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merican ooyers 








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Chapter IX, Page 247 




Preface ^ 

Introduction vu 

Boyer Immigrants . ., ii 

Revolutionary Soldiers, etc ^4 

Family-tree Chapters 21 — 529 

The Living Boyers ^ . . . . . 530 

CA (iv) 


The desir'-. to know one's ancestry is surely natural. Such knowl- 
edge should help to explain many thing's that otherwise remain myster- 
ies in personal development. The writer believes that a knowledge of 
relationship — especially the relation of large numbers — produces a sense 
of large responsibility. Such a multitude as that of the An\erican 
Boyers will feel that they ought to be a ])ower for good in the world. 
And this feeling will connect itself with the desire for a better educa- 
tion and closer church connections. Then, too, the achievements of our 
ancestors in vocations and professions will surely stimulate the coming 
generations of Boyers to do still better in 'all the walks of life. The 
religious fervor of our earliest forebears, the patriotic part they played 
in the history of American freedom and American defence and Amer- 
ican union, should be cherished in our memories forever and prompt 
us to maintain unstained the fair fame of our name. The heads of 
families should lu^ge sons and daughters to study this fair past, to re- 
vere it, to add new glory. 

The difficulties of the genealogist are numerous and sometimes in- 
superable. The writer began his researches by visiting the oldest liv- 
ing Boyers and by a country-wide correspondence. The labor and ex- 
pense of such an undertaking was often a serious matter. To make 
things worse, it was often quite impossible to secure replies from those 
who did not understand the purposes and values of the undertaking. As 
a result, many records will be ft)un(l quite incomplete, much to the 
chagrin of the writer, and probably to the sorrow of many worthy 
people. Among the valuable sources of information in the identifica- 
tion of Boyers with their particular ancestral tree, are Church Records, 
Bibles, Wills, Deeds, Tax Lists, Tombstone Inscriptions, County His- 
tories, Ship Lists, etc., many of which the writer has examined per- 
sonally. In other cases he secured such records through correspond- 
ents who often went to much trouble to secure data. The writer is 
greatly indebted to more than fifty enthusiastic co-workers, and credit 
is given them in the chapters to which they have so nobly contributed. 
Probably the records could never have been completed as far as we have 
them had it not been for yearly reunions since 1904, At the first of 
these reunions, held at New Jerusalem, by the descendants of George 
Philip Bayer, the historian was formally elected, and the later reunions 




organized. The first president of tlie association was Charles B. Boyer, 
of Tatamy, Pa. His venerable father, Abraham Boyer, of Schofer's, 
Pa., was the first treasurer, and his son-in-law, Mr. J. L. Druniheller, 
of Reading-, Pa., became the first, and thus far the only secretary. This 
secretary deserves very great credit, lie wrote our constitution and 
by-laws almost bodily. To him also we owe our incorporation by char- 
ter. He secures most of the talent for our reunion prog^rams, collects 
yearly dues, sends us notices, etc. His services have been an inspiration 
to all. To cap the climax, it must be said that the Boyer book c<iuld 
not have been published had not the Board of Directors bravely assumed 
the expense of publication, believing- of course that the association would 
ratify the decision and support the undertaking in every way. 

The historian is grateful to the multitude of correspondents and 
friends through whose co-operation the records have been completed, 
and trusts that the lxx)k may serve its purposes. The chapters have 
been arrang-ed somewhat in the order of the arrival of immigrant an- 
cestors. Many of the shorter chapters undoubtedly belong to the larger 
but incomplete chapters. Where the ancestral family-tree could not be 
found, the reports of correspondents had to be recorded as completely 
as possible. 

The reader will probably find the Introduction, the Revolutionary 
Roster, and the Ship List very useful. The book closes -^'ith a brief 
address to the Living Boyers, explaining liow each one of them may 
find himself and relatives through the chapter numbers near the close 
of the announcement postal cards of 1916. The writer regrets the 
necessity of dealing so briefly with individuals, and of confining the 
records largely to the masculine descendants. 

It is hoped that the living Boyers of each ancestral line may agree 
upon some one as historian, and that reunion organizations may be 
fostered wherever possible. The writer of this volume trusts that births, 
marriages, deaths, change of address, etc., may be reported t?) him or 
the general secretary. We hope to continue our researches as long as 

With the additional notification that a copy of this volume will be 
placed in the State Libraries at Harrisburg, I'a., .Columbus, Ohio, 
Springfield, 111., Richmond, Va., JefTerson City, Mo., the Library of the 
Historical Society of Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia, and the National 
Library, at Washington, D. C, we offer the book to its readers. 


State Normal School, 

KuTZTowN, Pa. 

April 21, 1915. 


In Jie year 58 B. C, Julius Caesar conquered the ilelvetians an(i 
their allies, among whom were the Celtic Boii of Cisalpine (iaul. These 
])oii (See Section 28, LJook I, Caesar's Commentaries) had won the ad- 
miration of tlie great conqueror, and he allowed them to settle in the 
land of the Aedui, other allies of the Ilelvetians. "They later anigrateil 
to Bohemia, to which and to Bavaria they gave their name" ( See page 
166, Vol. IX, The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia). "The Bavarians 
take their name from the Boii, a Celtic trihe who inhahited the ilistricts 
which, when concjuered by the Romans, became the Roman ])rovinces 
of N'^indelicia and Noricum. After the fall of the Western Empire this 
territory was overrun by various Germanic tribes who formed them- 
selves into a confederation like that of -the Franks and Alarcomamii 
and called themselves Boiarii. The confederacy of the Boiarii was 
made tributary first to the Ostrogoths and then to the Franks. 1^'inally 
the sovereignty over them was assumed by Charlemagne, and on the 
death of that monarch the kings of the Franks and Germans governed 
it by their lieutenants, who bore the title of margrave, afterward con- 
verted into that of a duke, and latterly (1623) into that of elector." (See 
"Bavaria," Vol. II, The Americana). 

The descendants of these Boiares have become intimately identified 
with the land and history of Germany, France, England, etc. In Aus- 
tria the name is spelled Boiar; in Germany it is Bayer, Baier, Beyer, 
Beier, Byer, etc. ; in France it is most often Boyer ; in England Bovvyer. 
It is interesting to know that Nonnandy furnished William the Con- 
queror a number of Boyer soldiers for the battle of Hastings (1066), 
and that those who thus became a part of England became distinguished 
enough to furnish a dozen or more coats of arms. Religious persecu- 
tion beginning in the 16th Century under the r)Ourbons and ending in 
wholesale emigration caused many French Huguenots to llee to Holland, 
Switzerland, England, etc. Thus it came about that some Boyers were 
in the army of William of Orange in the battle of the Boyne (i6<)o) in 
Ireland. Those who settled in Ireland — and perhaps Scotland — spell the 
name with an "s," namely Boyers, and are generally Presbyterian. The 
Boyers have a large place in the history of France. "Several branches 
belong to the nobility. Many have been distinguished as ministers, sol- 
diers, [ph) .-icians, statesmen, etc. | A notable example was the late 



Cardinal Jean Pierre Boyer (1829-1896), Archbishop of IJourgcs. Prince 
I.ucien Bonaparte, a brother of the j^reat Napoleon, incurred the hitter's 
displeasure by marrying- a beautiful girl named Boyer. Many of this 
name were Huguenots." (See Stapleton's Memorials of the Huguetiots 
in America, page 54). The iJoyer historian has examined many city 
directori'.. in Germany, France, England, and other F.uroi)ean countries, 
and finds many Boyers in all the important walks of life. 

The Boyers began to come to America as early as 1648. In that 
year Alexander Boyer, a Huguenot, was Dei)uty Commissary of the 
Colony. Me was a man of great prominence (vSee Staj^leton's Memor- 
ials). For half a century very few came. The Revocation of the Edict 
of Nantes (1685) by Louis XIV, it is estimated, caused 500,000 Hugue- 
nots to leave France, many of them coming through Holland and Eng- 
land to different parts of America. Some of them settled at Ricj de 
Janeiro, Brazil ; some at I^ort Royal, Nova Scotia ; some at Charleston, 
S. C. ; some in Virginia, where indeed we find a few English Bowyers 
soon after John Smith's arrival ; some in Boston, Mass. ; some in Rhode 
Island, vind elsewhere; and many in Pennsylvania. Those who came 
to Pennsylvania were mostly from I^alatinate Bavaria, on the river Rhine. 
(See Vol. 17, Second Series, Pennsylvania Archives, for ship lists, and 
Dr. Stapleton's Memorials, for naturalized Boyers in the different coun- 
ties of Pennsylvania.) These Pennsylvania Boyers, as we learn from 
Rupp's Histories, were closely related. They have identified themselves 
with every state in the Union. Large numbers live in Canada. 

The Palatinates who settled in America spoke German very like 
the Germans of Nuremberg, Bavaria, today, but with large admi.xtures 
of the Dutch language of Holland. This unique form of speech has be- 
come known as "Pennsylvania Dutch" probably because it was in Penn- 
sylvania that so large a majority of these Palatinates settled. The fact 
that the Pennsylvania Boyers soon very generally gave up the Germanic 
spelling of their name for the French spelling shows the feeling with 
which, in spite of the religious and political evils which had exiled 
them to America, they still felt the French blood in their veins. 

The induence of the German Reformation on the Palatinates is 
seen in the fact that nearly all of the Pennsylvania Boyers were Luth- 
erans. Some of them were Mennonites, Baptists, etc. The Huguenot 
immigrants generally allied themselves with the Reformed Church ; the 
English Bowyers of the Southern States, with the Church of England 
anil the Methodists, while those who settled in Canada and the far West 
or the far Smith commonly held to the Catholic Church. 

The number of Boyers who served the cause of American inde- 
pendence from England is astonishing, as the Pennsylvania Archives 


and Colonial records show. The roster of Revolutionary soldiers will 
be found in the present volume, pages 14-19. 

Among the interesting facts of the JJoyer history is the use of "coats 
of arms," of which there are more than a dozen, some of them French, 
others English, and .still others German. .\ full study of these arms 
would involve us deeply in "I leraldr\-," for wliich this volume is hardly 
meant. I'ut we must try to set forth in the very hriefest v/ay the gen- 
eral signiheance of at least three coats of arms. ( 1 ) The crest adoi)ted 
by the Association of American IJoyers early in the development of 
their keunions is a French t\pe. The upper third of the shield is silver 
vvliitc, signifying light, brightness, joy. The rest of the shield is sky- 
blue, the complement of white, signifying hope, courage, fidelity. The 
repetition of these (pialities in the smaller shield imbedded in a star is 
very emphatic. The star evidently signifies the strong desire to live in 
light, night as well as day. The French lily, "Fleur de lis," within the 
i- tar-imbedded shield, evidently shows the intimate connection of the 
i^)0yers d'Eguilles widi the throne. The whole scheme is one of dignity 
and recognized loyalty. {2) The German crest belongs to the family 
of Frederick Bayer (Chapter 45) who settled in York County, T'enn- 
sylvania, having come from the neighborhood of Leipsic, Germany. It 
is a large watch-dog at rest in a big heart. The meaning is very evi- 
dent. This family had served some lord or king so faithfully in his 
fortress or palace that the lord or king trusted the man or family abso- 
lutely — with a big heart. A book on German Heraldry probably con- 
tains the record and explanation of this particular crest. (3) An Eng= 
lish coat of arms, a reprint of which Attorney Otis Bowyer, (Chapter i) 
of Baird, Texas, sent the writer — one of a dozen or more on record — 
consists of a drawn bow and a startled stag. The French Boyers who 
came into England with tlie Norman con(|uest were evidently archers 
of reputation, who ha*! doue noteworthy service and who had thus been 
permitted to record their honor. 

The description of the crest adopted by the Association of^Amer- 
ican Boyers and belonging to the Boyer d'Eguilles of France is found 
on page 317, Plate 45, of "The Nouveau Traite Historique et Arch- 
ologigue de la Vraie et Parfaite Science des Armories," published 1856. 
This volume is to be found in the State Library at Harrisburg, Pa., and 
in the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, whose building is located 
on Spruce Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 


1. History of Bohemia By Count Lietzow. 

(i) Origin of the Boyers. 

2. Memoirs of the Duchess of Arbantes. 

(2) Connections with Napoleon Bonaparte. 

3. Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia. 

4. Americana. 

5. Britannica. 

6. Books of Heraldry. 



We learn from the Archives, as recorded in the chapter on the 
Bowyers of the South that there were at least several Bowyers or Boyers 
in the colonies soon after the settlement had been made. This was true 
especially of Virginia and Delaware and Bennsylvania and New York 
State. It is rather disappointing- to find that masters of ships bringing 
immigrants did not always report passengers by name, or that such re- 
ports have been lost. Records not lost have been pretty fully reported 
in Volume 17, Second Series, Pennsylvania Archives, and this volume 
is to be found in almost any Public Library or State Library. The his- 
torian has not been able to follow all these immigrants, but he has fully 
recorded the descendants of other immigrants. not found in these ship- 
lists. The following" data may be of interest to our readers. They are 
nearly all from Palatinate Germany. 

1. Jacob Beyer, settler in Lancaster County, Pa., came 171 2. 

2. Johann Heinrich Beyer, settler in Tulpehocken Twp., Berks 
Co., Pa., came 1728, from the Schoharie colony of New York State. 

3. Jacob Bayer, arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 11, 1728, on 
the ship James Goodwill. 

4. Christopher Bayer, with his sons Andrew and Menry, together 
with his nephew George, and a relative, John Philip Beyer, and their 
wives, arrived at Philadelphia, Sept. 11, 1731, on the shij) Pennsylvania 
^Merchant. They settled in Frederick Twp., Montg. Co., Pa. 

5. John Jacob Bayer age 33, John Adam Beyer, aged 30, Joseph 
Beyer, aged 19, and four children, arrived at Phihulelphia, Sept. 21, 1731, 
from London, England, on the ship Brittania. Hvidently Palatinates. 

6. Valentine Bayer and wife Anna, together with John Christopher 
Bayer and wife Anna, arrived at Philadelphia, Sept. 19, 1732, on the 
ship Johnson. John Christopher settled in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa. 

7. John Adam Beyer arrived at Philadelphia, Sept. 18, 1733, on 
the ship Brigantine Pennsylvania Merchant. 

8. Hans Melchior Beyer, 21 years of ,age, arrived at Philadelphia, 
Pa-, Sept. I, 1736, on the ship Hark*: On the same ship came Dewalt 



9. Wilhelm Beyer, together with Peter Bier, aged 21, and Albert 
Biers, aged 28, arrived Sept. 30, 1737, on the ship Samuel. 

10. John George Beyer arrived Oct. 31, 1737, on the ship William. 

11. Andreas Beyer, aged 57, together with John Philip, aged 29, 
John Jacob, aped 22, Philip, aged 20, and Martin, aged 18, arrived at 
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 5, 1738, on the ship Winter Galley. They set- 
tled in Berks antl Carbon Counties. 

12. Jacob Beyer arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 2-j, 1738, on the 
ship St. Andrew. 

13-^ John Beyer, 19 years old, arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 
-7' 1739. on the ship Samuel. 

14. Nicholas Beyer arrived at I'hiladelphia, Pa., Sept. 27, 1740, 
on the ship Lydra. 

15. Jacob Beyer arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 26, 1741, on 
the ship St. Mark. 

16. John Nicholas Beyer arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 23, 
1 741, on the ship Marlborough. 

17. Leonard Beyer, aged 27, arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., October 
17, 1 74 1, on the ship Molly. 

18. Jacob Beyer and Philip Beyer arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., 
Sept. 2, 1743, on the ship Loyal Judith. 

19. Philip Bayer arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 30, 1741, on 
the ship Phoenix. 

20. Andrew Beyer arriMed at Philadelphia, Pa., with George 
Beyer, 0(^t. 9, 1747, on the ship Restauration. 

21. Peter Beier and Peter Beier, Jr., arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., 
Sept. 15, 1748, on the sliip Two brothers. 

22. Carlos Boyer, aged iS, arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 16, 
1748, on the ship Patience. 

23. Johann Philip Beyer arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., from Er- 
bach, Wurtemberg, Germany, Sept. 2, 1749, on the ship Albany. 

24. Hans Michael Beyer and Johan Adam Bayer arrived at Phila- 
delphia, Pa., Aug. 13, 1750, on the ship Bennett Galley. 

25. Johannes Beyer and Johannes Beyer, Jr., arrived at Philadel- 
phia, Pa., Aug. 13, 1750, on the ship Edinburgh. 

2(j. George Friederick Bayer arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 3, 

1750, on the ship Brotherhood. 

2^. Johann Conrad Beyer arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 5, 

1751, on the shij) Shirley. 



28. Baltes Be)er and Job Geort:,^ Friecicrich Dayer arrived at 
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 25, 1752, on the ship Phoenix. 

29. Johanu Jacob Beyer arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 15, 
1752, on the ship Two Brothers. 

30. John Georg- Friederich Bayer arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., 
Sept. 2"], 1752, on the ship Nancy. 

31. Joseph Beyer arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 8, 1752, on 
the ship T^ouisa. 

32. Jacob Beyer arrived at r'hiladelphia, Pa., Sept. 24, 1754, on 
the ship Neptune. 

33. Leonhart Beyer arrived at Philadelphia, Oct. 5, I7()7, on the 
ship Sally- 

34. Jacob P>eier arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 17, 1771, on the 
ship Minerva. 

35. Caspar Beyer arrived at I'hiladelphia, Pa., Nov. 19, 1771, on 
the ship Tiger. 

36. Friederich Beyer arrived at Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 16, 1772, 
on the ship Crawford. 

37. Nicholas Ba3^er and Friedericii Bayer arrived at Philadelphia, 
Pa., Sept. 30, 1774, on the ship Union. 

38. John Nicolaus Beyer arrived at Philadelphia, April 17, 1804, 
on the ship Indostan. 


A very large number of Boyers served the cause of American 
Independence as soldiers in the Revohitionary War. The vohimes of 
the Fifth Series and of the Sixth Series, Pennsylvania Archives, record 
most enlistments from Pennsylvania. In most cases' enough details arc 
recorded in connection with such enlistments to make identitications pos- 
sible. Among these details are the county — .and sometimes the town- 
ship — from which the soldier enlisted, the years of service, the company, 
regiment, rank, etc. These Archives are indexed, so that any one in- 
terested in the matter can readily find the pages referring to somebody 
in question. These Archives are to be found in the public libraries of 
3uch larger cities as Reading, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, etc. The his- 
torian has gone through the details of the Archives, and has identified 
many soldiers, as will be found in the various chapters. The living 
Boyers will thus be able to know whether or not they are entitled to join 
.such associations as the Daughters and Sons of American Revolution. 





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129, 1 
Vol. 8 

818, : 

1 141, 
, Vol. 

88 7, V 


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Chapter IX. Page 248 


Chapter IX. Page 247 


Chapter XXVI. Page 339 

Chapter XXVI. Paje 33(. 















01 0, s^ - 
!« 6C 1=" S 



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The Boyers who served in the War of i8i 2-1814 against luiglaml,. 
and in 1845 ag'ainst Mexico, have also been recorded in the I'ennsyl- 
vania Archives and tlie Archives of other states. A big" vokmie might 
be written on the Boyers who were soldiers in the Civil War, some ca 
the side of the North, others on the side of tlie South. 

The following- record includes only those suldiers that \vere suf- 
ficiently described for purposes of identification : 

Abraham Boyer Rockland Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Pages 13n, I'ilA, Vo\. D 

Andrew Byer.s SU, k;g, \'u'.. S 

Christian Boyers York County 1111, Vol. !.» 

Daniel Boyer Richmond Twp., Berks Co., Pa. 1311. 1;;14. \ol. '.» 

David Boyer Amityvillo, l'.erks Co., Pa. 11J9, IIM, Vol. ',♦ 

David Boyer Philadelphia and County yij, Vol. 7 

Frederick Boyer Carlisle, Pa., Corporal 423, Vol. 7 and f* 

Gabriel Boyer Philadelphia and County G7, Vol. 7 

George Boyer Reading, Pa., Lieutenant 1177, 1180, Vol. H 

■George P. Buyers Sunbury, Pa. (?) 201, \'ol. 7 

George Boyer York Co., Pa. First Lieutenant 80I, Vol. 8 

Henry Boyer Bucks and Montg. Co.,, Pa. 115, Vol. 7 

Henry Boyer Oxford, Chester Co., Pa. llifiy, Vol. '.> 

Henry Boyer Lebanon Rangei'' 372, 3 99, Vol. 7 

Henry Boyer York Co., Pa. Second Lieut. i:;i8, 13G7, Vol. i» 

Jacob Byers Indiana, Pa. 141, \'ol. 7 

John Boyers York Co., Pa. 1405, Vol. 9 

John Boyer Berks Co., Pa. 1018, Vol. 9 

John Boyer Bucks and 'Montg. Co., Ensign 109, Vol. 7 

John Boyer Schu>lkill Co., Pa. 1022, Vol. 9 

John Boyer Rockland Twp., Berks Co., Pa. 1212, etc., Vol. 9 

Enlisted Aug. 2S, 1814 

John Boyer Oley, Berks Co., Pa. 1222, etc., Vol. 9 

Joseph Boyer Bucks and Montg. Co., Pa. 113, Vol. 7 

Joshua Byers 26, Vol. 8 

Michael Beyer Cumberland and Franklin Cos., Pa. 4 56, Vol. 7 

Nicholas Boyer Philadelphia and County, Pa. 38, Vol. 7 

Paul Eoyer Lebanon Co., Pa. 845, Vol. 8 

Peter Byers VVe.vtmoreland Co., Pa. 710, Vol. 7 

Philip Boyer U|>per Mahaatonga, Schuylkill C9., Pa. 1264, Vol. 9 

Samuel Boyer Union Co., Pa. 151, Vol. 9 

Samuel Boyer Richmond Twp.. Berks Co., Pa. 1228, etc.. Vol. 9 

Samuel Boyer Manhcim Twp., Schuylkill Co., Pa. 13G1, etc., Vol. 9 

William Boyer Dauphin ^o., Pa. 849, Vol. 9 




The Records of Augusta County, Virginia, show, as Judge Otis 
BowN'er, of Jiaird, Texas, reports, tliat "John I'uwyer was appointed 
guariHan in 1761 of ].<uke luAV\er, (iri)lian of ^^lichael IJowyer." This 
record, by showing tliat Aiichael l>owyer (Ued about 1761, shows also that 
he may have been born about 1700; especially when we remember the 
tradition that he left 12 chiklren. At this writing we can not tell how 
he came to Augusta County, Virginia, nor do we know to whom he was 
married. Eucien Crockett, grandson of Colonel Henry Bowyer, wrote 
Judge Otis Bowyer years ago that "the family was certainly French ; lied 
to England, where they remained several centuries, and the name became 
anglicized; and they then came to Virginia." They may be the Bowyers 
who came in connection with tlie Jcjlm Smith settlement of Jamestown. 
The immediate descendants of Michael I'owyer were Episcopalians. Jt is 
almost certain that "John Bowyer appointed guardian of Luke iiowyer 
orphan of Michael Bow)er," was a brother of Michael, though he may 
liave been Luke's brother. General John Bowyer, for Michael's son 
Michael was born in 1730, and liis son John may have been a little older 
cr a little younger. 

The State Library at Harrisburg contains two books that seem to 
throw light on the subject. In the first one, "Lists of Emigrants to 
America ( 1600-1700)," it is recorded c,,^ page 121 that Daniell Bowyer, 
30 years old, came on the ship "George," Aug. 21, 1635, and joined the 
Virginia settlement. On page 119, it is recorded that Thomas Bowyer, 
19 years old, came the same year on the ship "Globe," and joined the 
Virginia settlement, in the other book, "Early Virginia Emigrants ( 1623- 
KjiX)/' it is recorded (page 40-41) that Andrew Boyer came in 1635, 
William Boyer in 1636, Stephen lioyer in 1652, and Henry Bowyer in 
1653. All these immigrants may be relatives — it is wholly likely that 
they were — even if the names are not all spelled with the "w." It seems 
very ])robable that those who came in 1635 were related, and that Henry 
Bowyer, who came in 1653, was of the same stock as Daniel and Thomas. 
The liistorian is inclined to believe that the Thomas of 1635, or the Henry 
of 1653, is the ancestor of the people recorded in the present chaptt-r. 



Whether tlie Bowycrs of America, for wlioni the liistorian can not account 
in other chapters, heloni^" to tliis Virginia settlement, or not, may be diffi- 
cult to ascertain. 

Who the twelve children of Michael Bowyer, father of the ori)haned 
Luke, were has not been completely found, nor whether they all qrew up, 
but the following sons are certain, namely, Mi.chael, Thomas, William, 
and John. Two others, namely, James and Stephen, seem fairly certain. 

B (i) Captain Mich.ael Bowyer, son of Michael Bowyer and wife, 
was born in 1730, perha[)S in Aut;usta County, Virginia, and died in 1809, 
at White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. A small man, dark complex- 
ion. Episcopalian and a vestryman. Very fine character. Practised law 
at Staunton, Virginia. Soldier of the 12th Virginia, under Colonel Wood 
(See Heitman's Register). Served on the Conmiittee that reported the 
famous memorial of the freeholders of Augusta County, Virginia, Feb- 
ruary 1775, and was a member of the House of Delegates under the New 
Constitution. In 1784 he purchased from Mrs. Kate Carpenter, widow of 
Nicholas Carpenter, a vast projierty, in Greenbrier County, Virginia. He 
developed the "White Sulphur Springs," where he died 1809. See com- 
plete report "The Greenbrier Independent," August 2, 1883, Lewisburg, 
West Virginia. He married Frances Carpenter, daughter of Nicholas 
and Kate Carpenter. The chiUlren were John, James, William, Thomas, 
Mary, Frances, Elizabeth, Henry, Lewis, Augustus Alfred, and xVlfred 

B (2) Major TLomas Bowyer, son of IMichael Bowyer and wife, 
died a bachelor in 1785. Soldier of the Revolution. Officer of the Conti- 
nental Line. (See Heitman's Register). Member of the Cincinnati 
Society of Virginia, and a wealthy man. 

B (3) Bowyer, son of 'Michael Buwyer and v/ife, 


Children: Colonel Henry Bowyer, a gallant officer of the Revolution — 
Second Lieutenant November 1777 — and a member of tlie Cinciimati 
Society of Virginia. Married I\Iiss Madison, niece of President Madison, 
and the family is connected with many of the old Virginia families. The 
Colonel died June 13, 1S32. For partial reierence, See Heitman's His- 
torical Register (1775 to 1783). 

B (4) Colonel William Bowyer, son of Michael Bowyer and wife, 
lived at Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia; Lieutenant Colonel of 
Augusta Militia in active service. High Sheriff of Augusta County after 
the war. Married a daughter of Israel Christian, and, after her death, a 
daughter of Thomas Lewis. 

B (5 ) General John Bowyer, son of Michael Bowyer and wife, was 


born ahx)ut 1720 and died at Thorn Hill, near Lexington, Va., in 1805. 
He was one of the founders of Washinj^ton and Lee University at Lex- 
ing-ton. \ irginia. Member of House of llurges^-cs from liotelourl, mem- 
ber of all the ConveiUions leading up lo the kcvohition, Countv Lieutenant 
and High i^hcriiT i.f l-'..ekbridge Co., \'a., Jusiiee of Peace of Rockbridge 
and Botetourt. In active service as C\)K)nel of Rockbridge Militia. Presi- 
dential elector in 1800. He married Mary Pecker, and after her death, a 
daugiiter of Thomas Lewis. He willed his large estate to hi.s nephew 
John Powyer. son of his brother Caj^tain Alichael Powyer. Vvmn tliis 
fact the liistorian infers that there were probably no children of his own. 

P {()) James l')Owyer, ])n-bably a son of Michael Powyer and wife, 
lived in Montgomery Ccjnnl\, \'irginia. Married Frances Steadmin. 
Children: Colonel Thomas Pow)er, of Montgomery Count}', \'irginia, 
and Colonel John Puwyer, for whom Fort P>ow)er was named in Mobile 
Pay. It is now called Fort Moraan. Colonel J^■hn was a gallant officer. 
There may have been other cliildren. 

B (7) Stephen Powyer, jM'obalily a son of Mich.ael liuwver and wife, 
moved to ( )hio in 1802, and settled near Da\'ton. Married .Mary Jacobs 
before he moved to CJhio. Children: De.^cer.tlants in the neighbui-h.i d L<i 
Bayton. Grandson General Lli Powyer, of Olney, Plinois. Dr. W. C. 
Bow3''er, Lebanon, Ohio, nia\- help inquirer.s. 

P (8) Attorney Luke Powyer, son of Michael Powyer and wife, 
was a partner of Patrick Henry in Law Firm. Married Patrick Henr)'s 
sister. .■: '.' , 

C (1) Attorney John Powyer, son of IVlichael Powyer and F'^rances 
Carpenter, was born at Staunton, Augusta Co., Va., in 1767, and died Oct. 
23, 1853, in his 84th year. F'ducated at Washington College (later called 
Washington and Lee lh^ivcrsit^■L and at William and Mary College. 
Lav/ycr and jniblic man. Member of \ irginia Legislature for 30 }'ears. 
jManv times Presidential Elector. A man oJ* absolute honor. His photo- 
graph shows him to have been dark eyed, black haired, ami a prepossessing 
man. Fie married lUizabeth Flubard, daughter of James Hubard, of 
William.sburg, \'irginia. She was born in 1779, and died Dec. i, i.'c>^7 
The children were FIcnry Morton, Frances Hubard, Alary Calwell. John 
Colston, L(niisa Merriv/ether, James Hubard, William S. Kelton, Michael 
^larmaduke, Charlotte, and Elizabeth H. The last one was born 1805. 

C (2) Tames liowver, son of Michael Powyer and wife Frances 
Carpenter, has not been traced by the historian's correspondents. 

C (3) William Powyer, son of Michael llowNcr and Frances Car- 
penter, was born June 31, 1803. "The best knuv/n private eiii::en in 
America" at the time of his death on April 29, 1880. J le was the f)rac- 


tical business man of the "White Sulphur Springs." Married Ccjlunihia 
Gwathey, anil after her death, Ella F. Temple. There were two sons and 
one daughter, but these left no heirs, so far as the historian can ascertain. 

C (4) Thomas Bowyer, son of Michael Kowyer ami Frances Car- 
penter, has not been traced. 

C (5) Doctor Henry Bowyer, son of Michael Bowyer and Frances 
Carpenter, was a graduate of Baltimore Medical College. Surgeon. 
Alember of Staff of General Winfield Scott. Married Mary J. Church- 
man, of lialtimore, Md. Children: Dr. William P. Bowyer, Reverend 
iienry C- Bowyer, and Virginia Bowyer (wife of Colonel Breckenridge 
of Rockbridge Co., \'a.) 

C (6) Lewis :\Icrriwether Bowyer, son of Michael Bowyer and 
Frances Carijcnter, died a bachelor about 73 years old. Willed his estates 
to his nephew Michael Bowyer. 

C (7j Alary liowyer. daughter of Michael Bowyer and Frances 
Carpenter, married Jam-s Cnlwcll. Children: (a) Virginia. She mar- 
ried Major Powell, and died at Washington, D. C. (b) Frances. Slie 
married Bowyer Aiiller, lawyer at Fincastle, Va. (c) Plenry B. Calwell. 
Physician. Born 1802, died June 18. 1867. (d) Bedford Calwell. Ad- 
dress (1883) Sulphur Springs, W. \'a. (e) James Calwell. Captam 
under Zachary Taylor in Mexican War. ICilled at Vera Cruz, Feb. 23, 
1847. (f) John Calwell. Lawyer and poet. Died a bachelor AprA 
1875- (g") Kdward Sullivan Calwell. l5achelor. (h) William B. Calwell. 
President of Sulphur Springs Company. 

C (8) Frances Bowyer, daughter of Michael Bowyer and Frances 
Carpenter, married William Bedford. 

C (9) Elizabeth Bowyer, daughter of ^Michael Bowyer and Frances 
Carpenter, married Major John Copeland. 

C (lo)-(iij Alfred August Bowyer and Augustus Alfred Bowyer, 
twin sons of Michael Bowyer and Frances Carpenter, both died single at 26 
and 27 years of age respectively. 

D (i) Henry Morton Bowyer, son of John Bowyer and Elizabeth 
Plubard, was born about 1801, and died at Greenfield, Botetourt Co., X^r- 
ginia, in 1893, about 92 years old. Married Children: (a) 

William Bowyer. Address (1909) Greeniield, B)Otetourt Co., \ n. Pcr- 
ha-ps others. 

D (2j Elizabeth Bowyer, daughter of John Bowyer and Elizabeth 
Hubard, married and left children. 

D (3) Mary Calwell P.owyer, daughter of John Bowyer and Eliza- 
beth Hubard, died at Lexington, Va., in 1887. Alarried Judge J. \V. 


E (3) Attorney John Bowyer, son of James ITubard P.owyer anrf 
Aurelia AfeDonald. Address {1909) Abilene, Texas. 

E (4) Elizabeth St. Clair P.owyer, daughter of [ames liubud 
Bowyer and Aurelia McDonald, njanied Thomas Rhett, but has -lied. 

E (5) Ann Eui-enic Bowyer, daughter of James llubard J^.owyer 
and Aureha McDonald, married Farley S. Bell. Address (1909) Baird 
i exas. ^ .' J I 

E (6) Frances Louisa Bowyer, daughter of James llubard Bowv<t 
and Aureha McDonald, nuuried ^Villiam Taylor. Address (19a,) MerkJh 
laylor Co., Texas. -^ >■ 



A Swedish colony sctllcd on the J)ela\vare Ijcfore Wilhani I'enn's 
arrival. Alexantlcr Jjoyer, tloubtless a French JluL^ucnot, became a ])art 
of this settlement, and was Deputy Commissioner of the colony prior to 
1650. He was a man of threat prominence. Dr. Stapleton says he had 
a large family, and that doubtless the IJoyers who appeared on the Phila- 
delphia and other Delaware A'alley records prior to the Cjcrman inllux 
were descendants. Froni this old Dekuvare stcjck came Reverend Caleb 
Beyer. The Colonial records should show what became of some of 
Alexander iioyer's family, but they are silent on this subject. 

B (i) Reverend Caleb Boyer, probably a great grandson of Alex- 
ander Boyer, was born aljout 1750-1760, below Dover, Delaware, and 
died between 1820-1830. He is buried at Wesley Chapel, Dover, Dela- 
ware. One of the iirst Methodist preachers of Delaware (1779), and of 
commanding inlluence in the founding of that denomination. Traveled 
a circuit in Delaware, Alaryland, and New Jersey, with a companion 
preacher named Ignatius Pigman. He began about 1779 as an itinerant, 
but in 1788 he became the pastor at Dover, and preached here for a 
jieriod of 25 years. The historian has not found to whom he was married. 
Rev. James W. Boyer, his grandson and the historian's correspondent, 
believes that there was only one child, namely, Francis Asbury Ijoyer. 

C (i) Doctor Francis Asbury Boyer, son of Ivcverend Caleb Boyer 
and his wife, w^'is born about 1770, and died 1S22. Physician at Snow 
Hill, ^Maryland, for many years. Married a Miss Phipps. Only one of 
his children grew to manhood, namely, James William Duer ]V)\er, who 
believed himself to lie the only surviving member of his father's imme<liate 

D (i) James William Duer Boyer, son of Doctor Francis Asbury 
Boyer and his wife Phipps, was born 1822, at Snow Hill, Maryland, 
where he finally died and is buried, May 25, 18S8. Merchant in Missouri,. 
and later in California. Married Caroline M. Phii)ps, of Petersburg, \'a., 
born 1833. In 1910 her address was 4 W. 47th St., New York. Only one 
child grew up, n;une!y, Reverend W. Boyer. 



E (i) Reverend James W. Ijoyer, son of James William Duer 
Beyer, was born Jan. 13, 1S57, at Sioux City, Iowa. Presbyterian minis- 
ter. Address (1910) Johnstown, Ohio. Had a brother and sister. The 
former died without ehildren, and the sister is sint;le. 1 fe married Maggie 
A. Weir, born Jan. 9, 181)3. Children: Esther W., born :\i)ril 25, i88t), 
and Ellen F., born Feb. 23, 1891. Both are graduates of Wooster Uni- 
versity, Wooster, Ohio. 

C (i) Reverend Charles William Hoyer, probably a son of Reverend 
Caleb r.oyer's brother. The historian's eorrespondents report that Rev- 
erend Charles William l'>oyer was the son of a slaveholder, probably of 
Fjiglish deseent, but the frequent oecurrence of the name "Charles Wil- 
liam in this family and that of "James William" of this ehapter, together 
with the faet that both families were Methodists in adjacent districts, 
leads us to believe that this family is also of the Alexander Boyer "tree." 
Be was born perha])s 1780-1790, as we judge from the birth date of liis 
son Charles William ( iSio), and died suddenly of tlie shock caused by 
the death of his son. Methodist minister. Married twice, but the historian 
has not found to wh(;i.n. Children: Archibald and Jcjhn (sons of first 
wife), Edward, vSarah E., Elizabeth, and Charles William. 

B (O Archibald Boyer, son of Reverend Charles William P>oyer, 
.and his first wife. 

B "(2) John r)Oyer, son of Charles William Boyer and his first wife. 

B (3) Edward Jioyer, son of Charles \Villiam Boyer and his second 
wife, lived in Philadelphia, Pa., and was still there in the time of the 
Civil War. Married . Chihh-en: Fannie 

Boyer (Mrs. Suttles), and others. 

B (4) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Charles William Boyer ami his 
second wife. 

B (5) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Charles William Boyer and his 
second wife. '.^ 

'B (6) Charles William Boyer, son of Charles William FJoyer and 
his seconil wife, was born .\])ril 25, 1810, at Baltimore, Marvland, and 
died suddenly at Gene\a, Alabama, of heart failure, Dec. i8()i. Buried 
at Geneva. Farmer and merchant. lUack hair and eyes, closely built, 
and weighing about 180 pounds. Methodist. Came South during Mex- 
ican War, perhaps for his health. Married Fannie F'arrell, and after her 
death Catherine Gillis, born July 20, 1823. Children: John Farrel, 
Sarah E., Julia Christian, Margaret Frances, Mary Louisa, Fannie E., 
Faura, Charles Willian^., and Catharine. 

C M ) jiilin j'aiiel l!")i:r, .'.on of Ciiarh .1 U'illiani ll</)er and I'.umie 


Farrel, was born Aug. 6, 1846, at Clintonville, Ala., and died July 1906. 
lie is buried at Opj), Alabama. A gifted man. Farmer. JSocjk-keeper. 
Married Miss Godwin. No obildren. 

C (2) Sarah E. Boyer, daughter of Charles William lioyer and 
Fannie Farrel, was born July 15, 1848, Clintonville, Ala., and died April 
17, 1894. Married Jidian P. Hutchison, Aug. 1864. Born March 6, 1843. 
^lethodists. Farmers. Confederate soldier. Died May 1906. Left three- 
sons and three daughters. 

C (3) Julia C. ljO)'er, daughter of Charles William Loyer and Fan- 
nie Farrel, was born June 1850, at Geneva, Ala. IMethodist, Teacher. 
I\rarried (1865) Snowden Howell. Left a son, but he died \oung. All 
buried at Urentou, Ala. 

C (4) Margaret F. Boyer. 

C (5) IMary L. Bo}er, daughter of Charles William Boyer and 
Fannie Farrel, was born Nov. 8, 1855. JMarried Lawrence Enzone. Ad- 
dress (1913) Millville, Florida. Two sons and three daughters. 

C (6) Famiie L. Bo)er, daughter of Charles William Boyer and 
Fannie Farrel, was born Aug. 1858, or 59, at Geneva, Ala. ^Methodist. 
i\larried Jack Conner. Both dead at Brenton, Ala. 

C (7 and 9) Laura antl Catharine Bo}'er. 

C (8) Charles William Boyer, son of Charles William Boyer and 
wife Catharine, was born April 6, 18G2. Methodist. Farmer and car- 
penter. Address (1913) Williston, Florida. Married Cliarlotte G. 
Clancy. ■ Children: (a) Alton, (bj Charles, (c) Melville, and (d) 



Jwliii l'li;Ii|) JU vir c-;ini^' f)(;]j) (h"ii)i:-.laill, ] 'al.iliji.'ik' ( HTiii.'ur,-, if we 
iiKiy (iiir.t ll/f (i,[(lili(/(i of lii:> fif .■(■( iHlaiil:>.- Willi liim and f;llicr rdali ve--^, 
as we know frurn the ship h^^t, Vol. 17, Si-coud Series, JY'unsylvania 
Archives, came his wife and chihh'cn, on the ship "Philadelphia Mer- 
chant." They arrived at i'hiladelphia, Pa., Sept. 11, 173 T, and settled 
first in Frederick Township, Montgomery Co., Pa., v/ith Christojjhcr 
iJayer and his family, but soon moved into ( )ley Township, and finally 
into Amity Township, iJerks Co., l^a. Pie was a member of the "Palckner 
Swamp'' Lutheran Church, wdierc five of his children were confirmed 
Sunday after Easter. 174'), by tlie Patriarch Henry AI. jMuhlenberg-, who 
had arrived in America about 1742. Muhlenberg', in whose coming 
John Philip lieyer greatly rejoiced, admired him very much, as we 
gather from the ■'llallischen Nachrichten," Vol. II, Page 147, where 
Beyer's final illness, decease, and burial arc reported, together with an 
illuminating reference to the fact that John Philip, in the infirmities due 
to age, had been infiuenced, though not absorbed, by the sect known as 
"New Borns." It was John Philip's request that ^Muhlenberg should 
conduct the funeral services, and that he be buried in his private grave- 
}'ard, on his Oley farm, which graveyard must have existed as early as 
1746, when Be}'er's friend— i)rubably relative — Jacob Beck, was interred 
there Feb. 5, 174'J. 'i'liis graveyard, where his wife was probably also 
buried, lias imhappily been lost to his descendants. He died May 7, 1753, 
as the church records show. Shortly before this, on April 21, he made 
a very interesting "will," recorded in full in Will T^ook K, i)age 79, Phila- 
delphia Court House. The "will" makes detailed provisions for his be- 
loved wife Elizabeth, and the following children: John Henry, Michael, 
Benedict (who is called the youngest son), Elizabeth, and Barbara (mar- 
ried to Conrad Specht, the ancestor of Dr. A. Stajjleton, author of 
"Memorial to Huguenots"). The ship list seems to imply that he had a 
son by the name of Jacob, which inference tallies with a tradiliuii of 
Louis W. Boyer, a descendant, that there were four brothers — all serving 
the cause of the American Revolution. Two daughters, Catharine and 
Juliana, confirmed in 1746, are not mentioned in the "will," probably 




Ijccaii-^c llie\' li.ul elird single. And yet wc can not be ([iiitc sure that 
Jdhn Philip names all his children then livini^-, fur Muhlenherg- speaks 
of "a numerous family." This j^hrase may however mean '"ilescendants," 
of which there were a lar^e number in 1753. 

K (I ) John lienry lleyer, son of John Phili]) lieyer and wife Kliza- 
bfth, was born in 1714, in i'alatinate Germany, and died at Amitv- 
villc, I'a., on the old homesiead, May 2, J 814, as recorded on his toml;- 
stone near the entrance to the Amityville Church — ti.i the rit^lit. In 1743 
he vv;is married, probably by Muhlenberg", to Ala.L^'dalene l-^irclier. lie 
livetl on a fme farm, known lo liis twentieth century posleritw as the 
"flolloway" farm, in the vicinity of the church. That he was actively 
on.u;aqed in the Revolutionary War can not be verified from records at the 
liistorian's command, and seems hardly possible, for he was 61 years old 
when the war began, and yet tradition connects him with the war. If lie 
made a 'Avill" it was not recorded, nor has the historian found "admiiii'-- 
tration" records if there were such in the alisence of a will. vSo far as the 
clnirch records, or old I5ibles show, he left the followinj^^ children: Sam- 
uel, Juhn Philip, Valentine, Adam, liem-y, Charles JJ., and two girls. 
The girls may have been older than the boys. 

. 1) (2) Michael Deyer, son of John Philip Tleyer and wife Elizal)eth, 
was born Jan. 8, 1726, Palatinate Germany, and died P\'b. 18, 1777, :is 
the "Falckuer Swamp" burial records show. Pie was confirmed Sunday 
after Easter, 1746, as already stated, and married Margaret Elizabeth 
Wartman, April 10, 1749, as the records show. His early death may be 
taken as proof of the tradition that the four brothers were soldiers. Ills 
father had willed him a farm in Nanlmeal Township, Chester Countv, Pa. 
Whether he incjved there is not known, but at any rate lie kept up his 
membership in the Falckuer Swamp Church, where the birth of his 
cliildren is fully recorded, namely, Elizabeth, John Philip, Hannah, 
Catharine, Sarah, Susannah, and T\Iichal Magdalene. 

It is likely that John Philip, the son, enlisted from Chester Count v 
as a Revolutionary sokber, but the historian can not find an>- descend.ants. 

B (3) Jacob P.oyer, probably the son of John Philiji I'.eyer and wife 
Elizabeth, was born about 1725, Palatinate Germany, as we judge from 
the birth of his first child, Elizabeth. Pie may have been older. Tlie 
"Pennsylvania Magazine of Plistory and Piography," Xo. 3, Vol. 18, page 
372, published October, 1894, records that he married Barbara Dubbs. 
daughter of Jacob Dubbs, the grandfather of Rev. J^r. J. S. Dubbs, Allen- 
town, Pa. According to this record— which agrees with the trarlition of 
Louis W. Boyer, who calls him a relative of his ancestor Charles P.. Boyer 
—Jacob Boyer went to Tennessee, and left many descendants. His son, 


John Henry Beyer, was born March 3, 1753, as recorded in tlic "Falckner 
Swamp" Church, showing- that he was Hvins^- in tliat nei^^dlborIlu(;.l Ufurc 
lie moved to Tennessee. The historian can not trace his descendants at 
this writini;-. 

Perliaps, liowever, Jacob Hoyer was not a son of John Pliih'p Beyer 
at all—and tliis wouUI seem likely, for no Jacob is nicntiuned in his 
ywill." In that ease he may be the iminioraut of 1731, and a relative. 
This would account for his settlin-- with the Falckner Swaujp JJuyers. 
It would be very interesting to find a Tennessee descendant who could 
hel[) us answer tlie question. 

B (4) (John) Benedict Boyer, son of Jojm Bliilip Beyer and wife 
Elizabeth, was born Aus,nist 13, 1727, died Jan. 2, 1777, and is buried at 
Amityville, Pa., where, by his side is also buried Hlizabeth. his wife, 
born 1726, and who died February 26, 1802. The inscription on the 
tombstone says "John," and not Benedict. If this is not the same man il 
is impossible to account for the Amityville L;rave, and the historian after 
years of open-eyed search has found no trace of a "Benedict" i;e3er in 
tax lists, old Bibles, Revolutionary Arciiives, etc. The only use of the 
name "Benedict" was in the confirmation list of "Falckner Swamp," Sun- 
day after Easter, 1746, and the father's "will" in April, 1753. The name 
was probably the father's preference, but not used by Benedict himself 
and those who dictated the burial inscription. That he and Michael died 
so closely too;ether in time, indicates that they died of the same disease, 
or perhaps, as the result of the same engag-ament in the Revolutionary 
War, for tradition makes four brothers soldiers. From the terms of his 
father's "will," we would infer that the young man was put somewliat 
under the supervision of his brother John Henry, and this may explain 
why he was buried at Amityville, instead of '•Falckner Swamp," where 
his brother I\Jichael, probably by preference of his wife, was interred. 
The "Falckner Swamp" marriage record includes John Ba3'er, married 
April 17, 1750, to Elizabeth Specht. This must be taken as almost 
absolute proof that he was "John Benedict" (i), because John Philip's 
daughter P.arbara married Conravl Specht, very probably a brother to 
Elizabeth; and (2) because the burial inscription on the stone besides 
John's is "Elizabeth." Children: Known from Orphans' Court Return ^ 
dated Feb. 25, 1778, for Amity Township, Berks Co., Pa.: 

1. Samuel Boyer. Born about 1751-52. 

2. Adam Boyer. See tax list 1788, Amity Twp., Berks Co., Pa. 
Born about 1760. 

3. Jacob Boyer. Born about 1763. May be Port Carbon line. 

4. Susannah Boyer. 


5. 'I'hilip r.oyer. Born about 175O. Accepted farm in 1778. Single 
then according- to tax list. Still in Amity in 1828. 

6. Charles Boyer. Born about 1754. 

The historian has tried hard to find the descendants, l)ul can not do it. 

B (5) Barl)ara Beyer, dauj^hter of John Phili]) Beyer ami wife 
Elizabeth, was born in the Palatinate, Germany. Married Conrad Specht 
about 1753. Conrad came with his father John Peter Specht, 1738, from 
Wurtemberg, German}\ The known children of this union were John 
Peter Specht, born Jan. 27, 1755, John Specht, born Dec. 5, 1756; Chris- 
tian Specht, born Dec. 27, 1758, and Matthias Specht, born April 1761. 
Christian Specht was the ancestor of Rev. Dr. Stapleton, autlior of 
"xMcmorials to Huguenots," and a personal friend of llie Boyer hisK^rian. 

C (i) Samuel ]5eyer, son of John Henry IJeycr and Magtlalene 
Kercher, was born Feb. 5, 1751, as recorded in a Bible owned by Mrs. 
.Addis, Reatling, Pa., at Amitwille, Pa., where he died Jan. 20, 1822, 
and is buried. l<utheran. l-'armer. Soldier of the Revolutionary War, 
probably from 1777 to 1780. See Vol. 5, pages 197, 230, and 238, Fifth 
Series, Pennsylvania Archives, where the items may refer to one or two 
men by the same name. IMarried July 29, 1777, Catharine Kuser of 
Amity, born Sept. 1752, died May 28, 1826. Children: John, J,ouisa, 
]\lizabeth, Jacob, Maria, Henry, Eva, and Rachel. 

C (2) John Philip Beyer, son of John Henry Beyer and Magdalene 
Kercher, was born Dec. 14, 1754, died July 31, 1832, and buried at 
Amity ville. Pa., where his wife is also buried. jMarried Anna Cliristina 

, born Jan. I, 1754, died Nov. 10, 1832. He made a "will" in 

1831. No known war record. Children: John, Michael, Maria, Jacob 
A., Peter, and Daniel. 

C (3) Valentine Beyer, son of John Henry Beyer and Magdalene 
Kercher, was born about 1760, died about 1822, buried at Amityville, Pa. 
Lutheran. Farmer and inn-keeper, half mile north of Douglassville, Pa. 
No known war record. Married Annie Maria Kerst, born 1763. Chil- 
dren : George K., Mary K., Elizabeth, Hannah, Henry K., Jacob K., 
and John K. 

C (4) Adam Beyer, son of John Henry Beyer and Magdalene 
Kercher, was born about 1766 and died 

The Pennsylvania Archives do not record him as soldier. Married Mar- 
garet Davidheiser. Children: Samuel, Henry, David, Jacob, George, 
Anna, Elizabeth, sister and John. 

C (5) Henry Boyer, son of John Henry Beyer and Magdalene 
Kercher, born See Berks County History, page 


635, Vol. I. Il iIkto is a war record, tlic writer lias not foiiml it so far 

(1<)13) Married llaiuiah . Cinldreii : Jereiiiiah, l)orn April 26, 

1810. Tic died March 3, i<S48. Anna Maria, Julianne, Isaac, born 1817, 
died i83(); llcnry. and 1 lannali l"*lizal)eth. 

C (<)) Charles H. l-ioyer, son of John llenry I'.eyer and Magdalene 
Kercbcr, l)orn i)rol)al)l)' about 1763, as, in the absence of Ivilckner Swamp 
and Amity records, we infer from the date of his service as a s(ddier of 
the Revolution, lie entered the r>erks Comity MiUtia, CoiUinenlal Line. 
Dec. 17, 1781, and was discharged l"'eb. 17, 1782. C.uarded Convention 
prisc^ners, probably at Readinj^-, I'a. See Vol. 4, i)a!.;e 25^), and Vol. 5, 
pai^e 2ij3, Fifth Series, I'a. Archives. His i^randchildren I lannah Herbert, 
William K. Boycr, Ivirlville, I'a., and William \V. Koyer, VVashin'.;ton, 
D. C, call him' "soldier under Washiui^ton" in their reports to the writer. 
He was Lutheran, like his ancestors — a farmer and stone mason. At the 
time of his death in 1828, he lived on a farm in L.arl Twp., Lerks Co., Pa. 
Leaving no "will," Iiis son Charles petitioned the Court for settlement of 
estates. From the records examined at Keadinj^", the historian learns 
that there were three little farms, one of 27 acres, bounded on one side by 
the farm of Jacob Boyer, probably the brother of Rev. John L>(j\er, Chap- 
ter II, another of 23 acres, and a third of 27 acres. These farms were 
appraised at $1260, $330, and $280, respectively. In these Court trans- 
actions the twelve children of Charles B. Boyer are named. It is also 
rec(jrded that one son George had received his portion before the father 
dicfl. His eldest son John had died, but left seven children, who are 
also named in the jietition. The oldest of these seven children, Henry, 
became guardian of his brothers William, Daniel, and Peter, and his 
sister Mary, while Thomas Delaplane became guanlian i>f the other 
sister Sarah. This last item ena])led the historian to prove that Louis 
W. Boyer, New York, and W. W. Boyer of Washington, D. C, were of 
this same family. 

Charles B. Boyer married Maria Magdalena Reitnour, as we know 
from the mention of her Christian name in the baptismal records, and 
ll)r('n)di the evidenci- of her gran<ldauglih'r Mrs. 1 lannah 1 [erbert, who 
knew the siuname to be "Reiliioiir." 'J'lie (hildren, as the baptismal 
records and the Court petition sliow, were John, CharleSi Adam, George, 
Samuel, Anna, Daniel, William, Elnora, Susannah, Mary, and Elizabeth. 
The baptism of Charles and Adam are recorded in the Oley Hill records 
and the others at Amityville. 

C (7 and 8) Tradition credits John Henry Beyer and Magdalene 
Kercher with two daughters. The historian has not tried to ascertain 
their names and to record their descendants. The Piover book would 


'become too bulky if the desccnduiits of the IJoyer women were fully re- 

C (2) John I'hilip Heyer, son of Michael lieyer and Margaret 
Jvlizabeth W'artmim, was Ikm-u Oct. 15, 1753, as recorded at "Falckner 
vSwamp." Tliere is no war record with which it is jjossible to identify 
this John Philip. To make the matur worse, the "i-'alckner Swamp" 
recorils are silent between 177J and I7(j4 on Jioyer baptisms. There is 
only one entr)' that may belonj^- liere : l'hilij> iJayer and wife Kli/.abeth 
were sponsors for Jlamiah IJayer, born Aut^. 10, 1794, daui^hter of 
Valentine Mayer and wife .Afaria. This X'alentine, in that event, was liis 
cousin, son of John 1 Unry I'.eyer. Nor do the Amityville and Trappe 
records help us. The Cioslienhoppen records seem ecfualh' silent, unless 
the entries of bapti.-ms for children of Philip Jkiyer and wife l-'lizabeih 
from al)ont 1774 to 1784 are for the above John Philip and his wife; but 
this can not be setrled without a si)ecial study of the Old Goshenhopijen 
n,.rria,e records. S0ii3845 

C (I, 3- 4. 5. ^*> i''\'^' dauL,dUers were born to Michael Heyer ami 
Margaret Elizabeth Wartman: Elizabeth, Feb. 27, 1752; Hannah, July 
2. 1756; Catharine. July 3, 1758; Sarah, Nov. i, iy()0; Susannah, July 17, 
iyi)";, and Michal Magdalena, Feb. i, 1772. 

D (I) John Boyer, son of Samuel Poyer and Catharine Kuser, of 
Arnily, was born April 14, 1778, died Feb. 13, 1831. Lutheran. Farmer 
11 miles below Rcadin.^-, Pa. Surveyor. Justice of Peace. Married Mary 
EudwiJ,^ born 1780, died May 2^,- 1844. Children: Abraham Pudwig, 
Lydia, David, Charles, Samuel, Daniel, Mary Ann, Reuben, Levi, Iliram, 
Dehlah, and Malinda. 

D (2) Uniisa Poyer. dau-luer of Sanniel Poyer and Catherine 
Kuser, born Aug. 23, 1780. No data. 

D (3) J^lizabeth Poyer. dau.L'hter of Samuel Boyer and Catherine 
Kuser, born AParch 2, 1782. Married Jonathan Cleaver. Dr. Israel 
Cleaver, 235 S. Fifth St., Reading, I*a., is a grandson. 

D (4) Jacob Boyer, son of Samuel P)Oyer and Catherine Kuser, 
born Alay 12, 1786, .\niity Twp., Herks Co., Pa., died there 1870. Puth- 
eran. Farmer. Lived above Earlville, Pa. Married Sarah Spang. <Iied 
1834. Children: Nathan, Frederick, Mark, Matilda, Gabriel, Amos, 
Margaret, Israel, Catharine, IVrcival, Sarah, Augustus, and Amelia. 

D (5) Maria Boyer, daughter of Samuel Boyer and Catherine 
Kuser, married John S. Bertolet. No data. 

D (6) IJenry Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Catharine Kuser, 
born June 21, 1791. Lutlicran. Stone mason. Mrs. Noll, a corresi)ond- 
icnt of the iiistorian, sa)s, Henry never married. 


D (7) Eva Roycr, ilauj^hter of Samuel Uoyer and Catherine Ku.scr, 
born May 7, 1793- Married liooiie. Samuel IJoonc, Jacksonville, I'a. 
(1910) is a son. 

D (8) Rachel Boyer, daughter of Samuel Royer and Catherine 
Kuser, born Feb. 13, 1797. Married Weaver. No data. 

D (i) John Hoyer, son of John Philip Ueycr and wife, Christina, 
was born Dec. 8, 1784. His son, Jacob II., and he are buried side by side, 
Amityville, I'a. Lutheran. P.lacksmith at Hopewell Furnace. Powerful 
man. Soldier of War of 1812. Lived on the '"llolloway" Farm, near 
Amitvville, Pa. Married Susan Lloltcr. Children: Jacob II., Levi II., 
Isaac II., Jeremiah, Andrew, Enoch, Anna, Sophia, and i larriet. 

D (2) Micjiael P>oyer, son of John Philip lieyer and wife, Christina, 
born Jan. 15, 1787, died Nov. 3, 1830. Married Helen D. Luther, born 
March 31, 1791, died March 3, 1847. See History of Cumberland County. 
Children: Hannah, Kjchard, Israel Luther. 

D (3) Maria Boyer, daughter of John Philip Ileyer and wife, Chris- 
tina, born July 29, 1789, married Ceorge Koch. Great grandmother of 
Mrs. Frey, mother of Minnie Frey, address (1915), 339 Chestnut St., 
Pottstown, Pa., graduate of State Normal School, Kutztown, Pa. 

D (4) Jacob A. l)0\er, son of John I'iiilip l'.e}er and wife, Chri.vtina, 
was born about 1780. Called "Haase Boyer." Stone mason. Contracted 
stone work on James River, A^irginia. Lived in Amity Twp., Berks 
Co., Pa. Justice of Peace for some years. In War of 1812. See "Will" 
made 1842, recorded at Reading-, Pa. l^^Iarried Catharine Dceter. Chil- 
dren: Philip, Frederick, Solomon, Gideon, Jacob, Jeremiah, Justina, Su- 
sannah, Esther, Catherine. 

D (5) Peter Boyer, son of John Philip Beyer and wife, Christina, 
born Jan. 15, 1787, died March 6, 1852. Twin with Michael. Farmer. 
Moved to vicinity of Loyalton, Daujjhin Co., I'a., after 1830. Known as 
"Wammes" Boyer. Married Catherine Herb, born Jan. 27, 1791, died 
Dec. 15, 1875. Children: Elias, Gabriel, Josiah, Benneville. John, Isaac, 
Abraham, Benjamin, Sarah, Mary, Rachel, Catherine, Hettie, Leah. 

D (6) Daniel Boyer, son of John Philip Beyer and wife, Chri.'.tina, 
born March 15, 1792, died June 9, 1825. Appears to have died single. 
William E. Boyer, Earlville, Pa., who identified the other brothers could 
not speak of this one at all. If there were children, the historian can not 
find them. 

D (i) George K. Boyer, son of Valentine Beyer and Anna Maria 
Kerst, born Dec. 18, 1801, Douglassville, Pa., died July 22, 1877, buried 
in Charles Evans Cemetery, Reading, Pa. Lutheran. Grocer in Read- 


h-ig, Pa. Married Eliza Lorali, born March 7, 1807, <^licd Dec. 24, 1895, 
Children : Anna Maria, Sarah Amanda, Valeria, Jane, George Daniel, 
John Valentine, Allan Lorah. 

D (2) Mary K. Boyer, daughter of Valentine Boyer and Anna M. 
Kerst, married Rhoads. Kx-Judge ilenry i^hoails, who livt<l wu Fifth 
St., between I'llm and Buttonwood, Reading, Pa., was an lu)n()rcd son. 

D (3) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of \'aleniine Buyer and Anna 
M. Kerst, married Ex-Sheritt Bauman. Mrs. Amelia li. Ellis, Ashbourne, 
Pa., (1910) and Mrs. Mary E. Dickson, of the same place, are grand- 
daughters. John Van Reed, Sr., Williamsport, Indiana, R. F. D., (1910) 
is a grandson. 

D (4) Hannah J5oyer, daughter of \'^alentine lioyer and Anna !M. 
Kerst, born Aug. 10, 1794, died Nov. 8, 1863, married Jacob ReilY, Ixjrn 
April 4, 1795, died Jan. 22, 1827. Charles D. Spohn, Willow »Street Sta- 
tion, P. & Yi., r^hiladelphia, Pa., (1910) is a grandson. Two grand- 
daughters are Mrs. Martha F'ichthorne, 21 N. 9th St., Reading, Pa., and 
Mrs. Anna Fichthorne, whose address (1910) was Mrs. Dr. Carl Bergner, 
950 Pcnn St., Reading, i'a. 

D (5) llenr}- K. Boyer, son of Valentine P>oyer and Anna M. 
Kerst, born about 1792, married Hannah Yoder. Children: x-\nna, 
Maria, Henry, Hannah Eliza. 

D (6) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Valentine P)oyer and Anna M. 
Kerst, died single. 

D (6) Jacob K. Boyer, son of Valentine and Anna Maria Kerst, 
bom before i8(X). Buried about 1840, Reformed Church Yard, Reading, 
Pa. Conducted a general store in Reading", Pa. Married Sarah Nagle, 
liuried on Charles Evans Cemetery. Children: Charles Edward, William 
Henry, Jacob K., l^nma, Sarah. 

D (7) John K. Boyer, sou of A''alentine P>oyer and Anna AT. Kerst, 
born July 14, 1809. Settled in Chicago, Bl. Both he and wife buried 
there. Married Elizabeth Aurand. Died 1870. Children: Dr. ValeiUine 
A. Boyer, Minnie FI., and James A. 

D (i) Samuel lioyer, son of Adam Beyer and ^Fargaret Davidheiser, 
T)orn July lo, 1787, Amity Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Lutheran. Married 
Elizabeth Eagle. Children: Isaac, Solomon, Adam, Jacob, Mary, Anna, 
Kathryn, Malinda. 

D (2) Henry Boyer, son of Adani Beyer and Margaret David- 
heiser, born Aug. 24, 1791. Lived in Amity Township, Berks Co., Pa. 
Married an English woman. 

D (3) David Boyer, son of Adam Beyer and Margaret Davidheiser, 


was bom March 25, 1793, Amity Twp., Hcrks Co., Pa. Married Sarali 

. Children: Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Maria Anna, David, Samuel O.^ 

Carohne (married a Mr. lioyer). 

D (4) Jacob Boyer, son of Adam Beyer and Margaret Davidheiser, 
born Marcli 13, 1795. 

D (5) George Boyer, son of Adam Beyer and Marg"aret l)a\iilheiscr, 
born, I7<)7. 

D (6) John Boyer, son of Adam Beyer and Margaret Davidheiser,. 
born Nov. 8, 1799. Married Peggy Boyer, probabls' a cousin. 

D (7) Anna Boyer, dauglUer of Adam lieycr and Margaret David- 
lieiser, born Nov. 6, 1801. Married Mr. Pott. Ciiihhen : Kailiryn, 
married to Jacob Romig, Reading, ]'a. (1910). 

D (8) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Adam Beyer and Margaret 
Davidheiser, born May 29, 1804. Married Matthias. Children: \\'illiam„ 
Matthias. Address (1910) Blandon, Pa. 

D (9) Daughter Boyer, daughter of Adam Beyer and ]\Targaret 
Davidheiser, married Rhoads. No data. 

D (10) Maria Boyer, daughter of Adam Beyer and Margari't 
Davidheiser, born Sept. 9, 1784. (See Emmanuel Church Baptisms,, 
Pottstown, Pa.) 

D (i) Jeremiah Boyer, son of Henry P>o\er and Hannah 

born April 26, 18 lO, died March 3, 1848. Married Nellie Ixjrri 

Dec. 30, 1807, died Dec. 12, 1883. See page 635, History of Berks Coun- 
ty, Vol. I. Children: Reuben Boyer, perhaps others. 

D (2) Anna Maria Boyer, daughter of Henry Beyer and Hannah 
born Aug. 9, 1812, died 1883. 

D (3) Julianne Boyer, daughter of Henry Beyer and Hannah 

born Oct. 27, 1814. 

D (4) Isaac Boyer, son of Henry Beyer and Hannah born 

Jan. 3, 181 7, died Sept. 23, 1839. Crave at Amity ville, J 'a. 

D (5) Henry Boyer,. son of Henry Beyer anil Hannah born 

Afay 2, 1825. No data. 

D (6) Hannah Elizahcih Boyer, daughter of Henry Beyer and 
Hannah born Feb. 9, 1830. No data. 

D ( I ) John Boyer, son of Charles B. Boyer and Maria Magdalene 
Reitnour, born April 5, 1784, died before father's estate was settled in 1828. 
May be buried at Boyertown, Pa., or Amity. Children: (a) Henry, born- 
Aug. 6, 1806; (b) Samuel; (c) Sarah; (d) Mary; (e) William, at Potts-- 



villc, Pa., alxnit 1880, "Feed Store"; (f) Daniel; (>^) Peter. Daug^hlor 
Sarah ippcars to have married Enos Ran, Readini^, I'a. 

1) (2) Charles Dijyer, son of Charles 1». Jioyer and wife, Ahma M.i'.^- 
<l;dene Reitnour, \)nvu June 14, 1785. See Krie Cemetery Record. i>;q)- 
ti.MU recorded in ( Me\' lliil Church. Pulheran. Married ^lary IClizabedi 
Dcbplane, (nee Moudy), horn Jan. 12, 1789, died July 27, 18O4. In 
1S28 he petitioned the Court to settle up his father's estate for him- 
self and his l)rotherf;, as described before. In 1829 or 1830 he moved to 
J'lrie, Pa., or tliat vicinit)', as his descendants rejjort. The writer has 
ni.'t ascertained what his occu])aii(jn was, but in church connection lie was 
l.uthoran. There were ten children. Six lived to maturity: Anthony, 
Kpiiraim, Silas, 'I'liomas, Pouis Wellinji^ton, ami Sarah (Mrs. Colt). 

D (3) Adam IJoyer, son of Charles P>. Poyer and Maria MagdaP-ne 
Reitnour, born May 3, 1787. Pajitism recorded at Uley Hill. He died 
Jan. 10, 1875. Buried at OPy Hill Church. Lutheran. Married Moser, 
horo Nov. 10, 1797, died June 5, 1834. Children: Elijah, Sarah, imd 

D (4) Georg-c Poyer, son of Charles P.. Poyer and Maria Mag'lal.:-!e 
Reitnour, born ( )ct. 8, 1788. Puried at Arnit) ville. I'a. Lutheran. Car- 
penter. Lived at Maxatawny liridge, near Earlville, I'a. ?^Iarrietl Bar di 
Iv'senhower Feb. 19, 1815 (Swamp). P»uried near hubband. Children: 
William E., Isaac, John, Anna, ]\Piry, Sarah, Amanda. 

D ( 5 ) Samuel Poyer, son of Charles P. Poyer and Maria MagdaL*ne 
Reitnour, born March 26, 1790. Dieil at Moselem, Pa. Buried at St. 
Peter's Church, Richmond Tv/p., ]5erks Co., Pa. i blacksmith at Huntctr's 
Furnace. Lutheran. Married Sarah Deibert. Children: (i) l)a\id 
Poyer, born i82(); {2] Solonmn Poxer. (3) ]lann;di Poyer, (4) Cha;!-s 
Poyer, son of secontl marriage. 

D (6) Anna Boyer, daughter of Charles P. lioyer and Maria M:;.;- 
dalcna Reitnour, born Jan. 1, 1794. She married Jacob Past, of PrLv- 
town. Pa. 

D (7) Daniel Boyer, son of Charles B. Boyer and ^Puia Magdal.p.e 
Reitnour, born Feb. 23, 1795. No data. 

D (8) \\'illiam Boyer, son of Charles P.. P>oyer and Maria Ma^f- 
dalcna Reitnour, born Aug". 26, 1797. Constable at Orwigsburg, Pa., 
many years, i'owerful man. l^ied and buried at Orwig^sburg-, Pa., or 
Red Church. Lutheran. Alarried Maria Henrietta Kroll, born Dec. 22, 
1799, Hamburg-, Germany. Her parents were Hanoverians. She was 
light haired. Children: (a) William E. Boyer, (b) Maria, (c) Charles 
H., (d) Thomas M., (c) Rufus C, ( f) and Louis J. 



D (9) Elcnora Boycr, 'daug'hter of Charles 15. Boyer and ATaria M. 
Rcitnour, born Dec. 29, 1802. Married David Annljrustcr. 

D (10) Susannah Boyer, daughter of Charles B. Buyer and Maria 

M. Moody, horn l^ec. 21, 1803. Livini^ in 1828, when e^lale was 

1^ (11) Kli'/:a1)eth died single. 

D (12) Mary married Michael Ilofnian, antl was living in 1828. 

E (1) Ahrahani Ludwig B(j\'er, son of John Bo\er and Mary 
Ludwig, horn Oct. 6, 1803, Oley Twp., Berks Co., I'a., died at I\lm, N. 
J., 1880, buried at Mt. J'eaee, I'hila., Pa. Baptist. Carpenter. Teacher. 
Librarian Eastern L'enitentiary, Phila., Pa., for 23 years. Married Sarah 
Dodge, born July i, 1806, died Dec. 12, 1891. Children: Titus Dodge, 
Mary Jane, Eleanor lliggins, Abraham Ludwig, Mary Lydia, Charles, 
Samuel Dodge, William Henry, William Locke, Daniel Ludwig, Harriet, 
and Sarah Dodge. 

E (2) Lydia Boyer, tlanghter of John Boyer and Mary Ludwig, 
born March 2, 1805. N(j data. 

E (3) David Boyer, son of John Boyer and Mary Ludwig, horn Nov. 
18, 1806, Amity; died Sept. 6, 1863; buried at Carlisle, Pa. Lnlhera]). 
Superintendent of Iron Works. Married Maria Yohe, born .\pril 3, 
1808, died April 1883. Children: Daniel, John Henry, Rebecca, Marv, 
Eli:-abeth, Clara, Lydia Ann. 

E (4) Charles Boyer, son of John Boyer and Mary Ludwig, born 
Oct. 5, 1806. No data. 

E (5) Samuel Boyer, son of John Boyer and Mary Ludwig, born 
Sept 21, 1810, died March 7, 1900. Lutheran. School teacher 30 years, 
singing schools and church organ 50 years, violin 63 years. A man of 
most charming personality. Well known to the present writer while pas- 
tor at Boyertown, Pa. Married Rebecca Rhoads, born July 26, 1834, died 
June 30, 1893. Children died young. 

E (6) Daniel Boyer, son of John Boyer and Mary Ludwig, born 
April 19, 1812, Amity, died Nov. 15, 1889. Grave in Evergreen Ceme- 
tery, Camden, N. J. Married (May 19, 1846) Elizabeth Parker Leach. 
Children: (a) Albert A., C. Walter, Morris L., Mary Ellen, and Adele. 

E (7) ^lary Ann Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Ahiry Lndwig, 
born Dec. i, 1818, married Chalkely White. 

E (8) Reuben Boyer, son of John Boyer and Mary Ludwig, born 
Nov. 3, 1816, No data. 

E (9) Levi Boyer, son of John Boyer and Mary Ludwig, born 
Dec. I 1 81 8. No data. 



E (10) llirani IJoycr, son of Jolm J>oyer and ]\Iary Ludvviii;', born 
Sept. 29, 1820. Married Children: iMnnui Jane, ilelen, 

Clara, Ada. 

K (11) Delilah noyer, daughter of Jolm Royer and Mary Ludwi;^, 
l)orn Oct. 15, 1822. Married Daniel Drenklc, Springfield, ill. 

E (12) Malinda Hover, daughter of John lioyer and Mary Ludwig, 
died single. 

F, (i) Nathan Ijcjnxt, .«;on of Jacob Ijoycr and vSarah Spang, born 
Feb. 22, 1813. l>uried at Amit)'. (Five brothers died bachelors, says 
Mr. Isaac N. Addis, nepliew.) 

E (2) FVederick lloyer, son of Jacob lioyer and Sarah Si)ang, born 
I'el). 24, 1814. 

E (3) MarJ< IJoyer, son of Jacob Hoyer and Sarah Spang, born 
July II, 1815. 

E (4) Maltida r.oNx-r, daughter of Jacob l^ioyer and Sarah Spang, 
born March \.\, 1818. Mcirried Hunter. She died at Dayton, Ohio. 

E (5) Cjabriel Ijo^er, son of Jacob l>oyer and Sarah vS|)ang. born 
Aug. 30, 1819. 

E (6) Amos Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Sarah Sj)ang, born F'eb. 
<), 1821. 

E (j) Margaret J'oyer, daughter of Jacob IJoyer, and Sarah Spang, 
born Aug. 3, 1822. Married Addis. J lis son Isaac N. Addis resided 
(1910) at 531 Windsor St., Reading, Pa. 

E (8) Israel BoNer, son of Jacob Boyer and Sarah Spang, born 
Nov. 22, 1S24. Died at Dayton, Ohio. 

E (9) Catharine Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Sarah Spang, 
born Dec. 25, 1825. Married Noll. A daughter, Mrs. McKinney, resid- 
ed (1910) at 227 S. kVlIi St., Reading, Ba. 

E (10) Pcrcival Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Sarah Spang, 
born March 11, 1827. Died at Dayton, Ohio. Married. Children: 
Augustus. Address (1910) Reading, Pa., and Austin. Address (1910 ) 
Zanesville, Ohio. ]Vrha[js others. 

E (11) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Sarah Spang, 
born Sept. 15, 1833. Married Daniel I'rancis. Address (1910) lOtli 
and ITaak Sts., Reading, Pa. Son Homer Francis. 

E (12) .Augustus Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Sarah Spang, 
born Aug. 5, 1828, died young in California. 

E (13J Amelia Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Sarah Si»ang, 
born June 20, 1830. No data. 



E (i) Jacob 11. IJoyer, son of John Boycr and Susaji IIoUlt, born 
Feb. 21, i8o8, died Sept. 22, 1836, born at Amit.v. l.utberaii. Paniun-. 
Married I\lary Leaver. Buried at Boycrtown, I'a. Chibhrn: Harriet 
L Boyer, born March 2, 1848. at Grcshville, I'a. Married Dr. l*raiil: 
B. Brunner. Address (1908) Eshbach, Pa. 

E (2) Levi H. Boyer, sou of Jolin I'.oyer and Susan JloUer, born 
Buried on Fairview Cemetery, Boyertown, I'a. Ivudi- 
eran. Carpenter. Lived near Crcshville, Pa. Married lletlie Vorg;'y. 
Children: Edniond and Horace. 

E (3) Isaac Boyer, son ui John J5(.)yer and vSusan Holler, boiii 

Buried at lioyeriowu about 1904. Lutheran. Farmer. 

Married ATary Mauj^^er. liuried at ]5o3erto\vn. Children: Frank. 
Sarah A., Lucy, Emma, Matilda, John. 

E (4) Jeremiah Boyer, son of John Pioyer and vSusau Hohvr, born 
about 1820. Buried at Oley Alarch 1904, a^^-d 84. Lutheran. Labour". 
INTarried Lena Trout. Children: Jlcnry, James T., Abraham, John T., 
Mary, Malinda, Susan, Sarah. 

E (5) Andrew Boyer, son of Jolm Boyer and Susan Holter, born 
Aug-. 3, 1830. Buried Lutheran. Farmer. Lived later 

at 366 Beech St., Pottstovvn, Pa. ALirried Henrietta iiassler. Children : 
Alberta and J. Fred. 

E (6) Enoch PL Boyer, son of John Boyer and Susan Holter, l)orn 
Buried at Pottsville, Pa. Lutheran. I\Lirrietl Miss 
Trout. Child: John. 

E (7) Anna 1-ioyer, daup^hter of John Boyer and Susan Holter. 
Married Samuel Rhoads. Unly son: Morris Rhoads. Address (1911) 
Oriesmersville, Pa. 

E (8) Sophia Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Susan H(jlter, 
married Samuel Trout. Children: Aaron, Elam, Andrew, Emma. Ad- 
dress (1910) Aaron Trout, Pottstovvn, i'a. Address (1910) ]\Irs. Emma 
Drumheller, Earlville, Pa. 

E (9) Harriet Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Susan Holter, 
buried at Pottsville, Pa. Married Amos Walbridge (dead). Children: 
John, Horace, Amos, Henry, Charles, Hiram. 

E (I) Llannah Ik)ver, daughter of Michael Boyer and Helena D. 
Luther, born Sept. 30, 181 1, died April 7, 1840. No data. 

E (2) Richard Boyer, son of Michael Boyer and Helena D. Luther, 
born June 5, 1813, died Oct. 6, 1865. No data. 

E (3) Israel Luther Boyer, son of Michael Bo}er and Helena D. 


Luther, born July 15, 1817, ciicd Jan. 4, i8<)i, buried St. John's Church, 
near Shiremauslown, Cumberland Co., Pa. About iS-jo, Mr. lioyer niovoa 
from the neighborhood of Amity ville, Herks Co.. I'a. to Lii:=burn, Cum- 
berland Co. Pa. In 1852 he bouijht half interest in a forj^e, became well 
to do, resided later at Mechaniesburg, Pa. See Cumberland County 
History, page Oo}. Married Elizabeth Moser, who died IDec. 30, 1902. 
Children: Anna Helena. Philij) Moser, Charles Israel, Jacob Henry, 
Margaret Jane, Franklin I'ierce, William Penn. 

E (i) l'hili[) l^o}er. s<.'n of Jacob A. lieyer and Catharine Deeter, 
born Aug. 4. 1807. Lived at Danville, i^a. Marrieil. Children: hCdward, 
F.raiik, Solomon, Pekr. 

E (2) Frederick iioyer, son of Jacob A. Ik-ycr and Catharine Deeter, 
born i8i.|, died Sept. 1S84. Lived in the neighborhood of 

Xorthumberland, I'a., where he died. ?»Iarried Sarali Shicry, born Dec. 
24, 1S14, died 1879. Children: Levi. Annie, William H., John, Fred- 
erick, Fjiicline, Alexander, Catharine, Jacob, Jane. 

E (3) Solomon Ijoyer, son of Jacob A. Beyer and Catharine Deeter, 
born June 13, 1813, P.erks Co., Pa. Died at Red Willow, Neb., Marcii 
14, 1884. Farmer near Danville, Montour Co., Pa. Moved (1858) to 
Keokuk, Iowa. Then to AV'ashington, Iowa. Then to Red Willow, 
Nebraska. Married Catharine Hortz, daughter of David Bortz and Ha:i- 
nah Kerlin. She died, Iowa, June 17, 1896. Children: Joseph A.. 
Jacob, David A., Andrew, Allen, Stephen C, Mary, Rebecca, Sarah K., 
Susan C, and Hannah. 

E (4) Jacob Re)'er, son of Jacob A. Beyer and Catherine Deeter, 
born 1812, died Sept. 1887. liuried in Hendricks Cemetery, 

A'alley Township, Montour County, Pa. Belonged to a training com- 
])any in Berks County and pla\ed the tenor drum. Married Martha \ ixu 
Plorn, born 1818, died Oct. 4, 1870. Children: Levi Y., Yiary Catherin:-, 
Jacob, Hiram, Mahlon. 

E (5) CiideH)n Boyer. son of Jacob A. Beyer and Catharine Deet.T, 
born July 10, 1815. Address (1911) Washingtonville, Pa. Married 
Mary Verker (Yerger). Children: Levi, Amelia, perhaps others. 

E (6) Jesse Boyer, son of Jacob A. Beyer and Catharine Deeter, 
born Gunsmith in L> coming County. Pa. 

Married Elizal>eth Budman. Children: John \'\, Hester A., Flli T., 
Charles 1'., Kate, Nellie M. 

E (7) Jusiina (Christina) Boyer, daughter of Jacob A. lieyer and 
Catharine Deeter, born Nov. 21, 1805. Married Jacob Moser. One t -ii 
Peter Moser resided (. 1911J at Pottsgrove, Pa. 


E (8) Susannah Boyer, daucrhter of Jacob A. r>eyer and Catharine 
Dceter, born Nov. 28, 1808, married Samuel Mauj-er. No data. 

E (9) Hctlic (Estlicr) I5oycr, dau-bter of Jacob A. Beyer and 
•Catharme Dectcr, born July 10, 1810, married Sanniel Moser. No data. 

E (10) Catharine Boyer, dau-htcr ol Jacob A. Beyer and Catharine 
Deeter, married William Bovver. Children: One son Cyrus iJowcr, lived 
at rotlsg-rove, Pa., 1911. 

_ E (1) Elias Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and Catharine Herb hum 
:n Amity Twp., Berks Co., Pa., Oct. 26, 1816, accordin^^ to Church Re- 
cords, but Oct. 25, 1815 according to correspondent, i^efor.ned. Farmer. 
Died Jan. 14, 1891, buried hi Stone Valley, Jack.sou Twp., Dauphin Co 
Pa. See "Will," Harrisburg, Pa. Married 

She was born June 11,18.7. Children : Isaac, Mary Elizabeth, Sarah A * 
Ida Berdella, Emiuauuel, Emma Caroline. 

E (2)' Gabriel Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and Catherine Herb, born 
'I'^'^l Married 

Chddren: One son J. Wesley Boyer, merchant, lived at Povalton Pa 
in 1910. ' ' 

E (3) Josiah ]!oyer, son of Peter Boyer and Catherine Herb, born 
Address ( 1910) Edizabethville, Dauphin Co., Pa. Married 
Jane . Children: J. Clinton, D. Alfred, and Malinda. 

E (4) Benneville P,oyer, son of Peter Boyer and Catherine Herb 
born (li,..! . , ' 

,-., ., , ,, "'^" married 

-Children: Henry, Irwin, others. 

E (5) John Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and Catherine Herb, born 
. ^^-5- Address (1910) Loyalton, Pa. Reformed. Farmer. 

Married Children: Isaac F., George O., Kate, William M. 

E (6) Isaac Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and Catherine Herb born 

March 12, 1818, died at l^illow. Pa., July 3, 1902. Baptismal record at 

Amity, Pa. Reformed. Farmer and miller. Children: William, Levi, 

John D., Polly, Catherine, Susan. 

E (7) Abraham Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and Catharine Herb 
Lorn April 11, 1820 (Sec Amity Records). Died at Mandata, I'a. Mar- 

W^"^ Children: S. P. Pierce, Elias D., Peter, 

Hannah, Amelia. 

E (8) Benjamin Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and Catharine Herb 
lx,rn Sept. 1813, near Yellow House, Amity Twp., lierks Co., Pa' 
<lied at Mandata, I'a., 1887. Reformed. Teacher. Married Catherine' 
Mein. born Sept., 1814, died 1887. Children: Benjamin A., Isaac, John 
E., Ehas S., Daniel, Hannah, Emma, Caroline. 


E (9) Sarali lloycr, dauj^htcr of Peter lioyer and Catherine Herb, 
married Jonas Kanfnian. Children: (a) F.lias (11)13), Tower City, Pa., 
(b) John, dead; (c) Mary Kaufman (Muller), (d) ICl.sie. 

E (10) Mary Ann P>oyer, dau[;hter of Peter lioyer and Catherine 
Herb, born March 28, 1820, (See Amity Records), (bed at Millersburg-, 
J'a. Married J. Witmer. Chihhen: (a) John Witnur (1913J Millers- 
bnrg, Pa., (b) Joel Witmer (1913) Altoona, Pa., (c) Kate Witmer (app) 
Altoona, I'a. 

IC (11) Rachel Hoyer, dauj^hter of Peter Boyer and Catharine Herb, 
married Elias Jjuflington. Children: (a) Mary Purtint^ton. Address 
(1913) Mrs. Aaron Daniel, Gratz, i'a. (b) lillen l'.ulVmi,'^ton. Address 
(1913) Mrs. John Miller, C.ratz, Pa. (e) Catherine P.ufhni^ton. Ad- 
dress (1913) Mrs. lilias Scholl'stall, Gratz, Pa. 

E (12) Catherine Poyer, ilaughter of Peter P>o)er and Catherine 
Herb, married Jonas Miller. Children: (a) Lizzie Miller. Address 
(,1913) Mrs. Georj.;c Kosher, Lykens, Pa. (b) Sarah Miller. Address 
(i()io) Mrs. Washington Shaffer, Lykens, Pa. (cj Ellen Miller. Ad- 
dress (1910) Mrs. !^luckle. 

E (13) Ilettie Poyer, daughter of Peter I'oyer autl Catherine llerb, 
born Jan. 9, 1823, died at Potlsville, Pa. Reformed. i\larried Daniel 
Ilofman, born Jan. 21, 1823. Children: John liofman. Address (1910) 
Pottsville, Pa. 

E (14) Leah Royer, daughter of Peter I'oyer and Catherine TIerb,. 
married Charles Moover. Children: Daughter, Mrs. (lunternian, I^oyal- 
ton, Pa. (1910). 

E (1) \'aleria Jane lioyer, daughter of George K. I'xjver and Eliza 
Lorah, born ?\larrie(l William C. Witman. Address (1910) 

E (2) George Daniel Poyer, son of George K. Lioyer and Eliza 
Lorah, born 1836, died 1886. High Sheriff Perks Co., 

Pa. Married Only cliild: Charles P)ernhart JJoyer: 

E (3) John Valentine l-5oyer, son of George K. Poyer antl Eliza 
Lorah, born died single, March 11, 1893. 

E (4) Allen Lorah lioyer, son of George K. Boyer and Eliza Lorah, 
born Address (I913) 52 N. 4th St., Reading, Pa. Died 

single 1915. 

E (i) Charles J£dward Poyer, stjn of Jacob K. Boyer and Sarah 
Nagle, born Jan. 5, 1815, Reading, Pa., died Sept. 21, 1868, Lockport, / 
111. Married I-'lizabeth Runyon, Feb. 22, 1823, Easton, Ohio, died at 
Lockport, 111., April 17, 1908. Children: (a; Emma Elizabeth. Ad- 


tircss (1911) Mrs. I'lniina 15. Coriicau, Lockport. III. (b) Julius Ann- 
ytcad lioyer (deceased). His chiKlreii were Julius Aniistead lioyer. 
Address (1910) St. Louis, Mo., and Doui^lass Cook iJoyer. Address 

(1910) St. Louis, Mo. (c) I'loreiice (jerirude. Adilress (1910J Mrs. 
Olaus Paulson, Lockport, ill. 

E (2) William Henry l»oyer, son of Jacob K. lioyer and Sarah 
Nagle, born AuJ,^ 28, 1821, Reading, I'a., died March 23, 1887, IMiila., 
I'a. Merchant and broker. Married Sarah Coxe, born March Jo. 1841. 
Children: (a) John l^ednian Coxe Uoycr. Atldress (n;io) Ciu-^, llill, 
N. C. (b) Mary lioyer. Address (1910) -'15 Wnk St., Uurliuglon, 
N.J. (c) Mabel l\leanor Koyer. Ad(lrLa> i loi ;) 1 1 i-l .Madi.^on Ave., 
Baltimore, Md. 

E (3) Eninia I'-oyer. daughter of Jacf)b K. Iioyer and Sarah Xagle, 
married Augustus K. l!o;is. Their dauiditcr is Mrs. Manlia McManus. 
Address (1910) 

E (4) Sarah Xagle lloyer, daughier of Jacob K. Jioyer and Sarah 
Nagle, married Abraham Harper Raguel. Their son is Harper Raguel. 
\dilress (1910^ Reading, La., and a daughter Mrs. Augustus R. Smith. 
Aildress (I910) Jamestown, X. D. 

E (i) Valentine L5oycr, son of John K. l'...'yer and Elizabeth Auraml, 
born Jan. 23, 1814, died i8()0, in Chicago, 111. Lutheran. (Graduate of 
U. P. Phila., Pa., 1830, in Medicine. Physician at Chicago, 111. First 
Surveyor Port of Chicago. Justice of Peace 1844-1852. Deputy Collec- 
{(•r Married Mary C. S|)echt. No children. 

E (2) Ivlmnic L lioyer, ilaughter of John K. Ilo\er and Kli;:abeth 
Aurand, married L. \\ Milliard. A grandson, \\'illiam J'. Hilliard re- 
sided (1910) at Lnngw'ood, Chicagtj, 111. 

E (3) James A. Boyer, son of John K. Loyer and Elizabeth Aurand, 
born 1S24, died Oct. 9, i8()6, buried at Graceland, Chicag(j, 111. Married 
Julia Ann Ege, born Oct. 1837, died June 9, i8ip. Children: (a) Charles 
Edward lioyer, born Nov. 7, 1865. College man. Lutheran. Address 

(1911) 65 Aberdeen St., Chicago, 111. Married Retta Duimaway. Chil- 
dren: Clermont Aurand i:?oyer, born April 2(). i8*)5 and Ruth Claudine 
P.oyer; (b) John K. Boyer, born I'eb. 18, 1861, and died single March 
4, 1880. 

E (i) Isaac Boyer, .son of Samuel Boyer and Elizabeth E:igle, born 
Jan. 29, 1809, and died unmarried at 22 years of age. 

E (2) Solomon Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Elizabeth Eagle, 
born March 20, 181 1, died unmarried in Bedford Co., I*a., aged 22. 

E (3) Adam Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Elizabeth Jiiagle, born 



Oct. S. iS(.^, died I'Vl). 15, 1R89, Ijuricd at Pottstown, Pa. Lijiheran. 
Farmer. .Mairicd ( jati. 8, iSy)) llaimali P.os.sirt, born .Mav 3, 1815, 
<lit(l I;iii. 1SS5. CliildrLii: Maria. John 1')., Jlaniiah, .Malinda, William 
15., Jacob, and I iciny. 

K (4) Jacob UoytT, son of Samuel P.o)cr and F.lizabctli l*'a.i;Ie, born 
Oct. 12, 1818. J^arl Twp.. l'.ork.s Co.. I'a., died (Vt. 10. 1885. Luiiuran. 
Fanner. .Married Klizabcth I'.ovcr, btun I'lb. 11. iHj(), in Alsace Twp., 
llcrks Co., I'a., .>;amc line as Mablon IU>ycr, J'inct;r()vc. Pa. Cbildrcn: 
(a) Amelia 15. Address (1910) Mrs. Obadiah l"blin^-, W'e^t l.e^-^pori, 
■Pa., R. F. D. (c) William li. Boycr. Address (i.)io) 132 S. 8tli St., 
Rcadin}:^, Pa. Children (i) Mrs. Deborah Sailer. Same address. (2) 
Mrs. Harry Rothcrmel, West Leesport, Pa. 

E (5 ) Mary l5oycr. daughter of Samuel Poyer and Flizabeth Eagle, 
born April d. l8i(), died unmarried. 

E (6) Anna 15oyer, daui^hter of Saimiel Boyer and Elizabeth Eai^Ie, 
born Feb. 19, 1S21, married bVy. Children: (i; Aaron Fry, .MIcntown, 
Pa., L^aac i'ry, Allentown, I'a. 

E (7) Kathryn P)0yer, daughter of Samuel Boycr and Elizabeth 
Eagle, married Daniel Clouscr. A .son, Davitl Clouser, resided (I910) at 
I'Jcasantville, Pa. 

E (8) Malinda P.oyer, dau^Iitcr of Samuel Boyer and Elizabeth 
Eiigle, born Dec. 20, 1827, married Amos S. Melot. She is still livini;- 
(HJ13). Address, I'"lcetwood, Pa. Son's address, Fleetwood, Pa. Ilis 
<laughter Jennette married Dr. Claude W. ISankes. Address (i«)i3) N. 
61I1 St., Reading Pa. 

E (1) Ezekiel Boyer, son of David Boyer antl Sarah born 

A])ril 2, 1821. 

E (2) Jeremiah P>oycr, son of Davitl P)Oycr and Sarah born 

Oct. 13, 1822. 

E (3) Maria Ann Boyer, daughter of David ]5oyer and Sarah 

born April 2S, 1825. 

E (4) Daniel Boyer, son of David Boyer and Sarali born 

Jidy 20, 1828. 

E (5) Samuel G. Boyer, son of David Boycr and Sarah Ixtrn 

Feb. 21, 1831, died Jan. 18, i88(;. Married Salome Yost C Nov. 10, 
1855). See Trinity Reftjrmcd Church Records, Pottstown, Pa. Had 
one son. 

E (6) Caroline Boyer, daughter of David Boycr and Sarah 

married a Mr. Boyer. 


E (i) Reuben Jkiyer, son of Jeremiah Boyer and Nellie born 

about 1830 or later, lie bad niarried Katie Moyer. Tliey are both 
burieil at the '•Hill" Church, not far from Amity. Children: Jeremiah 
M., Catharine Anna, and John. 

K (I) .\nthony Hoyer, son of Charles lioyer and Mary l-.ii/abelh 
IXdaplane, born Oct. <S, 1815, died at Waterford, Erie Co., J'a., 1851. 
Married Margaret Musher, born Nov. 15, 1821, married Keb. 21. 1843. 
Children: (a) Ivouis Wellinj^ton Boyer. Address (ujio) 28th and 
liroadway, New York. Born June 17, 1845. Minried Margaret Mosher. 
No children, (b) Thomas Jefferson Px.ner, son of Anthony lioyer and 
Margaret Mosher. Address ( i«jio) DuBois, Pa. Born Dec. 11, 1846, 
Fairview, Pa. Died April 24. 1910, at DuBois, ]'a. Married MeMa 
I.indsay, born March 21, 1855, Butler, Pa. Only child: Bonis Ephraim 
Boyer. Address (1913) Duliois, Pa. Born Oct. 14, 1878, Karns City, 
Pa. Admitted to Bar i8«j9. Mayor of DuBois, 1906-100:^. Contributor 
to Magazines and Periodicals. 

E (2) Ephraim Boyer, son of Charles Bo>er and his wife Elizabeth 
Delaplane, died at h'airview, Pa., 1903, leaving no children. 

E (3) Silas lioyer, son of Charles Boyer and his wife Elizabeth 
Delaplane, born about 1814, Earlville, Pa., died at Erie, Pa., abcjut 1880. 
Married Ann Mee. Both buried in Erie, Pa. Children: (a) l^izabeth 
Boyer. born April 8, 1861, and (b) William Woodward Boyer, born (Jet. 
(>, iXi'x). Highly trained man. Address (1913) f.ock Bo.x 461, Station 
(i., V\'a.shington, D. C. Teacher. Clerk in Oltice of Intericjr 20 years. 
Married (April 30, 1907; Mary M. Dreher, born Aug. 10, 1878. 

E (4) Thomas J. Boyer, son of Charles Boyer and Elizabeth Dela- 
plane, died at Erie, f^a., 1906. Married. Only child: Ida Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1910) ^Irs. A. Ci. Ueaver. 

E (5) Louis Wellington lioyer, son of Charles Boyer and Elizabeth 
Delaplane, died at Earlville, I'a., about 1825, single. 

E (G) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Charles iioyer and Elizabeth 
Delaplane, died at Millvillage, Erie Co., Pa., about 1895. 

E (i) Elijah Boyer, son of Adam Boyer and wife Moser, born 
Sept. 12, 1815, died March 12, 1892, buried at Huff's Church, with wife. 
Lutheran. Married Elizabeth I leydt, born Sej)t. 12, 1813, died July 26, 
1881. Children: David H., Levi 11., Jacob, Jefferson, liettie. 

E (2) Sarah Boyer, daughter of .Vdam Boyer and wife Moser, born 
Oct. 14, 1823, married Williani Shirev, born Feb. 26, 1817, both buried at 
Huff's Church. 

E (3; Charles Boyer, son of .Adam Boyer and wife Moser, born 



Married twice. First wife a lleiiiibacli. A daughter was 
the issue. Second wife was a Derr. She had first married a Kau. Her 
son is married and lives on Mohr St., Allentown, I'a. Address Mrs. 
Amaiula Rau. 

E (i) Wilham E. Boyer, son of Georpe Boyer ami Sarah Eisen- 
iiowcr, born April 12, 1822. Euthtran. I'"armer. Single. Eiving with 
David B. Eisher, a sister's son, Earlville, I'a., in KJ13, when the liisiurian 
stopped to see him, having secured his report two years earlier. He and 
his sister Amianda Heist, hy enumerating first cousins ahsohitely con- 
nected Charles 15. lioyer, their great grandfather, with his five brothers. 

E (2) Isaac l)Oyer, son of George Hover and Sarah Eisenhower, 
born 181 5, buried at Tarhotville, Pa., about 1900. Lutheran. 

Farmer, carpenter, miller. Married Sarah Bender. Children: (a) 
Isaac Boyer. Adilress (1911) Turbotville, I'a., (b) Kate Boyer. Ad- 
dress (I'jii) Mrs. Kate Moyer, Turbotville, i'a. I'erhaps others. 

E (3) John B(\ver. son of George Boyer and Sarah Fjsenhower, 
born March 6, 1824. Lutheran. Farmer. Rolling mill worker. Soldier 
in Civil War. Married Lydia Sassamau. Children: Charks, perhaps 

E (4) Anna Boyer, daughter of George I'oyer and Sarah Eisen- 
hower, married Amos Boyer. She is buried in Michigan. Children: A 
daughter in Detroit, Michigan ( 1913). .Address 42 Charles street. 

E (5) Sarah Boyer, daughter of George Boyer and Sarah FZisen- 
hower, ilied June 17, 1913, at Fottstown, I'a. Married William Fisher. 
Address (1913) Pottslown Landing, I'a. Children: (a) Darius B. 
Fisher. Address (1913) Earlville, Pa. (b) James Fisher. Address 
(1913) Pottstown Landing, ]'a. (c) William F'isher. Address (1913) 
Amity ville, I'a. (d) Emma Fisher. 

E (6) Amanda lioyer, daughter of George Boyer and Sarah Eisen- 
hower, married Jeremiah Heist. A(Ulress (1913) Uley, I'a. Lutheran. 
Children: (a) Mrs. Mary Kline, Earlville, Pa. (b) Emma Frchn, New 
Uerlinvillc. Pa. (c) Ella Heibst, Landis Store, Pa. (d) Kate Weiscr, 
Oley, Pa. (e) William Heist, Oley, Pa. (1913). 

E (l) Solomon Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Sarah Deibert, 
l)orn 1828. Lutheran. Organist at "Red Church," near Or- 

wigsburg, Pa., many years. Burictl there. Married Susannah Gardner. 
Children: (a) Charles Benjamin Pioyer. Address (i(;i3) Supt. of 
Schoi>ls, Atlantic City. Bf)rn Aug. 8, i860. R(jom-mate of the JLioyer 
historian about 1877 at the State Normal School, Kutztown, Pa. A man 
of unusual organizinjf power, who has built up the school system of 


Atlantic City with the growth oi the city itself. Married Ainaiuhi neiiner, 
born Jan. i, 1864. Only child: ikssic Uona. lx)rn Dec. 2^, 18.^1. l^rad- 
natc of college an 1913. (b)Mary Amanda lioyer. Mrs. Jonathan 
Fidlcr. She died Dec. 1870. Left one child. Katie I'.oycr Fidler. She 
married Philemon Hoycr. Address (iwij) Orwi.^shnr- I'a. (c) Sarah. 
Married Isaac N. Kutz. Address ( i(>io) 137 Cireenwich St.. Reading, 
Pa. Children: (a) Sarah. Died May, 1913. (h)Snsan. Married 1 larry 
Steitlcr. (c) Clarence Boyer Kutz, Lorn 1S85. Ad(h•e.^.■, Ci.ji^) n7 
Greenwich St., Reading, I'a. 

E (2) Hannah Boyer, daughter of Samuel lioyer and Sarah iJeihert, 
born March 20, 183 1, married (;eorge Herbert, born Feb. 23, 182c;. Ad- 
dress (1913) Alburtis, J»a. Children: (a) Samuel Franklin Jlerbcrt. 
Address ( 1910) Hmaus, Pa. ( b) Henry Albert Herbert. Address ( 1910) 
Alburtis, Pa. (c) George Daniel Herbert, Red Hill, Pa. (d) Oliver 
Peter Herbert, (e) William l-.huer Herbert, (f) Rebecca E. Herbert. 
Address (1910) Mrs. Aaron Strunk, r.14 Wciser St., Reading, Pa. 

E (3) David P.oyer, son of Samuel Jioyer and Sarah Deibert, born 
Aug. 15, 1826: died 27 years of age at Washington, D. C. Lutheran. 
Shoemaker. Veteran of the Civil War. Married Sarah Kaufman. Chil- 
dren : (a) Jacob K. Poyer, born 1854. Address (1911) Leesport, i'a. 
Married Abiah Reeser, born 1859, died 1912, born at Gernant's Church 
Chddren: (i) Mrs. Daniel Mitchell. Address (1911) Mohrsville, Pa. 
(2) Mrs. Hiram Shoenert, Reading, Pa. (3) Charles D. Hoyer, Lorane, 
Pa. (4) Jacob R. P.oyer, U. S. Army, Norfolk, Va. (5) Alvin S. lioyer] 
Gernant's Church, Pa. (6) Mrs. Otis Rothenberger, Leesport, Pa. (7)' 
Laura P.oyer. (8) Harry IJoycr. (9 ) Florence Jiover, all of Lecsix)rt, l^a. 
(h) Charles Poytr. He and all his family buried at Gernanfs. ^c) 
Elizabeth Hoyer. Address (1913) Mrs. J. P.. Rickenbach. 36 Nohle St 
Kutztown, Pa. Children: (1) Oliver, (2) Annie ( K. S. N. S.j Mary. 

E (4) Charles Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Sarah Deil>ert 
stepbrother to the foregoing three. Eutheran. Carpet Weaver. Married' 
Sarah Frahn. Buried at Weissport. Pa. Children: Sybilla (Mrs Gar- 

E (I) William Edward IJoyer, son of William Bovcr and Maria 
Kroll, born Oct. 30, 1823, died Aug. 29, 1898, In^rn at' Pottsville. Pa. 
Evangelical. Tobacco merchant at Pottsville. Married Hannah 1-liza- 
beth Schwalm, born March i, 1825. Children: (a) Dr. Francis William 
Boyer. Address (1913) 217 Mahantonga St., Pottsville, Pa. Physician 
Married Caroline G. Hammaker. Children: (i) Dr. George H.'Boyer 
(2) Lama Irances Boyer, (3J Judith M. Boyer, (4) Frances Elizabeth' 
^oyer, (5j Annie A. lioyer, (6) Marion G. Boyer. (b; Laura 11 Boyer 


Address (1910) Mrs. James A. Medlar, 305 Mahantonga St., Pottsville, 
Pa. No desceiulams. (c) Attorney Kdnuuid S. iioyer. Address (1913) 
Somervvorih. N. 11.. horn Oct. 21, 1857. Conore-at'ional Church. Grad- 
uate of Lafayette Coll., A. II and J'h. 1}. A.lniitted to liar 1889. Married 
Charlotte Ru.^sel, lx)rn Sept. 6, 1862. Children: (1) Francis Burleigh 
Hoyer, horn Dec. 12, J885. Graduate of Dartmouth College, 1907. Con- 
gregational. Supcrinten.lent of Dye Works. Address (1910) Somer- 
worth, N. II. (2) William K.lward lioyer, born March 13, 1890. Grad- 
uate of Amherst, 191 1. Congregational. Address ( 1913) Somcrvvorth, 
A^ IT. At home in Montreal, Canada. k^S- 

H (2) Maria I'.oyer, daughter of William ISoyer and Maria Kroll, 
•married Andrew Mover. Son; W. Mover. Address (1910) Rau St' 
Tottsville, i'a. ' ^ / . 

E (3) Charles 11. I'.oyer, son of William lioyer and Maria Kroll, 
'^"'■'^ ^''^'^l Married. (;nlv chil.l : Emily 

Boyer. Married William Smith. Address (1913J Baltimore, Md. 

E (4) 'J'homas M. Boyer, son of William Boyer and Maria Kroll, 
"born April 29, 1830, died Married Hannah M. Sterner,' 

liorn Feb. 10, 1832. Married I-\b. 13, 1851. Children: (a) Frank E. 
Boyer. Address ( 1910) Broadway, Joplin, Mo. (b) Walter T. Boyer. 
Address (1910) Broadway, Joplin, Mo. (c) Mary L. Boyer (Moore). 
A^ddress (1913) Cheyenne, Colorado. No children, (d) Jennie Boyer 
(Tousley). Address (1913) Joplin, Mo. (e) Gertrude A. Jioyer. Mrs. 
Mark A. i^aldwin. Two children. 

E (5) Kufus C. J'>o\er, son of William I'.oyer and Maria Kroll, 
iH'rn (lied • Married 

Children: (a) Ehn;er 11 Jioyer. Address (1910) St. Clair, Ba. (b) 
Alvesta Boyer. Address (1913) Mrs. William J. Sealy, St. Clair, Pa. (c) 
Theodore Boyer. Address ( 1913) St. Clair, Pa. (d) Emma Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1913) Mrs. James Kocher, Orwigsburg, Pa. (e) Lucy M. Boyer, 
Atlantic City, N. J. 

E (6) Louis J. B.oyer, son of William i{(ner and Afaria Kroll, born 
April 28, 1838, Orwigsburg, Pa., died ]<eb. 18, 1906, Freinont, Nebraska. 
Evangelical. Soldier from July 1861 to ck)se of war. • Second Lieutenant 
part of time. Railroad clerk for more than 20 years. Married Susan 
Locke. Address (1910) 506 East 14th St., Fremont, Nebraska. Chil- 
dren: (i) Anna Mabel Boyer. Address (1910) Mrs. Arthur L. J(»bn- 
son, Fremont, Nebraska. {2) Nettie Alice Boyer. Address (1910)" Mrs. 
L. Harry Rogers, F>emont, Nebraska. 

F (1) Titus Dodge Boyer, son of Abraham Ludwig Boyer and 
Sarah Dodge, born Jan. 29, 1845. Address (1910) ffaddonfield, N. J. 


Presbyterian. Worked in Publisliinif House about 35 years. Book- 
keeper. Ticket agent. Married Maria Harding, born April 20, 1849. 
Children: (a) Murray Cbester lloyer. Acklress (1908) Hadilontield^ 
N. J., born March 30. 1872. Attorney. Married Jane H. Allen, (b) 
Marian D. Address (1908) Mrs. William C. de Zouche. She was born- 
June 13, 1875, *1>^'<^1 i'*-'!*- -7. 1902. Left a daughter, Margaret, (c) 
Townsend Harding Boyer, born Oct. 7, 1883. Chief Clerk Post Office,. 
Haddonfield, N. J. Served as Trustee of Association of American 
Bo\ers. (d) Henry Ludwig Boyer, born Nov. 12, 1890. Mechanic. 
Address (1908) Haddonfield, N. j. (e) Helen Butterworth Boyer, bcjrn- 
Dec. 29, 1893. -^t home with parents. 

F (2) Eleanor l)03er, daughter of Abraham Ludwig Boyer and 
Sarah Doilge, marrietl Joseph H. Homer, in April, 1872.' Harriet Homer 
is a daughter. Aildress (1913) 

F (3) Abraham Ludwig Boyer, son of Abraham Ludwig Boyer and 
Sarah Dodge, born , No data. 

F (4) Mary Lydia Boyer, daughter of Abraham Lutiwig Boyer and 
Sarah Dodge, married William L. Merriel in 1862, died 1904. No chil- 

F (5) Charles Boyer, son of Abraham Ludwig Boyer and Sarah 
Dodge, born . No data. 

F (6) Samuel L")odge Bo)cr, son of Abraham Ludwig Boyer and 
Sarah Dodge, born i!^34? X'olunteer Corn E.xchange Regiment, 

118th Pennsylvania. In 26 engagements. Wounded at Gettysburg. Cap- 
tured at Cold Harbor, June 2, 1864. Libby prison, Andersonville, Milan. 
Died here Nov. 11, 1864. P)uried in Lawton National Cemetery, Milan, 
Georgia — Grave 26. Sergeant Co. D. Wife was Judith DeBozier, born 
Dec. 31, 1835, Phila., Pa., died May 14, 1908. Buried at Mt. Peace, 
Phila., Pa. Children: Charles Sunnier lioyer, born Sept. 23, 1856. 
Graduate of Brown L^niversity, 1879. Principal of William D. Kelly 
School, Phila., Pa. Address (1915) 6140 Columbia Avenue, Phila., Pa. 
Married Ella H. Talbot. Children: (a) Edith T. Address (i(;io) Mrs. 
Ernest D. Spangler, Bryan, CJhio; and (b) Carl Boyer, born 1884, mar- 
ried Mabel Alsop. Address (1910) Children: 
Carl Boyer, born Oct. 27, 1908. 

F (7) William Henry Boyer, son of Abraham Ludwig Boyer and 
Saraii Dodge, born No data. 

F (8) William Locke Boyer, son of .Abraham Ludwig Boyer and 
Sarah Dodge, born , died 1906, leaving no children. Car- 

penter. Organist many years. Married Sarah Biitting. 


F (9) Daniel Lmhvij^ 15oyer, son of Abraham Liulwij^ Boyer and 
Sarah Dodge, born died of typhoid fever, 1863, single. 

Enlisted in .Marine Corps, 1861. Sent to U. S. S. Pawnee, and took 
part in the burning of Nolfolk Navy Yard. Transferred to frigate St. 
Lawrence. Present at engagement between Monitor and Merrimac. 

F (10) Harriet iioyer, daughter of Abraham Luilwig Poyer and 
Sarah Dodge, born 1843. Highly educated both in America and Europe. 
Owned private school in New York and then in I'hiladclpliia. Principal 
State Normal School, Trenton, N. J. Unmarrieil. 

F (11) Sarah Dodge Poyer, daughter of Abrahan\ Ludwig Boyer 
and Sarah Dodge, was well educated. Teacher in Philadelphia schools. 
Alarried Edward Gideon, Supervising Principal of Oeorge G. Meade 
School, Phila., Pa. 

F (i) Daniel Boyer, sou of David L. Boyer and ]\Iaria Yohe, born 
Jan. 30, 1846, Columbia, Pa., died Oct. 31, i»P5. Lutheran. Civii 
War veteran. Foreman of water pipe construction. Contractor. Mar- 
ried Mary Zellar, born Nov. 10, 1851, died A[)ril 30, 1904. Children: 
(a) Maurice Z. Boyer. Address (1910) 537 W. Sedgwick St., Mt. Airy, 
Pa., born Dec. 6, 1880. Book-keeper. Married Martha Dallon F'just. 
Children : I{dgar IMaurice, Doroiliy Mattie. 

F (2) John Henry Boyer, son of Daviil L. I'oyer and Maria Yohe, 
tjorn July 8, 1850, Mainville, Columbia Co., Pa.- Address (1910) 338 
Allen Lane, Mt. Airy, I'a. Lutheran. Employed in Bureau of Water, 
Phila., Pa. more than 25 years. j\Larried Flora Zell, born May 2"], i860. 
Children: (a) Ethel Blanche Boyer. Address (1913) 338 Allen Lane, 
Mt. Airy, Pa. (b) Waller Gresheim Boyer. Address (1910) (^2^2 Gtn. 
Ave., Gtn., Philadelphia, Pa. (c) Andrew Warren Boyer. Address 
(1910) Cheyenne, Wyoming, (d) Rali>h Sidney Boyer. Address (1910) 
,338 Allen Lane, Mt. Airy, Pa. (e) Albert Henry Boyer. Address (1910) 
338 Allen Lane, Mt. Airy, Pa. 

F (3) Rebecca Boyer, daughter of David L. Boyer and Maria Y'ohe, 
born Jan. 21, 1849. Address (1910) 252 Jieech St., Pottstown, Pa. 

F (4) Mary Boyer, daughter of Davitl L. Boyer and Maria Yohe, 
born Sept. 24, 1851, married George W. Shannon. Address (1910) 3129 
Powellon Ave., W. Pliila., I'a. Children: Florence, Willie, May, Eva. 

F (5) l*'dizabeth Jkner, daughter of David L. Boyer and Maria 
Yohe, born Nov. 17, 1852, married George Boone. Address (1910) 3129 
Powelton Ave.., W. Phila., Pa. No children. 

F (6) Clara M. Boyer, daughter of David L. Boyer and Maria 
Yohe, born Nov. 14, 1854, married Williard Staley. Address (1914) 


9316 Olive St., Elmhurst, Oakland, Cal. Children: Oscar, Elmer, Har- 
riet, Marion, Freelin, Raymond. 

!F (7) Lydia Ann Boycr. dangliter of David L. Boycr and ?\Iaria, 
Yohe, born Feb. 20, 1857. Atldress (1910) 271 Brinj^hurst St., German- 
town, Pa. 

F (i) Adele Boycr, daui^diter of Daniel Boyer and Elizabeth Parker 
Leach, born Nov. 15, 1847. Married Edward Bnrr. Address (1909) 
122 Seaside Ave., .Atlantic City, N. J. No children. 

F (2.) Albert A. PiOycr, son of Daniel Boyer and Elizabeth P.. 
Leach, born Sept. 21, 1849, ^'''-'^l • Married Elnora A. 

Cochran. Children: (a) Alice Francis Boyer. Address (1910) 2440 
W. Alleg-heny Ave., Phila., Pa. (b) Florence May Boyer. Married 
William S. Grover. Address (1910) 548 Twenty-fourth St., Oakland, 
Cal. Children: Elinore Elizabeth, John B., Alice, William B. (c) 
Albert A. Boyer. Address (1910) 2440 W. Allegheny Ave., Phila., Pa. 
(d) Earle M. Boyer. Address (1910) 548 24th St., Oakland. Cal. 

F (3) Charles Waller Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Elizabeth P. 
Leach, born Nov. 16, 1856. Adilress (1911) 511 Hamilton Ave., Atlantic- 
City, N. J. Employed by ]'ennsylvania Railroad. Married Mary H. 
Willits. Children: (a) Ralph Ludwig Boyer, born July 23, 1879. -'^<J- 
dress (1911) 1720 Sansom St., Phila., Pa. (b) Maurice WilHts Boyer, 
born Dec. 11, 1881. Address (njii) 906 Filbert St., Phila., Pa. Mar- 
ried Beatrice House, born Sept. 21, 1882. (c) Daniel Warren Boyer, 
born Dec. 18, 1886. Address (1911) 446 S. 57th St., Phila., Pa. 

F (4) Maurice Leach J^oyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Elizabeth B. 
Leach, born Nov. 13, 1861. Address (1911) Moorestovvn, N. J. Married 
Frances Piatt. Children : Walter Boyer. Same address. 

F (5) Mary E. Boyer, daughter of Daniel Boyer and Elizabeth P. 
Leach, married Mr. Van Gunten. Address (1911) Care of I\Irs. Burr, 
122 Seaside Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. 

F (i) Frank Boyer, son of Isaac Boyer and Mary Manger, mar- 
ried died Children: One son Wil- 
liam resided (1911) at Stowe, Pa. 

F (2) Sarah .A.. Boyer, daughter of Isaac Boyer and Mary Manger,, 
married Abraham Smith. Children: (a) Mary Smith, (b) Preston 
Smith. Address (1911) Pottstown, Pa. (c) Arabelle Smidi. 

F (3) Lucy Boyer, daughter of Isaac Boyer and Mary Manger, 
married David Gross. Address (1911) Pottstown, Pa. 

F (4) Emma.Maltida Boyer, daughter of Isaac Boyer and ]\Iary 


Maugrer, married William l.iveugood. Children: (a) Dr. Liven^iood. 
Two girls. 

F (5) John r.oycr, son of Isaac IJoyer and Mary Maui^er. Address 
( 191 1 ) Stowe, Pa. 

F (i) Henry Hoyer, son of Jeremiah IJoyer and Lena Tront. died 
in the Civil War. Married Son lives in Readin-, Ta. 

F (2) James T. IJoyer, son of Jeremiah Hoyer and Lena Trout, 
born Sept. 4. 18.44. Address (1910) Hox 68, I'arkershurj,'-, Pa. Marriecl 
Isabella Wcsner. Children: (a) Sarah lioyer, married Harry P. Wit- 
nieyer. Address (1908) 181 Franklin St., Pottstovvn, i'a. (b) Katie M. 
Boyer. married Frank L. Mullen. Address (1908) Parkersbur^-, Pa. 
(c) John W. Boyer. Address (1908) i'arkersl)uri,'-, Pa. 

F (3) Abraham Poyer, son of Jeremiah P.oyer and Lena Trout, 

born .Vpril 18, 1853. Married Amanda L. . Children: (a)' 

Florence Poyer. Address (1908) Mrs. Florence Willauer, K. F. D. 2, 
Pottstown. Pa. (b) Eilward G. l^oyer. Address (1908) 615 North St.! 
Chester, Pa. (c) Eva. (d) ALattie. (ej Sarah. Address \ 1908) 612 
K. 8tli St., Chester, Pa. 

F (4) John T. Boyer, son of Jeremiah Boyer and Lena Trout, born 
1860. Address (1908) 3034 FHiutt St., Baltimore, Md. 

F (5) Mary Boyer, daughter of Jeremiah Boyer and Lena Tnait 
Address (1908) Mrs. Mary Stettler, 620 Chestnut St., Pottstown, I'a. 
Children : Four or more. 

F (6) ALalinda Boyer, daughter of Jeremiah Boyer and Lena Trout, 
married Frank Ludwig^ Address (1908) 542 Chestnut St., Pottstown! 

F (7) Susan Boyer, daughter of Jeremiah Boyer and Lena Trout, 
married Peter Reitnour. Address (1908) Boyertovvn, Pa. (En-lesville)! 
Children : Five or more. 

F (8) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Jeremiah Boyer and Lena Tn.ut. 
Address (1908) Mrs. Sarah Rhine, Stowe, Pa. 

F (I) Alberta Boyer, daughter of Andrew Boyer and Henriclta 
Bassler. Address (1910) 366 Beech St., J'ottslown, Pa. 

F (2) J. Fred. Boyer, son of Andrew P.oyer and Henrietta Bassler. 
Address (1910) Lincoln Ave., Pottstown, Pa. Mill worker. Married Rhoads. Children : Clara, Anna. 

F (i) John Boyer, sc^n of Enoch H. Boyer and wife Trout. ALir- 
ried Miss Byerle. Children: (a) Enoch Boyer. Address ( 1910) Pctis- 
vdle. Pa. (b) George Boyer. Dead. Formerly connected with the 
"Mmers' Journal." (c) Emma Boyer. 


F (i) Anna Helena lioycr, claiij^hter of Israel Luther lioyer ami 
Margaret Moscr, married William I'enn Lloyd. Address (1910) Mc- 
chanicsburg, Pa. Her brother George died young. 

]' (2) Philip Moscr P)oyer, son of IsraeP Luther Boycr and F.liza- 
beth Moser, born Oct. 23, 1846. Address (1913) Carlisle, Pa. l^iilistcd 
Company 11., <)ih Pennsylvania Cavalry. Farmer. Steward York Coun- 
ty .\lms House (1888-1896). Married Sarah Jane Hart. Children: 
(aj Charles Sherman Hoyer, born Feb. i, 1865. Address (1910) 

(b) Dr. Israel Lullier lK)ycr, l)oni May 25, iSr^. Married 
Nellie A. Kershaw. Children: Marion K. Kuyer, Josephine iJoycr. 
Physician. Address (1910) Weitzenkorn iMdg., Wilkes-liarre, i^a. (c) 
Dr. Henry Mixser Hoyer. Address (1910) 25 S. Hanover St., Carlisle, 
Pa. IJorn Oct. 9, 1868. T'hysician. Member of Town Council. M;ir- 
ried Bessie Irene Stephens, June 12. 1902. See History of Cumberland 
County, page 6i(j. Died H}i5. (d) Jennie iviizabeth Hoyer, daughter 
of J*hilip Moser Hoyer and Sarah Jane Hart, born Sept. 23, 1870. Mar- 
ried E. L. Meek, Carlisle, Pa. (e) Flsie Vernon Hoyer, daughter of 
Philip Moscr Hoyer and Sarah Jane Hart, born ^Lay 23, 1873. Marrieil 
Charles S. Shapely, Hi, 'I'e.xas. (f) William Herbert Hoyer, son of 
]'hilip AToser Hoyer and Sarah Jane Hart, born May 2;^, 1873. Address 
(1910) Mechaiiicsburg, J'a. 

F (3) Charles Israel Hoyer, son of Israel Luther Boyer anil Fliza- 
beth Moser, horn Feb. i, 1S65. .Xddress (1910) Harrisburg, I'a. Shirt 
manufacturer. Married Annie E. Hoyer, of Mechanicsburg. Pa. Chil- 
dren: (a) Oram Walter (died young), (b) Dorothy Boyer. 

F (4) Margaret Jane Hox'cr, daughter of Israel Luther P>o\er and 
Elizabeth Moser, married Jacob Mumma, father of the Philadeli>hia Leg- 
islator F. G. jMunima. 

F (5) Franklin Pierce Boycr, son of Israel Luther Boyer and ICliza- 
beth Moser. iVddress (1910) AUentovvn, Pa. Prominent farmer. Mar- 
ried Catharine Baker. Children: George, John, Carrie, Laura, I'lanche, 
and Raymond. 

F (6) William Penn Boyer, son of Israel Luther Boyer and Eliza- 
beth Moser. Adtlress (1910) York, Pa. 

F (i) Edward Hoyer, son of Jacob A. Beyer and Catherine Deeter. 
Address (1910) Danville, Pa. Distiller. 

F (2) Frank Boyer, son of Jacob A. Boyer and Catherine Deeter, 
died at Danville, Pa. 

I"* (3) Solomon Boyer, son of Jacob A. Beyer anil Catherine Deeter, 
died at Danville, Pa. 1 


F (4") IVtcr IJoycr, son of J;ici)l) A. Uoycr and Callicrine Dcctt-r, 
"born Married Son lulward 

married Cora Buyer. 

F ( I ) John Hover, son of Frederick IJoyer and Sarah Sliiery, l)orn 
Oct. II. 1837. Died 

F (2) I'.ineHne l>oyer, dani;hter of Frederick lioycr and Sarah 
Shicry, horn July 12, iS3y, married Jolinsun. 

F (3) Catherine Hover, dani^hler of iMcderiek lioycr and Sarah 
Shiery, horn Dec. 20, 1841, married iluj^lies. 

F (4) Jacoh Hoyer, son of Frederick Hnyer and Sarah Shiery, 
born Oct. 11, 1843. Address (1910) Nurlhuniherhind, J'a. 

F (5) Wilham ]1. I'oyer, son of Frederick lioyer and Sarah Shiery, 
born Nov. 5, 1845. Address (1910) Kinj^ston, Pa. Married Ceciha 
Newbnrg, born June i, 1846. Died Dec, 1871. ChiUlrcn : (a) F.mmanuel 
E. liOrn Jidy 16, 1868. Died April 7, i8(;4. (b)Aimie E. H)Oyer. After 
death of Ceciha Newburc^. he married Clara May Shder. Children: (c) 
Cecilia G. Uoyer, burn Jan. 16, 1878. Address (1910) Wilkes-Harre, J^a. 
(d) Jessie M. Hoyer. Aildress (1910) Mrs. G. E. Howell, Truckville, 
Pa. (e) Tacie O. Hover. .Address (1910) While Haven, I'a. (f) 
Clara M. Boyer. Address (i»jio) White Haven, Fa. 

F (5) Levi J5oyer, son of Frederick Boyer and Sarah Shiery, born 
Jan. 18, 1847. Address (1910) Riverside, Danville, I'a. Farmer. Mar- 
ried Children: (a) Elmer Hoyer. Aildress (1910) 
TXinville, Pa. (b) William H. Boyer, Danville, Pa. (c) Dora lioyer. 
^Married Edward Boyer, her cousin. Address (1910) M(jntana, Pa. 
Child : Merle Boyer. 

F (7) Jane Hoyer, (hui<j;hter of Frederick Hoyer ami Sarah Shiery, 
born July 7, 1848. Address (i(>io) Mrs. Jane Walborn, Williamsjxjrt, 

F (8) Frederick Boyer, son of Freilerick Hoyer and Sarah Shiery, 
born Sept. 12, 185.}. .Address ( kjio) Scranton, Pa. 

F (9) Alexander Boyer, son of Fretlerick P.oyer and Sarah Shiery, 
born July 3, 1857. Address (1910) Scranton, ]';i. 

F (i) Joseph A. Boyer, son of Solomon Boyer and Catharine 
Bortz, born March 17, 1836, Berks Co., Pa. .Address (I*ji3j Washintc- 
ton, Iowa. Served nearly four years in Civil War. Came home Cajjtain 
of Company C, 8th Iowa Infantry. Married Mary E. Duke, born 1835. 
died in Chicago, 1894. Children: (a) Thomas A. Boyer. .Kddress 
(1913) 4454 Emerald .Ave., Chicaj^o, 111., born Jan. 9, i8^)('). Official of 


Cooke County, 111. 15 years. Married Ida .\. Hutch, Iwrn July 19, 1870. 
Children: Gertrude M., Margaret A. 

F (2) Jacob 15oyer, son of Solomon P.oyer and Catherine l^ortz,. 
born . Left large family in lovva. 

F (3) David .A. Hoyer, son of Solomon Bt)yer and Catherine I'xjrtz, 
born Address (T913) Wasliington, Iowa. Married iCliza 

J. Harris. Children : Five. 

F (4) Andrew lioxi-r, son of Solomion lioyer and Catherine l>ortz, 
born Address (1913) Oklahoma. 

F (5) Allen Beyer, son of SoU^mun lU))er and Catherine I'ortz, 
born died 

F (()) Ste()hen C. IJoyer, son of Solomon Boyer and Catherine 
Bortz, born Address (1913) Denver, Colorado. 

F (7) Afary Boyer, daughter of Solomon Boyer and Catherine 
l)ortz, born Address (1913) iMrs. Mary McCarty, 

Richlanil, Iowa. Chililren : Five. 

F (8) Rebecca Boyer, daui^hter of Solomon Bioyer and Catherine 
Biortz. born died Married \V. S. 


F (9) Sarah E. Boyer, daughter of Solomon Boyer and Catherine 
Bortz, born Married William Edwards. 

F ( 10 ) Susan C. Boyer, daughter of Solomon Boyer and Catherine 
Bortz, born Married Juhn Adam. 

F (ii) Hannah Bo)er, daughter of Solomon Boyer and Catherine 
Bortz, born Married Dr. John Wertz. 

F (i) Ivcvi V. lieyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Martha Vanhorn,. 
born June 18, 1847. Address (1911J Danville, Pa., R. F. D. 2. 
Reformetl. h'armer and butcher. Married Sarah M. Flick, burn Aug. 
I, 1853. Children: (a) Malcolm E. Boyer, born March 18, 1873. Ad- 
dress (1901) Danville, Pa. Married Mame C. Earp. Children: (b) 
Martha E. Boyer, born Jan. 19, i87('), married William F. Adams. Ad- 
dress (191 1) 1115 W. Front St., Berwick, l^a. (c) Harvey E. Beyer, 
born Dec. 12, 1885. Address (1911) 20 South 401)1 St., I'hila., Pa. 
(d) Eva G. Boyer, born July 22, 1887, married Recce Merrell, Mercer, 

F (2) Mary C. Beyer, daughter of Jacob Beyer and Martha \'an- 
liorn, born March 14, 1850. Married Philip Everett, horn 1835. .Ad- 
dress (1911) Danville, Pa., R. F. D. 2. Children: (a) John Everett. 
Address (191.1) Mausdale, Montour Co., Pa. (b) Annie ICverett. Ad- 


dress (1911) Mrs. Ivlward Rc.hins, Milton, I'a. (c) Calvin Everett. 
Address (1911) Danville, I'a. (d) Ida Everett. Address (kjii) Mrs. 
Frank U. Diehl, Danville, I'a., R. D. i. (e) Elizabeth ICverett. Address. 
(191 1) Mrs. Charles Kiedy, Danville, Ta. (f) Alete Everett. Address 
(191 1) Mrs. Charles Dichl, Danville, Pa. (^^ William Everett. \d- 
dress (1910) Danville, I'a. (h) .\ynes Everett. Address (1911) Airs. 
Frank Beyer, Danville, Pa. 

F (3) Jacob Heyer, son of Jacob Peyer and Martha Vanhorn, born 
March 1859. Address (1911) Mooresbur^-, I'a. Married Ijinna Tanner. 
Children: Daisy, Annie, Clyde, Jesse, Joseph. 

F (4) Hiram Peyer, son of Jacob iJeyer and Martlia Vanhorn, 
born 1867. Address (1911) Purnside, Iowa. Farmer. Married Ida 

I' (5) Mahlon Peyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Martha Vanhorn, 
^O""" died 189C3. Millworker. Married Sarah Coup. Then 

Edith Iloon. Child: Glen Beyer. Address (1911) Danville, Pa. 

F (i) Levi Poyer, son of Gideon Poyer and Mary Yerker, born 
Aildress (1911 ) West 

F (2) Amelia Poyer, daughter of Gideon P.oyer and iMary Yerker,. 
^O''" . Family — perhaps (jthers. 

F (i) John F. Beyer, son of Jesse Boyer and Elizabeth Budman, 
born Aug. 2, 1852. Address (1911) Blo(jmsbur--, Pa., K. F. D. 2. 
Lutheran. Farmer. Married Anna iM. Pausch. Children: (a) Jesse 
C. Boyer. Address (1911) Grovania, Pa. Married Minnie Raup. Chil- 
dren: Raymond, Elizabeth, Lester, (b) Fred R. Poyer. Address (1911) 
Bioomsburg, Pa. Married Gertrude Kline. Children: Itsther, Leroy. 

(c) Pessic Poyer. Address (1911) Mrs. Frank Gii^ger, Ploomsburg, Pa. 

(d) Mary l5oyer. Address (i9ii( Mrs. Daniel oiil. (e) Harry 15..yer. 
(f) William iJoyer. (g) Sadie Boyer. (h) Arthur Boyer. {i) John F. 
Boyer — all at home in 191 1. 

F (2) Eli T. Boyer, son of Jesse Boyer and Elizabeth Budman, born 
Address (1911) Bloomsburg, Pa. Farmer. Mar- 
ried Gerilla Ten'iple. Cliildren: (a) Philip P.oyer. Address (1911) 
Grovania, Pa. (b) John W. Boyer. Address (1911) Bloomsburg, Pa. 
R F. D. 2. Married Martha Morgan. Children: Melvin Boyer. (c) 
Frank Boyer. Address (1911) Rupert. I'a. Married Ada Faust. Chil- 
dren: Girl, (d) Cleveland l^xner. Addresses (1911) Bloom^burg. Pa. 

(e) Susan Poyer. Address (1911) Mrs. Eugene Steed, Bloomsburg. Pa. 

(f) Kate Buyer. Address (1911) Mrs. David Kerschncr, P,erv/ick, Pa.. 

(g) Lydia Poyer. Address (1911) Mrs. Boyd Frey, Rupert, Pa. ' (h> 


Elle Hoyer. Address (1911) Mrs. Fred. Roth, C.rovaiiia, I'a. (i) Martha 
Boyer. Address (1911) Mrs. D. Cotner, C'.ruvania, I'a. (j) Odessa 
iioyer. Address (1911) Bloomsburg, Pa. 

F (3) Charles P. Boyer, son of Jesse Boyer and FJizahelh Biuhnan, 
"born A(Mress (1911) Unityvillc, I'a. F'armer. Married 

Amanda Kessler. ChiKheu : (a) John P>oyer. Address (1911) Unity- 
ville, Pa. Married Children: (h) Jesse 

Boyer. Adthess ( 1911) Married AHce Piatt. Children: 

(c) Etta Boyer. Address (1911) Mrs. Keller, 
(d) Kate Poyer. Address (1911) Mrs. Arthur Walker, 208 North St., 
Rochester, N. Y. (e) Nellie M. I'oyer. Address (1911) Mrs. Nellie 
'M. Myers, sani: as i'hove. 

F (i) Isaac Boyer, son of Elias P>oyer and wife 
Buried at Uniontovvn, Pa. Married Caroline Emerich. Children: (i) 
Daughter Mrs. John C. Fitting, lenders, Pa. (1910). (2) Ida Boyer. 
Address (1913) Mrs. Ida 15. Feick, 807 N. loth St., Reading, Pa. (3) 
Mary E. Boyer. Address (1913) Mrs. Mary E. Drumheller, 229 N. nth 
St., Reading, Pa. (4) Carrie E. Boyer. Address (1913) Mrs. Carrie 
E. Hurst, 347 \V. Windsor St., Reading, Pa. 

l^ (2) Mary Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Elias Boyer and wife 

F (3) Sarah A. r.o\er, daughter of Elias Boyer and wife 
born Died at Loyalton, Pa. 

F (4) Ida Berdella Boyer, daughter of Elias Boyer and wife 

F (5) Emmanuel Bo)er, son of Ivlias Boyer and wife, born Feb. 24, 
1844. Address (1910) Elizabethville, I'a. Reformed. Married Susan 
Philips. Children: (a) F. G. Boyer. ;\ddress (1910) Elizabethville, 
Pa., born Aug. 7, 1872. Reformed. Farmer. Married 
Children: (i) Clarence E. Boyer, (2) Edwin H. Boyer. (b) Mrs. 
Harvey O. Miller. Address (1910) Elizabethville, Pa. (c) Mrs. Samuel 
L. Eby. Address (1910) FZlizabethville, Pa. 

F (6) Emma Caroline Boyer, daughter of Elias Boyer and wife, 
born Address (1910) Reading, Pa. 

F (i) John Wesley LJoyer, son of Gabriel Boyer and 
Lorn Merchant. Address (1910) Loyalton, 


F (i) Dr. J. Clinton Boyer, son of Josiah Boyer and wife, Jane, 
born Sept. i, 1874. Physician. Address (1910) 745 S. 3rd St., Phila, Pa. 

F (2) Dr. D. .\lfred Boyer, son of Josiah Hoyer and wife, Jane, 
^rn May 22, iSrk). Physician. Address (1910) 17th and York Sts., 


Phila., I'a. Married I.illic llensel, born Dec. 3, 1864. Children: Edna 
J. Boycr, W. Kay Jioyer, Jesse Boycr. 

F (3) Malinda Hoyer, daui^hter of Josiah Boycr and wife, Jane, 
born Address (1910) Mrs. Malinda Lcnker, Ivlizabelh- 

ville, Pa. 

F (i) Henry Boycr, son of Benncville Boyer and wife 
born Address (1910) Loyalton, Pa. 

F (2) Irvin Boyer, son of Benncville Boyer and wife 
born Address (1910) Loyalton, Pa. 

F (3) Boyer, son of Benncville IJoycr and wife, ,. 

born married Address 

(lyio) Mrs. Ellen Marner, Loyalton, Pa. 

F (i) Isaac F. Boyer, son of John Boyer and i'.lizabctli Swab, born 
1867, died 1897. Married Agnes Bowman. No chil- 


F (2) George O. Boycr, son of John Boyer and Elizabeth Swab,, 
born 1871. Farmer. Address (1913) Eliza- 

bethville, Pa., R. F. D. i. Married Daisy R. Ely. Children: (a) Ralph 
T. Boyer, (b) John P. Boycr, (cj Mary E. Boyer, and (d) Jennie M. 

F (3) Kate E. l)oycr, daughter of John Boycr and Elizabeth Swab, 
born 1^75- Married James Tobias. Ad- 

dress (1910) I\Irs. Kate E. Tobias. Farmer. Son: Charles S. Address 
(1913) Loyalton, Pa. 

F (4) William M. Boycr, son of John Boycr and Elizabeth Swab. 
Address (1913) Fishcrvillc, Pa. Born 1878. Married 

F (i) William Boycr, son of Isaac Boycr and Caroline Dcppcn, 
born July 25, 1854. Address (1910) Pillow, I'a. Farmer. Married 
Elizabeth Shartle, born Feb. 26, 1858. Children: (a) Dr. Edwin C. 
Boyer. Address (1910) 1828 Frankford Ave, Phila., Pa. (b) Marry 
Jioyer. Address (1910) Pillow, Pa. (c) Mrs. Edgar Newkcrk. Ad- 
dress (1910) Elizabcthvillc, i'a. (d) Mamie Mabelle I)Oyer. Address 
(1910) Pillow, I'a. 

F (2) Levi Boycr, son of Isaac Boyer and Caroline Deppen, born 

Adilress (1910J Pillow, Pa. 

F (3) John D. Boycr, son of Isaac Boycr and Caroline Dcppcn, born 
Nov. 10, 1845, Lower Mahantonga, Pa. Dictl at Klingerstown, Pa. 
Married Mary Children: (a) Caroline I'xiycr. Atldrcss 

(1910) Tslrs. Cyrus Lcitzel, Uniontown, Pa. (b) Charles A. Boyer, Ad- 


dress ( k^io) Klini^erstown, I'a. (c) I-'linira Al. 15oycr. Address (kjioj 
Mrs. David R. W'cist, Klinijerstowii, Pa. (d) l\va E. Hover. Address 
(ii)io) Kliiigerstown, Pa. (e) Jolm C. Buyer. Address (1913) 144 
Maple street, Mt. Carmel, Pa. 

F (4) PdIIv Hi)yer, datii,dUer of Isaac J^oyer and Caroline Deppen. 
Address (1910) Mrs. John l)eii)ler, IJerrysburj^, Pa. 

F (5) Catliarine lioyer, daughter of Isaac lloyer and Caroline [\\)- 
\)ci\. Address (1910) Mrs. Michael Shaffer, Ik-rrysburg, Pa. 

I' {()) Susan lioyer, daughler of Isaac Hoyer and Caroline l)ei)pen. 
Address (1910) Mrs. Jacob Zarlnian, 139 S. ()lh St., Shanujkin, Pa. 
Children: (a) F. Alice Zartnian. .\ddress (1910) Mrs. A. P. Keitz, 
Shamokin, Pa. (b) ilarry Zartnian. .Address (1910) Shaniokin, Pa. 
..(c) Kdwin Zartnian and (d) luif^ene Zartnian, Shaniokin, Pa. 

F (1 ) S. P. Hoycr, son of .Abraham lioyer and wife, bcjrn 
Address (1910) Hickory Corner, Pa. 

i' (2) Pierce Ho}er, son of .Abraham P.o\'er and wife, born 
Address (1910) Mandata, Pa. ' 

F (3) EHas D. lioyer, son of .Abraham Doycr and wife, born 
Address (1910) Sunbury, Pa. 

F (4) Peter lioyer, son of .\braliam lioyer and wife, born 
Atldress (1910) llcbc, Pa. 

F (5) Hannah iloyer, daughter (^f Abraham Poyer and wife, born 
^larried John l^ehr. Address (1910) Dalmatia, Pa. 

F (6) Amelia lioyer, daughter of .Abraham lioyer and wife, born 
Alarricd Henry Kcefer. Address (191Q) Halifa.x, Pa. 

F (i) lienjamin .A. Poyer, son of Benjamin A. Boyer and Catharine 
Stein, born Address (1910) Hickory Corner, Pa. Mar- 

ried ' Children: (a) Professor John B. Boyer. Ad- 

dress (1913) Milroy, Pa. (b) Charles I. Boyer. Address (1913) i/V:; 
Arnold St., Atlanta, Ga. 

F 2) John F. jioyer, son of Benjamin A. lioyer ami Catharine 
Stein, born Dieil aged 53 years, 10 months and i day. 

Buried at Hofman's St. Peter's Reformed Church, Lykens Twp., Dauphin 
• Co., Pa. Farmer. Married .Mary Moyer. Ad<lress (1913) Mrs. Mary 
Boyer, Gratz, Pa. Children: (a) Jacob Boyer. Address (1913) Gratz, 
Pa. Married. Children: Lee Boyer and Mary Boyer. (b) Kate Boyer. 
Address (1913) ^'rs. Kate J. Riegel, Pillow, Pa. Children: Ruth, 
Mark, (e) Clara Boyer. .AiKlress (1913) Mrs. Clara Harman, Berrys- 
burg, Pa. .Children: Allen, (d) Sallie Boyer. Married Lehman. Chil- 


-drcn: (i) Ralpli f.chnian. Address ( igio) Elizabetlivillc, I'a. (2) Miles 
Lehman, Gralz, I'a. (3) Paul, i'.orrysbiirg-. Pa. (e) Rcvcifiul i'hilijj li. 
Boyer. Address (1913) I'iunan, I'a., lioni July 11, 1874. Graduate of 
Albriy^ht Collejje. Minister uf l.'nilcd lwanj.(elicai Church. Married 
Martha Iv Ilofinan, born July 21. uSjS. Ciiildrcn : Clartncc Iv. Mildred 
E., John Harold, Kenneth Ira, W'illard P.. .Allen J. v f ) Hlizabeth lioyer. 
Address (1913) Mrs. b'lizabeth l.ciiUer, l^lizabelhville. Pa. Child: For- 
est Lenker. (i() Susie 15o)er. Address (1913) dratz. Pa. (h) Hannah 
lUiyer ( Philips). Address (1913) Hickory Corners, I^a. Children: Ralph 
H^nnia, sister, (i) Kmnia P>oyer (Williams). .Address ([<)13) Williams- 
touii, Pa. Children: Three. (j) Jithn .\. ni>)er. .Address U913) 
Elizabethville, Pa. Married Children: John, Robert, 

Mary. (1) Leah I'.oyer. Address (1913J Gralz, Pa. 

I*" (3) Klias S. Hoyer, son of IJenjamin .\. I'.oyer and Catharine 
Stein, born Address (191 3) Dalmatia, Pa. Married 

Children: (a) Sovarrah P>oyer. Address (1913) Millers- 
burg, Pa., R. F. D. (b) Jacob .\. Boyer. Address (1913) Millerslnirj.^, 
Pa., R. F. D. (c) Ed. Coyer. Address (1913) Millersburij, Pa., R. F. D. 
(d) Jane Boyer (Witmer). Address (1913) Hickory Corners, Pa. (ej 
William Boyer. Coaldealer. Address (1913) Sunbury, Pa. 

F (4) Daniel l^oyer, son of Benjamin A. Boser and Catliarine 
Stein, born Died at I'illow, Pa. Married 

Children: (a) David Boyer. Address (1913) Pilhjw, I'a. (b) Jacob 
Boyer. Address (1913) Elizabethville, Pa. (c) Harry Boyer. .Ad- 
dress (1913) Elizabethville, Pa. (d) Joel Boyer. Address (1913) Pil- 
low, Pa. 

F (5) Hannah Boyer, daughter of Benjamin A. Boyer and Catharine 
Stein. Married William Seller. Children: (a) Jacob Seller. Address 
(1913) Mahanoy, Pa. (b) Daniel Seller. .Address (1913) Dauphin, Pa. 

F (6) Emma Boyer, daughter of Benjamin A. Boyer and Catharine 
Stein, married Enmianuel Lark. She is dead. Children: (a) .Attorney 
C. C. Lark. .Address ( 1913) Shamokin, Pa. (b) Dr. John Lark. .Ad- 
dress (1913) Shamokin, Pa. (c) H. William Lark. .Addre^s (1913) 
Shamokin, J'a. (d) Ed. Lark. Address (1913) Shantokin, Pa. (ej 
Leah Lark. Address (1913) Shamokin, Pa. 

F (7) Caroline Boyer, daughter of Benjamin A. BoNer and Cathar- 
ine Stein, married Jeremiah Lenker. .Address (1913) Sunbury, Pa., R. 
F. D. 2. Children: (a) Alma Lenker, (bj Rev. George Lenker, (c) 
Kate Lenker. 

F (i) Maria Boyer, daughter of Adam Boyer and Hannah Bossart, 


married Joseph R. Waid. Address ( 1910) 530 N. Front St., Reading, Pa. 
Children: Joseph liooker, Achim, Ahce R. 

F (2) John B. Boyer, son of Adam Boyer and Hannah Bossart,. 
born April 30, 1841, jMaxatawny Twp., Berks Co., I'a. Lutheran. 
Blacksmith. Private of Comjjany II, 68th Regiment Pennsylvania Vol- 
unteers, three years. Enlisted August 10, 1862. Mustered out June 9, 
1865, at Hart Island, New York Harbor. Married Dora Nagle, born 
Dec. 19, 1858, married Oct. 1866. Children: (a) Alice Boyer, bcjrn 
July 20, 1867. Address (1913) 249 Beech St., Pottstown, Pa. (b) 
Edward Bailey Boyer, born May 5, 1871. Address (1913) 
Pottstown, Pa. Reformed. Salesman. Married Esther Wells. Chil- 
dren: Madeleine, Helen 15., l)t)ra, Mary Wells, Josephine Irene, (c) 
Charles Bailey Boyer, lH)rn March 4, 1873. Address (1913) 
Pottstown, Pa. Reformed. Blacksmith. Married Laura Phipps. Chil- 
dren: Alice, Edna X'aleria. (d) Raliih Nagle Boyer, born Sept. 3, 1877. 
Address (1913) Pottstown, Pa. Reformed. Stonecutter, 

(e) Edna Valeria. Woman of charming personality, highly developed in 
the art of nuisic. Died about 191 1. 

F (3) Hannah lioyer, daughter of Adam Bo)er and Hannah Bos- 
sart, born Aug. 7, 1843 niarried Nicholas Bohn. Son: Howard Bohn. 

F (4) Malinda Boyer, daughter of Adam Boyer and Hannah Bos- 
sart, born Oct. 14, 1845. Address (1909) 246 Beech St., Pottstown, Pa. 
Married William O. Yahn, born 1837. Children: (i) William Edwin 
Yahn, April 18, 1867, married Mary Elizabeth Imbody. (2) Rosa Ella 
Yahn, Aug. 7, 1870, married Isaac Swinehart. 

F (5) William B. ]^)oyer, son of Adam Boyer and Plannah Bos- 
sart, born Sept. 7, 1849. Address (1909) Carnegie, Cadds Co., Oklahoma, 
R. F. D. I, Box I. Methodist. Farmer. Married Ann Martin, born 
July 15, 1849. Children: (a) William Edgar, born June 6, 1881. (b) 
Robert Ediuond Lee Boyer, born Jan. 23, 1883. (c) Alice lilanche Boyer, 
born Jan. 12, 1885, (d) Rosa Ellen Boyer, born April i, 1887, (e) Simon 
Ralph Boyer, born May i, 1889, (f) Roy Eldon Boyer, born Aug. 21, 
1891, (g) Anna Eva Boyer, born Aug. i, 1894. 

F (6) . Jacob Boyer, son of Adam Boyer and Hamiah Bossart 
born Address (1909) Lincoln Ave., Pottstown, Pa. Re- 

formed. P.lacksmiih. Married Kate Huyette. Child: Heber Ellwood 

F (7) Henry Boyer, son of Adam Boyer and Hannah liossart, 
horn Address (1910) Pleasantville, N.J. Reformed. 

Merchant. Married Lizzie Fox. No children. 

F (i) John Boyer, son of Reuben Boyer and Kale Moyer, born 


Chapter III. Page 33 


Cl.aplfc III. Pave 48 

SUPr. < il \!^l.l.h iJ, IHALK 

1 l>U( ATiH 

CI...I ui III, Pa;<- A') 

Ai 1( RNK'i C-, (• I.AKK 

l!(;.\l<D Of OilU.CloK.'- 

Cii.iptcr III. Pan- <>i 


died Married Amanda Yoder. Ad- 

dress (1910) Mertztown, Pa. Children: (a) William Isaac Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1915) Mertztown, I'a. Railroader. Married Cora Long. There 
are two children, Pearl and Harry. Pearl is a Normal School student, 
(b) Frederick Orville lioyer. Address (1913) i^rOngswamp, Pa. Mail 
Carrier. Married .\nna Schadler. There arc two children, Charlton 
and Ralph, (c) John Raymond I'.oyer. Address (1913) Allen Hotel, 
Alleniown, Pa. (tlj Annie IsUen lioyer, born March 27, 1869, married 
Charles Brensingcr. Childrt.n : (1) Llo)d llrensinger, 5607 Arch St., 
Philadelphia, Pa. (2) Charles Hrensin^er, llalifa.x, Pa. Secoml marriage 
to Nicholas C. Schadler. Children: (i ) Florence, Norman, Fdna, Paul, 
George, Melvin. (e) Mary P>oyer. Married George Ruke, Rittersville, 
Pa. Xo children, (f) Lydia lloyer New York, N. Y. 

(g) Kate Ijoyer (dead); husband John Werst. Children: (i) Harry 
Worst, Topton, Pa. (2) Herman. (3) Alvin. (4) John, all of Topton, 
except John, of Longswamp, Pa. (h) Pertha Fstelle Poyer, Mertz- 
town, Pa. 

