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The Edition of this Volume XXXV of AMERICAN BOOK- 
PRICES CURRENT is limited to Eight Hundred and Fifty 



For the information of collectors and 
librarians, advertisements of the 
ties of well known booksellers are 
in the pages immediately 'following. 

A new feature for this volume is a 
Directory of all the leading American 
rare book dealers printed in the back 

Telephone CHELSEA 6597 Cable BENBINDER 



Bennett Book Studios, Inc. 


All Forms of Period and Modern Leather Bindings; Case* 
for Rare Books, AL.S. and Mss.; Re-backing; Re-mar gin - 
tng; Mending of Original Covers and* Torn Sheets; Pen 
and Mechanical Facsimiles; Extra-illustrating; Hand- 
Coloring; Mounting, Inlaying, Washing and Restoring; 
Leather Book-Plates. 

We Use the Fine** Imported Leathers Only. 

We Sell to the Trade only. FIRST EDITIONS, 

Printed Ptice Lists and Refeiences on Request. 


Bennett Book Studios, Inc. 



14 West 40th Street 
New York 


Catalogues Issued 




Fine copies of rare books and important autograph letters 
will be purchased at liberal prices for cash. 


Established 1888 

Autograph Betters of 

Celebrities, ^Manuscripts and 

Historical 'Documents 


Telephone Wickenhaw 1 SI 2-3 


Autographed Letters and Manuscripts 


American and English Authors 

Specially Wanted At All Times 






DUTTONS - Specialize in: 







TVT TT'nrvvvTCf 681 FIFTH AVE., AT 54th st 



Cfje mnton Square ook 

Dealer in ttaw T6ooks, prints anD autograph 
30 ea0t jFoutteent& street JSeto got* 






Hitter - Hopson Galleries 

Griffith Building 
605 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey 


Made for inheritance tax and other purposes 


Arranged for the disposal of rare books and all types 
of literary material. 

Correspondence is invited from anyone desirous of dis- 
posing of complete collections or individual items of 


As a Piano-Tuner Tunes Pianos 

Meaning We have the facilities 

We know how 











Estimates Cheerfully Given 



RARE BOOKS, first editions and com- 
plete libraries sold by auction throughout 
the season, October to June. Appraisals 
made by arrangement at any distance. . . 
Complete catalogues of book sales for the 
season will be forwarded postpaid for 
three dollars. This sum will be refunded 
to subscribers whose purchases amount 
to two hundred dollars or more 
during the season 

Private collectors who wish to dispose of their 

libraries or any portion thereof are 

invited to write for particulars 





Established since 1864, our services are at your disposal 
for the supply of BOOKS (old or new) , MANUSCRIPTS, 

Sole agents for 

t. T SULLIVAN'S Etched Portraits of 

Commissions executed at Auctions Researches made 

Please address correspondence to" 


4, Trafalgar Square, London, W.C.2 
or to New York Agency 20 Pearl Street, N. Y. City 

Catalogues Published in the Year 1929 

No. 590 Genealogy and He- No 595 New Acquisitions, 
raldry Art, Literature, Geo- 

XT ,, , graphy, Incunabula 

No. 591 Manuscripts, Incun- etc 

abula and new ac- No. 596-H i story Part I. 
quisitions General and Univer- 

No 592-Eastern Asia XT sal History 

^ No. 597 Prehistoric Science 

No. 593 Cartography No 50$ H i s t o r y Part 2 

German History 

No 594 Pamphlets. Rela- N 599 Christian Art 

tions Broad-sheet No. 600 H is tor y Part 3- 
print ' European History 

These Catalogues will be sent free of charge on application 


Dealer in Fine and Rare Books 

Established 1832 



Specialists in Americana and Rare Pamphlets 

Over 150,000 Items Constantly in Stock 

Librarians wishing to add to Particular Subjects 
will do well to write us 

Moderate Prices 

Collectors Wants QiVen Close Attention 

Libraries or Small Lots Purchased for Cash 


We buy and sell books, pamphlets, views, 
maps, newspapers and manuscripts relating to 
California and Western U. S. 

Large and varied stock of First Editions, Old 
English Literature, Incunabula, Early and Fine 
Printing, Illuminated Manuscripts, Autographs 
and Art Books. 

Catalogues issued regularly since 1907. 
Choice and rare books of every description 
bought. Correspondence invited. 


627 South Grand Ave. 
Los Angeles, Calif. 










JOHN J CAMPBELL, Proprietor. 

Francis Edwards 


Fine Old Books, 

Autographs & 


Catalogues post free 
on application 

83 High St., Marylebone 
London, W.I 

Cables: Finality, London 

You are invited to visit the 
Rare Book Department of 


in London 

Where you will find a large 
and representative Collection of 
First Editions, and other Rare 
Books desired by the Collectors. 
The Manager of the Depart- 
ment, Mr. Gilbert H. Fabes 
(author of "The Autobiography 
of a Book," and "Modern First 
Editions: Points and Values"), 
will be glad to show yon round 
the department and to discuss 
your requirements. 
If unable to call, write now 
and ask us to place your name 
and address on our mailing list 
in order that you may receive 
the Rare Book Department 
Catalogues regularly and news 
of all other offers. 

W. & G. FOYLE, Ltd. 



Cables: Foylibra, Westcent, 












TO DEPT. A. B. P. 


< . *^J ' ' J *e 7] \TT" 

239 Post Street 

San Francisco 

First Editions 
Rare and Press Books 


and the West 

Standard Sets 




R A B H R X 



Scarce and 
Limited Editions 

Modern & Early 

English & American 





A. F. Gronberg 

11 86- 6th St. San Diego 

Anton Heitmuller 

1307-14th Street 
Washington, D. C. 


Autographs, Manuscripts, 

Specializing in Presidents 

and DncohiMiia 

The largest Collection of 

Lincolniana, in private 

hands and for Sale 

Headquarters for portraits, 
prints, engravings, photo- 
graphs for extra 

Cables "VESPUCCI, 

Chas. J. Sawyer, 

Grafton House 
12 & 13, Grafton Street, New Bond Street 


London, W. i 

Dealers in Rare 
and Fine Books, 
Manuscripts and 
Autographs of 
Literary Interest 

Incunabula, Early 
English Literature, 
^ine Sporting 
Books, Literary 

First Editions of Thackeray, Dickens, Kipling, 
Stevenson, and other Popular Victorian Authors; 
Books with Coloured Plates; Autograph Letters 
and Manuscripts of Swinburne, Meredith, Kipling, 
Stevenson, Hardy, etc. Books on the Fine Arts. 
Fine Bindings. Association and Presentation 
Books. Sets of Standard Authors, etc., etc. 

Illustrated Catalogues issued at fiequent intervals 
Posted free to Collectors all over the World 

Correspondence Invited 

Commissions executed at the principal Auction Sales 
in London and the Continent 

Agents for many American Libraries and Institutions 


Booksellers by Appointment to His 
Majesty The King. 

LONDON, W. 1. 





Dealers in fine and, Rare 


Catalogues Issued Export Orders Solicited 






English Poetry and Old Pla>s prior to 1660 Illuminated MSS Elizabethan 
Literature Books in Elalwiate Bindings Books with Coloured Plates 
Specimens of Early Printing before 1500 Original Editions of Es- 
teemed Authors & Presentation Copits Rare Works relating to 
America (especially Canada, USA, & Brazil) Australasia, 
etc., Fine Fngravmgs m Colours Etchings & Engravings 
by Old & Modern Masters Interesting Autograph 
Letters and Documents 



JUNE 1, 1928 TO JUNE 1, 1929 







Charles J. Sawyer, Ltd., European Agent 

Copyright, 1930 


THE auction season of 1928-1929 was notable because it 
included the Kern sale. But even if the Kern sale had not 
taken place during this period, the season would have been of 
more than passing interest, for it recorded more new high prices 
than any other season, either in England or in America. High 
prices and price records in first editions, association items, 
manuscripts and letters of I9th and 20th century British and 
American authors, in Americana, in sporting books, in books of 
every description were usual, if at times almost fantastic. In 
no field of collecting was there any downward trend, and, by 
this season at least, those who preach book collecting (even the 
collecting of modern firsts) as an investment seem to be 

"The event of the year at the Anderson Galleries was the sale 
of the Jerome Kern collection, which took place in ten sessions 
on January 7 to 10 and 21 to 24 inclusive, and brought $1,729,- 
46250 The famous Hoe library, sold in two seasons, in 1911 
and 1912, required seventy-nine sessions to disperse, and brought 
$1,932,05660 The average per session in the Hoe sale was 
$24,45620, in the Kern sale, $172,946.25. The average price of 
the 14,588 items in the Hoe sale was $12558, that of the 1,482 
items in the Kern sale, $1,16696 The highest priced Hoe item 
was the magnificent illuminated vellum copy of the Gutenberg 
Bible, the first book printed from movable type, which brought 
$50,000; the highest priced Kern item was Shelley's own copy, 
with author's changes, of the first edition of "Queen Mab/' 
which fetched $68,000 (and cost $6,000 in 1920 in the Buxton 
Forman sale) In considering these comparisons it should be 
remembered that the Hoe library held the world record for 
more than a decade as the most valuable collection ever sold at 
auction, and that the sale influenced the value of books pro- 
foundly all over the world 

"The character of the two collections was radically different 
The Hoe library included a wide range of the world's greatest 
books from the dawn of printing to our own times, many in 
the finest bindings of master binders of the nineteenth century. 
The Kern library was composed largely of eighteenth and nine- 
teenth century first editions of American and English authors, 
many with association interest, presentation copies, and fine 
author's letters and manuscripts. . . . The fifteen Hoe manu- 
scripts and first editions (that fetched $10,000 or more) brought 


$308,850; and nineteen Kern manuscripts (of the same price 
class), $377,500. This comparison makes a striking demonstra- 
tion of the interest in the manuscripts and first editions of com- 
paratively modern English authors in this country. Herein is 
the chief significance of the memorable season of 1928- 29 " The 
Publishers' Weekly, November 16, 1929 

It has been said that the prices paid in the Kern sale were 
freak prices, and in a sense they were, for it was the unparalleled 
association interest of the items that made the prices soar An 
autograph presentation copy of the first edition of Hardy's "The 
Well-Beloved" fetched $1,200 and another copy not inscribed, 
$15 If it had not been for this association interest of many of 
the items, the sale might have been reckoned in hundreds; but 
the association interest was there, a letter or a few pages of 
manuscript laid in, an inscription or corrections by the author, 
and the sale was reckoned in thousands The value of an asso- 
ciation item is not subject to accurate appraisal: it is the value 
of sentiment. And in this sense, but in this sense only, was the 
Kern sale a freak sale. The prices were high, many of them 
were record breaking, but they were current market prices 
Whitman's "Leaves of Grass," first issue of the first edition, 1855, 
brought $3,400; within a fortnight two identical copies had 
brought $3,450 and $3,300 

It is somewhat difficult to choose any particular items for 
mention within the limits of this preface It will be seen from 
the text of this volume that thousands of books, autographs, 
manuscripts changed hands at auction during the period which 
it covers As an index to the season, however, some of the 
high spots from the Kern sale are appended: Austen, "Sense 
and Sensibility," 1811, $3,600; Blackmore, "Lorna Doone," 1869, 
$2,400; Boswell, "The Life of Samuel Tohnson, 1791 (autograph 
letters of Johnson and Boswell laid in), $5,250; Bronte, "Tane 
Eyre," 1847, $3,6oo; Browning (E. B ), "The Battle of Marathon," 
1820 (presentation copy with letters of the author and Robert 
Browning laid in), $17,500; Browning (Robert), "Pauline," 1833, 
$16,000; Burns, "Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect," 1793 
(presentation copy), $23,500; Burton (R F ), "The Kasidah," 
1880, $1,000, Byron, Original manuscript of "Marino Faliero, 
Doge of Venice," $27,000; Carlyle, "Sartor Resartus," 1834 (pres- 
entation copy), $3,500; Carroll (Lewis), "Alice's Adventures in 
Wonderland," 1865, $10,000; Conrad, Original manuscript of 
"Under Western Eyes," $7,250; Defoe, "Robinson Crusoe," 1719- 
19-20, $11,500; Dickens, "The Strange Gentleman," 1837 (original 
drawing of frontispiece by "Phiz" laid in), $10,500; Dickens, "A 
Tale of Two Cities," 1859 (presentation copy), $10,250, Fitzger- 
ald, "Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam," 1859 (correction by the 
author), $8,000; Gibbon, "Decline and Fall of the Roman 
Empire," 1776-88, $3,900; Goldsmith, "The Vicar of Wakefield," 
1766 (the only known presentation copy), $6,600; Gray (Thomas), 
"An Elegy Wrote in a Country Church Yard," 1751, $12,000; 
Hardy, "Desperate Remedies," 1871, $4,800; Hardy, "Jude the 
Obscure," 1003 (inscribed copy), $4,100; Hawthorne, "Fanshawe," 
1828, $4,750; Hawthorne, "The Scarlet Letter," 1850 (document 
signed by the author laid in) $1,125; Johnson (Samuel), A leaf 



from the original manuscript of the "Dictionary of the English 
Language," $11,000; Johnson (Samuel), "The Prince of Abis- 
sinia," 1759, (author's own copy) $5,800; Keats, "Poems," 1817, 
$3,500; Keats, "Poetical Works," 1854, (22 lines of manuscript 
laid in) $17,000, Kipling, "Schoolboy Lyrics," 1881, $4,000; Kip- 
ling, "Life's Handicap," 1891, (presentation copy with two verses 
from "Barrack Room Ballads") $6,250; Lamb, "Poetry for Chil- 
dren," $8,500; Milton, "Poems," 1645, $6,750; Poe, A L. S quot- 
ing Mrs Browning's opinion of "The Raven," $19,500; Pope, 
"Poems," 1717, (presentation copy with corrections by the au- 
thor) $5,500, Richardson (Samuel), "Pamela," 1741-2, $4,000, 
Scott (Walter), "Waverley," 1814, $4400; Shakespeare, "Poems," 
1640, $8,500; Shakespeare, Second Folio, 1632, $5,700, Shakes- 
peare, Third Folio, first issue, 1664, $8,000, Shakespeare, Third 
Folio, second issue, $15,500, Shelley, "Adonais," 1821, $6,000, 
Smollett, "Humphrey Clinker," 1771, $6,200, Spenser, "The 
Faerie Queen," 1500-96", $3,500; Sterne, "Tristram Shandy," 1760- 
67, $12,500; Stevenson, "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," 1886, (pres- 
entation copy) $3,600; Swift, "Gulliver's Travels," 1726, $17,000, 
Tennyson, "The Lover's Tale," 1833, $4,500; Thackeray, "Vanity 
Fair," 1847-48, $7,50O 

In this connection it must be remembered that the idiosyn- 
crasies of each copy are most important in determining the 
price it brings at auction This compilation serves as an index 
to current market values but it must be used with discrimina- 
tion Naturally the price of a unique copy is no criterion what- 
ever, and many of the Kern copies were unique 

Among the many other sales deserving of special mention 
were: Selections from the libraries of Sterling T. Foote, the 
late John Burton Fpley, and others; The Library of Norman 
James* Natural History, Americana, Sport; First editions, 
Inscribed Copies and Autograph Letters of Joseph Conrad, 
property of Mrs Ford Madox Hueffer, an important Kipling 
collection, the fine Poe collection of Mr. Joseph Jackson, and 
material from other sources; Autographs, Rare Books, and His- 
torical Documents: George W. Childs et al , Rare Books, Manu- 
scripts, and Autograph Letters, including the Walt Whitman 
collection of Bayard Wyman, and autograph letters by Bernard 
Shaw and John Galsworthy, Important Historic and Literary 
Collection, including Washington Letters and other rare Ameri- 
cana and a notable group of Whitman MSS. and First Editions, 
the property of William W. Cohen, The Library of the late 
Raymond J Schweizer; First Editions, Letters, and MSS of 
Barrie, Dickens, Galsworthy, Shaw, Trollope, and others from 
the library of Thomas Hatton; The Renowned Collection of the 
Works of Charles Dickens formed by Mr and Mrs Edward C 


Ed. edited Dupl. duplicate 

Comp. compiled No. number 

Trans. translated Orig. original 

Intro. introduction Illus. illustrated 














N. Y. 

New York 

San Fran. 

San Francisco 




1788 to 1789 


no place given 


no year given 


various places 
various dates 











4 to 











































various sizes 




various bindings 











gilt edges 

gilt top 









As this volume may come into the hands of some persons 
not familiar with the publication, the following explanation of 
its scheme is reprinted from earlier issues. 

The name of the author, or the main heading, is set in bold- 
face capitals As a rule, Club and Press publications are listed 
under the name of the club or press in question; and a few 
other books, such as anonymous histories and biographies, are 
given subject entries In the present issue, four new headings 

The titles of various works under these main entries are 
printed in bold-face type, capitals and lower case. The subse- 
quent matter, the description, printed in light-face type, is in 
two portions, the first, including the imprint place, printer, 
date and size of volume, is general and applies to all copies of 
the work listed. 

The second portion of the description, applying specifically 
to the copy of the book sold (each lot beginning a new line), 
is made up as follows: (i) a description of the binding; (2) a 
statement as to the condition of this copy if on large paper, 
with extra plates inserted, from a famous library, etc.; (3) capi- 
tal (key) letter, referring to the Chronological List of Sales at 
the beginning of this volume and indicating the name and date 
of the sale; (4) the lot number of the sale catalogue; (5) the 
price realized, that is, the price per lot and not per volume. 

H. S. B. 


A June 26-27, 1928. Valuable Library of Joseph T Kinsley of 
Philadelphia Stan V Henkels 

B. October 9, 1928. Autograph Letters and Documents, being 
the collection of David M Newbold of Philadelphia 

Stan V Henkels 

C October 16, 1928. American Autographs Properties of Dr 
Clara Barrus, Scarsdale, N. V , Mr J P Roosa, New York 
City, Miss Beatrice Finney, St Louis, Mo , and others 

The Anderson Galleries 

D. October 17, 1923. Selections from the libraries of Sterling 
T Foote, New York City, the late John Burton Foley, Chi- 
cago, and others The Anderson Galleries 

E October 20, 1928. Americana Charles F Heartman 

F October 23, 1928. Modern First Editions and Private Press 
Books: selections from the Library of Alfred A. Knopf, 
New York City, with additions from other private libraries 

The Anderson Galleries 

G October 25, 1928 Americana Stan V Henkels 

H. November 8, 1928. Americana Stan. V. Henkels 

I November 13-15, 1928. Library of Norman James, Baltimore, 
Md Natural History, Americana, Sport (Part One) A-H 

The Anderson Galleries 

[ November 16, 1928. Collection of fine Books from the 
libraries of Joseph W. Walton of St David's, Pa , Rev. 
Henry J Roland, and another prominent Philadelphia col- 
lector Stan. V Henkels 

K November 19-20, 1928. Library Sets, Fine Bindings, Sport- 
ing Books, including the Library of the late Judge Harman 
Yerkes, Doylestown, Pa American Art Association 

L November 20-23, 1928. Libiaiy of Norman James, Balti- 
more, Md Natural History, Americana, Sport (Part Two) 
I-Z The Anderson Galleries 


M. November 21-23, 1928. First Editions, Inscribed Copies, and 
Autograph Letters of Joseph Conrad, property of Mrs. 
Ford Madox Hueffer; an important Kipling collection; the 
fine Poe collection of Mr. Joseph Jackson, and material 
from other sources. American Art Association 

N. November 26-27, 1928. Selections from the Libraries of the 
late Leonard E. Opdycke, New York City; H. M. Schroeter, 
Altadena, California; and other private collectors. 

The Anderson Galleries 

O. November 26-28. Fine sets and First Editions: the private 
Library of the late J. Barton Townsend, Philadelphia. 

American Art Association 

P. December 3-4, 1928. Autograph Collection of a late Ameri- 
can author. The Anderson Galleries 

Q December 6, 1928. Valuable books from the Library of the 
late George Massey, of New York City. With additions 
from other sources Stan. V. Henkels 

R December 6, 1928. Library Sets in Fine Bindings, Dramatic 
Material, First Editions, and Autographs, including the 
Library of the late Joseph Jefferson, of New York City, 
and the late Mrs Frederic Neilson of New York City, [also] 
selections from the Library of A. B Ashforth, Jr. of New 
York City. American Art Association 

S December 8, 1928. Rare Americana Charles F. Heartman 

T. December 10, 1928. Autographs, Rare Books, and Historical 
Documents* George W. Childs et al. 

Samuel T. Freeman & Co 

U. December u, 1928. Library of the late George W. Childs 
et al. Samuel T. Freeman & Co. 

V. December 18, 1928. Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Auto- 
graph Letters, including the Walt Whitman collection of 
Bayard Wyman, Washington, D. C., and autograph letters 
by Bernard Shaw and John Galsworthy. 

The Anderson Galleries 

\V. December 19, 1928. First Editions, Color Plate Books, As- 
sociation Volumes, Rare Editions from the Library of a 
well-known Philadelphia collector, with additions from 
other sources. Stan. V. Henkels 

X. January 7-10, 1929. Library of Jerome Kern, New York 
City. (Part One) A-J. The Anderson Galleries 

Y. January 12, 1929. Rare Americana. Charles F. Heartman 

Z. January 21-24, 1909. Library of Jerome Kern, New York 
City. (Part Two) J-Z. The Anderson Galleries 


AA. January 30, 1929. Personal Relics of Baron von Steu- 
ben, together with the Revolutionary Papers of William 
North . . . sold by order of the present owner, William M 
Austin. American Art Association 

BB. January 30, 1929. Early Western History, Literature, and 
Narratives: Library of the Right Rev. Nathaniel S Thomas, 
Philadelphia, Pa The Anderson Galleries 

CC January 31, 1929. Library Sets of Standard Authors in 
Fine Bindings and First Editions, including the superb 
library of a prominent New York theatrical man. 

American Art Association 

DD February 5-6, 1929. Important Historic and Literary 
Collection, including Washington Letters and other rare 
Americana and a notable group of Whitman MSS and First 
Editions, the property of William W. Cohen of New York 
City. American Art Association 

EE. February 6, 1929. Rare Americana Stan V Henkels 

FF February 7-8, 1929. Library of the late Raymond J. 
Schweizer, Darien, Connecticut The Anderson Galleries 

GG February n, 1929. Private Library of Mrs Albert E Sol- 
omon of New York City, including First Editions of Hardy, 
Hearn, Kipling, and Mark Twain 

American Art Association 

HH February 13-14, 1929. Library of the late Thomas L. Ray- 
mond, Newark, N J. The Anderson Galleries 

II February 14, 1929. Autograph Lettcis and Documents from 
a well-known Philadelphia collector and other private 
sources Stan V Henkels 

JJ February 16, 1929. American Historical Pamphlets, Books, 
and Autographs Charles F Heartman 

KK February 18, 1929. Library of the late S N. Levy, New 
York City The Anderson Galleries 

LL February 19-20, 1929. First Editions, Press Books, and 
Finely Illustrated Editions property of the Artist, Miss 
Clara Tice, including selections from the Library of Mr. 
William Stanley Hall, with a few additions 

American Art Association 

MM February 26, 1929. First Editions, Letters, and MSS. of 
Barrie, Dickens, Galsworthy, Shaw, Trollope, and others 
from the library of Thomas Hatton of Leicester, England. 

American Art Association 

NN February 27, 1929. Americana from the Library of the 
late Edward Wheelock, Rochester, N. Y. . . . with additions. 

The Anderson Galleries 


OO. March 7, 1949. First Editions of Modern Authors: selec- 
tions from the Library of Charles D Miller, New York City 
. . . with additions from other private libraries, including 
"Pan in Vermont" by Kipling. The Anderson Galleries 

PP. March 15, 1929. Selections from the Libraries of Frank 
L. Crocker, New York City; the estate of Katherine A. 
Parker, Brooklyn, N. Y ; and others, including two private 
libraries from Buffalo, N Y. and Wisconsin. 

The Anderson Galleries 

QQ. March 16, 1929. American Historical Autographs, Pamph- 
lets, and Books. Charles F. Heartman 

RR. March 21, 1929. Valuable Library of the late Dr. Joseph 
Sailer of Philadelphia. Stan. V HenkeK 

SS. April 2-3, 1929. Important American Library collected by 
George W. Paullin, of Evanston, Illinois . . . rare and de- 
sirable Americana. Part I. American Art Association 

TT April 6, 1929. American Historical and Literary Auto- 
graphs, Rare Pamphlets, and Books. Charles F Heartman 

UU April 8, 1929. The Renowned Collection of the Works of 
Charles Dickens formed by Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. 
Daoust. American Art Association 

W April 9, 1929. Americana, selections from the Library of 
Francis A. MacNutt, Bressanone, Italy, together with 
American Autographs, Americana, Maps, American Colored 
Views, etc from other collections. The Anderson Galleries 

WW. April 10, 1929. Rare Americana, Books and Autographs, 
including the collection of the late David A. Williams of 
New York American Art Association 

XX. April 15-16, 1929. First Editions, Autographs and Press 
Books of American and English authors mainly of the Nine- 
teenth and Twentieth Centuries, including a portion of the 
Library of Stuart W Jackson of Montclair, N. J. 

American Art Association 

YY April 18, 1929. Valuable Americana library of the late 
Redmond Coinngham of Lancaster, Pa Stan V. Henkels 

ZZ April 18-19, 1929. Handsomely bound Library Sets, Sport- 
ing, and Color Plate Books, including the Libraries of 
Harry N. Abercrombie of Baltimore and Mrs. William H 
Merritt of Philadelphia Ameican Art Association 

AB. April 24, 1929. Rare books on Furniture, Ornaments, and 
Design: collection of the late Howard Reifsnyder 

American Art Association 

Aba. April 24, 1929. Valuable Autographs Stan V. Henkels 


BC. April 25, 1929. Selections from the Library of Edward 
Goldman, New York City; Document signed by Thomas 
Lynch, Jr., consigned by the Historical Commission of 
South Carolina; rare and beautiful Manuscripts, Incunabula, 
and Extra-illustrated Books from the Library of the late 
George E. Leighton, St Louis, Mo , with other properties 

The Anderson Galleries 

CD April 29-May i, 1929. Important American Library col- 
lected by George W Paullm of Evanston, Illinois: Ameri- 
cana Part II American Art Association 

DE May 1-2, 1929. Americana from the Library of the late 
George E Leighton, St Louis, Mo ; Library Sets and 
Books in Fine Bindings, the property of C Brough Du 
Moulin, New York City; together with books on art, bib- 
liography, first editions, incunabula, and an extensive col- 
lection of early works on short-hand sold by order of va- 
rious owners The Anderson Galleries 

EF May 7, 1929. Valuable First Editions, Americana, General 
Literature Stan V. Henkels 

FG May xx, 1929. Rare American Historical Autographs, 
Pamphlets, Books, and Newspapers Charles F Heartman 

Book-Prices Current 

A'BECKETT (Gilbert A.). Comic History of England. Wood- 
cuts and col. plates by John Leech. London, 1846-48. 8vo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc , in wrappers and bd. case (backs chipped, 
name on 4 wrappers, wrapper of No XVII supplied from 
another part). R(i)$32.5o. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in cl. case. ,X( 1)152500. 

Comic History of England. Woodcuts and col. etchings by 

Leech London, 1847 2 vols , 8vo 

Cf , g e , by Walhs A(344)$8o oo 

Lev. mor, g.t , by Macdonald. R(2)$ 

Comic History of England. 2 vols 1847-48, Comic History 

of Rome [1852 ] Etchings in color and woodcuts by Leech. 
London, i847~48[-52 ) 3 vols , 8vo 

Lev mor, by Riviere J(i)$io50O 

Lev mor , g e , by Morrell GG(2i7)$8s oo 

Mor, tooled, g t , by Riviere. 77(i)$6ooo 

Comic History of Rome. Etchings in color and woodcuts 
by Leech. London [1851-52.] 8vo 

Lev mor, gt, by Macdonald (orig covers bnd in). R(3)$85OO 

10 in 9 orig. parts, unc , in hf (supplementary 
title restored at margin, leaf of index and some wrappers 
repaired, one wrapjper soiled). X(2)$450oo. 

(. f, g t., unc, by Riviere XX(i)$40OO 

Comic History of England; Comic History of Rome.. Etch- 
ings in color and woodcuts by Leech London, n d. 2 vols . 

Orig. cl. A(i)$2500. 

Comic History of England and Rome. Col and plain illus- 
trations by Leech Large paper edition London, n d 3 vols , 

Cl., unc. (rubbed). J(2)$i700. 

ABRANTES (Madame Junot, Duchess d'). A Biographical 

Keepsake Memoirs of Celebrated Women of all Countries. 

Portraits London, 1834. Fol 

Hf cf (portraits, col by hand, are stained) A(84)$isoo 
Memoirs of Napoleon, his Court and Family. 16 portraits. 

London, 1836. 2 vols.,8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t, by Zaehnsdorf. DE (397) $20.00. 


ABRUZZI (L. A., Duke of). On the "Polar Star." 2 vols. 
N. Y., 1903. The Ascent of Mpunt St Elias. Westminster, 
1900; Ruwenzori. London, 1908. N. Y. and London, 1900-08. 
4 vols., 8vo. 

CL I(i)$i3.oo. 

ACCOUNT of the Spanish Settlements in America. Folding 

map Edinburgh, 1762. 8vo. 
Hf. new cf. DE(i)$isoo. 

ACKERMAN (W. K.). Historical Sketch of the Illinois- Central 

Railroad. Chic. [Privately printed,] 1890. 8vo. 
Cl, unc. SS(i243)$900 

ACKERMANN (Rudolph). Illuminated School of Mars; or, 
Review of the Loyal Volunteer Corps of London and its 
Vicinity. 87 col. plates by T. Rowlandson. London, 1798. 

Mor., by Root. W(32)$i40.oo. 

Sporting Scraps. 36 col. plates by Henry Aiken, W J 
Shayer, and W. A. Knell No text London, 1850-61. Obi. 4to 

Cf., tooled, g.e. I(47)$95.oo. 

ACORN CLUB. Gardiner (Lion). Relation of the Pequot 
Warres, written in 1660. [Hartford] 1901. 8vo. 

Hf. mor , unc (orig. wrappers bnd in, autographed by C C 
Gardiner). SS(2)$ 

ACOSTA (Joseph de). Historia Natural y Moral de las Indias. 

Madrid, 1608. 8vo. 
Vel. VV(i)$i3.oo. 

ACTON (John). An Essay on Shooting. London, 1791. 8vo. 
Mor., g e , inside leath. hinges. I(666)$i7 50 

AD AIR (James). History of the American Indians. Folding 

map. London, 1775- 4to. 
Hf. mor , g t. SS( 1386) $70.00. 


of Cloudesle. London, E. Cotes for Tho. Passinger, 1668. 

Hf. mor., Roxburghe crest (margin of title repaired, corners of 
C, C2, and Q restored; Farmer-Roxburghe-Daniel-Huth- 
Chew copy, with note of Daniel on fly-leaf). X (3) $260.00. 

ADAMS (Amos). A concise, historical view of the perils, hard- 
ships, difficulties and discouragements which have attended 
the planting and progressive improvements of New Eng- 
land. In Two Discourses, Preached at Roxbury . . . April 6, 
1765. Boston, 1769. I2mo. 

Paper (some pp. stained). SS(3)$9.oo. 

ADAMS (Henry). The Education of Henry Adams. Boston, 

1918. Sq.8vo. 
Cl., unc, F(2)$20.oo. 


ADAMS (Henry) Continued 
Cl., unc. (2 magazine articles laid in). I(7)$i7.oo. 
Cl. (with "Charles Francis Adams." 1916 and "Mont-Saint-Michel 
and Chartres" [1913,] together 3 vols ). HH(i)$32.5o 

Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres. Boston [1913] 8vo. 

Bds., unc. I (6) $10.00. 

ADAMS (J. C.). Adventures of James Capen Adams. Ed. by 
T. H. Hittell. San Fran., 1860; Same. Boston, 1861; Same, 
N. Y., 1911. San Fran., Boston and N. Y., 1860-1861-1911. 
3 vols , I2mo 

Cl. (first vol. worn). I (8) $27.00. 

ADAMS (John). History of the Dispute with America. London, 

1784. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked, new end papers). WW(i)$8.oo. 

ADAMS (John). The Modern Voyager and Traveller through 
Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Engraved titles, 4 folding 
maps, 44 plates, all in color, and other illustrations London, 
1832. 4 vols. 

Cf , g.t., unc. XX (252)32.50. 

ADAMS (John Q.). An Answer to Paine's Rights of Man. 

48lpp. London, 1793. 8vo. 
Modern bds. WW (2) $800. 

ADDISON (Charles G.). Damascus and Palmyra: A Journey 
to the East. 10 plates in color by Thackeray. London, 1838. 
2 vols , 8vo 

Cf, ge, by Riviere (inserted is A N. of Thackeray). 7(1330) 

ADDISON (Joseph). Cato. A Tragedy. First Edition. Lon- 
don, 1713. 4to. 

Cf , tooled, by Riviere. V(i97)$55OO. 

Unbnd., unc, in cl. folder. X(4)$22O.oo. 

A Discourse on Ancient and Modern Learning. London, 
for T. Osborne, 1739 Sm.4to. 

Orig. paper, unc. X(5)$20o.op. 

Poems on Several Occasions. Portrait London, 1719. Sm 


Cf., g.e. O(2)$i5.oo. 

Remarks on several Parts of Italy, ... 1701, 1702, 1703. 
London, 1705. 8vo. 

Old cf. (worn, loose, name on title) N(2)$i5 oo 

Rosamond. An Opera. London, 1707. 4to 

Cf., tooled, by Riviere. V(io6a)$525O- 

Worksi London, 1721. 4vols,4to. 

Cont. cf. (rebacked). A(3)$i4.oo. 

Works. Portrait by Miller after Kneller and plates by 
Grignion after Hayman. Birmingham, 1761. 4 vols.,4to. 

Hf cf., by Riviere (few leaves stained, name stamped on verso of 
titles). D(i4)$75oo. 


ADDISON (Joseph). Works Continued 

Lev. mor. J(4)$75-O- 

Old cf. (newly rebacked, rubbed, portrait and title of first vol. 
stained). K(i)$45.op. 

'Works. Ed. by Richard Kurd. London, 1811. 6vols., 8vo. 

Cont. mor., g.e. GC(i)$35-oo. 

ADDOMS (J. S.). An Inaugural Dissertation on the Malignant 
Fever which prevailed in the City of New York in 1791. 
N. Y., 1792. 8vo. 

Unbnd. JJ (333) $10.50. 

ADOLPHUS (J. H.). Memoirs of Caroline, Queen Consort of 
Great Britain. 3 titles, 31 portraits and other illustrations, 
all in color London, Jones, 1820-23. 5 vols , 8vo 

Orig. bds. (2 inner joints cracked). ZZ(3)$i5.oo. 

Syntax. Col. plates. London, Blake [1817.] 8vo. 

Of., g.t. J(Ql)$22.00. 

Lev. mor., ge., by Riviere. ZZ(i03)$55oo. 

ADVENTURES OF HSI MEN CHING. Plates col. by hand 

Privately printed, 1927. Roy.8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. W( 113) $22.00. 

AESCHYLUS. Agamemnon. Transcribed by Robert Browning. 

London, 1877. I2mo. 
Orig. cl., unc. and unopened, in cl. case X(i2o)$6o.oo 

JBSOP. Fables. Trans, by Sir Roger L'Estrange Portrait by 
Van der Gucht, after Kneller. London, 1714-15. 2vols,8vo. 

Cont. cf. (rubbed, Eugene Field's copy, with authentication by 
Eugene Field II). D(i87)$i2.oo. 

Select Fables of -ffisop and other Fabulists. Plates. Bir- 
mingham, Baskerville, 1761. I2mo. 

Cf., by Bedford. HH(2)$5250 

Select Fables of .ffisop and other Fabulists. Plates. Bir- 
mingham, Baskerville, 1764 I2mo. 

Cf., ge., in cl. case. D(i5)$2OOO. 

Fables. 112 plates after Blake, Stothard and others. 2 vols , 

[With] Gay (John). Fables. Titles, and 68 plates, 12 en- 
graved by W. Blake. 2 vols. London, Stockdale, 1793 
4 vols., 8vo 

Lev. mor., tooled, ge, by Bayntun CC(2)$i50.oo. 

Fables. Version of T. James. London, 1848. See FORE- 

Fables. Trans, by V. S Vernon- Jones. Intro, by G. K 

Chesterton. Illustrations in color and in black and white 
by Rackham. Signed by artist. London, 1912. 4to. 

CL, g.t., unc. GG(26o)$30.oo. 

-Fabulae latine Rinucio interprete. Mediolani ad ipesas, 
Philippi Lauagnie 1479 die. 26. mesis Junij. 4tp. (Wmship) 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (marginal notes in cont. hand). 

Fables. In English, Latin, etc. N.p., n.d. [i7th century ] I2tno. 


AESOP. Fables Continued 

(Several pp. lacking at beginning and at end; p. 83 inscribed 
"Robert Rogers' Book, 1727.") FG(i6o)$i7oo 

See also BEWICK (Thomas) and CALDECOTT (Ran- 

AGASSIZ (Louis). Lake Superior. Boston, 1850 8vo 
Cl A( 4 76)$io.5o 
Orig cl. SS(9)$i2.SO. 

AGRICOLA (Georgius). De Re Metallica. Trans by Herbert 
Clark Hoover and Lou Henry Hoover London, 1912 Fol 
Vel , unc. RR(4)$75 oo. 
Vel., unc and unopened. ZZ(2O2)$i70oo. 

AIKIN (John). Annals of the Reign of King George the Third. 

London, 1816. 2 vols , 8vo. 
Hf. mor, by Walters (W T. Wallace bookplate, titles bear 

owner's stamp, and autographs of "Geo. Cruikshank, 1816" 

and J. D Milner) N(3)$i300. 
Same. XX(30i)$32 50. 

AIKIN (Lucy). Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth. 

2 vols 1819; Memoirs of the Court of King James First. 
2 vols. 1822, Memoirs of the Court of King Charles The First 

2 vols 1833. Frontispieces. London, 1819-33 8vo 
Hf leath., ge O(3)$i8.oo. 

AINSWORTH (W. H.). Crichton. London, 1837 3 vols, 

Orig. bds , unc. (worn and loose). R(6)$25oo 

Jack Sheppard. Portrait and etchings by G. Cruikshank. Lon- 
don, 1839 3 vols , I2mo 

Cf (worn). R(7)$2500 

Orig cl., unc , in cl. folder and case (presentation copy, title 
inscribed to Percival W. Banks) ZZ(s)$iio.oo 

Jack Sheppard. Portrait, and etchings, by G. Cruikshank 

London, 1840. 8vo. 

Cf, ge, by Riviere (W T. Wallace copy) DD( 3 o8)$i75o. 

Old Saint Paul's. Plates by John Franklin. London, 1841 

3 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. cf., by Morrell R(8)$20 oo. 

Orig cl, unc. EF(244)$3500 

Windsor Castle. Etchings by G Cruikshank and T Johan- 

not, woodcuts by W. A. Delamotte. London, 1844 8vo. 
Cf , tooled, ge., by Zaehnsdorf. N(4)$i5<>o 
Lev. mor., g.t. (bnd. from ong parts, all wrappers included). 

Historical Romances. Plates, mostly in 2 states Library 

Edition, o-n Japan paper. Phila., Barne, n d. 20 vols , 8vo. 
Mor., g.t., unc. K(3)$22$ oo. 
Orig cl., unc O(4)$3500. 

Historical Novels. London, nd i6vols,8vo 

Hf. mor. I (29) $52 50. 

Hf. cf., g.t., unc. RR(5)$50.oo 


AIRY (Osmund). Charles II. Portraits, one in color. Paris, 

1901. Fol. 
Lev. mor., g.e., unc. A(i6o)$22oa 

AITKEN (John). A conciliation of the Litanies and Vespers, 

Hymns and Anthems as They are Sung in the Catholic 
Church. Adapted to the Voice or Organ. Title and (136) 
pp engraved. Phila., 1787. 4to 

Orig. hf. cf. (lightly stained, Peter S. Duponceau copy). PP(i) 

AJANTA FRESCOES. Taken 1909-1911 by Lady Herringham 
and her Assistants. Essays by Members of India Society. 
42 plates, many in color. London, 1915. Roy. 4to. 

Hf cf , plates loose in hf. cl. portfolio. HH(3)$i7.5o. 

AKENSIDE (Mark). The Pleasures of Imagination. London, 

for R. Dodsley, 1744 4to. 
Orig. bds., unc (hinges weak, with half-title and five-line note on 

page 9, R. Wellwood copy). X(i2)$i350O. 

ALASKA. Page proofs of "Purchase of the Russian Possessions 

in North America by The United States Papers relating 
to the value and resources of the country." 5pp. N p [about 
1867.] Sm. fol. 

Sewed, in cl. folder and hf mor. case. (MS. corrections for 
printer). SS(i2)$55oo 

ALASTAIR. Fifty Drawings. Intro, by Carl Van Vechten 50 

plates, some in color. N. Y., 1925. 4to. 
Bds, unc. F(3)$9.oo. 
Bds, g.t, unc. K(4)$iooo. 

ALDRICH (T. B.). Out of his Head. N. Y., 1862 i2mo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., by Rowfant Bindery (presentation copy to M. 

Thompson, few marginal notes, ong. covers bnd in). PP(2) 


Pampinea, and Other Poems. N. Y., 1861. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (presentation copy, to 

"W. J. H."). M(2)$i25o 
Writings with Life by F. Greenslet. Boston and N. Y , 1907- 

08. 10 vols., 8vo. 

Hf.mor. (Ponkapog Edition). I(34)$25.oo 
Bds., unc. (Large-paper Edition, signed). O(5)$6soo. 
Bds , unc. GG(3)$90.oo. 

ALEMAN (Mateo). Life of Guzman d'Alfarache: or, The Span- 
ish Rogue. Frontis. and plates by Bouttats. London, 1708. 

Cf., g.e. O(6)$i2.oo. 

ALEXANDER (De A. S.). Alexanders of Maine. Buffalo, 1898. 

Cl., unc. Q(29o)$35*oo. 


ALEXANDER (J. H.). Indian Horrors of the Fifties. Por- 
trait. Synarep, Wash., Privately Printed by the Author 
[1916.] 8vo. 

Orig. paper. SS( 1373) $7-50. 

ALEXIS (Grand Duke). In the United States of America during 

the Winter of 1871-2. Portrait. Cambridge, 1872. 8vo. 
Mor., g.e. N (6) $45.00. 

ALISON (Archibald). History of Europe, 1789-1815. N. Y., 

1842. 2 vola., 8vo. 

Sheep, in cl. case (Martin Van Buren copy). J(5)$3250. 
History of Europe. Edinburgh and London, 1844. IQ vols., 

Cf. A(6)$2 5 .oo. 

ALKEN (Henry). Beauties and Defects in the Figure of the 

Horse. Engraved title and 18 col. plates. London [1816.] 


Cf. (rubbed, plates col. by hand, J. Brent copy). I(35)$47.5O. 
- A Cockney's Shooting Season in Suffolk. 6 col plates. Lon- 

don, 1822 Fol 
Orig. front wrapper (mounted), in cl. case. I(39)$400.oo. 

The First Steeple-Chase on Record. 4 plates in color, io l / 2 x 
in , descriptive text in margins. Ben. Brooks, 1839. 

Each plate glazed and framed. K(io)$55 oo 

- Going to Epsom Races. Panoramic view, in color. [Lon- 
don, 1819.] 

Mounted on rollers, in box with glass top (laid in box is cl. case 
originally containing plates, which were from S H. Austin 
collection). X(i5)$65000. 

Ideas, Accidental and Incidental to Hunting, and Other 
Sports; caught in Leicestershire, &c 42 col. plates after 
Alken. Impressions from orig plates, on paper of a later 
period. London, Thomas M'Lean, n d Sm. fol 

Mor, g.e., by Riviere (H. S. Van Duzer copy). I(54)$nooo 

- Illustrations for Landscape Scenery. 26 col. plates. Lon- 
don, 1821. Obi. 4to. 

Bds I(37)$77-5<> 

- Illustrations to Popular Songs. Being a Series of 43 col. 
plates London, 1825. Obl.4to. 

Hf. cf. (broken and rubbed, title and frontis slightly stained). 

- National Sports of Great Britain. Col. title and 50 col. plates 
after Alken. London, 1821. Fol. 

Mor, tooled, g.e. (rubbed and worn; margin of one plate stained, 

that of No. 6 reinforced). I(38)$i,ooooo 
Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. (inner joints strengthened). DD(26s) 


- National Sports of Great Britain. 50 plates after Alken. 
London, 1825. Fol. 

Mor., tooled, unc. (rubbed, back faded, writing eradicated from 
recto of frontis.). I(42)$375-OO 

- National Sports of Great Britain. 50 col. plates by Alken. 
London, 1825. 8vo. 


ALKEN (Henry) Continued 

Orig. cl. (shaken, some pp. stained). I(43)$2io.oo. 

National Sports of Great Britain. Numerous col. plates. 

^ London, 1903. Fol 

Hf. mor, unc. (rubbed). I(5i)$i7.50. 

The Quorn Hunt. A Series of 7 aquatints in color, drawn 

and etched by Alken, engraved by F C Lewis Late Im- 
pressions. London, 31 Ely Place, EC., 12x20 in. 

In maple frames. ZZ(i73)$oooo. 

Specimens of Riding near London. 18 col plates, dated 1821. 
London, 1823. Obl.4to 

Orig. hf roan (rubbed). BC(2)$75 oo 

Specimens of Riding near London. 18 col plates, dated 1821 

London, 1824. Obi 4to. 

Orig bds (slight stains). K(7)$oooo. 

Sporting Scrap Book. 43 col plates London, M'Lean, 
1824. Obi. 4to. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.e. W(54)$6o oo. 

Sporting Sketches. 36 plates London, 1817. Obi fol 

Hf. mor (worn; bnd in are front and back wrap.pers of orig. 6 
parts, also orig drawing, inserted is leaf of text from "Quali- 
fied Horses and Unqualified Riders"). I(36)$28oop. 

Symptoms of Being Amused. Title and 41 plates in color. 

London, 1822. Obi fol. 

Hf. roan (worn, marginal tears, defects, and stains). I(4i)$4000 

Hf. mor., ge. (several marginal tears mended; contains 10 addi- 
tional plates issued in 1824 for the contemplated 2d vol ). 

Mor., ge, by Zaehnsdorf (orig. leath label pasted in) DD(266) 

New mor (oricr leath label pasted on side) BC(i)$6ooo. 

ALLABEN (Frank). The Ancestry of Leander Howard Crall. 

Illuminated illustrations. N. Y , 1008 8vo. 
Cl. (signed by L. H Crall). Q(344)$i6oo 

ALLAN (P. B. M.). The Book-Hunter at Home. London, 

[1922.] 8vo 
Bds, unc. OO(2)$8.oo. 

ALLEN (A. J.). Ten Years in Oregon. Ithaca, N. Y , 1848 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (pp. stained). BB(2)$9OO 

Ten Years in Oregon. Ithaca, 1850. I2mo. 

Origcl. QQ(3)$i500. 

Sheep (hinges cracked). WW(9)$o.oo. 

Orig. cl. (pp. stained, front fly-leaf torn) CD(2359)$75o 

ALLEN (C. D.)- American Bookplates. N. Y., 1894. 8vo. 
Vel., unc. (Japan paper, signed; presentation copy). N(75)$i3.oo. 

ALLEN (Ethan). Narrative of [his] Captivity. Albany, Pratt, 

1814. I2mo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (backstrip worn). SS(i4)$25.oo. 


ALLEN (Ethan) Continued 

Reason the only Oracle of Man, Bennington, 1784. 8vo. 

Orig. sheep (Wood-DuPuy cofpy). DDU)$8o.oo. 

ALLEN (G. H.) and Others. The Great War. Portraits, maps, 

etc, some in color. Phila. [1915-21.] 5 vols., sm. 4to. 
Hf. leath., g t , unc. O(763)$io.oo. 

ALLEN (J. A.). History of the American Bison. Wash., 1877. 

Cl. SS(io8)$40.oo. 

ALLEN (John). See SKILLMAN (Isaac). 

ALLEN (L. L.). Thrilling Sketch of the Life of Okah Tubbee. 

N.Y., 1848. I2mo. 
Bds. (orig. front wrapper bnd in). SS(i5)$30.oo. 

ALLEN (Paul). History of the American Revolution. Bait., 

1819. 2 vols , 8vo. 

Old sheep (rubbed, front hinge of Vol I cracked, some pp. 
stained). SS(78)$7-50. 

ALLEN (W. A.). Adventures with Indians and Game; or, 

Twenty Years in the Rocky Mountains. Plates. Chic , 1903. 


Hf. roan. I(55)$27.50. 
Another copy. BB(4)$i25o. 
Hf cf WW(ii)$200o. 

ALLIBONE (S. A.). Critical Dictionary of English Literature. 

3 vols., 1888, Supplement to same by J F Kirk. 2 vols, 1891. 
Phila., 1888-91. 5 vols., im,p. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. and cl. I (56) $900 

ALLESTREE (Richard). The Ladies Calling. Oxford, 1720 

Cont mor., g.e K(n)$iooo. 

Vel , tooled, inlaid, clasp of brass with 12' semi-precious stones. 

ALLINGHAM (William). The Fairies. Illustrations "by E G. 

Thomson, some in color. London, n d., Obi. 8vo 
Orig. paper, in cl. folder and case (wrappers loose, edges frayed, 

inscribed by C. L. Dodgson to Maggie Bowman). ZZ(68) 


ALMA MATER'S MIRROR. [Contains poem, "The House 
Beautiful," by Stevenson with contributions by others.] 
Edinburgh, 1887. I2mo. 

Cl. (orig. drawings by Stevenson pasted on one cover, from col- 
lection of A. G. Swanson). A(450)$4500. 

ALMANACS. Ames (Nathaniel). Astronomical Diary; or, 

Almanack. Boston, Draper, v.y. I2mo. 


ALMANACS. Ames (Nathaniel) Continued 

1740, lev. mor , by Ruban (some lines at top trimmed away; W. L 

Andrews copy). DD(5)$i2.50 
1757, hf. mor., g.t , by Club Bindery (W. L. Andrews copy). 


1761, hf. mor , g t , by Club Bindery (W. L Andrews copy, inter- 
leaved). DD(7)$ 
Ames (Nathaniel). An Astronomical Diary ... for ... 1764. 

Portsmouth, D. Fowle [1763 ] i2mo 
Lev. mor., unc., by Ruban. DD(8)$isoo 

- BickerstafiTs Almanack; or, Federal Calendar, for 1791. [Con- 
tains a Narrative of the Captivity of Robert White ] Portrait. 

[Boston,] Russell [1791.] I2mo 
Sewed, unc. WW(i3)$i5-00 
Copies for 1837, 1839, and 1852, triplicate for 1835 and 1840, 

together io vols. I(S7)$95 oo. 
Fleet (Thomas and John). Pocket Almanack for 1783. 

Calculated for the Use of Massachusetts Boston, v d. i8mo 
1783, mor., g.t (W. L. Andrews copy). DD(ii)$iooo 
1795, mor., g.t. DD(i4)$7-5o. 
Lodowick (Christian). New England Almanack for 1695. 

Boston, B Green, for S Philips, 1695. i6mo 
Sewed, unc. (S. Sewall copy, with MS notes by him). FGU) 

Thomas (Robert). Farmer's Almanac, etc. Nos. i-ioo, 

1793-1892. Boston, 1792-1891. 1 1 vols. 
Hf. mor., unc (100 issues in io vols., orig wrappers bnd in; with 

Prof. Kittredge's "Old Farmer and His Almanac," together 

li vols ). FG(2i)$4i oo. 

Travis (Daniel). Almanack of Coelestial Motions and As- 
pects for the year 1717. 8 leaves. Boston, B. Green, 1717. 


New bds. FG(7)$32 oo. 
Travis (Daniel). Almanac of the Caelestial Motions, Aspects, 

and Eclipses, For the Year of the Christian Aera, 1721 ... By 

a Native of New-England. i6pp. Boston, 1721. I2mo. 
Sewed. QQ(5)$25.oo. 
Tulley (John). Almanac for 169*. n leaves. Cambridge, 

S. & *B. Green for S. Phillips, 1692. i6mo 
Sewed, unc. (piece cut from first leaf). FG(i)$52oo. 
Tulley (John). Almanack for ... 1693. 12 leaves. Boston, 

B. Harris, 1693. i6mo 
Old sheep (interleaved, loopp., cont. entries, bnd in). FG(2) 

Tulley (John). Almanack for 1695. Boston, for J. Usher, 

by B. Harris, 1695. i6mo. 
Sewed. FG(3)$ 
Tulley (John). Almanac. 8 leaves. Boston, B. Green and 

J. Allen for John Usher, v.d. I2mo. 

1696, sewed, unc. FG(5)$i32.oo. 

1697, sewed. FG(6)$i 12.00. 

1698, sewed. QQ(4)$i30.oo. 


ALMANACS Continued 

Weatherwise (Abraham). Weatherwise's Town and Coun- 
try Almanack, for . . . 1786. 24 pp. Boston, Norman [1785.] 

Cf., unc., by Riviere. DD(i2)$22.50. 

West (Benjamin). North American Calendar and Rhode- 
Island Register for 1782. 20 leaves. Providence, Wheeler 
[1781.] I2mo. 

Sewed, unc. FG(i6)$8.25. 

West (Benjamin). North American Calendar or Rhode 
Island Almanac for 1783. 16 leaves Providence, Wheeler, 
[1782.] I2mo. 

Sewed, unc. FG(i7)$8so 

Whittemore (Nathaniel). Almanac for . . / 1717. 8 leaves. 

America, Printed for the Author, 1717. i6mo. 

(Few imperfections). FG(8)$2o.oo 

Whittemore (Nathaniel). Whittemore Revived. An Alma- 
nac for the Year 1738. Boston, 1738. l6mo. 

Sewed FG(9)$noo 

ALMON (John). The Remembrancer or Impartial Repository 
of Public Events The Third Edition. Folding map of 
environs of Boston drawn in June, 1775 London, J Almon, 
I77S- 8vo. 

Orig bds., unc. and largely unopened DD(i8)$i25o. 

ALPHERAKY (Sergius). The Geese of Europe and Asia. Col 

frontis. by Dr. P. P. Sushkin and 24 col plates by F. W. 
Frohawk. London, 1905 4to. 
Cl., unc I(s8)$i25o. 

ALPINE JOURNAL (The). Ed by H. B George, W. Mlartin 
Conway, George Yeld, and others. Vols. 1-33, with Index 
to Vols. 1-15. Col plates and other illustrations. London, 
1864-1921. 34 vols , 8vo. 

Hf mar. (few bndgs rubbed) last 8 vols. in orig. paper (inserted 
in first vol is 8-page pamphlet containing list of members 
Alpine Club signed with autograph of Edward Whymper) 

ALSOP (George). A Character of the Province of Maryland. 

Ed by John G Shea N. Y., 1869. 8vo. 

Hf roan (broken; bnd in is "Maryland Toleration," by Ethan 
Allen. Baltimore, 1855). I(6i)$i5oo. 

ALTER (J. Cecil). James Bridger. Salt Lake City [1925.] 8vo 
Cl, unc. (signed). I(62)$i5.oo. 

ALVORD (C. W.). Centennial History of Illinois. Chic , 1922 

3 vols , 8vo. 

Cl., g.t. SS(i265)$i25o 
First Explorations of the Trans-Allegheny Region by the 

Virginians, 1650-74 1912, The Mississippi Valley in British 
Politics. 2 vols. 1927. Maps Cleveland, 1912-17. 3 vols., 
CL, unc. I(63)$i2.oo. 



Collections. Vols. I-VII. Maps and plates. Worcester, 
1820-85. 7 vols , 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. SS(23)$ 

Vols. I-IV only, hf. roan (rubbed, with Catalogue of the Library 
of the Society, together 5 vols.). NN(i)$i7.oo. 

AMERICAN BOOKMAKER (The). A Journal of Technical 

Art and Information Illustrated Vols. 1-12, July 1885 to 
June 1891. N. Y., 1885-91. 5 vols , 4to. 
Cl (12 vols. in 5). DE(io3)$i2.oo. 

1895-1906, 1908-1922, 1924-1926, Index for 1916-1922, 31 vols., cl., g.t. 

(with 1908 vol. in dupl , together 32 vols.). I (213) $105 oo. 
1918, orig. cl , g.t. YY(i22)$io.oo 
1918-1926, 9 vols , orig. cl. SS (202 A) $55.00 
1920, cl., gt. YY(i24)$i200 
1925, cl, g.t. OO(3)$i4oo. 

AMERICAN COLLECTOR (The). Vols. 1-4, 24 parts. Me- 
tuchen, N. J., and N. Y , 1925-27. 4to and roy. 8vo. 

23 orig. parts (issue for July, 1927 lacking; laid in is Mr. Heart- 
man's "Extraordinary" of Aug. 20, 1927). H(795)$ 

AMERICAN GAZETTEER. II Gazzettiere Americano. 78 

maps and plates. Livorno, 1763 3vols.,4to. 
Orig vel. VV(6)$25.oo. 
Orig. vel. (pp. of 3d vol. stained). DE(3)$27.5O. 

AMERICAN MAGAZINE (The). August, 1746 Engraving by 

Turner. Boston, 1746. Sm 4to 
Mor, g.t., by Stikeman (engraving from Mass. Magazine for July 

1709 bnd in). DD(i6)$30.oo. 

AMERICAN MEN OF LETTERS. Ed. by Charles Dudley 

Warner. Portraits. Boston, 1882-97. 20 vols , I2mo. 
Cl., g.t. GG(4)$i2.5o 

AMERICAN PIONEER (The). Cincinnati, 1842-43. 2 vols., 


Hf . lev. mor. I (72)$25.oo. 
Hf. mor., g.t. (pp. slightly stained, Vol. II is reprint, dated 

"1844"). SS( 5 i)$27.50. 

AMERICAN REGISTER; or, General Repository of History, 
Politics and Science (The). Ed. by C. B. Brown. Vol I, 
i8o6-Vol. VII, 1810. Phila., 1807-11. 7vols.,8vo. 

Bds., unc. YY(i2o)$n.oo. 

Another copy. YY(i3o)$i3.oo. 

AMERICAN SERIES. [Contains "American Notes" by Rud- 
yard Kipling and "The Bottle Imp" by R. L. Stevenson.] 
N. Y., Ivers, 86 Nassau Street [1891.] I2mo. 



Orig. paper, in cl. case (back of wrapper worn, tearing few inner 

margins). Z(774)$6o.oo. 
Hf. mor. FF(2io)$20.oo. 


Caspar Whitney. N. Y., 1902-05. i6vols.,8vo. 
Hf. mor., unc. (rubbed; Large paper). I(75)$70.oo. 

AMERICAN STATE PAPERS. 1789-1818. Boston, 1819. 12 

vols., 8vo. 
Oldcf (rubbed, pp. stained throughout). A(479)$Q.oo. 

AMERICAN STATESMEN. Ed. by John T. Morse, Jr. [First 
Series.] Large paper Edition. Boston and N. Y , 1898. 32 
vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. J (6) $430.00. 

Mor., g.t., unc. R(i2)$i8o.oo. 

CL, unc. CC(3)$iSooo. 

Lev mor., g.t., unc. ZZ(io) $325.00. 

American Statesmen. [First and] Second Series. Boston, 

1898-1917. 40 vols , I2mo. 
Cl N( 9 )$35.oo. 

Cl,gt (Standard Library Edition). O(i5)$42-50. 
Cl., g.t. (First Series only, 32 vols ). GG(6)$22.50. 

AMERICAN TELEGRAPH (The). Vol. i, No. i, Nov 9, 1814, 
to Vol. 3, No. 115, July 18, 1820. Brownsville, Pa, Bouvier, 

Bds. U(28o)$ioo.oo. 


zine. Vols I- VI 1 1. [Ed. by John S. Skinner.] Bait, 1829-37. 
8 vols , 8vo. 

3 vols. cf. for Isaac Trimble, 5 hf cont. leather (pp. stained, 4 
plates torn, orig wrappers for 6 vols are bnd in). 1(77) 

AMERICAN WEEKLY MERCURY (The). 1719-1733- ( A11 
published). [Facsimile reprint.] Phila , Colonial Soc. of 
Pa., 1898-1907. 4 vok, 4*o. 

CL, unc. YY(i32)$95o. 

AMERICANA (The). N.Y., 1912. 22vols.,4to. 
Leath., g.e. O(28i)$35-oo. 

AMES (Joseph). Typographical Antiquities. Augmented by 
William Herbert. London, 1785-90 3vols,4to. 

Oldcf. (worn, some pp. stained, some offsets; Craw ford- Dunn 
copy). DE(ios)$i300. 

AMPHORA, a Collection of Prose and Verse, chosen by the 

Editor of the Bibelot Portland, 1912. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, unc (Japan paper). KK(i)$u.oo. 


ANBUREY (Thomas). Travels through the Interior of America. 

Folding views and map London, 1789. 2 vols , 8vo. 
Cf. (loose, name on title). SS(i22)$22.5o. 

ANDERSEN (Hans Christian). To Be, Or Not To Be? A 

Novel. London, 1857. I2mo. 

Cl., unc. (presentation copy, fly-leaf inscribed to Wilkie Collins). 

ANDERSON (George William). A New, Authentic and Com- 
plete Collection of Voyages round the World, containing an 
Authentic, Entertaining, full and complete History of Cap- 
tain Cook's First, Second, Third and Last Voyages. Por- 
trait and numerous plates and maps. London, 1784. Fol. 

Cont cf. (rebacked). RR(53i)$is.oo. 

ANDERSON (James). Royal Genealogies. London, 1736. Fol. 
Sheep. U(384)$7.50. 

ANDERSON (Peter). History of [his] Life and Adventures. 

Compiled from his Own Papers London, 1754. I2mo. 
Hf. cf. (loose; title and several margins torn, defect in first 35PP, 
affecting a few words). SS(i23)$is oo. 

ANDERSON (R. C.). Marine Research Society Publication, 

No. XVI. Rigging of Ships in the days of the Spritsail 
Topmast (1600-1720). Salem, 1927 8vo. 
Cl. G(i85)$9QO. 

ANDERSON (Robert). The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D., 

with critical observations on his works London, 1795 8vo. LL(394)$7-50. 

ANDERSON (Sherwood). Dark Laughter. N Y , 1925. 8vo. 
Hf. parchment, unc., in bd. case (signed) O(25)$8.oo. 

Sherwood Anderson's Notebook. N. Y , 1926. 8vo 

Bds., unc., in bd case (signed) O(26)$9.oo. 

Windy McPherson's Son. N. Y., 1916. I2mo. 


ANDR (John). Proceedings of a Board of General Officers, 
held by Order of His Excellency, Gen. Washington, respect- 
ing Major John Andre Sept 29, 1780 Frontis. and one 
other plate. Phila., 1780. I2mo 

Orig. paper (lacks title and last 3 pp.). B(53)$i55O. 

Sewed (with A L. or A. D. of each officer indicated in title, 16 
pieces, and 12 portraits, together 29 pieces). DD(27)$82500 

Proceedings of a Board . . . respecting Major John Andre. 

N.Y., Rivington [1780] 8vo. 

Bds. (fore-edges clos-ely trimmed, affecting text, stains; Bourne- 
De Puy copy). DD (28) $380.00. 

ANDREWS (Alfred). Genealogical History of Deacon Stephen 

Hart and His Descendants. Portraits. Hartford, 1875. 8vo. 
Cl. Q(399)$i3<x>. 


ANDREWS (John). History of the War with America, France, 
Spain, and Holland, 1775-1783. Engraved title, folding maps, 
and portraits. London, 1785-86. 4vols., 8vo. 

Hf. cf., g.t., by Morrell. SS(68)$2250 

ANDREWS (William). Old-Time Punishments. Hull, 1890 

Mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e I(8i)$i6oo. 

ANDREWS (W. L.). Bibliopegy in the United States and Kin- 
dred Subjects. Col. and other plates. N. Y., 1902. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. N(i5)$p.oo. 

Bds., gt., unc., in wrappers and case. O(34)$n.oo. 
Bds, g.t, unc. (Large paper). HH(i3)$30.oo. 
Bds , unc. KK(6)$I7.50. 
An English XIX Century Sportsman, Bibliopole, and Binder 

of Angling Books. 16 plates. N. Y., 1906. I2mo. 
Vel., unc. (Japan paper, H. W. Poor copy). I(82)$6o.oo. 
Vel., gt., unc, in wrapper and case. O(36)$45oo. 
An Essay on the Portraiture of the American Revolutionary 

War. N.Y.,i8o6. 8vo. 
Gossip about Book Collecting. Illustrations, some in color 

N. Y., 1000 2 vols., 8vo. 

Paper, g.t, unc, in wrappers and case. O(32)$22.5o. 
Paper (presentation copy). LL(9)$i5.oo. 
James Lyne's Survey; or, as it is more commonly known. 

The Bradford Map. 3 folding plates, being reproductions of 

the map. N. Y., 1900. 8vo. 
Orig. cl , unc , in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (Japan paper). M(7) 


Cl , unc. WW(48)$7.5o. 
Jean Grolier. 14 plates, n in gold and color. N. Y., 1892 


Cl,unc. HH(8)$30.oo. 
New Amsterdam New Orange New York. Engravings, by 

E D. French several in color. N. Y., 1897. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. O(3i)$225o. 
Cl., unc. (Japan paper). KK(2)$i7.5o. 
New York as Washington Knew It after the Revolution. 

N. Y., 1905. 8vo. 

Parchment, gt., unc. O (35) $20.00. 
Paul Revere and his Engraving. Engraved title and plates, 

frontis. in color N. Y., 1901 8vo. 
Bds., unc. (R. Hoe copy). D(8)$6b.oo. 
Bds., g.t., unc. O(33)$27.oo. 

Bds., g.t, unc. (E. B. Holden copy). HH(i2)$45.oo. 
Roger Payne and His Art. n plates, 10 in gold and color. 

N.Y.,i8o2. 8vo. 

CL, unc. (inscribed to T L. De Vinne). HH(9)$45.oo. 
Sextodecimos et Infra. Plates, some in color. N. Y., 1899. 


Paper, unc. D(7)$i7.oo. 
Paper, unc. HH(io) $25.00. 


ANDREWS (W. L.) Continued 

Paper, unc. (C. D. Allen copy). KK(3)$is.oo. 

Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an Angle. N Y., 1903. 8vo. 

Vel, tooled, unc N(i6)$ 

A Trio of Eighteenth Century Engravers of Portraits in 

Miniature. Portraits and vignettes, one plate in color. N. Y., 

1808. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., in case (Jaipan paper). KK(4)$25.oo. 

ANDROS (Thomas). The Old Jersey Captive. Boston, 1833 

Bds. SS(83)$900. 

ANGELO (Henry). Reminiscences. 68 plates. Phila. and Lon- 
don, 1904. 2vols,4to. 
Hf. pigskin, g.t., unc. O(4o)$8.oo. 


Col. and other plates by Alken, Cruikshank and others 
With no. for June, 1828. London, 1822-28 13 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled (several margins repaired, one plate restored at 
folds, Vols. 2-6 lack half titles; Vol. 8 has 10 uncol. plates, 
giving 157 plates altogether to this set. See catalogue for 
full collation). I(8;)$i,82500 

Cf., g.t., by Sangorski. CC (4) $1,40000. 

ANNIUS (Joannes). Antiquitatum variarum volumina XVII. 

[Paris,] Jehan Petit, 1515. Fol. 
Old cf. (rubbed, first and last leaves stained; few damaged along 

lateral edge). BC(7o)$i2.50. 


lic, Published the i8th Instant. By A Plebian. 4 pp., the 4th 
blank. [N.Y.,i76o.] Fol. 


ANTI-PHILISTINE (The). June to Sept., 1897. [Nos. i, 3, 

and 4 contain stories by A Bierce ] [London, 1897.] 8vo. 
Q., unc. XX(i02)$i5.oo. 

don, 1807. 10 vols., I2mo. 
Cf. A(8)$io.oo. 

ANTIQUARIAN ITINERARY (The). London, 1815 7 vols., 

Mor., g.e., by C. Lewis. A(9)$i3-O0 

ANTIQUE GEMS. Numerous vignettes in 2 states, many in 

gold and color. Japan paper. Phila., n.d. 13 vols., 8vo. 
Q., unc, (some backs chipped). I (89) $25.00. 
CL, g.t. O(42)$i7-oo. 

APEL (C.). Der Freischutz Travestie, by Septimus Globus, 
with Twelve Etchings by George Cruikshank. London, 1824. 
Imp. 8yo, 

Lev. mor., inlaid, g.e., unc. (Large paper). A(377)$6s.oo. 


APEL (C.) Continued 

Lev mor , g.e., by Riviere (plates in 2 states, one India proofs) 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.t , unc, by Riviere (Large paper). 

APES (William). A Son of the Forest. N. Y., Published by 

the Author, 1829. i8mo. 
Hf cf (pp. stained). I(oo)$8oo. 

APIANUS (Petrus). Astronomicum Caesareum. Col. title and 
coats-of-arms of Charles V; 33 col. volvelles, 20 of which 
have from one to six disks, numerous col woodcuts and 
initials, and a ,partly colored coat-of-arms of Apianus at the 
end. [Colophon (letters reversed)] Factum et Actum In- 
golstadii . . . 1540. Fol 

Orig pigskin (cover worn, last 7 pp. stained; Frederic Spitzer 
copy). V(i8s)$7500. 

APPERLEY (C. J.) The Chace, The Turf, and The Road. 13 

plates by H. Alken, and portrait by D. Machse. London, 

1837. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. (worn). I(9i)$isoo. 
Hf. roan (pp. slightly stained). RR(435)$3000. 

- Hunting Reminiscences. Illus. by Wildrake, Henderson, 
and Alken. London, 1843 8vo. 

Cl, unc. A (345) $52.50. 

Cl, unc. (inner hinges cracked). I(Q4)$6500. 

Orig cl., unc. W(4)$6700. 

- Life of a Sportsman. 36 col plates by Alken. London, 1842. 

Orig. cl , ge., in cl. case (inner hinges split; First issue, with 4 

mounted plates in fore part of vol ). I (46) $1,40000. 
Lev. mor., tooled, gt., by Riviere. J(85)$420OO. 
Lev. mor., ge., by Riviere (First issue). ZZ(7)$375OO. 
Life of a Sportsman. Col plates by Alken. London, Acker- 

mann, 1857. 8vo. 

Hf. ley. mor., g.t., unc. (orig. cover bnd. in). J(86)$33.oo. 
Life of a Sportsman. 36 photogravure reproductions of plates 

by Alken, in 2 states, col. and uncol. London, 1901. 2vols., 

Bds, unc. (Large paper). I(96)$2750. 

- Life of A Sportsman. 36 col. illustrations by Alken. Lon- 
don, 1914. Roy. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. I(53)$i5oo. 

- Memoirs of the Life of the late John Mytton. 12 col. plates 
drawn and etched by Alken. London, 1835. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (W. L. Ashton-T. Ashton copy). I(44)$i,550.oo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, ge. on rough, by Riviere. W(59)$550.oo. 

- Memoirs of the Life of the late John Mytton. 18 col. plates 
by H. Alken and T. J. Rawlins. London, 1837. 8vo. 

Orig cl , g.e. (edges worn, some pp. stained, new end papers). 


APPERLEY (C. J.) Continued 

Orig. cl., unc. (worn). W(6o)$290.oo. 

Memoirs of the Life of the Late John Mytton. 18 col. plates 

by H. Alken and T. J. Rawlins. London, 1851. 8vo. 
CL, g.e. (frayed). I(48)$iso.oo. 
Life of John Mytton. Col. plates by Alken and Rawlins. 

London, 1869. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., unc. W(6s)$65.oo. 
Memoirs of the Life of the late John Mytton. 18 col. plates. 

London, 1870. Roy. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., unc. (shaken). I(49)$32.5p. 
Life of John Mytton. Col. illustrations after Alken and 

Rawlins. London, 1893. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t. A(67)$27.oo. 
Memoirs of the Life of the Late John Mytton. With a 

Memoir of Nimrod by R. S. Surtees. 20 col. reproductions 

of plates. London, 1899. Fol. 
Bds., unc. I(95)$i8.oo. 
Memoirs of the Life of the late John Mytton. 20 col. plates 

reproduced in facsimile from the originals and mounted on 

linen hinges. London, n.d. Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. I (so)$20.oo. 

Nimrod Abroad. London, 1842. 2 vols , 8vo. 

Hf. mor., unc, (H. A. Blyth copy). I(93)$32-50. 

Nimrod's Hunting Tours. 18 plates. London, 1903. 4to. 

Bds., unc. (plates in 2 states, plain and in color). I(97)$2i.oo 
Sporting. Engravings and Vignettes illustrative of British 

Field Sports. Ed. by Nimrod. London, 1838. Fol. 
Hf mor. (rubbed). A(75;)$32.oo. 
Hf. mor. (worn, pp. stained). I(92)$i5.oo. 

APPLEGATE (Jesse). Recollections of My Boyhood. By an 

Oregon Pioneer of 1843. Roseburg, Oregon, 1914. 8vo. 
Newbds. (orig. front wrapper bnd. in). BB(6)$300O. 
Orig. jpaper. CD (2398)$35.oo. 

APPLETON (D. and Co.). Appleton's Illustrated Hand-Book 
of American Travel. The Southern and Western States, and 
the Territories. Maps and plans N. Y., 1860. I2mo. 

Q. (worn, back chipped; with "The Great West . . . Guide, etc." 
1865, together 2 vols.). 55(1042-1043) $30.00. 

APULEIUS. Most Pleasant and Delectable Tale of the Mar- 
riage of Cupid and Psyche. Done into English by W. Ad- 
lington. With a discourse on the fable by Andrew Lang. 
London, 1887. izmo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t. A(4i4)$9-oo. 

Lev. mor., g.t, unc., by Riviere (rubbed, King- Wallace copy). 


The Golden Ass of Apuleius. Trans, by W. Adlington. 

Intro, by C. Whibley. London, 1893. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. ZZ(i3)$i5.oo. 
The Golden Asse. Done into English by W. Adlington 

Intro, by Seccombe. Frontis. N. Y., 1913. 8vo. 


APULEIUS Continued 

Hf. lev. mor., unc. KK(9)$i5.oo. 

The Golden Asse. Trans, by W. Adlington Illus. in color 

and in black and white, by Jean de Bosschere. London, 1923 


Cl., unc. N(i8)$i6.oo. 
Cl , g.t , unc. LL(9o)$i5 oo. 

AQUINAS (Saint Thomas). Summa Theologica. Literally 
trans, by Fathers of the English Dominican Province. Lon- 
don and N. Y., 1914-24. 21 vols , 8vo 

Cl. HH(i6)$37-50. 

ARABIAN NIGHTS. Trans by Edward Forster. Illus. by R. 
Smirke. London, 1802. 8vo. 

Hf. cf, unc. (Large paiper) A(i3)$i90O. 

Adventure of the Hunch-Back. Illus by W. Daniel after R 

Smirke. London, W. Daniel, 1814. 4to. 

Lev. mor., ge. A(i2)$i3.oo. 

The Thousand and One Nights. Trans, by E. W. Lane. 

Illus. by W. Harvey. London, 1839-41. 3 vols , 8vo. 

Mor., gt. K(i6)$45-00. 

Hf. mor., gt. R(i3)$2o.oo. 

Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night. Done into 

English Prose and Verse by John Payne 9 vols.; Tales 
from the Arabic. 3 vols.; Alaeddin and the Enchanted Lamp 
London, for the Villon Society, 1882. 13 vols., 8vo. 

Vel, unc. (J. Quinn copy). KK(io)$5250 

Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night. Done into 

English by John Payne. 9 vols.; Tales from the Arabic. 
3 vols.; Alaeddin and the Enchanted Lamp. London, Printed 
for subscribers only, 1884 13 vols., 8vo. 

Vel , g.t., unc. RR(294)$32 50. 

The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night. 10 vols. 

1885; Supplemental Nights, 6 vols. 1886-7-8. Trans, by R. F. 
Burton. Benares, 1885-88. i6vols.,8vo. 

Cl , gilt and silver decorations (Vol. IV of first series is of the 
Denver facsimile of the Benares Edition; with "A Series of 
Seventy Original Illustrations to the Arabian Nights and a 
Portrait of Sir R. F. Burton," Edition de Luxe, 71 reproduc- 
tions proofs before letters, 1897, in atlas portfolio, together 
17 vols.). I(336)$i70.oo. 

Grig. cl. CC(5)$250.00. 

Cl. (few backs worn, some vols. with Greene-Hammond book- 
plate). HH(i8)$26ooo. 

Cl. (some bndgs. torn; with 100 plates, proofs before letters, by 
S. L. Wood, in portfolio, together 17 vols.). PP(5)$i20.oo. 

'Lady Burton's Edition of her Husband's Arabian Nights. 
Translated literally from the Arabic. Prepared for House- 
hold Reading by J. H. McCarthy. Portraits. London, 1886- 
87-86[88?] 6vols.,8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (orig. covers bnd. in). DE(382)$io.oo 



The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night. 10 vols. 

1900; Supplemental Nights 6 vols. 1901. [Facsimile of 1885- 
88 Benares Edition with 100 plates by S. L. Wood in addi- 
tion.] [Denver, Carson-Harper, 1900-01.] i6vols,8vo. 

Cl., gilt designs. O(i66)$ 

The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night. 10 vols.; 

Supplemental Nights 7 vols. Trans, by R F. Burton. 
[Reprint of Denver 1900-01 edition, 3d vol. of second series 
divided into 2 vols.J 114 plates by Lalauze and others. 
Printed by the Burton Club for Private Subscribers only, 
[ I90j( ? )-04( ?) ] 17 vols , 8vo 

Cl., g.t, unc. GG(24)$225o 

Buckram, gt, unc. (Illustrated Benares Edition) LL(io5,)$35oo 

The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night. 10 vols , 

Supplemental Nights. 6 vols. Trans, by R F Burton Ba- 
roda Edition Privately printed, n d. i6vols,8vo. 


Cl,gt., unc. K(53)$45oo 

Hf. mor., gt , unc (frontispieces in 2 states, one in color) R(6s) 

Cl, g.t, unc. ZZ(49)$75oo 

The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night. 10 vols , 

Supplemental Nights. Manuscript Edition, with one page in 
Burton's hand tipped in, numerous plates, frontispieces in 2 
states, one col. by hand Privately printed, n d. 16 vols , 8vo 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. A(n)$23OOO. 

Lev. mor, tooled, gt., unc. J(44)$i900o 

Mor , g t , unc. K(52)$230 oo. 

Lev. mor., g.t, unc. (MS. is from "Terminal Essay upon the 
History of the Nights," Vol. X, first series). ZZU8)$22500 

The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night. Ren- 
dered from the literal version of Dr. J C. Mardrus by E. P. 
Mathers. Col frontispieces London, Privately Printed, 
Casanova Society, 1923. 4vols.,8vo. 

Mor., gt., unc. HH(i7)$ 

Thousand and One Nights: The Arabian Nights' Entertain- 
ments. Trans by E. W. Lane. To which are added Further 
Tales from the French Translation of Antoine Galland. 30 
plates by Frank Brangwyn and 6 photogravures London, 
Cecil Palmer, n.d. 6vols,8vo. 

Q. f unc. LL(i2)$ 

Hassan Badre Odine 1 Bass Raoui. Conte des 1001 Nuits. 

Plates in gold and colors. Paris, n d. Fol. 

Paper, unc., in cl. case. W(i28)$7-50. 

A Series of Seventy Original Illustrations to Captain Sir 

R. F. Burton's "Arabian Nights." Portrait, and 69 photo- 
gravure plates (should be 70), after Albert Letchford, proofs 
before letters. London, 1807. Fol. 

In cl. portfolio (index leaves stained, margins of others torn). 


ARBER (Edward). The first Three English Books on America, 

being chiefly Translations, Compilations, etc., by Richard 
Eden from the Writings of Pietro Martire, Sebastian Mun- 
ster, Sebastian Cabot. Ed by Edward Arber. Birmingham, 
1885. 4to. 
Cl., unc. VV(s6)$iooo. 

ARCHENHOLTZ (J. M. von). History of the Pirates, Free- 

Booters or Buccaneers of America. Trans by G. Mason 
London, 1807 I2mo 
Mor, g.t., unc. SS(i2o)$8.oo. 

ARCHER (D. W.). Leaves from Logiedale. Intro, by J M. 

Barrie Arbroath, 1889 I2tno. 
Cl. MM(4)$20oo. 

ARCHIMEDES. Opera Nonnulla a Frederico Commandino 

urbinate nuper in Latinum conversa, et Commentariis illus- 
trata Venetns, apud P. Manutium, Aldi F., 1558. Sm. fol 
Cf (rebacked, 2 parts in one vol autograph of G. A. Magini on 
title). N(2i)$900. 

ARETINO (Pietro). Ragionamenti. [Parts I-III ] [Bengodi,] 

1584. 8vo. 
Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. FF(2)$2i.oo 

ARGYLE (ARCHIE). Cupid's Album. N. Y. and St. Louis, 

1866 I2mo 
Cl. BB(7)$2750. 

ARIOSTO (Lodovico). Orlando Furioso, tutto ricorretto . . . 

di G. Ruscelh Woodcuts after Dosso Dossi. Venice, 1556 

Sm 4to. 
Mor , tooled (worn, back loose, Duke of Roxborough copy). 

'Orlando Furioso. Portrait and plates Parigi, 1795. 4 vols , 


Cf , ge. O(44)$i6oo 
Orlando Fvrioso In English Heroical Verse. By Sr. lohn 

Hanngton of Bathe Knight. Now thirdly revised and 

amended with the Additions of [Hanngton's] Epigrams. 

Printed by G. Miller for J. Parker, 1634. [Second Title ] 

The Most Elegant and Wittie Epigrams of Sir John Haring- 

ton, Knight Printed by George Miller, 1633 Title and 46 

plates engraved by Cockson and others London 1634-33 

Cf. (frontis. re-engraved and reversed, plates retouched; Viscount 

Powerscourt-H B. Forman copy). DD(352)$ 
Orlando Furioso: Trans, by John Hoole. London, 1799. 

5 vols., 8vo. 0(45)$i2po. 
Orlando Furioso. Ed. by W. S. Rose. London, 1823-31. 

8 vols , 8vo. 
Cf., g e , by Ha) day. O(46)$i7 5. 


ARISTOPHANES. The Eleven Comedies. London, Athenian 

Society, 1912. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf.vel., unc. HH(2i)$4O.oo. 
Hf. vel., g.t., unc. LL(i7)$35 oo. 
Eleven Comedies. Illus. by Jean de Rosschere, many in 

color. N. Y., 1928. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc. XX(ii50$i5.oo. 
Another copy. BC(i66)$22.50. 
Lysistrata. Done into English by Jack Lindsay. Illus by N 

Lindsay. London, 1926. Fol. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (signed by translator). W(s)$26.oo. 

ARKWRIGHT (William). The Pointer and His Predecessors. 

39 plates. London, 1902. 4to. 
Cl., unc. I(no)$32.oo 

ARMIGER (Charles). The Sportsman's Vocal Cabinet. Lon- 
don, 1830. I2mo. 
Hf. roan. I(ii2)$i8.oo. 

ARMROYD (George). Connected View of The Whole Internal 

Navigation of The United States, Natural and Artificial; 

Present and Prospective. 10 folding maps. Phila., 1826. 8vo. 
Bds , unc. (laid in are several hand-drawn maps and MS. notes) 

Connected View of the Whole Internal Navigation of the 

United States. Folding map and charts. Phila., 1830. 8vo. 
Orig. bds , unc. WW(54)$I2 50. 

ARMSTRONG (Archibald). Banquet of Jests. Frontis. and 

engraved title. Edinburgh, 1872. 8vo. 
Mor, g.t., unc. O(48)$n.oo. 

ARMSTRONG (A. N.). Oregon, Description of the Territories 

of Oregon and Washington. Chic., 1857. I2mo. 
Q. CD(2362)$45.oo 

ARMSTRONG (. A.). Axel Herman Haig and his Work. 

London, 1005. 4to. 
Hf. mor., gt, unc. (inscribed to J. Loewe). GG(9)$i5.oo. 

ARMSTRONG (J. L.). Chronicles of the Armstrongs. N Y., 

1902. 8vo. 
Cl , unc. WW(55)$i7.oo. 

ARMSTRONG (John). The Art of Preserving Health, a Poem. 

London, 1768. 8vo. 
Cf. X(i7)$20.oo. 

ARMSTRONG (Sir Walter). Gainsborough and His Place in 
English Art. 72 plates, 10 in color. London, 1808 

Cl. (loose). RR(9)$i4.oo. 

Gainsborough, 1904; [also] Sir Joshua Reynolds, 1905. Lon- 
don, 1904-05. 2vols.,8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t , unc. DE(383)$ 


ARNAUD (J. B. d'). (Euvrcs. Plates after Eisen, Marillier and 

Restout. Paris, 1772-75- 5vols., 8vo. 
Cf. (rebacked). 0(49) $16.00. 
(Euvres. 33 plates and 42 vignettes and tail-pieces, after 

Eisen, Marillier, and Le Barbier. Paris, Laporte, 1795. 12 

vols., 8vo. 
Cont. sheep, tooled (rubbed). LL(22o)$6ooo. 

ARNOLD (Benedict). Proceedings of a General Court Martial 

of the line, held at Raritan, N. J. For [his] Trial, June i, 
1779, Phila., Bailey, 1780. Fol. 

Hf. mor (inner margin and corner of title repaired). DD(4o) 

ARNOLD (E. .) British Waders. Illus. in Water-Colour 
with Descriptive Notes by [him ] 51 col. plates. Cambridge, 
1924. 4to. 

Cl., unc. (signed). I(ii5)$i8oo. 

ARNOLD (I. N.). Life of Abraham Lincoln, Chic, 1885. 2 

vols., 8vo 
Hf. mor. (Large paper, with "Life, Crime, and Cajpture of John 

Wilkes Booth" by G. A. Townsend [1865,] together 2 vols ). 


Life of Benedict Arnold. Portrait Chic , 1880. 8vo. 

Lev. mor , g.e. (inlaid to size is A. N. S presenting copy of the 

book to B. J. Lossing, mounted on back) of fly-leaf is notice 

of the death of the author). SS(i49)$i7 50. 

ARNOLD (Matthew). Alaric at Rome. A Prize Poem, recited 
in Rugby School, June XII, MDCCCXL. Rugby, 1840. 8vo. 
Orig paper, in lev. mor. case (note on wrapper). X(i8)$85OOO. 

Works. Portrait London, 1903-04. 15 vols., 8vo. 

Cl, unc (some stains). I(ii7)$3750. 

ARNOLD (W. H.). A Record of Books and Letters. With an 
Essay on the Collector's Point Of View by L. H. Vincent. 
Jamaica, 1901. 4to. 

Cl. (Japan paper). N(22)$io.oo. 

ARS ASIATICA. Vols. I-VI. Paris et Bruxelles, 1914-25 6 

vols , 4to. 
Bds., unc (covers of 2 vols loose). HH(23)$6ooo 

ART DE L'IMPRIMERIE A VENISE (L'). Venise, 1895-96 

Imjp. 8vo. 
Paper, unc. DE (368) $16.00. 

ART OF MANUAL DEFENCE (The). 10 plates. London, 

1799. I2mo. 
Cont. cf. (worn, hinges broken). I(273)$i7.oo. 

ART OF STOCK-JOBBING (The). A Poem in Imitation of 
Horace's Art of Poetry. By a Gideonite. London, for Bald- 
win and Jeffreys, 1746. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g c., by Riviere. DD(477)$8o.oo 



ern. Ed. by Members of the Dept. of the Fine Arts at Har- 
vard and Princeton Universities Cambridge, 1923-27. 5 vols , 
imp. 8vo. 
V.b. DE(ii3)$i200. 

ARTAUD DE MONTOR (A. F.). Lives and Times of the 

Popes. Edition De Luxe. N. ,1911. lovols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. A(i2o)$8.oo. 


Union between the States of New Hampshire, Massachusetts- 
Bay, Rhode-Island, Connecticut, New-York, New-Jersey, 
Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Carolina and 
Georgei. (Caption title). [Connecticut printing ? I777-] 121110 
Sewed. QQ(n)$25OO. 

ARTS ANTHOLOGY (The). Dartmouth Verse 1925 Intro. 

by R. Frost. Portland, Mosher, 1925 I2mo. 
Bds., unc. (inscribed by Frost, Intro, signed by him) BC(33) 


ASH (E. C.)- Dogs, their History and Development. Boston, 

n d. 2 vols., roy. 4to. 
Bds., unc. I (120) $22.50. 

ASHENDENE PRESS. Apuleius (Lucius). XI Bookes of the 

Golden Asse. Trans, by W. Adhngton. Chelsea, 1924. Fol 
Bds , unc. HH(44)$i45.oo. 
The Boke of the Revelation off Sanct Jhon the Devine. 

Done into English by W Tyndale. Chelsea, 1901. Sm 4to 
Vel., unc. HH(26)$75oo. 
A Book of Songs and Poems from the Old Testament and 

the Apocrypha. Chelsea, 1904 I2mo. 
Vel, unc. (Avery-Qumn copy). HH(27)$6soo. 

Boccaccio (Giovanni). II Decameron. Chelsea, 1920 Fol 

Bds., unc. (Quinn copy). HH(25)$ioo.oo 

Cervantes Saavcdra (Miguel de). The First Part of the His- 
toric of the Valorous and Wittie Knight-Errant Don-Quixote 

of the Mancha. Trans, by Thomas Shelton. Chelsea, 1927 

At fol. 

Bds, unc HH(28)$205.oo 
Chaucer (Geoffrey). Prologue to the Tales of Canterbury. 

[Herts, 1897 ] iamo. 
Orig. paper, unc N(27)$25.oo. 
Dante. Lo Inferno. 1902; Lo Purgatorio. 1904, Lo Para- 

diso. 1905. Chelsea, 1902-04-05 8vo. 
Vel., unc (last work is De Vmne copy). HHC 20-30-31) $32000. 

Dante. Tutte le Opere. Chelsea, 1909. Fol. 

Oak bds., mor. back and straps, metal clasps, unc. (Quinn copy). 

Francis of Assisi (Saint). I Fioretti del Glorioso Poverello 

di Cristo. Chelsea, 1922. 8vo. 
Vel., unc. KK(n)$30.oo. 



Francis of Assisi (Saint). Un Mlazzetto Scelto Dei Fioretti 

Del Glorioso Poverello di Cristo. Chelsea, 1904. Sm. fol. 
Vel, unc. (on vel., Poor copy). HH (36) $160.00. 

Horace. Carmina Alcaica. Chelsea, 1903. I2mo. 

Vel, unc. (on vel.). HH(33)$i8o.oo. 

Horace. Carmina Sapphica. On vel. Chelsea, 1903. 8vo. 

Vel., unc. N(28)$65.oo 

Another copy. HH(34)$iSo.oo 

Lang (Andrew). Song-Story of Aucassin and Nicolete. 

Chelsea, 1900. I2mo. 
Bds, unc. HH(4o)$io500 
Malory (Sir Thomas). This Noble and Joyous Book en- 

tytled le Morte Darthur. Chelsea, 1913. Fol. 
Rus., unc. HH(38)$725oo. 
Another copy. KK(i2)$55ooo. 

More (Sir Thomas). Utopia. Chelsea, 1906. Sm fol. 

Bds., unc. (A L. S. by St John Hornby laid in, D. Furman copy). 

Minutes of ye CLXXVIIth Meeting of ye Sette of Odde 

Volumes Transcribed by Brother John Todhunter. Ashen- 
dene Press, 1896. I2mo. 
Paper, unc., in hf. lev mor. case. F(8)$26oo. 
Spenser (Edmund). Minor Poems. [London] 1925 Fol. 
Hf vel, unc F(q)$i20oo 
Another copy. HH(42)$i3Q.oo 
Verino (Ugolino). Vita di Santa Chiara Vergine. Intro 

and notes by W W Seton Chelsea, 1921 Sm 4to 
Vel , unc. HH(43)$2;.5o. 
Vel, unc. (KK(i3)$2ioo. 
Vel, unc. XX(22)$25.oo. 
Virgil. Opera. Bucolica; Georgica; neis. Chelsea, 1910. 

Roy. 8vo. 
Vel., unc., in hf mor case (on vel , Qumn copy) HH(39)$i45OO 

ASHLEY (C. W.). The Yankee Whaler. Plates, many in color 

Signed. Boston, 1926. 4to 
Bds, gt, unc XX(895)$i75o 

ASHTON (John). English Caricature and Satire on Napoleon 

I. London, 1884 2 vols , 8vo. 
Mor., g.t. R(283)$i5 oo 

ASPIN (Jehoshaphat). Naval and Military Exploits, which have 

distinguished the Reign of George the Third Frontis. and 
35 plates, all in color. London, 1820. Sm. 8vo 
Lev. mor , ge, by Riviere (H. V. Jones copy). PP(56)$i850o 

ASPLUND (Karl). Anders Zorn. More than 60 plates, many 

in color. London, 1921. 4to. 
Bds., gt., unc. O(769)$i;.oo. 

tions. Vol. i, 1886 to Vol 42, 1927. Phila., 1886-1927 42 vols , 


Cl. (36 vols. only, Vols. 16, 18, 19, 23, 27, and 28 lacking). RR(659) 

ATHERTON (Gertrude). The Conqueror. N ,1902. 8vo 
Orig. cl., unc. (inserted is A. N. S.). T(7)$i8 50. 

ATHERTON (William). Narrative of Suffering and Defeat of 

the North-Western Army, under General Winchester, etc. 

Frankfort, Ky., 1842 I2mo. 
Orig. bds. (H. F. De Puy copy). DD(42)$i; 50. 
Bds. WW(56)$9.oo. 

ATKINSON (G. F.). Curry and Rice. 40 plates in tint. Lon- 
don, n d. Roy. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, ge, in cl. case. I(i22)$22.5o. 

ATKINSON (Herbert). The Old English Game Fowl. London 

[1891.] 4to. 
Cl., unc. (rubbed). I(i23)$2i.oo. 

ATKINSON (J. A.) and WALKER (James). A Picturesque 

Representation of the Manners, Customs, and Amusements 
of the Russians, in [frontis. portrait and] One Hundred Col- 
ored Plates; with an Accurate Explanation of each Plate in 
English and French London, 1803-04. 3 vols , fol. 
Cf , inlaid. ZZ(ii3)$55-00. 

AUCASSIN AND NICOLETTE, A Love Story: Edited in Old 
French, and Rendered in Modern English by F. W. Bour- 
dillon. London, 1887 8vo 

Lev. mor., inlaid, g.t., unc. (back faded; Large paper, signed"* 
XX (24 ,$7 50- 

Aucassin and Nicolete done into English by Andrew 

Lang. 12 photogravures after drawings by Gilbert James 
London and N Y., 1905. 8vo 

Lev. mor., inlaid, g.t., unc., by Sir Edward Sullivan. PP(?)$35 oo. 

Aucassin and Nicolete. Trans, by Harold Child. Illus- 
trations in color by A. Anderson London, 1911. Sq. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., ge. ZZ(i4)$io.oo. 

AUCTION PRICES OF BOOKS. 1886-1904 Comp by Luther 

S. Livingston. N Y., 1005. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. pigskin, g.t. CD(i93i)$i2.50. 

AUDSLEY (W. and G.). Outlines of Ornament in all Styles 

Selected from Executed Ancient and Modern works. Liver- 
pool, 1878. 4to. 
Mor. AB(39)$ioo.oo. 

AUDUBON (J. J.). Birds of America. 500 col. plates. N. Y , 

1840-44. 7 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Mor. tooled, g.e. (few pp. and plates misplaced in Vol. III). 



AUDUBON (J. J.) Continued 

Mor., g e. (with "Quadrupeds of North America*' by Audubon 

and Bachman. 1854. 3 vols., together lovols.). U(iQ7f) 

$310 oo. 
Cont. bds. (few bndgs. rubbed; R. C Wmthroo copy) V(iq8) 

Mor., g.e (lacks half-titles, A. L S. of 1841 laid in, Hecksher 

copy). GG(i2)$525oo 
Hf cf. (Vol. I lacks half-title and list of subscribers). PP(6) 

Birds of America. 500 col plates. N. Y , Lockwood [1889] 

8 vols , roy. 8vo. 

Hf mor. (chipped). N(32)$ioooo 
A Synopsis of the Birds of North America. Edinburgh, 1839 

Mor, tooled, ge. (rubbed). I(i26)$43OO 

AUDUBON (J. J.) and BACHMAN (John). Viviparous Quad- 
rupeds of North America 150 col plates Plates only 
N. Y , 184^48. 3 vols , at fol. 

Hf mor. (broken, pp. stained) A(483)$i55 oo. 

Hf. mor, ge. (titles stained) K(23)$i8ooo 

Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America. 150 large folio 

hand-col plates and 6 royal 8vo col plates Text 3 vols , 
plates in portfolio N Y , J. J. Audubon, 1845-54. 4 vols, 
roy 8vo and fol 

Cl and hf. cl portfolio (laid in with plates is proof portrait). 

Quadrupeds of North America. 155 col. plates. N. Y , V. G. 

Audubon, 1849-51-54. 3 vols , roy. 8vo. 

Hf lev. mor , ge GG(i3)$8ooo 

Hf old mor. (rubbed, one cover loose) SS(i53)$30OO 

Quadrupeds of North America. 155 col. plates. N. Y , 1851- 

54 3 vols , roy. 8vo. 

Mor, ge (rubbed, one vol loose in covers). I(i3i)$50OO 

AUDUBON (J. W.). Illustrated Notes of an Expedition 

through Mexico and California. 4 plates in color. N. Y , 

Audubon, 1852, Fol. 
JIf mor. (presentation copy to D Huntington, bnd. in and inlaid 

to size are portrait and A L S of Huntington, 2 A L. S. by 

him are laid in) 88(303) $1,20000. 
Western Journal: 1849-1850. Portrait, plates, and folding 

map. Cleveland, 1906. 8vo. 
Cl , unc. SS(i54)$900. 

AUDUBON (M. R.) and CpUES (Elliott). Audubon and His 

Journals. With Zoological and other Notes. N. Y., 1897. 
2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc. I(i28)$io.oo. 

AUDUBON MAGAZINE (The). Vols. i and 2 [all published,] 

Feb. 1887- Jan. 1889. N. Y., [1887-89.] 2vols.,8vo. 
Hf. mor. I (132) $9.00. 


AUK (The). Bulletin of the Nuttall Ornithological Club [First 
Series of 'The Auk"], 8 vols. in 4, 1876-83 (hrst no. of Vol. i 
in reprint), The Auk, a Quarterly Journal of Ornithology 
Vols 1-44, and No I of Vol 45, with Index to the Bulletin 
of the Nuttall Ornithological Club, and to The Auk, Vols, 
1-17, 1884-1928 Col. plates. Cambridge and Lancaster, 1876- 
1928. 49 vols , 8vo. 

Hf mor 4 vols in paper, 4 in cl , and 41 in hf mor (few margins 
stained, no. of orig wrappers bnd in). I(i33)$^5oo. 

AULDJO (John). Narrative of an Ascent to the Summit of 
Mont Blanc Maps and plates. London, 1830. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (worn, presentation copy to G. Cruikshank, in- 
scribed by Cruikshank also). X(325)$2250. 

AUSMO (Nicolaus de). Capital on 1st page in color, other ini- 
tials and rubrications throughout in alternate red and blue. 
Venice Franciscus Renner de Heilbronn and Nicolaus de 
Frankfordia, 1474 Sm fol (Ham *2i53). 

Vel. of later period (last leaf holed, few marginal stains and nota- 
tions, ist page inscribed "pertinet ad locis S. Antonij Arcis 
Antiquae"). DE(ii4)$nooo 

AUSTEN (Jane). Emma. London, 1816. 3\ols,i2mo 

Orig bds, unc, in hf. mor. case (Vols I and III lack backstrips, 

that of II defective, 12 leaves of Vol I stained, Macgeorge 

copy). X(22)$i,30ooo. 

Mansfield Park. London, 1814. 3 vols , I2mo. 

Orig. bds , unc in cl case (rebacked, on covers are written names 

of members of reading circle with dates of delivery). X(2i) 

Northanger Abbey; and Persuasion. First editions London, 

1818. 4 vols 
Orig bds , unc , in hf. mor case (back strips defective, Vol. II has 

tear in title, also in half-title). X(23)$7OOOO. 

Pride and Prejudice. London, 1813. 3 vols , i2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (shaken, covers loose and back strips defective; 

name on title of Vol I) X( 20) $4,80000. 

Sense and Sensibility. London, 1811. 3vols,i2mo 

Orig. bds., unc (back strips defective and repaired, some PIP 

stained, autograph of Lady Shelley on covers, bookplate of 

"J. S.") in hf. mor. case X(io)$3,6oooo 
Novels and Letters. Ed by R B. Johnson. Col. illustrations 

by C. E and H. M. Brock Hampshire Edition. N. Y. and 

Phila , 1914 12 vols , 8vo 
Lev mor , g.t., unc. K(24)$ioo.oo. 

AUSTEN (John). "Rogues In Porcelain." A Miscellany of 
Eighteenth Century Poems Plates by the author, mainly in 
color. London, 1924. 8vo. 

Lev. mor , inlaid, g e , by Riviere, in cl. case. ZZ(is)$30OO 

AUSTIN (John O.). Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island. 

1887, Ancestry of Thirty-three Rhode Islanders. 1889. Al- 
bany, 1887-8-9. 2vols,4to. 
Cl. N(664)$is.oo. 


AUTHORS' CLUB. Liber Scriptorum. First Book of the 
Author's' Club. Each contribution signed. N. Y , 1893 Fol. 

Leath , unc. (Eugene Field copy, with Second book 1921, to- 
gether 2 vols, each in hf . mor. case). D(9)$95.oo. 

Leath , unc (rubbed). I(i34)$7250. 

Mor, g.t, unc. 00(219) $10000. 

AUTHORS DIGEST. Ed. by Rossiter Johnson and others. 

Frontispieces in color, one on silk. Authors' Club Edition 

Authors Press [1908.] 20vols,8vo. 
Cf , g t , unc. R(i4)$25 oo 
Another copy. ZZ(i6)$35.oo. 

A VERY (C. Louise). American Silver of the XVII and XVIII 

Centuries N Y , 1920. 8vo. 
Bds , unc. I(i35)$i900. 

AVIGDOR (E. H. d'). Across Country; Fair Diana; A Loose 

Rein By "Wanderer " Col plates by G Bowers London, 

1882-87 3 vols , 8vo 

Cf, tooled, gt (orig covers bnd in). W(67)$5i oo. 
Fair Diana. 22 plates in color by G Bowers. London, 1884. 

llf cf . tooled, unc. (inner margin of first page repaired). 1(454) 


AYER (I. W.). The Great North-Western Conspiracy. Chic, 

1865. 8vo 

Ong. paper. SS(;2o)$8 oo. 
Life in the Wilds of America. Plates Grand Rapids, 1880 

Cl WW(59)$i400 

AYLET (Doctor R.). Divine, and Moral Speculations in Metrical 

Numbers, upon Various Subjects Portrait by T. Cross. 
London Printed for Abel Roper, 1654 8vo 

Lev. mor , g e , by Walters (margin of portrait holed, W T Wal- 
lace copy). DD(26;)$iooo 

AYRES (Philip). Lyric Poems. Frontis London, by J M for 
Jos Knight and F Saunders, 1687 Sin 8\o 

llf cf (tears in outer corner of frontis , in corner of H, and in 
C, without affecting text; Campbell-Forman-Chew copy, 
\\ith MS. notes of Forman laid in) X(j;)$9soo 

AYTOUN (W. E.). Lays of The Scottish Cavaliers and Other 

Poems lllus by J Noel and W H. Patton. Edinburgh, 
1863 Roy 8vo 
Mor J(iO)$900 

BABRIUS. Babrii Fabulae Iambic* CXXI. Joh F Boissonade 

recensuit. Pans, 1844. Sin 8vo. 
Cf , ge on rough (Browning copy, with initials "E. & R B." on 

title and marginal notes in R Browning's hand). X(ioo) 



BABSON (J. J.). History of the town of Gloucester. Glouces- 
ter, 1860. 8vo. 
Cl. Q(90)$7-50. 

BACON (Sir Francis). Certaine Considerations touching the 

better Pacification, and Edification of the Church of England. 
[London] for H. Tomes [1604.] Sm.4to. 

Lev. mor., g e , by Riviere (lacks leaves Ai and F4). XX (26) 

Essayes or Counsels, Civil and MoralL Decorations by J. 

Gaskin. Cresset Press, 1928. Fol. 

Vel., g.t., unc. J(i;)$66.oo. 

Of the Advancement and Proficience of Learning. Inter- 
preted by Gilbert Watts. Portrait and title by Marshall. 
Oxford, 1640. Sm. fol. 

Cf , g.e., by Riviere (some marginal stains) D(io)$7ooo. 

Proceedings in Parliament against Francis Bacon, Lord 

Verulam, Viscount St. Albans, Lord Chancellor of England, 
upon an impeachment for bribery and corruption in the exe- 
cution of his office March iQth, etc , 1620 Being an excerpt 
from an early volume of trials. 


BACON (G. W.). The Life and Administration of Abraham 

Lincoln. London, 1865. I2mo. 
Ong. paper CD(i8i2)$;.50. 

BADEN-POWELL (R. S. S.). Pigsticking or Hoghunting. 25 

plates. [London] 1889. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. (stained, some leaves loose, stamp on fly-leaf). I (137) 


Ed. by the Duke of Beaufort, assisted by A. E. T. Watson. 
London, 1885-1002. 2Qvols., 8vo. 

Hf. roan, unc. (Large paper, shaken, some leaves stained, covers 
rubbed). I(i38)$75oo. 


(The). Ed. by A. E. T. Watson. Vols 1-37 London, 1895- 
I9I3- 37 vols , roy 8vo 
Orig. cl. (one vol. rebound) I(i40)$85oo 

BAILEY (L. H.). Cyclopedia of American Horticulture. N. Y , 

1900. 4 vols , roy 8vo. 
Cl. N(33)$i5.oo. 

BAILLIE-GROHMAN (W. A.). Fifteen Years' Sport and Life 

in the Hunting Grounds of Western America and British 

Columbia. Maps. London, 1000. Roy. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. I(i42.)$i3OO 
The Land in the Mountains. Intro by C. Landis. 82 plates 

and maps. London, 1007. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., tooled, unc. I(i43)$i3OO. 
Sport in Art. 243 illustrations London, Ballantyne Press, 

n d. 4to. 



1-118. Portraits. London, 1860-1922. 118 vols., 8vo. 
60 vols. m hf. mor. (rubbed, A. Padelford bookplate), remainder 

orig. parts (some wrappers torn, others lacking). 1(146) 


BAINES (M. J.). Victoria Falls, Zambesi River, n col. plates. 

London, 1865 . Fol. 
Cl. (loose). I(i47)$4Qoo. 

BAINES (Thomas). Lancashire and Cheshire. Past and Pres- 
ent. With an Account of the Rise and Progress of Manu- 
factures, by William Fairbairn. London, n.d. 4 vols., 4to. 

CL, g.e. (Large paper). Q(63i)$8.oo. 

BAIRD (S. F.), BREWER (T. M.), and RIDGWAY <R). 

History of North American Birds. Col. plates Boston, 1874. 

3 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Cl. (name stamped on title). A(4Q6)$iioo 
Cl. (loose in covers, J. L. Childs copy). I(i48)$525o. 
The Water Birds of North America. Col illus. Boston, 

1884. 2 vols., imp. 8vo. 
Cl. (J. L. Childs copy). I(i49)$200oo 

BAKER (E. C. Stuart). The Game-Birds of India, Burma and 

Ceylon. 49 col. plates. London, 1921. 2vols,8vo. 
Hf lev. mor., unc. I(is6)$26.oo. 
Indian Pigeons and Doves. 26 col. plates. London, 1913 

Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. (bndg. soiled, writing on fly-leaf). I(i52)$iooo. 

BAKER (Sir S. W.). Collection of his Writings. London, 1854- 

90. 12 vols , 8vo and I2mo. 
Hf mor., unc. I(i55)$35<*>. 

BAKST (Leon). L'CEuvre pour la Belle au Bois Dormant. Por- 
trait and 54 plates in color. Pans, 1922. Fol. 

Orig paper, unc., m case (signed, Clara Tice copy). LL(29)$i5.oo. 

Designs for the Sleeping Princess. Portrait and 54 plates in 

color. London, 1923. Fol. 

Cl., g.t., unc. K(26)$i2 50. 

The Story of Leon Bakst's Life. 68 plates, many in color. 
N. Y., 1922. 4to. 

Vel. K(25)$8.oo. 

BALCH (Thomas). The French in America during the War of 

Independence, 1777-1783. Portrait. Phila., 1891. 2vols.,8vo. 
Cl.unc. YY(i48)$io.oo. 

BALDWIN (Thomas). Narrative of the Massacre, by the Sav- 
ages, of [his] Wife and Children. Folding col. plate. N. Y., 
1835- 8vo. 

Orig. paper, unc., in case. DD(43)$i7.50 

Narrative of the Massacre, by the Savages, of [his] Wife and 

Children. Col. folding map. N. Y., Martin and rerry, 1836. 

Newbds., unc. 88(1324) $20.00. 


BALDWIN (William). A Treatise of Morall Philosophy. Lon- 
don, R. Bishop, 1651. Sm.Svo. 
Mor., g e., R(27)$47-50. 

BALL (Charles). Slavery in the United States. Lewistown, Pa., 

J. W Shugert, 1836. I2mo. 
Orig. cf. (worn, stained). I(iS7)$iooo. 

BALTIMORE. Remarks on the Intercourse of Baltimore with 

the Western Country, with a View of the Communications 
proposed between the Atlantic and Western States. Folding 
map. Bait., 1818. 8vo. 
New paper. SS(8;i)$22 50. 

BALZAC (Honore de). Les Contes Drolatiques. Illus. by A. 

Robida. Paris, n.d. 2 vols.,roy. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. O(64)$i2.oo. 
Ten DroU Tales . . . making up the first decade of [his] Droll 

Tales. Trans, by J. L. May. Intro, by Andre Maurois. Illus. 

by Jean de Bosschere. London, 1926. Imp. 8vo. 
Cl , unc. LL(93)$io.oo. 
Droll Stories. Ed. by E Boyd. Illus. by Ralph Barton. 

N. Y., 1928. 2 vols , roy. 8vo. 
Hf. cl., unc. A(2o)$i5oo. 
Bds, unc. O(63)$I200. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc ZZ(i9)$250o. 

Maximes. London, 1912. Sq. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., unc. KK(i4)$i7.oo. 

(Euvres Completes. Pans, 1895 48 vols., I2mo. 

Leath O(62)$io.oo. 

(Euvres Completes. Paris, 1912-22 25 vols., sq. 8vo 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t. XX(3o)$95-00. 

La Com6die Humaine. Trans by G. B. Ives. Phila , Barrie 

[1898.] 53vols.,8vo. 
Mor., tooled, gt, unc., by Stikeman (Intaglio Edition). R(2o) 


Cl., g.t, unc. (Edition Definitive). GG(i5)$70.oo. 
Complete Works. Japan Paper Edition. Phila., Barrie, 1895- 

1900. 51 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor, g.t, unc. J(i8)$28ooo 
Works. Portrait and more than 400 etchings, all in 2 states, 

first set of frontispieces col. by hand. Memorial Edition. 

Phila., Barrie [1890-1900.] 53vols.,8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. (Japan paper) K(27)$52^oo 
Complete Works. Portrait. Vendome Edition. Phila. 

[1901] 36vols.,8vo. 

Hf. mor, g.t., unc (backs faded). R(2i)$;ooo. 
Complete Works. Trans, by G. B. Ives. Phila, Barrie 

[1910-] 53 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, unc., by Stikeman (Intaglio Edition, with orig. 

signed drawing). A (18) $370.00. 
La Comedie Humaine. Trans, into English. Phila., Barrie, 

n.d. 53 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., unc. (several covers loose, few leaves stained). I(i59) 



BALZAC (Honore fa) Continued 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. (Intaglio Edition). ZZ(i7)$400.oo. 

Works. N. Y., recent . 36 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. leath., g.t., unc. CC(6)$55.oo. 

BANCROFT (Edward). Remarks on the Review of the Con- 
troversy between Great Britain and her Colonies. London, 
1769. 8vo. WW(62)$i5.oo. 

BANCROFT (George). History of the United States. Portrait. 

N. Y., 1916. 6 vols , 8vo. 
Lev. mor , unc. I(i6o)$i7.5o. 
(I) Memorial on the Canal de Haro as the Boundary Line of 

the United States of America, presented in the name of the 
American Government to His Majesty William I. German 
Emperor and King of Prussia as Arbitrator. (II) Reply of 
the United States to the Case of the Government of her 
Britannic Majesty, presented to His Majesty the Emperor of 
Germany as Arbitrator under the Provisions of the Treaty of 
Washington, June 12, 1872. Folding maps and charts. [Berlin, 
1872.] 4to. WW(63)$QOOo. 

BANCROFT (Thomas). Two Bookes of Epigrammes, and 

Epitaphs. London, 1. Okes, for M. Walbancke, 1639. Sm. 

Lev mor., g e., by Riviere (figures on recto of Imprimatur, line 
and few words on F2 revised by former owner, Hagen-Chew 
copy). X(28)$3500o. 

BANDELLO (Matteo). XVIII Histoires Tragiques. Paris, 

1564. i6mo. 
Cf. XX(3i)$iooo. 

BARB&-MARBOIS (Francois, Marquis de). Histoire de la 

Louisiane et de la Cession de cette Colonie par la France aux 

Etats-Ums de 1'Amerique. Folding col. map Pans, 1829. 


Hf cf. WW(64)$i250. 
Hf leath CD(iQ49)$i5.oo. 
History of Louisiana. Trans by an American Citizen [Wm. 

B. Lawrence ] Phila , 1830. 8vo 
Orig. bds., unc. JJ(24)$i7-50. (rubbed, stained, name cut from title, autograph and note 

by B. F. French). DE(s)$2750. 

BARBER (E. A.). Genealogical Record of the Atlee Family. 

Phila., 1884. 8\o. 
Cl Q(300)$i8oo. 
Pottery and Porcelain of the United States. N. Y., 1893 

Roy. 8vo. 

Cl, unc. YY(iS4)$i700. 
Tulip Ware of the Pennsylvania-German Potters. Phila., 

1903. 8vo. 
Cl. YY(i53)$noo. 


BARBER (Miss). True Narrative of [her] Five Years' Suffering 

and Perilous Adventures. Phila. [1873.] 8vo. 
Hf. mor. (ong. wrappers bnd in). SS(i354)$i5.oo. 

BARBERINO (Francesco). Documenti di Amore. Title and 
15 plates by C. Bloemaert after Zuccaro, Albani, and others 
Roma, V. Mascardi, 1640. 4to. 

Lev. mor, g.e., by Noulhac, in case (lacks signature (4 leave*) 
containing table of Examples, Hoe copy). D(i3)$50oo. 

BARBEY D>AUREVILLY (Jules). What Never Dies. Trans 
by Sebastian Melmoth (O. W.). Paris, Privately printed, 
1902. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. O(75i)$9.oo. 

Paper, unc. XX (955) $17.50. 

What Never Dies. Trans, by Sebastian Melmoth. Col. 

frontis. Privately printed, 1928. 8vo. 

Cl., gt., unc. W(77)$8.oo. 

BARENGER (James). A series of 24 aquatint engravings of 
Sporting Scenes in color, engraved by Sutherland and Merke 
after Barenger. London, 1809-10. Obi. fol. 

6orig. parts, in cl case. K(29)$220.oo 

BARETTI (Joseph). A Dictionary of the English and Italian 

Languages. London, 1768. 2 vols., 4to. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked, worn, few pp. stained). D(i49)$noo. 

BARGAGLI (Scipione). Dell' Imprese ... alia prima parte la 
seconda e la terza nuovamente aggiunte. Portrait of the Em- 
peror Rodolph II, plate representing his device and 138 other 
engravings of devices. Venetia, 1594. 4to. 

Cf., g.e, by Bedford (Brit Mus dupl.-R. Hoe copy) D(i2) 

BARHAM (R. H.). Ingoldsby Legends. Plates by G. Cruik- 
shank and John Leech. London, 1840-42-47. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor., in cl. case (Vol. I is 1st issue with p. 236 blank, also 
Vol. 3, with misprint on p. 350; break in hinge of Vol. I, 
inscribed by Cruikshank, Granville-Smith copy). X(29)$ 

Cf., g.t., by Morrell (orig cl. covers bnd. in). ZZ(2i)$7o.oo 

Ingoldsby Legends. Illus. by G Cruikshank and John Leech. 

London, 1910. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Mor., inlaid, g.t. R(220$7-5<>. 

BARING (Maurice). Proserpine. Oxford and London, 1908. 

Paper, unc. (Ashley Library copy). XX(32)$9.oo 

BARING-GOULD (Sabine). Book' of Were-Wolves. Frontis. 

London 1865. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., unc. (shaken). I(i62)$io.oo. 
Cf., g.t., by Riviere (bndg. worn). PP(io)$io.oo. 


BARKER (M. H.). Greenwich Hospital. 12 col plates by G 

Cruikshank. London, 1826. 4to. 
Hf. mor., by Root (rubbed; with dupl. set of plates, uncolored). 


Hf. lev. mor., tooled, 'g.t , unc., by Root and Son. W(56)$55.oo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (bndg. rubbed, with dupl. set of plates). 


BARNARD (Anne, Lady). South Africa of a Century Ago. 
Portrait. London, 1901. 8vo. 

Cl., unc., in hf. lev. mor. case (A. L. S. laid in, inscribed by Swin- 
burne to T. Watts-Dunton). Z( 1272) $30.00. 

BARNARD (. H.). Narrative of [his] Sufferings and Adven- 
tures ... in a Voyage around the World. Chart and 6 plates. 
N. Y , printed for the Author, 1829. 8vo 

Bds. (stained, backbone and chart torn). CD(2663)$i2.oo. 

BARNUM (H. L.). The Spy Unmasked. Portrait Cincinnati, 

1831. I2mo 
Hf mor. (stained). A(488)$850. 

BARRETT (J. H.). Life of Abraham Lincoln. Portraits. Cin- 
cinnati, 1860. I2mo 
Orig. paper. WW(354)$8 oo. 

BARRIE (Sir James M.). The Allahakbarrie Book of Broadway 

Cricket for 1899. [Privately printed, 1899] Sq. I2mo. 
Vel., in cl. case. BC(i72)$i40.oo. 

Auld Licht Idylls. London, 1888. I2mo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. MM(3)$iopoo. 

Better Dead. Frontis. London, 1891. I2mo. 

Cl,g.t, MM(n)$i250. 

Charles Frohman: A Tribute. [London, 1915 ] 4to. 

Hf. lev. mor, g.t. (orig. wrappers bnd. in) XX(37)$35.oo. 

Courage. London [1922.] 8vo 

Cl. (with copy of Large Paper Edition of 1922, together 2 vols ) 


Cricket. [London, 1926 ] 4to 

Paper, in cl. cover and case. XX (39)$95 oo. 

An Edinburgh Eleven. London, Office of the "British 

Weekly," 1889 I2mo. 
Orig. paper (backs repaired; First issue, in wrappers) MM(s) 


Orig. cl. (Second issue, in cl). MM(;)$4500 
Orig. paper, in cl box (First issue). BC(i68)$4000 

Half Hours. London [1914] I2mo. 

Cl, g.t, unc. MM(2o)$io.oo. 

"The Ladies' Shakespeare/' [London] Privately printed, 

1925. 4to. 

Paper. BC(i77)$67-50. 
The Little Minister. First Edition, with :6pp. advertisements 

in Vol. I, dated "sG. 9. 91 " London, 1891. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl., unc. (stained, recased) MM(io)$400.oo 
Orig. cl., unc (frayed, shaken, new end-papers in Vol. I, inscribed 

by Maude Adams). BC(i7i)$2iooo. 


BARRIE (Sir James M.) Continued 

The Little White Bird. Frontis London, 1902. i2mo. 

Cl., g.t., unc MM(i8)$22.5o. 

Cl., gt (writing- on fly-leaf). XX(36)$;.50. 

Margaret Ogilvy. Portrait. London, 1896 121110. 

CL, g t , unc. MM(is)$30.oo. 

My Lady Nicotine. London, 1890. I2mo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. MM(9)$235.oo. 

Cl , g.t, unc (name on fly-leaf). BC(i7o)$i6o.oo. 

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. Col. illustrations by 

Rackham. London, 1906. Roy. 8vo. 

Cl J(2 4 )$2000. 

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. Illus. in black and white 
by Rackham. London, n d. 4to. 

Cl. N(658)$i;oo. 

Cl (with "Imagina" by J E. Ford N. Y , 1914, together 2 vols , 
1st vol contains signed sketch by Rackham, the 2nd contains 
A. L. S by author, name in one vol) HH(6o4)$525o. 

T Peter and Wendy. Illus. by F. D. Bedford London [1911.! 


Cl. unc (writing inside cover). BC(i75)$2500 

Scotland's Lament. A Poem on the Death of Robert Louis 

Stevenson, Dec 3rd, 1894. London: Privately Printed for T 
J. Wise [1895.] 8vo. 

Paper. MM(i4)$55O.oo. 

Paper, in cl case (T. J. Wise bookplate) XX(34)$525oo 

Sentimental Tommy. London, 1896. I2mo. 

Cl, gt, unc MM(i6)$30oo. 

Shakespeare's Legacy. [London, 1916] 4to. 

Hf lev mor., g.t. (ong wrappers bnd. in) XX(38)$2J 50. 

Tommy and Grizel. London, 1900. I2mo 

G, g.t, unc. MM(i7)$20.oo. 

Another copy. BC(i73)$25oo. 

Walker London. .Frontis. London [1907] 121110 

Paper MM(i9)$i75O 

Another copy. BC( 174) $22.50. 

When a Man's Single. London, 1888. I2mo. 

Cl., g.t, unc. (inscribed to James Page) MM(6)$04oix) 

Cl., gt, unc (few margins discolored, name erased from flj-leaf, 
inscribed) BC(i67)$i75.oo 

Who Was Sarah Findlay? By Mark Twain With a Sug- 
gested Solution of the Mystery by J. M. Barne. London. 
Privately Printed by C. Shorter, 1917. 4to. 

Paper, unc. (copy No. 15, numbered and signed by Shorter) 

A Widow in Thrums. London, 1889 i2mo 

CL, g.t., unc. MM(8)$22ooo. 

Novels, Tales and Sketches of J. M. Barrie. Author's Edi- 
tion. N. Y., 1896-1900 10 vols., 8vo. 

CL, gt, unc. (some backs faded). O(67)$i7so. 
" also ARCHER (D. W.). 


BARRIE (Sir James M.) and DOYLE (Sir Arthur Conan). 

Jane Annie; or, the Good Conduct Prize. London 1893 8vo 
Orig. paper. MM(i2)$25.oo. 
Orig. paper. MM(i3)$40.oo. 
Grig paper (stamps on front wrapper). BC(i/9)$i700. 

BARRON (Richard). Views in India, chiefly among the Neel- 

gherry Hills. 7 hand col. plates, with a descriptive chart for 
each, engraved by R. Havell. London, 1837. Obi at. fol. 
Hf mor (rubbed, text stained) 1(167)52750 

BARRON (William). History of the Colonization of the Free 

States of Antiquity, applied to the Present Contest between 
Great Britain and her American Colonies. London, 1777. 4to. 
Unbnd. FG(43)$IO50. 

BARTLETT (D. W.). Life and Public Services of Hon. Abra- 

ham Lincoln Portrait. N Y , 1860. I2mo 

Hf mor , tooled, g t (Eugene Field's copy with his autograph and 
note by his son). J(i3i)$sooo 

BARTLETT (I. S.). History of Wyoming. Chic , 1918 3 vols , 

Cl (bndg of one vol damaged) BB(i6)$i900. 

BARTLETT (John R.). Personal Narrative of Explorations and 

Incidents in Texas, New Mexico, California, Sonora, and 
Chihuahua Folding map, 16 lithographs. N. Y , 1854. 2 
vols., 8vo. 

Orig. c 1 (one lithograph lacking) I(i7i)$iooo 

Orig cl (worn, map torn) SS(325)$I25O 

- Personal Narrative of Explorations and Incidents in Texas, 
New Mexico, California, Sonora, and Chihuahua Folding 
map, 16 tinted lithographs. London, 1854. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl (bndgs worn) BB(I7)$I500. 

BARTLETT (Joseph G.). Genealogy, Ancestry and Descend- 
ants of Dea. Gregory Stone, of Cambridge, Mass , 1320-1917. 
Boston, 1918. 8vo. 

- Genealogy, Ancestry and Descendants of Deacon Simon 

Stone, of Watertown, Mass , 1320-1926. Boston, 1926. 8vo. 
Cl. Q(520)$I700. 

BARTLETT (W. H.). The Pilgrim Fathers. London, 1853. 

Roy. 8vo. 
Cl (broken, pp. stained). G(i2)$3i.oo. 

BARTOLI (P. S.). Picture Antiquissimi Virgiliani. 125 plates 

Rome, 1782. 4to 
Mor., g.e. (rubbed, Maitland copy). LL(2is)$io.oo. 

BARTON (B. S.)> Memoir Concerning the Fascinating Faculty 

which has been ascribed to The Rattle-Snake, and other 
American Serpents. Phila., Printed for the Author, 1796. 8vo. 
Unbnd. JJ(27)$io.5O. 


BARTON (Bernard). A Widow's Talc. London, 1827. i2mo. 
Orig. bds., unc., in hf. mor. case (presentation copy to Charles 

Lamb, with numerals in his hand, also inscription by T. 

Westwood). Z(8i7)$i30.oo. 

BARTON (William). The True Interest of the United States, 

and particularly of Pennsylvania, considered; with Respect 
to the Advantages resulting from a State Paper-Money: with 
some Observations on the Subject of a Bank, and on Agricul- 
ture, Manufactures and Commerce. By an American. Phila , 
1786. 8vo. 
Unbnd. JJ(87)$4500. 

BARTRAM (JOHN). Description of East-Florida. Folding 

map and 2 plans. London, 1769. 4to. 
Lev. mor., unc., by Riviere DE(n6) $32.50. 
^Observations on Inhabitants, Climate, Soil, etc made in 

Travels from Pensilvama to . . Canada. Folding plan 
London, 1751. 8vo. 
Hf. sheep (rubbed, hole in title). SS(i377)$37-5O. 

BARTRAM (William). Travels through North and South Caro- 
lina, etc. Folding map, portrait and plates. London, 1792 

Old hf. roan, unc. (rubbed, rehinged, pp. stained). I(i72)$2900 

Travels through North and South Carolina, etc. Portrait, 

map, and plates. London, 1794. 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (hinges cracked) SS(Q35)$225o. 

BARTSCH (J. Adam de). Le Peintre Graveur. Leipzig, 1854- 

70. 15 vols., I2mo. 
Hf. mor. (21 vols in 15; with "Supplements au Pemtre-Graveur" 

by R Wiegel 1843, together 16 vols ; some joints weak, 

lacks atlas, E. Levy copy). DE( 117) $27.50. 

BASILE (G. B.). II Pentamerone. Trans, by Sir Richard Bur- 
ton. London, 1893 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. (one cover stained, bookplates marked "S. J. G-C.") 1(334) 

Cl. O(i62)$i8.oo 

BASILY-CALLIMAKI (Mme. de). J. B. Isabey. Sa Vie; 

son Temps. 1767-1855. Plates, some in color. Paris, 1909 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, unc , 10 ivory miniatures by Miss Curne 

on each cover (J. A. Coles copy). D(i9)$4io.oo 

BATES (H, W.). The Naturalist on the River Amazon. Lou* 

don, 1863, 2 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl., unc. I(i73)$i2.oo. 

BATES (William). George Cruikshank: the Artist, the Humorist 

and the Man. Illus. from orig. drawings by G. Cruikshank. 
Birmingham, 1878. Roy. 8vo. 

G.t., unc. (Large paper, A. N. and fifty extra plates inserted). 


BATTLE OF WATERLOO (The); also of Ligny and Quatre- 
Bras. Col and plain plates and maps. London, 1817 410. 
Cf. (2 vols. in one, rebacked). A(22)$i9.oo 

BATTLES. See tinder names of individual battles or localities, 
under titles of covering wars, and under MAPS. 

BAUDRY DES LOZIftRES (L. N.). Second Voyage a la 

Louisiana, 1794-1708. Pans, 1803 2vols,8vo 
Orig bds. (I H Keim copy). DE(6)$20.oo 

BAXTER (J. P.). The British Invasion from the North. 

Albany, 1887. Sq. 8vo 
Cl, unc. (De Puy copy). DD(44)$/5o. 

BAYLE (Peter). Historical and Critical Dictionary. Portrait. 

London, 1826. 4 vols., I2mo. 
Hf. cf., g.t , unc O (70) $15.00. 

BEADLE (J. H.). Life in Utah; or, the Mysteries and Crimes 

of Mormomsm. Phila , n d. 8vo. 
Hf mor D(i6)$i300. 


White Gladiator, The Scout's Prize, The Child of the Prairie; 
The Land Claim; East and West. N. Y. [1862-72.] 5 vols., 
)n# paper (some wrappers torn) CD (2997) $12.00. 

BE ALE (Thomas). The Natural History of the Sperm Whale. 

3 plates. London, 1839 12010. I(i75)$8oo. 

BEARDSLEY (Aubrey). Bon-Mots of Charles Lamb and 

Douglas Jerrold. Ed by Walter Jerrold Grotesques by 

Beardsley London, 1893. I2mo. 
Cl , unc. (bndg. soiled, fly-leaves stained, large paper; H. G. 

Cowen copy). HH(6o)$8oo. 
Orig. cl , g t. (with "Bon-Mots of Sidney Smith, R. B Sheridan, 

etc." 1894. 2 vols., together 3 vols.). LL(39)$i2so. 
- Book of Fifty Drawings. London, 1897. 4*- 
CL, gt,unc HH(53)$i7-50. 
Orig cl., gt. (with "A Second Book of Fifty Drawings 1809, 

together 2 vols ) LL(42)$20.oo 
Cl, gt. (with "A Second Book of Fifty Drawings." 1809, to- 

gether 2 vols ). XX(49)$iooo. 
Early Work. London, 1809. 4to. 
Cl., g.t , unc. (with "Later Work " 1901, together 2 vols ). 6(84) 


Cl, g.t., unc. HH(54)$2500 , 

Cl., g.t., unc. (Japan paper, faded, with autograph of Clara Tice). 

- Early Work. London, 1912. 4to 

Cl, unc. (with "Later Work," together 2 vols.). K(3i)$;.50. 
Cl (with "Nineteen Early Drawings" 1919, together 2 vols). 


BEARDSLEY (Aubrey) Continued 

Later Work. London, 1901. 4to. 

Cl., g.t., unc. (Japan paper; shaken, few signatures loose; with 
autograph of Clara Tice). LL(45)$io.oo. 

Pay of the Pied Piper, n woodcuts by Beardsley. [In The 

Brighton Grammar School. Annual Entertainment at the 
Dome, Dec. 19, 1888.] [Brighton, 1888.] 8vo. 

Cf., by Riviere. X(3o)$50.oo. 

Paper (9 ong. drawings laid in). X (31) $800.00. 

Cf., by Riviere (Kern copy). BCU)$I250. 

Paper (10 orig. drawings laid in, Kern copy). BC(s)$2io.oo. 
Second Book of Fifty Drawings. Portrait and plates. Lon- 
don, 1899. 4to. 

Cl., gt., unc. HH(55)$i5.oo. 

Uncollected Work. London [1925,] 4to. 

Cl., g.t., unc. (Japan paper, with autograph of Clara Tice) 

Under the HilL London, 1904. 4to. 

Cl., g.t, unc. HH(57)$i2.50. 

Cl, g.t., unc. XX(54)$9.oo. 

BEATTY (Charles). Journal of a Two Months Tour. London, 

1768. 8vo. 

Bds. (name on title). SS(i384)$ 
Sewed. WW(6s)$25.oo. 

BEAUJOUR (Felix de). Sketch of the United States. Trans 
by W. Walton. Folding col. map and folding tables Lon- 
don, 1814. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. SS(i59)$i6.oo 

BEAUMONT (Francis). The Wild-Goose Chase. London. 

1652. Fol. 
Cf., tooled, by Riviere. V(2io)$i45.oo. 

BEAUMONT (Francis) and FLETCHER (John). Comedies 

and Tragedies. Portrait by Marshall. London, 1647. Fol. 
Cont cf., tooled (portrait mounted, outer margin of title extended, 

rebacked with morocco, portrait in second state). (209) 

Lev. mor., tooled, g e., by Riviere (i2 l /2xS% in , corner of port 

and title margin repaired, port in second state, note by 

former owner on blank preceding "Love's Cure") X(42) 

Vel., g.e. (lateral margins of portrait restored, some head-lines 

trimmed into; bnd in is "The Wild-Goose Chase." 1652, 

occasional stains, corner of one leaf torn away, inscriptions). 


Fifty Comedies and Tragedies. Portrait. London, 1679 Fol 

Hf. mor. (title trimmed and mounted). D(ii8)$n.oo. 
Old cf. (hinges broken, title mounted). DE(iip)$i2.oo. 


vols., I2mo. 
Old cf. R(i44)$io.oo. 


BEAUX ARTS CLASSICS. Luxembourg Edition. Paris, n.d 

8 vols., 8vo. 

Cl, g.t., unc. R(29)$i5.oo 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. ZZ (24)$! 15.00 

BEAUX AND BELLES OF ENGLAND. Portraits, frontis- 
pieces in color. Edition de Luxe. London, Grolier Society, 
n.d. 29 vols , 8vo. 

Cf., g.t., unc. O(8o)$42.5<>. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (rubbed). R(28)$35OO. 

BEAVEN (Samuel). Lay-Liberty Reasserted. Newport, J. 

Franklin, 1753. I2mo. 
Sewed, unc. QQ(26)$i7.5o. 

BEAZLEY (C. R.). Dawn of Modern Geography. Maps. Lon- 
don and Oxford, 1897, 1901, 1906. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. (ist vol. inscribed, 3rd vol contains signed quotation). I (176) 

BECK (L. C.). A Gazetteer of the States of Illinois and Mis- 
souri. Map and 5 plates, some folding. Albany, 1823. 8vo 
Orig bds , unc (bndg. loose, wrong map). JJ(29)$38oo. 
Lev. mor., unc and unopened (folding map). 88(1124) $230.00. 
Hf. lev. mor , g t , unc. (folding map). WW (67) $160.00. 

BECKE (Louis). Collection of First Editions. London, 1894- 

1913 23 vols , I2mo and i6mo. 
Cl. I(i77)$55.oo 

BECKFORD (Peter). Essays on Hunting. Southampton 

[1781] 8vo 
Paper, unc, in cl case (name on fl>-leaf, back missing). 1(179) 

Thoughts on Hunting. Fronds, after Bartolozzi and 2 other 

plates. Sarum, 1781 Sm 4to 

Cont cf. (hinges cracked, John Lloyd copy). I(i78)$ioooo. 
Thoughts upon Hare and Fox Hunting. 20 plates London, 

1796. 8vo 

Bds., unc. (worn, stains and some marginal tears). I(i8o)$i2.oo 

BECKWOURTH (J. P.). Life and Adventures. N Y , 1856. I2mo 

Cl (worn, 2 fly-leaves missing). I(i83)$37.50 

I If mor, gt BB(22)$35.oo 

Newel. (De Puy copy). DD(45)$i75<>. 

Cl. CD(2o83)$2250. 

BEEBE (William). Galapagos: World's End. 24 col. illus. 
N Y., 1924 Imp 8vo 

Cl., unc. (2 marginal tears, signed). I(i85)?27.5o. 

Monograph of the Pheasants. 90 col. plates, 87 photogra- 
vures, and 20 maps. London, 1918-21-22. 4 vols., fol. 

Cl. I(l84)$220.00. 

Pheasants, their Lives and Homes. Col. and plain plates. 

N Y , 1926. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Vel., g.t., unc. (signed). RR (437)$i4.oo 


BEECHER (Lyman). The Remedy for Duelling, Sermon deliv- 
ered April 16, 1806 Sag Harbor, N. Y., 1807. 8vo. 
Paper, unc. (name on title, stained). SS( 1058) $1000. 

BEECHEY (F. W.) Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific and 

Bearing's Strait. 1825-28. Maps. London, 1831. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. (2 vols. in one). G(i6)$ 

BEERBOHM (Max). A Christmas Garland. London, 1912 

Cl, unc. F(2o)$i50o. 

The Happy Hypocrite. N. Y. and London, 1897. Sq 121110 

Orig. paper, unc., in hf. lev. mor case. F(i6)$24oo. 

Paper, unc., in hf. mor. case. XX (60) $27 50. 

Orig. paper, unc.. in cl case (inscribed ong drawing inserted, 2 

inscriptions by owners; Blair-Shipman-Kern copy) BC(6) 


More. London, 1899. Sq. i6mo. 

Cl, unc. F(i7)$25.oo. 
Cl. XX(6i)$3250. 

Seven Men. London, 1919. Sm. 4to. 

Cl , unc. (with "And Even Now." 1920, together 2 vols ) 


-Yet Again. London, 1009. I2mo 
Cl., unc. F(i8) $27.50 

Zuleika Dobson. London, 1911 I2tri<x 
CL, unc. F(i9)$ 

Cl., unc. (inscribed, Glemby copy). BC(7)$65.oo. 
Works. With a Bibliography by John Lane London and 

New York, 1896 Sq. i6mo. 
Cl , unc. F(i5)$4D.oo. 

BEESON (John). A Plea for the Indians. N. Y., 1857. Sm 8vo 
Orig. paper. CD(2363) $30.00. 

BEGGAR'S BENISON (The). London, 1866. 2vols,i2mo. 
Orig. cl., in cl. covers and hf. mor. case. M(i43)$i2.oo. 

BEHN (Mrs, Aphra). Poems upon Several Occasions. London, 

1684. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.e., by David (Hoe-Chew copy). X(46)$i6ooo 

BEIXEDON (. F. F. de). Ancestors and Descendants of Dr. 

David Rogers. N.p, 1921. Imp. 8vo. 
Cl. Q(489)$i6.oo. 

BELCHER (Sir Edward). Last of the Arctic Voyages. 30 

plates and 4 charts. London, 1855. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Mor. (12 plates are in color). I(i87)$3S.oo. 

BELKNAP (Jeremy). American Biography. Boston, 1794-98 

2 vols., 8vo. 

Sheep (worn, Thomas-Brinley-Trumbull copy). SS(i6o)$25.oo. 
History of New Hampshire. Map. Phila. and Boston, 1784- 

92. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Old cf. (broken). Q(i98)$8so. 


BELKNAP (Jeremy) -Continued 

History of New Hampshire. Folding map. Boston, 1813. 

3 vols., 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (presented to J. G. Whittier by J. T. Fields, labels signed 

by S. T. Pickard). WW(4i8)$25.oo 

BELL (Horace). Reminiscences of a Ranger. Los Angeles, 

1881. 8vo. 
Cl. Ki8o)$375o. 

BELL (John). New Pantheon. London, 1790 4to. 
Oldcf. (2 vols. in one). A(24)$8.oo. 

BELL (J. M.). The Furniture Designs of Chippendale, Hepple- 

white and Sheraton. Intro, by A. Hayden. London, 1910 
Cl, g.t. GG(7i)$i250. 

BELL (Robert). Songs from the Dramatists. N. Y., 1882. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., unc (T L. De Vinne copy). KK(i6)$8oo. 

BELL (Solomon). Tales of Travels West of the Mississippi. 

Map. Boston, 1830. i6mo. 
Orig bds. (fly-leaves wanting, some pencilings). CD (2953)526 oo 

BELL (W. A.). New Tracks in North America. Map and col 

plates London, 1869. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl , unc. (loose in covers). I(i9o)$noo. 
Orig. cl., unc. SS(i36)$i7.50. 

BELLASIS (G. H.). Views of St. Helena. 6 plates in aquatint 
col by hand, engraved by R. Havell. London, 1815. Obi 
sm. fol 

Mor, unc. (engraving mounted on dedication page). ZZ(97) 
$22 50. 

BELLOC (Hilaire). The Highway and its Vehicles. Plates, 

some colored. London, 1926. 4to. 
Cl,gt. A(68)$I200. 

BELLOWS (G. W.). George W. Bellows. His Lithographs, 

195 plates. Intro by T Beer. N .,1927 Imp. 8vo. 
Cl. I(ioi)$i7-oo. 
Cl., in bd. case (Clara Tice copy, sketch by her). LL(si)$3Ooo 

BELTRAMI (J. .) La Decouverte des Sources du Mississippi 

et de la Riviere Sanglante Nouvelle-Orleans, 1824 8vo 
Orig. bds., unc. (bndg loose, A. L. S. laid in). JJ(3o)$i9.5<>. 
A Pilgrimage in Europe and America. Map, 2 folding plans, 

portrait, 3 plates. London, 1828. 2 vols., 8vo 
Hf.roan, unc. (broken, stained). I(iO2)$8.oo. 
Hf cf., g.t. SS(i6i)$i2so. 

BENDIRE (Charles). Life Histories of North American Birds. 

19 col plates. Washington, 1892-95. 2 vols., 4to. 
Hf mor. I(i93)$i300. 

B4N4DITE (L6once). Rodin. 60 plates. Paris, n.d. Fol. 
CL, unc LL (614) $10.00. 


BBNET (S. V.). King David. N. Y., 1923. I2mo. 
Bds., unc. (signed; with "The Ballad of William Sycamore." 1923, 
together 2 vols.). FF(6)$io.oo. 

BENEZET (Anthony), the Mighty Destroyer Displayed 

Phila , 1774 i6mo. 
Unbnd. YY(5i7)$8oo. 
The Potent Enemies of America laid open. Phila. [ 1774-1 


Bds. SS(i63)$n.oo. 

Some Observations on the Situation, Disposition, and Char- 
acter of the Indian Natives of the Continent. Phila., 1784. 

Hf. mor. SS(i64)$iooo. 

BEN6ZIT (E.). Dictionnaire Critique et Documentaire des Pein- 

tres, Sculpteurs, Dessinateurs et Graveurs. Paris, 1924. 3 
vols , roy 8vo. 
Cf. XX(68o)$20.oo. 

BENGAL SPORTING MAGAZINE. 1834 and 1836 to 1839 

Plates, some colored Calcutta, 1834-1839 iovols,8vo. 
Hf. mor. I (194) $21.00. 

BENJAMIN (Marcus). John Bidwell, Pioneer. Portrait. 

Wash. [Privately printed] 1907. 4to. 
Orig. hf. roan, g t , unc. SS(454)$5O.oo. 

BENLOWES (Edward). Theophila, Or Loves Sacrifice. Writ- 
ten by E B Esq Several Parts set to Aires by Mr. J. 
Jenkins. Plates London, 1652. Fol. 

Mor., tooled, g.e , by C. Murton (plates include portrait by Barlow 
with tablet blank cut to plate mark and supplied with new 
% in. margins, "The Recapitulation" (Theophila treading on 
a serpent), and the 2 engraved pp. at the end, one of these 
by T. Cecill; 02 has the engraved verses at the foot; pasted 
inside cover are Benlowes' arms in leather, cut from the OTIK 
bndg., and laid in is A. L. S. from Royal Cortissoz to J. H. 
Purdy; Leigh-Purdy-Chew copy). X(47)$250.oo. 

BENNETT (Arnold). Don Juan de Marana. Portrait. London, 

Privately printed, 1923. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. (signed). CC(7)$7-5o. 

BENNETT (Emerson). Ella Barn well; an Historical Romance 

of Border Life. Cincinnati, James [1853.] 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc. SS(i66)$8.oo. 

BENNETT (F. D.). Narrative of a Whaling Voyage round the 
Globe, 1833-1836. Map and plates. London, 1840. 2 vols 

Hf. mor. (rubbed, stained). I(ig6)$2O.oo. 


BENSON (F. W.). Etchings and Drypoints. An illustrated 
descriptive catalogue comp. by A. E. M. Paff. Vol.3. 63 
reproductions and an ong. signed etching as frontis Boston, 
1923- 4to. 

Bds. LL(52)$3o.oo. 

BENSON (H. C.). Life among the Choctaw Indians. Cincin- 
nati, 1860 i2mo. 
Cl CD(i5i 4 )$9oo. 

BENT (A. C.). Life Histories of North American Diving Birds; 

Life Histories of North American Petrels and Pelicans and 
their Allies. 124 plates, 12 in color Wash , 1919-22. 2 vols , 
Hf. mpr , unc. (ong. wrappers bnd. in, backs faded) I(i98)$47.5O 

Life Histories of North American Gulls and Terns, 1921 ; Life 

Histories of North American Wild Fowl, 2 vols., 1923-6, Life 
Histories of North American Marsh Birds, 1926, Life His- 
tories of North American Shore Birds, 1927. Illustrations, 
some in color. Wash., 1921-27. 5 vols , 8vo. 
4 vols. hf. mor., one paper, unc I(i99)$30.oo. 

BENTLEY'S MISCELLANY. Vols. I-IV. [Containing instal- 
ments of Oliver Twist, and other contributions by Charles 
Dickens.] Ed by Dickens in 1837-38 Illus mainly by G 
Cruikshank London, 1837-39. 5 vols , 8vo. 

Hf lev mor, gt UlT(2o) $27.50. 

BENTON (Thomas Hart). See CONGRESS. Abridgement of 

BfiRANGER (P. J. de). CEuvres. Portraits. Paris, 1960 4 vols , 
roy 8vo. 

Cl O(o4)$i200 

BfiRENGEi* (Da -on dc). See RANDON DE BfiRENGER 
(Charles, Baron). 

BERENSON (Bernhard). Drawings of the Florentine Painters. 
Plates, mainly colored. London 1903 2 vols , at. 4to. 

Cl., gt., unc (backb chipped, C Armstrong copy) HH(73) 

Three Essays in Method. Frontis in color and 133 plates. 

Oxford, 1927. 4to. 

Cl., unc OO(8)$8.oo. 

BERESFORD (James). Miseries of Human Life. Col illustra- 
tions London, 1807 2 vols , sm I2mo. 

Hf. lev. mor , ge. A(6g)$33.oo. 

BERKELEY (G. F.). The English Sportsman in the Western 
Prairies London, 1863 8vo. (rubbed). I(2O3)$2ioo t 

A Month in the Forests of France. Col. frontis. and plate by 

Leech London, 1857. I2mo. 

Hf. lev. mor., tooled, unc I(202)$i2.oo 

Reminiscences of a Huntsman. Col. frontis. and other plates 

by Leech. London, 1854 8vo. 

Hf.mor. I(20i)$i4.oo. 


BERNARD (P. J.). CEuvres. Frontispieces Pans, 1803. 5 vols , 

Hf. cf. (with "Les Faceties" of Poggio 1878 2 vols, together 

7 vols.). O(Q5)$i40o. 

BERNHARD (W. J.). Jurgen: In Line-Cuts. Portrait of 
Cabell, signed by the artist, and 13 plates, all colored. Pri- 
vately Printed, 1926 4to. 

Bds., unc. (portrait signed by artist) F(24)$i5oo. 

BERQUIN (Arnaud). .Idylles. Title and 24 plates after Maril- 

lier. Paris, 1775. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., g.e., by Bernon (2 vols. in one). O(g6)$i40O. 

BERQUIN-DUVALLON. Vue de la Colonie Espagnole du 

Mississippi. 1802. 2 folding col. maps Paris, 1803. I2mo 
Orig. hf. cf. (bndg worn, few pip. stained). DE(io)$i4.oo. 
Bds. (one joint broken). DE(n)$i6oo 

BERRETINI and PETRIOLI. Tabulae Anatomic* a cele- 

berrimp Pictpre Petro Berrettino Cortonensi delineate, & 
egregie aeri incisae nunc primum prodeunt, et a Cajetano 
Petrioli Romano, notis illustratae. Plates. Romse, 1741 
Roy. fol. 

Rus , by Roger Payne (worn, autograph bill and receipt by Payne 
inserted; Hoe-Gable copy). X(4p)$S75oo 

BERRY (Mary). Extracts of [her] Journals and Correspon- 
dence . . . 1783-1852 Ed. by T. Lewis. Portraits. London, 
1865. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Hf lev. mor., g.t., Q(97)$8oo. 

Hf.mor., g.t. R(32)$i2.5o. 

BESSE (Joseph). A Collection of the Sufferings of the People 

called Quakers, for the Testimony of a Good Conscience 
London, 1753. 2 vols., sm. fol. 
Old cf. (hinges loose). WW(68)$7 50. 

BESTE (J* R 0- The Wabash; or, Adventures of an English 

Gentleman's Family in the Interior of America Frontis- 
pieces in color. London, 1855. 2 vols., I2mo 
Cl., unc. (backs frayed, inscribed to John Kenyon). SS(i6/) 


SEVAN (Samuel). Sand and Canvas. Frontis and woodcuts 

6 in color. London, 1849 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor. (stains in text, last leaf repaired). D(26o)$2o.oo. 

BEVERIDGE (Albert J.). Life of John Marshall Col frontis- 
pieces. Boston, 1916-19. 4 vols , 8vo. 

Cl. I(2io)$i5.oo. 

Life of John Marshall. Portraits and views, some in color. 

Autograph Edition. Boston and N. Y., 1919 4vols.,8vo 

Cl., g.t., unc. O(99)$45-oo. 

Mor., tooled, g.t., unc. CC(8)$i6o.oo 

Cl., g.t, unc. XX(68)$8ooo. 


BEVERLEY (Robert). History and Present State of Virginia. 

Frontis. and 14 plates. London, 1705. Sm. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., ge. SS(i68)$o5.oo. 
History of Virginia. Frontis. and 14 plates London, 1722 


Lev. mor., tooled, by Riviere WW(6g)$6s oo. 
Histoire de la Virginie. Frontis and 14 plates. Amsterdam, 

1707. i6mo. 
Cont. cf. EE(376)$22.oo. 

BEVIER (J. H.). The Indians; or, Narratives of Massacres and 

Depredations on the Frontier. Rondout, N. Y., 1846. I2mo 
Hf mor., gt, unc (orig. wrappers bnd. in). 88(1480) $20.00. 

