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The Edition of Volume XXXVIII of 


if limited to 700 Copies 


For the information of collectors and 
librarians, advertisements of the special- 
tics of well known booksellers are given 
in the pages immediately following. 

A feature for this volume is a Directory 
of all the leading American rare book 
dealers, printed in the back pages. 

Telephone Wickersham 2-4089 



Bennett Book Studios, Inc* 


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with a front.spiece in * 
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Something more than a mere 
bibliography of First Edi- 
tions, it is a collector's guide 
providing identification for 
almost every leaf. 
In the Bibliographic! Series 

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It ARE BOOKS, first editions and 
complete libraries sold by auction. Cata- 
logues of book sales for the season will be 
forwarded postpaid for three dollars. This 
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purchases amount to two hundred dollars 
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by Will Ransom 

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Dock Trices Lurrent 

Best used for book price analysis by 
comparing the records over several years 

For dealers, librarians and collectors whose 
files are not yet completed, we can offer 
volumes of past years as follows: 

1925 1926 1927 
1928 1930 1931 

Write for prices on these or for other 
volumes that may be picked up from time 

to time. 


The 1932 volume is limited to 700 copies. 

R. R. Bowker Co. New York 

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Henry Stevens, Son & Stiles 


(Established 1845 by Henry Stevens of Vermont) 


"The indispensable Guide to the Current Values 
of Old Bootf' 





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Either in Four Quarterly Parts or as a 
Cloth-bound Annual Volume 

Vol. 29 for the Auction Season 1931-32 was published on 

Dec. 9, 1931 

(Bound volume* may be obtained from 
The R. R. Bowker Co., 62 West 45th St., New York.) 

Indispensable for Collector and Librarian 





4 volumes, London, 1927, published 
at 5 guineas, now offered at less 
than one-third of the original price, 
or $7.50 per set. 


CHARLES A. STONEHILL, JR. began work on this 
project in 1920 in the Yale Library; he continued to 
accumulate data at Oxford, then joined forces with 
Andrew Block, a London bookseller who had been 
at work for ten years on a similar plan. Together, 
and with all the available resources they pursued the 
work intensively with the aid of librarians, book- 
sellers, auctioneers and collectors. 

4 VOLUMES NOW $7.50 

R. R. Bowker Company 
62 West 45th Street New York 



Editions Limited to 500 copies 

by I. A. Williams 
To be published later in 1933 $5.00 


by John Carter $5.00 


by Greville Worthington $5.00 


by Guy Chapman. To close edition $1.75 

by R. W. Chapman. To close edition $1.75 

by Michael Sadleir Edition exhausted 

POINTS, 1870-1930 

by Percy H. Muir Edition exhausted 

This series of authoritative volumes on book his- 
tory and, book structure will have additional vol- 
umes from time to time. Descriptive circulars will 
be sent on request. 

R. R. Bowker Company 

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Majerty the King 
and H R H The Prince of W.let 

34 and 35, CONDUIT STREET 
LONDON, W. 1. 

Dealers in Fine and Rare 








PRINTS AND AUTOGRAPHS, Including: English Poetry and Old 
Plays prior to 1660. Illuminated MSS. Elizabethan Literature. 
Books with Coloured Plates. Specimens of early Printing be- 
fore 1500. Original Editions of Esteemed Authors & Pres- 
entation Copies. Rare Works relating to America, 
Australasia, etc., Fine Engravings in Colours, Etch- 
ings & Engravings by Old & Modern Masters. 
Interesting Autograph Letters and Documents 






JUNE I, 1931 TO JUNE I, 1932 







David H. Bond, London, European Agent 

Copyright, 1933 


A SURVEY of market prices for rare books and autographs for 
the past auction season is cf peculiar interest, is indeed essential 
for arriving at average valuations. It reveals the status of literary 
material at a period which, it is hoped, marks the depth of depressed 
markets and thus provides figures which, used in comparison with 
those of the past few years, will afford excellent opportunity for an 
estimate of mean values. 

Aside, however, from certain conditions which, undoubtedly, reflect 
the general business situation, the auction market for literary material 
during 1931-1932 was by no means altogether low and to those en- 
gaged actively in its progress, the record of the year is found rep- 
resentative and offers the guidance necessary for up-to-date valua- 
tions, note being made, of course, of varying physical conditions of 
volumes bringing varying prices. On the whole, general financial con- 
ditions have militated against the auction market rather in the with- 
holding of material in quantity than in the total withdrawal of de- 
sirable items from public sale or in the reduction of prices paid for 
fine copies. We find these items still in the market in fine, if not 
in numerous examples. 

As usual, there have been opportunities for securing rarities and for 
securing bargains : and collectors find encouragement in the evidence 
that rare books and autographs, considered as investments alone, do 
not depreciate in the ratio of other securities. Good examples, if 
the owner must part with them, continue to find a ready market at 
good prices. 

Although less in volume, the sales of 1931-32 in New York City 
alone reali/ed a total sum far in excess of the returns for either of 
the two preceding years. The very large sums contributing to this 
local return were realized in the sale of the Lothian collection ; but 
a number of works in other collections brought prices in advance, 
sometimes considerably in advance, of prices paid for corresponding 
copies in the previous five years, that is, since the year 1926. This 
span would seem to set a limit to the period of comparison having 
any practical bearing upon the present and the immediate future. 

The sales of 1031-32 numbered (>9 and showed two changes in the 
list of auction houses, the withdrawal of the Union Square Book Shop 
and the appearance of the National Art Galleries, Inc. 

The outstanding' events of the season occurred in the sales of two 
consignments" from England, the first, Selections from the Libraries 
of the Marquess of Lothian mentioned more fully below the other, 
a single item, one of the two fully signed copies known to be in 
existence of the "Olive Branch" Petition of the Second Continental 
Congress which was presented to King George III in 1775 as a final 


effort to avert the War of the Revolution. This document was sold 
at $53000, a sum greater by $2000 than that paid for a manuscript 
in an American auction in any previous season. The letter bearing 
the signature of Button Gwinnett, with the signatures of Hancock, 
Morris, Lewis, Read, and Middleton, sold in 1927 for $51000, had 
held the record to date. 

Collections sold in October, 1931 included the Library of Americana 
of the late George W. Riggs which produced a 1775-76 run of the 
Pennsylvania Journal and Weekly Advertiser at $925, Nunez Cabeza 
de Vaca's Relacion [1555], at $410, and manuscript Indian treaties 
at $650, $750, and $1450. 

The Library of William H. MacAfee, consisting mainly of Nine- 
teenth and Twentieth Century English Literature, included works of 
Gilbert A'Beckett, Jane Austen, Byron, Cowper, Scott, Thackeray, 
and Wordsworth, which brought their highest market prices except 
for the prices realized in the Kern sale of 1929. 

Sporting Books and First Editions from the Library of the late 
Gifford A. Cochran, with matter of great autograph and association 
interest from other owners, included Real Life in London, 1821-22, 
and Egan's Life of an Actor, 1825, each in original parts, selling at 
$320 and $350. The 1620 English version of Boccaccio sold at $1525, 
and Paradise lost, 1667, with Paradise Regain'd, 1671, at $1300. Pres- 
entation copies of various works by Hawthorne brought $525, $1300, 
and $2200. A copy of Irving's Life of Washington, 1855-59, ex- 
tended by the insertion of autographs and illustrations, sold for 
$4250. The Bos well papers in the I sham collection as published 
to 1931 made an appearance in this consignment, selling at $400. The 
autograph material included Orderly Books of Sir William Howe 
for the years 1776 and 1777, which sold for $1400. 

Among autographs in the collection of the late Thomas B. Clarke, 
a letter of Gilbert Stuart was sold at $420, a letter signed, in 1776. 
by Franklin, Carroll and Chase, as commissioners to Canada, at 
$1300. A letter of 1861 by President Lincoln to the Governor of 
Kentucky, declining to remove Union troops from that state, sold 
for $1550, and a copy of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Con- 
stitution, signed, in 1865, by Lincoln and by all of its sponsors in 
Congress, sold for $8000. 

In the sale of the Library of an Ohio collector, a copy of Great 
Expectations, 1861, brought $550; one of the copies of F. R. Martin's 
History of Oriental Carpets, Vienna, 1908, with plates printed on 
silk, brought $425; and a complete set of the folio works of John 
Gould, 1831-88, $2600. 

Other sales produced a copy of A Trve Declaration of the estate 
of the Colonie in Virginia, 1610, which sold at $850; Mason's Brief 
History of the Pequot War, 1736, at $675; a copy of the English 
Bible printed by Aitken at Philadelphia in 1782, at $525; Cooper's 
Spy, 1821, at $770; Hawthorne's Peter Parley's Universal History, 
1837, at $845 ; the New York, 1866 issue of Alice in Wonderland, at 
$300; Longfellow's Evangeline, 1847, at $1150; and a copy of the 
catalogue of the Ashley Library as published to 1930, at $440. 

Manuscript Americana of the season included, among early Eng- 
lish deeds, one bearing the signature of the Puritan colonist, Richard 
Gardiner, which sold for $1000 and, among early orderly books and 
journals of historic interest, the record kept at the headquarters of 
General Woodford in 1777, which sold at $460. A letter of Roger 


Williams to Gov. Winthrop, in 1640, in relation to the Indians of 
Rhode Island, brought $4000, a 1629 letter of Gov. Winthrop, $1000. 
Official notification to Arthur Lee of his appointment as Commissioner 
to France, in a letter of Oct. 23, 1776, signed by Franklin and Morris, 
brought $610. A plan of July 13, 1781 written out in General Wash- 
ington's hand, "For Reconnoitering the Enemy's Posts at the North 
end of York Island and the vicinity of it," was sold for $1950. A 
Mexican War letter of Zachary Taylor sold at $385. A journal kept 
by Benjamin Van Cleve, 1778-1803, covering much of the history 
of the settlement of the Ohio Valley, sold at $410, an 1849 overland 
diary of Simon Doyle, at $480. 

Consignment of the Lothian collection to the American market, 
made at the protest of the London public and press, brought to the 
owner justification of choice, the 168 items of the collection realiz- 
ing $410,545, a sum considerably in excess of his expectation. The 
material included certain world-famed manuscripts and 133 printed 
books comprising incunabula, publications of the sixteenth century 
and early Americana. Among the 35 manuscripts of the sale, two 
romances in fourteenth century hands, Lc Roman de la Rose and 
the copy of the Floriant et Florete from which the edition of the 
Roxburghe Club was printed (Edinburgh, 1873) brought, respec- 
tively, $1000 and $1050; Sir Walter Scott's manuscript of The Eve 
of Saint John brought $1600. Three fifteenth century Books of 
Hours realized $1400, $4300, and $4500, two copies of the Bible in 
Latin, in thirteenth century hands, $700 and $1400, and a copy written 
in the twelfth century, $7000. Handsomely bound manuscripts of the 
sixteenth century included a volume of Medical Recipes bound, 
probably, by Cloyis Kve, which sold at $1100; a volume on the lives 
of Scipio, Hannibal, Pompey, and Cicero, in French prose, bound 
for Diane de Poitiers, at $2250, and a poem by Bernardino Manetti, 
in Italian, on Catherine de Medici and bound for her, at $5750. 
Fifteenth century copies of French translations of Livy, Boccaccio, 
and Saint Augustine, sold at $9000, $18000, and $31500. The "Blick- 
ling" Homilies, in Anglo-Saxon, of the yeaf 971, brought $55000; 
the eighth century "Lincoln" Psalter, written entirely in uncial letters, 
$23000; and the Tikytt Psalter, of about 1310, $61000. 

The Lothian incunabula sales included the Augsburg, 1470 edition 
of Josephus, in Latin, at $600; the Nuremberg Chronicle (Schedel), 
bound with Durer's (?) Apocalypse, at $950; the Aldine, 1499 
Hypnerotomachia Poliphili of Columna, at $1550: the Jenson, 1470 
De euangelica of Eusebius, at $2100; Bien advise, mal advise, on 
vellum, at $3000; Pliny's Naturalis Historia, Venice, Spira, 1469, at 
$3100; the Caxton, 1480 Chronicles of England and the Description 
of Britain, in one volume, at $7000; these Chronicles, as printed by 
Machlinia in 1486, at $1200; Kay's translation of Caorsin's Siege of 
Rhodes, London, about 1482, at $7250; the Maintz, 1462 Bible, at 
$19000; a Paris, 1493 Boccaccio, in French, in a Diane de Poitiers 
binding, at $9400 and Colard Mansion's Bruges, 1476 Boccaccio, in 
French, at $45,000. . . 

Among sixteenth century books, Pynson's 1516 printing of Fabyan s 
Newe Chronycles of England and of Fraunce brought $725 ; a French 
Book of Hours, $1000; Gassar's Epitome, Lugdini [1538], in a 
mosaic Maioli binding, $1200: the 1535 Coverdale translation of the 
Bible, $3700; and "Cest la Deduction," etc., a work in celebration of 
Henri II and Catherine de Medici, $4000. 



Early Americana and books on travel in the Lothian collection 
consisted of 79 items, among them Jourdain's Plaine Description of 
the Barmvdas, 1613, which realized $700; Hagthorpe's Englands- 
Exchequer, 1625, $725; A Perfect Description of Virginia, 1649, 
$750; Barlow's Navigators Svpply, 1597, $800; Middleton's Sir 
Robert Sherley, 1609, $800; Thevet's New found worlde, in Racket's 
translation [1568], $900; Winslow's New-Englandes Salamander, 
1647, $900; Captain John Smith's Accidence for the Sea, 1636, $1350, 
the later edition (1653), entitled The Sea-mans Grammar, $650; 
Smith's Trve Relation of ... occurrences ... in Virginia, 1608, 
$3750; the first, the "Colonie" edition (1620), of A Declaration of 
the State of the Colonie ... in Virginia, $1400; Les Voyages of 
Champlain, Paris, 1613, $2100; Nicholl's Houre Glasse of Indian 
Newes, 1607, $2250; Underbill's Newes from America, 1638, $2500; 
Sir George Peckham's Trve Reporte of the late Discoueries ... by 
... Sir Humfrey Gilbert, 1583, $3250; Hakluyt's Principal Naviga- 
tions, 1598-99-1600, with the Molineaux-Wright map, $3500; The 
Travels of Marco Polo, Frampton's translation, 1579, $4250; Rosier's 
Trve Relation of the . . . Discouery of ... Virginia, 1605, $4500; 
and Best's Trve Discovrse of Frobisher's voyages, 1578, $7250. 

The dispersal of the Lothian Americana was followed, in the same 
evening, by the offering of the related document mentioned above as 
comprising a formal sale in itself, the " 'Olive Branch* Petition" of 
Congress to King George III. 















N. Y. 


San Fran. 









































New York 




San Francisco 




no place given 


various places 


1788 to 1789 


no date given 


no year given 


various dates 

















various sizes 













various bindings 

gilt edges 

gilt top 




MSS. manuscripts D. document or 

A. autograph documents 

L. letter or letters S. signed 

N. note or notes 

As this volume may come into the hands of some persons not 
familiar with the publication, the following explanation of its scheme 
is reprinted from earlier issues. 

The name of the author, or the main heading, is set in bold-face 
capitals. As a rule, Club and Press publications are listed under 
the name of the club or press in question; and a few other books, 
such as anonymous histories and biographies, are given subject 

The titles of various works under these main entries are printed 
in bold-face type, capitals and lower case. The subsequent mat- 
ter, the description, printed in light-face type, is in two portions, 
the first, including the imprint place, printer, date and size of 
volume, is general and applies to all copies of the work listed. 

The second portion of the description, applying specifically to 
the copy of the book sold (each lot beginning a new line), is made 
up as follows: (i) a description of the binding; (2) a statement 
as to the condition of this copy if on large paper, with extra 
plates inserted, from a famous library, etc.; (3) capital (key) let- 
ter, referring to the Chronological List of Sales at the beginning 
of this volume and indicating the name and date of the sale; (4) 
the lot number of the sale catalogue; (5) the price realized, that 
is, the price per lot and not per volume. 

M. H. W. 


A June 5, 1931. Americana: Concluding Portion of the Histori- 
cal and Genealogical Library of Col. Charles . Banks [and] 
Books from the Library of the Late Elisha R. Brown. 

Frank J. Wilder 

B June 1 8, 1931. Library of the Late Edgar Munson, Muncy, 
Pa. Stan. V. Henkels 

C June 18, 1931. Important First Editions of English and 
American Authors . . . Literary Autograph Letters . . . Amer- 
icana, Currier & Ives Prints. 

Chicago Book & Art Auctions, Inc. 

E Oct. 6, 1931. Library of Dr. Gottfried Koehler; with Addi- 
tions, comprising Americana, American First Editions and 
Autograph Material. Chicago Book & Art Auctions, Inc. 

F Oct. 14, 1931. Library of J. William Smith and Selections 
from the Library at "Oakland/* including that of the Late 
Thomas Nelson Page. 

American Art Association-Anderson Galleries, Inc. 

G Oct. 15, 1931. Americana, Miscellaneous Books, Sporting 
Prints, and Engravings. Stan. V. Henkels, Jr. 

H Oct. 15, 1931. First Editions of American and English Au- 
thors; Americana. Newark Galleries, Inc. 

I Oct. 20, 1931. American Historical Autographs, comprising 
the Collections formed by the Late William Winslow Crannell 
and Littleton W. Tazewell. 

American Art Association- Anderson Galleries, Inc. 

J Oct. 24, 1931. Americana. Charles F. Heartman 

K Oct. 27-28, 1931. Library of a Massachusetts Collector . . . 
First Editions of Modern American and English Authors. 

Chicago Book & Art Auctions, Inc. 

L Oct. 28, 1931. Library of the Late George W. Riggs . . . 
Washington Letters, Manuscript Indian Treaties, Early Amer- 
icana. American Art Association-Anderson Galleries, Inc. 

M Oct. 29, 1931. Library of John C. Pinto, with a Few Addi- 
tions. Ritter-Hopson Galleries 



N Nov. 5-6, 1931. A Collection of First Editions, including As- 
sociation Copies of James Russell Lowell, from the Library 
of the Late Carlotta Russell Lowell. 

Plaza Art Galleries, Inc. 

O Nov. 12, 1931. Choice Library of William H. MacAfee: 
First Editions of American and English Authors. 

American Art Association-Anderson Galleries, Inc. 

P Nov. 14, 1931. Americana. Charles F. Heartman 

Q Nov. 18-19, 1931. Library of a Massachusetts Collector, 
Part II ... First Editions of Modern American and English 
Authors, Limited and Signed Editions, etc. 

Chicago Book & Art Auctions, Inc. 

R Nov. 19-20, 1931. A Noteworthy Collection of Rare Sporting 
Books, Autographs, Hawthorne Presentation Copies, Valuable 
Collectors' Books from Shakespeare to the Present Time, and 
Colored Plate Books. 

American Art Association-Anderson Galleries, Inc. 

S Nov. 24, 1931. Valuable Library of John Kherbach Bromley, 
containing Library Sets, First and Collected Editions; Colored 
Plate Books; Books illustrated by "Phiz," Leech, Cruikshank 
and Others. Stan. A'. Henkels, Jr. 

T Nov. 24, 1931. Library of Xorman Howard. Part I : His- 
torical and Literary Americana. Ritter-Hopson Galleries 

U Nov. 30, 1931. Fine Sets in Attractive Bindings from the 
Library of the Late George \V. Thompson, Cazcnovia. X.Y. ; 
with Other Properties from the Libraries of A. Lucllow 
Kramer, the Late Dr. William Cowan, and Eleanor B. W. 
Cowan, and Others. 

American Art Association-Anderson Galleries. Inc. 

V Dec. 1-2, 1931. Library of the Late Donald Robertson (with 
Additions) . . . First Editions, Fine Bindings, Incunabula, 
Sets, Theatrical Association Items, Fine Press Books, Rare 
Lincoln Items, Jeweled Bindings, and Fore-Kdge Books. 

Chicago Book & Art Auctions. Inc. 

W Dec. 3, 1931. Library and Autograph Collection of the Late 
Thomas B. Clarke. 

American Art Association- Anderson Galleries, Inc. 

X Dec. 7, 1931. Library of the Late Hon. Chauncey M. Dcpew, 
comprising Standard Sets and American Historical Auto- 
graphs. Plaza Art Galleries, Inc. 

Y Dec. 8, 1931. Collection of Valuable Hcxjks consigned by 
Mrs. Barbara Simpson . . . and for Other Accounts. 

Stan. V. Hcnkcls. Jr. 

Z Dec. 10, 1931. Sporting Brx>ks and Pictures from the Li- 
brary of Harry Worcester Smith, together with his Henry 
William Herbert (Frank Forester) Collection. 

Rittcr-I lopson Galleries 


A A Dec. 10, 1931. First Editions of American and English Au- 
thors. Newark Galleries, Inc. 

BB Dec. 15, 1931. Rare and Important Autographs. 

Chicago Book & Art Auctions, Inc. 

CC Dec. 15-16, 1931. Books from the Library of the Late David 
Belasco . . . with Additions. 

American Art Association-Anderson Galleries, Inc. 

DD Dec. 19, 1931. Library of the Late George H. Sargent. Part 
I : Rare Books and First Editions. Charles F. Heartman 

EE Dec. 19, 1931. Library of the Late George H. Sargent. Part 
II : the Eminent A. Edward Newton Collection. 

Charles F. Heartman 

FF Jan 5, 1932. Americana. Charles F. Heartman 

GG Jan. 12, 1933. Autograph Collection of W. Stilson Hutchins, 
Americana from the Library of Clyde C. Rickes, with addi- 
tional First Editions and Autographs. 

American Art Association-Anderson Galleries, Inc. 

HH Jan. 19, 1932. Historical Sale: Portraits and Autographs, 
Revolutionary and Other Letters. Stan. V. Henkels, Jr. 

II Jan. 19-20, 1932. Important Modern First Editions. 

Chicago Book & Art Auctions, Inc. 

JJ Jan. 27, 1932. American and English First Editions and 
Other Desirable Books . . . from the Collections of Charles 
T. Henry, Harry Worcester Smith, and Others. 

Ritter-Hopson Galleries 

KK Jan. 27, 1932. Part One: Xapoleonana . . . Property of a 
well known Napoleon Collector of New York City; Part 
Two: Americana. Frank J. Wilder 

LL Jan. 27-28, 1932. Illuminated Manuscripts, Incunabula, and 
Americana from the Famous Libraries of the Most Hon. the 
Marquess of Lothian. 

American Art Association-Anderson Galleries, Inc. 

MM Jan. 28, 1932. The "Olive Branch" Petition to King George 
III of England from the Second Continental Congress, signed 
by Forty-Six of its Members, the Property of George C. W. 
F'hvwilliam, D. L., J. P. 

American Art Association- Anderson Galleries, Inc. 

NN Feb. 9, 1932. Books, Autographs, Manuscripts from the Li- 
braries of Mrs. Frederick A. DePeyster, James M. Kennedy, 
and Others. 

American Art Association-Anderson Galleries, Inc. 

OO Feb. 9-10, 1932. Library of the Late Colonel Daniel French. 

Chicago Book & Art Auctions, Inc. 

PP Feb. 16, 1932. Americana, principally on the American 
Revolution. Ritter-Hopson Galleries 


QQ Feb. 22, 1932. Important Washingtoniana and Rare Amer- 
icana, Printed and in Manuscript, including the Fine Collec- 
tion formed by Foster Stearns . . . also Some First Editions. 

Charles F. Heartman 

RR Feb. 24, 1932. Selections from the Stock of William J. 
Campbell of Philadelphia: Americana, Genealogy, Miscel- 
laneous. Stan. V. Henkels, Jr. 

SS Feb. 25, 1932. Books & Literary Autographs, the Collection 
of William Montgomery Clemens ; also Selections from the Li- 
brary of the Late Dr. Archibald Mercer. 

Newark Galleries, Inc. 

TT Mar. 1-2, 1932. Selections from the Library of a Chicago 
Collector. Chicago' Book & Art Auctions, Inc. 

TTa Mar. 3, 1932. Finely Bound Books of Merit, Standard Sets 
of Noted Authors of Europe and America, Single Volumes 
from Master Binders, together with a Group of Framed Auto- 
graphs with Portraits formerly the Property of Dr. George F. 
Whitney . . . with Additions. National Art Galleries, Inc. 

UU Mar. 4, 1932. Americana ... the Property of Oscar Dane, 
Mrs. Anna E. Thompson, and Others. 

American Art Association-Anderson Galleries, Inc. 

VV Mar. 9, 1932. Selections from the Libraries of Two Long 
Island Collectors. 

American Art Association- Anderson Galleries, Inc. 

WW Mar. 10, 1932. Currier & Ives and Other American Prints 
. . . from the Collection of Rev. Vedder Van Dyck, with Ad- 
ditions. Ritter-Hopson Galleries 

XX Mar. 15-16, 1932. Selections from the Library of a Wisconsin 
Collector; with Additions. 

Chicago Book & Art Auctions, Inc. 

YY Mar. 24, 1932. First Editions, Americana and Autographs 
from the Collection of the Late Frederick A. C. Baker. 

Ritter-Hopson Galleries 

YYa Mar. 24, 1932. Finely Bound Miscellaneous Books and First 
Editions, comprising the Library of the Late Edward Dean 
Adams. National Art Galleries, Inc. 

ZZ Mar. 29, 1932. Library of an Ohio Collector, together with 
Washington Irving Manuscripts, Rare Sporting Books & 
Prints, and Additions, sold by Order of the Various Owners 
and Estates. 

American Art Association- Anderson Galleries, Inc. ' 

AB Mar. 31, 1932. Books, Letters and Manuscripts sold for the 
Account of Mr. Joseph H. Schwartz. Stan. V. Henkels, Jr. 

BC Apr. 2, 1932. Rare Americana. Charles F. Heartman 

CD Apr. 5-6, 1932. Selections from the Library of Scott Cun- 
ningham, with Additions. Chicago Book & Art Auctions, Inc. 


DE Apr. 14, 1932. Collectors' Books on Many Subects from the 
Libraries of Mrs. Elie Nadelman, a New York Art Authority, 
and the Estates of the Late Louis Guerineau Myers and Dr. 
Reginald H. Sayre. 

American Art Association- Anderson Galleries, -Inc. 

EF Apr. 19-21, 1932. Library of Frank Irving Fletcher. [Part 
I] First Editions of Famous Authors, including an Extraor- 
dinary Assemblage of Presentation Copies, Autograph Letters, 
and Manuscripts. 

American Art Association-Anderson Galleries, Inc. 

FG Apr. 26, 1932. Americana, Washingtoniana, First Editions, 
Miscellaneous; Extraordinary Collection of Early American 
Fiction from Joseph Jackson, Biographer of Lippard, and from 
Other Private Sources. Stan. V. Henkels, Jr. 

GH Apr. 27, 1932. Choice Library of John F. Talmage : First Edi- 
tions of Noted Authors, Sporting Books, Collected Sets, etc. 
American Art Association-Anderson Galleries, Inc. 

HI Apr. 27, 1932. Selected Autographs from a Private Collec- 
tion. Chicago Book & Art Auctions, Inc. 

IJ May 3-4, 1932. Selections from the Library of Alfred W. 
Corlies. Chicago Book & Art Auctions, Inc. 

JK May zo-xx, 1932. First Editions, Literary and Historical 
Autograph Letters and Manuscripts . . . from Various Con- 
signors. American Art Association-Anderson Galleries, Inc. 

KL May 12, 1932. Choice Collection of Finely Bound Books, 
First Editions and Books with Color Prints, from the Libraries 
of Mrs. Leila J. Sargent and a Long Island Collector. 

National Art Galleries, Inc. 

KLa May 13, 1932. American History . . . Source Books ... a 
First Selection from the Famous Americana Library formed 
by the Late John S. Tilney of Orange, New Jersey. 

Charles F. Hcartman 

LM May 17, 1932. Autographs. Stan. V. Henkels, Jr. 

MN May 18, 1932. Important Selections from the Library of the 
Late George Merry weather, with Additions. 

Chicago Book & Art Auctions, Inc. 

NO May 24-25, 1932. Americana, Autographs and First Editions, 
from the Collections of George L. Howe, Miss Louise Diman, 
and Others. Ritter-Hopson Galleries, Inc. 

OP May 26, 1932. First Editions in American Literature . . . 
from the Library of Leslie B. Van Dusen. 

National Art Galleries, Inc, 

Book-Prices Current 

SEASON OF 1931-1932 

AA (Pieter van der). De Aanmerkenswaardigste en Alom- 
beroemde zee en Land-reizen der Portugeezen, Spanjaarden, 
Engelsen en Allerhande Natien . . . Voormaals alien ten deele ver- 
zaameld en in het Hoogduits uitgegeeven door . . . Johan Lode- 
wyk Gottfried. Plates and maps. Leyden, [P. van der Aa, 1706-] 
1727. Sm. fol. 

Cont. cf. (rubbed, foxed). IJ(6o)$i6.oo. 

ABBOT (George). [Vol. I] The Case of Impotency as de- 
bated in England, in that Remarkable Tryal An. 1613 between 
Robert, Earl of Essex, and Lady Frances Howard; [Vol. II] 
The Tryal of Mervin Lord Audley, Earl of Castlehaven . . . 1631 ; 
[also in Vol. II J The Proceeding upon the Bill of Divorce be- 
tween his Grace, Henry, Duke of Norfolke, and the Lady Mary 
Mordant . . . Anno 1699. London, 1715. i6mo. 

Rebound, new 4 leath. (2 vols. in one). K(48i)$8.oo. 

A'BECKETT (Gilbert Abbott). The Comic History of Eng- 
land. Col. plates by John Leech. London [1846-48]. 8vo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc. ; in hf. mor. case (backstrips chipped). O 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc.; in hf. mor. case. R( 245) $210.00. 

The Comic History of England. 2 vols. 1847-48; [also] The 

Comic History of Rome. [1851.] Col. plates and woodcuts by 

John Leech. London, i847-48[-52]. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., g.e., by Morrell (half-titles lacking). U(i)$35.oo. 
Mor., g.e. TT(i)$66.oo. 

Cf., g.e. (edges rubbed, last vol. has outer hinge split). XX(i)$22.oo. 
Mor., g.t., by Riviere (orig. covers bound in). GH(i)$37.50. 
The Comic History of England. Woodcuts and 20 col. etchings 

by Leech. 2 vols. 1864; [also] The Comic History of Rome. n.d. 

Woodcuts and 10 col. etchings by Leech, n.d. London, 1864 and 

n.d. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Root. B(i)$27.5o. 
The Comic History of England. 2 vols.; [also] The Comic 

History of Rome. Plates, by Leech, col. by hand. London, n.d. 

3 vols., 8vo. 

Yt lev. mor., g.t. (first 2 vols. in one, together 3 vols. in 2). X(i)$i6.oo. 
Orig. cl., unc. X(ii2)$i5.oo. . 

Mor., tooled, g.e., by Bayntun, in cl. case (3 vols. in 2). TTa(i) 




A'BECKETT (Gilbert Abbott) Continued. 

The Comic History of Rome. Col. plates by Leech. London 

[1852]. 8yo. 
10 orig. parts in 9, unc. ; in hf. mor. case (backs trips repaired). O 


ABELARD and HELOISE. Letters. Trans, by C. K. Scott 

Moncrief. Large paper. London, 1925. 4to. 
Buckram, unc. and unopened. K (294) $8.00. 

ABRANT&S (Madame Junot, Duchesse d'). Autobiography 

and Recollections. Portraits in color. London, 1893. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, g.e., by Bayntun. TTa( 52) $17.00. 


ACOSTA (Jos* d f ). Historja Naturale e Morale delle Indie. 

Tradotto da G. P. Galvcci Salodiano. Venetia, B. Basa, 1596. 


Old bds. (title stained and mounted). FF(i)$ 
Orig. vel. (back cover and last leaves gnawed, few marginal holes and 

stains). LL( 102) $25.00. 

ACRELIUS (Israel). Beskrifning om de Swenska Forsam- 

lingars Forna och Naerwarande Tilstand. Stockholm, 1759. 

Sm. 4to. 

Old cf. FF(2)$5i.oo. 
Old paper, unc.; in cl. case. BC(i)$4O.oo. 


the U. S. See MATTHEWS (Brander) and HUTTON 

ACUNA (Christoval de). Voyages and Discoveries in South 

America. Maps. London, 1698. I2mo. 
Hf. mor. T(59)$i5.oo. 
Cont. cf. (size 7^ x 4^ in.). LL(i 68) $200.00. 

ADAIR (James). The History of the American Indians. Fold- 
ing map. London, 1775. 4to. 
Old cf. (covers loose, label missing). L(i)$ 

ADAM (Albert). Tribulations Parisiennes et Campagnardes. 

64 col. plates. Paris, n.d. 4to. 
Hf. mor., g.e. TT (2) $10.50. 

ADAM (R. B.). Catalogue of [his] Johnsonian Collection. 

Intro, by Charles G. Osgood. Buffalo, N.Y., Privately Printed, 

March, 1921. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t, unc. (presentation copy from Mr. Adam to George H. 

Sargent ) . DD ( i ) $50.00. 

The R. B. Adam Library relating to Dr. Samuel Johnson 

and his Era. Preface by A. E. Newton. Plates. Printed for 
the Author at Buffalo, N.Y. London and N.Y., 1929-30. 4 vols., 

Unc.; Vols. Mil orig. cl., g.t., Vol. IV orig. bds. (inscribed). DD 

Unc.; Vols. I-III orig. cl., g.t., Vol. IV orig. bds. (inscribed). EE 
(75) $40.00. 


ADAM (R. B.) Continued. 

Cl. f g.t., unc. and unopened; in cl. case (first 3 vols. only, 1929). EF 

(628) $57-50. 

Imprints made for Personal Distribution by Mr. Adam 

Facsimile Manuscript Pages from Johnson's Diary, etc. 

Portraits and facsimiles. Christmas Greetings, Buffalo, 1926. 4to. 
Orig. bds. DD(s)$9.oo. 

A Glimpse of Club Life in Litchfield, England, 1735-1740. 

Christmas Greetings, December, 1925. Privately Printed at Buf- 
falo, N.Y., for R. B. Adam. Large 8vo. 

Paper, unc. DD(4)$i6.oo. 

"Printed Only For A Few Friends." Frontis. [Four views 

of the Adam library, each with legend in the autograph of Mr. 
Adam.] Buffalo, 1925. Large 4to. 

Orig. hf. cl., unc. DD(3)$n.oo. 

Reproduction of Some of the Original Proof Sheets of Bos- 
well's Life of Johnson. Intro, by A. E. Newton. Buffalo, N.Y., 
Printed by R. B. Adam for his Friends, 1923. Large 4to. 

Orig. hf. buckram, unc. EE(i)$5o.oo. 

Samuel Johnson's Celebrated Letter to the Earl of Chester- 
field and his Interview with King George III. as published in 
1790 by James Boswell. [Facsimile.] Christmas Greetings, 1927, 
from R. B. Adam. [Buffalo, N.Y., 1927.] Large 4to. 

Orig. hf. cl., unc. DD(7)$26.oo. 

ADAMS (Charles F.). Leedle Yawcob Strauss, and Other 

Poems. 65 illustrations by "Boz." Boston, 1878. I2mo. 
Orig. paper. YY(i)$io.oo. 

ADAMS (Hannah). An Alphabetical Compendium of the 

Various Sects which have appeared in the World from the be- 
ginning of the Christian Era to the Present Day. Boston, Edes, 
1784. 8vo. 

Cf. T(i)$io.oo. 

ADAMS (John). Correspondence originally published in the 
Boston Patriot. Boston, 1809-10. 8vo. 

10 orig. parts, sewed, unc. PP(s)$i7.5O. 

Discourses on Dayila, a Series of Papers on Political History. 

By an American Citizen. Boston, 1805. I2mo. 
Cf. (worn, name on first page, end paper lacking). T (2) $10.00. 

ADAMS (John). An Analysis of Horsemanship. Folding plates. 

[London] 1805. 3 vols., 8vo. 
y 4 mor., g.t., by Zaehnsdorf. Z(i)$8.oo. 

ADAMS (John Quincy). Oration on the Life and Character 

of Gilbert Motier de Lafayette. Wash., 1835. 8vo. 
Mor., tooled, g.t., by Taffin. QQ(6)$7.6o. 

ADDISON (Alexander). A Charge to the Grand Juries of the 

County Courts of the Fifth Circuit of the State of Pennsylvania 
[on the Alien Act]. 32 pp. Vergennes, for Samuel Shipman, 
1799. i6mo. 
Sewed. J(i)$9-oo. 


ADDISON (Joseph). A Discourse on Ancient and Modern 
Learning. London, for T. Osborne, 1739. 4to. 

Orig. paper, unc. ; in hf. mor. case (name, Drake, and notes by 2 own- 
ers). EF (3) $17.50. 

[His] Papers in the Tatler, Spectator, Guardian, and Free- 
holder. Edinburgh, 1790. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. EF(4)$8.oo. 

Works. Portrait by Miller after Kneller and 3 plates by Grignion 
after Hayman. Birmingham, Baskerville, 1761. 4 vols., 4to. 
Cont. cf. JK (2) $20.00. 

Works. [Bonn's Standard Library.] London, 1885. 6 vols., 

Y lev. mor. C(i)$i7.5O. 

ADDISON (Thomas). Arithmetical! Nauigation. London, for 

Nathaniel Gosse at Radcliffe, 1625. Sm. 4to. 
Sewed, in hf. mor. case (7x5^ in.). LL( 127) $325.00. 


Majesty on the Present State in America. See GREAT BRI- 


Territory, on the Subject of Slavery. By a Citizen of Ohio. 
Hamilton, Ohio, * Philanthropist' Office, 1816. 8vo. 
Sewed, unc. UU( 144) $15.00. 

ADE (George). Fables in Slang. Illus. by Clyde J. Newman. 

Chic., '1900. i6mo. 
Cl., g.t. (inscribed, pen-and-ink sketch by illustrator on fly leaves). 

V (3) $28.00. 
Orig. cl. (with his "More Fables," 1900; together 2 vols.). XX (2) 


Fables in Slang. Illus. by C. J. Newman. [1906] ; [also] More 

Fables. Illus. by Newman. [1906] ; [also] People You Know. 
Illus. by J. T. McCutcheon and others. 1903. N.V., 1903-00. 3 
vols., i6mo. 

Y mor., g.t. (presentation copies, to Donald Robertson). V(4)$i6.oo. 

ADVENTURER (The). Ed. by John Hawkesworth. Frontis- 
pieces. London, 1778. 4 vols.. i6mo. 
Cf. (2 bindings soiled, slight foxing). OO( 809) $8.00. 

ern Syntax. Title and 14 plates in col. aquatint. London [about 
1820]. 8vo. 

Old cf. (rubbed, one plate repaired at margin, some discolored ; some 
legends trimmed into). EF( 305) $16.00. 

Cf., tooled, g.t., unc. (one plate lacking, several frayed and soiled; 
Albert M. Cohn copy). JK(3)$7.5O. 


Indische Compagnien een Compagnie dient te maken. Mitsgaders 
Twintich Consideratien op de Trafyque Zeevaert en Commertie de 
ser Landen. In s'Graven-haghe, Ian Veeli, 1644. Sm. 410. 

Paper. P(66)$2i.oo. 

Paper. QQ(554)$n.oo. 


JESCHYLUS. The Prometheus and Agamemnon of JEschylus. 

Trans, into English verse by H. W. Herbert. Cambridge, Bart- 
lett, 1849. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (chipped and rubbed, laid in is A. L. S. of Herbert). Z 
(191) $35.00. 

JESCHYLUS and SOPHOCLES. Illustrations of the Tragedies. 
See BO YES (J. R). 

MSOP. Fables. With his Life in English, by Tho. Philipott; 

in French and Latin, by Rob. Codrington. 112 engravings by 

Francis Barlow. London, 1666. Fol. 
Lev. mor., g.e. (engraved title repaired). F(2i7)$2O.oo. 

Fables, with His Life: in English, French and Latin. 112 

[engravings, also] Thirty-one New Figures Representing his Life, 
by Francis Barlow. London, R, Newcomb for Francis Barlow, 
1703. Fol. 

Cf. (rebacked). M (2) $20.00. 

Fables. 2 vols. 112 plates; [with] Gay (John). Fables. 70 

plates. 2 vols. London, Stockdale, 1793. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, g.e. U (2) $52.50. 
Cont. cf. (Fables of 4isop only, 2 vols.; Large paper, hinges cracked, 

name in each vol.). NN (2) $14.00. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Bayntun; in cl. case. ZZ(i)$i2O.oo. 
Mor. (several plates foxed). GH(2)$32.50. 

The Fables of JEsop, and Others. Woodcuts by Thomas 

Bewick. Newcastle, 1818. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., inlaid, g.e.; in cl. box. JK(4)$62.5O. 

AGINCOURT (J. B. L. Seroux d'). See SEROUX d'A GIN- 
COURT (J. B. L.). 

AGRICOLA (Georg). De Re Metallica. Trans, by H. C. and 

L. H. Hoover. London, 1912. Fol. 

Vol., unc. (name of former owner on title). 6(312) $67.50. 
Vcl., unc. K(3QK)$35.oo. 
Vel., unc. and unopened. EF(5/7)$ 

AIKIN (Lucy). Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth. 

London. 1819. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Y cf., g.t. (name on fly leaf). XX (329) $9.00. 

AINS WORTH (William Harrison). Jack Sheppard. Portrait, 
and illustrations by G. Cruikshank. London, 1839. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., unc. : in hf. mor. case (title of first vol., inscribed to Miss 
Winter, is possibly inserted from another copy). O (3) $30.00. 

The Tower of London. Illus. by G. Cruikshank. London, 

Bentley. 1840. 8vo. 
Cf., g.t. (orig. covers bound in). TT(ioo) $34.00. 

A Collection of First, First Illustrated, and other Editions 

of his Writings. London, 1836-75. 30 vols., roy. 8vo to I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Riviere (26 vols. have orig. covers 
bound in, one frontis. and 2 half-titles missing). GH(3)$75.oo. 

Historical Romances. Illus. by G. Cruikshank, Sir John Gil- 
bert, and others. London, Routledge, n.d. 16 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cf., tooled, g.t., unc. S(i)$4i.oo. 


AINSWORTH (William Harrison) Continued. 

Historical Romances. Library Edition. Phila., Barrie, n.d. 20 

vols., 8vo. 
fa mor., g.t. X(2a) $50.00. 

AIRY (Osmund). Charles II. Portraits ; frontis. in 2 states, col. 

and plain. Paris, 1901. 4to. 
fa mor., tooled, g.t., unc. (Japan paper). 6(98) $10.00. 

A'KEMPIS (Thomas). See KEMPIS (Thomas a). 

ALCEDO Y HERRERA (Dionisio de). Aviso Historico, 

Politico, Geographico, con las Noticias mas Particulares del 
Peru, Tierra-Firme, Chile, y Nuevo Reyno de Granada. Madrid 
[1740], Sm. 4to. 
Old cf. (worn). L(3)$25.oo. 

ALCOTT (Louisa M.). Good Wives, a Story for Girls, being a 
Sequel to "Little Women." Racine, Wise., n.d. I2mo. 

Bds. ("a pirated edition of the second vol. of *Little Women' " auc- 
tion catalogue note). T (4) $10.00. 

Little Men. Boston, 1871. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. SS (3) $18.00. 

Little Women; or, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. Boston, 1868. 


Cl. (worn, shaken). T(3)$30.oo. 
Orig. cl. KL (2) $50.00. 

Little Women; or, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. Boston, 1868- 

69. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl. H(2)$ioo.oo. 

Cl. (Vol. I recased, backstrip repaired). M (3) $50.00. 
Cl. (worn). NO(3)$40.oo. 

Little Women. Boston, 1871. 2 vols., i6mo. 

Orig. cl. (Eugene Field copy). (155) $8.00. 

ALDRICH (Thomas Bailey). The Story of a Bad Boy. Bos- 
ton, 1870. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (backstrip split and chipped). H (6) $65.00. 

Orig. cl. (backstrip repaired, loose in hinge, some leaves water- 
marked ) . AA (3 ) $20.00. 


[pseud.] See RUSCELLI (Girolamo). 

ALEXANDER II, CZAR OF RUSSIA. Giostra, corsa in To- 
rino addi XXI di Febbraio MDCCCXXXIX nel Passaggio di 
Sua Altezza Imperiale e Reale Alessandro Gran-Duca Principe 
Imperiale Ereditario di Russia. 7 col. plates: half-title and title 
printed in gold, blue typographical border on each page of text. 
Torino, 1839. Fol. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. (presented by Charles Albert, King of Sar- 
dinia, to Vicomte de Chollet, according to an inscription on fly 
leaf). R(392)$i2.50. 

ALEXANDER (James Waddell). Thoughts on Family-Wor- 
ship. Frontis. Phila. [1847]. I2mo. 

Mor., g.e. (presentation copy to President Pierce, his autograph on 
fly leaf). NO (274) $13.00. 


ALEXANDER (Sir William, Earl of Stirling). See STIR- 

ALEXANDRE (Nicholas Marie). Memoirs and Anecdotes of 

Monsieur Alexandre. Adventures of a Ventriloquist, n plates, 
10 in color. London, Lowndes, 1822. 12010. 

Lev. mor., tooled (writing on title and on one page of text, laid in 
is color engraving). CC (2) $17.50. 

ALKEN (Henry). Illustrations to Popular Songs. 43 col. plates. 

London, McLean, 1823. Obi. 4to. 
Orig. bds., roan back and corners, leath. label (worn and shaken, 

orig. paper label pasted inside cover). NN (7) $32.50. 

The National Sports of Great Britain. With Descriptions, 

in English and French. Col. title and 50 col. plates engraved by 
I. Clarke after Alken. London, McLean, 1821. Fol. 
Mor., g.t. (rubbed, Ralph Brown copy). ZZ (2) $1300.00. 

The National Sports of Great Britain. Fifty Engravings 

[col. plates] with Descriptions. London, 1825. Roy. 8vp. 

Cl., in cl. case (recased ; hinges cracked, one strengthened with paper ; 
plates are without date and 20 are without numbers). R(36p) 

Niger mor., tooled, g.t., by Matthews (few foxings). ZZ(3)$275.oo. 

Cont. mor., g.e. (rubbed, few leaves foxed). GH(4)$ii5.oo. 

Scraps from [his] Sketch Book. 42 col. plates. London, Mc- 
Lean, 1823. Obi. 4to. 

Lev. mor. f g.t., by Riviere (orig. wrappers for the 7 parts bound in). 

Specimens of Riding near London. 17 (should be 18) col. 

plates. London, McLean, 1821. Obi. 4to. 
Cont. hf. mor. (worn, few margins torn and stained). NN(5)$30.oo. 

Symptoms of Being Amused. Engraved title and 41 col. plates. 

London, McLean, 18.22. Obi. 4to. 
Hf. mor., g.e. (rubbed. 2 margins torn). NN(6)$22.5O. 

A Touch at the Fine Arts, 12 col. plates. London, 1824. Roy. 

Hf. lev. mor. (orig. green paper label preserved, frontis. rehinged). 


ALLEN (A. J.). Ten Years in Oregon. Ithaca, N.Y., 1848. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. YY (2) $10.00. 

ALLEN (Eliza). [Pamphlet.] The Female Volunteer; or, the 
Life and Wonderful Adventures of Miss Eliza Allen, a Young 
Lady of Eastport, Maine. [1851.] 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (stains). E(i)$i5.oo. 

ALLEN (Ethan). A Narrative of [his] Captivity ... by 
the British . . . 1775-1778 . . . Contained in The Pennsylvania 
Packet or The General Advertiser, Nov. 9, 13, 16, 18, 20, 23, 27, 
J/79- Phila., John Dunlap, 1779. Fol. 

Old bds., unc. J (9) $285.00. 

Narrative of the Capture of Ticonderoga, and of his Cap- 


ALLEN (Ethan) Continued. 

tivity and Treatment by the British. Fifth [Eleventh] Edition, 

with Notes. Burlington, 1849. 8vo. 
(Browned). P(i68)$i6.oo. 

ALLEN (Ira). Particulars of the Capture of the Ship Olive 

Branch, etc. Volume II. Phila., for the Author, 1805. 8vo. 
Hf. cf., by Zaehnsdorf. NO(6)$35.oo. 

ALLEN (William). Genealogy of the Aliens from 1586. 14 pp. 

Skowhegan [Me.], 1868. I2mo. 
Orig. paper. A(86)$io.oo. 


ALMANACS. Almanach Imperial pour 1'Annee 1813. Paris, 

1812. 8vo. 
Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. TTa( 119) $10.00. 

Bowen (Nathan). The New- England Diary; or, Almanack 

for ... 1735. By a Native of New England. 16 pp. Boston, T. 
Fleet, 1735. Sm. 8vo. 

Sewed, unc. KK( 170) $10.00. 

Eastman (Z.). North-Western Liberty Almanac for 1846. 

[Devoted largely to Anti-Slavery. Contains 'The Branded Hand" 
by Whittier.] Chic., Eastman and Davidson [1845]. isrno. 

Orig. paper (corner torn from front wrapper). E(46)$i7.oo. 

Neu-eingerichteter Americanischer Geschichte und Haus- 

Calender aus das Jahr 1762. [Contains an account of the Indian 
captivity of Abraham Orssenbacher.] Phila., P. Muller [1761]. 
Sm. 4to. 

Sewed. P(99>$25.50. 

Sloan (W. B.). Sloan's Almanac and Traveler's Guide for 

1851. Calculations for the Latitude of Chicago. 16 leaves. Chic., 
W. B. Sloan [1850]. I2mo. 
In envelope (foxed, ink spots, water stain). OO(in)$9.oo. 

ALMON (John). The Remembrancer; or, Impartial Repository 
of Pubic Events. Third Edition. Folding map of Boston and en- 
virons. London, J. Almon, 1775. 8vo. 

Hf. cf. (rubbed, pp. foxed). V(342)$8.oo. 


AMERICAN ANTIQUARIAN (The). [Vols. I-III issued quar- 
terly; Vol. IV. monthly.] Vol. I, Xo. T-Vol. V, No. 3. Ed. by 
Charles DeF. Burns. N.Y., 1870-89. 29 vols., 8vo. 

Paper. PP(io)$i7.oo. 

AMERICAN ART ANNUAL. Vols. I-XXVI. 26 vols. in 25. 

1899-1929; Same: Vols. III-XXVI, 24 vols. N.Y., 1899-1926. 49 

vols., 8vo. 
Cl. W (2) $42.50. 

AMERICAN ATLAS (The). 20 maps. N.Y., Reid, 1796. Fol. 
Orig. bds. QQ( 12)517.50. 

1896-1916, 1920-30, and Index to 1916-22 vols.; together 33 vols., cl., 
g.t. DE(8)$77.50. 



1906, 1925, 1926, and 1928; together 4 vols., cl., g.t. (binding of first 

vol. soiled). II (51) $20.50. 
1927 (Vol. 33), cl., g.t. A(2i)$ 
Index to Vols. XX1I-XXVIII, 1916-22; cl., g.t. A(2ia)$8.oo. 


logues of the American Dead. [By a Native American.] Phila., 
1814. 8vo. 
Sewed. T(7)$io.oo. 

AMERICAN FARMER (The). Ed. by John S. Skinner. Vols. 

I-XII, April 2, 1819 to Mar. n, 1831. Bait., 1819-31. 12 vols., 

34 mor. (laid in Vol. I is A. L. S. of Editor, also A. L. S. of John 

L. O'Connor; with dupl. copy of Vol. 1). Z(s)$2io.oo. 


Oct. 1900. N.Y., 1866-1900. 12 vols., 4to. 
y 4 mor., g.t. MN (248) $27.00. 


AMERICAN MERCURY (The). Jan., 1924-Dec., 1926. 9 vols., 

Cl. CD (4) $10.00. 

and 6 folding maps, slightly colored. London, Sayer and Bennet 
[1776]. 8vo. 

Orig. bds. P (8) $60.00. 

AMERICAN MUSIC. Collection of music published around 1800. 

N.Y., about 1800. 4to. 
Bds. C(iio)$io.oo. 

[Contains "Woodman! Spare That Tree"; "Hail Columbia"; 

and about 30 other songs.] About 1840. 4to. 
Hf. roan. Y(47)$ 


history of the Battles fought by the Navy of the V. S. from . . . 
1794 to the Present Time. [Attributed to Horace Kimball.] 22 
engra\ings. including title. Boston, 1831. 8\o. 
Mor., g.t. YY (3) $15.00. 

AMERICAN RACING RECORD FOR 1871. 1872; [with] 
American Calendar for 1872. 1873; [and] American Racing 
Record for 1874. ^75- N.Y., 1872-75. 3 \ols., i6mo. 

Cl. and hf. mor. R (2) $12.00. 

AMERICAN SHOOTER'S MANUAL (The). Frontis. and 2 

other plates. Phila., 1827. I2mo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (broken). FG(9)$46.oo. 

AMERICAN STATESMEN. First Series. Ed. by J. T. Morse. 

1898-1900; Second Scries. 1916-17. Portraits. Boston, 1898- 

1917. 40 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t. B(6)$5i.oo. 
Cl. X(3)$40.oo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (Large paper). GH(5>$70.oo. 


AMERICAN STUD BOOK (The). Vols. I-XIV. N.Y., 1873- 

1928. 14 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (worn). R(3)$55-oo. 


ical Collection carefully compiled from original Memoirs in sev- 
eral languages, and the most Authentick Voyages and Travels. 
Plates. London, 1745. 8vo. 
Cf. J(i7)$9.oo. 


(The), for 1870-1873 and 1875-1876. N.Y., 1871-76. 6 vols., 8vo. 
and i6mo. 
Cl. R( 5 )$27.50. 


ting Calendar for 1845-1855. N.Y. [1846-56]. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. (n vols. in one, worn and foxed). R (6) $65.00. 

zine. Vols. I-XV (all issued). [Ed. by J. S. Skinner, Allen J. 
Davie, and Gideon B. Smith.] Plates. Bait, and N.Y., 1829-45. 
15 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. (stains). R (7) $450.00. 

AMES (Joseph). Typographical Antiquities. Augmented by 
William Herbert. Portraits and other plates. London, 1785-90. 
3 vols., 4to. 

Recent buckram. JK(i7)$/.5O. 

AMORY (Thomas). The Life of John Buncle, Esq. London, 

1756. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc. ; in cl. case (vols. rebacked). EF (9) $20.00. 


ANACREON. Anacreon and Sappho. CEuvres, con tenant leurs 
Poesies, & les Galanteries de 1'Ancienne Grece. Traduit en Vers 
Francois par H. P. D., Baron de Longepierre. Frontis. Paris, 
1692. I2mo. 

Cont. mor., tooled. U( 14) $22.50. 

Anacreon, Sapho, Bion, et Moschus. [CEuvres.] Traduc- 

tion nouvelle en Prose, suivie de la Veillee des Fetes de Venus, 
et d'un choix de Pieces de tfifferens Auteurs par Moutonnet de 
Clairfons. Plates and vignettes by Massard after Kisen. A 
Paphos et se trouve a Paris, chez le Boucher, 1780. 4to. 
Cont. mor., g.e. (rubbed; Large paper; bound with "Hero et Leandre," 
Paris, 1774; Thomas Nelson Page-Roger- Portal is copy). F 


ANBUREY (Thomas). Travels through the Interior Parts of 

America. Folding map, and 7 plates. London, 1789. 2 vols., 


Old cf. (loose). L(i 4 )$i5.oo. 
Hf. cf. (one cover loose, plates repaired, some foxing). XX(6)$9.5O. 

ANDERSEN (Hans Christian). Stories. Col. plates by Edmund 

Dulac. London [1911]. 4to. 
y* mor., g.t. II (143) $14.00. 


ANDERSEN (Hans Christian) Continued. 

To Be, or Not to Be? A Novel. Trans, by Mrs. Bushby. 

London, Bentley, 1857. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed). TT (7) $28.00. 

ANDERSON (James). The Constitutions of the Ancient and 
Honourable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons. Revised, 
continued, and enlarged, by John Entick. Frontis. London, 1767. 

Old cf., tooled (rubbed, hinges cracked). R(37o)$40.oo. 

ANDERSON (John E.) and HORRY (W. J.). A Contract for 
the Purchase of Western Territory, made with the Legislature of 
Georgia, in 1795 considered. Augusta, Ga. ; [bound with] The 
Case of the Georgia Sales on the Mississippi considered. Phila. 
Augusta and Phila., 1799. Sm. 410. 

Old hf. sheep (2 vols. in one). JK(i8i) $37.50. 


ANDERSON (Sherwood). Winesburg, Ohio. N.Y., 1919. i2mo. 
Orig. cl. (soiled, inscribed). K(6)$i6.oo. 
Orig. cl. V(i5)$i2.oo. 

ANDREWS (Henry). The Botanist's Repository, for New, and 
Rare Plants. Col. plates. Vols. I- VI. London, by the Author, 
1797 [-1803]. 6 vols., 4to. 

Cf. (rubbed, lacks plate 339, plate 340 is in duplicate). DE(i6)$ 

ANDREWS (John). History of the War with America, France, 

Spain and Holland, 1775-1783. 7 maps and 24 portraits. Lon- 
don, 1785-86. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. bds. (bindings broken, name and writing on 3 titles). L(i5) 

ANDREWS (William). Physical Observations, for the Year 

1671 ; monthly collected from the most material Disposition, of 
the Caelestial Bodies, in the same Year. 2 woodcut diagrams. 
London, 1671. 4to. 
Lev. mor. NN(i5)$i2.oo. 

ANDREWS (William L.). Bibliopegy in the United States and 

Kindred Subjects. N.V., 1902. 8vo. 

Orig. bds.. g.t., unc. (A. M. Hudnut copy). O(io)$ii.oo. 
Vel.. g.t. (Japan paper. 2 bookplates). XX(n)$&5O. 

An English XIX Century Sportsman, Bibliophile, and Binder 

of Angling Hooks. 17 plates, including title. N.Y., 1906. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc. (author's copy, one plate col. by him. by hand, and 
dcdicator\ \ersc and first page mounted from galleys). X(3c) 

An Essay on the Portraiture of the American Revolutionary 

War. 20 plates. N.Y., 1896. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (author's bookplate). TT(Q)$i6.oo. 

Fragments of American History. Plates, several in color. 

N.Y., 1898. I2mo. 
Hf. cf., g.t, unc. NO(ii)$is.oo. 

Gossip about Book Collecting. Col. plates. Japan paper. 

N.Y., 1900. 2 vols., 8vo. 


ANDREWS (William L.) Continued. 
Orig. vel., g.t., unc.; in case. X(3a)$n.oo. 
Orig. vel., g.t., unc. VV(2)$i5.oo. 
Orig. vel., g.t., unc. CD(8)$2i.oo. 

New York as Washington knew it after the Revolution. 

N.Y., 1905. 8vo. 
Vel., g.t. TT(io)$i4.oo. 

Paul Revere and His Engraving. Title by E. D. French, col. 

frontis., and other plates. N.Y., 1901. 8vo. 
Hf. vel., g.t, unc. E(226)$i5.oo. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Club Bindery; in bd. case. 0(9) $55.00. 
Bds., g.t., unc. DE(i8)$i2.50. 

The Treatyse of Fysshynge wyth an Angle. Woodcuts. 

N.Y., 1903. Sq. I2mo. 
Orig. paper, unc. (author's proof copy, with his corrections). X(3b) 


A Trio of Eighteenth Century French Engravers of Por- 
traits in Miniature. Japan paper. N.Y., 1898. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled. XX (9) $16.50. 


Plates, some in color by Alken, Cruikshank, and others. London, 
1822-28. 13 vols., 8vp. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Riviere (frontispieces and half-titles extended, 
this set conforms to that described by Schwerdt except that Vol. 
VI has not 8 leaves of advertisement and Vol. XII has 2 plates in 
color). R (8) $675.00. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. (ornamental half-title from later vol. substituted 
for proper half-title in Vol. VI ; this set shows following variation 
from Schwerdt collation : Vol. Ill : no leaf of Directions to the 
Binder ; Vol. V : wants "Turf Herald," as did the James and Salo- 
mons sets; Vol. VI: the "Turf Herald" is paged 1-136 as in the 
Salomons set; Vol. VIII: the "Turf Herald" is wanting; Vol. 
IX: the "Turf Herald" is paged 1-148 as in the James set; Vol. 
XIII: the "Turf Herald" is paged 1-196). VV(3)$i5o.oo. 

ANNAPOLIS, (Maryland), Oct. 20. [Broadside.] The brig 
Peggy Stewart, Captain Jackson, from London, having on board 
. . . 2320 Ib. of that detestable weed tea, arrived here on Friday 
last ... the owners of the tea, went on board said vessel with her 
sails and colours flying, and voluntarily set fire to the tea, etc. 
[Annapolis, Anna Catherine Greene, 1774.] Obi. fol. 

In cl. case. BC(69)$4O.oo. 

ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY (The), 1799-1800. Ed. by Robert 
Southey. Contains contributions by him and by S. T. Coleridge 
and Charles Lamb. Bristol [1799-1800]. 2 vols., i2mo. 

Orig. bds. and cont. cf., unc.; in cl. case (worn, pp. soiled; Vol. I 
lacks leaf B containing Southey's suppressed poem, Vol. II has 
leaf C 3 in uncancelled state). EF (290) $200.00. 


tion no Tyranny, addressed to the Author [Samuel Johnson] and 
to Persons in Power. London, 1775. 8vo. 
Cf., g.e., by Zaehnsdorf. P( 19) $17.00. 



tors and Amateurs. Vols. I-XIX. Boston, 1922-31. 19 vols., 4to. 
Cl. (last 2 vols. in orig. parts). W (9) $30.00. 
Cl. (Vols. I-XI only, Jan., 1922-June, 1927). NO (12) $40.00. 

API ANUS (Petrus). Cosmographie; ou, description des quatre 

parties du Monde. Woodcut folding map, 5 volvelles, and 
numerous maps, diagrams, and illustrations. Anvers, Jean Bellere, 
1581. 4to. 
Old cf., tooled (one volvelle lacks movable element). LL(95)$55.oo. 

"SPPERLEY (C. J.). Hunting Reminiscences. Plates by Henry 

Alken, Wildrake, and Henderson. London, 1843. 8vo. 
Blue cl. (inner hinges cracked, writing on inside cover, bookplate re- 
moved; lacks 8 pp. Ackermann's advertisements). R(io) $22.50. 

The Life of a Sportsman. 36 col. plates, including title, by 

Henry Alken. London, 1842. 8vo. 

Blue cl., g.e., in hf. mor. case (rubbed, back repaired, recased, inner 
hinges reinforced, frontis. extended, and publication line cut away, 
few plates frayed at edge, bookplate removed ; First issue, in blue 
cl.). R(n)$330.oo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (Second issue, orig. red covers 
bound in; 3 plates mounted and without printed descriptions, sev- 
eral without publisher's imprint). GH(9)$7S.oo. 

The Life of a Sportsman. 36 col. plates by Henry Alken. 

London, 1914. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.t; in cl. case. X(i78)$i5.oo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., by Morrcll ; in cl. case. TTa(i6o) $12.50. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Riviere, in cl. case. VV (5) $37.50. 

Memoirs of the Life of the late John Mytton. By Nimrod. 

Second Edition. Engraved title and 18 col. plates by Henry 

Alken and T. J. Rawlins. London, 1837. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere (lacks advertisements, one plate extended). 

R(0) $80.00. 
Orig. cl., g.e. ; in lev. mor. case (rchinged, new end papers). R(i5i) 

Green cl., g.e. (recased, one hinge strengthened ; plates are mostly 

tipped in, some are damaged at margin, and some have publisher's 

imprint cut away or injured). R( 371) $70.00. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t.. by Riviere (orig. covers bound in, without ad- 
vertisements ) . GH (8) $75.00. 

Memoirs of the Life of the late John Mytton. Third Edi- 
tion. Engraved title and 18 col. plates by H. Alken and T. J. 
Rawlins, 16 aquatinted by K. Duncan. London, 1851. 8vo. 

Orig. preen cl., g.e.; in cl. case (recased, hinges repaired, new end 
papers, some leaves and plates soiled). R(iS2)$no.oo. 

Cf., g.e. V (84) $90.00. 

Green cl., g.e. (shaken, hinges worn, back torn). VV(4)$27.50. 

The Life of John Mytton. Col. plates by Alken. London 

[1925]. 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., by Morrell; in cl. case. TTa(i6i)$i2.50. 

Songs of the Chace. Engraved title. London, 1811. i6mo. 

Mor., tooled, g.t., by Taffin. YYa( 150) $8.00. 


APULEIUS. L' Amour de Cupido et de Psich6, Mire de 
Volupte. Trans, by Jean Maugin. Title and 32 plates by Leonard 
Gaultier. [Paris, 1586.] Sm. fol. 

Lev. mor., tooling incorporating monograms and crest of Sir 
Schomberg-Henry, Marquis of Lothian, g.e., by Orrock (few 
leaves spotted, modern Lothian bookplate; this copy, measures 
10x7 in. and is in fol.; there is no date on the last plate). LL 

Asinus Aureus. Paris, L. Hornken, 1512. Fol. 

Hf. Pigskin, tooled, brass clasps (holed, last leaf mounted). IJ(3o6) 

The Metamorphosis, or Golden Ass, and Philosophical 

Works, of Apuleius. Trans, by Thomas Taylor. London, 1822. 

Cf., g.t., unc., by Zaehnsdorf (suppressed passages bound in at end). 
EF(io) $25.00. 

The Golden Asse. Trans, by William Adlington. Illus. by 

Jean de Bosschere in color and in black and white. London, 1923. 

Orig. cl., g.t, unc. K (32) $15.00. 

The Golden Ass. Englished by Harold Herman. Illus. by Rene 

Gockinga. Privately Printed, 1930. 8vo. 
Yl mor., g.t., unc. YYa(5)$7.5O. 

Opera. [Basel] Frobenius, 1606. 321110. 

Pigskin on wood (binding scored and burned, underlinings in cont. 
hand). V(i7)$8.oo. 

AQUINAS (Saint Thomas). Catena aurea. 424 leaves (should 
be 436). Nuremberg, Koberger, 1475. Fol. (Hain *I33O- 

Mor. on bds., tooled, g.e. (measures 22^16 * i2 J Mc in.; lacks 12 leaves 
quire [ff] and first and last blank marginal repairs in last 2 
leaves; few marginal holes; Newbattle Abbey label). LL(43) 

ARABIAN NIGHTS. The Arabian Nights. Trans, by Edward 

Forster. 24 plates after Smirke. London, 1802. 5 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Bayntun. YYa( 69) $27.00. 

The Arabian Nights Entertainments. Trans, by Jonathan 

Scott. Frontispieces. London, 1811. 6 vols., i6mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Taffin. TTa( 146) $20.00. 

The Thousand and One Nights. Trans, by Edward W. Lane. 

London, 1839. 3 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t, by Zaehnsdorf (tear in one backstrip). U(i6) 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Tout (tear in one backstrip). U(i7)$ 

The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night. 9 vols. ; 

Tales from the Arabic. 3 vols.; Alaeddin and the Enchanted 
Lamp; Persian Letters: The Thousand and One Quarters of an 
Hour. Trans, by John Payne and others. Samara edition. Lon- 
don, Printed for Subscribers only, 1901. 15 vols., 8vo. 

CL, g.t., unc. (few labels defective). CC( 149) $10.00. 



Stories from the Arabian Nights. Retold by Laurence Hous- 

man. Illus., in color, by E. Dulac. Large paper. Signed by 
artist. London [1906]. 4to. 

Vel., unc. KL (54) $8-00. 

The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night. Ed. by 

E. Powys Mathers. Col. frontispieces. London, Casanova So- 
ciety, 1923. 16 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. vel., g.t. Q(343)$42.50. 

The Arabian Nights Entertainments. Trans, by E. W. Lane. 

Illus. Edition de Luxe. Boston and N.Y., n.d. 4 vols., 8vo. 
y mor., g.t. X( no) $16.00. 
y$ mor. X(in)$24.oo. 

The Book of a Thousand Nights and a Night. Trans, by Sir 

Richard F. Burton. Illustrated. Privately Printed, n.d. 16 vols., 

Cl., g.t. TTa(5)$37oO. 

A Plain and Literal Translation of the Arabian Nights' En- 
tertainments ... by Richard F. Burton. 10 vols.; [with] Sup- 
lemental Nights. 6 vols. Plates, frontispieces in 2 states, one 
col. by hand. Manuscript Edition, one page of Burton's MS. 
tipped in Vol. I. Privately Printed by the Burton Club, n.d. 16 
vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. X(29)$i76.oo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. VV (25) $145.00. 

A Plain and Literal Translation of the Arabian Nights' En- 
tertainments ... by Sir Richard F. Burton. 10 vols.; [with] 
Supplemental Nights. 7 vols. Printed by the Burton Club for 
private subscribers only, n.d. 17 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. (Shammar Kdition). 8(43) $22.00. 

Ch f g.t., unc. (Aden Edition). U(i8) $22.50. 

Cl., g.t., unc. (soiled and shaken). VU8)$29.oo. 

Cl., g.t. XX(52)$40.oo. 

Princess Badoura. A Tale from the Arabian Nights. Re- 
told by Laurence Ilousman. Illus. by Edmund Dulac. n.p. 
{London], n.d. 4to. 

Buckram, g.t. (signed by Dulac). XX(i2i)$n.oo. 


Right claimed by the Colonies to Tax Themselves. London, for 
the Author. 1/74. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. (stamp, 2 other works bound in). GG (08) $8.00. 

ARIEL POEMS (The). F Poems by Hardy, De La Mare, Sas- 
soon, T. S. Eliot, Edith Sitwell, and others.] Frontispieces, many 
in color. [London, n.d.] 17 pieces, I2mo. 

Cf., tooled, by Sangorski (orig. front wrappers bound in). NN(i6) 

ARIOSTO (Ludovico). Orlando Furioso. Portrait by Figuet, 
and 46 plates by Bartolozzi, and others, after Eisen, Cipriani, and 
others. Birmingham, Baskerville, 1773. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. mor., g.e. (worn, text foxed). U(24)$i2.50. 


ARISTOPHANES. Comoediae novem. [In Greek, with the 
Scholia. Ed. by Marcus Musurus.] 347 leaves (should be 348). 
Venice, Aldus, 1498. Fol. (Hain *i6s6). 

Russia, tooled, inner hinges of mor. (outside hinges cracked, lacks 
final blank, pagination and verse numeration supplied in ipth cen- 
tury hand, cancelled inscription on title; "Mitford, Oriel Coll., 
Oxon." Newbattle Abbey-Lothian copy). LL (6 1) $300.00. 

The Eleven Comedies. Illus. in color and in black and white 

by Jean de Bosschere. N.Y., 1928. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. EF (83) $9-00. 

Lysistrata. Done into English by Jack Lindsay. Illus. by 

Norman Lindsay. London, Fanfrolico Press [1926]. Fol. 
Y mor., g.t., unc. (signed by translator). K(i32)$i5.oo. 

Women in Parliament. Done into English by Jack Lindsay. 

Illus. by Norman Lindsay. Intro, by Edgell Rickwood. London, 

Fanfrolico Press, 1929. Fol. 
$4 mor., g.t., unc. (signed by translator). K( 134) $13.50. 

ARIZONA. The Howell Code. Adopted by the First Legisla- 
tive Assembly of the Territory of Arizona. Session [Sept. 26- 
Nov. 10], 1864, at Prescott. " Prescott, Office of the Arizona 
Miner, 1865. 8vo. 

Sheep (rubbed, loose in cover, half-title missing). GG( 177) $52.50. 

ARMSTRONG (A. N.). Oregon. Chic.. 1857. i2mo. 
Cl. (faded, shaken, and foxed). OO (455) $52. 50. 

ARMSTRONG (John). The Art of Preserving Health, a Poem. 

Phila., B. Franklin, 1745. I2mo. 
Hf. new roan (first pp. stained, part of last leaf missing). FG(i38) 


ARMSTRONG (Martin). Exodus and Other Poems. London, 

1912. Sm. I2mo. 
Hf. cl., in cl. case (A. L. S. laid in). CD (10) $22.50. - 

The Fiery Dive and Other Stories. London, 1929. umo. 

Hf. vel. (signed). K(io)$7oO. 

ARNOLD (Benedict). [Broadside.] A Representation of the 

Figures [Benedict Arnold and the devil] exhibited and paraded 
through the Streets of Philadelphia, on Saturday, the 3Oth of 
September, 1780. [Phila., 1780.] Fol. 
In cl. case. FF (22) $140.00. 

ARNOLD (Edwin). The Light of Asia. London, 1879. I2mo. 
Cl., unc.; in cl. case (inscribed to N. Trubner). EF ( 1 1 ) $40.00. 

ARNOLD (Isaac N.). The History of Abraham Lincoln, and 

the Overthrow of Slavery. Chic., 1866. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled (author's copy, penciled notes in his hand). (172) 


ARNOLD (Matthew). On the Study of Celtic Literature. Lon- 
don, 1867. 8vo. 
Cl. (presentation copy). EF(i2)$i7.oo. 

ARNOLD (William Harris). First Report of a Book-Collector, 
N.Y., 1898; [also] A Record of First Editions collected by W. H. 


ARNOLD (William Harris) Continued. 

Arnold. Japan paper. Jamaica, 1901. N.Y. and Jamaica, 1898- 

1901. 2 vols., I2mo. and 4to. 
Cl. and bds. EF(i3)$i2.oo. 

don and N.Y., 1888-89. 8 vols., 4to. 
Y mor., g.t. (corners chafed). XX(i2)$i5.oo. 


Ed. by Wilhelm R. Valentiner and F. F. Sherman. Vol. I, Jan., 
1913- Vol. XIX, June, 1931. N.Y., 1913-31. 19 vols., imp. 8vo. 
Buckram, except last 2 vols., which are in orig. parts. W( 14) $105.00. 

ART JOURNAL (The) FOR 1875-1882. N.Y. [1875-82.] 8 vols., 

34 mor., g.e. XX(i3)$8.oo. 


Landscapes. Engraved title and 10 aquatint plates; title vignette 
and last 4 plates col. by hand. Bait. [1815]. 4to. 
Orig. bds., unc. ; in bd. case (vol. rebacked). TTa( 36) $10.00. 

ARTHUR (T. S.). Temperance Tales; or, Six Nights with the 
Washingtonians. 2 vols. in one. Phila., Leary, 1849; Same. 8 
woodcuts by Pilliner. 2 vols. in one. Phila., Leary and Getz, 
n.d. Phila., i84Q-n.d. 2 vols., i6mo. 

Orig. cl. (first binding worn). OP(i)$ 

Ten Nights in a Bar-Room and What I Saw There. Frontis. 

Boston and Phila., 1854. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (foxed, writing on fly leaf). (14) $21.00. 
Orig. cl. (worn). K(i3)$i9~oo. 


States of Xew Hampshire, etc. See CONSTITUTION. 

ASCHAM (Roger). The Scholemaster. London, Dave, 1571 

[1573]. 4to. 
Old mor., tooled, g.c. (Kinnear arms tooled inside covers, Sir Edward 

Sullivan-E. B. Holden copy). CC( 196) $47.50. 

ASH (Edward C.). Dogs, their History and Development. 

London, 1027. J vols., 4to. 
Cl. XX (105) $7.50. 

ASHE (Thomas). Travels in America . . . 1806. London, 1808. 

3 vols., umo. 
Orig. bds. (rubbed and chipped). TT(i4)$i6.oo. 

ASHENDENE PRESS. Ashendene, 1894 -Sept., 1899; Chelsea, 

Sept., 1899-. 

Apuleius. The XI Bookes of the Golden Asse. Trans, by 

William Adlington. Chelsea, 1924. Fol. 
Bds., unc. JK (21) $42.50. 

Francis of Assissi (Saint.) I Fioretti. Chelsea, 1922. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid; Icath. joints; g.t. V (21) $29.00. 

Spenser (Edmund). The Faerie Queene. Chelsea, 1923. 

Vel., unc.; in cl. cas.c. ZZ(5)$95.oo. 



Spenser (Edmund). Minor Poems. Chelsea, 1925. Fol. 

Vel. TT( 3 75)$8o.oo. 



Part III, Dec., 1894. [Contains "Three Popular Ballads" by 

Lafcadio Hearn.] Yokohama, 1894. Svo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. case. EF( 542) $8.00. 

ASPIN (Jehpshaphat). The Naval and Military Exploits which 
have distinguished the Reign of George the Third. 35 hand- 
colored plates. London, 1820. i6mo. 

Orig. mor. YY (8) $25.00. 

ASPLEY (John). Speculum Nauticum. Woodcuts. London, 
Thomas Harper, 1647. Sm. 4to. 

Sewed, in hf. mor. case (7 x $*A in.). LL( 151) $80.00. 

Colonies at the Grand Congress, held at Philadelphia, Sept. i, 
1774. Versified, and adapted to Music. By Bob Jingle. [N.Y., 
James Rivington,] 1774. Svo. 

Hf. roan (cover loose). L(i7)$ 

ATHERTON (Gertrude). Hermia Suydam. [N.Y., 1889.] I2mo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. case. EF( 15) $40.00. 

ATKINS (Dudley). An Address to the Ancient and Honorable 

Society of Free and Accepted Masons delivered at Newbury- 
Port, on the Feast of St. John the Evangelist, A. L. 5786. 16 pp. 
Newbury-Port, 1787. 4to. 
FF (89) $18.00. 

ATLANTE DELL' AMERICA. [Atlas, containing 43 maps and 

plates.] Livorno, G. T. Masi, 1777. Fol. 
Parchment. PP (2o)$3i.oo. 


leaves. Some initials supplied in gold and color. Nuremberg, 
Creussner, 1477. Fol. (Hain *ioo8). 

Old hf. cf. (3 leaves repaired at margin, some leaves water-stained; 
supplied, in cont. hand, on recto of first blank is list of contents). 
GG (99) $35-00. 

ATWATER (Caleb). The Indians of the Northwest . . . Re- 
marks made on a tour to Prairie du Chien and thence to Wash- 
ington City in 1829. Columbus, 1850. i6mo. 

Bds. (foxed). C(i7)$n.oo. 

AUDSLEY (George A.) and BOWES (James L.). Keramic Art 
of Japan. Col. plates. London, 1875. 2 vols., fol. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. F(ii)$i7.5O. 

AUDUBON (John J.). The Birds of America. 500 col. plates. 
N.Y., 1840-44. 7 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Cont. cl. (inner joints cracked, few plates misplaced in binding). R 

The Life of John James Audubon, the Naturalist Edited by 

His Widow. Intro, by Jas. Grant Wilson. Frontis. N.Y., 1869; 
[also] Journal of John James Audubon made during* His Trip 


AUDUBON (John J.) Continued. 

to New Orleans in 1820-1821. Edited by Howard Corning. 

Foreword by Ruthven Deane. Frontis. and facsimiles. 2 vols. 

Boston, Club of Odd Volumes, 1929. N.Y. and Boston, 1869-1929. 

3 vols., I2mo. and 8vo. 
Cl. and bds. Z( 14) $22.50. 

Ornithological Biography. Edinburgh, 1831-49 [39]. 5 vols., 

roy. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., tooled, unc., by Riviere (lateral margin of half-title, 
title, and leaf of one vol. trimmed into; on half-title of Vol. II is 
written "With the author's compts."). ZZ(6)$55.oo. 

AUDUBON (John J.) and BACHMAN (John). The Quadru- 
peds of North America. 155 col. plates. N.Y., 1851-54. 3 vols., 
roy. 8vo. 

Mor., g.e. (rubbed, hinges cracked). L(i8) $35.00. 

Cont. mor., g.e. (worn, one vol. loose; G. S. Gibson copy). UU(n) 

AUGUSTINE (Saint). De Civitate Dei, cum Commento 

Thothae Valois et Nicolai Trivet. 268 leaves. Woodcut on verso 
of title. Basel, Amerbach, 1489. Fol. (Hain *2o6"4). 
Cont. cf., (rebacked, but with hinges cracked and back cover loose; 
marginal strip cut from top of title ; corner of one leaf torn away, 
affecting a few words ; portion of one margin restored, early 
marginal inscriptions; Garratts Hall Library bookplate). JK(23) 

DC la Cita di Dio. [Florence, Miscomini, not after 1483.] Fol. 

(Hain *2O7i, Proctor 6145). 

Cf., tooled, g.e. ; in hf . lev. mor. case (marginal tear in one leaf and 
a few holes in others repaired : lacks first and last blanks, last leaf 
of Index misbound at end of vol.). VV (7) $100.00. 

DC la Cita di Dio. [Venice, Miscomini, about 1483.] Fol. 

(Hain 2072, Proctor 6145, Brit. Mus. Cat. VI, xv). 
Early cf., remains of clasps (back defective and repaired, erasure in 

margin of first leaf, lacks first blank, early inscriptions). JK(22) 


AURELIUS ANTONINUS (Marcus). Meditations. London, 

Humphreys, 1908. 8vo. 
Lev. mor. V(258)$i8.oo. 

AUSMO or AUXIMO (Nicolaus de). Supplementum. Nurem- 
berg, Koberger, 1478. (Hain ^2157.) 

Cf., tooled, brass ornaments and clasps, end papers of MSS. on vel. 
(scuffed and holed, backstrip painted, 2 brass corners lacking). 
IJ(286)$j 5 .oo. 

Supplementum. Consilia Alexandri de Neuo contra Judaeos 

foenerantes. 380 leaves. Venice, Leonardus Wild, 1489. 4to. 
(Hain *2i69>. 

Cont. cf., brass bosses and remains of clasps, end papers from cont. 
MS. on vel. F(262)$ 

AUSTEN (Jane). Emma. London, 1816. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Mor. f g.e., by Riviere (name on half-titles). F(i2)$6>.50. 
Hf. cf. EF(i6) $80.00. 


AUSTEN (Jane) Continued. 

Northanger Abbey: and Persuasion. London, 1818. 4 vols., 


Rebound in red cl. (faded, trimmed, lacks half-titles, foxing through- 
out, edges of last vol. stained). U(i6)$ 
Lev. mor., g.e., by Bedford (Oliver Brett copy). EF(i7)$8o.oo. 

Pride and Prejudice. London, 1813. 3 vols., i2mo. 

Cont. hf. cf. and bds. : in hf. mor. case (rubbed, hinges weakening. 
The half-title of Vol. Ill does not agree in measurements with 
any of those reproduced by Geoffrey Keynes, but the evidence of 
the name of an early owner, A. H. Wollaston, written in a cont. 
hand on the half-title of each vol., proves the half-titles to be cor- 
rect, and unquestionably those of a First Edition, as issued note 
from auction catalogue ) . O ( 1 2) $450.00. 

Complete Novels. London, n.d. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Riviere. X (4) $9.00. 

AUSTEN (John). "Rogues in Porcelain." Decorated, largely in 

color, by Austen. London, 1924. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Riviere; in cl. case. X(5)$i7.oo. 
Lev. mor., inlaid, tooled, g.e., by Riviere; in cl. case. TTa(6)$Q.oo. 

AUSTIN (John O.). The Genealogical Dictionary, Rhode Is- 
land. Albany, Munsell, 1887. Fol. 
Orig. cl. KLa(202)$8.oo. 

AUTHOR'S CLUB. Liber Scriptorum. First book of the Au- 
thor's Club containing contributions by Theodore Roosevelt, Mark 
Twain, John Hay, F. R. Stockton, and others, each contribution 
signed by its author. X.Y., 1893. 4to. 

Mor., g.t., unc. (rubbed). \V(i8)$5O.oo. 

Cf., g.t., unc. (with "Liber Scriptorum, Second Book," 1921 ; together 
2 vols.). AB(6)$36.oo. 

Mor., g.t., unc. (rubbed, hinge cracked). EF( 283) $25.00. 

OUS Poems, from Various Authors. Engraved title. [Contains 
Hawthorne's poem "The Ocean."] N.Y., 1837. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. (some signatures sprung, penciled annotations in Haw- 
thorne's hand, Maier- Wallace copy). EF( 518) $55.00. 

AYRES (Philip). Emblemata Amatoria. Engraved throughout, 

45 plates. London, 1683. Sm. 8vo. 
Mor., tooled, g.e. (R. Pinkney copy). JK(25)$io.oo. 

BACON (Sir Francis). Baconiana; or, Certain Genuine Remains 

of Sr. Francis Bacon. Portrait by F. H. Van Hove. London, 
1679. 8vo. 

Old sheep (worn, hinges cracked, W. T. Bree copy). ZZ(n)$i7.5o. 

Lev. mor., g.e. (cancelled name on title and name on margin of por- 
trait). EF(20)$ 

Cases of Treason. London, Assignes of John More, 1641. Sm. 

Old cf. (rebacked). JJ(i2)$i3.oo. 

Certaine Miscellany Works. London, I. Haviland for Hum- 
phrey Robinson, 1629. Sm. 4to. 
Cf., g.e., by Riviere. JJ(u)$i3.oo. 


BACON (Sir Francis) Continued. 

The Elements of the Common Lawes of England. 1636- 

35; [also] Cases of Treason. 1641. London, 1635-41, 2 vols., 

sm. 4to. 

Cf., g.e. (name on title, few leaves stained). EF( 19) $10.00. 
The Essayes or Cpvnsels, Civill and Morall. Newly enlarged. 

London, John Haviland for H. Barret, and R. Whitaker, 1625. 


Old vel., tooled, g.e. ; in cl. case (lacks first blank, Ai). 0(13) $160.00. 
Cont. cf., in cl. case (repaired at hinges; title remargined; fly leaf 

bears signature of John Maitland, first Earl of Lauderdale, also 

a later bibliographical note). ZZ (9) $60.00. 

The Historic of the Raigne of King Henry the Seuenth. 

Portrait by John Payne. London, 1622. Fol. 

Cont. cf. (repaired, old writing on margin of frontis., new end papers; 
has reading "Highnesses" at end of dedication, and the Errata 
partially corrected ; Lefferts-Hagen-Clawson copy) . ZZ (8) $40.00. 

Old hf. cf. (worn; 2 stains on title; early inscriptions on recto of 
frontis. ; name on last page, partly erased, leaving small hole ; in- 
serted at page 13 is MS. note in cont. hand, supplementing printed 
text; supplied at end is index 4 leaves in- cont. hand). EF 
(18) $20.00. 

History Naturall and Experimental!, of Life and Death. Ed. 

by W. Rawley. London, 1638. I2mo. 
Lev. mor. (has 2 different leaves of imprimatur, one at the beginning, 

the other at the end; collates: A-Ti2 no blanks, V6 last, 

probably blank, wanting). ZZ(io)$4O.oo. 
Letters, written during the Reign of King James the First. 

London, 1702. 4to. 
Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. (Large paper, D. Charles Chauncy copy). O 

(14) $37oO. 
The Twoo Bookes ... of the proficience and advancement 

of Learning. London, 1605. 4to. 

Cont. vel. (recased, lower margins of title and last leaf restored; er- 
roneous pagination in Book I). R( 342) $155.00. 
Lev. mor., by Riviere (name on title, lacks blank Hhh2; measures 7^ 

xs^iiO. ZZ(7)$70.oo. 

times. By various noted authors. London, 1895. 28 vols., sq. 

Y lev. mor., g.t. X( 1773) $28.00. 

BAILEY (Liberty H.). The Standard Cyclopedia of Horticul- 
ture. Col. plates. X.Y., 1925. 3 vols., imp. 8vo. 

Leatherette. S (8) $9.50. 

BAILLIE (Hugh). A Letter to Dr. Shebear, containing a 
Refutation of his Arguments concerning the Boston and Quebec 
Acts of Parliament, and his Aspersions upon the Memory of King 
William, and the Protestant Dissenters. London, J. Donaldson, 
1775- 8vo. 

Cf., g.e., by Zaehnsdorf. FF (25) $26.00. 

An Appendix to a Letter to Dr. Shebbeare. To which are 

added, Some Observations on a Pamphlet, entitled, Taxation No 


BAILLIE (Hugh) Continued. 

Tyranny ... in which the Sophistry of that Author's Reason- 
ing is Detected. By a Doctor of Laws. London, Donaldson, 1775. 

Cf., g.e., by Zaehnsdorf. FF (20) $9.50. 

BAILLIE-GROHMAN (William A.). Sport in Art. 243 illus- 
trations, some in color. London, Ballantyne [1917]. Fol. 

Deerskin, unc. (laid in are A. L. S. of author, certifying to this copy, 
and A. L. S. of his widow, Florence Baillie-Grohman) . Z(2i) 

BAILY (Francis). Journal of a Tour in Unsettled Parts of 
North America, 1796-1797. London, 1856. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. QQ(45)$8.oo. 

BAIRD (Robert). View of the Valley of the Mississippi; or, the 

Emigrant's and Traveller's Guide to the West. 15 maps and 
diagrams, some folding and col. Phila., 1834. I2mo. 
Cl. (worn). A (52) $10.00. 

BAKER (Charles Henry Collins). Lely and the Stuart Portrait 

Painters, a Study of English Portraiture before and after Van 
Dyck. 240 reproductions, many in color. Boston, 1913. 2 vols., 
sm. 4to. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. (3 fly leaves waterstained). DE( 50) $30.00. 

BAKER (W. S.). The Engraved Portraits of Washington. 

Phila., 1880. 2 vols., 4to. 

Cl. (with another copy, together 2 vols.. bookplate removed from one ; 
inserted in one copy are 2 engraved portraits, some clippings, 
etc.) UU( 12) $13.00. 

BAKST (Leon). Leon Bakst. By Carl Einstein. 42 [col.] 
Tafeln und 6 Abbildungen mit einer Einleitung. Berlin, n.d. Fol. 
Hf. vel., unc. (stain on front cover). K( 15) $13.00. 
Hf. vel. CD(i6)$9.oo. 

BALBUS (Joannes). Catholicon. 311 leaves (should be 312). 

Venice, Liechtenstein, 1490. Fol. (Hain *226i). 
Cf. (rubbed, hinges partly cracked ; top marginal corner of first leaf 

torn away, various slight defects, cont. inscriptions on last blank, 

lacks first blank). LL( 52) $100.00. 

BALLADES DANS PARIS. Illustrations in color. Paris, So- 

ciete des Bibliophiles Contemporains, 1894. Sm. 4to. 
Mor., g.t. TT(i8) $12.00. 

BALLANTYNE (John Alexander) and others. Refutation of 

the Misstatements and Calumnies contained in Mr. Lockhart's Life 
of Sir Walter Scott, Bart., respecting the Messrs. Ballantyne. 
1838; [also] Reply to Mr. Lockhart's Pamphlet, entitled "The 
Ballantyne Humbug Handled." 1839. London, 1838-39. 2 vols., 

Orig. paper, unc.; in cl. case (name on front wrappers). EF(oo9) 

gente sa Mere par le Trio Mazarinicque pour dire Adieu a la 
France. En vers burlesque. Grand Ballet. Le Trio Mazarin- 



icque representant les Figures des Sept Pianettes. Paris, 1649. 

New paper (H. V. Jones copy). DE(i56)$n.oo. 

BALLOU'S [Maturin Murray Ballou] PICTORIAL DRAW- 
ing-room Companion. [Continuation of "Gleason's Pictorial- 
Drawing-room Companion." Ed. by Ballou.] Vols. 7-15. Bos- 
ton, 1854-58. 8 vols., fol. 

Orig. cl., g.e. QQ(5o)$n.ob. 

BALTIMORE MOB!! To destroy the Freedom of Speech, and 
of the Press. Horrid Outrages and Savage Murders at Balti- 
more Constitutionalist Office, (Monday Evening), August 3, 1812. 
[Broadside, giving accounts of riots against The Federal Repub- 
lican and A. C. Hansen, editor.] n.p. [1812]. 


BALZAC (Honore de). Ten Droll Tales. Intro, by Andre 
Maurois. London, 1926; [with] Droll Tales. The Second Dec- 
ade. Both works trans, by J. Lewis May, both illus. in col. and 
black and white by Jean de Bosschere. London and N.Y., 1926 
and 1929. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. K(35)$n.oo. 

Droll Stories. Ed. by Ernest Boyd. Illus. by Ralph Barton. 

N.Y., 1928. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Bds. K(i6)$20.50. 

Novels. Trans, by G. B. Ives and others. Etchings. Phila., 

Barrie, n.d. 51 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. U (21) $200.00. 

CEuvres Completes. Illus. by Charles Huard. Paris, Conard, 

1912. 20 vols., 8vo. 

Y mor., g.t., unc. X(6a) $40.00. 

Works. Trans, by Katharine P. Wormeley. Illus. by Jeanniot. 

L'fidition Grand Format. Boston, 1898. 40 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., g.t. XX(i7)$33.oo. 

La Comedie Humaine. Trans, by G. Burnham Ives. Plates. 

Edition Definitive. Phila., Barrie, n.d. [1898-99.] 53 vols., 8vo. 

CL, g.t., unc. S(9)$35.oo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski (frontispieces in col.). U (20) $230.00. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (some bindings rubbed). CC(io) $32.50. 

Mor., tooled, g.t., unc. (plates in 2 states). NN(i8) $125.00. 

La Comedie Humaine. Touraine Edition. Phila., n.d. 36 
vols., 8vo. 

Cl., g.t.. unc. CC(ii)$i7.5o. 

BANCROFT (Aaron). An Essay on the Life of George Wash- 
ington. Portrait by Edwin. Worcester, 1807. 8vo. 

New cl., unc. W(2o)$7.5O. 

BANCROFT (George). History of the United States. Plates. 
Boston, v.d. 8vo. 

1838-74, 10 vols.; hf. mor. f g.t., by Tout. GH(io)$ii.oo. 

1858-74, 19 vols.; hf. mor. (rubbed). X(7)$i5.oo. 

BANCROFT (Hubert H.). The Book of Wealth. Text and 6 
portfolios of plates. Edition de Luxe. N.Y., 1896. 7 vols., fol. 

Hf. cl., g.e. X(8)$ 


BANDELLO (Matteo). Novels. Trans, by John Payne. Lon- 
don, Villon Society, 1890. 6 vols., sm. 4to. 
Bds., g.t, unc. S(io)$2i.oo. 
Vel., g.t., unc. (Large paper). ZZ( 12) $32.50. 

BANNING (Kendall). Pirates! or, The Cruise of the Black Re- 
venge. Scenes carved on wood by Gustave Baumann. Chic., 
Brothers of the Book, 1916. 4to. 

Orig. paper. TT(3i8)$8.oo. 

BARBAULD (Anna Letitia Aikin, Mrs.). See BRITISH 

BARBfi-MARBOIS (Francois). Histoire de la Louisiane. Col. 

folding map. Paris, 1829. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. NO (20) $9.00. 

BARCLAY (Robert). Anarchy of The Ranters, and Other 
Libertines. Phila., Franklin and Hall, 1757. I2mo. 

Cont. cf. (William Byrd copy; bound in is "An Epistle to the Na- 
tional Meeting of Friends in Dublin"). (543) $48.00. 

Apology for the True Christian Divinity. Newport, R. I., J. 

Franklin, 1/29. 8vo. 

Bds. (worn, several pages imperfect). Y(55)$7.50. 

BARHAM (Richard H.). Corrected Proof Sheets of 4 of "The 
Ingoldsby Legends": "A Lay of St. Dunstan," "The Knight and 
the Lady," "A Lay of St. Rormyold," and "The Truants." 4 pp., 
8 pp., 17 pp., and 6 pp., respectively; v.s., folded to 8vo. 

Bds. (with single pp. of 3 other legends and a one-page MS.). EF 
(21) $380.00. 

The Ingoldsby Legends. [First,] Second, and Third Series. 

Plates by George Cruikshank. London, 1840-42-47. 3 vols.. 8vp. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (foxing in Vol. I ; Vol. II, shaken, has back-strip 
torn at bottom; Vol. Ill has new end papers; First Series is First 
issue, with "Ralph" for "Robert" de Shurland in the tale, "Grey 
Dolphin," and with page 236 blank slip relating to this second 
error missing Second Series is First issue, with leaf of Contents 
blank on verso). O( 15)530.00. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t. (backs faded, stain on cover of second vol., prig, 
front cl. cover of each vol. bound in; First Series carries printed 
text on page 236). TT (20) $53.00. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. by Riviere (few plates rubbed; First 
Series has "Ralph" de Shurland, motto on page 260 in Gothic 
type, and the leaf of appendix at end of vol., but page 236 is not 
blank; Second and Third Series are First issues). GH(n ) $52.50. 

Orig. cl., unc.; in 3 lev. mor. cases (Vol. I recased and rubbed, in- 
scriptions on hf. titles of Vols. II and III ; Second Series has 
errata on verso of leaf of Contents ; First Series is First issue, with 
page 236 blank ; Third Series is First issue, with misprint, "tppot" 
run together, on page 350; inserted in Vol. I is an additional 
plate by Cruikshank illustrating "The Leech of Folkestone"). GH 

The Ingoldsby Legends. Plates by Cruikshank and Leech. 

London, 1852. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., g.t., by Zaehnsdorf. U (22) $20.00. 


BARHAM (Richard H.) Continued. 

The Ingoldsby Legends. Plates by Arthur Rackham, 12 in 

color. London, 1898. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc. (slightly shaken). K(4i8)$io.oo. 

The Ingoldsby Legends. Plates by Arthur Rackham, some in 

color. London, 1922. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Riviere; in cl. case. TTa(8)$2O.oo. 

BARHAM (R. H. D.). Martin's Vagaries; Being a Sequel to 

"A Tale of a Tub" . . . with Notes by Scriblerus Oxoniensis and 

illustrated [2 etched plates and a woodcut vignette] by G. Cruik- 

shank. London, 1843. 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., unc. (orig. wrappers bound in; Bruton- Salomons copy). 

R(359) $15-00. 
BARKER ( Matthew H.). Greenwich Hospital. By an Old 

Sailor. Plates by G. Cruikshank in 2 states, one set in color. 

London, 1826. 4to. 

$4 lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Root. S (06) $34.00. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., partly unc. by Riviere (page 148 is correctly 

numbered in this copy). GH( 13) $15.00. 

Land and Sea Tales. Bv the Old Sailor. Titles and frontis- 
pieces by G. Cruikshank. London, 1836. 2 vols.. i2mo. 

Mor. tooled, g.t., unc., by Zaehnsdorf (orig. covers bound in). TTa 

Nights at Sea. [Extracted from "Bentley's Miscellany."] 

Plates by G. Cruikshank. London, 1837. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t.. unc. S(8o)$i4.oo. 

Tough Yarns. Etchings by G. Cruikshank. London, 1835. 

1 2ino. 
)4 mor.. g.t., unc.. by Rirdsall (orig. backstrip bound in). S(86)$n.oo. 

BARLAEUS (Caspar). Rerum per Octennium in Brasilia et 

alibi nuper gestarum, sub praefectura illustrissimi Comitis I. 
Mauritii Xassoviae . . . Historia. Engraved title, portrait, and 
55 double-page plates (25 of which are maps). Amstelodami, 
Joannes Blaeu, 1647. Fol. 
Cont. vel., tooled, ties. LL ( 1 52 ) $80.00. 

BARLOW (William). The Navigators Svpplv. Woodcut on 

title and 7 folding plates. London, G. Bishop, R. Xewbery, and 

R. Barker. 1597. Sm. dto. 
Sewed, in hf. mor. case (a few leaves lightly stained : top marcrins cut 

close, shaving a few words: size /Vio in. x 5^6 in.). LL(iO3) 


BARNEY (Elvira S.). The Stevens Genealogy. Portraits. Salt 

Lake Citv, Privately Printed, 1907. 8vo. 
Cl. Adi2)$9.oo. 

BARRIE (Sir James M.). Auld Licht Idylls. London, 1888. 


Buckram, g.t., unc. (writing on half-title). O(i7)$27-5 o - 
The Author. Cincinnati, privately printed for Lawson McClurg 

Melish [1020]. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc. (laid in is A. L. S. of author, also A. L. S. of his 

secretary). ZZ( 15) $40.00. 


BARRIE (Sir James M.) Continued, 

Better Dead. London, 1888 [1887]. 12010. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (backstrip repaired, title supplied from a 
smaller copy). O(i6) $15.00. 

An Edinburgh Eleven. London, 1889. I2mo. 

y mor., tooled, unc. C( 19) $12.50. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (name on half-title ; First issue, in wrap- 
pers; Harry Glemby copy). EF(22)$i5.oo. 

A Lady's Shoe. N.Y. [1893]. i6mo. 

Limp leath., g.t, unc.; in mor. case. EF (24) $8.00. 

The Little Minister. London, 1891. 3 vols., 12010. 

Cl., unc.; in hf. mor. case (frayed, covers stained, library label re- 
moved from one cover, inner hinges of 2 vols. cracked). O(2O) 

Cl., unc. ; in hf. mor. cases (labels removed from front covers, several 
inner hinges cracked, few repairs in end papers). R (247) $32. 50. 

Orig. cl. (bindings soiled, last 2 vols. shaken; laid in first vol. is 
A. L. S.). V (23) $60.00. 

The Little Minister. N 7 .Y., 1898. 8vo. 

CL, unc. (names on fly leaf; laid in are 2 A. L. S. and several sou- 
venirs of Maude Adams). ZZ( 14) $45.00. 

The Little White Bird. Frontis. London, 1902. i2mo. 

Buckram, g.t. (name on end paper). 0(24) $10.00. 

Margaret Ogilvy. Frontis. .London, 1896. I2mo. 

Buckram, g.t., unc. (one inner hinge repaired, one cracked). O(2i) 

My Lady Nicotine. London, 1890. i2mo. 

Buckram, g.t., unc. O(i9)$57-5<>. 
Buckram, g.t., unc. EF(23)$37.5O. 

Peter and Wendy. Illus. by F. D. Bedford. London [1911]. 

Q. (tipped in is A. L. S.). EF (26) $35.00. 

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. Col. plates by Arthur 

Rackham. Large paper, signed by artist. London, 1906. 4to. 
Vel., g.t, unc. Q(25)$85.oo. 
VeL, g.t., unc.; in cl. case. VV (8) $50.00. 

Cl. NOf22)$IO.OO. 

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. Plates in color and in 

black and white by Arthur Rackham. London, n.d. 410. 
Cl. (laid in are A. L. S. of the author and A. L. S. of the artist). ZZ 


Sentimental Tommy. London, 1896. I2mo. 

Buckram, g.t., unc. (Second issue, with advertisements dated "6 G- 

10.96"). O(22)$I5.00. 

Orig. cl., g.t. (back faded, covers spotted; First issue, with advertise- 
ments dated "6 6-8.96"; \V. MacDonald Mackay copy). Q(24) 

Tommy and Grizel. London, 1900. I2mo. 

Cl., g.t. O(23)$io.oo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. (shaken, edges foxed). XX(i8)$8.50. 


BARRIE (Sir James M.) Continued. 

The Twelve Pound Look, and Other Plays. 1923; [with] 

When a Man's Single. 1924; [and] Quality Street. 1925. Lon- 
don, 1923-25. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Cl. (first vol. is inscribed by the author, second and third have signa- 
tures pasted on titles; laid in first vol. is A. L. S. of author). ZZ 

A Window in Thrums. London, 1889. i2mo. 

Buckram, g.t, unc. O(i8) $30.00. 

Col. Illustration for the Illustrated Edition of "Peter Pan in 

Kensington Gardens." Mounted, and signed on the mount by Bar- 
rie and Rackham. 
In hf. mor. case. EF (28) $30.00. 

See also BURNS (Robert). 

BARRIE (Sir James M.) and DOYLE (Sir Arthur Conan). 

Jane Annie ; or, the Good Conduct Prize. Music by Ernest Ford. 

London, 1893. 8vo. t 

Orig. paper. C(2o)$i9.oo. 

BARRON (William). History of the Colonization of the Free 

States of Antiquity, etc. London, T. Cadell, 1777. 4to. 
Orig. paper, unc.; in cl. case. P(2i)$2i.oo. 
New hf. mor. FF (26) $14.00. 
New Y* mor. IJ(n)$io.oo. 

BARROW (Sir John). A Voyage to Cochinchina. 21 col. 

plates. London, T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1806. 4to. 
Hf. cf., untrimmed. TT(23)$ii.oo. 

BARROW (John). Memoirs of the Naval Worthies of the 

Reign of Queen Elizabeth. Portraits. London, 1845. 8vo. 
y 4 lev. mor., g.t. TTa(9)$i7-5o. 

BARTHOLIN (Thomas). Historiarum Anatomicarum Ran- 

orum. Centuria I et II. Amstelodami, apud loannem Henrici, 
1654. i6mo. 
Cf. (title remounted). TT(273)$9.oo. 

BARTHOLOMEW FAIR. A Poetical Description of Bartholo- 
mew Fair. By One Under a Hood. [Attributed to John Major, 
also to Thomas Hood.] London, 1837. I2mo. 

Cf., g.t., by Riviere. MN(is6)$7.50. 

BARTLETT (Edward .). Typographic Treasures in Europe. 

N.Y., 1925. Fol. 
Bds., unc. JK (28) $10.00. 

BARTLETT (John R.). Personal Narrative of Explorations 
and Incidents in Texas, New Mexico, California, Sonora, and 
Chihuahua. Map. lithographs and woodcuts. N.Y., 1854. 2 
vols., 8vo. 

Cl. (backs chipped). L( 19) $8.00. 

BARTOLUS DE SAXOFERRATO. Lectura super prima parte 
Digesti novi. 160 leaves. Venice, Jenson, 1478. Fol. 

Wood, leath. back, brass clasps with leath. hinges (back defective, 
first and last leaves holed, few marginal stains, paper pasted over 



inscribed name in margin of first page, bookplate initialed B. A. Z. 
W.). JK(2 9 )$67.50. 

BARTON (Benjamin S.). New Views of the Origin of the 

Tribes and Nations of America. Phila., 1797. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (covers loose, name on front cover). L (20) $17.50. 

Observations on Some Parts of Natural History. Part I (all 

published). Folding plate. London [1787]. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. P(22)$9.oo. 

BARTRAM (John). Observations on the Inhabitants, Climate, 
Soil, [etc.] . . . made in his Travels from Pensilvania to Onon- 
dago, Oswego, and the Lake Ontario, in Canada. Folding map. 
London, 1751. 8vo. 


BARTRAM (William). Travels through North and South 

Carolina, etc. Portrait, map, and 7 plates. London, 1792. 8vo. 
Orig. cf. (covers loose). L (21) $25.00. 
Cf., g.e. P(23)$30.oo. 

Travels through North and South Carolina, etc. Map, and 

8 plates. London, 1794. 8vo. 
Cl. PP(52)$i8.oo. 

BASILS (Giovanni Battista). II Pentamerone; or, the Tale of 

Tales. Trans, by Sir Richard Burton. London, 1893. 2 vols., 
Orig. cl. (bindings shaken). Q(6i)$io.oo. 

BATES (Alfred). The Drama, its History, Literature, and In- 
fluence on Civilization. Ed. by Alfred Bates. Illus. Victorian 
Edition. London, Athenian Society, 1903. 20 vols., 8vo. 

Buckram, g.t., unc. (with Addenda, 2 vols.; together 22 vols.). V 
( 1 21 ) $12.00. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (rubbed and cracked). Y(2i4)$io.oo. 


BAUDELAIRE (Charles). See BOSSCH&RE (Jean de). 

BAXTER (Richard). The Saint's Everlasting Rest. 2 parts in 

one vol. London, 1650. I2mo. 
Cont. cl. (edges of first and last pp. rubbed, names on fly leaves). OO 


BAYLEY (Daniel). Essex Harmony (The) . . . containing a 

Collection of Psalm Tunes. Newburyport, 1772. I2mo. 
G (29) $11. oo. 

BAYLEY (Frank W.). Five Colonial Artists of New England: 
Badger, Blackburn, Copley, Feke, Smibert. Portraits. Boston, 
Privately Printed, 1929. 4to. 

Q. W(2 4 )$i5.oo. 

BAYNTON or BAYNTUN (Benjamin). See BOWLES (W. 

BEARDSLEY (Aubrey). Past and Present, the Magazine of 
the Brighton Grammar School. Vol. XII, No. 2, and Vol. XIV, 


BEARDSLEY (Aubrey) Continued. 

No. i, June, 1887, and Feb. 1889. Illus. by'Beardsley. Brighton, 
1887-89. 8vo. 

Cf., by Riviere (2 pieces in one vol. ; bound in are A. L. S. of Beards- 
ley, 2 A. L. S. of H. A. Payne, and facsimile reprint of Beards- 
ley's illustrations). EF (29) $23.00. 

The Story of Venus and Tannhauser. London, Privately 

Printed, 1907. 4to. 
Vel., in hf. mor. case (Japan paper, laid in is MS. of greater part of 

first chapter). EF(33)$95.oo. 

Under the Hill. Plates. London, 1904. 4to. 

Orig. cl., g.t, unc. (rubbed and soiled). EF(32)$8.oo. 

BEAUFORT (James). See HOYLE (Edmond). 

BEAUMONT (Francis) and FLETCHER (John). Comedies 

and Tragedies. Portrait by Marshall, in second state. London, 

1647. Fol. 
Lev. mor., g.e., by Zaehnsdorf (corner of last leaf restored, affecting 

one word; Sir Roger Twisden-E. B. Holden copy). CC(i97) 

Old cf. (rebacked, new end papers, frontis. remargined; pasted down 

on blank pages are engravings from later edition). EF (34) $52.50. 

Dramatick Works. Ed. by George Colman. Portraits and 54 

engravings. London, 17/8. 10 vols., 8vo. 
Cf. (worn, rebacked, hinge in first vol. split; bookplates). XX (29) 


Works. Ed. by Henry Weber. Portraits and facsimiles. Edin- 
burgh. 1812. 14 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cf., tooled (binding of first vol. broken). B(i3)$io.oo. 

BEAUMONT (J. F. Albanis). Travels through the Maritime 
Alps from Italy to Lyons, etc. 4 maps, 18 col. aquatint plates, 
and one plain plate. 1795; I bound with] Select Views in the 
South of France, with Topographical & Historical Descriptions. 
2 plans, and 12 col. aquatint plates, 1792. London, 1792-95. Fol. 

Cont. mor., g.c. (rubbed. 2 vols. in one, Frances M. Richardson book- 
plate). R (372) $60.00. 

BEAUMONT PRESS. Life of Scaramouche. See CONSTAN- 

TIXI (Angclo). 

BEAUX and BELLES OF ENGLAND. Illus. Edition de Luxe. 

London, Grolier Society, n.d. 14 vols., 8vo. 
H mor., R.t. XX(3o)$3i.oo. 

BEAUX ARTS CLASSICS. London, Grolier Society, n.d. 8 vols., 

44 mor., inlaid, p.t.. unc. X(8a)$i8.oo. 

Beaux Arts Classics. Plates, frontispieces in color. Paris, 

Societe des Beaux Arts, n.d. 10 vols., 8vo. 
y lev. mor., g.t, unc. F(i4)$27.5O. 

BECKFORD (Peter). Thoughts on Hunting. London [about 

1820]. 8vo. 
Cf., g.e. TT(38)$i6.oo. 


BECKFORD (William). [Vathek.] An Arabian Tale. Lon- 
don, 1786. 8vo. ' 
Hf. cont. cf. (rubbed, M. A. and John Hughes copy). EF(3s)$ 

Vathek, an Arabian Tale. Ed. by R. Garnett. Notes by S. 

Henley. Etchings by H. Nye. London, 1893. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., tooled. C(25)$ii.oo. 

BED A (The Venerable). The History of the Church of Eng- 
lande. Trans, by Thomas Stapleton. Oxford, Shakespeare Head 
Press, 1930. 8vo. 

Hf. cf., unopened. V (24) $10.00. 

BEDDOES (T. L.). The Bride's Tragedy. London, 1822. 8vo. 
Mor., g.t, unc., by Club Bindery (Holden-Whitall copy). EF(37) 

Complete Works. Ed. by Sir Edmund Gosse. London [1928]. 

Cf., g.t., unopened. Q(i74>$7oO. 

BEEBE (Charles William). The Arcturus Adventure. 77 col. 

plates and maps. N.Y., 1926. 4to. 
$4 vel., g.t. (signed). Q(33)$2i.oo. 

Galapagos: World's End. 24 col. illustrations by I. Cooper, 

and 83 photographs, mostly by J. Tee-Van. N.Y., 1924. Roy. 

Buckram, unc. JJ(i9)$i6.oo. 

Log of the Sun: a Chronicle of Nature's Year. 52 plates by 

W. K. Stone. N.Y., 1906. 4 to. 
CL, g.e. (soiled). K(i9)$ 

Pheasants, their Lives and Homes. Col. and plain plates. 

Garden City, 1926. 2 vols., imp. 8vo. 
CL, g.t., unc. GH(i4)$n.oo. 

Two Bird-Lovers in Mexico. Boston, 1905. 8vo. 

CL JJ(i7)$ii.oo. 

BEECHEY (Frederick W.). Narrative of a Voyage to the 

Pacific and Behring's Strait. Plates. London, 1831. 4to. 
Cf. (Large paper). TT(39)$23.oo. 

BEER (Thomas). The Road to Heaven. Signed. N.Y., 1928. 

CL, unc. K (21) $8.00. 

Stephen Crane, a Study in American Letters. Intro, by 

Joseph Conrad. N.Y., 1923. 8vo. 
Hf. buckram, unopened. Q(35)$n.oo. 

BEERBOHM (Max). A Book of Caricatures. London [1907]. 

Hf. buckram, g.t. (end papers and fly leaves foxed, stain on front 

cover). TT(40)$i2.oo. 

A Christinas Garland. London, 1912. Sq. 12010. 
CL, unc. (inscribed to Frank Harris). EF (43) $40.00. 

Fifty Caricatures. London, 1913. Sm. 410. 

Orig. cl. TT(4i)$i3.oo. 


BEERBOHM (Max) Continued. 

The Happy Hypocrite. N.Y. and London, 1897. Sq. i6mo. 

Orig. paper, unc.; in hf. mor. case. EF (40) $22.50. 

More. London and N.Y., 1899. i6mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. K(23)$ 

Cl., unc.; in hf. mor. case (inscribed to Douglas Ainslie). EF(38) 


Yet Again. London, 1909. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (rubbed, end papers browned, bookplate, "presentation copy" 

stamped on title). Q( 39) $9.00. 
Cl., unc.; in hf. mor. case (inscribed "For my dear Chas."). EF(4i) 


Zuleika Dobson. London, 1911. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. K (24) $31.00. 

Cl., unc.; in hf. mor. case. 0(27) $30.00. 

Orig. cl. (autograph laid in). CD(25)$23.oo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (rubbed, inserted is A. L. S. to Richard Le Gallienne). 

EF (42) $42.50. 
Orig. cl. KL( 17) $10.50. 
Works. With Bibliography by John Lane. London and N.Y., 

1896. i6mo. 
Orig. cl., unc. K (22) $28.00. 

BEERS (Frederick W.) and Others. Atlas of Chittenden Co., 
Vt. 22 col. maps, 2 folding, and 15 engravings. N.Y., 1869. 4to. 
Orig. cl. KK (228) $7.50. 

BEHN (Aphra). Poems upon Several Occasions. London, 1684. 

Cont. cf. (binding damaged, one leaf torn). L (205) $8.00. 

The Widdow Ranter; or, the History of Bacon in Virginia. 

London, for J. Knapton, 1690. 4to. 
New bds. P( 170) $45.00. 
Cf., g.e. (rubbed, tear across corner of page 39, occasional foxing; 

Huth copy). TT(43)$2i.oo. 
(Title soiled, repaired, some light time stains). IJ(i48)$i5.oo. 


reych von clem aller grawsamesten Tyrannen . . . dem Turcki- 
schen Kayser genant Sultan Solimayn . . . 1529. 8 leaves. 181 
x 143 mm. 
Bound in leaf of an incunabulum having col. woodcuts. I J (320) $8.00. 

BELCHER (Sir Edward). The Last of the Arctic Voyages. 

Col. plates, charts, etc. London, 1855. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. L(22)$ 7 .50. 

BELHAVEN (John Hamilton, Lord). [His] Speech in Parlia- 
ment, on loth Jan., 1701, on the Affair of the Indian and African 
Company and its Colony of Caledonia. 12 pp. Edinburgh, 1701. 
Sm. 410. 

Cf., g.e,. by Zaehnsdorf. P (24) $30.00. 

BELKNAP (Jeremy). The Foresters, an American Tale. 

Frontis. Boston, 1792. I2mo. 
Cf. (rubbed). PP(53)$5O.oo. 
Oldcf. QQ(54)$72.50. 


BELKNAP (Jeremy) Continued. 

History of New-Hampshire. Phila. and Boston, 1784-92. 3 

vols., 8vo. 

New y lev. mor., g.e. TT (44) $14.00. 
History of New Hampshire. Folding map. Boston, 1813. 3 

vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (John R. Hams copy). A (286) $22.50. 
BELL (John). New Pantheon. Plates. London, 1790. 2 vols., 


Cf. (rebacked). YYa(32)$9.oo. 
BELL (John, Surgeon). Discourses on the Nature and Cure of 

Wounds. Edinburgh, 1795. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (mended at hinges; autograph of "G. Washington, Mount 

Vernon" on title; laid in is letter by V. H. Paltsits, authenticating 

the Washington signature). (253) $300.00. 

BELL (John). Bell's British Theatre. Engraved titles and plates. 

London, 1791. 25 vols., I2mo. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked). X(io) $50.00. 
BELLAMY (Edward). Looking Backward, 2000-1887. Boston, 

1888. i6mo. 

Orjg. cl. (covers spotted). K( 25) $31.00. 
Orig. paper. II (34) $26.00. 
Orig. paper in cl. folder and in hf. mor. case (front wrapper loose). 

XX(33)$22. 5 o. 

Looking Backward, 2000-1887. Four Hundredth Thousand. 

Boston [1889]. Sm. 8vo. 

Y mor., g.t. (H. C. Stedman copy; tipped in are 2 letters of publisher, 
presenting to Stedman orig. sheets of one of the "fortieth thou- 
sand"). TT(45)$io.oo. 


able Magazine. Col. plates. London, 1807-22. 21 vols., 8vo. 
H cf. 00(697)$4i.oo. 

BELLOWS (George W.). George W. Bellows, his Lithographs. 

Comp. by E. S. Bellows. Intro, by Thomas Beer. 195 plates. 

N.Y., 1927. 4to. 
Cl. XX(35)$8.oo. 

[His] Paintings. Preface by him. Plates, one in color. X.Y., 

1929. 4to. 

Hf. vel. V(25)$8.oo. 
Hf. vel. II (35) $". oo. 

BENEZET (Anthony). Brief Consideration on Slavery and the 

Expediency of Its Abolition. Burlington, Collins, 1773. I2mo. 
Unbound. QQ (330) $8.00. 

ramic sketch, by an Officer of that Army. With a large, folding 
descriptive text. 18 hand-colored, folding lithographs, one signed 
"W. A. L." n.p., n.d. [about 1840]. i6mo. 

Cf., g.e. V(8 3 )$i6.oo. 

BENJAMIN (Asher). The American Builder's Companion. 
63 plates. Boston, 1826. 4to. 

Old cf. QQ(55)$ 


BENJAMIN (Asher) Continued. 

The Builder's Assistant. 37 plates. Greenfield, 1800. Sm. 

Orig. sheep. J (24) $8.00. 

The Country Builder's Assistant. Printed for the Author, 

1798; [also] The American Builder's Companion. 1816. Plates. 
Boston, 1798-1816. 2 vols., 4to. 

Cf. (second vol. rubbed, one plate imperfect, writing on title). NO 

The Practical House Carpenter. 64 plates. 1830; [also] 

Same. 1832. Boston, 1830-32. 2 vols., 4to. 
Cf. (first vol. rubbed). NO(28)$io.oo. 

BENNETT (Enoch Arnold). Clayhanger. [1910]; [also] 
Hilda Lessways. [1911] ; [also] These Twain. [1916]. London 
[1910-16]. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (first vol. signed). Q( 46) $32.00. 

A Man from the North. London, 1898. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (cover faded, front hinge cracked, E. A. Bennett bookplate). 

II (36) $22.00. 
Orig. cl. (hinges split). TT(46)$n.oo. 

The Old Wives' Tale. London, 1908. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (back blistered and faded, stain on back cover). K(27) 


Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Zaehnsdorf. II (38) $36.00. 
Xewcl. EFf 45) $65.oo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., by Zaehnsdorf. NO(3o)$io.oo. 


BENSON (Frank W.). Etchings and Drypoints. Third Series. 

Conip. by A. E. M. Paff. 223 plates with an orig. etching signed. 

Cambridge, 1923. 4to. 
Hf. buckram. K(28)$30.oo. 

Etchings and Drypoints. Vol. IV. Comp. by A. E. M. Paff. 

285 plates with orig. etching signed. Cambridge, 1929. 4to. 
Hf. buckram. K( 29) $21.00. 
Hf. buckram. V(26)$i5.oo. 

BERENS (E.). Christmas Stories. 3 plates by G. Cruikshank. 

Oxford, 1823. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. (paper covers and portion of backstrip 

bound in ) . G H ( 54 ) $20.00. 

BERNARD (David). Light on Masonry. Frontis. Utica, Wil- 
liams, lS29. I21T10. 

Cf. T( 29) $8.00. 

BERNERS (Dame Juliana). The Boke of Saint Albans. Intro. 

by \V. Blades. [Facsimile.] London, 1881. 4to. 
Vel., imc. (inserted is A. L. S. by William Blades; John Shelly copy). 

EF( 47 )$u.oo. 

BERQUIN-DUVALLON. Vue de la Colonie Espagnole du 

Mississippi . . . 1802. 2 col. folding maps. Paris, 1803. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. QQ(i3o)$8.25. 


BERTRAND DE MOLEVILLE (Antoine P.). The Costume 

of the Hereditary States of the House of Austria. 50 plates, col. 
by hand. London, 1804. 4to. 
Hf. cont. sheep (rubbed). KL(37)$i2.oo. 

BESSON (Maurice). The Scourge of the Indies. Trans, by 
Everard Thornton. Col. plates. N.Y., Random House, 1929. 

Orig. cl. K(43)$8.oo. 

BEST (George). A trve Discovrse of the late voyages of dis- 
couerie, for the finding of a passage to Cathaya, by the North- 
yveast, vnder the conduct of Martin Frobisher Generall: Deuided 
into three Bookes. 2 folding maps [by James Beare]. London, 
Henry Bynnyman, 15/8. Sm. 4to. 

Old cf., in hf. mpr. case (rebacked, tear in leaf L, light stains on a 
few leaves of the third voyage ; size, 7x51/6 in. ; contains leaf aiiii 
with the signature "aiii" and without the word "Notable" before 
"discoueries" on verso of aiii, but without the duplication of text). 

BEVERIDGE (Albert J.). Abraham Lincoln. Manuscript Edi- 
tion, page of orig. MS. bound in. Boston, 1928. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cl., unopened. V(242)$26.oo. 

Abraham Lincoln. Boston, 1928. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cf. CD (251) $18.00. 
Bds., unc. GH(i5)$i3.oo. 

The Life of John Marshall. Boston [1919]. 4 vols., Svo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. unc. B( 15) $17.00. 

The Life of John Marshall. Boston, n.d. 4 vols., Svo. 

Hf. mor. GH(i6)$i4.oo. 

The Russian Advance. X.Y., 1903; [also] The Life of John 

Marshall. 4 vols. Boston, n.d. N.V. and Boston, 1903-11.^. 5 

vols., Svo. 
Cl. (both vols. inscribed). GG( 102) $36.00. 

BEVERLEY (Robert). The History and Present State of Vir- 
ginia. Fronds, and 14 plates by S. Gribelin after DeBry. Lon- 
don, R. Parker, 1705. Svo. 

Mor. (rubbed). P(26)$8o.oo. 

BEWICK (Thomas). History of British Birds. Engravings by 

Bewick. Newcastle, 1797-1804. 2 vols., Svo. 
Hf. mor., g.e. NN(2o)$i7.oo. 

History of British Birds. Woodcuts by Bewick. Newcastle, 

1805. 2 vols., Svo. 
Cf. (bindings rubbed, bookplates). 00(632) $10.00. 

History of British Birds. 1816. 2 vols. ; [also] General History 

of Quadrupeds. 1824. Woodcuts by Bewick. Newcastle, 1816- 
24. 3 vols., Svo. 

Hf. mor. and hf. cf. (third vol. rubbed, O. H. Perkins bookplate). 

History of British Birds. Woodcuts. Newcastle, 1832. 2 

vols., Svo. 
Cont cf., tooled. TTa(n)$u.oo. 


BEWICK (Thomas and John). Woodcuts: Impressions of Up- 
wards of Two Thousand Wood-blocks. London, 1870. Fol. 
y* mor., unc. (laid in is A. L. S. to George Allen). JJ(25)$ 

The Fables of -ffisop and Others. Woodcuts by Thomas Be- 
wick and others. Newcastle, 1818; [also] Select Fables. Wood- 
cuts by Thomas and John Bewick and others. Newcastle, 1820; 
[also] Select Fables. I Ed. by Edwin Pearson. Woodcuts by 
Thomas and John Bewick. 1 Edition de Luxe. Edinburgh, 1879. 
Newcastle and Edinburgh, 1818-79. 3 vols., v.s. 

V.b. (mounted on end paper of first vol. is autograph of I. Nicholson). 
JJ (22) $14.00. 

BIBELOT (The). Ed. and originally published by Thomas B. 

Mosher, Portland, Maine, 1895. Testimonial Edition. N.Y., 

Wise 11895-1925]. 21 vols., sq. i6mo. 
y 4 mor., g.t. XX (37) $25.00. 

BIBLE IN ENGLISH. Biblia; the Bible: that is, the holy 
Scripture of the Olde and New Testament. Trans, by Miles Cov- 
crdale. Woodcut illustrations and double-page map. [Zurich, 
Froschover,] 1535. Fol. 

Lev. mor., g.e. t by Riviere (I2j^x8 in.; title, 6 preliminary leaves, 
leaf a2, leaf TT, and map supplied in facsimile; no. of other 
leaves repaired or restored at margin, occasionally including a 
few words of text ; notes on fly leaf, apparently in hand of Michael 
Mattaire). LL( 76) $3700.00. 

The New Testament. Trans. ... in the English College of 

Rhemes. Rhemes, lohn Fogny, 1582. Sm. 4to. 
Cf. f rebound, new end papers (edges shaved). 60(635) $15.00. 

The Bible. "Breeches" reading. London, by Robert Barker, 
1605. Sm. 4to. 

Old vel., brass clasps (no. of headings trimmed into, some leaves 
soiled, some early inscriptions on blanks; Grafton D. Dorsey 
copy). EF(48)$i5.oo. 

The Holy Bible. "Breeches" reading. London, Barker, 1608. 

Cf., brass clasps (foxed, front hinge split, lacks title, first 3 leaves 
torn). OO(658)$I2.25. 

The Holy Bible. Engraved title and plates. London, 1669. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.e., binding attributed to Mearne (rubbed, one 

plate repaired, other defects). EF(6i)$i2.50. 

The Holy Bible. Cambridge. Baskerville, 1763. Fol. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. (rubbed, one joint broken). JK(3o)$io.oo. 

The Holy Bible. Phila.. Aitken, 1782. I2mo. 

Cont. sheepskin on wood, silver corners and remains of clasps; in mor. 
case (front hinge repaired; title soiled, restored, repaired and 
hacked ; no. of leaves frayed at edge, affecting a few words ; some 
pages discolored and water-stained; laid in is A. D. S. of Aitken: 
W. H. N. Newman copy). EF( 49) $525.00. 

The Old and New Testaments, being the English Version 

of the Polyglot Bible. London, 1819. I2mo. 



Mor., tooled; g.e.; gold clasps, initialed "R. H. I." and 'dated "1820" 

(inscription on fly-leaf "Robert Harry Inglis from Mary Lamb. 

14 March 1820," probably in hand of Inglis). GG( 136) $25.00. 

The Sayings of the Lord Jesus Christ as recorded by his 

Four Evangelists collected and arranged by J. W. Mackail. Port- 
land, Me., Mosher, 1845. Sq. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unopened; in cl. case (on Japan paper). V 

The Book of Job. Col. frontis. by Angelo, signed, n.p., Grab- 
horn [1926], Fol. 
Orig. bds., unc. JK(52)$i2.50. 

The Holy Bible. Frontispieces and col. plates. London, Bal- 

lantyne Press, n.d. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Niger mor., g.t. X ( 1 1 ) $7.50. 

The Holy Bible. London, Grolier Society, n.d. 4 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Pigskin, g.t., unc. (Edition de Luxe). S(2i3)$26.oo. 

BIBLE IN FRENCH. La Sainte Bible. Traduction par J.-J. 

Bourasse et P. Janvier. Dessins de Gustave Dore. Tours, 1866. 

2 vols., fol. 
Mor., g.e. (rubbed). XX(io/)$is.oo. 

BIBLE IN GERMAN. Biblia, Das ist: Die ganze Gottliche 

Heilige Schrift. Uebersetzung durch Martin Luther. Dritte 
Auflage. Germantown, Sauer. 1776. 4to. 
Cont. leath. (back hinge broken, slightly trimmed). V(366)$io.oo. 

See also POSTILLA. 

BIBLE IN GREEK. Novum Testamentum, cum Versione La- 

tina Arise Montani. Frontis. and folding maps. Amstelaedami, 
Ex Officina Wetsteniana, 1717. I2mo. 

New mor., in mor. case (orig. cf. binding preserved: John Keats copy, 
inscribed in his hand: "John Keats, from his friend John Taylor, 
Sept. 1820"). F (254) $625.00. 

BIBLE IN INDIAN. A Leaf from a Copy of the Bible trans- 
lated into the Indian Language by John Eliot and printed at Cam- 
bridge in New England in the Year 1663. With an Account of 
the Translator, etc., by George Parker Winship. Boston, 1929 
Sq. 8vo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. EF( 50) $35.00. 

BIBLE IN LATIN. Biblia Latina Sacra. [One leaf only.] With 
special title, bearing imprint of Gabriel Wells, N.Y., 1921, and 
essay by A. E. Newton printed under direction of Bruce Rogers. 
[Mainz, Gutenberg and Fust, 1450-55.] Fol. 

Mor.. boxed (laid in is reprint of Seymour de Ricci's description of 
"The Gutenberg Bible," the Melk copy. 1926). (174) $206.00. 

Mor., tooled, by Stikeman (inscribed by Mr. Wells to George H. 
Sargent, inscribed also by Mr. Newton). EE( 17) $500.00. 

Biblia Latina. 481 leaves, double columns, 48 lines to a column ; 

chapter headings, terminal legends, and 2 colophons and printer's 
marks printed in red; lombard initials and chapter nos. printed 


BIBLE IN LATIN Continued. 

in red and blue, and some in blind, afterward col. red and blue, 
by the rubricator; large ilium, initial on first page, also one at 
beginning of first book of Genesis (page 7) ; 137 initials of various 
sizes, executed by hand in red, blue, and purple ; headlines supplied 
in alternate red and blue letters, and initial strokes throughout in 
red. Mainz, Fust and Schoeffer, 1462. 2 vols., fol. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., col. ribbon place finders in each vol. (isJ^x 
ii*4 in on woven paper watermarked with device of a bull's 
head and the cross of Saint Andrew; final colophon, "B" of the 
2 seven-line variants, includes the spellings "Artificiosa adinue- 
tione" and "Moguntn" ; cont. marginal annotations ; first page of 
each vol. bears inscription "Ex Bibliotheca FF Cruciferorum 
Coloniensium," first page of second vol. bears, also, a coat of arms 
in ink). LL( 36) $19,000.00. 

Biblia Latina. 469 leaves (should be 470). Venice, Franciscus 

Renner, de Heilbronn, 1480. (Hain *3O78). 4to. 

Vel. (first 3 leaves and last leaf restored at margin, affecting text, 
which has been partly restored in ink ; a few other leaves re- 
paired at margin; discolorations ; lacks last blank; early MS. 
foliation and inscriptions; Newbattle Abbey copy). LL(48) 

Biblia Latina. 398 leaves. Ilium, initial. Venice, Herbort, 

1483. Fol. (Hain *3Ooo). 
Rebound hf. cl. (lacks 13 leaves, first few reinforced, one misbound; 

margins trimmed without affecting text). IJ(289)$ii.oo. 

Biblia Latina, cum postillis Nicolai de Lyra et additionibus 

Pauli Burgensis. 424, 338, 318, and 352 leaves. 28 woodcuts. 
[Vols. I, II, and IV] I 4 97; [Vol. III1 I 4 93- Nuremberg, Kober- 
ger, 1493-97. 4 vols., fol. (Hain *3i7o and *3i7i). 
Vel. (partly erased cont. MS. notes on each title stating that this copy 
belonged to an Augustinian monastery of the diocese of Tournai 
apparently situated at Moerkerke, occasional marginal notes else- 
where). LL( 59) $125.00. 

Biblia Latina. Woodcuts. Lugduni, Crespin, 1529. Fol. 

Hf. vel. (hole in backstrip, lacks title, lower margin of first leaf cut 

away, some leaves foxed, some with marginal inscriptions and 

other defects). F( 226) $10.00. 

Biblia Sacra. Maps and woodcuts. Lyons, Frellon, 1568. I2mo. 

Cont. vel., in lev. mor. case (margin of title rehinged: Robert Brown- 
ing copy, note in his hand). EF( 133) $37.50. 

sus of Fifteenth Century Books owned in America. Comp. by a 
Committee of the Society. Ed. by G. P. Winship. N.Y., 1919. 

Buckram, unc. DD(4o)$io.oo. 


Andre (John). Journal. 1903. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Vel., g.t., unc., in cases. G(i7i)$2i.oo. 

Burns (Robert). The Cotter's Saturday Night. Japan paper. 

1915. Fol. 
Mor., g.t., unc., in case. G(i95)$9.oo. 



Burns (Robert). The Geddes-Burns. 1908. 8vo. 

Cf., unc., in case (portrait laid in). G(i8i)$ 

Burns (Robert). To Mary in Heaven. 1916. 8vo. 

Bds., unc., in case. 6(197) $12.00. 

Dibdin (Thomas F.). The Bibliomania. 1903. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. G(2O4)$i3.oo. 

Dickens (Charles). The Dickens-Kolle Letters. 1910. 8vo. 
Hf. vel., unc., in case. 0(185) $7.50. 

Field (Eugene). Verse and Prose. Facsimiles. 1917. 4to. 

Hf. vel., g.t, unc. (A. L. S. inserted). O(ii7)$35.oo. 

Goldsmith (Oliver). The Deserted Village. Japan paper. 

1912. Roy. 8vo. 
Cf., g.t, unc., in case. G(i88)$i3.oo. 

Gray (Thomas). Elegy. Japan paper. 1912. Roy. 8vo. 

Cf., g.t., unc., in case. G(i87)$ 

Horace. Odes and Epodes. 1901. 7 vols. in 9; [with] A 

Thousand Horation Quotations. 1904. 1901-04. 10 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. vel., unc. ("Odes and Epodes" only, 9 vols.). G(2ii)$i6.oo. 

Bds., unc. ("A Thousand Horation Quotations" only, one vol.). G 

Lev. mor., g.t. (signed etching of Horace by Bicknell in first vol.). 
TT (201) $70.00. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. GH(i8)$45.oo. 

Irving (Washington). Journals. 1909. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., g.t., unc. G (212) $10. 50. 

Irving (Washington). Journals. 1919. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., g.t. (bindings soiled). II(239)$i2.oo. 

Keats (John). Unpublished Poem to his Sister Fanny. 

1909. 8vo. 
Hf. vel., unc., in case. G(i83)$io.5O. 

(Charles). Letters. 1905. 5 vols., fol. and 8vo. 
Bds., unc., in cases. G( 173) $16.00. 
Orig. bds. TT( 243) $10.00. 

Marat (Jean P.). Polish Letters. 1904. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Bds., unc., in cases. G( 172) $7.50. 

Stevenson (Robert L.). Poems Hitherto Unpublished. 

1916. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Hf. vel., g.t., unc., in case. G(i96)$9.oo. 

Thoreau (H. D.). First and Last Journeys. 1905. 2 vols., 

Hf. cf., unc., in cases. G(i/5)$9.oo. 

Thoreau (H. D.). Walden. 1909. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. vel., unc., in cases. G( 182;$! 1.50. 

The Varick Court of Inquiry. 1907. Roy. 8vo. 

Pigskin, g.t. (engraved title signed in pencil by artist). MX (12) 



Wilkins (W. G.). Dickens in Cartoon and Caricature. 

Japan paper. 1924. Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. cf., g.t., unc. G(203)$8.oo. 

BICKHAM (George). The Musical Entertainer. Engraved 
throughout, 200 plates,' music with text, vignette on each. Lon- 
don, n.d. Fol. 

Hf. lev. mor., tooled, g.e. (2 vols. in one). R(i53)$85.oo. 

BIEN ADVISfi, MAL ADVISE. 56 leaves. 3 woodcut illustra- 
tions, including the "Wheel of Fortune," and woodcut printer's 
mark ; ilium, marginal border on first page of text. Paris, Pierre 
Le Caron for Antoine Verard [about 1498]. Fol. 

Rus., tooled, by Scott of Edinburgh (on vellum, leaf measuring 12% 
X7s in.; library no. inscribed on title and signature of Earl of 
Ancram on recto of leaves a6, C4, and g2). LL( 62) $3000.00. 

BIERCE (Ambrose). Black Beetles in Amber. Portrait. John- 
son and Emigh issue, Popular Authors' Series. San Fran, and 
N.Y., 1892. I2mo. 

Orig. gray paper of this issue, in hf. mor. case (backstrip chipped). 

Can Such Things Be? N.Y. [1893]. I2mo. 

Green cl. (inscribed to Amy Cecil). EF (55) $27.50. 

Cobwebs: being the Fables of Zambri, the Parsee. Illus- 
trated with Engravings by Dalziel Brothers. London [1873], 

Orig. paper, in cl. case (backstrip partly. missing, remainder repaired; 
2 pp. advertisements at end). EF(5i)$4O.oo. 

Cobwebs from an Empty Skull. Illustrated with engravings 

by Dalziel Brothers. London, 1874. umu. 

Cl. (name on end-paper). M( 17) $22.50. 

The Cynic's Word Book. X.V., 1906. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. (First issue, without frontis.). Q(49) $8.00. 

Fantastic Fables. X.V., 1890. idmo. 

Cl. (inscribed, in pencil, to Mrs. Rittt-r). EF(s6)$27.5O. 

The Fiend's Delight. London [1873]. umo. 

Cl. (worn). M(iO)$i5.oo. 

The Fiend's Delight. X.Y., 1873. i2mo. 

Cl. (portrait inserted; with his "Tales of Soldiers and Civilians," San 

Fran.. 1891 and his "Write it Right," N.V., 1909; together 3 vols., 

cadi in cl.). EF( 52) $15.00. 
--Nuggets and Dust. London [1873]. i6mo. 
Orig. paper (has J pp. advertisements preceding half-title. 10 pp. at 

end). M( 15) $20.00. 
The Shadow on the Dial and Other Essays. San Fran., 1909. 

1*1., unc. (inscrihcd, in pencil, to Walter Nealc). EF(57)$27-50. 

BIERCE (Ambrose) and HARCOURT (T. A.). The Dance of 

Death. By William Herman. Author's Copy. First edition, 
slightly larger in size than subsequent issues. [San Fran., 1877.] 
:i. EF(53)$2/.50. 



tain Ports in the Islands of Jamaica and Dominica, for the more 
free Importation and Exportation of certain Goods and Merchan- 
dizes. 6 pp. n.p., n.d. [London, about 1/50]. Fol. 
Hf. mor. P (34) $11.00. 

BINDLEY (Charles). A Collection of First Editions of the 
Writings of "Harry Hieover." London, 1845-59. 14 vols., I2mo. 
and 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., by Zaehnsdorf (orig. front covers bound in all vols. 
but 2). VV(i3)$ios.oo. 

BINGHAM (David A.). The Bastille. 1888. 2 vols.; [also] 
The Marriages of the Bourbons. 2 vols. 1890. London, 1888- 
90. 4 vols., 8vo. 

y mor., g.t. (rubbed). TT(53)$9.oo. 

BINYON (Laurence). The Engraved Designs of William 
Blake. 20 plates in color and 62 in collotype. London, 1926. 4to. 
Bds. (Gertrude W. E. Strauss copy). VV(i4)$i2.5O. 

BI&RCK (Tobias E.). Dissertatio Gradualis de Plantatione Ec- 

clesiae Suecanae in America. Folding map. Upsaliae [1/31]. Sm. 
Lev. mor., g.t., by Canape. GG( 103) $25.00. 

BIOGRAPHICAL MAGAZINE (The). London, 1819. 2 vols., 

Y mor. V (30) $8.50. 

BIRON (Armand Louis de Gontaut, Due de Lauzun, afterward 
Due de). Memoires. Paris, 1822; [also] Memoires. Paris, 
1858; [also] Memoirs. Trans, by II. Jules Meras. N.Y., 1912. 
Paris and N.Y.. 1822-1858-1912. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Q. and hf . mor. PP ( 1 67 ) $25.00. 

BISHOP (George). New England Judged. London, for Robert 

Wilson, 1661. Sq. I2mo. 
Cf. (soiled, inner hinges split, foxed and holed). TT (331) $16.00. 

New England Judged. London, 1667. Sm. 4to. 

Unbound. Y (79)$io.5O. 

BISLAND (Elizabeth). Life and Letters of Lafcadio Hearn. 

Boston, 1906. 2 vols., 8vo. 
C1 M unc. (inserted is leaf of MS. in Hearn's hand). EF( 548) $20.00. 

BIXBY (Willard Goldthwaite). A Genealogy of the Descend- 
ants of Joseph Bixby, 1621-1701, of Ipswich and Boxford, Mass. 
Brooklyn, 1919. 8vo. 

Cl. f unc. A (88) $13.50. 

BLACKMORE (Richard D.). Lorna Doone. London, i.Sfx). 3 
vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. f unc. (worn, joints cracked; inserted is A. L. S. on cor- 
respondence card). EF( 67) $120.00. 

Lorna Doone. Illus. by Armstrong Small, and Boot. London, 

1883. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., g.e. (laid in is A. L. S. in relation to this work). I)D(22) 



BLACKMORE (Richard D.) Continued. 

Perlycross. London, 1894. i2mo. 

Cl., unc. ; in hf. mor. case (inscribed to Thomas Macquoid). EF(68) 

Poems by Melanter. London, 1854. 8vo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (inscribed to Richard H. Sanders). EF(65)$55.oo. 

BLAIR (Robert). The Grave. London, 1743. 4to. 
Lev. mor., g.e. ; in cl. case. NN(22)$io.oo. 