F (2) Jeremiah M. Poyer, son of Reuben P<oycr antl Kate Moyer, 
born in Pike Twp., iJerks Co., Pa. Address (1913) I'ine Iron Works, Pa. 
Lutheran. Farmer. Married Sarrdi Y. Slrunk. Children: (a) Mary 
Boyer. Address (1910) Mrs. Robert Gottshall, Boyertown, I'a. (b) 
Amanda Boyer. Address (1910) Mrs. Leon Gilbert, Sydenham St., 
Phila., Pa. (c) Henry Pjoyer. Address (1910) Care of Mrs. Gilbert, 
(d) Sarah Boyer. At home, (e) Annie Boyer. At home, (f) Amnion 
S. Boyer. Address (1910) Pottslown, Pa. Born Nov. 8, iBrnj. Railway 
Mail Clerk. Alarried Children: William, Fretlerick, 

Lawrence, Caroline, Bertha. 

F (3) Catharine A. Buyer, daughter of Iveuben Boyer and Kate 
Moyer, R. I'. 1)., born Dec. 13, 1848. Address (1910) Mrs. Peter K. 
Heffenlrager, Pennsburg, Pa. Children: (a) Alice B. licftentrager. Ad- 
dress (1910) Mrs. Curtis W'eiss, Pennsburg, Pa. R. F. D. i. (b) Flor- 
ence C. Hettentrager. Address (1910) Pennsburg, Pa., R. F. D. i. 

F (i) Alfred Boyer, son of Henry Boyer and Catharine Kroll, born 
Sept. 16, 1844. Address {1910; 165 Central Ave., Titusville, Pa. Mar- 
ried Elizabeth Hack. Children: (a) Catharine lioyer. Address (1910) 
Mrs. Catharine Harlow, Keystone Park, Florida, (b) Mary Lydia Boyer. 
Address (i<;io) Mrs. Mary L. Henry, Mt. Zion, Pa. 

F (2) Levi Cyrus Boyer, son of Henry Boyer and Catharine Kroll, 
born Jan. 20, 1841, Callcnsburg, Pa. Ad«lress (1910) Sligo, Pa., R. F. 
D. 3. Methodist. Blacksmith. Married Nancy Scott, and after her 
death Margaret Swarm. Children: (a) Laura Celinda Boyer. Address 


(1910) Fredonia, N. Y., R. F. D. 17. Box 55. (b) Morris .\foiUgoiiK'ry 
Boycr. Address (1910) Suiter, Oklahoma, born Nov. 22, i8()('). Mar- 
ried I\lvina Rinjjer, born Sept. 1868, Norfolk, Knj^iand. Children: (i) 
Bertha May Boyer. Married Alfred Mc.Vellis. (2) Melvin Kevi Boyer. 
Address (1910) Sutter, ( )klahonia. (3) William Cilhert Boyer. Addreb, 

(1909) Sutter, Oklahoma, (c) Hildie Milfurd Boyer, lx>rn Sept. 1(), 
1868. Address (1910) St. Joseph, Mo., or Kansas City, Mo. (d) Flor- 
ence Adella r)Oyer, horn Nov. 6, 1873. .\ddress (1910) Mrs. Matthias 
Fox, Yatesboro, Armstrong- Co., Pa., Box 236. Children: (r) lult^ar, 
(2) Charles, (3) Orjiha, (4) Homer, (5) Lloyd, (d) Alvin Snyder 
Boyer, born Feb. 26, 1876. .Address (1910) Mar- 
ried Children: (1) Myrtle, Ruby, Leafy, Willis, (e) 
Myrtle r)elle Boyer, born July 22, 1884. Only child of Marij^aret Swarm. 
Address (1915) Mrs. Frank L. Myers, New Bethlehem, I'a. 

F (3) Joseph Henry Boyer, son of Henry B.oyer and second wife, 
born Address (1910) St. Petersburg, Pa. 

F (4) Rebecca Boyer. daui^hter of Henry I'.oyer and Catharine Krull, 
born 1831- Married Henry W'hilmer. Address (1910) Mrs. 

Rebecca Whitmer, Sligo, I'a., R. F. D. 2, Wox 21. Children: (a) Mrs. 
Lafayette McCk-e. Address (1910) 1243 N. Washinj^ton .\ve., Wichita, 
Kansas, (b) Alvin H. Whitmer, Sentinel, Oklalujma. (c) Orrin W. 
A\hitmer, Sligo, Pa. (d) Bennett Whitmer, Sligo, Pa. 

F (5) Mary Boyer, daughter of Henry P)Oyer and Catharine KroU. 
married Jacob McNann)'. Children: (a) Mrs. Jane 'J'urnuy. Address 

(1910) Emlenton, Pa. (b) Mrs. Maggie Troutman, Parker, Pa. (c) 
George McNanny, Parker's Landing, Pa. (d) Bertha McNanny, Park- 
er's Landing, I'a. (e) Mrs. William Karns, Appollo, l^a. 

F (6) Jane Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and Catharine Kroll, 
married Emmanuel Karns. Cliiklren : (a) \'incent Karns. AiKlress 
(1910) Parker, Pa. (b) Ralph Karns, (c) Mrs. Anna Wiant. 

F (1) David H. Boyer, son of Ulijah lioyer and Elizabeth Heydt, 
born Jan. 12, 1836, died July 20, 1898. Married Susan Gehres. Children: 
(a ) George Boyer. Address (1910) 520 S. i6th St., Reading, Pa. Married. 
Children: (i) Warren Boyer, (2) Flester Boyer. (b) Jacob G. Boyer. 
Address (1910) Alburtis, Pa., R. F. D. i. liorn Sept. 8, 1861. Reformed. 
I^Iarried Angeline Children: (i) Eliza hillen Boyer. .Address 

(1910) Mrs. Nathan Ruppert. (2) Jennie h'meline Boyer. Adilress 
(1910) Mrs. Milton Reinert. (3) Lillie Sybilla Boyer. Address (1910) 
Mrs. Fred. Reinert. (4) Mamie Angeline Boyer. Address (1910) Mr^. 
Harvey Moll. (5; Sylvester George Boyer. Address (1910) Alburtis, 
Pa., R. F. D. I. (6) Jacob Franklin Boyer, (7) Stella Ivlmira Boyer, (8) 


Ka^^moiul .Myron lioyiT. ((;) Charles E. Hoycr. acMrcsses (1910) Alburtis, 
Ta., K. J-\ I). I. (c) Abrahain JU)ycr. Address (1910) 
Married. Children: {i) William Hoyer, (2) John iJoycr, (3) Clara (d) John JJoyer. Address ( 1910) Toplon, I 'a. (e) Adam Hoyer 
Address {Ujio) Allentown, i'a. (f) Til^diman Hoyer. 

Address (1910) Topion. Pa. (-) Jeremiah Hover. Address (1910) 
loj.ton, Pa. (h) Howard I'.oyer. Address (1910) Topton, Pa. 

1' (2) Levi li. lioyer, son of J'.Iijah Boyer and Elizabeth lieydt 
born Nov. 4, 1839, Annty, Pa. Uuheran. Grocer. Address ( 1910) -M- 
burti.s, Pa., R. F. I). 1. Married llaltie Werlev, burn July 25. 1845. 
iS'o children. 

F (3) Jacob lU)yer, son of Elijah Poyer and Elizabeth ileyilt born 
Sqn. 29, 1842. Lutheran. Miner. Died Au^^ 8. 1882. Married Eliza- 
beth Higley. Children: (a) Ezra J!, iioyer. Address (1909) 25 S 9th 
St., Allentown. I'a. Jlorn Xov. 15, 1S71. Lutheran. L5utcher. Married 
-"^''^''^ •^- '""■'! ^^V^- >i. 1869. Child: Dorothy M. Hoyer 

(b) Irwni Boyer. Address (1910) 612 N. 10th St., Allentown, Pa. 
Plasterer, (c) \''ictor H. Ht^'cr. Address (1910) N mh ^t' Al- 

lentown. i\i. Photographer. Born 31, i«74. Lutheran. Sunday 

>cncol supermtcndent for years. Married Eva A. Child- 

\icwr Steltz Boyer, b-rn March 22, up;, (d) Jacob Hover. -Xddress 
(i')io) Bally, Pa. Ribbon weaver, (e) Belle Hover. Address ( 1910) 
Mrs. Belle P.lose, nth and Linden Stx-, Allentown, Pa. ( f ) Elizabeth 
Beyer. Address (1910) nth and Linden Sts., Allentown, I'a. 

F (4) Jeffenson Hoyer, son of Elijah Boyer and Elizabeth lieydt, 
born Jan. 25. 1846, Oley, Pa., died Married 

Children: (a) Levi E. Boyer. Address (1910) Alburtis, Pa., R. F. D. 1. 
(b) Martha E. B(n'er. (c) .Mary i'.oyer. Address (1910) Mrs. Aman- 
dus DeLonj^, Readinj^, I'a. 

F (5) Hettie Boyer, dau.G:htcr of Elijah Boyer and Elizabeth IL'ydt. 
Address (1910) Seisholtzville, Pa. 

F (i) Mary L. Boyer, daut,ditcr of Thomas M. Boyer and Hannah 
Sterner, born April 17, 1852, married Nov. 18, 1869, John J. MtMjre. 
Ko children. 

F (2) Jennie Dean Boyer, daui^hter of Thomas M. Boyer antl Han- 
nah Sterner, born March 15, 1861, married Jason \V. Touslev, Feb. is. 
i87«). There are four children: Harry A., Ered A., Walter E.. and 

F (3) Clertrude A. Boyer. dauj>hter of Thomas M. Boyer and Han- 
nah Sterner, born April 3, 1804, married Mark A. Baldwin, April 26, 


1893. There are two children: Frank, hi)rn Sept. 12, 1890, and Russell, 
born Sept. 16, i8<j6. 

F (4) Walter Thomas Boyer, son of Thomas M. Beyer and Han- 
nah Sterner, born Dec. 22, i^j, married Lenore M. Pa«,^e, April 26, 
1893. Children: (a) Raymond Page Boyer, born Dec. 29, 1894. (b) 
Francis A. Boyer, born Nov. 4, 1896. (c) Constance Boyer, born April 
26, 1903. (il) Curran Paj;e Boyer, born Feb. 6, 1909. 

F (5) Frank Elmer lioyer, son of Thomas M. Boyer and Hannah 
Sterner, born March 15, 1875, married Octavia Mathis, March 4, 1902. 
No children. 



The baptismal records of the Old Goshcnlioppen Church, in Salford 
Twp., Monti^omcry Co., I'a., show that Christopher Bayer, with hi^> wife 
Anna Maria and two sons — perhaps other children — came from the 
neighborhood of Grunstadt in Dackrum, Palatinate, Germany. The same 
ship which broui^ht this family, namely the "i'hilailelphia Merchant," 
and landed at riiiladelphia, Sept. n, 1731, also brought George liayer, 
probably an orphaned nephew, and the family of John Philip Beyer. 
They all settled in Frederick Twp., Montg., Co., Pa., and became identified 
early with the Old Goshenhop])cn Church. John Philip was imdmibtedly 
closely related to Christ(jpher, but became itlenliticil with the Swamp 
Church, probably through Dr. Muhlenberg, who buried him in 1753. 

We do not know the date of birth for Christopher and his wife, but 
she was still living in 1752, when the baptismal records for his grand- 
children were transcribed into the Old Goshcnlioppen book. Prom the 
fact that his son .Viulrew was born in 17139, we must infer that Christopher 
was born about 1689 or earlier. Father ami mother are no doubt buried 
in the oUl graveyard (;f this church, but the historian can not locate the 
graves. They were Lutherans, and so were their descendants. If 
this worthy couple luul other sons besides the two sons Andrew and John 
Henry, whose children are recorded up to 1752, they can not be idtnlified. 
Andrew Bayer of the 'JVapi)e Church, as reci^rded in \'ol. 6, Penna. 
German .Vrchives, was certainly a relative. 

B (i) Andrew Bayer, son of Christopher Bayer and wife Anna 
Maria, was born Nov. 30, 1709, l^alatinate, (icrmany, as rect)rdcd on 
page 43. of the Old Goshcnlioppen book. Lutheran. Farmer, lie lived 
on the Perkiomen Creek near Zieglerville, Pa. In 1754 he was overseer 
of highways in Frederick Twp., Montg. Co., Pa. "On March 22, 1763, 
the respected Andreas l'>ayer presented a little box to the congregation 
(Old Goshenhoiipen), which is to serve as a receptacle to place in it and 
preserve the church documents and accounts. It is all com[)lete with lock 
and keys." His wife was Susanna Bauman, to whom he was married 
Nov. 8, 1733. She died Aug. 13, 1744. There must have been a second 
ivife Anna Maria, in order to account for the presence of Andrew ami 




Anna Maria Raycr at baptisms between the years 1761 and 1768, ai? 
recoriied in tlie ( )lil Cosheulu>i)pen book. This conckision correspt)iuls 
with the fact thai he was only 35 \ears oM when hi^ wife .Susanna (bed. 
It also agrees with the trachtion of Sanniel 11. Hoyer. and his brollier Jt^hn 
G., of Norristown. I'a., who say that their grandfather John Jonas, was 
a son of -Vmlrew Mayer. lUit if John Jonas was a son of .\n'h"ew and 
.Maria l')0>er lie should be recortled in the Old Goshenhoiipen book. The 
historian can not iind him recorded, which must mean that he was born 
in those years between 175-! and I75'>. when there were no records, <jr 
that perhaps John Jonas was the son of the Antlrew liayer of the Trappe, 
as reci.»rded in Vol. 6, Pennsylvania .Vrchives. The children of .Andrew 
and Susannah Bayer, as recorded in 1752, were John X'alentine, lyConard, 
John William, Philip, ami John Jienry. A son by second marriage, 
whose name we do not have, jirobahly accounts for the Boyers at the close 
of this chapter beginning with C, after the F's. 

B (2) John Henry Boyer, son of Christopher Bayer and wife Anna 
Maria, was born June 5, 1724, in Palatinate, Germany, as recorded in 
the Old Goshenhop])en book, un page 43. l^utheran. The ta.\ lists of 
Frederick Twp., or Salford Twp., .Montg. Co., Pa., would ]irol)ably help 
liis descendants to study biography. The church recortls show tliat 
he married Maria Magdalene Kercher, P\lMHiar\ 1746. She was born 
in Kreuznach, Palatinate, Germany, in 1718. The Old Goshenhopfjcn 
book contains the baptismal records of liis children on j^age 43. They 
were John George. John Philip, Conrad, Jijhn Henry, and John \'alcntine. 
In 1752, when this entry was made in the Church Records, he was only 
28 years old. The historian can not find any other children in the 01«1 
Goshenhopix-n book, aifd that in the face of the fact that he evidently 
dill not move out of the neighl)orhood, for his children's children are 
reconled in the same clun-ch book. The historian believes that Jc^hn 
Henry died in 1752. and that his brother Andrew's wife died in the 
same year. The necessary services of a minister in both families would 
explain the reason for the very iniusual lamil)' history of |>age 43, of 
the Old Goshenhoppen book, where the Palatinate origin of the brotlu-rs 
is recorded with the liirlhs and baptisms in both families. Andrew no 
doubt marrietl again, as explained before, and continued faithful to this 
church till death, and his brother's widow undoubtedly brought up her 
children in the same connection. 

C (i) John Valentine Bayer, son of Andrew and Susannah Bauman 
Bayer, was born March 2, 1734, as tlie ( )ld Goshenhoppen book says. 
Lutheran. The marriag-e record of John \'alentine is very complete, and 
very signihcani. liis descendants will fnid this record on page I<i2 of the 
old book. From this record we learn that he was a shoemaker, and that 



he was iiianici.1 to Maria Chrisliua Wiiickic, Rcfonncil, ilauj^lUcr of 
Caspar W iuckic, a Calln^lic ol Maxalawiiy Twp., licrks Co., I'ii., and liis 
wife Ciertniilc, Rcfonncil. 'Ilir hans were pul)li.slie(l June 8, 15, and 2Jad, 
and llie niarriai;e took place in his father's Ijarn June J.j, 1755. The 
puhiiealioii of the ehureli hans, hniks hke Calhohc iulluenee, but who 
performed the nvirriaj^e ceremony, and why it was performed in the 
barn instead of the house, has not been reeonic-d. That the ceremony 
was probably performed by a Reformed pastor c;f the (Md Cioshenhopi)en 
(.1i'.n\h seems allo;.;ether likely, and perha])S somethin}^' had happened to 
the lionse to prevent its use iov the occasion. 5~io far as the old bcjok 
enables the historian to Imd the children, they were Dewald. Maria 
(Gertrude. John, Catharine, and Kenuard. It is likely that there were 
others, as the Trinity Records of Readini^ may prove. 

C (2) Leonard l'>a\er, son of Andrew and Susanna llanman .liayer, 
was born .May i, 1737, .is the old l)ook has it. Lutheran. His wife's 
name was Mar{;aret, as we learn from the old l)ook on pa;.;"e -'42. On page 
668, of Vol. 3, Sixth Series, J'ennsylvania Archives, we learn that Leonard 
iJayer was a soldier of the Revolution from Monl^'oniery County. Me 
was a private under Captain CouL^Ier. of the -jlli Ikittalion, in 17H'', Ijeinj.^ 
tlicn 49 years old. Four other Uoyers. one a cousin nanieil Andrew, aiul 
three sons of George Bayer of Frederick Tv/p., MoiUq: Co., wi-re in tb.e 
same company, liis children, so far as recorded in the old book, were 
John William, Catharine, John, Ulizabelh, Leonard, Jacob, and Samuel. 

C (3) John William Loyer, son of Andrew liayer and wife Su.-:an- 
na I>aumTn!, was born Jan. 21, i73<). Lutheran. Married .Appolonia. 
vScc Old G.).^henhoir|;en Church Records, \rdi;c 263. Children: I'hi'.ip, 
John, and no doubt (jlhers. 

C (4) Philip L:j\'cr, son of Anclrew Layer and wife Su.-anria L:m- 
nian, wa.s beM-.i .\'o\ . 13, 1740, ;is recorded in tb.e < )Id Goshenh(;p)je'n 1. ".ik 
and in a family Liblc in possession of the Strohecker family, Readinjj^, :'ri. 
Lutheran, lie may be the Philip Hoyer mentioned on pai,^e 663, \'ol. j;. 
Sixth Series, I'einisylvania .Vrchives. as a private soldier from Ah nt- 
i.,ajmery County in 17S5. His wife's name was Catharine, as we kiiO'.v 
from the old Church book. Children: Andrew, John i'iiilip, Hei;ry, 
ICiizabeib.. C:itherine, Jacob, Christian, Catharine, Mainlalena., ant! Sarali. 

C (5) John Henry iloyer, so!i of Andrew I'.ayer and wife Su.sanra 
IJauman, was born Oct. 31, 1742. Lutheran, lie may be the one riun- 
tioned on pajji'c 665, Vol. 3, v'^ixth Series, l^ennsylvania Archives, as a 
]>rivate soMier of Captain Shuler's Comjjany, 4th llatialion, frenn Mont*,^. 
Co., Pa., in 1785. Perhaps his son was the one. Wife's name wiih 
(Maria; oMagdalena, as llie Old Goshenhoppen Records show, on pai^e 


239. Cliiklrcn: Jolm Henry, Anna iClizHhclh. Andrew, and no doubt 

C (6) John Jonas lioycr, probably the son of Anch-ew I'.aycr and a 
second wife, whose naiue was Anna Maria, as recorded on p:vj;c 251 of 
the Old Goshcnhoppen records, was born at Hoyertcjwn, Pa., as the 
liistorian's Morristown correspondents report. Lutheran. Married Mary 
Snyder, born at Green Tree, Montij. Co., I'a. Chililren: Jonas, Ixjrn 
at Green Tree, Feb. 28, 1805, and probably oiliers. 

C (i) John George Buyer, .son of John Henry liayer and wife 
Mary Mai^^dalena Kercher, was born June 18. 1746. Lutheran. Married 
Children: M. Jolm, John William, Anna Maria, Jacob, 
George, etc. 

C (2) John Philip Boyer, son of John Henry Bayer and wife Mary 
Magclalena Kercher, was born June 30, 1746, or July i, 1747, inMontg". 
Co., Pa., and died IMarch 25, 1832, at Freeburg, Pa., where he had moved. 
Lutheran. Married F,!i::abcth Mirir.ycsser, wlio is buried at 'Irappe, 
Pa., and after her death, Catherine Keely, born Jan. 29, 1761. She died 
Jan. 8, 1835. at Freeburg. They were nv-rried Nov. 26, 1801. Children: 
Elizabeth, Catherine, Jacob, Magdakna, Susannah, Salome, John Pliilip, 
John, Isaac, and Francis A. 

C (3) Conrad Boyer, son of John Henry Ba3er anil wife Mary 
Ma;.;dalena Kercher, was born Nov. 20, 1748, and died April 13. 1827. 
Lutheran. Lived in Limerick, Pa., and is buried at the old Traijpe Church. 
On page 661, Vol. 3, of the Sixth Series, Pennsylvania Archives, it is 
recorded that lie was a private soldier under Captain Bro«,ikc. on May 
20, 1785. In May 1770 he married Llizabelh Seidel, born May 14, 1745. 
She died June 13, 1837. Children: Isaac, Caiharine, Mary, Elizabeth, 
Conrad, and another son whose name the historian can not learn. 

C (4) John Henry Boyer, son of John Henry liayer and wife ^[ary 
!Magdalena Kercher, was born March 31, 1750. He may be the Jlenry 
mentioned on page 742, Vol. 3. Sixth Series, IV'nnsylvania Archives, as 
])rivate soldier from Frederick Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa., l^etween 
1783 and 1790. Wife's name was Margaret, as the Old Goshcnhoppen 
record shows, page 255. Chiklren : Catharine, John Phili]), Sarah, 
Magdalena, John Henry, Jacob, I'lizabeth. 

C (5) John VaJcntine Boyer, son of John Henry Bayer and Mary 
^Magdalena Kercher, was born Nov. 11, 1751. 

C (i) Martin Boyer, son of an Old Goshenhop])en Boyer, jierhaps 
of John Hiiny P)oyer and Maria Magdalena Kercher, though not record- 
ed in the Church records of 1751, or what is just as probable, of an- 



other son of Christopher Player and his wife Anna Maria, was born abont 
1739. as we infer from the birtli of his son Christian, whi^sc bai^tihin is 
reeonleil in Trinity Chnrch. kcachnjj;', Pa., in 175^- I'Voni these records, 
and from an old liible in the hands of IClkhart, Inihana, relatives, we 
know that the name of Martin's wife was Parbara. His descendants 
in Reatlini^ report that he came fmrn the vicinity of the ( )U1 Coslien- 
Iioppen Church in iMonli;()n)ery Co., I'a., and that h.e lived at tiie 
corner of iitli and Penn Sis., Readins^, Pa. These relatives also report 
some of the children in the Trinity list of baptism, such as Sarah, ami 
Abraham. Prom the Trinity list we also learn that Martin Poyer's 
wife, Ikirbara, mother eif Christian r.oyer, must have died, perlia])s, 
.soon after Christian's birth. Martin then married Anna Maria, ansl left 
a larj^e family of children. They were, as far as we can gather from 
the Trinity list, and Keadinj^ relatives, as follows : Christian, I'llizabeth, 
George, Susannah P.Iizabetii, Isaac, vSarah, Mary, llettie, Jacolj, and 

1) (1) IX'wald Poyer, son t-f Jtjlm V'aler.tine Poyer and v>ife Maria 
Christina \\ inckie, was l)orn C )ct. 7, 175'). Pived in Ivi.besuii Tu'[) , 
Perks Co., Pa. On pai^c 187, \'ol. 5, l^fth Series, Pennsylvania .Vrcliives, 
a Dewalt Po)'er is recorded as private soldier from Alsace Tw])., Perks 
Co., Pa., Jan. 5, 1784. The records of Trinity Church contain the 
baj;tisms of three children of a Dcwald Poyer as late as 171^4 to 1708, 
and connect the man with Robeson Township. It is undoubtedly the 
same man. The wife's name was Cliri.^tina. The children's names in 
th.e Trinity records are Sara, Jolm, and Anna. 

I) (2) John Poyer, son of John \'aleiuine Po}er and .Maria Chris- 
tina Winckie, was born Jan. ii, 1766. 

D (3) \'alenline J)0\er, son of John A'alentine l)Oyer and Maria 
Christina Winckie, was born I Married Elizabeth. See 

Trinity Reconls, Reading, Pa. Children: Jacob, Catharine, and doubt- 
Jess others. 

D (4) Leonard Poyer, son of Jcjhn \'alentine I'.oyer and Maria 

Christina Winckie, was born Married IIa^mah. See 

"Trinity Records, Reading, I'a. Children: Susannah, John llenry, Fan- 
nie, Polly, Kate, Elizabeth, autl .\ntlrew. 

D (i) John Willla:n I'.oyer, son of Leonartl Poyer and wife Mar- 
garet, was born Oct. 0, 17;' '3. 

D (2) John Poyer, son (^f Leonard I'.oyer and wife Margaret, was 
born July u, or 22, i/Cx), and died July 7, 1830. Married Parbara 
(Hevy) Ziegler, who died i8f)f), at the age of 02. Children: Ji'hn, 


George, Jacob, licm-y, Kate, Sarah, Rachel, Ehzabcth, Susan, and an- 
other girl. 

D (3) Leonard Koyer, sun uf Leonard l'>oyer and wife Margaat, 
was born Oct. 8, 1775. Married Cliildrcn : \'alcnUne, 

Sanincl, Rachel, ISarhara, Susan, Anna, Elizabeth, lleliie, Tolly, and 
three more girls. 

D (4) Jacob Loycr, son of Leonard P.oyer and wife Margaret,, 
was born Jan. 12, 1778, and ilied about 1848, as we judge from the 
fact that his son Samuel was his executor April u, 1S48. He is buried 
in Rowc Cemetery, Salem, Snyder Co., I'a. Married Catherine New- 
man. Children: Samuel, Sarah, I^lizabeih, Polly, Henry, i'.lias, Cath- 
erine, Anna, and Franklin. 

D (5) Sanuiel I'ioyer, son of Leonard Loyer and wife ^Llrgat■et, 
was born April 3, 1783, died Oct. 3, 1855, aged 72 years. 5 monih.i and 
17 da)S. iiurieel with wife in Rowe Cemeter\', Salem, La. Married 
Rosina, born Feb. 14, 1782, died May ly, 1807. Write to grandson iJ. 
H. Boyer, O41 N. 4th St., Sunbury, La. 

D (6) George i>u}er, son of Leonard Uoyer and wife ALirgaret; 
was born altout 1780. died 1815. Luried at Salem, Snyiler Co., I'a. 
His "Will," recorded at Sunbury, shows that he ilietl in Lemi Township, 
Union Co., I'a., in 1810. Married Hannah Haas. Llentificd by ( ). J. 
Yeagcr's data, Sunbury, I'a., l )ct. 1, 1913. Children: Jacob, John 1*., 
Elizabeth, and George. 

D ( L) Philip lioycr, son of John William Boyer and wife A()po- 
lonia, was born March 16, 1775, as recorded in the Old Goshenhoppen 
1k)oIc, and as reported from Bible reconls by his Amity ville descenda:its. 
He ilied August 21, 1836. and is buried at Amity ville, Pa. Lutheran. 
lie married Eli;:abeth Schrack, born Jan. 18. 1780. She died June 3, 
1833, and is buried at husband's side. Children, as recorded by his 
descendaius on page 635, iJerks County Hisl(jry, \'(il. L were Jacob,. 
Isaac, Hannah, John, Samuel, William, Mary, and Abraham. 

D (2) John Boyer, son of John William P.i>yer and wife \ppolonia, 
was born Sept. 2, 1777, as reported by his grandson, Jonas vS., and he 
died April 26, 1830. Buried at Old Goshenhoppen Church. .Married 
Maria Rudy, born March 5. 1777. Oied Sept. j^, 1853. Childu-n : 
Jonas R., John R., George R., Charles R., Jesse R., Philii) R., and 

D (i) .\ndrew Boyer, son of i'hilip Boyer and wife Catharine, was 
born Sept. «j, 176^), as re|)orted by the Strohecker descendants, 21S S. 
3rd St., Reading, Pa. Lutheran. The wife's name was Sophia, as. 



recorded in the Old Goshcnhoppcii book. Cliildrcii: John, and doubtlt-ss 

n (2) John rhi!ii> Iloyor, son ol Anchx-w Txiyrr an<l wife Cath- 
arine, was horn Dec. u, I7()8. 

n {3) Henry IJoyerj son of I'hihp I'.oyer and wife Catharine, was 
horn June 22, 1771, and died Jan. 12, 1S5J, at Rea<hnu;, I'a., where he is 
hnrieil. Wife's name was Maria. She was born Nov. 22, 1708, and died 
(3ct. 12, 1850. Chihlren : llenry, Jacob, John, Charles, ("leor.Qe, and 

1) (4) (5) Uhzabelh lloyer, dau^liter of l'hih'|) lioyr :n\d wife 
Catherine, was l)orn March 31, 1774, anti anollier daui^iher Catharine, 
was born Jan. 1, 1777. 

D (6) Jacol) I5cj\er, son of I'liibp lloyer and his wife Catharine, 
was born vSept. 12, 1778, and died Oct. 3, 1846. 

L) {7) Christian Ijoyer, son of I'hiHp ]5o}er and wife Catharine, 
was born Aujj. <), 1781. 

D (8) Catharine Coyer, daughter of I'hiHp llo\cr and wife Cath- 
arine, was born .\u:^. 23, 1784. 

1) (1) ]i>hn Henry Boyei;, son of John Tlenry P.oyer and wife Maria 
Mag'dalena, was l)orn Aut^. 24, iyi)i. 

D (2) Anna HHzabeth Lio}er, daughter of John llenry l>i)_\er and 
wife Maria Magdaleua, was born July 24, 17()7. 

D (3) Anih-ew lloyer, son of Jolm llenry IJoyer ami wife Maria 
Magdalena, was born ( )ct. 18, 17(18. 

Troljably others. 

D (i) Jonas iJoycr, son of John Jonas Coyer and wife Mary 
Snyder, was born Feb. 28, 1805, at Green Tree, Montgomery Co., I'a.^ 
and died Jan. 4, 1882. Me is buried in Norrislown Cemetery. Lutheran. 
Millwright. Wife's name was Sarah. Children: Samuel K., girl, Mary, 
ji^irl, Salome, Amanda, Amos, and John. 

1) (i) M? John lioyer, son of John George Coyer and Catharine 
Co)er, was born 1765. 

I) (2) George Coyer, son of John (k'orge Coyer and wife Caiharir.e, 
was born Sept. 20, i/(>^), and died April 5, 1832. Reformed church, 
probably at Limerick Center, Montg. Cg., I'a. Farmer. Cousin of Gen- 
eral Philip ii<j)er, father of Judge Benjamin Markley Coyer. Married 
Anna Maria Zolkr, born June 21, 1762, died Dec. 22, 1846. Children: 
John, George, Philip, Hannah, Mary, and perhaps Augu.'^tus. 


^ (3) Jt^>'i'i William r>ovcr, son oi John Georj^e IJoycr and wife 
Catharine, was horn Nov. 22, 1768. 1'. S.— Perhaps this is William 
Beyer of Chajiter 6. 

D (4) Anna Maria Boyer, dau<;htcr of John Geori,^e ['.oyer and wife 
Catharine, was horn Jnly 20, 1773. 

^^ (5) Jacoh Hoyer, son of John (k'or}2:e Boyer and wife, was horn 
April 28i)r 29. 1776, and died Jan. ly, 185.;. Buried at Old Coshen- 
hoppen Chinch. Lntheran. Lived and died at Sunmeytown, I'a. Mar- 
ried Christina Schade, horn March 11, 1774. She died June 7, 18.12. 
Children: Kli/.aheth. Jonas, Silas, Jesse, Sarah, and Rehecca. 

Tcrhaps others. 

D (I) Elizahcth Boyer, daut,diter of J(jhn J'hilip Boyer and Kliza- 
belh Nuno-csscr, was horn Dec. 31, 1769. Married Mr.' Croll. Lived 
near Philadelphia, Pa. 

D (2) Catharine Boyer, daughter of John rhilij) Boyer and wife 
Klizabeth Nungvsser, was horn 1770. ^Tarried John L'lmstead. Lived in 
Chester Co., Pa.,— probably in Coatesville, where, as John lilnisiead of 
Salem, Ohio, says in a 1913 letter, relatives still live. 

D (3) Menry, or Jacob Boyer, son of John Philip Boyer and wife 
Elizabeth Nungesser, was born 1772. Lived at Lisi;on, Ohio. Mar- 
'"'^•^^ 'I'lie children have not been found at this writing, 

hut correspondents say that one daughter married a physician at Colum- 
biana, Ohio. 

D (4) Magdalena (Molly) Boyer, dau-hter of John Philip I'.oyer 
and Elizabeth Nungesser, was born Jan. 2, 1774. .ALirried a Mr. Keely. 
Lived in Reading, Pa. 

D (5) Susannah JJoyer, daughter of John Philip Boyer and Eliza- 
beth Nungesser, was born April 5. 1776. Married a Mr. Kelchner, and 
]ived in Milton, Pa. There were twelve children. 

D (6) Salome Boyer, daughter of John Philip Boyer and iClizabeth 
Nungesser, was born Oct. 1779. Married a Mr. Stettler, and lived in 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

D (7) General John Philip Boyer, son of John Philip Boyer and 
Avife Elizabeth Nungesser, was born Sept. i, 1782, and died Sept. 27, 
1853. Lutheran. Lived and died at Pottstown, I'a., where he is hon- 
orably buried. Served as general of State Militia in War of 1812. 
Married Sarah Markley, born Aug. 9, 1783. She died Nov. 2, i8(3i. 
Children: Caroline, and Benjamin Markley. 

D (8) John P.oyer, son of John Philip Boyer and wife Elizabeth 


Nungesser, was born Nov. 25, 17H4, and died at Fl"cchll^^^ I 'a., Jan. 23, 
1837. Marrieil Klizabcth Spatz, horn March 25, 17S7. She died Oct. 
25, 1861. Children: llcnry J., Wilhani S., ICHza, .Mary Ann, Polly, 
Sarah, and Daniel S. 

I) (9) ilaiiiudi lloycr, daiiji^iilcr of John I'liilip Hdnct and Elizabeth 
Nuni^'esser, was born Pec. 5. 17SO, anil died Aui;'. 1, I.S44. Married a 
Mr. Iveynian, and liveil in Freeburj^, Pa. 

D (10) Francis A. Pioyer, son of John Philip Poyer and Elizabeth 
Nnnt^esser, was born July 9, 1790, and died May 24, 1876, in die vicinity 
of Freel)ur^^ Pa. Lutheran. Married liarbara Sell, born at Wonicls- 
dorf, Pa., Dec. 15, 1785. She died at Freeburg, March 27, 1865. Chil- 
dren: Aui^u.stus, Henry S., Pliilip S., and Carijline. 

D (11) Isaac IJoyer, son of John Philip Boyer and Catharine Paul, 
secoiul wife, was born June 27, 1805, in Limerick Twp., Monlg. Co., I'a., 
and died at FVee!)urg-, Pa., (Jet. u, 1870. Lutheran. Married liarbara 
Strayer, born Aug. 5, 1799. She died Jan. i, 188-'. Children: Kate A., 
and lunnia Jane. 

D (i) Isaac IJoycr, son of Conrad H(j\er and wife FJizabeih Seidel, 
was born June 10, 1774, and died June 21, 1821, in \Viilianis[)ort, Indiana, 
where he appears to have been a merchant. Married Elizabeth Richards, 
June 20, 181 1. She was born Feb. 19, 1783, and died Aug. 18, 1857. 
Children: Dr. Conrad K., William C, and Ann Elizabeth. 

D (2) Catharine IJoyer, daughter of Conrad Boyer and wife Eliza- 
beth, was born April 4, 1779. and died Aug. 22, 1838. She married 
Henry Kecly. One daughter, Elizabeth, born Oct. i, 1798, married John 
StauiTer, and is the grandmother of Ella Dechant, wife of Rev. J. L. 
Rausch, Sumneytown, Pa., 1908. 

D (3) Mary Boyer, daughter of Corad Boyer and wife Elizabeth, 
was born Nov. 14, 1782. and died March 10, 1851. She is burietl at 
Limerick, Pa. 

D (4) Elizabeth Bo)er, daughter of Conrad Boyer ami wife Eliza- 
beth, was born about 1770, and Iniried at Limerick, Pa., Dec. 22, 1851, 
about 80 years old. Married to John Koons. Descendants can lind 
records through Mrs. Edward Rowland, 88rx3 (jermantown Ave., Chest- 
nut Hill. Phila., Pa. 

D (5) Conrad Boyer, sou of Conrad Boyer and wife Elizabeth, was 
born about 1780-1790. Married Hannah Zoller. Became a Mcnnonitc. 
Buried at Lower SUippack. Meiuionite Meeting House. Millwright. 
Children: Enoch. .Arnold, Henry, Rebecca, F'.liza, Mary, and Hannah. 

D(i) Catharine Boyer, daughter of John Henry Boyer and wife 


Marg-arct. was born ]'cb. 6, 1770, as recorded in the Old Gosheiihoppen 

D (2) John Phihp lluyer, son of John Henry Hover and wife 
Mari,Mret, was burn 1773, and is buried at Trapjje, Pa. 

l^ {2>) Sarah iJoyer, daii-^hier of Ji)iin Henry Ik.yer and wife 
.Mari(aret, was buried at Trappe, I'a. Married to Conrad Snell. 

1) (4 J Elizabeth lioyer, dau^'hter of Joim Henry I'.oyer and wife 
Margaret, was buried at Trappe, I'a. Married to A. Kavson. 

D (5) Magdalena Mover, dauij^hter of John Henry i5o3er and wife 
Margaret, was born IX-c. 1784. 

D (6) John Henry iioyer, son of John Henry Hoyer and wife 
Margaret, was born Dec. 3 ? 1786, perhaps, 1783, as reported bv Mr. 
ilallnian. Lutheran. Klack'sniith. Married Klizabeth Dull, and later 
Mar3'Speece. Children: Alauasies, Ephraim, Charles, Elizabeth, Han- 
nah, Sarah, Mary, antl Amanda. 

D (7) Jacob JJoyer, son of John Henry Uoyer and wife Marg-arct, 
was born Feb. 6, 1789, and died at Trappe, Pa., May 1869. Married 
Children : Jacob II., and perhaps others. 

0(1) Christian Poyer, .';on of Martin li'iyer and wife Barbara, was 
born March i(), or August 16, 1759, in Exeter Township, Berks Co, Pa. 
If this is not the connection, the historian can not tell what became of 
thi.. Martin, nor can lie find tlie .Martin whom descendants of Christian 
Boyer record in the family i;il;lc. The picture of David C. Boycr, 
Christian's grandson certainly ilescribes the well-known features of the 
Montgomery family tree, lie ma) have spent his early youth in Berki 
County, but is known to have been one of Snyder Countv's— then Union 
—early settlers, lie died Nov. 16, 1839. at Frecburg, f\-i., where he is 
buried. He was married first to Miss Cook, as reported bv a grand- 
<!aughter through Miss Mary Wiest. The name of the secoml wife was 
fiannah Nagle. She was born 1783, and died Julv 21, 1853, at the age 
of 70 years, 3 months, and 11 days. He must have married the t^rst 
v/ife about 1780-1785, and the second, 1803, when he was about 44 years 
old. He was a soldier of the Revolution, as the traditions of his grand- 
son affirm, though the Pennsylvania Archives recorrl no Christian ^Jover 
from Berks or Union County. This mav mean that he was active" in 
connection with the war without enlisting. The children of the first 
marnagc were Catherine, Elizabeth. Polly, and lolm Christian. Catharine 
married Straycr; Elizabeth, Mr. Albert; Pollv. Heintzelman ; John Chris- 
tian, Mary Epley. The children of Christian Boyer and his second wife 


Uarin;ili Xai^Ic, were David. Jacub, Henry C. I'egjjy (Schaeffer), Sarah 
(Kuhiis), Rachel (Leonard). 

D (2) Khzaheth UoNcr, dauj^hter of iNIarlin Bayer and second wife 
Anna Maria, was b<Hn July 25, 1768, as the Trinity Records, Reading, 
l*a., show. 

D (3) GcorLj^e IJoycr, son of ]\Iartin Hayer and his wife Anna 
Mciiia, was born Feb. 16, 1770, but there are no records of descendants. 

L) (4) Susan I'.li/.abeth Boycr, tlaui^liter of AJartin I'.ayer and wife 
Anna Maria, was lK»rn Xov. 17, 177O. 

D (5) Isaac Uoyer, son of Martin llayer and wife Anna Maria, 
was born Oct. 12, 1874, but there are no records. 

1) (()) Sarah Iloyer and Mary I'oyer, dauL!:hters of .Martin liayer 
and wife .\nna Maria, were born Sept. 19, 1785, but died single. 

13 (7) Abraliani Iloyer, son of Martin Inner and wife Anna Maria, 
was ])orn in Kxeler Twp.. near Reading', I'a., Jan. 17, 1791. His ReadinLf 
relatives say he went West, and so they lost all connections with de- 

D (8) Jacob i'oyer, son of Martin 15ayer and wife Anna JNfaria, 
was probably next youni^est son. Lutheran. Cooper. Resided on I'enn 
street, R^cading, Pa., above lolh street. Relatives do not recall his wife's 
name. The children were John, who died single; Hettie, wile of Mr. 
Riegcr, of Adanistown, Pa., and Catharine. 

1) (y) John lioyer, son of Martin IJayer and wile Anna Maria, 
was jirobably the youngest scin. Lutheran. Lumber merchant. Resided 
at 10 Nortli lolh St., Reading, Pa. J'.uried in Lutheran cemetery, N'ever- 
sink Mt., Reading, Pa. Married Sarah Ritmeyer. Ciiildren: Martin. 
Sarah, Lytlia, George, Henry, John. All died single except Martin and 

I) (i) Ifenry i!(jyer, probably the grandson of John Henry P>ayer 
of the OKI Goshenhoppen neighborhood and his second wife, lived in 
C)hio, where his nephew Henry Royer visitc^l him shortly before he died 
in 1846. So says .Vnnie T. no3'er, the historian's worthy correspondent. 
Rut this is all we may ever know about Henry Royer unless we find 
his Ohio descendants in some way. From the geographical clews, and 
the names, we judge that his sons were George M., Charles II., and per- 
haps others. 

D (2) John Henry Beyer, brother of the above Henry P.oyer, was 
born in Pottstown, Pa., 1775, ^1'^^ August n, 1840, and is buried on 
the old cemetery at Hanover and Chestnut Sts., Pottstown, Pa. Had 


lived in Ilariisl)ur<;i^, Pa., awhile, but returned to Pottstown, and kept 
the well known Roadside Tavern for many years, lie wab i.ianieU 
to Eva Ann Clapp, born Feb. 4, 1777, near IJtit/;, Pa Slic died .\i)ril 
II, 1855, and is buried with her husband. Children : I km ) , i\)lly, l:*li/.a, 
Catharine, George, Mary. William, Juliana, Frederick, Flecana, Isabella, 
anil Sarah. 

E (l) Henry Boyer, son of John Henry Boyer and wife Eva Ann 
Clapp, was born Oct. 20, 1797, in Harrisburg-, Pa., and died July 16, 1846. 
Buried in Westminster Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pa. WMiolesalc hardware 
merchant. \'eteran of War of 1812. Married Rosanna R. Rodcnfield, 
who died March i, 1891. Children: Henrietta, Edwin, William R., and 
Annie F. The first two died in infancy. 

E (2) Polly (Mary) Boyer, daughter of John Henry Boyer and 
wife Eva Ann Clapp, was born Oct. 10, 1799, at Puttstown, I 'a. W- data 

E (3) Eliza Boyer, daughter of John Henry Boyer and wife Eva 
Ann Clapp, was born April 12, 1800, Pottstown. Pa. No data. 

E (4) Catharine P)oyer, daughter of John Henry Boyer ami wife 
Eva Ann Clapp, born Sept. 16, 1801, was married to Mr. Hanks. Left 
a daughter Isabella H., who died March 4, 1913. 

E (5) George Boyer, son of John Henry Boyer and wife Eva Ann. 
Clapp, was born Oct. 25, 1803. flis niece Annie F. Boyer reports "They 
say George died )'Oung, unmarried." 

E (6) Mary Boyer, daughter of John Henry Boyer and wife Eva 
Ann Clapp, was born Jan. 13, 1805. Married Mr. Green. Child: Jen- 
nie. Married Mr. Knoche. Address (1915) Mrs. Jennie Knoclie, 449 
Richmond Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

E (7) William Boyer, son of John Henry Boyer and wife Eva Ann 
Clapp, was born Feb. 21, 1807, in Pottstown, and died Dec. 29, 1865. 
Buried with wife in Fernwood Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pa. First Post- 
master of Pottstown. Veteran of Civil \Var. Married Eliza Spang, of 
York, Pa. Children: Isabella, William, Ellen, and Sarah. 

E (8) Juliana Boyer, daughter of John Henry Boyer and wife 
Eva Ann Clapp, born Dec. 12, 1808, married Mr. Heger, and died Dec. 
1891. Children: Julia Ann, Jonathan, Valeria, Mary Jane, and War- 

E (9) Elecana Boyer, daughter of John Henry Boyer and wife 
Eva Ann Clapj), was born Dec. 11, 1809. No data rei)orted. 

E Cioj Frederick Boyer, son of John Henry Boyer and wife Eva 


Ann Clapp, was born March 12, 1812, near P. and R. Station, Potts- 
town. Pa., and is buried in All. Zion Cemetery, Pottstown, Pa. Reformed. 
Iron worker. Married Susan Hckert. liorn Oct. 18, 1814. She died Sept. 
13, 1871. Children: John IKnrv, and James F. 

E (11) Isabella P.oyer. daui^hter of John Henry P.oyer and wife 
Eva Ann Clapp, was born Nov. K), i<Si4, and died Sept. 13, 1882. Mar- 
ried Mr. GraetT. Children: (i) Mrs. Anna Keck. Address (1915) 
2037 N. iQth St., Philadelphia, Pa. (2) Daniel Graeflf, who died July 
I, np7. Married Children: Ida, wife of Wm. G. Glenn, 

Elkins Park. Anna, wife of \\'m. Derr. Address (1915) 162 West 
Louden St., Germantown, I'a. I.illie, wife of L,. M. Keller. Address 
(191 5) Riverside Hotel, Greensboro, Ind. 

H (12) Sarah I'loyer, tlauu^hler of John Henry I'oycr and wife Eva 
Ann Cla])p, was born Sept. i, 1819. No data reported. 

E (i) vSara Boycr, daughter of Dewald Boyer and wife Christina, 
was born June 13, 1794. See Trinity Records, Reading", Pa. 

E (2) John Boyer, son of Dewald Boyer and wife Ciiristina, was 
born March 14, 1796. 

E (3) .Xnna Chri.-tina Boyer, daughter of Dewald Boyer and wife 
Christina, was born June i, 1798. 

E (1) Jacob Boyer, son of Valentine Bo}er and wife Elizabeth, 
was born Jan. 15, 1786, as recorded in Trinity Church, Reading, Pa. 

E (2) Catharine Boyer, daughter of X^alentine Boyer and wife 
Elizabetli, was born Marcli 12, 1800. 

E (3) Probably others. 

E (i) Susannah Boyer, daughter of Leonard Boyer and wife Han- 
nah, was born Feb. 14, 1793, as recorded in Trinity Church, Reading, Pa. 

E {2) John Henry lioyer, son of Leonard Boycr and wife, was 
born Nov. 16, 1796. 

E (3) b'annie Boyer, daughter of Leonard Boyer and wife Hannah, 
was married to Jacob Snyder, as reconled in the Bible owned by Mahlon 
Boyer (1910) Reading, Pa. 

E (4) Polly Boyer, daughter of Leonard Boyer and wife Hannah, 
was married to a Mr. Snyder. 

E (5) Kate Boycr, daughter of Leonard Boyer and wife Hannah, 
was married to a Mr. Ilantch. 

E (6) J'.li:'.abeth Boyer, daughter of Leonard Boyer and wife Han- 
nah, was married to ^Ir. Honian. 


E (7) Aiulrow Boycr, son c^f Leonard Boyer and wife, was born 
Nov. II, 1800. Lutheran. Lived in Hoycrtovvn, Pa. Huried on Charles 
Evans Cemetery, Readinj^, J 'a. Shoemaker. Barber in Reachn^, I'a. 
Married Annie Fo.\, buin July 15, uSoS. Children: MahU^n, Henry, and 

i\ (1) John lloyer, scjn of John lioyer and liarbara Ziei^ler, was 
born in Snyder Co., I'a., alxuit 1800. Moved to ( )lii(j about 1835. Mar- 
ried Catherine Smith. Children: William, Daniel, bjumanuL-l, JdIiu, 
George, Amos, and Susan. 

I\ (2) Geori^e Boyer, son of Joim ISoyer and Barl)ara Zie_i;ler, was 
born Jan. 8, 1805, at Middlcburgh, I'a., dieil Oct. 5, 1893, and is buried 
at Mt. Pleasant Mills, I'a., with wife. Lutheran. Farmer, b'ounded 
Fremont, Pa., about 1856. Wife's name, Sarah. Died June 18, 1888, 
76 years, 6 months and 26 days old. Children: Samuel, William, Ldwin, 
Henry, Charles, Sarali, ani.1 Barbara. 

H (3) Jacob Boyer, son of John IJoyer and wife Jkirbara Zicgler, 
was lK)rn ALarch 17, 1807, in Penn I'wp., Union Co., Pa., and died July 
21, 1809. Buried at New Berlin, Union Co., Pa. Married 1826, Anna 
Hummel, born Oct. 25, 1807. She died Nov. 20, 1888, and is buried 
at New Ucrlin, Lhiion Co., I'a. Children: Samuel. .\mos, Henry, James, 
Sarah, Susannah, and Hannah. 

E (4) Henry Boyer, son of John Boyer and wife Barbara Zie^ler, 
was born Dec. 22, 1806, died May 13, 1839, and is buried at New lierlin, 
Union Co., Pa. His post otitice was Middleburgh, Pa. 

E (5) Kate Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and wife Barbara, mar- 
ried a Mr. P)ilger. 

F^ (6) Sarah Boyer, daughter of John i>oyer and wife Barbara, mar- 
ried a Mr. Mealhouse, and is buried at Uowe Cemetery, Salem, Pa. No 

E (7) (8) Rachel and Elizabeth died single. 

E (9) Susan married Samuel Jiowersox, and another sister married 
Michael Nyenian. 

E (10) Michael Boyer, son of John Boyer and Barbara Ziegler. if 
he belongs here, remained in Montgomery Comity, Pa., when his people 
went to Snyder Co., Pa. 

E (1) \'alentine Boyer, son of Leonard Poyer and wife 
was born .Aug. 16, 1816, and died Nov. 30, 1880. He is buried in Salem, 
I'enn Twp, Snyder Co., Pa. Lutheran. Farmer. Married Sarah lleiser. 
Children: llettic, Leonanl, and perhaps others. 


E (2) Samuel Hover, son of lA'onari.1 r>o\er and wife, lived in 

K (3) kaeliel lioNer, daughter of I.eunard iJoyer and wife 
Married John l^unkelbcrger. Children: Daniel, Harriet, and Lydia. 
Daniel's children, John and William, lived at .Middlehurj^, i'a., in 1914. 

H (4) llarhara Uover, dau.i^liter of Leonard Hover and wife 
Married John Krouse. Children: foil), Lena, and Reuben. 

1'' (5) Susan liover, daughter of Leonard Hover and wife 
Married Solomon Hummel. Children: Conrad and Solomon. 

IC (6) Anna Hover, married Abraham Herj^-'er. One scjn's name is 

K (7) Elizabeth married (k'orge Leitzel. Some children are Daniel, 
Jacob, ]%ve, Catharine. 

E (8.) Hcttie married Jacob llei.ser. Some of the children were 
Jacob, Daniel, Mary. 

E (cj) Polly Hoyer married Philip Krouse. Some of the children 
were Lewis, Henry, Sarah. 

E (lO) (11) (12J One daughter married Fred Herman and two 
Olher.-^ married Carretl broihers. 

E (1) Samuel Hcner, son of Jacob Hoyer and wife Catherine 
Newman, was born A])ril 19, 1810, and died ALiy 13, 1854. 

E (2) Sarah Hoyer. tlau^hter of Jacob lioyer and wife Catherine 
Newman, married a Mr. Kiizmond, and lived in Perry Co., I'a. 

E (3) Elizabeth Ho\er, daughter of Jacob Hoyer and wife Catherine 
Ncunnan, married a Mr. Rennint^er, and lived in Snyder Co., Pa. 

E (4) Polly Hoyer, daui;hter of Jacob Hoyer and wife Catherine, 
nuarried a Mr. Kowe, and lived in Sn\cler Co., Pa. 

E (5) Henry Hoyer, son of Jacob Ikiyer and wife Catherine, was 
l)orn Afarried Children: Daniel, ilut;h, 

and others. 

E (6) Elias Hoyer, son of Jacob Hoyer and wife Catherine, was 
born Sept. 19, i8i<j, in Union Co., Pa., and died at \Vhiteh(uise, Lucas 
Co., Ohio, Oct. 9, 1894. Veteran of Civil War. Co. C, 172nd Regt.. 
private. Evangelical, l-'armer. Married Mary VVittemeyer, born Dec. 
25, 1826. She died July 31, 1901. Children: Lydia, Malinda, Samantha, 
■Catherine, Martha, Ellen, Oscar M., ALiry, Cora, and Clara. 

E (7) Catherine Hoyer, daughter of Jacob Hoyer and wife Catherine, 


was born March 18, 1822, and died Oct. 12, 1900. Married a Mr.. 

E (8) Anna Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and wife Catherine,. 
married a Mr. Laudenslager, and lived in Juniata Co., I'a. 

E (9) FrankHn Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Catherine, was 
born March 3, 1825, and ched Feb. 4, 1856, and is buried in Rowe Ceme- 
tery, Salem, Pa. Married Elizabeth Aurand, near Selinsgrove, I'a. 
Children: Utica, Benjamin, Catharine, James, and Josei)h. 

E (1) 
Children of Samuel Boyer, son of Eeonard Iniycr ami wife IMarj^aret. 
Born April 3, 1783. Mr. C). J. Yeager, 132 Church street, is trying" to 
find data. 

E (i) Jacob Boyer, son of George Bo3xm- and wife I lannali Haas, 
was born Nov. -22, 1803, in Salem, Union Co., I'a., died 1^'eb. 1892, ami i.- 
buried on Rowe Cemetery, Salem, Pa. Lutheran. Farmer. Married Mary 
Aurand, born 1809. She died Nov. 8, 1868. Children: Frank, Henry, 
Caroline, Sophia, Hannah, Catherine, Samuel -\., and Reuljen. 

E (2) John B. Boyer, son of George Boyer and wife Hannah, was 
born Sept. 26, 1807, baptized May 5, 1808, as rei>orted by O. J. Yeager. 
Lived in Salem, l^a. Married Maria Wagner, daughter of Yost Wagner. 
Children: Emmanuel, Ilettie, Fannie, John, and Hannah. 

E (3) Elizabeth lioyer, daughter of George Coyer and wife Hannah, 
was married to a Mr. Yerger. 

E (4) George Boyer, son of George Boyer and wife Hannali, was 
born Lutheran. Farmer. ^Married 

Children : Kate, Sarah, Christiana, Isabella, and Samuel H. 

E (1) John Boyer, son of Philip Boyer and wife Elizabeth Schrack, 
was born March 24, 1809 (Amity Records), and is buried at Schwarz- 
wald, Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Lutheran. Farmer in Exeter Twp., 
Berks, Co., Pa. Married Gestina Ritter. Children : Lsaac, James, 
Jeremiah, Annie, Mary, Louisa, and Harriet. 

E (2) Samuel Boyer, son of Philip Boyer and wife Elizabeth, was 
born July 15, 181 1 (Amity Records). Lived at Stonerville, Pa. Married 
The only child was Daniel, who died in Spring City, 
Pa., leaving two sons, now (1913) in Reading, Pa. 

E (3) Jacob Boyer, son of Philip Boyer and wife Elizabeth, was 
born Aug. 2;^, 1813, probably in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., I'a., ami is 
buried with his wife in that township at Schwarzwald Church. Farmer. 
Lutheran. Married Naomi Ritter, born Jan. 22, 1819. Children: (r) 


"William R., Mary Ann R., Lucy R., IXiniol R., Jacob R., Charles R., and 
Irvin R. 

H (4) Isaac Rover, son of I'liilip Rover ami wife Elizabeth, died 
young and sinj^ie. 

K (5) William Rjoyer, son of riiili]) Royer and wife b'lizabeth, 
was l)oni Jan. 10, i8i<), and died Ai>ril i, i8<)^^. lie is buried in Charles 
Kvans Cemetery, Readinj^. Ra. Drover. Lutheran. Relonged to "Home 
Guards," Readiiii;, Pa. Married Menrietta Ritter, born Aug. 19, 1822. 
She died March 8. 1888, and is also buried on the same cemetery. Chil- 
dren : I'hilip A., William A., Sarah, Annie, Josephine, Clara, Mary M., 
Jennie, and Hannah, 

E (6) Abraham S. Royer, son of Pliilip R)Oyer and wife, 
was born June U), 1821, in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., I'a., and died May 
.2, 1905. Ruried at Amityvillc. Farmer. Lutheran. Married Lucetta 
Holloway, born Dec. 1820. She died May 13, 1857. Children: John 
H., Sarah L'llen, Morris Longstreth, Emma Elizabeth, and Mary Cath- 
arine. On LV'b. 14, 1858, .\braham S. Boyer marrieil Harriet Harbold. 
The only child of tliis marriage was Anna Laura. 

E (7) IVLiry Royer, daughter of I'hilip Royer and wife ElizalK-th, 
married a Mr. Miller, of Allenwood, Lycoming Co., Ra. Children: John 
R., James R., and perhaps others. 

E (i) Jonas R. R>oyer, son of John Royer and wife Maria Rudy, 
was born Jan. 30, 1805, and died July 21, 1878. Lutheran. Blacksmith. 
Married Judith Schwenk, born Dec. 26, 1808. Children: Josiah S., 
Catherine, and Jonas S. 

E (2) John R. Royer, son of Jonas R. Ro)er and his wife Maria, 
was born April 2, 1807, died Oct. 6, 1886, and is buried at Schlichters- 
ville. Pa. Farmer. ]\]arried Catherine Nace, born March 8, 181 3. She 
died Dec. 18, 1893. Children: Philip Royer, Amos, L<;anna, Amanda, 
and Louise. 

E (3) George R. Rover, son of John Boycr and wife Maria, is 
buried at the Old Goshenhoppen Church. Lived in Philadelphia, Pa, 
Married Kate Wampole. Children: Sarah (Hartley) of Phila., Pa., 
Lorina (Mayme) of Phila., Mary (Gottshall) of Skippack, Pa., Betsy 
(Leidy) of Lexington, Pa., Kitty of Hatliekl, Pa., Caroline, Ephraim, 
Jacob, Charles of Phila., Isaac of Hatfield, Pa., Noah and George of 
Phila., Pa. 

E (4) Charles R. Boyer, son of John Boyer and wife Maria, is 
fauried at Pottstown, Pa. Lived in Philadelphia, Pa. Blacksmith. Mar- 


riecl l*!sUicr. Left only one chiUl, C:iit)lino, wlio rcsidos iit I'liila kl- 

K (5) Jesse R. Boycr, son of John Hoycr and wife Maria, was horn 
May II, 1815, ami is buried at Salford Mcetini^" House, Meuiiouite. 
Married Louisa Smith. Ijvcd al Lederacli. Shoemaker. ChiUlrcn: 
Mrs. John A. StautVer, SUippacU, I'a. ; Mrs. Kale Weijj^iier, 5i(S Slan- 
bridge St., Norristown, I'a.; Ivudy lloyer, Karberih, I'a.; Ia'wLs lloyer, 
(^dad\v\ne, Ta. ; Mrs. JuHa I lampton, 234 \V. Tabor R<jad, ( )lney, I'hila., 
I'a.; Ambrose lioyer, v^istcr 15a\, Wisconsin. 

E (6) l^hiHp R. r.oycr, .^on of John Boyer anil wife Maria, was- 
born Sept. 25. 1817, died .\prd 14. 1888, and is buried at Tottstinvn,. 
i'a. Married Maria Levent;oi)d. Address (1908) Beech St., BoUbtowii, 
I'a. No descendants. 

E (7) lilizabetb R. iiuyer, daiit;iUer of J(jhii Hover and wife Maria,, 
born Feb. 2, 180Q, married Mr. lluber. Went to Illinois. 

E (i) John Boyer, sun of Andrew l»oyer and his wife Sopliiav 
was born Oct. 28, 1783. 

E (2) Probably others. 

E (I) Henry Boyer, son of Henry liayer -.ind wife Maria, was 
born Ajjril (>, or 9, 1795, and died Jidy 15, 1845. lUuied in the Lutheran 
Cemetery, Reading', I'a. Kept toll gate at Lancaster bridge, Reading,. 
I'a., and was Constable oi Reading' for many years. Married Mary 
Rudy and after her death Iv-^ther Gehman. Children: Mary, Nellie,, 
Henry, William, Rudolph, Amos. 

E (2) Jacob Boyer, son of Henry Bayer ami wife Maria, was born 
Sept. 9, 1801. ^Tarried Susan Hotlenstein. born April 26, 1800. Chil- 
dren: Harriet N., I'eler Nagle, Mary Nagle, Alvin Nagle, Sarah Loui-a, 
Henry H., Esther High, and Jacob N. 

E (3j Charles Boyer, son of Heiu'y Bayer and wife Maria, was 
born and died Lutheran. Millhier in 

Reading, Pa. Married Rachel Strauss. Children: Mary, ATvin, James. 

E (4) George Boyer, son of Henry I'ayer and wife Maria, wa^ 
born , and died in Reading, Pa. Lutheran. Buried in 

Charles Evans Cemetery with wife. Married Chrisiina Ritmeyer. 
Children: Harry, Emnia, and Kate. 

E (5) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Henry Ba\er and wife Maria, 
was born 1804, and died about 76 years «jld. Married .Abraham Kerper, 
Tanner, Reading, Pa. Children: Mary Ann, Henry, IClIen, C/Corge, Kate,- 
James. Of these children Henry, lived at 142 S. Si.xth St., Reading. Pa.,, 


l-'llcM maniotl Scd'ira Stti)lieiis. one of whose sons is a proinincnl jurist, 
I'tx- [u(l_L,^e William Korpcr Stephens, at hcjuic on rerkionien Ave, Kead- 
inl,^ I 'a., in I«;I5, and W iUiain Keipcr hvcd on 4lh St. 

F, (1 ) llcnry iJoyer, son of I'hilip lioycr and wife Maria, was h:)rn 
A]iril 6, 17<.)S- 

M (2) jacoh P.oyer, son of IMiih]) lUiyer antl wife Maria, was Ijorn 
Sept. 9, 1801. 

^'' (3) J«-'li'i lioyor 

K (4) Charles Duyer 

]\ ( 5) Cieor;;c I'.oyer 

K (6) Kli/.abeth lioyer 

E (i) Samuel K. licjyer, son of Jonas JJoycr and wife Sarah, was 
horn May 3, 1833, at Sorrell Ihirse Hotel, Montf.c. Co., I'a., died l^ec. 
30, 1894; 'huried at Tremont Cemetery, N<jrristown, I'a. J,ulheran. 
Cii^armaker. lie was marrieil first to Mary Garner, born Oct. 28, 1S40, 
and after her death, Sept. 10, 18O8, to Susan, on Dec. 26, i8f)9. Mar\'s 
children were Sanuiel (^i., and John J. Cj., and Susan's children are Cecelia, 
llcttic, .\nna, Itla K., William li. 11., FJi and Kru. 

E (2) I'oyer, dauj^hter of Jcjnas I'.oyer and wife Sarah, 

married John ]>rownback. .Address their daughter (1910) Mrs. William 
'J'runtz, Centre Scipare. Mont^". Co., I'a. 

IC (3) Mary lioyer. dauL,dUer of Jonas Hoyer and wife Sarah, n^.ar- 
ried a Mr. Snytier. 

]i (4) I'joyer, (huif^hler of Jonas Hoyer an<l wife Sarah, 

married Andrew Furhjni^, Miirshall St., Norristown. I'a. ( 1915). 

E (5) Salome Hoycr, daui^hter of Jonas I'oyer and wife Sarah, 
married a Mr. Heart. She hved at iiarrishuri4-, Fa., in i(;io. 

F, (6.) .Amanda iloyer, dauf^hter of Jonas I'oyer and wile Sarah, 
married a Mr. Kester. In 1910 she was living" at Vonkers, X. V. 

E (7) Amos iloyer, son of Jonas F)Oyer and wife Sarah., was born 
died Married Mary. Address (loio) 

Mrs. Mary .Moyer, Noble St., Souderton, i'a. 

E (S) John Iniyer, son of Jtmas lioyer and wife S.'nah, was b.iii 
alx)ut 1848, and died 27 years old, July i, 1875. ^'i'!-;!-. 

E (1) Georj^e Jioyer, son of Geori^e Hoyer and wife .Anna Ahnia 
Zoller, was born Dec. 25, 1793, died Nov. 17, 1879, and is huried in 
St. Jacob's Cemetery, Line .Mountain, Fa. Member of reiinsyKama 
Legislature. Esquire. County Commissioner of Schuylkill Co.. Fa. Well 


to do. Lived ill Mahaiitoiij^a Valley. Marriod llannali Ui iickLiuiiillLT, 
at Limerick Square, I'a. Children: .Amelia, Irwin. 

IC (2) John lioyer, son of Gcorp^e Boyer and wife Anna Maria 
Zollcr, was born Nov. 24, 1802, Limerick Square, Monti:^. Co., Fa., died 
June 6, 1887, and is buried with wife in Montg-omery Cemetery, Norris- 
town. Pa. Reformed Church. Sheriif and Prison Warden of Montj^om- 
cry County from 1847 to 1850. Prison warden attain from 1855 to 1861. 
Married Harriet Reinhart, born Oct. 8, 1808, at I'Vick's I^ock, Chester 
Co., Pa. Sb.e died I'eb. 26, iSgi. Children: Lytlia, and Annie. 

E (3) Philip P>oyer, son of George I'oyer and wife .Anna Maria 
Zoller, was born in Limerick Tvvp., Montg. Co., Pa., about 1804, died 
about 1871, and is buried — so sa} s his grandson ICdward R. Boyer — at 
Pottstown, Pa. Plasterer. Lived at Altoona at one time. Married 
Charlotte Missimer in I^ottstown, I*a. Reformed. Children: Augustus, 
Charlotte, George, Benjamin M., as the Reformeil Church Recc^rds of 
Pottstown, Pa., show. 

E (4) Hannah Boyer, tlaugluer of Georg-e lioyer and wife .\nna 
Maria, married Peter Longaker. Children: (i) Mary Longaker, wife of 
Mr. Kohl, (2) Rufus, (3; Louisa, wife of Mr. Kohl, (4) Emeline, (5) 
John B. 

E (5) Mary Boyer, daughter of George Boyer and wife .Vnna 
Maria, is buried at Limerick Centre, Pa. 

E (6) Perhaps Aug^ustus, if that was the name, and father of 
Augustus Boyer who died at Sunbury, April 1912. 

E (i) Elizabeth P)Oyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and wife Chri.'-tina 
Schade, was born March 29, 1814. Married Franklin Tillman. Her 
daughter, Mary, married Mr. Strieker. Address (1910) Sumneytown, Pa. 

E (2) Jonas Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Christina, died at 
Phoenixville, Pa. A son was living there in 1908. 

E (3) Silas Boyer, son of Jacob Buyer and wife Christina, dieil at 
Norristown. A son Jacob was in .Mlentown, i'a., in 1908. 

''• IM Jesse Biiver, son of J.uob lioyei" and wife Clirisliii;i, lived in Philadelphia, Pa. 

E (5) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Jactjb Boyer and wife Christina, 
married Henry Cjciger. Her daughter Christina is Mrs. Harnian Jiorze, 
928 W. Lehigh Ave., Phila., Pa. (1908). 

E (6) Rebecca Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and wife Christina, 
married James McCaffrey, and lived in Phila., Pa. 

E (ij Caroline Boyer, daughter of General John Philip Boyer and 


-wife Sarah Marklcy, was born Oct. 10, 180.4, ''i'^<^l tlictl All^^ 11, 1834. 
Jiuried at I'ottstown, l^i. Married Kcv. Dr. l)anii.l Weiscr. Chililrcn: 

K (2) Jiul^e lienjamin ^farkley Boyer, son of General John I'hiUp 
Boyer and wife Sarali MarUlcy, was born Jan. ly, 1822, in New Hanover 
Twp., Mont^. Co., i*a., and died Axv/,. 16, 1887, in Norristown, I'a. His 
nci)liew, Co. Supt. Daniel S. l5oyer, of Frceburi^, I'a., wrote, in i8()8, that 
he and Caroline were the only children of General John I'hilii). If there 
were others between Caroline and Benjamin, they had evidently n(Jt 
f^rown up. Tliis Benjamin was a gratluate of the University of I'eini- 
sylvania, class 1841. Studied law imder Jud<je John M. Reed, Carlisle, 
Pa. Located at Norristown, I'a., and began practice in 1844. District 
Attorney from 1848 to 1850. Twice raised company of volunteers for 
tlefence of Pennsylvania in Civil War. Served in the 39th and 40th 
Congresses, with James A. Garfield. A most able advocate and counsellor, 
an orator of unusual power. In 1882 he became President Judge of 
Montgomery Co., Pa., and served with distinction to the date of his 
<leath. His life was intiniatcl)' woven into local and national history, and 
has been fully recorded in local ami national biography. The Boyers 
may well be proud of this splendid man. Married Klizabeth Pryur. There 
was only one child, Lawyer Henry Conover Boyer, whose biography 
follows under F. 

E (i) Henry J. lioyer, son of John Boyer and wife Klizabeth Spatz, 
■was born in 1809, or 1822. IvUtheran. Farmer. Died in Chicago, Illinois, 
Aug. 23, 1903. Married Matilda Shock, born 1828. They lived at 
Lagrange, 111. Children: Allen and LilHe Kate. 

E (2) William S. Boyer, son of John Boyer and wife Elizabeth, 
was born Oct. 5, 1821, and died June 27, 1905. Farmer and merchant 
at Gratz, Pa., where he is buried. Married Christina Kinc, born Jan. 
27,1830. Married Feb. 21, 1846. Children: Frank, Lillie E., Sallie E., 
and Irwin. 

E (3) Mary Ann Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and wife Ehza- 
■bcth, married F. C. Moyer. There were a number of children. One son 
was Professor William Moyer, founder of the Freeburg Academy, long 
a most valuable institution. 

E (4) Polly P>oyer, daughter of John Boyer and wife Elizabeth, 
married Dr. II. C. P.eshler, a physician at i'>crrysburg, Pa. One daug-h- 
ter is Mrs. J. Frank Miller, of Bcrrysburg, I'a. 

E (5) Sarah Boyer. daughter of John Boyer and wife Elizabeth, 
married Simon Lark. There were a number of chiUlren. One of them. 
Attorney If. L. Lark, of Snnbury, Pa., (1915) is a valuable otTicer of 
the Bover Association. 


E {(^) Su[)t. Daniel S. lioycr, s;un of John I'.oycr ami wife I'^lizahctli^ 
was born July iSjS, and iHlhI al Frccbnri;' ahont ukx). I.ullicran. I'rin- 
cijjal oi I'rccbnrg" Acatlcni\- for ton years. County Superintendent of 
Snyder County for one term. Justice of Peace y) years. In 185J he 
• tuarried I.eali J. vSn\der. All the children died \•ounJ^^ lie was Sunday 
School Superintemlent 43 years. 

E (l) Aui^ustus J)Oyer. son of Francis Auj^ustus T.oyer and wife 
Barbara Sell, was born .Ma\' 24. i8i(), in Union County, !'a., and died at 
Frccburi;-, fa., May 2, 1851. Married Catherine Kontz, born Sejjt. 1818. 
She went to Utah with lier children in Sept. 1853, and died at Sprinq:- 
\ille, L'tah, May 5, 18115. The children of tliis niarria;^e were I'liihp 
I lenry, John Sell, I"'rancis Christian. JCnmia I'-Iizabelh, l.ydia M., and 
Maria Catharine. 

E (2) Henry S. Hoyer, son of Francis A. I 'oyer and wife llarbara, 
was born lUiried at Freeburi^, Snyde-r Cf).^ 

]'a. Lutheran. Farmer. Merchant. Sheriff o-f L'nion Cmuity. l^a., 
1846-49. Married Elizabeth Myers. Children: William M., Francis A., 
Charles If., I'hiiii) .\.. and Sarah Catharine. 

E (3) Philip S. JJoyer, son of Francis A, lioycr and wife r)arl)ara, 
was born Nov. 3. 1818, at Reading', Pa., and died at Freeburg, Pa., at the 
ag"e of 38. Lutheran. Farmer. Married Amelia Kessler, born July 24, 
1819. Died at F'reeburj;'. Pa., aged 37. Children: Francis J., ATatilda,. 
Henry S., and Edward K 

E (4) Caroline lioyer, daughter of Francis A. lioyer and wife 
IJarbara, marrietl Isaac D. P>oyer, who died in Michigan. Children: 
Three sons and three daughters. One son lived at Dubcjis, Pa.. 1910. 
The daughter Rosa, married Mr. Orth. Address (1910) 333 Park .\ve., 
Chicag;o, 111. Another daughter, Mrs. Barbara Kessler, lived ( iqio) at 
Frceburg, Pa. 

E (i) Kate A. I>(\ver, daughter of Isaac Boyer and wife P>arbara 
Strayer, married Edward Bassler. She died at Freeburg, March 27, 

E (2) Emma Jane Boyer, daughter of 'Jsaac Boyer tmd wife 
Barbara, married John VViest, of I'reeburg, Pa. Their daughter Marx- 
is a gifted woman, and has served the historian n()bly in securing data. 
Address (1915) IjO.x 116, Freeburg, Pa. 

E (i) Dr. Conr:ul Richards P.oyer, son of Isaac Boyer and wife 
Elizabeth Richards, was born Oct. 7, 181 2, and died Xov. 25, 1904, leav- 
ing no children. Eminent ])hysician, \\'illiamspf)rt, Ind. 

E (2) William Conrad Boyer, son of Isaac Bo)er and wife Eliza- 



both, was Ix^rn June 25, 1815, and died unmarried Feb. 16, 1861, at 
Williainsport, Ind. Merchant. 

]£ (3) Ann Klizabeth JJoyer, daughter of Isaac 15oyer and wife 
Klizabclh, married Allen C. Durl)un)w. ()ne son \V. 1>. Durburnw, is a 
prominent lawyer at Williamsport, Ind. 

E (i) Kpbraim iloyer, son of lnlni llenry I'xiyer and wife T'.liza- 
betli, was born Oct. (>, 1816, and died l'"eb. 6, 1894. Married Rel)eeca 
Kline. Children: llenry K., and Matilda. 

K {2) Manasscs Hoyer, son of John llenry I'oyer and wife ]i\\/.:\- 
belh Dull, was born Nov. u;, 1818, and died I'el). 11, 1892. at New 
Ilerlinville, Berks Co., Pa. Lutheran. iJlaeksmiih. Married Hannah 
Fry, aunt of Dr. Fry, the noted Lutheran divine. Children: Matilda,. 
William, Jacob, l{enr\-, and Mary. 

E (3) Charles iJoyer, son of John llenry J>oyer and wife Kliz;i- 
beth, lived in l'hiladeli)hia, Pa. Married F'mmii Fisher. Children: 

H (4> 5> '■''' 7> ^) '^'1^ historian has no data for I^lizabeth Boyer, 
daughter of J ohr. llenry lioyer and wife Elizabeth, nor for Sarah. I fan- 
nah marrieil Abel Spiece, and was 83 }ears old in 1907. Mary, dau.^hter 
of John llenry Uoyer and second wife Mary Spiece, married a Mr. 
Dougherty. Her acldiess (1907) was Mt. Clare, Pa. She was then 
68 years old. The other sister, Aiuanda, married a Mr. Mortimer, and 
also lived at Mont Clare. 

E (i) Jacob H. r)(>ycr, son of Jacob Boyer and wife, was born 
F'^eb 7, 1843. Address (1910) Phoenixville, I'a. Jacob's parents were 
John llenry and Margaret. Jacob II. married Dora Knox, born Sept. 
26, 1848. Children: Annie, Mary Ella, Frederick, and IJcssie K. 

E (i ) J. T. Christian IJoyer, son of Christian lioyer and wife Cook, 
was probably born about 1803 in Snyder Co., Pa. lie married Anna 
Maria Ei)ley, as recorded in his son John's family l)ible. Juduin}.^ from 
the birih of his son John, he lived in McEwensville, l\i. The family 
appears to have been Lutheran, but what his occupation was is not 
reported. ChiUlren: Mary Ann, John, Sarah, Elizabeth, vSusannah, 
Matilda Catharine, and perhaps others. 

•E (2) David Boyer, son of Christian Bo)cr and wife Hannah Nagle, 
was born at FVecburg-, Pa., Dec. 18, 1815, and died Jan. 18, 1876. He 
married Mary Deemer, born Nov. 2, 1832. Only one child grew to man- 
hood, namely, George A. Boyer. Address (1910) 565 Douglass St., Read- 
ing, Pa. He was born Oct. 31, 1865. Lutheran. Wheelwright. Married 
Sarah F. Bender. Children: F:arl A., Herbert A., Francis L., all a( 
home (1910). 



E (3) Jacob Boyer, son of Christian lioycr ami wife Ilaniuili Nagle, 
married Dena Moyer. No male descendants. 

E (4) Henry C. Boyer, son of Christian Boyer and wife Hannah 
Nai^le, was horn April 10, 1818, in Snyder Co., i'a., and died neai 
Frecburg, Pa., Jan. 13, 1878. Lutheran. Very fine man. Married 
Margaret Riehl, March 12, 1843. ^'^^ ^l'*-'*' ^^'^y I90<'). Children: (1) 
Ellen, wife of Jacob Moyer, Ereeburg, Pa.; (2) David C. I'oyer. Ad- 
dress (19CK)) 1000 N. 8th St., Reading, Pa., where he died in 1909. 
Born May 14, 1846. Soldier Co. F, 184th Regt., Pa. X'ols., 3 years, 
ending as corporal. See history of Berks Co., Pa. Married Rebecca 
Shcetz. Children: Sadie !£., and Howard K., both at home n/yj. (3) 
Eydia, wife of Mr. Spoward, of Youngstown, Ohio. (4) Esther, wife of 
John Hendrickson. Address (1909) 1528 Thomson St., Phila., Pa. (5) 
AVilliam Boyer. Served in U. S. army. Born Oct. 4, 1888. No records. 

E (5, 6, 7) Catharine, wife of Mr. Strayer, Elizal)eth, wife of Mr. 
Albert, Polly, wife of Mr. Heintzelman, as reported by Mrs. P>ottorf 
ihrough Miss Mary W'iest, of Freeburg, Pa. 

E (i) Martin \'an Buren Boyer, son of John Boyer and his wife 
Sarah Ritmeyer, was born June 16, 1834, in Reading, Pa., and died vSejit. 
14, i8c)6. Buried on Trinity Lutheran Cemetery. Re.-ided at 12 North 
loth St., Reading, Pa. I'.ricklayer. Lutheran. Married Anna Donahue, 
born April 12, 1837, in County Tyrone, Ireland. Children: (i) Harry 
F. Boyer. Address ( 1909) 938 Court St., Reading, Pa. Policeman. 
Married Elizabeth Mathias. Both Catholic. Cliildren: John M., born 
Oct. 4, 1888; NLary Irene, born Nov. 20, 1891; Jennie E., born Nov. 6, 
1893. (2) John A. Boyer. :\(Klrcss (1910) 944 Court St., Reading, Pa. 
Born Oct. 25, 1865, in Reading, Pa. Painter. Catholic. Married Ella 
Ready. Children : Annie, Clarence, Helen, John Harold, Dorothy, Mary. 
(3) Mary, wife of George W. Rigg, now dead, and her sister Sarah, 
single, reside at 12 North loth St., Reading, Pa. So does another sister 
Lydia. (6) Martin Boyer. Address (1909) 1134 Perkiomen .Ave., Read- 
ing. Pa. Died Aug. 25, 19CKX Born Ai)ril 24, i8()i. Catholic. Press 
Room, Iron Works. Married Elizabeth Ouinn. Children: (a) Catharine, 
wife of John W. Glaser. Address (1915) Corner 12th and l-'.lm Sts., 
Reading, Pa. Children: Viviap, William, (b) Martin, (c) Charles P., 
born June 25, 1893. Atldress (1915) 224 Spruce St., Reading, Pa. 
Shipping Clerk. Married Flossie S. Bredbenner. Child: Martin, (d) 
Jamrs, (e) Elizabeth. (7) Annie, wife of George Albright, born Feb. 5, 
■j8<7, died leaving no children. (8) George W. Boyer. Address (if/>)) 
'3^5 Green St., Reading, Pa. Born March 27, 1876. Painter. Catholic. 
Married >rary Brown. Children: Gertrude, and Josephine. 



E (i) Enoch Bover, son of Conrad Boyer and wife Hannah Zoller, horn 1813. Mennonitc. Millwrij^dit. Married 1 IcUie Milkr. I'lnl- 
dren: (i) CaroHne, wife of Jacob Bowers, of Collegcville, Pa. (2) 
Jacob, and (3) Henry, both Civil War soldiers, who died sinj^le in the 
army. (4) Mary, wife of Enoch Tyson, of Telford, I'a. (5) Ahnira, 
wife of Mr. Springer, dead. (0) Hannah Reifmger, of Valley Forge, i'a. 

E (2) Arnold Boyer, son of Conrad ]5oyer and wife Hannah Zoller, 
married llai>nah Williams, and lived in Skippack, J 'a. Xo living de- 

E (3) Henry Boyer, son of Conrad Boyer and wife Hannah Zoller, 
was born about 1820. Died June 1884. Lived in Skippack. A "Friend" 
in religion. Married Sarah Shaw. Only child Edwin H. lioyer, l)orn 
J3ec. 4, 1863, married to Helen EVans. Address (1915) 1218 Jkoad 
St., Quakertown, Pa. 

F (4. 5, '''. 7) Pebccca, wife of Sanniel Longaker; ICliza, wife of 
Aaron Nuss; Mary, and Hannah. 

E (1) William R. Boyer, son of Henry Boyer and his wife Rosanna 
R. Rudenficld, died Nov. 16, 1884. Married twice. Only a son grew 
up, namely. Dr. William R. l^oyer. Address (1915) Flower Hospital 
Dispensary, New York City. 

E (I) ^\'illiam Bor\er, son of William Boyer and wife Eliza Spang,. 
Address (1915) 311 S. Strieker St., Baltimore, I\Id., Jeweler. 

E (2) Isabella Boyer, daughter of William lioyer and wife Eliza 
Spang, niarried Mr. Fox. Address (1915) 3041 Ridge x\ve., Phila., Pa. 

E (3) Ellen Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and wife F!!li7.a 
Spang, niarried Mr. Warren, \vho died 1908. Her daughter, Alice, wife 
of Mr. Canfield, lives (1915) at 3518 Judson St., Phila., Pa. 

E (4) Sarah Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and wife Eliza 
Spang, married Mr. Swan, but left no children. She died Jan. 27, 

E (i) Julianna Berger, daughter of Juliana Boyer and husband 
Bcrger, married Mr. Miller, but died March 26, 1880. Children: (i) 
Dr. F.dwin B. Miller. Address (1915) 2351 East Cumberland St., Phila., 
Pa. E (2) Jonathan Berger. F'! (3) Valeria, wife of Mr. Fless. Ad- 
dress (1915) 309 N. 6th St., Camden, K. J. E (4) Mary Jane. Ad- 
dress (191 5) Howell and Jackson Sts., Wyomissing, Pa. E (5) War- 
rington Bcrger. Aildress (1915J OKI Men's Home, 39th and liaring 
Sts., Phila., Pa. 

E (1) Juhn Henry Boyer, son of Frederick Boyer and wife Susan 



Kckcrt, was born March 30, 1840, at roltslown, l*a., and is Ijuricd in 
Mt. Zion Comctcrv. Ivcfornicd. Soldier of Ci\il War, Coinpany 1), 3rd 
ViX. Reserves. Iron worker. Married FJizabeth A. liyers, Ixjrn ( )ct. 13, 
1844, Cedarville, Chester Co., I'a. Children: (i) Annie M., wife of 
il. S. Applchaugh. Address (1915) 716 IJushkill St., l-^aston, Pa. Chil- 
dren: Myrtle and Edna K. (2) Ada R. Hoyer. .Address (1915) 345 
l.anrel St., I'ottstown, }^i. (3) George R. lioyer. Address (1915) 345 
Laurel St., I'ottstowii, I'a. 

K (_') Janics l'\ iioyer, son of Frederick Royer and wife Susan 
JCckert, was horn Oct. U), 1842, I'ollsiown, i'a., and is buried on Ml. Zion 
Cemetery, iron worker. vSoIdier in Civil War. Refurnied. Married 
laicinda Clark. Address (1913) 227 Ueech St., I'cjltstown, I'a. Chil.lren: 
( I ) Irene Boyer. A most successful teacher in the Pt^ttslown schools, 
lias helped the historian vcr\- much, llome address. (2) J. Clark iiover. 
Address (1915) Clearfield, Pa. 

E (i) Anna Graeff, tlaug^tter of Isabella Boyer and husband, 
Craelt, married Mr. Keck. Address (1915) 2037 N. 19th St., Phila., 
i'a. Daughter, Ida, wife of Wm. G. Glenn, I-:ikins Park. 

E (I) George M. Boyer, son of ]5oyer and wife, was 

bom about 1810-12, in Pottstown, Pa. Killetl in Mexican War (1845- 
1846). Wife was Fannie luiglc, born in Pottstown. Iluried in Carlisle. 
Pa. From the fact that both husband and wife were born at Pottstown, 
it w^ould appear that he belonged to the Montgomery Comity Boyers or 
the Chester County Poyers or the Reading l>oyers. The children were 
Frederick M., Mary (Reisinger), John, William A., George, and Isaac. 

E (2) Charles E. Boyer, son of Bt)yer and wife, 

Lived at Milforil Center, Ohio. Married. ChiUlren. 

F (i) Mahlon Boyer, son of Andrew Bu\er and wife .Anna Fox, 
was born May 7, 1854, in Reading. Lutheran.- Yardmaster P. ami \i., 
7tli and Walnut Sts., Reading, Pa. Address (1910) 509 North t;th St., 
Reading. Pa. Married Nora Tobias, born Sept. 30, 1855. Onlv child, 
Olive. l5orn Sept. 14, 1883 in Reading. Lutheran. Graduate of Stoner's 
Pusiness College. Married Lewis C. Schoebener. 

I' (2) Susan B(;yer, daughter of .Vmlrew Boyer and wife Anna, 
was born June 1, 1832. Single. Address (1910) 509 North 9th St., 
iieading. Pa. 

F (3) Henry Boyer, son of Andrew l>oyer and wife Anna, was 
born Aug. 3, 1837. Lutheran. Married Annie Only child, 

Henry, .\ddress ( 1910) Sliillington, Pa. Married Mary Webber. Chil- 
-dren : Paul, Ravinond. 


F ( 1 ) William iloyer, son of Julm Dover and wife Calharino 
Smith, was born May 8, 1839, Sandusky Co., t)liio. Address (1909) 
Lindscy, Oliio. Merchant. Evan^alical Chm-ch. Married Mary J. 
Ovcrmeyer. horn iS.ji. Children: (i) Minerva, horn Xov. 15, 1863. 
(2) William W., born .\n.t,'. 18. 1867. (3) Ler..y M., horn March 23, 
|8<u;. (4) Gertrnde, born Xov. 13, 1871. (5) Harry M., horn Oct. J9, 

K (2) Daniel Doyer. st)n of John I'oyer and wife Catherine, was 
born July 3, 1825, in i'ennsylvania. Married Catharine i'..d;er, l'\'h. 1, 
1856. Lived at Lindse), Ohio. Isirmer. K,vanj^elical. Chililren: (i) 
John W. iioyer. Adilress (Hjis; Monroe, Mich ii^an. Farmer. Mar- 
ried Martha iletrick. Children: (a) Dalla, wife of Oscar Drucken- 
miller, l>azella, Fremont, Ohio; Channcey, Myrtle, Merle, Ada, all at 
Monroe, Mich. (2) Michael, Lind.Ncy, ( )hio. Married Catherine Over- 
niire. (3) Amos, Lindsey. Ohio. Married Lulu Slater. (4) Perry, 
Lindsey, Oliio. Married Susan lUoom. (5) Four sisters, Jane, wife of 
I'hilip Hetrick; Ellen, wife of Fphraim Iletrick; Delia, wife of Mr. 
Evans; Evana, wife of ICarle Myers; Edna, wife of Carl Slater. 

F (3) Emmanuel Hoyer, son of John Hoyer and wife Catherine. 
Married lietsey Wai(ner. Chiklren: (i) Henry lioycr, Fremont, Ohio. 
(2) hVank Hoyer, Lindsey, Ohio. (3) William I'oyer, Fremont, Ohio. 
(4) Catharine (Wireman), Ellen (Repper), Susan (Wireman). 

I** (4) John IJoyer, son of John I'oyer and wife Catharine. 
Afarried Children: (1 ) Charles, Lindsey, Ohio. Mar- 

ried F.llen Ilettrick. (2) Alice, wife of John Knepijer. (3) Kate, wife 
of Levi liloom. .Address (1915) Oak Harbor, Ohio. 

F (5) Geori^e lioycr, son of John I5o\er and wife Catharine, 
Address (n/xj) Lindsey, Ohio. Married 
Children; Ednnnid, Lindsey, Ohio. 

F^ (6) .-\mos Hoyer, son of John Hoyer and wife Catharine, 

.\ddress (1909) Monroe St., Monroe, Michif^i'an. Married 
Children: (i) Solomon, (2) Harry. (3) Tillie, (4) 
Fvllcn, all of Monroe. (5) Alice, wife of Joseph Shall, Toledo, Ohio. 

F (7) Susan Boyer, dauj^hter of John Uoyer and wife Catharine. 
Address (K^xj) Monroe, Michi^^an. 

F ( i) Samuel IVjycr, son of Georpe lloyer and wife Sarah, was born 
Sept. 17, 1833, Snyder Co., ]*a., and died Feb. 8, 1892. Lutheran. C(jr- 
])oral in Civil War. Married Sarah Rine, born July 17, 1835. Children: 
(i) J. Calvin. Address (1913) Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa. (2) George 


Alfred. Addicss (1913) Nortliiiinl)crlaMd, Pa. (3) Charles l-'raiiklin. 
Address (1913) Alt. Pleasant Mills, Pa. 

1' (2) William lH)yer. son of Gcorfje Boyer and wife Sarah, was 

horn Address (1913) I-rcehur--, I'a., R. F. D. Married 

Cliiidren: (1) Irwin. Address (1913) Mt. Pleasant 

Mills, Pa. (2) Albert. Address (1913) Northnniherland, Pa. (3) 

Maj^gie. Address (1913) Mrs. Mai^gie Miller, Niles, Mieli. 

F (3) Edwin Poyer, son of George lioyer and wife Sarah, was born 
Jan. 30, 1847. Address (1913) 105 North Railroad St., Poltsville, Pa. 
Lutheran. Plasterer. Alarried Emeline Gannan. She died about HjcK). 
Children: (1) Banks, born May 3, 1888. Single. Address (i<)i3) 
Columbus, Ohio. {2} Willet, born April 18, 1871. Address (1913) 105 
N. Railroad St., Pottsville, Pa. Reformed. Married Susan Longacre. 
Child: Charles C. (3) Sallic L. Address (1913) Mrs. Sallie Roush, 
Middleburg, Pa., R. F. 1). Married J. A. Roush, now dead. Children: 
Clarence, Alma, Lottie. (4) Annie ^L Address (1913) Freeburg, Pa. 
(5) Henry F. Died at Treverton, Pa. Born Feb. 13, 1877. Married 
Rebecca Derk. Children: Carlton and Helen. Address ( i(ji3) 'I'rever- 
ton. Pa. 

F (4) Henry Boyer, son of George Boyer and wife Sarah, was 
l>orn died Married 

Children: (i) John F. Address (1913) Middleburg, Pa., R. F. D. 4. 

(2) Francis E. Address (1913) Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa. (3) Sarah. 

Address (1913) Mrs. Sarah Wiand, Beavertown, Pa. (4) Mrs. E. A. 
Gurman. Address (1913) Richfield, l*a. (5) Alice. Address (1913) 
Mrs. Francis Steffner, Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa. 

F (5) Charles J'.oyer, son of George Boyer and wife Sarah, was 

^^rn died Alcrchant at Fremont, Pa. 

First Lieutenant Civil War. Married Miss Radford. Children: (i) 

Elmer. Address (1913) Paxtonville, Pa. (2) Mirand, (3) Clark, (4) 

Nelson, (5) Ida, (6) Ada, (7) Stei)hen, all at Paxtonville, Pa., (1913). 

F (i) Samuel Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Anna Hummel, 

F (2) Amos lioyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife' Anna, was born 

F (3) Henry Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Anna, was born 

F (4) James Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Anna, was born 

1" (5. f'. 7. ^) Sarah, Susannah, Hannah, Barbara, 

r" (O Boyer, of Henry Hoyer and his wife 

Lived at Miiklleburgh, Pa. 



F (i) Ifi:ttic Hoyer, (l;ui.f;lucr of \'alL'iuine lioycr iind wife Sallic 
1 Iciscr, married a Mr. liciilor. Lived in Michigan. 

F (2) Leonard lloyer, sou of Valentine lioyer and wife Sallie 
lleiser, was horn Jan. 12, 1846. Address (i<;i4) Selinsgrove, I'a., U. F. 
1). 1. Farmer. Reformed. Marrietl Hva Amelia Leitzel. Cliiltlren: 
(1) F.nos, born Dec. i, l8()5. .\dilress (1915) Selinsgrove, J'a., R. F. 
1). I. Huckster. Married Emma F. lloUenbach. Children: Alvin, of 
Riverside, I'a.; Olive M. (Walter), of xMiddleburg. Fa., R. F. 1). 3; 
Annie C. (Henfer) of Seliusgrove, Fa., R. J\ D. i, and Bessie V., at 
home. (2) William Calvin, born Nov. 30, 1867. Address (1915) Selins- 
grove, T\i.. R. F. D. i. Farmer. Married Caroline Herman. Children: 
Carrie and Fdna. (3) Foster Leonard. Address ( 1915) MitUlleburg, Pa., 
R. F. 1). 3. Farmer. Marrieil Sallie Kratzer. Children: Roy and Helen. 

(4) Ada Elizabeth. Married Charles F.rouse. Address (1915) Selins- 
grove. Fa., R. F. D. i. Children: Arthur P., Vertie T., Hatlie, Carrie. 

(5) Sarah Rebecca. Married Foster Hollenbach. Address (1015) Sel- 
insjj^rove. Pa., R. F. D. i. Children: Delia, Ernest, Amnion, Florence, 
Arthur. Earl, and Guy. (6) Mabel. Address (1915) Selinsgrove, Pa. 
R. F. D. I. 

F ( I ) Children of Samuel Boyer who lived in Michig^an. 

F (i) Daniel Hoyer, son of Henry Boyer and wife. Address (1913) 
Kramer, Pa. 

F (2) lluijh Boyer, son of Llenry Boyer and wife. Address (1915) 
Salem, Pa. 

F (3) Others. 

F (i) Lydia Boyer, daughter of Elias Boyer and wife Mary Wit- 
temcyer, was born Aug. 27, 1844. Married Issac Borough (dead). 
Address her (1910) Dcshler, Pa. Children: (i) Clara. Mrs. Emma 
Dauberman, Kratzerville, Pa. (2) Dora. Address (1910) Mrs. Charles 
Spitler, Toledo, Ohio. (3) Calvin. Address (1910) Deshler, Pa. 

F (2) Malinda Boyer, daughter of Elias Boyer and wife Mary, 
was born Aug. i, 1846, and died Feb. 10, 1881, at Whitehouse, Ohio. 

F (3) Samantha Boyer, daughter of Elias Boyer and wife Mary, 
was born July 18, 1848. Married Christian Disher. Adilress (1913) 
Whitehouse, Ohio. Children: (i) Orva. Mrs. Joseph Howard, Water- 
ville, Ohio. (2) Ella. Mrs. William Hummel, Toledo, Ohio. (3) 
Theron, of Waterville, Ohio. (4) Lugetta. Mrs. Sanuiel Hummel, 
Toledo, Ohio. (5) Morris. Address (191Q) Waterville, Ohio. 

F (4) Catherine Boyer, daughter of Elias I'xjyer and wife Afary, 
was born Aug. 22, 1850. Married Frederick Kohli. Address (1910) 


Whitehouse, Ohio. CliiKlrcn: (i) Maine. Married iMcck-rick Myers, 
\\'atcrville, Ohio. (2) Frank. .Vddress (1910) \\ atervillo, Ohio. 

F (5) Martha Boyer, chuighter of Fdias Boyer and wife Mary, was 
born March ic), 1853, and (Hed March (), 1895. Married Jolni McGilvcry, 
Honesvillc, Ohio. Chiklren : (1) llut,di. Address (1010) Cladwin, 
Mich. (2) F!(hth. Address (1910) Mrs. Miles Marlowe, Waterville, 
Ohio. (3) John. Address (1910) Toledo, Ohio. (4) Kninioiis. Ad- 
dress (1910) Whitehouse, Ohio. 

F (6) Ellen Boyer, daughter of Eiias Boyer and wife Mary, was 
born May 25, 1855, and died Jan. 21, 1891. Married Jerry lilack, of 
Toledo, Ohio. Chiklren: (i) George. Address (1910) Toledo, Ohio. 

F (7) Oscar Boyer, son of Hlias Boyer and wife !Mary, was born 
Sept. 12. i860, in Snyder Co., Pa. Married Kate. Farmer. Address 
( 1915) Whitehouse, Ohio. Children: (i) Mabel. Address (191 5) Mrs. 
Dr. Charles King, Whitehouse, Ohio. (2) Ross, (3) Chester, (4) Marie, 
all at home. 

F (8) Mary Boyer, daughter of Elias Boyer and wife Mary, was 
born July 16, 1863, and died Feb. 10, 1904. Married Ilalleck Pattou, 
of Rossford, Ohio. Children: (1) Homer. Address (1910) Swanton, 
Ohio. May, Kathryn, Chester, Kent, Irene, Ruth and Helen, all at Ross- 
ford, Ohio, in 1913. 

F (9) Cora Boyer, daughter of Elias Boyer and wife Mary, was 
born Oct. 4, 1866, at Whitehouse, Ohio. Married Alfred Dauberman, of 
Gladwin, Michigan. Child: Lillian. Address (1910) ?\lrs. Roy C. 
Austin, Deckerville, Mich. 

F"* (10) Clara Boyer, daughter of Elias Boyer and wife Mary, was 
born Oct. i, 1870, at Whitehouse, Ohio. Afarried Christian C. Garber, 
born Feb. 22, 1866. Farmer. Address (1915) Box 186, Whitehouse, 
Ohio. She belongs to the Evangelical Church. Trained in Normal 
School. Teacher. Gifted genealogist, who helped the historian very 
faithfully. Children: (i) Beryl. At home. 

F (i) Utica Pjoyer, daughter of Franklin Boyer and wife Eliza- 
beth Aurand, was born 1847. Married John Dunkelberger. Address 
(1910) Waterville, Ohio. 

F (2) Benjamin Boyer, son of F'ranklin Boyer and wife Elizabeth, 
was born 1849, at Selinsgrove, Pa., and died near Waterville, Ohio, in 
1896. Came to Ohio with parents. F'armer. Married. 

F (3) Catharine Boyer, daughter of Franklin Boyer and wife Eliza- 
beth, married F^ijah Demutli. Address (1910) Whitehouse, Ohio. 



F (4) James Hoycr, son of iMunkliii IJoycr ami wife Ivli/abcili, 
was born May 9, 1853, near Selins.nrovc, I'a, U. li. Church. Fanner. 
Address (1910) Fxlv.ardsburi^, Michii^an. Married 

Children: (1) ilattic. Mrs. William Carl. Address (1910) 
Cassapoler, Mich. (2) Jilanche. Address (1910) Mrs. John Reming- 
ton, r.ranil Rajjiils, Mich, (j) Albert J. lioyer, born Nov. 2, i88q. Ad- 
dress (1915) South Dakota. 

1' (5) Joseph I'-oyer, son of Franklin IJoyer and wife Elizabeth, 
was born 1S55, near vSelinsq-rove, I'a. Went t^) Ohio with parents. 

F (i) Frank i^jyer, son of Jacob Hoycr and wife Mary Aurand, 
was born about 1831, at Salem, Snyder Co., I'a. Lutheran. IMastercr. 
Marrietl Mary C. IJoyer, his cousin. Children: (i) Alice. Married 
Jacob L., her cousin. Address (1910) 412 llerr St., llarrisburj^s I'a. No 
children. (2) Elizabeth. Married Sylvester Merkel. Address (1909) 
Kansas City, Mo. Child: Catherine. Married Clarence Frazer. Ad- 
dress (1909) Washin^tonville, Pa. (3) Jacob H. Atldress (1909) 
Market St., Danville, I'a. Lutheran. I'lasterer. Married .\nnie Stein. 
No children. (4) Franklin J. Address (1909) 215 lIoneynK^on St., 
Danville, J'a. Lutheran. Flastcrer. Married Emma Smith. Children: 
Irvin, Ernest, Helen ^L, all at home. (5) Georg-e IL Address (1909) 
219 Grand St., Danville, I'a. Lutheran. Coal dealer. Married Mary 
Rowe. Children: Isabelle A. {G) William R. Adtlress (1909) Foust 
St., Danville, Pa. Coal dealer. Married Lillian Uurke. Children: 
Robert, Catherine E., DonaUl, all at home. 

F (2) Llenry Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Mary Aurand, 

Address (1909) Cowan, Lhiion Co., Pa. Lutheran. 

Farmer. Married Sarah Luck. Children: (i) Charles. Address ( 190*)) 

Cowan, Pa. (2) Mary. Married .Mr. J'aj^^e. Address (1909) Cowan, 

Pa. (3) Lydia. ALi.rried 

(4) Jacob L. Address (1909) 412 llerr St., llarrisburg, Pa. Married 
Alice, his cousin. No children. (5) Geori^c. Address (1909) Cowan, 
Pa. Farmer. Married Children: 

(6) David. Address (1909) Cowan, Pa. Married 
{7) Samuel. Address ( 1909) Merchant. 

F (3) Caroline Boyer, daut^diter of Jacob Boyer and wife Mary 
Aurand, was born between i830-iS4(j. Married Adam Fisher, who is 
buried at Northumberland, Pa. Children: (i) Theodore. Address 
(19a)) 2nd St., Berwick, i'a. (2) Elizabeth. Married Harry Welkcr. 
Address ( H)og) Tamaqua, Pa. Children: Cora J., of 230 W. 7th St., 
Chester, Pa., A. F., of 212 Cotta<;e Ave., Tamaqua, Pa., Charles D., of 
1325 S. 22nd St., Phila., Pa., N. E., at home, Rhona (Folk), of Tamaqua, 


Pa., Amanda May, and I'rank. (3) Henry. Only child Anna. Ad- 
dress (1909) Nortluunberland, Pa. {4) Jefferson. Aildress (1909) 
Nortluiniberland, i'a. Children: Pauline, Mary, and Helen. 

F (4). Soi)hia Rover, daughter of Jacob Ik^ycr and wife Mary 
Aurand, married Daniel IJoycr, second cousin. Lived in Snyder Co., Pa. 
Children: (i) William lioyer. Address (1909) Salem, Pa. Farmer. 
Lutheran. Married Miss Weiss. Children: 

(2) Henry. Address (1909) Freebur^, Pa. Lutheran. Farmer. Mar- 
ried Children : 

(3) Amelia. Married John Cabel. Address (1909) Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Children : 

(4) Ellen. Married Julius Smith. A<klress (1909) Tamatiuua, Pa. (5) 
Samuel. Address (i';o<j) Kramer, Pa. Lutheran. Farmer. Alarried 

(6) Francis. Address (1909) Kramer, I'a. Lutheran. 
Farmer. Marrietl (7 and 8) Two boys, sons of second 

wife, a Mrs. Roush. 

F (5) Hannah Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and wife Mary 
Aurand, married George Rowe. Children: (i) Mary. Married Ed- 
ward Gemberling. Address ( 1909) Selinsgrovc, Pa. (2) Jackson. Ad- 
dress (1909) Selinsgrovc, Pa. (3) Anlanda. Married John Stauffer. 
Address (1909) Newberry, Pa. (4) Maude. Married Mr. Meiser. Ad- 
dress (1909) Shamokin,- Pa. (5) Jennie. Married John I^Iusser. Ad- 
dress (1909) Shamokin, l^a. 

F (6) Catharine Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and wife Alary 
Aurand, married Jonathan Rowe. Children: (i) Harvey. i.\ddress 
(1909) Salem, Pa. (2) Caroline. Married John Koutz. Address 
(1909) Frackville, Pa. (3) Martin. Address (1909) Jennette, P'a. 
(4) Jacob. Address (1909) Salem, Pa. (5) Lillie. 

F (7) Samuel A. Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Mary Aurand, 
was born Nov. 22, 1847. Address (1909) Selinsgrovc, Pa. Lutheran. 
Harness maker. Married Margaret Children: (i) Berton E. 

Address (i()o8) 808 Fourth St., Three Rivers, Michigan. Born Dec. 
1874. Lutheran. Electrical engineer. Married Edith 
Child: Donald. (2) Grant J. Address (1908) 1275 Highland Ave., 
Sunbury, Pa, Born Jan. 1884. Lutheran. Telegraph operator. Mar- 
ried Nellie Children: 

(3) Ernest S. Address (1908) Selinsgrovc, Pa. Born Dec. 1887, 
Lutheran. Telegraph operator. Address (1908) Home. 

F (8) Reuben Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife i\Lary Aurand, 
was born March 10, 1849, ^^ Salem, Snyder Co., Pa. Lutlii-ran. I'las- 
terer. Knight of Pythias. Alarried Serena Walter, born Dec. 31, 1851. 


Address (1908) 30^) Honeymoon St., Danville, Pa. Children: (i) 
Dr. Walter K. Address (1912) 861 East 3rd St., Williainsport, I'a. 
Horn Feb. 9, 1879. Alarric-d iClizabelh Shannon. Children: 

(2) Rnth M. Hover. Married Adam Waj^ner. Ad- 
dress (1912) Danville, I'a. Children: Gny Ji. 

F (i ) Hniinainiel P>oyer, son of John Ikjyer an<l wife Maria Wat^ncr, 
was born at Sakui, I'a., May 15, 1831. Shoemaker, kntheran. Ad- 
dress (1909) Selin.^t^rove, Pa. Died Jnly 10, 190;. Married Phoebe 
Anna Children: (1) Daniel (dead). (2) Henry Hoyer. 

Address (1914) Shamokin, Pa. '■ 

F (2) (3) Hattie ami Fannie I'oyer, daui.^hters of John Boyer and 
wife Maria Wagner. Fannie was married and left one child now living, 
Jennie. Hattie is single, and now (1914) 83 years old. Address (1914) 
Hummel's Wharf. Sn)iler Co., Pa. 

F (4) John Poyer, son of John Boyer and wife INTaria Wagner. 
Address (1914) Mifflinbnrg, Pa. Married. Children. 

F (5) George Boyer, son of John Boyer and wife Maria W^agner, 
was born Dec. 22, 1839. and died 1 1 years oKl. 

F (i) Kate C. Jioyer, daughter of George lioyer and wife 
married her consin Frank Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Mary 
Anrand. The children are recorded imder his name. 

F (2) Sarah Boyer, daughlcr of George Boyer and wife 
married Charles Gnlich. 

F (3) Christiana 15oyer, danghter of George Boyer and wife 
married a Mr. Berger. Address (1909) Sagebnrg, Danville, Pa. 

F (4) Isabella Boyer, daughter of George l>oyer and wife 
married Jerry Ariley. Address ( ujcxj) John^Uown, Pa. 

F (5) Samuel H. I'oyer, son of George Poyer and wife 
was born March 1852, and died at Plymouth, Pa., Feb. 2, 1907. P>uried 
at Danville, Pa. Lutheran. Merchant. Married Sarah E. Rishel. Chil- 
dren: (1) I/ois, and Galhercole, born July 10, 1886. Address (1912) 
i'lymouth, i'a. 

F (6) Frank Boyer, son of George Boyer and wife 
Lived at Danville, Pa. 

F (1) Isaac Boyer, son of John Boyer and wife Gestina Ritter, was 
born Nov. 4, 1833. in Exeter Twp., ik-rks Co., Pa. Lived below Black 
Bear, near Reading, Pa. Reformed. Farmer. Married Annie C. Good- 
hart, born .\ug. 17. 1839. Children: (i) ICllen Acantha, born Oct. 4, 
i860. Married George Lcinbach. Address (1910) Esierly, Pa. Chil- 


(Iren: William, Harry, luuiiia, Florence, Eilna, Annie, Elsie, Catherine, 
and Gertrude. (2) Calvin Uoycr. Address (1910) 1823 Sarj,'^eant St., 
Joplin, Mo. Born Sept. 26, iSC/). Refurined. Manaj^er i;f store. Mar- 
ried Lillie Children: Helen antl (lertrude. (3) Howard. 
Adtiress (1910) Berks County House. Readinj^, I'a. Born Oct. 5, iS(^j. 
Reformed. Laborer. Single. (4) Klani. Address (1915) 1000 Penn 
St., Reading, Pa. Born April 25, 1873. Reformed. Marricil Mary 
Brown. Children: John, Harry, Clarence. (5) H. Christian G. Ad- 
dress (1910) Mt. Venn, Rcailin<^, I'a. liorn April 5, 1876. Reformed. 
Trolley car repairaman. Married .\nnie Ibach. Children: Floyd Good- 
hart, born 1902. (6) Gertrude, born May 20, 1880. Married Peter 
Kerschner. Address (1910) 822 Franlclin St., Rcadinj^, Pa. Reformed. 

F (2) James P>oyer, son of John Boyer and wife Gcstina, was born 
Address (1910) 1845 Pcrkionien .Vve., Reading, Pa. 
Reformed. Janitor of school building. Married Rebecca Hemming. 
Children : Two girls and one boy. 

F (3) Jeremiah Boyer, son of John Boyer and wife Gestina, was 
born Sept. 6, 1849. .Address (1910) Gibraltar, Pa. Reformed. Rolling 
mill hand. Married Sarah A. Moore. Buried at Gibraltar. Children : 
(i) Howard. Address (1910) 220 Hudson St., Reading, Pa. Letter 
carrier. Married Annie C. Romig. Born April 30, 1871. Children: 
Estella, wife of William Schlauch, 512 N. 13th St., Reading, Pa.; Roy 
James, Raymond .Mien, Elmer Howard, Ada Catharine, all at home. (2) 
Kate. Married Charles Ringlet. Address (1910) Gibraltar, Pa. Chil- 
dren: Two girls. (3) Sarah. Married Charles Wilkenruth. Address 
(1910) 1018 Locust St., Phila., Pa. (4) Isaac, Rolling mill hand. Re- 
formed. Married Mabel F'egley. (5) William. Adilress ( 1910) Elver- 
son, Pa. Reformed. Farmer. Married Nettie Sickman. Children. (6) 
Laura M. .AcKlress (1910) Berks County House, Reading, Pa. Single 
!n 19 10. 

V (4) Annie P.oyer, daughter of John Boyer and wife Gestina, mar- 
ried Wellington Shane. Address (1910) Reading, ]\i. Cluldrcn : 

F (5) Mary Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and wife Gestina, mar- 
ried George Hartman. Children: 

F (6) I.,ouisa Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and wife Gestina, 
niarried James Boone. Address (1910) Reading, Pa. Children: 

F' (7) Harriet Boyer, daughter oi John B(j)'er and wife Gestina, 
married Alahlon Snyder. Address (1910) Reading, Pa. Children: 

F (i) Daniel Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and wife 
died in Spring City, Pa. Wife living in 1913. Children: Two sons, 
one working in Reading paper mills in 1913. 



F ( 1) William ii. lUiycr, .sun of Jacob Uoytr ami wife Naomi Rit- 
tcT, was Ixjin Au^. 11, iS^^S. AildrcSb (1913) 8^vj M»->ss St., Reading, 
I'a. Ser\e(l in Civil War. Mairit-d llaniiali Armsprcistcr, lK)rn Mar. jo, 
1S47. Children: ii) William, lH)rn March 11, iS(.S. Dead. (2) Cal- 
vin, horn Jan. 25, 1870. Addres.s (Kyi^j Muhlenberg- St., Reading, I'a. 
Married. Children. (3) .-Mice, born Dec. 21), 1S82, (4) Anna, horn Oct. 
8. 18S1, (5) Jacob, burn Jan. 11, 1878. (6) F.lniira, ]»>v\\ June 19, 1880. 
Addresses (KH^) Muhlenberg vSt., Reading, J'a. 

[•' (J) Jacol) R. I'oyer, son of Jac;)b R.oycr and wife Naomi, was 
born March 21, 1853. Address ( i«)i3 ) Stonersville, Pa. Married Annie 
C. I.cvan, born Dec. 6. i8^)i. Children: (1) .Ameli;!, born Sejit. 3, 1882. 
Marricil Charles CiuUlin. .\ddress (I'.ji.V) .Mt. I'enn, Pa. (2) Alva L., 
l)orn Nov. 25, 1885. Addre.-^s ( 1<)I3) 33''> West C.reenwich St., Reading, 
Pa. .\rarried Harry Ivuglebach. Children: l^uil, Harry, and Tra. (3) 
Arthur F., born May 2. i8(K), and died Feb. ii, 1913. (4) Anna May, 
born .Aug. 29, 1899. Address (1913) Stonersville, Pa. 

F' (3) Daniel R. Boyer, son of Jacol) I'oyer and wife Naomi, v>as 
born Oct. '18, 1849. Address (1913) 1749 Cotton St., Reading. I'a. 
Married Rebecca Delaplane, born Jan. 11, 1853. Children: (i) Llew- 
ellyn D., born Dec. 5. 1875. Address (1913) Phila., Pa. (3) Charles 
D., born Sept. 25, 1878. Address (1913) at home. (4) Flerbert D., 
born Jan. 22, 1880. Address (1913) at home. (5) Annie D., born Feb. 
10, 1883. Married George Dinkle, Mt. Penn, Pa. Children: I^fariha 
and Sterling. 

F (4) Mary .\nn P>oyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and wife Naomi, 
born April 30, 1841. ^[arrieil F/.ra B. Griesemer. Address (1913) 
Stonersville, Pa. Children: (1) Clayton 1'., Owen, Catherine, F.zra P.., 
Harry G., John S., Mary S., Helen S., Lottie S., Murray S., Rev. John P.., 
of Frceburg, Pa., born 1877, and married to Mamie Shaker; Mamie P.., 
and George P». 

F (5) Charles R. Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Naomi, was 
born Sept. 22, i860. Address (1913) 539 Seventeenth and IJalf St., 
Reading, Pa. Married Clara Lorah, 1)orn Nov. i, 18C18. 

J'" (6) Irvin R. Boyer, son n( Jacob l>oy-er and wife Na^nr.i, was born 
Aug. 30, i8'')3. Buried at Schwar/.wald Church. 

F (7) Lucy 1^. Boyer, daughter of Jacob lioycr and wife Naomi, 
[Kivn Jan. 27, 1847, is buried at Schwarzwald. 

F (i) r'hilip .\. Pioyer, son of V/illiam Boyer and wife Henrietta 
Rittcr, was born ^^arch 26, 1850, died Aug. 18, 1908, and is buried in 
Westminister Cemetery, TMiila., Pa. Reformed. Lived in Philadelphia. 


J.oaiher finislKr by trade. Married lumiia E. Ackx-r, born Oct. 15, 18.19. 
Teacher. Children: (1) Kiniua Iv, born Jan. 30, 1875. Teacher in 
rhiladelphia pubhc schools. Address (njio) 319 Green street. (2) 
Martha !£.. born April 8, 1878. Teacher in I'iiiladelphia. (3) I'liilip A., 
born May 20, l88f». Teacher in I'hiladelphia. Reformed. .\ddress 
(ujio) 3i() Green street. Married, June t,o, 1908. Gertrude IJ. v^^tone. 

F (2) William A. Hoyer, st)n of William l'.(;yer and wife Henrietta, 
was born March 5, 1848. A<ldress ( 1910) 8-I0 Washington St., lleading, 
I'a. Reformed. Koiler inspector, ludisted March 1864, in 199th I'a. 
Volunteers, and Sept. i8()4 in Co. E, 46th Pa. Volunteers. Served under 
Colonel Sel fridge. 1 'resent in the battle of Kenesaw Mountain, Golds- 
boro, etc. Married Aiuiie 1{. Adams. Chiklren: ( i ) William J. A. Ad- 
dress (1910) 920 N. 5lh St., Reading, I'a. Horn in Reading, Pa.. Feb. 
24, 1868. Reformed. Uoiler inspector. Artist in oil painting. Hcau- 
tiful home. Married Catharine Veager. Children: William, born .\ug. 
30, 1893, antl Katharine, born June j^, 1907. (2) John Raymond. Ad- 
dress (1910J 840 Washington St., Reading, Pa. I'orn March 26, 1883. 
Reformed. Clerk. Married Mary Rick. (3) Clarence Spencer. Atl- 
dress (1910) Franklin St., Reading, ]\i. Salesman. Married Cora 
Elliott. (4) Annie L., married William Sweeney. Address (it)io) 
107 Clymer St., Reading, Pa. Children: Ruth A. (5) Harriet. Mar- 
ried Theodore Urickenbach. Address (1910) 1200 Madison Ave., I'.alti- 
more, Md. 

F (3) Sarah IJoyer, daughter of William Ikner and wife Hcnriett:i, 
was born June 21, 1846. She died June 9, 1877. Married Jc^hn S. iCllis 
(dead). Children: (i) James. Address (1910) 315 N. loth St., Read- 
ing, Pa. (2) Harry. Address (1910) 930 N. 5th St., Reading, Pa. 
(3) Isaac. Address (1910) lo — N. 4th St., Reading, Pa. (4) Sarah. 
Married Harry Harr. Address (1910) Rutherford, Pa. 

F (4) Josephine Hoyer, daughter of W''illiam Hoyer antl wife Hen- 
rietta, was born Aug. 3, 1856, in ( )ley. Pa. Lutheran. Married James 
K. Hillig. Address (i()io) Reading, Pa. Children: George W., Mary 
K., Paul H., Luther, Charles M., Jennie O., Josephine G., all of Read- 
ing, Pa. 

F (5) Clara Hoyer, daughter of W'illiam Hoyer and wife Henrietta, 
was born March i, 1862, died May i, kjoi, and is buried in Charles 
]{vans Cemetery, Reading, Pa. Married Dr. W. P. Long. Address 
(1915) Weatherly, I'a. Chiklren: (1) Dr. William S. (2) .Albert. 
Graduate of Ursinus College. 

F (6) Mary M. Hcjyer, daughter of William Hoyer and wife Hen- 
rietta, was burn Sept. 3, 18O5. Lutheran. Address (1913) 9th and 
Penn Sts., Reading, Pa. 


F (7) Jennie Iv Hover, (lau;;lUer of \\'illi;nn I'oyer and wife Hen- 
rietta, was born April 12, iS()(). luitlieran. Al lionie with sister Mary. 

F (1) John 11. l)oyer, son of Alirahani S. l5oyer and wife I.ucetta 
Holloway, was bcjrn Dec. 2, 1842, in Iv\eler 'I'v/j)., Ikrks Co., I'a. Ad- 
dress (1915) Douglassville, I'a. Lutheran. Iv'irnicr. Very fnie man. 
\eteran of Civil War. Married. Nov. 3, iS()6, Hli/aheth C.. (Jahle. Chil- 
dren: (i) Kate, horn Aug. 18, 1867. Lutheran. Married Oet. 25, 1884, 
Webster K. Mar((uctte. Childri-n: J'dna Ma\, ni.irried to Ivlward 
Knauer, of Douglassville, Pa.; Manie Kuth, married to llenry Iler- 
binc, of Earlville, Pa.; Jennie Hli;'.abeth, fhie nui.sician, married Fmmit 
Brown. Atldress (1915) Shillinglun. Pa. Children: Catharine i-Mizabtih ; 
John Jeremiah, Charles F.arl, Mary Mariah, of Dcniglassville, Pa. (2) 
Klla G., born June (), 1871. Putheran. Marrietl William K. F\.omig. .Ad- 
dress (1915) Athol, Pa. Chilli: j^ena, born May 6, 1896. (3) Charles 
G. Address (1913) South Street, Phila., Pa. P>orn Jan. 3, 1873. Tieket 
agent P. and R. R. jiuuiy years. Married Dec. 24, 1895, Etta Ijroomel. 
Children: J(jhn (dead), and Anna F,li/.al)eth, born .'\i)r. 7, 11)05. 

F (2) Sarah F.Ilen IJoyer, daughter (jf Abrahruu S. l'>oyv;r and wife 
Lucetta, born A])ril 18, 1846, marrietl D.miel Graeff. Child: .Annie 
1. aura, born Feb. 8, i87ri. Married Sanuiel .\. Brunner. Grocer. Address 
(1910) llarrisburg, Pa. Children: Anna M., \'ivian Stanley. 

F (3) Morris Longstreth 11. I'oyer, son of Abraham S. P)Oyer and 
wife Lucetta, was born Jul) 27, 18.48. .\ddress (1915) 1115 Button- 
v/ood St., Reading, Pa. Lutheran. Teacher. N'eteran of Civil War. 
Married Rebecca T. Kohler, Sept. 2, 1869. Children: (i) Ida May, 
and Cora K., born July 2, 1871. Cora K. married William II. Lup- 
j)old, Real Estate .■\genl. Address ( kji 5) Reading, Pa. Children: Helen 
atul Alice. 

F (4) Emma Elizalielh Boyer, daughter of ,\br;diam S. ISoycr and 
wife Lucetta, born A])ril 11. 1853. Lutheran. Married Howard Rhoads, 
Sept. 21, 1873. Children: Elva, Yxnn April 21, 1874. Married Joseph 
Croodfellow. Harry, born June 20, 1875; William, born Jan. 31. 1877, 
married Helen ICIender ; Howard, Ixirn July 9, 1882, married Yeager. 

F (5) Anna Laura Boyer, daughter of Abraham S. Boyer and sec- 
ond wife, Harriet Harbold, was born March 28, i8()2. Lutheran. Mar- 
ried Thomas C. Darrah, June 18H3. .Address (1910) Reading, I'a. 
Children: Viola May, born Jan. 31, 1884. Married Dr. Harry Orth. 
Address (1910) Reading, Pa. Leon Calvin, born Oct. 3, i88(;. 

F (i) Josiah S. Boyer, son of Jonas R. I'oyer and wife Judi;h 
Schwcnk, was born Feb. 5, 1838. Address ( 1910) Zicglerville, Pa. 
Wheelwright. Married Eli:^abcth Schwenk. Ciiildren:. (i) Jacob S. 


Address (n)io) Zioglervillc. l\i. (2) Franklin S., (3) Julia, (4) 
Charles S. Address (i<;io) South Centre St., rctlsvillc, Pa. (5) Jonas 
VV. Address (1910) Obelisk, Pa. (6) Islizaheth. Married Christian 
Alderfer, Souderton, Pa. (7) Allen S. Address (1910) Duncotl, Sehuyl- 
kill Co., Pa. (8) Louisa S. Married Irwin Gilbert. Address (1910) 
Krederiek. Pa. 

F (2j Catherine liover, dau^diter of Jonas R. Boyer and Judith 
Sciiwenk, married Henry II. Naee, of Telford, Pa. 

F (3) Jonas S. I'.oyer, son of Jonas R. Boyer and wife Judith, wa:? 
born Sept. 5, 1839, in Sallortl Twj)., Montg-. Co., Pa. .Atldress (191OJ 
Sumnt'ytown. Pa. Lutheran. Wheclwrij^ht and farmer, l-^ilisted Au;^ 
13, i8()j, in Gi. II, 119th Rci^iment. In about a di)zen battle.^., ineludin<^ 
Clettysbur^^ Pa. Honorably discharj^cd at elose of war. Married Mary 
Richard, born Feb. 6. 1847. Children: (i) Jesse R., born Oct. 20, 1873. 
Address (1910) Telford, Pa. Married Sarah Reiff. (2) Henry, born 
Oct. 9, 1878. Married Alice Gerhart. Address (1910) Sumncytovvn, 
Pa. (3) Laura, married John Hutt. Address (1910) 119 Sixty-l-'irst 
St., W. Phila., Pa. (4) Elmer R., born Sept. 6, 1883. Addre.'^s (iQio) 
Red Hill, Pa. Married Emma Miller. (5) Maurice R., born March 
10, 1887. Address (1910) Red Hill, Pa. Clerk. 

F (i) Philip Boyer, son of John R. Boyer and wife Catherine Nace. 
Address (1915) Boyertown. Pa. House painter. 

F" (2) Amos Boyer, son of John R. Boyer and wife Catharine Nace. 
Address (1915) Tylcrsport, Pa. 

F (3) Leanna Boyer, dauj;hter of John R. Boyer and wife Catharine 
Nace, married Mr. Knccht. Address (1915) Hatfield, Pa. 

F {4) Amanda lioyer, daughter of John R. Boyer and wife Cath- 
arine Nace. Address (1915) Tylersport, Pa. 

F (5) Ivouise Boyer. daui;htcr of John R. Boyer and wife Cath- 
arine Nace. Address (1915) Tylersport, Pa. 

F (1) h'phraim Boyer, son of George R. Boyer and wife Wam- 
pole. Address (1910) 169 West Norris St., Phila., Pa. Married Mary 

I' (2) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Gc(;rge R. Bi)yer and wife W'am- 
puk', married Mr. J iaitle)', (jf Phila., Pa. 

I'" (3) Lorina. Married Mr. Mayne, Phila., Pa. F (4) Mary 
Married Mr. Gotlshall, of Skippack, Pa. F (5) Married Mr. 
Leidy, <if Lexington, Pa. F ((>) Kitty. Address (19LS) Hatfield. Pa. 
F (7) Caroline. Phila., Pa. F (8) Jacob Boyer, Phila., Pa. F (9) 
Charles Boyer, Phila., Pa. F (10) Isaac Boyer. Address (1915) Hat- 

^ t 



field, Pa. F (II) Noah Hoycr, riiila., I'a. F (12) George Boycr. 
l^hila., I'a. 

V (i) Caroline Rover, only cliiM of Charles R. Ru\er and wife 
Esther, lives in I'liila., Fa. 

F (i) Hannah P>o}er, dauj^hter of Jesse K. Iloyor and wife Louisa 
Smith, married John A. Staufler, of Skippack, i'a. Children: (i) 
Mag-gie, Harvey of Mainland, Susie (Clemens) of ^lainland, Anna 
( I'anne[)aekcr ) of Norristown, John and Louise of Skippack. 

F (2) Kate lioyer, daughter of Jesse R. Ruyer and wife Louisa 
Smith, married Mr. W'ei^'^ner. Address (1915) 518 Stanhridge St., Nor- 
ristown, Fa. Ciiild: .\lnia, of Lower SaUord, i^a 

F (3) Rudolph Royer, son of Jesse R. Royer and wile Louisa 
Smith. Address (1915) Narberlh, Pa. C)nly child: James at home. 

F (4) Lewis Royer, son of Jesse R. Royer and wife Louisa Smith. 
Address ( 1915) Gladwyne, I'a. Married. Children: Ella Vander Veur, 
of Cladwyne, Edda, Viola, Florence, Jesse, all at home. 

F (5) Julia Royer, daui^hter of Jesse R. Royer and wife Louisa 
Smith, married Mr. Himipton. Address (1915) 234 W. Tal«:)r Road, 
(.)lney, Phila.. Pa. C)nly chiKl: Georg'e. 

F (6) Ambrose Royer, daughter of Jesse R. Royer and wife Louisa 
Smith. Address (191 5) Sister Ray, Wisconsin. Children: (i) Ida 
(Crawford) of Sawyer, Illinois; Mabel, Jesse, and Arthur, at home. 

F (i) AL'iry P)0yer, daughter of Henry P)Oyer and wife Mary Rudy,, 
died in the West. 

F (2) Nettie Royer, daughter of Henry Royer and wife :\Tary Rudy, 
died in the West. 

F (3) Henry Royer, son of Henry Royer and wife Mary Rudy, 
died in the West. 

F (4) William J^oyer, son of Henry Royer and wife Mary Rudy, 
died in the West. Served in the army of the tJ. S. in Mexican War. 

I'' (5) Rudolph Royer, son of Henry Royer and wife Mary Rudy, 
died in the West. Served in the army of the U. S. in Mexican War. 

F (6) Amos Royer, .^on of llenry Royer and wife Mary Rudy, 
was born June 6, 1S41, .Address (1909) 239 

Carpenter St., Reading, Pa. Civil War veteran. Three enlistments. 
Honorable discharge. Married Sarah Jane Rambo, born Oe^. 10, 1843. 
Children: George Henry ])oyer. Address (1910) 113 West Oley St., 
Rearling, Pa. Horn l)cc. 2, 1865. Reformed Church. Traveling sales- 
man. Married N'irginia E. Haines. ChiKlrcn : Marie Sara, and Roseua 


F (i) Harriet Xag'.c Ijoycr, (.laiiLihtcr of Jacob I'loycr and wife 
Susanna 1 loticnslcin Xa^le, was born Aug. 30, 1827. Married Jolin G. 
Shanaman. Children: (1) Sarah N., (2) Jacob, (3) Susan, married to 
John Thompson, N. 2nd St., Readintj, I'a. (4) Ivlla, married Slrunk. 
Address (K/xj) Greenwich anil Thorn Sis., Keadinj^, I'a. (^5) Walter. 
Address (1909) North 3rd St., Reading-, I'a. (6) ICx-Mayor William. 
Address (1909) Oley St., Readint;-, I'a. (7) Howard, on N. I'ront St., 
Reading, Pa. (8) Dessic, married William Stieff, N. 3rd St., Readinj^s 
J'a. (9) Clara, married to Geortje Hurst, Orange St., near Cotton, 
Reading, Pa. 

F (2) Peter Nagle Boycr, son of Jacob Pjoyer and wife Susanna, 
was born March 6, 1829. Lutheran. Address ( i<>39) Anislcm, Ala- 
bama. Married Mary Ziegier. Children: (i) Emily, of Anniston, 
Alabama. (2) X'aleria, wife of Jt)hn Pace, Atlanta, Georgia. (3) Sara 
N., wife of Percy Heckwiih, Jacksonville, Florida. (4) William Aaron. 
Address (1910) l-'ranklin St., between Eighth and Ninth, Reading, Pa. 

F (3) Mary Nagle I')f)yer, daughter of Jacob lioyer and wife 
Susanna, was born July i, 1831. .She married Joseph T. (J'iirien. Child: 

F (4) Alvin Naglc Doyer, son of Jacob Rover and wife Susan, 
was born 12, or 2^, 1833, died April 18, 190S, and is buried in 
Charles Evans Cemetery, Reading, Pa. Marrieil Mary A. Getz, born 
Aug. 12, 1839. Her atldress ( 1909) 269 llerr St., Harrisbnrg, Pa. 
Children: (1) Clara, wife of N. C. Haenschen, 269 llerr St., Harris- 
■biu-g. Children: Robert, Eleanor. (2) Emma, wife of Edward Pengelly, 
354 North 5th St., near Ihittonwood, Reading, Pa. Child: Frances. 
(3) Charles G. Address ( n;09) Third and Franklin Sts., Reading, 
I'a. He married Catharine Lauther. (4) Martha G., born Dec. 19, 
1879. Lutheran. Three years course in Bryn Mawr College. High 
school teacher. Address (i(;io) Ladies' Seminary, Chestnut Hill, I'hila., 

F (5) Sarah Louisa, daughter of Jacob Boyer and wife Susan, 
was born .Aug. 13, 1835, '''''^^ ^^i^'*^^' ^<-''^- 25, 1909. Married John C. 
Strohecker. Address, 218 S. 3rd St., Reading, Pa. Children: (i) Ida 
P*., at same address. (2) Charles R., (3) Laura May, wife of George 
W. Smdth, Eait Mauch Chunk. Pa. (4) Mary Martha, and (5) Edith 
Anna, both at home. 

F (6) Henry 11. Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Susan, was 
U>rn Sejjt. 2, 1837, died 1904, and is buried in Charles Evans Cemetery. 
Lutheran. Married Elizabeth Sissiuger. One child: Ida, wife of Wil- 
liam Rhuads. Address ( i<)io) 2824 I'rightwood Ave., N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 


V (7) Esther l^oyer, (laughter of Jacob llo)c'r and wife Susan, 
was born )ul\ u, 1839. Lutheran. Fine woman. Address (1915) 
218 S. 3rd St., Iveachnij;-, I'a. Owns the family Uible from which the 
historian has secureil valuable data. 

F (8) Jacob Nagle r>oyer, bon of Jacob i'>oyer and wife Susan, 
was born Dec. 8, 1S41, died Nov. 22, 1893. Lutheran. Civil War vet- 
eran. Married Marj^aret Trosile, born Nov. 6, 1851. She died Jan. 8, 
1898. Children: (1) Dr. Frank N. lioyer, born June 20, 1871. Ad- 
dress (1910) lolh and Sprinj^ Sts., Reading, I'a. Druggist. Reformed. 
I^Lirried Maude E. Seiders, born Oct. i, 1872. Children: J. Franklin 
and Mary M. (2) Howard N. Boyer. Address (1915) 928 Birch St., 
Reading, l^a. Born Oct. 11, 1875. Reformed. Married Aimie Deardorf. 
Children: Paul, Howard, Julia. 

F (i) Mary l>oyer, daughter of Charles Boyer and wife Rachel 
Strauss, wife of_Mr. Bard. Address (1910) near Rajah Temple, Read- 
ing, Pa. Her brother Alvin and James left no descendants. 

F (i) Harry Boyer, son of George Boyer and wife Christina. 
Rithmeyer, was a milliner in Reading, Pa. Died single. His sister Emma, 
born 1839, is at Overbrook, Pa. (1909). 

F (3) Kate Boyer, daugiiter of George Boyer and wife Christina, 
wife of John Goodhart. left seven children. In 1909 her daughter Anna 
lived on Spruce St., Reading, Pa, 

F (O Samuel Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Anna Hummel,, 
livetl in Snyder Co., Pa. 

F (2) Amos Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Anna Hummel, 
lived in Snyder Co., Pa. 

F (3) Henry BoNer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Anna Hiunmel, 
lived in Snyder Co., Pa. 

F^ (4) James Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Anna Hummel, 
was born Feb. 9, 1828, in Snyder Co., Pa., and died at Bellmore, Put- 
nam Co., Ohio, Feb. 6, i8<;j7. Evangelical. F'armer, first north of Mid- 
dleburgh, Snyder Co., Pa., then in Hancock Co., Ohio. Married first to 
Rebecca Kerr, born Sept. 28, 1828, in Union Co., Pa., and after her death 
March 7, 188^1, to Mary N. Wort. Children: (i) Christian Boyer. 
Address (1908) Deshler, Ohio, R. F. D. 4, Box 39. Born March 26, 
1853, in Snyder Co., I'a. Farmer and broom maker. U. B. Church. 
Married Barbara R. Newell, Aug. 28, 1878. She was born Nov. 16, 
1846. Child: Simon F'mra Boyer, born Jan. 4, 1880. Teacher. F'armer. 
Address (1908) Deshler, Ohio. Married Mary Jane Miller, June 2. 1901. 
She was born Oct. 22, 1881. Her children are Lillian Bertha, born Nov. 


=,, ig02, and Jay Lean, Ix.rn March 6, 1905. (2) Mary AI. i:,,ycr, horn 
June 3. 1854. She died June 17, 1878. Married Nimrod Speaker,' May 
19. 1873- (3) Cyrus Hoyer. A<!dress (1915) 322 l-ihh St., Fi'n.llav, 
Ohio, liorn May 28, 1855. l-aruier. Married Sarah 1 fowdeshell. Chi'l- 
drcn: Nancy, Lydia, Kose, Emuu, 15essie, Ohve, Knmianuel. (4) Silas 
Boyer, twin with Cyrus. Ad-hess (KJ15) Jack.son, Miclii-an. Wovn May 
28, 1855. Methodist. Farmer. Married Jennie Jilien Kl.^tz. l,orn Nov. 
19, 1859. Children: Re/.iii l-.u-ene. Address (1908) Findlay. Ohio., 
R. F. D. 9, Dox 87; Mrs. Rachel May (Martin). Ad.lress (ujocj) 321 S.' 
Webster St.. Jackson, Mich. ; Clarence K. Address ( 1909) Findlay, ( )liio, 
R. F. D. 9, P.ox 87; and Fay Kdylhe, at same address. (5) Jjaii'iiah m' 
Boyer, born Sept. 15, 1856. Married David Fishall in 1874. She died 
Feb. 2, 1887. Two children livint:^, namely Jennie and Edward. (6) 
David Howard Boyer. Address (1908) Deshler, Ohio, R. F. D i 
Born May 21, 1858. Farmer and tile maker. Married A-n^s P.utler' 
Children: James, Benjamin F.. Cly.le, Harriet, Charles, Hester, F.sther,' 
< Pearl. (7) Moses Boyer. Address (1908) Deshlar, Ohio, R. F D 4 
Parmer. Born Sept. 4, 1859. Married Rise Newell. Chihlren: Joseph 
P., Ray, Savoy, Delia, Fred. Clarence, Hazel. (8) Catharine R Hoyer 
torn July 3, 1862. Married },[r. Crouse. Address (1908) Napoleon! 
Mich., R. F. D. I. (9) William Henry P>oycr. Address (1908) Deshlar' 
Ohio, R. F. D. 4. Farmer (1915) Malinda, Ohio. Born March 3 i86(.' 
Married Nancy Beary. Chihlren: Achey, Adam, Martha, Leanna 
Reaby, Christian. (lo) Emma G. Boyer, married Leatherman Ad- 
dress (1908) Yonker Ave.," Dayton, Ohio. (11) J^osella JJover -Ixu-di- 
tcr of second wife. Address (1908) Leipsic. Putnam Co., Oliio.' '"^ 

F (5. ^^ 7. 8) Sarah, Susanna, Hannah, and Barbara Boyer, were 
daughters of Jacob Boyer and wife Anna Hummel. Sarah was Mrs. 
Hackenbcrger. Su.sannah remained single. Address (1913) Middle- 
Lurgh, Pa. Prannah married John P. Yeager. Address (1915) 13. 
Church St., Sunbury, Pa.. 79 years old. Children: Henry P George J 
Nellie G., Andrew N., Oliver J., with whom his mother live's, and who 
with her has helped the ]]oyer historian very much. Joseph, Jane B., Ellen. 
F (O vSamuel G. Buyer, son of Samuel K. Boyer and wife Mary 
Garner, was born Feb. 2, 1862, in Norristown, Pa. Address (1910) 
1071 Powell St., Norristown, Pa. Baptist. Painter by trade Married 
Laura Slough, born Oct. 20, 1864. Children: (i) Samuel Sylvester 
torn Oct. 4. 1885. Baptist, liricklayer. Home address. (2) Myrtle 
L.llie, born June 26, 1888. Emheran. At home. (3) Mary Ann, born 
l^eb. 21, i8.,> Baptist. At home. (4) Seloma Minerva, born Sept 
3, 1901- At home. ^ 

F (2) John Jonas G. Boyer son of Samuel K. Boyer and wife Mary, 


was l)orn March H'l. i3<)5, in Xunistown, I'a. Address (190S) 1033 
Cherry St., Xorristowii, I'a. Rel'onnccl. Taper hatii^er. Married Mary 
H. iianstorfer. born Oct. 22, iS()S. Chihhcn: (i) John Frederick, born 
Aug-. 17, 1887. Lulhi-ran. i'liiuibcr. .\dihess (1911) 1012 Markley 
St., Norristown. i'a. .Married lunnui Rini^er. (2) CaroHne Khxabeth, 
horn July 4, i8(;i. At home. (3) Jacob 1 luvvard, born July 4, 1892. At 
home. (4) Mary xMaryaret. born May 27, 1895. At home. (5) Ella 
Naomi, born Oct. 2^. 1897. At home. 

K (3) Cecelia Hoyer, daughter of Sannicl K. J5oyer and second 
wile Susan, born March 3, 1871, married William AcoiY, of Norristown, 
J'a. Address (1908) 213 Penn St.. Norristown. 

F (4) Ilettie Boyer, daughter of Samuel K. r>oyer and wife Susan, 
Ixrn March 7, 1S73. married (jcorge Kramer. Address (1908) 425 
Cherry St., Pottstown, Pa. 

F (5) Anna Royer, daughter of Samuel K. iioyer runl wife Susan, 
married William Tyson, of Norristown, Pa. 

F (6) Ida K. Boyer, daughter of Samuel K. Hoyer and wife Susan, 
born Nov. 4, 1884. Address (K908) 126 Airy St., Norristown, Pa. 

F (7) William 1>. II. l>0)er, son of Samuel K. I'oyer and wife 
Susan, was born May 28, 1875. Atldress (1913) 151') J^cniglass St., Read- 
ing, Pa. Grocer. Lutheran. Married Pertha Dautrich. Children: Wil- 
liam Lane, Robert Samuel, Henry Charles, Samuel Jacob. 

F (8) Eli Boyer, son of Samuel K. Boyer and wife Susan, was 
Ix)rn Feb. 10, 1877. Cigar maker. Address (1908) 213 I'enn St., Nor- 
ristown, Pa. 

F (9) F,ru PiOyer, sun of Samuel K. P>o\er and wife Susan, was 
Ixjrn Sept. 5, 1882. Address {i\)(.)S) Norribtown, Pa. 

F ( I ) Henry Conover Boyer, son of Judge Benjamin Markley Boyer 
and wife Elizabeth Pryor, was born about 185C), in I'ottstown, Pa. Ad- 
dress (1913) 705 Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa., and Penllyn, Pa. 
College training. Prominent lawyer. Married Natalie Chauncey Robin- 
son in 1884. Children: (i) Philip I'oyer, l)orn Aug. 20. 1885, in Phila., 
Pa. College training. Banker. Address 09^3) 30 Broad St., New 
York. Married Josephine B. Flagg, Nov. 9, 1907. (2) Francis Boyer, 
born June 20, 1893, at Peimllyn, Pa. Address (1913) Penllyn, Pa. 

F (i) Allen Boyer, son of Henry J. Boyer and wife Matilda 
Schock, was born Nov. 27, 1847, near Freeburg, Pa. Methodist. Court 
stenographer. .Address ('1908) Room 60, 107 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

F (2) Lillie Kate Boyer, daughter of Henry J. Boyer and wife 


Matilda, was hovn Nov. 26, iH'iO. Metlunlist. Married Gcdrgc M. 
i'.ciadict, at Chicat;o, Feb. 22, iiSSi. Address (1908) Chicago, 111. 

F (I) Amelia Boycr, dauj^Iiter of Geort^e lioyer and wife Hannah 
Druckenniiller. married John (leist. Adilress (i<ji3) nth and Center 
Sts., Ashland, I 'a. Children: John, Irvin, of nth vSt., Ashland; Daniel. 
Ivutherford, Mary, Henrietta, Hannah. 

F (2) Irsvin lioyer, S(jn of Ceorj^e i>oyer and wife Hannah 1 )rnel:- 
enmiller, was born Dec. 2t„ 1837, died Jan. 9, 191 1, and is bnried in 
Mahantonj^^a Valley, Pa., in St. Jacob's Cemetery, I;ine Moimlann. 
F'armer. Married Rebecca Hepler. Children: (1) John Elmer. Ad- 
dress (1913) Hegins, Pa. Farmer. Reformed. Married Catharine 
Snyder. Child: Florence. (2) Henry Josiah. Address ( 1913) 344 N. 
Chestnut St., Mt. Carmel, Pa. Reformed. Carpenter. Married Susanna 
Schlappig'. Children: Lottie May, born Jan. 7, 1896, Gertrude, Susanna, 
Mamie. (3) Irwin H. Adtlress (1913) Pitman, Pa. Reformed. Cai- 
penler. Married Stella Koehler. Children: Mildred, and others. (4) 
Monroe George. Address (1913) 3231 Sydenham St., Phila., Pa. Re- 
formed. lUacksmith. Married Eiuma Herb. Children: Clyde Irwin, 
Truman Harrison, Henry licrt, Vcrna, Stanley, George. (5) Rufus. 
Address (1913) 14 S. Market St., Mt. Carmel, Pa. Reformed. Car- 
penter. Single in 1913. (6) Charles Hepler. Address (1913) 220 E. 
7th St., Mt. Carmel, Pa. iiorn Nov. 8, 1880, in Mahantonga Valley, 
Pa. Reformeil. Building contractor. Helped historian. Married Clare 
Dilliplaine. Children: George Ell wood, Caroline Beatrice. (7) Johan- 
na, married Wilson Moyer. Address (1913) 14 South Market St., Mt. 
Carmel, Pa. Children: Edna May, Helen, Alma. (8) Sallie, married 
0.scar Ramer. Address (1913) Pitman, Pa. 

F (i) Lydia Boyer, daughter of George Boyer and wife Harriet 
Reinhart, born April i, 1845, at Limerick Square, Pa., highly educated, 
married Henry K. Weand, born March 29, 1838. Judge of Montgomery 
Co., Pa., from 1888 to 1913 and after that. Captain Co. M, 15th Pa. 
Cavalry from Aug. 22, 1862, to June 21, 1865. Children: (i) Harriet 
W., born Aug. 5, 1869, married Hugh Jones Brooke. Address (1913) 
1444 Powell St., Norristown, Pa. No children in 1913. (2) Sadie E. 
Single. Address (1913) 718 DeKalb St., Norristown, Pa. Born Jan. 
8, 1871. (3) Ralph H. Address (1913) 2437 \V. Cumberland St., Phila., 
Pa. Born Sept. 8, 1883. Clerk. Married Mabel Dubos(|, born March 
28, 1881. Children: Harry K., born May 12, 1907. Helped historian 
very much. 

1" (2) Annie Reinhart Boyer, daughter of George Boyer and wife 
Harriet Reinhart, was born April 27, 1835. Address (1913) 2437 W. 
Cumberland St., Phila., Pa. 


Ch.ipler IV. Pi.yo ^7 


Chapter IV, PaB<; iOtt 

Chapter iV. Page- 108 



Chapter IV. Page 115 



F (i) Auj^ustus Boycr, son of I'hilip Hoycr and wife Charlotte 
Missimcr, died at Pottstowii 1879, ^s Reformed Church records show. 

K (2) Charlotte Buyer, daughter of Philip Hoyer and wife Char- 
lotte Missinier, was horn April 18, 1826. 

F (3) George Boycr, son of I'hilip lioyer and wife Charlotte Mis- 
simer, was horn Oct. H), 1829. .Married Mary Reitniyer. Children: (1) 
Kdward R. Atldress ( 1910) 7235 Sayhrooke Ave., Phila., Pa. Plasterer. 
Lutheran. Born Jan. 27, 1S63. Married Lillie L. Reinhart, horn June 
10, 1861, at Taniaqua, Pa. Three ehiUlren in igio. (2) William Boyer. 
Address (1910) 314 Kvans St., Pottsiown, Pa. (3) Daniel Boyer, died 
at Pottstown, Pa., Fch. i8()5. (4) Annie I'oyer. Same address as Wil- 
liam in i()io. (5) Frederick B(ner. Address (1910) 1203 Green St., 
Phila.. Pa. 

F (I) AutJi'ustus Boyer, prohahly the son of a hrother of the Philij) 
r>oyer who married Charlotte Missimer, for this Pottstown couple also 
had a son named Aui^usius. This Philip's father may have heen named 
Augustus. The Au.yustus of this paragraph was an only son, horn 
1824, and ilieil April 1912, at Sunhury, Pa., aged 88 years. Fpiscoi)alian. 
Railroader. Served in Mexican War under Scott, and in the Civil War 
under General Sherman. Marcheil from "Atlanta to the sea." Married 
Susan Walters. Children: (i) Charles Augustus. Address (i()i4) 
JIackelts Hardware Store, Market St., Sunbury, Pa. Born Oct. 14, i8()4, 
at Sunhury, Pa. Episcopalian. Clerk. Married Sarah 1{. Maurer. 
Children: William J. Address (1914) 625 Courtland St., York, I'a. 
Married Mary Peters. Children: Charles, Hazel Elizabeth, married 
Maraud E. Sleffer. Address (1914) Sclinsgrove, Pa'. Helen May, mar- 
ried Jack Davison, Mildred Edwinna and Emma I., are at home (i()i4). 
(2) Elmer E. Boyer. Address (1914) 30 Endicott St., Lynn, Mass. 
Supt. General Electric Company. Married Allie Knowles. Children : 
Robert IL, Edward, Mary, at home. (3) William S. Address (1914) 
liufTalo, N. Y. Married Children: Walter, Hazel, 

William, Clyde, Elmer, Maria, Grace, and several others. (4) i^jiima L. 
Address (1014) Chestnut St., Sunbury, Pa. (5) Annie 1. Married 
Thomas Cununings. Address (1913) 470 East 3rd St., Williamsport, 
Pa. Children: Hazel, Lester, Robert. 

F (i) Frank Boyer, son of W^illiani S. Boyer and wife Christiana 
Rine, was born Oct. 31, 1853, Freeburg, Pa. Address (1908) Gratz, Pa. 
Lutheran. Merchant. Mail carrier. Farmer. Miner. Married Amelia 
M. Good, Feb. 2, 1873. Children: Carrie M., wife of Jacob M. Boycr. 
Address (191 5) Gratz, J^a. ; Joseph D. Boyer. Address (191 5) 1330 
Massachusetts Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. ; Christie M. Boyer, wifo 


of Julin S. Latsha, of 136 Meant Ave, Lyn<lluirst, N. J.; Miriam A. 
Uoyer, of 205 Clicstiuit St., Chi.sholni, Minn. 