BEWICK (Thomas). General History of Quadrupeds. New- 
castle, 1807. 3 vols , roy. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (rubbed) A(27)$io.oo. 
General History of Quadrupeds. Newcastle, 1820. Roy. 8vo 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (Large paper, rubbed). 1(209) 

History of British Birds. Newcastle, 1797. 2 vols , roy 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (rebacked; Large paper). W(i2)$5ZOO. 

BEWICK (Thomas and John). Fables of JEsop, and Others. 

London, 1818. 8vo. 
Hf. cf., g.e., by Riviere (bnd. in is facsimile of printer's receipt 

signed by T. and R. E. Bewick). HH(7S)$30oo 

Select Fables. Newcastle, 1820. 8vo. 

Cf , g.e , by Bayntun, in cl case. R(33)$37-5O. 

BEYER (Edward). Album of Virginia. Col title and 40 col. 

views. Richmond, 1858. Obi. fol. 
Hf. mor. (back torn, 12 plates stained). I(2ii)$6soo 

BEYLE (M. H., "Stendhal"). L'Abesse de Castro. Pans, 1890 

Roy. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. on rough, by David. K(35)$4O.oo. 

BIBELOT (The). Portland, v.d. I2mo. 

1895-1915, 21 vols., bds., unc. HH (76) $47.50.1 

[1925] 21 vols., bds., unc. (Testimonial Edition). O(si7)$i5.oo 

BIBLE IN DUTCH. Biblia, Dat is, De gantsche H. Schriftuure 
vervattende alle de Bochen des Ouden ende Nieuwen Testa- 
ments; nu Van Nieuws uyt D. M. Luthers Hoogduitse Bybel 
in onze Nederlandsche Taale getrouwelyk overgezet. [With 
the Apocrypha.] 12 engravings and maps, col. by band, and 
over 150 engravings by Crispin de Pas, R. de Hooghe, Linde- 
berg and others. Amsterdam, 1702. Fol. 

Cont. Russian bndg., brass corners and clasps (contains MS. 
record of family of H. Sandebergh, 1790-1816 and, as markers, 
slips relating to Zulu War, Jan 1852. XX(725)$9oo. 


BIBLE IN ENGLISH. The Holy Bible, conteyning the Old 
Testament and the New: Newly Translated ... by his 
Majesties speciall Comandement. With Speed's Genealogies. 
First Edition of King James, "Authorized Version, "He" 
reading. London, Barker, 1611. Fol. 

Cont. cf., brass bosses (rebacked, clasps missing, engraved title 
in facsimile and re-margined, title of genealogies and map by 
Speed missing, several leaves remargined or repaired, numer- 
ous lower corners missing, some of these including text; 
Epistle of Saint Peter is bnd. in at end). PP( 14) $1,000.00. 

Holy Bible, Conteyning the Old Testament, and the New. 

Woodcut titles, map and genealogical chart by Speede. Sec- 
ond Folio Edition of King James, "Authorized" Version, 
"She" reading. London, Barker, 1613-1611. Fol 

Old cf. (one cover loose, title remargined, few repairs, Matthew 
xxvi, 36 has the name "Jesus" pasted over "Judas"). PP(i5) 
$775 oo. 

Holy Bible, containing the old Testament and the New; with 

the Apocrypha. Plates. Birmingham, Baskerville, 1769. Fol. 

Oldcf. (worn, joints cracked). ZZ(23)$225o. 

New Testament. Trenton, I. Collins, 1788. 8vo 

Oldcf. (broken). A(65i)$io.oo. 

Holy Bible. London, 1802. 9 vols , 8vo 

Cf. (rubbed, pp. stained; Macaulay copy). I(2i2)$i5oo. 

New Testament. Trans, by William Tyndalc. With a Mem- 
oir of his Life and Writings by George Offor. Col. portrait 
and hand-ilium, initials. London, Bagster, 1836. Sm. 4to. 

Mor., tooled, g.e (Samuel Bagster- John Fenwick copy). N(S45) 

The Revelacion of Sanct John the Devine. From the first 

printed English translation, with Albert Durer's illustrations 
reproduced. Detroit, Cranbrook Press, 1901. 4to. 

Hf.vel, unc. (holed). N(i82)$8.oo. 

The gist Psalm, reprinted from the King James Version. 

Text drawn by Will Dwiggins. [Hingham Centre, Mass.' 
Will Dwiggins,] 1906. i8mo. 

Orig. bds. f unc. (cover stained, inscribed by "Will Dwiggins to 
Mr. E O. Grover"). OO(io3)$8.oo. 

Holy Bible. Col. illustrations India Paper Edition. Lon- 
don and Edinburgh, Ballantyne Press [recent.] 3 vols., 8vo. 

Pigskin, tooled, inlaid, g.e CC(9)$6s.oo. 

Holy Bible. Frontispieces. Edition de Luxe. London, Gro- 

lier Society, n.d. 14 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., g.t, unc. R(34)$20.oo. 

Pigskin, tooled, g.t., unc. ZZ (27) $115.00. 

The Temple Bible. Frontispieces. London, v d. 31 vols , 


Mor., g.t. HH(78)$i2.5o. 

See also TISSOT (J. J.). 

BIBLE IN FRENCH. La Sainte Bible. Trad, selon la Vulgate 
par MM. J.-J. Bourasse et P. Janvier. 230 engravings on wood 
by Gustave Dore, with decorations by H. Giacomelli. Tours, 
1865. Fol. 



Lev. mor., tooled, g.e.. in mor. case (China paper, 2 vols. in one). 

La Sainte Bible. Selon la Vulgate. Illustrations by Gustave 

Dore. Tours, 1866 2 vols., 4to. 
Lev mor. R(i26)$55.oo. 
See also TISSOT (J. J.). 

BIBLE IN GITANO (Spanish Gypsy). Proof copy of "Criscote 

e Majaro Lucas, chibado andre 6 Romano, 6 chipe es Zincales 
de Sese " Trans, by George Borrow. London, 1871. i2mo. 
Vel , unc , in cl. folder and hf mor. case (corrections in Borrow's 
hand, T J. Wise copy). ZZ (30) $57.50. 

BIBLE IN GREEK. Novum Testamentum. Juxta Exemplar 

Millianum. Typis Joannis Baskerville. Oxford, 1763. 4 to - 
Cf , g e. R(2 4 )$i2 50. 

BIBLE IN HEBREW. Via Sancta . . . sive Biblia Sacra. Elias 

Hutter's Hebrew version. Hamburgi, 1587. Fol 
Hogskin on bds., silver clasps Q(5&3)$22.50. 

BIBLE IN LATIN. Biblia Latina Sacra. [One leaf only 1 
Including special title bearing imprint of Gabriel Wells, N. 
Y 1921 and Bibliographical Essay by A. E. Newton printed 
under direction of Bruce Rogers LMguntiae Jno. Guten- 
berg et Jo Fust, 1450-55 ] Fol. 

Mor , in case A (164) $275.00. 

Mor, in slip case. K(i6i)$27OOo. 

Mor., tooled, in slip case (leaf contains last portion of Chapter 
IV, Chapter V, and first portion of Chapter VI of the Book 
of Deuteronomy) X(6og)$65ooo 

Mor, in bd. case. D 0(350) $45000. 

Biblia Latina. In regia ciuitate Nurnbergn p Antonium Co- 
burger, 1477 'Fol. 

Old cf., remnants of brass clasps, many e. unc. (2 leaves appar- 
ently lacking, 41 at end beginning. "Incipiunt interpretationes 
Hebraicorum nominum " This copy, formerly in College of 
the Society of Jesus, Bambergae, 1763, bears records of Beck 
family). DD(272)$i45 oo. 

Biblia Latina. Venice Franciscus Renner de Heilbronn, 

1480. 4to (Hain *3078). 

Cont. cf. on oak, remains of brass clasps (worn, part of back torn 
away, end leaves holed, occasional marginal stains and 
inscriptions, first page inscribed and stamped "Loci Mas- 
satii"). DE(i24)$ioooo. 

BIBLIOGRAPHICAL ESSAYS; A Tribute to Wilberforce 

Eames. Portraits and 8 facsimiles. Cambridge, 1924. Roy. 
Orig., cl., g.t, unc. XX(ao)$22.oo. 

of Illustrated Monographs. Nos 2-19. London, 1894-1923. 
18 vols., 4to. 

Paper and bds , unc. NU6)$72 50. 


A Collection of Publications. London, 1895-1911. 2ovols., 

sm. 4to. 
Bds., unc. N(47)$47-5<>. 

Transactions. Vols. I-X, with Index. London, 1893-1910 

16 vols., sm. 4to. 

Orig. paper, unc. XX(95)$25.oo* 
BIBLIOPHILE SOCIETY. Andre (John). Journal. Boston, 

1903. 2 vols., imp. 8vo. 
Vel. I(8o)$27,so. 

Vel., g.t., unc. (bndg soiled). O(27)$i5oo. 
Vel., g.t., unc. DD(3S)$32-50. 
Vel , g.t., unc. GG(7)$25.oo. 

Bicknell (W. H. W.). Etchings. Signed by Bicknell and 

Howard Pyle Boston, 1903. Imp. fol. 
In portfolio (Japan paper). N(6si)$32.5o. 
In bd. portfolio. LL(593)$i5.oo. 

Bicknell (W. H. W.). A Series of Seven Etchings. Japan 

paper. Boston, 1912-13. Fol. 
In bd. portfolio. LL(s6)$i2 50. 

Bicknell (W. H. W.). Portrait of Abraham Lincoln. On 

vellum. Signed. Boston, n.d. 9x12 in. 
In bd. [portfolio. LL(55)$io.oo. 
Another copy. LL(445)$7-50. 

Browning (E. B.). Hitherto Unpublished Poems and Sto- 
ries. Boston, 1914. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cf , unc. I(303)$i2.oo. 

Burns (Robert). The Cotter's Saturday Night. Japan paper. 

Boston, 1915. 

Mor., unc. KK(23)$i5.oo. 
Mor. LL(i02)$io.oa 

Burns (Robert). The Geddes Burns. Boston, 1908 8vo. 

Cf., unc. (portrait laid in). O(i45)$i3-oo. 

Davis (John). Travels in the United States, 1798-1802. Bos- 
ton, 1910. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Bds, unc. I(548)$7-50. 

Dibdin (T. F.). The Bibliomania. Boston, 1903. 4 vols , 

roy. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. GG(36)$i7-50. 

Dickens (Charles). Charles Dickens and Maria Beadnell. 

Private Correspondence. Boston, 1906. 8vo. 
Orig. hf. vel, unc., in orig. case. H(430)$i4.oo. 
Hf. vel., unc., in case. N(2i2)$27.50. 
Hf. vel., unc. O(24i)$i3.oo. 
Hf. vel., unc. GG(38)$22.5o. 

Bds., unc. (bndg. soiled, A. L. S. by Cattermole to Kitton in rela- 
tion to Dickens laid in). PP(88)$9-Oo. 
Hf. vel., unc., in cl. cover and hf. pigskin case. UU(23o) $25.00. 

Dickens (Charles). The Earliest Letters (Written to His 

Friend Henry Kolle). Ed. by H. B. Smith. Boston, 1910. 

Orig. hf. vel., unc., in orig. case. H(429)$i4.oo. 
Hf.vel., unc. N(2i3)$io.oo. 



Hf. vel., unc. O(242)$8.oo. 

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Boston, 1912. Roy. 8vo. 
Cf., g.t., in cl. case. O(34i)$io.oo. 
Cf., g.t. GG(;6)$25 oo. 
Cf., unc , in case. KK(7o)$i6.oo. 
Cf., g.t. LL(3o8)$i;.5o. 
Gray (Thomas). Elegy. Japan paper Boston, 1912. Roy 


Cf., g.t., in cl. case. O(344)$20.oo. 
Cf., g.t. GG(78)$35oo. 
Cf, unc, in cl. case KK(73)$i7.5o 
Cf., gt. LL(3io)$l7.5o. 
Horace. Odes and Epodes. Ed by C. L. Smith, 7 vols in 9 

vols.; [also] A Thousand Horattan Quotations Boston, 

1901-04 10 vols , sq 8vo. 
Hf mor, gt, unc. K(i8o)$8o.oo 
Lev mor, inlaid, gt., unc, in cl. case (lacks "A Thousand Hora- 

tian Quotations") O(394)$9OOO. 
Orig bds., unc. CC(62)$6ooo 
Orig bds., unc. GG( 172) $37.50. 
Orig bds., unc^ ZZ(204)$35.oo 
Irving (Washington). Abu Hassan; The Wild Huntsman. 

Boston, 1924. 2 vols , 8vo 
Cl , unc., in hf. cl. case. L(i033)$iooo 

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Bds, gt, unc. O (406)$*) oo. 
Another copy. WW(307)$225o. 

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Hf. vel, unc (Japan paper) D(i72)$i6oo. 

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One vol. vel , in hf. vel. cover, 4 vols bds (rubbed) O(438)$i5 oo 
One vol vel., in hf. vel. cover, and 4 vols bds GG(2i5)$25 oo 
Peacock (T. L.). Letters to Edward Hookham and Percy 

Bysshe Shelley. Boston, 1910 Roy 8vo. 
Cl,unc. N(62o)$8oo 

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Bds, unc. L(i472)$90o 

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Bds., unc. L(i652)$iooo. 
Another copy. O (6s8)$i3 oo. 

Sophocles, Euripides and -JEschylus. Attic Tragedies. Bos- 
ton, 1927. 3vols,8vo. 
Bds, gt., unc, in cl. cases. O(347)$i250 
-^-Stevenson (R. L.). Poems Hitherto Unpublished. Boston, 

1916. 2 vols , roy. 8vo. 
Hf. vel., unc. L(i756)$io oo. 
Hf. vel , g.t., unc., in cl. case. LL(69o)$i200. 
Swinburne (A. C.). Ode to Mazzini; Border Ballads; [Also] 

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2 vols , 8vo. 

Hf cf , unc., in case (Runnette copy). N(;o6)$iooo. 

Hf. cf , unc. O(704)$i4 oo 

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ton, 1909. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. vel , unc , in cl cases O(7o;)$i5 oo. 

Varick Court of Inquiry. Boston, 1907. Sq 8vo 

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ton, 1924 Roy 8vo 

Bds, unc I(567)$900 

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Bds, unc (one vol in duplicate). I(2i9)$9OO 

BIBLIOPHILIST'S LIBRARY (The). Portraits and illustra- 
tions in 2 states, one the remarque proof Japan paper 
Phila. Printed for Subscribers only nd lOvols 8vo. 

Hf mor , gt, unc (O E \Yeidlich copy) R(35)$45oo 

BICKHAM (George). The British Monarchy. Maps, etc , 
engraved by Charles Bickham London, 1747-48 Sm fol 

Cont cf., tooled (worn, hinges broken, tear on cover, few pp 
stained and torn, Sir Charles Wolseley copy). I (222)$!" 50 

The Universal Penman. Frontis Engraved throughout 

London. 1743 Fol 

Cont cf (covers loose) I(22i)$iooo. 

BIDDLE (Charles). Autobiography. Phila , 1883 8vo 
Cl YY(i6i)$8.oo 

BIDDLE (H. D.). Extracts from the Journal of Elizabeth 

Drinker, 1759-1807 I'hila , i88<j 8vo 
Cl, unc YY(i63)$i6.oo. 

BIDPAI. Earliest English version of [his] Fables. Ed by J 

Jacobs Frontis London, 1888. I2mo. 
Lev mor, tooled, ge, by Zaehnsdorf. O(409)$isoo 

BIDWELL (Gen. John). Echoes of the Past. Portrait and 

plates. Chic., Privately printed, n d. 121110. 
Urig paper SS(474)$9OO. 

BIERCE (Ambrose). Black Beetles in Amber. Frontis. portrait 
San Fran , Western Authors Pub. Co., 1892. Post 8vo. 

Ong gray cl DE(i25)$n oo. 

Black Beetles in Amber. Portrait. San Fran , Johnson & 
Enngh, 1892. I2mo. 

Grig paper. O(io6)$i/.50. 

Can Such Things Be? [1893]; [and] In the Midst of Life. 

1898. N. Y. [1893-11898. 2vols., I2mo. 


BIERCE (Ambrose)- -Continued 
Ong cl. (rubbed). O(io8)$Q.oo 

Cobwebs from an Empty Skull. Illus by Dalziel Brothers 

London, 1874 i2mo. 
Orig cl. H(3ip)$i3oo 
Orig blued O(iO4)$i75o 
Cl. (title inscribed to H J M Sampson). V(io8)$3OOO 

U XX(l(>l)$20UO 

Cl. (title inscribed to H. J M Sampson). DF(i26)$i750 

The Dance of Death. By William Herman See Bi^-RCE 

(Ambrose) and HARCOURT (T. A.). 

Fantastic Fables. N. Y., 1899. 121110. 

Orig. cl. O( 109) $7.50 

The Fiend's Delight. By Dod Gnle. Vignette on title. Lon- 
don [1873 ] I2mo. 

Cl. (with "Write it Right." N. Y. and Wash. 1909, together 2 
vols.). O(i03)$i5.oo. 

Cl. (shaken, inscribed to H J. M. Sampson). V(i07)$3500. 

The Fiend's Delight. By Dod Gnle. N. Y., 1873. I2mo. 

Orig. cl.(rubbed). H(3i8)$i5 oo. 

Cl., unc. (shaken, bookplate removed). N(49)$8oo. 

Nuggets and Dust. London [1873] I2mo. 

Ong paper. O(iO2)$i7 50. 

-Shapes of Clay. Portrait. San Fran , 1903. 121110 

Orig cl, g.t., unc O(iio)$j7.op. 

Tales of Soldiers and Civilians. San Fran , 1891. i2mo. 

Orig cl H(32i)$7.75. 

See also ANTI-PHILISTINE (The). 

BIERCE (Ambrose) and DANZIGER (G. A.). The Monk and 

the Hangman's Daughter. Plates. Chic , 1892. i2mo. 
Orig paper. O(i07)$i250. 

BIERCE (Ambrose) and HARCOURT (T. A.). The Dance of 

Death By William Herman San Fran , Keller, 1877. i6mo. 
Orig. cl. H(32o)$2i oo. 
Another copy. O(ios)$750 
Another copy (with "The Dance of Life." 1877, together 2 vols.). 


BIERSTADT (O. A.). The Library of Robert Hoe. no illus- 
trations. Japan paper. N. Y , 1895. 8vo. 

Lev mor., tooled, unc, by Canape KK(i7)$i75o. 

BIGELOW (Jacob). American Medical Botany. 60 plates en- 
graved in color and col. by hand. Boston, 1817-18-20. 3 vols., 

Mor. tooled (some plates trimmed into, without affecting sub- 
jects). I(224)$2250. 

BINDLEY (Charles). A Collection of First Editions of the 
Writings of "Harry Hieover." Illustrations. London, 1845- 
59 14 vols , I2mo and 8vo. 

Hf. mor., by Zaehnsdorf (ong. covers bnd in). I(227)$nooo. 

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BINYON (Laurence). Court Painters of the Grand Moguls. 

Illustrations, some in color. Oxford, 1921. Roy. 8vo. 
Cl. HH(8i)$n.oo. 
Drawings and Engravings of William Blake. Col. and other 

reproductions. London, 1922. 4to. 
Bds., g.t., unc. HH(o8)$i2.5o. 
Engraved Designs of William Blake. 20 plates in color, 62 in 

collotype. London, 1926. Imp. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. D(23)$i2.oo. 

Painting in the Far East. Plates. N. Y., 1908. 4to. 
Cl., g.t., unc. HH(79)$i5.oo. 

derne [Supplement to Biographic Michaud.] Paris, 1854. 
45 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor. RR(246)$i8 oo. 

BIRCH (William). The City of Philadelphia . . . 1800. Second 
Edition 1804. Title, plan, and 19 col. views. Springland Cot, 
Bristol Road, Pennsylvania: Published by W. Birch, Dec. 31, 
i8oo[i8o4.] ObLfol. 

Orig. hf. cf . (rubbed) . I (236)$8;5 oo. 

BIRD-LORE. Ed. by F. M. Chapman. Vols. 1-22, Vol 24, Nos 

4-6; Vols. 25-6; Vol 27, Nos. 2-4, 6; Vols. 28-9; Vol. 30, Nos. 

1-2. Numerous illustrations. Englewood, Harrisburgh, and 

N. Y., 1899-1928. 29 vols., 8vo. 
Vols. 1-22 hf. mor. (orig. wrappers bnd. in), others in orig. parts. 

I (238) $40.00. 

BISHOPE (George). New England Judged. London, 1661. 

Sm. 4to. 
Old sheep (lower margins holed). XX(i04)$i7 50. 

New England Judged. London, 1703. 8vo. 

Old cf. glued over orig. cf. (leaf of advertisements missing). 6(21) 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Pratt (covers loose). SS(i97)$7<>oo. 

BISLAND (Elizabeth). Life and Letters of Lafcadio Hearn. 
Portrait. 2 vols., 1906; [with Hearn's] Japanese Letters. Ed 
by [her.] 1910. Boston, 1906-10. 3 vols., 8vo. 

CL, unc. (first vol. contains page of MS. by Hearn; with 3 issues 
of Atlantic Monthly for 1909-10 containing the "Japanese Let- 
ters"). GG(i67)$50.oo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. HH( 3 66)$i2. 5 o. 

Cl. XX(484)$i5.oo. 

BLACKMAN (E. C.). History of Susquehanna County, Penn- 
sylvania. Maps and illustrations. Phila., 1873. 8vo. 
Cl. (2 copies of errata sheet laid in). EE(34)$8.oo. 

BLACKMORE (R. D.). Lorna Doone, London, 1869. 3 vols., 

Orig. cl, unc., in hf. mor. case (Vol. I shaken, few leaves roughly 

opened, pieces torn from margins, name on fly-leaves). X(5O) 



BLADES (William). How to Tell a Caxton. Facsimiles. Lon- 
don, 1870. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., unc. (orig. covers bnd. in). KK(i8)$8.oo. 

ELAINE (D. P.). Encyclopaedia of Rural Sports. London, 

1840. 8vo. 
Mor., ge. I(242)$5250. 

BLAIR (E. H.). The Indian Tribes of the Upper Mississippi 
Valley and Region of the Great Lakes as described by 
Nicholas Perrot, Bacqueville de la Potherie, Morrell Marston 
and Thomas Forsyth. Ed. by E H. Blair. Portraits, maps, 
etc. Cleveland, 1911. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., gt., unc. BB(2o)$i25o. 

BLAIR (Robert). The Grave. London, 1743. 4to 
Lev. mor., by Stikeman (title repaired). X(5i)$8o.oo. 
The Grave. 12 etchings after W. Blake. London, 1808. 4to 
Orig. bds., unc., in cl. case (covers loose, back-strip torn, name 
on fly-leaf). HH(85)$ioooo. 

BLAKE (William). Facsimile reproductions of orig. editions col. 

by hand by William Muir. Each vol. in orig. wrappers, unc 

Edmonton, v d 4to 

The Book of Thel. 1883. HH(8o)$4Ooo. 
The First Book of Urizen. 1888. HH(o2)$65oo. 
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. 1883. HH(87)$40.oo. 
Songs of Experience. 1884. HH(88)$45po 
Songs of Innocence. 1885. (back-strip missing). HH(oo)$45.oo. 
Visions of the Daughters of Albion. 1885 (backstrips worn) 


Illustrations of the Book of Job. Title and 21 plates. Lon- 
don, 1825. Fol. 

Pigskin, tooled, ge, by Doves Bindery. V(2i2)$36o. 
Orig. bds., unc., in cl. case (back broken, corners rubbed, fly-leaf 

inscribed by Amelia Opie). HH (86) $440.00. 
Illustrations of The Book of Job. 21 plates. London, 1902 


Bds., unc. HH(94)$30.oo. 
Letters. London [1906]; [with] Prophetic Writings. 2 vols. 

Oxford, 1926. London and Oxford, [1906] and 1926. 3 vols , 


Cl., unc. HH(96)$i50o 
Works. Ed. by E. J Ellis and W. B. Yeats. London, 1893. 

3 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. HH(93)$no.oo. 

BLAKEY (Robert). Old Faces in New Masks. Illus. by G. 

Cruikshank. London, 1859. I2mo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t , unc. (presentation copy to H. Dixon, orig. 

covers bnd. in). W(73)$2i.oo. 

BLANC (Charles). Histoire des Peintres de Toutes les Ecoles. 

Paris, 1862. 14 vols., imp. 4to. 
Hf.mor. (rubbed). XX(6oo)$iooo. 


BLANCH ARD (Rufus). Hand-Book of Iowa. Folding map, 

col. by hand. Chic., Blanchard and Cram, 1867 i6mo. 
Orig cl. CD (1622)$! 0.00. 

BLANEY (Captain). An Excursion through the United States 
and Canada, 1822-23. By an English Gentleman 2 folding 
maps. London, 1824. 8vo. 

Bds , unc. and unopened (covers loose, backstrip lacking, map 
torn) SS(ii2)$i5.oo. 

BLEDSOE (A. J.), Indian Wars of the Northwest. San Fran , 

1885. 8vo. 
Cf. (rubbed). SS(4i9)$2;.50. 

BLEEKER (Ann Eliza). Posthumous Works. Portrait en- 
graved by Tiebout. N. Y., Swords, 1793 I2mo. 

Old sheep (worn, back strip missing, covers loose). SS(i2gi) 

BLEI (Franz). Die Hetaerengespraeche des Lukian. Mit Funf- 

zehn Bildern Von Gustav Klimt. Leipzig, 1907. Fol. 
Cl, brass title inlaid, gt, unc. W(i4)$26oo 

BLESSINGTON (Marguerite, Countess of). The Idler in Italy. 

Portrait London, 1839-40 3 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl , unc., in hf. mor. case (Vol III shaken; presentation copy 
to W. S. Landor, with penciled marginal notes by him). 

BLEW (W. C. A.). Brighton and Its Coaches. 20 illustrations 
col. by hand London, Nimmo, 1894 Roy. 8vo 

Cl., gt., unc. J(28)$750. 

The Quorn Hunt and its Masters.- 24 illustrations by Henry 

Alken, 12 of which are colored by hand; also a map. Lon- 
don, 1899. Roy 8vo. 

Cl, gt, unc. PP(3)$900. 

BLODGET (William). Facts and Arguments respecting the 

great utility of an extensive Plan of Inland Navigation in 
America By a Friend to National Industry. Folding map. 
Phila , 1805. 8vo. 
Sewed. SS (504) $17.50. 

BLOIS (John T.). Gazetteer of the State of Michigan. Detroit, 

1838 I2mo. 
Mor , g.t. CD (2046) $7 50- 

BLOME (Richard). The Gcntlemans Recreation. 10 >plates of 
subscriber's arms (one inlaid), and 76 plates (4 inlaid). Lon- 
don, 1686. Fol. 

Rus., g.e. (Large paper, few plate margins stained, Huth copy). 

BLOMFIELD (James). Rod, Gun, and Palette in the High 

Rockies Plates, some in color, Chic., 1914. Roy. 8vo, 
Hf. sheep. I (248)^20 oo, 


BLOMFIELD (Reginald). History of French Architecture. 

London, 1911. 2 vols., imp. 8vo. 
Cl, g.t, unc HH(i02)$20oo. 

BLUNT (E. M.). Stranger's Guide to the City of New- York. 

Folding plan by W. Hooker and 3 plates. N. Y , 1817. 121110 
Ong bds., unc. (backstnp worn). DD(i46)$6ooo 
Orig bds, unc (bndg poor, name on title) WW(423)$iooo. 

BLUNT (Joseph). An Examination of the Expediency and Con- 
stitutionality of Prohibiting Slavery in the State of Missouri. 
By Markus N. Y., 1819 8vo. 

Unbnd. (inscribed) JJ(i72)$ 

BLUNT (W. S.). Francis Thompson. London [1907.] Sm 4to. 
Grig paper. Z(i4O4)$i250. 

BOCCACCIO (Giovanni). Modell of Wit, Mirth, Eloquence, 

and Conuersation. 1625, The Decameron, 1620 Titles, and 
numerous woodcuts London, 1625-20. Fol. 

Old cf , in cl. folder and hf mor. case (2 vols. in one, rubbed, hinges 
cracked, margins of 3 leaves punctured) XX(io8)$i3OOO. 

The Decameron. Portrait. London, Dodsley, 1741. 8vo. 

Cf LL(8i)$iooo. 

The Decameron. Portrait frontis. London, 1822 4 vols , 


Hf mor, gt K(4i)$2250 

The Decameron. Done into English by J. Payne London, 

printed by -private subscription and for private circulation 
only, 1886 3 vols., 8vo 

Hf lev mor, g e , by Stikeman (Japan paper). A(3i)$4ioo. 

Cl, unc. D(25)$n.oo 

The Decameron. Trans by J Payne Plates. London, 1893 

2 vols , sm fol 

Cl, unc. I(250)$I500. 

The Decameron. Trans by J. M. Rigg Illus in color by 

L Chalon London, 1906, 2 vols., roy 8vo. 

Lev. mor., ge, unc., by Root. A(32)$52.50. 

Hf lev. mor, unc KK(2o)$225o 

The Decameron. Intro by Edward Hutton. London, 1909 

4 vols , 4to 

Bds, unc (G. Merryweather copy). F(2oo)$2OOO. 

The Decameron. Trans by J. Payne. Illus. by Clara Tice. 

N. Y., 1925, 2 vols , 8vo 

Cl, unc (writing on fly-leaf). HH(iO3)$35.oo. 

The Decameron. As first completely done into English Prose 

and Verse by John Payne, an exact reprint without abridge- 
ment of the edition which was issued by the Villon Society 
of London in the year 1886. Portrait and 19 illustrations after 
Wagrez. Certaldo edition. Phila., 1928. 2 vols , 8vo. 

Lev mor., tooled, gt, unc. (illustrations col. by hand). J(3o) 

Hf mor., gt, unc. R(4i)$i;.50. 

Cl., g.t., unc. W(i5)$n-oo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t, unc. ZZ(29)$4O.oo. 


BOCCACCIO (Giovanni) Continued 

-The Decameron. Trans, by J. M. Rigg. 15 plates after 

Chalon. London, Navarre Society, n.d. 2vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. CC(io) $130.00. 
Le Dcaxnron. Traduction de F. Reynard. Illus. by J, 

Wagrez. Paris, 1890. 3 vols., imp. 4to. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. (backs faded). O(ii9)$io.oo. 

BOCK (Carl). The Head-Hunters of Borneo. 30 col. plates , 

maps. London, 1882. Roy. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. I(2Si)$9.oo. 

BOHN (Henry G.), Bonn's Extra Volumes. London, 1859. 7 

vols., I2mo. 
Hf.mor., g.t. R(42)$30.oo. 

BOLLER (Henry A.). Among the Indians, 1858-1866. Phila , 

1868 I2mo. 
Hf.mor., gt. (lacks map). BB(2i)$32.5o. 

ROLLERS (A. S.). Financial History of the United States, 1774- 

1885. N. Y., 1884-86. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. DE(i3)$9.oo. 

BOLTON (Robert). History of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 
in the County of Westchester, 1693-1853. Portrait. N. Y , 
1855. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t. (C. H. Loomis copy). QQ(ii3)$90O. 

BONAPARTE (Charles L.). American Ornithology. 27 col 
plates. Phila., 1825-33. 4vols.,4to. 

Hf.mor. (covers loose, one plate torn, pp. stained; inserted is a 
certificate of membership in Soc. for Promotion of Col- 
legiate and Theological Education. I(253)$i30OO. 

Observations on the Nomenclature of Wilson's Ornithology. 

Phila., 1826. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (back broken). I(254)$8.oo. 

BONATUS DE FORLIVIO (Guido). Liber Astronomicus. 

Woodcuts. Venetiis, Erhardt Ratdolt, 1491. 4to. 
Orig. mor., bronze corners (torn, clasps missing). V(i86)$85oa 

BOND (Francis). Gothic Architecture in England, 1906; Fonts 
and Front Covers, 1908; The Chancel of English Churches. 
1916. London, 1906-16. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Q. HH(ios)$30.oo. 

BONDI (Clemente). Cantate. Parma, 1794. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. (L. Buddy III copy). HH( 104) $37-50. 

BONE (Muirhead). The Western Front. Intro, by Sir Douglas 
Haig. Illus. by Muirhead Bone. 10 parts. N. Y., 1917. 4to. 

2 bd. portfolios containing 6 parts in wrappers, others as issued. 



BONNEY (Edward). The Banditti of the Prairies. Chic., 1857. 

Cl. (orig. front wrapper bnd. in, few pp. stained, marginal pencil 

notes). VV(2i)$70.oo. 

BOOK-LOVER (The). Nos. 1-28. San Fran , and N. Y., 1899- 

1004. 4to. 
28 orig. nos., unc. N (68) $8.00. 

BOOK-IXDVER'S ALMANAC (The). 1893-1897. Illustrations, 

some in color. N. Y., 1893-97. 5 vols., i2mo. 
Orig. paper, unc., in cl. folders *and hf . mor. case. O(i22)$i2.oo 


BOOK OF COPPERHEADS (Ye). 25 plates. Phila., 1863. 

Obi. 8vo. 
Mor., g.e. (orig. wrappers bnd. in). O(i99)$io.oo. 

BOOK OF FUN (The); or, Laugh and Learn, for Boys and 

Girls. Woodcuts throughout the text. London, n.d. i6mo. 
Hf. mor. (J. Barton copy). I(994)$7.s6. 

BOOK OF HISTORY (The). Illustrations, some colored 15 
vols; [Addenda! The World War. 2 vols. N. Y., The 
Grolier Society [1921.] 17 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Mor., g.e. CC(n)$90.oo. 

BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE (The). Illustrations, many in 

color. N. Y., Grolier Society [1912.] 20 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Mor., g.e. CC(i2)$i8o.oo. 


frontispieces in color and plates, some in color. London 

[1920.] 2 vols., sm. 4to. 
Bds , unc. XX(73i)$30.oo. 
The Book of the Queen's Dolls' House. The Book of the 

Queen's Dolls' House Library. 48 of the plates in color 

London [1924.] 2 vols., 4to. 
Bds, unc. F(247)$I300. 


London, 1843. 4to. 
Hf. cf. (2 vols. in one). I(258)$900. 

BOOK-PRICES CURRENT [English.] 1925-1926. London, 
ig25-26 2 vols , 8vo. 

Cl. I(2I4)$27.00. 

BOOKS ABOUT BOOKS. Ed. by A W. Pollard. London, 
1893-94. 6 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., unc. HH(io6)$45-oo. 

BOOTH (Edwin). Memorial Celebration of the Sixtieth Anni- 
versary of [his] Birth. Frontis. N. Y., 1893- 8vo. 

Hf.mor., tooled, inlaid, g.t. (Inserted are: Slip signed by Edwin 
Booth and Agnes Booth; slip signed by Agnes Booth and 
I B. Booth, and page in hand of Joseph Jefferson). M(49) 


BOOTH (E. T.). Rough Notes on the Birds Observed during 
Twenty-Five Years' Shooting and Collecting in the British 
Islands. 114 col. plates and 2 col. maps. London, 1881-87. 
3 vols , fol. 

Mor. (rubbed). I(26i)$6soo. 

BOOTH (J. Wilkes). Boston Museum Programmes. Boston, 
1862-63. Fol. 

Program for May 9, 1862, and announcement of his appearance 
on May 12, on reverse of broadside; "J. Wilkes Booth. Opin- 
ions of the New York Press." H (273)^19 oo. 

2 pieces, (i) announcing him as "Charles De Moor." May 21, 

1862, and (2) announcing 'The Corsican Brothers." Feb n, 

1863. H(272)$i9.oo. 

2 bills, announcing him (i) as "Pescara." May 19, 1862; and (2) 
as "Duchalet" and "Phidias" nd (margins defective) 

BOPPE (Auguste) and BONNET (Raoul). Les Vignettes Em- 

blematiques sous la Revolution. Pans, 1911. 410. 
Hf. mor., gt. K(42)$io.oo. 

BORDEAUX (Henry). Guynemer: Knight of the Air. Trans 
by L. M. Sill. Prefatory Letter from Rudyarcl Kipling. 
Portrait London, 1918. I2mo. FF(3i7)$25.oo. 

BORROW (George). Romantic Ballads, trans, from the Danish; 

and Miscellaneous Pieces. London, 1826. 8vo 
Hf.mor., g.t. R(47)$7-50. 
Works. Ed by C Shorter. Norwich Edition London, 1923 

16 vols., 8vo 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. CC(i3)$i2OOo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Stikeman. PP(26)$70OO 


BOSMANS (JULES). La Chasse. 14 plates after Durer, Wat- 
teau and others, mounted on hinges. Bruxelles, 1894. Imp. 

Hf. lev. mor., unc. (armorial bookplate). I(263)$i5.oo. 

BOSS (H. R.). Sketches of the History of Ogle County, and 
the Early History of the Northwest. Polo, 111, [Privately 
printed.] 1859. 8vo. 

Cl. (lacks front fly-leaf). SS( 1189) $20.00. 

BOSSERT (H. T.). Ornament hi Applied Art. 122 plates in 

color. N. Y., 1924. 4to. 
CL LL(2o)$is.oo. 

Volkskunst in Europa. 132 plates in color. N. Y., 1927 4to 

Q. LL(2i)$isoo. 

BOSSU (N.). Nouveaux Voyages aux Indes Occidentals. 4 

plates Amsterdam, 1769. I2mo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (2 vols. in one; back torn, few marginal stains; 

i. H. Keim copy). DE(i4)$9.oo. 


BOSSU (N.) Continued 

- Nouveaux Voyages dans TAmSrique septcntrionale. 4 plates 
Amsterdam, 1778. 8vo 

(Covers loose, Spooner-Keim copy). DE(is)$iooo. 

- Travels Through that Part of America formerly called Louisi- 
ana. Trans by J. R. Forster. London, 1771. 2vols., 8vo 

TIP. cf (bndgs. loose and worn). CD (1943) $20.00 

BOSSUET (J. B.). Exposition de la Doctrine de 1'figlise Catho- 

lique. Pans, 1761. I2mo 

Old cf , in hf. mor. case (hinges cracked, inscribed by James Bos- 
well). FF(i7)$sooo. 

BOSTON. Plan of Boston from actual Survey by Osgood Carle- 

ton. [1806.] Fol. 
(Edges worn). QQ(32)$i3.oo. 

BOSTON CHRONICLE (The). With Supplements and Ex- 

traordinary Papers. Vol. i, No i-Vol. 2, No. 54, Dec. 21, 
1767-Dec 26, 1768. Boston, 1767-68 4to. 
Hf cf. (broken). TT(E)$2Q.oo 

BOSTON GAZETTE. Jan. 2-Dec. 29, 1806. 102 nos. Boston, 

1806. Fol. 
Old bndg- FG(2i6)$22 50. 

BOSTON MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS. American' Church Sil- 

ver of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries with . . . 
Domestic Plate Exhibited July-December, 1911. 38 plates 
Boston, 191 1. 8vo 
Bds M(547)$iooo. 

- American Silver, the Work of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth 
Centurv Silversmiths, exhibited June-Nov , 1006. Portrait of 
Paul Revere and 29 plates Boston, 1906. 8vo. 

Paper, unc M(546)$iooo 

BOSTON PORT BILL. The Committee . . . appointed by the 

Town of Boston to receive Donations for the charitable 
purpose of relieving and employing the poor, suffering by 
means of the Act of Parliament, commonly called the Boston 
Port Bill, would gratefully acknowledge the receipt of 
many generous collections made in several of our symipa- 
thysmg sister Colonies, etc 2pp. [Bost , 1774.] Fol. 

BOSWELL (James). An Account of Corsica. Folding map 

Glasgow, J/68. 8vo 

Hf cf. (map repaired at fold) D(27)$6250 
_ An Account of Corsica. The Second Edition. Folding map 

London, 1768 8vo 

Cf. (rebacked). RR(32)$i6oo - u - i 

Oldcf., in hf mor case (bndg rubbed and hinge* weak, half-title 

missing, author's inscription on fly-leaf to Hon. Mrs. Murray 

is followed by name of R. Walker). X (57) $1,400.00. 
_ Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides. London, 1785. 8vo. 


BOSWELL (James) Continued 

Old cf. (rebacked, rubbed, writing on title and on verso of errata 

leaf, marginal tear in title repaired). D(28)$35.oo. 
Orig. bds., unc , in hf . mor. case. X(s6)$i,6oo.oo. 
Letters. Collected and ed. by C. B. Tinker. Portrait fron- 
tispieces. Oxford, 1924 2vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (Large paper, signed by Editor). FF(i6)$30oo 
Life of Samuel Johnson. Portrait by Heath after Rey- 
nolds. London, 1791. 2vols., 4to. 

Hf . cf. (cracked, stain on margin of portrait). A(38)$340oo. 
Hf. mor., in bd. case (Vol. I, p. 135 has "gve" for "give"; first 

few pp. and margin of portrait stained). J(33)$3io.oo. 
Cf , unc., by Riviere, in lev. mor. case ("give" p. 135 correctly 
printed; laid in are A. L. of Dr. Johnson to Mrs. Thrale and 
A. L. of Boswell to the Rev. Mr. Jones, also copy of a letter 
by R. B. Adam). X(57a)$5,25o.oo. 
Cf. (rebacked; p. 135 has "give" correctly spelled; W. Cockburn 

cojpy). FF(is)$52Soo. 
Hf. cf., in wrapper and hf. mor. case (p. 135 has error "gve"). 


Old cf., in cl. folder and case (p. 135 has "give"). XX(ii3)$6io.oo 
Life of Samuel Johnson. Folding facsimiles. Dublin, 1792 

3 vols., 8vo. 

Oldcf. (leath. label missing from back of Vol. III). LL(392) 

Life of Samuel Johnson. The Second Edition, revised and 

augmented. Portrait and folding facsimiles. London, 1793 
3 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. (rebacked). LL(393)$55.oo. 

Life of Samuel Johnson. Numerous portraits and illustra- 
tions. London, 1839. 10 vols., 12 mo. 
Cf., by Riviere (some plates stained). ZZ(34)$6s.oo. 

Life of Samuel Johnson. Engraved titles, portraits, plates, 

and facsimiles. London, 1846. 10 vols., I2tno. 
Cf., by Root. L(io54)$47-5o. 

Life of Samuel Johnson. London, 1900. 3 vols , 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. J(34)$i6.oo. 

Life of Samuel Johnson. Illus. London, 1901. 3vols,8vo 
Hf. ley. mor., unc. A(iO4)$n.oo. 

Life of Samuel Johnson. Ed by Clement Shorter Plates 
Temple Bar Edition. N. Y M for Gabriel Wells, 1922 
10 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., g.t., unc. J(35)$3i-00. 
Bds., g.t, unc. K(43)$35-00. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. R(49)$8s.oo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. CC(i4)$no oo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. ZZ(35)$9O.oo. 
Bds., g.t, unc. ZZ(36)$40.oo. 

Life of Samuel Johnson. Illus. London, Privately Printed, 

the Navarre Society, Limited, 1924. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., g.t, unc. A(4o)$i5.oo. 

Life of Samuel Johnson. Ed. by Roger Ingpen. Nearly foo 

illustrations and maps. Boston, Lauriat, 1925. 3 vols., 4to. 


BOSWELL (James) Continued 
Cl. RR(34)$8.oo. 

- Life of Samuel Johnson. Ed. by G. B. Hill. Portrait and 
frontispieces. N. Y., n.d. 6 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. RR(35)$7-5o. , 

- No Abolition of Slavery; or, the Universal Empire of Love: 
a Poem. London, for R. Faulder, 1791. 4to. 

Orig. bds. (some stains, laid in is A. L. S. of W. K. Leask inquir- 
ing as to whereabouts of this "long lost Bozzy" poem, C. W. 
T[ate] copy). X( 58) $1,050.00. 

- Catalogue of [his] Library of ... which will be sold at Auc- 
tion, by Mr. Sotheby . . . May 24, 1825, etc. London, 1825. 

Hf. cf. (hinges broken; priced in ink; laid in is A. L. S. of R. F. 
Sketchly to Austin Dobson, pasted in are several clippings; 
Dobson-Tate copy). X(59)$30OOO. 

BOTERO (Giovanni). Collection of [his] Writings. Roma, 

1595-98. Roy. 8vo. 
Vel. (7 vols. in one, one title and few pp. repaired). VV(22)$8.oo 

BOTTA (Vincenzo). Dante as Philosopher, Patriot, and Poet. 

N. Y., 1865. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. f in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (inscribed by H. W. 
Longfellow to G. W. Green) M(449)$7.5O. 

BOUCARB (Adolphe). Travels of a Naturalist. Portrait. Lon- 

don, [Privately printed.] 1894. &vo. 

BOUILHET (Henri). L'Orfevrerie Franchise aux XVIIIe et 

XIXe Siecles. Paris, 1908-1912. 3 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Hf. cf., unc. (wrappers bnd. in). XX (411) $16.00. 

BOUILLON (Pierre). Musee des antiques. Engravings after 

Bouillon. Paris, P. Didot, n.d. 2 vols., fol. 
Bds. (worn). DE(i32)$i2.oo. 

BOULTON (W. B.). Amusements of Old London. 12 illus- 

trations, all col. by hand. London, 1901. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Q., unc. (covers stained). I(266)$I2.50. 

BOURCARD (Gustave). Graveurs et Gravures. France et 

Stranger, Essai de Bibhograiphie, 1540-1910. Paris, 1910. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g t., unc. XX(363)$7-5o. 
BOURKE (J. G.). An Apache Campaign in the Sierra Madre. 

Cl. (inscribed by Francis Parkman to F. H. Gushing). 1(268) 


Cl. WW(74)$32-50. 

Orig. cl. (joint cracked). CD(i562)$n.op. 
_ On the Border with Crook. Portraits. N. Y., 1891. 8vo. 
Cl. (front cover spotted). I(2O9)$8.oo. 

^th Crook. Portrait. N. Y., 1892. 8vo. 


BOURKE (J. G.) Continued 

The Snake-Dance of the Moquis of Arizona. 33 plates includ- 
ing 16 in color. N. Y., 1884. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. (shaken). I(a67)$28.oo. 
Cl., unc. RR(535)$2i.oo. 

BOURNE (G. M.). The Picture of Quebec. Map, and 7 plates 

N. Y., 1830. i6mo. 
Orig. bds. (W. L. Andrews copy). DD(46)$iooo. 

BOUVIER (John). Law Dictionary and Concise Encyclopedia. 

Kansas City, 1914. 3 vols , 8vo. 
Mor. U(33o)$io.oo. 

BOWDOIN COLLEGE. Laws of Bowdoin College. Bruns- 
wick, J. Griffin, 1824. 8vo 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (Nathaniel Hawthorne's copy, with 
his signature on title and notes in his hand on wrappers) 

BOWEN (Daniel). History of Philadelphia. Phila., 1829. 8vo 
Hf. lev. mor. A(494)$9 oo. 

History of Philadelphia. Phila , 1839. 8vo. 

Bds. EE(4o)$20.oo. 

BOWERS (G.). Hollybusch Hall; an Open House in an Open 
Country. 29 plates col. by hand. [London, 1870.] Obi. 4to. 
Cl., ge. (ink stains on 3 pp.). I(27o)$io.oo. 

BOWLES (Samuel). Across the Continent. Map. Springfield, 

1865. I2mo. 
CL (presentation copy; with "Our New West." Hartford. 1869, 

together 2 vols.). I(27i)$9.oo. 

BOWMAN (Isa). The Story of Lewis Carroll. With Diary 
and facsimile letters written to Miss Bowman, also sketches 
by Lewis Carroll. N. Y., 1900. I2mo. 

Mor., tooled, inlaid, g.t., in case, by Sangorski (orig. covers bnd. 
in). ZZ(67)$90.oo. 

BOWNAS (Samuel). Account of the Captivity of Elizabeth 

Hanson. London, 1787. i6mo. 
Cf., g.e. SS(i288)$35>. 

BOWYER (Robert). Illustrated Record of Important Events. 

ii aquatints, maps and facsimiles. London, 1816. Fol. 
Hf. lev. mor., g e (bnd. with "The Campaigns of Waterloo." 7 

aquatints and other plates). ZZ(86)$50.oo. 
Illustrated Record of Important Events. Map, facsimiles and 

ii plates. London, 1817. Fol. 
Hf. cf. (worn, 2 plates torn, some missing; bnd. in is "Omaggio 

alia Maesta Carolina Augusta, Imperatrice d' Austria. Fatto 

dalle Provincie Venete." 17 plates. Venice, 1818. N(i74) 


BOX (M. J.). Adventures and Explorations in New and Old 

Mexico. N. Y., 1869. I2mo. 
Cl. WW(76)$7-5<>. 
Orig. cl. CD(3003)$ 


BOYDELL (J.). History of the River Thames. 76 col plates, 

one map. London, 1794. 2 Vols. 
Hf.mor. (rubbed). ZZ(8i)$no.oo. 

BOYER (Lanson). From the Orient to the Occident. Portrait. 

N. Y., 1878. 8vo. 
Hf.mor., g.t. BB(25)$io.oo. 

BOYER d'AGEN (A. J.) and ROIG (Jean de). Rops . . . iana. 

Portrait. Paris, 1924. Sm. 4to. 
Hf. mor., g t., unc. LL (621) $15.00. 

BOZMAN (J. L.). A Sketch of the History of Maryland. Por- 
trait. Bait., 1811. 8vo. 
Orig sheep (name on title). NN(ip)$iooo. 

BRACKENRIDGE (H. M.). Journal of a Voyage up the River 

Missouri, 1811. Bait, 1816. I2mo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (back missing). G(26)$i2.oo. 
Views of Louisiana; together with a Journal of a Voyage up 

the Missouri River in 1811. Pittsburgh, 1814. 8vo. WW(77)$32.50. 
Cont. sheep. CD(25i7)$37.5o. 

Views of Louisiana. Bait., 1817. i2mo. 

Paper (rebacked). WW(78)$7.5O. 

Hf.mor. (rubbed, stained). DE(i6)$20.oo 

Voyage to South America, 1817-1918. Folding map, tinted 

Bait., 1819. 2vols.,8vo. 
Sheep (bndg. rubbed, map torn, some pp. stained). SS(2io)$ii.oo. 

BRADBURY (John). Travels in the Interior of America, 1809- 

ii. Liverpool, 1817. 8vo. 
Orig. bds , unc. (covers worn) BB(26)$8ooo. 
Travels in the Interior of America, 1809-1811. Folding map, 

silked. London, 1819. 8vo., g.t. SS(2ii)$27.50. 

BRADFORD (T. L.). Bibliographer's Manual of American 

History. Ed. by S. V. Henkels. Phila., 1907. 5 vols., roy. 
Cl., unc. YY(i8o)$9.50. 

BRADFORD (W. J. A.). Notes on the Northwest. N. Y. and 

London, 1846. I2mo. 
Cl. CD(2267)$n.oo. 

BRADFORD CLUB. Narratives of the Career of Hernando de 
Soto in the Conquest of Florida. Trans, by Buckingham 
Smith. Portrait. N. Y., 1866. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.e. SS (945) $37-50. 

BRADLEY (Cuthbert). The Foxhound of the Twentieth Cen- 
tury. 1 6 col. plates and other illustrations. London, 1914. 
Roy. 8vo. 

Cl. I(278)$i9-oo. 

Good Sport seen with some famous Packs, 1885-1910. Illus- 
trations, a few in color. London, n.d. Roy.Svo. 

Cl., unc. I(279)$i8.oo. 


BRADLEY (J. R.). Hunting Big Game in Far Northwest Brit- 
ish Columbia. N. Y., 1904. Sq. I2mo. 

BRADLEY (R. T.). Outlaws of the Border; or, the Lives of 

Frank and Jesse James Portraits Saint Louis [1880.] i2mo 
Cl. (bnd. in is "Noted Guerrillas; or, the Warfare of the Border," 
by J. N. Edwards. St. Louis, 1880). CD (1639) $16.00. 

BRADLEY (S. R.). Vermont's Appeal to the Candid and Im- 
partial World. 32pp. Hartford [1780.] 8vo. 
Unbnd. JJ(36)$35.oo. 

BRADLEY (Will). Bradley, His Book. Vol. i, Nos. 1-4, Vol II, 
Nos. 1-3. (All published). Illustrations, some in color 
Springfield, Mass., 1896-97. 2 vols., imp. 8vo. and roy. 8vo 

Lev. mor., g.t. (orig. wrappers and advertisements bnd. in) M(5i) 

BRADMAN (Arthur). Narrative of the Extraordinary Sufferings 
of Mr. Robert Fores, his Wife, and five Children. Phila , 
1794. 8vo. 

New hf. sheep. SS( 1292) $45.00. 

BRANDT (Sebastian). Stultifera Nauis [Latin version by J 

Locker] . . . The Ship of Fooles. English version by A. 

Barclay London, lohn Cavod, [1570] Fol 
Cf., tooled (rubbed, last leaf repaired, cont. name on title, T. J. 

McKee bookplate). PP(27)$55.oo. 
The Ship of Fools. Trans by A. Barclay. Edinburgh, 1874 

2 vols., 4to. 
Hf. mor , g.t., unc. O(66)$8.oo. 

BRANGWYN (Frank). Catalogue of [his] Etched Work. Por- 
trait and 200 reproductions. London, 1912. 410 K(45)$8.oo, 

Orig. cl. K(i22)$i5.oo. 

Zwanzig graphische Arbeiten herausgegeben und eingeleitet 

von A. G. Levetus. Being 17 reproductions, an orig etch- 
ing, ong. lithograph, and woodcut by Brangwyn, each 
matted. Wien, n d At fol 

Boxed. LL(o6)$35.oo. 

BRANTOME (Pierre de Bourdeilles, Seigneur de). Lives of 

Fair and Gallant Ladies. Portraits. London, 1922. 2 vols , 

Cl,unc. HH(ii2)$3250. 

Lives of Fair and Gallant Ladies. Portraits, mounted. Lon- 
don and N. Y., 1922. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., unc. LL(97)$i2.oo. 

BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG (E. C.). Histoire des Nations 
Civilisees du Mexique, et de I'Amerique-Centrale clurant 
les Siecles Anteneurs a Christophe Colomb Pans, 1857-59 
4 vols., 8vo. 

Bds. VV(24)$n.oo. 


BRASSEY (Anne, Lady). In the Trades, the Tropics, and the 

Roaring Forties. London, 1885. Roy 8vo. 
Hf. vel.,unc. (Large paper, hinge cracked). I(284)$i6.oo. 

BRATHWAIT (Richard). Astraea'i Teares, an Elegie upon 

the death of that Reverend, Learned and Honest Judge, Sir 

Richard Hutton Knight. Frontis. London, 1641. Sm.Svo. 
Mor., g.e. (note by former owner on fly-leaf and " Bound by Roger 

Payne" in Beverley Chew's hand, Freeling-Corser-Huth-Chew 

copy) X(64)$25Q.oo. 
The English Gentleman and the English Gentlewoman. Title 

by Marshall. London, 1641. Fol. 
Oldcf. (worn, hinges broken). DE(i34)$i30o. 
The Honest Ghost; or, a Voice from the Vault. 2 frontis- 
pieces by Vaughan. London, 1658. Sm. 8vo. 
Lev mor , e., by J. Wright (MS. notes laid in, Chew copy) 

The Scholler's Medley; or, an Intermix t Discourse upon 

Historical! and Poeticall Relations. London, 1614 Sm 4to 
Old cf , g e (one or two headlines shaved, hole on last leaf 

repaired in facsimile, unnamed bookplate) X(6i)$ioooo. 
Same (Kern copy). BC(8)$75-OO 
A Solemn Joviall Disputation, Theoreticke and Practicke; 

bnefely Shadowing the Law of Drinking. Frontis. by Msrr- 

shall Oenozy Thopolis At the Signe of Red-eyes, 1617; 

Part TT, The Smoakmjr Age, or. The man in the mist- with 

the life and death of Tobacco Frontis. by Marshall Oenozy 

Thopolis- At the Signe of Teare-Nose, 1617. [London] 1617. 

Sm 8vo 
One:, vel , in lev mor. case (new end-papers, 2 leaves explaining 

frontispieces supplied in facsimile and laid in, Hoe copy) 

X(6 3 )$57500 

A Strappado for the Diuell. London, 1615. Sm 8vo. 

Mor, by C Lewis (slight repairs to title, Corser-Huth-Chew 

copy) X(62)$3oooo. 
A Svrvey of History. Title by Marshall London, 1638 

Sm. 4to 
Oldcf. (rubbed, cover loose: autograph of H Latham on title, 

H. B Forman copy). D 0(278) $17.50. 

BRAY (Thomas). Bibliotheca Parochialis. Part I [All pub- 
lished ] London. 1697 Sm. 4to. 

Cf , K t , unc. SS(2i4)$25 oo. 

BREAZEALE (J. W. M.). Life as it is. Knoxville, 1842. 121110. 

Ong bds (worn). SS(2I5)$4OOO 

Oldbds. (loose). WW(79)$25<>o. 

BREES (S. C.). Railway Practice. 140 col. plates (should be 141). 
London, 1838-40 3 vols. , 4to. 

Hf cf (rubbed, joints broken). VV(i86)$2ooo 

BREGENZER (D. M.) and LOVEMAN (Samuel). A Round- 
Table in Poictesme. A Symposium ed. by Don Bregenzcr 
and Samuel Loveman. Cleveland, Colophon Club, 1924. Sm. 


BREGENZER (D. M.) and LOVEMAN (Samutl)-Continucd 
Orig. cl. (autograph of James Branch Cabell on title). XX (200) 

BRERETON (Austin). Henry Irving: A Biographical Sketch. 

N. Y., 1884. 4to. 

Orig. cl. f unc. (inscribed to G. W. Childs by Henry Irving; A. L. S. 
by latter laid in). T(i36)$8.oo. 

BREVIARY TREASURES. Frontispieces. Boston [1904-05.] 

10 vols., sq. 8vo. 

Lev mor., inlaid, g.t., unc. (Tiber Edition). O(i32)$62.5o. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. R(so)$ 

BREVOORT (Henry). Letters to Washington Irving. Ed. by 

G. S. Hellman. Portraits. N. Y., 1916. 2vols,8vo. 
Bds. (2 copies, bookplates removed). N(95)$i2.oo. 

BRIALMONT (A. H.). Life of Arthur, Duke of Wellington. 

Trans, by G. R. Gleig. Portraits, folding maps, and plans. 
London, 1858. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Cf. A(330)$ii.oo. 

BRICKELL (John). Natural History of North Carolina. Map 

. and 4 plates. Dublin, 1743. 8vo 

Old cf (rebacked, name of former owner scratched out on title). 

BRIDGES (Robert). John Keats. Portrait N p., 1895. I2mo. 

CL, g.t., unc. HH(ii3)$i5.oo. 

Plays. Nero, Parts i and a; Palicio; The Return of Ulysses, 

the Christian Captives; Achilles in Scyros, Humours of the 

Court; The Feast of Bacchus. London, Ed. Burrapus [1885- 

04.] 8 vols., sm. 4to. 

Paper, unc. (back of first vol. cracked). X(6g)$4Ooo. 
Poems. London, 1873. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., unc. (shaken, Humphry and Mary Ward copy, with 

note by former on fly-leaf). X(68)$8o.oo. 
Same (Kern copy). BC(9)$22.50. 
Collection of First Editions. London and Chic, 1873-1920 

JO vols., I2mo. and 8vo. 
V.b., unc. (name on one fly-leaf, some vols. are Holden copies). 


BRIDGES (William). Map of the City of New-York and Island 
of Manhattan; with Explanatory Remarks and References. 
N. Y., 1811. I2mo. 

Hf.roan (rubbed). DD(i45)$io.oo. 

BRIEUX (Eugene). Damaged Goods. Trans, by John Pollock. 

Pref. by Bernard Shaw and Foreword by Mrs. Bernard Shaw. 

London, 1914. I2mo. 
Orig. paper, unc. MM(254)$i7.50. 
Maternity. Trans, by Mrs. Bernard Shaw, N, Y n 1907, 


Orig. paper, 


BRIEUX (Eugene) Continued 

Three Plays. Trans, by Mrs. Bernard Shaw, St. John Hankin 

and John Pollock. Portrait. With a Preface by Bernard 

Shaw. London, 1911. Sm.Svo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc. LL(6s6)$i7.5o. 
Ong. cl , g.t. MM(246)$iS.oo. 

BRIGGS (E. E.) Angling and Art in Scotland. 32 col plates 

London, 1908. Sq 8vo. 
Cl. I(286)$8.oo. 

BRIGHOUSfe (James). The Voice of the Seventh Angel Pro- 
claiming the End of Time! The Resurrection of the Dead' 
the Day of Final Judgment' and the Rule of Righteousness 
and Peace. South Cotton wood, Utah [1892 ] 8vo. 

Cl. BB(27)$noo. 

BRILLAT-SAVARIN (J. A.) A Handbook of Gastronomy. 52 

etchings by A. Lalauze. N Y., 1884. 8vo. 

Pigskin, tooled, unc. I(287)$2O.oo. 

Handbook of Gastronomy. Boston, 1915. 8vo. 

CL, gt., unc. HH(6i8)$i6oo 

Physiology of Taste. Intro by A. Machen Portrait Lon- 
don, 1925 Imp 8vo. 

Bds., unc. LL(o8)$io.oo 

BRINKLEY (Prank). Japan: Described and Illustrated by the 

Japanese Plates in color. Orient Edition. Boston [1807- 
1901.] 10 vols , imp. 4to. 

Silk. O(4ii)$27.SO. 

Japan: Described and Illustrated by the Japanese. Orig. 
water-colors, col. photographs. Royal Souvenir Edition. Bos- 
ton, Millet [1897-98.] 10 vols., imp.4to. 

Silk. DD(364)$iooo. 

BRINLEY (George). Catalogue of [his] American Library. 

5 parts. Hartford, 1878-93. 8vo. 
Cl , unc. (hnd in 3 vols , printed prices and orig. wrappers bnd. 

in). H(753)$i8.oo. 
Hf. mor. (rubbed, prices marked in ink; bnd in 3 vols ; A L. S 

by Mr. Brinley inserted). NN(i4)$2i.oo. 
Part I in bds., unc. (worn), II-V in paper (5 vols., priced). 


BRINTON (Selwyn). The Renaissance: its Art and Life. 

Florence, 1450-1550. Plates. London, 1908 410. 
Mor., g.t., unc. K(i33)$3o.oo. 

BRISBIN (J. S.). The Beef Bonanza. Phi la , 1882. i2mo 
Cl. BB(29)$75<>. 

BRISSOT DE WARVILLE (J. P.). New Travels in the United 

States of America. Dublin, 1792. 8vo. 
Old cf. (W. C. C. Claiborne copy). SS (219) $10.00. 


BRISTOL COUNTY, MASS. Our County and its People. For- 

traits. Boston, 1889. Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (rubbed). Q(32>$750- 

BRITISH DRAMA. Comprehending the Best Plays in the 

English language. London, 1804. 5 vols., 8\o. 
Cf. J(38)$iooo. 

BRITISH ESSAYISTS. Prefaces by Alexander Chalmers Por- 
traits. London, 1807-08 45 vols., I2mo. ZZ(38)$6o.oo. 

British Essayists. Prefaces by James Ferguson. Portraits. 

London, 1823 40 vols., l6mo. 

Hf cf., unc. DE(38s)$32.5o. 

BRITISH MUSEUM. Reproductions from Illuminated Manu- 
scripts. Series I-1II. 150 plates. London, 1910. 3 vols , sm 

Loose in bds DE(i36)$25 oo. 

BRITISH POETS. Aldine Edition. Portraits. London, Pick- 
ering, 1831-53 53 vols , I2mo 
Cf . gt . unc , by Zaehnsdorf. CC(i5)$4OO.oo. 

British Poets. Portraits. Boston, 1850-71 130 vols , i6mo 

Hf cf. K(47)$i8aoo 

BRITISH THEATRE. Portraits Ed by John Bell. London. 

1776-78 20 VOls., 121110. 
Cf. A(23)$20.00. 

Cf (Large paper). K(33)$8soo 

British Theatre. Ed. by John Bell. London, 1791-96 34 

vols., i8mo. 
Cf. (hinges loose). R(3<>)$35.oo 

British Theatre. Portraits. London, 1808 25 vols , 121110 

Cf. (rubbed, some stains on plates and titles). O(i33)$i250 
Hf. cf., gt, unc ZZ(39)$ioooo. 

BRITTEN (F. J.). Old English Clocks. London. 1907. Fol 
CL, unc. I(29o)$i500. 

BRITTON (John). Picturesque Antiquities of the English 

Cities. London, 1830. Fol. 
Mor. U(276)$io.oo. 

BRITTON (N. L.) and BROWN (Addison). Illustrated Flora 
of the Northern United States, Canada, and the British Pos- 
sessions X Y , 1896-98. 3 vols., roy. 8vo 

CI. (2 leaves repaired, stamps on titles and Brooklyn Library 
bookplates). I(29i)$io.oo. 

BROCKEDON (William). Illustrations of the Passes of the 
Alps. Over 100 plates and maps. London, 1828-29 2 vols., 
imp. 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e., by Wright (C. D. Halford copy). J(292)$i7OO. 

BROME (Alexander). Songs and other Poems. Portrait. Lon- 
don, 1664. 121T1O. 
Mor., tooled, g e (Mrs. Brownings copy). DD(279)$35on 


BROME (Richard). Dramatic Works. Portrait. London, 1873 

3 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. R(S2)$io.oo. 

BRONSON (E. B.). Love of Loot and Women. Portrait. N. Y , 

Privately printed, 1917. Roy. 8vo. 
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Lev mor, by Riviere. X(7i)$i70OO 

BRONTfi (Charlotte). Jane Eyre. Ed. by Currer Bell. London, 

1847- 3 vols., 8vo. 
Ong cl M unc . in mor. case (inner joints cracked, H. V. Jones 

copy). X(72)$3,6oa 
Jane Ey 

-Jane Eyre. London, 1848. 3 vols , 8vo. 
Orig cl , unc , in mor case (new end papers, with A. L by author 

and one by Thackeray). X( 73) $3,300.00. 

Shirley. London, 1849 3 vols., 8vo. 

- Ong. cl . irr lev. mor case (vols 2 and 3 only, worn, title of vol. 2 

lacking, co\ers loose, back strips missing Thackeray's copy 

with letter by Anne Ritchie laid in, later G M. Ellwood 

copy) X(74J$250.oo. 

Villette. London, 1853 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cl, unc. (shaken, A. L. S laid in). X(75)$325oo 

BRONTfi (Charlotte, Emily, and Anne). Poems. By Currer, 
Ellis, and Acton Bell. London, 1846 8vo 

Ong cl , unc, in lev mor. case (shaken, back faded; Charlotte 
Bronte's copy with her autograph on fly-leaf) X (8 1) $3,60000. 

Novels. With Mrs Gaskell's Life of Charlotte Bronte. Edin- 
burgh, 1005 12 vols , 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., tooled. T(2Q4)$50.oo 

Hf lev mor, g.t, unc (Thornton Edition). R(53)$oooo. 

Novels. Col. illustrations. London, 1922 6 vols., 121110 

Hf. cf. A(42)$2400. 

BRONTfi (Patrick). Cottage Poems. Halifax, 1811 121110. 
Vel , in cl. case (presentation copy to Miss Fennell). X(82)$i35.oo 

BROOKS (J. T.). Four Months among the Gold-Finders in 

Alta California Map. London, 1849. 121110. 
Cl, unc. (stained). P>B(30)$25.oo 
Cl,unc. SS(28i)$750. 

BROSS (William). Address ... on the Resources of the Far 

West, and the Pacific Railway X. Y., 1866 8vo. 
Paper SS(i205)$iooo. 

BROTHER JONATHAN. VoK. l-\ N ,1842-43 5 vols , 

Hf. sheep (front cover of \ ol. 1 loose, bnd in are "American 

Notes" by Dickens, "Tom Staplcton" by J N Moore, and 3 

other pieces). EF(io)$i90O. 
Bds (rubbed). I)E(i39)$i4.oo. 


BROTHERHEAD (William). The Centennial Book of the 

Signers. Portraits, views, etc., including 13 col. plates. Phila., 
1872. Roy. fol. 
Hf.mor., g.t., unc. (rubbed). YY(i86)$n.oo. 

BROUGH (R. B.). Life of Sir John Falstaff. Plates by G. 

Cruikshank. London, 1858. Roy. 8vo. 
CL, unc. (worn). A(ii2)$is.oo. 

CL, unc. (shaken, some plates stained, inscribed). KK(28)$6o.oo. 
Lev. mor., tooled (orig. covers bnd. in). PP(66)$55.oo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., by Zaehnsdorf (orig. covers bnd. in). PP(67) 


BROUILLET (J. B. A.). Dix ans sur la Cote de Pacifique. Que- 
bec, 1873. I2mo. 
Orig. paper. WW(82)$ 

BROWER (J. V.). Missouri River and its Utmost Source. 

Maps. St. Paul, 1896. 8vo. 
CL, g.t. SS(224)$8.oo. 

BROWN (Alexander). Genesis of the United States. 100 por- 
traits, maps, and plans. Boston, 1890. 2vols.,8vo. 
CL, unc. SS(22S)$25.oo. 

BROWN (C. B.). Ormand. N. Y., 1709. i2mo. 
Unbnd (hole in title, name of former owner on title). A (497) 

Novels. Portraits. Phila., 1887. 5 vols , 8vo. 

Hf.mor., g.t., unc. (backs faded). O (137)^10.00. 

BROWN (H.). Address, delivered before the Chicago Lyceum 

Jan. 28, 1846. [Chic., about 1846.] i6mo. 
Hf. mor. SS(549)$i7-oa 

BROWN (Henry). History of Illinois. Folding map. N. Y , 

1844. 8vo. 
CL (joints cracked). SS(n6s)$io.oo. 

BROWN (H. P.). Venetian Printing Press. 22 facsimiles. Lon- 
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CL, unc. HH(ii7)$i6.oo. 

BROWN (Hugh). True Principles of Gunnery. Folding dia- 
grams, etc. London, 1777. 410. 
Mor., tooled, ge. (Large paper, inscribed to Lord Townshend) 


BROWN (James &.). California Gold: An Authentic History of 

the First Find. Portrait. Oakland, 1894. izmo. 
Orig. paper. WW(83)$io.oo. 

Life of a Pioneer. Portrait. Salt Lake Gty, 1900. 8vo. 
CL BB(3i)$35.oo. 

BROWN (Jesse) and WILLARD (A. M.). The Black Hills 

Trails. Ed. by J. T. Milek. Portraits. Rapid City, S. I) , 
1924. 8vo. 
CL BB( 3 2)$7.50. 


BROWN (John E.). Memoirs of a Forty-Nincr. New Haven, 

1007. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. WW(84)$io.oo. 

BROWN (Thomas). Illustrations of the Game Birds of North 

America. 16 col. plates Edinburgh, 1884. Atl. fol 
CI. (worn, spotted, one plate repaired). I(298)$725o. 

BROWN (T. A.). History of the New York Stage. N Y., 1903 

3 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl., gt., unc. R(i32)$32.50. 

BROWNE (J. R.). Adventures in the Apache Country. N. Y , 

1869. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. SS(23i)$22.50. 
Etchings of a Whaling Cruise. Plates. N. Y., 1846 8vo. 

Cl. I(30l)$22.00. 

BROWNE (Maggie). Wanted A King; or, How Merle set the 
Nursery Rhymes to Rights. London, 1891. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g t, in cl. folder and case (new inner joints, inscribed 
by C L Dodgson) ZZ(65)$8soo 

BROWNE (P. A.). Lecture on the Oregon Territory. Phila , 

1843. 8vo. 
Unbnd. YY(i88)$ioso. 

BROWNE (Thomas). Pseudodoxia Epidemica. London, 1646 

Roy. 8vo. 

Cont. cf (worn, rehinged, lacks ai ). R(54)$I5 oo. 
Religio Medici. Title by Marshall. [London] for A. Crooke, 

1642. I2mo. 
Mor. (159 pp., rubbed, one leaf defective at corner, some leaves 

stained; bnd in is"Observations upon Religio Medici," by Sir 

Kenelm Digby 1643). D(3o)$ioo.oo. 

Works. Portrait by White. London, 1686 Sm fol. 

Orig. cf. (worn). R(55)$55 oo. 

Cont cf (rebacked, signature of G. Careri, 1695, on title). RR(44) 


BROWNELL (C. de Wolf). The Indian Races of North and 

South America. 34 col. plates. N Y , 1857. 8vo 
Imitation leath. (worn, hinges cracked) EE(52)$8.oo. 

BROWNING (C. H.). Americans of Royal Descent. Phila . 

1891. Roy. 8vo. 
Cl , unc (front cover and first 2 pp. stained). G(399)$i5.oo. 

BROWNING (E. B.). Proof sheets of Aurora Leigh. London, 
1859. 121110. 

Vel., in mor. case (portrait inserted; about 450 corrections, also, 
on half-title, inscription by author to Isa Blagden, Dec. 2, 
1856; inscription of Robert Browning, on fly-leaf, May 21, '59, 
referring to "These 'proofs' of the Fourth Edition of 'Aurora 
Leigh 1 "). X( 9 i)$825oo 

The Battle of Marathon, a Poem. London, for W. Lmdsell, 

1820. 8vo. 


BROWNING (E. B.) Continued 

Old mpr., tooled, g.e. (inscribed, April 1820, on verso of title, to 

Miss Ridley; inserted is A. L S. of Robert Browning, attesting 

work as that of E. B. Browning, P. A. Valentine copy) 

Proof sheets of "The Battle of Marathon." Intro, by H B. 

Forman. London; For Private Distribution only, 1891. 8vo 
Cf., unc. (MS notes by Mr. Wise, H B. Forman copy with notes 

by him). DD(28i)$i5.oo. 

Casa Guidi Windows. London, 1851 I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc., in hf. mor. case (inscribed, on half-title, to Mrs. 

Proctor). X (go)$425.op 

An Essay on Mind, with Other Poems. London, 1826. 8vo 

Orig. bds., unc., in lev. mor. case (break in hinges, title inscribed, 

1826, to author's mother). X(85)$goooo 
The Greek Christian Poets and the English Poets. London, 

1863. I2mo. 
Orig cl., unc., in mor. case (inner joints cracked, title inscribed, 

Apr. 4, '63, by Robert Browning to E Twisleton, laid in are 

7 pp. of MS. Notes and Alterations in author's hand, addressed 

"To the Printer" material not incorporated in the printed 

book). X( 04) $450.00. 

Last Poems. London, 1862. 8\o 

Oria: cl , unc. in hf. lev mor case (shaken, bndg rubbed, half- 
title inscribed, April 5, 1862, by Robert Browning, to Caroline 

Weston). X(93)$275.oo. 

Poems. London. 1844 2 vols , I2mo 

Orig. cl., unc , in hf. mor. case (tear in one hinge. fl>-leaf inscribed 

Aug 1844 to William Wordsworth, A L S laid in, W H 

Arnold copy). X (88) $1,100.00. 

Poems. New Edition. London, 1850. 2 vols , 8vo 

Orig cl., unc , in cl. folders and lev mor. cases R(s6)$275o 

Poems before Congress. London, 1860. 8vo. 

Ong. cl , unc., in hf. mor. case (half-title inscribed, 1860, to Kate 

Field). X(o2)$375.oo. 
Prometheus Bound. Translated from the Greek of JEschylus. 

And Miscellaneous Poems, by the Translator. London, 1833. 

Orig. cl. t unc., in hf. mor. case (shaken in bndg.; Arabel Barrett- 

H. B. Forman copy, with notes by latter, 4 pp. relating to this 

vol.). X(86)$275.oo. 
The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point. London, Edward 

Moxon, 1849. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. case. X (8o)$oo oo 

The Seraphim and Other Poems. London, 1838 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc , in mor. case (corrections in author's hand on pp 

*33f I47 257. an d 35 r inscribed, on half-title, to G. H. R 

Curson, W. K. Bixby copy). X(87)$4ooo 
Sonnets from the Portuguese. London, n d. Imp 8\o. 
Hf. cl., g.t., unc. A(44)$io.oo. 

Poetical Works. Portrait. N Y., 1884 5 vols , 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Macdonald (rubbed, Japan paper). 



BROWNING (E. B.) Continued 

Complete Works. Ed. by C. Porter and H. A. Clark? Illus- 
trations in 2 states Autograph Edition. N. Y., 1901. 6vols, 

Lev inor, unr. (T. Bell cop\ ). N(ioi)$45.oo. 

BROWNING (E. B. and Robert). Two Poems. London, 1854. 

Paper, m bd. case (Harden-Hagen copy). X(g8)$22.5o 

See also BABRIUS. 

BROWNING (Robert). Aristophanes' Apology. London, 1875 

Grig, cl , unc , in lev. mor case (inscribed to Mrs. Corkran, A L 
S inserted) X(H7)$375 oo. 

Asolando: Fancies and Facts. London, 1890. i2mo. 

Mor , g e , m hf lev. mor. case (inscribed by R. Barrett Browning, 
on half-title, Jan. 13, 1890, to Mrs. Skirron). X( 126) $150.00. 

- Balaustion's Adventure. London, 1871. I2mo. 

Cf. f tooled, g e , by Riviere (title inscribed to Mrs. Gordon, W. H. 
Arnold copy) X(m)$i6ooo. 

Bells and Pomegranates. Nos. I- VIII. London, 1841-66 8vo. 

Hf roan, in lev mor case (rubbed, title autographed, No. VI 
altered by marginal MS notes for a projected stage represen- 
tation, note of Feb 10, '77, on opening page, explaining same). 


Christmas-Eve and Easter-Day. London, 1850. i2mo. 

Ong cl , unc, in hf lev mor case (ink on front cover and title, 

D. G. Rossetti copy, inscribed by him). X(io6)$225.oo 
Dramatic Idyls. First Series, 1879; Dramatic Idyls. Second 

Series, 1880 London, 1879-80 2 vols., 121110 
Lex mor, tooled, ge, by Scroll Club bindery, in cl folders and 

cases (presentation copies) X(i22)$37OOo 

Dramatis Persona. London, 1864. 8vo. 

Lev mor , tooled, ge , by Riviere (inscribed to Theodore Martin). 


Dramatis Personae and Dramatic Romances and Lyrics. Illus 

in color by E F. Bnckdale. London, 1909 8vo. 
Hf mor, gt,unc. R(57)$iooo. 

Ferishtah's Fancies. London, 1884. I2mo. 

Grig cl., in hf lev. mor case (inscribed to F. J. Furnivall with 

notes by him, inserted is portion of wrapper addressed to him 

by Browning) X(i24)$375 oo. 

Fifine at the Fair. London, 1872. I2mo. 

Ong cl , unc , m lev mor case (back inner joint cracked, inscribed 

to A E Smith) X(ii3)$2iooo. 

Gold Hair: a Legend of Pornic. [London] 1864. i2mo. 

Lev mor., g.t , unc., by Riviere (W. T Wallace copy). 00(284) 


The Inn Album. London, 1875. I2mo 

Orig cl., unc., in lev mor case (inscribed to Miss Egerton Smith). 


Jocoseria. London, 1883. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc . in lev mor case (inscribed to F. J. Furnivall, with 

notes bv latter, photograph of author and clippings inserted). 



BROWNING (Robert) Continued 

La Saisiaz: The Two Poets of Croisic. London, 1878. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Gruel, in bd. case (inscribed to Mrs 
Castle). X(i2i)$i30.oo. 

Letters to Various Correspondents. Ed. by T. J. Wise 

London; Privately printed, 1895-96. 2vols.,8vo. 
Sheets, unc., in cl. folders and hf. mor. case (on vel., H. B. Forman 
copy). DD (285)540.00. 

Men and Women. London, 1855. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cl., unc. (backs and corners worn and faded, Stephens-Cotton 
copy, with A. L. S. to former inserted). BC(i8o)$3O.oo. 

Pacchiarotto And How he worked in Distemper: with Other 

Poems. London, 1876. I2mo. 

Orig cl., unc., in lev. mor case (inscribed to Mrs. Proctor, Red- 
head-Arnold copy) X (119) $350.00. 

Paracelsus. London. 1835. I2mo. 

Orig. bds , unc , in lev. mor. case (rubbed, tear in one leaf; auto- 
graph corrections; Frederick Locker-S. A. Browning copy, 
with inscription A. L. S. of author to Locker laid in). X(i02) 

Orig. bds., unc. (rebacked). EF)259)$i8.50. 

Parleyings with Certain People of Importance in their Day. 

London, 1887. I2mo. 

Ong. cl., unc , in hf. lev mor. case (inscribed to Dr Furnivall, 
notes in his hand and wrapper addressed to him in Brown- 
ing's hand inserted). X(i25)$350OO 

Pauline. London, 1833. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc., in lev mor. case (W. H. Arnold copy) X(ioi) 

The Pied Piper of Hamelin. 35 illustrations in color by K 
Greenaway. London, Routledge [1888] 4to. 

Orig. bds. (orig. signed drawing of the artist laid in) X(i27) 

Bds. GG(8s)$i5.oo. 

The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Frontis and plate on silk in 

color, designs by H. Quilter, written in ornamental text by 
Mary his Wife. London, 1808. 4to. 

Vel., unc, 2 metal plaques on cover (Japan paper). I(305)$I3-00 

Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau, Saviour of Society. London, 

l87I. I2H10. 

Orig. cl., unc., in hf. lev mor. case (joints cracked, inscribed to 
Dante Rossetti). X(ii2)$65o.oo. 

Rabbi Ben Ezra. Frontis. [Hingham, Mass., 1904.] 8vo. 

Bds. N(8ii)$i6.oo. 

Red Cotton Night-Cap Country. London, 1873. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, unc., by Riviere (author's proof copy with cor- 
rections in his hand; last leaf is supplied from another copy). 


Orig. cl., unc., in lev. mor. case (inscribed to B. W. Procter, Red- 
head-Arnold copy). X(ii5)$8oo.oo. 

The Ring and the Book. London, 1868-69. 4 vols., I2mo. 

Orig.. cl., unc., in lev. mor. case (tear in back of one vol., last vol. 
shaken inscribed to G. D. Rossetti). X (no) $2,500.00. 


BROWNING (Robert) Continued 

Some Poems. Frontis. and borders by L. Pissarro. London, 

Eragny Press, 1904. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (with "Christabel, Kubla Khan, Fancy in Nubibus, and 
Song from Zapolya" by S. T. Coleridge. 1004, together 2 
vols.). KK(62)$i50o. 
Bordello. London, 1840. I2mo. 

Orig. bds , unc., in lev. mor. case (rubbed, rebacked; autograph 
corrections, S. A. Browning copy). X( 103) $1,000.00. 

Stafford. London, 1837. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc., m lev. mor case (rebacked, edge of front cover 
repaired; inscribed to Capt. Pritchard and to Frederick 
Locker, with numerous corrections in author's hand and 
A. L. S. laid in) X(i04)$i,ooo oo. 

The Statue and the Bust London, 1855 I2mo. 

Unbnd., unopened, in lev. mor. case (A. L. S. to "Dear Ward" laid 
in). X(io8)$200oo. 

Lev. mor , g t , unc , by Riviere (W T. Wallace copy) DD(283) 
$32 50. 

Poetical Works. London, 1888-94. i? vols , 8vo 

Lev. mor , tooled, g t A(45)$27o oo 

Lev. mor., gt. CC(i 6) $400.00. 

Lev. mor., gt., unc. ZZ(4i)$30000 

Official Guide of the Chicago and Alton Railroad, and Monthly 
Reprint and Advertiser. Containing Time Cards, Advertise- 
ments, containing and Part 8 of a Reprint from the Latest 
English Edition of the Complete Works of Robert Browning 
[Chic ] July, 1873. I2mo 

Sewed, in hf. lev mor case (inscribed to Frederick Locker) X(u6) 

BRUCE (James). Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile. 

Edinburgh, 1790 5 vols , 4to. 
Cont. cf. W(2o)$i3oo 
Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile. Edinburgh, 1804- 

05. 7 vols., 8vo. 
Old cf. and hf . mor. (rubbed, with 4to vol of plates, together 8 

vols). I(3o6)$2300 

BRUMBAUGH (G. M.). Maryland Records, Col. map. Bait , 

1915 2 vols , Roy. 8vo. 
Cl, unc. EE(55)$20oo. 
Another copy. YY(i8g)$i3 oo 

BRUNET (J. C.). Manuel du Libraire. Paris, 1860-65 6 vols , 8vo. 
Hf. mor. (6 vols. in 12, Large paper, rubbed, name stamp on one 
page). DE(i8)$900. 

BRUNETTI (Gaetano). Sixty different Ornaments invented by 

[him.] 60 plates. London, 1736. 4to. 
Cf. AB(6)$55-oo. 

BRUNO NOLANO (Giordano). De Vmbris Idearvm. Pans, 

1582. I2mo. 
Bds (rubbed). DE(i39)$i4-oa 


BRYANT (Edwin). What I Saw in California. N. Y., 1848. 

Cl. (stained, with same work. London, 1849, together 2 vols.) 

BB(33)$i9.oo. (rubbed). SS(269)$8.oo. 

BRYANT (Jacob). A New System; or, an Analysis of Ancient 

Mythology London, 1775 3vols,4to. 
Cf. W(2i)$noo. 

BRYANT (W. C.). The Fountain and other Poems. New York 
and London, 1842. I2mo. (stained, inscribed to Mrs. McCall). X( 132)^2 10.00. 

Letters of a Traveller. N. Y., 1850. i2mo. 

Orig cl,unc. (88(232) $8.00. 

Poems. Cambridge, 1821. I2mo 

Orig. bds., unc. (covers loose, inscription on fly-leaf). D(33)$37.50 

Poems. N. Y., 1832. I2mo. 

Orig. bds. H(328)$i6.oo. 

Popular Considerations on Homceopathia. N. Y., W. Radde 

[1841.] 8vo. 

Sewed, in lev. mor. case (lacks front wrapper). X(i3i )$i,ioooo 

The White-Footed Deer and Other Poems. N. Y., 1844. i 2 " 

Cf , unc. (orig. wrappers preserved, corners torn off front wrap- 
per). H(329)$35-50. 

Orig. paper, unc., sewed, in cl. folder and hf mor. case (slight 
stains). DD(286)$350OO 

BRYCE (James, Lord). The American Commonwealth. Map 

London, 1888. 3 vols , 8vo. 
Hf. mor., unc. (hinges weak). I(3o8)$25oo. 
Hf. lev. mor, unc., by Worsfold (T. Bell copy). X(io3)$3750, unc. CC(i7)$40.oo. 

-South America. N. Y., 1913. 8vo. 

Cl (with "Modern Democracies" London, 1921. 2 voU , together 

3 vols.). I (309)$! i. oo. 

BRYDEN (H. A.). Great and Small Game of Africa. 15 hand-col 

plates. London, 1899. 4to. 
Lev. mor., tooled, unc. (orig covers bnd in). J(3io)$65.oo. 

BRYDGES (Sir S. E.). Autobiography. Portrait London, 1834 

2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf mor., inlaid, g.t , unc. R(59)$I2.5O. 

BUCANUS (William). Institutions of Christian Religion. Lon- 
don, 1606 . Sm. 4to. 

Cont. cf , g.e. gauffered, gold corner ornaments, royal arms (one 
leaf lacking, last leaf damaged, several stained; title and leaf 
A2 re-margined, James 1 copy) DD(363)$sooo. 

BUCK AN (John). History of the Great War. Intro, by Major- 
Gen. J. G. Harbord Portraits in color and folding maps. 
Boston 1 1022] 4vols,8vo. 

Cl. I(3ii)$i6.oo. 


BUCHANAN (George). Ane Detectiovn of the duinges of Marie 
Quene of Scottes. [London. 1571.] Sm. 8vo. 

Lev. mpr,, tooled, g.e., by Bedford (lacks blank 4; Bmdley- 
"Bibliotheca Heberiana" copy). XX(i22)$SO.oo. 

BUCHANAN (James). Sketches of the History, Manners, and 

Customs of the North American Indians N. Y., 1824 2 vols , 

Hf. lev mor., g t., unc. (name of Henry Wadsworth pasted on 
fly-leaves). SS(233)$i5.oo 

BUCHANAN (James, President). Mr. Buchanan's Administra- 

tion on the Eve of the Rebellion. N. Y., 1866. 8vo. 
Orig cl ((presentation copy to D R. Porter). G(36)$8.oo. 

BUCHANAN (Robert). The Fleshly School of Poetry. Lon- 

don, 1872. I2mo 
Hf lev. mor , unc , by R. W. Smith (orig. wrappers bnd in, H. W. 

Poor copy) X( 133) $2000. 

- On Descending Into Hell. London, 1889 8vo. 
Orig paper, in cl. case (A. C. Swinburne copy, with marked pas- 

sages) Z(i273)$io.oo. 

BUCKE (R. M.). Cosmic Consciousness. Phila, 1001. 4to. 
Cl . uuc. (signed). DD(s89)$25 oo 

BUCKLE (H. T.). History of Civilization in England. N Y., 

1885 Jvols,8vo. 
Cl. RR(52)$900. 


Papers Published for the Society, nd 3vols,8vo 
Cl \ Y(i9i)$i3.oo 


The Pacific Fd by C G Rosenberg N \ , 1873 I2mo 

BUDGE (E. A. W.). Book of the Dead. Plates, some in color. 

London, 1899. At fol 
Hf loath (worn). LL(86)$; 50. 

BUDGEN (L. M.). Episodes of Insect Life. By Acheta Domes- 
tica. Frontispieces and vignettes col. by hand. London, 
1849-51 3 vols . 8vo 

Orig cl., ge. J(39)$io- 

BUEL (J. W.). The Border Outlaws . . . The Younger Brothers, 

Jesse and Frank James, and Their Comrades in Crime. Por- 
traits St Louis, 1882, Train and Bank Robbers of the West. 
Chic., 1882, [Bound with] Life, Character and Daring Ex- 
ploits of the Younger Brothers. With illustrations. Chic. 
[1875] St Louis and Chic., 1875-82. 2vols,8vo. 

Cl CD(30i5)$ikoo. 

- Heroes of the Plains. Col. plates. St. Louis, 1881. 8vo. 

Sheep. BB(37)$3400 

Orig sheep CD (3024) $27 .00. 


BUEL (J. W.) Continued 

- Heroes of the Plains. Col. plates. St. Louis, 1883. 8vo. 


BULFINCH (Thomas). Myths and Legends. Illustrations, 

some in color. Boston, n.d. 9 vols. 
Q., g.t. ZZ(42)$io.oo. 

BULKELEY (Peter). The Gospel-Covenant; or, the Covenant 

of Grace opened. London, 1651. Sm. 4to. 
Oldcf. E(22)$ 

BULLEN (A. H.). Christmas Garland. 7 illustrations by H. C. 

Wells. London, 1885. 8vo. 
Vel., g.t., unc. (back discolored, J. A. Symonds copy). HH(ng) 


- England's Helicon. London, 1887. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., inlaid, g.e, by De Samblancx-Weckesser, in bd. case 
(Large ipaper). KK(2i)$4O.oo. 

- Lyrics from the Dramatists of the Elizabethan Age. London, 
1889. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, unc., by Zaehnsdorf (Large paper). KK(22) 

- Lyrics from the Song-Books of the Elizabethan Age. 1887; 
More Lyrics from the Song-Books of the Elizabethan Age 

1888, Lyrics from the Dramatists of the Elizabethan Age 

1889. London, 1887-89. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. HH(i2i)$io.oo. 

- Musa Proterva. Speculum Amantis. London, Privately 
printed, 1889. 2 vols., 8vo. 

CL, g.t., unc. (Large paper). HH(i23)$n oo. 
--Speculum Amantis. [London] Privately printed, 1902. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Zaehnsdorf (S. Humphreys copy). 

BULLEN (F. T.). Collection of First Editions of his Writings. 

London, 1898-1915. i6vols., I2mo andSvo. 
Q. (6 vols. are presentation copies). I(3i2)$ioo.oo. 

BULLEN (H. L.). Nicolas Jensen, Printer. San Fran., 1926. 

Eds., unc. (laid in is orig. leaf of Plutarch's "Vita Parallels 

Illustrium Virorum"). HH (125) $30.00. 

BULLOCK (W.). Six Months' Residence and Travels in Mex- 

ico. Plates and maps, some in color. London, 1824. 8vo. 
Hf . cf . CD (2025)$io.oo. 

BULWER (Edward, Lord Lytton). Last Days of Pompeii. 

London, 1834. 3vols.,8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., unc. N(479)$22.5O. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. XX(5o9)$55.oa 
-Letters to Macready. Intro, by Brander Matthews. Newark, 

Carteret Book Club, 1911. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. HH(i59)$3<>.oo. 


BULWER (Edward, Lord Lytton) Continued 
'Not so Bad as We Seem. London, 1851. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc. (backbone chipiped). UU(ii2)$io.oo. 

Pilgrims of the Rhine. London, 1840. 8vo. 

Mor., g.e. (A. L. S. inserted). D(35)$n.oo. 

Collected Set /of Works in the Library Edition. With his 

Life by his Son. London, 1859-83. 68 vols., 8vo and I2mo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t. (some bndgs rubbed). GG(226)$6s.oo. 

Complete Works. Portrait. London, 1877-78. 26vols,8vo. 

Hf. cf., by Bayntun. A(47)$8i.oo. 

Novels and Romances. Boston, 1891-92. 32 vols , 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t, unc. K(48)$i8o.oo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. R(6o)$8s.oo. 

Novels and Romances. Boston, 1895. 4 vols., I2mo. 

Hf.mor., g.t. DE(387)$65.oo. 

Complete Works. Edition de Luxe. London, n.d. 32 vols., 


Cl., unc. A(48)$39.oo. 
Orig. cl., unc. XX(i23)$io.oo. 

BUNBURY (H. W.). Academy For Grown Horsemen . . . 

Annals of Horsemanship Col plates by Rowlandson and 

others. London, 1809 8vo 
Bds. (slightly stained). W(35)$4i.oo. 

Annals of Horsemanship. 17 plates. London, 1791. Fol. 
Lev. mor., unc., by Club Bindery (Hoe copy). 1 (832)^40 oo. 

BUNDY (J. M.). Life of James A. Garfield. Portrait. N. Y., 

1880. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. (inscribed by James A. Garfield to J. M. Rusk). 


BUNN (Matthew). Narrative of [his] Life and Adventures. 

Batavia, 1828. 8vo. 
Mor., unc. SS( 1316) $140.00. 

BUNNELL (D. C.). Travels and Adventures. Palmyra, N. Y., 

1831. I2mo. 
Orig. cf. (worn, fore-corners of leaves rounded). 88(236) $45.00. 

BUNYAN (John). Pilgrim's Progress. London, 1766. 8vo. N(ios)$8oo. 

Pilgrim's Progress. Intro by G Offer. Frontispiece Lon- 
don, 1847. Roy.8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. I(3i3)$i4-<>o. 

Pilgrim's Progress. London, 1860. Sq. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, ge., by Bayntun, in cl. case. DD(287) 

Pilgrim's Progress. Over 120 designs by G. W. Frederick 
and Louis Rhead. N. Y., 1898. Fol. 

Bds., unc. (A. L. 8. by Louis Rhead laid in). OO(23i)$8.oo. 

BURCHELL (W. J.). Travels in the Interior of Southern Africa. 

20 col. plates, many folding, and map. London, 1822. 2 vols., 

Orig. bds, unc., in cl. case (worn). I(3I4)$85-OO. 


BURCKHARDT (R. F.). Gewirkte Bildteppiche des XV and 

XVI Jahrhunderts im Histonschen Museum zu Basel, 25 
plates in color. Leipzig, 1923. Atl. fol. 
Hf. vel., g.t. LL(6o7)$22.5o. 

BURDETT-COUTTS (A. G., Baroness). Women's Mission. 

London, 1893. 8vo. (inscribed to G. W, Childs). T(29)$9.oo. 

BURGES (Sir James Bland). Riches; or, the Wife and Brother. 

N. Y. f 1810. i8mo. 

BURKE (JEdanus). Observations upon a Late Pamphlet en- 
titled, "Considerations upon the Society or Order of the Cin- 
cinnati." By an Obscure Individual. Phila , 1783. 8vo 

Unbnd. EE(69)$i2.50. 

BURKE (Edmund). Complete History of the Late War. 16 
maps, portraits and plans. London, 1764. 8vo. 

Cf., g.e., by Morrell, 88(238) $25.00. 

-Compleat History of the Late War. Maps, portraits and 
plans. Dublin, 1774. 8vo. 

Oldcf. (rebacked, Marshall copy). WW(222)$i7 50. 

- A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of 
the Sublime and Beautiful. London, 1761. 8yo. 

Ong, cf. (cracking; Arthur Middletpn copy, with his autograph 
and date, 1761, on title; an inscription on title states that this 
copy was later presented by Henry Middleton to John Wil- 

COCks). S(3l)$I,220OO. 

- Reflections on the Revolution in France ... In a Letter 
intended to have been sent to a Gentleman in Paris. 1790, 
[also] Abridgement of [his] Letter to a Gentleman in Pans 
on the Revolution in France. London, 1790-91. 2vols.,8vo. 

Orig. paper, and sewed without covers, unc., in lev. mpr. case, by 
Riviere (with "Defence of the French Revolution and its 
English Admirers against the Accusations of the Right Hon 
Edmund Burke." 1791, together 3 vols.). X( 136) $425.00. 

Speech on American Taxation, April 19, 1774. London, 1775 

Sewed, unc (Large paper, MS notes by Lord Hardwicke) 

BURKE (Sir J. Bernard). Romance of the Aristocracy. Lon- 

don, 1855. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Hf.mor, tooled, g.t. (H. C. Wright copy) R(62)$i2,so. 

BURLINGTON FINE ARTS CLUB. Early Venetian Pictures 
and other Works of Art. London, Privately printed, 1912. 

Cl., g.t., unc. HH(i26)$i7.5o. 

Exhibition of Ancient Greek Art. London, 1904. Roy. 4to. 

CL, unc. (shaken). HH(i27)$i4.oo. 

Exhibition of Bookbindings. Col. plates. London, 1891 Roy 

CL, unc. (corners rubbed). HH(i28)$i2.5O. 



Exhibition of Early Chinese Pottery and Porcelain, 1910. 

48 plates, some in color. London, 1911. Roy. 4to. 
Cl , gt., unc. HH(i29)$37.50. 
Exhibition of Illuminated Manuscripts. London, 1908. Roy. 


Cl., unc. HH(i3o)$37.50. 
French Art of the Eighteenth Century, London, Privately 

printed, 1914. 4to. 
Cl , g.t., unc HH(i3i)$i9.oo. 

BURN (J. I.). Case of the Right Hon. Alexander, Earl of Stir- 
ling and Dovan, Respecting His Lordship's title to Nova 
Scotia, and other Territorial Possessions in North America. 
Folding plan. London, 1833. 8vo. 

Unbnd. JJ (280)538 oo. 

BURNABY (Andrew). Travels through the Middle Settlements 

of North America, 1750-1760. London, 1775. 4to. 
Oldcf. (rubbed, 4 leaves stained). I(3i6)$i70o. 
Mor., g.t, unc. SS(243)$n.oo. 

BURNET (Gilbert). History of the Reformation of the Church 

of England. Oxford, 1829 6 vols , 8vo. 
Cf. A (49) $n. oo. 

BURNETT (P. H.). Recollections and Opinions of an Old 

Pioneer N. Y , 1880 I2mo 
Cl. (name stamped on fly-leaf). BB(38)$30.00. 
Cl. SS(395)$i8oo. 

BURNEY (Charles). General History of Music. Plates and 

music London, 1776-89. 4 vols., 4to. 
Newhf. cl., unc. (some stains). F(32)$i9.oo. 

BURNEY (Frances, Madame d'Arblay). Camilla. London, 1796. 
5 vols., I2mo 

Old cf. A(379)$27.50. 

Orig. bds., unc. (worn, portion of front blank torn away, initials of 
former owner on few pp ; 2pp. of orig. MS. laid in). X(i38) 

Orig. hf.rus (Sir R Bedmgfield copy). RR(44S)$30.oo. 

Diary and Letters, Portraits London, 1854 7 vols , ismo 

Cf., g.e., by Bayntun XX(3io)$37-50. 

Evelina. London, 1778. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cf. (worn, few repairs). X(i37)$5,8oo.oo. 

The Wanderer. London, 1814. 5 vols., i2mo. 

Orig. bds , unc., in hf. mor. case (backs and joints defective, end- 
paper of Vol. I missing, first 40 pp. of Vol. I and final 20 pp. of 
Vol. Ill trimmed). X(i39)$325.oo. 

BURNS (Robert). An Address to the Deil. By Robert Burns. 

With the Answer. By John Lauderdale, near Wigton. 1795. 

Bds.. unc. (discolored, signature of W. Burton on title margin, 

W. H. Dunwoody copy). X(iso)$2OOoo 


BURNS (Robert) Continued 

Aloway Kirk. 8pp. N.p. [about 1791.] I2mo. 

Bds., unc. (First issue, with "Aloway" on title, W. H. Dunwoody 

copy). X(i47)$325.oo. 

The Fornicator's Court. 8pp. [1830?] 8vo. 

Folded, unc. and unopened. XX (124) $35.00. 
Another copy. FG(i8;)$36oo. 

Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. Kilmarnock, 1786. 8vo. 

Orig. cf. (7J4 x 5 1/16 in., title and 13 leaves have slight stains; 

name erased from title, name, "Joannis Burtte," on verso) 

Cont hf. sheep, in lev. mor. case (worn, name on title; page of 

MS. inserted). X( 141) $6,75000 

Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. Portrait. First Edin- 
burgh edition, with misprints "stinking" and "Boxburgh." 

Edinburgh, 1787. 8vo. 
Orig. cf. (lacks portrait, part of title and part of a preface leaf) 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere (half-title and last 2 leaves repaired, 

Poor-Chew copy). X( 142) $200.00. 
Lev. mor , tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Sangorski (miniature by Miss 

Curne on ivory, in jewelled frame, inside cover; half-title re- 
paired). BC(ii)$i7000. 
Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. Second E dm burgh 

Edition, with correct printing of "skinking," but with "Box- 
burgh" remaining. Edinburgh, 1787. 8vo. 
Mor, tooled, g.e.. by Stikeman. X(i43)$oo.oo 

Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. Phila., 1788. 121110 

Lev mor., tooled, g.e, by Rmere (pinholc and erased inscriptions 

on title, few marginal repairs). X(i45)$2iooo. 
Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. Portrait by Hatpin 

Dublin, 1789 I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, ge., by Riviere, in hf mor. case. X(i46)$i75oo 
Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. Edinburgh, 1793. 2 

vols., I2mo. 
Lev. mor , g e., by Bain, in lev. mor. case (one page inscription to 

John M'Murdo, verses on fly-leaf in later hand, Nasmyth 

portrait inserted in each vol., later Engins-Cunningham- 

Castlecraig-Bixby copy). X( 140) $23,500.00. 
Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. Portraits. Berwick, 

1801 2 vols., I2mo. 
Cf., g.t., by Bayntun. R(63)$22 50. 
Poetical Miscellany. Frontis. by Scott after Carse. Glasgow, 

1800; [also] Letters Addressed to Clarinda. Glasgow, 1802 

Lev. mor., tooled, g e., in mor. case (2 vols. in one, frontis. frayed, 

W. K. Bixby copy). X(i5i)$soo.oo. 
Poetry of Robert Burns. Ed. by W. E. Henley and T. F. 

Henderson. Portraits. Centennial Edition. Boston and 

N. Y., 1806. 4vols.,8vo. 
Bds., unc. GG(2i)$22.5o. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. ZZ(45)$6o.oo. 
-Verses to the Memory of James Thomson. 8pp. N p., n.d. 

[about 1791.] J2mo. 


BURNS (Robert) Continued 

Bds., unc. (2 leaves remargined at top, W. H. Dunwoody copy) 


Works. Frontispieces. London, 1834. 8 vols., I2mo. 
Cf., g.t. K( 4 9)$6o.oo. 
Orig. cl., unc. R(64)$25.oo. 
Cf., tooled, g.e., by Bayntun. CC(i8)$nooo. 
Lev. mor, tooled, by Riviere. PP(3o)$nooo. 
Cf., g.t, by Riviere. ZZ(44)$55.oo 
Hf. lev mor., g.t., unc. DE(388)$35.oo 

Complete Works. 60 etchings, maps, etc. Edinburgh Edi- 
tion. Phila., 1895. I2 v ls 8vo. 
Mor., tooled, g.t., unc. GG(2o)$ioooo. 
Complete Works. 60 etchings, maps, etc. Carnegie Edition 

Phila., 1896. 12 vols , 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.t., unc. (joint rubbed). O(i44)$55OO 
Complete Works. 60 etchings, maps, etc. Imperial Edition 

Phila , 1898. 12 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g t. ZZ(46)$40.oo. 
Life and Works. Ed. by Robert Chambers. Revised by 

William Wallace N. Y., 1806. 4 vols , 8vo. 
Cl., unc. I(3i7)$i2.50. 
Complete Works. 60 etchings, maps, etc Ayrshire Edition 

Phila, Gebbie [1909] 6vols,8vo. 
Hf. mor, g.t., unc. (broken). A(so)$2i oo 

BURR (Aaron). Private Journal. Portraits . Rochester, 1903 
2 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. NN(22)$8o.oo. 

Bds., unc. (presentation copy from W. K. Bixby to E. R. Hoad- 
ley). DE( 142) $105.00. 

A Collection of the Facts and Documents relative to the) 

Death of General Alexander Hamilton Letter to Aaron Burr 
on the Barbarous Origin, the Criminal Nature and the baneful 
effects of Duels N. Y., 1804. 2 vols , 8vo. 

Cf. and bds. NN(45)$25.oo. 

[Four Messages] from the President of the U. S. transmitting 

Information touching an Illegal Combination of Private Indi- 
viduals against the Peace and Safety of the Union . . . Jan 
22, 26, 28, and Feb. 10, 1807. [Washington, 1807] 4 pieces, 

Folded, unc. 88(248) $17.50. 

BURR (David H.). Atlas. See NEW YORK COLONY AND 

BURRELL (William). Medical Advice chiefly for the Considera- 
tion of Seamen, and adapted for the Use of Travellers or 
Domestic Life. N. Y., 1798. 8vo. 

Unbnd JJ(338)$8.50. 

BURROUGHS (John). Notes on Walt Whitman as Poet and 

Person. N. \., 1867 I2mo 
Cl., unc. (covers stained; presentation copy, to Justin McCarthy). 


BURROUGHS (John) Continued 

Cl. (presentation copy, to James T. Fields). DD(525)$35.oo. 

Songs of Nature. Portrait. N. Y., 1901. I2mo. 

CL, unc. (lacks printed intro , orig. MS. intro , signed, is inserted). 


Wake-Robin. N. Y., 1871. 12010. 
Cl. in cl. folder (A. L. S. to E. C. Stedman laid in, Stedman copy). 


Whitman: A Study. Boston, 1896. I2mo 

Orig. cl (A. L. S. laid in). V(s6)$8.oo. 

Writings. Plates. Autograph edition Boston, 1904-23. 23 

vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., tooled, unc. (frontispieces in 2 states, one set in 

color). I(3i9)$i8o.oo. 

Hf lev. mor., g.t , unc. (col. frontispieces). J(43)$32O.oo 
CL, unc. (some backs faded). O(i47)$9500 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. (2 sets of frontispieces, one in color). 


CL, unc. (some backs faded). GG(23)$ii5oo. 
Hf lev. mor,, g.t., unc. (some plates in color, A. L. S. inlaid to 

size in vol I). ZZ(47)$i2O.oo. 

Works. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1921. 12 vols , 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. K(si)$8o.oo. 

BURT (W. A.) and HUBBARD (Bela). Reports on the Geog- 
raphy, Topography and Geology of the U. S. Surveys of the 
Mineral Region of the South Shore of Lake Superior. Fold- 
ing map with chart. Detroit, 1846. i6mo. SS(256)$i5.oo. 

BURTON (Isabel, Lady). Life of Captain Sir Richard F. Burton. 

Portraits and maps. London, 1893. 2 vols , 8vo. 
Hf. mor., unc., by Tout. I(338)$io.oo. 

BURTON (Richard or Robert). The English Empire in Amer- 
ica. Plates. London, 1692. 24mo. 
Cf. (rubbed, date on title repaired, one plate torn). SS(257)$40.oo 

BURTON (Sir Richard F.). The City of the Saints and across 

the Rocky Mountains to California. Folding map and plates. 

N. Y., 1862. 8vo. 
CL \VW(95)$io.oo. 

Falconry in the Valley of the Indus. Tinted plates London, 

1852. I2mo. 

CL, unc. I(322)$i3.oo. 
First Footsteps in East Africa; or, an Exploration of Harar. 

4 plates in color and 2 maps. London, 1856. 8vo 
CL, g.e. (rubbed, cover stained). I(324)$n.oo. 
The Gold-Mines of Midian and the Ruined Midianite Cities. 

A Fortnight's Tour in North-western Arabia. Illustrations 

and folding map. London, 1878 8vo 
CL I(330)$i4.oo. 
The Highlands of the Brazil. Fiontispieccs London, 1860 

2 vols., 8vo. 
CL O(i55)$i2.oo. 


BURTON (Sir Richard F.) Continued 

Explorations of the Highlands of the Brazil; With a Full 

Account of the Gold and Diamond Mines. Map and fron- 
tispieces London, 1869. 2 vols., 8vo 

Cl, unc. (Greene-Hammond copy). HH(i37)$i400. 

The Jew, The Gypsy and El Islam. Portrait. London, 1898 


Buckram, g.t. O(i65)$i7-5o. 

The Kasidah (couplets) of Hiji Abda El-Yezdi, a Lay of 

the Higher Law. Translated and Annotated by His Friend 
and Pupil, F. B. First Edition First Issue. London, Pri- 
vately printed [1880] 4to. 

Hf. mor., unc , by Bumpus (orig. wrappers bnd. in, wrappers, 
margin of title and 2 other leaves repaired). V(2i6)$i25 oo 

Orig. paper, unc, in mor. case (back worn). X(i52A)$i,ooooo 

The Kasidah of Hiji Abdii Al-Yazdi. London, 1900 Sm 4to 

Cl., unc. PP(32)$iooo. 

The Kasidah. Portrait. Portland, Mosher, 1905. 4to 

Vel (Japan paper, signed by publisher). N(ii2)$i4.oo. 

The Lake Region of Central Africa. A Picture of Explora- 
tion Plates in color, folding map, and text illustrations 
London, 1860. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Hf cf, gt O(i5o)$io.oo. 

A Mission to Gelele, King of Dahome. Frontispieces. Lon- 
don, 1864. 2 vols , 8vo 

Cl , unc. (shaken, backs frayed; First edition; with page 181 of 
Vol. II misnumbered "381"). HH(i36)$i30o 

Personal /Narrative of a Pilgrimage to El-Medinah and Mec- 

cah. Map and col and tinted plates London, 1855-56 3 
vols , 8vo 

Hf mor., by Root. I(323)$30OO 

Cl (frayed, Greene-Hammond copy). HH(i33)$27oo 

Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah & Meccah. 

Ed. by His Wife, Isabel Burton. Map and col and tinted 
plates. Memorial Edition. London, 1893. 2 vols , 8vo. 

Mor , unc (on hand-made paper; fly-leaf inscribed "H. S. Nichols 
with the Publisher's Compts. Oct. 1893.")- I(33S)$20.oo. 

Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah & Meccah. 

Frontispieces, one in color, and folding maps. London t 1898 
2 vols., I2mo 

Ilf mor., gt. O(i04)$750 

Scind Revisited: With Notices of the Anglo-Indian Army; 

Railroads, Past, Present, and Future, Etc. London, 1877 
2 \olb., 8vo. 

Cl, unc (Greene-Hammond copy). HH (140) $27^50. 

Two Trips to Gorilla, Land and the Cataracts of the Congo. 

Illustrations and maps. London, 1876. 2 vols., 8vo. 

CL, unc. (stain on cover, name on half-titles). I(329)$i8.oo. 

Cl., unc. ("S. A. C." copy). HH(i39)$n.oo. 

Vikram and the Vampire or Tales of Hindu Devilry. Adapted 

by Richard F. Burton Illus. by E. Griset. London, 1870 
1 21110. 

Hf.mor., gt. O(i56)$8.oo. 


BURTON (Sir Richard F.)-- Continued 

Hf.mor., unc. FF(io)$io.oo. 

CL, unc. (shaken, bndg. crinkled). HH( 138) $50.00. 

Orig. cl. RR(446)$7.50. 

Wit and Wisdom from West Africa. London, 1865. 8vo. 

Hf . lev. mor. I (326)$i2.oo. 

Zanzibar; City, Island, And Coast. Illustrations. London, 

1872. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc. O(is8)$io.oo. 
Collected Set of First Editions. London, 1851-84. 44 vols., 

Hf. cf., g.t, mainly unc. (some bndgs. worn; with 1862 edition of 

City of the Saints, together 45 vols ; postcard bearing A. N. S 

inserted in one vol.). PP(3i)$i3ooo. 

BURTON (Sir R. F.) and DRAKE (C. F. T.). Unexplored Syria. 

Visits to The Libanus, The Tulul el Safa, The Anti-Libanus, 
The Northern Libanus, and The Alah. With folding map 
and plates. London, 1872. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. O(i57)$8oo. 

BURTON (Robert). The Anatomy of Melancholy. Oxford, 

1621. Sm. 4tp. 
Orig. cf., tooled, in lev. mor. case (recased, new end papers, bndg 

slightly worn, a few repairs; W. T. Wallace copy). X(i53) 

$2,250 oo. 

The Anatomy of Melancholy. London, 1676. Fol. 

Cont. cf. (rebacked, title supplied from an early edition). A (52) 


BURTON (William). History and Description of English Porce- 
lain. Col. and other illustrations. London, 1902. Roy.Svo 

Cl , g.t., unc. (name on fly-leaves, with "History and Description 
of English Earthenware and Stoneware." 1904, together 2 
vols). HH(i45)$n.oo. 

BUSBY (A. B.). Two Summers Among the Musquakies. Vin- 

ton, Iowa, 1886. I2mo. 
Cl. CD(i563)$n.oo. 

BUTEL-DUMONT (G. M.). Me moires Historique sur la Louis- 

iane. Folding maps and plates Paris, 1753 2\ols,i2mo WW(347)$35.oo. 

BUTLER (A. G.). Birds of Great Britain and Ireland, Order 

Passeres. 15 col. plates. London, n d 2 vols., 4to. 
Cl., unc. (bndg. scraped). I(343)$iooo 
Foreign Finches in Captivity. 60 col plates London, iftjp 

Roy. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. I(342)$io.oo. 

BUTLER (Captain H.). South African Sketches. Engraved 
title and 15 plates. Containing 31 illustrations, some in color. 
London, 1841. Roy. 4to. 

Cl. (title stained). I (344) $26.00. 


BUTLER (Mann.), History of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

Cincinnati, 1836 I2mo 
Hf. mor., g.t. (marginal notes in pencil). CD(i688)$i5.oo 

BUTLER (Samuel). Hudibras. The First Part. 1663; The 
Second Part, 1664; The Third and Last Part. 1678 First 
authorized editions London, 1663-64-78. 3vols.,8vo. 

Ong. cf., in 3 lev mor cases (Van Antwerp-Canfield-Chew copy, 
note in pencil "Perfect B. Quantch F S Ferguson 16. xi 
1904." in first vol.). X(i54)$2,55o.oo. 

Hudibras. The First Part. First Unauthorized Edition, 

Second issue without errata at end and with corrected text 
London, 1663 Sm. 8vo. 

Orig. cf. N(ii3)$i5oo. 

Hudibras. In Three Parts. Portrait and Plates by Hogarth 

London, 1726. i6mo. 

Cf. (worn, several leaves stained, few head-lines cut into). D(36) 

Hudibras, in Three Parts. Preface, by Zachary Grey. Por- 
trait by Vertue. Plates by Hogarth Cambridge, Printed by 
J Bentham, 1744 2 vols , 8vo. 

Hf. cf. (rubbed; Charles Dickens copy, with several MS annota- 
tions by him). N(i2o)$425O 

Hudibras. Ed. by T. Nash. Plates and 2 portraits London, 

1793- 3vols.,4to. 

Oldcf. (newly rebacked). K(S4)$i750. 

Hudibras. With Notes Selected from Grey and Other Au- 
thors Col plates London, Tegg, 1819 2vols,i2mo 

Cf. A(7i)$3250 

Hf cf., g t. R(66)$25.oo 

Hudibras with Dr. Grey's Anotations. Portraits by R. 

Cooper, col by hand. London, Baldwin, 1819 3 vols , 8vo 

Cf. J(46)$2i.oo. 

Hudibras. With Notes by T. R. Nash. 2 vols. Genuine Po- 
etical Remains. With Notes, by R. Thyer. Portraits. Lon- 
don, 1827-1835. 3 vols , 8vo. 

Mor, g.t. R(68)$i250 

[Spurious Poem.] Hudibras. The Second Part. First 

edition, first issue, wUh ornament on title. London, 1663 
Sm. 870. 

Rus., tooled (Gott-Chew copy and with MS note by former on 
preliminary blank) N(ii4)$52250 

Cf., tooled (portrait mounted). N(i2/)$8oo 

BUTLER (Samuel). The Authoress of the Odyssey. Maps and 

illustrations. London, 1897. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., unc., in hf. cl. case. X(i67)$35oo 
Erewhon; or, Over the Range. London, Trubner & Co , 

1872. I2mo. 
Orig. cl., in hf. cl. case (presentation copy, to Miss Johnson, later 

H. Glemby copy). X(i56)$75ooo, in hf cl. case. X(i57)$i4.oo. 
Mor., unc. LL(iO7)$i7.50. 
-Evolution, Old and New. London, 1879. 8vo. 


BUTLER (Samuel) Continued 

Orig. cl., unc. and partly unopened, in hf. cl. case (presentation 
copy, to R. B. Sharpc). X( 159) $120.00. 

The Fair Haven. London, 1873. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc., in hf. cl. case (inner joints cracked; presentation 
copy, to T. H. Edwards). X( 158)$! 70.00. 

A First Year in Canterbury Settlement. Folding map. Lon- 
don, 1863. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc., in hf. cl. case (covers rubbed and shaken, few> pp 
stained). X( 155) $210.00. 

A Lecture on the Humour of Homer. Cambridge, 1892. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (presentation copy to T. T. Grey) 

Life and Letters of Dr. Samuel Butler, Headmaster of 

Shrewsbury School ... in so far as they illustrate the scholas- 
tic, religious, and social life of England, 1790-1840. By his 
grandson, Samuel Butler. London, 1806. 2vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl , unc., in hf. mor. case (presentation copy, to P. A. Dan- 
iel). X(i66)$i2o.oo. 

Luck, or Cunning, as the main means of Organic Modifica- 
tion? London, 1887. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc., in hf. cl. case, half-title inscribed "presentation 
copy*' in another hand). X(i62)$90.oo. 

Note-Books. Portrait. London, 1912 I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. X(i72)$70oo. 

-On the Trapanese Origin of the Odyssey. Map. Cambridge, 

1893. 8vp. 

Orig. paper, in cl. case (author's copy). X(i65)$2O.oo. 

Selections from Previous Works. London, 1884. 8vo 

Orig. cl., unc., in hf. cl. case (presentation copy, to Helen Zim- 
mern) . X ( i6i)$23O.oo. 

Shakespeare's Sonnets Reconsidered etc. London, 1899. 

Orig. cl., unc., in hf. cl. case (presentation copy, inscribed to R. 

Garnett, Nov. 7, 1899). X(i68) $260.00. 
Unconscious Memory. London, 1880. I2mo. 
Orig. cl., unc., in hf. cl. case (presentation copy, to Mr Edwardcs) 

X(i6o) $140.00. 

The Way of all Flesh. London, 1903. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (inner hinges cracked, John Gray copy). 


Collected Works. Ed. by H. F. Jones and A. T. Bartholo- 
mew. Shrewsbury Edition. London and N Y., 1923 20 
vols., 8vo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. CC(2o)$7o.oo. 

Cl., g.t, unc. PP(33)$55-oo. 

BUTLER (Sir William F.). The Great Lone Land. 1872; 
Same, 1875; The Wild North Land. 1874; Far Out. Rovings 
Retold. 1880; Red Cloud, the Solitary Sioux. 1882. London, 
1872-82 . 5 vols., 8vo. and I2mo. 

Cl I(346)$2i.oo. 


BUTTERFIELD (C. W.). History of the Girtys. Cincinnati, 

1890. 8vo. 
Cl. I(348)$30.oo. 
Another copy. CD (3034) $23.00. 

- Washington-Irvine Correspondence. Portraits and Maps. 
Madison, Wis., 1882. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy). SS(ioi)$25.oo. 

BUXTON (Edward N.). Short Stalks; or, Hunting Camps 

North, South, East, and West. Both Series. N. Y. and Lon- 
don), 1892-98 2vols., 8vo. 
Cl. (several pp stained). I(349)$i5.oo. 

- Two African Trips with Notes and Suggestions on Big Game 
Preservation in Africa. Map. London, 1902. Roy. 8vo. 

Cl , unc. I(35o)$i5.oo. 

BYERLEY (Thomas) and ROBERTSON (J. C.). The Percy 

Anecdotes. Frontispieces. London, 1823. 20 vols , i8mo 
Hf cf. R(209)$i5.oo. 
Hf cf., gt., unc. (no. of pp. stained). DE (435) $12.50. 

- The Percy Anecdotes. 40 portraits by W. T. Fry. London, 
Cumberland, n.d. 20 vols., I2mo 

Mor., g t , unc (ong. cl. covers bnd. in). ZZ(267)$25 oo. 

BYNE (Arthur) and STAPLEY (Mildred). Rejeria of the 

Spanish Renaissance. Hispanic Society Publication No. 87 
N. Y , 1914. Fol. 
Cl HH(i48)$i300. 

BYNNER (Winer) and FICKE (A. D.). Spectra, a Book of 
Poetic Experiments. By Anne Knish and Emanuel Morgan. 
N. Y., iQi6. I2mo. 

Bds. (back discolored, letter of Bynner laid in). HH(i5o)$i30O. 

BYRD (William). History of the Dividing Line and Other 

Tracts. Richmond, 1866. 2 vols., sm. 4to 
Hf mor., unc. I(350$52 50 

BYRNE (Donn). Brother Saul. N. Y. and London [1927] 


Hf vel , unc, in case (Large paper) LL(m)$i25o. 
Hf. vel., unc., in box (signed). XX(i29)$i7.5o. 

- Destiny Bay. Boston, 1928. 8vo 

Hf. vel., in bd. case (Large paper, C Tice copy) LL(ii2)$i5 oo. 
Hangman's House. Illus by J. R. Flanagan. Large paper, 

signed. N. Y. and London [10-26.] i 2 mo. 
Hf. vel., unc, in case (C Tice copy). LL(no)$i5.oo. 
Hf. vel., unc., in case. XX(i28)$20.oo. 

BYRON (George Gordon, Lord). The Age of Bronze. London, 

1823. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. folder and tooled and inlaid mor. case. M(6i) 

Orig. paper, unc, in hf. mor. case (W. K. Bixby copy). X(i99) 

Cf., gt, by Riviere. XX(i3oA)$iooo 


BYRON (George Gordon, Lord) Continued 

Armenian Exercises and Poetry. Venice, 1870. i6mo. 

Orig. paper. X (2Oi)$7.50. 

The Bride of Abydos. London, 1813. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., unc., by Toof (the lines of Canto I are numbered 483, 
those of Canto II, 724; list of Errata is wanting; at p. 53 is 
inserted a page of MS in Byron's hand ordering a correction 
in lines 583-584, Canto II, which is endorsed by Murray, on 
verso, "1813 Nov. 10", ong. wrappers bud. in, VV. K. bixby 
copy). X(i8s)$27500. 

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. Cantos I and II. London, 

1812. 4to. 

Hf. lev. mor., unc. (with Canto III. 1816. 8vo and Canto IV 
1818. 8vo, together 3 vols.). X( 182) $800.00. 

Lev. mor. by Stikeman (in case), (inscribed on fly-leaf to W. J. 
Bankes March 4, 1812; beneath this inscription is one by re- 
cipient recording his loan of this book to Miss Milbanke and 
her expression of admiration for the poem). X( 183) $5100.00. 

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. London, 1812-16-18. 3 vols., 


Paper, but not the orig. wrappers (Canto IV lacks a leaf of ad- 
vertisements at end). PP (34) $22.50. 

The Corsair, London, 1814. 8yo. 

Lev. mor., unc., by Toof (second issue, with 108 pp., the last of 
these, p. 1 08 carrying printer's imprint, inserted is an A.L S 
ordering a correction, without date or salutation, but written, 
undoubtedly, to Murray, Byron's publisher, orig. wrappers 
are bnd. in). X(i88)$i75 oo. 

Don Juan. Cantos I and II, 1819. 4to; Cantos III, IV and 

V, 1821. 8vo; Cantos VI, VII and VIII, 1823. 8vo; Cantos 
IX, X and XI, 1823. 8vo; Cantos XII, XIII and XIV, 1823. 
8vo; Cantos XV and XVI, 1824. 8vo. London, 1819-24. 
6 vols., 4to and 8vo. 

Orij. bds., unc., in lev. mor. case by Riviere (with Don Juan, 1822, 
together 7 vols.). X( 195 A) $1,400.00. 

Don Juan. Illus. by John Austen. London and N. Y. [1926.] 


Buckram, g.t., unc. (C. Tice copy). LL(25)$i2.50. 

English Bards and Scotch Reviewers. London, n.d. [1809.] 

I2mo; [with] 3 later, 8vo, London editions, designated on 
respective title-pages, as follows* Second Edition, With 
Considerable Additions and Alterations, 1809; Third Edition, 
1810; Fourth Edition, 1810, [and] 8vo. Phila., 1811 edition. 
London and Phila., [i8oo-]o9-io-io-n. 5 vols., 12 mo. and 

Orig. bds., unc.; cf., by Riviere; orig. bds, unc.; orig. bds, 
unc.; and orig. paper, unc., 5 vols. together in cover and hf. 
mor. case, (ist vol., repaired at back, Maitland-Drinkwater 
copy with autograph note of latter on fly-leaf; inserted in 2d 
vot is A. L. S. of H. Brougham to Mr. Gibson; 3d vol. is 
worn at back; 4th vol. is worn and is weak at hinges ) 


BYRON (George Gordon, Lord) Continued 

The Genuine Rejected Addresses, presented to the Com- 
mittee of Management for Drury-Lane Theatre; Preceded 
by that written by Lord Bryon and Adopted by the com- 
mittee. London, 1812. 8vo. 

Ong. bds , unc (back defective and shaken) in hf. mor case 

The Giaour. London, 1813. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, unc., in hf. mor. case (W. K. Bixby copy). X(i86) 
$105 oo. 

-Hebrew Melodies. First Edition. London, 1815 8vo. 

Orig. paper, unc. (worn). D(38)$47.5o. 

Lev. mor., g.t. M (s8)$i3.oo. 

Cf., g.t., unc., by Riviere. XX (130) $17.50. 

Hours of Idleness. Newark, 1807. i2mo. 

Cf., g.e , by Riviere, in cl. case (half-title extended, margin of one 
page repaired, some pp. stained). D (37) $50.00. 

-Hours of Idleness. Newark, 1807. 8vo 

Orig. bds , unc (back strip possibly not original) in hf. mor. case 
. X(i74)$550.oo. 

Orig. bds , unc., in lev. mor. case (rehinged and repaired) X(i75) 

The Island; or, Christian and His Comrades. London, 1823 


Ong. paper, unc, in hf . mor. case (worn) X(2oo)$Q5oo 

Lara, a Tale. Jacqueline, a Tale. [By Samuel Rogers ] 

London, 1814 I2mo. 

Orig bds. (worn) in lev mor case. X(i89)$3500 

Mazeppa, a Poem. London, 1819 8vo. 

Ong paper, unc. (back worn). X(ig6)$8500. 

Cont. bds., unc. GG(25)$7 50. 

Orig. paper, unc (worn). PP(36)$27 50 

Monody on the Death of the Right Honourable R. B. Sheri- 
dan. London, 1816. 8vo. 

Cf., by Wood (First issue with last 4 lines of poem on page 12) 
X(iQ2) $80.00. 

Cf., by Riviere (Second issue, with poem ending on page n) 

Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte. First Edition London, 1814 
Hf mor. X(ioo)$ioooo. 

Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte. Second Edition London, 

1814. 8vo. 

Orig. paper X(igi)$i7.50. 

On John William Rizzo Hoppner. Printed in the Seminary 
of Padua, [1818] Sm 8vo. 

Orig. bds, in mor case (back worn). X(i95)?725oo 

Parliamentary Speeches. London, 1824 8vo. 

Orig. paper, unc., in cl folder and tooled and inlaid hf. mor. 
case. M(63)$2500. 

Poems on His Domestic Circumstances. London, 1816 8vo. O(i68)$22.50. 

Poems on Various Occasions. Newark, 180;. 8vo. 


BYRON (George Gordon, Lord) Continued 

Orig. bds., unc., in hf. mor. case (Augusta Leigh copy, inscribed 
twice by her; 2 corrections in text, made, possibly, by Byron 
himself). X(i76) $3,000.00. 

Poems Original and Translated. Frontis. Newark, 1808. 8vo. 

Orig. bds. (scraped, back defective). X(i77)$7.50. 

Poetry. Chosen and Arranged by Matthew Arnold Lon- 
don, 1881. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., unc., by Matthews (portrait inserted). KK(24)$io.oo. 

The Prisoner of Chillon, and Other Poems. London, 1816 


Hf mor., unc. R(6o)$i5.oo. 

Paper (First issue; with Manfred. 1817 and Werner. 1823, each 
of Second Issue, each in paper, unc., together 3 vols. in 
mor. case). HH(isi)$75.oo. 

Later wrappers (lacks 2 leaves of advertisements at end) 

Sardanapalus, a Tragedy. The Two Foscari, a Tragedy. 

Cain, a Mystery. London, 1821. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc., in hf. lev. mor. case (rebacked, M. Broughton- 
W. K. Bixby copy). X(io8)$6ooo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (covers loose and worn, back defective, few pp. 
stained, part of back end-paper torn away, inserted is MS. 
note of purchase by T. Waller, 1838). DE(i43)$io.oo. 

A Selection from the Works of Lord Byron. Ed. by A C. 

Swinburne. Medallion portrait London. 1866 Sq. 8\o. 

Orig. cl., unc., in hf. mor case (inscribed by Swinburne, on half- 
title, to Theodore Watts-Dunton). 7(1274) $40.00. 

The Siege of Corinth. London, 1816. 8vo 

Lev. mor. (advertisements bnd. in). M(5Q)$i7oo 

Waltz: An Apostrophic Hymn. London, for Sherwood, 

Neely and Jones, 1813. 4to. 

Sewed, as issued, in cl case. X( 187) $8,25000. 

Waltz. London, 1821. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, unc. in cl. folder and tooled and inlaid hf. mor case 

Cf., by Birdsall (orig. wrappers bnd. in). PP(37)$30.oo. 

Werner. London, 1823 8vo. 

Mor , g.t., unc. (half-title soiled; First issue, last page printed 
without words "The End") M(62)$I2 50. 

A Collection of First Editions of his Works. London, 1814 

23. 10 vols., 8vo 

Cf , gt., unc. (with "English Bards and Scotch Reviewers", Lon- 
don, n.d Watermark "1812", together n vols ). 

Works. Plates after Stothard. London, 1815. 4 vols., I2mo 

Cf. (presentation copy, to Mrs. Hervey; each volume auto- 
graphed by her also, later J. W. Ellsworth copy). X(i94> 

Works. London, 1823. 14 vols., i6mo. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. I(353)$45-OO. 

Works With Letters and Journals and his Life by Thomas 

Moore. London, 1832-36. 17 vols., I2mo.,g.t. A(S3)$6o.oo. 


BYRON (George Gordon, Lord) Continued,g.t. J( 4 8)$55.oo. 

Mor., tooled, gt., by Chivers. R(72)$6s.oo. 

Cf., tooled, g.t. PP(39)$ios.oo. 

Poetical Works. London, 1855-56. 6 vols. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g t. R(74) $35.00. 

Mor., g e. (laid in are A.L.S. (initials) and signed and dated page 
of "Peter Bell" in autograph, also letters of John Murray, 
Disraeli's Speech and a leaflet of the Byron Memorial Fund, 
the author's initials in autograph are pasted on frontis. 

Works. A New Revised and Enlarged Edition, with Illustra- 
tions. Ed. by E. H. Coleridge and R. E. Prothero. London, 
1898-1904. 13 vols., 4to. 

Hf. leath., g.t., unc. (Large paper). K(56)$55.oo. 

Works, Letters and Journals. London, 1901-04. 13 vols., 8vo. 

Hf lev. mor., g.t. DE (389) $32.50. 

Some Rejected Stanzas of "Don Juan," with Byron's own 

curious Notes. . . . From an unpublised Manuscript in the 
possession of Captain Medwin. [Spurious.] Great Totham, 
Essex, 1845. 4to. 

Hf. mor. (each leaf inlaid, bnd. in at end are 4 leaves of poems 
without imprint). X(222)$35OO. 

Fugitive Pieces and Reminiscences of Lord Byron: Contain- 
ing an Entire New Edition of the Hebrew Melodies, With the 
Addition of Several Never Before Published. . . .; also Some 
Original Poetry, Letters and Recollections of Lady Caro- 
line Lamb. By I. Nathan. London, 1829. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (inserted is A. L S. 
(initials) of Lady Caroline Lamb). M(64)$ 

See also POLIDORI (J. W.). 

BYRON (John). Narrative. Frontis. London, 1768 8vo 
Orig. cf. (monogram stamped on title). NN(23)$i3,oo. 
Same SS(259)$i5 oo. 

CABELL (J. B.). Ballades from the Hidden Way. Signed. 

N Y., Gaige, 1928. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. O(i75)$i4oo. 
Another copy. XX(2io)$io.oo. 

Beyond Life. N. Y., 1919. i2mo. 

Cl. I(355)$i7.oo. 

Orig. brown cl. (First issue, with "Demiurges" on title for 

"Demiurges"). XX(i64)$i7-50. 

Beyond Life. Intro, by Guy Holt. N. Y., [1923.] i6mo. 

Orig. leatherette (signed). XX(i65)$io.oo. 

Branch of Abingdon. Richmond, Va. [1911.) 8vo. 

Orig. cl., gt., unc. and unopened (signed). XX(i48)$i50.oo. 

Branchiana. 10 portraits. Richmond, Va. [1907.] 8vo. 

Orig red cl., g.t., unc. (signed twice, inscribed to Julius Branch 

by John F. Branch). XX(i4o)$9O.oo. 

The Certain Hour. London, 1917. I2mo. (signed). XX(i59)$7.5<>. . 

-Chivalry. 10 col. illus. by Howard Pyle. First issue, with 

gilt lettered binding. N. Y,, 1909. 8vo. 


CABELL (J. B.) Continued 

Orig.cL, gt., unc. O(i7o)$30.oo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. (back dulled). XX (144) $17.50. 

The Cords of Vanity. Frontis. First Issue, omitting the 

word "The" on the binding. N. Y. f 1909. izmo. 
Orig. cl. (rubbed). XX(i45)$27.5o. 
The Cords of Vanity. Intro, by Wilson Follett. N. Y., 1920. 


Orig. cl. (signed). XX(i46)$i5.oo. 

The Cords of Vanity, Intro, by Wilson Follett. London, 

[1925.] I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (signed). XX(i47)$io.oo. 

Cream of the Jest N. Y., 1917. i2mo. 

CL, unc. (back faded). I(354)$23.oo. 

Orig cl. (signed). XX(i6o)$2S.oo. 

Cl., unc , in hf. mor. case. BC(i83)$i5.oo. 

Cream of the Jest. London, 1923. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (signed). XX(i6i)$i2.5O. 

Cream of the Jest. Illus. by F. C. Pape. N. Y., 1927. 8vo 

Orig.cL XX(i62)$7.5<x 
Domnel Intro, by Joseph Hergesheimer. N. Y., 1920. 

Orig.cL (signed, intro. signed by Hergesheimer). XX(iso)$2O.oo 

The Eagle's Shadow. N. Y., 1904. 8vo. 

Cl FF(2o)$32.50. 

Orig cl (First issue, with dedication reading "To M. L P. B", 

shaken, inscribed to Mrs. Thomas Branch). XX(i33)$i6o.oo. 
Cl. XX(I34)$27.50. 

The Eagle's Shadow. London, 1004. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (ex-library copy). XX(i35)$7 50. 

The Eagle's Shadow. Intro, by Edwin Bjorkman. N. Y., 

1923. 8vo. 

Orig.cL (signed). XX(i36)$2OOO. 
Figures of Earth. Signed. N. Y., 1921. I2mo. 
CL. unc. F(43)$30.oo. 
Orig.cL, unc. XX(i84)$ 
CL, unc., in hf. mor. case BC( 185) $40.00. 

Figures of Earth. London, 1921. I2mo. 

Orig.cL (signed). XX(i85)$7-5O. 

Figures of Earth. Illus. by F. C. Pape. N. Y., 1925. 8vo. 

Orig.cL (signed). XX (186)$ 17.50. 
CL, unc. BC(i88r)$n.oo. 

Figures of Earth.. Illus. by F. C. Pape. London [1925.] 8vo. 

Orig.cL (signed). XX(i87)$io.oo. 

From the Hidden Way. N. Y., 1924. I2mo. 

Orig.cL (signed). XX(i57)$io.oo. 

Gallantry. Illus. in color by Howard Pyle. N. Y. and Lon- 
don, 1907. 8vo. 
CL, unc. F(38)$30.oo. 
CL, g.t., unc. FF(22)$I7.50. 
Orig.cL, g.t., unc. XX(i42)$30.oo. 

Gallantry. Intro, by Louis Untermeyer. N. Y., 1922. I2mo. 
Orig.cL, unc. (signed). XX(i43)$7-5O. 


CABELL (J. ^Continued 

The High Place. Illus. by F. C. Pape. N. Y., 1923. 8vo. 

Cl., unc., in orig. case. O(S52)$i2.5o. 

Cl., unc. FF(3i)$is.oo. 

Orig. cl., in bd. case (signed). XX (197) $30.00. 

Cl., unc , in hf. mor. case BC(i86)$ 

How the People of Colophon proposed to do Honor to the 

Name of Cabell. Portrait. Cleveland, Colophon Club, 1923 

Orig paper, unc (signed). XX (190) $12.50. 

Joseph Hergesheimer. Signed. Chic., 1921. 8vo. 

Paper, unc XX(i88)$i250 

Bds, unc (Large paper). XX(i89)$2ooo. 

The Judging of Jurgen. Chic , 1920. I2mo. 

Paper (signed). XX(i72)$iooo. 

Jurgen. First Issue, measuring i^j inches across the top 

N Y., 1919. i2mo. 
Cl., unc. I(356)$4500. 
Orig cl, unc (signed). XX(i67)$ioo.oo 
Cl., unc BC(i2)$sooo 
Cl., unc. (shaken, writing on fly-leaf, few leaves carelessly 

opened) BC(i84)$2750 
Jurgen. Intro, by Hugh Walpole. Frontispiece in color and 

text illus by F. C Pape. London, 1921. 8vo. 
Cl , unc F(44)$40oo 
Cl, unc N(i45)$4500. 
Cl, unc FF(33)$4750 
Cl, unc LL(566)$6ooo. 
Orig. cl (signed) XX(i68)$45 oo. 

Jurgen. N. Y., 1922 i2mo. 

Orig. cl, unc. (signed) XX(i69)$750 

Jurgen. 12 illus. by R F Coyle. N. Y , 1923. 8vo. 

Orig cl., unc (signed) XX(i7o)$i250. 

Jurgen and the Censor. N Y , Privately Printed, 1920. 4to 

Bds, unc. (signed). XX(i73)$i5.oo. 

Jurgen in Lino-cuts. 13 plates and a portrait, all col. by 

hand, by W J Bemhard Privately Printed, 1926. Roy 4to 
Bds., unc. (signed by the artist). XX(i7i)$7.5O. 
The Line of Love. Illus in color by Howard Pyle. N. Y. 

and London, 1905. 8vo. 
Cl., unc F(37)$ 

Cl., g.t , unc. (hinges weak). FF(2i)$i5.oo. 
Orig cl., g.t, unc. (First issue, with gilt lettering on bndg.). 

Orig cl. XX(i38)$i250 
The Lineage of Lichfield. [In "The Reviewer," Vol. II, Nos 

1-3. Oct.-Dec , 1921.] Richmond, Va , 1921 8vo. 
3 ong nos , unc. (cover of No. I torn, each no. signed). 


The Lineage of Lichfield. Signed. N. Y., 1922. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. (typed L. S laid in). FF(3o)$22.oo. 

Little Verses and Big Names. Frontis in color. [Contains 

poem by Cabell.] N. Y., 1915 8vo., unc. (signed). XX(i5i)$is.oo. 


CABELL (J. B.) Continued 

The Majors and Their Marriages. Richmond, Va. [1915.] 

8vo., unc. (Burlington Edition, signed twice). XX(i52)$i75.oo. 
Orig. paper, unc. (Roxbury Edition, signed). XX(iS3)$no.oo. 
The Music from Behind the Moon. 8 woodcuts by L. Under- 
wood. N. Y., 1926. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. (Large paper). OO(23)$i250. 
Bds., unc. (signed). XX (205) $17.50. 
Bds., unc. BC(i89)$io.oo. 
Bds., unc. DE(i44)$8.oo. 

The Rivet in Grandfather's Neck. N. Y., 1915. i2mo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t. (ong. covers bnd in). M (65)^3500 
Orig. cl. (signed). XX(i54)$45.oa 
Cl, in hf. mor. case. BC( 182) $35.00. 

The Rivet in Grandfather's Neck. N. Y., 1925. 121110. (signed). XX(i55)$;.5o. 

The Silver Stallion. Large Paper, signed, N. Y., 1926. Roy. 


Cl., unc. (D. S. Friede copy). F(46)$i5.oo. 
Cl., unc. BC(i9o)$i2.5o. 

The Silver Stallion. N. Y., 1927. 8vo. 

Cl , unc., in orig. case. (Large paper, signed). O(i73)$i500. 

-Something About Eve. N. Y., 1927. Roy 8vo 

Hf vel., unc., in orig. bd. case (Large paper, signed). 0(174) 

The Soul of Melicent. Illus. m color by Howard Pyle 

First issue. N. Y. [1913.] 8vo. 
Blue cl. FF(24)$i7.50- 

Orig. blue cl. (dulled, joint worn). XX(i49)$225o. 
Blue cl., in hf.mor. case. (A. J. Smith copy). BC(i8i)$32.50. 
--Straws and Prayer-Books. N. Y., 1924. i2mo. (signed). XX (201) $15.00. 

Taboo. N. Y., 1921. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (signed twice). XX(i79)$i7.50. 

Taboo in Lino-cuts. 6 plates and a portrait by W. J. Bein- 

hard. Privately printed, 1927. Roy. 4to. 

Hf.mor., unc. (Japan paper, signed by artist). XX(i8o)$7.50. 
The Wedding-Jest. [In 'The Best Short Stories of 1919"] 

Boston [1920.] I2mo. (signed). XX(i83)$i3-00. 
The White Robe. Illus. by R. E. Locher. N. Y. [1928] 

Roy. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. BC(i92)$io.oo. 

CABINET OF GENIUS (The). 38 plates. London, 1797 Sin 

Mor., tooled, g.t., unc. ZZ (3 12) $20.00. 

ican Rural Sports. Portraits, engraved title-pages, and 48 
col. plates. Vols. I and 2 only. Phila., 1830-32. 2vols.,4to. 

Hf. roan (worn, some repairs, plates stained). I (357) $35 oo. 


CADY (John). Arizona's Yesterday. Portrait. [Patagonia, 

Arizona, 1915.] I2mo. 
Orig. paper. WW(o6)$20oo. 

CAINE (Hall). The Eternal City. London, 1901. i2mo. 
Orig. cl. (presentation copy). M(6$26.oo. 

The Little Manx Nation. London, 1891. I2mo. 

Cl , unc (back stained, tipped in is A L. S ) M(66)$iooo 

CALDECOTT (Randolph). Complete Collection of his Con- 
tributions to the "Graphic." Preface by Arthur Locker 
Some illustrations in color. London, 1888. 4to. 

CL, unc. I(359)$iooo. 

Some of JEsop's Fables with Modern Instances shewn in 

Designs by [him.]. New Translations by Alfred Caldecott 
Col. illustrations. London, 1883. 4to. 

Cf , g.e, by Riviere (orig. covers bnd. in). X (228) $50.00. 

CALDERON DE LA BARCA (Pedro). [Two Dramas.] The 

Mighty Magician, and Such Stuff as Dreams are made of. 
Trans, by E. Fitzgerald. [Bungay, 1865.] I2mo. 
Orig .paper, in lev. mor. case (several MS. corrections in hand 
of translator, inscribed by G. P. Fitzgerald to W. T. B. 
Wyse). X(523)$42SOO. 

CALIFORNIA. Alta California; embracing notices of the Cli- 
mate, Soil and Agricultural Products of Northern Mexico 
and the Pacific Seaboard, also a history of the military and 
naval operations of the U. S. Government against Northern 
Mexico in the Years 1846-47. . . By a Captain of Volunteers. 
[Pamphlet ] Phila., 1847. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (orig wrappers bnd. in). 55(267) $47.50. 

An Account of California, and the Wonderful Gold Regions. 

. . . Useful Reading for those Going to California, or having 
Friends there. Maps and illustrations. Boston, Hall [1849.] 

Orig front wrapper in hf. mor. case (lacks back wrapper). 

Constitution and By-Lawsi of the New England and Califor- 
nia Trading and Mining Association. Together with Order 
of Exercises at the Tremont Temple and Address by Rev. 
Edward Beecher. Boston, 1850 I2mo. 

Ong. .paper. G(43)$ J 5 <*> 

Constitution of the State of California. 19 pp. San Fran , 

Office of the Alta California, 1849. ?vo. 

Sewed, unc , in mor. case (bnd in is petition of E. O. Crosby to 
Legislature of Cal., presented Nov. 24, 1886, requesting pay- 
ment of money expended in having the Constitution adopted). 

Goddard (G. H.). Britton's and Key's [col. folding] Re- 
duced Map of the State of California. Comp. from U. S. 
Land Surveys, Military, Scientific and Rail Road Explora- 
tions, State and County Boundary Surveys, and from Private 
Surveys. San Fran., 1858 13x16 in. 

Orig. cl. (worn, torn at folds). SS(343)$ I 5-00. 



Vigilance Committee of San Francisco. Metcalf vs. Argenti 

et al. Speeches of A. Lockwood, Esq. San Fran , 1852. 8vo 
Orig. paper SS(3i3)$sooo 
See also RAILROADS. 

CALVERT (A. F.). The Spanish Series. London, 1907-21. 17 

vols , I2mo 
Cl , g t , unc HH(i53)$52.50 

CAMBRIDGE. A History of the University. Col plates aftei 

\V Westall. London, 1815 2 vols , 410. 
Hf mor, unc, in cl case. I(3)$36ooo. 

CAMBRIDGE CLASSICS. Complete set. Large paper Bos- 
ton, 1905-06 20 vols, imp 8vo 
Cl, unc. HH(i54)$gooo. 
Hf lev. mor , g.t (frontispieces in 2 states) ZZ(5i)$i20.oo 

CAMBRIDGE HISTORY: Ancient, Medieval, Modern History. 

N Y., 1903-26. 22 vols roy. 8vo. 
Cl. HH(i55)$8ooo 


Ed. by W. P Trent. John Erskine, S P. Sherman, and Carl 
Van Doren N Y [1917-21] 4vols,8\o 
C.1 , unc. I(7o)$2OOO. 


CAMDEN (William). Britannia. Trans 1>> Richard Gongh 

Maps London, 1806 4 vols , fol 
Hf mor. Q(585)$26oo 

CAMEHL (A. W.). The Blue-China Book. X. Y, 1916 8\o 
Cl. U (397) $9 oo 

CAMERON (D. Y.). Illustrated Catalogue of his Etched 
Work, with Introductory Essay and Descriptive Notes of 
each plate by Frank Kinder Glasgow, 1912. 4to. 

Cl, -t, unc. GG(j8)$35.oo 

CAMOENS (Luis de). Os Lusiadas. Kn W li t shecl bv R K Bur- 
ton Ed. by his wife. 2 vols, 1880, Camoens: His Life and 
His Lusiads A Commentary 2 vols, 1881, Camoens The 
Lyncks. (Sonnets, Canzons, Odes and Sextmes) (Eng- 
lished by Richard F Burton) 2\ols, 1884 London, 1880- 
84. 6\ols , I2mo. 

Cl , unc. (3 vols shaken and soiled). I(33i)$22.oo. 

Cl, and (with one exception) g t. HH(i43)$3000. 

CAMPAN (J. L. H.). The Private Life of Marie Antoinette. 

London, 1883-84 2vols,8vo 

Lev mor., tooled, inlaid with miniatures by Dupre and Rene, g e 
by Bayntun (extra-illustrated, 2 vols extended to 4 by tlu 
insertion of 143 plates, 40 of these in color). ZZ(ii)$8;5 oo 


CAMPAN (J. L. H.) Continued 

Memoirs of the Private Life of Marie Antoinette. N. Y., 1917. 

2 vols , 8vo 

Cl , unc. N(i48)$750. 
Lev. mor, tooled, g.t , unc ZZ(i2)$55.oo. 
Hf lev mor, gt, unc DE(3QO)$i2 50. 

CAMPBELL (A.). A Glance at Illinois. La Salle, 1856 I2mo 
Ong paper SS(ii8o)$90O 

CAMPBELL (J. L.). Idaho: Six Months in the New Gold Dig. 

gmgs The Emigrant's Guide Overland Map. N. Y., J. L 
Campbell, 1864. 8vo. 
Hf roan (rubbed) BB(4o)$37500 

CAMPBELL (J. W.). Biographical Sketches; with other Lit- 
erary Remains of the late John W Campbell. Comp by His 
Widow [Eleanor W. Campbell] Portrait. Columbus, O, 
1838 8vo 

Grig cl. (badly worn). CD(2305)$75O 

CAMPBELL (John). Concise History of the Spanish America. 