The Grave. 12 plates after Blake. London, 1808. Fol. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (hinges cracked, note on fly leaf reads: "This book ap- 
pears to have been the original subscription copy of Richard 
Pratchett," etc.; C. M. Wakefield bookplate). EF(73>$22.50. 

BLAKE (Robert). Remarks on Col. Johnstone's Account of his 

Engagement with a French Squadron, under the Command of 
Mons. De Suffrein, on April 16, 1781, in Port Praya Road, in the 
Island of St. Jago. Folding map. London, J. Debrett, 1782. 8vo. 
Cf., g.e., by Zachnsdorf. P(35)$3i.oo. 

BLAKE (William). Poetical Works. Ed. by W. M. Rossetti. 
Front is. London, 1880. I2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (inner hinges cracked, frontis. discolored; in- 
scribed by Oscar Wilde to Maria F. Webbe). EF(ii76)$i2.5o. 

Poetical Works. Portrait. Oxford Edition. London, 1913. 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Riviere. X(i5)$8.oo. 

The Songs of Innocence. 1926; [and] The Songs of Ex- 
perience. 1927. 50 plates col. by hand. London, 1926-27. 2 
vols., 4to. 

Paper, unc. VV(i7)$io.oo. 

See also GRAY (Thomas), also YOUNG (Edward). 

BLANCHARD (Samuel Laman). Lyric Offerings. London, 

I82S. 121110. 

Orig. bds., in hf. mor. cas.e (back worn, label missing, inscribed by 
William Wordsworth to Jane S. Wordsworth). EF( 1204) $7.50. 

BLAND (Jane Cooper). See CURRIER & IVES. 

BLAND (Theodorick). The Bland Papers. Ed. by C. Camp- 
bell. Petersburg, 1840. 8\o. 
J3cls. (2 vols. in one). K La ( 47 ) $26.00. 

BLOME (Richard). The Present State of His Majesties Isles 

and Territories in America. Portrait, plate, and 7 maps. Lon- 
don, H. Clark for I). Newman, 1087. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. P(3<)$(>7.50. 

BLONDUS (Flavius). Historarium Romanarum decades. 

| With the Abbrcuiato of .-Eneas S\l\ ins.] Liber Primus. 3 ilium, 
pages. Venetiis, per Thomani Alexandrinum, 1484. Fol. (Hain 


Cf. (measures 307 x 220 mm. ; first leaf loose, stain on last, few others 
stained and holed ) . I J (290) $22.00. 



terly Magazine devoted to the British Thoroughbred. Vols. 1-18. 
London, 1912-29. 18 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (bindings varying in color). R( 14) $260.00. 

BLOSSOM (Henry M., jr.). Checkers: a Hard-Luck Story. 

Chicago, 1896. i6mo. 
Orig. cl., g.t. Q(5o)$8.oo. 

BLUNDEVILLE (Thomas). The Foure Chiefest Offices be- 
longing to Horsemanship. Engraved title, and numerous engrav- 
ings. London, Humfrey Lownes, 1609. Sm. 4to. 

Orig. cf. (rubbed, writing on title and end paper, front end paper 
missing). Z( 37) $27.00. 

BOATSWAIN'S WHISTLE (The). Published at the National 

Sailors' Fair. 10 orig. nos. Boston, 1864. 4to. 
Orig. cl. SS(5o)$i2.50. 

BOCCACCIO (Giovanni). II Decamerone. Frontis. and portrait. 

[London, 1/25.] 4to. 
Cont. cf., g.e. (worn, bookplate of John, Baron Cartaret of Tlawnes). 

U (30) $10.00. 

II Decamerone. Portrait and plates. Londra, Pickering, 1825. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. (3 vols. in one, on India paper). U(32) 


The Decameron. London, Isaac Jaggard, 1620. 2 vols., fol. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere. R( 343) $1525.00. 

The Decameron. 14 col. plates by J. Fincllay. London [1822]. 

2 vols., I2mo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t, unc., by Morrell. B(49)$i7.oo. 

The Decameron. Trans, by John Payne. Japan Paper Edition. 

London, Printed for Private Circulation, 1886. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Japan wrappers, unc. DE (28) $15.00. 

The Decameron. London, n.d. [about 1805]. 4 vols., umo. 

Cl. (rubbed, name stamped on end papers). XX (40) $8.00. 

-The Decameron. Intro, by Edward Hutton. London, 1900. 

vols., 8vo. 
Hf. buckram, (rubbed and shaken). V(3i)$~.5O. 

The Decameron. Done into English Prose and Verse by 

John Payne. Portrait and 19 plates after Waijrc/. Phila., 1928. 
2 vols., 8vo. 

$4 mor., g.t., unc. X( i6)$n.oo. 

Y* mor., g.t., unc. TTa(i5)$i7.oo. 

The Decameron. Trans, by John Payne. Etchings by Flamcng. 

Phila., n.d. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Stikeman (Japan paper, plates in 2 states). 

NX (24) $17.50. 

Le Decameron. Trans, by Ant. le Macon. Portrait and 115 
plates after Gravelot, Cochin, Boucher, and Eisen. Lnndres, 1757- 
61. 5 vols., 8vo. 


BOCCACCIO (Giovanni) Continued. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. (fronds, of Vol. II cut down and mounted). 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Macdonald (one leaf repaired, frontis. of 

Vol. II cut down and mounted). JK (48) $42.50. 

- De la Ruine des Nobles hommes et femmes. Trans, by 
Pierre Faivre. 290 leaves. 9 large engravings on copper, col. by 
a cont. hand, have been pasted in by the printer in the blank spaces 
he had reserved for them; ilium, decorative initial and lateral 
border on first page ; other decorative initials and paragraph marks, 
supplied in alternate red and blue; faint red underlinings and 
marginal ruling on each page. Bruges, Colarcl Mansion, 1476. 

Lev. mor. on bds. ; tooled in pattern displaying initials, coronet, and 
crest of Sir Schomberg-Henry Kerr, Marquess of Lothian; Lo- 
thian arms stamped on covers, g.e.; by Orrock & Son, 1871 (a 
few blank margins repaired). LL( 46) $45,000.00. 

- The Falle of Princis. Trans, by John Lydgate. 159 leaves 
(should be 216, but lacks 57 leaves, title, and text of all but II 
of these supplied by inserted leaves from the second edition). Lon- 
don. Pynson, 1404. Fol. (Hain 3345). 

English i8lh century cf. (few tears and defects, occasional cont. in- 
scriptions ; early signatures of Robert Tatton, Edward Brownne, 
William Backett (1716), and others). LL( 57) $325.00. 

- Genealogiae deorum. 296 leaves. 1472; [bound with] De 
montibus, silvis, fontibus, etc. 75 (should be 76) leaves. 1473. 
Venice, Yindeluuis de Spira, 1472-73. Fol. (Hain *33i=5 and 

Hf. rus. (lower margins of first 10 leaves partly cut away, final blank 
lacking; 2 vols. in one, measuring 13x9^ in.). LL (41) $325.00. 

- Le livre de Jehan bocasse de la louenge et vertu des nobles 
et clercs dames. 144 leaves. Woodcut illustrations, woodcut 
printer's mark, and initial spaces. Paris, Anthoine Verard, 1493. 
Fol. (Hain 3337). 

1 6th century mor., bound for Diane de Poitiers, tooled in pattern dis- 
playing her emblems, g.e. gauffered ; in mor. case bearing stamped 
arms and monogram of Marquess of Lothian (few holes, marginal 
defect at corner of one leaf, few cont. marginal notes). LL(54) 

BOCKETT (Elias). A Determination of the Case of Mr. 

Thomas Story, and Mr. James Hoskins. relating to an Affair of 
the Pennsylvania Company, etc. London, 1724. 4to. 

(Lacks last leaf). J( 153) $10.00. 

BODE (Wilhelm von). Die Italienischen Bronzestatuetten der 
Renaissance. 266 plates. Berlin [1907]. 3 vols., fol. 

Cl., g.t. (backs faded). DK(3o)$57.5o. 

BODLEY (Sir Thomas). The Life of Sr. Thomas Bodley, writ- 

ten by Himselfc. Oxford, Henry Hall, 1647. Sm. 410. 
New cf., g.e., by Riviere. JK(49)$io.oo. 

BOETHIUS (Hector). Hystory and croniklis of Scotland. 

Trans, by J. Hellenden. 286 leaves. Woodcuts. Edinburgh, 
Thomas Dauidson [about 1540]. Fol. 


BOETHIUS (Hector) Continued. 

Mor., tooling incorporating Lothian arms, g.e., by Or rock (leaves 1-5, 
280-1, and 283-6 in facsimile; leaves 6-13, 252-5, 259-62, 274-9, and 
282 completely or partially remargined, in some cases partly affect- 
ing text, which has been restored by hand ; other occasional mar- 
ginal repairs; some headlines trimmed into; Robert Rychardson- 
Gen. Monk copy). LL( 78) $300.00. 


Extra Volumes: Rabelais (2 vols.), Grammont's Memoirs, Ham- 
ilton's Fairy Tales, Cervantes' Novels, Heptameron, and Boc- 
caccio's Decameron ; also The Comedies of Terence, The Works of 
Hesiod, etc., The Greek Romances, and others. London, v.d. 50 
vols., I2mo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski. U( 33) $290.00. 

BOLTON (Charles K.). The Founders: Portraits of Persons 

born Abroad who came to the Colonies in North America before 
the Year 1701. [Boston,] Boston Athenaeum, 1919-26. 3 vols., 
Cl., g.t., unc. (with dupl. copy, together 6 vols.). W (29) $32.50. 


BOND (Henry). The Boate Swaines Art; or, the compleat 

Boat Swaine. Wherein is shewed a true proportion for the 
Masting of any Ship, whose Length, Breadth, and Depth is knowne 
. . . also the use of an opening scale. . . The scale is made in 
Brasse by Thomas Flowre . . . and in Wood by Robert Bissaker. 
London, R. Cotes for W. Lugger, 1642. Sm. 4to. 
Sewed, in hf. mor. case. LL( 146) $240.00. 

BONE (Muirhead). The Western Front. Intro, by Sir Doug- 
las Haig. 200 illustrations by Muirhead Bone, some in colors. 
X.Y., 1917. 4to. 

6 parts in wrappers, others as issued; in 2 bd. portfolios. NO (31) 

BONIFACE VIII (Pope). Liber Sextus Deere talium ; [bound 
with] Clemens V. Constitutipnes, cum apparatu loannis Andreae. 
Initial letter in each vol. ilium. Nuremberg, Kobergcr, 148.2. 
(Hain *36o3 and *5427). 

Cf., tooled (lacks clasps, holed). I J (288) $20.00. 

Sextus decretalium liber; [bound with] Clement V. (Pope). 

Constitutiones. Similar woodcut on each title. Rothomagi 

[Rouen], 1519. i6mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Bedford (Robert Hoc copy). F(i7)$2/.5O. 

BONNE VILLE (Francois). Portraits des Personnages Cele- 

bres de la Revolution. 200 portraits engraved by the author. 
Paris, 1796. 4 vols., 4to. 
Orig. bds., unc. 6(89) $31.00. 

BONNEY (Edward). Banditti of the Prairies. Chic., D. B. 

Cooke, 1858. 8vo. 
Orig. paper (front wrapper silked, foxed, corner of one page torn 

out, spine repaired). OO( 62) $85.00. 

BONOEIL (John). His Majesties Graciovs Letter to the Earle 

of Sovth- Hampton . . . and to the Councell and Company of 


BONpEIL (John) Continued. 

Virginia heere : commanding the present setting vp of Silkeworks, 
and planting of Vines in Virginia . . . also a Treatise of the Art 
of making Silke, . . . etc. 4 plates. London, Kyngston, 1622. 
Sm. 4to. 

Lev. mor., g.e., in case (Stevens-McKee-Church copy). QQ(6s) 


BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE (The). Ed. by Arthur Lee and Hol- 
land Thompson. Illustrations, many* in color. N.Y., n.d. 20 
vols., roy. 8vo. 

Mor. g.e. U (34) $40.00. 


A. C. Benson and Sir L. Weaver. Plates. London [1924]. 2 

vols., sm. 4to. 
Hf. cl. CD(367)$i6.oo. 
BOOK OF TABLE TALK (The). Woodcuts. London, 1836. 2 

vols., i6mo. 
Cf., g.t., unc., by Zaehnsdorf (orig. covers bound in). TTa(4)$io.oo. 


Arts. Engraved title and illustrations in color. Glasgow, 1835. 
Cl., unc. JJ(76)$i3-oo. 

BOOTH (Henry, Baron Delamere and Earl of Warrington). 

Works. London, 1694. 8vo. 

Old sheep (back and corner restored with cf., opening leaves stained 
at margin; James Boswell copy). ZZ(28)$i7.oo. 

BOOTHBY (Richard) and LLOYD (Francis). A Briefe Dis- 
covery or Description of the most Famous Island of Madagascar 
or St. Laurence in Asia neare unto East-India. The second Edi- 
tion corrected and amended. London, for lohn Hardesty, 1647. 
Sm. 4to. 

Sewed, in hf. mor. case (few side notes, signature marks, and catch- 
words cut into; size 7x5*4 in.). LL( 153) $25.00. 

BORDONE (Benedetto). Isolario. 112 woodcuts, including 2 
double-page maps. Venice, Toresano, 1547. Fol. 

Vel. (marginal inscriptions, hound in is "De mirabilis mundi," by 
Julius Solinus, Brescia, Rritannicus, 1408 Ilain *I4883). F(2j8) 


>4 vel. (rubbed, first few and last 2 leaves stained at margin). IJ(i6) 

BOREAS (pseud.). Slave Representation, by Boreas. Awake! 

O Spirit of the North. [Reprinted from the Connecticut Jour- 
nal.] 23 pp. n.p., n.d. 8vo. 
Sewed. A ( 255 ) $12.00. 

BORROW (George). Celebrated Trials. Plates, some folding. 

London, 1825. 6 vols., 121110. 
Cf. (rubbed, foxed). CC( 32) $27.50. 

Lavengro. Portrait. London, 1851. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl., unc. (faded and shaken). K(3i)$23.oo. 


BORROW (George) Continued. 

Cl. (shaken, labels defective, inner hinges of 2 vols. broken). 0(35) 

Hf. cf., arms of Lord Cullum (rubbed, lacks advertisements; half- 
titles of Vols. I and III inscribed by author, Gery M. G. Cullum 
bookplate) . EF (78) $90.00. 

The Romany Rye. London, 1857. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Y lev. mor., g.t., unc. YYa(i9b)$9.oo. 

The Talisman. From the Russian of Alexander Pushkin. 

St. Petersburg, 1835. "8vo. 
New cl. (with orig. blank at end pasted on a stub ; inserted at the end 

are 3 of the poems in Russian). EF(76)$u.oo. 

Wild Wales. London, 1862. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Cl. (name on end paper of each vol.) EF (79) $12.50. 

The Zincali. London, 1841. 2 vols., 8vo. 

44 lev. mor., g.t., unc. YYa(i9a) $10.00. 

Hf. cf., arms of Lord Cullum (each half-title autographed by Bor- 
row, Gery M. G. Cullum bookplate). EF( 77) $47.50. 

See also VIDOCQ. 

BOSSCH&RE (Jean de). Marthe and the Madman. Illustra- 
tions by the author. Trans, by Pierre Loving. N.Y., 1928. Sm. 

Buckram (with "Little Poems in Prose" by Charles Baudelaire, illus. 
by de Bosschere, Paris, n.d. ; together 2 vols.). K(36)$i7oO. 

BOSSU (Nicolas). Nouveaux Voyages aux Indes Occidentales. 
4 plates. Paris, 1768. I2mo. 

Cont. cf. (worn, stamp on title; with same. 2 vols. in one, Amster- 
dam, 1769; together 2 vols.). L(24)$i3.oo. 

Nouveaux Voyages dans 1'Amerique Septentrionale. 4 plates. 

Amsterdam, Changuion, 1777. 8vo. 
Orig. cf. P(39)$n.oo. 

Nieuwe Reizen naer Nord-Amerika. 4 plates. Amsterdam, 

S. van Esveld, 1769. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc. P(38)$i4.oo. 
Orig. bds. (worn). IJ( 17) $10.00. 

BOSTON. [Broadside.] At a meeting of the freeholders and 
other inhabitants of the town of Boston, . . . on [July 2(>. 1774] : 
Voted, That a printed copy of the following letter to our brethren 
in the several towns and districts in the province be forthwith 
signed by the town-clerk, and transmitted by the Committee of 
Correspondence in the name and behalf of this town . . . Friends 
and brethren. Our public calamities have for a series of years 
been increasing both in number and weight, etc. [Boston, 1774.] 

(Mended in folds, about 4 words of text missing; this copy sent to 
'The Select Men of Milton."). YY(5)$27.oo. 

Insurance Maps of Boston, Vol. i, D. A. Sanborn (National 

Diagram Bureau). Price One Hundred Dollars. 25 maps and 
index. N.Y., 1873. Fol. 

Orig. bds. (backstrip defective, vol. stained throughout). A (140) 


BOSTON Continued. 

Letters Written by a Gentleman in Boston to his Friend in 
Paris describing the Great Fire [1872]. Intro, by Harold Mur- 
dock. Col. frontis. Boston and N.Y., 1909. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc., in bd. case (laid in are 6 extra plates and proof before 
letters of the fourth, laid in also are 2 letters, one from the au- 
thor, one from W. G. Shillaber). DD(26)$n.oo. 

Orations delivered ... to commemorate the Evening of the 

Fifth of March, 1770 [by] : Joseph Warren. 1772 ; John Han- 
cock. 1774; Benjamin Hichborn. 1777; and Thomas Dawes. 
1781. First editions. Boston, 1772-81. 4to. 

Cl. unc. (4 pieces in one vol., last 2 stained, last 3 unc.) GG(i04) 

State Street Trust Company. [ Complete set of ,thc brochures 

issued to date.] Boston, 1906-30. 26 vols., 8vo., I2mo., and i6mo. 

Cl. and paper. KK (306) $23.50. 

BOSTON GAZETTE. June, i8u-Dec., 1814. 2 vols., large fol. 
Hf. cf. (foxed, lacks 2 issues). OO( 14) $90.00. 


nos., 4 pp. each: May 3, June 14, Aug. 16, Oct. n, Dec. 13, 1762. 
Boston, Edes & Gill, 1762. Fol. 
J( 26) $9.00. 


Fashion, 2 vols. Boston, 1842; |also] Graham's Lady's and Gen- 
tleman's Magazine, Vols. XXVI-XXIX and XXXIV-XXXVII, 
Phi la.. 1845-40 and 1849-50. 8 vols. in 4. [Both periodicals con- 
tain contributions by Poe, Hawthorne, and Lowell. Col. plates.] 
Boston and Phila., 1842-50. 10 vols. in 6, 8vo. 
Hf. cf. and mor. XN (200)$ 14.00. 

Morse Collection of Japanese Pottery. Plates. Cambridge, 1901. 
Large 4to. 

Bds., unc. (laid in are the Krrata, Addenda and Corrigenda issued in 
1912). NO (257) $10.00. 

BOSWELL (James). An Account of Corsica. Folding map. 

Glasgow. 1768. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. CC(K.)8) $25.00. 
Cont. bds., new loath, back (rubbed, name inside coxer; laid in is 

A. L. S. by Paoli). KF(S4)$i5.oo. 

The Essence of the Douglas Cause. To which is subjoined, 

Some Observations on a Pamphlet lately Published, intitlecl, Con- 
siderations on the Douqlas Cause. London, 1707. 8vo. 
I 'ont. cl.. tooled; in lev. mor. case (title soiled; First edition; First 
issue, with text of "The Essence,*' etc. by Itoswell followed by 
that of "Observations on a Pamphlet." etc.. which was not his 
work, but that of another writer and which was extracted from 
all copies of this edition except the few copies of this issue, al- 
though the title-page of later issue was continued as above. With 
cont. bookplate of William Fcrmor). EF(85)$45.oo. 

The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides. London, 1785. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e. CC( 199) $-12.50. 


BOSWELL (James)- Continued. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in cl. case (9x5^ in.; worn, hinges cracked). 
EF (87) $i75.oo. 

The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Portrait by Heath after 

Reynolds and 2 plates. London, Baldwin, 1791. 2 vols., 4to. 

Hf. cf. t g.t. (Vol. I, page 135, line 10 has misspelled word "gve"). B 

Cont. cf. (rehinged; page 135 has word "give" correctly spelled; Qq3 
pp. 301-2 Vol. II is part of the quire; C. Schuckburgh copy). 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Birdsall (Vol. I has correct reading "give" ; 
II has leaf Qq3 on a stub; bound in is "Principal Corrections and 
Additions to the First Edition of Mr. Boswell's Life of Dr. 
Johnson," London, 1792). CC (200) $180.00. 

Cont. cf., tooled. TTa( 95) $70.00. 

Lev. mor., by Cockerell, 1903 ("give'* is correctly spelled, inserted in 
Vol. II is portrait by Cook after Reynolds). ZZ(27)$65.oo. 

Cont. cf., tooled; in hf. mor. case (hinges cracked and repaired, por- 
trait foxed; Vol. I has reading "gve," Qq3 of Vol. II is a cancel 
leaf; Abel Smith copy). EF( 89) $135.00. 

Suppressed Page of Boswell's Life of Johnson. Facsimile 

made for A. Edward Newton. 4 pp. "Oak Knoll" July, 1929. 

Leaflet, as issued. EE(73)$9.oo. 

Leaflet, as issued (inscribed by Mr. Newton). EE(8o)$u.oo. 

The Life of Samuel Johnson . . . Fourth Edition. Portrait. 

London, 1804. 4 vols., I2mo. 
Hf. mor.. g.t. (foxed). OO(6=;i )$i5.oo. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked). YYa( 26) $10.00. 

The Life of Samuel Johnson. First American . . . Edition. 

Portrait and 2 plates. Boston, 1807. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (rubbed, marginal stain on portrait and on first 

title, fox-marks). EF(9i )$i6.oo. 

The Life of Samuel Johnson. Ed. by John \V. Croker. 4 por- 
traits. London, 1831. 5 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in hf. mor. case ( name on half-title and on recto of 
frontis. ; label of Johnson Birthplace Museum removed from 4 
vols.). EF (92) $19.00. 

The Life of Samuel Johnson ... to which are added, Anec- 
dotes by Hawkins, Piozzi, etc. Portraits and engraved titles. 
London, Murray, 1835. 10 vols.. uino. 

Cf., g.t., unc. by Sangorski. U( 36) $45.00. 

Cf., g.t. NN( 140) $35.00. 

The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Ed. by John W. Croker. 

Portraits, views, and facsimiles. London, 1872. 10 vols., unm. 
Hf. cf., g.t. X( 20) $27.50. 

The Life of Samuel Johnson . . . with the Journal of a Tour 

to the Hebrides. Ed. by A. Napier. 4 vols. ; with "John son iana," 
ed. by Robina Napier. London, 1884. 5 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. Q(52)$u.oo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. GH (28) $12.50. 


BOSWELL (James) Continued. 

The Life of Samuel Johnson. Ed. by Clement Shorter. Plates. 

Temple Bar Edition. N.Y., 1922. 10 vols., 8vo. 
Bds., g.t., unc. G(23i)$ 

The Life of Samuel Johnson. Ed. by Clement K. Shorter. 

Plates. London, Navarre Society, 1924. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., by Morrell. TTa (17) $15.00. 

[Bos well's Note Book. Facsimile reproduction.] Intro, by 

A. Edward Newton. Signed by R. B. Adam, n.p., n.d. [1919]. 

Orig. leath. EK (6) $37.00. 

Orig. leath., in case (inscribed by Mr. Newton to G. H. Sargent). 
EE (20) $41.00. 

Private Papers of James Boswell from Malahide Castle. In 

the Collection of Lt-Colonel Ralph Heyward Isham. Prepared 
for the Press by Geoffrey Scott and Frederick A. Pottle. Illus. 
by facsimiles. [Designed by Bruce Rogers.] N.Y., 1928-31. 12 
vols. fall issued to date), roy. 4to and fol. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in hd. cases. R( 360) $400.00. 

Orig. bds., unc.: in bd. cases. CC( 201) $200.00. 

Bds., unc. (Vols. I-IX only, 1928-30). DD( 27) $130.00. 

BOTLEY (Samuel). Maximum in Minimo; or, Mr. Jeremiah 

Rich's Pen's Dexterity complcated, with the whole terms of 
the Lawe. In script, engraved throughout. Portrait. London 
[1659.] I2mo. 
Old cf. AB(o)$9.25- 

BOTURINI BENADUCI (Lorenzo). Idea de una Nueva His- 

toria General de la America Septentrional. Frontis. and por- 
trait. Madrid, 1746. Sm. ^to. 

Mor. (hinges cracked, stain* on frontis., title, and some other pp.). L 
(25) $10.00. 

BOUCHER (Jonathan). A View of the Cause and Conse- 
quences of the American Rexolutiun. London, 1/97. Svo. 
Cont. cf. H ( 14 s )$Jr.rxj. 
Hf. cf. J(j8)$i4.oo. 

BOURNE (William). A Regiment for the Sea . . . Whereunto 

is added an Hydrographicall discourse, touching the five severall 
Passages into Cathay . . . by Thomas Hood. Xewly corrected 
this yea re 1(131 . Woodcuts. London. \V. I [ones], for Thomas 
Weaver, 1031. Sm. Svo. 

Sewed, in hf. mor. case (wocxlcut border of title cut into; size, 7*5*6 
in.). LLd33)$i()0.oo. 

BOURRIENNE (L. A. F. de). Memoirs of Napoleon Bona- 
parte. Engravings. Edinburgh. 1831. 4 vols., i6mo. 
Mor., tooled, g.t., unc. TTa( 126) $20.00. 

Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte. Portraits. London, 1836. 

4 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. old cf. (cracked). B(63)$ 
y* mor., g.e. XX(295)$n.oo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Riviere (orig. covers bound in). GH(29)$2O.oo. 


BOWEN (Clarence W.). History of the Centennial Celebration 

of the Inauguration of George Washington. Portraits. N.Y., 
1892. Fol. 
Orig. cl., g.e. QQ (209) $20.00. 

BOWEN (Frank C.). The Golden Age of Sail. 92 plates, many 

in color. London, 1925. 4to. 
Orig. cl., g.t. V (393) $13.00. 

The Sea: its History and Romance. Col. plates. London, n.d. 

4 vols., 4to. 
Cl. GG( 185) $15.00. 

BOWES (James L.)- Japanese Pottery. Plates, some in color. 

Japan paper. Liverpool, 1890. Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. Drubbed, inscribed to Gen. L. P. di Cesnola). 


BOWLES (William Augustus). The Life of General W. A. 

Bowles, a Native of America. From "Public Characters, for 
1802." [By Benjamin Baynton?] N.Y., Robert Wilson, 1803. 
Unbound. PP (89) $120.00. 

BOWRING (Sir John). Minor Morals for Young People. 12 

etchings by G. Cruikshank and 8 by William Heath. London, 
1834-39. 3 vols.. umo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., unc. by Riviere (rubbed). CC(227)$27oO. 

BO YES (John Frederick). Illustrations of the Tragedies of 

JEschylus and Sophocles. Oxford, 1844. 8vo. 

Cl. (W. Makepeace Thackeray-St. John Thackeray copy). AA(i67) 

BRACKENRIDGE (Henry M.). Views of Louisiana; together 
with a Journal of a Voyage up the Missouri River, in 1811. Pitts- 
burgh, 1814. 8vo. 

Orig. cf. P (40) $36.00. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (rubbed). UU(i5)$2i.oo. 

Orig. cf. BC(io / )$32.50. 

BRACKENRIDGE (Hugh H.). Gazette Publications. Carlisle, 

1806. Sm. 8\o. 
Old cf. QQ(6o)$i8.oo. 

-Modern Chivalry. Wilmington, Del.. 1825. i6mo. 

)4 mor., rebound (stained and foxed). OO (73) $10.00. 

BRADBURY (John). Travels in the Interior of America, 1809- 

ii. Liverpool, for the Author, 1817. 8vo. 
Cont. hf. cf. (joint broken). JK( 58)^12.50. 

BRADFORD (John). The General Instructor; or, the Office, 
Duty and Authority of Justices of the Peace, Sheriffs, Coroners 
and Constables in the State of Kentucky. Lexington, 1800. 121110. 

Orig. cf. (worn, some leaves stained, writing on a few pages). GO 
(105) $10.00. 

BRADMAN (Arthur). A Narrative of the Extraordinary Suf- 
ferings of Mr. Robert Forbes, his Wife and five Children during 
an unfortunate Journey through the Wilderness from Canada to 


BRADMAN (Arthur) Continued. 

Kennebeck River, in ... 1784. Exeter, Henry Ranlet, ' 1792. 

Sewed, unc. (leaves torn). UU(i6) $22.50. 

BRADSTREET (Mrs. Anne). Poems. Intro, by Charles Eliot 
Norton. Frontis., portraits, and plates. [N.Y.,] The Duodeci- 
mos, 1897. I2mo. 

Bds. MN (41) $8.50. 

BRAINARD (John G. C.). See WHITTIER (John G.). 

BRAMAH (Ernest). English Farming and Why I turned it up. 

London, 1894. I2mo. 
Cl., in cl. case (shaken, hinges split, autograph laid in). CD (43) $8.50. 

Kai Lung's Golden Hours. 1927; [also] The Transmutation 

of Ling. [1911.] London, [1911-] 1927. 2 vols. 
(Autograph slips laid in each vol.). CD (44) $15.50. 

The Mirror of Kong Ho. 1905; [also] Max Carrados. 

[1914.] London, 1905 [-14]. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl. II (55) $9.00. 

The Mirror of Kong Ho. 1905; [also] Kai Lung Unrolls 

His Mat. [1928.] London, 1905 [-28]. 2 vols. 
(Autograph slips laid in). CD (42) $9.00. 

BRANGWYN (Frank). See FURST (Herbert). 

BRATHWAITE (Richard). The Arcadian Princesse. Frontis. 
London, 1635. Sm. 8vo. 

Old mpr. f tooled, g.e. (rubbed, frontis. and first and last leaves re- 
paired at margin; E. B. Holden copy). VV (20) $7.50. 

The English Gentleman and the English Gentlewoman. 

Title by Marshall. London, 1641. Fol. 
Lev. inor., tooled, g.e., by Club Binder}' (E. B. Holden copy). CC 


BRAY (Anna E.). The Life of Thomas Stothard. London, 1851. 


?4 mor., g.t. TT(3/9)$2->.oo. 
BRAYLEY (Edward W.). Historical and Descriptive Accounts 

of the Theatres of London. 14 col. aquatint plates and 2 plans. 
London, 1826. 410. 
Hf. lev. inor., g.t., by Black well. DE (33) $32. 50. 

BRETON (William H.). China, its Costume, Arts, Manufac- 
tures, etc. Col. plates. Four books in 2 vols. London, 1824. 2 
vols.. i6mo. 

Niger, g.e. (rubbed, fly leaves and end papers foxed). 00(698)57.50. 

BREVIARIUM ROMANUM. Ex Decreto Sacrosancti; Con- 
cilij Tridentini Restitutum, P n V. Pont. Max. 26 woodcuts. 
Ycnetiius, ex Typographia Cicrea, 1611. i2mo. 

Mor., tooled, brass clasps (clasps repaired, some pp. browned). V 

BRICKELL (John). The Natural History of North Carolina. 
[* 4 An almost exact transcript of John Lawson's 'Carolina/"] 
Folding map, and 4 plates. Dublin, 1737. 8vo. 


BRICKELL (John) Continued. 

Old cf. (covers worn, map repaired at fold, initials on title, list of 
contents in ink on end paper, bookplate removed). L(27)$32.5O. 
Orig. cf., in cl. cover and case. FF (28) $72.50. 

BRIDGES (Robert S.). Poems. (Second Series). London, 

1879. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc. ; in hf. mor. case (wrappers torn). EF(94)$n.oo. 

- The Testament of Beauty. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1929. 

Orig. cl., unc. (autographed). K(4i)$76.oo. 


the Captain, Mate, and Supercargo of the Schooner Plattsburg, of 
Baltimore, on the High Seas, in July, 1816, by a Part of the 
Crew of Said Vessel, agreeable to the Evidence of the Two Wit- 
nesses (the Second Mate and Steward), and confirmed by the 
Declaration of one of the Prisoners since his Condemnation. Bos- 
ton. Trumbull [1816]. I2mo. 
Paper, unc. PP( 199) $30.00. 


la Doctrine, des Constitutions, Usages et Ceremonies Ecclesias- 
tiques de Tfeglise de 1'Unite des Freres connus sous le Nom de 
Freres de Boheme et de Moravie. Tiree de leurs Actes & Titres 
Autentiques par un Auteur Impartial, Ami de la Yerile. 16 fold- 
ing plates, n.p., 1758. 8vo. 

Old bds. (bookplate "Arthur Villettes, Esq., His Majt's. Minister to 
Switzerland" ) . P ( 124 ) $26.00. 

BRIGHTON. Select Views of Brighton. Map and 8 col. plates. 

[London,] n.d. 4to. 
Orig. paper, in cl. case (back broken, worn, one plate torn at margin). 

BRINKLEY (Frank). Oriental Series. Illustrations, some col. 

by hand, some orig. paintings. Marquis Ito Edition. Boston, 

Millet, 1901-02. 12 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. X (22) $150.00. 

BRITISH ESSAYISTS. Ed. by Robert Lynam. Portraits. Lon- 

don, 1827. 30 vols.. I2mo. 
Old cf. (rebacked). TTa( 19) $30.00. 


L^nited States proved and explained. By Marcus. Boston, 
Young and Minus, 1804. I2mo. 
Unbound. Y Y (91 ) $i 5.00. 

BRITISH NOVELISTS. With an Essay and Prefaces by Mrs. 

Barbauld. London, 1820. so vols., I2mo. 
Hf. mor. X(23)$ 

BRITISH POETS. Works of the British Poets. Ed. by 

Thomas Park. Portraits. London, 1815. 70 vols., i6mo. 
Mor., g.e. S( 33) $36.00. 

- British Poets. Aldine Edition. Portraits. London, Picker- 
ing, 1830-53. 53 vols., I2mo. 



Yi niger, tooled, g.t. (37 vols. only, 1830-44). V(6)$55.oq. 
Cf., tooled, g.e., by Zaehnsdorf (tear across one title repaired). NN 
(26) $100.00. 


BRITTEN (Frederick J.). Old Clocks and Watches and their 

Makers. London, 1911. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t. (rubbed). DE(34)$is.oo. 

BRITTON (John). The Pleasures of Human Life. By Hilaris 
Benevolus and Co. Frontis. and 6 col. plates by Rowlandson. 
London, 1807. I2mo. 

Mor., tooled, g.t., by Riviere. R (248) $10.00. 

BROME (Richard). Five new Playes. London, 1659. 8vo. 
Old cf. (rebacked). U(38)$7-5O. 

BRONTE (Anne). The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. By Acton 

Bell. London, 1848. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Roan (Vol. I lacks half-title, title in III is repaired and backed). EF 
(96) $16.00. 

BRONTE (Charlotte). Jane Eyre. Edited by Currer Bell. 

London, 1847. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. hf. cf., tooled, in hf. lev. mor. case (one hinge cracked). 0(38) 

Jane Eyre. London, 1848. 3 vols., i2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (name inside front covers). EF(98)$ 

The Professor. London, 1857. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc.; in hf. mor. case (shaken, name on front end papers; 
in addition to the usual advertisements at end of Vol. II, there 
are 16 leaves dated June, 1857). EF( 103) $17.50. 

Shirley. London, 1849. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (piece torn from corner of last page of Vol. I). EF 

(99> $37-50. 
Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (hinges cracked and repaired, name on 

front end papers; Vol. I has, at end. 16 pp. advertisements dated 

Oct., 1849). EF(ioo)$32.50. 

Villette. By Currer Bell. London, 1853. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. ; in hf. mor. case ( worn and faded, hinges and backs 
defective; Vol. I has, at end, 12 pp. advertisements dated Jan. 

1853). EF(I02)$2I.OO. 

BROOKE (Rupert). Fragments now First Collected, Some be- 
ing Hitherto Unpublished. Hartford, 1925. I2mo. 

Hf. vel. (with "Recollections of Rupert Brooke" by Maurice Browne, 
Chic., 1927; together 2 vols.). II(58)$i2.oo. 

"1914": Five Sonnets. London, 1915. i6mo. 
Orig. paper. AA(i5)$n.oo. 

Poems. London. 1911. i2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (name on end paper). O (39) $72.50. 
Cl. EF(ii2)$55.oo. 


BROUGH (Robert B.). The Life of Sir John Falstaff. 20 plates 

by G. Cruikshank. London, 1858. Roy. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Riviere (orig. cl. covers bound in ; title 

and one other leaf torn, five leaves and one plate misbound, one 

plate rubbed) . GH (30)$ 

BROUGHAM (Henry, Lord). Historical Sketches of States- 
men who flourished' in the Time of George III. London, 1840. 
3 vols., Roy. 8vo. 

Y 4 niger, g.t. TT (64) $15.00. 

BROWN (Alexander). The Cabells and their Kin. Col. frontis. 

and portraits. Boston, 1895. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. F(233)$52-50. 

-The First Republic in America. Frontis. Boston, 1898. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. A(27i)$io.50. 

Cl. (with "English Politics in Early Virginia History/' 1901 ; to- 
gether 2 vols.; Thomas Nelson Page copies, the first with pen- 
cil notes in his hand). F(234)$ 

The Genesis of the United States. 100 portraits, maps and 

plans. Boston, 1890. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc. (Thomas Nelson Page copy, with pencil notes in his hand). 


BROWN (Charles Brockden). Arthur Mervyn. Phila., 1799. 

Orig. cf. (restoration at margin of title). FG (63) $10.50. 

Novels. Phila., 1887. 6 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. vel., g.t., unc. 8(36) $27.00. 

BROWN (Elisha). Reflections upon the Present State of Af- 
fairs in this Colony. 5 pp. n.p., n.d. [Providence, 2Oth Sept., 
I759-] Fol. 

Unc., in cl. case (last page mounted on silk). BC( 67) $51.00. 

BROWN (George Douglas). The House with the Green Shut- 
ters. By George Douglas [pseud.]. London, 1901. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (soiled, stained). Q(i46)$8.5o. 
Cl., unc. EF(386)$is.oo. 

BROWN (Henry). The History of Illinois, from its First Dis- 
covery and Settlement, to the Present Time. Folding map. N.V., 
1840. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (map torn, front fly leaf lacking). OO(249)$9.5O. 

BROWN (Henry C.). Book of Old New York. Col. frontis. 

N.Y., Privately Printed, 1913. 4to. 
Cl., g.t., unc. W ( 3 1 ) $i 6.00. 

BROWN (T. Allston). A History of the New York Stage. 

N.Y., 1903. 3 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. W(32)$22.oo. 

BROWN (William H.). Portrait Gallery of Distinguished 

American Citizens. 27 silhouette portraits. Hartford, 1845. Fol. 
CL, g.e. (rubbed, shaken and foxed). NO (37) $60.00. 

BROWNE (Charles P.). Artemus Ward, his Book. 1862; 
[also] Artemus Ward, his Travels. 1865; [also] Artemus Ward 


BROWNE (Charles F.) Continued. 

in London, and other Papers. 1867. All illustrated. N.Y., 1862- 

67. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl. OP (174) $12.00. 

BROWNE (Sir Thomas). Christian Morals. Cambridge, 1716. 

Cont. cf. (rubbed, hinges cracked). VV(2i)*$22.5o. 

Pseudodoxia Epidemica. London, 1646. Sm. fol. 

Old. cf. (binding poor, end papers and fly leaves lacking ; Samuel John- 
son copy, his signature on title and note in his hand in margin 
of page 82). F( 251) $40.00. 

Religio Medici. Title by Marshall. Keynes' First Unauthor- 
ized Edition. London, 1642. i6mo. 
Mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (Borclen-Chew copy). ZZ( 29) $130.00. 

BROWNING (Elizabeth B.). Aurora Leigh. London, 1857. 

Cl., unc. (shaken, inscribed by John Kenyon to Mary Sophia Knight; 

inserted is A. L. S. of A. Orr to Edmund Gosse). EF(ii8) $18.00. 

Aurora Leigh. N.Y., 1857. I2mo. 

Cl., g.e.; in hf. mor. case (inscribed to E. Fanny llaworth, book label 
of Lady Alice Leslie). KF( 119) $75.00. 

Aurora Leigh. Prefatory Note by Swinburne. Portrait. Lon- 
don, 1898. I2mo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. (inscribed, in pencil, by Swinburne to "Alice, Charlotte 
& Isabel"). EF( 1028) $12.50. 

The Battle of Marathon. Intro, by H. B. Forman. London, 

Privately Printed, 1891. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t, by Stikeman; in case (on vellum). NO (41) 


An Essay on Mind, with Other Poems. London, James Dun- 
can, 1826. 8\o. 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in hf. lev. mor. case (backstrip repaired, with 12 pp. 
advertisements dated April, 1826). NO(38)$io.oo. 

Poems. London, 1844. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cl., unc. (stitched betwecMi front end papers are 8 pp. advertisements 
dated Jan. i, 1846). EF(ii7)$i5.oo. 

Prometheus Bound. Translated from the Greek of JEschy- 

lus. And Miscellaneous Poems, by the Translator. London, 
Valpy, 1833. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. ; in hf. lev. mor. case, with inner wrapper (name on 
end paper). NO (39) $16.00. 

The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim's Point. London, Moxon, 

1849. 8vp. 
Orig. paper, in cl. case. NO(4o)$io.oo. 

The Seraphim, and Other Poems. London. 1838. umo. 

Cl., unc. EF(ii6)$i5.oo. 

Sonnets from the Portuguese. Intro, by A. H. Reinhart. Por- 
trait by John T. E. Stoll. San Fran., Nash. 1925. 4to. 
Hf. vel., g.t. V(38)$7.5o. 
Hf. vol., g.t. TT (65) $20.00. 


BROWNING (Elizabeth B.) Continued. 

Complete Works. Ed. by C. Porter and H. A. Clarke. Fron- 
tispieces in two states. Autograph Edition. N.Y., Sproul, 1901. 
6 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. (signed by editors). X (27) $66.00. 

BROWNING (Elizabeth B. and Robert). Two Poems. Lon- 
don, 1854. 8vo. 
Paper, in bd. case ( Harden- Hagen- Kern copy). EF( 124) $18.00. 

BROWNING (Robert). Dramatic Idyls. London, 1879. I2mo. 
Cl., unc.; in hf. mor. case (inscribed to Algernon Swinburne). EF 
(127) $140.00. 

Men and Women. London, 1855. 2 vols., 121110. 

CL, unc.; in cl. case (backstrips repaired, shaken). EF( 125) $45.00. 

Paracelsus. London. 1835. 12010. 

Orig. bds., in cl. case (rubbed, end paper missing, William Words- 
worth copy). NO(43)$45.oo. 

The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Illus. in color by Kate Greena- 

way. London, n.d. 4to. 

Bds., in cl. case (inscribed by artist to the Countess of Mayo). O 

Bds. (rubbed, pasted in are an A. L. S. and a photograph of the 
author ) . E F ( 502 ) $30.00. 

Poetical Works. London, 1889. 17 vols., 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Bayntun; in cl. box (with "Xow Poems" by 
Robert and E. B. Browning, together 18 vols., uniformly bound). 


-The Ring and the Book. London, 1868-69. 4 vols., 121110. 

CL, unc. (Roman numerals on backstrips). 0(40)565.00. 

Orig. cl. (worn and blistered, hinge of Vol. I split, shaken). TT(66) 

Cl., unc. (Roman numerals on backstrips of Vols. I and III, Arabic 
numerals on II and IV). EF(i26)$3J.5o. 

Complete Works. Ed. by C. Porter and H. A. Clarke. Illus- 
trations in 2 states, one set proofs. X.Y., 1899. 12 vols., 8vo. 

Mor., g.t., unc. (some backs faded). F (24) $37.50. 

BRUCE (Philip A.). Economic History of Virginia in the Sev- 
enteenth Century. X.Y., 1896. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. KLa(66)$Q.oo. 

Economic History of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century. 

2 vols. 1907; [also] Institutional History of Virginia in the 
Seventeenth Century. 2 vols. 1910. X.Y., 1907-10. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl. E(248)$i3-oo. 

BRUTON (William). Newes from the East-Indies; or, a Voy- 
age to Bengalla. Folding frontis. of "The Grand I doll lagcrnat," 
and woodcut view of the city of "laggarnet." London, I. Oke.s. 
1638. Sm. 4to. 

Sewed, in hf. mor. case (frontis. repaired, few leaves spotted; sire 
6^x554 in.). LL(i4i)$75.oo. 

BRYAN (Michael). Dictionary of Painters and Engravers. 

Revised by G. C. Williamson. X.Y., 1903-05. 5 vols., 410. 
Cl., g.t, unc. U (40) $32.50. 


BRYAN (William S.) and ROSE (Robert). A History of the 

Pioneer Families of Missouri. Portraits. St. Louis, 1876. 8vo. 
Cl. KLa(68)$8.50. 

BRYANT (William C). New York Review (The) and Athe- 
naeum Magazine. Vols. i and 2, June, i825-May, 1826. [Con- 
taining contributions by Bryant.] N.Y., 1825-26. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. cf., in cl. case (hinges weak, Bryant's copy, with notes by him). 

Poems. Cambridge, 1821. I2mo. 

Orig. bds., tine, (worn, hinges partly cracked, few pp. foxed). CC 
(203) $170.00. 

Orig. bds., unc. (covers stained, end paper and part of backstrip miss- 
ing). GG(i86)$i6o.oo. 

Poems. N.Y., 1832. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (name on fly leaf). H(27)$i6.oo. 

Some Notices of the Life and Writings of Fitz-Greene Hal- 
leek, read before the New York Historical Society, 3d of Jan., 
1860. N.V. [Office of the N.Y. Evening Post,] 1869. 8vo. 

JJ (44) $23.00. 

Hatfield (Julia). The Bryant Homestead-Book. Illustrated. 

N.Y., 1870. 8vo. 
Mor., g.c. (rubbed, inscribed by Bryant Aug. 7, 1869). F(25)$26.oo. 

BRYCE (James, Viscount). The American Commonwealth. 

| Containing the chapter on the Tweed Ring which was, later, 
suppressed.] Map. London, 1888-89. 3 vols., 8vo. 

34 mor., g.t., (2 vols. only, one back chipped). V(40)$7-5O. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (Gustavia A. Scnff copy). UU(i8)$32.50. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. KF( 1353) $17.00. 

BRYDGES (Sir Egerton). The Ruminator. London, 1813. 2 
vols., unio. 

Cont. cl.. hand lettered labels, unc.. by Robert Southey; in cl. case 
(worn and faded, one leaf torn, inscribed by R. P. Gillies to Wil- 
liam Wordsworth and signed by Wordsworth). EF( 1205) $15.00. 

BUCK AN (John). A History of the Great War. Col. frontis- 
pieces and maps. Autograph edition. Boston, 1922. 8 vols., 8vo. 
y lev. mor., g.t.. unc. (xH( 32) $10.00. 

BUCHANAN (George). De Jure Regni apud Scotos; or, a 

Dialogue concerning the due Prhilege of government, in the 
Kingdom of Scotland, betwixt George Buchanan and Thomas 
Maitland, In the said George Buchanan. And translated out of 
the original Latin into English, by Philalathes f pseud.]. Phila., 
Andrew Steuart, i/OO. lOmo. 
Old cf. RK(237)$9.oo. 

BUCK (John H.). Old Plate. N.Y., 1903; [With 7 additional 
works, by v. authors, on American silver.] v.p., 1903-20. 8 vols., 

V. bindings. 1 )K ( 1 5 ) $35.00. 

BUCK (William J.). History of Bucks County [Pennsylvania]. 

Doj'lestown, 1855. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. KR( 29) $13.00. 


BUCK (William J.) Continued. 

- History of Montgomery County [Pennsylvania]. Norris- 

town, 1859. 8vo. 
Hf. roan. RR( 183) $8.50. 

BUCKE (Richard M.). Walt Whitman. Ed. by Whitman, first 
24 pp. written by him. Portrait by H. Gilchrist. Phila., 1883. 

CI. (inscribed by William D. O'Connor). EF(ii3i)$8.oo. 

BUCKLE (Henry T.). History of Civilization in England. 

London, 1857-58. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor. (orig. covers bound in). GH( 33) $10.00. 

BUEL (James W.). The Great Operas. Intro, by Giuseppe 

Verdi. Plates. London [1899]. 10 vols.. 4to. 
Cl. (backstrips chipped and some signatures sprung). V( 302) $15.00. 

BULKELEY (John) and CUMMINS (John). Voyage to the 

South Seas in 1740-41. London, 1743. 8vo. 
Orig. cf. (worn). L(28)$io.oo. 

BULLEN (Frank T.). The Cruise of the "Cachalot." Letter 
from Kipling on verso of Dedication leaf. London, 1898. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. (laid in is A. L. S.). EF( 136) $57.50. 

CL, unc.; in hf. mor. case (rubbed, hinges cracked, clipping pasted 
on end paper, Amsden copy). JK( 65) $22.50. 

BULLER (Francis). An Introduction to the Law relative to 
Trials at Nisi Prius. The Fifth Edition. N.Y., Hugh Gaine, 
1788. 8vo. 

New hf. mor. (cont. notes). T(38)$8.oo. 

BULLOCH (James D.). The Secret Service of the Confederate 

States in Europe. London, 1883. 2 vols., Svo. 
Cl. -KLa(7i)$7-50. 

- The Secret Service of the Confederate States in Europe. 
N.Y., 1884. 2 vols., 8\o. 

Orig. cl. (with "A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the 
Confederacy" by James D. Richardson, 2 vols., Nashville, 1906; 
together 4 vols.). (79) $20.00. 

BULWER (Edward, Lord Lytton). Devereux. London, 1829 

3 \ols.. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc.: in cl. case (rebacked and recascd, nanu* on third 

title, erasure causing hole in one fly leaf). EFfi 37 ) $18.00. 

- Eugene Aram. London, 1832. 3 vols., i2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in cl. case (one back chipped, (icorge Folliott copy). 

- The Last Days of Pompeii. London, 1834. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Cl., in hf. mor. case (labels rubbed). O(4i)$ 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in hf. mor. case ( rebacked, one label lacking, others 
defective). EF(i38)$ 

- The Parisians. London, 1872. 4 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl., in cl. case. AA(n6)$8.oo. 

Novels. Edition de Luxe. London, n.d. 32 vols., Svo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski. U(4i)$8o.oo. 


BULWER (John). Chironomia. By I. B. Philochirosophus. 
Types, or chirograms, one plate in 24 compartments. London, 
Tho. Harper, etc.; 1644. i6mo. 

Cf., g.t. (rubbed; sheets, which first appeared at end of Bulwer's 
"Chirologia," here separately bound, with portrait of Bulwer sub- 
stituted for frontis. by Marshall which appeared there; collation 
here A-L2 in eights, [L2] containing list of errata). TT(69) 

BUNBURY (Henry William). An Academy for Grown Horse- 
men . . . The Annals of Horsemanship. 29 col. plates by Bun- 
bury, etched by Rowlandson. London, 1809. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in hf. mor. case (Albert M. Cohn copy). EF(i4o) 

Annals of Horsemanship. 17 plates. London, 1791. Fol. 

Orig. bds., new cf. back, unc.; in hf. mor. case (covers worn; wants 
first leaf "The Reader," text foxed, one plate backed with gauze, 
Sir George William Denys copy). EF( 139) $30.00. 

BUNDLING SONG, etc. [Broadside.] Boston, Burnham, about 


BUNN (Matthew). A Narrative of [his] Life and Adventures. 

Batavia, for the Author, 1828. I2mo. 
Sewed, unc.; in hf. mor. case. UU( 105) $50.00. 

BUN Y AN (John). The Pilgrim's Progress. Illus. by the Broth- 
ers Dalziel. London, 1861. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.c., by Bayntun ; in cl. case. TTa(24) 

The Pilgrim's Progress. Col. illustrations by Frank C. Pape. 

N.V., i oio. 8\o. 
Cl., g.t. (illustrations, with 2 exceptions, signed by artist). NO (266) 

The Pilgrim's Progress. 10 plates by Blair Hughes- Stanton 

and Gertrude Hermes. London, Cresset Press, 1928. 2 vols., fol. 
Yel., g.t., unc., by Sangorski. VV( 40) $20.00. 

BURBANK (Luther). Luther Burbank, his Methods and Dis- 
coveries, i os color photographs. X.Y., 1914-15. 12 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. (shaken). CD (51 )$i5oO. 

BURGOYNE (John). A State of the Expedition from Canada. 

(> folding maps. London, 1780. 4to. 
Grip. hf. cf. FF(2o)$72.5o. 

A State of the Expedition from Canada. Second Edition. 6 

folding maps. London, 1780. 8vo. 
llf. cf. QQ(7(>)$2i.oo. 

BURK (John). The History of Virginia. Yols. MIL Peters- 
burg, Va., 1804-05. 3 vols., 8vo. 
V 4 cf. T( 30) $30.00. 

The History of Virginia; commenced by John Burk, and 

continued by Skelton Jones and Louis Hue Girardin. Vol. IV. 
Petersburg, Va.. 1816. 8vo. 

Orig. cf. (foxed: Thomas Jefferson copy, with his code marks and 
signature ) . GG ( 209) $72.50. 


BURK (John) Continued. 

The History of Virginia. Vols. I-III ; with continuation, Vol. 

IV, by Jones and Girardin. Petersburg, Va., 1804-16. 4 vols., 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Bedford (rubbed). UU( 19) $80.00. 

BURKE (JEdanus). Considerations on the Society, or Order 

of Cincinnati. Phila., Robert Bell, 1783. 8vo. 
Unbound. QQ(77)$2i.oo. 

BURKE (Edmund). A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin 
of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful. London, 1757. Sm. 

Orig. cf. (rubbed and chipped, names on half-title). AA( 17) $16.00. 

Cont. cf., in cl. case (binding rubbed, repaired at corners, name on fly 
leaf). EF( 141) $90.00. 

Reflections on the Revolution in France. London, 1790. 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (rubbed, name on end paper). EF( 143) $40.00. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked, hinges strengthened). JK(66)$i7-50. 

BURKE (Thomas). Limehouse Nights. London, 1916. 121110. 

Orig. cl., unc. K (44) $18.00. 

Cl. O(42) $20.00. 

Orig. cl. (damaged). V(45)$ 

Cl. EF(i 4 5)$i7oO. 

Pavements and Pastures, a Book of Songs. [London. 191--] 


Orig. paper, unc.: in hf. mor. case (inscription and bookplate of au- 
thor, tipped in is A. L. S. of Walter de la Mare to him). KF 
(144) $32.50. 

BURLINGTON FINE ARTS CLUB. Exhibition of Early Chi. 
nese Pottery and Porcelain, 1910. Plates, some in color. Lon- 
don, 1911. Fol. 

Buckram, g.t., unc. \V( 34) $10.00. 

(With "Collection S. Ring," 6 parts. [Paris.] n.d. ; also "Catalogue 
of the Collection of Old Chinese Porcelains formed by Richard 
Bennett," London, n.d.; together 8 vols., v.s. and bindings). JK 

Exhibition of the Faience of Persia and the Nearer East. 

Col. plates. London, 1908. Fol. 
Hf. mor., g.t. W (33) $17.50. 

BURNABY (Andrew). Travels through the Middle Settle- 
ments in Xorth America [1759-60]. London, 1775. 410. 

Orig. cf. (rebacked, water stain on margins of first few pages). TT 
(70) $16.00. 

Hf. cf., g.e. (cont. marginal notes). IJ(2i )$ 

Travels through the Middle Settlements in North America. 

Folding map and 2 tinted plates. London, 1798. 4(0. 
Hf. roan, g.t. (rubbed, bound in is his "Journal of a Tour to Corsica 

in ... 1766," London, 1804). F(235)$i5.oo. 

BURNETT (Frances Hodgson). Little Lord Fauntleroy. 

N.Y., De Vinne Press, 1886. 410, 
Cl. M (34) $50.00. 


BURNETT (Frances Hodgson) Continued. 

Orig. cl. (rubbed and repaired at hinges). A A ( 18) $22.50. 

Cl. (shaken, lacks advertisement, blank at end supplied). 11(62) 


Cl. (writing on fly leaf). JJ( 46) $20.00. 
Cl. YY( 19) $60.00. 

Cl. (few pp. frayed, 14 pp. of advertisements at end). EF(i46)$ 
Orig. cl. FG(304)$2o.oo. 

Little Lord Fauntleroy. N.Y., J. J. Little & Co., 1886. 4to. 

Cl. (rubbed). 0(43)$37-50. 
Cl. (foxed). CC( 205) $10.00. 
Cl. (foxed). JK (68) $12.50. 

BURNETT (Peter H.). Recollections and Opinions of an Old 

Pioneer. N.Y., 1880. I2mo. 
Cl. KLa(74)$9.oo. 

BURNEY (Charles). A General History of Music. Plates and 

music. London, 1776-89. 4 vols., 4to. 
Cont. cf., tooled (worn, rehinged and repaired; James Bros. copy). 


A General History of Music. London, 1789. 4 vols., 4to. 

)4 cf. (tipped in is a note in third person, also a printed receipt, signed; 
laid in are 2 portraits). MN(45)$2i.oo. 

BURNEY (Frances, Madame d'Arblay). Camilla. London, 

i/ ( A 5 v ols., I2mo. 
Cont. cf., in hf. mor. cases (vols. rebacked, Hope copy). VV(24) 

Hf. cont. cf. EF( 149) $22.50. 

Cecilia. London, 1782. 5 vols., I2mo. 

Cont. cf. (margin of one title repaired, bookplate). 0(44) $37.50. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked, new end papers; Vols. I-IV Cassel Hanbury 
copies ) . KF ( 1 48 ) $22.50. 

Diary and Letters. Frontispieces. London, 1842-46. 7 vols., 


Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski. U( 73) $20.00. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Riviere (3 vols. lack half-titles). GH(7o) 


Diary and Letters, 1778-1840. Ed. by Charlotte Barrett. Pref- 
ace and Xotes by Austin Dobson. Portraits. London, 1904. 6 
vols., 8vo. 

CL, unc. F (27) $10 oo. 

The Wanderer. London, 1814. 5 vols.. I2mo. 

Hf. cont. mor. (rubbed, Methuen Castle copy). EF(i5i)$i5.oo. 

BURNS (Robert). Letters Addressed to Clarinda. Portrait by 
Tiebout. Phila.. 1809. 121110. 

Orig. bds., unc.: in hf. mor. case (hinges cracked, portion of back 
wanting, laid in is strip from author's official account book as 
Excise Officer bearing 23 words in his hand). EF( 154) $25.00. 

The Letters of Burns. Portrait after G. Murray on title. Lon- 
don, John Sharpe, 1819. 5 x 3!$ in. 
Cf. (rubbed, stain on back cover). IJ( 178)$! 2.50. 


BURNS (Robert) Continued. 

Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. Portrait by Beugo 

after Nasmyth. Edition with the misspelling "stinking" for 

"skinking." Edinburgh, 1787. 8vo. 
Cont. cf., in hf. lev. mor. case (worn and loose, subscriber's list has 

the Duke of Roxburgh's name misprinted "Boxburgh," Arthur 

B. Spingarn copy). O (45) $32.50. 

Cont. cf. (writing on title; John Drinkwater copy, with his book- 
plate, autograph note and signature). R (361) $45.00. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked, with misprint "Boxburgh"; John Drinkwater 

copy, with his autograph on fly-leaf, also note in his hand). ZZ 

(32) $75.00. 

Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. Portrait by Beugo 

after Nasmyth. Edition with the reading "skinking" on p. 263. 
Edinburgh, 1787. 8vo. 

Hf. cont. cf. (John Drinkwater copy, with his bookplate and note on 
fly leaf in his hand stating his reasons for believing this to be 
the First Edinburgh Edition). R (362) $42.50. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.t., unc. ; by Lefort (with misprint "Box- 
burgh" for "Roxburgh" in the list of subscribers). ZZ (33) $25.00 

Cont. cf. FG (306) $22.00. 

Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. Portrait. With the 

misprint "stinking" for "skinking" uncorrected. Phila., for Peter 
Stewart and George Hyde, 1788. I2mo. 

Cont. sheep, in mor. case, (some pages stained). JJ (47) $350.00. 

Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. Portrait by Beugo 

after Nasmyth. Edinburgh, 1798. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Cf., tooled, g.e. NN (31) $8.00. 

Works. With Life, by Allan Cunningham. Engraved vignette 

titles and frontispieces. London, 1834. 8 vols., i6mo. 
Cf., g.t., by Riviere. U (44) $65.00. 
Cf., g.t. TT (71) $40.00. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Bayntun; in cl. case. ZZ (34) $60.00. 

Complete Works (Self- Interpreting). Plates in 2 states, one 

set of frontispieces in col. Skibo Castle Edition. Phila., 1905. 
12 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t, unc. (6 vols. in 12). F(29)$62.5O. 

Poetical Works. Ed. by J. Logic Robertson. London, 1906. 

Cf., g.e. (inscribed by Sir James M. Barrie to Florence Loosemor). 

EF (27) $25.00. 

See also SILLAR (David). 

BURPEE (Lawrence J.). The Search for the Western Sea, the 

Story of the Exploration of North-West America. London, 1908. 
Cl., g.t. (shaken). TT (72) $22.00. 

BURR (Aaron). [His] Private Journal during his Residence of 
Four Years in Europe. Portraits. Rochester, 1903. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (tear in backstrip, note erased from inside front covers, tear 
in one frontis. ; initialed by William K. Bixby). CC (23) $22.50. 

The Trial of Col. Aaron Burr, on an Indictment for Treason. 


BURR (Aaron) Continued. 

Taken in Short-Hand by T. Carpenter. Wash., Westcott & Co., 

1807-08. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cf. NO (46) $32.50. 

BURROUGHS (John). Notes on Walt Whitman. First edi- 
tion, Second issue. N.Y., 1867. I2mo. 

Cl., unc. (First issue; inscribed to James T. Fields). EF(ni4) 

Notes on Walt Whitman. N.Y., 1871. I2mo. 

Cl., unc. (A. N. S. on fly leaf reads "This is the 2nd Edition with 
Additions," A. L. S. laid in). EF( 1119) $21.00. 

Wake Robin. N.Y., 1871. I2mo. 

Orig. green, decorated cl. (presentation copy). K(45)$20.oo. 

Cl. (clipping and writing on end paper). M(35)$i2.50. 

Brick-red cl. Q(59)$I7.5O. 

Orig. brown cl. II (64) $13.00. 

Orig. light orange, decorated cl. JJ (48) $45.00. 

Orig. green, decorated cl. (rubbed, water stain at margin ; with Same, 

bound orig. plain red-brown cl. ; together 2 vols.). MN(48) 

Orig. cl. OP (12) $17.50. 

Writings. Plates. Autograph Edition. Boston, 1904-22. 23 

vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. (inserted in Vol. I is A. L. S.). NN(34) 


Writings. Boston, 1905. 15 vols., umo. 

34 mor., g.t., unopened. TT(74)$20.oo. 

BURTON (Alfred). The Adventures of Johnny Newcome in 

the Navy; A Poem in Four Cantos. 16 col. aquatint plates by 
Rowlandson. London, 1818. 8vo. 
Mor., g.e., by Zaehnsdorf. ZZ (35) $45.00. 

BURTON (John H.). The Book-Hunter. Edinburgh, 1882. Sm. 

Lev. mor., inlaid, g.t., unc., by Ramage. U (45) $10.00. 

History of Scotland from Agricola's Invasion to the Revolu- 
tion of 1688. 7 vols. Edinburgh, 1867-70; [also] History of 
Scotland from the Revolution to the Extinction of the last Jacobite 
Insurrection. 2 vols. London, 1853. Library Edition. London 
and Edinburgh, 1853-70. 9 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Riviere. GH(35)$i7-5O. 

BURTON (Richard or Robert). The English Empire in Amer- 
ica. Woodcuts and 2 maps. London, 1711. i8mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. (binding repaired). UU(2i)$i4.oo. 

BURTON (Sir Richard F.). Etruscan Bologna: a Study. Lon- 
don, 1876. 8vo. . 

Cl., unc. (foxed; laid in are proof of the frontis., corrected and signed, 
and 2 A. L. S.). EF( 156) $10.00. 

The Kasidah (couplets) of Haji Abdu Al-Yaz?di. Japan pa- 
per. London, 1894. 4to. 

Orig. cl., g.t. Q(62)$i5.oo. 


BURTON (Sir Richard P.) Continued. 

Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to El-Medinah and Mec- 

cah. Map and col. plates. London, 1855-56. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl. Q(6o)$24.oo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t, unc., by Riviere (orig. covers bound in). GH(36) 


Priapeia; or, the Sportive Epigrams of divers Poets on 

Priapus. Athens, Erotika Biblion Society, 1888. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (rubbed). EF( 157) $25.00. 

See also BASILE (Giovanni Battista). 

BURTON (Robert). The Anatomy of Melancholy. Oxford, 

1621. Sm. 4to. 
Old cf., in cf. case (worn ; rebacked, with old leath. preserved ; inner 

margins of title and several end leaves restored, with some letters 

in the latter in facsimile). R( 344) $400.00. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (outer margin of title and inner 

margin of errata leaf supplied). NN( 35) $260.00. 
Cf., tooled, g.e., by Bedford: in cl. case (laid in is L. S. by Zaehns- 

dorf, Dudley C. Ma joribanks- Charles Plumptre Johnson copy). 


The Anatomy of Melancholy. Oxford, 1624. Fol. 

Cont. cf., in cl. case (worn, end papers lacking; cont. MS. notes on 

blanks at end). EF( 159) $35.00. 

The Anatomy of Melancholy. Frontis. Oxford, 1638. Fol. 

Old cf. (worn). DD(3i)$9.oo. 

The Anatomy of Melancholy. Engraved title. London, 1660. 

Old cf. (hinges cracked). F (30) $7.50. 

BURY (Thomas Talbot). Coloured Views on the Liverpool and 

Manchester Railway. 13 col. plates by Pyall after T. T. Bury. 

London, Acker mann, 1831. 4to. 
Orig. paper, in cl. case (wrappers repaired, slight stains; Baron Lev- 

erhulme copy). R( 3/Q) $70.00. 
Plates II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, X, and XI only, unbound; with 

(frayed) front wrapper of Part II. DE(53)$i5.oo. 

BUSHELL (Stephen W.). See WALTERS (W. T.). 


Humphrey Hedgehog, Esq. Col. aquatint plates by Williams and 
others. London, 1816-18. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc.; in 2 cl. cases (backstrips cracked). ZZ(36)$35.oo. 

BUTCHER (Edmund). The Beauties of Sidmouth displayed. 

13 col. aquatint plates. London, n.d. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Morrell. R( 249) $15.00. 

BUTLER (Mann). A History of the Commonwealth of Ken- 
tucky. Portrait. Louisville. 1834. I2mo. 

Cont. cf. (worn and broken). (165) $10.00. 

Orig. sheep (laid in is A. L. S., from which the corner of one leaf 
and a few words are missing). I(2i4)$i4.oo. 

Cf. (laid in is A. L. S.). PP( 146) $20.00. 

BUTLER (Samuel). Hudibras. First, Second, and Third Parts. 
First Editions, each Part in large 8vo; and First issues, the First 


BUTLER (Samuel) Continued. 

Part including, among other distinctive features of title, the spell- 
ing out of the word "Saint" in the imprint; the Second Part 
with imprint in 3 lines; the Third Part with verso of title blank 
and errata on recto of last leaf. London, 1663-64-78. 3 vols., 
large 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Bedford; in cl. case (upper margin of leaf 
of imprimatur of First Part restored). EF(i 60) $50.00. 

Hudibras. Plates by Hogarth. London, 1772. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. sheep (rebacked). YYa(84)$8.oo. 

Hudibras. 12 col. aquatint plates by I. Clarke. London, 1819. 

2 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t. YYa(2ia) $19.00. 

Orig. bds. (worn, rebacked). EF(i6i)$8.oo. 

Hudibras. 12 col. plates by I. Clarke. London, 1822. 2 vols., 

34 cf. (scuffed, one page loose). V(88)$i2.oo. 

Cont. hf. cf. (few pages foxed, bookplates). TT(75)$i7.oo. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. (plates col. by hand). YYa( 36) $40.00. 

BUTLER (Samuel). Erewhon. London, 1872. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (rubbed and soiled). K (46) $41.00. 

Orig. cl., in hf. lev. mor. case (rubbed, inner joints cracked; with 
his "Erewhon Revisited," 1901; together 2 vols.). O(47)$2O.oo. 

Orig. cl. (worn and spotted ; with "Erewhon Revisited," 1901 ; to- 
gether 2 vols. in cl. box). CD (53) $3 1. oo. 

Erewhon. London, 1890. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (presentation copy, "from the author" in pencil). K 
(47) $19.00. 

Cl., in cl. case (inscribed to T. E. Keble). EF(i66) $32.50. 

The Fair Haven. First edition, with its errata leaf. London, 

1873. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (soiled and shaken, inner joints cracked; laid in is 12-page 
pamphlet, consisting of title-page, Preface to Second edition, 
and Preface to First edition, being revised preliminary leaves is- 
sued with the second edition, also published in 1873). CC(2o6) 

A First Year in Canterbury Settlement. Col. folding map. 

London, 1863. 12010. 

Orig. cl., unc.; in hf. mor. case (binding worn). 0(46) $20.00. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (shaken and worn; rebacked, with orig. back- 
strip preserved; lacks advertisements; name on fly leaf). EF 
(i 62) $22. 50. 

Luck, or Cunning? London, 1887. I2mo. 

Cl., in cl. box (front hinge cracked, inscribed by author to C. Gogin). 
EF( 165) $25.00. 

Note-Books. Portrait by Emery Walker. London, 1912. 

Cl. (bookplate; with "Samuel Butler and his Family Relations," by 

Mrs. R. S. Garnett, London and Toronto, 1926; together 2 vols.). 


Unconscious Memory. London, 1880. 8yo. 

Orig. cl. (soiled and shaken, writing on half-title). II(66)$i5.oo. 


BUTLER (Samuel) Continued. 

The Way of All Flesh. London, 1903. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. (spotted, new end papers, name in ink). K(49) 


Cl., g.t. (stained and worn). M (36) $20.00. 
Orig. cl., in cl. box (worn, recased, joints repaired, label removed 

from front cover; advertisements lacking). 0(48) $40.00. 
Orig. cl., g.t. ; in cl. box ( shaken, 3 ink spots on front cover, inside 

hinge split; Arnold Bennett copy). II(65)$6i.oo. 
Orig. cl., g.t. (shaken, front cover repaired). XX (53) $29.00. 
Orig. cl., in cl. box (label removed from front cover, recased, back 

cover stained). CD (52) $65.00. 
Cl., in cl. case (signature of John Gamble on end-paper). EF(i69) 



BUTTERFIELD (Consul W.). History of Brule's Discoveries 

and Explorations, 1610-26. Cleveland, 1898. 8vo. 
CL, unc. A(287)$io.oo. 



BYFIELD (Nathaniel). An Account of the Late Revolution 

in New- England. London, 1689. Sm. 4to. 
Mor. (covers loose). GG( 107) $80.00. 

BYRD (Richard E.). Little America. 74 illustrations and maps. 

Signed. N.Y., 1930. 8vo. 
Hf. vel., unc. K(SI) $20.00. 
94 vel. Q(64)$ii.oo. 
# vel., unopened. II(68)$i5.oo. 
Orig. bds., unc. YYa(22)$8.o6. 

BYRD (William). Writings. Ed. by J. S. Bassett. N.Y., 1901. 

Vel. (Japan paper). KLa( 36) $16.00. 

BYRNE (Donn). Blind Raftcry and his Wife, Hilaria. N.Y. 

[1924]. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. H(32)$7.50. 

Messer Marco Polo. N.Y., 1921. I2mo. 

Cl. (name on fly leaf). M(37)$i5.oo. 

Orig. cl. N(6oa)$25.oo. 

Orig. cl. (frontis. loose, few marginal tears). Q (65) $20.00. 

Cl. YY(2o)$25.oo. 

Orig. cl. CD(55)$i7.50. 

Q. JK (71) $20.00. 

The Strangers' Banquet. N.Y. [1919]. 8vo. 

Cl. (bookplate). NO(47)$I3-5O. 

BYRON (George Gordon, Lord). The Age of Bronze. Lon- 
don, 1823. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, unc.; in mor. case (writing on front wrapper, contains 
leaf of advertisements). EF( 177) $8.00. 

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. London, 1812-18. 3 vols. 

Lev. mor., g.e. (First editions, 1812-16-18; with 4 additional issues 


BYRON (George Gordon, Lord) Continued. 

of Canto IV third vol. together the First-Fifth variant issues 
of this Canto; altogether 7 vols., first 4to, remainder 8vo). O 
(52) $130.00. 

Orig. bds., orig. wrappers, and orig. bds. ; in hf. lev. mor. case (all 
vols. rebacked, end papers of one not orig.; Second edition of 
first vol. ; First edition, Second issue of second vol. ; and First 
edition, Second issue of third; all vols. 8vo.). 0(53) $20.00. 

Orig. bds., orig. wrappers, and orig. bds. ; in hf. mor. case (each vol. 
rebacked, end papers and one cover of first vol. not orig. ; Sec- 
ond edition of first vol.; First editions, Second issues of second 
and third; all vols. 8vo.). JK(;2)$i2.50. 

The Corsair. London, 1814. 8vo. 

Hf. cont. cf. (rebacked, writing on fly leaves. As in First issue, text 
ends on page 100; but, as in Wise's Second issue, which carries 
108 additional pages, this page 100 is without publisher's imprint 
and without the words, "The End," which were included thereon, 
following text, in the First issue). M(39)$7.5O. 

Don Juan. Cantos I-XVI. London, 1819-24. 6 vols., one 4to, 

5 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in cl. case (back of Vol. I partly restored, that 
of Vol. V chipped; Vol. IV contains 3 leaves of advertisements 
dated Nov. 30, 1822; Vol. I is Robert P. Sheldon copy). 0(57) 

Don Jtfan. Cantos I-V. 3 col. aquatint plates by I. R. Cruik- 

shank, all dated August, 1822. London, n.d. i6mo. 
Orig. bds., unc.; in lev. mor. case. GH (39) $35.00. 

English Bards, and Scotch Reviewers. London [1809]. 

Orig. printed bds., unc.; in tooled and inlaid lev. mor. case (back 
of vol. worn and repaired, front cover rehinged; contains leaf 
of Preface, paper is watermarked "E & P, 1805," page 5, line 7 
carries spelling "Despatch"; Forman-Bunker copy). O(5i) 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in hf. lev. mor. case (paper is watermarked "1805" ; 
page 5, line 7 has "Despatch"). NO (51) $125.00. 

English Bards and Scotch Reviewers. Second edition, with 

considerable Additions and Alterations. London, 1809. I2mo. 
Cont. cf., tooled (back cracked). C(4o)$30.oo. 

English Bards and Scotch Reviewers. Phila., 1811. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (shaken and rubbed, back missing). YY(2i)$9.oo. 

The Giaour. London, T. Davison for John Murray, 1813. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (back worn, some signa- 
tures loose, writing on wrapper). II(7o)$9.0o. 

Hebrew Melodies. London, 1815. 8vo. 

34 mor. M (40) $17.50. 

Hours of Idleness. Newark, 1807. Sm. 8vo. 

Old cl., in lev. mor. case by Riviere (worn, some leaves soiled ; presen- 
tation copy from Augusta Byron [later Leigh] to Joseph Murray, 
inscription by Murray to this effect is trimmed into). 0(50) 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in hf. mor. case (back repaired ; presentation copy, 
"to the Revd Mr. Drury."). NO (50) $300.00. 


BYRON (George Gordon, Lord) Continued. 
Lara, a Tale; Jacqueline, a Tale [by Samuel Rogers]. Lon- 
don, 1814. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. ; in cl. case (worn, back cracked). EF(i8i) $10.00. 

Manfred. London, 1817. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, unc.; in cl. case (wrappers soiled, text foxed; First 

issue, title without quotation from "Hamlet"; John Drinkwater 

copy, with note in his hand). O( 55) $20.00. 

'Marino Faliero. First edition; First issue, speech of the Doge 

on page 151 of $ l /2 lines only. London, 1821. 8vo. 
Ley. mor., g.t. M (42) $10.00. 
Orig. bds., unc. (worn). EF( 175) $8.00. 

-Mazeppa. London, 1819. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, unc.; in hf. lev. mor. case (name on title). O(s6) 

Orig. paper, unc.; in cl. case. EF( 172) $15.00. 

Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte. London, Murray, 1814. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (backstrip repaired). NO(53)$io.oo. 

The Prisoner of Chillon, and Other Poems. London, 1816. 


Orig. paper, unc.; in cl. case (backstrip chipped). 0(54) $45.00. 
Cf., unc. (ink marks on margins of first 2 leaves, slight foxing, leaf 

E8 lacking). TT(76)$ii.oo. 
Hf. mor., unc. (orig. wrappers bound in; with 4-page advertisement 

of other books, dated Nov., 1816, in addition to list of Byron's 

poems). EF( 170) $19.00. 
Lev. mor., g.t., by Scroll Club. NO (55) $7.50. 

Sardanapalus, a Tragedy; The Two Foscari, a Tragedy; 

Cain, a Mystery. London, 1821. 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (title cut away l / 2 in. at top, few leaves foxed). K(52) 

See also MEDWIN (Thomas). 

CABECA DE VACA (Alvar Nunez). See NUfiEZ. 

CABELL (James Branch). Beyond Life. N.Y., 1919. i2mo. 
Orig. cl. Q(67) $10. 50. 

Branch of Abingdon. Signed. Richmond, Va. [1911]. 8vo. 

Mor., g.t., unc.; in hf. mor. case (Kingsland Edition, this copy also 

inscribed as follows: "This is one of the four copies in which 

line 7, page 114, was set correctly. James Branch Cabell"). EF 


Orig. buckram (signed). OP(i7)$35.oo. 
Chivalry, n col. illustrations, 9 by Howard Pyle. N.Y. and 

London, 1909. 8yo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc.; in hf. mor. case (inscribed to E. H. Bierstadt, 

inserted is L. S.). EF(i 86) $32.50. 

The Eagle's Shadow. Illus. by Will Grefe. N.Y., 1904. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (title and frontis. stained, soiled throughout). (29) $15.00. 
Orig. cl. (First issue, with dedication to "M. L. P. B."). SS(is) 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (First issue, with dedication to "M. L. P. B.," 

inscribed to P. L. V. Wharton). EF( 183) $37.50. 


CABELL (James Branch) Continued. 

Gallantry . . . Illustrated in Color by Howard Pyle. N.Y., 

1907. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. C (42) $14.00. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc. ; in hf. mor. case (inscribed to E. H. Bierstadt). 

EF( 185) $30.00. 

The Jewel Merchants in Lino-Cuts. 7 plates, by W. J. Bern- 
hard, col. by hand. Signed by Bernhard. [N.Y.,] Privately 
Printed, 1928. 4to. 

Hf. vel., unc. M(46)$io.oo. 

Jurgen. N.Y., 1919. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. K( 55) $39.00. 

Orig. cl. Q (66) $27.50. 

Cl., unc.; in hf. mor. case. EF( 190) $35.00. 

Orig. cl. (shaken, spot on cover). MN(5i)$i2.oo. 

Orig. cl., unc.; in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. OP (18) $25.00. 

Jurgen. Intro, by Hugh Walpole. Plates and col. frontis., by 

F. C. Pape. London, 1921. 8vo. 
CL, unc. S (45) $16.00. 
Orig. cl., unc. KL(25)$ii.oo. 

Jurgen and the Censor. N.Y., Privately Printed, 1920. Sm. 


Cl., g.t., unc. (limitation page inscribed by Barrett H. Clark : "Of this 
large paper edition 50 copies were signed by Cabell, and four 
copies only left blank. These were for the Emergency Com- 
mittee. One was destroyed, one given to Edward Bierstadt, and 
one to Sidney Howard. This is the other." Accompanied by a 
copy of the edition of 458 copies, with autograph of E. H. Bier- 
stadt on limitation leaf and, pasted down on this leaf, inscription 
of the author; tipped in this second vol. are L. S., D. S. and 
cut signatures of various persons; together 2 vols.). EF(i9i) 

The Line of Love. Col. illustrations by Howard Pyle. N.Y., 

1905. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc.; in hf. mor. case (inscribed to Bertram Traver). 

EF(i8 4 )$35.oo. 
Orig. cl., g.t, unc. JK(75)$25.oo. 

The Majors and Their Marriages. Burlington Edition, signed. 

Richmond, Va. [1915.] 8vo. 
Cl., unc.; in hf. mor. case (covers spotted, inscribed to P. L. V. 

Wharton). EF( 189) $32.50. 

The Silver Stallion. N.Y., 1926. i2mo. 

Unbound, unc. ; in folder and hf. mor. case (A. N. S. of Christopher 
Morley on half-title). OP(i9)$9.oo. 

The Soul of Melicent. Illus. in color by Howard Pyle. N.Y. 

[1913]. 8vo. 

Cl. (tipped in is A. L., bookplate). II(75)$22.oo. 
G., in hf. mor. case (author's inscription to P. L. Wharton includes 

note: "This is the 'first state' in the blue binding"). EF(i88) 





can Rural Sports. Plates, some in color. Phila., 1830-32. 2 
vols., 4to. 
Hf. cl. and ft mor. (worn, shaken, foxed). IJ( 198) $30.00. 

CABLE (George W.). Madame Delphine. N.Y., 1881. i2mo. 
Cl. (water stained, signed). NO (57) $15.00. 

Old Creole Days.' N.Y., 1879. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (binding faded and stained, label inside front cover, name 

on fly leaf). E(3i)$i5.oo. 
Orig. cl. (bookplate). Q (70) $25.00. 
Orig. cl. (worn). XX(58)$i9.oo. 
Orig. cl. (title repaired, Cragston copy). MN(52)$ 

CAINE (Hall). The Eternal City. London, 1901. i2mo. 
Cl. (inscribed to William Cartan). O(59)$28.oo. 

CALDECOTT (Randolph). Picture Book. Col. plates. London, 

n.d. 4to. 
Cl. (inscription to Amy Alice Brind dated 14 Nov. 1879). ZZ(39) 


Second Collection of Pictures and Songs. Plates in color 

by Caldecott. London, n.d. 4to. 
Orig. cl. (inscription to Amy A. Brind, dated 26 Oct. 1885, followed 

by pen-and-ink sketch by Caldecott). ZZ (40) $45.00. 

CALDERON DE LA BARCA (Pedro). [Two Dramas: "The 

Mighty Magician" and "Such Stuff as Dreams are Made of."] 
Trans, by Edward Fitzgerald. [Bungay, Childs, 1865.] Sm. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc. ; in wrapper and cl. case (corrections in Fitz- 
gerald's hand ; presentation copy from him to C. E. Norton, so in- 
scribed by Prof. Norton, who has written the title, also, on front 
wrapper ). NO(i26) $20.00. 

CALEPINO (Ambrogio). Dictionarium . . . adiectae sunt Lati- 
nis Dictionibus Hebrae, Graecae, Gallicae, Italics, Germanicse, et 
Hispanicae. Geneva, 1578. Fol. 

Pigskin, clasps (rubbed, holed, foxed and water-stained). IJ(382) 


(T. M.). 

Vigilance Committee. See FARGO (Frank F.). 

See also MUIR (John), also TRASK (John B.). 

CAMBRIDGE CLASSICS. ' Complete set. Large paper. Plates, 
frontispieces in 2 states, one col. by hand. Boston, 1905-06. 20 
vols., imp. 8vo. 

y lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. X (30) $120.00. 

Buckram, unc. do vols. only, 1906; Collin Armstrong bookplate). 

Yt lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. (few backs faded). GH(4o)$55.oo. 

CAMERON (D. Y.). See RINDER (Frank). 




CAMPANUS (Joannes Antonius). Opera. Venice, Bernardinus 

de Vianis [for A. Torresanus, not before 26 Mar. 1495]. Sm. fol. 

(Main *4285). 
Cf. on oak, tooled (covers are off, lacks last blank; pp. measure 8 l /2 

x 12^2 in.; at front and back are 2 pp. ilium. MS. on vellum). 

C(i6o) $50.00. 

CAMPBELL (Thomas). Life of Mrs. Siddons. Portrait after 

Lawrence. London, 1834. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Taffin. TTa (28) $12.00. 

CAMPBELL (William W.). Annals of Tryon County. Map 

and facsimile, both folding. N.Y., 1831. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. T (42) $n. oo. 

CAMPE (J. H.). See DEFOE (Daniel). 

CAMPION (Thomas). Works. Ed. by A. H. Bullen. London, 

Privately Printed, 1889. 8vo. 
Mor., g.t. (bookplate). Q(74)$8.5<>. 


CANADA [Broadside]. Arrest du Conseil d'Etat du Roi, qui 

ordonne la liquidation des Lettres de change & Billets de Mon- 
noie du Canada. Du 29 Juin, 1764. Paris, Imprimerie Royale, 
1764. Fol. 

In cl. case (note in upper corner, in cont. hand: "a imprimer 100 Ex."). 
BC (68) $22.50. 



Transactions of the Fleet under . . . Lord Howe. See O'BEIRNE 
(T. L.). 



CANNING (Elizabeth). Collection of n cont. pamphlets relating 
to | her] trial. Portraits. Each leaf mounted to 4to. and bound, 
with illustrations, clippings, newspapers, etc. London, 1753-54. 

Rus., tooled, g.e. (one joint cracked). EF( 196) $35.00. 

CAORSIN (Gulielmus). [The Siege of Rhodes. Trans, by Joha 
Kay.] 24 leaves. [London, attributed to Lettou and Machlinia, 
about 1482.] Sm. fol. 

English early igth century mor., tooled, g.e. (measure of leaf 9?iox6 
in., of type-page, 7 x 4>j in. ; 2 decorative initials in color, sup- 
plied by cont. hand; signature of the Earl of Ancram ("An- 
cram") inscribed on margins of first, second, third, and last 
pp.; initial "A" (Ancram) surmounted by coronet stamped on 
binder's fly leaves at each end of vol. LL( 50) $7250.00. 


Conducted by William Hull. See FOSTER (James). 

CAREY (David). Life in Paris. 21 col. aquatint plates and 22 
woodcuts by G. Cruikshank. London, 1822. 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e., by Larkins (lacks leaf "To the Binder"). R(i54> 


CAREY (David) Continued. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. on rough, by Root. 8(69) $55.00. 

Lev. mor., g.t., by Root (writing on half-title, name on title, half- 
title and frontis. repaired; one plate cut down and mounted; 
lacks leaf "To the Binder"). VV (26) $35.00. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Tout (one margin repaired; bound from 
orig. parts, with pp. 143-144 a cancel leaf, front wrapper of Part 
VII bound in, lacks leaf "To the Binder"). GH(42)$4O.oo. 

CAREY (Mat hew). Carey's American Pocket Atlas. 19 folding 

maps. Phila., Mathew Carey, 1796. I2mo. 
Orig. sheep (population of each state noted in an old hand). QQ(8i) 


CARLYLE (Thomas). Chartism. London, 1840. 8vo. 
Cl., in cl. case (back repaired, inscribed to "Miss Wilson," and (by 
her?) to F. S. Corrance). EF (200) $20.00. 

Chartism. London, n.d. i2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (inscribed to the Chelsea Convalescent Hospital). 


Critical and Miscellaneous Essays. London, 1847. 4 vols., 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (Vol. I inscribed to W. E. Forster). EF(2o8) 


The Early Kings of Norway. London, 1875. I2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (inscribed to D. Charles, H. W. Schneider book- 
plate). EF (210) $27.50. 

The French Revolution. Illus. by E. J. Sullivan. Signed by 

Sullivan. London, 1910. 2 vols., 4to. 
Hf. vel. f g.t. (soiled). MN(55)$i5-OO. 

History of Friedrich II. of Prussia, called Frederick the 

Great. Portraits and maps. Edition de Luxe, on Japan paper. 
Boston, 1884. 7 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. CC (28) $27.50. 

--Latter-Day Pamphlets. 8 parts. London, 1850. I2mo. 
Orig. paper, unc.; in cl. case (backs chipped, one part rebacked). 

The Life of Friedrich Schiller. 1825; [also] The Life of 

John Sterling. 1851 ; [also] Letter to a Young Man. n.d. Lon- 
don, v.d. 3 vols., 8vo and sm. 4to. 

Cl. and orig. paper; in hf. mor. cases (first vol. worn, back tightened). 

The Life of John Sterling. London, 1851. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (name on title). NO (59) $7.50. 

Oliver Cromwell's Letters and Speeches. London, 1846. 3 

vols., 8vo. 
Cl., in hf. mor. case (2 vols. rehinged, Vol. I inscribed to I. Langston 

Sanford, marginal notes by Sanford). EF( 206) $47.50. 

; Heroes, Hero- Worship, and the Heroic in History. Lon- 
don, 1841. I2mo. 
Cl., in hf. mor. case (W. J. Young copy). EF (201) $47.50. 


CARLYLE (Thomas) Continued. 

Past and Present. London, 1843. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (shaken, rubbed, portion of A. L. pasted on front end paper, 

name on fly leaf). II(78)$i3.oo. 
Cl. (name on inside of front cover). EF( 203) $10.00. 

Past and Present. Ed. by R. W. Emerson. Boston, 1843. 


Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case. EF( 204) $52.50. 
Orig. bds. (break in hinge, back chipped, Stephen H. Wakeman copy). 

EF (205) $25.00. 

Sartor Resartus. [Ed. with Preface, by Ralph Waldo Emer- 
son.] Boston, 1836. I2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (back repaired, inner joints rehinged, writing 
on end paper; laid in is A. N. S. ; Perkins-Schweizer copy). 

Sartor Resartus. Boston, 1837. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (hole in title, back loose, James Russell Lowell copy, with 
his signature and with notes in his hand). N(24i)$55.oo. 

Sartor Resartus. London, 1838. i2mo. 

Orig. bds., in cl. case (worn, Hay M. Erskine copy). EF(i99)$ 

Sartor Resartus. London, 1841. i2mo. 

Cl., in cl. case (Edward Fitzgerald copy, with his inscription and 
bookplate ) . EF (202 ) $92.50. 

Thirty-five Unpublished Letters of Oliver Cromwell. Com- 
municated by Thomas Carlyle. The pages from "Fraser's Maga- 
zine for Town and Country" for December, 1847. [London, 
1847.] 8vo. 

Sewed, new wrappers; in hf. mor. case (inscribed to Thomas Erskine, 
Jerome Kern copy). JJ (52) $10.00. 

Works. Centenary Edition. Portraits. Large paper. London, 

1896-99. 30 vols., 8vo. 
34 lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. X(3i)$io5.oo. 


CARMAN (Bliss). Low Tide on Grand Pre. N.Y., 1893: [also] 
Low Tide on Grand Pre fand] Ballads of Lost Haven. Boston, 
1905. N.Y. and Boston, 1893-1905. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cl., g.t. (laid in first vol. is A. L. S. ; second vol. rubbed and shaken, 
inscribed). II(8o)$i6.oo. 

CAROLINA [Colored map.] Carte Generale de la Caroline. 

Amsterdam, Pierre Mortier [about 1710]. Fol. 
(Accompanied by a small map, "Carolina," by H. Moll). QQ(84) 

CARPENTER (Stephen C.). Memoirs of the Hon. Thomas Jef- 
ferson. fN.Y.,] 1809. 2 vols., 8vo. 
-)4 mor., g.t., unc. HH(i6)$25.oo. 

y cf., unc. (bound in is cont. critical note). YY (25) $20.00. 
Cf. (rubbed, one cover loose). KLa(28o)$n.oo. 

CARR (John). Early Times in Middle Tennessee. Nashville, 

1857. i6mo. 
Orig. cl. KLa(88)$ii.oo. 


CARROLL (Lewis), pseud. See DODGSON (C. L.). 

CARSON (Mrs. Ann). The History of the Celebrated Mrs. 

Ann Carson, Widow of the late Unfortunate Lieutenant Richard 
Smith. Phila., 1822. 12010. 
Bds. (name on end paper). T(43)$io.oo. 

CARTER (Charles Morland). Shooting in the Early Days, 

1863-1919. Frontis. St. Joseph, Mo., Privately Printed, 1919. 

Orig. paper (presentation copy to Harry Worcester Smith). 2(49) 

CARTWRIGHT (John). The Preachers Travels. London, for 

T. Thorppc, 1611. Sm. 4to. 
Sewed, in hf. mor. case (lacks last blank). LL(ii6) $100.00. 

CARTWRIGHT (William). Comedies, Tragi-Comedies, with 
Other Poems. The Ayres and Songs set by Mr. Henry Lawes. 
Portrait. London, 1651. Sm. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e. (has pp. 301-6 in both cancelled and uncancelled states, 
the 58 preliminary leaves follow the title). NN(4i)$i4.oo. 

CARUS (Paul). The History of the Devil and the Idea of Evil. 

Chic., 1900. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. S( 55) $8-50. 

CARUTHERS (E. W.). Revolutionary Incidents: and Sketches 

of Character, chiefly in the "Old North State." Phila., 1854. 

Cl. (with his "Interesting Revolutionary Incidents . . . Second Se- 
ries," Phila., 1856; together 2 vols.). KLa( 90) $12.50. 

CARVER (Jonathan). Travels through the Interior Parts of 

North America, in ... 1766, 1767, and 1768. 2 folding maps 
and 4 plates. London, for the Author, 1778. 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (covers loose, back damaged). L (36) $30.00. 

Hf. cf. P( 52) $40.00. 

Hf. cf. (bookplate). 00(97) $13.00. 

Old hf. cf. (worn, foxed, name on title). UU (23) $15.00. 

Travels Through the Interior Parts of North America. 2 

folding maps, and 4 plates. Second Edition. London, for the 
Author, 1779. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. P( 51) $40.00. 

Travels through the Interior Parts of North America. Third 

Edition. Portrait, 2 maps and 5 plates, 4 in col. London, 1781. 

Old cf. (cracking, corners torn off 3 leaves, Second issue). P(53) 

CASANOVA DE SEINGALT (Giacomo Giralamo). Memoirs. 

Trans, [by Arthur Machen]. [London,] Privately Printed, 1894. 
12 vols., I2mo. 
Bds. (soiled). 0(327) $47.50. 

Memoirs. Trans, by Arthur Machen. London, 1928. 6 vols., 

J4 mor., g.t. (12 vols. in 6). TTa(3o)$27.5o. 


CASANOVA DE SEINGALT (Giacomo Giralamo) Continued. 
Memoirs. Privately Printed, n.d. 12 vols., 8vo. 
Bds., g.t., unc. B(35)$i6.oo. 
Bds., g.t., unc. S(s6)$23.oo. 

Memoirs. Privately Printed, n.d. 12 vols., I2mo. 

y* mor., g.t. (Japan paper). X(33)$72.oo. 

Memoirs. Trans, by Arthur Machen. Privately Printed, n.d. 

6 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., g.t. NN(42)$i6.oo. 
Cl., g.t. YYa (28) $22.50. 

CASAS (Bartolome de las). Las Obras: Brevissima Relacipn 

de la Destruycion de las Indias ; and other tracts (each with 
separate title bearing imprint of first edition, Seville, 1552) in one 
vol. [Barcelona, Antonio Lacaualleria, 1646.] 4to. 

La Decouverte des Indes Occidentales, par les Espagnols. 

Frontis. Trans, by J. B. Morvan de Bellegarde. Paris, Pralard, 
1697. I2mo. 
Orig. cf. FF (79) $8.00. 

Entre los remedies . . . por mandado del Emperador, etc. 

Seville, Croberger, 1552. 4to. 

Relation des Voyages et des Decouvertes que les Espagnols 

ont fait dans les Indes Occidentales, etc. Amsterdam, 1698. I2ino. 
Vel. IJ(8 9 )$io.5o. 


ists Impartially Stated and Considered. London, Wilkie, 1783. 
Cf., g.e., by Zaehnsdorf. P (54) $21.00. 

CASS (Lewis). [His] Life. Portraits. Phila., 1848. i2mo. 
Orig. paper (water stained). OO(98)$9.oo. 

CASSELL'S HISTORY OF ENGLAND. Illustrations, some in 

color. Twentieth Century Edition. London, n.d. 9 vols., roy. 


Cl. g.t. CC (29) $7.50. 
CASSIN (John). Illustrations of the Birds of California, Texas, 

Oregon, British and Russian America. Col. plates. Phila., 1886. 

Roy. 8vo. 
Orig. hf. binding (broken, first leaves stained). J(34)$35.oo. 

CASSIODORUS (Magnus Aurelius). Ecclesiastica et tri- 

partita historia. 192 leaves (should be 194). Augsburg, Schus- 

sler, 1472. Fol. (Rain *4573). 
Pigskin, tooled, brass clasps with leath. hinges (marginal defect in one 

leaf, last 2 blanks lacking, last 2 leaves present are holed, marginal 

inscriptions, evidence of few marginal place-finders now removed). 

CASTELL (William). A Short Discoverie of the Coasts and 

Continent of America, from the Equinoctiall Northward, and of 
the adjacent Isles. London, 1644. Sm. 4to. 
Unbound, in hf. mor. case (size 7x5%; in.). LL( 149) $425.00. 


CASTIGLIONE (Baldassare). The Courtier. Done into Eng- 
lish by T. Hobby. [English, French, and Italian text.] London, 
1588. Sm. 4to. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Lloyd (few headlines trimmed into, title 
bears inscription). JK(85)$i2.5o. 

The Book of the Courtier. Trans, by L. E. Opdycke. 12 por- 
traits. N.Y., 1903. Sq. 8vo. 
Y mor., g.t. OO(672)$n.oo. 

GATHER (Willa S.). Alexander's Bridge. Boston, 1912. I2mo. 

Orig. lavender cl. Q (75) $25.00. 

Orig. lavender cl. (signed on Jan. 30, 1921). EF( 264) $30.00. 

April Twilights. Boston, 1903. I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (with autograph poem, "Spanish Johnny," signed and 
dated Aug. 3, 1915)- K(64)$67.oo. 

April Twilights and Other Poems. Signed. N.Y., 1923. 

Tall I2mo. 
Hf. vel., unopened. II(82)$i9.oo. 

Death Comes for the Archbishop. Japan paper, signed. N.Y., 

1927. 8vo. 
Vel., g.t., unopened (soiled). 0(83) $38.00. 

A Lost Lady. Signed. N.Y., 1923. 8vo. 

Hf. buckram, unopened (rubbed). Q( 80) $47.50. 

My Antonia. Illus. by W. T. Benda. Boston, 1918. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (worn, inner front hinge split). XX(6o)$i8.oo. 

My Mortal Enemy. Signed. N.Y., 1926. 8vo. 

Hf. buckram, unopened. Q (82) $18.00. 

Bds., unc. (laid in is A. L. S.). EF (266) $15.00. 

O Pioneers! Boston, 1913. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. Q(76)$25-50. 

One of Ours. Signed. N.Y., 1922. 8vo. 

Hf. buckram, unopened. Q(79)$i8.oo. 

The Professor's House. N.Y., 1925. 8vo. 

Hf. buckram, unopened (Japan paper, signed). Q(8i) $15.00. 

The Song of the Lark. Boston, 1915. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (backstrip stained). N(66)$io.oo. 
Orig. cl. Q(77)$20.50. 
Cl. N0(6o)$i2. 5 o. 

The Troll Garden. N.Y., 1005. 12010. 

Q., unc. (with "McClure Phillips & Co." on backstrip). EF(263) 

Youth and the Bright Medusa. N.Y., 1920. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., unopened (signed). Q(78)$i4.oo. 

Cl., unc. (with signed copy of her "One of Ours," N.Y., 1922; to- 
gether 2 vols.). EF (265) $12.50. 


Domiduca Oxoniensis, sive Musae Academicae, Gratulatip ob 
Auspicatissimum Serenissimae Principis Catharinae Lusitana, 



Regi suo Deponsolse, in Angliam appulsum. Folding frontis. 

Oxoniae, A. and L. Lichfield, 1662. Sm. 4to. 
Cf., g.e., by Riviere (Arbury Library- Jerome Kern copy). JJ(i27) 


CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA (The). N.Y., [1907-12.] 16 

vols., 4to. 
Hf. mor. B(36)$2i.oo. 

CATLIN (George). Catlin's North American Indian Portfolio. 

Col. plates. 18-44; [also] A Descriptive Catalogue of Catlin's 
Indian Collection. 1848. London, 1844-48. 2 vols., fol. and 8yo. 
y^ mor.; second vol. unbound, paper covers (first vol. rubbed, title 
of second vol. soiled). XX (61) $130.00. 

Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs, and Condition 

of the North American Indians. Plates and maps. London, 1841. 
2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t, by Sangorski. U (49) $15.00. 

Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs, and Condition 

of the North American Indians. Plates and maps. N.Y., 1841. 

2 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl. E (33) $19.00. 
Orig. cl. OO(ioo)$ 

Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs, and Condition 

of the North American Indians. London, 1842. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (rubbed, backstrips faded, label removed from backstrip of 
first vol.). IJ(25)$n.25. 

North American Indians. Col. plates. Edinburgh, 1926. 2 

vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t. XX(62)$ 

CATO (Dionysius). Cato cum glosa et moralisatione. 52 leaves. 

[Cologne, Quentell, about 1493-95.] 4to (Hain *4728). 
Mor., tooled, g.e. (Clarence H. Clark copy). JK (89) $21.00. 

CATULLUS. Catullus, Tibullus and Propertius (only). Opera. 

127 leaves, without final blank of third part and without fourth 
part, 60 leaves, the Sylvae of Statius. Initials in color. Venice, 
Johannes de Colonia and Johannes Manthen, 1475. Fol. (Hain 


Mor., tooled, g.e. (occasional marginal stains and cont. notes; hole 
through closing leaves; Janus Broukhusius copy, with his signa- 
ture and 2 notes in his hand). LL (45 ) $80.00. 

Catullus, Tibullus, and Propertius. [Poemata.] Venice, 

Aldus, 1515. 8vo. 
Mor., tooled, g.e. (rubbed, William Clark copy). JK (90) $27.50. 

Catullus and Tibullus. Poems. Frontis. London, 1891. i2mo. 

Cl. (Eugene Field copy). O(i2o)$22.5o. 

CAULFIELD (James). Portraits, Memoirs, and Characters of 
Remarkable Persons. Portraits. London, 1819-20. 4 vols., 4to. 
Hf. mor. (rubbed, Large paper). CC(3o) $12.00. 


CAXTON CLUB. (Chicago). 

Charlevoix (Pierre F. X. de). Journal of a Voyage to North 

America. 1923. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. cl., g.t. TT (84) $18.00. 

Davenport (Cyril). Roger Payne. Plates. 1929. 4to. 

Orig. buckram, g.t. V(63)$i6.oo. 

Davenport (Cyril). Thomas Berthelet. 1901. 4to. 

Hf. cl., unopened. TT (82) $16.00. 

Duff (E. Gordon). William Caxton. 1905. 4to. 

Orig. bds., unc. (with leaf from Caxton's edition of Chaucer's "Can- 
terbury Tales"). DD(39)$ 

Lev. mor., unc., by Monastery Hill Bindery; in cl. case (with leaf 
from Caxton's edition of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales"; Gable- 
Kern copy). JJ(6o)$io5.oo. 

Kenyon (Frederic G.). Ancient Books and Modern Discov- 
eries. Plates. 1927. 4to. 

Bds., in case. C( 55) $26.00. 

Hf. vel., g.t. (extra title laid in). V(6i)$i5.oo. 

Hf. vel., g.t. II (85) $22.00. 

Hf. vel., g.t. CD(65)$i5-oo. 

Koch (Theodore W.). Tales for Bibliophiles. 1919. I2mo. 

Hf. cl., g.t. V(62)$i4-oo. 

La Salle (Nicholas de). Relation of [his] Discoveries and 

Voyages . . . 1679 to 1681. Trans, by Melville B. Anderson. 
190*1. 8vo. 

Hf. vel. TT (83) $13.00. 

La Salle (Nicholas de). Relation of the Discovery of the 

Mississippi River. Trans, by Melville B. Anderson. 1898. 8vo. 

Hf. vel. XX(63)$ 

Mansfield (Howard). A Descriptive Catalogue of the Etch- 
ings and Dry-Points of James McNeill Whistler. 1909. 4to. 

Hf. cl., g.t., unopened. MN (323) $8.00. 

Poe (Edgar Allan). Some Letters of Edgar Allan Poe to 

E. H. N. Patterson of Oquawka, Illinois. 1898. 4to. 

Cl., unc. EF(837)$io.oo. 

Thompson (James W.). The Frankfort Book Fair. 1911. 

-)4 mor., unc. K(66)$n.oo. 

Uzanne (Octave). The French Bookbinders of the Eight- 
eenth Century. Plates. Trans, by Mabel Mcllvaine. 1904. 4to. 

Hf. cl., unc. and unopened. K (65) $14.00. 

Hf. cl., unopened. TT(8i)$i2.oo. 

CAYET (Pierre Victor Palma). Chronologic Novenaire, con- 
tenant 1'Histoire de la Guerre . . . 1589-1598. Paris, Richer, 
1608. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Lev. mor., g.e. P( 57) $51.00. 

Lev. mor., g.e. BC(ii)$22.5O. 

CECIL (Edward, Lord). A Journall, and Relation of the Ac- 
tion, which . . . Edward Lord Cecil . . . did vndertake vpon the 
Coast of Spaine, 1625. 1626. Sm. 4to. 

Sewed, in hf. mor. case (leaf A missing, 6^ by 5^4 in.). LL(i3o) 



Criminal Jurisprudence. See BORROW (George). 
CELLINI (Benvenuto). [His] Life. Trans, by John Addington 

Symonds. Portrait and 8 plates by F. Laguillermie. London, 

1888. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Zaehnsdorf (Large paper, M. C. D. 

Borden copy). R( 157) $80.00. 
Life. Trans, by J. A. Symonds. Portrait, 8 etchings, and 18 

plates. N.Y., 1888. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. EF( 1032) $10.00. 

[His] Life. Portraits and 28 drawings. London, 1926. 8vo. 

Cf., g.e., by Riviere. X (34) $20.00. 

[His] Life. A New Version by R. H. H. Cust. Plates. Lon- 
don, Navarre Society, 1927. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., by Morrell ; in cl. case. TTa (31) $12.00. 
[His] Life. Trans, by J. A. Symonds. 40 illustrations. N.Y., 

n.d. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. YYa( 29) $25.00. 

Memoirs. Trans, by Thomas Roscoe. Portrait. London, 1823. 

2 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., g.t., by Sangorski. U( 50) $42.50. 




and Delightsome Stories, Right Pleasaunte to relate in all Goodly 
Companie by Way of Joyance and Jollity. Now first done into 
the English Tongue by [Robert Bruce Douglas]. Paris, Carring- 
ton, n.d. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. S(i49a)$9.oo. 

CENTINEL (Vincent). Massachusetts in Agony; or, Impor- 
tant Hints to the Inhabitants of the Province ; calling aloud for 
Justice to be done to the Offenders; and avert the impending 
wrath over the Oppressed. Boston, Fowle, 1750. 4to. 

Hf. mor. J(io) $57.50. 

CENTURY DICTIONARY (The). 10 vols.; [with] The Cen- 
tury Cyclopedia of Names; fandl The Century Atlas. N.Y., 1911. 
12 vols., 4to. 

Hf. pigskin. X(2oi) $12.00. 

CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (Miguel de). Vida y Hechos del 
Ingcnioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha. Plates by Van- 
der Gucht. Londres, Ton son, 1738. 4 vols., 4to. 

Cont. mor., g.e. (rubbed, Syston Park copy). JK(9i)$ 

El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha. 4 frontis- 
pieces, portrait, map, and 31 plates. Madrid, 1780. 4 vols., 4to. 

Old cf., tooled, g.e. (inscriptions on titles, John Baldwin bookplate). 
R (415) $80.00. 

The Life and Exploits of the Ingenious Gentleman Don 

Quixote de la Mancha. Trans, by Charles Jarvis. Folding map, 
portrait, and plates. London, 1810. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Old cf., tooled, g.e. (rubbed, plates in color). U(52)$37-5O. 

Cont. cf. (rubbed). ZZ (51) $7.50. 


CERVANTES SAAVEDRA (Miguel de) Continued. 
Don Quixote de la Mancha. Trans, by C. Jarvis. 24 col. 

plates after I. H. Clark. London, 1819. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Old cf. (rebacked). B(48)$i9.oo. * 
Mor., g.t., unc., by Tout. GH (44) $30.00. 

The Spirit of Cervantes; or, Don Quixote Abridged. 4 col. 

aquatint plates. London, 1820. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t. GH (45) $7-50. 

The Life and Exploits of Don Quixote. Trans, by C. Jarvis. 

Portrait, and 24 woodcuts. London, 1837. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Riviere (David Salomons copy). JK(92) 


The History of the Ingenious Gentleman, Don Quixote, of 

La Mancha. Trans, by P. A. Motteux. Plates by Lalauze, col. 
by hand. Edinburgh, Wm. Patterson, 1879-84. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e. X (35) $84.00. 

The Ingenious Knight, Don Quixote. Trans, by Alexander 

J. Duffield. London, 1881. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t. U(53)$27-5<>. 

The History of The Valorous and Witty Knight-Errant, Don 

Quixote of the Mancha. Trans, by Thomas Shelton. Illus. by 
F. Brangwyn. London and Phila., 1895. 4 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. cf., g.t., unc. S (60) $7.50. 

Orig. buckram. (36) $8.00. 

The History of Don Quixote of the Mancha. Trans, by T. 

Shelton. The Tudor Translations. Ed. by W. E. Henley. Lon- 
don, 1896. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. buckram, unopened (rubbed and shaken). TT( 133) $10.00. 

The History of the Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of 

La Mancha. Trans, by P. A. Motteux. Illus. by Lalange. Edin- 
burgh, 1906. 4 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. JJ(6i) $11.00. 

The History of the Valorous and Witty Knight-Errant Don 

Quixote of the Mancha. Trans, by T. Shelton. Plates by D. 
Vierge. N.Y., 1906-07. 4 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. JK (93) $25.00. 

The History of Don Quixote de la Mancha. Trans, by T. 

Shelton. Illustrations by Jean de Bosscherc, some in color. Lon- 
don, 1922. Fol. 

Cl. (rubbed, corner bent). V(35)$9.oo. 

The History of Don Quixote of the Mancha. Trans, by T. 

Shelton. London, Navarre Society, 1923. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t, by Morrell; in cl. case. TTa (32) $17.00. 
24 mor., g.t., unc. YYa(3O)$ii.oo. 

CESCINSKY (Herbert). English Furniture of the Eighteenth 

Century. N.Y., n.d. 3 vols., 4to. 
Hf. mor. g.t. W (38) $27.50. 
Buckram, unc. DE( 39) $30.00. 
Hf. mor., g.t. JK(94)$30.oo. 


CESCINSKY (Herbert)' and CRIBBLE (Ernest R.). Early 

English Furniture and Woodwork. London, io2. 2 vols., fol. 
Cl, g.t. NO(6i)$25.oo. 

antz spectacles et magnifiques theatres dresses, et exhibes par les 
citoiens de Rouen ... a la sacree Maieste du Treschristian Roy 
de France, Henry second . . . et a Tresillustre dame, ma Dame 
Katharin de Medicis, La Rpyne son espouze. 67 leaves, roman 
type; 29 woodcut illustrations (5 double-page) including the 
woodcut of the Dauphin; 2 pp. music, and woodcut initials, il- 
ium, by hand. Rouen, Robert le Hoy & Jehan dictz du Gord 
[Printed by Jehan le Prest] 1551. 4to. 

English 1 7th century cf., tooled, g.e. (one hinge cracked; on vellum; 
with signature of Earl of Ancram, on title and on a no. of other 
pp., also early Lothian bookplate). LL(8i) $4600.00. 

CEZANNE (Paul). Cezanne Album. 59 plates, 3 in color. 
Texte de Mirbeau, Daret, Jourdain, et Werth. Paris, 1914. Fol. 
Cl., unc. (orig. wrappers bound in). DE (40) $30.00. 

CHAD WICK (Edward M.). Ontarian Families. Col. plates. 2 

vols. in the 24 orig. parts. Toronto, 1894. 
24 orig. parts (index for Vol. I bound in part 12, for Vol. II, in 

part 24). ' KLa (93) $10.00. 

CHAMBERS (Robert W.). The King in Yellow. Chic., 1895. 


Cl., unc. (presentation copy). NO(63)$i2.5o. 

CHAMBERS (Theodore F.). The Early Germans of New 

Jersey. Maps. Dover, N.J., 1895. Roy. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc. 88(158) $18.00. 

CHAMPLAIN (Samuel de). Les Voyages. Large folding map, 
7 folding maps, 3 folding plates, 13 engravings and a woodcut in 
the text. Paris, Berjon, 1613. 4to. 

Cont. cf. (one joint cracked, natural defect in one margin, stain on top 
margin of title, blank corner of A4 torn off ; the large folding map 
is in 2 sections, the first part with marginal tear bound at page 
162, the second at page i ; chart on page 9 is the corrected form 
and is not pasted over an impression of the one on the preceding 
page). LL(ii7)$2ioo.oo. 

Les Voyages . . . [Traitte de la Marine et dy devoir d'vn bon 

Marinier . . . Doctrine Chrestienne . . . Traduicte en Langage- 
Canadois . . . Par le R. P. Breboeuf]. 6 engravings in the text 
and 2 woodcuts. Paris, Collet, 1632. Sm. 4to. 
Cont. cf. (stained, hole through 60 pp., a few other defects; lacks the 
folding map). LL(i34)$no.oo. 

CHAMPLIN (John D.) and PERKINS (Charles C.). Cyclo- 
pedia of Painters and Paintings. N.Y., 1886. 4 vols., 4to. 
Vel., g.t. W(39)$i7-50. 
Vel., g.e. X( 138) $8.00. 

CHANDLER (Thomas B.). The Appeal [in behalf of the 
Church of England in America] farther Defended. N.Y., 1771. 

Bds. (water stained, cover loose; presentation copy, portion of in- 
scription missing). KK( 226) $10.00. 


CHAPMAN (Jacob). Weeks Genealogy: Leonard Weeks, of 

Greenland, N. H., and Descendants, 1639-1888. Portrait. Albany, 
1889. 8vo. 
Cl. A(ii7)$i2.5o. 

CHARLES II OF ENGLAND. Britannia Rediviva. Poems by 

v. authors. Oxonise, Lichfield, 1660. Sm. 4to. 
Cf., g.e., by Riviere (Arbury Library- Jerome Kern copy). JJ(6s) 

CHARLES (C. J.). Elizabethan Interiors. Plates. London, n.d. 


Hf. mor., g.t., unc. W (40) $10.00. 

Hf. vel., g.t., unc. (inscription on fly-leaf). W(4i)$7.50. 
CHARLEVOIX (Pierre F. X. de). Histoire et Description 

Generate de la Nouvelle France. 28 maps and 22 plates. Paris, 

1744. 3 vols., 4to. 
Old cf., tooled (worn, hinges cracked, Lord Adam Gordon set). L 

(37) $22.50. 

History and General Description of New France. Trans, by 

J. G. Shea. Portraits, maps, and plates. N.Y., 1866-72. 6 vols., 

Hf. mor., g.t. KLa (96) $27.00. 

Journal of a Voyage to North America. Folding map. Lon- 
don, 1761. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cf. (rubbed). TT(85)$55-oo. 

A Voyage to North- America. 8 maps and 2 plates. Dublin, 

1766. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cont. cf. UU (24) $35.00. 

CHARNOCK (John). A History of Marine Architecture. 99 

plates (should be 100). London, 1800-02. 3 vols., 4to. 
Hf. mor. (rubbed). GG(i88)$52.5o. 

CHASE (Elizabeth). Miscellaneous Selections and Original 
Pieces, in Prose and Verse. [Contains contributions possibly by 
E. A. Poe.] [Richmond,! Va., 1821. I2mo. 

(Presentation copy, to Thomas Jefferson, also inscribed by him to 
"C. J. R."). GG(2ii)$47.5o. 

CHASE (Owen). Narrative of the Most Extraordinary and 

Distressing Shipwreck of the Whale-Ship Essex, of Nantucket. 
London, 1821. I2mo. 

Hf. mor. (rubbed, some foxing and stains, pp. 123 to end missing; 
Lemuel Shaw-Herman Melville copy, so inscribed in hand of lat- 
ter; also in Melville's hand are n pages at front of vol. and 7 
at the end upon this work; at the end, also, are newspaper ex- 
cerpts, apparently inserted by Melville; also, bound in, is A. L. S. 
of Thomas Macy, who obtained this copy for Lemuel Shaw). 
NN( 177) $1,675-00. 

CHASTELLUX (Frangois J., Marquis de). Voyages dans 
TAmerique Septentrionale . . . 1780-1782. 2 maps and 3 plates. 
Paris, 1786. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., (joints cracked, Thomas Nelson Page copy). F(23C) $12.50. 


CHASTELLUX (Frangois J., Marquis de) Continued. 

Travels in North-America in ... 1780-1782. Trans, by [J. 

Kent]. N.Y., 1827. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. (stamp on title). QQ(96)$I7.5O. 

CHATTERTON (Edward K.). Ship-Models. Plates, some in 
color. London, 1923. 4to. 

Cl., g.t. GG( 189) $12.50. 

Cl. (with his "Steamship Models," London, 1924; "Old Ship Prints," 
London and N.Y., 1927 ; "Old Sea Paintings," London and N.Y., 
1928; together 4 vols. ; one vol. signed). DE(45)$ 

CHATTERTON (Thomas). Poems, supposed to have been 

written at Bristol, by Thomas Rowley, and others, in the Fif- 
teenth Century. London, 1777. 8vo. 

Cf. (rubbed, Samuel Sharp copy). EF (267) $7.50. 

Poems, supposed to have been written at Bristol, by Thomas 

Rowley, and Others, in the Fifteenth Century. [Contains con- 
tribution by S. T. Coleridge, poem, "Monody on the Death of 
Chatter ton."] Engraved title. Cambridge, 1794. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t. (back faded, name on fly leaf). F (44) $9.00. 

Cf., tooled, unc. JK(95)$ii.oo. 

CHAUCER (Geoffrey). Canterbury Tales. Ed. by T. Tyrwhitt. 
London, 1822. 5 vols., 8vo. 

y 4 mor., g.t., by Riviere. XX(f>5)$3i.oo. 

Canterbury Tales. Portrait and plate. 5 vols. 1830; [also] 

Romaunt of the Rose. With Life of the Poet, by Sir Harris 
Nicolas. 3 vols. 1846. London, Pickering, 1830-46. 8 vols., 

Mor., g.t., by Pratt. (2 half-titles lacking in first work). GH(47) 

The Canterbury Tales. Col. illustrations by W. Russell Flint. 

London, Riccardi Press, 1928. 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, g.e., by Riviere. X(36)$i7.50. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Riviere; in cl. case. TTa( 33) $22.50. 

The Canterbury Tales. Illus. by Rockwell Kent. N.Y., 1930. 

2 vols., fol. 

Buckram, g.t., unc. K(2f)2)$35.oo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. (signed by artist). ZZ(52)$22.5O. 

Workes. 359 leaves (should be 360). Woodcuts. London, Wil- 
liam Bonham [about 1545]. Fol. 

Rus., tooled (title soiled and rubbed, bears a no. of cont. marginal 
inscriptions; occasional early marginal inscriptions elsewhere; few 
holes; vol. lacks last leaf, Qqq6). LL( 79) $175.00. 

Workes. Woodcuts. London, Rycharde Kele [about 1545]. Fol. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Bedford (inner margin of title, including 
few words, partly restored; another leaf partly remargined; few 
leaves at end supplied from other copies). NN(43)$75.oo. 

Works. Woodcuts. Fourth edition, First issue, with the wood- 
cuts in the Prologue. London, John Kyngston for John Wight, 
1561. Fol. 

Cf. (worn, rebacked ; lacks main title, inner margin of first divisional 
title partly restored, marginal repairs on last 2 leaves, a few 
marginal tears, some head lines trimmed into, some leaves dis- 


CHAUCER (Geoffrey) Continued. 

colored ; the 3 leaves carrying "Dedication" etc. have been bound 
between the Prologue and the text of "The Caunterburie Tales" ; 
old armorial bookplate). LL( 83) $100.00. 

Works to which is adjoyn'd the Story of the Siege of Thebes, 

by John Lidgate. Together with the Life of Chaucer. 
Frontis. [Reprint of Speght edition of 1602.] London, 1687. 

Mor., tooled, g.e., Griswold arms (Griswold-Poor-Lefferts- Wallace 
copy) . CC (210) $65.00. 

Old cf., in cl. case (worn and rehinged, new end papers; Eugene 
Field copy). VV (33) $17.00. 

Works of Geoffrey Chaucer and Others. Intro, by Walter 

W. Skeat. London, n.d. Fol. 

Suede, unc. F (35) $12.50. 

CHECKLEY (Samuel). The Duty of God's People when en- 
gaged in War : a Sermon Preached at the North-Church of Christ 
in Boston, Sept. 21. Boston, 1755. Sm. 4to. 

Hf. mor. (hinges cracked, writing on half-title). L(67)$g.oo. 

CHEROKEES. [Broadside.] Issued by Lieutenant Colonel 
Thomas Butler to the Settlers within the Cherokee Boundary, as 
established by the Treaty of Holston, on the second day of July, 
1791 [dealing with punishment of intruders upon the Cherokee 
lands.] n.p., n.d. Roy. 4to. 

HH (87) $26.00. 

[Broadside.] To the Settlers Within the Cherokee Bound- 
ary, as established by the Treaty of Holston, on the 2d of July, 
1791, etc. ... It having become absolutely necessary to the re- 
establishment of tranquility on the frontiers . . . that all persons 
having intruded upon the Cherokee lands, should be removed, I 
am commanded by the President of the United States to make 
this necessity known to you, and to require and enjoin upon you 
to remove from the same, etc. Given at the Headquarters of 
the 4th Regiment, igth of August, 1797. Thomas Butler, Lieut. 
Col. Commanding the Troops of the United States, in the State 
of Tennessee, n.p., n.d. [Knoxville, George Roulstone, 1797]. 
Fol., folded to 4to. 

In cl. folder and case. BC (98) $37.50. 

CHESTERFIELD (Philip Stanhope, Earl of). Letters ... to 

his Son, Philip Stanhope. Portrait. London, 1774. 2 vols., 4to. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked; armorial bookplate, also bookplate of Thomas 

Poynder) . O (63)$8o.oo. 
Cont. cf. A A (23) $90.00. 

Cont. cf. (lacks half-titles, laid in is A. L. S.). NN (44) $65.00. 
Cont. cf., in cl. case (cont. Whitshed bookplate). TTa (34) $85.00. 
Old hf. cf., tooled. EF (271) $105.00. 

Letters ... to his Son, Philip Stanhope. Portrait. Second 

edition. London, 1774. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cf., tooled, g.t. (name on titles). O(64)$io.oo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (rebacked, John Hughes copy). EF (272) $8.00. 

Letters. Ed. by Lord Mahon. Portraits. London, 1845-53. 5 

vols., 8vo. 
$4 lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski. U( 54) $30.00. 


CHESTERFIELD (Philip Stanhope, Earl of) Continued. 

Letters to his Son. Plates. Beau Brummell Edition. N.Y., 

1925. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.t., by Morrell; in cl. case. TTa( 163) $10.00. 
Y mor., g.t., unc. YYa(3i)$n.oo. 



CHEVIGNfi (Louis de). Les Contes Remois. Edition minia- 
ture. Portrait, fipernay, 1875. 32mo. 

Mor., tooled, inlaid, g.t., unc., by Zaehnsdorf; in mor. case. U(55) 

CHEW (Beverly). Essays and Verses about Books. Frontis. 

N.Y., Merry mount Press, 1926. 8vo. 
Bds., unc.; in hf. mor. case. NO (65) $7.50. 

CHICAGO. Edward's Chicago Directory. Chic., 1869-70. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (shaken). E(45)$io.oo. 

Keppler (J.). Richard's Illustrated Statistical [Folding] Map 

of the Great Conflagration in Chicago. St. Louis, 1871. 25 x 38 
In folder. E(57)$io.oo. 

The Railroads, History, and Commerce of Chicago. Map. 

72 pp. Chic., Iglehart, 1854. 8vo. 

Orig. paper (with the "Report of the Present State of the Illinois 
Central Railroad to the Lake Front . . . under the 'Lake Front 
Steal' of 1869," 8 pp., Publication No. i of the Illinois Anti- 
Monopoly League; together 2 pamphlets). E (66) $10.00. 

A Strangers' and Tourists' Guide to the City of Chicago. 

Folding map. Chic., 1866. i8mo. 

Orig. cl. (48) $8.00. 


CHICAGO MAGAZINE. The West As It Is. Vol. I, Nos. 1-5, 

March-Aug., 1857 [all published]. Chic., 1857. 8vo. 
Hf. roan (rubbed, 5 issues in one vol.) KLa(ioi) $12.00. 

June I, 1896- Aug. 31, 1929. Chic. [1896-1929.] 71 vols., 8vo. 

Leath. (one vol. in duplicate, together 72 vols. ; some bindings dam- 
aged, several titles lacking). R( 15) $70.00. 

CHIFNEY (Samuel). Genius Genuine. [London,] Sold for the 

Author. 1804. 8vo. 
Hf. cont. cf. (rubbed, writing on title). R(i6) $16.00. 

CHILDS (Cephus G.). Views in Philadelphia, and its Vicinity. 

Plates. Phila., Childs, 1827. Roy. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. P( 139) $16.50. 

CHIPPENDALE (Thomas). The Gentleman and Cabinet- 
Maker's Director. Engraved dedication-page and 160 plates. 
London, 1754. Fol. 

Hf. mor., tooled (some foxing). NN(45)$9O.oo. 

The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director. 200 plates. 

[London, 1762.] Roy. fol. 


CHIPPENDALE (Thomas) Continued. 

New cl. (lacks title, one plate repaired, many stained, dedication leaf 
damaged and backed, 2 leaves remargined). W (45) $55.00. 


N.Y., 1903-04. 3 vols., fol. 
Q., unc. F (38) $25.00. 

CHITTENDEN (Hiram M.). The American Fur Trade of the 

Far West. Folding map and plates. N.Y., 1902. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc. KLa( 102) $22.50. 

CHOPIN (Kate). The Awakening. Chic., 1899. i2mo. 
Orig. cl., g.t. (shaken, name on fly leaf). XX(66)$8.oo. 

Bayou Folks. Boston, 1894; [also] A Night in Acadie. Chic., 

1897; [also] The Awakening. Chic., 1899. Boston and Chic., 
1894-99. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (first vol. has faded backstrip and name in ink; second and 
third vols. are unc.). K (68) $23.00. 

CHRONICLES OF AMERICA (The). Ed. by Allen Johnson 
and others. Maps and illustrations. Abraham Lincoln Edition. 
New Haven, Yale Univ. Press, 1919. 50 vols., I2mo. 

CL, g.t. unc. U (56) $80.00. 

Q., g.t, unc. GG( 190) $32.50. 

Chronicles of America. Illustrations and col. maps. New 

Haven, Yale Univ. Press, 1920. 50 vols., I2mo. Extra illustrated 

Cl., g.t., unc. B (40) $47.00. 

CHRONICLES OF ENGLAND (The). 181 leaves; [bound 
with] The Description of Britain. 29 leaves. Westminster, Cax- 
ton, 1480. Sm. fol. 

English early I9th century mor., g.e. (2 vols. in one, measuring gfa x 
6f in. ; leaf r6 of the "Chronicles," torn diagonally across, is re- 
paired at margins; no. of repaired tears in other leaves; de- 
fect in middle of first leaf, affecting a few words ; strip cut from 
upper margin of first 2 leaves of the "Description," first leaf 
backed; each vol. lacks a blank; with Lothian bookplate and, 
in each work, signature "Ancram"; few cont. marginal notes on 
leaves f4~5). LL( 49) $7000.00. 

The Chronicles of England. [London, William De Machlinia, 

1486.] Sm. fol. 

English late I7th century cf. (front hinge partly cracked ; lacks leaves 
84-5; lower portion of opening leaves of index partly torn and 
frayed from deterioration of paper: first 2 leaves rehinged and 
last leaf, a corner of the margin of which has been torn away, 
is backed ; occasional stains and a few cont. marginal inscriptions ; 
leaves measure 10^ x 7% in. ; inscription, "Wm. Pownall, Lin- 
coln, Feb. 7th, 1726/7," on binder's fly-leaf). LL (51) $1200.00. 

The Cronycles of Englonde. 190 leaves (should be 192). 

Large armorial woodcut on first title, repeated on verso ; woodcut 
illustrations; large woodcut printer's mark at end of first part; 
large woodcut view on second title and small printer's mark at 
end. London, Wynkyn de Worde, 1528. Fol. 



Mor., tooled, g.e., by Orrock, Lothian monogram and coronet (hole 
in first title, affecting one word ; edge of armorial woodcut shaved ; 
marginal hole through closing leaves ; a few stains ; cont. inscrip- 
tions, and underlinings ; second part lacks leaf D and final blank, 
Newbattle Abbey label). LL( 74) $500.00. 

See also FABYAN (Robert). 


CHURCHILL (T. O.). The Life of Lord Viscount Nelson. 

^ Plates. London, 1808. 4to. 

Mor., g.e. (rehinged, corners worn; pasted below frontis. is franked 
address-leaf in the hand of Nelson). CC (33) $10.00. 

CHURCHILL (Winston). The Celebrity. N.Y., 1898. wmo. 
Cl. M(S3)$io.oo. 

Richard Carvel. N.Y., 1899. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. SS(i7)$i7.50. 

CHYDENIUS (Anders). See KALM (Peter). 

CIBBER (Colley). An Apology for [his] Life. Portrait by G. 

Vander Gucht after Vanloo. London, John Watts for the Author, 

1740. Large 4to. 
Cf. (rebacked, measures n%x8% in., Joe Lorraine copy). M(54) 

Cf. (rubbed, hinges split, lacks portrait, bookplate). OO(677)$n.oo. 

An Apology for [his] Life. Ed. by Robert W. Lowe. 26 por- 
traits by R. B. Parkes, and 18 etchings by Adolphe Lalauze. Lon- 
don, 1889. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, inlaid, by Monastery Hill Bindery; in case (portraits 
in 2 states). V( 72) $21.00. 

CICERO. Cato Major. Trans, by James Logan. Second issue 

with word "only," on page 27, line 5, complete without dropped 

"1." Phila., B. Franklin, 1744. 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, g.e. on rough, by Riviere (margin of title repaired, 

last few pp. foxed at corners). B(87)$20O.oo. 
Cont. cf. (covers loose ; four words in title outlined in ink, few margins 

discolored, portrait inserted). L( 66) $115.00. 

De Officiis, de Senectute, et de Amicitia. London, Pickering, 

1821. 64mo. 
Niger, tooled, inlaid, g.t., boxed. V(73)$i6.oo. 

Opera Omnia. Ed. by Alexander Minutianus. [Vols. Ill and 

IV only.] [Milan, Le Signerre, 1498-99.] Fol. (Hain *5056). 

Vel. (2 vols. in one ; one margin partly cut away, few holes, few notes 
in one margin). JK (99) $12.50. 

CIVIL WAR. Official Army Register of the Volunteer Force 

of the U. S. Army, 1861-1865. Wash., 1865. 8 vols. f I2mo. 
Mor. (U. S. Grant copy, his autograph on fly-leaf). HH(9)$i7.oo. 

CLAIBORNE (John F. H.). Mississippi as a Province, Terri- 
tory and State, with Biographical Notices of Eminent Citizens. 
Portraits. Vol. I [all published]. Jackson, Miss., 1880. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. KLa( 105) $14.00. 


CLAIBORNE (Nathaniel H.). Notes on the War in the South. 

Richmond, Va., 1819. I2mo. 
Orig. cf. (rubbed). L (38) $15.00. 
Orig. cf. QQ (490) $10. 10. 

CLARENDON (Edward Hyde, Earl of). The History of the 
Rebellion and Civil Wars in England. Portraits. Oxford, 1705- 
06. 6 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. mor. (rubbed, Thomas Nelson Page copy, note by him on 2 
titles). F(238)$32.5o. 

The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England. 

Oxford, 1849. 7 vols., 8vo. 
Cont. cf., tooled (John Dryden copy). X (38) $14.00. 

CLARK (James S.) and M'ARTHUR (John). The Life of Ad- 
miral Lord Nelson. Engraved plates. London, 1809. 2 vols., 
roy. 4to. 

Cont. rus., g.e., gauffered (rebacked). X( 132) $9.00. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. (rubbed; plates foxed, writing on fly leaf; 
A. F. Woodward copy). NN(47)$i7.50. 

CLARK (Thomas). Sketches of the Naval History of the 

United States. Frontis. Phila., 1813. I2mo. 
Roan, g.t., by Zaehnsdorf. YY (30) $12.00. 

CLARKE (Lewis). Narrative of [his] Sufferings, during a Cap- 
tivity of More than Twenty-five Years among the Algerines of 
Kentucky. Portrait. [Appendix contains an Anti-Slavery Letter 
by John G. Whittier.] Boston, 1845. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (front wrapper loose, name cut from 
margin of portrait). NN (48) $9.00. 

CLAVEL (Robert). His Majesties Propriety, and Dominion 

on the Brittish Seas asserted. Portrait and folding map. Lon- 
don, for Edward Thomas, 1672. I2mo. 
Orig. cf. (Francis Fulford copy). FF( 30) $27.50. 

CLAVIGERO (Francisco S.). The History of Mexico. Trans. 

by Charles Cullen. 2 maps and 25 plates. London, 1787. 2 vols., 

Hf. mor., g.t. (covers worn). L (39) $15.00. 

CLAY (Cassius M.). [His] Life and Memoirs, Writings and 

Speeches. Vol. i fall published]. Cincinnati, 1886. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (cover spotted, shaken). IJ (28) $9.00. 

CLEMENS (Samuel L.). The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. 

London, 1884. I2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (W. P. Collins copy). O(67)$85.oo. 
Cl., unc. CC(2i3)$35.oo. 

Orig. cl., in folding cl. box (back faded). II(9o)$40.oo. 
Orig. cl. QQ( 104) $27.50. 
Orig. cl. IJ (29) $15.00. 

Orig. cl., unc. (Paul Lemperley copy). KL( 153) $20.00. 
Orig. cl., unc.; in ,cl. case (author's signature pasted on front end 

paper) . NO (69)$3O.oo. 

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Tom Sawyer's Comrade). 

N.Y., 1885. Sq. 8vo. 


CLEMENS (Samuel L.) Continued. 

Orig. green cl. (rubbed, shaken, and soiled; First issue, with "was" 

for "saw" on page 57 and with page 283 tipped in; numeral on 

page 255 is from larger font than that used on other pages). E 

(71) $30.00. 

Orig. green cl. (Second issue). (73) $25.00. 
Orig. green cl. (First issue, with misprint "was" in line 23 of page 

57, with incorrect page reference, in list of illustrations, to "Him 

and Another Man," and with page 283 on stub; numeral "5" is 

lacking on page 155). M(64)$8s.oo. 
Cf. (rubbed). M(65)$io.oo. 
Orig. green cl. ( First *issue, with misprints on page 57 and in list of 

illustrations and with page 283 on a stub; final digit is dropped 

in numeral of page 155). AA( 176) $100.00. 
Green cl. (worn, shaken, name on end paper, 2 plates and some margins 

stained; page 283 is on stub). CC(2i4)$ 
Orig. blue cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (back worn, one hinge 

split ; First issue, with "Him and Another Man" incorrectly given, 

in list of illustrations, as on page 88 and with page 283 tipped in ; 

"J. Ward Frey. Saratoga, Mch 20th '85" written on front end 

paper, same name erased from title). 1 1 (88) $105.00. 
Orig. green cl. (shaken, front hinge split, covers and text soiled; 

First issue). II(89)$35.oo. 
Orig. cl. (back rubbed; name, Miriam, on fly leaf; First issue, with 

errors on page 57 and with page 283 on stub; no. on page 155 

has last 2 figures in varying type). SS( 191) $55.00. 
Orig. blue. cl. (rubbed, cut in backstrip, pages thumb-marked; First 

issue). CD (71) $45.00. 
Orig. green cl. (worn, shaken, one hinge split, pages soiled). CD (72) 

Green cl., in hf. mor. case (First issue, with page 283 on stub). EF 

(281) $110.00. 
Orig. green cl. (First issue, with misprint on page 57 and with page 

283 tipped in; final digit of "155" is dropped in numeral for that 

page ) . KL ( 1 54 ) $40.00. 
Orig. green cl. (rubbed, shaken, name on fly-leaf; Second issue). MN 


The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. London, 1899. i2mo. 

Cl., unc. (inscribed). EF (284) $17.50. 

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Hartford, 1876. Sq. 8vo. 

Orig. blue cl. (corners rubbed, tear in back joint; versos of half- 
title and Preface are not blank; last line of first page of text is 
intact as before the "gouge" occurred ; preliminary pages xii and 
xiii are incorrectly numbered). A(34)$io.oo. 

Orig. blue cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (covers slightly loose, 
bookplate inside front cover ; First issue, on calendered paper and 
with versos of dedication and preface pages blank). E( 70) $600.00. 

Blue cl., in hf. mor. case (recased; First issue, with versos of half- 
title and Preface blank and with perfect type in last line of first 
page of text). H( 179) $420.00. 

Blue cl., in hf. mor. case (Second issue, on heavier paper than that of 
First issue and with frontis. on verso of half-title and first page 
of Contents on verso of Preface). O (66) $85.00. 

Orig. blue cl. (recased, new end papers, edges at cfae time gilded now 


CLEMENS (Samuel I,.) Continued. 

sanded; First issue; a "Mark Twain" signature inserted; with 
his A, L. S. in pencil). V( 75) $275.00.. 

Blue cl., g.ei (recased; First issue, with versos of half-title and Preface 
blank and with perfect type on first page of text). 88(184) 

Orig. blue cl., in hf. mor. case (covers slightly shaken, book plate in- 
side front cover ; First issue, on calendered paper and with versos 
of dedication and preface pages blank). XX (68) $400.00. 

Blue cl., in hf. mor. case (rubbed, back repaired, shaken; bookplate 
with name erased). JK(ioo) $105.00. 

Orig. blue cl., in hf. mor. case (a "pi^e-issue" lor sales purposes, in- 
complete see auction catalogue for collation). OP (166) $37.50. 

Orig. sheep (Second issue, with revised preliminary leaves and with 
4 pp. advertisements). OP (167) $13.00. 

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Illustrations by True Wil- 
liams. London, 1899. I2mo. 
Cl., unc. (inscribed). EF( 285) $20.00. 

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. 68 drawings in color by 

Donald McKay. Signed by him. N.Y., Random House, 1930. 
Sm. 4to. 

Hf. leath., unc. K (419) $10.00. 

Cl. Q(9o) $12.00. 

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, and 

Other Sketches. Edited by John Paul. N.Y.. 1867. i6mo. 

Orig. cl. (First issue, with perfect type on page 198 and with tinted 
advertising sheet facing title). H( 177) $200.00. 

Cl. (worn; with perfect type on page 198, but without tinted adver- 
tisement ) . M ( 56 ) $27. 50. 

Orig. blue cl. (back worn; First issue, with tinted advertising leaf 
and with perfect type on page 198). 88(174) $100.00. 

Cl. (rubbed and shaken, pages foxed; First issue: with perfect "i" in 
''this," last line of text, page 198). XX (69) $140.00. 

Red cl., in hf. mor. case (rubbed and stained; First issue, with per- 
fect type on page 198 and with leaf of advertisements on tinted 
paper facing title). EF (276) $105.00. 

The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County and 

Other Sketches. [Contains "Cannibalism in the Cars."] Lon- 
don, 1870. i6mo. 

Bds. (orig. wrappers bound in). H( 178) $72.50. 

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. N.Y., 1889. 

Sq. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. T( 53) $27.50. 
CL, in hf. mor. case. NN (50) $30.00. 

Orig. cl. (break in end paper on one hinge). 88(194) $18.00. 
Orig. cl. (shaken). CD(77)$i3.oo. 
Orig. cl. KL( 156) $22.50. 
Cl. NO (70) $14.50. 
Orig. cl. (rubbed; presentation copy, to Margaret Warner). OP 


A Curious Dream and Other Sketches. London [1872], 

Orig. bds., in hf. mor. case (worn). EF( 277) $10.00. 


CLEMENS (Samuel L.) Continued. 

"A Dog's Tale." Reprinted by permission from Harper's 

Magazine, Christmas Number, 1903. [London,] Printed for 
the National Anti- Vivisection Society [1903]. 8vo. 

Orig. paper (does not bear stamp of Williams College, custodian of 
this edition after 26 copies had been distributed). S 5(207) $37.50. 

Orig. paper, in cl. case. EF (286) $22.50. 

A Dog's Tale. Col. illustrations by W. T. Smedley. N.Y., 1904. 

Red cl., in hf. mor. case (autographed by author and by artist). JK 

(102) $25.00. 

English as She is Taught . . . with a Commentary Thereon 

by Mark Twain. London, Unwin, 1887. i6mo. 
Orig. rough cl., unc. (M. Ironside- Jackson copy). SS( 192) $8.00. 

Eve's Diary. Illus. by Lester Ralph. London, 1906. i2mo. 

Cl. (presentation copy, to Percy Stickney Grant). 6(71) $330.00. 
CL, in hf. mor. case (presentation copy, to Lady Northcliffe). JK 

Following The Equator, a Journey around the World. Hart- 
ford, 1897. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (First issue, with imprint of The American Publishing Com- 
pany only). H( 182) $9.00. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (stain on cover ; later issue with imprints of Amer. 
Pub. Co. and Doubleday & McClure Co.). NN( 53) $14.00. 

Orig. cl. (First issue, imprint without Doubleday name). KL(i6l) 

Forty-Three Days in an Open Boat. [In Harper's New 

Monthly Magazine, for Dec., 1866.] N.Y. [1866]. 8vo. 
Paper, unc. M( 55) $9.00. 

How I Escaped Being Killed in a Duel. [In Tom Hood's 

Comic Annual for 1873.] London [1873]. 8vo. 
Paper. M(6i)$8.50. 

The Innocents Abroad; or, the New Pilgrims' Progress. 