F (2) l.illic H. Jioyer, daii^'-lUcr of William S. Boyer ami wife 
Christiana Rinc, married John 15. Cisc. AcKhcss (1915) Cratz, I*a. 
Children: (k-rtrude anil others. 

F (3) Saliie E. lioycr, daughter of William vS. r.()\er and wife 
Cliristiana Rinc, married W. F.. l.eho. Address (1915) Valley \iew, I'a. 

F (4) Irvin I'oyer, son of William S. Boycr and wife Christiana 
Ivine, died at Freehnr^, Pa. 

F (i) Philip Henry Hover, son of Augustus I5oyer and wife Cath- 
erine llontz, was born Nov. 4, 1839, in Union Co., Pa., and died at 
Springville, Utah, June 6, 1905. Church of the Latter Day Saints. 
Teacher and minister. Address (1905) Springville, U'lah. Children: 
(i) Lulu li., born June 12, 1866, nuirried Mr. Anderson and died Dec. 
30, 1903. (2) Marry Cuy, k>rn May 12, 1873. Merchant. Address 
(1915) Salt Lake City. Utah. (3) Nellie R., born Oct. 5, 1879. Mar- 
ried William Rash. Address (1910) Salt Lake City, Utah. (4) Sarah 
G., born Jan. 11, 1881. Married Walter T. Payne. Address ( u^io) 
Springville, Utah. (5) Frank Kmmett, born Feb. 12, 1887. At home. 

F (2) John Sell Poyer, son of Augustus P)oyer and wife Catherine, 
was born Dec. 7, 1840, in Union Co., Pa. Church of the Latter Day 
Saints. Minister. Address (1910) Springville, Utah. Married Julia 
Ann Crandall, born Nov. 25, 1841. Children: (i) John Selvy, born 
March 31, 1867. Florist. Married Susannah Jarrett. Children: Chloe, 
Catharine, Matilda, John S., Mildred, Arthur J., and ^lary li. ( 2) Myron 
Augustus. Address (1909) Springville, Utah. Married Eliza Cleg-g. 
Children: Myron O., Lois, Harlan, Thelma, Glenn. (3) Ernest Mar- 
cellus. Address (1909) Springfville, Utah. Railroad contractor and 
builder. Married Giida Rakestraw. Children : Lela, Delia, Katie, and 
Florence. (4) ilarlan Lee. Address (1909) Springville, LItah. Rail- 
road conductor and builder. Married Rose Ijailey. Children : Ruth 
and Hush. (5) Julia Ida. Married Andrew Porter. Address (1909) 
Springville, Utah. Children: Melba, Tyrson, Julia. (6) Dell Dclos. 
Address (kxx)) Springville, Utah. Health director. (7) Tryi)hena His- 
bce. (8) Ira Wayne. Address (1901;) Springville, Utah. Railroad con- 
tractor and book-keeper. Married Jane Hontz. 

F (3) Francis Christian Boyer, son of Augustus Boyer and wife 
Catharine, was born March 27, 1843, '^"'1 ^''cil ^Liy 12, 1908, at Sjjring- 
villc, Utah. Recorder. Councilman. Mayor. Married Ivlizabeth W. 
Devenish, born Feb. 3, 1846. Children: (i) Lillian E. Married Glca- 
son. Address ( 1910) Salt Lake City, Utah. Children: Enid Nora. (2) 


Mark D. Address (1910) Raymond Allnrla, Canada. Married Hfiie 
Ewing. (3) Delos D. C. Address ( 1910) Salt Lake City, Utah. Born 
Sept. 2, 1874. ^[arried Mary llontz. (4) William Anil)erly. Address 
(1910) Sprinj^n'ille, Utah. Born Sej)!. 14, 1.S7S. (5) I'liilij) (). Ad- 
dress (1910J Sprini^'ville, LUah. Son of second wife. Horn May 21, 1879. 
((>) Tryphena. Married Ju.seph Anderson, Sprins,^ville, I'a. (7) John Iv, 
(8) Wilmot 1'., (9) Charles, (10) Angus, (11) I.ew, (12) Catharine. 

F (1) William M. Hover, son of Henry S. JJoyer aiul wife Eliza- 
beth Myers, was born Dec. 13, 1841, at Middleburgh, Ta. Lutheran. 
Merchant. Civil War veteran, Co. I'", 131st I'a. Vols. Address (1910) 
Port 'JVevertoii, I'a. Married Mary Jane Mest, born Nov. 22, 1841. 
Children: (i) Henry \V., born Jan. 17, 1866. Address (1910) I'ort 
Treverton, Pa. (2) Anna S. Married G. C. Faust. Address (1910) 
105 North 4th St., Sunbury, Pa. Child: Robert Faust, born March 17, 
1898. (3) Mayme E. At home. 

F (2) Francis A. P.oycr, son of Henry S. Jioycr ami wife Eliza- 
beth. Married Susan Watt. Civil War veteran. Children: (1) Laura. 
Married Dr. Clark Nipple. (2) Mary. Married Rev. Wampole's son, 
of Lewistown, Pa. 

F (3) Charles IL P>oyer, son of Henry S. Boyer and wife F<liza- 
beth. Married Amelia Leehner. Cliildren: Matilda and Mary. 

F (4) Dr. Philip .A. lioyer, son of Henry S. P.oyer and second wife. 
Lived at Selinss^rove, Pa. l^hysician. Married Flora Carey. Children: 
(i) Paul A. Boyer. Address (1910) Huntingdon, Pa. (2) Sallie L. 
^farried. Address (1910) Huntingdon, i'a. 

F (5) Sarah Catharine Boyer, daughter of Henry S. Boyer and 
second wife, married Rev. Dr. S. IC. Ochsenford. Address (1915) Bath, 
Pa. No children. 

F (I) Francis J. P.oyer, son of Philip S. Boyer and wife .Amelia 
Kessler, was born about 1841, and died in 181/). Married 
Children: (i) Sadie. Married Devor. Address (1910) 2423 Emmett 
St., Omaha, Nebraska. (2) Charles O. Boyer. Address (1910) 935 
Lefayette Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Married. Children: Clara V., Gladys, 

]•' (2) Matilda Boyer, daughter of Philip S. Boyer and wife Amelia, 
born March 5, 1850, married Cievirge R. Hendricks. Address ( 1910) 
Selinsgrove, Pa. Son Charles G. Adilress (1910) Selinsgrove, Pa. 

F (3) Henry S. Boyer, son of Philip S. Boyer and wife Amelia, 
died 28 years old. Married. Children: Two. 

F (4) Edward K. Boyer, son of Philip S. Boyer and wife Amelia, 


was born Jan. lo, 1845, '^^ Frccbury;, Pa., and died at Elkhart, Ind., May 
22, 1910. Lutheran. Civil War veteran. Merchant. Married Louisa 
E. Kantz, born Jan. 18, 1S45. Ciiildren: (i) Profe.s.sor James Frankhn. 
Address (1910) 48 W. 34th St., New York. Very fine nnisician. Mar- 
ried Martha M. Uengler. (2) Rev. Clyde H. iSovcr. Address (1910) 
Chicago, III. 

F (i) Matilda P>oyer. daughter of iJoyer and wife Han- 
nah Fry, married Jacob Gruber, of Bechtelsville, Pa. Cliildren : (i) 
Henry. Married Annie Shutt. Address (1910) Poyertown, Pa. Chil- 
dren: Bertha. (2) John. Address (1910) IJechtelsville, Pa. .Married. 

F (2) William Fry lioyer, son of Manassas P.oyer and wife Han- 
nah, was born Sept. 13, 1847, at Bechtelsville, Pa. Address (1910) 
Boyertown, Pa. Married Susan E. Yoder, born Dec. 15, 1846. Children: 
(i) Sallie, born March 27, 1872. Married William Keays. Address 
(1910) 325 Duke St., Lancaster, Pa. Children: Ella, Howard, John, 
Rachel. (2) Edgar, born Aug. 7, 1873. Address (1910) Boyertown, Pa. 
Married Laura Stephen. (3) Mary, born Aug. 10, 1878. IMarried Wm. 
H. Reifsnyder. Address (1910J Boyertown, Pa. Children: William 
Henry, Susan Elizabeth, Marion Irene. (4) Irene, born March 9, 1880. 

F (3) Ilenrv Boyer, son of Manassas Boycr and wife Hannah, 
was born 1852, and died about i8(j<;. Lived at lierlinville, Pa. Mar- 
ried Amanda Smith. Only child: Miranda. She married Mr. Clark, 
of New Berlinville, Pa. 

F (4) Jacob Boyer, son of Manassas Boyer and wife Hannah, dier! 

F (5) Mary Boyer, daughter of Manassas Boyer and wife Hannah, 
married Robert Gottshall. Children : William, Clara. Raymond, Ger- 
trude. Gertrude married Walter Reitnaur. Address (1910) 134 Keim 
St., Pottstown, Pa. 

F (i) Frederick Martin Boyer, son of George M. T^oyer and wife 
Fannie Engle, was born in Carlisle, Pa., Aug. 4, 1832, and died July 14, 
ifK)'). Buried at Wolf Lake, Indiana. Baptist. Blacksmith. Married 
first Elizabeth Clap[)er, who died 1862, and in 1864 he married Catharine 
I. Provost, of Railway, N. J. She died May 5, 1901. Children: (i) 
George Edward. Address (1911) 13 14 Efh\'ards St., Decatur, Illinois. 
Salesman. Married to Naomi C. Hoothtarter. Children: A. John. Ivlna 
May, Charles Frederick. (2) James William. Address (1911) Wolf 
iLake, Indiana. Blacksmith. M. E. Church. (3) Phincas Frederick. 
Address (1915) Fort Wayne, Indiana. Blacksmith. Methodist. (4) 
Ida Frederika, wife of Jacob II. Helm. Address (1911) 2^05 Euclid 



Ave., Fort Wayne, Ind. Metliodist. (5) Catharine Bell, wife of Jolni 
Tbcid. Address (i(;i 5) Li{4"onier, Ind. Children: Irnia Catharine, Don- 
ald Frederick. 

F (2) John Bt)ycr, son of Georj^e M. Hover and wife Fannie Kn^le. 
Lived at iiarrishnrL,', i'a. Contractor and bnilder. Married. Children. 

F (3) William A. Boyer, son of Geor^^e M. Boyer and wife Fannie 
Kngle. Family lives (njir) in Boston, Mass. 

F (4) George Boyer, son of George M. Boyer and wife Fannie 
Engle. Lost to brother Isaac, the histt)rian's corres()ondent. 

F (5) Isaac W. Boyer, son of George M. Boyer and wife Fannie 
Kngle, was born 1846 in Carlisle, Fa. Address (1911) 1734 Wells St., 
Chicago, Illinois. Frivate soldier, Company F, 17th Pennsylvania Cav- 
alry, Civil War. He died Nov. 23, 1914, at National Soldiers' Home, 
Milwankee. Wife's name Alice. She died March 7, 191 5, in Chicago, 
111. Children: (i) Lnhi, wife of Henry Clefman. Address (1911) 
3414 Elaine Place, Chicago, 111. No children. (2) Reverend Claude E. 
Boyer. Address (1915) 1655 South Central Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Born June 7, 1881, Chicago, 111. Graduate of Divinity School, Chicago 
University. Baptist minister. Single in 191 1. 

F (6) Mary Boyer, daughter of George M. Boyer and wife Fannie 
Engle, married Mr. Keisinger, of Iowa. 

F (7) Julia Boyer, daughter of George M. Boyer and wife Fannie 
Engle, married Mr. Clark, of Boston, Mass. 

F (i) Mary Ann Boyer, daughter of J. T. Christian Boyer and 
wife .A.nna Maria F,i)ley, born Oct. 28, 1820, married Mr. Lahr. 

F (2) John Boyer, son of J. T. Christian l^oyer and wife Anna 
Maria Epley, was born Feb. 6, 1823, at Freeburg, Pa., and died at Bristol, 
Lnliana. Oct 27, Hjcx;. Tinner by trade at McEwensville, Pa., moved to 
Bristol, Indiana, in 1861. Followed milling there. Married Hannah 
Kantz, Feb. 13, 1849. She died Jan. 28, 1892. Children: (i) Mary 
Jane, wife of Mr. Culbertson. Address (1910) Grand Island, Nebrabka. 
Born Nov. 19, 1849. Six children. (2) Emma L., wife of Cyrus Seller. 
Address (1910) Elkhart, Ind. Born May 6, 1851. Eight children. (3) 
John C. Boyer, born Se|)t. 17, 1853. He died May I, 1878. Married to 
Ann Belle Robinson. Address (1909) Minneapolis, Minn. One child. 
(4) Florence A., wife of J. Frank Cathcart. Address (1909) Bristol, 
Ind. Three children. 

F (3) Sarah Bt)yer, daughter of J. T. Christian Boyer and wife 
Anna Maria E[)ley, born Nov. 23, 1825, married Mr. Hascnphig. 


F (4) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of J. T. Christian Boyer and wife 
Anna Maria Epley, born April 30, 1828, married David M. Batdorf. 
Children: (i) George A. Address (1909) Freeburg, Pa. (2) David F. 
Address (1909) Freeburg, Pa. (3) Mary M., and Miles B. 

F (5) Susannah Boyer, daughter of J. T. Christian Boyer and wife 
Anna Maria Epley, born Aug. 28, 1836, married George Long. Ad- 
dress (1909) Earned, Kansas. Children: (i) Mary E., wife of Mr. 
Washburn, Santa Barbara, Cal. (2) Matilda C, wife of W. P. Colvin, 
Lucky Boy, Nevada. (3) Jennie L., wife of FI. H. Doyle, Los Angeles, 
Cal. (4) Edwin M., of Greensburg, Kansas. (5) Eva S., wife of C. 
W. Dunn, Lawton, Okla. (6) Carrie L., wife of F. W. Johnson, Earned, 

F (6) Matilda Catharine Boyer, daughter of J. T. Christian Boyer 
and wife Anna Maria Epley, born Aug. 3, 1843. 



\'oliiinc 17, of the Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, shows 
t!ial Cioorj^c Haver cnnie with John I'hihj) iJeyer and Christoplier Bayer 
from I'alatinate, Germany — i)robahly from Grunstadi — in i73f. The ship 
"Philadelphia Merchant" arrived at Philadelpliia, i'a., Sept. 11, i/^i. 
John Philip Beyer and Christopher Bayer settled in Frederick Township, 
Montgomery Co., Ta. The fact that Geor{^c Bayer remained in Fred- 
erick Township with the CInislupher Bayer i)OSterity, and that his name 
is spelled with an "a" in his "will," g'oes pretty far to ]irove that lie 
was a relative of Christoi)her rather than of John Philip. The fact that 
he was only five years old in 1731 prol)ahly shows that he was an orphan 
son of Christopher's brother. J le is buried on the old homestead, touch- 
ing Mr. Gebert's farm, some distance from Zieglerville, Pa., wiiere the 
historian found very valuable dates on tomfjstones, of which theie is a 
respectable group. The direct tlescendants should purcliase the grou:i'l, 
and assure the i)reservation of the graves. According to the inscrijj- 
tion George Bayer was born July 23, 1726, without doubt in Germany. 
lie died April 23, 1792. He was a farmer. Why he was not buried in 
the Old Goshenhoppen graveyard close by is not clear, for the Church 
Records show that his ])osterity was connected with this congregation. 
His wife Catharine, b(jrn Jan. 10, 173.I, is burictl by his side. She died 
Feb. 10, 1826. In the "will" which George Bayer made, dated March 
28, I7«)2, Frederick Township, Montgomery Co., Pa., and recorded at 
Norristown, Pa., he names his wife Catharine, anil his children Henry, 
George, Anthony, William, Jacol), Catharine, and IClizabelh. The .\rch- 
ives tlo not show that he was directly interested in the Revolulioni'.iy 
War, altlujugh at least three of his sons were enlisted soldiers. 

B (I) Henry Bayer, son of George liayer and his wife Catharine, 
was probably the oldest for he is named first in his will. He is buried 
near his fiarents, aged 5() years, 8 months ruid I day. From l) 
records of the Old Goshenho])pen Church, we learn that liis wife's name 
was Maria. The historian finds only three of the children recorded in 
the baptismal records: Magdalena was born in 1776; (^eorge, Jan. (>, 
1779; and Nellie, March i(>. 1781. There may have been oilurs, l/.it 



what became of them is not known. That the father was still livini^ in 
1792 appears from the fact that he was named in his father's "will" in 
that year. 

B (2) George Bayer, son of George Bayer and his wife Catharine, 
was born in Frederick Twp., Montg. Co., Pa., about 1746. Lutheran. 
His wife's name was Anna Barbara. This couple left only one child, 

B (3) Anthony Bayer, son of George Bayer and his wife Catharine, 
was born in Frederick Twp., Montg. Co., Pa., about 1755, as we guess 
from the date of his first son, and died in 1831, as we learn from Rev. 
Allen Boyer's notes. He was a soldier of the Revolution, from Montg. 
Co., Pa., as we learn from page 668, Vol. 3, Sixth Series, Pennsylvania 
Archives. After the war — so we guess from the date of his first child, he 
married Salome Reinhart as we know from the Old Goshenhoppen re- 
cords and Mrs. Kahle's notes. The children were George, John R., 
Jacob R., Henry, Simon R., Isaac, and one whose name the historian 
can not learn. 

B (4) William Bayer, son of George Bayer and wife Catharine, 
was born Nov. 20, 1768, and died Dec. 26, 1857, as we learn from Bible 
records in the hands of his grandson Henry Boyer, of Fretlerick, Pa. 
He is buried at Keelor's Church, Frederick Twp., Montg. Co., Pa. 
Lutheran. Carpenter. His wife's name was Christina. She was born 
Dec. 20, 1776. The children, as we learn from the same notes, were 
Christiana, Catharine, Annie, Amos, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Enos, Henry, 
Josiah, Madeline, Lydia, Catharine, Reuben, and Joseph. P. S. — It is 
just possible that this William Boyer was the John William Boyer, son 
of John George liayer and his wife Catharine, for he was born Nov. 
22, 1768, as the Old Gosh(jnhoi)])en books says. But if he was that John 
William, the historian has no trace of the William named in the will 
of George Bayer born 1726. 

B (5) Jacob Bayer, son of George Bayer and wife Catharine, was 
born August 1754, and died Feb. 11, 1796. Buried at Old Goshenhoppen 
Church. He lived in Pcrkiomcnville, Montgomery Co., Pa., and was a 
private soldier. See page 668, Vol. 3, Sixth Series, Pa. Archives, where 
he is recorded with his brothers, in I78rx His wife's name was Catharine 
Schantz. In his "will," made I7tj6, and recorded at Norristown, Pa., it is 
stated that there were six sons and five daughters. They were Jacob, 
Henry, Samuel, Daniel B., Magdalene, Catharine, Susannah, Elizabeth, 
John, Philip, and a girl whose name the historian can not learn. 

B (6) Catharine Bayer and Elizabeth, daughters of George Bayer 
and wife Catharine, can not be traced. 


C (i) George Bayer, son of Henry Bayer and his wife Maria, was 
"born Jan. 6, 1779. 

C (i) George Bayer, son of George Bayer and his Nvife Anna 
Barbara, was born in Fretl. Twp., Montg. Co., Pa. L.utlieran. Carpenter. 
Died Feb. 10, 1828. Both he and his wife are buried at Center Square, 
Montg., Co., Pa. His wife was Mary Zieber. Siie married Mr. Bayer 
July 2, 1789, and died Sept. 22, 1851. Children: John and George. 

C (i) George Bayer, son of Anthony Bayer and his wife Salome 
(Sarah) Reinhart, was born May 26, 1791, Montg. Co., Pa., and died 
Nov. 6, 1857, or Sept. 25. 1793, at Carbondale, in Illinois. He migrated 
from the neighborhood of lio) ertown, Pa., to Monroe Co., W. Va. Served 
in the Blaek Hawk War as major. Served in the Legislature of Illinois. 
Married a Miss Herrold of West Virginia. Children: Plorace Louis. 
Soldier in Mexican War. Captain in General John A. Logan's Regiment, 
Civil War. Killed May 22, i8()3, Yick-sburg, Miss. 

C (2) John R. Boyer, son of Anthony Bayer and his wife Salome 
Reinhart, was born March 19, 1797, probably in New Berlin, Union Co., 
Pa., and died June 26, 1879, ^^ Salem, Clarion Co., Pa. His grave is 
in Salem, Clarion Co., Pa. See Mrs. Kahle's notes. Blacksmith in 
Clarion County. Captain of some military organization. In 1818 he 
married Anna Maria Shambaugh, as Mrs. Kahle also reports. Chihlren: 
Allen, Levi, Neri, Amos, Alfred S., Ralijh, Matilda, Hettie, Leah, Amelia, 
and Richard. 

C (3) Jacob R. Boyer, son of Anthony Bayer and his wife Sarah 
Reinhart, died unmarried. 

C (4) Henry Boyer, son of Anthony Bayer and his wife Sarah 

C (5) Boyer, son of Anthony Bayer and his wife Sarah 


C (6) Simon R. Bayer, son of Anthony Bayer and his wife Sarah 
Reinhart, was born 1810, on a farm in Union Co., Pa., near New Berlin. 
He died March 8, 1880, or March 19, 1881, and is buried on Mt. Moriah 
Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pa. He was the 7th son of his father, as his 
son Dr. Samuel S. reported to the historian. Lutheran ^Minister, in 
charge of congregation at L}ons, Pa., Strassburg and McEvvensville, 
Lancaster Co., Pa., and at other ])laces. Resided in his last years at 722 
North 40th Street, Phila.. Pa. Married Rachel Baum, born July 9, 1815. 
She died June 24, 1896, and is buried near her husband. Children: 
>Samuel, Clyde Clinton, Edward Luther, and Louisa A. 

C (7) Bayer, daughter of Anthony Bayer and wife Salome 

Reinhart, married Henry Myers, as Mrs. Kahle reports. 


C (8) Isaac Bayer, son of Anthony Bayer and wife Sarah Rein- 
hart, settled near Cardington, Morrow Co., Ohio, his "claim" taking in 
an old Indian village. Married. Children : George Bowyer, J. T. 
Bowyer, and probably others. 

C (i) Jacob Bayer, son of Jacob Bayer and his wife Catharine, 
was born Jan. 9, 1777, as Mrs. Rudy reports. He died March 13, 1853, 
and is buried in the Old Goshenhoppen graveyard, near Salford Station, 
of the Perkionien Railroad. Lutheran. Married Elizabeth Ileebner, born 
March 4, 1777. She died July 30, 1838. Children: Polly, Sarah, Annie, 
Susan, Hettie, Eliza, Kate, Sophia, Hannah, and Rebecca. 

C (2) Henry Bayer, son of Jacob Bayer and his wife Catharine, 
was born Oct. 19, 1778, and died March 18, 1857. Buried on Fairvievv 
Cemetery, Boycrtown, Pa. Member of State Legislature from Berks 
County in 1823, 1824, 1825, 1826, and 1831. He and his brother Daniel 
B., founded Boyertown, Pa. Lots were laid out in 1835, ^""-^ the town 
was incorporated in 1851. INIarried Sarah Krebs, ]\Iarch 3, 1800. She 
was born Feb. 28, 1784, at New Hanover Square, Montg. Co., Pa. Chiil- 
dren: Michael K., Catharine, Elizabeth, Sarah, Henry, Jacob K., Han- 
nah, Maria, Caroline, and Angelina. 

C (3) ' Bayer, daughter of Jacob Bayer and Ms wife 

Catharine, married Jacob Houck. They lived near Perkiomenville, Pa. 
She is buried at Keelor's Church. 

C (4) Bayer, daughter of Jacob Bayer and wife Catharine, 

married a Stetzler, and lived near Keelor's Church, Frederick, Pa. 

F (5) Samuel Bayer, son of Jacob Bayer and wife Catharine, was 
born Dec. 2, 1780, and his baptism is recorded in the Old Goshenhoppen 
records, but the historian can not find any descendants. 

C (6) Daniel Bayer, son of Jacob Bayer and wife, was born Sept. 
12, 1782, and died April 23, 1869. Buried on Fairview Cemetery, Boyer- 
town, Pa. Lutheran. Merchant. He and his brother Henry founded 
Boyertown. Married Salome Burkhart. She was born Nov. 16, 1785, 
died June 14, 1861, and is buried at Boyertown. Children: Daniel B., 
Samuel, Henry, Willoughby, Sarah, Lovina, and Elizabeth. 

C (/) Magdalcna Boyer, "daughter of Jacob Bayer and wife Cath- 
arine, was born Feb. 18, 1784. 

C (8) Catharine Bayer, daughter of Jacob Bayer and wife Cath- 
arine, was born Oct. 17, 1785. 

C (9) Siis;mnah Bayer, daughter of Jacob Bayer and wife was born 
Aug. 1787, died March 10, 1863, and is buried at Keelor's. Married 
Jacob Houck. Children : See Airs. Erb's report. Obelisk, Pa. 


C (10) Elizabeth Bayer, daughter of Jacob Bayer and wife Cath- . 
arine, was bora Feb. 8, 1788. 

C (11) John Bayer, son of Jacob Bayer and his wife Catharine, 
was born Oct. 21, 1790. 

C (12) Phihp Bayer, son of Jacob Bayer and wife Catharine, was 
born March 24, 1792, died Feb. 4, 1822, and is buried on the Old Goshen- 
hoppen Cemetery. His wife's name was Sophia. She died in i860. As 
far as the historian knows, there was only one child — Michael. 

C (i) Amos Bayer, son of William Bayer and wife Christina, was 
born May 9, 1801. 

C (2) Elizabeth Bayer, daughter of William Bayer and wife Chris- 
tina, was born June 9, 1803. She married Joel Cope, and lived in Clarion 
Co., Pa. 

C (3) Mary A. Boyer, daughter of William Bayer and wife Chris- 
tina, was born Jan. 24, 1806. Married Daniel Boardman. There were 
nine children: Catherine (Mrs. Aaron Fryer) Spring Mount, Pa., and 
Sarah (Mrs. Ephraim Sampsel) Falconer Swamp, Pa., and seven others. 

C (4) Enos Bayer, son of William Bayer and wife Catharine^ 
was born Nov. 15, 1807, died Sept. 28, 1867. Buried at Keelor, Pa. 
I^Iarried Eliza Dotterer. No descendants. 

C (5) Henry Boyer, son of William Bayer and wife Christina, 
was born April 4, 181 r, and is buried at Green Tree, Upper Providence, 
Montg. Co., Pa. Lived at Trappe, Pa. Married Mary A. Griffith. 
Children: William M., John S., Henry U., Mary J., Jane, and Eli;La- 
beth 1. 

C (6) Josiah Bayer, son of William Bayer and wife Christina, vv^as 
born Jan. 12, 1813. 

C (7) Madeline Bayer, daughter of William Bayer and wife Chris- 
tina, was born Aug. 10, 1819. She married Mr. Conner. Plis son Frank 
resided in Clarion County in 1910. 

C (8) Reuben Boyer, son of William Bayer and wife Christina, 
was born Feb. 27, 1809 in Fred. Twp., Montg., Co., Pa., died Sept. 29, 
1899, and is buried at Keelor's Church. Lutheran. Shoemaker. Mar- 
ried Elizabeth Denglcr, born Dec. 13, 1815. She died March 16, 1873. 
Children: Henry D., and Sarah. 

C (9) Joseph Boyer, son of Wililam Bayer and Christina, was bon\ 
Feb. 27, 1809, twin with Reul^en. Married. Children: John, Aaron, 
and Mary. 

C (10, II, 12, 13, 14) Christina, Catharine, Annie, Lydia, and 


Catharine, were also children of William and Christina Bayer, but the 
historian can not find descendants. 

D (i) John Boyer, son of George Bayer and wife Mary Zieber, 
was born 1800, and died 1865. Lutheran. President of National Bank, 
Norristown, Pa. Married Mary Markley in 1841. No descendants. 

D (2) George Boyer, son of George Bayer and wife Mary Zieber, 
was born 1794, and died 1866. Lutheran. Contractor and builder. 
Married Catherine HoiTman. Both buried on Montgomery Cemetery, 
Norristown, Pa. Children : Mary, Elizabeth, Joanna, Catherine, John, 
Margaret, and Isabella. 

D ( I ) Horace Louis Bowyer, son of George Prince Bowyer and 
wife Herrold was born Feb. 17, 1822, Franklin Co., Illinois. Died in 
Memphis, Tenn., June 12, 1863, from gunshot wound received -at Vicks- 
burg. Man of some wealth. Merchant. Soldier in Mexican War. Cap- 
tain in John A. Logan's Regiment of Civil War. Lost his life leailing 
his troops up the heights of Vicksburg, Miss., May 22, 1863. His wife's 
name was Children: (i) George Louis Bowyer. (2) 

Richard Alonzo Bowyer. (3) Winifred Emily. 

D (i) Jacob Bowyer, son of Isaac Boyer and wife, son of Anthony, 
was born 181 5, and died 1893. Lived and died at Carbondale, Illinois. 
Married Sarah Boren, and after her Polly Ann Phemister. Children: 
(i) George Bowyer. Address (1915) Cardington, Ohio. Born about 
1854. (2) J. T. Bowyer. Address (1915) Carterville, Illinois. Born 
Nov. 6, 1856. Married. Children: Two boys and a girl. (3) Isaac. 
Bowyer, who died in the ''Andersonville prison" during the Civil War. 
Born about 1850. (4) Williani I'owycr. Born 1852. (5) Grant Bowyer, 
(6) Elizabeth Bowyer, (7) Qua Bowyer, (8) Ellen Bowyer. 

D (2) William Bowyer, son of Isaac Boyer and wife 

D (3) Joseph Bowyer, son of Isaac Boyer and wife 

D (4) Isaac Bowyer, son of Isaac Boyer and wife 

D (5) Loretta Bowyer, daughter of Isaac Boyer and wife 

D (6) Rebecca Bowyer, daughter of Isaac Boyer and wife 

D (i) Reverend Allen Boyer, son of Captain John R. Boyer and 
wife Anna IMaria Shambaugh, was born March 29, 1819, and died Nov. 
15, 1906. German Baptist. Faithful Bible student. Entered the Holy 
Ministry in 1862. Resided in Lena, Stephenson Co., Illinois. Married^ 
Leah Jordan, Feb. 16, 1840. She was born August 15, 1818, and died 
Nov. 21, 1910. Children: Ezra, Isaac, Annie, John, Levi, Sarah, Mary, 
Plannah, Simon, and Enoch. 

D (2) Levi Boyer, son of John R. Boyer and wife Anna M. Sham- 


baugh, was born Sept. 22, 1822, and died August 10, 1S98. Resided at 
Pilgerham, Clarion Co., Pa. Married Elizabeth Heater. She was born 
Oct. 18, 1827, and died March 1, 1899. Children: Neri, Urias Hannah, 
Allen P., Olive, Barbara, Emma, Ambrose, William S., and Effie. 

D (3) Neri Boyer, son of John R. Bo3'er and wife Anna M. Sham- 
baugh, was born Boatman in Eastern Pennsylvania. 

Farmer and stonemason in Clarion Co. Pa. Alarried Mary Mitchell. 
Children: Reverend Levi j\'I., Jeremiah, Rebecca, Mary, Louisa, Vesta, 
Hattie, Irvin D., Elizabeth, J. C. Fremont, William G., Etta, and Rev- 
erend N. Frank. 

D (4) Amos Boyer, son of John R. Boyer and wife Anna M 
Shambaugh, was born April 9, 1828, and died by accident Aug. 29, 1867, 
Cared for his father up to time of death. Married Anna Cope, born 
July 5, 1828. Childrca: Delilah, Harriet, Caroline, Lydia, Joel Jerome, 
John A., Anna, IMinerva, Andrew, and Mary. 

D (5) Alfred S. Boyer, son of John R. Boyer and wife Anna M. 
Shambaugh, was born Aug. 30, 1832, Union Co., Pa., and died suddenly 
when quite old. Stone mason and farmer. Lived near Monrocville, 
Clarion Co., Pa. Married Mary Jane Weaver, born Nov. 3, 1836. Chil- 
dren: Permelia O., Clinton Virgil, Sarah Frances, Andrew G., Cora S., 
Jennie ALiy, Margie R., Reuben K., and Clara M. 

D (6) Reverend Rah)h Boyer, son of Captain John R. Boyer and 
wife Anna M. Shambaugh, was born May 11, 1834, and died in Kansas. 
Blacksmith. Later a minister of the German Brethren Church. Moved 
from Clarion Co., Pa., to Illinois. Served three years in the Civil War. 
Married first to Priscilla Knajjpcnberger, born April 3, 1837. Child : 
Mary C. His second wife was IMary Altman. Child: Abraham Lincoln. 
After her death he married Isabella Graham, born May 20, 1839. Chil- 
dren : Priscilla, Rachel, and Richard Martin. 

D (7) Matilda Boyer, daughter of John R. Boyer and wife Anna 
M. Shambaugh, married Rev. John W. Porter, Presbyterian minister, 
who died. March 2, 1887. In (1886) they resided at Vandalia, Mo. 
Children: Gii"!, and Mary, so far as known to historian's corres- 

D (8) Esther Boyer, daughter of John R. Boyer and wife Anna 
M. Shambaugh. 

D (9) Amelia Boyer, daughter of John R. Boyer and wife Anna 
M. Shambaugh. 

D (10) Leah Boyer, daughter of John R. Boyer and wife Anna M. 


D (ii) Richard Boyer, son of John R. Boyer and wife Anna M. 
Shambaugh. Soldier in Civil War. Went West. Relatives have not 
heard from him since. His wife's maiden name was White, and there 
were two sons so far as known. 

D (i) Dr. Samuel S. Boyer, son of Rev. Simon R. Boyer and 
Rachel Baum, was born June 9, 1840, in IMifflintown, Juniata County, 
Pa., and died July 31, 1913. Lutheran. Graduate of Jefiferson Metlical 
College, Phila., Pa. In early life assistant surgeon in U. S. Army. He 
served with great credit, and was present in the last skirmish with Lee's 
troops. Remained in the regular army after the war. In 191 1, when 
he wrote the historian a very line letter, he was a practising physician, 
residing at i Church St., Wilmington, N. C. Married Rebecca M. Drew, 
Feb. 27, 1871. She died July 8, 18S6. Child: Roderick Claudius. In 
the Plospital Corps (1913) of the U. S. Army — probably in the Phillipine 

D (2) Cloyd Clinton Boyer, son of Rev. Simon R. Boyer and wife 
Rachel Baum, was born Jan. 5, 1849, and died at the age of 60 years. 
College education. Private soldier in U. S. Army for about 10 years. 
Then he entered the Marine Corps, remaining about 20 years, reaching 
the rank of Sergeant. Retired as Sergeant, Jan. I, 190.0, he died single 
in Norfolk, Va., July 4, 1901. 

D (3) Edward Luther Bo}er, son of Rev. Simon R. Boyer and 
wife Rachel Baum, was born July 9. 1850 in McEwensville, Lancaster 
Co., Pa., died 48 years old, and is buried on Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Phila., 
Pa. Attended State Normal School, Kutztown, Pa. Graduate of Pharm- 
acy, Phila., Pa. Druggist and chemist. T\Iarried Elizabeth Langenfelt. 
Children: Horace Russel and Edward Baun^. 

D (4) Louisa A. lioyer, daughter of Rev. Simon R. Boyer and wife 
Rachel Baum, was born Jan. 30, 1854. Married James M. West. Ad- 
dress (1908) 90S North 41st St., Phila., Pa. Her son Attorney Edward 
Boyer West, has an office at the Betz Bldg., Phila., Pa. 

D (i) Polly Bo}er, daughter of Jacob Bayer and wife Elizabeth 
Heebner, married Samuel Scholl. 

D (2) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Jacob Bayer and wife Elizabeth 
Heebner, married George Poley. 

D (3) Annie Boyer, daughter of Jacob Bayer and wife Elizabeth 
Heebner, born 1800, Boyerto\vn, Pa., married Samuel Reinhart. Chil- 
dren: Mark, Jesse, Hannah, and Jacob B. 

D (4) Susan Boyer, daughter of Jacob Bayer and wife Elizabeth 
Heebner, married Reverend Grim. 



D (5) rietlie r.oyer, daug-liter of Jacob Caver and wife Elizabeth 
Heebner, married William Mack. 

D (6) Eliza lj03er, daughter of Jacob Bayer and wife Elizabeth 
Heebner, married Samuel Roeller. 

D (7) Kate Boyer, daughter of Jacob Bayer and wife Elizabeth 
Heebner, married Timothy Rushong'. One son Benjamin Rushong re- 
sided at Perkiomenville, Pa., in 1910. 

D (8) Sophia Boyer, daughter of Jacob Bayer and wife Elizabeth 
Heebner, married Samuel Leidy. Daniel L. Gougler of Frederick, Pa., 
is a descendant. 

D (9) Hannah Boyer, daug-hter of Jacob Bayer and wife Elizabeth 
Pleebner, married Tobias Cressman. Boyer Cressman, of Tylersport, is 
- a son or grandson. 

D (10) Rebecca Boyer, daug-hter of Jacob Bayer and wife Eliza- 
beth Heebner, married Amos Kepler. 

D (i) Alichael K. Boyer, son of Henry Bayer and wife Sarah 
Krebs, was born July 10, 1801, and died Dec. 21, 1886. Lutheran. Sur- 
veyor, Prothonotary, and Legislator. Married Rebecca Pellman. She 
was born Sept. 29, 1802, and died Dec. 18, 1881. Children: Dr. David 
P., Dr. Thomas Jefferson, Attorney Benjamin Franklin, Attorney Michael, 
and Rebecca. 

D (2) Catharine Boyer, daughter of Henry Bayer and wife Sarah 
Krebs, was born 1803, and died Sept. 11, 1883. Married John Rhoads. 
Children : Dr. T. J. B. Rhoads, Dr. Reuben Rhoads, Mrs. Solomon Erb, 
Mrs. William Grim, Mrs. Kate Bird, Mrs. Weaver. 

D (3) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Henry Bayer and wife Sarah 
Krebs, was born Sept. 29, 1804, and died Nov. 23, 1850. Married John 
Criesemer and after his death J. Weidner. 

D (4) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Henry. Bayer and wife Sarah 
Krebs, was born Feb. 3, 1807, and died Oct. 13, 1859. Married Jacob 

D (5) Henry K. Boyer, son of Plenry Bayer and wife Sarah Krebs, 
was born June 11, 1809, and died Nov. 17, 1858. Buried at Lebanon. 
Pa. Clerk at Gibraltar Furnace, Gibraltar, Pa. Married Elizabeth 
Shilling-, born May 12, 181 1. She died Aug. 31, 1857. Children: Perme- 
]ia, Celista (Mrs. Celista Peters, 124 South loth St., Reading, Pa., (1910J, 
Henrietta Boyer (Mrs. Gerhart, 956 Chestnut St., Reading, Pa.) 

D (6) Jacob K. Boyer, son of Henry Bayer and wife Sarah Krebs, 
was born Dec. 21, 181 1, died March 10, 1850, and is buried at Boyer- 


town, Pa. Captain of the Boyertown Greys, probably an organization 
of the Mexican. War period. Lutheran. Schoolteacher. County Auditoi, 
Merchant, A self-made man of sterling worth. Married Lucy K. Lud- 
wig, born 1813. She died Feb. 7, 1868, and is buried at Boyertown. 
Children: Jerome L., Washington, and Annnon. 

D (7) Hannah Boyer, daughter of Henry Bayer and wife Sarah 
Krebs, was born Dec. 5, 1813, and died March 20, 1882. Married Dr. 
Charles F. Sellers. 

D (8) Maria Boyer, daughter of Henry Bayer and wife Sarah 
Krebs, was born June 13, 1S16, and died Oct. 12, 1S62. Marrit-d Marshall 
B. Campbell. 

D (9) Caroline Boyer, daughter of Henry liayer and wife Sarah 
Krebs, was born Sept. 5, 1817, and died Feb. 3, 1876. Married George 
Huff. Children: Senator George B. Hull, Greensburg, Pa. 1910, Wil- 
liam Huff, Plarry Huff, etc. 

D (10) Angelina Boyer, daughter of Henry Bayer and wife Sarah 
Krebs, was born Feb. 12, 1822, and died ' 4, 1890. Alarried Rev. 
Frederick W. Dechant. Children: William PI. Dechant, Reading, Pa., 
1910, etc. 

D (i) i\'Iichael C. Boyer, son of Philip Bayer and wife Sophia,, 
was born May 24, 1821, as recorded in the Old Goshenhoppen baptismal 
records, in Salford Twp., Montgomery Co., Pa. Lutheran. Died in 
1899, according to Howard C. Boyer, his son. Buried with wife in 
Montgomery Cemetery, Norristown, Pa. Married, May 8, 1849, ^lary A. 
Ziegler, born 1829. She died April i, 1909. Children: Jesse Irving, 
Catharine Ann, Wallace, Horace G., Henry Wilson, Ploward Clinton, 
Michael Allen, Mary L., and John Francis. 

D (i) Willam M. Boyer, son of Henry Boyer and' wife Mary 
Griffith, was born. Married. Children: William. Address (1910) 
Phoenixville, Pa. 

D (2) John S. Boyer, son of Henry Boyer and wife Mary Griffith, 
was born Nov. 14, 1842, in Lower Providence, Montg. Co., Pa., died 
March 24, 1880, and is buried at Collegeville, Pa. Farmer. Married 
Mary J. Hunsicker, born 1847. Address (1910) Mrs. Mary Boyer, 2005 
Diamond St., Phila., Pa. Children: (i) Howard T. Boyer. Address 
(1910) 2523 North 31st St., Phila., Pa. Graduate of Urshius College. 
Book-keeper for Mayor Reyburn. (2) Ida May Boyer. Address (1910) 
2005 Diamond St., Phila., Pa. 

D (3) Henry U. Boyer, son of Henry Boyer and wife Mary Griffith. 
Address (1910) El Paso, Texas. 




D (4) Mary J. Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and wife Mary 
Griffith, married Abraham K. Harley. Address (1910) Mary Jane Har- 
ley, 2005 Diamond St., Phila., Pa. 

D (5) Jane Boyer. 

O (6) EHzabeth I. Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and wife Mary 
Griffith, married Frank Levengood. Address (1910) Spring City, Pa. 

D (i) Henry D. Boyer, son of Reuben Boyer and wife EHzabeth 
Dengler, was born Oct. 6, 1849. Lutheran. Carpenter. Address (1910) 
Frederick, Pa. Married Catharine Palsgrove, born Sept. 27, 1855. Only 
chikl : Sarah Jane. 

D (2) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Reuben Boyer and wife EHzabeth 
Dengler, married Thomas J I. Smith, and is deceased. 

D (i) John Boyer, son of Joseph Boyer and wife. Address (1910) 
Clarion Co., Pa. 

D (2) Aaron Boyer, son of Joseph Boyer and wife. Address (1910) 
Clarion Co., Pa. 

D (3) May Boyer, daughter of Joseph Boyer and wife. Address 
( ) Mrs. Reverend Dengler, Scllcrsville, Pa. 

D (i) Henry B. Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and wife Salome 
Burkhart, was born 1805, and died 1895. He is buried on Charles Evans 
Cemetery, Reading, Pa. Lutheran. Liveryman. Married Susan Fritz, 
born Dec. 14, 1807. She died Jan. 29, 1881. Children: Ploward F., 
Henry F., George F., Frank F., John F., Lucretia, and Mary. 

D (2) Samuel B. Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and wife Salome 
Burkhart, was born Sept. 10, 1807, died Oct. 7, 1838, and is buried on 
]]aron Hill Cemetery. Married Esther Keely Kline, born Nov. 26, 1805. 
She died Dec. 10, 1872. Children: Percival K., and Olivia. 

D (3) Daniel B. Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and wife Salome 
Burkhart, was born Jan. 12, 1814, at Boyertown, Pa., and died April 5, 
1892. Buried at Boyertown. Lutheran. Very Prosperous merchant. 
Married Mary Ann Keely, born Feb. 14, 1815. Children: Samuel, 
Malinda, James K., and Plorace K. 

D (4) Willoughby B. Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and wife Salome 
Burkhart, was born April 1829, at Boyertown, Pa., and died at Norris- 
town, Pa., 1900. Lutheran. Grocer. Married Harriet Dengler. She 
was born March 22, 1829, and died May 13, 1906. Children: Louis B., 
Wallace, Clara, and Ella. 

D (5) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Daniel Boyer and wife Salome 
Burkhart, married a Mr. Schuler. 


D (6) Lovina Boycr, daughter of Daniel Boyer and wife Salome 
Burkhart, married Miles Dengler. Child : llenry. Then she married 
Richard Richards. Child : Mrs. Thomas Clark. 

D (7) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Daniel Boyer and wife Salome 
Burkhart, married John Steinruck. 

D (8) Boyer, daughter of Daniel Boyer and wife Salome 

Burkhart, married Abraham Eshbach. Cliild: Mrs. Stabler. Address 
(1910) Norristown, Pa. 

D (i) Simon liouck, son of Susannah Bayer and husband Jacob 
Houck, farmer, married Caroline Sampsel. Both buried at Keelor's 
Church, Obelisk, Pa. Children : Matilda, wife of John Bardman. 
Their daughter Emma Bardman married Jacob Boyer, son of Josiah 
Boyer, Zieglerville, Pa. (1913). The other Houck children were Mary, 
]\lilton S., Amanda, Emma, Katherine, and Clara. 

D (2) Charles Houck, son of Susannah Boyer and Jacob Houck, 
farmer, married Esther Shoener. Buried at Boyertown, Pa. 

ID (3) Jacob Houck, son of Susannah Boyer and Jacob Houck, 
married Elizabeth Reiter. Buried at Keelor's Church. 

D (4) Joshua Houck, son of Susannah Boyer and Jacob Houck, 
farmer, married Charlotte Hofman. Jiuried at Keelor's Church. Chil- 
dren: Susannah, wife of Amandus Wean. Address (1911) Boyertown, 
Pa. The other Houck children were Clara, Wilhelmina, Clarissa. 

D (5) Samuel Houck, son of Susannah Boycr and Jacob Houck, 
farmer, married Sarah Slonaker. Buried at Sumneytovvn, Pa. No chil- 

D (6) Jonas Houck, son of Susannah Boycr and Jacob Houck. 

D (7) Nathan Houck, son of Susannah Boyer and Jacob Houck, 
was a miner. * 

D (8) Rebecca Houck, daughter of Susannah Boyer and Jacob 

D (9) Catharine , Houck , daughter of Susannah Boyer and Jacob 
Houck, married Jesse Moyer. 

D (10) Susannah Houck, daughter of Susaimah Boyer and Jacob 
Houck, born Nov. 15, 1825, died April 24, 1897. Married to Philip 
Richards, b<3rn 26, 1824. He died Oct. 13, 1896. Both buried at 
Keelor's. Children: (i) Oliver Richards, 2132 Percy St., Phila., Pa. 
(2) Milton Richards, 1145 Queen St., Pottstown, Pa. (3) Samuel K. 
Richards, Obelisk, Pa. One son, Ralph. (4) Lucetta Richards (Baum) 
Quakertown, Pa. (5) Sevilla Richards (Erb), Sassamansville, Pa. (6) 


Hannah Richards (Sncll), 1145 Queen St., Pottstown, Pa. (7) Sarah 
Richards (Kehl), New Hanover, I^a. (8) Rosetta Richards (Gerhard). 
(9) Amandus Richards, Obelisk, Pa. (loj Susannah Richards (Hail- 
ing), Schwenksville, Pa. (11) Elizabeth Richards (Gougler) Obelisk, 
Pa. (12) Milton Richards, Pottstown, Pa. 

B (i) Richard Alonzo Bowycr, son of Horace Louis Bowyer and 
•wife, was born August 27, 185Q. Christian Church. Bachelor. Address 
(1915) California. 

E (2) George Louis Bowyer, son of Horace Louis Bowyer and 
wife, was born Feb. 24, 1852, near Carbondale, Illinois. Two years' 
course at Military School, Fulton, Illinois. Connected with post office 
•department, Washington, Illinois, with headquarters at Chicago. Ad- 
dress (1915) Carbondale, 111. Helped the historian identify his grand- 
father with family tree. Methodist. Wife's name is Melissa Angeline, 
born March 15, 1857. Children: (i) Ilattie Hayes, born Jan. 5, 1880. 
Wife of William R. Flarryman, born Sept. 1875. Married March 20, 
ic)o6. Address (1915) Charleston, 111. She is a graduate of State Nor- 
mal School, Carbondale, 111., and has a very superior musical education. 
Children: William Rider Harryman, born May 25, 1908, and Elean<jr 
Harriet, born AL'irch 4, 191 5, both at Charleston, 111. (2) Emma Louise, 
born Aug. 28, 1SS3. Graduate of State Normal School, Carbondale, 111., 
and won a bachelor's degree in University of Chicago. Professor of 
Latin and German, and Assistant of Vice Principal, Carbondale Norm:d 
School. (3) jNIabel Melissa, wife of Roscoe A. Taylor, a business man 
of Carbondale, 111. She is a graduate of Carbondale Normal, class 1905. 
Children: Robert Louis Taylor, born Sept. 24, 1910, and John Bowyer 
Taylor, born Jan. 7, 1914, both at Carbondale, 111. 

E (3) Winifred Emily Bowyer, daughter of Horace Louis Bowyei- 
and wife, married Mr. Cochran. Methodist. Went to school with a 
sister of Mrs. Logan, wife of General John A. Logan. 

E (i) Ezra Boyer, son of Reverend Allen Boyer and wife Leah 
Jordan, was born Nov. 29, 1840. Address (1915) Lena, Illinois. Dunk- 
ard. Farmer. Married. Children: (i) Arthur. Address (1915) 
Lena, Illinois. Farmer. (2) Boyd. Address (1915) Lena, Illinois. 
Farmer. (3) Sadie, wife of Mr. Loomis. Address (1915) Lena, Illinois. 
All Dunkards. 

E (2) Isaac Boyer, son of Rev. Allen Boyer and wife Leah Jordaru 
was born Aug. 6, 1842, and died in California. Married. Mrs. Boycr's 
address (191 5) I<os Angeles. Children: Three. 

E (3) Annie Boyer, daughter of Rev. Allen Boyer and wife Leah 


Jordan, was born Aug. 22, 1844. Married Mr. Shaeffer. Address (191 5) 
Adel, Iowa. Six children. All farmers. All Dunkards. 

E (4) John Boyer, son of Rev. Allen Boyer and wife Leah Jordan^ 
was born Oct. 30, 1846. Address (1915) Pawnee City, Nebraska. Farm- 
er. Presbyterian. Two sons, one a physician. Address (1915) Pawnee 
City, Neb. The other a barber, namely, Bert Boyer. Address (1915) 
Clirandia, Iowa. Both sons are Methodists. 

E (5) Levi Boyer, son of Rev. Allen Boyer and wife Leah Jordan,, 
was born March 24, 1850. Address (191 5) Lena, Illinois. Farmer. 
Dunkard. His son is a printer in Chicago, and, his daughter a book- 
keeper in Lena, 111. 

E (6) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Rev. Allen Boyer and wife Leah 
Jordan, was born Feb. 11, 1852. Address (1913) Sabetha, Kansas. 
(1914) Lena, Illinois. Through her father's family history notes and 
dates she made it possible for the historian to connect her people with 
the Boyertown relatives. 

E (7) Mary Boyer, daughter of Rev. Allen Boyer and wife Leah 
Jordan, was born July 8, 1855. 

E (8) Hannah Boyer, daughter of Rev. Allen Boyer and wife Leah 
Jordan, was born April i, 1857. Married Mr. Kreitzer who has died. 
Address (1915) Mrs. Hannah Kreitzer, Sabetha, Kansas. Six children, 
(i) John Allen. Address (1915) 17 N. i6th St., Kansas City, Kansas. 
Married Henrietta Dixon. (2) Ursula, wife of Jacob S. Hill, of Urbana, 
Ohio. (3) Clinton J., of Sabetha, Kansas. (4) Sadie, wife of Frank 
Mishler, of Morrill, Kansas. (5) Leah, wife of Frank Mills, of Sabetha, 
Kansas. (6) Leonard, of same place — ^at home with mother. 

E (9) Simon Boyer, son of Rev. Allen Boyer and wife Leah Jordan,, 
was born May 27, 1859. Address (1915) Zephyrhill, Florida. Married. 
Children: One son going to school in 1915. 

E (10) Enoch Boyer, son of Rev. Allen Boyer and wife Leah 
Jordan, was born May 15, 1861. Address (1915) Garden City, Kansas. 
Methodist. Six children in school in 191 5. 

E (i) Neri Boyer, son of Levi Boyer and wife Elizabeth Fleeter, 
was born Feb. 17, 1847, and died Nov. 7, 1900. Lutheran. Meat market. 
Married Sarah Linn. Lived at Children : Four. 

E (2) Urias Boyer, son of Levi Boyer and wife Elizabeth Heeter, 
was born Oct. 2, 1848, and died July 25, 1852. 

E (3) Hannah Boyer, daughter of Levi Boyer and wife Elizabeth 
Heeter, born 1850, married J. H. Crape. Address (.1914) Knox, Pa. 
Both Lutherans. Eight children. 


E (4) Allen P. Boyer, son of Levi Boyer and wife Elizabeth 
Heeter, was born Nov. 26, 1852. Address (1913) Mariansville, Pa. 
Earmer. Married Mary Martha Dietterich. No children. 

E (5) Olive Boyer, daughter of Levi Boyer and wife Elizabeth 
Heeter, born Nov. 24, 1855, died June 19, 1864. 

E (6) Barbara Boyer, daughter of Levi Boyer and wife Elizabeth 
Heeter, born June 27, 1858, married E. F. Hines. Address (1913) 
Thornwood, West Virginia. Lutherans. Four children. 

E (7) Emma Boyer, daughter of Levi Boyer and wife Elizabeth 
Heeter, born Sept. 13, i860, married G. M. Exley. Address (1913) Van 
]iuren, Ohio. Lutheran. Four children. 

E (8) Ambrose E. Boyer, son of Levi Boyer and wife Elizabeth 
Heeter, was born March 13, 1863. Address (1913) Boys, Ohio. Fore- 
man. Married Celia Whelan. Children: Five or six. 

E (9) William Sherman Boyer, son of Levi Boyer and wife Eliza- 
beth Fleeter, was born Sept. 3, 1865. Address (1913) Penn St., Knox, 
Pa. Carpenter by trade. Employed in planing mills 20 years. Pros- 
perous. Married Oct. 22, 1887, at Clarion, Pa., Susie M, Whitmorc, 
Ebensburg, Pa. Children: Edna B., born Oct. 15, 1888. Clerk. Ad- 
dress (1913) Knox, Pa. Mary E., born June 30, 1890. Married U. E. 
Smith. Address (1913) Knox, Pa. Children: Jesse, Kenneth. Glenn 
W., born April 27, 1889; Elmer E., born July 9, 1903; Talmage E., born 
Sept. 15, 1909. 

E (10) Effie Boyer, daughter of Levi Boyer and wife Elizabeth 
Heeter, born July 8, 1868, married R. B. Walker. Address (1913) Mar- 
iansville, Pa. 

E (i) Rev. Levi Mitchell Boyer, son of Neri Boyer and wife I\'Iary 
IMitchell, was born Nov. ly, 1842, Clarion Co., Pa. Address (1915) 
1008 Fourth Street, Canton, Ohio. Teacher. Soldier of Civil War 
(1861-1864). Entered Evangelical ministry 1865. Long the Presiding 
Elder of the Columbus District, Ohio. Man of magnificent personality. 
Alarried Mary E. Weller, Somerset, Pa., Feb. 28, 1868. She was born 
Oct. 15, 1845. Children: (i) Rev. Virgil Olynthus Boyer, born June 
15, 1869. Address (1913) 10808 Superior Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Graduate of Oberlin Seminary. Missionary. Rector of Christ's Church, 
Cleveland, Ohio. Married Dorothy Schiller, Youngstown, Ohio. Chil- 
dren: Mary Eleanore, Dorothy Victoria. (2) Florence N. Boyer, born 
Jan. 25, 1870, Cherry Tree, Clearfield Co., Pa. Evangelical. Studied 
music in Oberlin, Ohio ; Lucerne, Switzerland ; Florence, Italy, and 
Munich, Germany. Plead of Music Department, South Western Uni- 



versity, Georg-etown, Texas. (3) Olive E. Boyer, born Oct. 13, 1873^ 
Oil City, Pa. Studied at Oberlin and Mt. Union Colleges, Ohio. Teacher 
in Public Schools, Canton, Ohio. Married James A. Frey. x\ddress 
(1913) Columbus, Ohio. Children: Frederick, James A., Mary E. (4) 
Mercy V. Boyer, l>orn June 11, 1877, Johnstown, Pa. Studied at Oberlin. 
Teacher in Canton, Ohio. (5) Martin W. Boyer, born Feb. 27, 1880, 
Johnstown, Pa. Address (1913) 212 North Court St., Canton, Ohio. 
Evangelical. Studied in Marietta College, Ohio. Manager Stark Bind- 
ery Company. Married May 16, i()o6, Florence Wicland, born Jan. 27, 
1878. Child: Mary E. (6) Harold II. Boyer, born Jan. 2, 1889, Frank- 
lin, Pa. Address (191 3) 28.4. Miller Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

E (i) Jeremiah Boyer, son of Neri Boyer and wife Mary Mitchell,. 
was born Nov. 7, 1845, at Kossuth, Clarion Co., Pa., and died at Franklin, 
Pa., Jan. 22, 1908. Church of God. Cavalryman, nth Pa. Volunteers. 
•Stone mason. Married (1866) Rachel Weaver, born July 24, 1844. Her 
address (1909) 17 Maple St., Rockey Grove, Franklin, Pa. Children: 
(i) Adelbert S. Boyer, born March 23, 1867, Kossuth, Pa. Address 
(1908) 1716 Latrobe St., Parkersburg, W. Va. Oil business. Married 
(Jan. 15, 1887) Jennie Neeley, born March 17, 1868. Children: Charles 
h., born July 27, 1891 ; Hazel I., born Dec. 2, 1893. (2) Lester L. Boyer, 
born about 1869. Address (1908) Franklin, Pa. Married Lottie Doug- 
lass. Children: Four in 1908. (3) Martin D. Boyer, born about 1871. 
Address ( 1908) Franklin, Pa. Married Rosa Buchanan. Children. (4) 
Thomas E. Boyer, born Feb. 8, 1874. Address (1909) CJblong, Pa. 
Drilling in oil fields. IMarried Carrie E. Richards, born Feb. 25, 1879. 
Children: Willard A., born March 31, 189S. (5) Hamilton F. Boyer, 
born Jan. 4, 1876, Franklin, Pa. Atldress (1908) Rockland, Washing- 
ton Co., Ohio. Evangelical. Drilling in oil fields. Married Jennie M. 
Price, born July 8, 1875. Children: Harry K., born May 28, 1902 p 
IMildred I., born Sept. 30, 1904; Gilbert P., born Jan. 2, 1907. (6) 
George M. Boyer. Address (1908) Franklin, Pa. (7) John F. Boyer. 
Address (1908) Franklin, Pa. Married Gertrude McDonald. (8) Charles 
N. Boyer. Address (1908) Franklin, Pa. Married Mabel Schaeffer. 
(9) Lucy S. Boyer. Address (1908) Franklin, Pa. 

E (i) Rebecca Boyer, daughter of Neri Boyer and wife Mary 
Mitchell, married Mr. Reifsnyder. Address (1908) Mrs. Rebecca Reif- 
snyder, Nickleville, Pa. 

E (2 ) Mary Boyer, daughter of Neri Boyer and wife Mary IMitchell, 
married Mr. Miller. Address (l()o8) Mrs. Mary Miller, Knox, Pa. 

E (3) Louisa Boyer, daughter of Neri Boyer and wife Mary Mitch- 
ell, born Nov. 8, 1852, married M. F. Pierce. Address (1908) 327 Brad- 


dock Ave., Swissvale, Pa. Children: (i) Louisa. (2) Walter C, 
327 Braddock Ave., Swissvale, I'a. (i<;o8). D.Iarried May Pierce — 
same name. (3) James F. Pierce. Adilress (1908) 175 S. Pasadena 
Ave., Pasadena, Cal. Married Bern Beckwilh. (4) Merrill A. Pierce. 
Address (1908) Warren, Ohio. Married Susie Fletcher. (5) Nathan 
D. Marrietl Bertha Laurie. (6) Clarence M. Dead in lyoS. (7) 
William R. Dead in ujoS. (8) Lloyd C. Pierce. Address (1908) 316 
North Ave., W^arren, Ohio. (9) Howard S. Pierce. 

K (4) V^ista Bo}'er, daughter of Neri Boyer and wife Mary Mitchell, 
married ]\lr. Cribbs. Address (1908) Mrs. A'ista Cribbs, Bradner, O. 

E (5) Ilattie l.Joyer, daughter of Neri Boyer and wife Mary 
Alitchell, married ATr. Huff. Address (1908) Dempseytown, I'a. One 
son John N. lives at Dempsc} town, Pa. 

E (6) J. C. Fremont Boyer, son of Neri Boyer and wife Mary 
Mitchell, was born March 12, 1862. Address (1908) Nickelville, I'a. 
Evangelical. Farmer. Married Maria E.xley, who died 1909. C)n April 
14, 1915, he married Mrs. Edith Brown Showers. Children: (1) Nellie 
G., born Aug. 8, 1888, (2) Zina G., born Feb. 6, 1890. Married Samuel 
Shreffler, of Nickelville, Pa. Children: Ethel, Grace, Virgil. (3) 
Clemens A., born Dec. 14, 1891. Address (1915) Knox, Pa. Farmer. 
ATarried Phoebe Whitling. Child: Ethel. (4) Carrie AL, born Dec. 
14, 1S94; (5) Margery R., born Aug. 18, 1895; (6) Blanche M., born 
July 12, 1897; (7) Clyde F., born April 3, 1899; (8) Gladys M., born 
March 18, 1901; (9) Dorothy J., born Jan. .26, 1903; (10) Mildred 1)., 
born Jan. 27, 1905; (Ti) Merl L., born Feb. 6, 1907. The family holds 
to the Evangelical Church. Address (1915) Knox, Pa. 

E (7) William Grant Boyer, son of Neri 15o)er and wife Mary 

Mitchell, was born ALay 19, 1864. Address ( 1908) Knox, Pa., R. F. D. i. 

Evangelical. Stone mason. Married Eva Rossman. Children : ( 1 ) 

Boyer. AL'irried Fred Rhoads. Address (1908) Knox, Pa. 

Child: (2) Donald Boyer. Address (1908) Knox, Pa. 

E (8) Etta L. Boyer, daughter of Neri Boyer and wife Mary 
Mitchell, married Air. Fox. Address (1908) Kossuth, Pa. 

E (9) Rev. N. Frank Boyer, son of Neri Hoycr and wife Alary 
Mitchell, was l>orn Nov. 21, 1868, at A'long, Clarion Co., Pa. Address 
(1913) Ligonier, Pa. Box 216. Graduate of State Normal School, 
Clarion, Pa., 1894. Teacher. Alinister of Evangelical Church. Mar- 
ried Emma E. Utzinger. Children: (i) John N. Boyer, born Afay 13, 
1893; (2) Tirzah E. Boyer, born Alay 23, 1895; (3) Dena V. Boyer, 
born Alarch 23, 1897; (4) lieil M. Boyer, born Sept. 12, 1904; (5) 
Homer IL Boyer, born Sept. 12, 1904. 


E (i) Delilah Boyer, daughter of Amos Boyer and wife Anna 

Cope, was born June 3, 1852, married James Bickerstaff. Address (1915) 

Lafayette, Contra Costa Co., California. Presbyterian. Children: Jen- 
nie and Charles. 

E (2) Harriet Boyer, daughter of Amos Boyer and wife Anna 
Cope, was born July 5, 1853, married Jacob Sanders. Address (1915) 
1241 Juniata St., N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa.- Adventists. Children: Calvin, 
Clara, Harry, Jerome, Emmanuel, Harriet, Harvey. 

E (3) Caroline Boyer, daughter of Amos Boyer and his wife Anna 
Cope, was born Sept. 14, 1854, married (1879) James Clover. Address 
(1915) Knox, Pa. Adventists. Children: Charles, Minerva, Glenna, 
Lydia, George, Margie, Frank. 

E (4) Lydia Boyer, daughter of Amos Boyer and wife Anna Cope, 
was born Feb. 9, 1856, married Jerry Sharp. Reformed. Address (1915) 
Foxbury, Pa. Children : Bertha and Garnet. 

E (5) Joel Jerome lioyer, son of Amos Boyer and wife Anna Cope, 
was born April 27, 1858, in Clarion Co., Pa. Address (1915) Lafayette, 
Contra Costa Co., California. Presbyterian. Married Mina 
Children : Rex and Harry. 

E (6) John A. ]joyer, son of Amos Boyer and wife Anna Cope, 
was born Feb. 27, i860. Clarion Co., Pa. Address (1915) Quincy, Branch 
Co., Michigan. Methodist. Married Sarah Ncely. Children : Edith, 
Gertrude, Burdell, Fred, Hazel, Harry, Lester. 

E (7) Anna Boyer, daughter of Amos Boyer and wife Anna Cope, 
was born March 4, 1862, married Benjamin, Wentling. Address (1915) 
Knox, Pa. Children : Margie, Frank, Orren, Minnie. 

E (8) Minerva Boyer, daughter of Amos i^oyer and wife Anna 
Cope, was born Oct. 28, 1863, and died May 1868. 

E (9) Andrew Boyer, son of Amos Boyer and wife Anna Cope, 
was born Oct. 31, 1865, in Clarion Co., Pa. Address (1915) Quincy, 
Branch Co., Michigan. Methodist. Laborer. ]\Iarfied Minnie Corlew. 
Children: Minnie and Grace. 

E (10) Mary Boyer, daughter of Amos Boyer and wife Anna Cope. 
was born Oct. 5, 1867, married George Craig and after his de:itii Daniel 
Shue. Address (1915) Nahunta, Wayne Co., Ga. Lutheran. Chil- 
dren: Mabel, Flossie, Olive, Helen, Georgia. 

E (i) Clinton Virgil Boyer, son of x\lfred S. Boyer and wife Mary 
J. Weaver, born Aug. 6, 1868. Address (1913) Whitefield, Oklahoma. 
Married Ida Williams. Children : Ten. 


E" (2) Sarah Frances Boyer, daughter of Alfred S. Boyer and wife 
Mary J. Weaver, was born Feb. 20, 1861. Married OHver Widinan, 
who died Oct. 13, 1910, leaving two children : Alfred B., Mansfield, 
<Dhio, and Winifred, who married Charles White. Address (1913) 
Auburndale, Florida. Mrs. Willman married A. W. Syckes, May 8, 
1913. Address Auburndale, Fla. 

E (3) Andrew G. Boyer, son of Alfred S. Boyer and wife Mary j. 
Weaver, was born Sept. 28, 1863. Address (1913) Ankeny, Iowa. 
Married Anna Harris. ChiUlren : Edna, Wendell. 

E (4) Cora S. Boyer, daughter of Alfred S. Boyer and wife Mary 
J. Weaver, was born May 23, 1S66. She married Rev. C. J. Baker, 
Methodist minister. Address (1913) Espyville, Crawford Co., Pa. Chil- 
<]ren: Cecil B., Mary J. 

E (5) Jennie May Boyer, daughter of Alfred S. Boyer and wife 
Alary J. Weaver, was born April 29, 1869. Married Rev. James A. 
Huffman. Address (1913) Alonroe, Wisconsin. Children: \''irgil and 

E (6) Margie R. Boyer, daughter of Alfred S. Boyer and wife 
Alary J. Weaver, was born Feb. 3, 1873. Married Dr. I. Dana Kahle. 
Address (1913) Knox, Pa. Fine genealogist, and a great help tu the 
liistorian. Children : Kathleen B., Standish S. 

E (7) Dr. Reuben K. Boyer, son of Alfred S. Boyer and wife 
Alary J. Weaver, was born Nov. 8, 1876. Dentist. Address (1913J 
Pitcairn, Pa. Married Annie Bowling. Children : Alargaret. 

E (8) Clara AI. Boyer, daughter of Alfred S. Boyer and wife 
Alary J. Weaver, was born July 17, 1879. Married Henry -F. Kene- 
muth. Address (1913) Shippensville, Pa. Children: Alfred S., Ral,ph, 

E (i) Alary C. Boyer, daughter of Rev. Ralph Boyer and wife 
Priscilla Knappenberger, was born Dec. 25, 1856. She married Air. 
Crawford. Address (1913) Airs. Alary C. Crawford, Monroe, Wis. 

E (2) Abraham Lincoln Boyer, son of Rev. Ralph Boyer and his 
second wife Alary x-\ltman, was born Dec. 4, i860, at Clarion Pa. Re- 
formed Church. Farmer and oil protlucer. Alarried Aramenta C, born 
Jan. 3, 1861. Children: (1) Amy I., married John A. Dreibelbis. Ad- 
dress (1913) Emlenton, Pa., R. F. D. 2. Child: Paul AI. (>) Ralph 
Boyer. Address (1913) Franklin, Pa. Baker. (3) Roland E. Boyer. 
Address (1913) Emlenton, Pa. Tool dresser. (4) William L. Bo)cr. 
Address (1913J Emlenton, Pa. 

E (3) Priscilla Boyer, daughter of Rev. Ralph Boyer and third_ 


wife Isabella Graham, was born May 23, 1866. Married Daniel Stover. 
Address (1913J Columbus, Kansas, Route 7, Box 48. Children: (i) 
Chauncey Lee, (2) Sophia Isabella. Married William Gleason. Ad- 
dress (1913) Columbus, Kansas. Route i. (3) CJtis Claude and (5) 
Olive Maude (twins). Address (1913) Columbus, Kansas, Route 7, 
Box 48. (6) Edith Robin, (7) Hugh Beryl, (8) Ralph Garnet, (9) 
Dorothy Diamond. ' 

E (4) Rachel L. Boyer, daughter of Rev. Ralph Boyer and wife 
Isabella Graham, was born Ajjril 13, 1869. Married Cassius Edgar Bots- 
ford. Address (1913) Columbus, Kansas. Children: (i) Delbert Rush 
Botsford. x\t home 191 3. 

E (5) Richard Martin Boyer, son of Rev. Ralph Boyer and wife 
Isabella Graham, was born March 27, 1871. Address (1913) Petaluma, 
Sonoma Co., California, Route I, Box 285. Married Catharine Laviuia. 
Brown. No children 1913. 

E (i) Roderick Claudius Boyer, son of Dr. Samuel S. Boyer and 
wife Rebecca M. Drew, was born April 25, 1879, ^^ HartsutT, Nebraska. 
Druggist in Philadelphia, Pa. Enlisted in 1898 in Hospital Corps U. S. 
Army. Served in vSpanish American War. In 191 1 he was Sergeant, 
First Class, U. S. Army, and single. In Hospital Corps, Phillipine Islands 
in 1913. 

E (i) Horace Russell Boyer, son of Edward Luther Boyer and 
wife Elizabeth Langenfelt, was born May 13. 1884, in Phila., Pa. Grad- 
uate of Central High School, Phila. Member of St. Paul's Lutheran 
Church, and teacher in Philadelphia public schools. Address (1911) 
2327 N. 33rd St., Phila., Pa. 

E (2) Edward Baum Boyer, son of Edward Luther Boyer and 
wife Elizabeth Langenfelt, was born May 13, 1884, twin to Horace 
Russell. Address (1911) 2327 N. 33rd St., Phila., Pa. Two years in 
Central Manual Training School, Phila., Pa. Also two years in Webb's 
Academy, New York. Teacher in Philadelphia public schools. 

E (i) Attorney Edward Boyer West, son of Louisa Boyer and 
James M. West. Address (1908) 90.8 N. 41st St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Office at Betz Bldg., Phila., Pa. 

E (i) Dr. David P. Boyer, son of Michael K. Boyer and wife 
Rebecca Pellman, was born Feb. 28, 1825, died Oct. 15, 1900, and is 
buried in Charles Evans Cemetery, Reading, Pa. Surgeon. Major of 
99th Regiment I^ennsylvania V'olunteers through war of 1861. Major of 
Emma Catharine Grove, born Dec. 6, 1834. She died Feb. 13, 1908. 
Children : ( i ) Dr. David Pellman Boyer, Attorney Bassler Boyer, Dr. 
Alonzo Boyer, and Kate Boyer Stinson. 



E (2) Dr. Thomas Jefferson ]5oyer, son of Michael K. Boyer and 
Rebecca PeHman, was born July 14, 1833. Married. Children: Thomas 
Jefferson, Louis, and Caroline. 

E (3) Attorney Benjamin Franklin Boyer, son of Michael K. 
Boyer and wife Rebecca Pellman, was born Sept. 13, 1835. Married 
Elizabeth Clouser. Children : Major Michael K. Boyer, Kate, Laura, 
and Marie M. 

E (4) Attorney Michael P. Boyer, son of I^.Tichael K. Boyer and 
wife Rebecca l/'ellnian. Married. Children : Walter and Richard L. 

E (5) Rpbecca Boyer, daughter of Michael K. Boyer and wife 
Rebecca Pellman, born April 8, 1838, married Isaac Dietrick. Son 
Samuel L Dietrick, born Aug. 23, 1863. Mrs. Dietrick married Philip 
J. Cutler. Address (1910) 300 lioUenbach St., Reading, Pa. 

E ( I ) Dr. Thomas Jefferson Boyer Rhoads, son of Catherine Boyer 
and her husband John Rhoads, was born about 1830. Address (1915) 
Boyertown, Pa. A physician of great merit. He has i)ublishcd a book 
of most readable poems. Fine historian. Lovable personality. Lutheran. 
Married Theresa Leidy. Children: (1) Kathryn, wife of Professor 
Elmer E. Conner. She left no descendants. (2) Dr. Thomas L. Rhoads, 
Surgeon in U. S. Army, and personal physician of President Taft. A 
man who has made good. Aide de camp to President Wilson. Govern- 
ment Inspector, Dayton, Ohio. Surgeon at Panama. 

E (2) Dr. Reuben 11. Rhoads, son of Catharine Boyer and husband 
John Rhoads. Physician. Fine scholar. Lutheran. Address (1915) 
Boyertown, Pa. Married Gilbert. Children: (i) P>enjamin. Address 
(1915) St. Cloud Hotel, Reading, Pa. (2) John G. Rhoads. Address 
(1915) Prothonotary, Reading, Pa. (3) Ella, wife of Mr. Guldin. Ad- 
dress (1915) Boyertown, Pa. (4) wife of Mr. Bridcnbaugh. 
Address (1915) Boyertown, Pa. 

E (3) Angelina Rhoads, daughter of Catharine Boyer and husband 
John Rhoads, married Solomon Erb. Address (1915) Boyertown, Pa. 
Lutheran. Children: (i) John Erb, married Nellie Spatz. Atldress 
(1915) Phila., Pa. (2) Sallie Erb. Address (191 5) Boyertown, Pa. 
(3) Ella Erb. Address (1915) Boyertown, Pa. (4) Solomon Erb. x\d- 
dress (1915) Glenside, Pa. Married Miss Wren. (5) Kate. Mrs. 
Daniel Graef. Address (1915) Boyertown, Pa. 

E (4) Loretta Rhoads, daughter of Catharine Boyer and husband 
John Rhoads, married William Grim. Address (1910) Ijoyertown, Pa. 
Lutheran. Railroad President. Bank I'resident. Children: (T) Wil- 
liam R. Grim. Address (1915) Te.xarkana, Texas. (2) Mahella Gri:n- 
Address (1915) Boyertown, Pa. (3) Kate Grim. Address (1915) 


Boyertown, Pa. (4) Sarah, Mrs. Frank Sabold. Address (191 5) Boyer- 
town, Pa. 

E (5) Kate Boyer, daughter of Catharine Boyer and husband, 
John Rhoads, married Mr. Bird. Children: Charles. 

E (6) Boyer, daug"liter of Catharine Boyer and John Rhoads, 

married Weaver. Children : Mary Weaver, Boyertown, Pa., etc. 

E (i) Ammon Boyer, son of Jacob K. Boyer and wife Lucy Lud- 
-wig, was born 1828, and died 57 years old. Married. Child: Paul H. 

E (2) Washington Amnion Boyer, son of Jacob K. lioyer and wife 
Lucy K. Ludwig, was born about 1837. Lutheran. Served three years 
and four months in Civil War, and died soon afterwards in Soldiers' 
Home, Erie, Pa. 60 years old. Married ]\Iary M. Hemming. Children: 
Jerome Harry, and Clara Permilla. 

E (3) Jerome L. Boyer, son of Jacob K. Boyer and wife Lucy K. 
Ludwig, was born Jan. 19, 1843, in Boyertown, Pa. Address (1915) 
157 North 5th St., Reading, Pa. Lutheran. Served in Civil War (1863), 
42nd Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers. Rose from clerk in Boyertown 
store to partnership in firm of Kline, Eppihimer and Company. Time 
keeper P. and R. Railroad. Book-keeper and teller in First National 
Bank and Reading Savings Bank. Proprietor of large manufacturing 
tinterests. Member of Board of Directors Boyer Association. A very 
strong personality. Married Susan E. McHose, born Feb. 20, 1847. Chil- 
•dren: (i) William McHenry, and Frederick J. 

E (i) Jesse Irving Boyer, son of Michael C. Boyer and wife Mary 
A. Ziegler, was born Jan. 5, 1850, in Salford Twp., JNlontg. Co., Pa. 
Address (1912) 540 Buttonwood St., Reading, Pa. Lutheran., Supt. of 
Reading Iron Works — hue man. Married Mary N. Furey. She died 
1896. Children: Alice Boyer, born April 18, 1871, Norristown, Pa. 
Lutheran. Address (icjiz) 540 Buttonwood St., Reading, Pa. (2) Jesse 
Z. Boyer. Same address. Born March 25, 1877. Lutheran. Molder 
by occupation. Veteran of Spanish American War. (3) Nellie F. Boyer, 
iDorn Dec. 4, 1888. Also at home. 

E (2) Catharine Ann Boyer, daughter of Michael C. Boyer and 
Mary A. Ziegler, born Aug. 14, 1S51, and died July 1904. Lutheran. 
Married Mr. Jacoby. Chiklren : (i) Linda, and (2) Helen, wife of 
Rev. Dr. Ernst Pfatteicher. Address (1915) 436 S. 44th St., Phila., Pa. 

E (3) Wallace Boyer, son of Michael C. Boyer and Mary A. Ziegler, 
was born Dec. i, 1852, and died at Los Angeles, California, Jan. i, 1891. 
Buried there. Wife's name was Susa. Children: Gertrude and Iloward. 
Address (1912) Los Angeles. 

E (4) LCorace G. Boyer, son of Michael C. Boyer and ISIary A. 



Ziegler, was born Dec. 5, 1854, in Norristown, Pa. Address (1912; 
5313 Market St., Phila., Pa. Married. 

E (5) Henry Wilson Boyer, son of Michael C. Boyer and Mary A. 
Ziegler, was born Dec. 21, 1856, at Norristown, Pa. Address (1912) 
515 Astor St., Norristown, Pa. Lutheran. Contractor. Married Clara 
Frcck. Children : Herbert and Mary, both at home. 

E (6) Floward Clinton Boyer, son of Michael C. Boyer and Mary 
A. Ziegler, was born Dec. 24, 1858, at Norristown, Pa. Address (1912) 
117 North Yewdall St., l^hila., Pa. Lutheran. Active in Sunday School 
work. Married Annie. Children: (i) Wallace Z. Boyer. Address 
(1912) Spring City, Pa. Clerk. Married. (2) Clinton Howard Boyer. 
Address (1912) 601 S. 33rd St., Omaha, Neb. 

E (7) John Francis Boyer, son of Michael C. Boyer and Mary A. 
Ziegler, was born March 2, 1867, at Norristown, Pa. Address (1912) 
Boyer Arcade Bldg., Norristown, Pa. Presbyterian. Merchant. Mar- 
ried Annie G. Curren. No children 1912. 

E (i) Jesse Reinhart, son of Annie Boyer and husband Samuel 

E (2) Hannah Reinhart, daughter of Annie Boyer and husband 
Samuel Reinhart, married Mr. Longacre. Children: Address daugh- 
ter, Mrs. Anna L. Wynn, Spring City, i'a. 

E (3) ♦Jacob Boyer Reinhart, son of Annie Boyer and husband 
Samuel Reinhart, was born March 8, 1829, and died April 10, 1882. 
Dunkard. Sohlier. Married Ann Reid Catern, born Sept. 25, 1825. Ad- 
dress (1911) 1533 N. 24th St., Phila., Pa. Children: (i) Aaron R. 
Reinhart, born July 24, 1859. (2) David W. Reinhart, born Aug. 13, 
1857. Address (1911) 1533 N. 24th St., Phila., Pa. (3) Mary Ann 
Reinhart, born April 27, 1856. Married John D. Hampton. xA-ddress 
( 191 T ) 222 East 5th Ave., Conshohocken, Pa. ( Mrs. Mary A. Plampton) . 

E (i) George F. Boyer, son of Henry B. Boyer and wife Susan 
Fritz, was born June 29, 1837, in Reading, Pa. Lutheran. Railroad 
clerk. Extensive farmer. Address (1910) Reading, Pa., R. F. D., Cumru 
Township. Married Mary Ann High. Children: Emma, ILirry H., 
George A., Mary G., and Walter H. 

E (2) Howard F. Boyer, son of Henry B. Boyer and wife Susan 
Fritz, was born Nov. 19, 1839, '"'<^1 ^^i*^'^' i'^ Reading, Pa., Dec. 6, 1904. 
Lutheran. Soldier Co. C, 25th Regiment Pa. Vols. Surveyor. Clerk 
in father's store. Liveryman. J\larried Mary J. Coller. Child: Plenry 
C. Boyer. Address (1910) Franklin St., Reading Pa. Born 1865. Stu- 
dent at Dean Academy, Franklin, Massachusetts. Efficient successor of 
his father in business. Universalist. 


E (3) Henry F. Boyer, son of Henry B. Boyer and wife Susan 

E (4) Frank F. Boyer, son of Henry B. Boyer and wife Susan 

E (5) John F. Boyer, son of Henry B. Boyer and wife Susan Fritz, 
was born , died in Reading, Pa., May 10, 1900. Eutheran. 

Merchant. Liveryman. Married Hilda Rambo. She died Nov. 10, 1895. 
Both buried on Charles Evans Cemetery. Children: Barbara Ann, 
Morris R., Henry Keely, Elizabeth R., Ida Louisa, Kate Lucretia, Susan 
Valeria, Ella IN lay, Hulda, Laura Virginia, Blanche. 

E (7) (8) Two girls, one of whom, Lucretia, was married to Dr. 
Nagle, and the other's name was Mary. 

E (i) Percival K. Boyer, son of Samuel B. Boyer and wife Esther 
Keely Kline, was born Feb. 26, 1829, at Boyertown, Pa., and died at Baron 
Hill, Pa. 1910. Lutheran. Married Adelaide Frances Johnson, bora 
Jan. 15, 1832. Her mother was a grandniece of Benjamin Franklin. 
Children : Blanche, Eliza May, Hettie, Dr. Henry Percival, and Belle 
Johnson. One of the very best of men. 

E (2) Olivia Boyer, daughter of Samuel B. Boyer and wife Esther 
Keely Kline, married Mr. Ptleger. Address (1910) Lafayette Llill, Pa. 

E (i) Samuel K. Boyer, son of Daniel B. Boyer and wife Mary 
Ann Keely, was born Nov. 11, 1838, and died 1866. 

E (2) Malinda Boyer, daughter of Daniel B. Boyer and wife Alary 
Ann Keely, married David S. Erb. She was the soul of good will, and 
in every way a most estimable character. Children: William, Newton, 
and Charles. Married Laura Mogel. William was a talented musician. 
Married Hattie Dunkle. Son David, who died about 1914. His brothers 
are useful men in Boyertown. 

E (3) James Keely Boyer, son of Daniel B. Boyer and wife Mary 
Ann Keely, was born Oct. 30, 1848, in Boyertown, Pa. Lutheran. A 
most successful merchant. Identified with everything noble and good in 
the community. Married (1878) Annie Stetler, daughter of Isaac and 
Elizabeth Schwenk Stetler, a merchant of Earlville, Pa. Children: (i) 
Florence, graduate of Washington College, Washington, D. C, and wife 
of Dr. Harry M. Kirk])atrick, a Harrisburg dentist; son: James P.; Edna, 
also a graduate of the same institution, and a talented musician, highly 
esteemed for many virtues. She died Jan. 13, 1908; Edith, a graduate 
of Lutherville College, Jialtimore, Md., Daniel B., a graduate of the 
famous Hill School at I'ottstown, Pa., and of Haverford College. A 
talented man active in his father's business ; and James Keely, a bright 
young man who died with his sister Edna. 



E (4) Horace Keel}' Boyer, son of Daniel B. Boyer and Mary Ann 
Keely, was born Feb. 18, 185 r. Address (1915) Boyertown, Pa. Mer- 
chant in partnership with his brother. Itlentitied like his brother with 
the lar<^er life of his community. Married (1S71) Sallie K. Grant, 
daughter of Charles and Catharine Knauss Grant. Children: Warren, 
a most estimable young man, who died May 5, 1892, after graduating 
from Pierce Business College; Anna G., the estimable wife of Joshua 
B. Lessig. She died Nov. 25, 1900, leaving no children ; and Edgar G., 
a graduate of Schissler Business College, and active in his father's 

E (i) Louis Baugher Boyer, son of Willoughby 1]. Boyer and his 
wife Harriet Dengler, was born at Tremont, Pa., April 27, 1866. Ad- 
dress (1915) 418 Barbadoes St., Norristowu, Pa. Merchant. Single. 

E (2) Wallace Boyer, son of Willoughby B. Boyer and his wife 
flarriet, was born at Norristown, Pa., 1853. Address (1915) Norris 
town. Pa. Druggist. Presbyterian. Married Ida AlcCarter. One child, 
Nina, who married Herbert N. Moore, lawyer, of Norristown, Pa. Chil- 
dren: Herbert, and Dorothy. 

E (3) Clara. 

E (4) Ella Savilla Boyer, daughter of Willoughby Boyer and wife 
Harriet Dengler, was born at Coopersburg, Pa., June 4, 1869. Single. 

F (i) Walter Pelman Boyer, son of Michael P. Bo)-er and wife, 
was born May 18, 1857. Address (1913) Corner Garrison and Wash- 
ington Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

F (2) Richard L. Boyer, son of Michael P. Boyer and wife, was 
born July 2, 1859, at Reading, Pa. Address (1913) i, Board of 
Trade, Chicago, 111, or 919 Sheridan Road, Chicago, Bl. Married 
Annie E. Children: (i) Daniel S. Boyer. Address (1913) Room 604, 
25 N. Dearborn St., Chicago, Bl. Born June I, 18S5. Educated in 
Armour Institute, and Howe Military Academy, Lima, Indiana. Luth- 
eran. Real Estate. Married Miss Ciriffitli. Children: Marguerite, 
born June 24, 1908, and Richard G., born April 26, 191 1. (2) Harvey 
L. Boyer. Address (1913) Room i, Board of Trade, Chicago, 111. As- 
sists father. (3) Mrs. Ernest E. Lehman. Address (1913) 856 Sheri- 
dan Road, Chicago, 111. Born March 9, 1886. (4) Mrs. HoU Antrim. 
Address (1913) Wincote, Pa. Born June 8, 1892. 

F (i) Dr. David Pellman Boyer, son of Dr. David P. Boyer and 
Emma Catharine Grove, was born Jan. 29, 1871. Address (1915) 4747 
Richmond St., Bridesburg, Phila., Pa. Presbyterian. Graduate of Uni- 


versity of Pennsylvania. Practising physician. Married. Children : Lil- 
lian, David Pellnian, John Howard, all at home. 

F (2) Attorney Bassler Boyer, son of Dr. David P. Boyer and 
Emma C. Grove. Lawyer. Address (1910) Lebanon, Pa. Married 
Ellen Shirk. Children: (i) John B. Boyer. Address (1910) Steelton,. 
Pa. Born Jan. 5, 1875, at Lebanon, Pa. Bridge builder, Penna. Steel 
Company. Married Ellen Litch. Children: John L., born Jan. 28, 1907. 
(2) Shirk Boyer. Address ( 1910) Berlin, Germany. Care of Pinch 
Gas Company. (3) Arthur Boyer. Address (1910) Bumping Lake, 
Washington. (4) Uehland Boyer. Address (1910) Billings, Montana. 
(5) Sarah Boyer (Earle) Steelton, Pa. (6) Ellen Boyer, (7) Barbara, 
(8) Lavinia, (y) Katharine Boyer (Krause) Lebanon, Pa. 

F (3) Dr. Alonzo Boyer, son of Dr. David P. Boyer and Emma C. 
Grove, born Nov. 26, 184-, at Myerstown, Pa. Reformed Church. Grad- 
uate of University of Pennsylvania. Married. Children: (i) Mary 
A. Address (1915) 2662 Bridge St., Bridesburg, Pa. (2} May, wife of 
E. L. Drake. Address (1915) 2762 Pratt St., Phila., Pa. (3) Bessie, 
wife of Mr. Mischler. Address (1915) 38 Runnymede Ave., Bridesburg, 
Pa. (4) Annie R. Boyer. Address (1915) 2662 Bridge St., Brides- 
burg, Pa. 

F (4) Kate Boyer, daughter of Dr. David P. Boyer and Emma C. 
Grove, niarried Mr. Stinson. Address (1910) Aldine Hotel, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

F (i) Michael K. Boyer, son of Attorney Benjamin Franklin Boyer 
and wife Elizabetii Clouser, was born July 4, 1858. Address (1910) 
Ifammonton, N. J. Major in 1910. Married Ida Anthony, of Reading, 
Pa. Children: ( i) Franklin A. 

F (2) Kate Boyer, tlaughter of Attorney Benjamin F. Boyer and 
Elizabeth Clouser, was born Jan. 24, i860. Address (1910) Mrs. Kate 
Gable, Altoona, Pa. Children: (1) Edna, married James M. Powell. (2) 
Luella B., (3) Gertrude, married George Stewart; (4) Robert, (5) Anna, 
(6) George, and (7) Mary. 

F (3) Laura Boyer, daughter of Attorney Benjamin F. Boyer and 
Ehzabeth Clouser. Address (1910) Mrs. Kate Hofifeditz, Reading, Pa. 

F (4) Marie M. Boyer, daughter of Attorney Benjamin F. Boyer 
and Elizabeth Clouser, was born Nov. 6, 1863. Married Dr. Matthias 
Mengel. Address (1914) Elverson, Pa. Practising physician. Chil- 
dren: (i) Madeleine, married John Eisbrown. (2) John S., (3) 
Clara K. 

F ( I ) Thomas Jeflferson Boyer, son of Dr. Thomas Jefferson Boyei 
and wife. Address (1910) Clearfield, Pa. 


Chapter 111, Page -40 



Chapter V, Page 133 



Chapter V. Page 140 


Chapter V, Page 142 


F (2) Louis Boyer, son of Dr. Thomas Jefferson Boyer and wife. 
Address (1910) Clearfield, Pa. 

F (3) Caroline iioyer, daughter of Dr. Thomas Jefferson Boyer 
and wife. Address (1910) Clearfield, Pa. 

F (i) Henry H. Boyer, son of George F. Boyer and wife Mary 
Ann High. Address (1915) Boyer Pleights, Pa. 

F (2) George A. Bo3'er, son of George F. Boyer and wife Mary A. 
High. Address (191 5) Boyer Heights, Pa. 

F (3) Emma Boyer, daughter of George F. Boyer and wife Mary 
A. High. Married Henry Garber. Address (1915) Phila., Pa. 

F (4) Mary G. Boyer, daughter of George F. Boyer and Mary A. 
High. Married George Miller. Address (1915) Reading, Pa. 

I" (5) Walter H. P>oyer, son of George F. Boyer and Mary A. High. 
Address (1915) Reading, Pa., R. F. D., Cumru Township. 

F (i) Barbara Ann Boyer, daughter of John F. Boyer and wife 
Hulda Rambo. Married Walter S. Hamaker. Address (1910) 121 S. 
6th St., Reading, Pa. Child : Stewart. 

F (2) Alorris R. Boyer, son of John F. Boyer and wife Hulda 
Rambo. Address (1910) 520 Chestnut St., Reading, Pa. 

F (3) Elizabeth R. Boyer, daughter of John F. Boyer and wife 
Plulda Rambo. Married Mr. Wampler. Address (1910) St. Paul, Minn. 

F (4) Ida Louise Boyer, daughter of John F. Boyer and wife 
Hulda Rambo. Married I. L. llaupt. Address (1910) 248 Amber St., 
Reading, I'a. 

F (5) Kate Lucrclia I'oyer, daughter of John F. Boyer and Hulda 
Rambo. Married Mr. Milburn. Address (1910) Haverstraw, N. Y. 

F (6) Susan Valeria Boyer, daughter of John F. Boyer and Hulda 
Rambo, tlied sjngle. 

F (7) Ella May Boyer, daughter of John F. Boyer and wife Hulda. 
Address (1910) Washington Plotel, New York, N. Y. ' 

F (8) Hulda Boyer, daughter of John F. Boyer and wife Plulda, 
was for many years a beloved teacher in Reading schools. 

F (9) Laura Virginia Boyer, daughter of John F. Boyer and wife 
Hulda, married Mr. Sargent. Address (1911) Windsor St., Reading, Pa. 

F (10) Blanche Boyer, daughter of John F. Boyer and wife, Hulda, 
married Mr. Williams. Address (1910) Phila., Pa. 

F (i) l)lanche Boyer, daughter of Percival K. Boyer and wife 
Adelaide 1\ Johnson, married William A. Rex. Address (1915) Church- 
ville, Pa. Children: (i) Percival T., teacher, 421 S. 43rd St., Phila., Pa., 


and graduate of U. of P.; (2) Helen, wife of Dr. Elmer E. Pownall, 
Richboro, Pa., and (3) Wallace W., teacher in Friends' Central School. 

F (2) Eliza May Boyer, daughter of Percival K. Boyer and wife 
Adelaide, married Benjamin Wallis. Address (1910) 604 West North 
Ave., Baltimore, jMd. Children: (i) Adelaide B., (2) Benjamin F., 
geologist, and (3) Mary Belle. 

F (2) Hettie Boyer, daughter of Percival K. Boyer and wife 
Adelaide. Address (1910J Lafayette Hill, Pa. 

F (3) Dr. Henry Percival Boyer, son of Percival K. Boyer and 
wife Adelaide, was born Sept. 25, 186S. Address (1910) 4602 Baltimore 
Ave., West Phila., Pa. Lutheran. Graduate of University of Pennsyl- 
vania. Married Mary Belle Swain. No children. 

F (4) Belle Johnson Boyer, daughter of Percival K. B03 er and wife 
Adelaide. Address (1910) Lafayette Hill, Pa. Teacher. 

F (i) William jMcHenry Boyer, son of Jerome L. Boyer and wife 
Susan E. McHose, was born Oct. 28, 1869. Address (1913) 714 North 
5t]i St., Reading, Pa. Graduate of Lafayette College. Chemist for 
Reading L"on Company. Lutheran. Married (April 1898) iunily H. 
Eavenson. Children: Jerome L., and Howard E. 

F (2) Frederick J. Boyer, son of Jerome L. Boyer and wife Susan 
E., was born Oct. 28, 1873. Address (1913) 157 N. 5th St., Reading. 
Pa. College training of four years in civil and electrical engineering, 
which occupation he follows. Lutheran. Alarried (Nov. 1906) Sadie 
P. Mutter. Child: Valeria S. 

F" (i) Jerome Harry Boyer, son of Washington Amnion Boyer 
and wife Mary M. Plemmig, was born (.>ct. 13, 1857. Address (1913) 
3628 N. i8th St., Phila., Pa. Lutheran. Employed in Reading Term- 
inal, under Supt. O. W. Stager. Married Llarriet Bland. Children: (i ) 
Minerva B. (2) Bessie B. She married Harvey V. Smoyer. Address 
(1913) 1158 Lemon St., Camden, N. J. (3) Jerome E. Address (1913) 
"The Lansdale," S. North Carolina Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. 

F (2) Clara Permilla ]3oyer, daughter of Washington Ammou 
Boyer, married W. R. Colby. Address (1913) 419 tiarsta St., Landau, 
Ontario, Canada. 

F (i) Paul PL Boyer, son of Ammon Boyer and wife. Address 
(1913) Bethlehem, Pa. 



This man was a Palatinate, as we know from the records. He came 
to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the ship "Johnson," Sept. 19, 1732. See 
pages 48 and 49, Volume 17, Second Series, Pennsylvania Archives. 
With him came his wife, Anna IMaria. Also Valentine Bayer, Anna 
Bayer, Katharine J^a}'er, and perhaps smaller children. From the ship 
list we learn that .Christopher Beyer's full name was John Christopher, 
and that the surname is also spelled Ba)er. He ai)pears in the earliest 
list of Exeter Twp., P)erks County, Pennsylvania, taxables in 1752, and 
as late as 1775. In 1767 he made a "Will," whose executors were his 
wife Anna Maria and Alex ]\lingler, presumably a son-in-law. See Vol. 

2, page 98, "Wiir' Book, Recorder's Office, Reading, Pa. He was a 
farmer, and a member of the Sclnvarzwald Lutheran Church, Exeter 
Twp., Berks Co., Pa. The historian can not find his grave, nor a record 
of liis death, but it is likely that he rests in the old cemetery at vSchwarz- 
Vv'ald, or in some private burial pl(;t. According to his "Will" his chil- 
xdren were Christopher, Henry, E'ngelberd, John, Simon, Catrina, and 
Maria Sabina.' From this list it seems ])retty certain that the Valentine 
Bayer who came with him was not a son. 

B (1) Christojiher Beyer, son of Christopher Beyer and his wife 
Anna Maria, was probably ])orn soon after the arrival of the parents iii 
America. On page 70, Vol. 3, Sixth Series, Pennsylvania x\rchives, he 
is recorded as a soldier of the Revolution, May 5, 1785. According to 
Vol. 5, Fifth Scries, he was in the militia. service 18 days, and died May 

3, 1789. The historian has not ascertained his burial place. Deeds 
recorded in Reading show th.'.t he owned property in Exeter Twp., Berks 
Co., Pa., in Allegheny County, Pa., and in the borough of Reading, I'a. 
In A, Book 17, page 157, there is a record of his purchase of laud from 
his brother John Beyer, who went to Virginia. His wife, as reported 
by Squire ShTrI's,"'was Alaria Elizabeth Simons, whom he married June 
18, 1754, as recorded in the records of Trinity Church, Reading, Pa. In 
1799 he made a "Will." See page 532, Vol. B., and page 280, Vol. 3, 
Will Ijook, Reading, Pa. According to this "will" he was a Eutheran, 
and his children were Christopher, John Henry, Jacob, i\Iaria, Elizabeth, 



Daniel, Hannah, and Catharine. At the time of the father's death his 
home was on Penn St., Reading, Pa. 

B (2) Henry Beyer, son of Christopher Beyer and his wife Anna 
Alaria. He was a land owner in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa., as early 
as 1758, and still single in 1766. Married Angelina , as reported 

by Samuel AI. Boyer, Pottsgrove, Pa. Children: Jacob K., John R., 
Sarah Ann, Leah, Charlotte, Catharine, and Ellen. 

B (3) Engelberd Beyer, son of Christopher Ijeyer and his wife 
Anna Maria, was born about 1734-36. Recorded (single) in the Exeter 
Twp., Berks Co., Pa., tax list as early as 1758, in connection with his 
father and his brothers Henry, Christopher (single), and John (single). 
The name Jacob Beyer occurs in the same list, and may be a brother, 
though not mentioned in the "Will," but perhaps he was a son of the 
Valentine Ba)'er who came in 1732, or belonged to the Amityville family 
tree. In 1772 Engelberd Beyer apj)ears in Robeson Township, Berks 
Co., Pa. Also in 1773 and 1774, but not afterwards. The historian 
can find absolutely no trace of this man after 1774. 

The historian believes that Engelberd Beyer married a woman of 
Robeson Twp., Berks Co., Pa., soon after I76(:), and then lived there, 
but that he died about 1775, leaving a sun born about 1769. This son 
was then probably brought up in the mother's family, whose surname 
may have begun with the letter "R." If this conclusion is correct, it 
corresponds exactly with the fact that a John R. Boyer, often confusea 
with a cousin from Pottsgrove, Pa., was born about 1769, and that his 
wife Esther Worrall, probabl)' of the vicinity of Geigertown, was buried 
there, as reported by Mrs. Mary Leeds. 

^ B (4) John Beyer, son of Christopher Be3'er and his wife Anna 
Alaria, was born perha]« about 1722. His name apjiears, with that of 
his brother's, in the tax lists as early as 1758, and at least until 1772, 
when it appears in Robeson Twp., Berks Co., Pa, In 1762 his name 
appears in the Exeter list with that of a son John (single). This son 
was probably born about 1742. If this conclusion is correct he married 
Elizabeth , and had a son born Aug. 2, 1769. See Trinity Church 

Records, Reading, Pa. 

B (5) Simon Beyer, son of Christopher Beyer and Anna Maria. 
The historian's correspondent, Rev. Simon K. Boyer, 89 East Duval St., 
Germantown, Pa., writes that his grandfather John Boyer, who died 
about 1830, came from Reading to Hinkletown, Pa., when a boy, and 
that he was a Lutheran. The name "Simon" and the location "Read- 
ing" and "Lutheran," seem to show that John Boyer was a son of Simon 
Beyer. If this conclusion is not correct, the historian can not place this 
John at all. 


B (6) Catrina Beyer, daughter of Christopher Beyer and Anna 

B (7) Maria Sabina Beyer, daughter of Christopher Beyer and 
Anna Maria. 

C (i) Christopher Boycr, son of Christoi>iier Beyer, and EHzal)etii 
Simon. He died and was buried at Schwarzwald. He was a farmer, 
as reported by Wilham H. Boyer, 146 W. Green St., Reading, Pa. Mar- 
ried. Children: Samuel, George, Daniel, Benjamin, and Kate. 

C (2) John Boyer, son of Christopher Beyer and Elizabeth Simon, 
was born about 1775. In the year 1800 he moved to Augusta County, 
Virginia. See A, Book 17, page 157, Deeds, July 18, 1800, Reading, Pa. 
According to these records he was a wheelwright. Benjamin F. Long, 
of Dayton, Virginia, sa}'s he came alone, a }oung man. He married 
Dorcas Eokey. They were both Lutherans. His daughter, Mr. Long's 
aunt, still living in 1910, reports that she heard her father speak of 
brothers. He was a soUlier in the Mexican War. His wife died about 
1837, In 1850 he moved with three sons and a daughter to Sullivan 
County, Tennessee, where he died at Kingsport, about 1870, his age 
about 95. There were twelve children : Navina, Margaret, Mary, 
Martha, Permelia, Eliza, Anuinda, William, Joseph, Robert, David, and 

C (3) Henry Boyer, son of Christopher Beyer and Elizabeth Simon, 
was born May 8, 1773, and is buried with his wife in Fulmer Church 
Cemetery, Pottsgrove, Pa. He lived and died near Pottsgrove, Montour 
Co., Pa. lie married his cousin, Catharine Beyer, daughter of Henry 
l>eyer and Angeline. See records of Trinity Church, Reading, Pa. She 
was born Jan. 10, 1779, and died vSept. 18, 1841. The children were 
Benjamin Engle, Jacob, Henry, Christopher, Susan, Phoebe, Maria, Cath- 
arine, and Leah. ■ 

' C (4) Jacob Boyer, son of ChristO[)her Beyer and Elizaljeth Sinion, 
was born April 12, 1780, in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa. He moved to 
Montour County, Pa., about 1808, and died there in 1868. Carpenter. 
Lutheran. Married ]\lary King, born Jan. 28, 1780, in Exeter Twp., 
Berks Co., Pa. She died in Montour County, Aug. 9, 1857. They are 
both buried at Strawberry Ridge, Pa. Children : Christopher, Isaac, 
Levi, Elizabeth, Susan, Katherine, Polly, Rebecca, and Henry. 

C (5) Maria Boyer, daughter of Christopher Beyer and Elizabeth 
Simon. Married Abraham Griffith. 

C (6) Elizabeth Boycr, daughter of Christopher Beyer and Eliza- 
Taeth Simon. Married Jacob Krause. 

C (7) Daniel Boyer, son of Christopher Beyer and Elizabeth Simon, 
born perhaps 1760. Lived in Oley Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Married Char- 



lotte. Children: John, Samuel, Mary, Abraham, J. Joseph, Daniel, Wil- 
liam, and Elizabeth. 

C (8) Hannah Boyer, daughter of Christopher Beyer and Eliza- 
beth Simon, married John Meyer (Moyer). 

C (9) Catherine Boyer, daughter of Christopher Beyer and Eliza- 
beth Simon, was born 1785. At tb.c time of her f;ither's death she was 
a catechumen in Trinity Church, Reading, Pa. She married WilHaru 
Schoener. There were seven children. One of these, Mary, married 
Isaac Seltezer. Their daughter, Rosa Seltzer, is a tine genealogist. Ad- 
dress (1912) Box 91, Beach Haven, N. J. 

C (i) Jacob K. lioyer, son of Henry Beyer and his wife Angelina, 
married Sara. See Trinity Church Records, Reading, Pa. Children : 

C (2) John R. Boyer, son of Henry Boyer and Angelina. Lived 
in the neighborhood of Pottsgrove, Pa., with his sisters Catharine and 
Leah, as attested by William McKnight Ritter, Catherine's grandson, 
and by S. I\L Boyer of l\)ttsgrove. Pa. His youngest sister Charlotte, 
came from Reading, Pa., later, and married Robert Montgomery. Short- 
ly after this marriage, John R. Boyer went with this sister Charlotte 
and her husband — and doubtless others — in two covered wagons drawn 
by four horses each — to Tennessee. lie was a carpenter, as we know 
through John Shalter, who heard John R. Boyer's nephew, Jacob Ploffa, 
of Reading, I^a., speak about him ver)' frequently. This Mr. Ploffa had 
worked as a carpenter with his uncle John R. Boyer. In the neighbor- 
hood of Sparta, Tennessee, John R. Boyer took up land. The number 
of the grant was 2757, and Mr. William McKnight Ritter holds a copy 
of this grant. All the ancestors of S. M. Boyer, I'ottsgrove, Pa., declare 
that John R. Bo\ er died a single man. Plis sister Ellen, married a John 
Deeter, and this man's grandson, Harry Carman, Court St., Williams- 
port, Pa., a jeweler, who appeared to be the nearest heir of John R. 
Boyer, when the matter was investigated, was declared his heir about 
1910. There were other claimants. They believed that this John R. 
Boyer was the same John R. Boyer who married Esther Worrall, whose 
granddaughter, Mary Leeds, of Philadelphia, Pa., went to Sparta, Ten- 
nessee, in 1909, and considted Ex-Judge White and others regarding 
the claims. But the testimonials of the Pottsgrove people shows beyond 
a doubt that the men ctndd not have been the same. Those Pottsgrove 
people also contend that the John R. Boyer of whom they knew never re- 
turned to Pennsylvania, while the descendants of the other John R. Boyer 
report that their John ]^. Boyer returned to Pennsylvania for his wife and 
daughters, but that they did not go with him to Tennessee. 

C (3) Sarah Ann Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and Angelina,, 


was born 1770. and married Henry Hoffa, of the vicinity of Readino- 
i a. Ills son, Reuben Hofta, was a resident of Readin- Pa until re- 
cently. ' 

C (4) Leah IVjyer, dauohter of Henry Boyer and his wife Ano-elina 
married John Heeler, and resided in the neighborhood of Pottsorove Pa ' 
at tlie time when her brother Jolm R. JJoyer went to Tennes'^see. 

C (5) Charlotte Pcyer, daughter of Henry Royer and his wife 

Anorchna. Her husband was Robert aiontoomcry, with whom she had 

-mox'Td to Sparta, Tennessee. Slie was not willing to go without her 

l^rothcr John li. Jncjuiry into her family history appears to show that 

she left no descendants. 

C (6) Catharine Boyer, daug-hter of Henry Bover and his wii.- 
An-elina, was ])orn Jan. 10, 1770, as recorded in Trini'ty Church Rea.U 
ing. Pa., died Sept. 18, 1841, and is buried in bV.llmer Cemetery' Pott.- 
grove, Pa. She married her cousin Henry Beyer, born Alay 's 177:; 
Her children, as recorded in C, of this chapter, were Benjamin Engi; 
Jacob, Henry Christopher, Susan, Phoebe, Maria, Catharine, and Leah.^ 

C (7) Ellen Boyer, daug-hter of Henry Boyer and his wife \n>-- 
ima, vyas a twin sister of Catherine aboye. She married a Mr. Garman 
Hieir son Harry Carman, jeweler, of VVillian^.sport, Pa., inherited the 
cla.n.s 01 John R. Bo3.x-r, Sparta. Tennessee, about iockj. as explained 
under John R. Boyer. The children of Ellen J^.oyer are not known. 
C ( I ) John Boyc^r, son of Simon Beyer and his wife, was born 
about i7r,o-i77o, and died in the neighborhood of I llnkIeto^vn. Pa about 
i.';,o. lie came from Reading- to Hinklelown, when a boy. Here he 
le^t tnc Lutheran Church and became a member of the "German Papti-^ts 
Brctnren. He folKnyed carpet weaving. He married Miss Roland 
Children : Pldlip, John R., (^.ideon, Catharine, Plannah, and Ann. 

C (r) John R. Boyer. son of Eng-leberd Beyer and wife, was born 
1760. According^ to his descendants, he went AVest— periiaps to Teu- 
•nessee— about 1832-and returned about 1834 for his wife and daughter 
Hannah. Ihey refused to go ,vith him, but why is not known to the 
historian. For some time he was identified with his cousin John R Bo-cr 
of Pottsg-rove, Pa., who took up land at Sparta. Tennessee. John' r' 
Boyer, of Robeson Twp.. Berks Co., Pa., married Esther Worrall and 
left the following children: Thomas. J(,hn. Lydia, and Hannah. Others. 
C (2) James Boyer, son of En-elberd Peyer and his wife, was bo-n 
about 1770-1774, i^robably in Robeson Twp., Ik-rks Co., Pa. This at 
any mte, is the historian's conclusion. His reasons are 'the followino- 
(I) The Robeson Toxynship tax list shows that Engelberd Beyer of 
Exeter Tc^ynship, north of R.beson, appeared in Robeson Townshi-) 
in 1769, and remained there at least until 1774-perhaps died there His 



presence, so far as the historian can discover, is the only explanation 
for the John R. Ijo^er (Esther \\'orrall) "tree,"' and the James Boyer 
'"tree." (2) Amos Boyer, of White Bear, regarded Isaac Boyer, son 
of Janies Boyer, as his fatlier's relative (prohahly cousin). (3) Isaac 
Boyer and others of his line are buried at St. Paul's Church, Geigertown, 
Pa., just as John R. Boyer's wife Esther Worrall, and others of this 
"■-"tree" are buried there. (4) The name Esther seems to be a favorite 
tradition in both "trees," and the name "Brook" Boyer appears in both 
"trees," at Ilarrisburg, Pa., in the John R. Boyer "tree," and at Alarsh, 
Pa., in the James Boyer "tree." It is known that James Boyer lived in 
the neighborhood of White Bear, Pa., but what his occupation was, where 
he is buried, or to whom he was married, may not be easy to ascertain. 
The children were Isaac, Alargaret, Mary, Jane, and perhaps others. 

D (i) Sanuiel Boyer, son of Christopher Boyer and his wife. Ivived 
in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Buried in Aulenbach Cemetery, Reading, 
Pa. Married Sarah Steiger. Children : John, George, Susan, Eliza, and 

D (2) George Boyer, son of Christopher Boyer and his wife, was 
born 18 1 7, and died about 1S43. Eiveil in Stonetown, near Schwarzwald, 
Pa. Married Kate White. Children: Sanuiel White, William Henry, 
and Benjamin Franklin. 

D (3) Daniel iioyer, son of Christopher Boyer and his wife. Luth- 
eran. Farmer. Died single in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa., about 1900. 

D (4) Benjamin I'oyer, son of Christopher Boyer and his wife. 
Lutheran. Farmer. Died single. 

D (5) Kate Boyer, daughter of Christopher Boyer and his wife. 
Married Mr. Ililbert. No children. 

D ( 1 ) Navinia Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Dorcas Lokey, 
married Moses Plinton. Tliey died two years later. 

D (2) Margaret Bo}er, daughter of John iioyer and Dorcas Lokey, 
died single. 

D (3) Mary Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Dorcas Lokey, 
married Peter Long in 1857. He died 1886, and she 1908. Children: 
("a) Sallie (married J. L. Andes) Dayton, Va. (b) Virginia (married 
J. W. Sheets, of liarrisonburg, Va. (c) Lydia (married Dr. Painter), (d) 
Henry is dead, (e) J. P. Long, of North River, Va. (f) Alice (Harris- 
onburg, Va.). (g) Charles, of Denver, Col. (h) Benjamin F. Long, of 
Dayton, Va. The last one helped the historian identify his grandfat.lier 
John Boyer with his family "tree." 

D (4) Martha Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Dorcas Lokey, 
born 1829, and died 1909. Married James Simon, a Methodist minister in 
I'ennsylvania. There were two children: (a) Mattie (married Bryan; 


Dayton, Va. (b) Mary (married Ilctlrick). Children: Cla)ton and 
Lucy (Hagey) Dayton, Va. 

D (5) Permelia Boyer, daugliter of Jolni Ijoyer and Dorcas Lokey, 
married Samuel Smith. Six children grew up: Verganis (married 
Higg), Alice (marrieil Cha})man), IJettie (married Hie), Etta (married 
Payne), Charles and John. Their address (1910) Harrisonburg, Vs.. 

D (6) Amanda Boyer, daughter of John JJoyer and Dorcas Lokey, 
married Kelly. They died in Tennessee. 

D (7) Eliza Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Dorcas Lokey, 
was living in 1910, and 75 years old. She never married. Address (1913) 
Dayton, Va. 

D (8) William B. Boyer, son of John Boyer and Dorcas Lokey, was 
born Nov. 1813. Farmer. He died at the age of 78 years, and is buried 
at Keezeltown. Virginia. No war connections. U. B. Married Mary 
Hollingsworth, bnried at Harrisonburg, Va. Children: (13)— Joseph 
(Dayton, Ohio), George W. ( Harrisonlmrg, Va.), John (Harrisonburg, 
Va.), IvUther (Harrisonburg, \'a.), David (Keezeltown, Va. ), Houston 
(Keezeltown, Va.), William (Keezeltown, Va.), Newton (Keezeltown, 
Va.), Dorcas (Keezeltown, \^a), and Airs. Ashby Ermentrout (Keezel- 
town, Va.). 

D (9) Joseph R. Boyer, son of John Boyer and Dorcas Lokey. He 
, was killed in the Civil War, a young man. Married Aliss Hepp. Chil- 
dren: (4) — Jason Boyer. Address (1914) Harrisonburg, Va., Charles 
(Harrisonburg, Vn.) and two girls. 

D (10) Robert Boyer, son of John Bo\'er and Dorcas Lokey. Went 
with father to Tennessee in 1850. Married Castle. 

D (11) David B)Oyer, son of John Bo}'er and Dorcas Lokey, died 
in Tennessee. W^ent from Virginia to Tennessee in 1850 with father and 
others. Lived in Kingsport, Tenn., where he \vas probably buried. Farm- 
er. ^ Married Hattle Haggy. Children: 

D (12) Richard Boyer, son of John Boyer and Dorcas Lokey, was 
iDorn April 28, -1822, Virginia. Farmer. Went to Teimessee with father 
in 1850, and ilied there. Married Dianna Derr. Children: (a) Charles 
A. Boyer. Address (1914) Fall Branch, Route 2, Box 39, Tennessee. 
Born Oct. 23, 1854, in \'irginia. Farmer. Married Judith Cloud. Chil- 
dren : Walter, Elizabedi, Francis, Myrtle, Rose, Mary, all at Fall Branch, 
(b) Henry R. Boyer, (c) John Boyer, and (d) Mary, Elizabeth, and 

D (i) Benjamin Engle Boyer, son of Henry Boyer and Catharine 
Boyer (cousin), was born 1813, died (3ct. 20, 1889, and is buried in 
Fulmer Church Cemetery, near Bottsgrove, I'a. Lutheran. Farmer irj 
Montour Co., Pa. Married^ Alary Shannon Ali'.ler, born 1812. She is 


buried by the side of her husband. Children: Samuel Miller, Georgt 
F., Zachariah M., Charles P., and Ulysses G. 

D (2) Jacob Boyer, sou of irienry Boyer and Catharine Boyer 
(cousin). Married. Children: John Simon, Ellen, Levi ]\Iiller. 

D (3) Henry Boyer, son of Henry Bo3-er and Catharine Boyer, was 
born Nov. 28, 1807. Farmer. Ludieran. Married ]\Iary Robbins. Chil- 
dren: William Edwin ( Pottsgrove, Pa.), and Elizal)eth Lindner. Pier 
only child, Harry J. Lindner, lives at Pottsgrove, Pa. 

D (4) Christopher Bo^er, son of Henry Boyer and Catharine Boyer. 
Cooper. Lutheran. Moved from Pottsgrove to Cascade, DuBuque Cu., 
Iowa. Married ALary Haines. Chiklren: Benjamin, J(jscph, Luther, 
Caroline, Leah, Christina Margaret, Julfa, Mary Ellen, Hcm-y J., and 

D (5) Susan Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and Catharine Bo\cr, 
was born Dec. 4, 1797. Died Nov. 8, 1873. She married Col. William 
McKnig-ht, l)orn July 18, 17S9. Children: Catharine, Elizabeth, Pris- 
cilla, Anna M. 

D (6) Phoebe Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and Catharine Boy- 
er. She married Thomas Beaver. Children: Henry C, Catharine, 

D (7) Catharine Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and Catharine- 
Boyer. She married Jacob Derr. Left one child : Abeline. > 

D (8) Leah Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and Catharine Boyer, 
married Georg-e Beaver. Children: Two daughters (Indiana). 

D (i) Christopher Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and /Mary King, was 
born about 1802. Married Augusta Strauss. Children: Christine, Mary,. 
Jane, Margaret, and Ellen. 

D (2) Isaac Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Mary King, died 81 
years old, and is buried at Brick Church, Clinton Township, Lycoming 
Co., Pa., with his wife. Married Susannah Shaffer. Children: Benja- 
min B., John, William, Mary, Annie, Emma, and Melvina. 

D (3) Levi Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Mary King, was born 
March 20, 1820, and is buried at Turbotsville, Pa. Cooper. Lutheran. 
Married Ruth Doane, and after her death. Nancy Keefer. Children of 
first marriage: George Parson, Asher. Henry, Mary, and Sarah. ChiL of sccontl marriage: Benjamin i^arto, William Fines, Angelina, and 
Thomas Russell. 

D (4) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Mary King, 
married William R. Richardson. 

D (5) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Mary King-, 
married George Williams. 



D (6) Susan Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and ]\Iary King, 
married John Kintz. 

D (7) Catharine Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Mary King, 
was born Oct 16, 1806, in Berks Co., Pa. Lutheran. She married Samuel 
Shires, and died 82 years old. Both are buried at Strawberry Ridge, Pa. 
Children: Charles E. 

D (8) Polly Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Alary King. 

D (9) Plenry Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Mary King, was killed 
in battle in Mexican War. 

D (i) John Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and his wife Charlotte, was 
born Jinie 2, 1790, a'nd died at Pottsville, Pa. Plero of Mexican War. 

D (2) Samuel Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Charlotte, was born 
May 13, 1794. 

D (3) Mary Boyer, daughter of Daniel Boyer and Charlotte, was 
born March 27, 1801. 

D (4) Abraham Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Charlotte, died 
about 1870 at Reinholds, Pa., and is buried at Plain's Church, Werners- 
ville, Pa. Lived in Plotel at Reinholds Station, Berks Co., I'a. See 
Berks County History, page 1651. Married Kate Strunk. Children: 
Moses, Elizabeth, Annie, Matilda. 

1-^ (5) J- Joseph l^o\'er, son of Daniel Boyer and Charlotte, was 
born ALirch 16, 1805, died Aug. 30, 1877, buried in M. E. Graveyard,. 
Rockfort, Walls Co., Ind. Blacksmith. Moved from Pleidclberg Twp.,. 
Berks Co., I'a., to Indiana. Married Catharine Scitzinger, born Aug. 
2y, 1814. She died June 27, 188S, and is buried near her husband. 
Children: Mary Ann, I{lias, Franklin, Emmanuel, Damuh, Ellen, Louise 

D (6) Daniel Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Charlotte. Ivirmer 
on Berks County "Poor P'arm." 

D (7) William Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Charlotte, lived at 
Strausstown, Pa. No children. 

D (8) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Daniel Boyer and Charlotte, is- 
buried at Schwarzwald, Pa. Married a Air. Collcr. Children: (a) 
Elmer. Address (1912) 422 S. 4th St., Reading, Pa. ' (b) Franklin. 
Address (191 2) 414 S. 4th St., Reading, Pa. (c) Mary Coller. Mar- 
ried Heilman. Address (1912) 637 Pcnn St., Reading, Pa. 

D (i) Thomas I'oyer, son of John R. I'oyer and Esther W^orral,. 
v^as born about 1789, for he died Sept. 14, 1862, aged "]}, years, and is 
buried at Manada, Pa. Alethodist. Soldier in Mexican War. Married 
Elizabeth McC^owan, born March 8, 1792. She died April 16, 1867. 
Children: William, John, Thomas, Isaac, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, and 


D (2) John Beyer, son of John R. Boyer and Esther Worral, was 
born Aug. 20, 1795, died Sept. 11, 1874, at Honeybrook, Pa., and is 
buried at Morgantown, Pa. liaptist. Blacksmith. Married Margaret 
Ridges, July 22, 1819. She died Dec. 16, 1850, and is buried at Morgan- 
town, Pa. Children: John, George, Thomas, William, Esther, Catharine, 
Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary. 

D (3) Eydia Boyer, daughter of John R. Boyer and Esther Worral. 
Married Samuel Bechtel, July 2, 1818. There were three children, but 
the historian thinks there are no living descendants. 

D (4) Hannah Boyer, daughter of John R. Boyer and Esther Worral 
died 1893. She married ^Villiam Galloway, Oct. 23', 1824, but there are 
no descendants. 

D (i) Philip Boyer, son of John Boyer and his wife, Roland, was 
born March 28, 1810, in llinkletown, Pa., died Oct. 2, 1886, and is buried 
at Mohler's Cemetery, near Ephrata, Pa. Carpet weaver. German Ba])- 
tist. Married Hannah Kinsey. Children: Reuben K., John, Rev. 
Simon K. 

D (2) Gideon Boyer, sou of John Boyer and his wife, Roland, died 

D (3) John R. Boyer, son of John Boyer and his wife Roland. 
Married. Children: Daughter. Married Hibschman. Her son is J. H. 
Plibschman. Address (1912) Ephrata, i-'a. 

D (4) Catharine Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and his wife, Ro- 
land. Married. 

D (5) Hannah 15oyer, daughter of John Bo)er and his wife, Roland. 

D (6) Anna Boyer, daughter of Jcjhn lioyer and his wife, Roland. 
Married a Mr. Epler. Children: (a) Daniel Epler. Address (1911) 
Phila., Pa. (b) Daughter. Married II. A. Kcrst. xA.ddress ( 1911) 1912 
N. 1 8th St., Phila., Pa. 

D (i) Isaac Boyer, son of James Boyer and his wife, was born 
about 1800, probably in the neighborhood of White Bear, Robeson Twp., 
Berks Co., Pa., and is buried at St. Paul's Church, Geigertown, Pa. He 
kept a store at the Quaker Meeting House, near White Bear, Pa. Mar- 
ried Elizabeth Adair. Children : Mordecai, Rebecca, John, Eli, Isaac. 

D (2) Margaret Boyer, daughter of James Boyer and his wife, mar- 
ried Reuben Doty. There were children : One son, Joseph Doty, lived 
at Pottstown, Pa. (1910). 

D (3) Mary Boyer, daughter of James Boyer and his wife, niarried 
a Philman. 

D (4) Tane Boyer, daughter of James Boyer and his wife, married 
a Philman, and left a number of children. 

E (i) John Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Sarah Steiger, was 


born about 1820 in Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa., and is buried at St. 
John's Church, Gibraltar, Pa. Lutheran. Repairsnian on canal. Mar- 
ried Mary Dippery. Children: (a) Samuel Boyer. Address (1912) 
Seyferts, Pa. Born i860. Married Annie Halloway. Children: Clar- 
ence, Verna. (b) Horatio ]jO}er. Address (1912) Germantown, Ohio.. 
Married. Children: Samuel, William, Frank, Mary, Annie, Lilly, (c) 
Annie Boyer. Married Daniel Clouser. Address (1912) Seyferts, Pa. 

(d) Kate Boyer. Married Isaac Hummel. Address (1912) Seyferts, Pa. 

(e) Isaac Boyer. Dead. xA.ddress (1912) Mrs. Isaac Boyer, 221 Wood 
St., Reading-, Pa. Married Hmma Bean. Children: (i) Alice M. Boyer 
(Mrs. William Kerper, Gibraltar, Pa.) and (2) Clara Bo_ver (Mrs. 
Georg^e Boyer, 1506 Vine St., Phila., Pa.). 

£ (2) George Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Sarah Steiger, lived 
at Seyferts, Pa. Laborer. Married Mary Bechtel. No children. 

E (3) Susan Boyer, daughter of Samuel Boyer and Sarah Stcig^r, 
died single. 

E (4) Eliza Ijoyer, daughter of Samuel Boyer and Sarah Steiger, 
married Augustus Boas. 

E (5) Mary Bo}-er, daughter of Samuel Boyer and vSarah Steiger,. 
married Mr. Bunting. 

E (i) Joseph Boyer, son of William B. Boyer and Alary Hollings.- 
worth. Address (1914) Dayton, Ohio. 

E (2) George M. Jjo)-ers, son of William B. Boyer and ]\Iary Hol- 
lingsworth, was born I\Iay I, 1845, ^^t Harrisonburg, Va. Farmer. 
United Brethren Churcli. ^^larried Mary Clatterbrick. Children: (a) 
John H. Boyers, born Sejit. 23, 1876, at Harris(jnburg, Ya. Engineer. 
U. B. Church. Married Laura Glover. Address (1914) Harrisonburg, 
Va. Children: (b) Layton W. Uoyers, 19, 1880, Harrisonburg, 

Va. Address (1914) Harrisonburg, Va. Fireman. U. B. Church. 
Married Birdie Glover. Children: (c) Minor Y. iioyers, born July 3O;. 
1877. Address (1914) Harrisonburg, Va. Teamster. U. B. Church, 
Married Jennie Shetfer.- Children: (d) Joseph R. Boyers, born Nov. 
14, 1881. Address (1914) Harrisonburg, Va. Single in 1914. (e) 
Lucy Boyers, born March 17, 1884. Married A. J. Wilt. Address 
(1914) Harrisonburg, Va. Children: (f) Beulah Blanche Boyers; born 
[une 25, 1880. Single. Home, (g) Myrtie Alice Boyers, born Sept. 
12, 1888. Married George Robinson. Address (1914) Harrisonburg, 
Va. (h) j\Iary V. Boyers, born April 28, 1894. Single. Home. 

E (2) Joseph R. Boyers, son of William B. Boyer and Mary Hol- 
lingsworth, was born in Harrisonburg, Va. Machinist. Address (1914) 
Waggeram, Licken Co., Ohio. Married Marie Pickering. Children. 


E (3) John Bo vers, son of William B. Boycr and Alary Ilollings- 
vvorth. Address (1914) Harrisonburg, Ya. Carpenter. Single. 

E (4) David Boyers, son of William B. Boyer and ISIary Ilollings- 
Avorth. Address (1914) Harrisonburg, Va. Farmer. Married Caroline 
Ermentrout. Children. 

(5j William Boyers, son of William B. Boyer and jMary Ilollings- 
worth. Address (1914) Harrisonburg, Va. Farmer. Married ]\lildred 
■Grandle. Children. 

E (6) Newton Boyers, son of William B. Boyer and Mary Hollings- 
worili. Address (1914) Harrisonburg, Va. Farmer. Single (1914). 

E (7) Euther Boyers, .son of William B. Boyer and j\Iary Hollings- 
worth. Address (1914) Harrisonburg, Va. Farmer. Married Nannie 
■ Cofiman. 

E (i) Samuel W'. Boyer, son of George Boyer and Kate White, 
was born Sept. 3, 1S37. Lived in Lebanon, Pa. Died there about 1903. 
Iron-worker. Soldier in Civil V»'ar. Married Anna Constance Richards, 
liorn Feb. 10, 1S45. Children: (a) Williani I^. Boyer. Address (1910) 
Cumberland St., Lebanon, Fa. Single in 1910. (b) W. Boyer. 
Address (1910) Hanover antl Guilford Sts., Lebanon, Pa. Married. 
Children: EUwood, Ernst. (c) Richard J. Boyer. Address (1910) 
819 Walnut St., Lebanon, Pa. Printer, (d) Kate Boyer. Married Mau- 
rice Forney. Address (1910) 1252 Forge St., Lebanon, Pa. (e) Esther 
Boyer. Married Robert Brandt. Address (1910) 126 East 3rd St., 
Pottstown, Pa. (f) Fannie A. Jioyer. At home with Airs. Forney, 1910. 

E (2) William Henry Boyer, son of George Boyer an(.l Kate White, 
was born April 10, 1844, i>' I'cckway Tw))., Lancaster Co., Pa. Address 
(1910) 146 W. Green St., Reading, Pa. Lutheran, j'.ricklayer. ' Mar- 
ried Sarah M. Rothermel. Child : Mary Boyer. Married John Ely. Ad- 
dress (1910) 511 Kerper St., Reading, Pa. 

E (3) Benjamin Franklin Boyer, son of C/Corge Boyer and Kate 
White. Lutheran. Rolling mill worker. Address (1910) 200 JoUiett 
St., Jolliett, III. ALarried. Children. 

E (i) Samuel Aliller Boyer, son of Benjamin Engle Boyer and 
Alary Shannon Aliller, was born ATay 15, 1843. Postmaster. Address 
(1912) Pottsgrove, Pa. Married Amantla Buck. Child: Elsie. Ad- 
dress (1912) Pottsgrove, I'a. 

E (2) George F. Boyer, son of Benjamin Engle Boyer, was born. 
April 15, 1846. Address (1912) 64G Francis Ave., Grand Rapids, 

E (3) Zaehariah AI. P>oyer, son of Benjamin Engle Boyer and Alary 
S. Miller, was born Alay 6, 1S54. Address (1912) Arch St., Alilton, Pa. 
Married Emma J. Lattimer. Child: William C. Boyer. Address (1912) 


.330 Catawlssa Ave., Sniibury, Pa. Born Nov. 13, 1876. Married Mary 
A. Martz. Children: Mildred E., Charles William, Geraldine \l., Rachel 
A., and Calvin A. 

E (4) Charles i\ ]Jo)-er, son of l>enjamin Engle Boyer and Mary 
S. Miller, was born Feb. 4, iSGo. Farmer. Address ( 1912) Pottsgrove, 
Pa., R. F. D. Married Dora iMattes. Child: Alexander. Address 
(1912) Pottsgrove, Pa. 

E (5) Ulysses G. Boyer, son of Benjamin Englc Boyer and Mary 
S. Miller, was born Nov. 10, 1864. Address (1912) Muncy, or Clark- 
town, Pa. Married Mayetta Opp. Children: Chester. Address ( 1912) 
Muncy, Pa., R. F. D. 4, and Anna. 

E (i ) John Simon Boyer, son of Jacob Bo)'er and his wife Julia A. 
Miller. Address (1912) Shamokin, Pa. Married Mary Briltcn. Chil- 
dren: fa) Edward C. Boyer. Address (1914) i N. Market vSt., Sha- 
mokin, Pa. (b) Harry Boyer. Address (1914) Piitsburgh, Pa. {c) 
James O. Boyer. Address (1914) Winchester, \'a. 

E (2) Ellen Boyer, daug'htcr of Jacob Boyer and his wife. ^Married 
J. H. Diehl. Address (1914) Pottsgrove, Pa. Only child: Charles 1 1. 
Diehl, Pottsgrove, Pa. 

E (3) Levi Miller Boyer, son of Jacob lioyer and his v.ife Julia A. 
Miller. Bucknell graduate. Professor at Ne^v Berlin, Pa. Married 
Laura Wilson. Died childless. 

E (i) William Edwin lioyer, son of lienry Boyer and Alary Rob- 
bins, was born March 28, i860, Montour Co., i^a. Address (1912) Potts- 
grove, Pa. Farmer. Presbyterian. Married Ida Bowman. Children: 
(a) Mrs. Fannie B. Reiser, 265 Filbert St., INlilton Pa. (b) AR-s. Minnie 
S. Ilause, 109 Upper Mulberry St., Danville, Pa. (c) Mrs. Jennie L. ijcck- 
-er, New Columbia, Pa. (d) Mrs. Nettie TIartman, I'ottsgrove, Pa. (e) 
Miss Catharine Boyer, Pottsgrove, Pa. 

E (i) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of lienry Boyer and Alary Rob- 
"bins. Married B)eniamin C. Lindner. Only child: Harry J. Lindner. 
Address (1914) Pottsgrove, Pa. 

E (1) Benjamin Boyer, son of Christopher Boyer and his wife, 
Mary Haines. 

E (2) Joseph Boyer, son of Christopher Boyer and Alary ILiines. 

E (3) Luther Boyer, son of Christcjidier Bo3-er and Alary Haines. 

E ,(4) Caroline Bo)er, daughter of Christopher Pjoyer and Alary 
Haines, married Jesse Alessersmith. Address (1912) West Afilton, Pa. 

' E (i) Catharine AIcKnight, daughter of Susan Boyer and Colonel 
William AR-Kniglit, was born Feb. 14, i8i8,and died Dec. 24, 1887. 
She is buried in Follnier's Cemetery, near Northumberland, Pa. Alar- 


ried Thomas Ritter. Children: One son WilHam McKnight Ritter, 
PottsgTove, I'a., is a fine genealogist, and helped the historian very much. 
E (2) Elizabeth McKnight, daughter of Susan Boyer and Col. Wil- 
Ham AIcKnight, was born Feb. 20, 1820, died Dec. 29, 1833, buried in 
Chillisquaque Cemetery, near Pottsgrove, Pa. 

E (3) Priscilla McKnight, daughter of Susan Boyer and Col. Mc- 
Knight, born Aug. 24, 1822, died Nov. 24, 1853, buried at McEvvcnsville, 
Pa. She was married to Isaac Dunkel. 

E (4) Annie M. McKnight, daughter of Susan Boyer and Col. Mc- 
Knight, was born Feb. 28, 1829. INIarried Charles Artman. Address 
(1912) Pottsgrove, Pa. lie died Sept. 28, 1909. 

E ( I ) Catharine Beaver, daughter of Phoebe Boyer and Thomas 
Beaver. Married John Crawford. Address (1912) Milton, Pa. 

E (2) Maria Beaver, daughter of Phoebe Boyer and Thomas 
Beaver. Married John Roan. Children: (a) Henry Boyer Roan. Ad- 
dress (1912) ]\lilton, Pa. (b) T. H. G. Beaver. Address (1912) River- 
side, Pa., near Milton, Pa. 

E (i) Christine Bo)'er, daughter of Christopher Boyer and his wife, 
married John Yerg. She died March 14, 1900, and is buried at Turbot- 
ville. Pa. 

E (2) Mary Boyer, daughter of Christopher Boyer and his wife, 
married Silas Aldridge. She is buried at Turbotville, Pa. 

E (3) Jane Boyer, daughter of Christopher Boyer and his wife, 
married John Kitchen. She is ])uried at Turbotville, Pa. 

E (4) Margaret Boyer, daughter of Christopher l^oyer and his wife,, 
n-.arried William Fry. 

E (5) Ellen Boyer, daughter of Christopher Boyer and his wife, 
married R. C. Auten. 

E (i) Benjamin B. Bo3-er, son of Isaac Boyer and Susan Shaffer, 
was born Feb. 19, 1848. Blacksmith. Reformed. Address (190S) 
Turbotville, Pa. Married Susan C. Eckrode, born July 8, 1847. ^^"2 
died March 9, 1905. Children: (a) Jennie M. Boyer, born Nov. 10, 1871. 
Married Harry Shirey. .Address (190S) MifBinburg, Pa. Child: Susan 
M. (b) Emma Blanche Boyer, born May 2, 1872. Address (1908) 
Turbotville, Pa. (c) Bruce S. Boyer. Address (1908) Williard, Seneca 
Co., N. Y. Born March 28, 1876. Married Mary Rogan. Child: Girl. 
(d) John Fl. Boyer. Address (1908) Jackson, Michigan. Born March 
16, 1878. Married Alarie Lincoln, (e) Ellwood D. Boyer. Address 
(1908) Altoona, Pa. Married Catharine Mengel. (f) Lila Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1908) Turbotville, Pa. Born Sept. 17, 1883, W H. Lester Boyer. 
Address (1908) Jackson, Michigan. Born Dec. 29, 1889. 


E (2) John, William, Mar}', Annie, Emma, and Mel vine Boyer, 
were children of Isaac lioycr and Susannah Shaffer. 

E (1) George V. l!oyer, son of Levi Boyer and Ruth Dcane, was 
born Oct. 25, 1S55, near Hughesville, Pa. Address (1914) Hughes- 
ville, Pa. Furniture worker. Evangelical Church. Married Elizabeth 
O. Plopper. Children: (a) Emery Boyer. Address (1914) Hughes- 
ville, Pa. Married Mabel McCarty. Children: Kenneth, (b) Sydney 
•]\I., Boyer. Address (1914) Montoursville, Pa. Carver. Alarried Lula 
Worthington. Children: Maurice, (c) Ada E. Boyer. Married Harry 
B. Warburton. Address (1914) Hughesville, Pa. Children, (d) Oscar 
E. Boyer. Address (1914) Plughesville, Pa. (e) Martha E. Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1914) Hughesville, I'a. ' (f) Irvin H. Boyer. Address (1914) 
Hughesville, Pa. (g) William F. Boyer. Address (1914) Plughes- 
ville, Pa. 

E (2) Asher Boyer, son of Levi Boyer and Ruth Doane. Address 
(1914) Travers, Michigan. 

E (3) Henry Boyer, son of Levi Boyer and Ruth Doane. Address 
(1914) Owensboro, Kentucky. Married Miss Dewey. Children: (i) 
Clair Bo3'er. A.ddress (1914) Owensboro, Kentucky. (2) ]\Iaude Boyer. 
Address (1914) Owensboro, Kentucky. 

E (4) May Boyer, daughter of Levi Boyer and Ruth Doane, mar- 
ried Jackson. Address (1914) Jonesville, Mich. One daughter, Mar- 

E(5) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Levi Boyer and Ruth Doane. 
INLirried Mover. Address (kjm) Muncy, Pa. One daughter, ALiry 
(Kunz). Address (1914) Muncy, Pa. 

E (6) Benjamin Barto Boyer, son of Levi lioyer and second wife 
Nancy Keefer, luarried Annie. Children: (a) Clarence Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1914) Danville, Pa., R. F. D. i. (b) James Boyer. Address 
( 1914) Catawissa, Pa. R. F. D. (c) Laura Boyer. Address (1914) 
TurboLville, Pa. R. F. D. 3. 

E (7) William Fines P)0\'er, son of Levi Boyer and Nancy Keefer, 
was born July 23, 1879. Farmer. Address (1914) Turbotville, Pa., 
R. F. D. No. 2. Married Jennie Mary Robbins. 

E (S) Angelina T5oyer, daughter of Levi Boyer and Nancy Keefer. 
Married Joseph Ulrich. Address (1914) Watsontown, Pa. Children: 
Ral;)h m', William C, Mabel M. 

E (9) Thomas Russell Boyer, son of Levi Boyer and Nancy Keefer, 
was born Oct. 15, 1884. Farmer. Address (1914) Turbotville, Pa., 
R. F. D. 3. Married Mary Youst. 

E (i) William R. Richardson, son of Elizabeth Boyer and 
Richardson. Address (1908) Danville, Pa. 

E (i) Moses Boyer, son of Abraham Boyer and Kate Strunk, was 


born Jan. 4, 1832, and died Jan. 6, 1903. Cigar-maker. Lived near Dr. 
Wenrich's Sanitorium, VVerncrsville, Pa. Soldier in Civil War three 
months. Married Eliza Weinhold. Children: (a) Jerome Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1910) ^Johnton. Pa. Born July 24, 1849. Married Elizabeth Fox. 
Children: ( i ) Annie Boyer. Married Wolfe. Address ( 1909) Ephrata, 
Pa. (2) Charles, Archie, Frank, G. EHwood, Harvey, (b) Violet jNlartha 
Boyer. Born Sept. 19, 1854. Married Henry Reed, and after his death, 
Alex. Losch. The Reed children : Lemon R., Llarry, i\Tabel. The Losch 
children: Laura, Naomi, Loretta. (c) Lemon Bobert Boyer. Born Jan. 
26, 1857. Farmer. Address (1910) New Plolland, Pa. Married Ellen 
IMessner. Children: (i) Harry, (2) Jennie, (3) Plarriet, (4) Lemon R. 
(d) W. Abraham Boyer. Address (1912) Wernersville, Pa. Born Nov. 
22,1859. Hotel keeper. IMarried x^manda Stiei'f. Children: (i) Kate, 
(2) Plenry. Address (1912) Wernersville, Pa. Operator at Womels- 
dorf. Children: Arthur, Catharine. (3") Jerome. Address (1912) Wer- 
nersville, Pa. jNlarried Lillie Kareis. Children : Ellen ^lay. 

E (2) Elizabeth Boyer, (.laughter of Abraham P>oyer and Kate 
Strunk. ^ Married Samuel Wike. Children: (a) Joseph Wike. Ad- 
dress (1912) Reinholds Station, Pa. Married Magi^ie Hoover. Chil- 
dren : Minnie, Annie. 

E (3) Annie Boyer, daughter of Abraham Boyer and Kate Strunk. 
Married John Fisher. Children (a) Jerome Fisher. Address (1909) 
Adamstovvn, Pa. (b) Richard Fisher. Address (1909) Adamstown, Pa. 

E (4) Matilda Boyer, daughter of Abraham Boyer and Kate Stnmk. 
Married Retiben Ebright. Children: (a) Wellington. Address (1909). 
(b) Jerome. Address (1909) Lebanon, Pa. 

E (i) Mary Ann Boyer, daug^hter of J. Joseph Boyer and Cath- 
arine Seitzinger, was born June 28, 1857. Reformed. Married Monroe 
Leiss, born Aug. 9, 1849. Address (1912) 257 Water St., AUentown, Pa. 
Children: (a) Irwin Leiss. (b) Jerome ]\L Leiss. (c) Valeria R. 

E (2) Elias Boyer, son of J. Joseph Boyer and Catharine Seitzinger, 
was born May 18, 1835, died Sept. 13, 1895, and is buried in Rock Creek 
Twp., Wells Co., Lidiana. The family lived at one time at Barber's 
Mills, Wells Co., Ind., to which place they went from Heidelberg Twp., 
Berks Co., Pa., about 1863. He married. Children: George Washing- 
ton, Franklin, FTenry, Israel, Mary Anne, Sarah, Jonathan, Adam. 

E (3) Franklin Boyer, son of J. Joseph Boyer and Catharine Seitz- 
inger, was born in Berks Co., Pa. Lives at Soldiers' Home, Marion, 
Indiana. No children. 

E (4) Emmanuel Boyer, son of J. Joseph Boyer and Catharine Seitz- 
inger, lived in Marion Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Moved to Liberty Twp., 


Wells Co., Indiana. Married. Children: John, Elijah, Wesley, Leroy, 

E (5) Damns Boyer, son of J. Joseph Boyer and Catharine Seitz- 
inger, was born in Marion Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Moved to Indiana. 
Married Almeda Wilbnrn. Address (1912) 222 N. Baldwin St., Blutf- 
ton, Ind. Children: (a) Morris Boyer. Address (1912) Markle, Ind., 
R. F. D. 2. (b) Minnie lioyer. (e) Rosetta Boyer. Married John Fos- 
ter. Address (1912) Columbia City, Indiana, R. F. D. 8. 

E (6) Ellen Boyer, daughter of J. Joseph Bjoyer and Catharine 
Seitzinger, is buried at North Heidelberg Church, near Bernvillc, Pa. 
Married John Bickel. Children: (a) Walter. Address (1912J Wom- 
elsdorf, Pa. (b) Arthur. Address (1912) Bluffton, Ind., R. F. D. 8. 
(cj Kate. Married Scherer. Address (1912) Eeinbachs, Pa. (d) Ella. 
Address (1912) Liberty Centre, Ind. (e) Elizabeth, married Midilleton. 
Address (1912) 5544 Cambridge St., I'hila., Pa. Left one son and three 

E (7) Louise Ann Boyer, daughter of J. Joseph Boyer and Catharine 
Seitzinger. Address (1912) Box 53, Liberty Centre, Ind., R. F. D. i. 

^ E (i) Reuben K. Boyer, son of Philip Boyer and Ilaimah' Kinsey, 
was born July 19, 1836, at Ilinkletown, Pa., died Feb. 12, 1864, and is 
buried at the M. E. Cemetery, Bi.rd-in-IIand, Pa. M'ethodist. Teacher. 
:\larried Sarah Ellen McKeever. Cliild: Anna Maria Buyer. Address 
(1911) New Holland, Pa. Fine correspondent. 

E (2) John Boyer, son of Philip I-loyer and Hannah Kinsey, was 
born July 17. 1844, and died Jan. 17, 1907, at Princeton Depot, Mass. 
Methodist. Teacher. No children. 

E (3) Rev. Simon K. B.oyer, son of Philip Boyer and Hannah Kin- 
sey, was born Dec. 30, 1839. Teacher. Then he became an Episcopal 
minister. Address (1913) 89 East Duval St., Germantown, Phila., Pa. 
Married. Children: (a) Charles C. Boyer. Address (1912) 105 North 
53rd St., Phila., Pa. (b) Warren H. Boyer. Address (1912) 541 Mas- 
ter St., Phila., Pa. (c) Mrs. Wilham O. Soper. Address (1912) 1458 
North Talman Ave., Chicago, 111. 

E ( I ) William Boyer, son of Thomas Boyer and Elizabeth McGowan, 
was born June 4, 181 5, died March 7, 1892, and is buried at St. Paul's 
Church, Geigertown, Pa. M^^thodist. ; Farmer. Married Susannah 
Beard, born Aug. 13, 1819. She died June 23, 1900, and is buried at St. 
Paul's. Children : Levi, Amos, John C, Henry, Ida E., Susaimah, Mary 
Ann, and Sarah E. 

E (2) John Boyer, son of Thomas Boyer and Elizabeth McGowan, 
was born Ai)ril 16, 1819; died Nov. 14, 1868 and is buried at Manada, 
Pa. Methodist. Farmer. Soldier in Civil War. Married Lydia Swoyer, 
"born June 11, 1823. She died July 15, 1907. Children: Adam Wesley, 


Thomas, John ]\I., Isaac, Ehnira, Alice Irene, Mary Ann, and Lyclia 

E (3) Thomas Boyer, son of Thonias Dover and Elizabeth Mc(iimv;ui, 
was born 1820, died 18S2, aged 62 years. Methodist. Farmer. Suldier 
in Civil War. Married Mary Mumma, born 1820. She died 1884, and 
is buried with husband at Manada, Pa. Children : Melinda, Isaiah, Amos. 
John, Kate, Caroline, Mary, Hannah, and Elias. 

E (4) Isaac Boyer, son of Thomas Boyer and Elizabeth McGowan, 
was born Feb. 14, 1826, near White Bear, Pa., and is buried on Charles 
Evans Cemetery, Reading, Pa. Laborer. Methodist. Married Mary 
Dickinson. Children: Thomas A., William PL, Harrison D., Annie, 
Alice, and Mima. 

E (5) Mary Ann Bov-er, daughter of Thomas Boyer and Elizabeth 
McGowan. Married Hughes. Children; Thomas. Aildress (1910) 
Pinegrove, Pa. 

E (6) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Thomas Boyer and Elizabeth 
McGowan. Married Rudolph— afterward Fox. Children: Bertie, Ru- 

E (7) Susannah Boyer, daughter of Thomas Boyer and Elizabeth 
McGowan. Married Kissinger. Living at Carsonia, near Reading, Pa. 

E (i) John Boyer, son of John Boyer and Margaret Ridges, is buried 
at Morgantown, Pa. 

E (2) George Boyer, son of John Boyer and Margaret Ridges, is 
buried at Morgantown, Pa. 

E (3) Thomas Boyer, son of John Boyer and Margaret Ridges, is 
buried at St. Mary's, Pa. Saddler. Married Mary Dampman. Chil- 
(.Iren : Louis, Annie, Jennie, lUizabeth. 

E (4) William R. Boyer, son of John Bo)'er and Margaret Ridges, 
died jy years of age, and is buried at St. Marks, Chester Co., Pa. Wheel- 
wright. Soldier in Civil War. Married Rebecca Grow. Lived 88 j'cars. 
Children: George M., John W., Esther, Charles E., and Ella. 

E (5) Esther Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Margaret Ridges, 
is buried at Ploneybrook, Pa. Married Daniel Lee. No descendants. 

E (6) Catharine i)Oyer, daughter of John Boyer and Alargaret 
Ridges, is buried at St. Marks, Chester Co., Pa. Married James Laird. 
Children : James, Emma, George. 