London, 1747. 8vo. 
Cf \VW(H2)$7.50 

CAMPBELL (John, Lord). Lives of the Lord Chancellors and 

Keeper of the Gitat Seal of Kngland KMO!S i8()8, Lues 

of the C hief Justices of England 4\ T ols 1874. London, 

1868-74 M N ls unio 
Cl HH(is6)$2750 
Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal 

of England Portraits. Jersey City, 1880-81. 12 vols., I2mo 
Cl, gt. K(57)$i25o 
\nother copy ZZ(52)$iooo 

CAMPBELL (Thomas). Poetical Works. Portrait and vig- 
nettes after Turner London Moxon, 1837 8vo 
Lev mor, ge, by Riviere (T. Bell copy) N(i4g)$8oo 

CAMPBELL (T. J.). Isaac Jogues, Discoverer of Lake George. 

X Y., 1911. 8vo 
I ev mor , g t , unc WW(3I5)$9 oo 

CAMPBELL (W. J.). Collection of Franklin Imprints in Mu- 
seum of Curtis Publishing Company. Phila , 1918. 4to. 
Cl , unc Y\ (200)$I20O. 

CAMPBELL (W. W.). Annals of Tryon County; or, the Bor- 
der Warfare of New- York during the Revolution. Folding 
map. N. Y , 1831. 8vo. 

Oldcf (worn). WW(ii4)$n oo. 

Ong. sheep. CD(2232)$22 50 

CAMPION (J. S.). On The Frontier. London, 1878. 8vo. 

Hf cf (\\ith "James limber," by J C Alter 1925, together, 2 
vols ). CD(3()i8)$i300 


CANADA. The True Interest of Great-Britain, in regard to the 

Trade and Government of Canada, Newfoundland, and the 
Coast of Labrador. . . . London, for J. Williams, 1767. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., col. edges., WW(i37)$25.oo. 

CANALS. Report of the Commissioners Appointed to ... Ex- 
plore The Route of an Inland Navigation, from Hudson's 
River to Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. 38 pp. N. Y., 1811. 

Unbnd. JJ(285)$Q.50. 

Report of Commissioners of the State of N. Y. on the 

Canal from Lake Erie to the Hudson River, and from Lake 
Champlain to the same. Albany, 1817. 8vo. 

Unbnd. JJ(289)$ 

Report of Select Committee of the House of Assembly 1814, 
to whom was referred the Memorial and Petition of Aaron 
Ogden, a Citizen of the State of New Jersey. 8 pp. N.p., 
n.d. [1814.] 8vo. 

Unbnd. J J (286)$io.oo. 

Serious Appeal to the Wisdom and Patriotism of the Legis- 
lature of the State of N. Y. on the Subject of a Canal Com- 
munication between the Great Western Lakes and the Waters 
of the Hudson. By a Friend to His Country. Printed for the 
Author, 1816. 8vo. 

Unbnd. JJ(287)$8.oo. 

Sketch of the Geographical Route of a Great Railway, by 

which it is proposed to connect the Canals and Navigable 
Waters, of N. Y., Pa., Ohio, Indiana, 111., Mich., Missouri, 
and the Adjacent States and Territories. Folding map. 
N. Y., 1830. 8vo. 

Unbnd. JJ(2Q3)$8.oo. 

CANDLER (Isaac). Summary View of America. London, 1824 

8vo. ', g.t. SS(5i3)$8.oo. 

CANFIELD (C. L.). Diary of a Forty-Niner. Col map. San 

Fran., 1906. 8vo. 
Orig.bds. (presentation copy). SS (452) $25 .00. 

Diary of a Forty-Niner. Map. N. Y., 1906 8vo. 

Bds. I(372)$22.oo. 

CANNON (G. Q.). Writings from the "Western Standard," 
Published in San Francisco. Liverpool [Privately print- 
ed,] 1864. 8vo. 

Hf.roan (rubbed). BB (42) $120.00. 

Cf. WW(ii7)$47.50. 

CANOVA (A. P.). Life and Adventures in South Florida. Pal- 

atka, Fla., 1885. 8vo. 
Hf.leath. SS(947)$i7-oo. 

CAPRON (E. S.) History of California. Folding map in color. 

Boston, 1854. i2mo. 
Cl. (slight tear in map). SS(327)$i2.oo. 


CARACCIOLI (L. A.). Lc Livre a la Mode. Printed in green 
A Verte-Feuille, De rimprimerie due Printemps [Paris, 
Duschesne, 1759-60.] Sm. 8vo. 

Bds. (worn, Odell-Gibbon copy). DE(i45)$8.oo. 

CARELESS (John). The Old English 'Squire. 2400!. plates 

by One of the Family. London, 1821. Roy. 8vo. 
Cont. cl., unc. (worn and shaken, Large paper). I(457)$i8o.oo 
Orig bds , unc , in tooled mor. case by Bayntun (cover rebacked). 

CAREY (David). Life in Paris. 21 col. plates and 22 woodcuts 

by G Cruikshank London, 1822 8vo. 
Lev. mor., ge, by Tout. A(72)$i5o.oo. 
Bds., unc., in cl. case. W (49) $320.00. 

CAREY (Mathew). General Atlas, Improved and Enlarged. 

Phila., 1816. Fol. 
Bds. (broken, title torn, maps outlined in color). A(5O4)$ip.oo. 

CARICATURE MAGAZINE, or Hudibrastic Mirror (The). 
By G M. Woodward. Vol. I. A series of 47 (should be, 
approximately, 80) col plates, including title and plate, "The 
Conclusion of the first volume of the Caricature Magazine." 
London [1807.] Obi. fol. 

Hf. leath. (worn, front hinge cracked). XX (2 17) $32.50. 

CARLYLE (Thomas). The Ancient Monk. [Jocelin of Brake- 
Ion d. Extracted from the First Edition of "Past and Pres- 
ent."]. [London, 1843] Sm 8vo. 

Hf.mor. (Edward Fitzgerald-W. H. Arnold copy). X(525)$i2o.oo 

Burns. London, 1854. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, unc, in hf mor. case (wrappers rebacked). 

The French Revolution: A History. London, Chapman and 

Hall, 1857. 2 vols. 8vo. 

Orig cl , m lev. mor case (shaken hinges split), inscribed by 
Charles Dickens to Edmund Yates). X (462) $3,100.00. 

Life of Friedrich Schiller. London, 1873. izmo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (presentation coipy, to "my dear Sister 
Mary"). X( 237) $260,00. 

Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches: with Elucidations. 

Portrait. London, 1846. 3 vols. 8vo. 

Orig cl., unc , in 3 lev. mor. cases (presentation copy, inscribed 
to Robert Browning). X( 233) $600.00. 

On Heroes, Hero- Worship, and the Heroic in History. Lon- 
don, 1846. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc., in mor. case (presentation copy, to Lady Harriet 
Baring). X (234) $22000 

Past and Present. London, 1843. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (shaken; presentation copy, inscribed to John S. 
Mill and by the latter to W T. Thornton; later W. H An- 
nold copy). X(232)$poooo 

Sartor Resartus. In Three Books. Reprinted for Friends 

from Fraser's Magazine. London, Fraser, 1834. 8vo. 


CARLYLE (Thomas) Continued 

Hf. cf., in cl. case (bndg. worn; presentation copy, to Harry In- 

gle; stamp of R. Stobbs inside both covers and on verso of 

title). X(23o)$3,50000. 

- Sartor Resartus. 1836; [Also] Past and Present. 1843. Ed. by 
R. W Emerson. Boston, 1836-43. 2 vols , I2mo. 

Ong. cl. and hf. lev. mor. by Club Bindery (first vol has writing 
on fly-leaves and stains on pp., inserted is A. N. S.; O. H 
Perkins copy) FF(34)$2i oo 

- Thirty-five unpublished Letters of Oliver Cromwell. Com- 
municated by Thomas Carlyle. The pages from "Eraser's 
Magazine for Town and Country" for December, 1847 
[London, 1847.] 8vo. 

Sewed, new wrappers, in hf. mor. case (presentation copy, to 
Thomas Erskine). X(235)$8ooo. 

- Works. 17 vols. [Also] Translations from the German. 3 
vols. Ashburton Edition, London, 1885. 20 vols 8vo. 

Hf. lev mor., gt. K(59)$I3OOO. 

- Works. Portraits. Centenary Edition. London, 1896-99 
30 vols. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc CC(2i)$475Oo 

- Works. Portraits. Edinburgh Edition. N. Y., 1903. 30 
vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor , g.t. R(77)$7S-oo. 

Complete Works. Portraits. One in color. Boston, Estes, 

n.d. 26 vols. 8vo. 

CARMAN (Bliss). Poems. Portrait Boston, 1905. 2 vols , fol 

Bds, unc (signed) I(373)$iooo. 

- The Princess of the Tower, etc. X Y , Village Press, it-o6 

Roy. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. (signed). OO(3o8)$n.oo 

CARPENTER (F. B.). Six Months at the White House with 
Abraham Lincoln. The Story of a Picture. X. Y., 1866. 

Hf mor, gt, unc (presentation copy, inscribed on a bound in 
leaf to I N. Arnold). CD(i8s6)$iaoo. 

CARPENTER (S. C.). Memoirs of the Hon. Thomas Jefferson. 

[N. Y ]. Printed for the Purchasers, 1809 2 vols. 8vo. (worn). SS(5i6)$i5.oo. 

CARR (John). Pioneer Days in California. Portrait Eureka, 

Cal., 1891. 8vo. 
Cl BB(44)$6ooo. 
Orig. cl. SS(435)$32-50. 

CARR (Spencer). A brief Sketch of La Crosse, Wisc'n. La 

Crosse, 1854; [With] Same [Facsimile Reprint. La Crosse, 
I9I7J La Crosse, 18541-1917.] 2 \ols , 121110 
Sewed. CD(3iio)$i7.50. 




CARRINGTON (M. I.). Ab-sa-ra-ka, Home of the Crows. 

Maps. Phila., 1868. 12 mo. 
Orig. cl. (with 1878 and 1890 editions of same work, together 3 

vols., the last C. T. Brady copy). BB(46)$i;.50. 
Cl. CD(i532)$io.oo. 

Ab-sa-ra-ka. Folding map Phila , 1869 I2mo. 

Cl. I(376)$22.oo. 

CARRUTHERS (Robert). Life of Alexander Pope. London, 

Bohn, 1857. 12 mo. 
CL, in lev. mor. case (Leigh Hunt-J. T. Field copy). X(705)$isoo 

CARSON (H. L.). History of Celebration of One Hundredth 

Anniversary of Promulgation of The Constitution of the 
U. S. Portraits Phila., 1889 2 vols , imp. 8vo. 
Cl., gt, unc EE(65)$noo. 

CARTMELL (T. K.). Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and their 

Descendants, a History of Frederick Co., Va. [Winchester, 
Va , 1909.] 4to. 
Cl. I(38i)$i2.oo 

CARTWRIGHT (D. W.). Western Wild Animals, and Guide 

for Hunters, Trappers and Sportsmen. Toledo, Ohio, 1875 

Orig cl (shaken and worn, pencilings in spme margins) 

CARTWRIGHT (George). Journal of Transactions and Events 
during a Residence of nearly Sixteen Years on the Coast of 
Labrador. Portrait and 3 folding maps Newark, Allin and 
Ridge, 1792 3 vols , 4to. 

Mor , tooled, ge., by Kalthaeber (Large paper, portrait in 3 states 
2 inserted etching, unlettered proof, and colored, pp 
stained). I(382)$ioo.oo 

CARTWRIGHT (William). Comedies, Tragi-Comedies, with 
Other Poems The Ayfes and Songs set by Mr. Henry 
Lawes. Portrait by Lombart (shaved at bottom and bound 
in close) London, Moseley, 1651. Sm 8vo. 

Orig cf. (rehmgcd, title shaved on lateral edge, inner joints re- 
paired, portrait shaved at bottom and bnd. in close. This copy 
contains the dupl lea\es of the Poems, pp. 301-306, with' 
blank spaces on pp. 301, 302 and 305 instead of verses, also 
58 leaves following the title which carry the address "To the 
Reader," complimentary Poems by J. Stapylton and others, 
and, on verso of the last of these preliminary leaves, the 
Errata). X (251) $120.00. 

CARVER (Jonathan). Travels through the Interior Parts of 

North America, in 1766-8 Portrait, 2 col folding maps and 
5 plates. London, for the Author, 1779 8vo. 

OriK hf. cf. (joints broken, bnd in at end is title of 1781, third, 
edition). I(383)$35.. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. 88(520) $25 .00. 


CARVER (Jonathan) Continued 

Travels through the Interior Parts of North America in 1766- 

1768. Portrait, 2 col. folding maps, and 5 plates, 4 in color. 
Third Edition. London, 1781. 8vo. (Sir William Forbes copy). I(384)$35.oo. 

Cf. (front hinge cracked, inner cover and front fly-leaves holed). 

Three Years Travel through the Interior Parts of North- 
America. Phila., Crukshank, 1789. I2mo. 

Old sheep (worn, pp. stained). SS(522)$g.oo. 

CASA (Giovanni ddla). Rime et Prose. In Venetia, 1563. I2mo. 

Mor., in mor. case (bnd. in is the Latin edition of "Galateus " 
Hanoviae, 1619; Joseph Addison copy, with his signature on 
title and numerous notes throughout in his hand; later Haw- 
trey-Tite-Locker-Bixby copy). X (6) $1,300.00. 

CASANOVA DE SBINGALT (Giovanni Jacopo). Memoirs. 

Trans, [by A. Machen.] [London^ Privately Printed, 1894. 
12 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (worn, some vols. shaken). I(386)$8s.oo 

Memoirs. Trans, by A. Machen. Portrait. London, Casa- 
nova Society, 1922. 12 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Bds., g.t., unc. LL(i23)$7S.oo. 

Memoirs. Illustrations from orig. drawings by Antoine Gay- 
mard. London [for the Navarre Society,] 1922. 2vols,8vo. 

CL, g.t, unc. J(57)$*8.oo. 

Another copy. ZZ(7o)$i5.oo. 

Memoirs. Trans, by A. Machen, with intro. by Arthur Sy- 

mons. 12 drawings by Rockwell Kent. Privately printed, 
1925. 12 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Cl., g.t, unc. A(s/)$8s.oo. 

Hf.lev.mor., g.t, unc. K(6o)$i40.oo. 

Memoirs. Unabridged London Edition of 1894 trans, by 
Arthur Machen to which has been added the Chapters dis- 
covered by Arthur Symons, a Supplement and Bibliography. 
Portrait. London and N. Y., Venetian Society, 1028. 12 vols., 
roy. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t, unc. ZZ(69)$i7Soo. 

Memoirs. Privately Printed, n.d. 12 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. FF(36)$8o.oo. 


CASSIN (John). Illustrations of the Birds of California, Texas, 

Oregon, British and Russian America 50 col plates. Phila., 

1853-55. Roy.Svo. 
loorig. parts, unc., in hf. lev. mor. case (some pp. stained). 1(387) 

Illustrations of the Birds of California, etc. 50 col. plates 

Phila., 1856. Roy.Svo. 
Hf. cf. (cover spotted, some pp. staioed). I(388)$4O.oo. 


CASSIN (John) Continued 

United States Exploring Expedition. Mammalogy and Orni- 
thology. With atlas of 53 plates, with the birds and most 
of the animals colored by hand. Phila , 1858. 2 vols., 410 and 

Cl andhf. mor. (worn). I(389)$oo.oo. 

CASTELNAU (Francis de). Vues et Souvenirs de I'Amerique 

du Nord. 35 plates, mainly proofs on India paper, remainder 
colored Paris, 1842. 4to. 
Bds., unc. (some pp stained). I(39i)$4000. 

CASTIGLIONE (Baldassare). The Book of the Courtier. 

Trans, by L. E Opdycke. 71 portraits. N. Y., 1901 4to. 
Vel., unc. (soiled). O( 182) $20.00. 

CATESBY (Mark). Hortus Britanno-Americannus; or, a Curi- 
ous Collection of Trees and Shrubs, the Produce of the Brit- 
ish Colonies in North ^America. 17 hand-col, plates. London, 
1763. Imp. 8vo. 

Old mor., tooled (rebacked, rubbed, W Baker copy). 1(393) 

Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and The Bahama Is- 
lands. Revised by Mr. Edwards. 220 col. plates. [In Eng. 
and Fr ] London, 1754. 2 vols., fol. 

Rus., tooled (rubbed, one title loose, W. Constable copy). 1(392) 

CATHER (Willa). April Twilights and Other Poems. Large 

Paper, signed N. Y , 1923 8vo. 
Bds., unc. F(53)$n.oo. 
Another copy. OO(34)$8.oo 

Death comes for the Archbishop. Signed N. Y., 1927. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. F(55)$noo. 

Vel., unc. (Japan paper). OO(36)$25.oo. 

Bds., unc. OO(38)$i8.oo. 

A Lost Lady. N. Y [1923 ] 8vo. 

Bds. (signed). F(S2)$i5.oo. 

My Mortal Enemy. N. Y., 1926. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (Large paper, signed). OO(35)$n.oo. 

O Pioneers! Frontis. in color. Boston, 1913. I2mo. 

Cl. OO(30)$8.oo. 

One of Ours. Large paper, signed N Y , 1922 8vo. 

Bds., unc. F(5i)$i6.oo. 
Another copy. OO(32)$n.oo. 

The Professor's House. N. Y., 1925. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. F(54)$i6.oo. 

The Song of the Lark. Boston, 1915. I2mo. 

Cl. OO(3i)$9.oo. 

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA (The). N. Y. [1907-15.] 15 

vols., 8vo. 
Cl. HH(i67)$27.50. 


CATLIN (George). North American Indian Portfolio. 25 col 

plates. London, Geo. Catlin, [ 1844 ] At. fol. 
Hf. lev. mor., each leaf hinged (margins of 4 blanks repaired, few 

marginal stains). I (394) $230.00. 
Illustrations of the Manners, Customs and Condition of the 

North American Indians. 179 plates. London, 1848. 2 

vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl. (worn). I(395)$I3-00. 
Hf.mor. U(8o)$ii.oo. 
Illustrations of the Manners, Customs and Condition, of the 

North American Indians. 179 col. platen London, 1866 

2 vols., 8vo. 

Hf.mor, g.e. (rubbed). I(397)$8750. 
North American Indians. Col plates Edinburgh, 1903 2 

vols , 8vo. 

Cl, g.t BB(48)$i5.oo. 
North American Indians. Col plates. Edinburgh, 1913. 2 

vols , 8vo. 

Cl., unc. BB(49)$ * 
North American Indians. Col plates Edinburgh, 1926 2 

vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl, g.t., unc. EE(66)$io.oo. 

O-Kee-Pa. 13 col. plates London, 1867. ' Roy. 8vo. 

Cl, g.e. I(3o8)$30.oo. 

O-Kee-Pa. 13 col plates. Phila , 1867 Roy 8vo 

Hf. cf., g.t (orig. covers bud. in) CD ( 1528^25 oo. 

CATON (John Dean). The Antelope and Deer of America. 

Portrait. N. Y., 1877. 8vo. 
Cl. (name on half-title) I(399)$20OO. 
The Antelope and Deer of America. N. Y , 1892 8vo. 

I (4OO)$I2 OO. 

CATULLUS. Carmina. Englished into Verse and Prose by 
Capt. Sir Richard F. Burton, Introd. by Leonard C Smith- 
ers. Portrait. London, 1894 8vo. 

Bds., unc. I(403)$8.oo. 

Orig. hf. vel , unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor case (on hand-made 
paper). M(57)$9.oo. 

Hf. vel , unc. (worn). Od63)$i3.oo 

Hf. vel., unc. (covers soiled, T Bowman copy) HH(i44)$i5oo 

Catullus with the Pervigilium Veneris. Trans b\ A H 

Bullen. Ed by S. G. Owen, lllus by J. R Weguelm. Lon- 
don, 1893. Sm 4 to - 

Cl., unc. (Japan paper, S. P Avery copy) HH(i68)$i3.oo 

Poems. 2 portraits engraved by Blake London, 1795. Roy 


Mor., g. over marbled e., by Kalthoeber. I(402)$i7.oo. 


dini, 1822. i8mo. 
Old cf ., in cl. cases (W. M. Thackeray copy, inscribed by him, 

laid in is letter of G Pryne to Dr Thackeray, later J. H. 

Ward copy). Z(i38s)$no.oo. 


CAULFIELD (James). Portraits, Memoirs, and Characters of 
Remarkable Persons. London, 1813-20. 7vols., 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (pp. stained, M. Tomkinson copy). DE(3Q2) 

CAXTON CLUB. Caxton Club Scrap Book. Early English 

Verses, 1250-1650. Chosen and collected by J V Cheney 

Chic , 1904 8vo 

Mor, gt., unc. (Japan paper). XX(22o)$30OO. 
Charlevoix (Pierre F. X. de). Journal of a Voyage to North 

America. Maps. Chicago, 1923. 2vols., 8vo. 
Bds., unc. NN(24)$i6oo. 

Davenport (Cyril). Thomas Berthelet. Chicago, 1901. 4to 

Bds, unc. RR(66)$I400. 

Derby (G. H.). Phoenixiana. Chicago, 1897. 2vols., I2mo. 

Cl, unc. I(404)$iooo. 

Duff (E. G.). William Caxton. Chicago, 1905. 4to. 

Lev. mor., unc , by Monastery Hill Bindery, in cl. case (with leaf 

from Caxton's edition of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales"; W 

F. Gable copy). X (252^325.00 
Bds. unc. HH(i69)$2o.oo 
Kenyon (F. G.). Ancient Books and Modern Discoveries. 

Chic. [Bruce Rogers,] 1927. Fol. 
Bds., g t , unc HH(662)$87.50. 
La Salle (Nicholas de). Relation of [his] Discoveries and 

Voyages, 1679-1681. Chicago, 1901. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. NN(65)$i400. 
-Vnother copy. CD(i7i9)$i250 
Mansfield (Howard). Descriptive Catalogue of Etchings and 

Dry-Points of J A. McN. Whistler. Portrait. Chic., 1909 


Bds t., unc XX(903)$i;.50 
Pollard (A. W.). Essay on Colophons. Chicago, 1905 Roy 


Bds., unc K(i55)$i400 
\nother copy. HH(i7o)$3250 
Uzanne (Octave). French Bookbinders of the Eighteenth 

Century. Chicago, 1904. Imp. 8vo. 
Bds, unc. N(i53)$n.oo. 

CAYLUS (A. C. P. de Tubiere, Comte de). CEuvres Badines, 

Completes Plates Amsterdam, 1787. I2vols., 8vo. 
Ilf (several bndgs damaged). O(i84)$65.oo 


markable Cases of Criminal Jurisprudence. Selected by a 
Member of the Philadelphia Bar. Phila., 1836. 8vo. 
Sheep. YY(io7)$8.oo. 

CELLINI (Benvenuto). Life. Trans, by J. A. Symonds 
Portrait and 8 etchings by F. Laguillermie. Large paper 
London, 1888 2 vols , 8vo 

Cl., unc. (R Hoe copy). GG(336)$85OO. 

Ll_Life. K Tra, )$ J A. Symonds. Plates. N. Y. [,906.] 
2 vols., 8vo. 


CELLINI (Benvenuto) Con/tnw^ 
Mor., g.t. (Clara Ticc copy). LL( 126) $22.50. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t.. unc. RR(67)$I4.50. 
Lev. mor., gt., unc. ZZ(7i)$7ooo. 

CENTLIVRE (Susanna). Dramatic Works. Portrait. London, 

1872. 3 vols., 12010. 
Cf., g.t, unc. O(i88)$n.oa 

CENTURY DICTIONARY (The). N. Y. [1889.] 2 4 vols.,sm 


Cl., unc. HH(i7i)$io.oo. 
The Century Dictionary. 10 vols.; The Century Cyclopedia 

of Names; The Century Atlas. N. Y. lion.] 12 vols.. 4to 
Cl. 0(i8o)$2i.oo. 

CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (Miguel de). Don Quixote de la 

Mancha. Portrait, historiated borders on the titles, 10 ilium. 

initials, and numerous smaller floriated initials. Printed in 

gothic type, in red and black, on leaves of cork. Barcelona, 

O. Viader, 1909. 2 vols., 4to. 

Hf. cork, in 2 wrappers and 2 bd. cases. X(253)$320.oo 
History and Adventures of the Renowned Don Quixote. 

Trans, by T. Smollett. 28 plates by Hayman. London, 1755 

2 vols., 4to. 

Cf (rebacked). FF(37)$3<>.oo. 
Life and Exploits of the Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote. 

Trans, by C. Jarvis. Plates after Stothard, and folding map. 

London, 1801 4 vols., 8vo. 
Hf cf., g.t. (edges scraped, few pp and plates stained). XX (230) 

Don Quixote. Trans, from the Spanish. Plates after R. 

Smirke. London, 1818. 4 vols , 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t. (backs faded). GG(2g)$35.oo. 
Don Quixote. Trans, by C. Jarvis. 24 col. plates. London, 

1819. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., g.e., by Riviere. A(5Q)$57 50. 
Oldcf. (effaced bookplates). l(4<>5)$55.oo W(42)$67.op. 
Life and Exploits of Don Quixote. 24 plates by Cruikshank 

London, Knight and Lacey, 1824. 2 vols , I2mo. (C. Tice copy). LL(i6o)$i5.oo 
Don Quixote. Trans, by C. Jan is. Illu>. b> T. Joliannot 

London, 1837. 3vols.,8vo. 
Hf.mor. J(59)$io50. 
History of the Valorous and Witty Knight-Errant Don 

Quixote. Trans, by T. Shelton. lllus. by D. Vierge. N. Y., 

1906. 4 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc., in bd. cases, O(i90)$6o.oo. 
History of the Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote. Trans. 

by P. A. Motteux. Plates by Lalauze Edinburgh, 1908. 

4 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., unc. KK(25)$37.$o. 


CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (Miguel de)-Continued 

History of the Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote. Trans. 

by P. A. Motteux. Plates by Lalauze. Edinburgh, 1910. 

4 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. (4 vols. in 8). CC(23)$i30.oo. 
The Spirit of Don Quixote. 4 col. plates. London, 1831. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc W(s8)$35.oo. 

CESCINSKY (Herbert). English Furniture of the Eighteenth 

Century. London, recent. 3vols,4to. 
Iff mor. A B (46) $90 oo. 

CHABERT (J. B. de). Voyage fait par Ordre du Roi 1750-1751, 
dans 1'Amenque Septentrionale. Maps, charts and folding 
tables. Pans, 1753. 

Oldcf. (rubbed). SS(525)$g.oo. 

CHAFFERS (William). Marks and Monograms on European 
and Oriental Pottery and Porcelain. Ed. by F. Litchfield. 
London, 1912. Roy. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. I(4o6)$i2.oo. 

CHAINED BOOK. Bibliotheca Sancta a F. Sixto Senensi, ordi- 

nis praedicatorum, ex praecipuis Catholicae Ecclesiae autori- 
bus collecta, etc. Francofurti, N. Bassaei, 1575. Fol. 
Cont pigskin, brass clasps, and n links of orig. chain (covers 
holed, colored drawing of arms of Augsburg laid down inside 
front cover, W H. Harris copy). X (254) $225.00. 

CHALCONDYLAS (Laonicus). Histoire genfode des Turcs. 

Plates. Pans, 1662. 2 vols., fol. 
Cont. mor., tooled, ge. (Large paper). DE(i48)$4O.oo. 

CHALKHILL (John). Thealma and Clearchus. London, for 

Benj. Tooke, 1683. 8vo 
Lev. mor., g.e., by Bedford. Z(i426)$no.oo. 

CHALKLEY (Thomas). Collection of [his] Works. Phila., 

B. Franklin and D. Hall, 1749- 8vo. 
Cont cf. (pp. stained). G(ii2)$8.50. 
Orig. cf. (some pp. stained). SS(956)$50oo. 

CHAMBERLAIN (A. B.). Hans Holbein, the Younger. Illus- 
trations, including 24 in color. N. Y., 1913. 2 vols., 4to 
Ci.,gt,unc. K(i76)$i250. 

CHAMBERLAIN (G. W.). Spragues, of Maiden, Mass. Bos- 
ton, 1923. 8vo. 

Cl. (with "Descendants of Hon. Heth Sprague." 1915, together 
2 vols.). Q (509) ($n -50. 

CHAMBERLAYNE (William). Pharonnida, a Heroick Poem. 

Portrait by A. Hertochs. First edition. London, for R. 
Qavell, 1659. Sm. 8vo , . , 4 r-i 

Orig. cf., in mor. case (front hinge weak, Bndgewater-Chew 
copy). X(255)$/ooo. 


Science and Art. Sec HARDY (Thomas). 

CHAMBON. Le Guide du Commerce de I'Amerique, principale- 
ment par le Port de Marseille. Engraved title and 21 maps 
and plates. Avignon, 1777. 2 vols , 4to. 

Ong cf (rubbed). DE(ig)$i7.oo. 

CHAMPLAIN (Samuel de). Les Voyages . . . Ou, Journal 

tres-fidele des observations faites es descuvertures de la 
Nouvelle France. Large folding map, 18 charts, 5 plates and 
one woodcut. Paris, Chez lean Berjon, 1613. 4to. 

Lev. mor., g e , by Pratt (2 marginal stains, 3 tears in plates re- 
paired, the large folding map and chart at p. 88 are facsimiles, 
supplied for this copy; this copy contains, on page 232, refer- 
ences to plate of the "Iroquois Fort," which appears at p 255, 
and also reprinted leaf correcting same to describe plate, 
"Defeat of the Iroquois at Lake Champlam," which appears 
at p. 232). WW(i2o)$8750o. 

Les Voyages de la Nowelle France Occidentale, Dicte Can- 
ada. Folding map and plates. Paris, Chez Pierre Le-Mvr, 
1632 Sm. 4to. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Chambolle-Duru. SS(526)$39<>oo 

CEuvres. Ed par C H. Laverdiere Second Edition . Plates 

Quebec, 1870. 6 vols., 4to. 

Unc. (6 vols. in 4). WW(i2i)$i5.oo. 

Hf. mor.. g t. (rubbed, 6 vols. in 3, orig. wrappers bnd. in at end) 


CHAMPLIN (J. D.) and PERKINS (C. C.). Cyclopedia of 

Painters and Paintings. X. Y , 1900 4 vols,, roy. 8vo 
Cl. I(4o8)$2000. 

CHANNING (W. E.). Thoreau, the Poet-Naturalist, with Me- 
morial Verses, Ed. by F. B. Sanborn. Etchings in 2 states, 
and engravings by Sidney L Smith. Also Etchings by Sidne\ 
L. Smith, Signed in Pencil by the Etcher, in portfolio. Japan 
paper Edition Boston, 1902 2 vols , 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. M(64i)$i7.5o. 

The Wanderer. A Colloquial Poem. B> W E Channing 

Preface by R. W. Emerson Boston, 1871. I2mo. 

Ong. cl (MS. sonnet by Channing laid in). H(45o)$i2oo. 

CHAPBOOKS. The Proud Squire Reformed; and others. 
Banbury, Coventry, etc., about 1750. I2mo. 

Cf., col. top, unc. (49 pieces in one vol ). DD(2Q6)$65oo. 

The Real Virginny Melodist; and others. V.p , about 1840 


Bds., unc. (n pieces in one vol.). VV(27)$n.oo. 

Chap-Books and Folk-Lore Tracts. Ed. by G. L. Gomme 

and H. B. Wheatley. First Series London, for Villon So- 
ciety, 1885. 5 vols., sq. I2mo. 

Bds., g.t., unc. O(i92)$io.oo. 


CHAPMAN (Abel). Wild Norway. 1897; Bird-Life of the 
Borders. 1907; Savage Sudan. 1921; The Borders and Be- 
yond. 1924; Wild Stpain. 1893; Unexplored Spain. N. Y., 
1910. Illustrations, many in color, and maps. London and 
N. Y., 1893-1924. 6vols.,8vo. 

V.b. I( 4 ii)$32.SO. 

CHAPPE d'AUTEROCHE (Jean). A Voyage to California, to 
observe the Transit of Venus. Folding plan. London, 1778. 

Cf. SS(527)$i3.oo. 

CHAPPELL (Edward). Narrative of a Voyage to Hudson's 

Bay in His Majesty's Ship Rosamund. Folding map and 4 
plates. Vignette illustrations. London, 1817. 8vo. 
Bds. (back chipped, covers and front fly-leaves loose). SS(i4o6) 

CHARLES I OF ENGLAND. Eifcm Basifflce. Frontis. by 

Marshall. London, 1648. I2mo. 
Orig. mor. A(36s)$32.50. 

Eikon BasOike. Folding frontispiece. London, 1649. 8vo. 
Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. RR(ii8)$n.oo. 
Basilika. Works. Engraved title, frontis., portrait, and 

plates. London, 1687. Fol. 
Oldcf. J(63)$ 

CHARLES II OF ENGLAND. His Majesties Gracious Speech 
to Both Houses of Parliament, On the 29th day of August, 
1660. At the Passing of the Act for Free Pardon, Indemp- 
nity and Oblivion, and several other Acts. London, J. Bill 
and C. Baker, 1660. Sm. 4to. 

Cf., unc. by Riviere (Arbury Library copy). X(257)$so.oo. 

Britannia Rediviva* Poems by v. authors. Oxoniae, Lich- 

field, 1660. Sm. 4to. 

Cf., g.e., by Riviere. (Arbury Library copy) X(256)$3O.oo. 


Laws of the Indies for the Good Treatment and Preservation 
of the Indians. Promulgated by the Emperor, 1542-3. A 
Facsimile reprint of the Original Spanish Edition, with a 
literal translation. Intro, by Henry Stevens and F. W. Lucas. 
Woodcuts. London, Chiswick Press, 1893. Fol. 
Bds., g.t., unc. (worn). VV (28) $21.00. 

CHARLES (C. J.). Elizabethan Interiors. Plates. N.Y. [1920.] 

Imp. 4to. 
Hf.vcl., g.t., unc. LL(i28)$io.oo. 

CHARLEVOIX (P. F. X. de). Journal of a Voyage to North 
America. Folding map. London, 1761. 2vols., 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc., in hf. cf. case (Sir Joseph Copley copy). 88(528) 
$95-00. WW(i26)$42-5o. 

A Voyage to North-America. Plates and folding maps. Dub- 
lin, 1766. 2vols., 8vo. 


CHARLEVOIX (P. F. X. de) Continued (rubbed). DE(2i)$24.oo. 

Letters to the Dutchess of Lesdiguieres. Map. London, 1763. 

Mor. U(98)$iQ.oo. 

CHASTELLUX (J. F., Marquis de). Travels in North- America 
in 1780-1782. 2 folding maps and 3 folding plates. London, 
1787. 2vols., 8vo. 

Hf. Cf U(I02)$20.00. 

Cf. (W. L. Symes copy). 88(529) $40.00. 
Orig. cf. (pp. lightly stained), DE(22)$ 

CHATTERTON (E. K.). Sailing Ships. 1909; Ships and Ways 
of Other Days. 1913. Frontispieces in color and other illus- 
trations. London, 1909-13. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. (with "Fore and Aft," together 3 vols.). I(4i4)$3i.oo. 

Cl. (with "Q-Ships and their Story' *nd "Seamen All." Boston, 
1923 and 1924, together 4 vols.). NN(2S)$i5.oo. 

CHATTERTON (Thomas). Poems, supposed to have been 
written at Bristol, by Thomas Rowley, and others, in the 
Fifteenth Century, etc. Plate. London, 1777. 8vo. 

Hf. cf. (loose, rubbed, bnd. in is "An Enquiry into the Authentic- 
ity of the Poems attributed to Thomas Rowley, etc. By 
Thomas Warton. London, 1782." First Edition). D(47) 

CHATTO (W. A.). The Angler's Souvenir. By P. Fisher. 

Plates. London, 1835. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere. O(4i)$24.oo. 

CHAUCER (Geoffrey). Canterbury Tales. Ed. by T. Tyrwhitt 
Portrait of Chaucer, and engraving of Stothard's Canterbury 
Pilgrims. London, 1822. 5 vols., I2mo. 

Mor., tooled, g.t., unc. O(i94)$42-50. 

Workes. Portrait of Chaucer on title. Ed. by Thos. Speght. 

Londini, Impensis Georg. Bishop, 1602. Fol. 

G.t. on rough (back cover scraped, one margin repaired, some 
leaves rehinged; H. V. Jones copy). PP(43)$iOO.oo. 

Works, Compared with the Former Editions, and many valu- 
able MSS. Out of which, Three Tales are added which were 
never before Printed; By John Urry. Portrait of Chaucer 
by Vertue and of Urry by Pigne. London, for B. Lmtot, 
1721. Fol. (rubbed, joints cracked, part of fly-leaf torn away). 

^Poems. Ed. T. Tyrwhitt. Portrait. London, Pickering, 
1830-46. 8 vols., I2mo. 

Cf., g.e. (backs chipped, portrait stained). HH(i74)$20.oo. 

Poetical Works. Portrait. Aldine Edition. London, Picker- 
ing, 1845. 6 vols., I2mo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Bayntun. CC(24)$8o.oo. 


CHAUCER (Geoffrey) Continued 

Complete Works. Ed. by W. W. Skeat. Facsimiles. 6 vols , 

1894; [with] Chaucerian and Other Pieces ... Ed. by Skeat. 

Being a Supplement to the former, 1897. Oxford, 1894-97. 

7 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., unc. HH(i75)$ 
Works of Geoffrey Chaucer, and Others. Intro, by W. 

W. Skeat. London, n.d. Fol. 
Suede, unc. J(64)$i9.oo. 

CHAUNCY (Charles). [His] Retraction . . . Wherein is proved 

the unlawfulnesse and danger of Rayling in Altars or Com- 
munion tables. London, 1641. Sm. 4tp. 

Unbnd. (some lower margins cut close, with some text missing). 

CHAUNCY (Charles). Discourse on "the good News from a 

far Country." Boston, 1766. I2mo. 

New paper (first 4 leaves remargined at bottom). CD (2710) $16.00. 

Seasonable Thoughts on the State of Religion in New-Eng- 
land Boston, Rogers and Fowle, for S. Eliot, 1743. 8vo. 

Old cf. (worn, front fly-leaves missing, writing on title, text 
stained). SS(53i)?i3.oo. 

A Second Letter to a Friend; Giving a more particular Nar- 
rative of the Defeat of the French Army at Lake-George. 
Boston, Edes and Gill, 1755. 8vo. 

Mor. WW(i27)$25000. 

CHEETHAM (James). Answer to Alexander Hamilton's Letter, 

concerning the Public Conduct and Character of John Adams. 
By a Citizen of New York. N. Y , 1800. 8vo. 

Sewed, unc. (laid in is portrait of Alexander Hamilton). SS(534) 
$11 oo. 

Nine Letters on the Subject of Aaron Burr's Political Defec- 
tion. N. Y., 1803. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. SS(537)$8.op. 

View of the Political Conduct of Aaron Burr. By the Author 
of the "Narrative." N. Y., 1802. 8vo. 

Hf. mor , unc. SS(536)$io oo. 

CHESHIRE SHEAF (The). Vols. 1-3, first scries, Vol i, sec- 
ond scries, and Vols. i-io, third series. Chester, 1880-1914. 
14 vols , sm 4to. 

Hf. cf. (14 vols. in 10). Q(59o)$37-50. 

CHESTER COUNTY, PENNA. Records of [its] Courts, 1691- 

1697. Phila., 1910. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. YY(2i3)$900. 

CHESTERFIELD (Philip Stanhope, Earl of). Letters to Philip 
Stanhope. Portrait. London, 1774 2 vols., 4to. 

Cont. cf. (rebacked, A. L. S. laid in). FF(4i)$305.oo. 

Grig. cf. (rehinged, portrait stained; with "Supplement to the 
Letters, etc." 1787, together 3 vols. G. Gamier copy). l'P(44) 


CHESTERFIELD (Philip Stanhope, Earl of) Continued 

Oldcf. (rebacked; with "Supplement, etc." 1787 and "Characters 
by Lord Chesterfield contrasted with Characters of the same 
Great Personages by Other Respectable Writers." 1778 bnd 
in one vol., together 4 vols. in 3). ZZ (74) $400.00. 

Letters to His Son. Ed. by O. H. G. Leigh. Plates. Beau 

Brummell Edition. N. Y., 1925. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t, unc. (frontis. in color). J(6s)$i5.oo. 

Hf. mor., g.t , unc. R(8o)$ 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. ZZ (75) $105.00. 

Miscellaneous Works. Portraits. London, 1778. 2 vols., 4to 

Cf. (rebacked). A(6o)$40oo. 

CHETHAM SOCIETY. Remains, Historical and Literary, con- 
nected with the Palatin County of Lancaster and Chester 
Old Series Vol. I, 1844- Vol. 114, 1886, and Index, New Series 
Vol i, i883-Vol 72. 1913 and Vol 75, 1916 Manchester, Chet- 
ham Society, 1844-86, 1883-1915, and 1916 189 vols., sin. 410 

Cl., unc. Q(627)$oo.oo. 

CHETWOOD (W. R.). Voyages and Adventures of Capt. 

Robert Boyle. Frontis. London, J. Watts, 1726. 8%o. 
Cont cf. O(i96)$i3.oo. 

CHEVALIER (ULYSSE). Repertoire des Sources Historiques 

de Moyen Age. Montbeliard and Pans, 1894-1907. 3 voU , 
roy. 8vo. 
Bds. DE(i5o)$25.oo. 

CHEVREMONT (Francois). Marat, 1'Ami du Peuple, aux 

Braves Parisiens, 26 Aout 1792 Huitieme placard, edite pour 
la premiere fois, avec une notice historique. Paris, 1892. 8vo 
Paper, unc. XX(935)$ 

CHICAGO. Biographical Sketches of the Leading Men of Chi- 
cago. Portraits. Chic., 1868. Roy.8vo. 

Mor., ge. SS(624)$i2.oo. 

Chicago Business Directory for 1864-65. Comp. by W. S 

Spencer. Map. Chic., 1864. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. SS(595)$7-50. 

-College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Upper Mississippi, 

(Reorganization of Rock Island Medical School:) Second 
Session, 1849-50. Chic., 1849. I2mo. 

Unbnd. SS(553)$i6oo. 

Constitution and By-Laws of the Chicago Building Associa- 
tion, adopted March, 1849. Chic., 1849. i6mo. 

Orig. paper. SS(554)$i7-5- 

Churches: Trinity. Presentment of the Rev. William F. 

Walker. Private Impression. Chic , 1846. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. SS(55o)$i7.oo. 

Danenhower's Chicago City Directory, for 1851. Chic., 1851. 


Orig.bds. (rubbed, lacks map). SS(559)$io.oo. 

Full Account of the Great Fire, and New Business Directory 
of Leading Houses. Chic., New Tremont House [1871.] i2mo. 


CHICAGO Continued 

Orig. paper. SS(646)$io.oo. 

Hall & Co.'s Chicago City Directory, and Business Advertiser 

for i854-'55. Chic. [1854.] 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (front hinge cracked, name on title). SS(s64)$iooo. 
Proceedings of the Harbor and River Convention, held at 

Chicago, July Fifth, 1847. Chic., 1847. 8vo. 
Orig paper (back chipped, with an invitation to this convention 

signed by the Com. of Correspondence, together 2 pieces) 

The Railroads, History and Commerce of Chicago. Chic., 

1854. 8vo. 

Orig. paper. SS(565)$7-50. 

CHICAGO MAGAZINE. Vol. I, Nos. 1-5, Mar.-Aug., 1857 

Chic., 1857. 5 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. paper (3 nos. only, lacking i and 4). H(63)$8 50. 
2 nos ong. paper, 3 hf roan SS(574)$37 50. 
CHILD (D. L.). The Texas Revolution and the Late Outrage in 

California. By Probus. [Northampton, Mass., 1842 ] 8vo 
Sewed, unc. WW(ioo)$22.5O. 
Another copy. CD (2770) $20.00. 

CHILD (Elias). The Child, Childs and Childe Families. Utica 

N. Y., 1880. 8vo 
Cl. U(30i)$is.oo. 

CHILD (F. J.). English and Scottish Popular Ballads. Ed. by 

F. J. Child. Portrait. Boston and N. Y. [1882-98.] lovols", 

roy. 8vo 

Lev. mor., g t., unc. O(i97)$47.50. 
Paper, unc. GG(i4)$22.5o. 

CHILDREN'S HOUR (The). Frontis. in 2 parts and other 
illustrations Ed by E M Tappan. Boston, 1907 lovols, 

Cl., g.t. R(8i)$25.oo. 


Treasury of New Designs for Chimney-Pieces. 54 plates, 
from Thomas Milton, John Crunden and Placido Columbam 
London, 1766. 8vo. (worn). AB(5i)$2o.oo. 

CHINIQUI (Charles). President Lincoln's Assassination traced 

directly to the Doors of Rome. N.p., n.d. i6mo., g.t. (orig. covers bnd. in). A(6o2)$ 

CHIPPENDALE (Thomas). The Gentleman and Cabinet- 

Makers Director. 161 plates. London, 1754. Fol. 
Newcf. AB(io)$8oo.oo. 

Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director. 160 plates. Lon- 
don, 1755. Fol. 
Oldcf. AB(n)$i6o.oo. 


CHIPPENDALE (Thomas) Con tinned 

Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director. 200 plates Lon- 
don, 1762. Fol. 

Cf. AB(i2)$28o.oo. 

Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director. 200 plates. Lon- 
don, 1894. Fol. 

Hf. mor. AB(i3)$8o.oo. 

Guide du Tappissiere, de 1'Ebenister. 200 plates. London, 

1762. Fol. 

Sheets, in ong. bd. portfolio. AB(so)$ioooo 

Collection of Ornamental Designs applicable to Furniture, 

Frames and the Decoration of Rooms in the Style of Louis 
XlVth, chiefly after Thomas Chippendale. 24 plates. [Lon- 
don] about 1840. 4to. 

Hf mor. AB(38)$6o.oo. 

CHITTENDEN (H. M.). American Fur Trade of the Far West 
Folding map and 10 plates. N. Y., 1902. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., unc. I(4i6)$45-00. 

Another copy. BB(5i)$6o.oo. 

History of Early Steamboat Navigation on the Missouri 

River. Map. N. Y., 1903. 2 vols., 8vo. 

CL, unc. I(4i7)$i5.oo. 

Another copy. BB(52)$ 

CHRISTIE (James). Instructions for Hunting, Breaking 

Pointers, and finding out Game ... To which is subjoined 
Numerous [sic] Poems and Songs, chiefly in the Buchan 
dialect. Banff [for the author by J. Davidson,] 1817. iamo 
Orig. bds., unc. (worn and broken). I(4i8)$28.oo. 


Decoration, and Accomplishments. Illus in color London, 
1868. 2 vols., imp. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. (rubbed and worn). I(42o)$8.oo. 

son. Illus. and maps. New Haven, 1919. 50 vols., I2mo. 

CL, g.t., unc. (Abraham Lincoln Edition). K(i5)$255.oo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. (George Washington Edition). (25) 

CL, g.t., unc. (Abraham Lincoln Edition). XX (233) $80.00. 

CHRONICLES OF ENGLAND. [One leaf only. Westminster, 

Caxton, 1480.] Fol. 

CHURCHYARD (Thomas). A Lamentable, and Pitiful! De- 
scription, of the Wofull Warres in Flaunders, since the 
foure last yeares of the Emperor Charles the fifth his raigne. 
London, Newberie, 1578. Sm. 4to. 

Mor., g.e., by C. Lewis (Christie-Miller-T. Jolley copy). X(2$8) 

A light Bondell of liuly discourses. London, Kyngston, 1580. 

Sm. 4to. 


CHURCHYARD (Thomas) Continued 

Mor., g.e., by Mackenzie (few tears repaired, title inlaid; Skegg- 

Corser-Huth- White-Chew copy, with note by Mr. Chew). 


CIBBER (Colley). Apology for [his] Life, Portrait by Van 

der Gucht after Vanloo. London, 1740. 4to. 
Cont. cf. (rehinged, some rubbings, few marginal discolorations; 

Ely copy). 0(48) $20.00. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked; name, "J. Barnard" on title, J. H. Purdy 

copy). X(26o)$i75.oo. 
Apology for [his] Life. Ed. by R. W. Lowe. 26 portraits by 

R. B. Parkes in 2 states and 18 etchings by Adolphe Lalauze. 

Large Paper Edition. London, 1889. 2 vols , roy. 8vo. 
Hf.mor., g.t. O(i98)$7-50- 

CICERO. Cato Major, or his Discourse of Old-Age. Trans, by 
James Logan. Phila., B. Franklin, 1744. 8vo. 

Orig cf. (worn, First impression, with "ony" for ''only**, page 27, 
line 5; W. H. Arnold copy). X(53i)$i,isooo. 

Epistres Familiares. Paris, 1544. i6mo. 

Cont cf., tooled, emblem Henry II (hole in title, G. M. Elwood 
copy). DE(i27)$io.oo. 

Orationes. [Venice, Aldus, 1519.] 3 vols., izmo. 

Old mor., tooled, g.e., gauffered (rubbed, few marginal repairs, 
final blanks lacking in first 2 vols.). DE(i5i)$i2.oo. 

Orationes. Ex recensione Joannis Georgii Graevii. Frontis- 
pieces. Amsterdam, 1689 I7vols,8vo 

Cont. cf. A(6i)$io.oo. 

Opera. Engraved title. Lugd. Batavorum, Elzeviriana, 1642. 
9 vols., i6mo. 

Cont. cf , tooled, g e. 0(278) $15 oo. 

CID (The). Poem of the Cid. Trans by A M. Huntington 

N.p., Hispanic Society [1907.] 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., g.t. (lacks one fly-leaf). HH(i76)$n.oo. 

CLAIBORNE (N. H.). Notes on the War in the South. Rich- 
mond, 1819. I2mo. 
Oldcf. SS(749)$20.oo. 

CLAPP (Ebenezer). The Clapp Family in America. Portraits. 

Boston, 1876. 8vo. 
Cl. Q(338)$i6.oo. 

CLARE (John). Poems, Chiefly From Manuscript Frontis. 
London [1920.] 8vo. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and case (inserted are signed MSS. of 3 un- 
published songs). M(79)$25.oo. 

CLARK (C. M.). A Trip to Pike's Peak and Notes by the Way. 

Chic., 1861. 8vo. CD(25Q4)$8o.oo. 


CLARK (Daniel). Proofs of the Corruption of Gen. James Wil- 
kinson and of his Connection with Aaron Burr. Phila., 1809. 

Bds., unc. G(59)$n.oo. 

Hf. mor. SS(75o)$i7-50. 

CLARK (W. P.). The Indian Sign Language. Map. Phila, 

1885. 8vo. 
Cl. CD (1561) $10.00. 

CLARKE (A. B.). Travels in Mexico and California. Boston, 

1852. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy). 88(304) $200.00. 
Orig. paper. VV (29) $190.00. 


Plates, some in color Parnassus Edition. N. Y. [1909.] 


Leath., g.t., unc. O(346)$55.oo. 

Leath., g.t., unc. (backs rubbed, Parnassus Edition). R(82)$70.oo. 
CL, g.t., unc. (backstrips torn). HH (178) $20.00. 

CLAVIGERO (F. S.). Storia del Messico cavata da' migliori 

storici Spagnuoh, e da' Manoscritti, e dalle pitture antiche 

degl* Indiani. 2 folding maps and numerous plates. Cesena, 

Gregorio Biasini, 1780-81. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Vel. (pp. stained, Conte de Ludorf copy). VV(3O)$i2.oo. 
History of Mexico. Trans by Charles Cullen. 2 folding 

maps and numerous plates. Richmond, Va., 1806. 3 vols., 

Old sheep (rubbed, hinges cracked, backs chipped, both maps 

torn, name on titles). CD (2022) $8.00. 

CLAY (Henry). Works. Ed. by Calvin Colton. Engraved 
portraits and titles. Federal Edition. N. Y., 1004. lovols., 

Cl., g.t., unc. GG(3o)$45-oo. 

CLAY (John). My Life on the Range. Portraits. Chic., Pri- 
vately Printed [1924.] 8vo. 
CL, g.t., unc. BB(53)$ii.oo. 


Philadelphia (The) Wash., 1895. 8vo. 
Bds., unc., EE(7i)$no.oo. 

CLEMENS (S. L.). Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. N. V., 
1885. Sq. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled (p. 283 correctly printed and inserted; Eugene 
Field copy, with his bookplate and authentication at back 
by Eugene Field II; some marginal repairs and pencil- 
marks). D(s6)$30.oo. 

Hf. mor. H (359)$2i.oo. 

Cl. (worn, with corrected illustration at p. 283). I(428)$l8.oo. 

Cl. (p. 283 correctly printed and inserted). N(i6s)$ioo.oo. 

Orig. cl. (rubbed). O (202) $35.00. 


CLEMENS (S. L.) Continued 

Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Hartford, etc v 1876. Sq. 

Cl. (does not contain blank following Preface, but last line of 

first page is complete as of first printing preceding appear- 
ance of "gouge" at this point). I (426)$47.5o. 

The American Claimant N. Y., 1892. Svo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t. (inscribed by Dan Beard, orig. covers and 

advertisements bnd. in). M(83)$7.50. 
The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County and 

Other Sketches. Ed. by John Paul. N. Y., 1867. I2mo. 
Hf. lev. mor., by Stikeman (early issue, with perfect type on p. 198 

and leaf of advertisement on tinted paper facing title). D(SO) 

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court N. Y., 1889. 


Orig cl. H(36i)$i5.oo. 

Cl. (shaken, some marginal stains). N(i66)$i6.oo. 
Orig. cl. 0(203)527.50. 

Innocents Abroad. Hartford, 1869. Svo. 

Cl. (lacks backstrip; First issue, pp. xvii and xvni without page 

nos.). D (52)530.00. 
Mor., inlaid with lev. mor., g.t. (orig. covers and advertisements 

bnd. in). M(8o)$ 

-Innocents Abroad. London, Rotten, 1870. i6mo. 
Orig. paper. H(349)$n.oo. 
Life on the Mississippi. Boston, 1883. 8vo. 
Orig. leath. (crack at joint; First issue, containing plate, p. 441, 

which was later suppressed). H(358)$n.oo. 
Cl. (First issue). I(42?)$2i.oo. 

Mark Twain's Autobiography. Intro, by A. B. Paine. Por- 
traits. N. Y., 1924. 2 vols., Svo. 
Cl., unc. F(s6)$n.oo. 
Hf. mor. J(66)$i2.oo., g.t, unc. M(87)$7.50. 
Mor., gt, R(8s)$i5.oo. 
Mark Twain's Library of Humor. Illus by . W. Kemble. 

N. Y., 1888. Svo. 
Orig. cl. H(36o)$n.oo. 
The Mysterious Stranger. Illus. by N. C Wyeth. N. Y., 

1916. Svo. 

Orig. cl. (laid in are autographed card and envelope). T(43)$ 
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc. N. Y., 1896. Svo. H(365)$22.oo. 
CL I(43o)$26.oo. EF(266)$i3.25- oo 

The Prince and the Pauper. Montreal, 1881. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. H(3S6)$io.oo. 

The Prince and the Pauper. Boston, 1882. Sq. Svo. 
Hf.mor. (Thomas Bailey Aldrich copy). H(357)$i3-oo. 
Punch, Brothers, Punch! and other Sketches. N. Y., 1878. 

Orig. paper (Second issue, with enlarged advertisement on back 

cover including letter not appearing in smaller advertise- 


CLEMENS (S. L.)-Continued 

ment of First issue). H(354)$p.oo. 

Mor. (First issue, with "Mark Twain'* on title in Roman capital 
letters, inner margin of this title is extended in bndg.; also 
Second issue, with "Mark Twain" in script, orig. paper, to- 
gether 2VOls.)- O(20O)$22.50. 

Roughing It. Hartford, etc., 1872. 8vo. 

Mor., g.t. (orig. covers bnd. in). M(8i)$i25O. 

Some Funny Things. ... By the Detroit Free Press Man 

. . . and a Number of other Funny Men. [Contribution, 
"Starting a Paper," contains letter by Clemens.] N. Y., 

1880. I2H10. 

Ong. paper. H (35S)$8.00. 

The Stolen White Elephant. Boston, 1882 i2mo. 

Hf. cf., in hf. mor. case (Eugene Field copy, with his signature 
on fly-leaf and an authentication by Eugene Field II, orig. 
front cover and backstrip bnd. in). D(54)$Q.oo. 

Tom Sawyer Abroad. Illus. by Dan Beard. N. Y., 1894. 


Orig. cl. H(364)$20.oo. 

The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson And the Comedy Those 

Extraordinary Twins. Portrait and marginal illustrations 
Hartford, 1894. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. SS(754)$n.oo. 

-A Tramp Abroad. Hartford, 1880. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (First issue, with frontis. captioned sim- 
ply "Moses"; laid in is page of orig. MS ). D(53)$45.oo. 

Collected Set of Writings, mainly First Editions. V.p. 1867- 

igio-n.d. i6mo-4to. 

48 vols., orig. bndgs., except for one vol. in hf. mor. (with first 
editions of "My Mark Twain" by Howells, Johnson's Bibli- 
ography, and Paine's Biography, together 51 vols.). GG(3i) 

12 vols., cl. f sheep, and paper (with Johnson's Check List 1920, 
together 13 vols.). LL( 134) $60.00. 

Collection of First and other Editions of his Works. V.p., 

1871-06. 9 vols., v.s. 

V.b. N(i64)$8o.oo. 

Writings. Edition de Luxe. Hartford, 1800-1900. 22 vols, 


Cl , unc. (backs faded and rubbed). I(432)$6o.oo. 

Writings. Preface by Brander Matthews. Autograph Edi- 
tion, Vol. I signed by Clemens Hartford, 1899-1907. 25 vols , 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. (tipped into Vol. I is A. L. S.). 

Writings. Author's Edition de Luxe. Vol. I autographed. 
London, 1899-1907. 25vols.,8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. ZZ(77)$55OXX>. 

Cl., g.t., unc. (Copy No. 15, inscribed to J. Y. W. MacAlister). 

Writings. Hillcrest Edition, with A. N. S. inserted. N. Y., 

I9O6-07. 25 VOls., I2H10. 


CLEMENS (S. L.)-Continued 

Hf. mor., g.t , unc., by Stikeman. DE (393) $85.00. 

Writings. Definitive Edition. Signature on fly-leaf of Vol. I 

N. Y , 1922-23. 35 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor, g.t., unc. K(6i)$6oo.oo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. (A. L. S. in first vol.) ZZ (76) $500.00. 
Complete Works. Mississippi Edition N Y., 1924. 22 vols., 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. R(84)$I500O. 

See also MARTIN (Henri). 

CLEMENS (S. L.) and WARNER (C. D.). The Gilded Age. 

Hartford, 1873. 8vo. 

Ong. cl. (back worn; page MS. in Warner's hand inserted be- 
tween pp. 128 and 129, one in hand of Clemens at its proper 
place between pp. 414 and 415; note signed by John T. Ray- 
mond pasted on fly-leaf; Clemens' copy, with his library sale 
label signed by A. B. Paine). X (265) $410.00. 

CLEMENS (Will M.). A Ken of Kipling: being a Biographical 

Sketch, with an Appreciation; and anecdotes. Portraits. 
N. Y., 1899. 8vo., unc. H(368)$8.oo. 

CLEVELAND (C. D.). A Compendium of American Literature. 

Phila, 1859. Bvo. 
Mor., g.e. (presentation copy, to Mr. Childs). T(44)$i5.oo. 

CLEVELAND (John). Poems. By J. C. With Additions. 

1651. Sm.Svo. 
Lev. mor. (page 51 holed; Hoe copy, with inscription on fly-leaf 

followed by note of Miss Shipman discussing variety of 1651 

editions of this book). X(266)$6soo. 

CLINCH (Bryan J.). California and its Missions: Their History 

to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Maps, portraits and 
plates. San Fran., 1904. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. WW(i32)$22.50. 

CLINTON (De Witt). Remarks on The Proposed Canal, From 

Lake Erie to the Hudson River. By Atticus. 14 pp. N. Y., 
1816. 8vo. 

Unbnd. (Senator Mitchell's name on title, also early inscription 
in ink "Hugh Williamson"). JJ(288)$2i oo 

CLINTON (Sir Henry). Narrative . . . relative to his Conduct 

during part of his Command of the King's Troops in North 
America. Second Edition. London, 1783. 8vo 

Sheep, tooled, g.e. (Earl of Cornwallis copy). DD(;i)$2O.oo. 

Observations on Some Parts of the Answer of Earl Corn- 
wallis to Sir Henry Clinton's Narrative. Folding table; 
[with] Cornwallis (Charles, Earl); reply to Sir Henry Clin- 
ton's Narrative. [Also] Earl Cornwallis's Answer to that 
part of the Narrative of Lieutenant-General Sir H. Clinton 
which relates to the Conduct of Lieutenant-General Earl 


CLINTON (Sir Henry) Continued 

Cornwallis, during the Campaign in North-America in the 

year 1781. Folding table. London, J. Debrett, 1783. 8vo. 
Old hf. cf. (3 vols. in one, errata slip pasted down on last page of 

last work; Lord Walsingham copy, with note in his hand on 

title). DD(262)$io.oo. 


CLUB OF ODD VOLUMES. Littlcfield (G. E.). Early Bos- 
ton Booksellers. 1642-1711. Boston, 1900. 8vo 

Bds. unc. (rubbed, 2 A. L. S. laid in). NN(6o)$35.oo. 

Littlefield (G. E.). The Early Massachusetts Press, 1638- 

1711. Boston, 1907. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. N(i7i)$i4.oo. 

Littlefield (G. E.). Early Schools and School-Books of New 

England. Boston, 1904. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (rubbed). NN(7o)$32.5o 

Present State of the New-England Affairs (The). [Facsi- 
mile.] Boston, 1902. Fol. 

Paper. YY(277)$Q.5O. 

Sutherland (William) and Pope (Richard). Late News of 

the Excursion and Ravages of the King's Troops on the 
nineteenth of April, 1775. Cambridge [by Bruce Rogers,] 
1927. 8vo. 

Bds. F(288)$i300. 

CLUNY (Alexander). The American Traveller. Folding map 

and frontis London, 1769. 4to 
Lev. mo r., tooled, g e., by Zaehnsdorf SS(479)$i35OO 

COALE (C. B.). The Life and Adventures of Wilburn Waters, 

Famous Hunter and Trapper of White Top Mountain. Rich- 
mond, 1878. I2mo. 
Cl. (stained). I(437)$45.oo. 

COATEN (A. W.). British Hunting. Portraits, 2 plates in 

color . London [1909.] 2\ols., fol. 
Cl. I(43&)$20.oo. 

COATES (H. T.). Thomas Coates, Who Removed from Eng- 
land to Pennsylvania, 1683. Phila., Privately Printed, 1897. 

Hf.roan. YY(i4)$9-5O. 

COATES (Mary). Family Memorials and Recollections; or, 

Aunt Mary's Patchwork. Phila , 1885. Sm. 4to. 
Bds. YY(i3)$35.oo. 

COBDEN-SANDBRSON (T. J.). The Arts and Crafts Move- 
ment. Hammersmith Publishing Society, 1005. 8vo. 
Lev.mor., g.e., by Doves Bindery. 00(319)^45.00. 

COCKAINE (Sir Thomas). A Short Treatise of Hunting. Lon- 
don. 1897. 4to. 
Bds. (V. B. Van de Meyer copy). I(439)$i3-O0. 


COCKBURN (John). The Unfortunate Englishmen; or, a 
Faithful Narrative of the Distresses and Adventures of John 
Cockburn and Five Other English Mariners . . . who were 
taken by a Spanish Guarda Costa. Frontis. London, 1773. 

Hf. cf, unc. (rebnd, frontis. mended at margin). SS(758)$8.oo. 

CODDING (Ichabod). A Republican Manual for the Cam- 

^ paign. Princeton, 111 , 1860. I2mo 

Orig. paper, in wrapper and cl. case (name on title, on wrapper, 
and on first leaf). CD(i757)$27.5o. 

CODMAN (Ogden) and WHARTON (Edith). The Decoration 

of Houses. N. Y., 1897. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc M(653)$2o.oo. 

CODY (W. F.). [His] Life. Portrait and numerous illustra- 
tions. Hartford [1879.] 8vo. 

Newel, (some illustrations crudely colored). I(440)$37.oo. 
CI. BB(54)$ 45 .oo. 
Cl. (rubbed). SS(759)$27-50. 

COFFEEN (H. A.). Speeches in the House of Representatives. 

Wash., 1893-95. i2mo. 
Cl (9 pamphlets in one vol.) BB(56)$iooo. 

COFFIN (L. A., jr.). and HOLDEN (A. C.). Brick Architec- 
ture of the Colonial Period in Maryland and Virginia. Over 
loo plates. N. Y., 1919. Imp 8vo. 

Cl. I (442)114.00. 

COFFINBERRY (Andrew). The Forest Rangers. Columbus, 

1842. I2mo. 
Cont. sheep. SS(i33o)$35.oo. 

COGHLAN (Mrs. Margaret). Memoirs. N. Y., 1795. 12 mo. 
Orig. sheep (hinges cracked). R(88)$2O.oo. 

COHEN (Henri). Guide de 1* Amateur de Livres a Gravures du 

XVIIIe Siecle. 2 parts. Paris, 1912. 8vo. 
Paper, unc. (back split). O(2o8)$32.oo. 
Hf.mor., g.t., unc. O(2O9)$44.oo. 

COHN (A. M.). A Bibliographical Catalogue of the Printed 
Works illustrated by George Cruikshank. London, 1914. 8vo 

Cl., unc. I(5JQ}$28.oo. 

George Cruikshank, a Catalogue Raisonne of the work exe- 
cuted during the years 1806-1877 Portrait, facsimiles and 
plates. London, 1924. 4to 

Cl., g.t., unc. (Copy No. 10). LL( 163) $40.00. 

COKE (E. T.). A Subaltern's Furlough: descriptive of scenes 

in various parts of the United States, Upper and Lower Can- 
ada, Folding map. London, 1833. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t. (presentation copy, to Lord Denmore). SS(704) 


COKE (H. J.) A Ride over the Rocky Mountains to Oregon 

and California. Portrait. London, 1852. 
CL, unc. (worn, portrait is proof). I(443)$45.oo. 
Hf. cf. (presentation copy, to A. Stephenson). BB(57)$40.oo. 
Hf. leath. (covers loose). 88(305) $25 .00. 

COLASANTI (Arduino). L'Arte Bisantina in Italia. 100 plates. 

Milano [1923.] Fol. 
Bds. LL(ii3)$25.oo. 

COLBURN (G. L.). Scraps from [his] Log Book, an Account 

of the Whale Fishery, etc. Peoria, 1854. 8vo. 
CL (worn, title repaired). I(444)$ 

COLBY (Charles). Hand-Book of Illinois, accompanying 

Morse's [col., folding.] New Map of the State. N. Y., 1854. 

Cl. SS(ii74)$io.oo. 

COLDEN (Cadwallader). The History of Five Indian Nations 

of Canada which are dependent on the Province of New 
York. Folding map. London, 1755. 2 vol., I2mo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. SS(i378)$i2.50. 

History of the Five Indian Nations Depending on the Pro- 
vince of New- York. Ed. by J. G. Shea. N. Y., 1866. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. SS(76s)$8.oo. 

- History of Five Indian Nations of Canada, etc. Portrait and 
maps. N. Y., 1902. 2vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. W(3i)$7.50. 

- Memoir . . . presented at Celebration of Completion of New 
York Canals. 46 maps and plates. N. Y., 1825. 4to. 

Orig. cf., in orig bd. case. DD(67)$25.oo. 

Cont. cf ., tooled, by Wilson and Nichols (presented by the Cit> 
to Christopher Hughes). SS(9o8)$37.5O. 

COLE (Cornelius). Memoirs. Portrait. N. Y, 1908. Roy.Svo 
Cl., g.t.. unc. (stained). 66(58)552.50. 
Cl. WW(i 3 6)$45.oo. 

COLE (G. L.). In the Early Days Along the Overland Trail in 
Nebraska Territory, in 1852. Portrait. Kansas City [1905] 


Cl. SS(45i)$8.oo. 

COLE (Peter). Cole's War with Ignorance and Deceit, and his 

Lecture on Education, delivered in the St. Cyprian Church, 
Aug. 11, 1857. San Fran., 1857. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in wrapper and hf mor. case (front wrapper of vol 
repaired ) . SS (340) $50.00. 

COLE (Timothy). Old English Masters. N. Y., 1902. Imp 

CL, g.t, unc., in orig. bd. box. J(68)$ii.oo. 

COLE (Timothy) and WOLF (Henry). Wood Engravings 

after the Old Masters. 85 woodcuts, each inlaid to si/c. 
N.p., n.d. Imp. 4to. 


COLE (Timothy) and WOLF (Henry) Con tinned 
Lev. mor , g.e. (laid in is sheet of verses by Cole and in his hand). 

COLERIDGE (S. T.). Condones ad Populum. N p., 1795 


Mor., by Riviere. X(268)$30O.oo 
The Devil's Walk. Ed by H. W. Montagu. Engravings on 

wood by Bonner and Slader, after R. Cruikshank. London 

[ 1830 J unio. 
Ong paper. X (278) $5000. 

The Fall of Robespierre. An Historic Drama. Cambridge, 

Flower, 1794. 8vo. 
Lev. mor, tooled, by Sangorski (lacks end advertisement). X(2o 


The Friend. Conducted by S. T. Coleridge. [Penrith, J. 

Brown,] 1809-10. 8vp. 

Bds. (28 orig. nos. bnd. in one vol , marginal tear in one leaf and 
corner torn from one leaf; complete set made up from orig. 
nos as sent to subscribers, with government stamps on 
margins, including extra no , "Irus," and 2 copies of first 
no , one being a corrected reprint of the other; occasional 
marginal noiei in pencil by a former owner, and a note 
on fly-leal John Peace copy). X(27i)$6oo.oa 

Letters, Conversations and Recollections. Ed. by Thomas 

Allsop. London, 1864. I2mo. 

Orig cl , unc., in hf. mor. case (inscribed by Editor to C. Voysey, 
laid in is A. L. of Charles Lamb to Editor). Z (819) $370.00. 

Poems on Various Subjects. London, 1796. I2mo. 

Lev. mor , tooled, g.e., by Riviere, in lev. mor. case (presentation 
copy, with signature of recipient, Thomas Poole, on half- 
title; inserted is A. L. S. presenting the vol. to him). X(26"9) 

Poems. London [1798.] 8vp. 

Paper, in lev. mor. case by Wallis (titles of the poems have been 
inscribed in MS. on front wrapper). X (270) $1,700.00. 

Poems. Third Edition. London, 1803. I2mo. 

Cf., unc., by Pratt (Locker-Bell copy). N(i73)$i5-O0. 

Poetical Works. London, 1840. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Cf , g.t., unc. HH(i8i)$30.oo. 

Prospectus of a Course of Lectures. 2-leaf folder. [Lon- 
don, 1818.] 4to. 

In lev. mor., tooled, folding case (leaflet repaired in fold; with 
ticket of admission to the lectures and A. L. S. of Charles 
Lamb). X (277) $900.00. 

Remorse. A Tragedy in Five Acts. London, 1813. 8vo. 

Lev mor., unc. (inscribed by Charles Lamb to Miss John, later 
W. H. Hagen copy). X (272) $1,850.00. 

Mor, by Riviere (occasional stains hi text; presentation copy, 
with 2 inscriptions, to Edward Coleridge, later inscribed by 
latter to Dean Farrar; inserted is letter of E. Coleridge to 
Dean Farrar). X( 273) $900.00. 


COLERIDGE (S. T.) Continued 

-Sibylline Leaves. London, 1817. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc., in hf. mor. case (rebacked, name on title and on 
half-title). X(275)$375.oo. 

The Statesman's Manual; or, the Bible and Best Guide to 

Political Skill and Foresight. London, 1816. 8vo. 

Mor , unc , by Wallis (orig. wrappers and advertisements bnd. 
in; presentation copy, inscribed on fly-leaf, also on title, to 
W. Hood; marginal corrections on 38 pp , those on pp. v and 
xlv apparently in author's hand) X(274)$675Op. 

Oldcf., in hf. mor. case (hinges cracked; presentation copy, to 
Charles Lamb; first part of vol. annotated by a former own- 
er, but not by Coleridge or Lamb; a pencil note inside front 
cover states that this copy is from the coll. of J. Dykes 
Campbell; bnd. in are an additional Lay Sermon dated Lon- 
don, 1817, and the Third Edition of "Christobel" dated Lon- 
don, 1816). Z(8i8)$i25.oo. 

Zapoiya. London, 1817. 8vo. 

Cf., g.t., unc., by Riviere (orig. advertisements bnd. in). Mfel) 

Orig. paper, unc., in hf. mor. case (name on half-title; W. H. 
Hagen bookplate). X( 276) $200.00. 

Collected Set of Works. London, Pickering, 1839-53. 20 vols., 

Mor., g.t., by Root. ZZ(8o)$70.oo. 

COLESON (Ann). Narrative of Her Captivity among the 

Sioux Indians! Plates. Phila., n.d. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. WW(2O5) $30.00. 


mens de Guerre et de Batimens Marchands qui Naviguent 
sur rOcean en dans la Mediterranee. Accompagnee d'un 
Text Explicatif. 72 plates by Baugean. Paris, 1814. Obi. 4to. 
Bds. (rubbed, pp. stained). WW(4ii)$42.5O. 

COLLES (Christopher). A Survey of the Roads of the United 

States of America. Title and 83 plates by Cornelius Tiebout. 
N. Y., 1789. Sm, 4to. 

Orig. bds., maps loosely laid in as issued, and orig. tie-strings, in 
mor. case. DD (<58) $825.00. 

COLLIER (Jeremy). A Short View of the Immorality, and 

Profaneness of the English Stage. London, 1698. 8vo. 
Cf. (worn, joints loose). R(oo)$io.oo. 

COLLIER (John). The Passions, humorously delinated. 26 

col. plates. London, 1810. 4to. 
Cf., g.t., unc., in case. A(7o)$75.oo. 
-Tim Bobbin's Lancashire Dialect and Poems. 6 etchings, 4 

by G., 2 by R. Cruikshank. London, 1828. I2mo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. A(378)$i3.oo. 

COLLIER (J. P.). Punch and Judy. See CRUIKSHANK 

(George). India proof illustrations for same. 


COLLIER (John Payne). Shakespeare's Library. London, n.d. 

2 vols., 8vo. 
Cf. (rubbed). KK(26)$ 

COLLIGNON (Maxine). Histoire de la Sculpture Grecque. 

Paris, 1892-97. 2 vols., imp. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., gt. (covers loose). HH(i82)$9.oo. 

COLLINS (Dennis). The Indians' Last Fight, or the Dull Knife 
Raid. Portraits. [Girard, Kansas, privately printed, about 
1914.] 8vo. 

Cl. (A. N S. by Gen. H. M. Creel on fly-leaf). I (445) $140.00. 

COLLINS (J. C.). Illustrations of Tennyson. London, 1891. 

CL, unc., in cl. case (penciled marginal notes by Swinburne and 

by Watts-Dunton, Contents leaf and front end-paper torn 

out). Z(i275)$i5.oo. 

COLLINS (J. S.). Across the Plains in '64. Omaha, 1904. I2mo. 
Cl. (one cover stained, A. L. S. inserted). D(59)$34.oo 
Cl. (includes, in same vol., Part II: "Stories of the Plains," copy- 
righted in 1911). BB(59)$4O.oo. 

COLLINS (Lewis). Historical Sketches of Kentucky. Folding 

map. Cincinnati, 1847. Roy.Svo. 
Cont. sheep (rubbed). CD (1693) $8.00. 

COLLINS (Wilkie). The Fallen Leaves. London, 1879. 3 vols., 
1 2 mo. 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy, to Mrs. G. W Childs). T(46)$8soo. 

The Frozen Deep. [London, not published,] 1866. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and mor. case. UU(i55)$9OOO. 

No Name: A Drama, in Four Acts. (Altered from the Novel 

for Performance on the Stage ) Printed on one side of leaf 
only. London, Published by the Author, 1870 I2mo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. case (laid in is A. L. S ). X(283)$25.oo. 

COLLOT (G. H. V.). A Journey in North America. Atlas of 
36 maps, plans and views Firenze and Pans, 1924-26. 3 
vols., 2 roy. 8vo., Atlas fol. 

Hf. mor. I (446)$27.50. 

COLONNA (Francesco). Poliphili Hypnerotomachia. Lon- 
don, 1904. v Fpl. 

Bds , unc. (laid in are the 2 suppressed leaves containing the 
Priapian illustrations). HH(i83)$i8oo. 

The Strife of Love in a Dream. A New Edition by Andrew 

Lang. London, 1890. Roy.Svo. 

Hf.mor., tooled, unc. (Large paper). I(45o)$i2.oo. 

COLORADO. Official Information. Colorado. A statement of 
Facts prepared and published by authority of the Territorial 
Board of Immigration. Denver, Col., 1872. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. SS(772)$I2 50. 

Southern Colorado. Canon City: By Binckley & Hartwell, 
1879. 8vo. 

Orig. bds. (rubbed). SS (775) $22.00. 


COLTON (W.). Three Years in California. N. Y., 1850. 121110. 
Ong. cl. (rubbed). 88(293) $10.00. 

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL. Sept. 14, Wi-Aug. 8, 1792. Bes- 

ton, 1791-92. Fol. 
Hf cf. (2 nos. lacking, clippings made from others). FG(2i2) 

Columbian Centinel. Nos 2707-2787, March i4~Dec 26, 1810 

Boston, iSTO, Fol. 
Oldbndg. (4 nos. missing, few mutilated). FG (220) $18.00. 

COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE. For Sept, 1786, and Jan.-Feb., 

1787. Folding and other plates, including engraved plates of 
the Arms of the United States, by Tranchard. Phila , 1887. 
2 vols., 8vo. 
LJnbnd. EE(73)$ii.oo. 

COMBE (William). The Dance of Life. Title, frontis., and 24 
aquatints in color by Rowlandson London, 1817. 8vo. 

Cont. bds., unc. f in hf. mor. case (rebacked, writing on fly-leaf, 
few plates, apparently, inserted from smaller copies). BC(^5) 

English Dance of Death. Title, frontis., and 72 aquatints in 

color by Rowlandson. London, 1815. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Mor., by Bayntun. J(73)$i20.oo 

Ong. cl., g.t., unc., in mor. case (C. Cockburn copy). BC(24) 

Mor., g.t., by Riviere (edges scraped; with "Dance of Life." 1817, 
together 3 vols.). ZZ (283) $300.00. 

History of Johnny Quae Genus. 24 col. plates by Rowland- 
son. London, 1822. 8vo. 

CL, unc. A(74)$70.oo. 

Ong. bds., unc., in cl. case (E. H. Hill copy). L( 1576) $33000. 

Cf., tooled, gt., by F. Bedford. W(5i)$8ooo. 

Cl., unc. (recased). ZZ(284)$50.oo. 

Journal of Sentimental Travels. 18 col. aquatints after Row- 
landson. London, 1821. Roy. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc., in mor. case (off-sets from plates, E. Huth copy) 

Life of Napoleon. 30 plates in colors by G. Cruikshank. Lon- 
don, 1815. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Lloyd (tears in 2 plates; 2 margins strength- 
ened; 12 tears on v. sheets repaired). R(Q4)$55.oo. 

Orig. bds., unc , in mor. case. T(55)$525oo. 

Orig. bds., unc., in cl. case (back frayed and partly broken). 

Lev. mor., inlaid with col. miniature of Napoleon and one of 
Josephine, by Bayntun, in cl case. ZZ( 102) $45000. 

Orig. bds., unc., in mor. case (covers worn and rebacked, several 
words in text erased). BC (23) $155.00. 

Life of Napoleon. 30 col. plates J>y G. Cruikshank. Lon- 
don, 1817. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere (outer margin of plate 2 extended). 

Cf., g.e. W(39)$6 7 .oo. 


COMBE (William) Continued 

Poetical Sketches of Scarborough. 21 col. plates by Row- 

landson after J. Green. London, 1813. 8vo. 

Cf., g.e., by Riviere. L(i578)$35.oo. 

Poetical Sketches of Scarborough in 1813. 21 plates col. by 

hand. Driffield, 1893. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. A(88)$i2.oo. 

[The Three Tours of Doctor Syntax.] Col. plates by Row- 

landson First Editions. London, Ackermann, i8i2-2o[-2i.] 
3 vols., 8vo. 

Cf., g.e , by Riviere (Second Tour is a later issue, with plate 
"With the Skimmington Riders" bearing this, the corrected 
legend; publisher's line in engraved title of first vol. has 
been partly trimmed away). L( 1574) $220.00. 

Orig. bds , unc. [First] "Tour" is eighth edition, "Second Tour" is 
second edition). W(47)$i6ooo. 

Orig. bds., unc., in cl case (backs worn and loose; [First] "Tour" 
is eighth edition, "Second Tour" is second edition). ZZ(iO4) 

Cf., g.e., by Riviere (worn at joints; [First] "Tour" is third edi- 
tion, "Second Tour" is second edition). R(328)$8o.oo. 

Three Tours of Doctor Syntax. Col. plates by Rowlandson 

Third edition London, n d. 3 vols , roy. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.e., unc, by A. Grieve. A(75)$38.oo 

[Three Tours of Doctor Syntax.] 79 col. plates after Row- 
landson. London, 1823. 3 vols , I2mo 

Orig. bds, unc, in case A(Q5)$70.oo. 

Orig bds, unc. (recased). ZZ(28s)$4000. 

Three Tours of Doctor Syntax. 80 col. plates by Rowland- 
son. London, 1855. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Mor., ge, by Birdsall PP(i74)$45 oo. 

Lev. mor, srt, unc ZZ (286) $65.00 

Three Tours of Doctor Syntax.- 80 col. plates by Rowland- 
son. Ninth edition. London, n.d. 3 vols , 8vo. J(oo)$4200. 

Three Tours of Doctor Syntax. Col plates by Rowlandson. 

Early editions London, n d. 3 vols., 8vo 

Unc. (shaken, backs faded and worn). LL(63i)$iS.oo. 

Attributed To Combe But Not By Him 

Doctor Syntax in Paris. 18 col. plates by C. Williams. Lon- 
don, 1820. 8vo. 

Ley. mor, by Root. 1(452)510500 

Orig. bds., unc. (rebacked). W(45)$i2i oo. 

History of Madeira. 27 col. engravings London, 1821. Roy. 


Hf cf , g c gauffered (rubbed, name inside front cover). 1(463) 

Tour of Doctor Prosody. Frontis. by G Cruikshank, and 19 

plates by Williams and Read, all in colors. London, 1821. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere. R(95)$iio.oo. 


COMBE (William) Continued 

Tour of Doctor Syntax through London. 20 col. plates. Lon- 
don, 1820 8vo. 

Cf., g.e., by Riviere (some pp. stained). I(45i)$65.oo. 
Orig. bds., unc. J(76)$2o.oo. 
Lev. mor., ge, by Bayntun. W (46) $64,00. 

COMBE (William) and PYNE (W. H,). History of the Col- 
leges of Winchester, Eton, and Westminster. 48 col. aqua- 
tint plates after Westall, Mackenzie, and others. London, 
Ackermann, 1816. 4to. 

12 orig. parts, unc., in cl. case (Large paper; View of the Char- 
ter-House is in 2 states, making 49 plates; case is torn). 

COMETTANT (Oscar). Voyage Pittoresque et Anecdotique 

dans le Nord et le Sud des Etats-Unis d'Amerique. 22 en- 
gravings including 4 in color Paris, 1866. 8vo. (rubbed, pp. stained). VV(36)$i8.oo. 


COMPANY OF THE WEST. Met Groote Tafereel der 

Dwaasheid Plates, which with the text, are in fine condi- 
tion including sheet of 54 playing cards, maps, and plans, 
some mounted. [Amsterdam, onder de Linden,] 1720. Fol. 

Vel (80 plates). WW(si8)$i25o. 

Cf , unc (about 75 plates). CD (2702) $27.50. 

COMSTOCK (William). A Voyage to the Pacific, descriptive 
of Customs . . on Board Nantucket Whale Ships. 72 pp. 
Boston, 1838 i6mo. 

Unbnd. EF(23o)$i i.oo. 

CONDICT (Lewis). Inaugural Dissertation on the Effects of 

Contagion upon the Human Body. Phila., 1794. 8vo. 
Unbnd. (inscribed to S. L. Mitchell). JJ(342)$2i oo. 

CONFEDERATE STATES. Constitution of the Confederate 
States of America, adopted March II, 1861. [Richmond, 
1861.] 8vo. 

Unbnd 88(694) $17.00. 

Rights of the South Defended in the Pulpits. By B. M. Pal- 
mer, D D., and W. T. Leacock, D.D., of New Orleans. Mo- 
bile, 1860 8vo. 

Orig paper. H(i48)$7-50. 



unto by Elders and Messengers of Churches Assembled at 
Boston, May 12, 1680; [Also] Platform of Church Discipline 
Agreed upon by Elders and Messengers of Churches As- 
sembled in the Synod at Cambridge . . . 1649. Pagination 
individual, signatures continuous. Boston, Foster, 1680. 
Sm. 8vo 
Orig,cf. (2 works in one vol). TT (55) $425.00, 



CONGRESS. Abridgement of the Debates of Congress, 1789 to 
1856 ... by the Author of the Thirty Years' View [Thomas 
Hart Benton.] N. Y., 1857-61. 16 vols , 8vo. 

Hf.mor. (rubbed). WW(i38A)$ (rubbed). DE(9)$i4.oo. 

[Broadside.] An Act for the Government and Regulation 

of Seamen in the Merchants Service. [N Y., 1790] Fol. 

(Piece torn from lower corner). VV (213) $23.00 

[Broadside.] Address to the Inhabitants of the United 

States of America . . . [urging perseverance in the War] . . . 
In Congress, May 9, 1778. Hartford, Watson & Gordon 
[1778.] Fol. 

Unc. Y (17)$! 15 oo. 

Another copy. WW(34)$i30OO. 

Address and Recommendations to the States by the United 

States in Congress assembled. Folding table. Hartford, 
1783. Sm. 4to. 

Sewed TT(3)$2250. 

Democratic Speeches. 1844; Whig Speeches. 1844; Speeches. 

1847-1848. Wash , 1844-48 3 vols , 8vo. 

Mor., ge. CD (2522) $22.00. 

Extracts ... of the American Continental Congress . . . 5th 

of Sept., 1774, [also] Journal of the . . Congress held . . 
May 10, 1775 London, 1774-75. 2 vols , 8vo. 

Unbnd. (2d title holed). WW(i4i)$ii on. 

Journal of Proceedings of the Congress held at Philadelphia, 

Sept. 5, 1774 Phila , Wm. and Thos Bradford, 1774 I2mo. 

Orig. cf. (last 30 pp holed in margin) G(7i)$i8.oo 

Orig cf. (cracking, signed by Chas Thompson, Sec ; J. Penwick 
copy) S(ios) $4200 

Journal of Proceedings of Congress . . . Phila., Sept. 5, 1774 

. . . To which is added (Being now first printed by authority) 
An Authentic Copy of the Petition to the King London, 
I775- 8vo. 

Newbds., unc. SS(78i)$8.oo. 

Mor, g.t, unc WW(i42)$i500 

Journals of ... Proceedings Jan. i, 1776- Jan .1, 1777. Vol. 2 

York-Town, Pa., Dunlap, 1778. 8vo. 

Grig, bds, unc (worn, hinges weak, back missing, Edward Ship- 
pen copy). SS(783)$i5-00- 

Journals. March 3i-Apnl 10, 1770 inclusive; [Also] April 12- 

17; April 24-May 3j May i-io; May 10-15 Phila., Claypoole 
[1779.] 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc., by Club Bindery. (5 vols in one, orig wrap- 
pers bnd. in). DD(69)$i2.50. 

CONGREVE (William). Love for Love. London, Tonson, 

1695. Sm. 4to. 
Cf., g.e (Margins trimmed). V(2i8)$8o.oo. 

A Phidarique Ode. London, Tonson, 1706. Roy. fol. 

Hf.mor., unc. X(28s)$55.oo. 


CONGREVE (William) Continued 

Works. Portrait and 5 plates. Birmingham, Baskerville, 

1761. 3vols., 8vo. 
Cf, g.e. KK(27) $55-00. 

CONNECTICUT. Acts and Laws made at New Haven the sec- 

ond Thursday of October, 1786. Pp. 347-350. New Haven, 
Green [1786?] Fol. 
(Writing on first and last leaves). Y(37)$ 

- Acts and Laws made at Hartford second Thursday of May, 
1787. Pp. 351-354. New Haven, Green, 1787. Fol. 


- Acts and Laws made at Hartford on the second Thursday 
of May, 1788. Pp. 359-366. New Haven, 1788. Fol. 


- [Broadside.] At a General Assembly of the Governor and 
Company of His Majesty's English Colony of Conn. . . . 
holden at Hartford, 2d Thursday of May . . . 1763. On 
the Memorial of the Rev'd Mr. Eleazar Wheelock, repre- 
senting, 'That for some Years past, he had had under his 
Care and Tuition, several Youths of the distant Indian Tribes, 
at present increased to more than Twenty in Number, with 
a View to their being . . . fitted for Missionaries . . ." This 
Assembly do thereupon Grant and Order a Brief . . ., recom- 
mending it to all our Inhabitants, ... to contribute to such 
pious and important Purpose. New London, T. Green, [1763 ] 
Sm. fol. 

- [Broadside.] State of Connecticut By the Captain-Gen- 

eral and Commander-m-Chief The General Assembly, at 
the session in May last, passed "An Act for forming, regu- 
lating and constructing the military force of this State." N.p , 
25th day of July, 1782. Fol. 


Another copy. WW(35)$ioo.oo. 

CONNECTICUT COURANT (The). Oct 27, i8oo-Nov. 8, 

1802. Hartford, 1800-02. Fol. 
(10 nos. lacking). FG(2i5)$33-00. 

CONNECTICUT LAND CLAIMS. Important Statement of 
Facts, relative to Invalidity of Pretensions formerly made 
upon Pennsylvania Lands, by Unincorporated Companies of 
Connecticut Claimants, and by those who claimed under 
those companies, in a letter from the secretary of the Land- 
Office, to the Pennsylvania Commissioners, intended to 
evince the Liberality of the Government and Landholders of 
Pennsylvania, in the Act of the 4th of April, 1779, and the 
Releases of 120 to 180,000 Acres under the same. Pamphlet 


- See also PATERSON (William). 

CONNOISSEUR (The). Sept., iooi-May, 1922. With indexes 
1901-1009, covering first 24 vols. London, 1901-22. 64 vols., 


CONNOISSEUR (The) Continued 
Cl. A(96)$26oo. 

The Connoisseur. Vols. I-X, inclusive. Plates, many in 

color. London, 1903-04. lovols., 4to. 
Hf mor. LL(i4o)$i7.50. 

CONNOISSEUR'S LIBRARY (The). Ed. by Cyril Daven- 
port. Illustrations, many in color. London, ioo3-i2-n.d. Imp. 

15 vols. I(466)$8s.oo. 

8 vols , cl. HH (184) $45 .00. 

CONQUE (La). March, April, June, 1891. Paris, 1891. 3 vols., 

Grig paper (first page inscribed by Pierre Louys to Oscar 

Wilde). O(749)$22.oo. 

CONRAD (H. L.). "Uncle Dick" Wooton. Portraits. Chic., 

1890. 8vo. 
Cl. I( 4 65)$3850. 
Orig cl. (inscribed). CD (3035) $47 50. 

CONRAD (Joseph). Almayer's Folly. London, 1896. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t , unc. (covers stained, inscribed to Elsie M. Hueffer). 
M (93) $65 oo. 

Arrow of Gold. London [1919] I2mo. 

Cl. I(474)$20.oo. 

Orig. cl. LL(i43)$i5.oo. 

Chance. First edition, Second issue, with pasted in title 
bearing date, "1914" on verso. London [1914.] I2mo. 

Cl (shaken). I(47i)$900. 

Cl., unc. ("Presentation Copy" stenciled on imprint, notes in 
hand of E. Garnett on last advertisement leaf and on front 
and on back fly-leaf). M(i27)$3O.oo. 

Orig. cl. (title stamped "Presentation Copy"). XX(268)$ 

Life and Letters. See JEAN-AUBREY (George). 

Lord Jim. Edinburgh, 1900. I2mo. 

Cl , unc. (soiled, some pp. stained). I(468)$i7.5o 

Orig. cl., unc. (inscribed to E. M. Hueffer). M(i03)$40.oo. 

Proof sheets for library edition of "Lord Jim." London, n.d. 


Cf , gt , unc , by Riviere (corrections throughout, in hand of au- 
thor and in* that of proofreader). A (372) $255.00. 

Mirror of the Sea. London [1906] I2mo. 

Orig cl., g.t., unc. (inscribed to Elsie Hueffer). M(ii7)$i90OO. 

Nigger of the "Narcissus". London, 1898 I2mo . 

Slate-col cl., unc. (publisher's name on back in letters of uni- 
form size). I(467)$62.50. 

Orig slate-col, cl., unc. (name of publisher at foot of backstrip 
in small capitals). M(IOI) $290.00. 

Nigger of the "Narcissus." Preface, 8pp. [Hythe, 1902.] 


Sewed. M(no)$40OO. 

Sewed, in cl. folder and case. ZZ( 105) $50.00. 

Nostromo. London and N. Y., 1904. I2mo. 


CONRAD (Joseph) Continued 

Cl., in hf mor case (fly-leaf autographed). I(47o)$i05.oo. 

Orig. cl (inscribed to F. and E. Htteffer). M (115) $240.00. 

Notes on Life and Letters. First Published Edition. Lon- 
don and Toronto, 1921. 8vo. 

Orig cl (First issue, with "S" and "a" missing from word "Sea" 
in Contents, p. xi; signature of E. Garnett on half-title and 
notes in his hand on end leaf). M(i2Q)$3OOO. 

Notes on My Books. Signed. London, 1921. 

Bds, unc XX (277)512.50. 

One Day More. In "English Review" for August 1913 ] 

London, 1913. 8vo. 

Orig. .paper, in hf. mor. case (Quinn copy). X(293)$25.oo. 

-One Day More. [London, Beaumont Press, 1919.] 8vo. 

Orig. bds , vel. back, unc. (Japan paper, signed; Quinn copy). 
X( 294) $100.00. 

Orig. bds , buckram back, unc. (Quinn copy) X(295)$io.oo. 

An Outcast of the Islands. London, 1896. I2mo. 

Orig cl , unc. (covers stained, inscribed to E. M. Hueffer). 

Orig cl., g.t., unc. XX (262) $35.00. 

The Point of Honor. Illus. in color by Dan Sayre Groesbetk. 

N Y., McClure, 1908. I2mo. 

Orig cl. (inscribed to E. M Hueffer). M(ui)$30oo. 

The Rover. Portrait by Muirhead Bone. Signed Garden 

City, 1923. 8vo. 

Vel, gt, unc. O(2ii)$32.5o. 

The Secret Agent. A Simple Tale. London, [1907.] umo 

Orig. cl., unc. (inscribed to E. Hueffer). M(n8) $230.00. 

The Secret Agent. A Drama in Three Acts. Portrait 

Signed. London, Privately Printed, 1923 8vo. 

Bds., unc. LL(i45)$i2.50. 

Another copy. XX(28o)$i5.oo. 

A Set of Six. First Edition. Second issue, with reverse of 

half-title having correct arrangement of the list of Conrad's 
works, to distinguish between those of his sole authorship 
and those of co-authorship London [1918 ] I2mo 

Orig. cl , unc. (inscribed to Elsie Hueffer). M( 120) $170.00. 

Orig cl , unc. (covers stained). LL( 142) $40.00. 

The Shadow-Line. London and Toronto ^917.] I2ino 

Cl., unc. (shaken). OO(43)$io.oo. 

Cl. XX(273)$9.oo. 

The Sisters. Intro by F M. Ford. N. Y., 1928. I2nio. 

Bds., unc. LL(i47)$7-50. 

--Some Reminiscences. London, 1912. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (inscribed to Elsie Hueffer). M(i26)$i7O,oo. 

Cl., unc. XX(265)$20.oo. 

Suspense. Large paper. Garden City, 1925. 8vo. 

VeL, gt., unc. PP(57)$io.oo. 

Tales of Unrest. London, 1898. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. (inscribed to E. M. Hueffer). M( 102) $240.00. 

-Twixt Land & Sea. London, 1912. 12010. 


CONRAD (Joseph) Continued 

Orig. cl of 3d bndg. with "Freya of the Seven" [not "Secret"] 

"Isles" correctly printed on cover. XX (267) $10.00. 

Typhoon. Illus. by M. Greiffenhagen. N. Y., 1902. I2mo. XX(26 3 )$25.oo. 

Typhoon and Other Stories. London, 1903. I2mo., unc. (inscribed to E. Hueffer). M(ii4)$io5oo. 

Cl (shaken). OO (40) $19.00. XX(204)$i250. 

Under Western eyes. London [1911.] i2mo. (faded, inscribed to Elsie Hueffer). M( 125) $120.00. 

Cl. (Publisher's Presentation Copy, with stamp on title). OO(4i) 


-Victory. London [1915.] I2mo. 
Cl. I (472) $20 oo. 
Another copy. XX (269) $10.00. 
Another copy. XX(27o)$7.50. 

Youth. Edinburgh, 1902. i2mo 

Cl. (shaken). I (469^30 oo. 

Proof sheets of 4 pamphlets privately printed in editions of 

25 copies each* The Shock of War, To Poland in War-Time , 

The North Sea on the Eve of War, My Return to Cracow 

fLondon, 1919.] 
(Each pamphlet numbered, the first dated with note; last leaf 

initialed, by Conrad, textual corrections throughout). 


Works. Garden City, 1920, etc. 8vo. 

Bds , unc. (Sun-Dial Edition. Vol. I signed; 24 vols , including 

"Life and Letters" by Jean Aubry, 2 vols). O(2io)$205 oo. 
Hf. lev. mor., tooled, gt, unc. (Memorial Edition, 23 vols.). 


Lev mor , tooled, g t , unc. (Memorial Edition, 21 vols., Vol. I 

signed) ZZ(io6)$375 oo. 
Proof sheets for library editions of v. works. Corrections 

throughout in Conrad's hand and in that of proofreader 

London, 1921. 8vo. 

The Rescue, cf., g.t , unc, by Riviere A (370) $25 5.00. 
The Shadow-Line, cf., gt, unc, by Riviere. A (369^255 oo. 
Within the Tides, cf , gt , unc., by Riviere A(37i)$255 oo. 
Youth, cf, g.t., unc, by Rhiere, A(368)$255oo 
Works. With Notes on Life and Letters. Signed. London 

[ 1921-27.] 20 vols , 8vo. 
Lev mor., g.t , unc. K(74)$Soo.oo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t, unc. R(96)$275 oo 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. CC (27) $625.00. 

CONSTANT. Memoirs. Trans by P. Pinkerton. Portraits. 

London, 1896. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc. J(96)$2i.oo. 

CONSTITUTION. Staatsgesetze der dreyzehn vereinigten 

amerikanischen Staaten. Dessau, 1785. I2mo. 
Orig.bds. Y(8)$9-50. 



Plan of the New Constitution for the United States of Amer- 
ica, agreed upon in a Convention of the States. London, 1787. 

Unbnd. SS (79o)$io.oo. 


1829; [Also] Constitution of Cuahuila and Texas. 1829. Chil- 
licothe, 1829. 
Paper, in hf. mor case. (2 vols in one) CD (2760) $40000 


ent States of America, etc. Phila., F. Bailey, 1781. I2mo. 
Cont. cf. SS(795)$23-00. 
Old sheep (rubbed). WW(i4o)$75o. 


18. 8 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Mor, g.t. LL(429)$4250. 

CONVERSE (C. A.). Some Ancestors and Descendants of 

Samuel Converse, Jr. Charts. Boston, 1905. 2 vols., 4to. 
CL, unc. Q(342)$8.50. 

CONWAY (W. M.). Climbing and Explorations in the Kar- 

koram-Himalayas. 300 illustrations and maps, 2 vols ; aKo 
3 large folding maps, atlas folio and folio in a buckram slip 
case. Signed London, 1894. 3 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Cl, unc. I(48i)$i6.oo. 

CL, g.t, unc. O(2i3)$20.oo. 

CONWELL (R H.). Acres of Diamonds. Phila , 1800 8vo 
Cf. (inscribed to G. W. Childs, laid in is A. L. S.). T(52)$3250 

COOK (Charles). The Dandie Dinmont Terrier. Illus. by W 

Hole. Edinburgh, 1885. Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., unc. I(483)$iooo. 

COOK (Charles). The Dandie Dinmont Terrier. Illus. by W. 

COOK (D. B.). Six Months Among the Indians, Wolves and 
other Wild Animals in the Forests of Michigan in the winter 
of 1839 and 1840. Plates. Niles, Mich., 1889. I2mo. 

Ong. bds. (rebacked). WW( 144) $15.00. 

COOK (D. J.). Hands Up; or, Thirty-five Years of Detective 

Life. Comp by J. W.Cook. Portraits. Denver, 1897. 8vo. 
Cl. (shaken). BB(6i)$22.5o. 
Cl. BB(62)$i250. 
Cl. W\V(i45)$io.oo. 

COOK (F. J.). Home Sketches of Essex County. First Number. 

Ticonderoga, etc. Keeseville, N. Y., 1858. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., unc. (proof copy, with corrections, note from G. H 
Cook on fly-leaf). WW(ssi)$i8oo. 


COOK (Captain James). Voyages. Set of First Editions, com- 
prising Account of Voyages for making Discoveries in the 
Soutlicin Hemisphere by Byron, Walhs, Carteret and Cook- 
By John Hawkesworth 52 maps and plates 3 vols 1773, 
A Voyage towards the South Pole and Round the World 
By Cook Portrait and 63 maps and plates. 2 vols 1777; 
and A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean. By Cook Portrait 
and 87 maps and plates 3 vols and atlas 1784 London, 
1773-84 9 vols , 4to and fol 

Orig. cf (rebacked), atlas hf. cf. ("Voyage towards the South 
Pole, etc." is Fourth edition. 1784). I(48s)$i30.oo. 

Hf cf (first work lacks one plate). NN(29)$iiooo. 

COOK (John R.). The Border and the Buffalo, an Untold Story 

of the Southwest Plains. Portrait. Topeka, 1907. 8vo. 
Cl. I (486) $9.00. 

COOK (Sir Theodore). Twenty-five Great Houses of France. 

Intro, by W. H. Ward. Plates. London, n d. Fol. 
Hf mor., g.t. (rubbed). DE(394)$8.oo. 

COOKE (P. St. G.). The Conquest of California and New Mex- 
ico Folding map. N. Y., 1878. 121110. 
Cl. WW(i48)$i9.oo. 

Scenes and Adventures in the Army. Phila., 1859. I2mo. 

CL B 8(64) $27.50. 

Cl WW(i47)$i7-50 

Orig. cl (front joint weak, one signature loose). CD(299o)$2i oo 

COOLIDGE (Calvin). Have Faith in Massachusetts- Portrait. 

Boston, 1919. I2ino 
Cl. (inscribed to G E. Thompson). M(i32)$i2.5o. 

COOMARASWAMY (A. K.). Buddha and the Gospel of Bud- 
dhism Illustrations, some in color. London, 1916. Roy. 8vo 

Cl , ff.t , unc. (with "Myths of the Hindus and Buddhists" by 
Sister Nivedita [Margaret E. Noble] and Coomaraswamy 
(A K ). N Y., 1914, together 2 vols ) HH(i8s)$i2OO 

Rajput Painting. 72 plates, some in color. London, 1916. 

2 vols., fol. 

Cl, unc. HH(i86)$65QO. 

COOMBE (Thomas). A Sermon, Preached . . Philadelphia 
. July 20, 1775 Being the Day recommended by the Hon- 
orable Continental Congress for a General Fast thorughout 
the Twelve United Colonies of North America. Phila., 1775 

Unbnd. WW(29)$i500. 

COOPER (A.). See GOSDEN (Thomas). 

COOPER (J. F.). The Battle of Lake Erie; or, an Answer to 

Messrs Burgess, Duer, and Mackenzie Cooperstown, 1843 

1 2mo. 
Orig. front wrapper. TT (56)$9-00. 

History of the Navy. .Maps. Phila, 1839. 2vols.,8vo. 

Orij? d. (rubbed, pp. stained). XX(287)$30.oo 


COOPER (J. F.) Continued 

Home as Found. Phila., 1838. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (backs faded, pp. stained). BC(28)$20.oo. 

Lionel Lincoln. 2 vols. 1825; The Pioneers. 2 vols. 1823; 

Precaution. 2 vols. 1820. N. Y., 1820-23-25. 6 vols., I2mo. 
Cf. (broken, pp. stained throughout). A(525)$i9.oo. 

The Monikins. Phila., 1835. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (stamp on titles, corner torn from one leaf). 

Orig bds, unc. (rubbed and stained). XX (286) $22.50. 

Notions of the Americans: Picked up by a Travelling Bache- 
lor. London, 1828. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. cf., g.t., by Root. O(2i4)$7.5o. 

The Pioneers; or, the Sources of the Susquehanna. N. Y , 

1825. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig bds. FG(63)$i7.50. 

Precaution. N. Y., 1820. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cont. hf. sheepskin (worn). X (296) $310.00. 

Sketches in Switzerland in 1828. By an American. Phila , 

1836. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. lev. mor. case (with "Sketches in Switzerland in 
1832." 1836, inscribed to S. F. B. Morse, later H V. Jones 
copy, 2 vols.; together 4 vols., backs faded and hinges of one 
vol broken). X( 297) $360.00. 

Orig. cl., unc. (backs faded, corners frayed, name inside covers, 
margin of fly-leaf partly torn away), BC(27)$i7.5o. 

The Spy, a Tale of Neutral Ground. London, 1836. i2mo FG(65)$i6.oo 

A Complete Collected Set of First Editions of "Leather- 
Stocking Tales " N. Y. and Phila , 1823-41. 10 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. (inserted in first vol. of "The Pioneers" is 
A. L. S.). M(i33)$300.oo. 

Novels. Illus. by F. O. C. Barley. N. Y., Townsend, 1859-61 

32 vols., 8vo. 

Orig cl. (stain and tear in one vol , affecting few leaves, opening 
leaves of another vol. stained). I(48Q)$75.oo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., by Stikeman. DE (395) $160.00. 

Works. Illus. by F. O C. Barley. Riverside edition. N. Y 

and Cambridge, 1872. 32 vols., I2mo. K(76)$so.oo. 

Works. Ed. by P. L. Ford, E E. Hale and A. T. Mahan 

Col. frontispieces and other illustrations by F. O C. Barley. 
Mohican edition. N. Y., n.d 32 vols , 8vo. 

Hf. mor., unc. (backs faded). I(49i)$8ooo 

Works. Plates. Mohawk Edition. N. Y., n.d. 32 vols., 8vo 

Hf . mor. N (i76)$75.oo. 

Hf.mor., g.t. R(97)$i50.oo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g t. ZZ(io8)$iio.oo. 

The Cooper Vignettes. From Brawings by F. O. C. Barley 

Portrait, vignette view, and 62 plates, illustrations to the 
Cooper novels, all India proofs before letters.- With letter- 
press descriptions. N. Y., 1862. Fol. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (rubbed, some plates stained). I(539)$35-OO. 


COOPER (J. W.). Game Fowls, their Origin and History. 2 

col. frontispieces. West Chester [1869] 8vo. 
Cl. (shaken). I(492)$i2.oo. 

COOPER (Thomas). Some Information Respecting America. 
Folding map by T. Conder. London, 1794 8vo. 

Hf. roan (rubbed, map mended, edges of leaves soiled, orig. wrap- 
pers bnd. in). CD (2948) $12.00. 

COPE (Gilbert). Genealogy of the Sharpless Family. Phi la , 

1887. Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.e. G(539)$i2.50. 

CORDIER (A. H.). Some Big Game Hunts. Kansas City, 1911. 

Cl. BB(65)$i7.oo. 

CORNAZANO (Antonio). De Fide et Vita Christi. [Florence, 

1472 ] Sm 4to. 
Oldbds J(i78a)$6750. 

CORNELIUS (C. O.). Furniture Masterpieces of Duncan 

Phyfe Garden City, 1922 Roy 8vo. 
Bds., unc. HH(i88)$i20o. 

CORNWALLIS (Charles, Earl). Answer to that part of the 
Narrative of Lieut -Gen Sir Henry Clinton, K B., which re- 
lates to the Conduct [of Cornwallis ] London, 1783 8\o. 

Orig. cl., unc. SS(8oo)$i2 oo. 


s*ome colored. Paris, n d. 7 vols , imp. 8vo. 
Unc, laid in 7 portfolios N(643)$i7.oo. 

CORRILL (John). Brief History of the Church of Christ of 
Latter Day Saints 50 pp St. Louis, Printed for the Author, 
1839. 8vo. 

Hf. mor CD(2i55)$i8o oo. 

CORSAIR (The). Vol. I. March 16, 1839, to March 7, 1840, 52 
nos., and an Index [Contains contributions by W M. 
Thackeray ] Ed. by N. P. Willis and T. O. Porter. N. Y., 
1839-40. Sm. fol 

Oldhf mor (rubbed, 52 parts in one vol ) Z(i332)$50oo. 

CORSER (Thomas). Collectanea Anglo-Poetica. Portrait and 
facsimiles. N p., for the Chetham Society, 1860-83. Il vols., 
sm 4to. 

Orig. cl., unc. XX(7ii)$20.oo. 

CORTES (Ferdinand). Historia de Nueva-Espana. 2 folding 

maps and 34 plates. Mexico, J A. de Hogal, 1770. Sm. fol. 
Orig. sheep (rubbed). VV(39)$2i.oo. 
De Insulis nuper Inventis Narrationes cum Petri Martyris 

Libello. Portrait of Charles V. Cologne, A. Birckman, 1532. 

Sm. fol. 
Hf. mor. (lacks 2 leaves, M2 and MS, of last signature, several 

lower margins stained, one cover loose). VV(38)$i8.oo. 


CORY (C. B.). Beautiful and Curious Birds of the World. 20 

col. plates. Boston, by the Author, 1883. Imp. fol. 
Loose in 7 ong. parts, bds. (2 plates stained). I(4Q6)$25.oo. 
Birds of Haiti and San Domingo. Map and 22 col. jplatcs. 

Boston, 1885. 4to. 
Hf . mor. I (497)$22.50. 

COSIN (Richard). Apologia for Sundrie Proceedings by Juris- 
diction Ecclesiasticall. London, Deputies of C. Barker, 1593 
Sm. 4to. 

Lev mor., g.e., by Riviere (names on title and repair). X(2Q9) 

COSMO III, DUKE OF TUSCANY. [His] Travels through 
England, during the Reign of Charles the Second. Trans 
from the Italian. 40 plates in aquatint col. by hand. Lon- 
don, 1821. Roy.4to. 

Bds., unc. (rebacked, new fly-leaves, large folding plate torn at 
fold). ZZ(99)$io.oo. 

COSTUME. Chefs-d'CEuvres Dramatiques du XVIII Siecle. 
Plates, col. by hand. Paris, n d. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Mor., g.t. LL(i53)$i2SO. 

Costume of China. 60 plates in color. 1804, Punishments of 

China. 22 plates in color. 1804; Costume of Great Britain. 
60 plates engraved by W. H. Pyne. 1804 London, 1804. 3 
vols., 4to. 

Cont. mor., g.e. CC(28)$95.oo. 

Costume of the Russian Empire. Text in French and Eng- 
lish. 73 hand-col, engravings. London, 1804 Fol 

New bds., unc. F(57)$i4.oo. 

Costume of the Russian Empire. Over 70 col engravings 

London, John Stockdale, 1811. Fol. 

Mor., g.e. A(8o)$i2.oo. 

Costume of Turkey. Col. plates. Descriptions in French 

and English. London, Miller, 1804. 2 vols., fol. 

Cf., g.e. A(92)$i5.oo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (recornered and rehinged, one hinge broken, oo 
aquatint plates, col. by hand). K(79)$250o. 

Costumes, moeurs et Habillemens dans les Pays-Bas Unis, 

dessines et colores d'apres nature, sous la direction dc E 
Maaskamp 20 col plates and col vignette on title Amster- 
dam, n d. I2mo. 

Bds., g.e. (front fly-leaves lacking). N(i7p)$i5.oo. 

Costumes of the British Army. 15 hand-col, plates. London, 
Ackermann, 1855-58. Fol. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.e. (one joint cracked). N(i)$8o.oo. 

Military Costume of Turkey. 30 ,plates in color. London, 
1818. 4to. 

Mor., g.e. (rubbed). LL(i48)$7 50. 

Nedertandsche Kleederdrageten. 32 plates in, color. Amster- 
dam, n.d. Sm. fol. 

Cl. R(98)$I7.SQ 


COSTUME Continued 

Recueil de XII Costumes Suisses Civile et Militaires, Hommes 

et Fcmmes, du Seizieme Siecle After J. Holbein. 12 plates 

and title, col by hand. Basle, 1790. 4to. 
Cf., tooled ZZ(ii2)$20ooo. 

COTTLE (Joseph). Early Recollections; Chiefly Relating to the 
late Samuel Taylor Coleridge, during his long Residence in 
Bristol. Portraits. London, 1837. 2 vols , 8vo. 

Cf , g t , by Riviere. XX(2o6)$9 oo. 

COTTON (Charles). Scarronides: or, Virgile Travestie. Lon- 
don, E. Cotes for H. Brome, 1664. Sm 8vo 

Lev. mor., g.e. (Gardyne-Sussex- Wallace copy, with MS. note of 
Gardyne laid in). X(30o)$8o.oo. 

COUES (Elliott). See HENRY (Alexander) and THOMPSON 


Country Gentleman, From his own Experience. London, 
for the Author, 1753 2 vols , I2mo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e , by Riviere (one half-title soiled, one partly re- 
stored). I(5oi)$i90o. 

COURT MEMOIRS. Memoirs and Secret Chronicles of the 

Courts of Europe. Frontispieces in color. N. Y. and Lon- 
don [1901 ] ii vols., 8vo. 
Leath., gt, unc. R(ioo)$82.5o. 

traits and plates. Pans and N. Y., Societe des Bibliophiles, 
n.d. 20 vols., 8vo. 

Orig cl, g t , unc. (Edition du Petit Trianon, col. plates) K(82) 

Cl, gt, unc. (Versailles Edition). O(2i8)$20oo. 

Cl, gt., unc. (Versailles Edition). R(99)$32.5. 

COURTNEY (W. P.) and SMITH (D. N.). A Bibliography of 

Samuel Johnson. A Reissue of the Edition of 1915. Oxford, 
1925. 8vo. 
Cl., unc LL(396)$ 

COUTANT (C. G.). History of Wyoming. Vol I [all pub- 
lished ] Portraits. Laranne, 1899. 8vo. 
Hf.mor. BB(66)$ 

COWAN (R. E.). Bibliography of the Spanish Press of Cali- 
fornia, 1833-1845. San Fran., R. E. Cowan, 1919 Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. leath. (presentation copy). SSU68)$i400. 

CO WELL (Ebenezer). Concise View of the Controversy be- 
tween the Proprietors of East and West-Jersey. Phila., Hall 
and Sellers, 1785. Sm. I2mo. 

Lev. mor , g t , by Stikeman (2 leaves misplaced in bndg , name 
on title, W I- Andrews copy) DD (138)58000 


COWLEY (Abraham). Ode, Upon the Blessed Restoration and 

Returne of His Sacred Majestic Charls the Second. London, 

for H. Herringman, 1660. Sm. 4to. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere (Lefferts-Hagen copy). X(30i)$Q5.oo. 
Select Works of Mr. A. Cowley. Vignette portrait on titles. 

London, 1772. 2vols.,8vo. 
Old. cf. (hinges worn). R(ioi)$7.5o. 
Works. Preface by Samuel Johnson. Portrait. London, 

1806. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., by Mathews. R(i02)$iS.oo. 

COWLEY (M. P.). Wilford Woodruff, Fourth President of the 

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. History of his 
Life and Labors. Portrait. Salt Lake City, 1916. 8vo. 
Cl., ge. (rubbed). 66(345) $20.00. 

COWPER (William). Poems, 1782; [Also] VoL II. The Task, 

a Poem, in Six Books, 1785. First Edition of each vol. Lon- 
don, 1782-85. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (hinges cracked; first vol. is without the Newton Pref- 
ace; with 1786 edition of the Poems, Vol. II). 0(62)552.50. 

Orig. bds., unc., in lev. mor. case (worn, one cover and back loose, 
one signature loose, notes by Ingram Lockhart on inside front 
covers). X (303)5500 oo. 

Cf., g.e (first vol. does not contain the Preface, second vol. lacks 
half-title, few marginal MS. notes in each vol., Appleton- 
Arnold copy). PP (60) $27.50. 

COWPER (William) and NEWTON (John). Olney Hymns. 

London, 1779. I2mo. 
Newcf., g.e., by Root. D(6i)$ig.oo 

COX (Ross). Adventures on the Columbia River. N. Y., 1832. 

Orig. cl., unc. (stains, preliminary leaf of advertisements lacking) 


The Columbia River. London, 1832. 2 vols., 8vo. I (506)53600. 

Hf. mor., g.t, by Morrell. CD (2337)535.00 

COX (S. C.). Recollections of the Early Settlement of the Wa- 

bash Valley. Lafayette [Ind,] 1860. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (back loose). SS (801)513.00. 

COXE (Daniel). A Description of the English Province of Caro- 

lana. Folding map. [London] O. Payne, 1741. 8vo. 
Orig. cf . (cracking), in hf. mor. case JJ(66)554-OO. 
Old mor., tooled, g.e. (rebacked with red cf ). CD (1941)585.00. 
Description of the English Province of Carolina. Folding 

map. St. Louis, 1840. 8vo. 
Bds. (broken). YY (226) 5 18.00. 

COXE (Tench). Brief Examination of Lord Sheffield's Observa- 
tion on the Commerce of the United States. Phila., M. Carey, 
1791. 8vo. 

Unbnd. QQ(57)$i5->. 


COXE (Tench) Continued 

Hf. mor. (corners of some leaves mended) S 8(802) $12.50. 

Enquiry into the Principles on which a Commercial System 

For the United States of America should be Founded. 

[Phila ] R. Aitken, 1787. 8vo. 
Unbnd. WW(i53)$7.50. 
An Examination of the Constitution for the United States of 

America. By an American Citizen. Phila., Poulson, 1787. 


View of the United States of America. Phila , 1794. 8vo. 

Old hf. cf. (cracking, writing on fly-leaf and title in author's 

hand). QQ(58)$i5oo. 

COXE (William). Memoirs of Life and Administration of Sir 

Robert Walpole. Frontis. London, 1816. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Cf , g.e., by Hayday. O(732)$ipoo. 

COYNER (D. H.). The Lost Trappers. Cincinnati, 1847. I2mo. 
Hf. mor. (text worn). BB(6g)$42.5o. 

The Lost Trappers. Cincinnati, 1850 I2mo. 

Hf. roan (stained). BB(7o)$ 
Orig. cl. (worn). CD(2Q73)$i2.oo. 

CRABBE (George). Life and Poems. Frontispieces and vig- 
nettes on titles. London, Murray, 1834. 8 vols , I2mo. 
Leath., g t. R(i03)$i2 50. 
Poetical Works. With his Letters and Journals and His Life, 

by His Son. Frontispieces. London, Murray, 1836. 8 vols, 
Mor. A(io5)$n.oo. 

CRAFTSMAN (The). Vols I-VI. Eastwood, N. Y., Stickley, 

1901-04. 6 vols., roy 8vo. 
Hf sheep, unc. LL(is6)$i250. 

CRAIG (E. G.). Nothing; or, The Bookplate. With Handlist 
by E. Carrick. 51 bookplates, many in color, designed and 
engraved by E Gordon Craig. London, 1925. Roy. 8vo. 

Cl,unc. XX(207)$7.5o. 

CRAIG (J. R.). Ranching with Lords and Commons; or, Twenty 
Years on the Range. Portrait and plates. Toronto, for the 
Author [1903 ] I2mo. 

Cl. (presentation copy, to G. W. Fowler). WW(i25)$ 

CRAIG (N. B.). Sketch of Life and Services of Isaac Craig, dur- 
ing the Revolutionary War. Pittsburgh, 1854. I2mo. 

Cl. YY(228)$n.oo. 

Washington's First Campaign, Death of Jumonville, and the 
Taking of Fort Necessity; also, Braddock's Defeat. Folding 
map. Pittsburgh, 1848. 8vo. 

Cl. (rebnd., first few pp. stained). 58(984) $14.00. 

Orig. paiper (front wrapper torn at margin). CD (2923) $15.00. 

See als^OLDEN TIME (The). 



CRAM (Jacob). Journal of a Missionary Tour in 1808 through 
the new Settlements of Northern New Hampshire and Ver- 
mont. Rochester, 1909. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. NN(3i)$io.oo. 

CRAMER (Zadok). The Navigator. 28 maps. Pittsburgh, 1811. 

Bds. (backstrip gnawed). WW(i54)$i2.5o. 

The Navigator. Pittsburgh, 1821. I2ino. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t. CD (2094) $9.00. 

The Navigator. Maps. Pittsburgh, 1824. I2mo 

Bds. YY(44i')$8.50. 

CRANE (Munroe). Recollections of Lincoln and Douglas Forty 
Years Ago. Portraits. N. Y., Privately Printed, 1899. i6mo. 
CL, unc. (signed, presentation copy). CD (1885) $7.50. 

CRANE (Stephen). Active Service. NY [1809], Same Lon- 
don, 1899. London and N. Y., 1899. 2 vols., I2mo. 
CL, unc. HH(io6)$io.oo. 

The Black Riders and Other Lines. Boston, 1895. i2mo. 

Bds., unc., in lev. mor. case (Japan paper, W. K. Bixby copy). 


Bds., unc. HH(i9o)$95.oo. 

Bds., unc. (joint cracked). OO(5i)$37-5O- 

George's Mother. N. Y., 1896. i2mo. 

CL HH(i9i)$25.oo. 

Maggie, A Girl of the Streets. N. Y., 1896. i2mo. 

Mor., g.t., unc. (orig. covers bnd. in). Af (i38)$i5 oo. 

CL (covers soiled). N(i84)$25oo. 

Q., unc. HH(i93)$30.oo. 

The Open Boat: and Other Tales of Adventure. N. Y., 1898. 

CL HH(i95)$20.oo. 

Red Badge of Courage. N. Y., 1895. i^mo. 

CL, unc. F(63)$iso.oo. 
Orig. cL, unc. T(54)$i75.oo. 

Red Badge of Courage. N. Y., 1896. 12 mo. 

CL, unc. (inscription laid in). F (64)$ 15.00. 

A Souvenir and a Medley. East Aurora, 1806 I2mo 

Paper. OO(52)$ii.oo. 

The Third Violet. N. Y., 1897. i2mo. 

CL, unc. HH(i94)$i6.oo. 

' War is Kind. Illus. by Will Bradley. N. Y., 1899. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. HH(i97)$i4.oo. 

Whilomville Stories. Portrait. N. Y , 1900. I2mo. 

CL HH(i98)$2o.oo. 

Works. Ed. hy Wilson Follet. [Introductions by v. authors.] 

Definitive Edition. N. Y. [1925.] 12 vols., I2mo. 
Bds., unc. K (84) $35.00. 

Writings. First Editions. V.p., 1896- [1921.] 8 vols., v. sizes 

V. bndgs. (with "Active Service." London, 1899 an <l "Bowery 

Tales." London, 1899., 2 vols., together 10 vols.). F(6$) 



CRANE (Walter). Of the Decorative Illustration of Books Old 

and New. London, 1806. 8vo. 
Vel., unc. (Japan paper, E. B. Holden copy). HH(2oo)$25oo. 

CRASHAW (Richard). Steps to the Temple. London, T. W. 

for H. Moseley, 1646 Sm. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., g.e., by Club Bindery (several marginal repairs). 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Bedford (Hoe copy). X (305) $650.00. 

CRAWFORD (C. H.). Scenes of Earlier Days in Crossing the 

Plains to Oregon, and Experiences of Western Life. Por- 
trait and illustrations. Petaluma, Cal., 1898. i2mo. 

Cl. BB(7i)$55.oo. SS(447)$6ooo. 

CRAWFORD (Oswald). By Path and Trail. Plates. [Salt 

Lake] 1008. 8vo. 
Cl. WW(i55)$35.oo. 

CREALOCK (H. H.). Deer-Stalking in the Highlands of Scot- 
land. 40 plates. London, 1892. Fol. 
Cl, unc. I(5i2)$4300. 

CR4BILLON (C. P. Jolyot de, fils). Ah Quel Conte! Brux- 

elles, 1754. 3 vols , I2mo. 
Old cf. (hinges and corners worn, name cut from fly-leaves; F. P. 

Delafield copy) N(i87)$i6.oo. 
OLettres de la Marquise de M . . . au Comte de R . . . [La 

Have,] 1732. I2mo. 
Cont. cf. (F. P. Delafield copy) N(i86)$io.oo. 

Le Sopha, Conte Moral. [Paris,] 1720. 2 vols , I2tno. 

Oldcf. (hinges cracked, bookplate removed). N(i85)$i6.oo. 

CREMONY (J. .). Life among the Apaches. San Fran , 1868 

I2mo. I(5i3)$27.50. (some margins stained) CD (1533) $22.00. 

CREOLES OF ST. LOUIS. Comp. by Paul Beckwith FoM 

ing charts. St. Louis, 1893. 8vo. 
Cl. Q(336)$i8.oo. 

CREUZBAUR (Robert). Route from The Gulph of Mexico and 

the Lower Mississippi Valley to California and the Pacific 
Ocean. Comp. by Robert Creuzbaur. 6 maps. N. Y., and 
Austin, Texas, 1849. i6mo. (tear in title, Maps Nos. 2 and 6 are in facsimile). 
CD (2780) $260 oo. 

CREVECCEUR (J. Hector St. John). Letters from an American 

Farmer. 2 folding maps. London, 1782. 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, unc., by Zaehnsdorf. I(5i4)$22.5o. 
Orig. bds., unc. (rebacked). SS(8o8)$i5 oo. 
Voyage dans la Haute Pensylvanie et dans 1'Etat de New 

York. Portraits, maps, and views. Paris, 1801. 3 vols., 8vo. FG(6o)$2550. 


CRISP (Frank). Mediaeval Gardens. Plates. N. Y. f n.d. 2 vols., 

Cl. (with "Gardens Old and New" by John Ley land. N.d., Vol. II 

only, together 3 vols.). XX (405) $20.00. 

CROCKETT (David). Account of a Tour to the North and 

Down East Phila., 1835. 8vo. 

Orig. bndg. (with 4 other works, together 5 vols ). I(5i5)$20.oo. 
Davy Crockett's Almanack. 1835-45, 1850, and 1852. 13 issues 

V.p [1834-51] I2mo. 
ii issues bnd., in one vol., hf. mor , 2 issues loosely laid in (one 

leaf defective, 2 lacking, others stained and torn, MS. notes on 

others; with duplicate copies issues for 1835, 1837, 1839, 1840, 

and 1852). I(57)$95oo. 
Davy Crockett's Almanack, of Wild Sports in the West. 

[Vol. I No. 4.] Plates. Nashville, 1838. I2mo. 
Sewed CD (2957) $14.00. 

Narrative of [his] Life. Phila , 1834. I2mo. 

Orig.bds., unc. BB(73)$350O. 


(Die). Portion only. [Cologne, Koelhoff the younger, 1499 1 

Fol. (Ham '4989). 

7 leaves, 22 woodcuts in cont. coloring. LL(25o)$iooo 
4 leaves, containing account of the art and invention of printing 

(with literal English translation of this portion). LL(25i ) 

9 leaves, containing account of the invention of printing. 6 large 

woodcuts in cont. coloring LL(252)$is oo. 
ii leaves, 19 woodcuts in cont. coloring. LL(253)$;.5o. 

CROSS (Thomas). Autobiography of a Stagecoachman. Fron- 
tispieces. London, 1861 3 vols., I2mo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t. A(io6)$32.5o. 
Autobiography of a Stage Coachman. Plates. London, 1904 

2 vols , imp. 8vo. 

Bds , unc. (plates in 2 states, one set colored). I(5i7)$i5.oo. 
CROSS (W. L.). History of Henry Fielding. New Haven, 1918 

3 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. (Quinn copy). F(95)$i2.oo. 

CROSS ( ). Answer to an Invidious pamphlet intituled "A 

Brief State of the Province of Pennsylvania" London, 1755 

Cf., g.e, by Riach for Henry Stevens. FG(7o)$i8oo. 
CROUCH (Nathaniel). Strange and Prodigious Religions, Cus- 
toms, and Manners, of Sundry Nations . . . The Second 

Edition. By R. D. 6 plates. London, 1688 241110. 
O\d sheep (covers worn at\(V \\o\edY S&U37^?&oo 
CROWLEY (Aleister). Seven Lithographs by Clot from the 

water-colours of Augrustc Rodin with a Chap/et of Verse by 

Aleister Crowley. 7 col. plates. London, for the Author 

1907. Roy. 4to. 

CL, unc. (faded, C Tice copy). LL (612) $15.00. 
CRUIKSHANK (George). The Artist and the Author. i6-page 

pamphlet. [London, 1872.] 8vo. 


CRUIKSHANK (George) Continued 

Sewed, as issued, in cl. portfolio. X(32i)$2OOO. 

Sewed, in cl. folder and lev. mor. case (inscribed to Miss Kort- 
wnght). UU(2o6)$i90.oo 

The Bottle. 8 plates. 1847, [Also] The Drunkard's Children. 

8 plates. 1848. London, 1847-48. 2 vols., fol. 

Brown paper, m cl. case (plates in color, inscribed, on front wrap- 
pers, to Sir Wm. Allan) ZZ(i28)$i40.oo. 

Without wrappers, m cl. folder (first vol is presentation copy, 
with 1881 edition of 2d work in torn gray wrappers, together 
3 vols ) ZZ(i29)$nooo. 

The Bottle. 8 plates London, [1874 1 Obi. sm fol 

Sewed, in cl. folder (inscribed to G C Roger). ZZ(i30)$ioooo. 

Comic Almanack for 1835 to 1853. Complete set of 19 ong 
nos 195 plates London, 1835-53 I2mo 

Lev. mor , tooled, unc (6 vols bnd from ong parts, ong. covers 
bud in). W (71) $230 oo 

19 ong. parts, paper and cl , in hf mor. case (few wrappers re- 
backed) DD(307)$36o oo 

Comic Almanack for 1840. 12 fine plates. London, [1840.] 


Lev mor., in cl case (corner of marbled fly-leaf torn away, in- 
serted is A L of Thackeray to G Wright) Z(I333)$325 oo 
'Comic Almanac. Numerous illustrations London, n d 2 
vols., I2mo. 

Cf , tooled, by Riviere D(64)$3500 

The Fairy Library. Complete Set First editions, First 

issues. [London, 1853-64 ] 4vols,i2mo 

Orig paper, in lev mor case (one wrapper stained, few plates 
stained; first 3 vols are presentation copies, inserted in fourth, 
Puss in Boots," are proofs of 4 of the plates and sheet bear- 
ing pencil sketches, and notes; with Second issue, each, of 
"Cinderella," containing pencil note of H. W Bruton, and 
"Puss in Boots," presentation copy, with A L S of Captain 
Douglas to H W. Bruton laid in 2 vols.. together 6 vols. 
X (3 1 6) $3.200 oo 

George Cruikshank's Magazine. Nos i and 2, Jan. and Feb , 

1854 [All Published] 3 folding etchings; 2 glyphographs, 
one folding, and 7 woodcuts London, 1854. 8vo 

Lev. mor., g t. (2 parts in one vol , ong. wrappers and advertise- 
ments bnd in) 0(225)54250 

George Cruikshank's Omnibus. 22 engravings on steel, 19 

by Cruikshank, and 78 woodcuts b\- him. London, 1841-42. 

Cf , ge., by Bayntun A(no)$4500. 

Orig cl., unc. W (72^65 oo. 

9 ong. parts, unc , in hf. mor. case (backs frayed and broken, tear 
in one wrapper, occasional stains in text, A L laid in, W. F. 
Gable copy). X(3i2)$32soo 

Hf mor, ge., by Tout (ong. covers bnd in). PP(62)$35oo. 

9 orig parts, unc., in cl. case (wrappers rebacked). ZZ(i2$) 


Illustrations for Cervantes, Le Sage, Sterne, Fielding, Smol- 
lett and Goldsmith. London, 1831-33. I2mo. 


CRUIKSHANK (George) Continued 

Mor., g.e (hinges cracked). XX(304)$75o. 

Illustrations of Popular Works. Part T. [All Published.] 6 

etchings. London [1830.] Sm. fol. 

Cf., g.t. (Large paper). O(223)$225o. 

India Proofs of Illustrations to The Fairy Library. 6 plates, 

mounted. London [1853-54-54-64.] Fol. 

Hop o* my Thumb and the Seven League Boots [1853,] in mor. 
portfolio (pencil inscription in margin of first plate to J A. 
Acton). X(3i8)$250.oo. 

Cinderella and the Glass Slipper [1854,] in mor. portfolio* (pencil 
inscription ir margin of first plate to J A. Acton). X(3*7) 

Jack and the Bean Stalk [1854,] in mor. portfolio (margin of 
first plate inscribed in pencil to J. A. Acton). X (3 19) $280.00. 

Puss in Boots [1864,] in mor. portfolio (margin of first plate 
inscribed in pencil to J. A. Acton). X(32o)$285 oo. 

More Hints on Etiquette. London, 1838. i8mo. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder (edges frayed). UU(5i)$n.oo. 

Our Own Times. 4 etchings, 40 glyphographs, and 6 wood- 
cuts. London, 1846. 8vo. 

4 orig. parts, in cl. case (name, "Colonel Ferguson" on 3 wrap- 
pers). ZZ(i27)$ii5.oo. 

Phrenological Illustrations. 6 plates. London, 1826. Obi. 4to. 

Lev. mor., g.t., by Morrell (plates in color) J (82)^6250 

Paper, unc , in cl folder (wrappers soiled and repaired; plates are 
Large paper India proofs, margins slightly soiled and fray- 
ed). PP.(6i)$6o.oa 

Points of Humour. Two Parts 20 plates and 20 woodcuts, 
the plates in 2 states, India proofs and colors. London, 
1823-24. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Paper, in cl. case, (one wrapper repaired; Part I is First issue of 
its first (1823) edition, on tinted paper with Plate 8 in first 
state; Part II is Second issue, with page 5 ending with 
words, "ran out"; Bruton-Douglas-Truman copy, with note 
by Mr. Truman on wrapper and one by Mr. Bruton laid in). 

Scraps and Sketches. Parts 1-4; [Also] Phrenological Illus- 
trations, or, An Artist's View of the Craniological System of 
Doctors Gall and Spurzheim. 30 col. plates. Lond, 1828-30 
Obi. 4to. 

Hf.mor. J(83)$8s.oo. 

A Set of Proof Illustrations on India Paper for "Punch and 

Judy," consisting of portrait of Mr. Punch and 23 etched 
plates, with 4 additional woodcuts on 2 sheets London, 
[1827.] 8vo. 

Loose, in c\. portfolio. PP (63^32.50. 

! Table "Book. 12 p\ates, stee\ etchings, and 116 other ttlustta- 

tions. London, 1845. 8vo. 

12 origr. parts, in cl. case (backs of wrappers restored). ZZ(l26) 

Cruikihankiana. 81 plates, 67 of which reproduce his works. 
London [1835.] Fol. 

Lev. mor., g.t. Rdo6)$7o.oo. 

- See also APEL (C.). 


CRUIKSHANK (Isaac Robert). Lessons of Thrift. Col. plates 

London, 1820. 8vo. 
Orig bds., unc. A(>6)$6ooo. 
("f , ev mor labels byMorrcll J(75)$5<>ocr 
Orig. bds , unc. (rebacked). W(44)$7i.oo 

The Real Devil's Walk. 7 plates. London, 1830 i6mo. 

Cf , tooled, by Riviere. BC(iQ4)$300O 

Collection of 4 Pamphlets relating to "Cox versus Kean." 10 

col. folding plates, 3 by R. Cruikshank. [London, 1825.] 8vo 
Hf cf., in cl. folder. CC(2p)$65 oo. 

CRUNDEN (John). The Joyner and Cabinet-Maker's Darling, 

or Pocket Director. 26 plates London, 1770. 8vo. 
Kewcf. AB(2o)$85.oo. 

CUFFEE (Paul). Narrative of [his] Life and Adventures. 21 

pp. Vernon [N. Y.,] 1839. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. QQ(99)$5i.oo. 
Ong. paper (stained) EF(22g)$i7 oo 

CUMBERLAND (George). Inventions. 24 plates, 8 engraved 

by William Blake. [London, 1795.] 4to 
New bds , untrimmed (C. Tice copy). LL(6o)$io.oo. 

CUMING (F.). Sketches of a Tour to the Western Country. 

Pittsburgh, 1810. I2mo. 
Orig bds SS(8i2)$37 50. 
Cf. WW(i62)$ 3 o.oo. 

CUMMINGS (Samuel). The Western Pilot. Maps. Cincin- 
nati, 1845. 8vo. 
Bds. YY(232)$8so. 

CUMMINS (S. J.). Autobiography and Reminiscences. Por- 
trait. La Grande, Oregon [1914] 8vo. 
Orig. paper. I (526)$23 oo. 

CUNNINGHAM (Peter). The Story of Nell Gwyn: and the 

Sayings of Charles the Second. Portraits. London, 1852 
Orig cl, unc. (MS. notes and clippings laid in). LL(i64)$iooo 

CURTIS (G. W.). Washington Irving. N. Y., 1891. 8vo. 
Roan, tooled, unc. F(i24)$n oo. 

CURTIS (Samuel). Companion to the [Curtis's] Botanical 
Magazine. By W. J. Hooker, etc. See HOOKER (Sir Wil- 
liam J.). 

CURWEN PRESS. Eighteenth Century French Romances. Ed 

by Vyvyan Holland. London, 1925-28. 12 vols., 8vo. 
Bds., g.t., unc. LL(224)$3000. 

CURZON (G. N.). Persia and the Persian Question. Maps, and 

plates. London, 1892. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl.. unc. I(528)$45.oo. 


GUSHING (Harvey). Life oj Sir William Osier. Oxford, 1925 

2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. RR(92)$8.oo. 

CUSHING (Jacob). A Sermon Preached at Lexington, April 20, 

1778 in commemoration of the Murderous War and Rapine . . . 
on the Nineteenth of April, 1775. Boston, 1778. 8vo. 
Unbnd. WW(i66)$2 3 .oo. 

CUSICK (David). Sketches of Ancient History of the Six Na- 
tions. Lockport, N. Y., 1848. 8vo. 
Bds., g.t. (orig. wrappers bnd in). SS(8i6)$25oo. 

CUSTER (G. A.). My Life on the Plains. Portraits. N. Y. 

1874. 8vo. 

CUTLER (Jervase). Topographical Description of the State of 
Ohio, Indiana Territory and Louisiana. 5 plates. Boston, 
1812. I2mo. 

Mor., g.t. (title restored at top, text stained). SS(i303)$i4O.oo. 

Orig. cf. (joint broken, text stained, one leaf torn, one plate and 
front fly-leaf lacking). DE(23)$40.oo. 

CUTTS (J. M.). Conquest of California and New Mexico. Por- 
traits and plans. Phila., 1847. I2mo. 
Cl. SS(2<58)$47.50. 

CUVIER (Baron). The Animal Kingdom arranged in conform- 
ity with its Organization. Nearly 800 plates, mostly engraved 
in color or colored by hand. London, 1827-35. 16 vols., 8vo. 

Mor.. tooled, gr.e. I (53o)$75oo. 

DACIER (Emile). La Gravure de Genre et de Moeurs. Paris, 

1925. 4to. 
Paper, unc. (C Tice copy). LL(232)$i2 50. 

L'CEuvre Grave de Gabriel de Saint-Aubin. Paris, 1915 410 

Paper, unc. O(647)$io.oo. 

DAKOTA TERRITORY. Council Journal of the Sixth Session 

of the Legislative Assembly Dec. 3, 1866 to Jan. n, 1867 

254 pp. Yankton, 1867. 8vo. 
Hf.mor. BB(75)$i7-5<>. 
General Laws, and Memorials and Resolutions passed at the 

first Session of the Legislative Assembly, March 17 to Ma\ 

15, 1862. Yankton, 1862. 8vo. 
New cl. BB (76)122.50. 
Orig. front wrapper. SS (8 io)$i i oo. 

DALE (T. F.). Polo at Home and Abroad. Over 50 plates, 
somtm cxAot. 

Hf.mor. I(53i)$3500. 

DALRYMPLE (John, Fifth Earl of Stair). State of the Na- 
tional Debt, The National Income, and the National Expen- 
ditures. London, 1776. Fol. 



DALRYMPLE (John, Fifth Earl of Stair) Continued 

- State of the Public Debt and of the Annual Interests and 

Benefits paid for them. Dublin, 1783 8vo. 
Unbnd, in hf mor. case. FG(37)$I3-00. 

DALRYMPLE (Sir John.) Address of the People of Great Brit- 

ain to the Inhabitants of America. London, 1775 8vo. 

DALY (James). For Love and Bears. Pencil sketches and map 

Chic., 1886. Obi. 4to. 
Cl. I(S32)$3250. 

DAMPIER (William). A New Voyage Round the World . . . 

The Third Edition Corrected. 5 maps, 4 of which are folding 
London, for J. Knapton, 1698. 8vo. 

Orig. cf , in hf. mor. case (worn, loose, one margin holed, occa- 
sional stains; Jonathan Swift copy) Z (1190) $160.00. 

DANA (E.). Geographical Sketches of the Western Country. 

Cincinnati, 1819. i2mo. 
Hf lev mor. SS(826)$2500 

Orig bds , unc. (hinge broken). WWCi68)$6ooo. 
Hf rus (rubbed, pp. stained). DE(24)$i200 

DANA (Richard H., jr.). Two Years Before the Mast (No 

106 Harper's Family Library). N. Y., 1840. i6mo. 
Orig cl. (First issue, listing on back cover Nos 1-105 of Harper's 

Family Library, pp stained, inserted is A L. S of Feb. n, 

1861). I(533)$i,250.oo 
Orig cl (First issue, backstrip and front fly-leaf are lacking, pp. 

are stained). I(534)$5000. 
Cl (not First issue) WW(i69)$22so 
- Two Years Before the Mast. Large Paper Edition. Boston, 

1911. 2 vols , Svo 
Bds. unc in orig bd. case. O (230^23 oo 

DANETT (Thomas). See GUICCIARDINI (Lodovico). 

DANIEL (George). Merrie England in the Olden Time. Plates 

by Leech. London. 1842 2 vols, I2mo. 
Cf , tooled, g.t., unc, by Riviere (orig covers bud in). R(j22) 


DANIEL (Richard). The Present State of New England 

[1675.] N. Y., 1899. 121110. 
Paper, unc. CD(20i3)$ii.oo. 

DANIEL (Samuel). The Civile Wares betweene the Howses 

of Lancaster and Yorke. Engraved pictorial title. London, 

by S. Watersonne, 1609. Sm. 4to. 
Lev. mor., g e., by Rowfant Bindery (title is the old one of Cam- 

den's "Britannia"; outer margin of 04 torn, rust hole, and 

few stains, title repaired). X (330) $100.00. 


DANIEL (Samuel) Continued 

Collection of the History of England. Continued by John 

Trussell. London, by E. G. for John Williams, 1650. Fol. 
New sheep. R(no)$7-50. 
Order and Solemnitie of the Creation of the High and 

mightie Prince Henrie. Britaines Bursse, for lohn Budge, 

1610. 4to. 

Bds., in lev. mor. case (Ives-Chew copy). X(330$525-- 
The Poeticall Essayes of Sam. Danyel, newly corrected and 

augmented. Pictorial border. Armorial device with motto 

on the verso. London, P. Short for Simon Waterson, 1599. 

Sm. 4to. 
Orig. vel. with ties, in mor. case (separate titles for "Musophilus," 

"A Letter from Octavia" and "The Tragedy of Cleopatra"; 

"The Complaint of Rosamund" is at end without separate 

title; Chew bookplate). X(32Q)$775<>o. 

The Worthy Tract of Paulus louius. London, for S. Water- 
son, 1585. Sm.Svo. 

Oldcf. (rubbed, few leaves repaired, Huth copy). X(328)$4OO.oo 
[His Whole Works.] A letter from Octauia to Marcus An- 

tonius, etc. Londn [sic], N. Okes for S. Waterson, 1623. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.e , by Rowfant Bindery (few stains and holes, also 

few repairs; this copy contains the author's entire poetical 

and dramatic works with the exception of the "Civile Wares;" 

pagination is continuous throughout, beginning with p. I 

(A4); Chew copy). X(332)$45-oo. 

DANIEL (William B.). Rural Sports. Title or frontis for each 
vol., and 75 plates by John Scott. London, 1805-13. 3vols. f 

Cont. mor., tooled, inlaid (Large paper; with supplement, together 
4 vols.; many of the plates are in 2 states, one in color, one 
plate is in col. state only; col plates are all inlaid). 1(535) 

DANIEL PRESS. Binyon (Lawrence). Poems. Oxford, 1895. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by S. T. P[rideaux], (orig. wrappers bnd 

in). F(68)$i 7 .5o. 
The Daniel Press. Memorials of C. H. O. Daniel, with a 

Bibliography of the Press, 1845-1919. Oxford, 1921. Sm. 4to 
Bds., unc. HH(2i5)$iooo. 

An Imaginary Portrait; The Child in the House. Oxford, 

1894. i6rno 
Paper, unc., in hf. mor. case. HH(57o)$i6.oo. 

Theocritus. Sixe Idillia. Oxford, 1883. Sm. 4to. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. (rubbed). O(232)$iioo. 

DANIELL (Samuel). [African Scenery, being Illustrations of the 
Animals and Native Inhabitants in Southern Africa.] 30 
col. plates, with letter-press. [London, 1804-05.] At. fol. 

(2 parts in one vol., each plate hinged; worn, lacks 2 titles, few 
marginal blemishes"). l(536)$45.oo. 


DANIELL (Samuel) Continued 

Sketches representing Native Tribes, Animals, and Scenery 
of Southern Africa. 48 plates from drawings by [him], en- 
graved by W Darnell. London, 1820 Obi 4to 

Cl. (rubbed, plates stained, MS. notes). I(537)$i6.oo. 

DANIELL (Thomas and William). Picturesque Voyage to In- 

dia by the way of China. 50 plates in aquatint col. by hand 
London, 1810. Obi. 4to. 
Hf mor. (rubbed). ZZ(94)$30.oo. 

DANIELL (William). Interesting Selections from Animated 

Nature, with Illustrative Scenery. 120 plates. London 
[1809] 2vols., obi. fol. 
Hf. lev. mor., tooled. I(538)$i7.oo. 

DANTE. The Divine Comedy, 3 vols ; The New Life. Trans 
by C. E. Norton. Cambridge, 1892. 4 vols , 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (Large paper). N(i96)$20.oo 

Die Gdttliche Komedie. Ital and German text Illus in 

color by Franz von Bayros. Signed. [Wein, 1921.] 3 vols , 
sm 4to 

Bds., g.t. (C. Tice copy). LL(i 66) $30.00. 

Inferno; Purgatory and Paradise. Illus. by Dore. N. Y., 

London, and Paris, n.d. 2 vols., 4to. 

Lev mor., gt. K(92)$30.oo 

The Vision; or, Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. Trans, by 

H. F. Cary Frontis. London, Bohn, 1850. I2mo 

Hf cf., ge., in lev. mor. case (front inner joint cracked; Charles 
Dickens-Marguerite Power copy, with 3 inscriptions in hand 
of Dickens). X (464) $600.00. 

Opera, col. Comento del M. R. P. Pompeo Venturi. Vols. i, 
4, and 5. Venezia, 1793 3 vols., I2mo. 

Old cf., in lev. mor. case (covers loose; P. B Shelley copy, with 
9 quotations in his hand, one vol contains Sir Percy F Shel- 
ley's bookplate; note on a fly-leaf records sale of these vols. 
at Lord Abinger's sale of Shelley's books in Feb., 1920. 


Drawings by Sandro Botticelli for Dante's Divina Comme- 

dia. Intro, by F. Lippmann. London, 1806. 4to 

Cl., gt., unc. (C. Armstrong copy). HH(no)$25 oo. 

Illustrations to the Divine Comedy. 103 plates, one in 

color. London, 1922. Fol 

Unc., laid in bd. portfolio. HH(97)$4<>oo. 

DARBY (William). Emigrant's Guide to the Western and 

Southwestern States and Territories. 2 folding maps N Y. t 

1818. 8vo. 

Cf. (rubbed, hinges cracked at top). CD (2704) $12.50. 
Geographical Description of ... Louisiana, the southern part 

of ... Mississippi, and Territory of Alabama. Folding map. 

N. Y., 1817. 8vo. 
Orig sheep. CD (194?) $15.00. 
Tour from the City of New York, to Detroit. 3 folding 

maps. NY., 1819. 8vo. 


DARBY (William) Continued 

Orig. bds , unc. (hinge cracked, back cover, loose, backbone 
chipped). CD (2043) $10.00 

DAREMBERG (Charles) et Saglio (Edm.). Dictionnaire des 

Antiquites Grecques et Romames. 7000 illustrations. 5 parts. 
Paris, 1877. Qvols., 4to. 
Bds. (5 vols in 9, pp. stained). DE(i63)$2;.50. 

DARIEN. Defence of the Scots, Abdicating Darien. [By James 
Hodges?] [ Edinburgh ? ] 1700. 121110. 

Unbnd. FG(74)$8 50 

A Short Vindication of Phil. Scot's Defence of the Scots Ab- 
dicating Darien. London, 1700 8vo. 

Unbnd. FG(86)$8.25. 

DARLING (William). Oration delivered before the Washing- 
ton Benevolent Society of Canaan, Columbia Co , Feb. 22nd, 
1816, being the Birthday of the Immortal Washington Hud- 
son, 1816 8vo. 

Unbnd. JJ(3i6)$i4.oo. 

DARLY (Matthias). The Ornamental Architect; or, Young 

Artist's Instructor, consisting of the Five Orders, drawn In 
Aliquot parts. Consists of 102 folio plates engraved by \ 
masters. London [1770 ] Fol. 
Cf. AH(52)$i6o.oo 

DARNELL (Ehas). Journal . . . account of ... Kentucky Vol- 
unteers and Regulars, commanded In General Winchester, 
1812-13. Phila , 1854, i8mo 

Orig. bds. (rubbed). SS(i34i)$7-50. 