Hartford, 1869. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. (new end paper). M (57) $20.00. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (First issue, last 2 pp. of Contents without ref- 
erence page nos.). 0(65) $62.50. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (First issue, pp. xvii and xviii, last 2 pp. of Con- 
tents, without reference numerals). NN (49) $30.00. 

Orig. cl. (split in one hinge; First issue, without mention of "Con- 
clusion." last 2 pp. of Contents without reference nos. and page 
129 without portrait of Napoleon III). 88(175) $45.00. 

Orig. cfc, g.e. (rubbed, front hinge loose, First issue). 88(176) $55.00. 

King LeoDold's Soliloquy. Boston, 1905. i2mo. 

Green pancr (First issue, with ejeen cover-decoration; Percy Stick- 
ney Grant copy). SS (200) $17.00. 

Orig. paper (First issue, with unpaged half-title followed by 50 num- 
bered pp. and with wrappers printed in green ink. Accompanied 
by 2 additional copies: the Second issue, with 52 pp., including 
half-title, and wrappers in black ; and the Third issue, with 56 pp., 
with publisher's slip tipped to half-title, and with the smaller 


CLEMENS (Samuel L.) Continued. 

cover design; together 3 vols. in tri-part hf. mor. case, inner cl. 
covers. Included are several broadsides: "Conditions in the 
Congo State;" a circular letter from the Congo Reform Assn.; 
and a folding dodger for "King Leopold's Soliloquy."). OP(i73) 

Life On the Mississippi . . . With over 300 Illustrations. 

London, 1883. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (binding stained, inner hinges split, shaken, margins foxed). 

CD (76) $8.00. 

Life on the Mississippi . . . With more than Three Hundred 

Illustrations. First issue, with the illustration of Mark Twain 

in flames on page 441. Boston, 1883. 8vo. 
Y* cont. cf. Q(87) $12.50. 
Cl. (name on fly leaf). CC (212) $12.00. 
Orig. cl. (laid in is first printing of the suppressed chapter). SS(iQo) 


Orig. cl. (rubbed and shaken). XX(7i)$i5.50. 
Cl., in cl. case. EF( 279) $30.00. 

Mark Twain's (Burlesque) Autobiography and First Ro- 
mance. First Edition, with copyright notice in center of page. 
N.Y. [1871]. I2mo. 

Orig. paper (stains and name on wrapper). SS( 178) $20.00. 

Cl. NO(66)$io.oo. 

Mark Twain's Autobiography. Intro, by A. B. Paine. N.Y., 

1924. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., g.t. TT(88)$io.oo. 

Mark Twain's Letters. Ed. by A. B. Paine. N.Y. [1917]- 2 

vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl., buckram back, paper label, unc. SS(2i9)$i4.oo. 

-Number One. Mark Twain's Sketches. N.Y. [1874]. 8vo. 
Orig. paper (backstrip repaired; First issue, with back wrapper blank). 

Mark Twain's Sketches, New and Old. Hartford, 1875. Sq. 


Cl. (name on fly leaf; First Issue, with the sketch, "From Hospital 
Days," on page 299, with erratum leaf, referring to same, and with 
footnote on page 119 duplicated on page 120). T (48) $27.50. 

More Maxims of Mark, n.p., Privately printed, 1927. 8vo. 

Bds. (laid in is A. N. S. of author). H(i87)$3o.oo. 

My First Interview with Artemus Ward, fin The Buyers' 

Manual and Business Guide.] San Fran., 1872. 8vo. 
Cl. M(s8)$io.oo. 

The Mysterious Stranger. By Mark Twain. Illus. by N. C. 

Wyeth. N.Y. [1916]. Sq. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. EF (288) $7.50. 

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc. Illustrations. N.Y., 

1896. 8vo. 
Q. 0(70) $22.50. 


CLEMENS (Samuel L.) Continued. 
Cl. YY(3i)$i7-oo. 
Cl. NO(72)$i2.50. 

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc. N.Y., 1906. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed). 88(212) $14.00. 

The Prince and the Pauper. London, 1881. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (covers soiled, back faded). II (91) $14.00. 
Orig. cl. (back soiled, shaken). X(72)$ii.oo. 

The Prince and the Pauper. Boston, 1882. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. H(i8o)$io.oo. 

Orig. cl. (tear in front fly leaf, writing on blank). K( 70) $26.00. 

Cl. JK(ioi) $17.50. 

Cl. (name on end paper). NO (68) $13.50. 

Pudd'nhead Wilson . . . Portrait of the Author by James 

Mapes Dodge and six Illustrations by Louis Loeb. London, 1894. 
Cl. II(93)$i3.50. 

The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson and the Comedy, Those 

Extraordinary Twins . . . with Marginal Illustrations. Portrait. 
Hartford, 1894. 8vo. 

Cl. (name on fly leaf). M(67)$i7-5o. 

Orig. cl. Q (88) $22.50. 

Cl. (worn and spotted). T(54)$8.oo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case. NN(si)$37.5o. 

Orig. cl. CD (78) $14.00. 

Orig. cl. KL(i59)$8.50. 

Cl. N0(70$io.oo. 

Punch, Brothers, Punch! and Other Sketches. By Mark 

Twain. N.Y. [1878]. i6mo. 
Orig. paper (First issue, with "Mark Twain" in Roman capital letters 

on wrappers). 88(185) $15.00. 
Paper (First issue, with "Mark Twain" on wrapper in Roman type 

and with short advertisement on back wrapper). NO(67)$io.oo. 

The Stolen White Elephant. Boston, 1882. i2mo. 

y cf., g.t., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (orig. front cover and back- 
strip bound in, Eugene Field copy). JJ (70) $35.00. 

Tom Sawyer Abroad. By Ruck Finn. Illustrations by Dan 

Beard. N.Y., 1894. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. SS(i99)$i7-50. 
Tom Sawyer Abroad, Tom Sawyer, Detective, and Other 

Stories. Illustrated. N.Y., 1896. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (back faded, writing on end paper). 88(202) $8.00! 

A Tramp Abroad. Hartford, 1880. 8vo. 

Cl. (name on end paper). T (49) $8.00. 

Orig. cl. (soiled and faded, break at front hinge; First issue, with 

frontis. captioned simply "Moses"). V(76)$I3.00. 
Orig. cl. (back faded; First issue). II(97)$i5.oo. 
Orig. cl. (First issue). 88 (186) $18.00. 

What is Man? N.Y.. De Vinne, 1906. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. 8 8 (213) $120.00. 


CLEMENS (Samuel L,.) Continued. 

Orig. bds., unc. EF (287) $115.00. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t, unc. JK( 104) $20.00. 

What is Man? London, 1910. I2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case. NN(54)$ii.oo. 

Writings. Illustrations on Japan vellum. Vols. I-XXII, Author's 

Edition de Luxe, with author's signature in Vol. I. London, 1899- 
1900. 22 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski. U( 57.) $135.00. 

Writings. Memorial Edition, with a leaf of the orig. MS. in 

Vol. I. N.Y., 1929. 37 vols., 8vo. 
Y lev. mor., g.t., unc. TTa(34a)$iio.oo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., uno. VV (36) $190.00. 
Hf. lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. ZZ( 53) $135.00. 


CLEMENS (S. L.) and WARNER (Charles Dudley). The 

Gilded Age. Hartford, 1873. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (First issue, with no illustration on page 403; title contains 
name of the artist White and imprint of 2 publishers, and verso 
of title has electrotyper's imprint; inserted are 2 pages in MS., 
one, over 100 words, in hand of Clemens, corresponding to pp. 
562-563 of text; the other, bearing about 60 words in Warner's 
hand, corresponding to page 147). SS(i8i) $105.00. 

Orig. cl. (rubbed; First issue, page 403 without cut). KL( 149) $10.00. 

CLERKE (William). The Triall of Bastardie. London, 1594. 

$4 mor., g.e. (tipped in are genealogical outlines). OO( 622) $15.00. 

CLEVELAND (Grover). Fishing and Shooting Sketches. II- 

lus. by Henry S. Watson. N.Y., 1906. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (signed, Wiliam C. Boyden copy). C(8i)$35.oo. 

CLEVELAND (John). Poems, Orations, Epistles, and other 

of his Genuine Incomparable Pieces. London, 1668-69. Sm. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (covers loose, back cracked; some leaves missing, some de- 
fective; Charles Lamb copy, inscriptions by him on fly leaves). 
R (355) $120.00. 

CLINTON (Sir Henry). Authentic Copies of Letters between 

[him] and the Commissioner of Auditing the Public Accounts. 
London, 1793. 8vo. 
Sewed, unbound, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. IJ(3o)$ii.oo. 

A Letter from [him] to the Commissioners of Public Ac- 
counts. London, 1784. 8vo. 

Sewed, untrimmed, unopened; in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. IJ 

[His] Narrative, relative to his Conduct ... in North 

America. London, 1783. 8vo. 
M. mor., unc. (bound in are the "Answer" of Lord Cornwallis to the 

above, 1783 and Sir Henry Clinton's "Observations on Some 

Parts of the Answer," 1783; together 3 vols. in one). 1(56) 

Sewed, unc.; in hf. mor. case. FF(33)$ 


CLINTON (Sir Henry) Continued. 

Clinton-Cornwallis controversy. See STEVENS (Benja- 
min Franklin). 


The Art of Preserving, Conserving, and Candying. London, 1647. 

Cf. (worn, shaken, foxed, lacks end papers, recipe written on front 
fly leaf). TT( 9 3)$9.oo. 

CLOUSTON (William A.). Arabian Poetry for English Read- 
ers. Glasgow, 1881: [also] The Bakhtyar Nama. Privately 
Printed, 1883; [also! The Book of Sindibad. Privately Printed, 
1884; [also] Flowers from a Persian Garden. London, 1890. 
v.p., 1881-90. 4 vols., I2mo. 

G.t., unc., by Riviere (last vol. inscribed). U(59)$3O.oo. 


Littlefield (George E.). Early Boston 'Booksellers, 1642- 

1711. Facsimiles. 1900. 8vo. 
y 4 cf., g.t. TT (251) $11.00. 

Littlefield (George E.). The Early Massachusetts Press, 

1638-1711. Facsimiles. 1907. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. hf. roan, unc. (with A. L. S. to George H. Sargent). DD(i33) 

Murdock (Harold). Notes from a Country Library. 1911. 

Orig. bds., unc. DD(43)$9.oo. 

CLUNY (Alexander). The American Traveller; or, Observa- 
tions on . . . the British Colonies in America, etc. By an old and 
Experienced Trader. Frontis. and folding map, engraved by T. 
Jeffreys. London, 1769. 4to. 

Orig. hf. cf., unc.; in hf. mor. case. P( 59) $160.00. 

Orig. paper, unc.; in hf. mor. case. BC(i4)$75.oo. 

Le Voyageur Americain; ou, Observations sur 1'Etat . . . 

des Colonies Britanniques en Amerique. Trans, by Joseph Mand- 
ril Ion. Folding map. Amsterdam, 1783. 8vo. 
Orig. bds. P (60) $7.50. 

COBB (Sylvanus, jr.). The Gun-Maker of Moscow; or, Valdi- 

mer the Monk. N.Y., Cassell [1888]. I2me. 
Orig. paper. JJ (74) $10.00. 

COBBETT (William) and HOWELL (T. B.). Complete Col- 
lection of State Trials . . . from the Earliest Period to the Pres- 
ent Time. Comp. by Cobbett and Howell. London, 1809-14. 21 
vols., 8vo. 

y cf. (rubbed, stained). MN (205) $10.00. 

COCKBURN (John). The Distresses and Adventures of John 

Cockburn, and Five other Englishmen ... at Porto- Cavalo. 
London, n.d. [173- ]. 4to. 
New hf. leath. P(6i)$n.oo. 

A Journey over Land, from the Gulf of Honduras to the 

Great South- Sea, etc. Folding map. London, 1735. 8vo. 
Old cf. (broken). L (41) $16.00. 


COGGESHALL (George). History of the American Privateers, 
and Letters-of-Marque . . . 1812-14. Col. plates. N.Y., 1856. 

Mor., tooled, g.t., by Taffin. TTa (35) $19.00. 

COKE (Henry J.). A Ride over the Rocky Mountains to Ore- 
gon and California. Portrait. London, 1852. 8vo. 
Cl. (worn, corners rubbed, hinge repaired). UU (25) $13.00. 

GOLDEN (Cadwallader). The History of the Five Indian Na- 
tions of Canada. Folding map. London, 1747. 8vo. 
Old cf. TT(9i)$2i.oo. 
Old cf. (joints cracked). UU (26) $12.50. 

-The History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada. London, 

1750. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. FF(34)$i8.oo. 

Memoir . . . presented ... at the Celebration of the Com- 
pletion of the New York Canals. Portraits, maps, and plates. 
N.Y., 1825. 4to. 

Hf. cf. (covers loose, few margins stained, title torn, plates foxed; 
inscribed by R. A. Powell to Alexander V. Fraser; inserted is 
A. L. S. by Admiral Rhind). L(53)$i2.50. 

Orig. cf. (hinges cracked, corners worn; presentation copy, from the 
City of New York to Effingham Schieffelin). DE( 12) $20.00. 

COLE (George Watson). Jesmond Dene. San Fran., John Henry 

Nash, 1922. I2mo. 
Orig. paper, unc. (inscribed to George H. Sargent). DD(44)$i2.oo. 

COLE (John William). The Life and Theatrical Times of 

Charles Kean. London, 1859. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Cl., unc.; in mor. case (worn, Henry Irving- David Belasco copy). 

CC(ioi) $25.00. 

COLEMAN (William). See HAMILTON (Alexander). 

COLERIDGE (Samuel Taylor). Aids to Reflection in the 

Formation of a Manly Character. London, 1825. I2mo. 
y cf., tooled. C(83)$io.oo. 
Old bds., unc.; in hf. cf. case. O(74)$37.5O. 
Orig. bds., portion of orig. label, unc.; in hf. mor. case (worn, back 

broken; front end papers have been pasted together and 8 pp. 

Whittaker's advertisements, dated June, 1825, are inserted). VV 

(38) $10.00. 

Biographia Literaria. London, 1817. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in cl. case (backstrips cracked and partly repaired, 
inserted between front end papers of Vol. I are 4 pp. advertise- 
ments dated Aug., 1817). EF(295)$no.oo. 

Christabel: Kubla Khan, a Vision; The Pains of Sleep. Lon- 
don, \fc\6. &\o. 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Riviere. 0(73) $55.00. 

Orig. paper, unc. ; in hf. mor. case. R( 251) $385.00. 

Orig. paper, unc.; in cl. case (piece nicked from back wrapper, this 
copy has 4 pp. advertisements at end dated March, 1816). EF 


The Devil's Walk, a Poem* By Professor Person, 6 wood 


COLERIDGE (Samuel Taylor) Continued. 

engravings by Robert Cruikshank. First edition, First issue, with 

blank leaf pp. 21-22. London [1830]. i(5mo. 
Cf., g.t. (orig. wrappers bound in, Sir David L. Goldsmid- Stern 

Salomons book-plate). EF(298)$ 

The Friend: a Series of Essays, in Three Volumes. London, 

1818. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. bds., unc. ; in cl. case (name on end paper). EF( 297) $10.00. 

The Plot Discovered. Bristol, 1795. i6mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. VV(37)$no.oo. 

Remorse. London, 1813. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled. EF (291) $11.00. 

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. 10 plates by David Jones. 

Bristol, 1929. 4to. 
Bds. V(79)$9-5o. 

Sibylline Leaves. London, 1817. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.t., by Sangorski (2 inscriptions by John Kenyon, one 

presenting this copy to Mrs. Garrow). R(252)$45.oo. 
Cf., tooled, g.e., by Riviere. EF( 296) $20.00. 

Specimens of the Table Talk of the late Samuel Taylor 

Coleridge. Frontispieces. London, 1835. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (worn, rebacked, cont. inscription on fly leaf; stitched 
between front end papers of first vol. is Longman's 12-page cata- 
logue, dated Sept., 1835). EF (301) $15.00. 

The Statesman's Manual. 1816; [bound with] A Lay Sermon, 

Addressed to the Higher and Middle Classes, on the Existing Dis- 
tresses and Discontents. 1817. London, 1816-17. 2 vols., 8vo. 
With another copy, 4 vols. in 2, each in orig. dark blue cl., unc.; 
one with small white label reading across backstrip, the other 
with larger gray label reading along backstrip; together in one 
hf. mor. case (both labels rubbed, one back repaired; Charles 
Whibley copies, one with name-stamp of Alark Pattison). EF 
(294) $10.00. 

Zapolya. London, 1817. 8vo. 

Old mor., tooled, g.e. R (253) $22.50. 

[Broadside. Playbill.] Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. This 

present Saturday, January 23, 1813. Their Majesties' Servants 
will perform (for the first time) a new Tragedy, in five Acts, 
called Remorse, etc. [London, 1813.] 8vo. 

In hf. mor. case (corners torn and repaired, notes of the cast on 
verso in cont. hand). EF (292) $10.00. 

)mniana. See SOUTHEY (Robert). 


(Thomas), also LARDNER (Diqnysius), also SWEDENBORG 


tion, etc. [Broadside.] Boston. [1718-1732.] Fol. 
Unc., in case. BC(6i) $61.00. 


COLLIER (John). Tim Bobbin's Lancashire Dialect; and 

Poems. 6 etchings, 4 by G. Cruikshank, 2 by R. Cruikshank. 
London, 1828. I2mo. 
Orig. bds., untrimmed (back repaired). (97) $8.00. 

COLLIER (John P.). Punch and Judy. 24 etchings and 4 wood- 
cuts by G. Cruikshank. London, 1828. 8vo. 

Mor. tooled, g.t., by Zaehnsdorf (plates are on India paper, Robert 
Pinkney copy). GH(57)$ 

COLLINS (John). The City and Scenery of Newport, Rhode 

Island. 14 plates by T. Sinclair after Collins. Burlington, N. J., 
1857. Obi. fol. 
Y mor. YY(i58)$20.oo. 

COLLINS (Lewis). History of Kentucky. Revised [and con- 
tinued] by R. H. Collins. Map, and portraits. Covington, Ky., 
1874. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. KLa(ii 5 )$7.75. 

COLLINS (Wilkie). The Moonstone. London, 1868. 3 vols., 


Hf. mor., g.t., by Zaehnsdorf. O(75)$30.oo. 

COLLINS (William). Persian Eclogues. London, 1742. 4to. 
Mor., tooled, g.e. (leaf repaired, Francis Grant copy). CC(34)$8s.oo. 

rence. Portraits and col. plates of arms. N.Y., n.d. 3 vols., roy. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. (on Japan paper). GH (4Q)$22.5O. 


terly. Vol. I complete, Parts 1-4, Feb.-Dec., 1930. N.Y., 1930. 

4 vols., 4to. 

Bds., unc. A (38) $30.00. 
Bds., unc. 0(76) $47-50. 
Bds., unc. (with Vol. II, Parts 1-4; together 8 vols.; leaflets and 

announcements laid in). ZZ (54) $50.00. 
Bds., unc. (with II, 1-4; together 8 vols.). JK( 109) $40.00. 

COLORADO. The Constitution of the State of Colorado, 

adopted in Convention, March 14, 1876; also the Address of the 
Convention to the People of Colorado. Election, Saturday, July 
i, 1876. Denver, Col., Tribune Book and Job Printing House, 
1876. 8vo. 

Orig. front wrapper (soiled, lacks back wrapper ; inscribed by W. M. 
Clark) . GG ( 191 ) $18.00. 

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL [Continuation of "The Massachu- 
setts Centinel"]. Sept., i8o3-Aug., 1804; 1806; and 1809. Bos- 
ton, 3 vols., fol. 

Hf. cf. (rubbed, one vol. shaken; foxed; vols. lack, respectively, 4, 
8, and 3 issues). OO(i6)$u.oo. 

COLUMBUS (Ferdinand). The Discovery of the West Indies, 
by Christopher Columbus, together with his life and actions, etc. 
Written by his own son D. Ferdinand Columbus, n.p. [about 
1650]. Sm. 4to. 

34 mor. (rubbed, inserted are 12 engravings). V(89)$ 


COLUMNA (Franciscus). Hypnerotomachia Poliphili. 234 

leaves. Woodcut illustrations and floriated initials. Venice, 

Aldus, 1499. Fol. (Hain *55oi). 
Cf., tooled (one hinge repaired, name and discoloration on title, a 

few other spots; a no. of the woodcuts have been tinted by 

hand ; leaf of errata has been crossed out by pen and errors noted 

therein corrected by hand; early Lothian bookplate). LL(63) 

Mor., arms of Charles III of Bourbon, g.e. (binding and margins of 

a few leaves holed; 186 leaves only, 4 preliminary leaves and 

leaves 191-234 lacking). LL( 64) $475.00. 

- Poliphili Hypnerotomachia. London, 1904. Fol. 
Bds., unc. FU8) $10.00. 

COMBE (William). The Dance of Life, a Poem. 26 col. aqua- 

tint plates by Thomas Rowlandson. London, 1817. 8vo. 
Cont. bds., unc.; in hf. mor. case (rehinged). EF(883)$22.50. 
Cf., g.t., unc. (cracked and rubbed). FG(3i4)$i7.oo. 

- The English Dance of Death. 74 col. aquatint plates by Row- 
landson. London, 1815-16. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in lev. mor. case (backs of vols. worn, case rubbed ; 
offsets from plates; inserted in Vol. II is orig. watercolor sketch 
by Rowlandson for frontis. to "The Suicide"). R( 17) $300.00. 

Lev. mor., g.t., by Root (with "The Dance of Life," which lacks end 
leaf of ad\ ertisements ; together 3 vols.). R(383)$no.oo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (few offsets). U(62)$85.oo. 

24 mor. (shaken, 2 plates loose). IJ(200)$n.oo. 

- The History of Johnny Quae Genus. 24 col. plates by Row- 
landson. London, Ackermann, 1822. 8vo. 

Mor., g.t., unc. (offsets from plates). R(384)$4J.50. 

- The Life of Napoleon. 30 col. plates, including title, by G. 
Cruikshank. London, 1815. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (date on last plate partly erased). 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Tout (few marginal repairs, some leaves 

rehinged; page 113 is correctly numbered, 187 is misnumbered 

- The Life of Napoleon. 30 plates by G. Cruikshank. London, 
1817. 8vo. 

Old hf. mor. YYa(45)$n.oo. 

- Poetical Sketches of Scarborough. 21 col. plates by J. Green, 
etched by Rowlandson. London, Ackermann, 1813. 8vo. 

Mor., g.e., by Zaehnsdorf (plate "Cornelian Bay" has publisher's im- 

print and is dated). 6(385) $30.00. 
Mor., g.e., by Wallis (2 leaves repaired). L T (64)$2O.oo. 

- The Tour of Doctor Syntax, in Search of the Picturesque. 

1812; [also] The Second Tour of Doctor S} r ntax, in Search of 
Consolation. 1820; [and] The Third Tour of Doctor Syntax, in 
Search of a Wife [1821]. Col. plates by Rowlandson. First edi- 
tions. London, i8i2-2o[-2i|. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Zaehnsdorf (few stains; first vol. lacks 
plate list; second vol. has plate "Skimerton Riders" in earliest 


COMBE (William) Continued. 

state; inserted in first vol. are 2 pen and ink sketches by Row- 

landson; Sir David Salomons copy). R( 254) $230.00. 
Lev. mor., g.t. ("Third Tour" only is of First edition, 2 plates of 

this vol. repaired at inner margin). U( 63) $47.50. 
Cont. cf., tooled (few offsets and fox marks; some plates closely 

bound, concealing legend; first "Tour" is of Sixth edition, 1815, 

and is without list of plates). EF( 307) $20.00. 
Lev. mor., g.t., by Tout (no. of plates extended, 3 lack imprint, one 

has piece torn from margin). GH( 50) $65.00. 

The Tour of Doctor Syntax, in Search of the Picturesque. 

Title with vignette and 30 plates in col. aquatint after Rowland- 
son. Fifth edition. [London, 1813.] 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in cl. case (repaired at hinges; one plate has 
marginal tear, one has legend rubbed). EF( 306) $10.00. 

[The Three Tours of Doctor Syntax.] Col. plates after 

Rowlandson. London, 1823. 3 vols., i6mo. 
Cont. cf., tooled (rubbed). R( 256) $30.00. 
CL, unc. EF(3o8)$i7.5<>. 

[The Three Tours of Doctor Syntax.] Aquatint plates after 

Rowlandson, col. by hand. London, Ackermann, 1828. 3 vols., 
Cf., tooled, g.e., by Wallis. TTa( 41) $22.50. 

[The Three Tours of Doctor Syntax.] Col. plates by Row- 
landson. Ninth edition. London, n.d. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Morrell ; in cl. case. TTa( 145) $40.00. 

Attributed to Combe, but not by him 

A History of Madeira. Col. aquatint vignette on title-page, and 

27 col. aquatint plates. London, 1821. Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. cf., g.e. gauffered (rubbed, hinges cracked). VV (39) $20.00. 

The Tour of Doctor Prosody in search of the Antique and 

Picturesque. One col. plate by G. Cruikshank, 19 by C. Wil- 
liams and W. Read. London, 1821. 8vo. 

Old cf. (hinges cracked, offsets from plates). F(49)$u.oo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Root. R(255)$i7.5O. 

Lev. mor., g.e. (spot on binding). V( 86) $22.00. 

COMMINES (Philippe de). Cronicque et Histoire; [bound 
with] Cronicques du Roy Charles Huytiesme. Paris, 1539. 2 
vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Chambolle-Duru (2 \ols. in one). JK(m)$i7.5O. 

The Historic of Philip de Commines. Frontis. London, 1601. 

Large 8vo. 
Cf., inlaid (back split, foxed). OO(82o)$io.oo. 



COMPANY OF THE WEST. A Full and Impartial Account 
of the Company of Mississippi ... In Two Letters from a Gen- 
tleman to his Friend. [In French and English.] London, for 
R. Francklin, 1720. 8vo. 


Hf. mbr. (covers loose). L( 127) $60.00. 
Hf. cf. FF(86)$ 


1756 to ... 1760. London, J. Owen, 1761. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (portion of back lacking). P (62) $30.50. 

CONFESSION OF FAITH. The Humble Advise of the As- 
sembly of Divines, now by Authority of Parliament, sitting at 
Westminster, concerning a Confession of Faith. Edinburgh, Evan 
Tyler, 1647. 4 to - 

Cf., by Riviere. NO (351) $25.00. 

The Confession of Faith, the Larger and Shorter Catechisms 

... of Publick-Authority in the Church of Scotland. Phila., B. 
Franklin, 1745. I2mo. 

Old cf. (worn). RR(77)$25-oo. 

CONGRESS. Extracts from the Journals of Congress, relative 
to the Capture and Condemnation of Prizes, and the Fitting Out 
of Privateers. Phila., John Dunlap, 1776. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, unc.; in cl. case (wrappers stained and rebacked; Wil- 
liam Williams copy, inscribed by him). NN (82) $31.00. 

[Broadside.] In Congress. Dec. 6, 1775. [Phila.,] John 

Dunlap [1775!- Fol. 
Y (21) $25.50. 

[Broadside.] In Congress, April 14, 1777. Resolved . . . 

April 29 [recommending inquiry into the conduct of all officers 
on the recruiting service, etc.] ; Resolved [relating to sums ad- 
vanced by the several States for recruiting battalions, etc.] etc. 
Phila., John Dunlap, 1777. Fol. 
In cover and hf. mor. case. BC (85) $18.00. 

Journals of Congress . . . Sept. 5, i774-Nov. 3, 1788. Phila., 

1800-01. 13 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cf. KLa(303)$8.oo. 

A Letter to the Inhabitants of the Province of Quebec. 

Extracts from the Minutes of Congress. [Issued to induce Canada 
to send] "Delegates to represent your Province in the Continental 
Congress, to be held at Phila., May 10, 1775." Phila., W. and T. 
Bradford, Oct., 1774. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., unc. FF(83)$i3.oo. 

[Broadside.] Proclamation. By the United States in Con- 
gress Assembled. "Whereas, Information has been received . . . 
that various Certificates of Final Settlement issued by the Commis- 
sioner for settling the Accounts of the Army, to the officers and 
Soldiers of the U. S., have been counterfeited by some fraudulent 
and wicked persons, by erasing the Sums for "which they were 
first given, and inserting others, to a much greater amount . . . 
the U. S. in Congress have deemed it necessary to offer, and do 
hereby promise a Reward of Five Hundred Dollars, etc. N.Y.,- 
1785. Fol. 

In case. BC(Q7) $22.50. 

Second Congress ... at the Second Session . . . held at 

. . . Phila. ... on Monday, Nov. [5, 1792]. An Act for en- 


CONGRESS Continued. 

rolling and licensing ships or vessels to be employed in the coast- 
ing trade and fisheries, and for regulating the same . . . Deposited 
among the Rolls in the Office of the Secretary of State. Th. Jef- 
ferson, Secretary of State. Portrait, n.p., n.d. Fol. 

Mor., by Taffin. YY (90) $40.00. 



CONGREVE (William). The Double- Dealer. London, 1604. 

Cf., in hf. mor. case (marginal restoration in last leaf, another leaf 
repaired; laid in is pencil portrait of Congreve signed "Bern- 
hard"). EF (309) $15.00. 

Works. Frontispieces. London, Baskerville, 1761. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (with the Gertrude W.-Edward A. 
Strauss bookplate). VV (40) $30.00. 

CONNECTICUT. Acts and Laws of His Majesty's English 

Colony of Connecticut. With Charter. New London, Timothy 
Green, 1750. Fol. 

Old cf. (worn; Daniel Johnson copy, 1750; so attested by C. M. R. 
M unson ) . B ( 5 1 ) $36.00. 

Acts and Laws of the State of Connecticut. Hartford, Elisha 

Babcock, 1786. 8vo. 
Cf. YY(33)$20.oo. 

[Broadsheet.] At a General Assembly of the Governor and 

Company of the State . . . holden at Hartford, on the Second 
Thursday of May, 1777. An Act for raising and compleating the 
quota of the Continental Army, to be raised in this State. Hart- 
ford, E. Watson [177?]- Fol. 

In cl. folder and case (this copy has blank leaf attached). BC(8o) 

[Broadside.] At a General Assembly of the Governor and 

Company of the State ... at Hartford, on the second Thursday 
of May, 1778 . . . An Act, in Addition to and Alteration of An 
Act passed by this Assembly in February last, for raising two 
Brigades for the Defence of this State. Hartford, Watson and 
Goodwin [1778]. Fol. 

In cl. folder and case. BC(86)$2i.oo. 

[Broadside.] At a General Assembly of the Governor and 

Company of the State ... at Hartford, on the second Thursday 
of May, 1778, etc. [Deals with military organization of 2 Regi- 
ments, raised for the defence of the Colony.] Hartford, Bevil 
Webster [1778]. Fol. 
In cl. folder and case. BC (87) $26.00. 

[Broadsheet.] At a General Assembly of the Governor and 

Company ... at Hartford ... on the 7th day of April, 1779, etc. 
[Resolves pertaining to the Alarm Lists.] [Hartford, Hudson & 
Goodwin, 1779.] Fol. 

In cl. folder and case (On verso is a return of those enlisted and hired 
into the Continental Army, made April, 1779, containing 21 names, 
including Brigt. Augustus, a free negro). BC(89)$2i.oo. 



[Broadside.] At a General Meeting of the Governor and 

Council of Safety, holden at Hartford, on the I9th Day of June, 
1781 . . . "Whereas since the rising of the General Assembly his 
Excellency, the Governor, hath received from His Excellency 
General Washington, a very pressing and earnest requisition for 
eight hundred men, to be immediately raised in this State, etc. 
Hartford, Hudson & Goodwin, [1781]. Fol. 

In cl. folder and case (On verso is a holograph letter of Joshua Hunt- 
ington, addressed to Captain Elyah Backus, dated Norwich, June 
24, 1781 and relating to the above Resolve). BC(9o)$26.oo. 

The Right of the Governor and Company of the Colony 

... to Claim and Hold the Lands Within the Limits of their 
Charter, Lying West of the Province of New York, stated and 
considered in a Letter to J. H. Esquire. Hartford, E. Watson, 
1773- 8vo. 
Mor., by Zaehnsdorf. J( 165) $43.00. 


CONNECTICUT QUARTERLY. [Continued, after Vol. IV as 
Connecticut Magazine, Vols. V-VI published monthly, succeeding 
vols., quarterly.] Vol. i, No. i-Vol. 12, No. 3 [all published], 
Jan., i895-July, 1908. Hartford, Conn., 1895-1908. 8vo. 

12 parts bound in one vol., hf. cl. (leath. backstrip loose), other parts, 
orig. paper. KK( 233) $25.00. 


CONRAD (Joseph). "Admirality Paper." Privately Printed for 

Jerome Kern [1925]. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc. DD(46)$i4.oo. 

Almayer's Folly. London, 1895. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. K(73)$7i.oo. 

Cl., g.t., unc.; in hf. mor. case. O(77)$75.oo. 

Cl, g.t., unc. (rubbed). R(i8)$5o.oo. 

Cl., g.t., unc.; in cl. case (rubbed, right hf. of front end paper is 

new; E. A. Bennett copy). CC(2i5)$i5.oo. 
Orig. cl., unc.; in hf. lev. mor. case. NO(/9)$4O.oo. 

The Arrow of Gold. London [1919]. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (with dropped "A" in head line of page 67). Q(94)$i2.5o. 

Chance. London [1913]. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (shaken; First edition; First issue, with date 1913 on verso 
of title, a copy of this issue with this title on a stub; at end of 
vol. are 8 pp. advertisements dated Autumn, 1913). K(75)$i6.oo. 

Chance. London [1914]. i2mo. 

Cl. (half-title signed; First edition; Second issue, with date 1914 
on verso of title, which is on a stub). R (28) $17.50. 

The Children of the Sea. N.Y., 1897. i2mo. 
Orig. cl., in cl. case (fly leaf bears partly erased inscription and a 
blind stamp, same stamp on half-title). EF (311) $10.00. 

Confidence. London, for the Author, 1920. Sm. 4to. 
Paper, unc. (inscribed by Thomas J. Wise). R(i59)$35.oo. 


CONRAD (Joseph) Continued. 

Lord Jim. Edinburgh and London, 1900. I2mo. 

Cl. R(22)$6s.oo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (Anna Hills copy). EF (3 13) $32.50. 

The Mirror of the Sea. London [1906]. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. (rubbed, John Quinn copy). K(77) $16.00. 

Orig. cl., g.t, unc.; in hf. lev. mor. case. NO(84)$io.oo. 

The Nigger of the "Narcissus." London, Heinemann, 1898. 


Cl., unc. (publisher's name on backstrip is in uniform small capitals ; at 
end of vol. are 4 pp. ordinary advertisements, followed by 1 6-page 
list of Heinemann's announcements dated 1897 in Roman nu- 
merals ) . O ( 78) $25.00. 

Another copy, in hf. mor. case (contains 32 pp. advertisements). O 
(79) $22.50. 

Cl., unc. (backstrip carries Heinemann's name in the larger type, with 
initial "H" larger than the following letters; at end are 4 pp. 
advertisements signed "S," followed by 1 6-page leaflet of advertise- 
ments ) . R (20) $35.00. 

Cl., unc. (backstrip has publisher's name in letters of uniform size, 
there are 36 pp. of undated advertisements at end of vol.). VV 
(41) $10.00. 

Orig. cl., unc. (publisher's name on backstrip in uniform small capitals, 
name on fly leaf, 24 pp. undated advertisements at end; inserted 
is A. L. S.). EF(3I2)$32.50. 

Orig. cl., in hf. lev. mor. case (at end of vol. are 2 leaves of ad- 
vertisements, registered "S," followed by Heinemann's 1 6-page ad- 
vertisement, dated 1897). NO (81) $17.00. 

[Pamphlet.] The Nigger of the "Narcissus." Preface. 

[Hythe, 1902.] 8vo. 

Stitched with wire, in hf. lev. mor. case. NO (82) $13.50. 

Nostromo. London, 1904. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (soiled). K(76)$ 

Cl. R (26) $22.50. 

Notes on My Books. Signed. London, 1921. 8vo. 

Hf. vel., unopened (back soiled). Q(96)$n.5o. 

An Outcast of the Islands. London, 1896. i2mo. 

CL, g.t., unc. R( 19) $25.00. 

The Rover. London [1923]. i2mo. 

Cl. (contains 13 orig. watercolors signed "Bara, 29"). (34) $13.00. 

The Rover. Signed. Garden City, 1923. 8vo. 

Vel., g.t., boxed. (92) $8.50. 

The Secret Agent, a Simple Tale. London [1907]. i2mo. 

Cl. (several leaves loose, signed on half-title). R(27)$n.oo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. lev. mor. case (name on end paper). NO (85) $7.50. 

The Secret Agent, Drama in Four Acts. Canterbury, for the 

Author, 1921. 4to. 
Orig. paper, unc.; in hf. mor. case (wrappers rebacked, inscription 

on front wrapper). EF(3i4)$io.oo. 

The Secret Agent, a Drama in Three Acts. Signed. Pri- 
vately Printed. London, 1923. 8vo. 
Hf. vel., unopened. Q (99) $8. 50. 


CONRAD (Joseph) Continued. 

Tales of Unrest. London, 1898. i2mo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. ; in hf. mor. case. R (21) $25.00. 

Victory. London [1915]. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. K (79) $12.50. 

Youth. Edinburgh and London, 1902. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (shaken, binding spotted). K (74) $14.00. 
Cl., in hf. mor. case (Cromer Grange and James Durham bookplates). 

O (80) $20.00. 
Cl. R (24) $22.50. 
Orig. cl. (shaken, Arnold Bennett bookplate). II(98)$i2.oo. 

Works. Vol. I signed. London, Heinemann [1921-27]. 20 vols., 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. VV (42) $140.00. 

Collected Works. Memorial Edition, signed. N.Y., Doubleday, 

1925-26. 23 vols., 8vo. 
Bds., g.t., unc. (165) $105.00. 

Letters to Conrad from v. correspondents, printed in n 

pamphlets; With Intro, by G. Jean-Aubry, one pamphlet. [Lon- 
don, 1926.] 12 vols., v.s. 

12 orig. wrappers, in 4to bd. case. NN(62)$i7.oo. 


Proposition for a Bill for the Establishment of Peace with Amer- 
ica. By an old Member of Parliament. London, Debrett, 1782. 
New hf. cf. FF(6i)$ 


pendence. See TOD (Thomas). 

CONSTANTINI (Angelo). The Birth, Life and Death of 

Scaramouch, by ... Constantini, known as Mezzetin, Comedian. 
Trans, from the First Edition, published at Paris, 1695, by Cyril 
W. Beaumont. Together with Mezzetin's Dedicatory Poems and 
Loret's Rhymed News-Letters concerning Scaramouch now first 
Rendered into English Verse by Edmund Blunden. 4 illustra- 
tions. London, Beaumont Press, 1924. 8vo. 
Hf. vel. (signed by the translators). XX(27)$io.oo. 

CONSTITUTION. Articles of Confederation and Perpetual 

L'nion between the States of New-Hampshire, Massachusetts- 
Bay, Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New- 
York, New-Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, 
North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Williamsburg, Va., 
J. Dixon and W. Hunter, 1778. Sm. 4to. 

Sewed, unc. (last leaf damaged at fold). I (211) $72.50. 

COOK (E. Thornton). Her Majesty: the Romance of the 
Queens of England, 1066-1910. Portraits. London, 1926. 8vo. 

y* mor., g.t., unc. YYa( 40) $13.00. 

COOK (Capt. James). A Collection of Voyages Round the 
World. Containing Complete Historical Account of Captain 
Kook's Voyages. Maps and plates. London, 1790. 6 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. J (44) $20.00. 

See also HAWKESWORTH (John). 


COOK (John). Observations on Fox-Hunting, and the Man- 
agement of Hounds. Plates. London, 1826. 8vo. 

Hf. cf. (rehinged; plates foxed, writing on fly leaf; J. Cresswell copy). 
VV (44) $25-00. 

COOK (Theodore A.). A History of the English Turf. Lon- 
don, n.d. 3 vols., sm. fol. 

Cl., g.e. (inscription on fly leaf). R(3o)$2O.oo. 

COpKE (John E.). The Virginia Comedians; or, Old Days 
in the Old Dominion. 2 vols. N.Y., 1854; [also] Cannolles: the 
Fortunes of a Partizan of '81. Detroit, 1877. N.Y. and De- 
troit, 1854-77. 3 vols.,,i2mo. 

Orig. cl. QQ(H5)$8.25. 

COOLIDGE (Calvin). Autobiography. Portraits. N.Y., 1929. 

Orig. cl., unc. (presentation copy, to Ernest Hemingway). K(84) 

Hf. cl., g.t. (signed). V(p3)$i5.oo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (inscribed on fly leaf). SS(ip)$9.oo. 

Hf. cl., g.t. (signed). XX(77)$8.oo. 

Cl., unc. (inscription on fly leaf). AB (175)59.50. 

Have Faith in Massachusetts. Portrait. Second Edition. 

Boston and N.Y., n.d. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (presentation inscription on fly leaf, signed). AA(27)$2i.oo. 

COOMARASWAMY (Ananda). Rajput Painting. Plates, some 

in color. Oxford, 1916. 2 vols., fol. 
Buckram. U (65 ) $35.00. 

COOPER (James Fenimore). The American Democrat; or, 

Hints on the Social and Civic Relations of the United States of 

America. Cooperstown, 1838. I2mo. 
Orig. cl., in case (N.Y. P.L. dupl. stamp on verso of title). N(/8) 

Orig. cl. EF (317) $40.00. 

The Chainbearer; or, the Littlepage Manuscripts. N.Y., 

1845. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Paper. RR (281 ) $19.00. 
Cf. (2 vols. in one). FG(3i5)$i2.oo. 

The Crater; or, Vulcan's Peak: a Tale of the Pacific. N.Y., 

1847. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Paper. RR (282 ) $32.50. 

The Deerslayer; or, the First War-Path, a Tale. Phila., 1841. 

2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. bds. (worn). G(257)$62.50. 

Cl. (covers spotted ; foxed ; corner missing from one leaf, not affect- 
ing text; name on end paper). M( 70) $25.00. 

Orig. cl. (name cut from titles, title of Vol. II loose). Y(i8o)$2O.oo. 

Orig. cl. (covers spotted and not quite uniform in color, 3 fly leaves 
missing, names on fly leaves). GG(in)$i2.50. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folders and hf. mor. case (worn, foxed and water- 
stained). XX(79)$75.oo. 

The Heidenmauer; or, the Benedictines: a Legend of the 

Rhine. Phila., 1832. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Bds., unc. (back chipped, name and date on cover). YY (36) $30.00. 


COOPER (James Fenimore) Continued. 

The History of the Navy of the United States of America. 

Map and plan. Phila., 1839. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. (worn, text stained; President Van Buren's copy). GG(no) 

The History of the Navy of the United States. Portraits. 

London, 1839. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Taffin (2 vols. in 4). TTa (42) $32.50. 

The Last of the Mohicans: a Narrative of 1757. Phila., 1826. 

2. vols., I2mo. 

Hf. cf. (title of Vol. II partly missing). 6(258) $23.00. 
Hf. mor. (foxed). OP(2o)$iio.oo. 

Leather Stocking Tales. Phila., 1841. 5 vols., i2mo. 

Cl. (worn). M (71) $10.00. 

Lionel Lincoln; or, the Leaguer of Boston. N.Y., 1825-24. 

2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (rebacked, foxed). C(86)$22.oo. 
Orig. bds., unc.; in hf. mor. case (rebacked, foxed). N(77)$9.oo. 
Bds., unc. (one ioint weak, Maria Edgeworth copy). YY(35)$4O.oo. 
Cont. hf. cf. FG (69) $8.50. 

The Monikins. Phila., 1835. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (foxed). YY(37)$25.oo. 

Le Mouchoir, an Autobiographical Romance. N.Y., March 

22, 1843. 4tO. 

Sewed, in hf. mor. case (new backstrip). EF (318) $52.50. 

The Oak Openings; or, the Bee-Hunter. N.Y., 1848. 2 vols., 

Paper. RR(283)$ 

The Pathfinder; or, the Inland Sea. Phila., 1840., 2 vols., 


Orig. cl. (faded, pp. water-stained). C(87)$so.oo. 
Orig. cl. (foxed, fly leaf torn, writing inside front cover). C(88) 


YA. lev. mor.. g.t. AA(32)$io.oo. 
Orig. cl. (worn, covers and fly leaves water-stained). XX(78)$i6.oo. 

The Pilot, a Tale of the Sea. Revised, Corrected, and Illus- 
trated with a new Introduction, Notes, etc. by the Author. N.Y., 
1849. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (presentation copy, to Miss Cruger; the 
name of a later owner is written below). EF (319) $115.00. 

The Prairie, a Tale. London, 1827. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. hf. cf. FG (70) $10.50. 

Precaution, a Novel. N.Y., 18.20. i2mo. 

Hf. leath. (2 vols. in one; blank corner torn from one page, some 
foxing; contains errata leal). A A (.28) $240.00. 

The Red Rover, a Tale. London, 1827. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. hf. cf., unc.; in buckram case (backstrips cracked, covers 
spiled; slight foxing; Keninghall Book Society copy, with its 
list of members pasted inside front cover of first vol.). II (105) 


COOPER (James Fenimore) Continued. 

The Red-Skins; or Indian and Injin: being the Conclusion 

of the Littlepage Manuscripts. N.Y., 1846. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. paper (wrappers stained and chipped, some leaves foxed). GG 
(112) $35.00. 

Satanstoe; or, the Littlepage Manuscripts: a Tale of the 

Colony. N.Y., 1845. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Paper, sewed (both vols. lack wrappers, page 227 has piece torn out 
at top). RR (280) $14.00. 

The Sea-Lions; or, the Lost Sealers. N.Y., 1849. 2 vols., 

Paper. RR (284) $50.00. 

The Spy, a Tale of the Neutral Ground. N.Y., 1821. 2 vols., 


Orig. cf., in wrappers and mor. case (foxed, one page torn, cont. name 
on title of Vol. I). NO (88) $770.00. 

The Wing-and-Wing; or, le Feu-Follet: a Tale. Phila., 1842. 

2 vols., I2mo. 
Paper. RR (278) $25.00. 

Wyandotte; or, the Hutted Knoll: a Tale. Phila., 1843. 2 

vols., I2mo. 
Paper (wrappers of Vol. I loose). RR (279) $47.50. 

Works. Illustrated from drawings by F. O. C. Darley. N.Y., 

Townsend and Co., 1859-61. 32 vols., 8vo. 
Mor., g.t, by Sangorski. U(66)$i35.oo. 

Writings. Col. frontispieces, and other illustrations, many on 

Japan vellum, by Darley, Zoobaum, Richards, and others. Au- 
thor's Autograph Edition. N.Y., Putnam, n.d. 33 vols., 8vo. 

Y* lev. mor., g.t., unc. (folio page of orig. MS. bound in "The Spy"). 

Works. Plates. Iroquois Edition. N.Y., Putnam, n.d. 33 vols., 

Hf. lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. NN(6i) $130.00. 

COOPER (Myles). The American Querist. By a North- 
American. Boston, Mills and Hicks, 1774. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. FF (35) $18.00. 

COOPER (Samuel). The Crisis. London, 1756. 8vo. 
Hf. cf., g.t. FF (37) $18.00. 

COOPER (William M.). Flagellation and the Flagellants. 

London, 1869. 12010. 
Rebound 54 mor., g.t. K( 143) $8.50. 

COPINGER (Walter A.). The Bible and its Transmission. 28 

facsimiles. London, 1897. Roy. 4to. 
Cl., g.t., unc. (R. H. Hutton copy). JK(ii4)$i7.5O. 

COPPARD (A. E.). The Black Dog and Other Stories. Lon- 
don [1923]. I2H10. 

Hf. cl. Q(IOI) $25.50. 

Hf. cl. (presentation copy from Robert Goodall). CD(83)$i7.50. 

Orig. bds., unc. JK(ii5)$ii.oo, 


COPPARD (A. E.) Continued. 

The Field of Mustard. Signed. [London, 1926.] I2mo. 

Vel., g.t., unc., unopened. K(88)$io.oo. 

Vel., g.t., unopened. II (113) $16.00. 

Bds., unc. (inscribed to Mamie Moseley). JK(n6) $30.00. 

Fishmonger's Fiddle. Signed. [London, 1925.] I2mo. 

Vel., g.t. II(ii4)$i7.oo. 

Vel., g.t., unc. (Japan paper). EF(32ib) $22.50. 

The Gollan. n.p., E. E. Fiske, 1929. i2mo. 

Orig. paper, in folder and cl. case. CD (84) $12.00. 

The Higgler. With page orig. MS. N.Y., Chocorua Press 

[1930]. 4to. 

f. bui " 

Hf. buckram, unc., unopened. K (87) $36.00. 
Hf. cl., unopened. II (108) $16.00. 

The Man from Kilsheelan. Woodcut by Robert Gibbings. 

London, 1930. Roy. 8vo. 
Buckram, g.t., unc. (inscribed "to Dedicatee from Dedicator"). CC 

(224) $10.00. 

Pink Furniture. Illus. by Nancy B. Gurney. London [1930]. 


Orig. cl. K(86)$i5.oo. 
Vel., g.t., unopened (signed). Q( 104) $8.00. 
Vel., g.t., unopened (presentation copy). II (no) $22.00. 
Vel., g.t. (presentation copy). XX (82) $15.00. 

Silver Circus. Signed. [London, 1928.] I2mo. 

Vel., g.t., unc.. unopened. K(89)$i4.oo. 
Vel., g.t. (10 line inscription). XX (81) $9.50. 

Yokohama Garland and Other Poems. Vignettes by Wharton 

Esherick. Signed by author and by illustrator. Phila., Centaur 
Press [1926]. 4to. 

Hf. buckram unopened (presentation copy, inscribed twice). II (in) 


Burghemeesters ende Raden tot Amsterdam. Op't stuck vande 
West-Indische Compagnie. Genomen in August 1649. 20 PP- 
Tot Uytrecht, Ian Havick, 1649. Sm. 4to. 
Bds. FF(i66)$i6.oo. 

CORELLI (Marie). Ardath. 1890; [also] The Treasure of 
Heaven. 1906. London, 1890-1906. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. cases (corner torn from one leaf in first vol. ; presenta- 
tion copies). NN( 633) $28.00. 

VENS (Benjamin Franklin). 


ful Money, etc. See ROGERS AND FOWLE. 


Dramatic Criticism, Fashion, and Novelty. Ed. by N. P. Willis 
and T. O. Porter. Vol. I, Nos. 1-52, March 16, i839-March 7, 


CORSAIR Continued. 

1840. [Contains "A Lost Bear" and "A Week in the Wood- 
lands," by H. W. Herbert, also 10 contributions by Thackeray.] 
N.Y., 1839-40. Fol. 

M mor. (laid in is A. L. S. of Fred E. Pond). 2(283) $27.50. 

CORTES (Hernando or Fernando). Historia de Nueva-Espana. 

Frontis. 2 folding maps, and 32 plates ; one folding. En Mexico, 

1770. Sm. fol. 
Old cf. L (43) $20.00. 

CORTfiS (Martin). The Art of Navigation. Trans, by Richard 
Eden. And now newly Corrected ... by lohn Tap. Folding 
map and 24 woodcuts, 6 of which have one or more movable 
volvelles. London, B. A. and T. Fawcet for J. Tap, 1630. Sm. 

Sewed, in hf. mor. case (size 7x5^3 in.). LL( 131) $350.00. 

CORVO (Frederick, Baron). Chronicles of the House of 

Borgia. London, 1901. Large 8vo. 
Orig. buckram, g.t. Q(io6)$io.oo. 

CORY (William). See JOHNSON (William). 

CORYAT (Thomas). Coryats Crudities. Title and plates by 

William Hole. London, 1611. 4to. 
Cont. cf., in cl. case (back and corners repaired; one plate clipped at 

top, one mounted, corner torn from another). CC( 225) $120.00. 

COSTUME. Collection of 38 engraved plates, col. by hand, 
portraying Parisian fashions of the Empire. Paris, 1808-30. Sq. 

Cf., tooled. TTa(43)$9.oo. 

Costume of the Russian Empire. Over 70 col. plates. Lon- 
don, 1803. Large 4to. 
y mor. (worn and rubbed engraved title mended). MN(65)$ 

Costume of the Russian Empire. 72 col. plates. London, 1811. 

Mor., g.e. (rubbed, back cover loose). IJ( 192) $8.00. 

Costumes of the French Revolution [and] English Costumes 

during . . . 1795-1806. Drawn from the Collection of Victorien 
Sardou. Intro, by Clarence Cook. 65 etchings, by Guillaumot 
Fils, col. by hand. N.Y., 1889. 4to. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. (soiled; with "History of the British Costume," 
London, 1834; together 2 vols.). V(95)$n.oo. 

Galerie Royale de Costumes. 30 col. lithographs by Alophe, 

Janet, Lange, and Dollet. [Paris,] n.d. Roy. fol. 
G., g.e. (back rubbed, some plates stained). R(374)$2O.oo. 

125 col. lithographic plates by A. Deveria, representing cos- 
tumes of various historical periods. [Paris, n.d.] Large fol. 

Hf. mor., tooled, g.t. (rubbed, one plate torn; plates 1-121, only, 
are numbered; slight variations in sizes of plates and in im- 
prints) . R (416) $105.00. 

See also HORT (Lieut. -Col.), also MASON (G. H.), also 

SHAW (Henry), also WALKER (George). 


COTTON (Charles). The Compleat Gamester. Frontis. Lon- 
don, for Charle Brome, 1709. 24mo. 
Mor., inlaid, tooled, g.e. (stains). TT(96)$22.oo. 

Poems on Several Occasions. London, 1689. 8yo. 

Cf. (covers loose, back missing, some margins stained; Robert 
Southey copy, inscribed by him). L(2i4)$io.oo. 

COTTON (Pierre). The Hellish and horrible Councell, prac- 
tised and used by the Jesuites ... in answere of that impudent 
Pamphlet, published by Peter Cotton, which also is hereunto an- 
nexed. Trans, out of French. London, for T. Bfushell], 1610. 

Bds. (worn). CC(37)$n.oo. 


Country Gentleman. London, 1753. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Cf., tooled, g.e., by Riviere. VV (45) $7.50. 

COWAN (Robert E.). A Bibliography of the History of Cali- 
fornia and the Pacific West, 1510-1906. San Fran., 1914. 4to. 
Bds., unc., in case. YY(ii) $36.00. 

COWPER (William). Poems; [and] The Task. London, 1782- 

85. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc.; in lev. mor. case (Jerome Kern copy). O(8i) 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (C. B. Foote copy). CC( 226) $40.00. 

See also HAYLEY (William). 

COX (Ross). Adventures on the Columbia River. London, 

1831. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cf. FF( 3 6)$3i.oo. 
Hf. cf. BC(i3)$39.oo. 

COXE (Daniel). A Description of the English Province of 

Carolina. Folding map. London, 1722. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (binding poor, title and some leaves stained, name on title, 

writing on fly leaf and on few pp.). L (44) $47.50. 

A Description of the English Province of Carolina. Folding 

map. London, for Edward Symon, 1727. 8vo. 
Mor., by Wood. QQ( 119) $30.50. 

COXE (Peter). The Social Day. 32 plates. London, 1823. Roy. 

Lev. mor., g.t., by Pratt (Large paper). GH(53)$io.oo. 

CRABBE (George). The Borough. London, 1810. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. EF( 327) $21.00. 

Tales of the Hall. London, 1819. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in cl. case (joints cracked, backstrip worn, label 
chipped, portion of one fly leaf cut off). EF( 328) $22.00. 

CRAIK (Dinah M. M.). John Halifax, Gentleman. London, 

1856. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Cl., unc. ; in hf. mor. case (recased, backs and few margins repaired ; 

each vol. with advertisements). EF( 329) $70.00. 


CRAMER (Zadok). The Navigator . . . Maps . . . Ninth Edi- 
tion. Pittsburgh, 1817. I2mo. 
Yi leath. (back scuffed, foxed, label and name in ink). E(83)$io.oo. 

CRANE (Stephen). The Black Riders and Other Lines. Bos- 
ton, 1895. i6mo. 

Pictorial bds. YY (39) $32.50. 

Orig. parchment bds., unc. and unopened (on Japan paper). EF(33i) 

Orig. bds., unc. (lacks blank at front). EF(332)$n.oo. 

The Little Regiment. N.Y., 1896. i2mo. 

Cl., unc. (back cover water- stained ; first page of advertisements is 
headed by Edward Eggleston's "The Beginners of a Nation"; 
inscribed, on end paper, to J. G. Widrig; another inscription of 
author, in pencil, on dust jacket). R (418) $70.00. 

Gray paper, unc.; in hf. mor. case (advance copy). EF(334)$22.5O. 

Maggie, a Girl of the Streets. (A Story of New York.) By 

Johnston Smith. [N.Y., privately printed, 1893.] 12 mo. 
Orig. paper, unc. and unopened (2 breaks in back wrapper mended). 

H (41) $550.oo. 
Orig. paper, unc. (back rounded from later binding, with remains of 

leather backstrip; front wrapper frayed; presentation copy, to 

L. S. Linson; Crane's name below pseud., on cover in hand of 

recipient) . R (417) $230.00. 
Orig. paper, unc. (front wrapper mended and frayed, several leaves 

torn in opening; inscribed bv Wm. H. Crane to Cortlandt St. 

John). NN (64) $85.00. 
Orig. paper, unc.; in mor. case (wrappers defective, title in ink on 

backstrip; title-page has been repaired and has had piece torn 

from upper corner). EF( 330) $90.00. 

Maggie, a Girl of the Streets. By Stephen Crane. N.Y., 1896. 


Orig. cl., unc. N(84)$i3.oo. 
Q., unc.; in hf. mor. case. 0(83) $20.00. 
Cl., unc. (has n-line title). R(4i9)$i5-OO. 
Orig. cl., top edges yellow, unc. JJ (86) $16.00. 
Orig. cl., unc. (has n-line title). SS (20) $13.00. 
Cl., unc.; in hf. mor. case (has n-line title). EF( 335) $15.00. 

The Red Badge of Courage. N.Y., 1895. I2mo. 

Q. (Second issue, with broken type on page 225). M (72) $32.50. 

Cl., unc.; in hf. mor. case (First issue, with perfect type in word 
"congratulated" on page 225). O(82)$245.oo. 

CL, g.t., unc.; in hf. mor. case (First issue). R( 257) $275.00. 

Q., top edges yellow (First issue). JJ (85) $125.00. 

Q. (First issue, C. E. Cartwright- Carolyn Wells copy, end paper in- 
scribed by Hamlin Garland "Rec'd in MS. in New York 1891-2"). 

Orig. cl. (Second issue). MN (72) $21.00. 

The Red Badge of Courage. N.Y., 1896. I2mo. 

Cl., unc. (title signed, inserted is typed N.S., clipping pasted down on 
end paper). EF( 336) $22.50. 

The Third Violet. N.Y., 1897- i2mo. 

Cl., unc. NO(Q2)$7.50. 


CRANE (Stephen) Continued. 

The Third Violet. London, 1897. i2mo. 

Cl., unc. (inscribed by the author to Mr. Harris, inscribed by Mrs. 

Crane also, author's visiting card pasted inside cover). EF(337) 


War Is Kind. Drawings by Will Bradley. N.Y., 1899. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. JJ (87) $10.00. 

Works. Ed. by Wilson Follett. N.Y. [1926]. 12 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. and unopened; boxed. K (91) $30.00. 


CRASHAW (Richard). Complete Works. [London,] 1872. 2 

vols., I2mo. 
Cl. (inscribed to W. T. Watts-Dunton, also John Drinkwater copy). 

EF( 1029) $7.50. 

CRAWLEY (Ernest). The Mystic Rose. London, 1902. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., unopened. TT (97) $8.00. 

CRfiBILLON FILS. Collection Complete de Ses CEuvres. 

Londres, 1777. 7 vols., I2mo. 

Cont. cf., in cl. folders (worn, backstrips and hinges cracked; 14 vols. 
in 7; second vol. inscribed by James Bos well). EF(93)$n.oo. 


CR3VIER (J. B. L.). Tome Treizieme [of his continuation of] 
Histoire Romaine depuis la Fondation de Rome, jusqu'a la Bataille 
d'Actium, by Charles Rollin. Amsterdam, 1747. I2mo. 

Old cf., tooled with Napoleonic eagle (stamp on title; copy owned, 
successively, by Letitia Bonaparte and her daughter, Caroline, 
Queen of Italy; with additions of sums in Napoleon's hand on 3 
margins and on blank at end and an attestation of their genuine- 
ness on blank at front, signed by Laetitia, daughter of Caroline). 
CC( 139) $37-50. 

CRIES OF LONDON. The New Cries of London; or, Itiner- 
ant Trades of the British Metropolis. Engravings. London, 1823. 

Cf., by Cecil and Larkins (Edward Arnold copy). JJ( 197) $10.00. 

CRISIS (The). N.Y., John Anderson [1775]. 8vo. 

Nos. I-XIII and XV; I-VI in one vol., cl.; VII-XIII and XV, 8 

vols., bds. ; together 14 nos. in 9 vols. (stamps and foxings). GG 

(96) $10.00. 
Nos. I-XXVIII, unbound (one margin repaired). OP (119) $40.00. 

The Crisis. No. I. Pp. 1-8. New-London, T. Green; Nos. II- 

V. Pp. 9-40. Norwich, Re-printed by Judah P. Spooner. New 
London and Norwich [1775]. 5 nos., 121110. 

Hf. roan (covers damaged, stained ; margins of first no. are cut into 
text). L (8) $17.50. 

CROCKETT (Samuel R.). The Stickit Minister. Prefatory 
Poem by R. L. Stevenson. Signed, on Large paper. London, 
1894. Roy. 8vo. 

CL, g.t., unc. GH (274) $27.50. 


CROWLEY (Aleister). Confessions. London, 1929. 2 vols., 4to. 

Buckram, g.t. (laid in are 2 copies of "Hymn to Pan" [broadside]). 
CD (93) $9.00. 

C^OWNINSHIELD (Francis B.). The Story of George 
Crowninshield's Yacht, "Cleopatra's Barge," on a Voyage of Pleas- 
ure to the Western Islands and the Mediterranean, 1816-1817. 
Boston, Merry mount Press, 1913. 4to. 

Cl. DE(55)$30.oo. 


CRUIKSHANK (George). The Bachelor's Own Book, being 
the Progress of Mr. Lambkin in the Persuit of Pleasure and 
Amusememt, etc. 12 plates. First issue, with 2 (above) misspell- 
ings in title. London, 1844. Obi. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (title, fly leaf, and wrapper stained; front orig. wrapper 
bound in; inscribed to R. H. Barham). EF( 340) $42.50. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Riviere (orig. wrappers bound in; soiled 
and rubbed). GH(62)$ 

The Comic Almanack. London, 1835-53. J 9 vols., I2mo. 

1835-1838 only, 4 issues in one vol., cl. (presentation copy, to Wil- 
liam Berlines; bookplate). V(98)$ 

1835-47 only, bound in 3 vols., ^ cf. (rubbed and shaken). 00(707) 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Bedford (19 vols. in 5). TTa (48) $57.50. 

1835-1842 only; 8 vols. in 2; rnor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Taffin. TTa 
(49) $25.00. 

Orig. bds. and cl., as issued (few bindings defective and broken, name 
on 3 wrappers, leaf of advertisement pasted down inside back 
wrapper; issue for 1835 has 4 pp. advertisements, 1836 has 20; 
slip in 1844 is gray; 1847 lacks advertisements and design on 
covers is red). ZZ (71) $42.50. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Stikeman (occasional repairs, some 
plates foxed, vol. for 1849 lacks one plate, orig. wrappers and cl. 
covers bound in). GH( 60) $40.00. 

A Discovery Concerning Ghosts. Second Edition. London, 

1864. 8vo. 
New paper (presentation copy). O(85)$i7.5o. 

The Fairy Library. Etchings. London [1853-64]. 4 vols., 

Lev. mor. in blue, green, red, and tan, respectively, by Riviere (orig. 

wrappers bound in). GH( 65) $35.00. 

George Qruikshank's Omnibus. Ed. by Laman Blanchard. 22 

engravings on steel (19 by Cruikshank) and 78 woodcuts by him. 
London, 1842. 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.t., by Riviere (orig. covers bound in). U(68)$32.5O. 

Cf., g.e. AA (35) $15.00. 

Green cl., in hf. mor. case (First binding in green; rubbed and foxed ; 
bound in are orig. wrapper of part VIII, 4 pp. advertisements, 
cancel-leaf for pp. 199-200, and a 1 6-page booklet, advertising pub- 
lications of Tilt and Bogue; J. C. Frampton May copy). NN 
(66) $15.00. 

9 orig. parts, unc.; in cl. case (backs defective, name on 8 front 
wrappers ; paper of advertisement leaf at end of No. I is pink ; 
advertisement inside front wrapper of No. IX reads "Commis- 


CRUIKSHANK (George) Continued. 

sioner Lin and his Consort," and not as that of No. VI). ZZ 

(70) $25.00. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Riviere (end leaves rehinged, few 

plates rubbed; orig. covers bound in). GH(6i)$i5.oo. 
George Cruikshank's Table-Book. Ed. by Gilbert Abbott 

A'Beckett. 12 etched plates and 116 woodcuts and glyphographs 

by George Cruikshank. London, 1845. 8yo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t. (frontis. and title rehinged, marginal defect 

in one plate, one leaf torn, orig. covers bound in). GH (63) $18.00. 
Illustrations of Smollett, Fielding, and Goldsmith. 41 plates 

in 2 states, plain and col. London, 1832. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (few repairs, some plates rubbed). 

GH( 58) $12.50. 
Illustrations of Time. Being a series of 6 etched plates, col. 

by hand and etched title. London, 1827. Obi. fol. 
Orig. paper, unc. (plate paper is watermarked "1826"). TTa(47) 

My Sketch Book. 25 plates, including title. Vol. I. London, 

Tilt, 1834. Obi. 4to. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.e., by Birdsall (orig. cover bound in). X(45b) $14.00. 
My Sketch Book. Title and 36 plates in color. London [1834- 

36]. Obi. 4to. 
9 orig. parts, in lev. mor. case (some backs cracked; some plates 

stained, name on 2 covers; second plate in part V is in second 

state, with "gold" correctly lettered). GH(5g)$5o.oo. 
My Sketch Book. Title and 36 plates, in color. London, n.d. 

Obi. 8vo. 

Mor., g.t., by Riviere. R(387)$i5.oo. 

Points of Humour. Both Parts. 20 col. etchings and 20 wood- 
cuts. London, 1823-24. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., by Tout (some pp. foxed, lacks all advertising and 

preliminary matter except the leaf following preface in Part II; 

Second issues; laid in is A. L. S.). R(386)$2o.oo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Tout (lacks all advertisements but those 

on leaf following preface of Part II ; II is First issue, with words 

"and did" ending last line on page 5). GH (55) $20.00. 

Etchings to the Comic Almanacks, 1835-1853. India proof 

impressions, separate plates. London, Pickering and Chatto, n.d. 

C (92) $29.00. 

See also COLLIER (John), also ENGLISHMAN'S MEN- 
TOR, also HUGO (Victor), also MOGRIDGE (George), also 

CRUIKSHANK (Isaac Robert). The Commercial Tourist. 5 

col. aquatint plates. London, 1822. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Riviere (few leaves repaired at inner 

margin or rehinged, orig. wrappers bound in). GH (68) $10.00. 

Lessons of Thrift. Title and 12 plates, all in color. London, 

1820. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Stikeman (writing on verso of frontis.). 

ZZ( 72) $40.00. 


CUFFEE (Paul). Narrative of [his] Life and Adventures. 

Vernon, [N.Y.,] 1839. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. NO (93) $10.00. 

CULPEPER (Nicholas). A Directory for Mid wives; or, a 

Guide for Women. London, 1681. I2mo. 
Orig. cf. UU(28)$io.oo. 

CULVER (Henry B.). The Book of Old Ships. Illus. by Gor- 
don Grant. Garden City, 1924. 4to. 
Orig. bds., g.t., unopened (one plate signed by artist). V (395) $10.50. 

Contemporary Scale Models of Vessels of the Seventeenth 

Century. N.Y., 1926. Fol. 
Bds., unc. NO (94) $15.00. 

CUMBERLAND (John). Cumberland's British Theatre. Col. 
illustrations by R. Cruikshank. London [1829]. 9 vols., I2mo. 
Hf. cf. Y(i53)$i2.oo. 

CUNNINGHAM (Peter). The Story of Nell Gwyn. Illustrated. 

London, 1852. I2mo. 

Mor., tooled, g.t., by Riviere (orig. covers bound in). NN(68)$n.oo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Riviere (bound in are orig. covers, also 

several extra portraits). TTa (51) $17.50. 

CURRIE (William). A Treatise on the Lawfulness of De- 
fensive War. Phila., B. Franklin and D. Hall, 1748. 8vo. 
Orig. stitching, unc. G (31) $46.00. 

CURRIER & IVES. Currier & Ives: a Manuel for Collectors, 

an alphabetical catalogue of all known prints by C. Currier, N. 
Currier, and Currier & Ives, with auction prices, etc. Comp. by 
Jane Cooper Bland. 24 plates in color and black and white. 
Garden City [1931]. 4to. 
Cl. M( 18)13.00. 

An Alphabetical List of 5735 Titles of N. Currier and Cur- 
rier & Ives Prints. Comp. by F. A. and M. B. Conningham. 
Privately Printed by F. A. and M. B. Conningham, N.Y., 1930. 

CL H(35)$9.oo. 

See also PETERS (Fred J.), also PETERS (Harry T.). 

CURTIS (George W.). Prue and I. N.Y., 1856. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., unc. X (47) $8.00. 

CURTIS (William). The Botanical Magazine; or, Flower- 
Garden Displayed. Col. plates. Vol. I. [Continued after 1800 
as "Curtis's Botanical Magazine."] London, 1790. 8vo. 

Old cf. (autograph of Charles Cotesworth Pinckney on title). DD 
(49) $n.oo. 

CUST (Robert H. H.). See CELLINI (Benvenuto). 

CUSTER (George A.). See INDIANS. 

CUTLER (B. D.) and STILES (Villa). Modern British. Au- 
thors, their First Editions. N.Y. [1930]. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t. XX( 2 ;8)$9.50. 

D'ABRANT&S (Madame Junot, Duchesse). See ABR ANTES. 



COURT (J. B. L.). 

DAGLEY (Richard). Takings; or, the Life of a Collegian. 

26 col. plates by the author. London, 1821. 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., by Root (with his "Death's Doings," 1826; together 

2 vols.). R(258)$30.oo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (corners worn). VV (52) $17.50. 

DALCHO (Frederick). An Historical Account of the Protes- 
tant Episcopal Church in South- Carolina. Charleston, 1820. 8vo. 
Orig. cf. (worn). QQ(85)$ 

DALE (Harrison C.). The Ashley-Smith Explorations and Dis- 
covery of a Central Route to the Pacific, 1822-29. With the 
original journals, ed. by Harrison C. Dale. Maps, one in color, 
and illustrations. Cleveland, 1918. 8vo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. A (284) $42.50. 

DALLY (Joseph W.). Woodbridge and Vicinity. New Bruns- 
wick, N.J., 1873. 8vo. 
Cl. T(i62)$i8.oo. 

D ALTON (J.). The Gentleman in Black. Plates by G. Cruik- 

shank. London, 1831. I2mo. 
Cf., tooled, g.e. on rough, by Zaehnsdorf. 8(83) $9.00. 

DALY (Augustin). A Portfolio of Players, with a Packet of 
Notes Thereon, by H. C. Bunner and others. Portraits. N.Y., 
1888. Fol. 

Hf. silk, g.t., unc. (inscribed by Daly, portraits signed by Ada Rehan). 
X( 69) $20.00. 

DAMPIER (William). A New Voyage round the World, etc. 

Maps. London, 1717. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Cf., inlaid, g.e. (pp. stained). 00(1049) $14.50. 

Voyages. Ed. by J. Masefield. Plates. London, 1906. 2 vols., 

Cl., g.t., unc. A (290) $10.00. 

DANA (Richard Henry). The Idle Man. Vol. I, Nos. 1-4, and 

Vol. II, No. i. N.Y., 1821-22. 8vo. 
Sewed (edges frayed). N(9i)$7.5o. 

DANA (Richard Henry, jr.). Oration at Lexington, April 19, 

1875. Boston, 1875. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. case (inscribed to Miss Meredith). AA(38)$20.oo. 

Two Years before the Mast. N.Y., 1840. i6mo. 

Orig. white printed cl., in cl. case (tear in back fly leaf, name on front 
fly leaf; Second issue, 121 titles in list of "Harper's Family Li- 
brary*' printed on back cover). R(i6o) $95.00. 

Black cl. (washed and recased). AA(37)$6o.oo. 

Orig. tan cl. (repaired with black thread, pencil inscription by the 
author almost obliterated). QQ( 121) $50.50. 

White printed cl. (worn, lacks backstrip, foxed). YY(4i)$25.oo. 

White printed cl., in hf. mor. case (back tightened, end paper at back 
supplied, corner torn from end paper; First issue, 105 titles only 
in list of "Harper's Family Library" on back cover). ZZ(73) 


DANA (Richard Henry, jr.) Continued. 

Grey rough cl. (binding repaired, new backstrip with orig. label, 

new end papers, old fly leaves). MN (76) $41.00. 
Orig. black cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (rubbed). OP (21) 


Two Years Before the Mast. Boston, 1879. I2mo. 

CL, in hf. mor. case (inscribed to William W. Story, rubber stamp 
of Waldo Story on leaf of Preface). O (86) $85.00. 

Two Years Before the Mast. Illustrations, some hand- 
colored. Large Paper Edition. Boston, 1911. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Bds., unc. NO(95)$ 

Two Years Before the Mast. Illustrations by Edw. A. Wilson. 

Chic., 1930. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. and unopened. K( 269) $26.00. 
Orig. cl., unc. and unopened. (214) $14.00. 

DANCER (Thomas). A Brief History of the Late Expedition 

against Fort San Juan, so far as it relates to the Diseases of the 
Troops, etc. Kingston (Jamaica), Douglas, Aikman, etc., 1781. 
New hf. cf. FF (38) $72.50. 

DANIEL (Samuel). The Civile Warres betweene the Howses 

of Lancaster and Yorke. Title, with portrait. London, 1609. 
Cf. (upper and lower margins of title supplied). NN(69)$i2.oo. 

DANIEL (William B.). Rural Sports. Plates by John Scott. 

London, 1805-13. 4 vols., 4to. 
Lev. mor., g.e., by De Coverly. AA (40) $25.00. 

DANTE. Divina Commedia; col comento di Christophoro Lan- 

dino. Ed. by Petrus de Figino. 320 leaves (should be 324). 

Woodcuts. Venice, Petrus de Plasiis, 1470 [1491]. (Hain 

Hf. cf. (lacks 4 leaves of signature AA and 3 woodcuts; 2 leaves 

misbound, 5 reinforced, some stained; first page mounted). IJ 

(294) $75-00. 

La Divina Commedia. Engravings. Bologna, 1819-21. 3 vols., 

Hf. cf. (rubbed, foxed). IJ(4i5)$7.5<>. 

DARBY (William). The Emigrant's Guide to the Western and 
Southwestern States and Territories. Map. N.Y., 1818. 8vo. 
# cf., g.t. TT(io8)$8.oo. 

Geographical Description of the State of Louisiana; [with] 

Map of Louisiana. Phila., 1816. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Bds. and orig. bds. (bookplate). XT (109) $21.00. 

DARIEN. See BELHAVEN (John Hamilton, Lord). 

DARWIN (Charles). The Descent of Man. London, 1871. 2 

vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (name stamped on half-title of each vol.). A A (41) $10.00. 
Orig. cl. (rubbed, stained, and shaken; hinges of one vol. split). MN 



DARWIN (Charles) Continued. 

On the Origin of Species. Folding diagram. London, 1859. 

Orig. cl., unc. ; in hf. mor. case (vol. shaken; C. E. Norton copy, 

with A. N. S. by him inside cover). 0(87) $320.00. 
Cl., unc. (name on half-title). EF(347)$iio.oo. 

The Origin of Species. N.Y., 1860. I2mo. 

Cl. (writing on end paper). EF(348)$n.oo. 

DAUDET (Alphonse). Fromont Junior and Risler Senior. 
Trans, by Edward Vizetelly. 88 wood engravings from original 
drawings by George Roux. London, Hutchinson, 1894. Sm. 4to. 

Mor., g.t. XX(9i)$i2.5o. 

Sapho. Paris, 1884. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, unc. (front hinge cracked, inscribed : "A Gaston Berardi 
Alph. Daudet"). O (88) $25.00. 

DAVIDSON (John). A Full and True Account of the Won- 
derful Mission of Earl Lavender. , Frontis. by Beardsley. Lon- 
don, 1895. I2mo. 

Cl., unc. (inscribed to John Lane). JK( 125) $10.00. 

DA VIES (Arthur B.). [His] Etchings and Lithographs. Comp. 

by F. N. Price. Issued with orig., signed etching, "Doorway to 

Illusion" by Davies. N.Y., 1929. 4to. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (inscribed by compiler to Thomas B. Clarke). W 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. JK(i26)$8.oo. 

DAVIES (Sir John). A Discoverie of the Trve Cavses why Ire- 
land was neuer entirely Subdued [London,] for lohn laggard, 
1612. Sq. I2mo. 

Cf., g.e. (margins slightly shaved, burn in one margin; Huth- 
Bodleian Library copy). TT( no) $11.00. 

Nosce teipsum. London, R. Field, for J. Standish, 1599. 4to. 

Mor., g.e. (title remargined, with repaired tear; blanks wanting; 

reading in line 16, p. 10, is "chance"; Huth-Graham copy). VV 

(53) $3-2-50. 

DAVIES (Samuel). Religion and Patriotism the Constituents 

of a Good Soldier, a Sermon. London, Buckland, 1756. 8vo. 
Old bds. (rubbed). L(6;a)$9.oo. 
Hf. cf., g.t. FF(39)$i8.oo. 
M cf., g.t. IJ( 3 8)$i6.oo. 

DAVIES (William H.). The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp. 

Preface by Bernard Shaw. London, 1908. I2mo. 
Cl. (pasted on end paper is card bearing author's signature). EF 


Sixty Years in California. San Fran., 1889. 8vo. 

Cl. JK( 128) $20.00. 

The Soul's Destroyer and Other Poems. Farmhouse, Mar- 

shalsea Road, S.E., Privately printed, n.d. I2mo. 
Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (A. L. S. laid in). EF( 350) $17.00. 



DAVIS (Jefferson). The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Gov- 
ernment. N.Y., 1881. 2 vols., 8vo. 
34 mor., g.t., unopened (tipped in is A. L. S. to Gen. J. E. Johnston). 


DAVIS (Richard H.). Dr. Jameson's Raiders. Maps. N.Y., 

1897. 8vo. 
Paper, unc. NO (97) $8.00. 

DAVIS (William Heath). Seventy-Five Years in California. 

Ed. by Douglas S. Watson. Illustrated. Argonaut Edition, 
signed by editor and by publisher, and including a page of the 
author's MS. San Fran., 1929. Large 8vo. 
Hf. buckram. V(54)$ 

DAVIS (William W. H.). The History of Bucks County, 

Pennsylvania. N.Y., 1905. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t. FG (47) $7-75. 

The Spanish Conquest of New Mexico. Portrait. Doyles- 

town, Pa., 1869. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. KLa(i36)$9.oo. 

DAVISON (Almon Alexander). Davison Family. Peoria, 111., 

1905. I2mo. 
Cl. KK(2 4 7)$7.50. 

DAWSON (William L.). The Birds of California. Plates. 

Patrons' de Luxe Edition. San Diego, 1923. 4 vols., 4to. 
Pigskin, tooled, inlaid, unc.; in case. UU (30) $120.00. 

The Birds of Washington. Over 300 photographs and a scries of 

col. plates. Patrons' Edition, signed. Seattle, 1909. 2 vols., 4to. 

Mor., unc. (laid in are 2 letters by author, John Lewis Child copy).* 


Society, and Fully Discussed by the Members, whether Witches, 
Wizards, . . . had supernatural Powers, etc. Phila., 1788. I2mo. 
Unbound. QQ( 122) $13.00. 

DE BECKER (Joseph Ernest). The Nightless City; or, the 

"History of Yoshiwara Yukwaku." Plates, some in color. Yoko- 
hama, n.d. 8vo. 
Y* mor., g.t. TT(ii2)$i8.oo. 

DE BRAHM (John G. W.). History of the Province of Georgia. 

Ed. by George Wyrnberley- Jones. 6 charts and plans. Signed. 
Wormsloe, Ga., 1849. Fol. 
Cl. (inscribed by editor). L (45) $35.00. 

DE BRY (Theodor). Great Voyages, in Latin. Parts I-XII. 
Frankfort, 1590-1624. Sm. fol. 

Old mor., tooled (Parts I-XI only: n parts in 3 vols.; rubbed; 
backs faded; Parts I, II, V-VII partially of First edition; III 
and IV, First Edition, partially Second issue; VIII, First edi- 
tion, Second issue; IX, First edition; X, First issue varying 
features described in detail in auction catalogue). LL(ioo) 

Hf. cf. (12 vols. in 9; covers worn; Vol. I lacks leaf of advertise- 
ment and one plate, III lacks 16 pp. text, VI lacks plates; some 


DE BRY (Theodor) Continued. 

plates, titles, and leaves are misbound; these copies are mainly 
of Second edition). L (46) $52.50. 

Old y* cf. (12 parts VII and VIII dated 1625 in 9 vols.; rubbed, 
backs badly chipped ; 5 plates, 16 pp. text, and one leaf advertise- 
ments lacking; 4 plates pasted down over others; Part I is 
described as of First edition, First issue; II, partially First edi- 
tion; III, partially First edition, Second issue; IV and V, Sec- 
ond edition; VI, partially First edition; VII and VIII, Second 
edition; IX, First edition; X, First edition, First issue; XI, 
First edition; XII First edition, collated with copy in Huth 
Catalogue, but sold as is varying features of all 12 parts noted, 
in detail, in auction catalogue). YY (42) $150.00. 

Minor Voyages, in German. Complete Set, including both edi- 
tions of Part IV, and Second edition "Anhang der Beschreibung 
desz Konigreichs Congo." Second editions of Parts I-IV; First 
editions of Parts IV-XIII. Franckfurt, 1600-30. 5 vols., imp. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (15 parts in 5 vols.; Part III lacks 2 plates, Part VI 
lacks 2 preliminary leaves, some parts stained). GG( 114) $62.50. 


United Colonies of North America now met in General Congress 
at Phila., setting forth the Causes and Necessity of their taking 
up Arms. Phila., W. and T. Bradford, 1775. I2mo. 
Unc., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. C (8) $35.00. 

DEFOE (Daniel). The History of the Life and Adventures of 

Mr. Duncan Campbell. 4 plates. London, 1720. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled (some pages stained). TT (79) $14.00. 

The History and Remarkable Life of the truly Honourable 

Colonel Jaque. Third edition. London, 1724. 8vo. 
Orig. cf. (worn). J(5o)$8.oo. 

Jure Divino. Portrait by Van der Gucht. London, 1706. Fol. 

$4 mor. (worn, foxed: with "The New Robinson Crusoe," trans, from 
the French of J. H. Campe, illus. by Bewick, London, 1789; to- 
gether 2 vols.). JJ(n6)$i4.oo. 

The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson 

Crusoe. Frontis. Third edition. London, 1719. 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, g.e. (first leaves repaired, W. T. Wallace copy). U(74) 

The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson 

Crusoe. Frontis. by Clark and Pine. 1719; The Farther Ad- 
ventures of Robinson Crusoe. Vignette and folding map. 1719; 
Serious Reflections during the Life and Surprizing Adventures 
of Robinson Crusoe. Folding plate. 1720. London, W. Taylor, 
1719-19-20. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cf. (recascd, nevy end papers; Vol. I is Third edition; II and 
III are First editions). V( 105) $275.00. 

The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson 

Crusoe. Plates after Stothard. London, Stockdale, 1790. 2 vols., 


DEFOE (Daniel) Continued. 

Orig. bds., unc. (rebacked, corners worn, new labels, name torn from 
end-paper of each vol., blank corner torn from first leaf of Preface, 
one margin of another leaf repaired). EF(352a) $20.00. 

The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Plates after 

Stothard. London, 1804. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cf. (covers loose, Large paper, Alexander Henderson copy). F(57) 


The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. Plates after 

Stothard. London, 1820. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., g.t., by Riviere (foxed). TT( 113) $30.00. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Morrell. YYa( 164) $40.00. 

The Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. 

2 frontispieces, and 38 engravings after G. Cruikshank. London, 
1831. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cf., tooled, g.t., by Riviere (Large paper, frontispieces on India paper). 
GH (71) $27.50. 

The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson 

Crusoe. Illus. by J. B. Yeats. London, Dent, 1895. 3 vols., 
y mor., g.t., by Bayntun. X (49) $30.00. 

The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson 

Crusoe of York, Mariner. Intro, by Charles Whibley. Illustra- 
tions by Stothard. London, 1925. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cf., g.t., by Riviere; in bd. case. NN(7i)$i6.oo. 

The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson 

Crusoe. Illustrations by E. McKnight Kauffer, col. by hand. 
London, 1929. 4to. 

Cl., unc., unopened. M(77)$ 

Hf. mor., unopened (signed by artist). Q(i43)$n.oo. 

[Chapbook.] The Singular History and Gallant and Ludi- 
crous Life of Moll Flanders. Frontis. col. by hand. London, n.d. 

Lev. mor., inlaid (orig. wrappers bound in). VV(32)$io.oo. 

The Storm. Folding table. London, 1704. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked, corners repaired, new end papers; autographed 
by Daniel James). EF(35ia)$7.5O. 

A System of Magick; or, a History of the Black Art. Fron- 
tispiece. London, 1727. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e. (cracked at hinges, cover loose; Jerome Kern copy). 

Novels and Miscellaneous Works. Portrait. Oxford, D. A. 

Talboys, for Thomas Tegg, 1840-41. 20 vols., i2mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Bayntun. ZZ(74)$no.oo. 

DE HASS (Wills). History of the Early Settlements and Indian 

Wars of Western Virginia. Woodcuts. Wheeling, 1851. 8vo. 
Orig. cf. (covers rubbed). L (47) $25.00. 

DEKKER (Thomas). A Tragi-Comedy, called, Match mee in 

London. London, 1631. Sm. 4to. 
Hf. old mor. (rubbed). ZZ(ioo) $27.50. 


DEKKER (Thomas) Continued. 

Dramatic Works. London, 1873. 4 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. S(i38)$i2.oo. 

Cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Riviere (with Gertrude W.-Edward A. Strauss 
bookplate) . VV (55 ) $17.50. 

DE LA MARE (Walter). The Captive and Other Poems. 

Signed. N.Y., 1928. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. and unopened. AA (43) $13.00. 

Choristers' Journal. Nos. 1-9, 1889-90. [Reprints of the School 

Magazine of Saint Paul's Cathedral, founded and ed. by De la 
Mare, containing contributions by him. [London] 1889-90. 9 
leaflets, I2mo. 

ZZ (75) $7.50. 

Crossings. Music by C. A. Gibbs. Decorations by R. Schwabe. 

Japan paper. Signed by author, by composer, and by artist. 
London, Beaumont Press, 1921. 8vo. 

Bds. Q( 124) $20.00. 

Vel., unc.; in hf. mor. case (laid in is A. L. S. of author). ZZ(8s) 

Orig. bds., vel. back, unc.; in hf. mor. case (with a copy on hand- 
made paper; one of 264 copies; bound orig. bds., cl. back; to- 
gether 2 vols.). ZZ (86) $n. oo. 

Ding Dong Bell. London, 1924. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (signed). A A (42) $8.00. 

Henry Brocken. London, 1904. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc., g.t. K( 102) $12.00. 

The Listeners and Other Poems. London, 1912. i6mo. 

CL, g.t. (name on end paper). NO (98) $8.00. 

Memoirs of a Midget. London [1921]. 8vo. 

Bds., unopened (signed). Q( 126) $9.00. 

Peacock Pie. London, 1913. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case. Q(i2o)$ii.oo. 

Poems. London, 1906. i6mo. 

Orig. cl. (signed; bookplate and name). Q(i2i)$7.50. 

Poems 1901 to 1918. London [1920]. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unopened (signed). Q( 123) $8.00. 

The Riddle and Other Stories. London, 1923. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. (Large paper, inscribed May, 1923). ZZ (90) $12.00. 

Songs of Childhood. Frontis. London, 1902. I2mo. 

Cl., g.t., unc.; in hf. mor. case (Jerome Kern copy). 0(89) $85.00. 

Cl., g.t, unc.; in cl. case. R(i6i) $80.00. 

Cl., g.t, unc. ; in hf. mor. case. ZZ( 76) $90.00. 

Cl., g.t, unc.; in hf. mor. case (writing on end paper). ZZ(77) 


CL, g.t., unc.; in cl. case (name on end paper). EF( 353) $55,00. 

The Sunken Garden and Other Poems. Japan paper, signed. 

[London, Beaumont Press, 1917.] 8vo. 
Vel., unc. (with a copy of 1917 edition, on hand-made paper, one of 


DE LA MARE (Walter) Continued. 

250 copies, bound orig. bds., unc.; together 2 vols., each in hf. 
mor. case). ZZ(83)$27.oo. 


DELAND (Margaret). Old Chester Tales. Illus. by Howard 

Pyle. N.Y., 1899. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (name and date, "Christmas 1898," on fly leaf). 88(22) 


DELANY (Mary Granville). [Her] Autobiography and Cor- 
respondence. Ed. by Lady Llanover. First and Second Series. 
London, 1861-62. 6 vols., 8vo. 

y mor., g.t. XT (114) $9.00. 

DELAWARE. [Broadside.] By Caesar Rodney ... A Proc- 
lamation. Whereas by an Act of the General Assembly ... the 
Exportation of Wheat, Flour, or other Provisions is prohibited 
until the first Day of September next, unless the same Act be 
suspended, or revoked as is therein mentioned. And Whereas it 
hath been recommended to Congress to permit the Exportation 
of such Flour and Grain as have been, or may be purchased, . . . 
I Do Therefore . . . suspend the Operation of the same, . . . 
Caesar Rodney. Wilmington [1779]. Fol. 

PP(8o) $26.00. 

DELL (William). The Trial of Spirits. Phila., B. Franklin and 

D. Hall, 1760. 8vo. * 
Y lev. mor. (text discolored). GG( 126) $25.00. 

DE MORGAN (William). Joseph Vance. London, 1906. I2mo. 
Cl. (rubbed). O(9o)$i2.5O. 

DENHAM (Sir John). Poems and Translations, with the 

Sophy. London, for H. Herringman, etc., 1668. i6mo. 
Cf., g.e., by Riviere. TT(ii5)$9.oo. 

DENNIE (Joseph). See PORT FOLIO (The). 

DEPEW (Chauncey M.). Orations, Addresses, and Speeches. 

Portraits. N.Y., Privately printed, 1910. 8 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., tooled, g.t., unc. X(54)$24.oo. 

Orations and After- Dinner Speeches. Portraits. [1890.] ; 

[also] Life and Later Speeches. Portrait. [1894.] Edition de 
Luxe, on Large paper. N.Y. [1890-94]. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.e. X(s5)$i2.oo. 

DE QUINCEY (Thomas). The Confessions of an English 

Opium-Eater. As originally published in The London Magazine 
for Sept. and Oct., 1821. London, 1821. 8vo. 
Hf. cf., in hf. mor. case (binding rubbed). EF( 354) $16.00. 

Confessions of an English Opium-Eater. London, 1822. 


Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Riviere (lacks leaf of advertisement). O 
(91) $95.00. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Sawyer; in cl. case (does not con- 
tain advertisement). R( 162) $120.00. 

Qrig. bds., unc.; in lev. mor. case (rubbed; backstrip, defective, with 


DE QUINCEY (Thomas) Continued. 

part of orig. paper label; has leaf of advertisements at end). R 

Confessions of an English Opium-Eater. Phila., 1823. i2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in hf. mor. case (chipped, some leaves water- 
stained; laid in is orig. pencil drawing of author, signed "Ber- 
nard"). EF(355)$ 

DE RICCI (Seymour). The Book Collector's Guide. Phila. 

and N.Y., 1921. 8vo. 
Buckram (shaken). TT(5o)$io.oo. 

A Census of Caxtons. Frontis. Oxford Univ. Press, for The 

Bibliographical Society, 1909. 4to. 
Bds., g.t., unc. DD( 53) $15.00. 

DES FARGES (George). History of Celebrated English and 

French Thoroughbred Stallions and French Mares. By S. F. 
Touchstone. Trans, by C. B. Pitman. 6 col. plates and 134 
vignettes, the latter col. by hand. London, 1890. Obi. 4to. 
Yt mor. Z (390) $25.00. 

DESSEAUX (Joseph). Nice et Savoie, Sites Pittoresques, etc. 

Dessins par Felix Benoist. Intro, par A. de Jussieu. Over 90 
tinted plates. Paris, Charpentier, 1864. Fol. 
Hf. mor. TT (294) $17.00. 


War under Generals Gage, Howe, Burgoyne, and Vice- Admiral 
Lord Howe. The Third [and enlarged] Edition [of "A View of 
the Evidence relative to the conduct of the American War"]. 
London, Richardson & Urquhart, 1780. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. FF(4o)$u.oo. 

DEUTSCHE PIONIER (Der). Vols. I-XVI, March 1869 to 

March 1885. Cincinnati, Ohio, 1869-85. 16 vols., 8vo. 
y sheep. C( 206) $20.00. 



ophy and Religion. [Contains contributions by Emerson, Lowell, 
Thoreau, and others.] Nos. 1-16 in 4 vols. Boston, 1841-44. 4 
vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (rubbed, few leaves foxed). EF(4i6)$i2.50. 

DIAZ DEL CASTILLO (Bernal). Historia Verdadera de la 

Conqvista de la Nueva-Espaiia . . . sacada a luz . . . por Alonzo 
Ramon. Madrid, 1632. Fol. 

Cont. vel. (worn at edge, part of margin of title and following leaf 
wanting, early notes on several pp.). L(48)$3i.oo. 

DIBDIN (Thomas F.). A Bibliographical, Antiquarian, and Pic- 
turesque Tour in France and Germany. London, 1829. 3 vols., 

Hf. mor. DD(54)$i3.oo. 

A Bibliographical, Antiquarian, and Picturesque Tour in the 

Northern Counties of England and in Scotland. Plates. Lon- 
don, 1821. 3 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. (rubbed, Large paper, C. S. Bement copy). U( 79) $10.00. 


DIBDIN (Thomas F.) Continued. 

A Bibliographical, Antiquarian, and Picturesque Tour in the 

Northern Counties of England and in Scotland. Plates. Lon- 
don, 1838. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.e., by Lewis, arms with motto, "Placuerit Deo. 
Utcunque." F (59) $15.00. 

The Bibliographical Decameron. Plates. London, 1817. 3 

vols., 4to. 

Mor., g.e. (rubbed, Large paper). U(;8)$20.oo. 

The Bibliomania. London, 1809. 8vo. 

Orig. bds. untrimmed (rubbed). OO( 730) $9.00. 

-Bibliomania, 1811; [also] Reminiscences of a Literary Life. 
2 vols. 1836. London, 1811-36. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. (rubbed, inserted in second vol. is A. L. S.). CC(228)$9.oo. 

Bibliptheca Spenceriana. 4 vols. 1814-15; [also] Aedes Al- 

thorpianae. 2 vols. 1822; [also] A Descriptive Catalogue of 
[Incunabula]. 1823. London, 1814-23. 7 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Mor., g.t. (some foxing). TT(ii8) $34.00. 

The Library Companion. London, 1824. 2 vols.,*8vo. 

Mor., g.e. (Large paper). TT( 120) $16.00. 

DICKENS (Charles). An Actor's Death. By "Boz." [In The 
Library of Romance ; a Collection of Traditions, Poetical Legends, 
and Short Standard Tales and Romances, of all Nations.] Lon- 
don, Carlile, 1836. I2mo. 

Cl., unc. EF (361) $110.00. 

American Notes for General Circulation. London, 1842. 2 

vols., i2mo. 

Cl. (backs faded; First issue, with last page of "Contents to Volume 
I" numbered "xvi"). O(o6)$ 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. (First issue, orig. covers bound in). X( 59) $25.00. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. (orig. covers bound in). YYa( 53) $30.00. 

CL, unc.; in cl. case (backs faded, First issue; H. V. Jones copy). 
EF( 3 68)$i7.5o. 

y* cf. (rubbed, shaken, occasional foxing). I J (419) $8.00. 

Bleak House. With Illustrations by H. K. Browne. Lon- 
don, 1852-53. 8vo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc. (some restorations to backs, few plates 
spotted). F(62)$35.oo. 

Cf., g.t., unc. (bound from orig. parts). X(6i)$25.oo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts (few backs chipped, tear and defect in one; 
some plates foxed). CC( 233) $22.50. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc. ; in 2 mor. cases (wrappers rebacked, names 
on several wrappers). GH( 89) $40.00. 

Bleak House. N.Y., Harper [1852-53]. 121110. 

20 in 19 orig. parts. YY(43)$25.oo. 

Bleak House. With Illustrations by H. K. Browne. Lon- 
don, 1853. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Riviere; in cl. case. TTa (60) $15.00. 
Cf., g.t, unc.; in cl. case. YYa( 56) $17.50. 

A Child's History of England. Frontispieces by F. W. Top- 
ham. London, 1852-53-54. 3 vols., sq. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (worn, Vol. I is of 1853 edition). TT( 124) $15.00. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued. 

Orig. cl. (faded, shaken, front hinge split, writing on fly leaf). XX 

CL, in hf. mor. case (binding faded, laid down on end paper in first 
vol. is inscribed presentation slip).' EF(37o)$42.5o. 

Cl., in 3 mor. cases (backs of vols. faded, I rubbed and shaken). GH 
(90) $22.50. 

- The Chimes. Illus. by Maclise, Leech, Stanfield, and Doyle. 
London, 1845. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t. (orig. covers bound in). TTa( 57) $16.00. 

- Christmas Books, comprising A Christmas Carol. First is- 
sue, with red and blue title, "Stave I" on page i, and green end 
papers. 1843; The Chimes. First issue, with publisher's name 
included in engraved part of illus. title. 1845 J The Cricket on 
the Hearth. 1846; The Battle of Life. 1846; The Haunted 
Man and the Ghost's Bargain. Perfect numeral on page 166. 
1848. First editions. London, 1843-45-46-46-48. 5 vols., i6mo. 

Orig. cl., g.e.; in 5 lev. mor. cases (first vol., recased, has half-title 
and frontis. restored along inner margin, title rehinged, and part 
of back end paper restored; second vol. has hinges worn and 
inner joints cracked; half of front end paper missing in third 
vol. ; inscription in last vol. Battle of Life A. H. Moore copy 
has Eckel's second title-page). 0(97) $160.00. 

Orig. cl., g.e. ; in lev. mor. case (name on each fly leaf, stamp in 2 
vols., F. T. Hubbard bookplate in each vol., Battle of Life has 
Eckel's fourth title-page). R( 165) $300.00. 

Orig. cl., g.e.; in cl. case (Battle of Life has Eckel's third title-page). 

Cl., g.e.: in mor. case (With 5 additional vols., 3 of these copies of 
A Christmas Carol, the first 2 catalogued as variants of the First 
issue, one with red and green title, dated 1844, green end papers, 
"Stave I," and the reading "heavier one" on page 132, the second 
with red and blue title, dated 1843, "Stave I," and yellow end 
papers, but with the reading "heavier judgment" on page 132, 
the third, a copy of the Second issue, with red and blue title, 
dated 1843, "Stave One," and yellow end papers, but with the 
reading "heavier one" on page 132; together 4 copies of the First 
edition of A Christmas Carol, 3 of these variants of the First 
issue, one a copy of the Second issue of this edition. The fourth 
additional vol. is a copy of the Second issue of The Chimes, with 
publisher's name in type below the engraved part of the title. The 
fifth additional vol. is a copy of The Battle of Life, together 2 
copies of the First edition of this work, one, Eckel's second issue, 
with unsupported scroll at foot of engraved title, the other, Eckel's 
Fourth issue, title with scroll supported by Cupid and without 
publisher's imprint. Altogether, in above case, 10 vols., name in 
3, inscription in 4). ZZ(i 08) $1,000.00. 

Mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (orig. covers bound in, green end papers 
of Christmas Carol preserved; Battle of Life is Eckel's Fourth 
issue, engraved title without publisher's imprint). EF( 369) $95.00. 

Cl., g.e. ; in 5 mor. cases (names on all but one end paper, some pp. 
of second vol. foxed, last vol. shaken; Battle of Life is Eckel's 
Second issue, with plain scroll on engraved title-page). GH(83) 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued. 

A Christmas Carol. Illustrations by John Leech in color and 

in black and white. London, 1843. i6mo. 
Orig. cl., g.e. (First issue, with red and blue title, "Stave I," and 

green end papers). NO ( 100) $240.00. 

A Christmas Carol. Illustrations, some in color, by John Leech, 

lithographed by Duvall. Phila., 1844. i6mo. 
Orig. cl. (stained). H(46)$8.oo. 
Orig. cl. NO (101) $20.00. 

A Christmas Carol. Illus. by C. E. Brock. London, recent. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Riviere; in cl. case. TTa(63)$i7-5O. 

The Personal History of David Copperfield. With Illustra- 
tions by H. K. Browne. First Edition ; First issue, with engraved 
title correctly dated "1850." London, 1849-50. 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.t., by Zaehnsdorf (bound from orig. parts, with front 
wrappers preserved; F. R. Halsey copy). U( 84) $70.00. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc. (some wrappers defective, back of Part I 
missing, few plates foxed). CC( 232) $60.00. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc.; in 2 mor. cases (several backs chipped, 
names on several wrappers). GH( 87) $85.00. 

The Personal History of David Copperfield. With Illustra- 
tions by H. K. Browne. London, 1850. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (binding rubbed, faded, stained, mended; new end papers). 
MN(8i) $20.00. 

Dombey and Son. With Illustrations by H. K. Browne. 

London, 1846-48. 8vo. 

y lev. mor., g.e. (bound from the parts). X (60) $20.00. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc. (some backs frayed and defective, 2 lack- 
ing; burn in one margin). CC( 231) $20.00. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc.; in 2 mor. cases (wrappers rebacked). GH 

Dombey and Son. With Illustrations by H. K. Browne. 

London, 1848. 8vo. 
Cf., g.e., by Broca; in bd. case (has fa'0-line errata, name erased with 

acid from engraved title). F(6i)$io.oo. 

Cf., tooled (rubbed, hinge cracked, few stains). CC (42) $20.00. 
Cf., tooled, g.e., by Riviere; in cl. case. TTa( 59) $15.00. 

[Pamphlet.] Extraordinary Gazette. Speech of His Mighti- 
ness on Opening the Second Number of Bentley's Miscellany. 
Edited by "Boz." Vignette by H. K. Browne. [London, 1837.] 

Sewed, as issued; in hf. mor. case (with a copy of "The Dickensian," 
Vol. XXVI, No. 213, containing an article describing the "Extraor- 
dinary Gazette," and distinguishing between its 2 issues). EF 
(364) $75-00. 

Great Expectations. London, 1861. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cf., g.t., unc., by Riviere (third edition of Vols. I and III, second of 

Vol. II; Robert Hoe copy). F(64)$g.oo. 
Cl., unc. ; in lev. mor. case (dedication-leaf in Vol. I inserted, Daoust 

copy). ZZ( 1 12) $550.00. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued. 

Purple cl., in 3 mor. cases (worn and shaken, library labels on front 
covers, names on end papers; Vol. Ill lacks advertisements). 
GH (94) $15.00. 

Orig. purple cl., glazed yellow end papers, unc. ; each vol. in wrap- 
per and 24 mor. case. NO (103) $275.00. 

Hard Times. London, 1854. I2mo. 

Cl., in mor. case. GH(9i)$ 

4 pamphlets issued by "The Hospital for Sick Children/' 

the first 2 containing contributions by Dickens : ( i ) "Drooping 
Buds" fby Henry Morley, including paragraph by Dickens] from 
"Household Words," April, 1852; and "Between the Cradle and 
the Grave," from "All the Year Round," Feb., 1862. London, 
1872. 24mo; (2) Extract from Chapter IX of "Our Mutual 
Friend." n.p., n.d. 241110.; (3) "The Hospital for Sick Chil- 
dren," by "Gwynfryn," reprinted from "Aunt Judy's Magazine," 
Jan. 1868. n.d. 32mo; (4) "Speech of ... Lord Houghton, on 
Behalf of the Hospital," Feb. 3, 1875. n.d. 321110. London, 1872- 
75. 24mo and 321110. 

Hf. mor. (4 pieces, each in orig. wrappers, in one vol.). EF(373) 

"Household Words," 1850-58, and "All the Year Round," 

1859-67. The 18 Christmas Nos. London, 1850-67. 18 yols., 8vo. 
Sewed and in orig. wrappers, as issued ; in mor. case (tears in several 
wrappers). GH (88) $17.50. 

John Jasper's Secret. See MORFORD (Henry). 

Letters. London, 1880-82. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., in 3 mor. cases. GH(ioo) $13.00. 

Little Dorrit. With Illustrations by H. K. Browne. Lon- 
don, 1855-57. 8vo. 

$4 mor., g.t. (bound from parts). X(62)$i2.5o. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, in cl. folder and Y mor. case (name on 2 parts, 
some wrappers repaired, few advertisements lacking). 11(134) 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc.; in cl. case. ZZ(iio) $75.00. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc.; in cl. case (some parts rebacked). YYa 
( 57) $50-00. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc.; in hf. mor. case (backs chipped, corner 
torn from one wrapper, plates foxed). EF( 371) $25.00. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc.; in 2 mor. cases (wrappers rebacked). GH 
(92) $30.00. 

20 in 19 orig. parts; in hf. mor. case (wrappers rebacked). KL(47) 

Little Dorrit. With Illustrations by Hablot K. Browne. 

London, 1857. 8vo. 

3/4 lev. mor., g.e. TTa(6i) $13.00. 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (lacks slip correcting misprint of "Rigaud" 
for name "Blandois" in Chapter XVII, Book II). DE(6i)$9.oo. 

The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit. With Illus- 
trations by Phiz. First issue, with sign on title reading "100 " 
London, 1843-44. 8vo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, in hf. mor. case (some parts rebacked, case rubbed, 
Daoust copy). ZZ(io7)$iio.oo. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc. ; in 2 mor. cases (some parts rebacked, 
names on some wrappers). GH( 82) $55.00. 

The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit. With il- 
lustrations by Phiz. London, 1844. 8vo. 
Cl. (rubbed and shaken, bookplate). TT( 123) $16.00. 

Master Humphrey's Clock. With Illustrations by George 

Cattermole and Hablot Browne. London, 1840-41. 8vo. 

88 orig. weekly parts, in hf. mor. case (case damaged, laid in is 
prospectus of this issue, "New Work by 'Boz,' in Weekly Num- 
bers," etc., also laid in is No. 2 of the monthly issue). 0(95) 

88 orig. weekly parts, in hf. mor. case (3 parts rebacked with tape, 
last wrapper frayed). EF( 367) $90.00. 

88 orig. weekly parts, unc.; in 2 mor. cases (some wrappers frayed 
and soiled, some loose, some with altered numerals, names on sev- 
eral wrappers)." GH (79) $55.00. 

Master Humphrey's Clock. With Illustrations by George 

Cattermole and Hablot Browne. London, 1840-41. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., unc. (bound from the monthly parts with an orig. wrapper 

at front). X(58)$I7.50. 
20 orig. monthly parts, unc. (wrappers frayed, loose, or defective, name 

on 6, Part I lacks back wrapper). CC( 230) $37.50. 

Master Humphrey's Clock. With Illustrations by George 

Cattermole and Hablot Browne. London, 1840-41. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor., tooled, g.t. (orig. covers bound in, marginal tear in one 
frontis. repaired). NN(73)$i2.oo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Riviere. TTa( 56) $25.00. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (new end papers, text foxed; Preface precedes 
Dedication ) . V V ( 57) $12.50. 

Orig. cl. YYa(52)$i2.oo. 

Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi. Edited by "Boz." With Il- 
lustrations by George Cruikshank. Portrait after Raven. Lon- 
don, 1838. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Pink cl., unc.; in hf. mor. case (First issue, in first (pink) binding, 
with final plate, The Last Song, without border; inserted is 
A. L. S. of Grimaldi). 0(93) $65.00. 

Orig. pink cl. (soiled; First issue). TT(ioi) $13.00. 

Pink cl., unc. (backs faded, pp. foxed; First issue; R. A. Tatton 
copy). ZZ(i03)$35.oo. 

Brown cl., unc. ; in 2 mor. cases (bindings faded, spotted, and rubbed ; 
Second issue, second (brown) -binding and final plate in second 
state, with border ; A. D. Wilkins copy). GH(76)$i4.oo. 

Mrs. Joseph Porter, "Over the Way." [In "Waldie's Select 

Circulating Library," Part II, No. 9, Aug. 26, 1834.] Phila., 
1834. 4to. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case. EF (360) $25.00. 

The Mystery of Edwin Drood. With Twelve Illustrations 

by S. L. Fildes and a Portrait. London, 1870. 8vo. 
6 orig. parts, unc.; in hf. mor. case (backstrips repaired). 0(98) 

6 orig. parts, unc.; in cl. case. R (364) $20.00. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued. 

y$ lev. mor., g.e. (bound from the parts). X (64) $17.50. 

6 orig. parts, unc. ; in cl. case (some backs repaired). ZZ(ii4) 

6 orig. parts, unc.; in hf. mor. case (wrappers frayed). EF(372) 

6 orig. parts, in mor. case (wrappers frayed and chipped). GH(97) 


The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. With Illus- 
trations by Phiz. London, 1838-39. 8vo. 

24 lev. mor., unc. (bound from orig. parts, orig. wrappers and ad- 
vertisements bound at back). V(iO9)$i8.oo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc. ; in cl. case (backs and front wrapper of 
Part I repaired; First issue, with publisher's imprint on first 4 
plates, misprint "visiter" for "sister" in Part IV, p. 123, line 17, 
and plate in Part XV in first state, with the longer caption, "Nich- 
olas makes his first visit to the lodgings of Mr. Bray." Plate in 
Part VIII has the corrected caption). ZZ( 105) $140.00. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc.; in 2 mor. cases (wrappers frayed and 
chipped, names on several, some rebacked ; plates in Parts I, VIII, 
and XV are in the later states and misprint on page 123 has been 
replaced by correct word "sister"). GH(77)$4O.oo. 

Oliver Twist; or, the Parish Boy's Progress. Illus. by G. 

Cruikshank. London, 1838. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Cl., in hf. mor. case (bindings rubbed and faded, labels removed from 

inside front covers; First issue, with the "Fireside" plate; the 

list of illustrations is present). O(94)$iio.oo. 
Orig. cl., unc. (First issue, with the "Fireside" plate). JJ(i2i) 


Cf., g.t, unc., by Birdsall. YYa (49) $45.00. 
Cl., unc. (worn and shaken, Vols. I and III with new end papers, plates 

foxed, ink-marks in text; First issue, with "Fireside" plate; list 

of illustrations is present). ZZ( 104) $40.00. 

The Adventures of Oliver Twist; or, the Parish Boy's 

Progress. With twenty-four illustrations on Steel by George 

Cruikshank. London, 1846. 8vo. 
Mor., g.t. TT( 126) $20.00. 
10 orig. parts, unc.; in hf. mor. case (backs repaired; Daoust copy; 

name, Edward Wood, on wrapper of Part I). ZZ( 109) $450.00. 
10 orig. parts, unc.; in lev. mor. covers (one part rebacked, others 

chipped or repaired; some foxing). GH (84) $410.00. 

Our Mutual Friend. With Illustrations by Marcus Stone. 

London, 1864-65. 8vo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc. ; in cl. case (few wrappers soiled and frayed, 
backs restored, few other repairs; Part I contains the explana- 
tory slip "To the Reader"). R(i66)$ 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc. (some wrappers frayed, marginal tear in one 
plate; Part I has slip, "To the Reader," but XII is without 
advertisement, "The People's Pickwick"). CC(234)$ 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc.; in hf. mor. case (front wrapper of first 
part and back wrapper of last part defective; Part I has slip 
"To the Reader"). JJCi 26) $39.00. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc., loosely stitched between bd. covers; in hf. 

mor. case (explanatory slip is present). VV (58) $32.50. 
20 in 19 orig. parts, unc. ; in cl. case (several wrappers repaired, one 

has margin supplied; Part I has explanatory slip). ZZ(ii3) 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc.; in 2 mor. cases (wrappers frayed and 

chipped, some rebacked; Part I contains explanatory slip). GH 

(96) $30.00. 
2 vols., lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Zaehnsdorf (bound from orig. 

parts, and with both titles; specimens of the orig. wrappers 

bound in). KL( 48) $22.50. 

Mutual Friend. With Illustrations by Marcus Stone. 
London, 1865. 8vo. 

Hf. cf., g.t., by Bayntun. X(63)$is.oo. 
34 lev. mor., tooled, g.e. TTa( 62) $25.00. 

The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. With Forty- 
Three Illustrations by R. Seymour and Phiz. London, 1836-37. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc.; in mor. case (some wrappers repaired, 
names on 4; wrappers on Parts II, X, XV, and XVII are dated 
1837; 9 plates have points of First issue, but those in Part III 
have been re-etched by Browne; Parts XVII, XVIII, and XIX- 
XX have the publishers' addresses, but XV only has author's ad- 
dress; Parts XI, XIII, XIV, XV, XVII, XVIII, and XIX-XX 
have a no. of advertisements). R( 163) $220.00. 

The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. With Forty- 
Three Illustrations by R. Seymour and Phiz. London, 1837. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e. (with the Buss plates, the engraved title, frontis., and 
some other plates in first states). 0(92) $45.00. 

2 vols., lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (described in catalogue as 
follows : First issue of text and plates throughout and with hith- 
erto undespribed printed title for Vol. II, followed by address 
beginning "Ten months have now elapsed," text, in earliest state, 
with every typographical peculiarity noted by G. \V. Davis in his 
"The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club: Some New 
Bibliographical Discoveries," London, 1928, including earliest set- 
ting of Part II and page 25 in its earliest state without signature 
mark "E" ; plates in first states, accompanied by every important 
and recognized variant: plates 1-4 in all 3 states, 5-7 in both states, 
8-9 (those engraved by Buss) present, with both states of the 2 
Phiz plates which replaced them, 10-15 and 17-18 in both states, 
16 in all 3 states, 22-25 and 28-43 in all 3 states, and 26 and 27 
in the complete series of 5 states (see Davis page 19), as follows: 
Plate 26, "The Valentine": d) no newspapers, no page no., (2) 
without newspapers, but with page no., (3) newspapers on floor, 
no page no., (4) newspapers on floor, with page no., (5) news- 
papers on floor, no page no., but with caption; Plate 27, "The 
Trial": (i) no silk hat, no page no., (2) no silk hat, but with 
. page no., (3) with silk hat, but no page no., (4) with silk hat 
and page no., (5) with silk hat, no page no., but with caption). 

R (363) $450.00. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, miniature on ivory set in front doublure, 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued. 

by Sangorski; in cl. case (plates are largely in their later states). 
U (80) $110.00. 

Lev. mor., tooled, by Riviere (one vol. bound in 2 ; text in early state, 
plates throughout in 2 some in 3 states, including the early 
Buss and Seymour plates). ZZ( 102) $210.00. 

Orig. cl. (faded, inner hinges split, back repaired). CD (101) $30.00. 

Cf., g.e. (with the early Seymour and Buss plates and the "Veller" 
title-page, E. F. Stanhope copy). EF (365) $12.50. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t, unc., by Riviere (contains some additional 
plates). FG(32i)$39.oo. 

20 in 19 orig. parts, unc.; in 2 mor. cases (wrappers, with few ex- 
ceptions, rebacked; repaired tears in some, names on several; 
all wrappers are dated 1836, but the first 3 do not have names 
of artists; the addresses by the author are wanting in Parts II 
and III, but the 5 other addresses are present). GH (73) $90.00. 

The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. Phila., 1837. 

5 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. bds., in cl. case (worn and foxed; Vol. I described as First 
issue, title without vol. no.). M(8i) $100.00. 

Orig. bds., in hf. mor. case (rubbed, labels defective, some foxing; 
Vol. I in first state, title without vol. no.; collates as follows: 
Vol. I, [v-] xii, 13-220, advertisements 8, 4; Vol. II, iv, 5-228; 
III, 4, [iv], 232; IV, iv, 223; V: [iv-] viii, 5-206, 2, [12]). EF 
(363) $350.oo. 

The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club. Plates by 

Seymour and Phiz. London, n.d. 8vo. 

Cf., g.e., by Riviere. X(65)$i7.5<>. 

The Pic Nic Papers. By Various Hands. Edited [Vols. I 

and II] by Charles Dickens, Esq. Illus. by George Cruikshank, 
H. K. Browne, and others. London, 1841. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., in 3 mor. cases (faded, one vol. shaken). GH(8o)$ 

Pictures from Italy. The Vignette Illustrations on Wood 

by Samuel Palmer. London, 1846. I2mo. 

Cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Zaehnsdorf. TTa(58)$ii.oo. 

Sketches by Boz . . . With Forty Illustrations by George 

Cruikshank. First octavo edition. London, 1837-39. 8vo. 

Hf. cf., g.t., by Riviere. X(56)$ 

20 orig. parts, unc.; in 2 mor. cases (several wrappers loose or re- 
paired, margins of some plates time-stained, 2 plates in Part II 
loosely laid in, apparently from another copy; this Part (II) 
lacks the Chapman and Hall advertisement and the last page of 
the "Advertiser"; Part II has the "Address"; all plates preced- 
ing "Greenwich Fair" are without imprint, "Greenwich Fair" 
and following plates have the Chapman and Hall imprint; words 
"reeled before" in 6th line from foot of last page are run to- 
gether). GH(75)$300.oo. 

Sketches of Young Ladies. By "Quiz" [Edward Caswell]. 

1837; [with] Sketches of Young Gentlemen. By Dickens. 1838. 
Each illus. by H. K. Browne. London, 1837-38. 2 vols., I2mo. . 

Hf. mor. (second vol. lacks advertisements). GH(74)$i7.oo. 

Sunday Under Three Heads. Vignettes and 3 plates by H. 1C 

Browne. London, 1836. i6mo. 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued. 

Mor., tooled (rubbed, wrappers mounted, date in imprint has been 

tampered with, bound in is front wrapper of one of the reprints; 

C E. S. Chambers copy). EF (362) $15.00. 
Orig. paper (wrappers loose, backstrip lacking, light foxing). GH 


A Tale of Two Cities. With Illustrations by H. K. Browne. 

Page 213 misnumbered "113." London, 1859. 8vo. 

8 in 7 orig. parts, unc. ; in cl. case (backs repaired). ZZ(m)$45O.oo. 

8 in 7 orig. parts, unc. ; in 2 mor. cases (rebacked ; parts of several 
wrappers supplied, in one case in facsimile; no. and month, etc. 
altered on wrappers of Parts VI and VII- VIII; few advertise- 
ments lacking; pp. 55-58 supplied from another copy). GH(93) 

8 in 7 orig. parts, unc. ; in cl. case (few plates water-stained, adver- 
tisement of the Cornhill Magazine is of late issue, on rusty paper). 
NO (102) $450.00. 

The Uncommercial Traveller. London, 1861. I2mo. 

Cl., in mor. case (back faded). GH(95)$i2.5O. 

A Wonderful Ghost Story . . . with Letters ... of Charles 

Dickens to the Author. See HEAPHY (Thomas). 

Works. Edition de Luxe. London, Chapman and Hall, 1881- 

82. 60 vols., 8vo. 
Mor., g.t., unc., by Zaehnsdorf (inlaid in fly is A. L. S.). X(66) 


Writings. Ed. by E. P. Whipple and others. Plates, including 
col. frontispieces by F. O. C. Barley. Boston, Houghton [1894]. 
32 vols., 8vo. 

Mor., g.e. XX(99)$in.oo. 

Works. Ed. by Andrew Lang. With Life by Forster. Gads- 
hill Edition. London, 1903. 36 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Sangorski. U( 85) $165.00. 

Works. The National Edition. London, Chapman and Hall, 

1906. 40 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. (backs faded). 8(144) $140.00. 

Works. With Life by Forster. Portraits. London, Chap- 
man and Hall, 1929. 40 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Stikeman. VV (60) $240.00. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., by Riviere. ZZ( 115) $200.00. 

Works. Ed. by Richard Garnett. Col. frontispieces. 30 vols.; 

with Life by Forster. 2 vols. Edition de Grande Luxe. London, 

Merrill, n.d. 32 vols., 8vo. 
Y mor., g.t., unc. U( 86) $200.00. 

Illustrations to Works by Dickens 

Darley (F. O. C.). Character Sketches from the Works of 

Charles Dickens. Second Series. Phila., n.d. El. fol. 
Hf. cf., cl. portfolio (portfolio rubbed). XX(ioo)$8.oo. 

Fraser (C. Lovat). A series of 18 front wrappers for the 

Novels of Dickens, in color; 18 pieces, mounted and tipped in a 


DICKENS (Charles) Continued. 

4to album with uncol. pictorial book-mark to be inserted in "A 

Tale of Two Cities." n.p., n.d. 
Bds. EF(442)$ 

Gibson (Charles Dana). People of Dickens. 6 plates, mainly 

signed. [N.Y., 1899.] Large fol. 
Linen portfolio. N( 141) $10.00. 

Heath (William). Pickwickian Illustrations. 20 plates. 

[London, n.d.] 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (wrappers worn, last 4 plates unnum- 
bered and without publisher's imprint). EF (376) $9.00. 

DICKENS (Charles) and COLLINS (Wilkie). The Frozen 

Deep, a Drama, in Three Acts. [Not Published.] [London,] 
1866. i6mo. 

Orig. paper, in wrapper and cl. case. NO (107) $65.00. 

Playbill of the First Performance at the Tavistock House 

Theatre, Jan. 6, 1857, of "The Frozen Deep." On heavy white 
paper, in red and black ink. [n.p., 1857.] 15 x n in. 
JJ( 125) $45-00. 

Original playbill [including "Song of the Wreck" by Dick- 
ens.] of the First Presentation of Wilkie Collins' drama, "The 
Lighthouse" at Tavistock House, June 19, 1855. Printed, in red 
and black, on heavy white paper, [n.p., 1855.] 15x11 in. 

JJ(i2 4 )$68.oo. 

DICKENSON (Jonathan). Ongelukkige Schipbreuk en Yslyke 
Reystogt, van etlyke Engelschen, in den Jaare 1696 van Jamaika 
in West-Indien, etc. Map and plates. Vertaald door W. Sewel. 
Leyden, Pieter van der Aa [1705]. Fol. 

Bds. J(56)$5i.oo. 

DICKINSON (Emily). Letters of Emily Dickinson. Ed. by 

Mabel Loomis Todd. Portrait. Boston, 1894. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Q. M (84)$! 5.00. 
Orig. green cl. SS(23)$i8.oo. 
Orig. cl. (backstrip of second vol. spotted). XX (101) $20.00. 

DICKINSON (John). An Address to the Committee of Cor- 
respondence in Barbados. By a North-American. Phila., W. 
Bradford, 1766. 8vo. 

Hf. cf., unc. FF (41) $17.50. 

Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania, to the Inhabitants 

of the British Colonies. The Second Edition. Phila., Hall and 
Sellers, 1768. 8vo. 
Unbound. QQ ( 126) $8.00. 

A Speech ... in the House of Assembly . . . Province of 

Pennsylvania, May 24, 1764. Phila., W. Bradford, 1764. 8vo. 
Cf., by Zaehnsdprf. FF( 42) $22.50. 
Unbound (writing on several leaves). BC(i6)$8.oo. 

DICKSON (R. W.). A Complete Dictionary of Practical Gar- 

dening. By Alexander McDonald. Plates, 60 in color, by Sy- 
denham Edwards. London, 1807. 3 vols., 4to. 

Niger, g.e. (rubbed, stained, foxed; presentation copy from the Queen 
of England to H. Chesterfield). TT( 256) $19.00. 



lie d'apres 1'ordre de sa Majeste L'Empereur et Roi Napoleon le 
Grand; Par M. de Guignes. Imperial eagle on title, Chinese 
characters throughout. Paris, rimprimerie Imperiale, 1813. Fol. 

Hf. lev. mor., unc. KK.( 147) $20.00. 

DIEDERICHS (Eugen). Deutsches Leben der Vergangenheit 
in Bildern. Ein Atlas mit 1760 Nachbildungen alter Kupfer-und 
Holzschnitte aus dem I5ten-i8ten Jahrhundert. Herausgegeben 
von Eugen Diederichs. Jena, 1908. 2 vols., fol. 

Hf. cl. (bindings soiled). XX (433) $13.00. 

DIGGES (Sir Dudley). The Compleat Ambassador. London, 
1655. 4to. 

Cl, g.e. (back hinge cracked). V(i38)$22.oo. 

DINSMOOR (Robert). See WHITTIER (John G.). 

DIODORUS SICULUS. Histoire Universelle. Traduite par 
1'Abbe Terrasson. Amsterdam, 1769-80. 7 vols., i2mo. 

Old cf. (broken, autograph of President James Madison on each 
title). F (239) $15.00. 


Sewed, unc. (autographed by Samuel Epes and by others). T(6o) 

DISRAELI (Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield). Endymion. Lon- 
don, 1880. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Cl. EF(382)$ii.oo. 

The Revolutionary Epick. [Part I only.] London, Moxon, 

1834. 4to. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in hf. mor. case (joint cracked; inscribed to Sir 
Francis Sykes; laid in is A. L. S. ; with the Second Part, edi- 
tion of 1864). EF( 378) $27.50. 

Tancred; or, the New Crusade. London, Colburn, 1847. 3 

vols., 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. EF (381) $14.00. 

The Young Duke. London, 1831. 3 vols. 8vo. 

Hf. cf. (inscription above title of first vol. : "Mrs. Austen from" and 

The Young Duke encircled in ink). EF(377)$JO.oo. 

[His] Life. See MONYPENNY (W. F.) and BUCKLE 

D'ISRAELI (Isaac). Curiosities of Literature. London, 1807. 

6 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cf., g.t. X(67)$20.oo. 

DISTURNELL (John). The Northern Traveller; containing 
the Hudson River Guide, and the Tour to the Springs, Lake 
George, and Canada, passing through Lake Champlain. N.Y., 
1844. i6mo. 

Orig. cl. (rubbed, backstrip repaired, shaken and foxed). MN(86) 

DIXON (George). A Voyage round the World; but more par- 
ticularly [to] the North-West Coast of America. Plates and 
maps, some in color. London, 1789. 4to. 

Cf. (rubbed, bookplate). TT( 128) $13.00. 


DOBSON (Austin). The Ballad of Beau Brocade. Plates by 

Hugh Thomson. London, 1892. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t.; in case (Large paper). (431) $17.00. 

Eighteenth Century Essays. Frontis. London, 1884. i6mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t, unc., by Morrell. YYa(6i)$8.oo. 

Proverbs in Porcelain. London, 1893. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Taffin. YYa(62)$8.oo. 

The Story of Rosina. Illus. by Hugh Thomson. London, 1895. 

Niger, inlaid, g.t. ; in cl. case (orig. front cover and backstrip bound 

in). V (433) $15-00. 

William Hogarth. Portraits. London, 1891. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (soiled, Large paper, inscribed to Edmund Gosse). VV 

(108) $27.50. 

William Hogarth. Intro, by Sir Walter Armstrong. Plates. 

London, 1002. Fol. 
$4 mor., g.t, unc. YYa( 85) $22.50. 

DODDRIDGE (Joseph). Notes on the Settlement and Indian 
Wars, of the Western Parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania . . . 
1763 until . . . 1783. Wellsburgh, Va., 1824. I2mo. 

Cont. cf. (covers loose). L (49) $40.00. 

DODGSON (Campbell). The Etchings of James McNeill 

Whistler. Ed. by Geoffrey Holme. London, 1922. 4to. 
Hf. vel., g.t. V(452)$io.oo. 

DODGSON (C. L.). Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. With 

Forty-two Illustrations by John Tenniel. First Edition, Second 
(American) issue. N.Y., Appleton, 1866. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. (spots, name on half-title). YY (27) $300.00. 

Cl., g.e. (binding poor, writing on half-title). DE (37) $52.50. 

Lev* mor., tooled, by Sangorski; in mor. case (orig. covers bound in). 
EF (217) $100.00. 

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. With Forty-two Illus- 
trations by John Tenniel. Second edition. London, 1866. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.e.; in y\ mor. case (recased, new end papers, binding 
soiled and worn, pages worn and repaired). V(n6) $85.00. 

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Second edition. 1866; 

[with] Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. 
First edition. 1872. London, 1866-72. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. ; in hf. lev. mor. case (both vols. worn, first recased 
and repaired at back ; 2d vol. has stained cover and sprung signa- 
ture; name in each vol.). O (60) $80.00. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Zaehnsdorf : in cl. case (few leaves of first 
vol. repaired at margin). R( 155) $150.00. 

Lev. mor., tooled, by Riviere; in cl. case. R (250) $135.00. 

Ley. mor., g.e., by Root; in cl. case. U(47)$ 

Orig. cl., g.e. ; in 2 lev. mor. cases (first vol. spotted and shaken, pasted 
on front cover of second vol. is leaflet carrying a printed letter of 
Dodgson, addressed "Dear Children" and dated Christmas, 1871). 
ZZ (48) $125.00. 

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 1870; [also] Through 


DODGSON (C. I,.) Continued. 

the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. 1883. Illus- 
trations by John Tenniel. London, 1870-83. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Bayntun; in cl. case. VV (27) $60.00. 

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 42 illustrations by John 

Tenniel. London, 1886. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.e.; in cl. case (inscribed to Florence Jackson). EF(235) 

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Intro, by E. S. Martin. 

1901 ; [with] Through the Looking Glass, and what Alice found 
there. 1902. Both vols. illus. by Peter Newell. N.Y., 1901-02. 
2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. white parchment paper, g.t. (soiled; presentation copies from 
illustrator to Merle Johnson, one copy inscribed by artist). V 

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Look- 
ing-Glass. Illus. by Tenniel, 8 of the plates in color. London, 
1927. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Riviere; in cl. case. YYa( 26) $30.00. 

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. With a Poem by Austin 

Dobson. Illus. by Arthur Rackham. London, n.d. 4to. 

CL, unc., g.t. (R. J. Schweizer copy). JJ (205) $17.00. 

La Aventuroj de Alicio en Mirlando. [In Esperanto.] Tra- 
dukita de E. L. Kearney. 10 illustrations by Brinsley Le Fanu. 
London, 1910. I2mo. 

Paper, in cl. case (backstrip repaired, back cover and half-title spot- 
ted). EF(253)$27.50. 

Cl. (erasure on end paper, few marginal short-hand notes). EF(254) 

Aventures d' Alice au Pays des Merveilles. Traduit par 
Henri Bue. 42 vignettes par J. Tenniel. Londres, 1869. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. (front hinge weak). AA(2i)$22.oo. 

Orig. cl., g.e.; in cl. box (worn, hinges cracked and repaired, inner 
joints cracked; inscribed to Ethel Margaret Arnold). EF(2i8) 

Alice's Abenteuer im Wunderland. Uebersetzt von Antonie 

Zimmermann. 42 illustrations by Tenniel. London, 1869. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. EF(2i9)$4O.oo. 

Le Avventure d* Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie. Tradotte 

da T. Pietrocola-Rossetti. 42 illustrations by Tenniel. Torino, 
1872; [also] Same, in Chinese. Trans, by Yuen Sen Chao. Il- 
lustrations by Tenniel and others, n.p., n.d. Torino and n.p., 
1872 and n.d. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. and (second vol.) paper: in 2 cl. cases (second vol. has piece 
cut from end paper replaced by piece bearing MS. note in Chi- 
nese). EF(255)$ 

Alice's Adventures Under Ground. 37 illustrations by the au- 
thor. London, 1886. I2mo. 

Orig. red cl., g.e.; in lev. mor. case, by Riviere (shaken, inscribed 
to Grace Denman). R( 156) $90.00. 

Orig. red cl., g.e. V( 114) $10.00. 

Cl., in cl. case (loose; with "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," 
illus. by Rackham, n.d.; together 2 vols.). NN(4o)$i2.50. - 


DODGSpN (C. L.) Continued. 

Orig. white bds., g.e. ; in cl. case (backstrip repaired, inscribed to 
Minnie Fuller). EF( 236) $200.00. 

-[Circular Asking for 

or Suggestions for a Girls' Edition of 

Shakespeare.] Issue beginning "May I ask . . ." 4-page leaflet, 
n.p., 1882. i6mo. 
In cl. box (torn at folds, inscribed). EF( 229) $95.00. 

Curiosa Mathematica : Part I, A New Theory of Parallels. 

Third Edition. 1890; Part II, Pillow-Problems. [First edi- 
tion.] 1893; Part II, Pillow-Problems. Second Edition. 1893. 
Diagrams. London, 1890-93-93. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (each vol. inscribed to F. G. Brabant). EF (249) $135.00. 

Doublets Already Set. [A single leaf.] n.p., 1879. i2mo. 

In cl. case (marginal tear). EF (228) $10.00. 

An Easter Greeting to Every Child Who Loves "Alice." 

[4-page leaflet tipped in a First Edition of his "The Hunting of 
the Snark."] [London, 1876.] i8mp. 

(Written on outer page of this leaflet is "This Easter greeting was 
given to Charles by Mr. Dodgson 1876.") JJ (54) $32.50. 

Fifth Paper on Logic, May, 1887; [also] Sixth Paper on 

Logic, June, 1887. [Two 4-page leaflets.] [Oxford,] 1887. 8vo. 
In cl. case. EF (240) $17.50. 

The Game of Logic. With envelope, also dated 1886, contain- 
ing diagram card and 9 counters. London, 1886. 8vo. 

Orig. quires, unbound, unc., and unopened ; in lev. mor. case, by San- 
gorski (measuring, approximately, 554x8^ in.). EF(237) 

Orig. cl., in hf. lev. mor. case (2 tears in envelope). EF (238) $85.00. 

The Game of Logic. With envelope containing directions and 

counters. London, 1887. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. YYa(2 4 )$8.oo. 

The Game of Logic. With envelope dated 1886, containing dia- 
gram card and 9 counters. Second edition. London, 1887. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (tear in envelope, inscribed to Arthur Vil- 
liers Blakemore). EF( 241) $32.50. 

The Hunting of the Snark. With nine illustrations by Henry 

Holiday. London, 1876. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., R.e. ; in cl. case (soiled and shaken, split at hinges). V 

Red cl., g.e. ; in cl. case (shaken and rubbed, inscribed to Henrietta 
O'Brien Owen; laid in are 4 photographs, taken by the author 
and numbered in ink by him, of children in whom he was in- 
terested). VV(28)$47.50. 

Orig. red cl., g.e. : in lev. mor. case (2 inscriptions, one presenting 
the vol. to Adelaide Beethoven Harriett Paine: laid in is a copy 
of the first edition of the 4-page leaflet, "An Easter Greeting to 
Every Child Who Loves 'Alice,' " 1876, undoubtedly sent to Miss 
Paine with the above vol.). EF( 224) $875.00. 

Orig. green cl., g.e. (inscription on end paper, J. Blumfeld copy). EF 
(225) $45.00. 

Orig. red cl., R.e. ; in cl. case (rubbed, few leaves soiled ; inscribed 
to Jane Heaton Cunyngham Clark). EF( 226) $50.00. 


DODGSON (C. L.) Continued. 

Orig. buff cl., g.e. (shaken, inserted is A. L. S. to B. E. J. Capes). 


An Index to "In Memoriam." London, 1862. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (with a second copy, unbound, unc., and 

unopened, sewed for binding, with end papers, enclosed in mor. 

case; together 2 vols.). EF (215) $15.00. 

Memoria Technica. [4-page leaflet.] n.p., 1888. I2mo. 

In cl. case. EF (242) $55.00. 

Mischmasch. [4-page leaflet.] n.p. [1882]. I2mo. 

In hf. mor. case (cracked along fold; repaired; corrected by the 
author) . EF(23o) $62.50. 

The Nursery "Alice," containing Twenty coloured Enlarge- 
ments from Tenniel's Illustrations ... the cover designed and 
coloured by E. Gertrude Thomson. Price Three Shillings. Trial 
issue. London, 1889. 4to. 

Orig. bds., white end papers; in cl. case (worn). EF (243) $430.00. 

Phantasmagoria, and Other Poems. London, 1869. i6mo. 

Cl., g.e. (rubbed). TT(i3i)$ii.oo. 

Orig. cl., g.e.; in cl. case (rubbed, inner joints cracked, inscribed to 
W. E. Wilcox, & Mrs. Wilcox). EF (220) $100.00. 

[Pamphlet.] The Principles of Parliamentary Representa- 
tion. London, 1884. I2mo. 

Sewed (with folder, "Supplement" ; and folder, "Postscript to Sup- 
plement"; together 3 pieces in lev. mor. case). JJ (57) $16.00. 

Sewed, without wrappers, as issued; in hf. mor. case (inscribed to 
E. F. Sampson). EF (232) $50.00. 

[Broadside.] Responsions, Hilary Term, 1877. [Oxford, 

Clarendon Press, 1877.] 4to. 

Rhyme? And Reason? Illus. by Arthur B. Frost and Henry 

Holiday. London, 1883. I2mo. 
Cl. JJ (56) $15.00. 
Orig. cl. YYa(2 3 )$9-oo. 
Orig. cl. (Caroline H. Dodgson-Zoe F. Dodgson copy, inscribed to 

former by the author). EF( 231) $165.00. 

Suggestions as to the Election of Proctors. Oxford, 1886. 

Paper, in hf. mor. case. EF (239) $10.00. 

Supplement to "Euclid and His Modern Rivals." Diagrams. 

London, 1885. I2mo. 
New paper, in cl. case (inscribed to "H. W. C"). EF( 234) $40.00. 

A Syllabus of Plane Algebraical Geometry. Part I. Dia- 
grams. Oxford, 1860. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., in cl. case (hinge cracked; author's copy, bearing his in- 
itials and notes in his hand). EF(2i4)$no.oo. 

Sylvje and Bruno. With Forty-Six Illustrations by Harry 

Furniss. London, 1889. I2mo. 
Orig. red cl., unc. and unopened ; in hf . mor. case (approximately 7-H$ 

X5^ in.). EF (244) $105.00. 
Orig. white bds., g.e.; in hf. mor. case (rubbed and soiled, hinges 



DODGSON (C. L.) Continued. 

cracked; inscribed to "Dorothy," D. Richards bookplate). EF 


Orig. green cl., in hf. mor. case (inserted is A. L. S.). EF(246) 

Sylvie and Bruno, 1889; [with] Sylvie and Bruno Concluded. 

1893. London, 1889-93. 2 vols., I2mo. 
CL, g.e. O(6i) $22.50. 
Cl., g.e.; in cl. case. JJ (59) $16.00. 
Cl., g.e.; in cl. case (one vol. shaken, covers worn and repaired at 

hinges ; leaf in one vol. repaired at 2 margins ; inscribed to Mrs. 

F. Holiday). VV(29)$50.oo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e.; in cl. case. VV (30) $32.50. 
Orig. red cl., g.e. (second vol. is inscribed to Dorothy Pilkington; 

inserted in first vol. is A. L. S. to B. E. J. Capes). EF(247) 

Orig red cl., g.e.; in cl. case (second vol. inscribed to Winifred 

Elaine Schuster). EF( 248) $25.00. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Bayntun; in cl. case (orig. covers 

bound in). JK (82) $30.00. 

Sylvie and Bruno Concluded. With Forty- Six Illustrations 

by Harry Furniss. London, 1893. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. YYa(25)$9.oo. 

Symbolic Logic. Part I, Elementary. Diagrams. London, 

1896. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (inscribed to Lucy H. M. Soulsby). EF( 250) $20.00. 

Symbolic Logic. Part I, Elementary. Diagrams. Second 

edition. London, 1896. I2mo. 
Orig. cl., in cl. case (inscribed to Edwin H. Dodgson). EF(25i) 


A Tangled Tale. Illus. by A. B. Frost. London, 1885. I2mo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e. U (48) $40.00. 

Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. 

With Fifty Illustrations by John Tenniel. London, 1872. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., g.e. (orig. covers bound in, some pp. soiled, one illustra- 
tion col.; inscribed to Alice Theodora Raikes). V(ii3)$ioo.oo. 

Cl., g.e. (back repaired). JJ(53)$35oo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. (advertisement by author laid in). CD (103) $55.00. 

Cf., g.e. CD (104) $55-00. 

Orig. cl., g.e. ; in hf. mor. case (worn and shaken, inner joints 
cracked; inscribed to Beatrice Ward; tipped on front end paper 
is copy of leaflet issued by the author at Christmas, 1893, request- 
ing purchasers of the copies of the "sixtieth thousand" issue to 
return same for exchange). EF (221) $70.00. 

Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There. 

50 illustrations by John Tenniel. Boston and N.Y., 1872. I2mo. 
Cl., g.e. (back faded). YY (28) $10.00. 
Orig. cl. EF (223) $42.50. 

Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There. 

50 illustrations by John Tenniel. London, 1885. i2mo. 
White vel., g.e.; in hf. mor. case (inscribed to Emmie Wyper). EF 
(233) $55-00. 


DODGSON (C. I,.) Continued. 

Tour in 1867 . . . from the Original Manuscript in the Col- 
lection of M. L. Parrish. Phila., Privately Printed, 1928. i2mo. 

Orig. mor., g.t.; in bd. case. DD(35)$i6.oo. 

Collection of 15 First and 4 Other Editions of his Writings. 

v.p., v.d. 19 vols., I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Riviere (orig. covers bound in, 4 vols. are 
presentation copies). ZZ( 49) $400.00. 

A List of the Writings of Lewis Carroll [Charles L. Dodg- 

spn] in the Library at Dormy House. Collected by M. L. Par- 
rish. Portrait and other illustrations. [N.Y.,] Privately Printed, 
1928. 8vo. 

Mor., g.t., unc. DD (34) $55.00. 

