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This Volume is for 



American Catalog 

i 900- i 905 

Containing a record, under author, title, subject and series, of the books published 

in the United States, recorded from January i, 1900, to January i, 

1905, together with a directory of publishers 




Preface v-vi 

Directory of Publishers vii-lxii 

American Catalog, 1900-1905, by author, title, subject and series . " 1-1209 

Additions and Corrections 1210-1212 

Record of Series 1213-1233 


THK present work is the initial volume of the AMERICAN CATALOG series of 
the twentieth century, replacing in this octavo form the quarto series of the 
American Catalogue initiated by Frederick Leypoldt with the two volumes of 
1876 and continued in the four successive volumes 1876-84, 1884-90, 1890-95, 
1895-1900, under the editorship of the present writer. The change is made pur- 
suant to the announcement m the last volume of that series, and for the reasons 
there given The quarto form, originally adopted partly because that seemed 
necessary to justify the price necessitated by the large cost of the original work 
of 1876, was somewhat cumbrous and proved unsatisfactory to users, and the 
new series adopts the form now more generally used for library as well as for 
book trade cataloging. 

The period of the present volume covers the five years from January I, 1900, 
to January i, 1905, including only those books of 1905 imprint which were 
actually published within 1904 The former practice of breaking the period in 
the middle of the year, while in some respects convenient, had its disadvantages, 
and it does not conform conveniently with the cumulative system utilized in 
the present volume. It seemed preferable to make the five-yearly period com- 
prehensive of the five years 1900, 01, 02, 03, 04, and to include books bearing the 
advance imprint of 1905, as above indicated, leaving to the next period books 
published in 1905, 06, 07, 08, 09, including those bearing the advance imprint 
of 1910. The present single alphabet, in 1212 pages, covers approximately 
42,000 books and 100,000 entries a substantial increase over the 27,500 of 1895- 
1900, the 25,000 of 1890-95, the 28,000 of 1884-90, a six-year period, and the 
30,000 of 1876-84, an eight-year period. These figures illustrate the constantly 
increasing ratio of American book publication. The present catalog embraces 
reprints, importations in editions and the law reports of United States and State 
courts, but it does not attempt to include local directories, periodicals, musical 
scores, books chiefly blank, unbound maps, tracts and other low-priced pamphlets 
Nor does it now cover Government and State publications and publications of 
societies and institutions (except those* publishing through the book trade), for 
the most part now covered by special bibliographies. 

The material of this volume is directly that of the Publishers' Weekly 
monthly and cumulated Reference Lists as preserved by the linotype system, 
edited into a consistent alphabet and filled out with additional titles not duly 
recorded in the year of publication. Its typographical scheme embraces : author 
entries, designated by Clarendon full-face type, which type is used also for the 
first word of anonymous books; title entries in Roman lower case; subject entries, 
designated by SMALL CAPS ; and series entries, designated by italics. Thus the 


advantages of the dictionary catalog, or one-place method, are combined with 
the advantages of separate alphabets of each class of entry While the subject 
entries are thus included in the general alphabet, in place of the second alphabet 
of the old system, the arrangement of subject entries is as in the previous system, 
by specific subjects, not by general classes. Each book is placed under the par- 
ticular subject of which it treats, and entries under general headings are confined 
to books of a general rather than of a specific character As the endeavor has 
been not to repeat entries, cognate subjects should be looked up in searching 
for books on a given subject, in which the Index to Subject Headings issued by 
the American Library Association will be found a useful help. As far as prac- 
ticable the indications given by words in the title of a book have been followed 
in the assignment to subject headings 

The Directory of Publishers, whose books have been recorded in the 
present volume, includes 3876 names as against 1666 names in the 1895-1900 
volume and 1649 names in the 1890-95 volume. It remains true that nine-tenths 
of American publishing is done by less than one-tenth of this number. The 
imprint is the name of publisher given on the title-page of the book, changes of 
firm name or of publisher being indicated, as far as we could obtain the informa- 
tion, in the list of publishers. Of course, many entries of publishers indicate merely 
printers or designate authors printing their own books only. It is to be regretted 
that American publishers are still behindhand in co-operating in the making of 
bibliographies which are, from the commercial side, chiefly for their own benefit, 
and that it is yet difficult to extract prompt and adequate information from them. 

The original Weekly Record of the Publishers' Weekly system, with the 
descriptive note has also been preserved in linotype slugs, and it is purposed, 
should the commercial suppoit of such a supplementary volume as indicated by 
advance subscriptions justify the enterprise, to complement this volume with a 
second volume including this full-title original record, arranged in yearly alpha- 
bets for 1900, oi, 02, 03, 04. To the full information given in these full-title 
entries and descriptive notes the present volume would be an index, but it should 
be added that this volume, as previously indicated, includes entries of a number 
of books which were not recorded in their year of publication and therefore 
would not be found in the supplementary volume. 

It is a serious question how the increasing cost of American bibliography, 
m view of the increase each year in the number of publications, can be commer- 
cially covered, and it is not impossible that private publications of this nature 
will ultimately resign the field to a national bibliography published from the 
National Library, under an administration of that library such as that of Mr. 
Herbert Putnam, winch recognizes fully its relations as the bibliographical center 
of the country. In that event unofficial bibliography is likely to be confined to 
the selective presentation of titles and supplementary information as demanded 
from week to week and from year to year, within the commercial support offered 
by libraries and the book trade. R R. BOWKER. 


Issuing Books front January r, 1900, to January i, 1905 



Allstrorn, C. M. Allstrom, Carl Magnus 169 Cleveland Ave., Chicago. 

Allyn & B. Allyn & Bacon 172 Tremont St., Boston. 

Almy, B. & W. Almy, Bigelow & Washburn Salem, Mass. 

Alpha. Alpha Publishing Co Sunbury, Pa. 

Alia Vista. Alta Vista Publishing Co Palermo, CaL 

Altemus. Altemus, 'Henry, Co 507-513 Cherry St., Philadelphia. 

AMI Shop. Alwil Shop Palisades, N. Y. 

Alwood. Alwood Co 150 Nassau St , New York. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. American Acad. of Pol. and Social Science Station B, Philadelphia. 

Am. Anti-Imp. American Anti-Imperialists' League Chicago, 

Am. Antiquarian. American Antiquarian Society 5817 Madison Ave., Chicago. 

Am. Architect. Am. Architect and Building News Co (now The American Architect.) 

Times Bldg, 426. St and Broadway, New York. 

Am. Arms. American Arms Publishing Co 814 Lippincott Bldg., Philadelphia. 

Am. Art American Art Annual 20 W. 34th St , New York. 

Am. Artisan. American Artisan Press 69 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Am. Banker. American Banker 20 Nassau St., New York. 

Am. Bapt. American Baptist Publication Soc 1420 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Am. Bapt. Miss. Un. American Baptist Missionary Union Bqston. 

Am. Bible. American Bible League , . .37-39 Bible House, New York. 

Am. Bk. American Book Co 100 Washington Sq. f E., New York. 

Am. Bk. and Bible. American Book and Bible House 146 N. loth St , Philadelphia 

Am. Code. American Code Co 83 Nassau St , New York. 

Am. Eccles. Review. American Ecclesiastical Review 825 Arch St , Philadelphia. 

American Economic Assoc. See Macrmllan. 

Am. Elec. American Electrician Co 120 Liberty St., New York. 

Am. Field American Field Pub. Co Masonic Temple, Chicago. 

Am. Free Trade. American Free Trade League Boston. 

Am. Industrial American Industrial Publishing Co. : Bridgeport, Ct. 

Am. Inst. American Institute of Sacred Literature Chicago. 

Am. Inst. Graphol. American Institute of Graphology. .Lenman Bldg., Washington, D. C. 

Am.Inst.Mentalism. American Institute of Mentalism Los Angeles, Cal. 

Am. Kindergarten. American Kindergarten Supply House Manistee, Mich. 

Am. Law Bk. American Law Book Co 76 William St., New York. 

Am. Lumberman. American Lumberman 315 Dearborn St., Chicago 

Am. Luth. American Lutheran Pub. Board Pittsburg, Pa. 

Am. Negro Acad. American Negio Academy Martmsburg, W. Va. 

Am. News. American News Co 39 Chambers St , New York. 

Am. Pub. American Pub Co 424 Asylum St , Hartford, Ct. 

Am. Pub. Co. American Publishing Co 23 Adams 6t., Detroit, Mich. 

Am. Pub. Co. (JP&) American Publishing Co Beaver Springs, Pa 

Am. Pub. Co. (Vt.) American Publishing Co Middlebury, Vt. 

Am. Scenic. American Scenic and Hist Preservation Soc. .Tribune Bldg., New York. 

Am. School American School Board Journal * * Milwaukee, Wis. 

Am Sch Sup. American School Supply Co j. '*$$ N. nth St., Lincoln, Neb. 

Am. Sheep Breeder. American Sheep Breeder Co. Press Chicago. 

Ant Soc American Society * Washington, D C. 

Am. Soc. of Equity. American Society of Equity Indianapolis. 

Am. Sports. American Sports Publishing Co 15 Warren St., New York. 

Am. S. S. American Sunday School Union 1122 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Am. S. S. Bd. American Sunda> School Board Milwaukee, Wis. 

Am. Tech. American Technical Society Chicago. 

Am. Telephone. American Telephone and Telegraph Co 15 Dey St., New York. 

Am Threshman. American Threshman Madison, Wis. 

Am. Tr. American Tract Society 150 Nassau St., New York. 

Am. Unitarian. American Unitarian Association 2=; Beacon St., Boston 

Am. Writers. American Writers' Trust Co Box 102, Washington 

Americana. Americana Co 258-260 Fifth Ave., New" York, 

Ames & R. Ames & Rollinson 203 Broadway, New York, 

Amis, M. N. Amis, Moses Neal Raleigh. N. C 

Anderson. Anderson Bros Charlottesville, Va. 

Anderson, E. H: Anderson, Emil Henry 521 North St., Toledo, O. 

Anderson, J: Anderson, John, Pub. Co 183-187 N Peoria St., Chicago. 

Anderson, R. W. Anderson, R. W., & Son Kingston, N Y. 

Anderson, W. H. Anderson, W. H., Co 515 Main St., Cincinnati. 

Andover. Andover Press Andover, Mass. 

Andrews, L. W. Andrews, Launcelot Winchester Iowa City, la. 

Andrus. Andrus & Church Ithaca, N. Y. 

'Angel Press. Angel Guardian Press 92 Ruggles St., Boston. 

Angela, G. Angela, Grace Inwood-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Angelus. Angelus Pub Co Detroit, Mich 

Anglo-Am. Anglo- American Pub. Co 99 Nassau St., New York. 

Annin. Annin & Co 99 Fulton St., New York. 



Annual. Annual Review Pub. Co Toronto, Can. 

Anstadt. Anstadt, P., & Sons York, Pa. 

Anthony. Anthony, E. & H. T., & Co 124 Fifth Ave., New York 

Anthony, S. B. Anthony, Susan B 17 Madison St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Anti-Usury. Anti-Usury League Millersburg, 0. 

Antigo, Antigo Publishing Co Antigo, Wis. 

Apostleship of Apostleship of Prayer 27 W. i6th St., New York, 


Appalachian. Appalachian Mountain Club Boston. 

Appeal. - Appeal Publishing Co , Press of Girard, Kan. 

Applebaugh. Applebaugh-Jones Co Philadelphia. 

Appleton. Appleton, D., & Co 436-438 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Archibald, H. T. Archibald, Herbert Thompson Los Angeles, Cal. 

Arch. Record. Architectural Record Co 14 Vesey St., New York. 

Argus. Argus Press Columbus, Q, 

Argus Press. Argus Press Red Wing, Minn, 

Ariel. Ariel Press Westvvood, Mass, 

Arkansas. Arkansas, State of Little" Rock, Ark, 

Ark. Democrat. Arkansas Democrat Co Little, Rock, Ark. 

Armes, G: A: Armes, George Augustus Washington, 

Armistead Armislead & Vickerb Tilton, Ga, 

Armstrong. Armstrong, A. C, & Son 3-5 W. i8th St., New York, 

Armstrong, G. M. S. Armstrong, G. M. S Harrison Bldg , Philadelphia. 

Armstrong, G f W. Armstrong, G. W., Dinmg-Room and News Co Boston. 

Armstrong, J. Armstrong, J Boston 

Armstrong,}. M. Armstrong, James M. ; 718 Sansom St., Philadelphia. 

Armstrong, W- C. Armstrong, William Clinton New Brunswick, N J. 

Armstrong & B. Armstrong & Brown 411 Cherry St., Philadelphia 

Army and Navy Jo. Army and Navy Journal 95-ioi Nassau St., New York. 

Arnold. Arnold & Co 420 Sansom St , Philadelphia. 

Arnold, T. B. Arnold, T. B Chicago. 

Art Craft. Art Craft Supply Co 184 Dearborn St , Chicago. 

Art Interchange. Art Interchange Co 7-9 W. i8th St., New York. 

Art Lib. Art Library Co Boston. 

Artemisia. Artemisia Bookbindery, [I. M. Strobridge] Los Angeles, Cal. 

Arthur. Arthur, W. R., Logan Kan., and Olive L. Thomas. .Prairie View, Kan. 

Arthur, Mrs. J. J. Arthur, Mrs. J. J Austin, Tex. 

Ashland Pr. Ashland Printing Co Ashland. Va. 

Assoc. Fanciers. Associated Fanciers 400 N. Third St., Philadelphia. 

Astro-Phil. Astro-Philosophical Pub. Co 1609 Downing Ave, Denver, Col. 

Astro Pub. Astro Pub. Co Detroit, Mich. 

At the Sign of the At the Sign of the Live Oak, [C. A. Keeler] Berkeley, Cal. 

Live Oak. 

Aten } H- J. Aten, Henry J Hiawatha, Kan. 

Atherton, M A. Atherton, M. A 221 Columbus Ave, Boston 

Atkins, A. J. Atkins, A. J 495 Parrot Bldg., San Francisco. 

Atkinson. Atkinson, Wilmer, Co 1024 Race St., Philadelphia. 

Atkinson, E: Atkinson, Edward P. O. Box 112, Boston. 

Atkinson, M. 6- G. Atk'inson, Mentzer & Grover (formerly Atkinson & Mentzer), 

238-240 Adams St., Chicago. 

A tlanta Univ. Atlanta University Press Atlanta, Ga. 

Atlas, Alias School Supply Co._. 315 W abash Ave., Chicago 

Attic. Attic Pub. Co 7. *. Scranton, Pa. 

A t^vater Atwater Publishing House Peoria, 111. 

Atwood' Atwood Print (The) 206 E Market St , Stockton, Cal 

Audel. ' Audel, Theodore, & Co 63 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Augsburg. Augsburg Publishing House Minneapolis, Minn. 

Augusta Pub. Augusta Pub. Co Crimora, Va. 

Aulde. Aulde, J :, M D Kennett Sq.. Pa. 

Anil Aull, Elbert H., Co Newberry, S C. 

Austin. Austin Publishing Co. . . 10 Arlington St., Rochester, N Y. 

Austin, J: 0. Austin, John Osborne Box 81, Providence, R. I. 

Austin Pub. Austin Publishing Co Geneva, N. Y. 

Authors' Pub. Co. Authors' Pub. Co Chicago 

Automobile. ' Automobile Blue Book Co (Official) 31 W. 42d St , New York. 

Auto Pen. Auto Pen and Ink Mfg. Co Chicago. 

Ave Maria. Ave Maria Notre Dame, Ind. 

Avery. ' Avery, Samuel P 4 E. 38th St., New York. 

Avil. Avil Printing Co iboi Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Ayer. Ayer, N. W., & Son Times Bldg., Philadelphia. 

Babbitt Babbitt & Crummcl Co .35 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Babbitt E. D Babbitt, E. D 62 East Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

Babcock, D. D. Babcock, Dewane D Marshalltown, la. 



Babcock, S Babcock, Stephen 412 Ninth Ave , New York. 

Bach. Bach, William Lillie Dale, N. Y. 

Backwoods Bk.- Backwoods Book-Bindery Sumter, S. C. 


Bacon, E. H. Bacon, E. H., & Co 8 Beacon St., Boston. 

Bacon &V, Bacon &. Vincent Mooney-Bnsbane Bldg , Buffalo, N. Y. 

Badger. Badger, Richard G 194 Boylston St., Boston. 

Baer. Baer's, John, Sons 15-17 N. Queen St., Lancaster, Pa. 

Baggott. Baggott & Ryall Mutual Reserve Bldg., New York. 

Bailey Pub, Bailey Publishing Co Leaven worth, Kan. 

Bain, F. Bain, Force Chicago. 

Baird. Baird, Henry Carey, & Co 810 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Baird, I. E. Baird, I. E Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Baird, J: W. Baird, John W 66 Lombard Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Baker, A. E. Baker, A. E Winfield, Kan. 

Baker, V Baker, Virginia P. 0. Box 44, Warren, R. I 

Baker, V. & Co. Baker, Voorhis & Co 66 Nassau St., New York. 

Baker, W. H. Baker, Walter H., & Co 5 Hamilton PL, Boston 

Baker & T. Baker & Taylor Co 33 E. i/th St., New York. 

Ball Ball, C C Providence, R. I. 

Ball, T. H. Ball, Timothy Horton Crown Point, Ind 

Ball Pub. Ball Publishing Co Rochester, N Y. 

Bollard Ballard Pub. Co Logansport, Ind. 

Baltes Baltes, F. W., & Co Portland, Ore. 

Baltimore Bk. Baltimore Book Co 305 St. Paul St., Baltimore, Md. 

Bancroft Co Bancroft Co 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Bancroft-W. Bancroft- Whitney Co 438 Montgomery St., San Francisco. 

Bandar Log. Bandar Log Press , . . Phoenix, Ariz. 

Bandel, C: F. Handel. Dr. C F 148 Hancock St , Brooklyn, N. Y 

Bang, M. Bang, Mrs. Marie , Warren, Minn. 

Bank of U. Bank of Urbana Urbana, Kan. 

Bankers 1 Encyc Bankers' Encyclopaedia Co 183 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Bankers' Sta'y Bankers' Stationery Supply Co Chicago. 


Banks. Banks Law Pub. Co 21 Murray St., New York. 

Banks & Co Banks & Co Albany, N. Y. 

Banner Light. Banner of Light Pub. Co 204 Dartmouth St, Boston. 

Banta, G. Banta, G , Publishing Co Menasha, Wis. 

Banta, T. M. Banta, Theodore M 146 Broadway, New York. 

Bapt. Bk. Baptist Book Concern 642 Fourth Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

Bapt. S. S. Bd. Baptist Sunday-School Board, So. Bapt. Convention. .Nashville, Tenn. 

Bapt. Y. P. U. Bapti3t Young People's Union of America. .324 Dearborn St, Chicago. 

Bar Assoc. Bar Assoc. of the District of Columbia Washington, D. C 

Barbe, W. Barbe, Waitm'an Morgantown, W. Va. 

Barbee & S Barbee & Smith, Agts. (now Smith & Lamar) Nashville, Tenn. 

Barber, E. A. Barber, Edwin Atlee Westchester, Pa. 

Bardeen. Bardeen, C. W 406 S. Franklin St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Bareis, G: F: Bareis, George Frederick Canal Winchester, 0. 

Barker, W. Barker, Wharton 119 S. 4th St., Philadelphia. 

Barnes. Barnes, A. S., & Co 156 Fifth Ave., New York 

Barnes, A. J Barnee, A J., Publishing Co 22OT Locust St, St. Louis. 

Barnes, A. W, Barnes, Arthur W 1853 Sherman Ave., Denver, Col 

Barnes, C. L. Barnes, C L 258 Main St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Barnes, G: N. Barnes, George Newton Conneaut, O. 

Barnes, W. F. Barnes, W. F Spartanbttrg, S. C. 

Barnwn, T: R. Barnum, Thomas R 344 Humphrey St., New Haven, Cl. 

Barret Chemical. Barret Chemical Co St. Louis 

Bartlett, A. Bartlett, Alfred 67 Cornhill, Boston. 

Bartlett, R. B. Bartlett, R. B Pittsfield, N H 

Barrett, C: W. Banett, Charles W Raleigh, N. C 

Barrie. Barrie, George, & Sons 1313 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Barry. Barry, James H 429 Montgomery St., San Francisco. 

Bartels. Bartels, J. M., Co Boston. 

Barton, F. U. Barton, Frank M 617-625 Rose Bldg., Cleveland, 0. 

Bass. B?uss, G. F, Co Indianapolis, Ind. 

Bassctte. Bassette, F. A., Co Springfield, Mass. 

Bates, A. Bates, A Philadelphia. 

Bates, A. L. Bates, A. L (present address not known), formerly Hartford, Ct. 

Bates, C: A. Bates, Charles A. (now Bates Pub. Co.).. 132 Nassau St., New York. 

Bates, F. A. Bates, Frank A South Braintree, Mass, 

Bates, L. W., Jr. Bates, Lindon W., Jr., and Moore, C : A New York. 

Bates, R. F. Bates, R. F Lock Box 160, South Braintree, Mass 

Bates & G. Bates & Guild Co 42 Chauncey St., Boston, 




Bates Adv. Bates Advertising Co 132 Nassau St., New York. 

Bates Ginseng, Bates Ginseng Gardens and Nurseries Cuba, N. Y. 

Batten, J: M. Batten, John Mullm Downingtown, Pa. 

Baughman. Baughman Bros Frederick, Md. 

Baumgardt. Baumgardt Publishing Co. (formerly B. R. Baumgardt & Co.), 

231 W. First St., Los Angeles, Cal, 

Bausch. Bausch & Lomb Optical Co . . .St Paul St., Rochester NY 

Bay View Reading Club. (Trade supplied by Longmans, Green & Co.) 


Boyne, W. M. Bayne. W. M. Printing House 


Becktold. Becktold Printing and Book Mfg. Co 

Beecher, W: L Beecher, William J Lmngston Mont 

Beekman.J.C. Beekman, J. C V^"^'^ w ' VnrV 

Burs. Beers, Walter R 67 Fourth Ave. New York. 

Belford. Belford, Alexander, & Co 277 Dearborn St. Chicago. 

Belknap & W. Belknap & Warfield 79 Asylum St Hartford, Ct. 

nji ' g e jj T p c Lynchburg, va. 

sen, A. w. Ben; Albert w.v.v;;::::::::::::: ^y sa \f ran v^ 

Bell, C. " Bell, Clark -..-39 Broadway New ?^ 

5*H, C /. " Bell Claude J T 5 o fourth Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Bell E H Bell'" E H 200 Greene St., New York. 

Bell] H W. Bell! Howard Wilford 3 W. 34th St , New York. 

Bell 6- G. Bell & Graham ;;.4 tlant !' S a * 

Bell Bk. Bell Book and Stationery Co Richmond, Va 

BellPub. Bell Publishing Co Philadelphia 

Belles, W: H: Belles, William Henry Potomac, 111. 

Bellow. Bellows Bros Co V^* " M^V 

Bender, M. Bender, Matthew 5-5i3 Broadway Albany, N. Y. 

Bender-C. Bender- Chaguette Co San Francisco. 

Benjamin, L. Benjamin, Louise Vxf " V "<5^? r P v r 

Benjamin, W. E. ' i Benjamin, W. E 22 W. 33d St, New York. 

Bennett, C: E: C. Bennett, Charles Edward Clarke Binghamton, N. Y. 

Bewett, E. H Bennett, Ellen H 17 W. 4^d St, New York. 

Bennett, L. * T ! Bennett, Leonora .San Antonio, Tex. 

Bengiger. Benziger Bros 36 Barclay St New York. 

Berkeley. ' Berkeley Bookstore .Berkeley Cal. 

Berkeley Press. \ Berkeley Press 216 William St. New York. 

Berkemeyer. ' Berkemeyer, Keck & Co., Press of Allentown, Fa, 

Berlite ' Berlitz & Co 1122 Broadway, New York. 

Berrier, L. ' Berner, Leroy Davenport, la. 

Berry. Berry, S P r A a ? d \^f 

Berry, H: H. Berry, Henry H Ord, Neb. 

Best' F E. * ' ~" Best, Frank Eugene v - -Chicago. 

Betts, C: H: > Betts, Charles Henry Lyons, N. Y. 

Bible House. Bible House ~Y/'* A ^hjcago- 

Bible Inst. ' ' Bible Institute Colportage Assoc 250 La Salle Ave., Chicago. 

Bibliophile. ~. ' Bibliophile Society - - - - -Boston. 

Biddle ' Biddle, Drexel (now out of business) 415 Locust bt , Philadelphia 

Bierly' W R. Bierly, Willis Reed Williamsport, Pa. 

Bigger, D: D. Bigger, David Dwight - - -Dayton, O. 

Bigham. Bigham & Smith, Agts. (now Smith & Lamar.)..... .Nashville, Tenn. 

Bvlow. Biglow & Main Co 135 Fifth Ave., New York 

Billings Billings, Hosm-cr H 112 Baldwin St, Elmira, N. Y. 

Bingham, G. M. Bingham, Guillermo M .San Francisco. 

Bingham, W. H. Bingham, W. H ... .Holland Mich, 

Biographical Biographical Society 6 Beacon St., Boston, 

Birchard Birchard, C. C, & Co 221 Columbus Ave., Boston. 

Bisel ' Bisel, G : T., Co 724 Sansorn St, Philadelphia. 

Bishop, G. T. Bishop, G. T .Denver CoL 

Bishop, H. D Bishop, Hudson D ...Cleveland, O. 

Bishop,H:G. Bishop, Henry Gold Oneonta. N. Y. 

Bishop Coll Bishop College Print . v - ..Marshall, Tex, 

Blackburne Blackburne. George V., Co 114 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Blade Pr. * Blade Printing and Paper Co Toledo, O. 

Blakely Press. See C: Evans. 



Blakely. Blakely Printing Co 184-186 Monroe St., Chicago 

Blakiston. Blakiston's, P., Son & Co 1012 Walnut St., Philadelphia 

Blanchard. Blanchard, Isaac H., Co 268 Canal St., New York. 

Blanchard, E. F. Blanchard, E F Tallman, N. Y. 

Blanchard, F. S. Blanchard, F. S , & Co Worcester, Mass 

Blanchard, R. Blanchard, Rufus Chicago. 

Blanchard 6 1 V. Blanchard & Venter 316 Blanchard Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Blaxton. Blaxton Press 68 Pemberton Sq., Boston. 

Blcdsoe, A. J. Bkdsoe, A. J Ukiah, Cal. 

Bliss, I: Bliss, John, & Co 128 Front St., New York. 

Bliss, I: H. Bliss, John Homer Middletown, Ct 

Bliss & A. Bliss & Amsden 340 S. State St , Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Bloch. Bloch Publishing Co 738 Broadway, New York. 

Blue, F. D. Blue, Frank D Room 8, National Block, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Blue Sky Press. Blue Sky Press 4732 Kenwood Ave., Chicago. 

Blwnenberg Press. Blumenberg Press 218 William St., New York. 

Bd Home Miss. Board of Home Missions of the Presbyterian Church m the United 

Presb. Ch. States 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Bd Minneapolis Board of Minneapolis Pub. Library Minneapolis, Minn. 

Pub. Lib 

Board of Publication of the General Council See Seiss, J A 

Bd Pub. Ch. of Board of Pub of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter 

Jesus Christ. Day Saints Lamoni, la. 

Bd. Pub. Ref. Ch. Board of Pub. ol the Reformed Church in America. See Reformed 
(Dutch) Church. 

Boardman. Boardman, R Fall River, Mass. 

Bobbs-M. Bobbs-Merrill Co. (formerly Bowen-Merrill Co.). 

9 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Bodleian. Bodleian Society 1 14 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Boeddinghaus, R: Boeddinghaus, Richard W 108 La Salle St , Chicago. 


Boehne, E. A. Boehne, E. A., & Sons Hansen, Neb. 

Boericke & R. Boericke & Runyon Co n W. 42d St., New York. 

Boericke & T. Boericke & Tafel ion Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Bogarte. Bogarte, M. E Valparaiso, Ind. 

Boger. ^ ^ Eager, F., Publishing Co i Maiden Lane, New York 

Bohemia Guild. Bohemia Guild of the Industrial Art League Chicago. 

Boname , L. C. Boname, Louise C 1930 Chestnut St, Philadelphia. 

Bonnell. Bonnell, Silver & Bowers. . .". 48 W. 22d St., New York. 

Boogher. Boogher, W. F 1339 F St , N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Book-Keeper. Book-Keeper Publishing Co., Ltd 61 Fort St, W, Detroit. Mich 

Book-Lover. Book-Lover Press 30-32 E. 2ist St , New York. 

Bk. Supply. Book Supply Co 266-68 Wabash Ave.. Chicago. 

Booth. Booth, Walter S., & Son 403 Nicolet Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Booth, F. W. Booth, R W., Penn. Institution for the Deaf and Dumb, 

Mt. Airy, Philadelphia 

Booth, M. H. Booth, Mary H 1628 S. i3th St., Philadelphia. 

Boston Athenceum. Boston Athenaeum Boston. 

Boston Bk t t B-oston Book Co 83 Francis St., Back Bay, Boston. 

Boston Investigator. Boston Investigator Co Boston. 

Boston Music. Boston Music Co. (G. Schirmer, Jr.) Boston. 

Boston Parents. Boston Parents Education Association Boston, 

Boston Socialist. Boston Socialist Press 37 Maywood St., Highland Dist, Boston. 

Botolph Botolph Book Co 194-200 Boylston St., Boston. 

Bourke, J. Bourke, Joseph Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Bourgnignon. Bourguignon, L. H Cohoes, N. Y. 

Bowen-M. Bowen-Merrill Co. (now Bobbs-Merrill Co.) 

9 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Bowler, E. C. Bowler, E. C Bethel, Me. 

Bowman. Bowman, Charles L 93 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Bowsher, C. A. Bowsher, Columbus A Champaign, 111. 

Boyd. Boyd, Boston Napoleon Greenville, N C. 

Boyd, H, Boyd, Hypatia Milwaukee, Wis, 

Boyer. Boyer, Jos. A 19 S. 3d St., Philadelphia. 

Boyle, C: A. Boyle. Charles A Emporia, Kan. 

Bradley, A. L Bradley, A. L, & Co 234 Congress St., Boston. 

Bradley, M. Bradley, Milton, Co 49 Willow St., Springfield. Mass. 

Bradley 6- G. Bradley & Gilbert Co Louisville, Ky. 

Bradlcy-W. Bradley- White Co 220 Broadway, New York. 

Bradt. Bradt, S. B itf Washington St., Chicago. 

Brady, L A. Brady, J. A ." Statesville, N. C 

Bramard-A. Brainard- Armstrong Co New London, Ct. 

Brandow. Brandow Printing Co 54-$6 Dean St., Albany, N. Y, 



Brandow, C: Brandow, Charles, & Co Nashville, Ten. 

Brandt. Brandt, Albert Trenton, N. J. 

Brandt Pr. Brandt Printing and Binding Co Manitowoc, Wis. 

Brandur Brandur Co 45 Park PL, New York 

Braun, E. Braun, Emil '. Bath Beach, N. Y. 

Breen, A. E. Btfeen, Rev. A. E St. 'Bernard's Seminary, Rochester, N. Y. 

Breen, L W. Breen, James W . k Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Bremerman, D. H. Bremerman, Daniel H 526 Askew Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Brentano's. Brentano's 5"9 Union Sq., New York. 

Brethren Pub. Ho. Brethren Pub. House Elgin, 111. 

Brewer. Brewer, W. W., & Co 306-308 N. 4th St, St Louis. 

Brewer, O. Brewer, Orville, Publishing Co Auditorium Bldg., Chicago. 

Brewer, T: W. Brewer, Thomas West (present address unknown), formerly 

Ann Arbor, Mich, 

Brewster. Brewster, Charles A., & Co 201 Times Bldg., Troy, N. Y. 

Bridget 'or ~d } F. C. Bndgeford, Frank C 53 Delaware St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Bridges. Bridles, John S., & Co Baltimore Md. 

Bridgman. Bridgman, A. M .Stoughton, Mass. 

Bridgman, L C, Bridgman, J. C, (Methodist Book and Pub, House) . . . . Boston. 

Bnggs. Bnggs, V. H, and Ernest L - v Plymouth, Mass 

Briggs D. B. Bnggs! Daniel B 34 Columbia St. Utica, N. Y, 

Briggs' W' Briggs, Rev. William, (Methodist Book and Pub. House) ..Toronto, Can, 

B'way 'Pub. Broadway Publishing Co .835 Broadway, New York. 

B'way Tabernacle. Broadway Tabernacle Church ... . -New York. 

Brock, F V, Brock, Frank Victor T nl p2. a > 5^ 

Brocklehurst, A. H. Brocklehurst, A. H - .... - -^uluth, Minn. 

Brooklyn Eagle. Brooklyn Dailv Eagle . . . . -Eagle Bldg., Brooklyn, N Y. 

Brooks Brooks, John S., & Co. (now out of business) .120 Boylston St Boston. 

Brooks E D Brooks, Edmund D 605 First Ave., Minneapolis, Minn 

Brothers Bk ' Brothers of the Book Gouverneur, N. Y. 

Broun-G. Broun-Green (The) Co 40 Beaver St., New York. 

Brower. Brower Bros . Crawf ordsville, Ind. 

Brown A. W. Brown, Arthur W 7*9 Industrial Bldg., Providence, R I. 

Brown B. F., Co. Brown, B. R, Co ;Y' Peon 5v 

Brown, B : F. Brown, Benjamin F - - Ashmont, Mass. 

Brown, B: Franklin. Brown, B : Franklin Annuity Bldg., 159 Devonshire St., Boston. 

Brown. E. & H. Brown, Eager & Hull Co 409 Summit St., Toledo O. 

Brown, G: M. Brown, George M St. Augustine Fla. 

Brown, G: W. Brown, George Washington . .Rockford, 111. 

Brown, L Brown, Leonard Des Momes, la. 

Brown S' W. Brown, Stirling W West Salem, Wis. 

Brown, T. W. Bio\\n, Terry Wiley -Waco, lex. 

Brown, V. Brown, Valentine Portland, Ore. 

Brown & D. Brown & Dollmeyer - - - .Freeport, 111. 

Brown & S. Brown & Sharpe Mfg. Co Providence, R L 

Brown Pr Co. Brown Printing Co 10 N. Lawrence St., Montgomery, Ala. 

Browne. W. S. Browne, Walter S Vmetad, N. J. 

Browne's Business Browne's Brooklyn Business College Brooklyn, JN. Y . 

Coll , , -p 

Browning, C: H: Browning, Charles Henry Ardmore, -Pa. 

Brownlee. Bio\\nlee & Cantrell (now A. M. BrownJee) Benton, 111 

Brownso*. Brownson, H. T Detroit, Mich. 

Bruce Bruce, Roscoe Conkling - .Tuskegee, Ala. 

Brumder Brumder, George 286 W. Water St, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Brushwood Brushwood Press 142 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Brvan R L. Bryan, R L. ("now R L. Bryan Co.) Columbia, S. C 

Bryant, H.W. Bryant, H. W .PorflancL Me. 

Brvant J C Bryant, T. C 95 W Genesee St , Buffalo, N. Y. 

Bubierl Bubier Publishing Co Box 709, Lynn, Mass. 

Buck, D. Buck, Daniel .. - Mankato, Minn. 

Buckles Buckles, F. M., & Co n E. i6th St, New York. 

Buckley Buckley, Samuel, & Co 100 William St., New York. 

Buddy, L. See Kirgate Press. . 

Buel, C: E. Buel, Charles E Plamfidd, N. J. 

Buel E C B Buel, E. C- B LitchfieH Ct. 

Buell G* E * Buell, George-E.'. . ." 1001 Chamber of Commerce, Rochester, N. Y, 

Buffalo Review. Buffalo Review Co Buffalo, N. Y. 

Bulletin Pub. Bulletin Publishing Co -. - - - St. Louis. 

Bullock, A. M. Bullock, Alonzo Mansfield Watertown, Wis 

Buntey, R. S. Bunzey, JRufus Smith ..Morrison, III 

Burbank. Burbank, A. S .Plymouth Mass. 

Burd Burd & Fletcher Printing Co Kansas City, Mo. 

Bu. Am, Ancestry. Bureau of American Ancestry New Haven, Ct 



Bu. Bible Study. Bureau of Bible Study 57 Washington St , Chicago. 

Bureau Nat. Lit. Bureau of National Literature and Art Washington, D C. 

Bu. Pub. Pr. Bureau of Public Printing Manila, P. I. 

Bu. Univ. Travel Bureau of University Travel 201 Clarendon St. Boston. 

Burford. Burford, William B Indianapolis. 

Burgess. Burgess, W. C. & F. D Newark, N. Y. 

Burgess, A M. Burgess, Mrs Adelaide Maria 450 Waverly Ave., Brooklyn, N Y. 

Burgess, W: H. Burgess, William Harvey Avondale, Tenn. 

Burkley Pr. Burkley Printing Co Omaha, Neb. 

Burn*. Burnz & Co -39 & 8th St., New York. 

Burr, T: W. Burr, Thomas W., Printing Co Bangor, Me. 

Burrows. Burrows Bros. Co 133 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Burt. Burt, A. L., Co 52-58 Duane St., New York. 

Burt, Mrs. C. Burt, Mrs. Carrie Paris, ^ 111. 

Burton. Burton Co Minneapolis, Minn. 

Burton. Z. L. Burton, Z. Leland Ft Worth, Tex. 

'Burton Press. Barton Pres^ Pittsburg. Pa 

Bushrod. Lib. Bushrod Library 1717 Green St., Philadelphia 

Business. Business Pub. Co 25 City Hall PL, New York 

Butcher, S. D. Butcher, Solomon D ."". Broken Bow, Neb. 

Butler. Butler, Sheldon & Co. (Books now supplied by Am. Book Co.) 

Butler, F: C. Butler, Frederick C Garner, la. 

Butler Pap. Co. Butler, J. W., Paper Co 212-218 Monroe St., Chicago. 

Butler, W. F. Butler. W F 57 University Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Butterfield, W. A. Butterfield, W. A 59 Bromfield St., Boston. 

Buxton Bttxton & Skinner St. Louis. 

Bussacott. Buzzacott Racine Junction, Wis. 

Byrd. Byrd Printing Co Atlanta, Ga. 

Byrne. Byrne, John, & Co 1322 F St , N W , Waphington, D C 

Byrne Pub. - Byrne Publishing Co Tyler, Tex. 

Byrnes, L M. Byrnes, J. M Lexington, Ky. 

Byron. Byron & Willard, Press of Minneapolis, Minn 

Byzvay. Byway Press 143 E. 4th St , Cincinnati, O 

Caballeria, J. Caballeria, Rev. Juan San Bernardino, Cal. 

Cabot Cabot, W. B. & P 922 Beacon Bldg., Boston. 

Cadogan-H. Cadogan-Hatcher Mfg. Co .Quincy, 111. 

Caldwell Caldwell, H. M , & Co 208-218 Summer St , Boston. 

Caldwell, C.R. Caldwell, C. Russell 7 Masonic Temple, Staunton, Va. 

Caledonian. Caledonian Co , St. Johnsbury, Vt 

Caley. Calev, Mrs. F. L Sentinel Press, Grant, Neb. 

Cal. Promotion Com. California Promotion Committee. 

25 New Montgomery St., San Francisco. 

Calkins. Calkins, W : Wirt 147 California Ave., Chicago. 

Calkins 3 C. W. Calkins, C. W, Co Boston. 

Callaghan. Callaghan & Co 114 Monroe St., Chicago. 

Callen. Call en, J. F Indianapolis, Ind. 

Calumet. Calumet Pub. Co 315 Home Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Cambridge. Cambridge Encyclopaedia Co Hackensack, N. J. 

Camelot. Camelot Co Townsend Bldg., Broadway and 25th St., New York. 

Camera. Camera and Dark Room Co 108 Fulton St., New York;., , 

Cameron. Cameron, Blake & Co 70 Fifth Ave., New York 

Camp, W. M Camp, Walter M 7418 Parnell Ave , Chicago. 

Campbell, H. G. Campbell, Harry G., Publishing Co no Wisconsin St, Milwaukee. 

Campbell, H. W. Campbell, Hardy W .Holdrege, Neb 

Campbell, R. W. Campbell, Robert Walter Augusta, Ga. 

Campbell, W: J. Campbell, William J 1218 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Campion. Campion & Co 1305 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Canan, Mrs. T: Canan, Mrs. Thomas 251 Congress St., Bradford, Pa. 

Candage, R. G. F. Candage, Rufus G. F Brookline, Mass. 

Candy Candy, A. L Lincoln, Neb. 

Cannon Press. Cannon Press Princeton, N. J. 

Cantrell Cantrell, Mrs. W. A 619 Scott St., Little Rock, Ark. 

Cantwell. Cantwell Printing Co Madison, Wis. 

Carey. Carey, Thomas J, & Co 435 W 24th St., New York 

Carey Press. Carey Press 536 W. 23d St., New York. 

Carleton, L. T. Carleton, Leroy Thomas Augusta, Me. 

Carlisle. Carlisle, A., & Co 417 Montgomery St , San Francisco. 

Carlville Savings. Carlville Savings Bank Carlville, la. 

Carmen. Carmen Book Co Providence, R. I 

Carmichael, R. D. Carmichael, Robert D Hartselle Ala 

Carnegie. Carnegie Institution Washington, fo. C 

Carney, S. H., Jr. Carney, Sidney Howard, Jr 14 W. I30th St New York 

Carney, W: A. Carney, William A Santa Paula, Cal*. 



Carothers, R. H. Carothers, R. H Louisville, Ky. 

Carpenter, J : W. Carpenter, John W 362-368 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Carr, Carr, George H 172 Thames St., Newport, R. I. 

Carr, A. "" Carr, Albert Hill City, So. Dak. 

Carruth. Carruth & Carruth, Prs Oakland, Cal. 

Carson & $. Carson & Simpson 1 129 Arch St , Philadelphia. 

Carson-H. Carson-Harper Co Denver, Col. 

Carstens, H. P. A. Carstens, H. P. A Rock Island, 111. 

Carter, H. H. Carter, H. H , & Co 5 Somerset St., Boston. 

Carter, P: Carter, Peter New York. 

Cary, C. P. Caiy, C. P State Supt, Madison, Wis. 

Case. Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co Hartford, Ct. 

Case, N. Case, Nelson Oswego, Kan. 

Case Law. Case Law Co . New York. 

Caspar. Caspar, C. N., Co 437 E. Water St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Cassell. Cassell, & Co., Ltd 43-45 E. ipth St , New York. 

Cossidy, F: W. Cassidy, Frederick W Philadelphia 

Cassino. Cassino, Samuel Edson Salem, Mass. 

Cast Pub. Cast Publishing Co., Brooklyn Eagle Bldg., 

303 Washington St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Castor. Castor, T. H., & Co 23 School St , Boston. 

Caterer Pub. Caterer Publishing Co 23 Park Row, New York, 

Cathedral Lib. Cathedral Library Association (now New York Public Library), 

534-536 Amsterdam Ave, New York. 

Cath. Bk. Catholic Book Exchange 120 W. 6oth St., New York. 

Cath. Hist. Soc. Catholic Historical Society 90-92 Wood St , Cleveland, O. 

Cath. Pr. Catholic Printing Co Dubuque, la. 

Cath. Tr. Catholic Transcript Hartford, Ct 

Cath. Universe. Catholic Universe Publishing Co Cleveland^ O. 

Caton ColL Caton College Co Minneapolis, Minn. 

Cauthorn, M. C. Cauthorn, Margaret C Vincennes. Ind. 

Cawthra Cawthra, T. A , & Co 27 E. 2ist St., New York. 

Caxton. Caxton Co 378 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Caxton Bk. Caxton Book Co Cleveland, O 

Caxton Club. Caxton Club Chicago. 

Caxton Press. Caxton Press (J. T. L. MacDonald) 121 Fifth St., Milwaukee, Wis 

Caxton Pub. Caxton Pub. Co Louisville, Ky. 

Caygill. Caygill, R 112 W. I4th St., New York. 

Cedarine. Cedarine Allen Co Clinton, N. Y. 

Centennial Centennial School Supply Co Denver, Col. 

Central. Central Publishing House Cleveland, O. 

Ccn. Kan Central Kansas Publishing Co Salina, Kan,. 

Cen. Lazv fourn. Central Law Journal Co 919 Olive St., St. Louis 

Cen. Pr. and Pub. Central Printing and Publishing House, Churches of God, 

Harrisburg, Pa. 

Cen. Pub. Ho. Ref. Central Pub. House of the Reformed Church, 

Ch. 1134-1138 Pearl St, Cleveland, 0. 

Century Art. Century Art Co 1336 Cherry St., Philadelphia. 

Century Co. Century Co 33 1J. ijth St, New York. 

Century Hist. ^ Century History Co 41 Lafayette PL, New York. 

Century Memorial. Century Memorial Publishing Co Boston. 

Century Pub. Century Publishing and Engraving Co 167 Dearborn St , Chicago 

Chamberlain, P. M. Chamberlain, Paul Mellen "..Chicago. 

Champion Chemical Champion Chemical Co Springfield, O. 

Champlin. Champ] in Printing Co Columbus, O. 

Champlin & C. Champlin & Carlisle Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Chicago. 

Chandler. Chandler, F. H 439 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Chancy, J. M,, Jr. Chaney, Jame<= McDonald, Ji Kansas City, Mo. 

Channing. Channing Auxiliary Geary and Franklin Sts., San Francisco. 

Chapell, H. Chapell, Harriet Philadelphia 

Chaplin. Chaplin, Spofford & Mathison ~ Laramie, Wy. 

Chappelle. Chappelle, W. D 206 Public Sq., Nashville, Tenn. 

Chappies. Chappies Publishing Co Boston. 

Chanty Organ. Charity Organization Society 105 E. 22d St, New York. 

Charleston Daily Charleston Daily Mail Pub. Co Charleston, W. Va. 


Charterhouse Press. Charterhouse Press (books purchased by Brentano's.) 

2-8 W. 23d St., New York. 

Chartier, E: M. Chartier, Edward Morris Paris, Tex. 

Chase. Chase Bros, (now Chase Press) Haverhill, Mass 

Chase, W. E. Chase, Wilfrid E 302 State St , Madison, Wis 

Chattanooga Times. Chattanooga Daily Times Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Chatterton. Chattel ton, A L., & Co 97 and 99 Reade St , New York. 




Chautauqua. Chautauqua Press (now out of business) Springfield, O 

Chautauqua Pr. Chautauqua Press Chautauqua, N Y. 

Chavannes, A. Chavannes, Albert.. 308 Fourth Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 

Chccver, E. /, Cheevei, Edwin judson Little Rock, Ark 

Cheltenham Press. See Kimball, Ingalls. 

Chemical Chemical Pub. Co Easton, Pa. 

Cheney, M. G. Cheney, M. G Franklmville, $J. Y. 

Cheney, M. M. Cheney, Mary Moulton 727 Boston Block, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Chequamegon. Chequamegon Press Ashland, Wis. 

Cherouny. Cherouny Printing and Publishing Co. 17-27 Vande water St., New York. 

Chesbro'. Chesbro, S. K. J 14 N. May St., Chicago 

Chew. Chew, S , & Sons Camden, N. J. 

Chic. Bk. Chicago Book Co 378 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Chic. Daily News. Chicago Daily News Co Chicago 

Chic. Directory, Chicago Directory Co Chicago. 

Chic. Kindergarten. Chicago Kindergarten College 10 E. Van Buren St., Chicago. 

Chic. Law Journ. Chicago Law Journal Chicago, 

Chic. Legal News. Chicago Legal News Co 87 Clark St., Chicago. 

Chic. Lit. Club. Chicago Literary Club Chicago. 

Chic. Manus, Chicago Manuscript Co Chicago. 

Chic. Med Bk. Chicago Medical Book Co Congress and Honore Sts., Chicago. 

Chic Sch. Psychol- Chicago School of Psychology 4020 Drexel Bldg., Chicago. 


Chief. Chief Publishing Co 45 Centre St , New York, 

Child of Light c Child of Light Pub. Co Chicago. 

Chifiman Pr. Chipman Prmtery (Ye) Poland, Me. 

Chiswick. Chiswick Publishing Co. (now Popular Pub. Co ) .335 B'way, New York. 

Chiswick Press. Chiswick Press 216 William St., New York. 

Chrisman. Chnsman Publishing Co St. Louis. 

Christern, F. W. See Dyrsen & Pfeiffer. 

Christian, W: A. Christian, William Asbury Berkley, Va 

Chr Alliance. Christian Alliance Pub. Co Nyack, "N Y. 

Chr Century. Christian Century Co 358 Dearborn St., Chicago 

Chr. Culture. Christian Culture Press 324 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Chr. Herald. Christian Herald Room 92, Bible House, New York. 

Chr. Index. Christian Index Pub. Co Des Moines, la, 

Chr. Press. Christian Press Assoc. Pub. Co 26 Barclay St., New York 

Chr. Pub. Co. Christian Publishing Co 1522 Locust St., St. Louis. 

Chr. Sci. Christian Science Publishing Co 96 Falmouth St., Boston. 

Chr. Standard. Christian Standard Co., Ltd ; 921 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Chr. Stud. Christian Student's Publishing Co in Fifth Av-e., New York 

Chr. Un Christian Union Publishing Co Des Moines, la 

Chr. Witness. Christian Witness Co Boston; 151 Washington St., Chicago. 

Chr. Woman's Bd. Christian Woman's Board of Missions Indianapolis, Ind. 

Chronicle. Chronicle Co Marion, Ind. 

Chronicle Pub. Chronicle Pub. Co Pottsville, Pa. 

Chronicle Pub. Co. Chronicle Publishing Co Binghamton, $J. Y. 

Chrystal, J. Chrystal, James 2 Emory St., Jersey City, N. J. 

Church Church, John, Co 4th and Elm Sts., Cincinnati, O. 

Church, S. R. Church, Seymour R 307 Sansome St., San Francisco, 

Church of God. Church of God Publication House Philadelphia. 

Church Pub, Church Publishing Co 281 Fourth Ave,, New York 

Church Reg. Church Register Pub. Co Greensburg Pa 

Churchman. Churchman (The) Co 47 Lafayette PL, New York, 

Citro graph Bk. Citrograph Book Press Redlands, Cal. 

City Bk. City Book and Stationery Co. (formerly Shisskr-Chase Co.), 

Des Moines, la. 

City Club. City Club of New York 19 W. 34th St., New York, 

Civic. Civic Pub. Co 43 Cedar St , New York. 

Civic Bk. Civic Book Co Chicago 

Civic Press Civic Press 86 Bible House, New .York. 

Claflin ' Claflin, H B., Co Worth and Church Sts , New York. 

Clark, A. H. Clark, Arthur H., Co Garfield Bldg., Cleveland, O. 

Clark, A. S Clark, A S 218 Washington St , Peekskill, N. Y. 

Clark, C. M. Clark, C. M., Publishing Co 211 Tremont St., Boston. 

Clark, F. C. Clark, Frank Chadwick 323-325 College St., Springfield. Mo. 

Clark, G. ' Clark, Galen Yosemite Valley, Cal. 

Clark, G: A. Clark, George A Topeka, Kan. 

Clark, J. C. L Clark, J. C. L Lancaster, Mass. 

Clark M. A. B. Clark, Mary A. B District of Columbia. 

Clark, M. C. Clark, M. C 13-21 Park Row, New York. 

Clarke Clarke, Robert, Co 14-16 E 4th St , Cincinnati, O. 

Clarke, G Clarke, George Decker Bldg., New York. 



Clarke, G: K. Clarke, George Kuhn ........................... 70 Kilby St. Boston. 

Clarke, H. A. Clarke, H. A ................................ Washington, D. C 

Clarke, fa. Clarke, James, & Co ....................... 5-7 W. 22d St., New York 

Clarke, J ' B. Clarke, John B., Co .............................. Manchester, N H. 

Clarke, Mrs. M. L. Clarke, Mrs. Marion L ............ 29 Pleasant St., Amherst, Mass. 

Clarke, W: B. Clarke, William B., Co ...................... 26 Tremont St., Boston. 

Clarke & C. Clarke & Courts .................................... Galveston, Tex. 

Clarkson, J. R. Clarkson, Joseph Russell ................................ Omaha, Neb. 

Clayton, Clayton, A. C, & Sons .................................... . .St. Louis. 

Clemmens, J. E. Clemmens, Jane E ..................................... Springfield, O. 

Cleveland Armature. Cleveland Armature Works ............................ Cleveland, O. 

Cleveland News Cleveland News Co .................................... Cleveland, O. 

Cleveland Press. Cleveland Press, (Clinical Review Publishing Co.) .......... Chicago. 

Cleveland Pr. Cleveland Printing and Publishing Co ................... Cleveland, O. 

Clifford 6- L. Clifford & Lawton, [The Upholsterer] ...... 19 Union Sq , New York 

Clinic. Clinic Publishing Co ....................................... Chi-cago 

Clinical Review Publishing Co. See Cleveland Press. 

Clode. Clode, E: J ................................ 156 Fifth Ave , New York. 

Close. Close, Charles W ........................................ Bangor, Me. 

Cloud, W: F. Cloud, William F .................................. Kansas City, Mo 

Club Odd Vol. Club of Odd Volumes ....................................... Boston. 

Coal Trade. Coal Trade Journal ...................... 41 Park Row, New York 

Coates Coates, Henry T., & Co. (succeeded by John C. Winston Co.), 

1006 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Cobbey, J. E. Cobbey, J. E ......................................... Beatrice, Neb. 

