister of war; d. at Los Guiros, Cuba, 
May 29, 1870. 

LORILLARD, Jacob, b. in N. Y., in 1774, was self taught and self 
made, was apprenticed to a tobacconist, and spent his life in this business 
evincing great capacity, and acquiring a large estate ; he was distinguished 
for his benevolence and activity in various societies and organizations for 
charitable and religious objects, and the promotion of the public welfare; 
he was many years a vestryman of Trinity church, and in 1812-13, was 
in assembly. (Hunt's Lives of Am. Merchants, i, 391.) 

LORIMER, George S. F., a member of the house of delegates; d. in 
Essex co., Va., Nov., 1839. 

American Biographical Notes. 259 

LORING, Rev. Bailey, was b. in Pembroke, Mass. ; grad. at Brown 
University in 1807, and was settled over the first church in Andover, in 
1810; he d. there May 5, I860, a. 73. 

LORINGr, Col. Benjamin, a merchant of the old school; wealthy, 
liberal and charitable ; a prominent member, and at one time an officer of 
the Mass. Charitable Mechanic's Assoc. ; the Loring theological library 
was given to Harvard Coll. library, and he made donations to his native 
town, Hingham, Mass. ; d. at Boston, Dec. 23, 1859, a, 83. 

LORING, F. W., author, killed near Wickenburg, Arizona Ter., Nov. 
5, 1871. 

LORING, Isaac, d. at Port Gibson, Miss., June 18, 1843 ; b. in Sun- 
bury, Mass. ; removed to Marietta, 0., in 1787, where he was for some 
time acting as commissary in the army under Gen. Wayne; in 1803, re- 
moved to Claiborne co., Miss., then just formed, and built the first framed 
house at Port Gibson ; was the 3d grand master of Free Masons in Miss. 

LOTHROP, John H., b. in New Haven Conn., May 15th, 1769 ; he 
grad. at Yale in 1787 ; he studied law at Middletown, and after a brief 
residence in Georgia removed to Oneida county, N. Y., in 1795 or 6 ; in 
1803 he became editor of The Whitestown Gazette and Cato's Patrol, which 
name he changed to Utica Patriot ; in 1811 he disposed of the paper and 
removed to New Hartford to practice his profession ; in 1816 he was ap- 
pointed cashier of the Ontario Branch Bank and returned to Utica to 
live; this employment and a partial connection with the paper occupied 
him until his death, June 15, 1829 ; he was trustee of Hamilton College, 
and clerk of the board from 1812 until his death. 

LOTHROP, Captain John Thornton Kirkland, b. in New Hart- 
ford, Dec. 25, 1813; he attended school at Northampton, Mass., and while 
visiting at Boston, became enamored of the sea; between 1827 and 1835, 
he made several voyages in merchant vessels ; in the latter year he entered 
the Texan service, was captured by the Mexicans and imprisoned ; on his 
release, he was placed in command of a vessel, and in 1842, was assigned 
to the defence of Galveston ; in 1843, after the exhibition of great bravery 
in different actions, and in command of different ships, he was ordered by 
President Houston, to take command of the fleet; he refused to supersede 
Commodore Moore, and while attending as a witness, on the trial of the 
latter, he d., Sept. 15, 1844. 

LOUDON, Jane (colored), d. at New London, Conn., April, 1841, 
a. 108. 

LOUIS, Dr. Vincent Bernard Sylvester, d. at the navy hospital 
near Norfolk, Va., Aug. 15, 1854; surgeon of the French government 
steamer Chinese. 

LOVETT, John, b. in Ct. ; grad. at Yale in 1782 ; attempted to estab- 
lish a school at Albany ; studied law, and went to Ft. Miller as tutor in 
the family of Col. Duer, and land agent; he removed thence to Lansing- 
burg; in 1800, 1, was in assembly, and in 1807, settled in Albany; in 
1812, he became military sec. to Gen. Van Rensselaer, and suffered a per- 
manent injury to his hearing, by a cannon at Queenston ; he was elected 
to the 13th cong. ; he bought the Twelve Mile Square tract, at the mouth 
of the Maumee, where he began the settlement of Perrysburg, and was one of 
the owners of the first steamboat on Lake Erie ; he d. at Fort Meigs, O., 
Aug., 1818, a. 53. (Munsell's An. Alb., x, 351 ; Woodwork's Troy.) 

260 American Biographical Notes. 

LOVETT, John, a member of assembly from Scbobarie co., in 1856, 
and a prominent business man ; d. at Esperance, N. Y., April 23, 1859, 

a. 40. 

LOVEWELL, Zacheus, b. at Dunstable, N. H., July 24, 1701 ; suc- 
ceeded Col. Blanchard, in April, 1758, in command of the N. H. regt. ; 
was ordered to join Gen. Prideaux, at Niagara, July 23, 1759, and d. 
April 12, 1772, a. 72. (Fox's Hist, of Dunstable, 247.) 

LOW, Isaac, a prominent New York merchant, of the city of New 
York ; was in the first provincial congress of N. Y., but when the question 
of separation from England, came up, he sided with the mother country, 
and he was attainted and banished in 1779 ; withdrew to England in 1783, 
and d. in 1791. 

LOW, Nicholas, merchant in N. Y., and proprietor of lands in north- 
ern N. Y. ; b. near New Brunswick, N. J., March 30, 1739 ; 5th son of 
Cornelius L. ; became a prominent merchant, before the revolution, and 
in 1788, 9, was in assembly; he was also member of the convention for 
adopting the U. S. constitution ; he built the Sans Souci Hotel, and a cot- 
ton factory at Ballston, before the war of 1812, and having with Harrison, 
Hoffman, and Henderson, bought a large and valuable tract in Jefferson 
and Lewis cos., in 1796, withdrew himself from other business, in later 
years, and attended only to its settlement ; he d. Nov. 15, 1826, a. 83 ; 
the town of Lowville, N. Y., bears his name; he was proprietor also of 
Adams, and Watertown, N. Y. ; his son Cornelius, d. in N. Y., June 30, 
1849, a. 54, and Nicholas in 1849. (Hough's Hist. Lewis Co., p. 135, 
with portrait.) 

LOWE, Gen. Joseph, a public spirited citizen of Concord, N. H ; d. 
Aug. 28, 1859, a. 70. 

LOWEKY, John M., d. at Crawfordville, Miss., July 18, 1856, a. 41 ; 

b. in S. C, in 1814 ; educated at Columbia College, and settled in Mis- 
sissippi in 1840 ; became one of the most successful planters in that state. 

LOZIER. Mrs. Charlotte Denham, m.d., d. at New York, Jan. 4, 
1870, a. 36 ; b. in Milburn, N. J., in 1844 ; grad. at the N. J. State Normal 
School ; studied medicine and surgery in Philadelphia and New York, and 
practiced with great success; after her graduation, she m. Dr. Abraham 
H. Lozier. 

LUCAS, Fielding, d. in Baltimore, Md., March 12, 1854, a. 72 ; a 
much esteemed citizen. 

LUCAS, Lieut. Thomas, Penn., killed Oct. 4, 1777, at Germantown. 

LUCKEY, Bev. Samuel, d.d., b. in Rensselaerville, N. Y., April 4, 
1791 ; became a Methodist Episcopal minister in Lower Canada, and after- 
wards at Troy, N. Y. ; in 1832, became principal of the Genesee Wesleyan 
Seminary at Lima, N. Y.; in 1847, was chosen a regent of the University 
of the state of New York ; d. 1869. 

LUDLAM, Providence, senator from Cumberland co., in the N. J. 
senate ; d. at Bridgeton, N. J., Jan. 20, 1868 ; was county clerk from 1857 
to 1862, and senator from 1862 till his death. 

LUDLOW, Capt. Charles, formerly of the U. S. navy ; d. at New 
Windsor, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1839. 

LUDLOW, C. D., captain of the steamer Ariel was killed in a storm, 
Dec, 1858, and buried at N. Y. 

American Biographical Notes. 261 

LUDWICK, Christopher, b. in Germany in 1720 ; in early life 
served in the Austrian army against the Turks ; was afterwards in the 
Prussian service, and after peace entered an Indiaman and went to India 
under Boscawen ; he afterwards made many voyages, from 1745 to 1752 
from London to Holland, Ireland, and the West Indies as a sailor, and in 
1753, came with a small venture to Philadelphia ; became a baker of 
gingerbread, grew into influence, aided in the revolution, and in 1777, 
was appointed baker general to the army. {Simpson's Eminent Philadel- 

LUFBOROUGH, Nathan, d. at Milton, Md., Dec. 7, 1848, a. 76 ; 
formerly chief clerk in the office of the comptroller of the treasury. 

LUFF, Edmund, b. in England, first preacher at Sackett's Harbor, N. 
Y. ; d. at that place in 1822. 

LUKENS, Isaiah, an eminent philosophical artist and vice pres. of 
Franklin Inst.; d. at Philadelphia Nov. 13, 1846, a. 69. {Am. Jour. 
Set. & Arts, 2d ser., iii, 144.) 

LUMPKIN, John Henry, judge and M. C, b. in Oglethorpe co., Ga., 
June 13, 1812, was educated at Franklin and Yale Colleges but did not 
graduate, was sec. in the exec. dep. of Ga., studied law and was admitted 
in 1834 ; in 1838 was solicitor gen. of the Cherokee circuit ; for a time in 
the legislature, and from 1843 to 1849 in congress; he was 3 y. judge of 
the Cherokee circuit court, and a judge of the supreme court of Ga. ; he 
d. in Rome, Ga., July 9, 1860. (Hist. Mag., iv, 284.) 

LUMSDEN, Francis Asbury, journalist, b. in N. C, was early ap- 
prenticed to Joseph Gales, printer at Raleigh; spent 9 y. on the Nat. 
Intelligencer at Washington ; went to New Orleans, and in 1837 with Mr. 
Kendall began the N. 0. Picayune, with which he was connected till his 
death ; he was an editor of superior ability, and of much influence in the 
southern states; he perished with his family on the steamer Lady Elgin 
on Lake Michigan, Sept. 7, 1860 ; his body was recovered, and buried at 
New Orleans, Oct. 18, 1860. {N. 0. Picayune, Sept. 16, 1860.) 

LUNDY, Rev. Francis Jones, d.c.l., d. at Newburg, N. Y., April 
7, 1868, in his 54th year. 

LUSH, Stephen, private sec. of Gov. George Clinton, member of as- 
sembly from Albany co., in 1792-3, 1803-5-6, and state senator in 
1801-2; d. in Albany April 15, 1825. 

LUTZ, Col. Nicholas, of the Penn. Flying camp ; captured on Long 
Island, Aug. 27, 1776; exchanged Sept. 10, 1799, and returned to Read- 
ing, Pa., where he d. 

LYDIUS, Rev. Johannes, Dutch minister at Albany, began in 1703, 
labored to instruct the Indians, and d. March 1, 1710 ; his son John 
Henry L., was a prominent Indian trader, who retired to England in 1776 
and d. near London in 1791, a. 98. {Rogers's Hist. Discourse, p. 19.) 

LYDNOR, Fortunatus, d. at Lynchburg, Va., June 7, 1840, a. 51 ; 
cashier of the branch of the Bank of Virginia. 

LYFORD, Fifield, d. in Cabot, Vt., April 15, 1846, a. 84 ; he was 
b. in Exeter, N. H., and served in the revolution. 

LYLE, David M., chief engineer of the Philadelphia fire department, 
d. Nov. 23, 1867, in his 50th year. 

262 American Biographical Notes. 

LYMAN, Hannah W., first lady principal of Vassar College ; b. in 
Northampton, Mass., in 1816; began to teach at an early age, and after 
filling subordinate stations in various places, went, in 1839, to Montreal, 
and opened a school for young ladies, which proved quite successful ; she 
was called in 1865, from thence to fill the place in which she d., at Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y., Feb. 21, 1871. (Regents' Report, 1872, p. 694.) 

LYMAN, Joseph H., journalist, d. at Richmond Hill, L. I., Jan. 28, 
1872, a. 47. 

LYMAN, Samuel Phews, b. May, 1804, at Siloam, Madison co., N. 
Y., and educated in the academy at Hamilton ; he studied law at Peterboro 
and at Utica, and was admitted to practice in 1826 ; after a few years of 
devotion to his profession, and to the editing of the Elucidator, he turned 
his attention to the building of rail roads ; he was attached to the N. Y. 
and Erie road, at a time when a small portion of it was completed, and when 
the work was suspended for want of capital ; by a series of letters to the 
Commercial Advertiser, and by other means, he commended it to public 
notice, and essentially aided in its construction ; in 1836 he was its gene- 
ral superintendent ; he was also rail road commissioner of the state ; he 
projected the iron cars, now in use, and as superintendent of the company 
engaged in their manufacture, was completing a few details, regarding 
their construction, when he d., at Cold Spring, N. Y., Sept. 30, 1869. 

LYNCH, James, ex-sheriff of New York co. ; d. at Manhattanville, 
N. Y., Jan. 22, 1851, a. 51. 

LYNCH, James, d. near Rhinebeck, N. Y., Oct, 3, 1853, a. 67; son 
of the elder Dominick Lynch; began law practice at Rome, N. Y., but 
removed to Utica, and was in assembly in 1823 ; in 1826, removed to 
New York, and afterwards appointed a judge of the marine court, in which 
office he remained till his death ; was an early and active member of the 
American Institute. 

LYNCH, Rev. William R., d. at Augusta, Ga., Feb. 25, 1871 ; long 
a member of the Wyoming conference, N. Y. (Northern Christian Advo- 
cate, March 23, 1871.) 

LYND, Cornelius, an officer of the revolution ; d. at Williamstown, 
Vt., Feb. 21, 1836, a. 84. 

LYON, Caleb, land agent, b. at East Windsor, Ct. ; in 1761, removed 
to Greenfield, Mass., and was a pioneer agent and settler at Walworth and 
North Penfield, N. Y., and in 1819, removed to the town of Greig, N. Y., 
where in 1823 he began improvement at Lyonsdale; he was in assembly 
in 1824, and d. suddenly, Sept. 15, 1835 ; he was father of Hon. Lyman 
R. L., of Lyon's Falls, and of Caleb Lyon, of Lyonsdale. (Hough's Hist. 
Lewis Co. N Z,p. 109, with portrait.) 

LYON, Chittenden, member of congress from Kentucky, from 1827 
to 1835; d. in Caldwell co., Ky., in Nov., 1842. 

LYON, Lucius, b. in Vt. ; removed when a young man to Michigan, 
and was several years a surveyor ; was delegate in congress in 1833-4-5, 
and senator from Michigan, from 1836 to 1840 ; was in congress from 
1843 to 1845, and afterwards was surveyor general in the north west ; d. 
at Detroit, Sept. 25, 1851. 

LYON, Matthew, b. in Ireland, about 1746, settled in Vt., and was 
in congress from 1799 to 1801 ; he removed to Ky., and was in congress 

American Biographical Notes. 263 

in 1S03 to 11 ; was a victim of the sedition law, passed in tlie term of the 
elder Adams, and was imprisoned in Vermont in 1798-0 ; having served 
in both houses of the Kentucky legislature, he d. Aug. 1, 1822, at Spadra 
Bluff on the Arkansas river near Little Rock, nine years after, his remains 
were conveyed to Eddyville, Lyon co., Ky., and reinterred with kindred. 
(Hist. Mag., iii, 23 ; Address by Pliny H.. White before the Vermont Hist. 
Soe,, Oct. 29, 1858.) 

LYON, N. W., a revolutionary soldier, d. at Easton, Conn., April 18, 
1860, in his 101st year. 

LYON, Patrick, b. in London about 1779 ; landed in Philadelphia, 
Nov. 25, 1793; was an eminent locksmith, and his reputation as such led 
to a groundless charge of robbery of the Bank of Pennsylvania in 1798 ; 
he sued his accusers, and recovered $12,000 ; he lived to a ripe old age, 
and d. in Philadelphia, where he was highly esteemed and greatly trusted. 
(Simpson's Eminent Hhiladelphians.'j 

LYON, Robert, was the second son of Wolfe Lyon of London, and 
came to New York in 1844, where he was several years concerned in 
commercial affairs; he founded the Asmonean. a Jewish paper, Oct. 26, 
1849, and continued to conduct this journal till his death, which occurred 
at New York March 10, 1858, a. 49. (Hist. Mag., ii, 155.) 

LYONS, William T., of New York city, d. March, 1871, giving his 
estate valued at $40,000 to $50,000, to the missionary soc. of the Meth. 
Epis. church. 

LYTTLE, Robert T., a distinguished public speaker, and member of 
congress from Ohio from 1833 to 1835 ; d. in New Orleans, Dec. 21, 1839. 

MACALESTER, Charles, an eminent Philadelphia merchant, b. at 
Campbelltown in Argyleshire, Scotland, April 5, 1765, and d. at Willow 
Grove near Philadelphia, Aug. 27, 1832 ; was extensively engaged in 
foreign commerce. 

MCALLISTER John, b. in Feb., 1753, in Glasgow, Scotland ; came 
to America in 1775, settled in Philadelphia as a turner ; first making 
walking canes as a specialty, and afterwards whips ; in 1799 he went into 
manufacture of spectacles ; he d. May 12, 1830. 

McALPINE, George, d. at Grand Gulf, Miss., April 6, 1841, in his 
94th year; was from Glasgow, Scotland, and came to America before the 

McARTHUR, Rev. John, formerly professor in the Miami University, 
O.; d. at Indianapolis, Aug. 19, 1849. 

McARTHUR, William P., lieut. commanding U. S. N., assistant 
in the coast survey, and commander of the surveying schooner Ewing; 
d. at Panama, Dec. 23, 1850. 

McCABE, Rev. Bernard, burned to death while in bed, at Malone, 
N. Y., Nov. 24, 1857 ; was Catholic priest at that place. 

McCAFEE, Col. Morgan, d. in Rankin co., Miss., 1857, about 53 
years of age; he was for several *jrears in the state legislature, where he 
held an influential position. 

McC ALL, Dr. John b. in Hebron, Washington co., N. Y., Dec. 25, 1787 ; 
tended medical lectures, at Columbia College, in 1810, '11 and '12 ; was 
appointed surgeon's mate of U. S. army, and attached to the 13th regiment ; 
he was soon promoted to a surgeoncy, and remained with the army until 

264 American Biographical Notes. 

July, 1815, having been present in the battle of Queenston, at the capture 
of Fort George, and at French Mills ; be settled in Deerfield, N. Y., but 
in 1818, moved to Utica, continuing in active practice until his death, 
Oct. 5, 1867 ; he was president of both County and State Medical Socie- 
ties; received the honorary degree of M.D., from Geneva College, and 
was elected mem. of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, of New York. 

McCARTER, Robert H., judge of the court of errors and appeals iu 
New Jersey ; d. at Newton, N. J., March, 1851, a. 57. 

McCAULEY, Lt. Nathaniel, N. H., killed in the rev. Aug. 30, 1779. 

McCAULEY, Mrs. Sarah, sister of Singleton Mercer, d. in Philadel- 
phia, Pa., April, 1860 ; was painfully prominent, some years ago, as being 
the person injured by Hutchinson Heberton, who was hunted down and 
shot by S. M., her brother, as he was crossing the ferry. ( Vincent's Semi- 
An. Register, p. 306.) 

McCAY, Charles F., d. at Apalachicola, Fla., Dec. 24, 1852 ; prof, 
of math., astron., and civil engineering, in the University of Georgia. 

McCHESNEY, Robert, formerly a judge, d. at Cranberry, N. J., May 
11, 1835, a. 77. 

McCHESNEY. Robert, physician, from Troy, N. Y. ; removed in 
1810 to Madrid, N. Y. ; d. May, 1824, a. 36. (Hough's Hist. St. Law. 
and Fr. Cos., N. Y., p. 599.) 

McCL ARY, Maj. Andrew, N. H., killed at Bunker hill, June 17, 1775. 
McCLEARY, Gen. James, member of congress from Louisiana ; d. in 
New York city, Nov. 5, 1871. 

McCLEARY, Samuel F., d. in Boston, Mass., Jan. 12, 1855, a. 75 ; 
b. in Boston, April 28, 1780; was admitted to the bar in 1808; was a 
warm federalist ; appointed assist, clerk of the state senate in 1810-1, and 
clerk in 1813, and annually after till 1822, when he became city clerk, 
and continued till 1852. 

McCLELLAN, Dr. John, b. June 22, 1773, in Colerain, Mass., 
studied medicine with Dr. Hyde of Guilford, N. H., settled in Seneca co., 
N. Y., in 1796, and the next year in Livingston, N. Y. ; in 1842 he re- 
moved to Hudson and practiced till 1853; he d. there Oct. 18, 1855, a. 
83. (TV. JV. Y. St. Med. Soc, 1857, p. 79.) 

McCLELLAN, Samuel, b. Sept. 21, 1800, at Woodstock, Conn., of 
Scotch descent ; grad. at the Yale Med. School, and settled in Philadelphia; 
was demonstrator of anatomy at the Jefferson Medical College, and after- 
wards professor of obstetrics ; he finally returned to practice, and d. Jan. 
4, 1853. {Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians, with portrait.) 

McCLELLAN, Samuel, m'.d., b. June 13, 1787, in Colerain, Mass., 
studied medicine and practised with his br. John of Livingston, N. Y., 
and in 1813 removed to Schodack near Nassau, N. Y., and d. April 8, 
1855 ; he was extensively known as a surgeon, and private teacher of 
medicine. (TV. N. Y. St. Med. Soc, 1857, p. 51.) 

McCLELLAND, Dr. Samuel, of Philadelphia; an eminent physician ; 
d. in that city, Jan. 4, 1854, a. 53. 

McCLELLAND, Dr. William, b. in Galloway, Scot., in 1769; edu- 
cated in Edinburg, and settled at Albany, as a physician, where he d. Jan. 
29, 1812 ; he was first pres. of the N. Y. Med. Soc. (TV. JV. Y. St. Med. 
Soc, 1857, p. 29 ; Munsell's An. Alb., ix, 93.) 

American Biographical Notes. > 265 

McCLENACHAN, Blair, b. in Ireland; was in business in Philadel- 
phia before the revolution, and in that war engaged in privateering, in 
which he was very successful; he subscribed £10,000, in 1780, to supply 
the army ; he afterwards engaged extensively in mercantile operations, 
was a ship owner on a large scale, and d. in Philadelphia, at an advanced 
age. (Simpson's Eminent Pkiladelphians.') 

McCLINTOCK, Nathaniel, revolutionary officer of New Hampshire; 
b. March 21, 1757 ; grad. at Harvard in 1775; joined the revolution, as 
lieut., and was soon made adjutant in Col. Poor's reg't, and promoted to the 
rank of brigade major ; from difficulties concerning rank, he tendered his 
resignation, after honorable service at Trenton, Ticonderoga, and elsewhere; 
in 1779, he returned home, engaged in privateering in the ship Gen. Sulli- 
van, of 20 guns, Captain Manning, and having taken a ship of war from 
the enemy, engaged in a cruise in company, as second to Lt. Broadstreet 
in command ; in 1780, he was killed in an engagement with two vessels 
of superior force. (Rogers's Am. Biog.~) 

McCLUNGr, Col. Alexander R., d. in Jackson, Miss., March 23, 
1855, a. about 43 ; b. in Kentucky, settled in Miss., served in the Mexi- 
can war, and gained the rank of lieut. colonel; was appointed charge d'af- 
faires to Bolivia, by Pres. Taylor, and resigned about two years before 
his death. 

McCLURB, Charles, formerly secretary of the commonwealth of 
Pennsylvania, and superintendent of schools; d. in Pittsburg, Pa., Jan. 10, 
1846. He was a lawyer by profession. 

McCLURB, David, d. in Philadelphia, Pa., April 13, 1842, a. 58 ; prof, 
of mathematics in the U. S. Navy. 

McCLURE, Gen. George, b. in Ireland in 1770 ; became a carpenter ; 
emigrated in 1790 ; was a pioneer in Capt. Williamson's settlement at 
Bath, N. Y. ; moved in 1800 to Dansville and kept store, and in 1801 
bought the Cold Spring Mill site between Bath and Crooked lake, where 
he built mills and did a heavy business in trade. In 1814 he removed 
to Bath; in 1816 was made sheriff of Steuben co., and in 1823,4, 7 was 
in assembly ; moved to Elgin, 111., in 1834, and died Aug. 16, 1851. He 
commanded the militia on the Niagara frontier in 1813, 14, and his wanton 
destruction of Newark, U. C, provoked a heavy retribution from the ene- 
my in Dec. 1813. (McMaster's Hist, of Steuben Co. N. 7., p. 113.) 

McCOLME, John, was appointed surgeon of 2d battalion of royalists, 
May 1, 1744, and his name was continued till June 1767; he served in 
the French war. 

MACOMB, Harriet Balch, widow of Maj. Gen. Alexander McC ; 
d. in Washington, D.C., May 23, 1869, a. 86. 

MACOMB, William H., commodore in the U. S. navy, d. at Phila. 
Aug., 1872 ; was a son of Major Gen. Alexander Macomb, formerly com- 
mander in chief of the army. 

McCONNELL, Felix G., member of congress from Alabama, d. by 
suicide in Washington, Sept., 1846, under the effect of intemperance, a. 
36 ; was a native of Lincoln co., Tenn., and in 1824 he removed to Talla- 
dega, Ala., where his family resided at the time of his death. 


266 American Biographical Notes. 

McCOOK, Gen. Edwin S., territorial secretary of Dakota; was shot 
at Yanktown, D. T., by P. P. Wintermute, a banker of that place, Sept. 
11, 1873; was the fifth son of Gen. Daniel McCook of Ohio. 

McCORMICK, Daniel, a native of Ireland; settled as a merchant in 
New York before the revolution, and afterwards was largely concerned 
with Alexander Macomb, Wm. Constable and others, in land speculations 
in Northern New York; d. at N. Y. Jan. 31, 1834, a. 92; was the last 
occupant of a first class dwelling on Wall street, since wholly devoted to 

McCORMICK, James, Sr., d. at Harrisburg, Pa., Jan. 19, 1870, a. 
69 ; was originally a lawyer; at the time of his death, although he had 
been blind several years, he was president of the Dauphin Deposit Bank, 
and Harrisburg Bridge Co., and was interested in several manufacturing 

McCORMICK, James, a revolutionary soldier, d. Jan. 23, 1860, a. 103 
y. 6 mo. 14 d.; b. in Cumberland co., Pa., July 9, 1756. 