Musical Scores for Songs: Songs from "Alice's Adventures 

in Wonderland," music by William Boyd, London [1870]. 8vo; 
Wreath of Song for Children (Carroll, Kingsley, et al.), music 
by Boyd, London [1872] ; and The Wonderland Quadrilles, music 
by C. H. R. Marriott, London [1874]. Fol. London [1870-72- 
74]. 3 vols., v.s. 

V.b., 2 vols. in cl. cases, one in hf. mor. case. EF( 257) $42.50. 

A Set of 48 Playing Cards displaying characters and scenes 

from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," printed in color, with 
red decorative backs. With 2-page leaflet of rules. 
In i6mo hf. mor. case. EF( 262) $32.50. 

See also HOFFMAN (Heinrich). 

DODSLEY (Robert). A Select Collection of Old English 
Plays. Ed. by W. C. Hazlitt. London, 1874-76. 15 vols., 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.t., unc. (inscribed "One of ten Copies on Whatman paper 
for presentation. W. C. H."). 8(148) $52. 50. 

Hf. cf., g.t. CC (45) $32.50. 



DONNE (John). Biathanatos, a Declaration of that Paradoxe, 
or Thesis, that Self-homicide is not so naturally Sin, that it may 
never be otherwise. London, 1648. Sq. I2mo. 

Cont. sheep (scuffed and scored, one fly leaf and part of another lack- 
ing; names on title and fly leaf in cont. hand: sheets are ap- 
parently of the first edition and are so dated by the printer on the 
last page; laid in is a portrait of the author). 00(736) $26.00. 

Letters to Severall Persons of Honour. Portrait by Lombart. 

London, 1651. Sm. 4to. 
Old sheep (worn, partly cracked at hinges: H. B. Forman copy). 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (first and last blanks missing, A. B. 

Spingarn copy). EF( 385) $10.00. 

DORAT (C. J.). Les Baisers, precedes du Mois de Mai. Troi- 

sieme Edition. 2 plates after Eisen, and many vignettes and culs- 
de-lampe after Eisen, Marillier, and others. La Haye, 1770. Sm. 
Old mor. (hole in one margin ; this copy has the errors in pagination 


DORAT (C. J.) Continued. 

in the first pp. of "Du Mois de Mai," and, at the end, the "Imita- 
tions de plusieurs poetes latins"). U(87)$i2.5O. 

Cont. cf. (rubbed, erroneous pagination in "Le Mois de Mai" ; on 
Holland paper). GH( 103) $50.00. 

- Fables Nouvelles. Frontispieces, titles, vignettes and tailpieces 
after Marillier. La Haye, 1773. 8vo. 

Old cf. (backstrip loose, 2 vols. in one). L (217) $62.50. 
DOUGHTY (A. G.) and PARMELEE (G. W.). The Siege of 

Quebec and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Col. folding 

maps, plans, and portraits. Quebec, 1901. 6 vols., sm. 4to. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t, unc. (rubbed). A (292) $23.00. 
DOUGHTY (Charles M.). Travels in Arabia Deserta. Plates, 

folding map in pocket. Cambridge, 1888. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (rubbed, rubber stamp removed from titles and last leaves, 

bookplates ) . XX ( 109) $22.00. 
DOUGLAS (George), pseud. See BROWN (George Douglas). 

DOUGLAS (George Norman). Birds and Beast^of the Greek 

Anthology. Frontis. Privately Printed, 1927. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. and unopened (inscribed to author's son, "Robin"). CC 
(242) $9.00. 

Fountains in the Sand. London [1921]. i2mo. 
Cl. (inscribed to "Scott-Moncrieff," contains 40 corrections in author's 
hand). CC( 239) $10.00. 

- Old Calabria. London [1915]. 8vo. 

Cl. ( worn, label removed from inside front cover, stamp on end paper ; 
First issue, with blank end papers; inscribed to Charles Scott- 
Moncrieff, corrections in author's hand). CC (238) $15.00. 

Orig. cl. (Second issue). CD(ni)$ii.oo. 

- Siren Land. Portrait. London [1923]. I2mo. 

Cl., unc. (inscribed to Charles Scott-Moncrieff, laid in is A. L. S. to 
him). CC (240) $8.00. 

- South Wind. London [1917]. I2mo. 

Cl. f in hf. mor. case (name on fly leaf, the 2 lines at the top of p. 335 

are correctly printed). O( I03)$72.50. 
Cl., in hf. mor. case (rubbed and shaken; first 2 lines on p. 335 are 

reversed in order; laid in is A. L. S.). O(i04)$i7.50. 
Orig. cl., in cl. case (rubbed, edges sanded). II (135) $27.50. 
Orig. cl., in cl. box (rubbed and shaken, photograph pasted on inner 

cover, A. L. S. laid in). CD (no) $30.00. 
Cl., in cl. case (2 lines at top of p. 335 are in correct order). EF 

- Together. London, 1923. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t, unopened (Large paper; signed). Q(i5i)$8.oo. 
Cl. (inscribed to Charles Scott-Moncrieff, 3 A. L. S. to him inserted). 

- Unprofessional Tales. By Normyx. London, 1901. I2mo. 
Orig. cl., in cl. box (signature laid in). CD (109) $30.00. 
DOUGLASS (William). A Summary, Historical and Political, 

of the first Planting, progressive Improvements, and present State 
of the British Settlements in North-America. Vol. I. Boston, 


DOUGLASS (William) Continued. 

1749; Vol. II. London, 1760. Boston and London, 1749-60. 2 

vols., 8vo. 
94 leath. (scuffed, note of E. D. Ingraham in Vol. I states that this 

is Dr. Franklin's copy, clippings pasted in Vol. II; bookplates 

in each vol.). E(86)$8.oo. 
A Summary, Historical and Political, of the First Planting 

... of the British Settlements in North-America. Folding map. 

London, 1755. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cf. TT(i35)$i6.oo. 
A Summary, Historical and Political of the First Planting 

... of the British Settlements in North- America. Map. Lon- 
don, 1760. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cf. (name on title, stamp on fly leaf, tipped in Vol. I is biographical 

note). T(62)$ 

DOVES PRESS. Hammersmith. 

Cobden- Sander son (Thomas J.). Amantium Irae. Portrait. 

1914. Sm_ 4to. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., signed: "The Doves Bindery. I9C-SI9"; in 

bd. case. VV(6i) $32.50. 

Emerson (Ralph W.). Essays. 1906. Sm. 4to. 

Vel. TT(i 3 6)$28.oo. 

Francis of Assisi (Saint). Laudes Creaturarum. 1910. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. (on vellum). VV(62)$3S.oo. 

Goethe (Johann W. von). Iphigenie Auf Tauris. 1912. 4to. 

Vel. TT(i37)$30.oo. 

Mackail (J. W.). William Morris, an Address Delivered 

. . . before the Hammersmith Socialist Society. 1901. 8vo. 
Vel. (bookplate). TT(i38)$ii.oo. 

Milton (John). Areopagitica. 1907. Sm. 410. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e.; in cl. folder and cl. case. XX(ii2)$26.oo. 

Milton (John). Paradise Lost. 1902. 8vo. 

Vel., unc. F( 67) $42.50. 

Ruskin (John). Unto this Last. 1907. Sm. 4to. 

Vel. (name on front end paper). TT( 139) $12.00. 
Tennyson (Alfred, Lord). Seven Poems and Two Transla- 
tions. 1902. Sm. 4to. 
Vel. F(68)$i7.50. 
DOW (George F.). The Arts and Crafts in New England, 1704- 

1775. Topsfield, Mass., Wayside Press, 1927. 8vo. 
Bds., g.t. K( 14) $9.00. 


DOWNES (William H.). The Life and Works of Winslow 

Homer. Frontis. and portraits. Boston, 1911. 4to. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. W(s8)$io.oo. 

Orig. bds., g.t, unc. (inscribed to G. H. Sargent). DD (60) $12.50. 
Bds., g.t., unc. (inscribed to G. H. Sargent). NO (no) $17.50. 

DOYLE (Sir Arthur Conan). The Adventures of Sherlock 

Holmes. London, 1892. Roy. 8vo. 

Cl., g.e. (shaken and rubbed, inner hinges weak). O(io6) $57.50. 
Orig. cl., g.e. (shaken, stained and foxed). CD (118) $22.00. 


DOYLE (Sir Arthur Conan) Continued. 

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, 1892; [with] The 
Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. 1894. London, 1892-94. 2 vols., 
roy. 8yo. 

Cl., g.e. ; in cl. case (first vol. loose, second shaken and with inscrip- 
tion inside cover, both bindings rubbed). CC( 243) $30.00. 

Cl., g.e.; in cl. box (clipping laid in first vol., second vol. is A. C. 
Bateman copy). II (137) $66.00. 

CL, g.e.; in cl. box (rubbed and soiled, 2 inner hinges split). XX 
(113) $40.00. 

Cl., g.e. (rubbed, inner hinges cracked; writing in second vol.). EF 
(389) $32.50. 

The Firm of Girdlestone. London, 1890. i2mo. 

Cl., unc. ; in cl. case (rubbed, inner hinges cracked; inscribed to 
the author's mother, laid in are 2 A. L. S. by her). EF(388) 

The Great Shadow. N.Y., 1893. I2mo. 

Cl. (presentation copy; in cl. box with above vol. is typed MS., Mem- 
oirs of Frederic Villiers, pp. 103-266, with many corrections in 
ink). CD (117) $23.00. 

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. Illus. by Sidney Paget. 

London, 1894. Roy. 8vo. 

CL, g.e. (rubbed, inner hinges weak). 0(107) $52.50. 
Orig. cl., g.e. (recased, new end papers; foxed). CD (119) $10.00. 

Poems. London, 1922. I2mo. 

CL, unc. (presentation copy). EF(3Oo)$8.oo. 

The Return of Sherlock Holmes. London, 1905. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. CD ( 121 ) $12.00. 

The Sign of Four. London, 1890. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (soiled, laid in are 2 A. L. S. of the author of the Doyle 

bibliography). CD (120) $12.00. 
Works. Portrait. Crowborough edition, signed. Garden City, 

1930. 24 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. bds., g.t., unc. U (90) $100.00. 
DOYLE (James E.). A Chronicle of England, B.C. 55 A. D. 

1485. Illustrations by the author, printed in color by E. Evans. 

London, 1864. 4to. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Bayntun ; in cl. case. TTa (67) $32.50. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e. VV (63) $27.50. 
DRAKE (Daniel). A Systematic Treatise ... on the Principal 

Diseases of the Interior Valley of North America. Maps. First 

and Second Series. Cincinnati and Phila., 1850-54. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cont. sheep (broken and scuffed). E (200) $7.50. 

DRAKE (Sir Francis). Sir Francis Drake Revived. Portrait. 

London, for N. Bourne, 1652-53. Sm. 4to. 
Old cf. (repacked, few leaves holed; Philip and Harbord Hammond 

copy). P(67)$i90.oo. 

DRAKE (Joseph R.). The Culprit Fay and Other Poems. 

Frontis., portrait and engraved half-title. 1847; [also] The 
Culprit Fay. 1859. N.Y., 1847-59. 2 vols., 8vo and I2mo. 
Orig. cl., first vol. with g.e. (presentation copy from the author's 
granddaughter) . XX ( 114) $12.00. 


DRAKE (Samuel G.). The History and Antiquities of Boston 
. . . 1630 to ... 1770. Second Edition. Maps and plates. Bos- 
ton, 1857. 2 vols., sm. fol. 

Hf. mor., g.e. (covers cracked, Large paper). L (51) $9.00. 


Stage, 1879-1882. [By C. E. Pascoe, W. H. Rideing, and Austin 
Brereton.] 180 sketches by Phil May. London, 1883. I2mo. 
Cl., in hf. mor. case (inscribed by illustrator; on end paper, half- 
title, title, and following page are over 20 pen-and-ink caricatures 
by him). VV (64) $10.00. 


Views and Scenery in the United States. 12 engravings. N.Y., 
n.d. Obi. 8vo. 
Paper. PP(8i) $12.50. 

DRAYTON (Michael). Poems. Portrait by William Hole and 

engraved title. London [1619]. Fol. 
Old mor., tooled, g.e. gauffered (portrait and engraved title cut down 

and mounted, printed title wanting; bound in is "The Battaile 

of Agincourt," London, 1627, with its title cut down and mounted; 

E. B. Holden copy). CC (244) $22.50. 

Poly-Olbion. Engraved title and portrait by Wm. Hole and 

maps. London, n.d. Sm. fol. 
Hf. mor. (some margins frayed, corner torn from title). YYa(64) 


DREISER (Theodore). An American Tragedy. Signed. N.Y., 

1925. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Bds. unopened. Q( 159) $10.00. 
Bds., unc. CC (245) $8.00. 

The Carnegie Works at Pittsburg. Decorations by Martha 

Colley. Sheet of orig. MS. laid in. Chelsea [N.Y., 1929]. 8vo. 
Buckram, unopened. Q(i56)$i2.oo. 
Orig. cl. V( 123) $10.00. 

A Gallery of Women. Signed. N.Y., 1929. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unopened. (125) $9.00. 
Bds., unopened. II(i4O)$7.5O. 

The "Genius." With the numeral on page 497. N.Y., 1915. 


Orig. cl. (back strengthened, inner joint cracked; inscribed to Harold 
Hersey ; there are pencillings in the text and recipient has pasted 
clippings on end paper and has added his comments). M(88) 

Orig. red cl. (soiled). Q(i54)$io.oo. 

Orig. red cl., white edges (top measures exactly i4 in. across, includ- 
ing covers ; backstrip faded ) . II ( 141 ) $8.00. 

A Hoosier Holiday. With Illustrations by Franklin Booth. 

N.Y., 1916. 8vo. 

Hf. buckram, g.t. (First issue, with the passage on German professors 
on p. 173). Q(i55)$i8.oo. 

Jennie Gerhardt. N.Y., 1911. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (First issue, with word "is" for "it" line 30, page 22). H 
(44) $23.00. 


DREISER (Theodore) Continued. 

My City. Illustrated with Eight Etchings in Color by Max 

Pollak. Signed. N.Y. [1929]. Fol. 
Bds., unc. K(ii7)$9.oo. 
Bds., unc. M(9i)$ii.oo. 

Sister Carrie. N.Y., 1900. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. f white end papers (shaken and soiled, cracked at hinges). Q 

Cl. JJ( 130) $105.00. 
Cl., in cl. case. EF (391) $135.00. 

Sister Carrie. London, 1901. I2mo. 

Q., in cl. case. EF( 392) $10.00. 

Sister Carrie. N.Y., Frank Shay, 1917. i2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (title, giving Shay as publisher, on stub; end 

paper inscribed "To Walter Bartley Quinlan from his friend, 

Frank Shay"). EF( 393) $17.50. 

Set of First Editions of his Writings. N.Y., 1900-29. v.s. 

V.b., as issued (with some later editions of his works, with works by 
others containing contributions by him, and with works about 
him; together 57 yols. and pieces See auction catalogue for de- 
tailed list 7 vols. inscribed by him). R( 260) $175.00. 

DRINKWATER (John). Abraham Lincoln, a Play. London, 

1918. I2mo. 
Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (half-title and first page autographed). 

0(109) $37.50. 
Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (inscription on fly leaf). JK(i44)$n.oo. 

-Abraham Lincoln, a Play. N.Y. [1919]. i2mo. 

Orig. bds. (autographed by author and by Frank McGlynn, Hall 
Byron, John S. O'Brien, David Landau, and others of the cast 
of the orig. Abraham Lincoln Company). LM (86) $20.00. 

Uncle Wat. Frontis. Roanoke, Va., printed privately by the 

Stone Printing Co. [1926]. I2mo. 
Orig. bds., unc., in bd. case (copy E of the edition, inscribed by 

Edward L. Stone to G. H. Sargent, laid in is L. S. of Mr. Stone). 

DD (67) $10.00. 

DRINKWATER (John) and ORPEN (Sir William). The Out- 
line of Literature and Art. London, n.d. 4to. 

25 (should be 26) orig. parts; in hf. mor. case (Part 8 lacking). 

DRINKWATER (John) and RUTHERSTON (Albert). Claud 

Lovat Fraser. 39 plates. Signed by both authors. London, 1923. 
Buckram, g.t. XX (142) $9. 50. 

DRUMMOND (William of Hawthornden). Poems. Portrait 

by R. Gay wood. London, 1659. I2mo. 
Cont. cf. (worn, hinges cracked, Lord Melville copy). EF( 394) $10.00. 

DRYDEN (John). Absalom and Achitophel. [Part L] Lon- 
don, 1681. Fol. 

Mor., tooled, by Club Bindery (tears in title and last leaf repaired; 
later issue of First edition, with page 6 correctly printed and with 


DRYDEN (John) Continued. 

multiple ornament on page i; E. B. Holden copy). CC(246) 

Same as the preceding. JK( 145) $8.00. 

Amboyna. London, 1673. 4to. 

Mor., tooled, by Zaehnsdorf. EF(39S)$ii.oo. 

Aureng-Zebe. London, 1676. 4to. 

Hf. cf. (tear at one margin, several pp. trimmed close; A. B. Spingarn 
copy). EF (396) $10.00. 

Eleonora. London, 1692. 4to. 

Hf. mor. EF (400) $9.00. 

Fables Ancient and Modern. London, for Jacob Tonson, 1700. 


y* lev. mor., g.t., by Stern (foxed, name on title). JJ( 134) $8.00. 
Cont. cf., tooled (some pp. stained). OO( 740) $20.00. 

The Hind and the Panther. London, 1687. 4to. 

Cf., tooled, by Riviere (no errata on final leaf and TS has running 
head centered between the g of "fight" and the v of "themselves," 
instead of between the h of "their" and the first p of "opprest"; 
Francis Grant copy). CC( 247) $45.00. 

Religio Laid; or, a Layman's Faith. London, 1682. Sm. 4to. 

Hf. cf. (title trimmed close at top, tear in one leaf ; Second issue, with 
Shadwell's name abbreviated in last line). ZZ( 122) $12.50. 

i also DRYDEN (John, jr.). 

DRYDEN (John) and LEE (Nathaniel). Oedipus. London, 

1679. 4to. 

Bds. (rubbed, A. B. Spingarn copy). EF(4O2)$9.oo. 
DRYDEN (John, jr.). The Husband His Own Cuckold, a 

Comedy. Preface and Epilogue by the elder Dryden ; Prologue by 

Congreve. London, 1696. 4 vols., 4to. 

Hf. mor. (marginal tears, writing on verso of title). EF (401) $8.00. 
DUBOURG (M.). Views of the Remains of Ancient Buildings 

in Rome, and its Vicinity. 26 col. aquatint plates. London, 1820. 


Hf. mor., g.e. (rubbed). IJ(i99)$7-5<x 
DUBROCA (Louis). Life of Bonaparte, first Consul of France, 

from his birth to the Peace of Luneville. Translated from the 

French. London, 1802. I2mo. 
Y 4 cf. V(286)$ii.oo. 

DUMAS (Alexandre). Acte of Corinth; or, the Convert of St. 
Paul: a Tale of Greece and Rome. Trans, by Henry William 
Herbert. Illustrations. N.Y., Williams & Co., 1847. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, unc. (J. G. Heckscher copy). 2(159) $7.50. 

Celebrated Crimes. Trans, by I. G. Burnham. Plates. Phila., 

n.d. 8 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. S(i52)$ 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.t, unc. (Large paper). X(7o)$8o.oo. 

The Three Musketeers. Trans, by W. Robson. Illus. by 

Maurice Leloir. N.Y., 1894. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Buckram, g.t. (Large paper). V( 126) $9.00. 


DUMAS (Alexandra) Continued. 

Romances. London, Dent, 1894-97. 64 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t, by Sangorski. U (92) $205.00. 

DU MAURIER (George). Peter Ibbetson. Illus. by the author. 

London, 1892. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. EF(403)$55-oo. 

Trilby. [In Harper's New Monthly Magazine, Jan.- Aug. 1894.] 

Illus. by the author. N.Y., 1894. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. (frontis. and title inlaid, bound in is "Trilby- 
ana," N.Y., 1895; laid in is A. L. S.). EF( 404) $20.00. 

Trilby. London, 1894. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (hinge cracked, backstrip torn ; laid in is A. L. S. 

bearing an orig. pen-and-ink sketch). EF (405) $47.50. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Tout. GH(i05)$32.5o. 

Trilby. Illustrations by the author. London, 1895. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.e. '(with his "Peter Ibbetson," 1896 and "The Martian," 
1898; together 3 vols. ; prig, covers bound in). ZZ( 124) $50.00. 
Pigskin, g.e., by Sangorski; in case. MN (91) $8.50. 

'DUNBAR (Paul Lawrence). Majors and Minors. Frontis. 

Toledo, Ohio [1895]. I2mo. 
Cl. (presentation copy). JJ( 137) $65.00. 

DUNBAR (Seymour). A History of Travel in America. Maps 

and col. plates. Indianapolis 11915]. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (soiled). E(89)$io.oo. 

DUNCAN (Isadora). My Life. Signed. N.Y., 1927. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unopened. Q( 164) $9.00. 

DUNHAM (Samuel Astley). A History of Europe during the 

Middle Ages. 4 vols. London, 1833 ; [also his] History of Den- 
mark, Sweden, and Norway. 2 vols. Edinburgh, 1838. London 
and Edinburgh, 1833-38. vols., I2mo. 
24 cf., g.t. OO(900) $12.00. 

DUNLAP (William). History of the Rise and Progress of the 

Arts of Design in the United States. Boston, 1918. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. W(63)$io.oo. 

The Italian Father. N.Y., 1810. i6mo. 

Hf. mor., unc. CC(s6)$8.oo. 

The Life of Charles Brockden Brown. Phila., 1815. 2 vols., 

Orig. bds., unc.; in hf. mor. case (backs cracked, one leaf torn, 

book-label of Friends' Library of Phila.). EF( 113) $14.00. 

The Voice of Nature. N.Y., 1803. i8mo. 

Hf. mor., unc. (margins stained). CC(54)$i2.5O. 


eral Advertiser. Phila., John Dunlap, v.d. Fol. 
Issues of April 18, June 20, July 4, Aug. i, Sept. 5, Oct. 31, and Dec. 
12, 1774; together 7 nos. and one supplement in one vol., bds. 
BC( 17) $21.00. 

Postscript to Dunlap's Pennsylvania Packet. Oct. 3. 2 pp. 

The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as es- 



tablished by the General Convention, elected for that purpose and 
held at Phila., July iSth, 1776, and continued by adjournment till 
Sept. 28th, 1776. [Phila., 1776.] Fol. 

In cl. case. BC (79) $9.00. 

- [Continued as] The Pennsylvania Packet; or, the General 
Advertiser. Phila., John Dunlap, v.d. Fol. 

Oct. 10, 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24, 27, 29, 31 ; Nov. 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 21, 
24, 26, 1778; together 18 nos. in one vol., bds. BC (48) $42.00. 

Jan. 2, 5, 12, 19, 21, 26, 30; Feb. 9, 11, 13, 16, 18, 20, 23, 25, 27; Mar. 
2, 4, 6, 9, 13, 18, 20, 23, 25, 27, 30; April i ; May i and 18; June 22 
and 29, 1779; together, 32 nos. in one vol., bds. BC(49)$8o.oo. 

Feb. 3-Dec. 22, 1779; Nos. 2538, 2539, 2541-2544, 2546-2550, 2552- 
2554, 2557-2568, 2571-2573, 2575, 2570, 2578, 2579, 2581, 2583, and 
2585; together 37 nos. in one vol., bds. BC(47)$m.oo. 

July 3-Dec. 16, 1779; issues of July 3 and July 31; Aug. 3, 5, 7, 10, 
12, 14, 17, 21, 24, 26, 28, 31 ; Sept. 2, 7, 10, n, 14* 16, 18, 21, 28; 
Oct. 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 21, 23, 28, 30; Nov. 2, 4, 6; Dec. 7, 
n, 16, 1779; together 40 nos. in one vol., bds. BC(5o)$in.oo. 

- The Pennsylvania Packet; or, the General Advertiser. 
March 18, April 8, Aug. i and 22, 1780. Printed and sold by 
John Dunlap; [also] Oct. 17 and 31, Nov. 7, n, and 28; and 
Dec. 5 and 30, 1780. Printed and sold by John Dunlap and David 
C. Claypoole. Phila., 1780. Fol. 

Bds. (11 nos. in one vol.). BC(si)$22.5o. 

- [Continued as] The Pennsylvania Packet, and Daily Adver- 
tiser. Nos. 3096-3404 complete, with many of the supplements, 
Jan. 3-Dec. 28, 1789. Phila., John Dunlap and David C. Clay- 
poole, 1789. Fol. 

Bds. (worn, tears, few pieces missing). NO (271) $40.00. 

DUNLOP (John). The History of Fiction. London, 1814. 3 
vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (Leigh Hunt copy, notes in his hand). EF( 599) $25.00. 

DUNN (George). The Woolley Photographs of Early [Print- 
ing] Types, designed to Supplement Published Examples, with ref- 
erence to the British Museum Index. Printed Lists. 500 fac- 
similes mounted to 4to, in 5 boxes ; with 2 vols., narrow 8vo. 
London, 1895-1904. 7 vols., 4to and 8vo. 

5 cl. cases, 2 vols. orig. paper. JK( 146) $57.50. 

DUNS SCOTUS (Johannes). Quaestiones super Uniuersalibus 
Porphyrii. Venice, Bonetus Locatellus, 1492. Fol. (Hain 

Cf., g.e. (O. H. Perkins copy). DD( no) $45.00. 

DUNSANY (E. P., Lord). The Chronicles of Rodriguez. 

Frontis. by S. H. Sime. Signed by author and by artist. London 

[1922]. Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. vel., g.t., unopened. Q(i66)$7.50. 

- The Gods of Pegana. Illustrations by S. H. Sime. London, 
1905. I2mo. 

Hf. buckram, unc. (soiled). K(i2o)$8.oo. 

- The King of Elfland's Daughter. Frontis. by S. IT. Sime. 
Signed by author and by artist. London [1924]. 4to. 

Hf. vel., g.t., unopened. 0(167) $7.50. 


DUNTON (John). A True lovrnall of the Sally Fleet. Folding 
chart, by Richard Simson, 1637. London, I. Dawson for T. 
Nicholas, 1637. Sm. 4to. 

Unbound, in hf. mor. case (size 6^x5^ in.)- LL( 140) $70.00. 

D'URFEY (Thomas). Wit and Mirth; or, Pills to purge Melan- 
choly. Portrait. London, n.d. 6 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (rubbed, Vol. Ill water-stained). S(i57)$8.oo. 

DURUY (Victor). History of Rome. Edition de Grand Luxe. 
Japan paper. Boston, 1883. 16 vols., 8vo. 

ft mor., g.t. V (349) $27.50. 

History of Rome. 16 vols.; [with] History of Greece. 8 

vols. Plates, some in color. Edition de Luxe. Boston, 1884. 
24 vols., roy. 8vo. 

CI., g.t, unc. (rubbed). W(65)$25.oo. 

History of Rome. Illustrated library edition. Boston, 1894. 

1 6 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. RR(368)$ 

DUSIMITIER (Pierre Eugene). Portraits of the Generals, 
. . . and Others, Who have rendered themselves Illustrious in the 
Revolution of the United States of North America. 12 portraits. 
London, R. Wilkinson and J. Debrett, 1783. 4to. 

New paper, in cl. case (orig. front wrapper bound in). R(i67)$25.oo. 





DU TERTRE (Jean Baptiste). Histoire Generale des Antilles, 

habitees par les Frangois. Plates and maps. Paris, 1667. 2 vols., 

Cont. vel. (Vol. I contains 3 maps; II, 13 plates, some double-page). 

Vel. (2 vols. in one, few foxings, few pp. stained at edge, bookplate 

of I. B. Nack partially removed). IJ(45)$24.oo. 

DUTT (Romesh C.) AND OTHERS. History of India. 

Plates in 2 states, one set of the frontispieces in color. London, 
Grolier Society, n.d. 9 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Y lev. mor., inlaid, g.t, unc. (Japan paper). F (71) $25.00. 


DWIGHT (Timothy). The Conquest of Canaan. Hartford, 

1785. I2mo. 
Cf. (last pp. stained, presentation copy, from the author's grandson). 

V( 129) $8.00. 

Travels in New England and New York. 3 folding maps. 

New Haven, 1821-22. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc., unopened. H (48) $12.00. 
Orig. bds., unc. (rebacked). T( 64) $20.00. 
Orig. bds., unc. QQ(i3i)$8.oo. 
Cl. YY( 4 8)$8. 5 o 

DWINELLE (John W.). The Colonial History of the City of 

San Francisco. Map. San Fran., 1866. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. (rubbed). JK( 148) $52.50. 


EARHART (Amelia). 20 Hrs. 40 min., Our Flight in the Friend- 
ship. Signed. N.Y. and London, 1928. Roy. 8vo. 
Bds. T(6s)$i2.50. 

EARLE (Alice M.). Two Centuries of Costume in America, 

MDCXX-MDCCCXX. N.Y. [1903]. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc. A (50) $8.00. 

EARLY ENGLISH DRAMATISTS, 1497-1587. Ed. by John S. 

Farmer., London, 1905-08. 13 vols., 4to. 
Buckram, g.t., unc. S ( 159) $37.00. 


EASTERN LOVE. English versions. See MATHERS (E. 


EBSWORTH (J. W.). Westminster Drolleries; [also] Choyce 
Drollery. Songs and Sonnets; [also] Merry Drollery Compleat. 
All ed. by J. W. Ebsworth. Frontispieces. Boston, 1875-76. 3 
vols., I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.t., unc. S( 151) $18.00. 

ECHARD (Laurence). A Most compleat Compendium of Geog- 
raphy. Third Edition. Maps. London, 1693. i6mo. 
Old cf. P (69) $11. oo. 


cal. 37 nos. May, i895-Jan., 1897. Chic., 1895-97. 37 pieces, 4to. 
Orig. paper, in cl. case (one no. lacking, first no. soiled and loose, 
several other nos. soiled). XX(i24)$n.oo. 

ECKEL (John C.). The First Editions of the* Writings of 
Charles Dickens and their Values: a Bibliography. Portrait and 
plates. Large paper, signed. London, 1913. Roy. 8vo. 

Cl. C( 104) $47.50. 

Cl., g.t., unc. O(ioi) $30.00. 

Prime Pickwicks In Parts: Census, with Complete Collation, 

Comparison and Comment. Foreword by A. E. Newton. Plates. 

N.Y. and London, 1928. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., unc.; in bd. case (inscribed: "To George H. Sargent . . . 

The joint gift of A. Edward Newton and John Eckel.")- EE 04) 


EDDY (Mary Baker G.). Science and Health. Boston, 1875. 


Orig. cl. (new end papers). H(58)$i45.oo. 
Cl., in mor. case (shaken and worn, front end paper torn out). U 

(94) $230.00. 

Cl. (stain on margin of title). CC (249) $180.00. 
Orig. red cl. (binding rubbed and stained). 88(129) $70.00. 

Science and Health. Eighth Edition. Vol. II only. 1884; 

[with] A Complete Concordance to Science and Health. 1902. 

Boston, 1884-1902. 2 vols., I2mo. and roy. 8vo. 
Cl. CC (250) $30.00. 

EDEN (Richard). The History of Trauayle in the West and 

East Indies, etc. Newly . . . finished by Richarde Willes. Lon- 
don, lugge, 1577. Sm. 4to. 
Cf. (loose, on title are names of first owner who has made marginal 


EDEN (Richard) Continued. 

notes elsewhere and William Herbert and Jane Jumper). L(s6) 


Old cf., in hf. mor. case (size 7^ x 5^6 in.). LL( 92) $225.00. 
Old cf. (repaired). QQ( 133) $260.00. 
EG AN (Pierce). Finish to the Adventures of Tom, Jerry, and 

Logic. 35 col. aquatint plates by Robert Cruikshank and one by 

G. Cruikshank. London, 1830. Roy. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. 8(71) $77.50. 

Finish to the Adventures of Tom, Jerry, and Logic. 35 col. 

aquatint plates by R. and one by G. Cruikshank. London, W. 

Strange, n.d. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t, unc., by Tout. GH(io8) $17.50. 

Life in London. 36 col. plates by I. R. and G. Cruikshank, and 
3 folding sheets of music. London, 1821. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Morrell (Second issue, with footnote 
on page 9, with printer's name at bottom center of verso of half- 
title, and with first sheet of music numbered: measures 10x654 
in. ; at the end are 12 pp. advertisements, including prospectus of 
the "Annals of Sporting and Fancy Gazette" ; inserted is A. L. S. 
of author to one of his illustrators). R (261) $100.00. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. on rough, by Zaehnsdorf (half-title and 8 pp. 
advertisements bound in at end). S(7o)$59.oo. 

Cf., g.t., unc. V( 87) $95.00. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e.; in cl. case (lacks half-title and advertise- 
ments; one col. plate backed with heavy paper and imprint 
wanting; page g has footnote, pp. 1-2 of the music are unnum- 
bered). VV(66)$5o.oo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere (lacks advertisements: page 9 has 
footnote, pp. 1-2 of the music are unnumbered). ZZ(i25)$no.oo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Tout (lacks half-title, also advertisements 
at end ; frontis. rehinged, sheets of music partly remargined, faded 
inscription on first paere of text, some fox-marks and other de- 
fects ; Second issue, with footnote on page 9 and with first sheet 
of music numbered). GH(i07)$2s;.oo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t.. unc., by Morrell (Second issue, with footnote 
on page 9. with imprint at bottom center of verso of half-title, 
and with first sheet of music numbered: measures 10x6^ in. I 
at the end are 12 pp. advertisements, including prospectus of the 
"Annals of Sporting and Fancy Gazette," inserted is A. L. S. of 
author to one of his illustrators). JK( 150) $60.00. 

Life in London. With 36 col. plates by I. R. and G. Cruik- 
shank. London, 1822. Roy. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. and unopened; in mor. case (few cracks in back- 
strip). R (34) $80.00. 

Life in London. 36 col. aquatint plates by I. R. and G. Cruik- 
shank, 3 folding plates of music. London, 182.3. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., tooled, g.e. (rubbed, some plates and leaves soiled, other 
slight defects). NN(79a)$ii.oo. 

The Life of an Actor. 27 col. plates bv Theodore Lane, and 

woodcuts by Thompson. London, 1825. Roy. 8vo. 

9 orig. parts, unc.; in lev. mor. case (2 front wrappers and some 
backs repaired, some backs chipped). R (35) $350.00. 


EGAN (Pierce) Continued. 

Cf., g.e. (one plate lacking, several inserted from another edition, with 
imprints erased or cut off; clippings pasted on one leaf; Lever- 
hulme Library Albert B. Ashforth copy). JK(i5i)$i2.50. 

The Life of an Actor. Plates in color. London, 1892. Roy. 

y 4 lev. mor., g.t. TTa( 693) $7.50. 

Sporting Anecdotes. 2 col. plates by Robert Cruikshank, one 

by Alken, and other illustrations by G. and R. Cruikshank. Lon- 
don, 1825. 8vo. 

Mor., g.t. (lacks advertisements). VV (67) $60.00. 

EGERTON (M.). Collinso Furioso; or, Matters to "Tatters." 

Col. aquatint plates. [London] 1825. 4to. 
Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere (foxed). GH(iO9)$n.oo. 

EGGLESTON (Edward). The Circuit Rider. N.Y., 1874. i2mo. 
Orig. cl. (2 sprung, name stamped on front fly leaves). V 
(134) $14.00. 

The Hoosier School-boy. N.Y., 1883. i2mo. 

Cl. (name in ink and pencil on front fly leaf). K( 124) $25.00. 

The Hoosier Schoolmaster. 29 illustrations. N.Y. [1871]. 

Cl. (First issue, with early advertisements in back of book, writing 

on front fly leaf). K( 122) $22.00. 

The Hoosier School-Master. With twenty-nine illustrations. 

N.Y.. Orange Judd and Company [1871]. I2mo. 
Orig. orange cl., in cl. folder and cl. case (recased, rubbed, few pp. 

soiled; First issue, with early advertisements). MN (92) $8.00. 

EGGLESTON (George Gary). The Warrens of Virginia, a 

Novel founded on the play of William C. cle Mille. Illustrations 
from Scenes in the Play. N.Y. [1908]. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (Laid in is a holograph letter, giving a history of the Eggleston 
family). V( 135) $9.00. 

EGLINTON. The Tournament; or, Days of Chivalry. 24 col. 

aquatint plates. London, 1823. 8vo. 
Mor., g.e. (few plates soiled). R( 377) $25.00. 

EGYPT. Description de 1'figypte; ou, Recueil des Observations 

et des Recherches . . . faites en figypte pendant 1'Expedition de 
TArmee Frangaise. Seconde fiditipn. 26 vols. 1821-29; [with] 
II vols. of illustrations, 1*820-26, including Antiquities, 5 vols.; 
Etat Moderne, 2 vols., Histpire Naturelle, 3 vols. ; and Atlas 
Geographique. El. fol. Paris, 1820-29. 37 vols., I2mo and el. 
y* cf. (backs of first 26 vols. rubbed). I J (427) $100.00. 

EISEN (Gustavus A.). Glass, its prigin, History, Chronology, 

Technic and Classification to the Sixteenth Century. Plates, some 
in color. X.Y., Rudge, 1927. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. W (69) $32.50. 

The Great Chalice of Antioch. 60 plates. 12 orig. etchings 

by M. W. Kinney. N.Y., 1923. 2 vols,. roy. fol, 
P., g.t., unc. W(68)$i7. 5 o, 



Engraved titles. London, about 1805. 18 vols., i6mo. 
Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. X (24) $27.00. 

ELIOT (George). Adam Bede. Edinburgh, 1859. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc., by Zaehnsdorf. O(ii2)$i7.5o. 

Brother and Sister, Sonnets by Marian Lewes. London, For 

Private Circulation Only, 1869. I2mo. 
Orig. paper, unopened; in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. II (149) $12.00. 

Daniel Deronda. Edinburgh, 1876. 4 vols., I2mo. 

8 orig. parts, unc.; in 2 cl. cases. EF (410) $28.00. 

Felix Holt, the Radical. Edinburgh and London, 1866. 3 vols., 

Orig. cl. (rubbed, shaken, bookplate; Alfred Harmsworth copy). 
XX (127) $8.00. 

The Mill on the Floss. Edinburgh, 1860. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., unc. EF (407) $25.00. 

Silas Marner. Edinburgh, 1861. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unopened. V(i36)$i6.oo. 
Cl., unc. EF(4o8)$i7.oo. 

A Collection of First Editions of her Writings. 27 vols.; 

with Life by Lewes. 3 vols. Edinburgh and London, 1858-85. 

30 vols., v.s. 
Orig. cl. (few vols. lack advertisements, one set with library labels, 

some book plates; Middlemarch in 8 vols.; together 34 vols.). 

II (148) $250.00. 
Cf., g.t., by Riviere (few hinges cracked, Middlemarch is bound in 4 

vols.). GH(iio)$6o.oo. 

ELIOT (John). Indian Tracts. See NEW ENGLAND'S 

FIRST FRUITS, also SHEPARD (Thomas), also WHIT- 
FIELD (Henry). 

ELIOT (John) and MAYHEW (Thomas). Tears of Repent- 
ance : or, a further Narrative of the Progress of the Gospel 
amongst the Indians in New-England. London, Peter Cole, 1653. 
Sm. 4to. 

Cf. (covers loose, upper margin of title cut close, head-lines and pagina- 
tion numbers cut into; "Finis" on p. 47 is between 2 type orna- 
ments; British Museum stamp on verso of title). L(5Q)$75.oo. 

ELIOT (T. S.). Ara Vus Free. [London,] Ovid Press [1919]. 

Orig. cl., unopened (signed). Q(i68)$n.oo. 

Poems, 1909-1925. London, 1025. 8vo. 

Cl., unopened (signed). Q(i7o)$io,oo. 

ELKINS (W. L.). Catalogue of Paintings in [his] Private Col- 
lection. [Privately Printed, 1900.] 2 vols., roy. 4to. 

Mor., g.e. (worn, on Japan paper, inscribed by Mr. Elkins to Thomas 
B. Clarke). W(7o)$i5.oo. 

ELLICOTT (Andrew). [His] Journal. 14 maps and charts. 

Phila., 1803. 4to. 
Orig. cf. (rubbed, label wanting, pp. foxed, few maps and charts 

torn). U(98)$J7-50. 


BLLICOTT (Andrew) Continued. 

Orig. bds. (rebacked, worn, stains in text, writing inside front cover, 

name on one page). GG( 121) $22.50. 
ELLIOT (Frances). Old Court Life in France. London, 1873. 

2 vols., 8vo. 
y 4 mor., g.t. TT( 145) $8.00. 

ELLIOTT (Jesse D.). See JARVIS (Russell). 

ELLIS (Havelock). Studies in the Psychology of Sex. Phila., 

1914-18. 6 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. U(99)$25-oo. 
ELLIS (Henry). A Voyage to Hudson's Bay. Maps and plates. 

Large paper. London, 1748. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (rubbed, hinges split, pp. soiled). TT( 146) $13.00. 

ELLIS (Sir Henry). Original Letters illustrative of English 

History. Portraits. London, 1824-46. n vols., I2mo. 
X cf. X( 7 2)$i6. 5 o. 

ELLIS (John). Directions for bringing over Seed and Plants 

from the East-Indies and Other Distant Countries, etc. 2 plates, 
one in color. London, 1770. 4to. 
Orig. paper. FF (45) $8.00. 

ELLIS (Sarah S.). My Brother; or, the Man of Many Friends. 

By an Old Author. Frontis. by G. Cruikshank. London, 1855. 
Hf. lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Root. 8(92) $8. 50. 

ELLMS (Charles). The Pirates Own Book; or, Authentic Nar- 
ratives of the Lives, Exploits, and Executions of the Most Cele- 
brated Sea Robbers. Boston, 1837. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. H(i34)$io.oo. 

EMBLEMES D'AMOUR. Engraved title (in facsimile) and 47 
plates; [bound with] Theatre d' Amour. 27 numbered plates, 
including title and preliminary page of text; [and] Emblemata 
Amoris. 13 numbered plates, including title, n.p., n.d. Sm. fol. 

Lev. mor., tooling incorporating monograms and crest of Sir Schom- 
berg-Henry, Marquess of Lothian, g.e., by Orrock (3 vols. in one ; 
last 6 plates stained, modern Lothian bookplate; bound in after 
the above are 24 additional plates after de Pass, Grotius and 
others, some bearing i6th century dates). LL (87) $100.00. 

EMERALD (The). Nps. 25, 28-29, 31-32, 34, and 36-37, [Contains 

criticisms on the acting of Edgar A. Poe's father and mother.] 
Boston, 1806-07. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (8 nos. in one vol.). EF(8i6) $27.50. 

EMERSON (Ralph W.). English Traits. Boston, 1856. i2mo. 
Cl. (name on title). NO(ii9)$9.oo. 

Essays. [First Series.] Boston, 1841. I2mo. 

Cl., First binding, without "First Series" lettered on backstrip ; in hf. 

mor. case (rubbed, inscribed to N. J. Bowditch). 0(113) $750.00. 
Black cl., embossed designs on backstrip and sides, white end papers 

(worn and shaken, piece torn from margin of 3 leaves). U(ioo) 

Black cl., Second binding with "First Series" stamped on backstrip, 


EMERSON (Ralph W.) Continued. 

yellow end papers (worn, back tightened, inner hinge cracked). 

Orig. cl., First binding without "First Series" on backstrip (one of 

the taller copies). S 8(24) $180.00. 
Orig. cl., unc. ; First binding, without "First Series" on backstrip; 

in hf. mor. case (back strengthened). EF (412) $100.00. 
Black cl., "First Series" stamped on backstrip, yellow end papers 

(worn, back tightened, inner hinge cracked). JK( 155) $10.00. 

Essays. 1841 : [also] Essays. Second Series. 1844. Boston, 

1841-44. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Lev. mor. (name on second title). JK(m6)$i7.e;o. 
Cl.; First binding of first vol., without "First Series" on backstrip 

(second vol. has backstrip chipped and repaired and a few pp. 

foxed). NO ( 1 16) $185.00. 

Essays. Second Series. Boston, 1844. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (back repaired). SS(2O$5O.oo. 
Cl. (foxed, name on fly leaf). YY(5o)$55.oo. 

May-Day and Other Pieces. Boston, 1867. i2mo. 

Orig. cl.. g.t., unc.: in mor. case (tear in backstrip; with a copy of 

the London, 1867 edition of this work, bound orig. paper ; together 

2 vols.). E (91) $10.00. 
White cl., ff.t. (inscribed to C. C. Shackford, A. L. S. laid in). JK 

(158) $62.50. 

The Method of Nature, an Oration. Boston, 1841. 8vo. 

Orig. paner, in hf. mor. case (backstrip torn, inscribed to William 

H. Furness). EF (413) $125.00. 

Nature. Boston, 1836. I2mo. 

Orief. cl. (back worn, foxed). N (113) $10.00. 

Reddish brown cl. (faded and rubbed, front end paper torn out; 

presentation inscription of Wendell Phillips followed by signature 

of B. Green). GG( 195) $17.50. 
Cl. (name on end paper). NO (117) $50.00. 

Nature, Addresses and Lectures. Boston, 1849. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. ; in cl. case (backstrip worn, few leaves torn in open- 
ing: James W. Champney cony, his autosrranh on fly leaf and 2 
pencil sketches by him on end leaves). EF(4i5)$9.oo. 

Poems. London, 1847 [1846]. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. : binding of First issue, with imprint "Chapman Brothers" 
at base of spine and back cover without blind stamp "Emerson's 
Poems" (First issue, with the convright notice, and advertise- 
ments of Chaoman Brothers dated Nov. 16, 1846, announcing that 
the book "will be published early in December" ; without an errata 
slip, but with all the errata uncorrected ; name and date on end 
paper). SS (26)$2Q.oo. 

Poems. Boston, 1847. I2mo. 

Ley. mor., tooled (inserted is A. L. S.). U (101) $30.00. 
Orig. cl. (name on end paper). JJ( 140) $135.00. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t, unc. FG (334) $10.50. 

Remarks on the Character of George "L. Stearns. At Bed- 
ford. April 14. 1867. 4 po. [1872.1 4to. 
Unbound, as originally issued. A A (46) $35.00. 


EMERSON (Ralph W.) Continued. 

Representative Men: Seven Lectures. First issue, with per- 
fect type on page 276. Boston, 1850. I2mo. 

Cl., binding of First issue, with hour-glass design on each cover (on 
thin paper, rubber stamp partially erased from end paper ; with a 
copy of the Second issue, Henry Ward Beecher's copy, annotated 
by him; together 2 vols. in hf. mor. case). O(ii4)$io.oo. 

Same as the preceding. JK( 157) $14.00. 

Orig. cl. ; First binding, with hour-glass design in center of each 
cover (measures $4 m - across top, cl. of covers bound upside down, 
binding rubbed at edges, front fly leaves foxed). XX (132) 

Cl., First binding with hour-glass design on covers and word "Men" 
on backstrip in thinner type (backstrip chipped, name on fly leaf; 
printed on thin paper ) . Y Y ( 5 1 ) $30.00. 

Cl., First binding, hour-glass design on covers and "Men" on back- 
strip in thinner type (on thin paper). NO (118) $35.00. 

enth edition. Cambridge, 1911. 29 vols., imp. 8vo. 

Sheep, g.t., Index in buckram (several bindings rubbed, on India 
paper). 6(281) $17.00. 

Leath., g.t., Index in cl. (with 3 vols. of the I2th edition, together 32 
vols.). GH(ii2)$i05.oo. 

The Encyclopaedia Britannica. Thirteenth edition. London 

[1926]. 1 6 vols., 4to. 
Cl. ; in book-case of wood, with glass doors (32 vols. in 16). W(7i) 


ENGELBACH (Lewis). Naples and the Campana Felice. En- 
graved title, folding map, plan, and series of views, mainly by 
Rowlandson, all col. by hand. London, 1815. Roy. Svo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Morrell. (orig. covers bound in). X(i5o) 

Hf. mor., in cl. case (rubbed). EF (41 7) $14.00. 

ENGLISH (William H.). Conquest of the Country Northwest 
of the River Ohio, 1778-1783; land] Life of Gen. George Rogers 
Clark. Illustrated. Indianapolis, 1896. 2 vols., 4to. 

Cl. XX(67)$9.oo. 



Chippendale, Sheraton, Adam, and others of the Georgian Period. 
100 plates. Boston, 1900. Roy. 4to. 

Sheets in hf. cl. portfolio. W( 82) $7.50. 


mary of the Lives of the Glorious and renowned Saintes of the 
Three Kingdomes, England, Scotland, and Ireland. By a Catho- 
licke Priest [John Wilson?] [St. Omer's,] Permissu Superi- 
orum, Anno 1608. i6mo. 

Rebound &$ cf. (new end papers, some pp. at end holed ; name on 
errata page). V(6o)$8.oo. 



Palais Royal. Folding frontis. by G. Cruikshank, col. by hand. 
London, 1819. i6mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t, unc., by Riviere. TTa (46) $12.00. 

ENOOESWEETOK. Drawings by Enooesweetok of the Si- 

kosilingmint Tribe of Eskimo, Fox Land, Baffin Island. 21 plates. 
Toronto, 1915. Obi. 8vo. 
Cl. V(298)$ii.oo. 

ENSKO (Stephen G. C.). American Silversmiths and their 

Marks. N.Y., Privately Printed, 1927. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. (name on end-paper). NO (121) $85.00. 

ENTICK (John). The General History of the Late War. Por- 

traits and folding maps. London, 1763. 5 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. bds. H(52)$i2.50. 

EPHRATA, PENNSYLVANIA. Chronicon Ephratense, etc. 

Ephrata, Peter Miller, 1786. 8vo. 
Cf. SS( 132) $12.50. 


the Review of Scientific Illumination. [Issued semi -annually.] 
Nos. i-io, from March, 1909 to Sept., 1913. London, 1909-13. 
V( 145) $15.00. 

ERASMUS (Desiderius). Colloquiorum Familiarum Opus. 

Portrait by Holbein. Franc., Apud Haer. Chr. Egen, 1562. 

Pigskin on wood, orig. clasps (clasps broken, cont. marginal notes). 
V( 144) $10.00. 

- Moriae Encomium; or, a Panegyrick Upon Folly. Portrait: 
and 46 plates by Hans Holbein. London, Woodward, 1/09. I2mo. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked). C(ii4)$i5.oo. 

ESQUEMELIN (A. O.). Bucaniers of America. Map and 8 

plates. London, for W. Crooke, 1684. 4to. 
Cf. (cover loose, rubbed, leaf of index missing). L (60) $40.00. 
Cont. cf., untrimmed (new end-papers, rebacked). V( 41) $40.00. 
Hf. mor. (plates, map and last leaf worn and backed with paper). 

- The History of the Buccaniers of America. Maps and plates. 
London, for D. Midwinter. 1741. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cf., g.e., by Riviere. FFU6)$72.5O. 

- The History of the Bucaniers of America. London, T. Evans, 

1771. 2 Vols., I21TIO. 

Old hf. cf. (broken). QQ( 138) $18.00. 

Orig. bds., unc. (cover broken). BC(53)$n.oo. 

- Histoire des Avanturiers qui se sont signalez dans les Indes, 
etc. Engraved title and 3 folding maps. Paris. 1688. I2mo. 

Vel. (2 vols. in one). L(6i)$9.oo. 


(John Hall). 



Coleridge (S. T.). The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. 

Frontis. by W. Strang. On vellum. 1903. I2mo. 
Vel., unc. K(72)$io.50. 

Milton (John). Comus. Frontis. by R. Savage. On vellum. 

1902. i6mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.t. ; in case. V(i46)$i7.oo. 

The Psalter or Psalms of David from the Bible of Arch- 
bishop Cranmer. Ed. by Janet E. Ashbee. Woodcuts by C. R. 
Ashbee. 1902. 4to. 

Vel., unc. (on vellum). ZZ( 127) $50.00. 

Vel., unc. NO (122) $12.00. 

Whitman (Walt.). Hymn on the Death of President Lin- 
coln fWhen Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd]. On vellum. 
Frontis. and initials by C. R. Ashbee, col. by hand. 1900. I2mo. 

Vel., unc. EF(ii43)$8.oo. 

A Collection of Books issued by the Essex House Press. 

Woodcuts, col. by hand, and col. initials. On vellum. 1900-05. 

6 vols., I2mo. 
Vel., unc. F(77)$35.oo. 

ESTAUGH (John). A Call to the Unfaithful Professors of 

Truth. Phila., B. Franklin, 1744. Sm. 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (covers worn, some foxing in text, Hannah Estaugh copy). 
GG( 127) $75-00. 

EURIPIDES. Hecuba et Iphigenia in Aulide. Trans, by Eras- 
mus. Venice, Aldus, 1507. 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (name of Erasmus deleted with ink wherever it oc- 
curs : with "Opera" of Claudianus, 1 523, in sixteenth century 
mor. ; together 2 vols. : first vol. with Svstoii Park bookplate, 
second vol. has few early inscriptions). JK (6) $12.50. 

EUSEBIUS. De euangelica praeparatione. Trans, bv Georerius 
Trapezuntius. 142 leaves. Venice, Jenson, 1470. Fol. (Hain 

Mor., tooled (few leaves water-stained: ilium, woodcut border and 
initial by rubricator on first page, other rubricator's woodcut bor- 
ders and initials stamped in by hand; measures i3M*x9 1 /i6 in.). 
LL (38) $2100.00. 

EVANS (Charles S.). The Sleeping Beauty. Illus. and signed 

by Rackham. Edition de Luxe. London [1920]. 4to. 
Mor., tooled, inlaid, g.t.; in cl. box. V (334) $36.00. 

EVANS (Elwood). Puget Sound: its Past, Present and Future. 

An Address delivered ... at Port Townsend, . . . January 5th, 

1869. Olympia, Wash. Ter., 1869. 8vo. 
Paper. UU (33) $10.00. 

EVANS (Estwick). A Pedestrious Tour, of Four Thousand 

Miles, throuerh the Western States and Territories. Portrait. 
Concord, N.H., 1810. I2mo. 

Cont. bds., unc. frebacked; frontis., title, and next leaf in photostat 
facsimile) . KK (241 )$4O.oo. 


EVANS (Israel). A Discourse, delivered at Easton, on the 

of October, 1779, to the Officers and Soldiers of the Western 

Army. Phila., T. Bradford, 1779. 8vo. 
Cf., unc. J( 62) $46.00. 
EVANS (Lewis). Geographical, Historical, Political, Philo- 

sophical and Mechanical Essays. Phila., B. Franklin and D. Hall, 

1755- 4to. 
Orig. paper. 6(33) $85.00. 

EVELYN (John). Diary and Correspondence. Ed. by W. Bray. 

Portraits. London, 1859. 4 vols., I2mo. 
Hf. cf., g.t., by Ramage. X(76)$io.oo. 
34 cf., g.t., by Ramage. TTa (72) $13.00. 
-Diary. Ed. by W. Bray. With a Life of the Author and a New 

Preface by Henry B. Wheatley. London, 1906. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (rubbed). CC(63)$9-oo. 

- Memoirs. Ed. by W. Bray. Portrait and plates. London, 1818. 
2 vols., 4to. 

Cf. (rehinged). CC (255) $32.50. 

- Numismata. Engravings on copper. London, 1697. Fol. 
Orig. cf. TTa(7i)$9.oo. 

- Sylva. London, 1664. 4to. 

Q. (first pp. holed). 00(764) $9.00. 

Cont. cf. (rebacked, leaf H of Kalendarium missing; inscribed to Sir 
Robert Morray). EF (418) $47.50. 

EVERETT (Edward). Address, delivered at the Consecration 

of the Soldier's Cemetery, at Gettysburg . . . Nov. 19, 1863. 
Map. Boston, 1863. 8vo. 

Paper (wrapper mended; presentation copy, to W. P. Upham). OO 

- An Oration delivered on the Battlefield of Gettysburg, 

(November 19, 1863), at the Consecration of the Cemetery pre- 
pared for the Interment of the Remains of those who fell in the 
Battles of July ist, 2d, and 3d, 1863. [Contains Abraham Lin- 
coln's dedicatory address.] N.Y., 1863. 8vo. 
Paper. YY ( 107 ) $50.00. 

FABRICS (Delphi). Les Peintres de la Bretagne. Avec un 
dessin d'Emile Dezaunay et une lettre de Jean-Marie Le Gardec, 
pecheur bretpn. 12 orig., signed water-color drawings by Charles 
Ogier. Paris, 1898. i6mo. 

Y mor., g.t, unc. JJ( 198) $10.00. 

FABYAN (Robert). [The newe Cronycles of Englande and 
of Fraunce.] 408 leaves, large armorial woodcut on first leaf, 
repeated on verso of same and on first leaf of the second part; 
woodcut illustrations and printer's mark. London, Pynson, 1516. 

Mor., tooled, monogram and coronet of Marquess of Lothian, g.e., by 
Orrock (tear repaired in first leaf, affecting woodcut; no. of 
margins repaired; few holes and cont. inscriptions, Newbattle 
Abbey label). LL( 68) $725.00. 


icans. See MANN (William d' Alton). 


FAIRBANKS (George R.). The Spaniards in Florida, compris- 
ing the Notable Settlement of the Huguenots in 1564, and the 
History and Antiquities of St. Augustine, founded A. D. 1565. 
Jacksonville, 1868. 8vo. 

Cl. KLa(i62)$ . 

FAIRCHILD (Lee). The Tippler's Vow. 26 plates by Jean 
Paleologue. Edition de Luxe, signed by author and by artist. 
N.Y., n.d. [1901]. 4to. 

y$ lev. nior., unc. F(78)$ii.oo. 

FALCONER (William). An Universal Dictionary of the Ma- 
rine. 12 folding plates. 1789; [also] The Shipwreck, a Poem. 
Engravings by Robert Dodd. 1808. London, 1789-1808. 2 vols., 

Hf. mor. (rubbed, covers of one vol. loose, one plate of first vol. 
torn). GG( 196) $17.50- 

FARCY (Louis de). La Broderie du Xle Siecle jusqu'a nos 
Jours. Plates. Angers, 1890-1900. Fol. 

Loose in 3 portfolios (one broken). DE( 68) $10.00. 

FARGO (Frank F.). A True and Minute History of the Assas- 
sination of James King of Wm. . . . and the Execution of J. P. 
Casey and C. Cora by the Vigilance Committee. 24 pp. San 
Fran., n.d. [about 1856]. 8vo. 

Orig. paper (frayed, chipped and soiled). IJ(23)$i2.5O. 

FARQUHAR (George). Dramatic Works. Ed. by A. C. Ewald. 
London, 1892. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.t, unc. S(i7i)$7-50. 

FARRAND (Max). The Records of the Federal Convention of 
1787. New Haven, 1911. 3 vols., 4to. 

Buckram, g.t. F (240) $10.00. 

FARRAR or FERRAR (John). See WILLIAMS (Edward). 


. . . shewing the Tyranny and Oppression of the British King 
and Parliament respecting the American Colonies. Inscribed to 
the Congress. 20 pp. n.p., n.d. 8vo. 

Unbound (cut close). J(i5)$9.oo. 

le P. Bern. Guyart. [Paris,] 1672. i6mo. 

Cont. cf. (the Empress Josephine's copy, front cover lettered "Mal- 
maison," her monogram on back cover). CC (99) $30.00. 

FAULKNER (William). As I Lay Dying. [1930] ; [also] Sanc- 
tuary. [1931.] N.Y. [1930-31.] 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. hf. cl. K(i35)$n.oo. 

Soldiers' Pay. 1926; [also] Mosquitoes. 1927; [also] The 

Sound and the Fury. [1929]. N.Y., 1926 [-29]. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. and bds. K( 136) $16.00. 

Soldiers' Pay. 1926; [also] The Sound and the Fury. 

[1929]; [also] As I Lay Dying. [1930]; [and] Sanctuary. 
[1931]. N.Y., 1926 [-31]. 4 vols., I2mo. 

CL, and hf. cl. CD(i33)$ 

The Sound and the Fury. [ 1929] ; [also] As I Lay Dying. 

[1930]. N.Y. [1929-30]. 2 vols., i2mo. 

Hf. cl. and cl. MN(98)$8.oo. 


FAUVEL GOURAUD (J. B. G.). L'Hercule et la Favorite, ou 

la Capture de 1'Alexandre de Bordeaux, et des Pirates Bordelais, 
effectuee a New-Port, Rhode-Island, tats-Unis de 1'Amerique 
du Nord, le 21 mai, 1838. Portrait and vignette. Paris, Chez 
1'auteur, 1840. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (2 vols. in one). P(i4o)$ 

FEATHERSTONHAUGH (George W.). A Canoe Voyage up 
the Minnay Sotor. Plates and maps. London, 1847. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. FG(i3i)$8.5o. 

Excursion through the Slave States. Frontispieces and fold- 
ing map. London, 1844. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. FG( 130) $8.00. 

ten in Favour of the New Constitution, as agreed upon by the 
Federal Convc'iition, September 17. 1787. N.Y., J. and A. M'Lean, 
1788. i2mo. 

Old cf., in hf. mor. case (2 vols. in one). FF(64)$272.5O. 

The Federalist, on the New Constitution. By Publius. Writ- 
ten in 1788. Frontis. N.Y., 1802. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. T(74)fe.oo. 

The Federalist, on the New Constitution. 3 portraits. Phila., 

icSi8. 8vo. 

Hf. niger, g.t., by Sangorski. U (119) $10.00. 

FELLOWES (William D.). A Visit to the Monastery of La 
Trappe, in 1817. 15 plates, some in color. London, 1823. Roy. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. (Ferdinand M. McVeagh copy). R(262) 

FERBER (Edna). Show Boat. N.Y., 1926. 8\ o. 

Hf. vel., g.l., unc., unopened (signed). K(i37)$n.oo. 

FERGUS HISTORICAL SERIES. 31 nos. (should be 34). 
Chic., Fergus, 1876-90. 121110. 

Orig. paper, unc. (lacks nos. 14, 15, and 30). E(53)$23.oo. 


OVIEDO Y VALDfiS (Gonzalo Fernandez). 

Quitados y Restituidos al Mundo. Historia de la Antigua Cali- 
fornia. Mexico, 1816. i6mo. 

Hf. cf. (rubbed, backstrip imperfect). L (62) $18.00. 

FERNE (Sir John). The Blazon of Gentrie. Woodcuts. Lon- 
don, J. Windet for A. Maunsell, 1586. Sm. 4to. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere (one hinge cracked, some leaves soiled, 
early inscriptions; woodcuts col. by cont. hand). VV(68)$i2.5O. 

FEYNES (Henri de). An Exact and Cvriovs Svrvey of all the 
East Indies . . . performed by land, by Monsieur de Monfart. 
London, Thomas Dawson for William Arondell, 1615. Sm. 4to. 

Old cf. in hf. mor. case (rebacked, last blank missing, few headlines 
shaved; size 7Mr,x 5^ in.). LL( 121) $60.00. 

FIELD (Eugene). Culture's Garland. Boston, 1887. I2mo. 

Rebound ^ lev. mor. C(iis)$io.oo. 

(Worn, title torn at inner margin; with 4 additional First Editions of 


FIELD (Eugene) Continued. 

works by Field, one inscribed, one with inscribed envelope laid in, 

also "Eugene Field's Creative Years," by Dennis; altogether 6 

vols.). O(n8)$S2.50. 
Rebound ft lev. mor., tooled, g.t. (orig. wrappers preserved). V 

(153) $16.00. 
Printed wrappers (10 pp. advertisements). JJ( 143) $15.00. 

The Holy Cross and Other Tales. Chic., 1893. I2mo. 

Vel., unc. and unopened; in cl. case (stain on cover; printed on 

Japan paper). (94) $20.00. 

[Broadside.] Listen to My Tale of Woe. Phila., 1884. 

T (76) $15.00. 

A Little Book of Profitable Tales. Chic., 1889. Large i2mo. 

y mor., g.t., unc. E(93)$26.oo. 

A Little Book of Tribune Verse. Denver, 1901. 

(Shaken, inscribed by "Mark Twain" to Lee Fairchild). Q(i;6) 


A Little Book of Western Verse. Chic., 1889. I2mo. 

Bds., g.t, unc. (Large paper). F(;9)$35.oo. 

A Little Book of Western Verse. N.Y., 1890. i2mo. 

Cl., unc. (inscribed to A. H. Siegfried). NO(i23)$n.oo. 

The Model Primer. The Pictures by L. Hop. Brooklyn [1882]. 

Sq. i6mo. 
Paper, rebacked with buckram; in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (back 

repaired, fold on title-page). II (156) $30.00. 

My Book. With vignettes by C. M. Seyppel. [St. Louis, pri- 
vately printed by W. K. Bixby, 1905.] Large 8vo. 
Hf. vel. (No. 12 of the edition, signed by publisher; laid in is 13-line 

stanza in author's hand, also copy of letter of Wm. C. Buskett 

to Mr. Bixby). V(i52)$i6.oo. 

The Symbol and the Saint. Illus. by J. L. Selanders. n.p., 

1886. i6mo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hi. mor. case (soiled, tear in back cover). 


With Trumpet and Drum. Large paper. N.Y., 1892. I2mo. 
Bds., g.t. (with 8-line autograph poem signed and inscribed to M. L. 

Gray, also penciled note of Roswell Field referring to Gray). V 

(150) $80.00. 

Orig. bds., g.t., unc.; in hf. mor. case. NN(84)$i2.oo. 
Bds., unc. (T. J. McKee copy). YY(55)$I2-5O. 

Writings in Prose and Verse. Frontispieces. N.Y., 1901. 12 

vols., I2mo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski. U( 104) $100.00. 

See also CATULLUS and TIBULLUS, also TYLER (W. 


FIELD (Roswell M.). In Sunflower Land. Chic., 1892. i2mo. 
Q., g.t, unc. (inscribed by Eugene Field to Dr. Fell Bristol). 0(119) 

The Romance of an Old Fool. Evanston, 111., 1902. 8vo. 

Orig. y sheep, g.t. (inscribed). TT( 156) $10.00. 


FIELDING (Henry). Amelia. London, 1752. 4 vols., I2mo. 

Cont. cf., in cl. case (vols. rebacked). R (421) $35.00. 

Cf., tooled (advertisement page at end of Vol. II preserved, iii-iv of 
Vol. Ill torn at corner). NN (88) $60.00. 

Cf. (advertisement page at end of Vol. II preserved; one title stained 
at margin, name on same leaf). EF( 430) $25.00. 

An Enquiry into the Causes of the Late Increase of Rob- 
bers, etc. London, 1751. 8vo. 

Cf. (rebacked). EF(429)$8.oo. 

The Fathers; or, the Good Natur'd Man. London, for T. 

Cadell, 1778. 8vo. 
Y cf. (title soiled; author's name does not appear on title, pagination 

of page 62 is omitted, and pp. 65-72 are misnumbered "49-56"; 

R. B. Adam- Jerome Kern copy). JJ( 145) $15.00. 

The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews. London, 

1742. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Cf., tooled (name on one title, Vol. II has no advertisements at end). 

NN (86) $75.00. 
$4 mor., g.e. (Vol. II rubbed at corners, bookplate). OO( 771) $8.00. 

The History of Tom Jones. London, 1749. 6 vols., I2mo. 

Cont. cf., in 2 cl. cases (backstrips repaired, G. Gamier copy). O 

(122) $380.00. 
Orig. cf., in 2 cl. cases (rehinged and relabelled, 2 front fly leaves of 

Vol. Ill partly torn away, leaf in Vol. IV rehinged, many of 

the textual errors corrected in cont. hand; name, "Chr. Fawcett" 

in some vols.). R(i68) $500.00. 
Cf., tooled. NN (87) $250.00. 
Old cf. (rehinged and repaired, Vols. I and VI G. Williams-H. B. 

Cross copies, III-V also Williams copies, early armorial bookplate 

in II). ZZ( 128) $350.00. 
Old cf. (rebacked, with typed collation of 147 points of first issue, or 

edition). EF (426) $150.00. 

The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling. London, 1749. 6 

vols., I2mo. 
Cont. cf. (worn, rebacked, new end papers; Burrough-Spingarn copy). 

O(i23) $25.00. 
Cont. cf. (worn, rebacked; Burrough-Spingarn copy). JK(i6i) 


The Hist&ry of Tom Jones. London, 1750. 4 vols., i2mo. 

Mor., tooled, g.t., by Zaehnsdorf. TTa( 73) $23.00. 

The History of Tom Jones. 12 plates by T. Rowlandson. 

Edinburgh, 1791. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (loose, each vol. lacks list of plates, plates are foxed). F(82) 


The History of Tom Jones. London, 1878. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski. U( 105) $10.00. 

Histoire de Tom Jones; ou, 1'Enfant trouve. Traduction 

par M.D.L.P. [de La Place]. 16 plates after Gravelot. Dresden, 
I 750. 4 vols., I2mo. 

Cont. paper, unc. ; in hf. mor. case (part of back end paper lacking). 


FIELDING (Henry) Continued. 

- Love in Several Masques. London, 1728. 8vo. 
y mor., g.t. (A. B. Spingarn copy). EF (421) $8.00. 

- The Modern Husband. London, 1732. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. EF(423)$8.oo. 

- Pasquin. London, 1736. Sm. 8vo. 

Unbound (few stains, name on title). 00(772) $15.00. 
The Temple Beau. London, 1730. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.e., by Stikeman. EF(422)$8.oo. 

- Works. Ed. by George Saintsbury. Illus. by G. Cruikshank. 
London, Navarre Society, n.d. 12 vols., I2mo. 

Cf., tooled, g.t., unc.; in cl. case. VV( 70) $45.00. 

FIELDING (Mantle). American Engravers upon Copper and 

Steel. Portraits. Signed. Phila., 1917. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. KK(2o8)$ 
Bds., unc. (small nail hole). DE (69) $27.00. 

- Dictionary of American Painters, Sculptors and Engravers. 
Portraits. Phila., n.d. Roy. 8vo. 

Cl. f unc. W(77)$i5.oo. 
CL, unc. VV (69) $22.50. 

- Gilbert Stuart's Portraits of George Washington. Portraits. 
Large paper, signed. Phila., 1923. 4to. 

Bds., g.t., unc. NO (125) $14.00. 

FIELDS (Annie Adams). A Shelf of Old Books. N.Y., Scrib- 

ner's, 1895. 8vo 
Orig. cl., g.t. (insTioed by author to George H. Sargent). DD(74) 


FILSON (John). Histoire de Kentucke. Traduit par ... M. 

Farrand. Folding map. Paris, 1785. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (worn). GG( 122) $12.50. 
Cf. QQ(i48)$i2.oo. 

FINAEUS (Orontius). De Mundi Sphaera, siue Cosmographia. 

Woodcut border on title and astronomical diagrams. Paris, 1542. 
Cont. cf., tooled, initialed "FH," g.e. (rebacked, corners repaired). 


i quali sono u rii, et diversi disegni di lavori. 24 plates. Siena, 
Matheo Florini, 1603. Sm. obi. fol. 
Old mor. (rubbed). DE( 135) $42.50. 



FISKE (John). Collection of his works on historic subjects. 

Large paper editions. Cambridge, 1892-1904. n in 13 vols.; 

[also] his Unpublished Orations. Boston, 1909. Cambridge and 

Boston, 1892-1909. 14 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., 10 vols., unc. (3 bindings soiled). KLa( 17 1-178) $50.00. 
FITCH (John). The Original Steam-Boat Supported; or, a Re- 

ply to Mr. James Rumsey's Pamphlet. Phila., 1788. 8vo. 
Sewed, unc. L(54)$75.oo. 


FITZGERALD (Edward). The Downfall and Death of King 
CEdipus, a Drama in Two Parts. [Guildford, Privately Printed, 
1880-81.] 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in loose mor. covers. (2 parts in one vol.). MN(i04) 

See also CALDERON DE LA BARCA (Pedro), also CAR- 

LYLE (Thomas). 

FLACOURT (tienne de). Histoire de la Grande Isle Mada- 
gascar. 2 maps. Paris, 1661. Sm. 410. 

Old cf. (covers loose ; Robert Southey copy, his autograph, with date, 
inside front cover; British Museum stamp on verso of title). L 
(242) $10.00. 

FLAUBERT (Gustave). The First Temptation of Saint An- 
thony. Illus. in color, and in black and white by Jean de Bos- 
schere. London, 1924. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. K( 33) $8.00. 

Herodias. Illus. by Georges Rochegrosse, frontis. in color. 

Paris, n.d. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., unc. CC (71) $8.00. 

Salammbo. Illus. by Alexander King. N.Y., Brown House. 

1930. 4to. 
Mor., silver edges (soiled and rubbed, bookplate). 0(179) $11.50. 

Complete Works. N.Y. [1904]. 10 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t. (Saint-Beuve Edition). NN(9o)$75.oo. 

FLECKER (James E.). The Golden Journey to Samarkand. 

Signed. London, 1913. I2mo. 
Hf. vel., g.t., unc. (with autograph postcard). K(i47)$25.oo. 

FLEMING (Walter L.). Documentary History of Reconstruc- 
tion. Cleveland, 1906. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc. KLa(i8o) $15.50. 

FLETCHER (Phineas). The Purple Island. Cambridge, 1633. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (rubbed, K. B. Holden copy). CC (256) $35.00. 

I-VII (all published). Illustrations, some in color. Vols. I-III 
ed. by Oliver Simon, later issues by Stanley Morison. London, 
1923-30- 7 vols., 4to. 

Cl. (Vol. VI only). II(i6 4 )$8.oo. 

Bds. and cl. JK( 162) $30.00. 

Bds. and cl. JK( 163) $27.50. 

FLINT (Timothy). Recollections of the Last Ten Years . . . 

in the Valley of the Mississippi, from Pittsburgh and the Missouri 

to the Gulf of Mexico. Boston, 1826. 8vo. 
New hf. cf. (with his "A Condensed Geography and History of the 

Western States, or the Mississippi Valley," 2 vols., Cincinnati, 

1828; together 3 vols.). T(;7)$io.oo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (hinges cracked, back worn, few pp. misplaced in 

binding ; inscribed to Timothy Pickering ; note by later owner on 

title, bookplate of Samuel P. Fowler). GG( 123) $22.50. 




Fronds. Venice [Bernardinus Benalius, 1491]. 4^x6 in. (Hain 

FLORIDA. Relation (A) of the Invasion and Conquest of 

Florida by the Spaniards, under the Command of Fernando de 
Soto. [A translation of "Relagam Verdadeira,"] written in 
Portuguese by a Gentleman of the Town of Elvas [and] now 
Englished. To which is subjoyned Two Journeys of the present 
Emperour of China into Tartary in the years 1682 and 1683. 
With some discoveries made by the Spaniards in the Island of 
California in the year 1683. London, for John Lawrence, 1686. 
Sm. 8vo. 

Cf. (rubbed, name on title, stains in text). L( 158) $75.00. 

Old cf. (hinges partly cracked). LL( 167) $.250.00. 

Virginia richly valued, by the description of the maine land 

of Florida, her next neighbour : out of the foure yeeres continuall 
trauell and discouerie ... of Don Ferdinando de Soto. [A trans- 
lation of "Relagam Verdadeira," 1 written by a Portugall gentle- 
man of Eluas [possibly Alvaro Fernandez, possibly Fernando de 
Soto] and translated out of Portugese by Richard Haklvyt. Lon- 
don, F. Kyngston for M. Lownes, 1609. Sm. 4to. 

Sewed, in hf. mor. case (tear in leaf 62; size 7^6 * 5)4 i"-)- LL 

FLOYER (Sir John). Pharmacobasanos ; or, the Touch-stone 

of Medicines. London, 1687-91. I2mo. 

Cf., inlaid, tooled (shaken, time-stained; 2 vols. in one; bookplate). 
TT (271) $13.00. 

FOLEY (Edwin). The Book of Decorative Furniture. Repro- 
ductions and drawings, many in color. N.Y., 1911. 2 vols., 4to. 
Q., g.t., unc. W (80) $12.50. 

FOLEY (P. K.). American Authors, 1795-1895. Boston, 1897. 


Cl., unc. YY (56) $40.00. 
Hf. mor. KLa(i8i) $31.00. 

FOOTE (Samuel). Dramatic Works. Frontis. London, 1776-78. 

2 vols., 8vo. 
Y lev. mor., tooled, g.t. (4 vols. in 2). S(i78)$8.oo. 

FOOTE (William H.). Sketches of North Carolina. N.Y., 1846. 

Orig. cl. QQ(i54)$i2.5o. 

FORBES (James G.). Sketches, Historical and Topographical, 

of the Floridas. Folding map. N.Y., 1821. 8vo. 

Cf. PP(90)$22.50. 

FORCE (Peter). American Archives ... a Collection of Au- 
thentick Records, State Papers, [etc.], the Whole forming a 
Documentary History of the Origin and Progress of the North 
American Colonies, etc. Wash., 1837-53. 9 vols., fol. 

Hf. cf. (bindings poor). L (65) $22. 50. 

Hf. cf. (broken). KLa( 184- 185) $28.00. 


FORCE (Peter) Continued. 

Tracts and other Papers, relating principally to the Origin, 

Settlement, and Progress of the Colonies in North America . . . 

to ... 1776. Wash., 1836-46. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. (as issued), unc. (worn). L(64)$75.oo. 
Bds., unc. (foxed, labels defective). UU(34)$47-5O. 
FORD (Henry A.)- The History of Putnam and Marshall 

Counties [Illinois]. Lacon, 111., for the Author, 1860. i6mo. 
Orig. cl. NO(i86)$i5.oo. 

FORD (John). 'Tis Pitty Shee's a Whore. London, 1633. i2mo. 
Cf. (pp. trimmed, cutting away some headlines; hole in one leaf). 

00(779) $12.00. 
FORD (Paul Leicester). Pamphlets on the Constitution of the 

United States published during its Discussion by the People, 1787- 

1788. Brooklyn, 1888. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (rubbed). AB(i77)$7-50. 

FORD (Worthington C.). George Washington. Fronds, por- 
traits in color, and other illustrations. N.Y., and Paris, 1900. 2 
vols., roy. 8vo. 

M lev. mor., g.t., unc. QQ(i 55) $32.50. ... 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. (Memorial Edition; inserted is A. L. S.). 
DE (71) $15.00. 

Mor., g.t. (rubbed, inner hinges of Vol. I split; contains duplicate 
set of plates in sepia). MN( 318) $17.00. 

FORE-EDGE PAINTING. Anacreon. [Odes. In Greek.] 

Parmae, Bodoni, 1791. i6mo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. over painting after Boucher portraying a Bacchante ; 
in case. X(78)$ 

The Arabian Nights' Entertainments. Translated from the 

French of M. Galland by G. S. Beaumont. Plates. London, 1822. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. over painting of a seraglio scene in the East 
(joints tender). X( 79) $65.00. 

Besant (Walter). East London. Etching by Francis S. 

Walker, and 54 illustrations by Phil May and others. London, 

1901. 8vo. 
Mor M tooled, inlaid ; g.e. over painting of the Thames River front, 

measuring about 8 J /^ x 2 in., signed in one corner with a device 

similar to "W". TTU8)$25.oo. 

Bewick (Thomas). A History of British Birds. Newcastle, 

1805. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cont. mor., g.e. over paintings, one picturing Herons on the Thames 

at Hampton court, the other, Peacocks at Haddon Hall; in cl. 

case (hinges rubbed, Robert E. Cunliffe copy). VV(io) $40.00. 

The Holy Bible. Engraved title and plate. London [about 

1794]. 2 vols., roy. 4to. 

Cont. mor., tooled ; g.e. over double paintings representing, respec- 
tively : Vol. I : Lichfield Cathedral and Gloucester Cathedral ; 
Vol. !!: Worcester Cathedral and Ely Cathedral; in 2 cl. cases 
(20 plates lacking, inscription on titles, Bibliotheca Lindesiana 
bookplate ) . V V ( 12) $90.00. 

The Holy Bible . . . with Notes . . . together with ... In- 



troductions, Tables, Indexes, Maps, and Plans; prepared and ar- 
ranged by George D'Oyly and Richard Mant. Oxford, Society 
for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1817. 3 vols., roy. 4to. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. ; in cl. cases (paintings represent the Cathedrals 
of Gloucester, Wells, and Salisbury). TTa( 12) $40.00. 

Calabrella (E. C., Baroness de). Evenings at Haddon Hall: 

a Series of Romantic Tales of the Olden Time by Various Au- 
thors. Ed. by the Baroness de Calabrella. Frontis. and plates 
by George Cattermole. London, Bphn, 1846. Roy. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e. over painting showing Haddon Hall ; 
in cl. case. JK( 77) $45.00. 

Cheever (George B.). The Pilgrim Fathers. Frontis. Glas- 
gow [1849]. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. over painting of the Mayflower by Miss Currie ; 
bound by Riviere (inserted is certificate signed by Miss Currie). 
JK(i6 7 )$40.oo. 

Clarke (James S.) and Me Arthur (John). The Life of Ad- 
miral Lord Nelson, K.B. Portraits and plans. London, 1809. 2 
vols., roy. 4to. 

Cont. cf., tooled, g.e. over paintings representing: Vol. I. H. M. S. 
"Victory" in Portsmouth Harbor. Vol. II. the Battle of Trafalgar ; 
in cl. cases (vols. rebacked, corners restored). VV(35)$7O.oo. 

Cowper (William). Poems. London, 1816. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Mor.: g.e. over paintings, measuring about S l / 2 x i$4 in., which rep- 
resent coaching scenes (bindings faded, some foxing). XX (84) 

Cowper (William). Poems. London, 1820. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Mor. (paintings, by Edwards, measuring about 8j4xi^ in., depict 
a pastoral scene, and an old English town). V( 96) $250.00. 

Cowper (William). Poetical Works. 3 vols. 1817-18; [also] 

Memoirs of the Early Life of William Cowper. Written by Him- 
self. Portrait. 1816. London, 1816-18. 4 vols. 

Cf., tooled g.e. (paintings represent : I : Portrait of the Poet and His 
Birthplace at Berkhampstead, II : His Burial-Place at East Dere- 
ham, Norwolk, III: Tohn Gilpin's Ride, IV: Hare Hunting). 

Daniel (W. B.). Supplement to the Rural Sports. London, 

1813. 4to. 

Cont. rus., g.e. over painting of hunting scene; in cl. case. (vol. re- 
backed). YYa(i5i)$26.oo. 

Hayley (William). Life and Posthumous Writings of Wil- 
liam Cowper, Esqr. Chichester, 1806. 4 vols. 

Cont. mor.; g.e. over double paintings which represent, respectively, 
Rhuddlan Castle and St. Asaph, Beaumaris and Criccieth Castle, 
Vale of the Rhydiol and Flint Castle, Pembroke Castle and Llan- 
rwst Bridge; in 2 hf. mor. cases (fly leaf of Vol. I is inscribed 
"To William Mason from the Author"). VV(i2i)$io.oo. 

Homer. Odyssey. 6 vols.; [also] Iliad. 6 vols* Trans, by 

Alexander Pope. London, 1813. 12 vols., I2mo. 

Cont. mor., g.e. over paintings depicting scenes associated with Pope's 
life; in cl. cases. VV(i6o) $225.00. 



Homer. Quinti Calabri Praetermissorum. Strassburg, 1734. 


Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. over view of St. Paul's Cathedral and Black- 
friar's Bridge; in cl. case. YYa(ioo) $22.50. 
Homer. Opera Omnia. [In Greek and Latin.] Glasgow, 

1814. 5 vols., 8vo. 
Cont. mor., g.e.; in cl. box (paintings portray: the Temple Gardens, 

London; Putney Bridge; Old Hungerfold Bridge; Chiswick 

Church; and the old Horse ferry, Milbank, London). YYa(87) 

Hope (Thomas). Costume of the Ancients. 200 plates. 

London, 1809. Roy. 8yo. 
Cont. mor., tooled, g.e.; in folding cl. box (2 vols. in one; double 

painting, one a view of Athens, the other of Rome). TTa(8g) 

Hunt (Leigh). The Story of Rimini London, 1816. Sm. 


Mor., g.e. over painting of Ravenna (name on title). EF( 588) $27.50. 
Ireland (John). Hogarth Illustrated Plates. London, 1806. 

3 vols., 8vo. 
Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. (3 Chiswick scenes o- fore-edges, slightly 

rubbed). VV(i23)$6s.oo. 

Langhorne (John). The Cables of Flora. London, 1804. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. over floral painting (O. H. Perkms copy). VV 

(71) $25.00. 

Milman (H. H.). The FaH of Jerusalem. London, 1822. 


Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. over double painting representing Hammer- 
smith in panorama. EF( 438) $17.50. 

Nicolson (William, Bishop of Carlisle). The English, 

Scotch, and Irish Historical Libraries. London, 1776. Roy. 4to. 

Cont. rus., tooled, g.e. over painting of an old castle; in cl. case (Lord 
Gosford copy). TTa( 129) $45.00. 

The Book of Common Prayer. With the Psalter. London, 

I735- 8vo. 
Mor., g.e. over double painting showing the Gate House at Highgate, 

and Maxstoke Castle in Warwickshire (marginal stains; Patrick 

Hume copy). EF (440) $37. 50. 

The Book of Common Prayer ... of the Church of Eng- 
land. Cambridge, 1745. Sm. 8yo. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. (double painting, views of Gloucester Cathedral 
and Worcester Cathedral). X (80) $45.00. 

The Book of Common Prayer. Cambridge, 1764. 410. 

Cont. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e. over double painting representing Wells 
and Hereford Cathedrals; in hf. mor. case. VV(i8)$Q5.oo. 

The Book of Common Prayer. With the Psalter. London, 

1809. 8vo. 
Cont. mor. t g.e. over painting representing Hackney Church (pasted 

on end papers is engraved metrical synopsis of the Books of the 

Bible). EF(437)$i7-SO. 



The Book of Common Prayer ... of the United Church of 

England and Ireland. Oxford, 1816. 8vo. 
Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. ; in case (painting represents Bath Abbey). 

X(8i) $35.00. 

The Book of Common Prayer. Oxford, 1826. 8vo. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. over painting representing Lichfield Cathedral. 

TTa( 134) $17-00. 
Roederer (P. L.). L'Esprit de la Revolution de 1789. Paris, 

1831. 8vo. 
Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. over painting representing the city of Strass- 

burg (inserted is A. L. S. of L. T. Barrois, presenting this book 

to Monsieur Lampays). VV( 163) $20.00. 
Scott (Sir Walter). The Bridal of Triermain, and Harold 

the Dauntless. Edinburgh, 1819. 8yo. 
Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. over double painting showing Roxburgh Castle 

and lona; in cl. case. YYa( 138) $32.50. 
Select Views of London and its Environs. Plates. London, 

1804. Roy. 4to. 
Cont. mor., tooled, g.e.: in fa mor. case (2 yols. in one; painting 

gives panoramic view of the Thames, including Blackfriar's Bridge 

and St. Paul's Cathedral). X(82)$5O.oo. 
Sherlock (Thomas). Several Discourses preached at the 

Temple Church. London, 175^-58. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Cont. mor., tooled, monogram and coronet of Henrietta Louisa, 

Countess of Pomfret : g.e. over double paintings representing : 

I: Chester Quay, and Wolvey, Warwickshire; II: Henley-on- 

Thames and Carisbrook Castle, Isle of Wight ; III : Vale of the 

Rhydiol, Wales and Criccieth Castle, Wales ; IV : Conway Castle, 

Wales, and Pembroke Castle, Wales; in cl. case. VV( 174) $85.00. 
Skurray (Francis). Bidcombe Hill, with Other Rural 

Poems. London, 1808. I2mo. 
Mor., g.e. over view of Eton college, measuring about 7*4 x one in. ; 

bound by B. Frye (rubbed, bookplate). XX (351) $27.00. 
Tasso (Torquato). La Gierusalemme Liberata. Title and 

20 plates by Bernardo Castello. Geneva, 1590. 4to. 
Cf., tooled, g.e. over floral design ( Poor- Wallace copy). EF(io4o) 


Thistlethwaite (W.). Sermons. Bolton, 1816. 8vo. 

Mor., g.e. (rubbed; painting measures 2x8 in.). MN (305) $16.00. 

Thomson (James). The Seasons. Wood engravings by Be- 
wick. London, 1805. 8vo. 

Mor., g.e., by Frye (painting depicts an English country scene). O 
(287) $25.00. 

Tonna (Charlotte Elizabeth). Chapters on Flowers. Lon- 
don, 1848. i6mo. 

Mor., g.e. over painting of an English street scene, measuring 6>i x 
i^ in. MN( 105) $13.00. 

Virgil. [Opera.] Ed. by C. G. Heyne. Plates after Fiorillo. 

Lipsise, 1800. 6 vols., 8vo. 
Mor., tooled, g.e. over views of The Pool of London, London from 

Greenwich Park, Chelsea Hospital, Old Bow Bridge, Old Putney 



Bridge, and Old Houses, Holborn; in fleece-lined box (Earl of 
Leitrim copy). X( 83) $210.00. 

Walpole (Horace). The Castle of Otranto. London, 1786. 


Cont. cf., tooled, g.e. over painting of the Castle of Otranto (cover 
rehinged, Robert Sterne Tighe copy). EF(439)$ 

terly Magazine, etc. Vols. 1-12. Plates. London, 1885-95. 12 
vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. GH( 115) $17.50. 

FORLONG (J. G. R.). Short Studies in the Science of Com- 
parative Religions. Maps and illustrations. London, 1897. Roy. 

Cf., g.t. U( 107) $25.00. 

FORSTER (Edward M.). The Longest Journey. Edinburgh, 
1907; [also] A Room with a View. London, 1908; [also] The 
Celestial Omnibus and other Stories. London, 1911; [and] A 
Passage to India. London, 1924. Edinburgh and London, 1907- 
24. 4 vols., 8vo and I2mo. 

Orig. bindings (all 4 vols. signed). JK( 169) $27.50. 

Where Angels fear to Tread. Edinburgh, 1905. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed to Percy Whichelo). JK(i68) $10.00. 


FORTIER (Alcee). History of Louisiana. Portraits, maps and 
illustrations, some in color. N.Y. and Paris, Goupil, 1904. 4 
vols., roy. 8vo. 

24 lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. (Edition de Luxe). A(3i2)$22.50. 

Orig. cl. f g.t., unc. KLa( 187) $13.00. 

FOSS (Daniel). A Journal of the Shipwreck and Sufferings of 
Daniel Foss, a Native of Elkton, Maryland, who was the only 
person saved from on board the brig Negociator, of Philadelphia, 
which foundered in the Pacific Ocean, on the 26th Nov. 1811, etc. 
Portrait. Boston, Thomas Hazard [1818]. I2mo. 

Orig. paper. PP( 144) $20.00. 

FOSS (Sam W.). Songs of War and Peace. Boston, 1899. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed). KK( 244) $50.00. 

FOSTER (James). The Capitulation; or, a History of the Ex- 
pedition conducted by William Hull, Brigadier-General of the 
Northwestern Army. By an Ohio Volunteer. Chillicothe, 
Barnes, 1812. I2mo. 

Unbound (few leaves stained, cont. name on title). UU (35) $140.00. 

FOSTER (J. J.). Miniature Painters, British and Foreign. 
Over 100 plates. Signed. N.Y., and London, 1903. 2 vols., fol. 

Bds., g.t., unc. DE (72) $17. 50. 

FOTHERGILL (Jessie). The First Violin. Leisure Hour Se- 
ries. No. 101. N.Y., 1878. I2mo. 

Q. (shaken). II (168) $20.00. 

FOWLE (Daniel). A Total Eclipse of Liberty. 32 pp. Boston. 
1755. I2mo. 

Sewed, unc.; in hf. mor. case. QQ(i57)$i7-OO- 


FRANCE (Anatole). At the Sign of the Reine Pedauque. Illus. 

by Frank C. Pape. 1922; [also] The Revolt of the Angels. 

Illus. by Pape. 1924. London, 1922-24. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. (presentation copies from the artist). II (357) $12.00. 

L'Elvire de Lamartine. Paris, 1893. Sm. 4to. 

Hf. mor., unc. (bound in, are orig. wrappers, rebacked and repaired; 

inscribed) . DE (76) $20.00. 

Le Jardin d'fipicure. Paris, 1895. i2mo. 

Mor., unc. (orig. wrappers repaired and bound in; half-title, mounted 

on stub, is inscribed). DE(8o)$i7.oo. 

Jocaste et le Chat Maigre. Paris, 1894. i2mo. 

Mor. (orig. wrappers bound in; inscribed). DE (78) $16.00. 

Lucile de Chateaubriand, ses Contes, ses Poemes, ses Lettres. 

Paris, 1879. Sm. 4to. 
Hf. mor., unc. (orig. wrappers bound in, inscribed to Monsieur Aron). 

DE (74) $10.00. 

Le Lys Rouge. Paris, 1894. i2mo. 

Bds., unc. (orig. wrappers bound in). DE (79) $10.00. 

Le Mannequin d'Osier. Paris, 1897. I2mo. 

Mor. (orig. wrappers bound in, tear in front wrapper; inscribed). 


Monsieur Bergeret a Paris. Paris [1901]. i2mo. 

Mor. (piece cut from corner of front wrapper, back wrapper repaired ; 

orig. wrappers bound in; inscribed). DE( 85) $25.00. 

Les Opinions de M. Jerome Coignard. Paris, 1893. I2mo. 

Mor., unc. (orig. wrappers bound in; inscribed to Aurelien Scholl). 

Opinions Sociales. Paris, 1902. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. mor. (orig. wrappers bound in; inscribed to Miss Elverton). DE 
(87) $12.00. 

Thais. Paris, 1891. I2mo. 

Hf. mor., unc. (orig. wrappers bound in). DE(75)$n.oo. 

Works. Autograph Edition. N.Y., 1924. 30 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. NN (91) $135.00. 
Hf. lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. JK( 170) $95.00. 

Collection of 5 First Editions of his Works. Illus. by F. C. 

Pape or by John Austen. London, 1924-29. 5 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc., unopened. K( 154) $16.00. 

Novels and Short Stories. N.Y. and London, n.d. 19 vols., 

Mor., g.t. XX (141) $41.00. 

FRANCISCUS (Erasmus) and DIETHER (C. L.). Guineischer 
und Americanischer Blumen-Busch. . . . Nebenst beygedrucktem 
Anhang der, hiebey zugleich neu-auffgelegten, Michael Hemmer- 
sams sel. Guineisch-und West-Indianischen Reisebeschreibung. 
2 parts, each with engraved title, and, together, 21 plates. Nurn- 
berg, 1669. Sm. 8vo. 

Cf., by Riviere. FF(47)$32.50. 

FRANKLIN (Benjamin). The Private Life of the late Ben- 
jamin Franklin, LL.D., late Minister Plenipotentiary from the 


FRANKLIN (BenjaminsContinued. 

United States of America to France, etc/ London, 1793. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (rebacked). NO (130) $35.00. 
Benjamin Franklin: his Autobiography; with a Narrative of 

his Public Life and Services by Rev. H. Hastings Weld. With 

numerous Designs by J. G. Chapman. N.Y., Harper, n.d. [1849.] 

Mor. (rubbed). OO(i95)$9.oo. 

Autobiography. Boston, 1906. 4to. 

Hf. cl. (back soiled). MN( 107) $10.00. 

An Historical Review of the Constitution and Government 

of Pennsylvania. London, 1759. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (hinges cracked; Lord Kames copy). GG( 124) $8.00. 

[with Jackson (Richard)?]. The Interest of Great Britain 

considered, with Regard to her Colonies, and the Acquisitions of 
Canada and Guadaloupe. London, T. Becket, 1760. 8vo. 

New cf. QQ(i66)$i8.oo. 

Poor Richard Improved, being an Almanack . . . for . . . 

1754. By Richard Saunders. Phila., B. Franklin, and D. Hall 

[1753]. I2mo. 
Mor., tooled (stained, each page inlaid). V(i56)$5i.oo. 

[His] Private Correspondence. London, 1817. 4to. 

Orig. bds., unc. (new label ; with "Benjamin Franklin : His Auto- 
biography." N.Y., 1849, 8 orig. parts in cl. case). EF(44i) 

-Works. Ed. by John Bigelow. Portraits. N.Y., 1904. 12 

vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Stikeman (name on one half-title). CC 

(256a) $42.50. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc., by Stikeman (Federal Edition). JK(i 66) $30.00. 

Le Proces des Trois Rois. [Pp. 59-61 contain an "address 

to the Tribunal by Franklin."] Folding frontis. Londre, 1780. 


"Croton Oil Label." The Original Printer's type set by Ben- 
jamin Franklin, n.p., n.d. [174-]. 

(Owned, successively, by Peale Museum, C. F. Pell, and George H. 
Sargent ) . DD (78) $50.00. 

See also ARMSTRONG (John). 

For imprints of Franklin's press at Philadelphia, see BAR- 
CLAY (Robert), also CICERO, also CONFESSION, also CUR- 
RIE (William), also DELL (William), also ESTAUGH (John), 
also EVANS (Lewis), also LAW (William), also PENNSYL- 
also RUTTY (John), also SHORT (Thomas), also TICKELL 

FRANKLIN (John). Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of 
the Polar Sea in [1819-22]. 1823; falso] Narrative of a Second 
Expedition to the Shores of the Polar Sea, 1825-27. 1828. Maps 
and plates, several in color. London, 1823-28. 2 vols., 4to. 


FRANKLIN (John) Continued. 

Cf. (worn, some plates foxed and with offsets, name on titles)". GG 
(129) $16.00. 

FRASER (C. Lovat). See ABBOTT (C. C.), also DICKENS 


FREDERIC (Harold). The Damnation of Theron Ware. 

Chic., 1896. I2mo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc. K(is6)$i8.oo. 

Cl., g.t. (first 12 pp. holed, few pp. torn). II(i70)$8.50. 
Orig. cl., g.t, unc. SS (30) $10.00. 
Cl., g.t., unc. JK(i72)$i6.oo. 
Orig. cl., unc. OP(29)$2O.oo. 


American War, and the Necessity of its Termination. By a 
Gentleman of Lincolns Inn. London, 1781. 8vo. 

Hf. cf. FF(49)$i2.SO. _ 

FRENCH (Hollis). A List of Early American Silversmiths and 
their Marks. With a Silver Collector's Glossary. N.Y., for the 
[Walpole] Society, 1917. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. \V(8i) $60.00. 

Bds., unc. (soiled). DE(i05)$67-5o. 

FRENEAU (Philip). Poems written between the Years 1768 

& 1794. Monmouth [N.J.], Press of the Author, 1795. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (loose, hinges cracked). L (70) $10.00. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. QQ(i64)$n.oo. 

Miscellaneous Works. Phila., 1788. I2mo. 

Hf. cf. (title frayed at margin). L (69) $10.00. 

Lev. mor., g.t., by Stikeman (some margins stained, C. L. F. Robinson 
copy). GG(i30)$io.oo. 

Captain Jeremiah Halsey, who arrived here Yesterday, Express 
from Canada, to his Honour Governor Trumbull, has favoured 
us with the following very agreeable Intelligence, viz. That on 
the Night of the I2th Instant., Gen. Carleton . . . robbed the Mer- 
chants of what Quantities of Powder they were in possession of, 
shipped it and all the small arms on board the Transports and 
armed Vessels; and, with about 100 Soldiers, and as many 
Canadian Tories as were inclined to go, embarked and abandoned 
the City of Montreal. That on Monday the I3th, the Inhabitants 
. . . opened the Gates and gave Possession to our Forces, etc. 
[Broadside. 1 n.p., n.d. [1775]. 8vo. 

In cl. case. BC(76)$6i.oo. 

FREUD (Sigmund). A Young Girl's Diary. Prefaced with a 
Letter by Sigmund Freud. Trans, from the German by Eden 
and Cedar Paul. N.Y., 1921. 8vo. 

Hf. cl., unc. S ( 182) $40.00. 

FRIBURGENSIS (Johannes). Summa confessorum. [Trans, 
into German by Berchtold, a Dominican.] 276 leaves. Augsburg, 
Bamler, 1472. Sm. fol. (Hain *7367). Proctor 1599. 

Mor. (opening leaves holed; pagination references, in early hand, on 
margins of Contents pp.). GG( 135) $60.00. 


FROBISHER (Martin). See BEST (George), also SETTLE 


FROISSART (Jean). Les Croniques. Paris, Guillaume Eustace, 
i5i[3-]4- 3 vols., fol. 

Cf., tooled (4 vols. in 3; arms of Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot, re- 
moved from older binding, inlaid on upper covers; margins of 
first title repaired, title of second vol. supplied in pen-and-ink fac- 
simile, few holes through first and last vols. ; Vol. I apparently 
lacks 2 blanks, III and IV published together as one vol. lack 
the final blanks ; with signature and stamped initials of the Earl 
of Ancram also Newbattle Abbey label). LL( 67) $300.00. 

Cronycles of Englande, Fraunce, Spayne, Portyngale, Scot- 

lande, Bretaine, Flaunders: and other places adionynge. Trans, 
by Sir John Bourchier, Lord Berners. Large armorial woodcut 
on the verso of first title. Woodcut ornaments and initials. Vol. 
I. Wyllyam Myddylton [1545] I Vol. II. Richard Pinson, 1525. 
Second edition of first vol., and First edition of the second. Lon- 
don, [I545-] 15-25- 2 vols., fol. 

Mor., tooled, monogram and coronet Marquess of Lothian stamped 
in center, g.e., by Orrock (marginal defect and smudged name on 
first title, other marginal defects, Newbattle Abbey label. See 
Short-Title Catalogue, Nos. 11398 and 11397 for these issues of 
above editions). LL( 70) $250.00. 

Cf., tooled (lower margin of last leaf partly torn away, slight tears in 
other leaves, early inscriptions on first title and elsewhere. Sec- 
ond edition of the first vol., and First edition of the second. Both 
vols. are variants of the above editions, differing in regard to the 
title-pages, both of which in the present issue have woodcut 
borders with the large armorial woodcut on the verso and in re- 
gard to certain other details. The woodcut initials employed in 
these issues differ from those in the preceding, and there are 
certain added typographical ornaments. The second vol., which 
displays a different form of spelling for Pynson's name in the 
imprint, is recorded as ii397a in the Short-Title Catalogue, which 
contains no record of a variant issue of Middleton's edition). LL 
(71) $225.00. 

Chronicles, etc. Trans, by Thos. Johnes. With atlas of plates. 

London, 1808. 13 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. X (85) $45-00. 

Chronicles. Trans, by Thomas Johnes. Ilium, plates. London, 

1868. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
lev. mor., g.t., unc. B(9i)$2i.oo. 

hronicles. Trans, by Sir John Bouchier, Lord Berners. [Tu- 
dor Translations. Ed." by W. E. Henley.] London, 1901-03. 6 
vols., 8vo. 

Hf. buckram, 2 vols. unopened (rubbed and shaken). TT(i6i) $25.00. 

FROST (Robert). Collected Poems. Signed. N.Y., Random 
House, 1930. 8vo. 

Orig. buckram, g.t., unopened. Q(i86)$8.oo. 

Mountain Interval. Portrait. N.Y., 1921. 8vo. 

Bds. (inscribed to Ritta Dicksteen). JK( 174) $20.00. 

New Hampshire, a Poem with Notes and Grace Notes. 

Woodcuts by J. J. Lankes. N.Y., 1923. 8vo. 


FROST (Robert) Continued. 

Orig. bds. (marginal notes by author). DD(84)$34.oo. 

Orig. bds. (inscribed to G. H. Sargent; poem, inscribed, on fly leaf). 

DD (85) $53.00. 
Bds., unc. (rubbed and soiled, inscribed; G. W. Dawson copy, with 

inscription by him also). JK( 175) $37.50. 

North of Boston. London [1914]- Sq. I2mo. 

Orig. green buckram, gilt lettering, blind rule at top and bottom of 

cover (bookplate). Q(i85)$i5.50. 
Dark green cl., front cover blind ruled on all 4 edges (presentation 

copy from publisher, stamped on title). II (172) $40. 50. 
FROUDE (James A.). History of England. London, 1887. 12 

vols., I2mo. 
Cf. TT(i62)$i7.oo. 

FULL AND BY. See ROGERS (Cameron). 
FULLER (Henry B.). The Chevalier of Pensieri-Vani. Boston 

[1890]. I2mo. 
Orig. paper, in cl. box (laid in is photograph of author; with same, 

stamped "Second Edition" on front cover ; and same, N.Y., 1892 ; 

together 3 vols.). CD (146) $10.00. 
FULTON (Robert). A Treatise on the Improvement of Canal 

Navigation. 17 plates. London, 1796. 4to. 
Orig. bds. (loose, portrait lacking). J(69)$io.5o. 
Mor., g.e. (lacks portrait). R(39i)$22.5O. 

FURST (Herbert). The Decorative Art of Frank Brangwyn. 

Illustrations, many in color. London, n.d. 4to. 
Lev. mor., g.t., by Stikeman. JK(6o)$i7.5o. 

GAGE (Thomas). The English- American, his Travail by Sea 
and Land; or, a New Survey of the West-India's. London, R. 
Cotes, 1648. Sm. foi. 

Orig. cf. FF(56)$5i.oo. 

Cont. sheep (covers discolored, crack along front hinge, few marginal 
inscriptions). LL( 157) $145.00. 

A New Survey of the West-India's; or, the English Amer- 
ican, his Travail by Sea and Land. Second Edition enlarged by 
the Author, and beautified with maps. London, 1655. Fol. 

New hf. cf. (3 maps). FF(57)$7i.oo. 

A New Survey of the West-Indies, being a Journal of Three 

Thousand and Three hundred Miles within the main Land of 
America. The Fourth Edition enlarged by the Author, with an 
accurate Map. London, M. Clark for J. Nicholson, 1699. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (owner's leath. label on back). FF(58)$i6.oo. 

GAGUIN (Robert). Opera varia. [Part I only.] Paris, Bo- 
card, 1498. Sm. 4to. (Hain *7425). 

Bds. (one leaf reinforced, others rehinged; writing on title). JK 

GAINE (Hugh). Journals. Ed. by P. L. Ford. Portrait. 

N.Y., 1902. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl., unc. P( 30) $10.00. 

GALE (George). Upper Mississippi. Chic., 1867. i2mo. 
Orig. cl. E(2Oi)$n.oo. 


GALEN. [Opera Omnia. In Greek.] Woodcjit initials, some 
from Holbein's "Dance of Death." Basilese, 1538. 4to. 

Cf. (3 parts in one vol. ; hinge of front cover cracked ; foxed, water- 
stained, and holed; Cardinal Mazarin copy, his library stamp on 
title). V(i59)$2S.oo. 

GALERIE 'DU MUSfiE NAPOLEON. Publiee par Filhol, 
graveur. 718 plates. Paris, 1804-15. 10 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Roan, tooled, g.e. (G. S. Ridgway book-label). ZZ( 131) $35.00. 

GALLOWAY (Joseph). A Candid Examination of the Mutual 
Claims of Great- Britain, and the Colonies. N.Y., 1775. 8vo. 

New 34 leath. 88(133) $22.50. 

A Reply to the Observations of Lieut. Gen. Sir William 

Howe, on a Pamphlet, entitled Letters to a Nobleman. London, 
G. Wilkie, 1780. 8vo. 

Cf. FF(59)$ii.oo. 

[His] Speech ... in Answer to the Speech of John Dickin- 
son, Esq.; delivered in the House of Assembly of the Province 
of Pennsylvania, May 24, 1764, on Occasion of a Petition . . . 
praying His Majesty for a Royal, in Lieu of a Proprietary Gov- 
ernment. Phila., Wm. Dunlap, 1764. 8vo. 

Cf., by Zaehnsdorf. FF (60) $40.00. 

GALSWORTHY (John). Another Sheaf. London [1919]. i2mo. 

Paper, in cl. case (advance copy). EF(446)$n.oo. 

Beyond. London [1917]. i2mo. 

Cl. (laid in is A. L. S. to M. Davray). ZZ( 135) $28.00. 

Beyond. Paris, 1917. 2 vols., i6mo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (both vols. inscribed). EF (445) $14.00. 

A Bit O' Love. London, 1915. i6mo. 

Buckram (inscribed "For the St. Clair Academy: Tenn."). R(i7i) 

Caravan. 1925; [also] Castles in Spain. 1927; [also] On 

Forsyte 'Change. 1930. London, 1925-30. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Cl., and mor. (laid in each vol. is A. L. S.). ZZ( 141) $12.00. 

Caravan. London, 1929. I2mo. 

Cf., g.e., by Sangorski. MN(io8)$8.oo. 

A Commentary. London, 1908. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (inscribed). R( 169) $45.00. 

The Country House. London, 1907. i2mo. 

CD (149) $35-00. 

The Forsyte Saga. London, 1922. i2mo. 

Cl. O(i27)$i5.oo. 

Orig. roan, g.t. (signed). R( 172) $160.00. 

Leath. (signed). DD(89)$90.oo. 

The Foundations. London [1920]. I2mo. 

Cl. (inscribed on half-title, writing on end paper erased). JK(i79) 

Four Forsyte Stories. Signed. N.Y., Fountain Press, 1929. 


Hf. cl. (tipped in is A. L. S.; bookplate). XX (144) $14.00. 

Hf. cl. (with his "The White Monkey," London [1924] and "Cara- 
van," London, 1925; together 3 vols.). CD (152) $15.00. 


GALSWORTHY (John) Continued. 

The Freelands. London [1915]. I2mo. 

Cl. (First issue, binding lettered in gilt). M(i02)$io.oo. 

In Chancery. London, 1920. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed, on half-title; writing on end paper erased). JK 

(178) $10.00. 

The Inn of Tranquillity. London, 1912. I2mo. 

Orig. buckram, unc. (inscribed, title stamped "Presentation Copy"). 

R( 170) $40.00. 

The Land. London [1918]. 8vo. 

Sewed, unc. ZZ(i36)$n.oo. 

The Little Dream. [1911]; [also] Another Sheaf. 1919; 

[also] The Foundations. [1920]. London, [1911-] 1919 [-1920], 

3 vols., I2mo. 
Cl., and bds. C(ii9)$i6.oo. 

Loyalties. 8 plates by S. Van Abbe. London, 1930. 4to. 

Buckram, g.t., unc., unopened (signed). K(i6i) $10.00. 

A Modern Comedy. Signed. London, 1929. 8vo. 

Vel., g.t. (additional inscription). Q(i87)$i8.oo. 

Moods, Songs, and Doggerels. N.Y. ; [also] Moods, Songs, 

& Doggerels. London. N.Y. and London, 1912. 2 vols., 8vo 

and I2mo. 
Cl., unc. (laid in second vol. is A. L. S. in third person). ZZ(i32) 


Plays. Signed! London, 1929. 8vo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. K(i63)$i3.oo. 

Buckram, g.t., unc. (Large paper). O(i28)$20.oo. 

Cl., g.t., unopened. CD (153) $17.00. 

The Silver Spoon. London [1926]. I2mo. 

Cl. ; with 3 jackets : spoon in silver on black ground, col. wrapper 

with view of "Maple-durham," and plain wrapper (laid in is 

A. L. S.). ZZ( 142) $12.00. 

The Silver Spoon. Signed. London, Heinemann [1926]. 8vo. 

Buckram, g.t., unc. K(i64)$26.oo. 
Buckram, g.t. CD (150) $17.00. 

The Skin Game [1920] ; [also] The Show [1925] ; [also] The 

Roof [1929]; [and] Plays [1930]. London [1920-30]. 4 vols., 

Cl. (laid in are : 2 A. L. S., signed quotation from "Windows," and a 

sheet with letterhead signed, one piece in each vol.). ZZ(i38) 


Soames and the Flag. Signed. London, 1930. 8vo. 
Orig. vel., g.t., unc.; in cl. case. O(i29)$i7.5o. 

Swan Song. Signed. London, 1928. 8vo. 

Buckram, g.t. CD (151) $15.00. 

To Let London, 1921. I2mo. 

Cl. O(i25)$ 

Orig. cl. (water stain on front cover, shaken). TT(i65)$ 

Treatment of Animals. London [1913]. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in lev. mor. case (title inscribed; also, in author's hand, 


GALSWORTHY (John) Continued. 

many corrections and at head of text: "We pass this way but 

once.") NN( 93 )$S7.50. 

Villa Rubein. By John Sin John. London, 1900. I2mo. 

Orig. cherry cl., white cl. labels, "Duckworth & Co." in plain small 

capitals at foot of spine; in folding box (few leaves torn at edge; 

ex-library copy, with labels removed and entire book cleaned and 

repaired) . II ( I78)$43.oo. 
GANILH (Anthony). Mexico versus Texas. Phila., 1838. J2mo. 

a. FG (244) $9.00. 

GARCfiS (Francisco T. H.). On the Trail of a Spanish Pioneer, 

[his] Diary and Itinerary in his Travels through Sonora, Arizona 
and California, 1775-76. Trans, and ed. by Elliott Coues. 18 
maps, views, and facsimiles. N.Y., 1900. 2 vols., 8vo. 
CL, unc. RR (82) $7.50. 

GARDEN (Alexander). Regeneration, and the Testimony of 

the Spirit, Being the Substance of Two Sermons Lately preached 
in Charles Town in South Carolina. Boston, 1741. 8vo. 
Unbound. QQ (86) $8.00. 

GARDEN (Alexander). Anecdotes of The Revolutionary War 

in America, 1822; [also] Anecdotes of the American Revolution. 
Second Series. 1828. Charleston, 1822-28. 2 vols., 8vo and I2mo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (some pp. stained, second binding worn). QQ(i7o) 

Eulogy on General Moultrie. Delivered at Montreville, 28th 

of June, 1828. Charleston, 1828. 8vo. 
Sewed, unc. (title worn). QQ(i7i)$8.oo. 

GARDINER (Abigail). History of the Spirit Lake Massacre. 

48 pp. New Britain, Ct., 1857. 8vo. 
00(303) $9-00. 

GARDINER (Richard). An Account of the Expedition to the 
West Indies, against Martinico, etc. Map and 3 plans. Birming- 
ham, Baskerville, 1762. 4to. 

Hf. cf. (covers loose). L(74)$i2.5o. 

GARDINER (Samuel R.). A Collection of First Editions of his 

Historical Writings. London, 1863-97. 15 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Riviere (Vol. I of "History of the Common- 
wealth and Protectorate" is of the Second Edition). GH(ii7) 

GARDNER (Charles K.). Proceedings of a General Court- 
Martial held at Fort Independence, for the Trial of Major Charles 
K. Gardner. [Boston] 1816. 8vo. 

Paper (title written on front cover). T(2i2)$8.oo. 

GARLAND (Hamlin). The Book of the American Indian. 

lllus. by Frederick Remington. N.Y., 1923. 4to. 
Orig. bds. AA(5i)$7.50. 

Crumbling Idols. Twelve Essays on Art. Chic, and Cam- 
bridge, 1924. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. (inscribed to Eugene Field, also by him; with 
L. S. of author to G. H. Sargent). DD(9i)$i5.oo. 


GARLAND (Hamlin) Continued. 

Main-Travelled Roads. [Arena Library, Vol. I, No. 2.] First 

edition. Boston, Arena Publishing Company, 1891. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, "First thousand" printed on wrapper, unc. (3 water- 
colors painted on pp. 4 and 5 after title, name on front wrapper, 
wrappers reinforced at edge; with 2 additional copies of this 
work, each with imprint Boston, 1891, early, perhaps first editions, 
one with portrait frontis. and bound orig. red cl. gold stamping, 
the other bound blue cl., silver stamping; together 3 vols.). 
K(i66) $30.00. 

Prairie Songs. With Drawings by H. T. Carpenter. Advance 

sheets. Cambridge and Chic., Stone and Kimball, 1893. I2mo. 

Unbound (inscribed to Eugene Field, also by Field; pasted in is 
penciled note of Herbert S. Stone to Field; laid in are pub- 
lishers' announcements). V(i6o) $75.00. 

GARNEAU (Francois X.). History of Canada. Trans, by 

Andrew Bell. Montreal, 1860. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. hf. cf. P(42)$ii.oo. 

GARNETT (David). Lady into Fox. Illus. by R. A. Garnett. 

London, 1922. I2mo. 
Cl., g.t., unc.; in hf. mor. case (inscribed). EF (448) $22. 50. 

A Man in the Zoo. Illus. by R. A. Garnett. 1924; [also] 

The Sailor's Return. Frontis. by Ray Garnett. 1925. Both vols. 
signed by author and by artist. London, 1924-25. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. buckram, g.e. Q( 193) $8.00. 

GARNETT (Richard). The Twilight of the Gods and Other 

Tales. London, 1888. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc., unopened; in cl. folder and cl. case (binding loose, 
inscribed to Georg Brandes, and, later, by him to Bertha King- 
dom). K(i67)$i6.oo. 

Cl. (tipped in is A. L. S.). CD(i54)$i2.50. 

GARNETT (Richard) and GOSSE (Edmund). English Litera- 
ture. Illustrations, some in color. N.Y., 1903. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. (faded, hole in one cover). FG( 348) $7.50. 

English Literature, illustrations, some in color. N.Y., 1905. 

4 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t. F(86)$i?50. 

GASKELL (Elizabeth C.). Cranford. Preface by Anne Thack- 
eray Ritchie. Illus. by Hugh Thomson. London and N.Y., 1891. 

Niger, tooled, inlaid, g.e.; in case (orig. front cover and backstrip 
bound in). (434) $25.00. 

Cranford. Illus. by H. Thomson. London, 1927. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Riviere. TTa (77) $15.00. 

The Life of Charlotte Bronte. London, 1857. 2 vols., i2mo. 

Cl. (one vol. shaken, inserted in Vol. I is A. L. S.). O(i32)$ 
Cl., unc. (laid in Vol. 1 is A. L. S.). EF(io6) $41.00. 

The Life of Charlotte Bronte. London, 1858. I2mo. 

Cl. (inner hinges cracked, inscribed to Julia Bradford Gaskell). EF 


GASS (Patrick). A Journal of the Voyages and Travels of a 

Corps of Discovery, under the Command of Captain Lewis and 
Captain Clarke, etc. Pittsburgh, 1807. I2mo. 
Cont. bds. (rubbed). KK( 245) $20.00. 

Gass's Journal of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Portraits 

and plates. Large paper. Chic., 1904. 8vo. 
Hf. vel. (name on front fly leaf and title). V (220) $8.00. 

GASSAR (Achilles Pirminius). Epitome Historiarum et Chro- 

nicorum Muudi. Woodcut printer's device on title and at end, 
woodcut initials. Lugduni, S. Sapidus pro A. Constantino [1538]. 

Cont. cf., tooled, enamelled in red and white, mosaic inlay, g.e. ; for 
Thomas Maioli, tooling incorporating his legend and motto as 
well as title of work; in mor. case, tooled with arms and mono- 
gram of the Marquis of Lothian (front cover repaired). LL 
(77) $1200.00. 

GAUTIER (Theophile). Les Grotesques. Paris, 1853. I2mo. 
Cl. (Andrew Lang copy, notes and drawings in his hand). 11(183) 

of Cleopatra's Nights and Other Fantastic Romances. 
Trans, by Lafcadio Hearn. First issue, with publisher'^ name 
on backstrip in capital letters. N.Y., Worthington, 1882. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. (back faded, few pp. torn at edge). K(2o6)$25.oo. 

Cl. T(i04)$2i.oo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. (covers stained, few signatures sprung). II (216) $19.00. 

Tales. Trans, by L. Hearn and Myndart Verelst. N.Y., 1909. 

Mor., in hf. mor. case. EF (552) $16.00. 

GAY (Bunker). A Genuine and Correct Account of the Captiv- 
ity, Sufferings and Deliverance of Mrs. Jemima Howe. 20 pp. 
Boston, 1792. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., by Zaehnsdorf. J(86)$no.oo. 

GAY (Claude). Historia Fisica y Politica de Chile. 24 vols. ; 

With Atlas of col. plates. 2 vols. Paris, 1844-62. 26 vols., 8vo 

and 4to. 
Hf. mor. (rubbed and stained). L (75) $32.50. 

GAY (John). The Beggar's Opera. Music score on 16 pp. Lon- 
don, 1728. 8vo. 

New bds. (signature marks of music trimmed into, ink-spot on 2 
leaves ; First issue, with music score on page 53 ; laid in is play- 
bill, performance "Beggar's Opera" at Theatre Royal, Oct. 21, 
1812; Jerome Kern copy). EF (454) $52.50. 

Fables. Vignettes by Foudrinier, Van der Gucht, and others 

after Kent and Wootton. London, 1727. 4to. 
Cf. EF (453) $30.oo. 

Fables. With a Life of the Author. Plates, 12 by Blake. 

London, Stockdale, 1793. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf., mor., g.e. U( 109) $30.00. 
Cont. rus., tooled, g.e. (rebacked, 2 vols. in one). YYa( 73) $15.00. 

Poems on Several Occasions. 3 plates by William Kent. Lon- 
don, Tonson, 1720. 4to. 


GAY (John) Continued. 

Cf. (worn, hinges weak; 2 vols. in one; Twopenny-Hagen- Adam- 

Kern copy). JJ( 148) $8.00. 

- Polly, an Opera. London, for the Author, 1729. 8vo. 
24 cf. (rebound, few leaves stained, music pp. trimmed without im- 

pairing text). II (184) $9.00. 

The Shepherd's Week. 7 plates by Du Guernier. London, 

1714. 8vo. 
Cf., g.e., by Bedford; in cl. case (Cox-Whitall copy). EF(45o) 

GAYARR (Charles). History of Louisiana. Maps. New Or- 

leans, 1903. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl. E(i86) $18.00. 
Y cf., g.t. V (250) $21.00. 

consecutive issues, Vol. I, no. 90- Vol. Ill, no. 88, Feb. 20, 1790- 

April 10, 1793. N.Y. and Phila., 1/90-93. Fol. 
Hf. leath. (front cover loose). E(ioo)$20.oo. 

March I, 1775-May 5, 1784 (irregular), together 393 issues. [Lon- 

don] 1775-84. 2 vols., fol. 

Hf. cf. (corners rubbed, one vol. loose). VV(72)$22.5O. 
GEE (Joshua). Israel's Mourning for Aaron's Death: a. Sermon 

preached on the Lord's-Day after the Death of the very Reverend 

and Learned Cotton Mather. Boston, 1728. 121110. 
Cf. (rebound, orig. front end paper bound in). E( 191) $7.50. 

established in ... New Jersey. See PRINCETON UNIVER- 

GENERAL STUD BOOK (The). 1793: [also] Same. [Third 

Edition.] 1808; [also] A Supplement to the General Stud-Book, 

which was published in the year 1808. 1814. London, 1793-1814. 

3 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. bds., cf., and hf. cf. (2 backs wanting; with "Introduction to a 

General Stud-Book," 1791: together 4 vols.). R(93)$6o.oo. 

- The General Stud Book. London, v.d. 26 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (rubbed). R(94)$ios.oo. 

Hf. cf. (rubbed, 24 vols. only; accompanied by dupl. copies of Vols. 
I-VII, IX-XIII, and XV-XXI and by a third copy of Vol. VI). 

- General Stud Book (The), containing pedigrees of English 
Race Horses, etc., from the Earliest Accounts to the year 1831 
inclusive, with an Appendix giving Extended Pedigrees of Stal- 
lions imported into the U. S., and of their Most noted Progeny. 
Baltimore, J. S. Skinner, 1834. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. (rubbed, stained; 3 vols. in 2; E. E. Jones "Spirit of the Times 
office" copy, with his inscription). Z(96)$n.oo. 

Oost-Indische Compagnie. See AENWYSINGHE, etc. 

GENEST (John). Some Account of the English Stage . . . 

1660 to 1830. Bath, 1832. 10 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Worsfold (one title and one fly leaf torn; 


GENEST (John) Continued. 

printed presentation ship to David Belasco from the members of 
Mrs. Leslie Carter's Company pasted on inside of each front 
cover). CC (77) $35-00. 


of the Spanish West-Indies. See GONZALEZ CARRANZA 

GEORGE III. His Majesty's Most Gracious Speech to both 

Houses of Parliament, Jan. 14, 1766. "No time has been lost on 
the first advice of these Disturbances, to issue Orders . . . in 
America, for the Exertion of all the powers of Government in 
the Suppression of Riots and Tumults." 4 pp. London, Baskett, 
1766. Fol. 

(Inserted is an orig. issue of "The London Gazette," No. 10583, Dec. 
14, 1765, containing the King's Speech of the same date, also 
touching on American Colonial matters). P(i6o) $17.50. 

GEORGIA. The Particular Case of the Georgia Loyalists: in 

Addition to the General Case and Claim of the American Loyal- 
ists, which was lately published by Order of their Agents. 16 
pp. London, J. Wilk'ie, 1783. 8vo. 
Cf., g.e., by Zaehnsdorf. FF(i 06) $85.00. 

A State of the Province of Georgia, attested upon Oath in 

the Court of Savannah, No\. 10, 1740. London, W. Meadows, 
1742. Sm. 8vo. 

Mor., g.e., by Riviere. TT( 169) $55.00. 

See also ANDERSON (J. E.) and HORRY (W. J.), also IN- 

GERARD (Alexander). Liberty the Cloke of Maliciousness, 

both in the American Rebellion and in the Manners of the Times. 
A Fast Sermon. Aberdeen, 1778. 8vo. 
New hf. cf. FF(io)$io.oo. 

GERM (The). 4 parts (all published). Etchings by W. Holman 
Hunt, F. Madox Brown, and others. London, 1850. 8vo. 

Lev. mor.. tooled, g.e.. by Riviere (4 nos. in one, orig. front wrappers 
bound in : slips with new title. "Art and Poetry," have been pasted 
on covers of Nos. I and II ; and date on cover of No. IV, er- 
roneously printed "May," has been corrected to read "April," also 
by means of pasted slip). R( 190) $85.00. 



GERNING (Baron J. J. von). A Picturesaue Tour along the 

Rhine, from Mentz to Cologne. Trans, bv John Black. Folding 
map, and 24 col. aquatints by Havell, Sutherland, and others, 
after Schutz. London, Ackermann, 1820. 4to. 
Mor., tooled, g.e. (rubbed). NN(94)$3o.oo. 


GESSNER (Solomon). Select Idyls. London, 1809. I2mo. 
Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. YYa(74)$7.5O. 

GESTA ROMANORUM. London, 1663. I2mo. 
New mor., g.e. AA(52)$7O.oo. 



famosi Giardini d'ltalia, raccolti da Pietro Paolo Tozzi. 42 plates, 

each with a calligraphic specimen [by Antonio Bertozzi and Sebas- 

tiano Zanella], surrounded by borders of lace patterns. [Padova, 

Librera del Giesu, 1604.] Sm. obi. 4to. (Bocher No. 54). 
Vel. (last plate repaired at margin, few time-stains, old writing on 

verso of several plates). DE( 136) $15.00. 
GIBBON (Edward). The History of the Decline and Fall of 

the Roman Empire. Portrait and folding maps. London, 1776- 

88. 6 vols., 4to. 
Old. cf. (rebacked, tear in half-title of Vol. IV repaired; title of Vol. 

V repaired and pasted on half-title; bookplates of Sir Peyton 

d'Estoteville Skipwith and Lady Skipwith). O(i33)$85.oo. 
Cont. cf. (worn; several covers loose, others breaking). CC(257) 

Cont. cf. (rebacked, edges repaired, new end papers, half-titles wanting 

in 3 vols., name on one half-title, maps foxed). NN (95) $27.50. 
Old cf. (some joints repaired, Matthew White- Viscount Ridley copy). 

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 

Engravings. London, 1783. 12 vols., 8vo. 
Cont. cf. X (89) $12.00. 
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 

London, 1790. 12 vols., 8vo. 
Cont. cf. YYa(75)$i3.oo. 
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 

Portraits and maps. London, 1807. 12 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cf. TTa(78)$22.50. 
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 

Portrait and maps. N.Y., 1843. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Hf., mor. (foxed). CC(78)$7-50. 
The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 

Notes by Dean Milman and M. Guizot. Ed., with Additional 

Notes, by William Smith. Portrait and maps. London, 1854-55. 

8 vols., 8vp. 

Cf., g.t., by Riviere. L T (in)$52.5O. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Bayntun. ZZ( 145) $35.00. 

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 

With Notes by Dean Milman, M. Guizot, and Dr. William Smith. 

Illustrated. Edition de Luxe. N.Y., Nottingham Society, n.d. 

6 vols., 8vo. 
Y* mor., g.,t., unc. and unopened. V( 163) $15.50. 

Miscellaneous Works. Portrait. London, 1796. 2 vols., 4to. 

Old paper, unc. ; in hf. mor. case. EF (459) $10.00. 

GIBSON (Edmund). Two Letters of the Lord Bishop of Lon- 
don: the First, to the Masters and Mistresses of Families in the 
English Plantations abroad; exhorting them to Encourage and 
Promote the Instruction of their Negroes in the Christian Faith. 
The Second, to the Missionaries there, etc. London, Joseph 
Downing, 1727. 4to. 

New hf. cf. FF (63)$! 1.00. 

GIFT (The). See POE (E. A.). 


GILBERT (William S.). The "Bab" Ballads. Illus. by the au- 
thor. London, 1869. Sq. 8vo. 

Cf., g.e., by Riviere (orig. covers bound in). EF (460) $37.50. 

Cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Bumpus (faded, orig. cl. covers bound in; 
David Salomons copy). JK( 182) $10.00. 

More "Bab" Ballads. Illus. by the author. London, n.d. Sq. 


Orig. cl., g.e. (shaken, front cover water-stained). V(i6s)$n.oo. 

GILCHRIST (Alexander). Life of William Blake. Plates. 
London, 1880. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., unopened (shaken). TT(59)$35.oo. 

Hf. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. (rubbed). JK (44) $19.00. 

Orig. cl., unc. KL (20) $25.00. 

GILL (Eric). Engravings. Preface by the Artist. Bristol, 1929. 

Cl. K( 171) $16.00. 

Cl. JK( 183) $10.00. 

GILLESPIE (George C.) and WALSH (Stevenson H.). Fire 
Insurance House Marks of the United States. 16 pp. Phila., 
1915. 4to. 

Bds., unc. RR( 128) $9.00. 

GILLRAY (James). Works. With Atlas of Suppressed Plates. 
London, Henry Bohn, 1847. 2 vols., fol. 

Y* lev. mor. (scuffed). V(i66)$45.oo. 

Works, from the Original Plates, with the Addition of Many 

Subjects not before collected. Plates obi. 4to, folded to 4to. Lon- 
don, n.d. 4to. 

Hf. mor., g.e. S(i9i)$u.oo. 

GISSING (George). Charles Dickens. London, 1898. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. MN (84) $8.00. 

Demos. London, 1886. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Cl. (foxed, new end papers). EF( 465) $10.00. 

Denzil Quarrier. London, 1892. i2mo. 

Cl. (writing on verso of half-title). EF( 469) $10.00. 

An Heiress on Condition. Vignette on title by Joseph Pennell. 

Phila., Privately printed for the Pennell Club, 1923. Roy. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. DD (90) $18.00. 

The Nether World. London, 1889. 3 vols., i2mo. 

Cl., in hf. cf. case (library labels removed from back covers). NN 
. (97)$7-50. 

Orig. cl. (rubbed, inner hinges split, blisters on 2 vols., corner torn 
from back fly leaf of first vol.). TT( 171) $8.00. 

New Grub Street. London, 1891. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Cl., unc.; in hf. mor. case (rubbed, library labels removed from cov- 
ers, one inner hinge broken, new end papers ; each vol. lacks blank 
preceding title. Vol. I lacks end leaf of advertisements). 0(134) 
$i 5.00. 

Cl., unc. EF(466)$n.oo. 

The Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft. Westminster, 1903. 


Orig. green cl., unc. (crack in front hinge, backstrip faded). K(i73) 


GISSING (George) Continued, 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (shaken). O(i35)$io.oo. 

Cl. EF (472) $20.00. 

Thyrza. London, 1887. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (shaken and scuffed; library labels removed from outside 
and inside of front cover). K( 172) $15.00. 

The Unclassed. London, 1884. 3 vols., I2mo. 

CL, unc. (rubbed). EF( 464) $22.50. 

Veranilda. London, 1904. i2mo. 

Cl. (inserted is A. L. S. by H. G. Wells). EF (473) $15.00. 

GLASCOCK (R. N.). Land Sharks and Sea Gulls. 6 etchings 

by George Cruikshank. London, 1838. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Root. 8(98) $27.00. 

GLENN (James). A Description of South Carolina; contain- 
ing many Curious and Interesting Particulars relating to the Civil, 
Natural, and Commercial History of that Colony, etc. London, 
for R. and J. Dodsley, 1761. 8vo. 

Cf. QQ(i79)$30.50. 

GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK. [Contains contributions by Bryant, 

Hawthorne, Herbert (Henry W.), and Poe.] Phila., v.d. 8vo. 

1841-51, Vols. 23-24, 27-30, 34-35, and 42; together 9 vols.; v.b. Z 


1842-51, issues for 1842. 1844, 1849, and 1851; 8 vols. in 4; hf. mor. 

and cf. CC(258)$i2.oo. 
1871-74-77-80-82; together 5 vols.; 3 bound mor., 2 bound ft mor. 

(rubbed). XX (147) $16.00. 

GODWIN (William). An Enquiry concerning Political Justice, 

and its Influence on General Virtue and Happiness. London, 1793. 

2 vols., 4to. 

Cont. cf. (rebacked). VV( 104) $100.00. 

Bds. (names on fly leaves, laid in is A. L. S.). EF(475)$52.5O. 

Things as they are; or, the Adventures of Caleb Williams. 

3 vols. London, 1794; [also] Same. 2 vols. N.Y., 1831. Lon- 
don and X.Y., 1794-1831. 5 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cf. and orig. cl. ; in 2 cl. cases (last 2 vols. foxed). EF(476) 

GOETGHEBUER (P. J.). Choix des Monuments, Edifices et 
Maisons les plus Remarquables du Royaume des Pays-Bas. Aqua- 
tints, col. by hand. Gand, 1827. At. fol. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (rubbed). R( 393) $90.00. 

GOETHE (Johann W. von). Faust. Leipzig, 1876. Sm. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Chambelle-Duru. YYa(75a)$io.oo. 

-Faustus. Portrait. London, 1821. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in hf. mor. case (backstrip cracked, stamp on verso 
of frontispiece portrait; inserted is A. L. S.). VV(io5)$32.5o. 

Reynard the Fox. After the German version of Goethe by 

Thomas J. Arnold. 60 illustrations after Wilhelm von Kaulbach, 
( and 12 by Joseph Wolf. London, 1887. Roy. 8vo. 
Cf.', g.t., unc., by Riviere. F (87) $23.00. 


GOLDEN COCKEREL PRESS. Waltham Saint Lawrence, 

Armstrong (Martin). The Puppet Show. Signed. 1922. 


Bds., unc., unopened (split at joint). K (8) $12.00. 
Brantome (Pierre de Bourdeilles, Seigneur de). The Lives 

of Gallant Ladies. Woodcuts by Robert Gibbings. 1924. 2 vols., 

Bds., unc. EF(482)$is.oo. 

Browne (Sir Thomas). A Letter to a Friend and Christian 

Morals; [also] Religio Medici; [also] The Garden of Cyprus; 
[also] Hydriotaphia. 1923. 4 vols., 4to. 

Bds., unc. K( 176) $19.00. 

Chaucer (Geoffrey). The Canterbury Tales. Wood engrav- 
ings by Eric Gill. 1029-30. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., unc., g.t. (on Kelmscott handmade paper). K( 189) $80.00. 

Cibber (Colley). An Apology for [his] Life. 1925. 2 vols., 

Bds. II(i88)$i2.50. 

Coppard (A. E.). Adam and Eve and Pinch Me. 1921. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., in cl. case (rubbed, inscribed by author to Eric Locke). 

CC (219) $32.50. 
Orange bds., in cl. case (inscribed by Coppard). II (106) $27.00. 

Coppard (A. E.). Clorinda Walks in Heaven. Signed. 1922. 


Blue bds., unc., unopened. K(85)$26.oo. 
Yellow bds., in cl. case (soiled, inscribed by Coppard). II (107) $20.00. 

Coppard (A. E.). Hips and Haws. 1922. 8vo. 

Bds.. unc., unopened (inscribed). CC( 220) $20.00. 

Coppard (A. E.). The Hundredth Story. Engravings by 

Robert Gibbings. 1931. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t. (inscribed). II(ii2)$9.oo. 

Coppard (A. E.). Pelagea & Other Poems. 1026. 8vo. 

Bds., unc., unopened (inscribed to George Yohalem). CC (221) $15.00. 

Ellis (Havelock). Kanga Creek. Signed. 1922. I2mo. 

Blue bds., unc., unopened. K(i28)$9.oo. 

Gill (Eric). Id Quod Visum Placet. Etchings by the au- 
thor. Signed. [1926]; [also] Art and Prudence. Etchings by 
the author. [1928!. [1026-28.] 2 vols., sm. I2mo. 

Hf. buckram and cl., unc. K( 169) $9.00. 

Keats (John). Lamia, Isabella, and Other Poems. Engrav- 
ings by Robert Gibbings. 1928. Narrow 4to. 
Hf. sharkskin, by Sangorski. Q(j8o)$i8.oo. 
Hf. sharkskin, by Sangorski (back cover bent). V(20o)$8.oo. 

Lucian. True History. Trans, by Francis Hickes. Engrav- 
ings by Robert Gibbings. 1927. 4to. 

Hf. mor. Q(i96)$n.oo. 

Mathers (E. Powys). Procreant Hymn. Engravings by Eric 

Gill. [1926.] 8vo. 

Buckram, g.t. Q(345)$i5-50. 



More (Thomas). Utopia. Decorations by Eric Gill. 1929. 

Sm. 4to. 

Cl., g.t., unc. K( 190) $10.00. 
Sterne (Laurence). The Life and Opinions of Tristram 

Shandy. 15 engravings by J. E. Laboureur. 1929. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. K(i75)$i7.oo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. V( 167) $23.00. 
Q. II(i87)$i5.50. 
CL, g.t. CD(i58)$i2.oo. 
Thoreau (Henry D.). Where I Lived and What I Lived 

For. Engravings by Robert Gibbings. [1924.] 32mo. 
Blue mor., unc. (signed by the artist, Stuart W. Jackson copy). K 

(177) $8.50. 

Art and Literature. Ed. by Clifford Bax and Austin O. Spare. 

Nos. 1-8, Vols. I-II [all published]. London, 1922-24. 8 vols., 

fol. and 4to. 
Bds. JK( 184) $11.00. 

GOLDONI (Carlo). Commedie. Plates. Venezia, 1823-27. 44 

vols., i6mo. 
Hf. cl. V(i69)$4i.oo. 

GOLDSMITH (Oliver). The Citizen of the World. London, 

for the Author, 1762. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Cf., tooled, g.e., by Riviere. VV(io6)$35.oo. 

The Citizen of the World. Dublin, for G. and A. Ewing, 1762. 

2 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cf. (Jerome Kern copy). JJ( 149) $19.00. 

The Citizen of the World. Stipple engravings. London, 1819. 

2 vols., I2mo. 
Mor., tooled, g.t., unc. TTa (79) $17.00. 

An Enquiry into the Present State of Polite Learning in Eu- 
rope. Vignette on title. London, 1759. Sm. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere (title and following leaf on stub, small 
piece torn from blank corner of 2 leaves; John W. Frothingham 
copy). O(i37)$i5.oo. 

Same as the preceding. JK( 185) $9.00. 

Essays. Title engraved by Isaac Taylor. London, 1765. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., g.e. CC( 259) $25.00. 
Lev. mor., g.e. EF (484) $10.00. 
Lev. mor., g.e. JK(i 86) $16.00. 
Old cf. (rubbed, name on title and on last pp.). *MN(ii6) $10.00. 

Essays. London, 1765. I2mo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e. TT( 174) $30.00. 

The Good Natur'd Man. London, 1768. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., by Riviere (half-title on stub; some marginal tears 
mended). NN(o9)$3O.oo. 

The Good Natur'd Man. Dublin, 1768. i2mo. 

Y mor. (lacks fly leaf; from the library of Jerome Kern, probably 
an "acting" copy, as there are marginal scorings and names 
against the characters in the Dramatis Personae). JJ(i5o)$n.oo. 


GOLDSMITH (Oliver) Continued. 

The Grecian History. London, 1774. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Old cf. (backs worn). FG(349)$n.oo. 

An History of England, in a Series of Letters from a Noble- 
man to his Son. London, 1764. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t. NN (98) $12. 50. 

The History of Greece. 2 vols. ; [also] The History of Rome; 

[also] The History of England. 4 vols. Maps. London, 1823- 
28. 7 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. cf., g.e. YYa(76)$8.oo. 

The History of Little Goody Twoshoes; otherwise called 

Mrs. Margery Twoshoes . . . The First Worcester Edition. 
Worcester, Mass., Isaiah Thomas, 1787. 641110. 

Unc., in hf. mor. case. BC( 19) $300.00. 

The Life of Richard Nash. Portrait by A. Walker after 

Hoare. London, 1762. Sm. 8vo. 

Old cf. (rebacked, new end papers, corner of final blank torn away). 

The Memoirs of a Protestant. Tra.-s. by James Willington. 

London, 1758. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. R(i73)$8o.oo. 

Poems and Plays. Portrait and engraved title. London, 1780. 


New cf. EF (489) $8.00. 

Poetical and Dramatic Works. Portrait by Cook. London, 

1780. 2 vols., i2mo. 

Old cf. (rebacked, new end papers). EF(489a)$9.oo. 

Cf., g.e., by Riviere. MN( 115) $9.00. 

Retaliation: a Poem. London, G. Kearsly, 1774. 4to. 

y mor., g.t. (foxings, E. B. Holden copy). MN( 117) $42.00. 

Select Poems, consisting of Retaliation, Double Transforma- 
tion, Edwin and Angelina, A New Simile. London, 1775. 8vo. 

Hf. cf. (piece torn from blank corner of one leaf). F( 90) $80.00. 

She Stoops to Conquer. Intro, by Austin Dobson. Drawings 

by E. A. Abbey, some separately printed and mounted. Decora- 
tions by Alfred Parsons. N.Y., 1887. Fol. 

Cf., g.e. (scuffed). V(i)$7.5O. 

A Survey of Experimental Philosophy. 24 plates. London, 

1776. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. EF(488)$io.oo. 

The Vicar of Wakefield. Salisbury, 1766. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cf., in mor. case (rubbed ; measures 65^ x 4 in. ; Vol. I has front 
cover rehinged and blank corner of FS supplied; presentation 
copy, inscribed, presumably, in hand of recipient, "From the Au- 
thour"; later Hoe-Kern copy). R( 345) $3900.00. 

The Vicar of Wakefield . . . The Second Edition. 2 vols. 