Coburn Coburn Publishing Co ............................ 47 Cornhill, Boston. 

Cochran, P H. Cochran, Page H ................................... St. Albans, Vt. 

Cockcroft. Cockcroft, James D ................................ Northport, N. Y. 

Coin. Com Publishing Co ......................... 63 Rush Street, Chicago. 

Colbert, V. Colbert, Vesahus ...................................... Greenville, 111. 

Colburn. Colburn Publishing Co ..................... 415 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Colby. Colby, George H ................................... Lancaster, N. H. 

Colby, W. L Colby, W. Irving ................... 182 St. Nicholas Ave., New York. 

Cole, G: W. Cole, George W...ii7th St. and 7th Ave, (Graham Court,) New York. 

Cole. T C , Jr. Cole, T. C , Jr ................................... Jonesboro, Ark 

Cole grove. Colegrove, E H ......................... 94 Washington St., Chicago. 

Colgate Univ. Colgate University Press ............................. Hamilton, N. Y. 

Collector Pub. Collector Pub. Co ...................................... Detroit, Mich 

College of Freedom. College of Freedom ............................ Woodlawn, Chicago. 

Collie Pr, Collie Printing Co ...................................... Cisco, Tex. 

Collier. Collier, P. F., & Son .................. 416-424 W. I3th St., New York 

Collier, /. Collier, Joseph ......................................... Denver, Col. 

Colliery. ColKerv Engineer Co ................................... Scranton, Pa. 

Collins. Collins, F. T ..................... University Library, Princeton, N. J. 

Collins, J: S. Collins, John S ............................ 253 Broadway, New York. 

Collins, W- A. Collins, William A ................................... Catnden, N. J. 

Colonial Colonial Press ..................................... Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Colonial Adv. Colonial Advertising Co ............................ Providence, R. I. 

Colonial Pr. Colonial Print, and Litho. Co .......................... Pittsburg, Pa. 

Colored Co-op. Colored Co-operative Pub. Co ..................... 5 Park Sq., Boston. 

Colton Colton Publishing Co ........................... Washington, D. C. 

Columbia Bk. Columbia Book Concern ............................ St. Louis. 

Columbia Bk Columbia Book Co. (now Hinds, Noble & Eldredge). 

(Phila) 116 N. 12th St., Philadelphia. 

Columbia Press. Columbia Press ........................... Lock Box 278, Washington. 

Columbia Pub. Columbia Publishing Co ............... 123 Main St., Oneonta, N. Y. 

Columbia University Press. See Macmillan 

Columbian Bk Columbian Book Co ........ Cor Clark St. and Chicago Ave., Chicago. 

Columbian Corr. Columbian Correspondence College ............... Washington, D. C. 

Colwell A. M. Colwell, A. M. .................................... Waconia, Minn, 

Combe. ' Combe Printing Co .................................. St Joseph, Mo. 

Commercial Bk. Commercial Book Co ....................... 69 Wall St., New York. 

Commercial Code Commercial Code Co ........................................ Boston. 

Commercial Credit. Commercial Credit Co , Ltd ...................... Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Commercial Distrib. Commercial Distributing Co ........................ .. .Cairo, Til 

Commercial Press. Commercial Press .................................. Brighton, N. Y 

Commercial Pr. Commercial Printing House ........................ Los Angeles, Cal. 

Commercial Pr. Commercial Print ...................................... Mitchell, Ind 


Commercial Pr. Commercial Printing Co ........... 300-302 N Third St., St. Louis. 

Commercial Pub. 

Commercial Pub. Co ....................................... St. Louis. 



Commercial TextBk. Commercial Text Book Co Des Momes, la. 

Common Sense. Common Sense Pub. Co Lock Box 14, Cleveland, 0. 

Compendium. Compendium Pinitmg Co. ..IIIQ Washington St, Kansas City, Mo. 

Compressed Air. Compressed Air 26 Cortlandt St., New York. 

Comstock, W: T. Conistock, William T 23 Warren St., New York. 

Comstock Pub. Comstock Pub. Co 43 East Ave , Ithaca, N. Y. 

Conaway, F. R. Conaway, F. R Des Momes, la. 

Cdncord City Govt. City Government of Concord, N. H Concord, N. H. 

Concordia Pub. Concordia Publishing House .. . . St Louis. 

Confederate Vet. Confederate Veteran Nashville, Tenn 

Congdon. Congdon & Bntnell Toronto, Can. 

Conger, C. B. Conger, Clinton B Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Conger 3 E. B. Conger, Mrs. Emily Bronson Akron, 0. 

Ccnkey. Conkey, W. B., Co 351 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Conn, Mag. Connecticut Magazine Co Hartford, Ct. 

Connelley, W: E. Connelley, William Elsey 725 Lane St, Topeka, Kan. 

Connolly. Connolly, Hugh Detroit, Mich. 

Connolly, A P. Connolly, Alonzo P 334 Dearborn St , Chicago 

Conservative. Conservative (The) Tipton, la. 

Consolidated Ret Ccm^ohdatea Retail Booksellers . . 30-32 E. 2ibt St., New York. 

Contemporary. Contemporary Publishing Co , 5 Beekman St.. New York, 

Continental Continental Publishing Co 168 Adams St , Chicago. 

Continental Plant. Continental Plant Co Kittreil, N. C. 

Continental Pub. Continental Publishing Co 24-26 Murray St , iNew York 

Continental Pub Co. Continental Publishing Co Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Conwell, Clarke. See Elston Press. 

Cook. Cook, David C, Pub. Co 36 Washington St , Chicago. 

Cook, C C. Cook, Charles C 150 Nassau St., New York. 

Cooke, R. G. Cooke, Robert Grier 307 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Cooke 6- F. Cooke & Fry (later R. G. Cooke) 70 Fifth Ave , New York. 

Cooksey. Cooksey Publishing Co Olney, 111. 

Coolidgc & W. Coolidge & Waterloo (formerly Universal Truth Pub Co.) 

87 Washington St,, Chicago. 

Cooper, C. B. Cooper, C, B 114 Fourth Ave., New York. 

Co-operative. Co-operative Pnb. Co Minneapolis, Minn, 

Co-operative Pub. Co operative Publication Society 39 E. Qth St., New York. 

Coppage, L. I. Coppage, Lewellyn J 115^2 E Mam St., Crawforchville, Tnd. 

Co-Press. Co-Press Printers 306 Sudbury Bldg . Boston. 

Corbyn, C. A. B. Corbyn, Clara A. B Los Angeles, Cal. 

Cornell Incubator. Cornell Incubator Mfg. Co Ithaca, N. Y 

Cornell Univ. Cornell University Ithaca, N. Y. 

Cornish, L: H. Cornish, Louis H 15 Vandewater St, New York. 

Corp, Leg. Co. Corporation Legal Manual Co Plainfield, N, J. 

Counsellor. Counsellor, J., Publishing Co Winslow, Ark. 

Courier. Courier Co Buffalo, N. Y. 

Courier-Citizen Courier-Citizen Co 271 Gorham St., Lowell, Mass. 

Courier fourn. Courier Journal Co., Office of Louisville, Ky. 

Courier Pr. Courier Printing Co Orrville, 0. 

Courier Pr. Co. Courier Printing Co , Syracuse, N. Y, 

Cowen, P. Covi en, Philip 489 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Cox, J. A. Cox, Joseph Abram Wheeling, W. Va. 

Craig, J: A. Craig, John Alexander * , .Ames, la. 

Cram, G. F. Cram, G. F 552 Wabash Ave., Chicago; 130 Fulton St., New York. 

Cramp, A. L Cinrnp, Arthur J Box 378, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Crandall, D. L. Crandall, D. L Orange, Mass. 

Crane. Crane & Co - Topeka, Kan. 

Cranston Cranston & Co 158 Main St,, Norwich, Ct. 

Crawley, E. S. Crawley, Edwin Schofield Univ. of Penn., Philadelphia. 

Creasy, A. Creasv, Arthur Oswego, Kan, 

Credit Co. Credit Co 130 Fulton St., New York. 

Cremer 6- B. Cremer & Bicknell Cleveland, 0. 

Crist. Crist, Scott & Parshall Cooperstown, N. .Y. 

Crocker, Crocker, H. S., Co San Francisco. 

Cronholm, N. N: Cronholm, Neander Nicholas 91 Dearborn St, Chicago. 

Croscup, Croscup & Sterling Co 26 E. 22cl St , New York. 

Croscup, G:E. Croscup, George E, & Co 23 E. 2ist St, New York. 

Cvoss. Cross, Roselle Theodore Eugene. Ore. 

Cross, A. E. Cross, A. E 149 Van Buren St., Chicago. 

Cross, S: C Cross, Samuel Creed 502 S. Queen St., Martinsburg, W. Va. 

C rouse, B: F. Crouse, Benjamin Franklin Muncie, Ind 

Crcwell. Crowell, Thomas Y., & Co 426 W. Broadway, New York 

Crowell & K. Crowell & Kirkpatrick Co Springfield, 




Crowell Apparatus. Crowell Apparatus Co Indianapolis, Ind. 

Crown. Crown Publishing Co 42 Second St., San Francisco. 

Cryptograph. Cryptograph Co Providence, R. I 

Cubery. Ctibery & Co San Francisco. 

Cuff el, C: A. Cuffel, Charles A Doylestown, Pa. 

Culley, P. C. Culley, Frank Clinton Kenosha, Wis. 

Culp, H- T. Culp, Henry Travis Conneaut, O. 

Cultivator. Cultivator Pub. Co Atlanta, Ga. 

Cumberland. Cumberland Presbyterian Publishing House Nashville, Tenn. 

Cumberland Press. Cumberland Press Nashville, Tenn 

Cummings, St. 7. Curnmings, St. James Charleston, S. C. 

Cummins, B ' F. Cummins, Benjamin F 21 Park Row, New York 

Cumulative. Cumulative Index Co., (now H. W. Wilson Co.,) 

315 i4th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Cupples. Cupples & Schoenhof (now Schoenhof Book Co ). 

128 Tremont St , Boston. 

Cupples & L. Cupples & Leon 101 Fifth Ave., New York 

Curlander. Curlander, M 208 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md. 

Curtis Pub. Curtis Publishing Co 421-427 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Curtis & C. Curtis & Cameron 75 Pierce Bldg., Boston 

Curry. Curry, Rev. Erastus S., & Son Christy, Mo. 

Curry, E. /. Curry, Elvin J 25 N. Liberty St., Baltimore, Md 

Curts. Curts & Jennings (now Jennings & Pye) . .220 W 4th St., Cincinnati, O. 

Cushing. Cushing Company (The) (formerly Cushing & Co.), 

2 E. Saratoga St., Baltimore, Md. 

Cushing, H C , Jr Cushing, Harry C, Jr 39 Cortlandt St, New York. 

Cushing, J. S. Cushing, J. S., & Co Norwood. Mass 

Cutter, H. A. Cutter, H. A , & Son Lawrence, Kan. 

Cyphers. Cyphers Incubator Pub. Co Buffalo, N, Y. 

D. A. R , Iron- Daughters of the American Revolution (Irondequoit Chapter), 

de quoit Chap. 18 Vick Park B, Rochester, N. Y. 

Dagnall, J ' M. Dagnall, John M P. O. Box 153, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Daily, $. /. Daily, Samuel Joseph Joplin, Mo. 

Daily Mining Rec- Daily Mining Record 1824 Curtis St, Denver, Col. 


Daily News. Daily News Pub. Co McKeesport, Pa. 

Daily News Pub. Daily News Pub. Co ( Passaic, N. J. 

Daily Reporter. Daily Reporter Co Salt Lake City, Utah, 

Daily Union. Daily Union Printing Co Atlantic City, N. J. 

Dakin's Dakin's Book Store B La Porte, Ind, 

Damrell. Damrell & Upham (now "Old Corner Bookstore), 

27-29 Bromfield St, Boston. 

Danforth. Danforth, Pierre W., Press of Middleburgh, N. Y. 

Daniels. Daniels, N?than Hagar 150 Devonshire St , Boston. 

Daniels, W: C. Daniels, William C Denver, Col. 

Danish Luth. Danish Luth. Pub. House Blair, Neb. 

Darby. Darby, Rufus H., Printing Co 1831 F St., N. W, Washington, D, C. 

Darby, J. E Da4>y, Rev. James Ezra Waynesburg, Pa. 

Dare, M J. L. Dare/ Mrs Maria J L Washington, D C. 

Darlington, N. K. Darlington, Nina K Boston. 

D arrow Darrow, Erastus, & Co 235 E Main St , Rochester, N. Y. 

Davey, J Davey, John " Akron, O, 

Davidson, H. A. Davidson, Mrs. H. A i Sprague PL, Albany, N. Y. 

Davidson, P: Davidson. Peter Londsville, Ga. 

Davis. Davis, F. A., Co 1914-1916 Cherry St., Philadelphia 

Davis, F: H. Davis, Frederick H Erie, Col. 

Davis , Mrs I. R. Davis, Mrs. I. R (Trade supplied by J. B. Lippincott Co.) 

Da-vis, J T. Davis, James T., Co 703 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Davis, W - W. H. Davis, William Watts Ht'rt Doylestown, Pa. 

Davis 6- Co. Davis & Co 388 La Salle St., Chicago. 

Day Pub. Pay Pub Co New London, Ct. 

Dayton, E. W. Dayton, Edwin W 763 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Dean. Dean, A. D Scranton, Pa. 

Dean, G. S. Dean, Gilbert S ." 1039^ Valencia St., San Francisco. 

Dean & H. Dean & Hicks Grand Rapids, Mich. 

D earing. Dearing, Charles T 3d and Jefferson Sts., Louisville. Kv. 

Dearing, L. S. Dearing, Lulu Spears Chillicothe, O. 

Deats, H E. Deats, H. E Flemington, N. J. 

Debs Pub. Debs Publishing Co Terre Haute, Ind. 

De Burians. De Burians (The), (W. A. Hennessy, Sec.).. 5 High St., Bangor, Me. 

Decker, I: W. Decker, John Wright Columbus, O. 

De Cli-Ford, N. F. De Clifford, Norman Frederick 1112 Fifth Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Deel, G: A. Deel, George A Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 



Defender Pub. Defender Publishing Committee 232 W. I4th St., New York. 

De La Mare. DC La Mare, A. T., Printing and Publishing Co., Ltd., 

2-8 Duane St , New York. 

De Land, De Land, Charles Pierre, So. Dak. 

Delano. Delano, E. J Orion, 111. 

Delbridge. Delbridge Co 104 No. 6th St , St. Louis. 

Del Mar, E. P. Del Mar, E. P 8 E. 4^d St , New York. 

Delta Kappa Epsi- Delta Kappa Epsilon, Council of 9 W 3ist St., N. Y. 


Delta Manual. Delta Manual Pub. Co Detroit, Mich. 

Democrat Pr. Democrat Printing and Pub. Co Monroe, Mich. 

Democrat Pr. Co. Democrat Printing Co Madison, Wis. 

Democrat Press. Democrat Press Ithaca, N. Y. 

Democrat Pub. Democrat Pub. Co Waterloo, la. 

Dempster. Dempster Bros, (formerly L. R. Dempster), 

35 Glen Park Ave , San Francisco. 

Denholm Denholm & McKay Co Worcester, Mass. 

Denison, T. $. Denison, T. S 163 Randolph St., Chicago. 

Denny-C. Denny-Coryell Co 718 First Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Denver Frat. Erne- Denver Fraternity of Emethachavah Denver, Col. 


De Peyster, J: W. De Peyster, John Watts Tivoli, N. Y. 

De Puy De Puy, Clarence C Syracuse, N. Y. 

Derge. ' Derge, A. R., & Co Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Derry. Derry Bros Girard, Kan. 

Derry-Collard. Derry-Collard Co 256 Broadway, New York 

Deseret News. Deseret News Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Desmond, H, /. Desmond, Humphrey J 846 Wills Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Devereaux. Devereaux, T : H., & Co Chicago. 

De Vinne. De Vinne Press 12 Lafayette PL, New York. 

De Weese, H. H. De Weese, Henry Harrison Columbus, 0. 

Dewey.I. H. Dewey, J. H, Publishing Co 151 W 23d St., New York. 

Dczuey-D, Dewey-Davis Co Jamestown, N Y. 

De Witt, F: M. De Witt, Frederick M 1223 Lombard St., San Francisco. 

De Wolfe. De Wolfe, Fiske & Co 361-365 Washington St , Boston. 

Dewsnap, W: Dewsnap, William. .American Tract Bldg., 150 Nassau St , New York. 

Dibdin Club. Dibdin Club (M. W. Greenhalgh, Sec.). .1135 Madison Ave., New York. 

Dick. Di g ck & Fitzgerald 18 Ann St, New York. 

Dickie & Wool ley. See New Voice Press. 

Dickerman. Dickerman Pub Co. (now out of business) .157 Summer St, Boston. 

Dickey. Dickey, L. S., & Co 79 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Dickson Dickson. John A , Publishing Co Chicago. 

Diehl. Dichl, Frederick 210 W. Market St., Louisville, Ky. 

Dictsgen, E. Dietzgen, Eugene, Co.. 119 W. 23d st , New York; 181 Monroe St., 

Diffenderffer, F. R. Diffenderffer, Frank Ried 542 N. Duke St., Lancaster, Pa. 

Dillingham, G: W. Dillingham, George W., Co 119 W. 23d St., New York. 

Dillon & N. Dillon, C. W M & Nuckolls, E. L Fayetteville, W. Va. 

Dispatch Pr. Di&patch Printing Co Houston, Tex. 

Dissell. Dissell Pub. Co P. O. Box 273, Hartford, Ct 

District Nursing. District Nursing Assoc. of Northern Westchester Co. .. .Bedford, N. Y. 

Ditto*. Ditson, Oliver, Co 150 Tremont St., Boston. 

Ditto*, C. H. Ditson, Chas. H , & Co 867 Broadway, New York. 

Diron. Dixon, Hanson & Co "..... Chicago, 

Doane, A. A. Doane, Alfred Alder " 136 I St., S., Boston. 

Dockham, C. A. Dockham, C. A 131 Devonshire St., Boston. 

Dodd. Dod'd, Mead & Co 372 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Dodge. Dodge Publishing Co 23 E. 20lh St , New York. 

Dodge, A. J. Dodge, A. Johnson Boston. 

Dodge 6- M. Dodge & Metcalf. (Books supplied by A. Wessels Co.) 

156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Dodge's Inst. Dodge's Institute of Telegraphy Valparaiso, Ind. 

Doekring. Doehring Publishing Co Milwaukee, Wis. 

Dole, N H. Dole, Nathan Haskell Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

Dolphin. Dolphin Press Philadelphia. 

Dominion. Dominion Co 328-334 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Dommergue. Dommergue, Jules H 40 Lembeck Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Donham, G. M. Donharn, Grenville M 300 Congress St., Portland, Me. 

Donnelley. Donnelley, R. R., & Sons Co. (Lakeside Press), 

140-146 Monroe St., Chicago, 

Donnelley, R. H. Donnelley, Reuben H 149 Plymouth PL, Chicago. 

Donahue. Donohue, M. A., & Co. (formerly Donohue Bros), 

407-429 Dearborn St., Chicago. 



Doonan Doonan & Lovette u W. Alabama St., Atlanta, Ga, 

Dortch, D. E. Dortch, D. E 813 Grand Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Dortch Pub. Dortch Publishing Co Columbia, Tenn. 

Dortman. Dortman, Frederick, & Co Boston. 

Dos Passos, J; R. Dos Passes, John R 20 Broad St., New York. 

Doty, E. Doty, Ehas Cedar Rapids, la. 

Doubleday, P. Doubleday, Page & Co 133-7 E. i6th St., New York 

Doubleday & McC. Doubleday & McClure Co. (now Doubleday, Page & Co. ; also McClure, 

Phillips & Co.) 

Dougherty. Dougherty, James T 409-411 W. 5pth St., New York. 

Dougherty, G: E. Dougherty, George E Topeka, Kan. 

Douthit Douthit, J. L., Son Shelbyville, 111. 

Dow, J. W. Dow, Joy Wheeler Wyoming, N. J. 

Downer, W : A. Downer, William Arthur Glassboro, N. J. 

Downs, /. P. Downs, James P 243 Broadway, New York. 

Doxey's. Doxey*s (now G. A. S. Wieners) 662 Sixth Ave., New York. 

Doyle, E. A. Doyle, K A Winchester, O. 

Drake. Drake, Frederick J., & Co 211 E. Madison St , Chicago. 

Drake Univ. Drake University, College of Oratory and English Des Moines, la. 

Dramatic. Dramatic Publishing Co., 

40 W. 28th St., New York; 358 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Draper. Draper Pub. and Supply Co Chicago. 

Draper E. Draper, E Ballard, Wash. 

Dresden. Dresden Pub. Co. (C. P. Farrell) 5-7 E. i6th St., New York. 

Dressier. Dressier, C. L., & Co 2203 Gladys Ave., Chicago. 

Drew. Drew, H & W B, Co 116-124 W. Forsyth St, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Drexel. Drexel, George W. Childs Ledger Bldg , Philadelphia. 

Drowe'ht. Droweht Pub. Co Beverly, Mass. 

Druckerman. Druckerman, S 50 Canal St., New York. 

Dudley, D. Dudley, Dean Wakefield, Mass. 

Uufresne. Dufresne, Frank P. (succeeded by Lawyers' Co-operative Publishing 

Co.) Rochester, N. Y. 

Dufur, S. M. Dufur, Simon Miltimore Richford, Vt 

Dukesmith, F. H. Dukesmith, Frank H Charlestown, Jefferson Co., W. Va 

Dulany. Dulany, William J C, Co 300 Pleasant St., Baltimore, Md. 

Du Mont. Dti Mont, E. R New York ; 303 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Dunbar. Dunbar, J. H North Hartland, Vt 

Duncker. Duncker, Alex 178 Fulton St., New York. 

Dunham. Dunham, Frederick A Portland, Ore. 

Dunkirk Pr. Dunkirk Printing Co Dunkirk, N. Y. 

Duquesne. Duquesne Distributing Co Harmarville, Pa. 

Durward, J: T. Durward, John T Baraboo, Wis. 

Dustin, E. Dustin, Eddie 1210 Olive St., St. Louis. 

Dutton. TDutton, E. P., & Co :. . .31 W. 23d St., New York. 

Dye, E. 0. Dye, Elizabeth Osborne Baiiston Spa, N. Y. 

Dyke, A. ,. Dyke, A L , A-iitomobile Supply Co ., St Louis 

Dyrsen. Dyrsen & Pfeiffer 16 W. 33d St., New York. 

Eagle. Eagle Publishing Co Pittsfield, Mass. 

Eagle Bk. Eagle Book Printing Dept .Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Eaglin, T: Eaglin, Thomas Cincinnati. 

Earle. Earle, James H., & Co 178 Washington St , Boston. 

Earle, S. C. Earle, Stephen Carpenter Worcester, Mass 

Early. Early' s Mercantile Agency 100 Washington St , Chicago. 

East Tenn. East Tennessee Pub. Co Greeneville, Tenn. 

Eastern. Eastern Publishing Co 61 Court St, Boston. 

Eastern Audit. Eastern Audit Co Boston. 

Eastman, Eastman, Edson C Concord, N. H. 

Eaton, A. H. Eaton, A H., & Co S. E. Cor. Howard & Lexington Sts., Bait, Md. 

Eaton & Co. Eaton & Co 203-207 Michigan Ave., Chicago. 

Eaton & M. Eaton & Mains, Agts. (Methodist Book Concern), 

150 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Eau Claire. Eau Claire Book and Stationery Co Eau Claire, Wis. 

Eberhart. Eberhart Kennels Camp Denison, 0. 

Ebersole, E. C. Ebersole, E. C ' Toledo, la. 

Echo de la Semaine. Echo (U) de la Semaine 175 Tremont St, Boston. 

Echo Music. Echo Music Co . ... -Elgin, 111. 

Eckel. Eckel, Alex Knoxville, Tenn. 

Eckels, H. S. Eckels, H. S, & Co Philadelphia. 

Eckler. Eckler, Peter 35 Fulton St, New York. 

Economite. Economite Publishing Co * Ozone Park, N Y. 

Eddins, E. R. Eddins, E R., Co Chemical Bldg, St Louis. 

Eddy Pub. Eddy Publishing Co Madison, Wis. 

Eden. Eden Publishing House 1716 Chouteau Ave., St. Louis. 




Edgar, T. B. Edgar, Timothy Bloomfield 3739 Westminster PL, St. Louis. 

Edgett, X. Edgett, Burdette Poughkeepsie N. Y. 

Edison. Edison Illuminating Co - - Monmouth, III 

Editor Editor Publishing Co 327 Pike Bldg , Cincinnati, U 

Editor Pub Editor Publishing Co y F f nkh ' Y" 

Editor Pub. Co. Editor Publishing Co . . 150 Nassau St , New York. 

Edminster, F. C. Edminster, Franklin C Pratt Inst, Brooklyn NY. 

Edmunds, A. /. Edmunds, Albert J 3231 Sansom St Philadetolua. 

Edson. Edson & Irish ^PV^f XT ' vt" 

Edson, J. B. Edson, Jarvis Bonesteel .313 W. 7 4 th St., New York. 

Edson, M. C. Edson, Milan C 1728 New Jersey Ave., N. W., Washington D. C 

Educ. 'ASSOC. Educational Association -Chicago. 

Educ.Co Educational Co 3^3 Dearborn St., Chicago 

Educ. Pub. Educational Publishing Co., ...,.,* XT v 1 

50 Bromfield St., Boston; 63 Fifth Ave, New York. 

Educ Review. Educational Review Publishing Co ?;? h Y a X' o 

Educator. Educator School Supply Co Mitchell, S D. 

Edwards. Edwards & Broughton 5^ elg u ' N " 

Effingham Dem. Effingham Democrat .kmngham, 111. 

Egbert Egbert, Fidlar & Chambers, Prs 118 E. 4th St., Davenport, la. 

Egbert, H: Egbert, Henry San Francisco. 

Eger Eger, Alexander 34 E Van Buren St., Chicago. 

Eserton Press. Egerton Press 934 Eleventh St., Philadelphia. 

Ehrlich B Ehrlich, Mrs. Bertha Berlin, Wis. 

Ehrlich, L: I. Ehrlich, Louis J 239 Courtland Ave , Atlanta, Ga 

Eichelberger. Eichelberger Book Co 308 N. Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 

Eickemeyer, C. Eickemeyer, Carl Yonkers, N. Y. 

Elder, P. Elder, Paul (formerly Elder & Shepard) . .238 Post St., San Francisco. 

Eldredse. Eldredge & Bro. (succeeded by Hinds, Noble & Eldredge), 

35 W. 15th St, New York. 

Electric Press. Electric Press Wilmington Del 

Elec. Review. Electrical Review Publishing Co 4 Park Row, New York. 

Elec. World. Electrical World and Engineer (McGraw Pub Co.), 

116 Liberty St., New York 

Elevator Elevator Pub Co 1448 N St , N W., Washington D. C. 

Ellis ElHs, George H 272 Congress St, Boston. 

Ellis' J' S Ellis, John S Muncie, Ind. 

Ellis L. H, Ellis, L. H., & Co Fort Fairfield, Me. 

Ellis Pub. Ellis Pub. Co 58 W. Main St, Battle Creek, Mich. 

Ellsworth. Ellsworth & Brey Detroit, Mich 

Ellsworth Co, Ellsworth Co 127 Duane St, New York 

Elmore, I. B. Elmore, James Buchanan Alamo, Ind. 

Elson Elson, A. W., & Co Boston. 

Elston Press. Elston Press (Clarke Conwell) Pelham Road, New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Elysian Elysian Fields Publishing Co Chicago. 

Elzas, B. A. Elzas, Barnett A Charleston, S. C 

Emerson, W. A. Emerson, W. A Fitchburg, Mass. 

Emerson Coll, Emerson College of Oratory Pub. Dept, 

Tremont cor. Berkeley St, Boston, 

Emerson Press. Emerson Press in Fifth Ave., New Ypffe V? 

Emery, W: M. Emery, William Morrell Fall River, mss. 

Emmons, H. B. Emmons, Harry Butler. Denver, Col. 

Empire. Empire Book Concern Canton O. 

Encina Pub. Encina Publishing Co Box 103, Berkeley Cal. 

Encyc. Britannica. Encyclopaedia Britannica Co .225 Fourth Ave., New York. 

Endicott. Endicott, Eugene F., Agt (See also Universalist Pub- Ho.), 

30 West St., Boston. 

Engberg-H. Engberg-Holmberg Publishing Co .Chicago. 

Engelhard. Engelhard. George P., & Co 358 Dearborn St., Chicago 

Engineer. Engineer Pub. Co Cleveland, 0. 

Engineering. Engineering and Mining Journal SOS Pearl St., New York. 

Engineering Mag. Engineering Marine Pi ess 140 Nassau St., New York 

Engineering News, Engineering News Pub. Co 220 Broadway, New York. 

Fngineering Record. Engineering Record (Books now supplied by McGraw Pub Co.) 

Engineers' Rev. Engineers' Reyiew Co '..... Cleveland, O. 

Enquirer Pub. Co. Enquirer Publishing Co Oakland, Cal. 

Enterprise. Enterprise Printing Co Nevada, 0. 

Epitome. Epitome Publishing Co Cincinnati. 

Epps. Epps, Orlo Oneonta, N. Y. 

Equit. Pub. Co. Equitable Publishing Co 317 N. 4th St., Allentown, Pa. 

Equity. Equity Pub. Co Topeka, Kan. 

Equity Series See Taylor, C. F. 

Era. Era Publishing Co Chicago. 



Erickson, C: J. Erickson, Charles Gotthard 1012 Liberty St., Joliet, 111. 

Erie Ltth. Erie Lithographing and Printing Co Erie, Pa. 

Erskine. Erskine Press 209 gth St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Erudite. Erudite Press Concord, Mass 

Erwood. Erwood, W. J , Co La Crosse, Wis. 

Ess Ess, Ess Ess Publishing Co. See Smart Set Pub. Co. 

Essene Essene, The 59 Park PI., New York. 

Essex- Inst. Essex Institute Salem, Mass. 

Essex Pub. Essex Publishing Co Newark, N. J. 

Estes. Estes, Dana, & Co 208-218 Summer St., Boston. 

European. European Pub. Co 68 Broad St., New York. 

Evangelical Press. Evangelical Press Harrisburg, Pa. 

Evans, C. H. Evans, C. H, & Co St. Louis. 

Evans, C: Evans, Charles 1045 Pratt Ave., Rogers Park, Chicago. 

Evans, F. A. Evans, F. A., & Co Tell City, Ind. 

Evans, /. C. Evans, I. C Concord, N. H. 

Evans, J. R. Evans, J. R 508 Fulton St., Pottstown, Pa. 

Evening Post. Evening Post Job Printing House 156 Fulton St., New York. 

Evening Post. See N. Y. Evening Post. 

Everett. Everett Press 74 India St., Boston. 

Everett, C: P. Eveiett, Charles P 117 "E. 23d St., New York 

Everiit 6- F. Everitt & Francis Co 116 E. 23d St , New ork. 

Every Where. Every Wheie Publishing Co 1079 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Evolution. Evolution Publishing Co Newcastle, Del. 

Ewart, F. C. Ewart, Frank Carman Hamilton, N. Y. 

Excell, E O. Excell, Edwin O Chicago 

Excelsior. Excelsior Publishing House 8 Murray St., New York. 

Excelsior Wire. Excelsior Wire and Poultry Supply Co 26-28 Vesey St., New York. 

Eyre Bros. Eyre Bros., Press of 350 Front St., Memphis, Tenn. 

Fairchild, G. W., & Co. See Oneonta Herald 

Falconer, A Falconer, Allen Los Angeles, Cal. 

Fantus. Fantus, Bernard 443 Marshfield Ave., Chicago. 

Farm. Farm Implement News Co Chicago. 

Farm-Garden. Farm-Garden and Poultry Pub. Co Hammonton, N. J. 

Farmer Co * Farmer Co Philadelphia. 

Parr ell. " Farrell, Clinton P. (See also Dresden Pub. Co.) 

117 E. 2ist St., New York. 

Federal Federal Book Co. (formerly F. M. Lupton Pub. Co.) 

52-58 Duane St., New York 

Federal Bk., Bost. Federal Book Co of Boston 17 Milk St., Boston. 

pell Fell, W F., Co * Philadelphia. 

Fellow Craft Fellow Craft Press (present address not known), formerly Buffalo, N. Y. 

Fenner. Fenner, Byron ...Westfield, N. Y. 

Fenno. Fenno, R R, & Co E. i6th St, New York. 

Fergus Pr. Feigus Printing Co 22 Lake St., ^ Chicago. 

Ferguson. Ferguson, W. H., Co Cincinnati, O. 

Fernald, Fernald, Frederic A. (present address not known;, formerly 

Univ. Press Bookstore, B'way, near H7th St., New York. 

Ferris. Ferris & Leach *9 N. /th St Pf^pWa. 

Ferry, E.S. Ferry, Ervin Sidney .Omaha Neb. 

S2T FettTlaw Book Co." "(succeeded 'by R W. Stephens)* " Columbia, Mo*. 

Fiction. Fiction Publishing Co .... 164 l Salle St., Chicago. 

Field, V, E. Field, V. Ernest "a W. 13* St, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Fielding, Mrs. H. C. Finding, Mrs. Harriet C Lock box 858, Orange N. J. 

Fillmore. Fillmore Bros 9 W. 6th St Cmcmnat O. 

Acc ' IS? caT nting Co * * v;::::;:::::::.6 F O ^ t^ 

, i. Flfcfe ?& Bro:::::::: /- ^le House New 

Fischer's For. Let- Fischer's Foreign Letters, Inc Bensonhurst, New York. 

Fish 'P. A. Fish, Pierre Augustine Ithaca, N Y, 

Fisher, E. C. Fisher, Emily C - ; ' 

Fisher, H. W. Fisher, H. W., & Co 127 S. isth St., 

Fisher, I: Fisher, Isaac Pl : . 

Fisher',?:!. Fisher, John I, Pub Co ifeS n" 

Fisher. L.J. Fisher, Lyman J y- ... - -;-w Ml ^ Tin^' 

Fisher & S Fisher & Schwatt Univ. of Pa., Philadelphia. 

Fiske. ' Fiske& Co Kansas City, Mo. 

Fiske & Co. Fiske&Co - - -- - Spnngfi eld, III 

Fitch, F. E. Fitch, Francis E 80 Second St., New York. 

Fitts Fitts, Mrs. Mary C Newfields, N. H 

Flagg. Flagg, C: A 123 nth St, N. E., Washington, D. C 





Flanagan. Flanagan, A., Co 266-268 Wabash Ave , Chicago. 

Flanagan, /. 7. Flanagan, Jas. Jos Providence, R. I. 

Flatbush. Flatbush Trust Co Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Flaws. Fln\\b, Magnus, & Co .358 Dearborn St , Chicago 

Fleming. Fleming, Robert, Publishing Co, 

Potter Bldg , Park Row and Beekman St , New York. 

Fleming, G: T. Fleming, George T 1507 Forbes Ave., Pittsburg, Pa 

Fleming, W. L. Fleming, Walter L University of Va , Morgantown, W. Va. 

Fhtcraft, A. J. Flitcraft, A. J ' Oak Park, 111. 

Flood. Flood, T. H., & Co 149 Monroe St , Chicago. 

Flood & V. Flood & Vincent Meadville, Pa. 

Flower, S. Flower, Sydney The Colonnades, 3835 Vincennes Ave., Chicago. 

Floyd, A. B. Floyd, Ambrose B Buffalo, N. Y. 

Fluegel, H FhiegeL H., & Co 2562 McCulloh St , Baltimore, Aid 

Flynn } J. M. Flynn, Joseph.M Morristown, N. J. 

Flynn, T: /. J'lynn, Thomas J , & Co 62-64 Essex St , Boston. 

Foley. Foley Railway Printing Co Parsons, Kan. 

Fomc Pub. Fonic Publishing House . . . Rmgos, N J. 

Foote. Foote & Davies Co 16 E. Mitchell St.; Atlanta, Ga. 

Foote, T. C. Foote, Theodore C Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, Md. 

Foote & S. Foote & Salomon Chicago. 

Forbes. Forbes & Co P O Box 464, Chicago. 

Forbes, Mrs A. S. C. Forbes, Mrs Armilage S C Los Angeles, Cal 

Forbes 6- Co. Forbes & Co., Ltd 160 Fifth Ave , New York 

Ford, F: L. Ford, Frederick Luther Hartford, Ct. 

Ford, W. H. Ford, W. H P. O. Box 848, Providence, R. L 

Fords. Fords, Howard Si Htilbert. (Trade books supplied by Baker & Taylor 

Co ) 58 Bible House, Ne\\ York. 

Forest. Forest and Stream Publishing Go 346 Broadway, New York. 

Forrest, M: Forrest, Mark Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fort Dearborn. Fort Dearborn Pub. Co 415 Dearborn St , Chicago. 

Fort Orange. Fort Orange Press Albany, N. Y. 

Foster, C: Foster, Charles, Pub Co 716 Sansom St , Philadelphia. 

Foster & R. Foster & Reynolds. 

23 Union Sq., New York; 1333 Perm Ave , Washington, D C. 

Foster Pub. Foster Pub. Co 52 Winsor St., Detroit, Mich. 

Fowler, A Fowler, A., & Co Chicago. 

Fowler & B. Fowler & Bryson St. Louis. 

Fowler & W. Fowler & Wells Co 24 E. 22d St., New York. 

Fox, Fox, Duffield & Co 36 E. 2ist St, New York. 

Fox, R: K. Fox, Richard K Police Gazette Bldg., 340 Pearl St., New York. 

Foxy Grandpa. Foxy Grandpa Company 33 Wall St , New Yoik. 

Fradcnburgh, 0. P. Fradenburgh, 0. P Liberty, N. Y. 

Francis, C:, Press. Francis, Charles, Press 30 W. I3th St , New York. 

Francisco, M. J. Francisco, M. J., & Son Rutland, Vt 

Franklin <$ M. Franklin and Marshall College Lancaster, Pa. 

Franklin Bk, Franklin Book Co 221 Locust St., Philadelphia. 

Franklin Co. Franklin Co Cincinnati, O. 

Franklin Htidspn Publishing Co. See Hudson, Franklin, Publishing Co, 

Franklin Pr. Franklin Printing and Pub. Co 65 Ivy St, Atlanta, Q& 

Franklin Pr. and Franklin Printing and Engraving Co 4 321 Superior St., Toledo, 0, 

Eng. ' 

Franklin Pr. Co. Franklin Printing Co 514-20 Ludlow St., Philadelphia. 

Franklin Pr. Co. Franklin Printing Co Los Angeles, Cal. 


Franklin Press. Franklin Press 1310 Sansom St , Philadelphia. 

Franklin Pub. Franklin Pub. Co > 61 E gth St., New York, 

Frauenthal, B. W. Frauenthal, Barney W St Louis. 

Frederick, W: Frederick, William Clyde, 0. 

Free Church. Free Church Book Concern Minneapolis, Minn. 

Free Meth. ' Free Methodist Publishing House 14 N. May St., Chicago. 

Free Press. Free Press Association Burlington. Vt 

Free Printing Co. See C. N. Caspar Co. 

Free Pub. Lib. Free Public Library Newark, N. J. 

Free Socialist. Free Socialist Union Chicago. 

Freeman. Freeman Publishing Co Adams, Mass. 

Freidenker. Freidenker Publishing Co Herold Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

French, French, C : E Boston. 

Fresno Rep. Fresno Republican Pub. Co Fresno, Cal. 

Fnderici 6- G. Friderici & Garei? n E I7th St., New York 

Fricdenwald. Friedenwald Co 3 S Eutaw St., Baltimore, Mel. 

Friends 3 Bible Inst. Friends' Bible Inst. and Training School Cleveland, 0. 

Friends Bk. and TV. Friends Book and Tract Committee 51 Fifth Ave., New York. 



Friends' Bk. Assoc. Friends' Book Assoc. 1500 Race St., Philadelphia. 

Frink. Frmk, F. & M 88 College Ave., Valparaiso, Ind. 

Frossard, E: Frossard, Edward n I E, I4th St., New York. 

Frost, W: D. Frost, William Dodge Madison, Wis. 

Frye. Frye, Garrett & Smith San Diego, Cal. 

Fucks, 0. Fuchs, Otto Maryland Institute, Baltimore, Md. 

Fuller, G W. Fuller, G. W Prescottville, Pa. 

Fuller Anat. Fuller Anatomical Co Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Fulton, H. Fulton, Hamilton Custom House, New York. 

Funk. Funk & Wagnalls Co 44-60 E. 23d St., New York. 

Furst. Furst, J H., Co Baltimore, Md. 

Gael. Gael Pub. Co 140 Nassau St., New York. 

Games, T: R. Games, Thomas R. (present address not known), formerly 

New Haven, Ct 

Gallery. Gallery, W. J., & Co 5 W. Mulberry St., Baltimore, Md. 

Gammel Gammel-Statesman Publishing Co. (formerly the Gammel Book Co.), 

Austin, Tex. 

Ganschow. Ganschow, F. R., & Son Saginaw, Mich. 

Gardiner, A. P. Gardiner, Alfred Paul (now A. P. Gardiner Pub Co.) 

320 Broadway, New York. 

Garland. Garland, S. E ' 177 Water St., St. John, New Brunswick. 

Garland, A. H. Garland, Mrs Adelaide H ...Boston. 

Garner, C. H. Garner, Mrs. Charlee H - - - ....- - . -Mobile, Ala. 

Gas-Engine Gas-Engine Pub Co Goodall Bldg, Cincinnati, O. 

Cast. Gast Bank Note and Lithograph Co. . ... ....... ..St Louis. 

Gates, B. M. Gates, Bertha M 21 Adams Ave , East Detroit, Mich. 

Gault 6- S. Gauit & Spauldmg Manchester, N. tt. 

Gaut-0. Gaut-Ogden Co ^SS^ ^V 

Gavit,J:P. Gavit, John Palmer . .Albany N. Y. 

Gay/ Gav, Richard L "4 Huntingdon Ave , Boston. 

Gazette Pub. Gazette Pub. Co Little Rock Ark. 

Gaday Ga/lay Bros _ r/c/'pS^ 7^ 

GebUe. Gebbie & Co - 171? Market St. Philadelphia. 

Geers, Mrs. E: F. Geers, Mrs Edward F 132 Lexington Ave , Buffalo, fl.Y. 

Geiger. Geiger & Wellman - >J* m V*> Fla ' 

Gencalog. and Hist Genealogical and Historical Publishing Co ..554 Monroe St, Chicago. 

Genealog. Soc. Genealogical Society of Western New York. ........ -Syracuse NY 

Gen Council. General Council Publication Reuse 1522 Arch St Philadelphia. 

Gentlewoman. Gentlewoman Pub. Co 5 Beekman St. New York 

Georgia Lib Georgia State Library ..... Atlanta t*a. 

Gerberding, G: H: Gerberding, George Henry 1315 Waveland Aye., Chicago. 

German, R. A. German, R. Anna. .,.;.. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Germ. Lit. Bd. German Literary Board Burlington la, 

Gcnnania, Geimania Publishing Co Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gervais Gervais Pub Co (now out of business) W ew Y orK. 

Gestefeld. Gestefeld Publishing Co 185 Dearborn St. Chicago. 

Geyer. Geyer, Andrew 3^ Broadway, New York. 

Gitts,M.W. Gibbs, Mifflm W - -Washington, D. C 

Gibson. Gibson Bros , Prs 1238 Penn Ave , Washington, D. C. 

Giddings, F: Giddings, Frederick 34 Keystone Block, Chattanooga, Terni. 

Gilbert, F. C Gilbert, Fred Carnes South Lancaster, Mass 

Gilbert, T. ' Gilbert, T -- - Col ^ bu \ T G ^' 

Gilbert, V Gilbert, Mrs Viola 230 Degraw St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Gilbert Bk. Gilbert Book Co 205 N. 4th St., St Louis. 

Gill Gill, J. K., Co ;^ rt H nd ' w" 

Gillan. Gillan, S. Y., & Co Milwaukee Wis. 

Gtllespie. Gillespie Bros Stamford Lt. 

Gillespie Bros. Gillespie Bros 2 Stone St., New York. 

Gillett Gillett & Co , Press of I33-I3S Michigan St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gttliss Gilliss Press (formerly Gilliss Bros.) 141 E. 25th St., New Y^ork. 

Gttman. Gilman. Knettle Co ...Anoka Minn. 

Ginn. Ginn & Co 29 Beacon St., Boston. 

Glass. Glass, C H., & Co . Bangor, Me. 

Glatfelter, N M. Glatfelter, Noah Miller 4720 N. 20th St., St Louis. 

Glenn's. Glenn's Graphic Print Madisonville, Ky. 

Globe Pr. Globe Job Room Print Hagerstown, Md. 

Globe Pub. Globe Publishing Co 93 Fifth Ave., New York 

Globe Sch. Bk. GloBe School Book Co 5 E..i6th St., New York. 

Goad, G: W. Goad, George W -....Springfield, Mo. 

Gocher, W: H; Gocher, William Henry .Hartford, Ct 

Goddard Goddard, 0. M., & Son McKmney, Tex. 

Goff. Goff Co Buffalo, N Y. 

Gold * Gold, P. D., Publishing Co Wilson, N. C. 

Golden. Golden Rule Co Boston. 



Goldmann. Goldmann, Isaac, Co 251 William St , New York. 

Good Health. Good Health Publishing Co Battle Creek, Mich. 

Good Hope. Good Hope Remedies Co Rapelyea St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Goodspeed. Goodspeed, Charles E 5a Park St., Boston. 

Goodwin. Goodwin Bros 1440 Broadway, New York. 

Goodyear. Goodyear Book Co Minneapolis, Minn. 

Goodycar-M. Goodyear-Marshall Pub. Co Cedar Rapids, la. 

Goodykoontg. Goodykoontz, Jasper Atlanta, Ind. 

Gordon, G- A. Gordon, George Alex Campbell Hill, III. 

Gorham. Gorliam, Edwin S (supplies books of The S. P. C K.) 

285 Fourth Ave., New York. 

Gorham Press. Gorham Press 194 Boylston St , Boston. 

Gospel Pub. Gospel Publishing Co 547 W. 22d St., Nw York. 

Gospel Trumpet Gospel Trumpet Publishing Co Moundsville, W. Va. 

Goss. Goss, F. B. & F. P Hyannis, Mass. 

Gottschalk. Gottschalk Printing Co St. Lous. 

Gould, W. R. Gould, W. Reid 139 Nassau St., New York. 

Goupil Goupil & Co. (Manzi, Joyant & Co.) 170 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Gov. Pr. Government Printing Office Washington, D. C 

Grace Pub Grace Publishing Co 223 W. New Jersey St , Indianapolis, Ind. 

Graf ton Press. Grafton Press 70 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Graham. Graham, Andrew J., & Co 1135 Broadway, New York. 

Graham, W. Graham, W., Printing Co., Press of Detroit, Mich. 

Graham Press. Graham Press New Orleans, La. 

Grand Foi ks He fall Grand Forks Herald Grand Forks, S. D 

Granniss, A. I. Granniss, Anna Tane Plain ville. Ct. 

Grant, W: D. Grant, William D 27 Rose St., New York 

Graphology. Graphology Pub. Co 503 Fifth Ave., New York 

Graves. Graves & Stembarger 15 Court Sq , Boston 

Graves, W. I Graves, Willard 1 235 West Lake Ave, Seattle, Wash 

Gr aw. Graw, A. C Camden, N. J. 

GrayUll, /. K. Graybill, J. K., & Son Harvey, 111. 

Grayson. Grayson Gazette Pub. Co Litchfield, Ky. 

Green, A. L. Green, A. L Lafayette, Ind. 

Green, B: E. Green, Benjamin E Dalton, Ga. 

Green, G. W. Green, Guy W Lincoln, Neb. 

Green, P Green, Pomeroy 323 Elm St , Chicago. 

Green, R. T. Green, Raleigh Travers Culpeper, Va 

Greene, M. S. Greene, M. S., & Co 90 Chambers St , New York. 

Greenhalgh, M. L. See Dibdin Club. 

Greenwich Press. Greenwich Press 188 W. 4th St , New York. 

Gregg. Gregg Publishing Co Chicago. 

Gregory, H Gregory, H 116 Union St., Providence, R. I. 

Gregory Pub. Gregory Pub. Co., Ltd Battle Creek, Mich. 

Grenzf elder, M. Grenzfelder, Max Herculaneum, Mo. 

Greyer, B. A. Greyer, Mrs. Bertha A Boston. 

Griffin, A. Griffin, Albert Topeka, Kan. 

Griffin, C' L. Griffin, Charles L 104 Seymour St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Griffin, M. I. J. Griffin, Martin I. J 200Q N. I2th St, Philadelphia. 

Grtifin 6- W. Griffin, & Winters N. Y. Life Bldg., Chicago. 

Griffith. Griffith & Rowland Press 1420 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Griffith, W. S. Griffith, Walter Smith Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Griffiths, D: P. Griffiths, David Pugh Binghamton, N. Y 

Griggs, E; H. Griggs, Edward Howard Montclair, N. J 

Griscom. Griscom, Frank, & Co 55 N. loth St., Philadelphia. 

Grown, R S. Grogan, R. S 3824 Oneota St., West Duluth, Minn 

Grolier Soc. Grolier Society 4 W. i6th St., New York. 

Groom Groom, T., & Co 517 Beacon St., Boston. 

Grosset , Grosset & Dunlap n E. i6th St., New York. 

Grout, A. J. Grout, Abel Joel 360 Lenox Road, Flatbush, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Groves, J. A. Groves, Joseph Asbury Selma, Ala. 

Gruber Gruber, John, Almanack Co Hagerstown, Md. 

Guarantee, Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Co. . . .318 Chestnut St, Philadelphia 

Gugenheimer. Gugenheimer, Weil & Co Baltimore, Md. 

Guiding Star. Guiding Star Publishing House 313-319 Englewood Ave., Chicago. 

Guild 6- L. Guild & Lord q 5 South St,, Boston 

Gummey, H: R. Gummey, Rev. Henry Riley 163 W. Penn St., Germantown, Pa. 

Gunckel, /: E. Gunckel, John E Toledo, O. 

Gurnev, C. S. ' Gurney, Caleb Stephens Portsmouth N ' H' 

Guy, E- A Guy, Edward A 329 C St , N. W., Washington D, C* 

H r aa k> gaak A ..Columbus, O. 

Hackney. Hackney & Moale Asheville, N. C. 

Hadley Pr. Hadley Printing Co Toledo, O, 



Hadra, B. E. Hadra, Berthold E ...Dallas, Tex. 

Hague Hague & Co 6123 Pennsylvania Ave., Pittsburgh, Fa. 

Hahn '& H, Hahn & Harmon Minneapolis, Minn. 

Haigh, J P. Haigh, Joseph Pomfret .. Pittsburg Pa. 

Haight. Haight, A. V Poughkeepsie N Y, 

Haines.R: Hames, Richard v .. .Medford N. J. 

Hale Hale Publishing Co 416 Granite Bldg., bt. -Louis. 

Hale] W. $. Hale, Wilfrid S Albany, N. Y. 

Hall A C Hall AC Glencoe, ill. 

Hall', C: B. Hall) Charles' B.'.' ". * .' ?6o E 2Oist St , New York. 

Hall E. A Hall, E, A., & Co., Press of Greenfield Mass. 

Hall E. B. Hall, E. B., & Co 18 Boylston St, Boston. 

Hull, E. E., and Hall, Elmer Edgar, and Minor, Ralph S Berkeley, Cal, 

Minor, R. S. _.,,_.. 

Hall H P Hall H P St. Paul, Minn, 

Hall J ' ' Hall] Judson 107 Barstow St., Waukesha, Wis, 

Hall I D. Hall, J. D., & Co Providence, R. L 

Hall I. K. Hall, J. Knox o\V'^V'^'-'Vi S v' 

HalL M. E. Hall, M. 1448 Pacific St., Brooklyn, NY, 

Hall. R C Hall, Robert C 345 Fouith Ave., Pittsburg Pa. 

Hall W * Hall Wesley n6"E. Balto. St., Baltimore, Md. 

Hall W. S. Hall, W. S 169 SHoyne Ave Chicago. 

Hall-M. Hall-Mack Co 1020 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Hall & McC Hall & McChesney Syracuse, N. Y. 

Hall & McCreary. Hall & McCreary 261 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Hall & R. Hall & Roberts 58 William St., New York. 

Hall 6- W. Hall & Williams 1742 Stout St., Denver, Colo. 

Hallam J C Hallam, Mrs Julia Clark .' 1323 Pearl St., Sioux City, la. 

Hallett! ' ' Hallett Publishing Co Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hallock. Hallock, James Collins St. Louis. 

Hallum, J: Hallum, John . ..Little Rock, Ark. 

Halphide, A. C. Halphide, Alvan C 1348 Warren St., Chicago. 

Halpin. Halpin, T. P., & Co Chicago. 

Halsey. Halsey Bros. Co. 

La Salle Ave. and Kinzie St., Chicago ; 109 E. 7th St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Hahtead. Halstead Pub. Co Cincinnati, O. 

Hamersly Hamersly, Lewis R., Co 49 Wall St., Ne^r York. 

Hamilton, G. C. Hamilton, Guy C Birmingham, Ala. 