McCORNISH, Rev. Andrew T., d. at Washington, D. C, April 27, 
1841 ; was 23 years minister of the first Episcopal church formed in 

McCOY, Gen. Robert, d. at Wheeling, Va., June 7, 1849 ; formerly 
of Carlisle, Pa. ; prothonotary of Cumberland co., brig. gen. of militia, 
canal commissioner, and representative in congress. 

McCRACKEN, Joseph, a militia officer in Charlotte (now Washing- 
ton) co., N. Y., in the rev. ; mem. of assembly in 1783, 6, 9 ; d. at Salem, 
N. Y., May 1825, in his 89th year. 

McCULLOUGH, Col. William, d. at Asbury, N. J., Feb. 9, 1840, 
a. 81. 

McCUNN, John H., recently a judge of the superior court of N. Y. 
city ; removed from office upon proof of official misconduct and d. in 
N. Y. city, July 6, 1872, a few days after his disgrace ; was one of the 
currupt men who for a time controlled public affairs in N. Y. city. 

McDEARMON, James H., d. at Jefferson City, Mo., March, 1848 ; 
auditor of public accounts of Missouri, and a native of Virginia. 

McDERMOTT, Rev. John, formerly of Mechanicville, N. Y.; d. at 
New York, Jan. 16, 1860, at St. Joseph's Hosp., Phila. ; was a student 
in the College of St. Charles Borromeo ; ordained by Archbishop Hughes, 
in 1854. 

McDERWENT, James, a rev. soldier, d. in Richmond co., Ohio, Jan. 
1860, a. 101. (Vincent's Semi- An. Reg., p 77.) 

McDONALD, Charles J., gov. of Ga., b. in S. C; removed young to 
Ga., and settled in Hancock co., where he entered the school of Rev. Na- 
than S. S. Beman ; grad at Columbia Coll., S. C; studied law with Joel 
Crawford, and was admitted to the bar in 1817; soon gained a large prac- 
tice. In 1822, he was elected solicitor gen., of the Flint circuit, and in 
1825, he became its judge; and resigned the office of brig.-gen. which 
he then held. In 1830, he was elected from Bibb co., to the legislature, 
and in 1834, and 1837, to the state senate ; in 1839, he was elected gov., 
and held till 1843 ; the financial embarrassments of the country which 
happened during his term, were met with ability, and he forbade 

American Biographical Notes. 267 

the treasurer from paying the legislature their salaries until certain need- 
ful taxes and appropriations were passed ; he also encountered Indian 
hostilities, and was engaged in a controversy with Gov. Seward of New 
York. ( White's Hist. Ga., p. 239, with portrait.) 

MACDONALD, James, m.d., b. at White Plains. N. Y., July 18,1803; 
son of Dr. Archibald M., a Scotch surgeon, in the British army ; studied 
with Isaac Hulse, since navy surgeon ; completed his medical studies with 
Dr. Hosack, and grad. at the Coll. of Ph. and Sur., N. Y., in 1825 ; was 
appointed resident physician of Bloomingdale Asylum for the insane ; 
resigned in 1830, engaged in general practice ; in 1831 was sent to Europe 
by the gov'r of N. Y. Hospital, to examine foreign asylums ; he returned 
Oct., 1832, and remained in charge of Bloomingdale till the fall of 1837 ; 
after some years spent in practice, he in June, 1841, with his brother 
Allan M., opened a private asylum at Murray Hill, N. Y., and in 1846, 
removed to an elegant and spacious edifice (Sanford Hall) in Flushing, 
N. Y. ; d. May 5, 1849. {Am. Jour. Insanity, vi, 71.) 

MACDONALD, John Sanfield, member of the government of On- 
tario, Canada; d. June 1, 1872. 

McDONALD, Michael, a pioneer settler of Ballston, N. Y. ; d. June 
28, 1823, a. 93. 

McDONALD, Moses, b. in Limerick, Me., April 8, 1815 ; practiced 
law from 1837 to 1845 ; was in the Me. legislature in 1841, 2 ; speaker 
in 1845 ; treasurer of the state in 1848, 9 ; in congress in 1851-5, and 
collector of Portland and Falmouth in 1857 ; d. at Saco, Me., Oct. 18, 1869. 

McDONELL, Alexander, first R. C. bp. of Kingston, U. C. ; b. July 
17, 1762 ; appointed auxiliary of the bishop of Quebec, for U. O, Dec. 31, 
1820 ; Upper Canada having been erected into a bishoprick by Pope Leo 
XII, Jan. 17, 1826, he was appointed bishop of Kingston. {Liste Chron. 
des Eveques et des Pretres du Canada.') 

McDONNEL, Peter, a prominent merchant and citizen of Troy, N. Y. ; 
d. Feb. 8, 1860. 

McDONOUG-H, Charles S., capt. U. S. navy, eldest son of Com. 
McDonough, b. in Conn., in 1819 ; after a brief stay at Hamilton College, 
he was appointed to the navy April 8, 1835 ; he saw repeated service in 
the Mediterranean, on the coast of Africa and in the Pacific, and was 
afterwards employed on the receiving ships at New York and at Ports- 
mouth ; d. at Montclair, N. J., Dec. 2, 1871, having been for some time 
in failing health. 

McDOWELL, Dr. John D., d. at St. Louis, Mo., July 8, 1868, a. 64. 

McDOWELL, Joseph N., m.d., an eminent surgeon in the West; d. 
at St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 28, 1868, a. 63. 

McDOWELL, Maj. Thomas, of the turf, d. at Hanover, Va., Oct. 26, 
1870, a. 72. 

McDUFFIE, William, b. in Philadelphia, Pa„ May 29, 1847 ; grad. 
at Hamilton College in 1873 ; d. in Phil., June 2, 1874. 

McELROY, John, d. at Warren, O., Feb. 18, 1841, a. 83 ; native of 
Ireland, and a soldier in the revolution. 

268 American Biographical Notes. 

McEWEN, Rev. Abel, d.d., pastor of the 1st Congregational ch., New 
London, Ct.; grad. at Yale Coll. in 1801 ; d. at New London, Sept. 7, 1860, 
a. 80. {N. Y. Times, Sept. 17, 1860.) 

McFADDEN, , d. at Embden, Me., Nov. 18, 1840, in his 101st y. 

McFARLAND, Rev. James, b. Feb. 22, 1813, in Mecblenburg co., 
N. C, and d., July 17, 1854, at Memphis, Tenn. {Deems' 's Annals of 
Southern Methodism, p. 349.) 

McFARLANE, Judge , editor of the Harrisburg Key Stone, d. 

at Hollidaysburg, Pa., Sept. 27, 1852. 

McFEELY, Col. George, d. in Carlisle, Pa., Jan. 19, 1854, a. 74; 
appointed by Madison, lieut. col. of 16th U. S. infantry, March 14, 1812; 
commanded at Ft. Niagara, which he defended in a severe attack, Nov. 
21, 1813 ; was honorably engaged in various battles on the northern 
frontier, and continued till the army was reduced in 1815. 

McGARY, James, second officer of the brig Advance in Dr. Kane's 
arctic expedition, d. at Boston suddenly, Sept. 2, 1857, a. 36. 

McGELDART, John, d. at Jackson, Miss., Nov., 1838, a. about 47 ; 
was an eminent lawyer. 

McGILL, Rt. Rev, John, R. C. bishop of Richmond, Va., d. Jan. 14, 
1872, a. 62. 

McGILLIVRAY, Lachlin, a Scotchman, came to S. C. in 1735; m. 
Sehoy a Creek woman : was a loyalist and lost his estate by confiscation ; 
his son Alexander was a man of great influence with the Creeks. {Sabine's 
Loyalists; White's Hist. Ga., p. 154.) 

McGINTY, E. P., d. in Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 21, 1855; was many 
years connected with the press of Tennessee ; at the time of his death, 
editor of the True Whig, at Nashville. 

McGIRTH, Daniel, settled in what is now Bullock co., Ga., from Ker- 
shaw dist., S. C, during the revolution, and was an active partisan on the 
patriot side, acting as a scout, and in procuring intelligence; he owned a 
favorite mare which an officer coveted, an altercation arose, and he was 
sentenced to be whipped for words used by him ; he escaped from prison 
after one whipping, mounted his favorite mare and rode off, denouncing 
vengeance upon his late friends; he proved true to his word, and was a 
scourge of the country ; he fled to Florida, was arrested by the Spaniards, 
lodged 5 years in a dungeon at St. Augustine where his health was ruined ; 
he finally returned to Sumter dist., S. C., and d. there. ( White's Hist. Ga., 
p. 281.) 

McGREGOR, Rev. David, b. in Ireland, son of Rev. Jas. M. (Presb.) ; 
came to Mass., in 1718, and soon settled near Haverhill, N. H., which he 
and his associates called New Londonderry; he labored in the ministry 
there till his death Mar. 5, 1729. 

McGREGOR, Rev. David, son of the above, came to America, a. 8 ; 
was ordained in 1735, and was the second Presb. minister, at Londonderry, 
N. H., where he d. May 30, 1777, a. 67. {Miller's Life of J. Rodgers, 
p. 112.) 

McGREGOR, Sir Evan John Murray, governor and commander 
in-chief of Barbadoes, St. Vincent, Grenada, Tobago, St. Lucia and Trini- 

American Biographical Notes. 269 

dad; d. at Barbadoes, June 14, 1841, a. 56; he served in the British 
army many years, in Spain and the East Indies. 

McGREGOR, Gen. John, d. July 3, 1835, at Jefferson, Rutherford oo., 

McGROARTY, Gen. Stephen Judson, d. at Cincinnati, 0., Jan. 4, 
1870; b. in Ireland, came when young to America; studied law, and at 
the beginning of the late war, raised the 61st Ohio regiment, and fought 
in West Virginia and in the army of the Potomac, was made brevet brig, 

McGUIRE, Rev. Edward C, d.d., rector of St. George's church, 
Fredericksburg, Va., d. Oct. 8, 1858; b. in Winchester, Va., July 26, 
1793. {Sketch of the Life and Labors of Rev. E. C. McG., New York, 

McHENRY, Alexander R., d. in Philadelphia, Pa., April 11, 1874 ; 
was nearly 20 years engaged in the exportation of breadstuff's, petroleum, 
and provisions; did a large business as ship-broker. 

MACHIN, Thomas, b. in Staffordshire, Eng., March 20, 1744 ; was 
employed on the construction of the Duke of Bridgewater's canal, and 
came to America in 1772, to examine a copper mine in N. J. ; settled in 
Boston ; helped destroy the tea, and fought at Bunker hill as lieut. of 
artillery, and was wounded; in 1776 he was employed in placing chains 
across the Hudson in the highlands, and in Oct., 1777, was wounded at 
Ft. Montgomery; in 1779 he went with Col. Van Schaick's reg. to Onon- 
daga, and with Sullivan to the Genesee, acting as engineer ; in 1781 was 
employed in laying out the works at Yorktown,and in 1783 settled at New 
Grange, Ulster co. ; built mills west of Newburgh, and coined copper 
money for states ; in 1793 was made capt. ; in 1797 removed to Mohawk, 
N. Y., where he practiced surveying, and d. April 3, 1819, a. 72. (Simms's 
Hist. Schoharie Co.) 

MACHIN, Thomas, son of the preceding, was a capt. in the war of 
1812; d. in Albany, May, 1875, in his 90th year. 

MacILVAINE, Charles Petit, bishop of Ohio, d. in Florence, Italy, 
March, 1873 ; was b. in Burlington, N. J., June 18, 1798. His father, 
Joseph Macllvaine, was a leading lawyer and U. S. senator from N. J. at 
the time of his death, in 1826. He was graduated in 1816 at Princeton ; 
was admitted to deacon's orders July 4, 1820, by Bishop White, and, 
having labored in Christ Church, Georgetown, Md., he received, two years 
later, priest's orders from Bp. Kemp of Maryland ; in 1825, he became 
prof, of ethics and chaplain in the U. S. Military Academy at West Point ; 
in 1827, he became rector of St. Ann's Church, Brooklyn, N. Y., where 
he remained until 1832, when he was consecrated bp. of O. Bishop 
Macllvaine was a large contributor to theological literature. His Lec- 
tures on the Evidences of Christianity, delivered in N. Y. University, in 
1831, were published by request of the council, and have gone through 
many editions. During the early part of the controversy arising out of 
the Oxford tracts, appeared his Oxford Divinity Compared, with that of 
the Romish and Anglican Churches, which the Edinburgh Review recom- 
mended as one of the best " confutations of the Oxford school." In 1854 
he published a volume of sermons entitled The Truth and the Life 
He also compiled two volumes of Select Family and Parish Sermons, 

270 American Biographical Notes. 

and wrote several other works of a minor character. In 1853, the degree 
of d.c.l. was conferred on him by the University of Oxford, and in 1858 
that of ll.d. by the University of Cambridge. The deceased was distin- 
guished for the soundness and clearness of his evangelical views and for 
the expository character of his preaching. 

MacILVANE, James, b. in N. J. ; grad. at Princeton in 1818 ; sena- 
tor in congress from N. J. from 1823 to 1826 ; d. Aug. 18, 1826. 

" McINTOSH, Capt. Eneas, captain and paymaster in the 71st regi- 
ment in Georgia (British) ; d. Nov. 1779. 

McINTOSH, James S., b. June 19, 1787, in Liberty co., Ga. ; entered 
the army Nov. 13, 1812, as 2d It. of rifles ; was distinguished at Sandy 
Creek, Black Rock and elsewhere; was retained in 1815; became capt. 
in 1817, maj. in 1827, It. col. in 1839, and col. in 1846, for gallantry at 
at Palo Alto and R. de la Palma, where he was dangerously wounded; 
he commanded a brigade under Worth in the battle of Cherabusco, and 
led in the storming of El Molina Sept. 8, 1847, in which he was mortally 
wounded, and d. Sept. 26, 1847. 

McINTYRE, Alexander, a soldier of 1812; and long a resident of 
Washington, D. C, d. there Jan. 24, 1860. 

McINTYRE, Archibald, comptroller of New York state; b. in Ken- 
more, Scot.; came to America before the revolution, a. 4 y; settled in 
Broadalbin, N. Y., and attained to wealth and distinction ; was in assembly 
in 1798, 9, 1800, 1, 2, 4; in 1806 was appointed comptroller, and held 
till 1811, and was a short time in the state senate in 1822; was many 
years in charge of the state lotteries, with John B. Yates, and amassed a 
large fortune; in 1828 and 1840 he was a presidential elector ; late in life 
he was concerned in an iron manufactory in Essex co., N. Y. ; d. in Albany, 
May 5, 1858, a. 86. {Hist. Mag., ii, 217.) 

MACK, Elisha, d. in Salem, Mass., Dec. 9, 1852, a. 69; judge of the 
police court at that place. 

McKAVETT, Henry, capt. in 8th infantry ; killed in battle of Mon- 
terey ; was of Irish parentage ; left an orphan, and reared in an orphan 
asylum in the city of New York, to which he bequeathed all his property. 

MACKAY, Col. Eneas, deputy quarter master general of the army ; 
d. at St. Louis, Mo., June 3, 1850. 

McKAY, James, b. in Bladen co., N. C. in 1793; bred to the law, and 
from 1815 to 1831 in the state senate; for a time U. S. district attorney ; 
in congress from 1831 to 1819 ; d. at Goldsboro, N. C, Sept. 14, 1853. 

MACKAY, John, a retired ship master ; became a partner of Jona3 
Chickering of Boston in the manufacture of pianofortes in 1830, and was 
exceedingly prospered ; in 1841 he sailed for South America for a cargo 
of beautiful and costly woods, and was never heard from, his vessel having 
probably foundered at sea. 

McKEAN, Henry Swasey, d. in Boston, May 17, 1857, a. 47; was 
b. in Boston, Feb. 9, 1810 ; grad. at Harvard in 1828 ; was tutor of Latin 
from 1830 to 1835, and then studied engineering; from July 1842 to 
May 1845, he was librarian of the Mercantile Library of N. Y. city, and 
afterwards assistant engineer on the Boston Waterworks. 

American Biographical Notes. 271 

McKEAN, Samuel, d. in McKean co., Pa., June 23, 1840; member 
of congress from Pennsylvania, in 1823-9, and U. S. senator in 1836-9. 

McKEENE, Dr. James, d. at Topsham, Me., Nov. 28, 1873, a. 76; 
was a member of tbe medical profession fifty years, and was a medical pro- 
fessor at Bowdoin Coll., fourteen years. 

McKENNEY, William E., commander in tbe U. S. navy; d. at the 
navy yard, Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug. 24, 1839. 

McKIM, Isaac, a wealthy merchant of Baltimore ; in congress from 
Maryland, from 1823 to 1825, and again from 1835 to 1838 ; d. in Wash- 
ington, D. C, April 1, 1838. 

McKIM, James Miller, an old-time abolitionist of Pennsylvania ; d. 
at West Orange, N. J., June 13, 1874; b. in 1810; was educated at 
Dickinson and Princeton Colleges, and preached for a year; in 1832 en- 
gaged in anti-slavery discussions, and in 1836, left the pulpit to devote 
his energies to the cause of emancipation. (A 7 ". Y. Semi-weekly Tribune, 
June 16, 1874.) 

McKIMM, Alexander, d. at Baltimore, Md., Jan. 18, 1832, a. 84. 

McKINNEY, John M., U. S. judge, Florida; d. in N. Y., at Quaran- 
tine, Oct. 13, 1871. 

McKINNEY, Mordecai, d. at Harrisburg, Pa., Dec. 17, 1867 ; was 
a lawyer, and widely known for many treatises and books of reference 
prepared and edited by him. 

McKINSTRY, Col. John, a militia officer of the revolution, was re- 
peatedly in the service and severely wounded ; served in the Mohawk val- 
ley ; settled on a farm in Livingston, Columbia co., N. Y. ; twice elected 
to assembly, and d. June 9, 1822, a. 77. {Alb. Gazette, June 18, 1822; 
Stone's Life of Br ant, i, 155; p. 490.) 

McKIZZICK, Col. James, Cherokee agent; d. at Ft. Gibson, Jan. 
12, 1848. 

McKNIGHT, Calvin, first judge of Jefferson co.. N. Y. ; settled 
early in Watertown, N. Y. ; was magistrate, and in 1829 became first 
judge, holding till 1840 ; was in assembly in 1820 and 1834; removed to 
western N. Y., and thence to Guilford, Ct., where he d. Oct. 25, 1855. 

McKNIGHT, John L., d. atBordentown, N. J., Nov. 30, 1868, in his 
71st year ; was one of the originators of the Camden and Amboy rail road, 
and the heaviest stockholder in that and the joint companies, at the time 
of his death. 

McLAIN, Ensign Robert A., Penn. ; killed in the revolution Sept. 
27, 1777. 

M ACLAY, Rev. Archibald, a Baptist preacher, d. in New York city, 
May 2, 1860. ( Vincent's Semi- An. Register, p. 363.) 

McLE AN, Fergus, father of John McL., judge of the U. S. supreme 
court; d. at Clear Creek, Warren co., O., Feb. 1837, a. about 91 ; one of 
the pioneers of the settlement of the Miami valley, having removed to that 
region in 1797. 

McLEAN, John, d. at Shawneetown, 111., Oct. 4, 1830; a member of 
congress from 111., in 1818, 19 ; senator in congress from 1824 to 1825, 
and from 1829 till his death. 

272 American Biographical Notes. 

McLEAN, John, judge, native of Washington co., N. Y., grad. at 
Union Coll. in 1815 ; admitted to the bar in 1818 ; became master and ex- 
aminer in chancery; was in the state senate from 1829 to 1832, and in 
1837; was appointed first judge of Washington co., March 18, 1835, and 
held till 1847 ; appointed a regent, April 8, 1845, and held till his death, 
which occurred at his home in Salem, N. Y., December 5, 1858. {Hist. 
Mag., iii, 28.) 

McLEAN, William, native of N. J., d. at Cincinnati, O., Oct. 12, 
1839 ; in congress from Ohio, in 1823-9; was a brother of Judge McL. 
of the supreme court. 

McLELLAN, Bryce, formerly a judge ; d. at Bloomfield, Me., Sept. 
29, 1836, a. 74. 

McLENE, Jeremiah, of Columbus, 0.; d. at Washington, D. C, 
March 19, 1837, a. 70 ; member of congress in 1833-7, and for twenty-one 
years secretary of state of Ohio. 

McLEOD, John, d. in Washington city, Dec. 26, 1846, a. 80 ; a native 
of Ireland, but for more than 40 years a successful teacher in Washington. 

McLEOD, Rev. John N., for 46 years pastor of the 1st Reformed 
Presbyterian church, N. Y. city; d. April 27, 1874, in his 68th year. 

McLEON, Dr. David Camden, d. at Santa Fe, New Mexico, Sept. 3, 
1872, a. about 50 ; b. in S. C ; entered the army as assistant surgeon, 
and went through the Seminole war, and for some years was stationed on 
the western frontiers; was in the Mexican war, where he displayed great 
energy and hardihood ; in the late war was at the head of the confederate 
medical department, and after the war went to Mexico, and after a year's 
residence to New Mexico, where he had been stationed many years and 
owned property. 

McMAHON, John D. L., lawyer and historian of Maryland; d. at 
Cumberland, Md., June 15, 1871, a. 71. 

McMAHON, William, d. at Cumberland, Md., Sept. 2, 1841, a. 81. 

McMICKEN, Maj. Isaac S., U. S. consul at Acapulco, Mexico; d. 
June, 1860, together with nearly the whole of the American residents, by 
yellow fever. ( Vincent's Semi- An. Register, p. 618.) 

McMULLEN, George, superintendent of the Ohio Institution for the 
Blind; d. at Columbus, O., July, 1852. 

McMYERS, Capt. Andrkw, N. J. ; k. at Germantown, Oct. 4, 1777. 

McNAIRY, Dr. Boyd, a skillful medical practitioner; d. at Nashville, 
Tenn., Nov. 2, 1856, a. 73. 

McNAIRY, John, late judge of the circuit court of the U. S. for the 
district of Tenn.; d. near Nashville, Tenn., Nov. 12, 1837, a. 75; held 
this office 45 years. 

McNAUGHTON, Dr. James, b. in Perthshire, Scotland, in 1787 ; 
grad. at the medical dept. of the University of Edinburgh in 1816, and 
came to America in 1817 ; settled at Albany ; was 20 years a prof, in the 
Fairfield Med. Coll., and from 1840 till his death prof, in the Albany Med. 
Coll. ; was an eminent medical practitioner at Albany, and d. in Paris, 
France, June 12, 1874, while on a journey in Europe. 

American Biographical Notes. 273 

McNEIL, Elihu M., was a member of N. Y. assembly in 1842 and 184G, 
and of the constitutional convention from Jefferson co. ; d. at his residence 
in Smithville, Jefferson co., N. Y., Jan. 9, 1858, a. 60. 

McNUTT, J. H. W., a distinguished member of the Ohio senate; d. in 
Preble co., 0., Sept. 29, 1837. 

MACOMBER, Wilson, d. in Westport, Me., March 3, 1843, a. 93 y 
10 m. 

McPHERSON, Mrs. Celestia, wife of Samuel C. McP., and dau. of the 
late Joseph Edelen, of Prince George's co., Md., d. in Grand Coteau, La., 
March 13, 1852. 

McPHERSON, John, aid-de-camp to Gen. Montgomery ; killed at 
Quebec, Dec. 31, 1775. 

McPHETERS, Dr. James A., d. at Natchez, Miss., May 20, 1847. 

MACRAE, Samuel, brevet lieut. col., quarter master U. S. A. ; d. at 
St. Louis, Mo., July 14,' 1849, a. 48 ; served in the Fl. and Mexican wars, 
and received a brevet appointment for services on the Rio Grande. 

MACREADY, William Charles, English actor well known in Am., 
and engaged at the Astor Place Opera House in N. Y. cuy when that place 
was attacked by a mob, May 10, 1849 ; retired from the stage soon after, 
and d. at Weston-Super-Mare, England, April 29, 1873, a. 73. 

MACREE, Lt. Col. Samuel, a graduate of West Point; served in 
the Black Hawk, Florida and Mexican wars ; d. at St. Louis, Mo., July 
15, 1849, in his 49th year. (Striker's Am. Reg., iii, 236.) 

MACRERY, Dr. Andrew, Louisville, Ky., Sept. 14, 1843; b. 
in Delaware, Dec. 27, 1775, and removed to near Natchez in 1803. 

McROBERTS, Samuel, d. in Cincinnati, O , March 27, 1843, a. about 
40 ; a senator in congress from Illinois, from 1841 to the time of his death. 

McSHERRY, James, d. at Littlestown, Penn., Feb. 3, 1849; was 
twenty years in the legislature, and one of the delegates in constitutional 
convention ; represented a district of Pennsylvania in congress. 

McSHERRY, Rev. William, d. at Georgetown, Ky., Dec. 17, 1839 ;, 
pres. of Georgetown College. 

McTAVISH, John, d. in Baltimore, Md., June 21, 1852, a. 64; for 
the last sixteen years British consul at that place. 

McVEAN, Charles, district attorney of the U. S. district court, for 
the southern district of New York ; d. at New York city, Dec. 20, 1848, 
a. 46; b. in Johnstown, N. Y. ; educated as a lawyer, and practiced with 
success in Montgomery co., until he removed to New York city in 1839 ; 
at the age of 30 he was elected to congress ; from the early part of 1844, 
until appointed U. S. dist. attorney, he was surrogate of New York county. 

McWHIR, Rev. William, d.d., b. in Ireland in 1759 ; grad. at Bel- 
fast, and was licensed by the Presbytery of that place ; came to Alexandria, 
Va., in 1783; was 10 years at the head of an academy; went to Sunbury, 
Ga., in 1793, and established an acad. ; he excelled as a classical teacher ; 
about 1823, 4, he organized the first Presbyterian church in Florida 
at St. Augustine ; he never was settled as a pastor; was eminently benevo- 
lent and at the age of 90 became a voluntary colporteur of the Am. Tratc 
Soc. ; d. in Liberty co., Ga., in his 92d year, Feb. 3, 1851. ( White's 
Hist. Ga., p. 532, with portrait.) 