1766; [also] The Vicar of Wakefield . . . The Third Edition. 

2 vols. 1766. London, 1766. 4 vols., I2mo. 
Cont. cf. (backs and corners repaired). O(i36)$i5.oo. 

The Vicar of Wakefield . . . The Third Edition. London, 

1766. 2 vols., I2mo. 


GOLDSMITH (Oliver) Continued. 

Cont. cf. (hinges cracked, corner torn from one leaf, final leaf re- 
paired). F(89)$io.oo. 

The Vicar of Wakefield. Berlin, August Mylius, 1769. I2mo. 

Cont. bds., leath. back; in hf. mor. case (worn, name on end paper). 
EF (485) $10.00. 

The Vicar of Wakefield. Phila., 1772. i2mo. 

Old cf., in cl. case (rebacked, new end papers, some leaves frayed). 
EF( 4 87)$25.oo. 

The Vicar of Wakefield. Phila., 1791. 2 vols., i6mo. 

Mor., tooled (corner of one title restored). U(ii2)$i2.5O. 

The Vicar of Wakefield. 6 plates after Stothard, col. by hand. 

2 vols. in one. London, 1792. 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (rubbed). U(ii3)$7.5o. 

The Vicar of Wakefield. 24 col. aquatint plates by Rowlandson. 

London, 1817. 8vo. 
Cf., g.e., by Worsfold (paper defect in title). GH( 119) $60.00. 

The Vicar of Wakefield. 24 col. aquatint plates by Rowland- 
son. London, 1823. Roy. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t.; in lev. mor. case. " GH(i2o)$47.5o. 

The Vicar of Wakefield. Preface by Austin Dobson. Illus. 

by Hugh Thomson. London, 1890. I2mo. 
Orig. cl., g.e. ZZ( 148) $9.00. 

The Vicar of Wakefield. Illus. by Hugh Thomson. London, 

1927. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Riviere; in cl. case. TTa(8i)$i5.oo 

The Vicar of Wakefield. Illustrations in color by Arthur Rack- 
ham. London [1929]. 410. 
Vel., g.t., unc. (Large paper, signed by the artist). CC( 322) $10.00. 

The Vicar of Wakefield. With Prefatorv Memoir by George 

Saintsbury. 114 col. illustrations. X.Y., n.d. Roy. 8vo. 
Mor., tooled, g.e. U( 114) $15.00. 

Works. Ed. by Peter Cunningham. Turk's Head Edition. 

N.Y. [1908.] 10 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., tooled, g.t.. unc. XX(ioo)$37.5O. 

GONCOURT (Edmond and Jules de). Germinie Lacerteux. 

10 illustrations. Paris, 1886. 4to. 
Mor.. g.e., by Rousselle (Japan paper, illustrations in 2 states). MX 

( r ii8)$i5.oo. 

GONZALEZ CARRANZA (Domingo). A Geographical De- 
scription of the Coasts, Harbours, and Sea Ports of the Spanish 
West-Indies. 5 folding maps. London, for the Kditc >r, Caleb 
Smith, 1740. 8vo. 

New cf. FF(62)$i3.oo. 

GOOD (Peter P.). A Materia Medica Animalia. 24 col. plates. 

Cambridge, Mass. fi8=\3.] 8vo. 
Y 4 mor. (with "Natural History of Alaska/' Wash., 1886). C(6) 


GOODALL (Baptist). The Tryall of Travell. London, Norton, 
1630. Sm. 4to. 


GOODALL (Baptist) Continued. 

Sewed, in hf. mor. case (last signature mark cut into, size 6^ x 5J4 
in.)- LL( 132) $325.00. 

GOODRICH (John Ellsworth). See VERMONT. 

GORDON (Lord George). The Trial of George Gordon, Esq., 
Commonly Called Lord George Gordon, for High Treason, at 
the Bar of the Court of King's Bench, February 5th, 1781. The 
Fifth Edition. Taken in Short-Hand by Joseph Gurney; The 
Same. The Second Part. Fourth Edition. 37 and 65 pp. Lon- 
don, 1781. 

Unbound. P (80) $10.00. 


GORDON (William). The History of the Rise, Progress, and 
Establishment of the Independence of the United States of Amer- 
ica. Folding maps. London, for the Author, 1788. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cf. UU(37)$i4.oo. 

A Sermon preached before the Honorable House of Repre- 
sentatives on the Day [July 19, 1775] intended for the Choice 
of Counsellors. Watertown, Edes, 1775. 8vo. 

Sewed, unc. NO (139) $10.00. 

GORER (Edgar) and BLACKER (J. F.). Chinese Porcelain 

and Hard Stones. Col. plates. London, 1911. 2 vols., 4to. 
Buckram, g.t., unc. W( 83) $50.00. 

GORGES (Ferdinando). America Painted to the Life. 4 parts. 

Folding map, and portrait. London, for Nathaniel Brook, 1658- 

59. Sm. 4to. 
Old cf. (rebacked, broken. Part IV stained, tear in title, map and 

portrait torn and defective). UU( 38) $290.00. 

GORGES SOCIETY. Complete set of the publications of the 

Gorges SocieU. Vols. 1-5. Maps. Portland, Me., 1884-93. 5 
vols., sm. 4to. 
Paper, unc. (worn). A ( 1 57 ) $24.00. 


trine of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is set 
forth. Kd. by Elder B. Winchester. Vol. I, Nos. 1-12, Jan. 
i, to June 15/1841 [all published]. Phila., 1841. 8vo. 
Cl. (12 nos. in one vol.; backstrip missing, hinges cracked; corner 
torn from pp. 229-30, affecting 8 words, which have been supplied 
by typewriter ) . A ( 196) $10.50. 

GOTTFRIED (Johann Ludwig). See AA (Pieter van der). 

GOULD (E. W.). Fifty Years on the Mississippi. Plates. St. 

Louis, 1889. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (shaken; publisher's stamp on title; library label of Chas. 

\V. Brown pasted in front cover, with A. L. S. presenting the book 

to him). E(i98)$i2.oo. 
Same as the preceding. GO (392) $22.00. 

GOULD (John). Complete Set of Folio Editions of his (14) 
Works. Over 3000 col. plates. London, 1831-88. 69 vols., fol. 

3 works are in 29 orig. parts, bds. ; one work, 2 vols., in cl. ; re- 
mainder in mor., tooled, g.e. (with 2 copies of "An Analytical 


GOULD (John) Continued. 

Index to the Works of the late John Gould," London, 1893, 
R. Bowdler Sharpe, one on Large paper; together 71 vols.). 
(149) $2600.00. 

1842-1843 and 1845-1852. [Containing contributions by H. W. 
Herbert and Edgar Allan Poe.] Phila., 1842-52. n vols., 8vo. 

V.b. Z (290) $10.00. 

Vol. XXVII, No. 2, and Vol. XXVIII, Nos. i and 2. 2 por- 
traits. [Containing contributions by Poe and Lowell.] Phila., 
1845. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (title lacking; inserted is broadside song, "Mrs. Poe," Bait. 
[1809]). EF (826) $45-00. 

GRAHAME (Kenneth). The Wind in the Willows. Frontis. 
London [1908]. I2mo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. EF (490) $20.00. 

GRAND (Sarah). The Heavenly Twins. London, 1893. 3 vols., 

Cl. (new end papers in Vol. Ill, inner hinges of 2 vols. cracked; in- 
scribed to H. Llewellyn Williams). EF( 491) $12.00. 

GRAND ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC. Journal of the First 
to Nineteenth Encampments, Dept. of New Hampshire, G. A. R. 
Including an Historical Sketch of the Provisional department. 
1868-1886. v.p., 1880-89. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (8 pamphlets in one vol.). A(2i7)$i2.oo. 


in Hindostan. Col. title and 27 col. plates by Thomas Rowland- 
son. London, 1816. 8vo. 
New bds., unc. (2 plates extended, others tipped in). EF( 882) $20.00. 

GRANDVILLE (Jean Ignace Isidore Gerard). Les Fleurs Ani- 

mees. Col. plates. Paris, n.d. 8vo. 
Cf. 00(686)$n.50. 


azine. Vols. 1-17, April, i877-July, 1894. Concord, N.H., 1877- 
94. 17 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor. KK(3i2)$2O.oo. 

GRANT (Mrs. Anne). Memoirs of an American Lady [Mrs. 

Schuyler]. Second Edition. London, 1809. 2 vols., I2mo. 
J( 7 8)$8.oo. 

GRANT (Ulysses S.). Personal Memoirs. N.Y., 1885-86. 2 

vols., 8vo. 
24 mor., g.t. (laid in first vol. are 2 A. L. S., one dated "U. S. Military 

Academy, West Point, March 3ist, 1843," and signed "Cadet U. H. 

Grant," the other from his father dated "April 5th, '69"; also laid 

in are 2 photographs of the author; bookplates). V( 170) $35.00. 
Same as the preceding. IJ(6i)$9.oo. 

also CIVIL WAR. 

GRATIA DEI (Joannes Baptista). Liber de Confutation 
Hebrayce Secte. 168 leaves. Rome, Silbcr, 1500. 4to. (Hain 

Unbound (measures 188x138 mm.). I J (299) $21.00. 


CRAVES (Robert). Good-bye to All That. London [1929]. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. K( 194) $11.00. 

Orig. cl. (First Issue, with verse-letter from Siegfried Sassoon on 

PP- 341-3; inscribed to John Henry Clarke). NO (143) $15.00. 
GRAY (John W.). The Life of Joseph Bishop. Nashville, Tenn., 

1858. I2tno. 

Orig. cl. (worn). 6(36) $8.50. 
Cl. UU(39)$i7.5<>. 
GRAY (Thomas). An Elegy wrote in a Country Church Yard. 

Sixth edition, corrected. London, for R. Dodsley, 1752. 4to. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. TT( 179) $15.00. 
Hf. mor. (rubbed; laid in is A. N. with attestation by James T. 

Fields; Olin M. Merriam copy). ZZ( 150) $13.00. 

Poems. London, 1768. Sm. 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (worn, rebacked, old name on title; Percival F. Hinton 

bookplate) . O ( I38)$io.oo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. VV( 109) $25.00. 
Cf. (rebacked, Henry Mackenzie copy). EF (494) $55.00. 

Poem,s. Vignette on title. Dublin, 1771. 4to. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.e., by Lortic (O. L. Merriam copy). EF (495) $12.50. 

Poetical Works. Engravings after R. Westall. London, for 

John Sharpe, Piccadilly; by C. Whittingham, Chiswick, 1821. 

Cf., g.t., unc., by Zaehnsdorf. YYa(79)$8.oo. 

Selected Poems. Ed: by Edmund Gosse. Oxford, 1885. I2mo. 

Vel., unc.; in mor. case (few margins stained; inscribed by Gosse 

to Robert Louis Stevenson, with the latter's visiting card pasted 

inside front cover). EF( 1009) $27.50. 

Works. London, 1825. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cf., g.t., by Riviere (orig. paper labels, dated 1825, pasted on back 
fly leaves). TT(i8o) $15.00. 

Designs by Mr. R. Bentley, for Six Poems by Mr. T. Gray. 

London, for R. Dodsley, 1753. Fol. 

New 24 lev. mor., g.t., by Stern (plates foxed; Frederick Locker- 
Edmund Phipps copy). (171) $15.00. 

Designs for Gray's Poems by William Blake. Intro, by H. 

J. C. Grierson. Plates, some in color. London, 1922. At. fol. 
Cl., g.t. ZZ (23) $20.00. 



GRAYDON (Alexander). Memoirs of a Life, chiefly passed in 
Pennsylvania. Harrisburgh, 1811; [also] Memoirs of his Own 
Time. Ed. by J. S. Littell. Phila., 1846. Harrisburgh and 
Phila., 1811-46. 2 vols., I2mo and 8vo. 

Cont. cf. and orig. cl. (first vol. rebacked, has name on title; second 
vol. foxed). T(93)$io.oo. 

GRAZZINI (Antonio Francesco), called "II Lasca." La Prima 
e la Seconda Cena, Novelle alle quali si aggiunge una Novella 
della Terza Cena. Large paper. Londra, 1756. 4to. 

Old cf., tooled, g.e. (rubbed). F (243) $10.00. 


GRAZZINI (Antonio Francesco) Continued. 

The Story of Doctor Manente. Trans, by D. H. Lawrence. 

Florence, The Lungarno Series [1929]. 8vo. 
Parchment, unopened (Arnold Bennett copy). II(263)$n.oo. 

GREAT BRITAIN. [Broadside.] The Address of the Lords 

and Commons to His Majesty, on the present State of America, 
etc. [Phila.] John Dunlap [i775]- 4to. 
Unc. (stained). QQ(24)$ 

In His Majesty's High Court of Delegates . . . The Sloop 

Experiment, Paul Hathaway, Master . . . On an Appeal from 
the Vice-Admiralty Court of the Island of Bermuda to the High 
Court of England, and from thence to this Court. Proceedings, 
Pleadings, and Prayers. [St. George's Bermuda, 1797.] 2 vols., 

Sewed, unc. (first vol. contains a MS. annotation of the decision). PP 
(132) $17.00. 

[Broadside.] Those gallant Sons of Britain, Ireland and 

America, whose Errors or Misfortunes have compelled them to 
enlist under the Banners of a Rebel Congress, paid by -the King 
of France . . . may enter into the Service of King George, etc. 
[Charlestown, 1782.] 8vo. 

(Margins cut to text; addressed, on back, to Gen. Greene.) GG(248) 

pieces. National Alumni Edition, n.p., n.d. 20 vols., 8vo. 
Mor., g.t., unc. (rubbed). CC(83)$2O.oo. 


ford, January 20, 1794. A jGentleman from New- York has fav- 
ored us with a Paper printed last Thursday Evening, from which 
we have copied the following very Important Intelligence ! Ex- 
press Dispatched from Citizen Genet, at Philadelphia, to Citizen 
Hauterive, at New York. "The Duke of York is taken, with his 
whole Army . . . the whole People in Philadelphia are in the 
greatest joy/' etc. [Broadside.] [Hartford, 1704.] Fol. 
YY(6i) $10.00. 

GREEN (John R.). History of the English People. 4 vols. 
1881-83; [also] The Conquest of England. 1884; [also] The 
making of England. 1885. Portrait and maps. London, 1881- 
85. 6 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t. GH( 121) $15.00. 

-A Short History of the English People. N.Y., n.d. [about 

1887]. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Buckram, g.t. CD(i6s)$o.oo. 

A Short History of the English People. Ed. by Mrs. J. R. 

Green and Kate Norgate. London, 1892-94. 4 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski. U(n6)$i7.5o. 
Hf. cf. U(ii7)$i2.50. 

GREEN (Thomas M.). Historic Families of Kentucky. First 

Series. Frontis. Cincinnati, i88g. 8vo. 
Q. A(99)$24.50. 


GREENAWAY (Kate). Almanack for 1886. London [1886]. 

Orig. bds. RR (298) $7.50. 

A Complete Set of [her] Almanacks, 1883-95, and 1897. Il- 
lustrations in color. London [1882-97]. 14 vols., 32mo. 

V.b., in cl. case. 0(139) $105.00. 

A Day in a Child's Life. Illus. in color. London, Edmund 

Evans, n.d. Sm. 4to. 

Orig. bds. TTa(83)$9-OO. 

Language of Flowers. Illustrations in color. London, n.d. 


Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Taffin (orig. wrappers bound in). U(u8) 

Little Ann and Other Poems. Illus. by her. See TAYLOR 

(Jane and Ann). 

Marigold Garden. London, Edmund Evans, n.d. 4to. 

Hf. cl. (rubbed, inscribed to Helen Brown). TT(i8i) $55.00. 

Mother Goose. Illus. in color. London, n.d. i6mo. 

CL, in hf. mor. case (laid in is A. L. S. to Edmund Evans). 0(140) 

Pictures. From Originals presented by her to John Ruskin 

and Other Personal Friends. With an Appreciation by H. M. 

Cundall. Portrait and 20 plates in color. London, 1921. 4to. 
Hf. buckram, unc. K( 195) $10.50. 
Under the Window. Illustrations in color. London, Edmund 

Evans [1878]. 4to. 
Orig. bds. (inscribed by Edmund Evans to "Ralph Caldecott"). ZZ 

GREENE (George W.). The Life of Nathanael Greene. N.Y., 

1871. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc. KLa(2i3)$8.oo. 

GREENE (Robert). Life and Complete Works. Collection in 
Huth Library. See HUTU (Henry). 

GREENER (William). The Science of Gunnery. London, 1841. 


Cl. (recased; John Krider-Frecl E. Pond-W. L. Colville copy; used 
- by Henry William Herbert and annotated in his hand, A. N. of 

Colville, on verso of title, authenticating same ; inserted is A. L. S. 

of Pond). Z(278)$ 

GREENHOW (Robert). The History of Oregon and Cali- 
fornia. Folding map. Boston, 1844. 8vo. 

Hf. cf. (poor). L(77)$i2.5o. 

)4 cf. (presentation copy; laid in are 2 leaflets on the Falconer- 
Greenhow controversy over this work). YY (62) $19.00. 

The History of Oregon and California. Second Edition; 

Revised and Enlarged. Map. Boston, 1845. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. (rubbed, map backed with gauze). SS(i44)$7-5O. 

GRIFFITH (William). Historical Notes of the American Col- 
onies and Revolution, from 1754 to 1775. Burlington, N.J., 1843. 

Hf. cf. (rubbed, hinge cracked). KLa(2i5)$9.oo. 


GRIMM (J. L. and W. K.). Fairy Talcs. Trans, by Mrs. Edgar 
Lucas. Illustrations by Arthur Rackham, some in color. Lon- 
don, 1909. 4to. 

Vel., g.t. (soiled, col. illustrations mounted by hand). II (372) $25.00. 

German Popular Stories. 22 plates by G. Cruikshank. First 
editions. London, 1823-26. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski; in cl. case (title of first vol. is in 
Second state, with diaeresis over the a in Marchen, the "Travelling 
Musicians" has the shorter title, and page 218 contains a list of 
the plates ; the note referring to page vii of the Preface is omitted 
entirely in this copy; in Vol. II, front advertisements and fol- 
lowing blank are not present and Longman's publications occupy 
a single page at end). NN(67)$oo.oo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Tout (few leaves and plates in Vol. II re- 
paired at margin; Vol. I is First issue, with "Marchen" on en- 
graved title without diaeresis ; plates are in sepia ; Baldwyn's 
advertisement of the "Retrospective Review" has not been bound 
in). GH (56) $90.00. 

German Popular Stories. 22 etchings by G. Cruikshank. Lon- 
don, 1834. 2 vols., I2mo. 

y lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e. JJ(ioo)$ 13.00. 

Orig. cl. TT( 107) $26.00. 

Household Stories. 240 woodcuts by E. H. Wehnert. London, 

1864. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., inlaid, g.e. JK( 194) $37.50. 

GRISET (Ernest). Grotesques; or, Jokes drawn on wood, with 
Rhymes by Tom Hood. 100 designs in color. London, 1867. 

Orig. cl., g.e. (rubbed). MN(i53)$7-5O. 

GRISWOLD (Frank G.). A Collection of his Writings. Il- 
lustrations, some in color, y.p., 1913-30. 29 vols. 

V.b., mainly mor. f 28 vols. inscribed, with additional vols., dupl. copies 
of some of the above works; together 40 vols.). W( 84) $230.00. 


Bury (Richard de). The Philobiblon. Trans, by Andrew 

Fleming West. 1889. 3 yols., sm. 4to. 

Vel. with circuit edges (inscribed to Eugene Field by B. T. Caber, 
with A. L. S. also by latter, Field's autograph in Vol. II). V 
(3i3)$28. 5 o. 

Catalogue of an Exhibition of Illuminated and Painted 

Manuscripts, etc. Facsimiles. 1892. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. 0(142) $10.00. 

Catalogue of an Exhibition of Works by John Leech (1817- 

1864) . . . with an Introduction by Stanley Kidder Wilson. Por- 
trait in color. 1914. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. GH(i26)$i5.oo. 

Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of Some of the 
Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Langland to 
Wither. 1893; [also] Catalogue of Original and Early Editions 
of Some of the Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers 
from Wither to Prior. 3 vols. 1905. Facsimiles. 1893-1905. 
4 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. GH( 123) $25.00. 


GROLIER CLUB Continued. 

Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of ... English 

Writers from Wither to Prior. Facsimiles. 1905. 3 vols., roy. 

Hf. mor., unopened. I J (452) $12.00. 

Catalogue of the Works of Rudyard Kipling exhibited at the 

Grolier Club from February 21 to March 30, 1929. Portrait and 
facsimiles. 1930. 8vo. 
Bds., g.t., unc. DD( 128) $12.00. 

Chandler (Lloyd H.). A Summary of the Work of Rudyard 

Kipling. 1930. 8vo. 
Bds., g.t., unopened. MN (201) $10.00. 

A Decree of Star Chamber Concerning Printing. Made July 

u, 1637. 1884. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc.; in mor. case (signed by Robert Hoe, Jr., Brayton 

Ives, W. L. Andrews, Theodore L. De Vinne, and others). GH 


Orig. paper, unc. KL (68) $12.00. 

A Description of the Early Printed Books owned by the 

Grolier Club. Facsimiles. 1895; [also] Book Decorations by 
Bertram G. Goodhue. About 300 reproductions. 1931. 1895- 
1931. 2 vols., sm. fol. and 4to. 
Cl. and bds., unc. YY(63)$i3.oo. 

De Vinne (T. L.). Title-Pages as Seen by a Printer. 1901 ; 

falsoj Notable Printers of Italy during the Fifteenth Century. 

1910. 1901-10. Roy. 8vo and 4to. 
(With "The Charles Whittinghams, Printers" by Arthur Warren, 

1896; and "Depositio Cornuti Typographic!" by John Rist, 1911, 

together 4 vols. in various bindings). GH(i27)$45.oo. 

Facsimile of the Laws and Acts of the General Assembly 

for their Majesties Province of New- York, etc. 1894. Sm. fol. 
Vel. (back soiled). TT( 184) $17.00. 
Vel., unc. KL(7o)$i2.oo. 
$4 mor., g.t. MN(i24)$ 

Fay (Bernard). Notes on the American Press at the End 

of the Eighteenth Century. Facsimiles. 1927. Fol. 
Bds., unc. KLa(i6s)$i6.oo. 
Bds., unc.; in case. NO (146) $10.00. 

Hart (Charles H.). Catalogue of the Engraved Portraits 

of Washington. Plates. 1904. 4to. 

34 lev. mor., g.t., unc. (covers loose; inserted is portrait of Wash- 
ington, engraved by T. Holloway after Stuart). \V(8s)$i7.5O. 

Orig. bds., unc., unopened. QQ( 195) $13.00. 

Bds., unc. GH ( 135) $50.00. 

Hewlett (Maurice). Quattrocentisteria. John Henry Nash, 

1921. Sm. fol. 
Bds., unc. KL( 72) $10.50. 

Irving (Washington). A History of New York. By Died- 

rich Knickerbocker . . . Illustrations by Geo. H. Boughton, Will 
H. Drake, and Howard Pyle, and Etchings by Henry C. Eno 
and F. Raubicheck. 1886, 2 vols., 8vo. 



Bds., unc. (2 additional proofs before letters of both etched frontis- 
pieces). GH ( 136) $17.50. 

Kennedy (Edward G.). The Etched Work of Whistler. . . . 

Introduction by Royal Cortissoz. One vol. text; 3 vols. plates, 
over 1000 reproductions. 1910. 4 vols., imp. 8vo and 4to. 

Bds. and cl. (laid in are 7 supplementary plates; Herman and Paul 
Jaehne copy). ZZ( 154) $220.00. 

Kent (Henry W.). Bibliographical Notes on One Hun- 
dred Books Famous in English Literature. 1903. Imp. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. EF( 503) $55.00. 
Orig. bds., unc. GH( 137) $27.50. 

Le Roux de Lincy (A.-J.-V.). Researches concerning Jean 

Grolier, his Life and his Library . . . Edited by Baron Roger 
Portalis . . . Translated and revised by Carolyn Shipman. Plates 
in color. 1907. 4to. 
Hf. mor., unc. GH(i38)$i7.5O. 

Levis (H. C.). Baziliologia. Japan paper. 1913. 4to. 

Bds. TT(i82)$io.oo. 

Livingston (Luther S.). Franklin and His Press at Passy. 

Portrait and facsimiles. 1914. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in bd. case (inscribed to G. H. Sargent, laid in is 
A. L. S. also to Sargent; with "A New Imprint of the Passy 
Press" by Randolph G. Adams, n.p. [1926]). DD (79) $42.50. 

Omar Khayyam. Rubaiyat. Trans, by Edward Fitzgerald. 

Japan paper. 1885. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc.; in hf. mor. case. (Herman M. Schroeter copy). 


Orig. paper, unc.; in mor. case. GH( 140) $27.50. 
Orig. paper, unc. KL (69) $10.00. 

Pichon (Jerome). The Life of Charles Henry, Count Hoym. 

1899. Roy. 8vo. 
24 mor. MX (125) $7.50. 

Ruzicka (Rudolph). New York, a Series of Wood Engrav- 
ings in Colour and a Note on Colour Printing. Illustrations. 
1915. Roy. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. KL(7i)$i9.oo. 

Stauffer (David M.). American Engravers Upon Copper 

and Steel. 43 plates. 1907. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. DE(ii6)$8o.oo. 

Bds., unc. GH( 141) $70.00. 

Bds., unc. (presentation copy; with "American Engravers upon Cop- 
per and Steel: Biographical Sketches and Check Lists of En- 
gravings" by Mantle Fielding, Phila., 1917, autographed; together 
3 vols.). XO( 145) $100.00. 

Woodberry (George E.). One Hundred Books Famous in 

English Literature. Facsimiles. 1902. Imp. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. 0(143) $70.00. 
Orig. bds., unc. GH( 125) $55.00. 

GRONOW (Rees H.). Reminiscences. First Scries. 1862; 
Second Series: Recollections and Anecdotes. 1863; Third Se- 


GRONOW (Rees H.) Continued. 

ries: Celebrities of London and Paris. 1865; Fourth Series: 
Last Recollections. 1866. Illustrations. London, 1862-66. 4 
vols., I2mo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., by Zaehnsdorf (corners rubbed). R(42)$io.oo. 

GROTE (George). History of Greece. Portrait and maps. Lon- 
don, 1854-56. 12 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Riviere. GH(i42)$ 

GRUEL (Leon). Manuel Historique et Bibliographique de 
1'Amateur de Reliures. Plates, many in color. Paris, 1887. 2 
vols., 4to. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Gruel. R(395)$27-5<>. 

GRUNER (Lewis). Specimens of Ornamental Art, selected 
from the Best Models of the Classical Epochs. 80 col. and plain 
plates. London and Paris, 1850. 2 vols., fol. 

Hf. mor. (rubbed). G(288)$T3.oo. 


GU6RARD (Eugene). Australian Landscapes. [24 tinted litho- 
graphs with descriptive letter press.] Melbourne, n.d. Obi. el. 

Vi mor., g.t. (rubbed; foxed, tear in fly leaf). TT(i6)$i4.oo. 

GU6RINIERE (Robichon de la), ficole de Cavalerie. Folding 
plates. Paris, 1733. Fol. 

y cf. (rubbed, writing on title). Z(iO2)$io.oo. 

GUIBERT (James A. H.). Journal d'un Voyage en Allemagne, 
fait en 1773 . . . et precede d'une Notice Historique sur la Vie 
de TAuteur, par F. E. Toulongeon. Engraved frontis. [Vol. I 
only.] Paris, 1803. 8vo. 

Orig. cf., in hf. mor. case (Napoleon's copy, with imperial eagle 
stamped on sides and "Malmaison" in gilt on front cover). KK 
(134) $65.00. 

GUINEY (Louise Imogen). "Monsier Henri." Author's Edi- 
tion, signed. N.Y., 1892. i6mo. 

Orig. plaid cl., unc. and unopened (presentation copy, to Emma Witt 
Harris). K( 196) $11.50. 

Red and white cl.. unc. (with a copy of the 1892 trade edition, to- 
gether 2 vols.). M(ii4)$20.oo. 

CL, unc. (presentation copy, to Edmund Gosse). EF( 505) $55.00. 

Songs at the Start. Boston, 1884. i2mo. 

Cl. (inserted is A. L. S.). EF (504) $12.50. 

GUNN (Alexander). Letters; [also] The Hermitage-Zoar Note- 
Book. Portraits. N.Y., 1902. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. X (91) $8.00. 

GUTCH (John). Collectanea Curiosa. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 

1781. 2 vols., 8vo. 
*A cf. JJ(i 5 6)$8.oo. 


GUYOT (Raymond). Napoleon. Illustrations, some in color, and 

facsimiles. Paris, 1921. Roy. 4to. 
Orig. paper, unc.; in cl. covers. CC(84)$ii.oo. 


GYNECOCRACY. [Refers to the trial of Queen Caroline.] By 

the Author of "Rumours of Treason." London, 1821. 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., unc. VV(in)$2O.oo. 

HABBERTON (John). Helen's Babies. Boston [1876]. Sq. 

CL, in hf. mor. case (end paper torn, contains one leaf of advertise- 

ments, and has defective type in number of places). O (144) $10.00. 
Paper (wrappers frayed; 2 issues, one with perfect type on page 13). 

II (202) $17.50. 

Q. (rubbed and shaken, perfect type on page 13). XX(i5i)$ 
HABINGTON (William). Castara. Frontis. by William Mar- 

shall. Three Parts. London, 1640. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Club Bindery (A. B. Spingarn copy). VV 

(i 12) $27.50. 

HAFIZ. Poems. Trans, by John Payne. London, Villon Society, 

1901. 3 vols., 8vo. 
34 lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unopened; in case (Large paper). V(3o8) 

Vel., g.t., unopened (bindings soiled). TT( 187) $10.00. 

HAGEDORN (Friedrich von). Poetische Werke. Hamburg, 

1757. pmo. 
Wrought silver, carved clasp (3 vols. in one; text imperfect). U 

HAGGARD (H. Rider). Cetewayo and his White Neighbours. 

London, 1888. I2mo. 
Cl., unc.; in hf. mor. case (inscribed to Sir Henry Bulwer). EF 


HAGTHORPE (John). Englands-Exchequer ; or, a Discovrse 

of the Sea and Navigation. London, for N. Butter and N. Bourne, 
1625. Sm. 4to. 

Sewed, in hf. mor. case (few headlines cut into, size 6% x 5J4 in.). 

HAKLUYT (Richard). The Principal Navigations, Voiages, 

Traffiques and Discoueries of the English Nation. "Molineaux- 
Wright" map. Second edition. London, 1598 (First issue) -1599 
(Second issue) -1600. 3 vols., sm. fol. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (rubbed, 3 vols. in 2; lacks map, First issue of "The 
Voyage to Cadiz" is laid in from another copy; early name on 
title and some marginal notes). L( 78) $95.00. 

Cont. cf., tooled (rubbed, one joint cracked; piece torn from one 
backstrip; few margins stained, 3 torn; 3 vols. in 2, 1-2 measur- 
ing 8Mixi2/4 in., 3 measuring 7^x11^ in.; First issue con- 
tains the orig. "Voyage to Cadiz," pp. 607-619. Map, in second 
state, with inscription concerning Sir Francis Drake and the 
Straits of Magellan in the left of the map, is on paper measuring 
20x26 in., the engraving measuring 17^x25^ in.). LL(iO4) 

Cf. (Vol. 3 lightly stained, last leaf of Vol. 2 repaired; without map; 
with "Voyage to Cadiz" in MS.). LL( 105) $75.00. 

Collection of the Early Voyages, Travels and Discoveries 

of the English Nation. London, 1809-12. 5 vols., 4to. 
Hf., mor. G(29i)$27.50. 


HAKLUYT (Richard) Continued. 

Cf. (one joint broken, 4 vols. rehinged). UU (40) $22.50. 

See also FLORIDA. 

HALE (Edward E.). How To Do It. Boston, 1871. i6mo. 

Cl. (inscribed by Whittier to his nephew, Charles F. Whittier). CC 
(363) $11.00. 

The Man without a Country. [In the Atlantic Monthly, Dec., 

1863.] Boston, 1863. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (inserted is card inscribed 
"For Mr. Hoyt's collection, by Edward E. Hale. March 26, 
1874"). Q(20o)$i6.oo. 

The Man without a Country. Boston, 1865. i6mo. 

Paper (top edge frayed, backstrip mended). II (203) $27. 50. 

Paper, in hf. mor. case. NO (147) $150.00. 

HALfiVY (Ludovic). L'Abbe Constantin. Paris, 1882. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, unc. ; in cl. case. 0(146) $9.00. 

The Abbe Constantin. Illus. by Madeleine Lemaire. London, 

1888. 4to. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Rousselle (rubbed). F(93)$9.oo. 

HALL (Aaron). An Oration, delivered at the Request of the 
Inhabitants of Keene, June 30, 1788 ; to Celebrate the Ratification 
of the Federal Constitution by the State of New-Hampshire. 
15 PP. Keene, N.H., 1788. 8vo. 

Unbound (tear in last page). PP(i79)$i7.50. 

HALL (James). Sketches of History, Life, and Manners, in the 
West. Phila., 1835. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cl. (front fly leaf of second vol. lacking). 00(214) $10.00. 

HALL AM (Henry). Introduction to the Literature of Europe. 
London, 1873. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. A A (60) $8.00. 

HALLE (Edward). The Vnion of the two noble and illustre 
famelies of Lancastre & Yorke. London, Graf ton, 1550. Fol. 

Mor., tooled, g.e., by Or rock (title frayed affecting edge of its wood- 
cut border and mounted, no. of leaves water-stained; last blank 
lacking ; Lothian monogram and coronet stamped on cover, New- 
battle Abbey label inside vol.). LL( 80) $200.00. 

HALLECK (Fitz-Greene). Fanny, a Poem. Portrait. N.Y., 

1866. Roy. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Thierry; in bd. case (inserted is signed 

autograph poem "To Margaret"). NN(i07)$22.50. 

HAMERTON (Philip G.). The Etcher's Handbook. Second 
edition. 1875; [also] Same. Third edition. 1881 ; [also] The 
Sylvan Year. 1887. Etched plates. London, 1875-87. 3 vols., 

Cl. and cf. KL (60) $20.00. 

Etchings and Etchers. 35 plates. London, 1868. Roy. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by Zaehnsdorf (orig. covers bound in). KL (59) $22.50. 

HAMILTON (Alexander). A Full Vindication of the Measures 
of the Congress, from the Calumnies of their Enemies; In An- 
swer to a Letter under the Signature of A. W. Farmer. N.Y., 
James Rivington, 1774. 8vo. 


HAMILTON (Alexander) Continued. 

Unbound (few leaves cut close). QQ( 189) $31.00. 

Unbound (few leaves bleeding). BC(7)$I7-5O- 

A Letter From Phocion, to the Considerate Citizens of New 

York, on the Politics of the Times, in Consequence ot the Peace. 

Phila., 1784. I2mo. 
Y* mor. (rebound). E(io6)$i3.oo. 
Hf. mor., unc. FF (66) $15.00. 

Observations on Certain Documents contained in Nos. V 

and VI of "The History of the United States for the Year 1796," 
in which the Charge of Speculation against Alexander Hamilton 
is fully refuted. Written by himself. Phila., 1797. 8vo. 

Hf. roan (broken). G(38)$7-5o. 

Unbound. QQ ( 190) $32.00. 

[Broadside.] To the Citizens of New York. Your Atten- 
tion and curiosity having been much excited, by an Act passed 
at the close of the late session of the Legislature, incorporating 
Aaron Burr, . . . and others, into a company, stiled the "Man- 
hattan Company." Signed "A Citizen." n.p., 1799. Fol. 


-[Broadside.] A Yearly Tax of 140,000 Dollars! A Few 
Plain Facts, for the Consideration of the Electors of New- York! 
n.p., 1799. 4to. 

PP( 102) $10.100. 

A Collection of the Facts and Documents relative to the 

Death of Major-General Alexander Hamilton: etc. Ed. by Wil- 
liam Coleman, Editor of the Evening Post. N.Y., 1804. 8vo. 

Old cf. (rebacked, worn, title torn, text stained ; laid in is L. S. by 
Hamilton; bookplate of Authors' Club Library). F(43)$i5.oo. 

HAMILTON (Lady Anne). Secret History of the Court of 
England. London, 1832. 2 vols., 8vo. 

# mor., g.t. (rubbed). TT(i9i)$9.5O. 

HAMILTON (Anthony, Count). Memoires du Comte de Gram- 

mont. 72 portraits. London, n.d. Roy. 8vo. 
Mor. (rubbed). IJ(236)$7-5O. 

Memoirs of Count Grammont. Portraits. London, 1824. 2 

vols., 8vo. 
Mor., tooled, g.t., unc. TTa (82) $21.00. 

HAMILTON (Lady Augusta). Marriage Rites, Customs, and 

Ceremonies of the Nations of the Universe. London, 1823. I2ino. 
Cf., tooled, g.e. (Eugene Field copy, with his signature and bookplate). 
V(ioi) $13.00. 

HAMILTON (H. .). See HUBBARD (Gurdon S.). 
HAMILTON (John, Lord Belhaven). See BELHAVEN. 

HAMILTON (John C.). The Life of Alexander Hamilton. 

Portrait. N.Y., 1834-40. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t. (rubbed, Gustavia A. Senff copy). VV(ii3)$n.oo. 

HAMILTON (Stanislaus M.). Letters to George Washington, 

and accompanying Papers, 1752-1758. Boston and N.Y., 1898- 
1902. 5 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc. QQ( 529) $10.00. 


HAMILTON (Thomas). Men and Manners in America. Edin- 
burgh and London, 1834. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. OO(2i7)$8.oo. 

HAMILTON (William T.). My Sixty Years on the Plains. 
Ed. by E. T. Sieber. N.Y., 1905. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. H(6o)$ii.oo. 

HAMOND (Walter). A Paradox, prooving that the Inhabi- 
tants of the Isle called Madagascar, or St. Lavrence, (in Temporall 
things) are the happiest People in the World. London, for N. 
Butter, 1640. Sm. 4to. 

Sewed, in hf. mor. case (margins of 3 leaves torn). LL( 143) $45.00. 

HANNA (Charles A.). The Scotch-Irish; or, the Scot in North 
Britain, North Ireland and North America. Folding maps. N.Y., 
1902. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. KLa (226) $13.00. 

HANSON (George A.). Old Kent, the Eastern Shore of Mary- 
land. Bait., 1876. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. KLa (227) $13.00. 

HANWAY (Jonas). Account of the Society for the Encourage- 
ment of the British Troops, in Germany and North America. 
London, 1760. 8vo. 

Cf. (presentation inscription by Samuel Smith; Earl of Hertford 
copy). QQ( 192) $22.50. 

HARDING (Sylvester and E.). See SHAKESPEARE. 

HARDY (Thomas). A Changed Man. London, 1913. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. Q (206) $8.00. 

The Dynasts. Portrait by Thomas Dodd, signed by him. Large 

paper, signed by author. London, 1927. 3 vols., 4to. 

Bds., unopened. 0(207) $27.50. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in hf. mor. case. VV( 117) $20.00. 

Bds., unc. and unopened. EF( 512) $77.50. 

Fellow-Townsmen. Seaside library No. 738. N.Y., May 6, 

1880. 4to. 

Sewed, as issued, unopened. SS(33)$7-5O. 

The Hand of Ethelberta. . . . With Eleven Illustrations [by 

George du Maurier]. London, 1876. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. cases (rubbed and shaken; nos., in ink, inside covers). 

How I Built Myself a House. [In "Chambers Journal," for 

1865.] London, 1865. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (rubbed). M (iis)$i2.5O. 

Sewed, in hf. mor. case. 0(147) $22.00. 

Jude the Obscure. With an Etching by H. Macbeth-Raeburn 

and a Map of Wesscx. [London, 1896.] I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. (shaken, label inside cover). Q(2O4)$7.5O. 

Orig. cl. (First issue, with Osgood, Mcllvaine imprint on backstrip; 
with Hardy's "Satires and Circumstances," 1914; together 2 
vols.). II (204) $18.00. 

A Laodicean. London, 1881. 3 vols., i2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (rubbed, library labels removed from covers; 
Vol. I shaken : Vol. Ill has, at end, 32 pp. advertisements dated 
Dec. 1881). VV(ii5)$io.oo. 


HARDY (Thomas) Continued. 

Life's Little Ironies. London, 1894. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (bookplate). Q(2O3)$ii.oo. 

The Return of the Native. Frontis. map. London, 1878. 3 

yols., I2mo. 
Cl., in hf. mor. case (backs tightened, hinges cracked or frayed, stamp 

removed from covers). EF( 507) $22.50. 
The Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid. Harper's Franklin 

Square Library, No. 322. N.Y., June 29, 1883. 4to. 
Sewed (water-stained; piece torn from title, not affecting text, has 

been filled in). SS (35) $106.00. 

Tess of the D'Urbervilles. [London, 1891.] 3 vols., I2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (rubbed, library labels removed from covers). 

0(148) $80.00. 
Orig. cl. (soiled, reinforced at hinges; bookplate in each vol., writing 

in Vol. I; tipped in is A. L. S.). Q( 202) $105.00. 
Tess of the D'Urbervilles. With Forty-One Wood Engrav- 
ings by Vivien Gribble. Large paper, signed. London, 1926. 


Hf. vel., unc., unopened. K (200) $22.50. 
Orig. bds., unc. VV(n6) $19.00. 

The Trumpet Major. London, 1880. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t. M(ii6)$ 

The Woodlanders. London, 1887. 3 vols., I2tno. 

CL, unc. (lacks leaf of advertisements at end). EF( 508) $17.50. 
The Woodlanders. [In Harper's Franklin Square Library, 

No. 572-] N.Y. [1887]. Imp. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case. EF( 509) $8.00. 

A Collection of First Editions of his Novels. London, 1871 

[-97]- 39 vols., 8vo and I2mo. 
Hf. lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Stikeman (orig. blanks discarded, orig. 

covers and advertisements bound in). GH( 143) $160.00. 
Writings in Prose and Verse. Anniversary edition. N.Y., n.d. 

21 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Stikeman. VV(n8)$8o.oo. 

HARLAN (Richard). Fauna Americana, being a Description 

of the Mammiferous Animals inhabiting North America. Phila., 
1825. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in hf. mor. case (rebacked, autograph of Henry D. 
Thoreau inside front cover). EF( 1060) $20.00. 

HARMON (Daniel W.). A Journal of Voyages and Travels 

in the Interiour of North America. Portrait and folding map. 

Andover, 1820. 8vo. 

Orig. cf. (hinges cracked, label wanting). L(8o)$27.5p. 
Cl. (some pp. stained; with errata slip, map is facsimile). YY(6s) 


HARPER (L. D. Van Culin). Colonial Men and Times. See 


MAURIER (George). 


HARPER'S WEEKLY. N.Y., 1859-65. 5 vols., fol. 

Vols. Ill, IV, VI, VII, and IX, orig. cl. and hf. cf. QQ( 193) $8.00. 

Vols. V-IX,~i86i-6s, cl. (few pp. silked, several tears). TT(iQ2) 

HARRIS (Benjamin). A Short but Just Account of the Tryall 
of Benjamin Harris . . . for printing and vending a late seditious 
book called An Appeal from the Country to the City, etc. [Lon- 
don,] 1679. 4to. 

New 34 cf., g.t. I J (65) $40.00. 

HARRIS (Frank). Elder Conklin and Other Stories. N.Y., 
1894. 8vo. 

Cl. (presentation copy). JJ(i57)$35.oo. 

Elder Conklin. London, 1894. 8vo. 

Cl. (inscribed to C. G. Kekewich "Oct. 3ist./94"). EF(5i4)$i5.oo. 

Joan la Romee, a Drama. London, n.d. i2mo. 

Paper (First Issue, with the tipped-in errata slip; contains a letter 

from G. B. Shaw to Harris regarding this play, and Harris's 

answer). M(242)$io.oo. 

Oscar Wilde, his Life and Confessions. Illustrated. N.Y., 

1916. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. roan, g.t, unc. (Japan paper, signed). B(io6) $12.00. 

Hf. mor., white buckram, g.t. (soiled and shaken; Japan paper, 
signed). Q(2i3)$8.op. 

Cl. (shaken, carries imprint of Albert and Charles Boni; apparently 
a proof copy, with a blank leaf in place of the facsimile note at 
page 576, Vol. II and another blank at page 358; inscribed to 
Joseph Bernard Rethy "May 1916"). EF( 1172) $31.00. 

Oscar Wilde, his Life and Confessions. Portraits and fac- 
similes. N.Y., 1918. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (inscribed to Charles Ayres). A(i23)$i3.oo. 

HARRIS (Joel Chandler). Daddy Jake the Run-Away and 

other Stories told after Dark. Illustrated. N.Y., 1889. 4to. 
Orig. brfs. (worn). C( 134) $16.00. 

Mingo and other Sketches in Black and White. Boston, 1884. 

Orig. cl. (writing on title). C(i33)$i6.oo. 

Nights with Uncle Remus: Myths and Legends of the Old 

Plantation. Boston, 1883. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. A A (56) $n. oo. 

Light blue decorated cl. (faded, back-strip scuffed). II(2o8)$ii.oo. 
Blue cl., in hf. mor. case. NN(in)$i6.oo. 
Blue cl. (writing on end paper). JK( 1993) $8.00. 
Orig. cl. ; in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. OP(3i)$9,oo. 

Uncle Remus: his Songs and his Sayings. Illus. by Frederick 

S. Church and James H. Moser. N.Y., 1881. I2mo. 

Orig. slate blue cl. ; in hf. lev. mor. case (recased, rubbed; few pp. 
spiled; First issue, with 8 pp. advertisements at end devoted en- 
tirely to Appleton's publications). O( 150) $32.50. 

Orig. light blue cl., in hf. lev. mor. case (corners rubbed, inscription 
on fly leaf ; Second issue, with press notices of this work included 
in the 8 pp. advertisements at end). O(i5i)$i2.5o. 

Cl. (First issue). JJ( 158) $82.00. 


HARRIS (Joel Chandler) Continued. 

Green cl., in hf. mor. case (hinge rubbed, back tightened, one end 

paper repaired; First issue). NN( no) $16.00. 
Cl. (First issue, also Second issue; together 2 vols.). YY (66) $75.00. 
Yellow cl. (name on title, writing on fly leaf; First issue). DE 


Orig. cl. (loose; First issue). FG (352) $10.00. 
Yellow cl. (tear in one leaf repaired, name on title, writing on fly 

leaf; First issue). JK( 199) $15.00. 
HARRIS (Sir William Cornwallis). Portraits of the Game and 

Wild Animals of Southern Africa. Col. vignette on title, 30 col. 

plates, and vignettes by Frank Howard. London, 1840. Roy. fol. 
Hf. mor., g.e. (rubbed, First issue, with the vignettes ; autograph notes 

of Sir John G. Le Marchant). VV(ii9)$22.50. 
HARRISON (J. .) and MacCOLL (D. S.). Greek Vase 

Paintings. Col. frontis. and plates. London, 1894. Roy. fol. 
Cl. (shaken). \V(86)$9.oo. 
HARRISON (William H.). A Discourse on the Aborigines of 

the Valley of the Ohio. Folding map. Cincinnati, 1838. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. E(iO9)$8.5O. 

Sewed (name on title, leaf torn). UU( 66) $17.00. 
HARRISSE (Henry). Bibliotheca Americana Vetustissima. 

N.Y.. 1866. Roy. 8vo. 
Paper, unc. (loose). UU (67) $9.00. 
HARTE (Francis Bret). Condensed Novels, and Other Papers. 

\Vith Comic Illustrations by Frank Bellew. N.Y., 1867. I2mo. 
Cl. (binding water-stained). C( 136) $10.00. 

Excelsior. N.Y. [1879]. Obi. I2mo. 

Paper. YY(67)$io.oo. 

[Pictorial Broadside, folding to i8mo.] The Heathen Chi- 
nee. Illus. by H. Palmieri. Pictorial title and 10 panels with 
drawings illustrative of the episodes of the card game and verses 
from the poem. Phila. and N.Y., 1871. 

(Few folds strengthened) . H (64)$io.oo. 

[i2mo sheet of paper.] The Heathen Chinee. Printed on 

one side in purple ink. N.Y., Endicott & Co., Lithographers, 59 
Beekman St., n.d. 

In hf. mor. case. 0(157) $12.50. 

The Lost Galleon, and Other Tales. San Fran M 1867. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. lev. mor. case. 0(154) $155.00. 

The Luck of Roaring Camp, and Other Sketches. First Edi- 
tion; First issue, with 239 pp. only, and not including story 
"Brown of Calaveras." Boston, 1870. I2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (back rubbed, name on fly leaf). 0(155) $220.00. 

Cl. (backstrip chipped). T(o6)$ioo.oo. 

Orig. cl. (shaken, one signature sprung). V( 178) $12.00. 

Orig. cl. AA (58)$! 10.00. 

Terra-cotta cl. CC( 260) $235.00. 

Cl. (front cover cracked). JJ( 159) $50.00. 

Orig. cl. SS(39)$95.oo. 

Cl. (end papers scuffed). NO (153) $80.00. 

Orig. cl. (rubbed, nail-hole in one hinge). OP (34a) $60.00. 


HARTE (Francis Bret) Continued. 

Mr. Jack Hamlin's Meditation, and Other Stories. Boston, 

1899. I2mo. 

Orig. red cl. (inscribed to Madame Van de Velde). TT( 193) $40.00. 
Outcroppings: Being Selections of California Verse. Edited 

by Harte. First edition, with error "Sraining" for "Straining" 

on page 70, line 7. San Fran., Roman, 1866. Sq. I2mo. 
Cl., in cl. case (Second issue, with ornament at end of page 102). 


Poems. Boston, 1871. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. AA (57) $7-50. 

The Queen of the Pirate Isle. Illustrations in color by Kate 

Greenaway. First edition; First issue, with gilt edges. London, 

n.d. [1886]. 8vo. 
Cl., g.e. ; in cl. case (inscribed to Mrs. Douglas Murray). 0(156) 


Orig. pictorial cl., g.e. JJ(i53) $16.00. 
Pictorial cl., g.e. EF(si7)$i2.5O. 
Stories and Condensed Novels. [Vol. V of the complete 

works.] London, 1881. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (inscribed to Geraldine Webb). KL(76)$8.oo. 
Works. Portrait. California Edition. Boston and N.Y., 1929. 

10 vols., sm. 8vo. 
V 4 mor., g.t. X (93) $45.00. 

Writings. Illustrations by Woodbury, Remington, Foote, and 

others, a number of the plates signed in pencil by the artists. 

Autograph edition, author's signature, and date in Vol. I. Boston, 

n.d. 20 vols., 8vo. 
J4 lev. mor., g.t., unc. (with "The Life of Bret Harte" by Henry 

Childs Merwin, Boston, IQII, together 21 vols.). U( 121) $280.00. 
Buckram, unc. GH( 147 )?i 15.00. 

HARTLIB (Samuel). A Description of the Famous Kingdome 

of Macaria. London, for F. Constable, 1641. Sm. 4to. 

Unbound, in hf.. mor. case (size 7x5^4 in.)- LL( 145) $55.00. 

HARVARD CLASSICS (The). Ed. by Charles W. Eliot. Illus- 
trations. Edition de Luxe. X.Y., n.d. 51 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. U(i22)$8o.oo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. U( 123) $50.00. 

HARVARD UNIVERSITY. Pietas et Gratulatio Collegii 
Cantabrigiensis apud Novanglos. Boston, Green and Russell, 
1761. 4to. 

Orig. sheep (one joint broken, errata slip lacking). NO (275) $50.00. 

HASLETON (Richard). Strange and Wonderful Things hap- 
pened to [him] in his ten yeares trauailes in many forraine 
countries. Penned as he delivered it from his owne mouth. 14 
\yoodcuts. London, A [dam]. I [slip], for William Barley, 1595. 
Sm. 4to. 

Old cf., in hf. mor. case (6 7 / x 5-){r, in. ; rebacked ; first and last 
leaves missing, marginal stains on the last 3 leaves present). LL 
(101) $500.00. 

HASSELL (John). Picturesque Rides and Walks, with Excur- 
sions by Water, Thirty Miles round the British Metropolis. 120 


HASSELL (John) -Continued. 

col. aquatint plates, by John Hassell and D. Havell, after Hassell. 

London, 1817-18. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Mor., g.e., by Riviere (Large paper, one marginal repair). R(396) 


Tour of the Grand Junction. 24 col. aquatint plates. London, 
1819. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in mor. case (rebacked with part of orig. back pre- 
served, label on back defective, corners rubbed ; plates are bound 
in at end of vol.). VV( 120) $20.00. 

HASTED (Edward). History of Kent, England. Ed. by Henry 

H. Drake. London, 1886. Large fol. 
Cl. (caricature laid in). C(i44)$io.oo. 
HASWELL (Anthony). Victory at Plattsburgh. [Poem.] 24 

pp. [Bennington, Vt., 181-] I2mo. 
Sewed. QQ( 197) $12.50. 
HATFIELD (Julia). See BRYANT (W. C.). 

HAVEN (Samuel). The Supreme Influence of the Son of God, 

in appointing, directing, and terminating the Reign of Princes. 
A Sermon occasioned by the Death of King George the Second, 
and the Happy Accession of His Majesty King George the Third, 
to the Imperial Throne of Great Britain, delivered at Portsmouth, 
January 25th, 1761. Portsmouth, N.H., D. Fowle, 1761. 8vo. 
Unbound (some headlines shaved). PP(n8) $12.00. 

HA WES (William Post). Sporting Scenes and Sundry Sketches; 

being the Miscellaneous Writings of J. Cypress, Jr. Edited by 

Frank Forester [H. \V. Herbert]. Plates. N.Y., Gould Banks 

& Co., 1842. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Bds., unc. (Large paper). Z( 122) $23.06. 
y* lev. mor., by Zaehnsdorf. Z( 123) $18.00. 
Orig. green cl. Z( 124) $17.00. 

Orig. dark purple cl. (name on end paper). Z( 125) $16.00. 
Orig. black cl. (inscribed by Herbert to Joseph A. Scoville, later 

Robert B. Roosevelt copy). Z(i26)$77.5o. 

HAWKER (Peter). Instructions to Young Sportsmen. Lon- 
don, 1814. i6mo. 
New mor., g.t., by Sangorski. Z(io8) $40.00. 

Instructions to Young Sportsmen. The second edition, with 

[6] explanatory plates. Frontis. in color. London, 1816. 8vo. 
Cf. (rubbed, backstrip loose). Z(i09)$io.oo. 

Instructions to Young Sportsmen . . . Third Edition . . . 

with ten explanatory plates. 4 plates in color. London, 1824. 

Roy. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (clippings pasted in). Z( no) $15.00. 
New V* mor., g.e. TT( 194) $13.00. 

HAWKESWORTH (John). An Account of the Voyages un- 
dertaken by the order of his Present Majesty for making Dis- 
coveries in the Southern Hemisphere, and successively performed 
by Commodore Byron, Captain Wallis, Captain Carteret, and 
Captain Cook. 52 maps and plates. London, 1773. 3 vols., 4to. 

Cf. (loose). L(8i)$i2.oo. 


HAWKESWORTH (John) Continued. 

New Voyage Round the World in the Years 1768, 1769, 1770, 

and 1771 . . . performed by Captain James Cook in the Ship En- 
deavour. [Vol. II only.] Map and illustrations, folding frontis. 
by Paul Revere. N.Y., 1774. I2mo. 

Cf. PP(20 5 )$75.oo. 


HAWTHORNE (Nathaniel). The Blithedale Romance. Bos- 
ton, 1852. I2mo. 

Cl. (advertisements dated July, 1852; Elizabeth M. Hawthorne copy). 
R (305) $22.50. 

Cl. (advertisements, dated April, 1852). GG( 198) $20.00. 

The Gentle Boy, a Thrice Told Tale. Frontis. by Sophia 

Amelia Peabody. Boston, 1839. Obi. fol. 

Orig. paper (torn, pp. frayed and stained; frontis. appears to be in 
earlier state with Sophia Peabody's initials and the date measur- 
ing 14^4 mm. and before the addition of the straight lines at the 
sides of the foreground; inscribed by Elizabeth M. Hawthorne 
to Robert Manning). R (299) $75.00. 

Printed wrappers, in cl. case (lacks back wrapper, illustration mended, 
edges rubbed, some edges silked, water-stain in upper margin of 
last 6 leaves). XX (161) $65.00. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (some foxing; artist's initials and date 
on frontis. measure ii l / 2 mm. and there is an additional line on 
each side of the plate in the foreground). EF(5i9)$85.oo. 

Orig. paper (portion of wrapper missing, foxed; artist's initials and 
date on frontis. measure ii l / 2 mm. and there is an additional line 
on each side of the plate in foreground). NO (155) $45.00. 

-Grandfather's Chair; Famous Old People; and Liberty Tree. 
Frontispieces and illustrations. Second editions. Boston, 1842. 
3 yols., i6mo. 

Cl. (binding of first vol. faded; front cover of third vol. has the chair 
in gilt; first vol. belonged to author's mother, has her signature 
inside cover and date "25th December, 1841"). R(30o)$9O.oo. 

The House of the Seven Gables. 4 pp. advertisements between 

front end papers. Boston, 1851. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (advertisements dated July, 1851). 0(159) 

Cl. (rubbed and shaken, some foxing; advertisements dated March, 
1851 ; presentation copy to M. L. Hawthorne, so inscribed by her). 
R( 304) $65.00. 

Cl. (covers stained, name on end paper, advertisements dated May, 
1851). CC (265) $11. oo. 

Cl. (advertisements dated March, 1851). JJ(i6o)$35.oo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (backstrip chipped, some foxing in text; ad- 
vertisements dated March, 1851). EF( 523) $17.50. 

Cl. (advertisements dated March, 1851). NO (156) $30.00. 

Letters to William D. Ticknor, 1851-1864. Newark, Carteret 

Book Club, 1910. 2 vols., i2mo. 
Hf. cl., unc. EF( 526) $16.00. 

Liberty Tree, with the Last Words of Grandfather's Chair. 

Boston, 1841. l8mo. 


HAWTHORNE (Nathaniel) Continued. 

Orig. cl. (name on fly leaf, one or 2 pp. foxed ; First issue, with read- 
ing "in a con-" on page 24). A A (61) $77.50. 
CL, in hf. mor. case (binding discolored). EF( 520) $55.00. 

-The Life of Franklin Pierce. Portrait. Boston, 1852. I2mo. 

Cl. (4 pp. advertisements, stitched in at front, dated July, 1852 ; E. M. 

Hawthorne-Rebecca B. Manning copy). R(3o6)$i5.oo. 
Cl. (writing on fly leaf; with another copy in stained and torn orig. 

paper; together 2 vols.). R(423)$io.oo. 

The Marble Faun; or, the Romance of Monte Beni. Boston, 

1860. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (worn). C(i38)$ii.oo. 

Cl. (First issue, Vol. II ending at page 284; advertisements are dated 
March, 1860; inscribed by Elizabeth M. Hawthorne to Robert 
Manning, jr., front end paper of each vol. autographed by him). 

Cl. (First issue, Vol. II ending with page 284; advertisements are 
dated March, 1860). JJ(i6i)$8.5o. 

Orig. cl. (worn, shaken, name inside cover; First issue, Vol. II con- 
cluding with page 284). XX (159) $23.00. 

Cl. (First issue, with 284 pp. only in Vol. II; advertisements dated 
March, 1860). NO(i59)$i3-50. , 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (First issue, without the 
"Conclusion" which follows page 284, Vol. II in later issues ; ad- 
vertisements dated March, 1860). OP(3g)$ii.oo. 

Mosses From an Old Manse, in Two Parts. X.Y., 1846. 2 

vols., I2mo. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (front wrapper of Vol. I loose, back 
wrapper torn at hinge; First issue with imprints of Craighead, 
printer, and Smith, stereotyper, on verso of each title and with 
15 titles only listed among advertisements on back wrapper*; 
presentation copy, both front wrappers inscribed to Robert Man- 
ning ) . R ( 302 ) $2200.00. 

Orig. cl. (2 vols. in one, names of printer and stereotyper on verso of 
title of Vol. I). YY (69) $22.50. 

Orig. cl. (2 vols. in one; rebacked, foxed, bookplate inside front 
cover; names of printer and stereotyper on verso of title). MX 
(i 33) $30.00. 

Our Old Home, a Series of English Sketches. Boston, 1863. 

Cl. (inscribed, apparently by recipient and a member of her family, 

as presentation copy to Mrs. Rebecca D. Manning). R(3if) 

Cl. (backstrip worn, laid in is D. S.). GG (200) $8.00. 

Passages from the English Note-Books. Boston, 1870. 2 vols , 

Orig. cl. (rubbed). IJ(69)$i3.oo. 

Peter Parley's Universal History, on the basis of Geography 

for the Use of Families. Ed. anonymously by Hawthorne and 
his sister. Boston, 1837. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. H(69)$845.oo. 

Cl., g.e. (tear in backstrip of first vol. and in preliminary blank of 


HAWTHORNE (Nathaniel) Continued. 

second vol., some foxing; inscribed to Robert Manning). R 
(297) $2200.00. 

The Scarlet Letter. Boston, 1850. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (binding stained and scuffed, name on fly leaf; this copy 

is without advertisements). A (125) $210.00. 
Orig. cl. (backstrip and 2 corners broken). E(no) $100.00. 
Cl. (back frayed, laid in is signed cheque). F (96) $100.00. 
Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (rubbed, one signature loose; name and 

date, "March ist, 1850," written on 2 front end papers and first 

page of advertisements). H( 71) $80.00. 
Orig. cl. (loose at hinges, shaken, and spotted; name inside front 

cover). K(205)$53.oo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. lev. mor. case (rubbed, backstrip repaired, label re- 
moved from inside front cover). 0(158) $105.00. 
Cl. (rubbed, without advertisements; inscribed to Mrs. Manning). R 

Cl. (worn, shaken, stained; strip torn from margins of 3 leaves; name 

on end paper and on one page of advertisements). U( 124) $30.00. 
Mor. f tooled, g.t. (orig. backstrip pasted on back fly leaf, slightly 

foxed). V(i8o)$75.oo. 

Cl. (worn and stained, several pp. loose). CC( 264) $25.00. 
Orig. cl. (tightened, backstrip repaired). SS(4i)$4O.oo. 
Mor., g.t., mottled end papers, by Zaehnsdorf (orig. covers bound in). 

YY (70) $70.00. 
Cl., in hf. mor. case (back frayed, laid in is customs D. S.). EF 

(521)$! 10.00. 
Lev. mor., inlaid; in mor. case (orig. covers bound in). EF(522) 

Orig. cl., unc.: in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (cont. name on title; 

this copy is without advertisements). OP (36) $210.00. 

The Scarlet Letter. Boston, 1850. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid (orig. covers preserved; advertisements are 
dated Oct. i, 1849; 2-page Preface has been removed; inserted 
is D. S. by Hawthorne as Surveyor of the Port of Salem). U 
(125) $20.00. 

-The Scarlet Letter. Illustrated. Boston, 1878. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. II(2ii)$2i.oo. 

The Scarlet Letter. 15 col. plates by A. Robaudi and C. Gra- 
ham. N.Y., Privately Printed, 1904. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, unc. (Japan paper, plates in 2 states, one set col. by 
hand). F(97)$i3.oo. 

The Scarlet Letter. Illus. by Valenti Angelo. N.Y., 1928. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. CD(i73)$io.oo. 

Tanglewood Tales for Girls and Boys; Being a Second 

Wonder-Book. Engraved title and plates. Boston, 1853. i6mo. 
Cl. (one quire sprung, light foxing; advertisements, dated August, 

1853, list this work as "Just Out" without quoting price ; inscribed 

by Rebecca B. Manning as presentation copy to her). R(309) 

Cl., in cl. case (advertisements, dated August, 1853, list this book 

without quoting price). EF (525) $8.00. 


HAWTHORNE (Nathaniel) Con tinned. 

True Stories from History and Biography. Plates. Boston, 

1851. I2mo. 
Cl. (rubbed, writing on end paper). NO (157) $15.00. 

Twice-Told Tales. Boston, 1837. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (backstrip repaired, name on fly leaf). H (70) $175.00. 

Cl. (backstrip torn, one quire sprung; First issue, with assignment 

of "The May-Pole of Merry Mount," in Table of Contents, to 

page 78; inscribed to Mrs. Rebecca D. Manning). R(2p8) 

Cl. (shaken, frayed, and stained; some foxing in text; First issue). 

CC (263) $10.00. 

Twice-Told Tales. Boston, 1842. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cl. (presentation copy to Maria Manning, so inscribed by her). R 


The Weal-Reaf, a Record of the Essex Institute Fair, held at 

Salem, Sept. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. [Contains letter from Hawthorne.] 
With 2 Supplementary Numbers, Sept. 10, 11. 56 pp. and 2 leaves. 
Salem. Swasey, 1860. Sm. 4to. 
Hf. roan. H(72)$io.oo. 

A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys. Plates. Boston, 1852. 

Cl., First binding (few time-stains; inscribed by Rebecca B. Manning 

as presentation copy to her). R( 308) $120.00. 
Cl., First binding (with his "The Life of Franklin Pierce," together 

2 vols.). EF(524)$i5.oo. 

A Wonder Book. Illus. by Arthur Rackham. Numbered and 

signed by Rackham. London, n.d. [about 1913]. 4to. 

Cl., g.t. (shaken, soiled, and blistered). XX (331) $12.50. 

Complete Writings. Plates, India paper proofs, many signed 

by artists. Autograph Edition, signed by author's daughter and 
by publishers. Boston, 1900. 22 vols., 8vo. 

Y mor., g.t., unc. X (94) $198.00. 


HAY (Henry Hanby). Created Gold and Other Poems. Phila., 

A. Edward Newton and Co., 1893. 8vo. 
Orig. hf. linen, unc. EE(i8) $17.00. 

HAY (John). Jim Bludso of the Prairie Belle, and Little 

Breeches. Illustrations by S. Ey tinge, jr. Boston, 1871. I2mo. 
Orig. paper (back chipped). F (99) $20.00. 
Paper (rubbed and soiled). XX (165) $13.00. 
Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case. EF( 527) $20.00. 

Little-Breaches: a Pike County View of Special Providence. 

Illustrations by J. F. Engei. N.Y., 1871. 8vo. 
Paper. YY( 7 i)$i3-OO. 

Pike County Ballads and Other Pieces. Boston, 1871. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (bookplate removed from inside front cover, 
inserted is A. L. S.). O(i6o)$22.50. 

HAYLEY (William): The Life of Milton. London, 1706. 4 to. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked, corners repaired; inscribed to Mrs. Wcllford) 


HAYLEY (William) Continued. 

The Xife and Posthumous Writings of William Cowper, 

Esqr. With Supplementary volume. Plates by William Blake. 
Large paper. Chichester, 1803-04-06. 4 vols., roy. 4to. 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in 2 cl. cases (worn, backstrips and labels defective, 
inner half of front end paper of Vol. II lacking ; laid in is A. L. S. 
of Flaxman to Hayley, dated Feb. 25, 1802, enclosing a proof of 
Blake's engraving of the Monument to Cowper, criticizing it in 
detail, and submitting overleaf a wash sketch of a revised de- 
sign). EF (529) $55.00. 


HAYWARD (Abraham). Biographical and Critical Essays. 

London, 1858-74. 5 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., g.t. (rubbed, scuffed). XT (196) $22.00. 

HAYWARD (Arthur L.). Lives of the Most Remarkable Crim- 
inals. Illustrations. London, 1927. Roy. 8vo. 
$4 mor., g.t, by Sangorski. YYa (46) $14.00. 

HAYWARD (Silvanus). History of the Town of Gilsum, New 

Hampshire, from 1752 to 1879. Maps and portraits. Manchester, 
N.H., 1881. Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., by Horton. A(295)$i7.oo. 

HAYWOOD (John). The Civil and Political History of the 

State of Tennessee ... to ... 1796. Knoxville, for the Author 
by Heiskell and Brown, 1823. 8vo. 
Orig. sheep. QQ( 199) $40.00. 

The Natural and Aboriginal History of Tennessee, up to 

. . . 1768. Nashville, George Wilson, 1823. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (foxed). NO (162) $150.00. 

HAZARD (Ebenezer). Historical Collections, consisting of 

State Papers, and other Authentic Documents. Phila., T. Dob- 
son, 1792. 2 vols., 4to. 
Y 4 cf. (loose, hinges split). MN(i3a)$i2.oo. 

HAZLITT (William). An Essay on the Spirit of Monarchy. 

Falmouth, Printed at the Minerva Press, by J. Philp [1822]. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc.; in hf. mor. case (on paper watermarked "1822"). 
EF( 532) $100.00. 

Liber Amoris; or, the New Pygmalion. Engraved title with 

vignette portrait. London, 1823. I2mo. 
Orig. bds., unc.; in hf. mor. case (rebacked, rubbed). O(i6i)$i7.50. 

The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. Illustrations on Japan vel- 
lum, frontispieces in color. Imperial Edition de Luxe. London, 
Grolier Society, n.d. 6 vols., 8vo. 

24 mor., g.t., unc. X( 131) $12.00. 

The Plain Speaker; or, Opinions on Books, Men, and Things. 

London, 1826. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. bds., in lev. mor. case (rubbed, hinges cracked, writing on 

titles). 0(162) $17.50. 
Orig. bds., unc. (backs repaired). EF(536)$9.oo. 

The Round Table: a Collection of Essays on Literature, 

Men, and Manners. Edinburgh, 1817. 2 vols., I2mo. 


HAZLITT (William) Continued. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in cl. case (one vol. rebacked, one repaired). EF 

HEAD (Richard) and KIRKMAN (Francis). The English 

Rogue. London, 1665-1680. [Reprint. 1874?] 4 vols., i6mo. 
H cf., leath. labels, g.t., unc. K (265) $8.50. 

HEAPHY (Thomas). A Wonderful Ghost Story. Reprinted 

from "All the Year Round," with Letters hitherto unpublished 
of Charles Dickens to the Author respecting it. Ed. by Mrs. 
Heaphy. London, 1882. i6mo. 
Orig. paper, in mor. case. VV( 59) $35.00. 

HEARN (Lafcadio). Chita, a Memory of Last Island. N.Y., 

1889. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (inscribed by George W. Cable to Mrs. Huneker). H(;6) 


La Cuisine Creole. N.Y. [1885]. 4to. 

Cl. (line 9 of Introduction has the word "Brulot" accented as here). 
EF( 538) $100.00. 

Fantastics and Other Fancies. Boston, 1914. 121110. 

Orig. bds., unc. EF( 545) $10.00. 

Gleanings in Buddha-Fields. Boston, 1897. I2mo. 

Cl., g.t. (embossed stamp on several pp., Augustus Phillips bookplate). 


Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan. Boston, 1894. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl., g.t. (binding stained). Q(222)$8.oo. 

In Ghostly Japan. Frontis. Boston, 1899. I2tno. 

Orig. cl., g.t. Q(223)$9.50. 

Japanese Fairy Tales. Illus. in color. Tokio, 4 vols., 

I2mo and i6mo. 

Sewed, in mor. case (on crepe paper). U( 126) $27.00. 
Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case. EF( 547) $30.00. 

Leaves from the Diary of an Impressionist. Boston, 1911. 


Orig. bds., unc. EF( 544) $10.00. 

The Old Woman Who Lost Her Dumplings. Col. illustra- 
tions. On crepe paper. I2mo. 

Orig. paper. V(i83)$23.oo. 

--Some Chinese Ghosts. Boston, 1887. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (rubbed, fly leaves stained). E ( 1 1 1 ) $45.00. 

Red cl. EF( 539) $40.00. 

Salmon cl., red top. JK (207) $30.00. 

Stray Leaves from Strange Literature. Boston, 1884. I2mo. 

Cl. (inscription on fly leaf). EF( 537) $40.00. 

Youma. Frontis. N.Y., 1890. 12010. 

White cl. figured in blue, paper label, unc. EF (541) $14.00. 


HEARNE (Samuel). A Journey from Prince of Wales's Fort 
in Hudson's Bay, to the Northern Ocean. Maps and plates. Lon- 
don, 1795. 4to. 

Old cf. (loose, plates foxed). L( 82) $45.00. 


HEARNE (Samuel) Continued. 

A Journey from Prince of Wales's Fort in Hudson's Bay, to 

the Northern Ocean. Maps and plates. Dublin, 1796. 8vo. 
Orig. cf. (rubbed, label removed from front end paper; one map split, 

another torn). OO(87)$n.oo. 

HEARTMAN (Charles F.). The Cradle of the United States. 

1765-1789. Frontis. Metuchen, N.J., 1922-23. 2 vols., 4to. 
Bds., unc. YY(i2)$i2.oo. 
Orig. bds. (inscribed). KLa (234) $12.50. 

[Catalogue of] A Short List of Rare and Fine Books. N.Y. 

[1913]. 8vo. 

Orig. paper (inserted is letter by Mr. Heartman to George H. Sar- 
gent). DD(ioo)$2o.oo. 

HEATH (Charles). Heath's Gallery of British Engravings. 
Plates after Smirke, Lawrence, Turner, and others. London, 
1836-38. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (foxed). JJ( 162) $9.00. 

HEATH (Gen. William). Memoirs. Boston, 1798. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Bedford. UU(69)$i6.oo. 

HEATH (William). Paul Pry's Trip to Margate. 6 col. plates. 
London, M'Lean, n.d. [1824], Obi. 4to. 

Orig. paper (rebacked, back wrapper not orig., repair in front wrap- 
per, plates repaired). R( 397) $10.00. 

HECHT (Ben). Fantazius Mallare, a Mysterious Oath. Draw- 
ings by Wallace Smith. Chic., 1922. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., unc. K (208) $13.00. 

HEMINGWAY (Ernest). A Farewell to Arms. Signed. N.Y., 

1929. 8vo. 

Hf. vel., unc. and unopened. K (2 14) $15.00. 
Hf. vel., unc. and unopened. M(i29)$i9.oo. 
Hf. vel., unopened. Q( 232) $12.50. 
Hf. vel., unc. JK(209)$i7-5o. 

In Our Time. Portrait by Henry Strater. Paris, Three Moun- 
tains Press, 1924. 8vo. 

Orig. bds. K( 21 1) $88.00. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in cl. case (stain on 2 corners, stamped "Review 
Copy," inscribed to Arthur Mers). EF( 554) $140.00. 

In Our Time. N.Y., 1925. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. 0(229) $7.50. 

Kiki's Memoirs. Translated from the French by Samuel 

Putnam. Introduction by Ernest Hemingway. Full Page Repro- 
ductions of Twenty Paintings by Kiki. With Portraits by Man 
Ray, Foujita. Kisling, Per Krough. Hermine David, etc. Paris, 
Black Manikin Press, 1930. 8vo. 

Orig. paper. Q(233)$i3.oo. 

Orig. paper (front wrapper dog-eared). XX (168) $10.00. 

The Sun also Rises. N.Y., 1926. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. 0(230) $20.50. 

Three Stories ... & Ten Poems. [Paris, Contact Pub. Co., 

1923.] i2mo. 


HEMINGWAY (Ernest} Continued. 

Orig. paper, unc. K (212) $78.00. 

Orig. paper, in bd. case. CD (179) $45.00. 

Orig. paper, unc.; in hf. mor. case. EF( 553) $130.00. 

Today is Friday. No. IV of the As Stable Pamphlets. [En- 

glewood, N.J., 1926.] I2mo. 

Orig. paper, drawing by Jean Cocteau. K(2i3)$n.5o. 
A Collection of First Editions of his Writings. N.Y. and 

Paris, 1925-30. 6 vols., I2mo and sm. 4to. 
Cl. and orig. paper. EF( 555) $52.50. 
HENDERSON (George F. R.). Stonewall Jackson and the 

American Civil War. Maps and plates. N.Y., 1898. 2 vols., 8vo. 
&cf., g.t. TT (213) $20.00. 
HENDRICK (Burton J.). The Life and Letters of Walter 

Hines Page. Portraits, views, and facsimiles. Garden City, 

N.Y., 1922-28. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Buckram, g.t. unc.; in bd. cases (Large paper). X (943) $12.00. 
Hf. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. (3 vols. only, 1924-25; inserted in Vol. I 

is L. S. by Page). NN( 194) $10.00. 
HENLEY (William E.). Burns: Life, Genius, Achievement. 

Portrait. London, 1898. I2mo. 
Xew cl.. unc. (bound in are 2 A. L. S. by A. Smith to Edmund Gosse ; 

Gosse bookplate ) . EF (155) $27.50. 
HENNEPIN (Louis). Nieuwe Ontdekkinge van een Groot 

Land, etc. Engraved title, maps, and plates. Amsterdam, 1702. 


Old cf. (worn, front end paper wanting). GG( 132) $15.00. 
A New Discovery of a Vast Country in America. 2 folding 

maps and 6 plates. London, 1698. 8vo. 
Orig. cf., in mor. case (rubbed, one hinge cracked. Marques of Tueed- 

dale copy). R( 175) $185.00. 

Old cf. (rebacked, maps lacking). QQ (202) $29.00. 
Cf., tooled, g.e., by Pratt ("Bon" Edition: chapter beginning on p. 8<> 

is correctly numbered xxiii instead of xxii; one blank missing). 

UU (70) $145.00. 
A New Discovery of a Vast Country in America. Engraved 

title, 2 folding maps, and 6 plates. London, for Henry Bonwickc, 

1699. 8vo. 
Cf. (loose, back missing, maps torn, one plate damaged at margin). 

Orig. cf. (rebacked, worn, one joint broken; one map repaired, one 

water-stained ) . XO ( 163 ) $70.00. 
A New Discovery of a Vast Country in America. Plates and 

maps. Intro, by R. G. Thwaites. Chic., McClurg, 1903. 2 vols., 


>4 lev. mor., g.t. E(ii2)$i2.oo. 

HENRY (Alexander). Travels and Adventures in Canada and 

the Indian Territories, between the Years 1760 and 1776. Portrait. 

N.Y., 1809. 8vo. 


HENRY (Alexander) Continued. 

Orig. cf. (loose, name on title). L (84) $20.00. 

Hf. cf. (poor, title repaired, name on title). L(85)$i2.50. 

Hf. mor., g.t, tine, (loose). UU(7i)$4O.oo. 

HENRY (Alexander) and THOMPSON (David). New Light 
on the Early History of the Greater Northwest. Ed. by Elliott 
Coues. Portrait and maps. Large paper. N.Y., 1897. 3 vols., 

Bds. KLa (238) $16.00. 

HENRY (M. S.). History of the Lehigh Valley, containing a 
Copious Selection of the Most Interesting Facts, Traditions, 
Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, Etc. Folding lithographic 
views, portraits, and map. Easton, Pa., 1860. 8vo. 

Cl. RR(i33)$i3.oo. 

Mor. (views tinted). KLa (239) $16.00. 

HEPPLEWHITE (A.). The Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's 
Guide. Plates. London, 1794. Fol. 

Bds. NO(56)$i5.oo. 

I, complete, with 3 extras and index. June 4, 1794 to May 30, 
J795- N.Y., George Bunce & Co., 1794-95. Fol. 

Bds. (one cover loose, first 2 nos. torn, stained). DE( 121) $12.50. 

HERBERT (Alan P.). Poor Poems and Rotten Rhymes. Win- 
chester, 1910; [also] Half-Hours at Helles. Oxford, 1916. Win- 
chester and Oxford, 1910-16. 2 pamphlets, i6mo and I2mo. 

Orig. paper, unc., unopened. K (217) $12.00. 

HERBERT (Henry William). American Game in its Seasons. 
Illus. by the author. N.V., Scribner, 1853. I2mo. 

Orig. blue cl. Z(2O5)$ii.oo. 

Orig. red cl. (signature of Robert B. Roosevelt, June, 1853, on end 
paper ) . Z ( 2O( > ) $9.00. 

The Brothers: a Tale of the Fronde. N.Y., Harper, 1835. 2 

\o!s., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (author's name written on both titles). Z (117) $40.00. 

Orig. cl. (author's name written on both titles). QQ ( 1 5 ) $33.00. 

The Captains of The Old World; [also] The Captains of the 

Roman Republic. N.Y., 1851-54. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Grig. cl. (backstrip of second vol. repaired). A A (73) $12.50. 
The Complete Manual for Young Sportsmen. Illus. by the 

author. X.Y.. Stringer & Townsend, 1856. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. Z(23o)$i6.oo. 

Cromwell, an Historical Novel. Frontis. by Stuart, after 

Cooper. N.V.. Harper, 1838. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (inscribed to Miss McLeod). Z( n8)$65.oo. 
)4 mor. (2 vols. in one ; bound in is his "The Village Inn," N.Y., 

1843). Z(i 19) $12.50. 
Orig. cl. (rubbed, inscribed to Miss McLeod). QQ(i6)$52.50. 

The Deerstalkers; or, Circumstantial Evidence: a Tale of 

the South-Western Counties. Illus. by the author. Phila., Carey 

and Hart, 1849. I2mo. 

Y lev. mor. (erasure on title, affecting one letter). Z(i76)$47.oo. 
The Deerstalkers. Illus. by the author. "Collins, Printer" on 


HERBERT (Henry William) Continued. 

copyright page and fictitious copyright date, 1843. Phila., Peter- 
son, 306 Chestnut St. ["1843"]. I2mo. 

Orig. paper. 2(178) $13.00. 

The Deerstalkers: a Sporting Tale of the South- Western 

Counties. Engraved title and illustrations by the author. "Printed 
by T. K. and P. G. Collins" on copyright page and fictitious copy- 
right date, 1843. Phila., Peterson, 102 Chestnut St. ['1843"]. 

# lev. mor., g.t. Z(i77)$7oO. 

Dermot O'Brien; or, the Taking of Tredagh: a Tale of 1649. 

Illustrations engraved by Brotherhead, after Herbert. N.Y., 
Stringer & Townsend, 1849. 8vo. 

Orig. hf. mor. (note by Henry Thorpe inside cover : laid in is A. L. S. 
of Fred E. Pond calling attention to this note). Z(i8o) $10.00. 

The Dog. By Dinks, Mayhew and Hutchinson. Ed. and illus. 
by Herbert. N.Y., Stringer & Townsend, 1857. I2mo. 
Yi lev. mor., by Zaehnsdorf. Z (239) $12.50. 

a. z (240) $9.00. 

Orig. cl. (backstrip repaired). AA(78)$i5.oo. 

Field Sports in the United States, and the British Provinces 

of America. London, Bentley, 1848. 2 vols., I2mo. 

^ lev. mor., g.t., by Zaehnsdorf (laid in are A. L. S. of Charles Shel- 
don and A. L. S. of Fred E. Pond). Z( 165) $12. 50. 

Orig. cl. (inner joints weak, 2 pp. torn). Z(i66)$i6.oo. 

Fishing with Hook and Line. By Frank Forrester [sic]. Il- 
lustrations. N.Y., Peck and Snyder, n.d. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. Z (272) $18.00. 

Frank Forester and his Friends; or, Woodland Adventures. 

London, 1853. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Y mor. (J. G. Heckscher copy). Z (213) $25.00. 

Frank Forester's Field Sports of the United States and Brit- 
ish Provinces of North America. Illus. by the author. N.Y., 
Stringer & Townsend, 1849. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (worn, laid in are A. L. S. of Fred E. Pond and A. L. S. 
of C. C. Felton). Z(i67)$7-5O. 

Orig. cl. AA(7i)$30.oo. 

Frank Forester's Fish and Fishing of the United States and 

British Provinces of North America. Illus. by the author. Lon- 
don, Bentley, 1849. 8vo. 

Yi lev. mor., by Zaehnsdorf (clippings laid in). Z(i8i) $18.00. 

Orig. cl. (backstrip faded and worn). Z(i82)$n.oo. 

Frank Forester's Fish and Fishing of the United States and 

British Provinces of North America. Illustrated from Nature by 
the Author. N.Y., 1850. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. AA(72)$32.50. 

Frank Forester's Fish and Fishing. New Edition, Revised 

and Corrected, with an Ample Supplement by the author, together 
with A Treatise on Fly-Fishing by "Dinks." Plates. N.V., W. 
A. Townsend, 1859. 8vo. 

(rubbed, 47 plates have been col. by hand). Z( 189) $12.00. 


HERBERT (Henry -William) Continued. 

Frank Forester's Fugitive Sporting Sketches. Edited, with a 

Memoir of Herbert, and Numerous Explanatory Notes, by Will 
Wildwood [F. E. Pond]. Westfield, Wis., 1879. I2mo. 

Orjg. paper. Z (261) $18.00. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed by Pond to R. B. Roosevelt, laid in is envelope ad- 
dressed to the latter). Z (262) $13.00. 

Frank Forester's Horse and Horsemanship of the United 

States and British Provinces of North America. With steel en- 
graved Portraits of Celebrated Horses. N.Y., Stringer & Town- 
send, 1857. 2 vols., 4to. 

Orig. cl. Z (245) $14.00. 

Cl. (rubbed, writing on end paper of Vol. I, name erased from en- 
graved titles). DE(i22)$i5.oo. 

Frank Forester's Horse and Horsemanship. Revised, Cor- 
rected, Enlarged, and Continued to 1871 by S. D. and R. G. Bruce. 
Plates, portraits of Horses. N.Y., George E. Woodward, 1871. 
2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl. Z (247) $8.00. 

Frank Forester's Sporting Scenes and Characters. Illustra- 
tions by the author and Darley. Double frontis. in each vol. 
Phila., Peterson [1857]. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (A. L. S. laid in). Z (248) $25.00. 

Frank Forester's Sporting Scenes and Characters. New Re- 
vised and Enlarged Edition, with short biographical sketch of the 
author and an introductory chapter by Fred E. Pond. Phila., 
Peterson [1881]. 2 vols., 121110. 

)4 lev. mor., by Zaehnsdorf (inscribed by Pond to Harry W. Smith). 

Orig. cl. (recased). Z (250) $16.00. 

Guarica, the Charib Bride: a Legend of Hispaniola. Phila., 

A. J. Rockafellar, 1844. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc. (tear in wrapper). Z( 134) $13.00. 

Hints to Horse-keepers, a Complete Manual for Horsemen; 

and Chapters on Mules and Ponies. By the late Henry William 
Herbert (Frank Forester). Illustrations. N.Y., 1859. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (worn). Z( 251) $20.00. 

Ingleborough Hall, and Lord of the Manor. N.Y., Burgess, 

Stringer & Co. [1847]. 8vo. 
Orig. paper (J. G. Heckscher copy). Z( 162) $12.00. 

Isabel Graham; or, Charity's Reward: a Tale of New York. 

N.Y., Williams Brothers, 1848. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc. (tear in wrapper). Z(i74)$i3.oo. 

The Miller of Martigne: a Romance. N.Y., Richards & Co. 

[1847]. I2mo. 
Orig. paper, dated 1847 (J. G. Heckscher copy). Z(i63)$i4.oo. 

My Shooting Box. Engraved title and illustrations by Darley. 

Phila.. Carey and Hart. 1846. I2mo. 
Y mor., g.t. (laid in is A. L. S. by \Varren C. Freeman, mentioning 

the different copyright dates of this book). Z( 153) $53.00. 

My Shooting Box. Double frontispiece and illustrations by 


HERBERT (Henry William) Con timicd. 

Darley. "Collins, Printer," on copyright page. Phila., Peterson 

[1846]. I2mo. 

Orig. paper (laid in is A. L. S. of F. O. C. Darley). Z(i54)$i7.oo. 
Orig. paper. Z( 155) $21.00. 
Oliver Cromwell; or, England's Great Protector. N.Y., 

Miller, Orton & Mulligan, 1856. I2mo. 
Orig. brown cl. (with another copy, bound orig. purple cl.; together 

2 vols., worn). Z( 121) $8.00. 

Pierre, the Partisan: a Tale of the Mexican Marches. N.Y., 

Williams Brothers, 1848. 8vo. 
Unbound. Z ( 175 ) $i 5.00. 

Prospectus and Specimens of Frank Forester's Horse and 

Horsemanship, exhibiting the Quality of Paper, India Proof En- 
gravings, Pedigrees, Tables, etc. Two brilliant original impres- 
sions of "Flora Temple" and "American Eclipse" on India Paper. 
[N.Y., 1857.] 4to. 

Orig. cl. (inserted are A. L. S. and newspaper clippings). Z(244) 

The Quorndon Hounds; or, A Virginian at Melton Mow- 
bray. Illustrations by the author. Phila., Getz, Buck & Co., 
1852. I2mo. 

34 lev. mor., g.t., by Stern and Dess. Z( 202) $45.00. 

The Quorndon Hounds. "Collins, Printer" on copyright page. 

Illustrations by the author. Phila., Peterson, 306 Chestnut St. 

[1856]. I2ino. 
Orig. paper. Z (204) $15.00. 

The Quorndon Hounds. "Printed by T. K. & P. G. Collins" 

on copyright page. Engraved title and illustrations by the au- 
thor. Phila., Peterson. 102 Chestnut St. 11856]. 121110. 

?4 mor. Z( 203) $8.00. 

Ringwood the Rover, a Tale of Florida. By \V. H. [sic] 

Herbert. Phila., William H. Graham, 1843. 8vo. 
Unbound. Z ( 1 3 1 ) $ 1 7.00. 

The Roman Traitor: a True Tale of the Republic, a Histori- 
cal Romance. N.V. and Bait.. William Taylor & Co., 1840. I2in<>. 
Hf. mor. (2 vols. in one). Z ( 1 56 ) $8.00. 

Ruth Whalley; or, The Fair Puritan: a Romance of the 

Bay Province. [Boston, 1844! ; [also] The Innocent Witch : a 
Continuation of Ruth Whalley; or, The Fair Puritan. Boston, 
Henry L. Williams, 1845; [also] The Revolt of Boston: a Con- 
tinuation of Ruth Whalley; or. The Fair Puritan. Boston, Henry 
L. Williams, 1845. Boston, [1844-] 1845. 3 vols.. 121110 and 8vo. 
Orig. wrappers and unbound (first work has caption title, as issued, 
and wrappers dated 1 845 ) . Z ( 1 35 ) $ 1 8.00. 

The Silent Rifleman: a Tale of the Texan Prairies. N.Y., 

Beadle and Co. [1870]. I2mo. 
Unbound. Zf 260) $10.00. 

A Statement of a Recent Affair in Philadelphia. [Phila., 

1850.] 8vo. 
Sewed (included is a photostatic copy). Z( 195) $37.50. 


HERBERT (Henry William) Con tinned. 

Supplement to Frank Forester's Fish and Fishing of the 

United States and British Provinces of North America. Frontis. 
in color and other illustrations. N.Y., Stringer & Townsend, 
1850. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (rebacked, annotations in author's hand). Z(i96)$i6.oo. 

Tales of the Spanish Seas. N.Y., Burgess, Stringer & Co., 

1847. 8vo. 
y mor. Z( 132) $12.00. 

U-page leaflet.] Tom Draw. [Middletown, N.Y., n.d.] I2mo. 

(Inscribed "Compliments of T. Harry Ward, Grandson" [of Tom 

Draw]). Z(277)$2i.oo. 
Trouting Along the Catasauqua. With a Foreword by Harry 

Worcester Smith. Frontis. by Gordon Ross. N.Y. f Privately 

Printed, Derrydale Press], 1927. 4to. 
Orig. bds., unc. Z (271) $15.00. 

[Pamphlet.] The Village Inn; or, the Adventure of Belle- 

chassaigne: a Romance. N.Y., New World Press, 1843. I2mo. 

Orig. paper ( paster on wrapper ; slight erasure, affecting 2 words on 
wrapper ) . Z ( 133 )$i5.oo. 

Wager of Battle: a Tale of Saxon Slavery in Sherwood For- 
est. N.Y.. Mason Brothers, i8s5- I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (worn). Z( 228) $8.00. 

Orig. cl. AA(75)$i7-5o: 

The Warwick Woodlands; or, Things as They Were There 

Ten Years Ago. Phila., G. 1*. Zicber & Co., 1845. I2mo. 

Orig. paper (back wrapper and backstrip missing, minor repairs). 
Zf 139) $105.00. 

Unbound ( wrappers in photostat, blank part of title and part of last 
leaf missing). Z(i4o)$2n.oo. 

The Warwick Woodlands; or, Things as They Were There 

Twenty Years Ago. Illustrations by the author. N.Y., Stringer 
& Townsend, 1851. 121110. 

Orig. cl. (backstrip chipped). Z( 141 )$4/.oo. 

Mor. (ruf)bed, contains annotations of Harry W. Smith). Z(i42) 

Cl. X0(i6 5 )$25.oo. 

The Warwick Woodlands. With Introductory Chapters by 

Harry Worcester Smith. Engraved title and illustrations. War- 
wick, X.Y.. 1 020. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. ("This is a bastard edition of the Lordvale edition of The 
Warwick Woodlands, lacking as it does, all the Introductory 
Chapters written bv Mr. Smith with the illustrations. [Signed] 
Harry Worcester Smith" auction catalogue). Z(i43)$n.oo. 

The Warwick Woodlands. With Introductory Chapters by 

Harry Worcester Smith. Illustrations. [One of 50 copies for 
Presentation and review, printed prior to the Warwick Valley 
Edition.) Warwick, N.Y., 1921. 8yo. 

Mor. (inserted is a review of the Warwick Valley edition by William 
Nott (Will F. Pond); with "The Bookman's Journal and Print 
Collector" for Feb., 1022, containing a review of the Warwick 
Valley edition; together 2 vols.). Z( 144) $8.00. 


HERBERT (Henry William) Continued. . 

The Warwick Woodlands. With Introduction by Harry Wor- 
cester Smith. Illustrations and facsimiles. Lordvale Edition, au- 
tographed by Harry Worcester Smith. Lordvale, Worcester, 
Privately Printed, 1924. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. Z(i46)$2i.oo. 

Life [by Thomas Picton] and Writings of Frank Forester. 

Ed. by David W. Judd. Illustrations. N.Y., Orange Judd Co., 

1882. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. green cl. Z(267)$ii.oo. 

Life and Writings of Frank Forester. Ed. by David W. 

Judd. Illustrations. London, Frederick Warne & Co., n.d. 2 

vols., 8vo. 
Orig. brown cl. (laid in are A. L. S. of Thomas Picton and A. L. S. 

of Fred E. Pond). Z(268)$8.oo. 
Orig. green cl. 7(269) $8.00. 

The Newark Herbert Association to "Frank Forester." In 

Memoriam, May 19, 1876. Newark, N.J., 1876. 8vo. 

Cl. (laid in are letters relative to Herbert and mounted on end papers 
is excerpt from N.Y. Herald for Nov. 26, 1893 entitled "Lonely 
Grave of a Famous Author," by J. Charles Davis ; Isaac McLel- 
lan-J. Charles Davis copy). Z(32i)$i3.oo. 

See also -ffiSCHYLUS, also CORSAIR (The), also DUMAS 

(Alexandre), also GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK, also GRA- 
HAM'S MAGAZINE, also GREENER (William), also 
also SUE (Eugene), also SURTEES (R. S.), also WALTON 
(Izaak) and COTTON (Charles). 

HERBERT (Sir Thomas). Some Yeares Travels into Divers 

Parts of Asia and Afrique. Engraved title, maps, and illustra- 
tions. London, by R. B. for Jacob Blome, 1638. Fol. 
Old cf. (rebacked). P(8 9 )$2i.oo. 

HERGESHEIMER (Joseph). Balisand. Signed. N.Y., 1924. 

Cl. (inscribed). M(i3i)$ 

Gold and Iron. 1918 ; [also] The Presbyterian Child. Signed. 

1923. N.Y.. 1918-23. 2 vols., I2mo and 8vo. 
Cl. and bds. M(i3o)$io.oo. 

The Happy End. Signed. N.Y., 1919. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc., unopened (Large paper). K (21 8) $21.00. 

" Vhe Lay Anthony. N.Y., 1914. i2mo. 
Q. NO (166) $12.50. 

Linda Condon. Large paper, signed. N.Y., 1919. I2mo. 

Orig. blue buckram. 0(234) $8.00. 

Mountain Blood. N.Y., 1915. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed). K(22i)$i3.oo. 
Cl. (presentation copy). YY (75) $20.00. 
Orig. cl. (presentation copy). CD (185) $10.00. 

The Party Dress. Signed. N.Y., 1930. 8vo. 

Vel., g.t., unc., unopened. K( 224) $8.00. 


HERGESHEIMER (Joseph) Continued. 

Swords and Roses. Signed, on Japan paper. N.Y., 1929. 8vo. 

Vel., unc., unopened. K (223) $9.00. 

The Three Black Pennys. A Novel. N.Y., 1917. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (soiled). K(2I9) $12.00. 

Cl. YY(76)$26.oo. 

Orig. paper, in paper case (signed). CD (183) $26.00. 

HERIOT (George). Travels through the Canadas. Map and 

27 aquatint plates. London, 1807. 4to. 
Old cf. QQ (203) $32.50. 


The Hermean. 10 vols. ; [with] Manuscript Records of the Meet- 
ings of the Society. 6 vols. N.Y., 1869-1923. 16 vols., 4to. 
Printed vols. cf. and hf. mor., MS. hf. cf. UU( 152) $10.00. 

HERNDON (William H.) and WEIK (Jesse W.). Herndon's 

Lincoln, the True Story of a Great Life. Portraits. Chic. [1889]. 

3 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (name on half-title of first vol.). O(i63)$52.50. 
CL (one vol. worn). JK(2i2) $20.00. 

Herndon's Lincoln. Portrait. Chic., 1890. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. E(i8i)$40.oo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. (presentation copy from Weik with A. L. S.) V(24o) 

HERODOTUS. Historiae. Trans, into Latin by Laurentius Valla. 
Hd. by Antonius Mancinellus. 142 leaves. Woodcuts. Venice, 
Joannes and Gregorius de Gregoriis, 1494. Fol. (Hain *8472). 

Vel. (few holes; many leaves rehinged, some water-stained; leaf r 
misbound after s6). JK( 213) $32.50. 

[Historiarum] Libri novem. [In Greek.] Venice, Aldus, 1502. 

Cont. vel. (covers torn at edge). L( 222) $120.00. 

HERRERA (Antonio de). Historia General de los Hechos de 

los Castellanos en las Islas i Tierra Firme del Mar Oceano. En- 
graved pictorial titles and 14 folding maps. Madrid, 1601-15. 4 
vols., fol. 

Old cf . ( some leaves torn and water-stained, other slight defects ; Vol. 
VI lacks title). L( 86) $57.50. 

The General History of the Vast Continent and Islands of 

America, commonly call'd, The West-Indies. Trans, by John 
Stevens. Portraits. 3 maps, and 13 (should be 14) plates. Lon- 
don, 1725-^6. 6 vols., 8vo. 

Old cf. (broken). UU(72)$i5.oo. 

Description des Indes Occidentales, qu'on appelle aujourdhuy 

le Novveav Monde . . . Ayec La Navigation du vaillant Capi- 
taine de Mer Jaqucs le Maire, etc. Engraved title and portrait; 
one folding map and 16 double-page maps. Amsterdam, Michel 
Colin, 1622. Sm. fol. 
Cont. cf. (one joint cracked, maps time-stained). LL( 125) $80.00. 

HERRICK (Robert). The Hesperides and Noble Numbers. 
Ed. by Alfred Pollard. Preface by A. C. Swinburne. Portrait. 
London, 1891. 2 vols., 12010. 


HERRICK (Robert) -Continued. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Worsfold (Large paper ; Appendix bound in 
Vol. II). U( 128) $30.00. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t, unc. YYa (82) $10.00. 

The Poetical Works. Preface by Humbert Wolfe. Decora- 
tions (in color) by Albert Rutherston. London, Cresset Press, 
1928. 4 vols., I2mo. 

Vel., g.t., unc., unopened. -K( 226) $12.00. 

HEW ATT (Alexander). An Historical Account of the Rise and 
Progress of the Colonies of South Carolina and Georgia. Lon- 
don, 1779. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. hf. bds. and cf. (loose). L( 87) $20.00. 

Orig bds., unc.; in cl. case. QQ( 205) $41.00. 

Cf. QQ(2o6)$2i.oo. 

HEWLETT (Maurice). Earthwork out of Tuscany. London, 
1895. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t, unc. (faded, joints cracked). K( 227) $14.00. 

The Forest Lovers. London, 1898. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (soiled, shaken; First issue with half-title and "Copyright 
in the United States" on verso of title ; name in 2 places ) . Q (243 ) 

HEYLYN (Peter). Cosmographie. 4 folding maps. London, 
1652. 4to. 

Cont. cf. (broken at front hinge, bookplate and writing in ink inside 
front cover). (113) $17.00. 

HEYWOOD (Sir Thomas). Gunaikeion. Engraved title. Lon- 
don, 1624. Fol. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (margins stained, title mounted, few corners re- 
stored ) . CC (269) $12.50. 

Mor., g.e. (few margins stained, lacks blank Ai ; inscribed by Swin- 
burne and by Burnc-Jones). KF( 1030) $15.00. 

The Life of Merlin. Frontis. London, 1641. Sq. i2mo. 

Mor., g.e. (rubbed and stained; frontis. clipped and pasted to leaf 
facing title). OO(8i7)$7.5O. 

HIGDEN (Ranulph). Polycronycon. Woodcuts. Southwerke, 
Treveris, 1527. Fol. 

Old cf. (loose, no. of marginal repairs in end leaves; lacks 10 pre- 
liminary leaves, blank hh6, and last 10 leaves; contains a fac- 
simile of the missing woodcut title; numerous cont. annotations). 
L( 223) $10.00. 

Mor., tooled, monogram and coronet of the Marquess of Lothian, g.e., 
by Orrock (one leaf torn, stains and cont. inscriptions, Xcwhattle 
Abbey label). LL( 72) $125.00. 

Cf., tooled (hinges worn and partly cracked, marginal corner of title 
torn away and restored, few marginal tears and stains ; lacks blank 
"50"; note on fly leaf, apparently in hand of Maittaire). LL(73) 

HIGGINS (Godfrey). Anacalypsis. N.Y., 1927. 2 vols., 410. 
Buckram, g.t, unc. K(23O)$i4.oo. 

HILDEBURN (Charles R.). The Issues of the Press in Penn- 
sylvania. 1685-1784. Phila., 1885. 2 vols., 4to. 
Cl., g.t. RR(33Q)$8.oo. 


HILDEBURN (Charles R.) Continued. 

Sketches of Printers and Printing in Colonial New York. 3 

portraits. N.Y., 1895. 12010. 

Mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Riviere. JK (216) $8.00. 

HILDRETH (Richard). The Slave: or, Memoirs of Archy 
Moore. Boston, John H. Easthurn, 1836. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Bds. (name on titles). T(ios)$8.oo. 

HILDROP (John). An Essay on Honor, in Nine Letters. 
Elizabeth-Town, Md., Stewart Herbert, 1791. 8vo. 

Unbound. BC (26) $9.00. 

HILL (Isaac). Brief Sketch of the Life, Character and Services 
of Major General Andrew Jackson. By a Citizen of New- 
England. Portrait. Concord, N.H., for Isaac Hill, 1828. i8mo. 

Orig. wrappers, bound mor., g.t. QQ (239) $8.00. 

HILL (James). The Trial (at Large) of James Hill; otherwise, 
James Hind; otherwise, James Actzen: for Feloniously, Will- 
fully, and Maliciously, Setting Fire to the Rope-House, in His 
Majesty's Dock- Yard at Portsmouth, tried at the Assize, at Win- 
chester, on Thursday, March Oth, 1777. Taken in Short Hand by 
Joseph Gurney. London, G. Kearsly 1 1777]. Fol. 

Cf., g.e. FF(68)$6i.oo. 

HINGHAM, Massachusetts. History of the Town of Hingham, 
Massachusetts. Folding maps and portraits. Published by the 
Town, 1893. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (Vol. I in 2 parts). P(iO7)$i375. 

HISPANUS (Petrus), POPE JOHN XXI. Thesaurus sophis- 
matum circa tractatus parvorum logicalium. 22 leaves. Wood- 
cut on title. [Cologne, Quentell, about 1495.] 4to. (Hain 
8(x>6? * 1 5495?)- 

Ycl. (erasure on title, affecting a few letters; closing margins dis- 
colored, few early marginal notes). JK (338) $15.00. 

Henry S. Williams. Illustrations, some in color. London, n.d. 
27 vols., 8vo. 

Cf., g.t. U(i29)$75.oo. 


1 902-0 v 1 6 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl. QQ(2o8)$io.50. 


a Scries of Letters, written from America [1777-78] . . . contain- 
ing Observations on the General Management of the War, and 
on the Conduct of our Principal Commanders in the Revolted 
Colonies, during that Period. London, 1779. # v - 
I If. mor. (loose). L(io) $16.00. 


orable Accidents, and Tragicall Massacres of France, under the 
Raignes of Henry II., Francis II., Charles IX., Henry III., and 
Henry IV. London, T. Creede, 1598. Fol. 
Hf. cf. (rubbed, last leaf repaired). CC(74)$9.oo. 

tion. Frontis. by Kennedy, and <> plates. Phila., 1810. I2ino. 
Mor.. g.t. YV (78) Jf 16.00. 


HISTORY OF NATIONS (The). Ed. by Henry Cabot Lodge. 
Edition de Luxe. Phila., n.d. 24 vols., 8vo. 

Hf., leath., g.t. X(n6) $24.00. 


Great Britain and her Colonies. [Sometimes attributed to Pat- 
rick Gordon.] Folding map and folding table. Dublin, 1779-85. 
3 vols., 8vo. 

New hf. cf., g.t. P (91) $50.00. 

HITCHCOCK (James Ripley W.). Some Modern Etchings. 
N.Y., 1884. Fol. 

Bds. K(i3i)$io.50. 

HOBBES (Thomas). Leviathan. Engraved title. London, 1651. 

Cont. cf. (hinges cracked and repaired). EF( 558) $62.50. 

The English and Latin Works. Ed. by William Molesworth. 

London, 1839-45. 16 vols., 8vo. 

Old cf., tooled. X(94b)$56.oo. 

HOBSON (Robert L.). Chinese Pottery and Porcelain. Plates 
in color. N.Y.. 1915. 2 vols., 8vo. 

a., g.t. w (90) $60.00. 

HQBSON (Robert L.) and HETHERINGTON (A. L.). The 

Art of the Chinese Potter. Plates. N.Y., 1923. 4to. 

y 4 vel., g.t. CD(i96)$i9.oo. 

HODDER (James). Hodder's Arithmetic; or, that Necessary 
Art Made most Easy. The Five and Twentieth Edition. Revised 
by Henry Mose. Boston, J. Franklin, 1719. i6mo. 

Cont. cf. (rubbed, portrait lacking, also part of margin of title). YY 

HODGE (Frederick W.). Handbook of American Indians North 
of Mexico. Wash., 1912. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl. QQ(224)$7.6o. 

HODGKIN (John Eliot). Rariora . . . Printed Books, Manu- 
scripts . . . Pottery, etc. collected by [him]. Plates, some in 
color. London [1902.] 3 vols., 4to. 

Buckram, g.t. TT(i98)$9.oo. 

HODGKIN (Thomas). Italy and Her Invaders. Oxford, 1880. 
6 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl. AA(79)$io.oo. 

HODGSON (Ralph). The Mystery, and Other Poems. Deco- 
rated by Lovat Fraser. London, 1913. 8vo. 

Orig. paper (Japan paper). JK (218) $7.50. 

HOE (Robert). Catalogue of Books by English Authors who 
Lived before the Year 1700; forming a part of the Library of 
Robert Hoe. N.Y., 1903-04. 5 vols., J2mo. 

Orig. paper, unopened (wrappers soiled). 00(823) $7.50. 

HOFFMAN (Charles F.). Wild Scenes in the Forest. London, 
R. Bentley [1839]. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. cf. P (90) $16.00. 

HOFFMAN (Heinrich). The English Struwwelpeter. Col. il- 
lustrations. [London, 1887.] 4to. 


HOFFMAN (Heinrich) -Continued. 

Orig. bds., in cl. case (soiled, inscribed by "Lewis Carroll" to Emma 
Bowman ) . EF (260) $45.00. 

HOFFMANN (Ernest T. W.). Weird Tales. Trans, by J. T. 

Bealby. n etchings by Lalauze. Large paper. London, 1885. 2 

vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. 8(209) $8.50. 

HOFLAND (Barbara Wreaks Hoole). Little Manuel, the Cap- 
tive Boy. By Mrs. Hofland. Boston [183-]. 68mo. 
Orig. bds. BC (27) $22.00. 

HOGARTH (William). The Genuine Works. From the Orig- 
inal Plates restored by James Heath. London, 1822. At. fol. 

Hf. mor. (worn, some plates stained ; contains, in pocket at end of 
vol., the 2 plates "Before" and "After" cut down and mounted). 
CC (87) $15-00. 

Works. Intro, by John La Farge and Catalogue Raisonne by 

Austin Dobson. Plates. Phila., 1900. 10 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Mor., g.t., unc. F(ioi) $35.00. 

HOGG (James). Poetical Works. 5 vols.; [also] Tales and 
Sketches, by the Ettrick Shepherd. 6 vols. Frontispieces. About 
i83> n vols., I2mo. 

Cont. cf. YYa(86)$8.oo. 

Tales and Sketches. Engraved titles and frontispieces. Glas- 
gow, 1848. 6 vols., I2mo. 
54 cf., g.t. YYa(66)$ii.oo. 

HOLBEIN (Hans). Portraits of Illustrious Personages of the 

Court of Henry VIII. With Historical and Biographical Memoirs 
by Edmund Lodge. 84 col. portraits on tinted paper. London, 
1828. Fol. 
Hf. mor. (covers worn, inner hinges strengthened). F( 102) $17.00. 

HOLDITCH (Robert). The Emigrant's Guide to the United 

States of America. London, 1818. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. PP(i2o)$i6.oo. 

HOLINSHED (Raphael). Chronicles. [London] 1586-87. 4 

vols., fol. 
Old cf. (3 vols. in 4; binding poor; signatures Ai and Y6 of Vol. I 

and signature 8 of Vol. II lacking, a few marginal tears). L 

(224) $42.50. 

The Historic of Scotlande, conteyning the Beginning, In- 
crease ... of the Scottish Nation from the Originall thereof unto 
the Yeare 1571. Woodcuts. London, for John Hunne, 1577. 4to. 

Cf., tooled. 00(824) $48.00. 



HOLLEY (Mary Austin). Texas. Folding map. Bait., 1833. 

Orig. cl. FG( 163)$! 1.25. 

HOLLISTER (Hiel). Pawlet [Vermont] for One Hundred 

Years. Albany, N.Y., 1867. unio. 
Cl. A (266) $16.50." 


HOLMAN (Louis A.). The Graphic Processes Intaglio, Relief, 

Planographic. Boston, Goodspeed, 1926. Fol. 
In orig. cl. portfolio. DD(ioi) $15.00. 

HOLME (Charles). The Art of the Book. London, The Studio, 

1914. 4to. 
# mor., g.t. TT(326)$8.oo. 

HOLMES (Burton). Travelogues. Illustrations. N.Y., McClure, 

1908. 13 vols., sq. 8vo. 
Mor., g.e. G(3ii)$2i.oo. 

HOLMES (Oliver W.). Astraea: the Balance of Illusions. A 

Poem. Boston, 1850. I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in hf. mor. case. EF( 563) $25.00. 
Bds., unc.; in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. OP(6s)$ii.oo. 

The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table. Boston, 1858. 8vo. 

Y$ mor., tooled (advertisements preserved; First issue, with engraved 
half-title; tipped in is A. L. S.). C(i45)$27.oo. 

Orig. brown cl. (worn). 0(309) $8.50. 

Orig. cl., unc. (faded and chipped). K(232) $22.00. 

Cl. (worn; First, Second, and Third issues; together 3 vols.). M 

Orig. cl.. in hf. lev. mor. case (rubbed, several signatures sprung; 
First issue, with engraved half-title). 0(165) $25.00. 

Orig. cl. (First issue, with engraved half-title). A A (81) $40.00. 

Orig. cl. ; First binding, with 5 rings on backstrip (backstrip re- 
paired, inner hinges strengthened; pp. soiled; First issue, with 
engraved half-title). SS (48) $135.00. 

Orig. brown cl., in hf. mor. case (First issue, with engraved half- 
title). EF( 564) $110.00. 

Orig. cl. (worn and faded). FG (361) $16.00. 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (rubbed, several signatures sprung; First 
issue, with engraved half-title). JK(22o)$ 

Orig. cl. (shaken and rubbed, illustrations foxed; First issue, with 
engraved half-title). MN( 140) $18.00. 

Cl. (First issue, with advertisement on third end paper headed "Poetry 
and the Drama/ 1 that on the fourth, headed "School Books" and 
without leaf of advertising matter following the index). NO 

94 mor., g.t. (orig. covers bound in). NO (174) $8.00. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and lev. mor. case (name on fly leaf; First issue, 
with all the points brought out by Curie in his "Collecting Amer- 
ican First Editions"). OP (66) $160.00. 

The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table. Large paper. Boston, 

1859. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., signed "The Doves Bindery 18 Cfobden]- 

Sfanderson] 97"; in mor. case (presentation copy, inscription to 

Bayard Taylor on end paper, which is here inserted as a fly 

leaf). O(i66) $145-00. 

Orig. brown cl., g.e. (shaken, writing on fly leaf). Q(247)$io.oo. 
Orig. cl. ; binding of First issue, with "Boston" at foot of backstrip ; 

g.e.; in cl. case (illustrated). A A (82) $25.00. 
Mor., g.e. (writing on end paper, illustrated). YY(79)$i5.oo. 
Orig. cl., binding of First issue; g.e.; in cl. case (illustrated). OP 

(67)$! 1.00. 


HOLMES (Oliver W.) Continued. 

The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table. Portrait. Boston, 

1865. 24mo. 

Cl., g.e. (rubbed; inscribed to Charles Voysey, portrait signed). CC 
(271) $22.50. 

[Broadside.] Class Poem of '29. [Hymn of 5 four-line 
stanzas, beginning "Thou Gracious Power," sung at class meet- 
ing of Jan. 6, 1869.] n.p., 1869. I2mo. 

In hf. mor. case. A A (85) $22.50. 

Currents and Counter- Currents in Medical Science: an Ad- 
dress delivered before the Massachusetts Medical Society . . . 
May 30, 1860. Boston, 1860. 8vo. 

Orig. paper (autograph correction on page 22). AA (83) $10.00. 

Elsie Venner: a Romance of Destiny. Boston, 1861. 2 vols., 

1 2 mo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. lev. mor. case (corners rubbed). O(i67)$i5.oo. 

The Guardian Angel. Boston, 1867. I2mo. 

Cl. (presentation copy). YY (80) $25.00. 

The Guardian Angel. Boston, 1888. i2mo. 

Cl., g.t. (inscribed). EF( 570) $20.00. 

The Harbinger; a May-Gift. [Contains 17 poems by Holmes.] 
Boston, Carter, Hendee and Co., 1833. 8vo. 

Mor., g.e. (2 bookplates). MN( 141) $10.00. 

[Broadside, preceding the publication in pamphlet form, of 
the celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the First Church in 
Cambridge.] Hymn: The Word of Promise, (by supposition), 
an Hymn set forth to be sung by the Great Assembly at New- 
town, Mo. 12. I. 1636. [Boston, 1886.] 8vo. 

In hf. mor. case (this copy was removed from a scrap-book, signed in 
full). EF( 5 68)$32.50. 

The Iron Gate, and Other Poems. Boston, 1881. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. (presentation copy to Edmund Rutledge, author's in- 
scription followed by one in another hand). EF( 566) $27.50. 

The Last Leaf. Illus. by George Wharton Edwards and F. 

Hopkinson Smith. Large paper, signed by author, by artists, and 

by publisher. Cambridge, 1885. Roy. 4to. 
Hf. vel., g.t. (one plate foxed). F( 103) $10.00. 

Oration delivered before the City Authorities of Boston, on 

the Fourth of July, 1863. Boston, 1863. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (orig. wrappers bound in, inscribed to Capt. John L. Swift). 
EF( 565) $22.50. 

Our Hundred Days in Europe. Boston, 1888. 12010. 

Cl., g.t. (inscribed). EF( 571) $10.00. 

Poems. Boston, 1836. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. ; in cl. case (part of backstrip supplied, joints repaired, 
foxed, name on title; 7^5 in. tall). EF( 561) $27.50. 

Poems. Boston and N.Y., 1836. I2mo. 

New hf. roan, unc. (few stains, 77^ in. tall, George L. Barrett copy). 
EF (562) $7.50. 

Poems. Portrait, signed. Boston, 1862. i6mo. 

Cl., g.e. NO (176) $13.00. 


HOLMES (Oliver W.) Continued. 

The Poet at the Breakfast-Table. Frontis. First edition ; First 

issue, with misprint "Talle" for "Table" in headline of page 9. 

Boston, 1872. I2mo. 

Cl. (chipped, tear in fore-edge of last page of index). A A (86) $12.50. 
Orig. cl. (rubbed). SS(52)$27.50. 
Cl. NO (177) $17.50. 

Poetical Works. Portrait and plates. Boston, 1887. I2mo. 

Cl. (inscription, dated and signed). EF( 569) $17.00. 

-Poetical Works. Illustrated. Boston, n.d. I2rno. 

Cl. (on blank page at front, in author's hand, is a dated and signed 
quotation from a poem). R (424) $17.50. 

The Professor at the Breakfast-Table. Boston, 1860. i2mo. 

Cl. JJ(i67)$i2.oo. 
Cl. NO (175) $10.00. 

Urania: a Rhymed Lesson. 32 pp. Boston, 1846. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. case (backstrip chipped, piece torn from corner of 

front wrapper; front wrapper inscribed to Albert G. Greene). 

GG( 202) $30.00. 

[4-page leaflet] A Welcome to Dr. Benjamin Apthorp 

Gould, on his Return from South America. [Boston, 1885.] 8vo. 
In hf. mor. case (signed). EF ( 567 ) $i 5.00. 

Works. Portrait. Artists' Edition. Boston [1892-96]. 13 vols. 

Hf vel. (rubbed) MN( 144) $30.00. 

HOLST (Hermann . von). The Constitutional and Political 

History of the United States. Chic., 1889-92. 8 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl. KLa (256) $8.50. 

HOMER. The Iliad. Trans, by Alexander Pope. Plates. Lon- 
don, 1715-20. 6 vols., 4to. 

Old cf. (rebacked; with "The Odyssey." 5 vols., 1725-26, plate miss- 
ing from Vol. V; together n vols.). 0(243) $45.00. 

Cont. cf. (bindings scaled, some holed: hinges split; some vols. 
shaken ; Large paper ; bookplates, writing on fly leaf of first vol. ) . 

The Iliad and the Odyssey. Trans, by Alexander Pope. Ed. 

by Gilbert Wakefield. London, 1796. 11 vols., 8vo. 
Cont/cf. (rebacked). (325) $20.00. 

The Iliad of Homer rendered into English Prose, for the Use 

of Those who cannot read the Original, by Samuel Butler. Lon- 
don, 1898. I2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (corners rubbed; contains an errata leaf, immedi- 
ately preceding text; inscribed by Butler to W. F. Forsyth). EF 
(167) $20.00. 

L'lliade d'Homere. Traduite en vers par Guillaume de Roche- 
fort. Paris. 1772. 5 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., g.t. (rubbed). 11(463) $10.00. 

HONE (Philip). Diary, 1828-1851. Ed. by Bayard Tuckerman. 

Portrait. N.Y., 1889. 2 vols., 8vo. 
CL, unc. and unopened. KLa (257) $8.00 


HONE (William). Every-Day Book and Table Book; or, Ever- 
lasting Calendar of Popular Amusements, etc. With four hun- 
dred and thirty-six engravings. 1837-39 ; [also] The Year Book 
of Daily Recreation and Information, etc. With one hundred and 
fourteen engravings. 1839. London, 1837-39. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Mor., g.e. XX (174) $15.00. 

Facetiae and Miscellanies. 120 engravings by G. Cruikshank. 

London, 1827. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (rebacked, new end papers; "The Queen's Matri- 
monial Ladder" is laid in). EF (344) $8.00. 

HONEY WOOD (Richard). Six Essays on the XVIIIth Cen- 
tury. Decorations col. by hand by Claud Lovat Fraser. Lon- 
don, 1913. i8mo. 

Paper, in hi lev. mor. case (presentation copy from author and artist, 
inscribed in hand of latter). NN (92) $22.00. 

HOOD (Thomas). The Comic Almanac. 1830-32, 1834-39, and 

1842. London, 1830-42. 10 vols., I2mo. 
y mor., g.t. (orig. wrappers bound in each vol., except last 2). MN 


Comic Annual. See CLEMENS (S. L.). 

Hood's Magazine and Comic Miscellany. Jan.- June and July- 
Dec., 1844. London, 1844. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cf. MN( 159) $8.50. 

Hood's Own: or, Laughter from Year to Year. London, 1839. 

y mor., g.t. (orig. wrappers and some of the advertisements bound in 

at end). MN( 152) $10.00. 

Humorous Poems. With a Preface by Alfred Ainger. Il- 
lustrations by Charles E. Brock. Large paper. London, 1893. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t. ; in cl. box. V(i 86) $16.00. 

The Plea of the Midsummer Fairies. London, 1827. i2mo. 

Yi mor., g.t. (inserted are signed holograph sonnet and portrait). MN 
(146) $10.00. 

-Tylney Hall. London, 1834. 3 vols.. 8vo. 

Y mor., g.t. (name on title). MX( I58)$8.5O. 

Whims and Oddities, in Prose and Verse. 40 orig. designs by 

the author. 1826; Second Series. 1827. 40 orig. designs by the 
author. London, 1826-27. 2 vols., I2mo. 

)4 mor., ff.t. MX (148) $8. 30. 

Whimsicalities, a Periodical Gathering. Illustrations by Leech. 

London, 1844. 2 vols., 121110. 
Orig. cl. (backstrips faded). MN(i55)$8.oo. 

See also BARTHOLOMEW FAIR, also GRISET (Ernest). 

HOOK (Theodore E.). Facts, Illustrative of the Treatment of 
Napoleon Buonaparte in Saint Helena. 3 views col. by hand. 
London, 1819. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Morrell. TTa( 123) $9.00. 


HOOKER (Thomas). The Faithful Covenanter: a Sermon 
Preached at the Lecture in Dedham in Essex. London, Chris- 
topher Meredith, 1644. Sm. 4to. 

Vel. P(93)$52.50. 

HOOVER (Herbert C.). Address delivered at New York, Oct. 
22, 1928. n.p., 1928. I2mo. 

Hf. mor. (signed on fly leaf; with "Inaugural Address of Charles 
Curtis, Vice- President of the United States, March 4, 1929," 
Wash., 1929, signed by Curtis; together 2 vols.). LM(7o)$i5.oo. 

HOPE-HAWKINS (Sir Anthony). The Prisoner of Zenda. 

Bristol [1894]. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (shaken and faded, text stained, presentation copy). K(233) 

Orig. cl. (soiled, shaken, and faded; laid in is A. L. S ; ). 11(229) 


Works. Frontispieces col. by hand. Author's edition. N.Y., 

n.d. 15 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. U( 130) $40.00. 

HORACE. Carmina. Frontis. Paris, 1746. I2mo. 
Cont. mor., g.e. JK (222) $27. 50. 

Poems. Rendered in English Verse by Several Persons. 2 

portraits. London, 1666. Sm. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.e. (few pp. stained. A8 lacking; inscribed by Thomas 

Nelson Page; name, K. Southwell, on title). F(23o)$ 

Opera. Engraved throughout by John Pine. London, Pine, 

1733-37. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Old cf. (covers rubbed, label lacking; Second issue, with "Potest" 

correctly spelled on page 108). F (246) $7.50. 
Cont. mor., tooled, arms of Trinity College, g.e. (8 l Vfo x 5^6 in. : First 

issue, with "Post est" on page 108; scholastic prize copy). CC 

(272) $65.00. 
Cf. (rubbed). I J (260) $29.50. 

[Carminum, Epodon, Sermonum, Epistolarum.] Frontis. and 

4 plates after Gravelot. Birmingham, Baskeryille, 1770. 4to. 

Cont. mor., g.e. (rubbed, plates foxed; W. T. Dcnison copy). F(225) 

[Collected Works.] Trans, by Philip Francis. Portrait. N.Y., 

1846. 2 vols., i8mo. 
Hf. leath. (portrait and some leaves stained; Kugcnc Field copy, his 

autograph in pencil in each vol.). O ( 121 ) $17.50. 

HOREAU (Hfcctor). Panorama d'gypte et de Nubie. 37 col. 

plates. Paris, 1841. El. fol. 
Y* cf. (rubbed, foxed, title torn, one plate stained). I J (429) $10.00. 

HORN (Alfred A.). Life and Works. Ed. by Ethelreda Lewis. 

Forewords by John Galsworthy and William McFec. Portraits. 

London [1927-28]. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Cl., in 2 hf. mor. cases (inscribed by Galsworthy). NN(ii9)$i2.5o. 

HORN-BOOK. Roman type, comprising a type-ornament, the 
Alphabet, the Syllabarium, and the Lord's Prayer, followed by 3 
type-ornaments. [English, about 1800. | 3x2 in. 

On oak bd. with one-inch handle, covered with transparent horn, fas- 


HORN-BOOK Continued. 

tened with strips of brass and 6 nails, 4 hand-wrought. R(425) 

HORT (Lieut-Col.). The Days When We had Tails on Us. 

Dedicated to the Officers of the British Infantry. 14 col. plates 

showing military costumes. London, 1849. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (Mexborough bookplate). R (264) $10.00. 

Hprtense en Italic, en France, et en Angleterre. ficrite par elle- 

mcme." Paris, 1834. 8vo. 
Mor., tooled, by Thierry (notes and corrections in hand of author). 


HOTTEN (John C.). The Original Lists of Persons of Quality 

. . . who went from Great Britain to the American Plantations, 

1600-1700. N.Y., 1874. 4to. 
Hf. roan (rubbed, hinges cracked). L(88)$ 

HOUGH (Emerson). The Covered Wagon. N.Y., 1922. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. K(234)$26.oo. 

Orig. cl. (shaken, split at back hinge). II (231) $12.00. 

Orig. cl. FG (363) $10.00. 

HOUGH (Franklin B.). Washingtoniana : or, Memorials of the 

Death of George Washington, etc. Frontis. portraits and map. 
Roxbury, 1865. 2 vols., 4to. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (Large paper, inserted is portrait by T. Holloway after 
Gilbert Stuart). W(i 75) $12.00. 

HOUGHTON (Carolyn Wells). [Auction Catalogue.] Dupli- 
cates and Selections from [her] Library. Preface by A. E. New- 
ton. Frontis. N.Y., 1927. Svo. 

Orig. paper. EE(i6)$8.oo. 

HOUGHTON (Thomas). Royal Institutions; being Proposals 

for Articles to establish and confirm Laws, Liberties, and Customs 
of Silver and Gold Mines ... in such Parts of Africa and Amer- 
ica, which are . . . dependant on the Crown of England. With 
. . . Methods of Mining, etc. London, for the Author, 1694. Sm. 

Orig. cf. (laid in is broadside by Houghton, Francis Fulford copy). 

HOUGHTON GALLERY. A Set of Prints engraved [by Wat- 
son, Earlom, Green, and others] after the Most Capital Paintings 
in the Collection of Her Imperial Majesty, The Empress of Russia, 
lately in the possession of the Earl of Orford, at Houghton, in 
Norfolk. Engraved titles, 2 frontispieces, 28 plates of plans, eleva- 
tions, etc., at Houghton, and 129 plates, some 2 to a page. Lon- 
don, 1788. 2 vols., large fol. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. (rubbed; plate 57, Vol. I and plate 38, Vol. 
II folded over at lower margin, with edges frayed). ZZ(is8) 

HOURS. Heures a Lusaige de [Nantes (name of place erased)]. 
131 leaves (should be 132). Woodcut of the anatomical man, 18 
large and numerous small woodcuts; initials in color and gold. 


HOURS Continued. 

Calendar for 1502-1520. [Paris, Simon Vostre, about 1502.] Sm. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (rehinged, few leaves discolored, end papers supplied 

from an early printed leaf; on vel. ; leaf d3 lacking). LL(6s) 

Heures a Lusaige de Romme. 116 leaves. Woodcut of the 

Hardouyns on title, woodcut of the anatomical man, 19 large, and 

numerous small woodcuts; first 2 illustrations and initials ilium. 

by cont. hand. Calendar for 1507-20. [Paris, Gillet and Germain 

Hardou3ai, 1507.] 8vo. 
Old velvet, remains of silver clasp, g.e. (on vel. ; at end of vol. are 

5 pp. of additional prayers, in cont. hand, with ilium, initials ; 

Lothian copy, early Lothian bookplate and signature of the Earl 

of Ancram). LL( 66) $1000.00. 

HOUSMAN (A. .). A Shropshire Lad. London, 1896. I2ino. 
Bds., unc. ; in lev. mpr. case ( rubbed, 2 leaves discolored and cockled. 

one torn at margin; laid in is A. L. S.). O(i(x)) $120.00. 
Orig. bds., unc.; in lev. mor. case, by Sangorski. R( 176) $200.00. 
Orig. bds., unc.: in lev. mor. case. EF( 578) $125.00. 
HOUSMAN (Laurence). Green Arras. Frontis.. title, and 4 il- 
lustrations designed by author. London, 1806. umo. 
Orig. cl.. unc.; in cl. case (with orig. pen-and-ink drawings by au- 
thor). ZZ(i59)$70.oo. 
HOW (David). Diary. Ed. by Henry B. Dawson. Morrisania, 

N.Y.. 1865. 4to. 
Paper, unc. R R ( 1 37 ) $7. 50. 
HOWARD (Montague). Old London Silver. Facsimile. X.Y., 

1903. 8vo. 
Mor., g.t. XO(i79)$i2.50. 

HOWE (Edgar W.). The Story of a Country Town. Illus. 

from designs by \Y. L. \Yells. Atchison, Kan., Howe and Co., 

1883. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (front hinge re-inforced, name inside front cover; with 2 

letters from the author, partly in type and partly in his hand). 

K( 236) $32.00. 

HOWE (Jemima). See GAY (Bunker). 

HO WELL (James). Epistolae Ho-Elianae. Frontis. or sectional 
title engraved by Marshall. London, 1045. 8vo. 

Rebound -H cf. (engraved title repaired, some pp. stained). Cd47) 

HOWELL (William T.). See ARIZONA. 

HOWELLS (William Dean). The Rise of Silas Lapham. Hus- 
ton, 1885. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (name on fly leaf; list of Mr. llrnvells* latest novels before 
title-page). C( I48)$i6.oo. 

Cl. (has the shorter advertisement headed "Mr. Howclls' Latest 
Works" and broken type on page 176). M(i35)$n.oo. 

G. (advertisements are headed "Mr. Howclls' Latest Novels," and 
type at foot of page 176 is damaged). O( 170) $30.00. 

Orig. blue cl. (split at front hinge, list of books before title-page is 
headed "Mr. Howells' Latest Works"). Q(249)$i7.oo. 


HOWELLS (William Dean) Continued. 

Cl. (worn, has the shorter advertisement headed "Mr. Howells' Latest 
Works" and broken type on page 176). T(io8) $28.00. 

Decorated cl. II (232) $16.00. 

Decorated cl. (rubbed at edges, tipped in is A. L. S.). XX(i78) 

Cl. (name on end paper, has advertisement headed "Mr. Howells' Lat- 
est Works" and damaged type on page 176)-. NO (180) $15.00. 

Their Wedding Journey. Illus. by Augustus Hoppin. Boston, 

Osgood & Co., 1872. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed, with A. L. S.). DD( 102) $17.00. 

HOWISON (Robert R.). A History of Virginia. Phila. and 
Richmond, 1846-48. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. (one vol. rebacked, foxed). F(247)$i2.5O. 

HOYLE (Edmond). An Essay towards making the Game of 
Chess easily learned, by those who know the Moves only, without 
the Assistance of a Master. 1761 ; [bound with] A Letter to 
the Craftsman on the Game of Chess, by John, Lord Hervey. 1733. 
London, 1733-61. 8vo. 

Old hf. cf. (rubbed; 2 vols. in one; first work signed, Sir John Reade 
copy). KF( 579) $14.00. 

Hoyle's Games Improved. By James Beaufort. N.Y., William 

Prichard, 1796. i6mo. 

Cf. PP (i 28) $9.00. 

HUBBARD (Elbert). Little Journeys to the Homes of the 

Great. Memorial Edition. East Aurora, X.Y., The Roycrofters 
[1916). 14 vols., 8vo. 

Fabricoid. g.t. (rubbed, name on title). XX (181) $17.50. 

HUBBARD (Gurdon S.). Sketch of his Life. 1802-1886. Col- 
lected from Personal Narrations and Other Sources. By his 
Xephew. 11. E. Hamilton. [Chic.J 1888. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy to Jos. H. Dixon). E (38) $15.00. 

HUBBARD (Robert). Historical Sketches of Roswell Franklin 

and Family. Dansvillc, N.Y., 1839. i6mo. 
Orig. hcls., in hf. mor. case (worn, foxed). TT( 202) $35.00. 
Orig. bds. ( fly leaves lacking). YY(/7)$40.oo. 

HUBBARD (William). The Happiness of a People in the Wis- 

domc of their Rulers directing and in the Obedience of their 
Brethren attending unto what Israel ougho fsic] to do ... Ser- 
mon Before the Honourable Governour and Council, and the Re- 
spected Deputies of the Mattachusetts fsic] Colony in New-Eng- 
land, Preached at Boston, May 3d. 1676, being the Day of Election 
there. Boston, John Foster, 1676. Sm. 4to. 
Mor., by Riviere (last page in facsimile). NO (182) $65.00. 

The Present State of New-England. Folding map. London, 

for Tho. Parkhurst, 1677. Sm. 4to. 
Old sheep (joints cracked, si/e 7^x6 in.; in this copy license is on 

vcr so of t i 1 1 c ) . L L ( 1 06 ) $400.00. 
Old cf. (license leaf precedes title, map is facsimile). NO (183) $100.00. 

HUBBELL (Seth). A Narrative of the Sufferings of Seth Hub- 
bell & Family. Danville, Vt., 1829. I2mo, 
Sewed, unc. YY( 136) $20.00, 


HUDSON (William Henry). Adventures Among Birds. Por- 
trait. London, 1913. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. (inscribed to Hannah Lamel). R(i77)$45.oo. 

Birds and Man. London, 1901. 8vo. 

CL, unc. and unopened (inscribed to Elsie Walker). JK( 226) $37.50. 

Birds of La Plata. 22 col. plates by H. Gronvold. Large paper 

edition, signed. London, 1920. 2 yols., 4to. 

CL, unopened (with extra set of plates in portfolio). 0(253) $20.00. 

CL, unc. NO(i84)$i5-oo. 

A Crystal Age. London, 1887. I2mo. 

CL (worn, name and stamp on end paper). VV( 124) $10.00. 

CL, in hf. mor. case (has 24 pp. undated advertisements). EF(s8o) 

Far Away and Long Ago. Portrait. London, 1918. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (shaken, Maurice Hewlett copy). 0(254) $7.50. 
CL (inscribed, A. L. S. inserted). EF( 582) $26.00. 

Green Mansions. London, 1904. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., publisher's device on back cover (one joint cracked, inscrip- 
tion on half-title, A. E. H. Farmer bookplate). O(i72)$45.oo. 

Light green cl., publisher's device on back cover (shaken). 11(233) 

Green Mansions. Illus. by Keith Henderson. London, 1926. 

Buckram, unopened (signed by artist). XX (184) $8.50. 

Hampshire Days. Plates. London, 1903. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (has leaf of dedication to Sir Edward Grey, 2 extra blanks 
at front and back, white end papers, and is without advertise- 
ments; bookplate). 0(252) $15.00. 

Idle Days in Patagonia. Plates by Alfred Hartley and J. Smit. 

London, 1893. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (inner hinges split, foxed, name on fly leaf). TT( 204) $8.00. 
Orig. buckram (rubbed, faded, shaken; light foxing). XX (182) 


The Land's End. . . . With Forty-Nine Illustrations by A. 

L. Collins. London, 1008. 8vo. 
Orig. cl.. g.t.; in hf. mor. case (inscribed to Mrs. Isador Larncl). 


Nature in Downland. Illustrated. London, 1906. 8vo. 

CL, in hf. mor. case (inscribed to Hannah Poland, photograph of the 
author pasted down inside front cover). El 7 (581 ) $17.50. 

El Ombu. London, 1902. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. case. 0(251 )$I2.50. 

The Purple Land That England Lost. London, 1885. 2 vols., 

CL, unc.; in hf. mor. case (backs rubbed, inner hinges of Vol. I 

cracked ) . 0(171) $25.00. 
Orig. blue cl.. publisher's name on spine incorrectly spelled (reinforced 

at hinges, lacks advertisements; with 4-line inscription, dated, by 

R. B. Cunninghame Graham; bookplate). 0(250) $28.00. 
G., unc. (rubber stamp eradicated from titles). R( 265) $75.00. 


HUGHES (John T.). Doniphan's Expedition. Folding map, 
plans, and other illustrations. Cincinnati [1847]. 8vo. 

Hf. cf., unc., by Zaehnsdorf. A (300) $15.00. 

Paper, unc. T(iO9)$is.oo. 

HUGHES (Lewis). A Plaine and Trve Relation of the Good- 
ness of God towards the Sommer Hands. London, Edward All-de, 
1621. Sm. 4to. 

Unbound, in hf. mor. case (size 7 x 5^). LL( 124) $600.00. 

HUGHES (Thomas). The Scouring of the White Horse. Illus. 
by Richard Doyle. Cambridge, 1859. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (worn, shaken, and foxed; inscribed by 
author to R. B. Litchfield). EF( 583) $16.00. 

Tom Brown's School Days. Cambridge, 1857. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc.; by Riviere. R( 178) $75.00. 

Cf., g.t. (bound in at end are advertisements dated Feb., 1857, announc- 
ing this work as "almost ready"). MN(i65)$n.oo. 

HUGHES (Thomas P.). American Ancestry. Vols. I-V. Al- 
bany, 1887-90. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (rubbed, 5 vols. in 4). U(i32)$7-5O. 

HUGHES (Thomas Smart). History of England. See HUME 
(David) and SMOLLETT (Tobias). 

HUGO (Victor). Hans of Iceland. Title and 3 plates by G 

Cruikshank. London, 1825. I2mo. 
Mor., g.t. (edges repaired). TT( 105) $18.00. 

Works. Edition de Luxe. Boston, n.d. 24 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski. U(i33)$iio.oo. 

Works. Phila., Barrie, n.d. 21 vols., 8vo. 

%i mor., g.t., unc. (41 vols. in 21). X(98)$63.oo. 

HUGO DE SANCTO VICTORE. Soliloquium. 10 leaves. 
[Strassburg, C. W. Civis Argentinensis, about 1473.] Fol. (Hain 

Parchment over bds., most leaves unc. (first and last leaves strength- 
ened at hinge, holed, marginal stains : library stamp of Carthusian 
monastery of Buxium). JK (227) $20.00. 

HULBERT (Archer B.). Historic Highways of America. Maps 

and Illustrations. Cleveland, 1902-05. 16 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc. K(ii6)$i8.oo. 
Cl., g.t. (rubbed). TT(i97)$33-oo. 

HULL (William). Memoirs of the Campaign of the North 
Western Army of the United States, A.I). i8u. Boston, 1824. 

Paper, in case (edges worn, foxed, lower margins of first pp. stained; 
presentation copy to W. Hamphill). 00(230) $8.50. 

HUMBOLDT (F. H. Alexander von) and BONPLAND (Aime). 

Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the 
New Continent in 1799-1804. Trans, by Helen Maria Williams. 
Maps. London, 1814. 9 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (7 vols. in q; with Humboldt's "Researches, concerning the 
Institutions & Monuments of the. Ancient Inhabitants of America." 
trans, by H. M. Williams, 2 vols., London, 1814; together 9 vols. 
in n). KLa(263a)$i3.oo. 


HUME (David). Essays and Treatises on Several Subjects. 

Vols. i-2, and 5. London, 1753. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Cont. cf. (hinges cracked; John Stuart Mill-Thomas Nelson Page- 
Roswell Page copy, with autograph notes of first two owners). 
F (248) $10.00. 

HUME (David) and SMOLLETT (Tobias). The History of 
England. Portraits. London, 1785. 13 vols., 8vo. 

Old cf. TTa(9i)$ii.oo. 

The History of England. With continuation by William Jones. 
Portraits. London, 1825. 13 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. cf. X (99) $150.00. 

The History of England, continued, from the death of George 

II to the Present Time, by T. S. Hughes. London, 1836. 11 vols., 

Cf. X (97) $11. oo. 

HUMOURIST (The). 40 col. etchings, including titles, by G. 
Cruikshank. London, 1819-19-19-20. 4 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in 4 hf. mor. cases (vols. worn, parts of backstrips 
missing, several covers loose, new end papers ; printed title of Vol. 
I bears the words "Vol. I." hgit has no date; plate 7 of Vol. II and 
plate 4 of Vol. Ill are without date, plate 10 of Vol. II and plate 
9 of Vol. Ill lack both imprint and date ; anecdote, "Dr. John- 
son," is on page 43 of Vol. I. "The Epitaph of a Dyer" is at top 
of page 45; G. B. McCutcheon copy). R(3i )$i2O.oo. 

The Humourist. 40 col. aquatint plates, including titles, by G. 

Cruikshank. London, 1822-19-19-20. 4 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in 4 lev. mor. cases (hinges cracked, backs re- 
paired; title of Vol. I is dated 1822; plate / of Vol. II and plate 
4 of Vol. Ill ha\e undated imprint; plate 5 of Vol. I, plates i, 
4, and 10 of Vol. II. and plate 9 of Vol. Ill are without imprint 
or date; laid in Vol. I is front wrapper of one of the orig. parts; 
H. W. Bruton-Fred \Yilkins copy, with pencilled note in each vol.. 
"Collated perfect. H. \V. B."). GH ( 1 52 ) $220.00. 

HUMPHREYS (David). An Historical Account of the Incor- 
porated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign 
Parts. 2 folding maps. London, 1/30. 8vo. 

Old cf. 00(21 5) $9.00. 

HUNEKER (James). Painted Veils. Signed. X.Y. [igjol. 8\o. 

Bds., unc. M( I38)$i/.50. 

Bds., unc. S ( 22 ia) $10.00. 

Bds. (soiled). II (235) $14.00. 

HUNT (Ezra M.). Metuchen and her History, and the Churches 
of Metuchen. N.V.. 1870. 8\o. 