DARRAH (H. Z.). Sport in the Highlands of Kashmir. Maps 

London, 1898. 8vo 
Lev. mor., unc. N(i98)$9.oo. 

DARTMOUTH COLLEGE. Complete Set of Pamphlets re- 
lating to Litigation in Dartmouth College in 1815-16, or, as 
it was called, the "Dartmouth College Cat Fight." V.p , 1807- 
16. 9 pieces, 8vo. 

Xew paper NN (33) $40 oo. 

DARWIN (Charles). Narative of Surveying Voyages of ... 

Ships Adventure and Beagle, 1826-36. Maps and plates, Lon- 
don, 1839. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc. (worn, name erased from inside covers). 1(540)52250 

Works. Portraits. N Y., 1899. I3vols,8vo. 

Hf. leath., gt. R(iJ2)$30.oo 

DARWIN (Erasmus). The Botanic Garden, A Poem in Two 

Parts. Frontis. and plates, 9 of which are by William Blake. 
London, 1791. 410. 
MOT., g.t. 


DASENT (George W.). Story of Burnt Njal; or, Life in Iceland 

at the end of the Tenth Century. 2vols. 1861; [Also] Story 
of Gish the Outlaw, 1866. Maps. Edinburgh, i80i-66. 3 vols , 
8vo. and 4to. 
Cl (cover of 2d vol stained, S S Rowland copy). I(54i)$i2oo 

DAUDET (Alphonse). CEuvres -Completes. Pans, 1899-1909 18 

vols , 8vo 

Jlf nior, gt ZZCn6)$8;oo 
Collection of his writings. Trans, into English. London, 

1887-89. 5 vols., I2mo. 
Hf. nior., unc (orig. wrappers bnd in). N(iO9)$i50o. 

Works. Plates Boston, 1898-1900 24 vols., 8vo. 

Lev mor., gt., unc ZZ(i35)$90.po 

Novels, Romances and Writings. Saint Botolph Edition 

Boston [1900] 20vols,8vo. 
Lev mor, tooled, inlaid, gt., unc CC (30) $360.00. 

DA YEN ANT (Sir William). Gondibert. London, Tho. New- 
comb for J Holden, 1651. 4to. 

Cf , ge , by Bedford (Ross Winans copy) X(334)$i6soo 

Works. Portrait by Faithorne after Grcnhill. London. T. N 

for H Hernngman, 1673. Fol. 

Old cf (rebackcd, Castlemayne-Wcllesley-Daly-Chew cop}', \\ith 
note 1)> Mr Chew on fly-leaf) X (335) $7500 

DA VIES (G. S.). Hans Holbein the Younger. London, 1903 

Cl , g t., unc HH(2i8)$i2 50. 

DAVIES (Sir John). Discoverie of the True Causes why Ire- 
land \\as neuer entirely subdued For laggard, 1612. Sm 4to 

Rus , ge, by Bedford (Bodleian Library-Huth copy). XX (311) 

DAVIES (Norman de G.). The Tomb of Nakht at Thebes. Plan, 

and 30 plates in color N Y., 1917. At fol. 
Bds,gt,unc (hack rubbed, C Tice copy). LL(2i3)$; 50. 

DAVIES (Samuel). The Crisis, etc. Pref by Thomas Gib- 
bons London, 1757. Sm 8vo. 

Hf if (rebnd) SS(8jn$i750 

Religion and Patriotism the Constituents of a Good Soldier. 

London, F Buckland, 1756 8vo. 

Hf cf TT(64>$-'JOO 

Hf mor WW(Jii)$J50o. 

DAVIES (W. H.). Autobiography of a Super-Tramp. Preface 

by Bernard Shaw London, 1008 I2mo 
Ong cl MM(234)$425o 

DAVIS (E. W.). Salmon-Fishing on the Grand Cascapedia. 

N [) , Printed for private distribution, 1904. 8vo. 
Flf 'el (Tapan mper) T(544)$6ooo 

Woodcock Shooting. Privately Printed, 1908. Roy. 8vo. 

Bds.unc (Japan paper). I(545)$95.oo. 


DAVIS (Gherardi). The South Side Sportmen's Club of Long 

Island. Map. N. Y., Privately Printed, 1909. 8vo. 
Paper, unc. (presentation slip laid in). I(547)$37-50. 

DAVIS (H. Hart). Stalking Sketches. London, 1904. 4to. 
Cl. I(88i)$n.oo. 

DAVIS (Jefferson). [Broadside.] Address to the People of the 
Free States. Richmond [1863.] 


Message of the President to the Senate and House of Repre- 
sentatives of the Confederate States of America, Feb. 6th, 
1865. 4pp. [Richmond, 1866.] Fol. 

Folded (margins repaired) in cl. folder and case. SS(;8o)$22.50 

DAVIS (John). Travels of Four Years and a Half in the United 
States of America, 1798-1802. London, 1803. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g t, unc. SS(835)$i5 oo. 

Travels . . . 1798-1802. Ed by A. J. Morrison, N. Y., 1909. 


Bds., unc. YY(24o)$ 

DAVIS (Joshua). Narrative of Joshua Davis, an American Citi- 
zen, who was pressed and served on board six ships of the 
British Navy. Boston, 1811. i2mo. 

Hf. mor. (bnd. in is "An Account of ... Ann Moor"). CD(28/3) 

DAVIS (L. C.). Story of the Memorial Fountain to Shakespeare 

at Stratford-on-Avon. Cambridge, 1800. I2mo. 
Orig. cl., unc. (Mrs. Childs copy). T(s8)$i25 oo 

DAVIS (R. H.). Dr. Jameson's Raiders. Maps. N. Y., 1897. 

Orig. paper, unc , in cl. folder and hf mor. case (A. L. S. inserted). 

M( 146) $70 oo. 
Novels and Stories. Portraits Crossroads Edition. N. Y., 

Scribner's, 1916. I2vols., 8vo 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. (bnd in Vol. I is leaf of MS.). CC(3i) 

Hf.mor., g.t, unc. DE (399) $37.50. 

DAVIS (W. H.). Sixty Years in California. San Fran , 1889. 

Orig. cl. SS (433)$25.oo. 

DAVIS (W. W. H.).' The Spanish Conquest of New Mexico. 
Portrait and map. Doylestown, 1869. 8vo. 

Cl., UHT. YY(243)$20.00. 

DAVY (Sir Humphry). Salmonia; or, Days of Fly Fishing. 3 

plaits and vjoodcu\s. "London, 1&2&. 1211x0 

Hf.mor., unc. (D. B. Fearing copy, with note in his h.nd on 
fly-leaf). J(549)$i6.oo. 

DA WE (George). Life of George Morland. Ed. by J. J. Foster. 

Frontis. in color. London, n.d. 4to. 
Cl., unc. (shaken, frontis. loose). L( 1356) $17.50. 


DAWSON (Charles). Pioneer Tales of the Oregon Trail and of 
Jefferson County. Portraits and maps. Topeka, 1912. 8vo. 
O. I(55o)$i8.oo. 

DAWSON (Moses). Historical Narrative of [his] Services, etc. 

Cincinnati, 1824. 8vo. 

Grig, sheep (rubbed, lacks fly-leaves, pp. stained). 88(1416) 

DAWSON (T. F.) and Skiff (F. J. V.). The Ute War. Maps, 

portraits, and views. Denver, 1879. 8vo. 
Hf.mor. (F. J. V. Skiff copy). SS(i357)$675.oo 

DAWSON (W. L.). Birds of California. Plates Patrons' DC 

Luxe Edition. San Diego, 1923. 4 vols , roy 4to. 
Pigskin, tooled, inlaid, unc., in corduroy case. I (552) $375.00. 
Birds of Washington. Over 300 photographs and a series of 

colored plates. Patron's Edition, signed. Seattle, 1909. 2 

vols., 4to. 
Mor., unc. (laid in are 2 letters of author, J L. Child copy). 


DAY (John). Narrative. N. Y., Printed for the Author, 1860. 

Paper (portion of wrapper lacking). H(ii7)$io50. 

DAYOT (Armand). Napoleon Raconte par I'lmage d'apres les 
Sculpteurs, les Graveurs et les Pemtres. Portraits. Paris, 
1902. 4to. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (presentation copy). R(284)$i2.5O. 

DEANE (J. B.). Worship of the Serpent traced throughout the 

World. London, 1833. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. (rebacked, some pp. stained; presentation copy, with 2 

inscriptions). I(553)$8.oo. 

DEANE (Silas). Address to the United States of North Amer- 
ica. London, 1784. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g t , by Sangorski. WW( 174) $30.00 

DE BARTHE (Joe). Life and Adventures of Frank Grouard, 
Chief of Scouts, U. S A. Portraits and plates. St Joseph, 
Mo. [1894.] 8vo. 

Cl I(5S4)$50.oo. 

Leath. (worn and loose, inscribed to C. p. Cochran) BB(78) 

Orig cl. CD(304i)$4000 

DE BELLGRAVES (Henrietta). True and affecting History 

of [her Life.] N. Y., S. King, 1821. I2mo. 
Sewed, unc. SS( 1308) $50.00. 

DE BROKE (Lord Willoughby). The Sport of Our Ancestors. 

Edited and Selected with an Introduction and Appreciations 
by [him.] Illus. by G. D. Armour. London, 1921. 4to. 
Bds., unc. (Signed by editor and by illustrator). I (555) $18.00. 


DE BRY (Theodore). [Great Voyages, in German.] Part 6 

Der Sechste Theil Amencae. Engraved title and folding 
map and plan. Second title and 28 plates. [Oppenheim, 
Hieronymo Gallern,] 1619. 
Bds., g.e., on rough. G(82)$sooo. 

DECATUR (Stephen). [Broadside. Relating to his action off 

the coast of Tripoli.] True Republican Extra. Friday after- 
noon, Dec. 7, 1804. IPhila., 1804 ] Narrow fol. 
Partly mounted. TT(3i)$ 

DEEM (T. B.). Genealogical Summary of the Ancestry of the 

Welsh Wynnes, who Emigrated to Pennsylvania with Wil- 
liam Penn. Indianapolis, 1907. Imp. 8vo. 
Cl. Q(575)$8.oo. 

DEFOE (Daniel). Atalantis Major. Olreeky . . . Atalantis Ma- 
jor, 1711. Sm. 4to. 

Cf , tooled X (344)$25 oo. 

The Character of a Whig, under several Denominations. 

Frontis. London, 1700. Sm 8vo. 

Orig. cf. (W. Westby copy). X(337)$i5oo. 

The Complete English Tradesman, in Familiar Letters. Lon- 
don, 1726-27. 2vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor, g.e., by French Binders. FF(m)$45,oo. 

The Compleat Mendicant; or, Unhappy Beggar, being the 

Life of an Unfortunate Gentleman. London, for E. Harris, 
1699 8vo. 

Hf. cf. (hinges cracked, some pp. stained, Jones-Adam copy) 
X (336) $10000. 

The Consolidator; or, Memoirs of Sundry Transactions from 

the World in the Moon. London: Printed, and are to be 
Sold by Benj. Bragg, 1705. 8vo. 

Oldcf. (name on title). X(342)$ 

The Double Welcome, a Poem to the Duke of Marlboro. 

London, 1705. Sm 4to 

Bds FF(63)$9oo. 

The Dumb Philosopher; or, Great Britain's Wonder. Lon- 
don, 1719. 4to. 

Hf. cf., unc. (Huth-Jones-Bernheim copy). FF(95)$2i.oo. 

The Dyet of Poland, a Satyr. Dantzick [London,] 1705. 4to 

Newbds (name on title, some old marginal notes, first few pp 
stained). FF(64)$9<>0 

Eleven Opinions about Mr. H y [Harley]; with Ob- 
servations. London, 1711. 8vo. FF(75)$8.oo. 

New paper. FF(76)$8.oo. 

Essay on the History and Reality of Apparitions. Frontis 

and 5 plates by Van der Gucht. London, 1727. 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (Sheepshanks-Bernheim copy) 

Essay Upon Projects. London, by R. R. for Tho. Cockenll, 

1697. 8vo. 

Cont. cf.. tooled (rebacked and rubbed, new encLpapcrs, few mar- 
ginal defects). FF(46)$i500. w 


DEFOE (Daniel) Continued 

The Fortunate Mistress. Portrait. London, for T. Warner, 

1724. 8vo. 

Cf , tooled, in hf. cf. case. X (349) $375 .00. 
Cf , tooled, g.e., by Wallis FF(io8)$325OO 
The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flan- 
ders. Intro, by C. Van Doren, N. Y., 1923. 8vo. 
Hf. lev mor., gt, unc R(iJ5)$75o 
The Great Law of Subordination consider'd; or, the Insolence 

and Unsufferable Behaviour of Servants in England duly 

enquir'd into. London, 1724. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, ge, by Riviere (J. C. Dcverell copy). FF(ioo)$i300 
History of the Devil, as well Ancient as Modern. Frontis. 

London, for T. Warner, 1726 8vo. 
Cont cf (worn, label missing). X(35o)$i5oo 
History of the Great Plague in London, in ... 1665 ... To 

which is added, a Journal of the Plague at Marseilles, In the 

Year 1720 London, 1754. 8vo 
Orig bds., unc, in hf cf case FF(ii9)$i5 oo 
History of the Life and Adventures of Mr. Duncan Camp- 
bell. Portrait and 3 plates. London, 1720. 8vo. 
Cont. cf (new end papers). FF(Q9)$8oo. 

A Hymn to Peace. London, 1706 4to 

Sewed, unc , in cl case. FF(6s)$25.oo 

A Hymn to the Pillory. London, 1703. 4to. 

Hf. cf., unc (stained). FF(53)$2OOO. 

A Hymn to Victory. London, 1704. 4to. 

Hf. mor. FF(58)$gpo 

An Impartial History of the Life and Actions of Peter Alexo- 

witz London, 1723. 8vo 
Cf., tooled, g e , by Bedford (Huth-Jones-Adam copy). FF(io6) 


A Journal of the Plague Year . . . 1665. London, 1722. 8^ 

Cf., g.e, by Wallis (2 marginal repairs). FF(i03)$825o 

Jure Divino: A Satyr. Portrait by Van der Gucht First 

edition London, 1706. Fol 

Old cf. (worn, hinges weak; J. G. Brown copy). X(343)$I2.5O. 
Cont. cf (joints cracked). DD(3ii)$27.50. 
Life and Adventures of Mrs. Christian Davies, commonly 

call'd Mother Ross London, 1740. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (J. L. Clawson copy). FF(n8) 


Memoirs of a Cavalier. London, [1720.] 8vo. 

Oldcf., ge (Hinges cracked) FF(ioo)$8.oo 

Memoirs of an English Officer. Portrait. London, 1728 8vo 

Old cf. (rebacked). FF(ii5a)$n.oo. 

The Mock-Mourners. London, 1702. 410 

Hf. cf. (Huth-Jones-Bernheim copy). FF(5i)$ 

More Reformation. London, 1703. Sm. 4to. 

New bds. FF(56)$8oo. 

A New Voyage Round the World, by a Course never sailed 

before. Frontis. and plates. London, 1725. 8vo. 
Orig. cf. (rehinged). N(203)$i3-00. 


DEFOE (Daniel) Continued 

Mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (name on title, Sheepshanks-Bern- 
heim copy). FF( no) $26.00. 

Orig. cf. (rehinged). XX (3 14) $30.00. 

Party Tyranny: or, an Occasional Bill in Miniature. Lon- 
don, 1705. 4to. 

Lev. mor., by Riviere. FF(6i)$n.po. 

Political History of the Devil, as well Ancient as Modern. 
Frontis. London, 1726. 8vo. 

Orig. cf. (repaired, name on title, Sir Thomas Preston copy). 

Mor, g.e. (title and frontis. remargined). XX(3i5)$isoo. 

The Present State of Jacobitism considered. London, 1701 

Sm. 4to. 

Bds., unc. (Jones- Adam copy). X (338) $140.00, 

Reasons against the Succession of the House of Hanover. 
London, 1713. I2mo. 

Hf. mor., unc. (Jones-Bernheim copy). FF(83)$22 50. 

Reformation of Manners, a Satyr. 64 pp. First edition. N.p., 

1702. 4to. 

Bds. (stained, name on title). FF(so)$io.oo. 

Religious Courtship. London, Matthews, 1722. 8vo. 

Cf., g.e. on rough, by Lloyd (hinges weak, laid in is portrait by 
Gucht after Tavener). X(348)$6o.oo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e. FF(iO4)$io.oo. 

The Remedy Worse than the Disease: or, Reasons against 

Passing the Bill For Preventing the Growth of Schism. Lon- 
don, 1714. I2mo. 

Old cf. (rubbed, Earl of Guilford copy, bnd. with 7 other pamph- 
lets). FF(86)$8.oo. 

Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Cru- 
soe. Frontis. by Clark and Pine. London, 1719; Farther Ad- 
ventures of Robinson Crusoe. Vignette and folding map,, 
1719; Series Reflections during the Life and Surprising Ad- 
ventures of Robinson Crusoe. Folding plate, 1720. First Edi- 
tions. London, for W. Taylor, 1719-19-20. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cf., tooled, in lev. mor. case (front cover of first vol. loose, 
tear in one leaf of second vol. In first vol. Preface and title 
are of same sheet, this Preface has the catchword "always"; 
and line 12 on the verso reads "dispatch'd", p.343 is in cor- 
rected state, with "Pilot" in line 2 and lines 9-12 pied at end 
where type was loosened to correct "Pilate" to "Pilot"; fly- 
leaf bears name of early owner, "W. Vincent, 1719." In sec- 
ond vol. verso of A4 is blank, p. 245 is correctly numbered 
and pagination throughout is in uniform type. Joseph Good- 
all-Beverly Chew copies). X (346) $11,500.00. 

The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson 

Crusoe. Portrait. Second edition, 1719; Farther Adventures 
of Robinson Crusoe. Folding map. First edition, Second 
issue. 1719. London, 1719-19. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Old mon, tooled, g.e. (rubbed). FF (96)$! 15.00. 

Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. 

Frontis. and folding map. Fourth edition, 17^19; Farther Ad- 
ventures of Robinson Crusoe. Second edition, 1719. Lon- 
don, 2719-19. 2vols., 8vo. 


DEFOE (Daniel) Continued 

Cont. cf. (one cover loose, map for second vol. is bnd. in first 
vol.). FF(97)$i5.oo. 

Exploits of Robinson Crusoe, Mariner of York. N p. [about 

1740.] i8mo. 

Cf. FF(ii7)$i9.oo. 

The Whole Life And Strange Surprizing Adventures of Rob- 
inson Crusoe. Dublin, W. Wilson, 1781. 2vols., 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (2 vols. in one, hinge cracked, Mrs. Vesey copy). 

Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. 
Plates by Medland after Stothard. London, Stockdale, 1790 
2 vols ,8vo. 

Cont. cf. (Viscount Hinton copy). J(io6) $50.00. 

Oldbds, unc. (rubbed, rebacked, pp. stained). X(352)$i65.oo 

Cf., ge. EF(397)$26.oo. 

Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Plates after 

Stothard. London, 1820. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor. A(n8)$24.oo. 

Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Wood- 
cuts by G. Cruikshank. London, 1831. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. cf. FF(i28)$40.oo. 

Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Portrait and 100 

illustrations engraved by the Brothers Dalziel. London, 
1864. Sq. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.e. (orig. covers bnd. in). I(557)$30.oo 

Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, Mariner, of Hull. 

8 proof etchings by B. Bouilleron and portrait by L. Flam- 
eng. London, Nimmo, 1883. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Lev mor., gt, unc. (Large paper). CC(33)$95.oo. 

La Vie et les Avantures surprenantes de Robinson Crusoe. 
Plates and maps. Amsterdam, L. Honore & Chatelain, 1720 
2 vols , I2mo. 

Orig. vel. (with "Reflexions Serieuses et Importantes de Robin- 
son Crusoe." 1721, together 3 vols., Desbarieres-Ph. Louis 
de Bordes de Fortage copies). X (347) $170.00. 

Orig. cf., in hf. cf. case (some margins of Vol. I holed). FF(ioi) 

La Vie et les Aventures de Robinson Crusoe. Engravings 

by Delvaux and Delignon after Stothard. Paris, Panckoucke, 
an viii [1790-1800.] 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. cf., tooled, g.e. FF( 125)$ 14.00. 

Des Welt-beruhmten Engellanders Robinson Crusoe, Leben 

und gantz ungemeine Begebenheisen. 5 plates after Picart. 
Franckfurth und Leipzig, 1720. I2mo. 

Mor., tooled (frontis. repaired and mounted, several margins re- 
paired). FF(io2)$4S op 

Romances and Narratives. Ed. by G. A. Aitken. Illus. by 

J. B. Yeats. Victoria Edition. [London, 1899.] i6vols, 

Hf. mor., gt, unc. O(235)$30.oo. 

Secret History of the October Club. [Also] Part II. Lon- 
don- Printed in the Year, 1711, [and] London. Printed for 
J. Bbker [sic,] 1711. 2vols., I2mo 

Bds. (margins of 2d title repaired). X(345)$io.oo. 


DEFOE (Daniel) Continued 

- Secret History of the White-Staff. Parts I and II. London, 
1714 2 vols., J2mo 

Paper, in cl case (Bernheim copy). FF(84)$i2oo 

The Shortest Way with the Dissenters. Second edition 

London, 1703. 4to 
L'/v. mor (title repaired, William Wordsworth, also Wallace- 

Bernhenn copy) FF(57)$6soo 

- Some Account of the Two Nights Court at Greenwich. 
Edinburgh, 1716. 8vo. 

Cf. FF(89)$i200. 

- A Speech Without Doors. London, 1710 8vo. 
Cf. FF(72)$i200 

- The Storm. London, for G Sawbndge, 1704. 8vo 

Sewed, unc , m wrapper and cl case (some pp. stained) X(34i) 

Cont cf (worn, one hinge cracked, Stuart-Auchincruive copy) 


- The Succession to the Crown of England, Considered. Lon- 
don, 1701. Sm 4to. 

Bds (title soiled, some marginal stains). X(339)$iooo 

- A System of Magick; or, a History of the Black Art. Frontis 
London, J. Roberts, 1727 &\o 

Cf., ge X(35i)$70.oo. 

Mor, tooled, ge, by Ruierc (Sheepshanks-Bernheim cop> ) 

- A Tour Thro' the Whole Island of Great Britain. 3 folding 
maps London, 1724-25-27 3 vols , 8vo 

Cont cf. (worn, 2 tears in corners of maps, Sir Archibald Grant 
copy) FFfio7)$i500 

- A Treatise concerning The Use and Abuse of the Marriage 
Bed. London, 1727 8vo 

Oldcf (rebacked, name on title) FF(iJ4)$3^oo 

- The True-Born Englishman. A Satyr. Printed in the Year 
1700 4to 

Mor, tooled, g e on rough, by Riviere. FF(47)$4io.oo. 

- The Two Great Questions Considered; The Two Great Ques- 
tions Further Considered, with some reply to the Remarks 
London, 1700 2 pieces, sm 4to 

ITnbnd. (with the anonymous "Remarks upon a late Pamphlet 
Intitul'd, The Two Great Questions consider'd." to which 
the 2d work above refers, together 3 pieces) FF(48)$i3 on 

- Voyage to the World of Cartesius. London, 1692 8vo 
Cont cf (stained) FF(45)$noo. 

- A True Collection of the Writings of the Author of the True- 
Born Englishman. Portraits by Van der Gucht after L 
Tavener. London, 1703-05 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cont cf (with spurious 1703 edition of Vol I) FF(54)$45 oo 

- Novels and Miscellaneous Works. Ed by C Lewis and 
others Portrait Oxford, D A Talboys, for Thomas 
Tegg, 1840-41. 20 vols , I2mo. 

Mor., ge, by Bayntun CC(32)$2iooo. 

- Works. Ed. by G A Aitkin Portrait and other ill istrations 
by J. B. Yeats. London, 1902. 16 vols., I2mo. 

Hf, mor., g.t., unc. HH(2i9)$47-5o. 


DEFOE (Daniel) Continued 

Works. N. Y., 1903. i6vols, 8vo. 

Cl , g t., unc. GG(35)$3<> oo. 

Works. Ed by G. H Maynadier Hand-made Edition 

N Y , 1905 16 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., gt, unc J(io8)$35-00. 

Hf lev mor , g t., unc R(ii4)$70.oo 

Lev mor, gt, unc ZZ O37)$i9OOO 

A Collection of Twelve Prints, representing the Surprising 

Events in the Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe 12 
plates [London, C. Bowles, 1783] Obi fol. 

Cl FF(i22)$8oo 

The True-Born Englishman: A Satvr. Answer'd, Para- 
graph by Paragraph London, 1701. 8vo. 

Sewed, unc., in mor. case X (340)^35 oo. 

DE FONTAINE (F. G.). Marginalia; or, Gleanings from An 

Army Note-Book By "Personne," Army Correspondent of 
the Charleston Courier. Columbia, S C , 1864. 8vo 
Cf, g.t, line (Several portraits laid in) A(5i5)$26oo. 

DE FOREST (J. W.). History of the Indians of Connecticut. 

Map Hartford, 1851 121110. 
Cl SS(i 4 9i)$750 

DEGRAND (P. P. F.). Meeting of the Friends of a Railroad to 

California . at U S Hotel, I9th of April, 1849 [Contains 
Address by P P F. Degrand on a Plan for a Railroad from 
St Louis to San Francisco ] 32 pp Plula , 1849. 8vo 
Unbnd G(2o6)$n oo 

DE HASS (Wills). History of the Early Settlements and In- 
dian Wars in Western Virginia Wheeling, 1851. 8vo 
Ong cl JJ(I27)$2700 
Cl SS(8 3 8)$ 3 250 

DEKKER (Thomas). Magnificent Entertainment: Giuen to 

King lames, Queene Anne his wife, and Henry Frederick the 
Prince . London by T C for Tho Man the yonger, 1604 
Sni 4to , 

Lev mor, tooled, ge, by Club Bindery (Lefferts-Hagen copy) 

Second Part of the Honest Whore. London, Elizabeth All- 

de for N. Butter, 1630 Sm.4to. 

Lev mor, ge, by Macdonald (Kemble copy, each leaf inlaid, 
with his MS. "note and initials on title) DD(3i2)$55.oo. 

DE LA MARE (Walter). Broomsticks and Other Tales. Lon- 
don, 1925. 8vo 

Bds., gt, unc (Large paper, signed). OOC8i)$8oo. 

A Child's Day: A Book of Rhymes. Illus by C and W 

Cadby. London, 1912. 4to. 

Cl OO(58)$i500 

Come Hither. London, 1923 

Cl , R t (I2mo, has "Constable" on back of cover). OO(7i)$i5 oo 

Bds, unc. (2 vols., 8vo, signed) OO(72)$i3.oo. 


DE LA MARE (Walter) Continued 

Crossings. Music by C. A. Gibbs. [Westminster, Beau- 
mont Press, 1921.] 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (Japan paper, signed). OO(63)$io.oo. 
Bds., unc. XX(322)$7.50. 
Ding Dong Belt London, 1024. I2mo. 
Bds.. unc. (Large paper, signed). OO(77)$8.op. 
Down-Adown-Dcrry. Illus. in color and in black and white 

by D. P. Lathrop. London [1922.] Roy. 8vo. 
Vel., g.t., unc., in hf. lev. mor. case (Large paper, signed). OO(69) 


Henry Brocken. London, 1904. I2mo. 
Cl. (First issue, without bracket following "Walter Ramal"). 


Q. (First issue). OO(54)$".oo. 
Cl., g.t. XX( 3 i6)$8.oo. 
Lispet, Lispett and Vaine. 3 wood-blocks by W. P. Robins. 

London, 1903. 8vo. 

Vel., g.t., unc., in hf. lev. mor. case (signed). OO(73)$i2.oo. 
The Listeners and Other Poems. London, 1912. i6mo. 
Cl., g.t., in hf. lev. mor. case (name on fly-leaf). OO(59)$32.oo. 
Cl., g.t. XX(320)$2i.oo. 

Memoirs of a Midget. London [1921 ] 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (Large paper, signed). OO(66)$35.oo. 
Cl. OO(67)$22.oo. 

Motley and Other Poems. London, 1918. i2mo. 

Bds., unc., in hf. lev. mor. case (A. L. S. laid in). OO(62)$i5.oc. 

Peacock Pie. London, 1913. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc., in cl. covers and hf. mor. case. M(i55)$i750. 
CL, unc., in hf. lev. mor. case (hole in cover, back rubbed). 

Peacock Pie. Illus. in color by C. L. Fraser. London [1924 ] 

Cl. (inscribed). N(2o6)$i5.oo. 

Poems. London, 1906. i2mo. 

Cl., in hf lev. mor. case. OO(55)$30.oo. 

Ci., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. XX (3 17) $32.00. 

Poems. 1901-1918. London [1920.] 2vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (signed, bookplates removed). N(2O5)$i4.oo. 

The Return. London, 1910. I2mo. 

Cl., unc., in hf. lev. mor. case (back rubbed). OO(56)$is.oo. 

The Return. London [1922.] 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (Large paper, signed). OO(70)$i9.oo. 

Songs of Childhood. By Walter Ramal. Frontis. by R. 

Doyle. London, 1902. i2mo. 
Cl., g.t., unc., in cl. cover and hf. mor. case (backbone repaired). 


Songs of Childhood. Illus. in color, by . Canziani. Large 

paper, signed. London, 1923. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. M(is6)$8.oo. 
Bds., unc. OO(75)$io.oo. 

Stuff and Nonsense and So On. London, 1927. 8vo. 
Bds., g.t., unc. (Large paper, signed). OO(84)$io.oo. 


DE LA MARE (Walter) Continued 

The Sunken Garden and Other Poems. London, 1917. 8vo. 

Bds., tine., by Sangorski. HH(7o)$2i.oo. 

Vel., unc., by Sangorski, in hf. lev. mor. case (Japan paper, 

signed). OO(6i)$27.50. 
The Three Mulla-Mulgars. 2 plates in color by E. A. Mon- 

sell. London, 1910. I2mo. 
Q., g.t. OO(57)$22.oo. 
The Three Mulla-Mulgars. Frontis. in color and illustrations 

by J. A. Shepherd. London [1924.] 8vo. 
Bds., unc. (Large paper, signed). OO(8o)$8.oo 
Thus Her Tale. Edinburgh, 1923. Sm. 4to. 
Paper (presentation copy). XX (323) $18.00. 
Two Tales. I. The Green Room. II. The Connoisseur. 

London [1925.] 8vo. 
Bds., g.t, unc. (signed). OO (82) $9.00. 

DE LA MOTTA (Jacob). Discourse delivered at Consecration 
of Synagogue of Hebrew Congregation Mikva Israel in Sav- 
annah, Ga., 2ist of July, 1820. 24 pp. Savannah, 1820. I2mo. 

Unbnd. JJ(ii8)$9-50. 

DELANEY (M. J. S.). A Survivor's Recollections of the Whit- 
man Massacre 1847. Portrait and plate. Spokane [1920] 8vo. 
Orig paper. WW(294)$9OO. 
Another copy. CD(i597)$i4OO. 

DELANO (Alonzo). Life on the Plains and among the Dig- 
gings. Plates. Auburn, 1854. I2mo. 

Hf. mor., g.t (some pp. stained, 4 plates). BB(79)$7q.oq. 

Cl. (one signature loose, tear in backstrip, fly-leaf missing; has 
frontis.). S 8(328) $20.00. 

Cl. WW(i77)$35.oo. 

A Live Woman in the Mines; or, Pike County Ahead! A 

Local Play in Two Acts. By "Old Block." N. Y. [1857.] 

Bds. SS(839)$i2.50. 

Old Block's Sketch Book; or, Tales of California Life. De- 
signs by Nahl. Sacramento, 1856. 8vo. 

Orig. paper (back wrapper lacking). SS (334) $25 -00. 

DELANO (Amasa). Narrative of Voyages and Travels in the 

Northern and Southern Hemispheres. 2 portraits and map. 
Boston, 1817. 8vo. 

Newhf. cf., unc. (corners of 3 pp. torn, not affecting text). 

DELANO (Reuben). [His] Wanderings and Adventures . . . 

Twelve Years in a Whale Ship. Plates. Worcester, 1846. 
Orig. front wrapper, unc. WW( 178) $15.00. 

DELANY (Patrick). Reflections upon Polygamy, and the En- 
couragement given to that Practice in the Scriptures of the 
Old Testament. By Phileleutherus Dubliniensis. London, 
1737- 8vo. 


DELANY (Patrick) Continued 

Hf. cf. (bnd in are "Remarks on a Letter to Dr. Waterland, in 
relation to the Natural Account of Languages." Cambridge, 
1731; and "An Answer to the Letter to Dr Waterland in Re- 
lation to the Point of Circumcision." London, 1731). BB(8o) 


(The). [Ed.] by William Huffington, July-Jan, 1839. Do- 
ver, 1839. 8vo. 
Hf. sheep (broken). (350)51050 


of Proceedings. For the Years 1890-1000 Nos. I-IV, 1892- 
1901; [Continued as] fassinia A Bird Annual Proceedings 
of the Delaware Valley Ornithological Club, Nos. V-XXV, 
1901-24. 21 nos. Phila. [1892-1924.] 8vo. 

5vols., 8vo and roy. 8vo, hf. mor.; 4 nos. unbnd. (with Nos. 22-24 
in dupl , together 28 nos ). I(39o)$25 oo. 

DELEVAN (James). Notes on California and the Placers. 

Plates. N. Y , Long, 1850. Roy. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc. 88(294) $85.00. 

DELISLE (Guillaume). Mappemonde. 93 double-page maps, 

col. in outline. Paris, 1700-26. Fol. 
Old mor. (worn). DE(i68)$3OOO. 
DELL (William). The Doctrine of Baptisms. B Franklin and 

D. Hall, 1759- Sm.Svo. 
Hf cf SS(Q57)$37SO. 
The Trial of Spirits. Phila., B Franklin and D. Hall, 1760 

Unbnd. YY(302)$32.00. 

DELTEIL (Loys). Le Peintre Graveur Illustre (xix et xx Sie- 

cles)* H de Toulouse-Lautrec. Portrait Pans, 1920 410. 
Hf. mor., unc. LL(i69)$i6oo. 

DE MILT (A. P.). [His] Life, Travels and Adventures. Ed by 

F. Y. Fitch. Portrait and plates. N. Y., 1883. i^nio 
Cl WW(i79)$i5.oo. 

DE MORGAN (William). It Never Can Happen Again. Fron- 

tis in color. London, 1909. 2 vols , I2mo. M(i57)$8.oo. 

DE MOTTE (G. J.). La Tapisserie Gothique. Over JOG col 

reproductions Paris, 1924 4 vols., fol 
Sheets, laid in cl. portfolio. HH (22 1) $320.00. 

DENHAM (Sir John). Poems and Translations, with the Sophy. 

London, for H. Herringman, 1668. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e, by Zachnsdorf. X(355)$ios oo. 

DENNISON (George). Genealogy of the Dennison Familv. 

ii!e*ter, 1880. 8vo. 
Paper. Q(355)$i6.oo. 


DENNY (A. A.). Pioneer Days on Puget Sound. Seattle [Pri- 
vately Printed by the Author,] 1888. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. CD(2937)$32 50. 

DE QUINCE Y (Thomas). Confessions of an English Opium- 
Eater. London, 1822. I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc., in cl. case (back rubbed). X (356) $1,750.00. 

Confessions of an English Opium-Eater. Fifth Edition 

[London] N.d.,8vo. 

Cf., g.e. (margins closely trimmed, presentation copy, with in- 
scription, to Charles Shakespeare, autographed also by latter, 
W. K Bixby bookplate). X (357) $900.00. 

Works. Edinburgh, 1871. 16 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. lev. mor., gt, by Bayntun. A(i2i)$6o.oo. 

Collected Writings. Ed. by David Masson. Edinburgh, 1889. 

14 vols., I2mo 

Hf. cf., gt., by Bayntun. CC(34)$9Soo. 

Hf. lev. mor , g.t. DE (400) $25 .00. 

DE RICCI (Seymour). A Bibliography of Shelley's Letters. 

N.p., Privately Printed, 1927. 8vo. 
Cl, unc. PP(i7i)$io.oo. 

Book Collector's Guide. Phila and N. Y., 1921. 8vo. 

Cl. I(s62)$iooo. 

DE ROOS (F. F.). Personal Narrative of Travels in the United 

States and Canada in 1826. 12 plates, one folding. London, 
1827. 8vo 
Bds. SS(ii3)$iooo. 

DE SCHWEINITZ (Edmund). Life and Times of David Zeis- 

berger, Western Pioneer and Apostle of the Indians. Phila., 
1870. 8vo. 
Cl. G(8s)$8oo. 

DE SHIELDS (James). Cynthia Ann Parker, Story of her 

Capture at the Massacre of the Inmates of Parker's Fort, etc 
Portraits. St Louis, Printed for the Author, 1886. I2mo. 
Cl SS(i36o)$i25o. 

DE VINNE (T. L.). The Invention of Printing. N. Y., 1876. 

8vo. LL(j7i)$i2oo. 

The Invention of Printing. N. Y., 1878. 4to. 

Hf mor. (bnd with the 18821 Specimen Book of Bruce's New 

York Type Foundry). DE(i7o)$i7.oo. 

DEVOTION (Ebenezer). Answer of the Pastor and Brethren 
of the Third Church in Windham, to Twelve Articles, ex- 
hibited by several of its Seperating Members, as Reasons of 
Their Separation, etc. 14 pp. N. London, T. Green, 1747. 

Sewed, unc QQ(6s)$240o. 

DEWEES (W. B.). Letters from an Early Settler of Texas. 

Louisville, Ky., 1852. I2mo. CD(2784)$i4-oo. 


DEWHURST (Wynford). Impressionist Painting. London, 

1904. Sm. fol. 
CL, g.t., unc. HH(223)$7.5o. 

DE WITT (Benjamin). Account of Interment of Remains of 

11,500 American Seamen, Soldiers and Citizens, who fell Vic- 
tims to the cruelties of the British on board their prison 
ships at Wallabout, during the American Revolution . . . 
and an Oration, Delivered at the Tomb of the Patriots. N. Y , 
Frank, White, and Co , 1808. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. on rough (lacks half-title and final blank). 

DE WOLFF (J. H.). Pawnee Bill (Major Gordon W. Lillie). 

Portrait and plates. N.p., 1902. 8vo. 
Orig.bds. WW(i8o)$i7.oo. 

DIAL (The). Nos. I-XVI. With Introduction, by G. W. Cooke. 

2vols. [Rowfant Club Reprint.] Cleveland, 1901-02. 18 

vols., 8vo. 
16 nos. paper, 2vols.bds. N(737)$i6.oo. 

DIAL (The)- An Occasional Publication. Ed. by Charles 

Ricketts and Charles Shannon. 5 nos. London, 1889-97. 5 
vols., 4to and roy. 4to. 
Orig. paper, unc., in cl. box. HH (224) $2500. 


Ed. by Joseph Haslewood Woodcuts. London, 1816. Sm 4to. 
Cf., tooled, g.e. gauffered. I(56s)$i40o. 

DIAZ DEL CASTILLO (Bernal). True History of the Con- 
quest of Mexico. Trans, by M. Keatinge. Plan. London, 
1800. 4to. 

Hf. leath., g.t. CD(2O2i)$i5.oo. 

DIBDIN (T. F.). A Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Pic- 
turesque Tour in France and Germany. London, for the 
Author, 1821. 3 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.e. (Large paper, Sheffield copy). D 0(313) $35.00. 

Bibliographical Decameron. Portraits and plates. London, 
1817. 3 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Orig. bds , unc., in 3 mor. cases (hinges cracked, some pp. stained, 
inserted in first vol. is A. L. S.; R. A. Witthaus copy). 

Lev. mor., unc. (with "A Bibliographical, Antiquarian, and Pic- 
turesque Tour." 1821, lacking plates of Diana of Poictiers, 
the Comte de Brienne and the view of the Prater of Vienna. 
3 vols., together 6 vols.; few offsets from plates). KK(2p) 

Bibliomania. London, for the Author, 1811. 2 vols., 8vo., g.t, unc., by Zaehnsdorf (Vol. I scraped). XX(72)$io.oo. 

Bibliomania. London, 1842. Roy. 8vo. 

Hf.mor., unc. KK(30)$io.oo. 

The Library Companion, London, 1825. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc, by Riviere. R(n7)$25.oo. 


DICKENS (Charles). An Account of the First Performance of 
Lytton's Comedy, "Not So Bad as We Seem." London, 
Printed for Private Circulation [for Thomas J. Wise,] 
1919. 8vo 

Paper, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. UU(H3)$37-5O. 

All the Year Round. London, 1859-60. 2vols., 8vo. (A.L to Wilkie Collins, of Oct. 8, 1862, in ist vol.; A. L 
to Dolby, dated Sept. 10, 1868, in 2d). X(43i)$475oo. 

All The Year Round. Complete Set of the 9 Christmas 

Numbers. London, 1859-67. 8vo. 

Hf mor. (9 parts in one vol.). UU(i34)$i5 oo 

American Notes for General Circulation. First issue, with 

first pagination, Vol. I, "xvi.," printed on last page of "Con- 
tents." London, 1842. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc., in lev. mor. case (inner joints of Vol. II cracked; 
presentation copy, inscribed, on half-title, Oct. 14, 1842, to 
Walter Savage Landor; beneath this is signature of "John S 
Landor"). X (397) $4,000.00. 

Orig. cl., unc. (backs faded). LL( 172) $25.00. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (corners rubbed, backs 
faded). UU(69)$ 

Cl, unc. (new end papers). PP(78)$i5.oo. 

Barnaby Rudge. Illus by G. Cattermole and H. K. Browne. 

London, Chapman and Hall, 1841. Roy. 8vo. 

Cf, ge. (Bound for Dickens; inscribed by him, on title, to 
Walter Savage Landor, Christmas, 1841, and by latter, on end 
leaf, to A. S. Landor). X (394) $5,50000. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (faded, name on title). 
UU(6 4 )$i7.50. 

The Battle of Life. A Love Story. Illus. by Maclise, Leech, 

and others. London, 1846. I2mo . 

Orig. cl., g.e., in hf. lev. mor. case (Eckel's Third issue, with 
title including cupid bearing scroll enclosing words "A Love 
Story" followed by publishers' imprint; name of J. R. Jen- 
nings, "1846," on fly-leaf). X (410) $1,000.00. 

Orig cl., g.e., in lev. mor. case (Eckel's Fourth issue, title with 
"A Love Story" on scroll borne by cupid and without pub- 
lishers' name; presentation copy, half-title inscribed, Jan. 21, 
1847, to Joseph Valckenberg). X (411) $2,100.00. 

Orig. cl., g.e. (Fourth issue). KK(34)$22.50. 

Orig. cl., g e., in cl. folder and lev. mor. case (Eckel's Second 
issue, title displaying "A Love Story" on scroll without sup- 
porting cupid followed by publishers' imprint). UU(77) 

The Battle of Life. A Love Story. 1847; [Also] The 

Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain. About 1848. N. Y., 
1847-48. I2mo. and 8vo. 

Orig wrappers, in cl. cover and case and orig wrapppers, unc., in 
cl. folder and hf. mor. case. UU (78-79) $18.00. 

Bleak House. Illus. by H. K. Browne. London, 1852-53. 8vo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in lev. mor. case (wrappers worn, some 
illustrations and pp. of text stained; contains slip, Part IX, 
and most of the advertisements). D(77)$8o.oo. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

Hf. cf. (rubbed, lacks half-title, orig. wrappers, with name on 
each, and numerous advertisements bound in; Hamilton 
Field copy). D(78)$25.oa 

20 in 19 orig parts, unc., m hf. mor case (few backs repaired, 
name on few wrappers, the "dark" plates are brilliant im- 
pressions and slip is present in Part IX.). H(4i3)$7ooo 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in cl. case (few backs repaired). J(m) 
$00.00 . 

20 in 19 orig parts, unc , in cl. folder and hf mor case (backs re- 
paired; Part IX contains slip) K(p8)$8ooo 

Mor, g.e. (brilliant impressions of the "dark" plates). R(i22) 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc , in hf. lev. mor. case (name on 3 wrap- 
pers, back of one repaired; laid in is A. L. to Miss Palfrey, 
dated Boston, April 4, 1868, giving location of grave >ard in 
Bleak House). X(42i)$525 oo. 

Cont hf. mor., in mor. case (worn, inner joints split, presenta- 
tion copy, inscribed, on dedication page, Oct. 3, 1853, to 
Augustus Egg. front end paper bears a presentation inscrip- 
tion, dated 1863, by later owner) X (422) $1,60000 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc. (name on 4 wrappers, some rebackcd, 
"dark" plates are brilliant impressions and slip is present 
in Part IX). DD(3i4)$8s.oo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in cl. case ("dark" plates are brilliant 
impressions and Part IX contains slip) FF(i37)$T30oo 

Orig. cl., unc. (W. Menzies copy). FF(i38)$3OOO 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc. (name on wrappers of Parts III, VI, 
and X, Part IX contains slip). MM(io6)$iiooo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts (rebacked, slip is present in Part IX) PP(8i ) 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in silk cover and lev. mor. case by 
Bayntun (name on 5 wrappers, some backs chipped, has 
"dark" plates in brilliant impression and slip in Part IX) 


Character Sketches from Dickens. Comp. by B W. Mat/. 

Illus. by Harold Copping. Portrait and numerous plates in 
color. Edition de Luxe, signed by compiler and illustrator 
London, 1924. 4to. 

Leath., g.t K(io6)$io.oo. 

A Child's Dream of a Star. Illus. by H Billings Boston, 

1871. I2mo 

Orig. cl., g.e., in cl. folder and hf. lev mor. case (McCutcheon 
copy; with "The Lamplighter, a Farce." London, 1879. m 
lev. mor., g.e., its ong. front wrapper bnd. in, together 2 
vols.). UU(i74-i75)$45-oo. 

A Child's History of England. Frontispieces by F. W. Top- 
ham. London. Bradbury and Evans, 1852-53-54. 3 vols, 

Orig. cl., in cl. case. J(ii2)$75.oo. 

Orig. cl., in lev. mor. case (Vol. I is Second Edition, 1853; pres- 
entation copy, half-title or title of each vol. inscribed, Feb 
10, 1854, to Grace and Harriet Wilkes). X(423) $6,250.00 

Orig. cl. MM(i07)$6s.oo. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

Orig cl., in cl. case and hf. mor. case. UU(i2o)$6ooo 

The Chimes. Illus. by Machse, Leech, Stanfield, and Doyle 

London, 1845. izmo. 

Ong. cl , m lev. mor. case (hinges cracked; Second issue, pres- 
entation copy, half-title inscribed, Genoa, June 6, 1845, to M. 
Alletz, Consul General of France). X (408) $1,650.00. 

Ong cl , tooled, g e. (First issue, with publishers' name within 
engraved part of illus. title). FF(i33)$45.oo 

Orig cl. g.e (hinges cracked, frontis. and title stained; First is- 
sue). KK(32)$55.oo. 

The Chimes. Lithographed illustrations after the Originals, 

with slight variations. Phila., 1845. i6mo. 

Orig. cl., in cl folder and hf. lev. mor. case. M(i6o)$iio.oo. 

Ong cl., in cl folder and hf. mor. case (pp. stained). UU(74) 

The Chimes. London, 1858. i6mo. 

Ong paper, unc., in hf. lev. mor. case (wrapper worn at back, 
G. B. McCutcheon copy). X(426)$6o.oo. 

Collected Set of the Christmas Books. First Editions Lon- 
don, 1843-48. 5 vols., i6mo. 

Orig cl , g.e. A(383)$ii5 oo 

Cf, ge, by Riviere. A (384^52 50 

Lev mor., tooled, g.e., by Zaehnsdorf, in cl. case (E. G. Mocatta 
copy, Christmas Carol is First issue, with blue and red title 
and "Stave I;" The Chimes is First issue, with publishers' 
name within engraved part of illus title, Battle of Life is 
Second issue, title displaying "A Love Story" within unsup- 
ported scroll, also publishers' imprint). K(o6)$425oo 

Ong cl , in mor case (2 vols. shaken, 3 backs torn; Christmas 
Carol is First issue, with "Stave I" and green end papers, 
The Chimes is Second issue, v ith publishers' name in print 
below engraved part of title; Battle of Life is Fourth issue). 

Orig cl , g e (Christmas Carol and The Chimes are First issues, 
Battle of Life is Fourth issue) W (83) $375.00. 

Orig. cl., in lev mor case (Christmas Carol is First issue, with 
red and blue title, "Stave I", and green end papers. The 
Chimes is First issue, with publishers' name a part of en- 
graved title. Battle of Life is Eckel's Second issue, with title 
carrying "A Love Story" within unsupported scroll fol- 
lowed by publishers' imprint, The Haunted Man has broken 
page no on p. 166) X (402) $1,60000. 

Lev. mor., tooled, ge , by Sangorski (orig covers bnd in: Christ- 
mas Carol is Second issue, with "Stave One"; The Chimes is 
First issue, with publishers' name within engraved part of 
illus. title; Battle of Life has Fourth title) PP (79) $240.00. 

Orig cl., g.e., in cl folder and lev mor case (Christmas Carol is 
First issue, with red and blue title, "Stave I." and green end 
papers, The Chimes is First issue, with publishers' name 
within engraved part of illus, title; Battle of Life is Fourth 
issue). UU(72)$6oo.oo. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

Orig. cl., ge., in cl. case (Christmas Carol is First issue, with 
red and blue title, "Stave I." and green end papers; The 
Chimes is First issue, with name of publishers included in 
engraved part of illus. title; Battle of Life is Eckel's Second 
issue, title showing "A Love Story" on unsupported scroll 
followed by imprint of publishers; The Haunted Man has 
broken no. in pagination of p. 166; name of cont. owner on 
front end paper of Battle of Life). ZZ( 142) $950.00. 

Page-proofs of pp. 161-208 of a Cheap Edition of the "Christ- 
mas Books," pp. 161-200 those of "The Battle of Life," the 
remainder those of "The Haunted Man." Sm. 8vo. 
Unbound, in lev. mor. case (sheets soiled; pp. of odd nos. have 
running head-lines in author's autograph). X (403) $350.00. 

A Christmas Carol. Color plates and woodcuts by Leech. 

London, 1843. i6mo. 

Orig. cl., ge, in hf. lev. mor. case. (First issue, with red and 
blue title. "Stave I," and yellow end papers with A. L. S. of 
Dec. 27, 1843, to T. Whitton, reporting successful sale of this 
work; G. B. McCutcheon copy). X (400) $1,050.00. 

Orig. cl., g e., in lev. mor. case (Second issue, with "Stave One" 
and yellow end papers; presentation copy, hf. title inscribed, 
March 28, 1846, to F. Salmon). X (401) $2, 500.00. 

Orig. cl., ge., in cl. folder (First issue, with red and blue title, 
"Stave I" and green end papers). X(4O4)$poo.oo 

Orig. cl., g.e., in cl. folder (Trial issue, with red and green title 
and green end papers). X (405)$!, 15000. 

Orig. cl., g.e., in hf. mor. case (cover faded, back frayed, name on 
fly-leaf; First issue with red and blue title; "Stave I" and 
green end papers; W. H. Hagen copy). KK (31) $360.00. 

Orig. cl , g.e., in cl. case (First issue, with title in red and blue, 
"Stave I," and green end papers). MM(gi)$625.oo 

A Christmas Carol Illustrations in color and plain, by John 

Leech Phila., 1844. i6mo. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and lev. mor. case (inserted is A. L. S. at 
beginning, of Nov. 2, 1867). M(i59)$i25.oo. 

Orig. cl. (presentation inscription of May 20, 1844 laid in). T(64) 

A Christmas Carol. First Reading Edition. London, 1858. 


Orig. paper, unc., in hf. lev. mor. case (G. B. McCutcheon copy). 

Orig. paper, unc. EF(272)$i6.oo. 

Christmas Numbers of "Household Words" (9 nos.), 1850- 

1858; and Christmas Numbers of "All the Year Round," (9 
nos.), 1859-1867. London, 1850-67. iSnos. 8vo. 

Sewed and paper, unc., in cl. case (corner of one leaf torn away, 
few edges frayed). X (420) $225.00. 

Hf. mor., unc. (18 nos. bnd. in 2 vols., engrossed titles and wrap- 
pers bnd. in; Wilkins copy). UU( 109) $32.50. 

The Cricket on the Hearth. Illus. by Leech, Doyle and 
others. London, 1846 i6mo . 

CL, g.e. (shabby). D(73)$27-SO. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

Orig. cl., g.e., in lev. mor. case (presentation copy to George 
Cruikshank, inscription on title dated Dec. 21, 1845; H. V. 
Jones-G. B. McCutcheon bookplates). X (412) $5,000.00. 

Orig. cl , g.e. KK(33)$4O.oo. 

The Cricket on the Hearth. First Reading Edition. London, 

1858. i6mo. 

Orig. paper, in hf. lev. mor. case (G. B. McCutcheon copy). 

A Curious Dance Round a Curious Tree. [London, 1860.] 


Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere (orig. wrappers bound in; First issue, 
with period after "Tree" on wrapper and with type of con- 
cluding paragraph, uniform with that of the rest of the text; 
with ip pp. of the MS. of this work 217 of the 393 lines of 
the printed text in Dickens's hand; M. C. D. Borden copy). 
. X (434) $9,000.00. 

Orig. paper, in cl. case (Second issue, in pink wrappers and with 
orig. stamped wrapper used for mailing the pamphlet, also 
addressed and stamped return envelope which accompanied 
it). X(43S)$2000o. 

Orig. paper, in cl. case (Second issue, with pink wrappers, comma 
after "Tree" on cover- wrapper-title and border around title 
peculiar to this issue, also with last paragraph of text in 
heavy type). MM(ii2)$7.5o. 

Orig. paper, in lev. mpr. case (First issue, with period following 
"Tree" on cover title and with type of last paragraph uniform 
with that of preceding text; loosely laid in are orig. postal 
wrapper with impressed stamp, and envelope bearing litho- 
graphed address of H. F. Shaw LeFevre and impressed 
stamp; McCutcheon copy). UU( 140) $150.00. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (Second issue, with 
comma following "Tree" on cover title, which is surrounded 
by border peculiar to this issue, and with last paragraph in 
heavy type; with the McCutcheon copy of "The Lamplighter's 
Story," etc. Phila. [1861,] together 2 vols.). UU(i4i-i42) 


Dame Durdcn. Little Women from the Bleak House of 

Charles Dickens. Frontis. N. Y., about 1856. i6mo. 

Orig. cl. UU(i23)$n.oo. 

The Personal History of David Copperfield. Illus. by H. K. 
Browne. London, 1849-50. 8vo. 

2 vols., hf. lev. mor. (bnd. from orig. parts with advertisements and 
all wrappers but 2 bnd. in; First issue, with date, 1850, on en- 
graved title; some wrappers repaired). N (211) $50.00. 

Mor., unc. R(i2i)$35.oo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in cl. case (few backs worn or repaired; 
First issue; inserted is A. L. S. of Jan. 28, 1862, to Georgina 
Hogarth). X (418) $90000. 

Cont. hf. cf., in lev. mor. case (First issue; presentation copy, title 
inscribed, Dec. 4, 1850, to James MacGregor). X(4i9) 



DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

Hf. cf. (First issue). FF(i36)$55.oo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in cl. case (First issue; name of orig 

subscriber on 5 front wrappers). MM(io2)$sio.oo. 
Orig. cl., unc., in cl. case (First issue). MM(i03)$i2o.oo. 
20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (some backs 
repaired, name on 2 wrappers; First issue). UU( 102) $310.00 
Hf. mor., in lev. mor. case (cover rubbed; First issue; presentation 
copy, title inscribed Dec. 6, 1850, to David Roberts; with 
A. L. S., 2 l / 2 pp., I2mo, Feb. 3, 1849, to Henry Dickens) 

Doctor Marigold's Prescriptions, Extra Christmas Number of 

All the Year Round ... for Christmas, 1865. [Chapters 1, 
VI, and VIII by Dickens.] London, 1865. 8vo. 
Hf . mor. (orig. wrappers bnd. in , monogram of Sir Edwin Land- 
seer on front wrapper, also inscription in unidentified hand, 
with 'The Josephine Gallery." N. Y., 1859, containing "Sub- 
urban Romance" by Dickens, together 2 vols.). UU( 135-136) 

Dombey and Son. Illus. by H. K. Browne. London, 1846-48. 


20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in mor. case (some backs repaired, signa- 
ture of S. L. Mumford on many of the wrappers and on verso 
of some frontispieces). D(75)$o, 

2 vols., hf. mor., g.t , unc. (bound from orig. parts, with orig. wrap- 
pers and advertisements bound in). J(iio)$22.5O. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in cl. case (backs restored). K(97)$H5 oo 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (several 
backs restored, name on 4 wrappers, inner and upper margins 
of front wrapper of last part extended). M(i62)$95.oo. 

Mor., g.e. (brilliant impressions of the "dark" plates). R(i20) 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in cl. case (few backs repaired; plate, "On 
the Dark Road/ 1 is well printed). X(4I4)$250OO 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in cl. case (A note by Mr. Hatton reads, 
"A fine, untouched copy. I believe this to be the finest copy 
that I have ever seen or handled. It has never been through 
the 'doctor's' hands, a rare fact, and many of the parts bear 
the name of the original owner/') MM (98) $250.00. 

Orig. cl., unc., in cl. case. MM(99)$35OO. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in bd. folder and mor. case. UU(97) 

Orig. cl. (rubbed, plates slightly stained). UU(o9)$io.oo. 

Cf., g.t. ZZ(i47)$20.oo. 

Dealings with the Firm of Dombey and Son. Illus. by J. W 

Orr after H. K. Browne N Y., Wiley and Putnam [Parts 
1-17] and John Wiley [Parts 18 and 19-20,] 1846-48. I2mo. 

18 in 17 parts only, comprising Parts i and 4 to 19-20, in cl. folder 
and hf. mor. case (some backs chipped, name on one wrap- 
per). UU(98)$20.oo. 

The Story of Little Dombey. Reading Edition. London, 
1858. i6mo. 

Orig. paper, unc., in hf. mor. case (backstrip chipped). H(4ii) 



DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

Hf. lev. mor. (some pp. soiled and roughly opened, orig. wrappers 

bnd. in, G. B. McCutcheon bookplate). X(43o)$6s.oo. 
The Examiner. Complete set of issues containing material 

by Dickens. 1838-43 and 1848-49. London, 1838-49. 2vols., 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. (2d vol. is taller than 1st, McCutcheon 

copy). UU(6o)$67.50. 

- [Leaflet.] Extraordinary Gazette. Speech of His Mightiness 
on opening the Second Number of Bentley's Miscellany, 
Edited by "Boz." 4 pp. [London,] 1837. 8vo. 

Folded (worn at fold), in cl. folding case. MM(35)$7.50. 


- Gems from the Spirit Mine, illustrative of Peace. Brotherhood, 

and Progress. Frontis. and plate. [Contains, on pp. 79-80, 
Dickens's poem, "Hymn of the Wiltshire Labourers."] Lon- 
don, 1851. i6mo. 

Orig. cl , in cl. folder and hf. lev. mor. case (back faded, plate 
stained; McCutcheon copy). UU(ii5)$35-00. 

- George Silverman's Explanation. [In Atlantic Monthly for 
Jan., Feb. and March, 1868.] Boston, 1868. 8vo. 

3 orig. parts, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. UU(i6i) $50.00. 

- George Silverman's Explanation. Brighton, Eng. [1878.] 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. UU(i62)$io.oo. 

- The Goblins, who Stole the Sexton. Illus. by Thomas Nast 
N. Y., McLoughlin [1867.] Sm.4to. 

Orig. paper, in cl. case. UU(8i)$i5.oo. 

-Great Expectations. London, 1861. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc., in lev. mor. case (condition almost as new; Pearse 
Morrison-R. M. Bromfield copy; laid in is letter of Mr. 
Bromfield describing loss of these vols. and his search for 
and recovery of them). X (436) $3,50000. 

Orig. cl., unc., in lev. mor. case (presentation copy, inscribed to 
John Daly, Feb. 6, 1862). X (437) $1,100.00. 

Hf mor., g.t. (advertisements lacking). MM (114) $20.00. 

Orig. cl., unc., in cl. folder and lev. mor. case (orig. pale yellow 
end-papers, typographical errors as follows: Vol. II, p. 162, 
line 21 has "their" for "her," and p. 205, line 20 has "gto et" 
for "to get"; Vol. Ill, p. 37, line 25 has "raving" for "stav- 
ing"; p. 145, line I has "but" for "was," and p. 150, line 4 has 
"led" for "lead"; 32-page catalogue, dated May, 1861, is in- 
cluded in orig stitching of Vol. III. UU( 146) $1,275.00. 

- [Broadside.] The Great International Walking Match of 
February 29, 1868. Boston, 1868. 21x23^ in. 

In cl folder and hf. lev. mor. case (reinforced with silk backing, 
tears repaired; signed by Dickens, G. Dolby, J. R. Osgood, 
J. T. Fields, and A. V. S Anthony). UU(i59)$i,6oo.oo. 

- The Great Winglebury Duel. [In The Comic Pocket Book 
for 1840.] London, 1840. 241110. 

Orig. leath. notebook covers, g e., in cl. folder and hf . lev. mor. 

case (McCutcheon copy). UU(n)$i7.5O. 
Hard Times. London, 1854. I2mo. 
Hf. mor., by Zaehnsdorf. D(79)$n.oo. 


DICKENS (Charles) Cont inued 

Orjg. cl., in mor. case (inner joints weak) M(i63)$i7.oo. 
Orig. cl., unc., in mor. case (W. Menzies copy; laid in same case 
is "A Curious Dance round a Curious Tree." N,p., 1852, to- 
gether 2 vols.). FF(i39)$40.oo. 
Orig. cl., in cl. case. MM(io8)$35.oo. 

The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain. Illus. by Ten- 

niel, Leech, Stanfield, and Stone. London, 1848. i6mo. 
Orig cl , g.e., in lev. mor. case (pagination of page 166 in un- 
broken type; presentation copy, inscribed on half-title to W. 
H. Amsworth, "Christmas Day 1848"). X (4 17) $6,750.00. 
Cl, tooled, g.e. (backstrip worn, writing on verso of frontis.). 
FF( 135) $10.00. 

Orig. cl , g.e. (shaken, name on inside cover). KK(35)$27 50. 

Household Words. A Weekly Journal conducted by 

Charles Dickens. March 30, i8so-May 28, 1859. London, 
1850-59. 19 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. cf. (rubbed). UU(io6)$22.5o. 

Hunted Down, and Other Reprinted Pieces.. Woodcuts 

Phila , n d. I2mo. M(i68)$i2.50. 

Is She His Wife? or, Something Singular. A Comic Bur- 

letta in One Act. Vignette. Boston, 1837 [1877, Reprint.] 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. UU(i9)$45.oo. 

The Lamplighter's Story; Hunted Down; The Detective Po- 
lice; and Other Nouvelettes. Phila. [1861.] I2mo., in hf. lev. mor. case X(438)$I75-00. 

Rebound bds., hf. leath. (rubbed and scraped. LL( 173) $40.00. 

Letters of Charles Dickens. Portrait. 3 vols. 1880-1882, 

[also] Life of Charles Dickens, by John Forster. 3 vols 
1873-1874. London, 1873-82 6 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor., unc (J N. Stanchfield copy). FF(i42)$i5oo. 

Some [9] Letters of Charles Dickens. Ed. by W m - Glyde 

Wilkins. Facsimile*. Pittsburgh. Privately Printed, 1907. 


Orig. paper, unc , in cl. folder and hf. lev. mor. case. UU(229) 


The Library of Fiction. Contains "The Tuggs's at Ranis- 
gate," with plate by R. W. Buss, and "A Little Talk About 
Spring and the Sweeps/' with 2 plates by R. Seymour. Lon- 
don, Chapman and Hall, 1836. 8vo. 

Orig. parts I-VI, unc., in lev. mor. case (backs of wrappers re- 
paired; inserted are plate and etching by Cruikshank). 
X( 3 6i)$8250o., in cl. case (with Vol. II. 1837, together 2 vols.; 2 new 
end-papers). MM (25) $20.00., unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (with Vol. II t 1837, 
together 2 vols.; covers worn, one hinge cracked). UU(i3) 

Little Dorrit. Illus. by H. K. Browne. London, 1855-57, 



DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in case (first pp. of last 6 nos partly 
mildewed; Part XVI contains slip correcting error in the 
printing of "Rigaud" for "Blandois" in Part XV. A (387) 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in mor. case (Part XVI contains slip). 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in hf. mor. case (contains slip and 
illustrations, including the 5 "dark" plates, are fine impres- 
sions from the orig. plates). H(4i4)$5S.oo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in cl. case (contains slip and illustra- 
tions, including 5 "dark" plates, are fine impressions from 
orig. plates). J(ii3)$95-00. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (with 
slip). K(99)$ioooo 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in lev. mor. case (contains slip, laid in 
is letter of Dickens to publishers directing destination of 2 
copies on "the Little Dornt Free list"). X(424)$8sooo. 

Lev. mor , g.e., in lev. mor. case (presentation copy, inscribed to 
Miss Burdett Coutts, Sept, 1857). X (425) $4,400.00. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc, in cl. case (contains slip). MM(i09) 

Cl . in cl. case MM(iio)$i7.50. 

20 in IQ orig parts, unc , in cl folder and hf lev mor. case (con- 
tains slip and 5 "dark" plates are fine impressions; with N 
Y. 1855 edition of "The Holly Tree Inn," containing "The 
Guests," "The Boots," and 'The Bill," by Dickens, together 

20 VOls). UU(I27-I28)$IOOOO. 

On> cl in folder and hf mor case UU(i2q)$iooo 

The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit. Illus. by 

H K Browne. First Edition, First issue, with "" on title 

transposed to read: "ioo." London, 1843-44 8vo 
20 in 19 orig. parts, in mor. case (some backs repaired) D(6g) 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in 2 lev. mor. cases (some backs worn, 

others replaced, initials on one wrapper, some plates stained). 

X (406) $250 oo. 
Orig. dark blue cl., "London, 1844" at foot of backstrip, unc , in 

cl. case MM(93)$iopoo 
20 in 19 orig parts, unc , in hf mor case (backs of few wrappers 

chipped, case rubbed). UU(83)$27ooo. 
2 vols , hf. mor (backs faded, bound from orig parts) UU(85) 


Cl, unc., in hf lev. mor. case UU (86) $18000. 
Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit. Illus. by H K. 

Browne. First Edition, Second issue, with "ioo" on title 

London, 1843-44. 8vo. 
Orig. light blue cl., without lettering at foot of backstrip, unc 

20 in 19 orig. parts, in cl folder and mor case (some backs 

chipped). UU(84)$I30 oo 
Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit. Illus by "Phiz." 

N. Y., Harper, 1844. 8vo 
7 orig parts, unc (pages of 2 parts stained). H(40i)$io50. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

Master Humphrey's Clock. Illus. by G. Cattermolc and H 

K. Browne. London, 1840-41. 8vo. 

Hf. cf., g.e. (3 vols. in one). A (382) $11.00. 

20 orig. monthly parts, unc., in mor. case (backs repaired). D(68) 
$70 oo. 

88 orig. weekly parts, unc., in cl. case. W (82) $175.00. 

88 orig. weekly parts, unc., in mor. case X( 392) $300.00. 

20 orig monthly parts, unc., in hf. mor. case (some backs re- 
paired, name on one wrapper) X (393) $175.00. 

3 vols., orig. cl. (backs chipped). FF( 132) $32.50. 

3 vols, orig. cl. (bndg. worn at edge). MM(8i)$2O.oo. 

Hf. leath (worn, 3 vols. in 2). PP(77)$42 50. 

88 orig weekly parts, unc., in cl folder and hf. mor. case (some 
wrappers soiled). UU(6i) $210.00. 

20 orig. monthly parts, unc , in cl. folder and hf. mor. case 


3 vols , orig cl., in folder and hf mor. case (somfe hinges cracked, 
some pp. stained). UU(63)$io.oo. 

Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi. Edited by "Boz." Portrait ot 

Grimaldi after S. Raven and 12 plates by G. Cruikshank 
First issue, with plate, "The Last Song," without border 
London, 1838. 2 vols , 8vo. 

Orig pink cl., unc., in hf mor case (inserted, following "The Last 
Song" in first state, is 2d state of this plate with border, both 
plates preceding p 238, Vol II; name ot Wm. Dollou, Aug 
1839, on end papers) H(39i)$7O.oo 

Hf. cf. (lacks half titles, with "Last Song" plate in 2d state as 
well as first), J(iO9)$23.oo 

Orig. pink cl , unc, in mor. case (shaken, catalogue label re- 
moved from backstrip of each vol . G. Cruikshank copy, his 
autograph on each title) X( 387^550 oo. 

Orig. pink cl., unc., in cl. case. MM(6i)$i25OO 

Cf, tooled, g.e., by Morrell. PP(73)$45-oa 

Orig. pink cl , unc., in hf. mor. case. UU(50)$i3Ooo 

Memoirs of Joseph GrimaldL Edited by "Boz." Portrait of 

Grimaldi after S. Raven and 12 plates by G. Cruikshank 
First edition, Second issue, with plate, "The Last Song," in 
second state, with border added. London, 1838. 2 vols , 8vo 

Orig. brown cl , in cl. case. MM(62)$35.oo. 

Mr. Nightingale's Diary. [Reprint.] Boston, 1877. 241110 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. UU(ii4)$30.oo. 

Mrs. Joseph Porter, "Over the Way." [In "The Select Cir- 
culating Library/'] Phila , 1834. 4to 

Hf. leath., in cl. folder and hf. lev mor case (bndg. worn, several 
pp stained, McCutcheon copy). UU(2)$I7.50. 

The Mudfog Papers. London, Bentley, 1880. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. UU(23)$ 

Mystery of Edwin Drood. 12 plates (including title), by 
S. L. Fildes and a portrait London, 1870. 8vo. 

6 orig. parts. A(389)$i7.oo. 

6 orig. parts in cl. case. J(ii6)$ 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

6 ong. parts, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (backs restored; with 
A. L. S., Oct. 4, 1869, to Mr. Day regarding revision of proof, 
also signed addressed envelope, together 2 pieces in addition 
to the 6 printed vols.). K(IOI) $150.00. 

6 orig. parts, unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (several back- 
bones chipped). M(i66)$225o. 

6 orig. parts, unc., in cl. case (backbones repaired). R(i23)$ 

6 orig. parts, unc., in hf. lev. mor. case (backs of wrappers re- 
paired, laid in is A. L. to Harper Bros, regarding a misunder- 
standing in relation to the American publication of this 
work). X(443)$400.oo. 

6 orig. parts, unc., in hf. mor. case (several wrappers damaged, 
one back-strip defective). FF( 141) $25.00. 

6 orig. parts, unc , in cl. case (lacks "Cork Hat" advertisement) 

Ong cl., unc., in cl. case. MM(i20)$i7.50. 

6 ong parts, unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor case. UU(i66)$40.oo 

6 orig. parts, unc., in cl. case (backbones repaired, advertise- 
ments slightly damaged). XX (331) $15.00. 

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. With, illus- 
trations by Phiz. London, 1838-39. 8vo 

Rus., g.e. (First issue, with publisher's imprint on first 4 plates 
and "visiter" for "sister" on p. 123). A(38i)$ipoo. 

jo in 19 orig. parts, unc., in' cl. case (some backs repaired, plates 
stained; First issue, with publisher's imprint on first 4 plates, 
"visiter" for "sister" on p. 123, and longer caption, "Nicholas 
makes his first visit to the lodgings of Mr. Bray," on plate in 
Part XV). D(67)$oopo. 

20 in 19 ong. parts, unc., in hf. lev. mor. case W(8i)$no.oo. 

jo in 19 orig- parts, unc , in lev. mor. case (about half of the backs 
have been repaired, name on 2 covers; First issue, with 
publisher's imprint on first 4 plates and "visiter" for "sister" 
in Part IV, p. 123, line 17; laid in is A. L. S. by Alfred Walhs 
to Mr Bruton, dated Oct. 23^ 1911, and mentioning report 
that Dickens had written to Hicks to correct above error 
"visiter" as soon as proof reached him). X( 384) $400.00. 

Old mor., ge, in lev. mor. case (rebacked; presentation copy, 
with inscription on dedication page to Dr. Elliotson, fol- 
lowed by inscription of latter to E. Spence. Symes, 1864; 
also, tipped on a front fly-leaf, is A. L. S. presenting the vol. 
to Dr. Elliotson). X (391) $4,600.00. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in mor. case (First issue, with all points, 
autograph of A. Wilkinson, orig. subscriber, on front wrap- 
pers of all parts but the last; with Proclamation by Boz of 
Feb. 28, 1838, announcing publication of Nicholas Nickleby, 
together 20 pieces). MM(65)$25ooo. 

Orig cl (worn, some plates stained; with plate at page 456 in 
first state, with longer caption, "Nicholas makes his first 
visit to the lodgings of Mr. Bray;" page 123, line 17, has 
word, "sister"). MM(66)$45.oo. 

Orig cl., unc. (inner joints cracked; First issue, with publisher's 
imprint on first 4 plates, plate at p. 456 in first state, and 
misprint, "visiter" for "sister" on p. 123, line 17.). MM (69) 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

Hf. mor. (worn, 2 vols. bnd. from orig. parts; fiirst 4 plates carry 
publisher's imprint and plate on p. 456 is m first state, with 
the longer caption; but p. 123, line 17 has corrected word, 
"sister" and plate at p. 248 is in 2d state with corrected' cap- 
tion, "Nicholas instructs Smike in the art of acting"). UU(55) 

20 in 19 orig. parts, in cl folder and hf. lev. mor. case (First is- 
sue, with publisher's imprint on first 4 plates and error, "vis- 
iter," on p. 123, line 17; 3d plate in Part XV is in 2d state\). 

Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. Paris, 1839 2 

vols., 8vo. 

Bds, hf. roan. MM(7o)$ 

Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. 40 plates by 

m "Phiz." Phila., 1838-39. 8vo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in hf. mor. case (pieces cut from upper 
margins of front wrappers of Parts I, 2, and 18, several backs 
chipped). UU(53)$22o.oo. 

Notes and Comments on Certain Writings in Prose and 

Verse by Richard Henry Home. London, Printed for Pri- 
vate Circulation Only, 1920. Sm. 4to. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Sangorski (orig. wrappers bnd. in; inlaid are 
the orig. letters which make up this collection 16 pp., copy 
for this publication together with the orig. envelopes, and 
a 4-page letter from Home to Dickens, outlining his plans 
for a story, "The Three Young Lords"). X(466)$soooo. 

Old Curiosity Shop and Other Tales. Illus. by Cattermole, 

Browne, and Sibson. Phila., 1842. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., in lev. mor. case (presentation copy, inscribed to Prof. 
Felton, Feb. 23, 1842). X (398) $1,600.00. 

Oliver Twist; or, the Parish Boy's Progress. By "Boz." 

Illus. by G. Cruikshank. London, 1838. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc., in hf. mor. case (covers faded; First issue, with 
"Fireside** plate in Vol. Ill, p. 213; does not contain "List of 
Illustrations" and back is without "London, Bcntley" at 
foot). H(390)$I75-00. 

Orig. cl., unc., in bd. case (faded, loose; First issue, with "Fire- 
side" plate; backstrip has "London, Bentley" at foot). W(8o) 

Orig. cl., unc., in lev. mor. case (First issue, with "Fireside" plate, 
few imprints of plates have been trimmed close or trimmed 
off entirely before binding; inserted is "Agnes" plate, laid in 
is A.L. S. from Charles Dickens, Jr.). X(38p)$525oo. 

Orig. cl., unc., in cl. case (First issue, with "Fireside" plate; does 
not contain "List of Illustrations;" backstrip is without Bent- 
ley's imprint). MM (53) $260.00. 

Hf.mor., g.t., unc. (First issue, with "Fireside" plate). MM(54) 
$55 oo. 

Orig. cl., unc., in cl. case (Vol. I loose in binding; Second issue, 
with plate, "The Scene at Agnes's Tomb"). MM(55)$30.oo. 

Cl., unc. (cover faded, new end papers; First issue, with "Fire- 
side" plate; contains "List of Illustrations"). PP (74) $135 .00. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

Cl. (rubbed, new end papers, some plates stained; First issue, 
with "Fireside" plarte; does not contain "List of Illustra- 
a tions"). PP(75)$8o.oo. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. lev. mor. case (some pp stained; 
First issue, with "Fireside" plate; contains "List of Illustra- 
tions"). UU(33)$3SO.oo. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. lev. mor. case (pp stained, one sig- 
nature loose; Second issue, with plate, "The Scene at Agnes's 
Tomb"). UU(34)$27.50. 

Oliver Twist. Phila., 1839. 2 vols , I2mo. 

Orig. bds. and labels, in folder and hf. mor. case (shaken, pp. 
stained, inscription dated Feb. 9, 1842, is tipped in Vol. I). 
UU (36) $10.00. 

Oliver Twist. Cincinnati, 1839 2 vols., I2mo. 

New bds. and labels, in folder and hf. mor. case. UU(37)$8oo. 

Oliver Twist; or, The Parish Boy's Progress. The Third 
Edition. London, 1841. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (one cover loose, book- 
plate of W. G. Wilkins in each vol.). UU(39)$i7-5O. 

Oliver Twist. Illus. by G Cruikshank. Phila., 1842. 8vo. 

Hf . mor., in mor. case (margins of 2 leaves repaired ; presentation 
copy to Prof. Felton, inscribed Feb. 24, 1842). X(399) 
$1,300 oo 

Cl. UU(4o)$8oo 

Adventures of Oliver Twist; or, The Parish Boy's Progress. 

With illustrations on Steel by George Cruikshank. "First 
Octavo Edition." London, 1846. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.e. D(72)$so oo. 

10 orig. parts, green paper, unc , in hf mor. case (backs worn, 
some plates discolored, laid in is dupl. Part I in blue wrap- 
pers; S. H. Austin copy, described in Austin catalogue as 
No. 188 of the Douglas sale). X(409)$i,65o.oo. 

Orig. cl., unc., in cl. case. MM(56)$8ooo. 

Cl., unc. UU(42)$65.oo 

10 orig. parts, unc., in cover and hf. mor. case (some backs re- 
stored, name on one front cover). UU (43) $90000. 

Cf., g.t., unc. (orig. cover and back-strip mounted and bnd. in 
at back). ZZ(i44)$25oo. 

Oliver Twist oder die Lausbahn eines WaisenKnaben. Von 

Boz . . . Aus dem Englischcn von Dr U. Diezmann. Braun- 
schweig, 1838 I2mo 

Cl. (rubbed, 3 vols. in one). UU(35)$225o 

Our Mutual Friend. Illus. by Marcus Stone. London, 1864- 

65. 8vo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, in cl. case. A (386) $40.00. 

Cl. (bnd. from parts). A(388)$ii.oo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in cl. case (First issue, with the slip "To 
the Reader," in first no and illus. advertisement. "The 
People's Pickwick," in part XII). J (114) $105 .00. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in hf. mor. case (backbones restored, 
minor repairs to covers; lacks slip, "To the Reader"). K(ioo) 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

2 vols., orig. cl., unc. (inserted in first vol. is A. L. S. by illustra- 
tor). M(i6s)$3S.oo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in lev. mor. case (First issue, with slip 
"To the Reader," in first no. and illus. advertisement of the 
"People's Pickwick" in Part XII). X (441) $225.00. 

2 vols., rus., g.e., in lev. mor. case (inscription on title of 1st vol., 
dated Dec. 13, 1865, and A. L. S. tipped to fly-leaf of 2d vol. 
presenting this copy to Miss Eden; fly-leaf of each vol. bears 
autograph of "E. Eden"; bookplate of Lord Auckland). 

2 vols., cf., g.e., by Riviere. FF( 140) $37.50. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc. (front wrapper of 1st no. has small piece 
torn from upper corner; First issue, with slip, "To the Read- 
er," inserted in 1st no.). MM (116) $130.00. 

2 vols., orig. cl., unc., in cl. case (bnd from orig. parts with orig 
wrappers to 1st and 2d nos. and slip "To the Reader" bnd. in, 
ist vol. has specially printed engraved title, an impression 
from block used in printing wrappers of orig. parts. MM (117) 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in cl. folder and lev. mor. case (several 
backs chipped, tears in edge of wrapper of ist no.; First 
issue, with slip, "To the Reader", inserted in ist no ) 

2 vols , orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. lev mor. case (First issue, 
with slip, "To the Reader," inserted before ist page of text) 

Our Young Folks. Nos. 37-41, Jan.-May, 1868; also Vol. TV, 

1868 [each containing, in parts for Jan., Mar., April, and 
May, "A Holiday Romance" by Dickens ] Boston ,1868 8vo 

5 orig. parts, in cl. folder and hf lev. mor. case and vol. bnd. cl , 
in cl. folder and hf. mor. case UU( 157- 158) $2700. 

Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. London, 1836-37 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in mor. case, (wrappers frayed, some 
backs torn, several plates frayed and stained; plates, many 
of which are in first state, have page references in Parts 
I-XII but in Parts XIII-XX they are blank; running head 
on p. 26 is "Posthumous Papers, &c."; orig. advertisements 
are present in Parts XVI and XVIII; the addresses by the 
author and publisher are not present). D(6s)$io5oo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, in mor. case (wrappers repaired). D(66) 

Lev. mor. (comprising 20 in 19 orig. parts bound without adver- 
tisements or wrappers; 2 plates with transposed pagination, 
without signature mark "E," page 25; 2 lines in chapter 
heading, page 43, ending "Pick," and "and"; first word in 
line 27 of page 50 is "apartment"; last 2 words of first line, 
page 115, printed "Thep art"; 2d line in "Ode to an Expiring 
Frog" on page 148 is indented one space beyond preceding 
line; page 181, line 34 has dash after word "one"; heading 
to Chapter XX, page 198 has 4 lines; plates to face pp. 223 
and 233 are printed on pink tinted paper). T(62)$375.oo. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in cl. folder and case (Part XVII has 
back repaired; all wrappers dated 1836 except that of Part 
XVII; addresses appear in Parts XV, XVIII, and XIX-XX. 
some advertisements in Parts XV, XVII, XVIII, and XIX- 
XX; both plates in Part IV are signed "N.E M O.", frontis 
has 4 stripes on stool and "Phiz fecit" forming an angle, 
vignette title has "Veller" on signboard; text p. 341, Part XII 
contains uncorrected words, "Inbelicate" and "inscriptino." 
Accompanying the above is extra Part XVII with wrapper 
dated 1836, name written on face of this wrapper, together 
20 pieces). W(79)$55?.oo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc , in lev mor case (wrappers dated 1836 
with 2 exceptions; no advertisements appear before Part 
XIV; is without Buss plates; presentation copy, first page 
of Part I inscribed to Mrs. Johns). X (365) $3,60000. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc , in tooled lev. mor. case (Jupp-Kern 
copy, with names on all but 3 wrappers, described by John C 
Eckel for catalogue of this sale as in fresh condition, with 
undoubted evidence of earliest printing, with all typograph- 
ical "points," except the debatable one of the signature "E" 
(present in this copy) on p. 25 of Part I , with orig. wording, 
Part II, before alteration by the author, with requirements 
of page 148 met ; with all the addresses and with all adver- 
tisements necessary to a perfect "Pickwick in Parts," includ- 
ing the Murray advertisement without the street no , the 
Johns Homer, the Pigot and the Turrill advertisements, also, 
in back advertisement of Part V, the repetition of "Gilbert's 
Map of the World," which Eckel brings out as a point 
created by this copy seen and examined by him only now. 
subsequent to his mention of it in "Prime Pickwicks in Parts" 
was replaced in a later printing by the advertisement of 
the Bournenne Memoirs of Napoleon. X (364) $28,00000 

Lev mor., in lev. mor. case (presentation copy, inscribed, on title, 
to Frederick Salmon, Oct. 25, 1841; inserted is letter to re- 
cipient of same date). X (379) $4,00000. 

2vols., hf. cf , in hf. lev mor. case (inner joints of both vols. 
cracked, occasional stains; E M Browell-W F Morgan- 
G. B. McCutcheon copy). X(38o)$2oooo. 

20 in TO oner parts, in cl case (each wrapper dated 1836, Parts 
XII to XIX-XX are of first issue; after Part XV, the name 
of Bradbury and Evans appears at the bottom of all front 
covers, Parts XVI to XIX-XX contain the Pickwick Adver- 
tisers and many of the book advertisements at the back) 

20 in 19 orig. parts in cl. case (backs of some wrappers repaired: 
all wrappers dated 1836 except those of Parts XV and 
XVIII; Part III contains the Buss plates, Parts X to 
XIX-XX contain the Pickwick Advertiser, Parts XII and 
XIX-XX contain Mcchi's catalogue: Manby-Colgate-Far- 
ncll-Fowlcr copy, with 2 A L. S. of Dickens, one to Charles 
Manby, the other to Mrs. Manby, and 2 A. L. S. of Mary 
Farnell to Mrs. Hosford, dated, respectively, Nov. 30 and 
Dec. 3, 1906. MM (28) $625.00. 


DICKENS (Charles) 

Lev. mor., g.t., by Morrell (catalogue description comprises the 
following as quotation from Thomas Hatton. "A perfect 
copy of the first issue, embodying all the very numerous 
points of letterpress and plates. The letterpress throughout 
is of the first printing. Plates at pp. 89 & 94 are in an earlier 
state than has ever been previously recorded. In fact they 
were not known to collectors"). MM (29) $250.00. 

Lev. mor , g.t., unc., by Riviere (bound from orig. parts, contains 
Buss plates and has "Veller" on engraved title). MM (30) 

Hf. lev. mor, g.t. (bound from orig. parts; with the buss plates 
and the illustrations by Onwhyn). MM(3i)$4000. 

Lev mor , g t , by Morrell (bound from orig. parts, contains Buss 
plates and the plate at page 197 is in first state). MM (32) 

Orig. cl , unc., in cl case. MM(34)$75 oo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, in cl. case (backs of wrappers repaired, writ- 
ten date on last wrapper partially erased; all wrappers dated 
1836 except those of Parts XVI and XIX-XX, all addresses 
of the publishers present, address of the Author in XV only, 
advertisements in some of the last parts). PP (72) $345.00. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc , in cl. folder and mor. case (each wrap- 
per dated 1836; Buss plates in Part III; addresses by the 
Author in Parts III (laid in), X, and XV: addresses by the 
publishers in Parts XVII, XVIII, and XIX-XX; Mechi's 
catalogue in XIX-XX; Pickwick Advertiser and back adver- 
tisements complete in IX to XIX-XX, "Veller" on vignette 
title). UU(24)$35000. 

- The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. Edited by 
"Boz." Phila., 1836-37. 5 vols., I2mo. 

Orig bds., in hf. lev. mor. case (worn, pp. stained, First issue of 
Vol. One, without number of vol. on title; McCutcheon- Wal- 
lace copy). X (366) $600.00. 

- Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. Illus. by R. Sey- 
mour, Phiz, and Crowquill N. Y , Wm. H Colyer, 1838 

Orig. bds.. unc , in cl folder and hf. mor. case (worn, pp. 
stained). UU(26)$7 50. 

Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. Frontis. from a 
design by C. R Leslie. London, 1847 J2mo. 

Hf. old mor (presentation copy, inscribed Oct 28, 1847, to Ser- 
geant Talfourd on page bearing printed dedication to him, 
laid in is a note of May 6, 1847, to Sergeant Talfourd, W. H. 
Arnold copy). X (41 5) $2,300.00. 

- Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. Illus. by Sey- 
mour, Buss, Browne ("Phiz") and Leech. Victoria Edition 
London, 1887. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. and unopened. UU(27)$7.50 

- Le Club des Pickwistes. Roman comique. Paris, 1838. 2 
vols., 8vo. 

Hf. cf. (from the Henry Seymour collection). X(386)$2o.oo. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

The Pic Nic Papers. By Various Hands. [Vols. I and II.] 

Edited by Charles Dickens. Illus. by Cruikshank, Phiz and 
others. London, 1841 3 vols., I2mo 

Orig. cl., unc., in hf. mor. case (some pp stained; p. iii of Intro- 
duction has words "young publisher" in correct order, page 
i of text has no line under sub-title) H(396)$n.oo. 

Orig. cl , unc., in 3 lev. mor. cases (p. in of Introduction has 

"publisher young"; Vol II has line rule under sub-title of 

first page of text, no advertisements at end of this vol.; 

tipped in first vol. is A. L. S.; Hoe-McCutcheon copy). 

. X (396) $350 oo. 

Orig. cl , unc., in cl. case (backs faded, "young publisher" cor- 
rectly printed on p. iii of Introduction). MM(8s)$20.oo. 

Orig. cl , unc., in lev. mor. case (words, "young publisher," print- 
ed in correct order; Vol. II, page I does not have line under 
sub-title). UU(66)$i;.50. 

Pictures from Italy. Vignettes by S. Palmer. London, 1846. 

1 2 mo. 

Cl (H. E Widener bookplate). D(74)$i500. 

Orig cl., unc., in lev. mor. case (presentation copy, inscribed on 
half-title to Douglas Jerrold, "Nineteenth May, 1846"). 


Orig cl., unc (corner of final fly-leaf torn away). FF(i34)$iooo 

Orig cl. (name on fly-leaf). PF(8o)$7.5o. 

Orig cl , unc, in folder and mor. case. UU(94)$I75O. 

Pictures from Italy. N. Y., 1848. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (m cl. folder and hf. mor. case). UU(95)$7-50. 

Plays and Poems. With a Few Miscellanies in Prose. Ed 

by R H Shepherd London, 1882 2 vols , 8vo. 

Orig. cl , unc. UU(i76)$6ooo. 

Plays and Poems. Ed by R. H. Shepherd. London, 1885. 2 

vols., imp. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., unc. (Large paper, W. G. Wilkms copy). FF(i43) 

The Poor Traveller, Boots at the Holly-Tree Inn, and Mrs. 

Gamp. First Reading Edition. London, 1858. i6mo. 

Orig paper, unc, in hf. lev. mor. case (G. B. McCutcheon copy). 

Proceedings at the Eleventh Anniversary Festival of the 

Royal General Theatrical Fund, March I7th, 1856. [Con- 
tains 2 speeches by Dickens.] London, 1856. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., ge, in cl. folder and hf. lev. mor. case. UU( 192) $50.00. 

Public Life of Mr. Tulrumble. By Boz. Phila., 1837. i2mo. 

Orig. bds , in cl folder and hf. lev mor case. UU(22)$ 

Report of the Dinner Given to Charles Dickens, In Boston, 

February i, 1842 Reported by Thomas Gill and William 
English. [Speech by Dickens occupies pp. 10-15.] Boston, 
1842. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, in cl.* folder and hf mor. case. MM(89)$55.oo. 

Sketches by Boz. Illus by G. Cruikshank. 2vols. 1836; 

Sketches by Boz. The Second Series. Illus. by George 
Cruikshank, 1837. First Editions. London, 1836-37. 2 vols., 


DICKENS (Charles) Con tinned 

Orig. cl., unc, in lev. mor. case (Vol. II of First scries is shaken 
and has tear at back, First issue of Second Series, with illus 
title dated 1836 and printed title, 1837 and with numerous 
errors in pagination). X (362) $750.00. 

Orig cl., in lev. mor. case (breaks at back of bndg. of Second 
Series; First issue of Second Series without list of illustra- 
tions on p. viii, with pp. 25, 32 and 62 incorrectly numbered 
52, 23 and 46 respectively, with page no. omitted from p. 60, 
and with plate, "Mr. Minns and his Cousin" facing page 263; 
plate, "Vauxhill Gardens by Day" appears as frontis only, 
is not repeated at p. 216). UUU)$330.oo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Riviere (ong. wrappers bnd. in, Second 
issue of Second Series). UU(5)$no.oo. 

Mor., gt., by Morrell (cl. covers bnd in, First Series contains 
the 2 extra plates belonging to Second edition of this series) 

Sketches by Boz. Illus. by G. Cruikshank. Second Edition 

London, 1836. 2 vols , I2mo. 

Ong cl., in mor. case (Vol I shaken, inner joints of both vols 
repaired, presentation copy, inscribed on title to J. P Har- 
ley). X (363) $550.oo 

Sketches by Boz. 1836; Sketches by Boz. The Second Scries 

1837. Second Editions. Illus. by G. Cruikshank. London, 
1836-37. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl , unc , in lev. mor. case (some backs worn, Second series 
has frontis. and engraved title bound in upside down) UU(6) 

Sketches by Boz. Second Series Title and plates by G 

Cruikshank. Calcutta, 1837. I2mo. 

New bds. and label, unc. (Wilkins bookplate). UU(8)$n oo 

[Sketches by Boz.] Watkins Tottle, and Other Sketches, il- 
lustrative of Every-Day Life and Every-Day People. By 
Boz. Phila., 1836 [1837 ] 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. bds., in lev. mor. case (piece cut from top of each title) 

Sketches by Boz. 40 illus by G. Cruikshank. New Edition 

Complete. London, 1837-39. 8vo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., in lev. mor. case (First issue, with pub- 
lisher's imprint on "Greenwich Fair" and following plates 
and with words "reeled before" on last page run together). 

Sketches by Boz. 40 illustrations by G. Cruikshank. First 

Issue with publisher's name on the plate, "Greenwich Fair," 
and on all following plates and with "reeled before" as one 
word on last page. London, 1839. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. MM(75)$55.oo. 

Orig. cl., in cl. case (bnd. from parts). MM(76)$6o.oo. 

Orig. cl., unc., in hf. mor. case. UU(9)$35.oo. 

Lev. mor., g.t. (title and few plates stained, wrappers and adver- 
tisements of orig. parts bnd. in at end). UU(io)$iio.oo. 

Sketches by Boz. Frontis. by G. Cruikshank First Cheap 
Edition. London, 1850. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in cl folder and hf mor case. UU(i2)$75o. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

Sketches of Young Gentlemen. 1838; Sketches of Young 

Couples, 1840; [With] Caswell (Edwaid). Sketches of 
Young Ladies. 1837. 6 illustrations by "Phiz" in each 
work. First Edition London, 1837-38-40 3 vols , i6mo. 

Orig. bds., illus. by "Phiz," in hf. mor. case (slight repairs to 
backs). X(383)$500.oo. 

The Spirit of Chivalry in Westminster Hall. [In Douglas 

Jerrold's Shilling Magazine. No. VIII, August, 1845 ] Lon- 
don, 1845. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf. lev. mor. case (McCutcheon 
copy). UU(9i)$ 

The Strange Gentleman; A Comic Burletta, in Two Acts. By 

"Boz." First Performed at the St James's Theatre, on 
Thursday, September 29, 1836. Frontis. by "Phiz." London, 
1837. I2mo. 

Lev mor , in lev. mor. case (with orig drawing from which 
frontis. was engraved, authenticated by pencil note by John 
F Dexter on verso, as well as by a letter from Arthur E. Cal- 
kin, giving his opinion as to its genuineness; inserted is 
A. L. S. from Dickens to [J P. Harley] regarding portrait 
in this work, with pencilled note on verso by Mr. Dexter, 
with M. C. D. Burden bookplate). XC 382) $10,500.00. 

Sunday under Three Heads. By Timothy Sparks Illus 
London, Chapman and Hall, 1836 I2mo. 

Orig paper, in lev. mor. case (with a copy of the Jarvis reprint 
of this work, together 2 vols). X(375)$30000. 

Lev. mor., g.t., by Bayntun. MM(24)$ioooo 

Lev mor., gt, by Riviere (orig. wrappers bnd. in). UU(is) 

Sunday Under Three Heads. By Timothy Sparks Illus by 

H. K. Browne. London, 1836 [Reprint, by Edwin Pearson, 
Manchester.] Sm. 4to. 

Cl (Large paper, with a copy of the Jarvis reprint. 1884, to- 
gether 2 vols ). UU(i6)$7.50. 

A Tale of Two Cities. Illus. by H. K. Browne. London, 

1859. 8vo. 

8 in. 7 orig. parts, in hf. mor case (backs of some wrappers re- 
paired, autograph of Albert E Sharp on first 5 wrappers, 
earliest issue, with p 213 misnumbered "113", parts VI and 
VII-VIII lack advertisements of Thackeray's Cornhill Maga- 
zine). H(384)$i6opo 

8 in 7 orig. parts, unc., in hf mor. case (wrappers have some re- 
pairs; earliest issue, with pagination "113" for "213"; laid in 
is letter about this work written in pencil by H. K Browne) 

Cont. hf. mor., in lev. mor case (inner joints cracked some pp 
stained; earliest issue with p. 213 misnumbered "113;" title 
inscribed by author to John Elliotson, Dec. 4, 1859, later in- 
scription, from latter to John Elliotson Symes, Dec 30, 1862, 
inserted between first 2 fly-leaves is Thackeray's letter of 
dedication to Dr. Elliotson which appeared in the 2d vol. of 
Pendennis). X (433)$io25o.o. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

Orig. cl., unc., in cl case .(earliest issue with pagination "113" for 
213). MM(ni)$i6o.oo. 

Hf. mor., unc (orig. cl covers bound in). PP (83) $37 50. 

8 in 7 orig. parts, unc. in hf. mor. case (earliest issue, with p. 
213 misnumbered "113" and with advertisements of The Corn- 
hill Magazine in Parts VI and VII-VIII printed on white 
paper, in addition this advertisement appears in Part VII- 
VIII on the rusty red paper of later issues). UU(i37) 

Orip* cl , unc , in hf. lev. mor. case (breaks in back edges of 
backbone, frontis, and title faded and loose; issue with cor- 
rect pagination at p. 213). UU(i38)$2ooo 

Threatening Letter to Thomas Hood, from an Ancient Gen- 
tleman. By Favour of Charles Dickens. [In Hood's Maga- 
zine and Comic Miscellany. Vol. I. Jan.-June, 1844 ] Lon- 
don 1844 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t. (A. L., S. "Thos Hood," faces p. 408; McCutch- 
eon copy). UU(89)$i2.5O 

To Be Read At Dusk. [In The Keepsake. 1852 ] London, 

1852. 8vo. 

Orig. cl , in cl. folder and hf. mor. case UU(ii7)$n oo. 

To Be Read at Dusk. London, 1852. 8vo. 

Sheets, unc., in cl. case. MM(ios)$95oo. * 

Folded sheets, unc., in cl. folder and mor. case. UU(n8)$325o. 

Travelling Letters. Written on the Road. [Pictures from 

Italy.] N. Y., Wiley & Putnam, 1846. I2mo. 

2 orig. parts, in cl. folder and hf. lev. mor. case (McCutcheon 
copy). UU(02)$7.50. 

The Uncommercial Traveller. London, 1861 8vo. 

Orig. cl , unc , in lev. mor. case (back faded, corners worn, pres- 
entation copy, inscribed to Wilkie Collins, Christmas, 1860). 

Orig. cl., unc., in cl. case (back faded) MM(ii3)$45oo 

Orig. cl., unc., in cl. folder and hf. lev. mor. case. UU(i43)$27 50 

The Uncommercial Traveller. Frontis. First Cheap Edi- 
tion: Third Series. London, Chapman and Hall, 1866 [1865 ] 

Orig. bds., unc., in cl folder and hf. lev. mor. case (rubbed) 

The Uncommercial Traveller. IIlus. by Marcus Stone Lon- 
don, 1875. 8vo 

Orig. cl., unc., in cl. folder and hf. lev. mor case (McCutcheon 
copy). UU(i45)$27 5O . 

The Village Coquettes. Music by John Hullah London, 

Bentley, 1836. 8vo. 

Cf., in lev. mor. case (inscription, on title, to J. P. Harley, col 
plate by Pailthorpe inserted). X(376)$3,ioooo. 

Sewed, unc., in cl. case (laid in is 4-page A. L S. of John Topham 
to Mrs. Pountney, dated Sept. 24, 1886, describing a per- 
formance of this opera and mentioning Harley's part in the 
company). X(377)$270oo. 

Lev. mor., gt., unc M by Riviere. MM(23)$ioooo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. (C. A. Hill copy). UU(i7)$oooo 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

Wackford Squeers and Pecksniff. '[London, privately print- 
ed for Clement Shorter, 1915.] Sm. 4to. 
Grig paper, in cl folder and hf. mor. case. UU(s6)$i7.5o. 

A Word in Season. [In The Keepsake.] London, 1844.870. 

Hf. mor., g.t. UU(88)$i5.oo. 

Works. Frontispieces. First Cheap Edition. London, 1847- 

50. i2mo 
43 orig. parts, unc. (backs worn, wrappers of Part I lacking), in 

7 hf. mor. cases. X(4i6)$275.oo 
Works. Illustrated Library Edition London, Chapman and 

Hall, 1873-76. 3ovols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor , g.t, unc., by Stikeman (lacks first vol.; with Life 

by Forster. 3 vols., together 32 vols.). J(ii7)$33O.oo. 
Mor., g.t. (lacks first vol., with Life by Forster. 3 vols., together 

32 vols.). K(i03)$420.oo. 
Works. Some plates colored Edition De Luxe. London, 

Chapman and Hall, 1881-82. 30 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., ge., unc. A(i22)$i9O.oo. 
Works. Ed. by Andrew Lang. Illus. by "Phiz" and others. 

Gadshill Edition. London, 1897-99. 34 vols.. 8vo. 
Cl , gt., unc. (with Life by Forster. 2 vols., together 36 vols.). 


Cl , unc. (name in 2 vols.; some pp. stained, 29 vols. only, lack- 
ing Vols 21, 25-27, and 34). I(s68)$62.50. 

Lev. mor., g.t., (with Life by Forster. 2 vols., together 36 vols.). 
CC (36) $400.00. 

Cl , g.t. ZZ(i45)$i6o.oo. 

Works. Ed. by Richard Garnett. Illus. by Browne, Cruik- 

shank, Leech, and others. Frontispieces in color. 30 vols.; 
with Life, by Forster. 2 vols Elwood Edition. London 
[1900.] 32 vols., 8vo. 

Cf., j?t, unc. R(i24)$3iooo. 

Works. Some illustrations colored. Authentic Edition. 

London, 1903-08. 22 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Zaehnsdorf. DE (401) $47.50. 

Works. With Life and Letters, by Forster. National Edi- 
tion. London, 1906-08. 40vols,8vo. 

Cl , g.t., unc. GG(37)$Soo.oo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. ZZ( 148) $70000. 

Complete Works. Cruikshank Edition Boston, n.d. 45 

vols., 8vo. 

Cl., gt, unc. PP(89)$i05.oo. 

Illustrations to Works by Dickens 

[Broadside.] Barnaby Rudge's Portrait Gallery. [Series of 

illustrations for "Barnaby Rudge," engraved by E. Richard- 
son after drawings of W. Newman.] [London, about 1841.] 
17x22 in. 

Browne (H. K., "Phiz")- Four plates engraved under the 

superintendence of Hablot K. Browne and Robert Young 
to illustrate the Cheap Edition of "Barnaby Rudge." Lon- 
don, 1849. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

Orig. paper (with "Dolly Varden" engraved by Edwin Roffe after 
drawing by Browne, together 2 pieces). MM(87)$i2.5o. 

Browne (H. K.). Proof of original weekly wrapper to "Mas- 
ter Humphrey's Clock," designed by "Phiz." 

Tipped to sheet, in cl. .case (stains). MM(83)$45.oo. 

Browne (H. K.). Two proofs of front cover to Part I of 

"Nicholas Nickleby" [with type in plate of different size 
from that of first published issue,] one before letters; Proof 
of cover to "David Copperfield," before letters. Together, 
3 pieces. 

In cl. folder. MM (67) $105.00. 

Browne (H. K.). Four Plates engraved to illustrate the 

Cheap Edition of "The Old Curiosity Shop." London, 1848 

Orig. paper, in cl. case (with "Little Nell" engraved by E. Roffe 
after drawing by Browne [published in 1889,] together 2 
pieces). MM(88)$7-50. 

Buss (R. W.). Three Illustrations [A Pictorial Title, The 

Scene of the Breakdown, and The Review] for "Pickwick 
Papers." Engraved by R. W. Buss, on India proofs. (From 
H. W. Bruton collection). 


Cattermole (George), Browne (H. K.), and Maclise (Dan- 
iel). Collection of the Plates illustrating the three volumes 
of "Master Humphrey's Clock," 168 India proofs, lacking 
only the engraved frontispieces to Vols. I and II. 


Clarke (J. C., "Kyd"). 6 orig. watercolor illustrations to 

"The Mystery of Edwin Drood." About 1900. Roy. 8vo. 

In cl. case. K(iO2)$2O.oo. 

Cruikshank (George). Twenty-four Illustrations for "Oli- 
ver Twist." London, 1837-38. 

In cl. case. PP(76)$i7-5o. 

Cruikshank (George). A Collection of Three Proofs from 

"Oliver Twist"; [also] A Collection of 14 plates on 7 sheets 
of Whatman paper, 1840, undivided, together, 17 plates. 


Cruikshank (George). A Series of 25 reproductions in color 

of water color drawings for "Oliver Twist" [comprising all 
the plates of the regular published edition of "Oliver Twist."] 

In bd. case. MM(59)$i5.oo. 

Fairburn's Pickwick Characters. The Pickwick Cake [de- 
picting 17 characters] engraved in color by J. Fairburn 
[1838.] 6*/2 x 8 in. 

In cl. case. MM(43)$ 

Gilbert (Sir John). Twenty-two Plates to illustrate the 

Cheap Edition of Pickwick (now publishing). London 
[1847 1 I2mo. 

5 orig. parts, unc. MM(45)$ 

Gilbert (Sir John). Plates to illustrate the Cheap Edition of 

"The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club." 32 plates. 
London [1847.] I2mo. 

8 in 6 orig. parts, in cl. folder and case (Parts i and 6 have al- 
tered wrappers). MM(44)$70.oo. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

Gilbert (Sir John). Plates to illustrate the cheap Edition of 

the Works of Mr. Charles Dickens. 32 plates. London 
[1847.] I2mo. 

Orig. parts, in cl. folder and case (Part I rebacked, Part 6 loose 
in covers). MM(ioi)$2go.oo. 

Jacob Parallel's Hands to Master 'Humphrey's Clock. 12 

plates. London [1840-41.] Roy.Svo. 

2 orig. parts (back of Part II worn). MM (80) $300.00. 

Meadows (Joseph Kenny). The Nickleby Gallery contain- 
ing twenty-four Portraits. Heads from Nicholas Nickleby, 
from drawings by Miss La Creevy. 24 woodcuts by Kenny 
Meadows. London [1839.] 8vo. 

6 orig. parts (wrapper Part VI substituted from another copy). 
MM( 7 i)$5Soo. 

Onwhyn (Thomas). Illustrations to "Nicholas Nickleby." 

[By Peter Palette.] 40 etchings. [London, 1838-39.] 

(Plates in color, with engraved front wrapper to "Illustrations 
to Nicholas Nickleby by T. Onwhyn," together 41 pieces). 
MM (72) $40.00. 

Onwhyn (Thomas). Thirty-two Plates to illustrate the 

Cheap Edition of "Nicholas Nickleby." London [1838-39.] 

8 orig. parts. MM(68)$25oo. 

(Plates in color, with engraved wrapper to "Thirty-two illus- 
trations from Nicholas Nickleby/' together 33 pieces). 

Onwhyn (Thomas). Thirty-two Illustrations to the Posthu- 
mous Papers of the Pickwick Club. By Mr. Samuel Weller. 
32 colored etchings. London [1837.] 

MM( 4 6)$35.oo. 

Onwhyn (Thomas). Twelve illustrations to "The Pickwick 

Papers." London, 1894. Roy.Svo. 

Laid in orig. wrappers. MM(5i)$i5.oo 

Onwhyn (Thomas). Collection of Six Illustrations to "The 

Pickwick Papers," all proofs before letters, mounted. 

In cl. case. MM (47) $25.00. 

Pailthorpe (F. W.). Extra Illustrations to "Great Expec- 
tations." Half-title and 21 plates. London, 1885. 

Plates in color, in portfolio. MM(ii5)$i7.5o 

Pailthorpe (F. W.). Illustrations to "The PictwicK Club." 

London, 1882. Roy. 8vo. 

Laid in green wrappers. MM(49)$i7.50. 

Portrait of Mr. Yates in the Character of Mr. Pickwick, in 

the "Pickwickians," engraved in colors, dated May 20, 1837. 
II x 9 in. 

In cl. case. MM(36)$35oo. 

Seymour (Robert) and Browne (H. K.). A Collection of 

Illustrations for "Pickwick," by Seymour and "Phiz." 36 
plates and a portrait of "Phiz," 37 plates in all. 8vo. 

Loose, in mor. case (plates mainly in 2d state, a few in ist state; 
laid in is preliminary advertisement notice by Dickens re- 
garding the publication of "Pickwick" as it appeared on back 
wrappers of Parts I and II of "The Library of Fiction," al- 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

though this sheet is on somewhat thinner paper than the 
wrappers of the Parts). X(373)$i3<>oo. 

Sibson (Thomas). Illustrations of "Master Humphrey's 

Clock." 72 plates, with title and list of illustrations. Lon- 
don, 1840-41. 4to. 

18 orig. parts, in cl. case (wrappers for Parts 8 and 15-18 substi- 
tuted). MM (79) $350.00. 

Complete Set of 13 Proofs Before Letters of Monthly Wrap- 
pers of the Works of Charles Dickens, comprising Pickwick 
Club, Sketches by Boz, Nicholas Nickleby, Master Humph- 
rey's Clock, Martin Chuzzlewit, Dealings with the Firm of 
Dombey and Son, David Copperfield, The Adventures of 
Oliver Twist, Little Dorrit, Bleak House, A Tale of Two 
Cities, Our Mutual Friend, and The Mystery of Edwin 

In cl. case. MM (137) $160.00. 

Dramatizations, Playbills, Etc. 

The Entirely New and Original Drama in Three Parts, enti- 
tled, The Cricket on the Hearth, A Fairy Tale of Home, 
Dramatized by Albert Smith . . . from early proofs of the 
Work, by the Express Permission of the Author, Charles 
Dickens, Esq., as performed at the Theatre Royal Lyceum. 
London [1865 ] I2mo. 

Paper, in cl. case. MM(n8) $40.00. 

Dombey and Son; or, Good Mrs. Brown, the Child Stealer. 

A Drama, in Two Acts. From the Pen of the inimitable 
Charles Dickens, Esq. As performed at the Royal Strand 
Theatre. Large woodcut in colors on first page. 8pp. G. 
Purless [Purkess,] Compton Street, Soho [about 1848 ] Sm. 

In cl. case (piece missing from lower right-hand corner of first 
sheet, affecting text on both sides). MM(ioo)$S25o. 
Card of Admission to the "Amateur Performance [of "Every- 
man in his Humour," in which Dickens first acted the part 
of Captain Bobadil,] at Miss Kelly's Theatre." September 
20, 1845- 

In cl. case (front blank spaces are filled in by Dickens and card 
is signed by him on verso). MM(i22)$2o.oo. 

Playbill of the "Amateur Performance, ... On Saturday 

Evening, September 2Oth, 1845 ... of Every Man in His Hu- 
mour . . . [and] A Good Night's Rest." Red and Green, with 
borders of red, green and gold. 4to. 

In cl. case (Catalogue notes: "CharlesDickens took the part of 
Captain Bobadil in the first play, though none of the actors 
are mentioned by name.")- See Kitton. Charles Dickens by 
Pen and Pencil for reproduction of this playbill"). MM (123) 

[Broadside.] Playbill of the "Amateur Performance . * . 

on November 15, 1845 ... of Every Man in His Humour. 
[Andl A Good Night's Rest." 13 x 9 in. 

Mounted, in cl. case (Catalogue notes: "Dickens appeared in both 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

plays, as Captain Bobadil in the former, and Mr. Snobbing- 
ton in the latter/'). MM (124) $22.50. 

Announcement of "A Farewell Benefit on Thursday, June 

i6th, 1853," at the St. James's Theatre, [containing- a list of 
the Committee, which includes the names of Charles Dick- 
ens, John Forster, and Mark Lemon.] 4-page leaflet, printed 
on first page only 1853. I2mo. 

lu cl. case MM(i3i)$750 

Playbill of the "Tavistock House Theatre Under the Man- 
agement of Mr. Charles Dickens. On Monday, January 5th, 
1857 the Dress Reliearsal of ... The Frozen Deep . . . 
To conclude with . . . Animal Magnetism. Printed in red 
and black. 1857. 15 * 9 T A in. 

hi cl. case (Catalogue notes performance of Dickens in both 
casts). MM(i33)$255 oo. 

Playbill of "Dec. 30, 1848. . . . The Haunted Man!" [adver- 
tizing first night of performance of the play] ; Playbill of 
"Jan. 8th, 1849 . . . The Haunted Man!" Both printed in 
red and black. 1848-49. Obi. fol., 2 pieces. 

Jn cl. case (shaved close at top and bottom, affecting some 
words). MM(i28)$35 oo. 

Playbill for the "St. James' Theatre . . . March 13, 1837 . . . 

Postillion ... Is She His Wife? . . . The Strange Gentleman." 
Tall narrow folio sheet. 

In cl. case (cut close at one side, shaving text and affecting a few 
words. Includes the half of a double folio playbill, of the 
same date. It relates to exactly the same performance, but 
was printed in format of 2 folio leaves instead of single 
sheet Together, there are two pieces. MM (26) $100.00. 

Collection of 5 play bills of performances of "Is She his 

Wife?", "The Strange Gentleman," "Sam Weller! or, The 
Pickwickians"; "The Village Coquettes" (2 copies), acted at 
various times during 1836-8, at the St. James* and the New 
Strand Theatres. 5 pieces, 4 of which are mounted. 


Invitation Form for the "Knebworth Private Theatricals . . . 

October I4th, 1850" [Issued by Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton 
The name of Charles Dickens appears on the third page as 
stage manager.] 4 pp. 1850. I2mo. 

In cl. case. MM(i2o)$6soo. 

[Broadside.] Playbill of the "Theatre Royal, Haymarket . . . 

May isth, 1848 . . . Shakespeare's Comedy of The Merry 
Wives of Windsor." Red and blue, with green borders. Lon- 
don, 1848 105/2 x 7 l /2 in. 

In cl. case (Catalogue notes parts taken by Dickens among 
dramatis personnae, also that he was stage manager). 

Playbill of the "New Strand Theatre . . . August 3rd, 1840 . . . 

Mr. Weller's Watch"; [Also] Playbill for the "New Strand 
Theatre . . . August roth, 1840. Mr. Weller's Watch!" 2 

In cl case. MM(i2i)$225o 

Prospectus of the "Guild of Literature and Art/' with Cast of 

"Not So Bad As We Seem," to be played at Devonshire 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

House, April 30, 1851. [Dickens appears as Lord Wilmot, in 
the cast.] 16 pp. 1851. 8vo. 

Sewed, g.e., in cl. case. MM (130) $35.00. 

Characters and Scenes in Oliver Twist; or, the Parish Boy's 

Progress. A Drama in Three Acts. Expressly adapted to 
suit the Juvenile Stage, and the only Dramatic Version pub- 
lished in this form from any of Dickens' Celebrated Works. 
Numerous illustrations, frontis, and title, col. by hand. N.p. 
[privately printed,] n.d. 8vo. 

Ong cl., unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor case. UU(46)$I2.50. 

Collection of 10 playbills of various performances of Oliver 

Twist. 1839-68. 10 pieces fol. and 8vo. 

Hf lev. mor. (tipped to sheets and bnd. in one vol See catalogue 
for theatres and dates of performances). UU(4i)$50OO. 

Playbill of the "Queen's Theatre ... a New Version of the 

Pickwick Club, Monday, September n, 1837." Printed in 
green and red. 30 x 10 in. 

In cl. case. MM(4o)$5OOO. 

[Broadside.] Playbill of the "Theatre Royal, Birmingham. 

. . . April 16, 1838 . . . The Pickwickians." [Announcing the 
first performance of this play at the Theatre Royal, and giv- 
ing description of scenes.] 19 x 20 in. 

In cl case. MM(42)$27.50. 

Playbill . . . Sam Weller! or the Pickwickians. [Adapted by 

Pierce Egan from the "Pickwick Papers "] Fol. 

"New Strand Theatre . . . July 24th, 1837." Folded, in cl ca*>e 

"New Strand Theatre . July 31 and August i, 1837." Printed in 
blue ink. Folded, in cl. case MM(38)$2750. 

"New Strand Theatre . . . August 21, 1837." In cl case. MM(39) 

"Theatre Royal, Bath. First Night . . . December 26th, 1837." 2 
leaves, folded, in cl. case. MM (41) $25.00. 

[Broadside.] Playbill of the "Theatre Royal, Tavistock 

House. . . . The Sixth of January, 1854 . . . Fielding's Bur- 
lesque Tom Thumb. [Cast including Dickens as "The Mod- 
ern Garrick."] Printed in red, blue, and green, with gold 
border. 1854. u 1 /* x g l / 2 in. 

Tn cl case. MM (132) $67.50. 

Miscellaneous Dickensiana 

[Broadside.] Cleave's Twist and Nickleby Scrap Sheet. 24 

woodcut illustrations of characters from the two novels 
[London, about 1839.] 29x301*11. 

Tn cl. case. MM(74)$5O.oo. 

A Collection of Magazine Articles concerning Charles Dick- 
ens. [Comprising Fraser's Magazine for April, 1840, con- 
taining "Charles Dickens and His Works;" articles from 
Scribner's Monthly, 1880, concerning Dickens and Dicken- 
siana; and other magazine items.] London, 1840-83. 2vols, 

Hf. mor. (bnd. in are orig. front wrappers, also several illus. from 
Dickcns's works). MM(S4)$6o.oo, 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

Crim-Con and Bon-Ton Gazette for Dec. 7!, 1839. [First 

page contains article, "Sketches of Character, No. 67, Charles 
Dickens. (Boz.)" accompanied by a portrait of Dickens ] 
[London,] 1839. Fol. 

Sheets. MM(S2)$2S.oo. 

Gad's Hill Gazette. Ed. by H. F Dickens. File of 9 nos , 

with 2 supplements: July 22, July 29, August 26 (with 
supplement), and December 30, 1865, January 6, 13, 20, 27 
(with supplement), and Feb 3, 1866. Gadshill, 1865-66. 8vo 

Single and folded sheets, in hf. mor case (with 4 letters, one A 
L., S. "H. F. Dickens;" one in handwriting, probably that of 
Charles Dickens, and 2 in print, signed "H. F. Dickens" with 
MS. notes probably in hand of Charles Dickens). X(444) 

Gad's Hill Gazette. Reprinted from the unique original [of 

August 5, 1865 ] London, 1895. I2mo. 

Paper, in silk folder and lev. mor. case (with "Mrs Gamp with 
the Strolling Players" N. Y., Privately Printed, 1899; and 
"Gone Astray," London, 1912, together 3 vols.). UU(i78- 
180) $65 oo 

[Broadside.] Handbill of the "Newspaper Press Fund . . . 

The Annual Dinner For 1865 . . On Saturday, May 20 " 
[his name appearing as Chairman ] Fol 


Life and Adventures of Oliver Twiss, the Workhouse Boy. 

I Ed by "Bos."] 79 weekly nos London, E. Lloyd, for J. 
Graves [ 1839 ] 8vo 

Cf , c (bound from 79 weekly parts) UU(38)$i750 

[Broadside.] Official Order for a fee to be paid to the first 
turn-cock, on the occasion of a fire, on printed form, with 
two autograph signatures of A. S Laing, the J. P. at Hatton 
Garden [Police] Office. Dated Oct 23, 1830. Sm. 4to. 

In cl. case (A note by Mr. Hatton reads, "Mr. Laing was the 
original 'fantastic trickster' from whom Dickens drew in 'Oli- 
ver Twist' (Chapter XI, page 163. Vol I) the character of 
'Mr. Fang/"). MM(57)$8ooo 

The Penny Pickwick. Lond. [1836-37.] 8vo. 

Nos. i-20 f nos. I, 2, and 17 without covers, other nos. ha\e pic- 
torial covers and advertisements; in hf. mor. case T(63) 

28 ong weekly parts, unc , in cl folders and hf mor case 

A Proclamation announcing "The New Work [Nicholas 

Nickleby] by the Author of The Pickwick Papers " 4pp 8vo. 

In cl case (strengthened at fold). MM(64)$40oo. 

Prospectus of "Mr. Charles Dickens's Farewell Readings." 

2pp. I2mo; Programme of St. James's Hall. 4 pp. 8vo, Ad- 
mission Ticket to "Mr. Charles Dickens's Final Readings." 
March 8, 1870. 3 pieces. 

In cl. case. MM(i35)$90.oo. 

Quozziana; or, Letters from Great Goslington, Mass. Giving 
an Account of the Quoz Dinner, and Other Matters By 
Sampson Short-and-Fat. Boston, 1842. i2mo. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued 

Orig. paper, in cl. case. MM(oo)$40.oo. 

Report of the Select Committee [of the Guild of Literature 

and Art. Charles Dickens, Chairman.] 4-page sheet. Lon- 
don, 1863. 

Lev. mor., by Riviere (apparently a proof copy, it has correc- 
tions, besides one entire paragraph, in the hand of Dickens). 

Twenty Scenes from the Works of Dickens. Designed and 
etched by Christopher Coveny. With letterpress description. 
Sydney, Australia, 1883. 4to. 

Leath. (on vel.). MM(5o)$45.oo. 

(John), and SMITH (Horace and James). 

DICKENS (Charles) and COLLINS (Wilkie). The Holly Tree 
Inn. See DICKENS (Charles). Little Dornt. 

The Lazy Tour of Two Idle Apprentices. No Thoroughfare. 

The Perils of Certain English Prisoners. London, 1890. 8vo 

Folded sheets, unc. and unopened, loosely laid in orig. covers 

Cl., unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case UU(i77)$i2.oo. 

No Thoroughfare. A Drama in Five Acts. London, 1867 


Orig. paper, in cl. folder and lev. mor case (some pp. stained). 

"Kyd")' A series of orig. water-color illus- 
trations to "No Thoroughfare," drawn by "Kyd." About 1900 
Roy. 8vo. 
In cl. case. K(i04)$25.oo. 

DICKENS (Charles) and OTHERS. Confessions of an Attorney. 

By Gustavus Sharp, Esq , to which are added Several Papers 

on English Law and Lawyers, by Charles Dickens. N. Y., 

1852. I2mo. 
Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. lev. mor case (back faded, some pp. 

stained). UU(n6)$7 50. 

DICKENS (Mary). Charles Dickens. By His Eldest Daughter. 

London, 1885. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (presentation copy, to G. W. Childs). T(7i)$i25o. 

DICKENSON (Jonathan). Shipwreck and Dreadful Sufferings 
of Robert Barrow . . . amongst . . . Cannibals of Florida. 
Salem, Ohio, 1826. I2mo. 

Orig.bds. SS(i3i2)$45.oo. 

DICKINSON (John). Address to The Committee of Corre- 
spondence in Barbados. By a North-American. Phila , W. 
Bradford, 1766. 8vo. 

Hf.mor., unc. SS(2i2)$i7.50. 

Essay on the Constitutional Power of Great-Britain over the 
Colonies in America. London, 1774. 8vo. 

Bds. SS(8si)$8.oo. 


DICKINSON (John) Continued 

Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania, To the Inhabitants 

of the British Colonies. Intro, by R. T. H. Halsey. N. Y., 
1003. 8vo. 
Hf vel., unc. and unopened (Japan paper). S(i2)$8.oo. 


by Leslie Stephen and Sir Sidney Lee. 21 vols.; Supplement. 
Vol. 22. London, 1908-09. 22 vols., 8vo. 

Mor. (with Second Supplement, Index and Epitome, together 23 
vols.). I(569)$8s.oo. 

DIDEROT (Denis). Encyclopedic Tapissier. [No title-page, 
but with three pages of description of plates.] 14 Plates. 
Pans, about 1750. Fol. 

Cl AB(69)$7-50 

Jacques le Fataliste et Son Maitre). 12 drawings by M. 

Leloir, in 2 states. Paris, 1884. Imp 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Allo, in bd. case (Japan paper). K(io7)$45oo 

DIDEROT (Denis) and D'ALEMBERT (J. le R.). A Collec- 
tion of Plates which served to illustrate [their] Encyclopedic. 
About 1750 Fol. 

Bds , unc. ZZ(27o)$45 oo. 

DIEHL (Charles). The Emperor who Lost his Nose. Trans, 
by Harold Bell. [Plaistow, Curwen Press.] 1927. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (inscribed by translator). HH(2i4)$n.oo 

Manuel d'Art Byzantin. Pans, 1910. 8vo. 

Cl. (with "Byzantine Art and Archaeology" by O M Dalton 
1911 and "Byzantine Churches in Constantinople." by Alex- 
ander Millingen. 1912, together 3 vols ). HH(i52)$3000. 

DILKE (Emilia F. S., Lady). French Architects and Sculptors 

of the XVIIIth Century London, 1900. Imp. 8vo. 
Cl, g.t., unc. HH(226)$900 
French Engravers and Draughtsmen of the XVIIIth Century. 

London, 1902. Imp 8vo. 
Cl , g.t , unc. HH(229)$9oo 
French Furniture and Decoration in the XVIIIth Century. 

London, 1901. Imp 8vo. 
Cl., gt, unc. HH(227)$io.oo 
French Painters of the XVIIIth Century. London, 1809 


Cl. g.t., unc HH(228)$9oo 
Hf mor., g.t (with her "French Architects and Sculptors of the 

XVIIIth Century." 1900, "French Furniture and Decoration 

in the XVIIIth Century/' 1901; French Engravers and 

Draughtsmen of the XVIIth Century." 1902, together 4 vols.). 

DE (402) $7&oo. 

DILLIN (J. G. W.). The Kentucky Rifle. Wash., 1924. Fol. 
Cl. EE(03)$2i.oo. 

DILLON (J. B.). History of Indiana. Maps and plates. In- 
dianapolis, 1859. Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. SS(i28o)$io.oo. 


DIMSDALE (T. J.). Vigilantes of Montana. Virginia City, M. 

T., 1866. I2mo. 
New cL (hole in one leaf). 66(325)$ 170.00. 

Vigilantes of Montana. Virginia City, M. T., 1882. I2mo. 

Orig. paper (back chipped, front wrapper torn). CD (2137) $22.50. 

Vigilantes of Montana. Butte, Mont., 1915. I2mo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t. BB(8i)$ 

Vigilantes of Montana. Helena, Mont. [1915 ] 8vo. 

Cl. BB(82)$20.oo. 

DION CASSIUS. Annals of Rome. Trans, by H. B. Foster. 

Troy, 1905. 6vols., 8vo. 
Cl,gt., unc. O(245)$".oo. 
CL, g.t , unc. RR(i02)$7.75. 

DISRAELI (Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield). Works. Intro, 
by E. Gosse, Preface by R. Arnot. Illuminated titles, and 
illustrations in 2 states, one col. by hand. Prime Minister's 
Edition. N. Y. and London [1904.] 20vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t , unc. 0(246) $85 .00. 

DISRAELI (Isaac). Curiosities of Literature. Frontispieces. 

London, 1858. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Hf. mor., by Bayntun (T. Bell copy). N(2i5)$io.oo. 

DIXON (George). Voyage Round the World; but more particu- 
larly to the North-west Coast of America. Plates, charts and 
folding maps. London, 1789 4to. 

Oldcf. (front hinge cracking). SS(853)$i5.oo. 

DOBBS (Arthur). Account of the Countries adjoining to Hud- 
son's Bay. Folding map after Joseph La France. London, 
1744. 4to. 

Oldcf. (rubbed, rebacked). CD (2273) $55.00. 

DOBSON (Austin). At the Sign of the Lyre. Frontis. London, 

1885. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.e. on rough, by Club Bindery, in hf. roan case (Large 

paper, signed; writing on fly-leaf). KK(36)$27.50. 
Ballads of Beau Brocade and Other Poems of the XVIIIth 

Century. 50 illustrations by Hugh Thomson, 13 col. by hand. 

London, 1892. I2mo. 
CL. g.t. XX(337)$i5.oo. 
Eighteenth Century Vignettes. First and Second Series 

London, 1892-94. 2 vols., 8vp 

Orig.bds., unc. (Large paper, First Series signed). M(i69)$7.5O. 
A Collection of First Editions of his Writings. Some illus- 
trations. London and N. Y. f 1877-1907. 6 vols., I2mo and 

Cl. HH(230)$27.50. 

DODD (H. P.). The Epigrammatists. London, Bohn, 1876. 

Orig. hf. cl. (Eugene Field copy, with penciled marginal notes in 

his hand; fly-leaf autographed by R. M. Field). J (132) 



DODDRIDGE (Joseph). Notes on Settlement and Indian Wars, 
of Western Parts of Virginia & Pennsylvania, 1763-1783. 
Wellsburgh, Va., for the author, 1824. I2mo. 

Orig. sheep (rubbed, pp. stained). 88(854) $57-50- 

DODGE (G. M.). Biographical Sketch of James Bridger. Por- 
trait, plate, and folding view of Bridget's Fort, as drawn by 
Dodge in 1867. N. Y., Privately Printed, 1905. 8vo. 

Orig. paper. WW(8o)$i5.oo. 
~ also RAILROADS. 

DODGE (R. I.). A Living Issue. Wash., 1882. 8vo. 

Orig. paper. BB(85)$62.5o. 

The Plains of the Great West and their Inhabitants. Intro. 

by W. Blackmore. Map and illustrations. N. Y., 1877. 8vo 
Orig. cl (loose; presentation copy, to H. H. Porter). 1(572) 


Cl. BB(8 4 )$i250. 
Orig. cl. (presentation copy, to Gen. W. T. Sherman, with notes 

in hand of latter on verso of plate at p 143). SS(855)$30oo 

DODGSON (Campbell). Etchings of James McNeill Whistler. 

London, 1922. 4to. 

Bds , unc. L(i9i8)$n.oo. 

Old French Colour-Prints. Plain and col. illustrations. Lon- 
don, 1924 4to. 

Cl. A(79)$i2oo 

Cl , g.t. LL(i79)$iooo. 

DODGSON (C. L.). Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 42 

illustrations by John Tenniel. London, Macmillan, 1865. 8vo 
Mor., tooled, g.e. (rubbed, corner of title repaired). X(24o) 

Alice's Adventures hi Wonderland. 42 illustrations by John 

Tenniel. London, Macmillan, 1866. 8vo. 
Lev mor., tooled, g e , by Riviere, in hf cl. case (presentation 

copy, to Una Taylor; orig. covers bnd. in). X (241) $2,700.00 
Lev mor., g.e, by Root, in bd. case (with "Through the Looking- 

Glass." 1872, together 2 vols., orig. wrappers bnd. in). 

Songs from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." Music by 

W. Boyd. London, 1870. Obi. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. H(345)$io oo. 
Orig. paper (wrappers loose). X(244)$25.oo. 
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 42 illustrations by John 

Tenniel. London, 1884. I2mo. 
Orig. cl., g.e. (inner joints cracked; presentation copy, to Grace 

Denman, tipped in is A L. S. to her). ZZ(6o)$275.oo. 
The Nursery "Alice." Cover designed and col. by E. Ger- 
trude Thomson and 20 col. enlargements from Tenniel. Lon- 
don, 1890. 4to. 
Orig. paper, in silk folder and hf. ley. mor. case (presentation 

copy, to Ruth Olive Daniel; laid in are Dodgson's 2 leaflets. 

"An Easter Greeting," etc. 1880 and "Christmas Greeting" 

[1884,] together 3 pieces). X (249) $310.00. 


DODGSON (C. L.) Continued 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and case (cl. back to wrappers rubbed, 

presentation copy, inscribed to Maggie Bowman). ZZ(66) 

Aventures d' Alice au Pays des Merveilles. Trad, par Henri 

Bue. 42 illustrations by John Tenniel. Londres, 1869. I2mo. 
Orig. cl , g.e., in hf. cl. case (presentation copy, to Florence Jebb). 

X(242)$32500., g.e. (lacks half-title and front fly-leaf). FF(35)$i5-OO. 
Orig, cl., ge. (inner joints cracked; presentation copy, to Grace 

Denman). ZZ(54)$75.oo. 
Alice's Abenteuer im Wunderland. Uebersetzt von A. Zim- 

mermann. 42 illustrations by John Tenniel. London, 1869. 

Orig cl., g.e., in hf. cl. case (presentation copy, to Dymphna 

Ellis). X(243)$375.oo 
Orig. cl , g e , in silk folder and hf. lev mor. case (with "Aventures 

D f Alice au Pays des Merveilles." 1869 and "Le Awenture 

D' Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie." 1872, together 3 vols.). 


Alice's Abenteuer in Wunderland. Illus. by John Tenniel. 

Leipzig, n.d. I2mo. 
CL, g.e. A(358)$n.oo. 
Le Awenture D' Alice nel Paese Delle Meraviglie. Tradottc 

da T. Pietrocola-Rossetti. 42 vignette di Giovanni Tenniel. 

London, 1872. I2mo. 

Cl . g.e (publisher's stamp). A(359)$i5.oo. 
Orig. cl., g t. J(53)$30.oo. 
Orig. cl., g.e., in hf cl. case. X(245)$70oo, g.e., in hf. mor. case (name erased from fly-leaf, issue 

with cancel title bearing imprint "Torino, Loescher, 1872") 

Alice's Adventures Under Ground. 37 illustrations by the 

author. London, 1886. I2mo. 
CL. ge. A(36o)$i4.oo., ge J(54)$2i oo 
Orig cl., gr.e. (presentation copy, inscribed to Miss C. Yonge). 

X (247)^550.00 
CL, K.C. LL(i78)$i8.oo. 

Doublets. First complete edition. London, 1879. i6mo 

Orig. cl , m cl. case (presentation copy, to Dolly Draper, with 

A. L. S. to her) BC(i6)$45.oo. 

Doublets. London, McMillan & Co., 1880 I2mo. 
CL (presentation copy, to Mrs. Evans). A(362)$450o. 
Same. ZZ(s8)$30.oo. 
An Easter Greeting to Every Child Who Loves "Alice." 

4 pp. [Oxford, 1876.] i6mo. 
Folded, in cl. case (presentation copy, to "Henrietta"). ZZ(57A) 


The Game of Logic. With envelope and 9 counters bearing 

date 1886. The same. Second Edition, 1887. London, 1886- 
87. 2vols,i2mo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. cl. case. BC(i8) $150.00. 


DODGSON (C. L.) Continued 

The Game of Logic. Second Edition. With printed envelope 
containing a card and 9 counters. London, 1887. I2mo. 

Cl , in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (tipped in is A. L. S to W 
George's Sons, laid in is letter from them). ZZ(62)$8soo. 

The Hunting of the Snark, an Agony in Eight Fits. 9 illus- 
trations by H. Holiday. London, 1876. I2mo. 

Orig cl. (orig. pen-and-ink drawing on verso of half-title). W(26) 

Orig. cl , g e., in cl. folder and case (presentation copy, to Henri- 
etta O'Brien Owen; with 4 photographs of children num- 
bered by Dodgson in ink). ZZ(56)$6ooo 

Orig. cl , g.e. (orig pen-and-ink drawing on verso of half-title) 

Cl., g e., in hf cl. case (presentation copy, to Clara Mcnella Wil- 
cox). BC(i4)$ioooo. 

An Index to "In Memoriam." London, 1862 I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy, to Louisa F. Dodgson). X(239) 

In hf. cl. case (lacks wrappers and advertisements; with 4 other 
pamphlets, works by Dodgson, one inscribed). BC(2i)$52.5O 

Phantasmagoria and Other Poems. London, 1869. I2mo. 

Orig cl, ge. W(25)$i5.oo 

Orig. cl , g.e. (front joint cracked). ZZ(55)$iooo. 

Orig cl., ge., in hf. cl. case (presentation copy, to A. Lewis and 
Mrs Lewis). BC(i3)$8ooo 

Rhyme? and Reason? 65 illustrations by Arthur B. Frost and 

9 by H. Holiday. London, 1883. I2mo. W(27)$i550. 

Cl. LL(i77)$i5.oo. 

Orig cl (presentation copy, to W. Wilcox) ZZ(59)$700O. 

Orig. cl (presentation copy, to M. L. Clarke; later J. Kern 
copy). BC(i7)$52SO. 

Sylvia and Bruno; [and] Sylvia and Bruno Concluded. Illus 
by H. Furniss. London, 1889-93. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cl, g.e. A(363)$i6oo. 

Cl, g.e. (presentation copies, both to Mrs. Le Geyt). H(342) 

Orig. cl., g.e (first bndg. faded). J(55)$2i.oo., g.e., in cl. folders and cases. M(69)$225O. 

Lev. mor , inlaid, in cl. cases. CC(22)$95OO., g.e. (first vol. is presentation copy, to Mrs. Jackson, 
laid in second vol. is broadside circular dated "Christmas 
1893," asking for the return of copies of "Through the Look- 
ing Glass"). ZZ(63)$8s.oo. 

Cl., g.e , in tooled lev. mor. case by Club Bindery (presentation 
copies, to Mrs. Coote). BC (20) $120.00. 

A Tangled Tale. 6 illustrations by A. B. Frost. London. 

1885. I2mo. 

Cl., g.e. ZZ(6i)$iS.oo. 

Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There. 

50 illustrations by Tenniel. London, 1872. i2mo. 

Mor., g.e. A(36i)$i6.oo. 

Mor., g.e. J(52)$i7.oo. 


DODGSON (C. L.) Continued 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere, in hf. cl. case (one leaf repaired; 
presentation copy to Una Taylor; Inserted is A. L. S. of Ten- 
niel to Dalziel). X (246) $775.00. 

The Train. Vols. 1-5, Jan., 1856- June, 1858. [Vols. 1-4 con- 
tain contributions by Dodgson.] London, 1856-58. 5 vols., 

Hf. mor. W(2i3)$30.oo. 

Hf. roan. ZZ (53)$20.oo. 

The Wonderland Postage-Stamp Case. [With] Eight or 

Nine Wise Words about Letter- Writing. Oxford, 1890. 2 
pieces, I2mo and i6mo. 

In hf. cl. case (lacks envelope originally containing the 2 items) 

Alice in Wonderland. A Dream Play for Children. Founded 

upon Mr. Lewis Carroll's "Alice's Adventures in Wonder- 
land" and "Through the Looking-glass," with the express 
sanction of the Author. By H. Savile Clarke. Music by Wal- 
ter Slaughter. Vignette on cover, and illustrations. London, 
"The Court Circular" Office, 1888. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in tooled lev. mor. case. X(248)$2iooo. 

See also ALLINGHAM (William). 

DODSLEY (Robert). A Collection of Poems by Several Hands. 

Both Series. London, J. Dodsley, 1766. 10 vols, 121110. 
Oldcf. (rebacked). A(i26)$i2.oo 
A Select Collection of Old Plays. Notes and Corrections, 

by I. Reed, O Gilchrist, and J. P. Collier. London, 1825-27 

12 vols., 8vo. 
Old mor., g.e. (hinges rubbed, A. L S. by J. P. Collier laid in) 


DOMENECH (Emmanuel). Journal d'un Missionnaire au Texas 
et au Mexique. Paris, 1857. 8vo. 

Bds. (pp. stained). BB(86)$i6oo. 

Seven Years' Residence in the Great Deserts of North Amer- 
ica. 58 col. woodcuts, Indian music, and folding map. Lon- 
don, 1860. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. (loose in covers, one back torn). I(575)$i5. 

DONCK (Adriaen van der). Beschryvinge Van Nieuw-Neder- 
lant. View of "Fort meuw Amsterdam op de Manhatans." 
t'Aemsteldam, E. Nieuwenhof, 1655. Sm. 4tp. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Bedford (leaves 2-4 in facsimile, Hoc 
copy) . DD (78) $400.00. 

DONNE (John). A Declaration of that Paradoxe, or Thesis, 

that Selfe-homicide is not so Naturally Smne, that it may 
never be otherwise. London, J. Dawson [1644.] Sm. 4to. 

Orig. sheep, in case (worn and shaken, lacks front fly-leaf, piece 
torn from margin of title; name of Wm. Hodges on title, in- 
scribed (by him?) as presentation copy, July, 1650). X(4;8) 

Letters to Severall Persons of Honour. Portrait by P. Lom- 
bart. London, J. Flesher, for R. Marriot, 1651. Sm. 4to. 


DONNE (John)Continued 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere (H. C. Potter-H. V. Jones copy, in- 
scribed to former in 1897 by W. Donne). X (479) $125 .00. 

Poems. By J. D. London, by M. F. for I. Marriot, 1633 

Sm. 4to. 

Cont. cf., in cf. case (contains first blank, also 2 leaves bearing 
matter "The Printer to the Understanders"; Sir Richard New- 
digate-Arbury Library copy). X(477)$i,ioooo. 

Poems, etc. In the Savoy, 1669 . Sm 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e., by Hay day, in lev. mor. case (Izaak Walton 
copy, with "Iz. Wa." on p. 375 and with a correction in his 
hand on pp. 412 and 413, and a name on p. 415, later W. L. 
Andrews-Beverly Chew copy). X(48o)$550.oo. 

A Sermon upon the Eighth Verse of the First Chapter of the 

Acts of the Apostles. London, 1624. Sm. 4to. 

Lev. mor., unc. (marginal stains). FF(i46)$35 oo. 

DORAT (C. J.). Le Celibataire, Comedie en Cinq Actes et en 

Vers. Engraved title. Pans, 1776. 8vo. 
Lev mor., tooled, g.e., by Wallis. O (249)11250. 

DOSE FOR THE TORIES (A). [Broadside ballad.] Ireland 

printed. America reprinted, 1775. 4to. 
Y(i6)$ 5 i.oo. 
(Edges torn without affecting text). WW (30) $90.00. 

DOSTAL (E. and Sima J.). Baroque Architecture of Prague. 

Preface by L. Einstein. 150 plates. Paris, 1927. 4to. 
CI,gt., unc. J(i2o)$25oo. 

DOUCE (Francis). The Dance of Death. 53 woodcuts and plate 

of engravers' marks. London, Pickering, 1833. 8vo. 
Cf , tooled, ge. R(i78)$2000. 

DOUGHTY (A. G.). Nugae Canorae. Frontis. Portland, 1897 

Mor., unc. (inscription on fly-leaf, clipping pasted on fly-leaf, T. 

Bell copy) N(2i9)$io.oo. 

DOUGHTY (C. M.). Travels in Arabia Deserta. Maps, plans, 

and cuts. N. Y and London, 1923. 2 vols , 8vo. 
Cl., unc. I(579)$i500. 

DOUGLAS (Lord Alfred). Poems. Poemes. Portrait. [Eng. 
and French text ] Paris, 1896. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Bickers (presentation copy, to Arthur Fir- 
bank). X(48i)$5500. 

DOUGLAS (David). Journal kept during his Travels in North 

America, 1823-27. With a particular Description of 33 Species 
of American Oaks and 18 Species of Pinus. Portrait. Lon- 
don, 1914. 8vo. 

Cl I(s8o)$i4.oo. 

Sketch of a Journey to the North-western Parts of the Conti- 
nent of North America. See HOOKER (Sir William JO- 


DOUGLAS (Norman). Birds and Beasts of the Greek Anthol- 
ogy. Fronds. [Florence] Privately Printed, 1927. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. and unopened (signed). M(i72)$io.oo. 

Contributions to an Avifauna of Baden. [Reprinted from 

"The Zoologist" for May, 1894;] On the Herpetology of the 
Grand Duchy of Baden [Reprinted from "The Zoologist/' 
1891, with Corrections, etc.] Pamphlets. London, 1894. 2 
vols., 8vo. 

One in wrappers, together in hf. lev. mor. case. F (72) $17.00. 

Disiecta Membra. London, 1915. 8vo. 

Paper. F(74)$i3.oo. 

Experiments. Signed. [London] Privately Printed, 1925 

Roy. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. F(78)$i5.oo. 

Bds., unc. and unopened. M(i7i)$iooo. 

Bds., unc. O(25o)$io.oo. 

Fabio Giordano's Relation of Capri. Frontis. Napoli, 1906. 


Paper, in hf. lev. mor. case. F (73) $16.00. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case. LL(i8p)$iooo. 

In the Beginning. Privately printed, 1927. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (signed). O(25i)$9.oo. 

South Wind. London [1917] I2mo. 

Cl., unc., in cl. case (Second issue). F(76)$62 50. 

Orig cl. (presentation copy, to Pino Orioli). T(74)$ioooo. 

South Wind. Large paper, signed. London [1922] 8\o 

Cl , unc. (with his "London Street Games" [1916,] together 2 
vols.). F(75)$I7-50. 

Cl . unc. F(77)$n.oo. 

Unprofessional Tales. By Xormyx. London, IQOI. 121110 

Orig. cl., unc., in cl.folder and tooled hf. mor case. M(i/o)$/5.oo 

DOUGLAS (R. J. H.). Works of George Cruikshank. Frontis 

London, 1003. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (laid in are plate "Fairy Connoisseurs inspecting Mr 

Locker's Collection of Drawings" and card of S. P. Avery) 


DOUGLAS (Thomas). Statement respecting The Earl of Sel- 
kirk's Settlement upon the Red River. Folding map. Lon- 
don, Murray [1817.] 8vo. 

Hf. sheep (rubbed. CD (2588) $2000. 

D'OUVILLY (G. G.). The False Favourit Disgraced. London, 

1657. i6mo. 
Lev. mor., g.e., by Lloyd. DD(3i6)$27.50. 

DOVES PRESS. Amantium Irae. Letters to Two Friends. 

1864-1867. Hammersmith, 1914. 8vo. 
Vel., unc. HH(24i)$22.50. 
Vel., unc., in hf. mor. case (Quinn copy). KK(4i)$25OO. 

The English Bible. Hammersmith, 1903-05. 5 vols., fol 

Vel., unc. HH(245)$575.oo. 

Another copy. KK (42) $575.00. 

Browning (Robert). Dramatis Person*, Hammersmith, 

1910. Sm. 4to. 


DOVES PRESS Continued 

Vel., unc., by Doves Bindery. GG(48)$i2.5o. 

Vel., unc. HH(234)$32.50. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Doves Bindery, in bd. case (on vel , 
H. A. Fowler copy). KK(37)$250oo. 

Hf. lev. mor. (on vel., C. E. Byas copy). PP(gi)$ 130.00. 

Browning (Robert). Men and Women. Hammersmith, 1908 

2 vols., sm. 4to. 

Vel., unc., by Doves Bindery (one vol. rubbed). GG(42)$30.oo. 

Vel., unc. HH(233)$ioooo. 

Carlyle (Thomas). Sartor Resartus. Hammersmith, 1907. 

Sm. 4to. 

Lev. mor., unc. (A. L. S. by T. J Cobden-Sanderson laid in). 

Vel., unc. HH(235)$42.5o. 

Vel., unc. KK(38)$45 oo. 

Catalogue Raisonn6 of Books Printed and Published at the 

Doves Press. Hammersmith, 1908. Sm. 4to. 

Bds , unc., by Doves Bindery. GG(43)$i2.5o. 

Bds, unc. HH(236)$iooo. 

Catalogue Raisonn6 of Books Printed and Published at the 

Doves Press. Hammersmith, 1911. Sm. 4to. 

Bds., unc., by Doves Bindery. GG(si)$io.oo. 

Bds , unc. HH(237)$8.oo. 

Catalogue Raisonne of Books Printed & Published at the 

Doves Press, 1900-1916. Hammersmith, 1916. 8vo. 

Bds, unc. HH(238)$22.50. 

Bds, unc., in hf. mor. case (on vel., Quinn copy). KK(39)$55-00. 

Cobden-Sanderson (T. J.). Credo. Hammersmith, 1908 Sm 


Rus., ge, by Doves Bindery. GG(44)$i5.oo. 

Cobden-Sanderson (T. J.). The Ideal Book or Book Beauti- 
ful Hammersmith, 1900. 8vo. 

Vel. D (86) $30.00. 

Vel., unc. HH(239)$37-50 

Cobden-Sanderson (T. J.). London. Hammersmith, 1006 


Vel., unc. HH(24o)$ 

Another copy. KK(4O)$20.oo. 

Francis of Assisi (Saint). Laudes Creaturarum. Hammer- 
smith, 1910. Sm. 8vo. 

Mor., g.e., by Doves Bindery. GG(so)$3ooo. 

Goethe (J. W. Von). Auserlesene Lieder Gedichte und Bal- 

laden. Ein Strauss. Hammersmith, 1916. Sm. 4to. 

Vel., unc. KK(47)$35.oo. 

Goethe (J. W. von). Faust, 1906; Faust, 1910, Hammer- 
smith, 1906-10. 2 vols., sm 4to. 

Vel , unc., by Doves Bindery. GG(4i)$no.oo. 

Vel., unc., 2d vol. in hf. mor. case (Quinn copy). KK(4$)$85.oo. 

Vel., unc. HH(246)$i05.oo. 

Goethe (J. W. von). Iphigenie Auf Tauris. Hammersmith, 

1912. 8vo. 

Vel., unc., by Doves Bindery. GG(55)$25.oo. 

Mor., g.e., by Doves Bindery, in case (on vel.). KK(45)$i6b.oo. 


DOVES PRESS Continued 

Goethe (J. W. von). Die Leiden des Jungen Werther. Ham- 
mersmith, 1911. Sm. 4to. 

Vel., unc., by Doves Bindery. GG(52)$25.oo. 

Vel., unc. HH(247)$45.oo. 

Vel., unc., in hf. mor. case (Quinn copy). KK(44)$4S.oo. 

Goethe (J. W. von). Torquato Tasso. Hammersmith, 1913 

Sm. 4to. 

Vel., unc., by Doves Bindery. GG(s8)$i5.oo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Doves Bindery, in bd. case (on vel., 
Fowler copy). KK(46)$i6o.oo. 

Horace. Pervigilium Veneris. Hammersmith, 1910. Sm. 41 o. 

Vel, unc., by Doves Bindery. GG(49)$I2.50. 

Vel., unc. HH(253)$i9.oo. 

Keats (John). Poems. Hammersmith, 1914. 8vo. 

Vel., unc. HH(248)$75.oo. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Doves Bindery. ZZ(i49)$ioo.oo. 

Mackatt (J. W.). William Morris. Hammersmith, 1901. 8vo. 

Vel., unc. HH(249)$i7.oo. 

Another copy. KK(48)$i5.oo. 

>Milton (John). Areopagitica. Hammersmith, 1907. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.e. on rough, by Doves Bindery. HH (252) $55 .00. 