274 American Biographical Notes. 

McWILLIAMS, Dr. Alexander, a native of St. Mary's co., Md. ; 
entered the navy in 1801, and having served in the Tripolitan war, re- 
signed in 1806, and settled in his profession at Washington, D. C, where 
he died March 31, 1850, in his 76th year; was one of the founders of the 
Columbian Institute and of the National Institute. (Stryker's Am. Reg., 
iv, 456.) 

MACY, John B., representative from Wisconsin in congress from 1853 
to 1855, and a citizen of Fond du Lac, Wis.; perished by the burning of 
the Niagara on Lake Michigan, Sept. 24, 1856. 

MACY, Rev. William Allen, b. in city of N. Y., Jan 29, 1825; 
grad. at Yale in 1849, and became a teacher and missionary in China ; an 
excellent scholar, and a devoted missionary; d. at Shanghai, China, April 
9, 1859, a. 35. 

MADDEN, Rev. Michal, pastor of St. Vincent's church, Madison, N. 
J., May 17, 1868. 

MADISON, Mrs. Dolly Payne, the accomplished widow of Pres. 
Madison, was born May 20, 1767, in Va. ; she married Mr. Madison in 
1794 as her second husband, and sustained her station in the executive 
mansion with grace and dignity ; her influence upon the social world at 
Wash, was elevating and refining; d. at Washington July, 1849. (Stryker's 
Am. Reg., iii, 235 ; Hunt's Biog. Panorama, p. 172.) 

M AGEE, Eugene, a native of Ireland, and member of the Miss, senate ; 
d. at Vicksburg, July 20, 1835. 

MAGEE, Ensign William, Pa., killed in the rev. Sept. 20, 1777. 

MAGOUN, Thatcher, d. in Medford, Mass., April 16, 1856, a. 81 ; 
a successful ship builder, laid the first keel of a ship at Medford, in 1802, 
and since then had built a fleet.^ 

MAGRUDER, Patrick, b. in Montgomery co., Md., in 1768 ; edu- 
cated at Princeton, and became a lawyer; was in congress from Maryland 
from 1805 to 1807, and clerk of the house from 1807 to 1815 ; d. at 
Petersburg, Va., in 1819, or 1820. 

MAGRUDER, Richard B., d. at Baltimore, Md., Feb., 11, 1844, a. 
57 ; associate judge of the 6th judicial dist. of Maryland, 

MAHON, Alexander, d. in Harrisburg, Pa., Dec. 9, 1855, a. 75; 
served in both houses of the legislature and had been pres. of the senate 
and state treasurer. 

MAHON, John, of Irish birth, settled and married in Herkimer co., 
N.Y.; was sheriff in 1808-9, in 1811-13, and in 1815-16; from 1817-21 
he was engaged in private pursuits, and upon the restoration of the re- 
publicans to power became county clerk, from 1821 to 1823, a county 
judge from 1823 to 1833 ; d. at Herkimer Oct. 1851, a. 78. (^Benton's 
Herkimer Co. N. Y., p. 342.) 

MAHONI, John, Dutch gov. of Surinam, from Jan. 22, 1716, till his 
death in 1717. 

MAINE, Dr. Zadok P., b. in Plainfield, Conn. ; practiced many 
years as a physician in Cooperstown, N. Y., and afterwards lived some 
time in Utica; d. at an advanced age, in Poughkeepsie, January 21, 1850. 

MAITLAND, William, a native of Montrose in Scotland; came to 
Montreal in 1775, and was at first successful, but about 1826, met with 

American Biographical Notes. 275 

losses and was imprisoned; so strong was public sympathy in his favor 
that the legislature of Lower Canada passed a law for his benefit, that no 
debtor over 70 years of age should be imprisoned ; d. at Montreal, Feb. 
20, 1851, a. 96. 

MALBONE, Francis, was in congress from Rhode Island, from 1793, 
to 1795, and again from that state in 1809; d. June 4, 1809, a. 50. 

MALLARY, Francis, d. at Norfolk, Va., March 26, 1860, formerly 
member of congress. 

MALLORY, Sarah, colored, d. in Virginia, Feb. 22, a. 120 years. 

MALTRIB, Rev. Ebenezer Davenport, b. in Stamford, Ct., Jan. 
20, 1799; spent his youth in N. Y. city; grad at Hamilton College in 
1824; and entered the Andover Seminary ; from 1826 to 1831 was tutor 
at Hamilton, was licensed, and served as college chaplain; m. a daughter 
of President Davis ; preached at Hamilton four years ; taught at the Hud- 
son river seminary, Lansingburgh and elsewhere, and in 1849 settled at 
Syracuse where he d. July 10, 1858, in his 60th year. {N. Y. Observer.') 

MALTBY, Henry, teacher, from Richland, N. Y., was teacher of 
academy at Lowville, N. Y., in 1834-5 and many years at Flemingsburg, 
Ky. ; d. at St. Paul, Min., July 1860. {Lowville Acad. Semi-cent. Celeb., 
p. 82.) 

MALTBY, Rev. John, b. in Northfield, Ct. ; grad. at Yale in 1822 ; 
studied theology at Andover, Mass.; settled at Dutton, Mass., from 1826 
to 1834, and over the Hammond street church in Bangor, Me., from 1834 
till his death, May 15, 1860 ; d. in Worcester, Mass., a. 65. 

MALTBY, T. A., late brig. gen. of U. S. vols., d. at Vicksburg, Miss., 
Dec. 12, 1867; was mayor of Vicksburg. 

MANAHAN, Rev. Ambrose, d.d., b. in New York in 1814 ; he pur- 
sued ecclesiastical studies in Rome, Italy ; in 1841 he was president of 
St. John's (catholic) College at Fordham, N. Y., and afterwards pastor of 
St. John's church New York city ; subsequently lived at Boston, and also 
at Utica; d. Dec. 7, 1867. 

MANDEVILLE, Rev. Henry, d.d., b. in New York state, grad. at 
Union College in 1826 ; professor of moral and rhetoric at Hamilton, 
from 1841 to 1849 ; went to Mobile in 1852, and became pastor of a 
church; d. of yellow fever Oct. 1, 1856; was several years pastor of the 
4th Pres. church Albany. {Hist. Mag., ii, 348.) 

MANDEVILLE, Joshua, d. at Waterville, N. Y., May 3, 1860, a. 
78 ; member of assembly in 1829, and formerly a member of the county 

MANLEY, James R., m.d., prof, in Coll. of Phys. and Surg., N. Y. ; b. 
in Phila., April 5, 1782, son of Capt. Robert M. ; grad. at Columbia Coll. 
in 1799, and in 1803 was graduated as a physician and practiced many 
years in N. Y. city ; was several years pres. of the St. Med. Soc, and 12 
years resident physician by appointment of the gov. ; in 1839 he became 
lecturer on obstetrics and diseases of women and children in N. Y., and 
filled many stations of honor in his profession ; d. Nov. 21, 1851, a. 70. 
{Tr. N. Y. St. Med. Soc, 1852, p. 51.) 

MANLEY, Thomas, b. in Dorset, Vt., Aug., 1763, came to Norway, 
N. Y., in 1789 ; in assembly in 1800, 1810, and 1821 ; d. Jan. 21, 1852, 
a. 89 years, aj; his home in Norway. {Benton's Herkimer Go. N. Y., p. 344.) 

276 American Biographical Notes. 

MANN, Abijah, b. at Fairfield, Herkimer co., N. Y., Sept. 24, 1793, 
received an academical education ; a teacher, merchant, postmaster and 
justice of the peace; during the years 1828-30, a member of the legisla- 
ture, and actively opposed the Chenango canal; from 1833 to 1837 here- 
presented his district in congress, and being placed on a committee to in- 
vestigate the affairs of the U. S. Bank ; when he was denied admission 
thereto, he forced its officers to admit him by employing men to excavate 
beneath the walls of the Bank ; in 1838 was again a member of the state 
legislature; removed to Brooklyn, and in 1854 represented Queens co. 
in the democratic convention ; the following year was nominated by the 
republicans for attorney gen., and in 1857 for the state senate ; his death 
occurred Sept. 6, 1868. 

MANN, Alexander, b. in Scottsville, Monroe co., N. Y. ; grad. at the 
University of Vt., in 1838; studied law, and practiced at Rochester, and 
in 1843, took charge of the American, a daily whig paper, established by 
the Jerome bros. ; in 1857 this paper was united with the Democrat ; he 
went to N. Y., was an editor of the Times ; went to St. Augustine for his 
health, and d. Dec. 6, 1860. (iV. Y. Times, Dec. 10, 1860.) 

MANN, Charles Addison, b. at Fairfield, Jan. 16, 1803, and was 
educated at Fairfield Academy ; studied law at Utica, which was his place 
of residence, and admitted to the bar in 1825 ; in 1840 he was a member 
of assembly, and in 1850 of the state senate, but resigned in 1851 to pre- 
vent the passage of the canal bill ; was a director of the Oneida Bank, for 
some time its vice president, and a short time its president; was director 
and two terms president of the N. Y., Albany & Buffalo Telegraph Co. ; 
director in several manufacturing companies, and president of Utica steam 
cotton mills; was manager of the N. Y. State Lunatic Asylum, school com- 
missioner, trustee of Utica Academy, of Utica Female Academy, &c. ; d. 
Jan. 19, 1860. 

MANN, James, member of congress from the 2d dist. of Louisiana ; 
d. at New Orleans, Aug. 26, 1868, a. 46 ; b. in Maine, and resided at 
Gorhame, Me., many years ; was capt. in a reg. of Maine vols., and became 
pay master, and was assigned to duty at New Orleans ; after the war was 
made treasury agent by Lincoln and Johnson ; in 1867 became active iu 
reorganizing the democratic party south. 

MANN, Joel K., from 1831 to 1835 representative in congress from 
Pa. ; d. in Montgomery co., Pa. Sept. 5, 1837, a. 77. 

MANN, Dr. John Milton, b. in Attlebury, Mass.; grad. at Brown 
University, and settled at Hudson, N. Y.,in 1800 ; was drowned in cross- 
ing the Hudson to Athens, Aug. 24, 1809, a. 43. {Barber & Howe's Hist. 
Coll. N. 7, p. 118). 

MANNING, Alonzo W., a native of Missouri, d. May, 1847, a. 37 ; 
a judge of the criminal court of St. Louis, Mo., which office he had held 
for about five years. 

MANNING, Dr. John, d. Nov. 6, 1841, in Rockport, Mass., a. 80; 
well known for successful practice in the medical profession, was surgeon 
in the army, and afterwards became distinguished as physician, merchant 
and agriculturist. 

MANOUVRIER, George P., U. S. consul at Pernambuco ; d. there 
Jan. 17, 1847. 

American Biographical Notes. 277 

MANWEE, Eunice, last full blooded Indian of the Pishgachligoh 
tribe; d. March 15, 1860, a. 103, in Kent, N. Y. (Hist. Mag., iv, 125.) 

MARBLE, Henry, d. at Westborough, Mass., Oct., 1841, a. 86; a 
lieut. in the 5th Mass. regiment in the revolution. 

MARCHAND, Albert G., d. at Greensburg, Pa., Feb. 5, 1848 ; was 
in congress from 1839, to 1843. 

MARDIS, Samuel W., b. in Alabama in 1801 ; and a representative 
from that state in congress from 1831 to 1835 ; d. at Talladega, Ala., 
Nov. 14, 1835, a. 34. 

MAREUJL, Pierre de, Jesuit missionary arrived in Canada June 
1706 ; at Onondaga in June 1709, was surrendered to the English and taken 
to Albany ; d. Aug. 25, 1747. 

MARKELL, Jacob, b. in Schenectady co., N. Y., May 8, 1770 ; settled 
at Manheim, and spent his life in farming: was 27 y. a supervisor, many 
years a co. judge; in 1813-5 in congress ; 1820 in state assembly ; d. at 
the home of his son John, in Manheim, Nov. 26, 1852, a. 82 ; his wife 
survived 5 mo. having lived with him 62 y. (Benton's Herkimer Co. N. 
Z, p. 336.) 

MARKS, Mrs. Lucy, mother of Merriwether Lewis, who with Will- 
iam Clarke explored the country to the Pacific ; d. in Albemarle co., Va., 
Sept. 8, 1837, a. 85. 

MARLING, John L., U. S. minister to Guatemala, d. at Oakland, 
near Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 16, 1856, a. 29 ; was bred a printer but became 
a lawyer, and edited the Nashville Gazette and afterwards the Nashville 
Union, in both of which he took strong union ground ; was appointed 
minister in 1854, and was home on leave of absence at the time of his 

MARRIOT, Gen. William H., collector of the port of Baltimore 
under Polk ; d. at Baltimore, May 13, 1851. 

MARRON, John, third assistant postmaster gen.; d. in Washington, D. 
C, March 3, 1859, a. 60. 

MARRY ATT, William W., assistant astronomer of Lieut. Wheeler's 
exploring expedition ; d. Oct., 1873, at Bozeman, Montana, of mountain 
fever ; was buried there. 

MA.RSDEN, Capt. Francis, of Col. Harvey's reg. of militia, May, 
1780 ; was one of those who escaped alive, but badly wounded, from the 
action of Bunker hill, being then captain in 5th regt. of foot. 

MARSH, Rev. Frederick, for more than half a century, pastor of the 
Congregational church of Winchester Centre, near Hartford, Ct; d. at 
that place, Feb. 7, 1873, a. over 90. 

MARSH, Dr. Martin Manville, b. at Pompey, N. Y., in 1812 ; 
grad. at Hamilton Coll. in 1836, and became principal at Manlius Acad.; 
studied medicine and grad. at Albany in 1841 ; was employed as an agent 
of the Sanitary Commission and in Feb., 1863, went to Beaufort, S. C, 
where he remained till peace; in 1865, went to superintend the Lincoln 
Home for disabled soldiers in N. Y. city ; in the spring of 1867, became 
prof, of applied chemistry and hygiene in the Rutgers Female Coll. but did 
not enter upon its duties, and d. at Carson, O., June 9, 1868. (Regent's 
Report, 1869, p. 812.) 

278 American Biographical Notes. 

MARSH, Dr. Metcalf, d. in Smithfield, R. I., April 10, 1854, a. 
53 ; b. in Charlestown, Mass., but soon after receiving bis medical degree re- 
moved to Rhode Island; was a prominent actor in the Dow rebellion, 
so called, and was obliged to absent himself for a time from the state. 

MARSH, Samuel, for 20 years vice pres. of the N. Y. and Erie rail road, 
d. in N. Y. city, Nov. 30, 1872, a. 87. 

MARSHALL, Capt. Charles Alonzo, a well known commander of 
the Black Ball sailing packets ; d. at sea, July 24, 1872, a. 42. 

MARSHALL, Humphrey, ex-congressman, and minister to China; d. 
at Louisville, Ky., March 28, 1872, a. 60. {Drake's Am. Biog.) 

MARSHALL, John H., a lieut. in the U. S. navy, and native of La. ; 
was at his death June 8, 1850, nearly at the head of the list of lieutenants ; 
was in the navy nearly 30 years. 

MARSHALL, John M., d. March, 1848, in his 85th year; son of 
Col. Thomas M., commander of the 3d Virginia regiment in the revolution ; 
became a lawyer ; married a daughter of Robert Morris, of Phila. ; was 
judge of the U. S. circuit court for the district of Columbia under John 
Adams; retired to his estate in Fauquier co., Va., and devoted himself to 
agriculture ; was the oldest surviving brother of Chief Justice Marshall. 

MARSHALL, Thomas, eldest son of Chief Justice Marshall ; killed 
by accident, June 28, 1835, at Baltimore, Md., a. about 50 ; grad. at Prince- 
ton in 1803, and was a distinguished scholar and lawyer. 

MARSHALL, Rev. Thomas, d. at Sherburne Falls, Mass., June 7, 
1842, a. 58. 

MARSHALL, Thomas, d. April 15, 1871, a. 77 ; was formerly mem- 
ber of congress, and judge of the court of appeals of Kentucky. 

MARSHALL, Dr. , of Baltimore ; a volunteer in the yellow fever 

epidemic at Portsmouth, Va., in the autumn of 1855, and fell a victim to 
the disease. 

MARSTON, J. W.,d. in Newburyport, Mass., Aug. 28, 1873; was for 
33 years justice of the police court at that place. 

MARTIN, Daniel, gov. of Md. ; d. in Talbot co., Md., July 10, 1831. 

MARTIN, David, m.d., of Albany ; b. in Argyle, N. Y., May 4, 1800 ; 
grad. at Fairfield Med. Coll. in 1828 ; settled in Albany in 1836, and d. 
in 1853, a. 53. (TV. JV. 7. St. Med. Soc. 1854, p. 64.) 

MARTIN, F. Augustine du Bois, d. at Baltimore, Md., July 6,1833, 
a. 91. 

MARTIN, Col. George W., d. in Tallahatchie co., Miss., June 30, 
1854, a. 65 ; was in the war of 1812 ; with Gen. Jackson in the Creek 
war, in 1813, 14, and 15, and in the last of these campaigns was aid of 
Gen. Coffee. 

MARTIN, J. L., charge d' affaires of the U. S. to the Pontifical states; 
d. at Rome, Italy, Aug. 26, 1848. 

MARTIN, Lieut. Peter, Penn., killed at Brandywine, Sept. 11, 1777. 

MARTIN, Vivaldi R., a lawyer; d. at Lowville, N. Y., Aug. 8, 
1850, a. 31. 

MARTIN, Walter, brig. gen. of N. Y. militia ; b. in Sturbridge, Mass., 
Dec. 15, 1764; settled in Salem, N. Y., in 1787 ; bought and settled in 

American Biographical Notes. 279 

the town of Martinsburgh, N. Y., in 1801, and died there, Dec. 10, 1834 ; 
was many years P.M., and served a short time on the frontier in the war, 
and in the state senate in 1809, 12. {Hough's Hist. Lewis Co. N. F., p. 

MARTIN, William B., judge of the court of appeals of Maryland ; d. 
at Cambridge, Md., April, 1835, a. 65. 

MARTIN, Capt., of Hessian engineers dept., qr. mr. gen. to the Hes- 
sian troops in America ; d. in N. Y. city, May 27, 1780 ; his funeral was at- 
tended by a large number of officers of the garrison, British and German. 

MARTINDALE, Henry C, long a prominent member of the bar, and 
in congress ten years (from 1823 to 1831, and in 1834 and 1835 ; d. at 
his residence in Sandy Hill, N. Y., April 22, 1860, having retired from 
business several years before. 

MARTINDALE, Rev. Stephen, d. May 23, 1860, at Tarrytown, 
N. Y., in his 73d year ; was next to the oldest member of the N. Y. con- 
ference of the Methodist Episcopal church. ( Vincent's Semi- Annual Reg- 
ister, p. 437.) 

MARTINEZ, Francisco Pizarro, late envoy and minister from 
Mexico to the U. S. ; d. at Georgetown, D. C, Feb. 9, 1840. 

MARTUSCELLI, Chevalier Rocco, envoy extraordinary from the 
court of Naples ; d. in New York, Nov. 8, 1853, a. 52 j served as charge 
14 years. 

MARVIN, Dudley, d. in Ripley, N. Y., June 25, 1852; b. in Lyme, 
Conn.; removed to Canandaigua, N. Y., in 1807; began law practice 
about 1811, and acquired distinction ; was in congress from 1823 to 1829 ; 
removed to Ripley, Chautauqua co. ; and there was again chosen to congress. 

MASON, Ensign Caleb, Md., killed at Brandywine, Sept. 11, 1777. 

MASON, Charles W., d. in Concord, Mass., Dec. 12, 1873; a. 75; 
was a prominent member of the Masonic order. 

MASON, Daniel Gregory, d. June 24, 1869, a. 49; son of Lowell 
M., musical composer, and senior member of the firm of music publishers, 
Mason & Bros., New York city. 

MASON, George, member of parliament, sided with Charles I, and 
fought on his side till after the overthrow at Worcester, when he came to 
Va., in 1651, and was soon followed by his family; in 1676, he led a 
force against the Indians, and the same year represented the co. of Stafford 
in assembly ; the co. of Stafford, Va., was named in compliment to him 
from his native co. of Staffordshire ; he settled at Acohick Creek on the 
Potomac ; his son George (2) married Mary, dau. of Gerard Fowke of 
Gunston Hall, Eng. ; their son George (3) lived at Acohick and was 
buried there; George (4) married a dau. of Stevens Thomson of the Mid- 
dle Temple, atty. gen. of Va., in the days of Queen Ann ; lived at 
Doeg Neck on the Potomac, now in Fairfax co., and was in 1719, lieut. 
and chief commander of Stafford ; he was drowned in the Potomac ; he 
left two sons George (5), author of the Const, of Va., and Thomson, a 
member of the house of burgesses and an eminent lawyer. 

MASON, Gen. John, was a son of Col. Geo. Mason of Gunston Hall, 
Va. ; held many public trusts and was widely known and esteemed ; d. at 
Clermont, Va., March 19, 1849, a. 83 y. {Striker's Am. Reg. ii, 497.) 

280 American Biographical Notes. 

MASON, John T., secretary of state of Maryland ; d. in Elkhorn, Md., 
March 28, 1873. 

MASON, Jonathan, d. at Farnsworth, N. H., March 20, 1839, in his 
94th year ; was a rev. pensioner. 

MASON, Lowell, an eminent musical teacher and composer, b. Jan. 
8, 1792 : d. at Orange N. J., Aug. 10, 1872. 

MASON, Thomas, Unitarian minister at Northfield, Mass.; b at Prince- 
ton, that state, 1769 ; grad. Harvard Univrsity, 1796, where he is said to 
have been the greatest wrestler that was ever in college ; ordained at N. 
Nov. 6, 1799 ; dismissed March 28, 1830 ; rep. in state legislature 8 years ; 
d. Jan. 3, 1851, a. 82. 

MASON, Thomas F., d. at Alexandria, D. C, Dec. 31, 1838; judge 
of the criminal court of the District of Columbia. 

M ASSEY, Hart, b. at Salem, N. H., Dec. 5, 1771 ; removed to Wind- 
sor, Vt., in 1792, to Saltash, now Lyme, in 1795 and in 1800 to Watertown, 
N. Y., where he bought a part of site of the present village ; was collector 
of customs of Sacketts Harbor dist., during the embargo and war periods 
and was active in enforcing non intercourse; in 1820 he became county 
judge: d. in March 1853. {Hough's Hist Jeff Co., N. Y., p. 447.) 

MASSEY, Solon, antiquarian, and known in northern New York by 
his numerous biographical articles printed in Watertown papers, over the 
signature of Links in the Chain; d. at Brownville, N. Y., Aug. 12, 1871, 
a. 73, son of Hart Massey, and formerly a police magistrate of Watertown ; 
for the last few years of life lived in Osborne, Ohio. 

MASTERS, Josiah, b. in Woodbury, Conn., Oct. 22, 1763 ; grad. at 
Yale in 1784 ; settled at Schaghticoke, Rensselaer co., N. Y., and was in 
assembly in 1793, 1800 and 1801 ; was then made associate judge of 
Rensselaer co. ; and from 1805 to 1809, a representative in congress; in 
1808 became first judge of Rensselaer co. ; d. June 30, 1822. 

MASTIN, John William, d. at Huntsville, Ala., Nov. 14, 1845, a. 
37 ; b. in Frederick co., Va., in 1808 ; grad. at Yale in 1829 ; was a 
merchant at Huntsville, and a much respected citizen. 

MATHER, Dr. Thaddeus, b. in Windsor, Conn., March, 1778; son 
of Elihu M., and settled in Binghamton, N. Y., where he d. Oct. 8, 1855. 
(Binghamton Democrat, Oct., 1855.) 

MATHEUS, Charles, an eminent English comedian, visited the U. 
S., twice ; in 1823 and in 18.'J4 ; d. at Davenport, Eng., on his 59th birth 
day June 28, 1835. {Am. Almanac, 1836, p. 296.) 

MATHEUS, Vincent, b. in Orange co., N. Y., June 29, 1766, was 
admitted to the bar in 1790, and settled at Elmira, now Chemung co., N. 
Y. ; was in assembly in 1794, 5; in the senate from 1791 to 1803; in 
1798, was appointed a com'r to settle bounty claims ; from 1809 to 1811, 
in congress; in 1812, dist. atty. for several counties; in 1816 removed 
to Bath, and thence to Rochester; d. at Rochester, N. Y., Aug. 26, 1846. 

MATHEWSON, Elisha, several years a member of the Rhode Island 
legislature, and once a speaker of the house ; was senator in congress from 
that state, from 1807 to 1811, and d. Oct. 14, 1853, at Scituate, R. I. 

MATLACK, James, d. at Woodbury, N. J., Jan. 15, 1840 ; member 
of congress from New Jersey, in 1821-25. 

American Biographical Notes. 281 

MATTESON, Joel A., ex-governor of Illinois, d. at Chicago, 111., 
Jan. 31, 1873. 

MATTHEWS, Rev. Dr. John, professor in the theological seminary 
of Indiana, d. May 18, 1848. 

MATTHEWS, Gen. John, d. near Port Tobacco, Md., May 4, 1854, 
a. 70 ; was in the war of 1812, and fifteen years in the state legislature 
of Maryland, where he served in both houses. 

MATTHEWS, Thomas, a firm supporter of the rev., and speaker of 
the house of delegates of Va.; d. at Norfolk Va., April 20, 1812. {Rog- 
ers's Am. Biog.') 

MATTHEWS, Rev. William, d. in Washington, D. C, April 30, 
1854; was for fifty years pastor of St. Patrick church in that city. 

MATTOCKS, Capt. John, killed at Kings mountain Oct. 7, 1780. 

MATTOCKS, John, d. Aug. 14, 1847, at Peacham, Vt., a. 71 ; was 
many years a successful lawyer, and held many responsible offices ; was 
three terms in congress, two years a judge of the supreme court, and one 
year a governor of the state and afterwards declined reelection to the last 
mentioned office. 

MAURY, Abraham P., member of congress from Tennessee, from 
1835, to 1839,; d. at his home in Williamson co., Tenn., July 22, 1848. 

MAURY, John W., late mayor of Washington. D. C ; d. in that city 
Feb. 2, 1855 ; was an alderman from the time he became of age (except 
1840 when he declined nomination), till 1852 when he became mayor; at 
the time of his death he was president of the Bank of the Metropolis. 