Hamilton Press. Hamilton Press Worcester, Mass. 

Hammersmark. Hammersmark Publishing Co I5"53 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Hammett, J. L. Hammett, J. L., Co 116-120 Summer St., Boston. 

Hammond, F: S. Hammond, Frederick Stam Oneida, N. Y. 

Hammond, J. Hammond, Joseph H ( ?P ?;. H< 

Hammond, W. A. Hammond, W. A ..Wells, Minn. 

Hammond Bros. Hammond Bros. & Stephens Fremont, Neb. 

Hammond Pub. Hammond Publishing Co , Ltd Lansing, Mich. 

Hammond's Pr. Hammond's Printing Works Roanoke, Va. 

Hampden Pub. Hampden Pub. Co Springfield, Mass. 

Hancock, T. Hancock, Tyre Dallas^ Tex 

Handy & H. Handy & Higgms - - . C^ago. 

Hanev. Haney, John Louis Central High School, Philadelphia. 

Hanford & H . Hanford & Horton Middletown , N. Y. 

Hann. Hann & Adair -- ..Columbus, 0. 

Hanna C: A ' Hanna, Charles Augustus 35 Nassau St. New York. 

Hansell Hansell, F. F., & Bro " 7U Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

Happle-Hutcheson, J. See Hutcheson, J. Happle-. f 

Harbine, J: T. Harbine, John T.. Jr Room 21, Allen Bldg., Xcma, 0. 

Hardcastle, M. A. Hardcastle, Mrs. M. A Mensmg Bldg., Atlantic City, N. J. 

Hardham. Hardham, L. J 243 Market St, Newark, N. J. 

Hardy ' ' Hardy Publishing Co P. Box 6r, New York. 

Hardy, P. 6- Co. Hardy, Pratt & Co 44 federal St., Boston. 

HargiL Hargis, Andrew M Grand Island Neb 

Harison W: B Hanson, William Beverley (present address not known), formerly 

65 E. 59th St , New York. 

Harkness. Harkness, Luther Day ". .Oberlin, 0. 

Harlequin. Harlequin (The) New Orleans La. 

Harloe, W. Harloe, AV ' 265 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Harper Harper & Bros. (Supply books of R. H. Russell). 

* Franklin Sq., New York. 

Harper, F. P. Harper, Francis P 14 W. 22d St, New York. 

Harper, H: H. Harper, Henry Howard - - : - .>on. 

Harper W' H Harper, William Hudson 750 Marquette Building, Chicago. 

Harper & Bro. Harper & Brother Co., Prs 1330 S. Alden St, Philadelphia. 



Harper-Osqood. Harper-Osgood Co Columbus, O. 

Hamman." Harriman, S. F I So. High St , Columbus, 0. 

Harrington, R. M. Harrington, Mrs. Rose M 521 W. isist St., New York 

Harris, E P. Han is, Elijah Paddock Amherst, Mass 

Harris, G. E. Harris, G. Ellis Littleton, N. C. 

Harris, M H Hams, Maurice K 10 E. i2Qth St , New York. 

Harris & H. Harris, Abram W , & Hart, James N Orono, Me. 

Harris Pr. Harris Printing Co Toledo, O. 

Harrisburg Pub. Harrisburg Pub. Co Harrisburg, Pa. 

Harrison, H. Harrison, Henry, Co Broadway and Gates Ave , Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Harrison, R. F. Harrison, R. F., Printing Co North Fairfield, O. 

Harrison Times. Harrison Times Print Harrison, Ark. 

Hart. Hart, Ernest Rochester, N. Y. 

Hart f f. M. Hart, James M Pasadena, CaL 

Hart, R. M. Hart, Robert M., Ltd Honesdale, Pa 

Hartfield, T: W. Hartfield, Thomas Walter ^8 Broad St., New York 

Hartford Sem. Hartford Seminary Press Hartford, Ct. 

Hartpence, J: A. Hartpence, John A Trenton, N. J. 

Hartpence , W: R. Hartpence, William Ross Harrison, O 

Harvard Co-op, Harvard .Co-operative Society , Cambridge, Mass. 

Harvard Lew. Harvard Law Review Publishing Association Cambridge, Mass. 

Harvard Univ. Haivard University Cambridge, Mass. 

Harvey & B. Harvey & Burnet 642 Fourth St., Louisville, Ky. 

Harvey. Harvey, Fred Kansas City, Mo. 

Haskell. Haskell, Charles C Norwich, Ct 

Hastings, W: W. Hastings, William Walter 1086 State St., Springfield, Mass. 

Hatch. Hatch Music Co Philadelphia. 

Hathaway. Hathaway Bros Philadelphia. 

Hausauer Hanseitier, Son & Jones Co Buffalo, N Y. 

Plaven, C Haven, Curtis Philadelphia. 

Haviland, C: A: Haviland, Charles Augustus 982 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y 

Haw, Haw, William Latimer, la. 

Hawaiian Gazette. Hawaiian Gazette Co Honolulu, H. I. 

Hawkey e. Hawkey e Publishing Co 804 W. 64th St., Chicago. 

Hawkins, C' A Hawkins, Charles A. and Landis, HE. . York, P;. 

Hawkins' Zouaves. Hawkins' Zouaves Association New York. 

Hawley, C. A. Hawley, C A Pella, la. 

Hawley, T: Hawley, Thomas Boston. 

Hawley, T: D. Hawley, Thomas D Chicago. 

Hawthorne. Hawthorne, P. A Austin, Tex. 

Hawthorne Press. Hawthorne Press (The) Somers Center, N. Y. 

Hay-field Mower. Hayfield Mower P. O. Box 1765, Boston. 

Hayford, 0. Hayford, O Canton, Me. 

Hazard. Hazard Teachers' Agency Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hazel. Hazel Pure Food Co Chicago. 

Hasen. Hazen, M. W,, Co 27 Thames St., New York. 

Haztitt. Hazlitt, Geo K., & Co 273 Dearborn St., Chicago, 

Hazzard, C: Hazzard, Charles Detroit, Mich. 

Health-Culture. Health-Culture Co 151 W 230! St., New York. 

Health League, Health League Sanitarium (formerly August Reinhold), 

2812 Pine St., San Francisco. 

Heath. Heath, D. C, & Co 120 Boylston St, Boston. 

Heath, G. M. Heath, G. M La Crosse, Wis. 

Hebberd, S. S. Hebberd, Stephen S La Crosse, Wis. 

Heer. Heer, F. J., Press of 57 E. Main St , Columbus, 0. 

Heidelberg. Heidelberg Press 1308 Arch St , Philadelphia. 

Heidner. Heidner Pub Co 171 S. Clinton St., Chicago. 

Heironimus, N. C. Heironimus, N. C Richmond, Ind. 

Heist, A D. Heist, Albert D 28 Glenwood Ave., Buffalo, N Y. 

Helburn. Helburn, William 10 E. i6th St., New York 

*Hclinan-T. Helman-Taylor Co (now out of business) 

23-27 Euclid Ave , Cleveland, 0. 

Helman-T. Art. Helman-Taylor Art Co (now out of business) 

257 Fifth Ave , New York. 

Helping Hand. Helping Hand Soc Philomath, Ore 

Henderson, D M. Henderson, D. M Madison and Howard Sts., Baltimore, Md. 

Henderson, W: T. Henderson. William T. (now out of business) 

156 Fifth Ave, New York 

Hendnckson, H. Hendrickson, Hubbard 59 Wall St., New York. 

Henkle, f: F. Henkle, John F ' Chicago* 

Henley, Henley, Norman W., Publishing Co. (formerly Henley, Norman W.", 

& Co.) 132 Nassau St., New York. 



Henneberry. Henneberry Co. (formerly Alhambra Book Co.) 

552-556 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Hennessy. Hennessy, W. A 5 High St., Bangor, Me 

Henry, W E. Henry, William E State Lib'y, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Herald Bk. Herald Book Press Clean, N. Y. 

Herald Pr. Co. Herald Printing Co Wposter, 0. 

Herald Pub. Herald Publishing Co Rogersville, Tenn. 

Herald Pub. Co. Herald Publishing Co Grand Encampment, Wy. 

Herbert. Herbert Publishing Co Columbian Bldg, Washington, D. C. 

Herbert, J: F. Herbert, John F 1313 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Herboldshimer, Herboldshimef, John B Gibson City, 111. 

J: B. 

Herder. ^ Herder, B 17 S. Broadway, St. Louis. 

Hermetic. Hermetic Book Concern 509 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco. 

Herndon. Herndon, R., Co 100 Boylston St., Boston. 

Herold Co , Milwaukee. (Trade supplied by the C N. Caspar Co ) 

Herrick. Horrick Book and Stationery Co 934 I5th St., Denver, Col. 

Herrington, Herrington & Pitney , Eagle Bridge, N. Y. 

Hertel Hcrtel, Jenkins & Co no W Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, 

Hess, /. B. Hess, J. "Bruce Mannington, W. Va. 

Hessling. Hessling, Bruno 64 E. i2th St., New York. 

Hestqn, A. M. Hestpn, Alfred Miller Atlantic City, N. J. 

Hewitt, C: A. Hewitt, Charles A Chicago. 

Heslitt. Hezlitt & Seaward Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Hicks, G. C. Hicks, G. C Berlin, Wis. 

Hicks, J: T Hicks, John Tjler Medford, Mass. 

Hicks-J. Hicks-Judd Co San Francisco. 

Higgins. Higgins, C. M., & Co 271 pth St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

High , E. W. High, Edwin W Metamora, Ind. 

Highlands Highlands, John 229 N. 9th St , Philadelphia. 

Hill, B V Hill, Bruce Vickroy Berkeley, Cal. 

Hill, F: S. Hill, Frederick Stanhope Boston. 

Hill G: M. Hill, George M., & Co. (succeeded by G: W. Ogilvie & Co.) 

181 Monroe St., Chicago. 

Htll J: A. Hill, John A Franklin, Pa. 

Hill Pub. Hill Publishing Co World Bldg , New York. 

Hinds. Hinds, Noble & Eldredge (formerly Hinds & Noble), 

31-35 W. 15th St., New York. 

Hinrichs. Hinrichs, Carl G St. Louis. 

Hints. Hints Pub. Co.... 53 Bible House, New York. 

Hirsch, A. Hirsch, Adolph 621 Broadway, New York. 

Hist Art. Historical Art Co Boston. 

Hist. Press. Historical Press Chicago. 

Hist. Pub. Historical Pub. Co 36 James Ave., Toronto, Can. 

Hist. Pub. Co. Historical Pub. Co 1336 Cherry St., Philadelphia. 

Hitchcock, R. Hitchcock, Ralph Cleveland, O. 

Hobart, Hobart Co 114 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Hobart, A. Hobart, Albert Rockland, Mass. 

Hobbs, E: Hobbs, Edward Detroit, Mich. 

Hodge. Hodge, S. C 21 Park Row, New York. 

Hodges, L. M. Hodges, Leigh Mitchell Box 32, Overbrook, Pa. 

Hodges, S. M. Hodges, S. M Sedalia, Mo. 

Hcdgman. Hodgrnan, Frank Climax, Mich. 

H offer. Hoffer Press Mount Joy, Pa. 

PI off man, H. C. Hoffman, Harry C Harrisburg, Pa. 

Hoffman-E. Hoffman-Edwards Co San Francisco. 

Hoffman, L E R Hoffman, Leon E R (present address not known), formerly 

19 W. Market St., Chicago. 

Hoffmann, J: V. Hoffmann, John V Baltimore, Md. 

Hoffmann - Metro- Hoffmann-Metropolitan Pub Co Milwaukee, Wis. 


H of man, H. C. Hofman, Heinrich Oscar Institute of Technology, Boston. 

Ho grave Hograve, A., & Co 245 Broadway, New York. 

Hoham Hoham, John E , & Co 328-334 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Holland. Holland Medical Co Holland, N. Y. 

Holland-Am. Holland- America Line 39 Broadway, New York. 

Hollenbeck Press Hollenbeck Press Indianapolis, Ind. 

Holler. Holler, John I Beaver St., New York. 

Hollingsworth, R. Hollmgsworth, Ralph Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hollister. Hollister, Uriah S Denver, Col. 

Hollister, Mrs. M. Hollister, Mrs. Mary E 311 Madison Ave., Scranton, Pa. 


Holliswoad. Holliswood Press Hollis, N. Y. 

Holman. Holman, A. J., & Co 1222 Arch St, Philadelphia, 




Holman, E. E. Holman, Emily E Philadelphia. 

Holmes, C. H. Holmes, C. H 2303 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Holmes, C: B. Holmes, Charles B 132 Nassau St., New York 

Holmes, D: A. Holmes, David A Columbus, Ga. 

Holmes, E. R. Holmes, Ernest R 2 Jane St., New York. 

Hoht. Hoist Publishing Co Boone, la. 

Holt. Holt, Henry, & Co 29 W. 23d St., New York. 

Holsapfel Holzapfel, G Cleona, Pa. 

Home. Home Publishing Co 3 East I4th St., New York. 

Home Corr. Sch. Home Correspondence School Springfield, Mass. 

Home Gardening, Home Gardening Assoc Cleveland, O. 

Home Print. Home Prmtery, (M. C. Russell) Lake City, Minn. 

Home Pub. Home Publishing Co Climax, Mich. 

Home Pub. Co. Home Pub Co San Francisco. 

Home Pub. Co. (Pa.) Home Publishing Co Lancaster, Pa. 

Home Sd. Home Science Publishing Co 28 Oliver St., Boston. 

Home Study. Home Study Pub. Co Conneaut, O. 

Home Topics. Home Topics Book Co 246 Fifth Ave , New York. 

Homewood Pub. Homewood Publishing Co Chicago. 

Homeyer. Homeyer, C. W., & Co 165 Tremont St., Boston. 

Homosum. Homosum Co New York, 

Honeyman. Honeyman & Co Plamfield, N. J. 

Hood. Hood Medical Book Co >. .Chicago. 

Hookland. Hoolcland & Hay ward i Philadelphia. 

Hooper. Hooper & Underwood 87 Nassau St., New York, 

Hope Pub. Hope Pub. Co Chicago. 

Hopkins, A. G. Hopkins, Arthur G Madison, Wis. 

Hopkins, W: P. Hopkins, William Palmer 339 Broadway, Lawrence, Mass. 

Homer. Horner, Jos., Book Co., Ltd 524 Pennsylvania Ave., Pittsbnrg, Pa. 

Hornikel, E. F: Hornikel, Emil Frederick Columbus Memorial Bldg., Chicago. 

Hornung, W. Hornung, Walter (present address not known), formerly Detroit, Mich. 

Hot Springs Star, Hot Springs Star Hot Springs, S. D. 

Hotel Monthly. Hotel Monthly, [John Willy] 325 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Hough, R. B Hough, Romeyn B Lowville, N. Y. 

Houghtaling, C: E. Houghtaling, Charles E Albany, N. Y. 

Houghton, G: L. Houghton, George L Woodstock, Pipestone Co., Minn. 

Houghton, H. 0. Houghton, H, O., & Co Cambridge, Mass. 

Houghton. M. & Co. Houghton, Mifflin & Co 4 Park St., Boston. 

Household. Household Economics Co Mount Vernon, N. Y. 

Houser-H. Houser-Hess Pub. Co Indianapolis, Ind. 

Houston. Houston, David, & Co 22 Platt St., New York. 

Houston, G: P. Houston, George P 514 Main St , Cincinnati. 

Howard. Howard Pub. Co Detroit, Mich. 

Howard, G: E. Howard, George E Washington, D. C. 

Howard, H. Howard, Herman South Easton Mass. 

Howard, H. G. Howard, Hamilton Gay Detroit Mich 

Howard-S. Howard-Severance Co I73-I7S Fifth Ave., Chicago. 

Hozuard Univ. Howard Univ. Print Washington D. C. 

ffowe. Howe, C. E., & Co ;j& Philadelphia. 

Howorth. Howorth, T ; J., & Co Chester, 111. 

Hoy. Hoy, Charles E 452 Shakespeare Ave., Milton, Pa/ 

Hub Poultry. Hub Poultry and Supply Co , ; Station A, Boston. 

Hubbard, H: S. Hubbard, Henry Seward Santa Monica, Cal. 

Hubbard, M. W. Hubbard, Mrs. Marian Wendell .Pitman Grove, N. J. 

Hubbard, S. W. Hubbard, Susannah Wadsworth Hiram, Me. 

Hubbell. Hubbell Publishing Co 309 Broadway, New York 

Hubbell. 0. S. Hubbell, O. S., Printing Co '. . . .Cleveland, O. 

Huck, F. A. Huck, F. A 17 Rose St , New York. 

Hudson. Hudson, Franklin, Publishing Co. .1014-1016 Wyandotte St., 

Kansas City, Mo. 

Hudson. H. B. Hudson, Horace B Bank of Commerce Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hudson-K. Hudson-Kimberly Publishing Co. (now the Franklin Hudson Publishing 

ry f f rr Co.) 1014-1016 Wyandotte St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Huebsch, B: W. Huebsch, Benjamin W 150 Nassau St, New York 

Hufford. D: A. Hufford, David A., & Co 226 W. 6th St., Los Angeles, Cal 

Hughes, R. Hughes, Bruce 368 N. 8th St, Lebanon, Pa. 

Hughes, J. Hughes, Mrs. Ivor 209 Hamilton Ave., Columbus, 0. 

Hughes, /. E. Hughes, J. E Lexington, Ky. 

Hughes, M. Hughes Marion Muskogee, Ind. 

Hughs. Hughs, George Shelley 578 E 55th St , Chicago. 

Huguenot. Huguenot Pub. Co Carlisle, Pa. 

Hvidekofier E G. Huidekoper, Miss E G 504 Chestnut St. Meadville Pa* 

Hitlett, G. D. Hulett, Guy Dudley Kirksville ' Mo 



Hulin, S. M. Hulin, Stephen Morris Bloomfield, N. J, 

Huling, C: C. Hilling, Charles C Philadelphia. 

Hull, A. Hull, Asa 122 Nassau St., New York, 

Hulley, L. Hulley, Lincoln Lewisburg, Pa. 

Hulst. Hulst, J. B 936 Fifth Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Humboldt. Humboldt Publishing House 1449 N. Humboldt St., Chicago. 

Humphrey, G: P. Humphrey, George P 63 Spring St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Humphrey, G: W. Humphrey, George W 26 Brattle St., Boston. 

Hunkey, J: Hunkey, John Atchison, Kan. 

Hunt, W. E. Hunt, Woodbury, E. (now C. R Nichols) Concord, N. H. 

Hunter. Hunter & Co 102 E. 75th St., New York. 

Huntington, A. M. Huntmgion, Archer Mill on Baychester, N. Y. 

Hurd, R. L. Hurd, Redovy Lavern Genesee, Pa. 

Hurd 6- E. Hurd & Everts Co Hotel Oxford, Boston. 

Hurd 6- T. Hurd & Taylor Co Bridgeport, Ct 

Huron, H Huron, Horace Rock Island, 111. 

Hurst. Hurst & Co. (Supply books of Jamieson-Higgms Co.), 

395-399 Broadway, New York. 

Hurst, G: D. Hurst, George D 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Hurst, S. N. Hurst, S N., & Co Pulaski City, Va. 

Hurst & Co. Hurst & Co Luray, Va. 

Hutcheson, /. Hutcheson, J. Happle- Chicago. 


Hutchinson. Hutchinson, H. S., & Co New Bedford, Mass. 

Hyatt. Hyatt, H. A St. Louis. 

Hyde. Hyde & Manuel 1401 I4th Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn 

Hyqeian Chemical. Hvgeian Chemical and Research Laboratorv Chicago. 

Hyland. Hyland, J. S., & Co 325 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Idea. Idea Pub. Co Boston. 

Ihhng. Ihling Bros. & Everhard Kalamazoo, Mich. 

71 Pub. Illustrated Publishing Co of America 171 Broadway, New York 

IMF. Iliff, John W., & Co 108 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

///. Freemason. Illinois Freemason Bloomington, 111. 

III. Print. Illinois Printing Co Danville, 111. 

///. State Register. Illinois State Register Springfield, 111 

Imperial Press. Imperial Press Cleveland, O. 

Impressionist. Impressionist Pub. Co New York. 

Imp. Era. Improvement Era Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Independence, Independence Pub. Co Philadelphia, 

Index Co. Index Co Pittsburg, Pa. 

Index Digest Index Digest Pub. Co Grand Rapids, Mich, 

Indianapolis Com- Indianapolis Commercial Reporter Indianapolis, Ind. 


Indianapolis Senti- Indianapolis Sentinel Co Indianapolis, Ind. 


Indo-Am. Bk. Indo- American Book Co 19-27 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago 

Indust. Industrial Publishing Co. (Supply publications of G. Gottsberger Peck), 

16 Thomas St., New York. 

Indust. Pr. Industrial Printing and Publishing Co Denver, Col. 

Informant. Informant Co Cleveland, O. 

Ingerson. Ingerson Pub. Co St. Louis. 

Ingraham, F. A. Ingraham, Frank A Bristol, R. I. 

Inland Poultry . Inland Poultry Journal Co Indianapolis, Ind. 

Inland Pr. Inland Printer Co Chicago. 

Inland Pub. Inland Publishing Co Terre Haute, Ind. 

Innes Innes & Sons Philadelphia. 

Tnside-Britt. Inside-Britt Co New York. 

Insurance. Insurance Journal Hartford, Ct. 

Int. Bk and Pub. International Book and Pub. Co..W. B'way and Worth St., New York. 

Int. Cable. Internal Cable Direct'y Co.Cheseborough Bldg., 17 State St., New York. 
International Committee Young Men's Christian Association See 
Y. M. C. A. 

Int Detective International Detective Agency Milwaukee, Wis. 

Int. Exch. International Exchange 1138 National Life Bldg., Chicago. 

Int Jo. Ethics, International Journal of Ethics 1415 Locust St, Philadelphia. 

Int. Lib. International Library Publishing Co 23 Duane St., New York 

Int. Monthly. International Monthly Burlington, Vt. 

Int. News. International News Co. (supplies books of S. Zickel,) 

83 Duane St., New York. 

Int. Pr. International Printing Co 301 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Int Pub International Publishing Co Philadelphia. 

Int Pub Co International Pub. Co -... .Chicago. 

Int Soc' ' International Society 258 Fifth Ave, New York. 



Int. Surg. International Journal of Surgery Co 100 William St., New York. 

Int. Textbk. International Textbook Co Scranton, Pa. 

Int. View. International View Co Chicago. 

Interstate Interstate Book Co Chicago. 

la Pub Iowa Publishing Co Davenport, la. 

la. Staats Anzeiger. Iowa Staats Anzeiger 226 W. 3d St., Des Moines, la. 

Iron Trail Iron Trail Pub. Co Minneapolis, Minn. 

Irving. Irving Co New York. 

Irwin Irwm Press Fnck Bldg , Pittsburg, Pi. 

Isbell, F. Isbell, Floyd Buffalo, N. Y. 

Ithaca High Sch. Ithaca High School Ithaca, N. Y. 

Ivers. Ivers, M. J., & Co 379 Pearl St., New York, 

Ivy. Ivy Press Seattle, Wash. 

Ivy Press. Ivy Press Lincoln, Neb. 

Jackson, G. P. Jackson, Green P Nashville, Tenn. 

Jacobs. Jacobs, George W., & Co 1216 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Jacobsen Jacobsen Pub. Co Chicago. 

James, J S James, Joseph Summerhn v Douglasville, Ga. 

Jameson, C E. Jameson, C. E Buffalo, N. Y. 

Jameson, E. 0. Jameson, Rev. E 81 Greenwich Park, Boston. 

Jameson, M. E. Jameson, M. Ethel. .. .The Windermere, 117 Selden Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Jamieson-H. Jamieson-Higgins Co. (Books supplied by Hurst & Co.), 

395-399 Broadway, New York. 

Jamison, A. B. Jamison, Alcinos Burton 43 W. 45th St., New York. 

Jamison, A. P. Jamison, Alpha Pierce Lafayette, Ind, 

Japan Pub. Japan Publishing Co 150 Nassau St., New York. 

farms. Jarvis, J. F Washington, D. C 

Jeffersonian Dem. Jeffcrsonian Democrat Washington, D. C 

Jeffersoman Soc. Jefifersonian Society 120 Liberty St , New York. 

Jellett & M. Jellett, J. H , & Meyerstem, Joseph C '.. .San Francisco 

Jettison, E A : Jelhson, Edwin Augustus Santiago, Minn. 

Jenkins W: R. Jenkins, Wm. R 851-853 Sixth Ave., New York. 

Jenkinson, I: Jenkmson, Isaac Richmond, Ind. 

Jennings. Jennings & Graham, Agts , [formerly Jennings & Pye,] (Methodist Book 

Concern) 220 W. 4th St., Cincinnati. 

fenris, W. P. Jervis, W. P Tiltonsville, O. 

Jewett, C: Jewett, Charles 330 Clinton Ave , Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Jewish Chautauqua. Jewish Chautauqua Society Box 825, Philadelphia. 

Jewish Pub. Jewish Publication Society of America. ..608 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Jimplecute, f Jimplecutc Job Print Jefferson, Tex. 

Johns Hopkins. Johns Hopkins Press Baltimore, Md. 

Johnson, B. F. Johnson, B. F., Pub. Co 901-90* Main St., Richmond, Va. 

Johnson, C. W. Johnson, Charles W. . Bank of Commerce Bids, Minneapolis, Minn, 

Johnson, E. W. Johnson, Ernest W 2 E. 42d St., New York. 

Johnson, F. M. Johnson, Frank M., M.D 117 Beacon St., Boston. 

Johnson, H: R. Johnson, Henry R Springfield Mass! 

Johnson, T. # /. W. Johnson, T. & J. W., Co 535 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Johnson, W. A. Johnson, Wilmot A P. 0. Box 405, Lansing, Mich. 

Johnson-W. Johnson-Wynne Co 945 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D. C. 

Johnson & J. Johnson & Johnson New Brunswick, N, J. 

Johnston, H. H. Johnston, Harry H Tacoma, Wash. 

Johnston & P. Johnston & Penney Newton, Pa. 

Jones, B. C. Jones, Ben C, & Co Austin, Tex. 

Jones, C. T Jones, C T - Des Moines, la. 

Jones, G: I. Jones, George 1 1 Lakeside Bldg., Chicago. 

Jones, G' W. Jcne, George W Ithaca, N. Y. 

Jones. J. F. Jones, J. Fremont Detroit, Mich. 

Jones, O. D. Jones, 0. D Edina, Mo. 

Jones Bros. Jones Bros Publishing Co Cincinnati, 

Jordan, M. & Co. Jordan, Marsh & Co Boston. 

Jordan Pub. Jordan Pub. Co 250 Race St . Philadelphia 

Journal Journal Printing Co Kirksville, Mo. 

Journal Med. Res. Journal ot Medical Research Boston 

Journal Pr. Journal Printing Co Coffeyville Kan. 

Journal Pr. Co. Journal Printing Co Minneapolis, Minn. 

Journal Press. Journal Press Bronson, Mich. 

Journal Pub. Journal Publishing Co Menden Ct. 

foyff- Joyce & Sperry Co Bridgeport, Ct 

Tii ^ T* Judd ' Oran g e . Co 52 Lafayette PL, New York. 

rii * n J udd & E^lweiler, Press of Washington, D. C. 

Judd, E: P. j u dd, Edward R, Co P. 0. Box 405, New Haven, Ct. 

J r ud $* : Judge Co 225 Fourth Ave., New York. 

Justitia. Justitia Publishing Co Wolf Bldg. Chicago. 



Kaiser. Kaiser, Ferdinand P 407 N. Broadway, St. Louis. 

Kama. Kama Co Hartford, Ct. 

Kane, C: Kane, Charles Murrysville, Pa. 

Kaufman. Kaufman & Gauding P. O. Box 1540, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Kay, Kay & Bro 19 S. 6th St., Philadelphia. 

Kean. Kean, O. H 140 Nassau St,, New York. 

Keating, L D. Keating, J. D Fort Edward, N. Y. 

Keedy,, J : L. Keedy, John L Lysander, N. Y. 

Keefe-D. Keefe-Davidson Law Book Co St. Paul, Minn. 

Keefer Keefer, J. H Ossian, Ind. 

Keeler, C. A. See At the Sign of the Live-Oak. 

Keen, G. H. Keen, Georgia Harmony Elizabeth, N. J. 

Keener. Keener, W. T., & Co 90 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Kehoe, T: H. Kehoe, Thomas H New Britain, Ct 

Keith. Ke'rh Co, Architects 917 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Kellogg. Kellogg, E. L., & Co 61 E. 9th St, New York. 

Kellogg, A. N. Kellogg, A. N., Newspaper Co St. Louis. 

Kellogg, P. Kellogg, Miss Fanny 107 John St., New York. 

Kellogg, W. M. Kellogg, Wilfred Montressor Maltby, Wash. 

Kenedy. Kenedy, P. J. (now Kenedy, P. J., & Sons) ... .5 Barclay St, New York. 

Kennebec Journ. Kennebec Journal, Press of Augusta, Me. 

Kenny. Kenny, W. J. K 44 Broad St., New York. 

Kcf>pcL KeppeL Frederick, & Son 20 E. i6th St , New York. 

Kerfoot, E. Kerfoot, Esidore Chicago 

Kern, W: H. Kern, William H , & Job, Robert B Shamokin, Pa. 

Kerr. Kerr, Charles H., & Co 56 Fifth Ave., Chicago. 

Ketcham. Ketcham, Wilbur B , Pub Co (now out of business) 

703 Palisade Ave , Yonkers, N. Y. 

Keuffel. Keuffel & Esser Co 127 Fulton St , New York. 

Keystone. Keystone (The) I9th and Brown Sts., Philadelphia. 

Keystone' Pr Keystone Printing Co , Press of Bethlehem, Pa. 

Kheiralla, L G: Kheiralla, Ibrahim George 4001 Grand Boulevard, Chicago. 

Kieffer, PI: M. Kieffer, Rev. Henry Martyn Easton, Pa. 

Kiernan Kicrnan Printing Co New Haven, Ct 

Kilner. Kilner, H. L., & Co 824 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Kimball Kimball, Ingalls (Cheltenham Press) 150 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Kimball] D. Kimball, D Chicago. 

Kimm, S C Kimm, Silas Conrad Middleburgh, N. Y. 

Ktng, A. 'B. ' King, Albert B., & Co 105 William St., New York. 

King, C: A. King, Charles A 5 Judson St., Beverly, Mass. 

King, M. King, Moses 225 Fourth Ave., New York. 

King-R. King-Richardson Co Springfield, Mass 

Kingery, H. M. Kingery, Hugh MacMaster Crawfordsville, Ind 

King's Pr ' King's Printing House Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Kingsley. ' Kingsley, Barnes & Neuner Co Los Angeles, Cal. 

Kingston. Kingston Board of Trade Kingston, N. Y. 

Kinney Kinney, Clesson S Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Kiotc 'Pub. Kiote Pub. Co Lincoln, Neb. 

Kir gate Press. Kirgate Press .'Canton, Bradford Co., Pa. 

ztfrk. * Kirk, Eleanor 696 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Kitchener, R. S. Kitchener, R S , Oakland, Cal. 

Kite Trust. Kite Trust Pub. Co 75 Maiden Lane, New York. 

Klein. Klein, Frederic J Peoria, III 

Kicking. Kletzing Bros Naperville, 111. 

Klopp. ' Klopp & Bartlett Omaha, Neb. 

Klopsch. Klopsch, Louis Room 92, Bible House, New York. 

Knapp.' Knapp, Mrs. M. W Office of God's Revivalist Cincinnati. 

Knapp E A Knapp, Emeline A 450 W. Adams St., Chicago 

Knell Pub. ' Knell Pub. Co 318 Germania Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Knickerbocker Knickerbocker Music Co Albany, N. Y. 

Knickerbocker Press Knickerbocker Press 29 W. 23d St, New York. 

Knight. Knight & Millet 120 Boylston St., Boston. 

Knight T l A. Knight Thomas A 119 E. Main Sr , Lexington, Ky. 

Knowles. ' Knowles, O. F., & Co Bangor, Me. 

Knowlson & M. Knowlson & Muller Room 4, Eagle Bldg .Brooklyn. 

Knoxville Pr ' Knoxville Printing and Publishing Co Knoxville, Tenn 

Koehler. Kcehler, C. A. , & Co 149 Tremont S t, Boston. 

Koelling. Koelling & Klappenbach 100 Randolph St., Chicago. 

Kosmos' Kosmos Publishing Co 765 N Clark St, Chicago. 

Kracmer Kraemer Art Co Johnston Bldg., Cincinnati, O. 

Kraft, W. G. Kraft, Walter G *- 125 La Salle St, Chicago. 

Krehbiel C B Krehbiel, C. B Moundridge, Kan 

Kuhl ' ' * Kuhl, R. J Mansfield, O. 




Kuhlman. Kuhlman, A. B., Co 3 iS Dearborn St Chicago. 

Kyeer. Kyger Music Co vvaco, icx. 

I " A *W League of American Wheelmen, Road Dept. 

' Pope Bldg, 221 Columbus Ave , Boston 

Labofah, C: S. Labofish, Charles Schachan. .Ralston Bldg, 612 F St., N W 

3 Washington, IX C. 

Lacey. Lacey & Nicholson .Craw fords ville, Ind. 

;",!;/ TairH & Lee 263 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

LaL;F: Lag Ldenck, & Co.. 41^*4* St New York. 

lakeside Press. Lakeside Press (R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co.) -Plymouth PI , Chicago. 

Lamb. Lamb, James H, Co 372 Boylston St. .Boston. 

Lawb,L H. Lamb, J. H r^T 1 *^' 

Lancaster. Lancaster Town Library -Lancas itcr, Mass. 

Landu, A. Landis. Abb 613-614 Wilcox Bldg Nashville, lenn. 

Law. Lane, John 67 Fifth Ave New York. 

Lane,M. Lane! Marcus .- .Freeport, II . 

Langdon, E F. Langdon, Mrs Emma F . . . . . . . . .Box 1408, Denver, Col. 

Lan&lle, /. H. Langille, James Hibbert Lewmsville, Fairville, Fairfax Co., Va. 

Laneley Langley, H L s Angeles, Cal 

Lanzworthy Langworthy, Stevens & Co. (now Langworthy & Swift ) (See also 

Blue Sky Press) 4732 Kenwood Ave , Chicago. 

Laning. Laning Printing Co Norwalk, O. 

Lanward. Lanward Publishing Co V T ''''i'el''ni^S i t?* 

Lasher Lasher, George, Press of 147-151 N. loth St , Philadelphia. 

Laughiw. Laughlin, Earl H ....Kirksville, Mo. 

Laughlin, J. Laughlm, Julian .41 7 Pine St. St. Louis. 

Laurel Press. Laurel Press 156 Fifth Ave, New York. 

Laurentian. Laurentian Press 353 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Lauriat Lauriat, Charles E, Co 301 Washington St., Boston. 

Law, L Law, James Ithaca, NY. 

Low /. D. Law, James Duff Lancaster, Pa. 

I aw' W. H. Law, Rev. W. H Care Winn & Hammond, Detroit, Mich. 

Law Bk. ' Law' Book Pub. Co 120 Broadway, New York. 

Law Journ. Law Journal Pub. Co .Plainfieid, N. J. 

Law Reporter. Law Reporter Co Washington, D. C. 

Lawrence. Lawrence, C T 325 Dearborn St , Chicago. 

Lawrence, R. M. Lawrence, Dr. R. M 321 Dartmouth St., Boston. 

Lawrence Pub Lawrence Pub. Co 106 W. 42d St., New York 

Lawton, W: H: Lawton, William Henry 108 W. 43d St., New York 

Lawyers' Bk. Lawyers' Book Co B stO1 ?- 

Lawyers' Co-op. Lawyers* Co-operative Publishing Co. (Supplies books of Frank 

P. Dufresne) Rochester, N. Y. 

Laaell, T. S. Lazell, Theodore Studley 31 State St, Boston. 

Lea Lea Bros, & Co 706-708 Sansom St., Philadelphia. 

Leach, T. S. Leach, T. S., & Co 29 N. 7th St, Philadelphia. 

Leader. Leader Publishing Co Marietta, O. 

League Pol Educ. League for Political Education 23 W. 44th St., New York. 

Lcake, C. M. Leake, C M Paclucah, Ky. 

Leamon, S. C. Leamon, Mrs. Sarah Connor West Nashville, 1 enn. 

Lee & B. Lee & Burnett Tyler, Tex. 

Lee & S. Lee & Shepard (now Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co.), 

93 Federal St., Boston. 

Leeds. Leeds, W. H Salem, Ore. 

Leeds 6- B. Leeds & Biddle Co toip Market St, Philadelphia. 

Legal Adv. Legal Adviser Pub Co 92 La Salle St., Chicago. 

Legal Pub. Legal Publishing Co Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Legler, H: E. Legler, Henry E Academy of Sciences, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lehne Lehne & Drescher West Hoboken, N J. 

Lemcke. Lemcke & Buechner 1 1 E. I7th St., New York. 

Lender, J. A. S. S. Lender, Mrs. Julia A. S. S 2201 Lincoln Ave., Denver, Col. 

Lentilhon. Lentilhon & Co. (books supplied by A. Wessels Co.) 

43-45 E. I9th St. New York. 

Leon Leon Pub. Co 334 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Lesson Leaf. Lesson Leaf Pub. Co Decatur. III. 

Le Tourneau. Le Tourneau, J. J., & Co .Duluth, Minn 

Levey. Levey Bros. & Co Indianapolis, Ind. 

Levisee, A. B. Levisee, Aaron Burton Clyde, O. 

Lewis. Lewis, Scnbner & Co. (now out of business) . .22 E. 2ist St , New York. 

Lewis', A. F. Lewis, Alonzo F Fryeburg, Me. 

Lewis, E. Lewis, Eastman 152 W. 55th St., New York. 

Lezvis, G A. Lewis, George A 35-41 Adelaide St., Detroit, Mich. 

Lewis, 6. C. Lewis, O. C 6 Wall St., New York. 

Lews, W: D. Lewis, W: Draper... Univ, of Penn., 34th & Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia. 



Lewis Pub. Lewis Publishing Co 265 Broadway, New York. 

Lexington. Lexington Pub. Co Lexington, Mass. 

Library Bookstore. See Martins, C. 

Lib. Bu. Library Bureau 530 Atlantic Ave., Boston. 

Liberty. Liberty Publishing Co 18 Wall St., New York. 

Lieb. Lieb, Hermann, Jr., & Co Room 17, 84 Washington St., Chicago. 

Life and L. Life and Letters Co Knoxville, Tenn. 

Life Pub. Co. Life Publishing Co 17 W. sist St., New York 

Life Pubs. Life Publications 3332 Frost Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Light and Hope. Light and Hope Pub. Co Cleveland, O. 

Light of Truth. Light of Truth Pub. Co Columbus, O. 

Lightheart. Lightheart Publishing Co Denver, Col. 

Lillibridge. Lillibridge, Ray D 170 Broadway, New York. 

Lincoln, I. M. Lincoln, James Minor . . P. O. Box 40, Wareham, Plymouth Co., Mass. 

Lincoln Bk. Lincoln Book Concern 6-8 Sherman St., Chicago. 

Lincoln Cavalry. Lincoln Cavalry Assoc Milwaukee, Wis 

Lincoln Pub. Lincoln Pub. Co Philadelphia. 

Lincoln Pub. Co. Lincoln Publishing Co Sheltou, Ct 

Ltndelof, 0. J. S. Lindelof, p. J. S 64 E. 5th St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Lion. Lion Publishing Co 356 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Lion's Paw. Lion's Paw Club Gallipolis, 0. 

Lippincott. Lippincott, J. B., Co Washington Sq., Philadelphia. 

Lisiecki. Lisiecki, Frank F 9-15 Murray St., New York. 

Litchfield, Litchfield, E. H 59 Wall St., New York. 

Lit. Collector. Literary Collector Press Greenwich, Conn. 

Little, J. /. Little, J. J., &Co....; 8 Astor PL, New York. 

Little, W. C. Little, W. C, & Co 525 Broadway, Albany, N. Y, 

Little t B. & Co. Little, Brown & Co 254 Washington St, Boston. 

Little-P. Little- Preston Co Battle Creek, Mich. 

Littlefield. Litllefield, George E 67 Cornhill, Boston. 

Livermore, W: S. Livermore, William S Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Living Words. Living Words Co Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Lloyd. Lloyd's Register of Shipping 15 Whitehall St., New York. 

Lloyd, J: W: Lloyd, Tohn William Westfield, N. J. 

Lloyde, D. H. Lloyde, D. H., & Son Champaign, 111. 

Lobdell Lobdell, Roy F Rochester, N. Y. 

Lockwood. Lockwood Trade Journal Co 150 Nassau St., New York. 

Locomotive. Locomotive Publishing Co New York. 

Lohre, N. J. Lohre, Rev. N. J Minneapolis, Minn. 

Loiseaux. Loiseaux Bros 63 Fourth Ave., New York. 

Long, A. M. Long, Alice M 6418 Stewart Ave., Chicago. 

Longcope, E. M, Longcope, E. M 2917 Bagby St., Houston, Tex. 

Longeway, M. L. Longeway, M. Louise. 620 Lexington Ave., New York. 

Longfellow, L'. W. Longfellow, Lucia Wadsworth Portland, Me. 

Longmans. Longmans, Green & Co 91-93 Fifth Ave., New York 

Longstreet, Mrs. I. Longstreet, Mrs. James Gainesville, Ga. 

Loomis, Mrs. A. P. Loomis, Mrs. A, Perry Catskill, N. Y. 

Loomis, E. Loomis, E., & Co 70-72 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Loomis, E. L Loomis, Eben Jenks Concord, Mass. 

Lord. Lord & Thomas 150 Nassau St., New York. 

Lord, M. E. Lord, Mrs. Mary E 347 Halsey St., Brooklyn, N. Y, 

Lord, W: R. Lord, William Rogers Portland, Ore. 

Lord, W: S. Lord, William S '.Evanston, 111. 

Lord Balto. Pr. Lord Baltimore Press Baltimore, Md. 

Lorenz. Lorenz & Co Dayton, O. 

Loring, S. & H. Loring, Short & Harmon 474 Congress St.. Portland, Me. 

Lothrop. Lothrop Publishing Co (now Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co.), 

93 Federal St., Boston. 

Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co. (Successors to Lee & Shepard; Lothrop 
Publishing Co.) 

Lothrop, T: L Lothrop, Thomas Jackson Taunton, Mass. 

Lotus Press. Lotus Press 140 W. 23d St., New York 

Lounsbery, W: Lounsbery. William 62 Crown St., Kingston, N. Y. 

Louthan. Louthan, H. Thompson Williatnsburg, Va. 

Louthan Bk. Louthan Bo9k Co .D-enver,; Col. 

Loux, D. H. Loux, Dubois H 4752 Kenwood Ave., Chicago. 

Lovell t A. Lovell, A., & Co.. (now Parker P. Simmons,) .3 E. I4th St., New York 

Lovell E: Lovell, Edward (formerly F. F. Lovell Book Co.) 

118 Hudson St., New York 

Lovell F F Lovell, F. F., Book Co. (now E : Lovell) ... .118 Hudson St., New York 

Lovell f: W. Lovell, John W -3S W. 21 st St., New York 

Lowdermilk Low'dermilk, W. H., & Co 1424-26 F St., Washington, D. C. 

I owell J P Lowell J. Paul 1927 4th Ave., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 



Lowman. Lowman & Hanford Sta'y and Pr. Co Seattle, Wash. 

Lowrey, D: I. Lowrey, David J Weatherford, Tex 

Lucas-Lincoln. Lucas-Lincoln Co 715 I4th St , N W., Washington, D C. 

Luce. Luce, Robert and Linn 68 Devonshire St , Boston. 

Luce, J: W. Luce, John W., & Co 209 Washington St , Boston. 

Lufscy, R E Lufsey, Robert E (present address not kno\\n) 

Lupton. Lupton, F. M., Publishing Co. (now The Federal Book Co ) 

52-58 Duane St , New York. 

Lust, B. Lust, Benedict 124 E. 59th St , New York 

Luth Augustana. Lutheran Augustana Book Concern Rock Island, 111. 

Luth Pub. Lutheran Pub. Society 1424 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Luth Pub. Ho. I ntheran Publishing House Decorah, la. 

Luther. Luther, D. E., Pub. Co 74-76 N. Broad St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Lutheran. Lutheran Book Concern 55 E. Mam St., Columbus, O. 

Lutherans. Lutherans in All Lands Co P. O. Box 253, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Luserne Leg Regis- Luzerne Legal Register Print Wilkesbarre, Pa. 


Lyman. Lyman, E M . & Son Springfield, Mass. 

Lynn, E, L. E. Lynn, M*s. Emma L. Excell Akron, O. 

Lyon. Lyon, James B., Co 30-36 Beaver St., Albany, N. Y. 

Lyon, K. & P. Lyon, Kymer & Palmer Co. (now W. Millard Palmer Co ) 

Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Lyon Music. Lyon Music Co Atlanta, Ga. 

Lyons. Lyons, William Harrison 28 Oliver St., Boston. 

Lyons, H G. Lyons, Horace G Hem-ton, Kan 

Lyzen. Lyzen, D. G., & Co Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Mabe, G B. Main*, Green Berry Big Stone Gap, Va 

McBride. McBride, D. H., & Co. (now out of business) .31 Barclay St , N"e\\ York 

McCobe McCabe, R R., & Co 170 S. Clinton St , Chicago. 

MacCalla. MacCalla Co Philadelphia. 

McCallum McCallum & Hofer Cattle Co Wauneta, Neb 

McCandless S. M. McCandless, Sue Moore Pueblo, Col. 

McCarh. McCarty, Louis P 503 Van Ness Avc, San Francisco. 

McClellan, G: McClellan, George, M.D 701 Franklin Bldg., Philadelphia. 

McClelland. McClelland & Co 67 N. High St., Columbus O. 

McChing. jMcClung Printing Co Pittslmr^, Pa. 

McClwre, P. McClure, Phillips & Co 44-6*0 E. 23d St., New York 

McClure-T. McClure-Tissot Co 141 E. 25th St, New York 

McClurg. McClurg, A. C., & Co 215-221 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

McCord McCord & McCord Emporia, Kan. 

McCord Bk. McCord Book Co P. O. Box 625, Atlanta, Ga. 

McCreary, G: W. McCreary, G: W. . .Librarian Maryland Historical Soc,, Baltimore, Md. 

MacCrellish. MacCrellish & Quigley Box 735 Trenton, N. J. 

McCulloch, S: J McCulloch, Samuel J Thayer Bldg., Kansas City, Mo, 

McDermtd, M. N. McDermid, Mary N Cincinnati. 

McDonald, McDonald & Co Cincinnati, O. 

MacDonald, J T. L Sec Caxton Press. 

Macdonald, f. Macdonald, J Topeka, Kan 

MacDonald, /., M.D. MacDonald, J., M D P. O. Box 848, Binghamton, N. Y. 

Macdonald, T A. Macdonald, Thomas A Paterson, N. J. 

McDonough McDonough, Joseph 52 State St., Albany, N. Y. 

Macdonough, R Macdonough, Rodney 205 Washington St, Boston" 

McDowell, D. E. McDowell, Douglass E 621 Main St., Joplin, Mo 

McEnally, R M. McEnally, Robert M Honesdale, Pa 

Macfadden, B. Macfadden, Bernarr 29-33 E. ipth St., New York 

McGee, L B. McGee, Joseph B., Sr Leesville, La. 

McGill. McGill & Wallace 1107 E St, N. W., Washington, D. C 

McGlashan, C. F. McGlashan, C. F Truckee, Cal. 

MacGowan. MacGowan & Cooke Co Chattanooga, Tenn. 

McGrath, T F. McGralh, T F n Keltermg St , Cleveland, O. 

McGraw. McGraw Pub. Co. [Electrical World and Engineer.] 

114-16 Liberty St , New York 

McGuirk. McGuirk, Emma Waterloo, Quebec, Can. 

Machen. Machen, E. C 277 Broadway, New York. 

Mack. Mack, I. F , & Bro 626-630 Water St , Sandusky, 0. 

Mack, C. S. Mack, C. S La Porte, Ind. 

McKay. McKay, David 610 S. Washington Sq., Philadelphia. 

Mackel Mackel, A., & Co 318 E. 85th St., New York 

McKelvie, 0. A. McKelvie, Otis A .Chicago. 

McKensie, W. P. McKenzie, W. P Cambridge. Mass. 

McKeown. McKeown Bros. St. Louis. 

McKibbin. McKibbm, Gilbert H. .' 474 W. Broadway, New York 

McKinley. McKinley Music Co 307-309 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 



McLoughlin. McLoughlin Bros 890 Broadway, New York. 

McMaster. McMaster Co 69 Wall St , New York. 

Macmillan. Macmillan Co 66 Fifth Ave., New York. 

McMullen, D. F. McMullen, Daniel Y Chicago. 

Macneal, C - B. Macneal, Charles B 721 N. 4ist St., Philadelphia. 

Macoy Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Co . .34 Park Ro\v, New York, 

McPherson-P. McPherson-Parsons, E Chicago 

McQuiddy. McQuiddy Printing Co Nashville, Tenn. 

McQmlkm. McQuilkin, Joseph St. Clair 63 Noonan St., East Orange, N. J 

MacTaggart. MacTaggart, T 1415 Filbert St , Philadelphia 

McVey. McVey, John Joseph 39 N. I3th St., Philadelphia. 

Madden, J. A. Madden, James A Laurens. S C 

Madigan. Madigan, P. F 2712 Marion Ave., New York. 

Madison, A. W. Madison, Andrew W Branch P. O., Station W, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Madison Bk. Madison Book Co (now Reilly & Britton Co.). 84 Adams St., Chicago. 

Magic City Bk. Magic City Book and Novelty Co Moberly, Mo. 

Magtnnis, O B M^gmnis, Owen B 310 W iggth St , New York. 

Magnan, J. R. Magnan, J Roch Muskegon, Mich 

Makaffey, /. E. Mahaffey, Rev. J. E Granitesville, S. C 

Mail and Express. Mail and Express 203 Broadway, New York. 

Mail Pr. Mail Printing Co Galesburg, III. 

Mail Tribune. Mail Tribune Book Room Charleston, W. Va. 

Malkan. Malkan, Henry 18 Broadway, New York 

Mallen. Mallen, P. H., Co Chicago. 

Maloney. J. C. Maloney, James C 236,^ E Madison St., Chicago 

Maltby. A E. Maltby. Albert E ...Stale Normal School, Slippery Rock, Pa. 

Manhattan. Manhattan Pub. Co 315 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Mann, F. A. Mann, Florian A De Land, Fla. 

Manning, W. H. Manning, Warren Henry Boston. 

Manor Pub. Manor Pub. Co Lancaster, Pa. 

Mansfield. Mansfield, M. F., & Co. (out of business.) 

Manual Pub, Manual Publishing Co '. . Cleveland, O. 

Manzi, Joyant & Co. See Gonpil & Co. 

Maple. Maple Pub. Co 156 Broadway, New York 

March. March Bros Lebanon, O. 

Marchand. C: Marchand, Charles 57-59 Prince St , New York. 

Marine Engineering. Marine Engineering, Office of 309 Broadway, New York 

Marine Rev. Marine Review Pub. Co 39-41 Wade Bldg., Cleveland, 0. 

Marion Press. Marion Press Jamaica, N. Y. 

Markley. Markley, Horace 6 Vestry St , New York 

Marks, J. A. Marks, Jeannette A.. Mt. Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass. 

Marlier. Marlier & Co 173 Tremont St., Boston. 

Marquis. Marquis, A. N , & Co 324 Dearborn St , Chicago. 

Marsh. Marsh Printing Co Portland, Ore 

Marsh & G. Marsh & Grant Co Chicago. 

Marshall. Marshall & Bruce Co Nashville, Tenn. 

Marshall S. J. Marshall, S. J Washington. D. C. 

Marshall, W: I. Marshall, William I Chicago. 

Marshall, B. & G. Marshall, Beck & Gordon Telegram Bldg , Baltimore, Md. 

Martin, A. H. Martin, Alfred H 603 Mooney-Brisbane Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Martin, F: W. Martin, Fred W. Waukegan, 111 

Martin & H. Martin & Hoyt Atlanta, Ga. 

Martindale. Martindale, James B. (present address not known), formerly 

142 La Salle St, Chicago 

Martineau, W. C. Martineatt, W. C Albany, N. Y. 

Martins. Martins, C Library Bookstore, Princeton, N J. 

Morton, A, M. Mcrton, A. M Bloommgton, 111. 

Marvin, T R Marvin, T. R., & Son 574 Warren St , Boston 

Marvin, W: T R. Marvin, William T. R 73 Federal St., Boston. 

Marvis. Marvis Publishing Co 211-213 E. Madison St., Chicago 

Maryland Diocesan. Maryland Diocesan Library Baltimore, Md. 

Maryland Homcco- Maryland Homoeopathic Pharmacy Co Baltimore, Md. 

pat hie. 

Mason. Mason, Perry, Co Boston 

Mason H L. Mason, Prof. H. L Drexel Institute, Philadelphia 

Mason, W- L. Mason, William Lesley Fuller Bldg, New York. 

Mason Pub. Mason Publishing and Printing Co Syracuse, N. Y. 

Masonic Hist. Masonic History Co 63 Barclay St., New York. 

Masonic Visitor. Masonic Visitor Co Petersburg, Va. 