E (7) Margaret Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Margaret 
Ridges, is buried at St. Marks, Chester Co., Pa. Married Ephraim 
Staufifer. Children : Valeria, Laura, Elmer. 

E (8) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and ALirgaret 
Ridges, was born March 22, 1833, died June 18, 1903, and is buried at St. 
Marks, Chester Co., Pa. Married John C. Parker, born Oct. 4, 1832. 


Kailroad Section-boss for 30 years. He died June 7, 1900. Children: 
Emma A., IMargaret, Edward, Frank, Howard, Mary, and Jennie. 

E (9) Alary Beyer, daughter of John Boyer and Margaret Ridges, 
was born Aug. 20, 1840. Married A. E. Murdock. Married Mr. Leeds. 
Address (1913) Mrs. Mary Leeds, 2917 Gordon St., Phila., Pa. Fine 
genealogist. Children: George W. Murdock, Jcanetta ]\Iurdock. 

E (i) Mordecai Boyer, son of Isaac Boyer and Elizabeth Adair, was 
born June 15, 1S26. Address ( 1910) Marsh, Chester Co., Pa. Baptist. 
Stonemason. Enlisted iSui at Philadelphia from Chester Co., Pa., Com- 
pany D, Regiment 175, Infantry, Ca]:)t. Joseph Thomas. Aloved through 
Maryland, Delaware, North and South Carolina, and X^irginia. Honor- 
ably discharged 1865. Married Amelia Ann Whittaker, born Sept. 26, 
1836. Children: Emma, Anna Maria, Horace L., Sarah F., George Y., 
Ella Berta. 

E (2) Rebecca Boyer, daughter of Isaac Boyer and Elizabeth Adair, 
married John Keims, and moved to Nauyo, 111. Children: Lizzie, George, 
Jonas, and perhaps others. 

E (3) John Boyer, son of Isaac Boyer and Elizabeth Adair, lived 
at Warwick Furnace, but moved to Birdsboro, Pa., where he is buried. 
]\Iarried .Anna Wertz. Children : Rebecca, Owen, David, Mary, Eli, 
Collins, William. 

E (4) Eli Boyer, son of Isaac Boyer and Elizabeth Adair, was born 
before 1826, as reported by his brother, Mordecai. He lived in East 
Nantmeal Twp., Chester Co., Pa. Farmer. Soldier. Worked in the 
A'Varwick furnace, liuried at St. Mary's, Chester Co., Pa. Married Miss 
Keims. Children : Mary Jane, Howard, Elizabeth, Elmira, Frank. 

E (5) Isaac Boyer, son of Isaac Boyer and Elizabeth .Adair, was 
born about 1822, and is buried at the Quaker ^Meeting House, White Bear, 
Pa., where he lived. Carijenter. Married Rebecca James. Children: 
Samuel K., Josephine, 1 faunah, William S., and Brook. 

V (i) Levi Boyer, son of William Boyer and Susannah ileard. 
Soldier in Civil War. ^^Jarried Sarah Conner. Children: (a) Harry 
Boyer. Adilress (1910) 610 North 55th St., Phila., Pa. (b) Bertie 

F (2) Amos Boyer, son of William Boyer and Susannah Beard. 
Address (T910) White Ikar, Pa. Methodist. Farmer. Soldier in Civil 
War. Married Harriet Beard. Children: (a) Martha Jane Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1910) White Biear, Pa. (b) William Boyer. Address (1910) 
Reading, Pa. (c) George Boyer. Address (T910) Reading, Pa. (d) 
Howard Boyer. Address (1910) Reading, Pa. (c) Susannah Boyer. 
Address (loio) Harrisburg, Pa. 

F (3) John C. Boyer, son of William B(j)'er and Susannah Beard. 
Address (1910) 909 West 9th St., Wilmington, Del. District Supt. of 


Reading Railroad. Married Mary Creighton. Children: (a) Annie 
Boyer. Home address, (b) Walter l>oyer. Address (1910) 9139 W. 
■ 9th St., Wilmington, Del. 

F (4) Henry Boyer, son of William Boyer and Susannah Beard. 
Railroader. Married Amelia Zink. Children: (a) Mary Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1910) Mrs. Walter Wolf, Scarlets Mills, Pa. 

F (5) E. Ida Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and Susannah 
Beard, was born Sept. 30, 1857. Married Jacob W. Peterman. Address 
(1910) Royersford, Pa. Children^ William C, George S., J. Morris, and 
Mary B. 

F (6) Susannah P>oyer, daughter of William Boyer and Susannah 
Beard. Address (1910) White Bear, Pa. Single. 

F (7) Mary Ann Boyer, daughter 'of William Boyer and Susannah 

F (8) Sarah E. Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and Susannali 
Beard, married Fox. 

F ( I ) Adam Wesley Boyer, son of John Boyer and Lydia Swoyer, 
was born Feb. 18, 1849. Lutheran. Carpenter. Address (1910) West- 
Hanover, Pa. Married Rebecca Killinger, born Sept. 26, 1840. Only 
child: Mrs. R. K. i^hellhamer, born Sept. 2, 1880. Address (1910) 
West Planover, Pa. Graduate of Shippensburg State Normal SchooL 

F (2) Thomas Boyer, son of John Boyer and Lydia Swoyer. Ad- 
dress (1910) 40S Ninth Avenue, Sterling, 111. Married. Children: (a) 
John D. Boyer. Address (j,9io) Ventura, Cal. 

F (3) John M. Boyer, son of John l^oyer and Lydia Swoyer, was 
born Feb. 10, 1847. Address (1910) Williamstown, Pa. Al'arried. 
Children: (a) Williani lioyer. (b) Wesley Boyer. (c) Amos Boyer. 
(d) PTarry PL Boyer. 

F (4) Isaac Boyer, son of John Boyer and Lydia Swoyer, was born 
July 26, 1850. Address (1910) Peubrook, ' Pa. Children: (a) Henry 
Boyer. Address (1910) Penbrook, Pa. (b) Edwin Boyer. Address 
(1910) Lucknow, Pa. (c) Maggie Boyer. Married Plerman. Address 
(1910) Penbrook, Pa. (d) Mary Boyer. Married Miller. Address 
(1910) Penbrook, Pa. (e) Anna Boyer. Married Devans. Address 
(1910) Grantville, Pa., R. F. D. i. (f) Minnie Boyer. At home. 

F (5) Elmira Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Lydia Swoyer, 
was born Oct. 12, 1855. Married Daniel Jones (now deceased). Chil- 
dren (6). 

F (6) Alice Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Lydia Swoyer, was 
born April 2, 1866. Married Fred. Keeney. Address (1910) 329 Shoe! 
St., Steelton, Pa. Children (10). 

F (7) Mary Ann Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Lydia Swoyer,. 


was born Aug. 21, 1845. Methodist. iMarricd Michael Griftith. No de- 

F (8) Lydia Gertrude Boyer, dauLihter of John Boycr and Lydia 
Swoyer, was born Feb. 19, 1863. Methodist. Married Edwin M. Shcrk. 
Address ( iwio) 614 W. Sanchisky St.. FincUay, Ohio. Chdldren : (a) 
Dr. Amos Sherk, born Jan. 5, 18S1. Ackh'ess (lyio) Young'stown, Ohio. 
Married Ehzabcth Kchey. (b) Ckark Seltzer Shcrk. Address (19-10) 
home address. (c)MaI)el Sherk. .(d) Ethel May Sherk. 

F (i) Melinda lioyer, son of Thomas Boyer and J»Iary Arnmmri, 
was born July 14, 1S45. Methodist. Married Richard Leeds. Address 
(1910) Mrs. Mary Leeds, 476 S. Cameron St., Harrisburg", Pa. Chil- 
dren: (aj Thomas Leeds. Address (1910) 1244 Swatara St., Harris- 
burg-, Pa. Born July 28, 1870. Married. T\vo children: Thomas and 
Sarah, (b) George Leeds. Address (19TO) 476 S. Cameron St., ILir- 
lisburg. Pa. Born Dec. 31, 1871. (c) Daniel Leeds. Same address. 
Born Nov. 19, 1873. (d) Richard Leeds. Address (1910) 207 N. 15th 
St., Harrisburg, Pa. B(jrn Dec. 17, 1875. Children: George, Esther, 
Dorotli}'. (e) Emma Leeds. iMarried Reese W. Puce. .Address (1910) 
476 S. Cameron St., Harrisburg, Pa. liorn Feb. 11, iSSo. Children: 
P'lorence, Richard, Charles. (f| (daughter) Leeds. ?\larried Clarence 
Seibert. Address (1910) 530 S. Cameron St., Harrisburg, Pa. Chil- 
dren : George, Clarence, Ethel. 

F (2) Isaiah Boyer, .-^on of Thomas Boyer anil Mary Mumma, was 
Ixjrn April 22, 1849. Address (1913) 1510 Drummond St., Harrisburg-, 
Pa. I'. P. Church. Teamster. Married Enuna Carst. Children: (a) 
Charles iCdwiu L>o)er. Address (1913) 213 Hummel St., 1 larrisbrn-g, Pa. 
I'orn Jan. 1878. U. B. Church. Tallyman. Married Grace Kennert. 
(]i) W'ilHam Isaiah Boyer. .Address (1913) 1512 Drummond St., Har- 
rislnirg-. Pa. Teamster. Married Elizabeth Krick. Children: Irene, 
Helen, Clara, (c) Mary Alice P.oyer. Married Peter Roland. Address 
(1913) 14th and Maylknver Ave., Llarrisburg'-, Pa. Children: Grace, 
■]>ruce, Charles, Mary, (d) Emma Boyer. Single in 1913. (e) John 
Henry Boyer. Address (1913) 1510 Drummond St., Harrisburg-, Pa. 
Born June 1888. Timekeeper and paymaster. Single. 

F (3) Amos Boyer, son of Thomas Boyer and Mary Mumma, was 
born i860. Atldress (1913) Col-Luulnis, Ohio. Contract carijcnter. Well 
to do. Married. Children: (a) Amos Boyer, (b) Stella P.oyer, and (c) 
Harry Boyer. 

F (4) John Boyer, son of Thonias Boyer and Mary Mumma, was 
born I\Lay 1852. Address (1913) Burlington, Iowa. Contract carpenter. 
Single, as far as reported by his brother Isaiah. 

F (5) Kate Boyer, daughter of Thomas Boyer and Mary ]\lumma. 


was born April 1846. Married Samuel Laudis. Address (1910) Topeka, 
Kansas. Children : Six. 

F (6) Caroline Boycr, daughter of Thomas Boyer and Alary jMum- 
ma, v/as born Dec. 1852. Married Harry Dietz. Address (1910) jNIan- 
ada Furnace, West Hanover, I'a. 

F (7) Mary Ann Boyer, daughter, of Thomas Boyer and Mary 
Mumma, born Oct. 7, 1853. Married Mr. Theal. Address (1910) 
132 Strawberry Ave., Harrisburg, Pa. Children. 

F (8) Hannah Boyer, daughter of Thomaij Boyer and Mary Alum- 
ma, married Frederick Kleckncr. Children : Three. 

F (9) Hhas Boycr, son of Thomas Boyer and Mary Mumma. 
Lived at nth and Walnut Sts., Harrisburg, Pa. J?roprietor of hotel. 
Married Mary Griffith. Both dead. Children: (a) Brooks E. Buyer. 
Address (1913) 306 S. 2nd St., Harrisburg, Pa. Machinist. Alarried. 
Children: ( i ) Harry Boyer. Address ( 1913) Enola, Pa. Clerk. Aiar- 
ried Miss Black. Children: Harry, Jennie. (2) Jennie Bo}er. (b; 
I, aura Boycr. Single. Address (1913) River .Mlcy, Harrisburg;, Pa. 
Clerk, (c) Bertlia Boyer. Alarried Myers. Address the same. Ciril- 
dren: Three, (d) William Boycr. Single. Huckster. Address ( 1913, ) 
1821 N. 12th St., Harrisburg, Pa. {c) Scott Boyer. Died single at the 
age of 23. 

F (i) Thomas A. Boyer, son of Lsaac Boyer and his wife Mary. 
Dickinson. Alerchant. Address (1915) 915 Buttonwood St., Reading-, 
Pa. Methodist. Married. No children. 

F (2) William PL Jjoyer, son of Isaac lioyer and his wife, was born 
Feb. 10, 1856, at Reading, I'a. Address (1915) 201 N. 3rd St., Reading, 
Pa. Carpenter. Married. Ch.ildrcn: (i) Rev. Harrison D. Boyer, B. 
D., born June 16, 1878, at Reading, Pa. Graduate of Iowa Chrisii:ui 
College. Address (1915)1216 E. St., N. E., Washington, D. C. Alin- 
ister. Married Lillian W. Clark. No children 1915. (2) Lla, born April 
I. 1880; wife of Morris L. Dries, of 1136 N. 12th St., Readimj, Pa. (3) 
AYilliam H; Boyer, born July 14, 1S85. Address (1915) 1009 Locust 
St., Reading, Pa. ALarried Bertha Kline. (4) George W. Boyer, b(jrn 
Feb. 13, 1887. Single. Address (1915) Elyria, Ohio. (5) Walter Boyer, 
born Feb. 23, 1889. Address (1915J 936 Douglass St., Reading, Pa. 
Alarried Lla Fleishut. (6) Carrie. (7) Lillian W. Address (191 5) 
1152 Alulberry St., Reading, Pa. 

F (3) Llarrisou D. Boyer, son of Isaac Boyer and his wife Mary 
Dickinson. Y\ddress (1910) 226 North Camac St., Phila., Pa. ALuui- 
facturer. Alarried Hulda Rambo of Reading, Pa. No children. 

F (4) Annie Boyer, daughter of Isaac Boyer and wife Alary Dick- 
inson, married Jacob Carl. No children. Address (1915) 514 S. 4th St., 
Reading-, Pa. 


F (5) Alice Boyer, dan<,^hter of Isaac Royer and wife ^lary Dick- 
inson, married James Ricgxl. Address (1915) 634 Penn St., Reading-, 
Pa. No children. 

F (6) Mima Boyer, dauLditer of Isaac Boyer ami v/ife Mary Dick- 
inson, married Joseph Lcvan. Address ([915) Hill Crest, Pa. Chil- 
dren: Steward., William, Florence, "Mary, Rns:jel, Harrison, Peola, and 

F (i) Louis Boyer, son of Thomas l^oyer and ]\Iaria Dampman. 
Address (1910) 213 Queen St., Pottstovvn, Pa. 

V (2) Annie Boyer, daughter of Thomas Boyer and Maria Damp- 
man, married Greisemer. Ad.tlress (1910) 213 Queen St., Pottstown, Pa. 

F (3) Jennie Boyer, daughter of Thomas Boyer and Maria Damy)- 
man. Married Hitter. Address (1910) Queen St., Pottstown, Pa. 

F (4) Elizabeth Bover, daughter of Thomas Boyer and I\Iaria 
Dampman, married Shealer. Address (1010) Queen St., Pottstown, Pa. 

F (i) George M. Boyer, son of William R. P.oyer and Rebecca 
Grow, was ])orn 1862. Blacksmith. Mail carrier. Address (1910) 
Cupola, Pa. Married Mary AlcXelly. Children: Six. 

F (2) John \y. no}er, son of William R. pLiyer and Rebecca Grow. 
Address (1910) North Platte, or Cody, Neljraska. 

F (3) Esther Boyer, daughter of William R. Boyer and Rebecca 
Dampman, second wife. Married Ikenton. Address (1910) Cupola, Pa. 

F (4) Charles E. Boyer, son of William R. Boyer and Rebecca 
Dami)man. Address (1910) ])erw)n, I^a. 

F (5) Ella Boyer, daughter of William R. Boyer and Rebecca 
Dampman. Married Wilson. Address (1910) Chester Heights, Pa. 

F (1) James Laird, son of Catharine Boyer and James Laird. Ad- 
dress (1910) Lionville, Pa. 

F (2) Emma Laird, daughter of Catharine Boyer and James Laird. 
Married James. Address (1910) Marsh, Chester Co., Pa. 

F ( 1 ) \^aleria StauiTer, daughter of Marg-aret Boyer and Ephraim 
Stauffer. Married Seiders. :\ddress (1910) 208 Spruce St., Read- 
ing, Pa. 

F (2) Laura Stauffer, daughter of INTarg-aret Boyer and E'phraim 
Stauffer. Married Seymour. Address (1910) Phila., Pa. 

F (3) Elmer Stauffer, son of Marg-aret Boyer and Ephraim Stauffer. 

F (i) Emma A. Parker, daugb.ter of Elizabeth Boyer and John C. 
Parker, was born March 27, 1860. Presbyterian. ^Larried LIriah R. 
Ihiangst, born Feb. 2, 1858. He died Jdarch 4, 1900. Children: (a) 
John P. Unangsl, married Hcttie Flmiter. Children: Emma, Anna, (b; 
Oscar W. Unangst. Address (1910) 89 Aqueduct St., Akron, O. (c) 
Edgar B. Unangst. (d) Clarence \J. Unangst. Address (1910) 1827 
Tree St., Phila., Pa. ^Tarried Alice Cully. Children: Dorothy, (e) 


Jennie E. Unang'st. Trained nurse. Married Frank Hayles. Address 
f Kjio) 209 Forty-fourth St., Merchantville, N. J. (f) Omar D. Unan.ost. 
Address (1910) 362 Railroad St., Coatesville, Pa., married Esther Bishop. 
Children: Myrtle E. (g) Ella May Unangst. West Chester Normal 
student, (h) Howard C. Unangst. Address (1910) East Downingtown, 
Pa. (j) Helen B. Unangst. Student Stoner's Business Colleg'e, Reading-, 
Pa. (j) Emma A. Unangst, (k) Martha A. Unangst, (1) Raymond P. 
Unang-st. The mother of the above children nictrried Davis C. Ranck 
after her first husband's death. Address (iQio) Elverson, Pa. 

F (2) ]\Iargaret Parker, daughter of Elizabeth Boyer and John C. 
Parker, married Shingle. 

F (i) George \Y. Murdock, son of ]\Iary Boyer and A. E. Murdock, 
was born March 20, 1861. Address (1912) 2917 Gordon St., Phila., Pa. 
Married. Children : Five. 

F (2) Jenetta Alurdock, daughter of Mary Boyer and A. E. Mur- 
dock, was born Dec. 17, 1863. Married. Children: Ten. 

F (i) Harry Boyer, son of Eevi Boyer and his wife. Address 
(1910) 6io N. 55th St., Phila., Pa. 

F (i) Samuel K. Boyer, son of Isaac Boyer and Rebecca Jamcs^ 
was born about 1855, died about 1888, and is buried either on Edgewood, 
or Fern Cemetery, Phila., Pa. Married Laura Ijailey. Address (1910) 
Mrs. Wood, 833 Hutton St., Phila., Pa. Children: (a) William S- 
Ijoyer. Address (1910) Harrison Bldg., Phila., Pa. (b) Louis Boyer. 
Address (1910) 833 Plutton St., Phila., Pa. 

F (2) Josephine Boyer, daughter of Isaac Ijoyer and Rebecca 
James, born about 1850. Married Levi Rice. Address (1910) Glenmore, 
Pa. Children: (a) Florence. Married Hugh Stev/art, of I'aoli, Pa. 
(b) Mary. Married James Nye. Address (1910) Downingtown, Pa. 

f~(3) Hannah Boyer, daughter of Isaac Boyer and Rebecca James, 
born about 1852, married John Emery. Address (1910) Mana)unk, Pa. 
Husband dead. Children : Mary, Walter, others. 

F (4) William S. Boyer, son of Isaac Boyer and Rebecca James, 
was born May 15, 1862. Address (1910) 1126 N. 6th St., Reading, Pa. 
Methodist. Carpenter. Marrietl Florence Ilimes. No children. 

F (5) Brook Boyer, son of Isaac Boyer and Rebecca James, was 
born about 1860. Address (1910) Marsh, Pa. Farmer. Single. 

F (i) Mary Jane Boyer, daughter of Eli Boyer and his wife Keims? 
Married Thomas Collins. Address (1910) Pughtown, Pa. Children: 
John, Charles, and perhaps others. 

F (2) Howard Boyer, son of Eli Boyer and his wife. Address 
(1910) St. Peter.s, Pa. Married Wilhelmina Fry. Children: (a) Emma. 
^Married, (b) Howard Boyer, (c) Charles Boyer. Address (1910) 


Spring- City, Pa. (d) Clarence Boyer, (e) Corbin Boyer, (f) Walter 
Boyer. Address (1910) Coatesville, Pa. (g) Ora Boyer. 

F (3) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Eli Boyer and his wife Keims. 
Married Isaac White. Address (1910) Coatesville, Pa. Children. 

F (4) Ehnira Boyer, daughter of Eli Boyer and his wife. ISIarried 
Harvey McCurdy. Address (1910) 726 East Chestnut St., Coatesville, 
Pa. Children ; Harry, Emma. 

F (5) Frank Boyer, son of Eli Boyer ami wife Keims, of Marsh, f*a. 

F (i) Rebecca Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Anna Werts. 

F (2) Owen Bover, son of John Boxer and Anna Werts. Lived 
in Birdsboro, I'a. Soldier in Rcgidar Army. Married a Maryland girl. 
Children: (a) Annie. Others. 

F (3) David Boyer, son of John Boyer and Anna Werts. Lived 
in Pottstown, Pa., but is buried at Birdsboro, Pa. Married Miss Phil- 
man. Child: Elizabeth Boyer. Adtlress (1910) Pottstown, Pa. 

F (4) Mary (Sarah) Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Anna 
Werts, married Amos Harner (dead). Her address (1910) Birdsboro,. 
Pa. Children : Mrs. Rush, John, Harry, Roy. 

F (5) Eli Bo)'er, son of John Boyer and Anna Werts, went to 
Mexico single. Perhaps Mrs. Harner can give data. 

F (6) Collins Boyer, son of John Boyer and Anna Werts. Lived 
in Philadelphia, Pa. Ask Mrs. Harner. 

F (7) William Boyer, son of John Boyer and Anna Werts. Ad- 
dress (1910) Morgantown, Pa. Married Mrs. Plamilton. She died, 
leaving a daughter, Esther; Afterwards he married lunma Seifert. Her 
daughter is Ruth. 

F (i) Emma Ijoyer, daughter of Mordecai Boyer and Amelia Ann 
Whitaker, was born April 5, 1855. Married Charles Fisher. Addresj^ 
(1910) St. Peter's, Pa. Children: Anna. 

F (2) Anna ]\Iaria Boyer, daughter of IMordecai Boyer and Amelia 
A. Whitaker, was born Nov. 16, i86r. Marrietl Jolm Graliam. Ad- 
dress (1910) Pottstown, Pa. Children: Maude, George, Earl. 

F (3) Horace L. Boyer, son of Mordecai Boyer and Amelia A. 
Whitaker, was born Nov. 8, 1864. Farmer. Address (1910) Potts- 
town, Pa., R. F. D. Married. Children: Erma, Belle, Jesse. 

F (4) Sarah F. Boyer, daughter of Mordecai Boyer and Amelia- 
A Whitaker, was born Oct. 27, 1867. Married Haklerman. Address, 
(1910) Pottstown, Pa. Children: Mildred, Pearl. 

F (5) George Y. Boyer, son of Mordecai Boyer and Amelia A. 
Whitaker, was born April 21, 1871. . Address (1910) Mont Claire, Mont- 
gomery Co., Pa. Married Sarah Eckert. Children: Annie, Pearl. 

F (6) Ella Berta Boyer, daughter of Mordecai Boyer and Amciia 
A. Whitaker, v;as born Aug. 25, 1875. Married David Hardensteiu, 



According- to tradition recorded by. his great granddaughter, Mrs. 
McMahon, who gathered ujj all available data (1860), Gabriel Beyer 
Tv'as born in Tartary, Asia, where his German parents had gone for sonic 
reason or other. The same tradition makes- hirn the husband of a distant 
cousin of Mary Queen of Scots. Be this as it may, his first wife died, 
and he found a second wife Catharine in Berks County, Pennsylvania, 
as recorded by his great grandson Henry Boyer, son of Henry Bo\er of 
York, Pa., and grandson of Gabriel's son John. Her name is mentioneil 
on pag-e 322, Mortgage Book A A, Reading Court House. We can not 
find when he came to America; but, according to a "deed" still (1913) in 
th.e hands of Squire Kauffman, Eriedensburg, Ikrks Co., l^a., he owned 
a larg-e farm in Oley Twp., Berks Co., Pa., as early as 1733, and, ac- 
cording to page 244, Vol. 26, Fifth Series, Pennsylvania Archives, he 
was still there Jan. 20, 175'^'. He was still there in 17()2, as the list of 
Berks County Taxables shows, and May 11, 1763, as recorded on page 
324, Mortgage Book A A, Reading, Pa. He was naturalized at Phila- 
deljDhia, Pa., in 1743. Administration records at Reading, Pa., show 
that he had identified himself with the Reformed Church of Oley, Berks 
Co., Pa. Judging from known dates, he was probably born about 1700. 
He is probably buried in Oley, but, as in the case of John Philip Beyer, 
of Amityville, near Oley, his grave is lost. It is altogether likely that 
the first wife left children, but the historian has no knowledge of them 
"because the Oley Church Records were poorly kept and lost. Thanks 
to Mrs. McMahon's records, which bring the descendants up to 1860, we 
know two sons, probably both of the second wife, namely John and 
Peter, but no daughters. 

B (i) John Boyer, son of Gabriel Beyer and second wife Catharine, 
was born about 1750, or earlier, in Oley, Pa., as we reckon from the 
birth of his oldest son Gabriel. Mrs. Mary A. Kluhenspies, John Boyer's 
granddaughter reports that he was built stout and straight, six feet three 
inches tall, called the strongest in a thousand. She says that he was a 
soldier in the French and Indian Wars, meaning probably the Revolu- 
"tionary War, and that he was a favorite with the officers, frccpicntly 
.lining wirh them. Perhaps he was the Sergeant mentioned on page 155, 



Vol. 5, Fifth Series, Pennsylvania Archives, 1777. What his occupation 
was after the war is not dciinitcly recorded, but he was probably a farmer 
Tiear Frankford, I^hiladelphia, Pa., in which locality he found his wife 
Mary Sniitli. The children of this union were Elizabeth, Rebecca, 
Gabriel, Sarah, Peter, Henry, Mary, David, Jacob, and John. 

B (2) Peter lloyer, son of Gabriel Boyer and second wife Catharine, 
was born about 1753, in Oley, Pa. He died August 18, 1797, at Bound 
]-5rook. New Jersey, where he is buried in the Presbyterian Cemetery. 
He went, probably from his Oley home, to Rahway, N. J., when a young- 
man, and here he married Ann Castner, of Huguenot descent. The hos- 
telry which he kei)t became a famous rendezvous for American of^cers 
in the Revolutionary War. Presently he also enlisted, as Mrs. McMahon 
records, evidently with proper authority, and was promoted to the cap- 
taincy of a company, but returned by and by broken in health, conducting 
I'jis hostelry until death. His wife, who later married Captain Hillyar, 
and died July 3, 1810, is buried near Peter. Both belonged to the Dutch 
Reformed Church. The children of this union were James, Jacob, and 

C (i) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Mary Smith, 
married William Bowman of Germantown, Pa., and became a Dunkard, 
or German Baptist. The historian knows of one son, John Bowman, but 
can not find the descendants. Probably Mrs. Mary Bridenback, Tarkio, 
Mo., can find these in the manuscripts of Mrs. McMahon. 

C (2) Rebecca Boyer, daughter of John Lloyer and Mary Smith, 
married John Mower. Mrs. llrideiiliack may be able to find the tle- 
scentlants up to 1860. ' 

C (3) Gabriel Boyer, son of John Boyer and Alary Smith, was born 
Oct. 5, 1772, in Germantown, Pa., and died June 26, 1827. Like his 
father, he was a jjowerful man, but the historian knows no details of his 
life. He married Margaret Wilson, who was born Jan. 10, 1780, and' 
died Feb. 22, 1879. The children were James S., John W., Ann, Cath- 
arine, Marget, Rebecca, and Jenette. 

C (4) Sarah Boyer, daughter of John Bo)'er and Mary Smith, mar- 
ried Jonathan Quicksall. The children were Harvey, single; Mary Ann 
(Hcyberger), Rebecca (Shephard), Elizabeth (Black), and Harry. The 
latter lived in New Jersey. 

C (5) John Boyer, son of John Boyer and ?^Iary Smith, married 
Elizabeth Cowper. 

C (6) Peter P»oycr, son of John lioyer and Mary Smith, was born 
March (), 1780, in Germantown, or Phila., Pa., died in 1854, and is buried 
cither on the Cedar Hill Cemetery, Phila., J^a., or on the Presbyterian 
church yard, at Germantown, Pa. Li'ce all his brothers, he was tall and 
strong. He was a farmer at Rowland\'ille (Olney, Pa.) The Rowland- 


vi'.le farm is now a part of Philadoli.hia. He married Ann Castner, and 
after lier death, Mrs. Ann Buirkesback, nee Jones. The only child of 
the first marriage was I_,ewis Boyer. The children of the second mar- 
riag-e were George C, Melvina (Uong), Ann E., Emily N. (Myers), Mary 
J. (Kluhenspies), and Adelaide (Israel). 

C (7) Mary Bo3-er, daughter of John Boyer and Mary Smith, mar- 
ried John Dewees. 

C (8) Henry Boyer, son of John Boyer and Mary Smith, was born 
1790, between Germantown and I'rankford, Pa. Cabinet maker. Mar- 
ried Mary A. I'latts, burn 1804, and became an Episcopalian. Both are 
buried at York, I'a., where the family lived. The children were Mary 
Ann. (Wilson), Jacob Shelly, Elizabeth, and Henry. 

C (9) David i'-uyer, son of John Boyer and Mary Smith, married 
a girl from Delaware. 

C (10) Jacob Boyer, son of John Boyer and .Mary Smith, was born 
1813. at RowlandviIle( now a part of Phila., Pa., and died in Olney, Pa., 
1872. Married a Quakeress, Elizabeth Merion. The children were George 
\V., Jacob, John, Adelbert, Henry, Bruner, Ann, Sarah, Elizabeth, and 

C (i) Rev. Stephen Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and Anne Castner, 
was born March 18, 1783, in Rahway, N. J., and died Nov. 10, 1848. Plis 
father died when he was about 14 years old. Stephen was then placed in 
a store owned by George Herberton, Phila., Pa. Pie returned to his 
father's home, but went back to the store, and grew more contented. 
He became a member of the old Arch and Third Street Presbyterian 
Church, and made up liis' mind to study for the ministry. Worked him- 
self through Jefferson College, Cannonsburg, Pa., teaching during his 
vacations. He entered this college in 1804. Great linguist. Effective 
speaker. Oct. 20, 1806, 1ie married Sarali Ann Dunlap, daughter of the 
Rev. Dr. James Dunlap, then President of the College. She was born in 
ITnionville, Pa., August 20, 1786. A highly accomplished and beautiful 
woman. After his course was completed he started with his wife and a 
little daughter born Sept. 17, 1807, for Somerville, N. J. On their way 
they stopped over at the home of Peter Boyer, Frankford, Phila., Pa., his 
cousin, son of John Boyer. At Somerville, N. J., or near Bound Brook, 
lie taught school ami pursued his theological studies. Plis first "call" 
was to Easton, Pa., where, because there was no edifice, he preached in 
the Court House. Pie became the Principal of an Academy there, in 
connection with his ministry. Presently he received two calls, one from 
Lancaster and another from Columbia, Pa. He accepted Columbia. Here 
he again combined teaching with preaching. Presently he was called to 
the Principalship of the York County Academy. Pie accepted this offer, 
but continued to preach for his Columbia congregation quite a while.' 


These people loved him and called him "father Boyer." He moved to 
York in 1S33. (Jn Aug. 31, 1835, ^^^ I'^-t his faithful spouse by death. 
Later he married ai^ain. A tablet to his memory is placed in the church 
be served so long. His biographers accord to him the very highest praise 
as a man, as a teacher, as a minister. Alexander AlcClure was one of 
liis York pnpils. The Association of American Boyers placed his picture 
on the button of the ic)09 reunion. The children were Sarah Ann Dun- 
laj), Rachel DcGruot, William Dunlap, Stephen Spencer, IMary Wilhel- 
)uina, and Calvin. 

C (2) Mary Boyer, daughter of Peter Boyer and Anne Castner, 
married Captain Benjamin Taylor, son of Benjamin Taylor, owner of the 
Weston Mills, New Brunswick, N. J. Captain Taylor was a sea captain, 
and was lost at sea. Mrs. I. V. Talmage was the only living daughter 
in the 60's. Her address then was Bound Brook, N. J. Cemeteries ot 
the old Dutch Reformed Church, Bound Brook should furnish data. 

C (3) James Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and Anne Castner, married 
into the Eastburn family, but the historian has no data, excejit that he 
died at New Brunswick, N. J., a victim of cholera. There may have been 
no descendants. 

D (i) James S. Boyer, son of Gabriel Boyer and Margaret Wilson, 
-was born July 24, 1804, in Bristol Twp., near Frankford, Pa., and died 
Nov. 17, 1866. Both are buried in Hood Cemetery, Germantown, Pa. 
He married Mary Ann Nickum, who was born Oct. 13, 1806, and died 
March 30, 1866. Tiie children are Oswald M., Alexander H., Franklin 
A., I\Iargaret V., and James H. 

D (2) John W. Boyer, son of Gabriel Boyer and Margaret Wilson. 
Married Sarah Hubbs. Children: George W., John C, Caroline, Liz- 
zie, and Edward. 

D (3) Ann Boyer, daughter of Gabriel Boyer and Margaret Wilson, 
married Samuel Lawrence. The children are Melvina, Margaret, and 

D (4) Catharine Boyer, daughter of Gabriel Boyer and Margaret 
Wilson, married James Thompson. The children are Lawrence Thomp- 
son, whose address (1910) is Huntingdon Valley, Montgomery Co., Pa. 

D(5) Margaret litjyer, daughter of Gabriel Boyer and Margaret 
Wilson, married Daniel L. Pick. Both are deceased (1913) and the 
b'storian has no data. 

D (6) Rebecca Boyer, daughter of Gabriel Boyer and Margaret 
"Wilson, married Abraham Buckins. The children are Morris Buckins, 
whose address (1910) was Germantown, Pa., and others. 

D (7) Jennette Boyer, daughter of Gabriel Boyer and Margaret 
Wilson, married Samuel Buckins. The children were at home in Ahing- 
ton, Montg. Co., Pa. 


D (i) Lewis C. IJoycr, son of Peter Boyer, the second, and Ann 
■Castner, probably a cousin, was born March 10, 1823, in Rowlandville, 
Pa., and died about 1849. The burial place of the family is Cedar Hill', 
near Frankford, ]'a. He was a farmer and a Methodist. Alarried Sarah 
P. Heath, and after her death Sarah J. Connor. The children were Emma 
M., Susan P., Annie M., Edwin C, Louis H., Mary A., and Harriet H. 
They have all passed away except Anna Maria, born July 9, 1851. Her 
address (1910) was Mrs. Samuel B. Thomas, 4816 Hawthorne St., Phila., 
Pa. She was the third and last child of the first marriage. 

D (2) George Chandler Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and Anne Burk- 
lebach, his second wife, was born about 1831, and died 1881. He was a 
perfumer and manufacturer in Frankford, Phila., Pa. He married Cyn- 
thia A. Vandyke. The only son is Harvey M., whose address in 1910 
.was 133 S. 4th St., Phila., Pa. He was born May 6, i85(), married Violet 
I. Anderson, but leaves no descendants. He is a banker. His sister 
Alary died at the age of 16. 

D (3) Melvina Boyer, daughter of Peter Boyer and Ann Burkle- 
bach, was born Jan. i, 1829. She married Professor Henry Lon- but 
left no descendants. " ^' 

D (4) Ann Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Peter Boyer and Ann 
Bm-klebach, was born Aug. 24, 1833, and died unmarried. ' 

D (5) Emily N. Boyer, daughter of Peter Boyer and Ann Burkle- 
bach, was born Feb. 24, 1835, and married J [cIlr^■ Myers, of Phila., Pa 
Chddren : Eugene and Emily. 

D (6) Mary Jane Boyer, daughter of Peter Boyer and Ann Burkle- 
bach, was born Feb. 24, 1837. She married Lewis Gluenspies of Bavaria, 
Germany, and in 191 1 was still living with her daughter, Mrs. If. M.' 
]\TcFetritlge, at 229 First St., Asi)cnwall, Pa. 

D (7) Adelaide Boyer, daughter of Peter Boyer and Ann Burkle-, was born Dec. 25, 1839, and died Dec. 9, 1899. Her daughter Mrs. 
L'^rael lived on Durham St., Mt; Airy, Phila.. Pa., in 191 1. 

D (i) Mary Ann Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and I\fary A. 
Platts, was married to Wilson. 

E (i) Lewis Wilson, son of Mary A. Boyer and husband Wilson, 
was a railroader. Address (1908) 445 Mauch Chunk St., Pottsville, Pa.' 
D ( I ) Jacob Shelly Boyer, son of Henry P.oyer and Mary .'V. Platts, 
married Adeline E. Address (190S) 47 E. Philadelphia St., York, Pa. 

D (2) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and Mary A. 
Platts, married Mr. Myers. Two children, Clarence Myers and Ida 
]\Iyers Ross, lived in York, Pa., 1908. 

D (3) Henry Boyer, son of Henry Boyer and INIary A. Platts, was 
born Feb. 11, 1837, in York, Pa. In 1859, after a most strenuous' boy- 
hood, he became a locomotive engineer for the Pennsylvania railroad, and. 


CliatU-r VIII. Page Ifci9 

Chaplc-r Vlll, Page 190 


with tlie exce])tion of the period of his enhstment in the Civil War, he 
served this company up to March i, 1907. Every President of the United 
States from Grant on down rode on his trains. He never had a wreck. 
The historian met him in 1908, and has a photograph. He was an 
KpiscopaHan and married SyHnda Plester Bright, who was born Oct. 30, 
1844. The children were Henry B., Lewis S., Daisy I., Jacob S., and 
Sylinda Theresa. The family lived at Bennings Station, Washington, D. 
C, in 1908. 

D (1) George W. Bo)'er, son of Jacob Boyer and Elizabeth Merion, 
was born 1848. Address (1908) Olney, Pa. 

D (2) Brothers: Jacob, John, Adelbert, Bruner; and sisters : Ann, 
Sarah, Elizabeth, Leah. 

D (i) Sarah Ann Boyer, daiigiiter of Reverend Stephen Boyer and 
Sarah Ann Dunlap, was born Sept. 17, 1807, at Canonsburg, Pa., and died 
at Reading, Pa., Oct. 7, 1871. She wrote for a number of religious papers 
ami several New York weeklies. In i860 she began to write the geneal- 
ogy of Gabriel Beyer, her immigrant ancestor, and this work in manu- 
script is in the hands of Mrs. Mary Bridenbaugh, Tarkio, AIu. She wa^ 
the wife of Rev. Alexander McMahon, a Presbyterian divine ui beautiful 
life and great power. He was born 1794 at Coleraine, Ireland, and died 
at Canonsburg, Pa., 1873. Here he is buried in the U. P. Cemetery. Plis 
biography is found in the church of the U. P. Church. The children 
Sarah D., James, Alexander, and Mary E. 

D (2) Rachel DeGroot Boyer, daughter of Reverend Stejjhen Boyer 
and Sarah Ann Dunlap, was born May 16, 1809, in York, Pa. On March 
25, 1830, siie married John Lauck, of Shermansdale, Pa. He died Jan. 
18, 1872. The children were Mary F., Stephen, Katherine, Margaret, 
and Sarah A. D. 

^^ (3) WiUiam Dunlap Boyer, son of Reverend Stephen Boyer and 
Sarah Ann Dunlap, was born Sept. 28, 1813, at Little York, York Co., Pa., 
and died March 14, 1854. He is buried at New Bloomfield, Pa. Pres- 
byterian. Printer. On Feb. i, 1842 he married Maria P. Fritz, born 
June 22, 1842. She died 70 years old at New Bloomfield, lier birthplace. 
The children were Stephen B., Elizabeth J. W., and Mary J. 

D (4) Stephen Spencer Boyer, son of Reverend Stephen Boyer and 
Sarah Ann Dunlap, was born Jan. 10, 1816, in York, Pa. Attended Dick- 
inson College, Carlisle, Pa., for several years. A fine linguist. Foreman of 
New York Herald for seven years. Afterwards published paper of his 
own in Western New York. At time of death publisher of Peterson 
Magazine. In 1846 he married Jane F. Henderson, born Jan. 24, 1823, 
!n Preston, Lanca.shire, England. PTighly educated woman. In 1909 
her address was 5416 Jefferson St., Phila., Pa. Her husband died in 
18 . The children were Edward D., Plarriet W., and Charles E. 



D (5) Mary Wilhelmina Boyer, daughter of Reverend Stephen 
Boyer, was born Feb. 18, 1819, in York, Pa. On Oct. 26, 1843, she mar- 
ried Samuel Undsey, of Marietta, Pa. She died Dec. 3, 1876. The chil- 
dren were Samuel, William, John, and Alexander. 

D (6) Calvin Boyer, son of Rev. Stephen Boyer and his second wife 
Mary Turner, was born after 1826. Lawyer in Leavenworth, Kansas. 
Still there in 1908. Note. — The historian has tried hard to verify these 
data, but can not do so. 

E (i) Oswald M. Boyer, sun of James S. r)Oyer and Mary Nickum, 
was born 1844, in Bristol Twp., near Germantown, Pa. In 1913 his ad- 
dress was 5337 Wakefield St., Germantown, Pa. Hosiery business. Pres- 
bvterian. ]\larried Sarah Graham. The children were Gabriel E., Wil- 
liam j\L, Horace S., and Thomas C. Gabriel E. Boyer married Lena 
Grebe, whose address in 1910 was Chestnut Hill, Phila., Pa. The chil- 
dren were Ethel and Louisa. The father is dead. William M. Boyer's 
acUlress in 1910. was 1206 Arch St., Phila., Pa. Horace S. lioyer married 
j\Iargaret A. McFarland, and the children were (1910) Horace 1)., and 
Gladys A. Their address was Germantown, Pa. Thomas C. Boyer's 
address in 1913 was 6128 Chew St., Germantown, I'hila., Pa. Married 
Catharine C. Sailer. No children in 1913. 

E (2) Alexander H. Boyer, son of James S. Boyer and Mary Nick- 
um. Farmer. Deceased. He married Haimah Albright. The children 
are: (i) Wilham Boyer, whose address in 1913 was Nicetown, t'liila., 
Pa. (2) Mary Ann Boyer, wife of Henry Magee, left two children, 
I,awrence, of Germantown, La., and ]\Lu'garet V., whose address is Ah"S. 
Thomas Smith, Wister St., Germantown, Pa. 

E (3) Franklin A. ]Joyer, son of James S. l>oyer and Mary Nickum. 
i\Ierchant. Married Amanda Flick. Children: Franklin, who is dead; 
Blanche, wife of Dr. Sticker, Phila., Pa. ; Delaware, who is at home in 
AVashington, D. C. Book binder in the employ of the LI. S. govern- 

E (4) Margaret V. Boyer, daughter of James S. Boyer and Mary 
Nickum, married Thomas Smith. Children: Bertha B., wife of William 
H. Whiting, Germantown, Pa., and L-ene W., deceased. 

E (5) James IL Boyer, son of James S. Boyer and ]\Iary Nickum, 
married Matilda Buffner. Children: Jennie, wife of Alonzo Potter, 
whose address in 1910 was Atlantic City, N. J., and Oswald, deceased. 

E (i) George W. Boyer, son of John W. Boyer and Sarah Hubbs, 
died single. 

E (2) John C. Boyer, son of John W. Boyer and Sarah LLibbs, 
married Amanda Bean. Address (1910) Edge Hill, Montg. Co., Pa. 
Children : Charles. Perhaps others. 



'E (3) Caroline Bo^er, daughter of John W. Beyer and Sarah 
Hubbs, married W'entz. Ko children. 

E (4) Elizabeth Pioycr, daughter of John W. Boyer and Sarah 
Hubbs, married Williani Johnson. Children: Two boys. 

E (5) Edward Boyer, son of John W. Boyer and Sarah Hubbs, 
married Laura Maxwell. No children. 

E (i) Annie Maria Boyer, daughter of Lewis C. Boyer and Sarah 
P. Lleath, was born July 9, 185 1. Her address in 1910 was 4816 Idaw- 
thorne St., Ph.ila., Pa., or 3226 Higbee St., Wissinoming, Phila., Pa. 

E (2 — 4) Emma, Susan P., Edwin Clinton, Louis Henry, Mary 
.Adelaide, and PLirriet PL, were brothers and sisters of Annie Maria. 

E (i) Henry B. lioyer, son of Henry Boyer and Sylindia Hester 
Bright. Address (1914) P^ey West, Florida. (Government weather 
forecaster. Alarried Ik-ulah Williains. 

E (2) Lewis S. Bo_\er, son of Henry P>oyer and Sylindia IP jiright. 
Address (1914) 2015 Park Road, Washington, D. C. Sing-le. 

E (3) Daisy L Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and Sylindia Plester, 
ip.arried Gaston Johnstone, IJeutcnant U. S. Navy. 

E (4) Jacob S. Boyer, son of Henry Boyer and Sylindia PI. Bright. 
Address (1914) 186 Java St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Married Elva Rider. 

E (5) Sylindia T. Ii(jyer, daughter of Plenry Boyer and Sylindia 
Hester, married Earle G. Gardner, gunner in U. S. Navy. Address 
("1914) 107 Wellington Apartment, 17th and Mt. Pleasant St., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

E (i) Sarah Dunlap McMahon, daughter of Sarah Ann Boyer and 
Reverend Alexander iVIcMahon, was born August 27, 1830. She married 
George Tomlinson, Major of the 26th Pa. Volunteers, Civil War of i86r. 
She died April 25, 1905, at Birmingham, Alabama, and he Dec. 18, 1S82, 
in Phila., Pa. The first child was Zeunie Tomlinson, whose address (1910) 
was 2915 Avenue G., P>irming'ham, Ala. She was born Nov. 7, 1859, 
Phila., Pa. P'piscopalian. Time keejK^r with Birmingham Light and 
Power Co. The second child was Dr. 11. A. Tomlinson, whose address 
in 1910 was St. Peter, Minn. Superintendent and head physician of 
State Asylum. Married. Children: Nancy Ellicott, born Ajiril 3, 1885, 
at Pennsdale, Pa. There are others. 

E (2) Mary Elizabeth McMahon, daughter of Sarah Ann Boyer 
Mid Rev. Alexander McMahon, was born March 12, 1839. Married 
Henry Burholder, 200 N. T^Iaple Ave., Lansdowne, Pa. 

E (3) James McALahon, son of Sarah Ann Boyer and Rev. Alex. 
McMahon, was born Jan. 15, 1833, at Canonsburg, Pa., and died Jan. 12, 
187 . Episcopalian. Lawyer. One of the Commissioners to codify the 
lav/s of Kansas Territory in 1859 and of the State in 1869. Biography 
iound in Kansas Plistorical Society, Topeka, Kansas. He married Martha 


J. Large, born Jan. 15, 1833, '^^ Canonsburg-, Pa. A bighly educated 
woman. A daughter was born to them, August 11, 1865, jSIary G., who 
married Frank Bridenbaugh, born May 14, 1865. He died Sept. 20, 1898. 
She is a cultured and educated woman. Her son, Conrad Large Briden- 
baugh, was born June 13, 1890, and is a college graduate of Tarkio Col- 
lege. Their address is Tarkio, Mo. She is a tine genealogist. 

E (i) Stephen B. Boyer, son of William Dunlap Boyer and Maria 
P. Fritz, was born Dec. 7, 1842, in New Bloomfield, Perry Co., Pa. Elder 
in Presbyterian Church. Manufacturer. Address in 1910, Logansport, 
Indiana. Married Marina J. Goodwin, born Sept. 23, 1845, at Logans- 
port, Ind. There were three children: (a) Alexander B. Boyer, was 
born March 27, 1875. Presbyterian. Graduate of Chicago Art Institute 
Married Loretta O'Connell, of Logansport, Ind. Children : Richard 
O., and Florence. Address (1910) 1415 Graceland Ave., Chicago, 111. 
(b) Mary J. Boyer, born Sept. 21, 1877. Presbyterian. Married Frank 
PL Parker, born Nov. 1876. Children: Josephine G. Address (19 10) 
Logansport, Ind. (c) Helen P. Boyer, born Oct. 2, 1891. Married 
Thomas J. Flannegan, born Feb. 24, 1880. 

E (2) Elizabeth J. W. Boyer, daughter of William D. Boyer and 
Maria P. Fritz, was born May 4, 1848. She married J. W. Moreland. 
Axddress (1910) Blain, Pa. No children. 

E (3) Mary J. Bijyer, daughter of William D. Boyer and Maria 
P. Fritz, was born June 7, 1850, and died 1906, at New Bloomfield, Pa. 
Married (Dec. 21, 1882) Frederick R. Foose. A daughter, Harriet Foose. 
Address (1910) New Bloomfield, Pa. Fine writer. 

E (i) Edward Dunlap Ijoyer, son of Ste])hen Spencer Boyer and 
Jane F. Hindman, was born Jan. 19, 1848, in ]*hiladelphia, Pa. Meth- 
odist. Pattern maker, draughtsman. Artist. Address (1910) Blain, 
Perry Co., Pa. Married (March 12, 1873) Kate B. Bains, born Oct. 
c;, 1849. Children: (a) Nellie Dunlap Boyer, born March 9, 1879. 
She married Marshall T. Shumaker, Blain, Pa. Children: Loy Eugene, 
James Edward, Milton Rodney, (b) Edward Dunlap Boyer, son of 
Edward Dunlap Boyer and Kate B. Bains, was born June 2, 1888. (c) 
George Bains Boyer, son of Edward Dunlap Boyer and Kate IL Bains, 
was born June 28, 1891. 

E (2) Harriet Wilkinson Boyer, daughter of Stephen Spencer l)Oyei 
and Jane F. Hindman, was born April 28, 1852 in New York City. Bap- 
tist. Married Saxton J. Tice. Children:- (a) Viola Wasson Tice, born 
Feb. 27, 1870. Address (1910) 5416 Jefferson St., West Phila., Pa. (b) 
F. Leighton Tice, born Sept. 11, 1876. Address (1910) Bordentown, 
N. J. (c) Jennie Boyer Tice, born May 2, 1883. Address (1910) 736 
N. 43d St., West Phila., Pa. (d) George Everett Tice, born April 25, 


1881. Address (1910) Cream Ridge, N. J. (e) Mrs. Nettie DuBois 
Struck, born Oct. 5, 1878. 

E (3) Charles Elliot Boyer, son of Stephen Spencer Boyer and 
Jane F. Ilindman, was born Jan. 31, 1856, Phila., Pa. Compositor in 
printing. Single in 1910. Address (1910) 5416 Jefferson St., West 
Phila., Va. 

E (i) Samuel Lindsay, son of Mary Wilhelmina Boyer and Sam- 
r.el Lindsay, was born Feb. 8, 1847. 

E (2) William Lindsay, son of Mary W. Boyer and Samuel Lind- 
say, was born Feb. 10, 185 1. 

E (3) John Lindsay, son of ]\Iary W. Boyer and Samuel Lindsay, 
was born July 4, 1856. 

E (4) Alexander Lindsay, son of Mary W. Boyer and Samuel Lind- 
say, was born Jan. 18, 1859. 



A number of diligent informants, among them Dr. Charles H. Boyer. 
Hunting-don, Pa., and Dr. W. F. Beyer, Punxsutawney, Pa., find that 
Abraham Beyer was born in Silesia, Germany, probably about 1690. He 
married a Silesian girl, Rosina Yeakel, born about 1699. Although he 
ship list, Vol. 17, Second Series, Pennsylvania Archives, contains no 
record of it, he came to America about 1736 with wife and children. He 
bought land in Worcester Townshif), Philadelphia County, Pa. (now 
Montgomery Co., Pa.) from Jacob Metz, March 26, 1736. The family 
became identified with the Schwenkfelders, and many of his descendants 
have continued faithful adherents of this church. He died Oct. 30, 1754, 
and his wife July 30, 1770. They are probably buried in the vicinity 
of their earliest home in Montgomery Co., Pa. He left a "will." This 
"will" was proved March 3, 1796, in connection with settlement of prop- 
erties ; it is registered in Will Book i, pages 498, 499, and 500. The 
"will" is number 186 of the Register's Office, Orphans' Court, docket No. 
2, page 69, Norristown, Pa. His heirs were his children : Abraham, 
Andrew, Anna Rosina, Anna Maria (wife of Abraham Yeakley,) George 
(who died Sept. 19, 1744, as recorded in Dr. Reuben Kriebel's "History 
of the Scliwenkfelders" 1879), and Susannah. Note. — The writer owes 
much to Dr. Kriebel's splendid work for help in this chapter. 

B (i) Abraham Beyer, son of Abraham Beyer and Rosina Yeakel, 
was born about 1722, in Silesia, Germany. He purchased land in Norri- 
ton Twp., Montgomery County, Pa., from John Dickinson, Aug. 2, 1790. 
Died March 6, 1796. His "will" is dated April 2G, 1794, and was proved 
March 30, 1796. He married (Nov. 8, 1750) Barbara Hiestand, who 
survived him. Children: John, Jacob, Henry, Abraham, Andrew, Su- 
sannah, Hester, and Barbara. 

B (2) Andrew Beyer, son of Abraham Beyer and Rosina Yeakel, 
was born about 1738, and died April 19, 1778, aged nearly 40 years. 
Lived at Valley Forge, Pa. Married Philipina Weand, Nov. 7, 1758. 
She lived about 100 years. Children : Susannah, Abraham, Jacob, 
Wendell, David, Daniel, Rosanna, Andrew, and Anna. 

B (3) Anna Rosina, Anna Maria, and Susanah Beyer,, were sisters 
of Andrew Beyer. 



B (4) George Beyer, son of Abraham Beyer and Rosina Yeakel. 
(lied Sept. 19, 1744, a mere ehild. See Dr. Reuben Kriebel's "History of 
the Schwenkfelders." 

C (i) John Boycr, son of Abraliam Ik^ycr and Barbara liiestand, 
was born Oct. 23, 1752. He came with his brothers from Montg-omcry 
County to Huntingdon Co., Pa., about 1796 or lycf), and located near 
jMarklesburg, in Peini Twp., then Hopewell Township. 

C (2) Tacol) Boyer, son of Abraham Beyer and Barbara Hiestand, 
was born Dec. 6. 1755, and died May 17, 1815. He came from Mont- 
gomery to Huntingdon Co., Pa. Tenant farmer in Penn Twp., (then 
called Hopewell Twp.) fur a number of years. Later purchased 140 
acres of land from James Entreken. A granddaughter owned the farm 
as late as 1910. Pie married Susannah Stauffer, of Berks Co., Pa. She 
died June 8, 1847. Children : Elizabeth and Jacob. 

C (3) Susannah Boyer, daughter of Abraliam Beyer and Barbara 
Hiestand, was born June 3, 1758. and (C 4) Esdier, May 26, 1760. 

C (5) Abraham Boyer, son of Abraham Beyer and Barbara Hie- 
stand, was born March 10, 1762. Dr. David Boyer, Middleburg, Indiana, 
and H. H. Turner connect this man definitely with his tree, but do not 
know the wife's name. They know two sons Abraham and Jacob, though 
there may have been others. One daughter Nancy, married John Coy. 

C {()) Henry Boyer, sonof Abraham Beyer and Barbara Hiestand, 
was born Nov. 12, 1764, in Montgomery Co., Pa., and died May 12, 1845. 
Wife and he are buried at Marklesburg, Pa., where he arrived with 
brothers about 179''). Lived in Penn Twp., Pluntingdon Co., Pa. Mar- 
ried Catherine Roberts, born Jan. 21, 1777, only child of John R. Roberts. 
She died A]M-il 21, 1829. Her father was the son of Sanuiel R. Roberts, 
and grandson of Edward Roberts, a Welshman, bm-n about 1690. The 
children of Plenry P.oyer and Catherine Roberts were Hannah, Barbara. 
Sarah. Elizabeth, John, Henry, Catharine, Rachel, Rebecca, Abraham, and 
William. The last child, William, was born Nov. 2, 1812. He and liis 
brother Abraham died single. 

C (7) Andrew Beyer, son of Abraham Be}-er and Barbara Hiestand, 
was born Oct. 31, 1769, if H. H. Turner, Husted, Ohio, lias the correct 
data. According to this authority, he married Susannah Hiestand, prob- 
ably a cousin on his mother's side. Her father, Johannes Hiestand, came 
from Germany (1731) to Montgomery Co., Pa. The historian can not 
find the descendants if there were any. 

C (8) Hester Boyer, daughter of Abraham Beyer and Barbara 
Hiestand, was born May 26, 1760, and married John Read. (C) 9 

C (i) Susannah Beyer, daughter of Andrew Beyer and Philpina 



Weyand, was born Aug. 2, 1759, and died June 4, 1764, leaving no 

C (2) Abraham Beyer, son of Andrew Beyer and Philpina Weyand, 
was born Oct. 8, 1760, as reported by Miss Mary Byer's letter, and died 
Aug. 8, 1832, as recorded by Dr. Kriebel. He married Catharine Pickard. 
Children: Elizabeth, John, Ann, Ilenry, Abraham, and Mary. 

C (3) Jacob IVyer, son cf Anduw Beyer and Philjjina We\Hnd, 
was born Feb. 14, 1762, and died Aug. 23, 1846. iNIarried Rachel Metz, 
who died July 5, 1855. Children: Catherine, Andrew, Christina, Jos- 
I'jh, Mar;^'aret, Richei. Jacob, Mary, ^ohi, and Elizabeth. 

C (4) Wendell Beyer, son of Andrew Beyer and Philpina Weyand, 
was born Sept. 7, 1763, and died Dec. 17, 1779, '-"c.ving no decendant'^. 

C (5) David Beyer, son of Andrew Beyer and Philpina Weyand, 
was born Sept. 7, 1763. Lay preacher. Fine man. He came from 
Valley Forge to Sinking Valley, Pa. Married Nov. 5, 1785, Sarah Crum. 
(See Rebecca Westbrook's letter). Children: John, William, Mary, 
George, Da^-id, Sarah, Elizabeth, Su^:an, Doctor v^anmel, Rebecca, i-M^ram, 
and Aaron. 

C (6) Daniel lie^'cr, S(m of Andrew P>C)er and Philpina W'eyand, 
was born Nov. 6, 1765, and died Aug. 2, 1852. Farmer. Millwright. 
Presbyterian. Owned grist mill in Coleraine Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. 
Married Rebecca Wuochvard, an [£ngii^'h girl, Ixjrn Aug. 8, 1760. Chil- 
dren: Ilenry, Andrew, Elizabeth, Daniel, Roliert, David, and Thomas. 
'i'heir descendants include more than 20 teachers, 4 physicians, twO' at- 
torneys, etc. 

C (7) Andrew Beyer, son of Andrew Be)-cr and Philpina Weyand, 
died at Honeybrook, Pa. Farmer in White Marsh Twp., Montgomery 
Co., Pa. Married Elizabeth Ivulp. Children: Polly, Rebecca, Eliza- 
beth, Kate, Ann, Samuel, Jesse, Andrew, and Jacob. C (8) Rosanna. 
C (9) Anna M. 

D ( I ) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Susannah 
Stauftcr, died 1862, in Salem, Ohio. Mr. A. 11. Crum says she was a 
very bright woman. Married Robert Wood. Children: Thomas, Arclii- 
bald, Elizabeth, Mary Jane, Robert. 

D (2) Jacob Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Susannah vStauiTer, 
Avas born Dec. 3, 1809, and died Jan. i'), 1S80. Dunkard. Married Cath- 
erine Bucher. Children: (a) Elizabeth (rnarried Jacob Magill). Ad- 
dress (1909) Grafton, Pa. Cliildrcn: Catharine, (jcorge, etc. (1)) 
Martin Boyer, dead, (c) Ilenry Boyer. Address (i<;09) Grafton, Pa. 
Farmer. Married Catharine Richardson, daugliter of Harris Ricliard- 
son, one of the associate judges of Pluntingdon Co., Pa. Children : ( i) 
Ida, (2) Charles. 

D (i) Abraham Boyer, sen of Abraham Beyer and wife, was born 


itbout 1790, died 1856, and is buried at INIidway Church, in the neighbor- 
liood of Middleburg, Indiana. ■ Mennonite. Teacher. jMarried Mary 
Hively, who died 1862. Children: George, Henry B., Abraham, EUza- 
beth, and Nancy. 

D (2) Jacob Boyer, son of Abraham Beyer and wife. Married. 
Children: Joseph Boyer. Address (1910) Prairie Dei)Ot, Ohio. Others 
most hkely. D (3) Nancy. 

D ( I ) Hannah Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and Catharine 
Eoberts, born March 13, 1794, (bed in her 90th year. ^Married Samuel 
Grubb. Children: Six. Andrew. Address (1909) James Creek, Hunt- 
ingdon Co., Pa. Sarah ( (jillbaugii). Adth-css (1909) ^^'JcConnells- 
town. Pa. 

D (2) Barbara Boyer, daughter of Plenry Boyer and Catharine 
Roberts, born Nov. 18, 1797, (bed in her 7()th year. Married Samuel 
Stinson. Children: Five. l^Iizabeth (Mears). Address (i<.;09) Dud- 
ley, Huntingdon Co., Pa. Kate (Palmer). Address (1909) Dudley, Pa. 

D (3) Sarah Bo)er, daughter of Henry Boyer and Calh:u"ine 
Jv-oberts, Lorn M:ry J 5, i./')o, iliod 1S72. Married ilenry Summers. 
Children: Seven. Jacob (married [•".lizajjcth En\ert), David, Kate (mar- 
ried Adam Garner), Barbara (married Christ Fouse), Hannah (married 
Daniel Harris), Sarah (married Rev. Joseph Font), and H. H. Sum- 
mers. Address (1909) James Creek, Pa. 

D (4) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and Catharine 
Roberts, born i\lay 2, 1801, died i8('i5. ALarried Jacob Summers. Chil- 
dren: Ten. ?darg"aret (m;irried David I'oose), Elizabeth, Christina 
(married Ale.\-. N. Cam]:)bell, Huntingdon, i'a. (1909), Susan (married 
Abram Hefner), Lucy (married George Wallace, Aitch, Pa.), Nancy 
(}narried John Ke\'ler), Mary (married Dafthes Cunningham), John 
(married Kate Grove), and two others. 

D (5) John Boyer, son of lb;nry Boyer and Catharine Roberts, 
was born Feb. 18, 1804, in Hr.ntingdon Co., Pa., died July 14, i838, and 
is buried in jjoynton Cemetery, near Stryker, Ohio. JMacksmith. Re- 
formed Church until they lived in Ohio, then jMethodist. Alarried Mar- 
garet Shouts, brirn Sept. 6, i8to. Sb.e died Jan. S, 1883. Chililren : 
Mary, Eliza, John, Henry (minister). David, Enos, Jane, Ida, P^aac, A. 
r,uthcr, and AVilliam. 

J.) ((j) lieiiis' l'ni\'er, sen cf 1 lcni\ lliisi,!- ;iiiil C:;tli:uiiie l^'lu-ils, 
liorn Jul}- 18, 1S07, dietl .\pril 8, i:'8.i, and buried in IViin 'i'wp., llimi- 
ingxlon Co., Pa., married Susann;di Cramer, b^)rn Ma\' 3, 1813, died S^i^t. 
30, 1848. She was the tlanghtcr of Malthev.' Garner and Mary I'rum- 
baugh. Children: Six. Jolm, Samuel H., Mary Jane, Dr. .Matthew G.. 
Henry, and or;e t)ther. 

D (7) Cailierine Boyer, daughter of IIen:-y Boyer and Catharine 


Roberts, born May 7, 1809, died about 70 years of age. Married Johri* 
Brumbaugh. Children: Benjamin (married Ann Peighstall), George. 
Isaac (Address (1909) Grafton, Pa.), John B. (Address (1909) Hunt- 
ingdon, Pa.), Henry B. 

D (8) Rachel Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and Catharine Rob- 
erts, born Jan. 6, 1810, died about 36 years of age. Married Jacob 
Brumbaugh, born July 4, 1806. Children: Henry, George, (James Creelc, 
Pa.), Dr. Andrew, Abraham, Jacob H., and four sisters, (Mrs. Robert 
Mason, Mrs. Rachel Gook, etc.). 

D (9) Rebecca r>oyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and Catharine 
Roberts, born April 12, 1814, died about 75 years old. ^Married Mr. 
Grove. Children: Henry ( Aitch, Pa.), B. H. (Grafton, Pa.), Alice 
(Davis) James Creek, Pa., Rachel (Davis), Huntingdon, Pa. 

D (lO) Mary Boyer, daughter oi Henry ijoyer and Catharine Rob- 
erts, born May 26, 1816, died Sept. 27, 1902. Married Michael Garnei. 
Children: Andrew B.. (James Creek, Pa. Married Mary Etta Surley) 
Isaac (James Creek, Pa. Married Mary Marshall), Kate. Note. — 
George and A. B., sons of Andrew B. Address (1909) Aitch, Pa. 

D (i) Elizabeth Beyer, born 1780; D (2) John Beyer, born July 
18, 1783; D (3) Ann Beyer, born Jan. 9, 1790; D (4) Plcnry Beyer,, 
born June 7, 1792; D (5) Abraham Beyer, born Nov. 26, 1796, ami !> 
(6) Mary ])e}er, born March i(), 1798, were children of Abraham Be\'er 
and wife Catharine Pickard. 

D ( I ) Andrew Beyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Rachel Matz, was' 
born July 24, 1785, married Catherine Bean, born Sept. 14, 1783. She 
died July 20, 1814. Children: Benjamin, and Samuel B. Married 
Catherine Clemens, born 1794. She died March 30, 1864. Children: 
Anna, Henry C, Jacob C, Joseph C, William C, Margaret, Catherine,, 
and David C. 

D (2) Joseph Beyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Rachel Matz, was 
born Nov. 17, 1789, and died May 10, 1818. Married Plannah Bean- 
She died Jan. 20, 1850. Chddren : Jacob B., William, Joseph. 

D (3) Margaret Beyer, born April 13, 1794; D (4) Catharine Bey- 
er, born Sept. 14, 1783; D (5) Christina Beyer, born Oct. 20, 1787; and 
D (6) Rachel Beyer, born Feb. 12, 1796, were sisters. 

D (7) Jacob Beyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Rachel Matz, born 
April 19, 1798, married Magdalcna Bourse (1822). She died March 30, 
1848. Children: Samuel, John, Jesse, Adam, Elizabeth, Daniel, Albert, 
Jacob, Benjamin, James, Franklin, Charles, and Sarah. 

D (8) John Beyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Rachel Matz, was born 
Oct. 17, 1802, and died from a fall at a mill July 24, 1832. Married 
Lydia Frick. She died Sept. 11, 1856. Children: Henry F., Elias„ 
Aaron, and Ann. Aaron and Ann died young, leaving no descendants. 


D (9) Mary Beyer, born July 4, 1800; and Elizabeth, born Jan.. 
5. 1806, were sisters. 

D ( I ) John Beyer, son of David Beyer and Sarah Crum, born Nov. 
1786, married Esther Pontius. Cliildrcn: John, WiUiam, EHzabeth,. 
Sarah, Mary, David, Eliza, Susan, Samuel, Jacob, Susanna, and Henry. 

D (2) William Beyer, born Aug. i, 1790; Mary, born May 6, 1792;; 
George, born May 8, 1794; David, born July 26, 1796; Sarah (Betz) 
born Jan. 10, 1799; Elizabeth, born April 26, 1801 ; Susan, born April 
26, 1803; Dr. Samuel, born March 11, 1805; Rebecca, born 1807, were 
sisters and brothers. 

D (3) Abraham Beyer, son of David Beyer and Sarah Crum, was 
born June 9, 1809, died 1880, and is buried near Tyrone, Pa. Farmer in- 
Sinking- Valley. Methodist. ^Married Elizabeth Williams, born April' 
16, 1816. She died 1894. Children: Thomas B., Rebecca, Mary A.,, 
Hannah S., Sarah J., John A., Ezra C, and David. 

D (4) Aaron Beyer, son of David Beyer and Sarah Crum, bora 
Aug. 23, i8u, lived at Tipton, Blair Co., Pa. A miller by trade. Mar- 
ried Lydia Ramey. Children (large family); A Wesley, William M., 
Mrs. Kessler, Sadie (Bain), Rev. J. S. (deceased), S. F. (killed in Civil 
War), and J. O. (deceased). 

D (i) Henry Beyer (Byer), son of Daniel Byer and Rebecca 
Woodward, was born Nov. 21, 1785. Farmer. Blacksmith. Lived in 
Coleraine Tvvp., Ivancaster Co., Pa. Married Dorothy McElwaine. 15oth 
Presbyterians. ChiUlren : Daniel Byer, Andrew B}'er, and Rebecca Byer. 

D (2) Andrew B}-er, son of Daniel Byer and Rebecca Woodward, 
born Jan. i, 1790, married Jane Harris. Children: Two left no descend- 
ants. The third was Mary Ann (Mrs. Alexander White). 

D (3) Rebecca Byer, daughter of Daniel Byer and Rebecca Wood- 
ward, married John McElwaine. Only son: Daniel. 

D (4) Daniel Byer, son of Daniel Byer and Rebecca Woodward, 
was born March 9, 1799. Stone niason. Married Catharine Baker. 
Children: Benjaiuin and Elizabeth. 

D (5) Robert Beyer, son of Daniel Byer and Rebecca Woodward, 
was born Feb. 24, 1801, and died Dec. 30, 1873. A fuller by trade. 
Farmer. Married Elizabeth Johnston. Both Presbyterians. Children : 
vSusan, Flenry, Ann Elizabeth, Rebecca, John, and Sarah. 

D (6) David Beyer, son of Daniel Byer and Rebecca Woodward,, 
was bom Dec. 26, 1803, and died 1865. Farmer. Presbyterian. Married' 
Mary McElwaine. Children: Rebecca, Mary, Josiah. 

D (7) Thomas Beyer, son of Daniel Byer and Rebecca Woodward,. 
was born July 4, 1806, and died July 9, 1888. Farmer in Colerain*. 
Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. Presbyterian. Married Mary Ann McClena- 


than. Children: Rebecca, Letitia, Mary A., Attorney William F., and 
Winfield S. 

D (i) Polly Beyer, daughter of Andrew Beyer and Elizabeth Kulp 
TBuchanan); D (2) Rebecca (Boyles) ; D (3) Elizabeth (Buchanan); 
D (4) Katie (Sug-garts) ; and D (5) Ann (Wright) were sisters. 

D (6) Samuel Beyer, son of Andrew Beyer and EHzabeth Kulp, 
was born about 1800, Whitemarsh Twp., Montg. Co., Pa. Parents 
brought him to Ploneybrook about 1S02. Married. Children: Peter 
Boyer, Andrew, Lewis, Mary, Magg-ie, and several others. 

D (7) (8) Jesse and Jacob were brothers. 

D (9) .\ndrew Beyer, son of Andrew Beyer and Elizabeth Kulp, 
was born Feb. 24, 1810, at FJoneybrook, Pa., and died there July 30, 
1862. Farmer. Methodist. Sent two sons to Civil War. Married Sarah 
A, Pennock, born Dec. 19, 1S09. She died Sei)t. i, 1868. Children. 
Nelson P., Samuel, Annie, Mary, Hannah, Elvina, Sarah, and Elizabeth. 

E (i) George Boyer, son of Abraham Beyer and Mary Hively, was 
born 1813, and died Nov. 29, 1889, unmarried. A carpenter. 

E (2) iicnr}' J]. Inner, son of Abraham ]]cyer and Marv Hivelv, 
was born May 3. i8i6, Mahoninsj Co., Ohio. Died June 26, 1897. lUiried 
at Midway Cemetery. },Iennonite. Farmer. .Marrieil Jkirijara Good, 
born 1816. She died Dec. 1889. Children: Christian and Hannah. 

E (3) Abraham l!o)-er, son of Abraham Beyer and Mary Hively, 
was born Dec. 19, 1822, in East Eewistown, Mahoning- Co., Ohio. Died 
Dec. 30, 1876. Both buried on iMennonite Cemetery, West Millgrove, 
Wood Co., Ohio. Married (Feb. 25, 1844) Elizabeth Keyser, born Feb. 
26, 1S23. She died Aug-. 18S1. Children: Al)rahan.i K., Dr. David K., 
Samuel K., Rebecca, Marv-, Lydia, Elizabeth. 

E (4) Nancy Boyer, daughter of Abraham Beyer and Mary Hively, 
married John Wissler. Children.: Nicodenuis, Abraham, Cornelius, 

E (5) Elizabeth Btner, daughter of Abraham Beyer and Mary 
Flively, married John Jfoutz. Children: John, Zacharias, Sarah (Mrs. 
i yson ) . 

E (i) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Catharine 
Bucher, married Jacob i\[ag-ill. 

E (2) (3) ]\{artin and lienry were brothers. 

E (1) Elizabeth Stinson, daughter of Barbara Boyer and Samuel 
Stinson, married Mears. Address (1909) Dudley, Huntingdon Co., Pa. 

E (i) Jacob Sum.niers, son of Sarah Boyer and Henry Sum- 
mers, married Elizabeth Sug-garts. Married Elizabeth Enyart. 

E (2-7) David; Kate, wife, of Adam Garner; Barbara, v.'ife ol 
Christ Fouse; Flannah, wife of Daniel I larris ; Sarah, wife of Rev. Joseph 


Font; and H. H. Summers, of James Creek, Pa., were brothers and 

E (i) Margaret Summers, daughter of Elizabeth Boyer and Jacob 
Summers, married David Foose ; E (2) Elizabeth Summers, died un- 
married; E (3) Christina Summers, daughter of EHzabeth Boyer and 
Jacob Summers, married Alexander N. Campbell. Address (1909) 
Huntingdon, Pa.; E (4) Susan Summers, daughter of Elizabeth Boyer 
and Jacob Summers, married Adam HefYner; E (5) Lucy Summers,. 
daughter of Elizabeth Boyer and Jacob Summers, married George Wal- 
lace. Address (1909) Aitch, Pa.; E (6) Nancy Summers, daughter of 
Elizabeth Boyer and Jacob Summers, married John Kyler; E (7) Mary 
Summers, daughter of Elizabeth Boyer and Jacob Summers, married 
Daphes Cunningham; E (8) John Summers, son of Elizabeth Boyer and 
Jacob Summers, married Catherine Grove. 

E (i) Mary Boyers, daughter of John Boye'rs and Margaret Shouts,, 
married (Feb. 4, 1864) Mathias Thurston. Address (1909) Stryker, 
Ohio. Child : Flossie May. 

E (2) Eliza Boyers, daughter of John Boyers and Margaret Shouts, 
uiarried Rev. John W. fl. Morrison. Address (1909) Fiudlay, Ohio. 
Children: Eudosia J., Russell P., Claude Marcellus, Maude Estella, 
Otis T., Kate Wauneta. 

E (3) Isaac lioyers, son of John Boyers and ?*Iargaret Shouts, 
born Jan. 10, 1S30, Muntiugdon Co., Pa. Killed May 1863, in siege of 
Vicksburg, and buried on the battle field. Methodist. Farmer before 
Civil War began. ^Married. Children: Cuyler Bo)ers. Address (1909) 
East St., St. Louis, Mo. Perhaps others. 

E (4) David rjO)ers, son of John Boyers and Margaret Shonts, 
born Nov. 13, 1831, Huntingdon Co., Pa. Methodist. Farmer. Ad- 
dress (1909) Burlington Junction, Mo. Married. Children. 

E (5) John Boyers, son of John Boyers and Margaret Shonts, 
born May 3, 1S33, Huntingdon Co., Pa. Foreman in Wabash Railroad 
Shops, but carpenter by trade. Methodist. Civil War veteran. Ad- 
dress (1909) 625 South St., Toledo, Ohio. Married Adeline Schaeffer, 
born Oct. i, 1834. She died I'cb. i, 1900. Children: Albert, Fannie, 
Minnie May, Delia O., and Fred S. 

E (6) Rev. Plenry Boyers, son of John Boyers and ALirgaret Shonti,, 
born Oct. 16, 1834, Huntingdon Co., Pa., He died March 12, 1909, Toledo, 
Ohio. Entered the Methodist ministry 1857. Served until 1888. High- 
ly esteemeil. Married Selena Clements, born Nov. 2, 1835. ^'i"^' '^''-''^ 
July 22, i()0(). Children: Jane. Pev. \Villi;uu, Mrs. W. II. (w11)ct(, 
Lydia, Eli/ia iv, Henry G., Frederick M., John Clements. 

E (7) l<ieutenant William 15o\ers, son of John Boyers and Mar- 
garet Shonts, was born June 13, 1838, Williamsport, Pa. Died Oct. 4,, 


1891, Muskegon, Alichigan. Methodist. Teacher. Civil War veteran. 
Merchant at Muskegon, i\'Iich. Married Ehzabeth Towle, born Nov. 
7, 1843. ChiUlren: Edmund W., Dr. Raymond W., Albert T., Harry 
N., Rosa, Kate, Mabel M., and Dr. William T. 

E (8) Catherine Royers, daughter of Jolm Royers and Marg-aret 
Shonts, born July 1841, Williams Co., Ohio. Died in Toledo, Ohio, Aug. 
.12, 1901. Methodist. Married Rev. J. R. Colgan. Children: Luella, 
Mrs. Fred Kirkley, perhaps others. 

E (9) Enos F. Royers, son of John Royers and Margaret Shonts, 
■horn May 6, 1849, Williams Co., Ohio. Methodist. Farmer. Address 
(1909) Millville, Florida. 

E (10) Jane .Xtleline Royers, daughter of John Royers and xMar- 
-g-aret Shonts, born Oct. 7, 1852. Methodist. I\!arried A. M. Lee. Ad- 
dress (1909) Wauseon, Ohit). Route 9. Children. 

E (11) Aaron Luther Royers, son of John Royers and I\Iargaret 
Shonts, born Nov. 17, 1855. Died in Stryker, Ohio, April 10, 1900. 
IMethodist. Farmer and miller. Married. Children: Vernon Royers, 
Clyde Royers. 

E (12) Ida Royers, daughter of John Royers and Alargaret Shonts, 
married Seth Peters. Address (1909) Long Reach, Cal. 

E (i) Hon. Jc)lm Garner Royer, son of Flenry Roycr and Susannah 
Garner, v/as born Feb. 29, 1836, in Penn Twp., Hunting-don Co., Pa. 
Taught school, became a merclKuit, served in the State Legislatiu'e 1844 
and 1845. Died April 1, 1889. lUiried at Huntingdon, Pa. Tslarried 
Josephine Kantner, l)orn 1839. She died June 23, 1905. Roth were 
Lutherans. Children: (i) Dr. Charles Henry Ro}'er. Address (1909) 
Huntingdon, Pa. Morn May 23, 1858. Lutheran. Graduate of Penn- 
s}dvania Dental College, Pliila., Pa. l^ractising tlentist. Married Jemima 
Willis Scott, born Dec. 1867. No children. Fine genealogist. (2) Niletta 
Boyer, married Judge William E. Lightner. Atldress (1909) ILtnting- 
dou, Pa. 

E (2) Samuel H. Roycr, son of Henry Royer and Susannah Garner, 
was born Dec. 14, 1837. Lutheran. Address (1909) James Creek, IRmt- 
ing^don Co., Pa. Married Lydia Young. Chiklren: ( i) Luther Eugene 
l^oyer. Address (191 5) Pluntingdon, Pa. Rorn Oct. 29, 1864. Lutheran. 
County Superintendent. Married Margaret E. Miller. Children: Annie 
Planche, l^ina Alberia, Theron Fugene, Florence Margaret. (2) Harry 
Boyer. Address (1909) James Creek, Pa. Married Ann K. Rrumbaugh. 
Children: Claire R., Grace Viola, Samuel Harold. (3) Wilbur A. Royer. 
Address (1909) James Creek, Pa. Married Kate Young-. Children: 
Pearl, ALary. 

E (3) Mary Jane Royer, daughter of Henry Royer and Susannah 
Garner, v^as born Nov. 4, 1844. Married Allison H. Crum. Address 


( ujo^j) Ailch, I'a. Children: (i) Ilally Crnni. (2) Charles Cram, 
married Nettie Fei^ley. (3) Henry Crum. 

E (4) Kev. Dr. Matthew Garner Boyer, son of Henry Boyer and 
Susannah Garner, was born March 10, 1839. Address (1915) 513 Well- 
In.yton Ave., Chicago, 111. Graduate of Gettysburg College and Theolog- 
ical Seminary. Lutheran minister. Author of line book. Soldier in 
Emergency Army, Civil War. Married ^Martha Logan Stauffer. Chil- 
dren: (i) Charles 1 lesson Boyer. Address (1910) J501 College Ave., 
Phila., Pa. (1915) Chicago, 111. (2) Dr. Merle Stauffer Boyer. A(L 
dress (1910) 2827 Girard Ave., Bhila., Pa. (3) Mary Susan Boyer. 
Married Dr. Vanderpool. Address (1910) .2904 Girard .\ve., Phila., 
Pa. (4) John Blair Bo)er. Address (1910) 2904 Girard .\ve., Phila., 
Pa. (191 5) Chicago, 111. 

E (5) Henry Boyer, son of Henry Boyer and Susannah Garner, 
born Jan. 31, 1841, died June 20, 1862, of wounds received in the battle 
of Fair r)aks, Va. 

E (ij Benjamin Brumbaugh, son of Catharine Boyer and John 
Brumbaugh, married Anna Peightall;E (2) George; E (3) Isaac, of 
Grafton, Pa.; E (4) John B., of Huntingdon, Pa., and E (5) Henry B., 
"were brothers. 

E (i) Henry Brumbaugh, son of Rachel Boyer and Jacob Bnnii- 
baugh, married Grove; E (2) Rev. George Hrumbaugh, son of Rachel 
Boyer and Jacob Brumbaugh. Address (1909) James Creek, Ba. Mar- 
ried Mattie Grove. ChiUlren : (i ) Dr. Martin G., Supt. of Phila. Schools, 
Governor of Pennsylvania— a man among men. (2) Others; E (3) 
Dr. Andrew 15rumbaugh, son of Jvachel Boyer and Jacob l^rumbaugh, 
married Maria Funk; E (4) Abraham P)rum1>augh, son of R:ichel Boyer 
and Jacob Brumbaugh; E (5) Jacob 11. Prumbaugh, son of Rachel Boyer 
and Jacob Brumbaugh. Adilress (1909) Huntingdon, Pa.; E (6) 
Jlrumbaugh, daughter of Rachel Boyer and Jacob Brumbaugh, married 
Robert Mason; E (7) Rachel Brumbaugh, daughter of Rachel Boyer and 
Jacob Brumbaugh, married Mr. Gook, Huntingdon, Pa. 

E (i) Henry Grove, son of Rebecca Boyer and Andrew (or Benja- 
min) Grove. Address (1909) Aitcli, Pa.; E (2) B. PI. Groye, son of 
Rebecca Boyer and x^-ndrew Grove. Address (1909) Grafton, Pa. ; IC (3) 
Alice Grove, daughter of Rebecca Boyer and Andrew Grove, married Mr. 
Davis. Address (1909) James Creek, Pa.; E (4) Racliel Grove, daughter 
of Rebecca Boyer and Andrew Grove, married Davis, Huntingdon, Pa. 

E (i) Andrew B. Garner, son of Mary Boyer and Michael Garner. 
A.ddress (1909) James Creek, Pa. Married Etta Surley. Children: 
George. Address (1909) Aitch, Pa. A. B. Garner, James Creek, Pa. 

E (2) Isaac Garner, son of Mary Boyer and Michael Garner. Ad- 
dress (1909) James Creek, Pa. Married Mary Marshall; E (3) Kate 


Garner, daughter of Mary Boycr and IMichael Garner. Address (1909) 
James Creek, Pa. 

E (i) Benjamin Beyer, son of Andrew Beyer and Catharine Beam, 
was born Dec. 19, 1807. Married Hannah Cassell. Children: Susannah, 
F.nos, Nathaniel, Lewis, Amanda, Samuel, and Reuben. Three others 
died in infancy. 

E (2) Samuel B. Beyer, son of Andrew Beyer and Catharine Beam, 
was born April 18, 1810. Married (April 16, 1837) Harriet Gouldy, born 
Oct. 19, 1814. Children: (a) Charles W. Address (1914) Norristov/n, 
Pa. Farmer. ]]orn Jan. 20, 1838. !\Iarried Sallie DeHaven (Dec. 25, 
1862). She was born Sept. 17, 1842. Children: (i) Mary Alice, born 
Aug. 17, 1867, and (2) Walter M., born June 18, 1870. (b) Joscphus 
Beyer. Address (1914) Norristown, Pa. Single. Born March 16, 1843. 
(c) Dr. James Monroe, born Jan. 4, 1848. Address (1914) Bustleton, 
Pa. Physician. Married HenriettaM. Beam. Children: (i) Frank B. 
Beyer. Alining engineer. Address (1914) Taft, Cal. Single. (2) Florence 
Beyer. Teacher. Address (1914) Bustleton, Pa. (d) Eugenia E. 
Beyer, born July 7, 1850. Married Frank Gougler, Norristown, Pa. 
Children: (i) May Gougler. Teacher, Norristown, Pa. (2) Ida Goug- 
ler, married Harvey Murphy. Farmer. Address (1914) Center Point,. 
Montg. Co., Pa. 

E (3) Anna Beyer, daughter of Andrew Beyer and second wife 
Catharine Clemens, born Oct. 6, 1816. 

E (4) Henry C. Beyer, son of Andrew Beyer and Catliarine Clem- 
ens, born Aug. 20, 1818. Married (Nov. 23, 1841) Sophia Plartel, born 
Nov. 2, iSi'C). Children: (a) Elmira, born Aug. 23, 1843; <Jicd Aug. 
9, 1862. (b) Edward H. Beyer, born April 23, 1846; died Jan. 3, 1867. 

E (5) Jacob C. Beyer, son of Andrew P>eyer and Catherine Clem- 
ens, born April 7, 1822, married (Aug. 15, 1848) Margaret McCarter. 
She died Dec. 15, 1856. Her children: (a) Manning, born June 23, 
1849; died Aug. 31, 1863. (b) James Marshall, born Nov. 4, 1851. 
Married (Sept. 16, 1876) Sallie Merkel, born Sept. 30, 1852. Children: 
(i) James Walton, born March 14, 1874; and (2) Franklin G., bora 
Nov. 25, 1878. Atldress (i<)i4) Phila., Pa. Jacob C. Be\er married 
second wife, Susan Lantlis, Jan. 15, 1860. Children: (a) William H., 
born Aug. 9, 1863, and (b) Nettie K., born Jan. 3, 1876. 

E (6) Joseph C. Beyer, son of Andrew Beyer and Catherine Clem- 
ens, born July 22, 1824. 

E (7) William C. Beyer, son of Andrew Beyer and Catherine Clem- 
ens, was born June 18, 1827. Married Catherine Kugler (Sept. 30, i8.!8). 
She was burn Feb. 4, 1830. Children: (a) Isabella, born Aug. 31, 
1852; married George G. Mann (May 3, 1877). Their children: (i) 


Georg-e G. Alann. Address (1877) Phila., Pa. (b) Mary E., born IMarch 
27, 1855, ^"^ (^) Washington, born July 31, 1858. 

E (8) David C. Beyer, son of Andrew Beyer and Catherine Clem- 
ens, born P'eb. 25, 1834,. died Aug. 14, 1862. Married Elizabeth Swartz, 
July 22, 1855. Children: (a) Wilamina, born Aug. 1856. (b) Justus 
Beyer, born Feb. 1858. (c) Douglass, born March i860, (d) Morris, 
born July 8, 1862. 

E (1) Jacob B. Beyer, son of Joseph Beyer and Hannah Bean, 
born Jan. 17, 1813. Alarried Elizabeth Cassell (Oct. 20, 1836). She 
was born April 4, 1814. Children: (a) Hannah, born Sept. 10, 1837. 
(b) Isaac, born Jan. 25, 1840. ?\Iarried Elizabeth Gross (Aug. 15, 1844). 
She was born April 25, 1813, and died Aug. 14, 1870. Her children were 
Elizabeth G., born Jan. 2y, 1866; Wilson G., born Feb. 7, 1878. Jacob 
B. Beyer married a second wife, Sophia Swartz (June 2, 1872). She was 
born June 29, 1850. Her children were Howard S., born Dec. 17, 1874, 
and Jacob Abncr S., born July 9, 1877. (c) Sarah, born Nov. 27, 1845, 
died March 23, 1862. 

E (2) William Beyer, son of Joseph Beyer and Hannah Bean, born 
July 29, 1S14. Married (Nov. 5, 1837). She was born May 19, 1812, and 
vhed Jan. 5, 1859. Children: (a) Mary, born Sejjt. 10, 1835, died Feb. 
26, 1843. (b) Susannah, born July 8, 1841 ; (c) Catharine, born Feb. 4, 
1843; (d) Elizabeth, born May 17, 1849; (^) Pebecca, born April 20, 
1856. died June 5, 1865. 

E (3) Josei)h Beyer, son of Joseph Beyer and Hannah Bean, born 
April 17, 1817, died Jan. 4, 1867. Married (Nov. 17, 1839) Lydia Rit- 
tenhouse. She died May 23, 1847. Her children were: Amy and Abra- 
ham, v/ho both died in infancy, and Levi R., born Sei)t, 4, 1845. He mar- 
ried (March 30, 1876) Mary E. Kindy, born April i, 1843. Children: 
Ella K.. born Aug. 17, 1877. Joseph lieyer married his wife's sister June 
15, 1848. The children were: (a) Anna, born March ii, 1849; (b) Jos- 
e[)h R., born Nov. 4, 1850, died Feb. 2, 1875; (c) John R., born Dec. 21, 
1852; (d) Elizabeth R., born Jan. 15, 1854; (e) Anna R., born May 31, 
1855; (f) William R., born Jan. 14, 1857; (g) Samuel R., born May 
12, i860; (h) Deborah R., born March 28, 1865; (i) Ida, born Oct. 
20, 1866. 

E (i) Samuel Beyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Magilalene Boorse, 
was born Feb. 13, 1823. Reformed. Merchant in Philadelphia, Pa. IMar- 
ried Hannah U. Brunner. Children: Mary Ann, Martha J., Emily, 
Franklin, Cyrus, Lydia, Amanda, Eva. 

E (2) John Beyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Magdalena Boorse, 
l:)orn .April 8, 1824, married Sarah Holfman (Schwenk). Address (1909) 
Mrs. Sarah I^eyer, Centerpoint, Pa. Children: Margaret S., ,Sarah Jane, 
Sophia H., Elizabeth L. 


E (3) Jesse Beyer, son of Jacob Beyer and lAIagdalena Boorse was 
born Sept. 13, 1825. Reformed. Carpenter. Married (1851) Hannah 
Dettra. Address (1909) Mrs. Hannah Beyer, Norristown, I'J rTd 
5- Uiildren: Ann, Mary Ma-dalena, William D 

E (4) Adanj Beyer, son of Jacob Beyer and .A'la^dalena Boorse 
-rn An^. .4, 1S.9. Reformed. Carpenter. Address (u;o,) Cor,S 
George and th. Sts.,, Pa. Married Mary B nm.e ZZ 
her death Mrs. Elizabeth Hon.sher Hendricks. Children: Jackson J f 
ferson, Wesley B., flenry, and Jrvyin H. jacKson, Jet 

P.n^ 1^^ Kluabeth Beyer, dauohter of Jacob Beyer and Ma<^da]ena 
Loorse, born Oct. 31, 18.8. Married David Kook. Children- ^:nlZ 
1^-, Angehna, Jacob, Sarah E.. and Catharine A. ' 

E (6) Daniel Beyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Ai-i'M-denn P, o,-^ 
born June .7:830, died Dec. 36. .8S3, bnried at Wen ^r C ^^1 ' wJ ' 
s^cr 1 u-p Montg. Co., Pa. Refonned. Carriage builder MWl 

(1653) Catharn,e Oberholtzer. Children: Ellen T Wil i- m M F 

K.. Alvin D -l-ulu j., \\ niiani ^J., Emma 

r ,,' ;,^^t, ''°"""''- Carpcntt-r. A<l,lross ( ,oo.j) Red H.ll 

?:t:r,f!'Z^:r^ Nornstow„,Pa..R.F.0.5. Chiid,..,: Ja,™. 

was L^^'A^r';rTi:r^'^-:[^ru" - ^'--e.. .oo.e, 
Ko.vetsford Pa. Chndren: Ida J., ji.. W."^;:;rC.. 3:^^ '^"'^ 
,8, A , ■'"■^ '*■"• -'°" °f -'"'"• '^"'^■- ^'"l '-Vdia Frick born 

rchl'Ts:/ S?' "'"'f''' '""■■'■ ^^'='"-' "--" ^^'«°« 

^^/J'\J^t ^'"- r^r°! -l"'"' '''^■^" "«' Ly<l- Frick, was born 
fs n r, M , ,'"^ '^'''- *' '*+'^' J""^"" Mo^'--'-. torn April 6 

E (i) John Beyer, William Beyer, Elizabeth Beyer, Sarah Bever 
Mary Beyer^Davd Beyer, Eli.a Beyer, Susan Beyer, Jacob I ever S san ' 

M., Alv,n H.. Sarah E., Maria J., Leanna B., and CarolllrE ' ^''"'' 


E (i) Thomas 15. Ueyer, son of iAbraham Ik-yer and Klizabcth 
Williams, was born at Tipton, Pa., Dec. 13, 1845. ^lethoclist. Veteran 
of the Civil War. 0. A. R. officer. Farmer. Justice of the Peace, 
Resided at Ramey, Pa. Married Martha Y. Warren. Address (1909) 
ilrs. Martlia V. Beyer, 508 Twenty-ftHirth St., Altoona, Pa. Children: 
Myrtle A., Florence L., Clinton W., Laura E., and Professor Thomas P. 

E (2) Rebecca Beyer, daughter of Abraham Beyer and Elizabeth 
Willianis, was born Nov. 14, 1835. Married r\Ir. Westbrook. Address 
(1910) Mrs. Jvebecca Westbrook, Washington St., Huntingdon, Pa. 
No children. Fine historian. 

E (3) Mary .A. ileyer, daughter of Abraham Peyer and Elizabeth 
Williams, married J. C. Macamant. Address (1910) Mrs. Mary Macani- 
ant, Huntingdon, Pa. Children: Jane, Plattie, Elizabeth, Marvine, Frank. 

E (4) Plannah S. licyer, daughter of Abraham Beyer and Elizabeth 
Williams, married Mr. Elway. Address (1910) Mrs. H. Susan Elway, 
Sabbath Rest, iilair Co., Pa. 

E (5) Sarah J. Beyer, daughter of Abraham Beyer and Elizabeth 
Williams, married Daniel Eckroth. No children. Address (1910) Mrs. 
Daniel Eckroth. Tyrone, Pa. 

E (^>) (7) John A. Beyer and Ezra C. Beyer, sons of Abraham 
Beyer and Elizabeth Williams, died unmarried. 

E (8) David Beyer, son of Abraham Beyer and Elizabeth Williams, 
was born about 1854 and died in 1906. Married. Children live in 
Tyrone, Pa. 

E (i) A. Wesley l>eyer, son of Aaron Beyer and wife Lydia Ramey, 
was born 1847. Address (1909) Tyrone, Pa. Miller by trade. Married 
Annie M. Ault. Children: (i) Edwin Bruce lieyer. Address (1914) 
Tyrone, I*a. JMarried llallie. Me is a miller. Children: liilizabeth 
Beyer. Alarried Dr. \l. S. Africa. Address (1914) Warren, Pa. 

E (2) William M. Beyer, son of Aaron Beyer and wife, I^ydia 
Ramey. Lawyer. Address (T914) Altoona, Pa. 

E (3) A daughter of Aaron Beyer and wife Lydia Ramey, married 
Kessler. Address (1909) Twelfth Ave., near 12th St., Altoona, Pa. 

E (4) Sadie Beyer, daughter of Aaron Beyer and wife Lydia Ramey, 
married Bain. Address (1910) Juniata, Pa. 

E (5) J- O. Beyer, son of Aaron Beyer and Lydia Ramey. 

E (6) S. F. Beyer, son of Aaron Beyer and Lydia Ramey, was 
T<illed in Civil War. 

E (7) Rev. J. S. Beyer, son of Aaron Beyer and Lydia Ramey, is 

E (i) Daniel Byer, son of Henry Byer and Dorothy McElvvaine, 
owned father's farm. Moved to Juniata County, where he died. Married 
Anna Eliza Keyler. Children : John James, Emma, Sarah. 


E (2) Andrew Byer, son of Henry Byer and Dorothy McElwain. 
Married. No children. 

E (3) Rebecca Byer, daughter of Henry Byer and Dorothy McEl- 
waine, was born Nov. 3, 1830. She married John Wesley Emery. Child : 
Ida May. 

E (i) Mary Ann Byer, daughter of Andrew Byer and Jane Har-" 
ris. Married Alexander White. Children: Dr. Josephine, Allen T., 
Andrew B., William H., Alexander, Jane, and Charles E. 

E (i) Daniel IMcElwaine, son of Rebecca Beyer and John McEl- 
waine. Married Harriet Eckels. Children: Mary Jane, Eliza Rebecca, 
Louisa, James B., William M., John S., and Robert B. 

E (i) P.enjamin Byer, son of Daniel Byer and Catharine Baker, 
lived on farm near grandfather. Married Mary vSmith. Children: 
Catharine Dorothy Ann, Uriah, and Georg-e. 

E (2) Elizabeth liyer, daughter of Daniel Byer and Catharine 
Baker. Married John Hethcrington. Children: George B., Annie, Jolm, 
Washington, and Catharine. 

E (0 .Susan Byer, daughter of Robert Byer and Elizabeth Johns- 
ton, born Jan. 21, 1835, died Dec. 18, 1907. Married Joseph P. Carhart 
Dentist at Ellwood, N. J. Children: Lavinia, Carrie L. 

E (2) Ilenr)' I'.ycr, son of Robert Byer and Elizabeth Johnston, 
was born March 10, 1836. and died Dec. 26, 1871. Soldier in Civil War. 
Married I^Iary E. Hastings. Children: Theodore Evans, John, and 
Ifenry Nelson. 

E (3) Ann Elizabeth Byer, daughter of Robert Byer and Elizabeth 
Johnston, born Dec. 6, 1838, married Matthew Dunlap. I.eft one s.)n 
William B. 

E (4) Rebecca Byer, daughter of Robert Byer and Elizabeth Johns- 
ton, born July 10, 1840, married Matthew D. Williams. Children. 

E (5) John Byer, son of Robert liyer and Elizabeth Johnston, was 
born Eeb. 12, 1842. Brave soldier. Died at Salisbury, N. C. 

E (6) Sarah Byer, daughter of Robert Byer and Elizabeth Johnston, 
born July 28, 1843, married William Jack. Address ( 1910 ) Coleraine, Pa. 

E (i) Rebecca Byer, daughter of David J5yer and Mary McEl- 
waine, a very remarkable woman, married Milton Ke3'ler, a splendid 
character. Children : Rev. James E., Dr. Henry E., and Dr. Josiah B. 

E (2) i^Jary l',ycr, daughter of David Byer and Mary McElwaine, 
married William M. McElwaine. 

E (3) Josiah Byer, son of David Byer and Mary McElwaine, 
was born April 15, 1830, and died Aug. 6, 1909. Farmer. .Alarried 
Hannah I iidribaugh. Children: I,aura, David 11., John D., and .\n- 
nie M. 

E (i) Rebecca Byer, daughter of Thomas Byer and Mary Ann 


McClenathan, born Feb. 17, 1844, married Robert Clark. Children: 
Charles E., Edwin R., and Reverend Howard S. 

E (2) Letitia Byer, daughter of Thomas Byer and Mary Ann Mc- 
Clenathan, born March 6, 1846, married Albert B. Worth. Address 
(1910) Mrs. Letitia B. Worth, 559 East Allegheny Ave., Phila., Pa. 

E (3) Mary A. Byer, daughter of Thomas Byer and Mary Ann 
McClenathan, born Oct. 26, 1848. Teacher. Fine genealogist. Has 
done the cause inestimable service. Address (1910) Christiana, Pa., 
R. F. D. I. 

E (4) Attorney Williani Forest Byer, son of Thomas Byer and 
Mary Ann McClenathan, was born Oct. 11, 1853. Lawyer. Address 
(1910) 433 West C3range St., Lancaster, Pa. Married Ida Warfel. 
Children : Ro]x;rt A., John W., and Thomas S. 

E (5) Winfield Byer, son of Thomas Byer and Mary Ann Mc- 
Clenathan, was born Oct. 22, 1861. Address (1910) Christiana, Pa., 
. R. F. D. I. Farmer on father's old homestead. 

E (i) Peter Boyer, son of Samuel Beyer and wife, was born about 
1839. Address (1910) Elverson, Pa. Care of Mrs. John Smith. Mar- 
ried. Children: Mrs. John Smith, Mrs. George Strohl, Mrs. David 
Swavely, Samuel E.. Charles W., Elizabeth, Lewis, Mrs. Howard Miller^ 
Robert, Leona, Oscar. 

E (2) Andrew Boyer, son of Samuel Beyer and wife. Married 
Children. Address (1910) Erie, Pa. 

E (3) Lewis Boyer, son of Samuel Beyer and wife. Married 
Children. Address (1910) Tyrone, Pa. 

E (4) Mary Boyer, daughter of vSamuel Beyer and wife, married 
Grube. Address (1911) PIone\brook, Pa. 

E (5) Maggie Boyer, daughter of Samuel Beyer and wife, married 
Story. Address (1911) Honcybrook, Pa.- 

E (i) Nelson P. Beyer, son of Andrew Beyer and Sarah A. Pen- 
nock, married Harriet C. Address (1910) Coatesville, Pa. 

E (2) Samuel 15eyer, son of Andrew Beyer and Sarah A. Pennock. 
Address (1910) Buck Run, Pa. 

E (3) Annie Beyer, daughter of Andrew Beyer and Sarah A, Pen- 
nock, born Feb. 2, 1840. Married Sanuiel W. Smith. Address (1910) 
Cochranville, Pa. Children: (a) Dr. Frank W. Smith. Address (1910) 
416 Lafayette Ave., Passaic, N. J. (b) Robert B. Smith. Address (1910) 
Cochranville, Pa. (c) Mary P. Smith. Teacher. Address (1910) Man- 
tua, N. J. Fine historian. 

E (4) Mary Be}er, daughter of Andrew Beyer and Sarah A. Pen- 
nock. Married Hughes. Address (1910) Coatesville, Pa. 

E (5) Haimah Beyer, daughter of Andrew Beyer and Sarah A, 
Pennock. ]\L-\rried Faddis. Address (1910) Pomeroy, Pa. 


E (6) Elvina Be}'er, daughter of Andrew Beyer and Sarah A. Pen- 
nock, was born 1846, and died 1895. 

E (7) Sarah Beyer, daughter of Andrew Beyer and Sarah A. Pen- 
nock, married Faddis. Address (1910) Coatesville, Pa. 

E (8) EHzabeth Beyer, daughter of Andrew Pieyer and Sarah A. 
Pennock, married Robert A. Young. Address ( 1910) Minneapohs, Alinn. 
Children: Annie M. (son, Daniel T. Wilson, Minneapolis, Minn.),. 
Madge M. (Donaldson, Minneapolis). 

F (i) Christian Hoyer, son of Henry B. Boyer and Barbara Good, 
was born April 19, 1846. Mennonitc. Farmer. Address (1912) Colum- 
biana, Ohio, R. F. D. I. Married Alartha Glenn, and after her death,. 
Mary Bassinjjer. Children: (a) William H. Boyer. Address (1912) 
Columbiana, Ohio. Born Nov. 16, 1875. Clerk in grocery store. Mar- 
ried Blanche Bossart. Children, (b) Walter J. B.oyer. Address (1912) 
Columbiana, Ohio. Born Feb. 14, 1880. Farmer. Married Laura 
Renkenberger. Children, (c) Fred E. Boyer. Address (1912) Colum- 
biana, Ohio. Born Dec. 28, 1882. Farmer. ^larried Myrtle Baker. 

F (2) Hannah Boyer, daughter of Henry B. Boyer and Barbara- 
Good, married Henry Color. Atldress (1912) Canfield, Ohio. Children. 

F (i) Abraham K. Boyer, son of Abraham Ijoyer and Elizabeth 
Keyser, born May 8, 1854. Mennonite. Carpenter. Address (1912) 
Middleburg, Indiana. ISIarried Mary A. Tyson, Dec. 24, 1871. She died 
Aug". 9, 1904. Then Abraham K. Boyer married his wife's sister. Chil- 
dren : (a) Sadie Boyer. Married Emmanuel Long-field. Address ( 1912) 
Wakarusa, Ind. (b) William Bcjyer. Address (1912) Dewey Ave., 
Goshen, Ind. Married Ella LJechtel. Children, (c) Fannie M. Bo)er. 
(d) Erwin W. Boyer. 

F (2) Dr. David K. I'oyer, son of Abraham Boyer and Elizabeth 
Keyser, was born May 31, 1857. Practised medicine six years. ]\IedicaI 
Institute proprietor since 1884. Married vSusannah Tyson, l)orn March 
3, 1856. Children: (a) John D. Boyer. Address ( 1910) Middleburg-, 
Ind. Born Se])t. 8, 1879. Married Alary Garner. Children, (b) Ijertha 
L. Boyer. Married Henry Ilonderich. Address ( 1910) Goshen, Ind. 
Children, (c) Ira S. Boyer. Address (1910) .Middleburg, Ind. (d) 
William H. Boyer. Address (1910) Mi(Klleburg, Ind. Married Emma 
Ilonderich. Children, (e) Ida M. Boyer. Married Albert G. Cripe. 

F (3) Samuel K. Boyer, son of Abraham Boyer and Elizabetl) Key- 
ser, was born Sept. 17, 1859. Address (1910) Wakarusa, Ind. Married 
Eliza. Children: (a) Laura Boyer. Married Rissor. Address (19x0) 
Wakarusa, Ind. (b) Annetta Boyer. Married Everest. Address ( 1910) 
Wakarusa, Ind. (c) Amanda Boyer. Married Ddp. Address (1910) 
Wakarusa, Ind. (d) David L. Boyer. Address (1910) Wakarusa, Ind, 


F (4) Rebecca lloycr, daughter of Abraham Boyer and EHzabeth 
Keyser, married Gulp. Address (1910) Halstead, Kansas; F (5) Mary 
Boyer, married Fletcher. Address (1910) Goshen, Ind. ; F (6) Lydia 
Boyer, married Troup. Address (iQio) Wakarusa, Ind.; F (7) EHza- 
beth rK)yer, married Georije J. Tyson. Slie is dead. Address of hus- 
band (1910) Finuba, Gal. 

F (F) Nicodemus Wislcr, son of Nancy Boyer and John Wisler. 
yVddress (1912) North Lima, Ohio; F (2) Abraham Wisler, son of 
Nancy Boyer and John Wisler. Address (1912) East Lewistown, Ohio; 
V (3) Gornclius Wisler, son of Nancy P>oyer and John Wisler. 

F (i) John I lout/., sonof Elizabeth Boyer and John Houtz. Ad- 
dress (1912) lielena, Sandusky Go., Ohio; F (2) Zacharias lioutz, '-■n^ 
of Elizabeth Bo)er and John Houtz. Address (1912) Helena, Ohio; 
F (3) Sarah Houtz, dau,:;htcr of Eliza!;eth ]5oyer and John Floutz, 
married T)son. Address (1912) Helena, Ohio. 

F (i) Flossie May Thurston, burn May 25, 1867. Methodist. 
Married (Sept. 2,. 1886) Gharlcs B. Gramer, born Aug. ro, 1861. Gar- 
penter. Address (i(,o-,)) Archbold, Ohio. Ghildren : (a) Gertrude 
Alay Gramer, born Nov. 27, 1S79. Married (April 1907) Gharles Bern- 
aih. .Vcidress (190--)) Archbold, Ohio, (bj Orville F Gramer, born Au^-. 
7, 18S9. Address (1909) Arclibcjld, Ohio, (c) Sarah Elizabeth Gramer, 
born /\pril 15, 1898. 

l'" ( I ) Fndosia J. Morrison, tlaui^hter of Eliza F.oyers and Rev. John 
W. If. AI(,rrison, born Jul',' 2(\ 1S73. Methodist. Address (1909) 501 
Washin.^ton St., Findlay, Ohio. 

F (2) Russell P. Morrison, son of Eliza P)0yers and Rev. Morrison, 
born Scitt. 2, 187C. Methodist. Book-keeper. Married Glara M., born 
July 28, 1880. Address ( KjOt;) 501 Washington St., FintUay, Ohio. 

F (3) Glaude Marcellus Morrison, son of Eliza Boyers and Rev. 
INforrison, born xNov. 22, 1878. Methodist. Mail carrier. Address (190C)) 
501 Washington St., Fiiullay, Ohio. 

F ('4) T'vlaude Eslella Morri.--ou, daughter of Eliza Boyers and P.ev. 
Morrison, born Nov. 22, 1878. Methodist. Teacher. Address (1901)) 
501 Washington St., Findlay, Ohio. 

F (5) Otis T. Morrison, son of Eliza Boyers and Rev. Morrison, 
born Feb. 27, 1881. Methodist. Jeweler. Address (1909) 323 Wash- 
ington St., iM'ndlay, Ohio. Married Clara May. 

F (6) Kate Wauneta Morrison, daughter of Eliza Boyers and Rev. 
jNIorrison, born Oct. 2, 1883. Methodist. 

F (1) Guyler Boyers, son of Isaac Boyers and wife. Address 
(i9or;i) East St. Louis, Mo. 

F { 1) Alijert 1 Joyers, son of John Boyers and Adeline Schaefi'er. 
Address (1909) 533 Stocking .Vvc., Toledo, Ohio; F (2) Fannie Boyers, 


daug-hter of John Boyers and Adeline Schaeffer, died May 14, 1901. Wife 
of W. R. Barkdall; F (3) Minnie May Boyers, daus^hter of John Boyers 
and Adeline Schaeffer, married C. D. Whitman. Address (1909) Toledo, 
Ohio; F (4) Delia O. Boyers, daughter of John Boyers and Adeline 
Schaeffer. Address (1909) 625 South St., Toledo, Ohio; F (5) Fred 
S. Boyers, son of John Boyers and Adeline Schaeffer. Address (1909) 
Springfield, ]11. 

F ( I ) Jane Boyers, daughter of Rev. Henry Boyers and Selena 
Clements, married W. H. 11. Reeder. Address (1909) 1328 Broadway, 
Toledo, Ohio. 

F (2) liev. William Boyers, son of Rev. Henry Boyers and Selena 
Clements. Address (1914) 4037 Charles St., Omaha, Nebraska. 

F (3) A daughter of Rev. Henry Boyers and Selena Clements, 
married W. H. Gilbert. Address (1909) Lindsay, Ohio. No children 

F (4) Lydia Boyers, daughter of Rev. Henr)- B>oycrs and Selena 
Clements. Address (190;) 538 Crittenden Ave., Toledo, Ohio. 

F (5) Kliza R. Bioycrs, daughter of Rev. ] lenry Boyers and Selena 
Clements. Address (1909) 538 Crittenden Ave., Toledo, CJhio. 

F (6) Henry G. Boyers, son of Rev. Henry Boyers and Selena 
Clements. Address ( 1909) 2508 Fulton St., Toledo, Ohio. 

F (7) Frederick M. Boyers, son of Rev. Henry Boyers and Selena 
Clements. Address (1909) 3240 Glennwood x^ve., Toledo, Ohio. 

F (8) John Clements Boyers, son of Rev. Henry Boyers and Selena 
Clements. Address (1909) Union Theological Seminary, New York. 

F (i) Edmund W. Boyers, son of Lieut. William Boyers and Eliza- 
beth Towle. Address (T909) Muskegon, Michigan. 

F (2) Dr. Raymond W. lioyers, son of Lieut. William Boyers and 
Elizabeth Towle. Address (1909) Marquette, Michigan. 

F (3) Albert T. Boyers, son of Lieut. William Boyers and Eliza- 
beth Towle. Address (1909) Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

F (4) Harry N. Boyers, son of Lieut. William Boyers and Eliza- 
beth Towle. Atldress (1909) Chicago and N. W. Railroad, Chicago, 111. 

F (5) Rosa Boyers, daughter of Lieut. William Boyers and" EHza- 
beth Towle. Address (19a;) Cerro Gordo, 111. 

F (6) Kate Boyers, daughter of Lieut. William Boyers and Eliza- 
beth Towle. Address (1909) Santa Ikirbara, Cal. 

F (7) Mabel M. Boyers, daugiUer of Lieut. William Boyers and 
Elizabeth Towle. Married Raymond vS. Dawes. Address (1909) In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

F (8) Dr. William T. Boyers, son of Lieut. William Boyers and 
Elizabeth Towle. Address (1909) Cerro Gordo, 111. 

F (i) lyuella Colgan, daughter of Catharine Boyers and Rev. J. R. 
Colgan. Address (1909) 882 Prouty Ave., Toledo, Ohio. 


F (2) A daug'hter of Catiiarine Boycrs and Rev. J. R. Colgan, mar- 
ried Fred Kirkly. Address (1909) Prouty AvQ., Toledo, Ohio. 

F (i) Vernon Boyers, son of Aaron Luther Boyers and wife. Ad- 
dress (1909) West Unity, Ohio; F (2) Clyde Boyers, son of Aaron 
Luther Jjoycrs and wife. Address (ifp9) Stryker, Ohio. 

F (i) Susannah Beyer, daughter of Benjamin Beyer and Hannah 
Casscll, horn June 5, 1832. She died June 19, 1852. 

F (2) Enos Boyer, son of Benjamin l^eyer and Hannah Cassell, horn 
April 12, 1836. 

F (3) NathanielBeyer, son of Benjamin Beyer and Hannah Cassell, 
horn Feb. 8, 1841. Address (1914) Fairview, Alontg. Co., Pa. Married 
(Nov. 7, 1863) jNIary Jane Keyser, born July 28, 1844. Children: Vien- 
na, born Aug. 11, 1864; Nathan IMontgomery, born Sept. 24, 1870. 

F (4) Lewis lieyer son of Benjamin Beyer and Hannah Cassell, 
born Dec. 12, 1849. Address (1914) Norritonville, Alontg. Co., Pa. 
Married (1875) Sallie R. Smoyer, born Nov. 16, 1852. Children: Allen 
S. Boyer, born 1875. 

F (5) Amanda Beyer, daughter of Benjamin lieyer and Hannah 
Cassell, born Sept. 16, 1853. 

F (6) Samuel Beyer, son of Benjamin Beyer and Hannah Cassell, 
born March 22, 1858. 

F (7) Reuben Beyer, son of Benjamin Beyer and Hannah Cassell, 
born March 4, 1860. Address (1914) Center Square, Montg. Co., Pa 

F (i) Charles W. Beyer, son of Sanuiel B. Beyer and Harriet 
Gouldy, born Jan. 20, 1S38. Married (Deo. 25, 1862) Sallie Dellaven, 
born Sept. 17, 1842. Children: iNIary Alice, born Aug. 17, 1867; Walter 
M., born June 18, 1870. 

F (2) Josephus Beyer, son of Samuel B. Beyer and Harriet Gouldy, 
"born March 16, 1843. Single. Address (1914) Norristown, Pa. 

F (3) James M. Beyer, son of Samuel B. Beyer and Harriet Goukly, 
born Jan. 4, 1848. Address (1914) Bustleton, Pa. Physician. Mar- 
ried Henrietta M. Bean. Children: (1) Frank B. Beyer. Mining en- 
gineer. Address (1914) Taft, Cal. Single. (2) Florence Beyer. Teach- 
er. Address (1914) Bustleton, Pa. 

F (4) Eugenia E. Beyer, daughter of Samuel B. Beyer and PLirriet 
Gouldy, born July 7, 1850. Married Frank Gougler. Children: (i) 
May Gougler. Teacher, Norristown, Pa. (2) Ida Gougler. Married 
Harvey Murphy. Farmer. Address (1914) Center Point, Montg. 
Co., Pa. 

F (i) James Marshall Beyer, son of Jacob C. Beyer and Margaret 
McCarter, burn Nov. 4. 1851. Married (Sept. 16, 1876) Sallie Merkel, 
"born Sept. 30, 1852. Chiklrcn : James Walter, born March 14, 1S74; 
"Franklin G., born Nov. 25, 1S78. Address (1914) Phila., Pa. 


F (2) Rev. William H. Beyer, son of Jacob C. Beyer and second 
wife, vSusan Landis, born Aug. 9, 1863. Methodist minister. 

F (3) Nettie Beyer, daughter of Jacob C. Beyer and Susan Landis, 
born Jan. 3, 1876. 

F (i) Oliver Beyer, son of Joseph C. Beyer and his wife. Traia 
announcer, Reading- Terminal, Phila., Pa. Note. Chihhxn (-1 J^.-^ci^li 
C. Beyer, born July 22, 1824. 

F (2) Charles Beyer, son of Joseph C. Beyer and his wife. Dry 
goods merchant. Address (1914) Ardmore, Montg. Co., Pa. 

F (3) i'erhaps others. 

F (i) Isabella Beyer, daughter of William C. Beyer and Catharine 
Kugler, born .\ug. 31, 1852. Married George G. Mann (May 3, 1877'). 
Children: George G. Mann. Address (1914) Phila., Pa. 

F (2) ?\lary E. P>eyer. daughter of William G. Beyer and Catharine 
Kugler, born March 2-j, 1855. 

F (3) Washington Beyer, son of William C. Beyer and Catharine 
Kugler, born July 31, 1858. 

F (i) W'ilamina Beyer, daughter of David C. Beyer and Eliza- 
beth Swartz, born Aug. 1856. 

F (2) Justus Beyer, son of David C. Beyer and Elizabeth Swartz, 
born Feb. 1858. 

V (3) Douglass Beyer, son of David C. Beyer and Elizabeth Swartz, 
born Alarch 18^)0. 

F (4) Morris Beyer, son of David C. P)eyer and Elizabeth Swartz, 
born July 8, 1862. 

F (i) Hannah Beyer, daughter of Jacob B. Beyer and Elizabeth 
Casscll. born Sept. 10, 1837. 

F (.2) Isaac lieyer, son of Jacob B. Beyer and Elizabeth Cassell, 
born Ja'.i. 25. 1840. Married (jViiril 25, 1863) Elizabeth Gross, born Aug. 
15, 1S34. Siie died Aug. 14, 1870. Children: Elizabeth G., born Jan. 
29, i8''>6; Wilson G., Feb. 7, 1878; Isaac Be3er niarried a second wife 
(June 2, 1872) Sophia Swartz, Ixjrn June 29, 1850. Children: . Howard 
S., born Dec. 17, 1874; Jacob Abner S., l)orn July 9, 1877. 

F (1) Susannah Beyer, daughter of William lieyer and wife, born 
July 8, 1841 ; F (2) Catharine lieyer, daughter of William Beyer and 
wife, born Feb. 4, 1843; ^" (3^ Elizabeth iJeyer, daughter of William 
Beyer and wife, born May 17, 1849. 

F (I) Levi R. Beyer, son of Joseph Beyer and Lydia Rittenhouse, 
born Sept. 4. 1845. Married (March 30, 1876) :\Iary L. Kindy, born 
April I. 1843. Children: Elon K., born Aug. 17. 1877; F (2) Ana 
Beyer, dauglilvr of Joseph Beyer and second wife i\Iary Rittenhousc, born 
March 11, 1841 1; F (3) Joseph R. Beyer, son of Joseph Beyer and ^lary 
Rittenhousc, born Nov. 4, 1850. Died Feb. 2, 1875; F (4) John R. 


Beyer, son of Joseph Beyer and Mary Rittenhouse, born Dec. 22, 1852;: 
F (5) Elizabeth R. Beyer, daughter of Joseph Beyer and Mary Ritten- 
house, born Jan. 15, 1854; F (6) Anna R. Beyer, daughter of Joseplr 
Beyer and Mary Rittenhouse, born May 31, 1855; F (7) WiUiani R. 
Beyer, son of Joseph Beyer and Mary Rittenhouse, born Jan. 14, 1857;,-. 
F (8) Samuel R. Beyer, son of Joseph Beyer and Mary Rittenhouse, 
born May 12, i860; F (9) Deborah R. Beyer, daughter of Joseph Beyer 
and IMary Rittenhouse, born March 28, 1865; F (10) Ida Beyer, daug-h- 
ter of Joseph Ik-yer and Mary Rittenhouse, born Oct. 20, 186G. 

F (i) Mary Ann Beyer, daughter of Samuel Beyer and Hannah 
U. Brunner, born Jan. i, 1846, married George Pennick. Address (1909) 
Jeffersonville, Pa.; F (2) Martha J. Beyer, daughter of Samuel Beyer 
and Hannah U. Brunner, born Jan. 1, 1847; I^ (3) Emily Beyer, daugh- 
ter of Samuel Beyer and Plannah U. lirunner, born Jan. 18, 1849; F (4) 
Franklin Beyer, son of Samuel iieyer and Hannah U. Brunner, born 
March 23, 1852; F (5) Cyrus Beyer, son of Samuel Beyer and Hannah 
U. Brunner, born April 7, 1855. Address (1909) Philadelphia, Pa. Mar- 
ried (1875) Susan Miller. Children. F (6) Lydia Jieyer, daughter of 
Samuel Beyer and Hannah U. Brunner, born Jan. 29, 1857; F (7) 
Amanda Peyer, daughter of Samuel 15eyer and PLannah U. Brunner, born 
Dec. 6, 1862; F (8j Eva Beyer, daughter of Samuel ].k)-er and Hannah 
U. Brunner, born April 7, 1866. 

F (1) ]\largaret S. Beyer, daughter of John Beyer and Sarah Huff- 
man (Schwenk), born Oct. 20, 1853. Married David Gottshall. Ad- 
dress (1909) Lower Providence, Pa.; F (2) Sarah Jane Be\er, daugli- 
ter of John Beyer and Sarah Hoffman (Schwenk) born Dec. 31, 1854. 
jMarried Edwin I'ean. Address (1909) Jeffersonville, Pa.; F (3) Sopliia 
H. Beyer, daughter of John lleyer and Sarah IPjtfman (Schwenk), born 
June 9, 1856; F (4) Elizabeth L. Beyer, daughter of John Be3-er and 
Sarah Ploffman (Schwenk), born Oct. i6, i860. 

F (1) Louisa Ann lieyer, daughter of Jesse Beyer and Hannah 
Dettra, born Nov. 9, 1853. Ail.lress (1909) Norristown, Pa. R. F. D. 5. 

F (2) Mary APigdalena Beyer, daughter of Jesse Beyer and Han- 
nah Dettra, born May 20, 1855. Alarried Wilson Garner. Address (1909) 

F (3) William D. Beyer, son of Jesse Beyer and Ilannah Dettra, 
born June 4, 1858. Address ( 1909) Norristown, Pa., R. F. D. 3. Teach- 
er. Married. Children. 

F ( I ) Jackson Beyer, son of Adam Beyer and Mary Brunner, born 
Dec. 28, 1853. Address (1909) DcsMoines, Iowa. Lumberman. Mar- 
ried (Nov. 30, 1876) Elizabeth Oueal. Children: Lucy J. Beyer, born 
April II, 1878. 

F (2) Jefferson Beyer, son of Adam Beyer and Mary Brunner,, 


■born Aug. 2, 1855. Address (19Q9) George and Elm Sts., Norristown, 
Pa. Grocer. 

F (3) Wesley B. Beyer, son of Adam Beyer and Mary Brunner, 
born April 4, 1857. Address (1909) Stambridge vSt., Norristown, Pa. 
Iron worker. 

F (4) Henry Beyer, son of x'Vdam Beyer and Mary Brunner, born 
Aug. 27, 1858. 

F (5) Irwin H. Beyer, son of Adam Beyer and Mary Brunner, 1x)rn 
Feb. 20, 1871. He is the son of a second wife. Address (1909) I'hila., 
Pa. Tinsmith. 

F (i) FrankHn B. Kook, son of Flizabeth Ilcyer and David Kook, 
born June 3, 1854. Address (1909) Spring City, Pa.; F (2) Angelina 
Kook, daughter of Klizabeth lieyer and David Kook, born Aug. 31, 1857; 
F (3) Jacob Kook, son of Elizabeth Beyer and David Kook, born Nov. 
.24, 1S59. Address (1909) Spring City, Pa.; F (4) Sarah E. Kook, 
daughter of Elizaheth Ikyer and David Kook, born July 15, 1863 ; F (5) 
Catharine A. Kook, daughter of Elizabeth Beyer and David Kook, born 
May 15, 1867. 

F (i) Ellen J. Beyer, daughter of Daniel Beyer and Catharine 
Oberholtzer, born Dec. 21, 1856. Dead. 

F (2) William N. Beyer, son of Daniel Be3er and Catharine Ober- 
holtzer, born Dec. 20, i8i)2. Address (1909) 225 Walnut St., Roy^n-s- 
ford, Pa. 

F (3) Emma K. Be)'er, daughter of Daniel Beyer and Catharine 
■Oberholtzer, horn July 8, 186S. Address (1909) 642 Haws Ave., Norris- 
town, Pa. 

F (4) Alvin D. Beyer, son of Daniel Beyer and Catharine Ober- 
holtzer, Ijorn Nov. 8, 1872. Address (1909) 642 Haws Ave., Norris- 
town, Pa. I 

F(i) Abraham H. Beyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Cordelia Haas, 
born Nov. 5, 1858. Died. Married. Children: John Beyer. Address 
(1909) Red Hill, Pa. 

F (2) Elizabeth H. Beyer, daughter of Jacob Beyer and Cordelia 
Haas, born Sept. 23, 1862. Married Pleiger. Address (1909) Red 
Hill, Pa. 

E (3) John Beyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Cordelia Haas, born 
Jujy 26, i860. Died March 11, 1878. 

F (i) James I. I>eyer, son of James Beyer and Elizabeth Dettra, 
born Nov. 28, 1869. Address (1909) Norristown, Pa. R. F. D. 5. 

F (2) Mary E. Beyer, daughter of James Beyer and Elizabeth 
Dettra, born Jan. 3, 1872. Married lienry Wenrich. Address (1909) 
■Chain St., Norristown, Pa. No children in 1909. 


F (3) Vernon Beyer, son of James Beyer and Elizabeth Dcttra, 
born July 29, 1874. Address (1909) Norristown, Pa., R. F. D. 5. 

F (i) Ida J. Bean, daughter of Sarah Beyer and James U. Bean, 
born Nov. 26, 1865; F (2) James W. liean, son of Sarah Beyer and 
James U. Bean; F (3) Mary C. Bean, d.ui^liter of Sarah Beyer and 
James U. Bean; F (4) Sarah E. Bean, daughter of Sarah Beyer and 
James U. Bean. 

F (i) Ann Beyer, daughter of Henry F. Beyer and Hannah Schlot- 
terer, born Oct. 11, 1848. 

F (2) Cornelius S. Beyer, son of Henry F. Beyer and Hannah 
Schlotterer, born Dec. i, 1851. Address (1879) Belle Plaine, Iowa. Mar- 
ried Caroline Keyser, Jan. i, 1871. Children: (a) Ida B. 13eyer, born 
Oct. 26, 1871. Married Mallville Johnson. Address (1914) 2'ell, Hand 
Co., S. Dakota, (b) Edda Beyer, born Feb. 27, 1873. Married Robert 
Johnson Badger, of Holt Co., Nebraska, (c) Kate Beyer, born Oct. 18, 
1874. Married George Root. Address (1914) Hartwick, Iowa, ^d) 
Henry K.- Beyer, born Feb. 21, 1876. Address (1914) Remscn, Plymouth 
Co., Iowa. Farmer, (e) Lela A. Beyer, married Wesley Rathburn. Ad- 
dress (1914) Winner, Tripp Co., South Dakota, (fj. Edward M. Beyer. 
Address (1914) Hammill, Tripp Co., Iowa. Alarried Grace Wright, 
(g) Jennie Beyer, married Oscar Myers. Address (1914) \''ictor, Iowa, 
(h) George W. Jieyer. Address (1914) Belle Plaine, Iowa. Farmer. 
Married Mima Williamson, (i) Benjamin F. Beyer. Address (1914) 
Belle Plaine, Iowa. Single. 

F (3) Kate Beyer, daughter of Henry F. Be}er and Hannah SchliA- 
terer, born April 27, 1854. 

F (i) Lydia Beyer, (hiughter of Elias Beyer and Juliana Moser, 
born Aug. 3, 1850; F (2) Isabella Beyer, daughter of Elias Beyer and 
Juliana Moser, born Sept. 14, 1S53; F (3) Josiah Beyer, son of Elias 
Beyer and Juliana Moser, I.)orn June 8, 1855 ; F (4) Sarah Beyer, daugh- 
ter of Elias Beyer and JuliaPia Muser, born September 19, 1859; 
F (5) Mary Emma Beyer, daughter of Elias Be)er and Jidi- 
ana Moser, born May 11, 1862; F (6) llenr\' M. Beyer, son of Elias 
Beyer and Juliana Moser, hovn Oct. 22, 181)3 ; F (7 ) Elias \''ernon Beyer, 
son of Elias Ik-yer and Juliana Moser, Ixtrn Oct. 4, iS^c). 

V (1) M}i-lle A. Beyer, daughter of 'i'linmas ll. Peyer and Marlba 
V. Warren, married Janie;, Al. Shearer. Ad(lrcr..-> (kjIO) 108 Willow 
Ave., Altoona, i'a. 

F (2) Florence L. Beyer, daugliler of Thomas B. Beyer and Martha 
\'". Warren, married Josejih Cassiday. Address {iqio) 508 Twenty- 
fourth St., Altoona, Pa. No children 1910. 

F (3) Clinton W. Beyer, son of Thomas B. Beyer and Martha V. 


Warren. Address (1910) 24 S. i6lh St., llarrisl)uri^, Pa. Baker. ^^lar- 
ried. Children. 

F (4) Laura E. Beyer, dauc;hter of Thornas B. r>c}er and Martha 
V. Warren, married James 11. Croyl, Ramey, Pa. Fine historian. 

F* (5) Professor Thomas P. liej'er, son of Thomas B. Beyer and 
]\Iartha.\'. Warren, Plamhn University, MinneapoHs, Minnesota. 

F (i) Jane Macamant, daughter of Mary A. Beyer and J. C. Maca- 
mant, married Isenberg-. Address (lyio) Hunting-don, Pa.; F (2) Ilat- 
tie Macamant, daughter of Mary A. Beyer and J. C. IVIacamant, married; 
F (3) EHzabeth Macamant, daughter of Mary A. Beyer and J. C. 
IMacamant; F (4) Marvin xMacamant, son of Mary A. Beyer and J. C. 
Macamant. Address (1910) Huntingdon, Pa. ; F (5) Frank Macamant, 
:son of IMary A. Beyer and J. C. Macamant, Huntingdon, Pa. 

F (T) John James Byer, son of Daniel Byer and Anna EHza Keyser. 
Black Horse, Chester Co., Pa. Married. No children 1909. 

F (2) Emma Byer, daug'hter of Daniel Byer and Anna Eliza Keyser, 
married Worthington. No cliildren. 

F (3) Sarah Byer, daughter of Daniel Byer and Anna Eliza Keyser, 
married Bailey. Child : Ra)-moud Bailey. 

F (i) Ida Mar}' Emery, daughter of Rebecca Byer and John Wesley 
Emery, married William 11. Melo}/. Children: M. X'ivian, and William 
Earl Wesley Meloy. Address ( 1901;) iJaltimore, Md. 

F (i ) Dr. Josephine White, daughter of Mary Ann Beyer and Alex- 
ander White, married Edward D. Lacour. iVddress (1909) 706 West St., 
Wilmington, Del. She is a physician. Episcopalian. 

F (2) Allen T. W^iite, son of Mary Ann Beyer and Alexander 
White. Episc(jpalian. .Address (1909) Christiana, Pa., R. F. D. i. 

F (3) Andrew P. White, son of Mary Ann Byer and Alexander 
White. Address (1909) ISrandywine, Pa.; F (4) William PL White, 
son of Mary Ann liyer and Alexander White. Address (1910) 509 West 
St., Wilmington, Del. Episcopalian. No children 1909. F (5) Alex- 
ander White, son of Mary Ann Byer and Alexander White. Address 
(1910) Christiana, Pa., R. F. D. i. Episcopalian. Resides on the farm 
-of great grandfather Daniel Piyer; F (6) Jane White, daughter of Alary 
Ann Byer and Alexander White, married Pennewill. Address (1910) 
706 West St., Wilmington, Del.; F (7) Charles E. White, son of Mary 
Ann Byer and Alexander White, 306 W. 2Qth St., Wilmington, Del. 

F (i) Mary Jane McElwainc, daughter of Daniel McElwaine and 
Plarriet Eckels, married Philip Donahoe. Address (1910) Shenandoah, 
Iowa; F (2) Eliza Rebecca AlcElwaine, daughter of Daniel McElwaine 
and Harriet Eckels, married Charles Walker. Address (1910) Dayton, 
Ohio; F (3) Louisa McElwaine, daughter of Daniel McElwaine and 
Harriet Eckels; F (4) James B. McElwaine, son of Daniel McB^lwaine 


and Harriet Eckels, married. Children: Catherine E., John W., Annie 
E., Hazel J., Henry G., and Cora i\T. For full information, address John 
W. McElwaine, Eustis, Nebraska; F {5) William M. AIcElwaine, son 
of Daniel McElwaine ami Harriet Eckels, married Alary IJeNcr, daugh- 
ter of David He)'er and T^Iary AlcElwaine. Children:, Martha Ann, 
]Mary Amantla, John H., William E., Josiah E., Ella Rebecca, Clara E- 
For information write John 1>. iMcElwaine, Oxford, Pa.; F (6) John 
S. AIcEhvaine, son of Dan.iel jNlcItlwaine and Harriet Eckels. Atlilress 
(lyio) Fawn Grove, Pa. Married. Children: John Ivich.ard, Rachel. 
Robert, Williain, Henry Clay, Mary S., Plenrietta R., Margaret V., Ella 
AI., and Daniel; F (7) Robert P). T^dcElwaine, son of Daniel McElwaine 
and Plarriet Eckels, married. One daughter Agnes is Mrs. Elmer J. 

F (i) Catharine Dorothy Ann Pyer, daughter of Penjamin Pye; 
and Alary Smith, married George Meloy. Soldier, l^ived at Renovo, Pa. 
Cliildren : Two boys and a girl. 

F (2) L'riah Pyer, son of Penjamin Pyer and ALiry Smith, lived 
at Aliftlin, Juniata Co., Pa. ALarried Alargaret Johnson, lioth dead. 
One son survives, namely Edgar Pyer. Address (njio) Alifilin, l^i. 

F" (3) George P\'er, son of 15enjamin P)er and Mary Smith. Ad- 
dress (1010) 426 Market St., Suid)ur_\-, Pa. Married APirguerite Cech- 
man. Children : William, Forest, Gray. 

F (i) George B. Hetherington, son of Elizabeth Pyer and John 
Hetherington ; F (2) Annie Hetherington, daughter of Elizabeth Pyer 
and John Hetherington; F (3) John Hetherington, son of Elizabeth 
Pyer and John Hetherington; F (4) Washington Hetherington, son of 
Elizabeth Pyer and John Hetherington. Address ( 1910) Chester, Pa.; 
F (5) Catherine Hetherington. 

F (1) Eavinia Carhart, daughter of Susan Pyer and John B. 
Carhart. Address (1910) Elhvood, N. J. 

F (2) Caroline L. Carhart, daughter of Susan Byer and John B. 
Carhart, married Oliver Gee, 14 W. Cottage Ave., lladdonfield, N. J. 

F (i) Theodore Evans Byer, son of Henry Pyer and Mary E. 
Plastings, Oxford, Chester, Pa., R. F. D. 5. ALarried. Farmer. 

F (2) John Byer, son of Henry Byer and Alary E. Hastings. Atl- 
dress (1910) Oxford, Pa. Farmer. Presbyterian. Alarried Clara Mc- 
Creary. Children: Ernest R., Wiliiam C, Mary M. 

F (3) Henry Nelson B}er, son of Henry Byer and Alary E. Hast- 
ings. Address (1914) Nottingham, Va. Farmer. Alarried Catharine 
Jamison. Childr&n. 

F (i) William B. Dunlap, son of Ann Elizabeth Byer and Dunlap. 
Address (1910.) 103 Forest St., Conshohocken, Pa. 

F (1) Rev. James E. Keyler, son of Rebecca Byer and Milton 


Keyler. Address (1910) Ardniore, Pa.; F (2) Dr. Henry E. Keylen 
Died single. F (3) Dr. Josiah B. Keyler, son of Rebecca Byer and 
IMilton Keyler, Cochranville, Pa. A most admirable man. 

F (i) Laura Byer, daughter of Josiah Byer and Hannah Heidel- 
baugh, married Edward H. Johnson. Address (1910) Christiana, Pa. 

F (2) David H. Byer, son of Josiah Byer and Hannah Pleidelbaugh. 
Christiana, Lancaster Co., Pa., R. F. D. i. Married Annie E. Shimp. 
Farmer. Presbyterian. Children : David S., Ralph S., and Verna. 

F (3) John D. Byer, son of Josiah Byer and Hannah Heidelbauglu 
Address (1910) Bartleville, Pa. Farmer. Presbyterian. Married Mary 
Cairns. Children : Dorothy, Allen, Robert. 

F (4) Annie M. Byer, daughter of Josiah Bjer and Hannah Heidcl- 
baugh, married Amos Pickell. Address (1910) Bartleville, Pa. Chil- 
dren : Viola, Eleanore. 

F (i) Charles E. Clark, son of Rebecca I'yer and Robert Clark. 
Address (1910) Philadelphia, Pa.; F (2) Edwin R. Clark, son of Re- 
becca Byer and Robert Clark. Address (1910) Chester Co., Pa.; F (3) 
Rev. Howard S. Clark, son of Rebecca Byer and Robert Clark. Address 
(1910) Princeton, Indiana. 

F (i) Robert A. Byer, son of Attorney William Forest Byer and 
Ila Warfcl. Address (1910) 541 N. Lime St., Lancaster Pa.; F (2) 
John W. iieyer, son of William Forest Byer and Ila Warfel. Address 
(1910) Schenectady, N. Y. Electrical engineer; F (3) Thomas I. Byer^ 
son of William Forest liyer and Ila Warfel. Address (1910) 433 W. 
Orange St., Lancaster, I'a. 

F ( I ) A daughter of Peter Boyer and wife Hoffman, married John 
Smith. Address (1910) Elverson, Pa.; F (2) A daughter of Peter Boy- 
er and wife Hoffman, married George Strohl. Address (1910) 171 N. 
Evans St., T'ottstown, Pa.; F (3) A daughter of Peter Boyer and wife 
Hoft'man, married David Swavely. ^Vddress (1910) 19 E. 4th St., Potts- 
town, Pa.; F (4) Samuel E. Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and wife Hoff- 
man. Address (1910) 16 High St., Pottstown, Pa. Fine historian; 
F (5) Charles W. Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and wife Hoffman. Ad- 
dress (1910) 20 E. Second St., Pottstown, Pa.; F (6) Eli^^abeth I'oyer, 
daughter of Peter Boyer and wife IIoft"man. Address (1910) 324 lieech 
St., Pottstown, Pa.; F (7) Lewis Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and wife 
Hoffman. Address (1910) 935 Queen St., Pottstown, Pa.; F (8) A 
daughter of Peter Boyer and wife Hoffman, married Ploward Miller. 
Address (1910) 412 Beech St., Pottstown, Pa.; F (9) Robert Boyer, 
son of Peter Boyer and wife lioft'man. Address (1910) 339 Walnut 
St., Pottstown, Pa.; F (10) Leona Boyer, daughter of Peter Boyer and 
wife Hoffman.. Address (1910) 339 Walnut St., Pottstown, Pa. ; F (11) 


Chapter IX, Page 11 1 


Chapter IX, Page 236 


Oscar Boyer, son of Peter Beyer and wife Hoffman. Address (1910) 
19 E. 4th St., Pottstovvn, Pa. 

F ( I ) John Harvey Beyer, son of Samuel Beyer and Caroline 
Feltvvell ; F (2) Dr. William F. Beyer, son of Samuel Beyer and Caro- 
line Feltwell. Address (1910) 209 W. Alahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Married Maggie A. Mitchell. Children: (a) Dr. S. M. Beyer. Ad- 
dress (1910) Punxsutawney, Pa. (b) ]\Iary E., (c) M. Virginia; F (3) 
Joseph M. Beyer, son of Samuel Beyer and Caroline Feltwell; F (4) 
Alvin H. Beyer, son of Samuel Beyer and Caroline Feltwell; F (5) 
Sarah E. Beyer, daughter of Samuel Beyer and Caroline Feltwell; F (6) 
Maria J. Beyer, daughter of Samuel Beyer and Caroline Feltwell; F (7) 
Lcanna B. Beyer, daughter of Samuel Beyer and Caroline Feltwell; F (8) 
Caroline E. Beyer, daughter of Samuel Beyer and Caroline Feltwell. 



From the fact that another Andreas Beyer, born Feb. 2, 1710, came 
from Ebstein, Palatinate Germany, and settled in Tulpehocken Twp., 
Berks County, Pa., quite close to Berne Twp., Berks Co., Pa., the his- 
torian infers that the Berne Andreas Beyer also came from the neighbor- 
hood of Ebstein, Palatinate Germany. Andreas Beyer, uf Berne Town- 
ship, was born in 1681, as we know from his age- — 57 — in 1738, when he 
landed, Sept. 5th, at Philadelphia, Pa., \v\lh his four sons. See the ship 
list, Vol. 17, Second Series, Pennsylvania Arcliives. The ship that 
brought this family was the "Winter Galley." The sons, wilh their age, 
are named, but no mention is made of the mother. Perhaps the motlier 
was dead. Perhaps the older boys came with wives, but there is no 
record of such wives. The family was of Lutheran origin, as we judge 
from their affiliations both in Carbon and Berks counties. We du not 
know where Andreas Beyer is buried. The children were John Philip, 
John Jacob, Philip, and Martin. 

Part I 
'B (i) John I'hilip Beyer, son of Andreas Beyer and wife, was born 
1709. He came Sept. 5, 1738, wilh his father and brothers. The his- 
torian has absolutely no trace of his descendants. 

Part II 

B (2) John Jacob Beyer, son of Andreas Beyer and wife, was born 
1 716, Palatinate, Germany. Coming with father and brothers, he 
settled near Lehigh Gap, Carbon County, Pa., on .a farm. In 1758 
he was shot and scalped by the Indians, who came upon him while he 
was plowing. His children, Frederick, Dorothea, and Catharine, who 
witnessed the attack upon the father, were taken captives. The mother 
was never seen again, and was probably also massacred. 

C (i) Frederick Beyer, son of John Jacob Beyer and wife, was born 
near Lehigh Gap, Carbon Co., Pa., Dec. 31, 1742, and died Oct. 31, 1832. 
Buried in Towamensing Cemetery, Palmerton, Pa. The claim that he 
was nearly 99 years old, and that he was born Dec. 31, 1732, as recorded 
on the gravestone, implies that John Jacob Beyer his father was only a 
little more than 17 years old at the time of Frederick's birth. Be that as 



it may, he was captured, with his sisters, in 1758, as ah-eady related, and 
taken to Canada. Here he remained a prisoner for five years, and was 
"then sent to Philadelphia, Pa., to be exchanged. That he found his way 
back to his father's farm in Tovvamensing", was to be expected. Soon 
after this he married Susaimah Mehrkam. His name appears as a private 
soldier in Captain George Nolf's Cumi^any, Northampton County Asso- 
ciates, 1780-1781. His grandson Charles Boyer, of l^remont, Ohio, thnrks 
he was an oificer. The children were George, John P., Plenry, Andrew, 
Mary, Susan, Katherine, and Elizabeth. 

C (2-3) Dorothea and Catherine Peyer, were the two sisters of Fred- 
erick Beyer, and like him they were carried capti\-es to Canada. One 
of the sisters was married to an Indian Chief, and highly honored. A 
Western jxapcr long- in possession of Charles Boyer, Fremont, Ohio, 
relates how the Indians erected a monument over her grave and called 
her the '"White Queen." She came to see her brother Frederick once, 
with two little Indian children— boys — , but returned to her husband, 
saying he was very good to her, and that she had promised him to 

D ( P) George Beyer, son of Frederick Beyer and Susannah Mehr- 
kam, was born about 1767, Towamcnsing Twp., Carbon Co., I'a., and 
died Feb. 5, 1861. Lutheran. Farmer. Pived and died within half a 
iiiile of the spot where he was l)orn. Jaclcson Democrat. WMicrable maii. 
Loved by whole community. Married Christiana Fley. P>oth buried in 
Towamensing Ccriietery, Palmerton, Pa. Children : John, William, 
Adam, Jacob, Andrew, Sarah, Lydia, and another daughter. 

D (2) John F. Beyer, soii of Frederick Beyer and Susannah Mehr- 
kam, was born Nov. 4, 1780, and died July 6, 1872. Farmer. Soldier 
in Mexican War. Grandson Martin B. Bo3'er, has his sword. Married 
Elizabeth Schneider, born Sept. 13, 1784. She died INTay 9, 1872. BotVi 
buried in Towamensing. Children : John A., Jacob, Samuel, Daniel, 
David, Leah, Polly, Elizabeth, Sallie, and Susan. 

D (3) Pfenry Beyer, son of Frederick Beyer and Susannah Mehr- 
kam, was born Jan. 17, 1784, and died 1863, 79 years old. Married Mary 
Strohl, born Oct. 7, 1796. Children: Reuben, Abraham^ Joseph, Jonas, 
Mary, Catherine. Jonas died young. 

D (4) Andrew Beyer, son of Frederick Beyer and Susannah Mehr- 
kam. Married Mary Green. Children : John, Daniel, Andrew, Fred- 
-erick, Elizabeth, Salina, Caroline, and P(jlly. 

D (5-8) Mary Beyer, married Joseph Buck; Elizabeth, Leonard 
Beltz; Catharine, Andrew Ziegenfus; and Susan, a Mr. Hess. 

E (i) John Boyer, son of George Beyer and wife Fley, was born 
about 1790. Died about 80 years old in Iowa. Buried at Millport, Carbon 
Co., Pa. Farmer. Evangelical church. Married Elizabeth Beer. Chil- 


dren: John, Samuel, Jonas, William, George, Paul, Benjamin, Lydia, 
and Hannah. 

E (2) William Boyer, son of George Beyer and wife Fley, was born 
Sept. 26, 1819, and died May 9, 1899. Buried at White Church, Palmer- 
ton, Pa. Farmer. Evangelical. Married Lavina Ziegenfuss,.and after- 
wards Jane Hartman. Children: Priscilla, Amelia, Milton, Annie, 
Elijah, Elizabeth, and Jabez H. 

E (3) Jacob Boyer, son of George Beyer and wife Fley, married 
his cousin Susan Boyer, daughter of John F. Boyer and Elizabeth Schneid- 
er. Children: Simon, Alexander and Susan. 

E (4-7) Adam Boyer died single; Andrew is not reported; Sarah 
married Peter Smith; Eydia married George Dodson. 

E (i ) John A. Boyer, son of John F. Beyer and Elizabeth Schncidei-, 
was born March 30, 1806, near Aquashicola, Pa., and died Feb. 2, 1879. 
Farmer, east of Aquashicola. Lutheran. Man of ability. Justice of 
Peace 15 years. Great reader. Married Elizabeth Christman. Both 
buried in Towamensing. Children: Elizabeth, Edwartl, Lavina, Frank, 
Alary, Priscilla, Matilda, John, Abel, Plenry, Levi, and James. 

E (2) Jacob Boyer, son of John F. Boyer and Elizabeth Schneider, 
was born Sept. 19, 1817, in Towamensing, and died ALiy 9, i8()o. Car- 
penter. Reformed. Married Christina Christman. Children: Owen H., 
Lewis K., and Elizabeth. 

E (3) Samuel Boyer, son of John F. Boyer and Elizabeth Schneider, 
was born March 1825, and died in Lindsey, Ohio, Nov. 1897. Lutheran! 
Veterinary surgeon. Married Julia A. Andrew. Both buried in Lindsey, 
Ohio. Children: Alfred, Oliver, Legrand, John E., Josiah, Abraham,' 
Thomas H., James, Peter O., Julia J., Alvesta, and Martin L. 

E (4) Daniel Boyer, son of John F. Boyer and Elizabeth Schneider, 
was born 1809, near Millport (Aquashicola) Pa., and died about 1894 
at his old home. Farmer. Evangelical. Married Catharine Bauman 
(Bowman). Both husband and wife buried at old Towamensing Meet- 
ing House. Children : Daniel, Lewis, Charles, Cornelius, Peter, Benja- 
mm, Martin V., Kate, and Fietta. 

E (5) David Boyer, son of John F. Boyer and Elizabeth Schneider, 
is buried at Snyder's Cemetery, Palmerton, Pa. Married Silfies. Chil- 
dren : David and Edward. 

E (6) Leah P. lJo)er. datighter of John F. Beyer and Elizabeth 
Schneider, was born Dec. 9, 1828, and died April 18, 1894. Married Levi 
Straub. Children: Walter, Elmer, and Emma. 

E (7) Polly Boyer, daughter of John F. Beyer and Elizabeth 
Schneider, married Daniel Zellner.' No descendants. 

E (8) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of John F. Beyer and Elizabeth 


Schneider, married George Linderman. Children: Winfield, John, 
Frankhn, Alfred, Eliza, Polly. 