MAURY, Matthew Fontaine, ll.d., a distinguished astronomer and 
scientist ; d. at Lexington, Va., Jan. 25, 1873. {Drake's Am. Biog.) 

MAXWELL, Hugh, d. in New York city, March 31, 1873; b. in 
Scotland ; came in childhood tothe United States ; grad. at Columbia Coll. ; 
settled in N. Y. city and built up a lucrative practice. His first public 
position was that of assistant judge advocate general in the United States 
army, he being appointed in the year 1814; in 1819 he was elected dis- 
trict attorney for this county, was again chosen under the new constitution, 
in 1822, and was successively reelected until the year 1829 ; in 1823 oc- 
curred the famous" conspiracy trials," when Jacob Barker, the well-known 
banker, Henry Eckford, the shipbuilder, and others were charged with 
conspiring to defraud certain insurance companies ; there was a strong 
array of counsel opposed to District Attorney Maxwell, yet he was success- 
ful, aud a majority of the accused were convicted ; during these trials he 
greatly distinguished himself, and added to his reputation as a clear and 
forcible speaker. For the twenty years succeeding his withdrawal from 
the office of district attorney, Mr. Maxwell was engaged in the practice of 
his profession, and was looked upon as one of the leaders of the bar in this 
city and state ; he was for many years a prominent whig politician ; in 
1849 President Taylor appointed him collector of the port, and he held 
this position through the administrations of Presidents Taylor and Fillmore ; 
on leaving this post he returned to the practice of his profession for a short 
time, and then withdrew from active life ; for many years past he has 
lived during the summer on his firm near Nyack, and in winter in the 
old family mansion in St. Mark's place. 


582 American Biographical Notes. 

MAXWELL, John P. P., b. in N. J., in 1805 ; grad at Princeton in 
1823, and admitted to the bar in 1827 ; was in congress from N. J., from 
1837 to 1839 and from 1841 to 1843 ; d. at Belvidere, N. J., Nov. 14, 1845. 

MAXWELL, Samuel, b. in Heatb, Mass.; grad. at Yale in 1797; 
studied law and practiced in Charlemont, Mass., of which town for about 
30 years he was actively engaged in municipal affairs ; was frequently 
elected to the legislature, and served in both houses; d. Dec. 21, 1859, 
a. 82. 

MAY, George W., late lieut in the U. S. army, Und distinguished at 
the battles of Palo Alto, Resaca de la Palma, Cerro Gordo, at Monterey, and 
Vera Cruz ; d. at New York, Jan. 8, I860. 

MAY, Col. Joseph, d. at Boston, Mass., Jan. 27, 1841, a. 41: was 
over forty years secretary of an insurance company. 

MAY, Samuel, merchant, d. at Boston, Mass., Feb. 23, 1870, a. 94 : b. 
in that city in 1776, a member and officer of various benevolent institutions, 
and in his younger days a citizen of enterprise. 

MAYER, Charles F., d. in Baltimore, Md., Jan. 3, 1864, a. 68 ; a 
member of the bar, and much given to literary pursuits. 

MAYER, Christopher, d. in Baltimore, Md., Sept. 14, 1842, a. 79; 
pres. of the Neptune Insurance Co., and consul general of Wurtemberg ; 
came to America at the close of the revolution, and resided nearly 50 
years at Baltimore. 

MAYER, Henry C, a native of Maryland, and a member of the 
Baltimore bar; d. in Rochester, N. Y., March 1, 1846, a. 24. 

MAYER, Rev. Lewis, professor in the Theological Seminary of the 
German Reformed church ; d. at York, Pa., Aug. 19, 1849. 

MAYER, Rev. Philip F., d.d., d. in Philadelphia, April 16, 1858, 
a. 77 ; pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran church of St. John ; b. in 
Albany, N. Y., and resided in Albany before locating in Philadelphia; he 
was many years pres. of the Penn. Inst, for the Deaf and Dumb ; pres. 
of the Phila. Dispensary, and a trustee of the University of Pennsylvania. 

MAYHEW, William E., d. April 10, 1860, at Baltimore, a. 75; 
was president of the Farmers and Planters' Bank many years. 

MAYNADIER, Col. Henry, d. at Annapolis, Md., Nov. 11, 1849, 
a. 93 ; was a surgeon in the revolution. 

MAYNADIER, Henry E., maj. gen. U. S. A., d. at Charleston, S. 
C, Dec. 3, 1868, a. 38 ; a native of Va., grad. at West Point, in 1851 ; 
was in the Utah expedition of 1857-8, and the upper Missouri yellow- 
stone expedition in 1859-61 ; was in the late war in several engagements, 
and was breveted for services. 

MAYNARD, John, was a member of the New York assembly in 1822 
and senate from 1838 to 40, and in the 20th and 27th congresses, from 
Seneca co. ; was county clerk of Seneca co. from 1821 to 1825, district 
attorney in 1836, and elected a justice of the supreme court for the 7th 
district in June 1847, for a term of four years, in which office he d. at Au- 
burn, N. Y., March 24, 1850. (Stryker's Am. Reg., iv, 453.) 

MAYNARD, Jonathan, d. at Framingham, Mass., July, 1835, a. 83. 

MAYNARD, Needham, d. in Waterloo, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1844 ; served 
in the revolution, and settled after the war, as a farmer in Ipswich ; in 

American Biographical Notes. 283 

1788, removed to Whitestown, N. Y., and resided there more than 40 
years; removed to Seneca co., and d. a. 88. 

MAYNARD, William H., was a native of Conway, Mass., graduated 
at William's Coll., in 1810, studied law with Gen. Joseph Kirkland of 
New Hartford, N. Y., and was several years editor of the Utica Patriot ; 
he became a partner with Samuel A. Talcott, and in 1828 was elected to 
the state senate, and while attending a session of that body sitting in New 
York city as a court of errors, he died of cholera, Aug. 28, 1832, a. 45. 
By his will be gave $20,000 for the endowment of a law school at Hamil- 
ton College. (Am. An. Reg., 1832-3, p. 417.) 

MAYO. Joseph, d. in Richmond, Va., Aug. 9, 1872, a. 77 ; was com- 
monwealth atty. of Richmond for 29 years, and member of the legislature, 
and served as mayor of Richmond for 15 years, until he was removed by 
the federal authorities. He was author of a legal work known as The 
Mayor's Guide. 

MAYSON, Charles C, d. at Jackson, Miss., Aug. 27, 1837 ; was a 
native of S. C 

MAZURBAN, Stephen, a native of France and once an officer in the 
French navy ; came to New Orleans in 1804, and long held a prominent 
position as a lawyer ; was at different times member of the state legislature, 
secretary of state and attorney general ; d. May 25, 1849, a. 77. (Striker's 
Am. Reg., ii, 496.) 

MEACHAM, Joseph, Shaker leader; b. at Enfield, Ct. ; became head 
of the Shaker community at New Lebanon, and d. Aug. 16, 1786. (Evans's 
Shakers' Compendium, p. 183.) 

MEADE, George Gordon, major gen. U. S. A., d. in Philadelphia, 
Nov. 6, 1872; b. in Cadiz, Spain, where his parents were temporarily 
living, Dec. 31, 1815; grad. at West Point in 1835, and served in the 
Mexican war ; was afterwards employed on river and harbor improvements, 
and when the late war began, was on the lake surveys ; he was ordered 
to report to Washington, and on the 31st of August, 1861, he received 
the appointment of brigadier-general of volunteers, with command of the 
second brigade of the Pennsylvania Reserve Corps ; he took part in Mc- 
Clellan's advance on Richmond, and during the seven days' fight was 
struck by a ball, which caused a severe and painful wound ; he soon re- 
covered, and September, 1862, took command of a division in Reynolds's 
First Army Corps, which he conducted with great skill and bravery during 
the Maryland campaign ; at Antietam his Reserves were in the hottest and 
thickest of the fight, and when Gen. Hooker was wounded, Gen. McClellan 
placed the general in command of the corps which had just been deprived of 
its gallant leader ; during the action he received a slight contusion, and had 
two horses killed under him ; he received the appointment of major-general 
of volunteers on the 29th of November, and took part in the battle of 
Fredericksburg (December, 1862), and displayed courage and coolness 
during the engagement; during the same month he was placed in com- 
mand of the Fifth Corps, which, after being engaged throughout the 
battle of Chancellorsville, covered the retreat of the beaten army, and 
guarded the crossings until the whole army was safely over the river. In 
June, 1863, when Lee was advancing up the Shenandoah valley to invade 
Maryland and Pennsylvania, Gen. Meade was suddenly and unexpectedly 
called to succeed Gen. Hooker in the command of the army of the Poto- 

284 American Biographical Notes. 

mac, numbering 100.000 men ; he advanced through. Maryland on parallel 
lines with Lee's army, which finally, marching eastward, struck (July 1) 
the head of Meade's column under Gen. Reynolds, near Gettysburg; 
the fight for position which occurred, and which resulted in the defeat 
and death of Reynolds, and the retirement of his column through Gettys- 
burg to a strong position south of the town, is generally spoken of as the 
first day's fight of the great battle which ensued at Gettysburg ; the whole 
army advanced to this position during the night, and the next day Sickles's 
corps went into action and was driven back, the day closing with the ad- 
vantage on the side of the Confederates ; the third day opened with an 
advance of the Union right under Slocum, who retook ground he had lost 
and rested upon it; soon after the Confederate artillery opened and plowed 
the Union lines for two hours, when the great Confederate column of as- 
sault emerging from behind the batteries pressed swiftly toward the Union 
lines, and was repulsed with great slaughter. This reverse decided the 
day, and when the Confederates regained their lines the battle had been 
won by the Union forces; Gen. Meade, who displayed masterly ability 
throughout the engagement, reported his loss in these three bloody days 
at 2,834 killed, 13,709 wounded and 6,643 missing. He took 13,621 
prisoners and 24,978 small arms. Lee promptly retreated, and escaped 
before the detachments sent by Moade in pursuit could arrest his progress ; 
Gen. Meade was promoted to be a brigadier-general of the regular army 
by a commission dated July 3, 1863. About the 18th of July he moved 
his army across the Potomac into Virginia, where he had several skir- 
mishes with the enemy in October and November, 1863. He was second 
in command of the army of the Potomac in its operations against Richmond 
in 1864. "I tried as far as possible," observed Gen. Grant, " to leave 
Gen. Meade in independent command of the army of the Potomac; my 
instructions for that army were all through him, and were general in their 
nature, leaving all the details and the execution to him; the campaigns 
that followed proved him to be the right man in the right place ; " the 
army of which he had immediate command fought great battles at the 
"Wilderness, Spottsylvania Court-house, and Cold Harbor, and was employed 
many months in the siege of Petersburg; in August, 1864, he was ap- 
pointed a major-general of the regular army ; he was placed in command 
of the third military district, comprising Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, 
in 1867, and was subsequently appointed commander of the Atlantic Mili- 
tary Division having its headquarters at Philadelphia; was tall, and soldier- 
like in bearing. (iV. Y. Tribune.') 

MEADE, Richard Kidder, father of Bp. M., was an aid de camp to 
Washington in 1777, and held the rank of col.; was in the battle of 
Monmouth, and very narrowly escaped death. His brother Everard, was 
aid to Gen. Lincoln ; the brothers were educated at Harrow, England, under 
Dr. Thackeray, at the same time with Sir Wm. Jones, Sir Joseph Banks 
and Dr. Parr. (Campbell's Va.) 

MEADE, Richard W., commodore U. S. N., d. at Brooklyn, N. Y., 
April 16, 1870, a, 63 ; b. in Madrid, Spain ; his father R. W. Meade 
being then minister to Spain ; entered the Naval Academy in 1823, and at 
the beginning of the late war was a commander; commanded the U. S. 
receiving ship North Carolina, at New York, until 1864; and was then 
placed in command of the steamer San Jacinto, which was lost on the 
Florida reefs; was a brother of Maj. Gen. Geo. G. Meade of the army. 

American Biographical Notes. 285 

MEANDER, John, minister and member of the society of Friends, d. 
in Providence R. I., June, 1860, a. 64 ; b. in Sandwich, N. H.; resided for- 
merly in Maine, but for many years past at the place of his death. ( Vin- 
cent's Semi- An. Register, p. 619.) 

MEANS, Rev. Robert, a Presbyterian minister of Fairfield dist., S. 
C, d. Jan. 20, 1836; he published several sermons, and an essay on the 

MEASE, John, b. in Strabane, Ireland, came to America in 1754, 
and was an eminent shipping merchant of Philadelphia ; was an active 
partisan of the American cause in the revolution, and for the last thirty 
years of life one of the admiralty surveyors of the port of Philadelphia; 
d. in 1826, a. 86. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

MEASE, Matthew, b. in Strabane, county Tyrone, Ireland, and settled 
in early life in Philadelphia as a merchant ; he entered the navy, and 
became purser of the Bonhomme Richard ; in the conflict with the 
Serapis, he obtained command of the quarter deck guns, and was dan- 
gerously wounded ; d. at Philadelphia in 1787. 

MEBANE, Alexander, b. in Hawfields, Orange co., N. C, Nov. 26, 
1767 ; was a member of the convention in 1776, that formed the first state 
constitution ; in congress in 1793-4; d. July 5, 1795. 

MEBANE, James, a prominent citizen of North Carolina, d. in Cas- 
well co., N. C, Dec. 12, 1857, a. 84. 

MEECH, Ezra, b. in New London, Conn., July 26, 1773; became an 
agent of the N. W. fur trade with J. J. Astor, and in 1809, an agent for 
supplying spars for the British navy ; in 1822-3 was elected chief justice 
of Chittenden co., Vt. ; was in the conventions of 1822 and 1826, and in the 
state legislature in 1805, 7; in congress from 1819 to 1821, and from 
1825 to 1827; devoted his later years to farming, having 3000 acres, 
3,000 sheep, aud 800 head of cattle; d. at Shelburne, Vt., Sept. 23, 1856. 

MEIGS, Josiah, first pres. of the University of Ga., at Athens. ( White's 
Hist. Ga., p. 397.) 

MELLEN, James, d. at Hudson, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1839; a prominent 

MELVILLE, GtANSEVoort, secretary to the U. S. legation to Great 
Britain ; d. in London, May 12, 1846. 

MENARD, Claude, Jesuit missionary, arrived in Canada, July 8, 
1640 ; was with Lemercier at Onondaga, from 1656 to 1658, and after- 
wards with the Cayugas : said to have been killed Sept. 8, 1661. (Liste 
Chron. des Eveques et des Pretres du Canada; Doc. Hist. N. Y., iv, 292.) 

MENDENHALL, Dr. George, d. at Cincinnati, O., June 4, 1874; 
b. in Sharon, Pa., in 1814, and settled in Cincinnati in 1843, where he 
acquired an extensive practice, and was especially successful in obstetrics, 
of which he was professor in the Miami and Ohio Medical Colleges. 

MENEFEE, Richard H., d. at Frankfort, Ky., Feb. 21, 1841 ; a 
member of congress from Kentucky from 1837 to 1839. 

MERCEIN, Col. Thomas R., d. in New York city, Oct. 24, 1843, a. 
51 ; was in the New York assembly in 1811 and 1812, and a distinguished 
and useful citizen. 

MERCER, Col. Hugh, d. in Fredericksburg, Va., Dec. 1, 1853, a. 77. 

286 American Biographical Notes. 

MERCER, Singleton, conspicuously before the country some eight- 
een years before his death; from having avenged his sister's dishonor by 
shooting her seducer on a ferry boat near the Jersey shore, at Philadel- 
phia ; he was tried and acquitted on the ground of insanity ; he went to 
Norfolk, Va., as a nurse in the yellow fever epidemic in the fall of 1855, 
and fell a victim to the disease. 

MERCER, William, d. at Fredericksburg, Va., Aug. 20, 1839, at 
an advanced age ; born deaf and dumb, and was the eldest son of Gen. 
Hugh M., who fell at Princeton, in 1777. 

MERCHANT, George, b. in Princeton, N. J., Oct. 21, 1757; gradu- 
ated at Princeton in 1789, and the classic elegance of a salutatory ad- 
dress won him the appointment of principal in an academy in Princeton ; 
in 1786, he became principal of an academy at Albany, N. Y., where he 
held the offices of alderman, police justice, county clerk, lottery manager, 
com. of bankruptcy and paymaster in the war of 1812 ; d. at Albany, 
Sept. 14, 1830, a. 73. 

MEREDITH, Reese, father of Samuel Meredith, was a merchant of 
Philadelphia, and a prominent citizen of Phila. 

^ MEREDITH, William, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., June 2, 1772, and d. 
Sept. 1844 ; was an eminent lawyer, and continued to practice his pro- 
fession till 1814, when he was elected president of the Schuylkill Bank ; 
was many years one of the common council, and for a time city solicitor; 
was a prominent Episcopalian, and for many years in its diocesan and 
general conventions ; was a trustee of the University of Pennsylvania, a 
member of the American Philosophical Society and a director of the Aca- 
demy of Fine Arts. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians, with portrait.) 

MEREDITH, William M., an eminent lawyer of Pennsylvania; d. 
at Philadelphia, Aug. 17, 1873, a. 77. 

MERIWETHER, James, b. in Va. ; served in the revolution ; settled 
in Ga. in 1782, and d. in Jefferson co., Ga., Oct. 25, 1817. 

MERRIAM, Ebenezer, printer ; was apprenticed to Isaiah Thomas at 
Worcester in 1790 ; went to Boston in 1796, and in 1797 was established 
at Brookfield, where he published the Mass. Repository and Farmer's 
Journal ; he became a book and job printer in 1800 and continued 51 
years ; d. at W. Brookfield, Mass., Oct. 1, 1858, a. 81. (Hist. May., ii, 348.) 

MERRIAM, Gen. Ela, d. in Leyden, N. Y., Nov. 11, 1873; b. in 
Meriden. Conn. ; removed in childhood with his father's family to Lewis 
co., N. Y. ; and was through most of his life a stage proprietor, and exten- 
sively known in northern New York ; was much interested in agriculture, 
and internal improvements, and one of the founders of Port Leyden, N. Y. ; 
was the father of Hon. Clinton L. Merriam, M. C, from New York 1871-5. 

MERRIAM, Nathaniel, judge; b. in Wallingford, Ct, June 3, 1769; 
settled in Leydon in 1800; removed to Indiana in 1838; returned in 
1846, and d. Aug. 19, 1847; he was in assembly in 1811-19, and was 
made county judge in 1815 ; father of Gen. Ela M., of Leyden. (Hough's 
Hist. Lewis Co., p. 122.) 

MERRICK, Richard Vatjghan, d. at Phila., Penn., Aug. 18, 1870 ; 
was senior member of the firm Merrick & Sons, manufacturers of marine 
engines and other machinery ; one of the largest establishments in the 

American Biographical Notes. 287 

U. S. ; first pres. of the Penn. Central rail road co., and one of its projec- 
tors ; for a long time an officer of the Franklin Institute. 

MERRICK, William D., d. in Washington, D. C, Feb. 5, 1857 ; 
was of Charles co., Md., and was senator from Md. from 1838 to 1845; 
had filled several important stations in his own state, before his entrance 
upon the duties of senator. 

MERRILL, Ferrand F., b. in 1811, and from 1835 mostly in public 
life ;' elected clerk of the Vt. house of representatives in 1835, and an- 
nually for the next 11 years; in 1849 became sec. of state and held five 
years ; afterwards state atty. for the co., and a member of the state legis- 
ature; d. in Montpelier, May 2, 1859, a. 47. 

•MERRILL, Timothy, secretary of state of Vt. ; d. at Montpelier, Vt., 
July 27, 1836. 

MERRITT, Thomas, a loyalist in the revolution; d. May 12, 1842, at 
St. Catharines, Canada ; held a commission in the British army ; was 
sheriff of the district of Niagara, and for many years surveyor of woods 
and forests in Upper Canada. 

MERVINE, Catharinar B., son of Admiral M. ; b. at Litchfield, 
Herkimer co., N. Y., Jan. 12, 1805 ; in Apr., 1861, he enlisted as a private 
in the 12th reg. N. Y. state vols., and was made adjutant; he next served 
on the staff of Genl. McQuade, and after the seven days' battle before 
Richmond, was appointed assist, adj. gen. to Gen. Griffin ; d. at City 
Point, Va., Aug. 17, 1864. 

MERVINE, William, rear admiral U. S. N., b. near Philadelphia March 
14, 1791, and entered the navy in Jan., 1809 ; from this time until 1832, 
he made numerous cruises, was severely wounded in the battle of Black 
Rock, and as lieut., was in the guard ship that convoyed the first colony 
to Liberia ; in 1832, he took his first command and was stationed in the 
harbor of Charleston ; before war opened with Mexico, he captured a 
Mexican brig which had two American vessels under its guns ; in Sept., 
1841, he was appointed captain ; in 1845 or 46, he went in the Cyane to 
California, and on the show of hostilities he attacked and took the fort at 
Monterey, remaining in charge until 1847 ; two years later, in the steam 
frigate Powhattan, he had command of the Mediterranean squadron, but 
was recalled by urgent duty at home ; in 1854-7, in the flag ship Inde- 
pendence, he cruised in the Pacific; in 1861, while in command of the 
gulf blockading squadron, he planned the attack which was carried out 
by Lieut. Russell, but in consequence of illness was recalled ; was appointed 
commodore in July, 1862, and rear admiral in 1866 ; was sixty years in 
the naval service, being 25 years at sea, and 4 years on duty ashore; d. 
at Utica Sept., 15, 1868. 

MERWIN, Jesse, d. in Kinderhook, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1852, a. 70; in 
early life taught school, and was a companion of Washington Irving; was 
the original of Ichabod Crane, in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. 

MERWIN, Dr. Samuel C, d. at Natchez, Miss., Nov. 4, 1839 ; 
formerly of Philadelphia. 

MESSANT, Paul, a well known French journalist and citizen of the 
U. S., d. on Lon- Island, N. Y., Jan., 26, 1873, a. 29. 

MESSELIN, Charles Francois Bailly de, b. at Varennes, Canada, 
Nov. 4, 1740; became priest May 4, 1767, and was chosen coadjutor of M. 

288 American Biographical Notes. 

Hubert, R. C. bp. of Quebec, June 30, 1788, with the intention of succeed- 
ing him, but died before him, May 20, 1794. {Liste Chron. des Eveques 
et des Pretres du Canada?) 

MESZAROS, Lazarus, a Hungarian general ; spent several years in 
America, became a citizen, returned to Europe in 1858, and died in Ey- 
wood, Herefordshire, England, Nov. 16, 1858, a. 62. 

METCALF, Dr. George W., b. in Owego, N. Y., July, 22, 1837 ; d. 
Oct. 28, 1874, served as a surgeon in the war of 1861-5. 

METCALF, Michael, one of the first settlers at Dedham, Mass., and 
emigrant and ancestor of this family in Am. ; b. in Tatterford, Norfolk 
co., Eng., in 1586; admitted as a townsman at Dedham, July 14, 1637, a 
selectman in 1641 ; d. Dec. 27, 1664, a. 78. {Goodwin's Notes, p. 157.) 

METCALF, Silas, d. at Deposit, Delaware co., N. Y., Dec. 9, 1867 ; 
b. in Berkshire, Mass., and was well known as the superintendent of young 
ladies' institutes at Kinderhook, Parsipanny, and East Brooklyn. 

MILAM, Benjamin R., a Texan patriot, b. near Frankfort, Ky. ; was 
led by his fondness for adventure to engage in the Mexican revolution, 
but resigned his commission upon the crowniug of Yterbide ; was im- 
prisoned, but at length returned, and became a pioneer in Texas; was 
killed at the storming of San Antonio in 1835. (Texas Almanac, 1857, 
p. 135.) 

MILES, George H., poet and dramatist; d. at Thornton, Md., July 
24, 1871, a. 47 ; prof, of belles lettres at St. Mary's Coll., Md. 

MILES, Capt. John E., d. at Watertown, N. Y., Feb. 1, 1860, a. 78. 
(N Y. Reformer, Feb. 16, 1860.) 

MILET, Pierre, Jesuit missionary; sent with de Carheil to Cayuga; 
left in 1684 ; was at Niagara in 1688; taken prisoner at Cataracouy in 
1689, and held till Oct. 1694; was living several years after 1705. 

MILLARD, Rev. Henry Norton, b. Summer Hill, N. Y., Aug. 5, 
1830; grad. at Hamilton Coll. in 1850 ; pastor of Presbyterian church at 
Eaton, Truxt'on, Williamstown and Holland Patent; d. at Auburn, Sept. 
13, 1873. 

MILLARD, William, ex-member of congress from Delaware ; d. at 
Kirkwood, Del., Nov. 26, 1871. 

MILLEN, Col. John, d. near Savannah, Ga., Oct. 15, 1843, a. 39; 
member elect in congress ; was a young lawyer of great promise ; was in 
the legislature in 1828. {Am. Almanac 1845, p. 307.) 

MILLER, Andrew J., d. in Augusta, Ga., Feb. 3, 1856 : several years 
president of the state senate. 

MILLER, Amos, an early settler of Leyden, N. Y. ; in assembly in 
1826 ; d. Oct. 2, 1840, a. 64. 

MILLER, Bernard J., d. in Washington, D. C, Sept. 17, 1837; was 
several years surgeon major in the Columbian navy. 

MILLER, David, a pioneer of Leyden, N. Y. ; d. in that town, March 
19, 1833, a. 82. 

MILLER, David Brainerd, pioneer settler in Leyden, N. Y. ; d. 
March 19, 1833, a. 82. 

MILLER, Rev. George Benjamin, b. of Moravian ancestors at En- 
maus, Lehigh co, Pa., June 10, 1795 ; was in early life in mercantile busi- 

American Biographical Notes. 289 

ness, but in 1812, became associated with Rev. Dr. Hazelius in an acad. 
at Harfcwick, N. Y. ; was licensed to preach in 1818, and was 9 years at 
Canajoharie; again became a teacher at Hartwick Seminary, and in 1830, 
prin. and prof, of theology; accepted a call to the theological seminary at 
Gettysburg; d. at Hartwick, April 5, 1869. {Regents' Report, 1870, p. 
593 ; Hartwick Seminary Memorial, with portrait.) 