Vel., unc. KK(5i)$45.oo. 

Milton (John). Paradise Lost. Hammersmith, 1902. 8vo. 

Vel., unc. HH(25o)$ 

Another copy. KK (49) $60.00. 

Milton (John). Paradise Regained. Hammersmith, 1905 


Vel., unc. (H. W. Poor copy). HH (251) $45.00. 
Vel., unc. KK(so)$45.oo. 

Ruskin (John). Unto this Last. Hammersmith, 1907. 8vo 

Vel., unc. HH(254)$2o.oo. 
Vel., unc. (soiled). KK(52)$25.oo. 

Shakespeare (William). Anthony and Cleopatra. Hammer- 
smith, 1912.. Sm. 4to. 

Vel., unc., by Doves Bindery. GG(s6)$32.SO. 
Vel., unc. HH(257)$6o.oo. 

Shakespeare (William). Coriolanus. Hammersmith, 1914 


Mor., g.e. on rough, by Doves Bindery. DD(320)$8ooo. 
Vel., unc. HH(26b)$45.oo. 
Vel, unc. KK(s6)$5p.oo. 

-Shakespeare (William). Hamlet. Hammersmith, 1909. Sm. 


Vel., unc., by Doves Bindery. GG(46)$35-00. 
Vel., unc. HH(256)$95.oa 

Mor., tooled, g.e., by Doves Bindery, in bd. case (on vel., Fowler 
copy). KK(53)$2io.oo. 

Shakespeare (William). Julias Caesar. Hammersmith, 1913. 

Roy. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. HH(259)$6o.oo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e., by Doves Bindery in bd. case (on vel., Fowler 
copy). KK(55)$200.oo. 


DOVES PRESS Continued 
' Shakespeare (William). Lucrece. Hammersmith, 1915. 8vo. 

Mor., g.e. on rough, by Doves Bindery DD(32i)$6s.oo. 

Vel., unc. HH(26i)$45.oo. 

Shakespeare (William). Shakespeares Sonnets. Hammer- 
smith, 1909. Sm. 4to. 

Vel., unc., by Doves Bindery. GG(47)$32 50. 

Vel. HH(255)$50.oo. 

Shakespeare (William). Venus and Adonis. Hammersmith, 

1912. Sm. 4to. 

Bds., unc., by Doves Bindery (back chipped). GG(57)$30oo. 

Vel., unc. (E. F. Leo copy). HH (258) $40.00. 

Vel., unc. KK(54)$55.oo. 

Shelley (P. B.). Poems. Hammersmith, 1914. Roy. 8vo. 

Vel., unc. HH(262)$6ooo. 

Another copy. KK(57)$55 oo. 

Tacitus. De Vita et Moribus Julii Agricolae. [Hammersmith, 

1901.] Roy.8vo. 

Vel., unc. (E. Grigsby copy). HH(243)$425o. 

Vel., unc. KK(5&)$32.50. 

Tennyson (Alfred, Lord). Seven Poems and Two Trans- 
lations. Hammersmith, 1902. Roy. 8vo 

Vel., unc. D(8;)$20.oo. 

Another copy. N (220) $30.00. 

Another copy. HH (263) $37. 50. 

Mor., tooled, g.e., signed 4t Doves Bindery. 19 C-S 07," in bd case 
(on vel, H. A. Fowler copy). KK(59)$i6ooo. 

Winship (G. P.). William Caxton. Hammersmith, 1909. 

Sm. 410. 

Bds., unc, by Doves Bindery. GG(45)$2O.oo. 

Bds., unc. HH (264) $27.50. 

Wordsworth (William). A Decade of Years. Hammer- 
smith, 1911. Sm. 4to. 

Vel., unc., by Doves Bindery. GG(54)$25.oo. 

Vel., unc. HH(26s)$40.oo. 

Wordsworth (William). The Prelude. [Hammersmith,] 1915. 

Roy. 8vo. 

Hf vel, unc. HH (266) $27.50. 

DOW (George F.) and EDMUNDS (John Henry). Pirates of 

the New England Coast Portraits. Salem, Marine Research 
Society, 1923. 8vo. 
Cl. 1(584)$2500 

DOWDEN (Edward). Life of Percy Bysshe Shelley. Portraits. 

London, 1886. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., inlaid, gt, unc. (orig. covers bnd. in). M(542) 

Hf.mor., gt, unc., by Birdsall. Z 2(297) $20.00. 

DOWNES (W. H.). Life and Works of Winslow Homer. Bos- 
ton, 1911. Roy.8vo. 
Bds., unc. I (585) $12.00, 


DOWSE (W. B. H.). Lawrence Dowse, of Legbourne, Eng- 
land, his Ancestors, Descendants and Connections in Eng- 
land, Massachusetts and Ireland. Portraits and views. Bos- 
ton, 1926. 8vo. 

Hf. cl., unc Q(359)$i3.oo. 

DOWSON (Ernest). The Pierrot of the Minute, lllus. by 

Aubrey Beardsley. London, 1897. 410. 
Cl., g t., unc. H H (62)$42 50. 
Another copy. XX(48)$io.oo 

DOYLE (Sir Arthur Conan). Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. 

N. Y., 1894. I2mo. 

Cl. (presentation copy, to Hamlin Garland). 88(859) $13.00. 
The Stark Munro Letters. Frontis. and vignette on title. 

London, 1895. I2mo. 
Orig cl , in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (inscribed). M(i74)$io.oo 

DOYLE (J. E.). A Chronicle of England, B.C. ss-A.D. 1485. 

Illustrations by the author printed in color by E. Evans. 

London, 1864. 4to. 
Mor., tooled, inlaid, ge., by Hayday. DD(3i8)$25.oo. 

D'OYLY (Sir Charles). Indian Sports, No. i; Indian Sports, 
No. 2; Indian Dead Game, Oriental Ornithology. 23 plates 
in black and white and 18 in color, mounted on the page. 
N.p. [1828-29.] 4 vols., obi. fol. 

Orig. bds. (frayed, stains). l(589)$27.oo. 

Tom Raw, the Griffin. 25 col plates London, 1828 Roy 


Orig cl, gt., unc. A(73)$9<>.oo. 

Lev. mor., by Wood. I(453)$i2ooo. 


DRAKE (Sir Francis). Sir Francis Drake Revived. Portrait 

London for N. Bourne, 1652-53 Sm 4to 
Lev. mor. (H. F. DePuy copy). DD(82)$625oo. 

DRAKE (Nathan). Essays, Biographical, Critical and Histori- 
cal, illustrative of the Tatler, Spectator and Guardian. Lon- 
don, 1805. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Mor. A(i3o)$9.oo. 

DRAKE (S. G.). The Old Indian Chronicle. Folding map 

Boston, 1867. 4to. 
Hf. mor. CD(i53o)$8.oo. 
A Particular History of the Five Years French and Indian 

War in New England and Parts Adjacent, 1744-49, sometimes 

called Governor Shirley's War. Portraits. Boston, 1870. 4to. 
Loose, unc. (ortg. autograph list of subscribers laid in). NN(35) 


DRAPER (Lyman C.). King's Mountain and its Heroes. Por- 
traits and maps. Cincinnati, 1881. 8vo. SS(ioo)$3Q.OO. 


DRAYSON (A. W.). Sporting Scenes amongst the Kaffirs of 
South Africa. Col. plates by H. Weir, from designs by the 
author. London, 1858 8vo 

Cl (shaken and worn, inscription on fly-leaf). I(5Qi)$8oo 

DRAYTON (John). Memoirs of the American Revolution. Por- 
trait and 2 maps. Charleston, Miller, 1821. 2vols., 8vo. 
Mor , g t , unc SS(79)$6o.oo. 

DRAYTON (Michael). Battaile of Agincovrt. Portrait by W 
Hole. London, for W. Lee, 1627. Roy. 8vo. 

Orig. cf. (95-16 x 59-16 in., Kershaw-Dnnkwater copy). XUSs) 

Poems. Engraved title. London, W Stansby for John 

Smethwicke [1619] Sm. fol. 

Cf., g e , by Riviere (lacks portrait, engraved title extended on 
inner margin, Steeves-Barmg copy) X(484)$8o.oo. 

Poly-Olbion. Engraved title, portrait, and maps by Hole. 

London, H L For M Lownes, etc , 1613 Fol. 

Cont cf (break in bndg , hole in one leaf, an inscription on a fly- 
leaf records presentation to Raphe Wilbraham from Richard 
Minshull, G Wilbraham bookplate). X(483)$375OO 

Complete Works. Ed. b> R. Hooper. Portrait and engraved 

title. London, 1876. 3 vols , I2mo 

Hf. mor., g.t , unc. HH(27o)$iooo. 

DREISER (Theodore). An American Tragedy. N. Y., 1925. 

2 vols , 8vo. 
Hds., unc (Large paper, signed) XX (344^2600 

A Book about Myself. N Y [1922] 8vo. 

Orig cl (with "The 'Genius'" 1923, together 2 vols.) LL(i96) 


Chains. X Y , 1927 8vo 

Hds., unc (signed) OO(Q8)$QOO 

The Color of a Great City. Illus by C B Falls N. Y. 

[1923] 8vo 

Cl, unc. (A N S lipped in) LL(i97)$i2so 
The Financier. N. Y., 1912. I2mo. 
Mor., inlaid, g.t. (inscribed, slip signed by Jay Cooke inserted). 

M( 176) $25.00. 
Orig cl (presentation copy, signature of Jay Cooke mounted 

inside cover) LL(i87)$i7 50. 
Cl SS(862)$750. 

Free and Other Stories. N Y , 1918 121110 

Cl (with "Plays of the Natural and Supernatural," 1916, inscribed, 

together 2 vols ). LL(i92)$i5oo 
The "Genius." First issue with page-no, on p. 497 N. Y, 

1915. I2mo 

Cl. (D. S. Fnede copy). F(8i)$i6oo. 
Hf. lev mor., gt (A. N S tipped in) LL( 190)$! 5.00. 

The Hand of the Potter. N. Y , 1918. I2mo. 

Bds., tan ct back (First issue, inscribed) LL(i93)$io.oo 

Hey Rub-A-Dub-Dub. N Y., 1920. i2mo. 

Orig cl (inscribed) LL(i95)$i2 50. 

A Hoosier Holiday. Illus by F. Booth. N Y, 1916. 8vo 


DREISER (Theodore) Continued 

(Second issue, with altered passage on p. 173). I(592)$8.oo. 

Bds., g.t., unc. (First issue, with p. 173 unchanged, inscribed) 


A Hoosier Holiday. Illus. by F Booth. N. Y , 1927. 8vo. 

Bds, unc. (D. S. Friede copy). F(85)$iooo. 

Jennie Gerhardt. N. Y, 1911. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (A L. S. laid in). T(76)$i5 oo. 
Orig. cl. (A. L. S. tipped in). LL(i86)$i7 50. 
Cl. OO(9i)$i200. 
Orig. cl RR(455)$io.25 

Moods Cadenced and Declaimed. N. Y , 1926. 8vo 

Hf. cl., unc. (signed). LL(2O3)$iooo. 

Sister Carrie, N. Y., 1907. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. LL(i8s)$iooo. 

The Titan. N. Y., 1914. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed). LL(i89)$i250. 

Cl. SS(863)$7.50. 

A Traveller at Forty. Illus. by W. Glackens N Y , 1913. 

Orig cl., gt, unc. (inscribed). LL(i88)$i5.oo. 

Twelve Men. N. Y., 1919 121110 

Orig cl. (inscribed, port, mounted on inner co\er). LL(i<M) 


DRESSER (H. .). A History of the Birds of Europe. With 
Supplement and Index. 722 hand-colored plates. London. 
Published by the Author, 1871-96 9 vols., 4to. 

Hf. mor. (rubbed). 1(593)^230 oo. 

DRINKWATER (John). Abraham Lincoln. Boston and X ^ 

[1919.] I2mo. 
Bds. (fly-leaf autographed, autograph inscription laid in). M(i8s) 


The God of Quiet. Birmingham, Published by the Author, 

1916. i6mo. 
Orig. paper, unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (presentation 

copy, to Eden Phillpotts). M(i8i)$75<X 
Persuasion. Twelve Sonnets. London, Privately Printed Jen 

the Author, 1921. I2mo. 
Orig. paper, unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (autographed 

twice). M(i8&)$io.oo 

Robert E. Lee. London, 1923. i2mo 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor case (bigned and daU-d) 

- The Storm. Birmingham, Published by the Author, 1915. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (signed, also inscribed 

to Eden Phillpotts). M(i79)$7.50. 

--Swinburne, an Estimate. Portrait. London, 1913. 121110 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc , in cl. folder and hf mor case (signed and 

dated) M(i77)$iooo. 
X O, a Night of the Trojan War, a Play. Birmingham, 

Published by the Author, 1917. i6mo. 


DRINKWATER (John) Continued 

Ong. paper, unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (presentation 
copy, to Eden Phillpotts). M(i82)$;.5O. 

DRIPS (J. H.). Three Years Among the Indians in Dakota. 

Portraits Kimball, Brule Index, 1894. Sm. 4to. 
Ong paper (back chipped). BB (87) $100.00. 

DRUMMOND (William of Hawthornden). Poems. Portrait 
by Gay wood. London, by W. H., 1656. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g e , by Riviere (contains, also, the 1659 title, portrait 
is inserted, some leaves are trimmed at top, H. B. Forman- 
R B. Adam copy). X(486)$225 oo. 

DRYDEN (John). Absalon et Achitophel. Poem Latino Car- 
mine Donatum. Oxon, 1682. Sm. 4to. 

Paper (leaf of Errata at end, top line of title and some head lines 
trimmed into). D (91) $9.00. 

Albion and Albanius. London, for J. Tonson, 1685 Fol. 

Lev. mor, unc, by Riviere (inner margin of title repaired). 
X (491) $200 oo. 

Annas Mirabilis. London, for H Herringman, 1667. Sm. 8vo. 

Lev mor., g e , by Club Bindery (Hoe copy) X(487)$I35 oo. 

Aureng-Zebe. London, 1676. Sm 4to. 

Hf cf. (First issue, with mis-printed pp , title and margin of one 
leaf repaired, few page nos cut into) D(89)$i3OO. 

Britannia Rediviva. London, 1088 4to. 

Hf cl. N(228)$i4.oo. 

Britannia Rediviva. London, 1688 Fol. 

Hf mor., g e. (numeral in ink on title, lacks license leaf, last 
leaf repaired). D(93)$n.oo. 

Cleomenes, the Spartan Heroe. London, 1692 Sm. 4to. 

Paper (pp. stained, S. K. Wilson copy). D (94^2750. 

Hf. lev. mor., g t , by Club Bindery (few margins holed, W. H. 
Hagen copy). PP(93)$3O.oo. 

Fables Ancient and Modern. London, 1700 Fol 

Cont. cf (rebacked, rubbed, some marginal stains). D(96)$iooo 

Fables. Plates London, 1797 Fol 

Rus , ge (rebacked, corners rubbed, offsets from plates; Large 
paper, with plates proofs before letters) D(97)$n oo 

The Hind and the Panther. London, 1687. 4to 

New paper (without Errata on p. 145, margins of last 2 leaves 
extended, last leaf with one word of text in facsimile and one 
destroyed in advertisement on verso). V(22i)$45.oo 

The Kind Keeper; or, Mr. Limberham. A Comedy. Lon- 
don, 1680. Sm 4to. 

Hf. roan (title stained, Prologue misbound before last leaf of 
text, McKee-Wilson copy). D(90)$i2.oo. 

Lev. mor., g t. M(i99)$i5 oo. 

Love Triumphant; or, Nature Will Prevail. London, for J. 

Tonson, 1694. 4to. 

Lev. mor , tooled, g.e., by Riviere (H. B. Forman copy). DD(324) 

Mac Flecknoe; or, a Satyr upon the True-Blew- Protestant 

Poet, T.S. London, for D. Green, 1682. Sm. 4to. 


DRYDEN (John) Continued 

Lev. mor. (leaf 8J4 x 6 in.). X (489) $925.00. 

Marriage A-la-Mode. London, 1673. 4to. V(22o)$ 

The Medall, a Satyre against Sedition. London, for J. Ton- 
son, 1682 Sm.4to. 

Cf, g.e , by Riviere (later issue, with 2 lines in Latin on last 
page, H. B. Forman copy, with note in his hand). DD(322) 

Hf. lev. mor., unc., by Club Bindery (Lefferts-Hagen copy) 

Of Dramatick Poesie, an Essay. London, 1668. 4to 

Hf. mor. (Bndgewater-Huntington copy). V(2i9)$ 

Lev. mor., g.e (Forman copy). X(488)$200oo. 

Poetical Works. Portrait. London, Pickering, 1843. 5 vols , 


Mor., ge I(595)$22.50. 

Religio Laid; or, a Laymans Faith. London, for J. Tonson, 

1682. Sm. 4to. 

Lev. mor. (inner margins of title and last leaf repaired, Halsey 
copy). X(49o)$45.oo. 

Secret Love; or, the Maiden-Queen. London, 1669 Sm 4to 

Paper. D(88)$i2.oo. 

Threnodia Augustalis. First edition. London, 1685. Sin 4to 

Hf roan. D(92)$i5.oo. 

Threnodia Augustalis. Second edition London, for J. Ton- 

son, 1685. 4to. 

Cf . tooled, unc., by Riviere (name on title, H B Forman copy^ 

Miscellaneous Works. Portraits. London. J and R. Ton- 
son, 1767. 4 vols , sm. 8vo. 

Oldcf. (rebacked, W Blackwell copy). PP(Q4)$i6oo 

DU BARRI (Comtesse). Memoirs. London, 1830-31. 4\ols, 


Hf mor., gt, unc, by Riviere XX(ii4)$2250 
Memoirs. Portraits. London, 1896 4vols,8\o 
Hf. mor , g t. DE(403)$30 oo 

DUCHE (Jacob). The Duty of Standing Fast in Our Spiritual 

and Temporal Liberties. Phila., J. Humphreys, 1775 8vo 
Sewed (stained). WW(3i)$io.oo. 

DUDLEY (Paul). Objections to the Bank of Credit lately pro- 
jected at Boston. Boston, T Fleet, 1714. 24mo. 
Sewed. QQ(72)$ioo.oo 

DUER (William). Reply to Mr. Colden's Vindication of the 

Steam-Boat Monopoly Albany, 1819. 8vo. 
Unbnd. DD(8i)$ 

DU FRESNOY (C. A.). De Arte Graphica. The Art of Paint- 
ing. Trans, by John Dryden Title-page by Gribelin after 
Cooke. London, 1695. Sm. 4to. 

Oldcf. (rehinged, repaired and rubbed, holed, writing on fly-leaf; 
unknown bookplate) D(95)$io.oo 

Lev. mor., g.e. on rough (Edmund Burke copy). M(2Oi)$8o.oo. 


DUGDALE (Sir William). Monasticon Anglicanum. London 

1693. Fol. 
Cf. (rubbed, 3 vols. in one). Q(6(>3)$i2.oo. 

DUHAUT-CILLY (A.)- Viaggio intorno al globo principal- 

mente alia California ed alia Isole Sandwich, 1826-29. Torino, 

1841. 8vo. 
Hf cf. (2 vols in one). WW(o8)$io.oo. 

Viaggio intorno al globo, etc. Naples, 1842. 8vo. 

Hf cf WW(Q9)$750 

DU HAYS (Charles). The Percheron Horse. Trans, by W. T. 

Walters [Bait ] Privately Printed [for W. T. Walters] 1886. 

(Inscribed by Mr. Walters to W. Chew Van Bibber). 1(599) 


DULANY (Daniel). Considerations on the Propriety of impos- 
ing Taxes in the British Colonies. London, 1766. Sm. 8vo. 
Hf cf. CD(27ii)$8oo. 

DUMAS (Alexandre, pere). Celebrated Crimes. Trans by J. G. 

Burnham. Plates. Library Edition. Phila. [1895.] 8 vols., 


Mor., g.t., unc. K( no) $130.00. 
Ong cl , gt., unc. O(262)$i25o. 
Ong. cl, g.t, unc. GG(6i)$i7.5O. 
Lev mor , tooled, gt, unc. ZZ(i5i)$ioooo 
Romances. International Limited Edition. Boston, Estes, 

1893-96 40 vols . 8vo 

Mor, g.t, unc, by Stikeman. K(m)$375.oo. 
Works. Edition de Medicis. Boston [1894-1904.] 47 vols, 


Hf lev. mor, gt R(i38)$270oo 
Romances. Illustrated Library Edition Boston, Little, 

Brown, 1895. I2mo. 
Lev mor., g t , unc CC(39)$425 oo. 
Romances. Handy Library Edition. Boston, n.d 49 vols., 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. DE (404) $170.00. 

DU MAURIER (George). Peter Ibbetson. Illus. by the au- 
thor. London, 1892. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl.. unc I(6oo)$67.50 
Grig, cl, unc (presentation copy, to Mrs. R. C. Bell). X(493) 

$375 oo- 
Orifr cl, unc (laid in is A L S, P H Ash worth copy) X(494) 

Trilby [In Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Jan.-Aug , 

1894.] 8vo. 
Vols. 88 and 89, Dec. i893-May, 1894 and June-Nov., 1894, 2 vols., 

hf.mor. CC(40)$3000 
8 orig parts, unc , in cl folder and case (with A. L. S of J McN. 

Whistler) LL(2o8)$45oo. 
Trilby. [As originally published in Harper s New Monthly 

Magazine, Jan.-Aug., 1894, with all matter which was later 

suppressed.] Illustrations by the author. N. Y., 1894. 8vo. 


DU MAURIER (George) Continued 
Hf.leath 0(263)$i7.5<>. 
Trilby. London, 1894. 3 vols., I2mo. 
CL (W. K. D'Arcy copy). X(495)$i70.oo. 

DUNBAR (Seymour). A History of Travel in America. 12 col 

plates and maps. Indianapolis [1915 ] 4 vols., 8vo. 
Bds., unc., in cl. folder. I(6oi)$35.oo. 
Q. BB(88)$i5.oo. 
New cl. DE(27)$ii.oo. 

DUNCAN (Isadora). My Life. Portraits N Y , 1927 8vo 
Cl., unc., in bd. case (C Tice copy). LL(209)$85OO. 

DUNCAN (J. M.). Travels through part of the United States 
and Canada, 1818-1819. 12 maps. Glasgow, 1823. 2 vols , 8vo SS(866)$750. 

DUNLOP (R. H. W.). Hunting in the Himalaya. Folding 

map and tinted plates after Wolf London, 1860 I2mo. 
Cl. (presentation copy, to Lady John Somerset). I(6o4)$900. 

DUNN (John). History of Oregon Territory and British North 

American Fur Trade Folding map. London, 1844. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. (new end-papers). CD(2342)$i7 50 

DUNN (J. P., jr.). Massacres of the Mountains. N V , 1880 


Cl. (F C Todd copy). I(6o5>$8oo 
Cl. (F. W. Hoyt copy). BB(89)$i25O. 

DUNSANY (E. P., Lord). Chronicles of Rodriguez. Frontis 

by S. H. Sime. Signed by author and by artist London 

[1922.] Roy. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. N(233)$i2.oo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. OO(ioi)$i4.oo 

Five Plays. Frontis. by I. Lynch London, 1914 121110 

Cl., unc. F(89)$n oo. 

The Gods of Pegana. Illus by S H. Simc. [London,] Pe- 

gana Press, 1911. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc., in cl. folder and hf mor. case (signed by the 

author, also by Lady Dunsany). M(2O4)$750. 

A Night at an Inn. N. Y , 1916 i2mo. 

Orig. paper, unc. (inscribed by publishers to Frank HarnO 


DUPLESSIS (Georges). Historic de la Gravure. Plates by A 

Durand. Paris, 1880. Roy. 8vo 
Hf. mor., tooled. RR(ii2)$iooo. 

DttRER (Albrecht). Institutionum Geometricarum libri IV. Lu- 
tetiae, 1532; [With] De Urbibus, arcibus, castcllisque con- 
dendis. Parisiis, 1535. Woodcut diagrams and illustrations, 
including that of the Lute. Lutetiae et Parisns, 1532-35 Fol 

Cont. cf. (worn, 2 vols. in one; fore-margins of title and first leaf 
are frayed). D 0(327) $25 .00. 


D'URFEY (Thomas). New Poems, consisting of Satyrs, Ele- 
gies, and Odes. London, for J. Bullord, 1690. Sm. 8vo 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere (title remargined, tear in one leaf, 
R. Hoe copy). X(497)$no.oo. 

Songs Compleat, etc. Portrait by Vertue. London, W. Pear- 
son for J. Tonson, 1719. 6 vols , I2mo. 

Mor, unc., by Bedford (First issue, with titles of Vols. I-V as 
above; Hibbert-Hoe-Chew copy). X (498) $450.00. 

Songs Compleat, etc. Portrait. London, 1719 [reprint.] 6 

vols., sq. 8vo 

Hf. lev. mor., g t. W(89)$6o.oo. 

Wit and Mirth. Portrait. London, 1720 [reprint.] 6 vols, 


Bds., unc. O(26s)$is.oo. 

DURUY (J. V.). History of Greece and of the Greek People. 

Trans, and ed by M. M. Ripley. Intro, by J. P. Mahaffy. 
8 vols, 1890-91; [also] History of Rome, and of the Roman 
People. Trans by W. J. Clarke. Ed. by J. P. Mahaffy. 16 
vols. 1884-87 Maps, plans, and chromolithographs. Inter- 
national Edition Boston [1889] 24 vols., imp. 8vo. 

Cl , g t , unc. K(ii2)$20 oo. 

Another copy ZZ(i52)$i2.5o. 

History of Rome and of the Roman People. Ed. by J. P. 

Mahaffy. 100 maps and plans and numerous col. plates. 
Boston, 1884 16 vols , imp 8vo. 

Cl , gt, unc. (8 vols in 16). RR(ii4)$2i oo 

D WIGHT (Timothy). Greenfield Hill, a Poem in Seven Parts. 

N. Y., 1794 8vo. 
Orig. bds. (worn, name on title, front fly-leaf lacking). 88(867) 

Travels; in New-England and New- York. Folding map in 

first 3 vols. New-Haven. T. Dwight, 1821-22. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Orig bds , unc. and unopened (worn). WW(i8s)$i7 50. 

EARLE (William). Sheridan and His Times. London, 1859. 2 

vols., 8vo 
Hf.mor., g.t. XX(8 3 3)$8oo. 

EARWAKER (J. P.). Local Gleanings relating to Lancashire 

and Cheshire Vols i and 2, 1875-78, and Vol. i, New Series 
(all published), 1879-80. Manchester, 1875-80. 3vols.,8vo. Q(629)$noo. 

EASTBURN (Robert). [His] Dangers and Sufferings, and his 
Deliverance from Indian Captivity. Ed. by J. R. Spears. 
Cleveland, 1904. 8vo. 

CL SS(i 3 66)$7.50. . . . 

Narrative of the Captivity of Nehemiah How in i745-*747^ 

Ed. by V. H. Paltsits. Cleveland, 1904. 8vo. 

Cl. SS(i367)$7-50. 


(The). Folding map. London [1807.] I2mo. 
Oldcf (hinges cracked), in hf. mor. ca*e (E. Corning copy). 



EASTMAN (C. G,). Poems. Montpelier, 1848. I2tno. 
CL Q(72)$9-50. 

EASTMAN (Mary H.). American Aboriginal Portfolio. 26 

plates, by S. Eastman. Phila., 1853. 4to. 
Orig. cl , g.e. SS(i495)$9-00. 

EATON (D. C.) Ferns of North America. 81 col. plates by 
J. H. Emerton and C. E. Faxon. Salem, 1879-80. 2 vols., 4to. 
Hf. mor., unc. I(6i6)$27.5o. 

EATON (Priscilla). Perils and Adventures of Priscilla Eaton. 

London, J. F. Shaw, 1854. I2mo. 
Cl. SS(i342)$30.oo. 

EATON (W. P.). Newark: A Series of Engravings on Wood 
by Rudolph Ruzicka. With an Appreciation of the Pictorial 
Aspects of the Town by W. P. Eaton. 17 tinted plates 
Newark [D. B. Updike for the Carteret Book Club,] 1917. 
Imp. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. HH(i64)$6o.oo. 

EBERLEIN (H. B.) and LIPPINCOTT (H. M.). Colonial 

Homes of Philadelphia and its Neighborhood. Phila., 1912. 
CL, unc. YY(263)$i4.50. 

EBERS (George). Historical Romances. Ilium, title and fron- 
tispieces in 2 states, one in color. X Y. [1893.] *5 vols. 

Hf. leath., g t. O(27o)$25.oo. 

EBY (E. E.). Biographical History of the Eby Family. Ber- 
lin, Ont, 1889. 8vo. 
Cl. YY(i9)$i8.oo. 

ECHARD (Laurence). Most Compleat Compendium of Geog- 
raphy. Second Edition. 2 maps. London, 1691. i8mo 

Old cf. (worn fly-leaves, title and 7pp. holed, name on title). 

ECKEL (J. C.). First Editions of the Writings of Charles 

Dickens. Frontispiece. London, 1913. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. N(2i4)$20.oo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. O(243)$25.oo. 

Hf. cl., unc. (Large paper, signed). FF(i44)$525o. 
Hf. cl., g.t., unc. (Large paper, signed). LL( 176) $4000. 

EDDIS (William). Letters from America. London, for the Au- 
thor, 1792. 8vo. 

Hf. cf., unc. (one joint broken). I(6i9)$i5.oo. 
Hf. mor., unc. U(m)$i2.oo. 

EDDY (Mary Baker G.). The Covenant. Vol. V [containing 
contributions by her.] No. 7, July, 1846, unbnd., contains 
"Old Man of the Mountain." 8vo. 

M (205)$! i. oo. 


EDDY (Mary Baker G.) Continued 

No 8, Aug, 1846, unbnd., contains "Emma Clinton; or, a Tale 

of the Frontiers." M(2o6)$i2.oo. 
No. 10, Oct., 1846, unbnd., contains poems, "The Moon" and "The 

Bible." M(2o8)$i4.oo. 
No. n, Nov, 1846, unbnd., contains essay, "Odd Fellowship" 


EDEN (Richard). See ARBER (Edward). 


EDWARD (D. B.). History of Texas; or, the Emigrant's, 

Farmer's, and Politician's Guide to the Character, Climate, 
Soil and Productions of that Country. Folding map. Cin- 
cinnati, 1836. I2mo. 

Newel, (stains). WW (538) $9.00. 

Ong cl CD(2763)$i2.oo. 

EDWARDS (F. S.). A Campaign in New Mexico with Colonel 

Doniphan. Map of the route. Phila , 1847. I2mo. 
Hf cf (rubbed). I(622)$4000. 
Cl. WW(i87)$i5.oo. CD(27o6)$225o 

EDWARDS (George). Natural History of Birds. 210 col 

plates 4 vols , in 2 1802, Gleanings of Natural History, with 
Descriptions in English and French. 152 col plates. 4 vols 
in 2 1805 London, 1802-05 Fol 

Old cf (8 voLs in 4, rehmged, titles to parts 7 and 8 lacking, 
Lar^e paper, presented to Miss Samtsbury by Robert Roy, 
1815, A. L S by him tipped in) ZZ(82)$i3o.oo 

EDWARDS (J. N.). Biography, Memoirs, Reminiscences and 

Recollections . . . Also a Reprint of Shelby's Expedition to 
Mexico Compiled by Jennie Edwards. Portrait. Kansas 
City, 1889. I2mo 

Cl. SS(88o)$8oo. 

Noted Guerrillas, or, the Warfare of the Border. Illus- 
trated St Louis, Mo., 1877- 8vo 

Orig. cl. (some pp spotted). 88(879) $21.00. 

EDWARDS (Jonathan). Treatise Concerning Religious Affec- 
tions, In Three Parts. Boston, for S. Kneeland and T. Green, 
1746. 8vo. 

Old sheep (margins stained). SS(88i)$i2.5o. 
~ also OCCOM (Samson). 

EDWARDS (Lionel) and WALLACE (H. P.). Hunting and 

Stalking the Deer. 8 col. plates. London, 1927. 4to. 
Cl, unc. (signed). 1(623)$!? 50- 

EDWARDS (Ninian). Message from Gov. Edwards, to the 

Legislature of the State of Illinois, at the Commencement of 
the Session in December, 1828. St. Louis, 1829. I2mo. 
Sewed, unc., in silk folder and hf. mor. case (cont. marginal cor- 
rections in ink). SS(ii29)$30.oo, 


EDWARDS (P. L.). California in 1837. Sacramento, 1860 

Orig. paper. SS (348) $57-50. 

EDWARDS (S. E.). The Ohio Hunter. Portrait. Battle Creek, 

1866. I2mo. 
Ong. cl. (new end-papers). SS (882) $125.00. 

The Ohio Hunter. Portrait Battle Creek, Mich , 1880 i6mo I(624)$4750. 

EDWARDS (W. F.). Tourists' Guide and Directory of the 

Truckee Basin. Illus by C. D. Irons. Truckee, Cal , 1883 
Orig. cl. SS (406) $9.00. 

EDWARDS (W. H.). Butterflies of North America. First- 
Third Series. 152 plates m color. Boston, 1879-84-97. 3 vol , 

Hf . mor , tooled, g e (rubbed). I(625)$i65oo 

EGAN (Pierce). Book of Sports, and Mirror of Life. Wood- 
cuts. London, 1832. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., unc. (Sir William Bass copy). I(636)$40oo. 
Hf lev mor., tooled, by Bayntun. W(95)$23.oo. 
Boxiana. Plates, 3 (in Vol. I) by G. Cruikshank. London, 

1818-29. 5 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. (lacks one of the Cruikshank plates). I (628) $260.00. 
Orig bds, tooled, unc. (rebacked in mor ). J(i23)$i55 oo. 
Cont. mor., g t. (3 vols. only. 1818-21, rubbed, Cruikshank plate 

at p. 412, Vol. I lacking, offsets from some plates). K(ii3) 

Cf , g e , by Zaehnsdorf (ong. wrapper of one part bnd. in Vol. I, 

that of another in Vol. II). PP (95) $210.00. 

Boxiana. Plates (63) only. N.p. [about 1824 ] Roy 8vo. 

Hf. cl., unc. (worn, publisher's imprints, where given, have been 

erased) I(272)$i6oo. 
Finish to the Adventures of Tom, Jerry, and Logic. Col 

plates, one by George Remamdes, also woodcut illustrations 

by Robert Cruikshank. London, 1830. Roy. 8vo. 
Orig bds , unc., in hf. mor. case (rebacked; 9% x 6 in , title bears 

date "1829" and p. 7, woodcut; H. V. Jones copy) 1(635) 

Orig bds , unc., in hf. mor. case (title is dated 1829 and p. 7 has 

woodcut, pp. 40 and 42 are without woodcuts, H. V. Jones 

copy ) V (222 ) $280 oo 
Lev mor, gt, by Riviere (without woodcuts at pp. 40 and 42). 

Finish to the Adventures of Tom, Jerry, and Logic. 36 col. 

plates. London, 1887. Imp. 8vo. 
Hf. cl., unc. I(637)$20.oo. 
Life in London. 36 col. etchings by I. R and G. Cruikshank 

3 folding sheets of music. London, 1821. 8vo. 
Cf., g.e. (advertisements bnd .in). A(394)$ 
Lev mor., unc., by Riviere (half-title appears to be in facsimile; 

First issue, page 9 without foot-note). I(629)$i65oo. 


EGAN (Pierce) Continued 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere (half- title in facsimile; First issue, p y 

without foot-note and first folding sheet of music without 

pagination). K( 114) $200.00. 
Lev mor , g e. on rough (page 9 carries foot-note, but first sheet 

of music is unpaged; 6 pp. advertisements at end, with 3 il- 

lustrations in color). R( 139) $130.00. 
Cf, ge. on rough, by Riviere (scraped, Second issue, with foot- 

note on page 9 and page no. on first sheet of music). DD(328) . 

$130 oo. 
Lev mor , g.t , by Riviere (First issue, page 9 without foot-note 

and first sheet of music without pagination). ZZ(n6)$i700O 

- Life in London. 36 col plates bv I. R & G Cruikshank, and 
also woodcuts and 3 folding leaves of music. London, 1822 
Roy. 8vo. 

Orig bds, unc, in cl case (rebacked, scraped). ZZ(i53)$20OOO 

- Life in London. 36 col plates by I. R and G. Cruikshank, 
also 3 folding sheets of music. London, n d. 8vo. 

Hf mor (rubbed) PP(o6)$iooo. 

- Diorama Anglais ou Promenades Pittoresques a Londres. 24 
col aquatints after I R. and G Cruikshank. Pans, 1823 

Hf cf J(79)$50oo 

- Life of An Actor. 27 col plates London, 1825 8\o. 
Hf lev mor, gt, unc. A (80) $32 50 

Cl , unc , in wrapper and lev mor case (hinges strengthened) 

Cf , ge R(i4o)$55oo 

Lev. mor, tooled, e, by Zaehnsdorf W(55)$i300O. 

Lev mor, ge. by Riviere ZZ(i55)$iO5 oo 

- Songs, Parodies, etc., introduced in the New Pedestrian, 
Equestrian. Extravaganza, and Operatic Burleta, called Tom 
and Jerry, or, Life in London. Col frontispiece by G. Cruik- 
shank London, 1822. 8vo 

Hf roan, unc (name stamped on title, inserted is A L. S of 
Cruikshank) I(52o)$22 50 

- Sporting Anecdotes. Frontis in 8 compartments, 2 portraits, 
3 plates m color, 2 of these by I R Cruikshank, woodcuts 
by G and I R. Cruikshank London, 1825 8vo. 

Le\ mor, tooled, g e , by Riviere I(634)$nooo 
Cl , unc W(94)$65.oo 

EGLE (W. H.). Notes and Queries, Historical and Genealogical, 

chiefly relating to Interior Pennsylvania. First-Third Series; 
5 vols., Fourth Series, Vol. I. Harrisburg, 1893-96. 6vols., 
roy. 8vo. 
Hf lev mor. t YY(2o)$6500. 

- Notes and Queries, Annuals, 1896-1900. Harrisburg, 1897- 
1901. 5 vols , Roy. 8vo 

Hf lev mor., g t , unc YY(2i)$27 50. 

EGLINGTON (John). Some Essays and Passages. Selected by 

W B Yeats Dundrum, Cuala Press, 1905 8vo 
lids., unc. (autographed). HH(202)$8oo. 


EHRENBERG (Hermann). Der Freiheitskampf im Texas im 

Jahre 1836. Leipzig, 1844. 8vo. 
Orig paper, unc. and unopened. CD (2772) $62 50. 
Fahrten und Schicksale eines Deutschen im Texas. Leipzig, 

1845. 8vo. 
Orig. paper (torn and loose). CD(2775)$23.oo 

EINHARD. History of the Translation of the Blessed Martyrs 
of Christ, Marcellinus and Peter. Trans, by Barrett Wendell. 
Cambridge, 1926. 4to. 


- Vita Et Gesta Karoli Cogn, Magni. Portrait of Karolus I 
and Karolus V on title. Coloniam, 1521. 8vo. 

Vel (marginal notes in cont. hand). RR(ii7)$ii.oo. 

ELBRIDGE (L. B.). The Torrent; or, Account of Deluge oc- 

casioned by ... Rise of the New-Haven River, . . . July 26th, 
1830. Middlebury, Vt, 1831. I2mo. TT(7o)$i5.oo. 

ELEGANT EXTRACTS. Portraits. London 1794. 5 vols., 8vo. 
Oldcf. J(i24)$ 

ELIOT (C. W.). Massachusetts. Hmgham, Village Press, 1905. 

Sm. 4to. 
Bds., unc. N(8i2)$io.oo. 

ELIOT (George). Agatha. London, 1869. 8vo. 
Unbnd., in cl. folder and inlaid mor. case. M(2i2)$i2.50. 
Brother and Sister Sonnets, by Marian Lewes. London - For 

Private Circulation Only, 1869. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor., inlaid, case. M(2i3) 


Daniel Deronda. Edinburgh, 1876. 4 vols., I2mo. 
Cf., g.t., unc. A(399)$2i.oo. 

Middlemarch. Edinburgh, 1872 4 vols , I2mo. 
Lev. mor., ge. A(398)$iS.oo. 

- The Spanish Gypsy. Edinburgh and London, 1868 8vo 
Orig. cl , unc., in cl. case (presentation copy, to Mr. Deutsch). 


- Works. Collected Set of First Editions. Edinburgh and 
London, 1858-1919. V.p. 

Hf cf ., g e (27 vols., with "Life," by J. W. Cross, 3 vols,, together 

30 vols ). K(n6)$375-oo. 
Orig. paper, or orig cl. (38 vols., some shaken, library label re- 

moved from one). X (499) $2,700.00. 
Orig. cl. (worn; 12 vols, with 3-vol. "Life" by J. W. Cross, to- 

gether 15 vols.). LL(225)$6o.oo. 

- Complete Works, with Life by J. W. Cross. Illus. by G. M. 
Hammond and F. L. Stoddard. Boston, 1908. 10 vols., 8vo., unc. (20 vols. in 10). D(o9)$25.oo. 

- Works. Illustrated Cabinet Edition. Boston, n d. 24 vols , 
I2mo., g.t. R(i 4 3)$6o.oo. 


ELIOT (George) Continued 

Works. Standard edition. Edinburgh, n,d. 21 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. cf., tooled, g.t. DE(40S)$40.oo. 

Works. N. Y. [recent.] 10 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. K(ii7)$6o.oo. 

ELKINS (W. L.). Catalogue of Paintings in [his] Private Col- 
lection. Japan paper. [Privately printed, 1900.] 2 vols., imp. 

Mor., g.e. O(54)$32-50. 

ELLICE (Edward). Les Communications de Mercator (Ellice), 
sur la Conteste entre le Comte de Selkirk, et la Compagnie 
de la Baye d'Hudson, d'une parte; et La Compagnie du Nord- 
Ouest, d'autre part, etc. Montreal, 1817. 8vo. 

Cf. (few pp. stained). WW (278) $6500. 

ELLICOTT (Andrew). Journal. 14 maps and charts. Phila., 

1803. 4to. 

Oldcf. (rubbed, pp. stained). S 8(904) $72.50. 
Orig cf. (covers broken, waterstained). DE(29)$38.oo. 

ELLIOT (D. G.). Gallinaceous Game Birds of North America. 

46 plates. N. Y., 1897. Imp.Svo. 
Cl, unc (Large paper, signed). I(647)$37.5o. 
Monograph of the Felidae or Family of the Gats. 43 col 

plates after J Wolf. [London] by the Author, 1883. At fol 
Hf. mor. (rubbed). I (645)$ 150.00. 
Monograph of the Paradiseidae, or Birds of Paradise. 36 col. 

and one uncol. plates after J. Wolf. [London] for Subscrib- 
ers by the Author, 1873. Imp fol 
Hf. cl. (rubbed, pp. stained). I (644) $220.00. 
Monograph of the Phasianidae, or Family of Pheasants. With 

80 col. plates. N. Y., by the Author, 1872. 2 vols., at. fol. 
Hf . mor. I (643)$6so.oo. 
Monograph of the Tetraoninae, or Family of the Grouse. 

27 col. plates N. Y., 1865. At fol. 
Hf. mor., ge (rubbed). I(64i)$i55 oo. 
New and heretofore Unfigured Species of the Birds of North 

America. 72 col. plates. N. Y., by the Author, 1869. At. fol. 
Mor , tooled, g.e. (2 vols in one; rubbed). I(642)$i40.oo. 
North American Shore Birds. 74 plates. N. Y., 1895. Imp 


Cl, unc. (Large paper, signed). I(646)$45.oo. 
A Review of the Primates. Plates, many in color. N. Y., 

I9!3- 3 vols., imp. 8vo. 
' Mor. I (649) $65.00. 
Wild Fowl of the United States and British Possessions. 63 

plates. N. Y., 1898. Imp. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. (Large paper). I(648)$75oo. 

ELLIOT (James). Poetical and Miscellaneous Works. Green- 
field, Mass., Dickman, 1798. I2mo. 
Sheep (lacks fly-leaves, pp. stained). CD (2280) $45.00. 


ELLIOT (Jonathan). Debates in the Several State Conventions, 

on the adoption of the Federal Constitution, as recommended 
by the General Convention at Philadelphia, in 1787 . . . Sec- 
ond Edition, with considerable Additions. Phila., 1859. 5 
vols., 8vo. 
Leath. (rubbed). SS(9i8)$n oo. 

ELLIOTT (William). Carolina Sports, by Land and Water. 
Charleston, 1846. I2mo. 

Orig. cl (pp. stained; presentation copy, to Charles Lanman, clip- 
pings pasted on fly-leaves). I (652) $20.00. 

Orig. paper (back worn, text stained). I(653)$i4.oo. 

Carolina Sports by Land and Water. London, 1867. I2mo., tooled, by Morrell. I(654)$7-50. 

ELLIS (E S.). Life and Adventures of Col. David Crockett. 

Frontis. N. Y., Beadle, 1861. I2mo. 
Orig. paper. EF(67)$ 

ELLIS (G. A.). New Britain. London, 1820. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. WW(i89)$8.oo 

ELLIS (H. Havelock). Studies in the Psychology of Sex. Dia- 
grams, charts, etc. Phila., 1901-10. 6vols,8vo. 
Cl. HH (276) $65.00. 

ELLIS (Henry). Voyage to Hudson's Bay. Folding chart and 

8 plates. London, 1748. 8vo. 
Cf. (backbone cracked, chart and 2 fly-leaves loose). CD (2274) 


ELLISON (B. C.). H. R. H. The Prince of Wales's Sport in 
India. Ed. by Sir H. Perry Robinson. Intro, by the Earl of 
Cromer. London, 1925. Roy. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. I(6S5)$22.oo. 


ELLSWORTH (H. W.). Valley of the Upper Wabash, Indiana. 

Folding map and 3 folding plates. N. Y., 1838. I2mo. (back faded). SS(i278)$i7-50. 

ELM TREE PRESS. 7 issues, including The Conservation of 
Youth and Defense of Age. By Arnaldus of Villa Nova, 1290. 
1916; Woodstock, Vt., 1906-16. 8vo. 

Bds. HH(277)$ 


EMBURY (Ay mar). Early American Churches. Garden City, 

1914. Roy. 8vo. 
Cl. (signed). HH (278) $12.00. 

EMERSON (E. R.). Beverages, Past and Present. N. Y., 1908. 

2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc. I(657)$n.oo. 


EMERSON (R. W.). Ceremonies at the Dedication of the Sol- 
diers' Monument in Concord, Mass. [Contains Address by 
Emerson.] Frontis. Concord, 1867. i2mo. 

Orig.paper. H(44 9 )$i 3 .oo. 

-English Traits. Boston, 1856. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder (inscribed in hand of recipient as presenta- 
tion copy to J. Eliot Cabot, F. Maier bookplates). X(503) 

CL (back rubbed). GG(63)$io.oo. 

Essays. First Series. Portrait. Boston, 1863. 121110. 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy, to F. S. Perkins). SS(886)$ 

Historical Discourse, delivered before the Citizens of Con- 
cord, I2th Sept., 1835. Concord, 1835. 8vo. 

Orig.paper, unc. (wrappers defective and restored, H. D. Thor- 
eau copy). DE(i78)$47.50. 

[Broadside. Letter to Walt Whitman.] (Copy for the con- 
venience of private reading only). Concord, Mass'tts, 21 
July, 1855. Sm.4to. 

In cf. portfolio (2 holes at( top, damaging somewhat the line 
"Copy for the convenience, etc"). 7(1438) $200.00. 

Letters and Social Aims. Boston, 1876. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy, to A. M. Ross; photograph of Emer- 
son pasted inside cover). S 8(887) $12000. 

May-Day and Other Pieces. Boston, 1867. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy, to T. H. Gill; W. H. Arnold copy). 
X (504) $290.00. 

Nature; Addresses and Lectures. Boston, 1849. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. H(445)$i6.oo. 

Oration, delivered before the Literary Societies of Dartmouth 

College, July 24, 1838. Boston, 1838. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (presentation copy, to John Sterling; 
inscribed by Carlyle also). X (501) $260.00. 

Oration delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society, at 

Cambridge, Aug. 31, 1837. Boston, 1838. 8vo. 

Orig.paper, in hf. mor. case (inscribed by Thomas Carlyle to 
Thomas Erskine). X (502) $160.00. 

Society and Solitude. Boston, 1870. I2mo. 

Cl. LL(23o)$750. 

Complete Works. Ed. by E. W. Emerson. Portraits. Cen- 
tenary edition. Cambridge, 1903-04. 12 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. mor., gt., unc., by Stikeman. DE (406) $85 .00. 

Complete Works. Illustrations, mostly photogravures. Con- 
cord Edition. Boston. 1904. 12 vols., I2mo. 

Cl. f g.t., unc. HH(279)$2000. 

Complete Works. Ed. by E. W. Emerson. Autograph Edi- 
tion, page of MS. inlaid in Vol. I 2 vols. 1905; [Also] Jour- 
nals, 1820-1876. Ed. by E. W. Emerson and W. E. Forbes. 
Large paper Edition. 10 vols 1900-14. Both sets illus. with 
portraits, views, and facsimiles. Cambridge, 1905-14. 22 vols., 

Cl., unc. I(6so)$i6o.oo. 

Cl., unc. O(28o)$iso.oo. 

Cl, unc. GG(64)$ioo.oo. 

Cl., unc. XX(353)$i40.oo. 


EMERSON (R. W.) Continued 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. ZZ(i58)$3SO.oo. 

Works. Boston, 1921. 6 vols , 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. K(ii8)$40.oo. 

See also CHANNING (W. E.). 

EMLYN (Henry). Proposition for a New Order in Architecture. 

31 plates. London, 1797. Fol. 
Oldbds., new cf. back and corners. AB(s8)$7O.oo. 

ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA (The). Illustrations. Cam- 
bridge, England, 1910-22. 32 vols., 4to. 

Mor. (rubbed). GG (65-) $25.00. 

Encyclopaedia Britannica. London and N. Y , 1926. 32 vols , 


Cl. (32 vols. in 16). J(i26)$55.oo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (32 vols. in 16). K(ii9)$70.oo. 

Mor., g.t. (35 vols.). CC(43)$225.oo 

ENCYCLOP^Edia OF SPORT (The). Ed. by the Earl of 
Suffolk and Berkshire, Hedley Peek and F. G. Aflalo Nu- 
merous illustrations. London, 1897-98 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 

20 orig. parts, unc. I (660) $9.00. 

Encyclopaedia of Sport. N. Y., 1902. 4 vols 

Lev. mor., unc. (2 vols .in 4). I(66i)$i200. 

ENGELBACH (Lewis). Naples and the Campagna Felice. 

Illus. in color by Thomas Rowlandson. London, 1815. Roy 


Orig. cl., g.t., unc., in cl. case. R(326) $65.00. 
Cf., g.e. (rehinged). ZZ(287)$25.oo 

by Chippendale, Sheraton, Adam and others of the Georgian 
Period. 100 plates. Boston, 1900. 

Sheets in portfolio. AB(42)$25.oo. 

ENGLISH MEN OF LETTERS. Ed. by John Morley. Por- 
trait frontispieces. London, 1905-07. I2mo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (backs faded; Libramatores Edition, 38 vols. in 19) 

Q., g.t. (Portrait Edition, 39 vols. in 13). GG(66)$i2.5o. 


through the States of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Mis- 
souri, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Folding map. N. Y., 1854. 16 
Roan. CD(2056)$20.oo. 

ENSKO (S. G. C.). American Silversmiths and their Marks. 

N. Y., Privately Printed, 1927. Roy.Svo. 
Bds., unc. J(66*3)$25.oo. 

ENTICK (John). General History of the Late War. Portraits 

and folding maps. London, 1763-64. 5 vols., 8vo. 
Old cf. (worn, Lord Somers copy). WW (220) $12.50. 
Another copy. YY(2o$i5.5O. 


ERAGNY PRESS. A Collection of Books printed at the Eragny 
Press. Illustrations, some in~color and gold. [Epping and 
London, 1894-1911.] 27 vols., 8vo and 4to. 

Mainly bds. HH (281) $250.00. 

ERASMUS (Desiderius). Colloquia, nunc Emedatiora cum An- 

notationibus Arnoldi Montani. Accedit Stultitiae Laus 
Frontis. and 2 plates. Leipzig, 1699-1702. i6mo. 

Orig.vel., in cont. silver case with initials "L. F. H." PP(2i) 

De Utraque Verborum ac Rerum Copia. Engraved title. Am- 
sterdam, 1645. Narrow i6mo. 

Cont. silver (text trimmed into). PP(2o)$i2So. 

-L'Eloge de la Folie. Frontis. and 80 engravings after Hol- 
bein, 6 being folding plates. Leyden, 1713. I2mo. 

Cont. cf. (rebacked). K(i2o)$8.oo. 

ESQUEMELIN (A. O.). Historic der Boecaniers of Vreybuy- 

ters van America. Engraved title, folding map and 7 fold- 
ing plates. Amsterdam, N. ten Hoorn, 1700. Sm. 4to. 

Unbnd (margins of engraved title worn). EE(ii4)$i3.oo 

Bucaniers of America. 8 portraits, map, and plates. Lon- 
don, for W. Crooke, 1684. 4to. 

Hf. mor., g.e. (one plate missing). TT (33) $50.50. 

History of the Bucaniers. Made English from the Dutch 

copy. Portrait and folding plate. London, for Tho Malthus, 
1684. Sm. 8vo. 

Lev mor., ge., by Riviere (some marginal restorations, Newdi- 
gate-Asburyv copy). D 0(84) $250.00. 

Bucaniers of America. The Second Edition. Portraits, maps, 
and charts). London for W Crooke, 1684-85 4to. 

Hf. cf. (2 vols. in one). T(75)$i6ooo 

History of the Bucaniers of America. [Four Parts com- 
plete, including de Lussan's Voyage to the South Sea, with 
separate title dated 1698 ] Folding maps, portraits and views. 
London, 1699. 8vo. 

New cf., tooled, g.e. on rough, by Zaehnsdorf. SS(9io)$6ooo. 

Buccaneers of America. London, 1911. 8vo 

Cl., g.t. RR(544)$725. 

ESSEX HOUSE PRESS. Burns (Robert). Tarn O'Shanter. 

London, 1902. I2mo. 
Vel., tooled, unc. (on vel.). N(262)$9oo. 

Castiglione (Baldassare). The Courtyer. London, 1900 8vo 
Pigskin, g.e. on rough, by D. Cockerell (rubbed). D(ioi)$275o 
Vel., unc. HH(283)$30.oo. 
Cellini (Benvenuto). Treatises on Goldsmithing and Sculpture. 

London, 1898. Imp. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. N(255)$3i.oo. 
Another copy. HH (282) $20.00. 
Gray (Thomas). Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard. 

London, 1900. I2mo. 
Vel., unc. (on vel.). KK(64)$2o.op. 
Kempis (Thomas a). The Imitation of Christ. London, 1904. 

Imp. 8vo. 



Cf., unc. (on vel.). HH(284)$55-oo. 

Omar Khayy&m. Rub&iyat. Campden, 1905. Sm. 4to. 

Mor., unc. (faded). N(258)$8.oo. 

Prayer Book of King Edward VII. London, 1903. Fol 

Oak bds., pigskin back, unc., metal clasps (With supplement con- 
taining 1 the variants for the American Church and with por- 
trait of President Roosevelt, A. M. Hudnut copy). HH(28s) 
$32 50. 

Prayer Book of King Edward VII. [N. Y., Dunne, 1904.] 

Imp. 4to. 

Cl,gt HH(286)$9.oo. 

Psalter or Psalms of David. [Mile End, 1902.] Fol. 

Vel, unc. (T. Bell copy). N(257)$8.oo. 

Shelley (P. B.). Prometheus Unbound. [Campden, 1904] 

Sm. fol 

Vel., unc. N(259)$n.oo. 

Spenser (Edmund). The Epithalamion. On vel. London, 
1901. I2mo. 

Vel., unc. D(io2)$iooo. 

Vel., tooled, unc. N(26o)$9.oo 

Whitman (Walt). When Lilacs Last in the Door- Yard 

Bloomed. On vel. London, 1900. I2mo. 

Vel. DD(s88)$i7.5<>. 

Vel , unc. KK(6s)$25.oo. 

ESTIENNE, or STEVENS (Charles) and LI2BAULT (Jean). 
See MARKHAM (Gervase). 

ESTWICK (Samuel). Letter to the Reverend Josiah Tucker. 

London, 1776. 8vo. 
Cont bds, unc. (rubbed, back strengthened). WW(33)$7 50 

ETHERIDGE (SIR GEORGE). The Man of Mode. London 

1676 Sm. 4to. 
Cf., g.e , by Lloyd (one cover damaged, offset on Epilogue page) 


Works. London, 1704 8vo 
Lev. mor., tooled, ge., by Ramage O(289)$i30O. 

suivis de Prieres a la Sainte Vierge et aux Saints. [Facsimile 
of Manuscript ] Text revu par M. TAbbe Delaunay. Large 
and small miniatures- and borders; plates and text printed in 
chromohthography in imitation of early illuminated manu- 
scripts, Paris, 1864. 2 vols., 4to 

Hf. mor. (3 vols. in 2, covers^ stained). DE(32)$36oo. 

EVANS (C. S.). Cinderella; The Sleeping Beauty. Illus. by 

Arthur Rackham. London, n.d. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Bds. N(6s6)$i 4 .oo. 

EVANS (Estwick). Pedestrious Tour . . . through the Western 
States and Territories. Portrait. Concord, N. H., Spear. 
1819. 12 mo. 


EVANS (Estwick) Continued 

Cf., tooled, unc. (inserted is leaf containing copyright notice dated 

Jan. 1819, instead of Dec. 10, 1818, date of copyright notice 

on verso of title). I (668) $190.00. 

EVELYN (John). Diary. Ed. by W. Bray. With "Life" by 

H. B. Wheatley. Portraits. Bickers' Large Library Edition 

London, 1879. 4vols.,8vo. 
Hf mor., g.t, unc. R(i48)$4O.oo. 
Memoirs. Ed. by W. Bray. Portraits and folding plates 

London, 1818. 2vols.,4to. 
Cf (rebacked, new corners). 1(670)540.00. 
Hf. mor. W(97)$ioo.oo. 

Memoirs. Portraits and views. London, 1819. 2vols., 4to, 

Cf. (rebacked). R(i47)$io.oo. 
Sylva. Woodcuts. London, Jo. Martyn and Ja Allestry, 

1664. Sm. fol. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, ge., by Matthews, in lev. mor. case 

(presentation copy, to Tho. Chiffing). BC (31) $300.00. 
Collected set of Works: Memoirs. 2 vols London, 1819; Silva. 

2 vols York, 1812, and Miscellaneous Writings. Ed. by W 

Upcott London, 1825. London and York, 1812-25. 5 vols , 

Cf , ge A(i34)$25oo. 

FABENS (J. W.). Uses of the Camel considered with a view to 

his introduction into our Western States and Territories 
N. Y , 1865 8vo 

Ong. paper (laid in is prospectus of proposed Overland Camel 
Company) CD(2409)$35 oo. 

FABIAN or FAB Y AN (Robert). Chronicle. [London] Reynes, 

1542 Fol. 
Mor , g.e. (rubbed, title repaired, notes in cont. hand). XX (366)' 



FAERNO (Gabriel). Cent Fables Choisies des Anciens Auteurs. 

Trans by Perrault. 100 copper plate vignettes. London, 1743 
Cf. DE(i83)$io.oo. 

FAIRBAIRN (James). Book of Crests of the Families of Great 
Britain and Ireland. Fourth Edition. 314 plates. London, 
n d. 2 vols., 4to. 

Cl, unc. Q(6o7)$i3-50. 


Transactions relating to the late Affair of Honour between 
J. Temple, and W. Whately, Esqrs. London. R. Snagg, 1774. 

Hf cf. (bnd. in are "Select Letters on Trade and Government of 
America" by Gov. Bernard, 1774 and "Letters of Gov. Hutch- 
mson," [etc. in above matter.] 1774). FG(79)$n5-00. 


FALCONER (Richard). [His] Voyages, Dangerous Adventures, 

And Imment Escapes. Second Edition. Frontis. London, 
1724. 8vo. 
Cf. (worn). SS(i28s)$2S.oo. 

FALCONER (Thomas). On the Discovery of the Mississippi, 

and on the South-Western, Oregon, and North-Western 
Boundary of the United States. Folding map. London, 1844 

Cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Riviere. CD (2343) $26.00. 

The Oregon Question. Folding map. N. Y., 1845. 8vo. 


FALCONER (William). The Shipwreck, a Poem. Map and plate. 
London, for the Author, 1762. 4to. 

Old hf. mor. (name on title, G. G. Francis-H. B. Forman copy). 

Universal Dictionary of the Marine. Folding plates. Lon- 
don, 1780 4to. 

Cf. (cracked). RR(i25)$i7.oo. 

FALKE (Otto von). Decorative Silks. Illustrations, many in 

color. N. Y., 1922. Fol. 
Cl. HH(287)$i5.oo. 

FAMOUS EPOCH-MAKERS. Authentic Biographies of the 

World's Greatest Characters. N. Y. [1897.] i8vols.,8vo. 
Hf. mor., g t , unc. R(i49)$65.oo. 

FANCY (The); or, True Sportsman's Guide. By an Operator 
45 portraits, 2 col. titles, and 5 other plates. London [1821-26 ] 
2vols., 8vp. 

Cf., g.e., by Riviere (several wrappers of orig. nos. bnd. in). 1(674) 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. (bnd. from orig parts). W (206) $200.00. 

FANNING (Edmund). Voyages Round the World. 5 plates, 2 
folding. N. Y., Collins and Hannay, 1833. 8vo. 

New hf. mor., unc., g t. (few pp. stained, one plate repaired) 

FARGO (F. F.). True and Minute History of the Assassination 

of James King of Wm. . . . and the Execution of Casey and 
Cora. San Fran [1856] 8vo. 
Orig. paper. SS(335)$7.50. 

FARINGTON (Joseph). The Farington Diary. Ed. by James 

Greig. Vols. 1-7. London, n d 7 vols , 8vo. 
CL I(6 7 5)$i7.oo. 

FARMER (John). Genealogical Register of First Settlers of New 

England. Lancaster, 1829; [Also] Holmes (F. R.). Directory 
of Ancestral Heads of New England Families. N. Y., 1923. 
Lancaster and N. Y., 1829 and 1923. 2 vols , 8vo and roy. 8vo. 
CL and bds. Q(37o)$i4oo. 


FARMER (John) and MOORE (J. B.)> Collections, Topograph- 
ical, Historical and Biographical, relating principally to New- 
Hampshire. Vols. 1-3, in 28 nos. as issued Concord, 1822-24. 

28 orig. nos., in cl cases (names of orig. subscribers on some wrap- 
pers). NN(4o)$25.oo. 

FARMER (J. S.). Merry Songs and Ballads. [London, Privately 

Printed, 1897.] 5 vols., sm. 4to. 
Bds, unc. (rubbed). I(6>7)$35.oo. 
Bds., unc. O(29o)$20.oo. 

FARMER (J. S.) and HENLEY (W. E.). Slang and its Ana- 
logues. N.p., 1895-1904. 7 vols f 8vo. 
Hf. vel., unc. (first vol. signed by Farmer). I (678) $55.00. 

FARMER'S REGISTER (The). Vols. 1-9, June, i833-Dec., 1841. 
Ed. by Edmund Russell. Shellbanks and Petersburg, Va , 
1833-41. 9 vols., 8vo. 

Bds. (bnd. in last vol. is Byrd's Westover Manuscripts. Peters- 
burg, 1841). A(54i)$34*oo. 

FARNHAM (C. H.). History of the Descendants of John Whit- 
man of Weymouth, Mass. New Haven, 1889. Roy. 8vo. 
Q. (library stamp on title). Q(56s)$i9-0o. 

FARNHAM (T. J.). Early Days of California. Phila., 1859 


Cl. G(ioo)$ I(68o)$i4.oo. 
Travels hi the Great Western Prairies, etc. Ploughkeepsie 

[sic] 1843 I2mo 

Orig. bds. (joints cracked, label worn). CD (2962) $32.50. 
Travels in the Great Western Prairies, etc. London, 1843. 2 

vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl , unc. ("Castle-Freke Library" bookplate, autograph of 

Lord Carbery, and another name on titles). I (679) $36.00. 
Hf. cf. BB(o4)$ 

FARQUHAR (George). The Recruiting Officer, a Comedy. 

Note by Sir Edmund Gosse Col. plates. London, 1926. 

Sm. fol. 
Bds., g.t., unc. (C. Tice copy). LL(27o)$7.5o. 

FARRER (Reginald). On the Eaves of the World. Map. Lon- 
don, 1917. 2 vols., 8vo. 
CL, unc. I(68i)$i300. 

FARWELL (W. B.). Misrepresentations of Early California 

History Corrected. San Fran., 1894. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. WW( 109) $12.50. 

FAUX (U.). Memorable Days in America. Frontis. London, 

1823. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (rubbed). SS(9i4)$22.50. 


FAY (T. S.) Views in New York and Environs. Title, folding 

col. map and 32 views. N. Y., 1831. 4to. 
Hf. mor., g.t (hinges weak, one of the orig. wrappers bnd in , W. 

L. Andrews copy). DD (86) $50.00. 

FAYRER (Sir Joseph). Thanatophidia of India, being a De- 
scription of the Venomous Snakes of the Indian Peninsula. 
Col. plates London, 1872. Fol. 

Hf. snake skin (tear in title and in another leaf). I(683)$200O 

FEATHERSTONHAUGH (G. W.). A Canoe Voyage up the 

Minnay Sotor. Plates and 2 maps. London, 1847. 2vols., 
Hf. mor, g.t. (lacks maps). EE(n8)$8.50 

Cl. CD(30Q2)$I2.00. 

Excursion through the Slave States. Folding Map, tinted 

frontispieces. London, 1844. 2vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.e. I(684)$n.oo. 

Post (The). Vol. Ill, Jan. i-March 31, 1790. Phila, 1790 
4to. G(ioi)$5o.oo 

FEDERAL ORRERY. Ed. by Thomas Paine. Vol i, No 2- 
Vol. II, No. 104, Oct. 23, 1794-Oct 15, 1795- Boston, 1704-^95 

Old bndg. FG(2i4)$38 oo. 

FEDERALIST (The). A Commentary on the Constitution of 
the United States, by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, 
and John Jay. Ed. by P. L. Ford. N .Y., 1898. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (inscribed by Editor to 
Edward Cary). M(22o)$225o. 

FELLOWES (W. D.). A Visit to the Monastery of La Trappe 

in 1817 12 plates in color, and 3 other illustrations London, 
1820 8vo 
Lev. mor, tooled, g.t. R(93)$275O 

FENELLOSA (E. F.). Epochs of Chinese and Japanese Arts. 

Col frontispieces and other plates London, 1912. 2vols, 

imp. 8vo. 
Cl.unc. HH(288)$isoo. 

FfiNELON (F. Salignac de la Mo the). Les Aventures de 
Telemaque 72 plates engraved by Tilliard after Monnct 
Paris, 1785 2 vols , roy. 410 

Cont cf., tooled, ge. (rubbed joints wearing, top of one back 
torn). ZZ(i59)$30.oo.. 

FERBER (Edna). Show Boat. N Y., 1926 8vo. 
Bds., g.t , unc. (Signed). XX(367)$i6oo. 

FERGUS HISTORICAL SERIES. Complete in 34 nos.. Chic., 

Fergus, 1870-00. 121110 
Paper, unc. SS(66i)$35oo. 


FERGUSON (Robert). An Enquiry into the Causes of the 
Miscarriage of the Scots Colony at Darien. Glasgow, 1700. 

Unbnd. FG(76)$8.25. 

FERGUSON (Robert). The Social Pipe; or, Gentleman's 

Recreation By T. N. Frontis London, Gosden, 1826 I2mo 
Bds L(i37i)$20.oo 

FERGUSSON (James). History of Modern Architecture, 1873; 

History of Architecture in all Countries. 2vols. 1874; 

History of Eastern Architecture, 1876: London, 1874-76. 4 

vols, 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t. unc. (Writing on fly-leaves). HH (289) $15.00. 

FERNANDEZ DE NAVARRETTE (Martin). Coleccion de 

los Viages by Descubrimientos. Portrait and maps. Madrid, 
1825-37 5 vols , 8vo 
Cf (rubbed, 2 joints broken). VV( 159) $33-00. 

FERRER MALDONADO (Lorenzo). Amoretti (Charles). 

Voyage de la mer Atlantique a 1'ocean Pacifique per le Nord- 
Ouest dans la mer Glaciale, 1588 Trans by Charles Amoretti 
Folding maps Plaisance, 1812 Sm 4to 
Paper, unc. and unopened. CD (2275) $42 50. 

FERRERO (Guglielmo). The Greatness and Decline of Rome. 

Trans by A. E Zimmern. Portrait. N. Y. and Con- 
don 1907 5 vols , 8vo. 
Cl , unc. J(i29)$8.50. 

FEUCHTWANGER (Lion). Jew Suss. Portrait. London [1926.] 

Cl , unc (signed) F(93>$i4oa 

FIELD (D. D.). History of the Town of Haddam and East 

Haddam 48 pp Middletown, 1814. 8vo. 
Unbnd. (blank part of title repaired). JJ(i5o)$925. 

FIELD (Eugene). Clippings from The Denver Tribune, written 

1881-1883 Ed by W S. Morse [Edition limited to 25 

numbered copies for private circulation ] N Y., 1909 Roy. 

Hf. mor , gt, unc. (presentation copy from Ed. to W S. Morse). 


Onis. paper (A L S by Julia S Field laid in) OO(iO7)$9O<> 
Grig, paper, in cl. case." XX (368) $16.00. 

Culture's Garland. Boston, 1887. I2mo. 

Mor. (orig. wrappers bnd. in, A. L. S. laid in). T(8i)$20OO. 

The Holy Cross and Other Tales. Chic., 1893. I2mo. 

Cl.. g.t., unc. (with "First Editions of American Authors" comp. 

by H S Stone, containing Intro b> Field 1893, togi-ther 

2 vols.). XX (372)$22 50. 
The House. An Episode in the Lives of Reuben Baker, 

Astronomer, and of His Wife Alice. Frontis. N. Y., 

1896, 8vo. 
Hf. vel., g.t., unc. (A. L. S. laid in). XX(373)$".sa 


FIELD (Eugene) Continued 

A Little Book of Western Verse. Chic., 1880. 12010. 

Cl. (with "A Little Book of Profitable Tales." 1889, "Second 

Book of Verse." 1802, and "With Trumpet and Drum." 1892, 

together 4vols.). W(ii5)$i3.oo. 

Bds., g.t., unc. (Large paper, A. L. S. tipped in). XX (369) $60.00. 
My Book. Facsimile of MS. in color. Preface by R. M 

Field. Vignettes by C. M. Seyppel. [St. Louis, privately 

printed, 1905.] 4to. 
Vel., unc. (laid in is A. L. S. by W. C. Buskett to W. K. 

Bixby. XX (374)$ 

Second Book of Verse. N. Y., 1893. 12mo. 

CL, g.t, unc. (presentation copy). SS(92i)$i7.5a 

Story of the Two Friars. Portrait. N. Y., [1901.] i6mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid (author's copy with authentication by 

Eugene Field II, bnd. in are orig. wrapper, also MS. of 

"A Mexican Ballad," also authenticated by Eugene Field 

II). D(io6)$30.oo. 
Writings, in Prose and Verse. N. Y., 1896-1901. I2vols, 


Bds., g.t., unc. (Japan paper). J( 134) $520.00. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. R(i5o)$40.oo. 
Bds., g.t., unc. (Japan paper). ZZ( 162) $425,00. 
Writings in Prose and Verse. Frontispieces N. Y , 1903. 

12 vols , I2mo. 

Cl., g.t , unc. GG(6$i7 50. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. ZZ(i6i)$ioo oo. 

Writings in Prose and Verse. N. Y., 1914. I2vols,i2mo 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. (autograph of author bnd. in Vol 

I). CC(44)$2OOOO. 
Hfmor,gt., unc. (backs faded). DE(4O7)$30OO. 

FIELD (J. E.). Three Years in Texas. Boston, 1836. i2mo. 
Orig. front wrapper, new back wrapper, unc. (last leaf re- 
margined at bottom). CD(27&i)$i7O.oo. 

FIELD (S. J.). Personal Reminiscences of Early Days in 
California with Other Sketches. Printed for a few Friends. 
Not published. [San Fran., 1880.] 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (back faded, autographed). SS(396)$30.oo. 

FIELD (T. W.). Essay towards an Indian Bibliography. N Y , 

1873. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. (some penciled marginal notes). I(687)$ 

FIELD AND FOREST. [Bulletin of Potomac-Side Natural- 
ists' Club ] Vols. 1-3 [all published ] Ed. by C R. Dodge 
Wash., 1876-78. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (3 vols. in one, orig. wrappers bnd. in). I(685)$i2.5o. 

FIELDING (Henry). Amelia. London, 1752. 4 vols , i2mo. 

Lev. mor., g.t. M(2i7)$i35.oo. 

Oldcf. X(5i6)$6oo.oo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (paper-defects in margins of title and 

3 leaves of Vol. I, tear at top of text p. 29 repaired). FF(i$i) 



FIELDING (Henry) Continued 

The Coffee-House Politician. London, 1730. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.e., by Bayntun. D(ii4)$3ooo. 

Enquiry into the Causes of the late Increase of Robbers. 1751 , 

[also] Clear State of the Case of Elizabeth Canning. 1753 
Dublin, 1751-53. 8vo. 

Old cf. (hinges weak, library stamp on verso of title; 7 other pam- 
phlets by other writers bnd. in). X(5i5)$ioooo. 

An Essay on Conversation. London, for L Gulliver and J. 
Clarke, 1737. 8vo. 

Newbds., unc. (some marginal repairs, Viscount Birkenhead 
copy). X(507)$4Q.oo. 

The Fathers; or, the Good-Natur'd Man. A Comedy. By the 

late Henry Fielding. London, for T. Cadell, 1778. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g:t., unc, by Riviere (R. B. Adam bookplate). X(5i8) 

Hf. cf. (title soiled, title is without author's name, R B. Adam 
bookplate). X(5i9)$75.oo. 

History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews. First Edition 

London, 1742 2 vols , I2mo. 

Orig. bds., in cl. box (worn and repaired, inner joints split, occa- 
sional stains; J. Bateman copy) X( 509) $1,750.00 

History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews. Second Edi- 
tion. London, 1742. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cf. (worn, name on titles). PP(98)$3000. 

History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews. London, 1743. 
2 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. cf. (rubbed, names on titles, Sir Edward Watkin copy). 

Adventures of Joseph Andrews. 8 plates by T. Rowlandson 

London, 1792. 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (covers loose). N(744)$7.5o. 

History of Tom Jones, a Foundling. London, 1749 6 vols, 

Orig bds , unc , in cl. case (First issue, with leaf of Errata; some 
bndgs. repaired, occasional stains, margin of second title 
slightly defective, inner marginal tear in 2 leaves of sixth vol 
with inner joints split; name, M. E. Moore on fly-leaves) 
X (511) $29,000.00. 

Lev mor, g.t , unc, by Riviere (Second issue with errors noted 
in Errata of First issue corrected). X(si2)$i,70Ooo. 

Old bds (worn, slight repairs on bndgs., First issue, with leaf of 
Errata; Latin quotation is followed by period on title of first 
vol., but not on that of other vols.; Mostyn-Drinkwater copy) 

Cont. cf. (Second issue; hinges cracked, sixth vol. rehinged, label 
on fifth vol broken, sixth vol. lacks label). ZZ(i63)$ioooo. 

History of Tom Jones. London, 1750. 4 vols , I2mo. 

Cont cf. (worn). N(279)$ 

Histoire de Tom Jones. Traduction par M. D. L. P. plates. 

Amsterdam, Aux depens de la Compagnie, 1750. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig paper, unc., in 2 lev. mor. cases by Riviere (4 vols. in 2, title 
of second repaired, few stains in each vol.). X(5i4)$875.oo 


FIELDING (Henry) Continued 

Histoire de Tom Jones. Plates. Londres, 1751. 4 vols., I2mo. 

Cent, cf., col. e. (rubbed, C. Tice copy). LL(2;i) $10.00. 

-Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon. London, 1755. I2mo. 

Cont. cf. (rebacked, covers repaired; First issue, with misnum- 

bered pp. following p. 240). D(i25)$52.5o. 
Old cf. (Second issue, with correct pagination; T. Tyston copy). 


Cont. hf. cf., unc. (worn, E. Bailey copy). X (5 17) $350.00. 
Ong. cf. (hinges cracked, W. Hutchmson-John Drinkwater copy). 


Cont. cf. (worn, lacks half-title, one page torn across and re- 
paired). LL(272)$i2.50. 
The Letter- Writers; or, a New Way to Keep a Wife at Home. 

London, 1731. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g e , by Bayntun. D(n6)$32 50. 

Love in several Masques. London, 1728. 8vo. 

Lev. mor, g.e , by Bayntun (inner margin of title repaired). 


Miscellanies. London, 1743. 

Orig. bds., unc. (worn). X (510) $600.00. 

The Modern Husband. London, 1732. 8vo 

Lev. mor. (few corners stained). D(ii7)$i700. 

Pasquin. London, 1736. 8vo. 

Mor. D(i2o)$i700. 

Paper, unc X(so6)$325OO. 

-*Stultus versus Sapientem: in Three Letters to the Fool, on 

Subjects the most Interesting Dublin, E. Bate, 1749 121110 
Cf , tooled, by Sangorski. X (5 13) $550.00. 

The Temple Beau. London, 1730. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., ge , by Bayntun. D(ii5)$27.50. 

Cf. FF(i 4 8)$22.50. 

True State of the Case of Bosavern Penlez. London, 1749 


Cf. (3 tears in title, Viscount Birkenhead copy). D(i23)$i500. 
The Universal Gallant; or, the Different Husbands. London, 

I735- 8vo. 

New paper, in hf. cl. case. D(ii9)$i9.oo. 

Collected Set of the First Editions of [his] Writings. Lon- 
don, 1742-55 16 vols., I2mo and 8vo. 
Cf., g.e., by Riviere ("Tom Jones" is First issue). K( 128) $1,45000 

Works, with Life. Frontis. London, 1784. TO vols , 8vo. 

Cont cf A(i36)$42.50. 

Select Works. With Life by William Watson Second 

Edition Portrait. Edinburgh, 1812 5vols.,8vo. 
Hf mor., gt (edges scraped). ZZ( 164) $30.00. 
Works. By Leslie Stephen. London 1882,, iovols,roy. 


Cl,unc. A(i37)$2000 
Works. Intro, by Edmund Gosse. Frontispieces, some by 

G. Cruikshank. Westminster, and N. Y. f 1898 12 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g t, unc. J(i35)$no.oo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. ZZ(i6s)$i6o.oo. 


FIELDING (Henry) Continued 

Complete Works. Essay by W. E. Henley. Frontispieces in 

2 states, one in color and autographed in pencil by the 

artist Drury Lane Edition. N. Y., Croscup and Sterling 

[1902] i6vols.,8vo. 
Lev mor., gt, unc. K(i29)$25OOO 
Works. Ed by G Samtsbury. Frontispieces by G Cruik- 

shank London n d 6vols I2mo 
Cf , tooled, gt (i2vols in 6). J(i37)$4500. 

FIELDING (Mantle). Dictionary of American Painters Sculp- 
tors and Engravers Portraits and plates. Phila. [By the 
author for subscribers,] n d. Roy. 8vo 

Cl., unc H(777)$iooo 

Another copy. YY (276) $18.00. 

Gilbert Stuart's Portraits of George Washington. Printed 

for subscriber j>, Phila , 1023 8vo 

Bds,unc. (signed). A(546)$iooo 

FIELDING (T. H.). British Castles. 25 plates in aquatint col. 

by hand London, 1825 Obi. 4to 
Hf mor (rubbed, front fly-leaf loose, piece cut from maigins 

only of frontis and title). ZZ(ioo) $22.50. 


Experiences with a Shot-Gun Harrington and Richardson 
Arms Co, Worcester, Mass [1911 1 I2mo 
Paper. L(i5oo)$3OOO. 

FIGGIS (Darrell). The Paintings of William Blake. 100 plates, 
16 in color With a portfolio containing complete extra set 
of plates. London, 1925. 2vols. f 4to. 

I'ds , unc (Edition dc Luxe, with extra col plate; signed) 

FILCHER (J. A.). Untold Tales of California. N p [privately 

printed,! 1003 Unio 
Paper (presentation copy). I(6g2)$i6.oo. 

FILHOL. Galerie de Musee Napoleon. Plates. Pans, 1810-15 

iovols,roy. 8vo. 
Cont mor., tooled, ge (rubbed, H Caresse copy) V(228)$35.oo 

FILLEY (William). Life and Adventures. 8 portraits and 

plates Chic , 1867 8vo 
Hf mor (orig front wrapper mounted in, news clipping 

pasted on one plate) SS(i347)$5000 

FILSON (John). Discovery, Settlement and Present State of 
Kentucky Folding map London, Stockdale, 1793. 8vo. 

Lev mor , g t , (map washed and strengthened, 2 final adver- 
tisement leaves lacking) CD(i67g)$375a 

FINDLEY (William). Observations on "The Two Sons Of 

Oil." Pittsburgh, 1812. I2mo. 
Unbnd,unc. WW(i95)$7.5<>. 


FINE PRINTS OF THE YEAR. An Annual Review of Con- 
temporary Etching and Engraving. Ed. by Malcolm C. 
Salamon. Vols. 1-3, for 1923, 1924, and 1925. Reproductions, 
some in color. London, 1924-25-26. 3 vols., 4to. 

Cl. and bds , g.t. K(i24)$is.oo. 

FINLAY( George). A History of Greece.. Ed. by H. F. Tozer. 

Portrait. Oxford, 1877. 7 vols., 8vo. 
Cl.,unc. HH (291) $15.00. 

FIRBANK (Ronald). Collection of his Writings, mainly First 

Editions. N. Y. and London, 1905-26. 12 vols , mainly I2mo. 
Cl. and paper. HH (292) $42.50. 

FISHER (Ezra). Correspondence of the Rev. Ezra Fisher, 

Pioneer Missionary . . in Indiana. Illinois, Iowa and Oregon 
[1845-1855.] Ed. by S. F. Henderson, and K. S. Latour- 
ette. N.p., n.d. 8vo 
Cl. BB(95)$32.5a 

FISHER (William). New Travels among the Indians of 

North America. 2 portraits. Phila , 1812. I2mo. 
Hf cf , gt. CD(i739)$i50o 

Orig. cf (joint broken, pp. stained). VV(9i)$n.oo 
Cf. WW(35i)$20.oo. 

An interesting Account of the Voyages and Travels of 

Captains Lewis and Clark, 1804-6 2 portraits Bait., 1812 
^ I2mo. 
Orig. sheep (joint broken, pp. stained). L(ii59)$i7.5O. 

FISKE (A. A.). History of the [William] Fxske Family ... of 

Amherst, N. H. Chic., 1867. I2mo. 
Cl. (few pp. supplied in photostat). Q(375)$900. 

FISKE (John). Writings. Riverside Edition. Cambridge, 1902. 

24 vols., 8vo. 

Hf.lev. mor., tooled, unc. I(6o4)$i52.5O. 
Writings. 24 vols.; [also] Life and Letters. By J. S C 

2 vols 1917 Portraits. Edition De Luxe Cambridge, 1902- 

17. 26 vols , 8vo 

Lev. mor., g t., unc. K( 130) $150.00. 
Cl.,unc. 0(297) $8o.OO. 
Lev. mor., g.t , unc. CC (45) $225.00. 
Cl,, unc. GG(69)$i20.oo. 
Hf.lev. mor., g.t., unc. ZZ(i66) $20000. 

FITCH (John). The Original Steam-Boat supported. Phila, 

1788. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. (title repaired, bnd. in are 2 folding plates and a plan). 


FITCH (Thomas). An Explanation of Say-Brook Platform. 

Hartford, 1765 Sm. 4to. 
Lev. mor., unc (edges frayed, title repaired at corner). 88(784) 



FITZGERALD (Edward). Euphranor, a Dialogue on Youth. 
London, Pickering 1851. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (W. H. Booth copy). N(288)$8.oa 

Euphranor, a May-Day Conversation at Cambridge. Lon- 
don, Billings [1882.] 8vo. 

Orig. paper, cl. back, in hf. mor. case (author's copy, with altera- 
tions in his hand). X (524) $250.00. 

Letters and Literary Remains. Plates. London, 1902-03. 7 

yols., 8vo. 

Cf., inlaid, g.t., by Zaehnsdorf. CC(46)$8o.oo. 

Cl. HH(294)$I7.50. 

Variorum and Definitive Edition of [his] Poetical and Prose 

Writings. N. Y., 1902. 7 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. I(6o8)$i5.oo. 


FITZGERALD (J. E.). An Examination of the Charter and 
Proceedings of the Hudson's Bay Company, with Reference 
to the Grant of Vancouver's Island. London, 1849. i6mo. 

Hf mor. 88(927) $13.00. 

FITZGERALD (Percy). History of Pickwick. 101 drawings in 

color by Kyd. London, 1891. 8vo. 
Leath., g.t., unc. UU(32)$n.oo. 

FITZ JAMES (Zilla). Zilla Fitz James, the Female Bandit of 
the South-West. An Autobiographical Sketch. Ed. by A. 
Richards. Little Rock, Ark , Orton, 1852. 8vo. 

Orig. paper. E(223)$i5.25. 

FITZSIMMONS (F. W.). Natural History of South Africa: 

Mammals. London, 1919-20. 4 vols., i2mo 
Cl. I(6oo)$i7.oo. 

FLACK (Captain). The Texan Rifle-Hunter; or, Field Sports 

on the Prairie. London, 1866. I2mo. 
Hf. mor. I(70o)$i2.oo. 

FLAGG (Edward). The Far West. N .,1838 2 vols., i2mo 
Cl. (both vols. inscribed, 1857, to John Appleton). SS(Q28)$i6.oo 
Orig. cl. (covers chipped). DE(33)$ 

FLATMAN (Thomas). Heraditus Ridens; or, a Dialogue be- 
tween Jest and Earnest, concerning the Times. Nos. 1-82, 
Feb i, i68i-Aug. 22, 1682, each no. a broadsheet. [London, 
for B. Tooke, 1681-82 ] Fol. 

Suede (82 nos. bnd. in one vol , rubbed). X(526)$27Soo. 

FLAUBERT (Gustave). First Temptation of Saint Anthony. 

Illustrations by Jean de Bosschere, many in color. London, 

1924. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc. (with "Ten Droll Tales" by Balzac. 1926, together 2 vols. 

similarly illustrated). O(i28)$25.oo. 
Cl., unc. FF(i84)$i6.oo. 
Orig. cl., unc. (C. Tice copy). LL(2;7)$ 


FLAUBERT (Gustave) Continued 

Madame Bovary. Illustrations de Albert Foune. Paris, n.d. 

Roy. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., unc. N(304)$io.oo. 
Complete Works. Plates. N. Y. and London, [1904 ] 10 vols , 

Lev. mor., g.t. (Sainte-Beuve Edition, Japan paper, illustrations in 

2 states, one col. by hand). K( 132) $225 .00. 
Leath., gt, unc. (Croisset Edition) R(i52)$6o.oo. 
Lev. mor , g.t., unc. (Academic Franchise Edition, Japan paper, 

some illustrations in 2 states, one in color). CC(48)$I75-00. 
Lev mor , g t , unc. (Academic Frangaise Edition, Japan paper, 

some illustrations in 2 states, one in color). ZZ(i76)$i40OO 

FLECKER (J. E.). The Burial in England. [London, 1915.] Sq. 


Paper (T. J. Wise copy). XX( 3 8 3 )$7.5o. 
Hassan. Portrait. London, 1923. 8vo 
Cl., g.t., unc. LL(279)$ 
--Collected Poems. Ed. by J. C. Squire. Portrait. London 

[1916.] Sm. 4to. 
CL, unc. HH(295)$9.oo. 

FLEISCHMANN (M. C.). After Big Game in Arctic and Tropic. 

Profusely and beautifully illustrated from photographs Cin- 
cinnati [Privately printed,] 1909 8vo. 
Mor. I (701) $22.00. 

FLETCHER (C. R. L.) and KIPLING (Rudyard). A School 

History of England Illus. by Henry Ford Oxford, 1911 
Orig. cl. M (396) $10 oo. 

FLETCHER (D. .). Reminiscences of California, 1852-1860. 

Portrait. Ayer, Mass., Privately Printed, 1894. 8vo. 
Cl. WW(i97)$8.oo. 

FLETCHER (Ebenezer). Narrative of [his] Captivity and Suf- 
ferings. Fourth Edition, Revised and Enlarged. New 
Ipswich, N. H., 1827. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, sewed, in cl. folder and hf mor case (hole in one 
page, affecting a few words). SS(i3i4)$95.oo 

FLETCHER (John). Monsievr Thomas. London, T. Harper, 

for I. Waterson, 1639. Sm 4to 
Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere (Sig. N. and catchword cut into, Arbury 

Library copy). DD(336)$275o 

FLETCHER (Phineas). Locustae, vel Pietas Tesvitica. [Cam- 
bridge.] 1627. Sm. 4to. 

Cf., g.e. (Benbow-Leo.-Chew copy). X (528) $170.00. 

The Purple Island. Cambridge, 1633. Sm. 4to. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere, in case (Cox- Leo copy). X(52p) 

Lev. mor., tooled, by Club Bindery, in mor. case (W. T. Wallace 
copy). DD(337)$300.oo. 


FLETCHER (W. Y.). Foreign Bookbindings in the British 

Museum 63 col. plates. London, 1896. Fol. 
Cl., g.t., unc. HH (296) $35. oo. 

FLINT (Timothy). Biographical Memoir of Daniel Boone. Por- 
trait Cincinnati, 1840. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. SS(204)$;.50 

Hf. cf (stamp on verso of title) DE(34)$9,oo. 

Recollections of the last Ten Years, passed in ... the Valley 

of the Mississippi, from Pittsburgh and the Missouri to tne 
Gulf of Mexico, and from Florida to the Spanish Frontier. 
Boston, 1826. 8vo. 

Bds , unc. (hinges loose) CD (2096) $1900. 

FLORIDA. Histoire de la Conqueste de la Florida, par les 

Espagnols, sous Ferdinand De Soto. Ecrite en Portugais par 
un Gentil-homme de la ville d'Elvas. [Traduite] par M. D. C. 
B [Citri de la Guette.] Paris, Theirry, 1685. i2mo. 
Orig cf. (back torn, early names on title and fly-leaf, pp. stained). 

FLORIO (John). A Worlde of Wordes; or, ... Dictionarie in 

Italian and English. London, A. Hatfield for Edw Blount, 
1598. Sm fol. 

Lev. mor , g e., by Riviere (upper edges of last few leaves ex- 
tended). X(53o)$2iooo. 

FLOWER (George). Errors of Emigrants. London [1841 ] 

Hf mor SS(ii57)$200o. 

FLOWERS OF LOVELINESS. 12 col lithographs by Heath 

London [about 1838] Sm fol 
Hf.mor. PP(46)$i30o. 

FOLEY (P. K.). American Authors, 1795-1895. Boston, 1897. 

Cl, unc. I(;o4)$30.oo. 

FOLKARD (H. C.). The Wild-Fowler. Plates. London, 1859. 

CL, unc. I(;o5)$i300. 

FOOTE (H. S.). Texas and the Texans. Col. folding map. 

Phila., 1841. 2vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl. CD (2;69)$22.5o. 

FOOTE (W. H.). Sketches of North Carolina. N Y., 1846. 8vo 

CL YY(289)$i4.oo. 

Sketches of Virginia. First and second series. Portraft 

Phila., 1850-56. 2 vols., 8vo. 
CL, not uniform. YY(2Oo)$27oo. 

FORBES (Alexander). California. Folding map and 10 plates. 

London, 1839. 8vo. 
Orig. cl, unc. SS(2o3)$7<>oo. 
Cont. hf mor. WW(2OO)$55-OO. 


FORBUSH (E. H.). Birds of Massachusetts and other New Eng- 
land States. Plates, some in color. [Boston,] 1925. 2vols., 
sq. 8vo. 

CI. I(70o)$25oo. 

FORD (EMANUEL). The most Famous, Delectable, and pleas- 
ant History of Parismvs. London, 1636. Sm. 4to. 
Old cf., g.e., by R. de Coverley. D(i2;)$62.50. 

FORD (H. A.)- History of Putnam and Marshall Counties. 

Lacon, 111., for the Author, 1860. i6mo. 
Cl. (pp. stained). SS(no3)$2i.oo. 

FORD (P. L.). The New England Primer, a History of its Ori- 
gin and Development. N. Y., 1897. Sq. 8vo. 
Orig. hf. leath., unc. H(783)$ 
See also FEDERALIST (The). 

FORD (Thomas). History of Illinois. 1854. 8vo. 
Cf. (presentation copy). U(77)$ 
Cf. (rubbed). BB(o6)$is.oo. 

FORD (W. C.). George Washington. Frontis. portraits in color 
and numerous other portraits and illustrations. Paris and 
N. Y., 1900. 2 vols., imp. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., unc. (one back torn, Memorial Edition). I (710) 

Mor. g.t., unc. (Edition de Luxe, plates in 2 states). O(30o)$45.oo. 

Hf.vel., g.t, unc. S(i76)$2O.oo. 

FORE-EDGE PAINTING. JEsop. Fables. Version by T. 

James. Over 100 illustrations by J. Tenniel. London, 1848. 

Lev. mor., inlaid, g.e., by Fazakerley (painting representing; fable 

of "The Two Pots," Phoebe Boyle copy). D(2)$8o.op. 
Beckford (Peter). Thoughts Upon Hunting. Frontis. and 

2 plates. London, 1802. Sm. 4to. 
Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. (rubbed, plates stained; fore-edge painting 

under gold depicting a fox hunt). I(i8i)$no.oo. 

The Holy Bible. Oxford, 1803. 8vo. 

Mor., ge. (fore-edge painting of Furnival's Inn; Holborn) 


Boniface (J. X.). Picciola. Brussels, 1837. Sm. i2mo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e., in mor. case (rubbed, inscription on fly-leaf; 

painting depicts rural sporting scene. XX (387) $65.00. 
Clarkson (Thomas). Memoirs of the Private and Public 

Life of William Penn. Frontis. and folding map. London, 

1849. 8vo. 
Mor.. tooled, g.e., by Sotheran (fore-edge painting by Miss Cur- 

rie, fly-leaf signed by her). A(6s)$6s.oo. 
-Cunningham (J. W.). A World Without Souls. London, 

1818. Sm. 8vo. 
Mor., tooled, g.e., in mor. case (painting portraying Worcester, 

from the Severn). XX (386) $45.00. 

Dryden (John). Fables. London, 1822. I2mo. 

Mor., g.e., in case (painting, allegorical subject). W (117) $320.00. 



F6nclon (F. Salignac de la Mothe). Adventures of Tele- 

machus. n (should be 12) plates after Stothard, colored by 
hand. London, 1795. 4to. 

Cont. mor., g.e., in cl. case (2 vols. in one, painting depicts 
Ulysses ship-wrecked on shore of Phaeacia). K(i34)$35o.oa 

Gibbon (Edward). Miscellaneous Works. With Memoirs. 

Notes by Lord Sheffield. Portrait and plates engraved by 
Heath London, 1814. 5 vols , 8vo. 

O rig. mor., in solander cases (painting under gilt on each vol ). 
A (147) $270.00. 

Homer. Odyssey. Trans, by A. Pope. London, 1820. 2 

vols., i6mo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e., in hf. lev. mor. case (paintings of Strawberry 
Hill and Twickenham, two inscriptions). Z (962) $600.00. 

Kempis (Thomas a). The Christian's Pattern; or, a Trea- 
tise of the Imitation of Jesus Christ. 5 plates by J. Mynde. 
London, 1733 8vo. 

Mor , tooled, g e , in hf . mor case (painting depicts the Tower 
of London and the Thames). BC(4i)$nooo. 

Nelson (Robert). A Companion for the Festivals and Fasts 

of the Church of England. London, 1705. 8vo 

Mor., g e. (rubbed, double fore-edge painting depicting Sadler's 
Wells and The Savoy Palace on the Thames). ZZ(i7o) 

Owen (John). History of the British and Foreign Bible So- 
ciety. London, 1816. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cont mor , tooled, g e , in cl case (paintings of St Paul's Cathe- 
dral, St Dunstan's Church, and Lambeth Palace). K(i36) 

Prayer in English. Book of Common Prayer. Cambridge, 

1764. 4to 

Cont. mor., inlaid, g e., in case (painting depicts Ely Cathedral) 

Prayer in English. Book of Common Prayer, and . . . the 

Psalter. Denbigh, 1823. 8vo 

Cont mor , tooled, g.e (painting, "Remains of Abervstwith Cas- 
tle") K(i 3 7)$9000. 

Tasso (Torquato). Aminta. London, Dulau, 1800 8vo 

Cont. mor, tooled, g e., in cl. case (double painting: (i) Tasso 
and 2 views of Florence, (2) harbor of Genoa). K(i35) 

Tighe (Mrs. Henry). Psyche, with Other Poems. London, 

1812. 8vo. 

Cf., g.e. (painting, scene from Greek Mythology). ZZ(i72) 

Webb (Maria). The Penns and Penningstons of the Seven- 
teenth Century in their Domestic and Religious Life. Lon- 
don, 1867. 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g e , by Sotheran (fore-edge painting by Miss Cur- 
rie, signed, showing view of Philadelphia.). 



Anecdotes, etc., no col. plates by S. Howitt and others 

London, Orme, 1813. 2 vols , fol. 
Mor.. tooled; Supplement in orig. paper, unc., Earl of Essex 

copy, in cl. case. I(g68)$ioo.oo 
Foreign Field Sports, Fisheries, Sporting Anecdotes, etc. 

no plates by Howitt and others in aquatint col. by hand 

London, 1814. 4to 

Cont mor., g.e (loose in bndg., back chipped). XX(842)$35.oo 
Foreign Field Sports, Fisheries, Sporting Anecdotes, etc. 

no plates in aquatint col by hand London, 1819 Roy. 4to. 
Mor, tooled, ge (rubbed, one page of text torn). ZZ(Q8)$oo.oo 


Magazine Descriptive of British and Foreign Sport. Vols 
I-XXIX. 928 plates by Finch Mason, R. M Alexander, and 
others London, 1885-1912. 29 vols., 8vo. 
Cf , tooled, g.e. I(7ii)$i35.oo. 


Aug. 14, i873-June, 1928. N. Y., 1873-1928. Fol. and 4to. 
4 vols bnd cl. and 169 unbnd. nos L(i727 > )$no.oo 

FORMAN (H. Buxton). Books of William Morris described. 

Portrait. London, 1897. Roy. 8vo 
Orig. cl , unc. (Japan paper). XX(97)$8oo. 

FORRESTER (A. H.). Phantasmagoria of Fun. London, 1843 

2 vols , I2mo 
Cf., tooled, gt., unc., by Riviere (orig. covers bnd in) R(i04) 

The Tutor's Assistant; or, Comic Figures of Arithmetic. 

London, 1843. I2mo. 
Lev. mor. OCH 109) $10.00 

FORSEY (Thomas). Report of an Action of Assault ... be- 
tween Thomas Forsey and Waddcl Cunningham X Y , 
1764. Sm. 410 

Mor., g t , unc WW(ig9)$si oo 

FORSTER (E. M.). A Passage to India. Signed, The Same 

Trade Edition. London, 1924. 2 vols , 8vo. and 121110 
Cl. LL(28o)$i2.oo. 

FORSTER (John). Life of Charles Dickens. London, 1873. & 
vols., 8vo. 

Cl, unc. U(3i5)$iooo. 

The Life and Adventures of Oliver Goldsmith. London, 1848 


Lev mor., tooled, g e (orig. covers bnd. in, catalogue descrip- 
tion pasted on fly-leaf). N(3o8A)$i2oo. 

FORT (Paul). Le Livre des Ballades. 14 col. plates by Arthur 

Rackham Paris, n d. Imp. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. (orig. wrappers bnd. in). N (657)$! 5.00 


FORTIER (Alc6e). History of Louisiana. Col. frontispieces 
and numerous plates. Edition de Bibliophile. N. Y., 1904 
4 vols , roy. 8vo. 

Hf vel , unc (with 2 extra sets (2 states) of plates in 4to port- 
folio and 4 extra titles). I(7i5)$3OOO. 

History of Louisiana. Portraits and maps, frontispieces be- 
ing in color Edition de Luxe. N. Y. and Pans, 1904. 4 
vols., roy. 8vo 

Hf lev mor., gt, unc K(i38)$250o 

Hf. mor., g t , unc (rubbed). 

Cl , gt, unc CD(i952)$i2.oo. 

FOSTER (G. G.) The Gold Regions of California. Map. 

N Y, 1848. 8vo. 
Grig paper, unc. (back chipped off) SS (273^22 50 

FOSTER (J. J.). Samuel Cooper and the English Miniature 
Painters of the XVII Century. Frontis in color and 94 
plates, [Also] a List Alphabetically arranged of Works of 
English Miniature Painters of the XVII Century. Number- 
ed and signed London, 1914-16. 2 vols , 4to. 

Cl , g t , unc. K(i39)$30 oo. 

FOTHERGILL (G. A.). Notes from the Diary of a Doctor, 
Sketch Artist and Sportsman. Illustrations, some in color. 
York, 1901. 4to. 

Cl, unc 1(7 1 7) $8.00. 

FOUCHER (A.). The Beginnings of Buddhist Art. Trans by 
L A. Thomas and F W Thomas. Col. frontis. and other 
plates Pans, 1917. Roy 8vo. 

Hf mor, g.t., unc HH(30i)$i5.oo. 

FOUNTAIN (Paul). The Great Deserts and Forests of North 

America. 1901, Great Mountains and Forests of South Amer- 
ica. 1902, The Great North- West and the Great Lake Re- 
gion of North America 1904, The Eleven Eaglets of the 
West 1905, Rambles of an Australian Naturalist 1907 Lon- 
don, 1901-07. 5 vols. 8vo. 

Hf cf , unc. (ong covers bnd. in, R. D. Jackson bookplate in 
3 of the vols ). I(72o)$isoo. 

FOUQUfi (F. H. K., Baron de la Motte). Undine and As- 

lauga's Knight Illus. by Harold Nelson. [Carton Series] 
London, 1901. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, watercolor under vel in front cover, by Chivers (Jap- 
an paper, signed; plates on linen hinges). KK(67)$40.oo. 

Undine. Adapted from the German by W. L. Courtney 
15 col. plates by Rackham. Signed by artist. London, 1909 

Bds, unc. (bndg soiled) A(i4o)$8.oo. 

Parchment, g.t, unc GG(257)$3000. 

FOUQUIER (M.) and DUCHfcNE (A.). DCS Divers Styles de 

Jardins. Plates. Paris, 1914. Roy.4to. 
Hf mor., unc. XX(404)$"-oo. 


FOWLE (Daniel). A Total Eclipse of Liberty. Boston, 1755. 

Sewed. WW (201) $21 .00. 

FOX (James). Seizure of the Ship Industry, etc. London [1830 ] 

Hf. roan (rubbed, lacks folding frontis.). SS( 1318) $10.00. 

FOXE (John). Acts and Monuments. [Book of Martyrs ] 

Folding plates. London, 1631-32. 3vols., fol. 
Oldcf. (bndgs. worn and broken). DE(i9i)$9-00. 
Book of Martyrs. Plates. London, 1741. Fol. 
Cont. cf. (repaired). I(726)$8.oo. 

FRANCE (Anatole). Abeille. Illustrations in color. 

1883. 4to. 
Cl. (presentation copy, to Madame Jules Simon). PP(99)$S5.oo. 

The Crime of Sylvestre Bonnard. Trans, by Lafcadio Hearn. 

N. Y. f 1890. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (orig. wrappers bnd. in). H(534)$8.$o. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc. GG(iss)$250o. 
Orig. paper (worn, back cracked). GG(is6)$7.50. 
CL, unc., HH(36i)$35.oa 
-Le Mannequin d'Osier. Paris, 1897. 12 mo. 
Orig. paper, unc., in cl. case (back broken, presentation copy, to 

Madeleine Lemaire). PP(ioo)$40.oo. 

- L'Orme du Mail. Paris, 1897. I2mo. 

Paper, unc., in cl. case (presentation copy, to Madeleine Le- 
maire). PP(ioi)$S5.oo. 

- Penguin Island. Trans, by A. W. Evans. Illus. by F. C. 
Pape. London, [1925.] Imp 8vo. 

CL, unc. LL(s67)$8.oo. 

- The Queen P6dauque. Introd. by J. B. Cabell. N. Y. [1923.] 

Orig. leatherette (signature of Cabell on title). XX(io6)$i2.50 

- Thais. London, 1901; [also] The Well of Santa Clara. Pans, 
1903. London and Paris, Carrington, 1901-03. 2vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor. and paper. LL(28i)$io oo. 

- Vie de Jeanne d'Arc. Folding map. Pans [1908] 2vols., 

Hf. mor., unc. (tear in one page). N(3ii)$8.oo. 

Works. Trans, by Winifred Stephens and others London 

and N. Y., 1908, etc. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t, unc. (33 vols.). A(i42)$75.oo. 
Cl., mainly g.t., mainly unc. (27 vols.). HH (302)150.00. 
Complete Works. Portrait. Autograph edition. N. Y., 1924. 

30 vols., 8vo. 

Hi. lev. mor., g.t., unc. J(i43)$22o.oo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t. K(i42)$s6o.oo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. CC(49)$475.oo. 

PRANCE. Constitution of the Republic of France completed on 
the i6th of June, 1793. N. Y., Greenley, 1793. 8vo. 


FRANCE Gw/w*d 

Unbnd. (with 2 other pamphlets, "Nouveau Plan authentique de 
la Constitution Francoise." Paris, 1793, and "Plain Truth; 
or, an Impartial Account of the Proceedings at Paris. By an 
Eye Witness." London, 1792). JJ (60) $16.00. 

FRANCH&RE (Gabriel). Relation d'un Voyage a la Cote du 

Nord-Ouest de I'Amenque Septentrionale. Montreal, 1820. 
* 8vo. WW(202)$75.oo. 

Narrative of a Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America, 

1811-14. Trans, by J. V. Huntingdon. N. Y., 1854. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. I (727)$i2.oo. 
Cl. BB(97)$ 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t. (2 inscriptions). 88(951) $50.00. 

FRANKLAND (Sir Robert). Eight Representations of Shoot- 
ing 8 col. plates by Woodman and Turner after Frankland. 
Cambridge, 1813. Obl.Svo. 

Orig. paper (back torn), in cl. case. I (733) $210.90. 

FRANKLIN (Benjamin). The Art of Swimming ... to which 

is added, Dr. Franklin's Advice to Swimmers. Folding plate. 

Bait. [1821.] i8mo. 

Orig. paper (corner of title torn). SS(964)$iooo. 
Autobiography. Intro, by L. E. Holden. Frontis. Cleve- 
land, 1898. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. N(738)$i2.5o 
Another copy. HH (670) $14.00. 

-Autobiography. Boston and N. Y., 1906. Roy.Svo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. A(549)$57-50. 
Bds., unc. (F. L. Hadley copy). I(736)$ 
Hf. cl., unc. J(i42)$ 
Benjamin Franklins Enskildta Lefwerne. Stockholm, 1792. 


(Lacks cover). YY(299)$ 
-Examination of Doctor Benjamin Franklin Relative to the 

Repeal of the American Stamp Act. [London, J. Almon,] 

1767. 8vo. 

Cf. (rubbed). SS(o6i)$i7-50. 
Facsimile of Poor Richard's Almanack for 1733. Introd. by 

John Bigelow. Portraits and views. The Duodecimos, 1894. 

Bds., unc. (laid in are prospectus, 2 portraits and 2 views, S. P. 

Avery copy). DD(9o)$ 
Narrative of the late Massacres, in Lancaster County. [Phila., 

A. Ambruster,] 1764. 8vo. 
Sewed, unc. 88(959) $320.00. 
Political, Miscellaneous and Philosophical Pieces. Portrait. 

London, 1779 &vo. 
Hf. cf. (rubbed, some pp. stained, Morris Birbeck copy). 88(962) 

Orig. cf. (hinges cracked). WW(204)$9.oo. 


FRANKLIN (Benjamin) Continued 

The True Sentiments of America contained in a Collection 

of Letters sent from the House of Representatives of the 
Province of Massachusetts Bay to several persons of high 
rank in this Kingdom. [Pp. 143-158 contain as a "Postscript" 
a letter from Franklin.] London, 1768. 8vo. 

Hf sheep WW(203)$i8.oo. 

The Way to Wealth; or, Poor Richard Improved. Portrait 

Paris, 1795 [2d title, in French, on p. 34.] Pans, 1795. I2mo. 

Cf. (corners rubbed, Large paper, W. L. Andrews copy). DD(89) 

Der Weg zum Gliick, Oder: Das Leben, von Dr. Benjamin 

Franklin beschrieben von ihm selbst. Ephrata, B. Mayer, 
1796. i6mo. 

Bds (broken, pp. stained). A(552)$i2.oo. 

Works. Charlestown, 1798. i6mo. 

Orig. sheep (cracked). EF(83)$9.oo. 

Works. Portrait Letter-Press Edition. N Y., 1887 10 

vols , roy. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. ZZ(i77)$i30OO. 

Works. Ed. by John Bigelow Portraits. Collector's Fed- 
eral Edition. N Y., 1904. I2vols,8vo. 

Cl., g.t, unc. K(i43)$45.oo. 

Collection of Franklin Imprints in the Museum of the Curtis 

Publishing Company. Comp. by W. J. Campbell. Phila , 
1918. Imp.8vo. 

Ong. cl., unc. H(8i)$8.50. 

Pennsylvania Journal and Weekly Advertiser. Issue for July 

30, 1767, containing Franklin's letter, "Right, Wrong, and 
Reasonable, with regard to America, etc.," reprinted here 
from the London Gazeteer of April 9, 1767 Phila., 1767. Fol 

FRANKLIN (John). Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of 

the Polar Sea Narrative of a Second Expedition to the 
Shores of the Polar Sea, 1828 Maps and plates. London, 
1823-28. 2 vols., 4to. 
Cf , tooled (G. Bugg copy). I(734)$55-00. 

FRASER (C. L.). Six Caricatures. Col. by hand. N.p., Pri- 
vately printed, 1910 Imp. 8vo. 
Bds., unc (cover spotted, presentation copy) LL(283)$200O. 

FRASER (Eliza). Narrative of [her] Capture, Sufferings 
and Miraculous Escape. Frontis. and woodcut vignette, 
crudely tinted. N. Y , 1837. 8vo. . 

Orig. paper, unc., in cl. case (some pp. stained, some torn). 

FRASER (James B.). Views in the Himala Mountains. 21 col 

aquatint plates, including title, drawn by the author and en- 
graved by R. Havell and Son. London, 1820. At. fol. 
Hf. mor. (worn, plates stained). I(738)$ 


FRAZER (Sir J. G.). The Golden Bough. 12 vols., 1914-17; Folk- 
Lore in the Old Testament. 3 vols. 1918; Lectures on the 
. JEarly History of the Kingship 1905. London, 1905-17. 16 

vols., 8vo. 
CL, unc. HH(303)$70.oo. 

FREEMAN (E. A.). History of the Norman Conquest of Eng- 
land Folding maps. Oxford, 1870-79. 6 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. Q(6o9)$8oo. 

Cl. (with "History and Conquests of the Saracens." 1876 and 
"Historical Geography of Europe." 2 vols., 1882, together 9 
vols., some worn, Bureau of Navigation stamp on one). 

FREEMASONS. Proceedings of The Grand Lodge of Anctem 

Free Masons, of the State of Illinois, at its Sixth Annual 
Communication, held in the Town of Jacksonville, October, 
A. L. 5845, A. D. 1845- Chic., 1845. 8vo. 
Lev. mor. SS(547)$25.oo. 


FREMONT (J. C.). Memoirs of my Life. Maps and plates. 
Chic, 1886-87 4to. 

10 orig. parts, unc. (front cover of Part 10 loose). SS(973) 

Report of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Moun- 
tains in 1842, and to Oregon and N. C. in 1843-44. Maps and 
plates. Wash., 1845. 8vo. 

Hf. mor (presentation copy, to Tho. S. Stewart; laid in is 
A.L.S). BB(99)$20.oo. 

Orig cl. SS(266)$io.oo. 

FRENCH (B. F.). Historical Collections of Louisiana. Parts 
I-III and V Maps and plates. 4 vols 1846-53, [Also] His- 
torical Collections of Louisiana and Florida. 1869. N. Y., 
1846-69. 5 vols., 8vo. 

Cl (pp are stained m 2 vols ). DE(37)$43oo 

FRENCH AND INDIAN WAR. An Enquiry into the Causes 

of our 111 Success in the Present War. London, for R. Grif- 
fiths, 1757. 8vo. 
Lev. mor. WW(2i3)$50 oo. 


50 col. plates. Phila. and London, 1913. 4to. 
Cl., g.t., unc. O(3Q4)$i4-oo. 

FRENEAU (Philip). Warner, G. J.: Means for the Preserva- 
tion of Public Liberty. An Oration delivered . . . 4th of 
July, 1797. [Pamphlet, containing Ode by Freneau.] N. Y., 
1797. 8vo. 

Unbnd , unc. JJ(io8)$42 50. 

FRESHFIELD (D. W.). The Exploration of the Caucasus. 

Plates. London, 1896. 2 vols , imp. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. I(74i)$7-50. 


FREZIER (A. F.). Voyage to the South Seas and along the 
Coasts of Chili and Peru. 37 views and maps. London, 1717. 
Sm. 4to. 

Orig. cf. (hinge cracked, name on title). S 8(988) $22.50. 

FRIEDLANDER (M. J.). Die Altniederlandische Malerei. 

Plates. Berlin, 1924-27. 5 vols., 4to. 
Hf cf. DE(iQ2)$i7.50. 

FRITH (W. P.). John Leech: his Life and Work. Portrait and 

plates. London, 1891. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf.mor., unc. (5 extra plates inserted). I(744)$i2.oo, 

FROISSART (Jean). Chronicles. 12 vols ; [with] Chronicles 
of E de Monstrelet 12 vols. Trans by Thomas Johnes. Lon- 
don, 1808-10. 24 vols., 8vo 

Oldcf (rubbed). A(i43)$30.oo. 
Chronicles. Ilium illustrations. London, 1830. 2 vols , roy. 8vo 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (rubbed, autograph of C. Tice on first vol.). 
LL (290) $16.00. 

FRONSAC (Forsyth de). Forsyth of Nydie, a Genealogical 

Record. New Market, Va , 1888 8vo. 
Paper. Q(38i)$8.oo. 

FROST (A. B.). Shooting Pictures, n col. plates (should be 

12). N. Y., nd. Roy.obl. fol. 
Loose in orig. paper (one leaf of text lacking). I(749)$92.50 

FROST (J.). History of the State of California. 16 views on 

tinted paper. Auburn, 1850. 8vo. 
Leath. (rubbed). 88(295) $20.00. 

FROST (Robert). North of Boston. London, 1914. Sq. I2mo. 
Cl., unc. (inscribed). BC(32)$20OO. 

-West-Running Brook. 4 Woodcuts, signed by artist. Lim- 
ited edition, signed. N. Y. [1928] 8vo. 
Bds., gt., unc. LL(29i)$io.oo. 
Another copy. BC(34)$i2.5O. 

FROUDE (J. A.). History of England. London, 1858 10 vols., 8vo 
(A.L.S. laid in). T(9i)$i5.oo. 

FUCHS (Eduard). Die Frau in der Karikatur. Munchcn, 1907, 
[Also] Die Karikatur der Europaischen Volker. 2 vols. Ber- 
lin, 1904. Berlin and Munchen, 1904-07. 3 vols., 4to. 

Cl. O(i77)$i5-00. 

Illustrierte Sittengeschichte vpm Mittelalter his zur Gegen 
wart. 2 vols.; [Also] Der Weiberherrschaft in der Geschich- 
te der Menscheit. 2 vols. Munchen, n.d., 4 vols , 4to. 

Cl. and suede. O(i78)$32.5o 

FULLBECKE (William). A Parallele or Conference of the 

Civill Law, the Canon Law, and the Common Law of this 
Realme of England. London, T. Wight, 1601. 8vo. 
Orig. vel , in mor. case (James Boswell copy, fly-leaf autographed 
by him). X(6o)$300.oo. 


FULLER (Thomas). History of the Worthies of England. Por- 
trait. London, 1662. Fol. 
Oldcf. (rebacked). DE(io6)$i7.50 

FULTON (A. R.). Red Men of Iowa. Portraits and plates 

Des Moines [Iowa,] 1882. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (shaken). CD (1554) $3000. 

FULTON (Robert). Illustrated Book of Pigeons. 50 col plates 

London, n d. 4to 
Cl. I(75o)$i3.oo. 

FULTON (Robert). Torpedo War and Submarine Explosions. 

5 plates. N. Y., 1810. Obi. 4to 
Bds , unc. (orig wrappers bnd in). SS(QOo)$425o 


Watson. London, 1893-1906 12 vols , 8vo. 
Cl., unc. (few covers soiled, Large paper) I(75i)$i7.50. 

FURNITURE. Genteel Household Furniture in the Present 

Taste 120 plates. London, about 1760 8vo. 
Hf. mor. AB(is)$90 oo. 
Pattern Book of Ornaments and Fittings fQr Furniture. 89 

plates. London, about 1776. Obi. sm narrow fol 
A B (22) $90 oo. 

Collection of 97 aquatints in colors. [London, 1804] 41 o. 
Bds. AB(36)$i200o. 
A collection of about 100 plates, col. by hand. [London, R 

Ackermann, 1809-18.] 8vo. 
Mor AB(37)$40.oo. 

FURTW ANGLER (Adolf). Masterpieces of Greek Sculpture. 

Ed. by Eugenie Sellers London, 1895. 4to. 
Cl, unc HH(3o8)$i7.5o. 

GAILLARD (William). History and Pedigrees of the House 

of Gaillard, or Gaylor. Cincinnati, n d 2 vols., 8vo. 
Paper. Q(388)$9.25. 

GALE (George). Upper Mississippi. Portrait Chic , 1867 


Cl SS(6i6)$24.oo. 
Cl (stain on cover). YY (642)522 on 

GALERIE DE FLORENCE. [Plates.] Tableaux, Statues, Bas- 
Reliefs et Camees de la Galerie de Florence et du Palais 
Pitti, desines par Wicar, Peintre, et graves sous la direction 
de C. L. Masqueher, avec les explications par Mongez 
Paris, 1789-1814. 4 vols., fol. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (some pp. stained). DE(io7)$i5.oo. 

GALLOWAY (Joseph). The Claim of the American Loyalist 
Reviewed and Maintained upon incontrovertible Principles 
of Law and Justice. London, for G. and T. Wilkie, 1788. 
8vo. TT(84)$i9.oo. 


GALLOWAY (Joseph) Continued 

Letters from Cicero to Catiline, the Second. London, J. 

Bow- 1781. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. TT(83)$i8oo. 

GALLWEY (Sir Ralph Payne). Book of Duck Decoys. Col. 

plates. London, 1886. Roy. 8vo. 
Cl. L(i439)$i7.oo. 

The Crossbow. 220 illustrations. London, 1903 8vo. 

Cl , unc L( 1441) $10.00. 

Letters to Young Shooters. First-Third Series Illustia- 

tions. London, 1890-96. 3 vols , I2mo. 
Cl, unc. L(i44o)$900. 

GALSWORTHY (John). Addresses in America, 1919. Por- 
trait. London, 1919. Sm. 8vo 

Ong. bds. MM (152)515.00 

The Bells of Peace. Japan paper. Cambridge, 1921. 8vo. 

Vel. FF(i53)$2ooo. 

Orig. vel. MM(i57)$ 

Caravan. London, 1925. I2mo. 

Ong cl , in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (signed). M(232)$47.5O 

A Commentary. London, 1908. 121110. 

Orig cl., unc, in cl. folder and hf. mor case (signed). M(222) 
$37 50. 

Orig. cl., unc. and largely unopened. MM(i4i)$5ooo. 

The Eldest Son. 1912; The White Monkey. [1924;] The Sil- 
ver Spoon. [1926 ] London, 1912 [-26 ] 3 vols , I2mo. 

Cl. ("The Silver Spoon" is furnished with the cancelled black 
dust wrapper issued with the first copies). F(iO4)$40.oo. 

Escape. First Edition. London [1926] I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (signed). M(234)$4OOO. 

Five Tales. London [1918 ] I2mo. 

Orig. cl., col. t, unc. MM(i5o)$ioo.oo. 

For Love of Beasts. London, nd [1912.] 8vo. 

Orig. salmon-pink wrappers (Second issue without date of pub- 
lication and with pink wrappers). MM(i45)$3ooo. 

The Forest. London [1924.] I2mo 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (signed). M(23i)$35.oo. 

The Forsyte Saga. Folding genealogical table. London, 

1922. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. R(i53)$65.oo. 

Orig. cl. MM(i59)$oo.oo. 

Orig cl , with orig dust wrapper (inscription of former owner on 
fly-leaf). MM (160)$ 120.00. 

The Foundations. London [1920.] I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in cl folder and hf. mor. case (signed). M(224)$325O. 

The Freelands. London [1915.] I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (inner joint cracked; with "The Burning Spear." 1919, 
together 2 vols.). MM(i48)$2ooo 

Cl. (name on fly-leaf, covers rubbed and soiled; with "Five 
Tales [1918,] together, 2 vols.). OO(ii2)$9.oo. 

From the Four Winds. By John Sinjohn. London, 1897. 


Orig. cl., gr.t., unc. MM(i38)$i,ooooo. 


GALSWORTHY ( John) Continued 

The Fugitive. London, 1913. I2mo. 

Orig. cl , in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (signed). M (225) $35.00 

The Inn of Tranquillity. London, 1912. i2mo. 

Buckram, unc. N(3is)$i4.oo. 

International Thought. Cambridge, 1923. 8vo. 

Orig. paper. MM (161) $20.00. 

Justice. London, 1910. I2mo 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (signed). M(223)$35.oo. 

The Land. First Edition. London [1918] 8vo. 

Orig paper. MM(i5i)$25.oo. 

A Man of Devon. By John Smjohn Edinburgh, 1901. 12 

Cl , unc (name erased from inside cover, publisher's stamp on 

title) F( 102) $27000. 
Cl (lacks List of Contents and fly-title, name erased from inside 

cover, publisher's stamp on title) V(223)$i35.oo. 
Orig cl (ink spots on back cover, piece cut from corners of pp. 

45, 265, and 267) MM ( 140^640 oo 

The Man of Property. First Edition London, 1906. i2mo 

Cl , in hf mor case F( 103) $390.00. 

The Mob. London, 1914 i2mo 

Orig cl , in cl folder and hf mor case (signed) M(226)$350O. 

Moods, Songs, & Doggerels. London, 1912. 8vo. 

Orig cl, unc. MM(i46)$7750 

A Motley. London, 1910. i2mo 

Orig buckram, unc. MM(i42)$57.50 

The Patrician. London, 1911. I2mo 

Orig cl. MM(i43)$525o 

The Pigeon. London, 1912 121110. 

Orig cl , in cl folder and hf mor case (signed) M(224)$325O 

Saint's Progress. London, 1919 I2mo 
Orig cl (with "Awakening" [1920,] together 2 vols ) MM(i54) 


A Sheaf. London [1916.] I2mo 

Lev. mor, gt (inscribed). M(227)$275o. 

Orig boards, b top, trimmed fore-edge (First issue, with this 

exterior) MM(i49)$42 50. 

Another Sheaf. London [1919] I2mo. 

Orig bds., lower edges tmtnmmed MM(i53)$35oo. 

The Show. London [1925.] I2mo. 

Orig. cl,mcl folders and hf mor case (signed). M(233)$325O 

Orig cl MM(i62)$i5oo 

The Silver Spoon. Edition de Luxe, signed. London, n d. 

Blue buckram, g t , in cl folder and case. M(236)$40.oo. 

The Skin Game. London [1920] i2no. 

Orig. cl, m cl folder and hf mor case (signed). M(229)$32.50. MM(I55)$57.50 

The Slaughter of Animals for Food. London [1913.] Svo. 

Orig. paper. ]ftM(i47)$55.oo. 


GALSWORTHY (John) Continued 

Swan Song. London, 1928 8vo. 

Blue buckram, g.t., unc. (Large Paper Edition de Luxe, signed). 

Ong. cl. MM(i6s)$io.oo. 

Tatterdemalion. London, 1920. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. MM(i56)$40.oo. 

To Let. 1921; Captures. 1923. London, 1921-23. 2vols, 

I2mo. MM(i58)$i05.oo. 

Two Forsyte Interludes. Large Paper Edition de Luxe. 

London, 1927. 8vo. 
Batik bds., cl. back, g.t, unc. (signed). MM (163) $37-50- 

Verses New and Old. Frontis. London, 1926. I2mo 

Origcl., in cl. folder and hf. mor case (signed). M(235)$2250. 
Villa Rubein. First Edition First issue. London, 1000 

Orig. cherry-colored cl , fore and lower edges unc. MM(i39) 


Windows. London [1922] i2mo, in cl. folder and hf mor case (signed) M(23o)$ 
Works. Frontispieces. Manaton Edition, signed London, 

1923 21 vols., 8vo. 

Mor, gt., unc, by Stikeman K(i47)$370.oo. 
Bds, unc R(i54)$i6o.oo 
Lev mor, tooled, g.t., unc. CC(5o)$5iooo. 
Lev. mor , tooled, g t , unc ZZ(i8o)$325 oo. 

GALVANO (Antonie). Discoveries of the World from their 
first ongmall vnto the yeere of our Lord 1555. Published in 
English by Richard Hakluyt Londim, G Bishop, 1601. Sm 

Old mor (some side notes and catchwords trimmed into, signa- 
ture of R. Cotton on title). D 0(339) $300.00. 

GARCES (Francisco). On the Trail of A Spanish Pioneer. Ed 

by Elliott Coues. Maps, views and facsimiles. N. Y., 1900 
2 vols , 8vo. 
Cl., unc. I(755)$8.oo. 

GARCIA ICAZBALCETA (Joaquin). Bibliografia Mexicana 
del Siglo XVI. Primera Parte [all published.] Mexico, 
1886. 4to. 

Hf.mor., unc. VV(i8)$9.oo. 

GARDEN (Alexander). Anecdotes of the Revolutionary War in 

America. Charleston, S. C, 1822; [Also] Raynal (G. T.). 
The Revolution of America. Edinburgh, 1702. Edinburgh 
and Charleston, 1792-1822. 2 vols., 8vo. and Sm. I2mo. 
Bds. (front cover lacking and pp. stained in first vol., hinges of 
second vol. cracked). SS(72)$n.oo. 

GARDEN OF THE PURPLE ROSE (The). Edinburgh, 1910, 

Cf,, tooled, g,$ M by Sangorski. 9C(i96*)$io.QO, 


GARDENS OLD AND NEW. London, nd. 2vols.,fol. 
CL (with Vol. I in duplicate, together 3 vols ). N(3i6)$25oo. 

GARDINER (J. S.). Art and the Pleasures of Hare-Hunting. 

London, 1750. 8vo. 
Cf., g.e. I(757)$6o.oo. 

GARDINER (S. R.). History of England. 10 vols, 1899-1901; 

History of the Great Civil War. 4 vols., 1901; History of 

the Commonwealth and Protectorate. 4 vols , 1903. Maps. 

London, 1899-1903. I2mo. 
CL, unc. (writing on fly-leaf). HH (309) $22.50. 
Oliver Cromwell. Portraits, one in color. Paris, Goupil, 

1899- Fol. 
Lev. mor., gt., unc. A(i53)$45-00. 

GARLAND (Hamlin). Book of the American Indian. Illustra- 
tions by Frederick Remington, some in color. N. Y., 1923. 

Bds. SS(ioo6)$i2.oo 

GARLAND (Herbert). Bibliography of the Writings of Sir 

James Matthew Barrie. London, 1928. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. BC(i;8)$9.oo. 

GARNETT (Richard). De Flagello Myrteo. CCCLX Thoughts 

and Fancies on Love. London, 1906. Sq. i6mo. 
Cl., unc. (inscription on half-title). F(i05)$8.oo. 

GARNETT (Richard) and GOSSE (Edmund). English Litera- 
ture. N. Y., 1903. 4vols.,4to. 
Cl., g.t., unc. O(3o8)$i6.oo. 

GARRARD (L. H.). Wah-To-Yah, and the Taos Trail. Cm- 

cinnati, 1850. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (stained, lacks fly-leaf). I(;6o)$52.5o. SS(i488)$40.oo. 

GARRUCCI (Raffaele). Storia dclla Arte Cristiana. 500 plates. 

Prato, 1881. 6vols,fol. 
Bds. (rubbed, plates and text stained). DE( 199) $10.00. 

GASCOIGNE (George). The Droomme of Doomes Day." 10 
leaves only. 15 woodcuts. [London, for G. Cawood, 1576] 


GASQUET (F. A.). Henry VIII and the English Monasteries. 

London, 1895. 2vols.,8vo. 
Cl. (with other works by Gasquet, together 8 vols.). HH(3io) 


GASS (Patrick). A Journal of the Voyages and Travels of a 

corps of Discovery . . . 1804-06. Pittsburgh, 1807. I2mo. 
Orig. bds. (pp. stained, one leaf badly folded, a few words cut 

into). I(76i)$47-50. 
Bds. (worn, name on title, writing on several pp., one page torn 

in margin). CD (1734) $32-50. 


GASS (Patrick) Continued 

Journal of the Voyages and Travels of a Corps of Discovery. 
London, 1808. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Riviere (title and last leaf in facsimile). 

Journal of the Voyages and Travels of a Corps of Dis- 
covery, . . . 1804-1806. 6 plates. Phila., 1811. i2mo. 

Hf.mor. WW(233)$20.oo. 

Journal of the Voyages and Travels of a Corps of Discovery. 

6 plates. Phila., 1812 I2mo. 

Bds. CD(i74o)$i7.50. 

Journal of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Intro, by J. K. 

Hosmer. Portrait and plates. Large paper. Chic., 1904 8vo. 

Hf.vel. WW(23S)$io.oo. 

Bds., unc. and unopened. CD(i745)$8oo. 

GAUTIER (Theophile). Clarimonde. Trans, by Lafcadio Hearn 
N. Y. [1899.] i6mo. 

Bds., g.t., unc. HH(365)$8s.oo. 

Mademoiselle de Maupin. Illustrations in color, gold and 

silver, by C Tice. Privately printed, 1927. 8vo. 

Hf lev, g.t., unc. W(ii9)$9.oo. 

One of Cleopatra's Nights. Trans, by Lafacadio Hearn. 

Portrait. N. Y., 1882. 8vo. 

Cl, g.t. (rubbed). M(288)$42.50. 

Cl.. g.t. GG(i5i)$3i.oo. 

Le Tombeau. Portrait. [Contains contributions by Swin- 
burne and others.] Paris, 1873. 4to. 

Grig, paper, unc., in mor. case (2 inscriptions by Swinburne, one 
presenting this vol. to W. T. Watts). Z( 1230)$ 160.00. 

Works. Trans, by F. C. de Sumichrast. N. Y., 1900-03. 24 

vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. unc. (Hand-Made edition, illus. in 2 states, frontis- 
pieces col. by hand). K(i48)$iso.oo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. R(is6)$90.oo. 

Works. Trans by F. C. de Sumichrast. [Cambridge, Jen- 
son Society,] 1005. 24 vols.. 8vo. 

Hf.mor., unc. (one joint rubbed). I (765^40 oo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. O(3io) $22.50. 

Hf.mor., g.t, unc. ZZ(i8i)$oo.oo . 

GAVARNI (Paul). CEuvres Choisies. Paris, 1846-47 2 vols., 

Hf.mor., g.t. O(3ii)$8oo. 

GAY (Bunker). A Genuine and Correct Account of the Captiv- 
ity, Sufferings and Deliverance of Mrs. Jemima Howe. Bos- 
ton, 1792. I2mo. 

Hf. leath. (rubbed, joints strengthened). SS( 1290) $65.00. 

GAY (F. A.). Sketches of California. N. Y. [1848 ] 8vo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. SS(272)$ioo.oo. 

GAY (John). Achilles. London, for J. Watts, 1733. 8vo. 
Sewed, unc. (one leaf torn). X(543)$85.oo. 


GAY (John) Continued 

The Banish'd Beauty; Or, A Fair Face in Disgrace. Lon- 
don, for A. Moore, 1729. Fol. 

Sewed, unc., in cl. case. X( 541) $400.00. 

The Beggar's Opera. Music engraved. 16 pp. London, for 

John Watts, 1728. 8vo. 

Bds. (First issue, with music on p. 53; signature marks of score 
trimmed into ink spot on 2 leaves, last leaf trimmed at lower 
edge). X(54o)$250.oo . 

The Beggar's Opera. Illustrations in color by C. L. Fraser. 

London, 1921. Sm.4to. 

Cl., g.t., unc. LL(286)$i5.oo. 

Fables. 1727; Fables. Volume the Second, 1738. Plates and 

vignettes by Fourdrinier, Vander Gucht, Gravelot, and others. 
London, 1727-38. 2vols., 4to. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (Chew copy). X (544) $600.00. 

Lev. mor., tooled, ge., by Gruel. D 0(340) $280.00. 

Fables. With a Life of the Author. 70 plates, 12 by Blake. 

London, Stockdale, 1793. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. A(i45)$25.oo. 

Old cf. R(4o)$ 

Cont. cf (2 vols in one) . W ( I2o)$4i oo. 

Lev mor., unc., by Bedford (n% x 7 in ; one plate repaired, titles 
and some plates extended at inner margins; Macgeorge 
copy). X(545)$400.oo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.e. PP(i02)$95.oo. 

Cf. (rubbed, plates off-set). SS(ioo8)$i750. 

The Fan. A Poem. In Three Books. London, for J. Ton- 
son, 1714. Fol. 

Sewed, unc (14^6 x 9% m , slightly soiled, at some time has been 
folded in half). X(534)$40000. 

The Petticoat London for R. Burleigh, 1716. 8vo. 

Lev mor. (pp. stained). X(67)$2O.oo. 

^ Poems on Several Occasions. Frontis. London, 1720. 4to. 

Oldcf. (2 vols. in one, rebacked, repaired). I(766)$i6oo. 

The Present State of Wit. London, 1711. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor. X( 533) $950.00. 

The Shepherd's Week. 7 plates by Du Guernier. London, 

R. Burleigh, 1714. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, unc., by Riviere. X(535)$90.oo. 

Songs in the Devil to Pay. Engraved throughout. London, 

Printed and Sold at the Musick Shops [1732.] I2mo. 

Cont. cf., crests. X(542)$so.oo. 

[Broadside.] Sweet William's Farewell to Black-Ey'd Su- 
san. The Tune by Mr. Carey. Words and Music engraved. 
No imprint [1720.] Fol. 


Trivia. London, for B. Lintott [1716.] 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, unc., by Riviere. X(536)$225.oo. 

Paper, unc. (lateral margins soiled). X (5 37) $300.00, 


GAYARR& (Charles). Louisiana, its Colonial History and Ro- 

mance. 1851; Louisiana; its History as a French Colony. 
Map. 1852; History of Louisiana, the Spanish Domination. 
1854. N. Y., 1851-54. 3vols.,8vo. 
Orig. cl (pp. of first vol. stained). DE(38)$26.oo. 

March I, 1775-Oct. 3, 1783 (irregular), together 393 issues. 
[London,] 1775-83. 2vols., fol. 

Hf. cf (corners rubbed, one vol. loose, several issues defective, 
some stains). D( 128) $125.00. 

GEBOW (Joseph A.) Vocabulary of the Snake or Sho-sho-nay 
Dialect. Green River City, U. Ter., 1868. I2mo. 

Orig. paper (wrappers repaired, name pasted on front wrapper) 

GELL (Sir William). Topography of Troy. 41 plates in aqua- 

tint and 2 maps, all col. by hand. London, 1804. Fol. 
Cont. cf. (joints cracked, covers loose). XX (237) $10.00. 

lications. Vol. i, No. i, Jan., i895-Vol. 7, No. 3, March, 1920 
Phila., 1895-1920. 7 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Hf.lev.mor. YY(25)$26.oo. 


Payment of the Stamp Duty; and the Consequence of En- 
forcing obedience by Military Measures; Impartially consid- 
ered. London, 1766. 8vo. DD(237)$i5.oo. 

GENESEO, Illinois. Memorial Address and Proceedings at the 
Thirtieth Anniversary of [its] Settlement, Nov. 19-20, 1866 
Chic., 1867. 8vo. 

Orig. paper. SS( 1210) $10.00. 

GENET (E. C.). Memorial of the Alluvions of Obstructions at 
the head of the Navigations of the River Hudson. Albany, 
1818. 8vo. 

Unbnd. JJ (290) $25.00. 

GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE (The). Phila , 1837-40. 7 vols , 

Unbnd. (17 orig. wrappers laid in, some pp. and plates stained). 

- Gentleman's Magazine (The). Ed. by W. . Burton and 
E. A. Poe. Vols. 5-6. July, iBs^-to June, 1840. Phila 183^40. 

Hf. cont. mor. (2 vols. in one, rubbed; Eugene Field-R. W. Emer- 
ton copy). D(2ii)$52.50. 

- See also RODMAN (Julius). 


plates. [London, 1739.] 4to. 
Ci, (.worn, cover loose, title defective). AB(7)$45.oo.l 



English Constitution. By Demophilus. Phila., R. Bell, 1776. 
Qnbnd. (name on title). S(n)$ 

GEORGIA. Case of the Georgia Sales on the Mississippi Con- 
sidered. 91 pp. Phila., 1799. 8vo. 

Unbnd. JJ(in)$26.oo. 

Georgia, a Poem. Tomo Chachi, an Ode. 20 pp. London, J. 

Roberts, 1736. Fol. 

Unbnd, in cl. case. JJ( no) $26000. 

Journal of the Public and Secret Proceedings of the Conven- 
tion of the People of Georgia, held in Milledgeville and 
Savannah in 1861. Milledgeville, Ga., 1861. 8vo. 

Old sheep (worn, front cover loose, lacks backstrip). 88(1012) 

Message from the President of the U. S. . . . in Pursuance of 

An Act for the Settlements of Limit with the State of 
Georgia and the Establishment of a Government in the 
Mississippi Territory. Second title: Report of the Com- 
missioners relating to the same. Third title: Documents on 
the Georgia-Mississippi Territory, etc. Pamphlet. 156 pp 

Unbnd. J J ( 1 12) $30 oo. 

GERBIER (G. D'Ouvilly) See D'OUVILLY (G. G.). 

GERM (The). Four parts (all published). London, 1850 

4 orig parts, unc , in cl. case (backs defective, few fox marks). 



Twentieth Centuries. Ed by Kuno Francke and others. Por- 
traits, and frontispieces in color. N. Y. [1914.] 2Ovols., 8vo. 

Cl.,g.t. R(i57)$37.50. 

Mor, g.e. (Imperial edition, signed by Kuno Francke). CC($i) 

GERNING (Baron J. J. von). Picturesque Tour along the 

Rhine. Trans, by J. Black. 24 col. plates and map. London, 
1820. Roy. 4to. 
Old hf. mor. ZZ(oo)$so oo. 

GERRY (Eldridge). Observations on the New Constitution, 

and on the Federal and State Conventions. By a Columbian 
Patriot N Y., 1788. I2nio 
New paper, in cl. folder and hf. lev. mor. case. SS( 1015) $35.00. 

GESNER (Conrad). A New booke of destillatyon of Waters, 
called the Treasure of Evonymvs. Trans, out of Latin, by 
Peter Morwyng. London, 1565. Sm.. 4to. 

Cf. (one cover loose, name on title, MS. marginal notes). N(26*5) 


GESSNER (Salomon). The Death of Abel. Frontis. N. Y., 

M. V. Hurtin, 1794. i8mo. 
Orig. bds. EF(39o)$8.oo. 
CEuvres. Portrait by Delvaux, and 24 plates after Monnet, 

all proofs before letters. Pans, about 1800. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cont. cf., tooled, g.e. (C. Tice copy). LL(22i) $55.00. 

GESTA ROMANORUM. Trans, by C. Swan. London [1871.] 

2 vols , 8vo. 
Gt, unc. (Large paper). GG(333)$i5 oo. 

GHEYN (Jacob de). Waffenhandlung von den Roren. Mus- 

quetten undt Spiessen. Title and 137 plates by De Gheyn 
Ins Graven hagen, 1608. Fol 
Orig. vel. (corner of title supplied). V(i87)$i2.5o. 

GIBBON (Edward). History of the Decline and Fall of the 

Roman Empire. Portrait and folding map London, 1776- 
88. 6 vols., 4to. 

Oldcf. (rebacked, corner missing from errata leaf). R(i58) 

Oldcf (rebacked, name of former owner on each title). W(i2i) 
$135 oo. 

Ong bds , unc., in cl. folders and 3 cases (front fly-leaf and por- 
tion of back fly-leaf of vol. I missing). X( 547) $3,900.00. 

Cont. cf , tooled (rebacked, with "Miscellaneous Works " 1796- 
1815 3 vols., together 9 vols) FF( 155) $360.00. 

History of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 

Portrait and map. London, 1707. I2vols., 8vo. 

Oldcf. J(i45)$i4.oo. 

History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Por- 
trait and folding map. London, 1819. I2vols,,8vo. 

Hf. mor. XX(4io)$25.oo. 

History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Por- 
trait and 3 folding maps London, 1838. 8 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (T. J Cobden-Sanderson copy). A(i48)$sooo. 

History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Por- 
trait. Boston, 1850. 6 vols , I2mo. 

Hf leath. K(i5o)$i5.oo. 

History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Notes 

by D. Milman, M. Guizot and W. Smith. Portrait and 
maps. London, 1887. 8 vols., 8vo. 

Hf lev. mor., tooled, unc., by Zaehnsdorf (few maps torn, name 
stamped on fly-leaves). KK(68)$37.5o. 

History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. Ed. 

by J. B. Bury. London, 1896. 7 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (with "Memoirs." 1000, together 8 vols). 

Works. Ed. by J. B. Bury. Intro, by W. E. H. Lecky. Il- 
luminated titles and illustrations, some in color. Edition Lau- 
sanne. N. Y. [1906.] 15 vols., 8vo 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t, unc. CC(52)$200oo. 


GIBBS (Charles). Mutiny and Murder. Confessions of Charles 
Gibbs . . . doomed to be hung ... for the Murder of the 
Captain and Mate of the Brig Vineyard. Frontis. Provi- 
dence, 1831 8vo. 

Orig. paper. TT(i86)$iooo 

GIBRAN (Kahlil). Sand and Foam. N. Y., 1926. 8vo. 
Bds, unc. (signed). F(io8)$8oo. x 

GIBSON (Frank). Charles Conder: his Life and Works. Por- 
trait and illustrations, many in color. London, 1914 Imp 

Cl., g.t, unc. HH (313)$! o.oo. 

GIBSON (J. W.). Recollections of a Pioneer. [St. Joseph, 

1912 ] I2mo. 
Cl. BB(io7)$iooo. 

GILBERT (Benjamin). Narrative of [his] Captivity and Suf- 
ferings. Phila., 1784. 8vo. 

Lev. mor , ge (ong. wrappers bnd in, holed, De Puy copy) 

Narrative of [his] Captivity and Sufferings. London, 1790. 

I2mo. SS(i289)$20.oo. 

Narrative of [his] Captivity and Sufferings. Phila, 1848 


Orig cf (covers loose). SS(i336)$io.oo 

Cf (rubbed). SS(i337)$750. 

GILBERT (Sir William S.). "Bab" Ballads. Illus. by the au- 
thor. London, 1869 Sq. I2mo 

Cl., ge A(404)$2i.oo. 

Orig. cl., g.e , in cl. case (shaken, A. L. S. laid in, B. H. Hall 
copy) X(548)$2sooo 

More "Bab" Ballads. Illus. by the Author. London, Rout- 
ledge, n d. Sq 8vo. 

Orig. cl., ge., in cl case (A L S laid in) X(55o)$25ooo. 

Songs of a Savoyard. Illus by the Author, London, 1891 


Orig cl , g e , in cl case (24 line ballad, signed, inscribed on fly- 
leaf). X(549)$625oo. 

GILBEY (Sir Walter). Animal Painters of England. London, 

1900-11. 3vols,4to 
Cl., unc. I(77o)$sooo. 
--George Morland his Life and Works. Col. plates. Edition 

de Luxe. London, 1907. 2 vols , 4to 
Cl. (covers soiled; Large paper, signed). I(77i)$i400. 

GILCHRIST (Alexander). Life of William Blake. Portraits, 
facsimiles and orig plates London and Cambridge, 1863. 
2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. unc. O(H7)$I2.50. 

Cl., unc., in cl folders and hf. mor. case. LL(62)$i2.5O. 

Orig. cl., unc. (joints split, tear in one margin). PP(2S)$25.oo. 


GILCHRIST (Alexander) Con tinned 

Life of William Blake. Portrait, facsimiles, etc London, 

1880. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. f unc. HH(3i5)$ 
CL, unc. LL (64) $65.00. 

GILES (John). Memoirs of Odd Adventures, Strange Deliver- 
ances, etc , in [his] Captivity Cincinnati, 1869 8vo. 

Bds. (orig. wrappers bnd. in, with "What Befell Stephen Wil- 
liams in his Captivity," ed. by G Sheldon. Deerfield, 1889, 
together, 2 vols.). SS(i349)$io.oo. 

GILLEM (A. C.). Report. Modoc War, 1873. Benicia Bar- 
racks, Calif., 1874. I2mo. 
Sewed. CD(i54S)$90o. 

GILLIAM (A. M.). Travels over the Table Lands and Cordil- 
leras of Mexico, 1843-44. Portrait, lithographic plates and 
maps, 2 folding. Phila., 1846. 8vo. 

Cl. (bndg. frayed). WW(239)$25.oo. 

GILLMORE (Parker). A Hunter's Adventures in the Great 

West. Frontis. London, 1871. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. BB (109) $20.00. 

GILLRAY (James). History of the Westminster and Middle- 
sex Elections; in the Month of November, 1806. Folding 
caricature in color. London, 1807. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. ZZ(i82)$75o.oo. 

Illustrative Description of the Genuine Works. Reproduc- 
tion of sketches. London, 1830. 2 vols , fol. 

Hf. mor., g.e. (rubbed, with "Suppressed Plates," together 3 
vols.). LL(300)$ 

Works. [Also] Atlas of Suppressed Plates. London, 1847 

2 vols., imp. fol. 

Hf.mor. (rubbed). A(i49)$32.oo. 

GILMAN (C. R.). Life on the Lakes. Frontispieces. N. Y , 

1836. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Cl. (pp. stained). I(773)$i5oo 

GILMORE (J. R.). Down in Tennessee, and Back by Way of 

Richmond. By Edmund Kirke. N. Y., 1866. I2mo. 
Cl. EE(I 7 6)$7.50. 

GILPIN (William). Observations, relative chiefly to Picturesque 

Beauty, made in the year 1776, on several Parts of Great 
Britain; particularly the Highlands of Scotland. Plates in 
aquatint by S. Alken. London, 1779. 2vols.,4to. 
Cont. mor., tooled, ge. (bndg. chipped, name on fly-leaves). 
DE(2oi) $n.oo. 

GIORDA (Joseph). Dictionary of the Kalispel or Flat-head 
Indian Language. St. Ignatius Print, Montana, 1877-79- &vo. 

Hf.mor., g.t., unc. (3 vols in one, 2 leaves stained). BB(io8) 


GIOVANNI DI GISCALA. Tirrano del Tempo di Gerusal- 

emme Tragedia. Frontis. Venezia, 1754. Fol 
Cont mor, ge, arms of Benedict XIV (holed, O H. Perkins 

copy) FF(8)$i300. 

GISSING (G. R.). Born in Exile. London, 1892. 3vols,i2mo 
Orig. cl, unc (dulled, shaken). O(326)$i6.oo. 

- Charles Dickens. London, 1898. I2mo. 
Cl. LL(297)$750. 

Cl., in cl folder and hf mor case. UU(223)$QOO 
-Demos. London, 1886 3vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl , unc (labels removed from covers, new end-papers). 

- Denzil Quarrier. London, 1892. I2mo. 

Cl. (with "Our Friend the Charlatan" 1901, together 2vols) 

Orig cl domt split, name of half-title; A. L S inserted). X 
(554)$6S oo. 

- The Emancipated. London, 1890 3vols,i2mo. 
Bds 0(324) $33 oo. 

-Eve's Ransom. London, 1895 i2mo. 

Orig cl , unc , in hf lev mor case (presentation copy). X(S56) 
$325 oo. 

- An Heiress on Condition. Phila [Pennell Club,] 1923 4to 
Bds. unc O(S7o)$i2 qo. 

- Human Odds and Ends. London, 1898 I2mo. 

Ong cl , unc., in hf lev mor case (presentation copy to "Miss 

Clara G Collet"). X(S58)$27500 
Cl LL(2o8)$iooo 

- In the Year of Jubilee. London, 1894. 3 vols , I2jmo. 
Ong cl (library labels on front covers). O(329)$75O. 

- Isabel Clarendon. London, 1886 2 vols., I2mo. 
Ong. cl , unc (new end papers) O(320)$I7-5O. 

- A Life's Morning. London, 1888 3 vols., I2mo 

OriL,' cl , unc (rubbed, stained, new end-papers in vol. JI) O 

- The Nether World. London, 1889 3 vols., I2mo. 

Orii; cl , tine (rubbed, library labels removed). O(323)$27.50. 
Cl (rubbed leased, i-tw end-papers). OO(ii4)$900. 
Orig cl , unc (one cover spotted, presentation copy). X(S53) 
$450 00 

- New Grub Street. London, 1891. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Orig cl, unc (rubbed, shaken). O(32S)$35.oa 

- The Odd Women. London, 1893 3 vols., I2mo. 
Orig cl (rubbed, shaken, library copy). O(328)$7.SO. 
Orig. cl (presentation copy). X(555)$300OO. 

- Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft. Westminister, 1903. 
I2mo. O(33<3)$2750 

- Sleeping Fires. London, 1895 iomo., in hf lev. mor case (presentation copy). X(557) 

- Thyrza. London, 1887 3 vols. I2mo. 