E (9) Sallie Ann Boyer, daughter of John F. Beyer and Elizabeth 
Schneider, married Jonas Arner. Children : Lewis, Mary, Eliza, Tilgh- 
man, Amanda, Salinda, Ellen, Thomas. 

E (10) Susan Boyer, daughter of John F. Beyer and Elizabeth 
Schneider, married Jacob Boyer. Buried at Towamensing. Son of 
George Bcyev and wife Fley. Children : Simon, Alexander, and Susan. 

E (II) Elias Boyer, son of John F. Beyer and Elizabeth Schneider, 
died young, according to tradition. 

E (i) Henry Boyer, son of Henry Beyer and Mary Strohl, is buried 
at Weissport, Pa. Surveyor. Married Leah Straub, Weissport, Pa. 
Chddren : Austin F., and Emma. Both single, Weissport, Pa. 

E (2) Mary Boyer, daughter of Henry Beyer and Mary Strohl, 
married her first cousin Daniel Boyer, of Aquashicola, Pa. 

E (3) Reuben Boyer, son of Henry Beyer and Mary Strohl, is 
buried at Weissport, Pa. Farmer. Married Emeline Straub. Address 
(1913) Rickertsville, Pa. Children: Reuben, Wesley, Cyrus, Mary, 
Emma, and David (he died young). 

E (4) Abraham Boyer, son of Henry Beyer and Mary Strohl, is 
buried at Weissport, Pa. Blacksmith. Married. Children: AmeliaH. 
Boyer. Address (1913) Mrs. Amelia Collins, Fort Dodge, Kansas. One 
child: Elizabeth. Amelia H. Boyer married again Furman. Address 
(1913) PVt Dodge, Kansas. No children 1913. 

E (5) Joseph Boyer, son of Henry Beyer and Mary Strohl, is 
buried at Weissport, Pa. Farmer. Married Lydia Schaeffer. Children: 
Milton. Address (1913) Weissport, Pa. Louisa. Address (1913) 
Louisa Arner, Weissport, Pa. 

E (i) John Boyer, son of Andrew Beyer and Mary Green, married 
Fenstermacher. Children. 

E (2) Daniel Boyer, son of Andrew Beyer and Mary Green, mar- 
ried Matilda Andrews. Children: Matilda, Joseph, Alaria, perhaps 

E (3) Andrew Boyer, son of Andrew Beyer and Mary Green, was 
born about 1817. Lived at Little Gap (Kunkletown), Pa. Married Polly 
Behler. Children: Samuel, Frank, Stephen, Levi, Christiana, Mary, 
and Susan. 

E (4) Frederick Boyer, son of Andrew Beyer and Mary Green. 
Address (1912) Kunkletown, Pa. (1913) Slatedale, Pa. Married Mary 
Shively. Children : Charles H., Lewis, James, Anna, and Jane. 

E (5-8) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Andrew Beyer and ALiry 
Green, married Samuel Heller. No children; Salina married Correll; 
Carolina, Adam Hawk; and Polly, George Buck. 



F (i) John Boyer, son of John Bojer and wife, was born Ang. i8, 
1812, in Towamensing Twp., Carbon Co., Pa., and died about 75 yearis- 
old, at Waverly, Iowa. Evangehcal. Moved from Pennsylvania to Free- 
port, Illinois, and later to Waverly, Iowa. Married Sarah Fenstermacher. 
Children: Aaron, John, Owen, Caroline, EH^a, ]\Iary A., Fanny, Syl- 
vester, Sarah E., and Juliana. 

F (2) Samuel Boyer, son of John Boyer and wife, died in Kansas. 
Evangelical. Farmer, boatman, butcher. Married Julia Yountz, and, 
after her death, a second wife. There were no children of the tlrst mar- 
riage. Second wife was Julia Beltz. Children: l.ived in Kansas. 

F (3) Jonas Boyer, son of John Boyer and wife, was born 182S-, 
Carbon Co., Pa., and died about 70 years old in Illinois. Evangelical. 
Farmer and boatman. Soldier in Civil War. Honorably discharged. 
^Married Rosanna (Wischell) Moser. Children: Harrison, Edwin, Wil- 
liam, Lafayette, Amanda, Emma. 

F (4 J William Boyer, son of John Boyer and wife, was born Nov. 
17, 1824, near Weissport, Pa., and died Sept. 8, 1894. Evangelical. Fine 
man. Farmer. Married Caroline Heydt. Born Oct. 10, 1830. Living 
in 1907. Children: Orlando, Emma J., James L., Passowell, Jonah Wil- 
let, Lcffeanes, Joel II., and William. 

F (5) George Boyer, son of John Boyer and wife, lived in Weiss- 
port, Pa., and died 1910. Evangelical. Married Sabina Collins. Chil- 
dren: Milton Boyer, and Robert E. Boyer. 

F (6) Paul Boyer, son of Jt)hn Boyer and vvife, was Ixirn Nov. 
2.2, 1841. Address (1913) Weissport, Pa. Evangelical. Milk dealer. 
Married Elizabeth Smith. Children: Albert, John R., Alice, Martha 
Almeda, Robert R., Ethvard E., Newton, and Mamie. 

F (7) lienjamin Boyer, son of John Bo3'er and wife, was a soldier 
in Civil War. HoniM-ably discharged. 

F (i) Priscilla lioyer, daughter of William Boyer and Lavina Zieg- 
enfuss, was born March 12, 185 [. IMarried Daniel Benz. Children: 
Annie and Dora. 

F (2) Amelia Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and Lavina Ziegen- 
fuss, was born July 22, 1S53. Married Fred Vought, 689 Pine St., 
Easton, Pa. ChiUlren: Jennie, George, Floyd, Royce, Ida, William. 

F (3) Milton Boyer, son of William Boyer and Lavina Ziegenfuss, 
was born March 22, 1858. Address 1954 14th St., Kansas City, Kansas. 
Married. ChiKl: INIrs. Arthur Kennedy. Same address. 

F (4) Annie Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and Lavina Ziegen- 
fuss, was born July 11, i860. Married Nicholas Myers, 1148 Biglow 
Place, Woodhouse, Long Island, N. Y. Children: Florence, Rose,' 
lilamie, and William. 

F (5) Elijah Boyer, son of William Boyer and Lavina Ziegenfuss, 


was born March 3, 1863. Address (1913) Butte, Montana. Married. 

F (6) Elii^abeth lioyer, daughter of William Boyer and second 
wife Jane Hartman, was born Jan. ii, 1869. Married H. M. Maiden- 
wald. Address (i()i3) I^ownianstown, Fa. Fine historian. 

F (7) Jabez llartnian Jjoyer, son of William Boyer and Jane Hartv 
man, was born Sept. 2-], 1870, and died at Reading, Pa. 1912. Married 
Esther Ilartman, of Reading, Pa. Children: Two boys and a girl. 

F (1-3) Simon Boyer, son of Susan Boyer and her cousin Jacob 
Boyer, died single; so did Alexander; Susan married John Strohl. 

F (i) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of John A. Boyer and Elizabeth 
Christmun, was born at Aquashicola, Pa., Sept. 23, 1838, and died at 
Slatington, Pa., June 3, 1895. IMarried Henry Kuntz, Jan. 26, 1805 
Great church worker. Lutheran. Children: >Irene Augusta, Lillie May. 

F (2) Edward Boyer, son of John A. l:)Oyer and Elizabeth Christ- 
man, was born about 1836. liuried at Towamensing. Married Mary 
P>oyer, daughter of Andrew Boyer and Polly Bchler. Children: Chris- 
tiana J., Abbie, Agnes, Irene, Edith, Edwin A., Emmett J., and William. 

F (3) Levina Boyer, daughter of John A. Boyer and Elizabeth 
Christman, was born 1828, and died Jan. 29, 1902. Married Robert 
Ixluschlit;'. Children: (a) Robert F. Muschlitz. Address (1909) Slat- 
ington, Pa. (b) Henry A., (c) William A., (d) Eewis W., (e) Grant S. 

F (1) Franklin Boyer, son of John A. Boyer and Elizabeth Christ- 
man, died 43 years old. Buried at Towamensing. Married Julia Ann. 
Children: Oscar F., Franldin \-h. 

V (5) .Mary Boyer, daughter of John A. Boyer and Elizabeth 
Chri.-^tman, married Ste])hen lioyer, son of Andrew Boyer and Polly 
]jchlcr. lie was born 183S. Buried at Findley, Ohio. ChiUh-en : Mat- 
tie, Tillie, Roger. 

F (6) Priscilla PiOycr, daughter of John A. lioycr and Elizabeth 
Christman, married Sanuiel Coslenhader, of IMauch Chunk, Pa. Matikla 
married A. C. Klotz. No children. 

F (8) John F. Boyer, son of John A. Boyer and Elizabeth Christ- 
man, died 191 1, and is buried at Towamensing. Reformed. Furniture 
dealer at Aquashicola, Pa. Married Annie Sherer. Children : Laura, 
Augusta, and Percie. 

F (9) -A.bel Boyer, son of John A. Boyer and Elizabeth Christman, 
was born June I, 1858, in Lower Towamensing Twp., Carbon Co., Pa. 
Reformed. Ilardware store, at Slatington, Pa. Married Margaret. Chil- 
dren: Pansy INL, Mabel E., Bessie M., Linda L., and Mattie B. 

F (10) Henry Boyer, son of John A. Boyer and Elizabeth Christ- 
man, v/as born Feb. 5, 1S53. Reformed. Hardware dealer at Slatmg- 
ton, Pa. Married Mary Belinda Engler. Children: (a) Preston L 


Boyer, 58 N. Second West St., Salt Lake City, Utah. Born Sept 3, 1878. 
Salesman, (b) rVbner Franklin Boyer. At home, (c) Virginia Helen 
Boyer. Married Otto Lamoreux, Slatington, Pa. (d) Clara B. Boyer. 

F (11) Levi Boyer, son of John A. Boyer and Elizabeth Christman, 
was born Nov. 29, 1848, Aquashicola, Pa. Reformed. Farmer and car- 
penter, at Palmerton, Pa. Married Lydia Esther Smith. Child: John B. 

F (12) James Bo3'cr left no descendants. 

F (i) Owen H. Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Christina Christ- 
man, was born October 14, 1844, Monroe County, Pa. Carpenter. 
Reformed. Cor. 4th and Cypress Sts., Lehighton, Pa. Married Mary 
J. Kolb. Born March 31, 1849. Children: Charles A., l^ierce W., 
Emma L. 

F (2) Lewis K. Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Elizabeth Christ- 
man, was born Sept. 12, 1849, "^''ir Kresgeville, Pa. Married Jane 
Shupp. Children: Minnie E., Daisy L. 

F (3) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Christina 
Christman, was born April 6, 1850, near Kresgeville, Pa. ]\'Iarried James 
Case. Child : L. Alvin. 

F ( I ) John E. Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Julia A. Andrews, 
was born Aug. 13, 1849, Millport, Pa. Evangelical. Coach maker, 
Lindsay, Ohio. Married Isabella Kohlor. 'Born Dec. 4, 1850, Coplay, 
Pa. Children : Flora Belle, Myrtle E., Blanche E. 

F (2) yVlfred Samuel Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Julia A. 
Andrews, was born 1846 and died 1895. Married Caroline Overmeyer. 
Children : Gertrude, May. 

F (3) Oliver Boyer and Legrand Boyer, died without descendants; 
F (5) Josiah Boyer was born July 12, 1850. Reformed. Blacksmith, 
42 Ontario St., Toledo, Ohio. Married Anna Simms. Children : Claude 
v., Levina J., Glenn R., Cldye S., Clarence, Mabel; F (6) Thomas Hen- 
ry Boyer was born March 30, 1858, Carbon Co., Pa. Reformed church. 
Merchant, Allegan, ill. Married Mary Clotilda Chrisvinsky. Born Sept. 
18, 1872, Canada. Children: (a) Helen May Boyer. Born Dec. 18, 
1904. (b) John Thomas Boyer. Born Apr. 30, 1908; F (7) James PL 
Boyer married R. Weaver. Merchant, Farina, 111. No children; F (8) 
Peter Otis Boyer married Nettie Gilliard. Farmer, Fremont, Ohio. 
Moved to Michigan later; F (9) Julia Jane Boyer was born 1852. Mar- 
ried Daniel Slates, Lindsey, Ohio. Children: Carleton, Lulu, Abbie. 
Nellie, Ruth, Oda, Otto, Henry; F (10) Alvesta Boyer married Anthony 
Slates, of Houston, Texas. Children. F(iL) Martin V. Boyer. Under- 
taker, 3301 Detroit Avenue, Toledo, Ohio. Married a school teacher. 
Only child: I'.cryl Boyer, 1304 Prospect St., Toledo, O. Undertaker. 
Martin L. Boyer married again. Child: Margaret. 

F (i) Daniel Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Catharine Bauman, 



was born Fob. 16, 1834. Died 69 years, 5 months and 15 days old. Buried 
on Union Hill Cemetery, Weissport, Pa. Evangelical. Course in W)- 
oming Seminary. Married cousin Mary Boyer. C)nly child : Elmer E. 
Boyer. Address (1909) Weissport, Pa. Born Jan. 14. 1867. Furniture 
ilealer. Married Elmira Hahn. Children: (a) Eilwin D. Boyer. Born 
Jan. 26, 1889, married "Mabel Rex. (b) Cora E. Boyer, born Dec. 19, 
1906, married Clarence Walak. (c) Edna M. Boyer, born June 3, 1906. 
F (2) Lewis Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Catharine Bauman, 
was born March 27, 1836. National Home, Wisconsin. Evangelical. 
Stock man. Enlisted in 151st Indiana Regiment, Co. K, Aug. 1865. 
Married Salome Bauman. Address (190c)) ]'>enton, Mich. Children: 
Mary, Perry C, 4200 Cottage Grove, Chicago, 111., Clara Mahala, St. 
Joe, Michigan. 

^ (3-5) Charles Boyer, of Fremont, Ohio; Cornelius, of the Na- 
tional Home, Leavenworth, Kansas, and Peter of Sheboykan, Michigan. 

F (6-8) Benjamin H. Boyer, son of Daniel I'oyer and Catharim. 
Bauman. Married. Address (1913) Cairo, Mich. Children: Seven. 
Kate married Reed, of Lehighton, Pa. ; Fietta. 

F (i) David Boyer, son of David I'oyer and wife Silfies. Married 
Straub, Aquashicola, Pa. Child: Levi Boyer, Aquashicola, Pa. 

F (2) Edward Boyer, son of David Boyer and wife Silfies, was 
a minister of Evangelical Church. 

F (i) D. Walter Straub, son of Leah Boyer and Levi Straub, was 
born Jan. 28, 1S55. Graduate of Hahnemann Medical College. Member 
of Moravian Historical Society. Physician, Bethlehem, Pa. Married 
Laura Labar. Children: (a) C. Lee Straub. Born May 20, 1880. Ad- 
dress (1909) Perth Amboy, N. J. (b) ] lomer Walter Straub. Born 
Nov. 18, 1883. Address (1909) West New Brighton, Staten Island, N. 
Y. (c) Violet Labar Straub, (d) Mabel Labar Straub. 

F (2) Dr. Elmer L. Straub, son of Leah Boyer and Levi Straub. 
Physician, Minersville, Pa. Married Amanda S. Kistler. Children: (a) 
Hiram G. Straub, (b) Olive K. Straub, (c) Elmer K. Straub, (d) 
Blanche A. Straub, (e) Alice M. Straub. 

F (3) Annie S. Straub, daughter of Leah Boyer and Levi Straub, 
was born June 15, i860. Address ( I90f>) 36 Ridge St., Ashley, Pa. 
Married J. Lewis Buck. Children: (a) Jennie M. Buck. 

F (1-5) Reuben Boyer, son of Reuben Boyer and Emeline Straub, 
Wesley, who married Cora Super; Cyrus; Mary; all of Weissport, Pa.; 
and Emma, wife of Wigner, of East Greenville, Pa. 

F (i) Amelia H. Boyer, daughter of Abraham Boyer and wife, 
married Collins. Address (1909) Fort Dodge, Kansas. Child: Eliza- 
beth Collins. Address (1913) Fort Dodge, Kansas. Married Furman. 
Address (1913) Fort Dodge, Kansas. No children. 


F (1-2) Milton Boyer and his sister Lonisa (Arner), children ol 
Joseph Boyer and wife Lydia Schacffer, reside at Weissport, i\a. 

F (i) Matilda Boyer, wife of Jacob Correll, and her brother Jos- 
eph, children of John Boyer and wife Fensterniacher, reside at Little 
Gap, Pa. 

F ( I ) Samuel Boyer, son uf Andrew Boyer and Bolly Bchler, was 
born about 1850. Died about 1891. Miller. Reformed. Married Addie 
Zieg-enfuss. Address (1913) 2314 N. 7th St., Phila., Pa. Children: 
Lottie, Hattie, Sanuiel, Howard, Harry, Clayton. 

F (2) Frank Boyer, son of Andrew lioyer and Polly P.ehler. Re- 
formed. Butcher. Address (1913) Findlay, Ohio. Married Sarah 
Wentz. Children: (a) Minnie. Born March 18, 1876. Address ( 1900) 
Mrs. Minnie Horn, Mahoning", Pa. ^Ir. Horn died and left daughter. 
Address (1913) Mrs. Oliver E. Drcher, 1340 Gordon St., AUentown, Pa. 
(b) Carrie. Dead. .Married IVJr. I'.aker. Child: Estella. (c) Percy.. 
Born March 18, 1882. (d) Bculah. i5orn July 4, 18S0. 

F (3) Stei)hen Bo} er, son of Andrew Boyer and Polly Ikdiler, was 
born 183S. Puried in Findlay, Ohio. Reformed. Boatman. Married 
Mary Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Elizabeth Christman. Chil- 
dren: Mattie, Tillie, Roger. 

F (4) Levi Boyer, son of Andrew Boyer and Polly Behlcr, is buried 
in Towamensing. Evangelical. Merchant. Married Amanda Ash. 
iVddress (1913) AUentown, Pa. Children: (a) Robert. Died single, 
(b) Jesse V., born Feb. 13, 1870, ni;irried Ida i\L Fry. No children. 
1030 Liberty St., AUentown, Pa. (c) Allen 11. iMarried Minnie I'd. 
IMarcus, AUentown, Pa. 

F (5) Cb.ristiana Boyer, daughter of Andrev/ Boyer and Polly 
Behlcr, married Charles Prutxman. Children : Samuel A. and others. 

F (6) Mary Boyer, daughter of Andrew Boyer and Polly P)ehler, 
was born .\u'.2;. 18, 18-10. .Vddress (1913) Aquashicola, Pa. I^Lirrierl 
Edward Boyer, born 1838. Died 1903. Children: Christiana, Abbie, 
Agnes, Irene. Edith, Edwin A., Emmett J., and William. 

F (8) Susan Boyer, daughter of Andrew Boyer and Polly Ikhler, 
married Squire Kindt. He was nun-dered for money. Address (1913) 
Bethlehem, I'a. Children : Carrie, l£dna, Howard, Mary. 

F (i) Charles II. Boyer, son of Frederick Boyer and Mary Shively. 
Address (1913) 1338 Gordon St., AUentown, Pa. Motorman. Married 
Elizabeth Dimmig, after his brother, to whom she was first married, haa 
died. No children 191 3. 

F (2) Lewis Boyer, son of Frederick Boyer and Mary Shively, died 
at Bethlehem, Pa. Alarried Elizabeth Dimmig. Children: (a) Emily 
(married Beam) Bethlehem, Pa. (b) Minnie (married Karby). 

F (3) James Boyer, son of Frederick Boyer and Mary Shively, 


married Kate Remaly. Only child: Leonora (Afrs. William Edwards),, 
Slatedale, Pa. No children 1913. 

F (4) Anna Boyer, daughter of Frederick Royer and Mary Shively, 
married Charles Rietschy, 363 Fifth Ave., San Francisco, Cal. No chil- 
dren 1913. 

F (5) Jane Boyer, daughter of Frederick Boyer and Mary Shively, 
married Edwin Meckes, 1122 Franklin St., Phila., Pa. Children: Elmer]. 
Ella, Mary, Simon, Willie, Robert, Milton, Beulah. 

O (i) Aaron Boyer, son of John Boyer and Sarah Fenstcrmacher... 
was born Feb. i, 1836, Towamcnsin- Pa. Farmer, Dakota, Illinois' 
Married Susanna Kuntz. No children. 

G (2) John Bo_\-cr, son of John Boyer and Sarah Fenstcrmacher,. 
married twice. Address of second wife, Mrs. Sarah Boyer, Waverlyl 
Iowa. Children of first marriage: Two; of second marriage: Clvdt' 
Boyer. Address ( 1913J 822 llowen Ave., Chicago. 111. 

G (3) Owen Boyer, son of John lioyer and Sarah Fenstcrmacher, 
was born Jan. 15, 1839. Address (1913) Griswold, Iowa. Married 
Margaret Ann Artey. Children: Aaron Boyer, Stanton, Iowa, R. F. 
D. I, and others. 

G (4) Caroline Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Sarah Fenstcr- 
macher, was born March 19, T841, Towamensing, Pa. Married Ilcnry 
Bordner, of Jasup, Iowa. Children : Four. 

G (5) Eliza Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Sarah Fenstcr- 
macher, was born Feb. 14, 1846. Died Feb. 28, 1898. Married John 
Guinther. Children: Emma Guinther. Address- (1913) Mrs. Emma 
Morse, 511 E. 6th St., Waterloo, Iowa. 

G (6) Mary Amanda Buyer, daughter of John Boyer and Sarah 
Fenstermacher, born Nov. 3, 1849, niarried John Yoder. Child: Ida 
Yoder. Address (1913) Mrs. Ida M. Peyton, 1466 74th 'St., Brooklyn, 
New York. 

G (7) Frances Bo_\-er, daughter of John Boyer and Sarah Fens- 
tcrmacher, was born I\Iay 12, 1852, Catasauqua, Pa. Married A. R.. 
Knight. Children: Maude Knight. Address (1913) Mrs. Maude 
Berg, 281 Delhi St., Dubuque, Iowa. 

G (8) Sylvester l^oyer, son of John Bo^-er and Sarah Fenster- 
macher, was born Dec. G, 1854, Catasauqua, Pa. Married Elmira Bord- 
ner. Address (1913) Mrs. 1-lmira Boyer. Children: Three, Freeport, 

G (9) Sarah Boyer, daughter of John Bover and Sarah Fenster- 
macher, was born Aug. 28, 1858. Married Charles ]:laldwin Children- 
Rose Baldwin, I. J. Baldwin. Address (1913) Olewein, Iowa. 

G (10) Juliana Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Sarah Fens- 
tcrmacher, was born Aug. i, 1843. Married Ernest Linder. Children.. 



(i) Alice Linder. Mrs. Aug. Stockbrand, Yates Center, Iowa. (2) 
Edward F. Linder, (3) Laura Linder, 824 N. Chestnut St., Tola, Kan., 
(4) Louisa Linder, Mrs. Louisa Bennett, Piqua, Kan., R. F. D. i, (5) 
:Sarah P. Linder, 824 N. Chestnut St., Tola, Kansas. 

G (i) Harrison lioyer, son of Jonas lk)\er and wife Rosanna 
]\Ioser, was born 1855, in Carbon Co., Pa., and died in Portand, Oregon, 
1913. Butcher. Married. Children: Otto, William, and Jennie May. 

G (2) Edwin Boyer, son of Jonas Boyer and wife Rosanna Moser, 
was born near Liberty, Adams Co., 111., 1858. Farmer. Christian church. 
Died in Rollo Co., Mo. Married Catherine Kuntz. Children: (i) Pro- 
fessor Sylvester Boyer. Address (1915) LIuntington, Mo. Professor 
of Chemistry, Purdue University, Lafayette, Luliana. Graduate of West- 
minister College, llulton, I\Io. Post-Graduate work at ILirvard Uni- 
versity. Highly trained man. IVesbyterian. Fine genealogist. (2) 
Reverend Jonas W^iliiam Boyer. Graduate of Westminister College, 
Hulton, Mo. Course in Louisville Theological Seminary. Pastor of 
Presbyterian Church, Edenburg, Indiana. (3) Rev. Elmer Tinaothy 
Boyer. Educated at Westminster, like brothers. Presbyterian minister, 
Needham, Indiana. (4) Clarence Emmanuel Boyer. Address (1915) 
Needham. Ind., (5) Leonard Boyer, (6) Raymond Boyer, both at liunt- 
ington. Mo., (7) Adelia, wife of WaUer Courtney, Palmyra, ]\Io., (8) 
Rosa, wife of Charles Gant. Address Huntington, Mo., (9) Etta I^oyer, 
Huntington, Mo. College training. 

G (3) William Boyer, son of Jonas Boyer and wife Rosanna 
Moser, was born in Liberty, Adams Co., 111., 1861. Baptist. Farmer. 
Married Mary Ehrig. No children. 

G (4) Lafayette Boyer, son of Jonas Boyer and wife Rosanna 
Moser, was born 1870 at Liberty, 111. Farmer. Methodist. Address 
(1915) Liberty, 111. Married Lucy Hess. Children: Luella, Cora, 
Eva, Elmer, Albert, Lawrence. 

G (5-6) Amanda and Emma Boyer were daughters of Jonas Boyer 
and wife Rosanna Moser. 

G (i) Orlando Boyer, son of William Boyer and Caroline Ileydt. 

G ( I ) Plarrison Boyer, son of Jonas Boyer and wife Rosanna Mos- 
er, was born 1855. 

G (2) Emma Jane Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and Caroline 
Heydt, married James G. Arner, of liowmanstown. Pa. Children. 

G (3) Reverend James Lafayette Boyer, son of William Boyer and 
Caroline Heydt, was born Dec. 4, 1863, at Big Creek, near Weissport, 
Pa. Public school till 19 years of age. Academy at Weissport. Taught 
school five years. Clerk for Robert Walp, Lehighton, Pa., and for Lehigh 
A^alley Railroad, Packerton, Pa. Minister in United Evangelical Church. 
Address (191 5) Brodheadsville, Pa. Married Emma J. Stemler. Born 


April 16, 1866. Children: (a) Eva J\Iay Boyer. Born July 20, 1887. 
Taught school. Married Charles Aches. Address (1909) East 5th St.,. 
Bethlehem, Pa. (b) Bertine James Boyer. Senior Keystone State Nor- 
mal School, Kutztown, I'a. 

G (4) Reverend J. Willett Boyer, son of William Boyer and Caro- 
line Heydt, was born Aug. i, 1867. Public school and Weissport Aca- 
demy. Teacher for seven years. Attended Schuylkill Seminary and 
Aluhlenberg- College. Entered the ministry of the United Evangelical 
Church. Served congregations at Orwigsburg and Terre Hill, Pa. Ad- 
dress (1915) Bowmanstown, Pa. Married Mary Fredericka Danzei. 
Born Sept. 15, 1867, at Hinderhof, Germany. Children : ( i ) Olive Idella 
]3oyer. Born Nov. 21, 1899; (2) Willet Albright Boyer, (3) Esther 
Catharine Boyer, (4) Guy Frederick Boyer. 

G (5) Passowcll E. Boyer, son of William Boyer and Caroline 
Heydt. Machinist. Address (1915) 58 Muyallen St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Married Romig. Children : Several. 

G (6) Lefeannes S. Boyer, son of William Boyer and Caroline 
Pleydt. Carpenter, Weissport, Pa. Married Graver. Children: Five 
or more. 

G (7) Joel H. Boyer, son of William Boyer and Caroline Heydt. 
Justice of Peace and mail carrier, Lehighton, Pa. Married Markley. 
Children : Eight or more. 

G (8) William 11. Boyer, son of William Boyer and Caroline 
Heydt. Farmer. Address ( 1909) Bowmanstown, Pa. 

G (i) MilLon Boyer, son of George Boyer and Sabina Collins, died 
at Big Creek, Pa. Married Sarah Fenstermacher. Children: ( i ) Flor- 
ence Boyer. Mrs. Elvin Dreher, Siegfrieds, Pa. (2) Erma Boyer. 
G (2) Robert R. Boyer, son of George Boyer and Sabina Collins. 
G ( I ) Albert Boyer, son of Paul Boyer and Elizabeth Smith. Ad- 
dress (1913) Weissport, Pa. Married Lillie Fink. Children: Harry, 
Katie, Karl, Lucile, Dorothy; G (2) John R. Boyer. Address (1913) 
Northampton, J'a. Married Mary Hardley. Children: Clarence Boyer 
and Paul Boyer, both of Nortliampton, Pa.; G (3) ^yice Boyer, mar- 
ried Eugene Markley, Weissport, Pa. Children: Eillie, Annie; G (4) 
Martha lioyer, married John Schaeffer. Children: Frank, Robert, ana 
Irene; G (5) Almeda lioyer, married William Hawk, Weissport, Pa. 
Child: John; G (6) Robert R. Bo)'er, Weissport, Pa. Married Mabel 
Walck. Children: Eugene, Mattie, Anna, Kenneth, Paul; G (7) Ed- 
ward E. Boyer, Weissport, Pa. xAlarried. Child : Alda A. Boyer ; G (8) 
Newton Boyer, Weissport, Pa. Married Alice Hepner. ' Children: 
Pearl, Eva, May ; G (9) Mamie Boyer, married David Eeslie, Weissport, 
Pa. Child : Asher W. Leslie. 

G (i) Irene Augusta Kuntz, daughter of Elizabeth Boyer and 


llcnry Kuiitz, was born Feb. 27, 1866, Slatington, Pa. Graduate of Wy- 
oming- Seminary, 1886. Studied in New England Conservatory of Music, 
Boston, Mass. Lutb.eran. Marrieil Dr. Franeis O. Rilter. Ad<\v< :, 
( 1913) 14th and riamiUon. Sts., Allentown, I'a. No children. 

G (-2) Lillie May Kimtz, daughter of I^lizabeth ljO)'er and Flenry 
Kuntz, was born July k;, 1S68. Attended Wyoming Seminary. Grad- 
uate of National School of Elocution and Oratory, Phila., I'a., 1891. 
Lutheran. Married S. 1). Costenbader. Children: Frances Elizabeth. 
Born March 31, 1893; Menry Larkin, born Oct. 8, 1897; Elvin Benjamin, 
born June 28, looi ; Waller 1\, born Sept 6, 1903. 

G (1) Christiana Bo;er, daughter of Edwartl Boyer and Mary 
Boycr, his cousin, married William Grill, Millport, Pa. Children: (a) 
Frank Grill, Millport, Pa. Married Ilattie George. Child: Clarence, 
(b) Ed. Grill, Bowmauslown, I'a., married Steierwalt. Children: How- 
ard, Margaret, (c) Allen Grill, Millport, Pa. 

Ci (2) Abbie Boyer, daughter of Fdward Boyer and Mary Boyer, 
married William Strohl,, Pa. Children: (a) Martin Slrohl, 
married Lucy Jones, (b) Ihjward Strohl, (c) Mitchell Strohl. 

G (3) Agnes Boyer, daughter of Edward Boyer and Mary Boyer, 
married Idenry P. Piauman, Allentown, Pa. 

G (4) Lx'ne Boyer, daughter of Edward Boyer and Mary Boyei, 
married William Stender, Bowmanstown, Pa. Children: Robert, Stin- 
son, Agnes. 

G (5) Edith Boyer, daughter of Edward Boyer and Mary Boyer, 
married Lee 11. Beers. Address (1913) Palmerton, i'a. Children: 
Goldie M., Ray F., Ada P., Arline E. 

G (6) Edwin Andrew Boyer, son of Edward Boyer and Mary 
Boyer, Iknvmanstown, I'a. Merchant. Married Emma Balliet. Child: 
Frank Boyer, J>owmanstown, Pa. Graduate Lehigh University. 

G (7) Emmett J. Boyer, son of Edward Boyer and Mary lioyer. 
Merchant. Address (1913) Bowmanstown, Pa. Married Laura Arner. 
Children: (a) Mary Boyer. Address (1913) Mrs. Oliver Fronhekser. 
Child: Arline, I>owmanstown, Pa. (b) Ada Boyer, Bowmanstown, Pa. 

G (8) William Boyer, son of Edward Boycr and Mary Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1913) Aquashicola, Pa. jNLirrieil Sarah Kunkel. Child: Ellen. 

G (i) Robert F. Muschlitz, son of Levina Boyer and Robert 
Muschlitz. y\ddrcss (1913) Slatington, Pa.; G (2) Marry A. Mus- 
chlitz; G (3) William A. Muschlitz; G (4) Lewis W. Muschlitz, Al- 
lentown, Pa.; G (5) Mrs. Robert E. Hankee, Pittston, Pa.; G (6) Mrs. 
Wesley C. Kraemer, Slatington, Pa.; G (7) Grant S. Muschlitz, Slat- 
ington, Pa. 

G ( I ) Oscar F. Boyer, son of Franklin Boyer and Elizabeth Christ- 
man, was born Sept. 24, 1872. Evangelical. Engineer, Aquashicola, Pa. 


"Married Eli:-abctli Estclla. Children: Harold Oscar Boycr, born May 
9. 1905; G (2) Franklin Ash Boyer, born Sept. 4, iSyy. 

G (i) AJattic lU.yer, dau^-hter of .Alary j:;over and Stephen Boyer 
married John Anderson, 113 \V. Pine St., Findlay, Ohio; G (2-3) mJ 
tdda, and Koger Boyer — not reported. 

G (I ) Faura Boyer, dau- liter of John F. Boycr and Annie Slierer 
Graduate of State Normal School. Kutztown, Fa. Ili-hly cultured 
woman. Missionary in Japan. Married Dr. Christoplier Noss Re- 
formed Divine and Missionary to Japan. Children: Two boys. 

G (2) Augusta BoNcr, daughter of John F. Hover and Annie Sherer 
Address (1^13) Mrs. Augusta Santee. Married Dr. Herbert Sanlee 
Died at Aquashicola, Pa. 

G (3) Percie Boyer, daughter of John F. Boyer and Annie Sherer 
married Charles Helmuth. Address (1913) Aquashicola, Pa. 

G (1) Pansy May Boyer, daughter of Abel iioyer and Mar^^aret 
Ayas born Oct. 2, 1888; G (2) Mabel Estclla Boyer, born An- 19 ^891 ' 
G (3) BessieMargaretBoyer, born May 12, 1892; G (4) Emda Louisa 
Boycr, born June 9, 1894; G (5) Nettie Bowman Bovcr, born May 
■19, 1903. 

G (i) John Benjamin Boyer, son of Levi Bovcr and Lydia S'lrih 
Smith. Address (1913) Palmcrton, I'a. MarriJd Elizabeth Corrall. 
Children: Virginia Elizabeth. 

G (i) Charles A. Bo}'er, son of Owen H. Boyer and Mary J Kolb 
was born Oct. 12, 1868, Lehighton,- Pa. Reformed. Clerk, 133 S Jef- 
ferson St., Allentown, Pa. Married Carrie E. Reed. Children: Norman 
Earl, Anna Mary. 

G (2) Pierce W. I^.oyer, son of Owen PL Boyer and Mary J Kolb 
was born Aug. 12, 1S70. Reformed. Ice business, 3018 Chestnut St' 
Phila., Pa. ' 

G (3) Emma L. Boyer, daughter of Owen FL Boyer and Mary J 
Kolb, was born July 2, 1876. Reformed. Married Ralph E. .Morthiiner' 
930 Jeflerson St., Allentown, F^a. Children: Mary E., Esther C 
Vernon H. ' '' 

G (i) Minnie E. Boyer, daughter of Lewis K. Boyer and Jane 
Shupp. Graduate State Normal School, Kutztown, Pa. Teacher I e- 
liighton, Pa. ; G (2) Daisy L. 

G ( I ) L. Alvin Case, son of Elizabeth Boyer and James Case was 
■born Oct. 18, 1868, Kresgeville, Pa. Reformed. Telegraph operator 
Slatington, Pa. Married Daisy E. Dengler. Children: Ellwood G.' 
Case, born June 2, 1895. 

G (i) Flora Belle Boyer, daughter of John E. Boyer and Isabella 
Fahlor, was born July 15, 1872. Address (1909) Lindsay, Ohio; G (2) 


jMyrtle E. Boyer, born Aug. 12, 1880; G (3) Blanche E. Boyer, born 
Feb. 22, 1882. 

G (1) Gertrude Boyer, daughter of Alfred Boyer and wife, Fre- 
mont, Ohio; G (2) Mary Boyer. 

G (i) Claude V. Boyer, son of Josiah Boyer and Anna Simms, 
was born Dec. 13, 1875. Address (1913) Fremont, Ohio. Married 
Florence Deadler. Children: Lila, Irvin. 

G (2) Levine J. Boyer, son of Josiah Boyer and Anna Simms, was 
born Sept. 22, 1877. Address (1909) Red Key, Indiana. INIarried Emma. 
Children : Three or more. 

G (3) Glenn R. Boyer, son of Josiah Boyer and Anna Simms, 
was born Sept. 14, 1882, and died Feb. 13, 1909. 

G (4) Clyde S. Boyer, son of Josiah Boyer and Mary Simms, 
was born March 15, 18S4. Mail carrier, Fremont, Ohio. Married Lydia 

G (5) Clarence Boyer, son of Josiah Boyer and Anna Simms, 
was born May 5, 1890. Address (1909) 132 Twelfth Si., Toledo, Ohio. 

G (6) Mabel Boyer, daughter of Josiah B.oyer and Anna Simms, 
was born Oct. 10, 1892. Address (1909) same as Clarence. 

G (i) Levi Boyer, son of David Boyer and wife Straub. Address 
(1913) Aquashicola, Pa. Married Rhoads. Children: (a) David Boy- 
er, Aquashicola, Pa. Married Strohl. Children, (b) A brother. 

G (1) Lottie Boyer, daughter of Samuel Boyer and Addie Ziegen- 
fuss, married Samuel Ziegenfuss. Address (1913) Bethlehem, Pa.; G 
,(2) Hattie Boyer; G (3) Samuel Boyer, Phila., Pa.; G (4) Howard 
Boyer, Phila., Pa.; G (5) Harry Boyer. Died single; D (6) Clayton 
Boyer, Philadelphia, F'a. 

G (O Minnie Boyer, daughter of Frank Boyer and Sarah Wentz ; 
G (2) Caroline Boyer ; G (3) Percy Boyer; G (4) Sister lioyer. 

G (1) Robert Boyer, son of Levi Boyer and Amanda Ash, died 
single; G (2) Jesse V. Boyer is a shipping clerk. Address (1913) 1030 
Liberty St., AUentown, Pa.; G (3) Allen E. Boyer is a salesman, Al- 
lentown, Pa. 

Part HI ~ 

B (3) Philip Beyer, son of Andreas Beyer and wife, was born 
1 718, Palatinate, Germany, and died about 1769, near St. Michael's 
Church, Bern Township, Berks Co., Pa. He came with his father and 
brothers, as already related, in 1738. The historian has not learned 
the name of his wife, because the old church records of St. Michael's 
have been lost and the inscriptions on the old gravestones of the cemev 
tery are no longer decipherable. From tax lists at Reading, the historian 
learns that his children were Michael, flenry, John, and Christopher. 
There were no doubt others. 



C (i) Michael Beyer, son of Philip Beyer and wife, as we infer 
from the Bern Township tax list in possession of the Berks County 
Historical Society, was probably born in the neighborhood of St. Michael's 
Church, Bern Twp., Berks Co., Pa., not far from Hamburg, Pa. His 
name appears in the tax list in 1 767, as a property holder, whereas his 
father Philip's name appeared as early as 1755. The loss of St. Michael's 
church records makes it impossible for the present to find his wife's 
name. Perhaps administration records at Reading, Pa., may be found 
by and ])y. His name disappears from the Bern tax list in 1773, and tht 
historian has not been able to find him in a neighboring township. IYt- 
haps he died young, but judging from the appearance of his name in 
1767 as a tax ])ayer he was probably born about 1740 or 1745. Thusi 
far the historian has found only five of his sons — perhaps there were 
no more. Names: Andrew, Philip, Michael, Henry, and George. 

C (2j Henry Beyer, son of Philip Beyer and wife, as we infer from 
the Bern Township tax list to which reference is made above, was prob- 
ably also born in Bern Twp., Berks Co., Pa. His name appears in the 
tax list in 1768 and only in that year. The historian can not figure out 
any conclusion for the present. 

^ (3) John Beyer, son of Philip Beyer and wife, as we infer from 
the same Bern tax list, was prolialjly also born near St. Micliael's 
Church. His name appears in 1768, 1769, and 1770. Perhaps both 
brothers moved into Windsor Township, or into the neighborhood of 

C (4) Christopher Beyer, son of Philip Beyer and wife, as wc 
mfer frum the Bern tax list, was probably born in that township. Plis 
name aj)pears as a tax payer in 1779 and disappears in 1785, when as we 
know from his connection with Fricden's Church, near McKeansburg, 
Pa., he had moved to that vicinit)-. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary 
War for a brief service under Colonel Gehr, of Bern Township, as re- 
corded in connection with the date May 4, 1784, on page 86, Vol. 3, Sixth 
Series, Pennsylvania Archives. This fact makes all his descendants 
eligible to membership in the Sons and Daughters of the Revolution. 
In his history of Frieden's Church, Pastor Weller, quotes an interesting 
article to which Christopher Beyer's name is signed, and on the back of 
which is scribbled the date 1768 or 1786. The latter is undoubtedly 
correct. Pastor Weller also says that Christopher Beyer's house wai, a 
log structure put up against the foot of the hill back of Frieden's Church, 
probably on church property. This would help us understand why his 
name does not appear on the Brunswick Township tax list until 1791. 
He may have been the teacher of the parish school connected with the 
church. His house, as Pastor Weller reports from references in records 
now lost, was the stopping place and his barn the auditorium of itinerary 



missionaries. In 1811 his name appears, I think, tor th.c hist limc, m th(' 
tax list, and the tradition is that he died in McKeansburi^-, I'a. hr.-i.i 
all accounts, he must have been a man of importance and cliaraciei . 
An old Bible now in possession of Mrs. Walhorn, mother of Claude D. 
Walborn, gives his wife Catharine Reif Schneider. Orphans Court re- 
cords, Reading, Pa., show that she was the daughter of -John Reif Schneider 
and Dorothy Hottenstein (wife). See page 191. They are probaldv both 
buried in Eoyers' Row, Frietlen's Church. The children as wc know 
from the family Bible and living descendants were at least the lolk>\\- 
ing: Christopher. Henry, Jacob. Cltristian. D.miel. Joseph, and i'.\o 
sisters, one of whom was married to a man by the n:v.r.e o: O^o•.\^-\ch. I V.e 
Administration Records at PcttsviwC. Pa., nled lune 4 :.nd lo. 1S17. p\o 
u? Joseph's name, and apparently also Peter ar.d ^a•.■.■lv.e■l. Po;o r,;..v 
be the "Cressona" line. Henry, second son. was the admiaisii.iu»r. 
There must have been another son Stephen. This Stephen had a son 
\\'illiam, born Dec. 12, 1812, and with his wife Idoyd moved to Fairheld 
Co., Ohio, before the close of the year. This departure shows wh) his 
name does not occur in tlie. Administration accounts. 

D (ij Andrew Boyer, son of Alichael Beyer and wife, as we sur- 
mise on local grounds, was born about 1764, probably near St. Michael's 
Church, Bern Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Lutheran. Carpenter. Pater a 
farmer near what is now Bern Station — 200 acres. Papers showing 
that his son Jacob was his administrator are in the hands of Ehas Boyer, 
Plamburg, Pa. These papers give us the name of one brother of 
Andrew, namely, Philip. Antlrew is buried at St. Alichael's Church. 
jMarried twice — the second time to Kate Schlappig, who is also bu,ried 
at St. Michael's. His children were Samuel, Jacol), John, Sarah, Lydia,' 
Polly, Rebecca, Susan, Lovina, and Andrew. 

D (2) Philip Boyer, son of IMichael Beyer anil wife. 
D (3) Michael Boyer, son of Michael 'Beyer and wife, if Anilrew 
and Philip were sons, for Andrew Boyer son of Andrew names Michael 
as an uncle. This Michael Boyer lived in Reading, Pa., near 
what is now known as Farmers Bank, between Fifth and Sixth Sts., on 
Penn. Plis nephew Andrew says that Michael died about 1844. D (4) 
Plenry Boyer. 

E (i) Samuel Boyer, son of Andrew Boyer and first wife, went 
West young and never returned to his relatives. His fate is unknown. 

E (2) Jacob Boyer, son of Andrew Boyer and first wife, was born 
July II, 1795, and died July 3, 1886. Buried at St. Paul's Church, Wind- 
sor Twp., Berks Co., Pa., near Hamburg. Lutheran. Farmer. Lived 
about a mile east of Hamburg, Pa. Married (March 2, 1822) Sarah 
Balthaser. Children : Daniel, Jacob, Sarah, George B., IMatilda. 


E (3) John iJoyer, son of Andrew BoytT and iirst wife. Buried at 
Bernville, i'a. Widow lived in Marietta, Pa. ChiKlren: Two girls. 

E (4) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Andrew Bo^xt and first wife, mar- 
ried George Wagner. Children: Sarah, perhaps others. 

E (5) Lydia lioyer, daughter of Andrew lioyer and first wife. 
Buried at St. IMichael's. Married iHenjamin Wagner. Children. 

E (6) Polly Boyer, daughter of Andrew lioyer and first wife, mar- 
ried George Kauffman, merchant, of Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Children: 
George Kaufman. Head. Perhaps others. 

E (7) Rebecca Boyer, daughter of Andrev>- Boyer and first wife, 
was born Dec. 17, 1826. liuricd in Union llill Cemetery, Weissport, 
I'a. Married George xA. Wagner, born May 10, 1816. Children: (a) 
Alfred B. Wagner, Mahanoy City, Pa., born Aug. 11, 1849. Musician. 
Married Susan Foust. (b) Lovina Wagner. Born April 29, 1851. Mar- 
ried J. Z. Bagenstose, Alahanoy City, Pa. (c) Kate Wagner. Born 
Nov. 28, 1855. Married Thomas Wcsner, Mahanoy City, Pa. (d) Sallie 
Alma Wagner. ]>orn May 14, i860, (e) Landon B. Wagner. Born 
May 21, 1862, Weissport, Pa. Married Susan Heisler, of Lewistown 
"V^alley, near Tamaqua, Pa. (f) Susanna Wagner. Born March 11, 
■1S66. Married William D. Phifer, Weissport, Pa. (g) George A. Wag- 
ner. Born March 15, 1870. Teacher. Married Lillie-Reber. 

E (8) Susan Boyer, daughter of Andrew Boyer ami first wife, was 
born Jan. 17, 1828. AcUlress (1908) 26 N. 6th St., Allentown, Pa. Mar- 
ried Josiah J, indenmulh. Born March 18, 1830. Died. Child: Arling- 
ton N. Lindcnmuth. Born Nov. 16, 1856. Fine photographer, 24 N. 
■6tli St., Allentown, Pa. I\[arried llattie Plelfrich. 

E (9) Lovina iioyer, daughter of Andrew Boyer and first wife, 
w;is born 1831. Address (1908) Mrs. Lovina Nies, Berks, Pa. Luther- 
an. Married Reul)en Nies. Children: (a) Ellen Nies. Address (1908) 
J.^/erks, Pa. (b) Kate Nies Mrs. J. P. Zimmerman, AVilliamstown, N. J. 
(c) Helena Nies, Mrs. Lloyd Tryon, Hamburg, Pa. (d) Frank Nies, 
Berks, Pa. Son Ralph, graduate of State Normal vSchool, Kutztown Pa. 
(e) Reuben Nies, l]erks^ Pn. ( f ) W. B. Nies, Berks, Pa. (g) Sallie 
Nies. Mrs. \V. B. Klin.e, Berks, i»a. (h) Lilhe Nies, Berks, Pa. 

E ( 10) Andrew Bo\er, son of Andrew Boyer and Catharine Schlap- 
fjig, was born April 3, 1S32, in Upper Bern, three miles from St. Mich- 
ael's. Soldier of Civil War. Drafted Oct. 20, 1862, Company I, Colonel 
Yost, Montg. Co., Pa. Honorably discharged July 27, 1863. Evangelical 
church. Merchant. Address ( 1908) 819 Elm St., Reading, Pa. Married 
Matilda Ludwig. Born Aug. 28, 1834. Children: (a) Sarah Ann Boy- 
tr. Died about 1906. Married J. H. Bidler. Address (1908) 820 Elm 
•St., Reading, Pa. Children: Matilda Ella, Helen B., and Sarah N. 


(b) Matilda Ellen Boyer, Mrs. I\Iatilda Myers, 13th St., Reading", Pa, 
Married Harvey Myers. Dead. No children, (c) Frank J. Boyer, iii 
N. 6th St., Reading, Pa. President Penn-.>lvauiii Coal Company. Evan- 
gelicah Children: (i) Ellen P. Boyer. Married Andrew Seyvert, 
Walnut St., Reading, Pa. (2) Howard Boyer. Draughtsman, iii N. 
6th St., Reading, Pa. (3) James Boyer, Phila., Pa. Letter carrier. 
Married Miss Brown. (4) Irvin Bo)er, Leesport, Pa. Married Misa 
Schade., Children: One or more. (5) William Boyer, N. loth St., 
Reading, Pa. (6) Flora Boyer. (d) Thomas W. Boyer, Bangor, Pa. 
Alarried. No children in 1909. (e) Katie Alice Boyer. Married Plenry 
Pauenson, Elm and Pear Sts., Reading, Pa. Children : Three or more. 

F (i) Daniel Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Sarah Balthaser, was 
born Dec. 14, 1822, and died Feb. i, 1904. Buried at St. Paul's, Windsor 
Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Lutheran. Farmer. Married jMary Aliller. Chil- 
dren : Elias, John, William H., and sister. 

F (2) Jacob Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Sarah Balthasci. 
Buried at St. Paul's. Lutheran. Married. Children : Franklin W., 
John Alfred, Ella, and Emma. 

F (3) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Sarah Balthaser, 
died unmarried. 

F (4) George B. Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Sarah Balthaser, 
was born Feb. 4, 1828, and died Sept. 14, 1890. liuried at Zions, I'erry 
Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Lutheran. ]\Ierchant. Married Mary N. Bauscli- 
er, Hamburg, Pa. Children: Washington F., Jacob S., Andrew W., and 

F (5) Matilda Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Sarah Balt- 
haser, married Samuel Zimmerman. Children: Albert Zimmerman, Ham- 
burg, Pa. Perhaps others. 

G (i) Elias Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Mary Miller, was born 
Aug. 25, 1857. Address 254 S. 4th St., Hamburg, Pa. Lutheran. Car- 
riage maker. Married Emma S. F'^ocht. Children: (a) Milton H. 
Boyer, Hamburg, Pa. (b) Warren D. Boyer, Hamburg, Pa. (c) Laura 
B. Boyer, Mrs. Wm. H. Albert, Hamburg, Pa., R. F. D. 3. 

G (2) John Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Mary Miller. Ad- 
dress (1909) Hamburg, Pa. 

G (3) William H. Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Mary Miller. 
Address (1909) Hamburg, Pa., R. F. D. 2. 

G (4) A daughter of Daniel Boyer and Mary Miller, married 
Alfred Baver, Klinesville, Pa. 

G (i) Franklin W. Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife. Ad- 
dress (1909) Hamburg, Pa.. 

G (2) Jolm Alfred Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife, was born 
June 24, 1850, and died Dec. 11, 1890. Lutheran. Married Mary S. 


Smith. Children: (a) Cora A. lioycr, (b) Laura A. Boyer, (c) Mamie 
A. Boyer, (d) Mary L. Boyer, (e) Herbert, A. iioyer, (f) Mathias J. 
Boyer. Address (1909) Shoemakersville, Pa. 

G (3) Ella Boyer, dauglitcr of Jacob Boyer and wife, married Lewis 
Bitner, Llamburg, Pa. 

G (4) Emma Boyer, daughter of Jacob lioyer and wife. Address 
{1909) Plamburg, Pa. 

G ( I ) Washington F. Boyer, son of George B. Boyer and Mary 
Ann ]3auscher, was born June 4, 185S. Graduate of Poughkeepsie Bu;^- 
iness College. Merchant, Hamburg, Pa. 

G (2) Jacob S. Boyer, son of George B. Boyer and Ivlary Ann 
Bauscher, was born June 5, 1862. Lutheran. Farmer, Bern, Pa. Mar- 
ried Amanda L. Kershner. Child : Esbie A. Boyer. Married and living 
Vv'ith husband and child at home. 

G (3) Andrew William Boyer, son of George B. Boyer and Mary 
Ann Bauscher, was born Aug. 24, 1871. Lutheran. Clerk, Hamburg, Pa. 

G (4) Elenora Boyer, daughter of George B. Boyer and Mary Ann 
Bauscher, was born Oct. 22, 1854. Married Benjamin B. Sunday. Chil- 
dren: (i) William R. Sunday, Hamburg, Pa. (2) George W. Sunday, 
Llamburg, Pa. 

D ( I ) Christopher Beyer, son of Christopher Beyer and Catharine 
Reifsdineider, was born about 1770, very probably in Bern Twp., Berks 
Co., Pa., and is most likely interred in Boyer's Row, Frieden's Church, 
McKeansburg, Pa. Lutheran. Farmer east of New Ringgold, Pa. Mar- 
ried twice. Children: John, David, Christopher, Rosina, Savina, Rile. 

D (2) Jacob Beyer, son of Christopher lieyer and Catharine Reif- 
schneider, was born January 14, 17(>7, in liern Township, ] jerks 
Co., Pa., and died April i, 1829, on his farm home in what is now Walker 
Twp, Schuylkill County, Pa. He is buried at Frieden's Church, with 
his ancestors. Lutheran. Farmer. Married Susanna Schaeffer, whose 
name is on her husband's gravestone. After the settling up of estates, 
she moved with several of her children to East Germantown, Ohio, and 
is buried there. Children : Samuel, Jacob, Joseph, Daniel, Mary, Eliza- 
beth, Susan, Kate, Esther (Hetty), and George (who died young, leav- 
ing no children). The estate of the father was administered. Records 
at Pottsville, Pa. 

D (3) Henry Beyer, son of Christopher Beyer and Catharine Reif- 
schneider, was born about 1766. He is buried at Frieden's Church, with 
Lis people. Lutheran. T,ived in McKean.sburg, Pa. Married Bar'oary 
Bensinger. Children: Daniel, Joshua, Isaac, Jonathan, Jacob, Samuel, 
Lucetta, Lucina, Louisa, Rebecca, Caroline, and Lavina. 

D (4) Stephen Beyer, son of Christopher Beyer and Catharine 
Heifschneider, was born about 1771. Married a woman named Lloyd, 


and became a Moravian probably in boyhood through missionaries. 
Moved just before close of 1812 to Fairfield County, Ohio, and between 
1844 and 1849 to Bartholomew Co., Indiana. Buried in Moravian Ceme- 
tery, called "Enon," south of Hope, Indiana. Children: Levi, John, 
Joseph, William, Eliza, Polly, Mrs. Alsbach, Mrs. Alfred Blessing". 

D (5) Christian Beyer, son of Christoi)her Beyer and Catharine 
Reifschneider, was born Oct. 3, 1781, died' about 1869; and is buried at 
the old Red Church, south of Orwigsburg, Pa. Lutheran. Farmer at 
Pinedale, Pa. Married Catherine Levan, March 25, 180:'). P.nrn Mav 
15, 1783. She was the daughter of John Levan and Rose Koliii,r. Chil- 
dren: Samuel, Charles L., John S., Katherine, and Daniel L. 

D (6) Daniel Beyer, son of Christopher Beyer and Catharine Reif- 
schneider, was born about 1784, in the Bern home, died in Pinedale, 
and is buried at the White Church, on the outskirts of Orwigsburg, Pa. 
I,utheran. A miller 1)}' trade Ro'dd master of the pike on which he 
lived. Married Elnora Davis. Children : William, George, Charles 
Davis, Daniel, Katherine, Sarah, Mary, Hannah, and Ellen. 

D (7-S) There were several daughters of Christopher Beyer and 
Catherine Reifschneider, but the historian has not found it possible to 
find the descendants. 

D (9) Joseph IJoyer, son of Christopher Bc^er and Catharine Reif- 
schneider, was born about 1779. Lutheran. Lived at McKcansburg, Pa. 
Probably buried in Boyer's Row, Frieden'.s Church, ]''a. Farmer. Mar- 
ried Rebecca. Children : William, 1^*1 onroc, Joseph, Sarah. 

D (10) Peter Bo}er may have lived near Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 

D (11) vSamuel Bo)er. William Monroe Boyer, 202 Peacock St., 
Pottsville, Pa., says that one of his grandfather's, Joseph ]-5oyer'.s, brothers 
went to Cincinnati, Ohio, to start a distillery. It may have been this 
Samuel, said to have started from Reading, i'a. 

E (i) Jeihn Boyer, son of Christojjher Be^-er and first wife, waj> 
born about 1790-1795. Lutheran. Moved to C)hio with brothers and 
sisters. Well to do. Married. Children: Williaiu, Benjamin, Daniel,. 
Charles, several daughters. 

E (2) David Boyer, son of Christopher Beyer and second wife,. 
was born about 1797, died in Schuylkill County, Pa. Went )with 
parents to Ohio, lived in Indiana imtil his first wife died in 1854, and 
then returned to Pennsylvania where he married the sister of his first 
wife, and lived on the farm owned by .\manda Bear (1910). He is prob- 
ably buried at the old Frieden's Church. Lutheran. Married first to 
Magdalena Kleckner, who died Sept. 9, 1854, and then to her sister. 
Children of first marriage: Amandus, Franklin, Clara, and Flora Ann. 
The historian does not know the children of the second marriage if there 
were any. 


E (3) Christopher Columhus Boyer, son of Christopher Beyer and 
second wife, was born March i, 1799, in Schuylkill 'County, Pa., 
on his father's New Ringgold homestead, died T^Iay 8, 1852, and is buried 
at Buc} rus, Ohio. Lutheran. C)nce sheritt of Schuylkill County. Won- 
derfully strong man. Moved to Ohio with his father, brothers and sis- 
ters, about 1840 or 1842. Married Elizabeth Gottshall, daughter of John 
Gottshall. She died about 1863. Children: Christian C, Daniel C, 
Eli, Rachel, Jeremiah C, Sevilla, Joshua P., Maria, Edward R., and 
Rosilla. E (4-6) Sisters were Rosina, Savina, and Rile. 

E (i) Samuel Boyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Susannah Schaeifer, 
was born Feb. 12, 1801, probably in East Brunswick Twp., Berks Co., 
Pa., but now Schuylkill Co., Pa., and died about Feb. 1873. Buried ai 
2;ion's Church, Walker Twp., Schuylkill Co., Pa. Lutheran. Black- 
smith and farmer. Greatly interested in church work. Married Eydia 
Bensingcr. Born Feb. 29, 180S. Died i8<)4. liuried near husband. 
Children: Israel, Emmanuel, Joseph, Tienjamin, William, Jacob, Daniel, 
John, Kate, F,li/:abeth, Sannuel, Caroline. 

E (2) Jacob Boyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Susannah SchaefTer, 
was born Alay 16, 180;^, died April 18, 1874, and is buried in ]",ast Ger- 
mantown, Ohio. Lutheran. Farmer. Married Catharine lioughner. 
She dieil April 12, 1S13. Children: William, Racliel, Jacoij, Samuel, 
IvicharJ, John, Mary, Catherine, llenriett:i, and Daniel. 

^'' (3) Josei)h Pjoyer, son of Jacob Be}er and Susannah Schaeffer, 
d'ed ab'Mit 1833. Lutheran. Estate administered by Henry Boyer, 
IMcKcan.-Jiurg, ]*a. Pa])ers filed June 21, 1833. Married Margaret. 
Children: Jose|.>h, George, Rosetta. 

E ( :]) Daniel Boyer, son of Jiicob Beyer and Susannah SchaeiTer, 
was ])orn June 2, 1813, and died March o, 1877. Duried at East Ger- 
mantown, Ohio. Evangelical church. Married Elizaljelh B.aer. Only 
child, Daniel Bo)er, died Nov. 10, 1857, without children. 

E (5) Mary l>o}er, ckuiiditer of Jacob lieyer and Susannah Schaef- 
fer, v.'as born FJec. 16, 1795, East Brunswick Twp., Berks Co., Pa., and 
died June 25, 1877, East Germantown. Ohio. ATarried John l>ough- 
ner. Children : Catherine, Charles, Mahlon, Harriet. 

E (6) Elizabeth Pjoyer, daughter of Jacob Beyer and vSusannah 
SchaefTer, died 1850. Buried near Pendleton, Ind. Lutheran. Married 
Peter Waltz. Children : Thirteen. 

E (7) Susan Boyer, daughter of Jacob Beyer and Susannah Schaef- 
fer. Married John Womer. Children: Abner, Alelinda, Alaria, Kate, 
Susannah, Ossaul, Caroline, Amanda, Sarah E., and Annette. 

E (8) Kate Boyer, daughter of Jacob Beyer and Susannah Schaef- 
fer. Lutheran. Married Michael Bensinger. Children: Daniel, Ed- 
ward, William, Priscilla, Frank, Benneville, and Frederick. 


E (9 ) licttie Boyer, daughter of Jacob Beyer and Susannah Schaef- 
fcr, was born July 6, 1815, and died June 14, 1877. Married Hdward 
Stomm. No children. 

E (i) Jacob Boyer, son of Henry Beyer and P^arbary llensinger, 
was born about 1800, died about 1876, at age of 76, and is buried at 
Job's Church, Violet Twp., Fairfield Co., Ohio. Lutheran. Farmer. 
Married Mary Weint. Children: Henry, Andrew, David, John, Mary, 
William, and Jesse. 

E (2) Samuel Boyer, son of Henry Beyer and Barbary Bensinger, 
was born about 1802, and died October 1868. Lutheran. Fanner. 
Married Salome Lutz. Children: Flenry, Samuel, Jacob, Louisa, Mary. 

E (3) Isaac Boyer, son of Henry Beyer and Barbary Bensinger, 
was born in McKeansburg, and is buried at Jol)'s Church, Fairfield Co., 
Ohio. Moved from IMcKeansburg to Ohio, and died at the age of 52. 
Lutheran. Married Miss Minehart. No children. 

E (4) Jonathan Boyer, son of Ilenry Beyer and Barbary Bensinger, 
was born about 1806, and died Nov. 1879. Lutheran. Shoemaker and 
farmer. iMovcd from Fennsjlvania to Lockville, Ohi(j, where he is 
buried. Married Nancy Carter. Children: Benvill, Mary, and Reljccca. 

E (5) Joshua Boyer, son of Henry Beyer and Barbary liensinger, 
was born May 25, 181 2, in McKeansburg, Pa., and died there Jan. 7, 
1890. Buried at Frieden's. Lutheran. }^Ierchant. Legislator. -Mar- 
ried Susannah Shoener. She died June 10, 1876. Children: .Amanda, 
Rebecca, Susannah, Lucina, Mary, Louisa, J. Monroe, and I^ewis \V. 

E (6) Daniel Boyer, son of Flenry Beyer and Barbary Bensinger, 
was born Nov. 20, 1S20, died ALarch 21, 1898, and is buried in the 
Lutheran Cemetery, Orwigsburg, Pa. laitheran. County Commissioner. 
Steward of Almshouse. Married Fannie Houser. Address (1910) Or- 
wigsburg, Pa. Children: Daniel Edward' and Lavina. 

E (7) Lucina Boyer, daughter of Henry Beyer and Barbary Ben- 
singer, was born April 29, 1823, in McKeansburg, Pa., and died Oct. 25, 
1892, at Lockville, Ohio. Lutheran. Married Henry Wernert. Chil- 
dren: Mary M., Oscar, Charles, and Alonzo. 

E (8) Lucetta Boyer, daughter of Henry Beyer and Barbary Ben- 
singer, married Samuel Pierson. Lived in Fairfield Co., Ohio. 

E (9) Louisa Boyer, daughter of Henry Beyer and Barbary Ben- 
singer, was born in McKeansburg, Pa., Sept. 1809, and died Ot^t. 27, 
1889, in Ohio. Lutheran. She married Henry Yeager. Children: Rosu 
Ann, Daniel, Louisa, Rebecca, ?^Iary, Elizabeth, John, Henry, and Perry. 

E (10 ) Caroline Boyer, dauglUer of Henry Beyer and Barlr.r/ 
iicn singer, ..'-. Lorn in McKean;Lurg', Fa., and -lied there. Married a 
rnan by the name of Medlar. Note. vSisters Lavina and R.ebecca. 

E (i) William Boyer, son of Stephen Boyer and wife Lloyd, was 


"born December 12, 1812, in McKeansburg, Pa., died 1864, and buried 
on the "Enon" Moravian Cemetery, four miles south of l[o]:)e, Indiana. 
Moravian. Married (Jan. 5, 1834) Maria Allspaeh, of Oliio, who (Ued 
a year and a half after marriage. On Dec. 16, 1837, he married Eliza- 
beth Lytle, daughter of George and Ruth Lytle. Children: Lorenzo D., 
Noah, Katharine Maria, Joseph I,uther, Harriet Jane, William Henry, 
Byron Jefferson, and Adam E. 

E (2) John Hoyer, son of Stephen Beyer and wife Lloyd, moved 
from Fairfield County, Ohio, to Missouri. Married. Children : Perhaps 
Byron Boyer (i(;r3) Tipton, Iowa, is a son. 

E (3) Joseph Boyer, son of Stei)hen Beyer and wife Lloyd, moved 
frc^ni Fairfield County, O^hio, further West. Married Mamie Click. 

E (4) Levi Boyer, son of Stephen Beyer and wife Lloyd, was born 
-about 1S20. Married Elizabeth Click. Children: (Born between 1840- 
1860) Lyman. Stephen, Eve Ann, Mattie, Charles, Joseph, and Edward. 

E (S-C)) Sarah Boyer, and Polly, who marrietl Ih-andt. 

E (7) Kate Boyer. daugliter of Stephen Ijcyer and wife Llo}'d, mar- 
ried Alfred Plessing. Children: Kate. Address (lyio) Mrs. Andrew 
Flanigan. Perhaps others. Columbus, Indiana. 

E (8) Eliza Boyer, daughter of Ste];hen Beyer and wife Lloyd, 
married Elii;d\ Jett. Children: (' i ) William Jett. Address (lyio) 
Columbus, Ind. (2) Levi Jett, (3) ]'erhai)s others. 

E (i) William Boyer, son of Jose])h. Boyer and wife Rebecca, 
horn about 1830. 1 Juried at Presb)'terian Cemetery, Pottsville, Pa. 
Lutheran. Plumber. Very powerful man. Lived on Market street. 
Soldier. I'attery 5-j, Heavy Artillery, Civil War of 1861. Served three 
years. Died after coming home' from h^ortress Monroe Hospital. Mar- 
ried Catharine Maderia. Children: (a) William Monroe Boyer, 202 
Peacock St., Pottsville, Pa. Born May 20, 1853, Pottsville, Pa. Luth- 
eran. Machinist for 31 )'ears. Married Angelina Bean, born Feb. 28, 
1859. Children: (1) Peter Elias Boyer, 521 North 3rd St., Pottsville, 
Pa. Frescoer and decorator. Born Jan. 18, 1881. Married Agnes Kess- 
ler. Child: Elizabeth Minnie. (2) Laura Ethel Boyer, born 1S85. At 
home. (3) Earle William Boyer, born May 18, 1880. Milk dealer, 202 
Peacock St., Pottsville, Pa. ^Married Annie Marie Wanamaker. Child: 
Ruth Elizabeth, born July, i<)i3. (4) Henry Webster Boyer, 202 Pea- 
cock St., Pottsville, Pa. Born July 19, 1894. Boiler maker. Single in 
1913. (b) Emma Boyer, sister of William Aloiiroe Boyer, is dead. She 
married S. R. Davis, of Phila., Pa. Children: Bert, George, William, 
Laura, Clyde, Charles, Russell, (e) Hannah Rei:)ecca Boyer, sister of 
William Monroe Boyer, married Henry Walbridge, of Phila., Pa. Chil- 
dren: William, Garfield, Florie, Ilattie, Sophie, (d) Caroline Boyer. 


Married Harry Hess, Reading, Pa. Child: Annie, (c) Joseph Boyer, 
Died single. ( f ) Kate Boyer. Married Reuben Lewis. No descendants. 
E (2) Monroe Boyer, son of Joseph Boyer and wife Rebecca, was- 
killed in great battle, Mexican War. Single. 

E (3) Joseph Boyer, son of Joseph Boyer and Rebecca, died single, 
in Pottsville, Pa. Miner. 

E (4) Sarah Bo3er, daughter of Joseph Bo^'er and Rebecca, mar- 
ried Washington Garrett. Children: William, sister. 

E (i) Samuel Boyer, son oi Christian r>eyer and Catherine Levan, 
was born Dec. 15, 1806, in Windsor Twp., Berks Co., Pa., died Dec. 
15, 1881. Lutheran. Merchant at Port Clinton, Pa. Married Elizabeth 
Fryer. Children: Hannah, Henry. Samuel C, Elizabeth, Edward, Sarah 
Ann, and Haimah, who died an infant. 

E (2) Charles L. Boyer, son of Christian Beyer and Catherine 
Levan, was born 1808, and is buried at the Red Church, below Orwigs- 
burg, Pa. Married Salome Ebling. Children: Charles L., Susan, 
Sybilla, Sarah, Ellen, Mary, Catherine, Thomas B., and George. 

E (3) John S. Boyer, son of Christian Beyer and Catherine Levan, 
was born May 4, 1810, in West Brunswick Twp., Schuylkill Co., Pa., 
died June 14, 1882, and is buried at Tamaqua, Pa. Lutheran. Christo- 
pher r>eyer and Catherine Reifschneider were sponsors at his baptism. 
This shows that the aged couple was still living. Congressman. Mar- 
ried Sarah Moyer. Children: Daniel M., John W., Samuel F., Henry 
C, George AL, Amanda, Susan, Annie, Emma, Eliza M., and Louise. 

E (4) Catherine Boyer, daughter of Christian Beyer and Catherine 
Levan, was born Feb. 11, 1812. Married Jacob ALitz. No children. 

E (5) Daniel L. Bioyer, son of Christian Beyer and Catherine Levan, 
vv'as born June 3, 18 14, in West l',runswick Township, Schuylkill Coun- 
ty, Pa., and is buried at the Red Church. Lutheran. Farmer. 
Married Anne Eveland. Children : Daniel Christian, David Rittenhousc, 
John Henry, Sarah Elizabeth, Marie Matilda, George Washington and 
Sarah Lydia. 

E (1) William Boyer, son of Daniel Beyer and Elnora Davis, was 
born near Pottsville, Pa., about 181 5, and died at the age of 82 years in 
Columbus. Ohio, where he and his wife are buried in Green Lawn Ceme- 
tery. Lived in Adelphi, Ohio. Lutheran. Married Mary Reiflinger. 
Children: Ellen, Hannah, and Anna. 

E (2) George D. Boyer, son of Daniel Beyer and Elnora Davis, 
was born Dec. 1817, died Feb. 29, 1864, at Orwigsburg, Pa. Lutheran. 
Resided at I'ottsville, Pa. Treasurer of Schuylkill County. Prominent 
man. Married Colletta Orwig. Children: Elizabeth V., Irwin E., 
Zelia, Edrig A., Frank Jerome, George A., Albert, and Daniel. 

E (3) Charles D. Boyer, son of Daniel Beyer and Elnora Davis, 


was lx)rn October 17, 1833, '^^ Orwigsburg', Pa., died December 2, 
1909, at Pottsville, Pa., where he is buried. Lutheran. Soldier 
of Civil War. Enlisted in Company K, 48th Regiment, Pa. Volunteers. 
Present in number of battles. Honorably discharged at close of war. 
Tipstaf in Pottsville Court House more than 30 years up to time of death. 
Married Amanda Hofnian, of C)rvvigsburg, Pa. She died about 1895" 
Children: Howard and Asken. Died small. Historian saw this veteran. 
in IQ08. 

E (4) Daniel Boycr, son of Daniel Boyer and Elnora Davis. 
E (5) Hannah Boyer, daughter of Daniel Boyer and Elnora Davis^ 
died about 1900. Lutheran. . A splendid woman. Historian lived in' 
her home three years. Alarried PIcnry Krebs, one of the finest men of his 
day. No children. They adopted Louisa Yeager, a niece. 

E (6) Mary Boyer, daughter of Daniel Beyer and Elnora Davis, 
married Thomas Reed, of Pottsville, Pa. 

E (7) Ellen Boyer, daughter of Daniel Beyer and Ehiora Davis, 
married Daniel Kline, of New Brunswick, N. J. 

F (i) William Boyer, son of John Boyer and wife lluntzinger, 
v^'as Ixirn iSiT), and dieil 1878, at Bucyrus, Ohio. Married. Children: 
(i) Kate, (2) Mary, (3) Joim, (4) Nettie. All dead in 1913. 

F (2) Benjamin P>oyer, son of Jt>hn Bo)-er and wife Huntzinger, 
died 190C9 at Bucyrus, Ohio. Married Rachel Boyer, his cousin, daugh- 
ter of Christopher Columbus Boyer. Children: Lorian D., Sula, and 
Rosanna. Note. W. W. Bo)er, .ArchboKl, Ohio, may l)e son. 

F (3) John Boyer, son of John Boycr and wife Iluntzinger, li^'ed 
and died in California. 

1'" (4) h)sei)h B. Bo)-er, son of John Boyer and wife Huntzingcr, 
died unmarried at Bucyrus, Ohio; F (5) Daniel B. I'oyer, lived and died 
at Hucyrus, (3hio ; F (6) Charles Boyer, lived and died in St. Louis, 
^lo. ; F (7) George Boyer, lived and died in St. Louis, Mo.; F (8) 
Phoebe Boyer, married Daniel Boyer, her cousin, and died in Bucyrus, 
Ohio; F (9) Elizabeth Boyer, married Marfit, Bucyrus, Ohio; F (10) 
Eliza Boyer, married McCreasy, Bucyrus, Ohio; F (11) Kate Boycr, 
married Ziegler, and died in the West; F (12) Violet Boyer, lived and 
died in State of New York. 

F (i) Amandus Boyer, son of David Boyer and Magdalena Kleck- 
ner, born 1834, died Aug. 3, 1907, at Marion Soldiers' Home, Indiana. 
Soldier of Civil War. Lived in Indiana. Married Caroline Shappell. 
Children : Son who died unmarried ; and one daughter. She married 
George DuGranrut in 18S0. The DuGranrut children are Frank, John, 
Robert, Carrie, and Lillian. All liye in Milton, Indiana, except Robert, 
who resides at Greensburg, Ind. 

F (2) Franklin Boyer, son of David Boyer and INIagdalena Kleck- 


ner, lived in Ohio and Indiana. Soldier of the Civil War. He died 1908 
•at Marshalho\vn,'Iowa. Married three times, but left only one child. 

F (3) Clara Boyer, daughter of David lioyer and Magdalcna .Kleck- 
ner, married Charles Leibhardt. Children: David P., George, Joseph, 
Frank, Mary, Caroline. David P. is dead, leaving one daughter Ina. 
Address (1913) Juneau, ^Vlaska. Caroline is dead, leaving son, Paul 
IMerrill, Vancouver, 15. C. Mary left no children. George and I'rank are 
bachelors. Joscj)!! resides in Indianapolis, Ind. lie has two sons and one 
-daughter: Charles, Glenn, and Nellie. Charles lives in Indianapolis. 

F (4) Flora Ann Boyer, daughter of David Boyer and Magdalcna 
Kleckner, niarricd Joshua Morris. Children: A son who died unmar- 
ried, and a daughter who married Thomas B. Lantz in 1881. Address 
(1913) Box 64, , Milton, Indiana. Children: Ralph B., Shclbyville, 111., 
and I<ewis T., Milton, Indiana. 

F (i) Christian C. Boyer, son of Christopher Columbus Beyer and 
Elizabeth Gottshall, was born June 2, 1827, died April 10, 1903, Ijuried at 
Marion, Ohio. Methodist. B.lacksmith. Married Catherine Brehman, 
born Jan. 8, i82!--, near Bucyrus, Ohio, died March 12, 1895, buried at 
Marion, Ohio. Children: Adeline, Eusebia, Aresta Lucinda, Elizabeth 
Frances, Mary Ann, John Urden, Agnes Rebecca, and Matilda Luella. 

F (2) Daniel C. Boyer, son of Christopher C\)himbus Beyer and 
Elizabeth Gottshall, died at l^ucyrus, Ohio. Lutheran. Farmer in Whet- 
stone Twp., Crawford Co., Ohio. Married. Children: (i) Andrew 
Boyer. Address (1910) Bucyrus, Ohio, (b) Perhaps others. 

F (3) Rachel Boyer, daughter of Christo])her Columbus Beyer and 
Elizabeth Gottshall, married Benjamin Boyer, a cousin, son of John 
Boyer. Children : Lorian D., Sula, and Rosanna. 

F (4) Sevilla Boyer, daughter of Christopher Columbus Beyer and 
Elizabeth Gottshall, died at iUicyrus, Ohio. Married William Seligman. 
Children: (A number) Lewis Seligman, LIpper Sandusky, Ohio. 

F (5) Joshua P. lioycr, son of Christopher Columbus Beyer and 
Elizabeth Gottshall, was born Feb. 2, 1831, in Schuylkill Co., Pa., and 
(1915) resides at Parker, Kansas. Lutheran. Farmer. Taught music 
.40 years, and still leads choir in Methodist church. Historian has photo. 
Married Charlotte Stough, born Oct. 4, 1833, died May 1901, buried at 
Bucyrus, ( )hio. Children : Nettie, Emma, Delia, Lulu. 

F (6) Maria Boyer, daughter of ChristO|)lier Columbus l^eyer and 
Elizabeth Gottshall, married Aaron Kitchell. Lived at Marseilles, Ohio. 
. Family all dead. 

F (7) Edward R. Boyer, son of Christopher Columbus Beyer and 
Elizabeth Gottshall. was born Sept. 27, 1838, in Schuylkill Co., Pa. Ad- 
dress (1910) 229 Gill Ave., Gallion, Ohio. Lutheran. Civil War vet- 


eran. Ex-postmaster, Gallion, Ohio. Alarried Jennie Carter, born 1843. 
Child : Melvin Boyer, only child. 

F (8) Jeremiah Bo^-er, son of Christopher Columbus Beyer and" 
Elizabeth Gottshall, died at Waterloo, Indiana. Married. 

F (i) Israel Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Lydia Bensinger,. 
was born about 1825, and died ]\Iarch 2, 1846, of typhoid fever. Married 
Kate Fey. Child: Israel Boyer, born Feb. 23, 1846, Lewistown Valley,, 
Walker Twp., Pa. Lutheran. Carpenter. Married Kate Gerhard, Quak- 
ake. Pa. Children: (a) Henrietta S. Boyer. Mrs. Frank P. Kuyler, 56 
South Cedar St., Hazelton, l^a. Children: None, (b) Albert I. Boyer, 
born Nov. 17, 1880, married Kate ]\I. Eveland, Quakake, Pa. ChiUlren : 
Myrtle, Melvin, Leona, Elhvooil. 

F (2) Emmanuel Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Lydia Bensing- 
er, was born Jan. 23, 1829. Lutheran. Pioneer settler of IMahanoy 
City, Pa. Alerchant. Once burgess of city. Died Oct. 10, 1913. Mar- 
ried Elizabeth llorne. Children: Benjamin, William 11. Robert E. 

F (3) Joseph Hoyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Lydia liensinger,. 
was born Jan. 27, 1831. Address (1913) Tam^qua, Pa., R. F. D. I. 
Lutheran. Farmer. Often supervisor of roads. Alarried Magdalena 
Gunsette, daughter of Christian Gunsette, an Alsatian, of Weitersweilei, 
who came to Penns3'lvania with his father Philip Henry and his mother 
Margaret llauser Gunsette in 1S28. She was born in MitldIe[)ort, Pa., 
1835, 'iii^^ ^^^^^^ iy09 i" Lewistown Valley, near Tuscarora, Pa. .\ noble 
Christian woman. Children: Charles Clinton, .Mice Minerva, George 
Harris, and Frank Samuel. 

F (4) Benjamin Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Lydia Bcnsinger, 
was born Nov. 14, 1S32, died in Mahanoy City, Pa. Reformed. Coal 
dealer. A model Christian man. Married Susannah Home. No children. 

F (5) William Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Lydia Bensinger, 
v/as born Oct. 29, 1834. Address (19L3) hock Haven, Pa. Methodist. 
Lumber merchant. A noble Christian man. Class leader and exhorter 
for many years. Married Susannah Shoener. Children: Amelia, 'Israel, 
Missouri, Anna, Mary, and William. 

F (6) Jacob P)Oyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Lydia Bensinger, 
was born March 4, 1843. Address (1913) Tamaqua, Pa., R. F. D. i.. 
Evangelical church. Farmer. A noble Christian man, most active in 
church. I\larried Kate Bund. Children: Samuel, Amanda M., Mary 
Rebecca, Katherine, Annie L-, Isaiah C, George O., Almeda, Nora, 
Claude W., and Earl. 

F (y) Daniel Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Lydia Bensinger, 
was born Aug. 23, 1846. Address (1913) Tamaqua, Pa. Reformed. 
Salesman. One of the honored organizers of the Lewistown IJterarv 
Society, which sent out so many fine public men. President of Boyer 


Reunic.n in 1913. Man-icd Alary Rino-er. Children: Adeline, Emma, 
Gertrude, Robert S. 

F (8) John F. F.oyer, son of Samuel iJoyer and Lydia Bensinger, 
was born Sept. 8, 1850. Address (1913) Tamaqua, I'a. Evangelical 
church. Docking boss for Eehigh Coal and Navigation Company. Mar- 
ried Sarah lline. Children: Alilton, Samuel, Enniia, Ida, Willian. 
Bertha, Elizabeth, Pearl, and James E. 

F (9) Kate Boyer, daughter of Samuel Boyer and Lvdia Bensinf-er 
was born Aug. 9, 1S38, died Dec. 5, i883. Fvangelical" church. Uar- 
ried Eli Wertman. Cliild: Etta, married photographer William JJailey 
of Columbia, Pa. Children.. 

P (loj Elizabeth JJoyer, daughter of Samuel Boyer and Lydia Ben- 
singer, was born Nov. 28, 1840, and died April 3, 1906, in Allentown Pa 
Evangelical church. Married James Diener. Children: Kate, Cora 
and Alary. ' ' 

F (I) William Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Catharine Boughner 
was born about i8.r.. Died about 1871, Wabash Co., Ind. Ahirried 
Mary Heist. After lier death he married Susan Becht. Children: Four 
Frank Boyer, Castalia, Ohio. Others. 

F (2) Rachel Ho3'er, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Catharine Bough- 
ner, was born before 1831. Address (1910) Mrs. William Spragues. 
Cnddren: Alary, Armita, Austin, William. 

F (3) Jacob Poyer, sun of Jacob Boyer and Catharine Boughner 
%vas born June i, 1829. Address (1909) Urbana, Ohio. Alarried. '^Chil- 
dren : (1) Airs. Kelly, with ^vhom parents live. (2) William Boyer 
Address (19^10) Cable, Ohio. (3) Another son lives with parents. ' 

F (4) Samuel Pxjyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Catharine Bou<di- 
ncr, died at Tiptun, Jnd.iana. Alarried Eli;^abeth Laudig. Cliildren- 
Four or more. J'erl.aps Byron, and (xhers. 

F (5) Richard P,,yer, son of Jaojb Boyer and Catharine Bough- 
Ti^or, died about 1870, in Ilamiltun Co., Indiana. Alarried Mary Paul. 
Children : Samuel, Harriet, and others. 

F (6) John Jloyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Catharine Boughner 
was born Aug. 12, 1841. Address (1909) Cambridge City, Ind ""j^ f' 
D. 15. Alarried. Children: (a) Charles ]5oyer, of Lafayette', Ind • 
(b) Daniel P.oyer, of Aluncie, Ind.; (c) Bert Bover, of Peoria 111 - (d)' 
P:tta Boyer, Airs. Alonroc Young. ' ' > ^ J 

F (7) Alary Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Catharine Bough- 
ner, was born Alay 2O, 1841. Alarried Rodenbeck and later Rev A \' 
House. Children: William, Louise. 

F (8) Catherine Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Catharhie 
Boughner, was born May 25, 1839. Alarried Henry AI. Sowers Chil- 
dren : Mary, Frank, Harry, Nellie, Ross. 


F (9) Her.rictta Boyer, daug-hter of Jacob Boycr and Catharine 
Boughncr. .VcUIrcss (1910) }drs. iJenriclta Sliissler, 2S16 Kenwood Ave., 
Indianapolis, Ind. Fine genealogist. 

F (10) Daniel Bo}er, son of Jacob Boyer and Catharine Bough- 
ner. Address (i(j[o) Ivichniond, Ind. 

F ( 1 ) Joseph lioyer, son of Joseph Boyer and wife, died at age of 
75 years. ?\iarried Polly. Children: Charlotte. Address (1909) Mrs. 
Cliarlotte Hunter, Pern, Ind. Route il. 

1'' (2) George Boyer, son of Joseph Boyer and wife, died about 
18.70. Married. Children: (1) Joseph C. Boyer. Adilress ( 1910J 
Mishawaka, Ind. (2) Docia Boyer, Wabash, Ind. 

F (3) Rosetta Boyer, daughter of Joseph Boyer and wife, died Feb. 
1899. Married Ezra Bentley. Both died in Iowa. Children : Samuel, 
Mary, Rose, Effie. 

F ( I ) Catherine Boughner, daugliter of ^lary Boyer and John 
Boughner, was born about 1818. Married Swope. No children. 

F (2) Charles Boughner, son of Mary Boyer and John Boughner, 
was born Jan. 26, 1819, died Nov. 13, 1898. Married Mary Waltz. Chil- 
dren : Minerva, Flarriet, William, Emma, Sarah, Frank, Stella. 

' F (3) Mahlon Boughner, son of Mary ]5oyer and John Boughner, 
was born March 17, 1821, died June 10, 1900. Married Lucy Kaley. 
Children: (a) Ella E. Boughner. Address (1909) East Germantown, 
C)hio, and also (b) Mary E. Boughner, same address. 

F (4 ) Harriet Boughner, daughter of Mary Boyer and John Bough- 
ner, married Tolbort Carpenter, East Gennantown, Ohio. Children: 
Pauline, Mary, William, Ennna. 

F (1) Daniel iJensinger, son of Kate Boyer and Michael Ben- 
singer; F (2) Ivdward Hensing-er; F (3) Wilham Pensinger. Luth- 
eran minister. Book store, Tamaqua, Pa.; F (4) Priscilla Bensinger; 
V (5) I'rank Bensinger, married. Children: Charles Bensinger. Ad- 
dress (191 3) New Ringgold, Pa.; F (6) PennCville Bensinger; F (7) 
Frederick liensinger. Address (1912) McKeansburg, Pa. 

F (i) Abner Womer, son of Susan Boyer and John Womer, never 
married ; F (2) Melinda Womer, married Unius Werner ; F (3) Maria 
Womer, married Solomon Shoener; F (4) Kate Womer, married Solo- 
mon Shoener, after her sister's death. Among the children Frank 
Shoener, of Mt. Carmel. Pa.; F (5) Susannah Womer, married Charles 
Bausman; F (6) Caroline Womer, married Henry Wooden; F (7) 
Amanda Woijier; F (8) Sarah E. Womer, married David Dress; F (9) 
Anetta Womer, daughter of Susan Boyer and John Womer, married 
Amandus Womer, a cousin. 

F (i) Henry Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Mary Weint, lived 
in Fairfield Co., Ohio. Married Barbara Detweiler. Children: Alice, 


Welcla, Laura, Ella, John J. ; F (2) Andrew Boyer, married Jane Fish- 
paiigh. Children: Ida, Cora, Adena, John, Frank, WaUer; F (3) David. 
Boyer, married Anna Mary King. Children : Minerva, Mary A., Lydia 
'Ellen, Charles L., and William D. ; F (4) Mary Boyer; F (5) William 
Boyer, married JNIary Knepper. Children: Four. George Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1913) Pickerington, Ohio ; F (6) Jesse Boyer. Married. Child: 
Laura Boyer. 

F (i) Samuel Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Salome Lutz, was 
born Jan. 13, 1838. Farmer. Address (1910) Reed City, Mich.. R. 
F. D. 3, Box 33. Married Margaret Etters. Children : George William, 
Ida Elizabeth, Dora M., Harris E., Oscar D., Samuel C, John P., Daniel, 
Pearl, and Elsie. 

F (2) Henry Boyer, son of Samuel ]joyer and Salome Lui/, bin 
June 16, 1836, married Mollie Lawrence: Children: William, ChurL.-,. 

F (3) Jacob Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Salome Lutz, died 
near McKeansburg, Pa. Lived on a little farm. Married Anna Mo}er. 
Children : Lewis and Mary. 

F (4) Louisa Boyer, daughter of Samuel Boyer and Salome Lutz, 
married Jacob F. Petery. Cliiklren : Prof. Oscar Petery, Orwigsburg, 
Pa. Others. 

F (5) Mary Boyer, daughter of Samuel Boyer and Salome. Lutz, 
married Frederick Pflueger. Address (1910) West Norwegian St., 
Pottsville, Pa. Children. 

F (i) Benvill Boyer, son of Jonathan Boyer and Nancy Carter, 
was born April 22, 1833. Address (1910) Lockville, Ohio. Married. 
Children: (a) Irvin I joyer, of Lockville, Ohio, (b) Lizzie Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1910) Mrs. A. J. Dunlap, Lockville, Ohio, (c) Mary A. Boyer. 
]\Irs. M. M. Werner. Both dead. Son Earl L. Werner, Lockville, Ohio. 

F (2) Mary Boyer, daughter of Jonathan Boyer and Nancy Carter. 
Address (1910) Mrs. Mary Kistler, Carroll, Ohio. Married Kistler. 
Children: Mrs. Alex Jeffries, Los Angeles, Cal., and others. 

F (3) Rebecca Boyer, daughter of Jonathan Boyer and Nancy 

F (i) Amanda Boyer, daughter of Joshua Boyer and Susannah 
Shoener, married Coleman; F (2) Rebecca Boyer, marrie<l Wicklein. 
Address (1910) Mrs. Rebecca Wicklein, Tamaqua, Pa.; F (3) Susan- 
nah Boyer, married Francis Mover, of Ilccla, Pa. Children; F (4) 
Lucina Boyer, married Leiser. Children: C. F. Leiser. Adiiress (1909) 
TWnaqua, Pa., and others; F (5) Mary Boyer. Address (1910) Mrs. 
Mary Shepp, Tamaqua, Pa. Married Daniel Shepp. Children: Sons 
and daughters; F (6) Louisa Boyer, married ilouser. Children. 

F (7) J. Monroe Boyer, son of Joshua Boyer and Susannah Shoener, 
was born Oct. 8, 1852. Address (1910) Pottsville, Pa. Sheriff of 


Chapter XI. Page 275 

^ ' 



^j^^^-- ' '•• i 

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jmH^I^^^^^ ' n 



^^t!^«PK W^M ^,^-dH 

3HHiB^^^~L w^x . , vs \ >^- 



Chapter XIX, Page 300 


Schuylkill County. Married Martha V. Desh. Children: (a) Clarence 
Boyer, Pottsville, Pa.; (b) Herbert A. Boyer, Pottsville, Pa. 

F (8) Lewis W. Boyer, son of Joshua Boyer and Susannah Shoener, 
was born Sept. 13, 1863. Address (1910) Columbus, Ohio. Married 
Mary Rhinehart. Children: (a) Cora Boyer. Address (1909) Mrs. 
Max Schlichting-, Catasauqua, Pa. (b) Lillian Boyer. Mrs. George 
W. Miller, Canal Winchester, Ohio, (c) Robert Boyer. Soldier. Died 
unmarried, (d) Morgan Boyer, Columbus, Ohio, (e) Frank Boyer, 
Lancaster, Ohio. 

F (i) Daniel Edward Bo)er, son of Daniel Boyer and Fannie Hous- 
er, was born Oct. 24, ^842. Lutheran. Horse dealer. Married Maria 
Kimmel. After 'her death he married again. Children : Mary Boyer. 
Address (1910) Orwigsburg, Pa., and perhaps others. 

F (2) Lavina Boyer, daughter of Daniel Boyer and Fannie Plouser, 
was born March 8, 1814. Married Jacob Kimmel. Left no children. 

F (i) Mary M. Wernert, daughter of Lucina Boyer and Henry 
Wernert ; F (2) Oscar Wernert; F (3) Alonzo Wernert; F (4) 
Charles Wernert. 

F (i) Rose Ann Yeager, daughter of Louisa Boyer and Henry 
Yeager ; F (2) Daniel Yeager; F (3) Louisa Yeager was born i860. 
Address (1913) Orwigsburg, Pa. Adopted by her aunt, Mrs. Henry 
Krebs, Orwigsburg, Pa.; F (4) Rebecca Yeager; F (5) Mary Yeag- 
er; F (6) Elizabeth Yeager; F (7) Jolni Yeager; F (8) Henry Yeag- 
er; F (9) Percy Yeager. 

F ( I ) Lorenzo D. Boyer, son of William Boyer and Maria Als- 
pach, was born Dec. 13, 1834, in Fairfield Co., Ohio. Address (1910) 
Breckenridge, Mo. Married Harriet Everard. Children: (i) Noah 
Boyer, of Chicago, 111. (2) Sister Boyer, Breckenridge, Ji'Io. 

F (2) Noah Boyer, son of William P>oyer and Elizabeth Lytle, 

second wife, was born March 8, 1841. Lived at Quincy, Bl. Died there 

■Jan. I, 1888. Auctioneer. AL'irried Ellen McCullough. Children: (a) 

Letha Boyer. Address (1910) Mrs. John T. Bottom, Denver, Col. (b) 

Sister, (c) Harry Boyer, Kansas City, Mo. Perhaps others. 

F (3) Katharine Maria Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and 
Elizabeth Lytle, was born May 15, 1843, died Oct. 15, 1901. Married 
(March 11, 1873) Henry H. Kocher, a Moravian. Address (1910) Co- 
lumbus, Ohio. Care of Mrs. Gruhl, Contractor. Children: (a) Byron 
Bert, of Columbus, Ohio, (b) Kathryn E. Boyer. Address (1910) 
Mrs. Kate E. Gruhl, Hope, Indiana. 

F (4) Joseph Luther Boyer, son of William Boyer and Elizabeth 
Lytle, was born Dec. 18, 1847, ^^i^d in Kansas, March 20, 1889. Lived 
at Parsons, Kansas, many years. Married Mollie Trotter. Children : 
(a) Irma S. Boyer. Address (1910) Morrison, Oklahoma, (b) David 


Boyer, Garland, Kansas, (c) Elda Boyer, 26 W. Kenney St., Newark, 
N. J. (e) Elizabeth Boyer. (f) Ethel Boyer. Address (1910) Mrs. W, 
A. Gallt, Attica, N. Y. 

F (5) Harriet Jane Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and Eliza- 
beth Lytle, was born June 4, 1851. Married (1876) Jacob Wilson, a 
very wealthy man. Children. 

F (6) William Henry Boyer, son of William lioyer and Elizabeth 
Lytle, was born Jan. 17, 1854, died 1907 in Indianapolis, Ind. Mar- 
ried (1873) Julia Yealy. Children: (a) Adam Boyer. Address (1910) 
Peoria, 111. (b) Bern V. Hoyer. Address (1910) Kansas City, Mo. 
(c) Carrie Boyer. Mrs. Orville Vansandt, Indianapolis, Bui. (tl) Carl 
Boyer. Address (1910) Chicago, 111. 

F (7) B\ron Jefferson Boyer, son of William IjOj'er and Elizabeth 
Lytle, was born Feb. 23, 1855. AcUlress (1910) 1830 Ludlow Ave, 
Indianapolis, Ind. ]\Iarrieil .Mice Kemp. Children: (a) Ceorge Boyer, 
(b) Hayes Boyer, and (c) Gladys Boyer, all of 1704 Sheldon Ave., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

F (8) Adam E. Boyer, son of William Boyer and Elizabeth Lytle, 
was born June 26, i860. Address (1910), Kansas City, Mo. Married 
(1886) Turie Price. Children: Ray, Voris. 

F (i) Lyman Boyer, son of Levi Boyer and Elizabeth Glick, was 
born after 1840. Address (1910) Columbus, Indiana. Married. Chil- 
dren; F (2) Stephen Boyer is married. Address (1910) Newbourn, 
Ind. Children: Perhaps one son is Prof. Odo I'oyer, Newbourn, Ind.; 
F (3) Eve Ann Boyer married Robertson. Address (1910) between 
Columbus and Burnville, Ind. ; F (4) Mattie Boyer married John Petree. 
Children: Two daughters; F'(5) Charles Boyer. Farmer; F ((>) 
Joseph Boyer; F (7) Edward Ijoyer. Farmer. 

F (i) Hannah Boyer, daughter of Samuel Boyer and Elizabeth 
Fryer, was born Sept. 10, 1827. Address (1910) Mrs. J. R. Perry, 33 
West Jackson St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Married J. R. Perry. Children : 
Samuel, Elizabeth, Lycus, Lenore, Venus, Lillian. 

F (2) lienry Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Elizabeth Fryer, 
was born 1834, Middleport, Pa. Address (1910) 398 E. Main St., 
Bradford, Pa. Enlisted in 48th Regiment, Pa. Volunteers. Lieutenant 
and then captain. Served over three years. After war located in the 
oil region. Merchant. Married Martha Giddings. She died. He mar- 
ried again. Children: (a) George Boyer. Dead, (b) Emma Boyer. 
Address (1910) Mrs. Rev. George Storner, of 4224 Irving Park Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. (c) Lena Boyer. At home, (d) Adelaide E. Boyer, of 
398 East Main St., Bradford, Pa. (e) Francis D. Boyer, of 4224 Irving 
Park Bldg., Chicago, 111. (191 5) 86 Corneu St., Bradford, Pa. Mar- 
ried. Child: Ruth Ellen, born June 24, 191 5. 



F (3) Samuel C. Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Elizabeth Fryer, 
was born Nov. 18, 1829, died Nov. 17, 1902, buried at Port Clinton, Pa. 
]\Ierchant. Great reader. Schooled in Kingston Seminary. Married 
Rebecca Dewald, Port Clinton, Pa. Children: (a) Alary O. Boyer, 
Port Clinton, Pa. (b) William D. Boyer, of 1560 Monroe Ave., Scran- 
ton, Pa. (c) Samuel C. Boyer, of 196 E. State St., Athens, Ohio, (d) 
Archibald Boyer, of 196 E. State St., Athens, Ohio. 

F (4) Elizabeth C. Boyer, daughter of Samuel Boyer and Elizabeth 
Fryer, married Abraham D. Savage, lloth buried at Port Clinton, Pa. 
Children: Samuel J., Abraham E., Clara M., Mary E., and Albert, 

F (5) Edward Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Elizabeth Fryer, 
was born May 6, 1836, and died about 1905, Port Clinton, Pa. Married 
twice, (i) Sarah Steely; (2) Anna lloyt (living 1913). Children: (a) 
Belle. Address (1913) Mrs. Claude llartman, 521 Robeson St., Read- 
ing, Pa. (b) Florence l^oyer. Address (1913) 1732 North Warnoek 
St., Phila., Pa. (c) Samuel Boyer. Address (1913) 2213 Oxford St., 
I'liila., Pa. (d) George Boyer, 4505 Paul St., Frankford, Phila., Pa. 
Instrument maker, (e) Lillie (Mrs. Joseph Hazel). Child: Ruth Hazel. 
Address (1913J 1436 W. Toronto St., Phila., Pa. (f) Grace (Mrs. Dr. 
Harry Kirby) 3419 N. Whipple St., Chicago, 111. Son: Harry, (g) 
Elizabeth (Mrs. Charles Weston) 2219 N. Mole St., Phila., Pa. (h) 
Mary (Mrs. George Stewart). Children: George, Beatrice, Florence 
(Mrs. Jessie Douglass) 2313 N. Lambert St., Phila., Pa. (i) Sarah 
(Mrs. William Tilford and then Mrs. Joseph Bauman. Children: Ad- 
dress 7 Kate Ave., Baltimore, j\Id. 

F (6) Sarah Ann Hoyer, daughter of Samuel Boyer and Elizabeth 
Fryer, married Henry Weikel. Children: Charlotte, Efiie. 

F(i) Charles L. Hoyer, son of Charles E. Boyer and Salome Eb- 
ling, was born Sept. 13, 1835, ^t Orwigsburg, Pa., died Aug. 18, 1899. 
Buried at IJethleh.em, Pa. Lutheran. Engineer. Married Sarah Ann 
Fox. Children: Charles L- Boyer, of 414 Washington Ave., Bethle- 
hem, Pa. (b) Minnie Esther Boyer. Address (1910) Mrs. Samuel 
Klotz, Jeter Ave., S. Bethlehem, Pa. (c) William W. Boyer, of 1025 
Jeter Ave., S. Bethlehem, Pa. (d) Sarah Boyer. (e) Catharine Boyer. 

F (2) Susan Boyer, daughter of Charles L. Boyer and Salome 
Ebling, married Lindenmuth, of 925 Cotton St., Reading, Pa. Children 

F (3) Sybilla Boyer, daughter of Charles L. Boyer and Salome 
Ebling, married Elliott; F (4) Sarah Boyer married Diefenderfer ; F (5) 
Ellen Boyer, married Jackson Seiders. Address (1910) Tamaqua, Pa.; 
F (6) Mary Boyer, married Jno. Fink, of Tamaqua, Pa. F (7) Cath- 
arine Boyer, married Charles Breisch. Children : Thomas, others. F 
(8) Thomas B. Boyer, was a soldier. Married. Children: Two daugh- 


ters, Mrs. Frank IMarsteller, South Bcthk-hem, Pa. ; F (9) George lioyer, 
Pittston, Pa. No children. 

F (i) Daniel M. Boyer, son of John S. Boyer and Sarah Moyer, 
was born Ap'ril i, 1833. Died at Reading, Pa., 1904. Methodist. Mar- 
ried. Children: (a) William F. Boyer, of Philadelphia, Pa., married 
Sarah Hardman. (b) Howard H. Boyer, died at Reading-, Pa. (c) 
Thomas C. Boyer, died at Ilerwick, Pa. (dj Charles E. Boyer, 1142 
N. 9th St., Readings Pa. Married Ida Frey. (e) Geort^e W. Boyer. 
His widow Emma F. Boyer, 1640 Perkiomen Ave., ReadTng, Va. ({) 
John S. Boyer, Easton, Pa. Alarried Charlotte Johns. Four children, 
(g) Dan. Boyer, ^3 Orange St., Reading", Pa. (h") Kate Boyer (Meek) 
Bethlehem, Pa. (i) Ida Boyer Ouimby, New Castle, Pa (j) \nnie 
Boyer, 828 N 2nd St., Reading", Pa. 

F (2) John W. Boyer, son of John S. Boyer and Sarah Aloyer 
was born Oct. 17, 1834. Address (19a)) New Harmonv. Ind. Metho- 
dist. Locomotive engineer. iAlarried Sarah Bauscher. jjorn 3d arch 11 
1837. Died Oct. 17, 1899. Children: (a) Ada Bover. Address (irjio) 
Mrs. Ada Shuman, Catawissa, Pa. (b) Alice Bover. Address (1910; 
IVIrs. Alice Knelpke, 304 Edgar St., Evansville, Ind. (c) Laura Boyer 
(d) John Sanford Boyer, of Kokomo, Ind. (e) Charles W Boyer of 
Peoria, 111. (f) Edwin E. Boyer, of New Harmony, Ind (cj Kate 
Boyer, of New Harmony, Ind. (h) Anne Boyer, of New Harmo^iy, Ind. 
F (3) Samuel F. Boyer, son of John S. Buyer and Sarah Mover 
was born Nov. 7, 1838. Died at Pawtucket, R. I. Printer. 

F (4) Henry C. Boyer, son of John S. Boyer and Sarah Moyer 
was born Aug. 30, 1843. Hamburg, Pa. Address (1910) Scranton, Pa' ' 
Presbyterian. Postmaster at Shenandoah, Pa., under Grant. Railway 
mail agent under Garfield and Arthur and Harrison. Chief of Mailin- 
Department International, Correspondence School, Scranton, Pa Fine 

M., of M . Clen.ens, Mich. (b) Mary B. Boyer. Address (1913 Ms 
Fred J. Benner, 828 N. 2nd St., Reading, Pa. 

F (5) George M. ]3oyer, son of John S. Boyer and Sarah Moyer 
was born Nov. 19, 1849. Printer, Pottsville, Pa. Married Emma Dusio. ' 

F (6) S. Amanda Boyer, daughter of John S. Boyer and Sarah 
Moyer, born Sept. 19. 1845. Married William Fox, of Tamacuia Pa 
Children: Annie L., Jamella, John C, William, Emma E., C^eor-e' Ed- 
ward, and Leroy C. > ^ > ^ ^ 

F (7) Susan Boyer, daughter of John S. Boyer and Sarah Aloyer 
born Fek 11 1852. Married Samuel R. Miner, of 419 -Pushkin St.,' 
Easton, Pa. Children : Albert, Mary, Robert, George. 
. F (8) Emma C. Boyer, daughter of John S. Boyer and Sarah 


Moyer, born Jan. 11, 1848. Married George Hirst. Children: Lettie 
R., Amiie E., Georg:e S., James F., Gertrude, Kate T., John R. 

F (9) Ehza M. Boyer, daughter of John S. Boyer and Sarah Moyer, 
born Feb. 3, 1854. Married James W. Hofman, 185 Winfield Ave., 
Jersey City, N. J. Children: Mary B., Sarah M., Margaret N., Eliza 
M., Gertrude B., Harry E., Florence L., John D., Nellie B., and William J. 

F (10) Louise Boyer, daughter of John S. Buyer and Sarah Moyer, 
born Jan. 8, 1857. Married Amaudus Greenawalt, 540. Centre St., Potts- 
ville, I'a. Cliildren: George C, Claude H., Alfred A., and Florence J. 

F (i) Daniel Christian Boyer, son of Daniel E. Boyer and Anna 
Eveland, was born Feb. 3, 1839, and died May ly, 1870. Married. Chil- 
dren : Maggie E., Mrs. J. H. Silliman. Address (1909) Cleveland, 
Ohio. Sarah, Mrs. Sarah Walborn, Findale, Pa. Jennie. 

F (2) David Rittenhouse Boyer, son of Daniel L. Boyer and Anna 
Eveland, was born March i, 1842. Williamsport, Pa. Married Matilda 
Kaup. Children: Daniel. H., 19 Bennett St., Williamsport, Pa. Harri- 
son D., 1 108 Elmira St., Williamsport, Pa. Mary, Mabel. 

F (3). John Henry iSoyer, son of Daniel E. Boyer and Anna Eve- 
land, was born Oct. 17, 1847, ^^ ^^'■'^^^ Clinton, Pa., and died at Wihiams- 
port, Pa. Attended Kutztown Normal School. Cashier of National 
.Bank, Williamsport, Pa. Marrietl Adelia Tyson. Children : Clarence 
Stanley, 30 S. 13th St., Plarri.sburg, Pa. Marion Adelia, ]\Irs. George 
W. Clinger, 619 N. Front St., Milton, Pa. 

F (4) Sarah Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Daniel E. Boyer and 
Anna Eveland, born Aug. 9, 1859, married Joseph A. Walborn. Ad- 
dress (1910) Auburn, Pa., R. F. D. Children: Claude, others. This 
family has the old Bible that helped us so much. 

F (5) George Washington Boyer, son of Daniel E. Boyer and Anna 
Eveland, was born Feb. 28, 1856. Address (1913) 438 Market St., Wil- 
liams])ort, Pa. Married. Children: (a) Archie, (b) Roy (c) Florence 
Boyer, married Judge W. S. Godbee, Millen, Ga., April 14, 1913. Her 
husband was shot at Millen, Ga., Aug'. 18, 1913. 

F (6) Sarah Lydia Boyer, daughter of Daniel E. Boyer and Anna 
Eveland, born 1850, married Focht, of Adamsdale, Pa. Children. 

F (i) Ellen Boyer, daughter of .William Ijoyer and Margaret 
Reiflinger, born March 21, 1838, near Pottsville, Pa. Married Thomas 
Acord. Address (J912) Mrs. Ellen Acord, Adelphi, Ohio. Children: 
Mrs. Maude Dent, Adelphi, Ohio. F (2) Hannah l^oyer married Mc- 
Alains, of Columbus, C;hio; F (3) Anna Boyer married Nelson, of Co- 
lumbus, Ohio. 

F (i) Elizabeth V. Boyer, daughter of George D. Boyer and 
•Coletta Orwig, born about 1834, married W. T. Reed, 1169 E. Jersey St., 
Elizabeth, N. J. Children: (i) Stanley E. Reed, 1169 E. Jersey St., 


Elizabeth, N. J. (2) George A. Reed. Address (1910) 63 Lockhart 
St., VVilkes-Barre, Pa. (3) Katheriiie V. Reed. 

F (2) Irwin E. Boyer, was born Oct. 21, 1845. He died 1895. 
Married Rose S. Stimbel, 93 Fairview Ave., Rlainiield, N. J. Child: Ea- 
win S. Boyer, 93 Fairview Ave., Plainfield, N. J.; F (3) Zelia Boyer 
was born March 7, i8.;8, married John I'eard, of 422 Tremont St., Norih 
Tonawanda, N. Y. Cluldren: (1) Irvin M. B.eard. Address (1910) 
3826 Park Heights Ave., Baltimore, Md. (2 ) Coletta O. Beard, at home ; 
F (4) Edrig A. Boyer was born Jan. 18, 1850. Address (1910) Tama- 
qua, Pa. Merchant. Reformed. Married Annie Kintzel. Ileli)cd hi.s- 
torian record his people; F (5) Frank Jerome Boyer was born March 
15, 1852. Address, 819 ATaryland Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. IMarried Mary 
E. Fowler. Children : Ernst, Pierce, Jerome. 

F (i) C. H. Gulp, son of Katherine Boyer and Plelfrick Culp. 
Address (1910) Topeka, Kansas; F (2) D. B. Culp; Address (1910) 
Decatur, PL; F (3) Ellen C. Culp, married Nichols. Address (1910) 
Decatur, PI., R. F. D. No. 3. 

G ( I ) Charles Boyer, son of John Boyer and Catherine Lutherland, 
was born Nov. 13, i8()6. Address (1910) 717 Jefferson St., Lafayette, 
Ind. Lutheran. Became Catholic. Laborer. Married Alamie. Child: 
Charles A. Boyer, born Sept. 25, 1895; G (2) Daniel Boyer, of ]\Iuncie, 
Lul. ; G (3) Bert Boyer, of Peoria, PI. 

G ( I ) Mary Ann Sowers, daughter of Catherine Boyer and Plenry 
M. Sowers, was born June 22, 1862. Married Thomas Kirlin. Address 
(1909) Ingalls, Indiana. Children: Flora, Floyd ; G (2) Frank Sowers 
was born March 22, 1869. Address (1909) East Germantown, CMiio. 
Married Elizabeth House. Children: Ralson, Verne, Fay; G (3) Harry 
Sowers, born Sept. 7, 1871. Married Harriet Gephart; G (4) Nellie 
Sowers, born July 12, 1874. Married Lou Gordon. Children: Paul, 
George, Merle; G (5) Ross Sowers married Lena Eliason. 

G ( I ) ALarcus F. Wysong, sou of Plenrietta Boyer and Cyrenius 
Wysong, was born Oct. 6, 1873. Address (1910) Lidianapolis, Lid.; G 
(2) Edna Wysong, born Dec. 12, 1874. Married Clarence F. Greenough, 
of Lidianapolis, Lid.; G (3) Elida Wysong, born Feb. 9, 1880. Married 
Walter E. Asbaugh, Lidianapolis, Lid.; G (4) Ella R. Shissler, daugh- 
ter of Henrietta I>oyer and second husl)and Joseph Shissler, born April 
18, 1885; G (5)' Sherrill Samuel Shissler, born 1891. 

G (i) Binuni Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Belle Wharton. 
Lives at Richmond, Ind. 

G (i) Lorian D. Boyer, son of Benjamin Boyer and Rachel Boyer, 
his cousin. Address (1910) Swanton, Ohio; G (2) Sula Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1910) Bucyrus, Ohio; G (3) Rosanna Boyer. Address (1910) 
Mrs. Rosanna McCormick, 925 Beech Ave., Allegheny, Pa. 


O (i) Adeline Boyer, daughter of Christian C. Boyer and Catlierine 
Brehman, married Thomas Ash. Adch-ess (1910) Mrs. Thomas Ash, 
Newark, Arkansas ; G (2) Eusebia lk)yer married WiUiam Montgomery.' 
Address (1910) Mrs. Wilham Montgomery, Houston, Mo.; G (3) 
Aresta LneiiKki Boyer, married George E. Finney. Address (1910) 
' Mrs. George E. Finney, Kewaniia, Ind., R. F. D. i ; G (4) EHzabeth 
Frances Boyer, married John Leij)]). Achlress (1910) Mrs. John Leipp, 
Ckn'ekmd. Ohio; G (5) John Urden Boyer, was born May 6, 1864. Ad- 
dress (1910J 331 ik'llefontaine Ave., Marion, Ohio; G (6) Agnes Re- 
becca ]!oyer, married WaUer W. Scott, vSuttgart, Arkansas, R. V. D. i; 
G (7) Matilda Fuella Boyer married Ricliard Cosgrove. Address (1910) 
Airs, ]^;ichar'.l Co^grove, Bucyrus, Oliio. 

G (1) Andrew Boyer. Address (T910) Bucyrus, R. F. D. 

G (1) Andrew B(jyer, son of Daniel C. Bo3'er and wife, lived at 
Bucyrus, (Jhio, R. F. 1). 

G ,( O Fowis Seligman, son of Sevilla Boyer and William v^eligman, 
lived at Upper Sandusky, Ohio. 

Gm, 1) Nettie lioyer, daughter of Joshua P. Boyer and Charlotte 
Stough, married William A. Monnett, of Martel, Ohio; G (2) Emma 
Boyer married Grove, of J'arker, Kansas ; G (3) Delia iSoyer married 
Failor, of Carthage, Oklahoma; G (4) Lulu Boyer married '.Mr. Dawly. 
Address ( 1910) Mrs. Lulu Dawly, Box 394 Delaware, Ohio. 

G ( 1 ) Melvin IF Boyer, son of Edward R. lioyer and Phoebe 
Jennie Carter, was born about 1864. Achlress (1910) 229 Gill Ave., 
Gallion, Ohio. Married. Child: James Melvin. 

(i (1) Benjamin Boyer, son of Emmanuel Boyer and Elizabeth 
Home, was born April i, 1853. Address (1910) .428 \V. Spruce St., 
Mahanoy City, Pa. Reformed. Carpenter. Died at 206 Wood St., 
Norristown, i'a., Oct. 22, 1914. Married Alvena Smith. Children: (a) 
Mary E. Boyer, born J )ec. 9, 1883, married p:hner G. Thomas. Dead. 
Address (1913) Mrs. Mary E. Thomas, Norristown, Pa.; (b) Irma Flor- 
ence Boyer. Married. Address (T914) 1034 E. Centre St., Mahanoy City, 
Pa.; G (2) William H. I!oyer, born Feb. 17, 1858. Huckster, Mahanoy 
City. Reformed Church. Married Flenrietta Hughes. Children: 
Harold Emmanuuel, Charles Henry, Leroy Albright, IVLary Elizabeth, 
William fames; G (3) Ro!)ert E. Boyer was born about i860. Address 
(1915) Hotel Rand, St. Louis, Mo. Photographer. 

G (i) Dr. Charles C. Boyer, son of Joseph Boyer and Magdalena 
Gunsette, was born Aug. 6, 1860. Address (1913) State Normal School, 
Kutztown, Pa. Lutheran minister. Vice-Principal of State Normal 
School. Institute lecturer. Author of books for teachers. Flistorian 
of the American Boyers. Married Margie Wright, daughter of Calvin 


Wright, Cavalry Captain of Civil War. Only child : Karl Wrig-ht Boyer, 
born Nov. 26, 1897, at Mt. Carmel, Pa. 

G (2) Alice Minerva Hoyer, daughter of Joseph Boyer and Mag- 
dalena Gunsette, was born Sept. 17, 1862. Married William Merkel, of 
Tamaqua, R. F. D. i. No children. 

G (3) Dr. George H. Boyer, son of Joseph Boyer and Magdalena 
Gunsette, was born Sept. 6, 1866. Address ( 1915) 528 N. r)th St., Allen- 
town, Pa. Physician of high reputation. Second ] 'resident of Ass(jcia- 
tion of American Boyers. Married Jennie h. Houser. Children : ]\Iiriam, 
Ruth, John, Grace, Gladys, Dorothy. 

G (4) Dr. Frank S. Boyer, son of Joseph Boyer and ATagilalena 
Gunsette, was born Sept'. 7, 1875. Address (1913) 16 N. Second St., Al- 
lentown. Pa. Physician. , Examjining Physician Allentown Schools. 
President of Board of Directors of Association of American Boyer;,. 
Alarried Carrie Belzner. No children. 

G (i) Amelia Jioyer, daughter of William Boyer and Susannah 
Shoeuer, born May 28, 1858. Married Levi Stegmeier, of Tamaqua, I'a. 
Children : George, William, Fred, Clayton, Frank, Susan, Marry L., 
and Anna. 

G (2) Lsrael Boyer, son of William Boyer and Susannah Shoener, 
was born Oct. 30, 18G0. iVlethodist. Grocer, of Lock Haven, Pa. Alar- 
ried Maggie Beynon. Children: Richard, Earle, Tola. 

G (3) Missouri Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and Susannah 
Shoener, born Aug. 30, 1862. Married John P. Freed, of 711 Franklin 
St., Williamsport, Pa. Children: William, Samuel, Anna, Laura, Robert. 

G (4) Anna E. Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and Susannah 
Shoener, born June, 1S68. Married Harry iV. Stevenson, of Lock 
Haven, Pa. 

G (5) Mary Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and Susannah 
Shoener, born April 4, 1873. Married Trexler, of Lock Haven, Pa. 
Children : Leroy, Malcom, Elizabeth, William. 

G (6) William Boyer, son of William Boyer and Susannah Shoener, 
■was born May 9, 1875. Lumberman. Lock PLiven, Pa. Married Nellie 
Young. Children: William, Anna. 

G ( I ) Samuel O. Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Kate Bond, was 
an Evangelical minister of rare beauty of character. J le died unmarried. 

G (2) Amanda M. P.oyer, daugiiter of Jacol) I^oyer and Kate Bond, 
born Nov. 19, 1865. Married Charles Wagner, of 500 Sanderson St., 
Pottsville, Pa. Children: Mamie, Samuel, Norman, Stella." 

G (3) Mary Rebecca Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Kate 
Bond, born Dec. 30, 1867. Married Abraham PRMsler, of Tamaqua, Pa. 
Ciiildren: Arthur S., Eilna Iv., Leon, Warren, Sadie D., Florence. 

G (4) Catherine Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Kate Bond, 


iDorn April 16, 1873. ^farried Jacob Koch, of Taniaqua, Pa., R. F. D. 
Children: Maria L., Claude F., Atwoocl, llertha, lola R., Paul. 

G (5) Annie L. Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Kate Bond, 
born April 13, 1874. Married John \\'agner, of Pottsville, Pa. Chil- 
dren : Hobart, I. Foster. 

G (6) Isaiah C. Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Kate Bond, was 
born Aug". 10, 1879. Evangelical Church. Farmer. Tamaqua, Pa., R. 
F. D. I. Married Mag"g'ie Wagner. Children: Plonier, Floyd. 

G (7) Georg'e O. Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Kate Bond, was 
born March 27, 18S0. Evang'elical Church. Farmer, Tamaqua, Pa., R. 
F. D. I. 

G (8) Almeda Boyer, daug'hter of Jacob Boyer and Kate Bond, 
born Oct. 2, 1S82. iMarried Walter Bensinger, June 30, 1906. 

G (9) Nora A. IJoyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Kate Bond, 
born Aug. 24, 18S4. 

G ( 10) Claude W. Bo\cr, son of Jacob Boyer and Kate F5ond, was 
born March 15, 1886. Address (1913) Tamaqua, Pa. Evangelical 
Church. TcacliL-r. \'ery 'ine man. Afarried. Children: Ruth, Charles. 

G (11) Earl Boyer, son of Jacob Hoyer and Kate Bond, was born 
IMarch 7, 1890. Evangelical Church. Farmer. Tamaqua, Pa., R. F. D. 
Married. Children : Wilbur, Elizabeth. 

G ( I ) Adeline J. Boyer, daug"htcr of Daniel B. Boyer and Mary 
Ringer, born Aug. 10, 1869. Married Charles Z. Hoppes, of Harrisburg, 
Pa. Children : Raymond I\Ielvin, Lea May, Flarrisburg, Pa. ; G (2) 
Emma M. Boyer, born June 3, 1873; G (3) Nora Gertrude Boyer, born 
June 16, 1881 ; G (4) Robert S. Boyer, was born Oct. i, 1885. Address 
(1913) 117 N. Franklin St., Allentown, Pa. Married. Child. 

G (i) Milton ( ). Boyer, son of John F. Boyer and Sarah Hine, 
was born Dec. 8, 1871 ; G (2) Samuel I. Boyer, was born Aug. 2, 1873, 
and died about 1914. Liitheran. Finisher in shoe factory, Orwigsburg, 
Pa. IMarried Hannah Yeager. Children: Edna, ^Villiam, Hazel, Ruth; 
G (3) Emma Boyer, married William A. Whetstone, Tamaqua, Pa. 
Children: Violet, John, Milton, Earl, l^uth; G (4) Ida Boyer, married 
Robert Thompkins. Blacksmith. Children: Lawrence, Myrtle; G (5) 
William Boyer, was born Nov. 30, 1883. Roadway supervisor, Mahanoy 
Plane, Pa.; G (6) Bertha Boyer, was born Jan. 11, 1886. .Died July 3, 
1895; G (7) Eli.rabeth i]oyer, was born July 5, 1888; G (8) Pearl Boyer, 
was born Sept. 3, 1895; G (9) James E. Boyer. 

G ( I ) Kate Diener, daughter of Elizabeth Boyer and James Diener, 
married Miles Freed, of Allentov/n, Pa.; G (2) Cora; G (3) Mary. 

G (i) George William Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Margaret 
Etters, was born Jan. 11, 1869. Address (1910) Boyne City, Michigan; 
G (2) Ida Elizabeth Boyer, married Ernest E. Doying, of Boyne City, 


Mich.; G (3) Dora M. I5oycr, married G. F. Hall, of Gordon, ATich.; G 
(4) Harris E. Boyer, lives at Reed City, Mich.; G (5) Oscar D. Boyer, 
Boyne City, Mich.; G (6) Samuel C. Boyer, J:5oyne City, Mich.; G (7) 
John 1'. Boyer, Boyne City, Mich.; G (8) Daniel Boyer, Boyne City, 
Mich.; G (9) Pearl J. Boyer, Boyne City, Mich; G (10) Elsie H. Boyer. 

G (i) William Boyer, sc^n of Henry Bo}er and Molly Eawrcnce, 
lives at Mantz. Pa.; G (2) Charles Boyer, Summit Hill, Pa. 

G (i) Lewis Boyer, son of Jacob Ijoycr and Anna Moyer, lives at 
New Ringj>-old, Pa.; G (2) Mary Boyer, iiiarried John Stemler, of 
Tumbling- Run, Pa. 

G (i) Oscar Petery, son of Louisa Boyer and Jacob F. Petery, born 
at Pottsville, Pa., T\Lay 13, 1856. Address (iqto) Prof. Oscar Petery, 
Orwigsburg, Pa.; G (2 — (>) Horace, William, Ida, Clara, Bertha. 


B (4) Martin Beyer, son of Andreas Beyer and wife, was born 1720, 
Palatinate, Germany. Came Sept. 5, 173S, with father and brothers. 
There are no traces of his descendants to be found, unless Georg^e Boyer, 
of Windsor Twp., Berks County, Pa. was a son. 

C. ( 1 ) Georg^e Beyer, ])robably the son of Martin Beyer, one of 
the four sons of the immigrant Andreas Beyer. The first Boyer baptism 
recorded in- St. Paul's Church, Windsor Township, Berks County, Penn- 
sylvania, is that of John George J^eier, son of Georg-e Beier, May 10, 
1756. From the fact that Samuel Beyer, son of Christian Beyer and 
his wife — of the historian's family tree — was baptized in this congrega- 
tion P'^ebruary i, 1S07, die historian believes that the above named George 
belongs to the same '"tree," and although John George l^eyer is the 
only child of George IJeyer (Beier) recorded in St. Paul's Church, 
the historian believes that John George lieyer had at least the f()llowing 
brothers: Jacob, Benjamin, and Daniel. These three appear in Rich- 
mond Twp., Berks Co., Pa., as early as 1772. Li the Richmond Tax-list 
Jacob Beyer is recorded as an "inmate." This term probably denotes 
that he was "at home" in the township for the time being, but that he 
really belonged to a neighboring township. Whether these f(jur boys 
were really brothers or not, may never be known, but one thing is cer- 
tain, that the descendants of Jacob lieyer, a number of whom the his- 
torian has seen and known, resemble his own i)eople so closely that there 
can be almost no doubt of the family connections. 

D (i) John George Be3'er, son of George Beyer (Beier) and his 
wife, was baptized May 10, 1756, as recorded in St. Paul's Church, Wind- 
sor Twp., I'erks Co., Pa. No Boyer baptisms are then recorded until 
August 10, 1795, when George Michael Beyer, son of Michael Beyer and 
his wife Gertrude, was born. To this same couple a daughter Plannah 


was born March 3, 1798. On May 9, 1803, George Michael Beyer, son 
of Frederick Beyer and his wife Margaret, was born. The historian 
beHeves that Michael Beyer and Frederick Beyer were sons of John 
George Beyer, but has thus far found no trace of the descendants. A 
Joseph Beyer, son of Daniel Beyer and wife Susanna, was born May 
■ 17, 1826, and was probably also a relative. Interesting- confinnation 
records are also found, but remain unidentified. 

D (2) Jacob lieyer, probably a son of Georga- Beyer and his wife,, 
was very likely born in Windsor Twp., Berks Co., Fa., about 1750-1755' 
judg-ing from Iviichniond Twp. Taxdists. Fie appears in this township 
as an "mmate" in 1772, a young- man. From accounts found in Moselem 
Church, Richmond Twp., he was a "car])enter." This occupation would 
account for his being only an "inmate" in the township. He must have 
been "of age" in 1772 in order to be taxed, and not a proi)erty holder, 
but a "boarder." His youngest child was born in 181 1, so that he prob- 
ably died some years later. He married Rebecca Elizabeth (or .Margaret) 
Adolph, as certificates in the liands of Joel Boyer, Moselem, show, and 
then lived near Moselem Church. Chiiclrcn: Samuel, George? David? 
Solomon, John Henry, and Folly. 

D (3) ]>,enjamin Beyer, son of George Beyer and his wife, married 
Catharine Fifer and afterwards a second wife. Children, so far as re- 
ported: Jacob, George, Albert. 

D (4) Daniel Ik>)'cr, son of George Beyer and his wife, married. 
Children: Sarah, and perhaps others. 

F, (i) Samuel F.oyer, son of Jacob Beyer and wife Rebecca Adolph, 
was born Oct. 18, 1791, in Richmond Twp., Berks Co., Fa., and died 
Dec. 25, i8r)0. F.uried at Moselem Church. Fulheran. Shoemaker. 
Married Sarah Lukens, born March 11, 1792. She died Dec. ii, 1858. 
Chddren: Samuel, girl, Levi, and John. 

E (2) John Henry Boyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Rebecca Adolph, 
was born Feb. 17, iSii, died Oct. 27, 1892, and is buried at Moselem 
Church. Lived near Moselem Church, Richmond Twp., Berks Co., Pa, 
Married (May 18, 1832) Katharine Adam, born Dec. 8, 181 1. She'died 
Nov. 21, 1881. Children : Jacob, Henry A., Lavina, and Joel A. 

E (3) Solomon Boyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Rebecca Adolph, 
was born April 13, 1805. Went to New York State, where he married 
a woman who also came from Berks County, Fa. Children: Rudolph 
Boyer (who married Rebecca Boyer, a relative, and later lived in Schuyl- 
kdl Co., Fa.), anil perhaps others. 

E (4) Polly Boyer, daughter of Jacob Beyer and Rebecca Adolph, 
married Samuel Kline. Children: Nathan Kline. Address ( 1910) Wal- 
nuttown, P. Kate Kline, and Sarah Kline. 

E (5) George Boyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Rebecca Adolph, died 


in Maiden Creek Twp., 15erks Co., Pa., very young. A'larrieil. Chiklren: 
David Beyer, and perhaps others. 

E (6) David Boyer, son of Jacob Beyer and Rebecca Adolph, was 
a blacksmith near Half-Way House, Maiden Creek Twp., Berks Co., 
Pa., married. Children : David, Benjamin, Hannah, and perhaps others. 

E (i) Jacob I'oyer, .son of lienjamin Boyer and his wife, was killed 
on the railroad. Married. Children: (several). 

E (2) George Boyer, son of Benjamin Beyer and his wife, lived 
at IMoselem Springs,' Pa. Married. Children: (a) George iJoyer, of 
Virginsville, Pa. Married Sarah Rausch, anil afterwards his lirother 
Jacob's wife. Children: (i) Milton Chester Boyer, son of first wife. 
Address (1013) Shoemal:ersville, Pa. Born March 19, 1890. Children 
of second marriage: Herbert, Mary, Ida, Helen, Earl, all at home. E 

(3) Albert? 

E (i) Sarah In^yer, daughter of Daniel Boyer and his wife, mar- 
ried Samuel Geliret, born J;ui. 2, 1800. Children: (a) Samuel 1j. Gehret, 
born Sept. 19, 1848. Address 724 N 2nd St., Reading, Pa. Others. 

F (i) S".muel Bo}'er, son of Samuel Boyer and Sarah Lukens, was 
horn about 1835, and died at Danville, Pa., in 1S60. Lutheran. Brick- 
layer. Married Annie Heffner. She died about two weeks later. Chil- 
dren: (a) Elizabeth Boyer, born Jan. 8, i860. Lutheran, ^larried 
Elias Schlcnker, Kutztown, Pa., Route i. Children: (1) Trvin Sclilenk- 
er, Leesport, Pa. (2) Gertrude Lenora married Harr)- Ritter, 1031 Green 
St., Reading, Pa. (3) Henry Eugene Schlenker, Kutztown, Pa., Route 5. 

(4) Robert Victor Schlenker, Reading, Pa. (b) ]^dary Emma Boyer, 
older sister of Elizabeth, married Frank Heffner, 544 Locust St., Read- 
ing, Pa. 

F (2) A daughter of Sauniel Ijoyer and Sarah Lukens, married Dr. 
James O'Boyle, Kutztown, l^a. Only son: Reverend Robert O'Boyle. 
Address (1910) Sunbury, Pa. Has a son. 

F (3) Levi Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Sarah Lukens, is 
buried at Fleev/ood, Pa. Lutheran. Soldier. Farmer. Married Eliza- 
beth \Vanner. Children: jNlalinda, Lucetta, Martin, Sarah, Isabel, 
Amanda, Clara, Kate, Plenry, Hannah, Bessie. 

F (4) John Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Sarah Lukens. Mar- 
ried. Wife's address (1910) Buttonwood or N. nth St., Reading, Pa. 
Only son : Samuel, P>altimore, Md. 

F (5) Kate Boyer, daughter of Samuel Boyer and Sarah Lukens, 
iTiarried Joel Sassaman. Children : Joel Sassaman, Fleetwood, Pa., R. 
F. D., and perhaps others. 

F (6) Mary Boyer, daughter of Samuel P.oyer and Sarah Lukens, 
ir.arried Joel Schwager. Lived at Lewisburgh, Pa. 

F (7) Rebecca Boyer, daughter of Sanmel Boyer and Sarah Lukens, 


was born March 27, 1837. Married Dietric]: and afterwards Witman. 
Children: Samuel I. Dietrich. Married Clara Potteiger. Children: 
Robert I. Dietrich, and Alice Dietrich. Robert's address (1910) Schuyl- 
kill Haven, Pa. 

F (8) Gideon Beyer, son of »Samuel lioyer and Sarah Lukens. 
Went West. Children. 

F (i) Rudolph Boyer, son of Solomon Boycr and his wife. L,ived 
in Schuylkill Co., Pa. F (2) Perhaps others. 

V'(i) Jacob Boyer, son of John Henry Boyer and Katharine Adam, 
was born Sept. 14, 1835, ^^^^^ Jiin*^ 4, 1905. Soldier. Buried at Moselem 
Church. Tailor by traile. Married Matilda Grosscup. She died 1904, 
and is buried at Macungie, Pa. Pier father was a Revolutionary soldier. 
Children: (a) David Boyer. Address (1910) 3107 Almond St., Phila., 
Pa. (b) Jacob G. Boyer, born C^ct. 17, 1862, died Dec. 19, 1902. Buried 
at Fountain Hill Cemetery, South Bethlehem, Pa., vv'here he lived. Luth- 
eran. Contractor. Married Alice J. Deily, born Dec. 17, 1866. Ad- 
dress (1910) 535 Broadway, South Bethlehem, Pa. Only child: War- 
ren J. E. Boyer, born Aug- 22, 1887. Lived at South Bethlehem. Died 

F (2) Henry A. Boyer, son of John Henry Boyer and Katharine 
Adam, was born Nov. 27, 1841, died in Kutztown, I'a., after 1900. 
Charge of pump at reservoir of town. Married Elizabeth Heffly. Chil- 
dren: (a) James O. Boyer. Address (1910) NefTs, Pa. Born Dec. 14, 
1864. Teacher for more than 25 years. Married. Children, (b) Clara 
C. Boyer (Dry), 2518 N, 7th St., IMiila., Pa. (c) Elizabeth K. Boyer 
(Hansel), 2824 Boudenot St., PMiila., Pa. (d) William H. Boyer, 773 y^. 
Lawrence St., Allentown, Pa. Born Alay 13, 1880. Soldier, (e) Irwin 
C. Boyer, 2518 N. 7th St., Phila., Pa. (f) Solon S. Boyer, 518 Park St., 
Allentown, Pa. (g) Alvin E. Boyer, 1717 Bristol St., Phila., Pa. Born 
Dec. II, 1867. Alachinist and inventor. 

F (3) Lavina Boyer, daughter of John Henry Boyer and Katharine 
Adam, was born July 24, 1833. She died March 12, i8()i, and is buried 
at Moselem, Pa. Married Henry Schaeffer. Children: (a) Joel Schaef- 
fer, Fleetwood, Pa. (b) Levi Schaeiter, Evansville, Pa. (c) William 
Schaeffer, Kutztown, Pa. Blacksmith, (d) Edmund Schaeffer, Fleet- 
wood, Pa. (e) Amanda Schaeffer. Married Eli George, Reading, Pa. 
(f) Hettie SchaeflxM-. (g) Rebecca Schaeffer. 

F (4) Joel A. Boycr, son of John Henry l^oyer and Katharine 
Adam, was born April 7, 1848. Address (1910) Moselem S])rings, Pa. 
(Kutztown), R. F. D. 3. LuUieran. Shoemaker. Married Sarah Fry, 
born June 20, 1852. Children: (a) Henry B. Pioyer, Kempton, Pa. 
(b) William B(jyer, Centreport, Pa. (c) Albert F. Boyer, Molltown, Pa. 
(d) Daniel Boyer, Plamburg", Pa., R. F. D. 3. (e) Joel F. Boyer, Read- 


ing-, Pa., R. F. D. 2. (f ) Morris F. Boyer, Kutztown, R. F. D. No. 3. 
(g) Amanda Boyer, married Samuel Dunkelberger, Wyomissin--, Pa. 

F (1) David Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Rebecca Adolph, was 
born ]une 7, 1813. Address (1910) 2623 H St., Sonth Omaha, Nebr. 
jl^utheran. Cabinet maker. Married Elizabeth Schucker in Reading, Pa., 
and afterwards Mrs. Hnntzinger, nee Bousman. Children: (a) Frank 
Boyer, 204 South First St., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, born 1845. Hi) 'i'homas 
Boyer, Omaha, Nebr. iiorn about 1846. Liveryman. (c) Daniel 
Boyer, 204 S. First St., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, (d) Mary Boyer married 
Klingaman, Omaha, Nebraska, born 1849. (e) Zacharias P.oyer, 439 N. 
7th St., Allentown, Pa. Lutheran. Meat market. Married Matilda. 
Children: (i) Eva, married William Ceidncr, 505 N. 7lh St., Allentown, 
Pa. (2) Mary Boyer, married Frank D. Hartman, 25 N. JefTerson St. 

(3) Stella Boyer, married Frederick Steward, 745 N. Gth St. Allen- 
town, Pa. 

F (i) David Boyer, son of David Bo,ver and his wife. Carpenter. 
Buried at Oswego, Indiana. Age about 38 years. Married Sarah lieiter. 
She later married Jeremiah Yenser, Lewistown Valley. P. O., Tamaqua, 
Pa. Children: (a) Benjamin Boyer, born Dec. 7, 1851. Address ( i(>io) 
Orwigsburg, Pa. Shoe factory employee. Married Amelia Fisher. Chil- 
dren (i) David J. Boyer, Orwigsburg, Pa. Married Ella Doll. Chil- 
dren: Catharine. (2) Emma L. Boyer, married William Dauglass, Or- 
wigsburg, Pa. (3) Mary Boyer, married Frank Trout, Orwigsburg, Pa. 

(4) Ellwood S. Boyer, Orvv'igsburg, Pa. (b) Emma Boyer married 
Frank lleisler, of Tamaqua, Pa. Children: (Nine), (c) Susan Boyer, 
married Joel Hine. Children: Clara, Emma, James, (d) Lydia Boyer, 
married George Brown, Kutztown, Pa. ChiUlrcn : Wilson, Morris. 

F (2) Benjamin lioyer, son of David Boyer and his wife, was 
buried at Oswego, Indiana. Farmer. Married. Children : Three. 

F (3) liannah Boyer, daughter of David Boyer and his wife, mar- 
ried Henry Becker. Children. She is buried at Moselem Church. 

G (i) Malinda Boyer, daughter of Levi Boyer and Elizabeth Wan- 
ner, married William Schlegel. Went West. Children: Oscar, Eliza- 
beth and others. 

G (2) Lucetta Boyer, daughter of Levi Boyer and Elizabeth Wan- 
ner, married Moses Folk, Fleetwood, Pa. Children: (a) William Folk, 
Fleetwood, Pa. (b) Richard Folk, same address, (c) Clara Folk, mar- 
ried Schoedlcr. Address same, (d) Charles Folk. Address same. 

G (3) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Levi Boyer and Elizabeth Wan- 
ner, married Cyrenius Reifsnyder. Address (1910) Fleetwood, Pa. 
Children: John, Sarah, Elizabeth, Joseph, Richard, Susan, Ralph. 

G (4) Isabel Boyer, daughter of Levi Bo\er and Elizabeth Wan- 
ner, married Titus Ely, loth St., l^Le'ading'. Children: Theresa, Victor. 


G (5) Martin ]]o_vcr, son of Levi Boyer and Elizabeth Wanner, 
was born Sept. 20, 1839, at Fleetwood, and died at Kutztown, Pa. Re- 
formed. Married Hettie Rothermel, born April 10, 1841. Children: 
(a) Thomas R. lioyer, Fleetwood, Pa. Married Kalie Lie.^e. Children: 
Stella, Peter Paul, Florence, Anna, (b) Catharine Boyer, married Dr. 
Cyrenius DeLong-. Dead. Son : Dr. George F. DeLong, ij^O Penn St., 
Reading-. Pa. Married Plelen Funk, (c) Alice Boyer, married James b! 
Keiter, Kutztown, Pa. Child: Minnie L., married Howard S. Sharadin, 
Kutztown, I'a. Child: Esther Pauline, (d) Morris R. Boyer, N. loth 
St., Allentown, Pa., married Ruse Levan. Child : Annie 

G (6) Amanda Boyer, daughter of Levi Boyer and Elizabeth Wan- 
ner, married Henry Hartman, 318 Church St., Readings Pa. Children: 
Hannah, Samuel ILirry. 

G (7) Clara Boyer, daughter of Levi Boyer and Elizabeth Wanner. 
Single in 1910. ^N^ loth St., Reading", Pa. 

G (8) Hannah Boyer. Single. Same address. 

G (9) Kate Boyer, daughter of Levi P.oyer and Elizabeth Wanner, 
married William Eisenhower. Dead. Children :(a) William Eisen- 
hower. Address (1910) Reading, Pa. (b) Barbara, married Schoener. 
Address ^(1910) Reading, Pa. (c) Mary, married Straub. Address 
(1910) Reading, Pa. Kate Jioyer married a second time, James Hojnan. 
Address (1910) Jersey City, N. J. Children: Earl Homan. 

G (10) Henry Boyer, son of Levi Boyer and Elizabeth Wanner. 
Address (1910) Fleetwood, Pa. Butcher. Married Ada Bernhardt. 
Children: Effie, William, Harry. 

C (11) Bessie Boyer, daughter of Levi Boyer and Elizabeth Wan- 
ner, inarried Cyrannus Boyer, son of Reuben Boyer, descendant of George 
Philip Bayer, born 1750 in Germany. Chart 5. Address (1914) Fleet- 
wood. Pa. Children (a) Helen E. (b) Grace M. (c) Herbert C.- Boyer. 
(d) Frank F. Boyer. 



A "will" in the hands of Harry E. Boyer, Lehanon, Pa., makes it 
possible to begin this chapter. From this will it is gathered that Michael 
Bayer came from Gerniany about 1732, and settled on a farm at what 
has since become North Lebanon, Pa. There is no record of his arrival 
in Vol. 17, Second Series, Pennsylvania Archives. The Harrisburg- 
records should show "warrants" for this land. His "will" was made in 
1748, but the historian has not found a record of it at Lebanon, and none 
at Harrisburg". To make the problem harder, this will does not enumer- 
ate the children, nor name the wife. The historian is inclined to think 
that Michael Bayer died young. If the baptismal records of Salem Luth- 
eran Church, Lebanon, Pa., are the family record, he left the following- 
children: John (whose name we know only through his son, Michael's 
will in 1788), Adam, Jacob, Frederick, and perhaps some girls. 

B (i) John Bayer, son of Michael Bayer and wife, vv'as probably 
born about 1736, or earlier, and is buried at Salem Church, Lebanon, Pa. 
Stones flat on graves of husband and wife — covered in 191 1. Wife's 
name was Christina. Children: John, George, Samuel, Maria Catharine, 
John Frederick, Michael, John Josei)h, David, Daniel, Isaac, Mrs. Hun- 
sicker, Susannah, Abraham. 

[i (2) Adam Bajer, son of IVIichael Bayer and wife, was born 
probably about 173S. Married Maria Sarah, as the "Salem" records 
show. Children: Adam, born May 20, 1774. The old records of Zion's 
Lutheran Church, Harrisburg, may contain other children. 

B (3) Jacob Bayer, son of Michael Bayer and wife, was born about 
1740, or later. Married Maria Catharine. Children: John Jacob, born 
Oct. 18, 1782. The "Salem" church records mention no others, but this 
may mean that the family moved away from Lebanon. 

B (4) Frederick Bayer, son of Michael Bayer, if we may judge 
from the fact that his child Juliana was baptized by the "Salem" pastor. 
Frederick Bayer was then living in New Holland, Lancaster Co., Pa., 
and might have had his child baptized there if he did not belong to the 
I,ebanon pe(j|jle. Corres])ondents credit this Frederick with a son Fred- 
crick, born about 178-]. 

C (ij John Jacob ISayer, son of Michael l>:i)cr and Catharine, first 




wife, born Ma}' 20, 1775; C (2) Maria Barbara Bayer, born Nov. 2, 
1779; C (3) Anna Maria Bayer, born Aug", i, 1781 ; C (4) Jobn Henry 
P.aycr, born Dec. i, 1785; married Catherine. Children: Wilham Ficht- 
Iiorn, Samnel, i\Iaria Catharine, EHzabeth, Joseph, Henry, and Sarah 
(twins). Perhaps others; C (5) Christopher Bayer, born Dec. i, 1785, 
twin to John Henry. Physician. Married. Children : William Henry, 
Elizabeth, Carl (Charles), Maria Catharine, John C. ; C (6) Nicholas 
Bayer is mentioned in his father's "will" in 1788, but can not be found; 
C (7) (8) Two daughters, Christina and Catherine, are mentioned in 
the father's "will." 

C ( I ) Jolia Jacob Bayer son of Jacob Bayer and Maria Catherine, 
born Oct. 18, 1782. Married Maria. Children: John, Mafia Mag:dalena, 
Jacob, William, Caroline, Benjamin. Perhaps others. 

C (i) Jidiana Dorothy Bayer, daughter of h'rederick Bayer and 
Juliana Dorothy, born Aug-. 29, 1782; C (2) Frederick Bayer, born 
about 1784, married Maria. Children: Leali Boyer, born June 7, 1834; 
Gideon Boyer, born Feb. 13, 1836. Perhaps others. 

C (i) Jcdm George Bayer, -son of John Bayer and Christina Daub, 
born Aug-. 10, 1791, married Margaret. Children: Daniel, E;li/-abeth, 
Philij), Catharine, Georg-e, Peter; C (2) Samuel Bayer, born April 22, 
1796, may have died young-; C (3) Maria Catharine Bayer, born Dec. 26, 
1708; C (4) John Frederick Ba\er, born Oct. 31, 1800. Lutheran. Mar- 
ried. Children: Gideon, Noah, John, David, Mrs. Aaron liricker, Mrs. 
Hugdi Black; C (5) Michael Bayer, born April 10, 1803, married Plan- 
nah. Children: Lucetta, Catherine, Christina, Jeremiah; C (6) John 
Joseph Bayer, born June 12, 1806, married Rebecca Fassnacht. Chil- 
dren: Solon-ion F., Joseph, John H., Martin, Gottlieb, Rosanna. Peonhard, 
Frederick; C (7) David I'ayer, born Sept. 10, 1809, died about 1890, 
and is buried at Ebenezer Church, Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Farmer. Married 
Sarah Ely, born 1822, died 1902. Children: Harry E., Sanuiel, Joseph. 
perhaps others; C (8) Daniel ]'>ayer, son of John Bayer and Christina 
Daub, born Dec. 28, 1812, died Oct. 8, 1906, and is buried at Ebenezer 
Church, Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Lutheran. Married Catharine Fassnacht. 
Children: Solomon, Junius, Edward, Ephraim, EHas, Ann; C (9) Isaac 
Ijayer, son of John Bayer and Christina Daub, burn Sept. 12, 1813, is 
buried at Kimberling's Church, North Lebanon, Pa. Lutheran. Farmer. 
Married Wolf. Children: Asa, Ezra, Angelina, Lovina, Noah. Per- 
haps others; C (10) A daughter, married Hunsicker; C (11) Susannah 
Bayer, born Sept. 22, 1817, married Daniel Long-. Children: John, D. 
B., others ;C (12) Abraham Bayer. Address (1908) 46th and Winthrop 
Ave. Indianapolis, Ind. Married Fannie. Children : John, Daniel, 
Abraham, Fannie. 

D (i) William Fichthorn Boyer, son of John Henry Bayer and 


Catharine, born Nov. 4, 1817; D (2) Samuel Boyer, born Nov. 16, 1820; 
D (3) Mary C. Boyer, born July 23, 1822; D (4) Elizabeth Boyer, daugh- 
ter of John Henry Bayer and Catharine, born July 25, 1825; D (5) 
Joseph Boyer; D (6) Henry Boyer, born April 3, 1833; D (7) Sarah 
Boyer, born April 3, 1833 (twin to Henry). 

D (i) William Henry Boyer, son of Dr. Christopher Bayer and 
wife, Elizabeth, born June 30, 1807, is buried in Jay Co., Indiana. Lived 
at Powers, Ind. Farmer. Married Edith Hoagiand. Children: (a) 
George W. Boyer. Soldier Civil W'ar. i\loved West. Died there. ^Tar- 
ried Ellen ]\liller. Children, (b) Tillie lioyer. Died )'oung. (c) Caro- 
line Boyer. Married Thomas Beuser. One son. (d) Elvina I. Boyer. 
Married first to Abraham Monsical. Address (1913) Ridgeville, Ind 
Children: Frank, at EUwood City, Pa., and a daughter living at Ridge- 
ville, Ind. D (2) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Christopher Bayer and 
Elizabeth, born Jime 20, 1809. Alarried. Children: Hattie. Perhaps 
others; D (3) Carl (Charles), son of Dr. Christopher Ba)er and Eliza- 
beth, born July 11, 181 1, Lebanon, Pa., died Nov. 3, 1898, and is buried 
at Powers, Jay Co., Indiana. Christian Church. Farmer. Cabinetmaker. 
Married Sarah Brennaman, born Sept. 19, 1806, died June 12, 1898, 
buried beside husband. Children: Professor J. A., Benj. Fr., Dr. John 
H., and Abraham Christopher; D (4) Maria Caroline Boyer, daughter 
of Dr. Christopher Bayer and Elizabeth, born Nov. 16, 1820, died in C)hio. 
Married Neff. Children : Oliver Neff, Dayton, Ohio ; John Nefif, Day- 
ton, Ohio; D (5) John C. Boyer, son of Dr. Christopher Bayer and 
Elizabeth, born Jan. I, 1821, died in Jay Co., Indiana, Jan. 25, 1890. 
Farmer. Soldier of Civil War. "Enlisted as recruit Oct. 1864, 140th 
Regt. Indiana Volunteer Infantry. Discharged July, 1865, Newbcrn, 
N. C." Married Susan Brennaman. Only child: Nancy Elizabeth 
Boyer. She married (Aug. 11, 1870) John Stead. Address (1913) 
Red Key, R. F. D. 2, Jay Co., Indiana. Children: (a) Oliver Stead, 
(b) John W. Stead. Farmer, Portland, Ind.., R. F. D. 5. (c) Cora Stead 
(Nixan), Portland, Ind., R. F. D. 5. (d) Nettie B. Stead (Beekman) 
10720 Cedar Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. Professional nurse. Husband dead, 
(e) Frank L. Stead, Carlstadt, Province of Alberta, Canada. Stockman, 
rancher and farmer. 