Mass. Bapt Conv. Massachusetts Baptist C9nvention Boston. 

Mass. Inc. Co. Massachusetts Incorporation Co 89 State St , Boston. 

Mass. Inst, Tech. Massachusetts Institute of Technology . . .Boston. 




Mass. New-Ch. Un. Massachusetts New-Church Union 16 Arlington St., Boston. 

Mast, I N Mast, Isaac Newton Ottumwa, la, 

Mathematical. Mathematical Book Co Kansas City, Mo. 

Matthews-N. Matthews-Northrup Works, 

179-183 Washington St., Buffalo; 51 Madison Ave , New York. 

Mattill & L. Mattill & Lamb 265-275 Woodland Ave,, Cleveland, O. 

Maugus Press. Maugus Press Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

Mover Maver Publishing Co 136 Liberty St , New York 

Mayer Mayer & Miller 85 Fifth Ave., Chicago. 

Mayhew Mayhew Publishing Co Boston. 

Maynard, C J. Maynard, Charles Johnson . . 447 Crafts St., West Newton, Mass. 

Maynard] L. Maynard, Laurens Cambridge, Mass. 

Maynard, M. & Co. Maynard, Merrill & Co 44 E. 23d St., New York. 

Mayor's Office. Mayor's Office New York. 

Mazdaznan. Mazdaznsn Publishing Co 1613 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 

Meadow, Meadow Bros. Press Co Yonkers_, N. Y. 

Mechanics' Supply. Mechanics' Supply Co Chicago. 

Med. Cent. Medical Century Co 9 E. 42d St., New York. 

Med. Council Medical Council Philadelphia. 

Med. Pub. Medical Publishing Co 17 Ann St., New York. 

Med. Pub. Co. Medical Publishing Co Omaha, Neb. 

Medico-Legal Medico-Legal journal 39 Broadway, New York. 

Meibohm & T. Meibohm, C H., & Townsend, W. R Buffalo, N. Y. 

Meigs. Meigs, C. H 67 Eastman St , Cleveland, O. 

Meisrs, H B Meigs, Henry B 205 Herald Bldg., Baltimore, Md 

Melling. Mellmg & Gaskins Alton, 111. 

Memorial. Memorial Pub. Co 63 Fulton St, New York. 

Mendenhall, H. G. Mendenhall, Harlan G Perth Amboy, N. J. 

Mendes, I: P. Mendes, Isaac P Savannah, Ga. 

Mendota. M-endota Book Co Madison, Wis. 

Meng. Meng Publishing Co Chicago. 

Mennonite. Mennonite Publishing Co Elkhart, Ind. % 

Mequon Club Mequon Club Milwaukee, Wis. " 

Merchants' Guide. Merchants' and Manufacturers' Mailing Guide, Office of, 

487 Broadway, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Merchants' Pr. Merchants' Printing Co Seattle, Wash. 

Merchants' Pr. Co. Merchants' Printing Co 475 Broadway, St. Paul, Minn. 

Merchants Record. Merchants Record Co Chicago 

Mercury. Mercury Press Odd Fellows' Bldg., San Francisco. 

Merk, F. J\l-rk, Fred 725 27th St , Milwaukee, Wis. 

Merriam, G, 6* C. Merriam, G. & C , Co 499 Mam St , Springfield, Mass. 

Merrill. Merrill ,Co 260 Kinzie St., Chicago. 

Merrill, Mrs. C. W. Merrill, Mrs. C W 75 Streetor Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Merrill &B. Merrill & Baker 11 E. i6th St, New York. 

Merrill-T/. Merrill- Van Laer School 32 E. 57th St., New York 

Merrymount Press See Updike, D. B. 

Mershon. Mershon Co. (books supplied by Stitt Publishing Co.), 

156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Messenger Messenger Press 27 and 29 W. :6th St., New York 

Messinger, J: W. Messingei, John W 930 W. Princess St., York, Pa, 

Metaphysical Metaphysical Pub. Co. (Books sold to The Philosophic Co.) 

272 Madison Ave., New York 

Methodist Book Concern. See Eaton & Mains; Jennings & Pye, Agts. 

Meth. Mag Methodist Magazine Pub. Co St. Louis. 

Metropolis. Metropolis Publishing Co 134 W. 23d St., New York 

Metropolitan. Metropolitan Press Seattle, Wash. 

Metropolitan Adv. Metropolitan Advertising Co 6 Wall St , New York. 

Metropolitan Eng. Metropolitan Engraving, Lithographing and Printing Co. .Philadelphia 

Metropolitan Pr. Metropolitan Printing Co " 213 W. 26th St., New York 

Metropolitan Syndi- Metropolitan Syndicate Press 11-17 S. Jefferson St., Chicago. 


Meyer. Meyer Bros. & Co 26 W. 33d St., New York 

Meyer, E C. Meyer, Ernest C Madison, Wis 

Meyer, G. Meyer, Gustav Westerville, O. 

Michel, G. H. Michel, G. H 948 Prospect St., Cleveland, O. 

Michener, A. P. Michcner, A. P 1131 N. 7th St, Philadelphia. 

Michie. Michie Co Charlottesville, Va. 

Mich. Pol. Sci. Michigan Political Science Association Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Midland. Midland Pub. Co Chicago, 

\fidland Pub Midland Publishing Co Columbus, O. 

Midway, Midway Press Committee Chicago. 

Mighill. . Mighill, Ralph S 70 Fifth Ave, New York. 

Militant Press. Militant Press Passaic, N. J. 




Miller, A. S. Miller, Alfred S Moscow, Idaho. 

Miller, B. Miller, Barnard, printer : Chicago. 

Miller, D. Miller, Daniel Reading, Pa, 

Miller, F. J. Miller, Frank J Tacoma, Wash. 

Miller, J. H. Miller, J. H. (Books sold by Ainsworth & Co.), 

378 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 

Miller, J. M. Miller, James Martin Washington, D. C. 

Miller, L. L. Miller, Luther L,,, Chicago. 

Miller ', N. L. Miller, Nancy L/.' < Northampton, Mass. 

Miller, W: A : Miller, William Augustus & H. L Hannibal, Mo, 

Miller Pub. Miller Publishing Co Philadelphia. 

Millet. Millet, J. B., Co 120 Boylston St., Boston. 

Mills, W: S. Mills, William S 352 Clifton PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Mills Bros. Mills Bros'. Pub. House Sodus, N. Y. 

Mills Pub. Co. Mills Pub. Co Denver, Col. 

Minch, B : F. Minch, Benj amin Franklin , Bridgeton, N. J. 

Miner. Miner, E. N 102 Fulton St., New York. 

Minn. Hist. Minnesota Historical Co St. Paul, Minn. 

Minter. Minter Co Harrisburg, Pa. 

Miss. Bapt. Mississippi Baptist Publishing Co Jackson, Miss. 

Mitchell, A. B. Mitchell, Alice B South Easton, Mass. 

Mitchell, F. L. Mitchell, Frances Letcher Atlanta, Ga 

Modern Lang. Modern Language Association Baltimore, Md. 

Modern Medicine. Modern Medicine Publishing Co Battle Creek, Mich. 

Modern Mexico. Modern Mexico Publishing Co.n6 Nassau St, New York; Mexico, Mex. 

Modern Text-bk. Modern Text-book Co Baltimore, Md. 

Molleson, S. H. Molleson, Stanley Holcomb 15 Wall St, New York. 

Monarch. Monarch Book Co 381-385 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Monarch Bk. Monarch Book Co. ... .S. W. Cor. I2th and Walnut Sts., Philadelphia. 

Monk's Head. Monk's Head 1535 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Monograph. Monograph Publishing Co 252 Clifton PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Montgomery, C: A. Montgomery, Charles A., & Co ; New York 

Montgomery, G: R. Montgomery, G : Redington Bridgeport, Ct 

Moody. Moody, John & Co 35 Nassau St., New York. 

Moody, C. M. Moody, C. M Greenfield, Mass. 

Moody Pub. Moody Pub. Co 35 Nassau St, New York. 

Moon, I. H. Moon, James H. : Fallsington, Pa. 

Mooney, C. J. Mooney, C. J. New York. 

Moore. Moore & Langen Printing Co Terre Haute, Ind. 

Moore, C: L. Moore, Charles Leonard Philadelphia. 

Moore, E. B. Moore, E. B., Publishing Co 43-45 Alain St., Springfield, Vt 

Moore, E. G. Moore, E. G., & Son Topeka, Kan. 

Moore] I. M. Moore, James M Piqua, O. 

Moore, R B. Moore, Roland Bryant New Britain, Ct 

Moore, S. H. Moore, S. H., & Co 25 City Hall PL, New York. 

Moose. Moose Bros Lynchburg, Va, 

Morang. Morang, George N., & Co Toronto, Can. 

Morgan, D: B: Morgan, David Benjamin Fayetteville, Ark. 

Morgan, W. Y. Morgan, W. Y Topeka, Kan. 

Morning News. Morning News Savannah, Ga. 

Morning Star. Morning Star Publishing House 437 Shawmut Ave., Boston. 

Morning Telegraph. Morning Telegraph 1 16 Nassau St., New York. 

Morningside. Morningside Pub. Co P. 0. Box 1775, New York. 

Moroney. Moroney Bros 404 Central Ave., Cincinnati, O. 

Morrell, Morrell Ve Chicago. 

Morris. Morris, Frank M 169-171 E. Madison St., Chicago. 

Morris, E : D. Morris, Edward D Columbus, O. 

Morris, G: W. Morris, George W .Portland, Me. 

Morris,!: D. Morris, John D., & Co 1201 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Morris, T. S. Morris, Tyler Seymour 142 La Salle St., Chicago. 

Morrison, N. F, Morrison, Noah F 314 W. Jersey St., Elizabeth, N. J. 

Morse Morse Co. (succeeded by Silver, Burdett Co.). 

85 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Morton. Morton, John P., & Co 440-446 W. Main St. Louisville, Ky. 

Morton, W. B. Morton, W. B., Sec. of State Des Homes, la. 

Moser, 0. P. Moser, Oliver Perry Connellsville, Pa. 

Mother, R. B. Mosher, Robert B P. O. Box 70, Washington, D. C 

Mosher, T: B. Mosher, Thomas B 45 Exchange St., Portland, Me. 

Moulton C: W. Moulton, Charles W. ("Succeeded by Moulton Publishing Co.) 

37 Court St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Moulton Pub. Moulton Publishing Co 503 Mooney Bid*., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Mount Morris Mount Morris Index Print . .Mount Morns, 111. 

Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon Book and Music Co 16-18 Beach St., Boston. 





Mudge. Mudge, Alfred, & Son 24 Franklin St., Boston. 

Mueller. Mueller, Adolph, & Co 108 Clark St., Chicago. 

Muirson & W. Muirson & Wright, Press of San Jose, Cal. 

Mull, E' E. * Mull, E<hvard E Colonial Bldg., Broadway and 66th St , New Yonc. 

Mullen, W: Mullen, William Chicago. 

Mulhn. Mullin, George H Cedar Rapids, la. 

Mwnford. Mamford, A. W., & Co 378 Wabash Ave , Chicago. 

Mumm, H. L. Mumm, H. L Wausau, Wis. 

Mundy, Floyd Woodruff. See Metropolitan Advertising Co. 

Municipal Eng. Municipal Engineering Co..i Broadway, New York; Indianapolis, Ind 

Munn. Munn & Co 361 Broad\\ ay, New York. 

Munsell Munsell's, Joel, Sons 82 State St., Albany, N. Y. 

Munsell Pub. Munsell Pub. Co Chicago. 

Munson, M E. Munson, M. E 77 Bible House, New York. 

Murdoch Laiv. Murdoch Law Book Co Berrien Springs, Mich. 

Murdoch Press. Murdock Press (present address not known), formerly San Francisco. 

Murphy. Murphy, John, Co Howard and Lombard Sts , Baltimore, Md. 

Murphy, M. Murphy, M 908 Walnut St , Philadelphia. 

Murphy, P. Murphy, Patrick .314 rd St , Albany, N. Y. 

Murphy, T. D. Murphy, T. D Red Oak, la. 

Murphy, W. F. Murphy's William F. Suns Co, Press of Philadelphia. 

Murray, L W. Murray, Mrs. Louise Wells ,,... ..Athens, Pa. 

Murray, W: L. S. Murray, William L. S Wilmington, Del 

Murray Bros. Murray Bros Alexandria, Va. 

Murray Hill Murray Hill Pub. Co 129 E. sSth St , New York. 

Musgrove, R: W, Musgrove, Richard Watson Bristol, N. H. 

Mustek, W: H: H. Musick, William Henry Hart Hartville, Mo. 

Mustek, W: L. Musick, William L Springfield, Mo 

Musick Pub. Musick, William L., Pub. Co 1004 Fullerton Bldg., St. Louis. 

Musselman, D. L. Musselman, De Lafayette Quincy, III. 

Mutch, W: /. Mutch, William James New'Haven, Ct. 

Mutual Bk. Mutual Book Co 70 Franklin St , Boston. 

Mutual Pub. Mutual Pub. Co 61 Beekman St., New York. 

Mutual Pub. Co. Mutual Publishing Co 67 E. Alabama St., Atlanta, Ga 

Myers, A. C. Myers, Albert Cook Swarthmore Pa 

Myers, C. W. Myers, Clayton W Topeka, Kan. 

Myers, F. Myers, Fishel & Co. (formerly R. L. Myers & Co.), 

122 Market St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Myers. F. B. Myers, F. B & W. H,, Press of Malone, N. Y. 

Myers, G. Myers, Gustavus 52 William St., New York. 

Myers, L Myers, J. & P. B 85-87 John St., New York. 

Myers, R.L. Myers, R. L, & Co. (now Myers, Fishel & Co ), 

122 Market St , Harrisburg, Pa. 

Mystic River. Mystic River Book Co 62 Clinton St , Everett Station, Boston. 

Nagel, W: J. Nagel, William J 6 Ashburton PL, Boston 

Nash. Nash Bros Goldsboro, N. C 

Nash-W. Nash- Wright Co .514-519 I&Uto Bldg., Chicago. 

Nassau Press. Nassau Press \ Richmond Hill, N. Y 

Nat. Bapt. National Baptist Publishing House Fulton, Ky. 

Nat. Bapt. Pub. National Baptist Publishing Board -.'. Nashville, Tenn. 

Nat. Chr National Christian Association 221 W. Madison St., Chicago, 

Nat. City Bank. National City Bank of New York. ' & Wall St., New York. 

Nat. Civil Service. National Civil Service Reform League 41 Wail St, New York. 

Nat. Econ. National Economic League 1.3 Astor PL, New York, 

Nat. Inc. Co. National Incorporating Co 70 William St., New York, 

Nat Pub. National Publishing Co :' Washington. 

Nat. Pub. Co National Publishing Co 235-243 So. American St, Philadelphia. 

Nat. Souvenir. National Souvenir Co Seattle, Wash 

Nat. Sportsmen. National Sportsmen Press Boston 

Nat. Surety. National Surety Co Dept of Bonded Attorneys, 346 B'way, New York, 

Nat. Temp. National Temperance Soc. and Pub'n House. .3 E I4th St , New York, 

Nat. Truths. Natural Truths Association Conshohocken, Pa. 

Nat. Weekly. National Weekly Publishing Co Union Sq., New York. 

Nation, C. A. M. Nation, Mrs. Carrie A M (present address not known). 

Nature Pub. Nature Publishing Co Indianapolis, Ind. 

Naval Inst. Naval Institute > Annapolis, Md. 

Nazarene Pub. Nazarene Publishing Co Los Angeles, Cal. 

Neale. Neale Publishing Co 431 nth St, Washington, D. C 

Neb. Farmer. Nebraska Farmer Co Omaha, Neb. 

Neely. Neely, F. Tennyson 40 W. 34th St., New York. 

Neil Neil, Henry 323 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Nelson. Nelson, Thomas, & Sons (Supply books of E & J. B. Young), 

37-41 E. i8th St., New York, 




Nelson, B. Nelson, Baker & Co Detroit, Mich. 

Nelson, L. H. Nelson, L. H., Co Portland, Me. 

Nelson, 0. N. Nelson, Olof Nickolaus Minneapolis, Minn. 

Nelson, S: A. Nelson, Samuel A Summit, N. J. 

Neumayer, M. Neumayer, M Cincinnati, O. 

New Amsterdam. New Amsterdam Book Co 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

New Century, New Century Club Utica, N. Y. 

New-Church. New-Church Board of Publication 3 W. 2pth St., New York. 

New CMrvaux. New Clairvaux Press Montague, Mass. 

t N. E. Belgian Hare. New England Belgian Hare Co Boston. 

'N. E. Eclectic. New England Eclectic Pub. Co New Sharon, Me. 

N. E. Hist. New England Historic Genealogical Soc 18 Somerset St., Boston. 

A T . E. Pub New England Publishing Co Hadley, Mass. 

New Epoch. New Epoch Publishing Co 74 W. 35th St., New York. 

New Era. New Era Publishing Co Rock Island, 111. 

New Era Print. New Era Printing Co Lancaster, Pa. 

New Franklin. New Franklin Printing Co Columbus, O, 

N. H. Pub. ' New Hampshire Publishing Corporation Manchester, N. H s 

New Harlem. New Harlenj Publishing Co 26 E. 23d St., New York s 

New Jersey. New Jersey, Dept. of State Trenton, N. J.. 

New Netherlands. New Netherlands Publishing Co. (Sub-Agts. for D. Appleton & Co.), 

436 Fifth Ave., New York. 

New Science. New Science Pub. Co Elkhart, Ind. 

New Talmud, New Talmud Publishing Co 320 Broadway, New York. 

New Thought Bk. New Thought Book Concern ,,,,,.. .Bristol, Ct. 

New Thought Pub. New Thought Pub Co. (formerly Psychic Research Co.), - 1 

182 Dearborn St., Chicago, 

New Voice New Voice Press (Dickie & Woolley) 315 Dearborn St., Chicago* 

N. Y. American. New York American and Journal . .Staats-Zeitung Bldg., New York. 

N Y. Charity. New York Chanty Organization New York. 

N. Y. Elec. New York Electrical Soc 1 18 Liberty St., New York. 

N. Y. Eve. Post. New York Evening Post Pub. Co 206 Broadway New York. 

AT. 7. Hist. Co. New York History Co 114 Fifth Ave., New York 

N. Y. Labor News. New York Labor News Co 2-6 New Reade St., New York, 

N. Y. Law. New York Law Book Co 66 Nassau St., New York 

N Y. Mag. New York Magazine of Mysteries 22 No William St , New York. 

TV 7. Nautical Coll New York Nautical College 130 Water St., New York 

AT. Y. Pub. New York Publishing Co 26 City Hall PI , New York. 

N. Y. State Lib New York State Library Albany, N. Y. 

N. Y. State Med- New York State Medical Assoc 64 Madison Ave., New York. 


N. Y. State Pub. New York State Pub. Co Rochester, N. Y. 

AT Y. Tax Reform. New York Tax Reform Assoc Room 30, in Broadway, New York 

N. Y Times. New York Times Times Bldg., New York 

New York Tribune. See Tribune Association. 

N. Y. Univ. Sch. New York University School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance, 

Commerce. ]sj ew York 

New York World. See Press Pub. Co. 

Newburgh Daily Newburgh Daily News Newburgh, N. Y. 


Newcomb. Newcomb & Gauss ' Salem, Mass, 

Newkirk, J. B C. Newkirk, Mrs. J. B. C La Porte, Ind. 

Newman. Newman Pub. Co Omaha, Neb. 

Newman, Mrs. A. F. Newman, Mrs. Angie F 1724 L St , Lincoln, Neb. 

Newman & B. Newman & Bookstaver Rutherford, N. J. 

Newport News. Newport Daily News Newport, R. L 

News Letter Press. News Letter Press 1329 M St , N. W , Washington, D. C. 

News Pr. News Print Denton, Tex 

News Pub. News Pub. Co Wheeling, W. Va. 

Newson. Newson & Co 18 E. i;th St. New York 

Niagara Pub. Niagara Publishing Co Buffalo, N. Y. 

Niccolls. Niccolls, Francis A., & Co 212 Summer St., Boston. 

Nichols. Nichols Press 113 Market St., Lynn, Mass. 

Nichols, C. F. Nichols, C. F. (lormerly W. E. Hunt) Concord, N. H. 

Nichols, H. Nichols, Herbert Newton, Mass. 

Nichols, L I- Nichols, J. L., & Co Naperville, 111. 

Nichols, J. L. & Co. Nichols, J. L., & Co 150 Nassau St., New York 

Nichols, T: P. Nichols, Thomas P. (now Nichols Press) . .113 Market St Lynn, Mass. 

Nicholson. Nicholson Co Pittsburg, Pa. 

Nicholson, J: P. Nicholson, John P 1535 Chestnut St , Philadelphia. 

Nickerson & C. Nickerson & Collins Co Chicago. 

Niglutsch. Niglutsch, Francis R 39 E. igth St, New York. 

Ifijhoff. NijhoflF, Martinus (Tice & Lynch, Agts.) . . .45 William St , New York 

1904 PUB. 



1004 Pub. 1904 Publishing Co 1017 Morgan St , St. Louis 

Mstle Nistle, H, & Co ... - C hicago. 

NitMe. Nitchie, E: P IS6 Fifth Aye. New York. 

M>&/r G; ^, Noble, Gecrge W Lakeside Bldg , Chicago 

NoelT. Noel, Theophilus, Co. Print ... -- -.Chicago. 

Norcross F. W. Norcross, Frederic Walter 76 Gold St., New York. 

Norristown Herald. Norristown Herald. . - - - ; - yNorr istow n. Pa. 

North E D. North, Einest Dressel 4 E 3Qth St, Ne\v *ork 

North I North, Jacob, & Co Lincoln Neb, 

North' Am. Bk. North American Book House. . .St Louis. 

North Am Rev. North American Review Pub. Co 331 Pearl St., New York. 

North and South. Ncrth and South Publishing Co Fitzgerald, Oa. 

North Star. North Star Pub. Co Exchange Lyceum Bradford, Pa. 

Northcott W. A. Northcott, W. A Greenville, 111. 

Northrop, J: W. Northrop, John Worrell Derby, Kan. 

Northrop, S. J. Northrop, Stephen Joseph Montrose, Pa. 

Norzvood Press. Norwood Press .Boston. 

Novello Novello, Ewer & Co 21 E. i;th St., New York. 

Novelty. Novelty Pub. Co ... Chicago. 

Now Co Now Co 1437 Market St., San Francisco. 

Noyes. Noyes Bros .Boston. 

Noyes, H: J. Noyes, Henry J 18 Spring St., Port Chester, N. Y. 

Noyes P Noves, Platt & Co, (out of business). 

' ' " 17 Pierce Bldg., Copley Sq., Boston. 

Noyes & D Noyes & Davis 'Norwich, Ct. 

Nunc Licet. Nunc Licet Press 4* Coulter St, Philadelphia. 

Nunn. Nunn & Co 227 N. Howard St., Baltimore Md. 

Nusbaum Nusbaum Book and News Co ^Mam St., Norfolk, Va. 

Nutshell Nutshell Pub. Co 78 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Nyvall Press. Nyvall Press 201 E. 1 6th St New York 

Oak Park Bk. Co. Oak Park Book Co .Oak Park, 111. 

Oakwood Oakviood Publishing Co (formerly Publicity ^^^^^^^^^ 

Oates. Gates & Roberts - Butte, Mont. 

O'Banno*. O'Bannon, J H ^K 4 Xl 

Oberg,J: U. Oberg, John Ulrick Berkeley Cal 

O'Brien O'Brien, William H., Printing and Pub. Co St. Louis. 

O'Brien, F. A. O'Brien, Rev Frank A Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Occidental. Occidental Pub. Co ; - .Oakland Cal 

Occult Occult Book Concern 9 Murray St., New York. 

Occult Pub. Occult Publishing Co -Boston. 

Oceanic. Oceanic Steamship Co - - . - .San Francisco. 

Ochs Ochs, A J , & Co 1781 Washington Si Boston. 

O'Connell. O'Connell, A J l Reardon Block St Paul, Minn. 

O'Connell, J. C. O'Connell, Dr. Jeffrey C Washington, D. C 

Official Guide. Official Guide Co. v - St. Louis. 

Oeden. Ogden Bros. & Co Knoxville, Tenn. 

Ogttvie, G : W. Ogilvie, George W., & Co 181 Monroe St, Chicago. 

Ozilyie, J. S. Ogilvie, J. S., Pub. Co 57 Rose St., New York. 

Ohio Eagle. Ohio Eagle Printing House Lancaster, O, 

Ohio Law. Ohio Law Reporter Co 806 Main St., Cincinnati, O. 

Ohio Print. Ohio Printing Co 16 Cedar Ave., Cleveland, O, 

Ohio State Ohio State Pub. Co Cleveland, O. 

Ohio Valley. Ohio Valley Co 3*7 Race St., Cincinnati, O 

Old Corner. Old Corner Bookstore (formerly Damrell & Uphatn.) 

27-29 Bromfield St., Boston. 

Old Greek Pr. Old Greek Press, (Books handled by A. C. McClurg & Co.,) 

215-221 Wabash Are., Chicago. 

Old Northwest Ge- Old Northwest Genealogical Soc Columbus, p*,, 

O/TsVHrfft Work Old South Work, Directors of. ...Old South Meeting House, Boston. 

Oldrovd O H Oldroyd, Osborn H 516 Tenth St , N W , Washington, D C 

Olin AS' ' Olin, Arvm S Lawrence, Kan. 

OHnzer'&'S. Olinger & Schwartz Milwaukee, Wis 

Olivia Olivia Pub Co Chicago. 

Oneonta Herald Oneonta Herald [G. W. Fairchild & Co.] Oneonta, N. Y. 

Qnsfyt, T G. ' Onstot. Thompson Gains Forest City, 111 

Open Court ' Open Court Publishing Co 1322 Wabash Ave , Chicago. 

Oracle. * Oracle Pub. Co. '. . .Chicago. 

Oracle Pub. Oracle Publishing Co Richmond, Va 

Orcutt C: R. Orcutt, Charles Russell San Diego, Cal. 

Order ' White' Rose. Order White Rose Syracuse, N. Y. 

Ore. Mining Tourn. Oregon Mining Journal -Grants Pass, Ore 




Orion. Onon Co 1354 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Qrmeril. Ormeril Co Caxton Bldg,, Cleveland, O. 

Ormsby, F. E. Ormsby, Frank Earl, & Co 358 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Osborn Osborn, A. H Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Qsbonie, W. W. Osborne, W. W Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Osman, L. S. Osman, Leo S 169 W. 23d St., New York. 

Osteopathic. * Osteopathic Publishing and Supply Co. .303 Neave Bldg., Cincinnati, O. 

Ostermoor Ostermoor & Co 116 Elizabeth St.. New York. 

Otis. * Otis, H. H , & Sons n W. Swan St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Otsego Rep, Otsego Republican Cooperstown, N. Y. 

Ottenheimer. Ottenheimer, I. & M 321 W. Baltimore St., Baltimore. 

Our Mount. Home, Our Mountain Home, Press of Talladega, Ala. 

Our Race. * Our Race Pub. Co 673 Chapel St., New Haven, Ct 

Out West. Out West Co 123 E. 4th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Outing. Outing Publishing Co 239 Fifth Ave , New York. 

Outlook. Outlook Co. (Books now supplied by Macmillan Co.) 

287 Fourth Ave , New York 

Outlook Hut Outlook History Co 225 Fourth Ave , New York 

Owen, F. A. Owen, F. A , Publishing Co Dansville, NY. 

Owen, h Owen, Howard Augusta, Me. 

Owens, F, E, Owens, Mrs. Frances E .Chicago. 

Owens, J. Owens, James Pittsburg, Pa. 

Owl Press. Owl Press Burlington, Vt 

Oxford Press. Oxford Press - - - - - O * fol \ P f 

Oxford Univ. Oxford University Press (Am. Branch) . .91-93 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Pacific Press. Pacific Press Publishing Co lath and Castro Sts. Oakland, Cal. 

Pacific Record. Pacific Record . Seattle, Wash. 

Pacific Tree. Pacific Tree and Vine. Press of the San Jose, Cal. 

Packard, S. S. Packard, S. S 101 E. 2 3 d St New York. 

Pafraets. Pafraets Book Co 204-5 Cannon PL, Troy, N. Y. 

Paee,C' N. Page, Charles N, Iowa Seed Co ...Des Monies^ la 

Pa& B.B Pae, Elliott B ,& Co 28 W. 2 3 d St New York. 

Page,H. W. Page, Howard W -, P f lla elp f hl * 

Page L C. Page, L. C, & Co 200 Summer St Boston. 

Page\L.M. Page, Lorena M ...... Cleye land O. 

Pahlavi Card. Pahlavi Card Co Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Painter. Painter, E. O., & Co -D? Land, Fla 

Palisades. Palisades Press Palisades, NY 

Palm Palm, Charles W., Co Los Angeles, Cal. 

Palm Law Bk. Palm Law Beok Co -~-'\ S *? F J an ^ C * 

Palmer Palmer, W. Millard, Co Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Palmer Co. Palmer Co ....Boston. 

Palmistry Palmistry Publishing Co . . Jerre Haute, Ind. 

Pamphlet Pamphlet Pub. Co 342-35 Geary St., Pacific Grove, Cal. 

Pan- American. Pan- American Press -St. Louis. 

Pan&ornJ.G. Pangborn, J. G Baltimore, Md. 

Pantagraph. Pantagraph Printing and Stationery Co Bioormngton, ill. 

Pap Cov Bk Store. Paper Covered Book-Store 1203 Market St, San Francisco. 

Paragon Pr. Paragon Print. Co, Press of Knoxville, Tenn. 

Parker, C. C. Parker, C C Nashua N. H. 

Parker C. M Parker, CM 613 W. Adams St., Taylorville, III 

Parker, L. C. Parker, L. C , ..... St Louis. 

Parker L D Parker, Tohns D., & Co East Orange, N. J. 

Parker T. ' Parker, Theodore 17 Sever St., Worcester, Mass. 

Parkinson, 0. B. Parkinson, O B 13 S Hunter St , Stockton Cal 

Parks,!. A. Parks, J. A., Co .- ..... - --York, Neb. 

Parks W B. P'irks, Willis B, MD Fourth National Bank Bldg, Atlanta Ga. 

Parloa M Parloa, Maria 204 W. Sad St., New York, 

Parshdl, /. C. Parshall, James Clark '. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Parsons, A R. Parsons, 'Albert Ross 109 E. I4th St., New York. 

Parsons, C: H. Parsons, Charles H., Fruit Co .235 West St New York. 

Parsons H: B. Parsons, Henry B 105 Hudson Ave., Albany, N. Y, 

Partridge E. L. Partridge, Mrs F, L 175 Maybury Grand Ave, Detroit, Mich. 

Pasqual*: Pasquale, B., Co . San Francisco. 

Paterson. Paterson, Hugh Graham 153 La Salle St., Chicago. 

Paterson His*. Paterson History Club V ' ' '? -? ate ^ on ' /' 

Pattee A. F. Pattee, Alida Frances " 52 W. 3Qth St , New York. 

Pattengill H. R. Fattengill, Henry R Lansing, Mich. 

Patterson, R. R Patterson, -R R , Press of ..San Francisco, 

Patterson & W. Patterson & White Co 518 Ludlow St , Philadelphia. 

Paxton Paarton, William McClung Plattc City, Mo. 

Payne B L. Payne, EH Lawrence Emporia, Kan 

Pdyot' ' Payot, Upham & Co 204 Pine St., San Francisco, 




Peabody,L.J. Peabody, Lorenzo J - - - B oston. 

Peacock, H: Peacock, Henry 35 W. 24th St , New York. 

pease Pease, T. H , & Son (now Pease-Lewis Co.) 

Pease-L ~ Pease-Lewis Co 102 Church St , New Haven, Ct 

p ec k ' Peck, George Gottsberger n; Chambers St , New >ork. 

Peck,R S. Peck, R. S, & Co Hartford Ct 

Peck T- B. Peck Thomas B . Walpole, N. H. 

Pediatrics Lab'y. Pediatrics Laboratory 254 W. 54th St , New York. 

Peet L- H Peet, Louis Harman 755 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Pelham. ' Pelham & King Middletown Ct 

Pelham Press. Pelham Press J ell g m ' T* 

Peloubet Peloubet, S S 7<5 Nassau St, New York. 

Peltier, F. Peltier, Frank ...Omaha Neb. 

pelton Pelton, Edward R 19 E. i6th St., New York. 

Peninsular. Peninsular Bool, Co 154 Lincoln Ave.. Detroit, Mich. 

Penn Mus, Pennsylvania Museum Library . 

Memorial Hall. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. 
-p or , M Pllh <~n 023 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

7. a5tfti--ss-iai <B,, r n 


Pepper Pub. Co 

Perkins Perkins Book Co ..296 Broadway New York 

Perkins, M. E. Perkins, Mary E 148 Pequot Aye Norwich Ct. 

Perky. Peiky Publishing Co ..Worcester, Ma<s 

Perlev Perley, M. V. B Portsmouth, N H. 

Pernne Press. Perrine Press. .. M***' K 

Perry Perry Pictures Co -Maiden Mass. 

Perry C R Perry, C R Chicago Pub. Lib'y, Chicago, 

Personal. ' Personal Help Pub. Co Des .Homes, la. 

Peters Peters Cartridge Co Cincinnati, U. 

Peters] Mrs E: M. Peters, Mrs. Edward McChire 501 W irath St New York 

Peters & A. Peters & Alger Benton Harbor, Mich 

Peterson. Peterson, F. T , Co .Chicago. 

Peticolas Peticolas, Alfred B Victoria, Tex. 

Pettibone, C ' B. Pettibone, Charles B., & Co Cincinnati, U 

Phila. Bk Co Philadelphia Book Co 15 S. pth St., Philadelphia. 

Phila. Com. Mus. Philadelphia Commercial Museum Philadelphia 

Phila. Hebrew Philadelphia Hebrew Free School 314 Catharine St., Philadelphia. 

Free Sch. 

Phtfo. Pr. ' Philadelphia Printing and Publishing Co Philadelphia. 

Phila. Textile Sch. Philadelphia Textile School of the Pa. Museum and School of In- 
dustry Philadelphia 

Philbrick, H. H. Philbrick,' Helen H Chicago 

Philipse Philipse Manor Land Co Philipse Manor, Westchester Co., N. Y. 

Phillips. Phillips, Isaac Newton Springfield, 111. 

Phillips, C: B. Phillips Charles B Aurora, 111. 

Phillips] M. Phillips, Rev. Martin Buffalo, N. Y. 

Phillips & Co. Phillips & Co 1135 Broadway, New York. 

Philobiblon. Philobiblon Club Philadelphia. 

Philosopher Press. Philosopher Press (Van Vechten & Ellis) Wausau, Wis. 

Philosophic. Philosophic Co 500 Fifth Ave , New York 

Phoenix. Phoenix Publishing Co 321 W. Baltimore St., Baltimore, M4 

Phoenix Pr Phoenix Printing Co Muskogee, Ind. Ter.' 

Phonograph. Phonographic Institute Co 222 W. 4th St, Cincinnati, 0. 

Photo-Beacon. Photo-Beacon Co.. Tribune Bldg., Chicago; 621 Broadway, New York. 

Photo-Text. Photo-Text Press Station I, Chicago. 

Physical Culture. Physical Culture Publishing Co 29-33 E. igth St., New York. 

Physicians. Physicians' Book Publishing Co 25 W. 33d St, New York 

Physicians Sup ply. Physicians Supply Co in Ledyard St, Detroit, Mich. 

Physio-Psychic. Physio-Psychic Society 1204 Broadway, New York. 

Picayune. ' Picayune (The) New Orleans, La. 

Pickett. Pickett Publishing Co 1423 Franklin St, Louisville, Ky. 

Picket*, L. C. Pickett, La Salle Corbell Washington, D. C 

Pickford. Pickford, Mrs A. M 166 Washington St., Lynn, Mass. 

Picturesque. Picturesque Pub. Co -. Northampton. Mass. 

Pierce Pierce Publishing Co Chicago. 

Pierce C D. Pierce Charles D 136 Liberty St., New York. 

Pierce & Z Pierce & Zahn 633 ijrth St, Denver, Col. 

Pilger. Pilger Publishing House Reading, Pa. 




Pilgrim Mag Pilgrim Magazine Co Battle Creek, Mich. 

Pilgrim Press. Pilgrim Press 14 Beacon St., Boston. 

Pilot. Pilot Pub. Co 597 Washington St., Boston. 

Pioneer. ^ Pioneer Press Co St. Paul, Minn. 

Pioneer Adv. Co. Pioneer Advertising Co Honolulu, H. I. 

Pitcher, R. M. Pitcher, Robert M Yorkshire, N. Y. 

Pitman. Pitman, Isaac, & Sons 31 Union Sq., New York. 

Pittsburgh. 'Pitfj&iirgh Printing Co Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Place, A. R. Place, 'Albert R Lansdale, Pa. 

Plank. ' ' Planlc, Raby, Publishing Co ; . . Minneapolis, Minn. 

Plait, J: I. PlattV John I Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Plumb, C: S. Plumb, Charles Sumner 107 AV. nth Ave., Columbus, O. 

Plwnmer, M. W. Plummer, Mary Wright Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N. Y 

Plymouth. Plymouth Pub. Co Chicago. 

Plymouth Rock. Plymouth Rock Squab Co Boston 

Poet Lore Co., Boston. (Trade supp, by R: G. Badger.) 

Police. Police Pub. Co Milwaukee, Wis. 

Politzer, A. P. Politzer, Anthony P 62 E. 120th St., New York. 

Polk. Polk, R. L, & Co : Detroit, Mich. 

Polley. Policy. G. H., & Co 61 Court St., Boston. 

Pomona Times. Pomona Times Pomona, CaL 

Pontiac. Pontiac Pub. Co Pontiac, Mich. 

Poole Poole, Murray E Ithaca, N. Y. 

Poor. Poor, H. V. & H. W 44 Broad St , New York. 

Poor's. Poor's Railway Manual Co 60 William St, New York. 

Pope, C H. Pope, Charles H 221 Columbus Ave,, Boston. 

Pope, P. W. Pope, Preston W Nevada, Mo. 

Popp. Popp & Hogan San Jose, Cal. 

Popular Popular Publishing Co 337 Broadway, New York. 

Porter, E W. Porter, E. W 91 E. 4th St, St Paul, Minn 

Porter, W: T. Porter, William T 688 Boylston St., Boston. 

Posselt. Posselt, E. A 2028 Berks St., Philadelphia. 

Post, J. L: Post, James Louis St. Louis. 

Potomac. Potomac Pub. Co Cumberland, Md. 

Pott. Pott, James, & Co 119 W. 23d St , New York. 

Potter, $. Potter, Stirling Sluppan Point, Stamford, Ct. 

Potter, W. W. Potter, W. W., Co 91 Bedford St., Boston. 

Potter & P. Potter & Putnam Co (now Silver, Burdett & Co.). 

Pottsville Rep. Pottsville Republican Print Pottsville, Pa. 

Powell Powell Press Cambridge, Mass. 

Powell L. D Powell, L. D., Co Los Angeles, Cal. 

Poiver. Power Pub. Co 63 Park Row, New York. 

Powers. Powers & Lyons 24 Adams St., Chicago. 

Powers, K. Powers. Mrs Kate Sheldon, la. 

Practical Text-Bk Practical Text-Book Co 422 Superior St., Cleveland, 0. 

Prang. Prang Educational Co 113 University PI, New York. 

Pratt, A. S. Pratt A S., & Sons National Bank Agts., Washington, D. C 

Pratt, E H. Pratt, Edwin H., M.D ?,. Chicago. 

Pratt Merc Pratt Mercantile and Pub. Co Denver, Col. 

Presb. Bd. Presbyterian Board of Publication 1319 Walnut St, Philadelphia. 

Presb. Pub. Presbyterian Committee of Publication 1001 Main St, Richmond, Va. 

Prescotl, 7: R. Pre^cott, John R Newtonville, Mass. 

Press Pub. Press Publishing Co., New York World Pulitzer Bldg., New York. 

Presser. Presser, Theodore 1708 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Preston Preston & Rounds Co 98 Westminster St, Providence, R. I. 

Preston, E. Preston, Mrs. Emily Preston, Cal. 

Preston, E: M. Preston, Edward M Nevada City, Cal. 

Preston, W: B. Preston, William B 14 North Main St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Preston Bk. Preston Book Co (out of business; stock bought by C. N. Caspar). 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Price, L. and A. Price, Lee & Adkins Co New Haven, Ct 

Price, W. E. Price, W. E 24-26 E. 2ist St, New York. 

Prieth. Prieth, Benedict , Newark, N. J 

Prince. < P r ;^ ce ,> G-. C, & Son Lowell, Mass. 

Princeton. Prific'eton University Princeton, N. J. 

Princeton Press. Pririe^ton Press Princeton, N. J. 

Princeton Univ. Princeton University Library Princeton, N. J. 

Priscilla Pub. Priscilla Publishing Co Boston. 

Procter. Procter Bros. Co., Inc Gloucester, Mass. 

Producers. Pi oducers Supply Co Chicago. 

Progress. Progress Publishing Co Fremont, Neb. 

Progressive. Progressive Publishing Co. .311 Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Chicago. 




Progressive Pr. 
Prospect News. 
Providence Journ. 
Providence Tele- 

Prudden, L. E. 
Prudential Bk. 
Prud'howme, V. 
Prutsman, C, M. 

Progressive Printing Co ; 218 Centre St., New York. 

Prophet Pub. House Medford, Mass. 

Prospect News Printing Co Domphan, Mo. 

Providence Journal Co Providence, R. I. 

Providence Telegram Pub. Co , Providence, R I 

Prudden, Lillian E 372 Orange St., New Haven, Ct. 

Prudential Book Co 38 Park Row, New York. 

Prud'homme, V 307 D St , N W , Washington, D C 

Prutsman, C. M Lexington, Neb. 

Psychic Research Co. See New Thought Pub. Co. 

Publishers Press Room Co 1441 Curtis St., Denver, Col. 

Publishers' Weekly, Office of the 298 Broadway, New York. 

Publishing Assoc. of Friends Plainfield, Ind. 

Publishing House of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. 

(Smith & Lamar, Agts,) Nashville, Term. 
Publishing House of the United Evangelical Church Harrisburg, Pa 

Pub. Press Room. 
Pub. Weekly. 
Pub. Assoc. Friends. 
Pub. Ho. of M. E. 

Ch., So. 
Pub. Ho. of Un. 

Evan. Ch. 

Pub. Plate. Publishers Plate Renting Co. (now Coryell & Co.) 

qg Na&sau St , New York. 

Pub. Soc. of Ct. Publishing Society of Connecticut Hartford, Ct. 

Public Ledger* Public Ledger Co Ledger Bldg., Philadelphia, 

Public Policy. Public Policy Publishing Co 132 Market St , Chicago. 

Public Sch. Pub. Public School Publishing Co. . . : : Blpomington, III 

Publicity. Publicity Publishing Co. (now Oakwood Publishing Co ), 

29 Beacon St., Boston. 

Pugct Sound News. Pnget Sound News Co Seattle, Wash 

Pugsley, R. M. Pugsley, R. M. (See Rudder Pub. Co.) 9 Murray St., New York. 

Pulpit Press. Pulpit Press 36 E. 2ist St , New York. 

Purely. Purdy Pub. Co 74 Madison St , Chicago. 

Purinton, E: E. Purinton, Edward Earle New York. 

Puritan Bk. Puritan Book Co 619 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Puritan Pub Puritan Publishing Co .... .... St Louis. 

Purple Bk. Purple Book Co Peona, 111. 

Pursell. Pursell, C. C 418 9th St., N. W , Washington, D. C. 

Pustet. Pustet, Fr., & Co 52 Barclay St., New York. 

Putnam. Putnam's G. P., Sons 29 W. 23d St., New York. 

Putnam, E. H. Putnam, E. H Moline, 111. 

Putnam, F. A. Putnam, Frank Arthur Boston. 

Pythian. Pythian History Publishing Co 6023 Princeton Ave, Chicago. 

Buadrangle. Quadrangle Press Chicago. 

uail & W, Quail & Warner (iormerly Warner & Brown ell) 

23 Park Row, Ncn York 

Quarter-Oak. Quarter-Oak (The) Great Barrington, Mass. 

Buiggan, I: Quiggan, John 12 Jacob St., New York. 

uinby. Quinby, Frederick J , Co Huntington Chambers, Boston 

euinius, 7; G. * Quinius, John G 4th and Main Sts., Dayton, O. 

uwera Press, Quivera Press Roca, Neb. 

Radford. Radford Review Co Chicago. 

Radical Pub. Radical Publishing, Co 17 S. i6th St., Philadelphia; San Francisco, 

Raeder. Raeder Press Wilkes-Barrc, Pa. 

Ragsdale. Ragsdale, George H Des Moities, la. 

Railroad Gazette. Railroad Gazette ;, 81 Fulton St., New York, 

Railway Age. Railway Age /;'...' Monadnock Block, Chicago. 

R'way and Locomo- Railvay and Locomotive Engineering' 136 Liberty St., New York. 

five Engineering 

R'wdy Educ Railway Educational Assoc 227 Monroe St., New York. 

Railway World. Railway World Publishing Co. 822-23 Wilhcrspoon P>lclg, Philadelphia. 

Rainbow. Rainbow Publishing Co Manchester, N. Y. 

Rains, S. G. Rains, S G, Co. (present address not known), formerly, 

186 Fifth Ave , New York. 

Raisbeck. Raisbeck & Co , Press of Cincinnati, 0. 

Raleigh, S W. Raleigh, Stephen W, (present address not known). 

Ralston Pub. Ralston Publishing Co 1223-1231 G St., Washington, D. C 

Ramey. Ramey, G. H., & Son , Alexandria, Va. 

Ram's Horn. Ram's Horn Co no Lasalle Ave , Chicago. 

Ramsey. Ramsey Publishing Co St Paul, Minn. 

Ramsey, M. W. Ramsey, Milton Worth Minneapolis Minn. 

Rand, McN. & Co. Rand, McNally & Co., 

142 Fifth Ave., New York; 160-174 Adams St, Chicago. 

Rapp, J: M. Rapp, John M Neola, la. 

Ravenwood. Ravenwood & Rutland 143 E. 23d St., New York. 

Rawsthorne. ^ Rawsthorne Engraving and Printing Co Pittsburgh, Pa, 




Ray.W.S. Ray, W S\ Harrisburg, Pa. 

Rayon, M. Rayon, Mesha P. 0. Box 927, Chicago. 

Rebla. Rebla, Theodore, Publishing Co 828-829 Carnegie Hall, New York 

Rebman. Rebman Co ie W," 23d St., New York. 

Record. Record Pub. Co Stockton, Cal. 

Record and Guide. Record and Guide 14 Vesey St., New York. 

Record Press. Record Press New Britain, Ct. 

Record Pub, Record Pub. Co New Haven, Ct. 

Record Pub Co. Record Pub. Co Olympia, Wash. 

Redding. Redding & Co 212 Broadway, New York. 

Redpath, L. V. Redpath, Lionel V 405 Blanchard Bldg , Los Angeles, Cal. 

Reed, C: K. Reed, Charles K 75 Thomas St , Worcester, Mass 

Reed, G. K. Reed, Georgiee Kriechbaum Grangeville, Idaho. 

Reed, G: B. Reed, George B 4 Park St., Boston. 

Reed, H. S Reed, H. S Topeka, Kan. 

Reed, J' L. Reed, John L n S. Gay St., Baltimore, Md 

Reed, O. H. Reed, O. H Lansing, Mich. 

Reed, T: E Reed, Thomas E Middletown, O. 

Reed Pub, Reed Publishing Co 1756 Champa St., Denver, Col. 

Reedy, W: M. Reedy, William M The Mirror, Ozark Bldg., St. Louis. 

Ref. Ch. Pub. Reformed Church Publication Board 1308 Arch St., Philadelphia, 

Reformed. Reformed (Dutch) Church in America, Bd. of Pub., 

25 E. 22d St, New York 

Regan. Regan Printing House Chicago 

Registration. Registration and Trust Co 525 Main St., East Orange, N. J. 

Reilly, P: Reilly, Peter 133 N. I3th St, Philadelphia. 

Reilly 6- B. Reilly & Brrtton Co 84 Adams St , Chicago. 

Remhold Reinhold, August F, (now Health League). 

823 Lexington Ave, New York. 

Rel Herald. Religious Herald Co Richmond, V^ 

Reliable Poultry Reliable Poultry Journal Publishing Co Quincy, 111. 


Remick. Remick, Schilling & Co 32 Warren St., New York. 

Remington, E: P. Remington, Edward P Pittsburg, Pn. 

Rep. Press. Republican Press Hamilton, N Y 

Rep. Pr. Republican Printing Co Cedar Rapids, la 

Rep. Pr. Co. Republican Printing Co Iowa City, la. 

Rep. Pub. Republican Publishing Co Hamilton, O. 

Rep. Pub. Co. Republic Publishing Co Chicago. 

Research. Research Publishing Co. (Peter Reilly, Agt), 

133 N. I3th St, Philadelphia. 

Revelation Pub. Revelation Publishing Co 1217 E 7th St , Kansas City, Mo. 

Rev ell. Revell, Fleming H.,.Ca, 

158 Fifth Ave., New York; 63 Washington St. Chicago. 

Revere Pub. Revere Publishing Co Buffalo, N^ Y. 

Review and Herald Review and Herald Publishing Co Battle Creek, Mich. 

Review and Record. Review and Record Co Boston. 

Review of Reviews. Review of Reviews Co 13 Astor PI , New York. 

Review Press. Review Press Lincoln, Neb 

Reynolds, A. B. Reynolds, Alphseus B Battle Creek, Mich 

Reynolds Pub. Reynolds Publishing Co 53 State St., Chicago. 

Rtiines. Rhines System Co Boston. 

Rhoads. Rhoads, Samuel N 1105 Walnut St, Philadelphia 

R J Sch. of Design. Rhode Island School of, Design Providence, R L 

Rhodes Rhodes, Bradford & Co 87 Maiden Lane, New York 

Rhodes, L. A. Rhodes, L. A., & Co 112 Wisconsin St., Milwaukee. Wis 

Rhodes & McC. Rhodes & McClure Pub. Co 296 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Rice, C: L Rice, Charles Irving Worcester, Mass. 

Rice,E.C. Rice, Elmer C Boston 

Rice, F. P. ' Rice, Franklin P Worcester. Mass. 

Rice, G: Rice, Geo , & Son* 317 New High St, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Rice f K. M. Rice, K. McDowell Worthington, Mass. 

Rich. Rich, H. S., & Co 177 La Salle St. Chicago. 

Richardson, M. T. Richardson, M. T., Co 27 Park PL, New York 

Richardson, S. Richardson, Smith & Co 135 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Richardson, S. M. Richardson, Miss S. M...Fine Arts Bldg., 215 W. 57th St., New York 

Richmond. Richmond & Backus Co Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Richmond, G: H. Richmond, George H i W. 34th St., New York 

Richmond. S. A. Richmond, Dr. S. A 1224 Haight St., San Francisco. 

Ricketts. ' Ricketts, C. L First Nat. Bank Bldg., Chicago. 

Ridgely, L B. Ridgely, Lawrence B Los Angeles, Cal. 

Ridgewood Ridgewood Press Springfield, Mass. 

Ridgway-T. Ridgway-Thayer Co 31 E. i/tli St., New York. 




Ridlon, G. T., Sr. Ricllon, Rev. Gideon Tibbitts, Sr Kezar IM Is, Me 

Rieder. Rieder, M 234 New High St., Los Angeles, Cai 

Rigby. Rigbv, George H 1113 Arc h St. Philadelphia 

Rigby^W.O. Rigby, Will O ....Topeka, Kan. 

Riggs. Riggs Publishing Co 1123 Broadway, New York 

Riley. Riley, T: J 381 Bridge St, Brooklyn, N. \. 

Rmase,F H. Rmdee, Frederick H . .Conservative Life ttldg , Los Angeles Cal 

Risien, E. E, Risien, Edmund E San Sabft, Tex. 

Ritchie, W. J. Ritchie, W. J 70 Fifth Aye., New York 

Riverside Pr. Riverside Printing Co Milwaukee, Wis 

Riverside Press Riverside Press Cambridge, Mass. 

Roark, R. N. Roark, Ruric Nevel Lexington, Ky. 

Roberts. Roberts Publishing Co no Summer St., Boston. 

Roberts, A. Roberts, A., & Co Lincoln, Neb. 

Roberts, P H. Roberts P H.. Publishing Co 6108 Elizabeth A\e t St. Loui.s 

Roberts, W. F. Roberts, W. R, Press of Washington, D. C 

Roberts, W: W. Roberts, William W Portland, Me. 

Roberts Pr. Roberts Printing Co Springfield, Mo. 

Robertson, A. M. Robertson, A. M 126 Post St., San Francisco. 

Robinson, C. A. Robinson, C. A Greenfield, Ind. 

Robinson, C H Robinson C H , & Co Charlotte, N. C. 

Robinson, C. M. Robinson, C. M., & Co Princeton, N. J. 

Robinson, C. S. Robinson, C. S Princeton, N. J. 

Robinson, C: W. Robinson, Rev. Charles W Philadelphia. 

Robinson, D. C. Robinson. Dan. C. (A. N. Kellogg Newspaper Co) St. Louis. 

Robinson, H, Robinson, H., Printer , Chicago. 