Sewed (front wrapper preserved; inserted is autograph postal card). 

HUNT (Leigh). Autobiography. Portraits. London, Smith, Kl- 

der, 1850. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (foxed; Arthur Gregory copy). MX (167) $31.00. 

The Feast of the Poets. London, 1814. Sm. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in cl. case (back repaired). EF(587)$8.oo. 

A Jar of Honey from Mount Hybla. Illus. by K. Doyle. Lon- 
don, 1848. 8vo. 


HUNT (Leigh) Continued. , 

Orig. cl. (writing on inside front cover; tipped in is A. L. S.). EF 
(596) $19.00. 

Juvenilia. Frontis. London, 1801. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, unc. (Oliver Brett copy). EF( 586) $12.50. 

Leigh Hunt's London Journal. Nos. 1-40. London, 1834. Fol. 

Cont. cl. (rubbed, inscribed by Hunt to Charles Reynall). EF(592) 

Men, Women, and Books. London, 1847. 2 vols., i2mo. 

Orig. cl. MN(i66)$io.oo. 

Poetical Works. London, 1844. i6mo. 

Hf. mor. (rubbed; inscribed). F(249)$35.oo. 

Table-Talk. To which are added Imaginary Conversations 

of Pope and Swift. London, 1851. I2mo. 

Cl., g.e. ; in hf. mor. case (shaken, back chipped; inscribed to Charles 
Oilier). EF( 597) $42.50. 

Wit and Humour. London, 1846. I2mo. 

Cl., g.e. (hinges cracked and worn; inscribed "To Henry Sylvan & 
Rosalind Hunt, from lov'g Father" ; Thomas Nelson Page- An- 
thony Trollope-Rosewell Page copy). F( 250) $100.00. 

See also DUNLOP (John). The History of Fiction. 

HUNT (Robert). Popular Romances of the West of England. 
Frontispieces by G. Cruikshank. London, 1865. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cf. S( 94) $9.50. 

HUNTER (Dard). The Literature of Papermaking, 1390-1800. 
Illustrations. Signed. Chillicothe, O. [1925]. Fol. 

34 buckram. K ( 241 ) $48.00. 

Loose sheets, unc.; in hf. cl. portfolio. JK (230) $35.00. 

Another c< >p y. J K ( 23 1 ) $30.00. 

Old Papermaking. Plates, some in color, and specimens of old 

papers. Signed. Chillicothe, O., 1923. Fol. 

Green and white luls. K ( 240 ) $67.00. 

Bds.. unc. JK( 228) $55.00. 

Another copy. JK( 229) $50.00. 

Primitive Papermaking. Illustrations, including specimens of 

primitive paper. Signed. Chillicothe, O., 1927. Fol. 
Unbound, unc.; in hf. cl. portfolio. J K ( 232 ) $55.00. 

HUNTER (Frederick W.). Stiegel Glass. 12 Plates in color 
from autochromes by J. B. Kerfoot. Signed. The Riverside 
Press, Cambridge, 11)14. Roy. 8\o. 

Orig. cl., untrimmed. H (4)$ 

Cl., unc. (shaken). 1)E( 124) $50.00. 

HUNTER (George L.). Decorative Textiles. Plates. Phila., 
K) 1 8. .jto. 

Cl., unc. \V ( cj4 ) $20.00. 

Italian Furniture and Interiors. Plates. X.Y., n.d. 2 vols., 

Hf. mor., g.t. \V( 95) $22.50. 

HURD (Richard). A Sermon Preached before the Right Hon- 
ourable the House of Lords, in the Abbey Church of Westminster 
. . . December 13, 1/70, being the Day Appointed by Authority 


HURD (Richard) Continued. 

for a General Fast on Account of the American Rebellion. Lon- 
don, for T. Cadell, 1777- 4to. 

Hf. cf. FF(7o)$ii.oo. 

HUSKE (Ellis). The Present State of North-America. Part I. 
The Discoveries, Rights and Possessions of Great Britain [all pub- 
lished]. Boston, D. Fowle and Z. Fowle, 1755. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, unc. (autographs of Josiah and Levi Bartlett on wrapper 
and title, respectively ) . UU ( 102 ) $30.00. 

HUTCHINS (Thomas). An Historical Narrative and Topo- 
graphical Description of Louisiana, and West-Florida. Phila., for 
the Author, 1784. 8vo. 

Sewed, unc.; in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. FF (72) $46.00. 

Sewed, unc.; in hf. mor. case. PP( 129) $40.00. 

HUTCHINSON (Thomas). A Collection of Original Papers 
Relative to the History of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay. Bos- 
ton, 1769. 8vo. 

Old cf. (broken). L(9o)$ii.oo. 

Copy of Letters sent to Great Britain, by his Excellency 

Thomas Hutchinson, the Hon. Andrew Oliver and several other 
Persons, born and educated among us. Boston, 1773. I2mo. 

Unbound. PP(i5)$ii.oo. 

The History of Massachusetts . . . The Third Edition. Salem 

and Boston, 1795. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. sheep. A (175) $7.50. 

HUTH (Henry). [Sale] Catalogue of [his] Famous Library. 
Sold Nov., 1911, etc. With printed List of Prices and Buyer's 
Names. 10 parts ; [also] Catalogue of Books Unsold or Re- 
turned as Imperfect at the Sale of the Huth Library. Sold Feb. 
27. 1922. Priced in ink, with names of buyers. London, 1911-22. 
ii vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor.. g.e. DD(i 08) $70.00. 

A Catalogue of the Printed Books . . . collected by [him]. 

Portrait. London. 1880. 5 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Hf. roan, g.t., unc. (rubbed). L( 225) $20.00. 

The Huth Library. Ed. by A. B. Grossart. The Life and Com- 
plete Works in Prose and Verse of Robert Greene. Facsimiles. 
[London and Aylesbury,] Printed for Private Circulation only, 
1881-86. 15 vols., 4to. 

Hf. vel., g.t., unc. (stamp on 9 titles, writing inside front covers). V 

HUXLEY (Aldous). The Burning Wheel. Oxford, 1916. i2mo. 

Paper, unc.; in cl. case (back of vol. chipped; A. E. Coppard copy 
with pencil notes in his hand). EF ( 60 1) $35.00. 

Crome Yellow. London, 1921. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., unopened ( cover blistered ) . Q ( 264 ) $7.50. 

Cl., unc. EF(6o2)$i7.50. 

Leda. Signed. London, 1920. 8vo. 

Hf. cl., g.t., unopened. Q ( 262 ) $8.50. 

Point Counter Point. Signed. London, 1928. 8vo. 

Buckram, g.t., unopened. Q(268)$n.oo. 

HYDE (Edward, Earl of Clarendon). See CLARENDON. 


ILLINOIS. Map of Illinois constructed from the Surveys in the 

General Land Office and Other Documents. By John Melish. 
Phila., John Melish and Sam'l. Harrison, 1818. 19x25 in. 

(Splits at folds). (136) $35.00. 

State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1858 and 1859. 

Comp. by George W. Hawes. Chic., Hawes [1859]. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (soiled and chipped; foxed throughout, lacks front fly leaf). 

State Gazetteer and Business Directory for the Years 1864-5. 

Map and large panoramic view. Chic. [1864]. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (141) $14.00. 

ILLINOIS AND MICHIGAN CANAL. Report of the Illinois 
and Michigan Canal. John Davis and W. H. Swift. London, 
1844. I2mo. 

Unbound. OO (526)$ 

IMITATION OF CHRIST. Incipit Liber Primus loanis Ger- 
son Cancellarij Parisiensis. De Imitatione Xpi. [et] de Cotemptu 
oium Vanitatum Mundi. Venice, Sessa, 1501. 154x97 mm. 

Hf. cf. (front hinge split, marginal stains). I J (300) $60.00. 

IMLAY (Gilbert). A Description of the Western Territory of 
North America. Dublin, 1793. I2mo. 

Sheep (front end paper partially torn away). (143) $9.00. 

A Topographical Description of the Western Territory of 

North America. The Second Edition. 2 maps, plan, and table. 
London, 1793. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (covers loose; with another copy, in hf. cf. with half-title, 
plan and table wanting; together 2 vols.). L(9i)$n.oo. 

A Topographical Description of the Western Territory of 

North America. The Third Edition. Maps and plan. London, 
J. Debrett, 1797. 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (rebacked). QQ(2i9)$i7.oo. 

IMMORTALS (The). Masterpieces of Fiction crowned by the 
French Academy. Paris, n.d. [1905.] 20 vols., 8vo. 

Cf., g.t., unc., portrait of Cardinal Richelieu inserted in front cover of 
each vol. (Pantheon Edition). F( 107) $62.50. 

Cl., g.t., unc. (Mazarin Edition, signed by editors). S(223)$i3.oo. 

portraits and folding map. London, 1780. 8vo. 

Mor.. g.t., unc.. by Taftiii, portrait of Washington, signed "A. Jacquin" 
on cf. panel on front cover. QQ( 220) $75.00. 

Hf. cf. (margin holed). NO (187) $55.00. 

Advertiser. [Broadside.] Supplement Extraordinary to The In- 
dependent Journal. Monday, July 28, 1788. On Saturday eve- 
ning about 9 o'clock arrived the joyful tidings of the adoption of 
the New Constitution at Poughkeepsie, on Friday, July 25, Yeas 
30, Kays 25, Majority 5, etc. N.Y., J. and A. M'Lean [1788]. 

Unc. in cl. case. BC (95) $25.00. 

INDIANA. The Charter of the State Bank of Indiana, incor- 
porated by Act of Assembly in 1834. n.p. f Douglas and Maguire, 
1834. 12010. 

Cl. T(44)$9-00. 


INDIANA Continued. 


INDIANS. [Broadsheet.] The Committee ... to whom was 

referred the Report of the Secretary at War, and sundry Papers 
relative to Indian Affairs in the Southern Department; and also 
a motion of the Delegates from the State of Georgia, report, That 
the said papers referred to their state, first, that certain encroach- 
ments are made on the lands of the Creek and Cherokee nations, 
by the people of Georgia and North-Carolina, etc. n.p. [1787]. 
YY( 5 8)$i 5 .oo. 

Eliot's Indian Tracts. See NEW ENGLAND'S FIRST 

[Broadside.] First Account of the Custer Massacre. [In 

the "Tribune Extra" for July 6, 1876. 5 columns.] Bismarck, 
D. T., 1876. Fol. 

See also CHEROKEES, also QUAKERS. 

INGALSBE (Frederick W.). Ingoldsby Genealogy: Ingoldsby, 

Ingalsbe, Inglesby and Englesby, from the I3th Century to 1904. 
Comp. and published by F. W. Ingalsbe. Plates. 82 pp. [Grand 
Rapids, Mich., 1904.] 8vo. 
Cl. KK (248) $20.50. 

INGERSOLL (Jared). Mr. Ingersoll's Letters relating to the 

Stamp- Act. New Haven, Samuel Green, 1766. Sm. 4to. 
Y mor. (title in photostat). YY(4)$n.oo. 

INGERSOLL (Robert G.). Testimonial to Walt Whitman. 

Printed on one side of leaf only. N.Y. (1890]. 410. 
Sheets, wired; in cl. case (inscribed to R. G. Gutling, laid in are 2 

photographs of the author). KF( 1136) $26.00. 

INGLIS (Charles). The True Interest of America impartially 

stated, in certain Strictures on a Pamphlet intitled Common Sense. 
By an American. Phila., Humphreys, 1776. 8vo. 
Unbound. QQ ( 233 ) $7.25. 

INGLIS (H. D.). Rambles in the Footsteps of Don Quixote. 

Illus. by G. Cruikshank. London, 1837. umo. 

Bds., unopened (frontis. loose, illustrations foxed on verso). TT(iO3) 

INMAN (Henry). Buffalo Jones' Forty Years of Adventure. 

Topeka, Kans., 1899. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. ( water-stained ) . C ( 13 ) $9.00. 


FRANKLIN (Benjamin). 


erature. Ed. by Richard Garnett. 500 plates, many in color. 
London, 1899. 20 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t. (rubbed). X(86)$io.oo. 

IRELAND (Samuel). Picturesque Tours. Over 200 aquatints, 
col. by hand, and maps. London, 1792-1800. 8 vols., 8vo. 


IRELAND (Samuel) Continued. 

Mor., tooled, g.t., by Riviere (Sir David Salomons copy). VV(i25) 

IRELAND (William H.). The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. 
24 col. and 3 plain folding plates by G. Cruikshank. London, John 
Cumberland, 1828. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. mor. (rebacked and repaired, plates foxed). FG( 365) $52.00. 

IRVING (John B.). The American Jockey Club. Jerome Park: 
Introductory: also The American Jockey Club: Official Sum- 
mary of the Races at Jerome Park, Fall of 1866, with Reminis- 
cences of the Inauguration Meeting. N.Y., 1866. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (second vol. is presentation copy, to C. J. 
Manigault). R(48)$47.5o. 

IRVING (John Treat, jr.). Indian Sketches. London, 1835. 2 
vols., I2mo. 

y$ cf. g.t., unc., by Zaehnsdorf. 8(226) $8.00. 

IRVING (Washington). The Alhambra. Phila., 1832. 2 vols., 


Orig. bds., unc. (tear in one margin). F(no) $75.00. 
Orig. bds., unc. ; in hf. mor. case (backs faded, corners frayed ; foxing 

in text, margin of title and a few leaves stained). 0(178) $27.50. 
Orig. bds., unc. (name on titles, foxed). UU(io8) $35.00. 
Orig. bds., unc. (one page restored at margin). FG(89)$n.oo. 

Astoria. Folding map. Phila., 1836. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (back faded, library stamp on title, writing on end paper of 

Vol. I). T(ii6)$io.oo. 

Cl. (hinge cracked, covers stained). GG( 134) $25.00. 
(Rebacked, prig, backstrips pasted down: foxed). EF( 607) $14.00. 
Orig. cl. (piece cut from end paper of Vol. II). NO (190) $27.50. 
Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. OP(8i)$8.oo. 

A Book of the Hudson. N.Y., 1849. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (249) $9.00. 

Bracebridge Hall; or, the Humorists. London, 1822. 2 vols., 

Orig. bds., unc.; in cl. folder and hf. cf. case (backs chipped). OP 


A Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada. By Fray Antonio 

Agapida. Phila., 1829. 2 vols.. I2mo. 
Orig. bds., unc. ( faded and worn ; foxed ) . G ( 3 1 7 ) $21 .00. 
Orig. bds., unc. : in hf. mor. case (bindings stained, M. Proctor copy). 


The Crayon Miscellany. Nos. 1-3. Phila., 1835. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl., new paper labels: in cl. case (name, partly erased from in- 
side covers; vols. carry at end, respectively, 6, n, and 4 leaves 
of advertisements). EF(Co6)$7oO. 

History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus. 

Folding map. N.Y., 1828. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc.; in cl. case (Vol. I rebacked, with orig. cl. strip 

pasted down, other backs worn; pp. foxed, name on half-titles). 

Orig. bds., unc.; in cl. folder and hf. cf. case (some foxing). OP 



IRVING (Washington) Continued. 

A History of New York. By Diedrich Knickerbocker. Fold- 
ing view. N.Y., 1809. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cf., leath. labels (2 covers loose, backstrip partly missing; name 
cut from 2 end papers and one fly leaf, initials on one title and 
fly leaf, piece torn from one end paper). L( 98) $100.00. 

Cont. cf., in hf. mor. case (rebacked, corners repaired, some foxing). 
R (266) $110.00. 

Old cf. (rubbed, folding plate in facsimile, several pp. in poor condi- 
tion, old library stamp and name on titles). (247) $10.00. 

Orig. cf. (blank strip cut from title, plate strengthened). QQ(237) 

Cont. sheep, leath. label (rubbed). OP (74) $275.00. 

A History of New York. The Second Edition with Altera- 
tions. Frontis. and folding view. N.Y., 1812. 2 vols., i6mo. 

Orig. cf. YY(82)$9i.oo. 

Lev. mor., g.e. YY (83) $17.50. 

Letters of Jonathan Oldstyle, Gent. N.Y., 1824. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, unc. (lacks backstrip, pp. foxed). GG( 205) $170.00. 

Life of George Washington. Portraits. N.Y., Putnam, 1855- 

59. 5 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (bindings faded and worn). C( 167) $9.00. 

Life of George Washington. N.Y., 1855-59. 5 vols., 4to. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Stikeman ( rubbed ; Large paper ; 
extra-illustrated, 5 vols. extended to 10 by insertion of portions 
of the author's orig. MS., over 2000 autographs including letters 
of Washington, Hamilton, and many other officers and statesmen 
of the period of the Revolutionary War views, col. aquatints, col. 
engravings, maps, etc., all described in detail in auction catalogue. 
With 10 specially printed title-pages, each bearing an orig. water- 
color drawing, first title stating that the illustrations were col- 
lected by M. A. I. Blair). R(ii9)$425O.oo. 

Orig. mor., g.e. (bindings scuffed). 88(147) $20.00. 

The Life of George Washington. Illustrated. Limited Cen- 
tennial Edition. N.Y., Putnam, 1889. Roy. 8vo. 

Sheets, unc.; boxed. QQ (236) $9.00. 

Old Christmas, 1876; [also] Bracebridge Hall. 1877. Both 

vols. illus. by R. Caldecott. London, 1876-77. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Mor., inlaid, g.e., by Morrell. U(i36)$35.oo. 

Rip Van Winkle. With drawings by Arthur Rackham, in color. 

Large paper, signed by the artist. London, 1905. 4to. 

Vel., unc. (mounted on inner cover is A. N. 8. of author dated Aug. 
3rd, 1820). KL(i22)$30.oo. 

The Rocky Mountains; or, Scenes, Incidents, and Adven- 
tures in the Far West. Folding maps. Phila., 1837. 2 vols., 


Orig. cl. OP(82)$45-oo. 

-The Rocky Mountains. 2 folding maps. Phila., 1843. 2 vols., 


Orig. cl. (binding broken, some foxing, page 243 loose). K(247) 

The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. Complete set, 

Nos. I-VII. N.Y., 1819-20. 8vo. 


IRVING (Washington) Continued. 

Cont. cf., in hf. mor. case (7 orig. nos. in one vol., Parts I and VII 
first editions, other parts apparently of later issue). 0(176) 

Orig. hf. cf. (rubbed, 7 parts in one vol.). YY(84)$iio.oo. 

7 parts bound in 2 vols., which are not uniform and which contain 
one or 2 of the parts in duplicate (with one part in orig. wrap- 
pers, together 3 vols.; signature of Thomas L. McKenny in sev- 
eral parts). FG (86) $41. oo. 

The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. Parts I-VII. 

N.Y., 1820-22. 8vo. 
Cf. (rubbed; 7 parts in one vol.). NO (189) $10.00. 

A Tour on the Prairies. London, 1825. I2mo. 

mor., g.t. MN(i72)$8.oo. 

omplete Works. Author's Autograph Edition. N.Y., Putnam, 
1895-97. 40 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (page of MS. of "The Life and Voyages of Colum- 
bus" inserted in Vol. I of "The Alhambra"). GH( 154) $85.00. 

Works. Engraved titles, plates, and other illustrations by Darley, 

Church, etc. Geoffrey Crayon Edition. N.Y., Putnam, n.d. 27 
vols., sq. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski (one title misplaced in binding, titles lack- 
ing in 7 vols. ) . U ( 1 37) $92.50. 

Works. Frontispieces in color, portraits, and plates. Joseph Jef- 
ferson Edition, signed by Jefferson. N.Y., Putnam, n.d. 40 vols., 

Bds.. g.t, unc. NN(i24)$ii5.oo. 

Bds., g.t., unc. JK( 237) $n 0.00. 

ISHAM (Ralph H.). See BOSWELL (James). 

ITALIAN TALES. Tales of Humour, Gallantry, and Romance. 

1 6 plates by George Cruikshank. London, 1824. I2mo. 
Lev*, mor., tooled, g.t., unc.; by Riviere (orig. covers bound in, mar- 
ginal repairs; First issue with plate "The Death Rider" at p. 58, 
no woodcut on title, and the word "Creditor" instead of "Debtor" 
on p. 32, line 10; there are 8 pp. advertisements at end). GH 

JACKSON (Andrew). Brief Sketch of [his] Life. See HILL 


JACKSON (Catherine Charlotte, Lady). A Collection of First 

Editions. Portraits. London, 1878-90. 14 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Riviere (backs faded, orig. covers bound in). 
GH(i 5 7)$22.50. 

Works. Portraits, Frontispieces col. by hand. Large Paper 

Edition. Paris and Boston, Grolier Society, n.d. 14 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. X(ioi) $140.00. 

JACKSON (Helen H.). Ramona. Boston. 1884. I2mo. 

Cl. (worn). M( 140) $20.00. 

Orig. cl. (back chipped). SS(63)$32.oo. 

Orig. cl. (soiled and shaken, first 3 leaves tightened). XX (194) $25.00. 

Cl. (writing on fly leaf). YY(85)$4O.oo. 


JACKSON (Holbrook). The Anatomy of Bibliomania. Lon- 
don, Soncino Press, 1930. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Mor., g.t., unc. (signed). EF( 609) $27.50. 

JACKSON (Joseph). Market Street, Philadelphia. Phila., 1918. 
Imp. 8vo. 

Buckram, g.t, unc. FG( 173) $7.50. 

JACKSON (Richard). The Interest of Great Britain considered. 
See FRANKLIN (Benjamin). 

JACOBS (Joseph). English Fairy Tales. 1890; Celtic Fairy 
Tales. 1892; Indian Fairy Tales. 1892; More English Fairy 
Tales. 1894. Illustrations by John D. Batten. London, Nutt, 
1890-94. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., g.t., unc. (Japan paper, with dupl. sets of the plates). M(i4i) 

JAMES I OF ENGLAND. Workes. 2 portraits by C. van cle 
Pass, title by R. Elstracke. London, 1616. Fol. 

Cont. cf., tooled, initials "T. \V. M (rubbed, ties missing). CC(2/7) 

JAMES (Edwin). Account of an Expedition from Pittsburgh 
to the Rocky Mountains. Phila., 1823. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. cf. (hinges cracked, margins stained). L(gc))$35.oo. 

JAMES (Henry). Notes by Mr. Henry James on a Collection 
of Drawings by Mr. George Du Maurier. Frontis. London, 1884. 

Grig, paper, in cl. case (rebacked). EF(6io)$7.50. 

Notes on Novelists, with Some Other Notes. [London,] 1914. 


Cl. (inscribed to Matilda Betham Kdwards; Clement K. Shorter book- 
plate). EF(6i6)$57.50. 

A Passionate Pilgrim, and Other Tales. Boston, 1875. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. Q(269)$i5.oo. 

The Princess Casamassima. London, 1886. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Cl., unc. (Mary Hunter copy). EF(6u)$i/.5O. 

The Private Life, Lord Beaupre, The Visits. X.Y., 1893. 


Cl., unc. (inscribed to Douglas Ainslie). EF (614) $16.00. 

Stories Revived. London, 1885. 3 vols., I2mo. 

CL, unc. EF(6ii)$io.oo. 

JAMES (William). A Full and Correct Account of the Chief 
Naval Occurrences of the late War between Great Britain and 
the United States of America. Plates. London, 1817. 8vo. 

CL, unc. KLa( 563) $12.50. 

JAMES (William D.). A Sketch of the Life of Brig.-Gen. Fran- 
cis Marion, and a History of his Brigade, from its Rise, in June, 
1780, until disbanded in December, 1782. Charleston, S. C., 1821. 

Cf. (worn and discolored). PP( 133) $70.00. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. QQ( 246) $70.00. 

JAMESON (Mrs. Anna). Memoirs of the Beauties of the Court 

of Charles the Second. Portraits after Lely and others. London, 
1851. 8vo. 


JAMESON (Mrs. Anna) Continued. 

54 lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Birdsall. YYa( 43) $25.00. 

Works. London, 1865. 6 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. X( 102) $60.00. 

JANSON (Charles W.). The Stranger in America. Plates, 9 in 

color. London, 1807. 4to. 
Orig. bds. (shaken and scuffed). TT (21 7) $35.00. 

JANVIER (Thomas A.). The Aztec Treasure-House. Illus. by 

Frederic Remington. N.Y., 1890. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. II (379) $7-50. 
JARDINE (Sir William). The Naturalist's Library. Plates, col. 

by hand. Edinburgh, n.d. 40 vols., i6mo. 
Hf. old cf. TTa (40) $30.00. 

JARVIS (Russell). A Biographical Notice of Com. Jesse D. 

Elliott ; containing a Review of the Controversy between him and 

the late Commodore Perry . . . By a Citizen of New York. 

Phila., for the author, 1835. I2mo. 
Rebound, hf. cf. (J. Fenimore Cooper copy with over 100 markings 

and notes in his hand). V (94) $51.00. 
Bds. YY(i 4 )$8.oo. 

JAY (John). Letters, being the Whole of the Correspondence 

between The Hon. John Jay, Esquire, and Mr. Lewis Littlepage. 
N.Y., 1786. 4 to. 
Sewed. P(IOI)$II.OO. 

JEAN-AUBRY (George). Joseph Conrad. Life and Letters. 

Plates. Garden City, 1927. 2 vols., 8vo. 
*4 lev. mor., g.t., unc. X (103)57.50. 
JEFFERIES (Richard). The Dewy Morn. London, 1884. 2 

VOls., 121110. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (inner hinges cracked; inscribed to J. W. North; 
inserted is A. L. S. by Jessie Jefferies). NN( 126) $17.00. 

The Story of Mv Heart. London, 1883. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. K( 248) $25.00. 

JEFFERS (Robinson). Californians. N.Y., 1916. I2mo. 
Orig. cl., ff.t. Q(272)$ 
Cl., g.t. XX (198) $10.50. 

Flagons and Apples. Los Angeles, 1912. I2mo. 

Bds., g.t. JK (239) $30.00. 

Night and Other Poems. Tntro. by B. H. Lehman. Frontis. 

by Ansel K. Adams, initials by Valenti Angelo. Signed. San 

Fran., (irabhorn Press. 1028. 8vo. 
Buckram (portrait signed by artist). 0(273) $12.00. 

Roan Stallion, Tamar, and Other Poems. N.Y., 1925. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc., unopened (No. 3 of 12 copies on' laid paper, in- 
scribed to Julian Messner). K (250) $45.00. 

Tamar and Other Poems. N.Y. [1924]. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (stained; presentation copy, book label inside front cover). 

K (251) $30.00. 
Cl. JK(2 4 o)$i7.50. 


JEFFERS (Robinson) Continued. 

The Women at Point Sur. Signed. N.Y. [1927]. 8vo. 

Bds. K (252) $10.00. 

Bds., unc. JK(24i)$i5.oo. 

JEFFERSON (Joseph). The Autobiography of Joseph Jeffer- 
son. Illustrations. N.Y., 1889. 8vo. 

Orig. vel., g.t, unc. (inscribed by author, also by Francis Wilcox to 
George H. Sargent). DD(n8) $12.00. 

JEFFERSON (Thomas). Germantown Letters, together with 
other Papers relating to his stay in Germantown, by Charles F. 
Jenkins. Portrait. Phila., 1906. 8vo. 

Cl. KLa (285) $8.00. 

Notes on the State of Virginia. Folding map, col. in outline. 

London, 1787. 8vo. 
Cf. (cover loose, inserted is portrait). UU( 1093) $13.00. 

Notes on the State of Virginia. Phila.. 1788. 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (scraped, autograph of George Marshall on title and fly leaf). 
CC (278) $8.00. 

Notes on the State of Virginia. Ed. by Paul Leicester Ford. 

Folding map. Brooklyn, 1894. 8vo. 
Cl. (roan backstrip missing). KLa (284) $7. 50. 

Observations sur la Virginie. Traduites [par 1'Abbe Morel- 
let]. Folding map by S. J. Neele, and table. Paris, Barrois, 
1786. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, unc.; in hf. mor. case. P( 104) $21.00. 

[Sale] Catalogue [of] President Jefferson's Library. To be 

sold at Auction Feb. 27, 1829. Wash., 1829. 8vo. 
Sewed, as issued. P (28) $17.00. 

See also CONGRESS. 

JEFFERYS (Thomas). The Conduct of the French, with Re- 
gard to Xova Scotia. London, 1754. 8vo. 
Cf., g.e., by Zaehnsdorf. FF(76)$35.oo. 

A Catalogue of the Modern and Correct Maps, Plans and 

Charts, Chiefly Engraved by the late T. Jefferys. London, Faden 
and Jefferys. Jan., 1774. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. case. FF( 74) $16.00. 

JEFFERYS (Thomas) and OTHERS. The American Atlas. 

Composed from numerous Surveys by Holland, Evans, Scull, 

Mouzon, Ross, Cook, etc. London, 1776. Fol. 
Hf. cf. (covers loose, has 23 maps, col. in outline, on 30 sheets). L 

(102) $67.50. 
Hf. cf. (30 maps on 49 plates). QQ (250) $70.00. 

JENKINS (Charles F.). See JEFFERSON (Thomas). 

JENKINS Games G.). Life and Confessions of James Gilbert 

Jenkins, the Murderer of Eighteen Men. Phonographically re- 
ported by R. E. Wood. Napa City. 1864. 8vo. 
Orig. paper (few margins stained). JK (79) $10.00. 

JENKINSON (Sir Charles), Baron Hawkesbury and Earl of 
Liverpool. See SECOND LETTER TO [him]. 


JEROME (Saint). Aureola. 42 leaves. [Speier, Printer of Gesta 

Christi, about 1472.] Fol. (Hain *8s86). 
Old hf. cf. (George Dunn copy). JK (214) $80.00. 

Epistolas . . . traduzidas por el Bachiller Jua de Molina. 

Woodcuts. Valencia, Jorge Costilla, 1526. Fol. 
Lev. mpr., by Kieffer (title and last leaf repaired, no. of other leaves 

stained, inscriptions). JK (21 5) $10.00. 

JEROME (Chauncey). History of the American Clock Busi- 
ness for the past Sixty Years, and Life of Chauncey Jerome, writ- 
ten by Himself. New Haven, 1860. I2mo. 

Cl. (with 'Time and Timekeepers," by Willis I. Milham, N.Y., 1923; 
together 2 vols.). DE(49)$i5.oo. 

JERROLD (Douglas W.). A Man made of Money. 12 illustra- 
tions on steel by John Leech. London, 1849. I2mo. 

6 orig. parts, unc. ; in hf. mor. case (backs chipped, wrappers faded; 
2 plates loose, some foxed; H. V. Jones copy). R(49)$i6.oo. 

JESSE (John H.). A Collection of First Editions of his His- 
torical Writings. Portraits. London, 1840-75. 24 vols., 8vo and 

Lev. mor., g.t. VV( 127) $55.00. 

JESUIT RELATIONS. Cramoisy Series of Jesuit Memoirs, 

Relations, etc. Nos. 1-25. Ed. by J. G. Shea. N.Y., 1857-68. 
25 vols. in 22, sm. 4to and 8vo. 
Cl. and unbound (some vols. worn). UU(m)$3O.oo. 

Relations des Jesuites. Quebec, 1858. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. QQ(25i)$i6.oo. 

Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents. Ed. by R. G. 

Thwaites. Cleveland, 1896-1961. 72 vols., 8vo. 
Buckram, g.t., unc. KLa( 289) $160.00. 

JEWEL (John). Works. London, 1609. Fol. 

Cont. cf., brass clasps, iron chain with staples in covers (rebacked, 
covers partly restored, title trimmed to border and mounted, lacks 
first 50 pp. of first sermon and no. of leaves at end of vol., other 
defects). R(is8)$no.oo. 

JEWETT (Sarah Orne). The Country of the Pointed Firs. 

Boston, 1896. I2mo. 

Cl. (blind stamp on end paper). M( 145) $17.50. 
Orig. cl. A A (95) $27.00. 

The Country of the Pointed Firs. Boston and N.Y., 1897. 

Orig. cl. (A. L. laid in). DD( 119) $12.00. 

-Deephaven. Boston, 1877. i8mo. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and case. 0(276) $15.00. 

JOHNSON (Amandus). The Swedish Settlements on the Dela- 
ware. Phila.. 1911. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t, unc. RR( 151) $8.50. 

JOHNSON (Edward). A History of New-England. London, 

for Nath. Brooke, 1654. Sm. 4to. 
Cont. cf., in hf. mor. case (part of fly leaf missing, tear in margin 

of one leaf; size 7^x5*4 in.). LL( 162) $350.00, 


JOHNSON (Edwin F.). Railroad to the Pacific, Northern 

Route : its General Character, Relative Merits, etc. Folding maps. 

N.Y., 1854- 8vo. 
Hf. cf., g.t. YY( 189) $10.00. 
JOHNSON (Joseph). Traditions and Reminiscences chiefly of 

the American Revolution in the South, including Biographical 

Sketches, Incidents, and Anecdotes. Maps. Charleston, S.C., 

1851. 8vo. 

Hf. cf. QQ (30) $12.00. 

JOHNSON (Merle). American First Editions. N.Y., 1929. 8vo. 
Cl. (with "Modern British Authors, their First Editions/' comp. by 

Cutler and Stiles, N.Y., 1930; together 2 vols.). C(26)$i7.oo. 
Cl., unc. (numerous manuscript corrections). M (24) $14.00. 
Mor., g.t, unc. (with his "High Spots of American Literature," N.Y., 

1929; together 2 vols., both signed by Johnson). O(i79)$37.5O. 
Orig. cl., unc. QQ (60) $10.00. 
A Bibliography of The Work of Mark Twain. Signed. N.Y., 

Harper, 1910. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. H(i86)$n.oo. 
Orig. cl. (rubbed and soiled). MN(i79)$9.oo. 

High Spots of American Literature. N.Y., 1929. 8vo. 

y* mor., g.t., unc. K(256) $10.00. 
$4 mor.. g.t., unc. T(35)$i5.oo. 
y 4 mor. MN(i8o)$8.50. 

JOHNSON (Rossiter). A History of the World's Columbian 

Exposition held in Chicago in 1803. Kd. by Rossiter Johnson. 

Plates. N.Y., 1897. 4 vols., 4to. 
y mor. C( 70) $25.00. 
JOHNSON (Rossiter) and RANOUS (Dora K.). See LIT- 


JOHNSON (Samuel). An Account of the Life of Mr. Richard 

Savage, Son of the Earl Rivers. London, 1744. 8vo. 
Cf., g.e., by Riviere. XX (129) $45.00. 

A Dictionary of the English Language. London, 1755. 2 

vols., fol. 

Cont. hf. cf. (binding poor, name on titles, 2 marginal tears, some 
foxing in text). F(ii4)$45.oo. 

Old cf. (2 vols. in 3, worn; one leaf of preface torn, no. of pp. dis- 
colored; Richard Meade copy). F (252) $25.00. 

Same as the preceding. JK (243) $32.50. 

Cont. cf., tooled (rehinged. corners repaired; Thomas Middlemore 
copy). O(i8o)$i30.oo. 

Cf. XN(i33)$75.oo. 

Cont. cf. (rebacked ; First issue, with entries under letter "V," pre- 
ceding those of the "U" section). TTa (93) $70.00. 

New hf. cf. EF(6i8)$95.oo. 

Irene. London, 1749. 8vo. 

Mor., g.e. NX (130) $70.00. 

A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. London, 

1775- 8vo. 
Cf. (rebacked, corners repaired, new end papers; First impression, 

with 12-line errata). V(i96)$ 


JOHNSON (Samuel) Continued. 

Cont. cf. (rubbed, cont. name on end paper; Second impression, with 

6-line errata). JJ(i/8)$7.5o. 
Cf., tooled (back chipped, hinges cracked; First issue). NN(i35) 

Orig. bds., unc. (rebacked, new end papers, few leaves stained, leaf 

of errata is wanting, although off-set is visible; name on title). 

NN( 136) $10.00. 
Cl., g.t., unc. (some leaves foxed, few inscriptions; First impression; 

accompanied by "Remarks on Dr. Samuel Johnson's Journey to 

the Hebrides," 1779, by Daniel M'Nicol ; together 2 vols.). ZZ 

(1 74) $100.00. 
Cont. hf. cf., unc.; in cl. box (worn, rebacked; First impression). 

KF((:20) $57-50. 

- A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. Edinburgh, 
1798. i2mo. 

Cf., g.t. TT (220) $9.00. 

- The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets. Portrait. 
London, 1781. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in 4 cl. cases (backs cracked, names on titles ; "W. 

B"-C. Berry copy). NN( 137) $130.00. 
Cf., tooled, g.e., by Bayntun. TTa (94) $32.50. 
Cont. cf. (covers warped, new end papers). ZZ( 175) $17.50. 
Cf., tooled (rebacked). EF( 622) $15.00. 
Old cf. (corners and backs repaired, writing on front fly leaf). MN 


- The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets. Portrait. 
London. 1790. 4 vols., 8vo. 

*4 cf. XX (203) $8.00. 

- Papers Written by Dr. Johnson and Dr. Dodd in 1777. 
Printed from the Originals in the Possession of A. Edward New- 
ton. Intro, and Notes by R. \V. Chapman. Illus. with Fac- 
similes. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1926. 4to. 

Orig. bds., unc. (inscribed by Mr. Newton to G. H. Sargent). EE 
(62) $22.00. 

- The Prince of Abissinia. London. 1759. 2 vols., i6mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Bedford (Edward Huth copy). XX (134) 

- The Rambler. Xos. 1-208. complete, March 20. 1750 to March 
17, [14) 1752. London. 1751. 2 vols., fol. 

Cont. cf. (worn, rebacked and repaired, margin of one leaf torn). 

- The Rambler. In Four Volumes. Yols. II-IY only. London, 
17^7. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Cont. cf.. in cl. case (vol. rehinged and repaired; Hester L. Thrale- 
R. H. M. Hughes copy, inscribed by the former). EF (812) $36.00. 

- Taxation no Tyranny. London, 1775. 8vo. 

Hf. leath. (covers loose, back damaged, some leaves foxed, inner mar- 
gins damaged from former stitching, last leaf repaired at margin). 

Cf., tooled, g.e.. by Zaehnsdorf. EF( 621) $67.50. 

- The Vanity of Human Wishes. London, 1749. 4to. 

Cf. NN(i3i)$i45.oo. 


JOHNSON (Samuel) Continued. 

Sale Catalogue of [his] Library. [Facsimile reprint.] With 

an Essay by A. E. Newton, signed by him. [London, 19.23.] 8vo. 

Orig.' bds., unc. (inscribed to G. H. Sargent by Mr. Newton). EE 
(65) $10.00. 

See also ADAM (R. B.), also ANSWER TO A PAMPH- 
BROWNE (Sir Thomas), also PIOZZI (Hester Lynch), also 

JOHNSON (Susannah). A Narrative of [her] Captivity. Sec- 
ond Edition Corrected and Enlarged. Windsor [Vt.J, 1807. 

Orig. bds. QQ( 254) $12.00. 

Orig. sheep (new end papers). YY( 135) $17.50. 

JOHNSON (William). Sketches of the Life and Correspond- 
ence of Nathanael Greene. Portrait and plans, including folding 
map. Charleston, 1822. 2 vols., 4to. 

Orig. bds., unc. (rebacked; contains the Appendix). P( 84) $22 .00. 

JOHNSON (William). lonica. 1858; [also] lonica. Large 
paper. 1891. London, 1858-91. 2 vols., i6mo and 4to. 

Orig. cl. and hf. vel., second vol. unc. EF( 322) $12.00. 

JOHNSTON (Charles). A Narrative of the Incidents attending 
[his] Capture. N.Y., 1827. I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (new label with title in ink; with another copy, in 
hf. cf. ; together 2 vols.). L(io4)$ 

JOHNSTON or JOHNSTpNE (Charles). Chrysal; or, the Ad- 
ventures of a Guinea. Col. plates. London, 1821. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. (rubbed; Ferdinand M. McVeagh copy). R(267)$32.5O. 

Chrysal; or, the Adventures of a Guinea. 12 col. plates. Lon- 
don, 1822. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Mor., g.t., unc. EF( 630) $10.00. 

JOHNSTON (Elizabeth 8.). Original Portraits of Washington. 
Plates. Boston, 1882. Roy. 4to. 

Hf. mor., g.e. (loose, rubbed, few margins frayed). W (97) $10.00. 

JOHNSTON (James). A History of the Haunted Caverns of 

Magdelama, an Indian Queen of South America. Front is. portrait. 

Phila., 1821. I2mo. 
Cont. sheep, by S. C. Stevens (frontis. frayed, Stephen Toppan copy). 

A (135) $37-50. 
JOHNSTONE (Chevalier de). Memoirs. Maps. Aberdeen, 

1870. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. P( 176) $70.00. 

JOLY (H. L.). Legend in Japanese Art. Plates in color. Lon- 
don, 1008. 4to. 
CL, g.e. U(i42)$i5.oo. 

JOMINI (Henri, Baron). Life of Napoleon. Trans, bv II. W. 

Halleck. N.Y.. 1864. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Yi cf., tooled, g.e., by Morrell. B(n8)$i5.oo. 

JONES (A. D.). Illinois and the West. Folding map. Boston, 

1838. i6mo. 
Orig. cl. (foxed). MN(i69)$ 


JONES (C. C., jr.). The History of Georgia. Portraits. Bos- 
ton, 1883. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. KLa(294)$8. 7 5. 

JONES (E. A.). The Old Silver of American Churches. 145 
plates. Letchworth, England, Privately Printed for the Society of 
Colonial Dames of America, 1913. Roy. 4to. 

Buckram, g.t, unc. W (98) $60.00. 

Buckram, g.t., unc. DE( 127) $45.00. 

Another copy. DE( 128) $50.00. 

JONES (James A.). Traditions of the North American Indians: 
being a second and revised edition of "Tales of an Indian Camp." 
Plates. London, 1830. 3 vols., sm. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc., unopened (rebacked, first 2 vols. broken at joints, 
soiled and corners damaged). (152)$ 15.00. 

JONES (J. B.). A Rebel War Clerk's Diary at the Confederate 
States Capital. Phila., 1866. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (faded). E(77)$i3.oo. 

JONES (John Paul). The Interesting Life, Travels, Voyages, 
and Daring Engagements, of the Celebrated Paul Jones, etc. Hud- 
son, 1809. i8mo. 

Paper, unc. (wrappers are dated 1818). T(i2o)$n.oo. 

Memoirs. London, 1843. 2 vols., i2mo. 

)4 cf. (with "John Paul Jones, Man of Action," by Phillips Russell, 
N.Y., 1927; together 3 vols.). V(i97)$9.oo. 

JONES (Martha W.). A Quaker Love Story, and Other Poems. 
Illustrated. Chic., 1885. Sm. 4to. 

Cl. (inscribed by J. G. Whittier to Jennie P. Baily). A (145) $14.00. 

JONES (Owen). The Grammar of Ornament. 100 plates in 
color. London, 1856. El. fol. 

New cl. (shaken, some leaves loose). JK (244) $15.00. 

JONES (Philip). See MEIERUS (Albertus). 

JONSON (Ben). Workes. [Vol. I.] Second edition. London, 
1640. Fol. 

Cf. (engraved title, with restored margins, apparently inserted from 
a smaller copy). U(i4i)$i5.oo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Bedford (with Vol. II, First edition, 1640, to- 
gether J vols.; portrait inlaid, engraved title repaired). NN 

Cf. (general title lacking). TTa (963) $12.50. 

Works. Portrait. London, 1716. 6 vols., 8vo. 

Cf., K.O., by Riviere (Dauntesey- Strauss copy). VV(i28)$55.oo. 

Works. Ed. by Peter Whalley. Frontis. London, 1756. 7 

vols.. 121110. 

Cf. (rubbed, Booth copy). OO<853)$8.oo. 

Works. Ed. by \V. Gifford. Portrait. London, 1816. 9 vols., 

roy. 8vo. 

Hf. cf., tooled, g.e., by Morrell (Large paper). S(23o)$36.oo. 
JOSEPHUS (Flavius). De antiquitate Judaica. De bello Ju- 

daico. 287 leaves (should be 288). Augsburg, Schussler, 1470. 

Fol. (Haiti *945i). 
Cf., tooled (measures 15^x1114 in.; Brunck-Lothian copy). LL 

(39) $600.00. 


JOSEPHUS (Flavius) Continued. 

De bello Judaico. [Ed. by Baptista Platina.] 176 leaves. 

Rome, Pannartz, 1475. Fol. (Hain *9457). 
Wood, tooled cf. back, brass clasps with leath. hinges (few holes in 

first and last leaves repaired, few early marginal notes). JK 

Works. Trans, by William Whiston. Portrait and 2 maps. 

Edinburgh, 1814. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Cf M g.e., by Zaehnsdorf. U( 143) $22.50. 
JOURDAIN (Silvester). A Plaine Description of the Barmvdas, 

now called Sommer Hands. London, W. Stansby for W. Wclby, 

1613. Sm. 4to. 
Old cf., in hf. mor. case (rebacked, first 2 and last leaves spotted; 

size 7x5^4 in-)- LL(n8) $700.00. 
JOUTEL (Henri). A Journal of the Last Voyage performed 

by Monsr. de la Sale, to the Gulph of Mexico. London, 1714. 


Cf. (hinges cracked, map wanting). L( 105) $19.00. 
JOVIUS (Paulus). Vitae Illustrium Virorum. Woodcuts. Basil, 

1578-77. Fol. 

Old rus., tooled (2 vols. in one. margin of first title defective and re- 
paired, some marginal stains : inscribed by W. S. Landor and 

by Robert Southey). EF (983) $17.50. 
JOYCE (James). Anna Livia Plurabella. Preface by Padraic 

Colum. X.Y., 1928; [also] Pomes Penyeach. Paris, 1927. X.Y. 

and Paris, 1928-27. 2 vols., I2mo and 32mo. 
Orig. cl. and bds., first vol. with g.t. unc. (first \ol. signed). K 


Dubliners. London [1914!. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed, Green-Armj-tage copy). JK( 247) $22.50. 

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. X.Y., 1916. 121110. 

Orig. cl. Q(277)$io.oo. 

Tales Told of Shem and Shaun. Paris, Black Sun Press, 1929. 

Sq. I2mo. 

Paper, in cl. box (signed, on Japan paper). II (48) $10.00. 
[Pamphlet.] Two Essays. "A Forgotten Aspect of the 

University Question," by F. J. C. [Sheehy-]Skeffington; and "The 

Day of the Rabblement," by James Joyce. Dublin, Gerrard, 1001. 

Pink paper, in cl. folder (stat)les rusted, portion of lower corner of 

folded edge removed). XX (204) $30.50. 
Orig. pink paper, in hf. mor. case. EF (631) $22.50. 

Ulysses. Paris, 1922. Sm. 4to. 

Orig. paper, unc., unopened: in cl. folder and cl. case Con hand -made 

paper, signed). K (258) $125.00. 
Paper, unc. (corners of cover and fly leaf torn). 8(231 )$i2.oo. 

Ulysses. Paris, Shakespeare and Company, 1925. 8vo. 

$4 mor. (title on backstrip reads "Ulysses S. Grant"). XX (205) 


Ulysses. Paris. 1928. Sq. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (with "A Key to Ulysses," by Paul Jordan Smith, Chic., 
1927; together 2 vols.). MX (184) $19.00. 


JUDD (Silas). A Sketch of the Life and Voyages of Captain 

Alvah Dewey. Chittenango, N.Y., 1838. i6mo. 

Bds. NO(2oo)$i5.oo. 

JUNIUS. Letters. 1770; [also] [Letters] including Letters by 
the Same Writer under Other Signatures. To which are added 
his Confidential Correspondence ... a Preliminary Essay, Notes, 
Fac-similes, etc. 3 vols. 1812. London, 1770-1812. 4 vols., i6mo 
and 8vo. 

Cf. (worn). T(i3o)$g.oo. 

JUVENAL. Saturae. 59 leaves. (Saturae of Juvenal only.) 
[Venice, Printer of Duns, Quaestiones, 1472, undated.] Fol. 
(Hain 9676). 

Mor., tooled. LL(4o)$iio.oo. 

Lives of the Little Masters and Misses; including a variety of 
good and bad characters. By a Little Biographer. The first 
Worcester edition. Illustrated. Worcester, Isaiah Thomas, 1787. 

Unc., in hf. mor. case. QQ (259) $19.00. 

KALM (Peter), praeses. Inn Americanska Naefwerbaetar, 
Beskrefna ocli med Wederboerandes tilstaedielse. Af Anders 
Chydenius. Plate, n.p., Jacob Merckcll [1753]. Sm. 4to. 

Unbound. P( ios)$27oO. 

Travels Into North America. Trans, by J. R. Forster. Fold- 
ing map and 6 plates. Warrington and London, 1770-71. 3 vols., 

Cont. cf. (3 vols. in one). E(i5)$4i.oo. 

Hf. cf. ri T (ii2)$27.50. 

Travels into North America. Second Edition. Map and 

plates. London, 1/72. 2 vols., 8vo. 

(With "Personal Narrative of Travels in the United States and Can- 
ada in 1826," by F. F. J)e Roos, London, 1827; and "Travels 
through the United States of America," Belfast, 1818; together 
4 vols.). T( 19) $25.00. 

KA VAN AGH (Julia). French Women of Letters. 2 vols. 1862; 
f also | English Women of Letters. 2 vols. 1863. London, 1862- 
f3. 4 vols., I2mo. 

y 4 mor., g.t. TT(23i)$io.oo. 

KAYE-SMITH (Sheila). The Tramping Methodist. London, 
1908. I2ino. 

Cl., in cl. case ( without picture pasted on front cover, laid in is A. L. S. 
in reference to the work). EF( 632) $42.50. 

Cl. (hinges frayed; with her "Green Apple Harvest," n.d. ; together 
2 vols.). *JK(24)$io.oo. 

KEAN (Charles). {His] Life. See COLE (John William). 

KEATING (William H.). Narrative of an Expedition to the 
Source of St. Peter's River. Map and 15 plates. Phila., 1824. 
2 vols.. 8vo. 

Old sheep. RR(i6i) $11.00. 

Narrative of an Expedition to the Source of St. Peter's River. 

Folding map and plates. London, 1825. 2 vols., 8\*o. 

P(io6) $18.00. 

y 4 cf. (rubbed). IJ(8i)$i5.oo. 


KEATS (John). Endymion. London, 1818. 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Bedford; in cl. case (First issue, with one-line 

errata slip; H. Glemby copy). O(i8i) $210.00. 
Orig. bds., unc. ; in lev. mor. case (rubbed; front hinge cracked, 

affecting label ; Second issue, with 5-line errata leaf ; inserted 

is the one-line errata slip of First issue). R (268) $400.00. 
Orig. bds., unc. ; in hf. mor. case (rebacked, inner halves of end papers 

are new, name inside cover; First issue/ with one-line errata slip 

and 2 leaves advertisements, dated May, 1818; measures 8% x S 1 /* 

in.). ZZ( 178) $300.00. 
Cont. cl. (part of orig. label preserved, but without advertisements; 

Second issue, with 5-line errata leaf). GH( 159) $40.00. 

Endymion. Illus. by W. St. John Harper. Boston [1888] ; 

[also] Odes and Sonnets. Illus. by Will H. Low. n.p. [1887]. 

Boston and n.p., [1888-87]. 2 vols., fol. 
Cl., g.t. and hf. cf., g.t. (second vol. lacks title). V(2oi)$n.oo. 

Lamia, Isabella, the Eve of St. Agnes, and Other Poems. 

London. 1820. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e.. by Zaehnsdorf ; in tooled lev. mor. case (meas- 
ures 69iox3 1 %j in., lacks advertisements). R( 269) $140.00. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in lev. mor. case (back rubbed, label partly defec- 
tive; names inside cover, names eradicated from title, lacks ad- 
vertisements; measures 7x4}^ in.). ZZ( 179) $325.00. 

Letters to Fanny Brawne. Ed. by H. B. Forman. London, 

1878. i6mo. 
Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (covers blistered, reinforced at front hinge; 

bookplate ) . Q ( 279 ) $25.00. 

Poems. N.Y., Privately Printed, 1904. Sq. 8vo. 

Cf. V(io9)$i6.oo. 

Poetical Works. Ed. by H. B. Forman. London, 1889-90. 5 

vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. EF( 634) $35.00. 


KEITH (George). The Standard of the Quakers Examined; 

or, an Answer to the Apology of Robert Barclay. London, 1702. 


Old cf. RR(i54)$7-50. 
KEITH (Sir William). The History of the British Plantations 

in America. Part I. 2 folding maps. London, 1738. 4to. 
Old cf. (loose, note on fly leaf). L(io6)$32.50. 

KELLY (William). Across the Rocky Mountains, from New 
York to California; [Second title] A Stroll through the Diggings 
of California. London, 1852. I2mo. 

Hf. roan (2 vols. in one). QQ(263)$n.oo. 

KELMSCOTT PRESS. Hammersmith, London. 

Caxton (William). The Order of Chivalry. Woodcut frontis. 

after Edward Burne-Jones. 1893, Sm. 4to. 
Vel., unc., ties; in hf. mor. case (laid in is A. L. S. by William 

Morris; Henry W. Poor- John Quinn copy). O( 182) $35.00. 
Niger, inlaid, g.t. V(2O2)$ 



Chaucer (Geoffrey). Works. Woodcuts by W. H. Hooper 

after Burne-Jones. 1896. Fol. 
Bds., unc. NO(202)$58o.oo. 

Morris (William). Child Christopher and Goldilind the Fair. 

1895. 2 vols., i6mo. 
Bds., unc. F( 1 17) $12.50. 

Morris (William). A Dream of John Ball and a King's Les- 
son. Woodcut frontis. after Burne-Jones. 1892. 8vo. 

Vel., unc., ties; in hf. mor. case (on vellum, Laurence W. Hodson 
copy ) . V V ( 1 29 ) $60.00. 

Bds., unc. JK(249)$i7-50. 

Morris (William). Gothic Architecture. 1893. i6mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t. (orig. covers bound in). TT(233)$n.oo. 

Morris (William). The Life and Death of Jason. Woodcuts 

designed by Burne-Jones. 1895. Large 4to. 
Vel., ties. XT (232) $33.00. 

Morris (William). Love is Enough. 2 woodcuts by Burne- 
Jones. 1897. Large 4to. 
Vel., unc. RR(392)$ 

Morris (William). Poems by the Way. 1891. 8vo. 

Vel., unc., ties; in mor. case (Robert Hoe copy). YY(92)$i7.5o. 

Morris (William). The Sundering Flood. 1897. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. NO (203) $15.00. 

Morris (William). The Tale of Beowulf. Done out of the 

Old English Tongue by William Morris and A. J. Wyatt. 1895. 

Vel., unc. (inscribed by Morris to Algernon Charles Swinburne). JK 
(250) $75.00. 

Shakespeare (William). Poems. 1893. 8vo. 

Vel., ties. TT( 234) $50.00. 

Mor., inlaid, g.t.; in folding cl. box. XX (208) $65.00. 

KEMPIS (Thomas a). Of the Imitation of Jesus Christ. 

Trans, by T. F. Dibdin. Plates. London, 1828. 8vo. 

Niger, inlaid, tooled, g.t.; in cl. case (Large paper). V(2O3)$i5.oo. 
Lev. mor., g.t. TT(i2i)$8.50. 

Of the Imitation of Christ. In Four Books. Illus. by Lau- 
rence Housman. London, 1848. 8vo. 
Niger, inlaid, tooled, g.e. ; in cl. box. V(204)$i6.oo. 

The Imitation of Christ Ed. by H. P. Liddon. London, 1889. 

Niger, inlaid, tooled; in case. V(205)$n.oo. 

Of the Imitation of Christ. Trans, by Richard Whytford. Re- 
edited by Wilfrid Raynal. Illustrations in color. London, Chatto 
and Windus, 1908. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Bayntun. YY(i43)$8.oo. 

KENDALL (George W.). Narrative of the Texan Santa Fe 

Expedition. Map and plates. London, 1844. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor M by Riviere. T(i22)$9.oo. 


KENNEDY (J. P.). Horse Shoe Robinson, a Tale of the Tory 

Ascendency. Phila., 1835. 2 vols., 121110. 
Orig. cl. QQ (264) $42.50. 

-Quodlibet: containing some Annals thereof ... by Solomon 

Secondthoughts. Phila., 1840. I2mo. 
Cl. (spotted, presentation copy). JJ(i8o) $35.00. 

Rob of the Bowl: a Legend of St. Inigoe's. Phila., 1838. 2 

vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl. QQ(265) $25.00. 

Swallow Barn; or, a Sojourn in the Old Dominion. Phila., 

1832. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (rebacked). AA (98) $20.00. 

KENNET (White). The Lets and Impediments in Planting and 
Propagating the Gospel of Christ, a Sermon Preach'd before the 
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts at 
their Anniversary Meeting,^ in St. Mary-le-Bow, 15 Feb., 1711-12. 
London, Downing, 1712. Sm. 8vo. 


KENT (Rockwell). The Bookplates & Marks of Rockwell 

Kent. Signed. N.Y., Random House, 1929. I2mo. 
Cl., unc. A(i49)$i5.oo. 
Orig. cl. Q(28i)$i2.50. 

N by E. Illus. by the author. Limited edition, on watermarked 

paper, signed. N.Y., 1930. 4to. 
Buckram. A ( 1 50) $15.50. 
Cl. V(207)$i3-50. 
Cl., g.t. II(25i)$ii.oo. 

Voyaging Southward from the Strait of Magellan. Illus. by 

the author. N.Y., 1924. Roy. 8vo. 
Buckram, unc. A (148) $22. 50. 
Orig. cl., g.t. V(2o6)$i6.op. 
Bds. (signed; with orig., signed, woodcut). MN(i87)$ 

KERCHEVAL (Samuel). A History of the Valley of Virginia. 

Winchester, 1833. I2mo. 

Old cf. (worn and foxed: name on title). Y(68)$ 
Orig. cf. (rebacked). QQ(268)$ii.oo. 

KERFOOT (John B.). American Pewter. Boston, 1924. 410. 
Bds. DE(i3o)$i7.50. 
Another copy. DE( 131) $15.00. 

KERNER (John Simon). Le Raisin, ses Especes et Varietes, 

Dessinees et Coloriees d'apres Nature. 12 title vignettes and 144 
plates entirely drawn and col. by hand. Stoutgart, 1803-15. 2 
vols., at. fol. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. (12 parts in 2 vols. From the library of Duke 
Albert de Saxe-Teschen which was sold in Milan. 1930. A copy 
of the sale catalogue accompanies this item). R( 426) $475.00. 

KERR (Lewis). Exposition of the Criminal Laws of the Ter- 
ritory of Orleans. New Orleans, John ^fowry, 1806. 

(Thomas Jefferson copy with his autograph initial "T" before signa- 
ture "I" on p. 57, and "J" after signature "T," on p. iii of ap- 
pendix). GG (208) $87.50. 


KETTELL (Samuel). Specimens of American Poetry. Boston, 

1829. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. bds., unc. N(2i2)$ 

KIDD (William). A Full Account of the Proceedings in Rela- 
tion to Capt. Kidd, in Two Letters written by a Person of Quality 
to a Kinsman of the Earl of Bellomont. 51 pp. London, 1701. 

Cf., g.e. QQ (270) $107.00. 

KILLIGREW (Anne). Poems. Mezzotint portrait by Becket. 

London, 1686. 4to. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Stikeman (margins repaired). VV(i3o)$i3.oo. 


KING (Benjamin Franklin). Ben King's Verse. Portrait. Chic., 

Press Club, 1894. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. N(2i3)$8.oo. 

KINGLAKE (Alexander W.). The Invasion of the Crimea. 

Maps. Edinburgh, 1868-87. 8 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Riviere. GH(i6i)$8.oo. 

KINGSLEY (Charles). Hypatia. London, 1853. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Cl., in cl. case (back repaired; bookplate of George Frederick Samuel, 
Earl de Grey and Ripon). EF( 636) $47.50. 

Three Lectures on the Ancien Regime. London, 1867. I2mo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. ; in hf. mor. case (hinges torn, inscribed to the author's 
wife, Maurice Kingsley bookplate). EF (641) $17.50. 

The Water-Babies. London, 1863; [also] The Water Babies. 

Boston, 1864. London and Boston, 1863-64. 2 vols., 8vo and 

1 2mo. 
Cl.. first vol. in hf. mor. case (first vol. rubbed and shaken). EF 

( 640 ) $9.00. 

The Water-Babies, lllus. by J. Noel Paton. London, 1864. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e. (orig. front cover and backstrip bound 

in). JK(254)$3J.50. 

Westward Ho! Cambridge. 1855. 3 vols.. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc.: in hf. lev. mor. case (rubbed, inner joints cracked). 

0(183) $85.00. 
Hf. cf. (rubbed, laid in is A. L. S. ; with "Westward Ho!." Boston, 

1^55: together 2 voLs.). EF( 638) $27.50. 


KINGSLEY (Henry). Tales of Old Travel. London, 1870. 

Cl., g.t. ; in hf. mor. case (inscribed by A. C. Swinburne to Philip 

Hume- J ones ) . EF ( 642 ) $47.50. 

KINZIE (Mrs. John H.). Wau-Bun, the "Early Day" in the 

North-XVest. Plates. N.Y., 1856. 8vo. 
Cl. (rubbed). T( uj) $12.50. 

KIP (William I.). The Early Jesuit Missions in North America. 

Folding map. N.Y M 1846. 121110. 
Cl. KLa(3io)$8.oo. 


KIPLING (Rudyard). Abaft the Funnel. Pirated edition. N.Y., 
Dodge, 1909; [also] The Eyes of Asia. Garden City, N.Y., 
1918. N.Y. and Garden City, 1909-18. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl., gold lettering, and (2d vol.) bds. (name in each vol.). C 
(172) $15.00. 

The Absent-Minded Beggar. Portrait and facsimile of MS. 

On satin. Folio sheet, folded to form 3 panels. [London, Daily 

Mail Pub. Co.,] 1899. 
(Stained). ZZ(i 80) $15.00. 

Actions and Reactions. London, 1909. i2mo. 

CL, g.t. (tipped in is L. S.). EF( 654) $17.50. 

Barrack-Room Ballads, and Other Verses. London, 1892. 

Buckram, g.t., unc. (Large paper). O(iox))$32.5o. 

"Captains Courageous." With Illustrations by J. W. Taber. 

London, 1897. I2mo. 

CL, g.e. ; in cl. case (D. B. Converse copy). EF (650) $20.00. 
Orig. cl., g.e. (edges rubbed). MN( 194) $12.50. 

The City of Dreadful Night and Other Places. Allahabad, 

1891. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, in mor. case, by Riviere (shaken, 2 pp. loose). TT(239) 

Cruise of the "Cachelot," containing letter by Kipling. See 

BULLEN (Frank T.). 

The Day's Work. London, 1898. I2mo. 

CL, g.t, unc.; in cl. case (signed, inserted is L. S.). R(i83)$45.oo. 
Q., g.t; in cl. case (autographed). EF (652) $13.00. 

Departmental Ditties and Other Verses. First edition. La- 
hore, 1886. Narrow 8vo. 

Orig. wrappers, with orig. flap; in mor. folder and lev. mor. case 
(backstrip chipped, flap strengthened along hinge; R. A. Witthaus 
copy). O(i84)$330.oo. 

Orig. wrappers, in tooled lev. mor. case (flap supplied in facsimile, 
wrappers repaired). R(i8o) $140.00. 

Orig. wrappers, orig. flap; in $4 mor. case (backstrip chipped). A A 
(101) $270.00. 

Departmental Ditties and Other Verses. Second Edition. 

Calcutta, 1886. I2mo. 
Orig. bds., in hf. mor. case (binding of vol. rubbed, rebacked). () 

(185) $10.00. 
Orig. bds. (backstrip chipped, covers worn at edge ; rubber stamp of 

"Thacker & Co. Ltd. Bombay" inside cover). IJ(476)$io.oo. 

Departmental Ditties, and Other Verses. Ninth Edition. 

With Illustrations by Dudley Cleaver. London and Calcutta, 
1897. 8vo. 

Orig. cf., tooled, by Guild of Women Binders (Large paper, 2 extra 
plates, tipped in is typed message of presentation on Kipling's let- 
terhead ) . EF (651 ) $10.00. 

Departmental Ditties, Barrack-Room Ballads, and Other 

Verses. First issue; [with] Same. Second issue. N.Y., U.S. 
Book Co., [1890]. 2 vols., I2mo. 


KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued. 

Orig. cl. f g.t.; in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (names in 2d vol.). 

Echoes. By Two Writers [Rudyard and Beatrice Kipling]. 

Lahore [1884]. Sq. I2mo. 

Orig. wrappers, in mor. case (wrappers chipped, backstrip lacking; 
John Jay Paul bookplate in case). R( 179) $675.00. 

The Five Nations. London, 1903. I2mo. 

Orig. buckram, g.t., unc. ; in hf. niger mor. case (half-title signed 
by author, another name on title; inserted are L. S. of author 
and A. L. S. of Maj. Gen. Lord Chesham). R(i86)$75.oo. 

[Broadside.] The Glory of the Garden, [n.p., The Gilliss 

Press, n.d.]. irliex 15%$ in. 
In hf. lev. mor. case (Japan paper). R(i88) $65.00. 

The Horse Marines. Garden City, 1910. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, in lev. mor. case. 0(197) $42.50. 

In Black & White. First edition. Allahabad [1888]. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in hf. niger mor. case (wrappers rebacked and repaired, 

no. of leaves rehinged, lacks first of last 4 pp. advertisements, name 

on title). R(i8i) $35.00. 

In Black and White. Allahabad and London [1890]. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. case (backstrip worn, tipped on title is autographed 
slip). EF(644)$i2.50. 

The Jungle Book. With Illustrations by J. L. Kipling, W. 

H. Drake, and P. Frenzeny. 1894; [with] The Second Jungle 
Book. With Illustrations by J. Lockwood Kipling. 1895. Lon- 
don and N.V., Macmillan, 1894-95. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. H(9o)$iO5.oo. 

Orig. cl., g.e.; in hf. lev. mor. case (inner joint of 2d vol. cracked; 
name and stamp in ist vol., name in 2d). 0(192) $70.00. 

Orig. cl., g.e.; in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (binding of ist vol. 
blistered ; inserted in each vol. is autograph of author, bookplate in 
each vol.). Q( 282) $91.00. 

Cl., g.e.; in cl. case (Cecil George A. Drummond copy). R(53) 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e. gauffered, by Sangorski ; in hf. snake- 
skin case (orig. covers bound in). R(i82)$2io.oo. 

Cl., g.e. (rubbed, slight foxing, Siegfried Sassoon copy). EF(648) 

The Jungle Book. 1929; [with] The Second Jungle Book. 

1930. Illus. by W. H. Drake and J. Lockwood Kipling. London, 

1929-30. 2 vols., 121110. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Riviere. TTa( 97) $32.50. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Riviere; in 2 cl. cases. VV(i32) 


Just So Stories for Little Children. Illustrated by the Au- 
thor. London, 1902. 4to. 

Cl. (rubbed and shaken, Maurice Hewlett copy). O(i95)$i/.5O. 
Orig. cl., in hf. lev. mor. case (stamp on end paper). 0(196) $17.50. 
Cl. R(55)$32-50. 
Orig. cl. (soiled and shaken). II (254) $20.00. 


KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued. 

Orig. cl. (white decoration on back partly rubbed away). MN(iQ3) 

Orig. cl. (E. A. Bennett copy). NO (208) $12.00. 

Kim. Illus, by J. L. Kipling. London, 1901. I2mo. 

CL, g.t. EF(6S3)$io.oo. 
Orig. cl. MN( 195) $8.00. 

Kim. Illus. by J. L. Kipling. [Macmillan's Pocket Kipling.] 

London, 1918. I2mo. 
Limp leath., g.t; in cl. case (signed). EF(657)$n.oo. 

Kipling's Poems. Edited, with an Introductory Essay, by 

Wallace Rice. Chicago, Star Publishing Company, 1899. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. C( 170) $19.00. 

CL, in hf. mor. case (with copy bearing later title-page with "George M. 
Hill Company" substituted for "Star Publishing Company" in im- 
print; together 2 vols.). NN( 144) $22.50. 

Orig. cl., g.t. (inner hinges split). MX (190) $10.00. 

Letters of Marque. Allahabad, 1891. 8vo. 

CL, in hf. mor. case (hinges cracked, publisher's stamp on front fly 
leaf reads "Issued 21. Jan. 92"). EF(646)$22.5o. 

The Light that Failed. [In "Lippincott's Monthly Magazine," 

Jan., 1891.] Phila., 1891. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. (rubbed, orig. wrappers bound in). EF( 647) $10.00. 

On Dry-Cow Fishing. See ROGERS (Bruce). Books 

printed or designed by him. 

Plain Tales from the Hills. Calcutta and London, 1888. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. lev. mor. case (rubbed, inner joints cracked; First 
binding, 32 pp. advertisements, at end, dated Dec.. 1887; pagina- 
tion numeral for page 192 set in upper right corner). 6(187) 

Cl. (stained and worn, new end papers; First binding with design of 
J. L. Kipling; 24 pp. advertisements dated Dec., 1887; page 192 
numbered at inner corner). R( 50) $27.50. 

Poems, 1886-1929. Portrait by Francis Dodd. Signed. Lon- 
don, 1929. 3 vols., imp. Svo. 
Niger mor., g.t., unc. (signed, also, by artist). ZZ(i8i ) $42.50. 

Poems, 1886-1929. Signed. Garden City, 1930. 3 vols., 4to. 

Bds., g.t., unopened. 1 1 (256) $23.00. 

Puck of Pook's Hill. London, 1906. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. NO (209) $8.00. 

The Record of Badalia Herodsfoot. |In the "Detroit Free 

Press Christmas Number."] London fi8o/)]. Fol. 
Paper, in hf. mor. case. EF( 645) $15.00. 

Rudyard Kipling's Verse. Inclusive Edition: 1885-1918. 

London, 1919. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski. U( 145) $22.50. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. EF (658) $9.00 

Rudyard Kipling's Verse. Inclusive Edition: 1885-1918. 

Signed. Garden City, 1919. 8vo. 
Bds., g.t. V (208) $12.50. 


KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued. 

[Pamphlets.] The School Budget. Vol. I, No. 13 [contain- 
ing a Letter by Kipling] and No. 14 [containing a portrait of 
Kipling by Max Beerbohm], May 14 and May 28, 1898. [Hors- 
monden, Horsmonden School, Kent, 1898.] 2 nos., i6mo. 

Orig. pink paper (No. 13 has wrappers of second issue, but includes 
the advertisements; 2 small sketches are col. by hand). R(i84) 

Sea and Sussex. From Rudyard Kipling's Verse. Illustrated 

by Donald Maxwell. With an Introductory Poem by Rudyard 
Kipling. Signed. London, 1926. 4to. 

Bds., g.t. (illustrations in color, mounted). Q(285)$ii.oo. 

The Second Jungle Book. With Illustrations by J. Lock- 
wood Kipling. London and N.Y., 1895. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. (with autographed copy of "The Jungle Book," 1895; 
together 2 vols., name in each). AA(i02)$22.5o. 

Orig. cl., g.e. II(253)$i9.oo. 

Orig. cl., g.e. JJ(i8i) $16.00. 

Orig. cl., g.e. NO (206) $10.00. 

The Seven Seas. London, 1896. 8vo. 

(With "Traffics and Discoveries," London, 1904 and "Soldier Tales," 
London and N.Y., 1896; together 3 vols.). CD (231) $12.00. 

Soldier Tales. London and N.Y., 1896. I2mo. 

Cl., g.e.; in cl. case. EF( 649) $18.00. 

Soldiers Three. Allahabad, Printed at the "Pioneer" Press, 

1888. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. folder and case (cover slightly soiled, back repaired; 
Second issue, cover with retouched design, showing cross-hatching 
on barrack doors, periods after "Xo" and "Library," and, below 
the engraving. "Mayo School of Art, Lahore, Mufid i am Press"). 

Songs from Books. [Macmillan's Pocket Kipling.] London, 

10 1 8. I2mo. 
Limp leath., g.t.: in cl. case (signed). EF( 656) $8.00. 

Songs from Books. London, 1026. i6mo. 

Limp leath.. g.t. (signed). NX (145) $15.00. 

Songs of the Sea, from Rudyard Kipling's Verse. Illus. by 

Donald Maxwell. X.V., 1927. 4to. 
Bds., g.t.; in case (signed). C( i/6)$i3.oo. 

Under the Deodars. Allahabad [1888]. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. case (lower part of front wrapper backed with 
silk, back worn; First issue, wrapper without heavy shading 
around "Xo. 4" and with words "One Rupee"). EF( 643) $47.50. 

Verses written for Nicholson's "Almanac of Sports for 1898." 

(One of the 20 copies of the copyright edition printed "for William 
Heinemann in October, MDCCCXCVI1. by Will Bradley, at the 
Wayside Press, Springfield. Massachusetts/'] London and N.Y., 
Heiiiemann, 1807; |also] "An Almanac of twelve Sports by \Vil- 
liani Xicholson, Words by Rudyard Kipling. London, Heine- 
maim, 1808. London, Heiiiemann, 1897-98. 2 pieces, 4to and fol. 

First vol. orig. paper, second vol. in vel. portfolio. KL (88) $55.00. 


KIPLING (Rudyard) Continued. 

With the Night Mail. Illus., in color, by Frank X. Leyendecker 

and H. Reuterdahl. N.Y., 1909. I2mo. 
Orig. cl., unc. C(i73)$i3.oo. 

With Number Three, Surgical & Medical, and New Poems. 

Santiago de Chile, 1900. I2mo. 
Orig. paper, unc. and unopened; in cl. case. R( 185) $55.00. 

Works. Bombay Edition, Vol. I signed. London, 1913-27. 26 

vols., roy. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t, unc., by Sangorski. U( 144) $370.00. 

KIRBY (William P.). European Butterflies and Moths . . . 
Based upon Berge's "Schmetterlingsbuch." 62 col. plates. Lon- 
don, 1882. 4to. 

H cf. V(49)$io.oo. 

KNAPP (Moses L.). Address delivered to the Graduating Class 

of the Indiana Medical College, at the Public Commencement, Feb. 
1 8, 1847. 22 pp. Chic., 1847. I2mo. 
Sewed, in envelope (foxed, number in ink on title). OO( 109) $15.00. 

An Address delivered at the Opening of the Rock-Island 

Medical School. Nov. 7, 1848. 20 pp. Chic., 1849. 8vo. 
Sewed, in envelope (foxed, number in ink on title). OO( no) $21.00. 

KNIGHT (Francis). A Relation of seaven yeares slaverie vnder 

the Turkes of Argeire, suffered by an English Captive Merchant. 
Woodcut frontis. and plan. London, T. Cotes, for Michael Sparke 
Junior, 1640. Sm. 4to. 

Sewed, in hf. mor. case (.frontis. repaired, size 7/^x5^ in.). LL 
(144) $90.00. 

KNOWLES (J. Sheridan). The Wife; or, Women as they Are. 

4 etchings by G. Cruikshank. London, 1835. I2mo. 
Cf., g.t., unc., by Wood (orig. covers bound in, Gustavia A. Senff 

copy). W(i33)$i/oO. 

KNOX (Captain John). An Historical Journal of the Cam- 
paigns in North- America, for the Years 1757, 1758, 1759. and 
1760. 2 portraits and folding map. London, for the Author, 1769. 
2 vols., 4to. 

Cont. bds. (loose, portraits foxed: John Roberts copy). L (107) $55.00. 

KOBBfi (Gustav). The Complete Opera Book. 100 portraits. 

N.Y. [1930]. 8vo. 
Mor., inlaid, g.e. MX (255) $19.00. 

KOCK (Charles Paul de). Works. Intro, by Jules Claretic. Il- 
lustrations. London, n.d. 25 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. CC(io6) $15.00. 

KOHL (J. G.). Kitchi-Gami. Wanderings round Lake Superior. 

London, 1860. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (front hinge split). E(i67)$i4.oo. 
Cl., unc. (presentation copy). T( 124) $12. 50. 
34 mor. (rubbed, leaves A 1-2 are lacking). OO(28o)$n.oo. 

KOSEWITZ (W. F. von). Eccentric Tales . . . with Illustra- 
tions by George Cruikshank from Sketches by Alfred Crowquill 
[A. H. Forrester]. 20 col. plates. London, 1827. 8vo. 


KOSEWITZ (W. F. von) Continued. 
Cf., tooled, g.e. on rough, by Riviere. S(8i) $18.00. 
Cf., g.e., by Morrell (hinges cracked, Bruton-Senff copy). VV(i34) 

KU-KLUX-KLAN. [Its] Oaths, Signs, Ceremonies and Ob- 
jects: a Full Expose, by a Late Member. Illustrations. Cleve- 
land, 1868. I2mo. 

Paper (name stamp on several pp.). T(i74)$io.oo. 

KUNZ (George F.) and STEVENSON (C. H.). The Book of 
the Pearl Plates. N.Y., 1908. 4to. 

Cl., g.t. (soiled and shaken). TT (310) $9.00. 

LABAUME (Eugene). The Campaign in Russia. Folding plates. 
London, 1815. 8vo. 

y mor., g.t, unc., by Zaehnsdorf. TTa( 121) $8.00. 

LABfiDOYfeRE (C. A. F. H., Comte de). Memoirs of the Pub- 
lic and Private Life of Napoleon Bonaparte. Plates col. by hand. 
London, 1827. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. cf. (rubbed). B(so)$8.oo. 

LACE. A Collection of Facsimile Reprints of XVI and XVII 
Century Books on Lace, v.p., v.d. 17 vols., v.s. 

V.b. DE(i43)$so.oo. 

See also FIORI DI RICAMI, also GHIRLANDA, also 


LACROIX (Paul). Dix-huitieme Siecle: Institutions, Usages et 
Costumes, France, 1700-1789. 21 full-page chromolithographs and 
350 woodcuts after Watteau, Boucher, Eisen, and others. Paris, 
1875. Roy. 8vo. 

CL, g.e. (inscribed by Robert Browning to Lily Benzon, also E. M. R. 
Forster copy). EF(i29)$ 

History of Prostitution. Trans, by Samuel Putnam. Frontis- 
pieces. Chic., 1926. 3 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. 8(235) $15.00. 

Moeurs, Usages et Costumes au Moyen Age et a 1'Epoque de 

la Renaissance. Plates in color. Paris, 1871. 4to. 

Hf. mor., g.e. (edges stained, 2 pp. loose). V(8i)$g.5o. 

LACY (Thomas Hailes) and FRENCH (Samuel). Acting 
Plays. Vols. Mil, V, and VII-CLII. London and N.Y., n.d. 
150 vols.. i OHIO. 

Hf. roan (rubbed). CC( 107) $175.00. 

LAET (Joannes de). Novvs Orbis; seu, Descriptionis Indiae 
Occidentals libri XVIII. Engraved title and 14 double-page 
maps. Leyden, Elzevir, 1633. Fol. 

Vel. (wax seal on corner of title). LL( 136) $100.00. 

Vel. (time-stained). IJ(86)$20.oo. 

LA FONTAINE (Jean de). Les Amours de Psyche et de Cupi- 
don. 4 plates, printed in colors, after Schall. Paris, 1791. Fol. 

Hf. mor. (few stains, one plate repaired, last leaf lacking). U(i48) 

Contes et Nouvelles en Vers. Portraits of La Fontaine and 

Eisen, 80 plates after Eisen, and 4 vignettes and 53 tail pieces by 
Choffard. Fermiers Generaux Edition. Amsterdam, 1762. 2 
vols., 8vo. 


LA FONTAINE (Jean de) Continued. 

Old mor., tooled, g.e. (loose, one back missing; 2 plates are in first 
state). L(226)$i85.oo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. (several plates in uncovered state, some in sev- 
eral states, few of the latter laid in; lacks leaves of "Avis au 
Relieur" ) . GH ( 164) $40.00. 

Contes et Nouvelles en Vers. Portrait of La Fontaine, 80 

plates after Eisen, vignettes, culs-de-lampe, etc. Amsterdam, 1764. 
2 vols., sm. 8vo. 

Cont. mor., g.e. (worn). U( 147) $10.00. 

Contes et Nouvelles en Vers. 2 portraits, 81 plates after Eisen, 

and numerous vignettes. [Reprint of the Fermiers Generaux edi- 
tion, with an extra plate in Vol. II.] Paris, 1792. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Zaehnsdorf (a few leaves repaired). 

Tales and Novels in Verse. 85 plates by Eisen. Paris, 1884. 

2 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., g.t, unc. AA(iO3)$9.oo. 

Tales and Novels in Verse. 123 engravings by and after Eisen 

and others. London, Society of English Bibliophilists, n.d. 2 
vols., 8vo. 

Silk, g.t. (rubbed). Q(286)$ii.oo. 

Tales and Novels. 85 plates by Eisen. Privately printed, n.d. 

4 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. and bds., unc. YYa (97) $12.00. 

Fables Choisies. 275 plates after J. B. Oudry. Paris, 1755-59. 

4 vols., large fol. 

Cont. cf.. tooled, g.e. (repaired marginal tear in one leaf; inscribed 
* number and small stamp on half-titles and titles, and occasionally 

elsewhere; Large paper, printed on heavy laid paper, n;x 13 in.: 

plate opposite page 112, Vol. Ill, is after letters). R( 427) $310.00. 

Fables. Parma, Bodoni, 1814. 2 vols., large fol. 

Bds., unc. (.rubbed). JK(256)$7oO. 

Fables. Illus. by J. J. Grand ville. Paris, 1838-40. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Mor.. tooled, g.e. ( Sylvain Van De Weyer copy). U( 149) $30.00. 

Fables. 25 etchings. London, Ximmo. 1884. Roy. 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.t., by Taffin. TTa(99)$i5.oo. 

LA HARPE (Jean-Franc.ois de). Abrege de 1'Histoire Gen- 

erale des Voyages. Plates and diagrams. Ji vols. With Atlas. 

Paris, 1780. 22 vols., I2mo and 4to. 
Cf. and hf. cf. (worn, cover of Atlas warped and scuffed, library label 

removed from inside covers). MX(3i5)$io.oo. 
LAHONTAN (N., Baron de). New Voyages to North-America. 

Ed. by R. G. Thwaites. Maps. Chic., 1905. 2 vols., 8vo. 
34 lev. mor., g.t., unc. and unopened. E(i68)$n.oo. 
LAKING (Guy F.). The Furniture of Windsor Castle. London, 

1905. 4to. 

CL, g.t., unc. DEC 144) $10.00. 
LAMB (Charles). The Adventures of Ulysses. Front! s. and 

title by Heath after Corbould. London, 1808. 121110. 
Cont. cf., in cl. case (rebacked, old backstrip preserved). XN(i49) 



LAMB (Charles) Continued. 

- Album Verses, with a Few Others. Vignette on title. Lon- 
don, 1830. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in hf. lev. mor. case (front cover loose, backstrip 

and label partly restored). O(2Oi)$i5.oo. 
Orig. bds M unc. ; in cl. case (back defective, Edward Fitzgerald copy). 

Orig. bds., unc. (worn, hinges cracking; Furman-Scott copy). EF 

Orig. bds., unc.; in hf. mor. case (front cover loose, back and label 

partly restored, some margins stained). JK(257)$ii.oo. 

- The Book of the Ranks and Dignities of British Society. 

[1805]; [also] Same. 1809. Col. engravings. London, [1805-] 
1809. 2 vols., i6mo. 
Cont. bds., in hf. mor. case (worn, backs repaired). EF (660) $16.00. 

- A Dissertation Upon Roast Pig. [Park Ridge,] The Village 
Press, 1904. I2mo. 

Orig. bds. (Japan paper, laid in is A. L. of printer, F. W. Goudy). 

- Elia, 1823; [also] The Last Essays of Elia. 1833. London, 
1823-33. 2 vols., i2mo. 

Lev. mor., g.e. ; in cl. case (First issue of first vol., "Fleet Street" 
alone appearing as publishers' address on title; traces of blind 
stamp on same title). Of 200) $175.00. 

Uniform lev. mpr., g.t., by Riviere: in cl. case (First issue title of 
first vol. inserted, apparently from another copy; faded name 
stamp on title of second vol.). NX (150) $100.00. 

- Elia. First issue. 1823; [also] Elia. First and Second Se- 
ries. 2 vols. 1833-35; [also] Letters. 2 vols. 1837; [also] 
Final Memorials. 1848. Portraits. London, 1823-48. 6 vols., 

1 21110. 

Old cf. (Leigh Hunt copies, second work annotated by him). EF 

- Elia. Phila., 1828. Sm. i2mo. 

Orig. bds. (rcbacked, with orig. paper label). C( 178) $17.50. 

- The First Book of Poetry, for the Use of Schools. Comp. by 
\V. F. Mylius. 177 pieces by various authors, including 23 by 
Lamb, 22 of these reprinted from "Poetry for Children." 2 plates. 
London, 1811. I2mo. 

Orig. sheepskin, in hf. cf. case (worn, hinges and backstrip cracked 

and repaired ) . O ( I <)0 ) $75.00. 
Mor.. jj.c. (few time stains and ink markings). KF( 670) $15.00. 

- Specimens of English Dramatic Poets, who lived about the 
Time of Shakespeare: with Notes. London, 1808. Sm. 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (rebacked, new end papers and repaired corners). EF(663) 

- Tales from Shakespear. Designed for the Use of Young 

Persons. 20 plates by William Blake after Mulready. London, 

1807. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Mor., g.c. on rough, by Riviere (page 236 has, at foot, Davison's im- 

print). NN( I48)$255.oo. 
Cont. cf., in hf. mor. case (worn and loose, tear in second frontis. ; 


LAMB (Charles) Continued. 

Davison's imprint on page 236 ; Gordon-McKee copy). EF(662> 

[2 playbills, broadsides.] Theatre Royal, Drury-Lane. This 

present Wednesday, December 10, 1806. Their Majesties Servants 
will act the Operatic Drama of The Travellers. . . . After which 
will be produced (Never Acted) a new -Farce, in Two Acts, called 

Mr. H ; [also] Theatre Royal, English Opera House, Strand. 

Particularly Private. This Present Friday, April 26, 1822. Will 

be presented a Farce, called Mr. H . With slip announcing 

substitution of Mrs. Weippart for Mrs. Edwin. [London, 1806- 
22.] 2 pieces, fol. 

In cl. case (with clippings, portraits, etc.). EF ( 66 1) $20.00. 

Wilson (J. I.). A Brief History of Christ's Hospital. Frontis. 

and vignettes on title, the latter col. by hand. [Contains, pp. 43- 
70, "On Christ's Hospital," etc. by Charles Lamb.] London, 1820. 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in hf. mor. case (foxed, name on end paper, back 
defective ) . EF (665 ) $20.00. 

Life and Works. Portraits. Edmonton Edition, on Japan paper. 

Boston [1888]. 12 vols., 8vo. 

Cf., g.t., unc. F(i 19) $57.50. 

Cf., tooled, g.t., unc. X(io9)$96.oo. 

Works. Ed. by William MacDonald. Large paper edition. 

London, 1903. 12 vols.. 8vo. 

Mor., inlaid, g.t., unc., by Monastery Hill Bindery. V(2i5)$ 
Life and Works. India House Edition. N.Y., Lamb, n.d. 12 
vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. U( 150) $85.00. 

Books from Lamb's Library inscribed by him. See CLEVE- 
LAND (John), also MORE (Henry), also PRIOR (Matthew), 
also SWIFT (Jonathan), also WALLER (Edmund). 

LAMB (Roger). An Original and Authentic Journal of Oc- 
currences during the late American War. Dublin, 1809. 8vo. 

y* cf. (inserted, opposite page 158, is the unnumbered page showing 
order of battle, with his "Memoir of His Own Life," Dublin, 1811 ; 
together 2 vols.). T( 125) $15.00. 

Cf. QQ(3O$i2.oo. 

Orig. cf. (worn). KLa(3i4)$ii.oo. 

LAMBERT (John). Travels through Canada and the United 
States of North America. Map and col. plates. Second Edition. 
London. 1813. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. T(i26)$i7.5o. 

LANDOR (Walter Savage). Antony and Octavius. London, 

1856. I2mo. 
Hf. cf. (inscribed to Miss Ryland). EF (675) $22.50. 

Count Julian. 1812; [also] Poemata et Inscriptiones. 1847. 

London, 1812-47. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Cont. cf. t tooled (presentation copies from the author, inscribed by 

others; first vol. lacks half-title). EF( 671) $10.00. 

The Hellenics. London, 1847. i2mo. 

Cont. cf. f tooled, g.e. (inscribed to L. A. Ryland). EF (674) $22.50. 


LANDOR (Walter Savage) Continued. 

Pericles and Aspasia. London, 1836. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Bedford (inscribed to Margaret Hodson; Vol. II 

lacks half-title, has errata slip). EF( 673) $22.50. 
LANDSCAPE ANNUAL (The) FOR 1830-34- Ed. by Thomas 

Roscoe, [continued as] Jenning's Landscape Annual for 1835-39. 

Ed. by T. Roscoe and W. H. Harrison. London, 1830-39. 10 

VOls., I2IBO. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (rubbed, label removed from inside cover of first 

vol.). XX(2i4)$8.oo. 
LANDSEER (Thomas). Monkeyana. 25 hand-colored, mounted 

plates by Landseer, one in 2 states. London, 1827. Fol. 
34 cf., unc. (orig. front wrapper bound in). JJ( 183) $29.00. 

LANG (Andrew). A Collection of First Editions of Fairy 

Books and Story Books, edited by Andrew Lang. Illustrations, 
many in color. London, 1889-1913. 22 vols., I2mo. 
Cf. of v. colors, tooled, g.e., by Sangorski (orig. covers bound in ; with 
"The Red Fairy Book," 1898; together 23 vols.). ZZ(i84) 

LANG (John D.) and TAYLOR (Samuel). Report of a Visit 

to some of the Tribes of Indians located west of the Mississippi 
River. N.Y., 1843. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. A(i37)$i4.oo. 

LANIER (Sidney). Shakespere and his Forerunners. Illus- 
trated. On Van Gelcler hand-made paper. N.Y., 1902. 2 vols., 
tall 8vo. 

Bds., unc. V(2i7)$8.oo. 

Tiger-Lilies. N.Y., 1867. i2mo. 

Cl. JJ(i84)$i8.oo. 

LANMAN (Charles). Adventures in the Wilds of the United 

States and British American Provinces. Illus. by the author and 
by Oscar Bessau. Phila., 1856. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Vol. I orig. cl.; II, ?4 mor. (rubbed). OO(35i)$8.oo. 

LANSDOWNE (George Gordon, Lord). The Jew of Venice. 


LANTHORN BOOK (The). [Contains 'The Wise Men" by 
Stephen Crane.] Each contribution signed, except that by W. B. 
Hawkins. N.Y., privately printed [1898], Imp. 8\o. 

1 1 f. chamois, unc. X N (05 ) $30.00. 

Hf. chamois, unc. EF( 338) $47.50. 

LA PEYR&RE (Isaac de). Relation dv Groenland. Map and 

plate. Paris, 1647. Sm. 8vo. 
Old cf. (binding poor). L(io8)$ii.oo. 

LARDNER (Dionysius). The Cabinet of Geography. Con- 
ducted by Rev. Dionysius Lardner. London, 1830-33. 4 vols., 

24 vel. f g.t. (rubbed ; S. T. Coleridge copy, containing 8 inscriptions 
by members of his family). XX(74)$io.5O. 

LARK (The). Nos. 1-24. [and] The Epilark. Ed. by Gelett 

Burgess. San Fran., 1895-97. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Buckram, unc. CC(2O4)$n.oo. 


LAS CASAS (Bartolome de). See CASAS (Bartolome de las). 
LAS CASES (Emmanuel, Comte de). Journal of the Private 

Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon at Saint Helena. 
Portraits, maps and views, including several col. aquatint views. 
London, 1824. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., tooled, g.e. 6(127) $12.50. 

LATHROP (John). A Discourse preached December isth, 1774, 
being the Day recommended by the Provincial Congress to be 
observed in Thanksgiving. 20 leaves. Boston, D. Kneeland, 
1774. 8vo. 

Unopened (stained). OO(22)$i2.oo. 

LATOUR (A. Lacarriere). Historical Memoir of the War in 
West Florida and Louisiana in 1814-15. Trans, by H. P. Nugent. 
Phila., 1816. 8vo. 

Bds. (without Atlas; name on half-title, title, and preface leaf). OO 
(549) $12.00. 

LAUFER (Berthold). Chinese Pottery of the Han Dynasty. 

Plates. Leiden, 1909. Roy. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. W( 102) $25.00. 
Another copy. W( 103) $27.50. 

LAUGHING PHILOSOPHER (The). By John Bull. Frontis. 

London, 1825. Sm. 4to. 
Cont. mor. (rubbed, name on end paper). EF (667) $10.00. 

LAUTRfiAMONT (Comte de). The Lay of Maldoror. Trans, 
by John Rodker. Intro, by Remy de Gourmont. London, Casa- 
nova Society [1924]. Sm. 8vo. 

Vel., unc. and unopened (signed by translator). K (62) $7.50. 

LAUZUN (Armand de Gontaut, Due de). See BIRON (Due 


LA VALLE (Joseph). The Negro equalled by Few Europeans. 

To which are added Poems . . . by Phillis Wheatley. Phila., 1801. 

2 vols., i6mo. 

Cf. (rubbed, one signature started, some foxing). CD(3i8)$8.oo. 

LAVATER (John C.). Essays on Physiognomy. Trans, by 
Henry Hunter. Plates by Bartolozzi and others. London, 1789-98. 

3 vols. in 5, roy. 4to. 

Old cf. (joints cracked). \V (104) $10.00. 
Mor., g.e., by Bradstreet. \V (105) $17.50. 
$4 lev. mor., g.t., by Stikeman (John L. Dudley copy). \V(io6) $25.00. 

LAW (Andrew). A Select Number of Plain Tunes adapted to 

Congregational Worship. Boston, Kneeland and Adams, 1767. 
T( 127) $9.00. 

LAW (John). The Colonial History of Vincennes. Vinccnncs, 

1858. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (146) $10.00. 

LAW (William). An Extract from a Treatise called The Spirit 
of Prayer. Phila., B. Franklin, and D. Hall, 1760. 8vo. 

Y lev. mor. (foxed, piece torn from corner of each of 2 leaves). GG 
(128) $23.00. 


LAWRENCE (D. H.). Amores. London [1916]. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (First issue, with 16 pp. advertisements at end; review copy, 

with publisher's stamp on title reading: "To be published 27 Jul 

1916"). Q(29i)$i5.oo. 
Bay: a Book of Poems. Decorations by Anne Estelle Rice. 

[Westminster, Beaumont Press, 1919.] I2mo. 
Bds. decorated by C. W. Beaumont (Japan paper, signed by author 

and by artist). K(28i) $16.00. 

Collected Poems. Signed. London, 1928. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., g.t., unc., unopened (backs stained). K (285) $20.00. 

Bds., g.t., unc. CC(284)$io.oo. 

The Crown. [In 'The Signature," Nos. 1-3, Oct. 15, 18, and 

Nov. 4, 1915.] London, 1915. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. paper. JK (262) $17.50. 
The Escaped Cock. With Decorations in Color by the Author. 

Paris, Black Sun Press, 1929. Sq. 8vo. 
White paper, unc. (Japan paper, signed). K(282)$37.oo. 
Paper, unopened. II (260) $13.00. 

The Lost Girl. London [1920]. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (soiled, front end paper wrinkled; signed; pp. 256 and 

267 contain the orig. passages). K( 275) $47.00. 
Orig. cl. (First issue, with page 256, which has not been opened at 

fore-edge, definitely a part of signature Q and with page 268, 

containing, on line 28, text as originally written by Lawrence, 

and with this page, 268, a part of signature R). XX (216) $49.00. 
G., unc. (with pp. 256 and 268 forming integral parts of the signatures 

to which they belong). KF( 684) $55.00. 

Love Poems and Others. London, 1913. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., n t.. unc. (signed). K (271) $11.00. 
Cl.. g.t. KK(o8i) $17.50. 

Movements in European History. By Lawrence H. Davison 

[pseud.]. London, 1921. 121110. 
Orig. cl. (author's copy, autographed in pencil). K(28/)$2O.oo. 

Pansies. Signed. London, Martin Seeker, 1929. 8vo. 

Mor.. g.t., unc. K( 270) $35.00. 

Hf. vol., ff.t.. unopened. Q( 288) $15.50. 

Paper. II(jf)i)$ii.oo. 

The Prussian Officer and Other Stories. London [1914]- 

1 2mo. 
Orig. cl. (16 pp. advertisements). K(272)$i3.oo. 

Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious. N.Y.. 1921. i2mo. 

Orig. hds. (author's copy, with his autograph in pencil and notations 
throughout). K(j/8)$ji.oo. 

The Rainbow. London [1915]. umo. 

Orig. cl., unc. K( 273) $55.00. 

Cl. (K. A. Bennett copy). CC( 283) $30.00. 

Sons and Lovers. London, 1013. I2mo. 

Pale blue cl. (signed). K( 270) $70.00. 

Orig. cl. (few stains on cover). KL(8g)$2O.oo. 

The Story of Doctor Manente. Trans, by Lawrence. See 

GRAZZIXI (Antonio P.). 


LAWRENCE (D. H.) Continued. 

Twilight in Italy. London [1916]. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. K(274)$8.50. 

Q., in cl. case (inscribed to Dollie Radford). EF( 683) $57.50. 

The Virgin and the Gypsy. Florence, G. Orioli, 1930. 8vo. 

White bds. (with his "The Man Who Died," London, 1931 ; together 
2 vols.). XX (221) $14.00. 

The White Peacock. N.Y., 1911. i2mo. 

Cl. EF(68o)$i7-5o. 

The White Peacock. London, 1911. i2mo. 
Dark blue-green cl., in folding batik paper box (rubbed, inner hinges 
split; Second issue, with the cancel leaves 15-1 and 15-2 pp. 227- 

230). XX(2l8)$I2.00. 

Women in Love. N.Y., Privately Printed for Subscribers Only, 

1920. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., unc. (crack at front and at back hinge; author's copy, so 

inscribed ) . K ( 277 ) $38.00. 
Orig. cl. 0(292) $13.50. 
Q., unc. S(239)$io.50. 

LAWRENCE (T. E.). Revolt hi the Desert. Frontis. portrait 
in color by Eric Kennington, and 18 portraits and drawings by 
Augustus John, W. Roberts, and others. London, 1927. 8vo. 

Hf. pigskin, g.t., unc. (Large paper). K( 288) $40.00. 

LAWSON (John). A New Voyage to Carolina. London, 1709. 

Sm. 4to. 
Cf. QQ(28o)$5i.oo. 

See also BRICKELL (John). 

LEA (Albert M.). Notes on Wisconsin Territory. Folding map, 

col. in outline. Phila., 1836. i6mo. 
Orig. bds. (stained). JK (264) $32.50. 

LE BRUN (Elizabeth Louise Vigee). Memoirs. Plates. N.V., 

1903. 8vo. 
Mor., tooled, g.t., unc., by Taffin. TTa(ioo) $10.00. 

LECHFORD (Thomas). Plain Dealing: or, Newes from New- 
England. London, W. E. and I. G. for Nath. Butter, 1642. Sm. 
4 to. 

Sewed, in hf. mor. case (size 7 ; Hox sH in correction in pen and ink). 
LL( 147) $525.00. 

LECKY (William E. H.). History of the Rise and Influence of 
the Spirit of Rationalism in Europe. 2 vols. 1865-69; [also] 
History of European Morals. 2 vols. 1869. London, 1865-69. 
4 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Riviere. GH( 165) $16.00. 

LE CLERCQ (Chrestien). Nouvelle Relation de la Gaspesie. 

Paris, Auroy, 1691. Sm. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. FF(8i)$ii8.oo. 

LE COQ (Anton yon). Chotscho. 74 plates (should be 75), mainly 

in color. Berlin, 1913. Fol. 
In bd. portfolio (plate 55 missing). DE( 147) $10.00. 



Charles Kingsley, F. D. Maurice, and others. Cambridge, 1855. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (binding worn, inscribed by Kingsley to his wife). 

LE DUC (W. G.). Minnesota Year Book for 1852. St. Paul 
[1852]. I2mo. 

Hf. cf. (rubbed, last few leaves water-stained). IJ( 104) $9.00. 

LEE (Edmund Jennings). Lee of Virginia 1642-1892: Biographi- 
cal and Genealogical Sketches of the Descendants of Col. Richard 
Lee. Portraits, frontis. in color. Phila., 1895. Roy. 8vo. 

Cl. (inscribed, Thomas Nelson Page copy). F (258) $30.00. 

LEE (Henry), General. A Funeral Oration on the Death of 
General Washington, delivered in Philadelphia at the Request 
of Congress. Frontis. by Trenchard. Phila., 1800. 4to. 

New bds., unc. (Large paper, orig. covers bound in). FG(i8o)$n.oo. 

-Memoirs of the War in the Southern Department of the 
United States. Portraits. Phila., 1812. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (portraits and text stained, offsets from portraits, piece torn 
from one fly leaf; Martin Van Buren copy). GG( 137) $25.00. 

Orig. bds., unc. (backs worn, name on one title). KLa(324)$ii.oo. 

LEE (Henry), Major. The Campaign of 1781 in the Carolinas, 

with Remarks Historical and Critical on Johnson's Life of Greene. 

Phila., 1824. 8vo. 

Orig. cf. (cracking). KLa(323)$n.oo. 
LEE (Samuel). The Joy of Faith; or, a Treatise opening the 

True Nature of Faith. Boston, Samuel Green, 1687. i6mo. 
Cont. cf. (worn, cont. name on title). NO (21 5) $40.00. 

LEECH (John). "Young Troublesome"; or, Master Jacky's 

Holidays. Ktched title with col. vignette, and n col. plates. 
London [1850!. Obi. umo. 

Hf. mor. (orig. wrappers mounted and bound in). GH(i66)$n.oo. 

LEEPER (Davis R.)- The Argonauts of Forty-Nine, Some 
Recollections of the Plains and the Diggings. South Bend, Ind., 
1894. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (worn, names on front fly leaves). TT( 244) $30.00. 

LE FANU (Joseph Sheridan). The Tenants of Malory. Lon- 
don, 1867. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Cl. (rubbed). KF (685) $8.00. 

LE GALLIENNE (Richard). The Quest of the Golden Girl. 

I-ondon, Bodley Head, 1896. umo. 
Orig. cl., g.t. Q(2()8)$8.oo. 

LE GENDRE. Description de la Place de Louis XV. 5 plates 
after Cochin by Choflfard, and 3 plates by Moitte after Cochin. 
Paris, 1765. At. fol. 

Hf. cf. (binding poor, plan and view inserted). CC( no) $10.00. 

LEIDING (Harriette K.). Historic Houses of South Carolina. 

Phila. and London, Lippincott, 1921. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., g.t, unc. QQ(87)$i2.oo. 

LEMESLE (Charles). Reflexions d'un Vieillard du Pays de 
Medoc, sur 1'Arrct du Conseil du 30 Aout dernier, qui permet 


LEMESLE (Charles) Continued. 

1' Admission des Etrangers dans nos Colonies. Folding table. 

[Bordeaux,] 1785. 4to. 
Hf. sheep. J( 105) $14.00. 

LENYGON (Francis). Furniture in England from 1660-1760. 

Plates. London, n.d. Fol. 
Cl., g.t. W(io8) $10.00. 

LEONARD (William Ellcry). Two Lives: a Poem. N.Y., 

privately printed, 1922. 8vo. 
Orig. bds. (soiled, with A. L. S.). K(2Oo)$i6.oo. 

LEPAGE (P. C.) and REAL (Daniel). La Decoration Primi- 
tive: LePage (P. C). Africjue; Real (Daniel). Oceanic. 84 
plates, some in color. Paris [1923]. 2 vols., fol. 

In bd. portfolios. DE( 148) $10.00. 

LE PAGE DU PRATZ. Histoire de la Louisiane. Folding maps 

and plates. Paris, 1758. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Cf. QQ(285)$2i.oo. 

The History of Louisiana. 2 folding maps. London, 1763. 2 

vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cf. (worn, one leaf torn). L(ii2)$25.oo. 

LERY (Jean de). Histoire d'un Voyage faict en la Terre du 

Bresil, autrement ditc Amerique. 6 plates. [La Rochelle,] pour 
Antoine Chuppin, 1578. 8vo. 

Old cf. (binding poor, title and some leaves stained, writing on one 
page). GG(i38)$i2.50. 

LE SAGE (Alain Rene). The Adventures of Gil Bias of Santil- 

lana. Trans, by Martin Smart. 100 plates col. by hand, includ- 
ing portrait of Le Sage. London, 1807. 4 vols., 121110. 
Mor., tooled, g.e., by Bayntun: in cl. case. ZZ( 185) $55.00. 

The Adventures of Gil Bias of Santillane. Trans, by F>. H. 

Malkin. 24 plates after R. Smirke. London, 1809. 4 \ols., roy. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.e. (inner joints strengthened). R( 190) $27. 50. 

The Adventures of Gil Bias of Santillane. Trans, by T. Smol- 
lett, M.D. [Vols. XVI and XVII of Roscoe's Novelist's Library.] 
Etchings by G. Cruikshank. London, 1833. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cl., in cl. case (one vol. worn, one etching wanting; inscribed to 
Thomas Hughes by \V. H. Ainsworth). KF( 585)$! 5.00. 

The History of Gil Bias of Santillane. Plates, in 2 states, by 

Adplphe Lalauze. Japan paper. Phila., Printed only for Sub- 
scribers, n.d. 3 vols.. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. XX (162) $10.00. 

LESLIE (Eliza). Pencil Sketches; or, Outlines of Character 

and Manners. First. Second, and Third Series. Phila., 1833-35- 
37. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl., cont. hf. cf., and cont. cf. FG(96)$9.oo. 


nia to the King ... on the Change of the Ministry. 32 pp. Lon- 
don, J. Debrett, 1782. 8vo. 
New hf. cf. FF(82)$i2.oo. 



the Letter to Two Great Men, in which many of that Writer's 
Absurdities, Inconsistencies, and Contradictions are detected, and 
the Fatal Tendency of his Propositions exposed. By a Citizen of 
London, a Disciple of Sidney and Locke. 61 pp. London, W. 
Bristow, 1760. 8vo. 
New hf. cf. FF(52)$g.oo. 




''An Englishman." 38 pp. London, J. Almon, 1776. 8vo. 
New hf. cf. FF(i 3 )$9.oo. 


cerning the Suppression of Piracy fin America]. London, March 
20, 1699-1700. [Signed] J. B. [Broadside.] London, 1699. Fol. 
Unc., in cl. case. BC( 62) $40.00. 

LEVENS (Peter). A Right Profitable Booke for all Diseases, 

called. The Path-way to Health. London, I. Beale for R. Bird, 
etc., 1632. Sq. I2mo. 

y cf. (rubbed, inner hinges split; holed, lacks front fly leaves, cont. 
markings, Signature N wrongly bound). TT( 247) $50.00. 

LEVER (Charles). Arthur O'Leary. 10 plates by G. Cruikshank. 

London, 1845. 8vo. 
Grig. cl.. unc. N (80) $7.50. 

Charles O'Malley, the Irish Dragoon. By Harry Lorrequer. 

44 plates by "Phiz." Dublin [1840-41]. 8vo. 

22 in 2i orig. parts, unc.; in buckram folder and case (backs re- 
paired ) . Y ( 2 1 o ) $20.00. 

Our Mess. Portrait and plates by II. K. Browne. Dublin, 

1843-44. Kvu. 
35 in 32 orig. parts, unc.: in cl. case (some backs worn and repaired, 

name on wrappers; few plates loose, several stained). ZZ(i86) 


St. Patrick's Eve. Title and 4 plates by H. K. Browne. Lon- 
don, 1845. I2mo. 
Cl. (A. L. S. laid in). C(iSo)$i7.oo. 

-- St. Patrick's Eve. Illus. by H. K. Browne. London, n.d. 
Cf., tooled, g.e., by Zaehnsclorf (.orig. covers bound in). TTa(ioi) 

[His] Novels. Edited by his Daughter. Etchings by H. K. 

Browne, and others. Copyright edition. London, 1897-99. 37 

vols., 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski. U( i53)$i3O.oo. 
Cf., tooled, g.e., by Zachnsdorf. NN( 163) $145.00. 

LEVER (Darcy). The Young Sea Officer's Sheet-Anchor. 

With Additions by George W. Blunt. Engraved title and 114 

plates. N.Y., 1858. 4to. 
Cont. cf. (few pp. stained). GG( 219) $10.00. 

LEWIN (William). The Papilions of Great Britain. Text in 

English and French. 46 col. plates. London, 1795. 4to. 
Hf. old cf. (rubbed). CC(ni)$i4.oo. 


LEWIS (Alfred Henry). Wolfville Days. Frontis. by Reming- 
ton. N.Y. [1902]. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. AA( 105) $8.00. 

Orig. cl. (with his "Wolfville," 1897: "Wolfville Nights," 1902; and 
"Wolfville Folks," 1908; together 4 vols.). II (266) $23.00. 

LEWIS (Elisha Joseph). The American Sportsman. Wood- 
cuts, frontispieces tinted. Phila., 1855. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. KL( 132) $15.00. 

LEWIS (Harry Sinclair). Babbitt. N.Y., 1922. i2mo. 
Orig. cl. (covers loose, inscribed to Frank Shay). K(296)$ii.oo. 

Hike and the Aeroplane. By Tom Graham. Illustrations in 2 

colors by Arthur Hutchins. N.Y., Stokes [1912]. I2mo. 
Orig. cl., in wrapper and hf. mor. case. C(i8i)$in.oo. 

LEWIS (Matthew G.). The Monk: a Romance. Etchings by R. 

C. Armour. London, 1913. 3 vols., i6mo. 
34 lev. mor., g.t. K(295)$i3.oo. 

LEWIS (Meriwether) and CLARK (William). Travels in the 

Interior Parts of America. London, 1807. 8vo. 
New bds. IJ(9i)$2O.oo. 

History of the Expedition under the Command of Captains 

Lewis and Clark to the Sources of the Missouri, etc. Prepared 
for the press by Paul Allen. Phila.. 1814. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. (worn and stained, library label inside cover, map laid in). MN 
(207) $17.00. 

Travels to the Source of the Missouri River, etc. Maps. 

London, 1815. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cf. TT(248)$36.oo. 
Hf. cf. (joints broken, name on titles). DK( 150) $12.00. 

History of the Expedition under the Command of Captains 

Lewis and Clark, etc. Prepared for the press by Paul Allen. 
With the Life of Captain Lewis by T. Jefferson. Dublin, 1817. 
2 vols., 8vo. 
Y* cf. (worn). MN (208) $12.00. 

History of the Expedition under the Command of Lewis and 

Clark. Ed. by Elliot Coues. X.Y., 1893. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Bds., unc. (Large paper). KLa( 327) $30.00. 

See also GASS (Patrick). 

LEWISOHN (Ludwig). The Case of Mr. Crump. Portrait. 

Paris, 1926. 4to. 
Paper, unc. (signed). EF( 686) $14.00. 

LEYBOURN (William). The Compleat Surveyor. The Fourth 
Edition. Portrait, plates and charts. London, 1679. Fol. 

Rebound cf., orig. cf. sides preserved (stained, margin of portrait 
restored; from the library of George Washington, sold as such 
in Nov. 1876, and again from the John R. Baker Collection in 
1891 ; autograph of William Fairfax on fly leaf and title, auto- 
graph of Edward Washborne on title, reading: "Edw'd Wash- 
borne, ye gift of Md'm Goodwin. Feb. 2d. 1809-10"). GG(i62) 



Stedman and E. M. Hutchinson. Portraits. N.Y., 1888-90. 11 
vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t, unc. X(i8o)$8.25. 

LIEBE (C. S.). Gotha Numaria, sistens Thesauri Fridericiani 

Numismata Antiqua descripta. Frontis. and portrait. Amster- 
dam, 1730. Fol. 
Cf. (worn). OO(93i) $11. oo. 

Aucassin and Nicolete. In English by Andrew Lang. De- 
signed, illus. and signed by Vojtech Preissig. 1931. 4to. 
Cl. f unc. and unopened. K (307) $8.00. 

Boccacio (Giovanni). The Decameron. Trans, by Francis 

Winwar. Intro, by Burton Rascoe. Designed, decorated and 
signed by T. M. Cleland. 1930. 2 vols., 4to. 

Buckram (bookplate). Q(3O3)$i7-5o. 

Buckram (bookplate). V(225)$i3.oo. 

Buckram. XX (226) $19.00. 

Daudet (Alphonse). Tartarin of Tarascon. Trans, by 

Jacques Le Clercq. Designed, illus., and signed by W. A. Dwig- 
gins. 2 vols., i6mo. ; [also] La Fontaine (Jean de). Fables. 
Trans, by Joseph Auslander and Jacques Le Clercq. Illus. and 
signed by Rudolph Ruzicka. 2 vols., 8vo. 1930. 4 vols., i6mo 
and 8vo. 

Bds. ; last 2 vols. orig. cl., g.t., unopened (bookplates in first set). Q 

Orig. cl., g.t., unopened. II(27o)$2i.oo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. XX (237) $9.50. 

Defoe (Daniel). The Life and Strange Surprising Adven- 
tures of Robinson Crusoe. Intro, by F. M. Ford. Illus., in color, 
and signed by E. A. Wilson. 1930. 4to. 

Buckram (bookplate). Q(3i3)$i8.oo. 

Cl. XX (223) $10.00. 

De Quincey (Thomas). Confessions of an English Opium- 
Eater. Ed. by William Bolitho. 12 plates by Zhenya Gay. 
Signed by Gay. 1930. 4to. 

Bds., g.t. (signed, also, by B. H. Xewdigate, designer of books; book- 
plate). Q(3i4)$i3-50. 

Bds., unc. V( 232)?! i. oo. 

Fouque* (F. H. K., Baron de la Motte). Undine. Trans, by 

Edmund Gosse. Woodcuts by Allen Lewis. 1930. Fol. 
Orig. cl., g.t. (signed by artist, bookplate). Q(3o6)$i2.oo. 

Francis of Assissi (Saint). The Little Flowers. In the First 

English Translation, ed. by Dom Roger Hudleston. Intro, by 
Arthur Livingston. Illus. and signed by Paolo Molnar. 1930. 

Cl. (bookplate). Q(307)$8.oo. 

Cl., unc. V(236)$i2.oo. 

Grimm (J. L. and W. K.). Fairy Tales. Intro, by II. Han- 
sen. Woodcuts by Fritz Krcdel. Signed by Kredel and by de- 
signer. 1931. Sq. 8vo. 


Mor. V(222)$IO.OO. 

Mor. XX (235) $8.00. 

Hawthorne (Nathaniel). The Marble Faun. Illus. and signed 

by Carl Strauss. 2 vols.; [also] Carlyle (Thomas). Sartor 
Resartus. Signed by Oliver Simon. 1931. 3 vols., I2mo. 

CL; last vol. buckram, g.t. XX (232) $10.00. 

Homer. The Iliad. Trans, by Alexander Pope. Designed and 

signed by J. Van Krimpen. 1931. 4to. 
Cl., g.t. XX (230) $10.50. 

Homer. The Odyssey. Trans, by Alexander Pope. Intro, by 

Carl Van Doren. Designed and signed by J. Van Krimpen. 1931. 

Cl., g.t., unc., unopened. K (308) $10.50. 

Cl., g.t., unopened. V( 235) $21.00. 

Cl., g.t. XX(233)$i5.oo. 

Hugo (Victor). Notre-Dame de Paris. Trans, by Jessie 

Haynes. Ed. by Andrew Lang. Woodcuts by Frans Masereel. 
Signed by Masereel. 1930. 2 vols., sq. 8vo. 

Orig. paper, unc. and unopened. K( 303) $7.50. 

Hf. cf., g.t. (bookplate). Q(3n)$i3-oo. 

Loti (Pierre). An Iceland Fisherman. Trans, by Guy En- 

dore. Illus. by Yngve Berg. 1931. 4to. 

Bds., g.t. (signed by artist). V( 223) $9.00. 

Moliere (J. B. P. de). Tartuffe; or, the Hypocrite. Verse 

Translation by C. H. Page. Intro, by Brandcr Matthews. Illus. 
by Hugo Steiner-Prag. 1931. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (signed by artist). V( 233) $8.00. 

Munchausen. The Travels of Baron Munchausen. Intro. 

by Carl Van Doren. Engravings by John Held, jr. Signed by 

Held. 1929. 4to. 

Hf. cf.. g.t. (bookplate). Q(3i2)$i2.5O. 

Hf. cf., g.t. (bookplate). V(22;)$i6.oo. 

Poe (Edgar Allan). The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. 

Designs by Rene Clarke. 1930. 4to. 
Hf. vel. (signed by artist). Q( 310) $8.00. 

Swift (Jonathan). The Travels of Lemuel Gulliver. Intro. 

by Shane Leslie. Illus. and signed by Alexander King. 1929. 


Hf. pigskin (bookplate). Q(3o8)$i9.oo. 
Hf. pigskin (bookplate). V( 229) $14.00. 

Thackeray (W. M.). Vanity Fair. Intro, by G. K. Chester- 
ton. Illus. and signed by John Austen. 1931. 2 vols., 4to. 
Bds. V (221) $22.00. 
Bds. XX(234)$i3.oo. 

Whitman (Walt). Leaves of Grass. Intro, by Carolyn Wells. 

Illus. by Alexander King. Designed by Frederic Warde and 
signed by him. 1929. 4to. 

Q., g.t. V(228)$II.OO. 

Whtttier (John G.). Snowbound. Intro, by G. S. Bryan; 

[also] Stevenson (R. L.). Two Mediaeval Talcs. Intro, by 



Clayton Hamilton. Illus. by C. B. Falls; [also] Irving (Wash- 
ington). Rip Van Winkle. Intro, by Mark Van Doren. Illus. 

by Felix Darley. Each vol. signed by artist or by designer. 1930. 

3 vols., 8vo. 

Bds.; cf.; and lev. mor., last vol. g.t. Q(305)$2i.oo. 
Bds.; cf.; and (last vol.) lev. mor., g.t. V(23i)$23.oo. 
Issues of the Club, complete, Oct. i, iQ2g-Sept. 12, 1930, 

Set No. 274. 1929-30. 12 vols., v.s. 
Mint copies, in dust wrappers, boxed. K(30i)$no.oo. 
LINATI (C.). Costumes Civils, Militaires, et Religieux du 

Mexique, dessines d'apres Nature par C. Linati. 48 col. plates. 

Bruxelles, n.d. 4to. 
Mor., g.e. P( 117) $26.00. 
LINCOLN (Abraham). [Broadside. Proclamation of Freedom 

of Slaves.] By the President of the United States. [Worcester, 

Mass., Fiske, 1863.] Fol. 
(Split at folds). NO(2i6)$ii.50. 
Works. Portraits. Collector's Federal Edition. N.Y., Putnam, 

1905. 8 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. X(ii4)$64.oo. 
Lev. mor., g.t, unc. (J. Wesley Ladd copy). TTa( 103) $65.00. 

The Wigwam Edition: The Life, Speeches, and Public Serv- 
ices of Ahram. Lincoln, together with a Sketch of the Life of 
Hannibal Hamlin. Portrait. X.Y., 1860. I2mo. 

Orig. paper (stains). T( I34)$io.oo. 

Original Playbill of the Performance of "Our American 

Cousin," at Ford's Theatre, April I4th, 1865. First issue, pre- 
pared and printed when Lincoln accepted the invitation to attend 
the performance. Wash., L. Brown [1865]. i8-}4 x sH in. 

PPd53)$- > o.oo. 

See also PIERREPONT (Edward), also WHITNEY 

(Henry C.}. 

LINCOLN (Abraham) and DOUGLAS (Stephen A.). Political 
Debates between Hon. Abraham Lincoln and Hon. Stephen A. 
Douglas, in the Celebrated Campaign of 1858, in Illinois, etc. 
Columbus, i8f>o. 8vo. 

Grig. cl. SS(i5o)$i2.oo. 

LINCOLN (Joseph). Cape Cod Ballads and Other Verse. 

Drawings by K. \V. Kemble. Trenton, N.J., 1902. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (shaken). MX(2i7)$8.oo. 

LINDBERGH (Charles A.). "We." Foreword by Myron T. 
Hcrrick. N.Y., 1027. 8vo. 

Cl. ( Laid in is air mail envelope, with several stamps enclosed, car- 
ried in mail plane escort to Col. Lindbergh on Special Flight, 
Lindbergh Day, Aug. 15, 1027). JJ(i86) $10.00. 

LINDSAY (Alexander William Crawford, Earl of Crawford and 
of Balcarres). A Memoir of Lady Anna Mackenzie, Countess of 
Halcarres. Portrait. Edinburgh, 1868. i6mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (stamp on half-title: Thomas Carlyle copy, mar- 
ginal notes in his hand; inscribed by him to Lady Ashburton), 


LINDSAY or LYNDSAY (Sir David). Poetical Works. Ed. 

by David Laing. Folding facsimile. Edinburgh, 1879. 3 vols., 


Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. (on Ballantyne Club paper, with auto- 
graph note to that effect by the publisher; J. H. Brazier copy). 

NN( 164) $12.50. 
LINDSAY (Vachel). General William Booth Enters Into 

Heaven. 1913; [also] Collected Poems. 1923; [also] Collected 

Poems. Revised and Illustrated edition. 1925. N.Y., 1913-23- 

25. 3 vols.; I2mo, large 8vo, and sm. 8vo. 
Cl., hf. cl., and hf. cl. (first vol., inscribed to cousin of author, has 

rust mark on fly leaf and title; other vols. signed). 11(273) 

LIPPARD (George). The Nazarene; or, the Last of the Wash- 

ingtons. Phila., G. Lippard and Co., Publishers. 8vo. 
5 semi-monthly orig. parts in orig. yellow wrappers, in mor. case 

(part of one wrapper missing). FG(ioo) $62.00. 
The Quaker City; or, the Monks of Monk-Hall. Phila., 1844. 

Leath. (First issue, made up from the orig. parts and the addition in 

book form, with corresponding variety of type). FG (99) $40.00. 
The Rose of Wissahickon; or, the Fourth of July, 1776: a 

Romance of the Declaration of Independence. [As issued in the 

Semi-Annual Pictorial of the Saturday Courier, Phila., for July 

4, 1847. Woodcuts.] Phila., 1847. Large fol. 
In slip case. FG(ioi ) $14.00. 

Washington and his Generals; or, Legends of the Revolu- 
tion. Phila., Zieber, 1847. 8vo. 
4 in 3 orig. parts, in mor. case. FG( 102) $60.00. 
LITERATURE OF ITALY, 1265-1907. Ed. by Rossiter Johnson 

and Dora K. Ranous. Florentine edition, ift vols., 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. (246) $16.00. 
LITTLE (Otis). The State of Trade in the Northern Colonies 

considered, etc. London, Woodfall, 1748. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., by Riviere. IJ(92)$i4.oo. 
LITTLE CORPORAL (The). [Juvenile Magazine.] July, 1865- 

Dec., 1866. 4to. 
Half mor. (rubbed, inner hinge split ; 3 pages torn, one bound upside 

down ) . OO ( 1 03 ) $8.00. 

the Instruction and Amusement of Little Master Tommy, and 

Pretty Miss Polly ; with Two Letters from Jack the Giant-Killer 

... to which is added, a Little Song Book. Frontis. Worcester, 

Mass., Isaiah Thomas, 1787. i6mo. 
In hf. mor. case. 00(293)319.50. 

LIVERPOOL (Sir Charles Jenkinson, Earl of). See SECOND 
LETTER, etc. 


(T. T.). 

LIVINGSTON (Luther S.). Beverley Chew and his Books. 

[N.Y., 1912.] i6mo. 
paper (inscribed to G. H. Sargent). DD(i34)$n.oo. 


LIVINGSTON (Robert R.). The Opinions of the Judges of 

the Supreme Court, delivered in the Court of Errors, In the 
Cause of Robert R. Livingston and Robert Fulton vs. James Van 
Ingen, and Twenty Others. Albany, S. Southwick, 1812. i2mo. 
Unbound, with errata; in hf. cf. case. YY( 144) $15.00. 

LIVINGSTON (William). A Review of the Military Opera- 
tions in North America, from the Commencement of the French 
Hostilities on the Frontiers of Virginia in 1753, to the Surrender 
of Oswego on the I4th of August, 1756 ... in a Letter to a 
Nobleman. Dublin, 1757. I2tno. 

Mor., g.e., by Riviere; in hf. mor. case. FF( 53) $39.00. 

Hf. mor. QQ(i68) $42.00. 

Mor., in cl. folder and 34 mor. case. IJ(56)$6s.oo. 

LIVY. Decades noviter impressae. Giunta's device in red on title. 

Woodcuts, large and small. Venice, Fratres Vercellenses, 1506. 

Stamped cf., bare wooden bds. (clasps lacking; holed, library stamp: 

"Composetti Forol ex libr Benedicti"). IJ(3O2>$8.50. 

Duobus Libris, cum L. Flori Epitome. Woodcut borders and 

initials. Moguntiae, Joannes Scheffer, 1518. Fol. 

Pigskin, tooled, g.e., by Clarke and Bedford (few marginal repairs; 
Newbattle Abbey label, modern Lothian bookplate). LL(6g) 

LLOYD (Charles, jr.). Desultory Thoughts in London, Titus 

and Gisippus, with Other Poems. London, 1821. Sm. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. : in hf. mor. case (rubbed, measures 7^x4^ in.). 

Poems on Various Subjects. Carlisle, 1795. 8vo. 

Cont. bds., unc.: in hf. mor. case (rebacked, new end papers; early 
issue. List of Contents without page numbers and Errata leaf at 
end ; M S. corrections of text on pp. 47. 57, 76, and 98 ; H. V. 
Jones copy). KF( 687) $10.00. 

LLOYD (Lewis). Field Sports of the North of Europe. Maps 

and plates. London, 1830. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked mor.). YYa( 152) $9.00. 

LOCKE (John). A Collection of Several Pieces of [his] pub- 
lished hy Mr. Desmaizeaux, under the Direction of Anthony Col- 
lins. The Second Edition. London, for R. Franklin, 1739. Fol. 

Old hf. leath., unc. P(48)$n.oo. 

LOCKER-LAMPSON (Frederick). London Lyrics. Large pa- 
per. Illus. by Randolph Caldecott and Kate Greenaway. Lon- 
don, privately printed, 1881. 8vo. 

Vel., unc. (on China paper, inscribed by author to Caldecott, laid in 
is a poem, one page, in author's hand). ZZ( 187) $26.00. 

LOCKHART (John G.). Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter 

Scott. Frontispieces in 2 states, one in color. Large paper. 
Boston, HX>I. 10 vols., 8vo. 
Y lev. mor., g.t., unc. (backs faded). F(i23)$i2.5O. 


LOCKWOOD (Luke Vincent). A Collection of English Furni- 
ture of the XVII & XVIII Centuries [formed by Thomas B. 


LOCKWOOD (Luke Vincent) Continued. 

Clarke: a Catalogue comp.J by Luke Vincent Lockwood. N.Y., 

Tiffany Studios, 1907. 4to. 
Bds. (with another copy, together 2 vols.). W(iio)$7.5O. 

Colonial Furniture in America. N.Y., 1901. 4to. 

Cl., g.t. XX (75) $7.50. 

Colonial Furniture in America. N.Y., 1913. 2 vols., 4to. 

Cl., g.t. W(ii2)$i5.oo. 

Colonial Furniture in America. N.Y., 1921. 2 vols., sm. fol. 

Cl. CC(28s)$i5.oo. 
Cl. DE(i54)$i7.50. 
Cl. NO(2i8)$n.oo. 



LOG CABIN ADVOCATE (The). Vol. i. No. i, March 2i-l)ec. 
15, 1840. [Last issue contains electoral vote on election of 
President Wm. Henry Harrison, with portrait.] Bait., 1840. 
Roy. fol. 

Bds. FG(i25)?i2.oo. 

LO-LOOZ (Robert de). Recherches d'Antiquites Militaires. 

Paris, 1/70. 4to. 
Old cf., tooling incorporating arms of Xapoleon 1 and monogram of 

the Empress Josephine (stamp of the "Bibliotheque dc la Mal- 

mai son" on title). CC( ioo)$32.5O. 

LONDON (John Griffith, "Jack"). The Call of the Wild. X.Y., 

1903. I2ino. 

Orig. cl., g.t. H( 103)$! i.oo. 
Orig. scenic cl., g.t. Q (319) $16.00. 
Orig. decorated cl., g.t., unc. SS(66)$8.oo. 

The Son of the Wolf. Boston. 1900. 


LONDON (John Griffith, "Jack") and WALLING (Anna Strun- 

sky). The Kempton-\Vace Letters. X.V., 1903. I2mo. 
Orig. decorated cl.. g.t. AA(io8) $12.50. 

LONDON. Select Views. See PAPWORTH (J. B.). 


ning Post. London, 1757-92. 410. 
Xov. 5, 1 757- Dec. 25, 1792, about 175 non-consecutive issues, bound 

in 3 vols., old hf. sheep and hf. cf. (some bindings worn. no. of 

issues misplaced in binding; J. Milliken bookplate in one vol.). 

Vol. XLIV, No. 3402 (Sept. 22-4, 1778) to Vol. XLVI, Xo. 3^02 (Dec. 

28-30, 1779); together 201 nos. bound in one vol., cont. Ixls. 

(worn). CC (286) $12.00. 

LONDON LIBRARY. Catalogue of the London Library. Lon- 
don, 1847. 8vo. 

Cl., in cl. case (Thomas Carlyle copy, marginal notes in his hand; 
laid in is galley sheet of "Frederick the Great," with corrections 
in Carlyle's hand). EF (207) $12.50. 



Post. 69 non-consecutive nos., 603-720, Sept. I, 1773 to June i, 
1774. [London, 1773-74.] 69 vols., fol. 

Unc. PP(i6) $25.00. 

LONG (John D.). The Republican Party. N.Y., 1888. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (rubbed, inscribed by President McKinley). HH(24)$35.oo. 

LONGFELLOW (Henry W.). The Belfry of Bruges and Other 
Poems. Cambridge, 1846. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, unc. ; in case (wrappers foxed and torn ; presentation 
inscription on fly leaf, writing on title by B. F. Latham, A. M. 
Hudnut bookplate). EF( 695) $10.00. 

-- Christus: a Mystery. Boston, 1872. 3 vols., i2mo. 

Cl. (backs faded and chipped; 16 lines of verse, addressed to Long- 
fellow, written on verso of fly title by William Winter ; inserted 
is A. L. S. by Longfellow to Winter). CC( 113) $16.00. 

The Courtship of Miles Standish, and Other Poems. Boston, 

1858. i2mo. 

Cl. (backstrip worn, has tipped-in leaf advertising the Waverley 
Novels). M (i55)$i5.oo. 

Cl. (backstrip chipped, slip advertising the Waverley Novels is not 
in this copy). O (210) $7.50. 

Reddish brown cl., gilt medallion, g.e. (name on fly leaf, this copy 
is without advertisements). GG( 222) $27.50. 

Orig. brown cl. (backstrip worn; one leaf, advertisements of Waver- 
ley Novels, tipped in at front). XX (245) $25.00. 

Orig. cl., in cl. case (name on fly leaf, has leaf of advertisements be- 
tween front end papers). EF (700) $12.50. 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (name on end paper, has leaf of advertise- 
ments trimmed into at bottom edge between front end papers). 
JK (277) $15.00. 

Orig. brown cl. (corners rubbed, last few pp. stained). MN(22i) 

Evangeline, a Tale of Acadie. Boston, 1847. i2mo. 

Orig. dull bds.. complete paper label, unc. (slightly worn at hinges, 
backstrip chipped : page 61. first line, has the complete word 
t% Loiu." advertisements are tipped in). H (104") $1150.00. 

Orig. yellow glazed bds.. paper label, unc. : in hf. mor. case (edges 
frayed, hinges cracked : page 61. first line, has "Lo" for "Long" ; 
docs not contain advertisements). O( 206) $250.00. 

Dull gray Ixls.. unc. (shaken, lacks backstrip; reading *'Lo" on page 
6i f has 4 pp. advertisements). T( 141) $102.50. 

Lev. mor.. unc. (orig. covers and paper label preserved, has reading 
"Lo." on page (>i and 4 pp. advertisements; laid in is A. L. S.). 
OP (03) $45-00. 

The Golden Legend. Boston, 1851. i2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (inscribed to Charles Eliot Norton Nov. 24, 1851, 

laid in is A. L. S. to Norton). O(2O7)$2fx).oo. 
Cl., in hf. mor. case (presentation copy, Jerome Kern bookplate). 

Cl. (backstrip chipped, advertisements dated Oct., 1851; presentation 

copy, inscription dated 1851). YY( no) $100.00. 

Hyperion, a Romance. N.Y., 1839. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Bds., unc. (worn, name on fly leaf and on title). JJ( 187) $20.00. 


LONGFELLOW (Henry W.) Continued. 

34 mor. (rebound, 2 vols. in one; pp. foxed). XX (246) $20.00. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in cl. folders and hf. mor. case (backstrips worn). 

Kavanagh, a Tale. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. OP (94) $8.00. 

Kramos and Other Poems. Boston, 1878. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (spotted, inscribed to Mrs. K. McDowell April 22, 1878, 
Harry Glemby bookplate). EF(7Oi)$47.5O. 

Outre-Mer; a Pilgrimage Beyond The Sea. N.Y., 1835. 2 

vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. Y(262)$i5.oo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (crack in one hinge, pp. foxed ; with 28 pp. 
advertisements preceding title of Vol. I). EF( 691) $12.50. 

Orig. cl. (with 21 pp. advertisements dated May, 1835 ; first vol. lacks 
2 fly leaves). OP(89)$ii.oo. 

Poems on Slavery. First edition. Cambridge, 1842. I2mo. 

Orig. yellow glazed paper (with an unopened copy of the Second edi- 
tion, also of 1842, in its orig. wrappers). 88(67) $140.00. 

Orig. glazed paper, unc.; in cl. case (wrappers soiled and strength- 
ened, back repaired). EF( 694) $17.50. 

The Song of Hiawatha. First issue, with the word "dove" for 

"dived" on page 96. Boston, 1855. I2ino. 

Cl. (worn, end paper missing, name on fly leaf and on title ; advertise- 
ments are dated Nov., 1855). M( 154) $20.00. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (advertisements, stitched between back end papers, 
are dated Nov., 1855). 0(209) $40.00. 

Orig. brown cl. (binding and first 3 pp. soiled, backstrip worn, lacks 
one page advertisements and blank at end). V(248)$jf).on. 

Cl. (advertisements dated Nov., 1855). CC(j8g) $27.00. 

Brown cl. (rubbed, pp. soiled, water-stain on last few pp.). II (270) 

Orig. cl. (worn and shaken, fly leaves stained, occasional foxing, has 
advertisements dated Nov., 1855). XX (243) $31. op. 

Orig. cl. (advertisements dated Nov.. 1855, T. J. McKec copy). VV 

Orig. cl. (spot on cover, name on fly leaf, new front end paper ; ad- 
vertisements are dated No\.. 1855). KFW<) $17.50. 

Orig. brown cl.. unc. FG ( 38 1 ) $35.00. 

Orig. cl. (shaken and stained, pougc in backstrip, fly leaf cut). MX 


Cl. (advertisements dated Nov.. 1855). NO(2io)$is.oo. 
Orig. cl., unc.; in cl. folder and hf* mor. case. OP(o6)$i7.5o. 

The Song of Hiawatha. Boston, i8s6. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (stained, inscribed by Eugene Field to Miles B. Hawkins, 
2 other inscriptions). EF( 699) $12.50. 

Tales of a Wayside Inn. Engraved title. Boston, 1863. umo. 

CL, g.t. ; in hf. mor. case. O(2ii )$ 

Orig. cl., g.t. (shaken, backstrip broken). II(278)$9.oo. 

C1-, g.t. JJ(i88)$i3.50. 

Cl., g.t. YY(ii2)$i2.50. 

Voices of the Night. Cambridge, 1839. i2ino. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in hf. mor. case (joints broken, back chip]x:d, part 


LONGFELLOW (Henry W.) Continued. 

of label gone ; First issue, with reading "His, Hector's arm ; and 
his the might" on page 78, line 10; Frederick Locker bookplate; 
A. L. S. laid in). EF( 693) $300.00. 

Hf. cf., by Zaehnsdorf. OP(9i)$i7.5o. 

The Waif: a Collection of Poems. Ed. by Longfellow. 

"Proem" by him. Cambridge, 1845. I2mo. 
Orig. paper (stain on back wrapper, some pp. foxed). CC( 287) $20.00. 


LOPEZ DE CAST Aft ED A (Fernando). The first Booke of 
the Historic of the Discouerie and Conquest of the East Indias, 
cnterprised by the Portingales. Trans, by Nicolas Lichefield. 
London, Thomas East, 1582. Sm. 4to. 

Old cf., in hf. mor. case (7^ x 5 ; >ie in., one joint cracked, few margins 
holed). LL( 97) $150.00. 

LOSSING (Benson J.). The Pictorial Fie Id- Bo ok of the Revo- 
lution, etc. N.Y., Harper, 1851-52. 2 vols., large 8vo. 
Roan (rubbed). KLa(i5)$8.50. 

LOTI (Pierre). Fantome d'prient. Portrait in 2 states, one a 
proof on Japan vellum. Paris, 1891. 8vo. 

)4 lev. mor., inlaid, g.t., unc., by Meunier (signed water color draw- 
ings by Tassier on half-title and on margins of 7 pp., also signed 
water color tailpiece by Henry Gills). U( 154) $65.00. 

LOUBERE (Simon de la). A New Historical Relation of the 

Kingdom of Siam. Plates. London, 1693. Fol. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked). V 3(145) $9.00. 

LOUISE ELIZABETH OF FRANCE. Descriptions des Festes 

donnees par la Ville de Paris, a 1'Occasion du Manage de Madame 
Louise-Elizabeth de France, et de Dom Philippe. 13 plates by 
J. F. Rlondel. Paris, 1740. Large fol. 
Cont. cf., tooled, g.e. ( Bibliothcque de Pastoret copy). CC(4i)$i2.5o. 

LOUISIANA. An Account of Louisiana. Folding table. Phila., 

1803. 8vo. 
New bds. PP(i)$8.oo. 

Acts Passed at the Second Session of the First Legislature 

of the Territory of Orleans, begun and held in ... New-Orleans, 
. . . 1 2th day of Jan., 1807. New Orleans, Bradford and Ander- 
son, 1807. I2mo. 
New cl. T(i43)$8.50. 

Exposition of Criminal Laws. See KERR (Lewis). 



LOUVET DE COUVRAY (Jean Baptiste). Amours of the 

Chevalier de Faublas. Illustration in each vol. facing frontis. 
London, 1822. 4 vols., i6mo. 
Rebound V* mor., g.e. K(ioo)$8.50. 

The Amours of the Chevalier de Faublas. Etchings by Louis 
Monzics after Paul Avril. London, Society of Bibliophiles, 1898. 
4 vols.. 8vo. 
Bds., g.t., unc. (soiled). S(i36)$8.oo. 


LOUYS (Pierre). The Adventures of King Pausole. Col. il- 
lustrations by Clara Tice. Privately printed, 1926. Roy. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. 8(253) $8.00. 

LOVER (Samuel). Handy Andy: a Tale of Irish Life. 24 

plates by the author. London, 1842. 8vo. 
Cf., g.t. TT (253) $20.00. 
Cl., in hf. nior. case (inner hinges cracked and repaired, edges worn ; 

inscribed to Louisa P. Johns}. EF (703) $12.50. 
Cf., g.t., by Riviere (plate repaired, orig. backstrip bound in). GH 

(169) $9.00. 

LOW (Samuel). Poems. N.Y., 1800. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. sheep (broken). FF (87)816.00. 
Orig. sheep (broken). QQ(22)$io.oo. 

LOWELL (Amy). John Keats. Portraits. Boston and N.Y., 

IQ25. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl. M(i5Q)$i6.oo. 
Orig. cl. Q (320) $7.50. 

LOWELL (James Russell). Among Mv Books. [First Series.] 
1870; Same. Second Series. 1876. Boston, 1870-76. 2 vols., 

Orig. cl. (rubbed, spot at fore-edge ; second \ ol. has copyright date 
1875). MX (224) $10.00. 

Among My Books. Boston. 1882. 121110. 

Hf. mor. (rubbed, inscribed to Mary Hoyle). EF( 713) $7.50. 

Conversations on some of the Old Poets. Cambridge, 1845. 

1 2mo. 
Cont. cl., unc. (inscribed, in another hand. a> presentation cop\ from 

the author to Charles R. Lowell). X(24J)$i5oo. 
Orig. ilium, wrappers, unc.; in cl. case. EF( 707^32 50 

Democracy and Other Addresses. London. 1887. umo. 

Cl.. unc. (inscribed to Lady \Vemyss). EF(7is)$7.5O. 

Proof sheets of a projected volume of Early English Plays, 

ed. by Lowell, [Contains reprints of Chapman's "Byron's Con- 
spiracie," "Monsieur d'Olive." and a portion of lleywood's "A 
Woman Kild with Kindness."] [Boston, about iSoo.l 

Mor. (bound in at front is a MS. statement of Charles Eliot Xorton 
reading "The proof sheets bound UP in this \olumc arc, I believe, 
the sole remnant of the work, with the exception of a parcel of 
similar, less complete, proofs which I gave to the College Librarx. 
The pencil corrections on the first proofs of Monsieur d'Olivr 
are in J. R. L.'s autograph. C. E. Norton, Shady Hill, 27 April. 
1892."). O(2i4)$8o.oo. 

A Fable for Critics, etc. X.Y.. 1848. Large i2mo. 

Orig. cl., ^with publisher's initials in blind on both covers and gilt 
lettering on back (faded and rubbed, a few foxinirs : First edi- 
tion, title without words "A Vocal and Musical Medley' 1 and with 
"By" before publisher's name forming a single line; nace 2;, 
line 20 with misprint "cotilion" and page 40. line 21 with "(iolialD. 
XX f 248) $160.00. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in cl. case (back chipped and rubbed). OP(ioi) 


LOWELL (James Russell) Continued. 

Four Poems: The Ballad of the Stranger, King Retro., The 

Royal Pedigree, and, A Dream I had. (Now First Collected). 

Hingham, Printed for private distribution, The Village Press, 

1906. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (presentation copy from P. K. Foley to G. H. Sargent). 

DD(i39)$i 3 .oo. 
Meliboeus-Hipponax: the Biglow Papers. Cambridge, 1848. 