D (i) John Boyer, son of John Jacob Bayer and Maria IMagdalene, 
born Aug. 28, 181 5. Married. Lutheran. Farmer ; D (2) Maria Mag- 
dalena Boyer, born July 23, 1818; D (3) Jacob Boyer, born July 3, 1820; 
D (4) William Boyer, born Feb. 10, 1823; D (5) Caroline Boyer, born 
Sept. 7, 1825; D (6) Benjamin Boyer, born July 5, 1828; D (7) Perhaps 

D (i) Daniel Boyer, son of John George Boyer and Margaret, 
born Nov. 16, 1803; D (2) Elizabeth Boyer, born Dec. 29, 1816; D (3) 


Philip Boyer, born Aug-. 19, 1819; D (4) Catharine Boyer, born April 
13, 1S22; D (5) Georg-e Boyer, born Dec. 10, 1824; 1) (6) Peter Boyer, 
born July 13, 1826. 

D (i) Gideon Boyer, son of John Frederick Boyer and wife, resides 
at 703 Tlill St., Lebanon, Pa. Lutheran. Married Stover. Children: 
(a) William Boyer, Hill St., Lebanon, Pa.; (b) Robert Boyer, near 
Harrisburg, Pa.; (c) Frederick Boyer, Stouchsburg, Pa.; (d) Theresa 
Boyer. Address (1911) Mrs. John Bixler, Hill St., Lebanon, Pa.; D 
(2) Noah Boyer. Married. No children. Cumberland St., near 3rd 
Ave., Lebanon, Pa.; D (3) John Boyer. ]\Iarried. Child: Lilly, North 
4th St., Lebanon, Pa.; D (4) David C. P^oyer. Carpenter. Lutheran. 
ALarricd Leah Moyer. Children: (a) George M. Boyer, 762 S. 19th St.. 
JLarrisburg-, Pa. Lutheran. Iceman. ALarried Marg-aret Mills. Chil- 
dren: Blanche, Ruth, Ethel; (b) Edward M. Boyer,' 1831 Rudy St., Har- 
risburg, Pa. Lutheran. Ice driver. Married Ida Landis. No children 
(1913) ; D (5) A daughter married Aaron Bricker; D (6) A daughter 
married Hugh Black. 

D (i) Solomon F. Boyer, son of J. Joseph Boyer and Rebecca 
Fassnacht, born Oct. 3, 1832. Lutheran. Farmer. Address (1911) In- 
dependent District, Lebanon, Pa. Lives with Plenry Haak. Married 
Rebecca Armel. Children: (a) Solomon A. Boyer, Lebanon, Pa., R. 
F. D. 2. Lutheran. Farmer. Married Amanda K. Children: (1) 
Irvin E., Lebanon, Pa., R. F. D. 2. Born Feb 6. 1866. Lutheran. 
Teacher. Mail clerk. Married Bessie M. Wolf. Children; (2) John 
A. Boyer, Lebanon, Pa., R. F. D. 2; (3) Gertrude M. Boyer, Lebanon. Pa. 
R. F. D. 2; (b) Joseph Boyer, Lebanon, Pa.; (c) Freeman Boyer, Mt. 
Zion, Pa.; (d) Cornelius Boyer, Lebanon, Pa.; (e) Seranus Boyer, Leb- 
anon, Pa.; (f) Edward Boyer, Myerstown, Pa.; (g-) Benjamin Boyer, 
Lebanon, Pa. 

D (2) Joseph Boyer, son of J. Joseph Boyer and Rebecca Fass- 
nacht, born May 26, 1834. Lutheran. Farmer. Address (1911) Leb- 
anon, Pa. Married Elizabeth Kaufman. Children: (a) Frank K. Boyer 
544 Lehman St., Lebanon, Pa. Born May 9, 1861. Lutheran. Farmer. 
Married Elizabeth Conrail. Chililren : Bessie, Bertha, Esther, Frank C. ; 
(b) John A. Boyer, Lebanon, l^a., R. F. D. 8. (Kimberling's). Reformed. 
Farmer. Married Lovina P.ensing-. Children: Harry Boyer, East Leh- 
man St., Lebanon, Pa.; (c) Mary A. Boyer, Locust St., Lebanon, Pa. 
Married John Roland. 

D (3) John H. (Jack) Boyer, son of J. Joseph Boyer and Rebecca 
Fassnacht, married Mary Benson. Lutheran. Laborer. 615 Maple St., 
Lebanon, Pa. Children: (a) Mame. Mrs. Mamc Boyer Miller, Leb- 
anon, Pa.; (b) Walter Boyer;' (c) others. 

D (4) Martin Boyer, son of J. Joseph Boyer and Rebecca Fass- 


nacht, married Emma M. Catholic. Stone mason, Lebanon, Pa., R. F. 
D. lo. Children: (a) E. Boyer. Address (1911) Mrs. Charles Liven- 
good, 1 128 Brandywine St., Lebanon, Pa.; (b) Charles Y. Boyer, Leb- 
anon, Pa., R. F. D. 10; (c) Sarah E. Boyer, Lebanon, Pa., R. F. D. 10. 

D (5) Gottlieb Boyer, son of J. Joseph Boyer and Rebecca P'ass- 
nacht, buried at Kimberling's Church. Lutheran. Soldier of Civil War. 
Married Sarah Binner. Children: (a) Daughter lioyer. Mrs. Ceorge 
Mohr, New St., Lebanon, Pa.; (b) Calvin l>oyer. 

D (6) Leonard lioyer, son of J. Joseph Boyer and Rebecca Fass- 
nacht, lived in the neighborhood of Rimberling's Church. 

D (7-8) Rosannah died single. Frederick has not been reported. 

D ( I ) Harry E. Boyer, son of David Boyer and Sarah Ely, born 
March 8, 1863. Married l<:iizabeth Geyer. Address (1908) 317 North 
5th St., Lebanon, Pa. Childreii: Plovvard, Raymond, Charles, Harry; 
D (2) Sanuiel lioyer, 319 North 7th St., Lebanon, Pa.; D (3) Joseph 
Boyer, 7th and Water Sts., Lebanon, Pa.; D (4) A daughter married 
William Harpel. Address (1908) Bernville, Pa.; D (5) A daughter 
married Joseph Weaver. Address (1908) Union, Fayette Co., Pa. 

D (i) Solomon Boyer, son of Daniel P. Boyer and Catharine Fass- 
nacht, born May 16, 1850. Address (1911) 223 Partridge St., Lebanon, 
Pa.; D (2) Junius P>oyer, South loth St., Lebanon, Pa. No chUdren; 
D (3) Edward Boyer, Cumberland St., Lebanon, Pa. Marrietl. Chil- 
dren: George, Edward, Robert, Mame, Bessie; D (4) Ephraim Boyer. 
Married. Children: (a) David Boyer. Address (1911) Lehman St., 
Lebanon, Pa. (b) Annie Boyer, (c) Lilly Boyer, (d) Charles Boyer, of 
Pittsburgh, Pa., (e) William Boyer, Cornwall, Lebanon, Pa., (f) Emily 
Boyer, (g) Elmer Boyer; D (5) Elias Boyer. Single in 191 1; D (6) 
Ann Boyer married Morris Sohn, Lebanon, Pa. 

D (1) Asa Boyer, son of Isaac Boyer and his wife Wolf. Married, 
Lebanon, J'a. Children: Sallie, Annie. Lucy, John, and others; D (2) 
Ezra Boyer, wife of Wolf. ALirried. Children. Address (njii) 625 
Maple St., Lebanon, Pa. ; D (3) Angelina Boyer ; D (4) Lovina Boyer; 
D (5) Noah Boyer. Soldier of Civil War. 

D (i) John Boyer, son of Abraham Boyer and wife Fannie, Green- 
field, Indiana; D (2) Daniel Boyer, Summitsville, Indiana, but lives at 
Eaton, Indiana, 1913; D (3) Abraham Boyer, born March 28, 1873. 
Single, 4()th and Winthroj) Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. Care of Indiana 
Hotel, Cincinnati, Ohio; D (4) I'annie Boyer born Oct. 20, 1880. Single, 
46th and Winthrop Ave., Indianai)olis, Ind. 

E ( I ) Professor J. A. Boyer, son of Charles Boyer and Sarah Bren- 
naman. Teacher for more. than 40 years. Address (1909) 511 North 
6th St., Terre Haute, Ind. Married Bertha Fisher. Children: Jesse, 
Ruth; E (2) F. Boyer, born June 25, 1844. Bajjtist. College 


g^radnate. Teacher. Address (1909) Blackwell, Oklahoma. Married 
EHzabeth J. Pettyjohn, born Aug. 20, 1855. Children: Sarah E., Mira 
Aladg-e (Mrs. John Denton) ; J. Fred.; E (3) Dr. John H. Boyer, born 
Nov. 22, 1849. Address (1909) 516 Pythia Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Teacher. College graduate. Physician. Married Frances G. Ambrose. 
Children: (a) Dr. George C. Boyer, 516 Pythia Bldg., Indianapolis, 
Ind. (b) B. Fern, (c) F. Alberta, (d) F. Queen; E (4) Abraham 
Christopher Boyer, born March 30, 1840, ilied June 6, 1903, at Ridge- 
ville, Ind., buried at Powers, Ind. Christian Church. Farmer. Soldier 
of 17th Ohio Regiment. Volunteer at age of 21. Served three years. 
Married Elizabeth R. Children: Amy D. Boyer. Address (1909) Mrs. 
Philip Zimmerman, Ridgeville, Ind., R. F. D. 13, and other sisters. 



In some records the man's name is spelled Beier, in others Beyer and 
Bayer. On page 87 of Rupp's History of Berks and Lebanon Counties,, 
published by G. Hills, Lancaster, I'a., in 1844, we are told that "After 
the Huguenot colonies at New Rochelle, West Chester County, and 
Esopus, Ulster County, N. Y., had been formed, some of their number 
at an early day emigrated to the County (Berks), and commenced settle- 
ments." On page 13 of Linn's Annals of the Buffalo Valley, we are 
told that the emigration from Schoharie, N. Y. to Tulpehocken, Berks 
Co., Pa., began in 1723. John Henry Beier came in 1728. The historian 
finds his name in the church records of Stouchsburg in 1743, though 
he was probably a member of the "Little Tulpehocken" congregation 
much earlier, and of the St. Daniel's or Corner Church near Robcsonia 
after 1751, as Rev. Caspar Stoever's records appear to show. From 
these records we learn that he was married to Elizabeth Maria Zerbe, 
]\Iay 31, 1730. She died in 1756, and then he married Salome Sness, 
of Tulpehocken, July 24, 1754. From the will which he made on April 
12, 1757, and which is recorded on page 40, Vol. \, of the "Will Book," 
Register's Office, Court House, Reading, Pa., wc learn that he had the 
following children: George, Asahel, Henry, Anne, Mary, Samuel, Susan- 
nah, Anne Catharine, Anne Magdalena, Catharine, Barbara, Maria 
Salome, and John Jacob. There was a son named John, born Feb. 4, 
1749, but he must not have been living in 1757, for his name is omitted 
from the "will." The name of the second wife "Salome" is mentioned. 
The historian has not been able to find the graves of John Henry Beier 
and his wives, but it is likely that they might be found in the old part 
of St. Daniel's (Corner Church) near Robesonia, Pa., unless the bury- 
ing plots were private on some farm belonging to the family. That 
they were Lutheran and therefore not Huguenot French but Palatinate 
is evident from their church at^iliatiuns as settlers, and from the spelling 
of the name. John Henry died 1764, in Tulpehocken Twp., Berks Co., Pa. 
See "Accounts" (1754-1804) Reading, Pa. Note: Only George and 
Asahel, sons t)f the Henry Beier, the Tulpehocken immigrant, have beeii 
traced in this chapter. 




Pakt I 

B (i) George Beyer, almost without doubt the son of John Henry 
P.eyer of Tulpehocken Township, Berks Co., Pa., was born Mareh 3, 
1734, died Mra-eh 29, 1S06, and is buried with wife in the Alennonite 
Imrying- oround, Wasliington Township, Berks Co., Pa. If this is true, 
it accounts for George the son of John Henry Ik-yer, of whom the his- 
torian can not find any other trace. Time, kjcality, and circumstances 
confirm the identity of the man. He appears a single man in the tax 
list of PJereford T\v])., Berks Co., Pa., as early as 1757, and was still 
single early in 1761. I lis wife's name, as we know from the tombstone in- 
scri]>tion was Elizabeth, born PJec. 25, 1739. She died July 15, 1806. In 
• the "will" which he made shortly before his death, two sons are named, 
John and Jacob, the latter — if not botli, living in Douglass Township, 
Berks Co., Pa. This corresponds with the statement of Betsy Weiss 
Bowman, Congo, Pa., to the historian. See Administration Records, 
Vol. 6, page 238, Reading Court House, Registry Office. It will interest 
his descendants to know that George Beyer — his name is spelled Bayer, 
in the records — was a Revolutionary soldier, belonging to the lierks 
County Militia from Hereford Township in 1783, under Captain Miller. 
See Vol. 5, page 248, Fifth Series, ]\'nnsylvania Archives. 

C (i) Reverend John Boyer, son of George Ik-yer and wife Hliza- 
])eth, was born Jan. 10. 1762, probably in Hereford Township, Berks 
Co., ]'a., as we learn from an old family Hible. He married Susc'iimuh 
Bauer, April 27, 17S5. She was born March 2, 1767. Lived in Douglass 
Township, Berks Co., Pa., not far from Boyertown, until 1814, on a 
farm in the hands of Jonathan W. Moser in I(jr3, as Betsy Weiss Bow- 
man writes. Then he moved to Harmony, Pa., where he purchased 
1200 acre:-, of land from .A.l)raham Ziegler for $17,419, as the records 
show. He ijreached in Harmony and Zelieno;)Ie until 1825, when lie 
and the Mennonites built a stone church near Harmony. Here he 
preached until his death June 19, 1828. His sons and daughters became 
the owners of his lands. He is buried in the adjoining cemetery. The 
church is preserved through the income of an $820 fund. A stone fence 
encloses the 20-acre cemetery. All the older settlers are buried here. 
His descendants speak of Rev. John Boyer in terms of praise and love. 
The children, as we know from the old Bible, were John, Elizabeth, 
Susannali, George, Catharine, Mary, Jacob, Nancy, Samuel, and PTenry. 

C (2) Jacob Boyer, son of George Beyer and wife Elizabeth, born 
about 1764, in Plereford Township, Berks Co., Pa., remained in Penn- 
sylvania, ])erhaps in Douglass Twp., Berks County, or in Earle Twp., 
where a Jacob Boyer's farm adjoined Charles B. Boyer's farm. The 
historian can not iind the descendants. Mr. D. B. Weisz, of Mallet Creek, 
Ohio, speaks of "Sheriff" Boyer, of Montgomery Co., Pa. 


C (3-4) There were sisters, one of them was married to Mr. Weiss, 
grandfather of Henry M. Wise, the otlier was married to Mr. Knetz, 
grandfather of Jacob Knetz, East Greenville, I'a. 

C (i) Abraham M. Boyer, son of George Boyer and wife Sarah 
]\'loyer, was born 1830. Address (1915) Ashland, Ohio. Farmer. Mar- 
ried Barbara Niissbaum. Cliildren: (i) George, Claremont Ave., Ash- 
land, Ohio. (2) Peter, Ashland, Ohio. (3) Abraliam, Ashland, Ohio. 
(4) Anna, (5) Ella, wife of Mr. Yoder, Route 4, Ashland, Ohio; E (2) 
George Bo}'er was born 1834, and died 19 years old, at Ashland, Ohio, 
single; E (3) Hannah Boyer married Peter Zehner. Address (1915) 
R. F. D. 8, Box 83, Ashland, Ohio. 

D ( I ) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Rev. John Boyer and wife 
Susannah Bauer, born IMarch 23, 1786, married Jacob Knetz, whose 
grandson Jacob lived in East Greenville, Pa., in 1914. 

D (2) John Boyer, son of Rev. John Boyer and wife Susannah 
Bauer, was born Jan. 19, 1788, probably in Douglass Twp., Berks Co., 
Pa., and died Nov. 8, i856, in the vicinity of Harmony, Pa. On Sept. 
9, 1810, as the Falckiier vSwamp marriage rec(jrds show, he married 
Alagdalena Longanecker, born Sept. 6, 1789. She died Aug. 29, 1877. 
"Not many years after their marriage these young people l^iit tlieir kin 
and friends in the East to settle way out West at a place called Harmony, 
Pa." Mrs. Boyer was the daughter of Henry Longanecker, born about 
1750, near Mingo, Pa. This Henry Longanecker was probably the 
grandson of Daniel Longanecker, a Mennonite minister who came from 
Switzerland about 1720. See Cassell's Plistory of the Mennonites. The 
children of John Boyer and Magdalena Longanecker were Lydia, wife 
of Joseph Lutz; Sarah, wife of Jesse Rice; Isaac L., Henry L., John, 
Susannah, Samuel, Daniel (or David), and Jacob. 

^ (3) Susannah Boyer, daughter of Rev. John Boyer and wife 
Susannah Bauer, born May 19, 1791, married Samuel Moyer. Left a 
large family, to be found in the West. 

D (4) George Boyer, son of Rev. John Boyer and wife Susannah 
Bauer, was born May 18, 1794. Lived near Ashland, Ohio. Married 
Sarah Moyer. Children : Nancy, Polly, Katie, Elizabeth, Abraham M., 
Sarah, Deborah, Lydia, Fannie, Esther, Catharine, Llannah, George, 
Susan, and Vesper. Note. Esther and Fannie died young. 

D (5) Mary Boyer, daughter of Rev. John Boyer and wife Susan- 
nah Bauer, born Feb. 17, 1794, married Benjamin Moyer. Children: 
Elizabeth, Sarah (wife of Jacob Funk Wise, father of Levi M. Wise, 
genealogist), John B., Plenry B., Polly, Susan, Catharine, Samuel 1j. 
Note. Attorney Levi M. Wise, of Butler, Pa., has rendered most valuable 
services in writing up Rev. John Boyer's descendants. Married Bertha 


D (6) Catharine Boycr, daughter of Rev. John Boyer and wife 
Susannah Ikiuer, horn Feh. 2, i/yG, married Jacoh Weisz. They hved 
on a hig- farm, and were well to do. Children: Eliza1)eth, Henry !>., 
Jacob, Hannah, John, George, Daniel (of Mallet Creek, Ohio, 1915). 

D (7) Jacoh J5oycr, son of Rev. John Boyer and wife Su^^annah 
Bauer, wa.s born April 3, 1800. Married Sarah Tronsue. Children: 
JMary, Caroline, Deborah, Hannah, ami perhaps oLhers. 

D (8) Nancy Boyer, daughter of Rev. John IJoyer and v/ife Susan- 
nah Bauer, born April 15, 1803, married /Vbrahani Sechler. Left a large 
family scattered all over the A\'est. 

D (g) Samuel Boyer, son of Rev. John Boyer and wife Susannah 
Bauer, w'as born July 12, 1S05. Lived in Venango Twp., BiUtler Co., 
Pa. Married Mary Moyer. Children: Mollie, Daniel, Nancy, Andrew. 
The last one moved to California, where his descendants can probably 
lie found. 

D (10) Henry Boyer, son of Rev. John Boyer and wife Susannah 
Bauer, was born Aug. 28, 1809. Buried in Nebraska. Lived on father's 
homestead. Then at Ashville, Ohio, and in Nebraska. ^larried Lydia 
Schwart:-: and a second wife,' who bore him five children. Children: 
Susan, David, John, Daniel, Ratie, Nanc}-, j\lary Ann, linos, l^dward, 
Lydia, Laurena, Sarah, and one other. 

E (1) Lydia Pioyer, daughter of John Boyer and wife J\lagdalena 
Longanccker, born Jan. 12, 1815, married Joseph Lutz ; E (2) Sarah 
Boyer, born Sept. 29, 1816, died about 1895; E (3) Jsaac L. Ijoyer was 
born Oct. 2, 1818, and is buried at Harmony, Pa. Car))enter. Lived 
in Lancaster Twp., Butler Co., l''a. as late as 1895. German Reformed 
Church. Married Mary Rice. Children: Jolm R., Plenry, Elias R., 
Isaac R., Levi, Susan, Agnes, Ranius R., Josephus, Jessie, Abraham 
Lincoln, J. Sydney, Ira R., and Elizabeth; E (4) Henry L. Boyer was 
born March 10, 1822. Address (1909) Freedom, Pa. Married. Chil- 
<^ren: Henry, Andrew, Harry IL, Abraham, Jacob, Sadie, Katie, Monroe, 
Elizabeth, and perhaps others; E (5) John Boyer was born March 
29, 1824; E (6) Susannah Boyer, born March 17, 1826, is buried at 
Harmony, Pa.; E (7) Samuel Boyer was born March 17, 1828, and 
died in Elkhart County, Indiana. He was married to Mary Lochcr, 
but left no children; E (8) Daniel lioyer was born Jan. 7, 183 . Lived 
Jn Clay County, Indiana, lilacksmith. Married Hannah Gephart. 
Children; E (9) Jacob Boyer was born Feb. 4, 1834, and is buriecL at 
Harmony, Pa. Carpenter and coal miner. Soldier in Civil War. Mar- 
ried. Children. 

E (i) Sarah Bojer, daughter of Henry l)0)'er and his second 
wife, resides at Bern, Indiana (1915). Note. The children of Henry 
Bover and his first wife l,vdia Schwartz, have all died, and, if the his- 


torian interprets correctly the fine report of Daniel Boyer Weisz, of 
Mallet Creek, Ohio, there arc no male descendants. The historian can 
not ascertain the address of Edward Boyer, son of Henry Boyer and 
second wife; E (i) Daniel Bo)er, son of Samnel Boyer and wife Mary 
Moyer, Venango, Pa. Perhaps at Franklin, Pa., on some rural route ; 
E (2) Andrew Boyer moved to California; E (3) Molly Boyer and 
Nancy Boyer both married but the historian has no records. 

F(i) Jolin R. Boyer, son of Isaac L. l»oyer and wife Mary Rice, 
was born 1838. Farmer. Reformed, Harmony, Pa. ^Married Sophia 
Bombaugh. Children: (i) Austin S. Boyer. Farmer, Harmony, Pa 
Married. Children. (2) William E. Boyer, Harmony, l^a. Owner of 
the historic farm "Black \Valnuts" ; (3) Adam Benjamin lioyer. INIar- 
ried. Children: Russell, Floyd, George; (4) Lizzetta I'oyer, wife of 
Edward Sahle; (5) Mary N. Boyer, wife of Jesse Rice; (6) Nettie L. 
Boyer; (7) Sarah Boyer; (8) Agnes Boyer; (9) George W. Boyer. Died 
17 years old. 

F (2) Henry Boyer, son of Isaac L. Boyer and wife Mary Rice, 
has not been reported. 

F (3) Elias R. Boyer, son of Isaac L. Boyer and wife Mary Rice, 
was born March 23, 1842, at Harmony, Pa. Address (1915) Harmony, 
Pa. Lutheran. Civil War veteran. Married Susan Lambert. Children: 
(i) Edward F. Boyer, Harmony, Pa. Born 1866. Lutheran. Contrac- 
tor. Owns big farm. Married Clara Barnhart. Children : Delia, Rus- 
sell, Loyal, Frances, all at Harmony, Pa. (2) Norman J. Boyer, Dun- 
bar St., Butler, I'a. Born July 2y, 1870. Reformed Church. General 
Contractor. Married Emma Kinch. Children: Ralph Clare, Norman 
Leroy, Nellie May, Lauretta Pearl, Raymond Paul, Emma Susetta, Har- 
old Charles, all at home. (3) James Leslie J^oyer, Butler, Pa. Borii Aug\ 
13, 1868. Reformed. Policeman. Married Emma Croup. Three chil- 
dren: I'lummer Leslie, Bessie Viola, Lee Elias, at home. (4) Charles 
Clarence Bo)er, Butler, Ba. Born May 17, 1875. Lutheran. Work- 
man. Married Sarah Snauffer. Four children: Ola, Carl, Burton, 
Paul. (5) Lauretta JManchc, wife of Abraham II. Zeiglcr, IJutler, Pa. 
Born Dec. 13, 18S1. Lutheran. Only child : Wilma. 

F (4) Isaac R. Boyer, son of Isaac L. Boyer and wife Mary Rice, 
is an Ohio farmer. Married Catharine Baker. Children: ( i ) Albert; 
(2) Olive, wife of John P.rickle. Address (1915) Akron, Ohio; (3) 
Dclsie. wife of Mr. Krider. of Medina Co., Ohio; (4) Rufus, of Acme, 
Medina Co., Ohio; (5) Orie Benson, of Acme, Ohio; perhaps others. 

F (5) Levi Boyer, son of Isaac L. Boyer and wife Mary Rice, 
Harmonv, Pa. Farmer. Married Elizabeth Nesbitt. Children: (i) 
Mary, Clara, and Nesbitt, all married, and living at Harmony, Pa. 

F (6) Susan Boyer married John Keefer ; F (7) Agnes Boyer 

* , ' AMERICAN BOYERS - , 267 

married George J. Shciver, Lancaster Tvvp., Butler Co., Pa. Children: 
Edward, Harry, llerbert L., and two girls; F (8) Ranius Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1915) EUwood, Pa. Laborer. Married Elizabeth. Children: 
Esther, Celia, Vina, and Martha, all married; F (9) Josephus Boyer, 
North Dakota. Farmer and carpenter. Married Mary Brickie. Chil- 
dren; F (10) Jessie Boyer, married, Akron, O. Carpenter. Children: 
Marry Boyer and a davig^htcr; F (ii) Abraham Boyer, Barberton, Ohio. 
Carpenter. Married and has children; F (12) J. Sydney Boyer, Butler 
Co., Pa., married j\Iiss Greenert. One child: Irvin Lioyer, married and 
has children; F (13) Ira R. Boyer, Rithman, Ohio. Farmer. Married 
Emma Fixleroof, Medina Co., Ohio. Children: Son and daughter; 
F (14) Elizabeth Boyer died young. 

F (i) Harry H. Boyer, son of Henry L. Boyer and wife, was born 
Aug. 12, 1854. Address (1910) 203 Mifflin Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Shipper of Westinghouse Electrical Mfg. Company, East Pittsburg, Pa. 
Alarried Elizabeth L. McClelland. Children: Elizabeth M., a teacher; 
John F., Sara E., Eleanor; F (2) Abraham Boyer, New Galilee, Beaver 
Co., Pa.; F (3) Henry Boyer, Eckley, Colorado; F (4) A daughter 
married Louis Tarr. Address (1910) Rousville, i^a. 

Part H 
B (2) Asahel Beier, son of John Henry Beier and Elizabeth 
Maria Zerbe, was born about 1735, in Tulpehocken Twp., Berks Co., Pa. 
His name is variously spelled Asahel, Assel, Oziel, and Asamus, Assemus, 
Asomas, etc. In 1754 he took out a patent deed for 300 acres of land 
in PinegTOve Tvvp., then licrks but later Schuylkill Co., Pa. In this 
document, still in possession of the Bretz family who own the old home- 
stead, his name is Asemus, Asinios, and iVsomas, showing the loose spell- 
ing" of the times. In 1768 he paid tax on a 50-acre farm in Heidelberg 
Twp., Berks Co., Pa., probably owning two farms at the time. See 
page 132, Vol. XVIII, Third Series, Pennsylvania Archives. Here the 
name is Assimus. On page 256 of the same Volume, where his tax on 
150 acres in 1779 in Pinegrove Tvvp. is recorded, the name is Assamus, 
On page 259 his son is recorded as a sing^le freeman paying a small tax' 
in PinegTove Twp. Here the name is xAssamus. On page 388, where 
the father pays tax on 100 acres in 1780, the name is Assimus. So is 
the son's, who is still single. The same is true of both on page 515 in 
the year 1781, where 200 acres are in question. On page 673, Vol. X, 
Second Series, Pennsylvania Archives, the name is "Oziel" Boyer. Here 
it is stated "Oziel Boyer killed in action." He belonged to the 8th Penna, 
Regiment, Continental Line, a private soldier. The soldiers in ques- 
tion here served between July 20, 1776 and Jan. 17, 1781. On p5^;e 
364, Vol. 3, Fifth Series, Pa. Archives, the year of his death is recorded 


— 1778. His Schuylkill County desccntlants, as Abram R. Wingate, of 
Washington, D. C, reported 1908, call him Awsel, and Assel. Rev. John 
Caspar Stoever married Asahel lieier to Maria Eva Spieler, of Atolhoe 
(Rehrcrsburg vicinity), Berks Co., Pa., July 24, 1757. This was about 
three months after his father's death. So far as reported by his de- 
scendants, the children were Asahel, Samuel, Adam, John, Ijarbara, sis- 
ter (r\Irs. Leatherman), Christina, Katrina, and another sister. 

C (i) Asahel Boycr, sOn of Asahel Beier and Maria Eva Spieler, 
was born about 1756, near Pinegrove, Pa. Eived in Pinei^rove Twp., 
Schuylkill Co., Pa. It was then J^erks County, Pa. Married Magdalene 
Nagle. Reported nn page 259, 39T, 517, 647, and 775, Vol. 18, Third 
Series, Penns}lvania Archives, resi)ectively in 1779, 1780, 1781, 1784, 
and 1785. A single freeman at least up to 1781. In 1784 he was ta.Ked 
in Pinegrove Twp. for 169 acres of land. This looks as if he had taken 
possession of his father's inheritance. On page 250, Vol. 2('>, Third Series, 
Pennsylvania iVrchivcs, Asel Boyer, evidently the man in question, is 
reported as a warrantee for 300 acres of land in lierks Co., Pa. The 
transaction is (kited June tr, 1802: ( )n AiM-il [6, 1805, he made a will. 
See Will Bocjk, Reading Court lluuse. Vol. 4, page 414, and A 540. 
This will names his children: Johannes (John), Elizabeth, Christina, 
Barbara, Filbina, Margaret, Eva, Adam, Katrina. 

C (2) Sanuiel Boyer, son of Asahel Beier and ]\laria Eva Spieler, 
was born about 1757, near I'inegrove, Pa. Lived in Pinegrove Town- 
ship. Several Samuel Boyers were Revolutionary soldiers from Berks 
Co., Pa., but at this writing the historian can not identify this Samuel 
with any of the men recorded in the Archives. lie married Elizabeth 
Schmidt (Smith). The historian's informant knows the name of only 
one child, namely John, but it is likely that there were others. 

C (3) Adam Boyer, son of Asahel Beier and Maria Eva Spieler. 
Married. Children : Adam, Frank, John, and probably others. 

C (4) John Boyer, son of Asahel I5eier and Maria Eva Spieler, 
was born about 1780, and died about 1855 or i860. Farmer. Married. 
No children. Buried at Salem Church (lletzel's), in the neighborhood 
of Pinegrove, ]'a. 

C (5) P.arbara ,Boycr, daughter of Asahel Beier and Maria Eva 
Spieler, born about 17G5, quite likely near Pinegrove, Pa., married Mich- 
ael Struphar, son of John George Struphar, who arrived in Pennsyl- 
vania Sept. 15. 1749, on the ship Phoenix, and wife Bauscher. Both be- 
longed to the Dunkard Church. Built house with large stone basement, 
in which Dunkard meetings were held many years. He was born about 
17G2. Children: Catharine, sister (Mrs. Zimmerman), Michael, and 
perhaps others. 


C (6) A (laughter of Asahel Ikier and ^laria Eva Spieler, married 

C (7) Christina lioyer, daughter of Asaliel 15eier and Adaria Eva 
Spieler, horn al)out 1765, married Piiilip Zerlie, horn Oet. 23, 1765. They 
lived ahout three miles east of J^inegrove, I'a., in 1790. Children: Philip, 
John, Philosophene, Daniel, Catharine, Christina. C (8) Katharine. 

D (i) John, (2) Elizaheth, (3) Christina, (4) l]arbara,,( 5) Fil- 
hina, (6) Margaret, (7) Eva, (8) .Vtlam, (9) and Catherine, were ehil- 
dren of Asahel Boyer, Jr., and his wife Magdalene Nagie, as we know 
from his "will" April 16, 1805. In this "will" Adam's daughter, Eliza- 
beth, is mentioned. Adam was then dead. 

D (i) John Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Elizabeth Schmidt, 
Vv'as baptized in 1777 by Rev. Miles, near Pinegrove, I'a. He lived for 
awhile in Maxatawny Twp., l>erks Co., Pa. About 1820 he moved to 
Little Mahanoy Twp., Northumberland Co., Pa. In 1835 ^^^ moved to 
Columbia Co., Pa., about two miles east of Numidia. He married Cath- 
erine Weikel. On Sej)t. 5, 1838, he made a will, which was probated 
Oct. II, 1838, at liloomsburg, Pa. , His wife was then living. The 
children are named: Jacob, John, Elizabeth, Magdalene, Catherine,. 
Dinah, and Daniel. 

D (i) Adam Boyer, son of Adam Boyer and wife, died about 
i860 or 1865, as Mrs. Bretz reports. Married first to Sophia Clouser, 
and later to Elizabeth Rhoades. Children: William, Adam, Sophia, 
Sarah, Catharine, Lucinda, Harriet, Daniel, Eli, George, Jaccd), Pliili]), 
John, Martin, Charles, Eouisa, Caroline, Eliza, and others that died 

D (2-3) Frank Boyer and John T'oyer, sons of Adam Boyer and 
wife, have not been rei)orted. 

D ( I ) Catherine Struphar, daughter of Barbara Boyer and Michael 
Struphar, born about 1787, near i'inegrove, Pa., died in 1856, and is 
buried at Oil City, Pa. Married to John Wolf, born 1777, near Jones- 
town, Lebanon Co., Pa. He died 1869, in Venango Co., Pa., and is 
buried at Oil City, Pa. Probably a Dunkard. Children : Solomon 
and -Catherine. 

D (2) Michael Struphar, son of Barbara Boyer and Michael Strup- 
har, born 1790, near Pinegrove. Pa., died 1875, &"<' ^s buried there. Mar- 
ried Catherine Kuiz, born 1792. She died 1885. Children: Joshua, 
Sarah, perhaps others. D (3) A sister married Zimmerman. 

D (i) IMiilij) Zerbe, son of Christina Boyer and Philip Zerbe, bornt 
about 1793, married Elizal)eth. Lived and died near Pinegrove, I'a. 
Raised a family of nine children; D (2) John Zerbe, born y\pril 17, 
1795, married Magdela. They had a family of seven children, and lived 
in Indiana and Iowa; D (3J Philophena Zerbe, born May 5, 1796, never 


married; D<4) Daniel Zerbe, born Dec. i, 1799, died 1874. Lar-e farm 
adjonimg- farm of his uncle John Boyer, Pinegrove, Pa. Married Cath- 
erine Schwartz. Children: Daniel, Jared, Louisa, Edward, Alary .Vnne 
Sarah, Kate, Peter; D (5) Catherine Zerbe, born April 19, 1798 mar- 
ried Adam Stahl. One child: Adam Stahl; D (6) Christina Zerbe 
born July 10, i8or, married John Zerbe. Thev had one daughter Duset- 
ta. Divnig- (1913) 83 years old. She married George Bretz,\vho owned 
the farm on which John iioyer lived. Address (1913) Pinegrove, Pa. 

E (i) Jacob Boyer, son of John Boyer and Catherine Wc'ikel is 
buried in Sullivan Co., Pa. Lutheran. Farmer in Helfenstein Pa 
Married Susan Kuhns. Children: Elias, sister (lAIrs. Schoener) ' per- 
haps others; E (2) John Boyer, born ALarch 3, i8o^ in Maxat'awny 
Twp., Berks Co., Pa., died Jan. 4, 1876. Lutheran. Farmer. Married 
Elizabeth Bixlcr. Reformed. Children: Solomon, Susan Charles B 
Lyd.a, Annie, Hettie, John, Gabriel, Angelina; E (3) Elizabeth ]5oyer 
married Jac^ob Derk. Children: Some at New Ringgold and some at 
Rmgtown, Pa.; E (4) Magdalena Boyer married David Weary Chil- 
dren; E (5) Catherine Boyer married Michael Kessler of Heoins Pa 
Children; E (6) Diana (Dinah ) Boyer married Jacob Miller. Children- 
L.vdia perhaps others; E (7) Daniel Boyer was born April 10 iSis' 
probably in Afaxatawny Tw;)., Berks Co., Pa. Reformed. Lived i.i 
Roaring Creek, Pa. Died May 12, 1888. Married Anna Miller born 
Nov. 7, 1815. Children: Isaac, Rachel, Louisa, Katie, George, Andrew 
Jeremiah, Mary, John. " ' ' 

E (I) Adam Boyer, son of Adam Boyer and his wife Sophia Clous- 
er, IS buried m Stauffer's Ce.r.etery, Llewellyn, Pa. Married Zimmer- 
man. Then Rebecca lleim. Children: Adam, Franklin, Jacob Paul 
Esther, and Catharine. 

E (2) Philip ik)yer, son of Adam Boyer and Elizabeth Rhoads 
born Dec. 27, 1846. in Riley Twp., Schuylkill Co., Pa. Lutheran. Miner 

and Lrode. Nine battles and 17 months and 22 davs service. Married' 
Rebecca etery. ^Address ( 1910) 8 East Bacon St., Pottsville, Pa. Chil- 
dren .Wdl.ani Edwai-d, Mary Ellen, Annie Rebecca, John Adam, Jesse 
Fiankhn, Carrie Elizabeth, George Garfield, and Aaron Arllnir 

E (3) George Boyer, son of Adam Boyer and Elizabeth Rhoads 
born Sept. 14, 1843. Lutheran. Farmer. Miner. Married ALarv Ellen 
Jones Blackwood Pa. Children: (a) Sevilla Boyer, (b) David'Bover , 
born Nov. 10, 1878, (c) Ella Boyer, born Dec. 2, 1882, all of Blackwood 

i ; ft^ ;T' .^'"'' ^'""'^ ^''''- -^' ^^^7. Address (1910) Mrs. John ' 
Schrefter, Minersville, Pa. ^ ^ ' J 

E (4) Jacob Boyer, son of Adam Boyer and Elizabeth Rhoads, 
born about 1844. Miner, Tower City, Pa. Evangelical church. Soldier 


■of rcg,"iinent as brother Philip. Married Carrie Donnioyer. Chil- 
• dren: Three l)oys, three j;;"irls, one of them Sevilla. 

' E (5) Sarah L>o3'er, daughter of Adam Boyer and Sophia Clouser, 
n:iarried David Hummel. Children: William (Frackville, Pa.), Charles 
(Summit Station, i'a.), others. 

K (6) John Boyer, son of Adam Boyer and wife Elizabeth Rhoads. 
Miner, Tamaqua, Pa. Married P)arbara Schreffler. Children: Eliza- 
beth, Eucy, and two other girls. 

E (7) Sophia Boyer, daughter of z\dam Boyer and Sophia Clous- 
er, married Reuben Fertig (soldier). 

E (8) Martin Boyer, son of Adam Boyer and wife Elizabeth 
Rhoads, miner, lives at Blackwood, Pa. There are four or five children. 

E (y) Charles Boyer, son of Adam Boyer and wife Elizabeth 
Rhoads, married and lives at Donaldson, Pa. There are children. 

E (10) William Boyer, son of Adam Boyer and wife Sophia Clous- 
er, born Dec. 8, 1830, died 191 2. Lived at Valley View, Pa. Soldier of 
Civil War. Farmer. Married Susan Schofstall, born Jan. 20, 1835. 
Children: Adaline A., Frank, James AL, Fallen R., Sarah A., Mary M., 
Wilson H., Frances, and Percie. 

E (u) Catherine Boyer, daughter of Adam Bo}er and wife Sophia 
Clouser, married John Daubert. Children : Address son Charles, Pine- 
grove, Pa.; E (12) Caroline l^oyer (Rhoads) married Henry Zerbe. Chil- 
dren: Plenr)' Zerbe. Address (1913) Zerbe, l^a. ; others ; E (13) Eucinda 
Boyer married Zerbe and then Geiger. Children : George Zerbe, Leb- 
anon, Pa. Charles Geiger, and four others; E (14) Eliza Boyer, daugh- 
ter of Adam Boyer and Elizabeth Rhoads, married John Crawford. No 
children; E (15) Louisa Boyer, daughter of Adam Boyer and wife, 
married John Neidlinger, Blackwood, Pa. Children : Eleven sons and 
three daughters; E (16-17) F)anicl and EH died young; E (18) Flar- 
riet died single. 

E (i) Solomon Wolfe, son of Catharine Struphar and John Wolfe, 
born Dec. 16, 1810, married Catharine Miller, June 5, 1846. Children: 
Emmanuel, Catharine, John Daniel, Tobias F., George A., lyucy A., 
Simon L., David E. 

E (2) Catharine Wolfe, daughter of Catharine Struphar and John 
Wolfe, born Dec. 22, 1826, near Lebanon, Pa. Married Dr. John Daniel - 
Wingate, born Dec. 26, 1821, at Middleburg, Union Co., Pa. Dentist. 
Died at Carbondale, Pa., July 1879. Children: Abram Reber Wingate, 
Daniel Miles Wingate, Minnie May Wingate. 

E (3) Daniel M. Wolfe, son of Catharine Struphar and John 
Wolfe, born June 15, 1837, died Feb. 21. 1910, at Spring Mills, Pa. Luth- 
eran minister. Professor of Languages. Very fine man. 


E (i) Joshua Strujjhar, son of Michael Struphar and Catliarine 
Kiitz, was born 1850, died Sept. 1908. Lived at Green Point, I'a. 

E (2) Sarah Struphar, daughter of Michael Strui^har and Cath- 
arine Kutz, born 1833, married (1854) John Haldeman. Address (1913) 
Pinegrove, Pa. Children: Eleven. The youngest, William. Address 
(1915) Normal School, Kutztown, Pa. Very fine man. 

E (i) Daniel Zerbe, son of Daniel Zerbe and Catherine Schwartz, 
born Aug. i, 1824, died 1882. ^larried Esther Mary Gebert, and after- 
wards Barbara Krick. Children: W. Lafayette, Ella, Ann Caroline, 
of first marriage. Henry, Alice, Daniel, Lewis, Ida, of second marriage. 

E (i) John Boyer, son of Boyer, who died 1831, and is 

buried somewhere in the neighborhood of Pinegrove, Pa. He was born 
April 3, 1816, in Schuylkill County, presumably in the neighborhood of 
Pinegrove, died Nov. 30, 1881, and is buried at Fredericksburg, Lebanon 
Co.,l^a. Physician at Fredericksburg, Pa. Married Catharine Zerbe 
born 1822, ill Schuylkill Co., Pa., presumably in the neighborhood of 
Pinegrove,' Pa. She -dietl March 18, 1886. From the fact that this 
family of Boyers was associated and intermarried with the Zerbe people, 
and that Daniel Zerbe, son of Daniel Zerbe, who lived in Pinegrove, 
was born in August 1824, and that he had a sister by the name of Kate 
or Catharine, the historian argues that John Boyer v/as a grandson 
of Samuel Boyer, son of Asahel Bayer, Jr., or of a brother, or cousin 
of this Samuel Boyer. The affiliation of this branch of Boyers with the 
Church of the Ih-ethren adds nuich force to the argument, and leaves 
almost no doubt. The children of John Boyer and Catharine Zerbe were 
ITenry F., Elizabeth, Mary, and Annie. 

E (2) Jacob Boyer, son of Boyer, who died 1831. Me was 

a bachelor, and lived in Lidiana. Al:)out i860 he visited his brother at 
Myerstown, Pa. The date of his birth and death are not known to the 

E (3) Susan Boyer, daughter of Boyer, who died 1831. 

She married Reverend Ziegenfus, a minister of the Evangelical Church,^ 
and left no children. 

F (i ) Elias Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Susan Kuhns, born May 
5, 1825. Lutheran. Carpenter. Address (1913) Cressona, Pa. Soldier 
in Civil War. Married Mary ^Lagdalene Fletcher. Children: (a) 
Ellen Wilson Boyer. Address (1913) Mrs. William IL Dornsife, Cres- 
sona, Pa. (b) William Thompson Boyer. (c) Charles Elias I'.oycr, 
Tamaqua, Pa. Born Feb. 4, 1863. Railroader. Married Beulah llelwig. 
(d) John Franklin Boyer, East Mauch Chunk, Pa. P>orn Sept. 26, 1868. 
Engineer. Married jMary Kiehl. Children, (e) Leonore Adelaide Boy- 
er. Address (1910) Mrs. Fred PTelTner, Gordon, Pa. 

F (2) Gideon Boyer, probably the son of Jacob Boyer and Susan 

Chaptet XX, Page 303 

Chapter XXVI, Page 335 


Chapter XXV. Page 333 


Chapter XXXI. Page 339 


Kuhns, v/as born in Mahantongo Vallc)', Schuylkill Co., Pa., and went 
to Ohio, where he is buried. Married Elizabeth Cherry. Children: (i) 
Daniel C. iioyer, born March 4, 1839. O'J^S) ^'ordon, Pa. 
Laborer. Methodist. Married cousin Alice Boyer, daughui i.i I'liilip 
Poyer. Children: (a) Bertha (Read), First and Lehman Si^., Lebanon, 
I'a. (b) Plarr}', of Gordon, Pa. Married Emma Thompson, (c) Viola. 
(2) George W. Boyer. Address (1914) Cleveland, Ohio. Married and 
has children. (4) Philip Bo3'er. Address (1914) Clyde, Ohio. Mar- 
ried and has children. (5) Michael Boyer, Fremont, Ohio. Married 
and has ehildren. (6) Fictta, Mary, and others. 

F (3) Philip Boyer, probably son of Jacob Boyer and Susan Kuhns, 
or a lirst wife, was born near Mahantongo Valley, Pa. He died C8 years, 
2 months and 2 days old about 1883, in Gordon, l-'a., where he lived. 
Reformed. Stone mason. Married Eavina Fry. Children: Amanda, 
wife of Peter Miller, 2822 Darien St., I'hila., Pa.; Alice, wife of cousin, 
Daniel C. Boyer; Philip Boyer, of Treverton, Pa., married to Emma 
Dcibert. Children: Nathan, Plenry, Asher, Mary, antl John Boyer, born 
JMay I, 183 . Address (1914) Gordon, Pa. Sub-foreman. Married 
Caroline I3err. Children: Clayton, Oram, John, and Maurice, at home 
in 1914. 

F (4) George Boyer, probably son of Jacob Boyer and Susan 
Kuhns, or first wife, lived at Tremont, Pa., was married, but left no 

F (5) Daniel Boyer, ])robably son of Jacob Boyer and Susan 
Kuhns, or first wife, lived in Mahantongo Valley. F (6) Perha])s others. 

F (i) Attorney Solomon Boyer, son of John Boyer and Elizabeth 
Bixler, born Jan. 4, 1829, in Little Mahanoy Twp., Northumberland 
Co., Pa. Teacher. Admitted to l)ar, Aug. 5, 1858. Attorney-at-law. 
Address (1913) Sunbury, Pa. Author of "Crinfinal Digest." Revenue 
collector under Lincoln. Married (1850) Esther Haupt. Children: 
Francis, who died young, and Amelia, wife of J. H. McDevitt, Sun- 
bury, Pa. 

F (2) Susan Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Elizabeth Bixler, 
born June 28, 1831, died Nov. 9, 1907. Married John 'K. Maurer. Chil- 
dren: (a) Peter' B. Maurer. Address (1909) Mowry, Pa. (b) Charles 
B. Maurer. Address (1909) Mowry, Pa. (c) Solomon B. Maurer. Ad- 
dress (1909) Mowry, Pa. (d) William H. Maurer. Address (1909) 
Mowry, Pa. (e) Mary Maurer. Address (1910) Mrs. Mary Kehler, 
Mt. Carmel, Pa. 

F (3) Charles B. Boyer, son of John Boyer and Elizabeth Bixler, 
born A.nril 27, 1836, in East Cameron Twp., Northumberland Co., Pa. 
Lutheran. Farmer. Address (1913) Shamokin, Pa. R. F. D. i. Mar- 
ried (Nov. 9, 1857) Lucy N. Plaupt. She died 24 years old. On May 


27, 1866, he married Lucianu Startzel. She also died. Oa April 15, 
1882 he married Amelia Alaurer. Children: (a) Aaron Beyer, born 
June 26, 1858. Married Kate A. Wary, Shamokin, Pa., R. F. D. i, Box 
62. Children: (i) Cyrus Boyer, Sixth St., Shamokin, Pa. Born July 
25, 1880. Clerk. Married Katie L. Kerstetter. (2) Florence Boyer, 
born March 8, 18S2, Shamokin, Pa. Dressmaker. (3) Milton lioyer, 
Bethlehem, Pa. Machinist. Born March 16, 1884. Married Elsie Purty. 
Children. (4) Frances Boyer, Shranokin, Pa., R. F. D. i. Born !\lay 
17, 1886. (5) Perry W. Boyer, Shamokin, Pa., l^i. F. D. i. Born Dec. 
13, 1892. (b) Albert Boyer, Second St., Shamokin, Pa. (c) Perry W. 
Boyer. (c) Ellsworth Boyer, son of Euciana Startzel. Address (1909) 
Corner 3rd and Gowen Sts., Shamokin, Pa. (d) Martha Boyer, daughter 
of Amelia Maurer, married John Latshaw. AcUlress ( 1909) Shamokin, 
Pa., R. F. D. I, I5ox 23. (e) Elverta Boyer. Address (1909) Shamo- 
kin, Pa., R. F. D. I. 

F (4) Lydia Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Elizabeth Pnxler, 
born at Gowen City, Pa., and died there 61 years old. Married SoIcjuiou 
11. Ziegenfus. Died 78 years old. Clrildren: (a) I. B. Ziegcnfus. Ad- 
dress (1909) Mowry, Pa. Born June i, 1871. Evangelical. Laborer. 
Married Maggie Beury. Children: Alma, Earl W. (b) Augustus 
Ziegenfus, Mowry, Pa. (c) G. B. Ziegenfus, Lavelle, Pa. (d) Lizzie 
Ziegenfus, Mrs. Lizzie Christopher, Mowry, Pa. (e) Esther Ziegenfus, 
]\'Irs. Esther Aiaurer, Mt. Carmel, Pa. ( f ) j\Irs. Christian Felker, 55 
W. Douglass St., Reading, Pa. (g) Amanda Ziegenfus. Address 
(1909) ]\Irs. Amanda Dieter, Reading, Pa. (h) Marcus Ziegenfus. Ad- 
dress (1909) Baker City, Oregon. 

F (5) John Boyer, son of John Boyer and Elizabeth Bixler, born 
Aug. 3, 1841. Address (1909) Shamokin, Pa. Married (1864) Plannah 
Weary. Children: (a) Alice Boyer. Mrs. Henry Orner, S. Shamokin 
St., Shamokin, Pa. (b) Elizabeth Boyer. Mrs. William Koons, Gow- 
en City, Pa. (c) Archibald Boyer, Shamokin, Pa., R. F. D., Box 11. 
(d) Priscilla Boyer. Mrs. James Scott, 7th St., Shamokin, Pa. (e) 
Clara Boyer. Mrs. Monroe Weary, Gowen City, Pa. (f) llattie Boyer. 
Mrs. Henry Weary, loio Mulberry St., Shamokin, Pa. g) IVIinnie Boy- 
er. Mrs. Samuel Plannold, 318 Spruce St., Camden, N. J. (h) John 
Boyer,' Gowen City, Pa. (i) Robert Boyer, Gowen City, Pa. 

F (6) Annie Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Elizabeth Bixler, 
born May 11, 1844, married Peter WoU. Address (1909) 425 Harrison 
St., Pottsville, Pa. Children: (a) Annie E. Well, 425 Harrison St., 
Pottsville, Pa. (b) Peter B. Woll, 1058 East 72nd St., Cleveland, Ohio, 
(c) Lewis Woll, Kalispell, Montana, (d) Philip A. Woll, 331 W. 124th 
St., New York, (e) Minnie F. Woll, (f) Joseph H. Woll, (g) Clara 
B. Woll. 



F (7) Hettle Boyer, daug-hter of John Boyer and Elizabeth Bix- 
ler, born May 11, 1844, married Samuel Weikle. Address (1909) Mrs, 
Hettie Weikle, Shamokin, Pa., R. F. D. i. Cliildren : (a) Angelina 
Weikle. Married Charles Kline, Pitman, Pa. (b) EUsvvork Weikle, 
Gowen City, Pa. (c) Herman Weikle, Shamokin, i'a., R. B\ D. i, Box 8. 

F (8) Gabriel P>03'er, son of John Boyer and Eliazbeth Bixler, born 
April 3, 1847, East Cameron Tvvp., Northumberland Co., I'a. Address 
(i()i3) 1007 Center St., Ashland, I*a. Church of God. Dealer in wag- 
ons, agricultural implcmenis, etc. Married Mar}' Shaller, beirn June 
16, 1849. Children-: (a) Jennie Boyer, born ]\Iay 13, 1871. Married 
George W. Weikle, born Feb. 24, i8r)7. Carpenter. Address (1909) 
39 W. Walnut St., Alt. Carmel, Pa. Children: Lawrence, EUwood, 
Ardella. (b) Clara- Boyer, born May 22, 1875. Married Frank U. 
Geist, born July 6, 1871. Cijnfectioner, 1219 Centre St., Asldand, Pa. 
Children: John, Kurd, Lyle. (c) Allen Boyer, 237 W. Walnut St., 
Shaniokin, Pa. Carpenter. Marrietl Katie Kessler, born Feb. 1879. 
Children: Earle. (d) Howard Boyer, 2422 S. Beulah St., Phila., Pa. 
Born Nov. 24, 1880. Printer. Married Laura Donaldson, born Aug, 
1880. Children: Ralph, Raymond, William, (e) Lillie Bo3'er, born 
Sept. 18, 1884, and died Dec. 20, 1902. 

F (9) Angelina Bo)er, daughter of John Boyer and Elizabeth Bix- 
ler, married Gilbert Reitz, Mt. Carmel, Pa. No children. 

F ([) Lydia Miller, daughter of Dinah l^oyer and Jacob Miller, 
married i lowell, Miltlinville, Columbia Co., Pa. 

F (1) Henry F. Boyer, son of Dr. John Boyer and Catherine Zerbe, 
born Jan. 3, 1842, at Myerstown, Pa-. Address (1909) 315 Main St., 
Suuth Allentovvn, Pa. United IVethren Church. Served in 93rd and 
56th Reginients during Civil War. Engineer by occupation. Married 
Amelia E., born Aug. 6, 1847, in Lebanon Co., Pa. Children: (a) Em- 
nia L. Boyer, born Oct. 3, 1869. She married Thomas E. Chatten, 316 
High St., Bethlehem, Pa. (b) Annie ]\L Boyer, l)orn Feb. 23, 1872. 
Married Martin L. Broad, Venn Argyll, Pa. (c) William H. Boyer, 
born Sept. 23, 1874. Minister. Address (19O9) Rev. William H. Boyer, 
Williamstown, Dauphin Co., Pa. Married Stella M. Jacoljy. Children: 
John H., born Dec. 6, 1894, and Ethel I\L (d) Eva M. Boyer, born Jan. 
20, 1883, married Charles G. Fisher, 315 Main St., South Allentown, Pa. 

F (2) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Dr. John Pjoyer and Catharine 
Zerbe, married Neiswender, Orwigsburg, Pa. No children. 

F (3) Mary Boyer, daug-hter of Dr. John Boyer and Catharine 
Zerbe, married Martin, Pottsville, Pa. Children: Charles Martin, 322 
W. Ray St., Pottsville, Pa. Grant Martin, 322 W. Ray St., Pottsville, 
Pa. Oscar Martin, 322 W. Ray St., Pottsville, Pa. Ellen Martin (Mil- 
ler) Lebanon, Pa. 


F (4) Annie Boyer, danghler of Dr. John Eoyer and Catharine 
Zerbe, married Dr. WilHam Christ. Address (1909) White Haven, Pa. 
No children. 

F (i ) Isaac Coyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Anna Miller, born Nov. 
18, 1849, i'l Roaring- Creek, Pa. Lutheran. Miner. Address (1909) 
Aristes, Pa. Married Hannah Levan. Only child : Mary Ellen Boyer, 
born March 30, 1879, ^t Centralia, Pa., married Earl Alfred Brobst. 
Children: (i) Isaac, child of first husband Levan, (2) Earl Brobst, 
(3) Claire Brobst, Mrs. Earl Albert Brobst, Aristes, Pa. 

F (2) Rachel Boyer, daughter of Daniel Boyer and Anna Miller, 
married Daniel Knerr. Children: Ik-ulah and Isaiah. 

F (3) Louisa Boyer, daughter of Daniel lioyer and Anna .Miller, 
born Feb. 28, 1848, died Aug-. 28, 1878. Married Richard Watkins. 
Moved to Iowa. Children : Seven or more. 

F (4) Katie Boyer, daughter of Daniel Boyer and .Vrma Miller, 
married Samuel Helvvig, Numidia, ■ Pa. Children: (a), Plannah 1 lel- 
wig, married Mr. Isberg-. Address (1909) Roaring- Creek, Pa. Children: 
Several, (b) Isaiah Helwig^ married Amelia .A-pple. Children: (i) 
George Helwig. Married. Children: Junius, Ida ( Lindenmuth), Kate, 
Ella, Nora, Maggie, John. 

F (5) George Bo}er, son of Daniel Boyer and Anna Miller, mar- 
ried Amanda Rumbel, Ringtown, Pa. No children. 

F (6) Andrew Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Anna Miller. 
Lutheran. Farmer. Address (1909) Newlin, Pa. Married Rosanna 
liouck. She died. Child-ren: (a) Ellen Boyer, (b) Gertrude Boyer, 
Newlin. Pa. 

F (7) Jeremiah Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Anna Miller. Re- 
formed. Farmer, Catawissa, Pa., R. F. D. Married Lizzie Beaver. 
Children: Robert Boyer, Catawissa, Pa.,.R. F. D. 

F (8) Mary Boyer, daughter of Daniel Boyer and Anna Miller, 
married William Womer, Numidia, Pa. Children. 

F (9) John Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Anna Miller, born 
Nov. 15, 1841, died Sept. i, 1878. Farmer. Married Lydia Houck. 
Children: (a) William Hoyer, Ringtown, Pa. Farn-ier. Married Sevilla 
Frey. Children: Oscar, Guy, Carrie, (b) Sarah Anne Boyer. Mar- 
ried John Schaeffer, Numidia, Pa. Children: Earl, (c) Mamie Boyer. 
Married Cyrus Neidig. Dead. Mrs. Mamie Neidig, Fisher's Ferry, Pa., 
R. F. D. Children: Harry, Bertha, Minnie, Lydia. (d) John Boyer, 
Roaring Creek, Pa. Married Sarah Levan. There are children. 

F (i) Franklin Boyer, scni of Adam Boyer and his wife Rebecca 
Heim. Teaming, Llewellyn, Pa. Married Starr. Children. 

F (2) Adam L!oycr, son of Adani Boyer and wife. Supervisor. 
Tremont, Pa. Married Annie Miller. No children. 


F (3) Jacob Paul Boyer, son of Adam Boyer and Rebecca Ileini, 
"born March 2, 1861. Miner. Address (1913) 836 N. 3rd St., Pottsville, 
Pa., or Middleport. I\Iarried Ida Wallace. Children : Charles Clinton, 
]\'Iary Rebecca, Ada Elizabeth, Herman Panl, Emerson Ileihnan, Winheld 
Scott, Evelyn Ursula, Theron Wallace. 

F (4) Esther Boyer, dauj^hter of Adam Boyer and his wife Rebecca 
Heim, married Ilain, jMinersville, Pa. Children : Four or more. 

F (5) Catharine Boyer, daughter of Adam Boyer and Rebecca 
Pleim, marrietl. Had one daughter. She is dead, but left three children. 

F (i) Atialine Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and Susan 
Schofstal, born Jan. 3, 1856. Alarried Ressler, Valley View, Pa.; F (2) 
Frank Boyer, born June 3, 1S58. Lutheran. Married. Farmer, Hegins, 
Pa. Married Catherine Deiter, born Sept. 22, 1861. Children: Sev- 
eral; F (3) James Monroe Adam Boyer, born Dec. 24, i860, at Hegins, 
Pa. ]\Iiner, Reinerton, Pa. Married Ellen Wiest. Children; F (4) 
Ellen Rebecca I)Oyer, born June 22, 1862, married Bowers, Tremont, Pa. ; 
F (5) Sarah A. Boyer, born Nov. 1865, married Samuel Stutzman, 
Hegins, Pa. Children; F (6) Mary M. Boyer, born Aug. 1868, married 
Samuel Savidge, Valley View, Pa. Children; F ^7) Wilson Harvey 
Ijoyer, born C^ct. 17, 1871. Miner, Valley View, Pa. Married Victoria 
Sevilla Harner, born Jan. 17, 1877. Children: John Wilson Boyer, born 
Sept. I, 1897; Eva Matilda Boyer, born Mar. 7, 1904; Gertie lona Boyer, 
"born Aug. 30, 1907; F (8) Frances Boyer, born Oct. 1877. Lutheran. 
Married David Morgan, Valley View, Pa. Children; F (cj) ]V^rcie 
Boyer, born March 28, 1879. Miner, Valley View, Pa. 

F (i) William Edward Boyer, son of Philip Boyer and Rebecca 
Petery, was born Oct. 30,, 1868. Plumber, 1534 Hollywood St., Phila., 
Pa. Died. Married Emma Klippenstein. Children: William, George; 
F (2) Mary Ellen lioyer was born Feb. 8, 1872. Married Oscar Fegley, 
E.ose Hill Station, Olney, Phila., Pa. Children: Victor, Clarence ; F (3) 
Annie Rebecca Boyer, born Nov. 13, 1873. Address (1913) East Bacon 
St., Pottsville, Pa.; F (4) John Adam Boyer, born Oct. 18, 1875, died 
June 19, 1904. Miner at Pottsville. Married Mary Ault. No children; 
F (5) Jesse Franklin Boyer, born April 9, 1878. Railroader, Liberty 
St., Allentown, Pa. ^Tarried Emma Bear. Children: Victor, Anna, 
Elenore, John, Dorothy ; F (6) Carrie lilizabeth Boyer, born Feb. 28, 
1880, married Harvey Limbenhen, Pottsville St., Mechanicsville, Schuyl- 
kill Co., Pa. Children: Verna, Grace, Philip; F (7) George Garfield 
Boyer, born May 31, 1881. Sawyer, 1931 Orianna St., Phila., Pa. Mar- 
ried Sallie. Children: George, Bertha, Catharine; F (8) Aaron Boyer, 
born March 23, 1895, St. Clair, Pa. Married Sarah Cookson. Children: 

F (i) Abram Reber Wingate, son of Catherine Wolfe and Dr. 


John D. Wingate, born Dec. 11, 1863, at Bellefonte, Pa. Presbyterian. 
Teacher. Head book-keeper and financial man at the New Willard 
Hotel, Washington. D. C. Much interested in the Oziel (Assel) Jk^yer 
genealogy. Married (Sept. 15, 1885) Catherine H. Gilliland, born Aug. 
2, 1859. Children: Mary Hanijjsher, born Sc])t. 2, 1886; Harry Arm- 
strong, born Jan. 21, 1888; Minnie May, born Jan. 14, 1891 ; Anna Belle, 
born Jan. 12, 1892; Florence, born Feb. 28, 1895; Adam Rcber, born 
Nov. 6, 1896; Rosa H. G., born Oct. 16, 1901. 

F (2) Daniel Miles Wingate, son of Catherine Wolfe and Dr. John 
D. Wingate, born April 5, 1861, at Bellefonte, Pa. Address (1909) Dr. 
Daniel M. Wingate, 825 Fourteenth St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Children: John Nelson, born 1889, and Jennie Catherine. 

F (3) Minnie May Wingate, daughter of Catherine Wolfe and Dr. 
John D. Wingate, born March 25, 1867, married (1892) Dr. W. A. 
Spencer, Carbondale, Pa. She died 1895. One child: Lyman Wingate 
Spencer, born 1895. 

F (i) Emmanuel Miller Wolfe, son of Solomon Wolfe and Cath- 
erine Miller, born Oct. 27, 1847. Dentist, Oil City, Pa., liox 333. Mar- 
ried Margaret Orr. Children: (a) Linden Wright Wolfe, born Nov. 
22, 1872; (b) Catharine Isabella Wolfe, born Sept. 29, 1877; (c) John 
Miller Wolfe, born July 13, 1889; F (2) Catherine Adelia Wolfe, born 
July 14, 1849; F (3) Jolu^ Daniel Wolfe, born July 2, 1851, died Sept. 
18, 1899. Single; F (4) Tobias Fisher Wolfe, born March 11, 1853; 
F (5) George A. Wolfe, born Feb. 1855, died RLny 23, 1878. Single; 
F (6) Lucy A. Wolfe, born Feb. 23, 1857; F (7) Simon L. Wolfe, born 
March 2, i860; F (8) David Elmore Wolfe, born Oct. 19, 1862. 

F (i) \Villiam Lafayette Zerbe, son of Daniel Zerbe and Esther 
May Gebert, was born Dec. 18, 18^5, and died June 1905. Shoe mer- 
chant at Pinegrove, Pa. Married Melcsa Hain. Only son: William E. 
Zerbe, born Feb. 15, 1868. Lumber and constructing. Cabinet maker 
by trade. Lutheran. Address (1913) Pinegrove, Pa. Married Lillie 
May Shelly. Children: (a) Charles W. Zerbe, married Emma Leh- 
man. Assists father, (b) James M. Zerbe married Ollie Lloy. Leather 
roller. Address (1913) Pinegrove, Pa. (c) Annie, (d) John. 

G (i) Charles Clinton Boyer, son of Jacob Paul Boyer and Lla 
Wallace, was born July 1889. Machinist. Address (1913) 836 N. 3rd 
St., Pottsville, Pa. ; G (2) Mary Rebecca Boyer married Robert Kohler, 
1329 Crease St., Phila., Pa.; G (3) Ada Elizabeth Bo.yer married Hilde- 
brand, 205 W. Race St., Pottsville, Pa. ; G (4) Herman Paul Boyer, 
836 N. 3rd St., Pottsville, Pa.; G (5) Emerson Heilman ; G (6) Win- 
field Scott; G (7) Evelyn Ursula; G (8) Theron W^allace. 



Church records show that Andreas Ileycr was born February 2, 
1710, at Ebstcin, Chur-Pfaltz, Germany, and that he died May 27, 1768. 
He is buried in the old graveyard of the "Little Tulpehocken" Church, 
Tulpehocken Twp., Berks Co., Pa. The church is located one and one- 
half miles west of Bernville, Pa., and was founded by Rev. John Caspar 
Stoever, about 1729-30. Andreas Ikyer resided in North Heidelberg- 
Twp., close to the church, in his later years. This is shown by the fact 
that he left a "will," written in the year of his death, and recorded in the 
Will Book at Reading, Pa., Vol. 2, page 42. The executors were vSamuei 
]5ayer, his son, and Paul Lengel, who was probaljly a son-in-law. From 
this "will" we learn that his wife's name was Maria Sevilla. From the 
fact that her marriage is not recorded by Rev. Stoever, we infer that .'■■he 
came with Andreas as a bride. The "will" names eleven children, and 
the "Little Tulpehocken" records give us valuable dates and other details. 
The children were John Jacob, Elizabeth, Samuel, John, John Peter, 
Susanna, .'Vbraham, Martin, Anna, Sabilla and Yotter. The last one is 
not in the graveyard records. 

B ( L) John Jacob l>eycr, son of Andreas Bc)-er and his wife Maria 
Sevilla, was l^orn March 2, 1731. l^robably died 1701, in Heidelberg 
Twp., i'erks Co., Va. See "Accounts" (1750-1804) Recorder's (Miice, 
Ivcading, Pa. The estate of a George Beyer of the same township was 
administered May 20, 1839. See Vol. 14, page 53. Nov. 10, 1819, John 
lloyer's estate was administered by George lio)'er. Sec page 275, Vol. 8. 
June 30, 1832, Jacob Boyer's estate was administered. See Vol. 11, page 
259. It is likely that these men were sons of John Jacob Beyer, but it 
has not been proved, nor can we find other children if there were otliers. 

B (2) Elizabeth Beyer, daughter of Andreas Beyer and wife ]\lai-ia 
Sevilla, was born March 28, 1733. 

B (3) Samuel Beyer, son of Andreas Beyer and wife IMaria Sevilla, 
was born April 27, 1737. His wife's name was Elizabeth, as we know 
from the "will" made 1808 in Heidelberg Twp., Berks Co., Pa., and re- 
corded in yci]. A 547, Vol. 5, page 67. hi this "will" the children are 
named. They were Jonathan, Christina, Catharine, Maria Elizabeth, 



Abraham, and Sibilla. Jonathan's name appears in the Hain's Clmrch 
records Nov. 14, 1784, and Dec. 10, 1787, unless we are mistaken. 

B (4) John Beyer, son of Anch-eas Beyer and wife Maria Sevilla, 
was born Feb. 2, 1740, and died 1784. Lived in Heidelberg- Twp., Berks 
Co., Pa. Wife's name was Gertrude, as we know from his "will" made 
Jan. 20, 1783, and recorded in Vol. 3, A 58, pat^e 331, at Reading, Pa. 
Children: John, probably the one named in Vol. 10, page 240, Feb. 19, 
1828; Henry, j\lichael, Veronica, Maria, Barbara, Catherine, Elizabeth. 

B (5) John Peter Beyer, son of Andreas Beyer and wife ]\Iaria 
Sevilla, was born Oct. 27, 1740, and died March 29, 1784. Buried at the 
"Corner Church," Robesonia, Pa. Wife's name Anna Barbara, as wo 
know from "will" made 1784, in Heidelberg Twp., Berks Co., Pa., and 
recorded in Vol. A 66, Vol. 3, page 45. The children were Daniel and 
Kva. In 1796 Daniel made a "will." See Vol. B 422, Vol. 3, page 240. 
His wife was Mary, but he had no children. Probably the I'eter Boyer, 
of Sinking Si)rings, born 1772, was also a son. 

B (6) Susannah l>c}'er, daughter of Andreas Beyer and wife Maria 
Sevilla, was born March 2, 1745. She married Christian Gru])cr, broth- 
er of Adam Gruber, the great-great grandfather of Professor Calvin 
Gruber, of the Keystone State Normal School. 

B (7) Abraham Beyer, son of Andreas Beyer and wife ]\Iaria 
Sevilla, was born May 2, 1747, and is buried at the "Corner Church," 
near Robesonia, Pa. 

B (8) Martin Beyer, s(^n of Andreas Beyer and wife Maria Sevilla, 
was born Sept. 21, 1750. This date shows that he was not the Martin 
Beyer of the Hain's Church recortls, for the latter was about 30 years 
older. But the two Martins were probably relatives. The historian 
believes that he and Andreas, father of the younger Martin, and also 
John Henry, of Tulpehocken, were either brothers or cousins. 

C (i) William Boyer was probably a grandson of Andreas Beyer, 
of Heidelberg Twp., Ik-rks Co., Pa., or of John Henry Beyer, of Tul- 
pehocken. His daughter Sarah's birth in 1794, recorded in the Plain's 
Church, shows that he was born about 1774 or earlier. The wife's name 
is not mentioned in this record, but it is known that she was Elizabeth 
Plemmich of Oley, Pa. Pie died at the age of forty years, and is buried 
at the Plain's Church. Perhaps this means that he was Reformed, and 
that he belongs to the Andreas Beyer people. Plis children were Sarah, 
Kate, Nellie, Isaac, I. Jeremiah, and John Henry. 

C (i) John Boyer, probably the son of John Boyer and his wife 
Gertrude (See B 4), was born about 1760. We have no data except 
the particulars taken from an old Bible in possession of a Port Clinton, 
Schuylkill Co., Pa., family. Here the children are named: George, 
Andrew, Henry, and Joseph. 


C ( I ) Peter Dover was probabl}- the son of John Peter Beyc- and 
li!S wife Anna llarbara, of ileidelbcr- Twp., Berks Co., Pa., or one of 
John Peter Boyer's brothers. Correspondents report that Peter Boyer 
Avas born about 1772, probaljly in the vicinity of Sinkin- Springs Berks 
■Co., Pa. Proprietor of Sinkin- Sprin- tavern. '•Aliorated (1818) with 
family to Ohio, where he lived for a while, and then proceeded to .Mis- 
souri with, a number of brothers and sisters ai'id all of his family, about 
the year 1837." The preccdino- sentence is quoted from a report bv 
Attorney John S. Boyer, St. Joseph, iA[o. His wife was Elizabeth 
Binckley. Peter Boyer died 1856, in Buchanan Co., Alo., and his wife 
1859. There were twelve children. Eleven -rew to maturitv • Henry 
Gcor-e VV., Jacob, Monroe, Lydia. Sarah, Matilda, Alcina, Joseph, Eliza,' 
Alaria. The Deed Book at Readin- Court House may throw light on the 
parentage of Peter Boyer. The Sinking- Springs Church records do not 
help us. Perhaps the Trinity Church Records, Reading, or some other 
neighboring church will finally give up the secret. 

D (T) John IT. Boyer, son of William Bover and Elizabeth Hem- 
mich. was bo'-n iSio, B.erks Co., Pa. Buried at Hain s Church near 
Wcrncrsville, Pa. Reformed. Weaver. Married twice. First wife a 
Palm; second, Susan Matternes. Children: [lenrv 11. , John P Isaac 
and Ellen; D (2) Isaac Boyer. Married. Children:' Frank Lewis' 
perhaps others; D (3) Jeremiah Bover is buried at Corner Church' 
Robcsoma, Pa. Farmer. Married Christina Leininger. Children: Paac' 
Wilham, Peter, Jacob, John, Eliza, Annie. 

D (I) Henry Boyer. son of T'eter Bover and Elizabeth Binklcy 
was born at Sinking Springs, Berks Co., Pa., and buric<l in Buchanan 
Co., Mo. Farmer. Married Eydia Dcppen. Children: Benjamin, George 
I\r., Newton, Peter D., Malinda. Lydia, Charlotte; D (2) George W 
Boyer was born Sept. 9, 1825, Stark Co., Ohio. Lived in Buchanan Co.^ 
Mo., until 1866. Sold his big farm and moved to Nebraska. Presby- 
terian. IX-mocrat. Married Sabina Bowen, of Berks Co., Pa., in 1847. 
Children: Catharine E., Edwinna, Isabella, James I., Matilda, Alice; 
D (3) Jacob Boyer was born 1813, in Pennsylvania. Farmer in Buchan- 
an Co., Mo. Married Hannah Kessler. Children: Wilham H. Boyer, 
Easton, Mo., R. F. D. 3 ; James P. Boyer, Easton, Mo., R. F. D.' y, 
Peter Boyer, Easton, Mo., R. F. D. 3; Isaac Bover, North St.. St. [oseph,' 
Mo.; Lucy, wife of Lich, luiston, Mo., R. F. D. 3; B (4) Monroe 
Boyer married Minerva Sifers. Children: William D. Bover, St Toseph 
Mo., and others; D (5) Lydia Boyer. daughter of Peter 'liover and 
Elizabeth Binckly, married John Slaybaugh. Children: Cyrus Slay- 
baugh, Easton. Mo., and others; D (6) Sarah Bover married Isaac 
\'oorhies. Children: Isaac \'oorhies, St. Joseph. Mo., and others; D (7) 
Alatikla Boyer married Isaac Gibson. Children: James Gibson, Easton, 


j\Io., and others; D (8) Alcinda Boyer married Dr. Absalom Kerns, 
born Feb. 14, 1824. Children: Laura, Eberly, Charles, John W., Matilda, 
Robert A. (Address Cripple Creek, Colorado, 1909), Mary E. The 
address of John W. Kerns (1909) was 1436 Jefferson St., Kansas City, 
i\Io. ; D (9) Joseph lloyer eame to Ohio with parents. Moved to In- 
diana. Married. Children: Oliver lioyer. Moved to Missouri. Four 
children. Dr. Ed. J. Boyer, Kansas City, Mo., and three others; D (10- 
11) Eliza ];>oyer (Mrs. Washini^ton Run)an ) and Maria Boyer (Mrs. 
Andrew Chambers). 

D (I) George Boyer, son of John Bayer and his wife, was born 
about 1780-1800. Lived at Womelsdorf after 1830. Shoemaker. Buried 
in the cemetery of the stone church, Womelsdorf, Fa. ^larried ALir- 
g'aret Rosengrant, and afterwards Catherine Werner. Children : George, 
Cyrus, John, William, Frederick, Frank, Caroline, Amanda, Maria ; D (2) 
Andrew Boyer died single; D (3) iienry Boyer lived at Franktord, 
Phila., Pa. Farmer. Married. Children: Eliza Lioyer and [)erhaps 
others; D (4) Joseph Bo}'er. Married. Children: Three. No data 
reported; D (5) Perhaps others. 

E (i) Henry M. Boyer, son of John H. Boyer and Susan Mat- 
ternes, was born June 18, 1836, in I,ower Fleidelberg Twp., Ilerks Co., 
Pa. Reformed. Wheelwright. Married Sarah Reigert. His address 
(1913) 312 S. 9th St., Lebanon, Pa. Children: Louisa E., William H., 
Lillie K. ; E (2) John IL Bo}'er is buried at I'.rickerville, Lane. Co., Pa. 
]\Lirried. Widow lived (1910) at Lincoln, Pa. Children: Son was at 
home at Lititz, Pa.; E (3) Isaac Bo3'er lived in Lower Heidelberg, 
Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Married Martha Clark. Children: Mary P.oyer. 
Address (1911) Mrs. Abner Hummel, Annville, Pa., and Grace Boyer; 
E (4) l<dlen Boyer married Aaron Hull. 

E (i) Isaac Boyer, son of Jeremiah Boyer and Christina Lein- 
inger, was born about 1842. Died 1908. Buried at Corner Church. Re- 
formed. Farmer. Married Mary E. Ffassler. Children: Andrew, 
Isaac J., Edwin L., Riley, Aaron R., Lewis H., Emma; E (2) William 
Boyer. Reformed. Farmer and railroader. Married. No descendants ,- 
E (3) I*eter Boyer was buried at Corner Church, Robesonia, Pa. Re- 
formed. Farmer. Married Susan Moyer. Children: Rebecca, Amanda, 
Mary, Ida, .\nnie, Kate, Sarah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Aaron; E (4) Jacob 
Boyer lives to the left of Abram Boyer's Hotel. Wernersville, Pa. Re- 
formed. Farmer. Married Elizabeth Barnet. Children : Aaron Boyer, 
Daniel, Matilda, perhaps others. 

E (5) John Boyer, son of Jeremiah Boyer and Christina Leininger, 
Wernersville, Pa. Reformed. Farmer. Married. Children: Aaron, 
William, perhaps others. 

E (6) Eliza Boyer, daughter of Jeremiah Boyer and Christina 


Leiningcr. Lutheran. Married Jacob llassler. Address (1912) Robes- 
onia, Pa. Children : Susan, Dinah, Jacob, Adam, Henry, Lewis, Robert. 

E (7) Annie Boycr, daug'hter of Jeremiah lioyer and Christina 
Leininger, married WiUiam jMountz, 123 Third St., Reading, Pa. 

E (i) Emma Boyer, daughter of Frederick Boyer and Mary Beck- 
er, married liarry Adams, St. Peter's, Chester Co., Pa.; E (2) Susan 
Boycr married John Wei(hier, Mohrsville, Pa. Children: Robert, Sarah,. 
Kate; E (3) Samuel Boyer, stationary engineer at Reading, Pa., but is 
buried at Blandon, Pa. Married. Children: Ask Mrs. X'aleria Fox; 
E (4) Sarah Boyer married John Kellenberger. Children; E (5) 
Martha Boyer married Harry Schultz, N. (jih St., Reading, Pa. Chil- 
dren; E (6) Rebecca Boycr married Jacob Lott, of Reading, Pa.; 
E (7) Valeria Boyer married Fox, 951 N. 9th St., Reading, Pa. No- 
children; E (8) George Boyer. Married. Children. 

E (i) Benjamin F. Boyer, son of Hein-y Boyer and Lydia Deppen,, 
was born 1841, died 1890, and is Ijuried in Buchanan Co., Mo. Farmer. 
Alarried Virginia Carper. Her address (1910) 420 N. 24th St., St. 
Josephs, Mo. Children: (a) Attorney John S. Boyer, born Dec. 28, 
1870, 17 to 19 Donnell Court, 5th and Francis Sts., St. Josephs, Alo. 
]\Iarried Ruby Hale. Children: Benjamin F., John S. (b) Mrs. Joseph 
M. Hale, Dearborn, Mo. (c) Mrs. Elijah M. TalI>ot, St. Josephs, IMo. 
(d) Mrs. Celestine J. Sullivan, Seattle, Washington, (e) Mary Boyer, 
St. Josephs, Mo.; E (2) George M. Boyer; E (3) Newton Boyer; 
E (4) Peter D. Boyer, San Antonio, Mo.; E (5) Melinda Boyer mar- 
ried Carter, Clarksdale, Mo.; E ((•>) Lydia Boyer married Simmon, St. 
Josephs, Mo.; E (7) Charlotte Boyer married Simmon. 

E (i) Catharine E. Boyer, daughter of George W. l-)Oyer and 
Sabina Ijowen, married Hugh Hopkins. Denver, Col.; E (2) Edwinna 
Boyer married Stephen Lyon, Denver, Col.; E (3) Isabella Boyer mar- 
ried O. IL Shaw, 4222 Wabash Ave., Kansas City, Mo.; E (4) James 
L Boyer, Kansas City, Mo., married Florence Cary; E (5) \Matilda 
Boyer married Charles Davidson, Denver, Col.; E (6) Alice Boycr, 
teacher in Otoe Co., Nebraska. 

E (i) William H. B"oyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Hannah Kesslcr, 
Easton, Mo., R. F. D. 3. Farmer. Married Maggie Myers. Children: 
(i) Mrs. Delia Cornelius, 721 N. 25th St., St. Josejihs, Mo. (2) Mrs. 
Odessa Digney, Easton, Mo.; E (2) Perhaps others. 

E (i) William D. Bo}'er, son of Monroe Boyer and ^Minerva Sifers.. 
Address (1908) St. Josephs, Mo.; E (2) Others. 

E (i) Oliver Boyer, son of Joseph Boyer and his wife. Married.. 
Children: Dr. Ed. J. Boyer, Kansas City, Mo.; E (2) Others. 

E (i) George Boyer, son of George Boyer and Margaret Rose:!- 
grant. Lutheran. Blacksmith. Lived in Lebanon, Pa. ^Married Sarah 


Speck. Children: (a) Francis lioyer, 2426 Guilford St., Lebanon, Pa. 
Stone quarry man. Alarried. Children, (b) Others ; E (2 ) Cyrus Boy- 
<r was born Aug. 28, 1837, and died Oct. 19, 1901. Buried at Stouchs- 
burg-, Pa. Lutheran. Farmer near Myerstown, Pa. I^Iarried Susan 
Bechtcl, .Mrs. Susan Boyer, Stouchsburg-, Pa. Children: George H. 
•Charles Ezra, Bertha; E (3) John lloyer. Lutheran. Harness maker 
Lived at Lebanon, Pa. ALarried Elizabeth Gundaker. Children: (Per- 
haps Mrs. Valeria Fox can tell); E (4) William Boyer. Lutheran. 
Lived m Lebanon, Pa. Charge of horses, Colebrook furnace. Mar- 
ried Clara Fox, Lebanon, Pa. Children : Elizabeth, Anne, George, Sam- 
uel, Robert; E (5) Frederick Boyer was born at Philadelphia, Pa., died 
on South 8th St., Reading, Pa., and is buried in Charles Evans Cemetery, 
Reading, Pa. Lutheran. Stationary engineer, P. and R. Company. Afar- 
ned Mary Becker. Children: Emma, Susan, Samuel, Sarah, Martha. 
Rebecca, Valeria, George; E (6) Caroline Boyer, daughter of George 
Boyer and ALargaret Rosengrant, was born Aug. 11, 1828, Phila Pa 
Address (1910) 615 East Walnut St., Lancaster, Pa. Married Jacob 
C. Gundaker. Soldier of Civil War. Children:' (a) Fb.ward L Gun- 
daker, 615 E. Walnut St., Lancaster, Pa. (b) Clara, marrie.l" Unkel. 
(c) Five others; E (7) Amanda; E (S) Maria; E (9) Frank Jioyer, 
son of George Boyer and Catliarine W^^rner, was born 1846, near 
Womelsedorf, Pa. Lutheran. Life insurance. Reading, Pa. Soldier. 
Enlisted 167th Regiment Militia. Companv F, Captain blsiah Gn.h Re- 
enlisted 93rd Regiment Pa. Vols., Company F, Lifantry. In battles at 
Cedar Creek, Va., Petersburg, Va. Wounded at Petersburg. Present 
at Lee's surrender, April 19, 1865. Married Sarah L. Gicker. Only 
child: Robert K. Boyer, born Jan. 19, 1890. Address (1910) Care of 
Postmaster, New York, h, navy. Enlisted March 9, 1908 for 4 years. 
At work on battleship "New Hampshire." Single in 1910. 

F ( I ) Louisa E. Boyer, daughter of Henry M. Boyer and Sarah 
Riegert, was born Oct. 27, 1S60. Married Rev. a' W. Gingrich, Lebanon, 
Pa., R. F\ D. 10; F (2) William H. Boyer was born July 9, 1862. Re- 
formed. Superintendent of Fox and GraefT Planing Mills, Lebanon. Pa. 
Married ILirriet Gingrich, and after her death Kate Spangler. Chil- 
dren: (a) George IL Jioyer, 7th and Guilford Sts., Lebanon. Pa. Re- 
formed. Architect, (b) Robert O. Boyer, 545 North 7th St., Lebanon, 
Pa. Reformed. Electrical expert, (c) Sarah E. Bover, 312 S. Qth St., 
Lebanon, Pa. -Reformed. Teacher, (d) Warren Boyer and (e) Ruth' 
Boyer, children of second marriage; F (3) Lillian K.' Bover, born Jan. 
10, 1868, married Sherman H. Walter, 312 S. 9th St., Lebanon, Pa. 
Chddren : l^atherine E., Mary L, Lillian M., Flenry B., Helen L 

F (i) Andrew Boyer, son of Isaac Boyer and Marv E. Ha.ssler, 
was born about 1868. Robesonia, Pa., R. F. D. 2 ; F (2) Isaac J. Boyer^ 


Robesonia, Pa., R. F. D. 2, married Elizabeth IMoyer. Children: Rosa, 
Riley, Mary, Maggie, Kate, Jeremiah, William; F (3) Edwin L. Boyer, 
Robesonia, Pa., R. F. D. 2, married Kate S. Hakleman. Children: Mag- 
gie M. ; F (4) Riley Boyer, Reinholds Station, I'a., married Eva Mart- 
man. Children: Stella, Mar}-, Ella, Sarah, Calvin; F (5) Aaron R. 
Boyer, Ncwmanstown, Pa., married Sarah Kareis. Children; F {<j) 
Lewis n. Boyer, Robesonia, Pa., \i. F. D. 2, married Elizabeth Witters. 
Children: Adam, Annie; F (7) Emma ]joyer, Mrs. Samuel Madanas^ 
Robesonia, Pa., R. F. D. 2. 

F (1) Rebecca Boyer, daughter of Peter Boyer and Susan IMoyer, 
married Samuel Startzer, Robesonia, I'a.; F (2) .Amanda Boyer, married 
George Engel, Newmanstown, I'a.; F (3) Mary Boyer married David 
liassler, Robesonia, Pa.; F (4) Ida l>o)er married Henry Roed, Wuni- 
elsdorf, I'a.; F (5) Annie Boyer married lienjamin I'cnnybcckcr, Rein- 
holds, Pa.; F (6) Kate Boyer marrieil vSamuel Moyer, Robesonia, Pa.; 
F (7) Sarah Boyer married Achey, Robesonia, Pa.; F (8) Jeremiah 
Boyer, Robesonia, Pa.; F (9) Daniel Boyer, Reinholds, Pa., married 
Annie Fetter. Childrefi; F (10) Aaron Boyer, Robesonia, Pa., R. F. D. 2. 

F (i) Aaron Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Elizabeth P.arnet, 
Wernersville, Pa., married Emma Fitler. Children; F (2) Daniel Bo)'er, 
Wernersville Pa., married Alary Simmons; F (3) Matilda Boyer. Mar- 

F (i) Aaron Boyer, son of John Boyer and wife, Wernersville, I'a. 
Married; F (2) William Bo\er, Wernersville, I*a.; F (3) I'erhaiis 

F (i) Susan Massler, daughter of Eliza Boyer ami Jacob Plassler, 
married Jacob Putt. Address (1912) Robesonia, I'a., R. F. D. 2. Her 
brothers and sisters are Dinah, Jacob, Adam, TIenry, Lev/is, and Robert. 

F (i) George PI. Boyer, son of Cyrus Boyer and Susan Bechtel, 
Stouchsburg, Pa. Lutheran. P^armer. Married Sarah Brown. No 
children; F {2) Charles Ezra Boyer was born Aug. 14, 1861. Lived at 
Plost, Pa. Farmer. Afarried. Children: (a) Milton II. Boyer, born 
Dec. 2, 1882, Robesonia, Pa. Lutheran. Repairsman. Married Clara 
Long. Children: Raymond C, born Dec. 26, 1906. (b) Calvin A. 
Boyer, born June 21, 1884, Robesonia, Pa.; I" (3) Bertha Bo}er, 422 
N. 4th St., Lebanon, Pa. 

F (i) Elizabeth P)oyer, daughter of William Boyer and Clara Fox, 
married, Annville, Pa.; F .(2) Anne Boyer, daughter of William Boyer 
and Clara Fox. married \Villiam Diefcndcrfer, Lel)anon, Pa. No chil- 
dren ; F (3) George Bo}er, Lebanon, Pa. Furnaceman. Married. 
Children; F (4) Samuel Boyer, Lebanon, Pa. Furnaceman. Married. 
Children. F (5) Robert Boyer, Lebanon, Pa. Furnaceman. Married, 



Dates obtained from Francis W. Boyer, not of this family, but deep- 
ly Interested in New England records, show that James Boyer and his 
wife Mary, were probably of Huguenot stock, and that they came to 
America among the earliest settlers. They must have located in lioston, 
Mass., as the fact that the birth of at least some of their children are 
found recorded there. What brought them, what became of them, or 
where they are buried, the historian has not been able to ascertain. They 
had the following" children: Peter, born Nov., 1721. ile must have died 
before 1726, for another child named Peter— jirobably after the first one — 
was born July 11, 1726. A daughter Susannah was born March 16, 1727, 
and a son named Daniel June 14, 1729. There were probably other 
brothers. It is said that one of these brothers settled at Quebec and 
another in Pennsylvania. 

B (i) Peter Boyer, son of James Boyer and his wife Mary; was 
born July ii, 1726, probably in Boston, died July 20, 1790, and is buried 
in King's Chapel Burial Grounds, Tremont Street, Boston, Mass. "He 
was the Treasurer of the Bay State Colony — afterwards called Massa- 
chusetts. His name is sig-ned to the first pajK-r scrip (money) authorized 
by Congress March 8, 1700. His n;uTie is signed in red ink and is at 
present (March 1908) legible. The bill calls for two Si)anish milled dol- 
lars. Peter Boyer was a merchant in fioston and drew up the agree- 
ment that no merchant would buy or sell tea until the English Govern- 
ment removed the obnoxious tax which resulted in the great "tea-])arty" 
when aboard the British ship disguised as Indians they threw the chests 
of tea into the harbor. I'aul Revere was a silversmith and made a 
punch bowl of large size around the Qch^e of which are carved the names 
•of a club called the "Sons of Liberty." In the list of names appears that 
of Peter Boyer. Benjamin F. Stevens, President of the Massachusetts 
Mutual Life Insurance Company, has this bowl (March 1908)." Francis 
H. Boyer, 364 Somerville Ave., Somerville, Mass., says this family of 
Boyers has been thoroughly written up, and that they came originally 
from France. The Boyer historian has not had the opportunity to ob- 
tain such records. They are in all probability to be found in lioston. 
Peter Boyer lived on Sudbury Street, Boston, then and now a business 



section. Fie married Susamia Buckley, Nov. 10, 1757, but she died 1768, 
and on Dec. 20, 1774, he married Charlotte Johonnot. The children were 
James, Susannah, l^eter, jMary, and Daniel, and probably others. 

15 (2) Daniel i)0)'er, son of James lioyer and his wife, Hilary, was 
born June 14, 1729, probabl}- in Boston. 

C ( 1 ) James Boyer, son of Peler lk)yer and his wife Susannah, 
was born 1760. Note. — James A. lioyer, l;orn 1828, at Dittle Rock, N. 
Y., was a son of this James or his brother I'etcr. 1'his James .-\. Boyer, 
was an architect and contractor, and lived at Tndianapol's, Indiana, lie 
died suddenly at Sabetha, Kansas, in 1913, but the historian can n(jt iind 
his people ; C (2) Susannah Boyer was born Jan. 1762; C (3) Peter 
Bciyer was born May 2(), 17'')4; C (4) Mary l!oyer was born 1705; 
C (5) Daniel Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and Susannah, was born Oct. 
10, 1766, and died at sea, a sea captain. After a beautiful letter to his 
wife, Polly Gushing', whom he married 1798, written just before he sailed 
for home, he was lost probably in storm near Essecphbo, West Indies. 
His wife died of a broken heart after hope of his return was given up. 
Two children were born to them : Daniel and Marshall S. 

D (i) Daniel Boyer, son of Captain Daniel Boyer and Mary PTugh- 
es, was born March 1799, at Lexington, Mass., and died at Cincinnati, 
Ohio, where he had gone to liuvl his cnil)' daugliter, who had gone West. 
He failed to find her. 

D (2) Marshall Spring Boyer, son of Captain Daniel Boyer and 
Mary llughes (Polly Cushing), was born May 18, 1804, in Lexington, 
]\Iass., died Feb. 10, 1882, and is buried at Cambridge, Mass., on a plot 
adjacent to Mount Auburn Cemetery. Married (1826) Caroline l'\ 
Nickerson. Chiklren: Charles W. Boyer, and Charlotte Bazin Boyer. 

E (i) Charles W. Bo\'er, S(jn of Marshall S. l'o_\er and Caroline F. 
Nickerson, was born Jan. 29, 1848, in' Cambridge, Mass. Soldier, 23rd 
Maine and 56th Massachusetts Volunteers. Afterwards a "regular" 
of 17th LJ. S. Infantry in Texas. Very honorable career in civil Hfe. 
Captain of police. Died March 11, 1904. Lie was married to Hattie 
Moody, born Feb. 11, 18^0. Children: Mildred M., Charles W., Mercy 
H., Roland S., Ruth B. Note. — Charles W. Boyer was born Oct. 30, 
1889. Address (1912) 47 Putnam Ave., Cambridg-e, IMass. 

E (2) Charlotte Boyer, daughter of Marshall S. Boyer and Caro- 
line F. Nickerson, born June 29, 1845, in Cambridge, Mass., married 
Captain E. F. Robbins. Children: (a) Marshall F. Robbins. Address 
(1912) Brockton, Mass; (b) Charles W. Robbins, Waltham, ALiss. The 
mother resides (1915) at Cotuit, Mass. 



The historian relies mainly on the reports of his correspondent, C. 
P. Boyer, Ed^eniont Station, East St. Louis, Mo., for the following- 
chapter. According to traditions recorded by this correspondent, Nicholas 
Boyer, was the grandson of a noted French surgeon who waited on 
"Champlain" when he was wounded by the Indians. The surgeon in 
turn was a son of a merchant of Rouen, France, 1613. Nicolas Boyer 
probably lived at Kaskaskia, Illinois. When he was born has not been as- 
certained, but his son Jacques was born Dec. 8, 1759. ^^^^ '^^'^y therefore 
guess that the father was born about 1730-1740. He married the widow 
of Governor St. Ange, of Illinois, and later, perhaps without children 
from his first wife, he married (1756) Dorothy Olivier. Slie left, so 
far as reported, a son Jacques, and a daughter, IMarie Louise, born Feb. 
13, 1763. "This Nicolas Boyer was one of the engineers who built Fort 
Chartres, which was one of the most remarkable enterprises in America 
at the time. A remnant of this famous stronghold still remains." 

"Nicolas Boyer had a brother named Antoine who died at Cahokia, 
Sept 8, 1790. He was a member of General Clark's regiment in that 
notable expedition from Kaskaskia to Vincennes against the British. 
The records of Cahokia show that he was a prominent citizen of that 
town. The probate records in lielleviile show that his estate was ad- 
ministered in 1790." 

B (1) Jac(|ues Boyer, son of Nicholas Boyer and Dorothy (Jlivier, 
was born Dec. 8, 1759, at Kaskaskia, Illinois. Catholic. Moved to St. 
Genevieve before 1785. Married Marie Louise. Husband buried at Old 
Mines, Mo. Children : Louis, Antoine, Gabriel, John, Joseph, and per- 
haps others; B (2) Marie Louisu Ijoyer was born Feb. 13, 1763. 

C (i) Louis Boyer, son of Jaccjues Boyer and his wife Marie Louise, 
was born about 1780, and died about S4 years of age. Married. C;">;1- 
dren : Louis, John (born 1807), Francis, Antoine, Michel, Stephen, 
Thomas, Xavier, and Peter. Note. — Francis left at least Firman Boyer, 
and Firman's- son Jules Z. Boyer, lived at Cadet, Mo., in 1910; C (2) 
Antoine Boyer. Married. Children : Frank, EH, and perhaps others ; 
C (3) Gabriel Boyer was born 1790 Married. Children: Mary C, 
Jules, Antoine, Eli, and perhaps others; C (4) John Boyer. Catholic. 



Farmer. Indian burial ground on his farm. Married Rosalie Roussin. 
Children: Pelag-ie, John, Edward, Alexis, Damase Arelius, Cyrus, 
Martha, Cotilda. Deslie, Mary, Felicien; C (5) Joseph Boyer. Married 
Children : IJaptiste, Xavier, John, Firman, Ferdinand, and perhaps others. 
D (I ) Mary C. IJoyer, daughter of Gabriel Boyer and his wife; D 
(2) Jules Boyer was born July 4, 1S21. Died almost 91 years old. Catholic. 
Lime business, outside of St. Genevieve, Mo. Married Rosine Mayot. 
Children: Gabriel Clovis, M. J. Firmin, Catharine Marie, Josephine. 
jAI. Victorine, Louis Amedee, Jules F., Cyprien, Joseph Augustin, J.. Os- 
car, M. Elizabeth Emma, Henrietta, M. C. Rosalie Elizabeth, Benjamin, 
and Mamie; D (3) Antoine Boyer was a cabinet maker and a genius,' 
D (4) Eli Boyer, St. Genevieve, Mo.; D (5) Others. 

D (i) Pelag-ie Boyer, daughter of John -Boyer and his wife; D (2) 
John J. Boyer was born Dec. 8, 1819, and died at Bloomsdale, Mo., Aug. 
30, 1901. Married Mary Thomas, born April 2, 1821. Children: (a^ 
Timon Boyer, born April 19, 1848. Died single, (b) Octave Boyer. 
Address (1911) Bloomsdale, Mo.; (c) Louis J., (d) William J., of 
Festus, Mo.; (e) Alexis F., (f) Leon; D (3) Edward Boyer was born 
1822. Married. Children: (a) Theodore P. Boyer, Venice. Bl. ; (b) 
(Laura, (c) perhaps others; D (4) Alexis Boyer; D (5) Damase J. 
Boyer was born July 17, 1830. Catholic. Teacher. Farmer. Married 
Aloysia Abouchon. Children: (a) Louis A. Boyer, born Aug. 25, 1861 ; 
(b) Charles P. Boyer, Edgemont Station. East St. Louis, Mo. Corres- 
pondent of historian; (c) Corinne L. Boyer, (d) Ph.ilip ]. Boyer, San 
Francisco, Cal.; (e) Cletus A. Boyer, Los Angeles, "cal.V (f) George 
L. Boyer, St. Louis, Mo.; (g) David Boyer, (h) Virginia Boyer, married 
Berg, San Francisco, Cal.; (i) Frank Boyer, (j) Vital Boyer. Army. 
(k) Dora Boyer, married Price, Seattle, Washington; (1) Walter Boyer. 
Army, (m) Bene Boyer, born June 25, 1887; D (6) Cyrus Bover was 
born Aug. 4, 1832; D (7) Martha, born Sept. 1834; D (8) Cotilda; 
D (9) Desile;D (10) Mary ; D (11) Fehcien, born Jan. 8, 1838. 

E (i) John Boyer, son of John Boyer and his wife; E (2) Jacob 
Boyer was born April i, 1840, at Obi Mines, Washington Co., Mo. 
Married. Children: Geogory, Blanche, Ferdinand, Richard, Sarah; 
E (3) William S. Boyer. Married. Children: John, W^illiam, Henry' 
and others. 



This man came from Berlin, Germany, if the tradition of tlie seventh 
George Nelson is well founded. The historian can not verify the tradi- 
tion in the ship lists of immigrants, but that is true of well known immi- 
grants. It is still more difficult to account for this man's middle name. 
This man, or perhaps only his five sons, Michael, Jacob, John, David, 
and George Nelson, are said to have come to America between 1710 and 
1720. They were thirteen months in coming, and landed at Philadelphia, 
Pa. If tradition holds, Michael settled in Berks Co., Pa., Jacob in Dauphin 
Co., Pa., John in Bucks Co., Pa., David in Montgomery Co., Pa., and 
George Nelson at Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa. 

B (i) George Nelson Boyer, fifth son of George Nelson Boyer, of 
Berlin, Germany, settled at Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa. Church records 
or cemetery inscriptions should furnish facts and dates. The occupation 
of the man is not known, nor his church connections, nor his wife's name. 
Children: Solomon, Sanuiel, David, Joseph, George, and j^erhaps others. 

F (1-4) Samuel, Solomon, David, and Joseph Boyer, sons of George 
Nelson Boyer, the fifth, and his wife, have not been reported. 

F (5) Jacob Boyer, son of George Nelson Boyer, the fifth, and 
wife, born about 1780, lived at Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa. Killed Jan. 
18, 1 8 14, at New Orleans in our war with England. ]\Iarried to a Miss 
Burgher. Her father was a Scotch Earl. Children: David, born 1802; 
Joseph Benjamin, born July 19, 1804; Catharine, Christina, Lydia. 

F (6) George Nelson Boyer, son of George Nelson Boyer, the fifth, 
and his wife, was born about 1800, or before that date. Lived at Mt. 
Joy, Lancaster Co., I'a. Sold out. Moved to Berks Co., Pa., where he 
died about 1870, leaving large possessions. Two George Nelsons became 
trustees, both second cousins of George H. Boyer, Fairport, N. Y. 
When the heir named in the "will" could not l)e located, three executors 
disposed of the estate. 

G (i) David Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer, of Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., 
Pa., and his wife Burgher was born 1802; G (2) Catharine (Jane) 
Boyer married George Enderline, blacksmith and wagoner. Address 
(1910) Elizabethtown, Pa.; G (3-4) Christina and a sister have not 
been reported; G (5) Joseph Benjamin Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and 



wife Burgher, was born July 19, 1804, at Mt. Joy, Lancaster Co., Pa., 
and was killed in battle of New Orleans 1814. Lutheran. Graduate 
of Franklin and Marshall College. With General Scott in Black Hawk 
War. Also Civil War veteran. Farmer. Died in Soldiers' Home, at 
Bath, Steuben Co., N. Y. Married Nancy Maria Cline, born May 28, 
1826. She died Jan. 2t^, 1889, and is buried with husband at Sodus, 
Wayne Co., N. Y. Children: (i) Joseph \\. Boyer. Address (1913) 
Fairport, Monroe Co., N. Y. (2) George Nelson Boyer. Address (1911) 
North Brookficld, Mass. Born March 6, 1848, at Springfield, Otsego 
Co., N. Y. Methodist. Soldier of Indian wars of 1867 and 1868. Farm- 
er. Government scout. Heir to ancestral estates. 



Records show that Jacob Beyer settled in Lancaster County, Penn- 
sylvania, in 1712. Trinity Church, Lancaster, Pa.— Lutheran — records the 
birth of Boyer children as -early as 1740. If the historian does not jump 
at false conclusions here, the parents of these children, namely, Peter 
Beyer, Martin Beyer, Melchior Beyer, Wendel Beyer, and others, must 
have been sons of Jacob Beyer, one of the earliest German forebears of 
the American Boyers. An examination of tax lists and "wills" at Lan- 
caster may give the historian the data in question. 

C ( 1 ) John Boyer, probably a son, or grandson, of Jacob Beyer 
and his wife, is the tirst definite Lancaster County Boyer in the historian's 
records. George Boyer, born 181 7, a descendant of this John Boyer, 
informed the historian's correspondent that John, or his father, was a 
soldier of the Revolution. This tradition seems to be confirmed on pages 
7, 223, 227, 242, 247, 258, 259, 261, 285, and 918, of Vol. 7, Fifth Series, 
Pennsylvania Archives. If these pages refer to the John Boyer here in 
question, he belonged to the 3rd Battalion of Lancaster Volunteers in 
1780, 1 78 1, and 1782, and must be John's father. To whom John Jr. was 
married has not been reported, nor what his occupations were. Prob- 
ably a "will," or other Lancaster County records can be found. One of 
his sons .was George Boyer. Another son, Benjamin Boyer, father of 
Michael Boyer, was born Aug. 29, 1804. The descendants of these two 
Aons have been pretty completely recorded. 



D (i) George Boyer, son of John Boyer and his wife, was born 
about 1770, and died May 17, 1839. lie moved from Lancaster County 
to Somerset Co., Pa., before 1791. Married Catharine. Children: John, 
Michael, Henry, Kate, and perhaps others; D (2) Benjamin Boyer mar- 
ried Christina Duffnian. Children : Michael Boyer, Joseph, Abraham, 
Samuel, Lydia, as found in the History of Dekalb County, Indiana. 
Page 588. Published 1885. 

E (i) John Boyer, son of George Boyer and his wife Catharine, 
was born Aug. 9, 1791, in Somerset Co., Pa., and died Kov. 5, 1856. 
He is buried in the farm graveyard of the okl homestead in that county. 
Lutheran. Liberal education in Knglish and German. Blacksmith and 
farmer. Married Barbara Humbert, and after her death, Hannah Ring- 
ler. Hannah Ringler was l)orn March 8, 1801, and is buried witli her 
husband. Children: Polly, George, Elizabeth, Sarah Ann, Catharine, 
Susan, Sophia, Hannah, Peter, and Harriet; E (2) Michael Boyer mar- 
ried Mary Ringler and moved to Garret Co., Maryland. Children : 
Aaron, Jacob, Solomon, and perhaps others; E (3) Henry Boyer was 
born in Cambria County, Pa., 1796, and died Feb. 25, 1878. Followed 
saw milling and farming. Married Margaret Helen. Children: John, 
Henry, George, Eva, Hettie, Martin, Barney, Joseph, Mary, Reuben, 
Emmanuel. Write Edgar Marcellus Boyer, son of Emmanuel, chemist 
in laboratory of the Carnegie Steel Company at Braddock, Pa. Born 
Oct. 27, 1869, Johnstown, Pa.; E (4) Kate Boyer married Brown. 

E (i) Michael Boyer, son of Benjamin J>oyer and wife Christina 
Duffman, was born Aug. 29, 1804, in Somerset Co., Pa., died June 27, 
1886, buried at Fairfield Center, Ind. Reformed. Farmer. Moved from 
Somerset Co., Pa. to Indiana. Married Christiana Troutman, born Jan. 
31, 1800. Children: Solomon, Maria, Josiah, and Elizabeth; E (2) 
Joseph Boyer was born near Bedford, Pa.; E (3) Abraham Boyer died 
at Dixon, Illinois. Married. Children: Rudolph Boyer. Address ( 1909) 
Dixon, 111. Perhaps others; E (4) Samuel Boyer died in Westmore- 
land County, Pennsylvania. Adarried. Children: In Westmoreland, 
Pa.; E (5) Lydia Boyer married Platts, and died in Oregon. 

F ( I ) Polly Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Barbara Plumbert, 
was born July 30,, 1815. Married Will Stull. Children: George Stull, 
Shanksville, Pa., and others; F (2) George Boyer was born Jan. 27, 
1817. Married. Children: Daniel Boyer, Shanksville, Pa., R. F. D. i, 
and others; F (3) Elizabeth Boyer was born Oct. 7, 1819. Married 
Jonathan Woy. Children: Address ( 1910) Mrs. Elizabeth Woy, Shanks- 
ville, Pa.; F (4) Sarah Ann Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and his sec- 
ond wife, Hannah Ringler, was born Jan. 26, 1824, and died about 1900. 
in Somerset Co., Pa. Lutheran. Buried in Glade Cemetery. Married 
Ephraim Ross; F (5) Catharine Boyer. .was born July 11, 1828, died 


1904. Married Jonathan Dceter, and then Mr. Grove. Children: Wil- 
liam Deetor. Address (1908) Myersdale, Pa., and others; F (6) Susan 
Boyer was born IMarch 12, 1830, died May 1861. Married John J. 
Speicher; F (7) Sophia Boyer was born July 10, 1835. Married Ed- 
ward Glessner. Address (1908) Mrs. Sophia Glessner, Shanksville, Pa., 
R. F. D. 2. Children: Albert Glessner, Shanksville, Pa.; F (8) Han- 
nah Boyer was born April 14, 1838. Married Edward Landis. Address 
(1908) Mrs. Hannah Landis, Shanksville, Pa. Children: Susan Landis- 
J\larried Hineniyer. Address (1908) Shanksville, Pa.; F (9) Peter 
Boyer was born Nov. 21, 1840, in Stony Creek Twp., Somerset Co., Pa. 
Lutheran. Farmer. Address (1908) Shanksville, Pa., R. F. D. I. Mar- 
ried Susan Walker. Children: (a) Samuel P. Boyer, Ohiopyle, Pa. 
Born Aug. 30, 1881. Graduate S. N. S., California, Pa., and of the Ohio 
Northern University, Course B. S., 1905. Teacher. Married Ressa 
Price, born May 3, 1883. Children, (b) Uriah Boyer, Sherman Ave., 
Denver, Col. Born October 1862. Graduate of Ohio University, Scien- 
tific and Commercial Courses, 1888. Mining industries, (c) Harvey 
Boyer, Shanksville, Pa. Farmer, (d) Mary Boyer, Shanksville, Pa. (e) 
Mrs. C. A. Will, Shanksville, Pa. (f) Mrs. Joseph Yoder, Somerset, Pa. ; 
F (10) Harriet Boyer was born Sept. 3, 1846. Married Henry Gless- 
ner. Address (190S) Mrs. Henry Glessner, Shanksville, Pa. Children: 
IVIaggie Glessner, married Dively. Address (1908) Somerset, Pa. 

F (i) Jacob Boyer, son of Jilichael Boyer and Mary Ringler. Mar- 
ried. Children: Samuel Boyer (married Ettie Hinebaugh). Address 
(1914) Oakland, Maryland, and Sadie Boyer (married John Shartzer). 
Address (1914) Oakland, Md.; F (2) Solomon Boyer. Married. Chil- 
dren: (a) Aaron A. Boyer. Address (1914) Accident, Md. Married 
Etta Gladfly. (b) Ellen Boyer. Married John Wilborn, Playes, Md. (c) 
Emma Boyer. Married Charles Dewett, Hayes, Md. ; F (3) Aaron 
Boyer. Address (1913) Accident, Maryland. Carpenter and farmer. 
I^farried Phoebe C. Hinebaugh. Children: (a) William E. Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1914) Berkeley, Cal. Real estate. Married Millie Collison. Chil- 
dren: (i) Edward B. Boyer, Berkeley, Cal. (2) Beatrice Valentine 
Boyer, Berkeley, Cal. (b) Dr. Horace Russell Boyer. Address (1913) 
Glendale, Cal. Lutheran. Physician. Married Elizabeth Biddlecome 
Stebbins. No children in 1914. (c) Rev. Edward B. Boyer, Continence, 
Pa. Lutheran, (d) Dr. Buchler Shoup Boyer. Address (1913) Park- 
ersburg, W. Va. Physician and surgeon, (e) LilHe Virginia Boyer. 
Married George Pendleton Whitsell, Elkins, W. Va. Postmaster. Luth- 
eran. Children: (i) Clay Whitsell. Address same. (2) Harry B. 
Whitsell. Address same, (e) Carrie May Boyer, Hagerstown, Md. 
Stenographer, (f) Bessie Boyer, Accident, Md. Stenograper. F (4) 
Caroline Boyer married Jacob Keller. Address (1914) Accident, Mary- 


land. Children: Jacob Keller, Joseph Keller, Ben Keller. Perhaps 
Joseph lives at Hayes, Garrett Co., Md. 

F (i) Solomon Boyer, son of Michael Boyer and Christiana Trout- 
man, was born April 28, 1829, in Somerset Co., Pa., and died Jan 25 
1903-04. Married Mary J. Emerick. Children: (a) Benjamin F Boyer' 
Born July 6, 1858. Address (1911) Kendallville, Ind R F D i" 
Railroader, (b) Noah S. Boyer, 4723 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh Pa' 
(perhaps), (c) Francis M. Boyer, Daleville, Ind.; F (2) Maria Boyer 
born Nov. 14, 1831, married Geor-e Henney. Children: Josiah Plenney' 
Kendallville, Ind. Perhaps others; F (3) Josiah Boyer was born Jan.' 
22,1834. Address (1909) Hudson, Ind. No children ; F (4) Elizabeth 
Boyer married Moses Deetz. Children all deceased. 



_ Correspondents rei^rt that^ George Boyer was born in 1762, probably 
m Vn-gnna, where he lived before going to Lexington, Kentucky, ^vhere 
he died 1833, and is buried. From the fact that his son. Dr. Alfred Z 
Boyer, was Episcopalian, we may infer. that the father was of Virginian 
stock. What his occupation was the historian has not learned He mar- 
ried Aima Mary Zealer, born 1767. She is buried with her 
ine children, so far as reported, were- Henry and Alfred Z. 

B (I) Henry Boyer, son of George Boyer and Anna Zealer was 
born about 1792 in Virginia. He died at Paris, Ky., about 1862. Farmer 
m Bourbon Co., Ky. No children; B (2) Dr. Alfred Z. Boyer was 
born June 1807, in \''irginia, died at Frankfort, Ky., April 30, 1846 and 
IS buried at Lexington, Ky. Episcopalian.' Physician. Married Zerelda 
McCoy, born Oct. 1816. She died Dec. 21, 1855. at Frankfort, Ky. Chil- 
dren: Alfred Z., Henry, James H., John H., and Isabella. 

C (I) Alfred Z. Boyer, son of Alfred Z. Hoyer and Zerelda McCoy, 
was born June 6, 1836, at Lexington, Ky., and died January 1892. Mar^ 
ned. Children: (a) Bessie T. Boyer married Lawrence, (b) Alfred Z 

vT''^ '^'''' ^'^'°^ ^''' ^"'"'■^ ^''y-' ^ ('^ Henry Boyer was born 
l;eb. 6. 1838, Lexington, Ky. Baptist. Private Confederate Armv 

T^T'"r. !^'n'' ^''-^'°^ ''^ ^^'- ^'^' ^^•' J^'^l^sonville, Florida. Married 
Hettie O. Fall. Children: (a) Harry Boyer, Jacksonville, Florida. 


Born June, 1864. (b) Unettic B. Boj-er, Jacksonville, Florida. Married 
Nov. 15, 1866. (c) George B. Boyer, Jacksonville, Florida, (d) Emma 
Boycr married Charles E. Flaas, 175 South 12th St., Portland, Oregon; 
C (3) James FT. Boyer was born Jan. 18, 1841, Frankfort, Ky. Epis- 
copalian. Retired. Address (1910) 419 Corbett Bldg-., Portland, Oregon. 
Married Emma Gillespie. Children: (a) Carlton H. Boyer, born Jan. 
4, 1866. Address (1910) Mt. Hope, Kansas. Farmer, (h) llallie Boy- 
er, married Sparks. Address (1910) Arapaho, Oklahoma. Banker's 
wife, (c) Zealcr M. Boyer. Address (1910) Portland, Oreg-on ; C (4) 
John H. Boycr was born Nov. 15, 1842, at Frankfort, Ky. Went to Mis- 
souri in 1871. Baptist. Private Confederate Army. Farmer. Address 
(1910) Mulhall, Oklahoma, R. F. D. 5. Married Sallie Bagby. Chil- 
dren: (a) Alice C. Boyer, married A. E. Thomas. Address (1910) Cam- 
den, Mo. (b) William Z. Boyer, Marshall, Mo. (c) Frances B. Boycr, 
married R. K. Walker, Gorin. Mo. (d) John H. Boyer, Mulhall, Okla. 
(e) Frank B. Boyer. (f) Irene Boyer, married Thomas. Children: 
Robert and Harold Thomas, Camden, Mo. (g-) Claude E. \ioyev. (h) 
George. E. Boyer, Mulhall, Okla. (i) B. Harl Boyer, Mulhall, Okla. (j) 
Edgar Boyer, Sparks, Nevada. Born Sept. 25, 1883; C (5) Isabella M. 
Boyer was born June 1844. She died Oct. 6, 1900. Husband's name 
was Graves. Children : Two girls and a boy. 



According to the historian's correspondents, John Boyer came from 
Maryland to Newtown, Connecticut. Judging from the fact that his son 
John was born 1785, he was probably born betv/een 1760-1765. The his- 
torian has not learned what his occupation and church connections were, 
but he was married to Mehetable Briscoe, and left the following chil- 
dren : John, James, Polly, Sarah. Miss Susan Fairchild, 81 Franklin 
St., Bridgeport, Conn., granddaughter, reports that the tradition that 
John Boyer came from Maryland rests upon the fact that he v/ent to 
West Virginia and remained there, probably because he had relati\'es 
there. The fact that his daughters were Episcopalians is a strong con- 
firmation of the tradition that he was of English stock, and that he may 
have come into Maryland from Virginia. His settlement in Connecticut 


would also support this contention. The English Beyers settling in 
Virginia generally spelled the name Bowyer, but not invariably and John 
may have adopted the common spelling of the Northern and New Eng- 
land States. 

B (I) John Boyer, son of John Boyer and Mehetable Briscoe, was 
born 1785, died Nov. 2, 1852, and is buried in Norbourn cemetery. Went 
to Martinsburg, W. Va. when a young man. The historian does not 
know what his occupation and church relations were. He married Eliza- 
beth Alburtis, who died Nov. 25, 1838. Children: Sarah, [ohn Al- 
burtis, David, Alary Elizabeth, Emily Susan, Thompson Brooke, and 
Richard; B (2) James l'>oyer, born at Newtown, Connecticut, married 
Caroline llawley. Children: David, Samuel liawley, Margaret, John 
Winton, Frederick Augustus, and Catharine; B (3) Polly Boyer died 
unmarried, at Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, with her niece, Mrs. Catherine 
IMoorehouse, still living 1914; B (4) Sarah Boyer married John Dib- 
ble, Esquire. Children : Sarah, Mortimer, Eliza, and perhaps others. 
Sarah Boyer was born April 1792, and died Feb. 21, 1861. 

C (i) Sarah Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Elizabeth Alburtis, 
born Dec. 7, 1814, died unmarried; C (2) John Alburtis Boyer, born 
Dec. I, 181G, died unmarried; C (3) David Boyer was born March 13, 
1821, and is buried in Loudown Park, Baltimore, Md. Married Mar- 
garet Ann Bigham. Children: (a) Sarah Boyer (Van Vactor), Jeffer- 
son Co., W. Va., (b) William Boyer, (c) Susan Boyer (Griffith), (d) 
Francina and Laura. Perhaps others; C (4) Mary E. . Boyer, born 
Nov. 10, 1827, died unmarried; C {5) Thompson Brooke Boyer was 
born Feb. 11, 1832, and is buried in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis. 
Indiana. Tobacconist. Married Emma Kline. Children: (a) Richard 
Alburtis Boyer, x\ew Orleans, La. (b) Thompson Brooke Boyer, Ee.x- 
ington St., Indianapolis, Ind. (c) Catharine Boyer (Short), Anderson, 
Ind. (d) Emma Boyer (DeVore), California, (e) Stella Boyer (De- 
Vore), E. Fletcher Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. (f) Mabel Boyer (Bhuhom), 
Indianapolis, Ind.; C (6) Richard Boyer was born March 15, 1S35, at 
Martinsburg, W. Va. He died Sept. 25, 1896, and was buried at Mel- 
bourne Cemetery, Martinsburg, W. Va. Railroad conductor. Episcopa- 
lian. Married Helen Amanda Rhodes. Children : John, Jacob, Catherine 
E., Mary Helen, Harrison Brooke, Richard Cleveland, and Emma May; 
C (7) Emily Susan Boyer, born Dec. 23, 1829, married William Philips, 
but her children died young. 

C (i) David Boyer, son of James Boyer and his wife, was born at 
Newtown, Connecticut, and died about 1850, probably in New Haven, 
Connecticut. Married Esther Schoheld. Children: James I^Ielbourne' 
Eugene Leslie, Sarah Esther, and Burtis; C (2-3) Samuel and Margaret 
Boyer, children of James Boyer and wife, have not been reported; C (4) 



John Winton Boyer married Catharine Moorehouse. Children; C (5) 
Frederick Augustus Boyer. Married. Children: Caroline Elizabeth, 
Charles Frederick, perhaps others; C (6) Catharine Boyer married 
Frank Moorehouse. Address (1910) Oconomowoc, Wis. Children. 

C (i) Eliza Dibble, daus^hter of Sarah Boyer and John Dibble, 
married Josiah B. Fairchild. Children: (a) Katherine Fairchild. Mar- 
ried Robert Vankuerin. Their children: Robert and Mortimer, (b) 
Susan A. Fairchild. Address (1910) y}^ Fremont vSt., Bridi,aeport, Coim. 
Address (1914) 8r Franklin St., Brid<;cport, Conn, (c) Sarah Fairchild. 
(d) Mortimer Fairchild. 

D ( I ) John Jacob Boyer, son of Richard Boyer and Flelen Amanda 
Rhodes, was born March 4, 1875. Address (1914) 336 E. McCarty St., 
Indianapolis, Ind. Married Anna Bowman; D (2) Catherine E. Boyer 
was born Dec. 17, 1876. Address (1910) Martinsburg, W. Va. ; D (3) 
Mary Helen Boyer was born Jan. 31, 1880. Fine genealogist. Address 
(1910) E. Burke St., Martinsburg, W. Va. ; D (4) Harrison Brooke 
Boyer was born Aug. i, 1882. Address ( 1910) Martinsburg, W. Va. 
Married Virginia Daily. Children: Leah, Edna. D (5) Richard Cleve- 
land Boyer was born Aug. 2, 1884. Address (1910) Martinsburg, W. 
Va. Married Effie Underdunk ; D (6) Emma May Boyer was born 
March 9, 1887. Married Lucicn S. W'estcnhaven, Falkner Ave., Martins- 
burg, W. Va. Children : Jack Alan, flelen Regina. 

D (1) James Melbourn J>oyer. son of David 15oyer and wife Scho- 
field, was born 1840, and died in New Haven, Conn., about 1903. Mar- 
ried Frances Northrup. Children: (a) Ida Frances l^oyer married T. 
Marshall Andrews. Address (1910) ir West Main St., Norwalk, Conn. 
In 1910 she was the only living descendant of her father, (b) Thomas 
M. Andrew Boyer and Eugene Leroy Bo\-er have both died, leaving 
no descendants; D (2) Eugene Boyer was born Feb. 8, 1843, ^i"<l <-l'ed 
at Norwalk, Conn., April 11, 1905. Congregational Church. Secretary 
and Treasurer of firm of Lounsburg and Bissell. Married Flarriett F. 
Quintard, born Aug. 2, 1855. T" ^9^^ ^''le was living at 216 Orchard St., 
New Haven, Conn. Children: (a) Frederick Q. Boyer, born April 
14, 1888. Professor at Yale University. Address (1910) 216 Orchard 
St., New Haven, Conn. Fine genealogist, (b) Ruth Lounsbury Boyer, 
bom Nov. 13, 1890, 216 Orchard St., New Flaven, Conn, (c) Eugene 
Francis Boyer, born March 12, 1894, 216 Orchard St., New Haven, Conn. ; 
D (3) Sarah Esther Boyer was born June 1847, Oconomowoc, Wis. 
Unmarried; D (4) Alburtis Boyer. Care of Post Office, Chicago, 111. 

D (i) Carrie Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Frederick Boyer and 
wife;D (2) Charles Frederick Boyer. Married. Children: (a) Leone 
Irene Boyer. Address (1910) Oconomowoc, Wis. (b) Frederick Clin- 
ton Boyer, (c) Charles Vernon Boyer. 



The historian's correspondents report that the forefathers of John 
Boyer were French. From the fact that his wife was born 1734, we may 
guess that he was born about 1730-1735. Mrs. Bowser says that he i.s 
buried in New York. His wife, Mary Simms, and her children, came to. 
New Brunswick with Loyalists, and landed at St. Johns, N. B., about 
1762, or a little later, probably after her husband's death. She died in 
1811, at the age of yj years. Mrs. Phoebe Shaw, a descendant, thinks 
there were only two children, Charles and James. A grandson of Charles, 
namely Shepherd M. Bo3er, of Hartland, N. B., Canada, says, April 13, 
1914, that when John Boyer and Mary Simms, his wife, left New York 
as "loyalists," the son Charles watched the parents "pack up the most 
valuable things they could take away, such as a silver spoon." 

B (1) Charles E. Boyer, son of John Boyer and Mary Simms, was 
born about 1768, and was only six years old when his mother went to 
New Brunswick. He died Feb. 4, 1861, 93 years of age, and is buried at 
A^ictoria, N. B., Canada. Baptist. Worked in ship yard. Farmer. 
Blind the last 10 years of life. Married Elizabeth Kenney. She was 
born 1780, and died April 13, 1864. Children: George Rex, Charles E., 
John, William, Edward, Asa, Moses, Victoria, Polly, and Jane. 

H (2) James Bo3'er, son of John Boyer and Mary Simms, was sent 
from New Jjrunswick to New York on some errand when young, but 
was lost at sea, and so far as known, left no descendants. 

C (i) George Rex lioyer, son of Charles E. Boyer and Elizabeth 
Kenny, was born 1801, died June 1886, and is buried at Victoria, N. B., 
Canada. Baptist. Farmer. Tanner. Manufacturer. ^Tarried Chloe 
Churchhill. Children : Pumitia, George W., James W., Amos, and Caro- 
line, and three others; C (2) Charles Boyer was born April 1799, and 
died Jan. 1881. Lived at Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada, just 
across the river from John. Married Elizabeth Tompkins. Children r 
Maria, James, Dorcas, Nelson, Hulda, Ruth, Mary, Edward, Hilkiah, 
Catharine, Lois, Wesley, Charles; C (3) John Boyer was born about 
1798, and died at the age of 82. Lived at Florenceville, N. B., Canada. 
Farmer and miller. Married: ( i) Ruth Partridge, (2) Naomi Wheeler. 
Children: John, Charles, Jonas, William, Betsy, Sarah, Mary, Ruth> 



Esther, of first wife; Edward Wheeler, George, Charles N., Nancy E.^. 
Isabelle V., Fannie, Addie; C (4) William Boyer was born Nov. 28, 
1817, died 74 years old, at Sumnierville, N. B., Canada. Married Susan- 
nah H. Shaw. Children: Phoebe Elizabeth, Emma Adelia, Annetta A., 
Herbert N., William Henry, Reverend A. B., Elmer S., and five others 
that died young; C (5) Edward Boyer died 72 years old. Lived at 
Victoria, New Ikunswick, Canada. Married. Children: Gordon E., 
Charlotte, and Letitia; C (6) Asa Boyer was born about 1818, died about 
52 years old at Victoria, N. B., Canada. Methodist "class leader." 
Worker in leather. Married Prudence. Children : Edward M., and 
Thomas; C (7) Moses Boyer was the youngest and died 68 years old. 
Lived at Victoria, N. B. Married Martha Shaw. Address (1912) 98 
Princes St., Victoria. Children : Shepherd M., Adolphus E., Nehemiah 
S., Emma, Alice, Ann, Charles, and five others; C (8) Victoria, Polly, 
and Jane Boyer were the daughters of Charles E. Boyer and Elizabeth' 

, D ( I ) John Boyer, son of John Boyer and first wife Ruth Part- 
ridge, married Mary Stuart. Children : Ruth, Eliza, Agnes, Alice, Doug- 
lass ; D (2) Charles Boyer probably left no children; D (3) Jonas 
Boyer. No data ; D (4) William Boyer. No data ; D (5) Betsy Boyer 
married: (i) Kimiey, (2) Hiram Hatch. Children: Ruth, Emily, 
Helen, Lucretia, Annabell ; D (6) Sarah Boyer married Edward Co.x, 
Children: Ruth, William, Murray, Agnes, George, Burpie, Spurgeon, 
Mary. Ruth married William Miles. William married Miss Watson; 
D (7) Mary Boyer married Phillips. Son : Allison ; D (8) Ruth Boyer 
married Absolom Kimball. Children: Richard, John, Ida, Frank, of 
Bridgewater, Me.; D (9) Esther I'oyer married I'ennemore. Children 
lived in New Brunswick; D (10) F^hvard Wheeler Boyer, son of John 
Boyer and second wife Naomi Wheeler, was born 1836. Farmer. Bap- 
tist, Florenceville, N. B. Married Harriet Atwood Harnett. Children: 
(i) Annie B., wife of Mr. Burtt, 34 Sheridan St., Haverhill, Mass. 
Teacher. Children: Harold Ernst. (2) Dr. Edward Wheeler Boyer, 
84 Elm St., Waterville, Me. Married Caroline Rice. Children: Edward 
Wendell, and Caroline A.; D (11) George Boyer. Address (1914) 
Aspin, Colorado. Farmer. Married Sarah Savage. Children : Ernest, 
Laura, DeBaron, Claude, Orren ; D (12) Charles Boyer, Florenceville,, 
N. B., Canada. Farmer. Married Margery Toms. Children : Addie, 
William, Cook, Thomas, Bertie, Sarah, Charles, Harleigh, George. The 
first three reside at Florenceville, N. B. ; D (13) Nancy Boyer, a teacher, 
married: (i) Dr. Edmund Saunders, (2) Andrew Beyea. Children .■- 
Whitney, Ednnmd, Addie, Lena, etc; Edmund Saunders lives at Ea'^t 
Florenceville, N. B. Ada Beyea married Cook Boyer, a cousin; D (i.'^)' 
Isabelle V. Boyer, milliner, married Amos D. Hartley, East Florence-- 


VAle, N. B. ; D (15) Fannie Boyer married George Kimball. Children: 
Hiram, Israel, Mae, Belle, in Maine; D (16) Addie Boyer married 
William Smith. Address (1914) Smithton, King's County, N. B. Chil- 
dren : Gordon, VVilhelmina. Gordon lives in Mexico, or New Mexico. 

D (i) Pumitia Boyer, daug-hter of George Rex Boyer and Chloe 
■Churchhill, married William Taylor. No descendants; D (2) George 
W. Boyer was born Jan. 22, 1834. Address (1912) Hartland, N. B. 
No descendants ; D (3) James W. Boyer was born Dec. 3, 1835, and died 
Feb. 18, 1902, at Victoria, N. B. Manufacturer. Married Sarah H. 
Lovely. Address (1912) Victoria, N. B. Children: (a) Annie J. Boyer. 
Married J. B. Bowser. Address (•1912) Victoria. Fine genealogist. 
Children: (i) Helen G. Bowser, married Arnold G. McFarland, Saska- 
town, Sask. (2) Flarold K. Bowser, Victoria, N. B. (3) James A. 
Bowser, Victoria, N. B. (b) Samuel R. Boyer died Nov. 14, 1903. Left 
■one child, Ahce M. Address (191 2) Woodstock, N. B. (c) Ella K. 
Boyer married H. C. Cockran, Victoria, N. B. No children, (d) Ada 
M. Boyer married Charles W. McCann. She died, leaving one child: 
Ada M. McCann, Rothsay, N. B. (e) J. Fred Boyer, Victoria, N. B. 
Merchant. Married Jennie S. McCleod. Children: J. M., and Ada D. ; 
D (4) Amos Boyer was born about 1839, and died Nov. 1896. Baptist. 
Merchant. ALarried Hannah Mills. Only child : . Bird Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1912) Hartland, N. B. ; D (5) Caroline Boyer, born about 1840, 
married Moser Orser. Children: (a) Lois Orser married David Mor- 
gan, Hartland, N. B. (b) Minnie Orser married Samuel White, Hart- 
land, N. B. (c) Chloe Orser married Charles Hurst, Mulga, Alabama. 

D (i ) Maria Boyer, daughter of Charles Boyer and Elizabeth Tomp- 
kins, born April 30, 1821, married Hartley, East Florenceville, N. B. ; 
D (2) James Boyer lived at Bristol, N. B., Canada. Farmer. Married 
Ellen Banks. Children : Ransford, Issachar, and Ludlow, all deceased ; 
Dow, Alberta, and Herbert, at Auburn. Me.; Robins, at Manchester, N. 
H.; Anson, at Bristol, N. B., Canada; D (3) Dorcas Boyer; D (4) 
Nelson Boyer lived at East Florenceville, N. B., Canada. Mechanic. 
Married Kesia Thompkins. Children: George and Oakman, at Bristol, 
N. B., Canada; and Mrs. Joel Hartley, at East Florenceville, N. B., 
•Canada; D (5-7) Hulda, Ruth, and Alary Boyer, daughters of Charles 
Boyer and wife Elizabeth Tompkins; D (8) Edward Shepherd Boyer 
was born 1835, and died 1908. Farmer. Baptist. Lived at Hartland. 
N, B. Married Grace Thomas. Address (191 2) Newburyport, Mass. 
Children: (i) Rev. Henry R. Boyer, born Aug. 13, 1878. Baptist min- 
ister. Address (1915) St. John's, N. B., Canada. Married Ada M. 
Turner. (2) Sister, born Aug. 23, 1876, married to Fred. C. Gedford, of 
Newburyport, Mass. Children: Charles H., Edward B., Harriet ; D (9) 
.Hilkiah Boyer lived at Emporium, Pa. Lumberman. Married Marv 


Ann Fennigan. Children: lilenjamin, at Bang-or, Me. ; Mrs. A. T. 
Knight, at MinneapoHs, Minn. ; D (10) Katharine Boyer is not reported; 
D (11) Lois iioyer married Walter Tompkins. Address (1912) Bristol, 
N. B., Canada; D (12) Wesley Boyer ; D (13) Charles Trafton l^oyer 
was born Sept. 10, 1847. Address (1912) East Florenceville, N. B., Can- 
ada. Provincial officer for county. ' Married Emily F. Kinney. Chil- 
dren: (a) Alanda Boyer married James Banks, East inorenceville, N. 
B., (b) Lome D. Bo3'er, (c) Gertrude IF, (d) Howard W. Boyer, Wood- 
stock, N. B., Canada. 

D (1) Charles T. Boyer, son of John Boyer and his wife. Ad- 
dress (1912) Florenceville, West, N. B., Canada. 

D (i) Phoebe Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and 
Susannah H. Shaw, was born Dec. 9, 1842. Married S. na\'den Shaw, 
Flartland, N. B. ; D (2) Emma Adelia B>oyer was born Oct. 20, 1849, 
married Albert Tracy, San Diego, Cal. ; D (3) Annetta A. Boyer was 
born Dec. 3, 1851, married Gideon Tracy, Homer, Courtland Co., N. Y. ; 
D (4) Herbert N. Boyer was born Sept. 4, 1S55. Address (1912) Hart- 
land, N. B., Canada. Married Catharine Raymond; D (5) William 
Llenry Boyer died young; D (6) Rev. Alden B. Boyer was Ijorn Aug. 
27, i860, and died June 9, 1891, in Balasor, British Lidia, where he was 
a missionary five years. He was married to Clara 1. Shea; D (7) bdmer 
S. Boyer was born Dec. 24, 1862, and died Aug. 26, 1889. 

D (i) Gordon E. Boyer, son of Edward l)0)'er and his wife. Ad- 
dress (1912) Fort Fairfield, i\laine. Married. Children; Jennie, Ruth; 
D (2) Charlotte .Boyer married Rev. John .L.. Shaw. She died 1867. 
Children: (a) Lorenzo Shaw. Deceased. Married Phoebe. Address 
(1912) FLiverhill, Mass. Children: Charlotte, Burt, Harold, Alma, (b) 
Alma Boyer married L. D. Stokes, Waterville, N. B, ; D (3) Letilia 
Boyer married David Archibald. No descendants. 

D (i) Edward M. Boyer, son of yVsa Boyer and his wife Prudence, 
was born May 23, 1835, in Carleton Co., N. B., Canada. Methodist. 
IMerchant. Address (1912) 3 Glenwood St.^ Roxbury, Mass. IMarried 
Catharine A. Davis. Children: (a) Frank Ijoyer, Woodstock, N. B. 

(b) Abbie Boyer married Wallace, Woodstock, N. B. Children: (i) 
John Wallace, St. John's, Newfoundland. (2) Nita Wallace, at home 

(c) Caroline Boyer. Married. Huniingdon Ave., Boston, Mass. Chil- 
dren: Maude, Helen, (d) .Mder V . Boyer, 97 Henry .Ave., Lynn, Alass. 
(c) Lulu Boyer. 41 Ashmont St., l^orchester, Mass.; D (2) Thomas 
Boyer was born about 1832. Address (1912) Hartland, N. B., Canada. 
Married. Children: (a) Russell Boyer, Victoria, New Brunswick, 
Canada, (b) Cecil Boyer, St. John's, New Brunswick, Canada. 

D (i) Shepherd AL Boyer, son of Moses Bo)er and wife Martha 
Shaw. Address (1915) Hartland, N. B., Canada. Farmer. Baptist. 



Very intelligent man, good genealogist. Married: (i) Elizabeth Mc- 
Donald, and (2) Elizabeth Helby. Children: (a) Page H. Boyer, Hart- 
land, N. B. Born about 1865. Engineer. Married Bertie Currey. One 
child, a daughter, (b) Phoebe Jioyer married James N. Inch, Oak 
Point, King's Co., N. B., Canada. Merchant. Children : Robert, Jack, 
Mary, Hilda'; D (2) Adoli)hus E. Boyer. Farmer. Address (1912) 
J^ovver Wakefield, Carleton Co., N. B., Canada. Married: (i) Annie 
Birmingham, (2) Annie Ebbett. Children: (a) Alonzo 11 Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1912) Box 334, Cumberland, British Columbia, Canada, (b) 
]\Irs. W. E. Shaw, Cor. i6th Ave., and Henther, Vancouver, B. C. Her 
name was Mary, (c) Roy B. Boyer, born April 28, 1889, Washington, 
D. C. (d) (e) (f) Harry, Verna, and Donald (children of second 
wife); D (3) Nehemiah S. Boyer was born March 27, 1851, died at 
Hartland, N. B., May 8, 1894. Mechanic. Baptist. Married Amanda 
Jane Teddie. Address (1912) Hartland, N. B., Canada. Children: (a) 
Weldon F. Boyer, born Dec. 6, 1878, Smith's, British Columbia, (b) 
Ettie L. Boyer, born Dec. 16, 1885, 1770 Georgia St., Vancouver, B. C. 
(c) R. Hartly Boyer, born Dec. 31, 1888. Druggist, 339 Powell St., 
Vancouver, B. C. ; F (4) Emma Boyer married F. H. Hales, 706 
Dominion Trust Bldg., Vancouver, B. C. ; D (5-6) Alice died single. 
Ann married Samuel Stippell. 



Correspondents report that Michael Bayer was born Dec. 25, 1746, 
and died August 3, 1820. He lived in Northampton County, Pennsyl- 
vania. The Pennsylvania Archives record, in Vol. 8, pages 126, 151, 
199, 207, 222, 517, Fifth Series, and in Vol. 4, page 646, that Michael 
Bayer, of Northampton Coimty, Pa., was a private soldier, under Captain 
Santee, in 1781, 1782, and 1783. This was evidently the Michael Bayer 
in question. These Archives also record Frederick Bayer, John Bayer, 
David Bayer, Adam Bayer, Henry Bayer, Paul Bayer, and several others 
from the same county. They may be brothers and cousins. The tax 
lists, old church records, "wills," etc., of Northampton and Bucks 
Counties may prove relationshii). That Michael Bayer was a German 
is certain, for the old Bible in which his son recorded dates is German, 


and so are the family records. Who the parents were remains to be 
found, but that there were people of this name in Northampton and Bueks 
Cos., Pa., prior to 1746 is shown by Naturalization records and Land 
Patents. Michael Bayer married (1768) Marf^aret, born 1747. She 
died Jan. 8, 1850. Children (so far as reported) : John, Jacob, John 
Georg-e, and iMichael. Probably there were others — es})ecially girls. 
Jacob was born April 22, 1774, and died young. 

B (i) John Boyer, son of Michael Bayer and his wife Margaret, 
was born Oct. 4, 1769, in Nazareth Township, Northampton Co., Pa., 
and died before 1844. Married Catharine. Children: Anna, Jacob, 
David, Margaret, John. 

B (2) John George Boyer, son of Michael Bayer and his wife 
Margaret, was born Sept. 26, or 29, 1776, near Dryland Church, North- 
ampton Co., Pa., and died Jan. 10, or 15, 1868. Moved to New Jersey 
in 1800. Married (1800) Anna Machin, of Saucon, Pa., born Dec. 2:5, 
1778. She died April 5, 1865. Children: David W., Catharine, Michael. 

B (3) Michael Boyer, son of Michael Bayer and his wife Mar- 
garet, was born Sept. 23, 1783, and died Jan. 8, 1850. Married. Chil- 
dren: Thomas. 

C (i) Anna Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and his wife Catharine, 
was born Nov. 5, 1792. Married John Knecht. Children: (a) John 
Knecht. Married. Children: (i) lliram Knecht. Address (190CJ) 
Springtown, Pa. (2) Peter Knecht. Address (1909) Durham, Pa.; 
C (2) Jacob Boyer was born Oct. 31, 1795, and died 1858. Came to 
Kreidersville, Pa., 1830. Farmer. Reformed church. Married Maria 
Laubach. Children: George, Catharine, Elizabeth, Sarah Ann, David, 
Harrison, Dr. Benjamin F., and Lydia ; C (3) David Boyer was born 
Dec. -2, 1797. Married. Children: John R. Boyer, and perhaps others; 
C (4) Margaret Boyer was born Aug. 31, 1800; C (5) John Boyer was 
born Aug. 12, 1805, and died about 1872. Buried at Riegelsville, Pa. 
Farmer. Reformed. Married Lydia Boyle, born Sept. 24, 1808. Chil- 
<lren : Abraham, Anna. 

C (i) David W. Boyer, son of J. George Boyer and Anna Machin, 
was born July 7, 1800, and died March 7, 1853. Married Lydia Shinier. 
Children: Susan, Catharine, George, Sarah, Lydia, Emma, Elizabeth, 
Samantha J., and Mary H. ; C (2) Catharine Boyer was born Feb. 15, 
1802, and died Jan. 28, 1842; C (3) Michael Boyer was born March 
26, 1804, and died Sept. 10, 1869. Farmer. Married Naomi Howell, 
born Oct. I, 1802. Children: John H., Thomas M., George, Savilla, 
Anna C, Emeline, and Margaret. The last one of these died young. 

D (1) George Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and Maria Laubach, was 
born Nov. 30, 1821, in Bucks Co., Pa. Address (1894) Kreidersville, 
Pa. Teacher. Postmaster. Justice of the Peace. Married Elizabeth 



Ruch, Nov. II, 1845. Children: Edwin, Elizabeth, Marietta, Amanda. 
C, Ellen, Alfred, and Mrs. James Deiter; D (2) Catharine Boycr, born 
Feb. 25, 1824, married Samuel Kleppinger. Children: Mary, Elias, A1-' 
len A., Charles S., Melissa E., and iMrs. Thomas E. Kuntz ; D (3) Eliza- 
beth Boyer, born xApril 23 1832, married Aaron Washburn. Her adilress 
(1909) Airs. Elizabeth Zellner, Springtown, Pa. Children: Four sons 
and three daughters; D (4) Sarah Ann Boyer, born Nov. 29, 1834, 
married Henry Young'. Address (1909) Siegfried's, I'a. Children: 
Three sons and three daughters; D (5) David Boyer was born Sept. 2, 
1837, near Kreidersville, i'a. Adilress (1909) Siegfried's, Pa. Car- 
penter. Died Dec. 8, 1912, and is buried at the stone church, near 
Siegfried's. Married Rebecca B. Young. Children : Mary R., Minnie 
C, Thomas A., and Harry V.; D (6) Harrison J. Boyer, son of Jacob 
l^oyer and Maria Laubach, was born Sept. 2, 1837, near Kreidersville, 
Pa. Address (1909) Easton, Pa. School teacher for some years, then 
a mercliant, manufacturer of cement. Clerk of Orphans' Court, whole- 
sale hatter, director of National l>ank. Married Henrietta Young-, born 
Nov. I, 1841. No children. Both Reformed. Mr. Boyer hcljx-d the 
historian very much in securing data; D (7) Dr. Benjamin F. Boyer 
was born May i, 1842, at Kreidersville, Pa. Address (-1909) Si)ring- 
town, Bucks Co., Pa. Educated in Weaversville Academy, Allentowit 
Seminary, Charlotteville, N. Y., Franklin and Marshall College, Fan- 
caster, Pa. Second Fieutenant Company F., 202 Pa. "V^:)ls. Studied 
medicine after 1865. Degree of M. D. from Fong- Island College Hos- 
pital in 1867, and from Bcllevue Ikispital College in 1868. Reformed 
church, liusy ])hysician. Married Anna Trumbauer. Children: Emily, 
Howard F., Calvin S., Nellie G., M. Elizabeth, Caroline A.; D (8) Fydia 
Bo\'er, born April 4, 1845. Married Rev. Robert Fisberger. Children: 
Reverend George Fisberger, and others. 

D (i) John R. Boyer, son of David Boyer and his wife. 

D (i) Abraham ]^>oyer, son of John Boyer and Fydia Boyle (Beil), 
was born Dec. 19, 1835, at Durham, Bucks Co., Pa. Address (190;) 
Riegels\-ille, Pa. Reformed. Farmer. Married Elizabeth Apple, and 
after her death, Catharine Fong. Children: Jacob Oscar, Esther Jane, 
and Echth Fong; D (2) Aunn Boyer was born Oct. 15, 1831, and died 
Sept. 1868. Married John P.- Beck, l)orn Sept. 11, 1826, died March 21, 
1886. lioth buried at Hope Cemetery, ilecktown, Pa. Children-: Fydia 
Elizabeth, Clara Anna. 

D (i) George Boyer, son of David Wells Boyer and F>'dia Boyle 
Shimer, was born Oct. 3, 1846. Alarried. Children: Mrs. Abram 
Shinier, Easton, Pa., and Mrs. Nathan Shimer, Easton, Pa. Perhai)S 
others; D (2) Susan Boyer married Andrew Hidshizer. Children: 
Mary Virginia, Jennie B., Fydia, and Mrs. Fritz; D (3) Catharine 



Eoyer married Pursel. Children: David F., Mary, William F., Emma; 
D (4) Sarah Boyer. Married; D (5) Mary H. Boyer married Robert 
Innes Smith. Childrdii : Only one child left descendants : John Boyer 
Smith; D (6) Lydia Boyer married Jacob Casmer. Children; D (7) 
Emma Boyer married Jacob Creveling; D (8) Elizabeth Boyer married 
French; D (9) Samantha Boyer married Harvey. 

D (1) John H. Boyer, son of Michael Boyer and Naomi Howell, 
was born Jan. 21, 1827, died Aug. 27, 1876. Presbyterian. Farmer. 
Married Sarah FI. Cline. Children: John C, Annie E. ; D (2) Thomas 
M. Boyer was born Oct. 11, 1828. Address (i'9o8) Belvidere, N. J. 
Married Elizabeth B. Titman. Children: George, Mary A., Elizabeth, 
Oscar, Alice; D (3) George Boyer was born Dec. 3, 1833, on the 
Lopatcong farm, died at Belvidere, N. J., May 1903. Farmer. Presby- 
terian. Married Ellen Anderson, March 9, 1857. Children : John D. M., 
and Washington Irving; D (4) Savilla Boyer, born Jnly 10, 1836, at 
Stewartsville, N. J., married John W. Cline, March 10, 1857. Address 
(1909) New Village, N. J. Only child: Garner Cline; D (5) Anna 
C. Boyer, born Jnne 10, 1839, married John M. Andrews; D (6) Eme- 
line Boyer, born March 31, 1842, married Joseph Gliff. Her address 
(1909) 4 Genessee Ave., New York City. 

E (i) Edwin Boyer, son of George Boyer and Elizabeth Rnch, died 
before 1894. Married. Children: Write Mrs. J. A. Boyle, 648 N. 4th 
St., Allentown, Pa.; E (2) Elizabeth Boyer married Solomon Stettler. 
Address (1894) Kreidersville, Pa. ; E <3) Marietta Boyer married James 
F. Klcppinger. Children: James Kleppinger, Siegfried, Pa.; E (4) 
Amanda C. Boyer married James Deiter; E (5) Ellen Boyer. Mar- 
ried. E (6) Alfred Boyer died before 1894. 