MILLER, Dr. Henry, one of the founders of the Louisville Medical 
College, and many years a member of its faculty ;, b. in Glasgow, Ky., 
Nov. 1, 1800; d. at Louisville, Ky., Feb. 8, 1874. 

MILLER, Rev. James, a Baptist minister and pioneer in Turin, N. 
Y. ; d. in West Turin, N. Y., March 1, 1843, a. 87. 

MILLER, James, a revolutionary soldier, d. at East Greenwich, R. 
I., May 19, 1849, a. 95 years. 

MILLER, James F., commodore U. S. N., d. at Charlestown, Mass., 
July 11, 1868 ; b. in N. H., and entered the service in 1826. 

MILLER, Jesse, d. in Harrisburg, Pa., Aug. 20, 1850; was secre- 
tary of state in the term of Gov. Shank, and in congress from Pennsyl- 
vania, from 1836 to 1837. 

MILLER, Capt. John, Penn., killed at Fort Washington, Nov. 16, 

MILLER, Dr. John, d. at Truxton, N. Y., March 30, 1862, a. 87. 
(Transac. N. Y. State Med. Soc, 1863, p. 449.) » 

MILLER, John Bleecker, son of Judge Miller, was b. Nov. 7, 1820 ; 
he studied law and practiced for a brief period; was for some time asso- 
ciate editor of the Utica Observer ; in , he was appointed U. S. con- 
sul at Hamburg; April 6, 1861, at Marseilles in France. 

MILLER, John G., d. in Saline co., Mo., May 11, 1856, a. 44 ; b. in 
Kentucky, emigrated to Missouri in 1835, was elected to the state legisla- 
ture in 1840, and from 1853, till the time of his death a representative in 
congress from Missouri. 

MILLER, John J., iudge of the Columbia county court, d. at Claver- 
ack, N. Y., Dec. 2, 1839. 

MILLER, Col. Jonathan P., d. in Montpelier, Vt., Feb. 17, 1847, 
a. 50 ; he entered warmly into the cause of the Greeks, when struggling 
for liberty, and in 1827, sailed from New York with a cargo of supplies 
which had been raised in this country, and of which he superintended the 
distribution ; he was an ardent opponent of slavery. 

MILLER, Dr. Lewis, b. in Glastonbury, Conn., Dec. 25, 1799 ; grad. 
at Hamilton Coll., 1833; settled at Moreland, N. Y. ; d. at Jackson, Mich., 
Sept. 29, 1873. 

MILLER, Morris Smith, son of Dr. Matthias Burnet Miller, surgeon 
of the revolutionary army, was b. on Long Island in 1780; graduated at 
Union College in 1798, and studied law; was secretary of Gov. Jay, and 
afterwards agent at Lowville, of Nicholas Lowe ; removed in 1806 to Utica 
and entered on the practice of his profession ; March 5, 1810, he was ap- 
pointed first judge of the county, and held the office until his death; in 
1813-15 he represented his district in congress; in July, 1819, he acted 
as commissioner in a treaty with the Seneca Indians ; at first an adherent 


290 American Biographical Notes. 

of Governor Clinton, he became a bucktail, and was one of the so called, 
"high-minded gentleman;" d. Nov. 19, 1824. 

MILLER. Morris S., lieut. col. and brevet brig. gen. U. S. A., son 
of the preceding, b. in Utica, April 2d, 1814 ; graduated at West 
Point in 1834; he participated in the Florida and Mexican wars, and in 
the war for the union ; throughout the latter he was in the quarter mas- 
ter's department at Washington, and while there about $20,000,000 passed 
through his hands, yet upon examination of his accounts less than $20 
was to be disallowed ; d. March 11, 1870. 

MILLER, Samuel, lieut. col. of U. S. marine corps ; d. at Philadel- 
phia, Dec. 9, 1856, a. 81, after a life spent in honorable service. (Simp- 
son's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

MILLER, Dr. Sylvester, d. at Lowville, N. Y., from an accident, 
July 30, 1838, a. 54. 

MILLER, Thomas, presiding judge in Powhatan co. court, Va. ; was 
a county magistrate 44 years, and repeatedly in the general assembly ; he 
d. in Powhatan co., Va., Nov. 2, 1845, a. 65. 

MILLER, Thomas A., d. at Torringford, Conn., Oct. 16, 1861, a. 55; 
his wife Mary C. d. Oct. 13, and both were buried in one grave. 

MILLER, William H., d. at Harrisburg, Pa., Sept. 12, 1870 ; was 
clerk of the supreme court of Pa. middle dist., 1854-63, and member of 
the 38th congress. 

MILLER, William Starr, d. in New York city, Nov. 9, 1854; was 
in congress from New York from 1845 to 1847. 

MILLS, Isaac, d. at New Haven, Conn., Jan. 29, 1843, a. about 75 ; 
was a native of Huntington, Conn., and grad. at Yale in 1786 ; was many 
years a judge of the court for the county of New Haven, and judge of 

MILLS, John, b. in Chatham, N. Y. ; settled in Columbia, Herkimer 
co., N. Y., in 1790 ; was in assembly in 1800, filled town offices most of 
his life and d. in 1836, a. 76. (Benton's Herkimer Co. N. Y., p. 348.) 

MILLS, Martha, d. in Stanton, Del., Jan., 1842, in her 100th year. 

MILLS, Rev. Samuel J., b. in Derby, Conn. ; grad. at Yale, and 
emigrated to the Genesee country in 1785 ; d. soon after 1800 ; was an 
early minister of Livingston co., N. Y. (Turner's Phelps and Gorham 
Purchase, p. 351.) 

MILLS, William A., son of Rev. Samuel J. Mills, a pioneer busi- 
ness man at Mount Morris, Livingston co. ; was a commissioned officer in 
the war of 1812, and became a brigadier gen. ; d. in 1844, a. 67. (Turner's 
Phelps and Gorham Purchase,]). 351.) 

MINER, Asher, d. at Wilkesbarre, Pa., March 13, 1841, a. 63. 

MINER, Phinehas, an eminent lawyer, and member of congress from 
Connecticut in 1834-5, d. at Litchfield, Conn., Sept. 16, 1839, in his 
60th year. 

MING, Alexander, one of the oldest printers in N. Y. city ; d. at that 
city, Feb. 2, 1849, a. 76. (Striker's Am. Reg., ii, 254.) 

MINOR, Isaac, president of the board of canal commissioners of O. ; 
d. at Columbus, Dec. 27, 1831. 

MINOR, Col. Thomas, d. at Fredericksburg, Va., July, 1834, a. 83 

American Biographical Notes. 291 

MINOR, William G-., a native of Va. j emigrated to Mo. in 1840 ; 
was one of the commissioners for running the northern boundary of that 
state, and was many years editor of the Jefferson Inquirer ; was an effect- 
ive speaker, and served as secretary of state senate and adjt. gen. ; d. at 
Jefferson city, Mo., Feb. 20, 1851, a. 45. 

MITCHELL, George E., member of congress from 1823 to 1827, and 
from 1829 to 1832 ; d. at Washington, D. C, June 28, 1832 ; he resided 
at Elkton, Md. 

MITCHELL, Henry, m.d., b. in Woodbury, Ct., in 1784 ; was licensed 
to practice in 1806, and settled in Coventry and soon after in Norwich, 
Chenango co., N. Y., where he d. Jan. 12, 1856, a. 72. (2V. N. Y. State 
Med. Soc., 1857, p. 85.) 

MITCHELL, Rev. Jesse, of St. Louis conference ; d. Aug. 12, 1854. 
(Deems' s Annals of Southern Methodism, p. 346.) 

MITCHELL, Gen. John, was twice a sheriff of Centre co., Pa., and 
elected to the 19th and 20th congresses; he was first engineer on the Erie 
canal extension and superintended the construction of the French creek 
feeder; was several years in the state legislature and once canal com'r. in 
Pa. ; d. in Beaver co., Pa., August, 1849. 

MITCHELL, Thomas R., grad. at Harvard in 1802 ; in congress from 
South Carolina from 1821 to 1823 ; from 1825 to 1829, and from 1831 
to 1833; d. in 1837. 

MIX, Ebenezer, b. in New Haven, Conn. ; settled as a mason at Ba- 
tavia, N. Y. ; in 1809, became a teacher, studied law and became a clerk 
in the Holland Land Company's office, where he afterwards became agent; 
was for 20 years surrogate of Genesee county ; d. at Batavia. 

MOALE, Samuel, d. in Baltimore, Feb. 21, 1857, a. 84, being at the 
time the oldest member of the Baltimore bar, cotemporary with Pinckney 
and Harper, and highly esteemed for his integrity of character. 

MOFFAT, Dr. Thomas C, d. at New York, Dec. 17, 1870; had been 
for many years physician in chief of the Seaman's Retreat, on Staten Island. 

MOLLESON, George P., d. at New Brunswick, N. J., May 17, 1844, 
a. 37 ; attorney general of the state ; grad. at Princeton, 1827 ; admitted 
to the bar and gained a high standing ; was several times a member of 
the state legislature. 

MOMPESSON, Roger, first chief justice of New Jersey ; arrived in 
Phila. in 1703; was sworn into office as chief justice of Pa., April, 1706, 
but is not known to have acted ; upon the arrival of Lord Cornbury 
he was made chief justice of New York and New Jersey, which he held 
during Cornbury's term, acting as his adviser in all points of law ; he re- 
signed upon Cornbury's removal, justly dreading a speedy end of his offi- 
cial relation with the colony ; he disgraced his judicial office by the basest 
partiality. (Coll. iV". J. Mist. Soc, iii, 56.) 

MONCRIEF, James, ex-judge of the superior court; d. at New York, 
Feb. 1, 1870, a. 48 ; b. in Ohio, Sept. 16, 1822 ; studied law in New York 
and practiced there till 1858, when he was elected judge, and held that 
office 7 years. 

MONCRIEFFE, Thomas, was a lieut. at Oswego, and taken prisoner 
in 1756 ; joined the 1st Royals in 1757 ; was appointed aid to Brig. Monck- 

292 American Biographical Notes. 

ton, lieut. gov. of Nova Scotia in 1758, and accompanied Gen. Prideaux 
to Niagara in 1759 ; lie attended Amherst's expedition to Montreal as 
captain in 1760 ; returned to Ireland in 1764 ; came back to America in, 
1768, and in 1774, was made brigade major by Gen. Gage at Boston ; he 
returned to N. Y., was taken prisoner at Brooklyn, but was soon released ; 
he resided at Flatbush, was again taken prisoner, and exchaaged ; d. at 
N. Y., Dec. 9, 1791. {Com. Wilson's Orderly Book, 119.) 

MONELL, Robert, judge ; a native of Columbia co. ; removed to Bing- 
hamton, N. Y., in 1808, and to Greene, N. Y., in 1811, where he succeeded 
Elisha Smith as agent of the Hornby estate; he resigned in 1819 ; was 
in the legislature in 1815-25-6-8, and in the 14th and 16th congresses ; 
in 1831 he became circuit judge of the 6th circuit, and held 14 years ; 
from 1845 to 1847 he was clerk of the supreme court at Geneva ; he re- 
turned to Greene and lived to an advanced age. {Chenango American, 
Jan. 1858.) 

MONEYPENNY, Alexander, became capt. Aug. 29, 1756, and in 
1757 joined the 55th foot from Cork for America; in 1758 he served in 
the unfortunate attack of Ticouderoga, and May 5, 1759 was a brig. gen. 
in the army against Crown Point ; in 1760 he attended Amherst by way 
of Oswego to Montreal, and in 1761 marched against the southern Indians ; 
he returned to Ireland, was made lieut. col. Sept. 1, 1762 ; was at Gib- 
raltar in 1769, and remained until 1776 ; d. or resigned Sept., 1776. 

MONGES, Dr. John Armentaire, b. in Thorembasse, France; came 
to America in 1781, as surgeon of a ship sent to aid the American revolu- 
tion ; remained for a time, went by the interior route to New Orleans and 
St. Domingo, in 1785, and to Philadelphia in 1793 ; was very successful 
with the yellow fever ; d. in 1798. {Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

MONI,Rev. Abbe, d. at Mobile, Ala., Aug. 3, 1842; a professor of 
the Catholic worship, and much respected by all denominations. 

MONROE, Capt. Edmund, Mass., killed at Monmouth, June 28, 

MONROE, Col. James, 3d son of Benjamin M., d. April 20, 1860, 
at Frankfort, Ky. ; he was captain in the Mexican war, and afterwards 
represented Franklin co., in the Kentucky legislature. 

MONROE, Col. James, d. at Orange, N. J., Sept. 7, 1870, a. 71 ; b 
in Albemarle, Va., in 1799; grad. at West Point in 1815; and removed 
to New York; was in congress in 1839-41, and in the state legislature in 
1850 and 1852, was a nephew of President Monroe ; he served in the 
war with Algiers, and was wounded, served in the army till 1832 ; was 
alderman, and pres. of that board in 1833-4. 

MONSON, Levinus, b. in Hampden, Conn., May 5, 1792 ; grad. at 
Yale in 1811 ; studied law and settled in Hobart, N. Y. ; many years a 
judge of com. pleas of Delaware co., and in 1850, appointed to fill a va- 
cancy on the bench of the supreme court of New York ; d. at Hobart, 
N. Y., Sept, 23, 1859, a. 68. 

MONTAIGUT, David, speaker of assembly, in Ga., judge of the court 
of conscience, naval officer, vice consul of France and sec. to several so- 
cieties in Savannah; d. in 1796, a. 80. 

MONTGOMERIE, Archibald, 3d son of Alex., 9th earl of Eglinton ; 
raised in 1757 the 62d afterwards 77th regiment of which he became It. 

American Biographical Notes. 293 

col.; in 1758 he made the campaign against Fort Duquesne, and in 1759, 
accompanied Gen. Amherst; in 1760, he was sent against the Cherokees, 
•and in 1762, became col. ; he was equerry to the queen in 1763, and gov. 
of Dumbarton castle in 1764 ; in 1767 he became col. of the 51st reg., 
and became an earl; in May, 1772, he became maj. gen., and in 1777 
lieut. gen. ; d. a general in the army Oct. 30, 1796. {Com. Wilson's Orderly 
Book, 17.) 

MONTGOMERY, Rev. Henry E., d.d., pastor of the Prot. Episc. 
church of the Incarnation, N. Y. city; d. Oct. 16, 1874, in his 50th year. 

MONTGOMERY, John B., rear admiral in the U. S. navy; d. at 
Carlisle, Pa., March 25, 1873 ; he entered the navy in 1812, and was on 
the retired list ; he served 21 years and 9 months at sea, and 17 years on 
shore duty ; he was a midshipman on board of the flag-ship Niagara in 
the victory of Lake Erie, September, 1814, and commanded the Washington 
Navy-Yard from 1864 to 1865 ; was interred at Washington. 

MONTGOMERY, John G., member of congress from the 12th dist. 
of Pa. ; d. in Danville, Pa., April 24, 1857 ; said to be a victim of 
the National Hotel disease, which caused such alarm and loss of life soon 
before this date. 

MONTGOMERY, William, d. at Washington, Pa., April 28, 1870, 
a. 51; b. at Canton, Bradford co., 1819; educated at Washington Coll.; 
studied law, was admitted to the law in 1832, and was a member of con- 
gress in 1856-60; was the author of the Crittenden-Montgomery Amend- 
ment, which was intended as a sedative measure on the slavery question. 

MONTGOMERY, William, R., lieut. col. U. S. A., d. at Bristol, Pa., 
May 31, 1871 ; was brig. gen. of U. S. vols., in the late war, also served 
in the Mexican war. 

MONTRESOR, James, became director of engineers and It .col. in the 
British army, Jan. 4, 1758, and served against Ticonderoga under Aber- 
crombie; he drew the plan of Fort Stanwix and grounds adjacent, the 
summer of the same year; superintended the construction of Fort George 
on Lake George in 1759, and in 1771 received a grant for 10,000 acres of 
land on Otter creek now in Panton, Vt. ; in May, 1772, he became a col. 
in the army ; d. Dec. 1775. . 

MOODY, Capt. Lemuel, d. at Portland, Me., Aug. 11, 1846, a. 79; 
was a successful shipmaster and a carefully observing man ; kept a mete- 
orological record many years, and published in 1825, a valuable chart of 
Casco bay, and the inlets from the mouth of the Saco to the Kennebec. 

MOOERS, Dr. Benjamin, of Plattsburg, N. Y., d. May 20, 1869, 
a. 82; b. in Haverhill, Mass., Sept. 11, 1787. (Transac. A 7 ". J. State 
Med. Soc, 1870, p. 309.) 

MOOR, John, said to have belonged to Londonderry, N. H. ; twoofficers 
of this name served at Louisburg in 1745, one a capt. the other a lieut. 
{Farmer and Moore's N. H. Coll, iii, 326.) 

MOOR, Wyman B. S., d. at Lynchburg, Va., March 9, 1869 ; a citizen 
of the state of Maine, a senator from that state in congress, by governor's 
appointment, to fill an unexpired term in 1848-9, and afterwards U. S. 
consul general in Canada. 

MOORE, A. B., ex-gov. of Ala. ; d. at Marion, Ala., April 5, 1873, a. 68. 

294 American Biographical Notes. 

MOORE, Augustus, formerly a judge of the superior court of N. C, 
and a distinguished lawyer; d. at Edenton, N. C, March 24, 1851, of 

MOORE, Eli, d. Jan. 16, 1860; a prominent democratic politician; 
member of congress from N. Y. from 1835 to 1839 ; marshal of the south- 
ern dist. of N. Y., then editor of the Women's Journal, at Belvidere, N. 
J., and Indian agent in Kansas ; registrar of the land office in Kansas Ter- 
ritory at the time of his death. 

MOORE, Ephraim, b. at Hollis, N. H., April 26, 1794 ; settled in 
Farmington, Ontario co., N. Y., in 1816, and in March, 1817, came to 
Rochester ; was a cooper, and extended his business to 35,000 bis. a year; 
held several town and co. offices, and d. April, 1857. 

MOORE, Heman A., d. at Columbus, 0., April 3, 1844, a. 34 ; mem- 
ber of congress ; b. in Vt. ; studied law in Rochester, and began law 
practice at Columbus, O., where he soon obtained distinction. 

MOORE, James, d. at Metuchen, N. J., April 15, 1859, in his 100th 

MOORE, Rev. J. B., d. at Southampton, Eng., July, 1872; acting 
pastor of the church of the Unity at Springfield, Mass; in Concord, Mass. ; 
and for six years pastor of the Unitarian church in Lowell. 

MOORE, Rev. John, d. in Concord, N. H., Feb. 5, 1855 ; he fell 
suddenly dead in the street from heart disease; was nominated for gov. 
by the American party, a short time before, but his name withdrawn, 
because ineligible. 

MOORE, John M.,a prominent citizen of Mississippi, d. at Vicksburg, 
Feb. 15, 1859. 

MOORE, Josiah, U. S. consul for the Philippine Islands ; d. at Manilla, 
March 18, 1848, a 37. 

MOORE, La vrey H., d. at Springfield, La., Oct, 3, 1836; was for 

several years a distinguished member of the senate of Louisiana. 

MOORE, Maj. Willard, Mass; killed at Bunker hill, June 17,1775. 

MOORE, William, served in the British army in the French war 

as ensign, became captain, his name was dropped from the lists in 1776. 

MOOREHEAD, Charles S., d. in Greenville, Miss., Dec. 23, 1868 ; 
b. in Nelson co., Ky., in 1802 ; was in the legislature of Kentucky in 
1828 ; attorney general in 1832 ; speaker of the house from 1840 to 1844 ; 
member of congress from 1847 to 1851 ; was elected gov. of Kentucky 
in 1855, and was a delegate from that state to the peace convention of 

MOOREHOUSE, Eben B., was a justice of the supreme court of N. 
Y., in the 6th district, for a term of 8 years in June, 1847 ; died at 
Cooperstown, N. Y., Dec. 9, 1849. 

MORALES, Gen., president of Bolivia, shot by his nephew La Faye, 
Nov. 27, 1873. 

MORDECAI, Dr. Solomon, d. at Mobile, Ala., May 7, 1869, having 
practiced there for nearly half a century. 

MOREL, Edmund, engineer in chief of the Japanese Imperial rail- 
way; d. at Yokohama, Nov. 5, 1871. 

American Biographical Notes. 295 

MORELAND, Harry George, a successful actor; d. in New York, 
June 13, 1832. 

MORGAN, Charles C, d. in New York city, Aug. 1867. 

MORGAN, Gen. Daniel, from 1831, to 1843 (with exception of one 
year), in the Ky. legislature ; d. in Fleming co., Ky., May 19, 1851, a. 68. 

MORGAN, Edwin Wright, d. at Bethlehem, Pa., April 16, 1869; 
grad. at West Point in 1837 ; was lieut. col. in the U. S. army in the 
Mexican war, superintendent of the Kentucky Institute until the begin- 
ning of the late war, and at the time his death, prof, of mathematics and 
mechanics in the Lehigh University. 

MORGAN, John J., the father-in-law of John A. Dix, was a leading 
democratic politician ; was several years alderman of N. Y., and a member 
of the 17th, 18th and 23d congresses ; d. at Port Chester, N. Y., July 29, 
1849, in his 81st year. (Striker's Am. Reg., iii, 238.) 

MORGAN, Thomas J., secretary of the American legation at the 
court of Brazil ; d. at Rio Janeiro, April 5, 1850. 

MORGAN, William A., d. in Lebanon, Conn., March 22, 1842 a. 
77 ; a soldier of the revolution and at the battle of Bunker hill. 

MORN AY, Louis Francois Duplessis de, third R. C. bp of Quebec; 
b. at Vannes in Brittany; selected as successor of St. Vallier in 1718 ; was 
consecrated at Paris coadj. of Quebec, April 22, 1714, and resided at Cam- 
bray ; he became bp. of Quebec May 31, 1728, but sent M. Dorquet as 
coadjutor, and d. Nov. 28, 1741, a. 78, without ever having seen Canada. 
(Liste Chron. des Eveques et des Pretres du Canada.^) 

MORRILL Ezekiel, a member of the New Hampshire state council, 
in 1836; d. at Canterbury, N. H., July 28, 1837, a. 58. 

MORRIS Anthony, son of Anthony, a prominent Quaker of Phila- 
delphia ; member of assembly one year and in 1739 mayor ; d. in 1762. 

MORRIS, Ensign Benjamin, Penn., killed at Brandywine, Sept. 11, 

MORRIS, Charles F., lieut. 8th U. S. infantry, d. at U. S. hospital 
in Mexico, Sept. 17, 1847, a. 28, of wounds received in the storming of 
El Molino del Rey. 

MORRIS, Charles W., d. Nov. 1, 1846, on board the U. S. frigate 
Cumberland, from wounds received in the attack on Tabasco, Oct. 26; was 
a son of Commodore Morris. 

MORRIS, Frederick Van Braam, U. S. consul; d. at Batavia, May 
25, 1849. 

MORRIS, Henry, d. in Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 1, 1842, a. 65 ; sheriff 
of Philadelphia ; son of Robert Morris, the celebrated financier of the re- 

MORRIS, John Cox, d. at Butternuts, N. Y., Feb. 2, 1849, a 67; 
was a prominent citizen of Otsego co., and second son of Gen. Jacob M., 
one of the earliest settlers of that region. 

MORRIS, John M., executive clerk of the U. S. senate ; d. at Wash- 
ington, Nov. 2, 1873, a. 37 ; native of Conn., and once editor of the 
Charleston (S.C) Republican ; and afterwards of the Washington Chronicle. 

MORRIS, Major Joseph, N. J. } killed at Princeton, Jan. 3, 1777. 


MORRIS, Joseph, b. in G-reen co., Pa., Oct. 16, 1795; was chosen 
sheriff in 1824, and in 1829 removed to Ohio, and became a merchant; 
was in the state legislature in 1833-4 ; co. treas. for Monroe co. one year ; 
elected to congress in 1843, and 1845 ; d. at Woodfield, Ohio, Oct. 
23, 1854. 

MORRIS, Lewis N., capt. in 3d infantry, killed at the battle of 
Monterey, Mex., Sept. 21, 1846 ; b. in N. Y. ; grad. at West Point in 
1820, and served in the Black Hawk and Florida wars. (Am. Almanac, 
1848. p. 349.) 

MORRIS, Matthias, d. in Doylestown, Pa., Nov. 9, 1839, a. 54 ; was 
in congress from Pennsylvania in 1835-9. 

MORRIS, Richard V., commodore in the navy, youngest son of 
Lewis M., of Morrisania, one of the signers of decl. of indepen. His widow 
d. at N. Y., April 18, 1858, a. 85. (Hist. Mag., ii, 188.) 

MORRIS, Capt. Samuel, b. in Philadelphia, June 24, 1734; son of 
Anthony ; d. July 7, 1812 ; was much given to sporting, an active par- 
tisan of the revolution, and although disowned by the Friends for the 
share he took in the war, he continued to use their dress and language, 
and to attend their meetings. 

MORRIS, Samuel W., d. in Wellsborough, Tioga co., Pa., May 25, 
1847, a. 59 ; served many years as a judge of the court in that district, 
and was twice elected to congress. 

MORRIS, Thomas, formerly U. S. marshal of the S. dist., N. Y., and 
a son of Robert Morris, the financier of the revolution ; d. at N. Y., March 
12, 1849. 

MORRIS, Rev. Thomas A., d.d., senior bishop of the M. E. church; 
d. at Springfield, 0., Sept., 1874; b. in Va., in 1794; joined the Ohio 
conference in 1817, as a traveling preacher and preached in Ohio, Tenn., 
Ky., until 1833, when he became editor of the Western Christian Advo- 
cate, and filled the duties of this office 3 y. ; in 1836 became bishop. 

MORRISON, Daniel, of the Toronto Telegraph; d. at Toronto, Canada, 
April, 1870. 

MORROW, Col. Robert, paymaster of one of the div. depts. of the 
army; committed suicide at San Francisco, Nov. 27, 1873. 

MORSE, Cyrus, well known for many years as the driver of the omni- 
bus between Harvard Coll. and Boston ; d. Sept. 20, 1816, a. 51; the 
undergraduates made a characteristic pun to his memory : Mors Com- 
munis est omnibus. 