Robinson, J, M. Robinson, J. M 78 Utica St., Boston. 

Robinson, L W. Robinson, James W 3 Coolidge St., Brookline, Mass. 

Robinson, L, Robinson, Luce Co 209 Washington St., Boston. 

Robinson, W. F. "Robinson, W. F., Printing Co Denver, Col. 

Robson. Robson & Adee Schenectady, N. Y. 

Rockaway. Rockaway Publishing Co Rockaway, N. J. 

Rockwell & C, Rockwell & Churchill Press 39 Arch St., Boston. 

Roe, A, S. Roe, Alfred S Worcester, Mass 

Roeder. Roeder, Philip 616 Locust St., St. Louis. 

Roeding Roeding, George C Fresno, Cal. 

Roger, E. S. Roger, E. S Lee, Mass. 

Rogers, A. J. Rogers, A. J P. O. Box 843, Richmond, Va. 

Rogers, E. A. Rogers, Edwin Andrew Box 266, Dundee, Mich. 

Rogers, H. T. Rogers, H. Taylor Asheville, N. C. 

Rogers, J. M. Rogers, J. M., Press Wilmington, Del, 

Rogers, /. S. Rogers, James Swift Boston. 

Rogers, J: Rogers, John Knoxville, Tenn. 

Rogers, W. M. Rogers, W. M., & Co Montgomery. Ala 

Rogers, W. S. Rogers, Winfield S , Sandusky, O. 

Rohde & H. Rohde Raskins 16 Cortlandt St., New York. 

Rohrbough. Rohrbough Bros Omaha, Neb. 

Rollins. Rollins Pub. Co 918 Royal Insurance Bldg., Chicago. 

Rollins, F W. Rollins, Frank West Concord, N. H. 

Ronald Press. Ronald Press 203 Broadway, New York". 

Ronbroke. Ronbroke Press Los Angeles, CaL 

Ronning, AT. N. Ronning, Nils N 267 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis, Minn,* 

Rooke, J: S. Rooke, John S Philadelphia 

Root & C. Root, Frank A., and Connelley, William Elsey Topeka, Kan 

Ropes. Ropes, W: B ; Mount Vernon, Wash. 

Rosborough, W: Rosborough, William , Texarkana, Tex, 

Roscoe. Roscoe Printing House Jericho Vt 

Rose, R. F. Rose, Rob. F Chicago". 

Rose Jar. Rose Jar, Press of the 24 E. aist St., New York 

Rosen, P. Rosen, Rev Peter Hollandsdale, Wis. 

Ross, C: S. Ross, Charles S Boston 

Ross, Rob. C. Ross, Robert C ; ..."..San Francisco". 

Ross W: F. Ross, William F Champaign, 111. 

Rosstter. R ossite r Will 225 Washington St, Chicago. 

Roth,E: Roth, Edward I I35 pi ne St. Philadelphia. 

Rough Notes. Rough Notes Co Indianapolis f Ind. 

Round-Table. Round-Table Booklet Publishers Box 951, Greenville, Pa. 

Routledge. Routledge, George, & Sons, Ltd. (Books of Amer Branch sold to David 
McKay; E P. Dutton Co. Agts for English publications), 

1022 Market St t Philadelphia. 

Rowell. Rowell, George P., & Co : . . .10 Spruce St., New York. 

Rowfant. Rowfant Club ; Cleveland, O. 

Rowland, A. 7. Rowland, A. J 1420 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 




Rowley, H: H. Rowley, Henry H 1527 Peach St., Erie, Pa, 

Royal. Royal Publishing Co Philadelphia 

Roycrofters. Roycrofters (The) East Aurora, N. Y 

Royer. J: S. Royer, John S,, & Sons Columbus, O. 

Rubovitz, T. Rubovitz, T Chicago, 

Rudder, Rudder Publishing Co 9 Murray St, New York. 

Rude. Rude, A. D., & Son 1135 Broadway, New York. 

Rumford Falls. Rumford Falls Pub. Co Canton, Me. 

Rumford Press. Rumford Press Concord, N. H. 

Ruwmell, J: Rummell, John '...Buffalo, N. Y 

Rural New-Yorker. Rural New-Yorker 411 Pearl St., New York. 

Rural Pub. Rural Publishing Co Columbus, 

Rusby, H. H. Rusby, H. H., M.D., and JellifTe, Smith E , M.D. 

115 W. 68th St., New York. 
Russell, M. C. See Home Printery. 

Russell. Russell, R. H. (Books supplied by Harper & Brothers.), 

Franklin Sq, New York 

Russell, H.B. Russell, H. B., & Co Washington, D C 

Russell, H L. Russell, Harry Luman Madison, Wis, 

Russell, R. E. Russell, Robert E Dawson Springs, Ky. 

Ruth, E. Ruth, Ephraim . Poneto, Irid. 

Rutherford, F E. Rutherford, Frank Emory ...Bcnham, Tex 

Rutledge Bk. Rutledge Book Firm Rutledge, Mo. 

Ryan, J: A. Ryan, John A 40 Brattle St., Boston. 

Saalfield. Saalfield Publishing Co Akron, O. 

Sabin, 0. C. Sabin, Oliver C 1329 M St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Sac Sun Sac Sun, Press of Sac City, la 

Sachse, J. F. Sachse, Julius F 4228 Pine St, Philadelphia. 

Sackett, F. Sackett, Findlay 51 Exchange Place, New York 

Sackett &'W. Sackett & Wilhdms Lith. and Printing Co. . .225 4th Ave., New York. 

Sadler-R. Sadler- Rowe Co 12 N. Charles St , Baltimore, Md. 

St Anne's Rectory. St Anne's Rectory 790 South Mam St, Fall River, Mass 

5X John, Mrs. C. M, St. John, Mrs. Cynthia Morgan Ithaca, N. Y. 

St. John, T: M. St. John, Thomas Matthew 336 W. 56th St., New York- 

St. L. Netvs. St. Louis News Co St. Louis. 

St L. Novelty. St Louis Novelty Co St Louis 

Salem Pr. Salem Printing and Publishing Co., Inc Salem, Va. 

Salem Press. Salem Press Co Salem, Mass 

Salmon, L. B. Salmon, Mrs. Linda Bronson Portland, Ore. 

Salvation. Salvation Army Pub. Co 120-130 W. I4th St., New York. 

Sametz. Sametz, W. F 540 Pearl St., New York. 

Sample, V. Sample, Vesta Chattanooga, Tenn. 

San Antonio Pr. Co. San Antonio Printing Co San Antonio, Tex. 

San F % News San Francisco News Co 302 Geary St., San Francisco. 

San, F. St. Normal. San Francisco State Normal School San Francisco. 

SanborHj B: H. Sanborn, Benjamin H., & Co. (now supply books of T. R. Shewell & 

Co 120 Boylston St., Boston. 

Sanoica, W. A. Sanoica, Walter A Chicago. 

Santanclh. Santanelli Publishing Co Lansing, Mich. 

Sargent E H. Sargent, E. H., & Co Chicago. 

Sort-field Sarsfield Pub. Co Boston. 

Sasia, J. C. Sasia, Rev. Joseph C St. Joseph's Church, San Jose, Cal. 

Saunders. Saunders. W. B., & Co 925 Walnut St, Philadelphia. 

Saurusattis, P : Saurusaitis, Peter Waterbury, Ct. 

Sauveur. Sauveur, Albert 446 Tremont St., Boston. 

Sanveur & W. Sauveur & Whiting (now Albert Sauveur) Boston. 

SavageJ. B. Savage, T B. (now Savage Press.) 

Savage Press. Savage Press Electric Bldg., 164 Prospect St., Cleveland, 

Saward, F: E. Saward, Frederick E 41 Park Row, New York. 

Sawyer. Sawyer Pub. Co 5 Beekman St., New York. 

Sayler. Sayler Publishing Co Elwood, Ind 

Sayles, L. B. Sayles,' Lucy B 342 Washington St., Norwich, Ct 

Schaefer, J: L. Schaef er, John L North Greenfield, Wis. 

Scharf. Scharf Tag, Label, and Box Co Ypsilanti, Mich. 

Scatff. SearfT & O'Connor Co Dallas, Tex. 

Schermerhorn, C. E. Schermerhorn, Clarence Eaton 430 Walnut St , Philadelphia. 

Schirmer. Schirmer, G 35 Union Sq., W., New York. 

Schmidt, A. P: Schmidt, Adrian Peter 401 W SQth St, New York. 

Schmidt, F. Schmidt, Fritz 54 E. 75th St., New York 

Schmidt Pub. Schmidt Publishing Co 192 Cornelia St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Schnecfa F. L Schneck, Frank. Joseph Rochester, N. Y. 

Schnitzer. Schnitz-er, M., Pub. Co Park Row Bldg., 13 Park Row, New York. 

Schoch, P. , Schoch, Parkc 2033 Park Ave., Philadelphia. 



Schoenhof Book Co (formerly Cupples & Schoenhof), 

128 Tremont St., lioston. 

Sch. Applied Art. School of Applied Art Battle Creek, Mich. 

Sch. Educ Co. School Education Co 327 Fourteenth Ave, Mmneapol.s, Minn. 

School News School News Co 156 Fifth Ave , New York 

Sch. of Eng. School of English Chicago. 

Schulte Schulte Pub. Co 334 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Schulte] A. K. Schultz, Ambrose K College Point, N. Y. 

Schwartz. * Schwartz, Kirwm & Fauss 42 Barclay St., New York. 

Schwartz, M. S. Schwartz, M. S., & Co Salem, O. 

Science. Science Publishing Co Minneapolis, Minn. 

Set Authors' Scientific Authors' Publishing Co .465 Lexington Ave , Ncu York 

Sci. Pub. Scientific Pub. Co. (now Engineering and Mining Journal.) 

505 Pearl St., Ncu York. 

Sci Pub Co Scientific Pub. Co 96 Fifth Ave., Chicago. 

Scott, C. H. Scott, C H New York 

Scott, F 6- Co Scott, Foresman & Co 378-388 Wabash Ave., Chicago 

Scott, H. E. ' Scott, H. E Chicago, 

Scott, J: Scott, John Three Rivers Elm, North Bend, O. 

Scott L. Scott, Leonard, Pub. Co 7 Warren St., New York. 

Scott] W. Scott, Walter, Publishing Co 3 E. I4th St., New York, 

Scott-Heights. Scott-Heights Book Co DCS Moines, la. 

Scott-T Scott-Thaw Co 542 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Scomll Scovill & Adams Co 5 W. igth St., New York. 

Scrantom, W. & Co. Scrantom, Wetmore & Co Rochester, N. Y. 

Scranton.' Scranton, S. S. f Co 281 Asylum St., Hartford, Ct. 

Scranton, R. M. Scranton, R. M., Printing Co Alliance, 0. 

Scribner. Scnbner's, Charles, Sons 153-157 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Scrimger. Scrimger, Harold B 209 Courtlandt St., Baltimore, Md 

Scroll Pub. Scroll Publishing Co 308 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Scudder. Scudder Bros Co 1009 Plum St., Cincinnati, 0. 

Seaman. Seaman & Peters .807 Maple St., Saginaw, Mich, 

Seller. Seller, Adolph G., & Co 1222 Amsterdam Ave.. New York. 

Selss, J. A. Seiss, Joseph Augustus Philadelphia, 

Self-Culture. Self-Culture Society Chicago. 

Sellers, E. J. Sellers, Edwin Jacquett 105 Betz Bldg., "Philadelphia. 

Seminar. Seminar Pub. Co Springfield, Mass. 

Scncr, S, M, Sener, Samuel M 124 N Prince St., Lancaster, Pa. 

Senftner. Senflner Pub. Co 13 Astor PI , New York 

Sentinel Press. See Mrs. F. L. Caley. 

Sergei. Sergei, Charles H., Co 358 Dearborn St , Chicago. 

Serial Bk. Serial Book Co 150 Nassau St., New York. 

Service Club. Service Club 4929 Grimwood Ave , Chicago. 

Sever. Sever, Charles W., & Co Cambridge, Mass. 

Seymour. Seymour, Ralph Fletcher Fine Arts Bldg., Chicago. 

Shackleton, /. Shackkton, James Milburn, N, J. 

Shahan, T: J. Shahan, Thomas Joseph 1813 Third St., N. E., Washington, D. C 

Shakespeare Press. Shakespeare Press Westfield, N. J. 

Shanley. Shanley, Hobart J , & Co Burlington, Vt. 

Shannon. Shannon, Robert T Nashville, Tenn. 

Shannon, W. W. Shannon, W. W Supt State Printing, Sacramento, Cal. 

Sharp & A. Sharp & Alleman 900 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Sharpe } W: C. Sharpe, William C Seymour, Ct 

Shaw. Shaw, George C 53 Pickering Bldg., Cincinnati, O. 

Shaw, G. H: Shaw, G. Henry. 123 State House, Boston. 

Shaw & B. Shaw & Borden Co Spokane, Wash* 

Shawhan, Shawhan, James Martin Marietta, O. 

Shed, Z. Shed, Zach Denver. Col 

Shedd, E. C. Shedd, E. C Harrison, N. Y. 

Sheehan. Sheehan & Co 320 South State St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Shelby. Shelby Pub. Co Shelby, 

Sheldon. Sheldon, George, & J M. Arms 18 W. Cedar St., Boston. 

Sheltman. Sheltman & Co Louisville, Ky 

Shepard, H: 0. Shepard, Henry Olendorf 212 Monroe St., Chicago. 

Shepard, /. Shepard, James New Britain, Ct. 

Shepard, T: G. Shepard, Thomas Griffin New Haven, Ct. 

Shepard # G. Shepard & Garr Chicago. 

Shepard Bk. Shepard Book Co 272 State St, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Shepard Pub. Shepard Publishing Co 272 State St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Shepperd. Shepperd, Juniata L. . .7 School of Agriculture, St. Anthony Park, Minn. 

Shepperson. A. B. Sliepperson, Alfred B 65 Cotton Exchange Bldg., New York 

Sherman, A. M. Sherman, Andrew Magouan Morristown, N. J. 

Sherman, G: H, Sherman, George H , Morristown, N. J. 




Sherman, G: W. Sherman, George Witherell Lynbrook, N. Y 

Sherrill, M. 0. Sherrill, M. O., State Lib'n Raleigh, N. C. 

Sherwood. Sherwood, A. G., & Co 47 Lafayette PI , New York 

Shewell Shewell, T. R., & Co. (Books sold to B. H. Sanborn & Co.) 

Shissler-C. Shissler-Chase Co. (now City Book & Stafy Co.)....Des Moines, la. 

Shoemaker, B. H. Shoemaker, B, H Philadelphia. 

Short. Short, J. L Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

Shorthand Bu. Shorthand Publication Bureau Washington. 

Shotwell, J B. Shotwell, John Brough Chicago American, Chicago. 

Showalter. Showalter, A. J., Co....*> 5-11 Hamilton St., Dalton, Ga. 

Shults. Shultz, Albert Staunton, Va. 

Sibley. Sibley & Co. (formerly Sibley & Ducker) 120 Boylston St., Boston. 

Sigma. Sigma Publishing Co 210 Pine St., St. Louis. 

Sihler Sihler, W : Decorah, la. 

Silver Silver, Burdett & Co 85 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Silver Blade. Silver Blade Print Rathdrum, Id 

Silver-Line. Silver-Line Pub. Co Philadelphia. 

ilver Rep. Ill Silver Republicans of Illinois, Committee of Chicago 

Simmons. Simmons, Parker P., (foimerly A. Lovell & Co.,) 

3 E. I4th St., New York 

Simonds, E. H: Simonds, Ernest Henry San Francisco. 

Sims. Sims Bros 167-169 Wabash Ave., Chicago 

Sinclair. Sinclair Press New York. 

Site and Relic. Site and Relic Society Germantown, Pa. 

Skelton. Skelton Pub. Co Provo City, Utah. 

Skerretl, R. G Skerrett, Robert G Washington, D. C. 

Sly, W. S. Sly, Wmfield S 217 Pine St., Lansing, Mich. 

Small. Small, Maynard & Co TO Arrow St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Small, J: K. Small, John K N. Y Botanical Garden, New York. 

Smart Set. Smart Set Publishing Co 452 Fifth Ave,, New York 

Smiley. * Smiley Pub. Co Chicago. 

Smith, A M. Smith, Andrew M Minneapolis, Minn. 

Smith, Adele M. Smith, Adele Millicent in W. 76th St., New York 

Smith, Anna M Smith, Anna May Columbus, O. 

Smith Arth M. Smith, ArtHur Maxson 7855 Winnecoma Ave., Chicago. 

Smith] C. W. Smith, C. W., Pub. Co ...Warsaw, Ind 

Smith, E. C. Smith, Edgar Crosby Dover, Me. 

Smith, E. E. Smith, Emory Evans Palo Alto, Cal. 

Smith, E. S. Smith, Mrs. Emma Stahler Columbus, O 

Smith, E. W. Smith, E. W Terne Haute, Ind. 

Smith, G: A. Smith, George Albert University PI , Nebraska City, Neb 

Smith, G: D. Smith, George D 50 New St., New York 

Smith f G: G. Smith, George Gillman Macon, Ga. 

Smith] H, J. Smith, H. J.. & Devereaux Co 334 Dearborn St., Chicago. 

Smith, I. ' Smith, Mrs. Irene Tacoma, Wash. 

Smith, J. P. Smith, J. P., Printing Co 72-74 Exchange St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Smith, R Smith, Robert, Printing Co P. O. Box 456, Lansing, Mich. 

Smith. W. I. Smith, W. J Seattle, Wash. 

Smith, W: A. Smith, William Alexan4er Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Smith, W: G Smith, William G., & Co 1706 Laurel St., Minneapolis, Minn 

Smith, W H, Smith, William H Boston. 

Smith, W: Hazel- Smith, William Hazeltine 117-119 Seneca St., Buffalo, N Y 


Smith & Larnar, Agts., (Publishing House of the Methodist Episcopal 

Church, South) Nashville, Tenn. 

Smith & S Smith & Sale 45 Exchange St., Portland, Me. 

Smith & W. Smith & Wilkins 207 W. 23d St.. New York 

Smith-B. Smith-Brooks Printing Co Denver, Col 

Smith. Inst. Smithsonian Institution Washington, D. C 

"Smith's Press. Smith's Press La Crescent, Minn 

Smythe. Smythe, A. H., Co 41 S. Hi*h St., Columbus. O. 

Smythe, R. M. Smythe, R. M Room 45, Produce Exchange, New York. 

Snow & F, ' Snow & Farnham Providence, R. I. 

Snyder, N. Z. Stiyder, Nathaniel Z South Bethlehem, Pa. 

Social Culture. Social Culture Pub. Co Chicago. 

Social-Democratic Social-Democratic Publishing Co Milwaukee, Wis. 

Socialistic Co-op. Socialistic Co-operative Assoc 184 William St.. New York 

Soctite Lyrique. Societ Universelle Lyrique. v . . ; : .Philadelphia 

Soc. Colon. Wars. Society of Colonial Wars in District of Columbia. .Washington, D. C. 

Society of Practical School Problems. See Harison, W: B. 

Soc, R. L Cincinnati. Society of the Rhode Island Cincinnati Newport, R. I. 

Soney. Soney & Sage Newark, N. J. 

Songland. Songland Co Dallas, Tex. 




Songland Pub, Songland Publisher Waynesburg, Pa 

Sontag J: M Sontag, John Magnus Box 476, St. Charles, Kane Co., Ill, 

Sosey. Sosey Bros,; Press of Palmyra, Mo. 

Sotham. Sotham, T. F. B Chillicothe, O. 

Soule, G: (Trade supplied by C N. Caspar Co.) 
So. Carolina Women South Carolina Women in the Confederacy, 

1418 Main St., Columbia, S. C. 

Southern. Southern Pub. Co Dallas Tex 

So Law Bk. Ex. Southern Law Book Exchange Raleigh, N. C. 

Southern Pub. Southern Publishing Association Nashville, Tenn. 

Southern Pub. Co, Southern Publishing Co Memphis, Tenn. 

Southwestern Un. Southwestern Union Record . . . K.eene, 1 ex. 

Southworth, F: W: Southworth, Frederick William, M.D Tacoma, Wash. 

Sowell, A. J. Sou ell, Andrew Jackson ...... . ..Houston, I ex. 

Sower Sower, Christopher, Co 614 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Spatula, Spatula Publishing Co Siidbury Blclg., 74 India St , ^Boston. 

Sfieakman. Speakman, Howland Congress and Honorc Sts Chicago. 

Spectator. Spectator Co - -95 William St., New York 

Speech Pub, Speech Publishing Co 510 isth St., N. W., Washington, D. C 

Spencerian. Spencenan Pen Co 349 Broadway, New York. 

Spinney, Spinney, G. F., Co Brooklyn, N. Y 

Spivey, T: S. Spivey, Thomas Sawyer Cincinnati, O. 

Spon. Spon & Chamberlain 123 Liberty St., New York 

Sprague. Sprague Pub. Co Detroit, Mich. 

Sprague, W. Sprague, Warner, & Co Chicago, 

Sprigg. Sprigg, Norns Clarion Box 51, Denver, Col. 

Springer, M. E. Springer, Mary E 61 E. 86th St, New York. 

Sproul Sproul, George D 150 Fifth Ave. t New York. 

Stanch-field, D. Stanchfield, Daniel Minneapolis, Minn. 

Standard. Standard Pub. Co Terre Haute, Ind 

Standard Pub. Standard Pub. Co 16 E. pth St., Cincinnati, O. 

Standard Pub. Co. Standard Pub. Co 60 India St., Boston. 

Stanford Univ. Stanford University Bookstore Stanford University, Cal. 


Stanhope. Stanhope Press , Boston. 

Stanton. Stanton, C. W., Co Chicago. 

Star. Star Publishing Co 91 Sherman St., Springfield, Mass. 

Star Farmer. Star Farmer Print Renville, Minn. 

Star Pub. Star Publishing Co 211-213 E. Madison St., Chicago. 

Starbuck, R. M. Starbuck, R. M Hartford, Ct. 

Stark, I.C. Stark, J. Carroll Hamilton, 111 

Stark, I. H: Stark, James Henry 31 Milk St , Boston. 

Starkey. Starkey, L. H., Press of 20 Rose St, New York. 

Starr, M. Starr, Margaret 208 W. Franklin St., Baltimore, Md. 

State Cap. State Capital Printing Co Guthrie, Ok. 

State Co. State Co Columbia, S. C 

State Hist, Wis. State Historical Society of Wisconsin Madison, Wis. 

State Journ. Co. State Journal Co ". Lincoln, Neb 

State Journ. Pr. State Journal Printing Co Madison Wis. 

State Normal Sch f State Normal School and Industrial College Greensboro, 'N. C 

State Pr. Ho. State Printing House Des Moines,* la 

State Pub. f State Publishing Co Pierre, South Dakota* 

Steamboat Railroad Steamboat Railroad Industrial Community, 

c /*f t c i r- i- o /- Room 322 > 320 Broadway, New York. 

Stechert. Stec hert G. E , & Co 129-133 W. 2Oth St., New York. 

Steele. J: Steele, Rev. John L oc ft Wis 

Steijger. ~ Steiger E., & Co 25 Park PL,' New' Yorfc 

of^ i ! te -\ C "^ * ' 348 " 3 5 State St., Chicago. 

Stembach Stembach, F. .... ... 140 E. Houston St, New York. 

Stembrenner, W:H: Stembrenner, William Henry 519 Main St. Cincinnati O 

Stenographer. Stenographer Printing and Pub. Co ' Philadelphia* 

Stephens. Stephens, E. W ColnmMa Mn' 

Step/tens, A. W. Stephens, A. Woodward "/. Ithaca NY 

Stephens, C- A. Stephens, Charles Asbitrv Norwav Like \fp* 

Stephens Pub. Stephens Pub. Co ." ikica N Y 

Stephenson, S: S. Stephenson, Samuel S " * 

IS g * 15 

stern, u. btern, . ., en -arnrtt * ri* 

Stevens, E: A. Steveks, Edward A . V/.V '. 59 Mhineaooii. 

Stevens, F E Stevens, Frank Everett P 

Stevens, H. L Stevens, Horace J 

Stevenson, M.E. Stevenson, Mary J E 




Stevenson-S. Stevenson-Smith Co Lock Box 21, Washington, D. C. 

Stewart, N. B. Stewart, Nixon B Claysville, 0. 

Sticker. Sticker Steam Press Schulenburg, Tex 

Siill.A.T. Still, A T Kirksville, Mo. 

Stiletto.* Stiletto Publishing Co. , 1133 Broadway, New York. 

Stilhngs. Stillings, E. B., & Co 55 Sudbury St., Boston. 

Stillman. Stillman Publishing Co 15 Sterling PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

S tollman, 0. B. Stillman, 0. B. 92 William St, New York. 

StillwelL Stillwell, J. S 69 Liberty St., New York. 

Stimson, /. B. Stimson, J. E Cheyenne, Wyo 

Stockham. Stockham Publishing Co 70 Dearborn St , Chicago. 

Stocking. Stocking, Mrs. Lizzie Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Stocking, C: H: W. Stocking, Rev. Charles Henry W Vincennes, Ind. 

Stoddatd. S. R. Stoddard, S. R Glens Falls, N. Y. 

Straws Pr Straws Printing Co 226 E. Vernuio Ave., Colorado Springs, Col. 

Stoeckel, C. Stoeckel, C. and E. B Norfolk, Ct. 

Stokes. Stokes, Frederick A., Co 5-7 E. i6th St., New York 

Sione, H. S. Stone, Herbert S, & Co., Republic Bldg, State and Adams Sts., Chicago. 

Stone, N. J. Stone, N. J., Co 809 Market St, San Francisco 

Stone, S. Stone, Sam. 21 Quincy St, Chicago. 

Stone Pr. Stone Printing and Manufacturing Co Roanoke, Va. 

Stoneburner. Stoneburner & Prufer Staunton, Va 

Stonecypher. Stonecypher, A. L Omaha, Neb 

Stoner, W. E. Stoner, W. E Aurora, Neb. 

Stoops, W: H. Stoops, William H Riverside, N. J. 

Stout. Stout Manual Training School Menomome, Wis. 

Stradling. Stradling, J M , & Co 5-7 E i6th St., New York. 

Strayer, S. I. Strayer, S. Irving 225 E. Balto. St., Baltimore, Md. 

Street & S. Street & Smith 232-238 William St , New York. 

Street R'way. Street Railway Pub. Co 114 Liberty St , New York. 

Strickland, C: A. Strickland, Charles A Box 798, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Strickland, 0. L. Strickland, O. L Palatka, Fla. 

Strobndge, I, M. See Artemisia Bookbindery. 

Stromberg. Stromberg Pub. Co St. Louis 

Strong, J. M. Strong, Julia M. (Mrs. N. M. Strong.) North Woodbury, Ct 

Stubbs. Stubbs, Mrs. William C Audubon Park, New Orleans, 

Student Vol. Student Vol. Movement for Foreign Miss. .3 W. 2Qth St., New York. 

Studer. Studer Bros 114 Fifth Ave., New York 

Stunner, J. W: Sturmer, Julius William Terre Haute, Ind. 

Styles. Styles & Kiersted Kingston, N. Y 

Subject Ref. Subject Reference Co Delaware, N. J. 

Success, Success Co 32 Waverly PL, New York. 

Sudoiv, F. I. Sndow, Ferdinand J Hyde Park, N Y. 

Suggestion. Suggestion Pub. Co Chicago 

Suggestive. Suggestive New Thought Publishing Co. 

133 Colonial Arcade, Geveland,0. 

Sullivan, P. M. Sullivan, P. M North Tonawanda, N. Y. 

Summerbell, L J. Summerbell, Joseph J ; Dayton, 0. 

Summers, L. P. Summers, L. P Abington, Va. 

Summy, C. P., Co. Summy, Clayton F., Co 220 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Sun Pr. Sun Printing Office Baltimore, Md 

Sun Pr. Co. Sun Printing Co Pittsfield, Mass. 

Sun Pub. Sim Publishing C,o Jacksonville, Fla 

Sun-Worshiper. Sun-Worshiper Pub Co. (now Mazdaznan Pub. Co) 

1613 Prairie Ave., Chicago. 
S. S. Bd. So. Bapt. Sunday School Bd. So. Bapt Convention. 

167 N. Cherry St, Nashville, Tenn. 

S. S. Times. - Sunday School Times Co 1031 Walnut St., Philadelphia. 

Sunfloiver. Sunflower Publishing Co Lily Dale, N. Y. 

Sunflower Press. Sunflower Press Fort Scott, Kan. 

Sutherland & S Sutherland & Storms Worcester, Mass 

Swartz, C. L. Swartz, C. L Fort Worth, Tex. 

Swa&y. B: F. Swasey, Benjamin Franklin Exeter, N. H. 

Sivedenborg. Swedenbors? Publishing Association Germantown, Pa. 

Swett. Swett, Arthur E Chicago. 

Swing, A. T. Swing, Albert Temple .Oberlm 0. 

Swisher. Swisher, M. D Philadelphia. 

Sykes E: T., fr. Sykes, Edward T , Jr. .Columbus, Miss. 

Syndicate Pub Syndicate Pub. Co 234 S. 8th St., Philadelphia. 

Syracuse Univ. Syracuse University Herald Syracuse, N Y. 

Taber-P Taber-Prang Art Co Springfield, Mass. 

Taft R ' W. Taft, Russell Wales ." 144 College St., Burlington, Vt 

Talley, J W. Talley, James W Rock Hall, Md. 




Tali aval. J. B, Taliaval, J. B, Telegraph Age 253 Broadway. New York. 

Tandy, W. & Co t Tandy, Wheeler & Co. (now Tandy-Wheeler Pub. Co.) 

Boston Block, Denver, Col, 

Tappan, L. R. /. Tappan, Lee Roy J Newark Valley, N. Y. 

Taxiderm. Taxiderm Co Little Sioux, la. 

Taylor A. Taylor, Asa 919 S. *3th St., Omaha, Neb. 

Taylor, A. R. Taylor, A. R., & Co Memphis, Tenn. 

Taylor, C. F. Taylor, C. F., (Equity ser.) 1520 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Taylor, H : Taylor, Henry San Francisco. 

Taylor, 1. F. Taylor, J. F., & Co 5-7 E. i6th St., New York. 

Taylor, J. H: Taylor, Joseph Henry Washburn, N. D. 

Taylor, Z. P. Taylor, Zachary P., Pub. Co Rochester, N. Y. 

Taylor & C. Taylor & Carpenter Ithaca, N. Y. 

Taylor 6- M. Taylor & Moriya m Nassau St., New York 

Teachers' Coll. Teachers' College, Columbia University New York. 

Teamoh, R. T. Teamoh, Robert T Boston Globe, Boston. 

Teich. Teich, C, & Co Chicago. 

Teller, J: H. Teller, John H Newark, N. Y. 

Temple, G: H. Temple, George Hannibal Reading, Pa, 

Temple Press. Temple Press 1232 Arch St., Philadelphia 

Temple Pub. Temple Pub. Co 890 Eagle Aye., New York. 

Tenants' Rights. Tenants* Rights League Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Tennant. Tennant & Ward 287 Fourth Ave., New York. 

Texas. Texas, State of Austin, Tex. 

Thayer, E. B. Thayer, Eugene B Wausau, Wis. 

Thayer, F. S. Thayer, Frank S Denver, Col. 

Theo. Bk. Theosophical Book Concern 26 Van Buren St., Chicago. 

Theo. Pub. Theosophical Pub. Co. .- Point Loma, San Diego, Cal 

Theo. Soc. Theosophical Society 244 Lenox Ave., New York. 

Thomas, D: S: Thomas, David Samuel Lansford, Pa. 

Thomas, E. H. Thomas, E. H F'armington, N. H. 

Thomas, F. Thomas. Francis Troy, N. Y. 

Thomas, F. H. Thomas, F. H., Law Book Co 14 S. Broadway, St. Louis. 

Thomas, M. T. Thomas, Milward T Williamsport, Pa. 

Thomas & E. Thomas & Evans Baltimore, Md. 

Thomas Lib. Thomas Library Co St. Louis. 

Thompson, B. 6- Co. Thompson, Brown & Co 76 Summer St., Boston. 

Thompson, C: W. Thompson, Charles W., & Co Boston. 

Thompson, E: Thompson, Edward, Co Northport, L. I., N. Y. 

Thompson, F. M. Thompson, Francis M Greenfield, Mass. 

Thompson, J. W. Thompson, J. Walter, Co Times Bldg., 39 Park Row, New York. 

Thompson, N. D. Thompson, N. D., Pub. Co 2d and Olive Sts., St. Louis. 

Thompson, P. J. Thompson, Priscilla Jane Rossmoyne, 0. 

Thompson, R. J. Thompson, Robert J 1604 Wellington Ave., Chicago. 

Thompson, W. M. Thompson, Winfield M Boston. 

Thompson & T. Thompson & Thomas 338-344 Wabash Ave., Chicago. 

Thompson Litho. Thompson Lithograph and Printing Co Little Rock, Ark. 

Thomson. Thomson, Matt Alma, Kan. 

Thomson & S, > Thomson & Smith 7-9 Warren St., New York. 

Thornton & Minor. Thornton & Minor Kansas City, Mo. 

Thought. Thought Pub. Co Alameda, Cal. 

Thrash-Lick Pr. Thrash-Lick Print Fort Smith Ark. 

Thrum. Thrum, Thomas G Honolulu, H. I. 

Thurland. Thurland & Thurland. 311 First Nat Bank Bldg., Chicago. 

Thurlow. Thurlow, Walter F Skaneateles, N. Y. 

Thurston. Thnrslon, A Grand Rapids, O. 

Tibbitts. Tibbitts, Milton Washington, IX; :C r , 

Times-] 'ourn. Times- Journal Pub. Co Oklahoma City, 6k !v - 

Times-Mirror. Times-Mirror Printing and Binding House Los Angeles, Cal. 

Times Pr, Times Printixig Co Clay Center, Kan. 

Times Pr. Co. Times Printing Co * Adrian, Mich." 

Times Pub. Times Pub. Co 357 Market St., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Times Pub. Co. Times Pub. Co Emaus, Pa. 

Times Pub. Co. Times Publishing Co Eureka, Cal. 


Tinsley, H: C. Tinsley, Henry C Rupert, W. Va. 

Title Guar. Title Guarantee and Trust Co 5550 Equitable Bldg., Baltimore, Md 

Todd. Todd & Thomas 9 Topeka Ave. Hotel, Wichita, Kan, 

T of teen, 0. A. Tofteen, Olaf A 1812 5th St., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Tompkins, C: M. Tompkins, Charles M., and Sherman, Chester T., 

Pension Bureau, Washington, D. C. 

Tompkins, D. A : Tompkins, Daniel Augustus Charlotte, N, C. 

Tompkins, L. J. Tompkins, Leslie T 32 Waverley PL, New York. 




Tonnele. Tonnele & Co 30 E. 2ist St., New York, 

Toof. Tool, S. C, & Co Memphis, Torn, 

Torrey. Torrey Botanical Club Columbia Univ., New York. 

Tourist. Tourist Pub. Co Philadelphia 

Tousey. Tousey, Frank 24 Union Sq., New York, 

Towers. Towers, J. M., & Co Chicago. 

Town Topics. Town Topics Publishing Co 452 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Towne, E. Towne, Elizabeth Holyoke, Mass. 

Towne, E. E. Towne, Edwin E Newtonville, Mass, 

Townes, J: C. Townes, John C Austin, Tex 

Towuscnd, G ' A. f Jr. To\\nsend, George A , Jr Dayton, O. 

Trabue, I: H. Trabue, Isaac H Punta Gorda, Fla, 

Trask. Trask, Albert , Saginaw, Mich, 

Trask R D Trask, Robert Dana Haverhill, Mass. 

Treat.' ' Treat, E. B., & Co 241 W. 23d St., New York, 

Tribe, James. (Trade supplied by C. N. Caspar Co.) 

Tribune Assoc. Tribune Association Tribune Bldg., New York. 

Tribune Co. Tribune Co Charleston, West Va. 

Tribune Co. (Mo.} Tribune Printing Co Jefferson City, Mo. 

Tribune Pr. Tribune Printing Co Minneapolis, Minn,. 

Tribune Pr. Co. Tribune Printing Co Seattle, Wash, 

Tribune Pr. Co Tribune Printing Co 7 South Bend, Ind, 


Tribune Pr. Co. Tribune Printing Co Bismarck, N, Dak. 

(N Dak} 

Tribune Pub. Tribune Publishing Co. (for Mrs Ma. E. Hollister), 

311 Madison Ave., Scranton, Pa.* 

Tnbune Pub. Tribune Publishing Co Oakland, Calfy 


Tricoche, G: N. Tricoche, George N 75 W. Q4th St , New York 

Truman, C. H. Truman, O. H .Fairfield, Neb. 

Truslove. Truslove, Hanson & Comba (Books now supplied by John Lane ) 

Truth Seeker. Truth Seeker Co 28 Lafayette PI., New York. 

Tuck. Tuck, Raphael, & Sons Co., Ltd 122-124 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Tucker. Tucker Pub, Co Syndicate Bldg., 17 Park Row, New York 

Tucker G: F. Tucker, George F Pemberton Sq , Boston. 

Tufts Coll Tufts College Press Tufts College, Mass. 

Tulley Tulley, Henry C., & Co Wainwright Bldg., St. Louis. 

Tunnah. Tunnah & Pittard Little Rock, Ark. 

Turner. Turner, Herbert B , & Co , 

Essex Bldg, Atlantic Ave and Essex St., Boston. 

Turner, L E. Turner, Loretta E North Fairfield, 0. 

Tuttle, M. & T. Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Co New Haven, Ct 

Tuttle Co. ' Tuttle Co Rutland, Vt. 

Twentieth Century. Twentieth Century Publishing Co 774 College Ave., Chicago. 

XX Century XX. (The) Century Pub. Co Columbus, O 

Twentieth Century Twentieth Century Press 17 E. i6th St., New York 


Twombly Twombly, C. E Boston. 

U S. Belgian Hare. United States Belgian Hare Co Hinsdale, 111 

U S. Bldg. Laws. United States Building Laws Pub, Co Boston. 

U S Cath. United States Catholic Historical Soc 29 Reade St., New York 

U. S, Fidelity. United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co Baltimore, Md 

U. S. Indust. United States Industrial Pub. Co 7 Bowling- Green, New York. 

U. S. Naval 'inst. United States Naval Institute Annapolis, Md. 

7. S. Playing Card. United States Playing Card Co Cincinnati, 0. 

U. S. Pub. United States Pub. Establishment (M. F. Keiter, Agt.) 

Huntington, Ind. 

Un. B. Pub. United Brethren Publishing House 4th and Main Sts., Dayton, O. 

Un. Merc. United Mercantile Agency. (A. M. Hunt & Co.) Boston 

Un. Presb. Bd United Presbyterian Board of Publication. .207 pth St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Un. Prohibition. United Prohibition Press 92 La Salle St., Chicago. 

Un. Soc. C. E United Society of Christian Endeavor Tremont Temple, Boston. 

Underwood. Underwood & Underwood 3 W. ipth St., New York 

Union Bk. Union Book Co Chicago, 

Union Met. Cart'ge. Union Metallic Cartridge Co Bridgeport, Ct 

Union Press. Union Press 1122 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

Union Pub. Union Pub. House Chicago, 

Union Pub. Co. Union Publishing Co Choctaw, O. T. 

Unitarian S. S Unitarian Sunday School Society 25 Beacon St, Boston. 

Unity. Unity Publishing Co . Chicago. 

Universal Truth. Universal Truth Pub Co. (now Coolidge & Waterloo.) 

87 Washington St, Chicago. 

Univtrsalist. Umversalist Publishing House 30 West St., Boston. 




University. University Publishing Co 27-29 W. 23d St., New York. 

Univ. Co-op. University Co-operative Assoc Madison, Wis. 

Unvu. Herald. University Herald Press Ada, O. 

Univ. of Col. University of California Berkeley, Cal 

Univ. of Chic. University of Chicago Press Chicago 

Univ. of III. University of Illinois Urbana, 111 

Univ. of Mich. University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Mich 

Univ. of Minn. University of Minnesota Press. .315 i4th Ave, S. E, Minneapolis, Minn 

Univ. of Mo. University of Missouri Columbia, Mo. 

Univ. of Ore. University of Oregon Eugene, Ore. 

Univ. of Penn. University of Pennsylvania 34th and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia 

Univ. of W. Va. University of West Virginia Morgantown, W. Va. 

Univ. of Wis University of Wisconsin Madison, Wis. 

Univ. Press (Camb.) University Press Cambridge, Mass 

Univ. Press. (Notre University Press " Notre Dame, Ind. 


Univ. Pub. University Publishing Co Lincoln, Neb. 

Univ. $oc. University Society 78 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Updike Updike, D. B (Merrymount Press) 232 Summer St., Boston. 

Upholsterer (The). See Clifford & Lawton. 

Upland Farms. Upland Farms Alliance Oscawana-on-Hudson, N. Y 

Utley. Utley, H. D 153 State St., New London, Ct 

Utopia. Utopia Publishing Co Cleveland, 

Va. Antiquities. Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities 

Richmond, Va. 

Vail Vail, J. H., & Co. (out of business; books for sale by E. R. Pelton.) 

Vaile,E 0. Vaile, E. Chicago 

Valley Breeze. Valley Breeze, Press of Van Etten, N. Y 

Van Ame. Van Ame, W. E Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Vandegrift. Vandegrift, F. B., & Co 66 Beaver St., New York. 

Vandersloot, L. Vandersloot, Lewis Harrisburg, Pa. 

Van Doren, D. T. Van Doren, De Witt Talmage Norwalk, Ct. 

Van Haaften, A. G. Van Haaften, Alfred Gerald Hartford, Kan. 

Van Haagen. Van Haagen, Henry J 1267 Broadway, New York. 

Van Laer School. See Merrill-Van Laer School. 

Van Nostrand. Van Nostrand, D., Co 23 Murray St., New York. 

Van Nostrand, J. J. Van Noatrand, J. J Chicago. 

Van Rensselaer, S. Van Rensselaer, Stephen West Orange, N. J. 

Vansant. Vansant, W. R , & Co Chicago 

Van Vechten. Van Vechten & Ellis. [Philosopher Press] Wausau, Wis. 

Van Wagenen. Van Wagenen Co 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Van Winkler, E. A. Van Winkler, Elizabeth A n E. 45th St., New York. 

Varnum. Varnum, H Jacksonville. Fla. 

Vaught. Vaught, Mrs. L Allen . 130 Dearborn St , Chicago 

Vawter. Vawter, Baker, Co Chicago 

Vedanta. Vedanta Society 62 W. 7ist St., New York. 

Vegetarian. Vegetarian Society of America, 

1023 Foulkrod St., Frankford Station, Philadelphia. 

Vegetarian Co. Vegetarian Co 167 Dearborn St , Chicago. 

Venires, T. B. Ventres, T. B 597 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Vernon-R. Vernon-Richards Book Cp Kansas City. Mo. 

Verrill, A. E, Verrill, Addison Emory *. New Haven, Ct. 

Verulam. Verulam Publishing Co 632 Boston Block, Minneapolis, Minn 

Vickery. Vickery, Atkins & Torrey San Francisco. 

Victorian. Victorian, Press of the Victorhill, N. Y. 

Vierth. Vierth, Frank Cedar Rapids, la 

Villars, L Villars, Rev. Isaiah Waterman, 111, 

Vims Vim Publishing Co . ..132 Nassau St., New York. 

Vincent. Vincent Publishing Co 612 S. I3th St., Omaha, Neb, 

Vir Pub. Vir Publishing Co Cor. Broad and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia. 

Virgil, A. K. Virgil, Mrs. A. K 29 W. I5th St., New York 

Virginia Bapt. Virginia Baptist Publishing Co Richmond, Va. 

Virginia-Carolina Virginia-Carolina Chemicnl Co Richmond, Va 

Vivian, F. G. Vivian, F. G King City, Cal. 

Vocal Art. Vocal Art Music Co . . Boston. 

Vogle, G: E. Vogle, George Evert St. Louis. 

Volta. Volta Bureau 1525 35th St, Washington, D. C. 

Von Boeckmann Von Boeckmann-Jones Co (formerly Von Bocckmann, Moore & 

Schutze) Austin, Tex, 

Vorce, C: M. Vorce, Charles M Cleveland, O. 

Vt. Teachers'. Vermont Teachers' Supply Co Bradford, Vt 

Vye } J. A. Vye, J. A St. Anthony Park, Minn 

Waddell Waddell & Band Spartanburg, S. C. 




Waddey. Waddey, E., Co Richmond, Va. 

Wade. Wade, B. R, Printing Co Toledo, 0. 

Wade, S. C: Wade, Stuart Charles 121 W. poth St., New York. 

Wagenseller. Wagenseller Publishing Co Middleburgh, Pa. 

Wagner. Wagner. Joseph F [Roxbury Pub Co.] (Plays sold to Dramatic Pub. 

Co ) ii Barclay St., New York. 

Wahl & H. Wahl Henius 294 S. Water St., Chicago. 

Wahr. Wahr, George Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Wainwright, J. T. Wainwright, Jacob T Chicago 

Wait, J; C. Wait, John C 220 Broadway, New York. 

Waite. Waite, C. V., & Co 479 Jackson Boulevard, Chicago. 

Wakeman, W: H: Wakeman, William Henry New Haven, Ct 

Wale. Wale Printing Co San Francisco 

Walter A. Walker, Aaron 156 E. Taylor St., Kokomo, Ind. 

Walker, A. M. Walker, Alice M 21 Main St., Amherst, Mass. 

Walker, G: H. Walker, George H., Co Harcourt St., Boston 

Walker, W. C. Walker, Walter Clinton, Co Detroit, Mich. 

Walker-E. Walker-Ellerson Pub. Co 40 W. 28th St., New York. 

Walker, Evans 6- C, Walker, Evans & Cogswell Co Charleston, S. C 

Walter, E. Walter, E Baltimore, Md. 

Walton. Walton, L. B. . . , 211 Willow Ave., Ithaca, N. Y 

Walton Coll Walton College of Expression Spokane, Wash. 

Wanamaker. Wanamaker, John Philadelphia ; New York. 

Wandell Wandell, Harry Brazee St. Louis. 

Ward, G: W. Ward, George Washington 40 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia. 

Ward, M. Ward, Marcus, Co 310-318 Sixth Ave., New York 

Ward 6* D. Ward & Drummond Co 27 E. 22d St., New York. 

Ward & W. Ward & Weiland New Lexington, O, 

Warde, J. C. Warde, James Cook '...Room 16, Adams Bldg., Little Rock, Ark. 

Warden, W: A. Warden, William A Worcester, Mass. 

Wark, H. Wark, Henrv Philadelphia. 

Warlick. Warhck, W.~M, Jr Dallas, Tex. 

Warne. Warne, Frederick, & Co 36 E. 22d St., New York. 

Warner. Warner & Brownell (now Quail & Warner). 23 Park Row, New York 

Warner, J. G. Warner, J. G 32 Nassau St., Room 621, New York. 

Warren Pub. Warren Pub. Co Warren, Pa. 

Wash. Bar Assoc. Washington Bar Assoc Washington, Pa 

Washburn Washburn, H. L., & Co 9 S. Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 

Washburn, W. L. Washburn, W. L Aiken, S. C. 

Washburn, W: D. t Washburn, William D., Jr Minneapolis, Minn. 


Washburn Pub. Washburn Publishing Co New York. 

Wasson. Wasson, B. S., & Co 91-93 S. Jefferson St., Chicago. 

Watchword. Watchword and Truth Boston. 

Waters, /. K. Waters, J. K., Co Colonial Bldg , Boston. 

Watkins. Watkins Bros Warren, Ark. 

Watkins, G: Watkins, George 58 Broad St., New York. 

Watkins, /. A. Watkins, James Andrew Minneapolis, Minn. 

Watson, H. S. Watson, Harry S 234 E 6th St., Cincinnati, O. 

Watt. Watt, Frederick A Chicago. 

Watt, A. 7. Watt, A. J 292 St. Clair St, Cleveland, 0. 

Wattles Wattles, John D., Co 1031 Walnut St, Philadelphia. 

Wayland, '/. A. Wayland, J. A Girard, Kar. 

Wayne, D. P. Wayne, Dudley P 510 Johnston Bldg., Cincinnati, 0. 

Weaver, B: F. Weaver, Dr. Benjamin Franklin Bucyrus, O. 

Webb. Webb Publishing Co St. Paul, Minn. 

Webber, Mrs. R. B. Webbei, Mrs. Rachel B Dayton, Ore. 

Webber, W. I Webber, Walter I 452 So. Hill St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Weber. Weber, F M & Co 1125 Chestnut St., Philadelphia 

Weborg, J. C. Weborg, J. C 1720 Darrow Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Webster, C. B. Webster, C B., & Co Boston. 

Webster, J: C. Webster, John C Luttrell, Tenn. 

Weekly Law Bull. Weekly Law Bulletin Print Columbus, O. 

Wegelin. Wegelin, Oscar 29 W. 4^d St., New York. 

Wegman, A. J. Wegman, Andrew J., Press of Rochester, N. Y. 

Wehman. Wehman, Henry J 108 Park Row, New York. 

Wehman Bros. Wehman Bros 126 Park Row, New York. 

Weiss. Weibs, L., & Co 116 Fulton St., New York. 

Weiss, L: Weiss, Louis Chattanooga, Tenn 

Welch. Welch, W. M. & Co 181 Illinois St., Chicago. 

Welcker,A. Welcker, A San Francisco. 

Weldin. Weldin, J. R , & Co 429 Wood St., Piltsburg, Pa, 

Welsh. Welsh, Rees, & Co 901 Sansom St., Philadelphia. 




Wenborne-S. Wenborne-Snmner Co 61-69 Carroll St., Buffalo N\ . 

Werbelowky. Werbelowsky, Joseph L .......... 37 Canal St., New York 

Werner. Werner, E. S., Pub. and Supply Co.. 43 E. loth St , New \ork 

Werner Co Werner Co (now Saalfield Pub. Co.) . . . . . . . - - - - - - -Akron, O 

Werner Sch.-Bk. Werner School-Book Co. (books now supplied by Am. Book Co.) 

Wesleyan Wesleyan Methodist Publishing Association. .... ...byracuse JN. Y 

Vessels Wessels, A., Co. (Supply books of Lcnulhon & Co ; Dodge & Metcalf .) 

43-45 E. ipth St., New /ork 

rr, j j We c t J C Ozark, Mo 

West] L H. Westi James H'.,' Co"//////. .220 Devonshire St, Boston 

West Chic. Press. West Chicago Press Assoc 65-71 P1 / ut * ^PS' 

West Pub. West Publishing Co 52-58 W. 3d St., St. Paul, Minn 

Westborovgh. Westborough Historical Society Westborough, Mass 

Western Advent. Western Advent Christian Publication Assoc Mendqfa, ill 

Western Lit. Press. Western Literary Press. - : ?- nc - n "fJ- 

Western Meth. Western Methodist Book Concern . .Chicago ; Cincinnati. 

Western Plains. Western Plains Publishing Co 314 W. 26th St., Kearney,, Neb, 

Western Pub. Western Publishing House 35$ Dearborn St. Chicago 

Western Pub. Co. Western Pub. Co .Milwaukee, VVis 

-Western Publishing Western Publishing Co Indianapolis, Ind. 

Western Pub. Co., Western Publishing Co St. Loins. 

(Mo.) -, . XTr . 

Westland Westland Pub. Co ...Olympia, Wash 

Westminster. Westminster Press. .(See also Presb. Bd. of Publication.) . 

1319 Walnut St., Philadelphia 

Westminster Pub. Westminster Pub. Co ";; r? ic lf 

Weston. Weston Bros 3341 Kansas City, Mo. 

Westover, 0. A. Westover, Ozro A...: ...Struflie rs, O. 

Wheat. Wheat, S. C Bro ^ yn l " 

Wheaton Coll. Wheaton College Press Wheaton, 111 

Wheeler, C: JK. Wheeler, Charles K v ;:: B f on - 

Wheeler E: W Wheeler, Edward W Cambridge, Mass 

Wheeler J. /. * Wheeler, J. J ...Crown Point Ind. 

Wheeler, W: H. Wheeler, William H., & Co 203 Michigan Ave.^Chicago. 

Whipple Whipple, James E Yl nton .* 

WMtaker & R. Whitaker & Ray Co 211 Mission St., San Francisco 

White omb Whitcomb & Barrows Huntington Chambers, Boston. 

Whitcomb, E. P. Whitcomb, E. P., Press of 299 Washington St, Boston. 

WMe E S White, Mrs. Emma S Custer, S. D, 

White / T White, James T, & Co 7 E. i6th St., New York 

White-E-P Co. White-Evans-Penfold Co Buffalo, N, Y. 

White & W. White & Warner Box 893 Hartford, Ct. 

White Dental. White, S. S., Dental Mfg. Co Chestnut and I2th Sts., Philadelphia 

White Law Bk. White Law Book Co ...Albany, N V 

Whitfield Whittield & Co Los Angeles, Cal. 

Whitney,' T. R. Whitney, J. R galem, Ore 

Whitney, R. W: Whitney, Ruel William New York 

WhUtnkcr. Whittaker, Thomas 2 Bible House, New York. 

Whittehev, C: B. Whittelsey, Charles B Hartford, Ct 

Whittemore. H. W. Whittemore. H. W MaMen, Mass. 