E (i) Mary R. Boyer, daughter of David Boyer and Rebecca B. 
Young, was born Oct. 14, 1861. Married Owen II. Hess, Nazareth, 
Pa. Children: (a) Mabel Hess, born Oct. 20, 1885. She married Rob- 
ert W. Heffner. Address (1914) Kutztown, Pa., R. F. D. (b) Floyd D.- 
Hess, born June 27, 1892; E (2) Minnie C. Boyer, born Dec. 24, 1872, 
married Hern; E (3) Thomas A. Boyer was born Jan. 8, 1875, at 
Kreidersville, Pa. Millwright, Siegfrieds, Pa. Married Laura Oden- 
welder, born Aug. 26, 1877. Children: (a) E. Albert D. Boyer, born 
Sept. 4, 1897. (b) Emma Boyer, born Dec. 18, 1898; E (4) Harry 
V. Boyer was born April 6, 1877. Cooper. Address Siegfried's, Pa. 

E ( I ) Emily Boyer, daughter of Dr. Benjamin F. Boyer and Anna 
C. Trumbauer, was born Aug. 29, 1870. Married Warren S. Long, 
Doylestown, Pa.; E (2) Howard F. Boyer was born Feb. 17, 1873. 
Address (1900) 100 Lamont Ave., Elmhurst, N. Y. Married Rebecca 
Eisenhart. He is a topographical draughtsman. Graduate of Lehigh 
University. Children: Carl, Rebecca ; E (3) Attorney Calvin S. Bovcr 


was born April 8, 1876. Address (1909) Doylcstown, Pa., Box 445. 
Graduate of Millersville Normal School and Law Department of Uni- 
versity of Michigan. A man of splendid capabilities; E (4) Nellie G. 
Boyer, burn March 8, 1879. Address (190S) Logan, Utah. Graduate 
of Millersville Normal School. Teacher. Presbyterian. Died Feb. 2T, 
1908, at L,ogan, where she was engagetl in missionary work; b. (5; }\. 
Ehzabeth Boyer was born Sept. 22, 1S71. Graduate of Miller:,viiie 
Normal. Married VV. H. Witte, 16 York St., Camden, N. J. Children: 
William E., Julia A., Emily; E (6) Caroline A. Boyer, born Nov. 3, 
1877, married Professor W. T. Melchior, Springtown, Pa. 

E (T) Jacob Oscar Boyer, son of Abraham Boyer and first wife, 
Elizabeth Apple, was born June 22, 1S59, '"i"^! "^lied July 4, 1905. Married. 
Children: (a) Mary Boyer married Perigo, Springtown, N. J. (,b) 
Harry Edgar Boyer, Springtown, N. J.; E (2) Esther Jane Boyer, 
daughter of Abraiiam Boyer and second wife Catharine Long, was Ijorn 
April 10, 1874. Graduate nurse (Jefferson Medical Training School). 
Married Philip Plarry Sipler, 883 lAlain St., Darby, Pa.; e"(3) Edith 
Long Boyer was born Ai)ril 17, 1878. Address (1909) Riegelsville, Pa. 
Graduate of i^iegelsville Academy. A most charming woman. 

E (1) Lydia Elizabeth IJeck, daughter of Anna Boyer and John 
P. Beck, was born June 15, 1852. Married (Sept. 29, i86(j) Dramas 
Pearson. Children: (a) John Beck Pearson. Married Sadie White. 
Children: Clara May, Raymond B. (b) Clara Bertha Pearson marrieil 
W. Park Moore, Coatesville, Pa. Children; E (2) Clara Anna Beck 
was born Nov. 28, i860. Journalist. Address (1909) Center Square, 
Bucks Co., Pa. Bucknell College graduate, 1877. Literested in church 
work. Lutheran. 

E (i) Mary Virginia Hulshizer, daughter of Susan Boyer and 
Andrew Hulshizer, born 1847, married Garner H. Weller. Address 
(1909) 217 Bridge St., Corning, N. Y. Son: Weller. Address (1909) 
481 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair, N. J. Born about 1880. Graduate of 
Lafayette College, and Albany Law School. Presbyterian. Practising 

E (i) David F. Pursel, son of Catharine Boyer and Pursel, was 
born July 20, 1852. Address (1909) New Village, N. J. Married Emma 
J. Pace. Children: George A., Frank A., Caroline P., Alice J., Eliza- 
beth, Verda E. ; E (2) Mary Pursel was born June 17, 1856; E (3) 
William F. Pursel was born Oct. 29, 1859. Address (1909) Norwood 
St., Chestnut Hill, Phila., Pa. Married Jennie L. Sinmierton, March 12, 
1882. Children: Emma, born Jan. 25, 1883, Geneva, Robert, May 
Florence, Clara Mae, Charles William; E (4) Emma Pursel, born Jan. 
25, 1862, married Frederick Kean, April 1898. Address (1909) 1828 
South i6th St., Phila., Pa. 


E (i) John Boyer Smith, son of Mary li. Boyer and Rohert Innes 
Smith, was horn March 2, 1859. Address (1909) Bloomsbury, N. J. 
]\Iarried Anna Johnson. Children: John Boyer Smith, born Oct. 14, 

E ( I ) John C. Boyer, son of John H. Boyer and Sarah H. Chne, 
was born Aug-. 3, 1850. Address (1907) StewartsviUe, N. J., Box 3. 
Farmer. Married twice. Children; E (2) Annie E. Boyer, born April 
17, 1S53, married Caleb Cline, StewartsviUe, N. J. Children: Ezra P., 
John B., Lizzie C, Clifford H. 

E (1) Geori^e liuyer, son of Thomas M. Boyer and Elizabeth B. 
Titman, was born July 3, 1852. Address (1909) Belvidere, Warren Co., 
N. J. Methodist. Coal dealer. Married. Children; E (2) Mary A. 
Bo}'er, born Nov. 30, 1855, married George Lantz, Oct. 24, 1877. Farm- 
er. ]\Iethodist, Belvidere, N. J. Children: (a) Thomas Boyer Lantz, 
horn Feb. 27, 18S1. Farmer. Methodist, Belvidere, N. J. Marrieil Ger- 
trude I^epew, Sept. 21, 1904; E (3) Elizabeth Boyer, born Sept. 30, 
1858, married Georg^e Keifer, Nov. 26, 18S1. Farmer. Lutheran, 309 
N 9th St., Easton, Vs.. Children: Jacob Roy Keifer, June 19, 1885. 
Lutheran. Electrician. Address same. Married Grace Fulmer, June 
28, 1906; E (4) Oscar Boyer was born Jan. 21, 1863. Liver>'man. 
Presbyterian. Married Ella AT. Wilson, Dec. 2, 1885. Only child: Cora 
Elna Boyer, born Aug. 26, 1891 ; E (5) Alice lioyer, born Dec. 16, 1868. 
Address (1909) 164 West 147th St., New York City. 

E (1) Washington P>o}'er, son of George Boyer and Ellen Ander- 
son, was Ijorn Sept. 30, 1859. Address (1909) Oak St., Hot Springs, 
Arkansas. Supt. of Public Utility. Married Kate Jenner. Children: 
]\Iary Ellen, horn 1S91, and Blythe, born 1898. 

E (2) Jt)hn D. M. Boyer was born Nov. 3, 1861. Address (1909) 
Belvidere, N. J. Architect and builder. Married Charlotte Brown. 
She died 1894. No children. 

E (i) Garner Chne, son of Savilla Boyer and John W. Cline, was 
born .April 20, 1864. Presbyterian. Address (1909) New Village, N. J. 
Married Isabella Peters, born Jan. i860. Children: (a) Elizabeth T. 
Cline, born 1886. Graduate of Centenary Collegiate Institute, Hacketts- 
town, N. J. (b) Frank 11. Cline, born 1890. Graduate of Eastman 
Business College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. (c) Ruth H. Cline, born 1894. 
Student (i()09) Easton Academy, Easton, Pa. 

Postscript on Adam Bayj'.k 

This man lived in Williams Township, Northampton County, Penn- 

svlvania, or in a. neighboring township, as we judge from the fact that 

he belonged to the Lutheran congregation of that township. Perhaps 

he lived in Saucon TownsLip. Perhaps lie was a brother of the father 


of Michael Beyer, born 1746. Adam Beyer, as we judge from the dates 
of birth of h.s children, was born about 1720, very likely in Germany 
His wite's name was Anna Maria. The children were Anna Maroaret' 
born March 4, 1741 ; John, born June G, 174-^; William, born Oct. 8. 1746- 
John Jacob, born Sept. 24, 1753; and perhaps Peter, whose marriage 
(April 20. 1762) to Anna Maria Shultz is recorded in the Reformed 
church of Egypt, Lehigh Co., Pa., not far from Adam Beyer's home 

From the Egypt record we take it that John Beyer, son of Adam 
Beyer and wife Anna Maria, married Anna Maria Sauerbrev, Nov -^g 
1768. If there were children, they were not recorded in this church' 
From the records it appears that Anna Maria died, and that on August 
16, 1785, he married Maria Rupp. But what became of these people 
IS an absolute mystery to the historian. 



From the fact that his wife was born in 1750, we infer that Johannes- 
Bayer was born before that time, or about that tin«. Correspondent. 
do not report his parents, nor do we know for pertain when he came to 
America. , He lived on a farm less than a mile North by West of the 
■Lower Saucon Church, in Northampton County, Pennsylvania where 
he and his wife were buried. From these local facts we infer that he 
may have been the brother of Michael Bayer, born Dec. 25 1746 for he 
too, lived in this community at the same time. Perhaps, indeed, they were 
the sons of a German immigrant, for there were several in this county 
and we have no other trace of the descendants. That they were both' 
Germans is well known from old Bibles and family records in these Bibles 
It IS altogether likely that both men were soldiers of the Revolution" 
as the Pennsylvania Archives for Northampton County would show' 
These archives record Adam Bayer, John Bayer, Michael Bayer, Fred^ 
erick Bayer, David Bayer, Paul Bayer, and others. The tax lists at 
Easton, and perhaps Boyer "wills" should show relationship. Church 
records may help us in the end. Johannes Bayer married Anna Maria 
Lenck (Lerch) born Nov. 21, 1750. Children, so far as reported 
Jacob, Isaac, John, and Margaret (Fulmer). 

B (i) Jacob Boyer, son of Johannes Bayer and Anna M. Lerch, 


was born about 1772, and died about 1852. Lived at Ilowertown, North- 
ampton County, Pa., where he is also buried. Reformed. Farmer. Mar- 
ried Mary M. Dreisbach, who died 1868. Children : Sarah Ann, Joseph, 
Jacob, Susan, Mary Ann, Margaret; B (2) Isaac Boyer was born about 
1773, and died 1865, very old, as correspondents record. Married Eliza- 
beth Riegel. Children: Joseph H., William D., Lewis, Benjamin F., 
Susan, Catharine; B (3) Jolm Boyer was born about 1775, died before 
his father. His "will" was signed March i, 1814, in the presence of 
John Laubach and Jacob Oberly. Probated 3.1arch 21, 1827. Married. ■ 
Children: Jacob, Samuel, Elizabeth, so far as reported; B (4) Margaret 
Boyer married Vollmer (Folmer), and lived in Bloomsburg, Pa. 

C (i) Sarah Ann Boyer, daughter of Jacob, Boyer and Mary M. 
Dreisbach, married Samuel Weaver. Children : Write grandson, John 
D. Weaver, 103 W. 98th St., New York; C (2) Joseph Boyer. Mar- 
ried. Children: (a) Joseph Boyer, of Saucon, Northampton Co., Pa. 
(b) Cyrus Boyer, same address; C (3) Jacob .Boyer was a merchant in 
the South and died single; C (4) Susan Boyer married David Bliem, 
and lived at Howertown, Pa.; C (5) Mary Ann Boyer married Aaron 
Click, of Catasauqua, Pa. Children: (a) Thomas Click, Catasauqua, 
Pa, (b) George Click, Pittston, Pa. (c) Austin Click, Catasauqua, Pa.; 
C (6) Margaret Boyer married Dr. Austin B. Sherman, Cirardville, 
Pa. Children: (a) Attorney Austin B. Sherman, Mahanoy City, Pa. 
(b) Dr. Harry U. Sherman, Easton, Pa. 

C ( I ) Joseph IL Boyer, son of Isaac Boyer and Elizabeth Riegel, 
Avas born 1821, Northampton Co., Pa. Lived at Bethlehem, Pa. Married 
Rosanna Lerch. Children: John M., Emma E., Arabella S., Minnie M., 
M. A., and Dr. H. L. ; C (2) William D. Boyer was born Nov. 5, 1823, 
in Northampton Co., Pa., died Aug. 14, 1908. Buried at Macungie, Pa. 
Reformed. Miller by trade. Married Mary Ann Rath, Jan. 28, 1849. 
Five children; C (3) Lewis Boyer was born Oct. 28, 1830, died about 
1896. Farmer, Lower Saucon Twp., Northampton Co., Pa., where he is 
Juried. Married Mary M., born March 10, 1833. Children: (a) John 
M. Boyer, Ilellertown, Pa. Born Sept. 19, 1858. Reformed. Farmer. 
Married Hannah C. Children : ( i ) Elizabeth Boyer married Aden 
Deemer, Ilellertown, Pa. (2) Caroline M. (3) Margaret L. (b) Mary E. 
Boyer, Ilellertown, Pa. ; C (4) Benjamin F. Boyer was born March 30, 
1836. Lived in Camden, N. J. Manufacturer. Married Alabama 
Shimer, born Feb. 7, 1847. Children: (a) Charles S. Boyer, River and 
Marlton Sts., Camden, N. J. Born May 23, 1869. (b) Benjamin Ralph 
Boyer. Same address. Both successors to father in business, (c) Jane 
Boyer married Paul Mersy, Camden, N. J. ; C (5) Susan Boyer mar- 
ried Weitknecht; C (6) Catherine Elizabeth Boyer, born April 14, 1818, 
xnarried Renadus Luckenbach. Children : Four sons and two daugh- 


ters. (a) Mary Elizabeth married Daniel Rice. Address (1908) Leav- 
enworth. Kansas. (b) William Luckenbach. Son Edwin. Address-, 
(1909) Mauch Chunk. 

C (i) Jacob Boyer, son of John Boyer (son of Johannes Boyer and 
Anna Lerch) and wife, lived two miles from Jacob Boyer, Mrs. Sher- 
man's father's home, a short distance above Kreicrersville, Northampton 
Co., Pa. near the Stone Church (Zion's). Very prosperous farmer. 
Married Lydia. Children: George, Catharine, son, son, daug-hter, if 
Mrs. Sherman can recall correctly. Note.— Mrs. Sherman called him 
"uncle" in her childhood. This seems difficult to understand. 

D (i) John M. Boyer, son of Joseph H. Boyer and his wife Rosan- 
na Lerch, was born May 25, 1846. Civil engineer. Address (1908) 
Selinsgrove, Pa. Lutheran. Married Louisa J. Children: (a) Anna 
M. Boyer married Rev. Georg-e O. Ritter, East McKeesport, Pa. (b) 
Roland E. Boyer, 634 W. North Ave., Baltimore, Md. (c) Arthur C. 
Boyer, Selinsgrove, Pa., (d) Louisa J. Boyer, (e) Emma M. Boyer, (f) 
Caroline Alberta Boyer. 

D (2) Emma E. Boyer, daughter of Joseph H. Boyer and his wife 
Rosanna Lerch, was born Oct. 17, 1844. ALarried Thomas Rice, 53 
Market St.. Bethlehem, Pa.; D (3) Arabella Boyer; D (4) Minnie 
M. Boyer married Dash; D (5) Marcus A. Bovcr. Address (1908) 
Canton, Ohio; D (6) Dr. Pliram L. Boyer, Nebraska. 



Who were the parents of Peter Beyer may be impossible to ascertain. 
That he was a German, and ciuite likely an immigrant, appears from the 
spelling of his name in the scanty records at our command. From the 
fact that his son Leonhart was born in 176S, we assume that he was born 
as early 1748, perhai)s earlier, lie appears to have lived in Plainfield 
Twp., Northami:)ton Count)', Pa., where he was probabl}- married, but 
the historian has not been able to ascertain to whom. Some church 
records or court records may give us the facts. We do know that he 
v/as a Revolutionary soldier, and that therefore all his descendants are 
eligible to such orders as the Sons and Daughters of American Revolu- 
tion. For the proofs, see pages 22 and 24, \'ol. 8, Filth Series, Pennsyl- 
vania Archives, lie enlisted from Northam])ton County, Pa., Jul\' 9, 
1776, and was killed in the battle of Long Island, Aug. 27, 1776. The 
historian not ascertained whether his body was interred in Plainfield 
Twp., Xorthampton Co., Pa., or not, but his widow probably lived there, 
and appears to have died a few years later, for his son Leonhart was ap- 
prenticed to a stranger. 

Note. — Perhaps Peter Beyer was the son of Adam Beyer and Iiis 
wife Anna iAIaria, rccordi'd at the end of Chapter 20. In that case he 
was married to Anna Maria Shultz, April 20, 1762. 

B (i) Leonhart Beyer, probably the only son of Peter Beyer and 
his wife, was very likely born in Plainfield Twp., Northampton Co., Pa., 
about 1.768, as we reckon from the fact that he died March 26, 1820, in 
his 52nd year. "On March 9, 1779, his guardian Caspar Doll, indentured 
him for nine years to Valentine Tvletz, shoemaker, of Plainfield Twp., 
Northampton Co., Pa. Tlic historian has a copy of this indenture, se- 
cured from A. F. Sickman, Itolyoke, Mass., a relative. When he became 
a man he located in Snowden Twp., Allegheny Co., Pa., at Croca's Tan- 
yard. In 181 2 we find him building a log house on the Library road. 
He married Mary Deemer, of Westmoreland Co., Pa., and her parents, 
like his, were from Eastern Pennsylvania. She was born 1771, and 
died Dec. 25, 1859. They are both buried at the Peter's Creek Baptist 



Church, Library, Pa. The children were Jacob, EUzabeth, Mary, Peter, 
Andrew, Ann, John. 

C (i) Jacob Boyer, son of Leonhart Beyer and Mary Deemer, was 
born Jan. i, 1795, in Snowden Twp., Allegheny Co., Pa., and died Aug. 
19, 1874. He is buried at Peter's Creek Baptist Church, Library, Pa. 
Tailor. Farmer. Baptist. Married Rebecca Piersol, of Chester Co., 
Pa., Baptist. Celebrated their golden wedding. Children : Matilda, 
Elizabeth, George, Leonhart P. C (2) Elizabeth Boyer married Henry 
Pomerine. Children: David, Martha, Mary, Henry, Leonard, Elizabeth, 
Frank, and Madison. C (3) Mary Boyer was born April i, 1800, died 
Nov. 16, 1853, and is buried at Library, Pa. She married Samuel Boyer, 
born Nov. 9, 1791, Washington Co., Pa., but of Maryland stock, belong- 
ing to Christopher Boyer and Ann Youst, descendants. See Chapter 35. 
She died July 18, 1878, and is buried at Library, Pa. The children were 
James B., Peter B., John W., Elizabeth Lucinda,, Nancy, and An- 
nie. C (4) Peter Boyer was born Jan. 14, 1803, in Northumberland Co., 
Pa., and died Sept. 2, 1881. He is buried at the Library Baptist Church. 
Fanner. Married Oct. 21, 1833, to Elizabeth Philips, born Jan. 29, 1808, 
who died Sept. 16, 1843, ^1""^^ then to Jane Cochran, born March 12, 
1828, in Allegheny Co., Pa. Address (1909) Library, Pa. Resides on 
farm purchased by Leonhart Beyer. Children : IMatilda, Mary A., Sarah 
B., Leonard, James Cochran, and Elizabeth A. C (5) Andrew Boyer, 
born 1803 or 6, in Snowden Twp., Allegheny Co., Pa., died April 14, 
1876, and is buried at the Library Baptist Church. Wagon maker and 
fanner. Children: Leonhart, William, Margaret, Finetta, Mary Jane, 
Elizabeth, Harriet. The last two died young. C (6) Ann Boyer, born 
May 12, 1812, married PLarvey McDonough. Children: James B., 
Mary J., Hiram, William H., and Elizabeth. The last one died young. 
C (7) John Boyer, born July 22, 1814, in Snowden Twp., Allegheny 
Co., Pa., died about 1893, and is buried at the Peter's Creek P)aptist 
Church, Library, Pa. Farmer and wagon-maker. Married Nov. 1838, 
to Matilda H. Phillips. Children : Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Lucinda, Elvira, 
Anna L., Alfred K., Elmer E., Emeline. 

D (i) Matilda Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and Rebecca Pier- 
sol, married Hiram Hultz. Children: (a) Ada Hultz. Address (1909) 
Mrs. Ada Verner, Carnegie, Pa. D (2) Elizabeth Boyer married J. O. 
Murray. Children: (a) Albert B. Murray, (b) Attorney George B. 
Murray, (c) George P. Murray, (d) Grant S. Murray. D (3) Leon- 
hart P. Boyer, born Feb. 29, 1828, died Nov. 2, 1895. Farmer. Baptist. 
Married Lucinda A. Philips. Children: (a) Matilda PI. Boyer, 416 
Green St., Greenburg, Pa. (b) Lawrence A. Boyer. Address (19CX;) 
Library, Pa., R. F. D. i, married to Nettie Hultz. Children: (i) Edith 
M. J., Plultz, and Lawrence. Lawrence A. Boyer, the father, is a farmer 


and book-keeper, (c) Harry W. Boyer, Branden St., Greensburj^, Pa. 
Graduate of Duff's College, Pittsburgh, Pa. Married Anna M. Rowe. 
Children: Daughter, Mrs. Coulter Osterwine, druggist. (d) Anna 
Belle Boyer, Mrs. Emery l^inhart, dead. Children: (i) Frank C. Lin- 
liart, married Miss U. Lutz; (2) Mrs. Wayne Neal. D (4) George 
Boyer died unmarried? 

D (i) David Pomerene, son of Elizabeth Boyer and Henry Pome- 
rene. D (2) Martha Pomerene married John Sickman. Children: (a) 

A. F. Sickman. Address (1909) Holyoke, Mass. This good man helped 
the Boyer historian faithfully and intelligently. D (3) Mary Pomerene 
married James Boyer. D (4) Henry Pomerene. D (5) Leonard Pome- 
rene. D (6) Elizabeth Pomerene. D (7) Frank Pomerene. Address 
(1909) Holyoke, Mass. D (8) Madison Pomerene. Address (1909) 
Holyoke, Mass. 

D (i) James B. Boyer son of Mary Boyer and Samuel Boyer 

(Chapter 35). Married. Children: (a) Elizabeth Boyer. Address 

(1909) Mrs. Elizabeth Cook, Monongahela, Pa. D (2) Peter B. Boyer, 

•"l>orn Jan. 13, 1S24, in Beaver Co., Pa. Address (1909) Library, Pa., 

Box 44. Intelligent man. Farmer 50 or 60 years. Married Matilda 

B. Philips, born July 31. 1828, in Washington Co., Pa. Children: (a) 
Lemuel E. Boyer, born May 26, 1861. Baptist. Mail carrier, Lavvton, 
Oklahoma. Married Elizabeth Kerr. He died about 1910. (b) Mary 
E. Boyer. Mrs. William H. Philips, Port i\orfolk, Va. No childreii. 
She was born May 2, 1854. (c) Frances A Boyer. Mrs. Henry E. 
Waring, Linesville, Pa. No children. She was born Oct. 4, 1856. Mar- 
ried Henry E. Waring, (d) Elizabeth H. Boyer. Mrs. Howard Thomas, 
Thomas, Pa. She was born June 17, 1862. Children : Guy, Walter, Emil, 
Glendon. (e) .Ella B. Boyer. Mrs. Dr. James E. Vogan, Lowellville, 
■Ohio. She was born Aug. 4, 1869. Children: Plilda, Herbert, (f) 
Samuel L. Boyer, Library, Pa., Box 44. Born Nov. i, 1864. Married 
Daisy Bently. Children: Plelen M., born May 20, 1899; Grace D., born 
Jan. 22, 1901 ; Philips B., born July 30, 1902; Charles A., born June 23, 
1904; Alice M., born Aug. 23, 1906; Robert L., born Feb. 29, 1908. D 
(3) John W. Boyer. Married. Children: Joseph, of Finleyville, Pa.; 
Samuel F., of Library, Pa. ; James, of Monongahela, Pa., and Charles, of 
Monongahela. D (4) Elizabeth Boyer married David Higbee. Chil- 
<lren: (a) Sarah Higbee. Address (1909) Pittsburgh, Pa. D (5) Nancy 
Boyer married Elijah Townsend. Address (1909) Venetia, Pa. Chil- 
dren: (a) Joseph Townsend. Engineer in Texas. No children, (b) 
Mary Townsend married Joseph Templeton. Two children. Thomas, 
Pa. (c) Robert Townsend, Venetia, Pa. (d) Amma Townsend (Mrs. 
Welsh). No children. D (5) Lucinda P. Boyer, born Aug. 28, 1845, 
'-married Higbee. Children: (a) John Higbee. Married Elizabeth Mc- 



Nulty. Address (1909) Venetia, Pa. (b) Dora Higbee. (c) Delia 
Higbee. D (6) Amnia Boyer married Welsh. No children. 

D ( I ) Matilda Boyer, daughter of Peter Boyer and Elizabeth 
Philips, born near Library, Pa., about 1831, married R. L. McCully. 
Address (1909) Carnegie, Allegheny Co., Pa., R. F. D. 2. He was, born 
Feb. 21, 1831, in Baldwin Twp., Allegheny Co., Pa. No children. D (2) 
Mary A. Boyer, born Dec. 26, 1S40, in Snowdcn Twp., .Allegheny Co., 
Pa., married Robert E. McCorkle, born Sept. 18S3, in Washington Co., 
Pa. Address (1909) Mrs. Mary A. McCorkle, Box 62, Castle Shannon, 
Pa. Children: (a) Milton JL, born Dec. u, 1862. 107 Main St., Car- 
negie, Pa. IMarried to AloUie A. Patterson in 1892. Children: William 
Robert, Milton Leslie, George D. (b) C. .\rtlella married Thomas J. 
Patterson, Dec. 21, 1893. 618 Gold St., El Paso, Texas. Children: 
Anna May, Joseph Boyd, (c) M. Gertrude, (d) M. Evaline. (e) S. 
AdcUa McCorkle. D (3) Sarah B. Boyer married John Neyman. D 

(4) Leonard Boyer, son of Peter P>.jyer and Sarah Jane Cochran, second 
wife, died unmarried in the battle of Fair Oaks, Civil War. D (5) James 
Cochran Boyer v/as born Jan. 14, 1855, "car Library, Allegheny Co., Pa. 
Graduated with honor from Washington and Jefferson College, Wash- 
ington, Pa., in 1880. Taught school. Studied law. Admitted to bar of 
Allegheny Co., Pa., Sept. 22, 18S8. Address (1909) Frick Annex, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. Married April 6, 1S92, to Mattie A. Brown. Children: 

(a) Eleanor Elizabeth, aged 14 in 1908. (b) John Alexander, (c) 
James McGill. 

D ( 1 ) Leonhart Boyer, son of Andrew Boyer and Margaret 
Cochran. Married to Rachel. Address (1909) Mrs. Rachel Boyer, 
Library, Pa., R. F. D. i. Children: D (2) William Boyer. Married. 
Children: (a) S. Glenn Boyer. Address (1909) New Brighton, Pa. 

(b) William Boyer. Address (1909) New Brighton, Pa. D (3) Mar- 
garet Boyer. Married Joseph Tobin. Address ( 1909) Mrs. Margaret 
A. Tobin, 228 Lidiana St., Newark, Ohio. D (4) Finetta Boyer, born 
Oct. 13, 1849, married J. Ross Patterson, born July 17, 1841. Address 
(1909) Library, l\a. Children: Richard C, Andrew B., George Ross, 
Leonard Franklin, Robert Edwin, Margaret Edna, and Mary Jane. D 

(5) ]\Iary Jane Boyer married Andrew Fox. 

D (i) James B. McDonough, son of Ann Boyer and Harvey 
McDonough. ]\Tarricd Eli.-'-abeth. Address ( 19CX)) Mrs. Elizabeth 
McDonough, Wilkinsburg, Pa. D (2) Mary G. McDonough married 
Joseph J. Hughey. Pittsburgh, Pa. D (3) Hiram McDonough, of 
Cheswick, Pa. D (5) William H. McDonough, of Carnegie, Pa., R. D. t. 

D (i) Lucinda Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and Matilda IL 
Philips, born Aug. 28, 1845, niarried Henry S. Miller, born Jan. 24, 1846. 
Address (1909) Broughton, Pa. Children: (a) Gertrude Miller, born 


Jan. I, 1876. Address (1913) Broug-hton, Pa. (b) William J. I\[iller, 
Broughton, Pa. (c) Stella Miller, Broughton, Pa. D (2) Elvira Boyer, 
born May 17, 1848, married Thomas Miller, born March 14, 1844. Ad- 
dress (1909) Library, Pa., R. F. D. i. Children: (a) Eva M. Miller, 
born Jan. 9, 1873. Married J. F. Flicks Boyer, of the same family as 
Samuel Boyer, who marrietl Elvira Boyer'.s aunt Mary. This Eva M. 
died childless, (b) Anna L. Miller married Walter L. Wright, Library, 
Pa. Children: Harold Miller Wright, (c) Bertha M. Mil'ler. (d)' 
Edna B. xMiller, Library, Pa. D (5) Anna L. Boyer married I. M. Simp- 
son, of McMurray, Pa. D (6) Alfred L. Boyer, of Lawrence, Wash- 
ington Co., Pa. D (7) Elmer E. Boyer, of Poplar Blufif, Missouri. D 
(8) Emeline Boyer married Sanniel Giffin, of Versailles Ave., McKees- 
port, Pa. 

E ( I ) Albert B. Murray, son of Elizabeth Boyer and James Gailey 
Murray, born Nov. 17, 1849. Presbyterian. Address (1913) Bridge- 
ville, Pa. Married Elizabeth Wiley. Children: ALirv Elizabeth, Anna, 
James G., Sarah, Alberta. E (2) James Frank Murray, born Aug. 18,' 
1857. Address (1913) Bridgeville, Pa. Graduate of University of 
Pittsburgh, Pa. (1880). Director of Bridgeville Trust Company, 
Waynesburg and Washington Railroad Company, and the Chartiers Rad- 
way Company. On April 21, 1887, he married Sarah Lewis Davitt. 
Child: Thomas D., born Aug. 29, 1892. E (3)- George Piersol Murray, 
born Nov. 23, i860. Address (1913) 905-9 Berger Bldg., Pittsburgh^ 
Pa. Graduate of University of Pittsburgh, Pa. (1882). Lawyer, So- 
licitor for Allegheny County, president of several improvement com- 
panies. Presbyterian. On Oct. 16, 1894, he married Margaret Ralston 
Kid.loo. Child: George P., born Feb. 5, 1896. E (4) Grant Sidney 
^lurray, born (let. 22, 1865. Address (1913) Bridgeville, Pa. Presby- 
terian. Educated in Pittsburgh University. Partner with brothers.. 
On Oct. 27, 1892, he married Nellie Hurd. Children: Margaret, James 
Lawrence, Elizabeth, Edward. 



The "Burial Records" of the old "Red Church" (Zion's), near Or- 
wigsburg", Pa., inform us that Johann Friderich Boyer, born in Germany, 
■died Sept. ii, 1804, at the age of 86 years, 4 montlis and 16 days. Ac- 
cordingly he was born April 25, 1718. The same records inform us 
that Anna Maria, born at Schaffshausen (?), Germany, died Nov. i8th, 
1805, at the age of 76 years, 10 months and 23 days. She was therefore 
born Dec. 25, 1728. The Pennsylvania Archives record in Vol. 17, that a 
Joh. Georg Friederich Bayer came to America on the ship "Nancy," last 
from Rotterdam, landing at Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 27, 1752. Tliis was 
imdoubtedly the man in question, but his wife is not named in the list of 
passengers. She may have arrived later, as was sometimes the case. 
From the fact that a Frederick Beier appears in the tax-list of Ruscomb- 
manor Township, Berks County, Pa., as early as 1758 and up to 1772, 
and that this name then occurs in Brunswick Township (then Berks, 
but later Schuylkill County), we must infer that the couple first settled 
in Ruscomanor Township, and that their children were born here. The 
family moved to the neighborhood of the old Red Church about 1774, 
where they spent the rest of their life, and where they, together with a 
number of their descendants are interred. They were Lutherans as we 
judge. The children, so far as we know without access to Court House 
Records at Pottsville, Pa., were Frederick, George, John Jacob, Johann 
Gottfried, and Peter. Whether the Leonard Bayer who died in Bruns- 
Twp., Berks Co., Pa., in 1777, was a brother, or son, or neither, remains 
to be proved. 

B (i) Frederick Bayer, son of Johann Friderich Bayer and his 
wife Anna Maria, was born about 1750, as the Pennsylvania Archives 
show. (See Vol. 4, page 133.) He died in North Manheim Twp., 
Schuylkill Co., Pa., and is buried at the "White" Church, Orwigsburg, Pa. 
A red gravestone behind the church shows the spot. He was a soldier 
of the Revolution, remaining in Virginia through the war. He belonged 
to the 4th Regiment, Continental Line. See page 1073, Vol. 2, Pennsyl- 
vania Archives, and page 133, Vol. 4, where we learn that in 1835 he 
was 85 years old. From this fact it appears that he must have been born 
in Germany. After the war he came to North Manheim Township, 



Berks County, later Schuylkill County, Pa., and took up 800 acres of 
land. A "Thomas" family lived on parts of this land in "Tumbling Run" 
about 1 910. By and by Frederick found Margaret Rabenold at Paradise, 
near Danville, Pa., and brought her to his North Manheim home. Here 
all his children were born and raised. He belonged to the old "Red" 
Church, and why he is buried at the "White" Church is not known tCK 
the historian. His children were Michael, l^oUy, Sarah, Jolni, and Daniel. 

B (2) George Bayer, son of Johaim Friderich I'ayer and his wife 
Anna Maria, was born about 1752, if the historian guesses correctly. His 
descendants report that he lived on a large farm before the Revolu- 
tionary War, "just across the Second Mountain," from the place where 
his brother Frederick afterwards settled down. It apjiears, so his de- 
scendants report, that he had gone with his brother Frederick to Vir- 
ginia, but was not a soldier. He died about 1820, as Daniel S. Boyer, 
of Minersville, Pa., reports, and, although he belonged to the "Red" 
Church, he was buried at the "White" Church, probably because he lived 
at Orwigsburg, or because his wife was Reformed and was buried there. 
He married Maria Hossinger. The children were Daniel, Kate, Henry, 
David, Peter, and Mary. 

B (3) John Jacob Bayer, son of Johann Friderich Bayer and his 
wife Anna Maria, was born Nov. 20, 1771, as the "Red Church" burial 
records show. He belonged to the old Red Church, where his birth and 
baptism are recorded, but the historian has not found his grave. The 
historian has not learned the name of his wife, but knows the names of 
three sons, Peter, Andrew, Benjamin, and one daughter Mary. The 
Pottsville, Pa., Court Records may add to our information. Note. — John 
Boyer, born about 1793, and settling in Jefferson Co., Pa., almost cer- 
tainly a son. 

B (4) Johann Gottfried Bayer, son of Johann Fridrich Bayer and 
his wife Anna Maria, was born Jan. 2, 1774, probably in North Manheim 
Twp., Berks, but later Schuylkill Co., Pa. He died Sept. 29, 1826, and 
is buried on the Union Cemetery, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. From Rev. 
Weller's burial records we know that his wife Magdalene Hardinger, 
was born in 1771 and died 1848. Children: Abraham, Philip, Lewis, 
Henry, Daniel, and Anna Maria, so far as the historian knows without 
access to Court Records or Bibles. 

B (5) Peter Bayer, son of Johann Friderich Bayer and his wife 
Anna Maria, was born Sept. 10, 1777, and died March 5, 1851, as we 
learn from the inscription on his toml)Stone in Union Cemetery, Schuyl- 
kill Haven, Pa. He was Lutheran and a farmer. He married Anna 
Maria Kamp, l)orn March 22, 1782, dying Jan. 22, 1871. Children: 
Peter, Israel, Elijah, Nellie, Polly, and Kate. 

C (i) Michael Boyer, son of Frederick Bayer and Margaret Ra- 


bcnold, was born in 1802, above tlie iiig Dam, at Tumbling Run, North 
Alanheim Twp., Schuylkill Co., I'a. lie was a "Red" Church Lutheran, 
but is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery, Urwigsburg, Pa. A miner 
nearly all his life. Worked with his son Daniel vS. iioyer about 20 years. 
Married liarbara Tittle. She is buried beside her husband. The family 
at one time lived on a farm in Walker Twp., Schuylkill Co., I'a., known 
to thp historian as the property of John Koch, and also in the house near 
the old saw miU belovv' Simon Aierkel's home, v/here the historian passed 
on his way to church and school. Children: Daniel S., Joshua, Kate, 
Sarah, William, Susan, ami lienjamin; C (2) Polly Boyer marrietl 
George Stoudt. Children: James and George, lioth died single ; C (3) 
Sarah Boyer married James Lyons. Both are buried at Laudertown, 
near Port Carbon, ] 'a. The hislurian has no data to record ; C (4) John 
Boyer was born in Tumbling Run, Pa. Lutheran. Wood chopper. Mar- 
ried Kate Schmidt. Both are buried at Laudertown, Port Carbon, I'a. 
Children : John, Daniel, and Frank. The son John was a soldier of the 
Civil War, and his address in 1910 was Soldiers' Home, Norfolk, Va. 
No children. Plis brothers, Daniel and Frank, both single, and good 
soldiers, were captured at South Mountain, Little Round Top, Pa., and 
perished in Andersonville prison; C (5) Daniel Boyer was born about 
1810. Luther;m. Gunsmith. Went to Indiana before the Civil War, 
and" afterwards to Michigan. His wife's name is not known to the his- 
torian. The children v/ere Frank, and others; C (0) Katherine Boyer 
married Peter Singley. Both buried at I^audertov/n, F'ort Carbon, Pa. 
The children were Henry and others. 

C (i) Daniel Boyer, son of George Bayer and j\Iaria Hossinger, 
was born about 1790 (Historian's guess). He and his wife, Llizabeth 
Schock, are both buried in the J /athevan Cemetery, Hegins, Pa. Lutheran. 
Lived in Deep Creek Valley, I'a. Owned a saw mill. Children: Jcjseph, 
Catharine, Mary, i'hoebe, Caroline, Hannah, and Elizabeth; C (2) Kate 
Boyer, born 1798, died about 18S4. Married Thomas Schock. Lived 
in Lewistown Valley, Walker Twp., Schuylkill Co., Pa., and were almost 
neighbors of the historian's father. Children: Haniiah, Adam, and 
Henry; C (3) Henry Boyer was born Sept. 1812, probably in Oley, Pa., 
but where the historian does not know. Lutheran. Blacksmith. His 
home was at Pottsville, Pa. ALirried Sarah Rishel, and after iier death, 
Sarah Frayzer. Children : .Vnianda, Emma, Ella, Celinda, W^illiam, 
Ellen, Linda, Edward, and Deborah; C (4) David Boyer was born April 
3, 1806, and died June 23, 18S8. Buried on the Lutheran Cemetery, 
Orwigsburg, Pa. Lutheran. Gunsmith. Married Susannah Montgom- 
ery, and after her death Hannah Beck. Children: Joseph (of first 
wife), Violet, Lawrence, ALitilda, George J)., William, Anna, David, 
Barney, Lillie, and George; C (5) Peter Boyer was born Jan. i, 1816, 


and tlic'd Aug-. 15, 181J5. lUiricd on the Lutheran Cemetery, Or\vig"s- 
burg', I'a. Lu'dicran. Livetl on his father's farm. Address used to be 
Orwigsburg, i\i. Married Esther llullenljaoh. Cliikh-en : James Boyer, 
who died single, and Louisa Loyer, who married Jolni Potts, and whose 
address (1910) was Orwig^burg, ]^a. ; C (6) Ahiry Ikiycr apparently 
died single. 

C ( 1 ) Peter Boyer, son of John Jaeob ]3ayer and wife, was born 
1S02, tlied in Harrison Co., (jhio, 1875. Lived in the vicinity of Orwig:^- 
burg, Pa. Farmer. Lutheran. I\Lirrieil Susannah Fritz. Children: 
Nathan, Jacob, Reuben, William, Noah, Elizabeth, Laura, Susana, T^ean- 
na, Rebecca, Joseph; C (2) Ijenjamin Boyer, born Nov. 25, 1S05. Luth- 
eran. Farmer on "Sculp's Hill," vicinity of "Red Church," below 
Orwigsburg, Pa., ]\Lu"ried Leah Schrader. Children : Jacob Bo}er, 
Amanda £. Bo}'er, Ix^wis Bo}'er, Mary Jjoyer, Sarah Boyer, Matilda 
Boyer, Kate Boyer; C (3) Andrew Boyer has not been reported; C (4) 
JMary Boyer married Mr. Rider. Mary had a sister, but Mrs. Thrall can 
not name her. But she recalls the name of Benjamin's wife, "Leah 
Schrader"; C (5) John Boyer, almost certainly a son of John Jacob 
Ba}er of the "Red Church," was born about 1793, and moved to Jeffer- 
son Co., T'a., in 1842. He died 1S55, and is buried in JelTerson Co., Pa. 
Lutheran. Farriier. Married. Children : Benjamin, James, Harriet, 
two other girls and one other boy. 

C (1) Abraham^ Boyer, son of Johann Gottfried Bayer and Mag- 
dalena Jlardinger, v»'as born Dec. 20, 1795, in Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 
He died Sept. 24, 1880, and is buried on the Lutheran Cemetery, Schuyl- 
kill Haveil, Pa. Schuylkill Haven now covers the large farm which 
he owned. His wife, Susannah Luckenbill, was born in 1829 and died 
in 1888. Children: Frederick Gottfried, Ik-nry, C'.eorge, Daniel, and 
Anna Maria; C (2) Lewis Boyer. Married. Children. He died at 
Columbus, Ohio; C (3) Philip Boyer was born in Schuylkill Haven, 
Pa. His wife Maria, born 181 1, died 1829. Children: Edward, Lewis, 
and -perhaps others; C (4) Daniel Boyer was born 1836, died 1893. 
Married IMiss Megerly. Moved to Ohio. Died there. Children: (a) 
Marcus Bo}'er. Address (1910) Columbus, Ohio, (b) Perhaps others ; 
C (5) Anna Maria Boyer, born Jan. 4, 1793, died Dec. 27, 1837. Mar- 
ried John Rudy, born July 9, 1816. Both are buried on Union Cemetery, 
Schuylkill Haven, Pa. See H. J. Stager letters, Glenside, Pa.; C (6) 
Henry Boyer, born 1829, died 1888. ALirried Miss Aliller. No children. 

C (i) Peter Boyer, son of Peter Bayer and Anna Maria Kamp, 
born March 20, 1808, died March 30, 1857, and is buried on Union Ceme- 
tery, Schuylkill 1 laven, Pa. He lived in Cressona, Pa. His wife Eliza- 
beth. Children: Peter, David, Amanda, Sarah, Elizabeth; C (2) Lsrael 
Boyer, lived in Easton, Pa. Married. Children: Charles, David, Emma, 


and Ella; C (3) Elijah Boyer, born Nov. 10, 1810, died May 25, 1895, 
and is buried on Union Cemetery, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Carpenter. 
Lived at Cressona, Pa. Married Theresa Oldt (Ault). Children: 
Elijah, Frank, George W., Pamilla, Eovina, Fannie, Daniel; C (4) Nellie 
Boyer married John Zechman. Children: John, of Easton, Pa. (1910)^ 
William, of Mahanoy City, Pa. ; Frank, in Colorado ; Sarah, Ella, and 
Paul, Cressona, Pa.; C (5) Polly Boyer, born Dec. 18, 1803, married 
Abraham Morgan. Her daughter Sallic, born July 22, 1833, married 
Daniel M. Brown, of Cressona, Pa. (1910). The Brown children are 
Sarah C. (Lamp), Cressona, Pa.; Jane, and Rev. D. A. Ijrown, of Weiss- 
port, Pa. (1910). Polly Bo)er Morgan's other children were Abraham, 
buried at Friedensburg, Schuylkill Co., Pa. ; William, buried on LInion 
Cemetery, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. ; Samuel, buried on Charles Baber 
Cemetery, Schuylkill Haven, Pa., and Polly, buried at Cressona, Pa. ; 
C (6) Kate Boyer, born March 3, 1806, died July 27, 1883. Her hus- 
band was Daniel Ault. No children. Her sisters were Lovina, Susan, 
and Sallie. 

D (i) Daniel S. Boyer, son of Michael Boyer and Barbara Tittle, 
was born July i, 1830, in North Manheim Twp., Schuylkill Co., Pa. Ad- 
dress (1910) Minersville, Pa. Lutheran. Miner. Enlisted Aug. 16, 
1861, Company I, 48th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, Infantry, 
under Colonel Nagle. Plonorably discharged after many battles and a 
wound, Sept. 25, 1863. The historian visited him in 1910, and found 
him a very well preserved man, and a most valuable informant. His 
wife, Hannah Geiger, born April 5, 1838, was a charming hostess. Chil- 
dren : J. Catherine, William B., Martin M., Amelia M., Edward R., 
George A., and Albert G. ; D (2) Joshua Boyer was born March 3J, 
1832. He died March i, 1910, and is buried at the old "Red Church." 
Lutheran. Farmer at Landingville,' Pa. Soldier Company E, 48th Regi- 
ment, Capt. William Winlack, under Colonel Pleasant. Honorably dis- 
charged. Married Catharine Grater. Children: (i) Amanda, (Mrs. 
Thomas Shappell), George St., Pottsville, Pa. (2) Annette Boyer, S. 
Centre St., Pottsville, Pa. (3) Diana Boyer, Orwigsburg, Pa. (4) Ida 
Boyer, daughter of Joshua Boyer and second wife Kate Reichwine, I^and- 
ingville. Pa. ; D (3) Kate Boyer, born about 1834, married Henry Freed, 
and lived at Fort Washington, Ohio; D (4) Sarah Boyer married John 
Otto. Both buried at Cressona, Pa. The son John lives at Cres.sona, Pa. 
(i9io);D (5) William Boyer. Soldier. Enlisted 1861. Wagon mas- 
ter. Ran ammunition train. Returned after the war. Went to Texas, 
a single man, but may have family now. Considered the strongest man 
in the Army of the Potomac. His cousin, Edward J. Boyer, 400 Miners- 
ville St., Pottsville, Pa., has photograph; D (6) Susan Boyer, born in 
Walker- Twp., Schuylkill Co., Pa., married John Frit;^. Address (iQio) 



Chapter XVXIl, Page 347 

Chapter XXVU, Page 347 

Chapter XXVII. Page 352 


Mrs. Susan Fritz, Landingville, Pa. Children: (a) Albert Fritz. Ad- 
dress (1910) Lauding-ville, Pa., (b) Reuben Fritz, (c) Mary Fritz, (d) 
Edward Fritz, (e) Daniel Fritz, (f) Lory Fritz; D (7) Benjamin Boyer, 
born in Walker Twp., Schuylkill Co., Pa., died 1902. Buried at the 
"Red Church." Lutheran. Farmer. Married Emma White. Children: 
(a) Lovina, Mrs. John Dimerling, Palo Alto, Pa. (b) Sarah, Mrs. 
Joseph Wisemiller, Palo Alto, Pa. (c) Louisa, Mrs. Louisa Hummel, 
Palo Alto, Pa. (d) John Boyer, Pottsville, Pa. Married. Soldier in 
I^hilippine Islands. Child: Benjamin Boyer. (e) IXdward J. Boyer, 400 
Minersville St., Pottsville, Pa., born 1879. Plumber. Married Margaret 
A. Children: Florence May, Martha Pearl, Edward James, William 
Earl, Ethel M. 

D (i) Joseph Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and Elizabeth Schock, 
born April 8, 1828, died May 20, 1905, and is buried on the Church of 
God Cemetery, Weishample, Pa. Farmer in Deep Creek Valley, Pa. 
Married Salome Bixler. Children: (a) Catharine, born May 8,' 1850. 
Mrs. Catharine Snyder, 1131 Church St., Reading, Pa. (b) William 
Boyer, born July 10, 1852. Single, Hegins, Pa., R. F. D. 2. (c) Mary, 
born May 12, 1854. Mrs. Mary Derr, Ashland, Pa., R. F. D. 2. (d) 
Emma M., born Jan. 1856. Mrs. Emma M. Ahrensfield, 225 Coal St., 
Port Carbon, Pa. (e) Sarah L., born Oct. 7, 1857. Mrs. Sarah L. Wolf- 
gang, Mohnton, Pa., R. F. D. 2. (f) James M. Boyer, born June 15, 
1861. Address (1910) 333 Walnut St., Ashland, Pa. Married Elizabeth 
Kessler. Children: (i) Robert E. Boyer, Garfield, Utah. (2) Calvin 
A. Boyer, 37 Market St., Ashland, Pa. (3) Howard J. Boyer, 1620 
Walnut St., Ashland, Pa. (4) E<lward E. Boyer, 333 Walnut St., Ash- 
land, Pa. (g) Lewis E. Boyer, born Sept. 16, 1863. 237 W. Douglass 
St., Reading, Pa. (h) Elmira Boyer, born Jan. 6, 18.65, Mrs. Elmira 
Hepler. 1136 Mulberry St., Reading, Pa. (i) Savilla Boyer, born Dec. 
20, 1868, Mrs. Savilla Derr, Hegins, Pa., R. F. D. 2. (j) Joseph E. 
Boyer, born Nov. 6, 1870, Hegins, Pa., R. F. D. 2, Box 69. No children, 
(k) Ida S. Boyer, born Oct. 31, 1872, Mrs. Ida Schadel, Hegins, Pa., 
R, F. D. i; D (2) Catherine Boyer. Address (1910) Mrs. Catharine 
Frederick, Lavelle, Pa. ; D (3) Mary Boyer. Address (1910) Mrs. Mary 
Mervine, Hegins, Pa., R. F. D. 2; D (4) Phoebe Boyer. Address (1910) 
Mrs. Phoebe Deeter, 909 Walnut St., Shamokin, Pa.; D (5) Caroline 
Boyer. Single. Address (1910) Care of James Geer, Shamokin, Pa.; 
D (6) Hannah Boyer, Mrs. Frederick (dead) ; D (7) Elizabeth Boyer, 
Mrs. Williams, (dead). 

D (i) Hannah Schock, daughter of Kate Boyer and Thomas 
Schock; D (2) Adam Schock. Lutheran. Farmer. Superintendent of 
Sunday School for years. Married. Only son Henry Schock. Address 
(1910) Tamaqua, Pa. Married Florenda Miller. No children. Farmer 


on father's old estate; D (3) Henry Scliock. Farmer near brother 
Adam Schock. Lutheran. Married Violet Boy-er, his cousin, daui^hter 
of David Boyer. Children: (a) Thomas E. Schock. Address (1910) 
Lehighton, Pa., (b) George G., (c) E. Kathryn, (d) Hannah. 

D (i ) Amanda Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and Sarah Rishel, 
married Ellicker; D (2) Emma Boyer married Skeen ; D (3) Ella 
Boyer married Treher, of Philadelphia, Pa.; D (4) Celinda Boyer mar- 
ried Charles Christian, of Schuylkill l^Iaven, Pa.; D (5)' William Boyer. 
Married. Children; D (6) Ellen Boyer married Albert Hunsicker ; 
D (7j Linda Boyer. Married; D (8) Edward Boyer, son of Henry 
Boyer and second wife Sarah Frayzer, born March 24, 1863, died July 
22, 1908. Married. Only daughf^r Marion Boyer, at home with ]\Irs. 
Joseph Franklin ; D (9) Deborah Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and 
Sarah Frayzer, married Joseph Franklin. Address (1910) 314 N. 3rd 
St., Camden, N. J. Mrs. Ellicker and Mrs. Franklin helped the historian 
very much. 

D ( I ) Joseph Boyer, son of David Boyer and Susannah Mont- 
gomery, born 1828, died 1908, is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery, 
Orwigsburg, Pa. Farmer. Married Rebecca Deibert, born Aug. 8, 1832. 
Children: (a) Edgar Boyer. Address (1910) Care of Mrs. James 
Heiser, Orwigsburg, Pa. (b) Savannah Boyer married James Heiser, 
Orwigsburg, Pa. Children: (i) Cora Heiser (Mengel) ; (2) Florence 
Heiser. Address (1910) Mrs. Howard Koch, Orwigsburg, Pa.; (3) 
Walter Heiser, Orwigsburg, Pa. (c) James Boyer, Palo Alto, Pa., 
married Emma Long. Children: Charles Boyer^and Pearl Boyer. (d) 
Catherine Boyer married Daniel Riegel, Shenandoah, Pa. Children ; 
D (2) Violet Boyer, daughter of David Boyer and second wife, Hannah 
Beck, born Jan. 1832, married Henry Schock, born Jan. 27, 1832, her 
first cousin. Children: (a) Thomas E. Schock. Address (1910) Le- 
highton, Pa. (b) George G. Schock, 12th St., Pottsville. Pa. (c) E. 
Katherine Schock. Address (1910) Mrs. Howard Trout, Orwigsburg, 
Pa. (d) Hannah Schock, at home with Mrs. Trout; D (3) I^awrence 
Boyer, Coupeville, Allen Co., Wash., married Phoebe Faust. Children : 
(a) Susan Boyer, (b) Kate Boyer married Sills, (c) Professor Charles 
O. Boyer. Address (1910) Coupeville, Allen Co., Washington, (d) 
Perhaps others ; D (4) Matilda Boyer married F. Jenkins. Children : 
(a) Violet, (b) Annie, (c) Mary. Address (1910) Mrs. Wm. Elliott, 
Tower City, Pa. Married John Dietrich, after death of Mr. Jenkins, now 
dead. Only child: Howard Dietrich. Married William Elliott, after 
Mr. Dietrich's death. Address (1910) Tower City, Pa.; D (5) George 
B. Boyer, railroader, lived at Easton, Pa. Married Sarah A. Dreher. 
Both lived at Easton, Pa. Children: (a) Lewis E. Boyer, born Oct. 26, 
1869. Address (1910) 1009 Lincoln St., Easton, Pa. Married Henrietta 


Waltman: Children: Floyd E., Walter S., John W, Levels A. . (b) 
Sallie N. Boyer married George M. Apgar, 437 Tilghman St., Allen- 
town, Pa.; D (6) William B. Boyer was an engineer. Address (1910) 
Centre St., Easton, Pa. Alarried Martha Yeager. Children: (a) Han- 
nah Boyer married William Schoenbergcr. Address (1910J Easton, Pa. 
Children, (b) Robert Boyer, Easton, Pa. (c) Doctor Charles Boyer, 
Riegelsville, N. J. Physician. Married. Children, (d) Mary Boyer. 
Mrs. William Eckert, Phillipsburg, N. J. (e) Harry Boyer, Easton, Pa.; 
D (7) Anna Boyer married Phanes Garber, of N. 5th St., Lehighton, Pa. 
No children ; D (8} David Boyer, proprietor of planing mills, Easton, 
Pa. Married. Children: (a) Alice Boyer, (b) Perhaps others ; D (9) 
Barney Boyer lives at Easton, Pa. Married. Children. D (10) Lillie 
Boyer married William Nixson, Easton, Pa.; D (11) George Boyer, 
Trenton, N. J. 

D (i) Nathan Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and wife Susan, was 
born perhaps near Orwigsbnrg, Pa., and died at Connoton, Ohio. Mar- 
ried Sarah Thrall. Child: (i) Joseph William Boyer, lived at Connot- 
ton, Ohio, and died there aged 45- Wife's name was Lavina. Children: 
(a) Clemens Allen Boyer, born Aug. 27, 1888. Brethren Church. Brake- 
man. Address (1915) Dennison, Ohio. Married Jessie, (b) Sophia, 
wife of Mr. Forney. Address (1915) Dennison, Ohio; D (2) Jacob 
Boyer; D (3) Reuben ])Oyer lived at Leesville, Ohio, where he died, 
single; D (4) William I'oyer was killed in the Civil War, single; D (5) 
Noah Boyer lived at Urichsville, Ohio. Married Elizabeth Sproul ; D (6) 
Joseph Boyer lived at Louisville, Kentucky. Married Katharine Rhine ; 
D (7) Elizabeth Boyer married Christopher Nign. Address (i()i5) 
Eighth St., Urichsville, Ohio; D (8) Laura Boyer married Mr. Thrall. 
Address (1915) North Parish St., Urichsville, Ohio. She helped Clemens 
A. Boyer identify his people; D (9) Sustmna Boyer married John 
Criger. Address (1915) Philadelphia Roack. Ohio; D (10) Leanna 
Boyer married Mr. Chaney. She lived at Philadelphia Roads, Ohio; 
D (11) Rebecca Boyer married Mr. Archman, but is dead. 

D ( I ) Jacob Boyer, son of Benjamin Boyer and Leah Schrader, 
born Sept. 10, 1841, died Nov. 1906. Buried at "Red Church," Pa. Luth- 
eran. Farmer on "Sculp's Hill." Married Priscilla Freeman. Address 
(1910) Auburn, Pa. Children: (a) George W. P>oyer. Lived at Schuyl- 
kill Haven, Pa. Lutheran. Railroader. Buried at "Red Church," Dec. 
1894. Married Emma Zuber. Only child: Abner H. Boyer, born June 
2, 1890, Washington St., Orwigsburg, Pa. (b) Franklin B. Boyer, West 
Railroad St., Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Lutheran. Engineer. Married 
Christiana Faust. Children: Llarry E., John M., and William H. (c) 
Emma Boyer married Morris W. Fahl, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Children : 
Ralph, Herman, Bertha ; D (2) Amanda E. Boyer. Married Long. 


Address (1910) Auburn, Pa. Children: Henry B. Long, Auburn, Pa., 
and others; D (3) Lewis Boyer; D (4) Mary Beyer married Allspach. 
Address (1910) Mrs. Mary Allspach, Sculp's Hill, Pa.; D (5) Sarah 
Boyer. Married. Address (1910) Mrs. Sarah Gentzlinger, Schuylkill 
Haven, Pa.; D (6) Matilda Boyer married Long; D (7) Kate Boyer 
married Wildermuth. 

D (i) Benjamin Boyer, son of John Boyer, of Schuylkill Haven 
vicinity, and his wife. Address (1913) Reynoldsville, Pa. Married 
Hannah Weaver, and after her death Clara Yohe. Children : \Villis 
Aaron, of Reynoldsville, Pa., and Emery, of Desire, Pa.; D (2) James 
Boyer was born Jan. 13, 1842, in Schuylkill Co., Pa. Address (1913) 
Desire, Jefferson Co., Pa. Farmer. Lutheran. Alarried Mary C. Luic, 
born Oct. 5, 1842, Germany. Came to America when she was five 
years old, was educated in Philadelphia, and married in 1868. Children: 
(i) John E. Boyer, Desire, Pa., born May i, 1869. Lutheran. Book- 
keeper and manager of store. Course in Clarion Normal School. Mar- 
ried Minnie M. Bish, born Dec. 3, 1879. (2) Lavina, wife of Edward 
Lindy, died at Brockwayville, Pa., in 1895. One son, Robert. (3) 
Elizabeth E., born 1893, Desire, Pa. (4) Sophia, wife of Orville Clark, 
Big Soldier, Pa., born 1875. Three daughters and two sons. (5) 
Agnes, wife of Millard Hixenbaugh, Reynoldsville, Pa., born 1877. Two- 
sons. (6) Laura, wife of Oscar Clark, Brockwayville, Pa. Two sons. 
Mother dead. (7) Stanley M. Boyer, Desire, Pa., born 1883; D (3-6) 
Maria (Kaufman), Louisa (F'rantz), Elmira (Frantz), Harriet (Yohe), 
were sisters. 

D ( I ) Frederick Gottfried Boyer, son of Abraham Boyer and 
Susannah Luckenbill, was born 1826 and died 1899. Farmer. Lutheran. 
Married Polly Reed. Children: Mrs. Daniel Marburger, Schuylkill 
Haven, Pa.; Mrs. John Bowen, Mrs. Milton Deibert, Mrs. Sommers, 
James Boyer, of Schuylkill Plaven, Pa., and John Boyer, same place; 
D (2) Henry Boyer was born 1829, and buried about 1888, in Schuyl- 
kill Plaven, Pa. Farmer. No children. Wife Miss Miller, living in 
1907, Schuylkill Haven, Pa.; D (3) George Boyer was born Dec. 4, 
1824. Buried on Summit Mountain, Auburn, Pa. Farmer. Married 
Phoebe Yohe. Lived near Landingville, Pa. Children: (a) Abraham 
Boyer, Auburn, Pa., married Amelia Staller. Children: (i) Daniel 
Boyer, (2) William Boyer, (3) Katharine Boyer, married William Reber. 
Address (1912) Auburn, Pa. (b) Henry Boyer, Auburn, Pa. Single in 
1912. (c) Jacob Lewis Boyer, Auburn, Pa. Single in 1912. (d) 
Jonathan Boyer, Schuylkill Plaven, Pa., or Auburn, Pa. Married Clara 
Mease. Children: (i) Kate Boyer, (2) Lawrence Boyer, Auburn, Pa. 
(e) Albert George Boyer, Schuylkill Plaven, Pa. Married Katie Reber. 
Children: (1) Mendon Boyer, (2) Mamie Boyer, (3) Clinton Boyer. 


<f) Washington Boyer, born about 1855. Married. Child: E. H. Boyer. 
Address (1910) Mary D., Schuylkill Co., Pa. (g) Susan Boyer, Auburn, 
Pa. (h) Mary Boyer married Howard Sommers. Address (1910) St. 
John St., Schuylkill Haven, Pa. (i) Phoebe Boyer married John Koch, 
Orwigsburg, Pa. Children: George, Cora, Helen, (j) A. Rebecca 
Boyer married Levi Raeder. Address (1912) Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 
Children: (a) Morris Raeder. (b) Sallie Raeder (Mrs. Wm. Lucken- 
bill). Address (1912) Schuylkill Haven, Pa. (c) Herbert Raeder, (d) 
Edward Raeder; D (4) Daniel Boyer, born 1836, died 1893, buried at 
White Church, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. No children. Lived in Ohio. 
Farmer. Lutheran. Plis wife was a Miss Megerly ; D (5) Anna IVIaria 
Boyer, born 1834, died about 1883. Married Reuben Fegley. Address 
(1910) Orwigsburg, Pa. Children: (a) H. F. J. Fegley, born Nov. 24, 
1859, Orwigsburg, Pa. Reformed church. Farmer. Married Elmira 
Gerber, born Oct. 20, 1859. Children: (1) Sadie Fegely, born Sept. 25, 
1884. Married Allen J. Fetherolf, born May 15, 1883, Ringtown, Pa. 
(2) Ray Fegley. Address (1910) Orwigsburg, Pa., married Elsie V. 
Meek. (3) Irene Fegley, Orwigsburg, Pa. (b) Thomas Fegley, 4647 
Umbria St., Manayunk, Pa. (c) Mrs. Jacob Sharadin, Orwigsburg, Pa. 

D (i) Edward Boyer, son of Philip Boyer and wife Maria, born 
May 10, 1828, died Jan. 2, 1905, buried on Union Cemetery, Schuylkill 
Haven, Pa. Married Sarah Ann DeLong, born July 26, 1832, died 
Dec. 17, 1899. Buried near husband. Children: (a) Cecilia Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1910) Cecilia A. Leinbach, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. (b) Katherine 
Boyer (Quinter), Pottsville, Pa. (c) Edward G. Boyer, 3021 Harper 
St., Phila., Pa. (d) Mary M. Boyer (Moyer), Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 
(e) Mabel M. Boyer (Burkhart), Schuylkill Haven, Pa. (f) John O. 
J. Boyer, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Born 1877; D (2) Lewis Boyer. Mar- 
ried. Children: (a) Harry Boyer, Phila., Pa. (b) William Boyer, 
Phila., Pa. (c) Perhaps others. 

D (i) Peter Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and wife Elizabeth, born 
about 1840. Soldier Co. K, 48th Pa. Regt, Civil War. Died of a wound 
at the age of 22,. Buried at Cressona, Pa. His wife was Catherine Ault 
Address (1910) Mrs. Catherine Ripper, Aurora, Mo. Children of this 
Peter Boyer are: (a) William F. Boyer, born 1861. Married. Chil- 
dren: Four sons, (b) Sallie Boyer, born Dec. 20, 1863, married Frank 
Krommes. There is one son, Leroy Krommes, Vandergrift Heights, 
Pa. The father and mother reside at Cressona, Pa. Address Box 177; 
D (2) David Boyer died single, a soldier, of the Civil War; D (3) 
Amanda Boyer married Hinck. Children: Charles and Peter; D (4) 
Sarah Boyer married PeifFer; D (5) Elizabeth Boyer married Schosser. 

D (i) Charles Boyer, son of Israel Boyer and wife, lives in Amboy, 


N. J. ; D (2) David Boyer died; D (3) Emma Boyer, Easton, Pa.; 
D (4) Ella Boyer, Harrisburg, Pa. 

D (i) Elijah Boyer, son of Elijah Boyer and Theresa Oldt (Ault), 
born Jan. 7, 1852. Address (1910) Cressona, Pa. Shoemaker. Mar- 
ried Hannah Shappell. Only son : Edward Leroy Boyer, Cressona, Pa. ; 
D (2) Frank Boyer, Cressona, Pa. Married. Children; D (3) George 
W, Boyer, Cressona, Pa., married Miss Brown. Child: Ross Boyer, 
Cressona, Pa.; D (4) Pamilla Boyer married Charles Shappell, Cres- 
sona, Pa. Children: Ross B. ^and Harry B. ; D (5) Lovina Boyer 
married William Lukens, Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Children: Edward 
Lukens and others; D (0) Fannie Boyer. Married. Children; D (7) 
Daniel Boyer, painter, 9th St., Allentown, Pa. Married. Children: 
Fairbanks Boyer, Leland Boyer, Claudius and others. 

E (i) J. Catherine Boyer, daughter of Daniel S. Boyer and Hannah 
Geiger, married Charles Kohler, Minersville, Pa. Children; E (2) 
William B. Boyer, Dowdentown, near Minersville, Pa.; E (3) Martin 
M. Boyer, Minersville, Pa.; E (4) Amelia M. Boyer. Mrs. Amelia 
Fulton, Minersville, Pa.; E (5) Edward R. Boyer, 174 Mercer St., 
Jersey City, N. J. ; E (6) George A. Boyer, 119 N. 25th St., Camden! 
N. J. Philippine soldier. Married Carrie Dress. Child: Edward D. ; 
E (7) Albert G. Boyer, Minersville, Pa. 



The liistorian finds, through descendants, that Stephen Boyer, the 
subject of this chapter, came to America from England, but that his 
ancestors were Huguenots wlio left France at the time of the "massacre" 
— likely the Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Day, August 24, 1572 — going 
to Holland, and then settling- in Cheshire, England. The letter "v" ap- 
])ears to have crept into the name in Holland. Stephen lioyer married 
Sarah Campbell of England. They came to Rhode Island in Roger 
^Villiams' time. In the "History of the Church of Narragansett," by 
John Updike, he is mentioned as warden and vestryman. Being loyalists, 
and refusing to take the oath of allegiance to the LI. S., the family 
moved to P. E. Island at the time of the American Revolution. At 
JUinbury and Cascumpeck is a place still (1910) called "Bovyer's Cove." 
There v/ere eight children, but at this writing- only William is known. 
William was the third child. 

B (3) William Boyer, third son of Stephen Boyer and Sarah Camp- 
bell, settled in Stanhope, P. E. Island. Married Margaret Kelly. Chil- 
dren : Elizabeth, Isabella, James, Samuel, Rebecca, Albert, Matilda, and 

C (i) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and Margaret 
Kelly, married Rev. Matthew Smith. Children: Christopher, Margaret; 
C (2) Isabella Boyer married Peter Wilson. No children ;C (3) James 
Boyer married Mary Lawson. No children ; C (4) Samuel Boyer, born 
Nov. 18, 1817, at Cove Head, P. E. Island, died Jan., 1899, buried at 
I\It. Auburn, Cambriilge, Mass. Methodist. Builder in Boston and 
vicinity. Married Joanna Iliggins, born about 1820. She died at lioston, 
Aug. 28, 1859, and is buried at Forest Hill. After her death Samuel 
Boyer married a second wife. His children were: George S., Fred- 
erick William, Henry Banks, Herbert Lincoln, Homer; C (5) Rebecca 
Boyer married William Auld. No children; C (6) Albert Boyer mar- 
ried Eliza Shaw. Children: Charles, Alfred, Frank, Nelson, Rhoda, 
and Jane; C (y) Matilda Boyer married John Diamond. No children; 
C (8) William Boyer went to California in 1855. Married Phoebe 
Baker. Children: Alice, Edward, Effie. 

D (r) Georg-e S. Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Joanna Higgins, 



born Feb. 6, 1855. Address (1910) 162 Hancock St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Congregational Church. Book-keeper. Fine correspondent. Married 
Louise Clarke. Chiklren: (a) Mabelle Louise, born Jan. 16, 1882. 
Address (1910) 162 Hancock St., Cambridge, Mass. Teacher in Boston, 
(b) Sydney Clark Boyer, born May 23, 1885. College graduate, (c) 
Helen Miriam Boyer, born Nov. 22, 1893. College graduate; D (2) 
Frederick William Boyer, born Feb. 13, 1858. Address (1910) Tbomas- 
ville, Georgia. Editor and proprietor of paper. Married. Children; 
D (3) Henry Banks Boyer was born Feb. 12, 1863. Boston banker. 
]\Iarried Mabel Conant. Children: Conant, Constance, Barbara; D (4) 
Herbert Lincoln Boyer was born Feb. 12, 1893. At home in Boston, 
]\Iass. Married Fannie McFarland. Children; D (5) Homer Boyer. 
Address (1910) Southboro, Mass. Harvard graduate. 

D (i) Charles Boyer, son of Albert Boyer and Eliza Shaw, lives at 
Mt. Stewart, P. E. Island. Married. Children: Alice, Frank, Leigh, 
Earle, Harold, Vernon; D (2) Alfred Boyer, Cove Head, P. E. Island; 
D (3) Frank Boyer, Cove Head, P. E. Island; D (4) Nelson Boyer. 
Address (1910) Dr. Nelson Boyer, Crapaud, P. E. Island. Physician. 
Married. Children: John McCleod Boyer; D (5) Rhoda Boyer, Cove 
Head, P. E. Island, daughter of Albert Boyer and Eliza Shaw; D (6) 
Jane Boyer, Cove Head, P. E. Island. 

D (i) Alice Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and Phoebe Barker; 
D (2) Edward Boyer lives in San Francisco, California; D (3) Effie 
Boyer; D (4) Perhaps others. 



The records of the New Goshenhoppen Church (Lutheran, St. Paul's, 
Six Corner), below Pennsburg, Pa., show that Andreas Bayer was elect- 
ed June 5, 1752, as Elder. From this fact we may judge thatjie was not 
a very young man. The Goslienhoppen connection suggests that he may 
have been a cousin of Andreas Bayer, son of Christopher Bayer, of the 
Old Goshenhoppen Church, and that he was born in the Palatinate, 
Germany. The Andreas of the New Goshenhoppen Church can not be 
the Andreas of the Old Goshenhoppen Church, for the wife of the latter 
lived long after the New Goshenhoppen Andreas married a second time. 
His first marriage was to Elizabeth, probably in 1752, and there was one 
son, Thomas. She must have died soon after Thomas was born. On 
Dec. 22, 1758, Andreas married Dorothy Gabel. The children were 
John Peter, Andreas, George, Michael, and perhaps others. The his- 
torian can not identify this Andreas with any Revolutionary War data, 
and thinks he was not a soldier. 

B (i) Thomas Bayer, son of x\ndreas Bayer and his wife Elizabeth, 
was born Nov. 7, 1753. Lutheran. Married .Christina. Children: Eva, 
Maria, Jacob; B (2) John Peter Bayer (Beier), son of Andreas Bayer 
and his second wife Dorothy Gabel, was born Sept. 5, 1763. Lutheran. 
Married. Children: Peter C, Charles, and perhaps others; B (3) 
Andreas Bayer married Catharine Jacobs. She died 1867, and is buried 
at Boyertown, Pa. Children: Samuel, Llenry, John, Elizabeth, Lydia ; 
B (4) George Bayer (Beier) married Catharine. Children: Manassa, 
Henry, George; B (5) Michael Bayer was born Aug. 15, 1771 ; B (6) 
Henry Bayer. Lutheran. Mrs. Blank says he is buried at the Six Corner 
Church. Farmer. Married Madeline Wisler. Children : Henry, Jacob, 
and Mary. 

C (i) Eva Boyer, daughter of Thomas Bayer and wife Christina, 
died unmarried; C (2) Maria Boyer died uimiarried ; C (3) Jacob 
Boyer was born May 25, 1785, died June 26, 1879, and is buried at the 
Sheetz Church, Spinnerstown, Pa. Lutheran. Farmer and veterinary 
surgeon. Married Magdalena Kline, born Jan. 23, 1791. Children: 
George, Mary, Sarah, Thomas, Theresa, Jacob, Benjamin, I^ydia. 

C (i) Peter C. Boyer, son of John Peter Beier and wife, was born 



Aug. 3, 1803, in Frederick Township, Montg. Co., Pa., died Oct. 27,- 
1860, and is buried at Keelor's Church. Lutheran. Weaver. Married 
Hannah Shettler. Children: Peter S., Lewis, Daniel, Benjamin, Levi, 
Isaac, Kate; C (2) Charles Boyer was born Dec, 1800. Reformed. 
Farmer. Married Sarah Christman. Children: Elizabeth, Esther. 

C (i) Samuel Boyer, son of Andrew Boyer and his wife Catherine 
Jacobs, was born June 14, 1812; C (2) Menry Boyer died unmarried; 
C (3) John Boyer was born Jan. 10, 1816. Lutheran. Wheelwright. 
Buried at Boyertown, Pa. AL'irried Angelina Spotts (Spatz). Chil- 
dren: Henry .S., John S., Franklin S., Elizabeth, Angelina; C (4) Eliza- 
beth Boyer, born 1809, died 18S4, and was buried at Limerick Center, 
I'a. She married Jacob Smoycr. Children: Mary K., Jacob B., Martha, 
Esther, sister, brother, sister; C (5) Lydia Boyer married liem-y Fegley. 
They lived at Sassamansville, Pa. Among her children were Elizabeth 
(Mrs. Jacob Hoffman). Address (1913) SassamansvSlle, Pa., ,and 
Sophia (Mrs. Sophia Wartman), Pottstown, Pa. 

C (i) Manassas Boyer, son of George Bayer and wife Catherine, 
was born Dec. 9, 1812, and is buried at the Old Goshenhoppen Church. 
Lutheran. Tailor. Married Mary Jones. Children : ]\Ianassas J., 
George J.; C (2) Henry Boyer was born Dec. 11, 1815, and lived near 
Pennsburg, Pa. Married. Children : George, Henry, William, Oswin ; 
C (3) George Boyer was born Nov. 12, 18 16, and lived at Emaus, Pa. 

C (i) Henry Boyer, son of Henry Bayer and Madeline Wisler, was 
born 1801, died about 1876, and is buried at the Six Corner Church. 
Lutheran. Farmer. Afarried Hannah Hersh. Children: Lydia, Reub- 
en, William, Henry, John, Miriah ; C (2) Jacob Boyer, born about 1808. 
died in Philadelphia, Pa. Married Sarah. Children : Nathaniel, PTenry, 
.others; C (3) Mary Boyer. Lutheran. Married John Plenry. He died 
in Pennsburg, Pa. Children: Mary Henry (Mrs. Bolle), died in the 
West, and John Henry died single. 

D (i) George Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife ]\Lagdalena 
Kline, was born Feb. 14, 1834, near Spinnerstown, Pa. Lutheran. 
Farmer, Trumbauersville, Bucks Co., Pa. Married Catharine Keiper. 
Children : Samuel Wilson, of Spinnerstown, Pa. ; Andora Catherine,, 
Mrs. Levi Funk, IMillersburg, Pa. ; Sarah, Trumbauersville, Pa. ; Allen, 
Spinnerstown, Pa. ; Eugene, Spinnerstown, Pa. ; Plarvey H., Trumbauer- 
ville. Pa. ; David, Milford Square, Pa. ; Amanda, Mrs. Oliver J. Pleist, 
Milford Square, Pa.; D (2) Mary Boyer married Peter Trumbauer. 
Moved to Iowa. Children: Mary Trumbauer. Address (1910) Mrs. 
Freed, Iowa. Perhaps others; D (3) Sarah Boyer was born Feb. 20, 
181 5, died Oct. 15, 1896, and is buried at Sheetz Church, Spinnerstown, 
Pa. Lutheran. Married Henry Hillegas. Children: (a) Benjamin 
Hillegas, Brick Tavern, Pa.; (b) Katie Hillegas, (c) Edwin Hillegas^ 


(d) John HiUcg-as, Oiuikertown, Pa.; C (4) Thomas Boyer was bom 
Dec. 19, 1822, died Jan. 4, 1868. Farmer. Married Maria Walt Iwrn 
Jan. 26, 1827. Children: Charles W. Boyer, of Spinnerstown' Pa. ; 
Henry Boyer, Milford Square, Pa.; Amanda Boyer; Diana Boyer. Mrs! 
Daniel Heffentrager, Spinnerstown, Pa. ; Catherine Boyer. Mrs GeoroJ 
Walker, Pennsburo- Pa.; D (5) Theresa Boyer. Lutheran. Married 
Aaron Dietz. Children : Thomas Dietz, Peter Dietz, Owen Dietz, Ed- 
win Dietz, Susannah Dietz; D (6) Jacob Boyer. Lutheran. Veterin- 
ary suro-eon, Milford Square, Pa. Children: Edwin Boyer Spring- 
town, Bucks Co., Pa., Jacob Boyer, Milford Square, Pa., Emma Boyer, 
Thomas Boyer, Milford Square, Pa., Kate Boyer, Susan r:!oyer Mrs' 
Houseman, Lansdale, Pa., Mary Boyer, Sarah Boyer, and Jennie Boyer. 
Mrs. Charles Erdman, Milford Square, Pa.; D (7) Benjamin Bo'ver. 
Lutheran. Farmer. Single. Trumbauersville, Pa. ; D (8) Lydia Boyer 
born April 20, 1817, died Oct. 5, 1848. Lutheran. Married George 

D (i) Peter S. Boyer, son of Peter C. Boyer and wife Hannah 
Shetler, was born April 6, 1S35, in Frederick Twp., Montgomery Co., 
Pa. Address (1910) Schwenksville, Pa. Lutheran. Farmer. Civil 
War veteran. Married Susan K. Walt, born May 5, 1846. Children: 
Lydia M. Boyer, Mrs. Elmer B. Ziegler, la; West 4th Ave., Consho- 
hocken, Pa., Susan W. Boyer. Mrs. Henry C. Kehs, Schwenksville, Pa., 
K. Boyer. Address (1910) Mrs. Sylvanus B. Ziegler, Lederach, Pa.; 
D (2) Lewis Boyer, born April 10, 1824, died Nov. 22, 1893, and is 
buried at Keelor's Church. Lutheran. Farmer. ALirried Susan Walter; 
P) (3) Daniel Boyer was born in Frederick Twp., Montg. Co., Pa.,' 
about 1829, and is buried at Lower I'rovidence, Pa. Presbyterian! 
Farmer. Married Mary Davidhciser. Children: (a) Irvin D. lioyer, 
Reading-, Pa., born Sept. 27, 1S57. Lutheran. Electrician. Married 
Laura Stroh. Children: Edwin S.. Richard H., E. Evelyn, 1318 Linden 
St., Allentown, Pa., and Helen, (b) Horace Boyer, Oaks, Pa. (c) Lewis 
Boyer, Oaks, Pa. (d) Kate, and others; D (4) Benjamin Boyer was 
born Aug. 3, 1828, died July 23, 1888, and is buried at Limerick Center, 
Pa. Lutheran. Farmer. Married Deborah Schlichter. Children: Sar- 
ah, Amanda, Mary, Amos. All deceased, and no descendants; D (5). 
Levi Boyer was born about 1830. Reformed. Farmer, Rich Valley, 
Bucks Co., Pa. Married Frederica Long-. Children: (a) Hannah 
Boyer. Mrs. Michael C. Wenhold, Schwenksville, Pa. (b) Maria Boyen 
Mrs. Levi Kulp. Care of son Edg-ar, Quakertown, Pa., R. F. D. i. (c> 
Daniel Boyer, Quakertown, Pa., R. F. D. i. Married Kulp Children:- 
Kate Boyer, Oaks, Pa„ and Lewis Boyer, Oaks, Pa.; D (6) Isanc 
Boyer was born about 1837. Lutheran. Butcher. ALarried Hettie Gou- 
ler. Children; (a) Clara Boyen Mrs. David Isett, Royersford, Pa. 



(b) Lucien Boyer, Schwenksville, Pa. Married Druckenmiller. Chil- 
dren: Isaac Boyer, Fleetwood, Pa., and Wallace Boyer, Schwenksville, 
Pa. (c) Elsie Boyer. Mrs. William Ziegler, Schwenksville, Pa.; D (7) 
Kate .Boyer, born about 1840, married Jacob Renriinger, Old Men's 
Home, 39th and Baring- Sts., Phila., Pa. Children: LilHe, Mina, Oscar 
Renninger. Address (1910) 55th and Woodland Ave., West Phila., Pa. 

D (i) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Charles Boyer and Sarah 
Christman, born Feb. 8, 1822, died Oct. 7, 1882. Married Peter K. 
Roth. Children : Charles, Anna B. Roth, Eliazbeth Roth, Angelina 
Roth, and Esther Matilda; D (2) Esther Boyer married Isaac Penne- 
packer. Both buried at Schwenksville, Pa. Children : John B. Penne- 
packer, Schwenksville, Pa. 

D (i) Henry S. Boyer, son of John Boyer and Angelina Spotts. 
Grocer, 926 Oley St., Reading, I'a. Married xA.manda Brunner. Chil- 
dren: (a) Elmer Boyer, grocer, 963 N. nth St., Reading, Pa. (-b) 
Edith Boyer. Mrs. Charles Thomas, 926 Oley St., Reading, Pa.; D (2) 
John S. Boyer, grocer, 657 N. nth St., Reading, Pa. Married M. 
Emma Bauman. Children: (a) Walter Boyer, at home, (b) Mar- 
garet Boyer. Mrs. Harry C. Harding, 657 North nth St., Reading, Pa.; 
D (3) Franklin S. Boyer buried at Boyertown, Pa. Married a Prizer. 
Child: Florence Boyer. Single 1910; D (4) Elizabeth Boyer married 
Mr. Amy, of Philadelphia, Pa.; D (5) Angelina Boyer married Clayton 
Sassaman, and moved West. 

D (i) Mary K. Smoyer, daughter of Elizabeth Boyer and Jacob 
Smoyer, married Steltz, Pottstown, Pa.; D (2) Jacob B. Smoyer was 
born 1840. Address Royersford, Pa., R. F. D. i. No children; D (3) 

D (i) Manassas J. Boyer, son of Manassas Boyer and Mary Jones, 
was born July 10, 1836. Lutheran. Carpenter, Perkiomenville, Pa. 
Soldier of the Civil War with fine record. Married Margaret H. Huf- 
•nagel, born 1834. Child: Albert B. Boyer, Perkiomenville, Pa.; D (2) 
•■George J. Boyer. Lutheran, wheelwright, is buried at Catasauqua, Pa. 
Married Equilla Wenhold. Children: George Boyer, Catasauqua, Pa., 
Amandus Boyer, Catasauqua, Pa., Ellen Boyer (Mrs. Plerbert Knecht), 
Ida Boyer, and Clara Boyer; 

D (i) George Boyer, son of Henry Boyer and wife, lives at Penns- 
burg, Pa.; D (2) Henry Boyer lives at Red Hill, Pa.; D (3) William 
Boyer; D (4) Oswin Boyer lives at Kumry, Pa. ; D (5) Perhaps others. 

D (i) Lydia Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and Hannah Hersh, 
born May 14, 1834, married Daniel Plank. Address (1910) Mrs. Lydia 
Plank, Trumbauersville, Pa. Children: Allen Henry Plank, Trum- 
bauersville, Pa. ; Edwin Plank, Quakertown, Pa. ; Frank P, Plank, Lang- 
liorn. Pa. ; Ida Plank. Mrs. Milton Hinkle, Trumbauersville, Pa. ; Osman 


I B. Plank, Trumbauersville, Pa.; D (2) Reuben Boyer died single; 

i D (3) William Boyer, single, Pennsburg, Pa. ; D (4) Plenry Boyer was 

I born April 18, 1841, and died April 26, Kjog. Lutheran. Farmer. Mar- 

I ried Susannah Shuler, born Nov. 13, 1853, and died April 26, 1913. 

I Children: Rev. Elmer D. S. Boyer, of 510 North loth St., Lafayette, 

[ Lad. Lutheran minister; Vida E. S. Boyer, 510 N. loth St., Lafayette, 

1 Lid,; D (5) John Boyer. Lutheran. Laborer, Quakertown, Pa. Alar- 

1 ried Diana Wolfe. Children : Kate Boyer, Stella Boyer, Oswin Boyer, 

I Quakertown, Pa., Eugene, William, and Robert, all at Quakertown, Pa.; 

I D (6) Miriah Boyer married William Snyder, Trumbauersville, Pa. 
! D (i) Nathaniel Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Sarah, died 

in Philadelphia, Pa.; D (2) Henry Boyer lives at Philadelphia, Pa.; 

D (3) Others. 



George Philip Bayer, born Jan. 30, 1750, in Baden, Germany, was a. 
son of Conrad Bayer. This Conrad was the "Rathscrhreiber" von 
Gemmige, Liebenstadt A. R. Grandduke of Baden. He left his home and 
country a young man, but we do not know why. On board the ship 
which brought him to New York he met and married Catharine. They 
were both "redemptioners" for several years in New Jersey, where sev- 
eral children were born to them. Eventually they settled in Richmond 
Township, Berks County, Penns}lvania. George Philip Bayer died Sept. 
18, 1824. Pie and his wife are buried in Mertz Church yard, Rockland 
Twp., Berks Co., Pa. They were Lutherans and farmers. The chil- 
dren, so far as the descendants can ascertain, were William, Jacob, 
Abraham, Michael, and Lydia. When, several years ago, the descend- 
ants of John Philip Bayer, sent an attorney to Baden to inquire into 
Conrad Bayer's family and estate, they found that this estate had been 
distributed among other children, and that John Philip's descendants 
could not lay claims to any share that might have fallen to them hatl 
John Philip kept in touch with his family. 

B (i) William Boyer, son of George Philip and Catharine Bayer, 
was born in New Jersey. Shoemaker in Richmond Twp., Berks Co., Pa. 
Married Susannah Cronrath. They are both buried in the Mertz church 


yard. Children: Abraham, Reuben, Jacob, Joshua, Katharine, Lydia, 
i\Iag"(ialene and Daniel; B (2) Jacob Boyer was born 1793, in IJerks 
Co., Pa. Like his parents, he was a Lutheran, and like his brother, 
he was a shoemaker near Kutztown, Pa. He married Sarah Boot, daugh- 
ter of Charles Boot, and, in 1848, moved to Union County, Pa. He died 
Aug. 27, 1863, and his wife in 1869. Both buried in Mifflinburg, I'a. 
Children : Rachel, Samuel, Isaac, Joel, Sarah, John, David, Jonas, and 
William; B (3) Abraham Boyer was born May 10, 1791, in Rockland 
Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Lutheran. A skillful weaver. Married Maria 
Welder, daughter of Michael Welder of Rockland. She was born July 
10, 1794, and died about 1879. Abraham died in 1848. Buried in the 
Mertz church yard. Children: Abraham, Daniel W., Esther, Sarah, 
and Katharine; B (4) Michael l)Oyer, No data; B (5) Lydia Boyer 
married Jacob Wanner of Rockland Twp., Berks Co., I*a. Children: 
Jacob, Peter, Daniel, etc. 

C (i) Abraham Boyer, son of William and Susannah Cronrath 
Boyer, was born about 1825. Lutheran. Married Susannah Bieber. 
Lutheran. Both lived at Mertz church. Children: David, Isaac, Mar}-, 
Benneville, Hettie, and Susannah; C (2) Reuben Boyer was born ]May 
19, 1813, and died March 14, 1894. Lutheran. Shoemaker in Rockland. 
Married Esther Miller, daughter of Jonathan Miller, Rockland. Both 
buried in New Jerusalem Cemetery. Children; James IM., William I\l.. 
Sarah M., Levi M., Hannah M., Henry M., and Isaac M. ; C (3) Jacob 
Boyer was born Dec. 30, 1820, and died about 1875. Lutheran. Shoe- 
maker in Rockland. Married Hannah Keeler, daug"hter of Jacob Keeler. 
Both buried at Mertz church. Children: Sarah A., Rachel, Mary A., 
Mahlon, Caroline, Esther A., Hannah B., and Jacob K., Amanda, and 
Kate; C (4) Katlierine Boyer married Ain-aham Ruppert, of Pike Twp., 
Berks Co., Pa. Children: Abraham and otliers ; C (5) Lydia Boyer 
married George Ebcrhardt, of Pike Two., Berks Co., Pa. Buried (prob- 
ably) at Lobachsville, Pa. Children : Moses, Samuel, Lavina, others ; 
C (6) Daniel Boyer; C (7) Magdalene Boyer married a Mr. Read- 
inger; C (8) Joshua Boyer was born 1817, Rockland, Pa. Settled three 
and one-half miles southeast of Wauseon, Ohio, in 1850. Married Susan- 
nah Keller, l)orn Oct. 16. 1822. Children: William, Samuel, Benjamin, 
Abraham, Mary, and Joshua. 

C (i) Rachel Boyer, daughter of Jacob and Sarah Boot Boyer, 
was born 1817. Married Jonas Shell. Children: Jonas Shell. Ad- 
dress (1909) Lewisburg, Pa. Others; C (2) William Boyer was born 
1819, and died 1903. Buried at Ray's Church, Mifilinbur^g, Pa. Shoe- 
maker. Moved from Berks to Union County, Pa., 1848. Here his wife 
Caroline Oswalt died. He then married Julia Burns, still living 1908. 
Children: Jacob, Sarah, Elizabeth, George, Marg-aret, Rachel, and' 


Annie; C (3) Samuel Bo}'er was born 1824, and died 1905. Stone 
mason. Married. Children : Jacob, John, William, Samuel, and Mrs. 
James Gottshall ; C (4) Isaac Boyer. Addre;^s (1909) New Berlin, 
Snyder Co., Pa. Stone mason. Married. Children: John, (31iver, 
Rachel, and several others; C (5) Joel I'^oyer was born 1828. Farmer, 
Mifflinburg, Pa. Died before 1913. Married Aliss Morningstar. Only 
cliild : Albert Boyer, Mifflinburg, Pa. Farmer. Bachelor; C (6) Sarah 
Beyer, born 1831, marrietl Samuel Ilarman. Chiklren : Angelina Edcl- 
inan. Mifflinburg, Pa. Others ;C (7) John Boyer was born 1833. Farm- 
er. ]\Iarried second time to Miss Hummel. Address (1909) Bellevue, 
Ohio. Died before 1913. Children: John Boyer, Bellevue, Ohio, and 
several other children; C (8) David Boyer was born i83f). Lutheran. 
Stone mason, Mifflinburg, Pa. Married Miss Houtz. She died leaving 
four children. Pie married Miss Coleman. Children : James II. Boyer, 
Frank, Lorena, Ralph A., D. Monroe, Dora, Margery, Floyd; C (9) 
Jonas Boyer was born 1839. Address (1909) Millmont, Union Co., 
Pa. Married. Children. 

C ( I ) Abraham Boyer, son of Abraham and ]\Iaria Welder Boyer, 
was born Jan. 15, 1837, in Maxatawny Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Address 
( 1913) Schofers, Pa. Lutheran. Farmer. The honored treasurer of the 
Boyer Reunion from its inception. Married Lucy .\nn Youse, daughter 
of John Youse, of Rockland. She died 191 5. Children: Charles A., 
Louisa PL, Solomon F., Jeremiah D., Edwin A., and Alice D. ; C (2) 
Daniel W. Boyer was born April 11, 1834, in Maxatawny Twp., Berks 
Co., Pa., and died June 24, 1886. Buried at Mertz church. Lutheran. 
Farmer. Married Judith Youse. Address (1909) Dryville, Pa. Chil- 
dren: William Y.. John Y., Jacob Y., Milton Y., Daniel Y., Mary Y., 
llettie Y., Lucy Y., and Missouri Y. ; C (3) Esther Boyer married 
Daniel Heist, of Rockland. Children: Henry, Samuel, Zacharias, Eme- 
line, Catherine. Louisa, Esther, and Mary; C (4) Katherine Boyer mar- 
ried Daniel Heist, her deceased sister Esther's husband. Children: Dan- 
iel Heist, Allcntown, Pa.; C (5) Sarah Boyer married Benjamin Rup- 
pert, of Rockland. Children : Jacob, Herman, Mary, and others. 

D (i) David Boyer, son of Abraham and Susannah TUeber Boyer, 
married daughter of Levi Losch, antl lived in Cumberland Co., Pa. Chil- 
dren: Fianna, and perhaps others ; D (2) Isaac Boyer was born August 
1828, in Oley, Pa. Carpenter. Lutheran, Fleetwood, Pa., R. F. D. 2. 
Married Eliza Noll. Children: Charles N., Lewis, Oscar W., Mrs. 
James Diener, Mrs. W. Allen, ]\Irs. H. Christian; D (3) Mary Boyer 
married Welder; D (4) Benneville Boyer; D (5-6) Llettie and Susan- 
nah were sisters, not reported. 

D (i) James M. Boyer, son of Reuben and Esther Miller was born 
in Ruscombmanor Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Lutheran. Miner. Killed in ore 


bank, Oct. lo, 1881. Buried at Pricetown, Pa. Married Mary Frey, 
daughter of George Frey. Children: Esther, Cyrenius F., WilHam F.,. 
Charles F., Peter F., Emma F., Howard F., Clara F., and James F. ; 
D (2) William M. Boyer was born in Ruscombmanor Twp., Berks Co., Pa. 
Lutheran. Settled in Illinois, but afterwards in Omaha, Nebraska. Very 
able contractor. Identified with the finest buildings in Omaha. Buried 
near Omaha. Married. Children ; Frank Boycr, clerk in post office, 
Omaha, Nebraska, and perhaps others; D (3) Sarah M. Boyer. Luth- 
eran. Married William Gauker. Address (1909) Tuckerton, Pa. Chil- 
dren: Ellen, Wallace, Nora, etc.; D (4) Levi M. Boyer was born in 
Ruscombmanor Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Married Hannah Ludwig, and after 
her death, Hannah Rothermel. Lutheran, Fleetwood, Pa. Children : 
Levi, son of first wife. Harry and Jeremiah; D (5) Hannah M. Boyer 
married Jonas Keefer, Fleetwood, Pa. Children; Morris, Harry, etc.; 
D (6) Henry M. Boyer was born in Ruscombmanor Twp., Berks Co., 
Pa. Lutheran. Wheelwright, Maidencreek, Pa. INIarried Alice Trexler. 
Children: Florence and Paul R., a skilful worker in wood ; D (7) Isaac 
Boyer was born in Ruscombmanor Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Lutheran, Fleet- 
wood, Pa., R. F. D. Married. Children : Agnes, Annie, Warren, Forest, 
William, and Edna. 

D ( I ) Sarah A. Boyer, daughter of Jacob and Hannah Keeler, 
born Jan. 19, 1843, i^i Rockland Twp., Berks Co., Pa., married George 
Mull. Address (1909) Leesport, Pa. Lutheran. Children: Emma B., 
and others; D (2) Rachel Boyer, born July 20, 1844. Lutheran. Mar- 
ried Frank M. Dehart, 725 N. 9th St., Reading, Pa. Children: Harry, 
Frank, Gussie, Minnie; D (3) Mary A. Boyer, born June 34, 1846, 
married James Keller, Topeka, Kansas. Children : Carrie, Lizzie, and 
Adam; D (4) Mahlon Boyer was born May 17, 1847, in Rockland. 
Lutheran. A miller by trade, Mulberry St., Reading, Pa. Married 
Mary Lutz. Children: Susan, Hannah, Kate, Sallie, and Jacob; D (5) 
Caroline Boyer was born April 9, 1840, in Rockland. Adilress (1909) 
Fleetwood, Pa. Married John M. Rothermel. Children: Charles, 
Mahlon, Milton, Edwin, William, Sallie; D (6) Esther A. Boyer, born 
Sept. 21, 1851, married Jacob Wagley, N. 9th St., Reading, Pa. Chil- 
dren: Mary A., Charles H., Milton G., Jacob A.; D (7) Hannah B. 
Boyer, born July 7, 1857, married Jacob B. Mell. Address (1909) Rich- 
land, Pa. Children: Mary, Jacob, Robert; D (8) Jacob K. Boyer was 
born June 7, 1857, in Rockland, Pa. Lutheran. Meat market, and large 
farm, Kutztown, Pa. Married Amanda Schucker. Children: Mary A., 
Charles PI., Milton G., Jacob A. ; D (9) Amanda Boyer, born Sept. 19, 
1865, married James O. DeLong, Topton, Pa. Children: Carrie, Fred, 
Jacob, Delia, George, Harold; D (10) Kate Boyer, born Dec. 9, 1867, 
married William Stoudt. Children : Delia, Charles, Maude, Paul. 


D (i) William Boyer, son of Joshua and Susannah Keller Boyer, 
died in Missouri ; D (2) Sanuiel Boyer lived at Gleanwood, Iowa; D (3) 
Benjamin Boyer went to Oklahoma. Married. Address (1910) Mrs. 
Benjamin Boyer, Goodnight, Oklahoma; D (4) Abraham Boyer may be 
in Oklahoma. Married Sarah Labar. Address (1910) Mrs. S. J. An- 
drews, Swanton, Ohio, R. D. 3. Children: Warren A., Alice L. Ad- 
dress (1910) Mrs. George M. McCoy, Box 1008 Wauseon, Ohio; 13 (5) 
Mary Boyer. Address (1910) Mrs. John Rupp, Topeka, Kansas; D (6) 
Joshua Boyer was born June 1857, died April 19, 1906. Married Edith 
Wood. Address (1910) Mrs. Edith Boyer, 115 Michigan St., Toledo, 
(3hio. Children : Myrtle iioyer. Mrs. Emmett Swope. Clyde Boyer, 
Charles Boyer (dead), Ada Boyer, Joshua Boyer. 

D (i) Jacob Boyer, son of William and Caroline Oswalt Boyer, 
was born 1843, in Berks Co., Pa. Lutheran. Moved with his parents 
to Union County, Pa., in 1848. Enlisted in Civil War, August 21, 
1862, serving until June 23, 1865. Contract carpenter. Married Sarah 
Moll. Children : Charles M., of Lewisburg, Pa. ; Annie J., Clara E., 
Clyde W., and Grace M. ; D (2) Sarah Boyer married William Kemerer, 
Shamokin Dam, Pa. Children; D (3) Elizabeth Boyer married John 
Springer. Children; D (4) George Boyer, son of William Boyer and 
second wife Julia Burns. Lutheran, Newville, Cumberland Co., Pa. 
Married. Children; D (5) Margaret Boyer married Jacob Boyer (cous- 
in), Miftlinburg, Pa. Children; D (6) Rachel Boyer married Albert 
Hixson, Millmont, Union Co., Pa.; D (7) Annie Boyer married William 
Hixson, Millmont, Pa. 

D (i) Jacob Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer (son of Jacob Boyer and 
Sarah Boot). Lutheran. Laborer, Milflinburg, Pa. Married Margery 
Boyer, daughter of his uncle William. No children ; D (2) John Boyer. 
Single in 1900, Cleveland, Ohio; D (3) William Boyer, railroader, 
Bellefonte, Pa. Married; D (4) Samuel Boyer, laborer. White Spring, 
Pa. Married. Children; D (5) A daughter married James Gottshall, 
Rand, Union Co., Pa. 

D (1) John Boyer, son of Isaac Boyer (son of Jacob Boyer and 
Sarah Boot). Stone mason. New Berlin, Snyder Co., Pa. Alarried. 
Had a brother Oliver, and sisters Rachel and others. 

D (i) Albert Boyer, only son of Joel Boyer (son of Jacob Boyer 
and Sarah Boot). Farmer, Mifflinburg, Pa. Bachelor about 60 years 
old in 1913. 

D (i) John Boyer, son of John Boyer (son of Jacob Boyer and 
Sarah Boot) lives at Bellevue, Ohio. Single in 1900; D (2) Perhaps 

D ( 1 ) James II. Boyer, son of David Boyer and Lavina Hontz, was 
born Nov. 28, 1861, in Mifflinburg, Pa. W. Centre St., Lewisburg, 


Pa. Married Martha Elmira Morningstar, born July 28, 1861. Chil- 
dren: Sarah J., Ida Ma}-, Ralph C, and Grace; D (2) Ralph A. Boyer 
was born Nov. 29, 1869, West Bufifalo Twp., Union Co., Pa. Carijcnter, 
1005 N. I2th St., Readinj^, Pa. Married Katie M. Zeller. Children: 
William D., Francis R., Dora M., Ralph A., Charles C. ; D (3) Franklin 
L. Boyer, carpenter, Mifllinbury, I'a. Married Oberdorf. Children; 
D (4) Forenna Boyer married Frank Culp, Mifflinburg', Pa.; D (5) 
David I\L Boyer, son of David lioyer and second wife Coleman. Mar- 
ried. Children in West Virginia; D (6) Dora M. Boyer married Clar- 
ence Spickelmyer, Mifflinburg-, Pa. Children: Sarah, Pauline, John; 
D (7) Margie Boyer married Guy Yetter, Lewistown, Pa., R. F. D. 3; 
D (8) Floyd Bo}er married Esther Baker, i\Iiftiinburg, Pa. 

D ( I ) Charles A. Boyer, son of Abraham and Lucy Youse Boyer, 
was born Aug. 3, 1857, in Rockland, Pa. Lutheran. ^lachinist, Tatani}-, 
Pa. President of the Boyer Reunion at Mertz Church, iv;04, and f(jr a 
number of years. Married Fmma Fritch, daughter of William Fritch, 
Alburtis, Pa. Children : J. Warren and Hattie M. The latter is a grad- 
uate of the Kutztown Normal School; D (2) I/3uisa II. Boyer, born 
Jan. 5, 1859, married Henry Ebert, Monterey, Pa. Only child: Annie, 
graduate of Normal Sciiool, Kutztown, Pa.; D (3) Solomon F. Boyer 
was born July 22, 1861. Lutheran. Repair boss at Packerton, Pa. Mar- 
ried Vesta Bortz. Children : Harvey H., 2244 INIaster St., Phila., Pa. ; 
Edwin, Delia, Lulu, Willard; D (4) Jeremiah D. Boyer was born July 
2, 1864. Lutheran. Laborer, Lyons, Pa. Married Mary A. Roth. Chil- 
dren : Arline; D (5) Edwin A. Boyer was born Sept. 19, 1871, in 
Maxatawny Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Lutheran. Organist of several 
churches and a musical composer. Author of the Boyer song used at 
all reunions. Every Boyer shoidd know it by heart. Married Eliza- 
beth Smith, sister of Rev. George B. vSmith ; D (6) Alva D. lioyer, born 
Jan. 23, 1876, married Jeremiah T. Trexler, of Maxatawny Twp., Berks 
Co., Pa. Children: Lillie M., Mabel M., Plarris E., Fred J., Hattie L., 
and Margaret B. 

D (i) William Y. Boyer, son of Daniel W. Boyer and Judith 
Youse, was born Feb. 18, 1856. Merchant, South Fork, I 'a. Married 
Mary Liffcrt, and after her death again. Children: (i) D. Augustus, of 
South Fork, Pa., married Miss Maid. (2) Daisy, wife of Levi P. Hars- 
berger, of Johnstown, Pa., (3) Nellie; D (2) John Y. Boyer was born 
Feb. 3, i860. Lutheran, lirownstone, Lancaster Co., Pa. Married Fianna 
Birkenbine, and after her death. May 19, 1886, Kate F. Kamhof. Chil- 
dren: Norman B., of Brandywine vSummit, Pa.; William, Clayton, Dan- 
iel, Elam, Conrad, Warren, and Angelina; D (3) Jacob Y. Boyer was 
born May 7, 1869. Hardware clerk, 316 N. loth St., Reading, Pa. Mar- 
ried Elizabeth Lease. Children : Venus V., Walter E., Robert E., Ruth M., 


Martin AL, John C. ; D (4) Milton Y. Boyer was born April 20, 1876. 
Lutheran, O'lcy, Pa. Married Rebecca Rhoad. Child: MaryR.;D(5) 
Daniel Y. Boyer was born Dec. 13, 1872. Lutheran, Lyons, Pa. Married 
Annie Yoder. Children: Leon, Grace; D (6) Mary Y. Boyer, born 
Feb. 18, 1856, married Henry Bieber, Lyons, Pa. Children; D (7) 
Esther Y. Boyer, born Jan. 20, 1862, married Hiram F. Dry, Oley, Pa. 
Children: Sallie, Horace, Laura, Hlda, IMinnie; D (8) Lucy Y. Boyer, 
born April 7, 1S58, married Georg-e A. Funk, of Fredericksville. Chil- 
dren: Emma, Harry, Fremont, Alice, George; D (9) Missouri Y. 
lioyer, born Jan. 26, 1864, married J. D. Drumheller, 763 N. 8th St., 
Reading", Pa. Children : Stella V. (Lease), Reading, Pa.; (2) 
Anson B., (3) Hettie E., wife of James Smith. Son: Donald. Note: 
Mr. Drumheller has done wonderful things in our attempts at Boyer 
reunions and Boyer history. 

E (i) Norman B. Boyer, son of John Y. and Fianna Birkenbine 
Boyer, was born Jan. 27, 1883, Rothsville, Lancaster Co., Pa. Methodist. 
Farmer, Brandy wine Summit, Pa. Married Hannah Kunkel, July 17, 
1883. Children: Catharine F. ; E (2) William ; E (3) Clayton ; E (4) 
Daniel ;E (5) Elam ; E (6) Conrad ; E (7) Warren ;E (8) Angelina, 
born Dec. 3, 1886. 

E (i) Charles V\^ Boyer, son of Isaac Boyer and Eliza Noll, was born 
Dec. 13 ,1866, in Ruscombmanor Twp., Llerks Co., Pa. Reformed. Farm- 
er, Oley, Pa. Married Plannah Shollenberger. Children: Daniel S. 
Boyer, born Feb. 25, 1893. Address (1913) Oley, Pa.; E (2) Lewis 
Boyer, laborer. Reformed, Temple, Pa. Married Sarah Faust. Chil- 
dren: ILarvey, of Oley, Pa.; Charles, Warren, Jenks, Isaac, Daisy, and 
T\ate;E (3) Oscar W. Boyer, born March 16, 1860. Rcpairsman. Re- 
formed, Oley, Pa. Married .Vrnanda Angstadt. Children: Jennie and 
Katie; E (4) A daughter married James Dicner, Stony Creek Mills, Pa. ; 
E (5) A daughter married W. Allen, 3042 P.allz St., W. Phila., Pa.; 
E (6) A daughter married H. Christian, 1172 E. State St., Trenton, N. J. 

E (i) Esther Boyer, daughter of James M. Boyer and Mary Frey, 
was born July 24, 1859, and died Jan. 31, 1893. Married Jona. Stabler. 
Children: Jeremiah, of New Jerusalem, Pa., and Cora; E (2) Cyrenius 
F. Boyer, merchant, Fleetwood, Pa. Married Elizabeth Boyer, sister of 
Martin Boyer, late of Kutztown, Pa., and a descendant of the Moselem 
Boyers. See Chapter 9. Children: Helen E.. wife of Frank Slavin; 
Grace, wife of Isaac Merkel ; lierbert C, and Frank F., all at Fleet- 
wood, Pa.; E (3) William O. Boyer, moulder, of Reading, Pa., married 
Kate Manwiller. Children : Florence, wife of George Stettler ; Raymond, 
of Fleetwood, Pa.; Lulu, Catharine, Elmer; E (4) Charles E. Boyer, 
Fleetwood, Pa., married Lydia Baer. Children: Beulah, wife of Eugene 
Schlegel, Fleetwood, Pa. ; E (5) Peter F. Boyer married Jennie Geisler. 


Children: Arthur, of Fleetwood, Pa.; E (G) Emma F. Boyer married 
Jacob Ruppert, Pikeville, Pa. Children: Stella, Lester, William, Caro- 
line; E (7) Howard F. Boyer, Fleetwood, Pa., married Harriet Schaef- 
fer. Children: Minerva, Nora; E (8) Clara F. Boyer married Wil- 
liam Brodbeck, Reading-, Pa. Children: Eva, of 1155 Church St., Read- 
ing-, Pa.; E (9) James F. Boyer married Mame Kemp, Fleetwood, Pa. 
Children : Mary and Walter. 

E (i) Ellen Gauker, daughter of Sarah i\I. Boyer and William 
Gauker, married John Groff; E (2) Dora Gauker married Dr. William 
Wallace ;E (3) Nora Gauker married Mahlon Snyder. Address ( 1009) 
Tuckertbn, Pa. 

E (i) Levi Boyer, son of Levi M. and Hannah Ludwig Boyer. 
House painter, Reading-, Pa. Married. Children; E (2) Harry ISoyer,. 
son of Levi M. Boyer and second wife, Plannah Rothermel. Railroader, 
Pottsville, Pa. Married. Children; E (3) Jeremiah Boyer, farmer, 
Fleetwood, Pa., married Keefer. Children. 

E (i) Morris Keefer, son of Hannah M. Boyer and Jonas Keefer. 
Stone cutter, Fleetwood, Pa.; E (2) Harry Keefer, Fleetwood, Pa.; 
E (3) Others. 

E (i) Florence M. Boyer, daughter of Henry M. Boyer and Alice 
Trexler, married William Fisher, Monterey, Pa. Children; E (2) Paul 
R. Boyer, wheelwright, Maidencreek, Pa. Married Elva Peters. Chil- 

E (i) Ag-nes Boyer, daughter of Isaac M. Boyer and Ellen Kersh- 
ner, married Mahlon Rothermel, Reading, Pa. Children; E (2) Annie 
Boyer married George; E (3) Warren Boyer. Address, Rockland Twp., 
Berks Co., Pa. Married Sterner. Children ; E (4) Forrest Boyer lives 
in Ruscombmanor, Berks Co., Pa. ; E (5) William Boyer, Fleetwood, Pa., 
R. F. D.; E (6) Edna Boyer, Fleetwood, Pa. 

E (i) Susan Boyer, daughter of Mahlon Boyer and Mary Lutz, 
married Pierce Delp, Exeter, Pa. Children; E (2) Hannah Boyer mar- 
ried Amos Bickel, Bern, Pa. Children; E (3) Sallie Boyer. Married; 
E (4) Kate Boyer married Stufflet; E (5) Jacob Boyer. Lutheran. 
Farmer, Alsace, Pa. Married. Children. 

E (i) Charles Rothermel, son of Caroline Boyer and John M. 
Rothermel. Address (1909) Bowers, Pa. Farmer. Married Amanda 
Long. Children: Anna, Katie, Verna ; E (2) Mahlon Rothermel, baker, 
Reading, Pa., married Agnes Boyer, daugliter of Isaac Boyer. ChiUlren; 
E (3) Edwin Rothermel, moulder, Alburtis, Pa. Married. Children; 
E (4) Milton Rothermel, farmer. New Jerusalem, Pa. Married Annie 
Merkel. Children; E (5) William Rothermel, farmer, Lobachsville, Pa. 
]\Iarried Kate Schcet?^. Children ; E (6) Sallie Rothermel married 
George Keller, Fleetwood, Pa. Children: Ruth. 



E (i) Mary A. Wagley, daughter of Esther A. Boyer and Jacob 
Wagley, married and left children. Her brothers were Charles H., 
Milton G., and Jacob A, 

E (i) Mary A. Boyer, daughter of Jacob K. Boyer and Amanda H. 
Schucker, was born March 16, 1875. Married Jacob H. DeLong, Kutz- 
town, Pa. Children: Florence M., Jacob H., Paul, Charles; E (2) 
Charles H. Boyer was born Dec. 11, 1879, Egypt, Pa. Clerk in store. 
^Married Carrie Kramer; E (3) Milton Boyer was born June 3, 1881. 
Expressman, Kutztown, Pa. Married Jennie Ramer. Children: Wil- 
liam J., Maude E. ; E (4) Jacob A. Boyer was born March 3, 1886, Kutz- 
town, Pa. Married Minnie Dry. Children: Marion Frances. 



The researches made by the late Emmanuel R. Boyer, of Chicago, 
Illinois, go to show that his immigrant ancestor, Henry Bayer, settled in 
York County, Pennsylvania, where he took up 375 acres of land. That 
lie came from Germany is certain, but the ship lists do not contain his 
name, which is not unusual. The historian has not examined the patent 
<leeds of York County, nor church records. From '"Wills" recorded in 
York, Pa., antl which were cojiied for the historian by Dr. A. Stapleton, 
we infer that the family lived in Manheim Twp., York Co., Pa. We do 
not know to whom he was married but Hible records furnish the names 
of his children. They were flenry, Jacob, John, Benjamin, Jonas, Chris- 
topher, Daniel, and Maria. Mr. D. V. Byers, of Sterling, Illinois, re- 
ports the tradition that these boys were soldiers of the American Revolu- 
tion. What the Archives record will be stated presently. Perhaps, ac- 
cordingly, the oldest son was born about 1740, so that we may assume 
that the father was born in Germany about 1720 or 1725. It is just 
possible that tienry Bayer was the brother of Sanniel Bayer of Chapter 
28, and that their father was Samuel Bayer from Switzerland. 

B (i) Plenry Boyer, son of Plenry Bayer, of Manheim Twp., York 
County, Pa., and his wife, was born about 1740, judging from his 
"will." Lived in Manheim Township, and left a "considerable estate." 
His "will" was probated at York, Pa., August, 1812. He had made it 
when be was "old and weak." Married Barbara Winter. Children: 



John, Henry, Christian, Daniel, and Magdalena. From page 486, VoL 
2, Sixth Series, Pennsylvania Archives, we infer that this Henry Beyer 
was a soldier of the Third Battalion, York county. Pa. Militia in 1781, 
together with his brother John. The name is spelled Byer in the archives. 

B (2) Jacob Beyer, son of Henry Bayer, of Manheiin, ami his 
wife. On page 606, Vol. 2, Sixth Series, Pa. Archives, we find Henry, 
John, Jacob, and Philip Beyer, enlisted in the York County, Pa. Militia 
m 1776. We take it that these boys were relatives. Probably one of 
Jacob's sons was Jacob of Frederick Co., Md. See C. 

B (3) John Boyer, son of Henry Bayer, of JManheim, and his wife, 
was born a year or two beh^re or after 1740, as we judge from the 
statement "old and weak" in his "will." Left large estate in Manheim 
Twp., York Co., Pa., probably his portion of his father's 375 acre property. 
The "will" was probated April 1809. In it he names his wife Elizabeth, 
and speaks of nine children. They were Henry (the "eldest"), Daniel, 
Christian, Benjamin, John, Magdalena, Eli/^abeth, George, and one other 
not known. George is not mentioned in this will, but brother John's, 
nor is John mentioned, but implied by the phrase "John, Senior." H, 
.as D. V. Byers, of Sterling, Illinois, says, this "John Senior" came from 
Switzerland, the family must have come after 1740. 

B (4) Benjamin Boyer, son of Henry Bayer, of Manheim, and his 
wife. Perhaps he and Jacob, his brother, were killed in the Revolu- 
tion. There is no trace of descendants. 

B (5) Jonas Byer, son of Henry Bayer, of Manheim, and wife, 
was born March 17, 1760, probably in Manheim Twp., York Co., Pa. 
He died Feb. 10, 1849, in Markham, Canada. Settled near Markham, 
Ontario. Canada, 181 1. Farmer. Married Fdizabeth Schwartz, born 
ATarch 21, 1761. She died Sept. 24, 1822. Children: David, Benja- 
min, Sanniel, Susanna, Elizabeth, Christina. 

B (6) Christopher Boyer, son of Henry Bayer, of Manheim, and 
his wife, lived in Pennsylvania. Alarried. Children: Samuel, John, 
David, Elizabeth, Nancy, and Mrs. Moul. 

B (7) Daniel P)Oyer, son of lienry Bayer, of Alanheim, and his 
wife, was born about 1795, as reported by his son Amos. Moved from 
York County, Pa., to East Germantown, Ohio, where he and wife are 
buried. Lutheran. Marrietl to Rosina Gladfelter. Children: Amos, 
Cassilius, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Daniel, and John. The last one was mar- 
ried, but left no children. 

B (8) Maria Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer, of Manheim Twp., 
York Co., Pa., and wife, married Mr. Caslow. Children: Henry, John, 
Jacob, Samuel, Magdalena. 

C (i) John Boyer, son of Henry Boyer and wife Barbara Winter, 
moved to Bedford County, Pa. His nephew John H. Boyer, of Brad- 


ford, Ohio, says he hears that uncle John had two sons, one a conductor 
on tlic 1j. and O. Raih-oad, and the other had a liotel in Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Perhaps Daniel Boyer, of Bedford, Pa., is a son; C (2) Irlenry Bo}er 
lived at Iron Ore, York Co., Pa., married Elizal:)eth Weikel. Children: 
Michael,, Elias, Rebecca, and Elizabeth; C (3) Christian Boyer. 
Plis nephew John PL Boyer, says he knows very little about this uncle. 
Oren Boyer says Abraham Boyer, of Canton, Ohio, is a son; C (4) 
Daniel Lioyer was born in ATanheim Twp., York Co., Pa., in 1799, died 
Dec. 30, 1846, and is buried at Garber Cemetery. Lived on one-third 
of the "old homestead." Married Elizabeth Ploff, born 1800. She died 
1885, in Darke Co., Ohio, where she had gone with her children. Chil- 
dren: Jonas, Maria, Barbara, Manassas, Kate, Henry, Daniel, John 11., 
Samuel, Elizabeth, and Aaron; C (5) Magdalene. 

C ( i) Jacob Beyer, probably son of Jacob l;'e\er, of Manheim Twp., 
York Co., Pa. Our correspondent Charles W. Boyer, of Martinsburg, 
West Virginia, says that "Jncob Beyer, born about 1785, was a soldier ot 
1812." Married a girl of the same name from Garrett County, Mary- 
land. They were both Protestants. The same corresjjondent says that 
Jacob Beyer's father served with Washington in the American Revolu- 
tion, but he can not name the man. Jacob Beyer lived in Erederick 
Count}', Maryland. Our correspoiuU'ut thinks Jacob Beyer's father v,as 
a descendant of John P>eyer — perhaps Henry — who settled near York^ 
]*a., in 1710, about 30 or 40 miles from where tlie Jacob in question, 
and his sons, were at home. Children : Jacob, Solomon, George W. 

C (T) Henry Boyer, eldest son of John Boyer and his wife Eli."a- 
beth; C (2)' Daniel Boyer; C (3) Christian Boyer; C (4) Rev. Benja- 
min lio_\'er was born about I7r)0-i7()(). P>ishop in River Brethren Church. 
Died several miles north of Carlisle, l^a. Married .\nua Miller, April 2, 
1786. Children: Elizaljeth, John, Barbara, Susannah, Plenry, Sanmel^ 
Anna, Daniel, Maria, Christian; C (5) John Boyer lived in Eranklin 
Township, York Co., Pa., as his "will" shows. It was probated August 
1823. Owned a farm. Left it to his brother George. This would seem 
to mean that John had no children. Pie also provided for his wife 
Barbara and left something for his mother Elizabeth. He was weak in 
body when he made the "will"; C {(t-j) Magdalena and Elizabeth were 
daughters of John Boyer and wife Elizabeth, as known from the "will" 
in 1809; C (8) George Boyer fell heir to the farm of his brother George 
in 1809. 

C ( i) Amos Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and wife Rosina Gladfelter, 
was born Nov. 4, 1830, in York Co., Pa. Carae with parents to I^ast 
Germantown, Indiana, in 1838. "Christian Church." Alarried Sarah 
Hamm, born Dec. 14, 1834, in Berks Co., Pa. Children: (i) Clara, 
born Dec. j\, i860. Saleslady in Atlanta, Hamilton Co., Ind., and Clem, 


born Sept. 25, 1862. Address (191 5) Atlanta, Indiana. Tinplate work- 
er. Married. Child: Hugh, born Oct. 28, 1896; C (2) Cassilius Boyer, 
Cambridge City, Indiana; C (3) Charles Boyer, Galesburg, III.; C (4) 
Rebecca Boyer married Mr. Sninn, 2001 E. Main St., Richmond, Ind. ; 
C (5) Elizabeth Boyer married Oldacker, East Germantown, Indiana; 
C (6) Daniel Boyer, Cambridge City, Indiana. 

C (i) David Byer, son of Jonas Byer and wife Elizabeth Schwartz, 
was born June 16, 1791, in Canada, and died Sept. i, 1844, Markham, 
Ontario, Canada. Married Anna Donner, born May 6, 1798. She died 
Nov. 18, 1865. Children: Jonas, Susanna, David, John llcciver, Anna 
Christina, Elizabeth; C (2) Benjamin Byer was born Nov. },, 1787, and 
died Nov. 6, 1852. Married Elizabeth Martin, born Oct. 30, 1787. 
Children: David, John, Mary, perhai)s other daughters; C (3) Samuel 
Byer was born Feb. 2, 1806, and died Aug. 19, 1878. Married Mary 
Whitney, born Sept. 24, 1803. Children: Abraham, Jonas, Catherine, 
Elizabeth, Dinah, Mary, Susanna; C (4) Susanna Byer married .Abra- 
ham Miller. She died Oct. 2, 1833, -g'<^<^l 3- years, 10 months and 3 days; 
C (5) Elizabeth Byer married Peter Ramer. She died March 2, 1876, 
aged 81 years, 5 months and 20 days ; C (6) Christina Byer married 
John F. Hoover. She died April 15, 1861, aged 76 years, 6 months, 29 days. 
C (i) Samuel Boyer, son of Christopher Boyer and wife. Mar- 
ried. Children: (i) Sarah, wife of Mr. Stambaugh ; (2) Magdalene, 
wife of Mr. Rorbaugh ; Andrew, of Iron Ore, York Co., Pa.; (3) Leah, 
(4) Maria, (5) Rebecca; C (2) John Boyer; C (3) David Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1915) Hanover, Pa.; C (4) Elizabeth Boyer married Mr. Hoff; 
C (5) Nancy Boyer married Mr. Forry; C (6) A daughter married 
Air. Moul. 

D (i) Michael Boyer, son of Henry Boyer, of York Co., Pa., and 
his wife, moved to Covington, Ohio. Farmer. Married Fannie Driver. 
Address (1915) Spring-field, Ohio. Children: Jacob (deceased), David, 
of Piqua, Ohio; Eli, of Dayton, Ohio; Fannie, wife of Mr. Wade, Green- 
ville, Ohio; Rebecca, wife of Mr. Free, Springfield, Ohio., Sarah, and 
Annie; D (2) George Boyer lived in Manheim Twp., York Co., Pa. 
Married. Children : Martin, of East Berlin, Pa. ; George, of Hanover, 
Y'ork Co., Pa., or of Jacob's Mills, Pa. ; Moses, perhaps of same address, 
and Nathaniel, of same address ; Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Baker, of Green- ■ 
ville, Ohio, R. F. D. 7, and Mrs. Miller; D (3) Elias Boyer lived in 
York County, Pa. Married Katie Luckenbaugh. Children : Annie, 
wife of Mr. Dubs; Edward, of Hanover, York Co., Pa.; Emma, wife of 
Mr. Hoke, and Noah, perhaps of Hanover, Pa.; D (4) Rebecca Boyer 
married Mr. Wonner, and lived near Bradford, O. Children: John and 
Plenry, both of Bradford, Ohio; D (5) Elizabeth Boyer married Hock- 
ins, and lived in York Co., Pa. 



D (i) Abraham Boyer, son of Christian Boyer and wife, of Canton, 

D (i) Jonas Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and his wife Ehzabeth 
Hoff, was born Nov. 24, 1823, near Hanover, York Co., Pa., and died 
Dec. 28, 1901. Buried at Spava, 111. Farmer. Mennonite. Wife's, Susannah. She was born Aug. 10, 1829, near Hanover, Pa. 
Address (1909) 607 W. 6ist Place, Chicago, 111. Children: Emmanuel 
R., Samuel A., Rebecca, Isaiah R., William H., Susan L., Sarah J., 
Catharine, Charles J., Angelina, and two that tlied }'oung; D (2) Maria 
Boyer, born in 1825, married Jacob Etter. Children: (i) Henry, Brad- 
ford, Ohio; (2) Eli, (3) Samuel, of Gettysburg, Ohio; (4) Eydia, wife 
of Mr. Aikey; (5) Lucinda, wife of Mr. Inman ; (6) Sarah, wife of Mr. 
Seaman, and Susannah, wife of Mr. Knusley ; D (3) Barbara Boyer, 
l)orn 1827, married Peter Moul. Children: (i) Daniel. Address ( 1914) 
Pleasant Hill, Ohio; (2) Sarah, wife of Mr. Gauby, of Gettysburg, Ohio; 
(3) Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Wagaman; (4) John, of Gettysburg, Ohio; 
(5) Aaron, of Columbus, Ohio; (6) Susan, wife of Mr. Keller, of Dallas 
Center, Iowa; (7) Samuel, of Akron, Ohio; D (4) Manassas Boyer was 
born May 3, 1829. Address (1908) Bradford, Ohio. i\larried Lovina 
Euckenbaugh. born 1830. Children: Henry L., Albert L., Sarah, Obed 
L., Daniel L., John L., Manasse, Melinda, Cassie, Ida Mae, and Oren ; 
■D (5) Kate Boyer, born 1831, died 1902; D (6) Henry Boyer, born 
1832, lives in Horatio, Ohio. Married Mary Ann Miller. Children: 
Elizabeth, Susan, Daniel, Andrew; D (7) Daniel Boyer was born 1834, 
and died 1892. Married Elizabeth Cable. Children: Sarah, Ellen, 
John, Milton, Maggie, Emma, Daniel, Madie, Edward; D (8) John H. 
Boyer was born 1836. Address ( 1915) Bradford, Ohio. Farmer. River 
Brethren Church. Married Lydia Martin, born 1841, and after her death, 
in 1874, Millie Maurer. Children: Rose, Sarah, Lizzie, Susanna, Frank- 
lin, Laura, of first wife, and Charles, Alva, Jacob, Harvey, Clara; D (9) 
Samuel H. Boyer was born 1839, and died 1903. Married Sarah ]\Lirtin. 
Children: Amanda, Lydia, Levi, Noah, William S., Mary M., Jessie, 
Bessie; D (10) Elizabeth Boyer, born 1841, married Benjamin Gibboney, 
Horatio, Ohio. Children: Aaron, John, Ezra, Jonas. Address (1914) 
Dayton, Ohio; D (11) Aaron Boyer was born 1843. Address (1915) 
Horatio, Ohio. Farmer. River Brethren Church. Married Ellen Blue. 
No children. 

D (i) Jacob Boyer, son of Jacob Beyer and his wife, died at Rich- 
mond, Virginia, in i860, leaving no children. Teacher. See C; D (2) 
Solomon Boyer was born in Frederick County, Maryland, 1814. Dunk- 
ard. No war record. Married Susan Bemis, at Sharpsburg, Md., about 
1836. Children : Charles William, Anne, Frisby David, Francis T., 
Aaron A., Augusta Virginia, Margaret Helen, James liamilton, Mary 


Elizabeth; D (3) George W. Boyer was a farmer. Methodist. Soldier 
of Stonewall Brigade, C. S. A. Member of Jury that tried and convicted 
John Brown in 1S59, and died 1891. Married Ehza Young, of Charles- 
ton, W. Va. Children : George W. Boyer, Chicago, Blinois, and John 
G. Bo3^er, Charleston, W. Va. Farmer. 

D (i) Rev. John Boyer, son of Rev. Benjamin Boyer and wife 
Anna Miller, was born Dec. 17, 1788. Lived below Roxbury, Pa. Went 
to Ohio. Minister. Married Nancy Brenneman, and afterwards another 
woman. Children: Elizabeth, llenjamiin, Rev. John C, Andrew, Lydia, 
Annie; D (2) Barbara Boyer,. l^orn Jan. 28, 1792, married Philip Alillcr, 
of Newbury, Pa. Farmer. Children: John, I'hilip, Sarah (Mrs. Wil- 
liam Keeseman) ; D (3) Susannah Boyer, born April 6, 1794, died, 
single; D (4) Henry Boyer was born May 20, 1796, died Nov. 6, 1863, 
and is buried at P'ogelsangers Church, between Shippensbnrg and New- 
bury, Pa. Belonged to the River Brethren. Farmer. Married Rachel 
Jacoby, born May 11, 1800. Children: Samuel, Susannah, William, 
Jacob, Henry, Maria, Ann, Benjamin F. ; 1) (5) Samuel Boyer was 
born March 11, 179S. No records; D (6) Anna l^oyer, born May 31, 
1800, married, but there are no data to record; D (7) Daniel Boyer 
was born July 29, 1802. Lived in Shippensbnrg, Pa. Married Sarah 
Pague. Children : Anthony, Harriet, Samuel, Sarah, Ann, Kate, Caro- 
line; D (8) Maria Boyer was born July 13, 1804. No records; D (0) 
Christian Boyer was born July 7, i8o(5. Went West. 

D (i) Jonas Byer, son of David Byer and wife Anna Donner. 
Farmer. Lived in Pickering Township, Ontario Co., Canada. Married 
Katherine Welsh. Children: Henry, Jane, Anna, Susanna, Daniel, 
Elizabeth; D (2) Susanna ]iyer married Daniel I^ehman. Children: 
David, Elizabeth, ]\L'iry, Sanuiel, Fannie, Nancy, Abraham, Elizabetli, 
Anthony, Caroline. Family lived at Markham, Ontario; D (3) David 
Byer was born March 3, 1820, and died Dec. 10, 1894. Lived and died 
at Markham, Ontario, Canada. Married Esther Plainer, born Nov., 1823. 
Farmer. Saw mill owner. Inventor of Byer's "Cancer Cure." River 
Brethren Church. Children: Peter, Fannie, Christina, Catharine, John, 
'I'^.nna, Daniel, David, Susanna, Elizabeth, Mary; D (4) John IK')Over 
Byer was born March 3, 1820, and died Dec. 19, 1892. Address (1892) 
Markham, Ontario, Canada." Farmer. Married Elizabeth Ramer, and 
afterwards Margaret Cover. Children : Christian, Peter Stover, George 
Kitley, John, Peter, Mary Jane, Elizabeth, Daniel Ra>'mond, Nancy, 
Simeon Stover, Mary, Albert Brunfelder, Susan, Peter Sherik, Rebecca; 
D (5) Anna Byer married Lyman Conner. Children: PJaniel, Regina, 
Nancy, Obadiah, Timothy, Nelson, Mahala, Jesse; D (6) Christina 
Byer married Daniel Strickler. Children; Annie, Meno, Susanna, Elijah 
W., John, Barbara; D (7) Elizabeth Byer married Abraham Ramer.. 



She died Feb. 23, 1903, aged 79 years. Children: Susanna, Andrew^ 
Fannie, Joseph, Esther, Anthony, Annie, John S., Ehzabeth, Enoch, and 

D (i) David Byer, son of Benjamin Byer and wife Ehzabeth 
Martin. Married. Children : Joseph Boyer, Ira B3'er, and some daugh- 
ters ; D (2) John Byer married a Miss Whitesides, left Ontario, Canada,, 
and moved into the United States, but at this writing Mrs. Sander 
and her people can not tell of his descendants. His children were 
David, John, Angeldne, Mary Ann, perhaps others. Note: A Mrs. 
Ramer, of \^ancouver, B. C, has an old Bible which may contain im- 
portant data. 

D (i) Abraham Byer, son of Samuel Byer and wife Mary Whit- 
ney, was born Oct. 23, 1836, and died Jan. 28, 1904; D (2) Jonas 
Byer was born Sept. 25, 1S41, died Dec. i, 1913. Married Jane Mc- 
Keown, born Aug. 15, 1869. Children: Earl, born Oct. 3, 1897; Leslie,. 
lH:irn May 18, 1899. 

E (i) Emmanuel R. Boyer, son of Jonas Boyer and wife Susannah, 
was born April 15, 185 1, in York Co., Pa., died Feb. 24, 1900, in Chicago, 
II!. Removed to Fulton Co., 111., after Civil War, with parents, who 
were farmers. Graduate of State Normal School, Bloomington, 111., in 
1879. Principal of schools at Astoria, Fulton Co., 111. In 1882 became 
County Superintendent of Fulton Co., 111. In 1886 went to State Uni- 
versity, Champaign, 111. Graduate of Harvard University, 1890. Became 
celebrated in Cliicago High School work under Dr. E. Benjamin Andrews. 
Appointed director of Chicago Institute endowed by Mrs. Emmons Blaine. 
Friend of Col. Francis W. Parker. Identified with "PIuU House" settle- 
ment work. Specialist in biology. Wrote a manual used in Chicago 
schools, and an unfmislied te.xt buok. Admired and loved by all. T\]ar- 
ried. Left four children; y\ttorney Samuel R. Boyer was born Sept. 7, 
1854. Address (1914) 930 Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, Mo. Manager 
of Loan Department of Farm and Home Savings and Loan Associa- 
tion. Helped ]5oyer historian. Married Julia Adelaide Waketield. Chil- 
dren: Lucius Trent, Don Wakefield, and Samuel A., all at home; E (3) 
Rebecca Boyer, born May 17, 1853, married Lewis Manhartz. Farmer, 
Ipava, 111. Children: Lulu and Esther; E (4) Attorney Isaiah R. 
Boyer, born May 21, 1856, died July 6, 1907. Single. Founded the 
Boyer Institutional Home for Cliiklren, Kansas City, Mo. Very fine 
character; E (5) Susan Boyer died single; E (6) Sarah Boyer, bom 
l\Iay 14, 1865, married Bert Errol Fisk, Chicago, 111. Druggist; E (7) 
Angelina Boyer, born Oct. 9, 1849. Wife of Samuel Fitz. Only child: 
Farie Fitz, Astoria, 111.; E (8) Catharine Boyer, born May 1865, mar- 
ried Dudley W. Clark, Kansas City, Mo. Electrician; F, (9) Attorn y 
William Flenry Bo3'er was born Feb. 7, 1859. Attorney. Banker. Farm- 


er, Bloomington, III. Married Lillian Gay Wakefield, sister of wife of 
Samuel A. Children: Ruth, Miriam, Gaylord, Wakefield; E (lo) 
Charles Jonas Boyer, born July ii, 1872, at Ipava. 111. Address (1914) 
Detroit, Mich. Graduate of University of Chica-o, Course Ph D Fine 
genealogist. Working for Allen and Bacon, publishers. Married Zilpha 
Campbell. Children: Charles Harold. 

E (i) Henry L. Boyer, son of Manassas Bover and wife Lovina 
Luckenbaugh, was born 1851. Address (1914) Bradford, Ohio. Mar- 
ried Sarah Bayman, and after her death, Sadie Schuster; E (2) Albert 
E Boyer was born 1852. Address (1914) Bradford, Ohio. Farmer 
Married Malinda Brant. Children: (i) Pearl, wife of Mr. Sargeant 
Owosso, Michigan; (2) Maude, wife of Mr. Hartle, Covington, Ohio! 
(.3) Cora, wife of Mr. Wolfe, Tippecanoe, Ohio; (4) Fannie, wife of 
Mr. Miller, Indianapolis, Ind. ; (5) Goldie, Bradford, Ohio; E (3) 
Sarah Boyer was born 1853. Married Linn Powell. Child- B F 
Powell, Bradford, Ohio. Farmer; E (4) Daniel L. Boyer was born 
1857, and died 1910. Married Ellen Crowell. Children- (i) Ira Get- 
tysburg, Ohio. Carpenter. Married Daisy Homer. Child: Gerirude 
(2) Clarence married Florence Fiery. Child: Emerson. (3) Eva wife 
■of Mr. Christian, Covington, Ohio. (4) Lowell, (5) Linas; E (5) 'john 
L. Boyer was born 1859, and died 1891. Married Ida Alexander Chil- 
dren: (I) Earl, Bakersficld. California. Clerk. (2) Myrtle wife of 
Mr. Voissard, Covington, "Ohio. (3) Arthur, San Pedro, California 
Confectioner. (4) Anna Mabel, Long Beach, Cal. Teacher- E (6) 
Manasse Boyer was born 1861. Married Mina Klinger. Children-' (1) 
Lottie, (2) Henry Lee, Bradford, Ohio. Merchant, married Bertha 
Smithy Children: Emmett. Myron. (3) Otto, Bradford, Ohio. Clerk 
(4) ivobert, Anderson, Indiana. Machinist; E (7) Malinda Boyer 
born 1863, married Thomas Wilson. Children: (i) Gertrude, wife of 
Mr. bmith, Versailles, Ohio. (2) Mina, wife of Mr. Wolfe. (3) Orville 
(4) Russell, (5) Homer, (6) Jennie, wife of Mr. Lanich, of Brock Ohio' 
(7) Rhondo, of Versailles, Ohio; E (8) Ida May Boyer, born 1872, mar- 
ried Leonard Marvel, Versailles, Ohio; E (9) Obed L. Boyer was born 
1874. Address (1914) Bradford, Ohio. Married Sarah Hetzler Chil- 
dren: (i) Charles, Bradford, O., married Effie Haines; (2) Mary a 
^erk; F_(io) Oren Boyer was born 1875. Address (19x4) Bradfonl. 
Ohio. Farmer. A fine genealogist. Married Ella Miller. Children - 
Forest, born 1905, and Elsie Mae, born 1908. 

E fi) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Henry Boyer and wife Mary 
N. Miller, married Mr. Martin. Children: Harvey, Else (McCrea), 
Lawrence, Gohlie; E (2) Susan Boyer married Mr. Fulkarth. She died 
1913- Children: Ida (Boyd), Henry, Charles, Bessie (Thomas), Stella 
<McGriiT) ; E (3) Daniel Boyer, Bradford, Ohio. Farmer. Married 



I.urc„a Jackso,. Children: Bessie (Newbauer) and Myrtle (Marker) ; 
J- (4) Andrew Hoyer, Lamont, Oklahoma. Farmer MarrieH <;,ll 
Mose. Children: E.he, (M,.,keyl. of Lan,o„e. Ok^hom May, R 
sell, lahner, iiern.ce, Lowell, Daniel, John, Ennice, Tl,eln,a, Zeln,a 

Cable''- K'(^^t, ''T' "'"''"'' °' °"''" ^°^"- ^"■" "'f^- Elizabeth 

Famer VV "','■, '^ ^^ <"" "!'"» Boyer, StilvKleo, Ohio 

rn ■ ? "'"" '"'• ^'"'"^"'^ ^'-'"KO (died .9,., David 

™ • E ;'o'm"p ^"'"'"' ^'"""' "^'^^'' «-^'""-' Kenneth, "Zt 

E^r Ed^r' Kansas. • a:^:''Z!^^:;, t^^-^:^ 

E (8) Edward lioyer, Greenville, Ohio. Farmer. Married Bertha ' 
E (I) Rosa Boyer, daughter of John H. Bover and wit,- T v,li, 
Marttn, born ,86., ,narrie<l Mr. Miller, Greenville, Ohio. C ild l- V 

E i? ^S,i ' "' m"'"' "' ^""-'»P°'-. l"d- a brakema , nar i d 
nunice. Children; Mary and Martha {'2\ A.t\ r t , 

Ind., a braken,an, nrarr.ed I.nlu. CI :' M R„: L "0';^ "tf" 

f;:l°'-'v ;:'.T'* ?;"""" <=> ^^-^^^'^ ^^' ^-- ' ^l' «; 

iiorence, Ij, (2) Sara lioyer married Mr Youn-r V.^r.n,-n.. r^l- 
Ch.^lren ( , , ,vy, wife of Mr. Marker, of Stilvi "."ohl 'Ven™? 

of Versailles, Ohio. (3) Uster, of Versailles, Oho; e'(3) Eh eh 
lioyer marned Mr: Bernhart, Bradford, Ohio Children- M-,.vT 
Ro er, N ,lie; E (4) Snsannah Boyer.'born ,S^^Z^, ^'liD 

John I. Boyer and second wife Mollie Ma,„-er, was born',877 Ad 
<lress (19.4) Bradfor.1, Ohio: E (6) Alva Boyer was born ,879'' Fan -" 
er, Ansoma, Oh,o. Married Sallie Hoke. Child: Leroy ■ E ( 7 Wacob 
Boyer was born 188,. Teaeher, Bradfor.l, Ohio; E (8) Harvey I o er 
w born ,883. Fa,.r,er, Versailles, Ohio. Married Naomi Me ^ 
Ch Idren : Florence, Annabel, Mary, Carl ; E (9) Clara Bover was Ln 
1893. Address (1914) Bradford, Ohio. ' 

E (I) Amanda Boyer. daughter of Samuel H. Boyer and wife 
Sarah Martnt, n,arr,cd Mr. I lardn,nn. Children: Mvrtle Charts W,, Leonard, VValter; E (.) Lydia Boyer n,arried Mr. Shea r ' cIl-' 
< n: Ralph, M.anon, Mabel, Orval, Kenneth, Florence; E 3) I i 
Boyer, farmer Versailles, Ohio. Married Catharine Hanbaker E (a 

ortsl, E (5) VV.Iham S. Boyer, farmer. Bradfor.l, Ohio. Married I il Evans. CInldren: Maude C, O. Hubert, D. Carl; E (6) Mar; 


M. Boyer, married Mr. Weyant. Children : Charles, Dortha, Earl, 
jNIildred; E (7) 'Bessie H. Boyer. 

E (i) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Rev. John Boyer and wife 
Nancy Brenneman, married Eevi Burkhardt. Children: (1) Elizabeth, 
wife of Albert Coates, of Pandora, Ohio (1913). Their daughter: Alir- 
iani C. (2) John Y. Burkhardt married Clara Thrapp. (3) Andrew 
Burkhardt. (4) Naomi, wife of David Thrapp. (5) Samuel Burk- 
hardt married Etta AlcCish. (6) Amanda Ann, wife of Stanley 11. 
Crawford; E (2) Benjamin Boyer was the oldest child. jMarried. Chil- 
dren: (i) Henry Byers (deceased). (2) David V. Byers. Address 
(1913) Sterling-, Illinois, R. D. 3. Born about 1833. Farmer. ^Minister 
of Winebrennarian Church. Married Esther I'attiman. Children : ( i ) 
David (dead) ; Ida, Joseph, both near Dixon, 111.; Amanda and Clinton, 
of Iowa; Lilly, at home; Emma, of Sterling-, 111.; Edward and Irwin, 
(dead) ; Laura, Emmanuel, of Sterling-, 111. (3-8) Jacob (deceased) ; 
Lydia Ann; Fannie, wife of C. M. McKnell ; Elizabeth, wife of Mr. 
Keffelfiner; Benjamin (deceased); John (deceased); (9) Benjamin 
Byers, the second. Address (1915) Highspire, Dauphin Co., Pa. Mar- 
ried Miss McCannick. Children: Rosa Mae, of Middletown, Pa., R. 
F. D. 2; Maude E. and Cora M., of Mighspire, Pa. ; Frank Oscar, of 1726 
Susquehanna St., Harrisburg, Pa., married to Margaret Lyter ; Ralph 
Emerson, Olive M., and Warren Clyde, all of Highspire, Pa. Olive M. 
married Wm. P. Dintiman. (10) Anthony Byers, lived or lives, in Ohio. 
(11) Kate Byers, wife of George Cave; (12) Mary Byers; E (3) Lydia 
Boyer married Mr. Shollenberger ; E (4) .-^nnie Boyer. Married; 
E (5) Rev. John C. Boyer was born April 16, 1815, Franklin Co., Pa., 
and died Nov. 25, 1887. Settled near Springfield, Ohio. Bishop of River 
Brethren. Married Elizabeth Wingert. Children: (i) Anna, wife of 
Christ Hoover, Newbury, Pa. (2) Leah, wife of Mr. Ulrey, 1322 Maiden 
Lane, Springfield, Ohio. (3) Mary C, wife of Mr. Springer, LIpland, 
Cal. Born Sept. 21, 1855, Clark Co., Ohio. Married Christian W. 
Wing'-ert, and afterward Christian Springer. Children: Harry H. Win- 
gert, of Twin Falls, Iilaho; Jacob B. Wingert, of Oakley, Cal.; Daniel 

B. Wingert, of South Africa, Missionary of Brethren in Christ; .\nnie 
Elizabeth Wingert, of 52 Cumberland St., San Francisco, Cal. ; Andrew 

C. Wingert, of Ganda, Rhodesia, South Africa ; Esther Wingert, of LIp- 
land, Cal. (4) Elizabeth Byers, wife of Eli Linkey, of Ui)land, Cal. 
Children: Anna, wife of J. C. Benfold, 1825 ]\f organ St., S'^ringfield, 
Ohio; Andrew, of Ashland, Ohio; Harry H., of 386 Audubon Ave., New 
York; Irvin, of Upland, Cal. ; Fannie Ellen, wife of E. J. Broyles, lT])land, 
Cal.; I. J. Ivinkey, of Upland, Cal., and Elizabeth Esther, of Upland. 
(5) Kate, wife of Christian Herr. (6) John, born Jan. 12, 1842. No 

■descendants. (7) Fanny married J. B. Wingert. (8) Andrew N. Byers. 


River Brctliren ]:^vangelist. Aildress (1915) Springfield, Ohio. Born 
July 28, 1851. 3tlarried Etta Morninyslar. Fine people. Children: 
Edna J., Emma, 1x3. Al., Idela, Charles E., of 1418 Maiden Lane, Spring- 
field, Ohio, and Maude \'. (9) Malizie, born Oct. 28, 1857. (10) Sarah 
M., born Oct. 21, 1859; E (6) Andrew Byers was born July 8, 1827, 
near Roxbury, Franklin Co., Pa., and died yy years old. Member of 
i\iver Brethren Church. Farmer. Married Nancy Whistler. Both 
'[»uried near Albany, 111. Children: (i) Nancy, wife of A. N. Wingert, 
Springfield, Ohio. Children: Andrew, Elbert, Abram, Sydney, Vernon, 
Arthur, Nancy. (2) John S. Byers, born Dec. 26, 1856. Deceased. Alar- 
ried Tamma C. Eddy, Albany, 111. Children: Viola, Mabel, Stella, 
Glenn, Flora, Ivy. (3) Jacob W., born March 26, 1859. Address ( 1913) 
719 Fifty-fourth St., Oakland, California. Married Jennie Shirk. Chil- 
dren: Olive, Cora, Laude. (4) Annie E., born Sept. 4, 1862, married 
William M. Gnagy, Waterloo, Iowa. Children : Earl, Jesse, John, Lulu. 
(5) Andrew L. Byers, born Aug". 26, 1869. Address (1913) Anderson, 
Indiana. Church of God. Publisher: Gospel Trumpet Company. Fine 
g-eneaiogist. Married Delia W. Wickersham, born April 6, 1874. Chil- 
dren: Virgil A., M. Celestine, Gladys B., Ilomer L., Helen I., Ronald 
L., Delflura. (6) Luella Byers, born March 12, 1872, married William 
J. Henry, Graydon Springs, iNIo. Children: Nancy, Plettie, Ray, May, 
and Floyd. 