Orig cl , unc (library labels removed, shaken). O(32l)$l2SO. 
Orig cl. LL(296)$2000. 


GISSING (G. R.) Continued 

The Town Traveller. London, 1899. I2mo. 

Cl. f unc. (with "The Crown of Life," together 2vols.). 0(314) 


The Unclassed. London, 1884. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Orjg. cl., unc. (ex-library copy, new end-papers). O(3i8)$ 
Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (presentation copy to Theodore Watts- 

Dunton). X (552) $1,100.00. 
Will Warburton. London, 1905. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (W. Van R. Whitall copy). DE(202)$n.oo. 
Workers in the Dawn. London, 1880. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl . in 3 hf. lev. mor. cases (back of vol. I broken, library 

labels removed; Allhusen-Quinn copy). X( 551) $850.00. 
Collected Set of Works. First Editions. London, 1884-1006. 

47 vols., 4to to i6mo. 
Hf. mor , gt., by Riviere ("Veranilda" is second edition). K(i5i) 


GIST (Christopher). Journals. Maps. Pittsburgh, 1893. 8vo. 
CL, g.t., unc. (Large paper). SS(ioi8)$i25o. 

GLADDING (H. C.). The Gladding Book ... the Gladding 

Family. Providence, 1901. 8vo. 
Cl. Q(392)$io.oo. 

GLEASOJFS PICTORIAL. July 5, i8si-Dec. 30, 1854. With 
the continuation known as Ballou's Pictorial. Jan. 6, 1855- 
Dec 24,1859. Boston, 1851-50. 9 vols., fol. 

Hf leath. (broken, clippings cut from several pp.) G(i23)$H.OO. 

GLENN (T. A.). Merion in the Welsh Tract. Norristown, 1806 


Cl,unc. YY(3o8)$i2.oo. 
Some Colonial Mansions and Those who Lived in Them. 

First and Second Series. Phila , 1809-1900. 2 vols., roy 8vo. 
Cl., unc. EE(i27)$i;.oo. 

GLISAN (Rodney). Journal of Army Life. San Fran , 1874. 8vo. 

Cl. BB(no)$i500. 

Orig. cl. (edges worn). CD(2367)$8oo. 

GLOVER (Anna). Glover Memorials and Genealogies. Boston, 

1867. 8vo. 
Cl. Q(393)$io.oo. 

GOADBY (R.). Life and Adventures of Baxnpfylde-Moore 

Carew. London, 1788. I2mo. 
Orig. sheep (pp. stained). SS( 1019) $9.00. 

GOBEL (Heinrich). Tapestries of the Lowlands. Plates, 2 in 

color. N. Y., 1924. 4to. LL( 3 oi)$8.oo. 


an Impartial Address to the Citizens of the United States. By 
a Gentleman from South Carolina. N. Y-, 1807. 8vo, 
Vnbnd. JJ(62)$8,oo f 


GODBY (James). Italian Scenery. 32 plates in color. London, 

1823. 4to. 
Cont. mor., ge. LL (302) $15.00. 

GODFREY (Thomas, jr.). Juvenile Poems on Various Sub- 
jects. Phila., 1765. Sm.4to. 
Unbnd. A(565)$ii.oo. 

GODMAN (F. Du C.). Monograph of the Petrels. 106 hand-col. 

plates. London, 1910. Roy. 4to. 
Hf. lev. mor, unc. (5 ong. wrappers bnd. in, A. L. S. laid in). 

I (778) $50.00. 

GODWIN (William). Enquiry concerning Political Justice and 

its Influence on General Virtue and Happiness. London, 

1793- 2 vols., 4to. 
Hf. mor., g.t. (stamp on titles). M(239)$85.oo. 

Lives of the Necromancers. London, 1834. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (slight stains) KK(69)$i2.oo. 

The Looking-Glass. A' True History of the Early Years of 

an Artist. By Theophilus Marcliffe. 5 plates, 3 col. by hand. 

London, 1805. i8mo. 
Orig. bds., in lev. mor. case, by Riviere (rebacked, clipping from 

"Notes and Queries/ 1 July 23, 1892 tipped in). X(56o)?300.oo 

GODWYN (Morgan). The Negro's and Indians Advocate. 

London, 1680. Sm 8vo. 
Cf., g.t , by Wood (lacks blanks Ai and M8, Ellsworth copy). 


GOEBEL (Theodor). Die Graphischen Kunste der Gegenwart. 

Maps, music, col. and other illustrations. Stuttgart, 1895. Fol 
Cl. DE(204)$i6oo. 

GOETHE (J. W. von). Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship and 

Travels. From the German [by T. Carlyle.] London, 1839. 

3 vols., I2mo. 
Ong cl., unc., in hf mor. case (shaken, presentation copy from 

Carlyle to Mrs. Shelley). X(23i)$6oooo. 
Works. Ed. by N H Dole. Edition de Luxe. Boston 

[1902] I4vols,8vo 
Cl . K t., unc. (with Works of F. Schiller, 10 vols., together 24 

vols). R( 159) $40.00. 

GOLDEN COCKEREL PRESS, .ffisop Fables. Trans, by Sir 

Roger L'Estrange. [Waltham Saint Lawrence] 1926. Roy. 


Bds, unc. F(ii2)$8oo. 
Apuleius. xi Bookes of the Golden Asse. Trans, by W. 

Adlington [Waltham St. Lawrence] 1923. Sm.4to. 
Bds , unc. N(322)$i2.oo 
Another copy. XX(42o)$8oo. 
Brantome (Pierre de Bourdeilles, Seigneur de). Lives of 

Gallant Ladies. [Waltham St. Lawrence] 1924. 2vols,roy. 

Bds., unc. XX(423)$i3.oo, 



Browne (Sir Thomas). Works. [Waltham Saint Lawrence] 

1923. 4 vols., 4to. 

Bds., unc. HH(3i7)$20.oo. 

Another copy. XX(4i8)$ 

Gibber (Colley). Apology for [his] Life. Waltham St. Law- 
rence, 1925. 2 vols., imp. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. XX(430)$io.oo. 

Ellis (Havelock). Sonnets with Folk Songs from the Span- 
ish. 1925; Shenstone (William). Men and Manners. 1927. 
[Waltham St. Lawrence] 1925-27. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Bds. LL(3o6)$20.oo. 

Lucian. True Historic. Trans, by F. Hickes. Together with 

the Greeke. [Waltham Saint Lawrence] 1927. Sm. fol. 

Cl.,unc. F(n6)$25.oo. 

Mathers (E. P.). Red Wise; Procreant Hymn. Waltham St. 

Lawrence, 1926. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. XX(432)$i2.oo. 

The Song of Songs. Waltham St. Lawrence, 1925. 4to. 

Cl., unc. (H. T. Radin copy). M(242)$io.oo. 

Cl., unc. HH(3i8)$i7.50. 

-Swift (Jonathan). Directions to Servants. [Waltham St. 
Lawrence] 1925. Roy. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. F(ii5)$9.oo. 

Swift (Jonathan). Travels into several Remote Nations of 

the World. Waltham St. Lawrence, 1925. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Cl.,unc. XX(428)$i6.oo. 

Louis Carroll, O. W. Holmes, Robert Browning, etc. Intro, 
by F. S. Mathews. Boston, 1800. 4to. 

Orig. cl. H(344)$io.oo. 

GOLDEN HIND (The). Ed. by Clifford Bax and A. O. Spare. 

Vol. I, No. I-Vol. II, No. IV . [All published.] July 1923- 

July, 1924. 4to. 
Bds. (signed by editors). K(i52)$i6oo. 

GOLDEN SONGS OF GREAT POETS. [Contains contribu- 
tions by Holmes, Bryant, etc.] N. Y., 1877. Sq. 8vo. 
Cl. H(5S4)$8.50. 

GOLDSMITH (Oliver). The Beauties of English Poesy. Lon- 
don, for W. Griffin, 1767. 2 vols., izmo. 

Cont. cf. (leaf of Contents, Vol. II is misbnd. at end, name, 
"Amelie of Klint," in each vol., bookplate removed from 
Vol. II). X( 5 74)$35.oo. 

The Bee. London, for J. Wilkie, 1759. 8vo. 

Lev.mor., tooled, g.e., by Wallis (H. B. Forman copy, with 2 MS. 
notes laid in). DD (342) $115.00. 
The Citizen of the World. London, 1762. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cf., g.e., by Riviere (Vol. II lacks blank M8, issue with imprint 
reading "Printed for the Author"). K(iS3)$95.oo. 


GOLDSMITH (Oliver) Continued 

Orig. bds., unc., in hf. cl. case (marginal tears in 3 leaves; i 
with imprint reading "Printed for J. Newbery") X( 



Orig. cf. (one hinge split, one leaf torn, few stains; imprint read- 
ing "Printed for J. Newbery"; Buxton Forman copy; laid in 
is Forman- Wise correspondence regarding priority of this is- 
sue over that with varying imprint). X(563)$225.oo 

- The Citizen of the World. Dublin, for G. and A Ewing, 
1762. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (unknown bookplate). X(s64)$47.50. 

- The Deserted Village, a Poem. By Dr. Goldsmith. London, 
for W. Griffin, 1770. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., by Riviere, in hf. cl. folder and cl. case; Issue with 
title in light type, with period following "Poem" printed 
above line, "Dr" without period; dedication leaf with single 
ornamental line at head and capital "I" breaking up 2 lines, 
page 9, 5th line from bottom reading "maintainedits"; page 14 
with running headline beginning 6/ 16 in. from the "4"). 
X( 578) $1,200 oo. 

Lev mor, unc (Issues with following features, title is in heavier 
type than that of preceding item, with period after "Poem" 
in its proper place, with period after "Dr.", ornament 
square 1-16 in. larger and having different central rosette, 
and with differences in spacing; dedication leaf has double 
rule at head, capital "I" breaks up 3 lines; p9, 5th line 
from bottom reads "maintained its," on p 14 running head- 
line begins 3-4 in from the "4")- X( 579) $3,90000 

Sewed, fragment of front wrapper, unc., in cl. case (half-title 
torn away, occasional tears; 73-8x41-2 in., printing similar 
to that of preceding copy). X (580) $300.00. 

The Deserted Village. Vignette on title by Isaac Taylor 
London, for W. Griffin, 1770. 4to 

Orig paper, in silk folder and lev. mor. case (Thick paper issue, 
11^x9 in ). X(58i)$4,2oooo 

- The Deserted Village. Dublin, 1770. Sm 410. 

Hf. mor. (trimmed to I2mo, title and first leaf of dedication 
fore-shortened, half-title mounted and repaired, autograph 
of John Cross and inscription (in his hand?) on title). X 

- The Deserted Village, a Poem. London, Phila , W. and T 
Bradford, 1771. 8vo 

Old wall paper, in tooled lev. mor. case (name lettered on title, 
leaves stained and frayed). X(58s)$55OOO. 

- Essays. Title by Isaac Taylor London, for W, Griffin, 
1765. I2mo. 

Orig cf. (worn, front cover loose, title stained at edge; Second 
(?) issue, with engraved title; De La Fontaine Spingarn 
copy). X(570)$I2.50. 

- The Good Natur*d Man. London, for W. Griffin, 1768. 8vo. 
Cf., g.t, unc , 6y Riviere (last leaf, with Epilogue, repaired) 

Cf. f g.e., by Riviere. DD(343)$7O.oa 


GOLDSMITH (Oliver) Continued 

The Good Natur'd Man. Dublin, for J. A. Husband, 1768. 


Old hf. mor. (backs fly-leaf; stage (?) copy with annotations, 
which have been shaved by binder). A(576)$35Oo. 

The Haunch of Venison. With a head of the author drawn 

by Henry Bunbury and etched by Bretherton. London, 
1776. 4to. 

Sewed, unc., in silk folder and lev. mor. case (First (?) issue, 
with "Price One Shilling and Six-pence" on title; II i-2x 
91-4 in). X (592) $5,500 oo. 

History of the Earth and Animated Nature. Plates. Lon- 
don, 1774. 8 vols , 8vo. 

Old cf. (I48)$i2.oo. 

History of the Earth and Animated Nature. London, 1779 

See WASHINGTON (George). 

History of England ... to the Death of George II. Lon- 
don, for T. Davies, 1771. 4 vols., 8vo. X(586)$ioo.oo. 

The History of little Goody-Two Shoes; otherwise called 

Mrs Margery Two-Shoes. Title and 3 plates. London, M 
Bassan, n.d. [about 1780.] 24010. 

Old pictured bds. (back damaged, hinge split, 2 plates shaved 
at bottom; A. Aspland copy). X (594)^250 po. 

Life of Henry St John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke. Lon- 
don, for T. Davies, 1770 8vo 

Orig paper unc in hf. cl. case (83-4x5 1-2 in ; corner torn from 
margin of title, other tears and smudges). X(583)$575OO 

Life of Richard Nash. Portrait by Walker London, New- 

bery, 1762 8vo 

Orig cf. (rubbed; Edward Fitzgerald copy with note at end in 
his hand, Meynderse bookplate). N(299)$ 

Cf., gt., unc., by Tout (rubbed, 8^x5^ in , W. B Scott copy). 

Cf , gt, unc (defect in C2, occasional stains) X(567)$i4OOO 

Lev. mor., ge. (one leaf holed, lacks end advertisements). FF 

Memoirs of a Protestant London, for R. Griffiths, 1758. 

2 vols., I2mo. 

Cf., g.e., by Bedford (W. A. Fraser copy). X(s6i)$i3O.oo. 

Memoirs of a Protestant. Dublin, for W. Fleming, and S 

Brown, 1765. I2mo. 

Orig. cf. (2 vols. in one, part of one hinge split) X(57i)$35OO 

The Mystery Revealed. . . . Respecting the supposed Cock- 
Lane Ghost. London, for W Bristow, 1742. [1762] 8vo 

Sewed, unc., in lev. mor. case by Riviere (half-title repaired, 
some pp stained, 8^4 x 5 11/16 in . First issue, imprint without 
name of C. Ethrington). X (568) $4,500.00. 

Poems and Plays. Portrait. Dublin, 1777. 

Oldcf. (rubbed; thick paper; stains in text). X(593)$55.oo. 

Poems and Plays. Portrait, title and 3 other plates. Lon- 
don, for B. Newbery, 1780 I2mo. 

Cont. cf. (hinges cracked, T. Beach copy). FF(i$8)$l2.5O. 


GOLDSMITH (Oliver) Continued 

Retaliation. Vignette. First edition London, for G. Kears- 

. iy 1774. 4to. 

Orig. hf. cf , in cl case (abrasion in last leaf; title includes note, 
"published as the Act directs i8th April 1774," beneath 
vignette). X (589) $750.00. 

Roman History. London, for S. Baker and G. Leigh, 1769. 

2vols., 8vo. 

Orig bds, unc., in hf. mor. case (backs worn). X(577)$i4OOO 

She Stoops to Conquer. London, for F. Newbery, 1773. 8vo 

Orig. paper, unc., in cl. case (few repairs; price is printed 
on title, "Digfgory" is not among "Dramatis Personae, pp 
73-8o are omitted from pagination, p 65 is numbered "56," 
catchword at p "100," is "Tony" for "Hastings" and catch- 
word "Scene" is needlessly placed at foot of p. VIII). X 

The Traveller. London, for J. Newbery, 1764. 4to. 

Lev mor., g e , by Riviere (cont. writing on title and on pp 
10 and 21, inner margins of title and few following leaves 
repaired, some inner margins soiled; dedication occupies 
4 PP). X (569) $5,500 oo. 

The Traveller. London, for J Newbery, 1765 4to. 

Cf, ge, by Riviere X(572)$625.oo 

Cf , ge , by Riviere (lacks final leaf of advertisements, unidenti- 
fied bookplate). FF(i57)$750O. 

The Vicar of Wakefield. Salisbury, by B. Collins, for F. 

Newbery, 1766 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig cf , in lev mor case (65-8x4 in ; Hoe copy, with inscrip- 
tion on title (in Goldsmith's hand?) "From The Author") 

Vicar of Wakefield. Second edition. London, for F. New- 
bery, 1766. 2 vols, I2mo. 

Orig. cf. PP(ios)$4aoo. 

Vicar of Wakefield. Phila , for W Mentz, 1772 i2mo 

Cont sheepskin in lev mor case (bndg worn corner torn from 
margin of first title, text of 4 pp. defective through flaws 
in paper, pp stained throughout; Austin Dobson copy). 

Cont sheep (worn, stained, corner of one leaf defective; Lewis 
Morris copy, bearing his signature in 4 places). BC(94A) 
$500 oo. 

Vicar of Wakefield. Memoir by G. Saintsbury. 114 illus- 
trations in color London, 1886 Roy 8vo. 

Mor, inlaid, g.e., by Bayntun R(i62)$45.oo. 

Vicar of Wakefield. Pref. by Austin Dobson. Illus. by 

Hugh Thomson. London, 1890. Roy. 8vo. 

Cl, unc (large paper). N(79^)$9.oo. 

Le Ministre de Wakefield. Trans, by H. W. Longfellow. 
Boston, 1831 I2mo 

Orig. bds. EF(32i)$8.oo. 

Zobeidc. London, for T. Cadell. 1771 8vo. 

Sewed, unc., in lev. mor. case. X(584J$525.oa 


GOLDSMITH (Oliver) Continued 

Miscellaneous Works. London, for W. Griffin, 1775. 8vo. 

Ong. cf. (half-title repaired, some margins holed, Chew copy) 


Miscellaneous Works. Perth, 1791. 7vols., I2mo. 

Cf. (few marginal stains in Vol. II). A(i5i)$i3.oo. 

Miscellaneous Works. Portrait. London, 1801. 4vols., 


Orig. cf (W R Shelton copy) FF(4o6)$i200 
Works. Ed. by Peter Cunningham.. Portrait and title 

vignettes. London, 1854. 4vols., 8vo. 
Cf. R(i6i)$sooa 
Cf. U(348)$27.oa CC(53)$i5-00. 
Hf. ct., p.t., unc. HH(320)$30.oo. 
CL, unr. (rubbed). PP( 104) $10.00. 
Lev. nior., g t. ZZ( 184) $50.00. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t , DE(40p)$2OOO. 
Works. Ed by Peter Cunningham. Library edition. N. Y. 

and London, 1900. I2vols.,8vo. 
Cl. f g.t., unc. LL (307) $20.00, 
Hf lev. mor., g.t., unc. XX(433)$ 

Works. Ed. by Peter Cunningham Intro, by H S 

Krans. Turk's Head Edition. N. Y. and London, 1908. 

lovols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., unc. (No. 85 of Primrose Hundred of 

this edition). A(iso)$i45oo 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. J( 150)$! 35-00. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. K(i54)$i75.oo. 
Lev. mor., g.t, unc. R(i63)$i70oo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. ZZ( 185) $140.00. 

GOLDSMITH (Oliver) and PARNELL (Thomas). Poems. 

Woodcuts by T. Bewick London, 1795. 4to. 
Orig. cl , unc (inserted are broadsheet, dated Dublin, June I, 

1785 and A. L. S. from H. S Conway) x(599)$5OOO. 
Cf., tooled (pp. stained, name on title; O. H. Perkins copy). 


GOMARA (Francesco Lopez de). Historia delle Nouve Indie 

Occidental}. Parte Secunda. Tradotta nella Italiana da 
Agostino di Cravaliz. Veneti, 1560. I2mo. 
Bds. (worn). VV(6*3)$8.oo. 

GONCOURT (Edmund and Jules de). Love in the Eighteenth 

Century. London, 1905. Sm. 4to. 
Lev. mor., tooled unc, by Riviere. KK(7i)$20.oo. 
Madame de Pompadour. 55 reproductions and 2 plates in 

color. Paris 1888. 4to. 
Mor., inlaid, g.t., by Atelier Bindery (presentation copy to F. 

Champ saur). R(n6)$37.5a 
-Ren6e Mauperin. 10 illustrations, all proofs, in 2 states, 

each signed by artist, James Tissot, one in pencil and one 

stamped. Paris, 1884. Roy. 8vo. 


GONCOURT (Edmund and Jules de) Continued 

Mor., tooled, g.e. gauffered, by Joly, in tooled lev, mor. case 

(Japan paper, autographed bv E de Goncourt, 4 portraits 

inserted) DD(344)$i?ooo 

GOODE (W. H.). Outposts of Zion. Portrait. Cincinnati, 

1863, I2mo. 
Cl. (worn, loose). BB(m)$i750 

Outposts of Zion. Portrait. Cincinnati, 1864 I2mo. 

Cl. CD(2998)$i75<>. 

GOODHALL (Walter). Young Sportsman's Pocket Compan- 
ion. Col. frontis. and woodcuts. London, n d. I2mo. 
Hf. mor. I(782)$i8.oo. 

GOODHUE (S.). Biography of the First Settlement of the 
Family of Goodhue at Ipswich, in 1636, and Genealogy to 
1833. Together with an address by Deacon Samuel Good- 
hue, to his descendants. [Boston, 1846] I2mo. 

Paper. Q(386)$I7.00. 

GOODRICH (F. B.). Court of Napoleon. Col. plates. N. Y., 

1857. Inip. 8vo. 
Mor., ge A(i52)$iioo 

GOODSPEED (W. A.). The Province and the States, a His- 
tory of Louisiana Maps and portraits. Madison, Wis , 
1904. 7vols., roy. 8vo. 

Mor., g e. (rubbed). DE(39)$i2 oo. 

GOODWIN (Nathaniel). The Foote Family. Portraits. Hart- 
ford, 1849. 8vo. 
Cl. (poor condition). Q(38o)$8.5O. 

GORDON (J. B.). Historical and Geographical Memoir of the 

North-American Continent Portrait. Dublin, 1820 410 
Hf. cf. (rubbed). SS(iO23)$9.oo. 
Ong. bds., unc. WW (241) $6500. 

GORDON (William). History of the Rise, Progress and 

Establishment of the Independence of the United States 
of America Folding map. London, 1788. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. sheep, g t. SS(7o)$225o. 

GORE (Mrs. C. F.). The Snow Storm. 4 etchings by G. 

Cruikshank. [1845]; New Year's Day. 4 etchings by G. 

Cruikhhank 11840] The Inundation; or Pardon and Peace 

4 etchings by G Ouiks/iank [1847] London, [1845-47] 3 

vols , i2mo. 
Cf., g.e., by Riviere (ong. covers bnd. in). K(89)$40.oo. 

GORER (Edgar) and BLACKER (J. F.). Chinese Porcelain 
and Hard Stones. 254 col. plates. London, 1911. 2vols.,4to. 
Cl , g.t, unc. HH (321) $130.00. 


GOSDEN (Thomas). Impressions of a Series of Animals, Birds, 
etc., illustrative of British Field Sports; from a Set of Silver 
Buttons, drawn by A. Cooper and engraved by John Scott. 
16 India proof button engravings, engraved title, and wood- 
cuts. London, 1821. 8vo. 

Cf., by Riviere (rubbed, Large paper; contains portrait of Cooper 
and extra woodcut at end; inserted is A. L. S. of Cooper). 

Bds. (some pp. stained). I(488)$io.oo. 

GOSSE (Edmund). Firdausi in Exile and other Poems. Frontis. 

London, 18185. 8vo. 
Lev mor., inlaid, tooled, g.t., unc , in folder and cl. case, by 

Zaehnsdorf (Large paper, A. L. S. tipped in). O(342)$40.oo. 
Life of William Congreve. London, 1888. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., unc., in hf. mor. case (few water-spots on cover; Large 

paper; presentation copy, to G Meredith). X(6oo)$95.oa 
Catalogue of a Portion of [his] Library. Comp. by R. J. 

Lister. [Contains a poem by Kipling ] London, Privately 

printed, 1893. 4to. 
Cl., unc. (signed by Gosse). FF(224)$2o oo. 

GOSSE (P. H.). The Canadian Naturalist. 44 wood engravings. 

London, 1840. I2mo. 
Cl. (A. L. S. laid in, autograph of C. Lanman on fly-leaf). 1(788) 



GOUDY (F. W. and B. M.). The Village Press. N. Y., 1906. 

Sewed. OO(3Oi)$o.oo. 

GOULD (A. C.). Sport; or, Fishing and Shooting. 15 col plates 
by A. B. Frost, Frederic Remington, etc. Boston, n d. At. 

Cl. (rubbed, covers loose). I(78o)$i5.oo. 

GOULD (Charles). Mythical Monsters. Col. frontis. and wood- 
cuts. London, 1886. 8vo. 
Cl. I(79o)$8.oo. 

GOULD (Jay). History of Delaware County, and Border Wars 
of New York. Portrait. Roxbury, 1856 I2mo. 

Cl. SS(I024)$2000. 

GOULD (John). Birds of Great Britain. 367 plates col. by hand. 

London, 1873. 5 vols., at fol. 
Mor., tooled, unc. (backs rubbed). I(795)$iQO.oo. 
Birds of New Guinea. 320 col. plates. London, 1875-88. 5 

vols., at. fol. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. I(796)$2io.oo. 
Century of Birds from the Himalaya Mountains. 80 col. 

plates. London, 1832. At. fol. 
Hf. mor., unc. (rubbed). I(79i)$5<>.oo. 


GOULD (John) Continued 

Mammals of Australia. 182 col. plates. London, 1863. 3 vols., 


Mor., tooled, g.e. (rubbed). I (793) $150.00. 
Mor., tooled, g.e. I(794)$90.oo. 
Monograph of the Trochilidae. 1861; With the Supplement, 

completed by R. Bowdler Sharpe. 1887. 418 col. plates. 

London, 1861-87. 6 vols., at. fol. 
Hf. mor , g.e. I (792) $300 oo. 

GOURMONT (Remy de). Natural Philosophy of Love. Trans. 

by E. Pound. London, 1926; Selections from all His Works. 

Trans, by R. Aldington. 2 vols Chic., 1928. London and 

Chic., 1926-28. 3 vols., sm 4to and 8vo. 
Cl. and bds. LL(309)$io oo. 

GOUT DU JOUR (Le). 41 plates in color. Paris, 1920. 8vo. 
Hf. cf., g t., unc. XX (293)57.50. 

GOWANLOCK (Theresa) and DELANEY (Theresa). Two 

Months in the Camp of Big Bear. Portraits. Parkdale, 1885. 
Cl. WW(29i)$ 

GOWER (John). Confessio Amantis. London, 1857. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., g.t. (joints chipped). O(343)$u oo. 

GOZZI (Carlo). Memoirs. Trans, by J A. Symonds. Portrait 
and 6 original etchings by Adolphe Lalauze London, 1890. 
2 vols.. 8vo. 

CL, g.t., unc. (backs rubbed) HH(7i9)$i5oo. 

Hf. lev. mor., unc , by Bayntun (Large paper, etchings in 2 
states). KK(i68)$32 50. 

GRADUS AD CANTABRIGIAM. 6 col. plates. London, 1824 


Cf., unc. (plates offset). I(455)$i90o. 
Orig. bds., unc., in cl. case (worn and shaken). PP(47)$22.oo. 

GRAFFENRIED (T. P. de). History of the de Graffenried 
Family, 1911-1925. Ilium, coats of arms and illustrations. 
N. Y., 1025. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. Q(352)$n.oo. 

GRAHAM (F. U.). Notes of a Sporting Expedition in the far 
West of Canada. 1847 Notes by J. H. Graham. Col. por- 
trait, 6 col. plates and 6 col. maps. London [Privately 
printed,] 1898. 4to. 

Lev. mor., tooled, unc. (rubbed, inscribed by Jane H. Graham to 
J. R. Graham). I (798) $175 .00. 

GRAHAM (J. A.). Address to the Public; together with the 
Copy of a Letter to Stephen A. Bradley. N. Y., 1805. 8vo. 

Unbnd. (with a pamphlet by James Smith. N. Y., 1805). JJ(ii4) 


GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE. Vol 27 [Contains (Feb 1845 pp 
4753) "Our Contributors, No. XVII, Edgar Allan Poe," by 
J. R. Lowell, also Letter from H W Longfellow prompted 
by Poe's charge of plagiarism ] Phila., 1845. 8vo. 

Unbnd EF(364)$8.oo. 

GRAMPIAN MOUNTAINS. Scenery of the Grampian Moun- 
tains 41 aquatints in color, by H. Morton. London, 1819 

Oldhf cf K(63)$5ooo. 

GRAND MASTER (The); or, Adventures of Qui Hi in Hindo- 

stan. Folding 1 frontis., col. title, and 26 col plates, all by 

Rowlandson. London, 1816. Roy 8vo 
Lev. mor., unc., by Riviere. L(i575)$i200o. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Morrell. W (38) $5500 
Lev. mor., gt, unc. (new front panel). XX(8o2)$4OOO 

GRAND-CARTERET (John). Les Moeurs et la Caricature en 

France. S3 plates, 8 in color. Paris, 1888. Imp. 8vo 
Lev. mor, g.t, unc. (orig wrappers bud in) R(76)$isoo 

GRAPPE (G. P. F.). H. Fragonard. Peintre de 1'Amour au 

XVIIIe Siecle. Portraits and vie\\s in color and in various 
tones. Pans [1913] 2vols,4to 
Hf. lev. mor , g t., unc. ZZ(i7Q)$35 oo. 

GRASSI (P. M.). De Ortu et Progressu Haeresum lo. Witclefl 

in Anglia Presbyteri Narratio Histonca. Vincentiae, 1707 

Cont. mor., g.e., arms of Clement XI CO. H. Perkins copy) 
FF(9) $20.00. 

GRATIUS FALISCUS. Cynegeticon; or, a Poem of Hunting. 

Englished and illus by C. Wase London, 1654. Sm I2mo 
Oldcf. (rebacked, Bindley-Lefferts copy). I(8oo)$i250. 

GRAY (Asa). Genera of the Plants of the United States. Plates. 

Boston, 1848. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. A(5<5o)$i050. 


GRAY (John). Silverpoints. London, 1893 8vo. 
Vel., g.t., unc. XX(434)$ 

GRAY (J. W.). Life of Joseph Bishop. Nabhville, Tenn , 1858. 


Orig. cl. I(8oi)$3S.oo. 
Cl. (stains on covers, lacks fly-leaf and blank preceding title) 

SS( 1033) $20.00. 

GRAY (Thomas). An Elegy Wrote in a Country Church Yard. 

Symbolic wood-cut bands on title. First edition. London, 

for R. Dodsley, 1751. 4to. 
Cont. bds., in lev. mor. case, by Riviere (103/16x81/6 m.; "s" in 

word "Finis" is intact; bnd with 6 other pieces, Poems by 

Colley Cibber, W. Whitehead, and others) X(6oi) $12,00000. 


GRAY (Thomas) Continued 

An Elegy wrote in a Country Church Yard. Second edition. 

London, for R Dodsley, 1751. 4to 
Cf., g.c., by Riviere, in lev. mor. case. X (602) $275.00. 
Ode Performed in the Senate-House at Cambridge, July i, 

1769. First edition. Cambridge, J. Archdeacon, 1769. 4to. 
Orig. paper, in cl. case (recased and rebacked) X (605) $850.00. 

Poems. London, 1768. 8vo 

Oldbds. (inner joints split, some pp stained). X(6o4)$7o.oo. 

Cf., gt., unc, by Bedford. rP(io6)$i40oo 

Designs by Mr. R. Bentley, for Six Poems by Mr. T. Gray. 

Vignettes and 6 plates. London, for J. Dodsley, 1765. Fol 
Ong bds , unc., in cl. case (worn, shaken, frayed, Large paper, a 

MS transcript of "Stanzas addressed to Mr. Bentley by 1 Mr 

Gray" has been pasted inside front cover by a former 

owner. X(6o8)$isooo 
Blake (William). Designs for Gray's Poem. Plates, some 

m color London, 1922. At. fol 
Ong. cl., gt. (C Tice copy) LL(7o)$3ooo. 
Cl, gt. LL(3ii)$47.SO. 

GRAY (W. H.). History of Oregon, 1792-1849. Frontis. Port- 
land, Ore., 1870. 8vo. 
Cl. BB(iJ2)$i5oo. 

GREAT BRITAIN. Anno Regni Georgii III. Regis Magnae 

Bntanmae, Franciae, & Hiberniae, Quinto At the Parlia- 
ment begun and holden at Westminster, the Nineteenth Day 
of May, Anno. Dom 1761 . . and from thence continued . . 
to the Tenth Day of Jan , 1765, being the Fourth Session of 
the Twelfth Parliament. [Stamp Act ] J. Parker, N J. 
IWoodbridge, 1765.] 8vo 

Sewed. WW(524)$65 oo. 

Cf., g.e., by Bedford. FG(i6V))$i35 oo. 

Anno Regni Georgii III. . . . At the Parliament begun and 

holden at Westminster . . . igth May, 1761 . . . loth Jan , 1765, 
etc. [Stamp Act ] N. Y., H. Gaine, 1765 4to. 

Sewed, unc., new wrappers, in hf. mor. case. CD (2709) $200.00. 

Anno Regni Georgii III. Regis Magnae Britannia, 

Franciae, & Hiberniae, Decimo Quinto. Westminster 
2Qth Nov , 1774. Being the First Session of the Four- 
teenth Parliament An Act to restrain the Trade and Com- 
merce of the Colonies of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Mary- 
land, Virginia, and South Carolina, to Great Britain, Ireland, 
and the British Islands in the West Indies, under certain 
Conditions and Limitations London, 1775. Fol. 

Sewed, unc. DD(i37)$i5.oo 

[Broadside.] Last Sunday the Schooner Hawke, Capt. An- 
drews, arrived at Marblehead from Falmouth, etc. [Boston, 
I77SJ Fol. 


(Worn at folds). WW(28)$8o.oo. 


pieces University Pennsylvania Edition. London and N. Y., 
1904 22 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Cl., g.t, unc. (backbone of vol. I chipped). O(7i2)$io.oo. 

-Great Events by Famous Historians. Col. frontispieces. Na- 
tional Alumni Edition [N. Y., 1005 ] 20 vols., 8vo. 

Mor, gt, unc. A(i6i)$i4,oo. 


Map and plates. N. Y., 1870. i6mo. 
Cl CD(24i3)$io.oo. 

GREEK REVOLUTION. The Greeks, Twenty-four Portraits 
of the Principal Leaders and Peisonages who have made 
themselves most conspicuous 24 col plates London, 1829 

Cl (worn). ZZ(ni)$i5.oo 

GREEKS (The) : a Poem. 6 etchings by G. Cruikshank, col. by 

^ hand. London, 1817. 8vo 

Orig paper, unc , in cl. folder and hf mor case (A Cohn copy) 
K(8 5 )$4500. 

GREEN (C. R.). Early Days in Kansas. Portraits. Olathe, 

Kansas, 1912-14. 6 vols., I2mo. 
Bds. BB(ii3)$ii.oo. * 

GREEN (J. R.). Short History of the English People. Ed. by 

Mrs J. R. Green and K Xorgate Illustrations, some in 
color, and maps. London, 1901. 4 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Hf mor., unc. I(8o2)$27.5o). 

GREEN (T. J.). Journal of the Texian Expedition against Mier. 

N. Y., 1845. 8vo. 

Cl. (bndg worn at corners, pp stained). BB(ii4)$i4.oo. CD(2776)$isoo. 

GREENAWAY (Kate). Almanacs for 1883-1895. Col. illustra- 
tions. London, 1883-95. 13 vols., v.s. 

Orig. bds. or cl. as issued (lacks issue for 1888). M(247)$45.oo. 

Orig. bds., or cl. and (one vol ) leath. (with issue for 1897 and 
dupl (proof) copy of issue for 1889, together 15 vols.) 

Orig. bds., or cl , as issued (lacks issue for 1887, with dupl copies 
of issues for 1883, 1884, 1885, 1890, 1891, 1894, together 19 

VOls.). GG(82)$I20.00. 

Book of Games. 24 plates in color. London, n d : Under the 

window. Illus. in color. N.p., n.d.; A Day in a Child's Life. 
Illus. in color. N.p., n.d. London, n.d. 3 vols., sq. 8vo. 

Bds. GG(87)$32.50 

The English Spelling-Book. By William Mavor. 1885; 

Mother Goose or the Old Nursery Rhymes. [1885;] The 
Royal Progress of King Pepito. [1889,] The Quiver of Love 
1876. All illus. by [her] in color. London, 18761-89 ] 4 vols , 
I2mo. and 8vo. 

Bds. and (one vol.) cl. GG(8o)$35-00. 


GREENE (J. P.). Facts relative to the Expulsion of the Mor- 
mons or Latter Day Saints, from the State of Missouri. Cin- 
cinnati, 1839. 8vo. 

Orig. paper. CD (2 153) $50.00. 

GREENE (Max). The Kansas Region. Maps. N. Y., 1856 

I2mo. I(8o3)$i5oo. 
Orig. paper (rubbed) CD(298s)$25oo 

GREENE (W. T.). Parrots in Captivity. Col. plates. London, 

1884. 3 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl I(8o4)$i8.oo. 

GREENER (W. W.). Bibliography of Guns and Shooting. By 

Wirt Gerrare. Westminster, Roxburghe Press, n d. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. I(767)$i6oo. 

The Gun and Its Development Portrait. London, 1910. 8vo. 

Cl. (newspaper clipping pasted on front end-papers). I (805) 

$25.00. . , * ' i| *i J 

GREENHOW (Robert). History of Oregon and California. 

Folding map. Boston,- 1844. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, in hf. cf. case. CD (2344) $3000. 
History of Oregon and California. Folding map. Boston, 

1845. 8vo. 

Cl. (A L.S. laid in.) BB (115) $27.50. 
Bds. WW(248)$35?o. 
Memoir, Historical and Political, on the Northwest Coast of 

North America and the Adjacent Territories. Folding 

map. Wash., 1840. 8vo. 
Unbnd. G(i25)$ 

GREGG (Alexander). History of the Old Cheraws, 1730-1810. 

Map. N. Y , 1867. 8vo. 
Cl (joint torn; presentation copy, to J. J. Clemens). I(8o8)$i9.oo 

GREGG (Josiah). Commerce of the Prairies. Maps and plates 

N. Y., 1844. 2 vols , I2mo. (one back torn, title and few plates stained). I (809) 


Cl. WW(249)$5000. 

Orig cl., unc (one back chipped) BB(ii6)$8s oo., in hf. mor. case. CD (2216) $6000. 

GREGO (Joseph). Pictorial Pickwickiana. 350 drawings and 
engravings by Seymour Buss, Browne, Leech, and others. 
London, 1899. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. UU(224)$2000. 

Rowlandson the Caricaturist. London, 1880. 2 vols , 4to. 
Mor., g.t. R(33o)$i500. 

GREGORY XV. Apparato Funebre dell' Anniversario a Gre- 
gorio XV, celebrato in Bologna a XXIV di Luglio 
M.DC.XXIV. 8 full-page and folding plates. Bologna, 1624. 

Cont. mor., tooled, arms of Innocent XII (O. H. Perkins copy). 


GREGORY (J. W.). Gregory's Guide for California Travellers. 

N. Y., 1850. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf mor. case SS(2Q6)$37,50 
GREVILLE (C. C. R). The Greville Diary. Ed by P. W 

Wilson Portraits. N. V., 1927. 2 vols., 8vo . 
Hf. lev. mor , gf.t., unc. J(3I7)$7 50 
Hf. mor, gt. K(is8)$isoo. 

GREY (William). A Picture of Pioneer Times in California. 

San Fran., 1881. 8vo (back faded). 88(400) $10.00. 

GRIGGS (W.)* Asian Carpet Designs. Map and 150 plates in 

color. London, 1905. At. fol. 
Orig cl. (rubbed, C. Tice copy). LL(632)$3500. 

GRIMBLE (Augustus). Collection of his Writings. London, 

1894-1904. 10 vols., mainly 4to. 
Hf., vel., unc. (8 vols. on Large paper, some corners worn). 

I (812) $25.00. 

GRIMM (J. L. and W. K.). Fairy Tales. Illustrations in color 
and black and white by Rackham. London, 1909. 410. 

Vel, gt., unc. (lacks ties, signed by artist). GG(255)$30.oo 

German Popular Stories. Collected by M. M Grimm. IIlu* 

by G. Cruikshank.^ London, 1823-26. 2 vols., 121110. 

Mor., g.e., by Bedford. R( 105) $160.00. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Root (Second issue, with diaeresis over "Mar- 
chen" on title, no advertisements, plates in vol. I printed in 
brown, in vol. II in black). PP(64)$65 oo. 

Lev. mor , tooled, g.e on rough, by Riviere, in cl. case (First issue, 
without diaeresis over "Marchen" on title, with title "The 
Travelling Musicians" only, to the second story in Vol. I, 
with list of plates on p. 218, Vol. I, "Preface," etc., coining 
last among Notes in Vol. I, no advertisements in either vol- 
ume). X(3o8)$575-oo. 

GRIMM LIBRARY (The). London, 1894-1909 19 vols., I2mo. 

Bds., unc. (few vols. worn at corners; autograph of Lionel John- 
son in one vol , some vols. are E J. Dent copies) HH(335) 

GRINDLAY (R. M.). Scenery, Costumes and Architecture 

chiefly on the Western Side of India. Krontispuces and 3<> 
col. plates. London, 1826-30. 2 vols., fol. 
Mor., tooled (I. B. Robinson copy). I(8i3)$72so. 

GRINNELL (G. B.). The Fighting Cheyennes. N. V, 1915, 
When Buffalo Ran. New Haven, 1920, and The Cheyenne 
Indians. New Haven, 1923 N. Y and New Haven, 1015-23 
4 vols., 8vo. 

CLandbds. I(8is)$i5oo. 

GRISWOLD (D. D.). Statistics of Chicago, Ills. Together with 
a Business Advertiser, and Mercantile Directory for July, 
1843. [Chic.] [1843.] 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case. 88(541) $340.00. 


GRISWOLD (F. G.). Sport on Land and Water. Vols. 1-3, 5-6, 
1913-22, Stolen Kisses, 1914, Some Fish and some Fishing, 
1921; Observations on a Salmon River, 1922 N. Y, 1913-22. 
8 vols , 121110. 

Mor., one vol bds. (4 vols. are inscribed, presentation leaf torn 
from 3 vols ) I(8i6)$35 oo. 

GRITSCH (Johannes). Quadragesimale. Nuremberg, Ko- 

burger, 1483 4to (Hain 8069). 
Oldvel. WW(2So)$25.oo. 

GROLIER CLUB. Birrel (Augustine). Three Essays. N Y., 

1924. 4to 

Bds., unc. I(828)$3000 

Boccaccio (Giovanni). Life of Dante. Portrait. N. Y., 1900. 

Sm 4to 

Bds, unc. FF(i6o)$i30o 

Bds , unc GG(io6)$2ooo 

Bds , unc GG(jo7)$i75o 

Bury (Richard de). Philobiblon. Trans, by A. F. West. 

N Y., 1889 3vols,s>m 4to 

Vcl , unc. D(i3o)$i6.oo. 

Vcl , unc. N(340)$375o 

Vel, unc. GG(93)$40oo 

Catalogue of an Exhibition of the Works of Charles Dickens. 

Portrait in color and facsimiles N. Y , 1913 8vo. 

Bds , unc. GG(ii9)$i2.5o. 

Bds., unc. LL(3i6)$900. 

Bds, unc (Chew-Kern copy) PP(i07)$3i.oo. 

Catalogue of the Engraved Works of Asher B. Durand. Por- 
trait Large paper N. Y , 1895. 8vo. 

Mor, tooled, gt, by Stikeman (ong wrappers bnd. in). 8(69) 

A Catalogue of Books in First Editions selected to illus- 
trate the History of English Prose Fiction, 1485-1870. N 
Y., 1917. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. 1(823)$! I oo. 

Another copy. FF(i6i) $30.00. 

Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of some of the 

Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Lang- 
land to Wither. N. Y. t 1893. Roy 8\o. 

Hf cf. (rubbed). D(i32)$i8.oo. 

Grig el, unc S(67)$n oo. 

Cl , unc. (with "Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of 
English Writers from Wither to Prior" 3 vols., 1905, to- 
gether 4 vols ; covers loose on one vol.; Poor-Wallace-Bis- 
pham copy) KK(74)$i6oo. 

Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of some of the 

Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Wither 
to Prior. N. Y., 1905. 3 vols , roy. 8vo. 

Hf.mor., unc. N(335)$25-OO 

Catalogue of an Exhibition of Works by John Leech. Por- 
trait in color. N. Y., 1914. 8vo. 

Bds , unc. LL(3i5)$9.oo. 



Catalogue of Books Illustrated by Thomas Rowlandson. Col- 
ored vignette on title and 4 col. plates. N. Y., 1916. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. I(822)$i7.oo. 
First Editions of the Works of Robert Louis Stevenson 

1850-1894, and other Stevensoniana. N. Y., 1915. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. O(353)$9-00. 
Conway (M. D.). Barons of the Potomack and the Rappa- 

hannock. Portraits and facsimiles. N. Y., 1892. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. D(i33)$20.oo. 
Another copy. I(8i7)$27.oo. 

Curtis (G. W.). Washington Irving. N. Y., 1891. 8vo. 

Mor., unc. D(i34)$2i.oo. 

Leath , g.t., unc. GG(94)$io.oo. 

A Decree of Star Chamber Concerning Printing. Made July 

n, 1637- N. Y., 1884. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e. on rough, in case, by Chambolle- 

Duru (orig. wrappers bnd in) R(i6s)$200OO. 
Lev. mor, tooled, g.t., unc., by Mathews (orig. wrappers bnd. in). 

A Description of the Early Printed Books owned by the 

Grolier Club. N. Y., 1895. Sm. fol. 
Hf. cf., unc. GG(i02)$2o oo. 
Hf cf., unc. (few pp. stained). HH(325)$i250. 
Hf. cf., unc. (back chipped) KK(75)$i5.oo 
De Vinne (T. L.)* Christopher Plantin and the Plantin- 

Moretus Museum at Antwerp Illus. by Pennell and others. 

N. Y., 1888. 8vo. 

Paper, unc (covers loose). N (342)81300. 

Lev mor, tooled, g e , by Chambolle-Duru, in case (orig wrap- 
pers bnd in). R(i66)$95.oo. 
Paper, unc (back chipped). GG(92)$30OO. 
De Vinne (T. L.). Historic Printing Types. N. Y., 1886 


Hf. cl., g t., unc. (soiled). GG(oo)$i2.5O. 
Hf. cl., g.t., unc. (covers soiled, E. B. Holden copy). HH(326) 

De Vinne (T. L.). Notable Printers of Italy During the 

Fifteenth Century. N. Y., 1910. 4to. 
Bds.. unc. GG(ii5)$2500 

De Vinne (T. L.). Title-Pages as Seen by a Printer. N. Y., 

1901. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., unc. I(8i9)$30.oo. 

Hf. mor., unc. (E. B. Gould copy). N(343)$37-50. 
Hf.mor., unc. GG(io8) $25.00. 
Hf.mor., unc. HH (328) $34.00. 
Donne (John). Poems. Portraits. N. Y., 1895. 2vols., 

Orig. cl., unc. N(344)$n.oo. 

Dowson (Ernest). The Pierrot of the Minute. N. Y. f 

[Bruce Rogers.] 1923. i2mo. 
Bds., unc. L(i544)$i05.oo. 



Drake (J. R.). The Culprit Fay and Other Poems. Portrait 

N. Y., 1923. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. I(826)$ 

Dunsany (Lord). The Compromise of the King of the 

Golden Isles. N. Y., 1924. Imp. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. I(829)$ 

Facsimile of the Laws and Acts of the General Assembly for 

their Majesties Province of New York. N. Y., 1894. Sm. 

Orig. vel., in case. S(68i)$io.25. 

Vel., unc. GG(ioo)$25.oo. 

Vel., unc. GG(ioi)$ 

Fey (Bernard). Notes on the American Press at the End 

of the Eighteenth Century. Facsimiles. N Y., 1927. Fol 

Cl., unc. I(83o)$i5.oo. 

Grolier Club. Annual Reports. 1887-1912. N. Y., 1887-1912. 
26 vols., I2mo. 

Bds, unc. N(33i)$2000. 

Transactions of the Grolier Club from its Foundation, Jan., 

1884. Parts I-III, N. Y., 1885-94-99. 3vols.,8vo. 

Paper, unc. (Poor copies). GG (89) $20.00. 

Halsey (R. T. H.). The Boston Port Bill, as Pictured by a 

Contemporary London Cartoonist. N. Y., 1904. 8vo. 

Cf , unc N(346)$ 

Another copy. GG(ii2)$i5 oo. 

Hart (C. H.). Catalogue of the Engraved Portraits of 

Washington. N Y., 1904. 4to. 

Hf vel., unc K(i69)$25.oo 

Another copy. GG(ui)$30.oo. 

Hawthorne (Nathaniel). The Scarlet Letter. Illus. by G. 

H. Boughton. N. Y., 1908 Imp. 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, unc., in case (D. S. by Hawthorne inserted). N(347) 

Orig. bds., in case. S(8i)$3500 

The History of Helyas, Knight of the Swan. Trans, by R 
Copland. N. Y., 1901. Sm. 4to. 

Pigskin, unc., clasps, in pigskin case. N(348)$i750. 

Hewlett (Maurice). Quattrocentisteria. How Sandro Botti- 
celli saw Simonetta in the Spring N Y., 1921. Roy 8vo 

Bds, unc. I(824)$37-50. 

Another copy. FF( 164) $40.00. 

Hoe (Robert). A Lecture on Bookbinding as a Fine Art. 

N. Y., 1886. 410. 

Hf. cl., unc. A(i75)$i3-50. 

Lev.mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Maillard, in bd. case. DD(347) 

Irving (Washington). Notes and Journal of Travel in Eu- 
rope, 1804-1805. Intro, by W. P. Trent. Title and illustra- 
tions in aquatint by Rudolph Ruzicka. N. Y., 1921. 3 vols., 

Cl., unc. I(825)$57.50. 



Kennedy (E. G.). The Etched Work of Whistler. One vol 

of text and avols of plates. Includes the supplementary 
plate "Nocturne Furnace," and 6 supplemental plates.~N. Y., 
1910. 4 vols., fol. 

Text in hf. cl, plates loose in 3 hf cl portfolios (2nd state of 
plate 175 is lacking). K(325)$425 oo. 

Text in bds , plates loose in 3 hf. cl. portfolios. GG( 114) $375.00. 

Keynes (Geoffrey). Bibliography of William Blake. 4 plates 

in color, 40 in monochrome. N Y , 1921. 4to. 

Hf. mor., unc. I(245)$92.5O. 

Hf. mor., g.t. unc HH(329)$95<x> 

Koehler (S. R.). A Chronological Catalogue of the Engrav- 
ings, Dry-Pomts and Etchings of Albert Durer. N. Y., 1897. 

Cl, unc. (R. B Adam copy) FF(i62)$i25o. 

Cl., unc. GG(i04)$25oa 

Le Roux de Lincy (A.-J.-V.). Researches concerning Jean 

Grolier, His Life and His Libran-, Ed by Baron Roger Por- 
talis Some plates in color N Y , 1007 4to. 

Hf mor, unc. S(8o)$27.5o. 

Hf. mor., unc. GG( 113) $40.00. 

Hf.mor., unc. HH(33o)$35oo. 

Levis (H. C.). Baziliologia. A Booke of Kings. Japan pa- 
per. N. Y., 1913. 4to. 

Bds, unc. O(35o)$8oo. 

Livingston (L. S.)/ Franklin and his Press at Passy. Por- 
trait. N. Y., 1914. 8vo. 

Bds., unc., in bd case O(35i)$6ooo 

Bds., unc. HH(33i)$5500 

Mabie (H. W.). The Writers of Knickerbocker New York. 
Illus. by Walworth Stilson N. Y , 1912. I2mo. 

Cl.,ge. O(349)$i2.50. 

Another copy. GG(n8)$750 

Matthews (William). Modern Bookbinding practically Con- 
sidered. N .Y , 1889. 4to. 

Cl., g.t., unc. HH(332)$i6oo. 

Milton (John). Areopagitica. Intro by J. R. Lowell Por- 
trait. N. Y., 1890 I2mo. 

Bds, unc. N(349)$ 

Lev. mor , g.e. S(66)$i6.oo. 

Omar Khayyam. Rubaiyat. Trans, by E. Fitzgerald. Ja- 
pan paper. N. Y , 1885. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, unc. N(35o)$8ooo 

Pichon (Jerome). Life of Charles Henry, Count Hoym. 

N. Y., 1899 8vo 

Hf.mor. S (72) $10.50 

Hf.mor., unc. KK(76)$i7.ou 

Reade (Charles). Peg Wofnngton. N Y., 1887. 2 vols., 


Lev. mor, tooled, g.t, unc, by Bradstreet D 0(348) $3500. 

Cl., unc. and unopened (jG(9i)$i25O, 



Ruzicka (Rudolph). New York. A Series of Wood En- 

gravings In Colour and a Note on Colour Printing. N Y , 
1915 Roy 8vo 

Bds, unc I(82i)$375o 

Bds, unc O(352)$3i oo 

fids , unc (writing on fly-leaf) HH(333)$40OO 

Stauffer (David McNeely). American Engravers Upon Cop- 

pei and Steel. N. Y., 1907. 2vols.,8vo. 

Bds, unc (W. K Bixby copy) 1 (820)^9000 

Stevenson (R. L.). A Lodging for the Night. N Y , 1923 


Bds, unc I (827)530 oo 

Another copy. XX(440)$i7oo 

Thackeray (W. M.). Reading a Poem. N Y., 1911. 8vo. 

Grip bds , unc , in cl covers and hf nior case (laid in is pro- 
gramme of the performance of "Reading a Poem," at The 
Grolier Club, Jan 27th, 1910) M(25o)$90O. 

Tory (Geoffrey). Champ Fleury. Trans by G B Tves 

[Designed by Bruce Rogers | NY, 1927 8vo 

Bds , unc F(i22)$io5 oo 

Bds, unc F(i23)ifioo oo 

Bds, gt, unc OO(243)$75oo 

Warren (Arthur). The -Charles Whittinghams, Printers. 

N Y , 1896 Roy 8vo 

Hf. mor , unc N(355)$io oo 

Another copy HH (334) $3000 

Woodberry (G. E.). One Hundred Book's Famous in Eng- 
lish Literature N. Y., 1902. 8vo. 

OI-IR bds, unc 8(76)^67.50 

Bds . unc GG(iio)$9500 

GROMORT (Georges). Jardins d'ltalie. 148 plates. Pans, 

1922 2vols,4to. 
Cl (each leaf is tipped to stub). LL(32o)$iooo. 

GRONOW (R. H.). Reminiscences and Recollections. Portrait 
and 32 illustrations by Joseph Grego, col by hand London, 
1892 2 vols , 8vo. 

Cl, unc I(83i)$i200 

GROSSMANN (E. B.). Edwin Booth: Recollections by His 

Daughter. Portraits N Y , 1894 4to. 
Hf vel., unc O(i24)$i200 

GROTE (George). Aristotle. London, 1865 2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g t., unc (with "Plato" 1872 3 vols , together 5 
vols.). J(i59)$30.oo. 

History of Greece. London, 1846-56 i2vols,8vo 

Hf mor, g.t K(i59)$25.oo. 

Lev. mor., g.t, by Matthews. CC(55)$8soo. 

Hf mor, g.t, by Riviere. PP(io9)$550O. 

GROTIUS (Hugo). Christs Passion. A Tragedy. With Anno- 
tations Trans, by G. Sandys. London, 1640. Sm. 8vo, each 
leaf inlaid to 4to. 


GROTIUS (Hugo) Continued 

Lev. mor. by Macdonald (Kemble-Devonshire- Jones-Kern copy, 
with autograph note by first-named on title). F(276)$n.oo. 

GROUSE. The Grouse in Health and Disease. 59 plates, mostly 

in color, and 41 maps. London, 1911. 2vols.,4to. 
Cl, unc. (name on fly-leaf). I(833)$20OO. 

GROVER (La Fayette). The Oregon Archives. Salem, 1853 


Orig paper (soiled, pp stained) CD(236o)$7ooo. 
GRUBB (N. B.). A Genealogical History of the Descendants 

of Rev Jacob Gottshall. N p., 1924. 8vo. 
Cl YY(26)$850. 

GUEDALLA (Philip). First Editions of his Writings. Vp, 

v d 7 vols., v.s. 
Vb. (2 vols inscribed, A. N S. laid in). F(i25)$25oo. 

III, No 23. Jan. 2, i84i-May 28, 1842. Cambridge, O , 1841- 
42 Fol. 

(One no missing). FG(225)$io 10 

GUERNSEY TIMES (The). Vol. VI, No. i-Vol II, No 3 
Jan i8-Dec. 26, 1840, together 35 nos (some lacking) Cam- 
bridge, O., 1840. Fol. FG(224)$io 10. 

GUESS IF YOU CAN! A Collection of Original Enigmas and 

Charades, in Verse, etc. by a lady. Vignettes by Cruiks- 
hank. London, 1851. Sq I2mo 
Cl,g.e. A(m)$i6.oo. 

GUEVARA (Antonio de). Golden Boke of Marcus Avrelius 

Emperour and Eloquent Oratour. Trans, by John Bour- 
chier, Lord Earners. London, 1559. Sm 8vo. 
Oldcf. (rebacked, lacks leaf Si, title worn). XX(44i)$io.oo. 

GUICCIARDINI (Lodoyico). Description of the Low Coun- 

treys and of the Prouinces thereof, gathered into an Epitome 
out of | his] Historic [by Thomas Danett.] London, Peter 
Short, 1593. Sm. 8vo. 
Lev mor., ge, arms of M. M. Sykes, by Pratt. DD(349)$25oo. 

GUILLERMUS. Postilla super Epistolas et Euangelia. Nur- 
emberg, A Koberger, 1488. Fol. (Hain *8268). 

Old bds (rebacked with cl., corner of last blank torn away, 
some marginal defects, stains, and holes). DE (208) $22. 50. 

GUILLET (Peter). ' Timber Merchant's Guide. 30 col. plates 

Bait , 1823. 8vo. 
Sheep (rebacked, one cover loose). I(836)$iooo. 

GUILLIM (John). A Display of Heraldry. London, 1724. Fol 
Cont. cf . (rebacked, Drummond copy). I(837)$i5.oo. 


GUINEY (L. I.). Lovers' Saint Ruth's, and Three Other Tales. 
Boston, 1895 i2mo 

Cl., unc. (Laid in is Bliss Carman's Appreciation of Miss Guiney 
with her autograph attached). H(462)$ 

Nine Sonnets written at Oxford. Decorated by B. G. Good- 
hue. Cambridge, 1895. I2mo. 

Paper, unc. (with dupl copy, ilium, by E. M. Whittcn, together 
2 vols.). OO(ii9)$i4.oo. 

Patrins. Boston, 1897. I2mo. 

Cl., unc. OO(i2o)$8.oo. 

Robert Enimet. Portrait. London, 1904. Sq. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, unc. H(46s)$io.50. 

GUINNARD (A.). Three Years Slavery among The Patago- 

nians. Map. London, 1871. 8vo. (rubbed) SS(i353)$7-50. 

GUIZOT (F. P. G.) and De Witt (H. E. G.). History of France 

from the Earliest Times to 1848. N. Y., Merrill and^Baker, 
n d., 8 vols., I2mo 
Cl., gt. K(i6o)$iooo. 

GURWOOD (John). General Orders of Field Marshal the Duke 

of Wellington London, 1837. 8vo. 
Cl., in cl. case (rebacked, Stevenson's copy with notes in his 

hand, A L S by him laid in, Skerry vore bookplate). T(29i) 


GUTHRIE (W. N.). Walt Whitman as Religious and Moral 

Teacher. Cincinnati, 1897 8vo 
Lev. mor , tooled, g t , unc , in hf mor case. DD(584)$i2 50. 

GWYNN (John). London and Westminster Improved. 4 col 

folding maps London, 1766 Sm. 4to. 
Cont cf (rebacked, corners rubbed, some pp stained, bookplate 

removed). D(i48)$i5 oo. 

HABINGTON (William). Castara. The first part [and The 
second part.] London, Anne Gnftin for William Cooke, 1634 

Cf. (some page nos trimmed into. First issue, blank L4 belong- 
ing to this issue has been removed and the leaf with the 
note and Errata pasted in, Bridgewater-Chew copy). X(6io) 

HADDEN (J. M.). Journal kept in Canada and upon Burgoyne's 

Campaign, in 1776-1777- Albany, 1884. Sq 8vo 
Cl f unc. WW(25i)$io.oo. 

HAGGARD (Sir H. Rider). Miawa's Revenge. London, 1888. 


Ong. cl M(252}$1300 

She. Frontispieces. London, 1887. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. M(25i)$22.oo. 


HAINES (A. N. and T. V.). Deacon Samuel Raines, of West- 

bury, Wiltshire, England, and His Descendants in America. 
Northampton, 1902. 8vo 

Cl. (with "Original papers belonging to Samuel Hainos and his 
descendants," by A. M Haines, Boston, j86o., together 2 

HAKLUYT (Richard). Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traf- 

fiques and Discoveries of the Enffhbh Nation. Portraits, fac- 
similes, and maps. Glasgow, 1903-05. 12 vols., 8vo. 

Cl,unc. I(844)$7ooo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g t , unc CC(s6)$JOO oo 

Cl., unc. NN(4i)$6750. 


covenc of the Large, Rich and l>ewtif\l Empire of Gviana 
Imprinted at London by Robert Robinson, 1596 [Reprint 
Ed by Sir R H Schombur^k 1848 ] Sin. 4to 
Mor, g.c , (some headlines trimmed into, tew repairs; F. W. 
Cosens copy). Z(o8i )$55ooo. 

- First and Second Series. Complete Set, with extra volume, 
"The Texts and Versions of John de Piano Carpini and Wil- 
liam de Rubrucuis." Maps, col. plates, facsimiles, portraits, 
etc. London, 1847-1926. 161 vols , 8vo 

Orig. cl., mainly unc. (one vol shaken, one with library stamp, 
and 2 with names on half-titles, laid in are se\eral prospec- 
tuses and addresses of the Hakluyt Society) I (845)$! 15000. 

- Second Series, Vols. 32-41. Maps and facsimiles. London, 
1913-16 10 vols , 8vo 

Orig. cl , unc. I(846)$4OOO 

HALE (J. P.). Daniel Boone. Charleston [1850.] 8vo. 
Orig. paper. SS(20S)$24 oo 

HALE (P. L.). Jan Vermeer of Delft. Plates. Boston, n.d., 

Imp. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t , unc. HH(336)$i2 oo 

HALFPENNY (William and John), MORRIS (Robert), and 

Lightoler (T ) Modern Builders Assistant 85 plates Lon- 
don, for J Rivmgton, [1747] Sm fol 
Cf. (rebacked). AB(49)$2OOO 

HALL (B. F.). Early History of the Northwestern States. Buf- 

falo, 1849. 8vo. 
Sheep (covers worn and broken, I H Ktun cop>). DE(4O) 


HALL (B. M.). Life of Rev. John Clark. Intro, by Bishop 

Morris. Portrait. N. Y., 1856. I2mo 
Cl. (pp stained). CD(i5o6)$n.oo 

HALL (David) A Mite Into The Treasury. Phila., B. Frank- 

lin and D. Hall, 1758. 8vo. 
Cf., g.t. (orig. wrappers bnd. in). DD(87)$35.oo. 


HALL (E. H.). The Great West; Emigrants', Settlers', and 

Travellers' Guide and Hand-Book. Folding map. N. Y., 

1864. i2mo. 

Orig. paper (corner of cover repaired). SS(354)$2000. 
Orig paper. WW (253) $15.00. 
The Great West: Travellers', Miners' and Emigrants' Guide 

and Hand-Book Folding map N. Y., 1865. 121110. 
(1 WW(2 5 4)$6500. 

HALL (Frances and Almira). Narrative of [their] Capture and 

Providential Escape. Frontis. [N. Y ] 1832. 8vo 
Orig paper (margins torn, stained, frontis. repaired) 88(1321) 
$22 50. 

HALL (Frank). History of the State of Colorado. Chic., 

1889-95. 4vols.,4to 
Mor (rubbed). 66(119) $37.50. 

HALL (Frederic). Letters from the East and from the West. 

Wash [1840] 8vo. 
Orig cl. (faded). CD(2 3 n)$8oo. 

HALL (James). Legends of the West. Phila., 1829. i2mo 
Hf mor. O(357)$io.oo. 

HALL (John). Poems. Portrait by Marshall Cambridge, 1646 

Lrv mor, inlaid, tooled, g e , by Riviere (frontis remargined and 

repaired, Borden-Chew copy) X(6ii)$230OO. 

HALL (S. C.). Baronial Halls and Ancient Picturesque lEdifkes 
of England. Col plates. London, 1858 2 vols., 4to. 

Hf. mor., g e. (corners worn, Sir William Fergusson copy). 

Book of British Ballads. London, 1853. Roy 8vo. 

Mor., ge. (Thomas Bell copy) N(34)$i8oo. 

HALLAM (A. H.). Poems. London, [Privately Printed,] by 
Little wood [1830 ] I2mo. 

Mor., g.e. (presentation copy, to J M Gaskell, with A L S to 
Mrs Gaskell, A L S by Henry Hallam and one by T J 
Wise laid in, C G M Gaskell copy) X (612) $1,00000 

HALLAM (Henry). Constitutional History of England. Lon- 
don, 1869. 10 vols., I2mo. 

Hf cf. U(342)$g.oo 

Introduction to the Literature of Europe. 3 vols , 1843; View 

of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages 3 vols. 1856; 
Constitutional History of England. 3 \olt>. 1867. London, 
1843-67. 9vols.,8vo, 

Cf. (writing on fly-leaves) I(85i)$iooo 

HALLIWELL-PHILLIPPS (J. O.). Budget of Notes and 
Memoranda on the Life and Works of Shakespeare. London, 
1880. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy to George Bullen). EF(4i3)$8oo. 



Some Account of a Collection of Several Thousand Bills, Ac- 
counts, and Inventories, Illustrating the History of Prices, 
1650-1750. Bnxton Hill, Printed ior Private Circulation, 
1852. 4to. 

Cl., unc. (back torn, presentation copy to Mi Hard Fillmore, Mar- 
shall Library copy). NN(43)$20.oo. 

HALSEY (R. T. H.). Pictures of Early New York on Dark 

Blue Staffordshire Pottery. Plates. N. Y., 1899. 4to. 
Cl., unc., pictorial insert, in cl. case. 00(246) $70.00. 
CL, unc. YY(32o)$45.oo. 

HALSEY (R. T. H.) and TOWER (Elizabeth). Homes of Our 
Ancestors. 20 plates in color and 217 illustrations in half-tone. 
Garden City, 1925. Roy. 8vo. 

CL, unc. I(852)$i5.oo. 

HAMBLETON (C. J.). A Gold Hunter's Experience. Chic, 

Printed for Private Circulation, 1808. i6mo. 
CL, g.t. (presentation copy). CD (2505) $30.00. 

HAMERTON (P. G.). Etcher's Handbook. London, 1871. 

CL (C. Tice copy; with "Commercial Engraving and Printing" 

by C. W. Hackleman. Indianapolis [1921,] together 2 vols.) 


Etching and Etchers. 35 plates. London, 1868. Roy. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere. K(i62)$45oo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. (rubbed, S. P. Avery copy). D 0(351) $30.00. 

Orig. cl., g.e. (rubbed). LL(322)$6o.oo. 

Etching and Etchers. Boston, 1876. 8vo. 

CL (name on title, Bordentown Female College Library copy). 


Etching and Etchers. Plates. London, 1876. Roy. 8vo 

Hf. lev. mor., gt., unc. HH (337) $22.50. 

Lev. mor., g.t, unc. RR(i7i)$i3.oo. 

Mor., g.t., unc. XX (443) $20.00. 

Etching and Etchers. Plates. London, 1880. 4to. 

CL, unc. (rubbed). GO (121) $47.50. 

Landscape. Plates. London, 1885. 4to. 

Cl. (with "Degas." Paris, 1918, together 2 vols.). LL(324)$i7 50 

The Unknown River. 33 plates mounted on obi. sheets, 

tipped to stubs. London [1873.] 4to . 
Hf.mor., g.t. (on India paper). ZZ(i87)$7.5O. 

HAMERTON (P. G.) and BINYON (Laurence). Etchings of 

Rembrandt and Dutch Etchers of the Seventeenth Century. 
8 etchings. London, 1896. Imp. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc. K(i64)$45.oo. 

HAMILTON (Alexander). Address to the Electors of the State 

of New York. Albany [1801.] I2mo. 
New paper, in cl. folder and hf. mor case. SS(iQS3)$7aoo 


HAMILTON (Alexander)-C<w/mM<?d 

Letter concerning the Public Conduct and Character of John 

Adams. N. Y., 1800. 8vo. 

Sewed, unc. (name and stamp on title). SS(i05i)$45.oo. 
Letter concerning the Public Conduct and Character of John 

Adams. Phila., 1800. 8vo 
Hf. cf., unc., by Donnelley. NN(44)$Q.oo. 
Hf. lev mor., unc. and unopened (portrait laid in). SS(i052) 


- Observations on Certain Documents contained in Nos. V and 
VI of "The History of the United States for the Year 1796." 
Phila , 1797. 8vo. 

Cf, g.t., unc. SS(ioso)$55.oo. 

- Observations on Certain Documents, Contained in Nos. V 
and VI of "The History of the United States for the Year 
1796." Phila., 1800. 8vo. 

Unc. EE(i40)$9.50. 

HAMILTpN (Dr. Alexander). Itinerarium. Ed. by A. B. Hart 
Portrait St Louis- Privately Printed, 1917 8vo 

Hf. cf , unc (presentation copy from W. K Bixby to E. R Hoad- 
ley, with typed L. S. by the former laid in). DE(2I2)$I250 

HAMILTON (Anthony, Count). Memoir es du Comtc de Gram- 
mont. Portrait and 31 illustrations after C Delort, each in 
2 states. Paris, 1888. Imp 8vo 

Lev mor, tooled, g.e , by Manus Michel PP(iio)$iosoo. 

- Memoirs of Count Grammont. Ed by Sir Walter Scott. Por- 
traits. N. Y , 1885. 2 vols , 8vo. 

Hf lev mor., gt, unc ZZ(i86)$i25o 

- Memoirs of Count Grammont. Ed by Allan Fea Portraits 
London, 1906 8vo 

Hfcf.grt HH(338)$8oo 

HAMILTON (Emma, Lady). Story of Emma, Lady Hamilton. 

Plates in color and in monochrome, after Romney, Sir Jos- 
hua Reynolds, and others London, 1911. 2vols.,fol. 
Vel , K t , unc. Kd65)$75 oo 

HAMILTON (H. W.). Rural Sketches of Minnesota, Milan, 

Ohio, 1850. 8vo. 
Hf mor CD(2o6i)$30oo 

HAMILTON (Joseph). A Certain Bar against the Approach of 

the Yellow Fever. Hudson, A Stoddard, 1800. i6mo. 

HAMILTON (Patrick). Resources of Arizona. Prescott, Ariz., 

1881. 8vo. 
Sewed. SS(i38)$7-50. 

HAMILTON (Wilson). The New Empire and her Represen- 

tative Men. [Also] Hutchings (J. M.). In the Heart of 
the Sierras. Maps. Oakland, Cal., 1886. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl. SS(42i-422)$i5.oo. 


HAMILTON (W. T.). My Sixty Years on the Plains. Ed. by 

E. T. Sieber. N. Y., 1905. 8vo. 
Cl. I(859)$30.oo. 
Another copy. BB(i2o)$25.oo. 

HAMMOND (I. B.). Reminiscences of Frontier Life. Portrait. 

[Portland, Privately Printed,] 1904. 8vo 
Paper. l(86o)$25 oo. 

HANBURY (Mrs. David). One Day in the Life of a Stag. 

7 hand-col plates London, 1847 Obi 410. 
Cl. (corners rubbed). I (862)52500. 

HANGER (George). Life, Adventures, and Opinions. Portrait. 

London, 1801. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., unc (rubbed). I(863)$i3OO 
Hf . mor., g t. O (3S8)$8.oo 

HANNA (C. A.). The Scotch-Irish; or, the Scot in North Bri- 
tain, North Ireland and North America. Folding maps 
N. Y., 1902. 2 vols , roy. 8vo 

CL, unc. YY(322)$ 

The Wilderness Trail. 80 maps and illustrations N. Y. f 
1911. 2vols., 8vo. 

Cl., unc. I(86s)$i7.oo. 

Another copy. YY(323)$i3Oo. 

HANNOVER (Emil). Pottery and Porcelain. Ed by B Rack- 
ham. Illustrations, some in color. N. Y., 1925 3 vols , roy 

Cl. HH(339)$i5.oo. 

HANWAY (Jonas). Account of the Society For the Encourage- 
ment of the British Troops, in Germany and North America. 
London, 1760. 8vo. 

Orig. cf. SS(98i)$32.5o. 

HARBISON (Massy). Narrative of [her] Sufferings from In- 
dian Barbarity, 1790-94. Ed. by John Winter. Pittsburgh, 
1825. i6mo. 

Orig. paper, in folder and hf. mor. case. SS(i3M)$65.oo. 

Narrative of [her] Sufferings from Indian Barbarity, 1790-94. 

Ed. by John Winter. Pittsburgh, 1828 i6mo 

Orig.bds. WW(258)$ 

Another copy. FG (95)$ 105.00. 

Narrative of [her] Sufferings. Ed by J Winter. Beaver, 

1836 I2mo. 

Bds. (De Puy copy). SS(i325)$5<>.oo. 

HARCOURT (Robert). Relation of a Voyage to Gviana. Lon- 
don, E. Allde, 1626. Sm 4to. 
Lev. mor., ge. (margin of title restored). DD( 107) $120.00. 

HARDIE (James). Account of the Malignant Fever lately 

prevalent in the City of New York. N Y., 1799. 8vo. 
Unbnd. JJ(359)$8oo 


HARDIE (Martin). English Coloured Books. Illustrations in 

color N. Y., 1906 Roy. 8vo. 
Cl,unc. I (867)$! i oo. 
See also McBEY (James). 

HARDING (Edward). Costumes of the Russian Empire. 70 

plates and title, col. by hand. [Text in both English and 
French.] London, 1803. Roy.4to. 
Mor., tooled, ge. (rubbed). ZZ(iio)$i25o. 

HARDING (S.). Life of George R, Smith. Portrait, folding 
map and plates. Sedalia, Mo. [Privately printed), 1004. 8vo. 
Cl. (front fly-leaf torn). CD (2414) $7.50. 

HARDY (Campbell). Forest Life in Acadie. Frontis. in color 

and woodcut plates. London, 1869. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor. I(868)$o.oo. 
Sporting Adventures in the New World. Col frontispieces. 

London, 1855. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Cl. (frontispieces stained). VV(68)$i2.oo. 

HARDY (Thomas). "And There Was A Great Calm." 11 No- 
vember 1918. London, Chiswick Press, 1920. 8vo. 
Paper, in cl case. ZZ( 192) $50.00. 
A Call to National Service, an Appeal to America, Cry of 

the Homeless. [London, for Florence Emily Hardy at the 

Chiswick Press, 1917.] Sm. 4to. 
Orig paper, unc (initialed by F. M. Hardy, G. B. McCutcheon 

copy). FF(i68)$4000. 

A Changed Man, etc. Frontis. London, 1913. 12 mo. X(653)$I500. 
Orig. cl., g t. GG(i46)$io.oo. 
Cl., gt. XX(459)$i2.oo. 
Cl. XX(46o)$8.oo. 

Collected Poems. Portrait. London, 1919. I2mo., unc. X(6s8)$7.50. 

The Convergence of the Twain. Signed by Printers, London, 

1912. I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc., in lev. mor. case (Quinn copy). X (652) $325 .00. 
Desperate Remedies. London, 1871. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl.. unc., in hf. mor. case (Vol. Ill has spots on cover, split 

inner hinge, and name stamp on title). X( 615) $4, 800.00., unc. GG(i22)$7,8oo.oo. 

Desperate Remedies. N. Y., 1874. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. X(620)$X5.oo. 

Cl. XX(446)$iaoa 

The Duke's Reappearance. N. Y., Privately Printed, 1927. 

Bds., unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. LL(345)$I7-50. 

The Dynasts. London, 1903-06-08. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (Part First, First issue, has name and library stamp 

on inner cover and "Presentation Copy" stamped on title). 

M (259) $1,200.00. 
Orig. cl., unc. (Part First, Second issue with title dated "1904," is 

inscribed). T (103)$! ,000.00. 


HARDY (Thomas) Continued 

Orig. cl., unc., in hf. lev. mor. case (Part First is First issue, with 
title dated 1903; pencil note inside front cover states on the 
authority of Mr. E. Gosse "only 12 copies done"). X(647) 

Orig. cl., unc., in hf. mor. case (Part First, Second issue, title 
dated "1904," has inscription of A. H. Johnson on half-title) 

Orig. cl., unc. (Part First is First issue, with title dated 1903; pub- 
lisher's presentation stamp on title). GG( 145) $1,400.00. 

Cl., unc. (one vol. frayed; Part First is Second issue, with title 
dated 1004). HH (343) $45.00. 

The Dynasts. The Prologue and Epilogue. [London, 1914.] 

Sm. 4to. 

Orig. paper, in cl. case. XX (461) $55.00. 

Souvenir Programme. Wessex Scenes from "The Dynasts." 

Performances . . . Dec. 6th and 7th, 1916. Portrait and illus- 
trations. Autographed. [Dorchester, 1916.] 4to. 

Paper. X (656)$i70.oo. 

The Dynasts. Portrait. Large paper, signed. London, 1927. 
3 vols , 4to 

Hf. vel , unc. K(i67)$ioo.oo. 

Another copy. LL(344) $50.00. 

Another copy. OO(i24)$85oo. 

The Famous Tragedy of the Queen of Cornwall at Tintagel 

in Lyonnesse. A New Version of an Old Story arranged as 
a Play for Mummers. Frontis. London and N, Y , 1923. 

Orig. cl (with authorized programme of this play as produced at 
Dorchester Nov. 28-30, 1923, a 4-leaf pamphlet containing 
cast for 2 other plays as well) X(66o)$250o. 

Far from the Madding Crowd. 12 plates by H. Pater son 

First Edition London, 1874. 2 vols , 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc, in hf. lev. mor. case. X (621) $600.00. 

Origcl., unc. (worn, inner joints strengthened). GG( 125) $300.00 

Far from the Madding Crowd. N. Y , 1874. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (name on title). M(255)$22.50. 

Orig. cl. LL(326)$ 

Far from the Madding Crowd. London, 1885. I2mo 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (back discolored; presentation copy to E. R. 
Pearce Edgcumbe: inserted are portrait of Hardy and A. L. 
S by him to Edgcumbe). X(63o)$6250O. 

Fellow-Townsmen N. Y., Harper, 1880. 32mo X(625)$8o.oo. 

The Fire at Tranter Sweatley's. A Wessex Ballad. [In 

"The Art of Thomas Hardy," by Lionel Hardy.] Portrait by 
W. Strang. Large paper. London, 1894. I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc. and unopened (worn). GG(i38)$i2.50. 

A Group of Noble Dames. London [1891.] i2mo., unc. X(636)$55.oo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (worn). GG( 136) $20.00., unc. XX (452) $30.00. 


HARDY (Thomas) Continued 

A Group of Noble Dames. Illus. by Rcinhart. N. Y., 1801. 

I2mo. M(257)$i5.oo. 

The Hand of Ethelberta. n illustrations by G. du Maurier. 

London, 1876. 2vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl , unc., in hf. mor. case. X (622) $225.00. 

Origcl., unc (rubbed). GG(i26)$2iooo. 

Ongcl., unc. (Quinn copy). LL(327)$20OOO 

Ley. mor., gt. LL (328)$! 15.00. 

Origcl, unc. (rubbed, shaken). XX (447) $30.00. 

The Hand of Ethelberta. "Leisure Hour Series." N. Y., 

1876. I2mo. 

Orig cl. (with "The Return of the Native." 1878, and "The Trum- 
pet Major." 1880, also of above Series, together 3 vols.). 
XX( 44 8)$i250. 

How I Built Myself a House. In "Chambers's Journal of 

Popular Literature, Science, and Art," for March 18, 1865. 
London, 1865. 4to. 

Unstitched, in cl. folder. X (614) $105.00. 

Orig. cl. (bnd. with other issues of this magazine, Jan.-Dec., 1865). 

Orig cl. (hinge cracked, bnd. with other issues of this magazine 
(Jan -Dec) for the year 1865). XX(445)$25OO. 

Human Shows. London, 1925. I2mo. 

Cl., unc. F(i27)$io.oo. 

Cl LL(343)$7-50. 

Jude the Obscure. Etching by H. Macbeth-Raeburn and a 
Map of Wessex. [London, 1896.] I2mo. 

Orig. cl , unc. (back inner joint split, autographed on verso of 
title). X (640) $400.00. 

Orig cl., gt., unc. GG(i39)$i7-5o. 

Cl., g.t., unc. HH(340)$25.oo 

Origcl., gt., unc. LL(336)$27.50. 

Cl , g.t., unc. (cover spotted at edge) XX (454) $15.00. 

Jude the Obscure. Illustrated. N. Y., 1896. I2mo. M(258)$i2.5o. 

Another copy. GG(i4o)$ 

Jude the Obscure. London, 1903. i2mo. 

Orig cf, unc, in mor case (A. N S. on fly-leaf). X(o46) 

A Laodicean: or, the Castle of the De Stancys. London, 

1881. 3 vols., I2mo., in hf. mor. case (labels removed from covers, Vol. Ill 
shaken; probably an early issue, "or" omitted from half- 
title of Vol. I.). X(626)$2,ooo.oo. 

Orig cl., unc. (new end-papers, recased, library copy). GG(i29) 

Cl. (rubbed). XX (450) $12.50. 

A Laodicean. A Story of To-day. Etching by H. Macbeth- 
Raeburn and map. [London, 1896.] I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. (inscribed) GG( 141) $300,00. 


HARDY (Thomas) 

-Late Lyrics and Earlier, with Many Other Verses London, 

IQ22. I2U10. 

Orig. cl., unc. X(659)$7-50. 

CI., unc. (with "Yuletide in a Younger World." London, 1927, 

together 2 vols.). 00(123) $20.00. 
Life's Little Ironies. London [1894.] 121110. 
Orig. cl., in hf. lev. mor. case (inscribed to the Earl of Pem- 

broke). X(6a8)$95o.oo. 
Orig. cl. X(639)$4500. 

Orig. cl., unc. (name erased from inner cover). GG(i37)$i75O 
Orig. cl., unc. LL (334) $30.00. 

- Life's Opportunity. [In Wayfarer's Love Contributions 
from Living Poets. Ed. by the Duchess of Sutherland.] 
Westminster, 1904. Sm. 4to. 

Orig. cl., unc. X(649)$ 

- The Mayor of Casterbridge. London, 1886. 2 vols., i2mo. 
Orig. cl., unc., in hf. mor. case (rubbed, labels removed from cov- 

ers, pp. stained). X (631) $22000. 

Orig. cl., unc. (rubbed, pp. stained, 2 clippings mounted on title 
and fly-leaf). GG(i3i)$2iooo 

- The Melancholy Hussar. [In "Three Notable Stories"] 
London, 1890. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (shaken). X(635)$3O.oo. GG(i34)$25.po. 

- Moments of Vision, and Micellaneous Verses. London, 
1917. I2mo., unc. X(6S7)$i2.5O. 

- Old Mrs. Chundle. N. Y., 1929 8vo 

Bds., unc. (with "Julia Elizabeth," by James Stephens, signed, 
together 2 vols). XX(738)$iS.oa 

- The Oxen. Hove, 1915. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. case XX(4O4)$iaoo 

- A Pair of Blue Eyes. Extracted from "Tinsley's Magazine/' 
Sept. i872-July, 1873. Frontispieces London, 1872-73. 8vo 

Bds. (orig. cover of first part bnd. in, C. S Millard copy). X(6i7) 


A Pair of Blue Eyes. London, 1873. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. green cl., unc., in hf. mor. case (new yellow end-papers, "c" 

of "clouds/ 1 Vol. II, p 5, last line has dropped down and is 

impressed beneath the line). X(6i8)$350.oo. 
Orig. plum-colored cl., plain end-papers ("c" of "cloth" in last line 

of p. 5, Vol. II, has slipped up, leaving only a faint impres- 

sion of lower part of this letter) GO (124) $200.00. 
Poemi of the Past and the Present. [London and N. Y., 

1902.] 8vo. / 

Orig. green cl., unc. (back inner joint split, bookplate removed). 

Green cl., unc., in hf. mor. case (G. B. McCutcheon copy). 


The Return of the Native. Frontis. map. London, 1878. 3 

vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl., unc., in hf. mor. case (rubbed). X (623) $300.00. 


HARDY (Thomas) Continued 

Orig. cl. (shaken, Vols. I and II have been recased and have 
new end-papers). GG(i27)$35.oo. 

Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid. Illustrated Harper's 

Franklin Square Library, No. 322, issued June 29, 1883 
N. Y., 1883. 4to. 

Wire stitched, in hf. lev. mor. case. X(628)$I50.00. 

Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid. Munro's Seaside Li- 
brary, No 139, issuetf Dec. 15. 1883. N. Y. [1883] i2mo 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case. X (629) $10.00. 

Satires of Circumstance. London, 1914 121110. 

Orig. cl., unc. X(654)$i5.oo. 

Cl., unc. HH(3 4 6)$n.oo. 

Selected Poems. Portrait. Golden Treasury Series Lon- 
don, 1916. i6mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. X(655)$8.oo. 

Selected Poems. Portrait by W. Nicholson London, 1921. 


Rds., gt, unc. LL(342)$i5oo 

Song of the Soldiers. 8 pp [London, Printed for distribu- 
tion by Clement Shorter, 1914.] Sm. 4to. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and case ZZ(i9i)$32 50. 

Teas of the D'Urbervilles. London [1891.] 3vols., I2mo 

Orig cl., unc , in hf. mor. case (vol. II shaken, inner joints 

cracked). X( 637) $600.00. 
Orig. cl , unc (rubbed, labels removed from covers). GG(i35) 


Tess of the D'Urbervilles. London [1892] 3 vols , i2mo 
Hf. mor., g.t. PP(in)$i4.oo. 
Tess of the D'Urbervilles. 41 wood engravings by Gnbble. 

Signed. London, 1926. Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. vel , unc A(i67)$8o.oo. 
Hf. vel., unc. (Large paper). W(i29)$oooo. 

Time's Laughingstocks and Other Verses. London, 1909 


Orig. cl, unc. (A. L. S laid in). X( 651) $130.00. 

Cl, unc. HH(344)$i2oo 

Cl. XX(4S8)$9.oo. 

Galley Proofs of "The Tramp's Tragedy." 2 galleys, each 

24 in. long, folded to sq. i6mo. 

In hf. lev. mor. case (with A. L. S. of Sept. 14, 1903 to D. C. 
Munro, changing above title to "The Trampwoman's Trag- 
edy"). X(66i)$soooo. 

The Trumpet-Major. London, 1880. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (Vol I shaken, E. J. Dent copy). 

Orig. cl., unc (stamp on fly-leaf of Vol. L). GG( 128) $230.00. 

Orig. cl., unc. XX(449)$l40.oo. 

Two on a Tower. London, 1882. 3 vols., 121110. 

Orig. cl., unc., in hf. mor. case (Vol. I shaken, labels removed, 
name on end-paper). X(627)$i;ooo, unc. (rubbed). GG( 130) $430.00. 


HARDY (Thomas) Continued 

Under the Greenwood Tree. London, 1872. 2 vols , I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc., in hf. mor. case (joints split). X(6i6) $375.00. 

Orig. cl. GG(i23)$700 oo. 

The Well-Beloved. Etching by H Macbeth-Raeburn and 

map. London [1897.] I2mo. 
Orig. cl., unc , in hf . mor. case (presentation copy, to Richard 

Le Galhenne) X(642)$i,20o.oo. 
Orig cl., unc. (shaken). X(643)$i5.oo. 
CL, g.t., unc. HH(34i)$i7.50. 
Orig. cl., g.t , unc. and unopened. LL (337) $22.50. 
Cl., g.t, unc (name on half-title) XX (456) $10.00. 
Wessex Poems and other Verses. Frontis. and 30 illustra- 
tions by the author. [London and N. Y., 1898 ] 8vo. 
Cl. unc. V(ii4)$27.50 
Orig. cl. unc. (presentation copy, to Pearl Craigie). X(644) 


CL, g.e (cover soiled). X(645)$50.oo. 
Orig. cl., g t , unc GG( 143) $35-00. 
Cl, g.t., unc. HH (342) $33.00. 
CL, g.e. LL(338)$75.oo. 

Wessex Tales. London, 1888 2 vols , I2mo 

Orig. cl., unc , in hf. mor. case (presentation copy, to Frederic 

Harrison). X( 633) $2,800.00 
Orig. cl . unc , in hf. mor. case. X(634)$300oo 
Orig. cl., unc. (joints of Vol. II wearing). GG(i33)$i6ooo 
Orig. cl, unc. LL(33i)$i7000. 

The Winter OwL [Contains contribution by Hardy ] Lon- 
don [1923.] Imp. 8vo. 
Ong.bds. M(26o)$7-50. 

Winter Words: In Various Moods and Metres. London, 

1928. i2mo. 

Orig cl, unc and unopened (A. L S. tipped in). ZZ(i94)$6soo 
The Woodlanders. London, 1887. 3 vols., i2mo. 
Orig cl , unc, in hf mor. case. X(632)$I7500. 
Orig cl., unc (labels removed from covers) GG( 132) $40.00. 
Orig. cl , unc. (mended tear in back of Vol. II). LL(32o)$ioooo. 
CL, unc. (hinge cracked in Vol. I, also in Vol. II). XXUsO 

The Woodlanders. London, 1887. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc and unopened LL(33O)$35.oo 

Works. Portrait etched by W. Strang Mellstock Edition, 

signed London, 1919 37 vols., 8vo. 
Cl t unc. J(i66)$290.oo. 
Hf. lev. mor, g.t., unc. R(i69)$375oo 
Lev. mor., tooled g.t unc. ZZ(i93)$75o.oo. 
Writings. Anniversary Edition. N Y., Harper [ 1920 1 21 

vols., 8vo. 

CL, g.t., unc. K(i68)$7o.oo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. CC( 57) $250.00. 
Hfmor., g.t., unc, by Stikeman. PP(ii2)$i05.oo 
CL, g.t., unc. ZZ(i95)$6o.oo. 


HARDY (Thomas) Continued 

Writings. Autograph Edition N Y and London, Harper, 

n.d. 20 vols , roy. 8vo. 
Cl., gt., unc. O(36o)$45.oo. 

HARDY (Thomas) and HENNIKER (Florence). The Spectre 
of the Real [Occupying pp. 164-208 of "In Scarlet and 
Grey/ 1 Vol. XXVI of the Keystone Series.] London, 1806 

Orig. cl., unc X(64i)$iooo. 

HARLAN (J. W.). California, '46 to '88. Portrait. San Fran , 

1888 8vo. 
Cl. BB(i2i)$i7.oo 
Orig. cl. SS(43o)$i200. 
Cl. (shaken). WW(263)$i5 oo 

HARMON (D. W.). Journal of Voyages and Travels in the 

Interior of North America. Portrait and folding map. An- 

dover, 1820 8vo. 

Orig sheep (stained). I(86o)$325o 
Oldcf SS(i059)$3750 

HARNESS (William). The First Born. London, Printed for 

Private Circulation, 1844. I2mo 

Orig cl , in hf mor. case (presentation copy, to Charles Dick- 
ens, with bookplate of Dickens and Gad's Hill label) UU(87) 

HARPER'S WEEKLY. Vols. 5-9, Jan 5, i86i-Dec 30, 1865). 

N Y., 1861-65 5 vols , fol 
Hf lev. mor., gt (with the Illustrated London News, Jan 5- 

June 29, 1861, together. 6 vols ) SS(70o)$6soo. 
Cl (worn). W\V(I29)$2250 

HARRIMAN (E. H.). Alaska Expedition. [Contains contribu- 
tions by John Burroughs, John Muir, and G B Grinnell ] 
Col plates N Y , 1001. 2 vols , roy. 8vo. 

Cl, unc I(8j3)$i700. 

HARRINGTON (H. N.). Engraved Work of Sir Francis Sey- 
mour Haden 109 plates Liverpool, 1910 4to. 
Hf mor., gt, unc (joints cracked, signed). GG( 120) $45.00. 

HARRIS (Caroline). History of the Captivity and Providential 
Release therefrom of Mrs Caroline Harris and Mrs Clarissa 
Plummer. Frontis. and title vignette, colored. N. Y., 1838. 

Sewed. SS(i328)$i700o. 

HARRIS (Frank). The Man Shakespeare and His Tragic Life 

Story. London, 1909, Women of Shakespeare Portrait 
London [1911], England or Germany. N. Y., 1915, Contem- 
porary Portraits. Fourth Series. London, 1924. N. Y. and 
London, 1909-24. 4 vols , 8vo. and I2mo. 
Cl. LL(347)$30.oo. 


HARRIS (Frank) Continued 

Oscar Wilde. His Life and Confessions. Portraits. N. V., 

1916. 2 vols , 8vo. 
Hf. leath., g.t , tine O(364)$i3-00. 
CL, g.t., unc (Japan paper, signed) DD (621) $45 .00. 
Oscar Wilde. His Life and Confessions. Portraits. N Y., 

1918. 2 vols., 8vo. 
CI (inscribed) LL (348) $27. 50. 

Women of Shakespeare. N Y , 1912 121110 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy, to Louis Sherwin). M(26i)$iooo 

HARRIS (J. C.). Uncle Remus' Experiences. Pierce and Co 's 
Calendar for 1881. 12 separate leaves. Designed by R. T 
Sperry. N. Y., 1880. Sm. 4to. 


Uncle Remus; his Songs and his Sayings. Illustrations by 
F S. Church and J. H. Moser. N. Y., 1881. i-'nio XX(468)$65oo. 

Uncle Remus and his Friends. Illus by A. R Frost Bos- 
ton, 1892. I2mo. H(47o)$3i.oo 

Collections of the First Editions of his Works. N. Y ami 
Boston, 1881-1910. 22 vols., 8vo. and I2nio 

Cl and bds (A L S by Henry Grady laid in last vol.) GG(i47) 

HARRIS (John). Navigantium atque Itinerantium Bibliotheca. 
Maps, views and portraits. London, 1705 2 vols , fol. 

Old cf. (rehinged, new corners, margins of frontispieces strength- 
ened, corner of title repaired). SS( 1060) $2000. 

HARRIS (Moses). An Exposition of English Insects. Col 

frontis., 50 col. plates, and key chart. [Text in French and 
English ] London, 1782. 4to. 
Bds., unc. (covers worn). DE(4ii)$ii oo. 

HARRIS (Stanley). Old Coaching Days. Plates London, 

1882. 8vo. 
Hf mor., nc., by Rhiere (rubbed, with "The Coaching Ape" 

1885, together 2 vols., E T. Hooley copy) I(874)$i7.oo 

HARRIS (T. M.). Journal of a Tour into the Territory North- 
west of the Alleghany Mountains. 5 maps and views. Bos- 
ton, 1805. 8vo. 

Cont. sheep (plates stained). CD (2291)$! 500. 

HARRIS (W. C.). Portraits of the Came and Wild Animals of 
Southern Africa. Col. vignette on title and 30 col. plates, 
First Issue, with Vignettes. London, 1840. Roy. fol. 

Mor., g.e., by Hering (rubbed, Richardson-Backhouse copy). 

Hf. mor., ge. (rubbed, A. N. by Sir John G Lc Marchant inside 
cover). I(876)$4000. 


HARRIS (W. C.) Continued 

Wild Sports of Southern Africa. Map and col. plates. Lon- 

don, 1852. Roy.Svo. 
Hf. lev.mor., g.e. I(877)$i2.oo. 
Cl, g.e (recased). I(878)$io.oo. 
Hf. mor., g.e. O(672)$30.oo. 

HARRISON (J. E.) and MACCOLL (D. S.). Greek Vase P^nt- 

ings. Col frontis , other plates in black and white. London, 
1894. At fol. 
Cl. (tear in back strip) HH(35i)$i0.oo. 

HARRISON (W. H.). The Humourist. 50 col engravings 

from designs by T. Rowlandson. London, 1831. I2mo 
Cf , by Root. RR(8o)$i700. 

HARRISON (W. H.). Sketch of [his] life and Public Ser- 

vices. Columbus, 1840. I2mo. 
Ong paper. SS(io6i)$i8.oo. 

HARRISSE (Henry). Notes pour servir a 1'Histoire, a la Bib- 

liographic et a la Cartographic de la Nouvelle-France, 1545- 
1700. Paris, 1872 8vo. 

Hf mor (rubbed; Edward Turnbull copy, with notes in his hand, 
folding map and typed notes laid in). WW (261) $12.50. 

HART (John C.). Miriam Coffin. N. Y., 1835 2 vols., I2mo. 
Cont mor., ge. (corners worn; presentation copy, to Commodore 
I. Chauncey from B. F. Hart). SS(io63)$iooo 

HART (Joseph C.). Romance of Yachting. N. Y , 1848 i2mo 
Hf. cf (worn, W Winter copy). R(346)$ 

HARTE (F. Bret) "Excelsior." Lithographs American Issue 

[NY, 1879] Obi 24mo 
Grig, paper (back repaired, stamp on back wrapper). VV(73) 

- Fourteenth Anniversary of the Society of California Pioneers. 
[Contains a poem by Harte.] 8vo. 

Grig, paper. H(472)$i4.oo. 

- [The Heathen Chinee.] Plain Language from Truthful 
James. 9 cards, each bearing lithograph and one stanza. 
[Chic., 1870.] 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor. (envelope not present; Eugene Field copy, with 
authentication by Eugene Field II). D(i38)$iooo. 

Orig. envelope, in hf mor. case (envelope lacks flap, cont photo- 
graph laid in). H(473)$30.oo 

Grig, envelope (stained, flap wanting). SS(io64)$iS.oo. 

- [The Heathen Chinee.] 9 illustrations by J. Hull, each illus- 
tration accompanied by one stanza. Wash., 1870. 8vo. 

Orig. paper. A(574)$".oo. 
_ The Heathen Chinee. Illustrations by S. Eytinge, jr Bos- 

ton, 1871. iznio. 
Orig. paper. H(477)$'200. 


HARTE (F. Bret) Con tinned 

The Heritage of Dedlow Marsh and Other Tales. London, 

1889. 2 vols.i i2mo. 
Cl., unc. (presentation copy, to Lady Alfred Paget). XX(475) 


The Lost Galleon and Other Tales. San Fran , 1867. i2mo 

Orig cl. XX(46g)$i35.op. 

The Luck of Roaring Camp. Boston, 1870 I2rno. 

Orig. cl. (back faded, edges worn, First issue, with 239 pp. only). 

The Luck of Roaring Camp: The Outcasts of Poker Flat: 

Tennessee's Partner. Portrait on title. San Fran., Book 

Club of California, 1916 I2mo. 
Bds., unc. D(i39)$2i.oo. 

Outcroppings. San Fran and N. Y , 1866. i6mo 

Ong cl , g.e. (rubbed, with error in 7th line on p. 70, and the 

omission of the ornament on p 102). SS(357)$2000. 

Poems. Boston, 1871. I2mo 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy, to W. D. Howells; inscribed by him 

to Mrs. Kitty Wells). H(475)$28.oo. 

Queen of the Pirate Isle. Illus in color by K Greenaway 

London [1886 ] 8vo. 
Orig. cl., g.e. GG(84)$7-50 
Queen of the Pirate Isle. Illus in color by K Greenaway 

Boston, 1887. 8vo. 
Cl. Jd54)$7.50. 

Tales of the Argonauts. Boston, 1875. I2mo. 

Orig. henna cl. XX(473)$i2 oo 

A Ward of the Golden Gate. Boston, 1890 i2mo. 

Orig cl. H(496)$io.oo. 

A Ward of the Golden Gate. 59 illustrations London, 1890 

I2rno. XX(476)$i3.oo. 
Collected Series of Works in First Editions. V.p , 1866-1914 

63 vols., i6mo. to 8vo. 

V.b. (5 vols. are presentation copies). CC(58)$i,ioooo. 
Writings. Portraits, and engraved titles, some plates signed 

in pencil by artists. 20 vols., [1896] -1914; [With] Life of 

Bret Harte By H. C. Merwin. Portraits. 1911 Author's 

autograph edition. Boston and N. Y, [1896-] 1914 21 vols , 

Hf. lev. mor., tooled, unc. I(883)$4i5.oo 

Writings. Standard Library Edition. Boston and N. Y. 

[1906.] 20 vols., I2mo. 
CL, g.t. m GG(i4&)$25.oo. 
Writings. Portrait. Standard Library Edition Boston 

[1914.] 2ovols., 8vo. 
CL, g.t. 0(369)$3i.oo. 

HARTE (P. Bret) and CLEMENS (S. L.). Sketches of the 

Sixties. San Fran., 1926. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. I(884)$i3.oo. 


HARTLEY (C. B.). Hunting Sports in the West. Woodcuts. 

Phila., 1859. I2mo. 
Cl. SS(io7)$32.5o. 

HARTLIB (Samuel). Discourse of Husbandrie used in Bra- 
bant and Flanders London, W Du-Gard, 1650 Sm 4to 
Lev. mor., g e , by Riviere (last 2 leaves soiled). X(66Q)$6o.oo. 

HARTMANN (M.) and MILLARD (M.). Le Texas; ou, Notice 

Histonque sur le Champ d'Asile. Folding plan. Paris, 1819. 
Paper, unc WW(537)$i7.5o 

HARVEY (Edward). The Manual Exercise, as Ordered by His 

Majesty, in the Year 1764 2 folding plates Phila., 1776. 8vo 
Stwed. WW(370)$i7.50. 

HARVEY (George). Harvey's Scenes of the Primitive Forest of 

America, at the Four Periods of the Year. 4 col plates, num- 
bered 2, 3, 4, and 5, io l / 2 x 14 in. N. Y. . . . 1841. Fol. 
Bds. (pp. stained, with London imprint on front cover and dedi- 
cation to Queen Victoria) I (888) $80.00. 

HASKELL (A. E. and B. G.). A Genealogical Table of the Main 

Line of the Haskell Family San Fran , 1877. 8vo. 
Bds QUoo)$300O. 

H ASS AM ( Child e). Catalogue of [his] Etchings and Dry- 

Pomts N Y., 1925. 4to. 
McK (frontis is ong signed etching) LL (349) $20.00. 

HASSELL (John). Excursion of Pleasure and Sports on the 

Thames 24 col plates. London, 1823. 161110 
Cl I(8oo)$3750. 
Tour of the Isle of Wight Aquatint plates in color. London, 

1790. 2vols,8vo 

Cent. cf. (rubbed, joint worn). R(92)$isoo 
Cont. cf (hinges broken, name on fly-leaves, some pp. stained) 


HASTINGS (L. W.). New Description of Oregon and Cali- 
fornia Frontis Cincinnati, 1849 8vo 

Lev. mor SS(28s)$ioooo 

New Description of Oregon and California. Frontis Cin- 
cinnati, 1857. 8vo 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (wrappers rebacked). WW(264) 

HASTINGS (Sally). Poems, on Different Subjects. Lancaster, 

1808. i6mo. 
Orig. sheep. WW (265) $30.00. 

HASWELL (Anthony). Memoirs and Adventures of Captain 

Matthew Phelps. Bennmgton, Vt., 1802. I2mo. 
Ong. sheep. CD (2496) $65.00. 


HAUPT (Albrecht). Palast-Archtektur von Ober-Italien und 

Toscana vom XIII Bis XVIII Jahrhundert. 100 plates. Ber- 
lin, 1922. Fol. 
Cl. XX(i 5 )$7.50. 

HAVARD (Henry). Dictionnaire de I'Ameublement et de la 

Decoration. Illustrations, some in colors. Paris, n.d. 4 vols., 
Bds., unc (rubbed, orig. wrappers bnd. in). DE (412) $23.00. 

HAVELL (E. B.). Ancient and Medieval Architecture of India. 

176 illustrations and map. London, 1915. Roy. 8vo. 
CL, g.t. HH(355)$8.oo. 
Indian Sculpture and Painting. Col. and other plates. Lon- 

don, 1908. Roy. 8vo. 
Cl, unc. (shaken). HH(353)$i5.oo. 

HAVELL (Robert). Collection of the Birds of Paradise. Title 

and 22 plates col. by hand. [London] n d. Fol 

HAVENS (Nicodemus). [His] Wonderful Vision . . . wherein 
he was presented with a View of the Situation of the World, 
after the Dreadful Fourth of June, 1812. Boston, 1812. I2mo. 

Sewed. H(289)$i6.oo. 

HAWES (J. W.). Edmond Hawes of Yarmouth Mass, an Emi- 

grant to America in 1635. N. Y., 1914. 8vo. 
Cl. Q(40i)$8.oo. 

HAWKER (Peter). Instructions to Young Sportsmen. Lon- 

don, 1814. I2mo. 
Sheep. L( 1032)595.00. 

- Instructions to Young Sportsmen. Col. frontis. and other 
illustrations. London, 1816 Roy.Svo. 

Hf. cf. (frontis. offset on title). I(893)$n.oo. 

Instructions to Young Sportsmen. London, 1824 Imp. 8vo 

Orig. bds., unc., in hf. mor. case (worn, D. P. Sellar copy). 1(894) 


Hf. cf. (rubbed). I(895)$22oo. 

Instructions to Young Sportsmen. London, 1825. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., unc, by Bayntun. I (806) $8.00. 

- Instructions to Young Sportsmen. Col. plates. London, 
1830. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, by Bayntun J(84)$27.oo. 

- Instructions to Young Sportsmen. Col. and plain plates 
London, 1833. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor . tooled, by Root. I(899)$i2.oo 

- Instructions to Young Sportsmen. London, 1838. Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (with Same. Phila., 1853, together 2 vols.). I(90i)$ 

- Instructions to Young Sportsmen. London, 1844. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, by Birdsall, in cl. case. I(ooo)$25.oo. 

HAWKEYE. Game, dedicated to all his Fellow Sportsmen in 
India. Photographic frontis. Ootacamund, 1876. I2mo. 

Cl. (ruffled; presentation copy, to H. E. Dairy mplc; H. D. Dal- 
rymple bookplate). I(oo2)$i4.oo. 


HAWKINS (Sir John). Life of Samuel Johnson. London, 
1787. 8vo. 

Cf. (rehinged, pp. stained, writing on fly-leaf, W. Strong copy). 

Bds , unc., m lev. mor. case (Horace Walpole's copy, with mar- 
ginal notes in his hand, name of later owner, Adams, on title) 

Cf (rebackcd, pp. stained). LL (389) $22.50. 

HAWLEY (C. B.). Buckskin Mose; or, Life from the Lakes to 

the Pacific. N. Y., 1873. I2mo. 
New cl. SS(374)$25.oo. 

HAWLEY (Zerah). Journal of a Tour through Connecticut, 
New York, Massachusetts, etc. New Haven, 1822. I2mo, 

Ong. bds, unc (backbone chipped, front cover loose). SS(io68) 
$42 50. 

HAWTHORNE (Nathaniel). Biographical Stories For Child- 
ren. Boston, 1842 181110 

Ong. cl. (bndg worn, front cover hinge loose). M(28i)$i750. 

Blithedale Romance. Boston, 1852. i2mo. 

Ong. cl EF(292)$io.oo. 

Dr. Grimshawe's Secret. Boston, 1883. I2mo. 

Orig. cl H(529)$8.50. 

Dolliver Romance and other Pieces. Boston, 1876 I2mo. 

Orig. cl. H(528)$iooo. 

Fanshawe, a Tale. Boston, 1828 i2mo 

Orig. bds., unc., m mor. case (back cl. strip worn, some pp. 
stained, paper label torn and portion missing; signature of 
"Susan D. Manning," Hawthorne's aunt, on fly-leaf, D. S. by 
author pasted inside cover). X( 671) $4,750.00. 

Fanshawe, and Other Pieces. Boston, 1876. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. H(527)$iooo 

Journal of An African Cruiser. By an Officer of the U. S. 

Navy. Ed. by N. Hawthorne. N. Y , 1845 121110. 

Hi. lev. mor., by Club Bindery (ong. wrappers bud. in) A (406) 

Hf mor. (bnd. in is "Pen and Ink Sketches, by a Cosmopolitan," 
also, "Romance of Military Life" by Chatterton). SS(i07O) 

Letters to William D. Ticknor, 1851-1864. Newark, Carteret 
Book Club, 1910 2 vols., I2mo 

Hf. cl., unc. HH(i58)$275o. 

Liberty Tree. Boston, 1851 321110 

Cl. H(513)$7-50. 

Life of Franklin Pierce. Portrait. Boston, 1852. 12 mo. 

Orig. paper (stencil on iront wrapper). SS(i07i)$i7.5o. 

The Marble Faun. Boston, 1860. 2 vols., i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (First Issue, Vol. II. ending on page 284). H(52i)$i8.oo 

Cl. (First issue; rubbed; inscribed by W. D. Howells). V(n6) 

Orig. cl. (one fly-leaf wanting in vol T, First issue, advertisements, 
dated March, 1860, bnd. in vol I). PP(n6) $22.00. 


HAWTHORNE (Nathaniel) Continued 
Our Old Home. Boston, 1863. I2mo. 
Orig. cl, in hf. mor. case (rubbed; presentation copy, to Eliza- 

beth P. Peabody; inscribed by her to Henry Norman). 


Lev. mor. (orig. covers bnd. in). PP(ii7)$i5.oo. 
The Scarlet Letter. First Issue, with "reduplicate" on page 

21. Boston, 1850. I2mo. 
Orig. cl , in hf. mor. case (rubbed, new end-paper at back, presen- 

tation copy, to Elizabeth Peabody; inscribed by her to Sir 

Henry Norman). V(ii5)$i,650.oo. 

Orig. cl., unc., in cl. case (D. S. inserted). X (672-) $1,125.00. 
Orig. cl (bndg. shaken, backbone chipped, some leaves loose). 


Septimius Felton. Boston, 1872. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (T. W. Higginson copy). H(526)$io25. 

- -Snow Image, and Other Twice-Told Tales. Boston, 1852 


Orig. cl. H(5i6)$i2.oo. 
Another copy. EF(29i)$i5 oo. 

- Tanglewood Tales for Girls and Boys. Boston, 1853. I2mo H(52o)$37.50. 

Orig cl. (name on fly-leaf). PP(ii5)$i05.oo. 

- True Stories from History and Biography. Plates Boston, 
1851. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., ge (orig. cl. covers bnd. in). PP(ii4)$8.oo. 
Cl. SS(i072)$i25o. 

- Twice-Told Tales. Boston, 1837. I2mo 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy, to "Mrs. S J Merntt"; visiting card, 
signed, laid in). PP(ii3)$370.oo 

Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys. Boston, 1852 I2mo. H(5i8)$40.oo. 

Works. Intro, by G. P. Lathrop and N. Hawthorne and His 
Wife. Biography by Julian Hawthorne. Plates. Standard 
Library Edition. Boston [1882] 15 vols , I2mo. 

Lev. mor., g t , by Blackwell. CC(59)$2oo oo 

- Complete Writings. Portraits Boston, 1900-05. 22 vols., 

Cl, unc. (23 vols., Large paper edition) O(37o)$nooo. 

Lev. mor , g.t., unc (few vols. bnd in different shade, Author's 
Edition, signed by R. H. Lathrop, frontispieces in 2 states, 
one in color, signed by artists). R(i72)$22OOO. 

- Complete Works. Intro by G P. Lathrop Etchings by 
Blum and others. Riverside edition. Boston, n.d. 13 vols., 

Hf. lev. mor., gt., by Stikeman. D E (413)545 oo. 

HAWTREY (F. M.). History of the Hawtrey Family. 13 por- 

traits. London, 1903. 2vols.,8vo. 
Cl., unc. (water stained). 6(422) $7. 50. 

HAY (John). The Bread-Winners. N. Y., 1884. 

Cl. (A. L.S., with envelope, tipped in). SS( 1073)57. 50. 


HAY (John) Continued 

- Jim Bludso of the Prairie Belle, and Little Breeches. Frontis. 

Boston, 1871. I2mo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (A. L. S. inserted). 

- Pike County Ballads. Boston, 1871 i2mo. 

Cl. (with "The Bread Winners " N. V., 1884, together 2 vols.). 

- Remarks in Reply to the Toast of "Our Recent Diplomacy" 
at the Dinner of the New York Chamber of Commerce, Nov. 
19, 1001. [N.p., Privately Printed, 1901 ] 8vo. 

Orig. paper, unc., in cl. folder and hf mor. case (presentation 
copy to G. W. Smalley). M(28s)$Qoa 

HAYDEN (Arthur). Furniture Designs of Chippendale, Hep- 

plewhite and Sheraton. London, 1910. Imp. 8vo. 
Cl. (bookplate removed). N(37i)$i750 

HAYDEN (F. V.). Sun Pictures of Rocky Mountain Scenery. 

N. Y., 1870. 4to. 

Hf. mor. (rubbed, with "The Great West." Phila , 1880, together 
2 vols.). BB (122) $13.00. 

HAYDEN (H. E.). Oliver Genealogy. A Record of the De- 

scendents of Joseph, Reuben, and Levi Oliver, of New York, 
Pennsylvania, and Delaware, 17^7-1888 Portrait N. Y., 
[Privately printed,] 1888. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. WW (237) $7.50. 

HAYES (William). Portraits of Rare and Curious Birds. 101 

hand-col, plates. 2 vols. in one. London, 1794. 4to 
Cf., tooled (re-backed, one plate repaired, marginal tear in one 

leaf, 96 plates only). I(905)$37-5<>. 
Cf., ge. (rebacked, corners rubbed, lacks one plate, a few plates 

signed). N(372)$i5oo. 

HAYLEY (William). Life, and Posthumous Writings of Wil- 
liam Cowper. 5 plates by Blake. Chichester, 1803. 3 vols., 

Cf. (rubbed, holed). D (22) $17.00. 

Triumphs of Temper. 6 plates by Blake. Chichester, 1803. 
Roy. 8vo. 

Cf., g.t., unc. O(n6)$i25o. 

HAYWARD (Sir John). First Part of the Life and raigne of 

King Henrie the IIII. Written by I. H. Ornaments on 

title. London, by I. Wolfe, 1599. Sm.4to. 
Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere (First issue, with ornaments on title; 

Newdigate-Arbury Library copy). X(674)$iosoo. 
Lives of the III Normans, Kings of England. London, 1613. 

Sm. 4to. 
Old vel. (soiled, writing on covers, title and several other pp., 

some marginal stains). DE (221) $25.00. 


HAYWOOD (John). Civil and Political History of the State of 

Tennessee. Knoxville, 1823. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.e. (with copyright slip). CD(2754)$o.oo. 
Hf.mor., g.e. CD(2755)$i4o.oo. 

HAZARD (Samuel). Register of Pennsylvania, 1828-1835. Phila., 

1828-36 16 vols , 8vo. 
Bds. (broken). YY (330) $65.00. 
Another copy (lacks Vol. 16). YY(33i)$40OO 
Register of Pennsylvania. Vols 15-16. Phila., 1835 2 vols , 

Bds. G(i3o)$7.50. 

HAZEN (W. B.). Our Barren Lands. Cincinnati, 1875 8vo. 
Orig paper. CD(30i3)$i6.oo. 

HAZLITT (William). Characters of Shakespeare's Plays. Lon- 
don, 1817. 8vo. 

Bds. LL(35i)$ 

Citation and Examination of William Shakespeare . . . Touch- 
ing Deer-Stealing. London, 1834. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor , g.t. M(287)$ii.oo. 

Lectures on the English Comic Writers. London, 1819 8vo. 

Bds. LL(352)$; 50. 

Liber Amoris; or, the New Pygmalion. Engraved title, with 

vignette portrait. London, 1823. I2mo. 

Hf c. (title spotted, joint broken, note by G Craig on fly-leaf, 
Brown of Waterhaughs copy). N(373)$iooo. 

Orig bds., in hf. lev. mor. case (worn). X(676)$75.oo. 

Cf , g t., unc. LL(354)$2o.oo 

Literary Remains. Portrait. London, 1836 2 vols , 8vo. LL(355)$8.oo. 

Political Essays with Sketches of Public Characters. Lon- 
don, 1819. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc , in lev. mor case (hinges worn, presentation 
copy from John Keats to his brother George). Z(755) 

- Table-Talk; or Original Essays. London, 1821 8vo. 

Orig bds., unc, in hf. mor. case (worn, rebacked, B. R Hay don 
copy with orig drawings inside covers and on fly-leaf and 
notes by him). X (675) $100.00. 

HEAD (F. H.). Studies in Early American History. Chicago, 

1898. I2mo. 
Paper, unc. (presentation copy). SS(i52)$i5 oo. 

HEAD (Richard). The English Rogue. [Reprint.] London, 

1665. 4 vols., I2mo. 
Hf.mor. O(285)$ii.oo. 

HEAP (G. H.). Central Route to the Pacific from the Valley of 

the Mississippi to California. 13 tinted plates. Phila., 1854 


Cl. (T. Glover copy). I(9O7)$35.oo. 
Orig. cl. (faded, lacks one plate). SS(329)$I250. 


HEARN (Lafcadio). Chita: a Memory of Last Island. N. Y., 

1889 I2mo 

Orig. cl. M(290)$i75o 
Another copy GG(i54)$2ooo 

Exotics and Retrospectives. Boston, 1898. I2mo. 

Cl., gt.. unc M(292)$isoo. 

Cl , g.t , unc GG(i6o)$io oo 

Cl , unc HH(363)$20OO 

Fantastics and Other Fancies. Boston and N Y , 1914. I2mo. 

Bds , unc, in ong bd case. M(2o8)$2Ooo 

Bds , unc XX(486)$i9.oo. 

Gleanings in Buddha-Fields. Boston, 1808 i2mo. 

CL, gt (A L S inserted) 00(127)^6250 

Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan. Boston, 1894 2vols. 8vo 

Cl A(4o8)$i30o 

Cl , unc F(i3i)$275o 

Hf. cf J(i69)$8oo 

Orig cl, gt GG(J58)$J250 

Cl , unc. HH(362)$25oo 

Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan. Boston, 1895 2 \ols.8vo 

Orig cl, unc. H(536)$isoo 

Gombo Zhebes. N Y , 1885 Sq.. 8vo. 

Ong cl , (with "Two \ears in the Jhrcn-h West Indies." 1890 

together 2vols.) GG(i52)$2OOO 
Historical Sketch Book and Guide to New Orleans and 

Environs N Y , 1885 I2mo. 
Ong. paper (First issue, without the mention of Lafcadio Hearn 

on p 299, laid in is folding map) SS( 1075)$!! oo 

In Ghostly Japan. Boston, 1800 i2mo. 

Origcl, unc. H(539)$io5O 

Orig cl . gt, unc (witn "Japan" 1904, together 2 vols.) 

Japanese Fairy Tales: The Boy Who Drew Cats; The Old 

Woman Who Lost Her Dumplings, Chin Chin Kobakama, 

The (joblin Spider On crepe paper Col illustrations 

Tokvo I i8n8-icxn ] 4\ols,i6mo and 121110 
Paper GG(i6i)$4000 
Another copy HH(364)$35 oo 

A Japanese Miscellany. Boston, 1901 I2mo 

C 1 , unc F(i35)$i400 

Kotto. Illus by G Veto. N. Y., 1902 8vo. 

Cl , unc F(i36)$8oo 

Cl , gt., unc (Whitall cop>). M(295)$n.oo 

Leaves from the Diary of An Impressionist. Boston and 

N Y , 1911 I2mo 

Bds, unc, in oricr bd case M(207)$2750 
Another copy GG(i69)$2500 

Out of the East. Boston, 1895 I2mo 

Orig cl g.t., unc. (with "Gleanings in Buddha Fields" 1897, 

"Kwaidan " 1914, together i vols.) G(j(i5Q)$22 qo 
Romance of the Milky Way. Boston and N. Y, 1005. 


Cl , unc. M(2o6)$2000. 
Another copy. GG(i66)$i250. 


HEARN (Lafcadio) Continued 

Shadowings. Boston, 1900 I2mo. 

Orig. cl, g.t, unc M(2Q3)$9.oo. 

Some Chinese Ghosts. Boston, 1887. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. F(i2o)$8soo. 

Orig. cl GG(i53)$8o.oo. 

Cl. (rubbed). HH (360) $62.50. 

Stray Leaves from Strange Literature. Boston, 1884. 121110. 

Orig cl. F( 128) $62.00. (rubbed, name partly effaced from title, Quinn copy) 

M (289) $45.00. 
Cl (back faded and chipped) HH(35Q)$45.oo 

Youma. Frontis. N Y., 1890. I2mo. 

Orig cl , unc. F(l30)$H OO 

Cl, unc XX(48i)$i5.oo. 

Collection of First Editions of His Writings. N. Y and 

Boston, 1885-1918. 20 vols , v s. 
Vb (new end papers in one vol , writing on a few fly-leaves). 

Collection of his Writings. Boston and N Y, [1895] -1906 

8 vols , I2mo and 8vo. 

Cl. (name on fly-leaf of one vol ) HH(367)$iooo 
Writings. Frontispieces in color. Large paper edition 

Boston, 1922 i6vols,8vo. 
Bds, unc. XX(487)$i0500. 

HEARNE (Samuel). Journey from Prince of Wale's Fort in 

Hudson's Bay, to the Northern Ocean, 1769-72 9 maps and 

plates London, 1795. 4to 
Hf lev. mor , unc, by Stikcman I(ox)8)$6500. 
Hf cf SS(i076)$7750. 

HEARTMAN (C. F.). Heartman's Historical Series. N Y., 

Rutland, and Metuchen, 1913-1927 49 vols, 8vo to fol 
Orig cl , ong hf cl and orig bds FG(89)$I4OOO. 

HEARTH (Charles). Gallery of British Engravings. Plates 
after Smirke, Lawrence, Turner, and others. London, 
1836-38 4 vols., 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g e. (pp. stained) D(i40)$iioo. 

HEATH (Henry). Caricaturist's Scrap Book. [London, 1840] 

Obi. 4to. 

Cl (backbone worn). XXU88)$75<> 
Tidbits. 6 plates in color. London, 1830 Obi. 4to. 

Orig paper, in cl. case. K(i7o)$25OO 

HEATH (William). Life of a Soldier. 18 col. plates. London, 

1823 Roy. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.e. W(52)$uo.oo. 
Military Costume of the British Cavalry. 18 plates, col. by 

hand. London, 1820. Sm. fol. 
Hi.rus (tubbed^ PP($Q)$8ooo 
Omnium Gatherum. 13 col. plates and title. [N.p 1 about 

1820. Obi. 4to. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.e,, by Broga. J(74)$50.oo. 


HEATH (William) Continued 

Collection of 8 Caricatures in color. Each plate laid down 

on drawing paper. London, 1829-30. Fol. 
Hf mor. (J. B Townsend copy). K(i7i)$4OOO. 
HEATON (J. A.). Furniture Decorations in England during 

the i8th Century. 200 plates. London, 1889-92. 4vols.,fol 
Cl. AB( 4 o)$i8o.oo. 

HEBARD (G. R.). and BRININSTOOL (E. A.). The Boze- 
man Trail. Intro, by Gen. Charles King. Cleveland, 1922 
2 vols , 8vo. 

CL, gt., unc. (A. L S by G R Hebard laid in) BB(i24)$27.5o 

HECKEWELDER (John). Account of the History, Manners 

and Customs of the Indian Nations. Phila., 1819. 8vo. 
Hf. roan. L r (87)$i5oa 
Narrative of the Mission of the United Brethren among the 

Delaware and Mohegan Indians. 1740-1808 Portrait Phila , 

1820 8vo. 

Hf. leath (rubbed). SS(i077)$iooo 
Narrative of the Mission of the United Brethren among: the 

Delaxvare and Mohegan Indians. 1740-1808. Ed by W. E. 

Connelley Portraits Cleveland, 1907 4to 
Hf pigskin, g.t., unc. O(u)$i40O. 
Hf pigskin, unc. YY(332)$l8.oo. 

HEINE (Heinrich). Poetical Works. Trans, by John Payne. 

London, 1911. 3 vols , roy. 8vo. 
Vel, unc I(9io)$i5.oo. 

HELM (L. T.). The Fort Dearborn Massacre. Chic and 

N Y [1912] I2mo. 
Cl SS(682)$i5.oo. 

HELPS (Arthur). Spanish Conquest in America. Maps. Lon- 
don, 1855-61 4 vols., 8vo. 
Cf,gt (2 A. L S. laid in) SS(i079)$3OOO 

HENDERSON (George) and HUME (Allan O.). Lahore to 

Yarkand. Incidents of the Route and Natural Historv of 
the Countries Traversed by the Expedition of 1870 Fold- 
ing map, 32 hand-col, plates London, 1873. 8vo. 
CL, unc. I(9ii)$8.oa 

HENDERSON (T. F.). James I and VI. Col. frontis por- 
trait and other portraits. Paris, 1904. 4to. 
Lev mor,gt., unc. A(i54)$22OO. 
Hf mor, gt, unc. K(i72)$io.oo. 

HENDRICK (Burton J.). Life and Letters of Walter H. Page. 

Portraits. N. Y., 1922-25. 3 vols., 8vo. 
CL, g.t., unc. O(548)$20.oo. 
Another copy. XX (687^1500 

HENLEY (W. E.). Works. London, 1908. 7 vols., I2mo. 
Hf. Mor., g.t., unc., by Rivie*re. ZZ( 197) $20.00. 


HENNEPIN (Louis). Description de la Louisiana Folding 

map dated 1683. Pans, 1683. I2mo. 
Orig. cf. (rebacked, stained, map backed, small hole in title). 


Nouvelle Decouverte d'un Tres Grand Pays Situ6 dans 

1'Amerique, entre le Nouveau Mexique, et la Mer Glacial e 

2 maps and 2 plates. Utrecht, 1697. 121110 

Old bds. (one map and 2 leaves of text missing). DE(45)$25.oo. 
Voyage Cruieux . . . nouvelle decouverte d'un trds-grand 

pays Frontis , 2 maps, and b plates La Haye, 1704. I2mo 
Old cf." (lacks maps). SS(io8i)$7 50 
New Discovery of a Vast Country in America. 2 folding 

maps and 7 plates London, 1698. 8vo. 
Orig. cf (maps repaired). SS( 1080) $23000. 
Cf. (rubbed, maps worn and loose, 3 plates lacking). DE(46) 

New Discovery of a Vast Country in America. Chic , 1903. 

2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl,gt. SS(io82)$i25o. 

HENRY III (King of France). The French Kings Edict or 

Proclamation for the pacification of the trubbles of his 
Realme. Published in the Court of Parlement of Roan the 
third day of February. Anno, 1581 London, J. Allde for E. 
Aggas and T Humble, 1581. Sm 8vo 
Unbnd , unc , and unopened (new stitching). LL(362)$iooo 

HENRY (Alexander). Travels and Adventures in Canada and 

the Indian Territories, 1760-1776. N. Y., 1809. 8vo. 

Orig sheep NN(47)$625o. 

Orig bds., unc. (slight stains, contains portrait) SS (1301) $105 oo. 

Travels and Adventures in Canada and the Indian Territories, 

1760-1776. Ed. by J. Bain. Portraits and folding maps. Bos- 
ton, 1901. 8vo. 

Cl, unc. I(gi2)$i5oo. 

HENRY (Alexander) and THOMPSON (David). New Light 
on the early History of the Greater Northwest, [their] Manu- 
script Journals Ed. by E. Coues. Portraits and maps. 
N. Y , 1897. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Bds, unc. (backs soiled). I(9i3)$25.oo 

Bds., unc. (bndg. stained). O(2I7)$75O. 

Cl, unc. CD(3042)$i250. 

HENRY (John). Documents From Henry, The British Spy!! 

[Boston, 1812.] 8vo. 
Hf. mor. SS(io84)$25.oo. 

HENRY (John J.). Accurate and Interesting Account of the 
Hardships and Sufferings of that Band of Heroes who trav- 
ersed the Wilderness in the Campaign against Quebec in 1775 
Lancaster, 1812. I2mo. 

Sheep (rehinged). SS( 1083) $8.00. 


HEPPLEWHITE (A.). Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's 

Guide. 126 plates. London, 1788. Fol. 
Newcf. AB(23)$62500. 
Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Guide. 127 plates. London, 

1789. Fol. 
Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Guide. 128 plates London, 

1794. Fol. 
Cf. (joints weak). AB(25)$i50.oo 

HERALDRY. Blason ou Art Heraldique. 33 double-page plates 

Np [about 1770] 4to 
Hf cf , unc. XX (490) $10.00. 

HERBERT (George). The Temple. Sacred Poems and Private 

Ejaculations Cambridge, Thorn. Buck, and Roger Daniel, 
1633 I2mo 

Old cf., in mor. case (worn, hinges weak, slight repair on title, 
headlines trimmed into, few stains, inscriptions on last blank, 
Clarke copy) X (678)$!, 500.00 

The Temple. Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations. Lon- 
don, 1635. Sm 8vo. 

rontmor,ge (rebacked). DD(35=>)$iooo. 

Works. Frontis. London, 1853. 2vols,8vo. 

Hf mor., gt, unc. R(i73)$isoo. 

HERBERT (H. W.). The Brothers. N. Y , 1835. 2 vols., 8vo 

Cl. I(9is)$io.oo. 

Frank Forester's Sporting Scenes and Characters. Phila , 

n.d 2 vols , I2mo. 
Cl. O(385)$i500. 
Prometheus and Agamemnon of Aeschylus. Cambridge, 

1849, Wager of Battle. N. Y , 1855. Cambridge and N. Y., 

1849-55. 2 vols., I2mo 
Orig cl (dulled). O(378)$i25<> 
Sporting Scenes and Sundry Sketches. N. Y., 1842. 2 vols , 


Hf. lev. mor., g.t. PP(ii9)$i5oo. 
-Trouting Along the Catasauqua. Foreword by H W. Smith. 

Frontis. N. Y., 1927. Imp. 8vo. 
Bds, unc. I(92i)$io.oo. 
The Warwick Woodlands, 1845; My Shooting Box, 1846. 

Plula . 1845-46 2 vols , I2mo 
Lev. mor , tooled, g e., by Riviere. I (916) $300.00. 
The Warwick Woodlands. Intro, by H. W. Smith. War- 
wick, 1921. 8vo. 

Mor. (signed by H. W Smith). I(92o)$2i.oo. 
Collection of his Works. N. Y., Phila , and London, 1842-82 

37 vols., v.s. 
V.b. I(922)$i65.oo. 

HERCULANUM ET POMP&I. Recueil Gen6ral des Peintures, 

Bronzes, Mosaiques, etc. Paris, 1840. 8 vols., imp. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (C. Tice copy). LL(364) $60.00. 


HERGESHEIMER (Joseph). Balisand. N. Y., 1924. 8vo. 

Bds., unc (Large paper, signed). F(i4i)$goo. 

The Bright Shawl. N. Y., 1922 Roy. 8vo 

Bds, unc. (Large paper, signed). FF(i74)$i7.oo. 

Cytherea. N. Y., 1922 8vo. 

Orig cl. (presentation copy). M(3io)$8.oo. 

From An Old House. N. Y., 1925. Roy. 8vo. 

Cl. (signed). XX(494)$ii oo. 

The Happy End. N. Y., 1919. 8vo. 

Cl , unc. (signed, bookplate removed). N(38i)$i5oo 

Java Head. Large Paper, signed N Y., 1919. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. (bookplate removed). N(382)$i6.oo 
Orig cl. T(ii2)$6ooo. 

The Lay Anthony. N. Y., 1914. 8vo. 

Cl (bookplate removed). N (378)519 oo. 
Cl. (shaken). FF(i69)$750. 
Cl. BC(i98)$i7.oo 

Mountain Blood. N. Y , 1915. 8vo. 

Cl. (bookplate removed). N(379)$9.oo. 
Cl FF(i7o)$noo 

San Cristobal De La Hahana. Signed N. Y., 1920 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (bookplate removed). N (384)59 oo. 
Bds., unc. FF(i73)$2T.oo. 

Tampico. Large paper, signed. N. Y , 1926. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. F(i42)$8oo 

Orig. bds, unc, in bd case. M(3i2)$i5OO 

The Three Black Pennys. N. Y , 1917. 8vo. 

Cl. BC(i99)$20oo. 

Wild Oranges. N Y , 1919. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. F(i4o)$45 oo. 

HERIOT (George). History of Canada. Vol. i (all published). 

London, 1804. 8vo. SS(io85)$n.oo 
Travels through the Canadas. Folding map in color, and 27 

aquatint plates London, 1807 4to. 
Old hf. mor. SS(48i)$45.oo 

HERNDON (S. R.). Days on the Road. Portrait N. Y , 1902 


Cl BB(i25)$i750. 
Another copy. WW(267)$i2.50. 

HERNDON (W. H.). and WEIK (J. W.). Herndon's Lincoln. 
. The True Story of a Great Life. Portraits. Chic. [1889.] 

3 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl. T(i52)$i6o.oo. 
Hf. mor. CD(i87i)$55.oo. 

Herndon's Lincoln. Portrait. Chic., 1890. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Cl. DD(i26)$ 

HERNE (Peregrine). Perils and Pleasures of a Hunter's Life. 

Col. plates. Phila., 1854. I2mo. 
Hf. mor. I(Q25)$i6.oo. 


HERODOTUS. Euterpe. Englished by B. R. 1584. Ed. by A. 
Lang. Frontis. London, 1888. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g t , unc., by Zaehnsdorf. O(387)$i6.oo. 

History of Herodotus. Trans, by G. Rawlinson. Illustra- 
tions and maps. London, 1862. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Hf lev. mor., g.t. RR (323) $21.00. 

HERR (T. W.). Genealogical Record of Rev. Hans Herr and 

his Direct Lineal Descendants. Lancaster, 1908. 8vo. 
Cl. EE(i52)$iioo. 
Another copy. YY(3o)$i5oo. 

HERRERA (Antonio de). Description des Indes Occidentals 
Qu'on appelle Le Nouveau Monde. 17 folding maps and 5 
plates. Amsterdam, 1622. Fol. 

Old cf. WW(268)$io.oo. 

HERRICK (F. H.). Audubon the Naturalist. N. Y., 1917. 2 

vols , 8vo. 
Cl, unc I (926) $7.50. 

HERVEY (T. K.). The Book of Christmas. Illus. by R Sey- 
mour. London, 1836. I2mo. 
Cf., unc. (rubbed). A(i7i)$ 
Cf., ge, by Walhs (35 col. plates). 00(250) $30.00. 

HETHERINGTON (A. L.). Early Ceramic Wares of China. 

100 illustrations, 12 in color. N. Y., 1922. 4to. 
Cl , unc. HH(373)$7.50. 

HEUSTIS (J. W.). Physical Observations, Medical Tracts and 

Researches, on the Topography and Diseases of Louisiana. 
N. Y., 1817. 8vo. 

Ong. bds, unc (loose; presentation copy, to S. L. Mitchill). 

HEWLETT (MAURICE). Earthwork out of Tuscany. Frontis 

London, 1895. I2mo. 
Cl , unc. (bndg. faded). FF( 176) $20.00. 
Cl , g.t , unc. (W K Newton copy). HH(37i)$425o 

The Forest Lovers. London, 1898. 121110. 

Cl., unc (new end-papers). FF(l78)$i5.0O. 

A Masque of Dead Florentines. London, 1895 Obi 8vo. 

Cl, unc. (C. Meyerstem copy). FF(i77)$8oo. 

The Road in Tuscany. London, 1904. 2 vols , 8vo. 

Cl, unc (A L S inserted, R. T. Searle copy). FF(i79)$22SO. 
Collection of First Editions of his Writings. London and 

Westminster, 1898-1916. 20 vols., I2mo. 
Cl. HH(372)$8o.oo. 

HEYLYN (Peter). Cosmographie, In Four Bookes, containing 

the Chorographie and Historic of the whole World. Frontis, 
and 4 folding maps. London, 1652. Fol. 

Old cf (portion missing from margin of frontis., maps inserted 
from issues of 1663 and 1666, G. M. Elwood copy). NNU8) 



HEYLYN (Peter) Continued 

Cosmography, in Four Books. Folding maps. London, 1670. 

Hf. leath. (rubbed). DE(226)$ii.oo. 

Mikrokosmos. Folding table. Oxford, 1627. Sm 4to. 

Oldcf. (rebacked, recased, new end-papers). 88(1087) $22.50. 

HEYWOOD (John). The Spider and the File. Plates. London, 

by Tho. Powell, 1556. 4to. 
Cont. cf. (closing leaves stained; T. Sutton (1532-1611) copy, his 

inscription, with others, on fly-leaf). X (680) $1,300.00. 

HEYWOOD (Thomas). Hierarchic of the blessed Angells. 

Title by T. Cecil and 9 plates by Droeshout and others. Lon- 
don, 1635. Fol. 
Mor , tooled, g.e., by Clarke and Bedford (inscription on first 

blank). X(682)$i70.oo. 
Pleasant Dialogves and Drammas. London, by R O. for 

R. H., 1637. Sm.Svo. 
Cont. cf., in hf. cf. case (back repaired, some pp stained, Chew 

copy). X(683)$90.oo. 
Troia Britanica; or, Great Britaines Troy. London, W. Jag- 

gard, 1609. Sm. fol. 
Lev mor , tooled, g.e , by Riviere, in mor case (g 1 / j x 7 in , W T. 

Wallace copy). X ( 68 1) $300.00. 

HICHENS (Robert). The Green Carnation. London, 1894 

CL, unc. XX (942) $32.50. 

HICKMAN (William). Sketches on the Nipisaguit. 8 col. plates. 
Halifax, 1860. Sm. fol. 

Cl. I(928)$2000. 

HICKMAN (William A.). Brigham's Destroying Angel. Por- 
trait. N. Y., 1872. I2mo. 
Cl. CD(2i#i)$30.oo. 

HIGGINS (Godfrey). Anacalypsis. N. Y., 1927. 2vols,4to. 
Cl., g t, unc , in case. K(i73)$2o.oo. 

HILDEBURN(C. R.). A Century of Printing. Phila , 1885-86. 

2 vols., 4to. 
Cl. unc. YY(336)$ 

HILDRETH (James). Dragoon Campaigns to the Rocky Moun- 
tains. N. Y M 1836. i2mo. 
Orig. cl., unc. SS(io88)$27.50. 

HILDRETH (S. P.). Pioneer History. Plates and map Cincin- 
nati, 1848. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. U(i34)$io.5o. 
Grig. cl. (map torn). CD(23I9)$I7.5O. 

HILL (B. E.). A Pinch of Snuff. 6 plates London, 1840. 

Lev. mor., inlaid, tooled, g.e., in cl. case. KK(8o)$37-5o. 


HILL (G. B.). Footsteps of Dr. Johnson. Plates. London, 

1890. 4to. 
Paper, unc. (Japan paper, signed; plates in 2 states, one signed 

proofs). D(i7i)$i2.oo. 

HILL (G. W.). Vocabulary of the Shoshone Language. Salt 

Lake City, 1877. I2mo. 
Hf. lev. mor. (orig. front wrapper bnd. in, stained). BB(i26) 


MILLIARD D'AUBERTEUIL (M. R.). Mis Mac Rea, Roman 

Historique. Phila. [i.e. Bruxelles,] 1784. i8mo. 
Orig. paper, unc. WW (384) $12.00. 

HILLS (Robert). Sketches in Flanders and Holland. 36 aqua- 
tint plates. London, 1816. 4to. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t. unc., by Zaehnsdorf. K(i74)$2250. 

HIND (A. M.). Etchings of D. Y. Cameron. 100 plates. Lon- 
don, 1924. 4to. 

Cl, gt., unc. XX(2i6)$7.50. 

History of Engraving and Etching. Plates. Boston, 1923. 


Cl,gt,unc. RR(i86)$i2.oo. 

Rembrandt's Etchings. 34 plates. London [1912.] 2vols, 


CL, unc. HH(376)$i7.oo. 

HIND (H. Y.). Explorations in the Interior of the Labrador 

Peninsula Col. plates and maps. London, 1863. 2 vols , 


Hf. cf., unc. I(932)$22.50. 
Cl., g.e. CD(i70i)$2o.oo 
Narrative of the Canadian Red River Exploring Expedition 

of 1857. Plates and maps. London, 1860. 2 vols , 8vo. I(93i)$22.50. 
Orig cl., unc. (worn). SS( 1090) $15.00. 
North-west Territory. Folding maps and plates. Toronto, 

1859 4to. 
Hf. roan (bndg. worn). I(930)$I3.00. 

HINMAN (R. R.). Catalog of the First Puritan Settlers of the 
Colony of Connecticut. Portraits. Hartford, 1852-56. 6 
vols., 8vo. 

Papers, unc. Q(i09)$ 

HINMAN (S. D.). Ikce Wocekiye Wowapi [Common Prayer 
Book] St Paul, Pioneer Printing Co, 1865 I2mo. 

Cl. (joints cracked; presentation copy, to E. S. Thomas). 

HINTON (R. J.). Hand-Book to Arizona. Folding maps San 

Fran., 1878. 121110 . 
Orig. cl. (hinge cracked). SS(i37)$7.50. 


HISSEY (J. J.). Collection of First Editions of his Coaching 

Works. London, 1884-1917. I4vols., 8vo. 
Hf . lev. mor., tooled, 2 vols., orig. cl. I (934) $100.00. 


Williams and others. Portraits and maps. N. Y., 1904. 25 

vols., roy 8vo. 

Hf. leath., unc. (rubbed, some joints broken). NN(49)$iaoo. 
Historians' History of the World. Ed. by H. S. Williams. 

Maps and plates, some in color. N. Y., Encyclopedia Bnt- 

annica Company, n.d., 25 vols , 8vo. 
CI. ZZ(i98)$i5.oo. 


aquatints in color. London, Orme, 1819. 4to. 
Lev. mor , tooled, g.e. (frontis. backed, marginal restoration one 
plate, other minor repairs, with MS list of plates). PP(i65) 

HISTORICAL MEMENTO, representing different Scenes of 
Public Rejoicing ... in Celebration of the Glorious Peace 
of 1814. 6 col. plates. London, 1814. Sm fol. 

Hf. mor. PP(48)$20.oo. 

HISTORICAL REGISTER . . . Volume XIII. 1728 London 

[1728.] 8vo. 
Old cf. (worn, Lord Cornwallis copy). DD(7o)$i25o. 

HISTORICAL REGISTER. Portrait and map Harrisburg, 

1883-84. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor, g.t. (2 vols in one). YY(3i)$8.50. 

dle of the Sixteenth Century Facsimiles, many in color. 
London, 1868. 4to. 

Mf. mor., g.t. O(593)$i4oo. 

HISTORY OF MOSES. London, 1823. I2mo. 
Mor., tooled, g.e. (presentation copy, to the Duchess of Glouces- 
ter). DD(273)$I7-50. 

HITCHMAN (Francis). Richard F. Burton. London, 1887. 2 

vols., 8vo. 
Cl. I(333)$9.oo. 

HITTELL (T. H.). Adventures of James Capen Adams. Por- 
trait. San Fran., 1860, Another copy. N. Y., 1911 San 
Fran, and N. Y., 1860-1911. 2 vols., I2mo 

Orig. cl. (first vol. rubbed). SS(35o)$22.5o. 

Adventures of James Capen Adams. Portrait. Boston, 1861. 


Cl. WW(269)$7-5<>. 

HOAR (David). Natural Principles of Liberty, Moral Virtue, 
Learning, Society, Good Manners, and Human Happiness. 
Boston, Edes, 1782. Sm. 4to. 

Sewed. FG(27)$26.oo. 


HOBBS (James). Wild Life in the Far West. Col. frontis 
Hartford, 1872. 8vo. 

Orig cl (lacks fly-leaf). I(935)$26.oo. 

Wild Life in the Far West. Col. frontis. Hartford, 1873. 


Cl. (covers worn and loose) I(936)$2i.oo. 

Hf mor, gt. BB(i29)$3000. 

Wild Life in the Far West. Portraits, frontis. in col. Hart- 
ford, 1875. 8vo. 

Orig sheep. SS(382)$2000. 

HOBHOUSE (J. C.). Imitations and Translations from the 

Ancient and Modern Classics. London, 1809. 8vo. 
Mor, tooled, g.e., in lev. mor. case (bndg scuffed, Lord Byron's 

copy with notes by him, W K. Bixby bookplate). X(2O3) 

Journey through Albania, 1809-1810. Col. plates and folding 

maps London, 1813. 2vols., 4to. 
Cont. cf , g.e. A(82)$i3.oo. 

HOBSON (R. L.). Chinese Pottery and Porcelain. 40 plates in 
color. N. Y., 1915 2vols., 8vo. 

Cl, g.t HH(378)$95.oo. 

ater Ceramic Wares of China. Col. plates N. Y. } 1925. 


C1 HH(j8o)$7-50 
Wares of the Ming Dynasty, n col. plates. N. Y., 1923. 

Cl. HH (379) $10.00. 

HODGE (F. W.). Hand Book of American Indians. Wash , 

1907-10 2 vols , 8vo. 
Cl. YY( 34 i)$7.50. 

HODGES (James). See DARIEN. 

HODGKIN (Thomas). Italy and her Invaders. Illustrations, 

some in color. Oxford, 1892-99. 9 vols., 8vo. 
Cl (8 vols. in 9). HH( 3 8i)$275<>. 

HODGSON (Adam). Letters from North America. Map. 

London, 1824. 2 vols , 8vo. 
Orig bds., unc. (rebacked). I(937)$i2.oo. 

HODGSON (Ralph). The Last Blackbird and Other Lines. 

1907; Poems, 1917. London, 1907-17. 2vols,i2mo. 
Cl, unc. LL(366)$i25o. 

HOFFBAUER (J. H.). Der Mensch in alien Zonen der Erde. 

Leipzig, Engelmann, 1832. I2mo 

Orig. bds., in hf. lev mor. case (rubbed, notes in hand of S. T. 
Coleridge on half-title and inserted leaf, H. W. Poor copy). 
X (281) $110 oo. 

HOFLAND (Mrs. Barbara). Descriptive Account of the Man- 
sion and Gardens of White-Knights. 23 plates, col. by hand. 
London, for the Duke of Marlborough, 1819. Fol. 


HOFLAND (Mrs. Barbara) Continued 
Hf. vel., unc. (pp. stained). XX(257)$g.oo. 

The Stolen Boy. Frontis. N. Y., 1830. I2mo. 

Orig. hf. cf. (worn). QQ(io2)$32.5o. 

HOGARTH (William). Graphic Illustrations. London, 1794- 
99. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Rus., tooled, g.e., by Hering (rebacked, pp. stained). DE(23i) 

Hogarth. Illustrated By John Ireland [With] Supple- 
ment. Portraits and plates. London, 1791-98. 3vols., 8vo. 

Rus. (rebacked, Falconer-Halsey copy). PP( 120) $75.00. 

Hogarth Moralized. By Dr. Trusler. Plates, 2 by G. Cruik- 

shank. London, 1831. 8vo. 

Cf., g.t., by Root. O(224)$i5.oo. 

Hogarth Moralized. By Dr. Trusler. Ed. by John Major. 
Plates. London, 1841. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g t. R(i75)$i2 50. 

Les Satyres, CEuyre Moral et Comique en LXIX Sujets. 79 

plates, incl. additional plate not issued with the work. Lon- 
don, 1768. Fol. 

Hf. roan (worn). K(i75)$i7.50. 

Works. From the original Plates Restored by James Heath, 
Ed. by John Nicols. London. 1822 Imp fol 

Hf. mor., g.e. (contains "Before" and "After" plates from an- 
other edition). A(i76)$2o.oo. 

Works. Descriptions ... by J. Trusler. London, 1833 2 

vols., 4to. 

Hf. cf. A(i77)$n.oo. 

Works. Phila., 1900. 10 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Cl. f unc. (few vols. shaken). I(939)$i7.5o. 

Cl , jart, unc. R(i76)$20oo 

Works. Descriptions by J. Trusler. 150 reproductions. 

London, n.d. 2 vols., 4to. 

Sheep, g.e. R(i77)$3000. 

HOGG (James). Queen Hynde. London, 1825. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (A. L. S inserted) 

HOLBEIN (Hans). Dance of Death. Intro, by Austin Dobson 
49 plates. London, 1892. 8vo. 

Lev. mor. f inlaid, tooled, unc., by Zaehnsdorf, in roan case (Ja- 
pan paper). KK(8i) $100.00. 

Dansa Delle Morte. 37 plates col. by hand. [About 1700.] 

Sq. 8vo. 

Oldcf. (book-plate of Jacobus Maximilianus I). R(i09)$6ooo. 

HOLBROOK (J. E.). North American Herpetology. 5 vols., 
1836-42; Ichthyology of South Carolina. (Vol. I only). 1860. 
Col. plates. Phila. and Charleston, 1836-60. 6 vols., 4to. 

Lev. mor. 4 unc. I (940) $325.00. 

HOLBROOK (S. F.). Threescore Years. Boston, 1857. i2mo. 
Hf.leath. SS(34i)$8.oo. 


HOLCROPT (Thomas). The Theatrical Recorder. Plates, 

some in color. London, 1805-06. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. leath (worn). R(i79)$i7-5o. 

HOLDITCH (Robert). Emigrant's Guide to the United States 

of America. London, 1818. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. SS(89o)$i5.oo. 

HOLE (S. R.). Little Tour in Ireland. By An Oxonian. Col. 

frontis. and other illustrations by Leech. London, 1859. 

Sm. 4to. 
Mor., g e. A (420) $18.00. 

HOLINSHED (Ralph). Chronicles of England, Ireland, Scot- 
land. Engraved titles and initials. London, 1586-87. 4 vols., 

(3 vols. in 4). Q(6i8)$42.50. 

HOLLAND (Henry). Herologia Anglica. Engraved title and 

67 plates. [London, 1620.] Fol. 
Old cf. (rehmged; title, with tear and 2 holes, has been rebacked, 

one plate remargined, last leaf discolored; Post-Prefatio 

leaves and leaf of poetry signed "I. Gruterus" supplied in 

facsimile). X(685)$2O.oo. 

HOLLEY (F. .). Once Their Home; or, Our Legacy from the 

Dahkotahs Portraits. Chic., 1890. 8vo 
Cl CD (1570)$: i oo. 
Once Their Home; or, Our Legacy from the Dahkotahs. 

Portraits. Chic., 1892. 8vo. 
Cl BB(i3o)$n.oo. 