MORSE, Oliver Andrew, son of Judge James 0. Morse of Cherry 
Valley, N. Y., where he was b. March 26, 1815; grad. at Hamilton Coll. 
with valedictorian honors in 1833; studied law and practiced a few ys., 
but was more occupied with literary pursuits and with public affairs ; in 
1857-9 he was a representative in the U. S. congress; d. April 20, 1870. 

MORSE, Richard C, one of the founders of the JV. Y. Observer, 
which he assisted in editing till 1858 ; d. at Kissingen, Germany, Sept. 22, 
1868, a. 74. 

MORTON, Alvin C, civil engineer, d. in N. Y. city, Feb. 25, 1871, 
a. 61 ; was engineer of many rail roads, among which was the N. Y. and 
Erie, Sacramento Valley, Grand Trunk, Great Western, Lower Canada and 
Nova Scotia rail roads. 

American Biographical Notes. 297 

MORTON, Daniel 0., was b. in Vermont ; grad. at Middlebury Coll. ; 
studied law and settled in Toledo, 0., where he became U. S. dist atty. 
for Ohio ; d. at Toledo, Dec. 6, 1859. 

MORTON, Edmund L., commodore of New Jersey Yacht Club ; d. Oct. 
15, 1873. 

MORTON, Gen. Jacob, d. at N. Y. city, Dec. 3, 1836; he was for 
twenty years before his death clerk of the com. council and performed 
duty as an officer of the N. Y. Artillery every year since 1789 ; was assist- 
ant marshal under Morgan Lewis, at the grand reception of Gen. Wash- 
ington, as first president, and held many civil offices with intelligence and 

MORTON, James, d. in Charles co., Md., July 20, 1842, a. 56. 

MORTON, Maj. James, d. at High Hill, Cumberland co., Va., Jan. 
21, 1847, a. 90 ; was through the revolutionary war, and an officer of great 
bravery; was a trustee of Hampton Sidney College, and was a ruling 
elder of the Presb. church 60 years. 

MORTON, Samuel L., d. in Adams, N. Y., Nov., 1856, a druggist 
and one of the proprietors of the Jefferson County Neios. 

MORTON, Capt. Silas, d. at Pembroke, Mass., March 25, 1840, a. 
85 ; served through the revolution. 

MOSELY, Edward S., ex-state treas. of Conn. ; d. at Hampton, Conn., 
June 22, 1873, a. 60. 

MOSELEY, Elizur, m.d., a native of Westfield, Mass.; he grad. at 
Yale Coll. in 1786, and settled in Whitesboro, N. Y., as early as 1794, in 
which year he was made a justice of the peace ; was asst. judge in 1798, 
and sheriff in 1799-1800; for many years he was post master of Whites- 
boro ; d. in 1833. 

MOSELEY, Jonathan Ogden, formerly of East Haddam, Conn., d. 
at Saginaw, Mich., Sept. 9, 1839, a. 77 ; grad. at Yale in 1780, and was 
in congress from Conn., from 1805 to 1821. 

MOSELEY, William Abbott, son of Dr. Elizur M., grad. at Yale 
in 1816, aud made his home in Buffalo; was a member of N. Y. as- 
sembly in 1835, the state senate from 1838 to 1841, and a representative 
in congress from 1843 to 1847 ; d. in N. Y., Nov. 19, 1873. 

MOSHER, James, d. in Baltimore, Md., March 27, 1845, in his 85th 
year; was asoldier in the revolution ; formerly president of the Mechanics' 
Bank ; for many years surveyor of the port of Baltimore. 

MOTT, Joseph O., a lawyer, and in 1830 in assembly ; d. at Turin, 
N. Y., Dec. 26, 1843, a. 50. 

MOTT, Dr. Valentine, a distinguished physician and surgeon ofN. Y. 
city, and a writer and lecturer on subjects within his profession; d. at N. 
Y., April 26, 1865, a. 79. (Trans. A 7 ". Y. State Med. Soc. 1866, p. 304.) 

MOTTE, Major Charles, S. C, killed in the assault on Savannah, 
Oct. 9, 1779. 

MOWER, Joseph A., brevet brig. gen. U. S. A., commanding de- 
partment of Louisiana ; d. at New Orleans, La., Jan. 7, 1870; entered 
the army as a private of a company of engineers in the Mexican war, aud 
was commissioned 2d lieut. in 1855, and 1st lieut. in 1857 ; commanded a 


298 American Biographical Notes. 

company in the beginning of the rebellion ; became col. of the 1st Mo. 
vols, in 1862 ; was wounded at Corinth ; served at Vicksburg, Red river, 
Mo. and with Sherman, and at the end of the war commanded the 20th 

MOURY, Sylvester, an ex-officer of the U. S. army; d. in London, 
Oct. 17, 1811. 

MOXLEY, Nehemiah, d. at Elkridge, Md., March, 1836, a. 99; he 
assisted in throwing tea overboard at Annapolis, at the beginning of the 

MUDG-E, Capt. Samuel, d. in Lynn, Mass., Feb. 16, 1849 ; was 
captain of drafted militia in 1812, and frequently a member of the state 

MUHLENBERG-, Henry A., b. in Reading, Pa, representative in 
congress from the 8th dist. of Pa., from 1853 to 1854; d. at Washington, 
D. C, Jan. 9. 1854. 

MUIR, Robert, merchant and manufacturer of Auburn, N. Y., b. in 
'Kilwinning, Scotland, March 25, 1790; d. in Auburn, Feb. 17, 1868. 
(Hall's Auburn, p. 555.) 

MUIRHEAD, Col. John, d. April 11, 1860, at Lebanon, Tenn.; was 
many years a member of the state senate. 

MULLANPHY, Bryan, was liberally educated ; was judge of the cir- 
cuit court and director of the Bank of Mo., and mayor of St. Louis; d. at 
St. Louis, June 15, 1851, a. 44. (Striker's Am. Reg., vi, 234; Am. Al- 
manac, 1852, p. 341.) 

MULLETT, James, one of the justices of the supreme court, for the 
8th judicial dist. of N. Y. ; d. in Fredonia, N. Y., Sept. 10, 1858. 

MULLIKEN, George S., formerly judge of the municipal court in 
Augusta, Me. ; d. in San Antonio, Texas, April 20, 1860. 

MUMFORD, Major Augustus, killed in the revolution at Plowed 
hill, Aug. 27, 1775. 

MUMFORD, George, b. in Rowan co., N. C. ; was in the state legis- 
lature in 1810and 1811 ; in congress from 1817 to 1819 ; d. Dec. 31, 1818. 

MUNCY, Silas, d. near Babylon, N. Y., 1860, a. 85; his wife Sarah 
d. at the same time and place, a. 82 ; they had lived together 63 years. 

MUNGOUR, Orren, d. in Northampton, Mass., Aug. 9, 1842; a mem- 
ber of the legislature at the time of his death. 

MUNGER, Nelson H., b. in Colchester, Ct., in 1811; removed when 
young to S. C. ; grad. at Chapel Hill, N. C. ; studied law in S. C. and 
began practice in Mississippi ; in 1840 he removed to Texas, where he 
practiced successfully till 1854, when he was elected judge of the first 
judicial dist. in which office he d. at San Felipe, Texas, Jan. 3, 1856. 

MUNRO, Rev. Harry, b. in 1729, son of Dr. Robt. M., of Ding- 
wall, Scot. ; grad. at the University of St. Andrews; studied divinity at 
Edinburgh, and in 1757, was appointed chaplain to the 77th regt. foot ; 
came to America in 1759 and served through the French war; resided at 
Princeton, N. J. some time ; became Episcopal in 1764 ; was first pastor at 
Yonkers, N. Y., two years ; and in 1767 was appointed minister of St. Peter's 
ch., Albany, where he settled Mar. 26, 1768; in 1775 he removed to Hebron, 
N. Y., where he owned land, obtained a pass to Canada in 1777, became 

American Biographical Notes. 299 

rector of a ch. in Edinburgh and d. in 1801, a. 71. (Doc. Hist. N. P., 
iv, 410.) 

MUNRO, Peter Jay, son of Rev. Henry M. ; was a lawyer, and a mem- 
ber of the constitutional con. of 1821, from West Chester co., N. Y. ; d. 
Sept. 22, 1833, a. 66. 

MUNROE, Col. Isaac, b. in Boston ; was bred a printer and started 
the Boston Patriot ; settled at Baltimore, Md., in 1812, and in Jan., 
1813, founded the Baltimore Patriot, which he conducted many years; 
he was at the bombardment of Fort McHenry in 1814, and was aid to Gov. 
Veazey; d. in Baltimore, Md., Dec. 22, 1859, a. about 75. 

MUNROE, John Alexander, of Bradford, a member of the junior 
class at Harvard University, d. in Cambridge, Jan. 2, 1846, a. 24. 

MUNROE, Thomas, d. in Washington, D. C, April 14, 1852, a. 80 ; 
one of the earliest commissioners of that city during the administration of 
President Washington ; and after the removal of the seat of government 
in 1800, was appointed post master, and held till 1829. 

MUNSON, Alfred, b. at Barhamstead, Litchfield co., Conn., May 21, 
1793 ; a miller and mill-wright by trade ; he commenced the manufacture 
of burr mill stone, at Utica, N. Y., in 1823 ; fifteen years later he was 
occupied with tbe management of manufacturing corporations ; was inter- 
ested in packet-boat lines on the Erie canal, in steam-boat lines on Lake 
Ontario, in coal mines in Pennsylvania, and in other enterprises, and ac- 
quired a large fortune ; was first president of the Oneida Bank, and one 
of the first board of managers of the N. Y. State Lunatic Asylum: d. 
May 6, 1854. 

MUNSON, Elisha, d. at New Haven, Conn., Aug. 27, 1842, a. 86 y. 
5 mo; grad. at Yale in 1784, and in early life was engaged in mercantile 
pursuits; succeeded S. Bishop as clerk Dec. 15, 1801, and resigned in the 
summer of 1832. 

MURDOCK, Rev. James, b. in Saybrook, Ct. ; grad. at Yale, in 1774 ; 
removed to Lewis co., N. Y., in 1805, and was long a Presbyterian minis- 
ter in Martinsburg, and in Gouverneur ; d. Jan. 14, 1841, at Crown Point, 
N. Y., a. 86. 

MURFREE, William H, b. in Hertford co., N. C; grad. at Chapel 
Hill in 1801 ; became a successful lawyer, and served in the state legis- 
lature in 1805, and in congress from 1813 to 1817; removed to Tennessee 
in 1825, and d. soon after at Nashville. 

MURPHY, James McLeod, an eminent English engineer, in the ser- 
vice of the U. S. ; d. in New York city, June 1, 1844. 

MURPHY, James McLeod, d. in N. Y. city, June 1, 1871, a. 44; 

served in the U. S. navy as midshipman; was N. Y. state senator in 
1860-1; and col. of the 15th N. Y. vols, (engineers) early in the late war; 
he entered the navy, and commanded the iron clad Carondelet, in 1863-4. 

MURPHY, Thomas, native of Ireland, and hardy pioneer of Schoharie 
co., N. Y., where he was noted for his bravery in the revolution ; d. at 
Middlebury, N. Y., June 27, 1818. {Hough's Northern Invasion of 1780, 
p. 52.) 

MURRAY, David, d. in Elkridge, Md., April 19, 1842, a. 64. 

300 American Biographical Notes. 

MURRAY, Hugh C, settled in California in 1850, and was for a time 
a member of the city government of San Francisco ; then presiding judge 
of the supreme court of that city, and then elected justice of the supreme 
court of California ; of which for some time he was chief justice ; d. at San 
Francisco, Sept. 18, 1857. 

MURRAY, James, d. in Alexandria, La., July 4, 1854; was mayor 
of the town; was killed in trying to suppress a disturbance at a barbecue. 

MURRAY, Noah, son of a lieut. of the revolution ; b. Jan. 24, 1783 ; 
became a magistrate at Athens, Pa. ; went west in 1831, and d. in Kos- 
ciusko co., Ind., Sept. 4, 1859. {Hist. Mag., iii, 353.) 

MURRAY, Robert J., son of John M. ; a philanthropist, and nephew of 
Lindley M., the grammarian ; was a manager in several benevolent insti- 
tutions of N. Y. city, and d. there Jan. 28, 1858, a. 92. 

MURRAY, Thomas W., b. in Lincoln co., Ga. ; was many years in 
the legislature, and once a speaker of the house. 

MUSE, William H., d. in Jackson, Miss., Jan. 9, 1855, a. 40 ; secy, 
of state of Miss. 

MUSGROVE, Mary, alias Consoponakeeso, an Indian woman ; b. 
at Coweta, on the Ocmulgee; brought up by the English; m. Jno. Mus- 
grove jr., son of Col. M., and in 1723 returned to S. C; in 1732 he es- 
tablished a trading house on the site of Savannah, where Oglethorpe 
found her in 1733 ; he purchased her influence and her husband having 
died she married Capt. Jacob Mattheus, and after his death in 1742, Rev. 
Thos. Bosomworth ; protracted difficulties arose from claims which these 
persons set up, founded upon Indian grants. ( White's Hist. Ga., p. 21.) 

MUSGROVE, Thomas, an Englishman over 70 ; killed on the Morris 
and Essex rail road at Rossville, N. J., April 19, 1873; was the father of 
the bankers composing the firm of Musgrave & Co., in Broad St., N. Y., 
and was one of the prominent men of Northampton, Mass. 

MUSSEY, John Fitz Henry, a grad. of Harvard in 1835 ; d. at 
Portland, Me., April 14, 1846, a. 30. 

MUTTER, Thomas Dent, m.l\, b. in Richmond, Va., March 9, 1811, 
and d. in Philadelphia, Mar. 16, 1859 ; was professor in the Jefferson 
Medical College, and for sixteen years with Dr. Pancost, conducted the 
most successful clinical course of instruction that had been known in the 
U. S. ; he was especially successful in treating club feet, crooked limbs, 
tumors, strabismus, rhinoplastic operations, etc. ; his collections were very 
extensive and valuable and belong to the coll. of physicians of Philadel- 
phia. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

MYERS, Michael, b. at Auville, N. J., Feb. 1, 1753 ; served in the 
revolution and was wounded in the battle of Johnstown in 1781 ; upon the 
formation of Herkimer co., he was appointed a judge and justice, and held 
till 1805 ; was in assembly in 1790-1-2-3, and in the state senate from 
1794 to 1801 ; he was many years an active politician and concerned in 
extensive purchases of land from the state; d. at Herkimer, Feb. 17, 
1814, a. 61. His son Peter was some years a co. clerk. (Benton's 
Herkimer Co., JV. T., p. 349.) 

MYERS, Samuel, d. at Richmond, Va., Aug. 22, 1836, a. 82. 

American Biographical Notes. 301 

MYRICK, Samuel, d. at Woodstock, Vt., Dec, 1839, a. 82 ; was a 
lieutenant in the revolution. 

NAGLE, William T., d. in N. Y., Aug. 16, 1869 ; b. in that city in 
1836, reared a merchant ; raised a co. for the 88th N. Y. vols., was in several 
battles and after the war became deeply interested in the Fenian cause; 
went to England, as was thought for the purpose of exciting a revolution, 
and was arrested and held sevei'al months. 

NANCREDE, Dr. Joseph G., b. in Boston, June 1793 ; and d. in 
Philadelphia in the summer of 1856. (Simpson's Eminent Phil.) 

NAPEHSHNEEDOOTA, first male Dakota convert to Christianity; 
d. July 1870, near Lac-qui-Parle, Minn. (Memoir by Rev. T. S. Wil- 
liamson ; Coll. Minn. Hist. Soc. iii, 188.) 

NAPIER, wife of Hon. Capt. Charles, of 80th grenadiers ; d. Jan. 
1780, at Flushing, a. 23. (Rivington's Gazette, Jan. 15.) 

NASH, John W., several years in the Virginia legislature, for the last 
ten years of his life one of the circuit judges of the state; d. in Powhatan, 
Va., July 17, 1859. 

NATHAN, Benjamin, stock broker, murdered in his house in N. Y. 
city, July 29, 1870, a. 54. 

NAUDIN, Arnold, ex-senator of Del.; d. at Wilmington, Del., Jan. 
4, 1872, a. 72. 

NECKERE, Rev. Leo de, the 4th Roman Catholic bishop of N. O. ; 
d. at N. O., September 4, 1833. 

NEIL, Capt. Daniel, N. J., killed at Princeton, Jan. 3, 1777. 

NEILSON, John, a native of Ireland ; many years a citizen of N. Y., 
and prominent in the Presb. ch. ; he commanded a merchant ship in the 
European trade, which was blown up on the coast of France in 1762 ; he 
left a legacy to his favorite church. (Miller's Life of J. Rogers, p. 121.) 

NELLIS, George, d. at Fort Plain, N. Y., May, 1855, a. 89 ; was in 
the revolutionary war, and war of 1812, serving as colonel of militia in 
the latter; was in assembly in 1811-12, and several years a county judge. 
(Albany Argus.) 

NELSON, John W., son of Judge N., of the federal supreme court ; d. 
in N. Y. city, Oct. 3, 1857, a. 37. 

NELSON, Thomas A. R., d. at Knoxville, Tenn., Aug., 1873; a law- 
yer; in 1848 presidential elector, and in 1851 appointed a commissioner 
to China ; was in the 36th congress, and elected to the 37th, but did not 
take his seat on account of the rebel government ; in 1866 was in the 
Philadelphia national convention, and in 1868 one of President Johnson's 
counsel on the impeachment trial. 

NELSON, Maj. Thomas M., d. near Columbus, Ga., Nov. 10, 1853, 
a. 71; grandson of Sec. N., of Va., and son of Maj. John N., of the revo- 
lution ; entered the army in 1812, and was retained on the peace estab- 
lishment ; resigned in 1815, and served in congress from 1816 to 1819, 
from the Mecklenburg dist. in Va., when he declined re-election, and re- 
tired to private life. 

NEPVEN, Jan, gov. of Surinam from Oct. 27, 1769, till his death 
Feb. 27, 1774. 

302 American Biographical Notes. 

NERINCKX, Rev. Charles, western R. C. missionary ; b. Oct. 2, 
1761 at Herffelinger, in Haynault ; educated at the University of Lourain, 
and studied theology at the Seminary of Malines, where in 1785 he became 
pastor and 8 years after was sent to Evenberg, Meerbeke, Brussels ; the 
revolution drove him into the hospital of Terremond ; he escaped to the 
U. S. in 1804, and the next year was sent missionary to Ky. ; was 
once offered the diocese of New Orleans, but preferred to continue his 
missionary labors ; d. at St. Genevieve, Mo., Aug. 12, 1824. {Metro- 
politan Cath. Almanac, 1854, p. 43.) 

NES, Henry, member of congress from Pa. from 1843 to 1845, and 
from 1846 to 1850; d. at York, Pa., Sept. 10, 1850; was born in Pa. in 
1799 ; bred a physician, and held various town offices. 

NESBITT, John Maxwell, an eminent Phil, merchant, emigrated 
from Ireland before the revolution ; in 1777 he joined the first troop of 
Phil, cavalry ; was patriotic and liberal in support of the war, and aided 
by raising money and necessaries for the army ; was one of the founders 
of the Hibernian Society of Philadelphia. 

NEUMAN, Rt. Rev. John, R. C. bishop of Philadelphia, ; d. in 
that city, June 6, 1860 ; b. in Bohemia, March 28, 1811 ; came to Amer- 
ica in 1834. ( Vincent's Semi- An. Register, pp. 19, 25, 26.) 

NEVILL, Yelvaten, a revolutionary soldier; b. in Rutherford co., 
N. C, Dec. 25, 1763; d. in Jackson co., Tenn., April, 1860. {Vincent's 
Semi-An. Register, p. 351.) 

NEVIUS, Rev. William, d.d., d. at Bait., Md., Sept. 14, 1836, a. 38. 

NE WBOLD, George, president of the Bank of America, in New York ; 
d. at Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 8, 1858, a. 76. 

NEWBURY, Walter L., of Chicago; d. at sea, Nov. 6, 1868 ; settled 
in Chicago in 1833, and was the first president of the Chicago Union rail 
road co. 

NEW.COMB, Chr., bishop of the German Meth. soc. ; d. at Hagerstown, 
Md., March 10, 1830, a. 58. 

NEWCOMB, Kinner, d. at Plattsburg, N. Y., Feb. 6, 1840, in his 
84th y. ; many years judge of the county court; he entered the rev. army 
at the age of 17, and served through the war. 

NEWELL, Francis, d. at Wilton, Conn., March 3, 1841, in his 101st y.; 
b. in France, July 11, 1840. 

NEWKIRK, Matthew, d. at Philadelphia, May 31, 1868; b. in 
Pittsgrove, Salem co., N. J., in 1810; entered the mercantile profession 
in 1810 ; was first president of the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore 
R. R. Co., and a prominent citizen. 

NEWMAN, Alexander, member elect from the 15th dist. of Va., to 
31st congress; d. at Pittsburg, Pa., of cholera, Sept. 8, 1849. 

NEWMAN, Daniel, served as a soldier in the early Indian wars of 
Georgia, and held various honorable offices in that state; was in congress 
from 1831 to 1833, and d. in Walker co., Ga. 

NEWMAN, George H./d. March 20, 1847, near Baltimore, Md., 1851 ; 
was consul for Brazil, and a merchant of Baltimore. 

NEWTON, Isaac, steam boat proprietor, b. at Schodack, N. Y., Jan. 
10, 1794 ; witnessed Fulton's first steam trip on the Hudson, and his at- 

American Biographical Notes. 303 

tention thus directed determined his course. Over ninety vessels, ocean 
and river steamers, barges, sloops, &c, were built under his direction ; 
about 1815, he established the first line of tow boats on the Hudson ; 
about 1825, he built the steamer Balloon, soon after the North America 
and South America, and in 1836, the People's Line from N. Y. to 
Albany was established, of which in 1840 he became supt. ; the Hendrick 
Hudson, New World and Isaac Newton of this line, are widely known to 
the traveling public ; he d. Nov. 22, 1858, at N. Y., having been some 
thirty years an active member of the Oliver st. Baptist church and most of 
the time a Sunday school teacher. (Hist. Mag., iii, 27 ) 

NEWTON, John, b. at Colchester, Ct., April 8, 1758 ; went to Wyo- 
ming, Pa., just previous to the massacre, which he witnessed and narrowly 
escaped, and settled in Middlefield, Ct., where he afterwards resided. 
(Hunt's Biog. Panorama, p. 279.) 

NEWTON, Thomas, b. in 1769 ; was in congress from Virginia from 
1801 to 1829, and from 1831 to 1833 ; d. at Norfolk, Va., Aug. 5, 1847. 

NICHOL, Josiah, president of the Branch Bank of the U. S. ; d. at 
Nashville, Tenn., of cholera, May 31, 1833, a. 62. 

NICHOLAS, Philip N., d. at Richmond, Va., Aug., 1849 ; formerly 
attorney general of Virginia, and at his death judge of the superior court 
of the city of Richmond. 

NICHOLAS, Samuel Smith, of Louisville, Ky. ; d. Nov. 27, 1869; 
b. in Lexington, Ky., April, 1797, and son of Col. Geo. N., of the revolu- 
tion ; was admitted to the bar in 1824, and was appointed judge of the 
court of appeals for Kentucky, and afterwards chancellor of the equity 
court for Louisville district ; was commissioner for revising the case of 

NICHOLLS, Thomas C, d. in Donaldsonville, La., July 12, 1847, a. 
57; native of Maryland, and long a judge of the 4th district court of 
Louisiana, and lately one of the judges of the court of appeals. 

NICHOLS, John Augustus, ll.d., b. in Monmouth co., N. J., Sept. 
14, 1822 ; was employed in a stereotype foundery ; was taken into the 
family of Prof. Charles Davies, and pursued mathematics with success ; 
became for a time teacher, and in 1851, tutor in the free academy in N. 
Y. city; in 1852, was appointed prof, in a new college at Cleveland, but 
soon returned, and became prof, of nat. phil. in free acad. ; he remained 
in this institution, with some change of duties, till his death, Nov. 25, 
1868. (Regents' Report, 1870, p. 582.) 

NICHOLSON, Jacob C, d. in Baltimore, Dec. 21, 1868, in his 64th 

NICHOLSON. John, comptroller of Penn. from 1772 to 1794; was an 
owner of vast landed estates, and at one time owned about 3,700,000 acres 
in Penn. besides vast possessions, real and personal; his affairs became em- 
barrassed, he was imprisoned, d. in confinement, and insane, in 1800. 
(Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.') 

NICHOLSON, Samuel, inventor of the Nicholson Pavement, of 
wooden blocks, and an improved apparatus for steering vessels, etc.; d. in 
Boston, Jan. 16, 1868, a. 76 ; was a native of Plymouth, Mass. 

NICOLL, Charles, N. Y., d. Dec. 12, 1780, a. 89; merchant, loyalist. 

304 American Biographical Notes. 

NICOLL, William, d. March 1, 1780, at Islip, L. I., a. 65 ; formerly 
mem. of the general assembly, of N. Y. 

NIEMCEWIEZ, Ursin, a celebrated Pole, formerly aid-de-camp of 
Kosciusko, those imprisonment at St. Petersburg he shared ; he emigrated 
to N. J., and settled at Elizabethtown, where he married; settled, and 
resided some years as a cultivator; he returned to Europe in 1807, and 
d. at Paris, France, May, 1840, a. 84. 

NIMS, Capt. Eliakim, a revolutionary pensioner; d. in Sullivan, N. 
H., March, 1846, a. 94 y., 6 mos. 

NISBIT, Eugenius A., son of Dr. James N, who emigrated from N. 
C. to Ga., in 1791, and settled in Greene co. ; b. Dec. 7, 1803^ grad. at 
Franklin Coll. in 1821 ; studied law at Litchfield, Ct., and settled in Madi- 
son, Morgan co. ; he was seven ys. in the legislature, took an interest in 
various public charities and literary subjects; from 1839 to 1842, he was 
in congress; in 1845, he was elected a judge of the supreme court of Ga., 
and in 1847, was reelected; d. at Macon, March 19, 1871. ( White's 
Hist. Ga., p. 273, with portrait.) 