Cl., in hf. mor. case (with Same. Second Series. Boston, 1867; to- 
gether 2 vols., in hf. mor. cases, back of one vol. faded). 0(213) 

Orig. brown cl. (cracked, imprint includes "New York" as well as 

"Cambridge"). (268) $10.50. 
CL, in hf. mor. case (with another copy, of same edition, but with 

title carrying "New York" as well as "Cambridge" in imprint; 

together 2 vols., one with name on title and end-paper, one with 

bookplate of George C. F. Williams). EF( 710) $37.50. 
Cl., unc. (faded). NO (224) $17.50. 
No. 16 [of series of political tracts printed for the Union 

League Club of Philadelphia]. The President's Policy. From 

the "North American Review," Jan., 1864. [Phila., 1864.] 8vo. 
Orig. salmon-pink wrappers, in mor. case. NO (225) $12. 50. 
Ode Recited at the Commemoration of the Living and Dead 

Soldiers of Harvard University, July 21, 1865. Cambridge, 

Privately Printed, 1865. Roy. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., g.t. (\\orn, inscribed to J. L. Diman). NO (226) $510.00. 

Poems. Cambridge, 1844. I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (with his "Poems. Second Series," 1848; together 2 

vols., one in hf. mor. case, one vol. with name on end paper; 

both vols. rcbackcd). EK( 706) $7.50. 
VJ mor. (Large paper). X 0(223) $20.00. 

Poetical Works. Illustrations. Boston, 1871. I2mo. 

Hf. cf., g.t. (portrait, also a few margins of other leaves, stained; in- 
scribed to Amy Xordhoff). EF(7i2)$i2.5O. 

The Vision of Sir Launfal. Cambridge, 1848. umo. 

Orip. bds., unc.: in cl. folder and hf. lev. mor. case (vol. rebacked). 

OP (103) $55-00. 

A Year's Life. Boston, 1841. I2mo. 

Orig. bds.. in hf. mor. case (backstrip and hinges worn, has slip of 

errata). EF(7O5 )$i6.oo. 

See also CARLYLE (Thomas). 

LUCAN. Pharsalia. [With the commentary ascribed to Om- 

nihonus Lconiccnus.| i8(> leaves. Venice, Nicolaus Battibovis, 
1486. Fol. (Hain *i0238). 

Old vel. on bds. (vel. on front cover mostly cut away, some leaves 
foxed and soiled, few holes; inscription on first page; date in 
colophon partly erased and restored by hand). F (260) $20.00. 

Pharsalia. London. 1618. i6mo. 

Old cf. (Isaac Newton copy, fly leaf autographed by him). C(2O3) 


LUCIAN. True History. Trans, by Francis Hickes. 16 plates by 
William Strang, J. B. Clarke, and Aubrey Beardsley. On Japan 
paper. London, Privately printed, 1894. 4to. 

Buckram, unopened (John Quinn copy). TT(3o)$i6.oo. 

LUCIUS [pseud.]. [Broadside.] To the Freemen, Freehold- 
ers, and other Inhabitants of the City of New- York. My Friends 
and Fellow Citizens, you cannot possibly be ignorant, that the in- 
veterate Foes of American Freedom (in this City) have, for a long 
Time past, been indefatigable in sowing the Seeds of Discord 
throughout this Province . . . [Signed] Lucius, N.Y., Jan. 19, 
1775- [N.Y., John Holt, 1775-J 4to. 

In cl. folder and case. BC(74)$32.50. 

LUCKOMBE (Philip). A Concise History of the Origin and 
Progress of Printing. London, 1770. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.e. (Morgner copy). TT(254)$n.oo. 

LUCRETIUS. De Rerum Natura. Venice, Aldus, 1515. Sm. 

Mor., g.e. (library stamp of Vindobon Biblioth. on first page). IJ 

Delia Natura delle Cose Libri sei. Tradotti da Alessandro 

Marchetti. Frontispieces, engraved titles, plates after Cochin, 
Eisen, and others. Amsterdam, 1754. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. cf., g.e. (worn). U(i55)$io.oo. 

LUSCHAN (Felix yon). Die Altertumer von Benin. 129 plates. 
Berlin und Leipzig, 1919. 3 vols., 4to. 

Hf. cl. (2 vols. in portfolios). D E(is8) $8.00. 

LUTHER (Martin). In Epistolam S. Pauli ad Galatas, Com- 
mentarius. Vittebergae, J. Lufft, 1538. Sm. 410. 

Orig. pigskin. RR(3o6)$n.oo. 

LYDEKKER (Richard). Library of Natural History, lul. by 
Richard Lydekker. Intro, by Ernest Seton-Thompson. 72 col. 
plates. N.Y., 1901. 12 vols., sm. 4to. 

Y 4 mor., g.t. XX (297) $8.50. 

LYELL (James P. R.). Early Book Illustration in Spain. 
Intro, by Konrad Haebler. London, 1926. 410. 

Cl., g.t., unopened. XX (42) $7.50. 

LYNCH (Bohun). The Prize Ring. Plates, some in color. Lon- 
don, 1925. Fol. 
Bds. (laid in is orig. drawing by Richard Dighton). JJ(4o)$io.oo. 

LYTTELTON (George, Lord). Letter from a Persian in Eng- 
land to his Friend at Ispahan. London, 1735. I2ino. 

Old cf. (joints cracked; Horace Walpole copy, with notes in his 
hand). F(292)$i9.oo. 

LYTTELTON (Thomas, Lord). Poems, by a Young Noble- 
man. The Second Edition. London, G. Kearsley, 1780. 4to. 
Paper. P(no)$i6.oo. 
Paper. BC(4)$u.oo. 

LYTTON (Edward Bulwer, Lord). See BULWER. 

LYTTON (Edward Robert Bulwer, first Earl of). Lucile. By 

Owen Meredith f pseud.]. London. 1860. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. AA(ii9)$8.oo. 


M'AFEE (Robert B.). History of the late War in the Western 

Country. Lexington, Ky., 1816. 8vo. 

Orig. cf. (water stained, scuffed, front end paper split at hinge; con- 
tains blank following title). E( 148) $38.00. 
Cont. sheep (soiled). KK( 266) $42.00. 

Orig. cf. (stained, contains blank following title). QQ (300) $28.00. 
MACAULAY (Thomas B.). The History of England. London, 

1849-61. 5 vols., 8vo. 
Cf. (rubbed). V(252)$io.oo. 
Orig. cl. f in cl. box (few signatures loose, name on fly leaves). EF 


Lays of Ancient Rome. London, 1842. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. ; in cl. case (initials and date inside front cover). EF 

(718) $77.50. 

Pompeii, a Poem. [Cambridge, 1819.] 8vo. 

Orig. paper, in cl. case (margins holed and stained, MS. notes on 

verso of title). EF(7i7)$n.oo. 
MCCARTHY (Justin). A History of Our Times. 4 vols. 1881 ; 

[also] Reminiscences. 2 vols. 1899. London, 1881-99. 6 vols., 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Riviere (orig. backstrips bound in). GH(i72) 

M'CLUNG (John A.). Sketches of Western Adventure. Mays- 

ville, Ky., 1832. I2mo. 
Old cf. (broken, pp. foxed, pp. 87 and 88 in facsimile). RR(i7i) 

McCOY (Joseph G.). Historic Sketches of the Cattle Trade of 

the West and Southwest. Portraits and illustrations, by Profes- 
sor Henry Worrall. Kansas City, 1874. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (backstrip repaired). A(7i)$40.oo. 

McCRADY (Edward). The History of South Carolina in the 

Revolution, 1775-1780. Maps. N.Y., 1902. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc. QQ (37) $7-75- 
McCUTCHEON (George Barr). Graustark. First Edition, First 

issue, with "Noble's" for "Lorry's" in line 6 of page 150. Chic., 

1901. I2mo. 

Cl., g.t., unc., in hf. mor. case (binding soiled). O(2i5)$7-50. 
Orig. cl., g.t. SS(7i)$io.oo. 

McDONALD (Alexander), pseud. See DICKSON (R. W.). 

M'DUFFEE (John). The Oregon Crisis. Salem, Ohio, 1848. 

Paper (back repaired). NO (229) $480.00. 

MACFALL (Haldane). Aubrey Beardsley, the Clown, the 

Harlequin, the Pierrot of his Age. N.Y., 1927. Sm. 4to. 
Buckram. XX (26) $8.00. 

A History of Painting. Preface by F. Brangwyn. 200 plates 

in color. London, 1911. 8 vols., 4to. 
Cl. (rubbed). CD (259) $15.00. 

A History of Painting. 200 reproductions in color. Renais- 
sance Edition. Boston, n.d. 8 vols., 4to. 
TTa( 1303) $20.00. 


MACFALL (Haldane) Continued. 

The Wooings of Jezebel Pettyfer. London, 1898. 12010. 

Orig. cl., unc. (covers spotted). K(3i3)$33.oo. 
Cl. JK (279) $10.00. 

The Wooings of Jezebel Pettyfer. London [1913]. i2mo. 

Cl. (binding soiled, inscribed to C. Lovat Eraser). XT (257) $25.00. 

McFEE (William). Aliens. First issue, with 8 pp. advertisements 

at end. London, 1914. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. Q(322)$ii.oo. 

Casuals of the Sea, the Voyage of a Soul. London, 1916 


Orig. cl., white lettering on front cover, unc. K (314) $75.00. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (clippings pasted down on end paper and half- 
title, writing on half-title, Robert Sedgwick copy, laid in are 2 
A. L. S. and an L. S.). EF( 721) $65.00. 

Casuals of the Sea. London*, n.d. I2mo. 

Cl. (inscription on fly leaf). O( 21 7) $52.50. 

Life and Letters. 

1921. I2mo. 

Paper (wrappers rubbed, pasted over the X.V. imprint is a Cincinnati 
imprint; laid in, with envelope, is A. L. S. ). XX (254) $13.00. 

Letters from an Ocean Tramp. Col. frontis. London, 1908. 


Cl., in hf. mor. case (stamp on end paper and half-title, John Low 
copy). O( 216) $70.00. 

Cl. R( 270) $75.00. 

Cl. XX(i7o)$47.oo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (back rubbed, inner hinge cracked, tear in one 
leaf; Second issue, with "Cassell" for "Cassell & Co." on back- 
strip). KF( 720) $30.00. 

MACHEN (Arthur). The Anatomy of Tobacco. [London,] 

1884. 8vo. 
Orig. vel., unc. ; in hf. mor. case (covers worn ; Eugene Field copy, 

notes in his hand). O( 218) $30.00. 

Orig. vel., unc.; in hf. mor. case (rubbed). R (222) $15.00. 
Orig. vel., unc. (soiled, inscribed). KF( 722) $16.00. 

-The Chronicle of Clemendy; or, the History of the IX Joy- 

-An Engineer's Note Book, Essays on 

Second issue, measuring 7^4 x 5 in. X.Y., i< 

ous Journeys. Frontis. (etching) and 3 woodcuts. Carbonnek, 

for the Society of Pantagruelists, 1888. 8vo. 
Bds., in hf. mor. case (soiled, inscribed). 77(258) $17.00. 
Bds., unc. (inscribed, A. L. S. laid in). EF( 723) $21.00. 

Fantastic Tales. Large paper, signed. Carbonnek, 1890. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in hf. mor. case ( inscribed to John Lane ) . K ( 224 ) 

Hieroglyphics. London, 1902. 121110. 

Cl., unc.; in hf. mor. case (inscribed). R(226)$I2.50. 

Page Proofs of "The Hill of Dreams." London, 1007. i2mo. 

Sheets, unc.; in mor. case (proof stamp on each sheet, half-title and 

last page signed Oct., 1923; inscribed as presentation copy Sept. 

22, 1926). EF (725) $22.50. 


MACHEN (Arthur) Continued. 

The Hill of Dreams. Frontis. by S. H. Sime. London, 1907. 

Orig. dark red buckram, g.t., unc. (rubbed). MN(229)$ii.oo. 

Proof sheets of "The London Adventure; or, the Art of 

Wandering." London [1923]. 12010. 

Sheets, unc.; in mor. case (corrections throughout, several signed 
inscriptions). EF (727) $12.50. 

The Secret Glory. London [1922]. I2mo. 

Cl., unc. (laid in is A. L. S. of Sir James M. Barrie to the author). 

Things Near and Far. London [1923]. I2mo. 

Orig. bds. (Large paper, signed). R(228)$ 


McHENRY (James). The Spectre of the Forest; or, Annals of 
the Housatonic: a New-England Romance. By Solomon Sec- 
ondsight. London, 1824. 3 vols. 

Orig. hf. cf. P(i)$2i.oo. 

MACHIAVELLI (Niccola). Discorsi sopra la Prima Deca di 
Tito Livio, nuovamente corretti, & Con Somma Diligenza Ristam- 
pati. [Venice,] Aldus, 1546. i6mo. 

Cont. vel., tooled (name on title and a few marginal notes in cont. 
hand, bookplates). V( 254) $46.00. 

Libro dell'Arte della Guerra. [Venice,] Aldus, 1540. i6mo. 

Cf., rebound (marginal drawings in cont. hand, Renaissance signature 
on title, bookplates). V (253) $55.00. 

McKENNEY (Thomas L.) and HALL (James). History of 

the Indian Tribes of North America. 120 col. portraits. Phila., 
Bowen, 1848-50. 3 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. (rubbed, some joints broken, few plates loose). DE(i6o) 

History of the Indian Tribes of North America. 2 vols., 

large 8vo; with vol. of plates, fol. Phila., 1876. 3 vols., 8vo and 

Hf. mor. KLa( 348) $30.00. 

History of the Indian Tribes of North America. 44 col. 

plates. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. Phila., n.d.; [with] fol. vol. containing 
50 col. plates. Phila., Greenough, and Bidclle, 1836-37. Phila., 
v.d. 3 vols., roy. 8vo and fol. 

Hf. mor. DE(i59)$42.50. 

MACKENZIE (Henry). The Man of Feeling. London, 1771. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in hf. mor. case (covers worn, name torn from 

title; laid in is A. L. S.). EF(729)$ 

McKINLEY (William). See LONG (John D.). 

MACLAREN (Ian). Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush. Illus. by 

William Hole. London, 1896. Roy. 8vo. 
$4 lev. mor., tooled, g.t, unc. (inserted is A. L. S.). NN( 173) $22.50. 

M'MURTRIE (H.). Sketches of Louisville and its Environs. 

Folding map. Louisville, 1819. 8vo. 


M'MURTRIE (H.) Continued. 

Hi. mor., unc. (title and 3 following leaves cut down). GG(i4i) 


Bds. (cover started, map loose, holes at folds). IJ(Q6)$9.50. 
MacPHERSON (Donald). Letter from [him], a Young Man 

who was sent to Virginia with Captain Toline, in the year 1715. 

. . . Portobago in Maryland, 2nd June, 1717. [Addressed to his 

father at Inverness, Scotland.] One page. London, 1720. Fol. 
Hf. mor. P(in)$7i.oo. 
MACQUOID (Percy). A History of English Furniture, Plates 

in color. London, 1904-08. 4 vols., fol. 
Hf. mor. (worn). DE(i6i) $30.00. 

MACQUOID (Percy) and EDWARDS (Ralph). The Diction- 
ary of English Furniture. Col. plates. London, 1924-27. 3 vols., 


Cl. XX(i34)$4i.oo. 
Cl., g.t. GH(i 7 3a)$47.50. 
M'LLE NEW YORK. Ed. by Vance Thompson and James Hune- 

ker. Illustrations, some in color, by Thomas Fleming and T. 

Powers. Vol. I, Nos. i-n, Aug., 1895, to April, 1890. N.Y., 

1895-96. ii vols., 4to. 
Paper, unc.: in cl. case. CC (311) $10.00. 
MAD AN (Martin). Thelyphthora ; or, a Treatise on Female 

Ruin. London, J. Dodsley, 17/0. 8vo. 
Rebound ft leath. (2 vols. in one). K (93) $9.50. 
MADIGAN (Thomas F.). Word Shadows of the Great. Plates. 

N.Y., 1930. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. (Autograph Edition; inserted is A. L. S. by \Yilkie Collins 

with Mr. Madigan's certificate upon same). 0(219) $9.00. 
Bds., g.t., uncut (Collector's Edition, inserted is A. L. S. of Thomas 

Bailey Alclrich). JK(j8o) $20.00. 

MAGGS BROS. [Sale Catalogue of] a Collection of French 
XVlIIth Century Illustrated Books. London, 1930. 4to. 

y mor., g.e. ; in cl. folder. II(45)$i4.oo. 

A Selection of Books, Manuscripts, Engravings, and Auto- 
graph Letters remarkable for their Interest and Rarity, being the 
Five Hundredth Catalogue issued by [them], London, 1928. 4to. 

y* mor., g.t. II (81) $10.50. 

MAGNI DUFFLOCQ (Enrico). Storia della Musica. 10 col. 
plates. Milano, Societa Editrice Libraria, 1020-30. J \ols, 4to. 

Q. XX(2 93 )$9.50. 

MAGNUS (Olaus). Historia delle Genti et della Natura. Map 
and woodcuts. Vinegia, Appresso, I. Gi\nti, 1565. 8\o. 

Vel. (title and last leaf rebacked, few pp. tipped in, inner covers 
holed). IJ(370)$io.50. 

MAGOUN (F. Alexander). The Frigate Constitution, etc. See 

MAHON (Philip Henry, fifth Earl Stanhope). History of Eng- 
land. Library Edition. London, 1853-54. 7 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. AA(ii7)$io.oo. 




MA1TRES DE L'AFFICHE (Lcs). Illustrations in color. Vols. 

I-V, in the orig. 60 parts. Paris, 1896-1900. Fol. 
Orig. paper, in 5 cl. portfolios. DE( 198) $30.00. 

MA1TRES DE L' AMOUR (Les). Various Publications of this 

Series. Paris, 1909-13. 21 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t, uncut. DE( 163) $12.50. 

MAJOR (Charles). When Knighthood Was In Flower. By Ed- 
win Caskoden [pseud.]. Indianapolis, 1898. I2mo. 
CL, g.t. (rubbed). NO(2 34 )$9.oo. 


MAJORS (Alexander). Seventy Years on the Frontier. Pref- 
ace by W. F. Cody. Ed. by Prentiss Ingraham. Chic., 1893. 

Cl. (rubbed). XX(256)$i 3 .50. 

MALKIN (Benjamin H.). A Father's Memoirs of his Child. 
Preface includes a note on William Blake and 5 poems by Blake 
are quoted in text. Frontis. by Cromek after Paye and Blake, 
and 3 other plates. London, 1806. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in cl. case (rebacked). EF(72)$i5.oo. 

MALO (Charles). Livre d' Amour; ou, Folastreries du Vieux 

Temps; [also] Livre Mignard; ou, la Fleur des Fabliaux. Col. 
plates. Paris, Louis Janet, n.d. 2 vols., i6mo. 
Mor. and cf. (light foxing). I J( 194) $16.00. 

MALONE (Edmond). An Inquiry into the Authenticity of 

Certain "Miscellaneous Papers and Legal Instruments" ... at- 
tributed to Shakespeare, etc. Facsimiles. London, 1796. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc., in cl. case (rubbed). EF( 920) $12.00. 

MALORY (Sir Thomas). The storye of the most noble and 

worthy Kyngc Arthur. Woodcuts. London, T. East [about 
1585]- Fol. 

Mor., tooled, g.e., by Orrock (few margins discolored or otherwise 
defective ; early inscription "X. Lussher iure me possidet" ; 
Lothian monogram and coronet on cover, Xewbattle Abbey label). 
LL (85) $700.00. 

The History of King Arthur and of the Knights of the 

Round Table. Ed. by Thomas Wright. London, 1858. 3 vols., 

Hf. cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Zachnsdorf. S(j66)$8.oo. 

The Birth, Life, and Acts of King Arthur. Illus. by Aubrey 

Bcardsley. London, 1893-94. 4to. 
12 orig. parts, unc. ; in hf. mor. case (backs chipped, corner torn from 

one wrapper). O(j2p) $27.50. 
Grig. cl. (shaken and soiled). 0(25) $15.00. 
Orig. cl. (shaken and soiled). TT(25)$26.oo. 

Le Morte Darthur. Illus. in color after W. Russell Flint. Lon- 
don, Medici Society [1929]. 8vo. 
Cf., g.e., by Riviere. YYa( 105) $10.00. 

Le Morte D' Arthur. Illus. by Aubrey Beardsley. London, 

Dent, n.d. 4to. 
12 orig. parts; in 2 cl. portfolios. B(i42)$22.oo. 


MALTBY (Charles). The Life and Public Services of Abraham 

Lincoln. Stockton, 1884. 8vo. 

Cl. (inserted is signed presentation slip). JK (281) $15.00. 
MALTHUS (Thomas R.). An Essay on the Principle of Popu- 
lation. London, 1798. 8vo. 
Hf. cf,, in cl. case (rebacked, orig. backstrip preserved). EF(730) 

New bds., unc. (new end papers). JK (282) $72.50. 

Principles of Political Economy. Boston, 1821. 8vo. 

Hf. roan (with * 4 A Reply to the Essay on Population," by William 

Hazlitt, 1807; together 2 vols.). EF( 732) $20.00. 
MALZAC Qohn). Piracy: Detail of the Case of the Brig Car- 

raboo of Liverpool . . . together with an Account of the Capture 

of the Pirate- Vessel, the Schooner Las Damas Argentinas, etc. 

Saint Christopher, Howe, 1828. I2mo. 
Orig. cf. PP (200) $52.50. 
MANBY (Charles W.). Tom Racquet, and his Three Maiden 

Aunts. Illus. by R. Cruikshank. London, n.d. 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Morrell. S(ioo)$ 
MANDEVILLE (Sir John). The voyages and Trauailes of Sir 

lohn Mandeuile Knight. Wherein is set downe the way to the 

Holy Land, etc. Woodcut map on half-title, ship on title, and 

74 woodcuts in text. London, William Stansby. 1632. Sm. 4to. 
Old cf., in hf. mor. case (rebacked, corner torn from half-title, inner 

corner from leaf I; size 7^5x5^ in.). LL( 135) $170.00. 
[His] Voiage and Travaile* Col. initials and woodcuts. N.Y., 

Random House. 1928. Fol. 
Oak bds., unc. JK (284) $22. 50. 
MANN (William d f Alton). Fads and Fancies of Representative 

Americans at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century. Portrait. 

N.Y., Town Topics Pub. Co.. 1905. Fol. 
Lev. mor., elaborately tooled; in oak box (on Japan paper). X(i2) 


MANNERS (Lady Victoria) and WILLIAMSON (G. C.). John 
Zoffany, R.A., his Life and Works. 197 plates, 6 in color. Lon- 
don, 1920. 8vo. 

Bds., g.t., unc. (inner hinge cracked). DE( 164) $20.00. 

MANSFIELD (Katherine). Bliss and Other Stories. London 

[1920]. I2mo. 
Cl., in hf. mor. case. JKC 285) $10.00. 

In a German Pension. London, n.d. 121110. 

Cl. (stain on cover). JK( 286) $27.50. 

Prelude. Richmond, Hogarth Press [1918]. 8vo. 

Orig. paper; late issue, wrappers without design of Fcrgusson; in 
cl. case. EF(733)$i8.oo. 

--Something Childish and Other Stories. London [1924]. i2mo. 
Orig. cl. (First issue, no date on verso of title). MN (230) $20. 50. 

MANTE (Thomas). The History of the Late War in North 
America, etc. 18 folding maps. London, for \V. Strahan, 1772. 

Cf. P(ii2)$3i5.oo. 


MANTZ (Paul). Hans Holbein. Paris, 1879. Fol. 

Mor., g.t., unc. AA (80) $25.00. 

MAPS. An Accurate Map of North and South Carolina, with 
their Indian Frontiers. From actual Surveys by Henry Mouzon 
and others. 2 sheets. London, J. Bennett, 1775. Fol. 


Battle of White Plains. See WHITE PLAINS. 

Le Cours du Mississippi ou de St. Louis, . . . aux Environs 

de laquelle se trouye le Pais appelle Louisiane. Dressee sur les 
Relations et Memoirs du Pere Hannepin, et de Mrs. de la Salle, 
Tonti, Lapntan, des Hayes, Joliet, et le Maire, etc. Par N. de 
Fer. Paris, Bernard, 1718. 25 x 18 in. 

(Few marginal tears). E(i88)$24.5o. 

A Map of the Most Inhabited Part of New England. Col- 
ored. Augsburg, T. C. Letter [about 1775]. 40x38 in., in 4 


A Map of the Most Inhabited Part of Virginia, containing 

the Whole Province of Maryland, with Part of Pensilvania, New 
Jersey and North Carolina. Drawn by Joshua Fry & Peter Jef- 
ferson in 1775. Col. in outline. London, Thomas Jefferys [1775]. 
31 x 50 in. 

On 2 sheets, linen backed and folded to 8vo. L(i74)$i5.oo. 

Map of the Seat of War in ... Virginia. See REVOLU- 

A New Mapp of America Septentrionale. Designed by Mon- 
sieur Sanson and revised into English, and illustrated by Richard 
Blome. Arms of Lord Baltimore and dedication to him. London, 
for Richard Blome, 1669. 15x21)^ in. 


Ortelius (Abraham). Typvs Orbis Tcrrarvm. F. Hogen- 

bergus sculpsit. Colored. [Antverpiae, 1570.] 13^4 x 19^ in. 
GG( 171) $17.00. 

Partie Occidentale de la Nouvelle France ou du Canada. 

Par Mr Bellin. Ingenieur de la Marine. 1755. 19x24 in. 
NO (268) $12.50. 

Speede (John). America with those Known Parts in that 

Unknowne Worlde both People and Manner of Buildings. Di- 
scribed and inlarged by I. S. Ano. 1626. Engraved by Abraham 
Goos. Colored. Borders include plans and 10 portraits. Insets. 
Description of America on back. [London, 1626.] 

Framed between glass. GG( 172) $17.50. 


MARCH (Joseph Moncure). The Wild Party. Illus. by Regi- 
nald Marsh. Chic., 1928. 8vo. 
Hf. cl., unc. K (324) $8.00. 


MARGUERITE OF NAVARRE. Contes et Nouvelles. Fron- 
tis. and engravings by De Hooge. Amsterdam, 1698. 2 vols., 

Mor., g.e. (rubbed). U(i56)$i7.5o. 



Les Nouvelles. Frontis., titles and 73 plates after Freudenberg, 

and 72 vignettes and tail pieces. Berne, 1792. 3 vols., sm. 8vo. 
Mor., tooled, g.e. (rubbed, Foley bookplate). R(i9i)$ 
The Heptameron. Done into English by Arthur Machen. 

Plates by Flameng. n.p., Privately Printed, 1886. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. ; in hf. mor. case (rubbed). R(223)$I2.5O. 
Mor., tooled, g.t., unc. TTa(m)$i7.5O. 
Orig. bds. (worn and soiled, shaken, backstrip broken, 2 signatures 

sprung). XX (252) $8.00. 
Y$ lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. (one vol. extended to 2). YYa(iO4) 


The Heptameron. Done into English by Arthur Machen. Por- 
trait and 8 plates by Flameng. [London,] Privately Printed, 1887. 


Orig. bds. (crack at shoulders, H. W. Poor copy). K(3i6)$n.oo. 
The Fortunate Lovers. Trans, by Arthur Machen. I'M. by A. 

Mary F. Robinson. Etching by Hood. London, 1887. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. "(inscribed by Machen). M(i62)$io.oo. 
The Heptameron. Trans, by George Saintsbury. 73 plates by 

S. Freudenberg, and 150 head and tail pieces. London, Navarre 

Society, 1922. :; vols.,'8vo. 
CL, g.t., unc. CC(n6)$7.50. 

MARINE RESEARCH SOCIETY. Publications. Salem, 

Anderson (Robert C.). The Rigging of Ships in the Days 

of the Spritsail Topmast, 1600-1720. 1927. Large 8v<>. 
Hf. buckram, g.t.. unopened. XX (261) $10.00. 

Davis (Charles G.). Shipping and Craft in Silhouette. 1029. 

Large 8vo. 
Hf. buckram, g.t., unopened (on vellum ; with another copy in sheets, 

together 2 vols.). XX (258) $10.00. 

Davis (Charles G.)- Ships of the Past. IQ.'<). 4to. 

Hf. buckram, g.t., unopened (extra photograph laid in). XX(J50) 

Dow (George Francis). The Sailing Ships of New England. 

Third Series. 1928. 4to. 
Hf. vel., g.t., unopened (on vellum). XX(2(*))$w.oo. 

Dow (G. F.) and Edmonds (John H.). The Pirates of the 

New England Coast, 1630-1730. 1023; (also] Robinson (John) 
and Dow (Cj. F. ). The Sailing Ships of New Kngland. Second 
Series. 1924. 1923-24. 2 vols., roy. Rvo. 

Cl. (inscription on one fly leaf). WC 113) $15.00. 

Harlow (Frederick P.). The Making of a Sailor. igj8. 

Large 8vo. 
Hf. buckram, g.t., unopened. XX(262)$n.oo. 

Magoun (F. Alexander). The Frigate Constitution and 

Other Historic Ships. 30 plates, 16 plans, 63 figures. 1928. Fol. 

Orig. cl., inlaid panel of live oak from orig. frame of the "Constitu- 
tion," g.t., unc. 0(438) $21.00. 

A Collection of Publications of the Society, v.rl., v.s. 



1923-25, 5 vols., 8vo, orig. cl. V (261) $29.00. 

1923-30, 9 vols., 8vo and 4to, cl. DE(i66) $32.50. 

MARKHAM (Edwin). The Man with the Hoe. San Fran., 1899. 
Sq. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, unc. ; in hf. mor. case (label removed from front wrap- 
per, inserted is A. L. S.). O(222)$57.5O. 

The Real America in Romance. Ed. by Edwin Markham. 

N.Y., 1914. 13 vols., 8vo. 

Leath., tooled, g.e. V(26o)$i5.oo. 

MARYBOROUGH (John Churchill, Duke of). [His] Life and 
Military History. Portrait and plates. London, 1754. Fol. 

Cont. mor., tooling incorporating Marlborough arms, g.e. (Marl- 
borough-Wallace copy). CC (296) $27.50. 

MARLOWE (Christopher). Works. Ed. by Alexander Dyce. 
London, 1850. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., by Zaehnsdorf. EF (735) $10.00. 

MARRANT (John). A Narrative of the Lord's Wonderful deal- 
ings with | him]. London, Gilbert and Plummer, 1785. 8vo. 

Mor., g.t. FF(8s)$i8.oo. 

MARRIOTT (G.). Judgement begun in the House of God, to 
be finished on its Enemies: a Sermon preached Dec. I3th, 1776, 
appointed by Authority to be observed as a Publick Fast, on Oc- 
casion of the War with the American Colonies. London, for the 
Author [177/1. 4to. 

New hf. cf. FF(i4)$g.oo. 

MARRY AT (Frank). Mountains and Molehills; or, Recollec- 
tions of a Burnt Journal. Col. illustrations by the author. Lon- 
don, 1855. 8vo. 

Cl. (soiled). OO(8oo)$ii.oo. 

MARRY AT (Frederick). Mr. Midshipman Easy. London, 1836. 
3 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (rcbacked, new paper labels, name on half-titles). 
EF( 736) $22.00. 

The Phantom Ship. 3 vols.., i2mo. 1839; [alsol The Little 

Savage. 2 vols , lOmo. 1848-49. London, 1839 and 1848-49. 5 
vols., i2mo and ifimo. 

Orig. bds. and orig. cl. ('rebackcd, shaken, foxed t names on fly leaves). 

MARSH (James B.). Four Years in the Rockies; or, the Ad- 
ventures of Isaac P. Roe. Portrait. Xew Castle, Pa., 1884. 

1 21110. 

Cl. (worn; name on back of portrait). NO (236) $21.00. 

MARSHALL (Humphrey). The History of Kentucky. Frank- 
fort, Robinson, 1824. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. T(i 4 6)$32. 5 o. 

Hf. mor., tooled (library stamp). 06(144) $32.50. 

Orig. cf. (rubbed). QQ( 267) $30.50. 

MARSHALL (John). The Life of George Washington. 5 vols., 
8vo. 1804-07; Atlas. 4to. 1807. Phila., 1804-07. 6 vols., 8vo 
and 4to. 

Orig. bds., hf. cf. (Atlas only). H( 191) $13.00. 


MARSHALL (John) Continued. 

Cont. cf. f Atlas & cl. OO(s6i)$8.oo. 

Cf.; Atlas QQ(5i3)$i2.5<>. 

The Life of George Washington. Plates. Sponsor's Edition. 

N.Y. and Fredericksburg, 1925-26. 5 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. mor., g.t., unc. 0(223) $10.00. 

Leath., g.t., unc. QQ( 535) $12.50. 

and her Allies, from 1799 to 1815. Uncolored engraved title, col- 
ored vignette title, Arms of the Duke of Wellington, and 51 col- 
ored aquatint plates by Sutherland. London, n.d. Roy. 4to. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (plates in 3 states: outline proofs, finished plates 
[uncolored], and colored plates; slip of errata pasted down on 
margin of last page). R(3;8)$9O.oo. 

Hf. mor., by Morrell (one leaf repaired; bound in are orig. wrappers 
of Parts II-XI and front wrapper of Part XII ; extended are 
Intro., which is from a small copy; 2 leaves of text; and one 
plate). NN(57)$40.oo. 

MARTIN (F. R.). A History of Oriental Carpets before 1800. 
33 plates, wholly or partly in color, printed on silk; and text il- 
lustrations, many in color. Vienna, 1908. 2 vols., at. fol. 

Hf. mor., in bd. portfolios. ZZ( 190) $425.00. 

The Miniature Painting and Painters of Persia, India, and 

Turkey. Plates, many in color. London, 1912. 2 vols., roy. 410. 

Buckram, g.t., unc. U(i58)$no.oo. 

MARTINEAU (Harriet). Retrospect of Western Travel. Lon- 
don, 1838. 3 vols., I2mo. 

24 mor. (some foxing). 00(365) $13.00. 

MARTYN (Benjamin). An Impartial Enquiry into the State 
and Utility of the Province of Georgia. London, \V. Meadows, 
1741. 8vo. 

Hf. cf., in case. 5(113) $20.00. 

Hf. cf. FF(88)$i8.oo. 

Unbound, in cl. case. TT( 265) $16.00. 

MARTYR (Peter). De Rebus Oceanicis & Orbe nouo decades 
tres. Basileae, 1533. 8^ x 13!-$ in. 

Unbound. I J (97 ) $36.00. 

MARVEL (Andrew). Miscellaneous Poems. Frontis. portrait. 
London, 1681. Fol. 

Cf., g.e., by Bedford (margin of frontis. supplied, is without the can- 
celled pp. 117-130, Marshall-Gosse copy). KF( 737) $37.50. 

MARVEL (Ik), pseud. See MITCHELL (Donald G.). 

MARX (Karl). Le Capital. Paris, n.d. 8vo. 

Yt mor. (inscribed ". . . aux dcportcs de la Comune. Karl Marx. 
Londres . . . Aout 1877"). CD (2(*)) $75.00. 

MARYLAND. [Broadsheet.] At a Meeting of the Committees 
appointed by the several Counties of the Province of Maryland, 
at ... Annapolis [June 22-25,] were present [names of members 
of the County Committees, followed by 12 resolutions passed at 
the General Meeting, covering disapproval of the Boston Port 
Bill, a demand for "every colony in America to unite," support 
of the non-importation and non-exportation agreements, etc. 


MARYLAND Continued. 

Signed] John Duckett. [Annapolis, Anna Catherine Green, 1774.] 

In cl. case. BC (70) $40.00. 

See also ANNAPOLIS. 

MASEFIELD. Ballads and Poems. London, 1910; [also] En- 
slaved. N.Y., 1920. London and N.Y., 1910-20. 2 vols., sq. I2mo 
and 8vo. 

Cl. and bds. (first work is Second issue, second work is inscribed to 
Athene Clough). EF( 742) $10.00. 

First and Second Page Proofs of "Daffodil Fields." London, 

1913. I2mo. 

New cl., unc. (inscribed to Agnes Murray Dec. 26, 1917; few cor- 
rections in advertisements in unknown hand). EF( 741) $62.50. 

The Everlasting Mercy. London, 1911. I2mo. 

Cl., g.t. EF(739)$i5-oo. 

Odtaa. London [1926]. I2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (inscribed to E. G. New). EF( 745) $15.00. 

Reynard the Fox; or, the Ghost Heath Run. Signed. Lon- 
don, 1919. 8vo. 
Hf. vel., g.t., unopened. 0(334) $12.00. 

Reynard the Fox; or, the Ghost Heath Run. Col. and black- 
and-white plates and other illustrations by G. D. Armour. Lon- 
don, Heinemann, 1921. 4to. 

Vel., g.t. (Large paper, signed by author and by illustrator). TT 

Cl., unc. (inscribed to Gabriel Carritt). EF (743) $12.50. 

A Sailor's Garland. London [1906]. I2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (inner hinges cracked, inscribed). VV(i42) 

Salt- Water Ballads. London, 1902. I2mo. 

Buckram, g.t., unc.; in hf. mor. case (name on fly leaf). 0(224) 

Cl., g.t., unc. EF(738)$ii5.oo. 

Selected Poems. London, 1923. I2mo. 

G., in cl. case (cracked at inner hinge, on end paper is signed and 
dated MS. poem). EF( 744) $45.00. 

The Widow in the Bye Street. London, 1912. I2mo. 

Cl. (laid in is a review of this work by Lascelles Abercrombie). II 

(291) $16.00. 
Cl. EF(74o)$i2.50. 

See also DAMPIER (William). 

MASON (George Henry). The Costume of China. [Explana- 
tions in English and French.] 60 col. aquatint plates. London, 
1800. Fol. 

Cont. cf. (worn, rebacked). DE( 167) $18.00. 

The Punishments of China. [With Explanations in English 

and French.] 22 col. plates. London, 1804. Fol. 

Mor., g.e. (rubbed, one hinge cracked, fly leaves foxed). R(38i) 


MASON (John). A Brief History of the Pequot War. Boston, 

Kneeland and Green, 1736. 8vo. 
Sewed, unc., in lev. mor. case by Zaehnsdorf (some leaves stained, 

names on half-title and title, piece torn from half-title). GG(i45) 


MASPERO (Gaston) and Others. History of Egypt. Plates, 
some in color. Connoisseur edition, some plates in 2 states. Lon- 
don, Grolier Society, n.d. 13 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Y lev. mor., g.t., unc. F( 131) $35.00. 

MASQUE OF POETS (A). Ed. by George Parsons Lathrop. 
[Contains "Success" by Emily Dickinson.] Boston, 1878. I2mo. 
Cl. M(8 3 )$25.oo. 

MASSACHUSETTS. Order of His Majesty in Council, 
confirming several Acts & Laws of the Province of the Massa- 
chusetts-Bay, made 15th Dec., 1697-13^ March. 1699/1700. At 
the Court of Hampton Court the 22nd of October, 1700. 4 pp. 
Boston in New-England, 1701. Fol. 

YY( 121 ) $42.50. 

[Broadside.] Order of His Majesty in Council, confirming 

several Acts & Laws of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay 
in New-England, past by the General Assembly, held the 2Qth 
of May, 1700. At the Court at Kensington, the I2th day of June, 
1701. 2 pp. Boston in New England, 1701. Fol. 
YY(i2 3 )$2 3 .oo. 

Anno Regni Regis Gulielmi III. Decimo Tertio. At a 

Great and General Court or Assembly of His Majesties Province 
of the Massachusetts-Bay . . . Held at Boston upon Wednesday, 
28th of May. 1701. An Act for Granting unto His Majesty sev- 
eral Rates and Duties of Import and Tunnage of Shipping. 6 pp. 
Boston, 1701. Fol. 


[Broadside.] At a Great and General Court or Assembly 

for His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts- Ba> . . . held at 
Boston, upon Wednesday. May 26th. 1725. Upon serious Con- 
siderations of the Great Distresses that many of the Ministers 
of the Gospel within this Province Labour under, with Respect 
to their Support or Maintenance, their Salaries being generally 
paid in the Publick Bills of Credit of this Prosince . . . and the 
Necessaries of Life, such as Cloathing, Provisions, together with 
Labour & other Things, now Demand so much more of the Bills 
of Credit than heretofore : Resolved . . . and the Snecie therein 
Mentioned, as to the Great and Growing Difference in the Value 
of the Bills of Credit, from what they have sometimes been. Bos- 
ton, 1725. Fol. 

Unc., in cl. case. BC (63) $81.00. 

Temporary Acts and Laws. Boston, 1742-40; I also] Acts and 

Laws, 1742-52. Boston, Kneeland and Green. 1742-52. 2 vols. 

Loose and unbound (The first is as issued with the table for pn. 
1-74 fpart of title missing], with the successive laws, pp. 77-128. 
^33-306; the second lacks title and first leaf of charter, and has 
333 PP- as issued, with successive acts, pp. 335-6. 330-420, 425-428. 
the last dated May 27, 1752). GG( 230) $16.00. 



[Broadside.] In the House of Representatives, Dec. n, 1775. 

Resolved, that it be, and it hereby is strongly recommended to the 
Committees of Correspondence and Safety of the Town of . . . , 
. . . that they cause to be made to this Court, a true Return of 
the Numbers of Men in said Town, who are desirous of enlisting, 
and fit for Marines, or Seamen, on Board of armed Vessels, etc. 
J. Warren, Speaker, n.p., n.d. [Watertown, B. Edes? 1775.] 
Double fol. 

In cl. case (a form of Return is appended). BC(77)$i8.oo. 

[Broadside.] In The House of Representatives, April 11, 

1776. Resolved, That the following Officers and Seamen be ap- 
pointed for each of the Vessels now building by this Colony, and 
the Pay per month allowed them, agreeable to the Sums affixed 
[list, followed by n resolves, covering green and white uniforms, 
ctc.l. f Watertown, B. Edes, 1776.] Fol. 


Unc.. in cl. case (worn at fold). BC (78) $27.00. 

[Broadside.] State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House 

of Representatives, Feb. 5, 1777. [An Act prohibiting rum, mo- 
lasses, etc., to be taken out of the state.] [Boston, B. Edes, 1777.] 
In cl. case. BC(8i) $18.00. 

[Broadside.] State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of 

Representatives, April 3Oth, 1777. Whereas this court have un- 
doubted intelligence that our enemies are determined to exert 
their utmost efforts to effect the purposes they have so long 
determined on to enslave the Inhabitants of America [etc.. fol- 
lowed by a resolution to enlist by draft a number equal to one- 
seventh of all male inhabitants of every town, place, and planta- 
tion in the state] . . . John A very, Dep'y Sec'y. [Boston, B. 
Edes, 1777.] Fol. 
In cl. case. BC(82)$26.oo. 

[Broadside.] State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of 

Representatives, April 20, 1778. Resolve for filling up and com- 
pleating the fifteen battalions of Continental troops, directed to be 
raised in the State of Massachusetts-Bay. [Boston, 17/8.] Fol. 

State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of Representa- 

ti\es, April 20, 1778. Resolve for filling up and completing the 
fifteen battalions of Continental troops, directed to be raised in 
the State of Massachusetts- Bay . . . J. Pitts. Speaker P. T. In 
Council. April joth. 1778. Read and Concurred. John Avery, 
Deputy-Secretary. Consented to by the major part of the Coun- 
cil. True Copy. Attest. John Avery, Deputy-Secretary. 6 pp. 
[Boston, Powars and Willis, 1778.] Fol. 
(Hole in last leaf, removing 2 letters). YY (6) $17.50. 

[Broadside.] State of Massachusetts- Bay. In the House of 

Representatives, April 20, 1778. Whereas Congress by their Re- 
solve of February 18, 1778, has called upon this State for Thirteen 
Hundred of the Militia thereof, with other States, to fortify and 
secure the Passes of the North River, etc. [arranging for the de- 
tail from the train band and alarm lists indiscriminately]. Attest, 



John Avery, Dep. Sec'ry. [Boston, Powars and Willis, 1778.] 

In cl. case. BC(83)$i8.oo. 

[Broadside.] State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of 

Representatives, April 23, 1778. Whereas, by a Resolve of the 
General Court, of the twentieth Day of this Instant, the several 
Towns in this State are ordered to raise 2000 Men, to re-enforce 
the Continental Army, ... In Council, April 23, 1778. n.p., n.d. 
[Boston, 1778]. 4to. 

Unc., in cl. case. BC (84) $18.00. 

[Broadside.] State of Massachusetts- Bay. In the House of 

Representatives, June 16, 1778. The Petition to the Selectmen 
of each town in the State, to raise money for shoes, stockings 
and other clothing and other comfortables for the soldiers. Signed 
by Samuel Freeman and John Avery. 4 pp., fol. 

(Copy issued to the Selectmen of Falmouth, so inscribed). G(i6) 

[Broadside.] State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of 

Representatives, June 16, 1778. As justice, humanity and every 
reasonable principle of the human heart, must urge the necessity 
of rendering the situation of our brethren ... as comfortable as 
may be, It is therefore Resolved, That the selectmen of each town 
in this State, be, and they hereby are required and directed, to 
collect from the inhabitants of their towns respectively ... the 
number of Shirts. Shoes and Stockings, set and affixed to their 
respective towns in the following schedule. 4 pp. Signed by 
Samuel Freeman, Speaker, and attested by John Avery. [Boston, 
Powars and Willis, 1778.] Fol. 

In cl. case. BC(88)$2i.oo. 

[Broadside.] Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In Senate, 

July 4th, 1782. Sent down for concurrence, Samuel Adams, Presi- 
dent, approved John Hancock. Whereas, a spirit of domination, 
intolerable to a free people, manifested by the King of Great- 
Britain . . . compelled the inhabitants of this country to enter into 
... a contest, which, on the one hand, hath for its object, the most 
degrading state of slavish subjugation ; and on the other, the 
political security of the rights of freemen . . . We are blessed 
with many means of defence . . . but our finances are deranged, 
and want of a circulating medium is severely felt, etc. Boston, 
E. E. Powars, 1782. Fol. 

In cl. case. BC(Qi)$4O.oo. 

[Broadside.] Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Lands for 

Sale. To be sold by the Subscribers, in Behalf of the Common- 
wealth, Seven Townships of Land in the Passamaquoddy Coun- 
try, which, from a Report made by Rufus Putnam, Esq., who has 
been employed to survey and reconnoiter the same, may be Justly 
described as follows . . . Samuel Phillips, jun.. Nathaniel Wells, 
Nathan Dane Committee. Boston, loth Feb., 1785. [Boston, 
1785.1 Fol. 


[Broadside. Tax warrant.] Signed by Jeremiah Allen. Ros- 

ton, Nov. 10, 1731. Fol. 


MASSACHUSETTS GAZETTE (The). Aug. 7, i;86-Dec. 29, 

1786. Boston, Samuel Hall, 1786. Sm. fol. 
Bound (lacks covers, foxed throughout, 2 issues lacking). OO(i3) 


for the year 1792, First Series, Vol. I, to Sixth Series, Vol. 5, 

1892. Boston, 1806-92. 66 vols. 
First 32 vols. orig. bds., unc. ; other vols. orig. cl., unc. KLa(ii3) 


[1908-15]. 8 vols., 8vo. 

Uniform green cl. A (178) $17.50. 


MASSINGER (Philip). A New Way to pay Old Debts. Lon- 
don, E. P. for Henry Seyle, 1633. Sm. 4tp. 

34 vel. (margins shaved, in some cases removing decorations, catch- 
words, or text ; 2 leaves with corners torn, damaging text ; slight 
foxing throughout). OO(895)$9.oo. 

Plays. Ed. by W. Gifford. Portrait. London, 1805. 4 vols., 


24 cf., tooled, g.t., unc. S(27o)$i8.oo. 

MASSON (Frederic). L'Imperatrice Marie-Louise. Plates, 
frontis. in color. Paris, 1902. 4to. 

Mor., tooled, g.t, unc. B(97)$io.25. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (orig. wrappers bound in). CC( 119) $16.00. 

Josephine Empress and Queen. Trans, by Mrs. Cashel Hoey. 
Plates, frontis. in color. Paris, 1899. 2 vols., 4to. 

Mor., g.t., unc. B(ioi) $10.50. 

MASTERS (Edgar Lee). A Book of Verses. Chic., 1898. 12 mo. 

Bds., unc.; in hf. mor. case (inscribed to Miss Fowle). NO (239) 

Spoon River Anthology. N.Y., 1915. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (signed autograph poem "Francis Turner," 
on fly leaf). E( 190) $67.00. 

Orig. cl., unc.; in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (inscribed and dated). 

Cl., unc.: in hf. mor. case (name on end paper). 0(226) $42.50. 

Cl. EF( 746) $52.50. 

Cl., unc. JK(293)$ 

MASTERS IN ART. A series of illustrated monographs. Boston, 
1906. 9 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. buckram. C(i92)$i6.oo. 

MATHER (Cotton). Cares about the Nurseries: Two Brief 

Discourses. Boston, 1702. i8mo. 
Orig. cf. (stained, last 2 leaves torn. Collates: signatures A to G 

in sixes; H, 2 leaves; pp. 88, 28; no separate title for second 

part and no preliminary leaves. Abigail Foxcroft copy). GG 

(231) $100.00. 
.The Christian Philosopher. London, Eman. Matthews, 1721. 

Old cf. QQ(307)$i5-oo. 


MATHER (Cotton) Continued. 

Magnalia Christi Americana; or, the Ecclesiastical History 

of New-England. London, 1702. Fol. 

Mor. (rubbed and loose; lacks map, leaf of errata and 2 leaves ad- 
vertisements; title repaired at margin). L( 122) $42.50. 

Cf., tooled, by R. Calvert (covers loose, joints weak; lacks advertise- 
ments and 2 blanks, has folding map in facsimile). UU(i43> 

MATHER (Increase). Cases of Conscience concerning Evil 
Spirits, Personating Men, Witchcrafts, Infallible Proofs of Guilt, 
etc. Boston, B. Harrison, 1693. i6mo. 

Old cf., in case. QQ( 308) $285.00. 

A Discourse concerning the Maintenance due to those that 

preach the Gospel, etc. Boston, 1706. i6mo. 

Paper, sewed (title lacking, advertisement leaf torn). SS( 154) $10.00. 

A Sermon occasioned by the Execution of a Man found 

Guilty of Murder ; [bound with] The Call of the Gospel applyed 
to All Men in general, and unto a Condemned Malefactor in 
particular . . . Sermon ... by Cotton Mather; [also bound 
with] An Exhortation to a condemned Malefactor . . . by Joshua 
Moodey. Boston, R. P fierce, 1686]. 

Orig. cf. (time-stained, 3 vols. in one, on the first fly leaves are several 
signatures of Esther Hunthing and William Avery, inside front 
cover is X.S. of J. Bingham relating to the former). GG(^3J) 

MATHERS (E. Powys). Eastern Love. English Versions of 
the Kuttanimatam of Damodaragupta and Sama> amatrika of 
Kshemendra by E. Powys Mather*. Col. illustrations by Hester 
Sainsbury. London, Printed for Subscribers, 1927-30. 12 vols., 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. (10 vols. only, 1927). K(ui)$32OO. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unopened. 0(344) $29.00. 

Eastern Love. A Collection of Amorous Tales of the East. 

English Version by E. Powys Mathers. Illus. by l ; ran/ Felix. 
X.Y., n.d. 3 vols., large 8\o. 

Hf. vel. XX(i23)$i3.oo. 

MATHEWS (Alfred E.). Gems of Rocky Mountain Scenery, 
containing Views along and near the Union Pacific Railroad. 20 
tinted plates. X.Y., The Author, 1869. Fol. 

Orig. cl. TT (268) $55.00. 

MATSELL (George W.). Vocabulum; or, the Rogues Lexicon. 
X.Y. [1859]. umo. 

Orig. cl. (worn and soiled, Eugene Field copy). K( 140) $15.00. 

MATTHEWS (Brander) and HUTTON (Laurence). Actors 
and Actre.^ses of Great Britain and the United States. Edition de- 
luxe. Large paper, signed. X.Y. fi886j. 5 \ols. t 4to. 

24 mor., g.t. (with A. L. S. of Matthew*). V(2)$is.on. 

MATTHEWS (John). Eloisa en Dishabille ... by a Lounger. 
Frontis. London, 1801. 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.t. TTa( 138) $9.00. 

MAUGHAM (William Somerset). Cakes and Ale. London 
[1930]. Sm. I2mo. 

Orig. paper. CD (277) $31.00. 


MAUGHAM (William Somerset) Continued. 

Liza of Lambeth. London, 1897. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (shaken, reinforced at front hinge; First issue). Q(34) 

Orig. cl., in bd. case (recased, some quires sprung; inscribed to J. 

Ellingham Brooks). CC( 300) $10.00. 
Orig. cl. (shaken, soiled, and blistered; tipped in is A. L. S.). CD 

(274) $37-50. 

The Making of a Saint. London, 1898. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. (shaken). CD (275) $15.00. 

Mrs. Craddock. 1902; [also] The Magician. 1908. London, 

1902-08. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (rubbed). CD (281) $10.50. 

The Moon and Sixpence. London, 1919. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (tipped in is A. L. S. to W. Morris Coles, bookplate). Q 

(347) $80.00. 
Orig. cl. CD (276) $20.00. 

Of Human Bondage. London [1915]. I2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case. 0(227) $105.00. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (soiled, split at front hinge; 
bookplate; full-page inscription, on fly leaf, referring to this 
work). Q(346) $250.00. 

Orig. cl., in cl. case (rubbed and shaken, lacks advertisements, con- 
tains a bookplate; tipped in is sheet bearing inscription). CD 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (back worn, inner hinge cracked). EF(747) 

Orientations. London, 1899. Tall I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. (soiled, laid in is 3-page A. L. S. relating to publication 

of this book). II (301) $50.00. 
Orig. cl. (rubbed and shaken). CD (279) $8.50. 

MAUPASSANT (Henri Rene Albert Guy de). Short Stories of 
the Tragedy and Comedy of Life. Preface by Paul Bourget. 
Introduction by Robert Arnot. Portrait and illustrations. Beaux 
Arts edition. X.Y., 1925. 17 \ols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. XX ( 176) $65.00. 

[His] Life Work. Illustrations, many in color. Editor's Auto- 
graph Edition. X.V. and London, 1903. 17 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. X( 123) $225.00. 

Works. X.Y., n.d. 10 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t. V (159) $52.50. 

MAXWELL (W. H.). History of the Irish Rebellion in 1798. 

27 plates, Ji by G. Cruikshank. London, Baily, 1845. 8vo. 
Mor., g.t. (bound from orig. parts, with orig. wrappers for Part IX 

bound in immediately before frontis.). TT(io6) $14.00. 
Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere (Gustavia A. Senff copy). VV(i4o)$i7.5O. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Riviere (orig. cl. backstrip bound in). GH 

(i 76) $8.00. 

MAYER (Ludwig). Views in Egypt. 48 col. aquatint plates. 

London. 1801. Fol. 
>4 cf. (scuffed). TT(2fx>) $23.00. 


MAYHEW (Henry and Horace). The Greatest Plague of Life; 

or, the Adventures of a Lady in Search of a Good Servant. 12 

etchings and a glyphograph by George Cruikshank. London 

[1847]. I2mo. 
Hf. cf., g.e. S(Q5)$8.50. 
Mor., g.t. (orig. wrappers bound in, Gustavia A. Senff copy). VV 

(141) $20.00. 
MEADE (William). Old Churches, Ministers and Families of 

Virginia. Plates. Phila., 1857. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. (backs faded). L(i23)$is.oo. 
MEDICI (Lorenzo de). Poesie Volgari, nuovamente stampate. 

Venice, Aldus, 1554. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Trautz-Bauzonnet (has the 8 leaves of quire 

O, complete; Huth copy). JK( 297) $55.00. 
MEDWIN (Thomas). Journal of the Conversations of Lord 

Byron. Facsimile fronds. London, 1824. 4to. 
Y cont. cf. (worn, loose). C(4i)$23.oo. 
MEGINNESS (John F.). Otzinachson, a History of the West 

Branch Valley of the Susquehanna. Revised edition. Illustrated. 

Vol. I only. Williamsport, Pa., 1889. Roy. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. B( 147) $8.00. 

MEIER-GRAEFE (Julius). Degas. Munich, 1920. 4to. 
Bds., g.t. DE(i69)$io.oo. 

MEIERUS (Albertus). Certaine briefe, and speciall Instruc- 
tions for Gentlemen, merchants, . . . marriners, etc. Trans, by 

Philip Jones. London, I. Woolfe, 1589. Sm. 4to. 
Sewed, in hf. mor. case (part of title and first leaf lacking, size 6>i 

X5J4 in.). LL(99)$8o.oo. 
MELA (Pomponius). Cosmographia siue de situ orbis. 48 

leaves. Venice, Franciscus Renner, de Heilbronn, 1478. Sm. 4to. 

(Hain *noi7). 
Lev. mor. f g.e. (a few holes and marginal notes, M. A. Lefferts copy). 

GG(i46)$6 7 .50. 
MELISH (John). Folding map of the United States with the 

contiguous Spanish and British Possessions. Phila.. 1816. 51 x 

32 in.; [with] A Geographical Description of the United States. 

intended as an accompaniment to Melish's Map. Phila., 1822. 

Map mounted on linen; vol. bound 34 mor. (inner hinge split, pp. 

foxed). OO(377)$i4.oo. 
Travels in the United States of America. 8 maps. Phila., 

1812. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Old cf. Y(77)$7-50. 
MELVILLE (Herman). Battle-Pieces and Aspects of the War. 

N.Y., 1866. I2mo. 
Q. YY( 131) $25.00. 

The Confidence Man. N.Y., 1857. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. AA(n8)$42.50. 

Cl. (worn). NO (242) $10.00. 

Orig. cl. (stained). OP (114) $12. 50. 

Israel Potter: his Fifty Years of Exile. N.Y.. 1855. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (faded and blistered, library label on backstrip, label re- 


MELVILLE (Herman) Continued. 

moved from inside front cover ; top margin water-stained through- 
out; name on title and on fly leaf). XX (270) $8.00. 

Mardi: and a Voyage Thither. N.Y., 1849. 2 vols., i2mo. 

Cl. (foxed). CC (301) $42.50. 

Cl. (title and few leaves of one vol. stained, name scraped from end 

paper of each vol.). CC (302) $12.50. 
Cl. (John Quinn copy). 06(235) $35.00. 
Orig. cl. (faded, shaken, foxed). XX (269) $8.00. 
Cl. (name on fly leaf). NO(24i)$i7.5o. 

Moby-Dick; or, the Whale. N.Y., 1851. i2mo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. lev. mor. case (binding stained). C( 195) $400.00. 

Cl., in mor. case (back faded, text foxed, one leaf torn; orange end 

papers ) . O ( 228 ) $225.00. 
Cl. (blistered, foxed). R( 428) $275.00. 
Cl., in hf. mor. case (shaken, worn, text stained, half of one fly leaf 

wanting; orange end papers). U(i6o) $70.00. 
Orig. cl. (rubbed and chipped, leaves stained and foxed, plain end 

papers ) . A A ( 1 1 7a ) $80.00. 
Blue cl. ( rubbed and discolored, few pp. foxed ; terra-cotta end 

papers ) . CC (304 ) $300.00. 
Cl. (orange end papers ). YY( 128) $275.00. 
Orig. cl. (back repaired, some pp. stained, foxed, name on front fly leaf; 

orange end papers). Cl)( 286) $100.00. 
Orig. cl. (worn and stained, foxed). KL(ioi) $22.50. 

Moby Dick. Illus. by Rockwell Kent. Chic., 1930. 3 vols., 4to. 

Orig. cl., unc. : in aluminum case. K ( 206 ) $75.00. 
Orig. cl., unc ; in aluminum case. V(2ii )$52.oo. 
IJuckram, in aluminum case (signed by Rockwell Kent). MN(237) 

Moby Dick. Illus. b\ Rockwell Kent. X.Y., 1930. Sq. I2mo. 

Hf. mor., tooled, g.t. X(i"o7) $15.00. 
Cf., g.e.. by Riviere. YYa(94)$i2.5O. 

Narrative of a Four Months' Residence among the Natives 

of the Valley of the Marquesas Islands. London, 1846. I2mo. 
Rebound ?i cl. (lacks acherti.senK-nts ). II(3o6)$u.oo. 

Ornoo. Map. X.Y., 1847. umo. 

Orig. hf. mor. (rubbed). II ( H3)$I5.(X). 

Orig. cl. < broken, \\urn and foxed). Y( 270) $7.50. 

Orig. cl. ( worn, faded, shaken, and foxed). XX(207)$i8.oo. 

Cl. XO( 240) $32.50. 

Orig. cl.. in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (back faded). OP(iO9)$9.oo. 

Omoo. 1'Yontis. map. London, 1847. 2 vols.. i2mo. 

Orig. paper, unc.; in hf. mor. case (name l> front wrappers). EF 
(740) $27.50. 

The Piazza Tales. X.Y., 1856. 121110. 

Hrown cl. (new end papers). CiCi( 230 )$i 5.00. 

lUack cl. (foxed, piece torn from cover of fly leaf). SS(74)$32.5O. 

Purple cl. (yellow end papers). Y Y ( 1 30 ) $50.00. 

Krown cl. kF(75<>)$3J.50. 

Pierre; or, the Ambiguities. X.Y., 185.*. 121110. 

Orig. cl. (foxed). H(ii4)$45-o. 


MELVILLE (Herman) Continued. 

Cl. (back faded, foxed). YY( 129) $45.00. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. OP (112) $20.00. 

Redburn. N.Y., 1849. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (foxed). SS(73)$32.oo. 

Typee. Map. N.Y., 1846. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. H(ii2)$i6o.oo. 

Cl. (faded and rubbed; bookplates of Lib. of the Amer. Board of 
Commissioners for Foreign Missions; few pencilled marginal 
notes indicative of the protests that caused the publication of the 
Revised Edition). 66(234) $130.00. 

Cl. (worn, stained). YY( 127) $40.00. 

White-Jacket. N.Y., 1850. I2mo. 

Q. (corners rubbed and foxed). CC( 305) $35.00. 

Orig. cl. (shaken and foxed). IJ(ioo)$8.oo. 

Orig. cl. (worn, shaken, labels removed from inside covers, front fly 
leaf lacking, foxed). MN (236) $12.00. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and mor. case (foxed). ()P(iu)$42.oo. 

Works. London, 1922-24. 16 vols., 8vo. 

Q., g.t., unc. R (271) $70.00. 

See also CHASE (Owen). 

leurs Pieces Justificatives, pour servir de Reponse aux Observa- 
tions envoyees par les Ministres d'Angleterre dans les Cours dc 
1'Europe. Paris, Imprimerie Royale, 1756. 4to. 

Lev. mor. QQ( 492) $195.00. 

MENCKEN (Henry Louis). Treatise on the Gods. Signed. 

N.Y., 1930. 8vo. 
Vel., g.t., unc. K(332)$9.oo. 

Menckeniana: A Schimpflexikon. Signed. N.Y., 1928. 8vo. 

Hf. cl., unopened. Q(355)$9oo. 

MENCKEN (Henry Louis) and NATHAN (George Jean). 

Heliogabalus. N.Y., 1920. 8yo. 
Cl. (shaken, inner front hinge split). CD(3i7)$Q.5o. 
Paper, in hf. cl. case (signed pencil inscription by Nathan on front 

end paper). EF( 752) $15.00. 

MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY (Felix). Quartet No. u. 

Leipzig, n.d. 8vo. 
Paper, in cl. case (back repaired, signed autograph inscription on 

wrapper ) . XO ( 245 ) $35.00. 

MENPES (Mortimer). Whistler As I Knew Him. I^arge pa- 
per, signed. London, 1904. Large 4tc>. 

Cl., g.t., unc. (soiled, laid in is orig. etching by Menpes). M(259) 

MENPES (Mortimer and Dorothy). Japan. Col. plates. Lon- 
don, n.d. Roy. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. (Large paper, signed by D. Menpes). GH(i78)$io.oo. 

MERCATOR (Gerardus). Atlas siye Cosmographies Medjta- 

tiones de Fabrica Mundi et Fabricati Figvra. Engraved title. 

One full-page and 106 double-page maps, including a double- page 

. map of the American continent, a double-page map of the world, 


MERCATOR (Gerardus) Continued. 

and other maps relating to America. Duisbvrgi Clivorvm [1595]. 


Old cf. (worn, name on title). L( 124) $60.00. 
MEREDITH (George). The Adventures of Harry Richmond. 

Frontis. London, 1904. I2mo. 
Cl., unc. (inscribed to John French). EF( 754) $55.00. 

Emilia in England. London, 1864. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (rubbed, library labels removed from front covers, 

date "May 10 1864" stamped on back end papers of Vols. I and 

II; Vol. 1 rehinged). VV( 143) $10.00. 

The Ordeal of Richard Feverel. London, 1859. 3 vols., i2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (corners worn, name on fly leaf and corner cut 
therefrom ) . O ( 229 ) $30.00. 

A Collection of First Editions. London, i8[5i-]95. 49 vols., 

I2mo and i6mo. 
Hf. lev. mor., tooled, by Stikeman (orig. covers bound in). GH 

(179) $97.50. 
MEREDITH (Owen), pseud. See LYTTON. 

MRIMfiE (Prosper). Carmen. Illus. by E. H. Garrett. Win- 
chester, Mass., 1896. 8vo. 

Vel., brass clasps, g.t. (Japan paper; presentation copy from pub- 
lisher; with extra set of proofs of the etchings, loose). TT(278) 

MERIVALE (Charles). A History of the Romans. London, 

1850. 7 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., g.e. (backs rubbed). TT( 279) $11.50. 

MERLE (W. H.). Melton de Mowbray; or, the Banker's Son. 

London, 1838. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (worn, George Cruikshank-G. M. Elhvood copy). F 
(132) $10.00. 


1887. 22 vols., urno. 
I If. lev. mor., g.t., unc. B(i64)$28.oo. 

MERRICK (G. Byron). Old Times on the Upper Mississippi. 

Maps, portraits, and facsimiles. Cleveland, 1909. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. A(3i3)$9.50. 

MERRICK (Leonard). Works. N.Y., n.d. 13 vols., 8vo. 
$4 mor., g.t., untrimmed. X( 124) $78.00. 

MERRIFIELD (Edward). The Story of the Captivity and Res- 
cue from the Indians of Luke S wetland. Scranton, Pa., 1915. 8vo. 
Hf. leath. QQ (232) $8.00. 


Whitworth, C. Taylor, and others. Vols. I-V, 1862-71; New 
Series, Vol. I, 1872. London, 1862-72. 6 vols., 8vo. 

Old hf. cf., tooled (rubbed; C. L. Dodgson-Magdalen Lib. copy). EF 



a Loan Exhibition of Paintings by Old Dutch Masters, held Sept.- 



Nov., 1909. Comp. by W. R. Valentiner. Plates. N.Y., 1910.' 


Mor., g.t, unc. GH(i8o) $10.00. 
MEYER (Alfred Gotthold). Tafeln zur Geschichte der Mobel- 

formen. Fortgefuhrt von Richard Graul. Leipzig, n.d. 2 vols., 


# mor. XX (143) $8.50. 
MEYNELL (Alice). The Flower of the Mind. London, 1897. 


C1 M g.t., unc. (inscribed to George Meredith). EF( 755) $15.00. 
MEYRICK (Sir Samuel R.). A Critical Inquiry into Antient 

Armour. Plates and initials, many in color, heightened with gold 

and silver, col. by hand. London, 1824. 3 vols., fol. 
Hf. mor. (rubbed, pp. foxed; Hugh Taylor copy). JK (300) $15.00. 
MICHAUD (Joseph). History of the Crusades. 100 designs by 

Gustave Dore. Phila., Barrie, n.d. 2 vols., fol. 
24 mor., g.e. V(ii8) $15.00. 
MICHAUX (F. Andrew). The North American Sylva. Trans. 

with Notes, by J. Jay Smith. 3 vols.: with Xuttall (Thomas). 

The North American Sylva . . . not described by Michaux. 3 

vols. Col. plates. Phila.. 1852. h AO!S.. roy. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.e. (rubbed, text foxed). (i(i( I47)$I/.5O. 

Historical Collections. Vohs. i-jtf and Vol. 33 [with varying 

titles]. First editions except Vol. i, which is second. Lansing, 

1847-98 and 1903. 29 volj)., 8vo. 
Orig. cl. E( 195) $25.00. 
MICKLEY (Minnie F.). Genealogy of the Mickley Family of 

America. Mickley s. Pa., 1893. 8vo. 
Unc. Y(s8)$9.oo. 
MICROCOSM pF LONDON (The). Engraved titles. 104 col. 

plates by Pugin and Rowlandson. London. Ackcrmann |i8o8-io]. 

3 vols., 4to. 
Hf. mor. (titles of Vols. II and III with numerals altered from "I," 

plates 44 and 66 are without dated imprints, offsets from some 

plates, water stain on margin of Xo. 47). CC( 324) $90.00. 
MIDDLETON (Christopher). A Vindication of [his] Conduct 

... in a late Voyage ... In Answer to certain Objections and 

Aspersions of Arthur Dobbs. P'sq. London. 1743. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (broken, half-title wanting, piece torn from margin 

of title). LC 1 26) $9.00. 
MIDDLETON (Thomas). Sir Robert Sherley, sent Ambassa- 

dovr in the Name of the King of Persia, to Sigismond the third. 

King of Poland, and Swccia, and to other Princes of Evrope. 

London, I. Winclet, for lohn Budge, 1609. Sm. 4to. 
Sewed, in hf. mor. case (lightly stained, size 7x5!^ in.: Thomas 

Detton copy, with notes in his hand). LL( 115) $800.00. 
MILLAY (Edna St. Vincent). Aria da Capo. \.Y., iyji. 121110. 
Orig. cl., unc. and unopened. AA( 121) $9.00. 
The Buck in the Snow. Signed. N.V., 1928. 8vo. 


MILLAY (Edna St. Vincent) Continued. 

Hf. vel., unc., unopened (Japan paper). K(336)$35.oo. 

Hf. buckram, unc., unopened. K(337)$i3.oo. 

Hf. buckram, unopened. Q (361) $8.50. 

Hf. buckram, unopened. II(3i6)$n.oo. 

Hf. cl., unopened. XX (272) $10.50. 

Hf. vel., unopened (Japan paper). CD (290) $20.00. 

Fatal Interview. Signed. N.Y., 1931. 8vo. 

Orig. bcls., unc. N (261) $10.00. , 

A Few Figs from Thistles. 8vo. [1922] ; [also] The Lamp 

and the Hell. I2mo. 1921 ; [also] The Harp- Weaver and Other 
Poems. I2mo. 1923. N.Y., 1921 -[22-] 23. 3 vols., 8vo and I2mo. 

Hf. cl., bds., and cl. (2 bookplates removed). XX (273) $17.00. 

-The Harp- Weaver and Other Poems. N.Y., 1923. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. AA(i23)$8.oo. 

The King's Henchman. Music by Deems Taylor. N.Y., J. 

Fischer & Bro., 1927. 4to. 
Paper. II(3i4)$9.oo. 

The King's Henchman: a Play in Three Acts. N.Y., Harper, 

1927. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., imc. (on Japan paper, signed : with proof woodcut by 

Harry Cimino, signed). CC ( 307 ) $30.00. 
n., tine, (autographed on end paper). JJ(i95)$&50. 
I'ds.. unc. (Artist's Edition, on Tuscany hand-made paper, signed; 

includes 3 proof etchings of Joseph Urban's stage sets for the 

3 acts of the opera). JJ(i</>)$i7oO- 
Orig. bds., unc. (on hand-made paper, signed). EF( 757) $22.50. 

The Lamp and the Bell. X.Y., 1921. 121110. 

Orig. cl. AA( I22)$o.oo. 

Renascence. X.Y., 1017. umo. 

Hds., unc. (japan paper, signed). R( 272) $410.00. 

Cl., unc. (First issue, with paper watermarked "Glaslan"). EF(756) 

Orig. cl.. unc. XO( J47)$j8.oo. 

--Second April. X.Y., KJJI. umo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (First issue, on paper watermarked "Glaslan"). AA 
( IJO) $15.00. 

MILLER CFrancis T.). Lindbergh, his Story in Pictures. X.Y., 

1 020. 8\*0. 

?i vel. (signed by author; with an envelope carried by Lindbergh on 
his first International Air Mail Flight from Miami to the Canal 
Zone on the opening of the Pan-American Airways). Q(3I7) 
$7-50. " ' ' 

The World in the Air. Over 2000 illustrations. X.Y., 1930. 

2 vols., 410. 
I If. vel., une. (signed bv the author, publisher, Henri Farman, Glenn 

Ctirtiss, Dr. Hugo Fckener, and others). NO (248) $12.50. 

MILLER (Joaquin). Pacific Poems. London, \Yhittingham and 

Wilkins, 1871. 1 21110. 
Cl., tine. ; in mor. case. FF( 758) $260.00. 


MILLER (Marion M.). Great Debates in American History. 

N.Y. [1913.] 14 vols., 8vo. 
$4 mor., g.t., unc. TTa( 114) $10.00. 

MILLOT (Claude F. X.). Elements of General History. Sec- 
ond American Edition. Salem, 1796. 5 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. sheep (worn, Nathaniel Hawthorne copy, with his signature and 
that of his uncle, Robert Manning). R(3i3)$6o.oo. 

MILLS (John). The Flyers of the Hunt. 6 plates by John Leech, 
col. by hand. London, 1859. I2mo. 

Cf. f g.t., by Riviere (orig. covers bound in). Z(379)$ii.oo. 

Cf. (one plate stained. Sir David Salomons copy; with "Stable Se- 
crets," also by Mills, London, 1863 ; together 2 vols. ; orig. covers 
bound in). VV( 146) $50.00. 

The Life of a Racehorse. Plates. London, 1861. I2mo. 

Cl. R(56)$io.oo. 

MILLS (Robert). Atlas of the State of South Carolina, made 

under the authority of the Legislature. 29 maps, col. in outline. 

Bait., 1825. Fol. 

Hf. roan (rubbed). VU( 176) $77.50. 
MILNE (Alan Alexander). A Gallery of Children. 12 plates in 

color by Saida (H. Willebeek Le Mair). 3 copies, 2 signed. 

London [1925]. 3 vols., 4to. 
Cl., 2 vols. g.t.. unc. (laid in is A. L. S.). ZZ( 197) $17.50. 

The House at Pooh Corner. Decorations by Ernest H. Shep- 

ard. Signed. London 11928]. Sm. 4to. 
Vel., unc.: in cl. case (Japan paper; signed, also, by the artist). R 


Orig. cl., g.t. AA(i26)$8.oo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (Large paper; signed, also, by the artist). EF(762) 


Lovers in London. London, 1905. i6mo. 

Orig. cl. ZZ( 194) $27.50. 

Michael and Mary, a Play. London; [also] When I Was 

Very Young. Illus. by Ernest H. Shepard. X.Y.. Fountain 
Press. London and X.Y., 1930. 2 vols.. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. and unopened and (2d vol.) bds.. unc. (both vols. 
signed ) . K ( 342 ) $8.00. 

Not That It Matters. London [1910]. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed to Arthur Rogers). ZZ( 195) $20.00. 

Now We Are Six. Decorations by Ernest H. Shepard. Signed. 

London [1927]. 12 mo. 
Orig. cl.. g.t. AA(i25)$9.oo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (Large paper; signed, also, by artist). EF(76i) 


When We Were Very Young. Decorations by Ernest II. 

Shepard. Signed by author and by artist. London 1 1924]. 121110. 
Orig. bds., unc. (Large paper). R( 192) $150.00. 
Cl. (inscribed by G. C. Rynd; pasted clown are newspaper portraits 

and A. L. S.). NX (180) $37.50. 
Cl., g.t.; in hf. mor. case. VV(i47)$37.5o. 
Bds., unc. (inscribed to John Macrae, jr.). ZZ (196) $270.00. 


MILNE (Alan Alexander) Continued. 

Cl., g.t. EF(759)$2o.oo. 

Cl., g.t.; in hf. mor. case (inscribed). JK( 301) $20.00. 

Winnie-the-Pooh. Decorations by Ernest H. Shepard. Signed 

by author and by artist. London [1926]. Sm. 4to. 

Vel., unc., unopened; in bd. case (Japan paper). R(i93)$6s.oo. 

Orig. vel., unc.; in hf. mor. case (Japan paper). VV(i48)$55.oo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (Large paper). EF( 760) $35.00. 

MILNOR (William). A History of the Schuylkill Fishing Com- 
pany of the State in Schuylkill, 1732-1888. Portraits. Phila., 
Published by the Members, 1889. Imp. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (inscribed by W. F. Lewis). W(i44)$io.oo. 

Hf. mor., g.t, unc. FG (231) $12.00. 

MILTON (John). Animadversions upon The Remonstrants De- 
fence, against Smectymnuus. London, 1641. Sm. 4to. 

Cont. cf. (n miscellaneous tracts bound in). AB(io8)$9.oo. 

Literae Pseudo-Senatus. n.p., 1676. i2mo. 

Cont. cf. (rubbed, hinges split, stains). OO(9Oi)$7.5o. 

Minor Poems. Illustrated and decorated by A. Garth Jones. 

London, 1893. 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. (on Japan paper). W(ii7)$9.oo. 

Paradise lost. A Poem Written in Ten Books By John 

Milton. First edition. "Second" title-page. London, 1667; 
| with] Paradise Regain'd. London. 1671. 2 vols. 

Cont. cf.. in lev. mor. case (bindings rubbed: First vol. measures 7}^ 
x5/<j in., has the initial blank leaf, the "Second" title-page with 
Milton's name in small italic capitals, and the reading "Throws 
his steep flight with [for "in"] many an Aerie wheele" at end of 
Hook III: a few pp. in this vol. holed. Second vol., Frances 
Screven-Ann Costure copy, bears cont. inscriptions). R(346) 

Paradise lost. A Poem Written in Ten Books. First edi- 
tion. London. Peter Parker, 1667. Sm. 4to. 

Cf. (covers loose, imperfect at end). AB(no)$io.5O. 

Paradise lost. A Poem in Ten Books. The Author John 

Milton. First edition, "Fourth" title-page. London, 1668. 4to. 
Mor., tooled, R.C.. by Riviere; in mor. case (with "Throws his steep 
flight in many an Aerie wheele" at end of Rook III ; H. B. Dull 
copy ) . O ( 232 ) $80.00. 

Paradise lost. A Poem in Ten Books. First edition, "Sev- 
enth" title-page. London, Printed by S. Simmons, 1660. Sm. 4to. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. (erasure on title, no. of leaves water -stained). 

Paradise lost. A Poem in Ten Books. First edition, "Eighth" 

title-page. London, Printed by S. Simmons, 1669. Sm. 4to. 

Old cf. (rcbacked. worn, initials "R. H." written 3 times on title in 
early hand, errors corrected by hand, other defects). R(i97) 

Paradise lost. 1750; [with] Paradise regain'd. 1758. From 

the Text of Thomas Newton. Portrayed by Miller. Birming- 
ham. Baskerville. I/5Q-58. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cf., g.e., by Lloyd. U( 23) $22.50, 


MILTON (John) Continued. 

- Paradis Perdu. Traduit par Jacques Delille. Text in English 
and in French. Frontispieces. Paris, 1805. 3 vols., fol. 

Cont. cf., tooled. TTa( 115) $10.00. 

- Poems of Mr. John Milton, both English and Latin, Comp'd 
at several times. Portrait engraved by Marshall. London, 1645. 
Sm. 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (portrait remargined, no. of pagination numerals 
trimmed into). R(IQS) $700.00. 

- Poetical Works. Ed. by Sir Egcrton Brydges. Portrait by J. 
M. W. Turner. London, 1835. 6 vols., 161110. 

Lev. mor. t tooled, g.e., by Bayntun (2 half-titles missing). ZZ(2oi) 

- Poetical Works. Library of English Classics scries. London, 
1904. 2 vols., 8vo. 

4 cf., g.t., unc. V(273)$i2.oo. 

- Pro Populo Anglicano Defensio contra Claudii Anonymi, 
alias Salmasii. Defensionem Rcgiam. Londini, Typis Du-Gardi- 
anis, 1651. I2mo. 

Cf. (name on title). OO (902) $11.00. 

- A Complete Collection of the Historical, Political, and Mis- 
cellaneous Works of John Milton. Portrait Iw Yertue after Rich- 
ardson. London, 1738. 2 vols.. fol. 

Cont. cf.. tooled (worn, hinges partly cracked; Large paper). El-" 

(763) $10.00. 

de . . . Henry d'Allemagne, Claude A net, le Due de Luynes [and 

others] et exposees an Musee di's Arts Decoratifs . . . n>u. 

Kd. by Georges Marteau and Henri Vc\cr. 105 reproductions, 

some in color. Paris, 1^13. 2 vols., fol. 
Loose, in cl. portfolios (worn). L'( 157) $280.00. 
MINNESOTA. Discours du Gouverneur du Territoire de Min- 

nesota, aux Deux Chambres de I'AssembleV Legislatif. Sept. 4. 

1849. St. Paul, 1840. 8vn. 
Sewed, as issued, unc. and unopened. P( 122) $23 75. 


Pieces. See CHASE (Elizabeth). 


siae. 2 plates. Dillingcn. Mayer. 1555. Fol. 

Cont. cf. on wood, tooled, arms of Bishop of Tubingen, g.e. gauffered. 
remains of clasps (quire y 8 leaves printed entirely on vellum, 
has its initials in color and one- plate col. by cnnt. hand). JK 

MITCHEL (Jonathan). Mr. Mitchel's Letter to his Brother. 

[This edition includes a letter by John Elliot, and a Poem by Mr. 

Killinghall.] Pages 22, i. n.p., n.d. [ Uoslon, Z. Kuwle. about 

1764]. I2mo. 

Paper, unc.; in folder and cl. case. EF(<;2) $17.00. 
MITCHELL (Donald G.). Reveries of a Bachelor. P,y Ik. 

Marvel [pseud.]. Engraved frontis. X.Y.. 1850. I2mo. 


MITCHELL (Donald G.) Continued. 

Orig. cl. (worn and foxed; inscribed on front end paper with date 
"Aug. 1893"). H(ii9)$ 

Cl., g.t. (worn, first and last pp. foxed). XX (265) $65.00. 

Orig. cl. OP(ii5)$27.5o. 

MITCHELL (Isaac). The Asylum; or, Alonzo and Melissa: an 
American Tale, founded on Fact. Frontis. Poughkeepsie, 1811. 
2 vols., I2mo. 

Bds. (rubbed, title of Vol. I torn, new end papers). NO (250) $22.50. 

MITCHELL (James T.). [Sale Catalogue of his] Collection of 
Engraved Portraits. Facsimiles. [Phila., 1906.] 2 vols., 4to. 

)4 mor., unc. (4 vols. in 2, hinge broken). NO(25i)$8.oo. 

MITCHELL (Silas Weir). Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker. N.Y., 
18^7. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (name on fly leaf and title). K( 344) $8.00. 

Cl., in folders and hf. mor. case. M( I77)$22.oo. 

MITFORD (Mary Russell). Our Village: Sketches of Rural 
Character. London, 1824. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in cl. case (back-strip and hinges repaired; inscrip- 
tions on end papers). KF( 765) $57.50. 

MODELBUCH (Das Neue) von schonen Nadereyen, Laden- 
gewurck und Faterleins Arbeit. Ander theil. Engraved through- 
out. 50 plates. Xurnberg, Paulus Fursten Kunsth [1666]. Sm. 
obi. 4to. (Rocher No. 22). 

Cont. vel. (rubbed, text-leaves hinged, few stains). DE(i38)$62.5O. 

MOGRIDGE (George). Sergeant Bell and his Raree Show. 
\Yoodcuts by Cruikshanks fsic|, Thompson, Williams, etc. Lon- 
don and Dublin. Thomas Teftg, 1839. iftmo. 

Cf., g.t. (orig. cl. covers and backstrip bound in). TT(Q8)$22.oo. 

MOLI&RE (J. B. Poquelin de). L'Escole des Maris: Comedie. 
Frontis. Paris, 1663. 121110. 

Lev. mor., g.e., by l)a\id (one margin repaired; with a copy of the 
Paris. 1873 edition: together J vols.). R( 420) $100.00. 

Dramatic Works. Trans, by Henri Van Laun. Etchings by 

Lalau/e. Edinburgh. 1875. 6 vols.. roy. 8vo. 

Cf., g.t.. by Tout (2 bindings worn). U( U>i ) $25.00. 

MOLINA (Alonso). Vocabulario en Lengua Castellana y 
Mexicana. \Yoodcut escutcheon on first title, portrait on second. 
Mexico. 1571. Fol. 

Old cf. (\\orn. backstrip imperfect; marginal repairs on last 2 leaves; 
second title supplied from smaller copy, with imprint trimmed 
into: no. of lea\e< frayed and water-stained: early inscriptions 
on first title and on last leaf). L( 128)855.00. 

MOLLOY (J. Fitzgerald). Court Life below Stairs; or, Lon- 
don under the First Georges. London. 1882-83. 4 vols., 121110. 

11 f. mor. (orig. covers and backstrips bound in). GH ( i84)$o.oo. 

MOLMENTE (Pompeo Gherardo). Venice, its Individual 
Growth from the Farliest neginnings to the Fall of the Republic. 
Trans, by Horatio F. Hro\\n. C'hic.. 1006-08. 6 vols., 8vo. 

Mor.. g.t. XX(4o8)$i5.oo. 

MONARDES (Nicolas). Joyfull Newes Out of the New-found 
\Yorlde. London, 150(1. Sm. 4to. 


MONARDES (Nicolas) Continued. 

Old cf. (loose, some margins damaged, lacks first leaf; early notes 

on title and on several margins). L( 129) $17.50. 
MONETTE (John W.). History of the Discovery and Settle- 

ment of the Valley of the Mississippi. Col. maps. N.Y., 1846. 

2 vols., 8vo. 

Rebound ft cf. (196) $13.00. 

MONFART (Henri de). See FEYNES (Henri de). 

MONKHOUSE (Cosmo). A History and Description of Chi- 
nese Porcelain. With Notes by S. W. Bushell. Col. plates. 
London, 1901. 8vo. 

Q. (loose). W(ii8)$i2.oo. 

MONONGAHELA VALLEY. Genealogical and Personal His- 
tory of the Upper Monongahela Valley, West Virginia. Ed. by 
B. L. Butcher. Portraits. N.Y., 1912. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor. KK(363)$8.oo. 

MONROE Games). A View of the Conduct of the Executive, 

in the Foreign Affairs of the United States, connected with the 
Mission to the French Republic during [ 1794-96]. Phila., 1797. 
Bds., unc. (rebacked). YY(i33)$9.oo. 

MONTAGU (Lady Mary Wortley). Letters and Works. Ed. 

by Lord Wharncliffe. Portraits. London. 1837. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski. U( 162) $27.50. 
MONTAGUE (Charles Edward). A Hind Let Loose. London 

[1910]. I2mo. 
Cl. (shaken, backstrip faded; laid in is A. L. S.). II(32*)$n.oo. 

Rough Justice. London, 1926. 8vo. 

Orig. buckram, g.t., unopened (signed). Q(364)$io.5O. 

A Writer's Notes on his Trade. Intro, by II. M. Tomlinson 

and signed by him. Portrait. London, 1930. 8vo. 
Hf. cl., unopened. Q(367)$i3.oo. 

MONTAIGNE (Michel de). Essaies. Reproduction en Photo- 

typie de 1'Exemplaire avec fses] notes manuscrites marginalcs . . . 
appartenant a la Ville de Bordeaux. Intro, par Fortunat Strowski. 
Plates. Paris, 1912. 4 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. R (430) $50.00. 

The Essay es; or, Morall, Politike, and Millitarie Discourses. 

Now done into English by ... John Florio. London, Val. Sims 
for Edward Blpunt, 1603. Fol. 

Old cf. (rubbed, chipped ; lacks signature A and 2 leaves at beginning 
of second book, 61-3 mutilated; some repairs; stained). IJ(soo) 

Essayes. Done into English by John Florio. London, 1613. 

Lev. mor., tooled, with covers of former i/th century cf. binding in- 
laid on sides (Rayner-Adamson copy). CC(3i2)$i2.5o. 

Essays. Trans, by Charles Cotton. Portrait. London, 1685-86. 

3 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (worn, rehinged and repaired; Robert Tyrwhitt copy). EF 


MONTAIGNE (Michel de) Continued. 

Essays. Translated from the French edition of Peter Coste. 

Frontis. London, 1811. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cf., inlaid, g.e. (split at back, foxing, clippings laid in). 00(907) 

Essays. Trans, by Charles Cotton. Ed. by W. C. Hazlitt. Li- 
brary edition. London, 1877. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Cl. (shaken). OO(go8)$8.oo. 

Essays. Trans, by Charles Cotton. London, 1902. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. EF( 767) $12.50. 

Essays. Trans, by Charles Cotton. Ed. by W. C. Hazlitt. Por- 
traits. Large Paper Edition de Luxe. London, Navarre Society, 
1923. 5 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. cf., g.t. X( 128) $17.50. 

Cf., tooled, g.t. TTa(n6)$20.oo. 

Cf., g.t., by Riviere; in cl. case. VV( 149) $30.00. 

Essays. Trans, by George B. Ives. Introductions by Grace 

Norton. Cambridge, Harvard Univ. Press, 1925. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Buckram, g.t. 0(366) $10.00. 

Works. Trans, by Charles Cotton. Ed. by W. C. Hazlitt. Es- 
say by R. W. Kmerson. Emerson edition. N.Y., 1910. 10 vols., 

Hf. cl.. g.t., unc. V (274) $17.00. 

MONTALEMBERT (Charles Forbes, Comte de). The Monks 
of the West. Library Edition. P3dinburgh, 1861. 7 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl. AA(i27)$Jo.oo. 

MONTANA. Map of the Territory of Montana with Portions 
of the Adjoining Territories. Comp. and drawn by W. W. De 
Lacy. Col. and folding. Inset map. N.Y., Colton, 1870. 41^ 
x2Qi-j in. 


MONTANUS (Arnoldus). Die Unbekante Neue Welt, oder 
Heschreibung des Welt-teils Amerika. Trans, by O. Dapper. 
Frontis., 6 portraits, 32 views, 16 maps, and 70 plates. Amster- 
dam, 1673. Fol. 

Cont. vel. (backstrip defective, other defects). L(i3o)$42.5o. 

turer: a Novel by a Gentleman resident in the West-Indies. Ja- 
maica, 1812. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. cf. P(3)$26.oo. 

MONYPENNY (William F.) and BUCKLE (George E.). The 
Life of Benjamin Disraeli. Portraits. London, Murray, 1910. 6 
vols., 8vo. 

Q., R.t. TT(i27)$i5.oo. 

MOORE (Clement C.). The New- York Book of Poetry. [Con- 
tains poem, "A Visit from St. Nicholas," by Moore.] Frontis. 
N.Y.. 1837. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. G(66)$2i.oo. 

Orig. cl. (foxed, inscription on end paper). 88(76) $20.00. 

Poems. N.Y., 1844. I2ino. 

Orig. bds., unc. (cracked; inscribed to Baron Gerdt). AB(ii2) 


MOORE (George). Aphrodite in Aulis. Signed. London 

[1930]. 8vo. 
Vel., unc. K(354)$8.oo. 
Vel., unopened. Q(379)$io.5O. 

Avowals. Signed. London, Privately Printed, .1919. 8vo. 

Hf. vel., unopened. Q(375)$io.oo. 

The Brook Kerith. Edinburgh, 1916. 8vo. 

Bds., unopened (soiled, signed). Q (373) $36.00. 

y cl. (inscribed: laid in are 2 engravings by Stephen Gooden for 

Brook Kerith, signed by author and by artist and dated 1928). 

TT (284) $56.00. 
Y 4 cl. CD(295)$8.50. 

The Brook Kerith. 12 engravings by Stephen Gooden. Signed 

by author and by artist. London, 1929. Tall 8vo. 
Vel., unopened. Q(3/8) $18.00. 
Vel. XX (285) $13-00. 

The Brook Kerith. 12 engravings by Stephen Gooden. N.Y., 

1929. Roy. 8yo. 
Bds.. g.t., unc! (signed by author and by artist). M(i8o)$c;.oo. 

Page Proofs of "Conversations in Ebury Street." [London. 

19-23.] 8vo. 
Buckram, unc. (autograph corrections and emendations : laid in is 

A. L. S. dated March 22, 1924. regarding these proofs). KF 

(781) $10.00. 

Hail and Farewell! A Trilogy: I. Ave; II. Salve; III. Vale. 

London. 1911-12 [-14]. 3 vols.. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. ("Ave" has binding spotted and name in ink, with advertise- 
ment before title : "Salve" has errata slip : "Vale" has suppressed 
passage about Sir Hugh I^ane). Q (300) $10.^0. 

Cl. (tipped in is A. L. S.). TT( 283) $20.00. 

Cl. CD(2o6)$8. 5 o. 

Q. ("Ave" has leaf of advertisements before title; "Sake" has errata 
slip and errors unconnected ; "Vale" has misprint "III Ave" for 
"I Ave'' on verso of half-title: each vol. inscribed to Maurice 
Barry ) . EF ( 773 ) $35.00. 

Heloise and Abelard. Signed. London, Privately printed for 

subscribers only, 1921. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl. AA (131)98.00. 

Heloise and Abelard. X.V., 1921. 2 \olv. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. 5(282) $7.50. 

Page Proofs of Three Versions of "An Imaginary Conversa- 
tion: Gosse and Moore." comprising 14. 14. and 17 paircs respec- 
tively, for serial publication in "The Fortnightly Keview." [About 

In 3 4to hf. mor. folding rases (autograph corrections and additions 
one set of proofs is dated Xov. u. igiS). KF( 780) $10.00. 

Impressions and Opinions, iftji : [also] Modern Painting. 

1803. London. 1891-03. 2 vols., I2ino. 
Orig. cl. TT(285)$i 7.00. 

Impressions and Opinions. London. 1013. umo. 
Cl. (inscribed to Eliza Aria). KF( 774) $15.00. 


MOORE (George) 'Continued. 

Printer's Makc-Up Dummy of "The Making of an Immortal." 

[N.Y., 1927.] I2mo. 
Bds., unc. (inscribed to Eliza Aria). EF( 782) $10.00. 

Memoirs of My Dead Life. London, 1906. I2mo. 

Orig. dark blue cl., unc. K (348) $10.00. 
Cl. (writing inside front cover). O(J34)$i7.5O. 
Cl. (rubbed; inscribed to Eliza Aria). EF( 772) $52.50. 
Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (inscribed to Edmund Gosse, inserted is 
A. L. S. to Gosse). JK (31 2) $80.00. 

-Memoirs of My Dead Life. Signed. London [1921]. 8vo. 

Hf. vel., unopened. Q (377) $7.50. 

Modern Painting. Portrait. London, 1897. I2mo. 

Cl. (inscribed to Lady Cunard). EF(77O$i4-OO. 

A Mummer's Wife. London [1918]. 121110. 
Cl. (inscribed to Edmund Gosse, laid in is A. L. S. to Gosse with the 
latter's reply in the margin). EF (776) $15.00. 

Muslin. London [1915]. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed to Ethel Palmer). TT( 286) $27.00. 

Pagan Poems. London, 1881. i2mo. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (title initialed by author). R( 273) $430.00. 

Peronnik the Fool. Designed by Bruce Rogers. [Mount Ver- 

non| Rudge, 1926. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. (inscribed to Sir Edmund Gosse, inserted is A. L. S. to ). EF( 778) $25.00. 

Sister Teresa. Portrait. London, 1901. umo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. (shaken, portrait loose; presentation copy to Arthur 
Symons, Synions' name partially blotted out). K(35i)$n.oo. 

A Story-Teller's Holiday. Signed. London, Privately printed, 

1918. 8vo. 
lids., unc. EF( 777) $22.50. 

The Untilled Field. London [1914]. 121110. 

O. (inscribed to Eli/a Aria). EF(775)$i2.5o. 

A Collection of First Editions. London, 1888-1919. 8 vols., 

umo and 8\o. 
7 vols. cl.; one, orig. bds. (one vol. signed). U(i63)$35.oo. 

MOORE (James W.). Rev. John Moore of Newtown, Long Is- 
land, and Some of His Descendants. Easton, Pa., 11)03. 4to. 
Cl., unc. KR(io5)$8.50. 

MOORE (John W.). History of North Carolina. Raleigh, 1880. 

j \ols., 8vo. 
Hf. leatli. (rubbed). KLa(379)$n.oo. 

MOORE (Thomas). Lalla Rookh. London, 1817. 4to. 

Orig. bds., unc. (rebacked, Lord Rancliffe copy). EF( 784) $150.00. 

The Life of the Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan. 

Portrait. London, 1825. 4to. 

Orig. bds., unc.: in hf. mor. case (rebacked, inserted is A. L. S. 
to Owen Rees). V. ^(785) $10.00. 



Vols. i, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10. Portraits. Nazareth and Bethlehem, 

1876-1917. 7 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. and hf. mor. RR( 185) $9.50. 

MORDEN (Robert). Geography Rectified; or, a Description 

of the World, in all its Kingdoms, Provinces, Countries, etc. Maps. 

London, 1680. 4to. 

Old cf. (Francis Fulford bookplate dated 1699). FF(94)$35-5O. 
MORE (Henry). A Collection of Several Philosophical Writ- 
ings. London, 1712. Fol. 
Old hf. cf. (rebacked, covers worn, no. pp. stained, corner of title 

and some leaves damaged; Charles Lamb copy; with notations 

in his hand; laid in is sheet of MS. in Lamb's hand). F(2S7) 

MORE (Sir Thomas). The supplycacyon of soulys; agaynst 

the supplycacyon of beggars. 44 leaves. [London, W. Rastell, 

1529.] Sm. fol. 
Cont. vel. (2 defects along backstrip, few holes and stains). LL(75) 

Utopia. Trans, by Ralph Robynson. Portrait. London, Chis- 

wick Press, 1903. Tall 4to. 
# mor., g.t. TT (287) $19.00. 
MORFORD (Henry). John Jasper's Secret. With Twenty II- 

lustrations. London, 1871-72. 8vo. 

8 orig. parts, unc., in mor. case (backs chipped). GH(98)$3O.oo. 
MORGAN (John Pierrepont). Catalogue of [his] Collection of 

Chinese Porcelains. [Vol. I and] Vol. II. Comp. by W. M. 

Laffan and S. W. Bushell. N.Y.. privately printed, 1904-11. 2 

vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor.. g.t., unc. \V( 119) $140.00. 
Another copy. \V( 120) $150.00. 
MORGAN (Lewis H.). The American Beaver and his Works. 

Map and plates. Phila., 1868. 8vo. 
Hf. mor. FG( 200) $8.00. 
League of the Ho-de-no-sau-nee, or Iroquois. Map and 

plates, some in color. X.Y., 1901. 2 vols., 8vo. 
CL, g.t., unc. F(i35)$io.oo. 
MORISON (Stanley). Modern Fine Printing. London, 1925. 


Q. TT(289)$2o.oo. 
Cl., unc. VV( 150) $12.50. 
Cl. JK( 3 i4)$i6.oo. 

MORISOT (Claude B.). Orbis Maritimi sivi rervm in mari et 
Littoribvs gestarvm generalis Historia. Printed title and en- 
graved title, 43 plates, one folded, and maps. Dijon, Palliot, 1643. 
Sm. fol. 

Orig. cf. Cone joint broken). LL (148) $25.00. 

MORLEY (Christopher D.). The Eighth Sin. Oxford, 1912. 

Orig. paper, unc.; in hf. mor. case (inscribed by the author in 1921 


MORLEY (Christopher D.) Continued. 

to Lawrence Gomme, and again in 1927 to Frank Irving Fletcher). 

The Haunted Bookshop. N.Y., 1919. 12 mo. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed, with autograph poem, to George H. Sargent). 
DD( 153) $55-00. 

In an Auction Room. [Facsimile reproduction of this poem.] 

From Mitchell Kennerley, Christmas 1927. 8vo. 

In orig. envelope (on hand-made paper; with "Christopher Morley: 
His Books and First Editions," N.Y., 1930). DD( 157) $16.00. 

Mince Pie: Adventures of the Sunny Side of Grub Street. 

Illus. by W. J. Duncan. N.Y. [1919]. I2mo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (First issue, with final word page vii "of" for "on"). 


My One Contribution to Seventeenth Century Scholarship. 

Japan paper. N.Y., Privately printed, 1927. I2mo. 
Orig. paper, sewed. DD( 155) $40.00. 

Parnassus on Wheels. First issue, with misprint on page 4, 

"Y ears" for "Years." Garden City, 1917. I2mo. 
Bds. (shaken). (279) $37.00. 
Bds., in cl. case. EF( 787) $50.00. 

Seacoast of Bohemia. N.Y., 1929. 8vo. 

Bds. (signed by Morley, Alfred E. Smith, Jack Dempsey and others). 
NO (253) $20.00. 

Travels in Philadelphia. Drawings by F. H. Taylor. Phila. 

1 1 920]. I2mo. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed to Ernest Boyd). EF( 788) $70.00. 
Orig. cl. (inscribed to Harold Cudahy). OP (116) $20.00. 

Travels in Philadelphia. Plates by Frank H. Taylor. Intro. 

by A. E. Newton. Phila. [1921]. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. EE(22)$8.oo. 


MORNAY. A Picture of St. Petersburgh. 20 col. plates. Ex- 
planations in English and in French. London, E. Orme, n.d. 
[1815]. Fol. 

&4 mor. (scuffed and worn). TT( 352) $40.00. 

MORRELL (Captain Benjamin, jr.). A Narrative of Four Voy- 
ages, to the South Sea, North and South Pacific Ocean, Chinese 
Sea, etc. . . . 1822 to 1831. Portrait. N.Y., 1832. 8vo. 

Orig. linen bds. FG (201) $8.50. 

MORRILL (Isaac). Faith in Divine Providence, the Great Sup- 
port of God's People: A Sermon ... in Memory of the Com- 
mencement of the Unnatural War between Great Britain and 
America . . . April 19, 1775. Boston, 1780. 8vo. 

Cont. paper (name on half-title). NO (254) $10.00. 

MORRIS (Francis Orpen). A History of British Birds. Col. 
engravings. 6 vols. 8vo. 1860-62; [also] A Natural History 
of the Nests and Kggs of British Birds. 3 vols., 4to. 1875. Lon- 
don, 1860-75. 9 vols.. 8vo and 4to. 

y* mor., g.t., by Ramage. TT( 306) $20.00. 


MORRIS (George P.). The Deserted Bride and other Poems. 

2 copies. 1838; [also] The same. 1843. N.Y., 1838-43. 3 vols., 


Cl. and orig. bds. (first vol. inscribed). EF(78o,)$52.5o. 
MORRIS (William). Love Is Enough. Large paper. London, 

1873. 8vo. 

Y$ mor. (H. Buxton Forman copy). MN( 241) $8.50. 
MORRIS (William) and MAGNUSSON (Eirikr). The Saga 

Library. Maps. London, 1891-95. 6 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (Large paper). S(333)$io.oo. 
MORTIMER (Alfred Garnett). S. Mark's Church, Philadelphia, 

and its Lady Chapel. 127 plates. N.Y., Privately Printed, 1909. 


Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Zaehnsdorf. X( 13) $12.50. 
MORTON (Thomas). Speed the Plough: a Comedy. London, 

1800. Sm. 8vo. 

New paper, in cl. case. EF(79o)$Q.oo. 

Sea Officer. Translated from the French. [Text in French and 

English.] 32 pp. [Paris,] 1757. I2mo. 
Hf. mor. FF(54)$9.oo. 

MOTLEY (John L.). Merry-Mount. Boston, 1849. I2mo. 
Cl. (corners frayed, end paper wanting; 2 vols. in one). K(43i) 

The Rise of the Dutch Republic. 3 vols. : [also] History of 

the United Netherlands. 4 vols. : [also] The Life and Death of 

John of Barneveld. 2 vols. Frontispieces. X.V., Harper, n.d. 

9 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. GH( 185) $30.00. 

MOULTRIE (William). Memoirs of the American Revolution, 

so far as it related to the States of North and South Carolina, 
and Georgia. Portrait. N.V., 1802. 2 vols.. 8vo. 

Hf. cf. QQ(3i6)$30.oo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. (leaf A of Vol. I missing). U I' (146) $32.50. 

MUDFORD (William). An Historical Account of the Cam- 
paign in the Netherlands in 1815. 28 col. plates, including title, 
by James Rouse and G. Cruikshank. London, 1817. 2 vols., 410. 

Hf. mor. B( 47) $42. 50. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (plates B, D, and DD are mounted, engraved title has 
publisher's name and the date 1816 at foot). XZ (207) $50.00. 

MUIR (James). An Examination of the Principles contained 
in the Age of Reason. Baltimore, 1795. I2mo. 

Cont. cf., in bd. case (inscribed to George Washington, John F. Hurst- 
Frank E. Marshall copy). \V( 173) $65.00. 

MUIR (John). Picturesque California. 10 parts. [X.V., 1888.] 

In bd. portfolios, unc. (India Proof Edition. Impression No. 57). 

Writings. With Life and Letters of William F. Bade. Fron- 
tispieces in 3 states, one in color. Manuscript Edition, page of 
orig. MS. inserted in Vol. I. Boston, Iloughton, 1916-24. 10 
vols., 8vo. 


MUIR (John) Continued. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. (few backs faded, also inserted in Vol. I 

is A. L. S.). VV(i5i)$52.5o. 

MUMEY (Nolie). A Study of Rare Books. Denver, 1930. 4to. 
Hf. cl. (signed). XX(2 9 o)$8.5o. 
MUMFORD (John Kimberly). Oriental Rugs. Col. and plain 

plates. N.Y., 1901. Imp. 8vo. 
24 lev. mor., inlaid, g.t., unc., by Riviere (orig. covers and backstrip 

bound in). GH(i86) $10.00. 
MUNCHAUSEN. Munchausen at Walcheren. 5 etchings, 2 by 

George and 3 by Isaac Cruikshank. London, 1811. I2mo. 
Orig. bcls., unc.; in mor. case (hinges cracked, small piece missing 

from back; Bruton-Senff copy, with autograph and note on fly 

leaf by the former). VV (49) $40.00. 

The Surprising Travels and Adventures of Baron Munchau- 
sen. 40 plates. London, 1816. I2mo. 
Cf., tooled, g.e., by Riviere. EF( 851) $15.00. 
MUNN (Charles A.). Three Types of Washington Portraits: 

John Trumbull, Charles Wilson Peale, Gilbert Stuart. 1908; 

[with] Some Account of the "Gibbs-Channing" Portrait of George 

Washington, painted by Gilbert Stuart. 1900. 2 copies. N.Y., 

Privately Printed, 1900-08. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. W(i22)$i5.oo. 


etc. Albany, J. Munsell, 1857-61. 10 vols., sm. 4to. 
Cl., g.t., unc. L( 131) $100.00. 

MURRAY (James). An Impartial History of the Present War 

in America. 23 portraits and a plan. Newcastle-upon-Tyne 
[1779]. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Y 4 cf., g.t. IJ(io5)$i7.50. 

An Impartial History of the War in America; from its Com- 
mencement, to the present Time. Map and portraits. New Castle 
upon Tyne, n.d. | About 1782.] 2 vols., 8vo. 



cueil des Principaux Tableaux des Collections Publiques. Dessine 
et grave a 1'eau forte par Re\eil; Avec des Notices [in French 
and English] par Duchesne, aine. Dix-sept tomes. Paris, Audot, 
1829-34. 121110. 
Hf. mor. (rubbed). TT(i3)$i5.oo. 


(Uoffes Ancienncs du Xve an XVIIIe Siecle. 52 plates, many 
in color. Paris, n.d. Fol. 
In portfolio. V(42i)$io.oo. 

MUTHER (Richard). The History of Modern Painting. Il- 
lustrations, some in color. London, 1907. 4 vols., sm. 4to. 
Cl., g.t., unc. F(i39)$io.oo. 

MYERS (Louis G.). Some Notes on American Pewterers. Il- 
lustrations. Garden City, 1926. Roy. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. DE(i78)$i2.5o. 

MYLIUS (W. F.). See LAMB (Charles). 



the Rescued Chief. Frontis. London, 1847. i8mo. 
Orig. cl. P( 134) $7-50. 
NANCE (R. Morton). Sailing- Ship Models. Plates. London, 

1924. 4to. 
Cl. (with "Ship Models," by August Koester, N.Y., 1926; together 

2 vols.). DE(2i3)$io.oo. 

NAPOLEON I. Memoirs of the History of France during [his] 
Reign. Folding maps and facsimile manuscripts. London, 1823. 
7 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. cf., g.e. B( 102) $14.00. 

# cf. V (285) $18.00. 

Napoleonic Memoirs, comprising Hazlitt. 6 vols.; Bour- 

rienne. 4 vols. ; Junot (Duchess d'Abrantes). 6 vols. Illustra- 
tions in 2 states. Edition des Amateurs. Paris, Napoleon Society, 
1895. 16 vols., 8vo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc. (few bindings rubbed). CC( 141) $15.00. 

[His] Unpublished Correspondence preserved in the War 

Archives. Published by Ernest Picard and Louis Tuetey. N.Y., 
1913- 3 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. B( 154) $12.50. 

De la Competence des Juges de Paix. Paris, 1812. 8vo. 

Cont. cf. Napoleon's arms tooled on covers. TTa( 120) $15.00. 

Napoleon. [Anonymous excerpt, with many col. plates.] n.p., 

n.d. 4to. 
Lev. mor., tooled (rubbed). CC(i3)$30.oo. 

Relation de la Reception faite a Bonaparte. Anvers, 1804. 

Cont. mor. TTa(iiS) $18.00. 

See also CREVIER (J. B. L.), also DICTIONNAIRE 

CHINOIS, also DUBROCA (Louis). 


M. Arnold. Vols. I-IX. 1882-91. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t. (9 vols. in 4, orig. wrappers bound in). KLa(38/) 




in the Ship "Two Friends ; " the Occupation of Amelia Island, by 
M'Gregor, etc. London, 1819. 8vo. 
Bds., unc. KLa(274)$ii.oo. 

NAVARETTE (Martin Fernandez de). Coleccion de los 

Viages y Descubrimientos, que hichieron por Mar los Espanoles 

desde fines del signo xv, etc. 2 maps and portrait. Madrid, 1825- 

37. 5 vols., 4to. 
Hf. mor., unc. (rubbed, hinges cracked, 2 covers loose; Large paper). 

L( 132) $130.00. 


NEAL (Daniel). The History of New England. Map. London, 

1747. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cf. IJ(io6) $20.00. 

NEAL (John). Brother Jonathan; or, the New Englanders. 

Edinburgh, 1825. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cont. mor. N(274)$i5.oo. 

Randolph, a Novel. 2 vols. Phila. ; [also] Errata; or, the 

Works of Will Adams. 2 vols. N.Y. Phila. and N.Y., 1823. 

Hf. leath. (4 vols. bound in one). FG(i 08) $20.00. 

NEALE (W. Johnson). Paul Periwinkle; or, the Pressgang. 

40 etchings by H. K. Browne. London, 1842. 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Morrell. 8(105) $10.00. 

NEVE Y MOLINA (Luis de). Reglas de Orthografia, Die- 

cionario y Arte del Idioma Othomi. Mexico, 1767. Sm. 8vo. 
Orig. vel. (engraved errata leaf). L( 133) $8.00. 

NEVILL (Ralph). Old English Sporting Prints and their His- 
tory. Plates, many in color. London, 1923. 4to. 
Buckram, g.t. G(34i)$8.50. 


Literature and Art. Vol. II (New Series), Oct. 31, igo7-April 
25, 1908. London, 1908. Fol. 
Cl. EF (93 1) $10.00. 



Register (The). Boston, v.d. 8vo. 

Vols. I-LXXIV, 1847-1920, 74 vols., hf. cf. (some vojs. rubbed). A 

Vols. I-LXXXII, Ng. 327; i847-July, 1928; first 50 vols. hf. mor., 
g.t., others orig. parts as issued (2 or 3 parts somewhat dam- 
aged; accompanied by 17 parts of Index of Persons and Places, 
1905-11 ). KLa(398)$iso.oo. 

Vols. XLVI-LXXII, 1892-1918, each vol. in 4, quarterly, orig. parts; 
together 27 vols. in 108. A(Jio)$32.5o. 

Vols. LXXV-LXXXIV, 1921-30, and Vol. LXXXV, Xos. 1-2, 1931 ; 
in orig. parts. A(3i5)$i2.5o. 

Index of Persons, Subjects and Places for Vols. I-L, 1906-07, 4 vols., 
hf. cf. A(3i6)$85.oo. 

The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. 

Albany, 1862-72. 10 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. (rubbed, bookplates). 00(431) $36.00. 

NEW ENGLAND MAGAZINE (The). Ed. by J. T. and E. 

Buckingham. Vols. I-VI1I, July, i83i-June, 1835. Boston, 1831- 

35. 8 vols., 8vo. 
Bds., mor. backs (binding not uniform, Vol. VIII lacks pp. 1-12 and 

91-104, few leaves stained). A(2i2)$ 

NEW ENGLAND PRIMER (The). 32 leaves. New-England, 

for the Purchaser [1800-10]. 32mo. 
Orig. front cover only. BC( 32) $12.00. 



- The New England Primer. 32 leaves. Massachusetts, for the 
Purchaser, 1808. 321110. 

Orig. bds. QQ(324)$ii.oo. 

- The New England Primer. 32 leaves. Massachusetts, for the 
Purchaser, 1810. 321110. 

Mor., g.e. (last leaf repaired). QQ (326) $11.50. 

- The New England Primer. 32 leaves. Haverhill, Mass., Al- 
len, n.d. [1812-20]. 321110. 

Orig. wooden bds., cl. back (worn). QQ (327) $13.00. 

- The New-England Primer. Walpole, N.H., I. Thomas & Co., 
1814. 4^x2*4 in. 

Bds. T(i59)$i7.oo. 

- The New- England Primer. 50 pp. ; 4 signatures, 3 of 16 pp. 
each, and 2 additional pp. New Ipswich, N.H., S. Wilder, 1823. 

Orig. blue paper (loose). A (213) $32.00. 

- The New England Primer. Rutland, W. Fay, n.d. 32ino. 
Paper (corners torn from 2 lea\cs, affecting text). SS(i55)$n.oo. 

for Henry Overtoil, 1643. Sm. 4to. 
Bds. (covers loose, first word of title almost cut away, errata and 

D4 lacking, some page nos. destroyed, stain on title, Brit. Museum 

stamp). L( 57) $75.00. 
NEW HAMPSHIRE. An Address of the Convention for fram- 

ing a New Constitution of Government for the State of New- 

Hampshire, to the Inhabitants of said State. Portsmouth and 

Exeter, 1781. I2mo. 
Sewed, unc. ; in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (holed at upper corners, 

autograph of Josiah Bartlett on title). FF(3)?i0.oo. 

- [Broadside.] By His Excellency to Josiah Bartlett, Presi- 
dent of the State of Xew Hampshire, a Proclamation for a Day 
of Humiliation, Fasting, and Prayer. [Exeter, 1792.] Fol. 

- [Broadside.] By the U.S. in Congress assembled, Aug. 7th, 
1781. Whereas the States of New-Hampshire and New York 
have submitted to Congress the Decision of the Disputes between 
them and the People inhabiting the New-Hampshire (irants, on 
the West Side of Connecticut River, called the State of Vermont 
. . . State of New Hampshire. In Committee of Safety, Exeter, 
Sept. 27th, 1781. Ordered that the foregoing Resolutions be 
printed . . . Josiah Bartlett, Chairman. | Exeter, Z. Fowle, 

GG (242) $45.oo. 

- Provincial and State Papers of New Hampshire. 33 vols. : 
i-io, Documents, Records and Journals of the Council and House 
of Representatives, 1623-17X8: 11-13, Town Papers; 14-17, Revo- 
lutionary War Rolls, etc.; 19-23, Miscellaneous document ma- 
terial; 24-29, Town charters and grants; 30. Miscellaneous Revo- 
lutionary documents; 31-33, N.H. Wills and Probate Papers. 
Concord, N.H., 1867-1915. 33 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (owner's name on some titles). KK( 318) $19.00. 



[Broadside.] State of New Hampshire. Government and 

people. "And it is resolved that no person be allowed a seat in 
the council or assembly who shall by himself or any person for 
him before said choice treat with liquor, etc." Exeter, 1779. Fol. 

(Signed by M. Weare and John Langdon). QQ( 328) $10.00. 

[Broadside.] State of New Hampshire. In the House of 

Representatives, July 3, 1781. The Committee to form a Table 
or Scale of Depreciation for this State, reported as their Opinion, 
That all Contracts previous to the last day of January, 1777, shall 
be considered as Silver and Gold; and all contracts for Paper 
to be computed in the following manner . . . [Signed] E. Thomp- 
son, Seer. [Exeter, Z. Fowle, 1781.] Sm. fol. 

In hf. mor. case. BC (92) $21.00. 

[Broadside.] State of New Hampshire. In the House of 

Representatives, Feb. 27, 1783. Whereas, by the various Ac- 
counts from Europe, it is highly probable that a general Peace 
among the belligerent Powers will very soon take place ... to 
guard against the dreadful Evils naturally flowing from Anarchy, 
and to secure the Blessings resulting from the present, till a more 
eligible, permanent plan of Government can be established . . . 
[Signed] M. Weare, President. [Exeter,] 1783. Fol. 
In folder and cl. case. BC (93) $22.50. 

State of New Hampshire. In the Year of our Lord, One 

Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-one. An Act for raising 
and compleating this State's Quota of the Continental Army . . . 
In the House of Representatives, Jan. nth, 1781 . . . John Lang- 
don, Speaker. In Council, Jan. I2th, 1781 . . . M. Weare, Presi- 
dent. [Exeter, Z. Fowle, 1781.] Fol. 
GG(24i ) $30.00. 

[Broadside.] State of New Hampshire. A Proclamation, * 

24th Day of Nov., 1784. M. Weare. By His Excellency's com- 
mand, Joseph Pearson. Whereas : by the Constitution and Form 
of Government, established in this S'tate, it is provided, that the 
President of the State, the Senators, and Representatives, shall be 
chosen annually in the month of March at the Annual or other 
Meetings of the Inhabitants, to be duly warned, for the purposes 
aforesaid, which Provision, it is thought, renders it unnecessary 
to issue Precepts for their Election, as has been heretofore prac- 
tised, etc. | Exeter, Melcher and Osborn, 1784.] 4to. 
In cl. case. BC( 94) $22.50. 

26-Nov. i, 1890. Ed. by George H. Moses. Political cartoons 
by C. deCirimm, Dumars, T. E. Wood. Albert G. Sterner, and 
others, bound in one vol. Concord, N.H., 1890. 8vo. 

Bds. (rubbed). A(2i9)$i2.5o. 

NEW JERSEY. Acts of the Twenty-third General Assembly 
of the State ... at a Session begun at Trenton, Oct. [23. 1798] 
and continued by Adjournments. Being the Second Sitting. 
Trenton, Gershom Craft, 1709. Fol. 

Sewed, unc. (name on title). T(i6o)$i7.5O. 

A Bill in the Chancery of New- Jersey, at the Suit of John 

Earl of Stair, and others. Proprietors of the Eastern-Division of 


NEW JERSEY Continued. 

New Jersey; against Benjamin Bond and some other Persons of 
Elizabeth-Town, distinguished by the Name of the Clinker Lot 
Right Men, etc. 3 folding maps. N.Y., James Parker, 1747. Fol. 

Cf., g.t. (covers faded, Huth copy). R (401) $95.00. 

A New and Accurate Map of New Jersey, from the best 

Authorities. [London, 1780.] i2 l / 2 x io l / 2 in. 



NEW MEXICO. The Mora Grant, New Mexico. Copies of 
the Official and other Documents relating to the Confirmation of 
this Grant by Congress, 2ist of June, 1860. And Subsequent Sur- 
vey by Surveyor General of New Mexico. Folding maps. Lon- 
don, 1872. Large 8vo. 

Mor.. g.e. (laid -in is a "List of Original Grantees"). P(i32)$n.oo. 

finely engraved Portraits of some of the most Eminent Men of 
the Day. Frontis. [78th Edition.] Salt Lake City, Utah, 1872. 

Sewed. P( 128) $9.00. 


NEW YORK CITY. Map of New York I[sland]. with the ad- 
jacent rocks and other remarkable parts of Hell-Gate. By Thos. 
Kitchin Senr.. Hydrographer to his Majesty. London, for R. 
Baldwin, 1778. 9^4 x 7fs in. 


[Broadside.] New- York, June 22, 1774. Whereas it is re- 
ported that an Effigy, or Effigies will be exhibited this evening; 
This is to notify the Citizens, that if any effigies should be ex- 
hibited this evening the friends of liberty have no concern or 
agency in it. [X.Y., 1774.] Obi. I2mo. 


The Picture of New York, and Stranger's Guide through 

the Commercial Emporium of the United States. Map. X.Y., 
1818. i6mo. 

Bds., unc. ; in hf. mor. case (backstrip of vol. repaired). YY( 

[Broadside.] To the Freemen and Freeholders of The City 

and County of New- York . . . From the prudence of your coun- 
cils, and the wisdom of your determinations, you have heretofore 
deservedly acquired the approbation of the wise and the prudent. 
[Calling a meeting for March 6, 1775 to vote for postponing elec- 
tion of delegates to the Continental Congress to April 20, 1775.] 
Signed by order, John Thurman, Chairman. Saturday, March 
4, 1774 [1775]. [K.Y., James Rivington, 1775.] 4to. 
In cl. cover and case. BC (72) $37.50. 

[Broadside. Affidavit of Thomas Mesnard and statement of 

citizens on importation of Arms.] To the Public. City of New 
York. Personally appeared before me, Benjamin Blagge . . . 
f Signed] Thomas Mesnard, Dec. 30, 1774 fand) Bn. Blaggc. . . . 
It is material to inform the public, that the Ship Lady Gage cleared 


NEW YORK CITY Continued. 

at the custom-house, London, the I5th day of October, etc. 

[Signed] [N.Y., 1774.] 4to. 
In cl. case. BC (71) $32.50. 

CIUS [pseud.]. 

Convention of the Representatives of the State of New- York to 
their Constituents. Phila., John Dunlap, 1777. I2mo. 

Hf. lev. mor., by Riviere (Signed by Abraham Ten Broeck, President, 
Fishkill, Dec. 23, 1776). NO(2)$75.oo. 

Map of Morris's Purchase or West Geneseo in the State of 

New York, exhibiting part of Lakes Erie and Ontario . . . sev- 
eral Tracts of Land purchased by the Holland Land Company 
. . . and others, also, a Sketch of Part of Upper Canada by Joseph 
& B. Ellicott. n.p., 1804. 20 l /2X26y 2 in. 



cury. [Continuation of "The New York Mercury."] N.Y., Hugh 
Gaine, v.d. Fol. 

March 7-Dec. 19, 1768 ; 34 non-consecutive nos. Nos. 853, 855, 857, 
861, 862-868, 870-883, 885-890, 892-894 also 6 supplements; to- 
gether 40 issues bound in one vol., bds. BC (34) $140.00. 

Jan. 4-Dec. 13, 1773; Nos. noo, 1109, "", 1113, 1115, 1118, 1123-1127, 
1129, 1131-1137, 1139, 1140, 1142, 1147, 1148, II55J together 25 
nos., in one vol., bds. BC( 35) $90.00. 

Jan. 3i-Nov. 14, 1774; 16 nos. Nos. 1162, 1166, 1167, 1169, 1170, 
1173-1177, 1185, 1186, 1189, 1192, 1193, 1205 and one supplement; 
together 17 issues in one vol., bds. BC(36)$64.oo. 

Sept. ii and 18 and Oct. 9 and 16, 1775, 4 nos. (worn at folds). 


Jan. 23-Dec. 4, 1775; Nos. 1215, 1216, 1218, 1220, 1221, 1224-1229, 
1232, 1233, 1237-1240, 1245-1249, 1252, 1253, 1255-1257, 1260; to- 
gether 28 nos. in one vol., bds. BC(37)$90.oo. 

1778-1783; Nos. 1415, iW, 1425, 1426, 1428, 1431, 1532, 1534, 1537, 
JSS 1 ! *635; together n nos. in one vol., bds. BC(38)$42.oo. 

I-III. 1811-21; Collections: Publication Fund Series. 1868- 
1928; Proceedings, 1846; [with 2 copies of] Kelby (R. H.). The 
New York Historical Society, 1804-1904. 1905. N.Y., 1811- 
1928. 67 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., with exception of 4 vols. (with a certificate of membership in 
the De Peyster Publication Fund). I )E( 185) $45.00. 

Collections. 1868-1889, lacking a few years. N.Y., 1868-89. 

25 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc. (several bindings worn). FG( 204) $10.50. 


tiser. Jan. 23-Dec. 17, 1772, Nos. 1516, 1521-1523, 1531, 1536, 
1542, 1552. 1556, 1563. N.Y., John Holt, 1772. Fol. 
Bds. (10 nos. in one vol.). BC (40) $38.00. 


zine. See BRYANT (W. C). 


nual Proceedings. Vols. 1-17, 1901-10; [continued as] The Quar- 
terly Journal of the N.Y. State Historical Association, Oct. 1919- 
date. 10 vols. Albany, 1901-30. 27 vols. 

17 vols. in the Society binding, last 10 orig. paper as issued. KK 

Magazine; The European War. Illustrated. N.Y., 1917-20. 20 
vols., 8vo. 

Leath., g.e. X( 194) $10.00. 


ger, 1734. Fol. 
Munday (sic), Feb. u, 1734. (mainly taken up with a letter relating 

to the subject of libel against the government). BC(4i)$22.5p. 
Munday (sic), March n, 1734 (contains a letter of Cato dealing with 

the power of the authority, also a letter by James Alexander, 

Zenger's attorney in the famous trial). BC( 42) $.21.00. 

NEWGATE CALENDAR. The New Newgate Calendar. 

Comp. by Knapp and Baldwin. Plates. London, about 1800. 5 
vols., 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked). YVa( 44) $30.00. 

The Complete Newgate Calendar. Ed. by J. L. Ra\ner and 

G. T. Crook. Plates. London. Xavarre Society. 1926. 5 \ols. f 

Hf. mor., g.t.. unc. X XT 128) $10.00. 

NEWHALL (John B.). Sketches of Iowa; or, the Emigrant's 

Guide. Folding map. X.Y., 1841. unio. 
Orig. cl. QQ(334)$I3-00. 

NEWMAN (John Henry, Cardinal). Apologia pro Vita sua. 

London, 1864. 8vo. 

8 orig. parts, in cl. case (front wrapper of last part stained, affecting 
title). EF (793)$! 15.00. 

The Dream of Gerontius. London. 1883. 24010 

Orig. cl., in cl. case (inscribed to Philip (i. Ellis). KF( 704)$jo.oo. 

NEWS-LETTER OF THE LXIVMOS. Complete run. 21 nos. 

v.p., 1927-29. 21 nos., v.s. 
Some nos. sewed, others unbound. KK(3O/)$no.oo. 

NEWTON (A. E.). [Leaflet.] The Act of Creation. [Col. re- 
production of Blake's Drawing. With 40 lines of text, signed] 
A. Edward Xewton . . . December, 19.25. 

EE (4) $24.00. 

[Book Announcement, 4-page leaflet.] The Amenities of 

Book-Collecting and Kindred Affections. Facsimiles. Ro&lon. 
Atlantic Monthly Press, 1918. 8vo. 


The Amenities of Book-Collecting, and Kindred Affections. 

Plates. Boston, 1918. I2mo. 

Bds., g.t. Vf 289) $30.00. 

Orig. bds., g.t., unc. EEC 27) $85.00. 

Bds., g.t, unc. (rubbed, backstrip creased, errata leaf at page JoX re- 
moved and the error corrected in hand of the author; Hugh 


NEWTON (A. E.) Continued. 

Walpole copy, with his bookplate and with A. N. S. of author, 
* to this effect, on front end paper). NN( 189) $40.00. 
Bds., g.t. XX (300) $15.00. 

Bds., g.t. ; in wrapper and case (inserted is A. L. S.). YY(i6) $35.00. 
Bds., g.t. YY( 138) $22.50. 
Orig. bds., g.t., unc. (without the suppressed plate and the slip of 

errata ) EF ( 795 ) $20.00. 
Bds., g.t., unc. (rubbed, errata slip is present, but not the suppressed 

plate). JK(32i)$io.oo. 

- The Amenities of Book-Collecting and Kindred Affections. 
Frontis. in color. Boston, 1919. 8vo. 

Leath., tooled, by Blackwell. C(2O2)$9.oo. 

- The Christmas Spirit. Col. frontis. Daylesford, Privately 
Printed, [Christmas,] 1930. I2mo. 

Orig. paper. EE(s8)$9.oo. 

- Christopher Morley on The Amenities of Book Collecting. 
[Boston, 1919.] I2mo. 

As issued. EE (21) $15.00. 

- Doctor Johnson, a Play. Col. frontis. Boston, 1923. 4to. 
Orig. bds., red top, unc. EE( 34) $10.00. 

- Edwin Forrest and his Noble Creation. Phila., 1928. I2mo. 
Orig. paper (with presentation inscription). EE (49) $10.00. 

- Experience is Master. Phila., The Cutter Company [1926]. 

Orig. bds., unc. EK(4i ) $14.00. 

- The Format of the English Novel. Col. frontis. Cleveland, 
Row f ant Club, 1928. Roy. 8vo. 

Orig. cl.. unc.; in Ixl. case (inscribed to G. H. Sargent, inserted are 
2 invitation cards to a lecture by the author and L. S. by Alfred 
P. Lee). EEC 47) $20.00. 

- The Greatest Book in the World, and Other Papers. Boston, 

I0.2S. 121110. 

Orig. bfls. (inscribed to K. X. Wood). SS(78)$u.oo. 

- [4-page folder.] I am permitted by my friend Christopher 
Morley the "Socrates" of the Evening Ledger to reprint Two 
of his" Ballades which have given me much Pleasure. Christmas, 

KE( 10) $2 1. oo. 

John Mytton. Col. frontis. Printed, not Published, for the 
friends of A. Edward Xewton, Christmas, 1924. 121110. 

Orig. paper. EE( 37) $30.00. 

- A Leech Drawing. Col. frontis. u pp. Printed, not Pub- 
lished, for the friends of A. Edward Xewton, Christmas, 1923. 
1 21110. 

Orig. paper. EK(33)$i5.oo. 

- A Magnificent Farce and Other Diversions of a Book-Col- 
lector. Col. frontis. Boston [1921]. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., g.t., unc. (inserted is A. L.). EE(29)$2i.oo. 
Bds., g.t., unc. EF (796) $20.00. 

- My Library. Frontis. Daylesford, Pa., Privately Printed, 1926. 


NEWTON (A. E.) Continued. 
Paper. M(i88)$ii.oo. 
Orig. paper. EE(42)$i5.oo. 

A Noble Fragment, being a Leaf of the Gutenberg Bible, 

1450-1455. [Issued without the Gutenberg leaf.l With a Bibli- 
ographical Essay by A. Edward Newton. N.Y., Gabriel Wells, 
1921. Fol. 
EE (31) $25.00. 

[Christmas Card.] Oak Knoll . . . Cheer Up. [Followed 

by 6 lines of letter-press.] [Daylesford, Pa.,] Christmas, 1914. 
3 l /2X4 l /2 in. 

EE (9) $16.00. 

On Books and Business. Signed. [N.Y.J 1930. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (inscribed to G. H. Sargent). EE(52)$i5.oo. 

Oscar Wilde. Frontis. A. Edward Newton, Daylesford [Dec., 

1912], I2mo. 
Orig. paper (inscribed to G. H. Sargent). EE(25)$32.oo. 

A Peregrination of Philadelphia. [Phila.,] Philadelphia Art 

Alliance [1926]. 8yo. 
Sheets, as issued, in orig. folder. EE (40) $18.00. 

Reflections on the Character of Madame Thrale Piozzi. 

Daylesford, Privately Printed, 1921. i2mo. 
Orig. paper (inscribed to G. H. Sargent). EE(32)$i7.oo. 

This Book-Collecting Game. Col. frontis. Boston, 1928. 8vo. 

Hf. buckram, g.t. (signed). V(29i)$9.oo. 

Orig. hf. cl., g.t. (inscribed to G. H.' Sargent). EE(45)$i5.oo. 

This Book-Collecting Game. Col. frontis. London, Rutlcdge, 

1930. 8vo. 
Orig. buckram. EE(57)$i4.oo. 

Thomas Hardy, Novelist or Poet? Portrait and facsimiles. 

[Phila.,] Privately Printed, 1929. Roy. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc.; in bd. case (inscribed to G. H. Sargent). EE(5o) 

Orig. bds. (inscribed). SS( 79) $19.00. 

A Tourist in Spite of Himself in Egypt. Boston, 1929. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in bd. case (inscribed to G. H. Sargent). EE(5i) 

A Tourist in Spite of Himself. Boston, 1930. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed to G. H. Sargent). EEC 54) $15.00. 

Trollopeana. Portrait. 28 pp. Daylesford, Dec., 1911. unio. 

Orig. paper (inscribed). KE( 24) $52.80. 

Who's Who and What's What. [Upon the Cutter Company.] 

Phila. [1913]. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. EE (74) $30.00. 

Proofsheets of Illustrations to [his] Books. 8 pieces. 

EE(6 3 )$25.oo. 

[Sale Catalogue.] Books of a Busted Bibliophile, alias A. 

Edward Newton. N.Y., 1926. 8vo. 
Paper (prices realized entered %ink). EE(5)$i5.oo. 


NEWTON (A. &.) Continued. 

[Sale Catalogue of] A Small Collection of Choice English 

Books ... to be sold at Auction May 18, 1896. N.Y., 1896. 8vo. 
Orig. paper (inscribed by Mr. Newton). EE(7i)$45.oo. 
[4-page leaflet] Aunt TilTs Poem. [Facsimile reproduction.] 

(With L. S. of Mr. Newton and typed copy of poem, in answer to 

the above poem, by Carolyn Wells). EE (3) $14.00. 

Hoskins (Chapin). "Even a Screw Driver Fills Me With 

Suspicion." 4 pp. [Reprinted from "Electrical Manufacturing," 
June, 1930.] 4to. 
(Inscription of Mr. Newton on first page). EE (56) $15.00. 

See also BOSWELL (James), also JOHNSON (Samuel), 

also MORLEY (Christopher), also RICHARDSON (Samuel). 

NICHOLAS (George). A Letter from [him], to his Friend, in 

Virginia, justifying the Conduct of the Citizens of Kentucky, as 
to Some of the Late Measures of the General Government. Phila., 
1799. 8vo. 
H mor. PP(i45)$u.oo. 

NICHOLL (John). An Houre Glasse of Indian Newes. Wood- 
cut of ship on half-title. London, for Nathaniell Butter, 1607. 
Sm. 4to. 

Old cf. in hf. mor. case (rebacked, size 6^3x5^6 in.; contains the 
half-title as above and blanks 3 and F4 at the end ; variant is- 
sue, with lines of dedication ending as follows : "To the right 
Worshipful 1 Sir | Thomas Smith Knight, Gouernour | of the wor- 
shipful! companic of Mar- | chants of London, trading the East | 
Indies" and with Latin verse signed ''lohn Cooke"). LL(in) 

NICHOLSON (Thomas). An Affecting Narrative of [his] Cap- 

tivity and Sufferings . . . among the Algerines. Frontis. in color. 
Boston, G. Walker fiSio]. 8vo. 
Paper, unc. PP(o) $16.00. 

NICHOLSON (William). The History of the Wars occasioned 

by the French Revolution. 22 plates in color. London, 1816. 


Hf. old cf. (rebacked). IU4S) $23.00. 
y mor. (rebacked, slight foxing). Vd3i)$g.oo. 


NICOLA Y (John G.) and HAY (John). Abraham Lincoln: a 

History. Illustrated. N.V., 1904. 10 vols., 8vo. 
Cl.. g.t., unc. F(i4i)$25.oo. 
Hf. mor., g.t. (rubbed). CC (142) $20.00. 

Abraham Lincoln. N.Y., 1909. 10 vols., 8vo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. G(8i)$i6.oo. 

NICOLL (W. Robertson) and WISE (Thomas J.)- Literary 

Anecdotes of the Nineteenth Century. London, 1895. 2 vols., 
Cl., unopened (shaken). TT(i2)$8.oo. 

NIGGER MELODIES. N.Y., n.d. 321*0. 
Mor. (rubbed, foxed). CD(3i9)$io.oo. 



NILES. The Weekly Register [continued, Vols. VII-LII, as 

"Niles' Weekly Register"; Vols. LIII-LXXV, as "Niles' Na- 
tional Register." Vols. I-LXXIII published at Baltimore ; Vols. 
LXXIV and LXXV, at Philadelphia]. Vols. I-LXXV, Sept. 
i8n-June 27, 1849, including first Index. Bait, and Phila., 1811- 
49. 75 vols., 8vo and 4to. 

Hf. roan (some bindings broken). KLa( 406) $100.00. 

Broken run of 37 bound vols., from Vol. 4, Mar.-Sept., 1813, 

to Mar.-Sept., 1836, including Index, lacking n vols. (Vols. 9, 15- 
18, 31, 32, 34. 35-37). Bait., 1813-36. 37 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (several backstrips damaged, few end papers lacking; fox- 
ing throughout). (207) $16.00. 

NOAH (Mordecai Manuel). Marion; or, the Hero of Lake 
George: a Drama, in Three Acts. N.Y., E. Murden, 1822. i6mo. 

New cl., unc. (title frayed, upper corner torn away). CC( 143) $25.00. 

NOBLE (Oliver). Some strictures upon the Sacred Story re- 
corded in the Book of Esther . . . Discourse delivered . . . 
March 8, 1775, in Commemoration of the Massacre at Boston, 
March the fifth, 1770. Newbury-Port, Lunt and Tinges, 1775. 

Cf. FF(ioo) $25.00. 


Anacreon. Poems. Trans, by Abraham Cowley and S. B. 7 

plates by "Stephen Gooclen. 1923; (also] Cohbctt (William). 
Life and Adventures of Peter Porcupine. 1927. 1923-27. 2 vols., 

Bds. XX (305) $10.00. 

The Holy Bible. Plates by Stephen Goodcn. Japan paper. 

1924-27. 5 vols., fol. 

Vel., unc. (one back torn}. U(i75>$65.oo. 

Vel. XX (302) $73.00. 

Bds., unc. JK( 324) $50.00. 

Blake (William). [His] Pencil Drawings. Ed. by Geoffrey 

Keynes. 82 plates. 1927. 4to. 
Hf. cl.,"unc. EF(69)$i2.50. 

Blake (William). Writings. Kcl. by Geoffrey Keynes. 58 

plates. 1925. 3 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. AA(i37)$52.5O. 

Vel., g.e., unc. (on India paper, 3 vols. in one). YV( 15) $22.50. 

Bds., unopened. XX (304) $22.00. 

Cervantes Saavedra (Miguel de). Don Quixote. 21 illus- 
trations by E. McKnight Kauffer. 1930. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Pigskin. K(38o)$i9.oo. 

Pigskin. V (296) $24.00. 

Congreve (William). Complete Works. Ed. by Montague 

Summers. 1923. 4 vols., sm. 4to. 

Bds., unopened. TT( 295) $22.00. 

Donne (John). Complete Poetry and Selected Prose. Ed. 

by John Hayward. 1929. I2mo. 
Mor., g.t., unc. K( 377) $12.00. 



- Farquhar (George). Complete Works. Ed. by Charles 
Stonehill. 1930. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. and unopened. K(379)$n.oo. 

- Homer. The Iliad. Trans, by Alexander Pope. [Greek and 
English text.] Decorations by Rudolph Koch. 1931. 8vo. 

Mor., g.t., unc. (294) $25.00. 
Mor., g.t., unopened. II(339)$i8.5o. 

- Melville (Herman). Benito Cereno. 9 col. illustrations by 
E. McKnight Kauffer. 1926. Narrow 4to. 

Orig. buckram. XX (308) $7.50. 

- Milton (John). [His] English Poems. Illus. by William 
Blake. 1926. 8vo. 

Bds. (backstrip soiled). Q(39i)$23.oo. 

- Moore (George). Ulick and Soracha. Plate by Stephen 
Gooden. 1926. 8vo. 

Buckram, unopened. II(34i)$n.oo. 

- Otway (Thomas). Complete Works. Ed. by Montague Sum- 
mers. 1926. 3 vols., 4to. 

Bds., unopened. TT (303) $14.00. 

- Plutarch. The Lives of the Noble Grecians & Romanes. 
Trans, by Thomas North. Plates by T. L. Poulton. 1929. Large 

Buckram, g.t., unc. K( 373) $36.00. 
Buckram, g.t. V ( 293 ) $24.00. 
U. JJ( 206) $27.00. 

- Rochester (John Wilmot, Earl of). Collected Works. Ed. 

by John Hay ward. 1926. 4to. 
Bds., unopened. TTC 304) $12.00. 

- Vanburgh (Sir John). Works. 1927. 4 vols., 4to. 
Ikls., unc. and unopened. M( 191) $8.00. 

- Walton (Izaak). [Works.] Ed. by Geoffrey Keynes. Illus. 
by Thomas Poulton and Charles Sigrist. 1929. Large I2mo. 

Mor., g.t., unc. and unopened. K(376)$i5.oo. 
Pigskin, g.t., unopened. 0(389) $12.50. 

- The Week-end Book. n.d. i6mo. 

Mor., inlaid, by Zaehnsdorf; in bd. case. TTa( 130) $10.00. 

- Wycherley (William). Complete Works. Ed. by Montague 
Summers. 1924. 4 vols., 4to. 

Bds. (bookplate). XX (303) $17.00. 


NORRIS (Benjamin Franklin). McTeague: a Story of San 

Francisco. X.Y., 1899. I2mo. 

Grig. cl. (name on front end paper). H(i3i)$65.oo. 
Cl. (soiled and shaken, name in ink, newspaper photograph laid in). 

Orig. cl. (shaken, one signature started). CD (329) $36.00. 

- Moran of the Lady Letty: a Story of Adventure off the 

California Coast. N.Y., 1898. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. K( 383) $n. oo. 


NORRIS (Benjamin Franklin) Continued. 

The Octopus. Map. N.Y., 1901. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (inserted is A. L. S.). F(i42)$25.oo. 

Orig cl. (with A. L. S.). DD(i6o) $28.00. 

The Pit: a Story of Chicago. Frontis. N.Y., 1903. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc. (A. L. S. inserted). F( 143) $27.50. 