HOLLIDAY (R. C.). Walking-Stick Papers [1918.] 2 copies; 

Broome Street Straws [1919], Peeps at People [1919] N 

Y., [1918-19.] 4 vols., I2mo. 
Cl and hf. cl. ("Peeps at People" is presentation copy, A. L S. 

laid in one vol.). HH(382)$5ooo. 

HOLME (Charles). Daumier and Gavarni. With Critical and 
Biographical Notes by H. Frantz and O. Uzanne. Ed. by 
C. Holme. Reproductions of lithographs. London, 1904. 

Hf. mor., gt., unc. LL(ii9)$25 oo. 

HOLMAN (M. L.). Ancestors and Descendants of John Coney 
of Boston, England and Boston, Mass. Col. frontis. and 
other portraits and views. Brookline, 1928. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. YY(i5)$i400. 

HOLMES (B. F.). The Log of the "Laura" in Polar Seas. 

Cambridge, 1907. Imp.Svo. 
Bds., unc. I(942)$i3.oo. 

HOLMES (Oliver Wendell). Address of the Annual Meeting 

of the Boston Microscopical Society. Cambridge, 1877. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. EF(3o8)$7 5<>. 


HOLMES (Oliver Wendell) Continued 

Astraea: the Balance of Illusions. Boston, 1850. 12010. 

Orig. bds. (backbone chipped, cover loose; presentation copy, to 
Dr. James Murdock). SS(i094>$47.50. 

Autocrat of the Breakfast Table. Boston, 1858. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. H(547)$i6.oo. 

Cl. (with engraved title, name on fly-leaf). N(3Q2)$32.5o. 
Cl., unc. (with engraved title, M. D. Philpot copy). N(393) 

Orig. cl. (inscription on fly-leaf in cont. hand). XX (498) $35.00. (A.L.S. inserted). EF (304) $42.501 

The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table. Large paper. Boston, 

1859. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Doves Bindery (presentation copy, to Bayard 
Taylor, leaf with inscription inserted). I (944) $80.00 

Orig cl., ge. (presentation copy, to G. W. Childs, A. L. S. laid 
in). T(H4)$725.oo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. (presentation copy, to Mr. Peterson). T(ns) 

CL, g.e., in cl. case (joint cracked, back worn; presentation copy, 
to James Thurston). X (687) $750.00., g.e. (A. L.S. laid in). XX (499) $95.00. 

Before the Curfew, and other Poems. Boston, 1888. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (W. H. Rideina copy). H( 562) $8.00. 

Lev. mor., inlaid, g.e., by Ruban. PP(i2j)$22.50. 

Elsie Venner. Boston, 1861. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Hf.mor., unc. (presentation copy, to G. W. Childs, A. L. laid 
in). T(ii6)$ioo.oo. 

Farewell Address to the Medical School of Harvard Univer- 
sity, Tuesday, Nov. 28, 1882. Reprinted from the Boston 
Medical and Surgical Journal, Dec. 7, 1882. Cambridge, 
1882. I2mo. 

Orig. paper (2 holes in upper corner of front wrapper, presenta- 
tion copy). Vdi8)$37.50. 

The Harbinger. A May-Gift. Boston, 1833. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., in case. H( 544) $22.00. 

Hymn . . . Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Reorganization 

of the Boston Young Mens' Christian Union, May 31, 1893 
Leaflet. [Boston,] 1893. I2mo. 

In cl. folder and case (creased). XX(soi)$i25o. 

[Broadside.] James Russell Lowell, 1819-1891. n four-line 

stanzas. [Boston, 1891.] 8vo. 

(Signed, with A. L. S ). X (688) $200.00. 

Memorial. Bunker Hill. [Contains, pp 1-4, "Grandmother's 
Story of Bunker Hill Battle" by Holmes] Boston, 1875. 
Roy. 8vo. 

Paper. EF(3ii)$ii.oo. 

-Oration Delivered before the City Authorities at Boston. 
Phila., 1863. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. case. CD(i78s)$8.oo. 
Over the Teacups. Boston, 1891. i2mo. 

Cl. (presentation copy to William Winter, A. L. S. inserted, in- 
scribed by Mr. Winter). N(394)$57.5<>. (presentation copy, to G. W. Childs). T(n8)$95.oo. 


HOLMES (Oliver Wendell) Con tinned 

Poems. Boston, 1836. I2mo. 

Ong cl. (pp. stained, presentation copy to Dr. U. Parsons). 


Poems. Boston, 1864. i6mo 

Mor, ge. (presentation copy to G W. Childs). T(ii7)$40.oo. 
Illustrated Poems. Illus. by Howard Pyle and others. Bos- 
ton, 1885 Imp 8vo. 
Orig cl. (A. L S. laid in). H(559)$9.5<>. 

The Poet at the Breakfast Table. Boston, 1872. I2mo. 

Grig, cl RR (479) $11. oo. 

The Professor at the Breakfast Table. Boston, 1860. I2mo. 

Ong. cl. H(549)$i90o. 

Cl (with "Over the Teacups " 1891, together 2 vols ). GG(i7o) 


Urania. Boston, 1846 8vo. 

Orig paper, in hf. lev. mor. case (spot and tear on front cover, 

presentation copy to Rev F H Hedge). X(686)$2io.oo. 
Works. Frontispiece. Riverside Edition. Boston, 1891. 13 

vols , I2mo. 
Mor., g.t., unc., by Vauthain (inserted in Vol. I is D. S. by 

Thomas Melville, countersigned by Gen. Benjamin Lincoln). 


Works. Portraits. Artist's Edition. Boston [1892-96.] 13 

vols., 8vo 

Cl.unc (with "Life ^nd Letters" by J T Morse 1896 2 vols, 
together 15 vols.). O(39i)$6o.oo. 

Hf vel., gt, unc CC(6i)$i2O.oo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. with "Life and Letters" by J. T. Morse 
1896. 2 vols , together 15 vols ) ZZ (200) $20000. 

Writings. With Life by John T Morse Portraits. Bos- 
ton, nd. 16 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. DE(4I4)$2250. 

HOLMES (R. R.) Queen Victoria. Plates, frontis. col. by 

hand. London and Pans, 1897. Roy. 4to. 
Mor, tooled, inlaid, gt, unc. K(i77)$ 
Hf. mor., gt, unc. LL(368)$i25O 

HOLMES (T. J.). The Mather Literature. Cleveland, Privately 

Printed, 1927. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. XX(588A)$S5.oo. 

HOLT (Guy). A Bibliography of the Writings of James Branch 
Cabell. Portrait. Phila., 1924; [Also] Johnson (Merle). A 
Bibliographic Check-List of the Works of James Branch 
Cabell. N. Y., 1921. N. Y. and Phila, 1921-34. 2vols.,8vo. 
and I2mo. 

Bds. and paper (each work signed by its compiler and by Cabell, 
first work is on large paper). XX (192) $12.50. 

Jurgen and the Law. N. Y., 1923. i2mo. 

Orig. cl , unc. (autographed by J. B. Cabell). XX(i74)$7 50. 


HOMER. Iliados Liber Primus. Studio & Opera Georg. Syl- 
vam. Pan. Med. London, 1685. Sm. 8vo. 

Hf. cf., in cf. case (rubbed, 2 front fly-leaves rebacked at edge; 
Samuel Johnson copy, with his signature also Latin inscrip- 
tion in his hand; signature of David Garrick, also, on fly- 
leaf; bookplate with initials "B H S.", laid in is clipping, 
advertisement of Dr. Johnson's School at Edial). X(742) 
$650 oo. 

The Iliad. Trans, by Alexander Pope. Plates. London, 

1715-20. 6 vols., sm. fol. 

Orig cf (Sir Archibald Grant copy) DE(3i4)$i75.oo 

Iliadis Fragmenta et Picturae. 60 col. chapter headings and 

col. title. Milan, 1819. Roy. fol. 

Oldcf., g.e. A(83)$75.oo. 

The Iliad. Trans, by W. C. Bryant. Boston, 1870. 2 vols., 

roy. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (A L. S. of Bryant laid in). PP(2o.)$2ooo. 

The Odyssey. Trans, by Alexander Pope. Portrait. Lon- 
don, 1725-26. 5 vols., 4to. 

Orig. bds., cf. backs of later period, unc. (inner margin of por- 
trait replaced, edges of one title injured, corners of 2 "Proc- 
lamations" defective; "W. R." copy). Z (942) $700.00. 

The Odyssey. Rendered into English Prose by Samuel But- 
ler. Maps and plates. London, 1900. 8vo 

Orig. cl., unc. and unopened, in hf. cl. case (back faded; fly-leaf 
inscribed, presumably in hand of recipient, "W. H. Draper, a 
gift from the translator"). X(i69)$35.oo 

The Whole Works of Homer, Prince of Poetts, in his Iliads, 

and Odysses. Trans by Geo. Chapman. Title by W. Hole 
London, about 1616. Fol. 

Cf. (rubbed; title, repaired on outer edge, is inscribed "J v A. 
Harvey, 1817;" piece cut from lower margins of pp 17-24 re- 
placed by new inlaid paper; pp. 301 to end of Odysses stained, 
margins of 2 pp. repaired; this copy is without page of 
errata). W(i34)$6o.oo. 

The Iliad. 6 vols . 1715-20, The Odyssey. 5 vols , 1725-26 

Trans, by Alexander Pope. Portraits. London, 1715-26. n 
vols., 4to. 

Orig. cf. (Sir Robert Throckmorton copy). LL( 581) $42.50. 

The Iliad and Odyssey. Trans, by Alexander Pope. Plates 

London, C. Rivmgton, 1760 iivols,8vo. 

Cont. cf. J(25i)$i8oo. 

The Iliad and Odyssey. Trans, into English Blank Verse, by 
W. Cowper. London, for J. Johnson, 1791. 2 vols., 4to. 

Bds., unc. (worn). X(304)$40.oo. 

Orig. cf. (hinges cracked). LL(i55)$i700. 

The Iliad and The Odyssey. Trans, by Alexander Pope. Ed. 

by G. Wakefield. Portrait. London, 1806. 9vols,8vo. 

Cf. (rebacked). W(i35)$i6.oo. 

The Iliad and the Odyssey. Trans, by W. C Bryant. 8 vols., 

1905; [also] Virgil. The Aeneid. Trans, by C. P. Cranch. 
2 vols., 1906. Large Paper Edition. Boston and N. Y., 1905- 
06. 10 vols. Roy.Svo. 


HOMER Continued 

Lev mor , tooled, imc (frontispieces in 2 states, plain and col- 
ored; with Dante's "Divine Comedy." Trans, by H. W 
Longfellow. 1906. 6vo~ls.; and Goethe's "Faust." Trans, 
by Bayard Taylor. 1906 4 vols , together 20 vols.) 1(945) 

Cl , unc. GG(i7i)$ 

HONE (William). Every-Day Book. 2 vols., 1826-27; Table- 
Book. 2 vols., 1827-28, Year Book of Daily Recreation and 
Information. 1832 Numerous woodcuts, n of those in 
first work by G Cruikshank London, 1826-32. 5 vols., 8vp. 

Mor., first 4 vols. unc. (worn, hinges weak, name on titles; in- 
serted in first yol are A. L. S and copy of a letter by Hone; 
C L ^Berger copy). X(689)$ioooo. 

Facetiae and Miscellanies. 120 engravings by G Cruikshank. 

London, 1827 8vo. 

Hf cf. (name on title) I(947)$i8oo 

HOOD (Thomas). Hood's Own; or, Laughter from Year to 

Year Portrait London, 1855-61 2 vols. 

Lev. mor , gt, unc (ong. cl covers and backstrips bnd. in) 

HOOKER (Katherine). Wayfarers in Italy. Frontis. and 

plates, N. Y., 1903. 8vo. 
Lev mor , g.e , on rough, by Canape (E K. Gould copy). K(i78) 


HOOKER (Sir William J.). A Brief Memoir of the Life of 

Mr David Douglas with extracts from his Letters. Por- 
trait [In] The Companion to [Curtis's] the Botanical 
Magazine 2 portraits and 31 col and other plates (should 
be 31 plates). London, 1835-36. 2 vols., 8vo. 

24 orig parts, unc. (6 wrappers wanting, others torn, each front 
wrapper present numbered in ink, 3 portraits stained) I (951) 

Journal of a Tour in Iceland in the Summer of 1809. Yar- 
mouth, 1811. 8vo. 

Cf , tooled (rehinged, pp stained) I(949)$i6.oo 

Musci Exotici; containing Figures and Descriptions of New 

or Little Known Foreign Mosses and other Cryptogamic 
Subjects Hand-col plates London, 1818-20. 2 vols , 4to 

Cf (rebacked) I(95o)$25.oo. 

HOOKER (Sir William J.) and GREVILLE (R. K.). Figures 

and Descriptions of Ferns. 240 hand-col plates. London, 
1831. 2vols,fol. 
Hf. mor., g.e. (rubbed, pp. stained). 1(952)550.00. 

HOOPER (William). Rational Recreations, in which Principles 

of Numbers and Natural Philosophy are . . . elucidated, by a 
series of easy . . . experiments. Folding plates. London, 
1782-83. 4 vols., I2mo, g.t. ZZ(20i)$iO,oo, 


HOOPER (W. E.). The Motor Car in the first decade of the 

Twentieth Century. London, 1908. 2 vols., 4to. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. R(i9)$i7.5o. 

HOOTON (Charles). St. Louis' Isle, or Texiana. Portrait. 

London, 1847. 8vo. 
Orig cl., unc. and unopened. CD(2778)$25.oo. 

HOOVER (Herbert C. and L. H.). See AGRICOLA. 

HOPE-HAWKINS (Sir Anthony). Works. Author's Edition 

N. Y. [1902.] isvols.,8vo. 
Hf mor, g.t, unc. (rubbed). R(i8i)$i;.50. 
Hf lev mor., gt., unc. ZZ(2O3)$6ooo 

HOPKINS (T. M.). Discourse on the Death of Abraham Lin- 
coln, Delivered April iQth, 1865. [Bloomington, 1865.] 8vo. 
Bds. CD(i83i)$i2SO. 

HOPPIN (J. C.). Handbook of Attic Red-Figured Vases Plates 

Cambridge, 1919. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl, gt. HH( 3 8 5 )$900. 

HORACE. Art of Poetry. Englished by Ben Jonson. With 
other Workes of the Author, never Printed before Title 
with portrait by Marshall. London, J. Okes, for J. Benson, 
1640. Sm. I2mo. 

Lev. mor , g.e., by Riviere, in mor. folder and bd case (closely 
trimmed, cutting into a few paginations and border of title, 
tears in leaf of imprimatur and in title repaired, Collier- 
Adam copy). X(746)$20ooo 

Satyrarum Libri I. Satyra V. [Latin and parallel Italian 

text.] Plates. Rome, 1816. Fol. 

Bds , g.e R(i83)$20.oo. 

Poemata Ornnia cum Ratione Carminum. Venice, 1559 4to 

Cf. (worn at hinges). R(i82)$22.5O. 

[Opera.] Parisiis, P. Didot, 1799. At fol. 

Old rus. (rehinged and recornered; on papier velin and signed 
by Didot). R(i84)$7.50. 

Horatius Flaccus ad Lectiones probatiores diligentur emen- 

datus et Interpunctione nova saepius illustratus. "The Im- 
maculate Edition." Glasgow, Foulis, 1744. I2mo. 

Old cf., ge (break in back, W. I. Way-Eugene Field copy) 


HORLOCK (R. W.). The Squire of Beech wood. 3 vols., 1857, 
Master of the Hounds 3 vols., 1859; Lord Fitzwarme. 3 vols , 
1860, The Country Gentleman 3 vols., 1872. Frontispieces 
London, 1857-62. 12 vols. 

3 works orig. cl., 4th hf. mor. (first vol. of "Lord Fitzwarine" is 
presentation copy, to F. G. W. Horlock, some vols. have 
book-plate of Sir Jonathan E. Backhouse). I(954)$i7-5O. 

HORN (Hosea B.). Overland Guide. Folding map. N. Y., 

1852. i6mo. 
Cl. EE(6i;$45oo. 


HORN (Hosea B.) Continued 

Overland Guide. Folding map. N. Y., 1853. I2mo. 

Cl. SS( 3 i7)$5250. 

Another copy. WW (273) $25.00. 

HORN (Mrs. Sarah Ann). Authentic and Thrilling Narrative of 
the Captivity of Mrs Horn, and her two Children, with Mrs. 
Harris, by the Camanche Indians, and the Murder of their 
Husbands and Traveling Companions. Illustrated. Cincin- 
nati, 1851. 8vo. 

Orig. paper (wrappers and margins torn, some pp. stained, hole 
in title). SS(i338)$ioooo. 

HORN (Tom). [His] Life. Portraits. Denver [1904.] I2mo. 
Hf mor. (orig. wrappers bnd. in). I(955)$20.oo. 
Orig. paper. SS(i098)$i7.oo. 

HORNE (Henry). Essays concerning Iron and Steel. London, 

T. Cadell, 1773. Sm.Svo. 
Oldhf cf. FG(94)$i7.oo. 

HORNE (Herbert P.). Alessandro Filipepi, commonly called 

Sandro Botticelli. Plates. London, 1008. Fol. 
Bds , in box. HH (386) $100.00. 

HORNECK (Anthony). The Crucified Jesus; or, Full Account 

of the Nature, End, Design and Benefits of the Sacrament 
of the Lord's Supper. Frontis by Faithorne. Leaves 
heightened with silver [London,] 1689. 8vo 

Mor., tooled, ge., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. A(i8i)$6ooa 

Another copy. K(36)$350O. 

HORRY (P.). Life of Gen. Francis Marion. Second Edition 
Bait, for M. L. Weems, 1814. I2mo. 

Grig sheep (rubbed, laid in is MS. pay-roll of one of the com- 
panies under Gen Marion, 1779, signed by Capt. R. B. Baker 
and attested by H. Cray). CD (1986) $1000. 

HORSMANDEN (Daniel). Journal of Proceedings in Detection 

of Conspiracy ... for Burning the City of New York. N. Y., 

James Parker, 1744. 4to. 
Lev. mor., tooled, ge, by Riviere (lacks half-title). DD(io8) 

Lev. mor., g.e. (Brinley Sale copy, lacks half-title). TT(ii3) 


HORTULUS ANIMJE. Cod. Bibl. Par. Vindob. 2706. The Gar- 

den of the Soul [Photo-mechanical Facsimile Reproductions. 
Ilium. MS ] Utrecht, 1907. 2 vols., fol 
Hf. lev mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Bayntun PP( 126) $00.00. 

HOSACK (David). Hortus Elginensis; or, a Catalogue of 

Plants Cultivated in the Elgin Botanic Garden. [Now 5oth 
St. at 5th Ave., N. Y. City.] View. Second Edition, En- 
larged. N. Y , 1811. 8vo. 
Unbnd. JJ(i2i)$n.oo. 


HOUCK (Louis). History of Missouri. 148 plates, views, facsi- 
miles, maps, etc. Chic., 1908. 3 vols., imp. 8vo. 
Cl. WW(274)$7.50. 

HOUGH (Emerson). Story of the Outlaw. N. Y., 1907. 12 mo. 
Bds. CD (3047)$! i. oo. 

HOUGH (R. B.). The American Woods. Cross sections of 
woods, mounted. Parts i-io, in wrappers, each accompanied 
by 25 specimens of wood on cards. Lowville, 1888-1904. 10 
vols., 8vo. 

In 10 cl. cases, with clasps (one clasp lacking, one back torn, few 
specimens of woods damaged). I(o6o)$i7oo. 

HOUGHTON (J. W.). Descendants of Ralph and John Hough- 
ton, of Lancaster, Mass. Portraits. Q(4i4)$23.oo. 

HOURS. Ces p'sentes heures a lusaige de Amies. On vel (leaves, 
6^x4% in.). 21 large woodcut miniatures (including the 
Anatomical Man) and 27 smaller miniatures, printer's device, 
woodcut borders (consisting of small miniature and other 
decorations) surrounding every page, all ilium, by hand in 
color and gold; capitals and line-ends supplied by hand in 
gold on blue and red grounds. Paris. [P. Pigouchet for] 
Simon Vostre, about 1501. Sm 8vo. 

Mor, tooled, g.e., in cl. case. D 0(356) $475.00. 

Hore dieu virginis Marie secundum usum Romanum. 103 

vel. leaves, 17 full-page woodcuts, printer's mark, the anat- 
omical man, smaller woodcuts, and histonated borders, in- 
itials in gold on fields of alternate red and blue. Pans, T. 
Kerver, 1505. Sm. 8vo. 

Cont.vel. (initials "W. P." on front cover, closing leaves stained, 
leaf K8 is lacking). BC (79) $125.00. 

Hore Dive Virginis Marie secudum vsum Romanum. 108 

vel. leaves. 18 large and 27 small woodcuts in gold and col- 
ors, numerous small illuminated initials, each page enclosed 
within histonated woodcut border, with a large printer's 
mark at end. Calendar for 1511-30. Paris, Egidius et Ger- 
manus Hardouyn, [about 1510.] 8vo. 

Cont. cf., tooled (rubbed; 2 inscriptions in different cont. hands, 
one signed "ysabel carriere [?] 1520." PP( 122) $375.00. 

[Horae Beatae Virginis Mariae.] 118 vel. leaves 19 large 

and numerous small ilium woodcuts, historiated woodcut bor- 
ders on each page, and numerous initials in gold on fields of 
red and blue. [Paris, S. Vostre, about 1515.] Sm. 8vo. 

Cont. cf., tooled (shaken; worn; backstrip and leaves a, a2, a7, 
and a8 missing). BC (80) $250.00. 

HOUSMAN (A. E.). Last Poems. London, 1922. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (Quinn copy). X(692)$i5.oo. 

A Shropshire Lad. London, 1896. i6mo. 

Orig. bds., unc , in hf. lev. mor. case (J. A. Rothery copy). 


A Shropshire Lad. N Y., 1906. I2mo. 
Cl. (tipped in is pen-and-ink sketch of the author, inscribed as 

the work of Laurence Housman) HH(387)$I2.50. 


HOWARD (F. E.) and CROSSLEY (F. H.)- English Church 

Woodwork. London, n.d. Roy. 8vo. 
Cl. HH(39o)$n.oo. 

HOWARD (J. Q.). Life of Abraham Lincoln. Columbus, 1860 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. CD (1761) $35.00. 

HOWARD (Montagu). Old London Silver. N. Y., 1903 Sq 


Cf., ge. (backstrip supplied). A(824)$I4.SO. 
Mor,unc. I(962)$25.oo. 

HOWARD-BURY (C. K.). Mount Everest, the Reconnaissance, 

1921. Illustrations and maps. London, 1922. Imp. 8vo. 
Cl , unc. (Large paper, with extra plates) 1(963)$!! oo. 

HOWBERT (Irving). Indians of the Pike's Peak Region. N. Y., 

1914. I2mo. 
Cl , gt , unc. BB(i32)$26.oo. 

HOWE (E. D.). Mormomsm Unvailed. Frontis. Painesville 

[Ohio,] by the author, 1834. I2mo. 
Orig cl (name on title). CD (2i5i)$30.oo. 

HOWE (Henry). Historical Collections of Virginia. Charles- 
ton, S. C., 1849. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. U( 125)$! 5.00. 

HOWE (O. T.) and MATTHEWS (F. C.). American Clipper 

Ships, 1833-58 Col. frontispieces [No. 13 of the Marine 
Research Society Publications ] Salem, 1927. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl L( 1236) $32.50. 

HOWELLS (W. D.). Italian Journeys. N Y , 1867. I2mo 
Orig cl. (presentation copy to Mrs. K. G. Wells). H(s6s)$900 

Rise of Silas Lapham. Boston, 1887. I2mo. 

Orig cl (D. Fitzgerald copy, sketches on fly-leaf, inserted is 

\ L S) H(57o)$i400. 
Collected Set of Works. First Editions. V. p., [1860-1920.] 

97 vols , 1 6 mo to 8vo. 
Orig cl (one vol inscribed) CC(63)$400OO 

HOWITT (Samuel). British Preserve. 36 plates. London, 1829. 

Orig. bds (worn) I (966) $24.00. 

The British Sportsman. 72 plates. [London,] 1800. Obi. 4to. 

Mor, tooled, ge (rubbed, W Gilbey copy). I(o64)$700O. 

A New Work of Animals. 100 plates. London, 1811. 

Hf. mor., unc. (J W R Crawford copy). I(o65)$35.oo. 


HOWLETT (Robert). The School of Recreation. Frontis. in 
6 compartments and music. London, 1732. i2mo. 

Mor. embossed medallions, g.e., by Riviere (leaves trimmed 
closely, cont. writing on fly-leaf, Sedgwick-Robinson copy). 
I (969)$40.oo. 


HOWLEY (J. P.). The Bcothucks or Red Indians, the Aborig- 
inal Inhabitants of Newfoundland. 37 plates. Cambridge, 
1915. 4to. 

Cl. I(970)$40.00. 

HOWORTH (H. H.). History of the Mongols, gth-igth 

Century. 2 folding maps. London, 1876. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc (3 vols. in 4, presentation copy). RR(iQ3)$7.5o 

HOXSE (John). The Yankee Tar. Frontis. Northampton, for 

the Author, 1840. Sm.Svo. 
Orig. cl., unc. (hinges cracked, pp. stained). SS(ii03)$i3.oo. 

HUBBARD (Elbert). Little Journeys To the Homes of Good 

Men and Great. Portraits. Memorial Edition. N. Y. [1916.] 
14 vols., sq. 8vo. 
Leath., g.t. f unc. O(3o6)$32.5o. 

HUBBARD (G. S.). Incidents and Events in [his] Life. Col- 
lected and arranged by* H. E. Hamilton Portrait. [ChicJ 
1888. 8vo. 

Cl. SS(i24i)$i7.oo. 

HUBBARD (J. N.). Sketches of Border Adventures in the Life 
and Times of Major Moses Van Campen Bath, N. Y., 1842 
Sm. 8vo 

Hf. mor., g.t. (library stamp on title). SS(84)$25.oo. 

HUBBARD (William). Narrative of the Indian Wars in New- 
England, 1607-1677. Boston, Boyle, 1775 i6mo 
Mor., g.e., by Dess (pp stained). 88(1387) $55.00. 

HUDSON (W. H.). Birds in a Village. London, 1893. bm 


Cl., unc. I(974)$i6.oo. 
Birds of La Plata. 22 col plates by H. Gron\old. London, 

1920. 2 vols., imp. 8vo. 
Cl , unc. (Large paper, signed, with dupl set of plates) 1(981) 


Orig. bds., unc. M(335)$io.oo. 
Far Away and Long Ago. Portrait. London and Toronto, 

1918. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. I(98o)$i2.oo. 
Another copy. LL(375) $15.00. 

Green Mansions. London, 1904. I2mo. 

Cl., unc. (new end papers). I(977)$i2.5o. 

Idle Days in Patagonia. Illus. by Alfred Hartley and J Smit 

London, 1893. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. I(975)$i7.oo 

A Little Boy Lost. London, 1905. Sq. I2mo. 
Cl. I (978) $21. oo. 

The Naturalist in La Plata. London, 1892 8vo. 

CL, unc. I(973)$25.oo 

The Purple Land that England Lost. London, 1885. 2 vols , 


Orig. cl., unc. (backs faded). I (972) $430.00. 


HUDSON (W. H.)- Continued 

Collected Worts. Portrait. London and Toronto, 1923. 24 

vols., 8vo. 

Cl., gt., unc. A(i84)$85.oo. 
Another copy. PP( 124) $70.00. 
Another copy. ZZ (205) $90.00. 

HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY. The Governor and Company 
of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson's Bay dur- 
ing Two Hundred and Fifty Years, 1670-1920. Folding maps, 
plates (some in color), and woodcuts. London, 1920. 4to. 

Taper. I(986)$ 


hibition of Paintings by Old Dutch Masters. Comp. by W. 

R Valentiner. Plates. N. Y. f 1910. 4to. 
Bds. LL(373)$ 
Mor, unc.> by Sherman, m cl case. OO(i02)$27.5o. 

HUGHES (I. T.). Doniphan's Expedition. Cincinnati, nd 

[1847.] 8vo. 
Sewed I(o87)$6ooo 

Hf mor. (orig. wrappers bnd. in). BB(i34)$i2.SO. 
Bds., g.t. (orig wrappers bnd in) SS(ii05)$32.op 
Doniphan's Expedition. Folding map. Cincinnati, 1848 


Hf mor, gt. (pp stained). BB(i33)$27SO. 
Orig cl. (back chipped, pp stained, map torn at fold). SS(no6) 


Unbnd. WW(28o)$i2.5o 

Doniphan's Expedition. Plans Cincinnati, 1849 8vo 
Hf. mor, unc. (orig wrappers bnd in). SS(283)$I7OO. 

HUGHES (Thomas). The Scouring of the White Horse. Illus 
by Richard Doyle Cambridge, 1859 I2mo. 

Cl , g e (corners rubbed, pp stained) 1(989)530.00. 

Cl. ge (corners rubbed, hinges cracked, pp. stained). V(224A) 

Tom Brown at Oxford. Cambridge. 1861. 3 vols., I2mo 

Orig cl. (rubbed; at end of Vol III is Macmillan's 24-page cata- 
logue, listing "Tom Brown at Oxford" as ready in October) 

Orig cl. (rubbed labels removed from Vols II and III ). X(6o4) 

Orig cl , unc. (at end of Vol I is Macmillan's 24-page catalogue, 
listing "Tom Brown at Oxford" as ready in October) 

Tom Brown at Oxford. London, 1879 8vo. 

Orig cl. (presentation copy, to Mr Childs). T(i33)$5<>oo 

Tom Brown's School Days. Cambridge, 1857. I2mo. 

Orig cl , unc (worn and shaken, contains Macmillan's 24-page 
catalogue and an extra leaf of advertisements at the end. On 
the first page of the catalogue "Tom Brown's School-Days" 
is listed as "Nearly ready" The advertisements are dated 
February, 1857.). I(g88)$53000. 


HUGHES (Thomas) Continued 

Orig. cl , unc. (inner joint cracked , contains Macmillan's 24-page 
catalogue at the end, preceded by an extra leaf of advertise- 
ments On first page of the catalogue "Tom Brown's School 
Days" is listed as "Nearly Ready." The advertisements 
are dated February, 1857.). MM(i77)$720.oo. 

Tom Brown's School Days. Cambridge, 1858 I2mo. 

Lev mor., g e. (presentation copy, to Frederick and Jane 
Locker; inscribed by Locker also). X (693) $425.00. 

Tom Brown's Schooldays. Portrait and illustrations by Ar- 
thur Hughes and S. P. Hall London, 1869. Sq. I2mo. 

Orig cl., g.e. (back faded, inscribed by Hall to H. Sitwell). 

Tom Brown's School Days. London, 1880. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy, to Mr. Childs). T(i34)$ 

Cl., g.t., unc. (presentation copy, to E Wilkinson). BC(36) 
$32 50. 

HUGHES (William). The American Physician. London, 1672. 

Cf., g.e , by Pratt. SS(no7)$75 oo 

HUGO (Victor). L'Anne"e Terrible. Paris, 1872. 8vo. 

Lev mor., ge, by Thouvenm (Dutch paper, presentation copy, 

to Dr Axenfeld, inserted is A L S , W. H Arnold copy) 

Works. Handy Library Edition Boston [1888] 22 vols , 

Hf. mor. DE(4i6)$65 oo 

Works. Edition de Luxe Boston, Estes, n d. 3ovols,8vo 

Lev. mor, gt., unc. R(i87)$225 oo. 

Works. Trans by I. G. Burnham and others Plates in 2 

states. Japan paper. Edition de Bibliophile. Phila., Barrie, 

1892-97. 41 vols , 8vo 
Lev. mor., g t , unc. CC(65)$6so.oo 
Another copy (with series of 70 plates to illustrate the works of 

Hugo, in cl. case). ZZ (206) $600.00. 

HUISH (Robert). Memoirs of George the Fourth. Portraits 

London, 1830 2vols,8vo. RR(i95)$9-50. 

HULBERT (A. B.). Historic Highways of America. Maps and 

illustrations. Cleveland, 1902-05. 16 vols., 4to. 
Cl , unc (Lan?e paper, signed) I(990$375 
Cl., g.t, unc. SS(no8)$22oa 

HUMANISTS LIBRARY (The). Ed. by L Einstein Bos- 
ton, 1906-14. 7 vols., 8vo. 
Bds., unc. HH(5ii)$95.oo. 

HUME (Allan) and MARSHALL (C. H. T.). Game Birds of 

India, Burmah, and Ceylon. Col plates. Calcutta, 1878-89 
3 vols , roy. 8vo. 
Cl., in cl. case I(992)$52-5o. 


HUME (David) and SMOLLET (T.). History of England. 

Portrait. London, 1706. 13 vols., 8vo. 
Oldcf. J(I75)$32.50. 
History of England. Portraits. London, 1797-1800. 13 vols , 

Cont. cf. A(20Q)$i4.oo. 

HUME (J. R.). History of the Hume Family. St. Louis, 1903. 

Cl Q(4i8)$n.oo 

HUMFREVILLE (J. L.). Twenty Years Among Our Savage 

Indians. Hartford, 1897. 8vo 
Cl. (presentation copy). I(993)$900. 

HUMOURIST (The). 40 hand-col, plates London, 1892. 4 

vols., sm 4to. 
CL, gt, unc. A(i86)$24.oo. 

HUMPHREYS (David). Essay on the Life of the Honorable 

Major General Israel Putnam. Hartford, Hudson and 

Goodwin, 1788. I2mo. 

Oldcf. (W. Prescott copy). TT(n8)$22.oo 
Historical Account of the Incorporated Society for the 

Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts 2 folding maps 

by Hermann Moll. London, 1730. 8vo. 
Cont cf. (worn, cracked). SS(mo)$i7 50 

HUMPHREYS (H. N.). Masterpieces of the Early Printers and 

Engravers London, 1870. 4to. 
Origcl,ge (occasional stains) R(3O5)$iooo 

HUNEKER (James). Painted Veils. Signed. N. Y. [1920] 


Bds., unc. O(40o)$35.oo. 

Ong. bds., unc (A. L. S inserted) X(6o6)$5ooo. 
Bds., unc. (presentation copy, to Thomas L. Raymond). HH(39i) 


Page Proofs of "Painted Veils." N. Y. [1928 ] 

In hf mor case. M(336)$75. 

Collected Set of First Editions. Portraits and illustrations 

N. Y., 1902-24. 8 vols., I2mo and 8vo 
Grig, cl (names on some fly-leaves). O(399)$25-OO. 

HUNNEWELL (J. F.). Bibliography of Charlestown, Mass., 

and Bunker Hill. 3 plates. Boston, 1880. 8vo. 
Cl,unc H(8oo)$950 

HUNT (Isaac). The Political Family. Numb i [All Pub- 
lished ] Phila., Humphreys, 1775. 8vo. 
Sewed, in cl. folder and hf. cf. case. DD( no) $60.00. 

HUNT (J. H.). Mormonism. St Louis, 1844. i2mo. 
Cl. CD(2i6i)$36oo. 

HUNT (J. H.). Three Runs in the Adirondacks and One in 

Canada N. Y., 1892 I2mo. 
Cl. I(095)$2i.oo. 


HUNT (Leigh). Autobiography. Portraits. London, 1850. 3 

vols., 8vo. 

Cl. (inserted in Vol. I is A. L. S.). I(996)$35.oo. 
Foliage; or Poems Original and Translated. London, 1818. 


Orig. bds , unc , in hf lev. mor. case (presentation copy, to T. J. 
Hogg). X(699)$i70.oo. 

- A Jar of Honey from Mount Hybla. Illus. by R. Doyle. 
London, 1848. 8vo. 

Orig bds., ge. (rubbed). KK(83)$io.oo. 

- The Months. London, 1821. J2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc., in hf. lev. mor. case (presentation copy, to T. J. 
Hogg). X(70i)$3iooo. 

- The Old Court Suburb; or, Memorials of Kensington. Lon- 
don, 1855. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cl., unc. R(i88)$;.50. 

- Poetical Works. London Moxon, 1832 8vo. 

Lev mor., unc. (few pp stained, presentation copy, to Mr. and 
Mrs. Gliddon; H. Butler copy, 1859). X(703)$55oo. 

- Story of Rimini. London, 1816. i2mo. 

Lev mor., tooled, inlaid, ge., by De Samblancx-Weckesser; in- 
serted is A. N. S. to Moxon; Holden copy). KK(82)$62$o. 

- Ultra-Crepidarius. London, for John Hunt, 1823. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc, in hf. lev. mor. case. X( 702) $150.00. 

- Collection of First Editions of [his] Works. Some with 
plates. London, 1815-55. 13 vols , I2mo and 8vo. 

Cf., g.t., unc., by Riviere. ZZ(207)$oooo. 

HUNT (W. S.). Brown's Sporting Tour in India. A Pictorial 
Journal of that Distinguished Sportsman's Doings in the 
East. 42 plates, col. by hand London, 1865 Sm. obi fol 

Cl,ge I(997)$3<).oo. 

HUNTER (George). Reminiscences of an Old Timer. Por- 

trait. Battle Creek, Mich , 1888 121110. 
Cl (inscribed). 1(998^1250 
Cl. BB(I 3 5)$I500. 

HUNTER (G. L.). Decorative Textiles. Plates, some in color 

Phila, 1918. Roy.4to 
Cl, unc. HH(394)$25<x>. 

- Tapestries. N Y., 1912 Sq. 8vo. 

HUNTER (J. M.). Trail Drivers of Texas. Portraits. N.p 

[1920.] 8vo. 
Cl. I(999)$io.oo. 

HUNTINGTON (C. W.). A Record of Persons, related to 
Children of S. D. Warren and S. C. Clarke. Portraits. Cam- 
bridge [Privately printed,] 1894. 4to. 



HUNTINGTON (D. W.). In Brush, Sedge, and Stubble, a 

Picture Book of Shooting-Fields and Feathered Game of 
North America. Illustrations in color and monotone. Cin- 
cinnati, 1898. 4to. 
Mor, g.e. (worn). I (1009) $20.00. 

True Game Birds. Illustrations, many in color. N. Y., 1903. 

CI, ge. I(ioio)$20.oo. 

HUNTINGTON (George). Robber and Hero, Story of Raid 
on First National Bank of Northfield, Minn , by James- 
Younger Band of Robbers, in 1876. Portraits. Nbrthfiield, 
Minn., 1895 I2mo. 

Ong. cl., g.t. SS(ni3)$8oo. 

HURST (Fannie). Lummox. Signed. 1923, Appassionata. 

Signed 1926 N. Y , 1923-26 2 vols , 8vo. 
Bds., unc. F(i47)$io oo. 


zine, April, i859-April, 1860, and Month of March, 1861. San 
Fran., 1859-61. 8vo. 
Hf cf. (broken). G(48)$2i oo. 

HUTCHINS (Thomas). Historical Narrative and Topograph- 
ical Description of Louisiana and West Florida. Phila , 1784 

Hf. mor. CD(i944)$52 50 

Topographical Description of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Mary- 
land, and North Carolina. 2 plans and table of distances, 
all folding. London, for the Author, 1778. 8vo. 

Rus., tooled, ge, by Morrell SS(iii5)$45.oo. 

HUTCHINSON (H. G.). Big Game Shooting. London, 1905 

2 vols , 8vo. 
CI, unc. I(226)$i6.oo. 

HUTCHINSON (Thomas). History of Massachusetts, 1628- 
1750. 2 vols, Salem, 1795, [also] History of Province of 
Massachusetts Bay, 1749-1774. London, 1828. Salem and 
London, 1795-1828 3 vols , 8vo 

Hf cf. and cl. (first work has writing and names on title, also 
cont. marginal notes). DE(48)$2000. 

-Speeches to General Assembly, Massachusetts-Bay. Boston, 
Edes and Gill ,1773- 8vo 

Hf mor., gt, unc (library stamp on title). SS(ni4)$i7 50. 

HUTTON (Alfred). Old Sword-Play. Portrait and 57 plates. 

London, 1892 Imp 8vo. 
Cl , g.t., unc. RR(i96)$8.oo. 

HUXLEY (Aldous). Antic Hay. London, 1923. i2mo. 
CL, unc. (inscribed). BC(4o)$37-5<>. 

Crome Yellow. London, 1921. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. (inscribed), BC(38)$4250. 


HUXLEY (Aldous) Continued 

The Defeat of Youth and Other Poems. Oxford, 1918; [also] 

On the Margin. Notes and Essays. London, 1923. Oxford 

and London, 1918-23 2 vols , I2mo. 
Paper and cl , unc. XX(so5)$io.oo 
Essays, New and Old. Large Paper, numbered and signed. 

London, Florence Press, 1926. 8vo. 
Orig bds., gt, unc. M(34i)$i25o 

Leda. Frontis London, 1920 Sm 4to 

Bds., gt., unc (inscribed). BC(37)$47-5o. 

Mortal Coils. London, 1922. 8vo 

CI , unc. (inscribed). BC(3Q)$2750. 


on title Phila , B. Carr [1795] Imp. 8vo. 
Unbnd. WW(2i)$3750. 

HYDE (J. G.) and TOWNSHEND (S. N.). Our Indian Sum- 
mer in the Far West. Photographic plates by J G. Hyde 
London, 1880. 4to. 

Cl, gc. (crease in title). I(ioi3)$isoo 

HYGINUS (C. Julius). Poeticon Astronomicon. Numerous 
woodcuts and initials. Venice, 1482. 8yo. (Hain, 9062). 

Mor , g.e. (orig drawing on first blank, inner margins of few 
leaves repaired). V(i88)$6/5O 

Poeticon Astronomicon. Frontis , planisphere and wood- 
cuts. Venice, 1485. 4to (Ham '9063) 

Vel V(i8g)$300o. 

HYLTON (J. D.). The Praesidicide, a Poem. Phila., 1868 16 

Orig cl (worn and stained) CDCi863)$22 50 

HYLTON (Walter). Scala perfectionis. Woodcut on title. Lon- 
don in Fletestrete by W de Wprde, 1533 Sm. 4to. 

Lev mor , tooled, g e , by Riviere, in cl. folder and mor. case 


Woodcut on title, 10 woodcuts in text, printer's mark, and 
floriated initials Title in red and black. Paris, Pour Jean 
Bonsons, Libraire, demourant en la rue neuue nostrc Dame, 
a Lenseigne sainct Nicolas, nd. Sm. 4to. 

Old cf. (leaves soiled, lateral marginal defect throughout opening 
leaves; Bndgewatcr copy) 7(839) $160.00. 

IBSEN (Henrik). Writings. [With Biography by Edmund 
Gosse. Portraits. Viking Edition. N. Y., 1911-12. i6vols, 

Lev. mor., tooled, gt , unc CC(66)$4iooo. 

Rds, soiled, gt., unc. GO (175) $85.00. 

IDE (Simeon). Biographical Sketch of the Life of William B. 

Ide, with . . . Account of "The Virtual Conquest of Califor- 
nia, in June, 1846, by the Bear Flag Party," as given by its 


IDE (Simeon) Continued 

Leader, the late Hon. William Brown Ide. Published for 
the Subscribers [Claremont, N H., 1880] I2mo 

Hf.mor. (rubbed). BB(i37)$4500 

Cl. SS(397)$42.50. 

Orig. paper. WW (285) $85.00 

IDES (E. Ysbrant). Three Years Travels, from Moscow over- 
land to China, etc. Plates and folding map London 1706. 

Oldcf. (rebacked). RR(iQ9)$8.5o. 

ILLINOIS. Abstract of Proceedings of the Board of Commis- 
sioners of Public Works of the State, Dec. Session, 1837. 
Vandalia, 111., 1837. 8vo. 

Hf mor. E(iiQ)$i5OO 

Constitution of the State. Adopted in Convention, at Kas- 

kaskia, Aug. 26, 1818. 24 pp. Kaskaskia (111.), 1818. 8vo. 

Mor. SS(ii2o)$220.oo. 

Gazetteer of Madison County. Alton, 111 , 1866. 8vo. 

Hf. leath. (lacks back fly-leaves). SS(i207)$i2so. 

Governor Edwards's Communication to both Houses of Ill- 
inois Legislature, delivered . . . I3th Nov., 1814. Pp. 24. 
[Kaskaskia, 1814.] 8vo 

Sewed, unc., tipped m wrappers, in hf. mor. case (corner of last 
leaf supplied, several corners repaired). SS(i 119)$! 15.09. 

Illinois in 1837. Folding col. map. Phila., 1837. 8vo. 

Orig bds DE(49)$iooo. 

Journal of the Constitutional Convention of the State . . . 
Jan. 7, 1862 . . 1862, Jornal of the Constitutional Conven- 
tion Dec 13. 1869 1870, Debates and Proceeding of 
the Constitutional Convention . . . Dec. 13, 1869. 2vols., 
1870 Springfield, 1862-70. 4 vols., 4to. and 8vo. _ 

Hf. cf. and hf. leath. (worn). SS( 1196) $9.00. 

Journal of House of Representatives, Eleventh General As- 
sembly of the State, first session, begun and held in the 
Town of Vandalia, Dec. 3, 1838. Vandalia, 111 , 1838. 8vo. 

Rebound in mor. CD(i75o)$75o. 

Laws Passed By General Assembly of Territory, Sixth Ses- 
sion, Held at Kaskaskia, i8i7-'i8. Kaskaskia, I. T., 1818 

Hf. mor. SS(ii2i)$22.50. 

Letter to the People of the State on the subject of Public 
Credit . . . internal improvement system, and 111. and Mich. 
Canal. By a Citizen of Chicago. Chic., 1841. i2mo. 

Mor (title repaired). SS(ii59)$37 5- 

Proceedings of the Medical Convention, for the Purpose of 

organizing the 111. State Medical Society, held at Springfield, 
June 4, 1850, together with Constitution, By-Laws and Code 
of Ethics, adopted by the Society. Chic., 1850. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. case. SS(556)$7-50. 

Public and General Statute Laws of the State. Chic., 1839. 


Old sheep (rubbed). SS (540) $25.00. 



- Revised Code of Laws of Illinois. Shawneetown, 111., 1829 

Bds. (rubbed). 88(1130) $10.00. 

- See also EDWARDS (Ninian). 

Springfield, 111., 1903-25. 20vols.,8vo. 

Cl. SS(i2S7)$i7.5Q. 

Journal, April, igop-Apnl, 1927. Springfield, 1909-27. 66vols., 
roy. 8vo. 

Paper, unc. and unopened. 88(1264) $8.00. 

- Transactions. Nos. 1-33. Springfield, 111., 1899-1926. 33 
vols., 8vo 

Orig cl. and binder's cl (29 vols only, lacking Nos. 5-7 and 25). 

ernor transmitting Report of Board of Commissioners of the 
Canal to the Legislature, Dec. 31, 1838. Vandalia, 1839. Sm. 

Sewed, unc. and unopened (presentation inscription, dated March 
12, 1839, on title). SS(ii5i)$i6.oo. 


Coloured Books, viz History of Johnny Quaegenus, Adven- 
tures of Johnny Newcome in the Navy; Military Adven- 
tures of Johnny Newcome; Gamonia; An Academy for 
Grown Horsemen. All with col. plates, facsimiles ot orig- 
inals. London, 1003-05. 5 vols., I2mo. 
Cf. and mor., tooled, g.e., by Bayntun, in cases. J(8/)$3250. 


Berlin [recent.] 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Parchment, g.t. GG(ii)$i5.oo. 

IMLAY (Gilbert). Topographical Description of the Western 
Territory of North America. London, 1792. 8vo. 

Hf. cf. SS(i27o)$i4.oo. 

Topographical Description of the Western Territory of North 
America. Folding maps. N. Y., 1793. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cf. (hinge cracked). WW(286)$i8.oo. 

- Topographical Description of the Western Territory. 4 fold- 
ing maps. London, 1797. 8vo. 

Mor., g.t. (name on title). 88(1271) $27. 50. 

IMMORTALS (The). Portraits. Gaston Boissier Edition. 

Paris [1905.] 20 vols., 8vo. 
Cf. ofv. colors, portrait of Cardinal Richelieu inserted in front 

cover of each vol., gt, unc. R(i90)$6o.oo. 

INCE (William) and MAYHEW (J.). The Universal System of 
Household Furniture. Text in English and French. 95 
plates. [London, 1762-63.] Fol. 

Cf. (joints weak). AB(i6)$i40.oo. 


INCITER (The). Ed, by A. Gilbert. Vol i, June, i&33-May, 

1834. Lancaster, 1833-34. 8vo. 
Bds. YY(356)$iooo. 

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE (The). Nos. 2681-3150. Jan 

5, i8o7-June 24, 1811 Boston, 2vols., fol. 
Oldbndg. FG(2i7)$55oo 
The Independent Chronicle. Nos. 3311-3412, Jan. 4, i8i3-Dec. 

23, 1813. Boston, 1813. Fol. 
Old bndg. FG(2i8)$25 oo. 

INDIA SPORTING REVIEW. Vols. 1-19, March, i845-June, 
1854. Col. and uncol. plates, maps and charts. Calcutta, 1845- 
54- 19 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (18 vols. only, lacking Vol. XIV; not collated, but as- 
sumed to be complete, sold w.a.f.). L(ioi8)$22.5O. 

INDIANS. Annual Reports of the Commissioner of Indian 

Affairs, 854-74, 1877-8, 1880, 1893, 1895, 1901-2, 1920. Wash, 
1855-1920. 28 vols., 8vo. 

Vb (library stamp in some vols ). BB(i38)$i50O. 

Condition of the Indian Tribes. Report of Joint Special Com- 
mittee appointed March 3, 1865. Wash., 1867. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. T(2i4)$22.50. 

Lehman and Duval, Lithographers. 72 lithographs in color, 

depicting Indians in costume. Phila., about 1825. Fol. 

Mor. (rubbed). AB (47) $320.00. 

Massacre of Cheyenne Indians. Thirty-Eighth Congress, 

Second Session. Congress of the United States. In the 
House of Representatives, Jan. 10, 1865. [N.p., 1865.] 8vo. 

Sewed. SS(77o)$i2.oo. 



of the Principles of Free Masonry; to which is added, Stric- 
tures on Slavery, as existing in the Church. Ed. by Dyer 
Burgess, a Presbyterian Preacher. Cincinnati, 1832. 8vo. 
Old hf. rus. (worn, June 5, i83i-April 22, 1832, 24 nos., Vol I 
complete, with general title and index). SS(o68)$i6oo. 

INGERSOLL (C. J.). Inchiquin, the Jesuit's Letters. N. Y., 

1810. 8vo. 
Orig. bds. CD (1608) $7-50. 

INGERSOLL (R. G.). Works. Portraits and engraved title. 

Dresden Edition. N. Y., Dresden Publishing Co., 1902-11. 

13 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. CC (67) $235.00. 

INGLIS (Charles). The True Interest of America Impartially 
Stated, in certain Strictures on a Pamphlet entitled Common 
Sense. By an American. Phila., Humphreys, 1776. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., unc. (break in title repaired, corner of page 51 torn). 


INMAN (Henry). Buffalo Jones' Forty Years of Adventure. 

London, 1899. 8vo. 
Q. (with 'The Great Salt Lake Trail." N. Y., 1898; "A Pioneer 

from Kentucky." Topeka, 1898; "The Delahoydes." Topeka, 

1899; "The Old Santa Fe Trail." N. Y., 1808, together 5 vols.). 

L( 1029) $28.00. 
Hf. cf., g.t. BB(i5i)$375o. 

INMAN (Thomas). Ancient Faiths Embodied in Ancient Names. 

London, 1872. 2 vols., 8vo. LL(548)$ 


Editae et notis illustratae ab Octavio Falconeroi. Romae, 1668. 

Roy. 8vo. 
Old mor., g.e., arms of Clement IX (inner margin of title torn, 

0. H. Perkins copy). FF(i2)$i2OO. 

IOWA. Constitution of the State, adopted in Convention, Nov. 

1, 1844. Dec. 12, 1844, read, referred to Committee on the 
Territories. Doc. No. 5, House of Representatives, 28th Con- 
gress, 2nd Session. [Wash., 1844 ] 8vo. 

Hf. mor. WW(3Q2)$30.oo. 

Statute Laws of the Territory, enacted at First Session Legis- 
lative Assembly of said Territory, held at Burlington, 1838-39 
Dubuque, 1839. 8vo. 

Orig bds. (rubbed). CD(i6ii)$8.oo. 

IRELAND ( Alley ne). The Far Eastern Tropics. Col. maps in 
pocket Boston and N. Y., 1905. 8vo., unc., in mor. case (presentation copy, to S L. Clemens; 
inside front cover are autograph of Clemens and sale label of 
his library signed by A. B. Paine). X(264)$2SOO. 

IRELAND (J. N.). Records of the New York Stage, 1750-1860, 

N. Y., 1866-67. 2 vols., sm. 4to. 

Sheets, in 6 mor. cases (32 portraits and views in Case No. I are 
India proofs). R(i92)$35.oo. 

IRELAND (Samuel). Picturesque Views on the River Thames. 

45 plates in aquatint, and 2 maps London, 1792. 2 vols , 
Hf.mor. (rubbed). XX(so8)$i3.oo. 

IRELAND (W. H.). Confessions, containing the Particulars of 
His Fabrication of the Shakspeare Manuscripts. London, 
1805. I2mo. 

Hf. cf., gt., unc., by Larkins. XX(7i)$i6.oo. 

-Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. 24 col. plates by G. Cruikshank 
and 3 uncol. folding plates. London, John Fairburn, 1823-25- 
27 and [Vol. 4,] John Cumberland, 1828. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere. J(8o)$6os.oo. 

Another copy. ZZ(n8) $330.00. 

Memoirs of Jeanne D'Arc surnamed La Pucelle D f Orleans; 

with the History of Her Times. Portrait, folding frontis. in 
color, and chart. London, 1824. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Mor., g.t., unc. (Large paper). ZZ(2ii)$35.oo. 


IRELAND (W. H.) Continued 

Miscellaneous Papers and Legal Instruments under the Hand 

and Seal of William Shakespeare. London,-i7p6. Fol. 
Oldrus. (worn, joints loose). DD(357)$i5-00. 
Stulttfera Navis. The Modern Ship of Fools. Folding plate 

m color by J. A. Atkinson. London, 1807. I2mo. 
Grig, bds., unc. XX(239)$o.oo. 

IRVINE (William). Washington-Irvine Correspondence. See 

IRVING (John T.). Indian Sketches. Phila., 1835. 2 vols , I2mo 
Bds., unc. (covers worn, cont. name on titles). BB(i52)$32 50. 

IRVING (Pierre M.). Life and Letters of Washington Irving. 

Portraits N. Y., 1862-63. 4 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., unc. (portraits inserted). LL (379) $20.00. 

IRVING (Washington). Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey. 

Phila , 1835. I2mo. 
Mor., gt R(73)$2000 

Astoria. Folding map. Phila, 1836. 2vols.,8vo. 

Cl. (backstnp broken) \V W(3o6)$22 50. 

Grig, cl CD(i628)$25 oo. 

Bracebridge Hall. Illus. by R Calclecott. London, 1882 

Mor., ge, by Bayntun, m cl. case (ong covers bnd in) R(75) 

The Crayon Miscellany. No. i, A Tour on the Prairies. 

Phila., 1835. I2mo. 

Grig, cl., in hf. mor. case (recased) 66(153) $26.00. 
Cl (stain on top inner margin). WW(3<>5)$2000 
Fragment of a Journal of a Sentimental Philosopher, during 

his Residence m the City of New York X Y , 1809. 8vo. 
Unbnd (3 leaves stained at margin). NN(s8)$ii5OO 
History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus. 

London, 1828. 4 vols., 8vo 
Hf. cf A(s8s)$7.5o. 
Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus. Illus in color 

and in black and white. N. Y., 1892. 3 vols , imp. 8vo. 
Vel , g t , unc (Author's Revised Edition, covers soiled). FF(i87) 

Grig, parchment, gt, unc. (Quadn-Centennial Edition). GG(i77) 

History of New York. By Diednch Knickerbocker. Vol I 

only. Folding view of New Amsterdam. N. Y., 1809 I2mo. 
Cont. sheep (rubbed and loose, marginal tear in plate). NN(59) 


History of New York. The Second Edition, with Altera- 
tions. Folding view. N. Y., 1812. 2 vols., I2tmo. 
Cont sheep (pp. stained; name removed from fly-leaf of Vol. II, 

leaving hole). CD (1625) $77-50. 
Humourous History of New York. Frontis. London, 1820. 

Hf. mor., unc. DD(36o)$io.oo. 


IRVING (Washington) Continued 

Knickerbocker's History of New York. Plates by G. Cruik- 

shank. London, 1839. i6mo. 
Cf. f g.t., unc., by Morrell. CD (1631) $12.00. 

Life of George Washington. Portraits. N. Y., 1855-59. 5 

vols., 8vo. 
Cl. (scratch on cover of Vol. V). EE (385)$! 7.00. 

Life of George Washington. Portraits. Centennial Edition 

N. Y., 1889. 5 vols., 4to 
Cl, g.t, unc. CD(i632)$35.oo. 

Old Christmas. 1876; Bracebridge HalL 1877 Both vols 

illus. by R. Caldecott. London, 1876-77. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cl., g.e. R(i94)$i5.oo. 

Old Christmas; Bracebridge Hall. Both vols. illus. by R 

Caldecott. London, 1882. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl (cover of one vol. repaired). GG(27)$20.oo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. ZZ (208) $50.00. 

Rip Van Winkle. Plates in color by Arthur Rackham 

Large-Paper Edition, numbered and signed by artist). Lon- 
don, 1905. 4to. 

Vel , g t. unc. R(309)$65 oo 

The Rocky Mountains; or, Scenes, Incidents, and Adventures 

in the Far West. 2 folding maps. Phila , 1837. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig cl., unc., in hf. mor. case (recased, name partially removed 
from one title). BB(i55)$30.oo. (piece torn from one label). WW(73)$ 

Orig. cl. (pp. stained, maps torn). CD(i629)$n.oo. 

The Sketch Book. Illus. by F. O. C. Darley. Author's Re- 
vised Edition. N. Y., 1848. 8vo. 

Mor., g.e., by Stikeman. R(io.3)$io.oo, 

Complete Works. Portraits. Author's Autograph Edition, 

page of orig. MS. inserted in Vol. I. N. Y , 1895 40 vols, 

Hf. lev. mor., gt., unc. (with map and chart, each in cl envelope) 

Lev mor., gt., unc. ZZ(2io)$55o.oo 

Works. Portraits. Holly Edition. N. Y. [1895] 40 vols, 


Cl , g.t , unc. ZZ(209)$7ooo. 

Works. Hudson edition. N Y , n d. 27 vols , I2mo. 

Hf. mor , g.t. DE(4i9)$62 50 

Works. Frontispieces in color, portraits, ilium titles, and 

decorative borders. Joseph Jefferson Edition, with his auto- 
graph in Vol. I. N. Y., n d 4ovols,8vo. 

Bds., unc. (some vols. rubbed and soiled). L( 1034) $300.00. 

Bds., g.t., unc. R(i95)$400.oo 

Complete Works. Pocantico Edition. N. Y., n.d. 40 vols., 

Hf. lev. mor., g t., unc. A (190)$! 50.00. 

Another copy. J (179) $125.00. 

Another copy. K(i86)$ 120.00. 


ISHAM (Samuel). History of American Painting. New Edition 
with Supplemental Chapters by Royal Cortissoz. N. Y., 1927. 
Imp. 8vo. 

Cl. L(i035)$i2.oo. 

ITALIAN NOVELISTS (The). London, Privately Printed, n d. 

7 vols., 8vo. 
CL, gt., unc. LL(38i)$iooo. 

JACKSON (A. V. W.). History of India. Plates, some in color. 

Edition de Luxe. London [1906.] 9 vols., imp. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. K(i85)$27.50. 

JACKSON (Catherine C., Lady). Writings. Portraits. Large 

Paper Edition. Paris and Boston, n.d. 14 vols., roy. 8vo. 
CL, g.t., unc. O(4o8)$24.oo. 

JACKSON (H. J.). European Hand Firearms. Frontis. and 63 

plates. London, 1923. 4to. 
Hf. cl., g.t. LL (382) $12.50. 

JACKSON (Sir Thomas). Gothic Architecture in France, Eng- 
land, and Italy. Cambridge, 1915. 2 vols., sm. 4to. 
CL, gt., unc. XX(i4)$7.50. 

JACOB (J. G.). Life and Times of Patrick Gass. Portraits. 

Wellsburg, Va., 1859. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (joint broken). I(762)$70.oo. 
Ong. cl. (library copy, stains). WW (232) $25.00. 

JACOBI (C. T.). On the Making and Issuing of Books. Lon- 
don, Chiswick Press, 1891. I2mo. 
Bds., unc. (Eugene Field copy). J(i33)$9OO. 

JACOBS (Orange). Memoirs. [Containing Narrative of his 
Overland Trip to Oregon in 1852 ] Portrait. Seattle, 1908. 

Cl. WW(3io)$7.50. 

JACOBS (Peter). Journal. 2 portraits. N. Y., for the author, 

1857. I2mo. 
CL CD(i637)$n.oo. 

JACQUEMART (Albert). History of the Ceramic Art. Trans 

by Mrs. Bury Palliser. Plates. London, 1873. Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g t., by Blackwell (name on title). HH(404)$i5.oo. 

JAMAICA. The Present State of Jamaica. London, 1683. i6mo. 
Cf. WW(88)$3000. 

JAMES (Edwin). Account of an Expedition from Pittsburgh to 
the Rocky Mountains. 2 vols. With atlas containing 2 maps, 
chart, and 8 plates, one in color. Phila., 1822-23. 3vols.,8vo. 
and 4to. 

Sheep, atlas hf. cf. (plates stained, autograph of Henry Alexan- 
der, 1824 on title of atlas). L( 1036) $100.00. 

Cont. sheep and hf. cf. (bndgs. rubbed, 2 vols. text have new end- 
papers). CD(i638)$55 oo. 


JAMBS (Edwin) Continued 

Account of an Expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky 

Mountains. Folding map and plates, some in color. London, 
1823. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (T. Potts copy). L( 1037) $55.00. 

JAMES (F. L.). The Unknown Horn of Africa, an Expedition 
from Berbera to the Leopard River. Map and plates in 2 
states, one in color. London, 1888 Sm. 4to. 

Vel, unc. (on Japan paper). L(i038)$n.oo 

JAMES (G. P. R.). Works. London, 1844-49. 21 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cf , g.t., by Riviere. K(i88)$J55 oo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g t R(io6)$65.oo. 

JAMES (Henry). Hawthorne. N. Y., 1880. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. M(342)$ii oo. 

Novels and Tales. N. Y., Scnbner, 1907, etc. 26 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (24 vols only). R/IQ7)$I25 oo. 

Lev. mor , g.t , unc. CC (69)^325 oo. 

Collection of First Editions of his Writings. V p , 1875-1921. 

56 vols , i6mor=8vo. 

Cl. (an owner's name in nearly every vol ). N(4i4)$i65.oo. 
Cl (with other editions, together 107 vols , some containing names 

of former owners, few bndgs worn). HH (407) $30000. 

JAMES (Isaac). Providence Displayed; or, the Remarkable 
Adventures of Alexander Selkirk. Map. Bristol, 1800. I2mo 
Bds., unc (back missing, hinges weak) CD (1640) $13 oo. 

JAMES (William). Full and Correct Account of the Chief Naval 

Occurrences of the Late War between Great Britain and the 

United States Plates. London, 1817. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., ge. (rubbed). TT (237) $10.00. 
Hf lev. mor., gt (with "Full and Correct Account of Military 

Occurrences of the Late War." 1819. 2 vols., together 3 

vols ) CD(i64i)$i8.oo. 

JAMESON (Mrs. Anna). Beauties of the Court of Charles the 
Second. Portraits col. by hand London, 1841. Roy. 8vo. 

Cf , tooled, g.e., by Bayntun, in cl. case. R( 198) $37.50. 

Collected Art Works. Plates. London, 1848-64. 6 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, unc. (few illustrations scraped). DE (239) $47.50 

History of Our Lord. 2 vols. 1890; Legends of the Madonna. 

1899; Legends of the Monastic Orders. 1900; Sacred ana 
Legendary Art. 2 vols., 1900. London, 1890-1900. 6 vols., sq 

Cl., g.t. HH(4o8)$i 7 .50. 

Sacred and Legendary Art London, 1863. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Hf.mor. U(246)$9.oo. 

JAMI. Salamin and Absal. An Allegory. Trans, by Edward 

Fitzgerald. Frontis. London, 1856. 8vo. 
CL, unc. (inscribed by Fitzgerald to W. S. Landor). X(S2i) 



JAMIESON (Milton). Journal and Notes of a Campaign in 

Mexico Cincinnati, 1849. 8vo. 
Hf mor., g.t WW(3n)$45.oo. 

JANSON (C. W.). The Stranger in America. Map, 2 vignettes, 
and 9 tinted aquatint plates. London, 1807. 8vo. 

Hf cf. (hinges loose, offsets from plates, text stained). 0(410) 

Hf cf. CD(i642)$42.5o. 

JARDINE (Sir William). The Naturalist's Library. Plates in 

color Edinburgh, 1833-41 40 vols., i6mo 
Cl , unc. (few backs worn). LL( 500) $40.00. 

JARVIS (G. A.). The Jarvis Family. Portraits Hartford, 1879. 

Cl YY( 3 3)$i8oo. 

JAY (Sir James). Cursory Observations relative to the Mount- 
ing of Cannon in a New Way, and to Naval War. N. Y., 
E. Oswald, for Elizabeth Holt, 1785 I2mo. 

Old paper. WW(3i2)$io oo. 

JAY (John). See TREATIES. 

JEAN-AUBRY (George). Joseph Conrad. Life and Letters. 

Plates Garden City, 1927 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl , unc. F(6o)$i200 
Hf mor, gt K(75)$2250 

JEFFERIES (Richard). The Dewy Morn. London, 1884 2 vols, 

Orig. cl. M(344)$iooo. 

JEFFERSON (Joseph). Autobiography. N. Y, 1890. 8vo 
Hf. lev. mor , unc (T Bell copy) N(4i7)$goo. 

JEFFERSON (Thomas). Correspondence. Printed from origi- 
nals in possession of W K Bixby Notes by W. C. Ford 
Boston, 1916 4to. 

Hf. cl., unc. DE (240) $26.00. 

Notes on the State of Virginia. Folding map. London, 
Stockdale, 1787 8vo 

Hf. rus (map repaired) CD(i643)$n oo 

Notes on the State of Virginia. Portrait, folding map, chart, 

and table Phila., 1801 8vo 

Orig. cf. L(io44)$900. 

Proceedings of the Government in maintaining the Public 

Right to the Beach of the Mississippi, adjacent to New 9 r " 
leans, against the Intrusion of Edward Livingston. Folding 
plan. N Y , 1812, [bnd. with] Answer to Mr Jefferson's Jus- 
tification of his conduct in the case of the New Orleans 
Batture, by Edward Livingston. Folding plan. Phila., 1813. 
N. Y. and Phila., 1813 8vo. 



JEFFERSON (Thomas) Continued 

Works. Ed. by P. L. Ford. Frontispieces. Connoisseur's 

Federal Edition. N. Y., 1904. I2vols.8vo. 
Cl , unc. L(iQ45)$55.op. 

Writings. Definitive Edition. Wash., 1905. iovols.8vo 

Hf. leath., g.t., unc. (20 vols. in 10). K(i8o)$25.oo. 
See also LOUISIANA, also VAN NESS (W. P.). 

JEFFERYS (Thomas). American Atlas. 21 maps on 27 sheets 

London, 1775. Fol. 
Old. hf. cf. (broken, lacks 2-sheet map of New England). 1(64) 

Natural and Civil History of the French Dominions in North 

and South America. 18 folding maps. London, 1760. Fol 
Orig cf. (covers loose, 2 parts in one vol.). DE(5i)$65.oo. 

JEFFREY (J. K.). The Territory of Wyoming. Laramie City, 

1874. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. BB(i57)$6o.oo. 

JENKINS (H. M.). Historical Collections relating to Gwynedd. 

Phila., 1897. 8vo. 
Cl. YY(36i)$io.oo. 

JENKINS (J. G.). Life and Confessions of James Gilbert Jen- 
kins, the Murderer of Eighteen Men, etc. Phonographically 
reported and arranged for the Press by R. E. Wood. Napa 
City, 1864. 8vo. 

Orig paper, in hf. lev. mor. case. 88(355) $35 .00. 

JENKS (J. W. P.). Hunting in Florida. N.p., 1874. 8vo. 
Orig. paper (presentation copy, to Edwin Barrows). L(i047) 

JERROLD (Douglas). Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures. Illus 
by Charles Keene, frontis. in color. London, 1866. Sq. 8vo. 

Cf., g.e., by Zaehnsdorf (orig. covers bnd. in). PP( 128) $37.50. 

Shilling Magazine. Jan , i845-June, 1848. Plates by Leech 

London, 1845-48. 7vols.,8vo. 

Hf. cf. O(4I4)$7.50. 

Mor., g.t. (with "Life and Remains of Douglas Jerrold" by Blan- 
chard Jerrold. 1859, together 8 vols.). R(224)$32.5o. 

JESSE (J. H.). The Court of England. 10 vols ; Memoirs of 
the Pretenders. 3 vols.; Memorials of London. Boston, n.d. 
27 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., unc. N(4i8)$2i.oo. 

Works. Portraits. London, 1840-75. 23 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t, unc. J( 182)$! 50.00. 

Complete Works. Edition de luxe. Boston [1900.] 30 vols., 

CL, g.t., unc. Of 415) $27.50. 

JESSE (William). Life of Beau BrummelL 20 col. plates. Lon- 
don [Navarre Society,] 1927. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. J (i83)$io oo. 


JESSEN (B. H.). W. N. McMillan's Expedition and Big Game 

Hunting in Sudan, Abyssinia & British East Africa. Map. 
London, 1906. Roy.Svo. 
CI. L(io48)$io.oo. 

JESUIT RELATIONS. Relations. Quebec, 1858. 3 vols , 8vo 
Mor., g.t. (3 vols. in 6). O(4i6)$i9.oo. 
Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents. Ed. by R. G 

Thwaites. Portraits, maps, and facsimiles Cleveland, 1896- 

1901. 73 vols., 8vo. 
Cl, unc. L( 1049) $350.00. 

JESUITS. Pyrotechnica Loyolana. By a Catholick-Christian. 

Frontis. London, for G. E. C. T., 1667. Sm. 4to. 
Bds. (hinges loose, inner margin of title strengthened, frontis 

rebacked). LL(386)$7.5o. 

JEWITT (John R). Narrative of [his] Adventures and Suffer- 
ings. Plates N Y. [1815 ] I2mo. SS(i305)$io.oo. 

JOGUES (Isaac). Novum Belgium. Portrait and folding map 

Ed by J G. Shea. N. Y., Privately Printed, 1862. 4to. 
Cl , unc (Large paper, inscribed by editor) CD (2256) $14.00. 

JOHN (W. M.). Bibliography of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail 

Road Company 1827-1879 Bait [Privately printed,] 1879 
Sm. 4to. 

Mor , g.e. (orig. wrappers bnd in, inscribed by T. H. Garrett to 
J. W. Garrett). I(2i5)$8o.oo. 


JOHNSON(A. M.). Genealogical Tables of the Johnson Family. 

N.p., 1893. 8vo 
Paper. 0(427) $17.50. 

JOHNSON (E. J.). The Foreman of the JAe. Col illustrations. 

N. Y., 1911. I2mo. 
Cl. BB(i59)$i7.oo. 

JOHNSON (Eldridge R.). Tarponia the Madness of Fishing. 

4 plates. N Y. [privately printed,] 1908. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., unc. (bndg faded, signed). L( 1051)$ 12.00. 

JOHNSON (Ezra R.). Emancipation Oration . . . and Poem by 
James M. Whitfield, delivered . . . Jan. I, 1867. San Fran , 
1867. 8vo. 

Orig. paper (presentation copy, from E R. Johnson). CD (1862) 

JOHNSON (F. M.). Forest, Lake and River. Plates, some in 

color. Boston, 1902. 2 vols., 4to. 
Suede, unc. (leath. strap on one vol. damaged; with 13 col. plates 

by A, D. Turner, in portfolio). L(i052)$27.5o 


JOHNSON (J. G.). Catalogue of a Collection of Paintings and 

some Art Objects. Phila., 1913. 3 vols., 4to. 
Hf.mor., g.t., unc. O(55)$45.oo. 

JOHNSON (J. S.). Press of the Renaissance in Italy. San 

Fran., 1927. Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. vel., unc. OO (131) $20.00. 

JOHNSON (L. W.). Eight Hundred Miles in an Ambulance. 

Phila., 1889. I2mo. 
Cl. BB(i6o)$9.oo. 

JOHNSON (Lionel). Poems. London, 1895. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. W(i43)$7.50. 

JOHNSON (R. W.). Ancestry of Rosalie Morris Johnson. 

Frontis Phila., 1905. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
CL, unc. YY(35)$2i.oo. 

JOHNSON (Samuel). An Account of the Life of Mr. Richard 

Savage, Son of the Earl Rivers. London, for J. Roberts in 

Warwick-Lane, 1744. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (rehinged and repaired, inserted is facsimile of Savage's 

handwriting, W. Bates copy). X(7ii)$no.op. 
Catalogus Bibliothecae Harleianae. Londini, Apud Thoman 

Osborne. 1743-45. Svols.,8vo. 
Cont. bds., unc (rubbed, worn, hinges weak, one cover loose, 

William Hanbury, Earl of Kelmarsh copy). X(7io)$25oo. 
Debates in Parliament. London, 1787. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (rehinged, corners repaired, some pp. stained). D(i55) 

Dictionary of the English Language. London, 1755 2 vols , 


Cont. cf. (worn, rebacked, title repaired at corner). D(i46)$i8ooo. 
Old canvas, unc. (rubbed, some repairs and a few creases on 

opening and closing leaves of both vols.; names of 2 former 

owners). X(7i8)$8so oo. 

Rebnd. in cont. cf. (new backs, corners strengthened, 4 vols. ex- 
tended from 2; First issue, with letter "V" preceding "U") 

Dictionary of the English Language. Portrait. London, 

1786. Fol. 

Cont. cf. (covers badly worn, portrait stained) LL(388)$55 oo 
Dictionary of the English Language. Tenth Edition. Lon- 
don, 1810. 2 vols., 4to. 
Cf. A(i93)$9-00. 

Dictionary of the English Language. Boston, 1835. 8vo 
Sheep (rubbed, H. D. Thoreau-E. R. Taylor copy, with letter 

from the latter and one from Concord Pub. Library laid in). 

The False Alarm. First edition. London, for T. Cadell in 

the Strand, 1770. 8vo. 
Cf., g.t., unc., by Riviere. M(347)$75-OO. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Riviere. X (726) $135.00. 


JOHNSON (Samuel) Continued 

The Idler. London, 1761. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. bds. (worn, several pp. stained, F. Boscawen copy). D(i47) 

Cont. cf. (rubbed, hinges weak; "Pryce Devereux, 1766" inscribed 
on front end paper and cont. bookplate). X(722)$75.oo. 

Irene. London, 1749. 8vo. 

Cf., g.e., by Riviere (half-title repaired, few leaves frayed). 0(144) 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Riviere. X (714) $200.00. 

Lev. mor., g e ,by Riviere. XX(523)$52.50. 

A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. London, 1775 


Bds (rehinged, has 12-line Errata). D(i5o)$37.5o. 

Hf. cf LL( 3 87)$2o.oo. 

Oldcf (rehinged, does not contain leaf of errata). XX(524)$25.oo. 

Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets. Portrait. Lon- 
don, 1781. 4 vols , 8vo. 

Cont bds (rehinged, writing on some margins, Vol. IV lacks 
final leaf of advertisement, E. B. Greene copy). D(i52)$i7.5t). 

Hf cf. J(i8 4 )$26.oo. 

Hf mor. (E. Lawes copy). L( 1053) $40.00. 

Orig bds , unc., in hf. mor. case (has 12-line Errata, name of for 
mcr owner inside cover). X( 727) $1,300.00 

Ong bds ,unc. (back partly cracked), in hf. cf. case (has 6-hne 
Errata, inscription of former owner on front end-paper). 

Orig bds , unc. (shaken, backs partly stripped, hinges weak; Vol 
II has opening leaves holed and a tear in one margin; fly- 
leaves carry name "Th. Lear," also 14-line MS. poem on John- 
son). X(73i)$50ooo. 

Orig. cf. (worn and broken; Hester Thrale copy with her signa- 
ture dated "1781" and later notes in her hand on margins of 
479PP- also one note on separate paper which was pasted 
between leaves). X( 735 A) $4,70000 

London. First edition. London, for R. Doddesley, 1738 Fol 

Unbnd, unc. (15x9^^-). X( 708) $4,000.00. 

Marmor Norfolciense. By Probus Bntanicus. London, for 

J Brett, 1739. 8vo. 

Cf , tooled, ge., by Riviere (C. K. Shorter copy). X(709)$400OO 

Memoirs of Charles Frederick, King of Prussia. With Notes, 

and a Continuation by Mr. [James] Harrison. Portrait 
London, 1786 8vo. 

Old bds. (E B. Curteis-W. F. D'Arley copy). X(733)$50.oo. 

Plan of a Dictionary of the English Language. First edition 
London, for J. and P. Knapton, T. Longman, etc., 1747. 4to. 

Cf., tooled, ge., by Bedford. X (7 12) $800.00. 

Poetical Works. London, Printed for the Editor, and Sold 

by G. Kearsley, 1785; Same. London, Printed for W. Os- 
borne and T. Griffin, 1785 Same. London, Printed for G. 
Kearsley, 1789. 3 vols., I2mo 

V.b. (2 bndgs. worn, name on fly-leaf of first vol., fly-leaf lacking 
in second vol., name on half-title of third). D(i6i)$25.oo. 


JOHNSON (Samuel) Continued 

-Political Tracts. London, 1776. 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (rubbed, new end-papers). D(i5i)$i5.oo. 

Prayers and Meditations. First edition. London, for T. Ca- 

dell, 1785. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (rebacked and worn, covers stained). X(732) 

[His] Preface to his Edition of Shakespear's Plays. London, 

1765. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g t., unc. (some pp. stained, orig. wrappers bnd. 
in, Macgeorge copy). X( 723) $4,00000. 

New paper. CC(7o)$425.oo. 

Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, to the Works of the 

English Poets. Portrait after Reynolds. London, 1779-81. 
10 vols., I2mo. 

Cont. cf. (rehinged and repaired, name on first title). X(72g) 

The Prince of Abissinia. First edition London, 1759. 2 
vols., sm. 8vo. 

Orig. cf., in mor. case (bndg. rubbed, hinges weak, cover of first 
vol. almost off.; presented by the author to Samuel Richard- 
son, as evidenced by signature of Anne Richardson in each 
vol ; inscription "From the Author" written by Richardson 
on front end-paper of first vol.; 7 corrections in text are in- 
dubitably in Johnson's hand). X(7i9)$5,8oo.oo 

Lev mor , tooled, g e , by Matthews (writing by former owner on 
first title). X (720) $500.00 

The Prince of Abissinia. The Fourth Edition. London, 1766. 

2 vols., sm. 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (new front fly-leaf in Vol. I; inscribed by Hester L 
Thrale to Hester Bridge, 1770, both vols. autographed by 
latter also, later presented by her to Jane Jones). X(725) 

[Broadside.] Proposals for Printing, by Subscription, the 

Harleian Miscellany [London, 1743 ] Narrow fol., 16% x.8% 

Cont. bds (This broadside is Xo 12 of 20 broadsides and pam- 
phlets, dating 1710-1708, bnd. in one vol for Gen Sir Charles 
Stuart, whose arms are impressed in blind on both covers and 
who has written a list of contents on first fly-leaf). Z(748a) 

The Rambler. Nos. 1-208 (all published), March 20, 1749-50- 

March 14, 1752 London, 1749-52. 2 vols. 

Cont. rus. (rebacked, rubbed, new end papers, several repairs; bnd. 
from orig. nos.). R(2o8)$425.oo. (with "1751" on title). X (716) $325.00. 
The Vanity of Human Wishes. London, for R Dodsley, 1749. 

Bds. X(7i5)$i,oso.oo. 

The World Displayed; or, a Curious Collection of Voyages 

and Travels, Selected from the Writers of all Nations. 
Intro, by Dr. Samuel Johnson. Maps and plates. London, 
John Newbery, 1760 lovols., i6mo. 


JOHNSON (Samuel) Continued 

Oldcf. (worn; inscribed by Johnson to "Miss Palmer 1773")- 
X (721) $400.00. 

Works. Together with His Life and Notes on His Lives of 

the Poets, by Sir John Hawkins. Portrait after Reynolds 
London, 1787. n vols., 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (rebacked, orig. labels in facsimile). XX(525) 

Works. With Essay on His Life and Genius, by Arthur 
Murphy. Portrait. London, 1820 12 vols., 8vo, 

Cf. J(i8 S )$ 

Works, with Debates. Portrait after Reynolds. London and 
Oxford, 1825. ii vols., 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t, unc., by Mathews (Large paper). R(2ii) 

Works. Troy, N. Y., 1903. 16 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.t, unc. (Bibliophile Edition, illustra- 
tions in 2 states). A (191) $320.00. 

Cl., g.t., unc. (Literary Club Edition, frontispieces in color). 

Sale Catalogue of [his] Library. With Essay by A E New- 
ton N. Y. and London, 1925. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. LL(397)$i7.oo. 

See also HOMER, also LOBO (Jerome). 

JOHNSON (Susannah). Narrative of [her] Captivity. Windsor, 

Vt , A. Spooner, 1807. I2mo. 

Orig. sheep (piece torn from FS). 88(1300) $10.00. 
Narrative of [her] Captivity. Lowell, 1834. i6mo. 
Bds SS(i323)$i250. 

JOHNSON (T. T.). Sights in the Gold Region and Scenes by 

the Way. N. Y., 1849. I2mo. 
Cl. SS(286)$8.oo. 

JOHNSON (Thomas), Designs for Furniture, etc. 56 plates 

London, 1758. Fol. 
Cf. (several leaves repaired). AB( 14)^230 oo. 

JOHNSON (W. B.). From the Pacific to the Atlantic. Portrait 

and plates. Webster, Mass., 1887. 8vo. 
Cl. WW(3i7)$i7-50. 

JOHNSTON (Charles). Narrative of the Incidents attending 

[his ] Capture, etc. N. Y., 1827. I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (joint torn, cont. name on title) L(io6o)$n oo. 
Orig. bds., unc. SS(i3i5)$i7-5o. 
Bds., unc. WW(287)$i500. 
Incidents Attending [his] Capture, etc. Intro and notes by 

E. E. Sparks. Map. Cleveland, 1905. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. SS(i369)$7-5o. 

JOHNSTON or JOHNSTONE (Charles). Chrysal; or, the Ad- 
ventures of a Guinea. Col plates. London, 1822. 3 vols., 


JOHNSTON or JOHNSTONE (Charles) Continued 
Cf., tooled, by Riviere. D(i42)$45.oo. 

JOHNSTON (Clifton). An Unredeemed Captive, being the story 
of Eunice Williams, who, at the age of seven years, was car- 
ried away from Deerfield by the Indians in the year 1705. 
Illus by the author. Holyoke, 1897. 8vo SS(i364)$7-50. 

JOHNSTON (Sir Harry). George Grenfell and the Congo. 

Maps. London, 1908. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl. L(io64)$io.oo. 

JOHNSTON (Sir Harry) and GUEST (Had en). The World of 
To-Day. 50 plates in color. N. Y., 1924-25. 4 vols , imp. 8vo. 
Cl. L(io65)$io.oo. 

JOHNSTON (Nathaniel). The Excellency of Monarchical Gov- 
ernment. London, 1686. Fol. 

Old cf . (rebacked, worn ; presentation copy, to the Earl of Mur- 
rey, G. M. Elwood copy). NN(6o)$i6.oo. 

JOHNSTON (Robert). Travels through part of the Russian 

Empire, and the Country of Poland. Maps and col. plates 

London, 1815. 4to. 
Cf. (rebacked). W(36)$8.oo. 
Travels through part of the Russian Empire and the 

Country of Poland. 2 maps. 20 col. plates London, 1821 

Mor., ge. (some pp. stained). I(456)$8.oo. 

JOHNSTON (W. G.). Experiences of a Forty-Niner. Portraits 
and map. Pittsburgh [Privately printed,] 1892 8vo. 

Cl. (presentation copy, to Andrew Carnegie, A. L. S. inserted) 
L( 1066) $90 oo. 

Cl. (presentation slip pasted on title). BB(i6i)$i25.oo. 

Cl. WW(3i8)$8o.oo. 

JOHNSTON (W.P.). Life of General Albert Sidney Johnston, 

1878. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. A(594)$i7.oo. 

JOHONNET (Jackson). [His] Remarkable Adventures ... in 
the Expedition under Gen. Harmar, and the unfortunate Gen 
St. Clair Salem, N. Coverly. Jun'r, 1802. 8vo 

Sewed, unc., in cl. case (part of last leaf torn, damaging text, Dr 
Puy copy). SS(i297)$45oo. 

JONES (A. D.). Illinois and the West Folding map. Boston, 

1838. i6mo. 

Cl. (frayed, some pp. stained). L( 1067) $30.00. 
Cl. SS(H47)$2500. 

JONES (C. C., jr.). Antiquities of the Southern Indians, particu- 
larly of the Georgia Tribes. 30 plates, 3 woodcuts. N. Y., 
1873. 8vo 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (covers scraped). CD(i544)$io.oo. 


JONES (. . B.). Captain John Grout of Watertown and Sud- 
bury, Mass., and Some of his Descendants. Portraits. 
Waterloo, la., 1922. 8vo. 

CL, unc. Q(395)$i8.oo. 

JONES (Henry). Letters on Masonry. Boston, 1829. 12 mo. 
Unbnd, unc. G(i99)$7.5O. 

JONES (Inigo). Designs of Inigo Jones and others. 53 plates. 

[London.] 1743. 8vo. 
Oldcf. AB(8)$i20.oo. 

JONES (J. A.). Tales of an Indian Camp. London, 1829. 3vols., 


Hf. lev. mor., g.t, by Morrell. SS( 1428) $35.00. 
Traditions of the North American Indians. Plates. London, 

1830. 3 vols., sm. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t. (Vol. I has frontis. mounted on new sheet, title 

mounted down, and first 5 leaves of text on hinges). SS(i433) 


JONES (J. B.). A Rebel War Clerk's Diary at the Confederate 

States Capital. Phila., 1866. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. SS(724)$i7-50. 

JONES (John Paul). Life, Travels, Voyages, and Daring En- 
gagements. 2 woodcuts. Wilmington, 1814. i6mo. 
Old bds. (back cover wanting). CD(i657)$8oo. 

JONES (Owen). Plans, Elevations, Sections and Details of the 
Alhambra from drawings ... by Jules Goury, and ... by 
Owen Jones. Reproductions, many, in gold and color. Lon- 
don, 1842. 2 vols., at. fol. 

Hf. mor. (worn). LL (398) $42 50. 

JONES (R. T.) and KELLER (O. B.). Down the Fairway. 

N. Y., 1927. 8vo. 
Hf vel., gt., unc. (signed by R R. Jones, jr , and O. B. Keller). 


JONES (Thomas). History of New York during the Revolu- 
tionary War. Maps. N. Y., 1879. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl, unc. YY(370)$9.50. 

JONES (U. J.). History of the Early Settlement of the Juniata 

Valley. Harrisburg, 1889. 8vo. 
Cl. CD(2492)$io.oo. 

JONSON (Ben). Execration against Vvlcan. Portrait by 

Vaughan. London, J. O. for John Benson, 1640. Sm. 4to. 
Cf , tooled, g.e., by Riviere (imprint erased from portraits, MS. 

note by former owner on title and on verso of same). X(747) 

A Particvlar Entertainment of the Qveene and Prince their 

Highnesse to Althorpe, ... 25. of lune 1603. [London, V. 

Simmes for E. Blount, 1604.) Sm. 4to. 


JONSON (Ben) Continued 

Lev. mor. (last blank discolored, Jonson's name written on title 

by former owner). X(743)$37500. 
Volpone; or, The Foxe. Fronds., 5 initials, with 6 illustrations 

and cover design by Beardsley. London, 1898. 4to. 
Vel., g.t., unc. (Japan paper, extra set of plates, facsimile page 

of artist's correspondence tipped in). O(83)$3aoo. 
Orig cl., unc. DD (270) $22. 50. 
Volpone: or, the Fox. Frontis., 5 initials and cover design 

by Beardsley. N. Y., 1898. 4to. 
Cl., unc. HH(59)$io.oo. 
Cl. XX(50)$7.50. 
Workes of Benjamin Jonson. Title by W. Hole. By Will 

Stansby, 1616; Workes. The second Volume. For Richard 

Meighen, 1640; [Also] Q. Horatius Flaccus: His Art of 

Poetrie. Made English by Ben lonson. 1640. London, 1616- 

40-40. 3 vols., fol. 
Old cf., v. styles (one vol. rehinged, the others repaired, pp. in 

Vol. II water-stained, occasional minor defects). X(744) 

Workes. Part I only. London, Richard Bishop, 1640. 410 

Hf. Cf. R(2I2)$I20.00. 

Workee. Vol. I. Portrait by R. Vaughan, and title by W. 

Hole. Richard Bishop, 1640; [Vol. II.] Bartholomew 
Fayre; The Diuell is an Asse; The Staple of Newes [and 
others.] 1631-1641. London, 1631-41. 2 vols., fol. 

Hf. oldcf. (rubbed Vol. I is Second folio edition; Vol. II, which 
is First edition, is without general title and lacks leaf Ai). 

Works. Portrait by W. Elder. London, by T. Hodgkin, for 

H. Herringman, etc., 1692. Fol. 

Cont. cf., in lev. mor. case (bndg. rebacked and repaired, margin 
of portrait repaired; Alexander Pope copy, with partial con- 
cordance in his hand; later W. K. Bixby copy). X(748) 

Works. Ed. by Peter Whalley. Portrait. London, 1756. 7 

vols., 8vo. 

Oldcf. (worn). R(2i3)$i2.5o. 

Works. Ed. by W. Gifford. Portrait. London, 1816. 9 vols., 

roy. 8vo. 

Hf.mor., unc. (Large paper). L(io68)$65.oo. 

Hf. cf., g.e. R(2i5)$37-50. 

JORDAN (J. W.). and MONTGOMERY (T. L.). Encyclopedia 
of Pennsylvania Biography. Portraits and coats of arms. 
N. Y., 1914-27. 16 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Hf.mor. (Vols. 2, 4, 7, 9, 10 and 16 only). G(43o)$i6.oo. 

Hf.mor. (15 vols.). U(i44)$8-50. 

JOSEPHINE (Empress of France). Memoirs. Frontispieces. 

London, 1894. 2vols.,8vo. 
Htmor., g.t. (C. Tice copy). LL(40o) $10.00. 


JOSEPHUS (Flavius). Genuine Work. Trans, by W. Whiston. 
Folding plans. London, 1755. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. cf. A(i95)$n oo. 

Works. Trans, by W. Whiston. Portrait, folding map. Lon- 
don, 1825. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Hf mor., g.t,, unc., by Root and Son (pp. stained). O(42i)$2250. 

JOURNAL OF MAMMOLOGY. Vols. 1-5; Vol. 6, Nos. 1-2; 

Vol. 7; Vol. 8, Nos. 1-3; and Vol. 9, No. i. Bait., 1919-28 

3 vols. cl. (orig. wrappers bnd. in) and 18 orig. parts. L(io6o) 


JOUTEL (Henri). Journal of the Last Voyage performed by 
Monsr. de la Sale, to the Gulph of Mexico. Folding map 
London, 1714. 8vo. WW(3i9)$i20.oo. 

Journal of his Voyage to Mexico. Folding map London, 
1719. 8vo. 

Oldcf. (joints cracked). CD (1659) $8500. 

JOYANT (Maurice). Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec. Plates, 

some in colors Paris, 1926. 
(C. Tice copy). LL(40i)$iooo. 

JOYCE (James). Anna Livia Plurabelle. Pref. by Padraic Col- 

um. N. Y., 1928. I2mo. 
Cl., g.t , unc. (signed). LL(402)$io oo. 
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. London [1916.] 

Orig. cl M(349)$io.oo. 

JUDD (A. N.). Campaigning against the Sioux. 1863-4-5. Illus- 
trated by the author. [ Watsonville, Cal , 1906 ] Roy. 8vo 
Cf, tooled, g.t., unc. (orig. wrappers bnd. in) BB(i62)$6s.oo. 

JUDD (Silas). Sketch of the Life and Voyages of Captain Alvah 

Dewey. Chittenango, N. Y., 1838 I2mo. 
Orig. bds. (stained). L(io7o)$45.oo 

JUGEND. Vol. I, No i, 1910-1919. Many plates in color. 

Munich, 1910-19. 12 vols , 4to. 
Cl LL(403)$is.oo. 

JUNIUS. Letters. Portraits. London, 1797. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Mor., tooled, unc. L( 1071) $9.00. 

JUSSERAND (J. J.). English Wayfaring Life in the Middle 

Ages. 1889; The English Novel in the Time of Shakespeare. 
1890; A French Ambassador at the Court of Charles the Sec- 
ond. 1892; A Literary History of the English People. 3 vols , 
1895-1909; Shakespeare in France, 1899. London, 1889-1909. 
7 vols., 8vo. 
Cl, unc. L(i072)$2i.oo. 


JUSTIN. Historic. Trans, by G. W. London, Jaggard, 1606. 

Oldcf. (rebacked, bnd. in are 2 cont. works). D(i73)$i3.oo. 

JUVENAL AND PERSIUS. Satyr*. Birminghamiae, Basker- 

ville, 1761. 2vols., 4to. 
Cont mor , tooled, inlaid. & e. (rehinged, rubbed, interleaved 

with MS notes by W. Fawkes). V(i99)$i3O,oo. 

Satires. Trans, by Mr. Dryden and several other Eminent 

Hands. London, 1693. Fol. 
Oldcf. (rebacked). W(i45)$37-50. 
Cf., ge., by Riviere. X(492)$55.oo. 
Old cf. (rubbed, half-title and title torn, lower part of book 

stained). LL(404)$i5.oo. 
Old cf. (rebacked, worn, cont writing on title and few other 

pp.). DE(242)$iooo. 
Sixteen Satyrs. Trans, by Sir Robert Stapylton. Portrait 

by Marshall. London, 1647. Sm. 8vo. 
Lev. mor. , inlaid, ge., by Riviere (Halsey-Huntington- Jones 

copy). Z(ii3i)$75.oo. 
Mor., g.e. LL(677)$7-5<>. 

JUVENILE MISCELLANY (THE). No. i, Vol. V., Sept - 
Oct., 1830. [Contains "Mary's Lamb," page 64.] Boston, 
1830. i6mo. 

Orig paper. H(467)$6o.oo. 

KAEMPFER (Engelbert). History of Japan. Glasgow, 1906. 

3 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., unc. L(io73)$ii oo. 
Hf . vel., g t., unc (signed). O(422)$i500 

KALBECK (Max). Johannes Brahms. Portraits, facsimiles of 

music, etc. Berlin, 1913-22. 8 vols., 8vo. 
Bds. (4 vols. in 8) DE(258)$8oo. 

KALM (Peter). Travels into North America. Folding map and 
6 plates. Trans.* by J. R. Foster. Warnngton and London, 
1770-71. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cf. (covers loose). L( 1074) $55.00. 

Hf.mor., g.t, by Sangorski. CD(i66i)$57 50. 

KANE (E. X.). Arctic Explorations. 1853-54-55 Phila., 1856. 
2 vols , 8vo. 

Mor. (A. L. S. laid in each vol.). T(i39)$35-00. 

/ * 

KANE (Paul). Wanderings of an Artist among the Indians of 

North America. Folding map and 8 col. plates. London, 

1859. 8vo. 

CL, unc, (new end papers). L(i075)$7S-OO. 
Hf.mor., g.t. CD(i5ii)$37.50. 

KANE (T. L.). The Mormons. Phila., 1850. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case. BB(i63)$lO.oo. 



KAYE-SMITH (Sheila). Joanna Godden. London, 1921. 8vo 
Orjg. cl. (presentation copy). T(i4i)$27.50. 
Orig. cl. T(i42)$io.oo. 

KEATING (W. H.). Narrative of an Expedition to the Source 

of St. Peter's River. Folding map and 15 plates. Phila , 

1824. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. sheep (pp. stained) L( 1077) $17.50. 

Orig. sheep (worn, pp stained; plates colored). SS(i4i7)$poo. 
Narrative of an Expedition to the Source of St. Peter's River. 

London, 1825. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig bds., unc. (one joint broken, name on title). L(i078)$iooo U(i(>7)$iooo. 

KEATS (John). La Belle Dame sans Merci. Hammersmith 
[Eragny Press,] 1906. Obi. i6mo. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by C. McL., 1913, in hf. mor. case. KK(63)$30 oo. 

Endymion. London, 1818. 8vo. 

Orig bds., unc , in lev. mor. case (First issue, with single Erra- 
tum) Z (750) $1,60000. 

Lev mor., tooled, inlaid, gt., by Sangorski, in cl case (Second 
issue, with 5 Errata; W. T. Wallace copy). DD(36s)$275 oo 

Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St. Agnes, and Other Ploems. 

London, 1820 I2mo. 

Orig bds., unc, in lev mor. case (covers worn, in separate port- 
folio, fitted into case, is ong. MS. of stanzas LX and LXIII 
of "Isabella, or, The Pot of Basil" with note reading "MS 
of John Keats given to Henry Wriford at Rome May i, 
1863, by Joseph Severn"). Z(753)$7,ooooo. 

Poems. London, 1817. I2mo. 

Orig. bds, unc., in lev. mor case (rebacked). Z (749) $3, 50000 

Poetical Works. Memoir by R. M Milnes Portrait and 
woodcuts by G Scharf, jr London, 1854 8vo 

Lev mor., by Stikeman, in hf cl. case (laid in are (i) sm. inlaid 
sheet bearing ong MS of 22 lines of poem, "I Stood Tip- 
toe Upon a Little Hill," varying considerably from the 
published form and (2) orig. unsigned, sepia drawing of the 
author's head) Z( 754) $17,00000. 

Poetical Works. Memoir, by R M. Milnes. Portrait. Lon- 
don, 1858. I2mo. 

Cf., gt, unc, by Zaehnsdorf. HH(4i6)$i8.oo 

Poetical Works and Other Writings. Ed by H B Forman. 

Portraits London, 1883 4vols,8vo 

Hf lev mor, unc (loose). N(425)$3SOO 

Poetical Works and Other Writings. Ed. by H. B. Forman. 
Portraits. London, 1889. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., unc. (inscribed to F. S. Ellis by Mr. Forman). W(i47) 

Sonnets. Borders and initials by Christopher Dean. Lon- 
don, 1808. Sm 4to. 

Lev mor , tooled, inlaid, decorated in water-colors, unc , by T 
M D., Guild of Women Binders, in cl. case (Japan paper). 


KEEPSAKE (The). 1847. Ed. by the Countess of Blessington. 

Engravings by Charles Heath London, n d. 8yo. 
CL, g.e. (worn, presentation copy from Queen Victoria to Lady 

Conroy). R(3o6)$7.50. 
See also DICKENS (Charles). 

KEESE (W. T.). Keese Family History and Genealogy. 1600- 

1911. Card in gt on, O., 1911. 8vo. 
CL G(436)$775. 

KEITH (C. P.)* Ancestry of Benjamin Harrison. Phila., 1893 
Roy. 8vo. 

CL, g.e. YY(27)$8.oo. 

Provincial Councillors of Pennsylvania who held Office be- 
tween 1733-1776 and those Earlier Councillors who were 
sometime Chief Magistrates of the Province and their De- 
scendants. Phila., 1883. 8vo. 

Hf. lev, mor. YY (372)323 oo. 

KEITH (Thomas). [His] Struggles in America. Folded froh- 

tis. London [about 1825.] I2mo. 
New bds. (title and first 5 pp. frayed, De Puy copy). 88(1309) 


KELLET (Alexander). Mental Novelist, and Amusing Com- 
panion London, 1783. I2mo 
Lev. mor, g.e. (De Puy copy). 88(1286) $40.00. 

KELLEY (H. J.). General Circular to all Persons of Good 

Character who wish to emigrate to the Oregon Territory. 

Map. Charlestown, 1831. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc , in hf. mor. case (backbone frayed). CD (2336) 

Geographical Sketch of that part of North America called 

Oregon Folding map. Boston, 1830. 8vo. 
Orig paper, in hf. mor. case (rebacked). WW(32i)$45000 

KELLY (William). Across the Rocky Mountains, from New 

York to California. London, 1852. I2mo 
Hf. roan (2 vols. in one). SS(3o6)$i2.5o 
Excursion to California over the Prairie, Rocky Mountains, 

and Great Sierra Nevada. London, 1851. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl, unc. BB(i64)$32.50. 

KELMSCOTT PRESS. Cavendish (George). Life of Thomas 
Wolsey. Hammersmith, 1893. 8vo. 

Vel , unc. KK(86)$2;.oo. 

Chaucer (Geoffrey). [Works.] Proof Sheet, comprising a 
portion of "The Legend of Good Wimmen " 4 pp. [Ham- 
mersmith, 1895-96.] Fol. 

Framed and glazed on both sides. LL (407) $27.50. 

Chaucer (Geoffrey). Works. Hammersmith, 1806. Fol. 

Orig. bds, unc. (William Morris copy). 7(143) $1,700.00. 

Bds., unc. (corners rubbed, Bixby copy). HH (421)$! ,650.00. 

Bds., unc., in cl. case (shaken, corners and backstrip rubbed). 



Coleridge (S. T.). Poems. Hammersmith, 1896. 8vo. 

Vel., unc. HH(422)$4S.oo. 

The Floure and the Leafe, and The Boke of Cupide. Ham- 
mersmith, 1896. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. HH(423)$22.5o. 

Fnoissart (Jean). Chronicles. Two Trial pages of the Pro- 
logue. 2 leaves. On vel. Hammersmith, 1897. Fol. 


History of Godefrey of Boloyne. Hammersmith, 1893. Fol. 

Vel., unc. (inscribed by William Morris to T. W. Watts). 

Herrick (Robert). Poems. Hammersmith, 1896. 8vo. 

Vel., unc. HH (424) $45.00. 

Keats (John). Poems. Hammersmith, 1894. 8vo. 

Vel., unc. KK(9i)$55.oo. 

Laudes Beatae Mariae Virginia. Hammersmith, 1896. Imp. 

* 8vo. 

Bds., unc. HH (425) $32.50. 

Lefevre (Raoul). Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye. Lon- 
don, 1892 2 vols., 4to. 

Cf., tooled, painted panel on cover, g.t , unc , by Chivers. DD(369) 


Vel., unc. (Forman copy). HH(4i9)$75.oo. 

Mac kail (J. W.). Biblia Innocentium. Hammersmith, 1892. 


Vel., unc. N(429)$i250. 

Orig. vel, unc. (Forman copy). D 0(367) $32.50. 
Meinhold (William). Sidonia the Sorceress. Trans by Fran- 

cesca Speranza, Lady Wilde. Hammersmith, 1893. 4to. 
Orig. vel. (on vel., Hodson copy). D 0(371) $200.00. 
Orig. vel , unc. (A. L. S. by Lady Wilde, with orig. envelope, 

laid in; Forman copy). DD(372)$40.oo 

More (Sir Thomas). Utopia. Hammersmith, 1893. 8vo. 

Vel , unc. KK(o2)$ 

Morris (William). Child Christopher and Goldilind the 

Fair. Hammersmith, 1895. 2 vols., i6mo. 
Bds., unc. (Hall-Walker copy). HH(426)$30.oo . 
Morris (William). Defence of Guenevere. Hammersmith. 

1892. Sm. 4to. 

Vel., unc. (Forman copy). DD(368)$3500. 

Morris (William). The Earthly Paradise. Hammersmith, 

1896-97. 8 vols., 8vo. 
Vel, unc. HH(427)$io5.oo. 
Morris (William). Gothic Architecture. Hammersmith, 

1893. i6mo. 

Bds , unc. (with "Van Eyck" on p. 45 correctly spelled). KK(94) 

Morris (William). Love is Enough. Hammersmith, 1897. 


Vel., unc. (I. B. Osborne copy). KK(o8)$40.oo. 
Morris (William). News from Nowhere. Hammersmith, 

1892. 8vo. 
Vel, unc. KK(93)$3000. 



Morris (William). Note, on his Aims in Founding the 

Kelmscott Press. Hammersmith, 1898. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. HH(432)$40.oo. 

Another copy. KK(ioo)$47 50. 

Morris (William). Of the Friendship of Amis and Amile. 

Hammersmith, 1894. i6mo. 

Bds., unc. HH(430)$ 

Another copy. KK(i02)$i5 oo. 

Morris (William). Poems by the Way. Hammersmith, 1891. 

Sm. 4to. 

Pigskin, tooled, unc., by Zaehnsdorf. (S. P. Avery copy) 

Morris (William). Some German Woodcuts of the Fifteenth 

Century. Hammersmith, 1897. Imp. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. HH(438)$42.50. 

Morris (William). The Story of the Glittering Plain. Ham- 
mersmith, 1894 4 to 

Vel., unc. KK(95)$50.oo. 

Morris (William). The Story of Sigurd the Volsung. Ham- 
mersmith, 1898. Fol. 

Vel., unc. KK(ioi)$42.5o. 

Morris (William). The Sundering Flood. Hammersmith, 

1897. 8vo. 

Bds , unc. D(i76)$30OO. 

Morris (William). The Tale of the Emperor Coustans and 

of Over Sea Hammersmith, 1804 i6mo. 

Lev. mor , unc, by Monastery Hill Bindery D(i77)$275O. 

Bds., unc. (Poor copy). HH(43i)$225o. 

Lev. mor., inlaid, tooled, g e on rough, by C. McL., in bd ca*e 
(on vel.) KK(m)$6s.oo. 

Morris (William). The Tale of King Floras and the Fair 

Jehane. Hammersmith, 1893. i6mo. 

Lev. mor., unc, by Monastery Hill Bindery. D(i78)$4OOO. 

Bds., unc. HH(429)$20oo. 

Morris (William). The Water of the Wondrous Isles. Ham- 
mersmith, 1897. 4to. 

Vel., unc. (A. L. S. laid in). KK(99)$35 oo. 

Morris (William). The Well at the World's End. Hammer- 
smith, 1896. 4to. 

Orig. vel, unc (Forman copy). D 0(373) $65.00. 

Vel., unc. KK(97)$45.oo. 

Morris (William). The Wood Beyond the World. Ham- 
mersmith, 1894. 8vo. 

Lev mor., inlaid, jeweled, by Sangorski. (P. Boyle copy) D(i79) 

Vel., unc. (Forman copy). KK(96)$35.oo. 

Order of Chivalry. Hammersmith, 1893. 8vo. 

Brown vel. interlaced with blue vel , g.t. gauffered by I. A. 
Locker (S P. Avery copy). DD(37O)$50.oo 

Vel., unc. HH(428)$45.oo. 

Vel., unc. KK(i03)$37-50. 

Psalmi Penitentiales. Hammersmith, 1894. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. KK(iO4)$i5.oo. 



History of Reynard the Foxe. Hammersmith, 1892. Sm fol. 

Vel., unc. HH(4i8)$4250. 

Vel., unc. (A. L. S. of William Morris laid in, A H. Joline copy). 

Rossctti (D. G.). Ballads and Narrative Poems. Hammer- 
smith, 1893. 8vo. 

Vel., unc. HH(433)$3000. 

Rossetti (D. G.). Sonnets and Lyrical Poems. Hammer- 
smith, 1894. 8vo. 

Vel , unc. HH(434)$30 oo. 

Another copy. KK(io6)$37.50 

Ruskin (John). The Nature of Gothic. Hammersmith, 1892 

Vel, unc. (Alexander copy) KK(io7)$22.50. 

Shakespeare (William). Poems. Hammersmith, 1893. Sm. 


Vel., unc. HH(436)$8soo. 

Vel., unc., in lev. mor. case KK(io8)$7ooo. 

Shelley (P. B.). Poetical Works. Hammersmith, 1894-95 

3 vols., 8vo. 

Vel, unc. HH(435)$i3500. 

Spenser (Edmund). The Shepheardes Calender. Hammer- 
smith, 1896. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (A. L S by A. J. Gaskin laid in, Amsden copy) 

Swinburne (A. C.). Atalanta in Calydon. Hammersmith, 

1804. 4to. 

Vel., unc. HH (440) $47.50. 

Another copy. KK(io9)$40oo 

-Syr Perecyvelle of Gales. Hammersmith, 1895. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. N(43i)$20OO. 

Another copy HH (441) $27.50. 

Syr Ysambrace. Hammersmith, 1897. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. HH(442)$I500 

Voragine (Jacobus de). The Golden Legend. Hammer- 
smith, 1892 3 vols , sm fol. 

Bds., unc. HH(4i70$8o.oo 

KEMBLE (J. P.). Fugitive Pieces. York, 1780 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc (A N. S. inserted). R(2i7)$20oo. 

KENDALL (E. A.). Travels through the northern Parts of the 

United States, 1807-1808. N Y , 1809 3 vols , 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t CD(i675)$J5oo. 

KENDALL (G. W.). Narrative of the Texan Santa Fe Expe- 
dition. Folding map and plates. N. Y., 1844. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cl. (shaken, pp. stained, map torn) L( 1080) $10.00. 

Orig. cl. CD(2774)$i3 oo. 

Narrative of an Expedition across the Great South-western 
Prairies from Texas to Santa Fe. Folding map and frontis- 
pieces. London, 1845. 2 vols , i6mo. 

Hf. cf., g.t., by Zaehnsdorf (stamp partly erased from titles, some 
stains in text). BB(i6s)$22.5o. 


KBNDERDINE (T. S.). A California Tramp and Later Foot- 
prints. 39 illustrations. Newtown, Pa., 1888. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (lacks front fly-leaf). SS(43i)$9.oo. 

KENDRICK (A. F.). Fine Carpets in the Victoria and Albert 

Museum. 20 plates in color. London, 1924. Fol. K(26$22.oo. 

KENDRICK (A. F.) and TATTERSALL (C. E. C.). Hand- 
Woven Carpets Oriental and European 205 plates, 19 are in 
color. N. Y., 1022. 2vols., 4to. 

CL, unc. HH(443)?27.oo. 

KENNEDY (Archibald). Importance of Gaining and Preserv- 
ing the Friendship of the Indians to the British Interest, con- 
sidered. London, 1752. 8vo. 

Hf . roan. CD ( i676)$47-SO. 

KENNEDY (G. W.). The Pioneer Campfire. Portland, Ore., 

1913. I2mo. 
Cl. (signed portrait). CD (3050) $10.00. 

KENNEDY (J. P.). Life of Wm. Wirt. Portrait. Phila., 1850. 

2 vols., 8vo 
Hf. mor. (5 A L. S. bnd in). U(55)$i5-00. 

KENT (E. N.). Instructions for Collecting, Testing, Melting 

and Assaying Gold. 30 wood engravings. N. Y., 1849. I2mo. 
Hf. lev. mor. (orig. wrappers bnd. in). SS(287)$7.5O. 

KENT (Rockwell). Voyaging Southward from the Strait of 
Magellan. Illus. by the author. N. Y., 1924. Fol. 

Bds., unc. (extra woodcut, signed twice). L( 1083) $35.00. 

CL, g.t. LL(4o8)$ 

Wilderness. Intro, by Dorothy Canfield. Illus. by the au- 
thor. N. Y., 1920. Imp. 8vo. 

Cl. L(io82)$i7.50. 

KENT (W. Saville). Naturalist in Australia. 50 collotypes and 

9 col. plates. London, 1897. 4to. 
Hf. mor. L(i6o3)$25.oo. 

KENTUCKY. Declaration of Independence and Constitution of 
the Provisional Government of the State of Kentucky; To- 
gether with Messages of the Governor. Bowling Green, Ky., 
1861. 8vo. 

Cl. CD(i69S)$ 

KEOKUK, Iowa. See REES (William). 

KEPPEL (Frederick). Golden Age of Engraving. 262 illustra- 
tions. N. Y., 1910. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. RR(204)$i3.oo. 

The Golden Age of Engraving. N. Y. [1910.] Roy.Svo. 

Bds., unc. (signed). L( 1085) $22.00. 

KER (Henry). Travels through The Western Interior of the 

United States, 1808-1816. Elizabeth town, N. J. f 1816. 8vo. 


KER {Henry) Continued 

Hf. leath. (rubbed). CD (2023)^12.50. 

Orig. sheep (rubbed, pp. stained). DE(52)$ii.oo. 

KER (John). Memoirs. Folding map. London, 1727. 2vols., 

Cont. sheep (worn, one cover loose). CD (1698) $9.00. 

KERCHEVAL (Samuel). History of the Valley of Virginia. 

Winchester, 1833. I2mo. 

Orig. sheep (rubbed, some pp. loose, stained). L( 1087) $22.50. 
Orig. sheep. 88(1440) $3000. 

KERFOOT (J. B.)- American Pewter. Boston, 1924. Fol. 
Bds. YY(374)$i400. 

KIDDER (Frederic). Expeditions of Capt. John LovewelL and 

His Encounters with the Indians. Boston, 1865. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. (presentation copy to B. J. Los sing, A. L. S. inside 
cover, with "Narrative of Mr. John Dodge during his cap- 
tivity at Detroit," by John Dodge^ Cedar Rapids, 1909, to- 
gether, 2 vols.). CD(iS26)$i3.oo. 

KILBOURNE (D. W.). Strictures, on Dr. I. Galland's Pamph- 
let, Entitled, "Villany Exposed." Fort Madison, 1850. Sm 

Sewed, unc and unopened. CD(i6i3)$i5.oo. 

KILBOURNE (S. A.) and GOODE (G. B.). Game Fishes of 

the United States. 20 col plates. N. Y., 1879. Imp. fol. 
10 orig. parts, in hf leath. portfolio (broken, one plate lacking). 

KILLIGREW (Thomas). Comedies and Tragedies. Portrait 

by Faithorne. London, 1664. Fol. 
Orig cf. (rebacked, all titles except 2 dated 1663, Harley-Broad- 

head copy). Z( 757) $375-00. 
Lev.mor., g.e , by Bedford (first 7 titles dated 1663). CC(72) 

Old cf. (hinges weak, portrait remargined all titles dated 1663 

Viscount Tamworth copy). D 0(374) $50.00. 

KIMBALL (S. Fiske). Domestic Architecture of the American 

Colonies and of the Early Republic. N. Y., 1922. Imp. 8vo. 
Cl N(432)$iooo. 

KING (Charles). Collection of [his] Novels. Some illus. by 
Remington, Russell, etc. V.p , 1890-1907. 48 vols., Mmo. 

Orig. cl. (few vols stained, all presentation copies, to R. B. 
Shepard). BB(i67)$25O.oo. 

KING (W. R.). The Sportsman and Naturalist in Canada. 6 

col plates. London, 1866. Imp. 8vo. 
Hf cf , unc. L(i09i)$i900 

KINGSBOROUGH (Edward, Lord). Antiquities of Mexico. 

About 1000 plates. London, 1831-48. 9 vols., at. fol. 
Hf mor , g t , unc. (covers worn and stained, pp. of 2 vols 
stained, 2 plates missing). DE(53)$40OOO. 


KINGSBURY (F. J.). Genealogy of the Descendants of Henry 

Kingsbury, of Ipswich and Haverhill, Mass. Hartford, 1905. 
Cl. Q(43i)$i2.oo. 

KINGSLEY (Charles). Novels and Poems. Intro, by M. 

Kingsley. Illustrations in 2 states, some in color. N. Y., 

1898. 14 vols., 8vo. 
CL, g.t., unc. (Japan paper). A (197) $42.50. 

Novels and Poems. N. Y., 1899. 14 vols., 8vo. 

CL, gt, unc. J(i9i)$27.oo. 

CL, gt, unc. Westminister Edition). O(427)$I4.00. 

Cl, gt, unc. (Edition de Luxe, Japan paper). R(2i8)$25.oo. 

Lev. mor., g t., unc (Edition de Luxe, Japan paper, plates in 2 

states). ZZ(2i7)$oo oo. 

KINZIE (Mrs. J. H.). Narrative of the Massacre at Chicago, 

Aug. 15, 1812, and of some preceding events. Frontis. plan 

of Chicago in 1812. Chic , Ellis & Fergus, 1844. 8vo. 
Old hf. sheep (Codman-Webb copy, inscribed to J. Watson 

Webb). SS(544)$i30.oo. 
Wau-Bun, the "Early Day" in the North-West. Plates. 

N. Y., 1856 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (rubbed, inner joint loose). 88(572) $31.00. 
CL (lower corner stained) EF(ii2)$75o 

Wau-Bun, the "Early Day" in The Northwest. Plates Chic., 

1857. 8vo. 
Hf. leath. SS(576)$io.oo. 

KIPLING (J. L.). Beast and Man in India. London, 1891. 8vo 
CL, unc. L(io95)$i8oo. 
Orig. cl., unc FF(2i i )$7.50. 

KIPLING (Rudyard). Abaft the Funnel. Pirated Edition 
N. Y., Dodge, 1009. 8vo. 

CL (cover lettered in gold) L(i098)$i5.oo 

Orig. cl. (lettered in gold; with another copy of same edition, in 
orig. cl. lettered in red, together 2 vols ). M (394)^15 oo. 

Abaft the Funnel. First Authorized Edition. N. Y., Dou- 

bleday, 1009. 8vo 

Orig. grey cl. OO(i49)$33 oo. 

The Absent-Minded Beggar. Portrait of Kipling by John 

Collier, and illustrations of "A gentleman in Kharki" by R 
C. Woodville. Obi fol., printed in style of triptych, folded 
and forming 6pp. Copyright in England and U. S. by Daily 
Mail Pub. Co., 1809. 8vo. 

(On satin). M(375)$6o.oo. 

In cl. case (tear in margin, affecting fold). M(376)$7.50. 

In hf. mor. case. FF(248)$i7.op. 

In cl. folder (on satin, issue printed for Mrs Langtry, with pub- 
lisher's note referring to same). ZZ(2i4)$30.oo. 

Advice to "The Hat." [Cambridge, Mass., 1922.] 8vo. 

Orig. paper with Indian design, unc., in hf. mor. case. FF(336) 


KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued 

An Almanac of Twelve Sports. By William Nicholson 

Words by Rudyard Kipling. 12 plates in color. London, 

Hememann, 1898. 4to. 
Bds. (Aubrey Beardsley's copy, his autograph on fly-leaf). 

2(784) $130.00. 
Bds. (with Departmental Ditties and Other Verses on Japan 

paper. London, 1807, together 2 vols.). GG(2O4)$i7.$o 

American Notes. See AMERICAN SERIES. 

The Army of a Dream. 1905; The New Army in Training, 

London, 1915; The King's Pilgrimage, 1922. London, 1005- 

22. 3 pieces, 8vo. and I2mo. 
Paper, in hf. mor. case. FF(277)$n oo. 
The Ballad of East and West. By Yussuf. [In M J. Ivers' 

"Standard Recitations, No. 26"] N. Y., Ivers [1800.] 8vo 
Paper. OO(i34)$oooo. 
Barrack-Room Ballads and Other Verses. London, 1892 


Cl., unc. (Large paper). D(i8o)$6o.oo. 
Orig cl, unc (Large paper) Z(777)$65.oo. 
Orig cl, gt, unc (back faded). ,FF(2i9)$67.50. 
Cl, gt (with The Seven Seas 1896 and The Five Nations. 1003, 

together 3 vols) GG(i97)$27 50. 
Orig cl, g.t, unc (Large paper) LL (4 12) $52.50. 
Cl., unc (back faded). OO( 140) $37,50. 

Barrack-Room Ballads. Popular [Pirated] Edition [Lon- 
don, 1904.] 8vo. 

Folded, as issued (8-leaf issue) FF(272)$n oo 
The Beginning of the Armadillos. See (below) Just So 

The Betrothed. Drawings by Blanche McManus. N. Y., 

[1899.] i6mo. 
Bds., unc., in hf. mor case (G B McCutcheon copy). FF(249) 


Brother Square-Toes. London, 1910. i2mo. 

Orig. paper, in hf mor case FF(287)$825oo 

The Brushwood Boy. lllus in color by F. H. Townsend 

London, 1907. 8vo 
Orig. cl., g.t. FF(28o)$27.50. 
A Call to the Nation. 4pp London, Daily Express [1914! 


Unbound, in hf. mor. case FF(295)$i900. 
'Captains Courageous.' lllus by 1 W Taber London, 

1897. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.e (name on half-title) Z(78i)$40OO. 
Ong. cl., g.e (P. H. Bonner copy) FF (235) $36.00. 
Orig cl., ge. (inscription on half-title). FF (236) $27.50. 
Cl., g.e (C. W. Harrison-H V. Jones copy). HH(449)$55 oo. 
Orig. cl, g.e. (A. B. Spingarn copy) BC(2O3)$325O 

"Captains Courageous." Illustrated. N. Y., 1897. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. (P. H Bonner copy). FF(237)$9.oo. 

Cendres de Roi. [In "L'Hemicycle", No n, Novembre, 

1900] Trans, by Louis Fabulet. [Paris, 1900.] i6mo. 
Orig. paper, unc. FF (259) $37-50. 


KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued 

A Choice of Songs. Garden City, 1925. 8vo. 

Orig. paper. FF( 340) $30.00. 

The City of Brass. N. Y., 1909. 8vo. 

Orig, paper, unc., in hf. mor. case. FF (284) $205.00 

The City of Dreadful Night. [Excerpt from "The Civil and 

Military Gazette," Sept. 10, 1885.] [Lahore, 1885.] Fol 

In cl. case (copy sent to W. C. Crofts and used by him for article 
in No. 31, March 7, 1887, of United Services College Chron- 
icle, with glossary of several Indian words and "(Reprinted 
by permission of) R. K." in Kipling's hand; from Crofts- 
Martindell collection, with long note by latter inside cl. case). 

The City of Dreadful Night and Other Places. Indian Rail- 
way Library, No. XIV, Allahabad, 1891. 8vo. 

Orig. pictorial paper, in hf. mor. case (name on title). Z(776) 

Orig. paper (backed chipped). FF (212) $23000. 

Orig. pictorial paper (most of back chipped off, tears in front 
cover). GG(i94)$i20.oo. 

The City of Dreadful Night And Other Places. First Eng- 
lish Edition. Allahabad and London, Sampson Low, Mars- 
ton Co. [1891.] 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl folder and hf. mor. case (bookseller's stamp on 
back wrapper). M(359)$3O.oo. 

The Civil and Military Gazette. Clippings, 7 miscellaneous 

paragraphs, articles by him on Indian topics, Aug.-Nov., 

In cl. case (sent to Mr. Crofts by Kipling, 6 dated, one initialed, 
one with note on verso in Kipling's hand, from Crofts-Mar- 
tindell collection, with note by latter on inside of cover) 

Collected Verse of Rudyard Kipling. London, 1912. 4to. 

Vel, g.t., unc. GG(2i3)$2o.oo. 

The Courting of Dinah Shadd and Other Stories. With a 

biographical and critical sketch by Andrew Lang. Portrait 
First Edition, including "The Incarnation of Krishna Mul- 
vaney" X Y, Harper [Sept] 1890. 8vo. 

Rebound in red cl. M(3s6)$45.oo. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (wrappers worn, bookseller's* stamp 
on front and on torn title-page). 2(769) $4 5.00 

Orig. paper (wrappers loose and torn, back chipped). GG(iQ2) 

The Courting of Dinah Shadd and Other Stories. Portrait 

Second edition, with story, "The Record of Badalia Herods- 
foot," replacing "The Incarnation of Krishna Mulvaney." 
N. Y., Harper, [Nov.] 1890. 8vo 

Orig. paper, in hf mor case (break in back of wrapper) Z(770) 

The Courting of Dinah Shadd. A Contribution to a Bibli- 
ography of the Writings of Rudyard Kipling. [Reprint, from 
The Athenaeum for Nov. -Dec., 1890, of correspondence be- 
tween Harper Brothers and Kipling upon copyright on stor- 


KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued 

ies in "The Courting of Dinah Shadd.] Notes by Paul Lem- 

perley. Jamaica, Marion Press, 1898. Sm. 4to. > 
Hf. lev. mor, in cl folder and hf. mor. case. M(37i)$ 
Ong. paper, unc., in hf. mor. case. FF (241) $37.50. 
r Thc Day's Work. Illustrated. N. Y., 1898 I2mo 
Orig. cl., unc., in lev. mor. case (new end papers, loose in covers, 

2 inscriptions on title, one presenting this copy to Robert 

McClure). Z (785) $3,750.00. 

- The Day's Work. London, 1898. i2mo. 
Orig cl., g t. FF(242)$i6.oo. 

Departmental Ditties Barrack- Room Ballads, and Other 

Verses. N. Y., [1890] 8vo. 
Orig cl, gt M(358)$25.oo. 

- Departmental Ditties and Other Verses. First Edition. La- 
hore, 1886. Narrow 8vo. 

Orig paper with flap, in lev. mor. case (flap rebacked, name on 

first page; J. J. Paul copy). Z (761) $900.00. 
Orig. paper with* flap, in hf. mor. case (flap repaired, J. Gill 

copy). FF(i9i)$675oo 
Orig. paper with flap (small piece of flap torn off, not affecting 

seal; wrappers chipped). GG(i84)$4iooo. 

- Departmental Ditties and Other Verses. Second Edition. 
Calcutta, 1886. I2mo. 

Orig. bds. (corners rubbed) FF(iQ2)$52.50. 

Departmental Ditties and Other Verses. Third Edition. Cal- 
cutta and London, 1888. I2mo. 

Ong blue cl. (inscription on half-title, contains 3 pp. at end 
filled with "Opinions of the Press" and advertisement of 
"Plain Tales from the Hills," publisher's catalogue at the 
end contains 24 pp. and is dated Feb , 1889) FF(io4)$2500 

- Departmental Ditties and Other Verses. Fourth Edition. 
With Additional Poems Calcutta, London, and Bombay, 
1890 T2mp. 

Oiig blue cl , in hf moi case FF(203)$42SO. 

- Departmental Ditties and Other Verses. Ninth Edition. 
Illus by Dudley Cleaver London and Calcutta, 1897 8vo 

HF red cl , unc. (Large paper, with 15 illustrations). 2(782) 

Orig cl, unc FF(238)$iooo 

- Departmental Ditties and Other Verses. Portrait Pirated 
edition N Y., Mansfield [1898] 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g t , in hf mor. case. FF(243) $27.00. 

- Departmental Ditties, The Vampire, Etc. N. Y., Brentano's 
[1898] i6mo 

Orig cl , unc., in hf. mor case (G. B McCutcheon copy) 

- Destroyers At Jutland Garden City, 1916. i2mo. 
4 orig. parts, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. M(40o)$25<x>. 
4 orig. parts. DD(382)$35OO. 
4 orig. parts. FF (304) $40.00. 

Dis Aliter Visum. [Excerpt from "The Pioneer/* July 4, 
1885 ] [Allahabad, 1885 ] Fol. 


KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued 

In cl. case (autographed by author, has also numerous correc- 
tions and glossaries made by him, sent by him to W. C. 
Crofts and used as copy for publication in United Services 
College Chronicle for Dec 15, 1887; has A. N. S. to Crofts on 
verso, from Crofts-Martindell collection, with note by latter 
on the inside of the protecting cover). Z( 792) $1,325 .00. 

A Diversity Of Creatures. London, 1917. 8vo. 

Cl. F(r57)$8.oo. 

Cl (with "The Years Between" [1919] and "Letters of Travel." 
1920, together 3 vols ). L(noo) $23.00. 

Ong. cl., g.t. M(402)$io.oo 

Doctors. 1908, France at War. 1915; The Holy War. [1917], 

Twenty Poems [1918], Independence 1923 5 pamphlets 
London, 1908-23 5 vols , v s 

Cl. and paper, in hf mor. case. FF(282)$3OOO. 

Echoes. By Two Writers. [Rudyard and Beatrice Kip- 
ling] Lahore, Civil and Military Gazette Press [1884] 

Orig paper, in cl. folder and mor case (lacks backbone, wrap- 
pers chipped and stained) M (353) $1,35000 

Orig. paper, in lev mor case by Riviere (presentation copy, in- 
scribed on fly-leaf to Mrs Walker, authorship of 8 of the 
poems indicated by name, "Tnx," \\rittcn by him opposite 
titles in Index, also written by him opposite 23 of the poems 
are names of the poets who inspired them) Z( 759) $3, 500.00 

Ong. paper, in lev. mor case (on list of contents Kipling has 
written his initials opposite n titles and names of authors 
parodied opposite others, the latter varying from names in- 
dicated in list given in F V Livingston's Bibliography as 
follows' "London Town" is stated to be after the "Impres- 
sionist School," and "The Maid of the Meerschaum" to be a 
parody of Austin Dobson. front wrapper bears Sir William 
Lawrence's signature. FF( 189)$!, 90000 

The Female of the Species. Garden City, 1912. Obi I2mo. 

Bds. (shaken). FF(294)$noo 

The First Assault Upon the Sorbonne. Garden City, 1922. 


Orig. bds., g.t , unc (J Quinn copy) FF (335) $42 50. 

The Five Nations. London, 1903 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t, unc. DD(378)$750. 

A Fleet in Being. 1898, They Illus in color by F H Town- 
send 1905 London. 1898-1905 2 vols., 8vo 

Cl and paper. GG(207)$25 oo. 

[Broadside.] The Foreloper. N p , n d. 8vo. 

In cl. folder and hf. mor case. M(42o)$io.oo 

The Friend for March 15- April 18, 1900. 30 nos., including 

both issues for March 17, one of these incorrectly dated 
March 16. Issues for March 17, 23, 24, 26, 28-31 and April 
2, 6, and 10 contain contributions by Kipling, issue for April 
ii contains editorial on^his "The Sin of Witchcraft/' issue 
for April 12, notice of his sailing for Europe. 



KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued 

The Fringes of the Fleet. Garden City, 1915. I2mo. 

6 orig. parts, in cl. case. M(398)$32.5t>. 

6 orig. parts, in lev. mor. case by Motte. FF (302) $62.50. 

From Sea to Sea. Letters of Travel. N. Y., 1899. 2vols, 


Cl. R(2i9)$iooo. 

Orig. cl., unc. DD(376)$ 

Cl (worn, with "The Naulahka." First Edition. 1892 and "Ac- 
tions and Reactions/' London, 1909, together 4 vols ). 

From Sea to Sea and Other Sketches. Letters of Travel. 

London, 1900. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. FF(26o)$20.oo. 

The Graves of the Fallen. [London, 1919 ] Obl.4to. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case. FF (324) $14.00. 

Great-Heart Garden City, 1919. 

Orig. paper. FF(326)$i7 50. 

The Greek National Anthem. Rendered into English by 

Rudyard Kipling. Garden City, 1918. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. folder and case. M(4i2)$io.oo. 

"The Holy War." Garden City, N. Y., 1917. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, m cl. folder M(405)$io.oo. 

Orig. paper. DD(386)$i2 50. 

The Horse Marines. Garden City, 1910. I2mo. 

Paper, in cl folder and hf. mor case. M(395)$95.oo. 

Ong. paper, m hf. mor. case. FF(288) $130.00. 

In Black and White. Allahabad [1888.] 8vo. 

Orig paper, in hf. mor. case (back of wrapper worn). Z(762) 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (back of wrapper repaired). FF(i95) 

Orig. paper (chipped and spotted, margins of some pp. stained, 

lacks front leaf of advertisement). GG(i89)$3Ooo. 

In Sight of Mount Monadnock. Privately Printed, 1894 

[1918 or 1919] Sm. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. M (366) $7-50. 

Orig. paper, unc., in hf. mor. case. FF(3I9)$I5 oo. 
Indian Tales: I. Plain Tales from the Hills; II. Soldiers 

Three, III. The Phantom Rickshaw and Other Tales; IV. 

Mine Own People. Portrait and facsimile in Vol. IV. N. Y., 

John W Lovell, Lovell Coryell, and U. S. Book Co. [1889- 

91.] 4 vols., I2mo. 
Ci. OO(i33)$27.oo. 
Indian Tales. Illus. by L. J. Bridgman and others. N. Y., 

Caldwell. 1899- jBvo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc , in hf. mor. case (G. B. McCutcheon copy). 

FF(253)$ I2 -a 

The Irish Guards. Garden City, 1918. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. folder and case. M(409)$io.oo. 
Orig. paper. FF (318) $14.00. 


KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued 

The Irish Guards in the Great War. Maps by Emery Walk- 
er. London, 1923. 2vols., 8vo. 

Cl. F(i59)$i6.oo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. FF(337)$i9.oo. 

The Judgment of Dungara. Phila. [1898.] I2mo. 

Orig. cl. FF(245)$24.oo. 

The Jungle Book. Illus. by J. L. Kipling, W. H. Drake, and 

P. Frenzeny. 1894; The Second Jungle Book. Illus. by J. 
Lockwood Kipling. 1895. London, Macmillan & Co , and 
N. Y., 1894-95. 2vols.8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. A(4i3)$io.oo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. J(i95)$i40.oo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. (some pp. stained ) L(io96)$43OOO 

Orig. cl., g.e., in cl. folders and hf. mor. cases. M( 364) $280.00. 

Orig. cl, g.e. (B. Chew copy). Z( 779) $475.00. 

Cl., g.e. (ist vol. rubbed, has inscription on fly-leaf, 2d vol. has 
front cover creased). FF (226) $180.00. 

Orig. cl., ge. (slight repairs to first vol ). GG (200) $20000. 

Orig. cl., g.e. HH(447)$325 oo. 

Cl., g.e., in cl. cases. XX (533) $260.00. 

CL, g.e., in cl. case. ZZ (212) $27.5.00. 

Orig. cl., g.e., in cl. box (W. Durnford copy). BC (202) $25000. 

The Jungle Book. 1894. The Second Jungle Book. Deco- 
rated by John Lockwood Kipling. N. Y. Century Co , 1894- 
95. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. J(i96)$i5.oo. 

Orig. cl., unc. N(433)$i2.oo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. (name on one fly-leaf). OO(i4i)$iooo 

Just So Stories. The Beginning of the Armadillos. Copy- 
right edition. London [April,] 1900. 121110 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case FF (258) $610.00. 

Just So Stories: The Elephant's Child, The Beginning of the 

Armadillos, and The Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo [In 
The Ladies' Home Journal for April, May, and June, 1900, 
stories in order indicated above.] Phila., 1900. Fol. 

Hf. mor., g.e. (3 issues in one vol.; bnd. in are matted sets of 

fs of the illustrations by Frank Ver Beck). M(383) 
So Stories for Little Children, Illus. by the author. 
Ion, 1902. 4to. 
Orig. cl. F(i56)$ 
Orig. cl. M(388)$70.oo. 
Orig. cl. FF(269)$52.5o. GG(2ii)$65.oo. HH(452)$8s.oo. 
Q. (name inside cover). BC(205)$6s.oo. 

--The Just-So Stories Painting Books for Children. Col. illus- 
trations, with duplicates in outline on opposite pp. N. Y., 
1923. 4 vols., obi. f ol. 
Bds. FF(338)$i2.oo. 
The Just So Song Book. Music by . German. London, 

1903. Imp. 8vo. 
Orig cl. FF(27i)$i6oo. 


KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued 

Justice. Garden City, 1918. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and case. M(4i3)$io.oo. 

Justice. Card, printed on both sides. [London, Methuen, 

1918.] 8vo. 
In hf. mor. case. FF(32o)$i4.oo. 

Kim. N. Y., 1901. 8vo. 

Cl. (with Kim. London, 1901, together 2 vols., inscription on one 

fly-leaf). OO(i45)$20.oo. 

Kim. 10 illustrations by J. L. Kipling. London, 1901. 8vo, g.t. DD(377)$25-oo. 
Orig. cl., gt. (name eradicated from fly-leaf, lacks fly-leaf at end). 

Cl , g.t. (with Traffics and Discoveries. London, 1904, together 

2 vols.). GG(2io)$30.oo. 
Cl., g.t. HH(45i)$25.oo. 
Orig. cl , g.t. LL(4i6)$ 
Orig cl., gt. BC(204)$32-50. 

The King's Pilgrimage. Garden City, 1922. 8vo. 

Orig. paper. Z(79i)$3O.oo. 

The Last of the Light Brigade. [In "Werner's Readings and 

Recitations, No. 2".] N. Y., 1890. I2mo. 
Paper. OO( 135) $62.50. 
Cl. 00(i 3 6)$37.50. 
The Legs of Sister Ursula. Woodcut by Howard Siman. San 

Fran., Windsor Press, 1927. 4to. 
Orig. bds., unc. FF(344)$7.50. 

Proof Sheets of "A Letter from Rudyard Kipling on a Pos- 
sible Source of The Tempest. With an Epistle to the Reader 

by Edwin Collins Frost." Providence, privately printed, 1906 

Unbound, in hf. mor. case (with 4 trial labels, all varying from 

label finally adopted). FF (278) $450.00. 

Letters of Marque. Allahabad, 1891. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., in hf mor. case (cover cockled, publisher's stamp, "5 

Oct. '91," on front fly-leaf). M (360) $85.00. 
Proof copy in sheets, unc. and unopened, sewed only and laid in 

orig, red and blue covers, although taller and wider than 

covers, outer cl. folder and hf. mor. case. M( 361) $490.00. 
Orig cl , in hf. mor. case (publisher's stamp on fly-leaf, reading 

"17, Nov '91"; writing on half-title). FF(2i4)$H5.oo 
Orig cl , in cl. case (publisher's stamp, on both front and back 

fly-leaves, reading. "Issued n, Jan. 92"). Z (771*) $325.00. ("29 Oct. 91" stamped on front fly-leaf). GG(i93) 

Life's Handicap. English Edition. London and N. Y., 1891 

Orig. blue cl., in cl. box (presentation copy, title inscribed, "Lucy 

Clifford, Aug, 91", 2 stanzas from "L'Envoi" in Kipling's 

hand on verso of title; P. H. Bonner bookplate). (772) 

$6,250.00., unc. FF (21 5) $22.50. 


KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued 

The Light that Failed. Portrait. [In Lippincott's Magazine 

for Jan , 1891.] Phila., 1891. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc., in cl. covers. Z(773)$45.oo. 
Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (back of wrapper partly missing). 

Lev. mor., g.e. (ong. wrappers bnd in). LL (411) $10.00. 

The Light That Failed. N. Y. [1890 ] 8vo. 

Orig. wrappers (chipped, back missing). FF (205) $35.00. 

The Light That Failed. London, 1891. 8vo. 

Orig blue cl. (front cover bent, causing crack in front end pa- 
pers). GG(i95)$so.oo. 
Bluecl., unc. (frayed). HH(446)$35.oo. 

A London Garland. Selected from Five Centuries of English 

Verse by W. E. Henley. [Contains poem, ''Tommy," by 
Kipling.] London, 1895. 4to. 
Vel., g.e. FF(23i)$n.oo. 

London Town (November n, 1918-1923). Garden City, 1923. 


Orig. paper, in cl. case. FF(339)$i7,oo. 
Many Inventions. English Edition. London and N. Y., 

Macmillan, 1893. 8vo. Z(778)$37.5<>. 

Cl (with "The Day's Work." 1898, together 2 vols.). GG(i99) 

The Marred Drives of Windsor. [In "The Flag "] Illus. by 

Byam Shaw. [London, 1908.] 4to. 
Orig. paper, in cl. case. FF(287)$8.oa 
Mesopotamia. Garden City, 1917. i2mo. 
Orig. paper. DD(384)$7-50. 
Another copy. FF(3io)$i3.oo. 

The Mind of the English. Garden City, 1921. i6mo. 

Orig.bds., g.t., unc. FF (334) $15.00. 

A Nativity. Garden City, 1917. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder. M(4o6)$i2.5o. 
Orig. paper. DD(385)$7-50. 
Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case. FF(3ii)$i5.oo 
The Naulahka, a Story of East and West. By Rudyard Kip- 
ling and Wolcott Balestier. First Edition. London, 1892. 
8vo., unc. FF(22i)$2i.oo., unc. (R. A Witthaus copy). HH (458) $16.00. 

The Neutral. Garden City, 1916. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder. M(40i)$io.oo. 

Orig. paper. DD(38o)$7.5O. 

Orig. paper. FF(305)$i8.oa 

The New Army. Garden City, 1914. 8vo. 

6 orig. parts. DD (379) $45-00. 

6 ong. parts, in hf. mor. case. FF (299) $67.50. 

Out of India. N. Y., 1895. 8vo. 

Orig. green cl. FF(232)$i2.oo. 
Cl. (back faded, name on fly-leaf). HH(448)$i4.oo. 
[Broadside.] The Outlaws. [Garden City,] 1914. Roy.Svo. 
In hf. mor. case. FF (300) $30.00. 


KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued 

Pan in Vermont. 2 illustrations. 3 leaves, printed on one 
side only. Printed in Harnsburg, Pa., U. S. A. [1902.] Fol 

In cl. case. 00(146) $3,000.00. 

A Patrol Song. N. Y., 1909. 4to. 

Orig. paper, unc., m hf. mor. case. FF(285)$57.5o. 

The Phantom 'Rickshaw and Other Tales. First Edition 

Allahabad [1888.] 8vo. 

Orig paper, m cl. folder and hf. mor. case (breaks at back, corner 

of front wrapper torn off; cover has apostrophe before 

"Rickshaw," periods after initials in "A. H. Wheeler," and 

"Mayo School of Art, Mufid i am Press Lahore" below plate). 

. M(355)$i50.oo. 

Orig paper (name on front wrapper, cover has periods after "A" 
and "H" m "A. H. Wheeler" and "Mayo School of Art La- 
hore, Mufid i am Press Lahore" below plate). FF(ip6) 

Orig paper (rebacked, lower right corner of wrapper repaired, 
cover has apostrophe before "Rickshaw," periods afjer "A" 
and "H," and "Mayo School of Art, Mufid i am Press" be- 
low plate) GG(i88)$8o.oo. 

The Phantom 'Rickshaw and Other Tales. First English 

Edition. Allahabad and London [1890] 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in mor. case (back repaired). FF (206) $45.00. 

The Phantom 'Rickshaw and Other Tales. N. Y., Lovell 
[1890.] I2mo 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (G. B. McCutcheon bookplate). FF(2o;) 

Picturesque Brattleboro. With over 200 illustrations. [Con- 
tains "In Sight of Mount Monadnock" (about half of the 
orig article) by Kipling ] Picturesque Pub Co , Northamp- 
ton, Mass [1894 ] 4to 

Orig. cl. (with "The Vermonter" for April, 1899, containing re- 
print of the above portion of "In Sight of Mount Mo- 
nadnock"). M(36s)$55 oo. 

A Pilgrim's Way. Garden City, 1918. 8vo. 

Orig paper, in cl folder and case. M(4io)$ 

Orig. paper. DD(388)$ 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case FF(32i)$i6oo. 

Plain Tales from the Hills. 9 of the stories published in 
"The Civil and Military Gazette," Nos 3-6, 8-10, and 14, 
clipped from the paper as they appeared. Lahore, 1886. 4to. 

In cl case (from W C. Crofts collection, cut from magazine and 
sent to him by the author; note bv E. W. Martindell on 
inside of protecting wrapper). Z(763)$50OOO. 

Plain Tales from the Hills. First Edition. Calcutta, 1888. 


Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (cover spotted, outer hinges repaired, 
inner hinges split, label removed from inside front cover; 
Second issue; pagination "192" is on inner corner of page; 
32 pp. of advertisements are dated at the end "2000/9/87"; 
pasted inside back cover are (i) clipping relating to Kip- 
ling's marriage, with copy of the Register, and (2) visiting 
card of J. J. Paul). Z(765)$75-00. 


KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (cover rubbed, shaken, first signature 

loosened, First issue, with embossed cover by J. L. Kipling 

and 24 pp. of advertisements dated Dec., 1887; pagination 

"192" is misplaced). FF (201 )$i 55.00. 

Orig. cl. (rubbed and dulled, name on half-title; 32 pp adver- 
tisements at end dated "Calcutta, Dec., 1887"; pagination 

"192" on inner corner). GG( 185) $80.00. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t. (Second issue, with plainer cover design, 

has 32pp. advertisements dated 1888; Witthaus-Poor copy). 

Plain Talcs from the Hills. Second Edition. Calcutta, 1889. 

Orig. cl. (hinges repaired, name on fly-leaf, portrait of Kipling 

laid down on verso of half-title). FF(202)$I5 oo. 
Plain Talcs from the Hills. Third Edition. First English 

Edition London and N Y., Macmillan, 1890. 8vo. 
Cl, unc., in hf. mor. case. OO(i38)$9.oo. 

A Priest in Spite of Himself. London, 1910. 8vo. 

Orig. paper. FF (289) $925 .00. 

Puck of Pook's Hill. Illus. by H. R. Millar London, 1906. 


Orig. cl., g.t. FF(279)$2i oo 
Cl., g.t. OO(i48)$26.oo. 
Quartette, The Christmas Annual of the Civil & Military 

Gazette. By Four Anglo-Indian Writers. Lahore, 1885. 4 to - 
Orig. paper, in lev. mor. case (wrapper rebacked, frayed at bot- 
tom, C. Purdon Clarke- John J. Paul copy). Z( 760) $700.00. 
Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (back of wrapper chipped, final 

(cream-colored) leaf of advertisements lacking). FF(i9O) 

Orig. paper (rebacked, about half of the leaves holed in margins) 


Cf., tooled, g.e, by Riviere. OO(i32)$ioo.oo. 
The Record of Badalia Herodsfoot. [In "Detroit Free Press 

Christmas Number"] London [1890.] Fol. 
Paper, in cl. folder and case. M(357)$9.oo. 
Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (with duplicate copy, together 2 

vols). FF(2o8)$n.oo 

A Rector's Memory. Garden City, 1926. 8vo 

Orig. paper. FF (343) $22.00. 

Rewards and Fairies. Illus. by Frank Craig. London, 1910. 


Orig. cl. 7(789) $60.00. 
Orig. cl, g.t. (shaken). FF(2oo)$i7.oo. 
Rudyard Kipling with the British Fleet. For the New York 

American [N. Y. t 1916.] Fol. 
Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (with printed presentation letter 

from the editor). FF(3O3)$i8.oo. 

Rudyard Kipling's Indictment Of The Government. Por- 
trait by E. A. Hoppe. 4 pp. London, the Daily Express 

[1914.] Fol. 
Unbound, in hf. mor. case (corners of leaflet frayed). FFQoi) 



KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued 

Rudyard Kipling's Verse. Inclusive Edition. 1885-1*18. 

Signed. Garden City, 1919. 

Bds., unc. (shaken). L( 1102) $22.50. 

Mor., g.t., unc. PP (129) $55.00. 

Rudyard Kipling's Verse, 1885-1918. N. Y., 1923. 8vo 

Mor., g.e. U(352)$io.oo. 

The Scholars. Garden City, 1919. 8vo. 

Orig. paper. FF(327)$I7.50. 

The School Budget. Vol. I, No. 13 [contains letter from 

Kipling, dated "Cape Town, Easter Monday 98, To the Edi- 
tors School Budget,"] May 14, 1808. [Horsmonden, 1898.] 

Orig. paper, in hf mor. case (second issue of wrapper, with ad- 
vertisements included, however, as with first issue). FF(246) 

Orig. paper, in cl folder (second issue of wrapper, with 2 lines 
at top divided, "Published Fortnightly by boys for boys" 
and "Price One Penny" to the left of centre; with No. 14, 
containing Max Beerbohm's caricature of Kipling). GG(2o6) 

Schoolboy Lyrics. Lahore, "Civil and Military Gazette" 

Press, 1881. i6mo. 

Orig brown wrappers, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (back worn, 
name on front wrapper and figure drawn about text on p. i) 

Orig. brown paper, in lev. mor. case (front wrapper inscribed. 
"Mrs H Rwtt-Carnac" (?) "from A Kipling," pasted on 
back fly-leaf and inside back wrapper is clipping, Kipling's 
poem, "The Native Born/' W. Garth copy) Z( 758) $4,00000. 

The Science of Rebellion. London [1901.] 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf. mor case. M(386)$i05oo 

Orig. paper (Quinn copy). Z(788)$i20.oo . 

Orig paper FF(266)$95 oo. 

Sea Warfare. London, 1916. 8vo 

Orig cl , unc. (printed name on title replaced by author's auto- 
graph, inserted is typed presentation note on half sheet of his 
note paper). Z( 790) $450.00. 

Orig. cl., unc FF (306) $15.00. 

See also BORDEAUX (Henry) and PARMENTER (John). 

The Second Jungle Book. Tllus by J. Lockwood Kipling. 

London, 1895. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. LL(4i3)$30.oo. 

Orig. cl , g e. XX(534)$io.oo. 

The Seven Nights of Creation. Three leaves from "The Cal- 
cutta Review," April, 1886 [Calcutta, 1886] 8vo. 

Cf , tooled, in hf. mor case. FF( 193) $410.00. 

The Seven Seas. London, 1896. 8vo 

Buckram, unc. (name on fly-leaf). D(i8i)$io.oo. 

Orig. buckram, unc. Z(78o)$25.oo. 

The Shipping Industry. Report of Speech [by him] . . . 

20th February, 1925. Garden City, 1925. 8vo. 

Ong. paper. FF(34i)$i7.50. 


KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued 

-Simple Simon. London, 1910. 8vo. 

Orig. paper. FF (291) $750.00. 

The Sin of Witchcraft. From The Times, March 15, 1900. 

Published by the Imperial South African Association. Lon- 
don, The Times Office, 1901. 8vo. 
Sewed, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case M(385)$950o. 
Orig. wrappers, in hf. mor. case FF(26$95.oo 
Soldier Tales. London, 1896. 8vo. 
Orig. cl , g.e. FF(234)$i5.oo. 
Cl., ge. (with "Captains Courageous" London, 1807, together 2 

vols). GG(203)$np.oo. 
Soldiers Three. First Edition. First issue, cover without 

cross-hatching on barrack doors and without periods in "No 

i Indian Railway Library." Allahabad, "Pioneer" Press, 1888. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf mor. case (wrappers chipped and 

rebacked, piece out of back). M (354)^230 oo. 
Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (worn and loose, back almost gone) 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (Boyce-Quinn copy) FF(i97) 

Orig. paper (rebacked, corner of front wrapper repaired, marginal 

tear in front wrapper and about half of the leaves). GG(i87) 

Soldiers Three, the Story of the Gadsbys, in Black and White, 

Under the Deodars, the Phantom 'Rickshaw, Wee Willie 

Winkie. London, 1800. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (rubbed, 2 vols. in one). V(i2o)$8.oo 
Soldiers Three, the Story of the Gadsbys, In Black and White. 