NIXON, Col. John, first prest. of the old Bank of North America ; son 
of Richard N, native of Wexford, Ireland ; he was born in Westchester, 
Pa. ; became a merchant in Phila., was one of the founders of the soc. of 
the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, in 1771, and was an ardent patriot; he 
was one of the committee of safety in Pa., often presided as chairman, 
and served on the committee of accounts ; as It. col. he commanded the 
city guard of Phila, from July 19, 1776, and was one of the navy board at 
Phila. ; he commanded the 3d Pa. battalion in the defense of the Del., in 
1776-7, and while at Valley Forge, his house was burned by the enemy ; 
he was one of the directors of the old Bank of Pa., July 17, 1780, and 
was pres. of the Bank of N. A., at the time of his death about Jan. 1, 
1809. {Hist. Mag., iv, 371 ; v, 25.) 

NOBILI, Rev. John, S. J., b. in Rome; entered the Soc. Jes. in 
1828 ; taught in Italy, Oregon and New Caledonia, and labored as a priest 
in California ; in 1851 he took charge of Santa Clara mission, and founded 
a college ; d. there March 1, 1856. {Metropolitan Cath. Almanac, 1857, p. 

NOBLE, James, senator in congress from Ind. from 1816 to 1831 ; d. 
Feb. 26, 1831, a. 48 ; b. in Clark co., Va. ; removed in his youth to Ky., 
and thence to Ind. 

NOEL, John Y., an eminent lawyer; d. in Savannah, Ga. 

NONEZ, H. B., capt. of U. S. revenue cutter service ; d. at Wilming- 
ton, Aug. 25, 1868, in his 65th year; entered the merchant service at the 
age of 18, and in 1830 joined the revenue service ; in the rebellion was on 
blockade duty in Chesapeake bay, and other places. 

NORCROSS, Nicholas G., a native of Orono, Me., and largely con- 
cerned in lumbering business in that state, and afterwards on the Merri- 
mack, in Mass. ; aided to develop the resources of the Canadian forests, 
and was the inventor of a planing machine ; d. at Lowell, Mass., July 14, 
1860, a. 54. 

NORFLEET, Col. R. J., member of the Miss, legislature ; d. at Holly 
Springs, Miss., April, 1859. 

American Biographical Notes. 305 

NORRIS, Joseph Parker, b. in Phil., May 5, 1763 ; d. Jan. 1766; 
was a prominent citizen of Phil., and he formed a fine library, which be- 
came the property of Dickenson Coll. at Carlisle. (Simpson's Eminent 

NORRIS, Moses, b. in Pittsfield, N. H., in 1799 ; grad. at Dartmouth, 
in 1828 ; became a lawyer, and in 1839 was elected to the house, and in 
1840 became speaker ; in 1841 was elected one of the council, and in 
1844 and 1846 was elected to congress ; in 1847 again speaker in the 
house, and elected to the U. S. senate, where he remained from 1849 to 
1855; d. at Washington, D. C Jan. 11, 1855. 

NORRIS, Robert, d. in Phil. June 3, 1874; was over twenty years 
engaged as a locomotive manufacturer ; although he sustained heavy re- 
verses, he left a very large estate. 

NORRIS, N. H., ex-member of congress from Alabama; d. at Mont- 
gomery, Ala., Jan. 27, 1873. 

NORRIS, Rev. Thomas W., d. in Somerville, Mass., Dec. 21, 1853; 
for many years editor of the Olive Branch. 

NORTH, Dr. Erasmus Darwin, d. in Westfield, Mass., June 17, 1858, 
a. 51 ; he was b. in G-oshen, Ct., grad. at the University of North Carolina 
in 1826; studied medicine and practiced a few years; was instructor of 
elocution in Yale Coll. from 1830 to 1854, and the author of The Prac- 
tical Speaker; at the close of his life he was engaged in preparing a 
biographical sketch of his friend James G\ Percival, and an edition of his 

NORTH, Theodore, d. at Elmira, N. Y., April 21, 1842, a. 62 ; grad. 
at Williams Coll. ; began the practice of law, and was several years in the 
Connecticut legislature. 

NORTHROP, Lieut. Isaac, d. at Woodbridge, Conn., Jan. 19, 1841, 
a. 81 ; was a revolutionary pensioner, and one of the last nine surviving 
officers of the Connecticut line. 

NORTON, A. H., lieut. in 4th infantry ; lost on the steamer Atlantic, 
Nov. 4, 1846 ; grad. at West Point in 1842, and was several years sta- 
tioned at West Point, as an assistant instructor of tactics. 

NORTON, Almon N., prominent merchant in Denmark, N. Y., for 
many years ; d. at Lockport, 111., Nov. 23, 1859, a. 73. 

NORTON, Daniel S., U. S. senator from Minnesota; d. at Washing- 
ton, D. C, July 15, 1870, a. 41 ; b. in Mount Vernon, 0., April 12, 1829 ; 
educated at Kenyon College ; served as a volunteer in the Mexican war, 
and visited California and Nicaraugua ; returned to Ohio, where he studied 
and practiced law ; went to Minnesota ; was in the state senate in 1857- 
8-60-1-2-3-4; was elected to the senate of the United States in 1865. 

NORTON, Rev. Jacob, was b. in Abington, Mass., Feb. 12, 1764; 
grad. at Harvard in 1786, and d. in Billerica, Mass., Jan. 17, 1858, being 
at the time the oldest graduate living ; he was a Congregational preacher, 
and much esteemed. (Am. Almanac, 1859, p. 356.) 

NORTON, John Pitkin, b. July 19, 1822, in Farmington, Ct. ; 1842 
began chemical studies in New Haven, and two years after went to Scotland, 
where he studied agricultural chemistry under Prof. Jas. F. W. Johnston, 


306 American Biographical Notes. 

at Edinburgh ; his analysis of the oat here won the prize of 50 guineas 
from the Highland Society; in the fall of 1847 he joined Prof. B.Silliman 
in the analytical laboratory of Yale Coll., and in 1848 began his first 
course of lectures ; in 1851-2 he entered zealously into the plan of a uni- 
versity at Albany, and while traveling from New Haven to Albany twice 
each week giving lectures at both places, he contracted a disease of which 
he died Sept. 5, 1852, at his father's residence, at the age of 80 years ; he 
fell a sacrifice to an honorable ambition to promote an interest in a science 
in which he had evinced a brilliant capacity for original research. (Am. 
Jour. Sci. & Arts, 2d ser., xiv, 448 ; Memorial 1853.) 

NORTON, Merret M., formerly a merchant of Lowville, N. Y. ; d. at 
Brattleboro, Vt., Oct. 17, 1846. 

NORTON, Milford Phillips, judge of the fourteenth dist. court of 
Texas; formerly a lawyer in Bangor, Me., and a member of the Maine 
senate, and land agent; lived twenty years in Texas, and d. at Corpus 
Christi, Texas, June, 1860. 

NORTON, Dr. William S., of Fort Edward, N. Y. ; d. Feb. 20, 1863, 
a. 67. (Transac. N. Y. State Med. Soc, 1863, p. 392.) 

NORVELL, John, a printer and editor in early life; was post master 
at Detroit ; in congress from Mich, from 1835 to 1841 ; was several years 
atty. for the state of Mich., and in 1837 was appointed regent of the uni- 
versity ; d. of apoplexy in April, 1850. 

NOXON, B. Davis, a distinguished lawyer of Syracuse, N. Y. ; killed 
by being run over by the R. R. cars, May 13, 1869 ; was engaged nearly 
half a century in his profession. (In Memoriam, B. D. N. Syracuse, 1869.) 

NOYES, George F., d. in N. Y., Jan. 9, 1868; b. in Maine ; grad. at 
Bowdoin ; practiced law in Boston and San Francisco ; was on Gen. Wads- 
worth's staff in the late war, and at the time of his death was practicing 
in the city of N. Y. 

NOYES, John, grad. at Dartmouth in 1795, and afterwards tutor; in 
congress from Vermont, from 1815 to 1817 ; d. in 1841, a. 78. 

NUCELLA, Rev. Johannes Petrus, early Dutch minister at Albany, 
began in 1699, and continued three or four years; he left or d. in 1702. 
(Rogers' 's Hist. Discourse, p. 18.) 

NUNAN, John, of the Bowery Theatre, N. Y. ; d. Feb. 24, 1870, a. 38. 
NURSE, Benjamin, d. at Keene, N. H., April 26, 1841, a. 97 ; on 
the 28th his wife, a. 91 ; having lived together 69 years. 

OAKES, William, was b. at Danvers, Mass., July 1, 1799; grad. at 
Harvard in 1820 ; studied law with the Hon. L. Saltonstall at Salem, and 
settled at Ipswich where he afterwards resided ; while a student, he ac- 
quired a strong fondness for botanical studies, to which in a few years he 
entirely devoted himself, especially in the region of the White mountains ; 
he was preparing an illustrated volume for the press, when he was drowned 
on a ferry boat at Boston, July 31, 1848. (Am. Jour. Sci. and Arts, 
2d ser., vii, 138.) 

O'BANNEN, Dr. J. D., d. at Prattsville, Ala., May 31, 1860; was in 
the Mexican war. (Vincent's Semi-An. Register, p. 465.) 

O'BRIEN, John, secretary of the Catholic Total Abstinence Society 
of America; d. at St. John, N. B., Aug. 27, 1873. 

American Biographical Notes. 307 

ODEN, Benjamin, d. at Bellefield, Prince George co., Md., Sept. 7, 
1836, a. 74. 

O'DONNEL, Daniel Kane, poet, author and journalist, d. at Phil., 
Sept. 8, 1871, a. 30. 

O'DONELL, Jacques Louis, first vicar apostolic of Newfoundland, 
consecrated Sept. 21, 1796 at Quebec; transferred to the bishoprick of 
Derry in Ireland about 1818. (Hist. Ghron. des Eveques et des Pretres 
du Canada.) 

O'DONOHOE, Patrick, d. in Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 22, 1854; one of 
the Irish exiles who had recently escaped to America from Van Dieman's 

O'FLANAGAN, Rev. Peter B., S. J., from Ireland ; became priest 
at Georgetown, D. C., where he was some time employed ; he d. at Loyola 
Coll., Bait., Feb. 19, 1856, a. 49. (Metropolitan Cath. Almanac, 1857, 
p. 297.) 

OGDEN", Abraham, U. S. dist. atty. for N. J. ; of Morristown, N. J., 
where his house was used by Washington as winter quarters, while the 
army lay there; he held the post of U. S. dist. atty., from Jan. 4, 1791, 
till his death in 1798. 

OGDEN, Dr. Benj., d. at College Point, L. I., June 18, 1867, a. 70. 

OGDEN, David A., land proprietor, judge, &c. ; son of Abraham 0. j 
bought lands in St. Lawrence co., N. Y. ; having practiced law some 
years in N. Y., removed in 1812 to an island in the St. Lawrence in Mad- 
rid; he engaged in extensive improvements, served in the 15th congress, 
was 8 years first judge of St. Lawrence co., and d. at Montreal, June 9, 
1829. (Hough's Hist. St. Law. and Fr. Cos. N. 7., p. 599.) 

OGDEN, James De Peyster, merchant, at New York ; d. April 7, 
1870, a. 87. 

OGDEN, Oliver W., d. at New Germantown, N. J., Nov. 14, 1839, 
a. 61 ; formerly U. S. marshal for the dist. of N. J. 

OGDEN, Thomas L., d. in N. Y. city, Dec. 17, 1844, a. 71 ; was a 
highly esteemed member of the bar, and in early life a partner of Alex- 
ander Hamilton. 

OGDEN, Uzal, d. at Newark, N. J., July 25, 1780, a. 68. (Riving- 
ton's Gazette.') 

OGILBY, Rev. John, rector of St. Mark's ch., N. Y., and nine years 
prof, of ecclesiastical hist, in the P. E. Sem. of N. Y. ; d. at Paris, Feb. 
2, 1851. 

OGLE, Andrew J., d. in Somerset, Pa., Oct. 14, 1852 ; representa- 
tive in congress. 

OGLE, Charles, member of congress from Pa. from 1837 to 1841 ; 
d. at Somerset, May 10, 1841 ; author of a speech famous for misrepre- 
sentation of the extravagance of the government, which was used for 
electioneering purposes. 

OLDS, Joseph, d. in Circleville, Pickaway co., Ohio, April 27, 1847, 
a. 52 ; was many years a member of the Ohio legislature, and as early ae 
1825 began to urge a system of internal improvements. 

308 American Biographical Notes. 

OLIPHANT, George Talbot, d. April 24, 1873, in New York city; 
b. in that city June 29, 1819; resided some ten years in Mount Morris, 
N. Y., and in 1849 sailed for China; in 1850, became engaged at New 
York in an extensive China trade ; he was prominently connected with 
the Del. & Hud. Canal Co.; was one of the governors of the New York 
Hospital, and a director in the Erie railway. 

OLIVER, Dr. A. F., of Penn Yan, N. Y., d. 1857, a. 65. 

OLIVER, Francis Johonnot, son of Ebenezer O., b. Oct. 10, 1777 ; 
grad. at Harvard in 1795 ; began as a merchant in Boston in 1805 ; in 1818 
was elected 1st pres. of the Am. Insurance Co., and held till 1835, when 
he resigned and was elected pres. of the City Bank ; in 1840 he removed 
to Middletown, Ct., and d. Aug. 21, 1858 ; he was in the Mass. legislature 
in 1822-6 ; a member of the Boston com. council in 1823, 4, 5, 8, and its 
pres. in 1824-5. {Hist. Mag., ii, 314.) 

OLIVER, John M., ex-major gen. U. S. A.; d. March 30, 1872. 

OLMSTED, David, a pioneer settler of Minnesota, b. in Fairfax, Vt., 
May 5, 1822 ; went west at the age of 20, and in 1839 settled at Prairie- 
du-Chien ; was concerned in various public affairs, and d. Feb. 2, 1861. 
(Collec. Minn. Hist. Soc, iii, p. 231.) 

OLMSTED, David, d. in Albany, N. Y., May 31, 1842, a. 72; b. in 
Ridgefield, Conn. ; many years city superintendent at Albany. 

OLMSTEAD, Denison Jr., a son of Prof. D. Olmstead of Yale Coll. ; 
evinced an early proficiency in mineralogy and chemistry; in 1845, 
was appointed chemist on the geological survey of Vermont; he was a few 
months after appointed to the same office in Canada, but died soon after of 
consumption at New Haven, August 15, 1846, a. 22 years. (2d Am. 
Rep. Geol. Vt., 252; Vt. Chronicle, Sept. 2, 1846 ; Am. Jour. Sci. & 
Arts, 2d ser., ii, 297.) 

OLNEY, Jesse, geographer, and author of school books ; d. at Stratford, 
Conn., July 30, 1872, a. 74; was late comptroller of Connecticut. 

OLNEY, John, judge, d. at Catskill, N. Y., Dec. 30, 1869. 

O'LOUGHLIN, Rev. James, R. C. priest of Boston diocese, d. Jan. 
1856, after two years labor at Quincey and E. Boston. (Metropolitan 
Oath. Aim., 1857, p. 294.) 

ONDAYAKA, an aged Onondaga Indian chief, d. near Oneida Castle, 
N. Y., Sept. 20, 1839, a. 96. 

ONDERDONK, Dr. John, d. in New York city, 1832. 

OPECHANCANOUGH, brother of Powhatan; became chief of a 
powerful tribe of Indians in Va., and was many years the scourge of the 
early colonists, and the fierce and implacable enemy of the whites. He 
was at length captured in April 1644, taken to Jamestown, kindly treated 
by the governor ; but in a few days shot in the back by one of his guards 
for some private revenge and d. of the wound; he was nearly a hundred 
years old, and very infirm. His successor was Necotowance. 

ORD Thomas, became a capt. in the British service, March 1, 1746, 
and commanded the artillery in Braddock's expedition; in 1759 he was 
major, and in Nov. became It. col. ; he was with Amherst in 1759, and 
1760, and in 1762, attended the expedition to Martinico; he became 
col. couad't of 4th battalion of royal artillery in 1771 and d. in 1777. 
(Com. Wilson's Orderly Book, p. 41.) 

American Biographical Notes. 309 

O'REILLY, Don Alexander, first Spanish governor of Louisiana; 
was b. in Ireland about 1735 ; entered the Spanish navy at an early age, 
and served with distinction in Italy where was maimed for life ; in 1755 
he was permitted to enter the Austrian service, and made two campaigns 
against the Prussians; in 1751 he volunteered in the French army, where 
his services secured him the recommendation of the Duke de Broghlie to 
the king of Spain, by whom he was promoted to lieut. col., brig, gen., and 
in 1862, to major general, in which capacity he was sent to Havana to 
rebuild the fortifications that the English had destroyed; on the 24th 
of July, 1769, he arrived with a strong fleet at the mouth of the Mississippi 
to take possession of the colony, which was done Aug. 18; his despotic 
treatment of the leaders in the late revolts, rendered him odious to the 
French inhabitants, and the regulations he adopted were considered severe 
and oppressive ; he was superseded a year after by Don Antonio Bucarelly ; 
in 1774 he commanded an unsuccessful expedition against Algiers, and 
afterwards served as governor of Cadiz ; he fell into disfavor on the death 
of Charles III, but afterwards was appointed to the command of the army 
of the Pyrennes, on his way to join which, he d. at an advanced age. (B. 
F. French's Hist. Memoirs of La., p. 193.) 

O'REILLY, Rt. Rev. Bernard, d.d., 2d bp. of Hartford, R. I. ; b. 
in Longford co., Ireland, 1803 ; came to America in 1825, entered the 
eccl. sem., Montreal, was made priest in 1831 ; served in N. Y. city in 
the cholera season of 1832 ; labored in Rochester and Buffalo, and in 1850 
became bp. of Hartford ; he sailed for Europe in Jan., 1856, and perished 
in the Arctic on his return Jan. 23, 1856. (Metropolitan Oath. Almanac, 

1857, p. 294.) 

O'RIELLY, Rev. William, pastor of St. Mary's ch., in Newport, 
and vicar gen. of the R. C. diocese of Hartford ; d. at Hartford, Conn., 
Dec. 20, 1868. 

ORMSBEE, Charles Wilbur, b. in Paris, N. Y., Aug. 24, 1831; 
studied law and removed to St. Joseph, Mich., in 1861; d. at Salt Lake 
city Nov. 12, 1872. 

ORR, Alexander D., in congress from Ky., from 1792 to 1797 ; d. 
at Paris, Ky., June 21, 1835, a. 70. 

ORR, Rev. John, d. in Melrose, Mass., Jan. 25, 1869, a. 55 ; was a 
son of Hon. Benjamin Orr, of Brunswick, Me., and for more than 20 years 
pastor of the congregational church at Alfred, Me. 

ORR, Robert, formerly judge in the court of common pleas ; d. at 
Kittaning, Pa., Sept. 4, 1833, a.^89. 

ORRICK, Col. George, d. at Winchester, Va., Jan. 31, 1840; was 
long cashier of the Farmers' Bank at that place. 

ORSEN, John, ex-sheriff of N. Y.; d. May 15, 1870, a. 62. 

ORTIZ, V. Rev. John F., vicar apostolic of Santa Fe ; b. at Santa Fe, 
N. Mex. 1798; was ordained in 1822 ; appointed pastor at Cabelleros in 
1823, and Santa Fe in 1825 ; in 1832 he was appointed administrator of 
N. Mexico, and Nov. 24, 1850 vicar apostolic ; d. of apoplexy, Jan 20, 

1858, a. 61. (Metropolitan Cath. Almanac, 1859, p. 248.) 

ORVIS, Dr. Charles, in the N. Y. assembly in 1830 from Jefferson 
co. ; afterwards co. clerk of Lewis co; d. at Warren, 111., May 31, 1858. 

310 Amebican Biographical Notes. 

OSBORNE, Rev. Charles F., F. W. Bap. preacher ; b. at Lee, N. H., 
March 12, 1808; ordained Sept. 4, 1840; preached at Scarboro and West 
Limington, and d. at Gorham, Me., Jan. 23, 1856. (F. W. Bap. Reg. 
1857,- p. 88.) 

OSGOOD, Dr. Erastus, d. at Norwich, Conn., Dec. 22, 1867, in his 
88tb year ; b. in Poinfret, Conn., and in practice from his 24th year. 

OSGOOD, Isaac, d. at North Andover, Mass., Sept. 30, 1847, a. 92. 

OS-SA-HIN-TA, Captain Frost, an Onondaga chief; was head man in 
his nation from 1830 to 1846; d. Jan. 24, 1846, a. 86. (Clark's Onon- 
daga, i, 109, with portrait.) 

OSTRANDER, Rev. David, d. at Plattekill, N. Y., Dec. 8, 1843 ; 
had been 50 years in tbe Methodist Episcopal ministry. 

OTERO, Miguel A., d. in New Mexico, Nov. 30, 1870, a. 90; was a 
member of the legislature, and attorney gen. of New Mexico; a delegate 
in congress in 1855. 

OTIS, James, Sen., of Barnstable, Mass.; farmer and glazier; became 
well informed in history; had a commission for the peace and as judge of 
the co. court; he was was often a representative and an earnest friend of 
the colonies ; was in the legislature most of the time from 1763 to 1775 ; 
his son was an eminent orator. (Bradford's N. E. Biog.) 

OTIS, John, b. in Maine in 1801 ; grad. at Bowdoin Coll. in 1823; was 
in congress from Maine in 1849-51 ; d. in 1856. 

OTIS, Mary, widow of Samuel Allyne O., formerly sec. of U. S. senate ; 
d. at Boston, April 18, 1845, a. 85. 

OTIS, William Foster, d. in Versailles, France, May 29, 1858, a. 
56 ; he was the third son of Harrison Gray Otis ; grad. at Harvard in 1821 ; 
studied law, and practiced at the Suffolk bar ; he was in the state legis- 
lature from 1830 to 1833, and for several years president of the Young 
Men's Temperance Society. 

OTIS, William S., of Philadelphia, Pa., d. at Westfield, Mass., Nov. 
13, 1839 ; principal contractor on the Western rail road. 

OTTO, Jacob S., an agent of the Holland Land Company of western 
New York ; was formerly a merchant in Philadelphia ; became agent in 
1821; d. May 2, 1826, at Batavia, N. Y. (Turner's Holland Land 
Company, p. 441.) 

OUDIN, Lucien d. May 18, 1868, a. 40; was instructor of French at 
the college of the city of New York. 

OVIDEO, Senor, of diamond wedding notoriety; d. in Cuba, Feb- 
6, 1870. 

OWEN, Rev. John J., d.d., ll.d., pres. of the college of the city 
of New York ; d. in that city, April 19, 1869, a. 66 ; b. in Vermont and 
grad. at Middlebury, was a superior Greek scholar and author of several 
text books in Greek and Latin. 

OWENS, George W., d. at Savannah, Ga., 1856, was a prominent 
member of the Georgia bar, and a representative in congress from that 
state from 1835 to 1839. 

OWENS, William, d. in Va., Aug. 25, 1859, a. 100. 

OXLEY, John A., tragedian ; d. at N. Y., Dec. 27, 1869. 

American Biographical Notes. 311 

PADDOCK, Kev. Benjamin Green, b. in Bennington, Vt., Jan. 24, 
1789; d. at Metuchin, N. J., Oct. 7, 1871. {Northern Christian Advo- 
cate, Nov. 16, 1871.) 

PADDOCK, Rev. Benjamin S., d. at Metuchin, N. J., Oct. 7, 1871, 
a. 83 ; was 63 years a preacher of the M. E. church. 

PADDOCK, Ephraim, formerly judge of supreme court of Vt. ; son 
of James P. ; b. Jan. 4, 1780 in Brimfield (now Holland), Mass. ; was 
admitted to the bar in Jan., 1809, and settled at St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; was 
a representative in 1821, 23, 24, 25, 26 ; was in the constitutional conven- 
tion in 1828, and the same year was elected a judge of the supreme court; 
in 1841 was one of the council of censors ; retired from practice in 1847, 
and d. July 27, 1859, in his 80th year. {Hist. Mag., iii, p. 286.) 

PAEZ, Gen. Jos£ Antonio, ex-pres. of Venezuela ; d. at N. Y. city, 
May 6, 1873, a. 82. 

PAGE, Hugh Nelson, capt. in U. S. navy ; d. at Broad Creek, Va., 
June 3, 1871, a. 73 ; was in the battle of Lake Erie under Com. Perry 
in 1813. 

PAGE, James W., formerly an extensive commission merchant ; d. in 
Boston, May 19, 1868. 

PAGE, John, capt. 4th reg. infantry U. S. army ; b. in Freyburg, Me., 
in 1797 ; was appointed 2d lieut. 8th infantry, Feb. 13, 1818 ; 1st lieut. 
Jan. 1819, and capt. April 30, 1831; was emigrating and disbursing 
agent for the removal of Choctaws ; was wounded at the head of his di- 
vision at the battle of Palo Alto, in which he lost his whole lower jaw*; d. 
July 13, 1846, on a steamer on the Mississippi. {Thorpe's Army of the 
Rio Grande, p. 193.) 

PAGE, Henry, lawyer ; d. in Turin, July 15, 1843. 

PAGE, Dr. Matthew, d. in Edenton dist., S. O, Oct. 18, 1853. 

PAIGE, John Keyes, grad. at Williamstown Coll. in the class of 1807 ; 
served as a capt. in the war of 1812, and in 1823 was appointed clerk of 
the supreme court ; in 1829 was appointed a regent of the University of 
N. Y., which office he held till his death ; in 1844 was a presidential elec- 
tor, and in 1845 was the mayor of Albany ; removed to Gilboa, N. Y., in 
1849 and to Schenectady (his early residence) in 1856; d. at Schenectady, 
Dec. 10, 1857, a. 69 ; was a brother of the Hon. Alonzo C. Paige formerly 
reporter in the court of chancery. {Alb. Eve. Jour., Dec. 15, 1857.) 

PAINE, Byron, associate justice of supreme court of Wisconsin ; d. at 
Madison, Wis., Jan. 20, 1871. 

PAINE, Mrs. Jane T., widow of Lemuel P. ; d. at Winslow, Me., Apr. 
19, 1860 ; was a dau. of Hon. Ebenezer Warren, brother of Gen. Joseph 
Warren. ( Vincent's Semi-An. Register, p. 312.) 

PALFREY, Edward, projector of the Salem Advertiser ,Mass., and 
many years its editor ; d. at Worcester hospital, April 14, 1846, a. 41. 