Whittern, C: S. Whittern, Charles S Cleveland, O. 

Whittet. Whittet & Shepperson 1001 Main St., Richmond. Va. 

Whitworth. Whitworth Bros Co 60 High St., Cleveland, 

Wickersham. Wickersham Co Lancaster, Pa. 

Wickes. Wickes, Gregory, Pub. Co Grand Rapids, Mich, 

Wilbur L. P. Wilbur, La Fayette Jericho. Vt, 

Wien, Wien, Daniel V., & Co 359 Fifth Ave., New York 

Wieners Wieners, Godfrey A. S. (formerly Doxey's).662 Sixth A-\e.. New York. 

Wticox, W: A Wilcox, William A Scranton, Pa 

Wilde. Wilde, W. A., Co 120 Boylsfon St., Boston. 

Wtidey. A. C. Wildey, Anna C P. O. Box 18, Station N , New York. 

Wiley. Wiley, John, & Sons 41-45 E. ipth St., New York. 

Wilhelm, H. L. Wilhelm, Honor L Seattle. Wash. 

Wilkes-Barre Rec- Wilkes-Barre Record. Wilkes-Barre,, Pa. 


Willey. Willey & Danforth Vermillion, S. D, 

Williams, A Williams, Alfred, & Co Raleigh, N. C. 

Williams, D: Williams, David, Co 232-238 William St., New York. 

Williams, H: G, Willi?ms, Henry Graham (present address not known), formerly, 

Athens, Ga. 

Williams, I: H: Williams, John Henry Selma, Ala. 

Williams, W. L. Williams, W. L Ithaca, N. Y. 




Williams 6* R. Williams & Rogers (books now supplied by Am. Bk. Co.).. New York. 

Williams 6- W. Williams & Wilkins Co Baltimore, Md. 

Williamson, S. B. Williamson, S. B., & Co Nashville; Tenn. 

Williamson Bros. Williamson Bros Williamson, la 

Williamson Law Bk Williamson Law Book Co 41 State St, Rochester, N. Y 

Willis, G: R. Willis, George R., & Co 20 Central Wharf, Boston. 

Wills, J: H. Wills, John H. [The Literary Shop], 

506 nth St., N. W., Washington, D C. 
Willy, John. See Hotel Monthly. 

Wilson, E: L. Wilson. Edward L 289 Fourth Ave., New York. 

Wilson H. W. Wilson, H. W., Co 315 i4th Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Wilson, W. H. Wilson, Rev W H Dresden, O 

Wilson, Mrs. W. H. Wilson, Mrs. W. H Nashville, Tenn. 

Wilson, W. W. Wilson. Western W 14 Thomas St., New York 

Wilson Pub. Wilson Pub. Co Cleveland, O 

Wiltsius. Wiltzius, M. H., & Co 429 E. Water St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Windiknowe. Windiknowe Publishing Co Evanston, 111 

Winona. Winona Publish! .-re Co 195 State St., Chicago 

Winston. Winston, John C., Co. (successors to Henry T. Coates & Co.), 

"1006 Arch St., Philadelphia. 

Wisconsin. Wisconsin, Dept. of Public Instruction, L. D. Harvey, State Supt 

Madison, Wi c 

Wise. Wise, Leo, & Co Cincinnati 

Wiseman. Wiseman, Adam J ." 98 Greenwich St , New York 

Wisteria. Wisteria Cottage Press (Mrs. Zella Allen Dixson) Chicago. 

Witmark. Witrnark, M , Sons 144 W. 37th St., New York. 

Witter. Witter, Conrad 21 S. 4th St., St Louis. 

Witter, J. C. Witter, J. C., Co 26 W. 23d St., New York 

Wolcotfs. Wolcott's Bookshop Vanderbilt Sq, Syracuse, N Y 

Wolf, G: A. Wolf, George A Wilmington, Del 

Wolfe. Wolfe Publishing Co Akron, 

Woman's Pub. Woman's Publishing Co Kansas City 

Woman's Temp. Woman's Temperance Pub. Assoc 161 Lasalle St., Chicago. 

Wood. Wood, William, & Co 51 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Wood-A. Wood-Allen Pub. Co Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Wood, O. B. Wood, Oliver B., Press of Worcester, Mass. 

Wood-W, Wood- Weaver Printing Co , Press of Indianapolis, Ind. 

Wood, W. E. Wood, W. E San Francisco 

Wood & Co. Wood & Co 287 Atlantic Ave., Boston. 

Woodward, W. A. Woodward, W. A., & Co San Francisco. 

Woodward & L. Woodward & Lothrop 1013 F St., Washington, D. C. 

Woodward 6* 7. Woodward & Tiernan Printing Co St. Louis. 

Woosier. Wooster & Co 228 Wabash Ave., Chicago 

Worcester Nat. Hist. Worcester Natural History Society Worcest-er, Mass. 

Word 6- Works Word and Works Publishing Co 2201 Locust St,.St. Louis. 

World Progress. World Progress Publishing Co St. Louis. 

World R'zvay. World Railway Pub. Co 79 Dearborn St., Chicago 

World Relations World Relations, Office of Champaign, 111. 

World' s m Coll. Ther- World's College of Therapeutics Fargo, N. D. 


Worthington, A D. Worthington, A. D., & Co 438 Asylum St., Hartford, Ct 

Wright H T. Wright, H. T Kansas City, Mo. 

Wright, LC. Wright, J. Clegg Amelia, O. 

Wright, J. 0. Wright, J. 0., & Co 6 E. 42d St, New York. 

Wright & D. Wright & Ditson Boston 

Wright & P. Wright & Potter Printing Co Boston. 

Writer Pub. Writer Publishing Co Boston 

Wurts, J: . Wurts, John New Haven, Ct 

Wyatt, F F. Wyatt, Frederick F 1241 No 3d St, Abilene Tex 

Wycil. Wycil & Co 83 Nassau St., New York. 

Wyer, H: S. Wyer, Henry Sherman Nantucket, Mass. 

Wynkoop. Wynkoop, Hallenbeck, Crawford Co 501 Pearl St, New York. 

Wynkoop, R: Wynkooo, Richard 241 Quincy St., Brooklyn, N. Y 

Wyoming Educ. Wyoming Educational Pub. Co Laramie, Wyo 

Y M. C. A. Young Men's Christian Assoc., Internat Com..3 W. 29th St., New York. 

Yale Univ. Yale University ., New Haven. O 

Yang Univ. Yang University Assoc. Seattle, Wash. 

Votes, K. M. Yates, K. M., & Co Chicago. 

Yeaman. Yeaman, M. P., printer Fayette, Mo 

Year Bk Year Book Publishers 40 Dearborn St., Chicago., C. A. Yendes, Miss Candace A 465 Ella St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Yewdale. Yewdale, J. H., & Sons Co Milwaukee, Wis. 




Yocuni, W. F. Yocum, Wilbur Fisk Lake City, Fla. 

Yogi Pub. Yogi Publication Society 4000 Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago. 

Yordy. Yordy, E. B., Co 41 West Market St., Wilkesbarrc, Pa 

York, G: W. York, George W 334 Dearborn St , Chicago. 

York Daily. York Daily Publishing Co York, Pa. 

Young, E. <$ /. B. Young, E. & J. B., & Co. (now Thomas Nelson & Sons.) . .New York 

Young, E: H. Young, Edward H Washington, D. C 

Young, L. S. Young, Mrs. Luanda Smith Lambertville, N. J. 

Young, W: H. Young, William H., & Co 63 Barclay St., New York. 

Young Am. Young America Pub. Co 125 E. 23d St., New York. 

Young Churchman. Young Churchman Co 412 Milwaukee St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Young People's Young People's Missionary Movement 156 Fifth Ave., New York. 


Zancr & B. Zaner & Bloser Co 118 N High St, Columbus, 0. 

Zdler. Zdler, G. A , Book Co 18 S. 4th St., St. Louis. 

Zcrbe, F, Zeibe, Farran Tyrone, Pa. 

Zickel, Zickel, S. (books now supplied by the International News Co.), 

83 Duane St., New York. 

Ziegler. Ziegler, P. W., & Co 215 Locust St., Philadelphia. 

Zimmerman, L. M. Zimmerman, L. M 424 Hanover St., Baltimore, Md. 

Zimmerman's. Zimmerman's 156 Fifth Ave.. New York 

Zwisohn, L t W. Zwischn, Laz-arus W 1085 Lexington Ave,, New York. 


By Author, Title, Subject and Series 


In this catalog the books are recorded under (i) author, in Clarendon type ; anonymous books 
having Clarendon type for the first word; (2) title in Roman ; (3) subject-heading in S.MALI CAPS ; (4) 
name of series in Italics. The figures in parentheses are not the imprint datt\ but refer to the date 
of '*' The Publishers' Weekly " in which full title entry will be found and not to the day of publica- 
tion, for which information should be sought in the full title entry thus indicated. Where not 
specified, the binding is cloth. 

Since July, 1902, the prices of net books published under the rules of the American Publishers 1 
Association are preceded in this list by a double asterisk **, and the word net follows the prite. The 
prices of fiction (not net) published under the rules are preceded by a dagger *). The pruts of net 
books not covered by the rules, whether published by members of the American Publishers* Associa- 
tion or not, are preceded by a single asterisk, and the word net follows the price* 

The abbreviations are usually self -explanatory. A colon after initial designates the most usual 
given name, as - A: Augustus ; B: Benjamin; C" Charles; D David; E, Edward; F: Frederic; 
G' George ;H- Henry; I; Isaac; J: John; L: Louis; N- Nicholas; P. Peter; R: jRic/tard ; 
S: Samuel; T. Thomas; W: William. 

Sizes are designated as follows : F. (folio: overdo centimeters high}; Q. (4/0 under 30 cm.}; 
O. (8v0 : 25 cm.); D. (i2mo : 20 cm.}; S. (i6w0. ll^cm.}; T. (i^wo 15 cm.}; 'It (^imo I2$g cm.}; 
Fe. (4&OT0 10 cm.}. *$*' obi*, nar., designate square, oblong, narrow books of the se heights. In 
cases where the record is not made directly from the book, the designations 4/^, Sv0 t izmo, etc,, are 

Months are abbreviated as follows : Ja January ; F Februaiy ; Mr March ; Ap April ; My May ; 
Jejune; Jl July ; A g August ; S September ; October; N November ; D December. 

The full name of publisher and address will be found in the Directorv of Publishers^ 
pp. ixlxii. 


CUMULATED 1 900- 1 905 

Of books recorded January i, 1900, to January i, 1905, by Author, Title, 

SUBJECT, and Series entry. 

A apple pie. Greenaway, K. 75 c. Warne. 

ABC book. Denslow, W. W. 50 c.; 25 c. 

G: W. Dillingham. 

ABC business guide. Stevans, C, M. 50 c. ; 

30 c. Alhambra. 

ABC guide to ball-room dancing. Jay, D. 

F. 50 c. ; 25 c. Henneberry. 

ABC guide to photography. New rev. ed. 

1900 (Jei6) il. 16, 50 c. ; pap., 30 c. 

ABC hand-book. Phillips, D. H. 75 c. ; $i ; 

$1.25. Phillips & Co. 

A B C in Dixie. Bonte, L. Q. **$i.25 net. 

A B C of banks and banking. Coffin, G: M. 

$1.25. S: A. Nelson. 

A B C of bridge. Tennant, E. A. 50 c. 

A B C of cookery for invalids. Kiddle, 

Mrs. J: 50 c. Wycil. 

A B C of dancing Scott, E: 50 c. Wycil. 
A B C of dynamo design. Avery, A. H. 

net, 40 c. Spon. 

A B C of electrical experiments. Clarke, W. 

J. $i. Excelsior. 

A B C of gardening; by a practical gardener. 

*03(Di2) T. (Drane's new ABC hand- 
books, no. 10 ) 50 c. Wycil 
A B C of graphology. Bennett, W. 50 c. 

A B C of motors and motor cycles. Brown, 

C. W. 50 c. Wycil. 

A B C of options and arbitrage. Nelson, S: 

A. $i. S: A. Nelson. 

A B C of palmistry. '03(010) T. (Drane's 

new ABC handbooks, no. 3.) 50 c. Wycil. 
A B C of palmistry. Hathaway, E. 75 c.; 

50 c. Banner Light. 

A B C of photography/ Wall, E. J. 50 c. 

A B C of photomicography. Walmsley, W: 

H: $1.25. Tennant 

A B C of physiognomy. Bello, P. 50 c. 

A B C of scientific Christianity. Clarkson, 

J. R. 25 c. J. R. Clarkson 

A B C of solo whist. Oliver, E. 50 c. Wycil. 
A B C of stamp collecting; by F: J. Melville. 

'04(817) sq. T. 50 c. Wycil. 

A B C of stock speculation. Nelson, S. A. 

$1.50. S: A. Nelson. 

A B C of swimming; by an ex-captain of the 
Midland Swimming Club. '03(012) T. 
(Drane's new ABC handbooks, no. 9.) 
50 c. Wycil. 

A B C of table tennis. Eames, C. G. 50 c. 


A B C of the dog: how to choose, feed, train 
a dog, diseases, treatment, etc., by Harold 
Tremayne. '04(817) sq. T. 50 c. Wycil. 

A B C of the steam engine. Lisk, J. P. 50 c. 


A B C of the telephone. See Homans, J. E. 

A B C of Wall St. Nelson, S. A. $i. 

S. Af Nelson. 

A B C of wireless telegraphy. Bubier, E: T. 
$r. . Bubier. 

ABC universal commercial electric tele- 
graphic code, sth ed., enl. *o2(Je7) 8, 
net, $7. Am. Code 

A B-Z of our own nutrition. Fletcher H. 
**$i net. Stokes. 

A. L. A. annotated lists. Hewins, C. M. 15 c. 

A. L. A. 

A. L. A. catalogue, 8000 volumes for a pop- 
ular lib., with notes, 1904; prep, for N. Y. 
State Lib. and the Library of Congress un- 
der the auspices of the Am. Lib. Assoc. 
Pub. Bd. ; ed., M. Dewey; associate eds , 
May Seymour, Mrs. H. L. Elmendorf. pt 
i, classed; pt. 2, dictionary. 'o4(Ni2) O. 
free to libraries; to other than libraries, 
50 c. ; pap., 25 c. ; or pts. i and 2, separately, 
25 c.; pap., 15 c. Gov. Pr. 

A la mode cookery. Salis, Mrs. H. A. de, $2 


A. R., comp. Word for the day. '03 32, 
(Ariel booklets, no. 71.) 75 c. Putnam. 


Needham. Melchizedek and Aaron as types 
of Christ 10 c. C: C. Cook. 

Aaron Burr Memorial ; prepared and ed. by 
the Grand Camp of the Aaron Burr Legion 
in commemoration of the I47th anniversary 
of the birthday of Col. Burr, born Feb. 6, 
1756, died Sept. 14, 1836. J 04(Di7)' O. pap., 
25 c. Mount Vernon. 

Aaron Crane. Tate, H: $1.50. Abbey Press. 

AT>ady, Jaques. Gas analyst's manual. '02 
,(S20) il. 8, $6.50. Spon. 

Abandoned. Van Fossen, L. B. $1.50. Neely. 



Abandoned farmer. Preston, S. H. $1.25. 

Phelps. Life and teachings of Abbas Ef- 
fendi. **$i.40 net. Putnam. 

Abbatt, W: Battle of Pell's Point, (Pel- 
ham,) Oct. 18, 1776. 'oi(Ni6) 0. net, $2; 
Large pap, ed., $5. Abbatt 

Abbatt, W:. ed. See also Heath, W: 
Abbe Constantin. See Halevy, L. 
Abbess of Vlaye. Weyman, S. J: t$i-50. 


Abbetmeyer, C. Old English poetical motives 
derived from the doctrine of sm. '03. '04 
(F6) O. pap., 25 c. 

H. W. Wilson, [Lemcke.] 

Abbey, C: J. Divine love. 1900 (D8) 12, 

$1.75. Macmillan. 

Abbey, Edn. A., il. Quest of the Holy Grail ; 

text by F. Greenslet. J 02(D2o) 4, *$5 net. 

Curtis C. 
ABBEY, Edwin A. 

Baxter. Legend of the Holy Grail as set 

forth in the frieze for Boston Pub. Lib. 

$i 50. Curtis & C. 

Hubbard. Abbey. 25 c Roycrofters. 

Abbey, H: Phaethon. 1900 (D22) S. Styles. 

Abbey, H: Poems. 4th ed., enl. 'O4(jl2> 

12, **$ net; leath., **$2 net. Appleton. 


See Cathedrals ; Convents ; Monasticism ; also 

names of abbeys. 

Abbot, Willis J: American merchant ships 
and sailors. '02 (Ni) O. **$2 net. Dodd. 

Abbott, Alex. C. Hygiene of transmissible 
diseases. 2d rev. enl. ed. 'oi(Jeis) il. 8, 
net, $2^50. Saunders. 

Abbott, Alex. C. Manual of bacteriology, 6th 
ed., rev. and enl. 'os(Myi7) 12, net, $2.75. 


Abbott, Alex. C, and Waugh, W: F. The 
W-A alkaloidal therapeutics. 2d ed. '05 
$250; $3. Clinic. 

Abbott, Alice B. Frigate's namesake. '01 
(Oi2) il. D. net, $i. Century Co. 

Abbott, Arth. V. Electrical transmission of 
energy. New ed., rev. '04(024) il. fold. 
diag, 8, cl, **$5 net 

Abbott, Arth. V. Telephony: a manual of 
the design, construction, and operation of 
telephone exchanges. In 6 v. v. 1-3. '03 
(Je27) ; v. 4 (031) ; v. 5. '04(08) il. O. 
ea., $1.50; set, $6. McGraw. 

Abbott, Austin. Brief for the trial of civil 
issues before a jury. 26. and enl. ed. 1900 
(Di) O, shp., $4.50. Lawyers' Co-op. 

Abbott, Austin. Brief on the modes of prov- 
ing facts in question on the trial of civil or 
criminal cases 2d and enl. ed. *oi(D7) 
O. shp , $4.50. ^ Lawyers' Co-op. 

Abbott, Austin. Brief upon pleadings in civil 
actions, at law, in equity, and under the 
new procedure. 2d enl. ed. 'o4(Mr26) 2 
v., O. shp , per v., $4.50. Lawyers' Co-op. 

Abbott, Austin. Trial evidence. 2d ed. rev. 
and enl. by J: J. Crawford. 1900 (Mys) 
O shp., net, $6.50. Baker, V. & Co. 

Abbott, Austin, assisted by Beecher, W: C. 
Brief for the trial of criminal cases. 2d enl. 
ed. '02 (D6) O. shp,, $4.50. Lawyers' Oo^op. 

Abbott, C: C. A colonial wooing. *02(N22) 
D. (Select novels.) f$x; pap., 50 c, '-",,, 

Lippincott i 

Abbott, C. C. In nature's realm; drawings 
by O. Kemp. 1900 (O6) O. net, $250. 


Abbott, Edn. A. Clue: guide through Greek 
to Hebrew Scripture. 1900(029) 8, net, 
$2.60. Macmillan. 

Abbott, Edn. A. Corrections of Mark adopted 
by Matthew and Luke. 'oi(JeS) 8, net, 
$5.50. Macmillan. 

Abbott, Edn. A. From letter to spirit. '03 
(85) 8, *$7 net. Macmillan. 

Abbott, Edn. A. Paradosis; or, "in the night 
in which he was (?) betrayed." 'O4(je4) 
8, **$2.6o net. t Macmillan. 

Abbott, Ernest H. Religious life in Amer- 
ica. '02 (D6) 0. **$i net. Macmillan. 

Abbott, Evelyn. History of Greece, pt. 3, 
445-403 B.C. 1900(522) 0. $2.25. Putnam. 

Abbot, F. L. Faith built on reason. '02(820) 
D. 50 c. J H. West 

Abbott, Fk. F. Hist, and des. of Roman po- 
litical institutions. *oi(O26) D $i 60. 


Abbott, Fk. F. Toledo manuscript of the 
Germania of Tacitus. '03(819) Q. (Univ. 
of Chic, decennial pubs.; pr. fr, v. 6.) pap., 
*5o c. net. Univ. of Chic. 

Abbott, F: H. Practice IP civil actions at 
law in the cts. of record for Michigan, with 
forms. 'oi(Jei) 2 v., O. shp., $12. Keefe-D. 

Abbott, G. F. Macedonian folklore. '03 
(Je27) 8, *$ net. Macmillan. 

Abbott, G. F. Songs of modern Greece. 
1900 (Di) 16, (Cambridge Un:<r. Press 
ser.) net, $1.50. Macmillan. 

Abbott, G. F. Tale of a tour in 'Macedonia. 
'o3(Myi6) il. O. *$s net. Longmans. 

Abbott, H : G. Developing, its use and abuse : 
[photography.] *o4(Fi3) 12, pap,, 25 c. 


Abbott, H: G: Modern printing processes. 
ipoo(Agii) il. 16, 35 c. ; pap , 25 c. Hazlitt. 

Abbott, H: G: Progressive lessons in pho- 
tography. Pt. I, Fine arts. iQOo(F3) il. 
24, 35c; pap., 2$c. Hazlitt 

Abbott, Irene McM. Ministry of love: 
[poems.] '03(1613) S. $i. Crane. 

Abbott, J. H. M. Tommy Cornstalk: feat- 
ures^ of the So. African war from the point 
of view of the Australian ranks. *O2(Je2i) 
D. $2. Longmans. 

Abbott, Jac. A boy on a farm at work and at 
play; ed by C. Johnson. '03(F2&) D. 
(Eclectic readings.) 45 c. Am. Bk. 

Abbott, Jac. and J: S. C. Alexander the 
Great i900.( 027) .Alfred the Great- 
Cyrus the Great Elizabeth, Queen of 
England. Josephine. Julius Caesar. King 
Charles the^ Second of England. Mme. Ro- 
land. Marie Antoinette. Mary Queen of 
Scots. Pyrrhus. Romulus. Xerxes the 
Great (D8) il. sq. 16, (Young people's 
lib.) ea. 50 c. Altemtis. 

Abbott, Jac. and J : S. C Life of Alexander 
the Great. Alfred the Great.' Charles the 
First, King of England. Charles the Sec- 
ond, King of England. Cyrus the Great 
Darius the Great Elizabeth, Queen of 
England. Hannibal the Carthaginian. 
Hernando Cortez. Josephine, Empress of 
France. Julius Csesar. Madame Roland. 
Marie Antoinette. Mary, Queen of Scots. 
1900(81,22). Life of Pyrrhus. Romulus. 



Abbott, Jac, and J : S. C. Continued. 
William the Conqueror. Xerxes. (O6). 
Nrv issue, il. 12, (Franklin ser. of biog.) 
ea., 75 c. Burt 

Abbott, J: S. C Captain William Kidd and 
other of the buccaneers. '02 (D6) D. (Ajax 
ser., no. 7.) 52 c. Dodd. 

Abbott, J : S. C. Christopher Carson, known 
as Kit Carson. '01. *O2(Api2) 12, net, 87 c. 


Abbott, J: S. C, and Conwell, Russell H. 
Lives of the presidents. Art ed. '03 
(Mr28) 3 v., il. 8, $4 leath., per set, $12. 


Abbott, J : S. C. See also Abbott, Jac. 

Abbott, Kath. M. Old paths and legends of 
New England. '03 (D5) il. map, 8, **$3-50 
net. Putnam. 

Abbott, Kath. M. Trolley trips in anc about 
Washington. 1900 (Je23) il. maps, pap., 
10 c. * J. F. Jarvis. 

Abbott, Kath. M. Twentieth century trolley 
trips. '01(821) il. obi. Tt pap., 10 c. 

C. B. Webster. 

Abbott, L. The Great Companion J 04(Ap2) 
O. bds, **$i net Macmillan. 

Abbott, L. Henry Ward Beecher. J O3(N2i) 
por. D. **$i.75 net. Houghton, M & Co. 

Abbott, L. Life and literature of the ancient 
Hebrews. 'oi(Mr2) D. $2. 

Houghton, M. & Co, 

Abbott, L. The life that really is. 1900 Qa2o) 
D $1.50. Ketcham. 

Abbott, L. The other room. *O3(Ap4) O. 
bds, ^$1 net Macmillan, 

Abbott, L. Problems of life : sel. from writ- 
ings; by S. T. Dickinson. 1900 (Ap2i) D. 
$1.50. Dodd. 

Abbott, L. Rights of man. 'oi(Ni6) D. net, 
$i 50. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Abbott, L. Salvation from sin. 1900 (Nio) 
D. (What is worth while ser.) leatherette, 
35 c. Crowell. 

Abbott, L. The supernatural. 1900 (Nio) 
D. (What is worth while ser,) leather- 
ette, 35 c. Crowell. 

Abbott, L. Why go to church? 1900 (D8) 
D. (Day's work ser.) 35 c. L. C. Page. 

Abbott, L., ed. Hints for home reading. 
1900 (D8) S. $1.25. Bowman. 

Abbott, L., Hillis, N. D , [and others.} Henry 
Ward Beecher, as his friends saw him. '04 
(Ds) il. por. 12, *75 c. net Pilgrim Press. 

Abbott, Mary W. Browning and Meredith, 
some points of similarity. *04(Ni9) D. $i. 


Abbott, Mather A. First Latin writer. '04 
(Mysi) D. (Morris and Morgan's Latin 
ser.) 60 c. Am. Bk. 

Abbott, S: W., ed. See American year- 
book of medicine. 

Abbott, Steve M., comp. Compendium of 
parliamentary rules. '02. '03 (F;) S. 30 c.; 
pap., 20 c S. M. Abbott. 

Abbott, T: C, ["Recapper," pseud.] Practi- 
cal dog education. '03. 'o4(Fi3) por. O. 
$i M. T. Richardson 

Abbott, Twyrnan O. Treatise on probate 
law; also law rel. to married women, min- 
ors, insane persons, etc.; with rules of prac- 
tice and forms, adpt. to Ariz., Cal., Id., 
Mont , Nev., Ore., Utah, Wash., and Wyo. ; 

Abbott, Twyman O. Continued, 
also a probate code giving the statutes for 
all these states, topically arr. and compared. 
J 04(Jli6) 3 v., O. shp., $18. Bancroft-W. 
Abbott, W. C., and Waugh, W: F., tds. 
American alkalimetry, from 1894 to 1903. 
4 v., ea., $2; set, $7. Clinic. 

Abbott's cyclopedic digest. See New York. 
Abdallah. Laboulaye, E. R. L. $i Pott 

Connor. Clinical and patholog observa- 

tions on acute abdominal diseases. *$r.5O 

net Keener. 

Deaver. Surgical anatomy, v. 3, Abdo- 

men, etc. subs., complete work, $24; $27. 


Douglas. Diagnosis of surgical diseases of 

abdomen. *$8 net. Blakiston. 

Huntington. Atlas and treatise on abdom- 

inal anatomy, *$io net Lea. 

Wackerhagen. Aseptic and antiseptic prep- 

aration and treatment of emergencies af- 

ter abdominal operations. *$i net. 

See also Intestines; Stomach. 

Abdominal examination and manipulation in 
pregnancy. MacLennan, A. $2. Rebman. 


Dorys, pseud. Private life of the Sultan of 
Turkey, net, $1.20 Appleton. 

ABeckett, Arthur W: The A'Becketts of 
Punch. 'O4(jai6) 8, *$4 net Dutton. 

Abegg, R., and Herz, W. Practical chemis- 
try; tr. by H. B. Calvert. '01. 'o2(Ja24) 
12, net, $1.50. Macmillan. 

Abel, Carl. Gynecological pathology. 2d ed. ; 
tr. and ed. by S: W. Bandler. 'oi(Da8) 
il. 8, net, $2.50. Wood. 

ABELARD, Peter. 
McCabe. Peter Abelard. net, $2. Putnam. 

Abelard and Heloise. Love letters; reprinted 
from the tr. of 1722. '03(019) 16, decor., 
$3; leath., $15. Bobbs-M. 

Abelaard and Heloise. Love letters of Abelard 
and Heloise; -ed. by Honnpr Morten. '01 
(Ag3i) 16, (Temple classics ) 50 c.; limp 
leath., 75 c. Macmillan. 

Abeniki Caldwell. Wells, C t$i-5O. Russell. 

Abercrombie, H. R. See Scoble, J : 

Aberaethy, J. W. American literature. '02 
(Ap26) 12*, $1.10. Maynard, M. & Co. 

Abernetliy, J. W,, ed The southern poets J 
sel. poems of Sidney Lanier, Henry Tim- 
rod, Paul H, Hayne; with biog. and crit 
introd. and notes. 'O4(je4) 16, (Eng. 
classic ser., no. 241.) pap , 12 c. 

Maynard, M. & C. 


See Magnetism. 

AbhedSnanda, Swami. Divine heritage of 
man: the Vendanta philosophy. *03(Jei3) 
12, *$i net. Vedanta. 

Swami. Spiritualism and ve- 
danta. J 04CDio) 12, pap., ip c, Vedanta. 
Ab&edananda, Swami. Why is a Hindu a 
vegetarian? 1900 (Mys) 12, pap., 10 c. 


Abhedaaanda, Swami, comp. Sayings of Sri 
Ramakrishna. 'o3(Myp) 32*, *75 c. net 


Abhedananda, Swami, comp. Vedanta philos- 
ophy. (Six lectures.) 'oi-'o3. 12, ea., 
10 C.-40 c. Vedanta. 



Abnstkee rugs. Albee, Mrs. H. R. 60 c. 

H. R. Albee. 

Abner Daniel. Harben, W. N. $1.50. 


Abney, Sir W: de W. Photography. loth 
rev. and enl. ed. 1900. J oi(Mr2) 12, $2. 


Abney, Sir W: de W. Photography. loth 
ed., rev. 'oi(D2i) D. (Text-books of sci- 
ence.) $1.75. Longmans. 

Aboard the "American Duchess." Myers, G: 
L. $i Putnam. 

ATbora, Fk. Class exercises in the individual- 
ization of lines in drawing. *03(My23) obi. 
S. pap., 25 c. Fk. Aborn. 

About, Edmond. La fille du chanome >et L'al- 
bum du regiment ; biog. notice of the author 
and notes in English by G Castegnier. '01 
(My4) sq. S. (Contes choisis, no. 23 ) pap., 
25 c. W : R. Jenkins 

About, Edmond. King of the mountains; tr. 
by A. Lang. '02. 'O3(MyQ) 12, (Century 
of Fr. romance, Parisian ed., v. 14.) per v., 
fr. $5 to $50. Appleton. 

About, Edmond. La mere de la marquise; 
ed., with notes and vocabulary, by Murray 
Peabody Brush. 'o3(Je2o) S. (Modern lan- 
guage ser.) 40 c. Heath. 

About, Edmond. La mere de la marquise, et 

La fille de chanoine; ed., with notes and 

* vocab. by 0. B. Super. '04 (Oi) por. S. 

(Internat. modern lang. ser.) 50 c Ginn. 

About animals retold from St. Nicholas. Car- 
ter, M. H., ed. **6s c. net. Century Co. 

About money. Sinks, P. W. **40 c. net. 


About my books. Ensey, G. E. **$i.50 net; 
**$ net. Small. 

About my father's business. Miles, A. $1.50. 


About the Bible. Horton, E: A 25 c. ; per 
doz , $2 50. Unitarian S. S. 

Abraham and the patriarchal age Duff, A. 
**3Q c. net. Lippincott. 

Abrahams, Israel. See Yellin, D: 

Abr&ms, Alb. The blues, nervous exhaustion, 
causes and cure. 'O4(ja23) 12, *$ net 


Abrams, Alb. Diseases of the heart. '02 
'03 (F7) il. 12*, (Standard monograph ser.) 
$i. Engelhard 

Abrams, Bernard A. Fibel fur schueler nicht- 
deutscher abkunft. 1900. *oi(Ja26) 16*, 
20 c. Am. Bk. 

Abcrams, Le Roy Flora of Los Angeles and 
vicinity. 'O4(jei8) 12, $2. 

Stanford Univ. Bkstore. 

Abroad with the Jimmies. Bell, L $1.50. 

L C Page 

Abruzzi, (Duke of the,) [Luigi Amedeo of 
Savoy.] On the Polar Star in the Arctic 
sea; tr. by W: Le Queux. *Q3(Myi6) 2 v., 
il. pors. maps, Q'. **$I2.5O net. Dodd. 

Absal of Jami. See Omar KhayySm. 

Absegami. Heston, A. M. $5. A. M. Heston. 
Absent-minded beggar. See Kipling, R. 


See Confession 

Absorption of liquids by animal tissues. Web- 
ster, R. W. *5o c. net. Univ. of Chic. 

Abt, I : A. Pediatrics and orthopedic sur- 
gery; ed, by J: Ridlon. '03(812) il. 12, 
(Practical medicine ser. of year books, 2d ' 
sen, v. 7.) *$i.25 net Year Bk, 

Abii'1-Ala. Quatrains; selected from his 
"Lozum-ma-la Yalzam" and "Sact-uz- 
Zind," rendered into Eng. by Ameen F. 
Rihani. '03(03) D. **$i.25 net. 

Doubleday, P. 

Abundant harvest. Daring, H. $i. Jennings. 

Vivian. Abyssinia. $4. Longmans, 

Wellby. Twixt Sirdar and Menelik. net, 
$2.50. Harper. 

Academe ser. See Caldwell's 
Academic Gregories. Stewart, A. G. 75 c. 


Academic physiology and hygiene. Brands, 
O M. $i. m Sanborn. 

Academy ser. of English classics. 12*, 20 c.- 
40 c. Allyn & B. 

Irving. Life of Oliver Goldsmith. 
Lowell. Vision of Sir Launfal. 
Milton. Minor poems. 
Shakespeare. The tempest. 
Tennyson. Idylls of the king. 

Black. Law and practice in accident cases. 

$6. ^ Soney. 

Dickson. First aid in accidents, net, 50 c, 

Doty. Prompt aid to the injured. $1,50. 


Drinkwater. First aid to the injured and 
ambulance drill, net, 40 c. Macmillan. 
Dulles. Accidents and emergencies. $r. 


Golebiewski. Atlas and epitome of dis- 
eases caused by accident, net, $4. 


Hamilton. Railway and t other accidents 

with rel to injury and disease of nervous 

system ^ *$3-50 net; *$4-SO net Wood. 

Hope. Till the doctor comes and how to 

help him. $i. Putnam. 

Kilmer, ed. Johnson's first aid manual 

Johnson & J. 

Lamprecht Recovery work after pit fires. 
$4. Van Nostrand, 

Parry. Risks and dangers of various occu- 
pations and their prevention, net, $3, 

Van Nostrand 

Warwick. First aid to the injured. 50 c 

Penn Pub/ Co. 

Warwick and Tunstall. First aid to the 
injured and sick, net, $i. Saunders 

Sec also Life-saving; Street railroads, Surgery, 

According to Plato. Moore, F. F. $1.50. 

According to season. Parsons, Mrs. F. T. 

net, $1.75. Scribner 

According to the pattern. Hill, Mrs. G. L. 

**$i net. Am. Bapt 

Account (An) of Louisiana, 1803. '01 (Fi6) 

S. (Old South leaflets, no. 105.) pap., 5 c. 

Old South Work 
Accountant's guide for executors, etc. Gotts- 

berger, F. $5. Peck, 


See Arithmetic; Bookkeeping. 


Leeds and Butterfield. Acetylene. $2. 


Lewes. Acetylene, net, $7. Macmillan. 
Acetyline gas; how to make and use it. '04 

(Je4) il. 12, pap., 25 c. Spon. 



Achard, L: A. E. Golden fleece (La toison 
d'or;) fr. the Fr. i900(Ag4> il. 12, $1.50. 

L. C Page. 

Achenbach, H: Two-fold covenant. '02 
(Apia) D. 50 c. Evangelical Press. 

Acheson, Arth. Shakespeare and the rival 
poet; with a repr. of sundry pieces, by G: 
Chapman. 'o3(Myg) O. $1.25. Lane. 

Achilles Tatius. Leucippe and Clitophon. 
J 02(Ag2) il. 8, (Antique gems fr. the 
Greek and Latin, v. 7.) (App. to pubs, for 
price.) Barrie. 

Achromatic spindle in spore mother-cells of 
osmunda regalis. Smith, R. W. net, 25 c. 

Univ. of Chic. 

Ackerman, G. E. Love illumined. 1900 
(Mys) S. 50 c. Curts. 

Acolyte's companion: ceremonial and prayer- 
book combined; with rules and regulations 
for a sanctuary soc. 3d ed. 'o4(Myi4) 
24, 50 c. Herder. 

Acorn Club pubs. 8, pap. A, L. Bates; Case. 

Love. Thomas Short, first printer of Ct. $5. 

Trumbull. List of books printed in Con- 
necticut, 1709-1800. $12. 


Mundy. Acoustic triangulation and its 
application to submarine signalling. $i. 

See also Sound. 

Across coveted lands. Landor, H: S. 2 v. 

**$7.50 net. Scribner. 

Across Iceland. Bisiker, W. $4. Longmans. 

Across Patagonia. Dixie, Lady F. C. D. $i. 


Across the continent of the years. Hillis, 
N. D. net, 25 c. Revell. 

Across the Delaware. Kaler, J. O. t$i- 


Across the desert of Gobi. Williams, M- 
35 c." Rep. Pub. 

Across the fields. Dooris, M. $1.50. 

Across the Pacific. Blaney, C: E. 25 c. 

J. S. Ogilvie. 
Across the river. Macleod, N. 50 c 

E. & J. B. Young 

Across the San Juan mountains. Rickard, T: 
A. $i. Eng. and Mining Jo. 

Act of touch in all its diversity. Matthey, T, 
A : $1.60, Longmans. 

Gillette. Success on the stage. 25 c. 

Chic. Manus, 

Symons. Plays, acting and music. *$2 net. 


See also Actors and actresses; Drarna and dra- 
matists ; Minstrel show ; Pantomime ; Plays ; 

Action and the word. Matthews, J. B. $1.50. 


Action of snake venom upon cold-blooded 
animals. Noguchi, H. 25 c. Carnegw. 

Abbott, A. Brief upon pleadings in civil 
actions at law. 2 v. ea., $4.50. 

Lawyers' Co-op. 

Abbott, F: H. Practice in civil actions at 

law in the cts. of record for Mich, 2 v., 

$12. Keefe-D. 

Bradner. New practice in supplementary 

proceedings. $4. W. C. Little. 

Budd. Civil remedies under code system. 

$6. Palm. 

ACTIONS AT LAW. Continued. 
Buswell and Walcott. Practice and plead- 
ing in personal actions in cts. of Mass. 

$6. Little, B. & Co. 

Minnesota. Digest of law of procedure. 

(Dunnell.) $9. West Pub 

Moon. Removal of causes from cts. ot the 

several states to circuit cts. of the U. S. 

$6. Banks. 

Perley. Practice in personal actions in cts. 

of .Mass. $6.50. G: B. Reed. 

Sibley. Right to and cause for action, both 

civil and criminal. $1.50. 

W. H. Anderson & Co. 
Stevens. Practice in actions at law in cts. 

of Mich. v. 2. net, $6. Callaghan. 

Wait Law and practice in civil actions and 

proceedings in justices' cts., [etc.] In^v. 

v. 1-3. ea., $6.35; set ?< $19. M. Bender. 
Wood. Limitation of actions at law. $6.50. 

Boston Bk. 
See also Equity; Evidence; Forms {in law) ; 

Injunctions; Pleading and practice, Trials. 

Acton, Sir J: E. E. D. Cambridge modern 
history ; ed. by A. W. Ward, G. W. Proth- 
ero, S. Leathes. In 12 v. v. i, The Renais- 
sance. J O2(Ni5) ; v. 7, United States: bib- 
liography, chronological table of leading 
events, index. 'O3(Jlii) ; v. 3, The Refor- 
mation. (Dig) ; v. 8, The French Revolu- 
tion. '04(719) 8, ea, **$4 net Macmillan. 

Acton, Sir J : E. E. D. Letters of Lord Acton 
to Mary Gladstone; ed., with introd. me- 
moir, by Herb, Paul. 'o4(Ap2) il. 8, **$3 
net. Macmillan. 

Actor's child. Westbrook, H. P. $i. Eckler. 


Clapp. Reminiscences of a dramatic critic. 

net, $1.75. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Coleman. Fifty years of an actor's life. 

2 v. **$6 net. Pott. 

Hamm. Eminent actors and their homes. 

$1.25. Pott. 

Hapgood. The stage in America, 1897- 

1900. $1.75. Macmillan. 

Hubert. Stage as a career. $i. Putnam. 
Hyde. Through the stage door.^ 50 c. 

Commercial Distrib. 

Illustrated Am. stage. $2.50. Russell. 
Kobbe. Famous actors and actresses and 

their homes. **$3 net Little, B. & Co. 
Leslie. Some players. $2. H. S. Stone. 
McKay and Wingate. Famous Am. actors 

of to-day. $2.75. "^ Crpwell. 

Morris. Life on the stage: experiences 

and recollections, net, $1.50. 

McCiure, P. 
Morris. Stage confidences. **$i.20 net. 

Robins. Twelve great actors. Twelve 

great actresses, ea., $2.50. Putnam. 

Stoddart. Recollections of a player. **$i.8o 

net. - Century Co. 

Storms. The players' blue book. $2.50. 

Sutherland & S. 
Strang. Celebrated comedians of light 

opera and musical comedy in America. 

$1.50; $3.50. Famous actors of the day 

in America. $1.50. Famous actresses of 

the day in America. $1.50. L. C. Page. 
Vivian. The theatrical primer. 75 c. 

G: W. Dillingham. 




Whitton. Wags of the stage. $2.50. 


Wingate. Shakespeare's heroes on the 
stage. 2 v. $2.75; Shakespeare's hero- 
ines on the stage. 2 v. $2.75. Crowell. 

See also Acting; Theatre. 
Actors and actresses of Great Britain and the 

U. S. D. $1.50; $i mor., $3. L. C. Page. 
Matthews and Hutton. Macready and 

Forrest and their contemporaries. 
Actress* crime. Winfield, E. 50 c. Mershon. 

See Actors and actresses. 

See Bible. 

Acuff, J. D. Index digest to forms of com- 
plaints and pleas in Ala. sup. ct repts. 
from 50 Ala. to 130, mcl. *03(Ap4) S. $i. 


Agvagiiosha's discourse on the awakening 
faith in the MahSztna; fr. the Chinese. 
1900(829) il. D. net, $1.25. Open Court. 
Ad astra. See Dante Alighieri. 
Ad astra Wynne, C: W. net, $1.25. Lane. 
Ada Merton. Finn, F. J. 60 c. Herder. 

Ada Vernham, actress. Marsh, R: $1.50. 

L. C. Page. 

Adam, Mme. Edmond, [Juliette Lamber.] My 
literary life. '04(022) por. O. **$2.5o net 


Adam, Mine. Edmond. Romance of my child- 
hood and youth. '02 (D6) D. **$i.4o net. 

Adam, G: Electricity the chemistry of ether; 

with chapters on general and gynecological 
electro-therapeutics. '04 (Oi) il. 12, *$4.50 
net. Whitaker & R. 

Adam, Ja. Texts to il. a course of elem. 
lectures on Greek philosophy after Aris- 
totle J o2(Mn) 8. net, $1.25. Macmillan. 

Adam, Rob. and Ja. Decorative work: plates 
il. decoration and furniture; fr. Works in 
architecture, pub. 1778-1812. 'oi(Jei) F. 
bds., net $12. Truslove. 

Adam and Eve, hist, or myth? Townsend, 
L. T. $i. Chappie. 

Adam Bede. See Eliot G: 

Adam Grigson. La Pasture, Mrs. H: de. 
$1.50. Harper. 

Adam Johnstone's son. Crawford, F. M. 
$1.50. Macmillan. 

Adam-man tongue, Edgerly, W. $5. Ralston. 

Adam, of Usk, See Thompson, Sir E : M., ed. 

Adam Rush. Meekins, L. R. f$ 


Atomic lib. il. 8*, $2. Adamic. 

Carroll. Tempter of Eve. 

Adams, Ambrose. Story of Jesus Christ. '03. 
'o4(F2o) il. 16, pap., 40 c. Marlier. 

Adams, Andy. Log of a cowboy. f O3(Je6) 
il. D. f$i.5o. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Adams, Arth. P. Songs of the spirit "out of 
the depths." *O3(Je6) 12, pap., 30 c. 


Adams, Andy. A Texas matchmaker. '04 
(Je4) il. D. t$L50. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Adams, Braman B. Block system of signal- 
ling on Am. railroads. '01. *02(Mr22) 8*, 
$2. Railroad Gazette. 

Adams, Brooks. America's economic su- 
premacy. 1900(822) 12, $1.25. Macmillan. 

Adams, Brooks. The new empire. "02 (Ni) 
12, **$ net Macmillan. 

Adams, C: A. Pete's devils. 'o2(Nis) il. D. 
$1.25. Scroll Pub. 

Adams, C: Fs., jr. Charles Francis Adams. 
i90o(Fi7) D. (Am. statesmen; ed. by J: T. 
Morse.) $1.25. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Adiams, C: Fs., jr. Constitutional ethics of 
secession, and War is hell. *O3(Ap4) 8, 
pap., **25 c. net Houghton, M. & Co. 

Adiams, C: Fs., jr. Lee at Appomattox, and 
other papers. ^O2(Je7) D. net, $1.50. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Adams, C : Fs., jr. Life and sermons of T. De 
Witt Talmage. J 02(Ag2) il. 12, $1.25. 


Adams, C: Fs. jr. Shall Cromwell have a 
statue? *02(Jli2) O. pap., 25 c. Lauriat 

Adiams, C: Fs., }r. f ed. Life in a New Eng- 
land town, 1787, 1788; (Diary of John 
Quincy Adams.) Newburyport, Mass.) '03 
(Myi6) por. 8, **$2 net. Little, B. & Co. 

Adams, C: J. How Baldy won the county 
seat '02(D20) 12, $1.25. Neely. 

Adams, C: K, ed. Representative British 
orations; with a supp. vol. by J: Alden. 
1900 (N3) 4 v., D. $5. Putnam. 

Adams, C: K, ed. See also Universal cyclo- 

Adams, C: K., and Trent, W. P. Hist of 
the United States. *O3(Mr28) il. 12, 
(Ser. of school histories.) hf. leath., $1.50. 

Allyn & B. 

Adams, Cyrus C. Commercial geography. 
'01 (Os) il. 12, (Twentieth century text- 
books.) net, $1.30. Appleton. 

Adams, Cyrus C., ed. Elem. commercial 
geography. 'oa(Ag23) il. D. $1.10. 


Adams, Ellinor D. Girl of to-day. '01 (Myi8) 
il. T2, (Fireside ser.) $i. Burt 

Adams, Ellinor D. Holiday prize: a modern 
fairy tale. *03(Je6) 12, (Home ser.) 50 c. 


Adams, Ephraim. The Iowa band; hist of 
early Congregationalism in the middle west 
5 02(D27) 12, *$i net Pilgrim Press. 

Adams, Ephraim D. Influence of Grenville * 
on Pitt's foreign policy, 1787-1798. '04 (Oi) 
O. (Carnegie Institution of Washington, 
pub. no. 13, Papers of the Bur. of Historical 
Research.) pap., 50 c. Carnegie. 

Adams, F. A. The transgressors ; story of a 
great sin. 1900 (Agn) 12, $1.50. 


Adams, Franklin P. In Cupid's court '02 
(S2o) S. bds., 50 c. W: S. Lord. 

Adams, F: U. John Burt. '03(031) il. D. 
$1.50. Biddle. 

Jldams, F: U. The kidnapped millionaires. 
*oi(J16) D. $1.50. Lothrop. 

Adams, G: B. Mediaeval and modern his- 
tory. 1900(822) il. maps, 12, net, $1.10. 


Adams, G: B., and Stephens, H: M., eds. 
Select documents of Eng. constitutional 
history. '01 (N2) 12, net, $2 25. Macmillan. 

Adams, G: M. See Gray, J. C. 

Adams, H : Designing ironwork : second ser. 
'03(Mr28) pt I, 8, pap., 60 c.; pt 2, pap , 
$i. Spon. 

Adams, H: A. Orations. '02. '03 (F7) 12*, 
$1.60. Adams-C. 



Adams, Herb. B. The church and popular edu- 
cation. 1900(013) O. (Johns Hopkins 
Univ. studies, ser. 18, nos. 8 and 9.) pap., 
50 c. Johns Hopkins. 

Adams, Herb. B. Public educational work in 
Baltimore. '99. ioop(Je3o) O. (Johns Hop- 
kins Univ. studies in hist, and pol. sci., ser. 
17, no. 12) pap., 25 c. Johns Hopkins. 

ADAMS, Herbert B. 

Vincent, and others. Herbert B. Adams: 
tribute of friends, n. p. Johns Hopkins. 

Adams, J. A., ["Grapho."] Victoria. '01 
(821) 12, 50 c. Advance. 

Adams, J. M. Gates to the college of mind. 
'02. J o3(Jai7) 16"*, $1.25. Donohue. 

Adams, Jack, pseud. See Grigsby, A. O. 

Adams, Jane E. Helps to Bible study. '03 
(D/5) 12, $i. J. E. Adams. 

Adams, J :, ed. Self-educator in French. *oi 
(814) D. (Self-educator ser.) 75 c. Crowell. 

Adams, J :, ed. Self-educator in German. '01 
(814) D. (Self-educator ser.) 756. Crowell. 

Adams, Rev. J: The minor prophets. '02 
(D6) 18, (Bible class primers.) pap., 
*2O c. net. % Scribner. 

Adams, Rev. J: Mosaic tabernacle. 1900. 
16, (Bible class primers.) pap., net, 20 c. 


Adams, Rev. J: Primer on teaching; with 
special reference to Sunday-school work. 
? 03(Jei3) 16, (Bible class primers.) pap., 
*20 c. net. Scribner. 

Adams, J:, [1735-1826.] John Adams's in- 
augural. iooo(S8) D. (Old South leaflets, 
no. 103.) pap., 5 c. Old South Work. 

ADAMS, John. 

Brown. John Adams, net, $2. Scribner. 
Willard. John Adams. $i. 

H. G. Campbell. 

Adams, J : C. Lectures on the lunar theory. 
1900 (Dap) 8, (Cambridge Univ. Press 
ser.) net, $1.25. Macmillan. 

Adams, J: C. Nature studies in Berkshire. 
Popular ed. 'oi(Jei) il. O. $2.50. Putnam. 

Adams, J: C. William Hamilton Gibson. 
'oi(Di4) D. $2. Putnam. 

ADAMS, John 'Quincy. 
Adams, C : F., jr., ed. Life in a New Eng- 
land town. **$2 net. Little, B. & Co. 
Ford. John Quincy Adams, his connec- 
tion with Monroe doctrine. $i. Littlefield. 

Adams, Juliette G., [Mrs. Crosby Adams.] 
Chapters from a musical life: autobiog. 
narrative. J 04(Mr5) por. 12, $i. 

Crosby Adams. 

Adams, Justin. Down East. *O2(N22) D. 
(Ed. of plays.) pap., 25 c. W. H. B'aker. 

Adams, Justin. Out West. 'o2(N22) D. 
(Ed. of plays.) pap., 25 c. W. H. Baker. 

Adams, Ma., pseud. Confessions of a wife. 
'02(625) il. D. f$i.SO. Century Co. 

Adams, Ma. M. The song at midnight: 
poems. *03(N2i) D. $1.50. Badger. 

ADAMS, Maude. 
Davies. Maude Adams, net, $1.10. Stokes. 

Adams, Maurice B., ed. Modern cottage ar- 
chitecture: pis. froth drawings, with plans 
and notes ; with introd.' essay on cottage 
building. J 04(Di7) 8, *$4.5onet Lane. 

Adams, Oscar F. Dictionary of Amer. au- 
thors. 4th rev. enl. ed. *oi(Mr2) D. $3.50. 
Houghton, M. & Co. 

Adams, Oscar F. Some famous American 
schools. '03 (024) il. D. **$i.2O net Estes. 

Adams, Revels A. Cyclopedia of African 
Methodism in Miss. '02. '03 (F7) il. 8", 
$1.10. R. A. Adams. 

Adams, Rob. C. Good without God. '02 
(S6) D. pap., 25 c. Eckler. 

Adams, S : Writings ; coll. and ed. by H. A. 
Cushing. To be in 3 or 4 v. v. i. [Letter- 
press ed.] '04(810) 8", (Founders of the 
republic ser.) hf. leath., per v., **$5 net 


ADAMS, Samuel. 
Fallows. Samuel Adams. $i. 

H. G. Campbell. 

Adams, Mrs. Sarah F. Nearer, my God, to 
thee. 1900(815) sq. S. pap., 25 c. Buckles. 

Adams, T. S. Financial problems of Porto 
Rico. *oi(Je22) O. (Pub. of the soc., no. 
303.) pap., 15 c. Am. Acad. Pol Sci. 

Adams, W. I. L. Woodland and meadow. 
'01(026) il. O. $2.50. Baker & T. 

Adams, Wa. S. See Frost, E. B. 

Adams, W:, ed. Myths of old Greece in 
story and song. 'oi(Mr23) D. (Lakeside 
literature ser., bk, 3.) 50 c. Western Pub. 

Adams, W : H : D. Diet, of the drama. In 
2 v. v. i. '04(017) 8% **$3 net. s 


Adams, W: T., ["Oliver Optic."] Money- 
maker. '01. *02(Jei4) 12, (Yacht club 
ser., v. 3.) $1.25. Lee & S. 