Bds. (soiled ; publisher's presentation copy, inscribed by E. H. Woods). 
Q(392) $12.50. 

Orig. bds., unc. (publisher's presentation copy, to H. C. Brown). DD 
(161) $30.00. 

Vandover and the Brute. Garden City, 1914. I2mo. 

Bds. (in wrapper labeled publisher's "Advance Copy"). Q(393)$7-5O. 

Yvernelle: a Legend of Feudal France. Phila., 1892. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc.; in cl. folder and hf. mor. case. K(38i)$75.oo. 

Cl. (soiled). CD( 3 28)$22.50. 

NORRIS (Frank). See NORRIS (Benjamin Franklin). 

(The). 2 maps. London, 1776. i6mo. 

Cont. cf. C (9) $20.00. 

NORTH CAROLINA. By King George II and Captain General 
Gabriel Johnston. [Broadside, 40 lines of text, descriptive details 
in MS., reciting grant of tract of 1,200,000 acres to a group headed 
by Murray Crymble, and James Huey, and giving its location, 
which embraced the headwaters of the Peedee, Cape Fear and 
Nues Rivers. Dated] at Eden-House, the third Day of March, 
Anno Dom. 1745. 


of Directors, November, 1867; [with] Report of Edwin^F. John- 
son, Engineer-in- Chief, to the Board of Directors. November, 
1867. Maps. Hartford, 1867. 8vo. 

Paper (wrapper, also page ii, inscribed by Thos. H. Canfield). YY 
(191) $12.00. 

Partial Report, by Thomas H. Canfield to the Board of Di- 
rectors, of a Portion of a Reconnoissance made in the Summer 
of 1869, between Lake Superior and the Pacific Ocean. Ac- 
companied with Notes on Puget Sound, by Samuel Wilkeson. 2 
folding maps. For Private Circulation Only. May. 1870. 8vo. 

Sewed, in cl. case. PP( 245) $55.00. 

NORTHMORE (Thomas). ' Washington; or, Liberty Restored: 

a Poem in Ten Books. Bait, 1809. Sm. Svo. 
Mor., g.t., unc. QQ(339)$9oo. 

NORTON (Edward) and (Luman P.). [Broadside.] Whole- 
sale Prices of Stoneware bought of E. & L. P. Norton. Picture 
of the pottery, 12 cuts of pieces manufactured and prices of 80 
different pieces. Bennington, Vt., 1862. Fol. 


NORTON (John). A Discussion of that Great Point in Divin- 
ity, the Sufferings of Christ; and the Questions about his Right- 
eousness Active, Passive: and the Imputation thereof. London, 
1653. Svo. 

Cont cf. (rubbed). NO (260) $20.00. 


NORWICH, CONN. [Broadside.] The Committee of Cor- 
respondence for the Town of Norwich, in Compliance with the 
Recommendation of the House of Representatives of this Colony, 
convened at New-Havin in March, Inst., etc., Norwich, March 
3Oth, 1775. . . . "Taken into our serious consideration the dis- 
tressed condition of the industrious poor of the suffering town 
of Boston, from the continued Operation of the cruel act of 
Parliament blocking up their port, etc. [Appeal for contribu- 
tions to relieve the distress, followed by 50 printed names.] [Nor- 
wich, 1775.] Fol. 

In cl. folder and case (printed names followed by 5 holograph signa- 
tures). BC(73)$26.oo. 

NORWICH PACKET (The). [Broadside.] Newsboys An- 
nual Address (The) to [its] Esteemed Patrons for the New 
Year. Norwich, Jan. i, 1799. 11x16 in. 

T( 165) $9.00. 


munication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, 
etc. Series I, Vol. i to Series 6, Vol. 10. London, 1850-84. 70 
vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (few yols. rubbed; with the General Index to the first 
5 series bound in 2 vols.). KLa (409) $15.00. 


Kstats, Empires, Royaumes et Principautez. Par le Sieur D. T. 
V. Y. Paris, 1655. Fol. 
Cont. cf. (few marginal holes and water stains). LL( 163) $70.00. 

NO YES (James). Moses and Aaron; or, the Rights of Church 
and State, etc. London, T. R. for Edmund Paxton, 1661. Sm. 

New vel., ties. QQ (337) $16.00. 

NUGENT (Nicholas). The Case of Nicholas Nugent . . . With 
Copies of Letters which passed between him and General Craig, 
Lord Barrington and the Judge Advocate, on [his] Application 
for a Court Martial on himself, etc. London, Almon, 1776. 

New cf. FF (9) $10.00. 

NUftEZ CABEZA DE VACA (Alvar). La relacion y Comen- 
tarios. [Valladolid, F. F. de Cordova, 1555.] Sm. 410. 

Mor., tooled, g.e., by Bedford (rubbed, orig. paper defects at corners 
of a few leaves repaired, inscription on title). L(3o)$4io.oo. 


NUTTALL (Thomas). A Journal of Travels into the Arkansa 

Territory, during the Year 1819. Folding map and plates. Phila., 

1821. 8vo. 

Hf. cf. (writing on some margins). L(i37)$4o.oo. 
Hf. mor., g.t. FF (99) $45.00. 
Hf. mor., g.t. BC(43)$30.oo. 

NUTTING (Wallace). A Collection of his Writings on Amer- 
ican Furniture, v.p. [1917-28]. I2mo and roy. 8vo. 
Cl. DE(i88)$ 

OAKES (Urian). The Unconquerable, All-Conquering, and more 
than Conquering Souldier. ... A Sermon preached at Boston 


OAKES (Urian) Continued. 

... on the Day of the Artillery-Election there, June 3, 1672. 

Cambridge, S. Green, 1674. Sm. 4to. 
Cf. (first and last leaf in photostat). J(i48)$6o.oo. 

O'BEIRNE (Thomas Lewis). A Candid and Impartial Narra- 
tive of the Transactions of the Fleet under the Command of Lord 
Howe, from the Arrival of the Toulon Squadron, on the Coast 
of America, to the time of His Lordship's departure for Eng- 
land, with Observations. By an officer then serving in the fleet. 
London, J. Almon, i/79- 8vo. 

Cf. P( 4 6)$i5.2 5 . 

O'BRIEN (Fitz- James). Poems and Stories. Ed. by William 
Winter. Portrait and illustrations. Boston, 1881. 121110. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (William Winter-Lester Wallack copy, with inscriptions 
by the former ; laid in are A. N. S. of Wallack, 2 D. S. of 
O'Brien, and an orig. drawing of one of the illustrations). EF 
(798) $10.00. 


Rupture with Spain. See WILKES (John). 

O'CONNOR (William D.). The Good Gray Poet: a Vindica- 
tion. N.Y., 1866. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc. L( 200) $12.00. 

ODELL (George C. D.). Annals of the New York Stage. X.V. 

Columbia Univ. Press, 1927-28. 4 vols.. roy. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. DE(i89)$i5.oo. 

(ECONOMY (The) OF HUMAN LIFE. Translated from an 
Indian Manuscript written by an Ancient Bramin. Attributed to 
Philip Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield, also to Robert Dodsk-y. 
Frontis. London, 1751. I2mo. 

Cf., g.e., by Birdsall. F( 36) $24.00. 

OGDEN (John C.). A Tour through Upper and Lower Canada. 

Litchfield, 1799. Sm. Svo. 
Cont. sheep. FF( 102) $32.50. 

OGILVIE (Will H.). Over the Grass. IIlu... in color by Lionel 

lid wards. London [1027]. Roy. Svo. 
34 cf., g.t.; in bd. case. YYa( 155) $9.00. 

O'HANLAN (Redmond). The Irish Freebooter. Col. folding 
frontis. by G. Cruikshank. London [1823], I2mo. 

Cf., unc. (catalogue description i>aste<l down on fly leaf, Sir David 
Salomons copy ) . V V ( 1 52 ) $37.50. 

O'HIGGINS (Harvey Jerrold). Alias Walt Whitman. Newark. 

Carteret Book Club, 1930. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (with presentation slip of Wilbur Maccy Stone to 

George H. Sargent ) . DD ( 38 ) $8.00. 

OHIO COMPANY. Articles of an Association by the Name 

of The Ohio Company. 12 pp. Worcester. Mass., Isaiah Thomas, 
1786. 24010. 
Orig. paper, in cover and cl. case. BC(8)$65.oo. 

OLD CHINA MAGAZINE. Vol. I, Xo. i-Vol. Ill, No. 12.; Oct.. 

I90i-Sept., 1904. Syracuse, 1901-04. 3 vols., Svo. 
Cl. XO(262)$6o.oo. 


OLDMIXON. (John). The British Empire in America. 8 maps. 

London, 1708. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Old cf. (binding poor, few leaves stained, early marginal inscriptions ; 

C. S. Jordan copy). L(i38)$n.oo. 
The British Empire in America. 8 maps. London, 1741. 2 

vols., 8vo. 
Old cf. (rehinged). UU( 154) $8.00. 

OLIO (The). Comp. and abridged by Enoch May. Indianapolis, 

1846. I2mo. 

$4 mor., g.t. 00(454) $20.00. 
OLIPHANT (George H. H.). The Law concerning Horses, 

Racing, Wagers, and Gaming; with an Appendix. Phila., 1847. 
Hf. cf. (text foxed). R(5Q)$i4.oo. 

OLIVER (William). Eight Months in Illinois; with Informa- 
tion to Emigrants. Newcastle upon Tyne, 1843. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., unc. ; in cl. case (new end papers, repairs). UU(i55) 

OMAR KHAYYAM. Rubaiyat. Rendered into English Verse 
| by Edward Fitzgerald]. London, 1868. 4to. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (new backstrip, text soiled; copy used 
to make the Columbus Edition of 1870, with pencilled signature 
of Col. J. Watson on title; inserted is a certificate, signed by 
F. F. D. Albery, giving the history of this copy and of the part 
it played in the introduction of Fitzgerald's poem to America. 
Accompanied by a reprint of the First Edition published by the 
Clason Pub. Co., Denver, Col.). 0(124) $180.00. 

Orig. paper, in hf. mor. case (backstrip repaired). R( 263) $225.00. 

Rubaiyat. Rendered into English Verse [by Edward Fitz- 
gerald]. London, 1872. 4to. 
Cl., unc., in hf. mor. case (rubbed). EF( 434) $10.00. 

Rubaiyat. Trans, by Edward Fitzgerald. Drawings by Elihu 

Vedder. Boston [1886]. 4to. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.c., by David. ZZ (208) $30.00. 

Rubaiyat. Trans, by Edward Heron-Allen. Decorations by 

Ella Hallwarcl. London, 1898. 8vo. 
Bds., g.t., unc. (backstrip torn). K( 431) $8.00. 

The Rubaiyat. Trans, by Edward Fitzgerald. Col. illustrations 

by Gilbert James. London, 1908. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e. U(i 06) $30.00. 

The Rubaiyat. 12 plates, in color, by Gilbert James. London, 

Riviere, 1928. 8vp. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.c., by Riviere. X( 14) $30.00. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Riviere. TTa( 75) $22.50. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Riviere; in cl. case. VV( 153) $35.00. 
Mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Riviere; in cl. case. XX(38)$2o.oo. 
Cf., tooled, g.e., by Riviere; in cl. case. YYa( 68) $12.00. 

Rubaiyat. Trans, by Edward Fitzgerald. Col. plates by Ed- 
mund Dulac. N.Y. and London, n.d. 4to. 
Buckram (covers soiled). II (142) $8. 50. 

Rubaiyat. T*rans. by Edward Fitzgerald. Intro, by A. C. Ben- 


OMAR KHAYYAM Continued. 

son. Reproduced from a Manuscript written and illuminated by 
F. Sangorski and G. Sutcliffe. [London, n.d.] Fol. 

Mor., tooled, inlaid, jewelled, g.e., gilt clasps, by Sangorski; in cl. 
case. U(28)$ioo.oo. 

Vel. (shaken and soiled). XX (337) $31.00. 

Rubiiyat. [Facsimile of the first edition issued on the hundredth 

anniversary of the birth of Edward Fitzgerald.] Japanese paper, 
signed by officers of the Omar Khayyam Club of America. 

Mor., tooled, g.t. II (392) $12.00. 

O'MEARA (B. .). Napoleon in Exile. Portraits. London, 

1822. 2 vols., 8vo. 
24 mor., g.t., by Zaehnsdorf. TTa( 124) $14.00. 

O'MEARA (James). Broderick and Gwin, the Most Extraor- 
dinary Contest for a Seat in the Senate of the United States ever 
known, a Brief History of Early Politics in California. San 
Fran., 1881. i6mo. 

Paper. 7(175) $10.00. 


O'NEILL (Eugene G.). The Emperor Jones. [In Theatre Arts 

Magazine. Vol. 5, No. I, Jan. 1921.] X.V., 1021. 8vo. 
Paper, unc. ; in hf. mor. case. EF(8oo)$i2.5O. 

The Hairy Ape. With Nine Illustrations by Alexander 

King. N.Y., 1929. Large 8vo. 
Decorated bds., unc. (signed). K(39i)$8.oo. 

Strange Interlude. Signed. X.Y., 1928. 8\o. 

Vel., unc., unopened. K( 389) $20.00. 
Vel., unc.; in case. YY( 142) $17.50. 

Thirst and other One Act Plays. Boston [1914]. I2mo. 

Bds., in hf. mor. case. EF( 799) $55.00. 

Complete Works. Signed. N.Y., 1924. 8vo. 

Bds., unopened. Q( 397) $27.00. 

Orig. bds., unc. CC( 148) $22.50. 

Bds., unc. (A. L. S. laid in). JK (328) $32.00. 

OPPfi (Adolf Paul). Thomas Rowlandson, his Drawings and 

Water-Colours. Plates, many in color. London. The Studio, 
1923. Fol. 
Orig. bds., unc.; in cl. portfolio. X(i6o)$io.oo. 



OREGON. Settlement Stock Broadside, signed by R. P. Wil- 
liams and J. McNeil share, entitling the settler to 160 acres of 
land. 1832. 4to. 

HI(i04)$8. 5 o. 



ORME (Edward). Collection of British Field Sports. Col. en- 
graved title, col. engraved List of Plates, and 20 col. aquatint 
plates. London, Edward Orme, 1807 [ -08 J. Oljl. fol. 

Old bds., green mor. back and corners (worn; plates V, VIII, and 


ORME (Edward) Continued. 

XVII hinged and smaller than the remainder, the latter with 
marginal tear; List of Plates hinged, with corner restored). ZZ 


ORTEGA (Jose). Apostolicos Afanes de la Compania de Jesus, 

escritos por un Padre de la Misma Sagrada Religion de su 
Provincia de Mexico. Barcelona, 1754. Sm. 4to. 
Orig. vel. L(i6) $70.00. 

ORTELIUS (Abraham). Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. Col. title 
and portrait, and 92 col. maps. Antwerp, Plantin, 1579. Fol. 

Old cf. (half of map of Germany lacking, cartouche cut from one map, 
several maps repaired and remargined; W. Constable copy). F 
(263) $80.00. 

ORTON (J. W.). The Miner's Guide and Metallurgist's Direc- 
tory. N.Y., 1849. i6mo. 
Orig. cl. IJ(22)$is.oo. 

OSGOOD (Ira). A Genealogy of the descendants of John, 

Christopher and William Osgoucl. Ed. by Eben Putnam. Frontis. 
Salem, Mass., 1894. 8vo. 

Cl. A(i03)$i7.50. 

OSLER (Sir William). Incunabula Medica: a Study of the 
Earliest Printed Medical Books, 1467-1480. Portrait and fac- 
similes. Oxford, Bibliographical Society, 1923. 4to. 

Bds., g.t., unc. DD(i64)$i2.50. 

OVID. The Love Books. Trans, by J. Lewis May. Illustrations 

by Jean de Bosschere, some in color. London, 1925. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., uncut. K (34) $10.50. 
Cl., uncut. S( 297) $8.00. 

The Love Books. Trans, by Charles D. Young. Together with 

the Elegie. Trans, by Christopher Marlowe. Illus., in color, by 
Alexander King, n.p., privately printed, 1930. 8vo. 

Hf. cl., unc. K( 392) $8.00. 

Metamorphosoen. ["156 leaves, being leaves 217-372 of the 

Opera.] Bologna, Axoguidus, 1480. Fol. (Hain 12142). 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (some lea\es discolored, some initials faded; MS. 
headlines in cant, hand, marginal inscriptions ; armorial stamp on 
first page). LL( 47) $180.00. 

Le Metamorfosi. Trans, by G. A. dell'Anguillara. Woodcuts. 

Venetia, 1669. Sm. 8vo. 
Old vel. (David Garrick copy). F(264)$io.oo. 

Opera. [Ed. by Joannes Calphurnius.] 410 leaves (should be 

412, but lacks first blank and final leaf of tables). Venice, Rubeus, 
1474. 3 vols., fol. (Hain 12138). 

Mor., tooled (worn, hinges cracked; no. of leaves rubbed and soiled, 
with faded marginal inscriptions ; some leaves in first vol. slightly 
deteriorated and discolored ; occasional marginal restorations ; 
Sidney G. Hamilton copy). JK (330) $62. 50. 

OVIEDO Y V ALDUS (Gonzalo Fernandez de). Historia Gen- 
eral y Natural de las Inclias, etc. 15 plates. Madrid. 1851-55. 
4 vols., 4to. 

Hf. inor., g.t, unc. (cracked, rubbed). L( 139) $25.00. 


OWEN (Letitia W.). The Life and History of Mary and her 

Little Lamb. Worcester, 1913. 8vo. 
Orig. bds. (autographed by G. H. Sargent, E. F. Thompson, Otis G. 

Hammond, A. E. Newton, and others). DD( 165) $10.00. 

OXFORD and ASQUITH (Margot Tennant Asquith, Countess 
of). Love Letters. London, Privately Printed by John Buinpus, 
1903. 8vo. 

Cl. (inscribed to Edmund Gosse, tipped in are 2 A. L. S. to Gosse). 
EF( 14) $10.00. 

OXFORD. Views of all the Colleges, Halls, and Public Build- 
ings in the University and City of Oxford. 42 etchings, col. by 
hand. Oxford, n.d. Obi. i6mo. 

Mor., g.t., by Riviere. R(4O3)$i5.oo. 


Arthur T. Quiller-Couch. Oxford, 1925. i2mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Bayntun; in cl. case. TTa(i39) 

OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE. A History of the University 

of Oxford. Portrait and 81 col. plates. 2 vols. 1814: [with] A 

History of the University of Cambridge. Portrait and 78 col. 

plates. 2 vols. 1815; [and] Additional vol. containing 49 col. 

portraits of the founders of both universities. London. 1814-15. 5 

vols., 4to. 
Old hf. cf. (worn, 4 vols. rebacked, offsets from plates). DE(2) 


PAGAN (Blaise F. de). An Historical & Geographical Descrip- 
tion of the Great Country & River of the Amazones in America. 

Trans, by William Hamilton. Folding map. London, 1661. Sin. 

Hf. cf. (covers loose, writing on title, stamp on verso of title). L 

(140) $32.50. 

PAGE (Thomas Nelson). In Ole Virginia. X.Y.. 1887. 121110. 

Cl. M( 196) $15.00. 

Orig. cl. (rubbed, inscription inside cover, pp. 18 and 19 stained). II 

(356) $20.00. 
G. JJ (200) $12.00. 

Red Rock: a Chronicle of Reconstruction. X.Y., 1898. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. AA(i40)$8.oo. 


of the United States. Independence Edition. New Haven, 1925- 

29. 15 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. V (305) $23.00. 
Cl. W(i28)$32.50. 

PAINE (Albert Bigelow). Mark Twain: a Biography. N.Y., 

1912. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. cl., unc. (tipped in is A L. S.). SS(2i6)$45.oo. 
PALEY (William). The Principles of Moral and Political 

Philosophy. Phila., 1788. I2mo. 
Cf. (Elias Boudinot copy). PP(56)$8.50. 

PALLADIO (Andrea). The First Book of Architecture. Trans. 

by Godfrey Richards. Plates. London, 1700. 4to. 
Cf. X0(26 4 )$i2.oo. 


PALLAS (Peter S.). Travels Through the Southern Provinces 

of the Russian Empire, I793-I794- Col. plates, and maps. Lon- 
don, 1802-03. 2 vols., 4to. 

Cf. (hinge of each vol. split, hole in fly leaves of second vol., 2 plates 
lacking) . TT (307 ) $9oo. 

PALLISER (Mrs. Bury). History of Lace. London, 1865. 8vo. 

Mor., g.e., by Riviere. TT (308) $8.00. 

PALMER (George Herbert). A Catalogue of Early and Rare 
Editions of English Poetry collected and presented to Wellesley 
College by [him]. Boston, 1923. 8vo. 

Cl., g.t. (leather bookplate inside cover)'. TT(3O9)$i5.oo. 

PALMER (Joel). Journal of Travels over the Rocky Moun- 
tains, to the Mouth of the Columbia River. Cincinnati, James, 
1851. I2mo. 

Sheep (hinges broken). NO (265) $55.00. 

PALMER (Sir Thomas). An Essay of the Meanes how to make 

our Trauailes, into forraine Countries, the more profitable and 

honourable. 4 folding tables. London, H. Lfownes] for Mathew 

Lownes, 1606. Sm. 4to. 
Sewed, in half mor. case (signature marks and one line of text cut 

from preliminary leaves, last 2 blanks missing). LL( no) $80.00. 
Orig. vcl. QQ(35O$85-oo. 
PALOU (Francisco). Noticias de la Nueva California. Intro. 

by John T. Doyle, signed by him. 18 photographs. San Fran., 

1874. 4 vols.. 8vo. 
Orig. paper, uncut (piece missing from each of 3 backs ; wrappers 

soiled, Cal. Hist. Soc. slip pasted on one). L(i42)$6o.oo. 

Relation Historica de la Vida y Apostolicas Tareas del Ven- 
erable Padre Fray Junipero Serra, y dc las Misiones que fundo 
en la California Septentrional, y nuevos establecimientos de Mon- 
terey. Folding map and portrait. Mexico, 1787. Sm. 4to. 

Orig. vel. L(i4i)$i4O.oo. 

PANTHER (Abraham). A very Surprising: Narrative of a 

Young Woman . . . taken bv the Savage Indians ... in ... 
1777, and seeing no Human Being for the Space of Nine Long 
Years. In a Letter from a Gentleman to his Friend. Windsor, 
Alden Spooner. 1704. T2mo. 

Sc\\cd, in hf. mor. case (stained, cont. writing on last blank). UU 
(103) $105.00. 


laid before Roth Houses of Parliament on [Jan. 20,] 1/62. Lon- 
don. Mark Baskett. 1762. 4to. 

Paper, sewed: in cl. case (Lord (irenville copy, with MS. annota- 
tions ) . FF ( 1 05 ) $26.00. 

PAPWORTH (John B.). Select Views of London. 76 col. 

aquatint plates. London, Ackerinann. 1816. Roy. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.e., by Riviere (a few plates soiled at margin). R(40O) 

PARISH-WATSON AND CO., INC. Chinese Pottery of the 

Han. T'ang, and Sung Dynasties owned and exhibited by [this 

Cnmpaiiv]. 17 col. plates. N.Y., 1917. 4to. 
Bds., imc. W (43) $8.00, 


PARK (Lawrence). Gilbert Stuart. Portraits. N.Y., Rudge, 

1926. 4 vols., 4to. 
CL, g.t. W(i57)$52.50. 
Another copy. W( 159) $45.00. 
CL, g.t. DE (227) $35.00. 
Cl. JK(333)$25.oo. 
CL, g.t. JK (401) $57-50. 
PARKER (Sir Gilbert). Pierre and His People. Fourth edition; 

[also] An Adventurer of the North. Second edition. London, 

1897. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Mor., g.e. (inscribed to Edmund Gosse). MN(25g)$9.oo. 

PARKER (Henry). Dialogue of Dives and Pauper. 142 leaves 
(should be 144). London, Pynson, 1493. Fol. 

English i8th century calf, tooled (rubbed, hinges partly cracked, de- 
fects in blank corners of a few leaves, some upper inner corners 
discolored, one leaf torn; 2 blanks preliminary leaf of table of 
contents and last leaf of last quire missing; n printed leaves 
of "contents" are bound in at end : 2 notes on fly leaves in hand 
of Michael Maittaire). LL( 55) $450.00. 

The Generall Junto, or the Councell of Union, chosen equally 

out of England, Scotland and Ireland, for the better compacting 
of three Nations into one Monarchy, etc. Printed, Anno Dom. 
1642. Fol. 

Cont. lev. mor.; legend of presentation to William Kerr, third Karl 
of Lothian, incorporated in tooling ; g.e. ( leaves water-stained. 2 
corners repaired; cont. list of errata on fly leaf: with earh 
Lothian bookplate and Xewbattle Abbey label). LL( 88) $17000. 

PARKMAN (Francis). The California and Oregon Trail: be- 
ing Sketches of Prairie and Rocky Mountain Life. Frontis. and 
engraved title. X.Y., 1849. umo. 

Orig. cl.. in hf. mor. case (foxed and worn. Baker Johnson copy). 

[His] Works . . . and a Life, by Charles Haight Farnham. 

Frontenac Edition. Boston. 11X99, 1900, and 1907. 17 vols , 8vo. 
Y mor., g.t. XX(3i3)$3<i.oo. 

PARKYNS (G. J.). Monastic and Baronial Remains, with Other 
Interesting Fragments of Antiquity, in England, Wales, and Scot- 
land, loo col. plates. London, 1816. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere. R(284)$i7.5O. 

PARRISH (M. L.). See DODGSON (C. L.).. 

PARRY (William). A new and large discourse of the Trauels 

of sir Anthony Sherley ... to the Persian Umpire. London, 

Valentine Simmes for Felix Norton, ifoi. Sm. 4to. 
Sewed, in hf. mor. case (measures 6 ir >io x 5J/j in.; 10 leaves lightly 

stained ; "Gratiam da Deus He. Rolf" in cont. hand on first page 

of text). LL(io6; $500.00. 
PARSONS (Jonathan). Good News from a Far Country. In 

Seven Discourses from I Tim. i, 15. Portsmouth, X.I I., Fowlc, 

1/56. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. X0(267)$35.oo. 

PATER (Walter). Marius, the Epicurean. London, 1885. j 
vols., 8vo. 


PATER (Walter) Continued. 
Orig. cl., unc. K (394) $30.00. 

CL, unc.; in hf mor case (writing on end papers, name on title, W. 
Van R. Whitall copy). O(239)$i75o. 

Studies in the History of the Renaissance. 1873 ; [also] Im- 
aginary Portraits. 1887. London, 1873-87 2 vols , 8vo. 
Orig. cl, unc K(393)$isoo 

-A Collection of First Editions of his Writings. London, 1873- 

96 9 vols , 8vo. 
f. lev ' " 

Hf. lev mor., tooled, gt, unc, by Riviere (ong cl covers bound in). 

Complete Works. London, Macmillan, 1910-14. 10 vols , 8vo 

% mor., ge V(3O7)$4i oo 

PATMORE (Coventry). Odes. (Not Published ) [London, 

privatel> printed for presentation to friends, 1868 ] I2mo 
Orig paper, in cl. folder. EF(8o2)$iooo 

PATON (Lucy Allen). Selected Bindings from the Gennadius 
Library 38 col plates Intro and descriptions by L A Paton. 
Cambridge, Amer School of Classical Studies at Athens, 1924. 

Ong cl. TT(52)$iioo 

PATTERSON (Alexander). Petition presented by [him] to the 

Legislature of Pennsyhania, during the Session of 1803, for com- 
pensation for Monies and Service in Defence of the 
Penns>hania title, against the Connecticut Claimants Lancaster, 
1804 8vo 
U nbouncl J ( 1 58 ) $24 oo 


PATTERSON (Samuel). Narrative of [his] Adventures and 

Sufferings uith an account of the Feegee and Sandwich Is- 

lands Palmer [RI], 1817 I2mo 
Cf VV(i45)$i200 

PATTIE (James O.). Personal Narrative . . . during an Ex- 
pedition from St Louis [to] the Pacific Ocean, etc 5 plates 
Cincinnati, 1833 I2mo 

Ong cf (covers loose, foxed, one leaf torn at corner, title and some 
other leaves stained at corner . 2 plates stained, others foxed, 
offsets). L( 143) $85 oo 

PAULI (Gustav). Zeichnungen alter Meister in der Kunsthalle 

zu Hamburg Niederlander. 36 plates, some in color Frankfurt 
am Mam, 1924 At fol 
Cl (plates are tipped on cardboard). JK( 335) $1000 

PAYSON (Phillips). A Memorial of Lexington Battle . . . 

a Sermon preached at Lexington April [19,] 1782, the Anniversary 
of the Commencement of the War between Great-Britain and 
America 1775 Boston, Edes & Sons, 1782 8\o 

Sewed, unc XO( 269) $2000 

PEACOCK (Thomas L.). The Misfortunes of Elphin. London, 

l829 121110 

Ong. bds , unc , in hf mor case (inscribed to Wm. Love). EF 


PEALE (Rembrandt). Graphics: a Manual of Drawing and 

Writing. 8 plates. N.Y., 1835. 12010. 

Cl. (backstrip defective, piece torn from fly leaf, one end paper lack- 
ing, writing on one page). W( 129) $10.00. 

PECK (George W.). Peck's Bad Boy and his Pa. Illus. by Gean 

Smith. Chic., 1883. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (backstrip repaired). AA( 142) $14.00. 
Cl. (rubbed and shaken). XX(3i5)$ii.oo. 
Orig. paper (worn). YY( 146) $30.00. 

The Grocery Man and Peck's Bad Boy: being: a Continuation 

of Peck's Bad Boy and his Pa. Illustrations. Chic., 1883. I2mo. 
Cl. (spotted). T(i83)$i3.oo. 

PECKHAM (Sir George). A trve Reporte of the late Discou- 

eries and Possessions, taken in the Right of the Crowne of Kng- 
lande, of the Newfound Landes. By ... Sir Humfrcy Gilbert, 
Knight. London. I. C. for lohn Hinde. 1583. Sm. 4to. 
Old cf., in hf. mor. case (rebacked. stains on 3 leaves, cont. names 
on last blank; size 6"s x 5M? in.: a complete copy. The 5 leaves 
of verses contain verses by the following: Leaf i. (recto) Sir Wil- 
liam Pelham. (verso) Sir Francis Drake; 2. (recto) John Haw- 
kins, (verso) Captain Bingham: 3. (recto) Captain Frobisher. 
(verso) Captain Chester and Mathew Roydon; 4. (recto) 
Anthony Parkhurst, (verso) Arthur Hawkins: and 5. (recto) 
John Achelley. This copy contains the 3 leaves of "Articles of As- 
suraunce" at the end). LL( 98) $3250.00. 

PEEL (Edmund). Judas Maccabaeus: an Heroic Poem. Lon- 
don, 1864. 12010. 

Cl., in cl. case (inscribed by Lord Alfred Tennyson to \V. Allinghani). 

PLADAN (Josephin). Frans Hals. Col. frontis. and photo- 
gravure plates. Paris. Goupil, 1912. 4to. 

Lev. mor.. tooled, g.t., unc., by Durvand (orig. wrappers bound in ) . 

PELHAM (Camden). The Chronicle of Crime; or, the New 
Newgate Calendar. ^2 plates by "Phiz." London, 1841. 2 vols., 

Cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Riviere (orig. cl. covers bound in). Sdifi) 

PEMBERTON (Ebenezer). Heaven, the Residence of the 

Saints: a Sermon occasioned by the Death of Georpc \Vhiteficld 
... to which is added an elegiac Poem on his death by Phyllis 
. . . Wheatley. London, 1771. 8vo 
FF( 167) $14.00. 

PEMBROKE AND MONTGOMERY (Earl of). Collections. 
See STRONG (S. Arthur). 

PEN (William). [Pamphlet.] The Farmer's Daughter, of Es- 
sex: being a History of the Life and Sufferings of Miss Clarissa 
Dalton. n.p., for Chapman \Vhitcomb, n.d. [about 1800-10! 8vo. 

Sewed (title torn, without affecting letter press; stains). KK(33-) 




PENN (William). England's Present Interest discover' d with 
Honour to the Prince, and Safety to the People, etc. First Edi- 
tion, title-page without author's name and last page with 5-line 
list of Errata, at foot. [London,] 1675. Sm. 4to. 

Paper, in cl. case. FF( 107) $26.00. 

[4 Tracts:] The Great Case of Liberty of Conscience, etc. 

1670; An Address to Protestants upon the Present Conjuncture. 

1670: A Perswasive to Moderation to Church Dissenters, etc. 

r 16861; [and] Truth Exalted. 1671. [London,] 1670-86. 4to. 
Cont. cf. (hinge broken, 4 vols. in one). NO (270) $32.50. 

[Tract.] A Perswasive to Moderation to Church Dissenters. 

in Prudence and Conscience, Humbly Submitted to the King and 
his Great Councel. [London, 1686.] 4to. 
Cf., R.C., by Zaehnsdorf. FF(io8) $26.00. 

To the Churches of Jesus throughout the World, etc. [Lon- 
don,] 1677. Sm. 4to. 
Hf. cf. FF(io9)$i8.oo. 

PENN (William) and MEAD (William). The People's Ancient 

and Ttist Liberties Asserted, in the Tryal of William Penn, and 
William Mead ... in London, Sept. [1-5,] '70, against the most 
Arbitrary procedure of that Court. [London.] 1670. Sq. I2mo. 
Mor.. g.t. (with misspelling "Asssrted" in title and with various typo- 
graphical errors). IJ( 117) $20.00. 

PENNELL (Elizabeth Robins). Italy's Garden of Eden. Illus. 

by Joseph Pcnnell. [Phila.,1 Pennell Club, 1927. 8vo. 
Grig, bds., uncut ( signed"). 1)D( 172) $14.00. 

PENNELL (E. R. and Joseph). The Life of James McNeill 

Whistler. Illustrations. London, 1008. 2 vols.. 4to. 
TM.s.. nnc. (tipped in Vol. II is post card bearing A. N. S. of Whistler). 


IWs. (rubbed and shaken). TT (435) $7. 50. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t, unc. (Japan paper. John Nolty copy). JK(336) 


Lithograohy and Lithographers. Plates. X.Y., 1915. Fol. 

Cl. C;G (243) $12.00. 

The Whistler Journal. Autograph Edition. Phila.. 1921. Sm. 

Oricr. buckram, g.t. AA(i45)$n.oo. 

PENNELL (Joseph). Aubrey Beardsley and Other Men of the 

Nineties. Frontis. by TJeardslev. Phila., [privately printed for 
the Pennell Club.] 1024. Imp. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. (inserted are J A. L.). DD( 170) $30.00. 

Etchers and Etching. N.Y.. K>IO. 4to. 

Orig. buckram. V (310) $25.00. 

Pen Drawing and Pen Draughtsmen. London, 1880. Sm. fol. 

Parchment, unc. AA(i43)$n.oo. 

Pen Drawing and Pen Draughtsmen. London, 1021. 4to. 

Hf. mor.. g.t. (Japan paper, signed). V (311) $26.00. 

Catalogue of fhisl Etchings. Comp. by Louis A. Wuerth. 

Boston, 1928; [also his] Life and Letters. 2 vols., Boston, 1929; 


PENNELL (Joseph) Continued. 

[also] Memorial Exhibition of [his] Works. Phi la., 1926. Bos- 
ton and Phila., 1926-29. 4 vols., v.s. 

V.b. JK(337)$3S.oo. 

PENNSYLVANIA. [Broadside.] An Act for Appointing 

Deputies from this Commonwealth to a Convention proposed to 
be held in the City of Phila. in May next for the purpose of Re- 
vising the Federal Constitution. . . . John Beckley and H. Brooke. 
Phila., 1786. Fol. 
In slip case. BC(o6)$37.5o. 

Anno Regni Georgii II., Regis, Magnae Britannia, Franciae 

& Hiberniae, Vigesimo Quarto. At a General Assembly of the 
Province of Pennsylvania, begun and holden at Phila. [Oct. 14,] 
1750 . . . and from thence continued by Adjournments to [Jan. 7,] 
I75O- 1 - PP- 129-150. Phila., B. Franklin, 1751. Fol. 

Orig. stitching, unc. (last leaf lacking). 6(32) $15.00. 

Anno Regni Georgii III., Regis, Magnae Britannia, Franciae 

& Hiberniae, Tertio. At a General Assembly of the Province of 
Pennsylvania . . . begun and holden at Phila. [Oct. 14,] 1763 
. . . and from thence continued by Adjournments to [Oct. 22,] 
1763. Pp. 299-311. Phila., B. Franklin. 1763. Fol. 

Orig. stitching, unc. G( 34) $58.00. 

The Articles, Settlement and Offices of the Free Society of 

Traders in Pennsylvania, agreed upon by Divers Merchants and 
Others for the Better Improvement and Government of Trade in 
that Province. London, for Benjamin Clark, Printer to the So- 
ciety of Pennsylvania, 1682. Sm. fol. 
Lev. mor., by Riviere. QQ( 353) $650.00. 

The Charter of Privileges, granted by William Penn, Esq. to 

the Inhabitants of Pensilvania and Territories. 8 pp. 1741 ; 
[bound with pp. 1-178 only of] Laws of the Government of Xew- 
Castle, Kent and Sussex upon Delaware. 1741. Phila., B. Frank- 
lin, 1741. Sm. fol. 

Orig. paper, unc. (worn; 2 vols. in one, MS. index to the la\\s on 
margins of first title; another MS. index laid in; John Richard- 
son copy). UU (36) $105.00. 

The Charters of the Province of Pensilvania and the City 

of Philadelphia. Phila., B. Franklin. 1742. Fol. 
Cont. cf. (binding broken. Appendix bound in). RR( 75) $47.00. 
Cf. (worn, front cover loose, pp. stained, name on title). MX(ioo) 


The Charters and Acts of Assembly of the Province of 

Pennsylvania. Printed by Peter MiHer and Comp. ; (also] An 
Appendix, Containing such Acts of Assembly . . . for Regulating 
oi Descents, etc. \A true copy taken irom the Journals of the 
House by the Clerk of the Assembly, Charles Moore.) Phila.. 
1762. Fol. 

Cf. (worn, front cover loose, some pp. stained; 2 vols. in one). MX 
(261 a) $14.00. 


Laws, of the First Sitting of the Fifth General Assembly, 



of the Commonwealth . . . which met at Phila. on [Oct. 23,] 1780. 

22 pp. [Phila.] John Dunlap [1780]. Fol. 
Unc. FG(2io)$i6.oo. 

Wyoming Lands. See PATTERSON (Alexander). 

See also STOVER (Christian). 

PENNSYLVANIA GAZETTE (The). Phila., B. Franklin, v.d. 

July 2(>, 1744 (piece missing from second leaf). BC (45) $18.00. 

Aug. 23, 1744 (one corner damaged). BC( 44) $18.00. 

Aug. 15, 1745. BC(46)$i8.oo. 

July 12, 1746, Supplement, 2 pp., "Farther Account of the late Battle 
at Culloden Muir," etc.; in cl. case (outer margins cut close). 
BC( 66) $18.00. 

[March, 1747,] Supplement, 2 pp., "New York, March 9, On Tuesday 
last arrived here Capt. Butler . . . and by some Publick Prints 
brought with him, we have the following Advices, viz. The Pas- 
sage of the War was yesterday effected in the best Mannerpossible, 
and without much Resistance, the Enemy quitting their Post one 
after another," etc.; unc. ; in cl. case. BC(64)$i8.oo. 

The Pennsylvania Gazette. Nos. 2037-2140 (No. 2080 miss- 
ing). Jan. 7, 1768, to Dec. 28, 1769. With 7 of the Postscripts 
and Supplements. Phila., Hall and Sellers, 1768-69. Fol. 

Cont. bds., leather back (one no. clipped). UU (156) 140.00. 


\ertiser. Jan. 4, 1775 to Xuv. 27, 1776: Xps. 1674-1773. Phila., 
William and Thomas Bradford, 1775-76. Fol. 
Cont. hf. cf. L( 144) $925.00. 

PENNSYLVANIA PACKET. [Continuation of Dunlap's Penn- 
sylvania Packet.] See DUXLAP. 

PENNYPACKER (Samuel W.). The Settlement of German- 
town, Pennsylvania, and the Beginning of German Emigration to 
North America. Portraits. Phila., 1899. Roy. 8vo. 

Buckram, g.t., unc. F(i(2orj) $10.00. 

PENROSE (Thomas). A Sketch of the Lives and Writings of 
Dante and Petrarch. London. Stockdalc. 1790. lOmo. 

Bds., in hf. nmr. case ( Robert Browning-Jerome Kern copy, with 
signature of the former on half-title and 33 lines of notes in hi* 
hand ) . E F ( 1 32 ) $37.50. 

PEPYS (Samuel). Memoirs, comprising his Diary . . . and a 

Selection from his Private Correspondence. Ed. by Richard, Lord 
Hraybrooke. Portraits and plates. London, 1825. 2 vols., 4to. 
Hf. cf., tooled, g.e. (rubbed, a few offsets and fox-marks). EF(8o8) 

Diary and Correspondence. 1871 ; [with] The Diary and 

Correspondence of John Evelyn. 1872. London, 1871-72. 8 vols., 

Cf. (rubbed, name on fly leaf). U(i8i) $25.00. 

Diary and Correspondence. Ed. by Richard. Lord Braybrooke. 

I-arge Paper Edition. N.Y., Dodd, Mead, 1884. 10 vols., 8vo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. X( 144) $150.00. 


PEPYS (Samuel) Continued. 

Diary. With Lord Braybrooke's Notes. Ed., with Additions, 

by Henry B. Wheatley. London, 1803-90. TO vols., 8vo. 
Hf. cf., g.t., by Zaehnsdoff (backs faded). F (265) $40.00. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski (with his "Private Correspondence 

and Miscellaneous Papers." 2 vols., 10,26, and "Diary of John 

Evelyn," 4 vols., 1006; together 16 vols.). U(i82)$85.oo. 
Cl., g.t. (rubbed and shaken, one hinge split; bookplate). TT(3i2) 

Cl., unc. (Large paper). GH( 192) $55.00. 

Diary. With Lord Bravbrooke's Notes. Ed., with Additions, by 

Henry B. Wheatley. Illustrations. London, 1896-99. 9 vols., 
8vo. " 

Cl., g.t., unc. (Large paper). O(24o)$20.oo. 

Diary. Ed. by H. B. Wheatley. London, 1924. 3 vols. 

V 4 mor. (India pap'er edition). CD (350) $8.75. 

Everybody's Pepys. The Diary of Samuel Pepys, 1660-1669. 

Illus. by E. H. Shepard. London. 1027. I2mo. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Riviere. TTa( 131) $16.00. 

PERCIVAL (James G.). Clio. No. I. Charleston, 1822. lOmo. 
Orig. paper (frayed, name erased from title). X(287)$io.oo. 

PERCY (Thomas, Bishop). Folio Manuscript: Ballads and Ro- 
mances. Ed. by Tohn \V. Hales and F. T. Furnivall. London, 
1867-68. 4 vols".. "8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (rubbed). L (234) $7.50. 

Reliques of Ancient English Poetry. Frontis. London. 1765. 

3 vols., I2mo. 

Cont. sheep (Thomas Weld copy). O(2di) $55.00. 
Cont. cf., rebacked with orig. backs laid on. VVafi3i)$45.oo. 

PERNE (Andrew). Gospel Courage; or, Christian Solution for 

God and His Truth. London, G. Dexter, 1643. Sm. 4to. 
Cf. BC(52)$i7.oo. 

PERRY (David). The Life of Captain David Perry, a Soldier 

of the French and Revolutionary Wars. Written 1>\ Himself. 
Windsor. Vt., 1822. i2mo. 
Paper (backstrip chipped, name on fly leaf). T(i32)$n.oo. 

PERRY (William Stevens). Papers of the Historv of the 

Church in Virginia. i6;o-i776: Talsol Papers of the History of 
the Church in Pennsylvania. 1680-1788: [also] Papers of the 
History of the Church in Massachusetts, 1676-1785. [X.Y.. pri- 
vately printed. 1 870-7 r] 3 vols., 4to. 
Hf. mor., g.t. KLa (429) $10.00. 

PERSHING (John J.). My Experiences in the World War. 

Autograph edition. X.V., 1029. Hvo. 
Buckram, g.t., unc. Kf 397) $20.00. 

PESCETTI (Orlando). Risnosta air Anticrusca del molto Rev. 

et Eccelentiss. Sig. D. Paolo Beni Puhhlico Lettorc nello Studio 
de Padoua. Verona. 1613. Sm. 4to 

Cont. mor., tooled, Medici arms. p.e. : in cl. casf (barkstrip holed, 
front hinge cracked; Vcrnon bookplate). EF( 63) $20.00. 


PETERS (Fred J.). Clipper Ship Prints, including Other Mer- 

chant Sailing Ships, by N. Currier and Currier & Ives. N.Y., 

1930. 4to. 

Cl. (has inserted prices realized at important sales). WW(49)$;o.oo. 

- Railroad, Indian and Pioneer Prints by N. Currier and Cur- 

rier & Ives. Plates. N.Y., 1930. 4to. 
Cl. WW(so)$is.oo. 

- Sporting Prints by N. Currier and Currier & Ives: being a 
Pictorial Check List and Collation. 24 illustrations in color, 210 
in black and white. N.Y., 1930. 4to. 

Cl. WW(5i)$i5.oo. 

PETERS (Harry T.). America On Stone, the Other Printmak- 
ers to the American People : a Chronicle of American Lithography 
other than that of Currier & Ives. 18 plates in color, 136 in black 
and white. Garden City, 1931. 4to. 

Cl. \YW(53)$47.50. 

- Currier & Ives, Printmakers to the American People: a 

Chronicle of the Firms, and of the Artists and their Work, with 
Notes on Collecting. 142 reproductions, some in color. [Volume 
One.] X.Y., 1929. 410. 

Buckram. K(95 ) $55.00. 

Cl. M( 200) $75.00. 

Buckram. R (432) $90.00. 

Cl. (iG( 244) $80.00. 

Cl. WW (47) $100.00. 

- Currier & Ives, Printmakers to the American People; Vol- 

ume Two : a Review of Selected Groups of the Prints. . . com- 
pleting the Chronicle of the Firm . . . with Reproductions of 177 
Prints, 24 in Color, and 1600 newly discovered Titles, etc. N.Y., 

1931. 4to. 

Buckram. K ( 96 ) $46.00. 
Cl. M( 201) $95.00. 

Cl. T<i84)$o5.oo. 
Buckram. V ( 103 ) $52.50. 
Cl. \V\Y( 4 8)$55.oo. 
Cl. D 

- Currier & Ives. 2 vols. 1929-31 ; [also] America on Stone. 
)<)3i. X.Y., 1029-31. 3 vols., 4to. 

Cl. DKdcji )$i()0.oo. 

PETERS (Samuel A.). A General History of Connecticut. By 

a Gentleman of the Province. London, 1781. 8vo. 
Oritf cf. (worn, hinges cracked, title and last leaf discolored at mar- 
Kin). (;(;d5i)$90.oo. 

- A General History of Connecticut. Second Edition. London, 
1782. 8vo. 

Mor., by Mathews. in case. FF(no)$37.5O. 
Cf. (joints cracked). Ul*(i57)$-2-2-5o. 
Mor., by Mathews, in case. I J (121) $30.00. 

PETR ARC A (Francesco). Chronica de le Vite de Pontefici et 

Imperadori Roman i. Venice, Sessa, 1534. i2mo. 
Cf. (last 3 leaves holed and mended). lj(326)$/0.oo. 


PETRARCA (Francesco) Continued. 

The Triumphs. Trans, by Henry Boyd. 6 plates. Boston 

[1906]. Fol. 
Mor., unc. U( 183) $30.00. 

Opera Latina. 395 leaves (should be 389). Basel, Amerbach, 
1496. Fol. (Rain *I2749). 

Cont. cf., brass bosses and clasps (vel. end papers from cont. MS., 
few marginal tears and MS. notes; quire F, containing the "De 
Vera Sapientia," is placed after second quire c ; quire m, 6 leaves, 
supplied in duplicate; Saint Stephen Monastery copy). F(266) 

Vel. (title stained: Index, 22 leaves, lacking). IJ (298) $95.00. 

Opera. Basel, 1581. Fol. 

Vel. (4 vols. in one; ties lacking, edges worn, stained, fly leaf cut, 
leaves Li3 and Li4 cut out). I J (387) $79.00. 

II Petrarca. Frontis. Venetia, 1651. i8mo. 

Old mor., tooled, g.e. (worn, front cover loose, lower margins stained; 

S. T. Coleridge-Leigh Hunt copy, bears inscriptions by Coleridge 

and by others). F( 267) $130.00." 

Ausz dem Latein inns Teutsch gebracht durch M. Stephanum 

V. Pacimontanum, und mit schonen Figuren gezieret. 1566; 
[bound with] Trostspiegel in Gluck und Vngluck. 1572. Frank- 
fort, 1566-72. Fol. 
Y vel. (part of backstrip lacking, stained >. IJ(37i)$i2.5o. 

PETRONIUS ARBITER. The Satyricon. Trans, by \V. C. 
Firebaugh. Illus. by Norman Lindsay. X.Y., 1922. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Bds., g.t., unc. S( 4) $13.00. 
Bds.. g.t. CD(35i)$i3.oo. 

The Satyricon. In the Translation attributed to Oscar 

Wilde. Illus. by Allen Lewis. Chic., 1927. 2 vols., 8\o. 
Orig. cl., unc. and unopened. K(399) $10.00. 

Complete Works. Done into English by Jack Lindsay. Illus. 

by Norman Lindsay. London, Fanfrolico Press, Privately Printed, 

n.d. Fol. 
Y* lev. mor., g.t., unc. (signed by translator). K(4oo)$i9oO. 


PETTIGREW (T. J.). Lucien Greville. 6 etchings by (i. Cruik- 

shank. London, 1833. 3 vols., I2mo. 
Hf. cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Root. S( 8s) $22.00. 
Bds., unopened (light foxing). TT(iO4)$i2.oo. 

PHELPS (Elizabeth Stuart). The Gates Ajar. N.V., 1869. 


Orig. cl. (dedication includes the reading "nears" and the apostrophe 
is present, on page 60). AA(i47)$io.oo. 

PHILADELPHIA. [Map.] A Plan of the City and Environs 
of Philadelphia. Engraved and Published by Matthew Albert 
Lotter. 1777. 24 x 18 in. 


PHILELPHUS (Joannes Marius). Epistolarium Novum. 160 
leaves. Basel, Amerbach, 1489; [bound with:] DC Imitatione 


PHILELPHUS (Joannes Marius) Continued. 

Christi ; J. Gerson de meditatione Cordis. 48 leaves. Augsburg, 
Ratdolt, 1488. Sm. 4to. (Hain ^12974 and *9O94>. 

Cont. pigskin over wood, remains of clasps (2 vols. in one, leaf torn 
in first; early inscriptions). JK( 339) $30.00. 

PHILIPPS (Sir Erasmus). The State of the Nation, in Respect 

to her Commerce, Debts, and Money. London, 1725. 8vo. 
J(i6o) $17.00. 

PHILIPS (Mrs. Katherine). Poems. Portrait by Faithorne. 

London, 1667. Fol. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked, Herschel V. Jones-Beverly Chew copy). CC 

PHILISTINE (The). Vols. I-XLI, with Index for Vols. I-XX. 

[East Aurora, N.Y.,1 1895-1915. 42 vols. in 41, I2mo. 
Bds., unc. (with a few exceptions, orig. wrappers are bound in). U 

(184) $10.00. 

PHILLIMORE (Joseph). Reports of Cases argued and de- 
termined in the Arches and Prerogative Courts. London, 1833. 

2 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t. (George Cruikshank copy, with his autograph and date 
on each title; pencil sketch by him on fly leaf of first vol.). VV 
(48) $40.00. 

PHILLIPS (David Graham). Susan Lenox, her Fall and Rise. 

Portrait. N.Y., 1917. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Orig. cl. f unc. and unopened. K(4oi)$n.oo. 

PHILLIPS (Henry). Historical Sketches of the Paper Cur- 

rency of the American Colonies. First- Second Series. Roxbury, 
Mass.. 1865-66. 2 vols., 410. 
New y cf. (Large paper). TT(3i4)$8.oo. 

PHILLPOTTS (Eden). Children of the Mist. Frontis. Lon- 
don, 1898. Sm. 8vo. 

Orig. cl. (rubbed, with A. L. S.). TT (31 5) $42.00. 

Orig. cl. (shaken). CD (35-2) $12.50. 

Cl., unc. (writing on end paper, pasted on end paper is card inscribed 
by author). EF (809) $20.00. 

PHOENIX (S. Whitney). The Whitney Family of Connecti- 
cut and its Affiliations. Tables. N.Y., Privately Printed, 1878. 

3 vols., 4to. 

Mor., unc. (some covers loose). TU( 158) $22.00. 

PIC ART (Bernard). Le Temple des Muses. 60 plates. Am- 
sterdam, 1749. Fol. 

Cf. (rubbed, worn). I J (243) $9.00. 

PICHON (Thomas). Lettres et Memoires pour servir a 1'His- 
toire Naturelle, Civile, et Politique du Cap Breton. A La Haye, 
P. Gosse, 1760. I2mo. 

Orig. cf. FF(ii2)$i2.5o. 

PICK (William). The Turf Register and Sportsman's and 
Breeder's Stud-Book. York, 1803-05. 2 vols., 8vo. 

New bds., unc. R( Go) $10.00. 

PICKERING (Octavius). The Life of Timothy Pickering. 

Frontis. Boston, 1867. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. KLa(433)$8.oo. 


PICKTHALL (Marmaduke). Said, the Fisherman. London, 

1903. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. Q (408) $13.00. 



Map and 17 col. aquatint plates. London, Ackermann, 1823. Roy. 
Orig. bds., unc. (back damaged, hinges cracked). R (380) $17.50. 

PIERCE (Franklin). Speech of Mr. Pierce of New Hampshire 

in Senate, Friday, May i, 1840. [Wash., 1840.] 8vo. 
Sewed (presentation copy, with D. S.). PP( 196) $12.00. 

PIERREPONT (Edward). [His] Argument to the Jury, on 

the Trial of John H. Surratt for the Murder of President Lin- 
coln. Wash., 1867. 8vo. 
Paper. YY(io8)$7.5O. 

PIKE (Albert). The Life- Wake of the Fine Arkansas Gentle- 
man [Albert Pike] who died before his Time. [Contains several 
stanzas by him.] Wash.. i85<;. 8vo. 

(Xame of cont. owner on title). Y( 94) $19.00. 

Prose Sketches and Poems, written in the Western Country. 

Boston, 1834. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. (name removed from title). QQ(35/)$55.oo. 

PIKE (Zebulon M.). An Account of Expeditions to the Sources 

of the Mississippi, etc. Portrait and maps and charts. Phila.. 

1810. 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (stained, lacks maps). 00(472)87.75. 
Old cf. (broken). FG (21 3) $14.00. 

[His] Expeditions to Headwaters of the Mississippi River. 

Ed. by Elliott Coues. Portrait and maps. X.Y., 1895. 3 vols.. 


Cl. RR( 209) $7-50. 
Orig. bds. (Large paper). KLa( 436) $20.00. 

PINDAR. Olympia, Nemea, Pythia, Isthmia. [In (ircck.] 

Rome, Z. Callierges [1515]- 4to. 
Mor., tooled, g.e. (rehinged). J K ( 342 ) $20.00. 

PI NELL I (Bartolommeo). Le Azioni piu celebrate del Famoso 
Cavaliere Krrante Don Chisciotte della Mancia. 05 plates. Roma, 
n.d. [1834]. Obi. fol. 

Yi mor. (rubbed, pp. stained). IJCsn )$8.oo. 


zine. J. R. Lowell and R. Carter, Editors and Proprietors. 
Vol. I; No. I, Jan. 1843. 2 plates. Boston, 1843. 8\o. 

Orig. paper, unc.; in hf. mor. case (writing on front wrapper). EF 
(82 3 )$7oO. 

PIOZZI (Hester Lynch). Letters to and from the Late Samuel 
Johnson. London, 1788. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (rubbed, Thomas Jesson copy). CC( 280) $20.00. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in hf. mor. case (worn, second vol. lacks backstrip, 
name on first title). ZZ( 176) $100.00. 

Cont. hf. cf. (worn, rehinged, repaired at corners; I'M ward Fitz- 
gerald copy, pencil notes in his hand, inscribed by him to Fredk. 


PIOZZI (Hester Lynch) Continued. 

Spaulding; pasted in is a leaf from the diary of Spaulding). JK 
(164) $20.00. 

PIRANESI (Giovanni Battista). Campus Martius Antiques 
Urbis. Engraved title, half-title, 4 text plates, and 43 plates 
numbered I-V and VI-XLVIII (plates VI-X combined with plate 
V into one large folding plate, "Ichnographia Campi Martii 
Urbis"). 1762; [also] Diverse Maniere d'Adornare i Cammini. 
Double-page frontis. and 66 numbered plates. 1769; [also] Le 
Antichita Romanae [Vol. IV only]. Engraved title, frontis., and 
plates numbered IV-LVII. n.d. Rome, 1762-69-n.d. 3 vols., at. 

Cont. vel., tooled (laid in is a double-page plate, "Veduta di Ponte 
Fabrizio," by Rossini, dated at Rome, 1822; in second vol. is 
"Carceri," 16 plates, n.d.; plate X is lacking in this 2d vol. and 
has been replaced, through error, by a dupl. of plate V ; each vol. 
has the Arbury Library bookplate). JK (343) $160.00. 

PIRATES. The History of the Pirates. Frontis. Hartford, 

1829. i6mo. 
Cf. (with "The Conquerors of the New World," etc., by Arthur Helps, 

London, 1852, 2 vols.; together 3 vols.). T(io6) $10.00. 

The Last Words and Dying Confessions of the Three Pi- 
rates, La Croix, Berrouse and Baker, who were executed this Day, 
May 9th, 1800. 8 pp. Phila. [1800]. 8vo. 

Untrimmed. FG(2i4)$io.oo. 

The Pirates Own Book. See ELLMS (Charles). 

PITT (William, Earl of Chatham). Genuine Abstracts from 

Two Speeches of the Late Earl of Chatham ; and his Reply to the 
Earl of Suffolk. London, J. Dodsley, 1779. 8vo. 
Mor., g.t., unc. FF(m)$i8.oo. 

Lord Ch m's Prophecy, an Ode; addressed to Lieutenant 

General G ge. London, J. Almon, 1776. 4to. 
Mor., g.t. FF(ii3)$i7.50. 

Plan offered by the Earl of Chatham, to the House of Lords, 

entitled : A Provisional Act for Settling the Troubles in America. 
London, J. Almon, 1775. Sm. 4to. 
Sewed, unc.; in hf. mor. case. FF(ii4)$ 

[His] Speech in the House of Lords, Jan. 20, 1775, on a Mo- 
tion for an Address to His Majesty, to give immediate Orders 
for removing his Troops from Boston forthwith. Phila., John 
Dunlap, 1775. 8vo. 

Unbound. QQ (36>)$7. 10. 

PITTI (Gallery and Palace). Tableaux, Statues, Bas-reliefs, et 
Camees, de la Galerie de Florence, et du Palais Pitti, dessines par 
Wicar. Plates. Paris, 1789-1807. 4 vols., fol. 

Orig. bds., unc. (rubbed). L T ( 185) $30.00. 

PITTMAN (Philip). The Present State of the European Settle- 
ments on the Mississippi. 8 maps and plans. London, for J. 
Nourse. 1770. 4to. 

Cf. QQ(3<>3)$i40.oo. 

PITTSBURGH DIRECTORY (The), FOR 1815. Folding table. 



Pittsburgh, for James M. Riddle, compiler and publisher, 1815. 

Bds. (rubbed, name on title, writing on end paper). NO (276) $50.00. 

PIUS XI (Pope). Pius XI on Christian Marriage. In the Orig- 
inal Latin with English Translation. Frontis. N.Y., 1931. Sm. 

Lev. mor., tooled, papal arms, g.t., unc., by Atelier Bindery; in case. 
YY(i 4 9)$i85.oo. 

PLAIN ENGLISH. A Letter to the King. [Signed] Sincerus. 

[Principally a reply to Dr. Johnson's Taxation No Tyranny.] 

n.p., n.d. [London, 1/78]. 8vo. 
Mor., g.t., unc. FF(i6) $26.00. 


the Smartest Nation in all Creation. Ed. by Paul Patterson. 
10 plates by R. Cruikshank, including ilium, title and 8 plates in 
color. London, 1841. 3 vols., 8vp. 

Cf., g.t., unc., by Riviere (laid in is signed portion of an A. L. S. by 
the artist). VV( 155) $26.00. 

PLEASANTS (J. Hall) and SILL (Howard). Maryland Sil- 
versmiths 1715-1830. Bait.. Lord Baltimore Press, 1930. 4to. 
Bds., g.t., unc. DE(i93)$Jo.oo. 

PLINY (the elder). Naturalis Historia. Venice, Joannes de 

Spira, 1469. Fol. (Hain 13087). 
Mor., tooled, g.e. (backs faded and rubbed, first leaf strengthened at 

lower margin, few stains; has 355 leaves, no blank at end; 

measures 15^4 x n^s in. ; has one small and 2 large ilium, initials ; 

autograph signature and notes of Baccio Valori). LL(3/) 


PLINY (the younger). Epistolae. [With commentary by J. M. 

Catanse-us. ] [ Milan, 1 505 ( ? ) . ] Fol. 
Old vel. (few marginal holes; may lack some concluding leaves with 

colophon, etc.; Robert Browning copy). JK( 344) $10.00. 

The Letters of Pliny the Consul; with Occasional Remarks 

by William Melmoth, Esq. Portrait. London, 1747. 2 vols., 
y 4 mor., g.t. GO (957) $9- 50. 

PLOTINUS. Opera. Trans, by Marsilius Ficimis. 430 leaves 
(should be 442). Florence, Miscomini, 1492. Fol. ( Ham *I3I21 ). 

Cf., tooled (front hinge partly cracked, hole through margins of last 
few leaves, 2 other marginal defects on last leaf, first and last 
pp. soiled, lacks first blank and 2 end Icaxes of errata; measures 
13^2 XQ in.; a few leaves carry marginal notes in a cont. hand). 
LL( 53) $100.00. 

PLUTARCH. The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans. 

Englished by Sir Thomas North. Engraved portrait medallions. 
London, Vautrollier, 1579. Fol. 

Old cf. (rebackecl, title with restored margins, some other leaves with 
marginal restorations, final leaf repaired, a few words are supplied 
in facsimile ; issue with Vautrollier's name alone in imprint ) . U 



Lives. Edinburgh, 1774. 6 vols., i2mo. 

Orig. cf. (Monticello library copy, with autographs of members of 
the Randolph family). GG( 207) $22.00. 

Lives. Trans, by John and William Langhorne. Ed. by Francis 

Wrangham. Portrait. London, 1813. 6 vols., 8vo. 
Old mor. (rebacked). B(i68)$i6.oo. 

Lives. The Translation called Dryden's. Ed. by A. H. 

Clough. London, 1861. 5 vols., 8vo. 
Half lev. mor., g.t., by Zaehnsdorf. U(i86)$3O.oo. 

Lives and Writings. The Translation called Dryden's . . . 

revised by A. H. Clough. Edition de Grand Luxe. N.Y., 1905. 

10 vols., 8vo. 
^ mor., g.t. X(i45)$40.oo. 

Lives and Writings. Ed. by A. H. Clough and W. W. Good- 
win. Intro, by Ralph W. Emerson. Photogravures. Book Lov- 
ers' Limited Edition. Boston, 1909. 10 vols., 8vo. 

Mor., g.t., uncut. V(3i8)$38.oo. 

POCKET MAGAZINE (The). Robin's Series. Frontispieces 
and titles ; 5 woodcuts, and possibly more, by G. Cruikshank ; and 
other illustrations. London, 1827-30. 4 vols., i6mo. 

Cf., g.t. (8 vols. in 4, pasted down on one fly leaf is a catalogue descrip- 
tion, Sir David Salomons copy). VV( 158) $12.50. 

POE (Edgar Allan). The Conchologist's First Book. 12 plates. 

Phila., 1839. i6mo. 

Orig. cl. (light foxing). CD (355) $15.00. 
Orig. pictorial pink bds., roan back; in mor. case (shaken, back worn, 

some foxing in text ; plates are not colored ; with a copy of the 

Second edition of this work, Phila., 1840, bound orig. green bds., 

roan back; together 2 vols.). EF( 820) $12.50. 

Eureka: a Prose Poem. N.Y., 1848. 121110. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. (orig. covers hound in, name on fly leaf). U 
( 1 88) $20.00. 

Cl. (back-strip repaired). JJ (204) $85.00. 

Cf., g.e., by Sanford (orig. covers bound in, 12 pp. advertisements at 
end, David I. Huclnut copy). EF( 830) $42.50. 

Orig. cl., in hf. lev. mor. case (chipped and rubbed; 16 pp advertise- 
ments ) . X O ( 279 ) $ i oo.oo. 

The Gift. [Contains "The Pit and the Pendulum," by Poe.] 

Large paper issue. Phila., 1843. Roy. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., g.t., in hf. mor. case (rebacked, writing on cover and on 

end paper, name on title). EF (822) $27.50. 

Graham's Magazine for May, 1842 [containing "The Mask 

of the Red Death" by Poe, and his review of Hawthorne's "Twice- 
Told Talcs"] ; [also] Vols. XXXVI-XXXVII (2 vols. in one) 
of same magazine [containing Poe's "About Critics and Criti- 
cism"]. 1850. Phila., 1842-50. 3 vols. in 2, 8vo. 
Orig. paper, unc., in hf. mor. case and second vol. hf. roan. 0(242) 

The Ladies' Companion. Vols. XVIII-XIX, Oct., 1842- Sept., 


POE (Edgar Allan) Continued. 

1843 [containing, in Nov., Dec., and Feb. nos., 'The Mystery of 

Marie Roget" by Poe], N.Y., 1842-43. 8vo. 
Y sheep. M(203)$io.oo. 

[i6-page pamphlet.] Mesmerism "In Articulo Mortis." Lon- 
don, 1846. 8vo. 

In cl. folder (foxed, last page soiled). K( 402) $50.00. 
Sewed, as issued; in cl. case. VV( 159) $35.00. 
Sewed, as issued: in cl. case. EF( 827) $30.00. 

The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pyxn, of Nantucket. N.Y., 

1838. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (label lacking, some foxing ; has leaf of advertisements dated 

May, 1838). SS(8i)$57-50. 
Cl., in hf. mor. case (backstrip chipped, inner hinges cracked, stains 

in text, writing and stamp on title and some other pp.; has leaf 

of advertisements, dated May, 1828, preceding title). EF(8i8) 


The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pyxn, of Nantucket, North 

America. London, 1838. I2mo. 
CL, unc.; in hf. mor. case. EF( 819) $9.00. 

Poems. Frontispieces. London, 1881. i6mo. 

Lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Riviere. YYa( 132) $8.00. 

Les Poemes. Traduction de Stephane Mallarme, avec por- 
trait et fleuron par douard Manet. Bruxelles, 1888. 8vo. 

Hf. mor.. g.t., unc. (inscribed by Mallarme to York Powell). EF 

The Raven and Other Poems. X.Y., 1845. i2mo. 

Sewed, in mor. case (wrappers lacking, first few pp. foxed, half-title 

and complete pp. of advertisements are present). H( 136) $70.00. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc.; in hf. mor. case (orig. cover bound in, piece torn 

from one margin; there are 4 pp. advertisements at end). HF 

Lev. mor., g.t., by Club Bindery; in case (orig. covers bound in, 1C. 

B. Holden copy). XO( 278) $55.00. 

The Raven and Other Poems. London, 1846. I2mo. 

Cl., unc. (name removed from end paper). YY( 152) $40.00. 

Cl., unc.; in hf. mor. case (writing on end paper). EF( 828) $17.50. 

The Raven. Illustrations and hand-lettering by Galen J. Pcrrett. 

Connoisseur edition. X.Y., 1906. 4to. 
Lev. mor.; inlaid, g.t.; in bd. case (Japan paper). F( 147) $40.00. 

Tales. N.Y., 1845. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e. (corner of title supplied, name cm fly leaf). 
U( 187) $20.00. 

Roan (rubbed, hinges cracked, name on end paper, text foxed, end 
paper torn at inner margin; copyright page carries names of 
stereotyper and printer, 20 pp. advertisements at end). CC(3i6) 

Lev. mor., g.t., by Taffin (has 4 pp. advertisements). YY (150) $52.50. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (back repaired, name on title ; 4 pp. advertise- 
ments at end). EF (825) $135.00. 

Mor., by the Bennett Studios. MN( 263) $35.00. 


POE (Edgar Allan) Continued. 

- Tales. London, 1845. I2mo. 

Cl. (damaged, loose in covers; Thomas Nelson Page copy). F(268) 

Lev. mor., g.t., by Taffin (orig. wrappers bound in). YY(i5i)$3o.oo. 

- Tales [with] The Raven and Other Poems, fin Wiley and 
Putnam's Library of American Books.] N.Y., 1845. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in cl. folder and hf. mor. case (worn, slight foxing). C 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (back chipped, pp. foxed, rubber stamp on 

2 pp., piece torn from several leaves without affecting text). A A 

(149) $410.00. 

- Tales. London, 1846. I2mo. 

Cl., unc. ; in hf. mor. case (hinges cracked). EF( 829) $21.00. 

- Tales. By Edgar Allan Poe. Illustrated by W. A. Dwiggins. 
Chic., 1930. I2mo. 

Hf. cl. K (268) $15.00. 
Hf. cl. V(2i2)$8.oo. 

- Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque. Phila., Lea and 
Blanchard, 1840. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cl., in hf. mor. case (bindings faded and worn, Vol. II loose; 

titles supplemented at corners, to replace an owner's autograph, 

affecting first words of titles). (219) $250.00. 
Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Riviere ; in cl. case (Vol. II has, at front, 

4 pp. Press Notices). R( 285) $360.00. 
Orig. cl., paper label. 88(82) $5 50.00. 
Hf. roan, in cl. case (writing erased from title of one vol., clipping 

pasted down on fly leaf; Vol. II has page 213 incorrectly num- 

bered "2.31," this Vol. II has 4 pp. Press Notices bound in at 

front). EF(82i)$425.oo. 

- Tales of Mystery and Imagination. Frontis. Ancummon Edi- 
tion. Halifax, 1862. i8mo. 

New cl., in cl. case (greater part of orig. cl. preserved). EF(832) 

- Tales and Poems. With Biographical Essay by John H. In- 
gram. Portrait, etchings and photogravures. Large paper. Lon- 
don, 1884. 4 vols.. 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc.. by Riviere. GH(i<)3)$47.5o. 

- Tamerlane and Other Poems. Preface by R. H. Shepherd. 
London, 1884. i6mo. 

Orig. vel., unc. (clipping pasted down on end paper). EF (834) $17.00. 

- Works [Tales; Poems and Tales; The Literati; Arthur Gor- 

don Pym], with Notices of his Life and Genius. Ed. by R. W. 

Griswold. Portrait. N.Y., 1850-56. 4 vols., I2mo. 
Cl. (Vols. I and II only, 1850; frayed, foxed, one page torn, few 

margins damaged). U(i89)$ 
Mor., g.t., by Taffin (first 3 vols. are of later edition, 1853-56). YY 

- Works. Ed. by Edmund C. Stedman and George E. Woodberry. 

Over 50 plates. N.Y., The Colonial Company, Limited, 1903. 10 

vols., 8vo. 
CL, g.t. XX(322)$i4.50. 


POE (Edgar Allan) Continued. 

See also CHASE (Elizabeth), also GODEY'S LADY'S 


POEMS, MORAL AND DIVINE. By an American Gentleman. 

London, C. Rivington, for John and James Rivington, 1756. 4to. 
Mor., g.t. (title mounted). FF(44)$2O.5O. 



the Character of an Ancient Negro born a Slave in Penns. Phila., 
1790. 8vo. 
Unbound. QQ (364)$ 


of the Thirteen United States of America . . . With a Short View 
of the Independent State of Vermont, and of East and West 
Florida . . . British North America . . . and West Indian Is- 
lands. Folding map. London [1783]. i6mo. 
Old cf. QQ(366)$io.oo. 

POLITIAN. Opera. Ed. by Alexander Sartius. 452 leaves. 

Venice, Aldus, 1498. Fol. (Hain *i32i8). 
Mor., tooled, g.e. f by Bedford (written on title in cont. hand is an 

epitaph on Politian, has Newbattle Abbey label and modern 

Lothian bookplate). LL (60) $250.00. 

POLITICAL PARADOX (A). 21 pp. London, Almon, 1777- 

New hf. cf. FF(ii5)$i7.oo. 

POLLARD (Alfred W.). Modern Fine Printing in England 

and Mr. Bruce Rogers. Newark, The Carteret Book Club, 1916. 
Large 8vo. 
Bds. (inscribed "For I. H. R. from B. R."). TT (343) $10.00. 

Shakespeare Folios and Quartos : a Study in the Bibliography 

of Shakespeare's Plays, 1594-1685, with 37 Illustrations. London, 
1909. Fol. 

Bds., unc. (laid in is a 20- page pamphlet, I2mo, "The Prefatory Pages 
of the Folio," with a comment by Sir Sidney Lee, issued in 1923). 
ZZ (220) $27.50. 

POLO (Marco). [His] most noble and famous trauels . . . 

into the East partes of the world. Trans, by John Frampton. 
London, Ralph Newbery, 1579. Sm. 4to. 

Old cf., in hf. mor. case (rebacked, margin and side note on leaf G 
damaged, leaf Q2 torn, a few headlines shaved ; measures 7 x 
SMe in.). LL (94) $4250.00. 

POLTER (Richard). The Path-way to perfect Sayling. Lon- 
don, T. Forcet for George Hurlock, 1644. Sm. 4to. 
Sewed, in hf. mor. case (79fox5}4 in.). LL(i5o)$no.oo. 

POMPONIUS MELA. See MELA (Pomponius). 

PONCE (Nicolas). Descriptions des Bains de Titus; ou, Col- 
lection des Peintures trouvees dans les Ruines des Thermes de cet 
Empereur. 60 plates. 1786; [bound with hisj Arabesques An- 


PONCE (Nicolas) Continued. 

tiques des Bains de Livie, et de la Ville Adrienne, etc. 15 plates. 
1789. Paris, 1786-89. Fol. 

M old cf. I J (268) $7.50. 

POPE (Alexander). The Dunciad, Variorum. With the Pro- 
legomena of Scriblerus. Engraved title. London, for A. Dod, 
1729. 4to. (Thorns F; Griffith, 212). 

Cont. cf., in hf. mor. case (worn, hinges cracked; C. Jenner copy). 

-Eloisa in Dishabille. See MATTHEWS (John). 

An Epistle to the Right Honourable Richard, Lord Visct. 

Cobham. London, 1733. Fol. 
Hf. mor. 0(245) $7.50. 

An Essay on Man, in Epistles to a Friend. Epistles I-IV. 

London [1733-34]. Fol. 
Cf. (rebacked; Epistle I is third edition, II-IV are first editions). 

RR (309) $20.00. 
Hf. mor. (4 vols. in one, Epistles II-III lack half-titles; II-IV are 

first editions Griffith I, L, Q, and Ua III has F. W. Halsey 

bookplate on verso of title ) . EF ( 843 ) $20.00. 

The Rape of the Lock. Illus. by Aubrey Beardsley. London, 

1896. Large 8vo. 
Cl., unopened (back rubbed, bookplate). TT(27)$ii.oo. 

The Temple of Fame. London, 1715. Sm. 4to. 

Hf. mor. EF (838) $27.50. 

21 Poetical Tracts. First editions; [bound with] 17 Poetical 

Tracts by others, which, with one exception, are, presumably, 
first editions. London, 1725-38-11^. Fol. 

Hf. cf., unc. (38 pamphlets in one vol. ; some leaves soiled, some water- 
stained at margin). LL( 89) $400.00. 

Works. Folding frontis. portrait by George Vertue. London, 

1717. Fol. 

Cont. cf. (rebacked, corners repaired; this copy corresponds to Grif- 
fith's No. 85). O(244)$i7.50. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (Griffith's No. 82, title is printed in black, ornament 
is basket of flowers above 2 cherub heads, there are no head or tail 
pieces, imprint reads "W. Bowyer for Bernard Lintot," C. S. 
Bement copy). CC (318) $22.50. 

Works. Folding portrait by George Vertue; head and tail 

pieces. London, 1717. 4to. 
Orig. bds., unc. (rebacked, new end papers ; triangular ornament of 

trumpets and lyre on title, decorative bars on fly-titles). EF 

(839) $10.00. 

POPE (John). A Tour through the Southern and Western Ter- 
ritories of the United States of North America; the Spanish 
Dominions on the River Mississippi and the Floridas; the Coun- 
tries of the Creek Nations ; and Many Uninhabited Parts. With 
Index. [N.Y., for Charles L. Woodward, 1888.] 8vo. 

Cl. KLa (441) $8-50. 


PORCACCHI (Tommaso). L'Isole piv famose del Mondo. 

47 maps (should be 48). [1604 edition with the altered date.] 

Venetia, 1605. Sm. fol. 
Old cf. (lacks last 6 leaves, including a map). LL( 107) $45.00. 

PORT FOLIO (The). [Ed.] By Oliver Oldschool, esq. [Joseph 
Dennie]. New [i.e. Second] Series. Vol. II, Nos. 27-52; Vol. 
V, Nos. 1-26 and Vol. VI, Nos. 1-26. Phila., 1806-08. 8vo. 

78 parts, sewed (stained). N(95)$i2.50. 

PORTER (A. Kingsley). Romanesque Sculpture of the Pil- 
grimage Roads. Over 1500 illustrations. Boston, 1923. 13 vols., 

Cl. (10 vols. in 13). DE( 196) $45.00. 

PORTER (Jane). The Scottish Chiefs: a Romance. London, 
1810. 5 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. cf. (few leaves torn and stained, names on some leaves). EF 

PORTER (William Sydney, "O. Henry"). Cabbages and Kings. 
N.Y., 1904. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., "McClure, Phillips & Co." on spine (shaken and rubbed, 
one blank loose, 2 pp. repaired). V( 184) $13.00. 

Orig. cl. (rubbed and shaken, Tabard Inn Library book-label ; with 
"Wind of Destiny" by Sara L. Coleman, Garden City, 1916, con- 
taining letters of "O. Henry"; together 2 vols.). EF( 556) $37.50. 

Orig. cl., McClure, Phillips imprint on spine (rubbed). OPU8)$io.oo. 

The Four Million. N.Y., 1906. I2mo. 

CL, unc. YY( 73) $40.00. 

Orig. cl. ; in dust wrapper, cl. folder, and hf. mor. case. OP (49) 

Complete Writings. Illus. by Gordon Grant. Memorial edi- 
tion. Garden City, 1917. 14 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski. U( 127) $170.00. 


the Turf, Field Sports, Literature, and the Stage. N.Y., 1856-59. 

Vol. I, Nos. 1-26, Sept. 6, 1856 to Feb. 28, 1857, cl. (contains con- 
tributions by Henry W. Herbert). 2(303) $18.00. 

Oct. 4, 1856 to Aug. 20, 1859, hf. mor. G(9o)$ 


Fest Euangelien vber das gantze jar. Woodcuts. Nuremberg, 

1568. 8vo. 
Cf. (scuffed and scaled, first 2 leaves mounted, time-stained). IJ 

(373) $10.00. 
POTTER (Israel R.). Life and Remarkable Adventures of 

Israel R. Potter (a Native of Cranston, Rhode-Island), who was 

a soldier in the American Revolution. Frontis. Providence, 

Henry Trumbull, 1824. I2mo. 
Orig. bds. (rubbed, foxed). YY( 126) $10.50. 

POTTER (Robert). An Inquiry into Some Passages in Dr. 
Johnson's Lives of the Poets, particularly his Observations on 
Lyric Poetry and the Odes of Gray. Portrait. London, 1783. 

Mor., unc. (few stains). NN(i38)$9.oo. 


POUND (Ezra). A Draft of XVI Cantos of Ezra Pound, for 

the beginning of a Poem of some length. Now First Made into 
a Book with Initial [in color] by Henry Strater. Paris, Three 
Mountains Press, 1925. Fol. 
Yt vel., unc. (on Roma paper). K(4o8)$io.5O. 

A Draft of the Cantos 17 to 27 of Ezra Pound. Initials in 

color by Gladys Hynes. London, 1928. Fol. 
Bds., unc. (on Roma paper). K(4io)$8.5O. 
Vel. (on vellum, signed by author and by artist). M(2O7)$3o.oo. 

POWNALL (Thomas). A Memorial, addressed to the Sov- 
ereigns of America. London, Debrett, 1783. 8vo. 
Cf. FF(ii6)$9.oo. 

Speedily will be published (Sold by J. Almon . . . ) a Map 

of the Middle British Colonies in North America . . . with the 
Addition of New England, and bordering Parts of Canada. 8 pp. 
London, J. Almon, 1776. 8vo. 

Cf. FF(ii7)$i4.oo. 

PRAYER IN ENGLISH. The Book of Common Prayer. Lon- 
don, by Barker and Bill, 1630. 

Orig. leath., tooled, brass bosses and clasps (royal arms with unicorn 
and garter cut out and new block inserted, joined to the pattern). 
DD (25) $25.00. 

The Book of Common Prayer . . . for the use of the Church 

of Scotland. Ed. by William Laud. Edinburgh, Young, 1637 
[1636]. Fol. 

Old mor., tooled, g.e. (contains the 2 final leaves of incomplete prayers 
for sundry occasions, "Certaine Godly Prayers" ; Hh3 is mounted 
on a stub). JK(5i)$2o.oo. 

The Book of Common Prayer. Cambridge, 1666. 4to. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.e., in hf. mor. case. EF( 59) $17.50. 

The Book of Common Prayer. Plates. Oxford, 1680. I2mo. 

Cont. silver filigree over silk, g.e., clasps. EF (60) $25.00. 

The Book of Common Prayer. Cambridge, Baskerville, 1762. 

Tooled, g.e. QQ(52)$8.oo. 

The Book of Common Prayer. N.Y., 1893. Fol. 

Vel., unc., brass clasps (soiled). O(33)$i7.5O. 

The Altar Book, containing the Order for the Celebration of 

the Holy Eucharist according to the Use of the American Church. 
Boston, Merrymount Press, 1896. Fol. 

Mor., unc., clasps (one clasp broken, publisher's announcement laid in, 
Beverly Chew copy). JK (299) $40.00. 

The Form of Consecration of St. George's Chapel, April 23, 

1928. Middletown, R.I. [privately printed at the Merrymount 
Press, 1928]. I2mo. 

Cl., g.e. NO(i28)$io.oo. 

mon-Prayer. [Dutch and English in parallel columns.] [Printed 
for use in America.] Amsterdam; Crellius, 1711. I2mo. 

Orig. calf, (loose). I (153) $60.00. 


PRAYER IN SPANISH. [Hebrew ritual.] Orden de las Ora- 

cipnes Cotidianas, Ano 5477 [1716] ; [bound with] Los Cinco 
Libros de la Ley Divina, Ano 5478 [1717]. Engraved titles. Am- 
sterdam [1716-17]. I2mo. 

Tortoise-shell ; silver hinges, clasps, and corners ; g.e. ; in lev. mor. 
case (2 vols. in one). EF(62)$ 


Linguas versa et exoticis characteribus plerumque expressa. [155 
versions of the Lord's Prayer.] Parmae, Typis Bodonianse, 1806. 
Hf. mor., g.t. (rubbed, Large paper). JK(5o)$52.5o. 

PRESCOTT (William H.). History of the Conquest of Peru. 

Frontispieces. N.Y., 1847. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Cl. T(i86) $30.00. 

PRESENT HOUR (The). [On the state of British affairs in 

America.] 41 pp. London, Debrett, 1782. 8vo. 
New hf. cf. FF(n8)$9.oo. 

PRfiVOST D'EXILES (A. F.). Histoire de Manon Lescaut et 
du Chevalier des Grieux. Preface par Alexandre Dumas, fils. 2 
portraits and 10 plates, by L. Flameng, in 2 states. Paris, 1875. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.e., by Bedford. GH( 195) $12.00. 

History of Manon Lescaut and of the Chevalier des Grieux. 

Preface by Guy de Maupassant. Vignettes and 12 plates by 

Maurice Leloir. London, 1886. 4to. 
y mor., g.t. (name on fly leaf, orig. wrappers bound in). XX (328) 


PRICE (T. M.). An Historical Narrative of the Bear Flag 

Revolution, n.p., n.d. 8vo. 
Orig. paper. JK(32)$27-50. 
PRIEST (Josiah). The Low Dutch Boy a Prisoner among the 

Indians : being an Account of the Capture of Frederick Schermer- 
horn, when a lad of seventeen years old, by a Party of Mohawks, 
in the time of the Revolution. New London, 1839. 8vo. 

Paper, unc. ; in cl. case (hole and piece missing from front wrapper). 
T( 189) $35.oo. 

PRIESTLEY (John B.). The Good Companions. London, 1929. 

Orig. cl. Q(4i3)$ii.oo. 

PRIME (Alfred C.). The Arts & Crafts in Philadelphia, Mary- 
land and South Carolina, 1721-1785: Gleanings from Newspapers, 
n.p.: Wai pole Society, 1929. 8vo. 

Orig. bds., g.t., unc. W(i32)$n.oo. 

PRINCE (Thomas). Extraordinary Events the Doings of God 
... a Sermon ... on the General Thanksgiving, occasion'd by 
the Taking the City of Louisbourgh ... by New-England Sol- 
diers, assisted by a British Squadron. Edinburgh, Fleming, 1746. 

Cf., g.e., by Zaehnsdorf. FF(ii9)$io.25. 

A Sermon ... on the General Thanksgiving . . . occasion'd 

by Taking the City of Louisbourg, etc. The Second Edition in 


PRINCE (Thomas) Continued. 

N.E., with some Additions. Boston, D. Henchman, 1747. I2mo. 
Unbound, in hf. mor. case. G (92) $12.50. 

The Vade Mecum for America; or, a Companion for Traders 

and Travellers ... to which is added the names of the streets 
in Boston. Boston, 1732. 8vo. 

Cont. sheep (outer margin of one leaf defective, affecting a few words ; 
small hole on last leaf, affecting 6 words). KK(338)$ii.oo. 

PRINCE SOCIETY. Capt. John Mason . . . Including his 
Tract on Newfoundland, etc. Ed. by John Ward Dean. Boston, 
1887. Sm. 4to. 

Hf. mor., g.t, unc. (orig. wrappers bound in). J(ii4)$ 

Sir Humphrey Gylberte and his Enterprise of Colonization 

in America, including his Discourse to prove a Northwest Pas- 
sage to Catala, etc. Ed. by Carlos S. Slafter. Boston, 1903. Sm. 
Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (orig. wrappers bound in). J(79)$io.25. 

Sir Walter Raleigh and his Colony in America, including the 

Charter of Queen Elizabeth, etc. Ed. by Increase N. Tarbox. 2 
portraits. Boston, 1884. Sm. 4to. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. (orig. wrappers bound in). J(i64)$ 

PRINCETON UNIVERSITY. General Account of the Rise 

and State of the College lately established in the Province of New 
Jersey, etc. London, 1754. Fol. 
Paper, unc. J(74)$ 

with 2 copies of the General Index for Vols. I-XIII. N.Y. and 
London, 1911-31. I2mo. 

Cl. and (4 parts) orig. wrappers (Part III of Vol. I lacking). DE 
(200) $42.50. 

PRINT PRICES CURRENT. Vols. I-X, and XII. London, 1919- 

30. ii vols., 8vo. 
Cl. DE (201) $12.50. 

PRINTING ART (The). Vols. I-VII and IX. 1903-07; and is- 
sues for 1913, 1914, 1917, 1918, 1920-23. Cambridge, 1903-23. 19 
vols.. 4to. 

Cl. and hf. mor. JK (350) $10.00. 

PRIOR (Matthew). Poems on Several Occasions. Frontis. and 
engravings on title and first page of text, after Cheron, and por- 
trait by Vertue after Richardson. London, 1718. Fol. 

Cont. mor., tooled, g.c. (Large paper copy, measuring 16 by nJi in.; 
Harley-Willoughby dc Broke copy). CC( 320) $20.00. 

Old bds., unc. (new end papers). EF( 847) $10.00. 

[Miscellaneous Works.] [London, 1740.! 8vo. 

Old hf. mor., g.t. (covers loose and broken, preliminary leaves and 

title lacking; Charles Lamb copy, with his autograph notes and 

transcriptions). R( 356) $180.00. 

PROMPTER (The). Nos. I-XIX (all published). [London,] 

1789. Fol. 
Old hf. cf. (rubbed). CC( 154) $57-50. 


PROUD (Robert). The History of Pennsylvania, in North 
America. Portrait and folding map. Phila., Z. Poulson, 1797-98. 
2 vols., 8vo. 

New hf . cf . T ( 190) $27.00. 

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND. [Broadside.] Provi- 
dence, July 3, 1779. At a meeting of the freemen of the town of 
Providence, legally warned and assembled, on Friday the 2d day 
of July, 1779, to take into consideration the alarming state of the 
public currency, and consider the measures necessary to be adopted 
on the occasion; after full consideration had thereon, they ap- 
pointed a Committee, who made the following report, which was 
unanimously accepted and approved by the town, at their ad- 
journment, Saturday, July 3, 1779 . . . [Signed] Dwight Foster, 
Clerk, pro tern. Providence, John Carter [1779]. Sm. fol. 

(Break at folds). PP (207) $7.50. 

PRYNNE (William). Histrio-mastix : the Players Scourge, or 
Actor's Tragaedie. London, 1633. 4to. 

Cont. cf. (rebacked, rubbed, new end papers: First issue, without the 
"Errataes" on verso of leaf ***4). CC( 321) $10.00. 

PSALMS IN ENGLISH. The Whole Books of Psalmes: Col- 
lected into English Meter by Tho. Sternhold, Jo. Hopkins, W. 
Whittingham, and others. London, 1639. i6mo. 

Embroidered binding, g.e. gauffered (worn and tarnished). JJ(3o) 

Cont. embroidered white silk, g.e. gauffered: in lev. mor. case (bind- 
ing worn ; former owner's note, "An : Usborne her Booke 1639. 
M. Usborne," on fly leaf). EF(64)$ 

PTOLEMY. La Geografia. Nuovamente tradotta di Greco in 
Italiano da leronimo Ruscelli. 64 double-page maps. Venetia, 
Ziletti, 1564. 4to. 

Old cf., tooled (few water-stains). LL (90) $60.00. 

Quadripartitum. Centiloquium cum commento Hali. 68 
leaves. Venice, Ratdolt, 1484. 4to. (Hain "13543). 

Old bds. (few holes, stains, and other defects; on verso of last leaf 
is a (proof?) impression of heading and opening of paragraph 
for another work; early owner's mark and de Silva-Studd book- 
plates). JK (354) $55.00. 

PURCHAS (Samuel). Purchas His Pilgrimes. In Five Bookes. 
Engraved title in Vol. I and numerous engraved maps and plates. 
London, 1624-26. 5 vols., fol. 

Cont. cf., tooled (worn, frontis. trimmed to border and mounted ; Wil- 
liam Downes copy). R( 198) $275.00. 

Pvrchas his Pilgrimes. Engraved title, 7 folding maps, 83 maps 

and numerous engravings and woodcuts in the text. London, for 
Henry Fetherston, 1625-26. 5 vols., sm. fol. 

Cont. cf. (Vols. i, 3, and 4 lightly water-stained, few minor tears, 
offsets, etc.; printed on good paper throughout; lacks blank 
R4). LL( 129) $375.00. 

Purchas His Pilgrimes. Folding maps. Glasgow, 1905-07. 
20 vols., 8vo. 

Q., g.t., unc. S(3o8)$36.oo. 

PURCHAS (Samuel, jr.). A Theatre of Politicall Flying- 
Insects. London, 1657. Sm. 4to. 


PURCHAS (Samuel, jr.) Continued. 

Old bds. (worn and loose, British Museum stamp on verso of title). 
L( 147) $18.00. 

PYLE (Howard). The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. II- 
lus. by the author. N.Y., 1883. Roy. 8vo. 

Orig. leath. (rubbed, backstrip damaged). F(i53)$io.oo. 

PYNE (Percy R.). [His] Collection: a Catalogue of Engraved 
Views, Plans, etc. of New York City. Reproductions, 2 in color. 
N.Y., Privately Printed, 1912. 4to. 

Orig. bds., unc. (inscribed; with 2 copies of the sale catalogue of 
his Collection, N.Y., 1917; together 3 vols.). W(i34)$i7.oo. 

PYNE (William H.). The History of the Royal Residences. 
100 col. plates. London, 1819. 3 vols., 4to. 

Niger, tooled (soiled; one hinge of first vol. split, 2 in second vol. 
repaired). OO( 688) $65.00. 

QUAKERS. Epistle from the Yearly-Meeting in London, held 
by Adjournment, from the 24th of the Fifth Month, 1779, to the 
29th of the same, inclusive. To the Quarterly and Monthly Meet- 
ings of Friends in Great-Britain, Ireland, and elsewhere . . . The 
Suffering of our Brethren in America . . . great in many places 
. . . have principally arisen from that confusion and distress which 
are inseparable from War . . . [Signed] John Fothergill. n.p., 
n.d. [1779]. Fol. 

(Worn at folds). J(6o)$ii.oo. 

From Our Yearly Meeting held at Phila. for Pennsylvania 

and New Jersey, 22d Day of the Ninth Month, to the 28th of the 
same (inclusive) 1759. [Relates to Indian Barbarities on the 
Western Frontier during the French and Indian War.] 3 pp. 
[Phila., B. Franklin and D. Hall, 1759.] Sm. fol. 

(Torn at folds, time-discolorations). GG( 125) $30.00. 

Some Account of the Conduct of the Religious Society of 

Friends towards the Indian Tribes in the Settlement of the Col- 
onies of East and West Jersey and Pennsylvania: with a brief 
narrative of their labours for the civilization and Christian in- 
struction of the Indians. Published by the Aborigines 1 Com- 
mittee. Col. map and folding map of Aboriginal America east of 
the Mississippi, etc. London, 1844. 8vo. 

Cl., unc. A (139) $12.50. 


RABELAIS (Frangois). CEuvres. Portrait and plates. Paris, 

An VI [1798]. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cf. (rubbed, lightly foxed; Elwin B. Gould copy). U(i93) 

Gargantua and Pantagruel. [Tudor Translations. Ed. by W. 

E. Henley.] Trans, by Sir Thomas Urquhart and Peter Le Mot- 

teux. Intro, by Charles Whibley. London, 1900. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. buckram (rubbed, shaken; Maurice Hewlett copy). TT(332) 

Complete Works. Trans, by Sir Thomas Urquhart and Peter 

Motteux. Intro, by J. Lewis May. Illus. by Frank C. Pape. 

London, 1927. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. cl., unc. K (416) $9.00. 


RABELAIS (Francois) Continued. 

All [his] Extant Works. Trans, by Samuel Putnam. Plates 

by Jean de Bosschere. N.Y., privately printed, 1929. 3 vols., fol. 
Hf. buckram, g.t., unc. K (37) $24.50. 
Hf. cl., g.t, unc. M(2op)$i5.oo. 

Works. Illus. by W. Heath Robinson. London, Navarre So- 
ciety, n.d. 2 vols., 8vo. 
)4 mor., g.t., unc. X( 1493) $16.00. 
Cf., tooled, g.t., by Morrell ; in cl. case. TTa( 140) $17.50. 

RACINET ( August e). Geschicte des Kosttums in Chronolo- 

gischy Entwicklung. Deutsche Ausgabe bearbeitet von Adolph 
Rosenberg. 500 plates, some in col. with gold and silver. Berlin, 
1888. 6 vols., 4to. 

6 cl. portfolios, as issued (3 plates and 2 pp. lacking). NO (281) 

RACING CALENDAR (The). Vols. I-CLVII. London, 1773- 
1929. 157, vols., I2mo. 

Old and new cf. (no. of covers loose, some vols. worn, one title lack- 
ing). R(6i)$55.oo. 

RACING FORM. Charts of American Racing. Ed. by F. H. 

RACKHAM (Arthur). Mother Goose: the Old Nursery 
Rhymes. 13 col. plates and numerous illustrations in black and 
white. Signed. London [1913]. 4to. 

Orig. white buckram, g.t. (soiled). V (335) $17.00. 

White buckram, g.t. (soiled). XX (330) $15.00. 

RADCLIFFE (Ann). Gaston de Blondeville; or, the Court of 

Henry III resting in Ardennes : a Romance ; St. Alban's Abbey : 
a Metrical Tale; with Some Poetical Pieces; to which is pre- 
fixed a Memoir of the Author [by Sir Thomas N. Talfourd]. 
London, 1826. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Orig. bds., unc.; in hf. mor. case (rubbed, hinges cracking, name in- 
side covers). 0(248) $15.00. 

The Italian; or, the Confessional of the Black Penitent: a 

Romance. London, 1/97. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc. ; in cl. case (rebacked, new end papers at back of each 
vol., blank corner torn from title and a number of leaves, name 
on titles). EF (850) $10.00. 

RAFFAfiLLI (Jean Francois). Les Types de Paris. Text by 
de Goncourt, Daudet, Zola, and others. Illustrations by Raffaelli. 
[Paris, 1889.] 4to. 

Silk, unc. (rubbed, inscribed by Raffaelli to Zola). DE(2O3)$ 

RAFINESQUE (Constantine S.). Ancient History; or, Annals 
of Kentucky; with a Survey of the Ancient Monuments of North 
America. Frankfort, Ky., 1824. 8vo. 

Sewed, in hf. mor. case (presentation copy). GG( 152) $13.00. 


RALEIGH (Sir Walter). Judicious and Select Essays and Ob- 
servations upon the First Invention of Shipping, Invasive War, 


RALEIGH (Sir Walter) Continued. 

the Navy Royal and Sea Service. Portrait by Vaughan. Lon- 
don, 1667. i6mo. 

Orig. cf. FF( 121 ) $19.00. 

RALFE (James). The Naval Chronology of Great Britain. 60 
plates in color. London, 1820. 3 vols., 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.t., by Matthews. R (286) $160.00. 

Cl, g.e. (rubbed). ZZ (212) $160.00. 

RALPH (James). The Muse's Address to the King: an Ode. 
London, 1728. 8vo. 

New hf. cf. P(i47)$i6.oo. 

Night: a Poem. In Four Books. London, Ackers, 1728. 8vo. 

New hf. mor. P(i48)$i6.oo. 

The Tempest; or, the Terrors of Death: a Poem in Blank 

Verse. London, 1727. 8vo. 
New hf. cf. P( 149) $16.00. 


Gallantry, Glee, Pleasure and the Bon-Ton. Plates. Jan. 1783 
to Feb., 1791. London, 1783-91. 7 vols., 8vo. 
Old cf. (rebacked). 8(316) $55.00. 

RAMIRO (Erastene). See ROPS (Felicien). 


pigolius (Antonius de). Reportarium Biblise. 116 leaves. [Augs- 
burg, Monastery of SS. Ulrich and Afra, about 1473-76.] Fol. 
(Hain ^3678) . 

Modern vel., lev. mor. back, g.e. (first 2 leaves repaired at margin, 
last leaf restored at corner, few marginal stains). JK(355) 

Bihlia aurea. 158 leaves (should be 160). Ulm, Zainer, 1476. 

Fol. (Hain * 13682). 

Cont. pigskin, tooled, remains of brass clasp (rebacked and repaired 
with vel., marginal holes and discolorations, lacks first and last 
blank). JK(356)$37-50. 



RAMSAY (David). The History of the American Revolution. 

Phila., Aitken, 1789. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (worn). QQ( 377) $14.00. 

History of the Revolution of South Carolina from a British 

Province to an Independent State. Trenton, Collins, 1785. 2 vols., 

Hf. mor., g.t. QQ (3/8) $15-00. 

His to ire de la Revolution d'Amerique, par Rapport a la 

Caroline Meridionale. 5 folding maps. Londres, et Paris, 1787. 
2 vols., 8vo. 
Cont. cf. QQ(379)$n.oo. 

The History of South-Carolina from Its First Settlement in 

1670 to the Year 1808. 2 folding maps. Charleston, 1809. 2 
vols., 8vo. 

Orig. sheep (cracking, maps silked, writing on title). QQ(38o)$9.oo. 


RAMSAY (David) Continued. 

- A Sketch of the Soil, Climate, Weather and Diseases of 
South-Carolina. 3 tables. Charleston, 1796. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. QQ(38i)$ 

RAMUSIO (Giovanni Battista). Delle Navigation! et Viaggi. 
Maps and plans. Vol. I. Fifth edition. 1606; Vol. II. First 
edition. 1559; Vol. III. First edition. 1559. Venetia, 1606- 

1559-1556. 3 vols., fol. 

Old flexible vel. (3 maps of Vol. I lacking, inscriptions on first and 

second titles, other slight defects). L( 149) $32. 50. 
RANDALL (Oran .). History of Chesterfield, Cheshire Co., 

N.H. Diagrams and portraits. Brattleboro, Vt. f 1882. 8vo. 
Cl. A(288)$i7.50. 
RAVENSCROFT (Edward). Titus Andronicus; or, the Rape 

of Lavinia : a Tragedy, alter'd from Mr. Shakspears Works. Lon- 

don, 1687. Sm. 4to. 
Old hf. cf. (worn, one margin holed; J. P. Norris copy). JK(379) 

RAWLINSON (George). History of Ancient Egypt. 2 vols. 

1 88 1 ; [also] his translation of the History of Herodotus. 4 vols. 

1862. London, 1862-81. 6 vols., 8vo. 
Cf., g.t., by Riviere. F( 154) $16.00. 
RAWSTORNE (Lawrence). Gamonia: or, the Art of Preserv- 

ing Game. 15 col. drawings by T. J. Rawlins. London, 1929. 

Roy. 8vo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e., by Bayntun. YYa( 157) $17.50. 
RAY (John). Synopsis Methodic a Avium. See SALERNE 


READ (Harriette F.). Dramatic Poems. Boston, 1848. 8vo. 
Mor., g.e. (piece torn from back; presentation copy, to Dorothy 

"Dolly" Payne Madison). L(ii7)$n.oo. 
READ (Thomas B.). A Summer Story, Sheridan's Ride, and 

Other Poems. Phila., 1865. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (inscription on end paper, inserted is L. S. of Sheridan). 

READE (Charles). The Cloister and the Hearth. London, 1861. 

4 vols., I2mo. 
Cl., in cl. case (hinges repaired, library labels removed from inside 

front covers, stamps eradicated from title of Vol. II). 0(249) 


- A Collection of First Editions of his Writings. London and 
Edinburgh, 1853-87. 46 vols., 8vo and smaller. 

Cf., g.t., by Riviere (some orig. wrappers bound in, a few titles in- 
serted or hinged, some half-titles lacking; A. L. S. laid in one 
vol. ) . U ( 194) $100.00. 

- Novels. Frontispieces. Boston, n.d. 16 vols., I2mo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t. GH(239)$4i.oo. 

REAL LIFE IN IRELAND. 19 col. plates by Alken, Heath, 

Marks, and others. London, 1821. 8vo. 
Lev. mor., g.t., by Tout (5 plates are dated 1821, 7 are dated 1822, 3 

are undated, the rest are without publication line). GH(24o) 



REAL LIFE IN LONDON ... By an Amateur. 34 col. aqua- 
tint plates by Alken and others. London, 1821-22. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Cf. (rebacked, with orig. back put on; foxed). C (84) $55.00. 

14 orig. parts, unc. ; in 2 lev. mor. cases (worn, backs repaired, cor- 
ner of one wrapper supplied, nos. of the parts are stamped in or 
written in ink, some with erasures). R( 33) $320.00. 

Lev. mor., g.t., by Tout (one margin repaired, few plates trimmed 
close, name on verso of one frontis.). GH(24i)$uo.oo. 

Peace. In a Letter addressed to ... the Earl of Halifax ... in 
Answer to Certain Animadversions contained in a Letter to Two 
Great Men. 46 pp. London, John Williams, 1760. 8vo. 

New cf. QQ(i6;)$i6o.oo. 

ens Evenemens de la Guerre qui a procure Tlndependence aux 
Etats-Unis de 1'Amerique. 16 plates. Paris [1783-93]. 4to. 

Rebound fa mor., g.t. (foxed). V( 12) $22.50. 


Ordre de Matieres. Tome Cinquieme. 174 plates. Paris, 1787. 

Bds. (corners worn, stains, one plate missing). GG( 228) $14.00. 

REES (William). Rees' Description of Keokuk, the "Gate 
City," Lee County, Iowa. [Keokuk,] Sept. i, 1855. 8vo. 

Orig. paper. P(68)$ii.oo. 

ment. London, 1766. 8vo. 

Cf. QQ(384)$ 

REGNAULT (Nicolas F. and Genevieve de Nangis). La Bot- 
anique mise a la Portee de Tout le Monde; ou, Collection des 
Plantes d'Usage dans la Medecine, dans les Alimens, et dans les 
Arts, etc. Over 500 hand-tinted plates. Paris, 1774. 4 vols., fol. 

Old cf., g.e. (broken at hinges). C(34)$6o.oo. 

REIBISCH (F. M.). Deutscher Rittersaal; oder, die Deutsche 
Ritterzeit. 70 col. plates. Dresden, 1836. Obi. 4to. 

fa mor. IJ(i9o)$ii.75. 

REID (George W.). A Descriptive Catalogue of the Works of 
George Cruikshank. 313 illustrations. London, 1871. 3 vols., 4to. 

Hf. lev. mor., tooled, g.t., by Riviere. GH(66)$i5.oo. 

REID (Mayne). The Quadroon; or, a Lover's Adventures in 
Louisiana. London, 1856. 3 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. mor. P(i09)$8.oo. 

REIN (J. J.). The Industries of Japan, together with an Ac- 
count of its Agriculture, Forestry, Arts and Commerce. 3 maps 
and 44 illustrations, some colored. London, 1889. 8vo. 

fa lev. mor., g.t. TT (218) $8.00. 

REISET (Gustave A. H., Comte de). Modes et Usages au 
Temps de Marie-Antoinette. Livre- Journal de Madame filoffe, 
Marchande de Modes. Plates, 68 in color. Paris, 1885. 2 vols., 

Hf. mor., g.t. NN(72)$ii.oo. 

fa lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Bretault (on Japan paper). DE( 58) $15.00. 



sissippi. 14 plates. Amsterdam, Bernard 1 1720]. Sm. I2mo. 
Cf. E(i87)$i4.oo. 


REMINGTON (Frederic). Pony Tracks. N.Y., 1895. 8vo. 
Orig. cl. SS(84)$i6.oo. 

REMONDINO (Peter C.). History of Circumcision. Phila., 

1891. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (inscribed to Eugene Field, laid in is A. L. S. of author with 

notes of Field on verso, Field autograph and bookplate on fly 

leaf). V( 154) $16.00. 


after the Great Plunderers of the Nation. London, 1711. I2mo. 
Hf. mor. (rebound). XX(92)$u.oo. 

REVEIL (Achille). See MUSfiE DE PEINTURE, etc. 
REVERE (Joseph W.). A Tour of Duty in California. Map 

and plates. N.Y., 1849. I2mo. 
Cl. (shaken, water-stain on first 5 leaves). OO(83)$i2.oo. 

REVOLUTIONARY WAR. A Map of the Seat of War in 

the Southern Part of Virginia, North Carolina, and Northern Part 
of South Carolina. By Thos. Kitchin Senr., Hydrographer to his 
Majesty. Published by R. Baldwin. London, 1781. 13^x1034 
KK (290) $12.50. 



REYNOLDS (John). My Own Times. Portrait. [Belleville,] 

111., 1855. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (front hinge cracked, some foxing; M. C. Stearnes copy). 

E(i30) $50.00. 

The Pioneer History of Illinois. Belleville, 111., 1852. 12010. 

Orig. cl. (foxed, name in ink and stamp inside front cover). (131) 


The Pendleton Collection [of Eighteenth Century Furniture and 
Pottery. Comp. by] Luke Vincent Lockwood. Plates. Japan 
paper. [Providence, R.I.,] 1904. Roy. 4to. 

Lev. mor., tooled, g.t., unc. W( 109) $32.50. 

Lev. mor., tooled, DE( 153) $52.50. 

RHYMERS' CLUB. The Book of the Rhymers' Club. 1892; 

[also] The Second Book of the Rhymers' Club. 1894. London, 

1892-94. 2 vols., I2mo. 
Q., unc. EF(852)$i2.50. 


Bain (F. W.). Indian Stories. 1913-20. 13 vols., 8vo. 

Parchment, g.t. TT( 17) $30.00. 

Housman (A. E.). A Shropshire Lad. 1914. 8vo. 

Mor., g.t. (signed, bound in is 3-page reprint of one of his early poems, 
inserted are 3 A. L.). 0(248) $39.00. 



Malory (Sir Thomas). Lc Morte D'Arthur. Illus., in color, 

by W. R. Flint. [1929.] 8vp. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e., by Riviere; in cl. case. TTa( 112) $20.00. 

RICE INSTITUTE. The Book of the Opening of the Rice In- 
stitute. Portraits. Houston, Tex., 1912. 3 vols., roy. 8vo. 

Buckram. X ( 1 9 1 ) $50.00. 

RICH (Elisha). [Broadside.] A Poem on the Bloody Engage- 
ment that was fought on Bunker's Hill in Charlestown, New- 
England, on the I7th of June, 1775. Chelmsford, Nathaniel Cov- 
erly, 1775- Fol. 

In cl. case. BC (75) $90.00. 

RICHARDSON (Samuel). Clarissa; or, the History of a 

Young Lady. London, 1748. 7 vols., I2mo. 

Cont. cf. (2 hinges cracked, name on 2 end papers; David, Earl of 
Northesk-S. Jervis copy). EF( 853) $85.00. 

[His] Correspondence. 2 portraits by Caroline Watson; 2 

folding col. plates, one by Stadler; one tinted plate. London, 

1804. 6 vols., I2mo. 

Cf., tooled, g.e., by Zaehnsdorf. TTa( 141) $17.00. 
Cont. bds., unc. ; in cl. case (backs repaired and tightened). EF 

(B57) $35-00. 
The History of Sir Charles Grandison. London, 1754. 7 vols., 


Hf. cf., tooled. X( 154) $14.00. 
Cont. hf. cf. (rubbed, some vols. shaken, one cover loose; name 

stamped on all titles; same name in ink, with date 1758, in 3 

vols.). GO (980) $17.50. 

Cont. cf. (rebacked, new end papers). VV(i6i)$i2.5o. 
Cont. cf. (rebacked, corners restored, new end papers, one hinge 

cracked ; laid in is A. L. S. of Mr. Clairaul to the author W. F. 

Maitland copy). EF( 854) $30.00. 
Pamela; or, Virtue Rewarded. A Facsimile Reproduction of 

the Edition of 1769. Intro, by A. E. Newton. Oak Knoll, Pri- 
vately Printed, 1929. i6mo. 
Orig. bds., in bd. case (inscribed by Mr. Newton to G. H. Sargent, 

inserted is leaflet). EE(64)$25.oo. 
Orig. bds. (inscribed by Mr. Newton). EF(797)$27.5O. 

RICHMOND (C. W.) and VALLETTE (H. F.). A History 

of the County of Du Page, Illinois. Chic., 1857. i6mo. 
Orig. cl. (faded, backstrip torn). E(i24)$20.oo. 


bandry. London, S. G. for the Company of Stationers, 1666. i6mo. 
Old mor., tooled, g.e. JJ (29) $10.00. 

RIEDESEL (Frederica C. L.). Letters and Memoirs relating to 
the War of American Independence, and the Capture of the Ger- 
man Troops at Saratoga . . . Translated from the Original Ger- 
man. N.Y., 1827. I2mo. 

Orig. bds., unc. T(i92)$i5.oo. 

Mor., g.t., unc., by Fathersdorf. QQ (385) $18.00. 

RIGBY (Richard). [Pamphlet.] An Account of Extraordi- 
nary Services Incurred and Paid by [him,] Paymaster General 


RIGBY (Richard) Continued. 

of His Majesty's Forces, . . . and not provided for by Parliament. 

London, Printed by Order of the House of Commons, 1780. 4to. 
Orig. paper. V(n)$5o.oo. 

RIIS (Jacob A.). The Making of an American. Portraits. N.Y., 

1901. 8vo. 
Orig. cl., g.t., unc. (inscribed to Mrs. Lowell). N (303) $7.50. 

RIKER (James). The Annals of Newtown, in Queens County, 

New- York. Facsimile plan. N.Y., 1852. 8vo. 

Cl. (with "Early History of the Town of Ellicott, Chautauqua County, 
N.Y.," by Gilbert W. Hazeltine, Jamestown, 1887; together 2 
vols.). X(i35)$n.oo. 

RILEY (James Whitcomb). Character Sketches, The Boss Girl, 
a Christmas Story, and Other Sketches. 1886; [also] Pipes o' 
Pan at Zekesbury. 1889. Indianapolis, 1886-89. 2 vols., I2mo. 

Cl. (shaken, backstrip of first vol. rubbed). II(382)$ii.oo. 

The Flying Islands of the Night. Indianapolis, 1892. I2mo. 

Orig. paper, g.t., unc.; in cl. case (inscribed to Ellen Terry "Nov. 

1891"). EF (858) $72.50. 

Green Fields and Running Brooks. Indianapolis, 1893. I2mo. 

Orig. cl., g.t. (laid in is signature of the author, Eugene Field copy). 


Home-Folks. Frontis. Indianapolis [1900.] 121110. 

Cl. (inscribed to Ellen Terry). 0(250) $165.00. 

Morning. Indianapolis [1907]. I2mo. 

Cl. (inscribed). II (381) $13.00. 

The Old Swimmin' Hole, and 'Leven more Poems, by Benj. 

F. Johnson, of Boone. Indianapolis, 1883. i6mo. 
Orig. paper, unc.; in hf. mor. case (fly leaves stained). AA(i52) 

Pipes o* Pan at Zekesbury. Indianapolis, n.d. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. (inscribed). H(i5o)$8.oo. 

Poems Here at Home. Pictures by E. W. Kemble. N.Y., 

1905. I2mo. 
CL, g.t., unc. (inscribed to Miss Jessie Celia Dessar). JK (358) $10.00. 

[His] Poems and Prose Sketches. Portrait. Japan paper, 

signed. N.Y., 1897-1914. 16 vols,, I2mo. 
Orig. bds., g.t., unc.; in bd. case (tipped to fly leaf is signed card 

bearing 4-line verse in Riley's hand). X( 1543) $160.00. 

Rhymes of Childhood. Indianapolis, 1891. I2mo. 

Mor., tooled, g.e. (inscribed). (344) $28.00. 

Works. Frontispieces. N.Y., 1901-04. 16 vols., I2mo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., by Sangorski. U( 197) $75.00. 

RINDER (Frank). Etchings of D. Y. Cameron and a Cata- 
logue of his Etched Work. 60 plates. Edinburgh, 1908. 4to. 
Niger, tooled, g.t. V(59)$i6.oo. 

RIPLEY (R. S.). The War with Mexico. N.Y., 1849. 2 vols., 

Cl. KLa(465)$9.oo. 


RITNER (Joseph). Vindication of General Washington from 

the Stigma of Adherence to Secret Societies. Harrisburg, 1837. 


Paper. PP(235)$ii.oo. 
RIVIERE (Henri). La Ceramique dans 1'Art Musulman: Re- 

cueil de Cent Planches en Couleurs. Avec une Preface de Gaston 

Migeon. 100 col. reproductions. Paris, 1923. 2 vols., roy. fol". 
Loose in portfolios, unc. (with "Manuel d'Art Musulman," 1907, by 

Migeon, together 3 vols.). W(i37)$i45oo. 


27, 28, 34, 53. N.Y., Rivington, 1773. Fol. 
Bds. (7 nos. in one vol.). BC (39) $67.00. 

ROANOKE ISLAND. [Broadside.] To be Sold, One Moiety 

or Half Part of the Island of Roanoak, etc. Boston, May 26th, 
1740. 4to. 
In slip case. BC(65)$52.5o. 

ROBERTS OF KANDAHAR (Frederick, Lord). Forty-One 

Years in India. N.Y., 1898. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. mor., unc. GH (242) $10.00. 

ROBERTS (James and Henry). The Sportsman's Pocket Com- 
panion : being a Striking Likeness or Portraiture of the most 
Eminent Race Horses and Stallions, that ever were in this King- 
dom, etc. Engraved throughout, 42 leaves, including title, index, 
and 40 portraits. London, n.d. 8vo. 

Hf. cf., g.t. R( 62) $40.00. 

ROBERTSON (Wyndham and BROCK (R. A.). Pocahontas 

alias Matoaka, and her Descendants through her Marriage . . . 
with John Rolfe. Richmond, 1887. 8vo. 
Cl., unc. KLa(467)$u.oo. 

ROBIN (Claude C.). Nouveau Voyage dans I'Amerique Septen- 

trionale en 1'Annee 1781. Phila. and Paris, 1782. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (worn). P(isi)$is.oo. 

New Travels through North-America. Trans, by Philip Fre- 

neau. Boston, 1784. 8vo. 
New & leath. SS(i66) $50.00. 

Voyages dans 1'Interieur de la Louisiane, etc. Folding map, 

in color. Paris, 1807. 3 vols., 8vo. 
Bds. IJ(i32)$n.oo. 

ROBINSON (Charles N.). Old Naval Prints. Col. and plain 

plates. London, 1924. 4to. 
Buckram, g.t. G(353)$8.oo. 
Cl., g.t. GG (249) $11.00. 

ROBINSON (Edwin Arlington). Avon's Harvest. N.Y., 1921. 

Orig. bds. (inscribed to S. E. Pope). EF (863) $22.50. 

Captain Craig. Boston, 1902. i2tno. 

Orig. cl., paper label, unc.; in ft mor. case (backstrip faded, name 
erased from title). (227) $55.00. 

The Children of the Night. Boston, 1897. I2mo. 

Cl., unc. (tipped in is A. L.). JJ(2o8)$ 


ROBINSON (Edwin Arlington) Continued. 

CL, unc.; in hf. mor. case (name on title and fly leaf). NN(2io) 

CL, unc. (text foxed). EF (860) $35.00. 

Collected Poems. N.Y., 1921. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Grig, bds., g.t., unc. (signed, J. C. Squire copy). EF( 864) $15.00. 
- Collected Poems. Intro, by John Drinkwater. London [1922]. 


(Inscribed to J. C. Squire). EF (865) $10.00. 
Collected Poems. Large paper, signed. Cambridge, Dunster 

House [1927]. 5 vols., 8vo. 
CL, g.t., unc. K(426)$2i.oo. 

Fortunatus. Signed. Reno, Slide Mountain Press, 1928. 8vo. 

Orig. bds. K(428)$i3.oo. 

Bds. II(386)$50.oo. 

Bds. (on brown paper). EF( 868) $35.00. 

The Glory of the Nightingales. Signed. N.Y., 1930. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. K (425) $16.00. 
Cl., unc.; in bd. case. KL( 125) $8.00. 

The Man Against the Sky. N.Y., 1916. 121110. 

Q., g.t. (inscribed to S. E. Pope). EF (862) $35.00. 

The Man Who Died Twice. N.Y., 1924. 121110. 

Orig. cl. (presentation copy). K (424) $10.00. 

Modred. Signed. N.Y., 1929. I2mo. 

Orig. bds., in bd. case (inscribed to Hubert and Jane Gorman). EF 


Roman Bartholow. N.Y., 1923. 121110. 

Cl., in hf. mor. case (inscribed to Dr. Edwin Leonard). EF(866) 

The Torrent and the Night Before. Printed for the Author, 

1896. i6mo. 

Orig. blue paper, unc.: in hf. mor. case (backstrip chipped; in- 
scribed to W. P. Trent). 0(252) $450.00. 
Ley. mor., unc. (inscribed to R. \V. Gilder). EF( 859) $85.00. 
Orig. blue paper, unc. ; in folder and mor. case ( inscribed to P. 

la Rose). NO (283) $275.00. 

The Town Down the River. N.Y., 1910. umo. 

CL, g.t., unc. KF (Win $25.00. 
CL, g.t., unc. NO (284) $20.00. 

Tristram. N.Y., 1927. i2mo. 

Orig. cl. (inscribed to Lucius Beeber). K(427)$25.oo. 

CL (inscribed to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Squire). O(253)$35.oo. 

CL, g.t., unc. (Large paper, signed). EF (867) $22.50. 

ROBINSON (Sarah). Genealogical History of the Families of 
Robinsons, Saffords, Harwoods, and Clarks. Pennington, Vt., 
1837. I2mo. 

notes and corrections). T (90) $8.00. 

ROBSON (Joseph). An Account of Six Years Residence in 

Hudson's-Bay, from 1733 to 1736, and 1744 to 1747. 3 folding 
maps. London, 1752. 8vo. 
Cont. cf. (worn). 66(154) $22.50. 

CL (MS. 


RODD (Rennell). Rose Leaf and Apple Leaf. With an Intro- 
duction by Oscar Wilde. Phila., 1882. I2mo. 

Lev. mor., g.t. (orig. front cover and backstrip bound in; 4 blank 
leaves at front). NN (267) $12.50. 

Orig. vel., g.t., unc. ; in hf. mor. case (laid in is A. L. S. by Oscar 
Wilde). EF(ii62)$25.oo. 

RODENBOUGH (Theodore F.). Autumn Leaves from Fam- 
ily Trees . . . Materials relating to the Cauffman, Chidsey, 
Churchman, Foster, Montgomery, Rodenbough, Shewell and Af- 
filiated Families. N.Y., 1892. 8vo. 

Hf. mor. RR(iii)$ 

ROGERS (Bruce). Books Printed or Designed by him. 
Alexander (Francesca). Tuscan Songs. Illus. by F. Alex- 
ander. Boston, Riverside Press, 1897. Fol. 
G., g.t., unc. F( 156) $10.00. 

Benet (Stephen Vincent). The Ballad of William Syca- 
more, 1790-1880. N.Y., Rudge [1923]. I2mo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (inscribed to George H. Sargent). DD(i9)$ii.oo. 

Bernard (Auguste). Geofroy Tory. Trans, by George B. 

Ives. Reproductions. [Boston,] Riverside Press, 1909. Imp. 

Bds., unc. F( 158) $30.00. 

Browne (Sir Thomas). Hydriotaphia, Urne-Buriall. [Cam- 
bridge,] Riverside Press, 1907. 4to. 
Crimson sheepskin, g.t. TT (336) $8.00. 

The Constitution of the United States of America. [Bos- 
ton, 1911.] Imp. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unopened. TT (337) $12.50. 

Hearn (Lafcadio). Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange 

Things. Boston, 1904. I2mo. 
Orig. cl. II(2i7)$8.oo. 

Herbert (George). English Works. Ed. by G. H. Palmer. 

Portrait and frontispieces. Large paper. Cambridge, 1905. 6 

\ols., 8vo. 
Bcls., unc. GH( 149) $10.00. 

Hergesheimer (Joseph). The Presbyterian Child. N.Y., 

1 023. 8vo. 
Bds.. unc. (signed). NO (167) $10.00. 

Howell (James). Epistolae Ho-Elianae, the Familiar Let- 
ters of James Howell. Intro, by Agnes Repplier. Frontispieces. 
Boston, 1007. 4 vols., 8vo. 

Bds., unc. JK(36i)$8.oo. 

Kipling (Rudyard). On Dry Cow Fishing as a Fine Art. 

Cleveland, Rowfant Club, 1926. I2mo. 
Bds.. unc.; (Raymond Schweizer copy). R(i87)$no.oo. 

Montaigne (Michel de). Essays. Done into English by John 

Florio. Portraits. Boston, 1902-04. 3 vols., fol. 
Bds., unc. F(i57)$i25.oo. 

Pennell (E. R.). My Cookery Books. Boston, 1903. 4to. 

Bds., unopened (bookplate). TT( 342) $16.00. 


ROGERS (Bruce) Continued. 

The Psalms of David, in Metre, according to the Version ap- 
proved by the Church of Scotland. Intro, by William A. Neilson. 

Cambridge, Washburn and Thomas, 1928. I2mo. 
Cl., g.t., unopened. TT( 344) $10.00. 

Sassoon (Siegfried). Picture Show. London, 1919. 8vo. 

Bds., unc. (inscribed "To O. M."). JK( 369) $30.00. 

ROGERS (Cameron). Full and By ... a Collection of Verses 

by Persons of Quality in Praise of Drinking. .Ed. by Cameron 

Rogers. Woodcuts by Edw. A. Wilson. N.Y., Doubleday, 1925. 


Hf. cl. XX(n6)$io.oo. 

ROGERS (Julia Ellen). Among Green Trees. Chic., 1902. 4to. 
Lev. mor., leath. joints; in cl. case. (354) $14.00. 
ROGERS (Robert). A Concise Account of North America. 

London, for the Author, 1765. 8vo. 
Hf. cf. (rubbed). L(isi)$22.oo. 
Cf., g.e. UU(i6i)$i5.oo. 

Journals. London, for the Author, 1765. 8vo. 

Cont. cf. (loose, writing on title). L(i52)$45.oo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., untrimmed (Marshall Lefferts copy). TT(346) 

Orig. cf. (joints weak). UU( 162) $30.00. 

Journals. Dublin, 1769. 8vo. 

Cf. QQ(388)$45.oo. 

Ponteach; or, the Savages of America: a Tragedy. London, 

1766. I2mo. 

Lev. mor. TT( 322) $27.00. 
ROGERS (Samuel). Italy, 1830; [also] Poems, 1834. Portrait 

and vignettes after Turner and Stothard. London, 1830-34. 2 

vols., 8vo. 
Mor., tooled, by Zaehnsdorf ("Italy" is Second issue with vignette for 

poem "On a Tomb" correctly placed on page 88). GH(243) 

ROGERS (Woodes). A Cruising Voyage round the World. 5 

folding maps. London, for Andrew Bell, 1718. 8vo. 
Cf., tooled, by Bedford. UUC 163) $23.00. 
ROGERS AND FOWLE. A Correct Table to bring Old 

Tenor into Lawful Money, at the Rate of Dollars, at Six Shillings 

per Piece, from One Penny to Twenty Shillings, old Tenor; 

which may serve as a Supplement to the Table already published 

by Rogers and Fowle, etc. 12 pp. Boston, Rogers and Fowle, 

1750. 64010. 

Orig. paper. BC(3)$22.oo. 
ROLL AND (Remain). Beethoven, the Creator. Trans, by 

Ernest Newman. Signed. London, 1929. 2 vols., 8vo. 
Buckram, unopened. 0(426) $18.00. 
ROLLENHAGEN (Gabriel). Nucleus Emblematum S elect is - 

simorum. Engraved title and portrait, and 200 plates, with Dutch 

text printed in caracteres de civilite. Tot Arnhem, 1615-17. $vo. 
Vel. (shaken and soiled, 2 vols. in one, bookplate). TT( 149) $8.50., 
ROLLIN (Charles). See CRfeVIER (J. B. L.). 


ROLLO (John). Observations on the Means of Preserving and 

Restoring Health in the West Indies. London, C. Dilly, 1783. 
New hf. cf. (bound in are 2 other works by Rollo). FF( 124) $26.00. 

ROMAN CONTEMPORIAN. Realists. 10 vols.; Romanti- 
cists. 10 vols. Plates, frontispieces col. by hand. Phila., Barrie, 
n.d. 20 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. mor., g.t., unc. X( 156) $60.00. 

Realists; [also] Romanticists. 10 vols. each. Plates. N.Y., 

Richmond, n.d. [1896-97]. 20 vols., 8vo. 
Cl., unc. (bindings not uniform, on Japan paper, plates in 2 states). 

F( 163) $22.50. 

ROMANCES OF ROYALTY. Ed. by G. K. Fortescue. Col. 
frontispieces and other illustrations. Boston, 1909. 13 vols., 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. (Imperial edition). NN (211) $45.00. 

RONDELET (Guillaume). Libri de Piscibus. Lugduni, 1554. 

Old cf. (rubbed and chipped, hinges split, time-stained, foxed). IJ 

(348) $11.50. 

ROOSES (Max). Christophe Plantin, Imprimeur Anversois. 

Anvers, 1883. Fol. 
Lev. mor., g.t., unc. AA( 148) $22.50. 

ROOSEVELT (Theodore). African Game Trails. N.Y., 1910. 

Roy. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t., unc. (bookplate of the Author's Club Library). F(i66)$8.oo. 

African Game Trails. Large paper, signed. N.Y., 1910. 2 

vols., roy. 8vo. 

Hf. pigskin, unc. F( 165) $35.00. 
Yt pigskin. V(35i)$32.oo. 

Big Game Hunting in the Rockies and on the Great Plains. 

Illus. by Remington, Frost, Beard, and others. Author's signa- 
ture on frontis. N.Y., 1899. 4 to - 

Buckram, g.t, unc. F( 164) $32.50. 

Buckram, unc. JJ (210) $12.50. 

Hunting Trips of a Ranchman. Illus. by A. B. Frost, and 

others. Medora Edition, Large paper. N.Y., 1885. 4to. 
Cf., tooled, unc. (rubbed). GH( 244) $25.00. 
Buckram, unc. NO (288) $10.00. 

The Naval War of 1812. N.Y., 1882. i2mo. 

Cl. T( 194) $11. oo. 

Notes on Some of the Birds of Oyster Bay, Long Island. 

One page. [N.Y.,] March, 1879. 8vo. 
T( 193) $65-00. 

Oliver Cromwell. N.Y., 1900. 8vo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. (inscribed to Percival M. Barker). VV( 164) $35.00. 

Outdoor Pastimes of an American Hunter. N.Y., 1905. 8vo. 

Orig. hf. pigskin (rebacked, with orig. backstrip laid on; Large paper, 
signed ) . OP ( 124) $20.00. 

The Rough Riders. N.Y., 1899. 8vo. 

Orig. cl., g.t., unc. (signed). AA( 154) $21.00. 



ROOSEVELT (Theodore) Continued. 

- The Valley Forge Address. Published for the Washington Me- 
morial Chapel. Norristown, Pa., 1909. 321110. 

Cl. (stained, inscribed to Col. Wm. H. Crook). (350) $25.00. 

- The Winning of the West. Maps and portraits. Daniel Boone 
Edition, sheet of orig. MS. in Vol. I. N.Y., 1900. 4 vols., 8vo. 

mor., g.t., unc. (229) $26.00. 
4 lev. mor., g.t., unc. NO (289) $35.00. 

ROOT (Frank A.) and CONNELLEY (William E.). The 

Overland Stage to California. Folding map. Topeka, 1901. 8vo. 
Cl. KLa( 4 68)$i5.25. 
ROOT (Henry). Personal History and Reminiscences, with 

Personal Opinions on Contemporary Events 1845-1921. Portrait. 

San Fran., for Private Circulation, 1921. 8vo. 
Cl. (inscribed to W. W. Morrow). JK(365)$i7.50. 

ROPS (Felicien). fitudes sur quelques Artistes Originaux: Feli- 
cien Rops. Par Erastene Ramiro. 1905; [and] Felicien Rops 
1'Homme et 1* Artiste. Par Camille Lemonnier. 1908. Both vols. 
illustrated. Paris, 1905-08. 2 vols., 4to. 

Hf. mor., unc. (rubbed). U (200) $15.00. 

y lev. mor. (with "Felicien Rops" by Rudolph Klein, n.d., 2 copies; 
together 4 vols.). DE( 207) $22.50. 

ROQUELAURE (Gas ton Jean-Baptiste, Due de). Secret Mem- 

oirs. Privately printed, 1806. 4 vols., 8vo. 
Bds., unc. 5(328) $14.00. 

ROSCOE (Thomas). Novelist's Library. Ed. by Roscoe. Vols. 
I-II, "Robinson Crusoe." illus. with 16 plates by Strutt and a 
portrait by Freeman ; remaining vols.. with 74 etchings by George 
Cruikshank and plates by others. London, 1831-33. 19 vols., 

Cf., tooled, g.t., unc., by Tout (advertisements omitted, some of the 
plates on India paper in "Robinson Crusoe" have been remounted). 

ROSENBACH (A. S. W.). Books and Bidders. Plates. Large 

paper, signed. Boston, 1927. 8vo. 
Bds., g.t, unc. EF (871) $15.00. 
ROSENTHAL (Leonard). The Kingdom of the Pearl. Illus- 

trations by E. Dulac, 10 in color. N.Y., n.d. 4to. 
Hf. buckram, g.t. (soiled, scuffed, and shaken; bookplate). XX (120) 


ROSIER (James). A Trve Relation of the most prosperous 
voyage made this present yeere 1605, by Captainc George Way- 
mouth, in the Discouery of the land of Virginia. London, Geor. 
Bishop, 1605. Sm. 4to. 

Old cf., in hf. mor. case (vol. rebacked, 7 x 5^6 in.). LL(i 08) $4500.00. 

ROSSELINI. Egyptian Antiquities. Over 150 plates, many in 

color, n.p., n.d. Obi. el. fol. 
y* cf. I J (433) $12.50. 

ROSSETTI (Christina G.). The Face of the Deep: a Devotional 

Commentary on the Apocalypse. . London, 1803. 8vo. 
Cl., g.t. (inscribed to Mrs. Catterson). EF( 873) $10.00. 


ROSSETTI (Christina G.) Continued. 

The Prince's Progress and Other Poems. With two designs 

by D. G. Rossetti. Orig. sheets, with date, "1865," in imprint. 

London, Macmillan, 1865. I2mo. 
Orig. folded sheets, unopened; in cl. folder and mor. case by Riviere 

(advance copy, note on title reads : "Private. Not published yet. 

G. W."). XX (336) $10.00. 

Verses. London, Privately Printed at G. Polidori's, 1847. I2mo. 

Cf., tooled, g.t., unc. (laid in is the suppressed leaf, pp. 55*56; Edmund 

Gosse copy, A. L. S. of author to him laid in). EF(872)$6"7.5O. 
ROSSETTI (Dante Gabriel). Dante and his Circle. Revised 

Edition. London, 1874. I2mo. 

Cl., unc. (presentation copy, to Fred'k P. Stephens). EF (877) $13.00. 
Dante and his Circle. Preface by William M. Rossetti. Lon- 
don, 1892. 8vo. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc. (Large paper; inserted are A. L. S. by D. G. 

Rossetti, and A. L. S. by W. M. Rossetti; J. B. Eldridge copy). 


Poems. London, 1870. I2tno. 

Cl., unc., in hf. mor. case (inscribed by author to Charlotte L. Poli- 

dori). EF(876)$io.oo. 

Poems. London, 1881. T2mo. 

Cl., unc. (Tebbs-Bixby-Whitall copy, inscribed by author to Harry 

V. Tebbs). VV( 165) $10.00. 
ROTHENSTEIN (John). The Portrait Drawings of William 

Rothenstcin, 1889-1925: an Iconography. 101 plates. London, 

1926. Fol. 

Huckram, g.t. CD(3/6)$i3.oo. 
ROTHENSTEIN (William). Twenty-four Portraits. With 

Critical Appreciations by Various Hands. fFi rst and] Second 

Series. 48 portraits each. London [1920-] 1923. 2 vols., roy. 

P>cls. (laid in are A. L. S., signatures, etc., by 18 men described in 

the work). EF (880) $10.00. 
ROUSSEAU (Jean J.). Confessions. Portraits. Privately 

Printed, 1896. 2 vols., roy. 8vo. 
Cf., g.t.. unc.: in cl. cases. F(i68)$24.oo. 
Confessions. Etchings by Ed. ITedouin. Privately Printed, 

i go i. 2 vols., 8vo. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t., unc., by Zaehnsdorf. U (201) $25.00. 
Confessions. Etchings by Maurice Leloir. Astral Edition. 

Phila., 1002. 12 vols., fol. 

Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, g.e. (rubbed, on Japan paper). B(i8o) $29.00. 
Confessions. Etchings. London, privately printed, 1914. 2 

vols., 8vo. 

Cl., g.t., unc. TTa( 144) $7.50. 
Confessions. 13 engravings by Hedouin and a portrait. N.Y., 

1928. 2 vols., 8vo. 
>4 lev. mor., g.t., unc. X( 158) $17.00. 
Pygmalion: scene Lyrique, mise en Vers par Berquin. Le 

Tc\tc grave par Drouct. 6 engravings after Moreau. Paris, 1775. 



ROUSSEAU (Jean J.) Continued. 

Cf., tooled, by Claessens (inserted are 2 portraits of Rousseau). GH 

ROUX (H.). Hcrculanum et Pompei. [Vol. VIII only.] Paris, 

1840. Roy. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. YYa( 139) $10.00. 

ROWLANDSON (Mary). A True History of [her] Captivity 
& Restoration. Written by her own hand. London, 1682. Sq. 

Old cf. (broken, title and several pp. remargined, several pp. cut 
close). Y(8o)$2i.oo. 

ROWLANDSON (Thomas). Journal of Sentimental Travels in 
the Southern Provinces of France. 18 col. aquatint plates by 
Rowlandson. London, 1821. Roy. 8vo. 

Cl. (tear in one cover ; some slight offsets ; majority of plates tipped 
in, not stitched). R (63) $45.00. 


ROYAL GAZETTE (The). Nos. 245, 249, 250, 252, 253, 256, 258, 
3i6, 453, 462, 468, 469, 577. N.Y., James Rivington, 1779-82. 13 
nos., fol. 

Bds. (one no. damaged). BC( 55) $180.00. 

ROY ALL (Anne). Letters from Alabama on Various Subjects. 

Wash., 1830. 8vo. 
Orig. bds. QQ(39O$u.50. 
Mrs. Royall's Southern Tour, or Second Series of the Black 

Book. Vol. I. Wash., 1830. 8vo. 
Orig. bds., unc. QQ (392) $15.00. 

Mrs. Royall's Southern Tour, or Second Series of the Black 

Book. ... In Three or More Volumes. Vol. II. Wash., 1831. 

Orig. bds. QQ(393)$i5-oo. 

The Tennessean: a Novel founded on Facts. New Haven, for 

the Author, 1827. I2mo. 
Orig. bds., unc. (rebacked, title repaired). QQ( 394) $17.00. 

ROYCE (William H.). Balzac, Immortal. Brooklyn, X.Y., Pri- 
vately printed, Christmas. 1926. i6mo. 
Orig. cl., unc. DD( 177) $8.00. 

ROYCROFT PRESS. East Aurora, N.Y. 

Shakespeare (William). Sonnets. Initials in color. On vel- 
lum, signed by Elbert Hubbard. 4tp. 
Lev. mor., tooled, inlaid, by Roycroft Bindery. U (212) $10.00. 

See also HUBBARD (Elbert). 

RUFFHEAD (Owen). Reasons why the approaching Treaty 
of Peace should be debated in Parliament as a Method most Ex- 
pedient and Constitutional. In a Letter addressed to a Great 
Man, and occasioned by the perusal of a Letter addressed to 
Two Great Men. London, R. Griffiths, 1760. 8vo. 

Hf. cf. FF( 55 )$ii.oo. 


ment of the Troops, raised, or to be raised, and kept in Pay, by 



and at the Expence of the United States of America. Charles- 
town, John Wells, Jun., 1780. 8vo. 

Sewed. UU(5)$27-5o. 

RUMSEY (James). See FITCH (John). 

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Mor. g.e. (edges of some pp. mended, title lacking). OO (953) $16.00. 

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and Labourers of Great Britain. Orpington, 1871-84. 8 vols., 8vo. 

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Hf. pigskin, g.t., unc. GH( 247) $20.00. 

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Hf. \el., g.t. (with an orig. pen-and-ink drawing by the author, also 
a reproduction in color of a painting by him). R (200) $45.00. 

RUSSELL (George W.). Homeward Songs by the Way. By 
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Orig. paper, in batik wrapper and batik boards, unopened (soiled, back 
wrapper mended ; presentation stamp on preface page). XX (341) 

RUSSELL (William). The History of America. 51 folding maps 
and plates. London, 1778. 2 vols., 4to. 

Cont. hf . cf . E (231 ) $7.50. 

Cf. TT(35i)$i2.oo. 

RUTTY (John). The Liberty of the Spirit and of the Flesh dis- 
tinguished in an Address to those Captives in Spirit among the 
People called Quakers, who are commonly called Libertines. 
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Unbound. T(82)$i5.oo. 

RYAN (William R.). Personal Adventures in Upper and Lower 

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SABELLICUS (Marcus Antonius). Rerum Venetarum decades. 
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Mor. f tooled (upper margin of first leaf partly restored, marginal re- 
pair in one leaf, no. of leaves water-stained ; cont. marginal notes, 
some partly trimmed away). VV( 167) $45.00. 


SABIN (Joseph). A Dictionary of Books relating to America. 

A-Smith (Henry H.). N.Y., 1868-91. 19 vols., 8vo. 
KLa (471) $370.oo. 
SACHEVERELL (William). An Account of the Isle of Man 

... To which is added, a dissertation about the Mona of Caesar 
and Tacitus and an account of the antient Druids, etc. by Mr. 
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Cont. cf. (foxed throughout, back fly leaf lacking). V (360) $8.00. 

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Orig. cl., g.t., unc. (labels removed from backstrips, library stamps). 
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SACKVILLE-WEST (Victoria). The Land. Woodcuts by 
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Bds., g.t. II( 3 96)$8. 5 o. 


East. In translations by M. Jastrow, R. W. Rogers, and others. 
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$4 vel. (pages stained, first few leaves holed, annotations, writing on 
title crossed out; [f8, leaf 48] mounted; margins trimmed, impair- 
ing text on leaf 8a). I J (293) $25.00. 

Annotation! Sopra La Lettione Delia Spera del Sacro Bosco 

. . . Authore M. Mauro Fiorentino, Theosebo, Phonasco, & Phil- 

opanareto. Woodcuts. Firenze, 1550. 4to. 
FF( 125) $14.00. 
Hf. old cf. (rubbed). IJ(i34)$i2.50. 


Trans, by Robert Norman. Woodcuts. London, T. F. for G. 
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Sewed, in hf. mor. case (size 7^6 x 5 n /i6 in.). LL(i54)$ii5.oo. 

ST.-MfiMIN (Charles B. J. F. de). [His] Collection of [760] 

Portraits . . . principally of Distinguished Americans. N.Y., 

1862. Fol. 

Hf. lev. mor., g.t. W( 140) $200.00. 
Hf. lev. mor., g.t. DE( 208) $100.00.