PALFREY, John, d. near St. Martinsville, La., Oct. 19, 1843, in his 
77th year; b. in Boston, and a member of one of the first Am. mercan- 
tile houses established in New Orleans ; was a planter of Attakapas from 
1811 ; a member of the legislature in 1819-1820 ; was youngests on of 
Col. William P., who was pay master in the revolution. 

PALMER, John, b. in Hoosick, N. Y., in 1785 ; settled at Platts- 
burg, N. Y., as a lawyer in 1810, and was a partner with the late Chan- 


cellor Walworth till 1820; in congress from 1817 to 1819, and from 1837 
to 1839; dist. attorney of Clinton co., 1818-32; first county judge, 1832 
to 1837 ; d. at St. Bartholomew in the West Indies, Dec. 8, 1840. 

PALMER, Dr. Joseph, journalist, d. in Boston, March 3, 1871. 

PALMER, Lewis, an architect of talent, d. at Lewisburg, Pa., June, 
1860 ; he built the court house and college edifices at Lewisburg. 

PALMER, Mrs. Susannah, mother of Gov. P., of Vermont; d. at 
Franklin, N. Y., March, 1835, a. 94. 

PANET, Bernard Claude, R. C. bp. of Quebec ; b. at Quebec, Jan. 
9, 1753 ; became priest Oct. 25, 1788 ; was chosen coadjutor of Bp. Plessis 
in Jan., 1806, and succeeded him Dec. 12, 1825 ; he retired in 1832, and 
d. at Quebec, Feb. 14, 1833, a. 80. (Liste Chron. des Eveaues et des 
Pretres du Canada.") 

PAPEN, Jules Ren£, b. in Paris, Fr. ; educated at the Polytechnic 
School ; was government civil engineer, and d. in Le Ray, N. Y., July 
27, 1862, a. 62. 

PARDO, Raimundo, one of the victims of the Virginius expedition ; 
shot at Santiago de Cuba, Nov. 7, 1873, a. 25 ; b. in Colon, and belonged 
to a prominent family. 

PARADOL, Lucien Anatole Prevost, French minister to the U. S. ; 
committed suicide at Washington, D. C, July 20, 1870 ; b. in Paris, Aug. 
8, 1829, had been a professor, and editor, and published several historical, 
political and educational works. 

PARISH, David, financier and wealthy land proprietor in northern 
New York ; son of John Parish, Am. consul at Hamburgh ; was educated 
as a banker, and about 1808 came to America as agent for a house in 
Amsterdam, to conduct a great financial operation under a contract with 
the elder Napoleon ; he purchased the site of Ogdensburg and extensive 
tracts of land, built furnaces, ware houses, vessels &c, and was largely 
engaged in improvements when the war occurred ; with Stephen Girard 
he loaned to the U. S. $7,000,000 ; in 1816 he returned to Europe, be- 
came entangled in a partnership with Fries & Co., of Vienna, who became 
insolvent; believing himself ruined, he committed suicide by drowning in 
the Danube. (Hough's Hist. St. Laio. & Fr. Cos., N. Y, p. 600, with 

PARISH, George, land proprietor of northern N. Y. ; br. of David and 
son of John P., settled at Ogdensburg in 1816 ; had been a collector in 
the East Indies and engaged in finances; he engaged in mining, and 
improvements on his extensive estates ; spent several years in traveling in 
Europe ; d. in Paris, April 22, 1839, a. 58. (Hough's Hist. St. Law. 
& Fr. Cos., N. Y, p. 604.) 

PARISH, Russell, lawyer, b. at Branford, Ct., Oct. 27, 1789 ; grad. 
at Yale in 1813 ; settled in Lowville, N. Y., taught acad. a year, and en- 
gaged in the law business; he was in the state convention of 1846 ; d. 
Feb. 21, 1855. (Lowville Acad. Semi-cent. Celeb., p. 80.) 

PARKER, Amasa, d. in Delhi, N. Y., March 1, 1855 ; was b. in 
Litchfield co., Conn. ; grad. at Yale, and removed to Delhi, N. Y., in 1812, 
where he practiced law till his death ; was surrogate of Delaware co., from 
1832 to 1840, and many years master in chancery. 

American Biographical Notes. 313 

PARKER, Rev. Benjamin Clark Cutler, b. in Boston, in 1796 ; 
grad. at Harvard in 1822 ; and for the last 15 years of his life, pastor of 
the Floating Chapel for Seamen, in the city of New York, where he d. 
Jan. 28, 1859, a 62. 

PARKER, Gen. Daniel, chief clerk in the war department; d. in 
Washington, April 5, 1816; was from Mass., and came to Washington be- 
fore the beginning of the war of 1812, to fill the part of chief clerk in 
the war department ; was transferred in Madison's term to the office of adj. 
and inspector gen. of the army, and held till 1821 when he was returned 
to his former place. 

PARKER, Daniel P., d. in Boston, Aug. 31, 1850, a. 60; a success- 
ful merchant and extensive ship owner. 

PARKER, Edmund, d. in Claremont, N. H., Sept. 8, 1856, a. 73 ; 
was Jaffrey, Feb. 7, 1783 ; grad. at Dartmouth in 1803 ; was admitted 
to the bar in 1807, and settled in Amherst, N. H. ; was 11 years in the 
legislature, and in 1824 speaker of the house ; was judge of probate of 
Hillsborough co., from 1826 to 1835 ; removed to Nashua in 1836, and 
became agent of the Jackson company, and afterwards was pres. of the 
Nashua and Lowell rail road ; represented Nashua in the legislature 5 
years, and was a member of the constitutional convention of 1850. 

PARKER Henry, col. gov. of Ga. ; was in 1711 bailiff at Savannah, 
Ga. ; settled on the Isle of Hope at an early day, and in 1711 was made 
an assistant; in 1750 he succeeded Mr. Stephens as pres. of the colony of 
Ga. ; in Jan. 1751 he called an assembly ; he discharged the executive 
office till the surrender of the charter in 1751; he then retired to the 
Isle of Hope, and d. at an advanced age. {Whites Hist. Ga., p. 181.) 

PARKER, James, one of the provincial council of N. J., and leading 
member of the board of proprietors of that colony ; resided at Perth Am- 
boy, and d. in 1797. 

PARKER, James, native of Boston, and a physician ; was in congress 
from Mass. from 1813 to 1815, and from 1819 to 1821 ; was for 50 years 
a resident of Gardiner, Me., and d. there Nov. 9, 1837, a. 69. 

PARKER, Lieut. James L., aid of Com. Perry; d. on board the U. 
S. steamer Miss., July 12, 1817. 

PARKER, John, one of the oldest and wealthiest of the merchants of 
Boston ; d. in that city May 29, 1810, a. 83. 

PARKER, John Avery, d. in New Bedford, Mass., Dec. 30, 1853 ; 
was a distinguished merchant, and a millionaire. 

PARKER, John M., d. at Oswego, N. Y., Dec. 16, 1873 ; was a law- 
yer, and in 1859 elected a justice of the supreme court of N. Y., in the 
6th district. 

PARKER, John W., d. near Zutphen, Holland, Aug. 14, 1842, a 61 ; 
he was from Boston, Mass., and for many years U. S. consul at Amsterdam. 

PARKER, Joseph, d. at Philadelphia, Pa , June 22, 1841 ; late presi- 
dent of the Bank of Philadelphia. 

PARKER, Joseph, a veteran actor and scenic artist ; d. Dec. 30, 1871 

PARKER, Lieut. Col. Moses, Mass., killed at Bunker Hill, June 17, 

PARKER, Peter, merchant, d. at Boston, Sept. 7, 1870, a. 71. 


314 American Biographical JSotes. 

PARKER, Dr. Richard H., from North Carolina, had resided some 
years at Portsmouth, Va., and fell a victim to the yellow fever August 
10, 1855, at an advanced age. 

PARKER, Samuel Franklin, printer, d. Dec. 6, 1779, at Wood- 
bridge, N. J., a. 34; son of the late James Parker formerly secretary and 
comptroller of his majesty's post office for the northern department. 

PARKER, Samuel J., formerly a state senator in Pennsylvania ; d. 
at Williamsport, Pa., Oct., 1834. 

PARKER, Gen. Severn E., d. in Northampton co., Va., Oct. 21, 
1836; he was a lawyer, and had formerly been a member of the state 
legislature, and from 1819 to 1821, a member of congress from Virginia. 

PARKER, Thomas, d. in Farmington, Me., Feb. 4, 1860, in his 77th 

PARKS, Rev. Isaac, d.d., d. at Whitehall, N. Y., April 15, 1869, 
in his 66th year; was 35 years a Methodist minister, and from 1857 till 
his death, a regent of the university. (Regents' Report, 1869, p. 587.) 

PARMELEE, William, d. in Albauy, N. Y., March 15, 1856 ; was 
mayor of that city ; b. in Lansingburgh ; grad. at Yale in 1826, and ad- 
mitted to the bar in 1830 at Albany; in 1839 was appointed a judge of 
the county court, and in 1840 recorder, which office he held till 1841, 
when he was elected mayor ; in 1847 was chosen judge of the county 
court, and held till 1852 ; in 1855, again elected mayor, and in this office 
at the time of death ; he was a son in-law of Dr. T. Roraeyn Beck. 

PARMELTE, Capt. Josiah, Conn., killed March 24, 1778. 

PARMENTIER, Nicholas S., native of France, and prof, of French 
in the University of Nashville ; d. July 15, 1835, a. 59. 

PARRIS, Samuel, revolutionary patriot; b. Aug. 31, 1855, at Pem- 
broke, Mass., and during the revoluti >n was an officer; at the peace settled 
in Hebron, Me., was a judge of court of com. pleas for Oxford co., several 
years, and repeatedly a representative to the general court; in 1812 he 
was presidential elector; he d. at Washington, Sept. 10, 1797, a. 92 ; his 
son Albion K., was governor of Maine. (Hist. Mag., i, 130.) 

PARRIS, Virgil D., member of congress from Maine, in 1838-41 ; 
d. at Paris, Me., June 14, 1870. 

PARRISH, Henry, d. in New York city, March 2, 1856, a. 68 ; a 
well known and wealthy merchant. 

PARRISH, Dr. Isaac, b. March 19, 1811 ; grad. at the University of 
Penn. in 1832 ; was elected one of the surgeons of Will's Hospital, Phila- 
delphia, and was interested in its affairs for the rest of life ; he d. July 
31, 1852. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.) 

PARRISH, Jasper, emigrated from Connecticut to Luzerne co., Pa. ; 
was captured at the asj;e of 11, by the Delawares, and remained seven years 
a prisoner with the Six nations where he acquired their language ; he was 
released at Fort Stanwix in 1784 ; speaking five different Indian languages, 
he was appointed an interpreter and sale agent, for thirty years, and as- 
sisted at many Indian treaties; he d. at Canandaigua, N. Y., July, 1836, 
a. 69 years. (Turner's Phelps and Gorham's Purchase, p. 311.) 

PARROTT, John F., in congress from New Hampshire; from 1817 
to 1819; and senator in congress from 1819 to 1825; and in 1826 ap- 

American Biographical Notes. 315 

pointed post master at Portsmouth, N. H. ; d. at Greenland, N. H., July 
9, 1836, a. 68. 

PARRY, Rt. Rev. Thomas, d.d., bishop of Barbadoes ; d. in England 
March 16, 1870, a. 75. 

PARROLE, Charles T., Sen., pantoiniinist ; d. at New York, Sept. 
22, 1870, a. 66. 

PARSONS, Ichabod, formerly a judge of the courts of Lewis co., 
N. Y. ; b. in Middletown, Conn., 1777 ; was a pioneer of the Black river 
valley; and d. at Denmark, Lewis co., Sept. 9, 1867. 

PARSONS, Lorenzo, b. at Utica, N. Y., in 1806; grad. at Hamilton 
Coll. in 1833 ; was prin. of the Springville Acad. N. Y. ; from 1837 to 
1841 at Westfield, N. Y., and from 1841 to 1845 supt. of schools in 
Chautauqua co. ; was afterwards in business at Westfield ; d. Feb. 4, 

PARSONS, Samuel, b. in Va. ; entered the revolution a. 15 ; was en- 
gaged in the battle of Guilford C. H., at the siege of Little York and 
that of Yorktown ; he d. in Fayette co., G-a., in 1832, a. 70. 

PARSONS, Rev. Stephen, pioneer Baptist preacher in northern N. Y. ; 
Sept. 5, 1748 ; ordained in 1788 ; removed from Middletown, Ct., to Whites- 
town, N. Y. and in 1802 to Lewis co. ; he d. in Denmark, N. Y., from a 
fall, Jan. 7, 1820, liaving but a few hours before preached from the text, 
II Sam , xix, 34, " How long have I to live ? " (Hough's Hist. Lewis Co., 
JV. ¥., p. 93.) 

PARTON, Mrs. Sarah Willis, " Fanny Fern" ; d. in New York 
city, Oct. 10, 1872, a. 61. 

PARVIN, Rev. Robert, lost in the collision and burning of the 
steamboats North America and United States, on the Ohio river, Dec. 
4, 1868; was sec. of the Prot. Episc. Evangelical Education Soc. ; had 
been rector of several churches in Pa., and N. Y., and was last in charge 
of St. Paul's church, Cheltenham. 

PASTORIUS, Francis Daniel, arrived in Philadelphia, in 1683, 
and was the founder of Germantown ; was a chief magistrate there. (Simp- 
sons Eminent Pkiladelphians.~) 

PATERSON, William, supposed to be a native of Ireland ; removed 
to Westminster, Vt., in 1723 ; he was prominent in the Westminster 
massacre, was imprisoned, sent to Northampton, and detained till Nov- 
ember following ; he was sheriff of Cumberland co., from Oct. 1, 1773, till 
1775. (Hall's Eastern Vermont, p. 678.) 

PATIN, Victor, president of the Citizens' Bank ; d. at New Orleans, 
La., Sept. 15, 1839. 

PATTERSON, Angus, d. in Barnewell, S. C, May 26, 1854; was for 
a long time president of the state senate of South Carolina. 

PATTERSON, Henry Stuart, m.d., b. in Phil., Aug. 15, 1815; d. 
April 27, 1854; grad. at the Med. Dep. of University of Pennsylvania; 
became in 1839, resident physician of the Phila. Alms House, and in 
1843, prof, of materia medica in the Pa. Coll. ; in 1846, was appointed 
physician in chief of the Phil. Alms House. (Simpson's Eminent Phila- 
delphians, with portrait.) 

PATTERSON, Matthew C, district attorney for the U. S. district 
court, for the southern dist. of N. Y. ; d. at New York city, Jan. 26, 1846, 


PATTERSON, Samuel D., formerly a well known democratic politi- 
cian, d. at Evensburg, Montgomery co., Pa.; was formerly navy agent at 
Phil, and at various times connected with the press; he contributed poems 
and other articles of moderate merit to several literary and religious jour. 

PATTERSON, William, d. at Warsaw, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1838 ; mem- 
ber of congress from New York. 

PATTERSON, Capt. William, d. at Savannah, Ga., Aug. 14, 1842, 
a. 54. 

PATTERSON, William, member of congress from the 29th dist. of 
N. Y.; d. at Warsaw, N. Y., Aug. 14, 1838. 

PATTERSON, William, merchant at Bait. ; d. Feb. 7, 1835, a. 85. 

PATTERSON, William D., U. S. consul-gen. for Belgium; d. at 
Antwerp, July 4, 1836, a. 68. 

PATTON, John M., b. in Va. ; wa3 a lawyer, and in congress from 
1830 to 1838; d. Oct., 1858, a. 62. 

PATTOJN, Rev. Samuel, of the Holston conference; b. in Lancaster 
dist., S. C, Jan. 27, 1797 ; d. in Aug., 1854, at Knoxville, Tenn., where 
he was for a time editor of the Holston Christian Advocate. (Deems's 
Annals of Southern Methodism, p. 347.) 

PATTON, Lieut. William, Pa.; killed at Germantown, Pa., Oct. 
4, 1777. 

PAUL, J. J., Venezuelan minister to the U. S. ; d. at Washington, 
March 7, 1870, a. 45. 

PAUL, William, acting lieut. in British navy ; killed in battle of 
Plattsburg, Sept. 11, 1811. 

PAULDING, William, b. in Tarrytown, Westchester co., N. Y., in 
1769 ; engaged in law practice in N. Y. city ; was in the convention of 
1821, and in congress from 1811 to 1813, but absent on militia service 
after war was declared ; mayor of N. Y. in 1824, and 1827 ; d. at Tarry- 
town, Feb. 11, 1854. 

PAWLING, Col. Albert, son of Levi P., of Dutchess co. ; an officer 
of the revolution ; joined the army in 1775 as 2d lieut. in Col. Jas. Clin- 
ton's reg. and marched to Canada ; served under Montgomery; was ap- 
pointed brig, major under Gen. Geo. Clinton in 1776, and in 1777 became 
major in Col. Malcom's reg. ; resigned in 1779 ; became col. of a reg. for 
the defense of the frontier, and served till the peace ; became a merchant 
at Troy ; was first sheriff of Rens. co., and first mayor of that city from 
1816 to 1820 ; d. Nov. 10, 1837, a. 88. ( Woodwork's Troy, 53.) 

PAXON, Stacy A., treasurer of N. J. ; d. May 26, 1847, at Trenton. 

PAYNE, Worden, settled in Houndsfield, N. Y., in 1803 from Mass. ; 
was capt. of an infantry company in the war of 1812-15 ; d. March 3, 
1849, a. 55. (Hunt's Biog. Panorama, p. 475.) 

PAYNTER, Samuel, formerly governor of Delaware; d. near Milton, 
Del., Oct. 1, 1845. 

PAYSON, Arthur L., d. Jan. 10, 1855, a. 31, at Boston, Mass. ; was 
although young favorably known as a merchant; was versed in several 
modern languages, having resided in the south of Europe several years 
where his father was consul. 

American Biographical Notes. 317 

PAYSON, Henry, merchant in Baltimore ; d. Dec. 26, 1845 ; was a 
native of Roxbury, Mass., and settled in Baltimore during the revolution ; 
was one of the founders of its commercial prosperity, and saw many re- 
verses in fortune, but with integrity unimpaired. 

PEABODY, Rev. James A., financial secretary of the board of educa- 
tion of the Presb. church; d. at Lynn, Mass., Oct. 12, 1839, a. 35. 

PEABODY, Joseph, shipowner and merchant; b. at Middleton, Mass., 
Dec, 9, 1757; a volunteer to Lexington, but too late for service, and en- 
gaged as a privateer ; was successful in two cruises ; devoted some time to 
study and again went to sea; was taken prisoner, was exchanged, and on 
board the Banger of seven guns, was very successful ; continued in the 
merchant service till 1791 when he retired from the ocean; in., engaged 
in commerce, and gradually increased the number of his ships until they 
floated on every sea ; built and owned 83 ships, which in every instance 
he freighted himself, and for their navigation, shipped at different times 
over 7000 seamen ; after 1811 he had advanced 35 to masters, who had 
entered his employ as boys; had performed 38 voyages to Calcutta, 17 to 
Canton, 32 to Sumatra, 47 to St. Petersburg, 10 to other ports of north- 
ern Europe and 20 to the Mediterranean, besides unnumbered voyages to 
the West Indies and South America, the north-west coast &c. His ag- 
gregate taxes were $200,000 and the business brought to Salem above 
calculation; d. Jan. 5, 1844, a. 86. (Hunt's Lives of Am. Merchants, i, 

PEABODY, Joseph Augustus, eldest son of Joseph P.; an eminent 
ship owner of Salem, Mass., grad. at Harvard in 1816; after extensive 
foreign travel engaged with his father in business ; and d. in 1828. 

PEABODY, Stephen, formerly judge of the court of common pleas, 
of Hancock, co., Me.; d. at Bucksfort, Me., April 13, 1851, a. 77. 

PEALE, Franklin, d. at Phil. ; May 5, 1870, a. 75 ; son of Charles 
Wilson Peale, in 1833 ; was appointed assistant assayer of the U. S. mint, 
and afterwards held the office of melter, refiner and chief coiner ; left the 
mint in 1854. 

PEARSE, O. P., a merchant of Phila. ; was drowned at Cape May, June 
29, 1848. 

PEASE, Seth, mathematician and astronomer, b. Suffield, Conn., about 
1770 ; d. Washington city, 1818 ; surveyor of Mass., wild lands in Maine 
1794-5 ; for the Connecticut Land Co. ; in Ohio 1796-7 ; for the Holland 
Laud Co., N. Y., 179 s -9; ran southern boundary of the western reserve 
in Ohio, 1796 and 1806 ; surveyor general in Mississippi, 1806 ; a special 
genius and devotee in astronomy and mathematics, often in the employ of 
the U. S.'; a good sketcher and penman, leaving numerous diaries and jour- 
nals of his expeditions. 

PEARSON, Joseph, member of congress from North Carolina; d. at 
Salisbury, N. C, Oct. 27, 1834, a. 54. 

PEASE, Diodate, land agent, surveyor, and formerly member of the 
New York assembly; d. in Martinsburg, March 25, 1862, a. 47. 

PEASE, Rev. Lorenzo W., d. in the Island of Cypress, Aug. 28, 
1839 ; was late of Auburn ; a missionary. 

PECKHAM, Rufus W., one of the judges of the court of appeals of 
the state of New York, and a citizen of Albany; lost with his wife in the 

318 American Biographical Notes. 

wreck of the French steamer, Ville du Havre, Nov. 22, 1873, a. 66 ; was 
a member of congress from 1853 to 1855; a distinguished lawyer of Albany. 

PEDRO I, Antonio Jose D'Alcantara, emperor of Brazil ; b. 
Oct. 12, 1798 ; crowned Oct. 12, 1822 ; abdicated in favor of his son in 
1831, and returned to Portugal, where he d. Sept. 24, 1834; hem. 
Amelia, 3d dau. of the Duke of Leuchtenberg, son of Viscount Beauharnois 
and Josephine, afterwards empress of France ; she d. Jan. 26, 1873, at 

PEET, Harvey Prindle, ll.d., principal of the New York Institu- 
tion for the Deaf and Dumb ; d. in New York city, Jan. 1, 1873, a. 79. 

PEETS, George W., one of the most prominent of the citizens in 
north western Louisiana ; d. in the parish of Claiborne, La., Dec. 12, 1852. 

PEGRAM, Gen. James W., d. Oct. 23, 1844, by accident on board 
the steamboat Lucy Walker; was president of the Bank of Virginia. 

PEIRCE, Charles, b. in Kittery, Maine, July 29, 1770 ; became a 
printer, and after living in Portsmouth and Boston, several years, settled 
in Philadelphia in 1814, and in 1816 in Germantown ; in 1825, returned 
to Philadelphia, and in 1848 removed to Bristol, Pa.; he d. there Sept. 
23, 1851. (Simpson's Eminent Philadelphians.^) 

PEIRCE, James R., d. in Dorchester, Mass., July 25, 1842, a. 24; 
grad. at Harvard in 1838, and was a student in the Divinity School at 
time of death. 

PEIRCE, Lieut. Timothy, Pa., killed in the revolution, July 3, 1778. 

PEIRE, Col. H. D., d. at New Orleans, La., Dec. 2, 1848, a. 68 ; was 
in the war of 1812, and conspicuous as major comd't of the 44th infantry, 
at the capture of Pensacola, in 1814; he enjoyed various civil appoint- 
ments, and discharged their duties with credit. 

PELBY, William, d. in Boston, May 28, 1850; for many years pro- 
prietor and manager of the National Theatre at Boston. 

PENA, Y Pena, president of Mexico at the close of the war with the 
United States ; d. in Mexico, Jan. 26, 1850. (Strykers Am. Reg., iv, 447.) 

PENDLETON, John S., b. in Va. in 1841, was charge d'affaires to 
the republic of Chili, and in 1845-9, a member of congress ; d. at Cul- 
pepper co., Va., Nov. 19, 1868. 

PENDLETON, Micajah, d. in Nelson co., Va., Feb. 9, 1844, a. 86 ; 
a soldier of the revolution; a prominent Methodist and temperance re- 
former; before the year 1800, he circulated a temperance pledge ; his 
theory of reform extended to the exclusion of wine aud cider, differing 
from whiskey only in strength. 

PENDLETON, William F., b. in Va. ; entered the army as ensign 
of 20th infantry, June, 1812; rose'to the rank of 1st lieut., May, 1814; 
was retained in 1815 ; resigned Dec, 1816, and held the office of member 
of executive council of Va. 14 y. ; d. Sept. 11, 1860, at Washington, a. 76. 

PENDLETON, William M., d. near Coff'eeville, Clarke co., Ala., 
Sept. 21, 1842 in his 45th year; b. in Spottsylvania co., Va. ; was founder 
of the Pendleton Academy, and a teacher of high classical attainments. 
(Am. Almanac, 1844, p. 314.) 

PENET, Peter, confidence man of the revolution ; came from Nantes, 
France, in Dec. 1775, and succeeded in imposing upon several public 

American Biographical Notes. 319 

functionaries and procuring advances for arms that he was to supply in 
the greatest abundance; afterwards went among the Oneida Indians; 
gained the confidence of many and got from them, as the fulfilment of a 
pretended dream, a gift of 10 miles square of land, since known as Penet's 
Square, in Jeff, co., N. Y. ; was a trader for a time at Schenectady; went 
to St. Domingo and there again continued his impostures by selling lands 
on Oneida lake, which he had never owned. (Hough's Notice of Peter 
Penet, Lowville, N. Y., 1866.) 

PENNEL, Dr. Richard, of N. Y. city; d. April 11, 1861, a. 62. 
PENNICOCK, Thomas, d. in Eng., March 27, 1849, a. 102; fought 
and was wounded at Bunker hill. 

PENNINGTON, Samuel, d. at Newark, N. J., March 3, 1835, a„ 
about 70. 

PENNINGTON, William S., sec. of legation at Paris, under Pres. 
Lincoln ; d. at Newark, N. J., Sept. 4, 1868 ; was a son of a former gov. 
of N. J. 

PENNOCK, Barclay, known as a traveler and linguist; d. young at 
Kennett, Chester co., Pa., March 15, 1858. (But. Mag., ii, p. 156.) 

PENNYBACKER, Isaac S., d. in Wash., D. O, Jan. 12, 1847, a. 41 ; 
U. S. senator from Va.