Adamson, J: E. Theory of education in 
Plato's Republic. *O3(Mr28) 12, *$ 
net Macmillan. 

Adamson, Stanley L. Old nursery rhymes 
dug up at the pyramids; -additional verses 
by Oliver Booth. 'o3(Nai) il. O. $1.50. 


Adamson, W : Life of Joseph Parker, pastor 
of City Temple, London. '03(Fi4) il. O. 
**$i.75 net Revell 

Adaora. Bird, M. E. **so c. net Revell. 

See Evolution. 

Addams, Jane. Democracy and social ethics. 
'O2(je7) D. (Citizen's lib.) $1.25. 


Addams, Jane. Sen also De Forest, R. W. 

Adderley, Ja. G. Francis, the little poor man 
of Assisi. 'oi(Oi2) D. $1.25. Longmans. 

Adderley, Ja. G. Monsieur Vincent, *oi 
(D7) il. D. $1.25. . Longmans. 

Addington, K. H., ed. See Illinois. 

Addis, M. E. L. Cathedrals and abbeys of 
Presbyterian Scotland. '01. 'o2(Fis) il. 
12*, net, $2.50, Presb. Bd, 

Addisom, Dan. D. Clergy in American life 
and letters. 1900(028) D. (National stud- 
ies in Am. letters ser., no. i.) $1.25. 


Addlsotn, Dan. D. The Episcopalians. '04 
(Os2) il. D. (Story of the churches.) **$i 
net Baker & T. 

Addison, Jos. Criticisms on Milton. *oi. T, 
(Nat lib., new ser., v, 8, no. 406.) pap., 
10 c. Cassdl. 

Addisaa, Jos. Essays; ed. by J: R: Green. 
'o2(Mr2p) il. 12*, (Home lib.) $i. Burt. 

Addison, Jos. Essays; introd. by H. W. 
Mabie. '04(015) por. S. (Handy vol. clas- 
sics, pocket ed.) 35 c.; flex, leath., 75 c. 




Addison, Jos. Essays; ed by J: R: Green. 
'04. 12, (Golden treasury ser., reissue.) 
limp leath , $1.50. Macmillan. 

Addisaa, Jos. Sir Roger de Coverley papers ; 
ed. by C. E. T. Dracass. '02(025) il. 12, 
(Lakeside ser. of Eng. readings.) 25 c. 


Ad4ii0n, Jos. Sir Roger de Coverley papers ; 
ed. by C T. Winchester. 3 04(Jh6) map, 
S. (Gateway ser. of Eng. texts.) 40 c. 

Am. Bk. 

Addison, Jos. Sir Roger de Coverley papers. 
igoo(D8) 24, (Remarque ed.) 40 c. ; leath., 
75 c. - Caldwell. 

Addisom, Jos. Sir Roger de Coverley papers. 
(Laura J. Wylie.) 1900(022) 12, (Eng- 
lish classics, star ser.) 35 c. Globe Sch. Bk. 

Addison, Jos. Sir Roger de Coverley papers ; 
ed by F: L. Bliss and M. McP. Post '02 
(625) 16, (Cambridge lit. ser.) levanteen, 
25 c. B: H. Sanborn. 

Addison, Jos. Sir Roger de Coverley papers ; 
introd. and notes by E: E. Hale, jr. '04 
(Jl2) por. 16, (Standard lit. ser., no. 59.) 
pap , i2 l /2 c. ; 20 c. University. 

Addison, Jos. Sir Roger de Coverley papers ; 
Vicar of Wakefield, by O. Goldsmith; and 
The man of feeling, by H : Mackenzie. '02 
*O3(Ja24) il. 12*, (Eng. comedie hurnaine 
ist^er., v. i.) subs, for ser. of 12 v., $24. 

Century Co. 

ADDISON, Joseph. 

See Macaulay, T: B., Lord. 

Addison, Julia De W, The art of the Pitti 
Palace. 'O3(Ni4) il. por. D. (Art galleries 
of Europe ser.) **$2 net; ^ mor., **$4 net 

L. C. Page. 

Addison, Julia De W. Classic myths in art: 
ace. of Greek myths as illustrated by great 
artists. 'Q4(O8) D. **$2 net L. C. Page. 

Addison, Julia De W. Florestane the trouba- 
dour. '03 (O3) D. t$i- Estes. 

Ad-e, G: Breaking into society. 'o4(Mri2) 
il. S. $i. Harper. 

Ade, G: Forty modern fables. 'oi(D2i) D. 
$1.50. . Russell. 

Ade, G: The girl proposition. '02 (N8) il. 
D. f$i. Russell. 

Ade, G: In Babel: stories of Chicago. '03 
(03) D. f$ McClure, P. 

Ade, G: Modern fables. J 03(Jei3) 12, $i. 
Russell, [Harper.] 

Ade, G: More fables. 1900 (Di) il. S. $x. 

H. S. Stone. 

Ade, G: People you know. *03(Ap25) S. 
f$i. Russell, [Harper.] 

Ade, G: Sultan of Sulu: an original satire 
in two acts. '03 ( Je6) iL D. pap., 50 c. 

Russell, [Harper.] 

Ade, G: True bills. '04(629) S. f$i. 


Adelborg, Ottilia. Dean Peter and the chil- 
dren of Grubbylea. 'oi(OiQ) obi. D. $1.25. 


Adeler, Max, pseud. See Clark, C: H. 

Adeney, Wa. F: Century's progress in re- 
ligious life and thought 'oi(Jeis) 12, 
net, $1.20. Whittaker. 

Adeney, Wa. F: Women of the New Testa- 
ment New issue. 'oi(MyiS) 12, $i. 


Adeney, Wa. F: See also Bennett, W: H. 

Adgie, W: Modern bookKeeping and ac- 
counts. In 3 pts. pt i, Elementary. 01 
(D2i) 12, bds., net, 40 c. Macmillan. 

Adirondack stories. Deming, P. 75 c. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 


Stodjdard. Into the lake region of the 
Adirondacks. 25 c. Haight 

Adjustable manual. Nixon, C. $i Wiley. 

Adler, Cyrus, ed. Voice of America on 
Kishineff. ? 04(Ap3o) D. $i. Jewish Pub. 

Adter, Cyrus, ed. See also American Jewish 
yearbook. rtv 

Adler, Felix. Life and destiny. 'o3(Mr28> 
D. **$i net. McClure, P. 

Adler, Felix. See also Seeley, J : 

Adler, G: J. German and Eng. dictionary. 
New ed., rev. by Fk. P. Foster and E: 
Althaus. '03(017) 2 pts. in i v., 4, fet 
mor., $350; $3- Appleton. 

Adler, Herb. N. Licensing question in Eng- 
land. '03. 8, (Pubs of the soc., no 427.) 
pap, 15 c. Am Acad. Pol. Sci. 

Adler, Herb N. Recent changes in the gov- 
ernment of London. '03. 8, (Pubs, of the 

soc., no. 409-) 

., 25 c. . 

Am Acad Pol Sci. 

Administration of dependencies. Snow, A. H. 

**$3-5o net Putnam. 

Administration of the American Revolution- 

ary Army. Hatch, L: C. $1.50. Longmans. 


See Executors and administrators; Wills 
Admirable Bashville. See Shaw, G: B. 
Admirable Tinker. Jepson, E. f$i.50- 

McClure, P. 
Admiral's aid. Clark, H. H. **$i net 


Ames. Cases on law of admiralty. 3 P ts - 

$2.50. Harvard Law. 

Hughes. Admiralty law. $3.7$. West Pub. 

Pugh. Forms of procedure in cts. of ad- 

miralty. $5. T. & J. W. Johnson. 

See also Commercial law. 

Adnah. Ellis, J. B. f$i.25. Jacobs. 

Adney, Tappan. Klondike stampede. 1900- 
(Ap2i) il. O. $3. Harper. 

Adolescence. Hall, G. S. **$7-5O net 


Adonais. See Shelley, P. B. 
Adoration of the blessed sacrament, Tes- 
mere, A, net, $1.25. Benziger. 

Adria. Hood, A. N. *$2 net. Button. 


Thatcher. Studies concerning Adrian iv. 

*$i net. Univ. of Chic. 

Adrienne de Portalis. Gunter, A. C. $1.25; 

50 c. Home* 

Advanced arithmetic. Carr, E. McN. 450. 

B. F. Johnson. 

Advanced bridge. El well, J, B. **$i.50 net. 


Advanced Christian culture courses. 12 , 

net. Chr. Culture. 

Barnes. 2000 years of missions before 

Carey. $1.50. .(v. 2.) 

Advanced elementary science. Howe, E: G. 
$1.50. Appleton. 

Advanced grammar. Hoenshel, E. J. 6oc. 

Advanced machinist Hawkins, N. $2. 





Advancement of learning. See Bacon, F,, 

Advantages of becoming and being a Friend. 

Cornell, J : J. 10 c. Friedenwald. 


Faunce. Advent and Ascension. 75 c, 

Eaton & M. 

See also Second advent. 

Advent of empire. Swift, M. I : $i. 


Hale. Stories of adventure as told by ad- 
venturers. $1.25. Little, B. & Co. 
See also Explorers; Voyages and travels. 

Adventure of Gil Bias of Santillane. Le Sage, 

A. R. f$i.50. Crowell. 

Adventure ser. il. 12. Yewdale. 

Dankoler. James Griffin's adventures in 

Alaska. James Griffin's adventures on 

land and sea. James Griffin's adventures 

in So. Africa, ea., 75 c. 
Dee. James Griffin's adventures. $i. 
Adventurer in Spain. Crockett, S : R. $1.50 


Adventurers all. Eady, K. M. $i. Nelson 
Adventures among pictures. Hind, C. L. 

**$ net. Macmillan. 

Adventures in Pekin. Hannan, C: 50 c. 


Adventures in Tibet. Carey, W: net, $1.50 

Un. Soc C. E 

Adventures in Toyland. See Hall s E. K. 
Adventures in Wallypug land. Farrow, G. 

E. net, 75 c. Burt. 

Adventures of a boy reporter. Morrison, H. 

A $1.25. . L. C. Page. 

Adventures of a vice-president. Read, 0. P. 

25 c. Devereaux. 

Adventures of Admiral Frog. Harrington, J : 

W. **$i.4onet Russell. 

Adventures of an army nurse in two wars. 

Phinney, M. **$i 50 net Little, B. & Co. 
Adventures of an office seeker. Porter, D. 

$1.25. Waddey. 

Adventures of Baron Munchausen. Raspe, R. 

E. f6o c. Crowell. 

Adventures of Caleb Williams. Godwin, W: 

*$T.25 net Scribner. 

Adventures of Cock Robin. Kearton, R: 

$1-75. Cassell. 

Adventures of Don Sylvio de Rosalva. Wil- 

lard, C. M. *$2 net. Dutton. 

Adventures of Dorothy. See Lewis, J. 
Adventures of Elizabeth in Rtigen, by the au- 
thor of "Elizabeth and her German garden." 

J 04(F2o) map, D. $1.50 Macmillan. 

Adventures of Gerard. Doyle, A. C f$i.50. 

McClure, P. 
Adventures of Harry Revel. Couch, A. T : Q. 

t$i.50- Scribner. 

Adventures of Joel Pepper. Lothrop, Mrs. 

H. M. $1.50. Lothrop. 

Adventures of John McCue socialist See 

Quiggan, J: 
Adventures of King James n. of England, by 

the author of "A life of Sir Kendm Digby," 

"Rochester," etc.; with an introd. by F. A. 

Gasquet. '04 (Nip) il. por. O. *$4.8o net 


Adventures of Mabel. Peck, H. T. $i. Dodd. 
Adventures of Marco Polo. Atherton, E: 

65 c. Appleton. 

Adventures of M. d'Haricot Clouston, J. S. 
t$i-50. Harper. 

Adventures of Odysseus. :poo(D8) il. 12, 
$2. * Dutton. 

Adventures of Philip. Thackeray, W: M. 
$i. Macmillan. 

Adventures of Pinocchio. Collodi, C. 60 c. 


Adventures of the pixies and Elaines Mor- 
rison, C. E. $1.25. Estes- 

Adventures of Theodore. Higgers, J. $i. 

H. J. Smith. 

T, C: F: $1.20 

Adventures of Torqua. Holder, 

net. Little, B. & Co. 

Adventures of Ulysses. See Lamb, C: 

Adventures on the roof of the world. Le 

Blond, Mrs. A. **$3 net. Dutton. 

Adventures with the Connaught Rangers. 

Grattan, W: $2.50. Longmans. 

Adventurous quest Copenhaver, L. S. $1.25. 

Luth. Pub. 

Adversaries of the sceptic. Hodder, A. net, 
$1.50. Macniillan. 


Bates Cheer up, and seven other things. 
50 c. Bates Adv. 

Farrington. Retail advertising, net, $i. 

Baker & T 
Fowler. Ayes of advertising. v Si net 

MacDonald. Successful advertising. $2. 


Mahin. Commercial value of advertising, 
gratis. Univ. of Chic. 

Powers. Advertising. 25 c 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

Rowell, comp. Leading newspapers fr. ad- 
vertisers 1 standpoint Ready-made ad- 
vertisements, ea., $i. Rowell. 
Sawyer. Secrets of the mail-order trade. 
$i. Sawyer. 
Scott Theory of advertising. **$2 net. 


Steinbrenner. House to house distribut- 
ing. $i. W. H. Steinbrenner. 
Thompson blue bk. on advertising. $i; 
$1.50. J. W. Thompson. 
Wagenseller. Theory and practice of ad- 
vertising. 75 c.; $i. Wagenseller. 
Sec also Banks and Banking; Newspapers. 

Advice to a mother. Chavasse, P. H: 50 c. 

Pop. Pub. 
Advice to a wife. Chavasse, P H: 50 c. 

Pop. Pub. 

Advice to a wife and mother. Chavasse, P. 
H: $i. Pop. Pub. 


See Pleading and practice. 
Ady, Mrs. H : See Cartwright, J 
/Eneid. See Virgil. 
Alexander. Conquest of the air. 75 c. 


Hall. Balloon ascension at midnight. *$i 

net; $5 net Elder. 

Santos-Dumont My air-ships. **$i.4o net 

Century Co. 
Walker. Aerial navigation. **$3 net 

Van Nostrand. 
See also Air-ships. 
Aerial runaway. Chipman, W. P. $1.50. 






Langley. Experiments in aerodynamics. $i. 

Smith. Inst. 

^Es'triplex. See Steveason, R. L: 

Aeschylus. The Agamemnon; tr. by Wa. 
Headlam. 'O4(jen) 12, (Bell's classical 
translations.) pap., *30 c. net Macmillan. 

Aeschylus. The choephori; with crit notes, 
etc. '02(Jai8) 8, (Cambridge Univ. Press 
ser.) net, $3.25. Macmillan. 

Aeschylus. House of Atreus; tr. into Eng. 
verse "by E. D. A. Morshead. 'oi(D7) 16, 
(Golden treasury ser.) $i. Macmillan. 

Aeschylus. The Orestei; tr. by G: C. W. 
Warr. 1900. '01 ( Ja26) D. (Athenian drama, 
no. I.) $2. Longmans. 

Aeschylus. Persae. (A. Sidgwick.) '03 
(Agis) S. 75 c. Oxford Univ. 

Aeschylus. Septem contra Thebas. (A. Sidg- 
wick.) J 03(Agi5) S 75 c. Oxford Univ. 

Aesop. Fables. igoo(Agi8) il. 4, (One 
syllable ser. for little folks.) 50 c. Burt 

Aesop Fables; arr. by Nellie P. Dobbs '04 
(Ds4) il. sq. O. 50 c. Crane. 

Aesop Fables; based on the texts of L'Es- 
trange and Croxall; ed by J. W. McSpad- 
den. '03(03) il. S. (Children's favorite clas- 
sics.) 60 c.; (Si2) il. S. (Handy vol. clas- 
sics, pocket ed.) 35 c. Crowell. 

Aesop. Fables in rhyme for children, by 
R. D. White and Marg. D. Longley; decor. 
'03 (Ds) il. 4, bds., $1.25. Saalfield. 

Aesop. Fabl-es. See also Mora, J. J. 

Aesop. A hundred fables; fr. the English 
version of Sir Roger L'Estrange ; introd. by 
Kenneth Grahame. '03(024) il. 0. $1.50. 


Aesop, and others. Fables. New ed. '03 
(Ds) S. (Illustrated pocket lib. of plain and 
col. books ) $i 50. Appleton. 

B., E. P. God the beautiful, net, 75 c. 


Bangs. Art of giving; cone, the sel. of 

works of fine art and beauty. $1.50. Kean. 

Eddy. Delight, the soul of art **$i.5O net. 

Hirn. Origin of art net, $3.25. 


Musical essays in art, culture, education. 
$2. Presser. 

Noyes. Enjoyment of art. **$i net. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Raymond. Representative significance of 

form. $2. , Putnam. 

Schiller. Aesthetical and philosoph. essays. 

v. i. (App. to pubs, for price.) Niccolls. 

Stimson. The gate beautiful **$7-5o net; 

**$3.50 net Brandt. 

Tufts. Genesis of aesthetic categories. 

*25 c. net. Univ. of Chic. 

See also Criticism; Fine arts; Music. 


* See Air. 

Affair at the inn. Wiggin, Mrs. K. D. t$i^5. 
Houghton, M. & Co. 

Affair in the South Seas. Irvine, L. H. 

$1.50- Payot. 

Affirmative intellect. Ferguson, C: net, 90 c. 



Noyce. England, India and Afghanistan, 
*po c. net. Macmillan. 

Afield and afloat. Stockton, F. R: $1.50. 


Afialo, F: G: Types of British animals. '01 
(Agsi) il. I2", (Lib. for young natural- 
ists.) $2. Dutton. 
Afialo, F: G:, ed. Sport in Europe. '01(87) 
il. 4, net, $10. Dutton. 
Afialo, M. Truth about Morocco: an indict- 
ment of the British Foreign Office; introd. 
by R. B. Cunninghame Graham. '04(017) 
8, *$i-50 net Lane. 
Balfour. Golden kingdom. t$i*5O- 

L. C. Page. 
Bicknell. How a little girl went to Africa. 

$i. Lee & S. 

Bryden. Animals of Africa. $2. Dutton. 
Caddick. White woman in Central Africa. 

$1.25. Cassell. 

Coillard. On the threshold of Central Af- 
rica. $2.50. Am. Tr. 
Douglas. In Lionland. $i. Nelson. 
Du Chailln. In African forest and jungle. 

**$i.5o net. World of the great forest. 

$2. Scribner. 

Foard. No. America and Africa: their 

past, present, future. 25 c. Brady. 

Gibbons. Africa from south to north 

through Marotseland. 2 v. *$7-5o net. 


Graham. Roman Africa. $6. Longmans. 
Herbertson. Africa: desc. geographies. 

*7O c. net. Macmillan. 

Kingsley. West African studies. $2.25. 

Maciver and Wilkin. Libyan notes, net, 

$6.50. ' Macmillan. 

Nassau. Fetichism in West Africa. **$2.50 

net. Scribner. 

Park. Travels in the interior of Africa. 

v. 2. 10 c. Cassell. 

Park. Travels in the interior of Africa. 

$1.25. Macmillan. 

Portman. Station studies: jottings of an 

African official. *$i.50 net Longmans. 
Quinius. Day in Africa. Visit of the king. 

ea., 3 c. J. G. Quinius. 

Stewart. Dawn in the dark continent. 

**$2 net Revell. 

Verner Pioneering in Central Africa *$2 

net Presb. Bd. 

See also Abyssinia, Algeria, Barbary, Egypt, 
Ivory ; Livingstoma ; Missions and mission- 
aries; Morocco; Nigeria; Nyasaland; 
Sierra Leone; > Soudan; South Africa; 
Tripoli ; Uganda. 

African, European and Latin American fields : 
addresses del. before the eastern mission- 
ary convention of the M. E. Church, Phil., 
Oct. 13-15, 1903. 'Q4(Mr26) S. (Phila. 
convention addresses, 7 v.) set of 7 v., *$i 
net Eaton & M. 

Tanner. Manual of the African Meth. 
Epis. Church. 50 c.; 35 c. 

African M. E. Ch. 

African nights entertainment. Dawson, A. 

J. $1.50. Dodd. 

African treasure (An). Cobban, J. M. $1.25. 

New Amsterdam. 

Africanders. Hooker, Le R. $1.25. 

Rand, McN. & Co. 




After capitalism, what? Browne, W. T. sc. 


After death in Arabia. Arnold, Sir E. 25 c. 

P. Green. 

After dinner stories. Harrison, J: **45 c. 

net. ~ 

After-glow. Dorr, Mrs. J. C R. 

After many years. 

After midnight Fanley, F. 



Woodling, M. E. 

Abbey Press. 
25 c. 

J. S. Ogilvie. 
After prison what? Booth, Mrs M. B. 
**$i.25 net Revell. 

After sunset Watson, R. M. **$IJ25 net 


After the primary, what? McKinney, A. H. 

*75 c. net. Revell. 

After the resurrection. Maclaren, A. $1.25. 

Am. Tr. 

After Worcester. Green, E. E. $1.50, Nelson, 
After Worcester fight. Fea, A. **$6 net. 

After work. Marston, E. *$3.5O net. 


Aftermath See Allen, J. L.~ Belloc, H. 
Agacy, H : A. Free trade, protection, dump- 
ing bounties, and differential tariffs. '03. 
'04 (F6) O. $i Longmans. 

Against the grain. Mallandaine, G. E. f$i.50. 
E. J. B. Young. 
Agamemnon. See ^schylus. 
AGASSIZ, Louis. 

Gould. Louis Agassiz. 75 c. Small. 

Age (An) hence. Welch, G: T. $i. Eckler. 
Age of chivalry. See Bulfinch, T: 
Age of decision. Waggett, P. N. $i. 


Age of fable. See Bulfinch, T : 
Age of innocence. Russell, W. **$2 net. 

Age of ivory. Chamberlin, H: H. $1.25. 

Age of Johnson. Seccombe, T : $i. 


Age of the Fathers. Bright, W: *$io net 


See Attorneys; Principal and agent. 
Agents' and inspectors' pocket-bk. of fire pro- 
tection. Steeb, G: V. $2.50. Spectator. 
Aglen, A. S. Lessons in Old Testament his- 
tory. J Oi(D7) D, $1.50. Longmans. 
Agnes Cheswick. Haymond, Mrs. W. E net, 
60 c. Blanchard. 
Agnes Grant's education. Daring, H. j$i. 


Agnes of Sorrento. See Stowe, Mrs. H. B. 

Dole. From agnosticism to theism. 25 c.; 

10 c. J. H. West 

"Flint Agnosticism. **$2 net Scribner. 

Merrill. Faith and sight. $i. Scribner. 

Sloan. Religion, agnosticism and education, 

net, 80 c. McClurg. 

Stephen. An agnostic's apology, and other 

essays. $2. Putnam. 

See also Ethics; Naturalism; Skepticism; also 
Kant, I.; Spencer, H. 

Agnus, Orme. Jan Oxber. '02. '01(814) iL 
D. $i. L. C. Page. 

Agnus, Orme. Love in our village. '02. '01 
(Si4) D. $1. L. C Page. 

Agnus, Orme. Sarah Tuldon. f 03(My5!3) iL 
D. t$i.S?* Little, B. & Co. 

AGRA, India. 

Havel. Hdbk. to Agra and the Taj Sikan- 
dra. *$ net Longmans. 


Hendrickson. Proconsulate of Jrlius Ag- 

ricola in rel. to history and encomium. 

50 c. Univ. of Chic. 

Agricultural almanac, 1903. *O2(Jli9) il. 4, 

pap., 10 c. Baer. 

Agricultural botany, Percival, J : $2.50. Holt. 


Bessey, and others Agriculture for rural 
and graded schools. 60 c. Univ. Pub. 
Burke, and others. Agriculture for be- 
ginners. 75 c. Ginn. 
Carlton. Growth and management of Am. 
agriculture. 25 c. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 
Davenport. Study of agriculture. 12 leaflets, 
ea., i c. in quantity of 10 or more. 

C. M. Parker. 

Fairchild. Rural wealth and welfare. $1.25. 


-Farm Implement News buyer's guide, v. 
10. $2. Farm. 

Goff and Mayne First principles of agri- 
culture. 80 c. t Am. Bk. 
Hall. The soil : introd. to scientific study 
of growth of crops. **$i.25 net. Dutton. 
Halsted. Barn plans and outbuildings. $i. 


Hunnicult Agriculture for common schools. 
65 c.; 40 c. Cultivator. 

McBryde. Elements of agriculture. 60 c. 
B. F. Johnson. 

Massey. Crop growing and crop feeding. 

$i; 50 c. Farmer Co. 

Myrick. Crisis in agriculture; peril of re- 

lations of U. S. to the tropics, net, $5. 

Jc * 

O'Connor. Nature's revelations. $1.50. 


Pratt. Organization of agriculture. **$2 
net Duttonu 

Roberts. The farmstead. $1.50. Macmillan. 

Sever. Elements of agriculture. 50 c. 


Streeter. Fat of the land. **$r.5O net. 


Weed. Spraying crops, so c. Judd. 

Wilcox and Smith, comps. Farmer's cyclop, 
of agriculture. $3.50 ; $4.50. ^ Judd. 

See also Almanacs and annuals; Bacteria; Bees; 
Botany ; Corn ; Dairy ; Domestic animals ; 
Domestic economy ; Drainage ; Ensilage ; 
Farms and farming; Fertilizers; Fodder; 
Forestry; Fruit; Gardening; Grass; 
Greenhouses; Insects; Irrigation; Land; 
Poultry; Sheep; Soils; Trees; Vege- 
tables; Water supply. 

AguHar, Grace. Vale of cedars, and other 
tales. '02(D27) il. D. $1.50. Jewish Pub. 

Halstead. Aguinaldo and his captor. $i. 


Wildman. Aguinaldo. net, $1.20. Lothrop. 
Aguinaldo' s hostage. Hancock, H, I. $1.25. 

Lee & S. 

Ah, what riddles these women be. Young, 

W: $i. Russell. 

Ahead of the army. Stoddard, W: O. **$i 

net. Lothrop. 

Ahead of the ticker. Bard, (pseud.) 25 c. 





Aim, F: A new, practical and easy method 
of learning the German language; with a 
pronunciation arranged according to J : C. 
Oehlschlaeger's pronouncing German diet. 
First course. Rev. 6th ed. '04 (Jap) 8, 
50 c. Herder. 

Aid for executive and division officers. Gove, 
C : A., comp. 75 c. U. S. Naval Inst. 

Aid in study of Lady of the lake, etc. Beaver, 
J. A. 25 c. Whitaker & R. 

Ai'de, C Hamilton. Past and present : verses. 
5 03(D26) 12, $1.50. Macmillan. 

Aide, C: Hamilton. Snares of the world. 
J oi(N23) 12, $1.50. Dutton. 

Aids to reflection. Coleridge, S: T. $i ; 
$1.25 Macmillan. 

Aiglon (L 1 ). See Carolus. Ewart, F. C 
Rostand, E. 

Aiken, C: F. Dhamma of Gotama the Budd- 
ha and Gospel of Jesus the Christ. 1900 
(D22) D. $1.50. Marlier. 

Aiken, J :, Barbauld, Mrs. Anna L. A , and 
others. Eyes and no eyes; ed. by M. V. 
O'Shea. 1900 (Ni?) il. D. (Home and 
school classics, no. 13.) pap., 10 c. Heath. 

Aikin, W: A. The voice. 1900 (Mr24) il. 
12, $i. Macmillan. 

Aifcing, Herb. A. Principles of logic. '02 
J 02(Myi7) D. net, $1.50. Holt. 

Aitemroc, M. R., (pseud.) The White Castle 
of Louisiana. J 04(Ja23) il. D. $1.25. 


Aims and ideals of representative Am. paint- 
ers. Rummell, J: $1.50. J: Rummell. 

Ainger, Alfr. . Crabbe. '03(024) 12, (Eng- 
lish men of letters, American ser.) **75 c. 
net. Macmillan. 

Ainger, Alfr. The gospel and human life: 
sermons. '04 (Nig) 12, $2. Macmillan. 

Ainslee, Kathleen. Ainslee books: i, At 
Great- Aunt Martha's; 2, Oh, poor Amelia 
Jane!; 3, What I did; 4, Me and Catharine 
Susan. *04(Di7) 4 v., no. i, 4, bds., 50 c.; 
no. 2-4, 16, bds., ea., 25 c. Stokes. 

Ainsworth, W: H. Novels. 'oi(D7) 20 v., 
il. 12, $20. Lippincott. 

Ainsworth, W: H. Old St Paul's. 'O3(jei3) 
il. 16, (Caxton ser.) limp lambskin, *$i.2S 
n t. Scribner. 

Ainswortfc, W: H. The tower of London; 
pis , woodcuts by G : Crnikshank. New ed. 
'03 (Ds) S. (Illustrated pocket library of 
plain and colored books.) $1.50. Appleton. 

Ainsworth, W: H. The tower of London: 
romance. *O3(Mr28) 2 v., il. 12, $2. BurL 

Ainsworth, W: H. Windsor castle; il. by G: 
Cruikshank and Tony Johannot. New ed. 
"03 (Ds) S. (Illustrated pocket lib. of plain 
and colored books.) $1.50. Appleton. 

Ainsworth' 5 studies in European history. S. 
pap., ip c. Ainsworth. 

1 remain. Survey in Eng. history, .(i.) 

Ainu group at the St. Louis Exposition. 
Starr, F: *75 c. net. Open Court 


Adam. Electricity the chemistry of ether. 

*$4 ; 50 net. Whitaker & R. 

Archibald. Story of earth's atmosphere 

**35 c. net Appleton*. 

Lowell. Pure air, ozone and water; 

treatise on their utilization and value in 

oil, grease, etc. net, $2. Van Nostrand 

AIR Continued. 

Fleming. Waves and ripples in water, air 
and aether. $2. Nelson. 

Larmor. Aether and matter, net, $2.75. 


Mendeleeff. Attempt towards chemical 
conception of the ether. 80 c. Longmans. 

Phipson. Researches on the past and pres- 
ent hist, of the earth's atmosphere, net, 
$i. Lippincott. 

See also Compressed air; Meteorology. 


Blackall. New York air-brake catechism. 
$1.25 Up-to-date air-brake catechism 
$2. Henley. 

Conger. Nineteen-o-four air brake cate- 
chism. $i. C. B. Conger 

Dukesmith. Air brake, its use and abuse. 
$i. F. H. Dukesmith. 

Dukesmith. Modern air-brake practice, its 
use and abuse. $1.50. Drake. 

Kirkman. Air brake. $2.50. World R'way 

McShane and Hoar. New York and West- 

inghouse air-brakes. $1.50. Griffis & W. 

Air, food and exercises. Rabagliati, A. $3. 


See Breathing. 


See Aerial navigation 

Air voyager. Ingersoll, W : E. 75 c. Badger. 

Air, water, and food. Richards, E H. $2. 


Airy, Osmund. Charles IL New ed. '04 
(Ap3o) *$2.25 net. Longmans. 

Any, Osmund. Charles n. J oi(D;) il. 4, 
ed. de luxe on Jap. pap., net, $50 ; Fine pap. 
ed., on vellum, hf. mor., net, $25. Scnbner 

Airy, Reginald. Westminster. 'o2(Mr22) 
12, (Handbooks to the great public 
schools.) $1.50. Macmillan. 

Aitchispn, Clyde B. See Iowa. Annots. to 

Aitkea, J. R. Love in its tenderness: idylls. 
*02(Mr22) D. (Town and country lib, no. 
309 ) $i ; pap., 50 c. Appleton. 

Aitfcen, J. R. Sins uf a saint 'o3(My23) il. 
D. t$i-50. Appleton. 

Aitken, T: Road making and maintenance. 
1900. *oi(Mr2) il. 8*, $6. Lippincott 

AitMn, W. H. Divine ordinance of prayer. 
'O2(je7) 12, $1.25. E. & J. B. Young. 

Alton, G: B. Descriptive speller. 'oi(S2i) 
D, 30 c. Ginn. 

Alton, G: B., and Rankin, A. W. Exercises 
in syntax for summer schools, etc. '01 '02 
(Ap26) 12, pap., 25 c. Hyde. 

Ajax padded poets. D. leath., $1.50. Conkey. 

Bulwer-Lytton. Lucil-e. 

Ajax ser. D. 52 c. Dodd. 

Abbott. Capt. William Kidd. 

Afcers, C: E. Hist, of South America, 1854- 
1904. '04(Ni2) 8, *$6 net. Dutton. 

Atars, Eliz., [Mrs. E. M. Allen.] Sunset 
song and other verses. [Autograph ed.] 
*o2(Si3) D. **$i.20 net; ed. de luxe, $3 net 

Lee & S. 

Alabama. Constitutional provisions, general 
statutes and session laws relating to tele- 
graph and telephone corporations in effect 
Jan. i, 1904. *04(Ag6) O. (Not for sale.) 
Am. Telephone. 




Alabama. Digest of decisions of the sup. ct, 
fr. Minor to I25th Ala., incl. ; by Ja. J. 
Mayfield. 4 v. '01. 'O2(0i8) 0. shp., (for 
complete work,) $40, Marshall. 

Alabama. Supreme ct. Rcpts. (Coleman.) 
v. 120, 121 (Cobb.) 1900 (J128) ; v. 122- 
129. *02(Jl5) ; v. 130-137. J 04(F27) ; v. 
138, 139 (D24) 0. shp., ea., $3,75. 

Brown Pr. Co. 

Alabama. Supreme ct. Repts. 2d ed., unabr. 
Bks. 45, 49 ; cont. a verbatim repr. of v. 71- 
74, 75-78, 79-80 of the Ala. repts. '04(017) 
0. shp, ea., $6. (Sold only in complete 
sets Repr. backwards.) West Pub. 


Acuff. Index digest to the forms of com- 
plaints and pleas in sup. ct. repts., 50- 
130. $i. Marshall. 

Brown. Hist, of Alabama. $i. University, 
Martin. Internal improvement in Ala. 
30 c. Johns Hopkins. 

Gates. War between the Union and Con- 
federacy; with hist, of the i$th Ala. 
regiment. $3. Neale. 

Saunders. Early history of Alabama. $3.25. 


Thomas. Alabama." $i. Russell. 

Vaughan Alabama form book. $3. 


Alabama sketches. Peck. S : M. $i. McClurg 

Alabaster box. Besant, W. $1.50. Dodd 

Aladdin. '03(63) il. sq. 0. (Mother Goose 

sen, v. i ) 50 c. Altemus. 

Aladdin. y oi(N9) il. (Walter Crane's picture 

books; large ser. ; reissue.) pap., 25 c. Lane. 

Aladdin & Co. Quick, H. f$ Holt 

Aladdin O'Brien. Morris, G. t$i-25. 

Century Co. 

Aladdin, or, the wonderful lamp. J o3(Agi) 
4, 50 c. McLoughlin. 

Alain Tanger's wife. Yoxall, J. H. f$i.50. 

L. C Page. 

ALAMO (The), San Antonio, Tex^ 

Bennett Hist sketch and guide to the 

Alamo 50 c. L. Bennett 

Fall of the Alamo. 5 c. Old South Work. 

Alarcon, Pedro A, de. El Capitan Veneno; 

ed. by G: G Brownell. 'oi(Myii) D. 50 c. 

Am. Bk. 

Alarcon, Pedro A. de. El nino de la bola; 
ed. by R, Schwill. '03 (D$) D. 90 c. 

Am. Bk. 

Alaska. Laws, emb. penal code, the code 
of criminal procedure, etc. (T: H. Car- 
ter.) iQOo(Agn) O. $10. Callaghan, 
Alaska reports, v i ; (Ja. Wickersham.) '03 
(Di2) O. shp., $10. West Pub. 


Balch. Alaska frontier. $2. Alasko-Can- 
adian frontier. $i. Allen, L. & S. 

Burroughs. Far and near. **$ net 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Burroughs, and others. Alaska. 16 v. ea., 

*$7.50 net. Doubleday, P. 

George Little journeys to Alaska and 

Canada. 50 c. Flanagan. 

McElwaine. Truth about Alaska. $2. 

North Star. 
McKee. Land of Nome, net, $1.25. 

Grafton Press. 

Spurr. Through the Yukon gold diggings. 
$i.2>. " Eastern. 

ALASKA. Continued. 

Stoddard. Over Rocky Mountains to 
Alaska. 75 c. Herder. 

Sullivan. Woman who went to Alaska. 
$1.50. Earle* 

Taylor. Touring Alaska and the Yellow- 
stone, net, $1.60. Jacobs. 

Trout My experiences at Cape Nome, 
Alaska. 25 c, Lowman. 

Winchester, J. D. Experiences on a voyage 
to the Alaskan gold fields. $1.25. 

Set also Klondike. 

Albaaesi, E. Maria. See Rowlands, E. A. 

Albany, W. Y. Laws, ordinances and regula- 
tions governing the erection, construction, 
alteration and repairs to buildings, [etc.;] 
indexed, cpmp. and arr. by Lewis J, Miller. 
'03(624) il. O. limp shp., $i; pap., 50 c. 


Albatross novels. D. $i; pap., 50 c. 

G: W. Dillingham. 

Porter. A sugar princess. (23.) 

Albee, Ernest. History of Eng. utilitarian- 
ism. 'O2(je28) 8, net, $2.75. Macmillan 

Albee, Mrs. Helen R. Abnakee rugs. 2d ed. 
'04(Ja23) D. pap., 60 c. H. R. Albee. 

Albee, Mrs Helen R Mountain playmates. 
1900 (D8) D $1.50. Houghton, M. & Co 

Albee. J : Remembrances of Emerson '01 
(Myi8) D. $1.25; rev. enl. ed. J O3(My23) 
D. *$i 50 net R. G. Cooke. 

Albert, Eduard. Diagnosis of surgical dis- 
eases ; fr. the 8th enl. and rev. ed. by R. T. 
Frank. *O2(Je7) il. 8, $5; $5.50. Appleton. 

Albert Gate mystery. Tracy, L: f$ 


Albert Savarus. See Balzac, H. de. 

Albert Shaw lectures in diplomatic hist., 1899. 
O. Johns Hopkins. 

Latane. Diplomatic relations of the U. S, 
and Spanish Amen $1.50. 

AJbertson, C: C. Light on the hills. '04 
(Di7) 12, **$i net Lippincott. 

Albertson, C : C Verba consolantes ; for use 
in pastoral visitation and at funerals. *oi 
(Mr23) S. leath., net, $i. Otis. 

Albion series; ed. by J. W. Bright and G. L. 
Kittredge. O. Ginn. 

Cynewulf. The Christ $1.65. 

Squyr of lowe degre. $1.25. 

Alborri, G: C. Ish Keriotn. '04(1130) D. $i. 

Morning Star. 

Albright, J. D. The general practitioner as 
a specialist 2d ed., rev., enl., and il. J OT 
(Ag24) fl. 8, $3.50. Pottsville Rep. 

Album (L*) du regiment SV^ About, E. 

Album of adventures. Moncrieff, A. R, H. 
$1.75. Macmillan 

Albus,J:D. Schlossbauern. '02. '03 (F/) 
S. 60 c. Eden. 

JJcaeus. Songs: memoir and text; literal 
and verse trs. and notes by J. S. E, Smith. 
'or(Myii) 12*, net, $2. Lowdermil'; 

Alcazar classics. See Caldwell's. 

Alcestis and Electra. See Euripides 

Alchemist (The). See Chapman, G: Jon- 
son, Ben. 

Muir. Story of alchemy. **35 c. net 


See also Chemistry. 

AlcMm, Carrie A. Ear training for teacher 
and pupil. '04(817) D. $i. Ditson. 




Alcocer, Martin G. Pastoral letter on Cath- 
olic unity. '03(Mr28) D. pap., 10 c. 


Alcock, A. A naturalist in Indian seas. '02 

(Dia) 8, *$6 net Dutton. 

Alcock, Deborah. Not for crown or sceptre. 

'03(D26) 12, $1.50. Am. Tr 

Alcock, Deborah. Under Calvin's spell. '02 

' (N8). il. O. t$i-50. Revell. 


Allen. Alcohol a dangerous medicine. 
$1.50; $1.25. Haskell. 

Brannt. Distillation and rectification of al- 
cohol. $4. Baird. 
Henderson. Aristocracy of health: study 
of our favorite poisons. *$i.50 net. 


See Temperance. 
Alcott, Louisa M. Candy country. [New is- 
sue.] 1900(620) il. S. (Children's friend 
ser.) 50 c. Little, B. & Co. 

Alcott, Louisa M. Christmas dream. '01 
(Oio) 12, (Children's friend ser.) 50 c. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Alcott, Louisa M. Eight cousins. [New il. 

ed] 04 (OS) D. f$2. Little, B. & Co. 

Alcott, Louisa M. Jo's boys and how they 

turned out : a sequel to "Little men." [New 

illustrated ed.] '03(024) il. D. $2. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Alcott, Louisa M. Little button rose. New 

ed. 'or. J 02(Fi5) 16, (Children's friend 

ser ) bds.. 50 c. Little, B. & Co. 

Alcott, Louisa M. Little men. [New il. ed.] 

'oi(Ni6) D. $2. Little, B. & Co. 

Alcott, Louisa M. Little women. [New il. 

ed.] 'O2(0i8) D. f$2. . Little, B. & Co. 

Alcott, Louisa M. Morning glories; and 

Queen Aster. [New issue.] 'o4(Jei8) D. 

f 50 c. f Little, B. & Co. 

Alcott, Louisa M. Old-fashioned girl. [New 

il. ed.] '02(N22) il. 12, f$2. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Alcott, Louisa M. Poppies and wheat. [New 
issue.] 1900(020) il. D. (Children's 
friend ser.) 50 c. Little, B. & Co. 

Aloott, Louisa M. Rose in bloom: sequel to 
"Eight cousins." [New il. ed ] '04(08) D. 
t$2. Little, B. & Co. 

Clark. The Alcolts in Harvard. $1.50. 

J. C..L. Clark. 

Gaskoin. Alcuin, his life and his work, 
**$ net. Macmillan. 

Alcuin dtffc collections. Q. Longmans. 

Vander Goude. Dat boexden vander mis- 
sen. *$6 net 

Alden, A: E. Pilgrim Alden; (first John Al- 
den in America.) '02. 'O3(My23) 12, $2. 


Alden, Carlos C. Code of civil procedure. 
'01 (O26) D. canvas, $1.50. Baker, V. & Co. 
Alden, Mrs. Cynthia W. Women's ways of 
earning money. *O4(My7) S. (Woman's 
home lib., no. r.) **$i net. Barnes. 

Alden, Ebenezer, and Shaw, H : Descendants 
of Polly and Ebenezer Alden. *04(Ap23) 
8, $i. G. H: Shaw. 

Alden, Mrs. Is. M., ["Pansy."] Dorris Far- 
rand's vocation. *Q4(Je4) il. D. t$ 


Altai, Mrs. Is. M. Mag and Margaret. '01 
(Ap27) il. D. $i 50. Lothrop. 

Alden, Mrs. Is. M. Mara. J 03(Jei3) il. D. 
(Pansy books.) t$i-5- > Lothrop. 

Alden, Mrs. Is. M. Missent. 1900 (Mr3) D. 
75 c. Lothrop. 

Alden, Mrs. Is. M. Pauline. 'oi(MyiS) D. 
$1.50. Lothrop. 

Alden, Mrs. Is. M. Unto the end. J 02(Je7) 
D. $1.50. Lothrop. 

AldeB, Mrs. Is M., and Livingstone, Mrs. C. 
M. By way of the wilderness. 1900 (Ap2i) 
il. D. $1.50. Lothrop. 

Alden, Raymond M. Art of debate. 1900 
(S8) D. net, $i. Holt. 

Alden, Raymond M Consolatio : ode in mem- 
ory of those members of the class of 1903 
of Stanford Univ. who died during the 
month of their graduation. *04(Mr5) nar. 
pap., *50 c. net. P. Elder. 

Alden, Raymond M, ed. Eng. verse. '03 
(My9) S. (Eng. readings.) **$i.25 net. 


Alden, W: L. Drewitt's dream. J 02(Api2) 
D. (Town and country lib., no. 310 ) $i ; 
pap., 50 c. Appleton. 


Alden, A : E. Pilgrim Alden. $2. Earle. 

Alden and Shaw. Descendants of Polly 

and Ebenezer Alden. $i. G. H : Shaw. 

Fielding. Ancestors and descendants of 

Isaac Alden and Irene Smith, his wife. 

$3- Mrs. H, C. Fielding. 

Alderman's wife. Scott, H: E. 25 c. 

H: E. Scott. 

Alderson, Barnard. Andrew Carnegie, the 
man and his work. '02 (D6) il. 0. **$i.40 
net. Doubleday, P. 

Alderson, F. H. Indigestion. '03. 16, *50 c. 
net. Scribner. 

Aldin, Cecil. A sporting garland. '03 (Ds) 
O. bds, **$3 net. Wessels 

Aldrich, Mrs. Auretta R. Life and how to 
live it. 'oi(Ag24) il. D. net, $i. Biddle. 

Aldrich, F. D., and Foster, Irving L. 
Foundations of French arr. for beginners. 
1900(522) D. 95 c. Ginn. 

Aldrich, F. D., and Foster, Irving L. French 
reader arranged for beginners. '03(631) 
S. (International modern language ser.) 
50 c. Ginn. 

Aldrich, Mrs. Flora L. S. The boudoir com- 
panion. J oi(Ag24) $i. Gilman. 

Aldrich, Mrs. Flora L. S. My child and I, in 

sickness and health, from prenatal life until 

sixteen. J 03(Ag29) il. 12, $1.50; hi mor., 

$2. Ziegler. 

Aldrich, G: L, and Forbes, A. Progressive 

course in reading. 3 bks. 1900 (Ap2i) 

bk. I, il. D. 20 c. ; bk. 2, il. D. 30 c. ; bk. 3, 

il. D. 40 c. Butler. 

Aldrich, Norman K. Modern picturesque 

homes, no. 3 : practical designs and plans of 

residences and cottages. '03(Je6) il. obi. S. 

pap., $i. Aldrich. 

Aldrich, R: Guide to Parsifal; its origin, 

story and music. '04 (Ns) il. D. $i. Ditson. 

Aldrich, T: B. Works. Popular ed. 1900 

(Oi3) 7 v., 12, $TO: hf. cf., $20. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 
Aldrich, T: B. Judith of Bethulia: a tragedy. 

'o4(Dio) il. D. **$i net. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 




Aldricn, T: B. Ponkapog papers. '03 (N;) 
D.^**$i net. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Aldrich, T: B. A sea turn, and other mat- 
ters. '02(04) > t$i.25. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Aldrich, T: B., ed. Historic scenes in fic- 
tion. J 02(N22) 20 v., il. 12, (Young folks' 
lib.) (for complete lib., subs., $40; hf. mor., 
$60; full mor., $100. (Sold only in sets.) 

E. B. Hall. 

Aldrich, T: M. Hist, of Battery A, First 
Regiment R. I. Light Artillery, 1861-1865. 
'04(Jl30) 32 por. plan, 12, leath., $2.50, 

T: M. Aldrich. 

Alton, Wilbur. Money and credit. Rev. ed. 
'03 (D5) D. $1.25. Grafton Press. 

Aleph the Chaldean. Burr, E. F. $1.25. 


Aletheia, pseud. See Stobo, E: J: 
ALEXANDER the Great 
Abbott. Alexander the Great. 50 c. 

Abbott. Alexander the Great. 75 c. 


Plutarch. Alexander the Great and Julius 

Caesar. 10 c. Cassell. 

Plutarch. Alexander the Great, net, 15 c. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Wheeler, Alexander the Great $1.50; 

$1.75. * Putnam. 

Williams. Life of Alexander the Great. $i. 

Burt; Perkins. 
Choiseul-Gouffier. Hist, memoirs of Alex- 
ander i. $1.50. McClurg. 
Alexander, Mrs., pseud. See Hector, A. F. 
Alexander, Alb. R. Culture from reading. 
*oi(Oi2) S. 50 c.; pap., 25 c. Abbey Press. 
Alexander, Arabel W. Light through dar- 
kened windows. '01 (Mr2'0 S. $i. Jennings 
Alexander, Mrs. C. F. He is risen! He is 
risen. 1900(815) sq. S. pap., 25 c. Buckles. 

ALEXANDER, Charles. 

See Williamson, D:, ed. A great revival. 

Alexander, Eleanor. Lady Anne's walk '03 
'04 (F6) il D. $2.50. Longmans. 

Alexander, Eleanor. The rambling rector. '04 
(Nip) D. f$i.SO. Longmans. 

Alexander, Francesca. The hidden servants, 
and other very old stories told over again. 
1900(027) D. $1.50. Little, B. & Co. 

Alexander, Hartley B. Problem of metaphys- 
ics and meaning of metaphysjcal explana- 
tion. r 02(Jli2) 8, (Columbia University 
cpnt to philosophy, psychology and educa- 
tion, v. io t no. i.) pap., *75 c, net. 


Alexander, Ja. Weights and measures of 
sheet lead. '01(626) 32, leatherette, 60 c. 


Alexander, J: Conquest of the air: romance 
of aerial navigation. '02 (Ni) il. D. 75 c. 


Alexander, J: B. Hist, of Mecklenburg Co. 
'02. *03(Mr28) 12* $2. J: B. Alexander. 

Alexander, Ma. W. The table and how to 
decorate it. '04(015) il. D. buckram, $1.25. 


Alexander, Sigrmtmd B. See Blum, K 

Alexander, T., and Thomson, A. W. f Ele- 
mentary applied mechanics. '02 (D6) il. 8, 
*$5.25 net. Macmillan. 

Alexander, W : M. Demonic possession in the 
New Testament *O2(Api2) 8, net, $1.50. 


Alexander in the ark. Burrow, F. R. $1.50. 


ALEXANDRA, Queen of England. 
See Edward vn., King of England. 

Alexandra^, Chaim A. Leo Tolstoi. [In 
Yiddish.] *04(Mri2) 16, (Internat. lib.) 
pap., 10 c. Int. Lib. 

Aley, Rob. J., and Rothrock, D: A. Essen- 
tials of algebra; for secondary schools. '04 
(Ag27) diagrs., 12, (Standard ser. of 
mathematics.) $i. Silver. 


Coburn. Alfalfa. 50 c. Judd. 

Alford, G: H. Willis; or, the model farmer. 
1900 (D8) S. pap., 35 c. Saalfield. 

AJford, M., comp. Latin passages for trans- 
lation. ,'02 (Api2) 12, net. 80 c. Macmillan. 
Alfred, King. King Alfred's description of 
Europe. 'oi(Jei) (Old South leaflets, no. 
112.) pap., 5 c. Old South Work 

ALFRED the Great. 

Abbott Alfred the Great 50 c. Altemm 
Abbott Alfred the Great. 75 c. Burt 
Asser. Life of King Alfred. $4. 

Oxford Univ. 
Besant. Story of King Alfred 40 c. 

Bosworth. Alfred the Great, net 40 c. 

Bowker. King Alfred millenary. $3. 


Harrison. Writings of King Alfred, net, 
25 c. Macmillan. 

Hughes. Life of Alfred the Great. $i. 


Macfadyen. Alfred, the West Saxon, King 

of the English, net, $1.50. Button. 

Tappan. In the days of Alfred the Great. 

$i. Lee & S. 


Livingston. Nature of the stimulus which 

causes change in form in polymorphic 

green algae, net, 25 c. Univ. of Chic. 

West. Treatise on British freshwater algae. 

*$3.5o net Macmillan. 

Alge. S., [and others.} First French book. 

'or (Jl2o) S. (Modern lang, books.) 50 c. 


Alge, S., [and others.} First German book. 
'oi(Jl2o) il. S. (Modern lang. books.) 60 c. 


Alge, S., [and others.} German reader. '01 
(JIao) S. (Modern lang. books.) 60 c. 


Alge, S., [and others.} Second French book. 
'oi(Jl2o) S. (Modern lang. books.) 50 c. 


Aley and Rothrock. Essentials of algebra. 
$i. Silver. 

Bailey. High school algebra. 90 c. Am. Bk 
Beman and Smith. Academic algebra. 
$1.25. -Teacher's manual to [their] Aca- 
demic algebra, by L. L. Jackson. $1.50. 
Elements of algebra. $1.22. Ginn. 

Boyd. College algebra, net, $2. 

Scott, F.&Co. 

Boyden. First book in algebra. Primeros 
pasos en algebra, ea., 60 c. Silver. 




A. Continued. 
Brooks. Normal elem. algebra, pt r. 83 c. 


Colaw and Ell wood. School g 

Dickson. College algebra. *$i.5<> net- 

Answers *25 c. net. Wiley. 

Downev. Higher algebra. $1.50. Same. 

pt i." 90 c. Am. Bk. 

D'lpuis Principles of elementary algebra. 

net, $1.10. Macmillan. 

Durcll. Key to school algebra.?! 

Myers, Fishel & Co. 
Fisher. Rudiments of algebra. 60 c. Sec- 

ondary algebra. $1.05. Fisher & S. 

Fisher and Schwatt. Algebras, net, 60 c.- 

$j e Macmillan. 

Gerrish and Wells. Beginner's algebra. 50 c. 