New Edition, Revised with Additions. American Edition 

N. Y., Macmillan, and London, 1895. 8vo. 
Cl. M( 3 67)$7-50. 
Some Notes on a Bill. [In "The Author," July i, 1891.] 

[London, 1891 ] 4to. 
Sewed, as issued (worn). FF(2i7)$i4OO. 
The Son of His Father. [In "For Britain's Soldiers"] 

London, 1000. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc (lacks fly-leaf and half-title, title signed by Kip- 
ling and line drawn through printed name, signed also by F. 

Frankfort Moore). FF(26i)$65.oo. 

A Song of the English. 30 col. plates by W Heath Robin- 
son. London, [1909.] 4to. 

Pigskin, tooled, unc. (on vel., signed by author). N(436)$6s.oo. 
Pigskin, g.t., unc. (rubbed, on vel., signed by author). XX (540) 


The Song of the Lathes. Garden City, 1918. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in wrapper and cl case (creased from triple fold). 


Orig. paper. FF(323)$i7oo. 
The Song of the Women. [In "Helen's Tower."] IClande- 

boye, Privately Printed, 1892.] 4to. 


KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued 

Orig. paper (back chipped; this pamphlet has 10 leaves, the first 

blank, the last leaf blank recto, note on verso). FF(223) 


Stalky & Co. London, 1809. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. (writing on fly-leaf; with Stalky & Co., N. Y , 1899, to- 
gether 2 vols.). F(i54)$900. 
Orig. cl., in hf mor. case (cl. bndg. rubbed, name on fly-leaf; 

with MS. of dedication to Cormell Price on sheet of author's 

gray paper). Z(786)$i,50000. 
Orig. cl., g.t. FF(254)$40.oo. 
CL, g t , (with "Puck of Pook's Hill " 1006, and "Rewards and 

Fairies." 1910, together 3 vols ) GG(2o8)$4OOO 
Cl , g t. (R. A. Witthaus copy). HH (450) $32.50. 
The Story of the Gadsbys. First Edition. First issue, with 

4 leaves of advertisements at end). Allahabad [1888] 8vo. 
Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (worn, back almost gone). 7(767) 

Orig. paper, in cl case (wrapper chipped at back; "N. S. L. 

Carter, Dec '88" written on title). FF( 198) $33000. 
Orig. paper (back chipped, corners worn). GG( 100) $150.00. 
The Supports. Garden City, 1919. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. folder. M(4i4)$io.oo. 
Orig. paper. FF (328) $15.00. 

Tales of "The Trade." 3 pamphlets Garden City, 1916. 8vo. 

3 orig. parts, in cl. folder. M (399) $25 oo 

3 orig. parts FF (307) $30.00. 

-'They.' Illus. in color by F. H Townsend London, 1005 8vo 

Orig cl (Second issue, with corrected imprint at end). FF(276) 


Traffic and Discoveries. London, 1904. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., in cl folder and hf. mor. case. M(392)$i2.oo. 
Orig cl., g.t. FF(274)$i2.oo. 

Under the Deodars. Allahabad, [1888.] 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in lev. mor. case by Riviere (wrapper rebacked, new 

end papers, title repaired, First issue, presentation copy, with 

inscription on title to Mrs Carmichael Carr, dated "June 89"). 
. Z(764)$5,ooooo. 
Orig. paper, in hf mor case (wrapper rebacked; First issue, cover 

without shading around "No 4" and "One Rupee"; name, 

C. E Abbott, on front wrapper) FF( 199) $330.00. 
Orig paper (most of back chipped off, name on cover; First issue, 

"No. 4" and "One Rupee" on cover without shading). 

Under Lochnagar. Ed. by R A. Profeit. Contains poem, 

"Romance," by Kipling. Aberdeen, 1894. 4to. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc., in hf. mor. case. FF(229)$io.oo. 
The United Services College Chronicle. Nos. 2-28, 41 and 58, 

Oct. 25, i878-Dec. 17, 1894, together, 29 pieces. Bideford, 

1878-94. 410. 
Sheets, as issued, in cl. folder and mor case (No. 8 is proof copy, 

with several errors corrected in Kipling's hand). M(352) 



KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued 

The Vampire. 3 issues, the 2d illus. by Blanche McManus, 

the 3d by E J. Clark. N. Y. [Wash.,] and Boston, 1898. 3 

pieces, i6mo, sm. 8vo, and i6mo. 
Cl., wrappers, and wrappers in orig. envelope, together in mor. 

case. FF(247)$i8.oo. 
The War in the Mountains. Pamphlets. Garden City, 1917. 


5 orig. parts. DD (383)$3<>.oo. 
5 orig. parts, in cl. case. FF (3 12) $55.00. 
Wee Willie Winkie and Other Child Stories. Allahabad, 

[1888.] 8vo. 
Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (wrapper worn at back). Z(768) 

Orig. paper, in cl case (cover has "Mufid i am Press Lahore" at 

foot and periods after initials in "A. H. Wheeler"). FF(20o) 

Orig. paper (worn, back chipped off; cover has flower of upper 

left corner pointing upward, has "Mufid i am Press" in the 

larger type, and has "A. H. Wheeler" printed without periods 

after initials). GG(i9i)$i2O.oo. 

Wee Willie Winkie and Other Stories. London, [1890.] 8vo. 

Orig. paper (name on wrapper, advertisement leaf at front has 

matter on each side, O. H. Perkins copy). FF (209) $70.00. 
Paper (initial advertisement leaf printed on both sides). OO(i39) 


White Horses. Pirated Edition. London, Printed for Pri- 
vate Circulation, 1897. I2mo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. folder and case. M(368)$9000. 
Orig. paper. Z(783)$75.oo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. case. FF (239) $80.00. 
The White Man's Burden. Pirated Edition London, Printed 

for Private Circulation, 1899. I2mo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. folder and case. M(374)$8o.oo. 
Orig. paper. Z(787)$8o.oo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. case. FF (256) $62.50. 
With the Night Mail Illus. in color by F. X. Leyendecker 

and H. Reuterdahl. N. Y., 1909. 8vo. 
Orig. cL, g.t, unc. FF (286) $32. 50. 
Cl., unc. (D. Furman copy). HH (453) $20.00. 
Cl., g.t., unc. OO(i5o)$30.oo. 
With Number Three, Surgical & Medical, and New Poems. 

Santiago de Chile, 1900. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. M (384) $200.00. 
Orig. paper, in cl. case, unopened. FF (262) $220.00. 

The Years Between. London [1919*] 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (Large paper). F(i58)$57-5o. 

G., g.t, unc. (title signed, with printed name crossed through). 


Boards, g.t., unc. (Japan paper). M(4i5)$i5.oo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc. FF (329) $12.00. 
Bds., g.t., unc. (Large paper). XX(54i)$i2.oo. 


KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued 

A Collection of First and later Editions of Writings. Lon- 
don, N. Y., and Oxford. 14 vols., I2mo. 

1891-1906, cl. and paper (writing on one fly-leaf). HH (456) $55.00. 
1908-20 (new end papers in one vol., 2 leaves crudely opened in 

another). HH (457) $65 .00. 
Writings in Prose and Verse. Outward Bound Edition 

N Y , 1807-1926 31 vols , 8vo. 
Cl , unc. F(i53)$9000. 
Vols. I -XI I, 1897-98, cl., g.t., in cl cases (presentation copy, title 

of Vol. I inscribed to Warren Leland Oct. 8, 1899, portrait 

in Vol. I autographed, visiting card of Mr. and Mrs. Kipling 

inserted. J( 198) $50000. 
Vols I-XIX and XXI-XXX, 1897-1923, cl , gt., unc. R(22o) 


Vols. I-XXVI, 1913-17, hf. mor., gt, unc. DE(42i)$i25OO. 
Writings in Prose and Verse. Edition de Luxe. London, 

1897-1927. 33 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc. J(i97)$2<6o.oo. 

Cl , unc. (inner joints of one vol loose). ZZ(2i3)$i2000. 
Works. Bombay Edition, Vol I signed. London, 1913-19. 

25 vols , 8vo. 

Cf.. g.t., unc., by Riviere. K( 193) $925.00. 
Hf cl., g.t, unc. W(i48)$3950o 
Lev mor , g.t., unc. ZZ(2i5)$6so.oo. 
Works. Seven Seas Edition, signature on the half-title of 

Vol. I N Y., 1914-19. 25 vols , 8vo. 
Lev. mor , tooled, g t., unc. CC(73)$66o oo. 

Works. Mandalay Edition N. Y., 1927. 26 vols., 8vo. 

Cl , gt, unc. (26 vols. in 13). J(i99)$i6oo. 

Strang (William). A Series of Thirty Etchings Illustrating 

Subjects from the Writings of Rudyard Kipling. 30 plates. 

London, 1001. At. fol. 
Bds., unc. FF(268)$45.oo. 
See also BORDEAUX (Henry). 

KIRCH ER (Athanasius). China Monumentis. Maps, some fold- 
ing. Amsterdam, 1667. Fol. 
Old cf (rubbed, same margins holed) XX(543)$9.oo. 

KIRK (Robert). The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns ft 

Fairies. Comment by Andrew Lang. Title, and frontis. in 2 
states, one in color London, 1893. Roy. 8vo 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.t, unc., by Zaehnsdorf. O(429)$20.oo. 

KIRK WOOD (J. P.). First Annual Report of the Board of 

Directors of the Pacific Railroad, and the Report of the Chief 
Engineer upon the Preliminary Surveys. Folding, litho- 
graphic map of surveys; 12 folding charts and tables. St. 
Louis, 1851. 8vo. 
Ong paper. WW (435) $-22.50. 

KISS AM (Edward). The Kissam Family in America. Frontis. 

N. Y , 1892. I2mo. 
Cl (stain on bndg.). G(439)$I3 oo. 


KITTON (F. G.). Dickens and his Illustrators. London, 1899. 

Cl., unc. UU(225)$i4.oo. 

KLIMT (Gustave). Das Werk von Gustave Klimt, Einleitende 

Worte: Hermann Bahr, Peter Altenberg. Being 50 repro- 
ductions of the artist's work in heliogravure and color. Wien 
und Leipzig. 1918 Sq. at. fol. 
Hf. cl. box. LL(42o) $50.00. 

KNIGHT (E. C.). Dinarbas, a Tale, being a Continuation of 

Rasselas, Prince of Abissinia. London, 1790. I2mo. 
Orig bds M unc., in cl. case (bndg. worn, backstrip missing). 

KNIGHT (John). The Emigrant's Best Guide; or, the most 

Recent and Important Information respecting the United 
States of America. Manchester, 1818. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor. CD(i699)$25 oo. 

KNIGHT (L. L.). Georgia's Landmarks, Memorials and Leg- 
ends Atlanta, for the Author, 1913-14. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf roan. L(iiO5)$2200. 

KNIGHT (Sarah Kv). The Journals of Madam Knight and Rev. 

Mr. Buckingham. From the Original Manuscripts, written 
in 1704 & 1710. N Y., 1825. I2mo. 
Hf. roan, g.t , unc. CD(i7oo)$90o. 

KNIGHT (Dr.). Narratives of the perils and sufferings of Dr. 
Knight and John Slover, among the Indians, during the Revo- 
lutionary War, with short memoirs of Col. Crawford and John 
Slover, and a letter from H. Brackenridgc, on the rights of 
the Indians, etc Cincinnati, 1867. I2mo. SS(i346)$7 50. 

KNOLLES (Richard). Generall Historic of the Turkes. Por- 
traits and engraved title London, 1638. Fol. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked). RR (206) $10.00. 

KNOWER (Daniel). Adventures of a Forty-Niner. Portrait. 

Albany, 1894. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. SS(439)$io.oo. 

KNOWLTON (F. H.). Birds of the World. 16 col. plates. 

N. Y., 1909. Imp.Svo. 
Cl., unc. L(iio6)$n.oo. 

KNOX (John). A New Collection of Voyages, Discoveries and 

Travels. Maps and plates. London, 1767. 7 vols., 8vo. 
Oldcf. (rebacked with sheep). NN(63)$i5oo. 

KNOX (Capt. John). An Historical Journal of the Campaigns 

in North America, for 1757, 1758-60. Folding map and por- 
traits London, for the Author, 1769 2 vols., sm 4to. 

Old cf. (rubbed, rehinged, name on title). 58(983) $82.50. 

Hf.mor., g.e. (map rebacked). WW(22i)$95.oo, 


y Gifts; or, a Wallet of Wonders. 

London and N. Y. [1874.] i2mo. 

KNOX (Kathleen). Fairy Gifts; or, a Wallet of Wonders. Illus. 
by Kate Greenaway. L 

Orig. bds. GG (79) $30.00. 

KOCK (Charles-Paul de). [His] Masterpieces. Trans by G. B. 

Ives. Illustrations in 2 states, frontis in each vol col. by 

hand. Japan paper. Phila., Barrie [1904.] 2ovols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc CC(74)$250.oo 
Another copy. ZZ(2i8)$i75 oo. 
Writings. Intro, by Jules Claretie Trans, by M. H. Ford 

and others. Portraits, numerous col initial letters, head and 

tail-pieces. Boston [1902-09] 42vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev mor., inlaid, g t., unc (backs faded, Memorial Edition). 

Cl., g.t, unc. (lacks one vol, Medal Edition). GG(2i4)$2OOO. 

KOEBEL (W. H.). Romance of the River Plate. 26 col. plates 

and maps. London, 1914 2 vols , 4to. 
Cl, unc. L(no7)$8oo 

KOHL (J. G.). Kitchi-Gami. London, 1860 8vo. 
Rebnd. hf. cf., gt. CD(i5i6)$2o.oo. 

KOLBEN (Peter). Present State of the Cape of Good Hope. 

Plates London, 1731. 2 vols , 8vo 
Oldcf. (rebacked) L(no9)$iooo. 

KOSEWITZ (W. F. von). Eccentric Tales. Col. illustrations 

by G. Cruikshank from Crowquill London, 1827 8vo. 
Lev mor., gt , unc , by Riviere. A(77)$ 
Another copy. W (57) $6000. 

KREKSCHMER (Albert). Deutsche Volkstrachten. 88 plates 

in color. Leipzig [1880] 4to. 
Leath , g.e. LL(42i)$i2 oo. 

KRIEBEL (H. W.). The Schwenkf elders in Pennsylvania, a 

Historical Sketch Lancaster, 1904 8vo 
Cl. YY(37)$io.oo. 

KRISTELLER (Paul). Andrea Mantegna. 26 plates. N. Y. 

and London, 1901 4to. 
CL, unc N(443)$i75o 
Cl., g.t., unc. HH(459)$i5 oo. 
Cl., unc. DE(244)$i200 

Early Florentine Woodcuts. London, 1897 8vo. 
Hf cl , unc. DE(243)$22.50. 

Der Meister von 1515. 36 plates. Berlin, 1916. 4to. LL(i84)$7-50. 

KUHN (Albert). Roma. Col frontis. N Y , 1916 Imp. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t. HH( 4 6o)$8.oo. 

KU KLUX. Proceedings in the Ku Klux Trials at Columbia, 

S. C. f Nov. 1871. Columbia, 1872. 8vo. 
Hf. sheep. YY(74)$ 


KU KLUX Continued 

Report of The Joint Select Committee to inquire into The 

Condition of Affairs in The Late Insurrectionary States. 
Wash., 1872. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. YY(73)$7-50. 

KUNZ (G. P.). Gems and Precious Stones of North America. 

8 col. plates. N .Y., 1892. Imp 8vo. 
Cl. (rubbed and shaken). L(ni2)$i9.oo. 

KUNZ (G. F.) and STEVENSON (C. H.). The Book of the 

Pearl. Illustrations, many in color. N. Y., 1908. Imp. 8vo. 
Cl , unc. L(ni4)$i2.oo. 

KUYKENDALL (W. L.). Frontier Days. Portraits. N.p, 

1917. I2mo. 
Cl. (presentation copy from sons of the author, with A L. S. of 

J. M. Kuykendall. BB(i69)$25oo. 
Cl. BB(i7o)$22.oo. 

LA CALPRENfiDE (G. de C., Sieur de). Cassandra. Rendered 

into English by a Person of Quality. London, 1652. Fol (rebacked). A(s8)$9.oo. 

LACLOS (P. A. F. Choderlos de). Les Liaisons Dangereuses. 

Trans, by E Dowson. Plates. London, Privately Printed, 

1898. 2vols.,8vo. 
Hf. cl., unc. O(432)$io.oo. 
Cl, unc. (C. Tice copy). LL(422)$is oo. 

LACROIX (Paul). Les Arts au Moyen Age et a 1'fipoquqe de la 

Renaissance, Moeurs, Usages et Costumes au Moyen Age, 
etc , Vie Militaire et Rehgieuse au Moyen Age Col plates, 
with gold and silver, and plain illustrations Paris, 1871-73 
3 vols., imp. 8vo. 

Lev. mor. A (85) $3000. 

Military and Religious Life in the Middle Ages, etc. Plates 

in gold and color and numerous plain illustrations). London, 
n.d. Roy. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., unc, g.t., by Bayntun J(2Oi)$i5oo. 

LACROIX (Paul) and SERE (Ferdinand). Le Moyen Age et 

la Renaissance Col plates. Pans, 1848-51 5 vols., 4to 
Mor., tooled, ge, initials "A. V." on covers (corners chipped) 

LAFOND (Paul). Degas. Illustrations, some in color Edition 

de Luxe Paris, 1918-19. 2 vols., sq. 8vo. 
Paper, unc (worn ). LL(423)$ 

LA FONTAINE (Jean de). Les Amours de Psyche et de Cu- 
pidon. Portrait by Rigault and 9 plates after Moreau. Paris 
[1795.] 4to. 

Lev. mor., g t., by Riviere (Large paper). DD( 392) $60.00. 

Contes et Nouvelles en Vers. Frontispieces and vignettes 
by Romain de Hooghe. Amsterdam, 1721. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cf , g.e. (portrait inserted). D(i83)$i300. 


LA FONTAINE (Jean de) Continued 

Contes et Nouvelles en Vers. Frontispieces and vignettes. 

Amsterdam, 1743. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Lev mor, by Bedford A(i99)$24.oo. 

Contes et Nouvelles en Vers. Portrait and vignettes. Lon- 

dres, 1778 3 vols., i6mo. 

Cont mor , g e (end leaves discolored at margins, name on fly- 
leaf). DE(24S)$iooo 

Contes et Nouvelles en Vers. Portrait, frontispieces and vig- 
nettes. Paris, 1861. 2 vols , 8vo. 

Bds , g t., unc. DE(246)$i2.oo. 

Contes et Nouvelles en Vers. Engravings by Eisen. Paris, 

1922. 2 vols., sq. 8vo 
Lev mor. g.e. LL(425)$i2 50. 

Tales : Imitated in English Verse. London, Privately Printed, 

1814. 2 vols , I2mo. 
Hf mor., gt ZZ(2ig)$3Soo. 

Tales and Novels in Verse. 85 plates by Eisen Paris, 1884. 

2 vols , 8vo. 
Cl , gt., unc. (Japan paper) O(435)$22OO. 

Fables Choisies. Engravings by Bertin. Bouillon, 1776. 4 

vols., 8vo 
Old cf. (rubbed, C. Tice copy, sketch by her on fly-leaf of first 

vol.). LL(424)$i500. 
Fables Choisies. Plates after J B Oudry. Paris, 1783. 2 

vols , fol. 

Hf mor. O(433)$35.oo. 
(Euvres Completes. Plates after Moreau Paris, 1814. 6 

vols , I2mo. 

Hf cf , ge (name on title, pp stained). O(434)$200O 
Fragonard (J. H.). Illustrations to Contes et Nouvelles 

en Vers Plates [100] only. Paris, 1795 [reprint] 4to. 
Hf. mor , g t , unc. XX(547)$i3 oo 

LAHONTAN (N., Baron de). Nouveaux Voyages dans 1'Ame- 
nque Septentnonale. 29 maps and plates. 2 vols. A La 
Haye, 1703, [also] Dialogues de Monsieur le Baron le Lahon- 
tan Et d'an Sauvage dans l'Amerique. 4 maps and 2 plates 
Amsterdam, 1704. The Hague and Amsterdam, 1703-04. 3 
vols., I2mo. 

Hf. mor., g t., unc. (first work has vignette figure of an angel and 
the motto on both titles, Yemeniz-Edgar copy). DD(i2o) 

New Voyages to North America. 21 plates and maps (should 

be 24), by H. Moll. London, H. Bonwicke, 1703, 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. (2 vols. in one; 3 plates lacking; tear in margin of one plate, 
hole in one page, affecting a few words) DD( 121) $90.00. 

Old cf. (worn at hinges, plate lacking in Vol. I, name on title of 
Vol. I). CD(i705)$io5oo. 

New Voyages to North America. Ed. by R. G. Thwaites, 

Maps. Chic., 1905- 2vols,,4to. 

Hf.mor., unc. (Large paper). L(iii7)$i5-O0. 


L'AIGLE (Le Marquis de). Reflexions d'un Vieux Veneur sur 

la Chasse du Cerf. Col. and monotone plates and vignettes. 
Paris, n.d 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, unc., by Durvand (orig. wrappers bnd. in). L(m6) 
$11 oo. 

LAKESIDE CLASSICS (The). Chic., 1826-1906. 17 vols , i2mo. 
CL, gt, unc. CD(i7o8)$55.oo. 

LAMB (Charles). Album Verses, with a few Others. London, 

1830. 121110. 

Lev. mor., tooled, unc., by Zaehnsdorf, in cl. box (presentation 
copy, to Miss Cole). Z(8n) $5,90000. 

Orig bds., unc. (F. J. Field copy). Z(8i2)$no.oo. 

Beauty and the Beast. 8 plates, the first col. by hand, and 

folding sheet of music. London, for M. J. Godwin, n.d. Sq. 

Orig. bds., unc., in lev. mor. case (covers rebacked, new end- 
papers, music backed; line n, page 7 has "surprise," line 7, 
page 12, "lord"; front cover has reddish printed label, border 
of rosettes surrounding title, and date "1813"; pasted on back 
cover is woodcut with legend "Go be a Beast! Homer"). 

A Dissertation upon Roast Pig. Japan paper. [Park Ridge, 

111, Village Press, 1004.] I2mo. 

Bds. N(8i3)$i6.oo. 

Another copy. OO (300) $20.00. 

Elia. London, 1823. I2mo. 

Mor., by Morrell, in hf. mor case. D(i85)$i6o.oo. 

Lev. mor , tooled, inlaid, miniature on ivory inset in front doublure, 
g.e., by Sangorski, in cl. case (Second issue with half-title 
missing). F(i62)$H500. 

Elia. First Series. London, 1835. 121110. 

Orig. bds., unc , in hf. mor. case (covers worn, hinges broken, 
back fly-leaf missing; inscribed by Mary Lamb to Mrs. Mor- 
gan and Miss Brent). Z(8is)$525 oo. 

Elia. 1823; Last Essays of Elia. 1833. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Lev. mor., first vol. unc., by Riviere, in hf. mor. case (first vol. is 
presentation copy, to J. P. Collier, with author's inscription 
to him on title followed by A. N. S. of Collier, in second vol. 
is A. L. S. of author to Allsop, with note of Allsop on verso). 
Z(8io) $2,700.00. 

Essays of Elia; Last Essays of Elia. Intro, by Augustine 

Birrell. Illus. by C. E. Brock. London, 1900. 2\ols., I2mo 

Mor., g.t, unc., by Macdonald. M(42i)$i750. 

Felissa; or, the Life and Opinions of a Kitten of Sentiment. 

12 col. plates, [attributed to Lamb.] London, 1811. I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (back worn, Morshed copy). Z(8o4)$3O.oo. 

John Woodvil. London, 1802. I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc., in lev. mor. case (back worn, covers loose; pres- 
entation copy, to Miss Brooks). Z( 797) $4,000.00. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t, unc., by Sangorski, in cl. case. DD(394) 


LAMB (Charles) Continued 

The King and Queen of Hearts. 15 uncol. plates. London, 
for T. Hodgkins, 1805. Sq. i6mo. 

Orig. blue paper, bearing imprint ""London : Printed for Thomas 
Hodgkms at the Juvenile Library . . . 1805," border of front 
wrapper formed of asterisks, advertisement on back wrapper 
reading "At Hodgkins' s Juvenile Library"; in lev. mor. case 
by Riviere (wrappers rebacked). Z( 798) $4,500.00. 

Orig. yellow paper, in lev. mor. case (imprint on front cover reads 
"London. Published at the Juvenile Library . . . 1808," adver- 
tisement on back cover beginning "At the Juvenile Library"). 

Mr. H.; or, Beware a Bad Name. Phila., M. Carey, 1813. 


Unbnd., loose, laid in lev. mor. folio vol. by Stikeman (pp. 17-20 
lacking and a corner torn off, with orig. play-bills for first 2 
performances of this farce and announcement of its with- 
drawal, together 4 pieces). Z (807) $180.00. 

Mrs. Leicester's School. Frontis. London, for M. J. Godwin, 

1809. I2mo. 

Lev. mor , in lev. mor. case (contains the leaves of advertisements 
at the end, announcing "Tales from Shakespeare," etc., 
Lamb's copy with inscription in his hand). Z (822) $1,750.00. 

Mrs. Leicester's School. Frontis. col. by hand. George 

Town, 1812. ifcnio. 

Orig. leath. H(5Qi)$26 oo. 

Poetry for Children, entirely Original. Frontispieces. Lon- 
don, for M. J. Godwin, at the Juvenile Library, 1809. 2 vols., 

Orig bds , in lev mor. case (name, "Benigne S. Gray, 1821," on 
fly-leaf of each vol , no. of stanzas m first vol. marked in pen- 
cil). Z(8o2)$8,75200. 

Prince Dorus. 9 col. plates. London, for M. J. Godwin at 

the Juvenile Library, 1811. Sq. I2mo. 

Orig paper, in lev. mor. case. Z (805) $1,000.00. 

--Satan in Search of a Wife. London, 1831. i6mo. 

Orig. paper (back worn), m cl. case. Z (813) $130.00. 

A Tale of Rosamund Gray and Old Blind Margaret. London, 

for Lee and Hurst, 1798. i6mo. 

Old cf., m lev. mor. case by Riviere (name on end-paper). Z(796) 

Tales from Shakespear. Designed for the Use of Young 

Persons. 20 plates by Blake after Mulready. London, for 
Thomas Hodgkins, 1807. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc., in lev. mor. case (worn, rebacked, inner joints 
strengthened, lacks labels, leaf measures 7 7/16x4 7/16 in.; 
A. L. S. laid in first vol.; Joshua Saunders bookplate in second 
vol.). Z(8oo)$5,7oo.oo. 

Tales from Shakespeare. Illus. in color and in black-and- 
white by Rackham. Large-Paper Edition, signed by artist. 
London, 1009. 4to. 

Cl., g.t, unc. GG(256)$27-5o. 


LAMB (Charles) Continued 

Works. London, 1818. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cl., unc. (faded, shaken, back chipped). D(i84)$40.oo. 

Orig. bds, unc. (backs repaired), in hf. mor. case. Z (808) $190.00. 

Works. London, 1850. 4 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. mor. (laid in is A. L. S. of author, bnd. in are A. L. S. and MS. 
Sonnet by T. N, Talfourd, pasted in is note by J. T. Field 
indicating that these vols. were presented by him to Mr. 
Childs). T(I48)$42000. 

Life and Works. Edmonton Edition, on Japan paper, copies 

signed and numbered. Boston [1888.] I2vols,8vo. 

Hf. mor., g t , unc. O(437)$67-50. 

Life and Works. Ed by Alfred Ainger. Edition de Luxe 

London, 1899-1900. 12 vols., 8vo. 

Cl , unc. HH (464)135.00. 

Works. Ed. by William Macdonald. London, 1903. 12 vols., 


Hf. cf , g.t , unc DE(422)$25.oo. 

Life, Letters and Writings. Ed. by Percy Fitzgerald. En- 
field Edition. London, n d. 6 vols , I2mo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g t., unc. A(2oo)$20 oo. 

Another copy. J(202)$22.oo. 

Life and Works. Elia Edition N. Y , Lamb, n d. 12 vols., 

Vel , g t , unc. GG(2i6)$32 50. 


LAMB (Charles) and LLOYD (Charles). Blank Verse. Lon- 
don, 1798. i6mo. 

Orig. bds., unc , in lev. mor case (back worn, leaves discolored, 
hinges strengthened). Z(823)$23000. 

LAMB (Charles) and WHITE (James). Original Letters, &c., 

of Sir John Falstaff. Frontis. London, 1796. I2mo. 
Lev mor., g.e , by Stikeman, in lev. mor. case (presentation copy 

from Lamb to James Chaffin, C. B Foote bookplate). Z(824) 


Original Letters, &c. of Sir John Falstaff. Phila., 1813. i6mo. 

Orig. brown paper (worn, back chipped). O(436)$I7-50. 

Orig gray bds., in lev. mor. case (covers worn, one loose). Z(825) 


LAMB (Roger). Original and Authentic Journal of Occurrences 

During the Late American War. Dublin, 1809. 8vo. SS(77)$n.oo. 

LAMBERT (John). Travels through Lower Canada, and the 
United States of North America, 1806-1808. Folding map and 
col. plates. London, 1813. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cont cf (wearing). CD (1709) $16.00. 

LAMBOURNE (Alfred). The Old Journey. Plates. [Salt 

Lake City, 1897.] I2mo. 
CL, g.t, unc. (fly-leaf missing, writing on one leaf). 66(171) 



LANCASHIRE AND CHESHIRE. Record Society for the 
Publication of Original Documents, relating to Lanca- 
shire and Cheshire. Vol. I, 1879- Vol. 69, 1914. For the Rec- 
ord Society, 1879-1914. 69 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. Q(63o)$6o.oo. 

Transactions of Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire. 

Vol. i, 1848- Vol. 36, 1884, and New Series, Vol. i, 1885 (Old 
Series, Vol. 37) -Vol. 30, 1914 (Old Series, Volume 65). Liver- 
pool, 1849-1914 48 vols., 8vo. 

First 18 vols in hf. cf., others in cl. (66 vols. in 48). Q(6a8)$29.oo. 

LANCASTER (R. A.). Historic Virginia Homes and Churches. 

Phila., 1915. 8vo. 

Cl. (some leaves damaged). L( 1120) $45 .00. 
Cl., g.t., unc. O(729)$57-50. 

LANDER (F. W.). Practicability of Railroads through the 

South Pass. Letter from the Secretary of the Interior trans- 
mitting a Report from F. W. Lander. [House Document 
No. 70, 35th Congress. Wash., 1858.] 8vo. 

New bds. BB(i73)$35.oo 

Remarks on the Construction of a Railway to the Pacific. 

Wash., 1854. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. CD (2931) $37.50. 

LANDOR (Walter Savage). Dry Sticks, Fagoted. Edinburgh, 
1858. 8vo. 

Cf , tooled, unc., by Bedford, in lev. mor. case (A. N. S. and por- 
trait tipped in, Lord Tennyson's copy with his signature, also 
Locker-Gable copy). Z(83i)$i50oo. 

Imaginary Conversations of Literary Men and Statesmen. 

The Second Edition, Corrected and Enlarged. London, 1826- 
29. 5 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. (rubbed, First edition of last 3 vols.; presentation copy, to 
Hon. Hugh Cholmondeley; 2 additional "Imaginary Conver- 
sations" bnd. in last vol ). Z(828)$525.oo. 

Moral Epistle, Respectfully Dedicated To Earl Stanhope. 

London, for T. Cadell, Junr. and W. Davies, 1795. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere (John Drinkwater copy with his auto- 
graph). Z(827)$525.oo. 

"A Reply from the 'Den'." Leaflet, on yellow paper. [Lon- 
don] 1858. 8vo. 

Z (832.) $45-00. 

A Satire on Satirists, and Admonition to Detractors. London, 

1836. 8vo. 

Ong. paper, unc., in cl. case (hinges cracked, tear on cover; For- 
man-Quinn copy). Z(829)$45-00. 

Works. London, 1846. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. (presentation copy, to the Countess of 
Blessington; A. L. S. with stamped address from envelope 
inserted). Z (830) $550.00. 

LANDSEER (Thomas). Monkeyana. 25 hand-col, plates. Lon- 
don, 1827. Sm. fol., unc. (orig. front wrapper bnd. in, one plate in 2 states). 


LANDSEER (Thomas) Continued 

Tiger Hunting; or, a Day's Sport in the East. 4 plates from 

ong. drawings by P. C. Trench, col. by hand. London, 1836. 

Roy. fol. 
Unbnd, in cl. case (title scraped). L(ii26)$6o.oo. 

LANG (Andrew). Ballads and Lyrics of Old France. Portland, 

1896. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., g.t. ZZ(22i)$7.5o. 

The Library. London, 1892 Roy. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, unc., by Zaehnsdorf, in mor. case (Large 

paper, Borden copy). KK( 114) $60.00. 

Lost Leaders. London, 1889. Roy. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, unc., by Ringer (Large paper; portrait by HoII- 

yer inserted, signed by artist). KK(ii3)$io.oo 
Prince Charles Edward. Portraits, one in color, views, etc 

London, Goupil, 1900. 4to. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. A(i58)$22.oo. 
Ong paper, unc. RR(i54)$io.oo. 

Collected Set of Fairy Books, and Books of Poetry and Sto- 
ries Illustrations by H. J. Ford and others, many in color. 

London, 1880-1913. 24vols., 8vo and I2mo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g t. (orig. covers, bnd. in, A. L. S. tipped in first 

vol ). CC(75)$250.oo 
Collection of First Editions of his Writings. London, 1879- 

1910. nvols., v.s. 
Cl. HH( 4 66)$3250. 
Collection of First Editions of his Writings. London, 1882- 

1912. 8vo and roy. 8vo. 
Cl andbds., unc. (some vols. Quinn copies). KK(ii2)$35oo. 

LANGBAINE (Gerard). Account of the English Dramatick 

Poets. Oxford, 1691. 8vo. 
Orig. cf. (front cover loose, Montague Guest copy). Z(834)$3500. 

LANGFORD (N. P.). Diary of the Washburn Expedition to the 

Yellowstone and Firehole Rivers, 1870. Portraits. N.p. 

[1905.] I2mo. 
Orig. cL, g.t. (presentation copy, to C. M. Kimball). CD(i7ii) 

Vigilante Days and Ways. Portraits. Boston, 1890. 2 vols , 


Hf. mor., ge (covers loose). L(ii28)$i7.oo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc. BB(i74)$20.oo. 
Leath , g.e., tooled. CD (2376)517.50. 

LANGLAND (William). Vision of Pierce Plowman. 3 leaves 

only. [London, 1550 ] 

LANGLEY (Batty). City and Country Builder's and Workman's 

Treasury of Designs. 186 plates. London, 1740. 4to. 
Cf. (rebacked). AB(48)$6o.oo. 

New Principles of Gardening. London, 1728. 4to. 
Cont. cf., in mor. case (G. Washington's copy, with his signature;. 



LANGWORTHY (Edward). Memoirs of the Life of the Late 
Charles Lee ... to which are added, His Political and Mili- 
tary Essays. N. Y., 1792. I2mo. 

Old sheep. TT(i37)$i3.oo. 

LANGWORTHY (Franklin). Scenery of the Plains, Mountains 

and Mines Ogdensburg, 1855. I2mo. 
Orig. cl (stained). L(ii29)$6500 SS(33i)$75.oo. 
Cl. WW(339)$6ooo. 

LA PAROUSE (J. F. G. de). [His] Voyage round the World, 

1785-1788. Portrait and 50 plates London, 1798. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf cf., g.e. (rubbed) CD(i7is)$i4OO 

LARIMER (Mrs. Sarah). Capture and Escape; or, Life among 

the Sioux. Portrait Phila , 1870. I2mo. 
Cl. (stained, shaken) SS(i35o)$i7.5O. 

LARK (The). 24 orig. nos. Ed. by Gelett Burgess. With The 
Epi-Lark, orig. no 25. San Fran , 1895-97. Sm 4to. 

25 orig parts, unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (inserted is 
L S of Burgess). M(423)$i750. 

2 vols, cl, unc. (few leaves repaired). N(45i)$i7.50. 

LARMINIE (William). West Irish Folk-Tales and Romances. 

London, 1893. 4to. 
Hf. mor., gt., unc. (Large paper). R(22i)$75o. 

LARNED (J. N.). History for Ready Reference. Maps Spring- 
field, Mass., 1901-10. 7 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Hf leath, ge. O(440)$750.oo 

Literature of American History. Boston, 1902. Sm 4to. 

Cl SS(i7i)$i750. 


Travels through The United States of North America, 1795- 

1797. Folding map London, 1799. 4to. 
Old cf. (rubbed). CD (2613) $22.50. 
Travels through The United States of North America. 1795- 

1797. Folding maps. London, 1800. 4 vols 
Orig bds, unc. WW(47o)$26oo. 

LARPENTEUR (Charles). Forty Years a Fur Trader on the 

Upper Missouri, 1833-72. Ed. by Elliott Coues. Maps, views, 

and portraits. N. Y., 1898. 2 vols., 8vo 
Cl., unc. L(ii34)$i8.oo. 
Cl., unc. BB(i75)$225o 
Cl. SS(997)$n.oo. 

LAS CAS AS (Bartolome de). Conquista dell' Indie Occidental!. 

Trad, per Ginammi. Venetia, M. Ginammi, 1645. 4to. 
New paper (E. S. Crane copy). E(i44)$i5-<x>. 
Vel. VV(87)$n.oo. 

Historia de las Indias. Madrid, 1875-76. 5 vols., 8vo., unc. (rubbed). VV(8o)$9.oo. 


LAS CASES (Emmanuel, Comte de). Journal of the Private 
Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon at Saint 
Helena. Folding plate. London, 1823. 8 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (4 vols. in 8, rebacked). R(28i)$2;.5o. 

Memoirs of Napoleon. Portraits. N. Y., 1890. 4 vols., I2mo 

Cl. (with "Napoleon in Exile" by Barrie O'Meara. 2 vols., to- 
gether 6 vols.). J (204) $22.00. 

LASCELLES (Robert). Angling, being the First Part of a 

Series of Familiar Letters on Sporting; Shooting, being the 
Second Part; Coursing, being the Third Part. Frontis in 
each part. London, Wilson [1815] Roy. 8vo 

Mor, unc. (3 parts in one vol.; plates are proofs before letters; 
inserted is A, L. S. of T. Westwood, J. C. Deverell copy). 

Cf. (3 parts in one vol , 2 plates only, inserted is MS. poem by 
author) . L( i I36)$io.oo. 

LATHAM (Charles). Gardens of Italy. London, n.d. 2 vols , 

Cl. N(452)$32.50. 

LATHAM (Charles) and TIPPING (H. A.). In English 

Homes. Plates London, 1904-09. 4 vols , fol. 
Hf. lev mor., tooled. L(ii37)$i05.oo. 
Hf. lev. mor., tooled, g t. DE(424)$6s oo. 

LATHAM (John). General History of Birds. With Index 192 

col plates. Winchester, 1821-28. iovols,4to. 
Hf. mor., g.e. (rubbed, stained) DE(425)$6o.oo 

LATHROP (George). Memoirs of a Pioneer. Being [his] Au- 
tobiography. Lusk, Wyoming, The Lusk Herald, about 1917. 

Orig paper (joint broken, first 2 leaves loose; name of Mrs. Luke 
Voorhees on wrapper, note, and MS. alterations by her in 
text). BB(i78)$75.oo. 

LATHY (T. P.). The Angler. Frontis. London, 1820. I2mo. 
Cont. mor., tooled, ge. (frontis stained). I(786)$77.5O. 

LATOUR (A. L.). Historical Memoir of the War in West Flor- 
ida and Louisiana in 1814-15. With an Atlas. Portrait and 8 
folding maps and plans. Phila , 1816 2 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor , g t., and orig. bds. CD (2881) $45 .00. 

LATROBE (C. I.) Journal of a Visit to South Africa, 1815-1816. 

Folding map and 16 plates, many m color. London, 1818. 

Vel., tooled, g.e. L(ii38)$io.oo. 


i, 4-17, 21-39, 41-54, 69, with dupl. of Vol. n. Manchester and 

Liverpool, 1841-1907. 35 vols., 8vo. 
Hf.leath. (50 vols. in 35, rubbed). BB (179) $120.00. 


LAUDER (William). Essay on Milton's Use and Imitation of 

the Moderns, in his Paradise Lost. London, 1750. 8vo. 
Bds. (frayed, fly-leaf missing). D(i45)$20oo. 

LAUDONNI&RE (R. G. de). L'Historie Notable de la Floride. 

Paris, 1853. i6mo. 

Cl , g.t (bnd. in is "Histoire du Perou" by Anello Olivia. 1857). 

LAUGHTON (L. G. C.). Old Ship Figureheads and Sterns. 

Plates, some in color. London, 1925. 4to. 
Cl., unc. NN(66)$iioo. 
Cl , g t , unc XX(5$2)$9.oo. 

LAVAL (A. J. de). Voyage de la Louisiane. Maps, plates and 

tables Paris, 1728 4to. 
Orig cf. (covers worn and loose). DE(55)$375O. 

LAVATER (J. C.). Essays on Physiognomy. Trans, by H. 

Hunter. Plates London, 1789-98. 5 vols , 4to. 
Mor , tooled (4 vols , rubbed, one cover loose, pp stained, H. 

Wilson copy). L(ii4o)$io.oo, 
Cf (covers loose, pp. stained). DE(249)$i5oo 

LAW (William). Extract from a Treatise, called the Spirit of 

Prayer. Phila., B. Franklin and D. Hall, 1760 I2mo. 
Unbnd. YY(30i)$3i25 

LAWRENCE (D. H.). Amores. [London, 1916] I2mo. 
Cl , unc. (First issue, with i6-page advertisement at the end; pres- 
entation copy, inscribed Aug. I, 1916 to Dollie Radford). 

Bay: A Book of Poems. Decorations in color by Anne Es- 

telle Rice. [Westminster, Beaumont Press, 1919.] I2mo. 
Fancy bds., vel. back, unc (Japan paper, signed by author and 

by artist). OO(i67)$i5.oo 
The Prussian Officer and Other Stories. London [1914 ] 


Orig cl. M(427)$8.oo. 
The Rainbow. London [1915-] ^^mo 
Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor case M (428^3000 
Cl (D Jackson copy). OO(i64)$220O 

Sons and Lovers. London, 1913. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. M(426)$i300. 

The Trespasser. London, 1912 i2mo. 

Cl. OO(i6o)$n.oo. 

The White Peacock. London, Hememann, 1911. 12 mo. 

Cl., first bndg with Heinemann device on back cover (rubbed, 

one joint cracked). OO(i59)$i7-OO. 

Women in Love. N Y., Privately Printed, 1920. 8vo. 

Orig. cl, unc. (autographed). LL(429A)$2OOO. 

Cl., unc. (autographed, bookplate marked "P. M. F."). 00(169) 

Cl., unc. (autographed). OO( 170) $22.50. 


LAWRENCE (James). Life of James Lawrence, late a Captain 

in the U. S. Navy. Hartford, Russell, 1814. i6mo. 
Orig bds. TT( 136) $52.50. 

LAWRENCE (T. E.). Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Frontis. in 
oils, col. folding maps, plates, and other illustrations in v 
media by v. artists. London, 1926. Roy. 8vo. 

Lev. mor , g.t , unc , by Best, end-papers by Kenmngton. PP(i3i) 

Illustrations for "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom." 57 repro- 
ductions, mainly in color. N p., n d. [London, 1927 ] 410. 

Orig. bds. K(i97)$ 

LAY (William) and HUSSEY (C. M.). Narrative of the Mutiny, 
on Board the Ship Globe. New London, 1828. i6mo. 

New mor. (pp stained, name on one leaf, title and 2 leaves re- 
paired). VV(i58)$io.oo. 

LAY OF JOHN HAROLDSON (The). Phila. [printed for pri- 
vate circulation,] 1866. Sm. 4to. 

LAZELL (T. S.). Whiting Genealogy. Nathaniel Whiting, of 

Dedham, Mass., 1641, and Five Generations of his Descend- 
ants. Boston, 1902. 8vo. 
Cl , unc. Q(566)$7-50. 

LEA (H. C.). History of the Inquisition of Spain. N. Y., 1906. 

5 vols , 8vo. 

CL, g.t. O(67o)$io.oo. 
History of the Inquisition of Spain. N Y and London, 1008 

4 vols , 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor, g.t. RR(222)$i7OO 

LEACH (J. G.). Chronicle of the Yerkes Family, with Notes on 

the Leech and Rutter Families. Phila., 1904. 4to. 
Cl , unc. (presentation copy). YY(72)$i2.oo 
Genealogical and Biographical Memorials of the Reading, 

Howell, Yerkes, Watts, Latham, and Elkins Families Col 

coat-of-arms Phila , 1898 4to. 
Hf. mor., unc. (presentation copy). YY(s6)$325o. 

LEACOCK (John). The Fall of British Tyranny. Boston 

[1776.] 8vo., unc. TT(i38)$85.oo. 
The Fall of British Tyranny. Providence: J Douglas Mc- 

Dougall [1776.] 8vo. 
Hf mor., unc. FG( 103) $87.50. 


LEAMING (Aaron) and SPICER (Jacob). Grants, Concessions 
and Original Constitutions of the Province of New Jersey, 
Phila., W. Bradford, 1758- Fol. 

Oldcf. (broken, piece torn from middle of title). YY (384) $35.00. 


LEAVITT (E. W.). Starkeys of New England and Allied Fam- 
ilies. Portrait. Springfield, 1910. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. Q(5ii)$9-50. 

Starkeys of New England and the Descendants of Greorge 

Lawrence. Boston, 1892. 8vo. 

Paper. Q(si2)$95o. 

LE BEAU (Claude). Avantures, au Voyage Curieux et Nou- 
yeau, Parmi les Sauvages de I'Amerique Septentrionale. Fold- 
ing map and plates. Amsterdam, Uytwerf, 1738. 2 vols , 

Cont. cf., tooled, g.e. (rubbed, joints wearing). CD(i723)$2ooo 

LECKY (W. E. H.). History of England. 8 vols. 1891; His- 
tory of European Morals. 2 vols 1900, History of the Rise 
and Influence of the spirit of Rationalism in Europe. 2 vols. 
1900 N. Y., 1891-1900. 12 vols., v.s. 

Cl. HH(47i)$i7.50. 

History of European Morals. London, 1869. 2 vols , 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t. DE(426)$3O oo 

Poems. London, 1891. 8vo. 

Rus , tooled, g.t., unc., by Zaehnsdorf, in cl. folder and case 
(Large paper, A. L. S. tipped in). O(444)$i25o. 

LECLERCQ (Henri). Manuel d'Archeologie Chretienne depuis 

les Origmes jusqu'au VII le Siecle. Pans, 1907. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor , g.t., unc. HH (472) $14.00. 

LE CONTE (Joseph). Journal of Ramblings through the High 

Sierras of California. San Fran , 1875. 8vo. 
Cl L(ii4i)$22.50. 

LECOUVREUR (Frank). From East Prussia to the Golden 
Gate in '51. Ed by his Wife, J. R. Lecouvreur. Trans, by 
J. C. Behnke. Folding map, portraits, and 19 views. N. Y., 
1906. 8vo. 

Cl CD (1724) $7.50. 

LED YARD (Isaac). An Essay on Matter. Phila., Printed for 

the Author, 1724. Sm. 4to. 
Unbnd. JJ(i47)$2i oo 
LEE (Arthur). A Speech, intended to have been delivered in 

the House of Commons, in support of the Petition from the 
General Congress at Philadelphia. London, 1775. 8vo. 
Hf mor. WW(i43)$i75o. 

LEE (Daniel), and Frost (J. H.). Ten Years in Oregon. Fold- 
ing map. N. Y., 1844. I2mo. 
Oldcf. EE(i8o)$i3.oo. 
Cf. (rebacked). W W(343)$7 50. 

LEE (F. B.)* New Jersey as a Colony and as a State. N. Y., 

1002. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Cl, g.t, unc. HH(473)$n.oo. 


LEE (L. P.). History of the Spirit Lake Massacre! ... and of 

Miss Abigail Gardiner's Three Months' Captivity among the 
Indians according to her own account as given to L. P. Lee. 
New Britain, Conn., 1857. 8vo. 
Orig. paper (some pp. stained). 88(1344) $7.50. 

LEE (Nelson). Three Years Among the Camanches. Portrait. 

Albany, 1859. I2mo. 
Cl. SS(i345)$30.oo. 

LEE (R. H.). Life of Arthur Lee. Boston, 1829. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc (worn, hinges cracked). SS (82) $9.00. 

LEECH (John). Mr. Briggs and his Doings. Fishing. 12 col. 
plates. London, Bradbury and Evans, n d. Roy. fol. 

Hf. mor., gt. (orig. covers bnd. in) J(88)$47-5o. 

Portraits of Children of the Mobility. 8 plates. With Mem- 
oirs and Characteristic Sketches by [Percival Leigh ] Lon- 
don, 1841. 8vo 

Orig. cl. (worn). Z(835)$650O. 

LEEDS (Daniel). News of a Trumpet Sounding in the Wilder- 
ness N. Y., W. Bradford, 1697 I2mo. 
Orig. sheep, in mor. case. DD( 123) $700.00. 

LEEPER (D. R.). The Argonauts of 'Forty-Nine. South Bend, 

Ind, 1894. 8vo. 
Orig. cl SS(440)$4500. 
Cl. WW(346)$40.oo 

LE FANU (J. S.). Fortunes of Colonel Torlogh O'Brien. Plates 

by H. K. Browne. Dublin, 1847. 8vo. 
Cl. (name on title). L(i464)$i40O 

LE GALLIENNE (Richard). Religion of a Literary Man. Lon- 
don, 1893. ,8vo. 
Cl., unc. (inscribed by Lionel Johnson). N(453)$io.oo. 

LE GRAND D'AUSSY (P. J. B.). Fabliaux, or Tales. Lon- 
don, 1815 3 vols., I2mo. 
Hf cf., g.t. 0(268)$i300. 

LE HUNDRA (F.). In the Arctic Regions in 1860. Portrait 

on cover. Augusta, Wis , about 1870. I2mo. 
Orig. paper (backbone strengthened). SS(i32)$n.oo. 

LEIGH (Percival). The Comic English Grammar. 50 illus. by 

J. Leech. London, 1840. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Walters (orig. covers bnd. in, W. T. 

Wallace copy). DD(395)$40.oo. 
Hf. lev. mor., gt., by Zaehnsdorf (orig. cl. covers bnd. in). 


The Comic Latin Grammar. Plates by Leech. London, 1840. 

Cf., gt., by Stikeman (orig. front cover bnd. in, some plates 
spotted). PP(i33)$ 


LELAND (C. G.). Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune-Telling. Lon- 
don, 1891. Roy.Svo. 

Hf. mor. L(ii44)$io.oo. 

The Union Pacific Railway. Phila., 1867. 8vo 

Orig. paper (backbone chipped, laid in is pamphlet, "The Fund- 
ing Infamy and Pacific Railroad Villainies," by J. H. Burke). 

LEMESLE (Charles), filoge de Thomas Jefferson. Paris, 1827. 

Unbnd. JJ(i3i)$9.oo. 

LEMON (Mark). The Enchanted Doll. Illustrations by R. 
Doyle. London, 1849. I2mo. 

Mor. (presentation copy to Mary Dickens, A. L S. by her in- 
serted). Z(837)$i6s.oo. 

LENDRUM (John). Concise and Impartial History of the 

American Revolution. Boston, 1795. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Hf. mor., g t. SS(73)$24 oo. 

LENNOX (Charlotte). Memoirs for the History of Madame de 

Mamtenon and of the Last Age. Dublin, 1758 3 vols., I2mo. 
Cf , g t , by Whitman Bennett K(i98)$i5.oo. 

LENNOX (Lord William Pitt). Recreations of a Sportsman. 

Frontispieces London, 1862 2 vols., I2mo 
Hf. mor., g.e. L(ii47)$iooo. 

LENOX (E. H.). Overland to Oregon in the Tracks of Lewis 

and Clarke. Oakland, 1904. 8vo. 
CL CD(2388)$8oo 

LEONARD (Zenas). [His] Adventures, 1831-36. Ed by W. F 

Wagner. Maps. Cleveland, 1904. 8vo. 
Cl, unc. L(ii5o)$8oo 
Another copy. BB(i8i)$io.oo 

LEONARDO DA VINCI. Literary Works. Ed by J. P. Rich- 
ter. Illustrations and facsimiles. London, 1883. 2 vols , imp. 

Cl , g.t., unc. (one vol shaken). HH(6is)$ii5.oo 

LEOPOLD, DUKE OF AUSTRIA. Compilatio de astrorum 

scientia. [Augsburg.] Ratdolt, 1489. 4to. 
Vel. (library stamp on title, cont. marginal MS. notes). V(ioo) 


LE PAGE DU PRATZ. History of Louisiana. Folding maps 

London, 1763. 2 vols., I2mo. (broken, Vol. I only). EE(o8)$7-50. 
Old cf. (worn, cover of Vol. I and frontis. maps loose) CD(i942) 

$27.50. (one vol. stained). DE(56)$55-oo. 


LESAGE (A. R.). Adventures of GU Bias of Santfflane. Trans. 

by T. Smollett. Col. plates. London, 1819. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Oldcf. (rebacked). W( 4 i)$42.5o. 
Hf. mor., g.e., by Root (backs faded). ZZ (300) $10.00. 
Adventures of Gil Bias of Santillane. Engravings after R. 

Smirke. London, 1822. 4 vols., I2mo. 
Cf., tooled (Lord Macaulay's copy, name on fly-leaves). L(ii52) 

Adventures of Gil Bias of Santillana. Illus. by A. Lalauzc. 

London [Privately printed,] n.d. 4 vols , i8mo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. HH(47s)$i8.oo. 
Le Diable Boiteux; or, the Devil upon Two Sticks. Frontis. 

London, 1708. 8vo. 
Cf., go., uii rough, by Zaehnsdorf. ZZ(227)$i5 oo. 


Several States, comprising the Federal Union; recommending 
a Uniform Continental Currency. N. Y., Printed for the 
Author, 1795 I2mo. 
Orig. paper, unc. WW(i6)$6o.oo 


America, on the Subject of the Slave-Trade N. Y., 1784 


Hf. lev. mor. (James Cooper copy). CD(267o)$QOO. 

LETTS (J. M.). California Illustrated. 48 tinted plates N. Y., 

W. Holdredge, 1852. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (worn, hinge cracked). S 8(309) $17.00. 

Pictorial View of California. 48 plates. N. Y , 1853. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (some plates stained). H(54)$i300. 
Orig. cl. (worn). TT( 139) $20.00. 

LEVAILLANT (Francois). Histoire Naturelle des Perroqucts. 

Plates in color. Paris, 1801. 3vols.,4to. 
Hf. leath., g.t, unc. (bndg. worn, some plates missing, some pp 

stained). K(232)$6s.oo. 

LEVASSEUR (A.). Lafayette in America in 1824 and 1825. 

Trans, by J. D. Godman. Phila , 1829. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Bds., unc. (name of former owner on title). CD (1704) $22.50. 

LEVER (Charles). Davenport Dunn. Illus. by H. K. Browne 

London, 1857-59. 8vo. 

22 in 21 orig. parts, unc., in cl. case. W(i55)$47 50. 
LuttreU of Arran. Illus. by H. K. Browne. London, 1865. 

Lev. mor., unc., by Riviere (orig. pencil drawing bnd. in). Z(838) 


Saint Patrick's Eve. Illus. by H. K. Browne. London, 1845. 

Sq. I2mo. 

Cf., g.e., by Tout. RR(488)$i6.oo. 
Works. First Editions. 51 vols.; [also] Life, by W. J. Fitz- 

patrick. Dublin, London, and Edinburgh, 1839-79. 53 vols., 

8vo. and I2mo. 
Lev. mor. f c t. (orig. bndgs. bnd in). CC(77)$45o.oo. 


LEVER (Charles) Continued 

Novels. Intro, by Andrew Lang. Portrait. Boston, 1895. 

40 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t, unc. R(226)$70.oo. 
Novels. Ed. by his Daughter. Copyright Edition. London, 

1897-99. 37 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. f g t, unc. GG(2i8)$8o.oo. 

LEVERHULME (W. H. Lever, Viscount). [Sale Catalogue ] 
Art Collections of the late Viscount Leverhulme. N. Y., 1926. 
Roy. 8vo. 

Cl. F(i65)$9.oo. 

LEVINGE (R. G. A.). Echoes from the Backwoods; or, 

Sketches of Transatlantic Life. Frontispieces. London, 

1846. 2 vols , 8vo. 
Orig. cl., unc. WW(349) $12.00. 
Echoes from the Backwoods. Plates. London, 1849. 2 vols , 

Cf. SS(io6).$i25o. 

LEWINE (J.). Bibliography of Eighteenth Century Art and 

Illustrated Books. London, 1898. Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g t. O(454)$8.oo. 

LEWIS (H.). Das Illustrirte Mississippithal. 78 col. plates. 

Dusseldorf [1850] Roy.8vo. 

Hf. rus. (20 plates and part of text stained). L( 1158) $220.00. 
Cl. (4 plates lacking). CD(i73i)$i30.oo. 

LEWIS (Mrs. Harriot). Narrative of Captivity and Sufferings. 

Boston, for George Billings, 1818. I2mo. 
Sewed, unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (stitching loose, some 

margins frayed). SS(i3o6)$3750. 

LEWIS (J. O.). [Aboriginal Portfolio, or a Collection of Por- 
traits of the most celebrated chiefs of the North American 
Indians.] Being a series of 72 plates in colors. 12 parts 
complete. [Phila., 1836.] Sm. fol. 

Old bds. (bnd. in is leaf of advertisement for Part I, laid in are 
orig wrappers of Part 5). 55(1452)512500. 

LEWIS (Lawrence). History of the Bank of North America. 

8 portraits by H. B. Hall. Large paper edition. Phila., 1882. 

Roy. 4to. 

In folded sheets. W(8)$I400. 

LEWIS (M. G.). The Monk. Waterford, 1796. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Cf., g.t., by Riviere. K(20o)$35.oo. 

LEWIS (Meriwether) and CLARKE (William). Message from 
the President, communicating Discoveries made in Exploring 
the Missouri, Red River and Washita, by Captains Lewis and 
Clark. Feb. 19, 1806. Read, and ordered to lie on the table. 
Folding tables. Wash., 1806. 8vo. 

Sewed, unc., in cl. case (171(7) PP-, last leaf, in photostat). 


LEWIS (Meriwether) and CLARKE (William) Continued 

Mor. (bnd. in are "Report of Com ... on so much of the Mes- 
sage ... as relates to Farther Exploring of the Western Wa- 
ters." 1806, "Documents accompanying a bill making Com- 
pensation to ... Lewis and Clark." 1807, a "d folding sheet, 
"Roll of Men who accompanied Capts Lewis and Clark/' 
together 4 pieces). CD (1733)5210.00. 

Travels in the Interior Parts of America. London, 1807. 8vo. 

Hf. roan, gt (with dupl pp. 17-24). BB(i82)$70.op 

Hf. cf .. unc. (rubbed, pp stained; with dupl. pagination 17-24). 
NN(6 7 )$i 5 .oo. 

Hf cf., g.t., unc. CD(i735)$90o. 

Travels of Lewis and Clarke from St. Louis, by Way of 

the Missouri and Columbia Rivers, to the Pacific Ocean. 
Folding map. London, 1809. 8vo. 

Hf cf., gt., unc. BB(183)$2250. 

Hf. cf., g.t. (some pp. stained) CD(i738)$io.oo. 

Travels . . . 1804, 1805, & 1806. Folding map and Indian por- 
traits. Phila., 1809. I2mo. 

Orig sheep (cover loose, stains, several leaves torn, lower part 
of PP 95-96 torn away, destroying 2 lines of text). CD(i737) 

History of the Expedition . . . 1804-6. Prepared for the Press 

by Paul Allen. 6 maps, one folding. Phila , 1814. 2 vols , 

Hf. mor. (pp. stained). L(ii6o)$8s.oo. 

Hf mor. U(62)$35.oo. 

Orig. cf (rubbed, pp. stained) BB(i8s)$6ooo. 

Cont. hf. cf. and (Vol. II) ong bds., unc. (rubbed, library stamp 
on title). CD(i74i)$ 

Travels . . . 1804-6. Large folding map and 5 charts on 3 

leaves. London, 1814. 4to. 

Lev. mor., tooled, unc., by Tout (W. H. Dunwoody copy). 

Hf. mor., gt., unc. (library stamp) BB(i86)$5000. 

Hf. cf. (rubbed, joints cracked, folding map in facsimile). 

History of the Expedition under the Command of Lewis and 

Clark. Ed. by Elliott Coues Folding maps, portraits and 
plates. N Y., 1893 4 vols , 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (backs soiled, corners rubbed). L(n62)$57.50. 

Cl., unc. BB(i87)$6o.oo 

Cl , unc. WW(352)$45.oo. 

History of The Expedition, etc. Reprinted from the Edition 

of 1814, with Intro and Index by J. K Hosmer. Portraits 
and maps. Chic., 1904. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. and unopened (Large paper)." CD (1746) $21.00. 

Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Ed. 
by R. G. Thwaites. Facsimiles, maps, plans, views, and por- 
traits 7 vols. and Atlas. N. Y., 1904-05. 8 vols. 

Cl., unc. (Large Paper Edition, 15 vols). L( 1163) $115.00. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. O(Q)$70.oo. 


LEWIS (Mcriwcthcr) and CLARKE (William) Continued 

Voyage des Captaines Lewis et Clarke, etc. Redige par Pa- 
trice Gass, et traduit par A. J N. Lallemant. Folding map 
Paris, 1810. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, gt., unc. BB(i84)$30.oo 

Die Reisen der Capitaine Lewis und Clarke . . . 1804-1805- 
1806. 4 portraits. Libanon, J. Stover, 1811. I2mo. 

Orig bds. YY (390)$! 15.00. 

also FISHER (William). 

LEWIS (T. B.). What I have Saved from the Writings of My 

Husband. [By Margaret Lewis ] San Fran., 1874. i2mo. 
Orig. cl. (presentation copy, with autograph inscription from 
Thomas B Lewis on front end-papers). CD (1732) $9.00. 

LEWIS (T. F.). [Views in Spain.] 26 col lithographs by [him.] 

Mounted to atlas folio. N p , 1833-36. At. fol. 
Hf. mor., tooled, ge. PP(53)$ 

LEWIS (W. J.). Articles of Association and By-Laws of the 

Pacific and Atlantic Rail Road Company, Together with the 
general law of the State of California, for incorporating Rail 
Road Companies San Jose, 1851. I2mo. 
Orig. paper. CD(24i5)$75 oo 

LEWYS (Georgus). The Temple of Pallas-Athenae. (Posterite). 

Frontispiece by Franz Gntz. Privately printed, 19-24 8vo 
Cl, unc. (signed). W(i56)$g.oo. 

LIBERAL (The). Verse and Prose from the South. Nos 1- 
IV. London, J. Hunt, 1822-23 2 vols., 8vo. 
Parts i and 2 orig paper, parts 3 and 4 part ong paper, unc , in 
hf mor. case (2 vols in 4 parts). X(227)$2;5oo 

LIBRARY OF CLASSIC REALISM. London, 1901. 21 vols , 

Hf. mor., g.t. O(6o2)$ 

LIBRE BELGIQUE (La.) Complete file, Nos. 1-17, [With! 
De Landsheere (Paul). Histoire des origines de la "Libre 
Belgique" clandestine Bruxelles, 1919, [Also] A L of E 
Van Doren, A L. of Le Dresseur, N. S. by Cardinal Mercier, 
and a no. of magazine articles and pamphlets relating to the 
history of "La Libre Belgique." 180 pieces, 4to, 8vo, and 

In cl case. D 0(393) $80000. 

LIECHTENSTEIN (Princess Marie). Holland House. Lon- 
don, 1874. 2 vols., 4to. 

Lev. mor., g.e. (Large paper). A(205)$n.oo. 
Lev. mor., g.e. W(i57)$i4-oo. 

LIENHARD (H.)- Calif ornien unmittelbar vor und nach der 

Entdeckung des Goldes Portrait, Zurich, 1898. 8vo. 
Orig paper. WW(353)$i7-5o* 


LIMANTOUR (Jos* Y.). Case of Jos6 Y. Limantour, claim- 
ing Four Leagues of Land in San Francisco County and 
Adjacent Islands. San Fran., 1858. 8vo. 

Paper. G(47)$io.50. 

Pamphlet relating to the claim of Senor Don Jose Y. Liman- 
tour, to four Leagues of Land in the County adjoining and 
near the City of San Francisco, California. San Fran., 1853 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. SS(32o)$n.oo. 

LINATI (C.). Costumes et Moeurs de Mexique. 33 col. plates. 

London, 1830. 4to. 
Hf. roan, unc. (2 plates stained). VV( 149) $20.00. 

LINCOLN (Abraham). [Broadside.] By the President of the 

United States of America A Proclamation. Whereas . . . 
a Proclamation was issued . . . [relative to Freedom of 
Slaves.] Now, therefore, I ... as a fit and necessary war 
measure for suppressing said Rebellion do, on this first day 
of Jan., 1863, . . . order and designate as the States and parts 
of States ... in rebellion against the United States, the fol- 
lowing. 4 pp., last 3 blank. [1863.] Fol. 


[Broadside.] Draft Call: By Order of Abraham Lincoln, 

President of the United States, etc. Concord, Mass , July. 
1863. Fol. 

H(i 3 3)$7.50. 

Speech of Mr. A. Lincoln, of Illinois, on the Civil and Diplo- 
matic Appropriation Bill delivered in the House of Renre- 
sentatives June 20, 1848. Wash., 1848. 8vo. 

Sewed, unc. CD (1751) $27. 50. 

Speech of Mr. A. Lincoln, of Illinois, on the Presidential 

Question. Delivered in the House of Representatives July 
21, 1848 [Wash., 1848.] 8vo. 

Folded. CD U752) $17.50 

Writings. Ed. by A. B. Lapsley. Collector's Federal Edi- 
tion. N. Y., 1905. 8 vols , roy 8vo. 

Cl, g.t., unc. 0(458)$25.oo. 

Lev. mor., g.t, unc. ZZ(22o)$i2ooo. 

Writings. Ed. by A. B. Lapsley. Frontispieces. Constitu- 
tional Edition. N. Y., [1905.] 8vols,8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. K(20i)$so.oo. 

Hf. mor., unc. (rubbed). N (463 ^$10.00. 

Complete Works. Ed. by John G. Nicolay and John Hay. 

N. Y. [1905.] 12 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, gt., unc. (Memorial Edition). CC (78) $250.00. 

Cl., g.t., unc. (Gettysburg Edition). GG(22i)$57 50. 

Abraham Lincoln, a Study. Signed at end, "R Y." Liver- 
pool, 1865. I2mo. 

Cl. CD(i8o6)$37.50. 

The Assassination of President Lincoln and the Trial of 
the Conspirators, comp. and arranged by Benn Pitman. 
Frontis. portraits of the conspirators. Cincinnati, 1865. 8vo. 

Cl. G(i68)$ 


LINCOLN (Abraham) Continued 

Autobiography of the Democratic Party. [Campaign pamph- 
let, composed of newspaper and other anti-Lincoln utter- 
ances.] Hartford, Conn., 1865. 8vo. 

Sewed. H(i27)$i6.oo. 

Death of Lincoln. Proceedings in the Supreme Court of Il- 
linois. Presentation of the Bar Resolutions in Regard to Mr. 
Lincoln's Decease. Chic., 1865. 8vo. * 

Orig. paper, in cl. case. SS(598)$io.oo. 

God Bless Abraham Lincoln! A Solemn Discourse by a Lo- 
cal Preacher. N.p., n.d. 8vo. 

Orig paper (piece torn from margin of cover). CD(ig22)$n.oa 

The "Wigwam Edition." The Life, Speeches, and Public 

Services of Abram Lincoln, Together with a Sketch of the 
Life of Hannibal Hamlin. Portrait. N. Y., 1860. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case . CD(i772)$ii oo. 

Life of Abraham Lincoln. Tribute Tract No. 6. N Y., Hor- 
ace Greeley, 1860. 8vo. 

Unbnd. G(i63)$iQ.oo. 

Life of Abraham Lincoln. [Broadside, cut down into col- 
umns and laid down in a copy book. With large woodcut, 
io$4 x &/2 in., in color; with 9 vignette woodcuts, cut from 
center of broadside, pasted as one sheet on first sheet of the 
copy book. 4to, laid down on 8pp.] [Chic., 1860.] 

In hf. mor. case. CD (1762) $370.00. 

A Memoir of Abraham Lincoln. London, 1861. i6mo. 

Orig. paper, portrait on same, in cl. case. CD(i778)$io.oo. 

[Broadside.] Philadelphia Sonntags-Blatt, Extra, April 15, 

1865. [German translations of Stanton's bulletins from 
Washington, at 1.30, 3, and 4 A. M., April 15, with final no- 
tice: "President Lincoln Todt" at 7.22 A. M.] Phila., 1865. 

(Lower corner cut away, removing part of 2 advertisements 
only). EE (206) $29.00. 

Proceedings of the Republican National Convention, held at 

Chicago, May 16-18, 1860. [Chic., 1860.] 8vo. 

Cl. CD(i766)$i2.oo. 

See also TRACY (G. A.). 

LINCOLN (Abraham) and DOUGLAS (Stephen A.). The Cam- 
paign in Illinois. Last Joint Debate. Douglas and Lincoln 
of Alton, Illinois. Wash., 1858. 8vo. 

Sewed, unc. CD(i75S)$io.oo. 

Speeches. Delivered at Charleston, 111., Sept. i8th, 1858. 

[Charleston, 1858.] 8vo. 

Folded (backed with paper, shaved close to text at margins). 

LINDBERGH (C. A.). We. Portrait. Intro, by M. T. Her- 

rick. Signed. N. Y., 1027. 8vo. 
Hf.vel., unc. J(2i3)$ 
Hf.vel., unc., in case (C. Tice copy). LL(446)$iio.oo. 


LINE ETCHINGS. A Trip from the Missouri River to the 

Rocky Mountains. By "Spec." Map and 15 views. St. 
Louis, 1875. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. CD(30i4)$io oo. 

LINFORTH (James). Route from Liverpool to Great Salt 
Lake. Folding Map. 30 engravings and woodcuts. Liver- 
pool, 1855. 4to. 

Hf.roan, g.e. (rubbed). BB( 189) $13000. 

LINN (L. F.). Report of the Select Committee on the Occupa- 

tion of Oregon Territory. Wash., 1838. 8vo. 
Sewed, unc. WW (433) $85.00. 

LINN (William). Blessings of America. N. Y., T. Greenleaf, 

1791. I2mo. 
Sewed. DD(i4i)$ 

LINZEE (J. W.). The Lindeseie and Limesi Families of Great 

Britain. Boston [Privately printed,] 1917. 2vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc. G(45o)$i4.25. 


tary Patents have issued out of the Secretary's Office, etc. 
N. Y., F. Childs and J Swame, 1793. Fol 
Unc. (few pp. stained). Y(8i)$ 

LISTER (Martin). Historiae sive Synopsis Methodicae Con- 

chyhorum. Oxonn, 1770. Fol. 

Cont mor., tooled, arms of House of Commons, g,e. (Thomas 
Gray's copy, with marginal notes in his hand). ZZ(23i) 

LITERATURE OF ITALY. Ed. by Rossiter Johnson and D. 

K. Ranous. Col. and plain illustrations. [N. Y.] National 

Alumni, 1907. 16 vols., 8vo. 
Mor., gt, unc. J(2I4)$4OOO. 
Cl. f gt, unc. (Renaissance Edition) ZZ (2^2)^27. 50. 

LITTLE (J. A.). From Kirtland to Salt Lake City. Salt Lake 

City, 1890. 8vo. 
Cl. L(n69)$iooo. 

LITTLEJOHN (F. J.). Legends of Michigan and the Old 

North West. Portrait Allegan, Mich., 1875. 8vo. 
Old sheep. CD (2052) $10.00. 

LITTRfi (Emile). Dictionnaire Franchise. Paris, 1885 5 vols , 


LIVING ENGLISH POETS. Frontis. London, 1883. Sm. 

Vel., unc., in hf. mor. case (Christina Rossetti's copy, A. L. S. by 

her, with orig. envelope, laid in; inscription by W. M. Ros- 

setti). Z(iooi)$55-oo. 


LIVINGSTON (F. V.). Bibliography of the Works of Rudyard 

Kipling. N. Y., 1927. 8vo. 
Cl , unc. F(i6o)$8.oo. 
See also ROGERS (Bruce). 

LIVINGSTON (William). Letter to the Right Reverend 

Father in God, John, Bishop of Landaff. 26pp. Boston, 

1768. 8vo. 

In hf. mor. case. FG( 109) $12.50. 
Review of the Military Operations in North America, 1753- 

1756. London, R. and J. Dodsley, 1757. Sm. 4to. 
Hf. leath. WW (359) $105.00. 
Review of the Military Operations in North America, 1753- 

1756. Folding chart. Dublin, 1757. I2mo. 
Cf. WW(36o)$65.oo. 
Review of the Military operations in North America, 1753- 

1756. N. Y , A and J Robertson, 1770. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., gt. TT(i45)$i8o.oo. 

LLOYD (Charles). Conduct of the Late Administration Exam- 
ined. London, 1767. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. CD(i932)$i2.oo 

LLOYD (Charles, jr.). Desultory Thoughts in London, Titus 

and Gisippus, with Other Poems London, 1821. I2mo. 
Ong. bds , unc. (worn, hinge cracked). Z(84i)$nooo. 
Poems on Various Subjects. Carlisle, F. Jollie, 1795. 8vo 
Orig. bds, unc. (rebacked, few stains). Z(840)$25000. 

LLOYD (J. H.). and SCOULLER (R. E.). Trade Unionism for 
Clerks. Intro, by J. R. Clynes and G. B. Shaw. London, 
Palmer and Hay ward [1919 ] I2mo. 

Orig. paper. MM(28i)$i5.oo. 

Orig. paper. XX(832)$io oo. 

LLOYD (Lewis). Field Sports of the North of Europe. Plates 

and maps. London, 1831 2 vols., 8vo. . 
Hf. cf. (worn, some stains). L(ii72)$9.oo. 
Game Birds and Wild Fowl of Sweden and Norway. Map, 

woodcuts, and col plates London, 1867. Roy. 8vo. 
Cl , unc. (worn). L(ii75)$noo 
Scandinavian Adventures. Plates. London, 1854. 2 vols., 

roy. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., unc. L(ii7i)$8.oo 


Vol 42, No. 3203- Vol. 43, No. 3355. (6 nos. missing). Lon- 
don, J. Rivington, 1777-1778. 4to. 
Old bds., unc. FG (29) $100.00. 

LOBENSTINE (W. .) Extracts from [his] Diary, 1851-8. 
Biographical Sketch by B. W. Lobenstine. Portrait. Pri- 
vately Printed, 1920. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (margins stained, inscribed by B. W. Lobenstine, 
A, L.S. by her inserted). BB (191) $12.50. 


LOBO (Jerome). A Voyage to Abyssinia. By Father Jerome 

Lobo. With a Continuation of the History of Abyssinia, 

by Mr. Legrand. [Trans] From the French [by Samuel 

Johnson.] [Birmingham,] 1735. 8vo. 
Newcf. (one leaf torn, no. of pp. stained) D(i43)$27.5o. 
Cf., tooled (inscription on margin of title has been deleted, W. 

Twopeny copy). X (707) $100.00. 

LOCK (Matthew). New Drawing Book of Ornaments, etc. 

London, R. Sayer, n.d. Sm. 4to. 
Orig. paper (N. S. by Fiske Kimball laid in). AB(s)$ioo.oo. 

LOCK (Matthew) and COPLAND (H.). New Book of Orna- 
ments, consisting of Tables, Chimnies, Sconces, Spandles, 
Clockcases, etc. 8 plates, mounted on sheets [London, 
1752 ] Fol. 

Hf. mor. AB(i8)$ioo.oo. 

New Book of Ornaments, etc. 12 plates. London, 1768. Fol. 

Hf. mor. AB(iQ)$30.oo. 

LOCKE (John). Essay concerning Humane Understanding. 
London, 1690. Fol. 

Cont. cf. (rebacked). W( 158) $140.00. 

Essay concerning Human Understanding. London, 1841. 


Cl , unc. (Horace Townsend-George Bernard Shaw copy, anno- 
tated throughout by latter). MM(i9i)$i,SOOOO. 

LOCKER-LAMPSON (Frederick). London Lyrics. Illustra- 
tion by G. Cruikshank. London, 1857. I2mo. 

Orig cl (worn, joint repaired). Z(842)$25.oo. 

London Lyrics. London [Privately printed,] 1881. i6mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (presentation copy, to Mrs. and Mr. G. H. Bough- 
ton; 3 Locker bookplates; Bixby copy). Z(843)$52.5O 

Cl., unc. (presentation copy, to John Wilson). PP( 136) $13.00. 

London Rhymes. London [Privately printed,] 1882. i6mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (presentation copy to Beverly Chew). Z(844) 

My Confidences, an Autobiographical Sketch, addressed to 
my Descendants. N.p., n.d. Roy. 8vo. 

Cl., unc., in hf. mor. case (proof copy, with printed and MS. cor- 
rections and additions). Z (845) $500.00. 

Poems. Frontis. by G. Cruikshank. London [Privately 

printed,] 1868. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t,, unc. (inscribed, E. A. Bagot copy). PP(i35)$ 

LOCKHART (J. G.). Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott. 
Portrait. Edinburgh, 1837. 7 vols., I2mo. 

Hf.mor. (P. S. Boult copy). L(i6i9)$8.oo. 

Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Portrait 

and illustrations, frontispieces in color. Large Paper Edi- 
tion. Boston, 1901. lovols., 8vo. 

Cl., unc. GG(32i)$ 


LOCKMAN (John). Travels of the Jesuits, into Various Parts 
of the World. Folding maps and plates. London, 1743. 2 
vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor. CD (1650) $20.00. 

LOCKWOOD (L. V.). Colonial Furniture in America. N. Y., 

1913- 2 vols., 4to. 
Cl., unc. L(ii77)$22.50. 


LOGAN (James). Gaelic Gatherings; or, the Highlanders at 

Home. 24 col. plates. London, 1848 Fol. 
Hf mor, unc. (orig wrappers bnd in). L( 1179) $30.00. 

LOMAX (James). Otter Hunting Diary, 1829-1871. Portrait. 

Blackburn, 1910. 4to. 
Hf. mor. L(n8o)$9.oo. 

LOMfiNIE (Louis de). Beaumarchais and His Times. London, 

1856. 4 vols., I2mo. 
Hf. cf., tooled, gt., unc. O(46o)$9OO 

LOMER (Heinrich). Der Ranchwaaren-Handel geschichte Be- 
triebsweise en Waarenkunde. Plate and col. title. Leipzig 
[1864.] 8vo. 

Orig. cl , g.e. (inner covers and fly-leaves stained, presentation 
copy). SS(993)$8.oo. 

LONDON (Jack). The Son of the Wolf. Frontis. Boston, 

1900 121110. XX(s<5o)$20.oo. 

LONDON CABINET MAKERS. Book of Prices and Designs 

of Cabinet Work. 20 plates. London, 1793. 4to. 
Hf. pigskin. AB(30)$6o.oo. 
Book of Prices and Designs of Cabinet Work. 20 plates 

London, 1803. 4to. 
Hf cf. AB(3i)$35.oo 

LONDON CHRONICLE (The). Nov. 5, i7S7-Dec. 25, 1792 
(irregular). Together about 175 issues. [London,] 1757-92. 
3 vols., 4to. 

Old hf. sheep and hf. cf (worn, some issues misplaced in bndg , 
some defective; J Milhken copy). D(i88)$iio.oo. 


Stippled plates, some in color. Large Paper Edition. Lon- 
don [1812.] 4to. LL(i39)$57-50. 

LONG (J.). Voyages and Travels of an Indian Interpreter and 

Trader. Folding map. London, 1791. 4to. L(ii8i)$ios.oo. 
Cf., tooled. SS(i39i)$32.50. 


LONG (S. H.). Voyage in a Six-Oared Skiff to the Falls of 

Saint Anthony in 1817. Intro, by E. D. Neill. Map. Phila., 
1860. 8vo 
Hf. mor. L( 1 182) $37.50. 

LONGFELLOW (H. W.). Aftermath. Frontis. Boston, 1873 

Orig. cl. (with "New England Tragedies." 1868, together 2 vols.). 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy, to Mrs. Quids). T(i55)$8ooo 

Ballads and Other Poems. Cambridge, 1842. i2mo. 

Cont mor., g.e. (presentation copy, to A. Q. Waterton, with 

other inscriptions). M(445)$25.oo 
Courtship of Miles Standish and Other Poems. Boston, 1858 


Cl (one page of advertisements at front). N(47o)$io.oo. 
Orig. cl. (worn). R(232)$sooo 
Hf. mor. (presentation copy). T(i6o)$30OO 
Orig. cl (presentation copy, to Mrs Tines). Z (851) $750.00. 
Lev mor., g.t. (orig. covers bnd. in). PP(i40)$2000. 
Cl (back chipped at bottom). XX(s63)$25 oo. 
Cf. EF (328) $14 oo. 

Evangeline. Boston, 1848. I2tno 

Orig. cl., unc (presentation copy, to B W. Procter, W H. Ar- 
nold bookplate). 7(849) $1,150.00. 

The Golden Legend. Boston, 1851 i2mo 

Orig cl (new end-papers) R(230)$iooo 

Orig. cl., unc. (presentation copy). Z(85o)$2oooo 

Hyperion. Boston, 1858. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., gt PP(i38)$i5.oo. 

Keramps, and Other Poems. Boston, 1878. I2mo. 

Lev mor , inlaid, g e., by De Samblancx-Weckesser, m bd case 

(portrait and facsimile autograph poem inserted). KK(us) 

The Masque of Pandora and Other Poems. Boston, 1876- 

[1875.] izrno. 

Orig. cl. (First issue, with title misdated "1876"). Z(853)$6ooo 
Outre-Mer; A Pilgrimage Beyond the Sea- No. I. Bos- 
ton, 1833 8vo. 
Vel. (orig. wrappers bnd. in, front wrapper and 3 leaves repaired 

in upper margins, leaves damp-stained, laid in is signed 

quotation in author's hand). V(i23)$3OOO 
Outre-Mer: or, a Pilgrimage to the Old World. By an 

American. London, 1835. 2-vols,, 8vo 
Cont cf , g.e. (worn; presentation copy, to S C. Lowell). Z(847) 


Poems. Boston, 1850. 2 vols., I2mo 

Orig. cl., unc., in cl. case (presentation copy, to Jno. Walker). 


Poems. Boston, 1858. 2 vols , i2mo 
Hf. cf. (laid in each vol is A. L. S.). T(i59)$20.oo. 

Poetical Works. Boston, 1870. I2mo. 

Mor., g.e (presentation copy, to George W. Quids), T(i6z) 



LONGFELLOW (H. W.) Continued 

The Seaside and the Fireside. Boston, 1850. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc (front advertisements, dated Dec., 1849). PP(i39) 

Seven Voices of Sympathy, from [his] Writings. Ed. by 

C. F. Bates Boston, 1882. i6mo. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed to Mrs. Louis Thies). Z(8ss)$i2.50. 

Song of Hiawatha. Boston, 1855 i2mo. 

Cl. (First issue, with "dove" for "dived" on p. 96). N(469)$4000 

Orig. cl. (worn, lacks front fly-leaf; First issue). R(23i)$3000 

Cl. (second issue). CD (1936) $37. 50. 

Orig cl., unc. (one margin stained; First issue, laid in is "Pro- 
gramme of Burlesque. Hiawatha and Minnehaha"). EF(326) 

Syllabus de la Grammaire Italienne. Boston, 1832. 121110. 

Orig cl, unc (worn, First issue). CD (1934) $10.00 

Tales of a Wayside Inn. Engraved title. Boston, 1863 


Cl. N(47i)$iooo. 

Hf. mor , tooled (publisher's 22-page list bnd. in before text, 
presentation copy, to Mrs Thies) Z(852)$225 oo. 

Orig. cl , gt., unc (faded and frayed). BC(42)$i70o. 

Orig. cl. (shaken, back rubbed) EF(329)$7SO 

Three Books of Song. Boston, 1872. I2mo. 

Orig cl., g.t. R(235)$io.oo 

Ultima Thule. Boston, 1880 i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy, to Mrs G. W. Childs). T(i63) 

Orig. cl , unc. (presentation copy, to Clara C. Thies). Z(8S4) 

Complete Writings. Portraits. Edition de Luxe. Boston 
and N. Y., 1904. nvols,8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., tooled, unc. (one plate of each vol. supplied in 2 
states, the second, in color, inserted as extra frontis.). L(n83) 

Cl., unc O(46O$6s.oo. 

Hf. lev mor , g t., unc. (dupl plate of each vol. colored and in- 
serted as extra frontis.). CC(79)$i75 oo. 

Cl., unc. GG(222)$6o.oo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g t., unc. ZZ (233) $11000. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t, unc. ZZ (234) $200.00. 

Works. With Life by Samuel Longfellow. Portraits. Riv- 
erside Edition. Boston, n d. 14 vols , I2mo. 

Hf.mor., gt., unc. DE (427) $37.50. 


LONGMAN (William). History of the Life and Times of Ed- 
ward the Third Folding col. maps. London, 1869. 2 vols , 

Mor., tooled, gt., unc. J(2i7)$i3.oo. 

LONGSTREET (A. B.). Georgia Scenes, Characters, Incidents, 

etc., in the first half Century of the Republic. By a Native 
Georgian. Augusta, 1835. I2mo. 
Hf.mor. (name of author written on title). CD (1937) $35.00. 


LONGSWORTH (B. N.). Over the Oregon Trail: Diary . . . 

March 15, 1853- Jan. 22, 1854. Denver, Privately Printed, 1927. 
Orig. paper. WW(362)$;.5o. 

LONGUS. Daphnis et Chloe*. Preface by Jules Claretie. Illus- 
trations etched by Champollion. [Paris,] 1890. Roy.Svo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g e , by Marius Michel, in bd. case. 
K (202) $50.00. 

Daphnis and Chloe. Plates by R. Collin, in 3 states. Edition 

de Luxe. Boston and Paris, n.d. Imp. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., gt., unc. (Large paper). O(463)$i7.oo. 
Vel., unc. KK(n6)$8.oo. 

LONICER (Adam). Krauter-Buch, oder, das Buch liber alle 
dren Reiche der Natur. [Ulm, about 1740.] Sm fol 

Old sheep, metal clasps and ornaments (title repaired, imprint 
lacking, new end-papers). LL(363)$8oo 


1830-32. Illustrations in first vol. are in color. London, 

1830-33. 4 vols., sm. fol. 
(Bndgs. worn, one vol. shaken). K(s8)$225o. 

LOPEZ COGOLLUDO (Fr. Diego). Los tres Siglos de la 
Dominaci6n Espanola en Yucatan, o sea Historia de esta 
Provincia desde la Conquista hasta la Independencia. Vol 
i. Campeche. 1842; Vol. 2. Merida 1845 Campeche and 
Merida, 1842-45. 2vols.,8vo. 

New sheep and orig. hf cf. (one vol stained, 2 leaves repaired, 
pp. holed). VV(34)$n.oo. 

LORAIN (John). Hints to Emigrants; or, a Comparative 
Estimate of the Advantages of Pennsylvania, and of the 
Western Territory, etc. Phila , 1819 I2mo. 

Bds., unc. SS(8pi)$8.oa 

Orig. bds., unc. (pp. stained, front fly-leaf missing) VV(93) 

LORD (John). Beacon Lights of History. N. Y. [1888] 15 

vols., 8vo. 
Hf.mor. U(i57)$8-50. 

LORD (J. K,). The Naturalist in Vancouver Island and British 

Columbia. London, 1866. 2 vols., I2mo. L(n84)$ii.oo. 

LOSKIEL (G. H.). History of the Mission of the United 
Brethren among the Indians in North America. Trans, by 
C. I. La Trobe. Folding map. London. 1794. 8vo. 
Hf. cf., g.t., unc. NN(;8)$i3 oo, 

Orig. sheep (rubbed, lacks map). $8(1393) $7.50. 

LOSSING (B. J.). Life of Washington. N. Y, 1860. lovols., 

roy. 8vo. 
Cl. (3 vols. in 10). YY(62;)$i6oo. 


LOSSING (B. J.) Continued 

Pictorial Field- Bo ok of the Revolution. N. Y., 1851-52, 2 

vols., roy. 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.t., by Walters (extended to 5 vols. by the inser- 
tion of 60 A. L. and A D. including autograph material by 
38 Signers of the Declaration, also 400 plates). K(2O3) 

Hf. roan (A L. S. laid in). WW(363)$ 

Pictorial Field-Book of the War of 1812. Frontis. in color 

N. Y., 1868. Roy.8vo. 

Cl. CD(28p6)$i3.oo. 

LOUD (Watson). Genealogical Record of the Descendants of 

Caleb Loud. Detroit, 1889. 8vo. 
Cl. Q(437)$7-50. 

LOUDON (Mrs. J. W.). Ladies' Flower-Garden of Orna- 
mental Annuals. 48 lithographs in color. London, 1840-43 

Hf. mor., g.e (hinge cracked). ZZ(93)$3000. 

LOUIS XV, KING OF FRANCE. Ordonnancc Du Roi Por- 

tant declaration de guerre contre le Roi d'Angleterre. Du 
9 Juin 1756. De Par Le Roi. Paris, de L'Imprimerie Royale, 
1756. 4to. 
Bds. WW(2i2)$25oo. 

LOUISIANA. Arrest du Conseil d'Etat du Roy, Portant regle- 
ment sur le commerce des Colonies Franchises de rAmeri- 
que. Du premier Mars 1744. Extrait des Registres du Con- 
seil d'Etat 7 pp. Paris, de L'Imprimerie Royale, 1744. Sm. 

Folded and sewed (inserted is D. S by Louis XV, March i, 
1744, on vel., Letters Patent, addressed to the colony of 
Louisiana). TT(i5i)$i220O 

Bishop (Abraham). Oration in Honor of the Election of 

President Jefferson, and the Peaceable Acquisition of 
Louisiana. [Hartford] 1804. 8vo. 

Paper (with "Message from the President . . communicating 
documents respecting Louisiana." Wash., 1803, together 2 
vols.). CD(i945)$io.oo. 

Debates in the House of Representatives on the Bills for 
carrying into Effect the Louisiana Treaty. Phila., 1804. 8vo 

Orig. bds, unc. (stained). DE(S9)$i7.50. 

Official Journal of the Proceedings of the Convention for 

the Revision and Amendment of the Constitution of the 
State of Louisiana. Text in French and in English. New 
Orleans, 1864. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and case (inscribed by (Gen.) N. P. 
Banks to Gov. Andrew). CD (1951) $7.50. 

LOUVET DE COUVRAY (J. B.). Amours of the Chevalier 

de Faublas. London, 1898. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., g.t. K(83)$32.50. 
Bds., g.t. unc. GG(33)$i5.oo. 


LOUYS (Pierre). Aphrodite. Illus. by A. Calbet. Paris, 

1896. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., inlaid, g t. (orig. wrappers bnd in). FF (355) $32. 50. 

Aphrodite. Privately Printed, 1919. 8vo. 

CL, unc. F(i68)$8oa 

Ariane, ou le Chemin de la Paix titernelle; La Maison sur 

le Nil. Illustrations in 3 states, one col by hand, the others 

India proofs, by P. Gervais and G. Rochegrosse. Paris, 

1904.' 2 vols., 4to. 
Cf. O(465)$3500. 

Chansons de Bilitis. Frontis in color. Paris, 1898. 8vo. 

Hf mor,gt (presentation copy, to J C Young). LL(45o)$iooo 

Songs of Bilitis. Trans by H M Brown. Ilium, title and 

initials, 4 etchings, including a portrait, by J Pagan, each 
in 3 states, one on Japan paper, one on India paper, and 
one in color. London and N. Y., Aldus Society, 1904. Roy. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g t., unc , in case (Japan paper, signed 
by translator). O(4<56)$55oo. 

Twilight of the Nymphs. Illus in color and in gold and 

silver, by C. Tice. Privately printed for the Pierre Louys 
Society, 1927. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., inlaid, g.t., unc. W( 159) $12.00. 

LOVE (Nat). [His] Life and Adventures. Portrait Los An- 
geles, Privately Printed, 1907. 8vo. 
Cl. (stained). WW( 3 6s)$750. 
Cl CD (3048) $n. oo. 

LOVELACE (Sir Richard). Lucasta. Title and portrait by 
Faithorne after Lely. London, Tho. Harper, 1649 Sm. 8vo. 

Cf , g.e., in lev. mor case (2 blanks not bnd. in, few headlines 
trimmed into, First issue, with "Warres" on p. 3, Haslc- 
wood-Huth copy). Z (856) $5, 80000. 

LOVELL (H. C.). The Provost of Bruges. London 1836. 8vo 
Cont. mor., g.e. (rubbed; presentation copy, to W. C. Mac- 
ready, later Belasco copy). R (240) $1000 

LOVER (Samuel). Collected Writings. Intro by T. J Roche 

Treasure Trove Edition. Boston, 1003. 10 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t, unc. A(2ii)$i9.oo. 

LOW (David). Breeds of the Domestic Animals of the Brit- 
ish Islands Col. plates London, 1842 Fol. 
Hf. mor. (2 vols. in one; worn, some pp. stained). L( 1187) $800. 

LOWELL (Amy). John Keats. Boston and N. Y., 1925. 2 

vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl. O(468)$isoo. 

LOWELL (D. O. S.). Munsey-Hopkins Genealogy: Being the 
Ancestry of Andrew Chatincey Munsey and Mary Jane 
Merritt Hopkins. Boston, privately printed, 1920. 8vo. 

Cl. (stained). G(477)$i4.oo. 


LOWELL (J. R.) Address Delivered before the Birmingham 
and Midland Institute, at Birmingham, On Monday, Oct 
6, 1884. Printed on one side of paper only. [London, Har- 
rison and Sons, 1884.] 4to. 

Sewed, in lev. mor. case (few corners ragged, stain on last 3 
leaves; Lowell's copy, with autograph corrections, his 
signature laid in; also Chamberlain-Wallace- Arnold copy). 

Among my Books. First and Second Series. Boston, 1870- 

76. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (A. L. S. inserted). PP(i43)$400O. 

Melibceus-Hipponax. The Biglow Papers. Ed. by H. Wil- 
bur First issue, without "New York" on title Cambridge, 
1848; Second Series Boston, 1867. Cambridge and Boston, 
1848-67. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig cl. (faded). G 6(224) $65 oo. 

Orig cl. (Halsey copy). PP(i42}$8250. 

Conversations on Some of the Old Poets. Cambridge, J. 

Owen, 1845 I2mo. 

Orig paper, unc (soiled, back wrapper loose). M(45o)$25.oo. 

A Fable for Critics. First issue, with misprints on pp. 25 

and 41. [N. Y., 1848 ] I2mo. 

Cl , unc (bndg faded). M(4Si)$4500. 

Orig bds. (backbone chipped). GG(223)$6ooo. 

New bds., in cl. folder and case. XX(s65)$i7.5o 

Four Poems. Hmgham, 1906. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. N(8i4)$i5.oo. 

Under the Willows. First Issue, with errata slip. Boston, 

1869. I2mo. 

Orig cl. (name on title). H(6i8)$goo. 

Orig. cl. EF(338)$i2.oo. 

[Broadside.] Valedictory Exercises of the Senior Class of 

1838, Harvard University, July 17, 1838 Cambridge, 1838, 4to. 

(Wakeman copy) H (625) $3000 

Complete Writings. Portraits. Edition de Luxe. Cam- 
bridge, 1904. 16 vols., 8vo. 

Hf lev. mor., tooled, unc. (backs faded, 16 plates in 2 states, one 
in color). L(ii88)$55 oo. 

Cl, unc. CC(8o)$ssoo 

Cl , unc. (inserted is cheque endorsed by author). GG(225)$4000 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc Z 7(239)$! 75 oo. 

Works. Fiontispieccs. Elmwood Edition. Boston, River- 
side Press [1904 ] 16 vols , I2mo 

Cl., g.t. HH(479)$i5.oo. 

Writings. Portraits Riverside Edition. Boston, n.d. n 

vols., I2mo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Zaehnsdorf. DE(428)$25oa 

LOWELL (John). Sermon, Occasioned by the ... Death of 
Col. Moses Titcomb, who fell in Battle near Lake George, 
Sept. 8, 1755. Boston, 1760. 8vo. 


LOWELL (John) Continued 
Sewed. WW(is8)$40.oo. 
Another copy. FG(8o)$73.oo. 

LOWNDES (W. T*). Bibliographers Manual of English Litera- 
ture. London, 1864. 6 vols., I2mo., g.t. 0(47o)$i7.50. 

Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature. Large Paper. 

London, 1869. 6vols., 8vo. 

Roxburghe, unc. (backs rubbed). H(8i4)$i5.oo. 


LUBKE (Wilhelm). History of Sculpture. London, 1872. 2 

vols., 8vo. 
Mor., g.e. U(346)$8.oo. 

LUCAN. De Bello Civili. Lutetiae, R. Stephanus, 1545. I2mo. 

Mor., g.e. (lacks fly-leaf, Syston Park copy). HH (480) $15.00. 

Pharsalia. Englished by Thomas May. Title by Hulsius. 

For T. lones and I. Marriott, 1627. [Also ] A Continuation 
of Lucan's Historicall Poem till the death of Ivlivs Caesar. 
Title by Cockton. For James Boler, 1630. London, 1627-30. 

Cf., tooled, in cf. case. (2 vols. in one, with all the dedica- 
tion leaves which were cancelled; leaves D$, and Q2, prob- 
ably original, the remainder, F2, H, M, and O, probably in- 
serted; DS, F2, H, and O have been slit, and in F2, H 
and O the slits have been repaired. Jolley-Heber-Bntwell 
copy, with Jolley bookplate and Heber lot no. ticket). 

Pharsalia. Trans, by Nicholas Rowe. Frontis. and folding 

map. London, 1718. Fol. 

Hf. mor. D(233)$io oo. 

LUCAS (Charles). To the People of Missouri Territory. 

Charles Lucas* Exposition of a Late Difference Between John 

Scott and Himself. St. Louis, 1816 8vo 
Sewed, unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. CD(2in)$35.oo. 

LUCAS (T. J.). Camp Life and Sport in South Africa. 4 col. 

plates. London, 1878. 4to. 
Orig. cl. (name on title, Sir W. A. A. Bass copy). L(ii9i)$i5.oo. 

LUCIAN. True History. Trans, by Francis Hickes 16 
plates by Beardsley, Strang, and Clark. Japan paper. Lon- 
don, 1894. Sm.4to. 

Orig. cl , unc. (Laid in is the extra suppressed plate by Beards- 
ley). O(75)$33.oo. 

CL, unc. (R, A. Witthaus copy). HH(63)$io.oo. 

LUDOLPHUS DE SAXONIA. Vita Chrjsti. Initials sup- 
plied in red and blue, few woodcut initials colored, initial 
strokes and paragraph marks in red. [Nuremberg,] Sensen- 
schmidt and Frisner [1474-78.] Fol. 

Old cf. (rubbed, blank at end missing, one marginal repair, few 
holes and stains). BC(84)$i6s.oo. 


LUDWIG (M. R.). Ludwig Genealogy: Sketch of Joseph Lud- 
wig, who was born in Germany in 1699, and his wife and 
family, who settled at "Broad Bay," Waldoboro. Augusta, 
1866. 8vo. 

Cl. (stained). G(46i)$n.oo. 

LUNDY (J. P.). Monumental Christianity. N. Y., 1876. Sm. 

CL, g.t, unc. (back worn, shaken, cover stained). HH(482) 


LUSSAN (Raveneau de). Journal du Voyage fait a la Mer de 
Sud, avec les Flibustiers de TAmerique en 1684 Paris, 1689 
I2mo. WW(89)$7-50. 

LYALL (Robert). Character of the Russians. Plates, col. and 

plain, some in aquatint. London, 1823. 4to. A(2i3)$8.oo. 

LYCETT (J.). Views in Australia. 50 col. plates. London, 

1824. Obi. 8vo. 
Hf. mor, unc. (name on title, worn). L(ii93)$52.50. 

LYDEKKER (Richard). Animal Portraiture. 50 col. plates. 

London [1912.] Fol. 
Cl. L( 1 195)$ 12.00. 
Deer of all Lands, 1898; Wild Oxen, Sheep and Goats of all 

Lands. 1898, Great and Small Game of India, Burma, and 
Tibet. 1900; Great and Small Game of Europe, Western 1 and 
No-tLern A BIB., and America. 1901. 68 plates in color. Lon- 
don, 1898-1901. 4vols., 4to. 

Lev. mor., tooled, unc. (orig. cl. covers bnd. in). L (1194) $135 oo. 

Wild Life of the World. 120 col. plates. London, n d. 3 

vols., imp. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor. L(ii97)$is.oo. 

LYFORD (W. G.). Western Address Directory. Bait., 1837 

Cl. CD(2304)$io.oo. 

LYMAN (Albert). Journal of a Voyage to California. 2 illus- 
trations by the author and other woodcuts. Hartford [Pri- 
vately printed,] 1852. I2mo 

Orig. cl. (rebacked, orig. back laid on, new end-papers). SS(3io) 

LYNCH (Bohun). The Prize Ring. Many plates in color. 

London, 1925. 4to. 
Hf. vel., g.t. A (214) $8.00. 
Bds., unc. L(ii99)$i4.oo. 

LYNDSAY (Sir David). Works. Glasgow, R. Sanders, i6o6(?). 

Sm. I2mo. 
Mor. f g.e. (some catch words cut into, J. Towneley copy). 



LYRA (Nicolaus de). Postilla super bibliam. 418, 354 and 326 
leaves. Double columns, 59 lines and head-line to a page; 
initials in alternate red and blue and rubrications through- 
out. Venice, Scotus, 1488. 3vols., fol. (Hain *i036s). 

Vel. of later period (back of first vol. partly torn away; hole 
through closing leaves of last vol.; first (blank) leaf of 
each vol. missing, cont. marginal notations indicating se- 
quence of text, on sheet 5, which has been misplaced in 
binding; other marginal inscriptions; first page of each vol. 
is inscribed "Pertmet ad locis Arcis Antiquse"). DE(26i) 

LYSONS (Daniel and Samuel). Magna Britannia. Maps. Lon- 
don, 1806. 6 vols , 4to. 
Cf. Q(64o)$io.oo 

MABBE (James). The Spanish Bawd. London, J. B., 1631. 

Sm fol. 
Orig. cf, in lev. mor. case (Ben Jonson copy, autographed by 

him and by Francis Cornwallis; H. V. Jones bookplate). 

2(859) $1,700 oo 

M'AFEE (R. B.). History of the Late War in the Western 

Country Lexington, 1816 8vo. 
Orig leath. (stained, lacks unnumbered leaf at end). H(i67) 

$21 oo. 
Ong. cf. (stained, name on title). CD ( 1957^55 oo. 

MACAULAY (T. B., Lord). History of England. London, 
1869. 8 vols., I2mo. 

Cf U(340$i6.oo 

Lays of Ancient Rome. London, 1865. Sq. 8vo. 

Lev mor., tooled, g e. L(i20O)$iooo. 

Works. Portrait. London, 1875. 8 vols., 8vo. 

Cf , by Riviere (covers loose). D(i89)$i2oo. 

Miscellaneous Works. Ed by Lady Trevelyan. Portraits. 

Whitehall Edition. N. Y., Putnam [1898.] 2ovols.,8vo. 

Hf. mor., gt, unc. O (472^3600 

Complete Writings. Portraits. Large-Paper Edition. Bos- 
ton, 1899-1000. 20 vols., 8vo. 

Hf lev. mor, g t., unc. (frontispieces in color) CC(8i)$2OO.oo 

Hf. lev. mor, gt., unc. (A L. S. bnd. in). ZZ (240) $120.00. 

McBEY (James). Etchings and Dry Points, 1902-1924. A Cata- 
logue by Martin Hardie. Numerous reproductions and an 
ong. signed etching London, 1925. 410. 

Cl., gt., unc. XX(57i)$65QO. 

McCAIN (C. W.). History of the S. S. "Beaver". Portrait. 

Vancouver, 1894. I2mo. 
Cl. WW(277)$8.oo. 

McCALEB (W. F.). The Aaron Burr Conspiracy. Folding 
map. N. Y., 1903. 8vo. 

Cl. SS(254)$20.00. 


McCALL (Hugh). History of Georgia. Savannah, 1811-16. 2 

vols., 8vo. 

Orig leath (pp of Vol 2 stained) H(8;)$35oo 
Orig bds , unc., in cl folders (stained, backs cracked) SS(ioio) 


MCCARTHY (Justin H.). The French Revolution. London, 

1890-97 4 vols , 8vo. 
Hf mor. L(i209)$900 

McCLELLAN (H. B.). Life and Campaigns of Major-General 

J. E B Stuart. Portrait and 7 maps Boston, 1885 8vo. 
Ong. cl (Governor Altgeld copy). SS(73o)$i3 oo. 

McCLELLAND (Nancy). Historic Wall Papers. 12 plates in 
color and 245 illustrations in half tone. Phila., 1924 4to. 
Cl. AB(7i)$ 

M'CLUNG (J. A.). Sketches of Western Adventure. Maysville, 

Ky., 1832. I2mo 
Hf mor. CD(io6i)$425o. 

MACCOLL (D. S.). Nineteenth Century Art. Glasgow, 1902. 

Silk, unc, gt (Large paper). HHU83)$i7 50. 

M'CONKEY (H. E. B.). Dakota War Whoop. Portrait. St. 

Paul, 1863 I2mo 
Ong cl CD(i5i9)$225o 

McCONNELL (H. H.). Five Years a Cavalryman. Jacksboro, 

Texas, 1889 I2mo. 
Ong. cl CD(28oo)$iooo. 

McCOOK (H. C.). American Spiders and their Spinningwork. 

Portrait and illustrations, many in color. N p., 1889-93. 3 
vols., imp 8vo. 
Cl, unc. (signed, A. P. Draper copy). L(i2i3)$40.oo. 

McCOY (J. G.). Historic Sketches of the Cattle Trade of the 

West and Southwest. Kansas City, 1874. 8vo. 
Cl (worn, loose) L(T2i4)$4000 

McCRADY (Edward). History of South Carolina. N. Y., 1897- 

1901. 4vols,8vo. 
Cl., unc YY(4i4)$35oo. 

McCRAE (Hugh). Satyrs and Sunlight: [his] Collected Poetry. 

Intro, by T Earp. Illus. by Norman Lindsay. London 

[Fanfrolico Press,] 1928 4to. 
Leath., g.t., unc. LL(2O9)$i7 50. 

McDONALD (E. D.). Bibliography of the Writings of Theo- 
dore Dreiser. Foreword by Theodore Preiser. Portrait. 
Phila., 1928. 8vo. 

Bds. (Large paper, signed), LL(3Q4)$7-5a 


McDONALD (John). Biographical Sketches of General Nathan- 
iel Massie, and others. Cincinnati, 1838. I2mo. 
Orig. sheep (rubbed). CD (2307) $21.00. 

McDONALD (R. H.). Notes Preparatory to a Biography of 
Richard Hayes McDonald of San Francisco, California. Por- 
traits. Cambridge [Privately printed,] 1881. Roy. 4to. 

Orig. cl. CD(io63)$40.oo. 

McELRATH (T. P.). The Yellowstone Valley. Folding map 

St. Paul, 1880. 12mo. 
Orig. paper (map repaired). CD(2i36)$25oo. 

McELROY (J. M.). Abby Byram, and her father. The Indian 

Captives. Ottumwa, Iowa, 1898. Sm.4to. 
Hf mor. (De Puy copy). SS(i36s)$i2.50. 

McEWEN and DILLENBACK. Kansas City in 1879: Sketches 
of the Trade, Manufactures and Progress of the City. Map 
and plates. Kansas City, 1879. 8vo. 

Orig. paper. WW(32o)$i2 50. 

MACFALL (Haldane). Aubrey Beardsley; the Clown, the Har- 
lequin, the Pierrot of his Age. N. Y., 1927. 4to. 

Cl. (signed). F(i3)$io.oo. 

Book of Lovat Claud Fraser. Illustrations, some in color. 

London, 1923. Fol. 

Bds, unc. (Large paper, signed, extra plate laid in). F(i72)$9.oo. 

History of Painting. Preface by Frank Brangwyn 200 

plates in color. Florentine Edition. Boston, recent. 8 vols., 

Hf. lev. mor., gt, unc. ZZ(263)$65oo. 

McFEE (William). Casuals of the Sea. London, 1916. 12 mo. 

Cl. L(I2I5)$2250. 

Command. Garden City, 1922. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (signed). N(48i)$i2.oo. 

McGINNIS (J. F.). Otzinachson: History of the West Branch 

Valley of the Susquehanna. Williamsport, 1889 8vo. 
Hf.roan (cracked). EE(2i7)$n.50. 

McGLASHAN (C. F.). History of the Donner Party. Truckee, 

Cal. [1879] 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (bndg. loose). CD (1964) $42 50. 

History of the Donner Party. San Fran., 1880. 8vo. 

Cl. SS(398)$ 

MACHEN (Arthur). The Anatomy of Tobacco. By Leolinus 

Siluriensis. London, 1884. I2mo. 
Vel, unc., in hf. mor. case. F(i73)$40.oo 

Chronicle of Clemendy. Carbpnnek, 1923. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (signed; with "Fantastic Tales," together 2 vols.; C. 

Tice copy). LL(453)$I7-OO. 

Chronicle of Clemendy. London, 1925. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. (Large paper, signed). F(i8i)$8.oo. 


MACHEN (Arthur) Continued 

Dr. Stiggins: his Views and Principles. Westminster, 1906 


Bds., unc. F(i74)$i2.oo. 

Dog and Duck. London [1924.] I2mo. 

Bds., unc. (signed). F(i77)$n.oo. 

Fantastic Tales. Carbonnek, 1923. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (signed). O(474)$I2.50. 

The Great God Pan, and the Inmost Light. Title and cover- 
design by Beardsley. London, 1894. I2mo. 

Cl., unc. HH(48s)$8.oo. 

The London Adventure. London [1924.] 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (Large paper, signed). F(i78)$io.oo. 

Ornaments in Jade. N. Y , 1924. 8vo. 

Cl , unc. (signed, 2 A. L. S. and one L. S. by T. M. Cleland laid 
in). HH(489)$H.oo. 

Things Near and Far. London [1923.] 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (Large paper, signed). F(i76)$8oo 

Works. Portrait. Caerleon Edition, signed. London [1923] 

9 vols , sq. 8vo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. A(2i5)$32.oo. 

Cl., gt., unc. A(2i6)$i7.oo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. PP(i44)$35oo 

Lev. mor., gt., unc. ZZ (241) $80.00. 

Collection of First and Other Editions of his Writings. V.p., 

1887-1924. 18 vols , v s. 

Vb. (4 vols. signed, A. L. S. inserted). FF (356) $105.00. 

McILHANY (E. W.). Recollections of a ^ger. Portrait. Kan- 
sas City, 1908. I2mo. 
Cl. BB(i96)$i75o. 
Another copy. SS (457) $9 oo. 

McILVAINE (William). Sketches of Scenery and Notes of Per- 
sonal Adventure in California and Mexico. 17 plates. Phila., 
1850. Roy. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy, to Benjamin Rush). SS(298)$750O 

McINTIRE (James). Early Days in Texas and New Mexico. 

Portrait. Kansas City [1902.] I2mo. CD (2804) $8.00. 

MACKAIL (J. W.). Biblia Innocentium. London, 1899. 2 vols., 

Lev. mor., inlaid, g.e , by Cockerell. R(38)$io.oo. 

McKEE (J. C.). Narrative of the Surrender of a Command of 
U. S. Forces at Fort Fillmore, N. M. in July 1861. Prescott, 
1878. 8vo. 

Unbnd. (stained, ringed for filing; presentation copy, to Lieut. 
H. M. Benson). 66(197) $60.00. 

M'KEEVOR (Thomas). Voyage to Hudson's Bay, during the 
Summer of 1812. 6 plates. London, 1819. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. (bndg. loose, bnd. in is "A Voyage to the North Pole 
in the Frigate the Syrene. By Chevalier De la Poix de Fre- 
minville, London, 1919"). CD (1965) $13-00. 


McKENNEY (T. L.). Memoirs. Portraits, one in color. N. Y., 

1846. 8vo. 
Cl. (2 vols. in one; joint repaired; presentation copy, to Mrs. 

P. P. Clark). L(i2i8)$io.oo. 
Sketches of a Tour of the Lakes. Portraits and plates. Bait., 

1827. 8vo. 
Orig bds., unc. (bndg. worn, pp stained, some plates colored). 

Cf. (hinge cracked, pp. stained). 88(1422) $20.00. 

McKENNEY (T. L.) and HALL (James). History of the In- 
dian Tribes of North America 120 portraits. Phila., 1808. 3 
vols., roy. 8vo. 

Mor. U (82) $50.00. 

History of the Indian Tribes of North America. 120 portraits, 

col. by hand. Phila., 1836-44. 3 vols., fol. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (orig. covers bnd. in, few pp. stained). EE(2i7a) 

Hf. leath. (loose in covers, Vol II only). SS(i453)$igoo. 

History of the Indian Tribes of North America. Phila , 1837. 
3 vols., fpl. 

Bds. U(i97j)$3io.oo. 

History of the Indian Tribes of North America, 120 hand- 
colored portraits. Phila., 1842-44. 3 vols , fol. 

Hf. rus. (pp. stained). NN(79)$nooo. 

History of the Indian Tribes of North America. 120 col. por- 
traits. Phila., 1854 3 vols , roy. 8vo. 

Mor., g.e. (rubbed). L(i22o)$4250. 

History of the Indian Tribes of North America. 120 col 

portraits. Phila., 1855. 3 vols , roy. 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. 68(198) $80.00. 

Contmor., g.e. (rehinged). CD (1502) $3000. 

History of the Indian Tribes of North America. 120 col 

plates and portraits Phila , D. Rice, n.d. 3 vols., fol. 

Hf. rus., g.e. (rubbed, joints weak). L( 1219) $100.00. 

MACKENZIE (Alexander). Voyages from Montreal ... to the 

Frozen and Pacific Oceans. 3 folding maps and a portrait. 

London, 1801. 4to. 
Old cf. (rehinged, portrait stained; presentation copy, to the Earl 

of Moira). L( 1206) $40.00. 
Hf. mor., g.t. CD(io66)$ 
Voyages from Montreal ... to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans. 

Portrait and 2 folding maps. London, 1802. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cf., maps in separate hf mor. case (maps and text stained). 

Voyages from Montreal ... to the Frozen and Pacific Oceans. 

Folding map. Phila , 1802. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. CD (1967)$! 5-00. 

MACKENZIE (Sir George). Institutions of the Law of Scot- 
land. Edinburgh, 1723. I2mo. 


MACKENZIE (Sir George) Continued 

Orig. cf. (autograph of James Bos well on fly-leaf, marginal notes 
in cont. hand). N (483) $50.00. 

MACKENZIE (G. N.). Colonial Families of the United State* 

of America. Vols. i and 4-7 N. Y. and Bait , 1007-20 5 vols , 
roy. 8vo. 
Cl- Q(340$4000 

MACKENZIE (Roderick). Strictures on Lt. Col Tarleton's 

History of the Campaigns of 1780 and 1781, in the "Southern 
Provinces of North America " London, 1787. 8vo. 
Cf. (rebacked). CD (1968) $16.00. 

MACKENZIE (R. S.). Noctes Ambrosianae. Redfield, 1857. 5 
vols., I2mo. 

Hf mor (bnd in are A. L. S. and sketch of Mackenzie, both in- 
scribed to G W. Childs). T(326)$n.oo. 

MACKEY (A. G.). History of Freemasonry. N. Y., and Lon- 
don, Masonic History Co. [1906.] 7 vols , imp. 8vo. 
Hf. leath., g t , unc. 88(969) $12.50. 

McKINLEY (William). Speeches and Addresses. Portraits. 

N. Y., 1894 8vo. 
Cl. (presentation copy, to Judge Grosscup). CD (1969) $62 50. 

McKINSTRY (George, jr.). [Broadside.] 'Thrilling and Tragic 
Journal written . . while on a Journey Overland to Califor- 
nia, 1846-1847. West Hoboken [privately printed,] about 

Folded SSU69)$i200. 

McKNIGHT (Charles). Our Western Border. Phila., 1876. 

Hf. leath. SS(2o6)$ 

MACKNIGHT (Thomas). Life of Henry St. John, Viscount 

Bolmgbroke London, 1863 8vo 

Lev mor., g t , unc., by Root (A L by Lord Bolingbroke in- 
serted). R(43)$7-50. 

McKNIGHT (W. J.). Pioneer Outline History of Northwestern 

Pennsylvania. Col. plates, maps, and portraits. Phila., 1905. 
Roy. 8vo. 

Cl. L(I222)$I300. 

M'LEAN (John). Notes' of a Twenty-five Years' Service in the 

Hudson's Bay Territory. London, 1849. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Hf . mor L( i223)$42.50. 
Orig. cl. (backs worn, pp. stained, autograph of Charles Lanman 

in each vol ). L( 1224) $40.00. 
Orig. cl., unc. CD(i97o)$45-00. 

MACLEANE (Lauchlin). Essay on the Expediency of Inocu- 
lation and the Seasons most proper for it. Phila., W. Brad- 
ford, 1756. Sm. 4to. 

Sewed, unc., unopened (few margins damaged). QQ(i2i)$5i.oo. 


M'LEOD (D.). Brief Review of the Settlement of Upper Can- 
ada by the N E. Loyalists and Scotch Highlanders in 1783. 
Cleveland, for the author, 1841. I2mo. 

Cl. SS (491) $27-50. 

Another copy. WW (387) $15.00. 

McLEOD (Donald). History of Wiskonsan. Plates. Buffalo, 

1846. I2mo. 

Cl. (few pp. spotted). CD (3090) $7.50. 
Cl. (back worn, folding map). CD (3091) $45 oo. 

McMASTER (J. B.). History of the People of the United States. 

Vols I to 7 only. Portrait N. Y., 1883-1910. 7 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. DE(262)$900. 
History of the United States. Maps. N. Y., 1900-24 8 vols , 

Hf . mor. (some backs faded). L(i225)$22 50. 

McMASTER (S. W.). Sixty Years on the Upper Mississippi. 

Rock Island, Privately Printed, 1893. I2mo. 
Ong paper. CD (2109) $25 oo. 

McMECHEN (J. H.). Legends of the Ohio Valley. Wheeling, 

1881. i6mo. 
Orig. paper (worn). SS(i358)$io.oo. 

McMURTRIE (D. .). The Golden Book. Chic., 1927. Sq. 8vo. 
Hf. leath., g.t., unc. (signed). LL(46o)$n.oo. 

McPHERSON (W.). Homes in Los Angeles City and County. 

Los Angeles, 1873. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor. CD(i938)$i5 oo 

MACQUOID (Percy). History of English Furniture. Plates, in 

color. London, 1904-08. 4 vols., roy. 4to. 
Cl., g.t., unc. HH(493)$5ooo 

MACQUOID [Percy] and EDWARDS (Ralph). Dictionary of 

English Furniture. [Garden City, 1924.] 3 vols , fol. 
Cl. AB(45)$ioo.oo. 

McSHERRY (James). History of Maryland, 1634-1848. Frontis. 

Bait., 1849. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (stained). L(i226)$i7oo 
Hf. mor. U(i24)$ii.oo. 

MACWHORTER (Alexander). Funeral Sermon preached in 
Newark, Dec. 27, 1799, for the universally lamented George 
Washington. Newark, J. Halsey, 1800. 8vo. 

Unbnd. JJ (3 13) $24.00. 

McWILLIAMS (John). [His] Recollections, his Youth, Ex- 
periences in California, and the Civil War. Portrait. [Prince- 
ton University Press, 1920 ] 8vo. 

Cl, gt., unc. (inscribed). 88(470) $22.50. 

MAETERLINCK (Maurice). Treasure of the Humble. Lon- 
don, 1911. Sq. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., unc. KK(ii7)$8.oo. 



and Queries. Portraits. N. Y., and Chic , 1877-93. 3 vols , 
sq. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., gt. SS(4i)$4o.oo. 


cantur. London, R. Tottell, 1556. I2mo. 

Cont cf. (2 parts in one, rebacked, writing on fly-leaf). FF(357) 

MAILLARD (N. D.). History of the Republic of Texas. Fold- 
ing map. London, 1842. 8vo. 
Cl. BB(i99)$3250 
Orig cl., unc. (hinges broken, map torn). CD(277i)$io.oo 

MAINDRON (Ernest). Les Affiches Illustrees. Plates in color 

Paris, 1896. 3 vols., 4to. 
Hf mor., g.t. O(592)$i30o. 

MAINE (H.S.). Collection of his Writings. N Y, v d 6 vols, 

roy. 8vo. 
Cl , unc. (name inside cover) HH(495)$I400. 

MAJOR (R. H.). Life of Prince Henry of Portugal. Col por- 
trait and folding maps London, 1868 8vo 

Hf mor., ge (rubbed, presentation copy, to the Earl of Win- 
chilsea, A G. Findlay bookplate). L(i23o)$n oo. 

MAJORS (Alexander). Seventy Years on the Frontier. Preface 

by Gen W F Cody. Portrait Chic., 1893. I2mo. 
Cl,gt SS(o89)$i6oo 

MALE (fimile). L'Art Religieux du XHIe Siecle en France. 

1919, L'Art ReliRieux du Moyen Age en France 1922, L'Art 
Religieux du Xlle Siecle en France. 1922 Paris, 1919-22. 3 
vols , 4to 
Bds, gt HH(497)$275<> 

MALET (Captain). Annals of the Road. Col. plates London, 

1876 8vo 
Cl. L(i23i)$i8oo 

MALLET (A. M.). Description de rUnivers. Maps, costume 

plates, etc Vol V only. Pans, 1683 8vo. 
Orig. cf. NN(84)$22.50. 

MALLET or MALLOCH (David). Memoirs of the Life and 

Ministerial Conduct, with some free Remarks on the Political 
Writings of the late Lord Vise. Bolmgbroke. Dublin, for J. 
Exshaw, 1753 I2mo 
Orig cf. (figures and initials on title, Westby cop>) X(54)$i250 

MALORY (Sir Thomas). Le Morte d'Arthur. Ed by H O 

Sommer [With] Essay on Malory's Prose Style by Andrew 
Lang. Folding tables. London, 1889-90 2 vols., 8vo 
Bds., g.t HH(498)$i750. 


MALORY (Sir Thomas) Continued 

Birth, Life and Acts of King Arthur. Intro by Professor 

Rhys Illus. by Beardsley. London, 1893-94. 2 vols., sm, 4to 
Orig. cl , g.t., unc. O(74)$42 50. 
12 orig. parts, unc., in 2 cl. cases. X(4i)$i30.oo. 
Orig cl , g t , unc HH(64)$55.oo. 

Lev. mor , gt, unc. (orig. covers bnd. in). PP(n)$6500 
Birth, Life and Acts of King Arthur. 20 plates by Beardsley 

[Edinburgh,] 1909. Sm. 4to. 
CL, g.t., unc. (C. Tice copy). LL(46)$iooo. 

MALTBY (Charles). See LINCOLN (Abraham). 

MALTHUS (T. R.). Essay on the Principle of Population. 

London, 1807-17. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. bds, unc. (rebacked). Z(86i)$30.oo. 

MANDEVILLE (Bernard). The Virgin Unmask'd. London, 

1731. I2mo. 
Oldcf (rubbed). Q(644)$75o. 

MANDEVILLE (Sir John). Itinerarium. Woodcuts Strass- 

burg, Johannes Pruss, 1488. 
25 leaves only. LL(244)$i2.50. 
8 leaves only. LL(245)$7.50. 

MANHEIM (Frederic). Affecting History of the Dreadful Dis- 
tresses of [his] Family. Frontis Phila , 1800. 8vo 
Sewed, orig. paper, unc , in cl. case (De Puy copy). SS(i295)$6s oo 

MANLY (W. L.). Death Valley in '49. Portrait. San Jose 

1894. I2mo. 
Cl. BB(2oi)$i750- 
Cl. SS(44i)$i2.50. 
CL WW(368)$iooo. 

MANNING (W. H.). Genealogical and Biographical History of 

the Manning Families of New England and Descendants 
Salem, 1902 8vo 
Cl. YY(45)$i6.oo. 

M ANSEL (Sir Robert). Voyage in a lovrnall or brief e Reper- 
tory of all occurrents hapning in the fleet of ships sent out by 
the King his most excellent Maiestie, etc. under [his] com- 
mand. Imprinted 1621. Sm. 4to 

Cf., tooled, ge. DD(2)$8s.oo 

MANSFIELD (D. L.). History of Captain John Kathan. Brat- 

tleboro, 1902. 8vo. 
Cl. Q(428)$ 7 .50. 

MANTE (Thomas). History of the late War in North-America. 

18 folding maps and plans. London, 1772. 4to. 
Bds. DD(i29)$350.oo. 
Mor, g.t., unc. WW (369) $32000. 


MAN WARING (Robert). Cabinet and Chair Maker's Real 
Friend, and Companion. 40 plates. London, 1775. 8vo. 

Cf. AB(2l)$I20.00. 

Carpenter's) Compleat Guide to the Whole System of Gothic 

Railing. 14 plates. London, 1765. Obi. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc. AB(i7)$8o.oo 

MAPS. Anville (Jean B. B. d'). America Septentrionalis. Col 

in outline. Nuremberg, 1756. 18x20 in. 

(Boundaries of Canada indicated in pencil by later hand) 

Anville (Jean B. B. d'). Mappa Geographica, complectens: 

I. Indiae Occidentals partem mediam circum Isthmum Pana- 
mensem. II. Ispsumque Isthmum. III. Ichnographiam prae- 
cipuorum locprum & portuum ad has terra pertmentium. Col 
in outline, with col view of city of Mexico and inset charts 
of St Augustine, Isthmus of Panama, San Domingo and Vera 
Cruz [Nuremberg, 1740 ] 23 x 19 in 


Atwood (J. M.). Map of the United States, Canada, Mexico, 

Central America and the West India Islands with a portion 
of Venezuela and New Granada. N Y , 1851. Folded to 

Cl CD(i982)$i75o. 

Blaeu. Old Decorative Map of America, with Natives and 

views on border. Copperplate engraving. Fol 

Framed and glazed WW(372)$35 oo 

Blanchard (Rufus). Historical Map of the United States, 

showing Early Spanish, French, and English Discoveries and 
Explorations, etc Descriptive Text Large triple folio, 
about 5x6 feet, mounted on linen and folding into 4to Chic , 
1876. 4to. 

Old mor. SS(iQ9)$25.oo. 

Blanchard (Rufus). Map of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Dacotah, 

Iowa, and Northern Illinois. Decorative border 27 x 31 in , 
folded to i6mo. N. Y., 1858 i6mo. 

Orig cl (defects in folds, tipped inside front cover is a broadside 
of the "Rail Road Routes emanating from Chicago"). 88(578) 

Blaskowitz (Charles). Plan of the Town of Newport in 

Rhode Island Surveyed by Charles Blaskowitz. Engraved 
and published by William Faden London, 1777 Large fol 


Brassier (William). Survey of Lake Champlain, including 

Lake George, Crown Point and St John Inset map in lower 
right section, 13 x 6 in , "A Particular Plan of Lake George. 
Surveyed by Capt Jackson" About 1763 26x20 in. 

Framed. WW(327)$40 oo 

Brassier (William). Survey of Lake Champlain, including 

Lake George, Crown Point and St John. London, 1776 
Large folding fol., 20 x 28 in. 



MAPS Continued 

Gary (John). America. 1806; North America. 1806; Nova 

Scotia and Newfoundland. 1807; Canada. 1807; United States. 
1806, Eastern States. 1806; Western Territory. 1805; South- 
ern States. 1806. All in color. London, 1805-07. 8 pieces, 
each 18 x 20^ in. 

VV(io 4 )$38.oo 

Chapin's Ornamental Map of the United States. Engraved 

by J. B. Taylor and H. F. Wheeler in color. Border, contain- 
ing portraits of the presidents. N. Y., 1838. 48x56 in. 

On rollers. WW (374) $25.00. 

Chaves (Jeronimo de). La Florida. Auctore Hieron. Chiaues. 

Gvastecan Reg. Colored. From Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis 
Terrarum, cut from double-page sheet. [Antwerp, Plantin, 
1582-95.] 8?4 x 13 in. 


Colton's Map of Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. Folding 

map, in color. N. Y., G W. & C B. Colton & Co., 1877. 

Orig. cl. CD(30i7)$i2.oo. 

Danckerts (Justus). Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis. Colored. 

Amsterdam [about 1690] iox2i^m 

(Stained). VV(i35)$36oo. 

Danckerts (Justus). Novi Belgii Novaeque Angliae nee non 

Pennsylvamae et Partis Virginia? Col with col. inset view 
of New York. [Amsterdam, about 1700 ] 18x21^ in. 


Danckerts (Justus). Recentissima Novi Orbis sive America 

Septentrionalis et Meridionalis Tabula Col , with cartouche. 

Amsterdam, [about 1690.] 19^2 x 23 in 
Delisle (Guillaume). L'Amerique Septentrionale dressee sur 

les Observations de M'rs de rAcademie Royale des Sciences 

& quelques autres & sur les Memoires les plus recens. Col. 

in outline. Amsterdam, Covens and Mortier [about 1733-1 

18x23 in. 
-Hinton (R. J.). Map of Arizona. Colored. Comp. from 

Official Maps and from the Notes of Col W. G Boyle, Col. 

J. D. Graham, Herman Ehrenberg, Prof. Pumpelly and Lieut. 

P. Reade. Double folio, folding into I2mo. San Fran , 1877. 

I2mo. WW(52)$3250. 
Homann (J. B.). Belgii pars Septentrionalis communi nomine 

vulgo Hollandia. Col., with inset map of New Netherland and 

col. view of New Amsterdam; also inset map of the Eastern 

archipelago and view of Batavia. Nuremberg [about 1735.] 

19 x 22 in. 
Homann (J. B.). Nova Anglia Septentrionali Americas im- 

planta Anglorumque coloniis florentissima. Colored. Nurem- 
berg [about 1760.] 19 x 23 in. 
(Repairs). VV(i2o)$35.oo. 


MAPS Continued 

Homann (J. B.). Regni Mexican! sen Novae Hispaniae, Ludo- 

vincianae, N. Angliae, Carolina, Virginiae et Pennsylvania nee 
non Insularum Archipelagi Mexican! in America Septen- 
trionali accurata Tabula. Colored. Engravings. Nuremberg 
[about 1760.] 185^ x 22 in. 

Framed (stains and repairs). VV(ii7)$n oo. 

Letter (M. A.). Carte Nouvelle de I'Amerique Angloise. 

Partly colored. Augsbourg [1776] 24 x 191/2 in. 


Lotter (T. C.). Pennsylvania, Nova Jersey et Nova York 

cum Regionibus ad Fluvium Delaware in America sitis, nova 
delineatione ob oculos posita Colored Augsbourg, Lotter 
[about 1748 ] 22^ x 19^ in. 

VV(i 3 o)$52.50. 

Map of the Railroads and Canals in the United States and 

Canada, accompanied with A Concise Description of Each, 
Aug, 1834. Large folding map, with insets. N. Y. [1834] 

Leath. 88(538) $22.50. 

Mitchell (A.). Map of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. 

Phila , 1834. Folded to i8mo. 

Leath. (worn). SS(ii33)$8.op 

Moll (Hermann). Dominia Anglorum in America Septen- 
tnonali. Colored [Nuremberg, about 1760 ] 19^ x 22 in 

(Text at bottom damaged). VV(iu)$200o 

Moll (Hermann). New Map of the North Parts of America 

claimed by France. [London,] 1720. Large folding folio, 23 x 
40 in. 


Old Decorative Map of South America, with inset view of 
Cuzco. Copperplate engraving, colored. Large folio. 

Framed. WW(37i)$i2.oo. 

Preston (J. A.). Sectional and County Map of Oregon and 

Washington west of the Cascade Mountains. Compiled from 
U. S. Surveys and other authentic sources, by J. W. Trutch 
and G. W. Hyde. Chic , 1856. 23 x 62 in., folded to i8mo. 

Cl. (worn). CD(236i)$3000 

- Quebek . . . aan de Rivier van St. Laurens: door de Engel- 
schen belegard en by Verdrag bemagtigd in't jaar 1759. Col- 
ored. [Amsterdam, Tirion, 1769] 13x17 in 


Seat of War in New England. See REVOLUTIONARY 


Seutter (Matthew). Accurata delineatio celeberrimae Regionis 

Ludovicianae, vel Gallice Louisiane ol Canada et Floridae 
adpellatione in Septentrionali America. Colored. Inset, 
[Augsburg, 1734.] ip/2 x 22^ in 

Framed. VV(n8)$i4.oo. 

Another copy, unframed. VV( 119)$ 17.00. 

Visscher (Nikolaas). Insulae Americana hi Oceano Septen- 
trionali ac Regiones Adiacentes a C. de May usque ad Lineam 
Acquinoctialem. [Amsterdam, about 1680.] 18x22 in. 

(Stained). VV(i34)$8.oo. 


MAPS Continued 

Wells (Edward). New Map of North America shewing its 

Principal Divisions, Chief Cities, Townes, Rivers, Mountains, 

etc. M. Burg., Sculpt. Colored. [Oxford, 1701.] 14^ x 19/2 


VV(i2 4 )$4500. 

AND FORTS IN AMERICA, and also names of localities 


MARBURY (M. O.)- Favorite Flies and Their Histories. Col 

plates. Boston, 1892. Sm. 4to. 
Bds. (name on title). A(85i)$7-50. 
Cl., unc. L(i233)$io.oo. 

MARCH (J. M.). The Set-Up. N. Y., 1928. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. (signed). LL(45S)$i40O. 

The Wild Party. Chic., 1928. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. OO(i93)$30.oo. 

MARCO POLO. Book concerning the Kingdoms and Marvels 
of the East. Trans, and ed. by Sir Henry Yule Col. and 
plain illustrations. London, 1921. 2 vols , 8vo. 

Cl. RR(237)$i3.oo. 

MARGRY (Pierre). Dlcouvertes et fitablissements des Fran- 
Qais dans TOuest et dans le Sud de I'Amerique Septentnonale 
Portraits and maps. Pans, 1779. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Mor. (worn, joints broken) DE(6o)$i8.oo 

MARGUERITE OF NAVARRE. The Heptameron. Done into 
English by Arthur Machen. [London,] Privately Printed, 
1886. 8vo 

Cl., unc. (shaken, worn). D(i9o)$io.oo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (faded, one signature loose). R(28s)$25.oo. 

Bds., unc. HH(484)$i5.oo 

The Heptameron. Trans, by G. Saintsbury. 73 plates after 

Freudenberg, and 150 head and tail-pieces Dy Dunker. Large 
Paper. London Society of English Bibliophiles, 1894 5 v ^ s > 

Orig. cl., unc. G 6(227) $37.50. 

Cf., tooled, unc., by Zaehnsdorf. KK(n8) $60.00. 

The Heptameron. Trans, by G. Saintsbury. 73 plates after 

Freudenberg and 150 head and tail-pieces by Dunker. Lon- 
don, Navarre Society, 1922. 5 vols., 8vo. 

Silk, g.t., unc. J(237)$i2.oo. 


The Heptameron. Trans, by A. Machen. N. Y., 1924. 8vo 

CL, unc. F(i79)$8.oo. 

One Hundred Merrie and Delightful Stories. Intro, by A. 
Machen. Illus. by C. Tice. Signed by Machen, frontis 
signed by artist. Carbonnek, 1924. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., unc. O(475)$i5-oo. 

Another copy. HH(488)$30OO. 

The Heptameron. London, n.d. 5 vols , i6mo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. DE(42o)$27 50. 


MARGUERITE OF VALOIS. Memorialls. Trans by R Cod- 

nngton. London, 1663 Sm 8vo. 
Oldrns., tooled (worn) D(i93)$8.oo. 


Future. N. Y., 1868. 8vo. 
Ong paper (worn, lacks back cover). SS(358)$n oo. 

MARKHAM (Fred.). Shooting in the Himalayas. Col plates. 

map, and woodcuts London, 1854 Roy. 8vo. 
Hf lev mor L( 1238) $15.00. 
Cl , unc. (rehmgcd, cover stained, R. L Walker copy) L(i238a) 


MARKHAM (Gervase). Maison Rustique; or, the Countrey 

Farme, by Charles Estienne (or Stevens) and Jean Liebault 
Trans, by Richard Surflet Newly Reviewed, Corrected, and 
Augmented with additions out of the works of Serres . . . 
Vmet . . . Albyreno . . . Gnlh . . . and other authors Lon- 
don, 1616. Fol 

Oldcf (rebacked, new end leaves). L(i75i)$2750 
Markhams Master-Peece. Folding plate, and woodcuts 

London, N. Okes, 1631 Sm 4to 
Cont vel (inscribed on fly-leaf) L(i23g)$27 50. 

MARLOWE (Christopher). Works. London, Pickering, 1826 

3 vols., I2mo. 
Cf (rebacked). R(245)$32 50. 

MARLOWE (Christopher) and DAVIS (John). See OVID. 

MARMOCCHI (F. C.). Raccolta di Viaggi dalla scoperta dal 

Nuovo Contmente fino a' de nostri. Over 150 col plates, 
maps and engravings. Prato, 1840-45 18 vols , 8vo. 
Bds VV(i38)$i8oo. 

M ARRANT (John). A Narrative of [his] Life. Frontis Hali- 
fax, 1812 I2mo 
Bds (covers loose) SS(i3O4)$2OOO 

MARROT (H. V.). Bibliography of the Works of John Gals- 
worthy Cartoon by Max Beerbohm in color, portrait, and 
8 facsimiles London, 1928 8vo 

Ong cl, gt, unc (signed by Galsworthy) MM(i66)$32 50. 

MARRYAT (Frank). Mountains and Molehills. 8 col plates. 

London, 1855 8vo. 
Hf mor. L(i245)$iooo 
Hf.mor, gt SS(332)$i75o 
Cl. (bndg broken). WW(3?8)$i5 oo. 

MARRYAT (Frederick). A Diary in America. Folding map. 

London, 1839 6 vols., 8vo. 
Ong. bds., unc (Second part only, 3 vols , 2 backs torn, autograph 

of G Cruikshank on title of firbt vol ) L(i249)$i2 50. WW(376)$;.50. 


MARRYAT (Frederick) Con tinned 

Mr. Midshipman Easy. London, 1836. 3 vols., 8vo 

Bds., unc. (new backs, labels, and end-papers) L(i247)$32 50. 
Narrative of the Travels and Adventures of Monsieur Violet 

in California, etc. Folding map London, 1843 3 vols , 8vo 
Cl WW(377)$7.50. 

Newton Forster. London, 1832 3 \ ols , 8vo 

Bds, unc., in cl. case (2 vols. shaken, G. Cruikshank's signature 

on title of first vol., H. V Jones copy) L(i246)$67 50. 
Olla Podrida. 3 vols. 1840, The Privateer's-Man. 2 vols. 

1846. London, 1840-46. 5 vols , 8vo. 
Hf. mor., by Worsfold. L(i250)$i7 50. 
The Pirate, and the Three Cutters. 20 plates. London, 1836 

Imp 8vo. 
Hf. mor, unc.. by Riviere (Large paper, with proof plates). 

L( 1248)^22 oo. 

Poor Jack. London, 1840 8vo 

12 orig. parts, in hf. mor. case (2 wrappers loose, some backs 

worn; H. V Jones copy) L(i25i)$325o 
Complete Writings. Handmade Paper Edition London, 

Dent, 1895 24vols.,8vo 
Cl , g t , unc. O(48o)$50.oo 
Works. Illustrated Sterling Edition Boston, ncl 12 vols, 

Hf mor , g t. R(247)$30 oo. 

MARSH (J. B.). Four Years in the Rockies. Portrait New 

Castle, Pa, 1884. I2mo 
Orig. cl. L(i253)$i4500 

Orig. cl. (loose in torn bndg.) BB(203)$i8ooo. 
Orig. cl. CD (2619) $75.00. 

MARSHALL (G. W.). Genealogist's Guide. Guilford, 1903. 

Cl. U( 3 68)$750. 

MARSHALL (John). Life of George Washington. Portrait. 

With Atlas. Phila , 1804-07 6 vols., 8vo. and 4to. 
Hf. cf., atlas in bds. (Vol. 5 rebound). EE(2ii)$375o 
Bds., unc. (broken, lacks Vol. 5) YY(4o6)$22oo 
Life of George Washington. Portrait and maps London, 

1804-07. 5 vols., 8vo 

Oldhf. rus. (Large paper, slight stains). GG(229)$40oo 
Orig bds., unc. (back of Vol I imperfect) NN(87)$50oo 
Life of George Washington. Frederick sburg Edition N Y , 

1925. 5 vols , 8vo 
Cl. A(636)$8so. 

MARSHALL (W. P.). Afloat on the Pacific. Plates. Zanes- 

ville, O. [Privately printed,] 1876. I2mo. 
Cl. WW(io8)$7.50. 

MARSIGLI (Louis Ferdinand, Comte de). Danubius Pannonico- 

mysicus, Observationibus geographicis, etc. Maps and plans, 
many double-size and folding. The Hague, 1726 6vols,fol. 
Cont bds, unc. (backs missing, worn). DE(272)$8.oo. 


MARSTON (J. W.). The Patrician's Daughter. London, 1841. 

Orig. paper, in cl folder and hf . mor. case (backbone chipped) 

UU (67) $42 50. 


Her Allies, 1799-1815. 53 col. plates. London, 1815 Roy 4to 
Hf lev mor, tooled, gt., unc. W(37)$H5 oo. 
Orig hf roan, unc., m cl. case (rubbed). PP(49)$i3500 
Hf lev mor, gt, unc, by Riviere (with "Naval Achievements of 

Great Britain, 1793-1817." [1818;] and "Historic, Military and 

Naval Anecdotes of Personal Valour, Bravery/' etc [1819,] 

together, 3 vols ) ZZ(97A)$i,05OOO 

MARTIN (Camille). L'Art Roman en Italic. Plates. Pans 

[1912.] Fol 

Hf mor XX(579)$iooo. 
MARTIN (F. R.). Miniature Painting and Painters of Persia, 

India and Turkey, 8th-i8th Century Plates, some in color 
London, 1912 2 vols., roy 4to 
Cl,gt., unc HH(5Oo)$i90oo 

MARTIN (F. X.). History of Louisiana. New Orleans, 1827-29. 

2 vols., 8vo 

Cf WW (379) $30.00. 

Hf. mor (covers worn, pp. of one vol stained) DE(6i)$25oo 

Public Acts of the General Assembly of North Carolina. 

Newbern, 1804 4to. 
Old cf (2 vols m one, broken) A(634)$8oo. 

MARTIN (Henri). Popular History of France. Boston, n d 

3 vols , ro> 8vo 

Cf , g e (backs repaired, S L Clemens copy) N(i68)$2i.oo 
Same. XX(235)$ 

MARTIN (Horace T.). Castorologia ; or, History and Tradi- 
tions of the Canadian Beaver Montreal, 1892. 8vo. 
Cl, unc SS(996)$8oo 

MARTIN (Joseph). New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of Vir- 
ginia, and the District of Columbia Folding map in color 
Charlottesville, J Martin, 1835 8\o 

Hf mor., gt CD (2854)$! i oo 

MARTINDELL (E. W.). Bibliography of the Works of Rud- 

yard Kipling 52 plates London, 1923. 8vo 
Cl, unc. LL(4i8)$iooo 

MARTYR (Peter). The Historic of the West-Indies, contain- 
ing the Actes and Aduentures of the Spaniards, which have 
conquered and peopled those Countries, innched with varietie 
of pleasant relation of the Manners, Ceremonies, Lawes, 
Gouerments, and Warres of the Indians, Published in Latin 
by Mr. Hakluyt, and translated into English by M. Lok. 
London, Printed for Andrew Hebb, n.d. 4to. 


MARTYR (Peter) Continued 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e , by Pratt (contains the "Epistola Dedica- 

toria"). VV(i39)$i45 oo. 
Cf. (cover loose, title extended on lower margin and mounted; 

first leaf, which is supplied from another copy, is extended 

on lower" margin. This copy does not contain the "Epistola 

Dedicatoria"), VV(i4o)$i5 oo. 


Romas, 1749. Roy. 8vo. 
Cont. mor., tooled, ge. gauffered DE(i2p)($37 50. 

MARVELL (Andrew). Advice to a Painter, etc. 4 leaves [Lon- 
don, 1666 ] Fol 

Folded. Z(864)$4000. 

Miscellaneous Poems. Portrait London, for Robert Boulter, 

1681. Fol. 

Lev mor , g e , by French Binders (portrait repaired, paper de- 
fect in C2, some stains). Z(86s)$3iooo 

MARVIN (W. T. R.) Medals of the Masonic Fraternity. Bos- 
ton [privately printed, 1880.] 4to 
Hf mor. (rubbed). G(2i;)$8oo 

MASEFIELD (John). Ballads and Poems. London, 1910. Sq 

Cl , unc. (has one blank leaf before half-title) HH(soi)$i750 

The Dream. Illus. by Judith Masefield N Y , 1922. 8vo. 

Mor, gt (signed). R(243)$iooo 

The Everlasting Mercy. London, 1911. I2mo. 

Cl. F(i88)$2ioo. 

A Mainsail Haul. Frontis by Jack B Yeats. London, 1905 


Orig paper. F(i8s)$ioop 
On the Spanish Main. 22 illustrations and map. London 

[1906] 8vo. 
Cl. L(i258)$iooo 
Philip the King. Illus by Laurence Irving. London, 1927 


Cl., unc (signed by author and by artist). F(i95)$iooo 
Reynard the Fox. Edition de Luxe, on Large paper, signed 

London, 1919. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. L(i26i)$i900. 
Right Royal. Edition de luxe, on Large paper, signed 

London, 1920. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. L(i262)$n.oo. 

Salt-Water Ballads. London, 1902. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc 2(866)$2iooo. 

Sea Life in Nelson's Time. London [1905 ] I2mo. 

CL, unc. (J. L. Barford copy). L(i257)$n.oo. 

The Taking of Helen. London, 1923. 8vo. 

Bds., unc (signed). F(i93)$9.oo. 

The Tragedy of Nan and Other Plays. London, 1909 Sq. 

Cl., unc. XX(s8i)$i7.50. 


MASEFIELD (John) Continued 

Tragedy of Pompey the Great. London, 1910 121110 

Cl. XX( 5 82)$iooo. 

Tristan and Isolt. London, 1927. 8vo 

Bds, unc. (signed). F(i96)$iooo. 

MASEREEL (Frans). Die Sonne. 63 woodcuts 1920, Ges- 
chichte Ohne Worte. 60 woodcuts 1922 Munich, 1920-22 
2 vols , I2mo. 

Hf. leath,gt. XX(s86)$22.50. 

MASON (Stuart). Bibliography of Oscar Wilde. London, 1914 

2 vols., 8vo 
Cl , gt, unc (signed). HH(836)$i3 oo. 

MASPERO (Gaston). Passing of the Empires. 1900; Dawn of 
Civilization. 1910, Struggle of the Nations, Egypt, Syria and 
Assyria. 1910 London, 1900-10 3 vols , imp. 8vo. 

Cl HH(50 3 )$i200. 

MASPERO (Gaston) and OTHERS. History of Egypt, 

Chaldea, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria 13 vols [1903-06,] 
[with] History of India Ed by A V Williams Jackson 
9 vols, [1906-07.] Plates in color and in monotone London, 
Grolier Society [1903-07 ] 22 vols , roy 8vo 

Mor , tooled, inlaid, unc L(i263)$325o 

Hf mor., gt., unc. O(48i)$3000. 

MASSACHUSETTS. [Broadside.] Abstract from Resolves 

containing the Encouragement offered by the Continental 
Congress, and by the State of Massachusetts-Bay to such 
as shall inlist into the Continental Army, etc . In the 
House of Representatives, Jan. 28, 1777 John A\er} 

N.p., n d. [Boston, Edes, 1777.] Feu 

Unc (small, blank, part missing). TT( 0^2900 

Address from the General Court to the People of the Com- 
mons ealth of Massachusetts [Pamphlet, Shay's Rebellion, 
relating to measures taken by General Court to relieve 
citizens of Mass.] Boston, Adams and Nourse, 1786 Sm 4to 

Sewed, unc TT(207)$22oo 

[Broadside, relating to campaign against Louisburg. Royal 

Arms ] By the Honourable Spencer Phips . A Proclama- 
tion. For the Encouragement of Persons to inlist into his 
Majesty's Service . Feb 25, 1757 . S Phips. Boston, 
Draper [1757 ] Fol 

Framed and glazed WW (2 14) $10500. 

[Broadside.] Cambridge, June 14, 1775. The following is 

a Copy of an infamous Thing handed about here Yester- 
day . . . Production of that perfidious, petty Tyrant, Thomas 
Gage [followed by Gen Gage's proclamation, offering pardon 
to all who would lay down their arms, excepting only Samuel 
Adams and John Hancock ] [Watertown, Edes, 1775 1 Fol. 

(Stained, hole in one fold) NN(7)$29<>oo 

Hitchcock (Edward). [Views] A series of 17 litho- 
graphic plates, one m color, drawn by Mrs. E Hitchcock, 



and col folding map by Edward Hitchcock, State Geologist, 
made to accompany a "Report on the Geology, Mineralogy, 
Botany, and Zoology of Massachusetts," by him. [Amherst, 



Letters to The Right Honorable The Earl of Hillsborough, 

From Governor Bernard, General Gage, and The Honorable 
His Majesty's Council For the Province of Massachusetts- 
Bay. With an Appendix containing Divers Proceedings re-