I£ (i) Samuel Boyer, son of Henry Boyer and wife Rachel Jacoby, 
was born July 13, 1819. Lived in Philadelphia, Pa. Married Elizabeth 
Shoop. Children: (i) William, who died in the Civil War, single. 
(2) Elizabeth A., no children; E (2) Susannah Boyer, born Sept. 21, 
1821, married Benjamin Wagner. Children: David, William, of New- 
bury, Cumberland Co., Pa. ; John, of Newvillc, Pa. ; Henr\-, Elizabeth 
(Coleman), Newburg, Pa.; Catherine, Jennie (Burkholder), of New- 
ville, Pa.; Sarah Shoop, Newbury, Pa.; E (3) William Boyer, born Feb. 
21, 1826, and died Sept. 12, 1897. Buried at Antrim Church. Married 
Jane Givler. Farmer. River Brethren Church. Children: (i) Mary 
E., born March 11, 1855. Single. (2) Joseph Byers. Address (1913) 
Green Castle, Pa., R. D. 2. Born March 19, 1856. Married Anna M. 
Aloyer, born June 24, 1865. Only child : Adam M. Byers, born Oct. 
27, 1909. (3) Isaac Byers, Chanibersburg'-, Pa. Born July 31, 1857. 
Alarried. ■ Children: William P., Margaret J., Viola. (4) Alfred IL 
Byers, Chambersburg, Pa., R. D. i. Born March 7, i860. Farmer. Mar- 
ried Hannah M. Burkhardt. Children: Joseph W., Laban, Emma Jane, 
Ezra, Mary E., Alma E., John Alfred, Anna, Charles. (5) Emma Byers, 
born Dec. 13, 1863. Single. (6) William C. Byers, Greencastle, Pa., 
R. D. 2. Born April 21, 1866. Married Mary A. Ausherman. Children: 
Lewis T., born Aug. 10, 1905; Mary J., liannah E. (7) Henry Byers, 


Rochester, N. Y., born Oct. 24, 1869; E (4) Jacob Byers was born Aug, 
8, 1829, and died Jan. 13, 1892. Married to May Ann Stroke. Children: 
c'vnthia, Benjamin F., George, Sahnda, Henry, Rev. Calvin, of Hagers- 
town, Md., R. D. 7, Rachel, Mary; E (5) Henry Byers was born June 
3 1834 and died July 4, 1863. Married Sarah Martin. Children: (i) 
Dora, wife of Mr. Halter, Mansfield, Ohio. (2) Rachel, wife of Mr. 
Ocher, Shippensburg, Pa.; E (6) Maria Byers was born June 8, 1836, 
and married Joseph Bowman. Only one living (1910) Samuel A., of 
Grcencasde, Pa.; E (7) Ann Byers was born March 7, 1841, and mar- 
ried Samuel Hade. No children; E (8) Benjamin F. Byers was born 
June 17, 1843. Married Judith Wingert. Chddren: (i) Isaac W. 
Byers Address (1913) Iron River, Mich. Graduate of Keystone State 
Normal School. Judge of Courts and Attorney of great success. Fine 
genealogist. Married Dora Rosenstock, a graduate of the same Normal 

School. 1 -r 

E (i) Charles WiUiam Boyer, son of Solomon Boyer and wite 
Susan Bemis, was born Sept. 5, 1858. Address (1913) Martinsburg, 
West Virginia. Presbyterian. Fruit grower. Married Elizabeth Sher- 
rard ChUdren: (i) Ethel, wife of Lcmen, Shepherdstown, W. Va., 
(2) Inez, wife of Conkling, Greenville, Ohio, (3) Charles William Boyer, 
Bunker Hill, West Virginia ;E (2) Anne Boyer married Catharn ; E (3) 
Frisby David Boyer, son of Solomon Boyer and wife, was a Baptist. 
Dead Huntingdon, W. Va. Married Camelia Butterworth, Lynchburg, 
Va Children • Mrs. William Kratz, Baltimore, Md. ; Mrs. Charles Swo- 
boda, Huntingdon, W. Va. ; Mrs. Robert L. Hutchinson, Hunthigdon, 
W Va • E (4) Francis T. Bover, Baltimore, Md. Married. Child: 
Frank Boyer. of Baltimore, Md. ; E (5) Aaron A. Boyer, Bunker Hdl, 
W Va Married Naomi Welch. Children: Susan, Edna, Andry, all at 
home in 1913, and Claude; E (6) Augusta Virginia Boyer married 
Daniel J Holmes, of Chesterfield Co., Virginia. Six children; E (7) 
Margaret Helen Boyer married Daniel Hewett, of Sharpsburg, Md. 
Three children; E (8) James Hamilton Boyer, of Quinter, Kansas, 
married Miss Long. Children; E (9) Mary Elizabeth Boyer married 
Kephart, Washington, D. C. ^ , -n 

Ed) Anthony Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and wife Sarah Pague. 
Married. Children: Mrs. Frank Seitz. Address (1911) Newville 
Pa Perhaps others; E (2) Harriet Boyer married Mr. Getter; L (3) 
Samuel Boyer; E (4) Sarah Boyer married John Miller; E (5) Ann 
Boyer married David Miller; E (6) Kate; E (?) Caroline. 

' E (i) Henry Byer, son of Jonas Byer and wife Catharine Welsh. 
Address (1915) Atha, Ontario, Canada. Farmer. Married Jane Wal- 
lace; E (2) Susanna Byer married Nelson Harrington, of Michigan; 
E (3) Daniel Byer, Washington, D. C. Government policeman. 


Chapter XXIX, Page 358 


Chapter XXiX. Page 359 


E (i) Peter Byer, son of David Byer and wife Esther Ramer, was 
born Jan. 21, 1846, and died Oct. 29, 1849. Laborer. Lived at Rose- 
vain, Manitoba. Married Elizabeth Weidman. Children : John K., 
Mt. Joy, Ontario. Factory employe; Alice Stover, Hannah Jane, David 
Franklin, of Mt. Joy, Ontario. Factory employe; Martha Lehman, 
Benjamin Asa, of Kindersley Sask., Canada; E (2) Fannie Byer married 
Henry Klippert, York, Pa., R. D., Box j^. Children: Esther, Samuel 
W., Mary K., William, Emma, Charles C, Martha; E (3) Christina 
Byer, born Jan. 7, 1850, married Jonas Sander, Dec. 30, 1875. Address 
(1915) Box 218, Markham, Ontario, Canada. Children: (i) Esther, 
wife of Edward Allen. Children: Christina, David, Katherine, Wilifred 
R., Lottie, Merrill, William. (2) David Sander married Anna Nissley. 
Children: Katherine, Samuel M., Ernest, Susan L (3) Isaiah, (4) 
Katherine, (5) Levi, (6) Benjamin, (7) Peter; E (4) Catharine. No 
data; E (5) John Byer was born Feb. 26, 1854, and died Aug. 24, 1900. 
Farmer. Married Susannah Cover. Lived at Markham, Ontario, Can- 
ada. Children: Adeline, wife of William Raymond, Gormley, Ontario; 
Joseph, Elizabeth B., Asa, and Mabel C, of Mt. Joy, Ontario; E (6) 
Anna; E (7) Daniel Byer was born April 17, 1858. Address (1915) 
Kendersly, Sask., Canada. Married Fannie Cover. Children: David, 
Florence B., Susanna, John, Jesse, Esther, Samuel, Ora, and Daniel; 
E (8-10) David, Susanna, Elizabeth, died in infancy; E (11) Mary 
Byer, born June 22, 1867, married William Shank. Children: David 
M., Elizabeth, Ida, Eli, Berna W., Jacob, Elsie, Ralph, Oliver, Mabel, 
and Mary. 

E (i) Christina Byer, daughter of John Hoover Byer and wife 
Elizabeth Ramer, married Peter Stover, Stouffville, Ontario, Canada; 
E (2) Esther Byer married Rev. George Kitley, of- Michigan; E (3) 
Peter Byer. An apiarist; E (4) EHzabeth Byer married Daniel Ray- 
mond, a Alichigan farmer; E (5) Nancy Byer married Simon Stover, a 
laborer, Mt. Joy, Ontario, Canada; E (6) Mary Boyer married Albert 
Frounfelder, a Michigan farmer; E (7) Susan Byer married Peter 
Sherik, telephone employe, Claremont, Ontario, Canada. 

E (i) Joseph Boyer, son of David Byer and wife, of Markham, 
Ontario, was born about 1850. Address (1913) 637 Woodward Ave., De- 
troit, Mich. President of the Burroughs Adding Machine Company, 
Married a girl from Limerick, Maine, Feb. 5, 1874. She was born 
July 20, 1853, and died Aug. 1913. She was Trustee of Grace Hos- 
pital and the Protestant Orphan Asylum. An active member of the 
Twentieth Century Club. Unitarian. Children: Frank PL, Myron L., 
Flint, Mrs. H. E. Chandler, Mrs. Standish Backus, Mrs. F. S. Stearns, 
Mrs. W. A. C. Miller; E (2) Ira Boyer, of Claremont, Ontario, Canada. 

F (i) David Sander, son of Jonas Sander and wife Christina Byer, 


was born Feb. 17, 1878. Married Anna Nissley, Dec, 1904, Box 66 A, 
R. D. No. 2, Dallas Center, Dallas Co., Iowa. Farmer; F (2) Esther 
Saucier, born Dec. 7, 1879, niarried George Edward Allen, Vandorf, 
Ontario, Canada. Railroad section man; F (3) Isaiah Valentine Sander 
was born Feb. 14, 1881. Address (1915) Vernon B. C, Canada. Hide 
and wool merchant. Married Annie Merrill Storey, June 5, 1906; F (4) 
Katharine Sander, born March 2, 1883; F (5) Levi Sander was born 
May 19, 1885. Contractor, Simmins, Ontario, Canada; F (6) Benja- 
min Sander was born Jan. 11, 1889. Laborer, Fort Appelle, Sask., Can- 
ada; F (7) Peter Sander was born Oct. 5, 1894. Medical student, Mark- 
ham, Ontario, Canada. 



The historian's correspondent hands down the tradition that Samuel 
Boyer came from Switzerland. An old Bible records the dates of birth 
and death, 1725 and 1824. In 1734, or just before that, a Samuel Boyer 
purchased land from Amos Strettle, of Strasburg Twp., Lancaster Co., 
Pa., and the record belongs to this family. It would indicate that 
Samuel's father was the purchaser, and that his name also was Samuel. 
The Samuel born 1725 founded a family in York County, Pa. To whom 
he was married has not been reported, nor do we know how many 
children he left. The only one definitely reported is Jacob, born 1754. 
It is just possible that the older Samuel Bayer was a brother to Henry 
Bayer, the founder of the York County line of Chapter 27. 

C (i) Jacob Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and wife, was born 1754. 
It is not known at this time how he made a living and what his church 
affiliations were, nor whether he took any part in the Revolutionary 
War. He married Christiana Shultz, born 1755. The correspondent, Mr. 
Martin E. Boyer, a descendant, has records to show that there were at 
least the following children: Samuel S., John, Henry, Elizabeth, and 
Daniel. There may have been others. 

D (i) Samuel S. Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and his wife Chris- 
tiana Shultz, was born Aug. 16, 1795, in Lancaster Co., Pa., died Feb. 
20, 1867, and is buried on Carroll's Manor, near Frederick, Maryland. 
Moved about 1842 from Lancaster County, Pa., to Carroll Co., Md., 


near what is now (1913) called Lineboro. Afterwards he moved to 
J^rederick Co., Md. "He came from Pennsylvania with part of his chil- 
dren," says one correspondent, who copied the statement from a "Fred- 
erick" paper of 1867. Married Sarah Lefever, daughter of Samuel Le- 
fever. Children: John L., Samuel L,., George L., Jacob L., Henry L., 
Mary, Sarah, Barbara, Leah; D (2) Daniel Boyer was born about 1799, 
and died 1864. Before 1840 he moved to Freystown, York Co., Fa. The 
place is now a part of York, Pa. Married Anna Maria Kissinger, born 
1802. Children: Abraham, Daniel, Simpson, ]\Iary, Conrad, Sarah, 
Rachel, Jacob, Christie, Henry, Susan; D (3-5) John, Henry, and Eliza- 
beth Boyer, children of Jacob Boyer and Christiana Shultz, have not 
been reported. 

E (i) John Lefever Boyer, son of Samuel S. Boyer and wife 
Sarah Lefever, was born Nov. 7, 1820, in Spring Twp., York Co., Pa., 
and died Jan. 16, 1892. Baptized by Rev. Mayer, Reformed minister. 
Fie and his wife are buried at New Freedom, York Co., Pa. Married 
.Nancy Lamotte, born Feb. 7, 1830. Children: (i) John Henry Lamotte 
Boyer, New Freedom, Pa., R. D. liorn Nov. 22, 1857, Carroll Co., Md. 
Reformed. Merchant. Teacher for 11 years. Married Priscilla E. 
Stanford, born Jan. 22, 1857. Children: John Roy, born June 21, 
1890. Telegrapher, New Freedom, Pa.; Blanche Marie, born March 18, 
1895. (2-3) Sarah Jane and Belinda died single. (4) Elizabeth W. 
married Hoover, but left no children, New Freedom, Pa.; E (2) Samuel 
L. Boyer. Married. Children: (i) Sarah J., born July 19, 1854. She 
married Charles W. Eagle, Brunswick, Md. Children: Samuel I>., 
Knoxville, Md. ; Margaret C, Laura F., wife of W. S. Fluck, Gettys- 
burg, Pa.; George AL, and Kate B. (2) Barbara, wife of C. Newton 
Trundle, left seven children : Thomas, whose daughter Mrs. A. A. 
Thomas, resides at Brunswick, Md. ; Kate, Lillie R., wife of Caroll 
Alill, Brunswick, Md. ; Charles N., Samuel B., George B., and Alfred, at 
home; E (3) George L. Boyer died single; E (4) Jacob Boyer lived 
east of Stiltz, York Co., Pa. Married Mary Keller. Children: Samuel 
lived near New Freedom, Pa., moved to Florida about 190S. Married 
Emma Sheffers. Children: Eli, Charles, Howard, all at New Freedom, 
Pa. (2) Amanda. Address (1913) Mrs. Amanda Fisher, New Freedom, 
Pa. Lias three children; E (5) Henry Boyer, so far as J. H. L. Boyer 
can ascertain, was killed in the Civil War. a single man; E (6) Sarah 
Jane Boyer, born March 2, 1827; E (7-9) Barbara, Mary, and Leah 
liave not been reported to the historian. 

E (i) Daniel Boyer, son of Daniel Boyer and wife Anna Maria 
Kissinger, was born in York Co., Pa. Moved West. Resided near Lima, 
Indiana. Married Sarah Sleeger and later Miss Boechel, of York, Pa. 
Four children; !•' (2) Simpson Boyer was born 1831, and died 1913. 


Married Sarah Brandenburg. Children: May, Grace, Arthur, Ira, 
Address (191 3) near Dayton, Ohio; E (3) Conrad lioyer was born 
1824, and died 1904. Resided in Yorlc, Pa., and is buried there. Married 
Margaret Ann Adams. Children: (i) William Pierce Boyer, Falls 
Road, North Baltimore, Md. Married Elizabeth Stefi'y and then Nannie 
Barner. No children. (2) Calvin A. Boyer, 958 East Market St., York 
Pa. Born Aug. 4, 1854. Lutheran. Contractor and builder. Highway 
Commissioner. Married Ella M. Blouser. Children: (a) Harry S., 
1533 S. Albermarle St., York, Pa. Born Sept. 14, 1873. Lutheran. 
Carpenter. Married Ella Campbell. Children: Minnie M., Calvin W., 
Charles E., Leroy, Ethel M.^ all at home, (b) Edgar A., 1108 East 
Philadelphia St., York, Pa. Married Myrtle Gibson. Child: James B. 
(c) Annie M., wife of Edward A. Smith, Philadelphia, Pa. Child: 
Floyd, (d) Cora Grace, 958 East Market St., York, Pa. (3) Mary 
V, Boyer, born 1856, wife of Clinton Frey. Five children: Eva, Victor, 
.Caroline, Ivan, Grace. (4) Walter E., born 1858, married Elizabeth 
Wilt. (5) Martha E., wife of Albert Stair. Child: Charles, of York, 
Pa. (6) Alpheus G., born 1864, lives at York, Pa. Married Caroline 
Keller. Children: Myrtle E., Russell, Charlotte, Helen. (7) Rufus S., 
born 1865, lives at York, Pa. Married Selina Nicolas. Children: Hest- 
er, Paul, Luther, Morgan. (8) Marvin A., born 18G7, married Lida 
Bender. Children: Oliver A., Bessie, Ada, Chester, Pierce, Gwendolyn. 
(9) Harry D., born 1870. Address (1915) York, Pa. Married Annie 
Campbell. Children: Ralph, Margaret, Herbert, Evelyn; E (4) Mary 
Boyer married Mr. Seitz, Mountville, Lancaster Co., Pa. Ten children; 
E (5) Rachel Boyer married Mr. Meissenhelter, York, Pa. Four chil- 
dren; E (6) Sarah Boyer married William Dietz, of Stony Brook, Pa. 
Ten children; E (7) Susan Boyer married Emmanuel Lehr. Children: 
Annie, Mira, Laura; E (8) Jacob Boyer was born 1839 and died 1883. 
Lived at York, Pa. Married Hannah Rostetter. Children: (i) Martin 
Elias, 1422 East 7th St., Charlotte, N. C, born Oct. 9, 1865, at York, Pa. 
Accountant 20 years in Pennsylvania, 23 years in Virginia, and. 5 in 
North Carolina. Married Joanna McMichael, 1888. Children: Donald, 
Martin E., Lavinia. Pie helped the historian very much ; E (9) Chris- 
tiana Boyer was born 1842, and married Marcellus Frey; E (10) Henry 
Boyer died 1905. Resided at York, Pa. Married to Millie WoUet. 
Children: William, Edward, Laura, Frank. 



Correspondents report that this Frederick Beyer lived mostly in 
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Judging from the date of his 
marriage he was born about 1750, but the historian can not find his 
parents. The ship list, Vol. 17, Second Series, Pennsylvania Archives, 
records a Frederick Beyer coming to America in 1772, on the ship 
"Crawford," landing at Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 16. The fact that the 
Frederick of this chapter was married to Margaret Mann, of Berlin, 
Germany, about 1768, seems to identify the man. A grandson reports 
that Frederick is buried in the neighborhood of Germantown, Pa. The 
children were George, John, Catherine, Margaret, Frederick, and Jacob. 

B (i) George Boyer, son of Frederick Beyer and wife Margaret 
Mann, was born about 1790, died Oct. i, 1867, sixty-eight years old, 
and is buried with wife near Connellsville, Pa. Potter by trade. Large 
farm. Town of Vanderbilt, Fayette Co., Pa., now on this land. Married 
Mary Lighty, Jan. 18, 1813. She died Jan. 21, 1852. Children: Frances, 
Jacob, Frederick, John, and Robert; B (2) John Boyers son of Fred- 
erick Beyer and wife Margaret Mann, lived in Armstrong Co., Pa. Mar- 
ried. Children; B (3-4) Catharine and Margaret Boyers left no chil- 
dren; B (5) Frederick Boyers, son of Frederick Be}er and wife Mar- 
garet Mann, was born Oct. 11, 1795, moved to Butler Co., Pa., in 1840. 
Maker of spinning wheels. Married Elizabeth Sowers. Both are buried 
near Avondale, Butler Co., Pa. Their only child was Frederick S. ; 
B (6) Jacob Boyers, son of Frederick Beyer and wife Margaret Mann, 
was born Jan. 5, 1798, in Westmoreland Co., Pa., died April 17, 1876, in 
Venango Co., and is buried with wife at Venus, Pa. Married June 1, 
1824, to Mary Magdalene Shakely. Left an orphan quite young, he grew 
up in the family of his oldest brother George. A miller by trade. Luth- 
t;ran, like wife. Children: Samuel Wallace, Henry S., Margaret, Eliza- 
beth, Jacob L., Frederick W., Joseph K., Maria, and Albert L. 

C (i) Frances Boyer, daughter of George Boyer and his wife 
Mary Lighty, born April 3, 1S14, married William McBurney. Chil- 
dren: Robert, Mary, Maria, George; C (2) Jacob Boyer was born 
Dec. 26, 1815. Potter by trade, married Elizabeth King, Feb. 11, 1840, 
and both died Aug. 30, 1840, leaving no descendants; C (3) Frederick 



Boyer was born Feb. 19, 1818, and died at Buda, Illinois, in 1884. School' 
teacher. Presbyterian. Married Isabella McCloughlin, Oct. 20, 1839. 
She was born 1820. Children: Jacob B., Mary Ann, Lindley, Wilford, 
John, Belle, George, Thomas L., and Eugene E. ; C (4) John Boyer was 
born July 31, 1820. Married Jane Demuth, of Wintemiuth, in 1842. 
Five children; C (5) Robert Boyer was born P^eb. 17, 1825, and died 
Sept. 20. Buried at Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Vanderbilt, Pa. 
Owner of coal fields. Wealthy. Married Sarah Hair, March 8, 1846^ 
and after her death, Elizabeth M. Sinclair. Children of the first mar- 
riage: Annie Elizabeth and Mary. The others were Sarah A., George, 
Pressly, Andrew Bowman, Frances M., Alpharetta, and Robert M. xAnd- 
rew and Pressly died yoimg. 

C (i) Frederick S. Byers, son of Frederick Boyers and wife Eliza- 
beth Sowers, was born March 18, 1831, in Armstrong Co., Pa. Farmer. 
Lutheran. Helped historian. Address (1912) 820 Butler Ave., New 
Castle, Pa. Married Sarah Sloane, born March 10, 1831. Children: 
George W., Margaret, Amanda, D. A., Elizabeth, ^Minnie Y., Celesta, and 

C (i) Samuel Wallace Byers, son of Jacob Byers and wife Mary 
M. Shakely, was born Feb. 27, 1827, in Clarion Co., I'a., and died May 
4, 1902, in Texas. Soldier in Civil War, 38th Iowa Volunteers. After 
surrender of Vicksburg, stationed in recruiting office at Davenport, Iowa. 
Married Susan Walter, born March 23, 1828. Congregationalists, and 
are buried at Oak Hill Cemetery, Nashua, Iowa. Children : Anthony 
Walter, George W., Josephine M., and Margaret; C (2) Flenry S. 
Byers was born Feb. 20, 1827, and died at Des IMoines, Iowa. Married 
Mary Plunt. One child, Luella, wife of George Palmer. Her address 
is Grennel, Iowa. Henry S. Byers married again. One son: Ask Mrs. 
Palmer; C (3) Margaret Byers, born July 28, 1829, married Mr. Walter, 
and died Nov. 3, 1893, in Iowa; C (4) Elizabeth Byers, born May 3, 
1831, died June 18, 1<P9, in Towa ; C (5) Jacob L. Byers was born Feb. 
10, 1834, and died July 2, i()04, at East Brady, Clarion Co., I'a. Mar- 
ried Anna James in 1867. Children: Mrs. W. G. McDowell, Knox, Pa.; 
Ellwood E. Byers, of Sapulpa, Oklahoma, Box 804. Oil operator and 
superintendent of same ; Orra C. Byers, of Jeannette, Pa. Civil en- 
gineer ; C (6) General Frederick W. Byers was born Feb. 10, 1837, died 
June 191 5, at Monroe, Wisconsin. Soldier in Civil War, 96th Illinois 
Infantry. Commissioned lieutenant, captain, major, and in 191 2 was 
brigadier general. Graduate of Rush Medical College. Episcopalian. 
Vice Commander of Loyal Legioners. Member of Wisconsin Assembly 
1885-1886. Married Olive DeHaven. Children: Harry S., Joseph R., 
Ben B., Norma, Grace, Alice, and others; C (7) Joseph K. Byers was 
born Nov. 26, 1839. ''ied Nov. 30, 1878, St. Louis, Mo. Soldier in Civil 


War, Pennsylvania Reserves, later in U. S. Infantry. Made a major. 
Died single; C (8) Marie Uyers, born June 30, 1842, married Jacob 
W. Kable. Fine liistorian, Shippensville, Pa. Children: Albert L., 
Charleston, W. Va. Oil operator; ]\Irs. Harvey R. Mong, Shippensville, 
Pa.; Mrs. Linn McClintic, Watertown, S. Dakota; C (9) Albert L. 
Pyers was born x\ug. 30, 1847. xAddress (1911) Venus, Venango Cc, 
Pa. Soldier in Civil War, yth Iowa Infantry. Married Margaret J 1. 
Henlen. Children : Caroline May, Emma L., Mary Elizabeth, and John 

D (i) Jacob Bradford Boycr, son of Frederick 15oyer and wife 
Isabella McCloughlin, was born Sept. 10, 1840, at Connellsville, Fayette 
Co., Pa., and died at Hastings, Nebraska, June 7, 1910. Presbyterian. 
Much interested in family tree history. Helped the historian. Came 
with parents to Illinois in 1854. Served four years in Civil War. Re- 
turned to father's iiome in Fulton Co., ill. Jiook-keeper. Drygoods 
merchant. Moved to Hastings, Nebraska, in 1884. Fine man. Mar- 
ried Sarah Leighty, Dec. 10, 1868. She was born in Fayette Co.,- Pa., 
1844, and died 1904. Children: (i) Adeline, wife of Attorney Fred- 
erick P. Olmstead, of Hastings, Nebraska. Born Se])t. 16, 1869. (2) 
Annabelle, 117 Bellevue Ave., Hastings, Nebraska. Born Nov. 1871. 
Fine correspondent; D (2) Mary A. Boyer, born i8.|2, married D. B. 
Hildreth, of Davenport, Iowa. There are three children, all girls; D (3) 
Lindley Boyer was born 1844. Address (1912) Buda, Illinois. Married 
Eura Hcdlin. Children: (i) Harvey. Address (1912) California Col- 
lege, Cal., and (2) Retta ; D (4) Wilford Boyer was born 1846. Ad- 
dress (1912) Table Crove, McDonough Co.. 111. Alarried Eli^a Ulinor. 
Seven children; D (5) John W. Boyer was born 1848. Address (1912) 
Tacoma. Washington. IMarried Mary E. McKane. Seven children; 
D (6) Isabella I'oyer, born 1850, married J. H. Miller, Galesburg, 111. 
Only son Frederick; D (7) George Boyer was born 1852, and died 
about 1905, C. and B. railroad comluctor for 33 years. Married Mary 
Andrews. Two children; D (8) Thomas L. Boyer was born 1854. Ad- 
dress (1912) Buda, 111. Contractor. Married Hilnia Nelson. Four 
children; E (9) ]£ugene E. Boyer was born i860, at Buda, 111. Address 
(1912) Wichita, Kansas, R. F. D. 2, Box 80, or 843, East South St., 
Galesburg, 111. Owns farm near Wichita. Railroad conductor aliout 35 
years. Married Mary Mackey. Children : Leonard, Helen. 

D (i) Emma Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Robert Boyer and first 
wife, Sarah Hair, l)orn March 3, 1847, married John Woodward, Nov. 
8, 1866. Children: Davis, Mary Ann, Robert M., Sarah L., John A. 
(of Vanderbilt, Pa.), Jacob F., Susan F., Ida F. ; D (2) Frances M. 
Boyer, daughter of Robert lioyer and his second wife, Elnzabeth Sin- 
clair, born Sept. 26, 1868, married Robert M. McCloughlin. Address 


(1915) Vanderbilt, Pa. Children: Orville P., Grover C, Bessie E., Eliza- 
beth I., Mary N., Helen R., Henrititta, Frances Roberta; D (3) Al- 
pharetta Boyer, born Feb. 5, 1871, married L. F. Dayton. One child is 
Frances Marie, Vanderbilt, Pa. ; D (4) Robert M. Boyer was born 
April 1873. Address (1915) Vanderbilt, Pa. Married Minnie Page. 
Children: Robert Orville, Clarence Ray, Alpha B., Sara Mildred, Roy 
Davis, George Frederick. 

D (i) George W. Byers, son of Frederick S. Byers and wife Sarah 
Sloane, Edenburg, Lawrence Co., Pa., R. D. 3, Box 88; D (2) Margaret 
Byers is wife of Mr. Thompson^ 820 Butler Ave., New Castle, Pa.; 
D (3) Amanda Byers is wife of Mr. Adams, Wise, Pa.; D (4) D. A. 
Byers, ii^Yo Garfield Ave., Detroit, Mich.; D (5) Elizabeth Byers is 
wife of Mr. Small, 15 78th St., E. N., Portland, Oregon;; D (6) Minnie 
Byers is wife of Mr. Clark, 428 Croton Ave., New Castle, Pa.; D (7) 
Celesta Byers, 321 East North St., New Castle, Pa.; D (8) James Byers, 
Enon Valley, Lawrence Co., Pa. 

D (i) Anthony W. Byers, son of Samuel Wallace Byers and wife 
Susan Walter, was born Nov. 7, 1847, i'l Venango Co., Pa. Educated in 
Upper Iowa University. Address (1911) 415 N. Y. Life Bldg., Kansas 
City, Mo. Capitalist and banker, married Martha Reed. He died Oct. 
20, 1912. Children: (i) Reed Byers, 1218 Commerce Bldg., Kansas 
City, Mo. Born May 10, 1882. Educated in Kansas State University. 
(2) Ward Byers, 1218 Commerce Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. Born March 
13, 1885. Michigan University man; D (2) George W. Byers was 
born 1849, in Venango Co., Pa. Lhiiversity education. Single, Byers, 
Texas; D (3) Josephine M. Byers is wife of S. B. Householder. Chil- 
dren : Samuel, Frederick, Mary, Plelen. 

D (i) Harry S. Byers, son of General Frederick W. Byers and 
wife. Address (1912) Rockford, III; D (2) Joseph R. Byers. Ad- 
dress (1911) Minneapolis, Minn.; D (3) Benjamin B. Byers; D (4) 
Alice Byers ;D (5) Norma Byers. Address (1912) Monroe, Wisconsin ; 
D (6) Grace Byers. Address (1912) Monroe, Wisconsin. 

D (i) Caroline May Byers, daughter of Albert L. Byers and wife 
Margaret H. lienlen, married E. M. Ditton ; D (2) Emma L. Byers 
married T. PI. Zenk ; D (3) Mary Elizabeth Byers married M. B. Hann ; 
D (4) Joseph Garfield Byers was born August 4, 1880. Address (1911) 
Venus, Venango Co., Pa. Married Verna Smith. Children: John 
Smith Byers and Dorothy Mildred. 



From records in the hands of Reverend Madison S. Boyer, a de- 
•scendant, the historian learns that Frederick Bayer came to America from 
Strassburg, Germany, where he was born probably before 1700. County 
Superintendent John Edgar Boyer, of Kingman, who once saw an old 
■family Bible, tliinks the date is 1704. Sanuiel S. Boyer, of Duncannon, 
reports that Frederick Bayer settled in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, 
before 1760. It is altogether likely that he was the George Frederick 
Bayer who came on the ship "Brotherhood," sailing from Rotterdam, 
and reaching Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 3, 1750. This corresponds with 
the records of Rev. M. S. Boyer, who says that Frederick came between 
1725 and 1750. See ship list, Vol. 17, Second Series, Pennsylvania 
Archives. The Revolutionary Archives record no Frederick Bayer from 
Lebanon County, and we do not expect it, for he would have been too 
old to be a soldier. The traditions of Rev. M. S. Boyer record two 
brothers, Solomon and another, but do not state whether they came to 
America with Frederick. We do not know to whom he was married, nor 
just how many children he left, but Samuel S. Boyer says that two of 
his boys, Frederick and another, went to Kentucky. Rev. M. S. Boyer 
names this other one Philip. A third son, Peter, whose descendant is 
Samuel S. Boyer, lived and died in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. 
Rev. M. S. Boyer says there were four brothers. 

B (i) Philip Bayer, son of Frederick Bayer, of Strassburg, Ger- 
many, and his wife, was born in Pennsylvania about 1750, as Rev. M. S. 
Beyer's data show. What his occupation and church connections were is 
not reported, nor can the historian identify him with any of the Philip 
Boyers in the roster of Revolutionary soldiers. He married Catharine 
Metz. After his marriage he moved to Jefferson Co., Kentucky, where 
he became a slave holder, but freed his slaves before he died. Cath- 
arine jMetz bore him nine children: John, Philip, Frederick, Solomon, 
Polly, Katie, Susie, Judith, Betsy. Then he married again, and there 
Avere three more children: Abraham, Christina, and vSallie. 

B (2) Frederick Bayer, son of Frederick Bayer, of Strassburg, Ger- 
many, and his wife, was probably born in Lebanon Co., Pa., like his 



brothers, and settled in Kentucky, but the historian has not identified his 
descendants in 191 5. 

B (3) Peter Bayer, son of Frederick Bayer, of Strassburg, Ger- 
many, and his wife, was born about 1760, in Lebanon Co., Pa., as we 
gather from accounts by Samuel S. Boyer. Farmer in Cumberland Co., 
Pa., from 1808 till death, about 1842. Lutheran. Buried at Enola, Pa. 
Married three times. The name of the second wife was Moulfair. She 
died at Enola about 1850. He left eleven children: Michael, Samuel, 
George, Philip, John, Jacob, Barbara, Betsy, Elizabeth, Rebecca, and 

B (4) Tradition records a fourth son, but the historian has n6£ 
found his descendants. 

C (i) Michael Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and his wife INloulfair, 
born Nov. 10, 1793, died at Markelville, Pa., June 28, 1870, and is buried 
there. Lutheran. Farmer. Located at Port Royal, but moved to 
Markelville, Pa. Married Eva Anna Koons. She died July 2, 1846. Age 
49 years, 4 months and 20 days. Children: Philip, George, John P., 
Catherine, Jane, Polly; C (2) Samuel Boyer, born Oct. 8, 1800, near 
Lebanon, Pa., died May 24, 1884, and is buried with wife at U. B. 
Hill Cemetery, Buiifalo, Perry Co., Pa. Married to Catherine Elenbarger. 
She died Aug. 20, 1859, aged 55 years, 7 months and 3 days. ChiUiren r 
Jacob, Christian, John Peter, Samuel S. ; C (3) George Boyer, born 
1799, died 1858, buried with wife at Enola, Pa. Farmer. Married 
Elizabeth Strayer, born Oct. 26, 1799. Children: John Peter, Philip, 
Margaret, Elizabeth, Catharine, Mary, and George; C (4) Philip Boyer. 
Farmer. Buried in Irish Grove Cemetery. Married Catherine Brown. 
Children: William, Peter, Mary Ann, Elizabeth; C (5) Jacob Boyer 
was born 1816, Cumberland Co., Pa., and is buried at Brick Church, 
Enola, Pa. Married Mary Howerter. Only child: Jacob Henry, Ke- 
wanee. 111. Born Jan. 18, 1863, West- Fairview, Cumberland Co., Pa. 
Christian Church. Single in 1913 ; C (6) John Boyer, son of Peter Boyer 
and third wife Margaret. Married Elizabeth Seidle, and after her death, 
Mary Stucky. Children: Adam Bi^yer, West Fairview, Pa.; John C. 
Boyer, Steelton, Pa. ; Catharine Boyer. Mrs. Daniel Eichelbergcr, West 
Fairview, Pa. ; Sarah Boyer. Mrs. Benjamin Kimmel, Wormleysburg, 
Pa.; C (7-11) Barbara, Polly, Elizabeth, Rebecca, and Catharine, were 
daughters of Peter Boyer. 

C (i) John Boyer, son of Philip Boyer and wife Catharine Metz, 
was born about 1870? He married Elizabeth Derr in Pennsylvania. In 
1796 he moved to Kentucky, then to Illinois, and (1820) to Corydon. 
Indiana. His second wife was Miss Ponds. They are buried presum- 
ably at Corydon, Luliana. His children, as enumerated by his grandson, 
John A. Boyer, were William, George, John, Joseph, Cath.arine, Sarah, 


Lydia, Martha, Leanna, Anna Elizabeth, and Mary. C (2) PhiHp Boyer 
settled in Edgar County, Illinois. Alarried Miss Pinnell. Children: 
Elijah, William, Louis, and two girls. Then he married widow Bennett, 
and there were several children. C (3) Frederick Boyer also moved to 
Edgar County, Blinois. Soldier of 1812. Married Naomi Kester. Chil- 
dren : John K., William F., Ephraim, and Pressly P. Then he married 
his first wife's sister, Fannie Ann Kester, and there was one son, Fred- 
erick, soldier in the Union Army of the Civil War. C (4) Solomon 
Boyer was born 1797, in Kentucky, died Dec. 13, 1806, and is buried near 
his second wife at Drakeviile, Iowa. His mother, Catharine, died when 
he was a small boy. He also moved into Edgar Couuty, Illinois. Mar- 
ried Matilda Shaw, and there was one child, Matilda, wife of Samuel H. 
Ashmore, Coles Co., 111. Then he married (1828) Nancy Modrell, born 
1809, and moved (1854) to Drakeviile, Iowa, where she died July 15, 
1857. Five of her eleven children grew up, namely, Madison Modrell, 
Solomon Greenberry, William Henderson, Amanda Susan, Emily Kath- 
erine. C (5) Polly Boyer married John Ponds, and remained in Ken- 
tucky. C (6) Katie Boyer married V/illiam Weigel, and settled in Illi- 
nois. There were children, among them William, Jr. C (7) Susie Boyer 
married Jacob Dick. Children: Ferdinand, Nicholas, Solomon, Polly, 
Eliza, Kitty, Jane, Lucy. C (8) Judith Boyer married James Ennis, and 
moved to Illinois. Children: Frederick, Jonathan, William, John, Kitty 
Ann, Eliza, etc. C (9) Betsy Boyer married Robert Anderson and moved 
to Illinois. Children : John, Allen, Elvira, Zipporah, Martha, and a boy. 
C (10) Rev. Abraham Boyer, son of Philip Boyer and his second wife. 
Minister of the "Christian Church." Alarricd Harriet Shaw, sister of 
Solomon Boyer's first wife, and settled in Illinois. Children: Philip, 
Andrew Jackson (who died single), John Fletcher, Aima (who married 
William Kearn, brother of Dr. A. A. Kearn. C (11) Christina Boyer 
married Jonathan Rama. C (12) Sally Boyer married Mr. Barnet. 

D (i) George Boyer, son of Michael Boyer and Eva Anna Koons, 
born Jan. 4, 1819, at Enola, Pa., was still living in 1909 at Port Royal, 
Juniata Co., Pa. Lived on same land since he was three years old. 
Farmer. Lutlieran. Married to Mary Magdalene Kepner, by Rev. Michael 
Boyer. Children: Benjamin Michael, Elmira, Lehman Oliver, Mary 
Melinda, Ida Camilla, and George Washington. D (2) Philip Boyer was 
born Jan. 6, 1824, died Aug. 7, 1888, and is buried at Markelville, Pa. 
Farmer. Lutheran. Married Rebecca Rice Children: David iMichael, 
Samuel Jeffries, Lemuel Albert, John Peter, Sarah Calhcnne, Ellen, 
Margaret Frances, and William, son of second wife Jane Minnich. D 
(3) John P. Boyer, born March 24, 1821, died Dec. 3, 1870. Married 
Jane Ann Miller. Children: Philip, Sophia, Dr. Ira E., Lillie Mav, 
Meredith Emma, and Walter H. D (4) Catherine Boyer born Sept. 


II, 1807, died Oct. 13, 1900, and is buried with husband at Markelville, 
Pa. Married James Foose, born, Oct. 4, 1811. Children: WilHam I., 
Ceorge Michael, Catherine Cradilla, Jane Polk, Mary Jane, Sarah Ellen, 
and Lemuel Oliver. D (5) Priscilla Jane Boyer, born 7, i^^,^^, 
died May i, 1905. Married David T. Kilmer, born Dec. 7, US--/. Cliil- 
<lren: Alice, Mrs. Alice Calhoun, Port Royal, Pa., R. D. 1, born Jan. 
17, i860; James C, Port Royal, Pa.; Ira H. Kilmer, Port Royal, Pa. 
D (6) Polly Bo)er. 

D ( I ) Jacob Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Catherine Elenbarger. 
Married. Only son: Boyer,. Address (1913) Harrisburg, Pa. 

Sealer of Weights and Measures. D (2) Christian Boyer. Married. 
Children: (i) Charles Boyer, Harrisburg, Pa.; (2) Harry (or Frank) 
Boyer, Middletovvn, 111.; (3) Perhaps others. D (3) John Peter Boyer 
was born in Cumberland, Co., I'a. U. B. Church. Retired Railroader — 
ioreman, Duncannon, Pa. Married Miss DeHaven, of Liverpool, Pa. 
•Children : Reverend Flarry Boyer, Shermansdale, Perry Co., Pa. Born 
at Duncannon, Pa. Married Miss Kunkle, of York County. John Boyer, 
'Greenview, 111. Brakeman P. R. Railroad. D (4) Samuel S. Boyer 
was born Oct. 9, 1838, in Cumberland Co., Pa. Address (1909) Dun- 
cannon, Pa. LT. B. Church. Worked 36 years for P. R. R. Company. 
Married Salina Jane Milligan, born April 18, 1842, at Wapello, Iowa. 
Only child: Samuel Edgar Boyer, Duncannan, Pa. Fiorn May 7, 1874, 
at Duncannon, Pa. Presbyterian. Puddler by occupation. Employee 
of Ohio Oil Company. Married Emma P. Stump, born Dec. 18, 1881, 
near Newport, Pa. Children: Herman Edgar, born May 14, 1898; 
Alice Margaret, Albert Russell, Lina Blanche, vSamuel Henderson, John 
Irwin, Lawrence Allen, Howard Earle, Charles Leroy, William Harrison, 
born March 15, 191 3. 

D (i) John Peter Boyer, son of George Boyer and Elizabeth 
Strayer, was born Aug. 11, 1823, and died at Wyanett, Illinois, March 
21, 1912. Lutheran. Laborer. Married twice. First wife Jane Miller. 
Second wife. Children : Sophia, Philip, Ira E., Walter IL, Lilly, and 
Meardith. D (2) I'hilip Boyer was born Feb. 7, 1826, in Cumberland 
Co., Pa. Address (1909) East Fairview, or Enola, Pa. Lutheran. 
Teacher. Married Elizabeth (Susannah) Fockler, born Aug. 13, 1840. 
Children: Elizabeth, Mary Jane, George W., l^'hilip, and Elsetta. D (3) 
Margaret (Peggy) Boyer was born Dec. 16, 1838. Married Joseph Mar- 
tin. Left one son and two daughters. Married Robert Valentine. Left 
two sons. One son George resides at Sheridan, Illinois. D (4) Eliza- 
beth Boyer, born Feb. 15, 1831, married William McDonald. Address 
(1909) Dauphin, Pa. Children: Two sons and five daughters. D (5) 
Catharine Boyer, born March 29, 1821. Married Adam Stabler. Chil- 
dren : One son, John, lives at Harrisburg, Pa. ; D (6) Mary Boyer, born 


May 9, 1828, married Henry Kaufman. Children: Two sons and twa 
daughters. John Kaufman. Address (1913) Good Hope, Pa.; D (7) 
George Boyer, born March 11, 1834, died March 5, 1904. Buried at 
Enola, Pa. Married Ann Jane Wise. Children : William Boyer, Camp 
Hill, Pa. ; Harry E. Boyer, Marysville, Pa., and three daughters. 

D (i) William Boyer, son of I'hilip Boyer and Catharine Brown, 
was born Jan. 19, 1838, in Cumberland Co., Pa. Served three years in 
the 73rd Regiment, Co. F, Illinois Volunteers. Farmer. Married Re- 
becca Montgomery. Children: Joseph C. Boyer, Paxton, Illinois. Born 
Dec. 28, 1871. Married. Edward Boyer. Married. Lilly Boyer, Mrs. 
Hays Edgal, Warsaw, Ind. Fred. Boyer, Maynard Co., 111. Married 
Isabel Boyer. Edna Boyer, Mrs. Plornbach. Thomas Boyer, Maynard 
Co., 111. Married Ella Boyer. Kate Boyer. William Boyer, born May 
18, 1895. D (2) Peter Boyer was born vSept. 10, 1832, died June 15, 
1905. Farmer at Middletown, Logan Co., 111., where. he and his wife are 
buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery. Married Elizabeth Crane. Chil- 
dren: (a) Emma Boyer, Born Dec. 24, 1859. Married Frank Warmuth, 
who died March 31, 1905. Children: (i) William Warmuth. Soldier 
in U. S. Army. (2) Ella Warmuth. Married Andrew Gunstein, Mid- 
dletown, 111. (3) Charles Warmuth. Fanner, Middletown, 111. (4) 
Sarah. (5) Peter. (6) Harry. All at Middletown. (b) Lafayette 
Boyer. Born Nov. 20, 1861. Farmer. Mayor of Middltown in 1913. 
Married Lucy Edith Warren, born Feb. i, 1863. Children: (i) Lafayette 
Boyer, born Aug 10, 1889. Farmer, Middletown, 111. Married Bertha 
Cecil Snyder, born March 29, 1895. (c) William H. Boyer. Born March 
2"], 1865. Factory worker, Louisanna, Mo. D (3) Mary Ann, Eliza- 
beth, etc. 

D (i) John C. Boyer, son of John Boyer and • Elizabeth Seidle. 
Married. Children : Mrs. John Kepler, Steelton, Pa. ; Mrs. C. Rudy,. 
Mrs. Otto Hoch, Rochester, N. Y. ; Mrs. Cora Charitz. D (2) Sarah 
Boyer married Benjamin Kimmel. Address (1913) Wormleysburg, Pa. 
Children: Elmer R., B. Frank. D (3) Catharine Boyer married Daniel 
Eichelberger, West Fairview, Pa. Children; Annie P. Eichelberger. 
Married Charles E. Bretz, West Fairview, Pa. D (4) Adam Boyer, son 
of John Boyer and second wife Alary Stucky, resided at West Fairview, 
Pa. Married Julia Ellen Baskin. Children : Charles Wilson Boyer, 
Highspire, Pa. Married Elizabeth Heck. Edna Susan Boyer married 
R. L. Richmond, Enola, Pa. Sarah Baskin Boyer married W. C. Smith, 
Enola, Pa. Herbert Adam Boyer, West Fairview, Pa. 

D (i) William Boyer, son of John Boyer and Elizabeth Derr, was 
born Dec. 12, 1808 in Kentucky. He died near Sioux City, Mo., about 
1897. Came ten years old with his father from Pennsylvania to Indiana. 
Farmer. Presbyterian. Lived in Indiana. Married Polly (Mary) 


Stevens, born April lo, 1813. Children: Benjamin S. J., John A., Jacob 
Clark, Nancy, and Martha V. D (2) George Boyer married Hurst, and 
died in Iowa. D (3) John Boyer married Lydia Hunt, and died in Illi- 
nois. D (4) Joseph Boyer married Miss Stevens, and died in Kansas. 
D (5) Catharine Boyer married Fuller. D (G) Sarah Boyer married 
Stevens. D (7) Lydia Boyer married Isaac Smith, and died at Terre 
Haute, Indiana. D (8) Martha Boyer married John Smith, and died 
^t Westfield, Illinois. D (9) I^eanna Boyer married Townsend. D (10) 
Anna Boyer married Davis, and died at Terre llaute, Indiana. D (11) 
Elizabeth Boyer married Ilurst, and died at Brockton, Illinois. D (12) 
Mary Boyer. 

D (i) Matilda Boyer, daughter of Solomon Boyer and wife Alatilda 
Shaw, married Samuel H. Ashmore, of-Coles Co., 111. Children : William 
M., Oakland, California; Nancy, and Amanda. D (2) Rev. Madison 
Modrell Boyer, son of Solomon Boyer and second wife Nancy Modrell, was 
born March 25, 1829, in Coles Co., Illinois. After his marriage, he lo- 
cated just North of Drakeville, Davis Co., Iowa. Teacher. Ordained 
^Minister of the "Christian Church." Served three years and six months 
in the Union Army of the Civil War. Marched with Sherman to the 
sea, and was present at the grand review, Washington, D. C, close of 
war. County Treasurer of Davis County one term. Preached up to the 
end of his life. His marriage to Mary B. Moore occurred August 24, 
1854. There were eleven children: Reverend Madison Sherman, Henton 
D., Amanda Ellen, Delia Katherine, Sarah Matilda, Elizabeth, Bell, Min- 
.nie Hester, Grace, and three who died young. D (3) (4) Solomon Green- 
berry Ijoyer and William Henderson Boyer, sons of Solomon Boyer and 
second wife Nancy Modrell, have not been reported. There were two 
sisters, Amanda Susie and Emily Katharine. 

E (i) Benjamin Michael Boyer, son of George Boyer and Mary 
Magdalene Kepner, was born Feb. 17, 1841, in Turbett Twp., Juniata Co., 
Pa. Address (1913) Akron, Ohio. Lutheran. Teacher. Farmer. 
Married Mary N. Ritter, born Jan. 22, 1843. Children: Philander Mil- 
ton Boyer, Myersville, Ohio. Born Oct. 8, 1866. Mail Carrier. Mar- 
ried Diana A. l^hoads, born Aug. 4, 1878. Children : Mary Rosella 
Boyer, Harry Justice Boyer, Akron, Ohio. Born Nov. 8, 1871. Farmer. 
^Married Phoebe W. Gearhart, 1883. Children: Russell Emerson, Clare 
Theodore. Emerson Iwerett Boyer, Akron, Ohio. Born June 23, 1874. 
B. and O. operator. Altha Augusta Boyer, Akron, Ohio. Born April 
28, 1877. E (2) Elmira Boyer, born Aug. 24, 1843, married Mr. Guss. 
Address (1913) Mrs. Elmira Guss, East Akron Ohio, R. D. i. E (3) 
Lehman Oliver Boyer, born Aug. 31, 1846. Lutheran. Farmer. Port 
Royal, Pa., R. D. i ; E (4) Mary Melinda Boyer, born May 14, 1854, 
married Mr. Wisehaupt, Port Royal, Pa., R. D. i. E (5) Ida Camilla 


Boyer, born Jan. 4, i860. Lutheran. Married Mr. Robinson, Port Royal, 
Juniata County, Pa. E (6) George Washington Boyer, was born Oct. 
.23, 1863. Lutheran. Farmer, Port Royal, Pa., R. D. i. 

E ( I ) David Michael Boyer, son of Philip Boyer and Rebecca 
Rice, 556 Woodbine St., Harrisburg, Pa. E (2) Doctor Samuel Jeffries 
Boyer was born July 2, 1856, Sandy Hill, Perry Co., Pa. Taught school. 
■Graduate of Baltimore College of Physicians, in 1S81. Lutheran. Mar- 
ried Esther Swartzell, born July 24, 1867. Children: Walter Wendell 
Eoyer, Lewistown Junction, Mifflin Co., Pa. Telegraph operator. Roy 
Swartzell Boyer, Milroy, Pa., R. D. i. Born Dec. 31, 1888. E (3) 
Lemuel Albert Boyer, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. E (4) Jolm Peter 
Boyer, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. E (5) S. Catharine Boyer. Mrs. 
.Sarah C. Miller, Newport, Pa., R. D. 2, care of R. Clouser. E (6) Ellen 
Boyer married Carl. Mrs. Ellen Carl, Washington, D. C. E (7) Mar- 
garet Frances Boyer married Kleckner. Mrs. Margaret F. Kleckner, 
Saville, Perry Co., Pa. E (8) William Boyer was born March 7, 1865. 
Address (1909) Loysville, Perry Co., Pa. Lutheran. Laborer. Mar- 
ried Aura W^ormley. Children: Anna Boyer (Mrs. Anna B. Smith, of 
Blosersville, Pa.), Gladys Boyer, Ida Boyer, Maude Boyer. 

E ( I ) Philip Boyer, son of John P. Boyer and Jane Miller, was born 
July 14, 1850, South Richmond, Va. Married Catharine Bowman. Chil- 
dren: Mary Jane Boyer. Address (1913) Mrs. Mary J. Howard, Was- 
siingtown, Beadle Co., S. Dakota. James Colden Boyer, Wassington, S. 
Dakota. Born 1877. Laborer. Married Margaret Sweeney. John S. 
Boyer. George W. Boyer, Swansboro, Va. Born July 20, 1880. Metho- 
dist. Carpenter. Married Nora M. Bookman, born April 12, 1881. 
Children: Julian G. Boyer, born Jan. 12, 1895. E (2) Sophia Elizabeth 
Boyer, born Aug. 18, 1852, married John W. Stiles, born Aug. 18, 1847. 
No children. 3208 Lawson St., Swansboro, Va. E (3) Doctor Ira E. 
Boyer, son of John P. Boyer and second wife, was born Feb. 20, 1876. 
Address (1913) Peru, Illinois. Graduate of College of Dental Surgery. 
Married Amanda M. Merdian, born July i, 1878. Children: Robert Mer- 
dian Boyer, born Oct. 11, 1908. E (4) Lillie May Boyer married James 
Jackson. Princeton, 111. Children. E (5) Meardith Emma Boyer, 
daughter of John 1*. Boyer and second wife, married Fred. Murphy, 
Wyanett, 111. E (6) Walter H. Boyer, 433 Juneau St., Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Married. Children. 

E (i) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Philip Boyer and Susannah 
Fockler, born March 12, 1872, married John Peck. West Fair View, Pa. 
Children: Two sons and two daughters. E (2) Mary Jane Boyer, born 
June 10, 1879. Married. Children: Boy and two girls. E (3) George 
W. Boyer was born July 3, 1877. Farmer on the old homestead. Enola, 
Pa. Married Anna Roth. Children: Two boys and a girl. E (4) 


Philip Boyer was born Nov. 20, 1878. Married Birdie Simmons. Chil- 
dren. E (5) Elsetta Boyer, born Oct. 13, 1881. Married. Children: 
Two sons and two daughters. 

E (i) Benjamin Stevens Jackson Boyer, son of William Boyer and 
wife Polly, was born July 28, 1837. Taught school 20 years. Presby- 
terian. Address (1908) Little Rock, Ark. Married Phoebe J. Mathes, 
born Jan. 5, 1841. Only child: Lula A. Boyer, born Oct. i, 1863. She 
married John W. Markwell. Address (1909) 1422 Rock St., Little Rock, 
Arkansas. E (2) John A. Pioyer was born Jan. 29, 1839. Member of 
"Christian Church." Blacksmith. Lived four miles North of Corydon, 
Indiana. Helped to fight John Morgan when he made his raid on In- 
diana. Married Mary Antoinette Dome, born Jan. 15, 1876. She is 
buried at Moulton, Iowa. His address (1908) Burr Oaks, Kansas. 
Children: Charles W., Nancy E., Hiram B., Mark A., Mary J., John 
Edgar, Jessie G. E (3) Jacob Clark Boyer was born April 22, 1850. 
Engineer. Hayti, Missouri. Married Eliza McGradie, born Jan. 2, 1844. 
Children: Lulu, William, Mary Ann. E (4) Martin V. Boyer was born 
Nov. 22, 1855. Address (1915) Bakersfield, California. Married Anna 
Catharine Vincent, nee Norboe, born Oct. 2, 1859. Children: Albert 
Martin, born May 29, 1894, and Mary Alice, born May 16, 1897. . Both 
single at home. E (5) Nancy Boyer married Zener. Corydon, Harrison 
Co., Indiana. 

E ( I ) Reverend Madison Sherman Boyer, son of Reverend Madi- 
son Modrell Boyer and wife Mary B. Moore, was born March 21, 18G3. 
Address (1913) "River View," Ottumwa, Iowa. Soldier. Helped to cap- 
ture "Wounded Knee," Indian Chief. Commissary Clerk, Indian Agency 
for Government. Charge of "Settlement Work," 334 State St., Chicago, 
111., from 1893 to 1897. Ordained to the Holy Ministry 1883, in the 
"Christian Church." Married to Mary Rich, Sept. 14, 1886. The chil- 
dren of this marriage are (i) Hattie May, wife of H. H. Kilpatrick, 
3033 National Park Bldg., Atlanta, Georgia. (2) Ahce L., wife of Ed- 
ward M. Boles, Geddes, South Dakota. (3) Grace Wave, daughter of 
Ralph Barnes, Griswold, Iowa. On April 5, 1898, he was married to 
Bertha Poncey. The children of tliis marriage are Mary Ellen, Uleda 
Wave, Madison Everett, Blanche Lucile, Letha Naomi. E (2) Henton 
D. Boyer was born August i, 1872. Enlisted with 3rd U. S. Cavalry, 
in war with Spain. Two years later in 7th Infantry Band, Fort Lawrence, 
Kansas. Married Ida Dunlap; E (3) Amanda Ellen Boyer was born 
Oct. 26, 1855. She married J. B. Glassburner, of Arion, Iowa. Children: 
Mamie F. (missionary in China for eight years), Frank, Daisy, Grace, 
Fred., Ruth. E (4) Delia Katherine Boyer was born April 8, 1866. 
Married Robert E. Dunlap. 1323 Pleasant St-, Coimcil Bluffs, Iowa. 
Children: Jessie, Louise, Catherine, and Benjamin Lee, child of first 

■Nl'l i 

< CL 

< X 
O J 



''^±A ^ * - • 


husband. E (5) Sarah Matilda Boyer was born March 2, 1868. Married 
George EHmore. Clay Centre, Kansas. Six children. E (6) Eliza])etli 
Bell Boyer was born April 2'], 1875, and ilied 191 1. She Vi^as the wife 
of George Noland. Children: Eugene, Edna, John. E (7) Minnie 
Hester Boyer was born March 13, 1879. Married Charles Gladfelter, 
Moravia, Iowa, R. D. Children : Marie Donald, PVancis, Clifford, Edna, 
Grace. E (8) Grace Wave Boyer was born Nov. 4, ]8Si. Married 
Thomas Griggs, Feb. i, 1901. D. St., Centralia, Washington. Children: 
James, George. 

F (i) Charles W. Boyer, son of John A. Boyer and Mary A. 
Dome, TuUy, Kansas. Married. Eight children. F (2) Nancy E. Boyer 
married M. II. Driskell, Apache, Ukla. F. (3) Hiram B. Boyer, Pond 
Creek, Okla. F. (4) Mark A. Boyer, Buffalo, Wyoming. F (5) Mary 
J. Boyer married M. J. Bartolett, 2033 Fifth St., Boulder, Colorado. F 
(6) John Edgar Boyer was born Jan. 16, 1872. Methodist. Graduate 
of State Normal School and higiier courses. City and County Supt. of 
Schools, Kingman, Kansas, for ten years. President of Kansas State 
Teachers' Association. Member of Board of Regents for Kansas Nor- 
mal Schools. Other responsible connections. Fine genealogist. I02 
Santa Fe St., Salina, Kansas. Married Grace Walter. Cbiklren : David 
W., John E., Paul K. F (7) Jessie G. Boyer was born April 4, 1875. 
Married Joseph Osier. Eagle, Idaho, R. D. 

F (1) Lulu Boyer, daughter of Jacob Clark Boyer and Eliza Mc- 
Gradie, was born Nov. 6, 1872. She married John Antener, J 2^ West 
Cottonwood St., Independence, Kansas. Children : John Edgar, born 
July 2, 1906; Freda Opal, born Feb. 10, 1909. F (2) William Boyer was 
born Feb. 28, 1874. Address (i<}09) 1460 S. nth St., Terre Haute, In- 
diana. Died there March 3, 1914. 



Correspondents report that Frederick Boyer lived on a farm near 
Isaac Potts, at Valley Forge, Montgomery County, Pa. The Eoyers of 
this family were great friends of George Washington. From the data 
of his son John we infer that this Frederick was born 1 730-1 740, but 
can not identify him with his parents. Perhaps he was the John George 
Frederick Bayer who came from Germany, in 1752, as recorded in Vol. 
17, Second Series, Pennsylvania Archives. He may belong to the Lan- 
caster County Boyers, judging from the names of his sons. The wife's 
name is not reported. There were about a dozen sons : Abraham, 
Joseph, William, Daniel, John, and seven other boys. Three of the 
dozen boys were killed in the war. Mrs. Kinports says, "I have heard 
my grandfather John Boyer tell of Washington being in his mother's 
house [Frederick's house]. She gave all but the kitchen to Washing- 
ton's men in the memorable winter of 1777, when John was only 15 years 
old." Frederick Boyer was buried in the Manor Meeting House Grave- 
yard, in the vicinity of Valley Forge. This burial may mean that he was 
a Mennonite and should be visited. 

B (i — 4) Joseph, Abraham, William, and Daniel Boyer were sons 
of Frederick Boyer, of Valley Forge, Pa. B (5) John Boyer, son of 
Frederick Boyer and wife, was born 1761 or 1762, at Valley Forge, Pa., 
and died June, 1861, aged 99 years and li months. He is buried at Mt. 
Zion, Burnside Township, Clearfield Co., Pa., near Mahaffy. A large 
man, like his brothers. Great friend of Washington. Eight brothers 
remained at Valley Forge when John started for Clearfield County, about 
1820 or 1821. Has Irish friends of Clearfield County called him "Byers," 
but the name on his tombstone is Boyers. His wife's name was Mary 
Colgate. The children were : Benjamin, William, John, Gideon, Samuel, 
George, Lemuel, and Ellen. 

C (i) Benjamin Byers, son of John Boyers and wife Mary Col- 
gate, was born Dec. 25, 1793. Died 1876. Lived at Roseland, Pa. 
Farmer and postmaster. Buried at Utahville, Pa. Married Sadie Heth- 
erington. Children : Benjamin, Coalport, Pa. ; James H., Gideon D., 
Mary, Anna M., Ellen, Amanda. C (2) William Byers was born Feb. 
29, 1796. Lived at Selinsgrove, Pa., where he is probably buried. Mar- 



Tied. Children: (i) John Nelson Byers, Williamsport, Pa. (2) Wil- 
liam Byers. Address (1890) Selinsgrove, Pa. (3) Others ; C (3) John 
Byers was born May 3, 1798; died Oct. 11, 1879, and is buried in Mt. 
Zion Cemetery, Washington Twp., Clearfield Co., Pa. (New Washing- 
ton). Methodist. Farmer and lumberman. ]\ Tarried Sarah Weaver, 
born Jan. 7, 181 1. Children: Samuel, Mary Ellen, Athelia, Ruth, Sarah, 
John, Achison, James W., Lorinda, William, Hezekiah, Perry, Esther, 
Jane, Amanda, Catharine, and Eliza Tirzah. C (4) Gideon Byers was 
born July ii, 1800. Lived at Valley Forge, Pa. Married. Children: 

(1) John H. Byers, New Wasiiington, Pa. (2) Others. C (5) Samuel 
Byers was born March 19, 1804. Lived at New Washington, Clearfield 
Co., Pa. Farmer and lumberman. Alarried. Children : John, Wilkin- 
son, Anna Jane, Rebecca, Mary, Angeline, Lydia Ann, Fremont, Eliza- 
beth, Maggie, Zachariah, Benjamin, and Samuel F. C (6) George 
Byers was born May 29, 1806. No descendants. C (7) Lemuel Byers 
was born Feb. 12, 1809, at Warren's Mark, Huntingdon Co., Pa., died 
Jan. 12, 1833, and is buried at New Washington, Pa. Farmer, lum- 
berman and blacksmith. Married Mrs. Jane Stephenson, nee Acheson, 
a very fine woman. Children: John, David, Robert, Mary, Ellen, Sarah, 
Margaret, William, and Joseph. C (8) Ellen 'Byers, born Sept. 5, 181 1, 
5n Huntingdon Co., Pa., thed Oct. 15, 1897, ^^^ '^ buried at Cherry Tree, 
Pa. Married John Mahaffy, and lived at Cherry Tree. Children : Mar- 
garet B., William, Mary, Chrissie. 

D (i) Benjamin F. Byers, son of Benjamin Byers and wife Sadie 
Hetherington, was born Feb. 16, 1837. Address (1915) Coalport, Pa., 
Box 138. Married Mary E. Bowman. Children: S. J. Byers, T. V. 
Byers, W. S. Byers, all of Coalport, Pa.; Sarah A. (Cibulka), of Barnes- 
t)oro. Pa.; Nancy, dead; Mary C. (Stiffer), of 203 Eleventh Ave., Juni- 
ata, Pa. ; T. B. Byers, of Cresson, Pa., and Laura E., of Coalport, Pa. D 

(2) James PI. Byers married Phoebe Pierce. Children. D (3) Gideon 
D. Byers married Mary L. Lovell. Children. D (4-7) Mary married 
G. W. Bowman, of Glasgow, Pa. ; Aima, D. Rowland, Ellen N. Rex, 
and Amanda, M. Nelson. 

D (i) Samuel Byers, son of John Byers and wife, Sarah Weaver, 
was born May i, 1830. Address (1910) Westover, Pa. Married Sarah 
Lloyd. Children : Barbara Ellen, John L., Sarah Elizabeth, William, 
Jesse, Aaron, Jane and Rose. D (2) Mary Ellen Byers, born Nov. 3, 
1 83 1, married Amos Hutton. No descendants. D (3) Athelia Byers, 
"born May i, 1833, married Dr. James A. ]3unn. Children: John, of 
Altoona, Pa. D (4) Ruth Byers, born July 17, 1834, married William 
Wheland. Children (2): Mollie. Address (1910) Mrs. Mollie An- 
drew, Altoona, Pa. D (5) Sarah Byers, born Dec. 15, 1835, married 
Plenry B. Darr. Five children : Harry. Address (1910) Burnside, Pa. 


D (6) John Byers was born May 14, 1837, and died Aug. 21, 1887, 
Civil War veteran. Married Elizabeth Stutchell. Three children : Frank. 
Address (1910J Youngstown, Ohio. D (7) Acheson Byers v/as born 
Nov. I, 1831, and died June 11, 1908. Married Caroline Frances Black, 
w^ho died Aug. 2, 1908. Children: (i) William Craig Byers, born Oct. 
20, 1870. University training. Married Bertha Park. Children: John 
Acheson, Harry Craig. (2) Orrin Noble Byers, Webster, Pa. Born 
Dec. 20, 1872. Justice of Peace. (3) Sarah Alice Byers, wife of Ralph 
S. Tozer, of Patton, Pa. Children: Mary C, Ralph N. (4) Grace Dar- 
ling Byers, of Patton, Pa. .(5) Nellie Agnes Byers, of Webster, Pa. D 
(8) James W. Byers was born Oct. 12, 1840. Address (1910) McGees 
Mills, Pa. Box 36. Farmer and lumberman. Married Lucretia Mc- 
Cracken, and later Elizabeth Kunsman. Children : ( i ) David Thomas 
Byers, of Vandegrift ]Ieights, P^a. Born Jan. 28, 1870. (2) Ada, wife 
of Judge Herbert S. Dinsmore, of Fort Pierre, South Dakota. (3) L. 
Clare, wife of Dr. J. M. Brown, New Bethlehem, Pa. (4) Minnie, (5) S. 
Margaret, (6) J. Blaine, (7) Ruth J., (8) Lorinda R., and (9) Anna, 
all at home. D (9) Lorinda layers, born March 6, 1842, married Russell 
Rose, and died Jan. 7, 1872, leaving no children. D (10) Hezekiah Byers, 
born April 7, 1846. D (11) Perry, born Sept. 2, 1847. D (12) Esther 
Jane Byers, born March 23, 1849, married Dr. Innes. Both are dead, 
leaving five children. D (13) Eliza Terzali Byers, born Jan. 17, 1853, 
married John London. Address (1900) Kane, Pa. Children: Mae 
Pearl. Address (1900) Mrs. Eugene Scott, Marionville, Pa. Pearl, 
Ward, Maude, Nellie, at home. 

D (i) John Byers, son of Samuel Byers and wife, died in the army, 
1861 ; (2) Wilkinson died Ferguson Twp., Clearfield Co., Pa.; (3) Anna 
Jane married Mr. Bennett; (4) Rebecca married Samuel Kirk, of 
Madera, Pa.; (5) Mary married Barclay Haddon, of Tyone, Pa.; (6) 
Angelina married Thomas Wertz, of Oklahoma; (7) Lydia Ann married 
WilHam Ihy, of Hradd(;ck, Pa.; (8) Fremont resides at lh-ad(l(;ck. Pa.; 
'(9) Elizabeth, and (10) Maggie have not been reported; (11) Zacha- 
riah resides at Mahaffy, Pa.; (12) Benjamin, at Tyler, Pa., and (13) 
Samuel F., at Wilkinson, Pa. 

D (i) John Byers, son of Lemuel Byers and wife Jane Acheson, 
lived at New Washington, Clearfield Co., Pa. Married Mary C. Ad- 
dress (1910) Mahaffy, Pa. Children: Attorney Harry Byers, of Clear- 
field, Pennsylvania. Born February 2, 1865. Finely educated. Law- 
yer since 1896. Spanish American war. Methodist. Fine genealogist. 
Helped historian very nuich. Married Anna Margaret Shirey. Chil- 
dren: (i) Esther, (2) Harry, (3) Jane, (4) Margaret, (5) Ida, wife of 
Miles Wrigley. Address ( 1910) Mahaffy, Pa.; D (2) David Byers was 
born Jan. 30, 1842. Address (1910) Mahaffy, Pa., married Elizabeth 


Chapman. Children: (i) Sarah Jane, wife of A. W. Kapp, Cherry Tree, 
Pa.; (2) Mary E., wife of James D. Neflf, of McGees Mills, R. D. i ; 
(3) J. C. Byers, of La Jose, Pa. Children : Leonore, Robert, Raymond, 
David, Kate, Ruth; (4) Margaret, (5) Hattie, (6) Gertrude. D (3) 
Robert Byers was born March 30, 1847, died at Indiana, Pa. Married 
Louisa Hall. Only child: Jessie. Address ( 1910) Steubenville, Ohio. 
College graduate. D (4) Mary Byers married Mr. NeiT. Children: 
I^obert' of Irvona, Pa., and others. D (5) Ellen Byers married Mr. 
Rorabaugh, of New Washington, Pa. D (6) Sarah Byers married Ralph 
Hutton, of New Washington, Pa. D (7) Margaret Byers married 
Robert Mitchell, of New Washington, Pa.; D (8) William Byers died 19 
years old in 1865. D (9) Joseph Byers. Married. Wife and family 
live at Santa Rosa, California. Children: Grace, Virginia, Orlan, Jesse, 
Margaret, Justin, Robert, Clara, Maurice. 

D (i) Margaret Byers, daughter of Ellen Byers and husband John 
Mahafify, born April 20, 1837, a Methodist, married Peter Kinports, 
born Sept. 6, 183 1. She is a fine genealogist and helped the historian 
very much. Children: Minetta, wife of John DriscoU. Address (1910) 
Roncerverte, W. Va. ; Clyde; Gertrude, wife of Joseph A. Wilson, Alden; 
William Estella, Boyd, Nancy, Inez. D (2) William. D (3) Mary. 
D (4) Chrissie. 

E (i) Barbara Ellen Byers, daughter of Samuel Byers and wife 
Sarah Jane Lloyd, married Leonard AlcCracken, of Mahaffy, Pa.; (2) 
John L., his son, resides at Burnside, Pa. ; Sarah Elizabeth, married 
Joseph McCracken, of Mahaffy, Pa.; (4) William, and (5) Jesse reside 
at Westover, Pa.; (6) Aaron, (7) Jane, and (8) Rose are still at home. 



The historian is indebted very largely to three capable informants for 
the chapter of Johannes Nicholas Ikyer. Through Professor Lyman 
Fremont Bowyer, West Plains, Mo., we have the direct word of John 
Nicholas Beyer's second youngest son. Rev. Joshua Boyer. Attorney L. 
S. Boyer, Scott City, Kansas, has the Revolutionary traditions and Mr. 
Schroeder the Church and Bible records. According to Rev. Joshua 
Boyer, his father Johannes Nicholas Beyer was born in Bavaria, Ger- 
many, in 1753. When he was only a few years old his parents — their 
names are not given — came with him to America. Vol. 17, Second 
Series, Pennsylvania Archives, does not contain this record, which seems 
to show that he may have come by way of New York instead of Phila- 
delphia. His parents settled in the neighborhood of Reading, Berks 
Co., Pa. The father tiled when Johannes Nicholas was about four 
years old, but where he is buried can not be ascertained, although it is 
possible that he is buried at Spiece Church, Alsace Twp., Berks Co., Pa. 
When the father died he committed little Johannes Nicholas to the 
mother with most tender concern, requesting that the boy be brought up 
a Lutheran. It appears that the family had migrated from Bavaria 
for religious reasons. The boy did grow up a Lutheran, and lived in 
the neighborhood of Spiece Church. He was a tanner, as reported by 
]\Ir. Schroeder. Tradition reported by Attorney L. S. lioyer makes 
Johannes Nicholas Beyer a soldier of the Revolution for about a year. 
A gun burst either in his own or another's hands, and he had powder 
specks in his face, which he removed from time to time even when he was 
old. This tradition appears to be confirmed on pages 20, 34. and 52 of 
Vol. 4, Fifth Series, Pennsylvania Archives. If these records refer to 
him, he belonged to the Third Regiment, Continental Line, serving in 
the neighborhood of Philadelphia. His name appears in the tax list 
of Alsace Twp., Berks Co., Pa., in 1786. lie died on Pentecost early in 
June 1823, and is buried at Spiece Church. Age 74 years, 4 months, 
and some days, as Rev. Joshua Boyer reports. He married twice — first 
a Wentzel girl, and then after her death, a first cousin of his wife, 
i\.mlelia Catharine Wentzel, daughter of Philip Wentzel. There were 



nineteen children, the names of whom except two are as follows: Jacob 
and Snsan, children of the first wife. Then Samuel, called the oldest in 
the "will" of his father, whose executor he was to be. The historian 
has not been able to find this will in the Reading- Court House. It may 
not have been recorded. The other children were Susanuah, Solomon 
and Daniel (twins), Abraham Philip, Jonathan, William, George, Henry, 
John, Rachel, Hannah, Joshua, Nicholas. 

B (i) Jacob Boyer, son of Johannes Nicholas Beyer and his first 
wife Wentzel, was born Feb. 12, 1776. See Spiece Church records. He 
married and a son was born Dec. 11, 1804, l)ut the church records of 
the time are so defective that his name is not given. According to Rev. 
Joshua Boyer, this brother moved his family into the vicinity of Cleve- 
land, Ohio, but thus far (1913) the historian has no trace of his de- 
scendants; B (2) Susan Bo)cr married Jacob Hoyer, as reported by 
Mrs. Thompson, a relative; B (3) Samuel Boyer, son of Johannes 
Nicholas Beyer and his second wife Amelia Catherine Wentzel, was born 
about 1780-1785. In his father's will (1823) he is called the "oldest 
son." This seems to prove that Jacob was dead in 1823, unless it means 
the oldest son of his second wife. lie is buried near the entrance of 
the old graveyard at Spiece Church, but has no tombstone. Lutheran. 
Farmer in Amity Township, Berks Co., Pa., and also near New Holland, 
Lancaster Co., Pa., after 1819, where he lived fotu- niiles from Hinkle- 
town, Pa. He married Magdalena Gerber, born July 5, 1789. Children: 
Amos G., Levi S., Charles G., Matilda G., Deborah G., Mary G., Sarah 
G. ; B (4) Solomon Boyer was twin to Daniel Boyer, but the date of 
birth is uncertain. He married Catharine Wellcr, and they were sponsors 
at a baptisin of some relative June 15, 1802; B (5) Daniel Boyer, twin 
to Solomon, married Catherine. A son was born July 21, 1805, and a 
daughter, Elizabeth, March 27, 1818. If there were other children they 
were probably recorded elsewhere; B (G) Susannah lioyer was born 
March 24, 1781; B (7) Abraham Boyer was born before 1800. Paper 
manufacturer. Lived at West Hanover, Dauphin Co., Pa. Married 
Elizabeth Heilman. Children : John, Solomon, Stephen, Abraham, 
David, Andrew, Rebecca, Sarah, Amanda, Elizabeth, Kate, Ella, Susan. 
It was through information obtained from Jno. A. Boyer, West Hanover, 
Pa., and an aunt of his, that the identification of this son oi John 
Nicholas became possible; B (8) Philip {?oyer lived in Alsace Twj)., 
Berks Co., Pa. Married. Cliildien : Emma Boyer. Mrs. J'lnalli.iii 
Spayd knows of no other child. This is, however, not conclusive; li {<)) 
Jonathan Boyer was born Dec. 3, 1797, in Alsace Twp., Berk Co., Pa., 
died March 27, 1873, and is buried at Belleman's Church, Alsace Tw])., 
Berks Co., Pa. Lutheran. Farmer. Married Polly Becker, born Sept. 
19, iSoi, died Nov. 24, 1883, and is burietl near her husband. Children: 


Isaac, Sarah, Mary, EHzabetli ; B (lo) William Boyer, son of John 
Nicholas Boyer and his second wife Amelia Catherine Wentzel, was born 
about 1780, in the neighborhood of Spiece Church, Berks Co., Pa., near 
Reading-. It was very difficult to identify him with his ancestral tree 
until the historian compared the character of the man as described by 
Dr. Turner with that of his father's care by his immigrant father as 
recorded in the beginning- of this chapter. When, however, Attorney 
L. S. Boyer, of Scott City, Kansas, reported his father's cousin settling 
in Stephenson County, Carroll County, and Ogle County, Illinois, it cov- 
ered Dr. Turner's complete reports so absolutely that all doubt vanished 
forever. lie lived at several places, including Chambersburg and Me- 
chanicsburg. Pa. Lost his eye sight while blasting for Cumberland 
• Valley Railroad, and died in the 50's. May be buried at Mechanicsburg, 
Pa. The name of his wife was Margaret. She died at Altoona, Pa., 
where she lived with her son Solomon. His grandson Albert remembers 
that she read a German Bible. She died about 82 years old. There were 
twelve children: William, Solomon, Jacob, Margaret, Sophia, Mary, 
Samuel, Susan, and four others who probably died young; B (11) 
George Boyer, son of Johannes Nicholas Beyer and Amelia Catherine 
Wentzel, lived at Centreville, near Belleman's Church, says Mrs. Spayd. 
Married. Children: David, Jacob, Adam, Hannah; B (12) Henry 
Boyer; B (13) John Boyer. He and Susannah Lorah — probably his 
sister — stood sponsors for a child baptized Aug. 17, 1794. If the Spiece 
Church records are for him, he married Catharine, and two of their 
children were recorded. A daughter was born March 26, 1819, and 
John Sept. 22, 1829; B (14) Rachel Boyer; B (15) H[annah Boyer 
lived in Alsace Twp., Berks Co., Pa. Mrs. Spayd does not know to 
whom she was married; B (18) Joshua Boyer was born Feb. 12, 1805, 
Alsace Twp., Berks Co., Pa., died Oct. 28, 1884, Dayton, Ohio. Luther- 
an. Became a U. B. minister. Buried in U. B. Cemetery, West Dayton, 
Ohio. Migrated from Lancaster Co., Pa., to Carroll Co., 111., and in 
1866 to Dayton, Ohio. lie was a young carpenter at work in the neigh- 
borhood of Reading, Pa., when he saw General Lafayette on his visit 
to the U. S. (1824-25). Married Susannah Buck before he left Penn- 
sylvania. She was born March 3, 1803, died Nov. 4, 18S4, and is buried 
near her husband. Children: Henry B., Kate, Jonathan, Daniel, Susan- 
nah, and others; B (19) Nicholas Boyer lived in Manheim, Lancaster 
Co., Pa., about 1880. 

C (i) Amos G. Boyer, son of Samuel Boyer and Magdalene Gerber, 
was born Feb. 20, 1814, in Amity Twp., Berks County, Pa., died at Bern, 
Pa., and is buried there. Shoemaker. Lutheran. Lived in Oley, Read- 
ing, and Bern Township. Married Elizabeth Hartline, of Oley Twp., 
Berks Co., Pa. Children: Rachel, Hetty, William H., Elizabeth L., 


Sarah H., Samuel T. ; C (2) Levi G. Boyer was born Feb. 23, 1819, at 
New Holland, Lancaster Co., Pa. On Dec. 4, 1838, he married Catherine 
"Dillon, born Nov. 17, 1818. The family lived in Reading, Pa., where 
his eight children were born : Wellington D., Virginia D., Mark D., 
Elvena D., Annie D., Edwin D., Emma (Agnes) D. ; C (3) Charles 
G. P»oyer. Married. Children: Sarah, Louis, perhaps others; C (4) 
Matilda G. Boyer married Womer ; C (5) Deborah G. Boyer married 
Haffer, formerly of Reading, Pa.; C (6) Mary G. Boyer, born in Heid- 
elberg or Maidencreek Twp., Berks Co., Pa., married Wertz. Children: 
Cyrus, Reading, Pa. Perhaps others; C (7) Sarah G. Boyer, born Nov. 
27, 1824, in Heidelberg Twp., Berks Co., Pa., married Jesiah Thompson. 
Children: Charles B., Frank B., Levi B., George B., Howard B., 
Debora^h B., ALaggie B., Ellen B., Jane B., Dora B. Howard B. Thomp- 
-son. Address ( 1910) 326 N. loth St., Reading, Pa.; C (8) A daugh- 
'ter married Mr. Leinbach. 

C (i) John Boyer, son of Abraham Boyer and wife, was born in 
West Hanover, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, and died 76 years old iu 
Stark County, Ohio. Pie is buried at Centre Church, Louisville, Ohio. 
United Brethren Church. Stone mason. Wife's name was Alary. She 
died 56 years old. Children : Abraham, John, Henry, Martin, Eliza- 
beth, Alary Ann, A'lartha, David; C (2) Solomon Boyer was born Sept. 
1830, at West Hanover, Dauphin Co., Pa. United Brethren Church. 
Address (1909) 1735 Centre St., Lebanon, Pa. Alarried Elizabeth Wai- 
ner. Children : Lavina, Sarah, Elizabeth L., Emma, David, Samuel 
F., Cyrus L., John E., Stephen Frank, George Adam ; C (3) Stephen 
Boyer was born probably in Dauphin Co., Pa., and died in Ohio. Alar- 
ried. I^rge family of children; C (4) Abraham Boyer died Dec. 6, 
1902, at Plarrisburg, Pa. See Administration, Jan. 10, 1906. Lutheran. 
Turnkey at Capitol, Plarrisburg, Pa. Proprietor of Shellville Hotel, 
Harrisburg, Pa., at one time. Alarried Alargaret Taylor. Children: 
David Allen, Abraham, Simon C, Sarah, Elizabeth, Kate, Mary, Alartin, 
and Airs. Hughes; C (5) David Boyer was born Sept. 30, 1830, East 
Hanover Twp., Dauphin Co., Pa., and died 1910. Lived in Harrisburg, 
Pa. Calder's Livery Stable boss. LInited Brethren Church. Alarried 
Susan E. AfcCann, born Alarch 24, 1843. Address (1913) 1441 Derry 
St., Harrisburg, Pa. Children: (i) John AL Boyer, Philadelphia, Pa., 
born Feb. 10, 1868. Alethodist. Salesman for Swift's meat. Alarried 
Delia Sprow. Children: Adella. (2) Harry A. Boyer, 304 S. 15th St., 
Harrisburg, Pa., born Feb. 16, 1870, at Harrisburg, Pa. Lutheran. 
'Singer. President of School Board. Alarried Anna Cavany. Children : 
Allen, Kenneth; C (6) Andrew Boyer married Elizabeth Purman. Chil- 
<lren: (i) Alice, (2) David Boyer. Address (1909) York, Pa. Alar- 
ried. No children; C (7) Rebecca Boyer married and left four daugh- 


ters; C (8) Sarah left no children; C (9) Amanda married and left 
several boys; C (10) Elizabeth married and left a son; C (11) Kate 
married Mr. Zimmerman and left children; C (12) Ella married a Mr. 
Wenrich; C (13) Susan. 

C ( 1 ) Isaac Boyer, son of Jonathan Boyer and Polly Becker, is 
buried at Belleman's Church, I'a. Married Eliza Schvvenk. Child: 
Thomas; C (2) Sarah Boyer, born May 3, 1841, in Centre Tvvp., Berks 
Co., Pa., married Jonas Spayd, Mohrsville, Pa., R. F. D. i. No chil- 
dren; C (3) Mary Boyer married Frank Loose, and C (4) her sister 
Elizabeth, married Daniel Zimmerman. 

C (i) Williani Boyer, son of William Boyer and wife Margaret, 
was born Feb. 14, 1802, in Lancaster Co., Pa., died at Bolton, near Free- 
port, Stephanson Co., Illinois, Feb. 27, or Oct. 27, 1890. Lutheran. 
Farmer. Overseer. Married Mary Knodle, of Hagerstown, Maryland, 
in 1827. Moved with family to Ogle County, Illinois, October 1840, 
and to Stephanson County, in 1848. His wife and five children are also 
buried at Bolton. Dr. Turner sjK-aks of William Boyer with warmest 
praise. Children: Rebecca, John, Susan, Hannah, Frisbee, William; 
C (2) Jacob Boyer was born in Lancaster Co., Pa., lived at several 
places, among them Chambersburg, Pa., and in Maryland. One time 
foreman on Col. Tillman's plantation near Hagerstown, Md., but he 
hated slavery. Liveil on farm for some years and then moved to Illinois 
about 1844, where he died at the age of 60 years. He and his wife are 
buried at Mt. Carroll, 111. Her name was Susan Shamel. She died 75 
years old. There were twelve children : William, Henry R., Margaret, 
Simon, Elizabeth, Louisa, Sophia, and five others who probably died 
young; C (3) Samuel Boyer. Note. — Nephew Albert thinks he died 
in Illinois, but reiports no other particulars; C (4-6) Margaret Boyer 
married Mr. Rubright, and lived in Indianapolis, Ind., or that neighbor- 
hood. Her sister Sophia also lived there. So did her sister Susan, wife 
of Mr. Rupe; C (7) Mary Boyer married Mr. Miller, and lived at 
Altoona, Pa.; C (8) Solomon Boyer was born Feb. 15, 1822, in Mary- 
land, and died June 22, 1886. A saddler in Altoona, Pa. Married Eliza- 
beth Emminger, born Nov. 5, 1815. She died Dec. 11, 1870. Children: 
Albert, Belle, William, Monroe, girl, and Agnes. 

C (i) David Boyer, son of George Boyer and his wife, lived at 
Leesport, Pa., and about 1880 at Mahanoy City, Pa. INLirried. She 
died at Leesport, Pa.; C (2) Jacob Boyer. Address (1880) Leesport, 
Pa. Buried at Hamburg, Pa. Married. Children: Aaron (dead). 
Perhaps others. Son of Aaron : Hiester Boyer. Address ( 1913) Potts- 
ville. Pa.; C (3) Adam Boyer. Address (1880) Leesport, Pa.; C (4) 
Hannah Boyer. 

C (i) Henry B. Boyer, son of Rev. Joshua Boyer and Susannah 


Buck, born Sept. 26, 1825, in Lancaster Co., Pa., married Cassie Smith, 
sister of John and David Smith. She died about 1856, leaving one child 
Lemon S. Later he married Catherine Gingrich. Her children: David 
H., Daniel, John F., Andrew, William, Susan E., Rebecca, Elizabeth; 
C (2) Kate Boyer, born Nov. 3, 1829, married John A. Smith. Ad- 
dress (1910) looi \V. Broadway, Dayton, Ohio; C (3) Jonathan Boyer, 
born Dec. 2, 1831, in Earl Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa., died Dec. 25, 1890, 
at Freeport, 111., where he is buried with his wife in the City Cemetery. 
Mason and plasterer by trade. Merchant at Freeport, 111. A very fine 
and Christian gentleman. Married Sophia Otto, born Feb. i, 1831. Chil- 
dren : Lyman F., Jerome W., Bessie B. ; C (4) Daniel W. Boyer, born 
March 9, 1839, in Stark Co., Ohio. Methodist. Fie owns his grand- 
father Johannes Nicholas Beyer's 200 years old "grandfather's clock." 
Address (1912) Eldora, Harden Co., Iowa, Box 272. Jan. 24, 1861, he 
married Lucy Hodge, born Sept. 27, 1841. Children: Solomon D., 
Franklin G., John E., Sherman G., William E., Helen, Esma A. The 
father was a cavalry man in the Civil War, Company B, 7th Illinois ; 
C (5) Susannah Boyer, born July 20, 1845, died Oct. 15, 1884. Mar- 
ried David A. Smith, of Dayton, Ohio. 

D (1) Rachel Boyer, daughter of Amos G. Boyer and Elizabeth 
Hartline, born May 7, 1834. Her sister D (2) Hetty, was born Jan. 
13, 1S36; D (3) William H. Boyer, born April 5, 1839, ^^'^^^^ ^^^S- 3^> 
1906, and is buried at Lewisburg, Pa. Lutheran. Shoemaker. Married 
Mary. Children: (a) Charles H. Boyer, 75 S. Brown St., Lewisburg, 
Pa., born July ii, 1868, married Ida. Children: Franklin H., Emma A., 
Edgar E., Irene S. (b) Annie fioyer married Stafford, 209 S. 4th St., 
Lewisburg, Pa.; D (4) Elizalieth L. Boyer, born Jan. 5, 1841, died 
.1905. Married Schroeder. Chiklren: George G. Schroeder. Address 
(1913) 135 Brown St., Lewisburg, Pa. I^erhaps others; D (5) Sarah 
H. Boyer, born July 21, 1845, niarried Jacob Good. Children: Adaline. 
Mrs. x\daline Vogle, 739 Mulberry St., Reading, Pa. Perhaps others ; 
D (6) Samuel T. Boyer, born Oct. 7, 1848, died 1895. No descendants. 

D (i) Wellington D. Boyer, son of Levi G. Boyer and Catharine 
Dillon, born Sept. i, 1839; D (2) Virginia D. Boyer, born Feb. 3, 1842, 
married Greiman. Address (1910) York, Pa.; D (3) Mark D. Boyer, 
born Jan. 6, 1844; D (4) Elvena D. Boyer, born May 22, 1846, married 
Oliver Nye. Address (1910) 856 Penn St., Reading, Pa.; D (5) Annie 
D. Boyer, born July 19, 1848, married Fitter, Downingtown, Pa.; D (6) 
Edwin D. Boyer, born March 2, 1851. Address (1910) 315 Morton St., 
Chester, Pa. Bricklayer. Married Annie L. Children : Edwin Boyer, 
Jr. Address (1910) 315 Morton St., Chester, Pa.; Howard, Chester, 
Bessie M. ; D (7) Emma D. I'oyer, born Sept. 18, 1856, married Charles 
Green, 928 Spruce St., Reading, Pa. 


D ( I ) Sarah Boyer, daughter of Charles G. Boyer and his wife, 
married Price. Mrs. Sarah B. Price,, Canadensis, Pa.; D (2) Louis 
Boyer. Address (1910) Canadensis, Pa.; D (3) Perhaps others. 

D (i) Lemon S. Boyer, son of Henry B. Boyer and his first wife 
Cassie Smith, was born Dec. 23, 1849, ^^ Seneca Co., Ohio. Attorney. 
Address (1913) Scott City, Kansas. Fine correspondent. Soldier in 
Civil War. Attorney at law. Merchant. Married. Children: L. R. 
Boyer, 2730 Summit St., Kansas City, Mo. ; Jennie J. Boyer, 2730 Sum- 
mit St., Kansas City, Mo.; D (2) David PL Boyer, son of Henry B. 
Boyer and his second wife Catharine Gingrich. Address (1912) Weath- 
erford, Oklahoma; D (3) Daniel Boyer died single; D (4) John l\ 
Boyer. Address (1913) Evanston, Bl. Justice of Peace. ]\Lirried. 
Children; D (5) Andrew Boyer, Shannon, Carroll Co., PL; D (6) 
William Boyer, Northern Illinois. Single; D (7) Susan E. Boyer mar- 
ried Richard High. Address (1912) 1015 N. i6th St., Boise, Idaho. 
Children: Ira E. Pligh, Boise, Idaho; D (8) Rebecca Boyer married 
Ferguson. Address (1912) Belleplaine, Kansas; D (9) Elizabeth Boy- 
€r married McCammon. 

D (i) Lyman Fremont Bowyer, son of Jonathan Boyer and Sophia 
Otto, born Oct. 4, 1856, at Freeport, 111. Address (1913) Ocala, Florida. 
Professor. Graduate of Cornell LIniversity, N. Y., 1884. Follows "real 
■estate." Fine genealogist. Methodist; D (2) Jerome W. Bowyer, born 
Jan. 3, 1858, at Freeport, 111. Cornell University education. Business 
man. Methodist. x'X.ddress (1913) West Plains, Mo. On June 20, 
1894, he married Celesta Eichelberger, who died June 4, 1 91 2, and is 
buried at Freeport, 111. Children: Helen Bessie, born April 18, 1897, 
and Ruth Annette, born Nov. 21, 1901 ; D (3) Bessie B. Boyer, born 
Feb. 24, 1862, at Freeport, 111. Teacher. Entrusted with important 
business representations at St. Louis World's Fair, and as compliment 
was given a European tour. On June 18, 1910, she married George H. 
HeafTord. Address (1913) 4560 Oakenwald Ave., Chicago, 111. Metho- 
dist. Very fine woman. 

D (i) Solomon D. Boyer, son of Daniel W. Boyer and Lucy Hodge, 
"born Dec. 7, 1861. Address (1912) Sanborn, Iowa, R. F. D. i. Married 
Anna O'Brien, born Jan. 21, 1871. Children: Esther May, Lucy G.; 
D (2) Franklin G. Boyer, born Sept. 7, 1863. Single. Address (1912) 
Eldora, Iowa, Box 272; D (3) John E. Boyer, born Sept. 26, 1866. Ad- 
dress (1912) Eldora, Iowa, Box 272. Married Ada Gcrdner, born June 
6, 1875. Children: Eugene, Plelen G., Kenneth G. ; D (4) Sherman 
G. Boyer, born Aug. 18, 1869. Single. Address (1912) Sheldon, Io\ya ; 
D (5) William E. Boyer, born Sept. 22, 1894. Address (1912) Eldora, 
Iowa, Box 272; D (6) Helen Boyer, born May 12, 1877. Single. Ad- 


dress (1912) Eldora, Iowa, Box 272; D (7) Esma A. Boyer, born Oct.. 
15, 1880. Single. Address (1912) Eldora, Iowa, Box 272. 

D (i) Rebecca Boyer, daughter of William Boyer and wife Mary 
Knodle, was born at Washington Court House, Md., 1828, and died at 
Freeport, 111., 1897. Methodist. Married first to A. J. Warner, leaving 
one child Edith, and later to Thomas IE. Turner, born in New York 
1821, leaving three children; (i) Dr. Benjamin Turner. Address 
(1912) Memphis, Tennessee. A very fine genealogist. Married Florence 
Acree. They have a son. (2) William E. Turner, Seattle, Washington. 
No children.' (3) Charles H. Turner, Minneapolis, Minn.; D (2) John 
W. Boyer was born in Washington Co., Md., Dec. 5, 183 1, and died at 
Wellsville, Mo., Oct. 23, 1903. Farmer. Married l^ucy Jane Rumdlett. 
Address (1909) Wellsville, Mo. Chiklren : (i) Clarence W. Boyer, 
Port Lavaca, Texas, born Aug. 9, 1859. Carpenter. ^Married C\ nthia 
E. Blanchard. Children : Clarence L,-, Austin, Texas ; Lester W., Port 
Lavaca, Texas ; Carl J., Edith P., Geneva E., Keith H., Dorris B., all 
at home. (2) George Edwin Boyer. Machinist. (3) Caroline E., wife 
of Mr. Woods, Wellsville, Mo. (4) Lillian M., wife of Mr. Duston. 
Same address. (5) Charles W. Boyer, Sanger Calf, Mo. (6) Lulu M., 
wife of Mr. Bently, of Wellsville, Mo.; D (-3) William K. Boyer died 
after 1900. Married Cora Mack, of Freeport, 111. Children: (i) Clif- 
ford Boyer, Red Oaks, Iowa. (2) Attorney Howard Boyer, Cedar 
Rapids, Iowa; D (4) Susan Boyer married Phineas B. Ellis, of Free- 
]X)rt, 111. Children: Alonzo, who died in Nebraska; Jennie, wife of 
Joseph Knepper, of Portland, Oregon ; George, of Grundie Center, Iowa ; 
Jennette, wife of Thomas Warner; AUie, wife of Mr. Bigelow, of Los 
Angeles, Cal., and Ernest, of Grundie Center, Iowa; D (5) Hannah 
Boyer died at Wichita about 1910. Married Henry Morgan, 1557 
Park Place, Wichita, Kansas. Children: Harry; Kate, wife of John 
Chain, of Wichita, Kansas; Mary E., and George, of Wichita, Kansas. 

D (i) William Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Susan Shamel, 
was born Aug. 28, 1830. Address (1913) Valentine, Nebraska. Metho- 
dist. Gold miner and inventor. Farmer. Married, May 1854, to Mary 
Catharine Strickler. She tlied August 1880, at Conrad, Iowa. Children: 
(i) Urias, Valentine, Nebraska. Married I^mma Jordan. Their daugh- 
ter Enis married Vernon Caton, of Valentine, Nebraska. (2) Linius 
E. Boyer, Hanna, South Dakota. Married Bertha Marohn. Children : 
Layvern D., Delbert, and Raymond. (3) Ernest E. Boyer, Hanna, S. 
Dakota, married Mabel Spratt. No children in 1913. (4) William H. 
Boyer, single, Valentine, Nebraska. (5) Alice M., wife of Mrs. Charles 
Burgess. Children. (6) Elveretta, wife of Delbert E. Sherman, of 
Valentine, Nebraska. (7) Elma L., wife of Delbert Sherman's brother. 
Same address. (8) Armina L., Avife of Allen C. Magee, of Muscatine, 


Iowa. (9) Ora. (10) Cora, wife of Arthur M. Sherman, of Valen- 
tine, Nebraska; D (2) EHzabeth Boyer, daughter of Jacob Boyer and 
wife Susan Shaniel, married Mr. Kingery, of Mt. Carroll, 111. Children : 
Andrew, of Mt. Carroll, 111. ; Charles, a banker of Chadvvick, 111. ; Louise, 
wife of Mr. Cluck, Mt. Carroll, 111. ; Susie, wife of another Mr. Cluck, 
Mt. Carroll; Mary, of Mt. Carroll, and Margaret, wife of Mr. Miller, 
of Ivester, Iowa; D (3) Henry R. Boyer was born in Washington Co.. 
Md., perhaps about 1841, and died 72 years old at Carroll, III. Buried in 
Silver Lake Cemetery, Lake Park, Iowa. Wife's name was Annie E., 
born 1844. Address (1913) Lake Park, Iowa. Children: (i) Cora, 
wife of Mr. Strickler, 2300 Kensington, Kansas City, Mo. Children: 
Bernice and Verda. (2) Nellie, wife of Mr. Stover, of Conrad, Iowa. 
Farmer. Children: Orange, Merle, Gladys, Dorothy, Vernon. (3) 
Sadie Boyer, wife of Mr. Winters, of Harris, Iowa. Children: Harold, 
Vera, Fay, Cecile, Virlin. (4) Kathryn Esther, of Lake Park, Iowa. 
(5) Hattie lona, born Dec. i, 1883. Address (1913) Lake Park, Iowa. 
A fine correspondent. Helped historian. (6) Henry J. Boyer. Address 
(1913) Lake Park, Iowa. (7) Clifford Boyer. Address (1913) Lake 
Park. Iowa. (8) William C. Boyer. Address (1913) Dows, Iowa. Mar- 
ried. Children: Virgil, Agnes, Elmer. (9) Charles S. Boyer. Address 
(1913) Lake Park, Iowa. Married. Children: Viola, Henry. (10) 
Frederick K. John Boyer. Address (1913) Lake Park, Iowa. 

D (i) Albert Boyer, son of Solomon Boyer and wife Elizabeth 
Emminger, was born Oct. 5, 1844, at Shiremanstovvn, Pa. Address 
(1913) 1510 13th St., Altoona, Pa. Methodist. Harness maker by trade. 
Worked 30 years for P. R. Railroad Co. Served in Civil War 12 months, 
Co. D, 125th Pa. Vols. Married Charlotte Hall, of Dauphin Co., Pa. 
Children: (i) Elizabeth, wife of H. D. Herr, 2210 S. Avenue, Altoona, 
Pa. Four daughters and one son. (2) Catharine, wife of Herman 
Friedlander, clothier, 410 King St., Alexandria, Va. (3) Frank Edmund 
Boyer, 2463 Sixth St., N. W., Washington, D. C. Clerk. Married 
Clara Barkley. Cliildren: Donald, born 1899, and Madeline; D (2) 
Belle Boyer married William Calvert, 1504 Thirteenth St., Altoona, Pa.; 
D (3) William Boyer, single, 1504 13th St., Altoona, Pa.; D (4) Mon- 
roe Boyer married Emily Ewing, 1504 13th St., Altoona, Pa.; D (5) 
A daughter married William D. Seibert. Children : Mrs. Lee Han- 
nack, of 580 W. i6th St., New York; Claude, of Newark, N. J.; Mrs. 
Jose Houck, of Phila., Pa.; William and Lamont, of Altoona, Pa. ; D (6) 
Agnes Boyer, daughter of Solomon Boyer and second wife, married Mr. 
Neal, of Altoona, Pa. 

D (i) Martin I'oyer, son of John Boyer and wife Mary Taylor, was 
born Dec. 22, 1838. died May 2, 1906, and is buried at Osnaburg, Ohio. 
Lutheran. Carpenter. Served three years in Civil War. Belonged to 


McKiiiley Post, No. 25, Canton, Ohio. Wife's name was Mary, born 
April 28, 1843. Children: (1) Clement l.oyer, 911 East 4th St., Canton, 
Ohio, born March 15, 1873. Wife's name Lavina. Children: Clitiford 
N., Marg-aret Naomi, Mildred May, Lulu Marie. (2) Curtis Aneas 
Boyer, 1626 East Tuscarora St., Canton, Ohio. (3) Elizabeth Beyer, 
wife of Mr. Spies, Osnaburg, Stark Co., Ohio; D (2) Abraham Boyer 
was born May 27, 1846, in Lancaster Co., Pa., died June 9, 1909, and is 
buried at Apple Creek, Ohio. Dunkard and then Methodist. Carpenter.. 
Married Celesta Cotterma'n, born July 24, 1851. Address (1909) Apple 
Creek, Wayne Co., Ohio. Children: ( L) Emma, wife of Mr. Stauffer, 
Orrville, C^hio, R. F. D. 2, born July 22, 1874. Married Alexander 
Stauffer. Children: Michael R., Ida, Blanche. (2) Harry Boyer, S. 
Arlington St., East Akron, Ohio, or R. F. D. 22. (3) Ira Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1909) Wilmot, Stark Co., Ohio. (4) Mary Jane, wife of Charles 
E. Mettetal. Address (1909) Apple Creek, Wayne Co., Ohio, R. F. D. 2. 
(5) Maude, wife of Daniel Hiner, Wooster, Ohio, R. F. D. 8. (6) Orris 
Boyer. Address (1909) Apple Creek, Ohio; D (3) Elizabeth Boyer 
married Benjamin Bollinger. One son is Phares Bollinger, .\ddress 
(1909) Shipshewana, Indiana; C (4) Mary A. Boyer married a xVIr. 
Bender; D (5) David Boyer was born July 22, 1855. Address (1909) 
Weber, Washing-ton. U. B. Church. Farmer. Married Sarah Grofl, 
"born Feb. 18, 1859. Children: (i) Henry Boyer. Address (190c)) 
Weber, Wash. Born Oct. 16, 1876. (2) John Boyer. Address (1909) 
Burns, Oreg^on. Married. (3) Clara, wife of M. S. Taylor, Potlatch, 
Idaho. (4) Alice E. Ikiyer, 623 Olympian Ave., Spokane, Washington. 
(5) Susie M. Boyer, (6) Martin S. Boyer, (7) Leo L. Boyer, (8) Lotta, 
(9) David D., (10) Laura, at home in 1909. 

D (i) Lavina Boyer, daughter of Solomon Boyer and wife Eliza- 
beth Walner, was born Jan. 24, 1853. Married John Runkle. Address 
(1909) 138 S. 6th St., Lebanon, Pa. Only daughter, Ida, wife of Samuel 
Stein. Address (1909) 313 N. 5th St., Lebanon, Pa. Child: Russell 
R. Mrs. Runkle gave the historian much help; D (2) John E. lioyer 
was born about 1854, Elizabeth town, Lancaster Co., Pa. U. B. Church. 
Married. Children; D (3) Stephen F. Boyer was born about 1855. LI. 
B. Church. Soldier in Philippine Islands. Married. Only child : Wesley 
Boyer. Went to Illinois; D (4) Cyrus L. Boyer was born Nov. 24, i860. 
Address (1909) Plershey, Pa. U. B. Church. Married Susanna L. 
Snyder. Children: Viola S. and Plarry S. ; D (5) Samuel F. Boyer 
was born about 1865. Address (1909) Centre and 15th Sts., Lebanon, 
Pa. U. B. Church. Wife's name Mary. Children: One daughter 
Mary, married a Boyer; D (6) Sarah Boyer was born Oct. 3, 1863. 
Evangelical Church. Married John H. Clendenan. Address (1909) 
Lebanon, Pa. Children: Elizabeth, wife of Daniel Rieser, of N. i6th 


St., Lebanon, Pa. ; Helen Clendenan, at home; D (7) Elizabeth L. Boycr^ 
born Jan., 1870, married John E. Beam. Address (1909) Annville, Pa. 
Children: Samuel, Eugene, Mary (wife of Adam Eversole. of Ann- 
ville, Pa., and Violet; D (8) George A. Boyer was born about i86q. 
U. B. Church. Married Annie Roller. Children: (i) Sadie, wife of 
Howard Jones, 264 S. 5th St., Lebanon, Pa. (2) Alverd, single. (3) 
George, single, both at home 1909; D (9) Emma Boyer, born Dec. 10, 
1871, married William Robuck, Brooklyn, N. Y. Children: William, 
Eugene, Eliza, Emma, Ella, Margaret, Dorothy, Richard, Ralph, Daniel ; 
D (10) David Boyer was born May 1875. U. B. Church. Married 
Rosie Risser, 1735 Centre St., Lebanon, Pa. Children: Katie, Irene, 
Rosanna, Elsie. 

E ( I ) David Allen Boyer, son of Abraham Boyer and Alargaret 
Taylor, was born Dec. 1843. U. B. Church. Annville College education. 
United States Regular Army from 1861-1864. Teacher for 20 years. 
Justice of Peace. Legislature 18S9-92. Merchant from 1896 to 1906. 
Address (1911) Grantville, Pa. Married Elizabeth Hampton. Chil- 
dren: (i) Gaylen T. Boyer, 1024 Otis St., N. E., Washington, D. C. 
Census Department. Alarried. (2) Jno. A. Boyer, West Hanover, Pa, 
Merchant. Married. Children: John H. Boyer, at home. (3) Harry 
A. Boyer, West Planover, Pa. Undertaker. (4) Chester S. Boyer, 
Grantville, Pa. Farmer. Married. (5) William M. Boyer, Grantville, 
Pa. Single in 1913; E (2) Abraham Boyer. Address (1911) 310 
Harris St., Harrisburg, Pa. Lutheran. Steelworker. Wife's name Jen- 
nie. Children: (i) Bessie, wife of Mr. Mathias, Steelton, Pa. (2) 
Edith, single in 1913, at home. (3) Marcie, (4) Raymond Boyer, rail- 
roader, Enola, Pa., (5) Bertha; E (3) Simon C. Boyer. Address 
(1913) 27 S. 17th St., Harrisburg, Pa. Buyer for Drygoods Depart- 
ment, Bowman Dept. Store, Harrisburg, Pa. Married Anna Laura 
Brown. Children: Edna May, Anna May; E (4) Sarah Boyer mar- 
ried Mr. Ingraham. Children: Anna and Mary; E (5) Elizabeth 
Boyer married George A. Dichl, 1528 Regina St., Harrisburg, Pa. Chil- 
dren: Ralph L, Frank G. ; E (6) Kate Boyer married William Hetrick, 
17th St., Harrisburg, Pa. Children: Ruth, wife of Mr. SchaefiFer, of 
Paxtang, Pa.; E (7) ALary Boyer; E (8) Martin Boyer was born about 
1840. Works in steel mills. Address (1911) 608 North Second St., 
Steelton, Pa. Married Sallie Hoover. Only child : Elizabeth, wife of 
Albert Miller, Buffalo, N. Y. ; E (9) A daughter married a Mr. Hughes. 
Children: Sarah, wife of Mr. Rudy. Address (1911) Progress, Pa., 
and Thomas. Address (1911) Reading, Pa. 



















-J !? 




We learn from John LSoyer, Lewistown, Pa., that the John Eoyer of 
this chapter came to America on the same ship with his future wiie 
Mary McKean, of Ireland. He settled in Lancaster County, Pa., among 
what were no douht his German relatives, for this was the rule of 
earlier Pennsylvania immigrants. His grandson, John H. Boyer, of 
Elizabethtown, Pa., reports that his grandfather lived at White Oaks, 
'Lancaster County, and that he is buried at Hanover, Pa., while his 
wife is buried in the White Oaks Lutheran Cemetery. How they be- 
came acquainted is not exactly known, but they came as "redemptioners" 
and apparently found each other after their arrival in Lancaster County. 
As far as we know there were at least six children : George, William, 
Joseph, Peter, Sarah, and John. There may have been others. 

B (i) George Boyer, son of John Boyer and wife Mary McKean, 
was born June i6, 1800, in Lancaster Co., Pa., and died July 30, 1868, 
at Tyrone, Pa. I^utheran. Married Lydia Roop, born Feb. 21, 1798. 
Children: John, George, William, Annie, and Caroline; B (2) William 
Boyer was born July 30, 1802, and died Oct. 17, 1843. Buried in Luther- 
an Cemetery, Elizaliethtown, Pa. Blacksmith at Elizabethtown. Married 
Margaret Ann Smith, born Oct. 10, 1805. Children: John vS., Margaret 
Ann, Isaac Eaton, William Heiiry, and Elizabeth; B (3) Joseph Bo\er 
was born Sept. 28, 1805, in Lancaster Co., Pa., and died Dec. 28, 1885. 
Married Mary Herr, born Jan. 10, 1808; married Jan. 15, 1829. Chil- 
dren: William R., Maria, Catharine, Anna, Harry II., John H., Harriet, 
Joseph A., George, and Veronica; B (4) Peter Uriah Boyer died at 
liarrisburg, Pa., in 1873. A trusted employee of the P. R. R. Com]jany. 
Married Louisa Reinoehl. Children : John Andrew, and another son and 
daughter ;B (5) John Boyer married Elizabeth Pile. Children: George 
W., Jefferson J., Mary A., Elizabeth, and Harriet K. ; B (6) Sarah 
Boyer married Mr. Blaisdell. No children. She brought up Caroline, 
daughter of her brother William. 

C (i) John Boyer, son of George Boyer and wife Lydia Roop. 
was born Aug. 10, 1825, at Manheim, Lancaster Co., Pa., died at Burn- 
ham, Pa., June 21, 1893, and is buried in the Yeagertown Lutheran 
Cemetery, with wife. Methodist. Served in Civil War. JMarried 




Sarah Ann Turnbaugh, born Oct. 30, 1824. Children: John, George 
R., Samuel H., Annie, Elizabeth, Priscilla, Catherine, Matilda, and 
Agnes; C (2) George W. Boyer was born Feb. 20, 1827, and died at 
Dwight, Illinois, June 27, 191 1. IMethodist. Farmer. Soldier Co. F, 
104th I'a. Vols. Married Mary A. Turnbaugh, born May 1 1, 1828. Chil- 
dren: Henry F., Annetta, Samuel Harvey, Alonzo E., Clarence, Ira L., 
Ralph, Sarah C, Clara E., and Alfred A.; C (3) William Buyer, son 
of George Boyer and wife Lydia Roop. When his mother died in 1851, 
his uncle William took him, and he was brought up in Elizabethtown, 
Lancaster Co., Pa., where he also died, as his sister Annie reports, 
C (4) Annie Boyer was born in 1835, niarried Mr. Adair. Address 
(1915) 6 Catharine St., Chambersburg, Pa.; C (5) Caroline Boyer 
married Rev. J. F. Martin, who had accompanied her to Africa as a 

C (i) John S. Boyer,, son of William Flenry Boyer and wife Mar- 
garet Ann Smith, was born July 20, 1825, died Feb. 8, 1908, and is 
buried at Elizabethtown, Pa., with wife. Merchant at Elizabethtown. 
Elder in Church of God. Married Catharine Gisli, in Lancaster, Dec. 
25, 1850. Children: Albert, Anna, William, Hiram, Kate, Charles, 
Clara, Harvey, Ella; C (2) Margaret Ann Boyer was born July 22, 
1828, and married John Gish. Only child: Ella. She married Mr. 
Peck. Address (1913) Marietta, Pa.; C (3) Isaac Eaton lioyer was 
born Nov. 30, 1837, died in Findlay, Ohio, in 1905, and is buried there. 
Educated for the ministry. Preached for Church of God. Pioneer 
in Illinois in 1851. Lived at Ida Grove, Iowa. Married Anna Patter- 
son, and after her death, Anna Schaeffer. Children: Edwin L., John 
Meredith, Charles Wilbur, Annie, Mary Louise, Grace May, and Bertha; 
C (4) William Henry Boyer was born Nov. 30, 1837, twin with Isaac 
Eaton. Married Alary Hunter. Only descendant: Mrs. Charles Hall, 
6517 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, Illinois; C (5) Elizabeth Boyer, born 
Alarch 10, 1840, married Martin Edmunson. 

C (i) William R. Boyer, son of Joseph Boyer and wife Mary Plerr, 
was born Dec. 4, 1829, at Elizabethtown, Pa.; died Aug. 19, 1892, at 
J51airsville, Pa. Married Abigail McCurdy, Sept. 5, 1853, ''^^ Jackson- 
ville, Pa. Child: Joseph, of Elmira, N. Y. ; C (2) Maria Boyer was 
born Feb. 3, 1831, and died Jan. 27, 1897. Married A. W. Suavely, of 
Blue Hill, Lebanon Co., Pa., Dec. 22, 1854. Children: Franklin and 
George; C (3) Catharine Boyer, born April 29, 1836, died Feb. 2, 1904. 
Married H. H. Thornburg, April 29, 1856. Children: (i) Mary, who 
died Aug. 8, 1899, leaving one son, and (2) Harry. Address (1913) 
Hillside, Washington; C (4) Anna Boyer, born April 13, 1838, marrieil 
Harry K. Brenneman, who died Oct. 13, i860. Daughter Kate H. Ad- 
dress (1913) Ambler, Pa.; C (5) Harry II. Boyer was born Dec. i. 


1840, and died June 21, 1910. Married Laura Decker. Only child: 
Charles. Address (1913) Lancaster, Pa.; C (6) John H. Boyer was 
born March 17, 1843. Address (1913) Elizabethtown, Pa., R. D. 3, 
Box 3. Church of God. Farmer. Melped historian very beautifully. 
]\Iarried Elizabeth G. Ebersole, born June 30, 1846. ()nly son Harry E., 
born March 6, 1870. He died at Mt. Joy, Pa., Nov. 21, 1886; C (7) 
Harriet Boyer, born Feb. 28, 1845, married William Lechler ; C (8) 
Joseph A. Ijoyer was born June 4, 1848, lived at Newport, Perry Co., Pa. 
Married I-,izzie D. Strong". Son : Sanuiel K. 15oyer, of Newport, Perry 
Co., Pa.; C (9) George Boyer lived at Tyrone, Pa. Son: Jefferson J. 
Address (1913) Tyrone, Pa.; C (10) Veronica Boyer, born March 20, 
1852, married B. E. Hiestand, Mt. Joy, I'a. 

C (i) John Andrew Boyer, son of Peter Uriah Boyer and wife 
Louisa Reinoehl, was born Dec. 24, 1834, at Lebanon, Pa., and is buried 
at West Liberty, Ohio. Lutheran. Served entire four years of Civil 
War, in 205th Regiment, Pa. Vols. Married Ann Margaret Groff, born 
Dec. 25, 1838, at Columbia, Pa. Children: (1) Louisa, born P)ec. 15, 
1857, wife of Mr. Barr. Address (i()i3) West Liberty, Ohio, Box 191. 
Teacher. No children. Taught in vSpringheld, Ohio, imtil married. Fiiic 
genealogist. (2) Luther G., born Oct. 27, 1864. Address (1913) 81 
Madison Avenue, New York. (3) John Andrew, born July 27, i8()7. 
He died July 21, 1906. Wife's name was Mary L. Address (1913) 
Bellefontaine, Ohio. Children: Francis and Lucile. (4) Plarriet Ger- 
trude, born Dec. 23, 1871. Address (1913) West Liberty, Ohio. (5) 
Bessie, born Feb. 19, 1873, wife of J. Turner Taylor, luilton Bldg., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. Children: Esther, Ruth E., Bessie B. ; C (2) William 
Boyer lived at State College, Pennsylvania, and died there. Married. 
Children: Two sons; C (3) A daughter married Uiley Pratt. Both 
died at Fleming, ]*a., and are buried there. One daughter, Bessie, lives 
at Fleming, Pa., 1915, and can record cousins. 

C ( I ) George W. l^oyer, son of John Boyer and wife Elizabeth 
Pile, married Ann Bowman; C (2) Jefferson J. Boyer died at Tyrone, 
Pa. Married Mary Stephens, of Tyrone, Pa. Children: (i) Harvey 
Boyer, Tyrone, l*a., (2) Hallie, wife of Mr. Aaron, of Altoona, Pa. 
She may have other brothers and sisters; C (3) Mary A. Boyer mar- 
ried John Ward, and after his decease, Thomas Weston. Left no de- 
scendants; C (4) Elizabeth Boyer married S. H. Walters; C (5) Har- 
riet K. Boyer married John Thomas, and after his decease, Samuel W. 
McCamant. She was born June 28, 1827, and died July 4, 1904. Two 
children: (1) Attorney Andrew H. McCamant, born Jan. 16, i860. 
Address (1913) Tyrone, Pa. (2) John G. McCamant. 

D (i) John Boyer, son of Jolin iioyer and wife Sara Ami Turn- 
'baugh, was born Feb. 6, 1850, at Tyrone, Blair Co., Pa. Address (1912) 


Lewistown, Mifflin Co., Pa., R. F. D. 3. Methodist. Bachelor. Fine 
genealogist; D (2) George R. Boycr was born Nov. 22, 1862. Address 
(1912) South Arch Ave., Alliance, Ohio. Machinist. Married Bertha 
Coleman. Children; Ralph E., John C, Paul 1£. ; D (3) Samuel H. 
Boyer was horn April 10, 1865. Address (1912) Burnham, Pa. Livery- 
man Sheriff. Alarried Susan ilall, who left him a daughter, now the 
wife of Richard Smoker. After the death of his wife Susan, Samuel 
PI. Boyer married Elsie McAlevy, who lefthim one daughter, Sara M. 
Address (1912) Burnham, Pa.; D (4) Annie Boyer, born Jan. 22, 1849, 
married Mr. Weaver, of Burnham, Pa.; D (5) Elizabeth Boyer, born 
March 18, 1852, married Al^ner Nearhoof, Burnham, Pa. Children: 
John A., William W., George E., Minnie (Stewart), Sara (Woomer), 
and Stella; D (6) Priscilla Boyer, born Nov. 8, 1854. Single. Address 
(1912) Burnham, Pa.; D (7) Catherine Boyer, born Jan. 15, 1857, wife 
of James Garrett. Children: Charles D., J. Walter, Dora (Jacobs), 
and Irma; D (8) Matilda Boyer, born Oct. 8, 1858, married Christopher 
Harpster, of Burnham, Pa. Children: Willis F., Lewis E., Robert R., 
I. Carl, William C, Verna (Shannon), Mrs. liayle Dean, Reba, and 
Elsie; D (9) Agnes Boyer, born June 9, 1861, wife of William Carr, 
of Burnham, Pa. Children: Christopher, William, John, Abner, Sam- 
uel, and Mrs. E. Mowry. 

D (i) Plenry F. Boyer, son of George W. Boyer and wife IVIary 
A. Turnbaugh, was born Jan. 16, 1854, and died Feb. 17, 1913, at 
Dwight, Illinois. Married Nellie Morris, Dec. 23, 1886. Children: 
Howard A., Mary C, and George M. Address (1912) Dwight, 111.; 
D (2) Annetta Boyer, born Alarch 16, 1856, married James B. Austin, 
of Lincoln, Nebraska. Children: (1) George S., of Orleans, Nebraska. 
(2) Effie M., (3) Blanche M., (4) Gertrude^!. ; D (3) Samuel Plarvey 
Boyer was born July 28, 1858, married Jennie Lower, Jan. 30, 1844. 
Child : Harvey R. Boyer, of Chicago, 111. Married Louisa Leach ; D (4) 
AlonzoE. ;D (5) Clarence ;D (6) Ira L. ; D (7) Ralph, all of Dwight, 
Illinois; D (8) Sarah C. Boyer, born Aug. 30, 1861, married Dwight 
P. Mills, of Medicine Lodge, Kansas. Children : Ada, wife of Heil Smith ; 
Bertha, Susie, Dora, Ortha, Florence, Ellen; D (9) Clara E. Bover, 
born April 3, 1864, married A. M. Bartholic, of Dwight, Illinois. Chil- 
dren: Zella L., Lloyd, Ruby, Clemenia; D (10) Alfred A. Boyer was 
born Oct. 2, 1869. Address ( 1912) Dwight, Illinois. Methodist. Mar- 
ried Clara L. Martin, June 5, 1907. He helped the historian much. 

D (i) Albert Boyer, son of John S. Boyer and wife Catharine 
Gish, has not been reported. Same is true of his sisters Anna, Kate, 
Clara, and his brothers William, Charles, Harvey; D (4) liiram Boyer 
was born March 4, 1855. Address (1913) 11 17 North Water St., 
Decatur, 111. Married Sarah Gibson, born May 24, 1864. Children: 


Harry L., born Jan. i, 1888, and Charlotte, born June 26, 1894; D (9) 
Ella Boyer, of 1404 North Water St., Decatur, 111. 

D (i) Prin. Edwin L. Boyer, son of Isaac Eaton Boyer and wife 
Anna Patterson, born April 13, 1861. Graduate of Illinois State Normal 
University. Principal of Hij^h School, Chicago Pleights, 111. Baptist. 
Married Josephine Ella Rue, born Jan., 1861. Children: (i) Mabel 
Blanche, wife of A. E. Ray, Yellow Pine, Alabama. Child: Edwin 
Russell. (2) Olive Ethel, wife of Chris. Kemp, Metamoro, 111. Teacher 
before marriage. (3) Ruth. Teacher, Chicago Heights, 111. (4) Edwin 
Howard, at home; D (2) John Meredith Boyer was born 1857. Address 
(1913) Hunt's European Hotel, Chicago, 111. Sui)ervisor of Manual 
Training, City Schools, Chicago; D (3) Charles Wilbur Boyer. Ad- 
dress (1913) Arthur, Iowa. Charge of grain elevator; D (4) Annie 
Boyer married Frank Kennedy, of Sioux City, Iowa; D (5) Bertha 
Boyer married Jacob Brechwald, of Sunny Slope, Alberta. 



The historian's correspondents have tried hard to find the Christian 
rname and family tree of the Boyer to whose hue posterity tliis chapter 
is dedicated, but thus far all eiTorts have been failures. Equally baflling 
is the inquiry into the maiden surname of Margaret his wife. There 
were three sons: William II., John, and Peter. Descendants of Peter 
Boyer report that Margaret came with her sons from Grassy Valley, 
near the line of Pennsylvania and Maryland to Shenandoah County, 
Virginia, into the neighborhood of Strassburg. She died March 7, 
1819, about 70 years old. She was therefore born about 1750. Perhaps 
this is also approximately the birth date of her husband. ]\Iargaret 
evidently came with her sons from Germany into Pennsylvania, after 
the father's death in Germany, as we infer from the records in the hands 
of William's grandson, Harvey Boyer, Fries, Va. This is the record : 
"Grandfather and mother, William Henry Boyer and Elizabeth Boyer, 
came from Germany to Pennsylvania and from there to Virginia." 

A genealogical dream: If the name of Margaret Boyer's husband 
was "Reese," it would account for the recurrence of this name in Chapters 
.34, 44, and 65. The geography of the case is marvellously suggestive. 


Similar^ dreams have come true in our researches. This one may- 
come true. Reese Bayer, of the dream, may have been brother of 
Caspar Beyer, and Margaret would follow into America, after her hus- 
band's death, settling in parts near relatives of her husband. 

B (i) Peter Boyer, son of Jioyer and his wife JMargaret, was born 
April 4, 1771, and died May 19, 1845. ^^^ came with mother and broth- 
ers into Shenandoah Co., Virginia, and lived three miles south of Strass- 
burg. Moved east of the Shenandoah River in 1808, and to Cedar 
Creek in 1822. Here he and his wife died, and are buried near tlie home. 
Both held to the "Christian Church." His wife's name was Elizabeth K. 
Snap, born May 2, 1765, and married April 7, 1793. Children: Mar- 
garet, Sarah, Jacob, William, Catharine, and George K. ; B (2) John 
Boyer came with mother and brothers, but settled further south in the 
same valley. Correspondents presume that his descendants are to be 
found in Rockingham, Augusta, and Rockbridge Counties, Virginia. 
Probably also in Tennessee and Kentucky. Two sons are known : Peter 
and John; B (3) William Ilenry~ljoyer was probably born about 1763. 
Came with wife, mother, and brothers from Pennsylvania into \^irginia. 
Later he settled east of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia. Gra\'son 
County, Virginia, became the nesting place. His wife's name was Eliza- 
beth. Children : Daniel, John, Samuel, and perhaj^s others. Samuel 
never married. 

C ( I ) Daniel Boyer, son of William Henry Boyer and Elizabeth, 
was born Jan. 17, 1783, at Elk Creek, Virginia, and died Dec. 19, 1852, 
IMarried Susan, born May 29, 1792. Children: Daniel, John, William, 
James, Stephen, Granville, Elizabeth, Ephraim, Caroline, Susan, Mary, 
Frances, Freeland, Harvey; C (2) John Boyer lived on Elk Creek, Gray- 
son Co., A^irginia. Farmer. Married Long. Children : Churchwell, 
Johnson, Stephen, Morgan, Robert, Delila, Nancy, Mahala, Rosamond, 
Eva, Lucinda ; C (3) Samuel Boyer never married. 

C (1) Margaret Boyer, daughter of Peter Boyer and wife Eliza- 
beth Snap, born Feb. 26, 1796, married Sherman, and lived in Indiana; 
C (2) Sarah Boyer, born March 23, 1798, married Stover, and lived 
in Ohio; C (3) Jacob Boyer was born April 20, 1800, and died about 
1854. Went to Indiana. Lived and died in Iowa. Farmer. Married 
Susannah Reitnour, who died 1852, and is buried with husband at New 
Madison. Dark Co., Ohio. Children: Jacob B., George B., Mary C, 
Sarah J., Barbara A., Susan E., Nancy M., Alfred, Peter, and Daniel 
William; C (4) William Boyer was born Oct. 13, 1804, and died July 
12, 1889. Member of Church of God, and an exemplary man. Farmer. 
Owner of furnace. Married Regina Stickley, March 16, 1830. She 
was born May 5, 181 1, and is buried near Pelton, Va. Children: Wil- 
liam M., Benjamin F., John D., Andrew J., David S., Mary E., George 


A., Jacob E., Eliza C, Anna R., and Samuel E. ; C (5) Catharine Boyer, 
born Dec. 31, 1806, married Reitnour, and lived in Ohio; C (6) George 
K. Boyer was born April 4, 181 r, and died about 1S55. Married Cath- 
arine Mowry. Children: Elizabeth A., Ann R., George F., Mary S., 
Martha Y., Emily Catharine, Cornelius B., Jacob, James, and John. 

C (i) Peter Jjoyer, son of John Boytr, of Rockingham County, 
Virginia, and his wife, was born about 1796, for his grandson, Samuel 
Henry Porter Boyer, of Lafayette, Indiana, says lie was a pensioner of 
the \\';ir of 1812, or of the Mexican War of 1845. Me died about 1873, 
and was 87 years old. The grandson says- that Peter Boyer could 
speak German. The family Bible may be in the liands of John Jordan, 
of Montevideo, Virginia, for his father lived with Peter Boyer till his 
death. The maiden name of his wife may have been Hudlow. There 
were nine children: Jacob, John, Levi, Peter, F'olly, Ruth, Elizabeth, 
Isabella, and Ann. Peter Bo\-er, Jr., died when a boy, and his brother 
Levi died single. The mother died about 1840-50; C (2) John Boyer 
went to California with his son John and a party of immigrants during 
the "forties," but all of them except his son, John, were killed by the 
Indians in Iowa. Samuel PIcnry Porter Boyer thinks this boy may 
have remained in Iowa, but has lost all trace of him. 

D (i) John pjoyer, son of Daniel Boyer and wife Susan, was born 
Nov. 4, 1810, Grayson Co., Va. Baprist. Farmer. j'\Iarrieil Jane Field- 
er. Children: Daniel, Dennis, of Texas; Hugh, of Nebraska; Leandcr, 
Kenly, of Independence, Va. ; Missouri, \''irginia, and America; D (2} 
Polly Boyer was born Sept. i, 1812, and married Nicholas Mallory ; 
D (3) AVilliam Boyer was born May 14, 1814, in Grayson Co., Va 
Baptist. Farmer. Married Catharine Greer. Children: So])hina, Mary, 
Leona, Victoria, Joyce, and Sessie; D (4) James iJoyer v/as born Juiio 
29, 1816, at Spring Valley, Grayson Co., Virginia. Methodist. Farmer. 
Married Rhoda Sutherland, ciiildren: Hugh K., Alex G., J. Michael, 
Elvira J., Emma E. ; D (5) Francis Boyer was born July 10, 1818, and 
married Isaac Busic; D (6) Stephen Boyer was born June 23, 1820, in 
Grayson Co., Va., and died Jan. 21, 191 1. Baptist. Farmer. l\Iarried 
Polly Busic, March 30, 1844. Children: Ephraim T., Harvey, Isaac, 
of Independence, Va. ; Robert (dead), Bettie, Mollie, Rena, Joseph, 
Jonathan, Stephen; D (7) Granville Boyer was born Sept. 10, 1822, 
Grayson Co., Va. Baptist. Farmer. Married Nancy Mallory. Chil- 
dren: Wiley, Gideon, Ephraim C, dead; J. Emmitt, of Fries, Va. ; 
George P., of Illinois; Amelia, and Julia; D (8) Freeling Boyer was 
born July 30, 1824, and lived at Pattonsburg, Missouri. Married to 
Ehzabeth Stevens, and after her death to Elizabeth Creekmore. Chil- 
dren: William Moses, Henry Newton, Nancy Catharine, Susan Caro- 
line, Louisa Ann, Emily Jane, Robert E. Lee, Isaac, Ida, Vilena Belle, 


iubecca Berclilla, John Freeling; D (9) Elizabeth Boycr was born June 
16, 1827. Married Enoch Cox, and Hved in Grayson Co., Va. ; I) (lu) 
Daniel Boyer was born April 29, 1829, and died young; D (11) Ephraim 
Boyer was born July 15, 1832. Lived in Grayson Co., Va. Baptist. 
Tarmer. Married Tobitha Tomlinson. Children: Walter (dead)'; 
.\rchie, of Carsonville, Va. ; William H., of Spring Valley, Va. ; Addie, 
.Madge, Lena, Bessie, and Ida; D (12) Harvey Boyer was born Aug. 
1;.% 1834. Address (1915) Fries, Grayson Co., Va. Methodist. Farm- 
er. Married Anne P. Dupphey. Children: (r) Ellis H., of Fries, Va. 
Farmer. MethocHst. Single. Fine genealogist. (2) Eustace E. Boyer, 
(3) Sallie, (4) Mrs. B. W. Carico, all of Fries, Va. ; D (13) CaroHne 
■tbyer was born April 25, 1837, '^"'^ ^icd single. 

D (i) Churchwell Boyer, son of John Boyer and wife Long, was 
])orn in Grayson Co., Va. Methodist. Farmer. Married Amanda J. 
Hale. Children : Elbert W., Leander W., Samuel M., Mary E., Verda 
IE., Hannah S.; D (2) Stephen Boyer lived in Grayson Co., Va. Mar- 
ried. Children: Edward, John, Mordecai, Rush, Jacob ; D (3) Johnson 
'joyer lived in Grayson Co., Va. Married. Children : John W., Wil- 
liam; D (4) Morgan Boyer lived in Grayson Co., Virginia. Married. 
Children: John, Churchwell, Reese, William ; D (4) Robert Boyer lived 
in Grayson Co., Virginia. Married. Children: William ; D (5) Nancy, 
!\Iahala, Rosa, Lucinda, Eva, and Deliah, were the daughters of John 
Boyer and wife Long. 

D (i) Jacob B. Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife Susannah 
Reitnour. Address (1910) New Madison, Dark Co., Ohio; D (2) 
George 1^. Boyer was born about 1838, Dark Co., Ohio. Address (1910) 
Richmond, Indiana, R. F. D. Farmer. jMarried Sarah. Children : 
(i) Frank C, born May 20, 1871. Address (1908) 26 South Fountain 
Ave., Springfield, Ohio. Wife's name Matilda. Children: Harold, born 
Feb. 25, 1899. (2) George E., Springfield, Ohio. Wife's name Sadie; 
D (3) Mary C. Boyer was born 1828. Married Air. Rhyn, New Madi- 
son, O. ; D (4-8) Other sisters of Mary C. Boyer were Sarah J., Bar- 
bara, Susan, Nancy M. ; D (8-11) Alfred Boyer, son of Jacob Boyer and 
wife Reitnour. There were two other brothers, namely, Peter and Daniel 
William. They have not been reported. 

D (i) William Miilton Boyer, son of William Boyer and Regina 
Stickley, was born Oct. 29, 1833. Church of God. Farmer. Real es- 
tate. Confederate military service, with Major Harman. Address ( 1910) 
Woodstock, Va. Married Rebecca Collcrs, born Nov., 1849. Chil'.lren: 
(i) Arthur N., of Woodstock, Va., born Sept. 29, 1870. (2) Sylvester 
Monroe, of Cape Charles, Virginia. Insurance broker, born Aug. 29, 
J 875. Married Laura M. Triplett, daughter of L.Trii)lett, Jr., Attorney- 
at-law, Mt. Jackson, Va. A most delightful couple, well known to the 


'historian. (3) Perry L., of Madison Barracks, N. Y., born Nov., 1S77. 
■Graduate of Maryland University, Baltimore, Md. Major in Medical 
Corps, U. S. Army. Surgeon in Philippine Islands. Military observer 
in U. S. Government employ in France, 1914. In London distril)uting 
relief funds. Single in 1914; D (2) lienjamin Franklin Boyer was born 
July 5, 1835, ^"'-1 i^ buried near Seven Fountains, Va. Farmer. Miller 
and milhvright. Exhorter in Church of God. Marrietl Isabel Clem, 
who died July 12, 1870, after which he married Julia Mclnturtt. Ad- 
dress (iQio) Seven Fountains. Xa. Children: (i) Sylvanus M., of 
Seven Fountains, Va. (2) William J., of Woodstock, \'a., R. F. D. i. 
No children. (3) H. Edward Boyer, of ("aylords, Va. Married Lucy 
Humpston. Children. (4) Elizabeth R., (5) Mary B., daughter of 
second marriage. She married Charles B. Compton, of Woodstock, Va., 
■R. F. D. I. (6) Benjamin Franklin, sou of second marriage, of Seven 
Fountains, Va. ; D (3) John D. Boyer was born Nov. i, 1837. Church 
of God. Farmer. Liuplement dealer. Confederate .soldier. Married 
Rebecca Coverstone, born 18.^2. Children: (i) Joseph W., Box 672, 
■Richmond, Va. (2) John L.. of Woodstock, Va. Wholesale grocer. 
(3) Frank 11., of Woodstock, Va. Agricultural implements. (4) Gilbert 
V\f., dead. (5) ALiry A., of Woodstock, Va. (6) G. Russell, of Wood- 
stock, Va. Agricultural implements. Married Olive Locke. (7) Carrie 
v., married Harvey Miller, railroad mail clerk, Washington, D. C. 
(8-9) Philip and Robert L., dead. (10) Lucy M. graduate of Pcabody 
Conservatory of IMusic, Baltimore, 1\U\. (11) Carl C, graduate of 
Washington and Lee Uinversity, Lexington, Va. ; D (4) Andrew J. 
Boyer was born April 3, 1839. Address (1910J Stephens City, Va., 
Tiox 6. Church of God. Fruit grower. Confederate soldier. Married 
Elizabeth R. Miley, Nov. 20, 1873. Children: (1) Emily R., (2) Anna 
C, wife of Fred Maphis, banker, Strassburg, Va. (3) Andrew Carmel, 
of Stephens City, Va. Married. Children; D (5) David S. Boyer was 
l)orn March 24, 1841. Address (i<;)o) Pelton, Va. Farmer. Church of 
God. Confederate soldier. i^.Iarried Virginia C. Mclnturff, who died 
7913. Children: (i) Vernon Regina, born Sept. 12, 1871, wife of John 
R. O'Neal, Dilbeck, Va. (2) James Marcellus, of Woodstock, Va. 
Farmer and dairyman. Born Nov. 4, 1877. ^larried Miss Copp. (3) 
Ella C, Pelton, Va. ; D (h) ALary E. Boyer, born July 4, 1853, married 
John MclnturflF, of Toms Brook, Va. Children: (i) Laura V. Teacher. 
(2) William E., of Maurertown, \'a., married Miss Craybill. (3) Hugh, 
of Toms Brook, Va. Farmer; D (7) George A. Boyer was born Dec. 
■5, 1844. Address (1910) Woodstock, Va. Farmer. Church of God. 
Confederate cavalryman, 35th Battalion. Laurel Brigade, General Thomas 
L. Rosser. Married Mary S. Saum. born Aug. 9, 1850. Children: 
<■(!) Virginia C, born March 11, 1878. Dead. (2) George W., of 


Woodstock, \''a. Apple broker. l>orn May 19, 1S80. Married Aliss 
Rush. (3) Clarence L., of Wootlstock, Va. Fanner., liorn Feb. 6, 
1890. Married; D (8) Jacob E. Beyer was born Dec. i, 1847. Church 
of God. Farmer. Confederate soklier. Adilress (1914) Maurertowu, 
\a. Married Anna M. Cravbill, born 1850. She died 1907. Children: 
(I) Reg-ina C, born 1883. (2) William H., born 1884; D (9) Eliza- 
beth Catherine Boyer, born May 5, 1850, marrietl Thornton Reitnour, of 
Maurertowu, Va. Children: (i) Regiua E., (2) Ira T., civil engineer, 
railroad contractor, Canatla. (3) Phenie, a teacher. (4) Emery, a rail- 
road contractor. (5) Edna, {(>) Carl A.; D (10) Anna R. Boyer was 
the wife of James Coverstone, i\[iddlctown, Va. Children: William H., 
vSallie Regina. James M., all at home; D (11) Samuel E. iioycr was born 
July 19, 185S. Address (1914) Pelton, Va. Farmer and stockman. 
Church of God. Director of several financial institutions. Married 
Charlotte Munch. Children : VV^illiam E., Edith R., Srnest, Samuel H., 
all at home in 1914. 

D (i) Elizabeth Boyer, daughter of Georg-e K. Boyer and wife 
Catharine Mowry, married Georg-e Hoffman. Children : Charles, in 
Ohio, and Benjamin, in Virginia; D (2) Anna R. ; D (3) George F. 
Boyer married Carrie Henson. Children: Oliver, Stanley, and perhaps 
others; D (4) ]\Iary S. Boyer married Joseph Stickney, who died, leav- 
ing one child. She married Randolph Stickney, Strassburg, Va. Chil- 
dren : Omer and Bessie; D (5) Martha V. Boyer 'married Philip D. 
Stickley. Address (1910) Strassburg, \'a., R. F. D. 2. Children: Helen 
T., Emma S., Rebecca, George M. ; D (6) Emily Catharine married 
Egolf. One child ; D (7) Cornelius B. Boyer married Bettie Hite. Chil- 
dren: (i) Susan R., wife of James Lechliter. (2) Nannie, wife of 
Georg'-e Hoffman. (3) Julia, wife of Tobias Willey. (4-6) Frank B., 
Cleveland, and Benton; D (8) Jacob H. Boyer. Address (1910) Mid- 
deltown, Va. Farmer. Married Eleanor Hite. Children: Lucie, mar- 
ried Edwin Everly. No children'in 1910. (2) Clara, married William 
Long'. (3-6) Harvey, Thomas M., Howard, Preston, are at home; 
D (9) James Boyer was born Jan. 30, 1849. Address (1910) Clierry, 
Arizona. Miner. Married Mary J. Sessions. Children: (i) Kate. 
Mrs. Kate Townsend, Atzee, New Mexico. (2) Jessie. Mrs. Jessie 
Stephens. (3) Clara. Mrs. Clara Wornbacher, Cherry, Arizona. (4) 
Georgia. Georgia WingfieKl. Campverde, Arizona. (5-8) John, J. F., 
and two girls at home; D (10) John F. Boyer. Address ( 1910) Chama, 
New Mexdco. Married Emma Powell. No children in 1910. 

D (i) Jacob Boyer, son of Peter Boyer and wife Hudlow, was 
probably born in Rockingham Co., Virginia. Methodist. Harness maker. 
Killed in the battle of the Wilderness, and interred at Montevideo, Va.. 
^Married Frances A. Boyer. Her address (1909) Mt. Sydney, Va. 


Children : Samuel Henry Porter Boyer, Noah W. Boyer, Beauregard T. J. 
Boyer, John J. W. Boyer, Robert M. L. Boyer, Julia E. S. Boyer, antl 
Columbia L. J. Boyer; D (2) John Boyer was born about 1815, in 
Rockiinftham Co., Va., and died near Milleville, Ray Co., Missouri, Jan. 
21, 1876. Teacher. Farmer. Dunkard. Very fine man. Married first 
to Nancy Agnes Jordan, who died April 9, 1855, leaving the following 
children : Oscar F., Benjamin Franklin, Katherine, Margaret A., Mary 
J., Isabella S., Sarah T., James P., John N. In i860 he married Cynthia 
Slaton, and the children were Ruth A., Jacob L., and H. Eunice. Note: 
Oscar F., Benjamin Franklin, and Katherine, and Jacob L., died un- 
married. James P. Boyer was the only son of John Boyer who left a 
son. His name is John W. Boyer, of Hardin, Alo. ; D (3) Levi Boyer 
died single ;D (4) Polly Boyer married Mr. ShurQakcr. Two children : 
Joseph and Levi, live (1915) at Mt. Sydney, Va. ; D (5) Betty Boyer 
married Mr. Good. A daughter Margaret was living at McCaheys- 
ville, Virginia, in 1009, and a son Jacob, at Belle Fontaine, Ohio; D (6) 
Isabella Boyer died single; D (7) Ruth Boyer married Air. Garden. 
A son, John, lived at Alontevideo, Va., in 191 5. 

E (i) Elbert W. Boyer, son of Churchwell Boyer and wife Amanda 
J. Hale, was born in Grayson Co., Va. Address (1915) Elk Creek, 
Va. Methodist. Farmer. Married Dixie Lee Roberts. Child: Clara 
Edith; E (2) Leander W. Boyer. Address (191 5) Elk Creek, Va. 
Methodist. Farmer. Married Ellen Boyer. Child: Lelia ; E (3) Sam- 
uel M. Boyer. Address (1915) Elk Creek, Va. Alethodist. Farmer. 
Alarried Iverne Harris. Children: Carroll, Louise; E (4) Mary E. 
Boyer married Harrington. Children: Ethel, Loma, Lavcrne, Wil- 
liam C, Garnt, and Mayden ; E (5) Verda E. Boyer married Harring- 
ton. Children: Mabel, Alildred, Forest, Stella, Samuel, Frederick; 
E (6) Hannah Boyer married A'Ir. Hale. 

E (i) Reverend Ilugh K. Boyer, Ph. D., son of James Boyer 
and Rhoda Sutherland, was born Aug. 4, 1862. Address (1915) Winston 
Salem, N. C. Methodist minister and Presiding Elder. A school man 
and Doctor of Philosophy. Married M. Bertha Vaughan. Children : 
Laura A., John Quincy (Hillsboro, Texas), Luther C, Lillian K. Dr. 
Boyer married a second time — Alyrtle Cornet. A son: Hugh K. ; E (2) 
Alex. G. Boyer, of Cedonia, Washington. Farmer; E (3) J. Michael 
Boyer, of Sparta, N. C, a farmer, married Miss Atwood ; E (4) Elvira 
J. Boyer married Spicer, of Blackfort, Idaho; E (5) Emma E. Boyer 
married Carson, of Sparta, N. C. 

E (i) Ephraim Thomas Boyer, son of Stephen Boyer and wife 
Polly Busic, was born May 15, 1863. Address (1915) Independence, 
Virginia. Farmer. Married, Feb. 26, 1887, to Alice C. Kirk, and when 
she died Nov. 12, 1901, he married her sister, Mrs. Sue A. Alexander, 


three years later. There were seven children, four of whom were the 
children of the first mother, (i) I,aura, wife of Mr. Edwards, born 
Dec. 2, 1887. Address (1915) Casey Creek, Ky. (2) Lenna D. Boyer, 
"born Sept. 8. 1S89. He died Dec. 3, 1891. (3) Windsor Erbin Boyer, 
born Nov. 23, 1893. Address (1915) Curlew, Nebraska. (4) Perly 
Jane, who died an infant. (5) Betsy Juanita, (6) Joseph Stephen, and 
(7) Frank Kirk; E (2) Harvey Boyer married four times: Mima 
Austin, Sallie James, Lucy Austin, Mrs. Mary Collins. Address (1915) 
Independence, Va. Manager of Boyer's Ferry. Methodist. Children : 
Seven; E (3) Isaac Boyer married Sarah C. Reeves. Address (1915) 
Independence, Virginia. Farmer. Baptist. Children : ( i ) Emmett J., 
Charles, Joseph, Mary, Lamer, Gladys, Lilly, Cullen, Mrs. Bena Cox, 
Mrs. Amelia Cox, all of Independence, Va., and Caball and Mack, of 
Olatha, Colorado; E (4) Jonathan Boyer married America Wingate. 
Baptist. Farmer. Address (1915) West Virginia. Children: (i) Mrs. 
Polly Ray. Address (1915) Tilden, Nebraska. (2) Joseph Boyer, of 
Curlew, Nebraska. (3) Thomas Boyer, of Mullen, Nebraska. (4) Mrs. 
Jane Mattox, of Katheen Creek, Okla. (5) John Boyer, of Pulaski, Va. 
(6) Etta Bell Berkley; E (5) Robert Boyer married Sarah Daniel, and 
after her death Alberta Elliott. Baptist. Farmer. Lived at Curlew, 
Nebraska, but has died. Children: (i)May and (2) Thomas Boyer. 
Address (1915) Mullen, Nebraska; E (6) Elizabeth Boyer married 
John A. James; E (7) Stephen Boyer married Julia Lawson, of Inde- 
pendence, Va. Baptist. No children; E (8) jMary Jane Boyer married 
Thomas Carr, of Curlew, Nebraska; E (9) Joseph Boyer married Pinky 
Austin. Address (1915) Independence, Va. ; E (10) Irene Bo3-er mar- 
ried Charles Long, of Curlew, Nebraska. 

E (i) William Henry Boyer, son of Ephraim Boyer and wife 
Tobitha Tomlinson, was born in Grayson Co., Va. Address (1915) 
Sjiring \^alley, Virginia. Married Emma Brook. Children : Dora 
Clyde, Lizzie May, William Kyle, all at home; E (2) Archibald Bo}'er 
was born in Grayson Co., Ya. Address (1915) Carsonville, Va. Married 
TilHc Osborne. Children: Bane, Base, and Olie; E (3) Addie Boyer 
married Kyle Miller, of Spring Valley, Va. ; E (4) Maggie Boyer 
married Thomas Byrd, of Spring Valley, Va. ; E (5) Lena Boyer mar- 
ried \A'altcr Woodruff, of Spring Valley, Va. ; E (6) Bessie Boyer mar- 
ried Earl Tomlinson, of Spring Valley, Va. ; E (7) Ida Boyer married 
IMillin Graybeal, of Spring Vallev, Va. 

E (i) William Closes Boyer, son of Freeling Boyer and first wife 

Elizabeth Stevens, was probably born in Virginia, but died at Pattons- 

burg, Mo. Baptist. Farmer. Married Lucy McCoy. Children : Lillie, 

^, of St. Joseph, Mo.; Sarah and William, of Hall's Station, Mo. (1915) ; 

E (2) Henry Newton Boyer, son of Freeling Boyer and second wife, 


Elizabeth Creekip.orc. Address (19 15) Gallal'in, Mo. Farmer. Baptist. 
Married Mary Long. Children : William, Nellie, Lawrence, May, and 
Cecil; E (3) Nancy Katherine lloyer marrieil William Starmer; E (4) 
Susan Caroline Boyer married Addison Parshall, grocer. Address (1915) 
Quitman, Mo.; E (5) Louisa Ann Boycr marrinl Rev. W. R. Lambert, 
of Rohvitz, Nebraska; E {(>) Emily Jane Bu^x-r married .Vlbert Shaw, 
farmer. Address (1915) Santa Rosa, Mo.; E (7) Roliert E. Lee Boyer. 
Address (1915) Santa Rosa, Mo. Farmer. Married Mary Shaw. Chil- 
dren: Clyde, Claude, Lila, Philip ; F, (8) Isaac Boyer. Address (1915) 
Santa Rosa, Mo. Fanner. i\larrie(l Minnie Jvcynolds. Children: Lo- 
well, Russell, Mettie. (9) Ida Boyer married R. L. llockensiiiith, plumber, 
Gallatin, Mo.; E (10) Vienna Belle JJoyer married E. L. Blankenship, of 
Pattonsburg, Mo. Farmer; E (n) Rebecca Binlclla ]]oyer married 
W. R. Browning, mail carrier, of Quitman, Mo.; E (12) John Frecling 
Boyer. Address (1915 ) Santa Rosa, Mo. ALirried Yida Brown. Child: 
Carl Boyer. Then he married F.fhe Searcy. Chiklrcn : Fa}' and Smith 

E (i) Samuel Henry Porter Px^yer, son of Jacob Boyer and wife 
Frances A. Boyer, was born Sept. 21, 1850, in Rockingham Co., Vir- 
ginia. ]\Iethodist. Helped historian. ]\Iarried Amanda Riddk'l)erger, 
March 15, 18S6. Children: (1) V. Virginia, born 1877. Teacher. 
Address (i9L^) Lafayette, Indiana. (2) Forest Belle, born 1884. She 
died about 1913. (3) Prairie V., born 1889, married E. j\L Carver, of 
Rockville, Ind. ; E (2) Noah W. Boyer married but left no children. 
Mt. Sydney, Virginia; E (3) P)eauregard T. J. Boyer died abouf i(ji2, 
at Crane, Indiana. His wife was Miss Pludlow. One child: Frances, 
at home with mother; E (4) John Joseph W. ISoyer resides at Lafayette, 
Indiana. Married Mrs. Hathaway. No children; E (5) Robert IM. L. 
Boyer died young; D (6) Julia E. S. Boyer; 1) (7) Columbia L. J. 
Boyer married William Hudlow, of Stockwell, Indiana. 

E (i) Margaret A. Boyer, daughter of John Boyer and his wife 
Nancy Agnes Jordan, married Richard Philli]xs, of Richiuond, Mo. 
Children: ]\Irs. Price Plain, of Richmond, Mo., and Charles, of Kansas 
City, Mo.; E (2) Mary Jane P.oyer married James Jinkens. Children: 
Joseph, David, Mrs. P'llwood Wilson, and John, al