Gideon. Model algebra. 60 c. Eldredge. 
Gilbert and Sullivan. Practical lessons in 

algebra, elem. $i. Richardson, S. 

Grace and Young. Algebra of invariants. 

^ net Macmillan. 

Hall. Algebraical examples, net, 50 c. 


Higgs. Algebra self-taught. 66 c Spon. 
Hopkins and Underwood. First book of 

algebra. *5O c. net. Macraillan. 

Hull Elements of algebra for beginners. 

50 ' c Am. Bk. 

Jocelyn. Algebra for high schools. $1^5- 


Jocelyn. Answers to examples in [his] 

Higtt school algebra. 10 c. Am. Bk. 
Keller. Algebra problems. 50 c. Bardeen. 
Kellogg. Elements of algebra. 25 c. 

Leighton, comp. Supplementary and review 

work in algebra. 25 c. Tr Slbl ? r * 

Lippincott's elem. algebra. So c Key, by 

J. M. Rawlins. $i. Lippmcott. 

Milne. Academic algebra $i 25. Key 

$r. w. Advanced algebra. $r 50 Key to 

Academic algebra and Advanced algebra. 

$1.50. Key to Elements of grammar and 

Grammar school algebra 60 c. Am. Bk. 
Payne. Principles and methods of college 

algebra. 25 c. McCord 

Potter Grammar school algebra. 50 c. 

Arn. Bk. 
Reinhard. High school algebra. $i. 

Am. Bk. 
Robbins and Somerville. Exercises in al- 

gebra 50 c. Answers. 10 c. Am. Bk. 
Smith, D : E. Grammar sch. algebra. 50 c. 

Smith and Stringham. Elementary alge- 

bra. net, $x to; $1.20. Macmillan. 

Symonds. Abstract of the elements of 

"arithmetic and algebra in tabular form. 

*8o c, net. W: B. Hanson. 

Tanner. Elementary algebra $i.~ An- 

swers. 10 c. Am. Bk. 

Taylor. Elements of algebra. $1*12. 

Allyn & B. 

Wells. Advanced course in algebra. $1.50. 


Wentworth. College algebra. $1.65. Ginn, 
White Grammar school algebra. 35 c. 

Am. Bk. 
See ako Equations ; Graphs; Numbers. 

Alger, Carolus, pseud. See Field, C : K, 

AIgr, Edith G. Primer of work and play. 

5 02(Mri5) il. sq. D. 30 c. Heath. 

Ateer G; W. and Slater, S: S. A treatise 

on the N. Y. employers' liability act. 03 

(Dig) 0. buckram, $2. M. Bender. 

Ataer, Horatio, jr. Andy Grant's pluck. 02 

(Nis) il. B. **8o c. net Coates 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Backwoods boy ; boyhood 

and manhood of Abraham Lincoln 04 

(Agi3) 12, pap., 10 c ,Sr tr ^n 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Ben Bruce. oi(Myi8) 

il. 12, (Alger ser.) $i. Burt 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Bernard Brooks adven- 
tures. J o3(Myi6) il. 12, (Alger ser.) f$i- 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Bound to rise. *O4(Agi3) 

I2 & , (Rugby ser.) f75 c. Burt 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Brave and bold. 04 

(Agi3) 12, (Rugby ser.) t7S c. Burt 
Alger, Horatio, jr. Chester Rand. '04(1*14) 

il D **8o c. net Coates. 

Ataer, Horatio, jr. Debt of honor. 1900 

(AgrS) il. 12, (Alger ser.) $i. Burt 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Falling in with fortune. 

loco (D22) D. $1.25. Mershon. 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Finding a fortune. '04 

(Ni2) il. D. f$i.25. Penn Pub. Co. 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Forging ahead. '03(031) 

il. D. **QO c. net. Penn. 

Al^er, Horatio, jr. Jed the poorhouse boy. 

1900(020) il. D. $i. Coates. 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Jerry, the backwoods boy, 

J 04(Dio) pis, 12, 60 c. Mershon. 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Julius the street boy. '04 

(Agi3) 12, (Rugby ser,) t75 c. Burt 
Alger, Horatio, jr. Lester's luck. J oi(0^6) 

il. D. $i. Coates. 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Lost at sea 'oi(Dlo) 

pis , 12, (Rise in life ser.) 60 c. Mershon. 
Algiear, Horatio, jr. Making his mark, 'or 

(O26) il. D. $r 25- Penn Pub. Co 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Only an Irish boy. '04 

(Agi3) 12, (Rugby ser.) f7S c. Burt. 
Alger, Horatio, jr. Out for business. 1900 

(D22) 12, $1.25. Mershon. 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Paul the peddler. '04 

(Agi3) 12, (Rugby ser.) f/5 c. Burt 
Alger, Horatio, jr. Paul the peddler. '03 

(Je27) 12, (Young America lib.) 50 c. 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Phil the fiddler. '04 

(Agi3) 12, fRugby ser.) t75 c. Burt 
Alger, Horatio, jr. Phil the fiddler. '03 (Jed) 

12, (Young America lib.) 50 c. Hurst 
Alger, Horatio, jr. Risen from the ranks 

'Q4(Agi3) 12, (Rugby ser) t75 c. Burt 
Algeff, Horatio, jr. Slow and sure. 'O4(Jl3o) 

12, (Rugby ser.) t75 c. Burt 

Alger, Horatio, jr. The store boy. J 04(Jl3o) 

12, (Rugby ser.) f75 c- Burt 

Algec, Horatio, jr. Strive and succeed. '04 

(Jl3o) 12, (Rugby ser.) 'f75 c. Burt. 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Strong and steady. '04 

(Jl3o) 12, (Rugby ser.) f75 c. Burt 

-gw, Horatio, jr. Tom Turner's legacy and 

how he secured it 'O2(Jli2) il. 12, (Alger 

ser.) $r. Burt 

Alger, Horatio, jr. Try and trust *o4(Jh6) 

12, (Rugby ser.) t75 c. Burt 

Alger, Horatio, jr. World before him. '02 

(04) il. D. **cx> c. net " Penn Pub. Co. 
Afear, Horatio, jr. The young outlaw. '04 

(JIi6) 12, (Rugby ser.) t75 c. Burt. 




Algsr, J : G. Napoleon's British visitors and 

captives, 1801-1815. '04(817) demy 8, 

**$ net. Pott 

Alger, J: G. Paris, 1789-1794. '02(027) il. 

8, **$3 net ; 2/4 mor., $5 net. Pott. 

Alger, Philip R. Exterior ballistics. '04 

(Ois) diagrs., 8, $1.50. Friendenwald. 
Alger, R. A. The Spanish-Am, war. '01 

(Oi9) O. net, $2.50. Harper. 

Alger ser. il. 12, $i. Burt. 

Alger. Bernard Brooks' adventures Debt 

of honor. Tom Turner's legacy. 
Chipman. Yankee lad's pluck. 
Coomer. Young whaler. 
Kakr. Treasure of Cocos Island. 

Wilkin. Among the Berbers of Algeria. 
$4. Cassell. 

Algol. Be Peyster, J : W. n. p. 

J: W. De Peyster. 
Algonkian. See Lawson, A. C 
Algonquian series. See Tooker, W: W. 
Algonquin Indian tales. Young, E. R. $1.25. 

Eaton & M. 

Alhambra. See Irving, W. 
Alhambra ser. S. 50 c. ; pap., 25 c. 


Jay, ed. ABC guide to ball-room danc- 
AH Baba, or, the forty thieves. J O3(Agi) 4, 

50 c. McLoughlin. 

Ali Baba. See also Arabian nights. 
Alice McDonald. Logan, J. B. 75 c. 

Alice of Old Vincennes. Thompson, M. 

$1.50. Bowen-M. 

Alice's adventures in Wonderland. See 

Dodgson, C: L. 
Alice's visit to the Hawaiian Islands. Krout, 

M. H. 45 c. Am. Bk. 

Alicia. Hartzell, A. A. *$i.25 net. Revere. 
Alick's adventures. R., G. t$i.25. Longmans. 
Alian, pseud. See Baker, Mrs. L. A. 
Alien (The). Montresor, F. F. $1.50 

Alien (The) immigrant. Gordon, W. E. 

*$i.SO net. Scribner. 

Aliens Wright, M. T. $1.50. Scribner. 

Maryland. Students' handbook of the sur- 
gery of the alimentary canal. $3. Blakiston. 
AlisiM, R. d', [M. attd K. Rogct] Les his- 

toires de tante. '02(Mri) 12*, (Primary 

ser. of Fr. and Germ, reading books.) net, 

40 c. Macmillan. 

Alix, pseud. See Brooks, A. 
Alkaloid in Christian science Casey, R. 

20 c. Lightheart 

Alkaloidal medication. See Shailler's guide. 
Alkaloidal therapeutics. Abbott, Al-ex. C 

$250; $3. Clinic. 


Pictet. Vegetable alkaloids. $5. Wiley. 
Alken, H : National sports of Great Britain ; 

50 engravings, with descriptions. New ed 

'03. '04 (F6) D. $1.50. Appleton. 

All aboard. Newberry, F. E. $i. Burt. ; 

All about animals. 1900 (Dis) il. Q. bds., 

50 c. McLoughlin. 

All-around athletics. Gunn, A. B. 10 c. 

Am. Sports 

All astray. Moncrieff, A. R. H. $1.50. ; 


All England ser. 16, *6oc. net. Macmillan. 

Everard. Golf in theory and practice. 

All for a crown. Williams, H: L., jr. $i. 


All hail to Santa Claus. Gabriel, C: H. 
30 c. Fillmore. 

All on a merry day. *02(N22) F. (Imperial 
toy ser.) pap., 50 c. ; untearable, 75 c. 


All on account of an actor. Wilson, L, L. 
IS c. Penn Pub. Co. 

All on the Irish shore. Somerville, E. CE. 
t$i-5o. Longmans. 

All-sufficient Saviour. Macgregor, G: H. C. 
50 c. Revell. 

All tangled up. Townsend, C: 15 c. 

W. H. Baker. 

AH the Russias. Norman, H : **$4 net 


All the world's fighting ships. See Jane, F. T. 

All the year round. Mulliken, A. M. $i 25. 

Unitarian S. S. 

All things new. Morgan, G. C. net, 10 c. 


Allaben, Fk. Concerning genealogies. '04 
(Dio) 12, **5Q c. net Grafton Press. 

Allan, Eliz, P. Life and letters of Margaret 
Junkin Preston. J 03(N2i) por. D. **|i,75 
net. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Allan Darke. See Gibson, C: D. 

Allan Eric, pseud. See Willis, C: W. 

Allbutt, T: C. Notes on composition of 
scientific papers. J 04(Je4) 12, *$i net 


Allbutt, T : C. Science and medieval thought 
'oi(MyiS) 12, (Cambridge Univ. Press 
ser.) net, 75 c. Macmillan. 

Allbutt, T : C. System of medicine by many 
writers, v. 8, Diseases of nervous system, 
concluded ; Mental diseases ; Diseases of the 
skin; v. 9, Gynaecology, medical and surgi- 
cal. 1900^24) 8, ea., net, $5; hf. leath., 
net, $6. Macmillan. 

AUcMn, W. H., ed. Manual of medicine, v. 
I. 1900 (Je23) ; v. 2 1900. 'oi(Jas) ; v. 3 
(Oi2) ; v. 4. J 02(D6) ; v. 5. J Q4(F6) iL 
12, (Manuals of medicine and surgery.) 
ea., *$2 net. ' Macmillan. 

Allcock, C. H. Theoretical geometry for 
beginners, pt I. J o3(Mri4) *4O c. net; 
pt. 2 (024) *35 c. net; pt 3. J O4(F2o) ; pt. 
4. '04 (N5) 12, ea,, *35 c. net Macmillan. 

Alldridge, T, J. The Sherbro and its Hinter- 
land. f oi(N9) il 8, $6. Macmillan. 

Alkged discrepancies of the Bible. Bates, 
W : H. 75 c. ; 50 c. Watchword. 


See Pittsburg, 


Baker. School entertainments: coll. of al- 
legories, etc. 30 c. W. H. Baker. 
Green. Twelve allegories, net, $1.25. Lane. 
See also Parables. 

Allegro (IA) See Milton, J: 
Alleman, Julia S. Postmarked "Colima." 
(John Rung prize ser.) 1900(58) D. $1.25. 

Luth. Pub. 

Allen, A. V. G. Life and letters of Phillips 
Brooks. 1900(029) 2 v., net, $7.50. 





Allen, Alfr. H. Commercial organic analysis. 

3d enl. ed. 1900(015) 8, v. i, $450; v. 2, 
pts. i, 2, ea., $3.50; v. 3, pts. 1-3. ea., $4.50; 
v. 4, $4.50. Blakiston. 

Allen, Alice E, Children of the palm lands. 
l 02(My3) D. 50 c. Educ Pub. 

Allen, Anne S. Merry hearts; front. '03 
(024) S. 75 c. Holt 

Allen, Calvin Fs. Field and office tables spe- 
cially applicable to railroads. '03 (Ds) 8, 
pocket-book, limp leath., $2. Spon. 

Allen., Calvin Fs. Railroad curves and earth- 
work. 3d ed., partly rewritten. '03(05) il. 
diagr., 8, pocket-book, limp leath., $2. 


Allen, Calvin Fs. Railroad curves and earth- 
work, and Field and office tables. In i v. 
'03 (D5) il. 8, limp leath., $3. Spon. 

Allen, C: Notes on the Bacon-Shakespeare 
question. 1900 (Ap2i) D. $1.50. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Allen, C: L. Cabbage, cauliflower and al- 
lied vegetables, from seed to harvest. '01 
(Ap2o) il. D. 50 c. Judd. 

Allen, C: W. Practitioner's manual. '02 
(Je7) 8, $6; mor., $7. Wood, 

Allan, C: W, Treatise on radio-therapy, 
photo-therapy, radium and high frequency 
currents. '04(810) 8% $4.50. Lea. 

Allen, Mrs. E. M. See Akers, E. 

Allen, E. T. Science of higher prisms: for 
the relief of eye strain and ocular reflexes. 
1900 (Apai) il 12, $1.25. E. T. Allen. 

Allen, E: A. School grammar of the Eng. 
language. 1900. 'oi(Mr9) 16, 60 c. 


Allen, E: A., and Hawkins, W: J. Practical 
language book. '03(Jln) 12, (School 
course in English, bks. i and 2.) 2 v., v. i, 
35 c. ; v. 2, 50 c. Heath. 

Allen, E: A. See also Brewer, D: J. 

ALLEN-, Ethan. 
Brown, Ethan Allen. $i. Donohue. 

Allen, F, S. What's what? at home and 
abroad. *02(Je7) S. net, 50 c. Bradley- W. 

Allen, Fs. 0., ed. History of Enfield, Conn. 
In 3v. v. i and 2. J oi(Oi2); v. 3. '03 
(Jai7) il. 8, subs., complete work, $15. 

F. 0, Allen. 

Allen, G. C. Tales from Tennyson. 1900 
(Dis) il. 12, $1.25. Brentano's. 

Allen, G. M. See Howe, R. H., jr. 

Allen, G: H. Uncle George's letters to the 
Garcia club. '02(513) il. D. $i. Cedar ine. 

Allen, Godfrey. See Allen, Phoebe. 

Allen, Grant. The backslider: stones, 'or 
(DsS) 12, $1.50. Lewis. 

Allen, Grant. Belgium: its cities. '03(010) 
2 v., il. S. (Travel lovers' lib.) $3. 

L. C. Page, 

Allen, Grant. Florence. 'oi(Oi2) 2 v., iL S. 
(Travel lovers 1 lib.) $3; hi mor., $7; sq. S. 
net, $i. L. C. Page. 

Allen, Grant Hilda Wade. 1900 (Jei6) il. 
12, $1.50. Putnam. 

Allen, Grant. In nature's workshop. 'or 
(My4) D. net. $1.50. Mansfield. 

Allen, Grant Linnet: a romance. 1900 (D22> 
D. $1.50. New Amsterdam. 

Allen, Grant. Paris. '01. 1900 (D8) 2 v., il. 
S. (Travel lovers' lib.) $3; ft mor., $7. 

L. C. Page. 

Allen, Grant Paris. 1900 (Mys) nar. D. 
net, $1.25. Wessels. 

Allen, Grant. Venice. '03. 'o2(Oii) 2 v., 
12, (Travel lovers' lib.) $3; hf. mor., $7. 

L. C. Page. 

ALLEN, Grant. 
Clodd. Grant Allen, net, $1.50, Mansfield. 

Allen, J. H : Diseases and therapeutics of the 
skin. '02(My24) 12, $2. Boericke & T. 

Allen, J. L. Aftermath. New issue. 1900 
(Ap7) 16, ?i. Macmillan, 

Allen, J. L. Blue grass region of Kentucky. 
New issue. 1900 (Ap7) il. *I2, $1.50. 


Allen, J. L. Choir invisible. 'o4(My2i) D. 
(Macmillan's paper novel sen, no. 3.) pap., 
25 c. Macmillan. 

Allen, J. L. Flute and violin, and other Ken- 
tucky tales. New issue. 1900 (Ap7) 12, 
$1.50. Macmillaa 

Allen, J. L. Kentucky cardinal. New issue. 
1900 (Ap7) 16, $i. Macmillan. 

Allen, J. L. Kentucky cardinal; and After- 
math. New ed. rev. i90o(Di) il. 8, $2.50. 


Allen, J. L. Mettle of the pasture. '03 
(Agi) 12, f$i.5o. Macmillan. 

Allen, J. L. Reign of law. 1900 (Jli7) D. 

$1.50. Macmillan. 

Allen, J. L. Two gentlemen of Kentucky; 

from " Flute and violin." New issue. 1900 
(Ap7) nar. 16, 50 c, Macmillan. 

Allen, J. W. See Seccombe, T : 

Allen, Ja. T., comp. Digest of U. S. auto- 
mobile patents from 1789 to July i, 1899. 
1900 (JbS) Q. shp., $25. H. B. Russell. 

Allen, J: H. Judah's sceptre and Joseph's 
birthright. J 02(Ag2) il. 12, $1.50. 

J : H. Allen. 

Allen, Jos. H., and Greenough, J. B. New 
Latin grammar for schools and colleges. 
'03. '04(F6) 12, $1.20. Ginn. 

Allen, Martha M. Alcohol a dangerous and 
unnecessary medicine, how and why. 1900 
(Je23) 12, $1.25; $1.50. Haskell.. 

Allen, Mrs. Ma. Wood-. Almost a man. 
[New ed.] J 03(Ag22) S. (Teaching truth 
sen) 50 c. Wood- A. 

Allen, Mrs. Ma. Wood-, Almost a woman. 
[New ed.] *03(Ag22) S. (Teaching truth 
ser.) 50 c. Wood- A. 

Allen, Mrs. Ma. Wood-. Child confidence re- 
warded. 'o3(Myi6) 12, (Teaching truth 
ser.) *25 c net. Wood- A. 

Allen, Mrs. Ma. Wood-. The man wonderful. 
[New 4th ed.] J O3(Jei3) D. $i. Educ. Pub. 

Allen, Mrs. Ma. Wood-. Teaching truth. '03 
(Jei3) 12, (Teaching truth ser.) 50 c. 


Allen, May V. Battling with love and fate. 
'O2(jli9) D. $i. Abbey Press. 

Alien, Moni ort B., and McGregor, Amelia C, 
Ladies' guide to health and beauty. '02 
(S6) il. 8, $1.75- Nat. Pub. Co. 

Allen, Philip S., and Batt, Max, eds. Easy 
German stories; exercises, notes and vocab- 
ulary. '03(617) por. D. (Lake German 
classics.) 70 c. Scott, F. & Co. 




Allen, Philip S., and Batt, Max, eds. Ger- 
man stories; exercises, notes and vocab- 
ulary. '03. '04 (F6) D. (Lake German 
classics.) 70 c. Scott, F. & Co. 

Allen, Phoebe. Jack and Jill's journey: tour 
through the plant kingdom. *oi(Mr2) il. 
12*, $1.50. Dutton. 

Allen, Phoebe. Pick of the basket. '02(025) 
il. 12, f$i. E. & J. B. Young. 

Allen, Phoebe and Godfrey. Miniature and 
window gardening. 'o2(Apip) D. net, 50 c. 


Allen, Rob. Letters of an old Methodist to 
his son in the ministry. '04(Agi3) 12, 
$1.25 Revell. 

Allen, T: G. See Duff, E: M. 

Alten, Victor M. Hobo life. '04(1130) 12, 
pap., 10 c. R. L. Hurd. 

Allen, W. B. Head of Pasht: [novel] 1900 
(Je2) D. $1.50. Dutton. 

Allen, W. C. North Carolina history stories. 
J oi(N9) S. 50 c.; in 5 pts., pap., ea., 10 c. 
B. F. Johnson 

Allen, Wa- Ulysses S. Grant. 'oi(Myii) 
S. (Riverside biog. sen, no. 7.) 75 c. *, 
School ed., net, 50 c. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Allen, Mrs. W: Love-letters of a liar. '01 
(Ap6) T. im. leath., 50 c. Ess Ess 

Allen, W: Matter, man, and spirit; their rel. 
to science and philosophy. *O4(My7) por. 
D. $i. Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So. 

Allen, W: H. Election of 1900. f oi(Fi6) 
8, (Pub. of the soc., no. 293.) pap., 25 c. 
Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

Allen, W: H. Fresh air work. '03. 8, 
(Pub. of the soc., no. 421.) pap., 15 c. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

Allen, W: H. Rise of the National board of 
health. 1900 (Fio) (Pub. of the soc., no. 
267.) pap., 15 c. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

Allen, Willis B. Play away: story of the 
Boston fire department. *O2(Jli9) il. 12, 
**75 c. net. Estes. 

Allen, Willis B. Sword and plowshare. '04 
(D3) il. D. $1.25. Pilgrim Press. 

Allen, Willis B. Under the pine-tree flag. 
'02(D20) il. D. $1.25. Pilgrim Press. 

'Allen's (Grant} hist, guide books to the prin- 
cipal cities of Europe. S. net, $1.25. 


Crukkshank. The Umbrian towns. 

Williamson. Cities of northern Italy. 

Allerlei. Fahsel, A. 25 c. Am. Bk. 

Alley, H: Improved queen rearing; how to 
rear large, prolific, long-lived queen bees. 
'O3(jei3) il 12, $i. H: Alley. 

Alley cat's kitten. Fuller, C. M. f$i.So. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Allgood, Baylous C. Business calculator. '03 
(Si2) por. 16, $i. Goddard. 

Allgood, G: China war, 1860: letters and 
journal. '01. '02 (F8) il. obi. O. $5. 


Allifcane, S: A. Great authors of all ages. 
New ed. *oi. 'o2(Mn) 8, $2.50. 


AUibone, S: A. Poetical quotations. New 
ed. '01. r 02(Mn) 8, $2.50. Lippincott. 

Allibone, S: A. Prose quotations from Soc- 
rates to Macaulay. New ed. '03. '04 (F6) 
8, $2.50. Lippincott 

AllinWinfield. Walsh, G:E. $1.50. Buckles. 

Ailing, G: W. Points for buyers and users 
of tool-steel. '03 (D$) il. 8, $2. 

D: Williams. 

Ailing, Horatio. Why we vote: discussion 
of the government of the state of Wash- 
ington. 1900 (S8) 8, ( Westland ser.) 50 c. 


Allingliam, Helen, [Mrs. t W: Allingham.] 
Happy England; memoir and descriptions 
by Marcus B. Huish. '03(031) il. 8, *$6 
net. Macmillan. 

Allingham, Herbert W. Operative surgery. 
'o3(Myg) 8, *$3 net. Wood. 

Allingham, W: Manual of marine meteor- 
ology. 1900. 'oi(Mr2) il. maps, 12*, 
(Griffin's nautical ser., no. 10.) $2. 


Allingham, W: and Herbert W. Diagnosis 
and treatment of diseases of the rectum. 
7th ed. 'oi (N9) fl. 8, net, $3.25 Wood. 

Allingjiam, Mrs. W: See Allingham, H. 

Allinson, E: P. See Pennsylvania^ Superior 
ct. Repts. 

Allison, Fs. L. Sifter drill. 1900. 15 c. 


Allison, Joy. Billow Prairie. *04(Je25) 12, 
(Wellesley ser.) f75 c. Hurt 

Allison, S: B., and Perdue, H. A. Sixteen 
stories and how to use them. '03 (JU) 12, 
40 c. Flanagan. 

Allison, S : B., and Perdue, H A. The story 
in primary instruction. '02(64) D. 60 c. 


Allison, W. British thoroughbred horse. J oi 
(D7> 8, net, $12.50. Dutton. 

Alliteration in Italian. Taylor, R. L. net, 
75 c. Lemcke. 

AUman, Ja. God's children. *O3(Je6) S. soc. 



Thurston. The alloys and their constit- 
uents. $2.50. Wiley. 
See also Brass. 

All's fair in love. Sawyer, J. C. f$i.5o. 


All's well that ends well. See Shakespeare, W : 

Allsop, F: C. Induction coils and coil mak- 
ing. 4th ed. J 02(N22) il. 12, $1.25. Spon. 

Allsop, F: C. Practical electric bell fitting, 
roth ed. J 02(S2o) il. 12, $1.25. Spon. 

Allsop, F: C. Telephones, their construc- 
tion and fitting. iooo(Ag4) il. 12, $1.25. 


Allston, Marg., pseud. See Farquhar, Mrs. A. 

Allstroin, Carl M. Diet of royal lineage of 
Europe and other countries. In 2 v. v, i. 
'02. *03(F28) 8, subs., complete set, $5. 
C. M. AllstrSm. 

Allyn, Jack See Blouet, P. 

Allyn & Bacon's college Latin ser. D. 
y Allyn & B. 

Livy. bks. I, 21, 22. $1 25 

Platner. Topography and monuments of 
ancient Rome. $3. 

Suetonius Tranquillus. De vita Caesarum. 
bks. 3-6. $1.25. 

Allyn & Bacon's German sir. 16, 50 c. 

Allyn & B. 

Grimm. Tales. 

Allyn & Bacon's ser. of school histories, il. 
12. Allyn & B. 

Adams and Trent. Hist, of the U. S. $1.50. 




AJlyn & Bacon's ser. of sch histories. Cont. 
West. Ancient world, pt. i, Greece. $i. 
Modern hist. : Europe from Charlemagne. 

Alma ser. of masterpieces; ed by A. D. Hall 
S. flex, cf., $r. Caldwell 

Beecher. Selections. 
Agricultural almanac. 10 a Baer. 

American Agriculturist year bk. and al- 
manac. $i. Judd. 
American almanac, year-book, cyclo. and 
atlas, 50 c. N. Y. American. 
American annual of photography. 75 c. 


American art annual. $3. Supplement, 
25 c. Art Interchange. 

American Baptist year-book. 25 c. 

Am, Bapt. 

American churcn almanac [P. E. church] 
and year book, 1901-1904. ea., *6o c. net; 
*35 c. *net. Gorham. 

American farmer's almanac. 10 c. 

R. H. Donnelley. 
American Jewish year book. 75 c. 

Jewish Pub. 

American newspaper annual. $5. Ayer. 

American prohibition year bk. 25 c. ; 15 c. 

Un. Prohibition. 

Annual Am catalogue, cumulated 1900- 
1904. ea., $2 ; $3 j $4 ; $6. Pub. Weekly. 
Annual register. $6. Longmans. 

Appleton f s annual cyclopsedia. $5; $6; $7. 


Arbor and bird day annual for Wis. schools. 

gratis. Democrat Pr. Co. 

Baptist Young People's Union of America. 

Year book, 1903-4. 25 c. Bapt. Y. P. U. 

Bliss. Abr. of the Nautical almanac, igoi. 

25 c, J: Bliss. 

Brasses-. Naval annual net, $7.50. 


Bridgman. Souvenir of Mass, legislators, 

1900. subs., $4. Bridgman. 

Brooklyn Daily Eagle almanac, 1900-1904. 

ea., *5o c. net; *25 Brooklyn Eagle. 

Burgess. Nonsense almanac, 1901. 50 c. 


Catholic directory, almanac and clergy list. 

1900-1904. ea., $1.75. Wiltzius. 

Catholic home annual, 1900-1905. ea., 25 c. 


Catholic yearbook of New England. 25 c. 

J. K. Waters. 
Chattanooga Daily Times almanac. 25 c. 

Chattanooga Times. 
Courier- Journal almanac. 25 c. 


Button's holiday annual/ $1.25. Dutton. 

Englishwoman's year-book and directory. 

$i'5- Macmillan. 

Ferree, ed. Year-book of the art societies 

of New York, 1898-99. $1.50. L. Scott. 

Flitcraft Life insurance manual. $2. 

A. J. Flitcraft 
Free trade almanac, ea., 5 c. 

Am. Free Trade. 

Hagerstown town and country almanack, 
10 c. Gruber. 

Hawaiian almanac and annual for 1900- 
1905 ea, 75 c. 

Hawaiian Gazette; Thrum. 
Haydon. Bible year bk. of the new thought. 
$i. New Thought 

Hazell's annual *$T.SO net. Scribner. 

Hebrew almanac for 5664. Bloch. 

Hense- Jensen. Mufti-almanach. 25 c. 


Illustrated family Christian almanac. 10 c. 

Am, Tr. 

Indianapolis Sentinel year-bk. and alma- 
nac. 35 c. Indianapolis Sentinel. 
Ingersoll. Nature's calendar. $1.50. Harper. 
Insurance year-books. $5. Spectator. 
International annual of Anthony's photo- 
graphic bulletin. $1.25 ; 75 c. Anthony. 
International year-book. $3-$5. Dodd. 
Laird & Lee's diary and time saver. 25 c. 

Lee's Am. automobile annual. $1.50. 


Little folks' annual. 5 c. ; 10 c. Benziger. 
Little folks' annual, $1.25; $1.75. Caldwell. 
Little folks' il. 'annual. $1.25. Estes. 

Living church annual, 1900-1904, ea., 35 c. 
Young Churchman. 

Living church quarterly, net, 50 c. ; 25 c. 
E. & J. B. Young. 
McClure's children's annual. $1.50. 

McClure, P. 

Macdonald. * Astrological almanac and 
guide to health. 10 c. 

J. MacDonald, M.D. 

Maine register, state year book and legis- 
lative manual, no. 33. $2. G. M. Donham. 
Methodist year-book, net, 10 c Eaton & M. 
Minneapolis Journal almanac and vear- 
book. 25 c. Journal Pr. Co. 

Moody. D. L. Moody year-book. $i. 

Moore Meteorological almanac 50 c. 

Rand, McN. & Co. 
Municipal year book. $3. 

Engineering News. 

National farmer's almanac and diary for 
1904. 10 c. H: Peacock. 

National Temperance almanac and teeto- 
taler's year-book. 10 c. Nat. Temp. 
Nautical almanac, abr. 25 c. J: Bliss. 
Penn. Society year-bk. to members, $i; 
to non-members, $2. Pennsylvania Soc. 
Piatt The Hesperian tree, net, $5. Shaw. 
Planets and people : annual yearbook of the 
heavens, 1900-1904. ea., $i. 

F. E. Ormsby. 

Providence Journal almanac, 1000-1904. 
ea , 10 c. Providence Journ. 

Public Ledger almanac, gratis. 

Public Ledger. 

Publishers' trade list annual. 1900-1901, 

ea., net, $2; 1902, *$ net; in 2 v., *$7 

net j 1903, *$2 n-et ; Supp. index, $2 ; 1904, 

*$2 net; Supp. index, $3 Pub. Weekly. 

Radford. Ideal homes annual. 50 c. 

Radford Review. 

Remarkable almanack. 50 c. A. Bartlett 
Remington. Annual newspaper directory. 
?5- S: F. Remington. 

Rowell. Am. newspaper directory. $5. 

Rowley. Year book. $t. H : H. Rowley. 




Ruskin. Year book. 75 c. Earle. 

Spal ding's official athletic almanac. 10 c 

Am Sporti. 

Statesman's year-book, 1900-1904 ea, *$3 
net. Macmillan. 

Telegram almanac and cyclopedia. 20 c. 

Providence Telegram. 

Tribune almanac and political register. 25 c. 

Tribune Assoc. 

Twentieth century almanac, 1900-2000. 50 c.; 
15 c. Allen, L. & S. 

Van Dyke. The friendly year. $1.25. 

Virginia-Carolina almanac, gratis. 


Whitaker and Sons, comps. Whitaker's 

almanac for 1900-1904. ea., *5<> c. net; 

*$i.25 net. Scribner. 

Whittaker's Churchman's almanac. 50 c.; 

25 c. Whittaker. 

Wisconsin arbor and bird day annual, 1904. 

gratis. C. P. Cary. 

World almanac and encyclopedia, 1900- 

1904 ea, 25 c Press Pub. 

Young folks' annual for 1904. 10 c. 


Zickel. Illustrirter familien-kalender 25 c. 

See also Calendars and year-books; also under 

special subjects. 

Chicago Daily News almanac and year-bk., 
1904. Chicago Daily News. 

Hicks Almanac, I900~'o5. bound 3 to- 
gether, 75 c. Word and Works. 
Almirall, N. The master- feeling. '03(05) 

D. $i 25. Badger. 
Almost a man. Allen, Mrs. M. Wood-. 50 c. 

Almost a woman. Allen, Mrs. M. Wood-. 

50 c. Wood~A. 

Almost as good as a boy. Douglas, A. M. 

$1.25. Lee & S. 

Almy, J. See Cadiot, P J. 
Along four-footed trails. Cook, R. A. **$i.50 

net Pott. 

Along French by-ways. Johnson, C. $2.25. 

Along the Nile with General Grant. Farman, 

E. E. **$2.50 net. Grafton Press. 
Aloysius, (Saint.} Sketch of life of St. 

Aloysms; with short meditations for the 
six Sundays. 6th ed. '04(^25) 32, pap., 
per doz., 30 c. Herder. 


Baby's ABC book. 75 c. Saalfield. 
Baum, Army alphabet. Navy alphabet, 
ea., $i. G: M. Hill. 

Bonte. A B C in Dixie. **$i.25 net. 

Clodd. Story of the alphabet 40 c. 

Crosland. Little people. **40 c. net 


EnthofiFer. Unsprung des alphabets und 

der Zahlensysteme. 25 c. Lemcke. 

Fallen. Animal alphabet book $i. Pott. 

Horton. Alphabet. 75 c. L. C. Page 

Hyde. Animal alphabet $i. G: M. Hill. 

Tves and Holloway. First book, net, 30 c. 

W: B. Harison. 

ALPHABETS. Continued. 
Keeley. Alphabet of birds. Alphabet of 
wild flowers, ea., $i. Jamieson-H. 

My A B C book. 50 c. Saalfield. 

Neilson. Animal ABC $i. Scribner. 
Ostrander. Frolics of the ABC, 7S f 


Rigby. Toydom. 75 c. Conkey, 

Tinsley. Complete analysis of Eng. alpha- 
bet/ 25 c. H: C Tmsley. 

Williams Alphabet of Indians. $2. 


Sec i. T /fc Inscriptions: Penmanship 
and printing, Writing. 

P, inters 

ALPHABETS (ornamental) 
Day. Alphabets old and new. $1.50. 


Zaner. Zanerian script alphabets. $2.50. 

Zaner & B. 
See also Lettering. 

Alpheus, A., pseud. Complete guide to hyp- 
notism. 'o2(Myi7) 12, 50 c.; pap, 25 c. 


Alphens, A., pseud. See also Oxenford, I 

Conway. The Alps. *$6 net. Macmillan, 
Con way. The Alps from end to end. $2. 

Forbes. Travels through the Alps. $p. 

Freeston. Cycling in the Alps, net, $1.25. 


Whyniper. Scrambles among the Alps. 
net, $5. Scribner. 

See also Blanc, Mt. ; Switzerland. 
Alps of King-Kern Divide. See Jordan, D: 

Alsop, G: Character of the province of 
Maryland; repr. fr. ed. of 1666; notes by 
N. D. Mereness. '02. '03 (Mr?) 8, (Re- 
prints, no. 4.) bds., $2. Burrows. 

Groves. Alstons and Allstons of N. and 
S. Carolina. $5. J. A. Groves. 

Alta lib. See New Alta lib. in Record of se- 
ries under Coates, H: T. f & Co, 

Alta ser. D. pap., 25 c. T. S. Denison. 

Bentley. Brookdale Farm. 25 c. 

Parker. Face at the window. Friend of . 
the whole family. His second time on 
earth. Love and anarchy. 

Altar guilds. Manual for. Wood, J. E. 15 c. 


Altar steps. See Reazor, F. B. 

Altars, pulpits and choir chairs. Gornmel, P. 
4 pts., ea., $2.50. Hessling. 

Altdorfer, Albrecht Albrecht Altdorfer: 71 
woodcuts. *02(Ap26) il. 0. (Little engrav- 
ings classical and contemporary, no. I.) 
bds., net, $1.50. Longmans. 

ALTDORFER, Albrecht. 
Moore. Altdorfer. net, $i. Longmans. 

AlUmus* Banbury Cross ser. il, sq. 16% hi 
vellum, tsp c. Altemus. 

Chicken little. 

Fairy gifts. 

History of Tom Thumb. 
Old Mother Hubbard 

Snow White and Rose Red. 
Story of Blue Beard. 




Altemus Banbury Cross ser. Continued. 

Three bears. 

White cat. 

Altemus' dainty ser. il. sq. CX 50 c. Altemus 

Crumpton. Silver buckle. 

Fenn. Our soldier toy. 

Rowsell. Honor bright 

Stannard. Little Gervaise. 

Altemus' good time ser. il. D. 50 c. Altemus 

Ewing. Jackanapes. (3.) Story of 
short life. (10.) 

Jackson. Blue grass beauty. (9.) 

Jenks. Making a start. (6 ) 

Kingsley. Under the stars, (i.) 

Segur Story of a donkey. (7.) 

Stretton. Jessica's first prayer. 

Trimmer. Story of the robins. (2 ) 

Warner. Christmas stocking (4.) 

Whitaker. Laddie. (5.) Miss Toosey's 
. mission. (8.) 

Altemus' holly tree ser. il. D. 50 c. Altemus. 

Carove, Story without end (10.) 

Com stock. Then marched the brave. (2.) 

When the British came. (7.) 
Cooke Little foxes. (8.) 

Dickens. The holly-tree, (i.) 

Douglas. Clover's princess, (n.) Little 

missionary. (4.) 
Hancock. Chuggins. (6.) 
Haskell. Sweet story of old. (10.) 
Kingsley. Unrecorded miracle, (9.) 
Woolsey. Rule of three. (5.) 
Altemus 1 Mother Goose ser. 12 v. il. sq. O 
50 c. ^ Altemus, 

Aladdin, (i.) 

Animal stories for little people. (2.) 
Beauty and the beast (3.) 
Bird stories for little people. (4.) 
Cinderella. (5.) 
House that Jack built (6.) 
Jack and the beanstalk. (7.) 
Jack the giant killer. (8.) 
Little Red Riding Hood. (9.) 
Puss m boots (10.) 
Sleeping beauty, (n.) 
Who killed Cock Robin. (12.) 
Altemus' one syllable ser. 12, 50 c. Altemus. 
Holmes. Child's story of the Bible, (v. 3.) 
Altemus 1 wee bks. for. wee folks, il. T. f50 c. 

_ ,. . , Altemus. 

Foolisn fox. 

Nursery tales. 

Potter. Tale of Peter Rabbit. 

Robber kitten 

Three little pigs. 

Altemus' young people's histories, il. 12, 
3 c - Altemus. 

Ellis. Young people's hist, of England. 
France. Germany. Greece. Rome, 
United States. 

Altemus' young people's lib. il. sq. S. 50 c. 


Abbott. Alexander the Great Alfred the 
Great Cyrus the Great. Elizabeth.; Jo- 
sephine. Julius Caesar.King Charles n. 
of England. Mme. Roland. Marie An- 
toinetteMary, Queen of Scots. Pyrrhus. 
Romulus. Xerxes the Great 

Hall. Adventures in Toyland. 

Holmes. Young people's hist, of the war 

with Spain. 
Hopwood. Sleepy king. 

Altemus' young people's tib. Continued. 
James. Animal stories for little people 
Heroes of U. S. navy. Military heroes of 
U. S. Sea kings and naval heroes. 
Lamb. Tales from Shakespeare. 
Stowe. Uncle Tom's cabin. 
Alternate sex. Leland, C: G. **$i net. 


Alternate third bk. of vocal music. Smith, 
Eleanor. 54 c. Silver. 

Baum. Alternating current-transformer. 
$1.50. McGraw, 

Franklin and Williamson. Elements of al- 
ternating currents, net, $2.50. Macmillan. 
Hanchett Alternating currents. $i Wiley 
Houston and Kennelly Alternating elec- 
tric currents. $i. McGraw. 
Oudin. Standard polyphase apparatus and 
systems. $3, Van Nostrand, 
Raymond. Alternating current engineering. 
**$2.50 net Van Nostrand. 
Rhodes. Eletn. treatise on alternating cur- 
rents. $2.60. Longmans. 
Sheldon and Mason. Dynamo electric ma- 
chinery, v. 2, Alternating-current ma- 
chines, net, $2.50. Van Nostrand. 
Steinmetz. Theory and calculation of al- 
ternating current phenomena. $4. 

Elec. World. 

Tesla. Experiments with alternate currents 
of high potential and high frequency. $i. 


See also Electricity; Induction coils. 

Altgeld, J : P : Cost of something for nothing 
? 04(Ag6) >or. D. $i. Hammersmark. 

Altgeld, J: P: Oratory; its requirements and 
its rewards. *oi(Myi8) sq. S. 50 c. Kerr. 

Althea. Nirdlinger, D. E. 75 c. 1904 Pub 

Altmaler, Carl L. Commercial correspond- 
ence and postal information. *04(Ag6) 12, 
(Commercial ser.) **75 c. net Macmillan 

Altmaier, Carl L. Model typewriting instruc- 
tor, (touch method.) '03(05) Q. $r. 


Alton, H: See Macleod, N. 

Alton Locke. See Kingsley, C: 

Alton Park; conversations on religious and 
moral subjects. J 99.(Ja20) D. 750. McVey, 

Altsheler, Jos. A. Before the dawn. '03 
(Mri4) D. t$i.5<x Doubleday, P. 

Altsheler, Jos. A. Guthrie of the Times. '04 
CDi7) il. D. f$ f Doubleday, P. 

Altsheler, Jos. A. In circling camps. 1900 
(Je23) D. $1.50. Appleton. 

Altsheler, Jos. A. In hostile red. 1900(620) 
D. $1.50. Doubleday, P. 

Altsheler, Jos. A. The last rebel. '01(828) 
D. (Select novels, no. 244.) $i; pap., 50 c. 


Altsheler, Jos. A. My captive. '02(Je7) D. 
VMS- Appleton 

Altsheler, Jos. A. The wilderness road. 'DI 
(Jei) D. $1.50. Appleton. 


Langworthy and Austen. Occurrence of 
aluminium in vegetable products, animal 
products, and nat waters. *$2 net. Wiley 

See also Radium. 

Alvidas et Al, pseud. See Hodges, H: C. 
Alwyn Ravendale. Green, E. E. $1.25. 

Am. Tr. 




Alzog, J. B. Manual of universal church his- 
tory; tr. with add., fr. pth and last Germ, 
ed., by R J. Pabisch and T: S. Byrne. In 
3 v. v. i. '02. *03(Jai7) 8, per set, $10. 



See Amidon family 

AMALGAMATION (of races.) 

See Negroes. 

Amateur Angler, pseud. See Marston, E: 
Amateur cracksman. Hornung, E. W : 25 c. 

Am. News. 

Amateur ser. D. pap., 15 c T. S. Denison. 
Jaros. Love potion. 
Parker. Fun in a photograph gallery. 
Whiting. Mrs. Carver's fancy ball. 
Amateur spirit. Perry, B. **$i.2S net. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

See Charades; Pantomimes. 
Amateur's practical garden-book. Hunn, C. 
E. $i. Macmillan. 


Kenyon. Argonauts of the Amazon. $1.50. 


See also Rocbelle, J. H: 

Amazons of South America. Stevans, C. M. 

50 c. Hurst. 

Ambassador of Christ Schuyler, W: $1.50. 

Ambassadors (The) James, H: f$2. 


Ambauen, And. J. The floral apostles. New 

ed. 1900. 'oi(Myii) O. $1.25. Wiltzius. 

Amber, Miles. Wistons. '02(Fis) D. $1.50.. 


Buff um. Tears of the Heliades : amber as a 

gem. $1.25. Putnam. 

Amber (The) witch: trial for witchcraft of 

Mary Schweidler; ed. by W: Meinhold and 

tr. fr. the Germ, by Lady Duff Gordon. 

'03(Ap25) 4, (Vale Press.) bds., **$i7net 


Ambitions of a worldly woman. Murray, A. 
E. $1.50. Neely. 

Ambler, H: L., comp. Facts, fads, and fan- 
cies about teeth. 1900 (Je2) 8, $2.50. 


Ambros, Wilhelm A. Boundaries of music 
and poetry; from the Germ. [New issue.] 
ipoo(Mr3) 16*, $2. Schirmer. 


Phinney. Adventures of an army nurse in 

two wars, **$i.5o net. Little, B. & Co. 

Ambulance work and nursing. 'O3(je6) il. 

sq. O. *$3-50 net. Keener. 

Ame (L J ) de Beethoven. Coeur, P. net ; 

50 c. Macmillan. 

Amendments of 1900. Parker, A. J., jr. 

30 c. Banks & Co. 


Anderson. Story of extinct civilizations of 

the west **35 c. net Appleton. 

Baxter, ed. America, her grandeur and 

beauty, pts. 1-4. Union Bk. 

Blaisdell. Hero stories fr. Am. hist 5p c. 


Brigham. Geographic influences in Am. 

history. $1.25. Chautauqua. 

Brown. Latin America, net, $1.20. RevelL 

A MERICA. -Co n tinned. 

Cleveland. Stories of brave old times: 
scenes wh. took place previous to or con- 
nected with Am. Revolution. f$i.25. 

Lee & S. 

Cook. America: picturesque and descrip- 
tive. 3 v. $7.50; $15. Coates. 

Cook. Pen pictures of America. 6 v. 
$7.50. Syndicate PUD. 

De Roo. Hist, of America before Colum- 
bus. 2 v. net, $6. Lippincott. 

Dickson. From the old world to the new. 
*50 c. net Macmillan. 

Doub. Topical discussion of American 
history. 75 c. Whitaker & R. 

Eggleston. Transit of civilization from 
England to America in I7th century. 
$1.50. Appleton. 

Ellis, ed. History Americana. Jones Bros. 

Elson. Side-lights on American history. 
Sen 2, Civil War. 75 c. Macmillan. 

Fischer. Discoveries of the Norsemen in 
America. *$2 net Herder. 

Ford. America 75 c. Whittaker. 

Gowan. Early Amer. history. 50 c. 


Greater America. 50 c. Mason. 

Hansen. C. Fischer-. Om Amerika. **$a 
net. M Brentano's. 

Hart. Epoch maps il. Am. hist. 50 c. 


Hart, ed. American history, v. 3. $2. 


Hart, ed. The American nation. In 28 v. 
v 1-5, Foundations of the nation. **$9 
net. Harper. 

Hart and Stevens. Source readers in Am. 
hist, no. 4. *6o c. net. Macmillan. 

Hartman. Republic of America. 50 c. 

Abbey Press. 

Helmolt, and others, eds. Hist, of the 
world. In 8 v. v. i, Prehistoric Amer- 
ica. $6. Dodd. 

Helps. Spanish conquest in America. 4 v. 
per set, $6. Lane. 

Hennepin. New discovery of a vast coun- 
try in America. 2 v. **$6 net; **$i8net 


Irving. Discovery and conquest of new 
world, [etc] $1.75. Ferguson. 

Irving, and others. Discovery and con- 
quest of the New World. $2.50; $375; 
$4.75. Saalfield. 

Johnson. Pioneer Spaniards in North 
America. **$i.20 net, Little, B. & Co. 

Kreuz und queer durch Amerika. $1.25. 


Lawler. Essentials of Am. hist $i. Ginn. 

Lockwood. Colonial furniture in America. 
**$7-5<> net. Scribner. 

Mann. America in its rel. to great epochs 
of hist. **$i net Little, B. & Co. 

Morris. Historical tales. $i. Lippincott 

Murray. Catholic pioneers of America. $i. 


Parkman. Struggle for a continent **$ 
net Little, B. & Co. 

Pratt America's story for America's chil- 
dren. 35 c. t Heath. 

Richardson and Morse. Writings on Am. 
history, 1902. $3. Martins. 

Sabin and Elbridge. Early Am. hist for 
young Americans. 75 c. Educ. Pub. 




AMERICA Continued. 

Spencer. The missing links. 2 v. $3. 

Stepping stones of Am. hist by fourteen 

writers. **$2.25 net. Wilde. 

Thorpe. Hist, of the American people. 

net, $i 50. McClurg. 

Turpin. Stories from Am hist, for supp. 

reading. 40 c. Maynard, M. & Co. 

Wafer. New voyage and desc. of the isth- 

mus of America. **$3 net; $5 net 

See also Central America; Huguenots; Latin 

Amenca; North America; South America; 

United States 

AMERICA (yacht). 

Thompson and Lawson. Hist, of the 
"America's" cup. (for private dist.) 

W. M. Thompson. 
America, Asia and the Pacific. Schierbrand, 

W. v. **$i.5o net. Holt. 

America in literature Woodberry, G: E: 

**$i.50 net Harper. 

America in the China Relief Expedition. Dag- 

gett, A. S $2. Hudson-K. 

American Acad. of Pol. and Sac. Science 

pubs. 8, pap. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

Adams, T, S. Financial -problems of Porto 

Rico. 15 c. .(303.) . . - , . 

Adler. Licensing question m Jinglana. 
15 c. (427.) Recent changes in the gov- 
ernment of London. 25 c. (4^9-) 

Allen. Election of 1900. 25 c. 293.) 
Fresh air work. 15 c. 421.) Rise of na- 
tional board of health. 15 c. (267.) 

Barrows. Recent tendencies of Am. crim- 
inal legislation. 15 c. (425-) 

Baufield. Unsettled questions in hospital 
administration in U. S. 25 c. (351. ) 

Beck. Value of auditing to the business 
man. 25 c. (392.) 

Betts. Fire insurance rates and methods. 

2 5 c. (390 ) . , . _ . 

Bicknell. Problems of philanthropy in Chi- 
cago. 25 c. (3790 

Bohm-Bawerk. Function of saving. 15 c 

(304.) , , . 

Brandt Social aspects of tuberculosis. 
25 c. (380.) 

Carlton. Growth and management of Am. 
agriculture. 25 c. (39&) 

Clark. Natural rights. 15 c. (282.) 

Clement Constitutional gov't in Japan 
15 c. (371.) 

Cleveland. Our present financial outlook. 
25 c. 376.) South African conflict 35 c. 

Coan. Natives of Hawaii. 15 c. (305.) 

Ccnant. Law of the value of money. 25 c. 

Conner. Industrial causes affecting Am. 
commercial policy. 25 c. (402.) 

Converse. Some features of the labor sys- 
tem and management at the Baldwin Loco- 
motive Works. 15 c. (362.) 

Cook. Present pol. tendencies. 35 c. (316.) 

Crowell. Status and prospects of Am. 
shipbuilding. 15 c. (325.) 

De Forest Recent progress in tenement 
house reform. 25 c. (413.) 

American Acad. of Pol. and Soc. Science 

pubs. Continued. 
De Forest, and others. Housing" problems. 

50 c. (345-) , N 

Deming, Municipal program 15 c. (302.; 
Devine Essentials of a relief policy. 35 c. 

Du Bois. Relation of the negroes to the 

whites in the South. 25 c. (311.) 
Elwood. Aristotle as a sociologist. 15 c. 


Ely. Decade of economic theory, pap., 
25 c. (272.) 

Emory. Commercial relations of the U. S. 
with Latin America. 50 c. (389.) 

Farquhar. Manufacturers' need of reci- 
procity. 15 c. (330.) 

Folks Problems in the administration of 
municipal charities 25 c. (4H-) 

Ford. Meaning of totemism. 25 c. < (428.) 
Political evolution and civil service^ re- 
form. 15 c. (269 ) Politics and adminis- 
tration. 50 c. (280.) Principles of mu- 
nicipal organization. 35 c. (407-) & e ~ 
suits of reform. 25 c. (370 ) 

Foreign railway -events in 1902-03. 25 c. 

Frankel. Jewish charities. (380.) 

Freeman. Labor system of the John B. 
Stetson Co, 15 c. (393.) 

Gelling. Municipal institutions of Austra- 
lia. 25 c. (410.) 

Glasson. Nation's pension system 25 c. 


Grosser. Municipal problems of Chicago. 

25 c. (412.) 

Hains. Isthmian canal from a military 
point of view. 15 c. (300.) 

Hanna, and others. Industrial conciliation 
and arbitration. 50 c. (344.) 

Haynes. Representations in state legisla- 
tures 75 c. (284.) 

Hebberd. Supervision of chanties m N. Y. 
15 c. (423.) 

Henderson. World currents in chanty the- 
ory and practice. 25 c (378.) 

-Herbert Race problem at the South. 15 c. 

(3090 . . 

Huebner. Distribution of stock-holdings in 
Am. railways. 25 c. (397.) Main features 
of the present foreign trade of the United 
Kingdom. 25 c. (404.) 

James. Government of a typical Prussian 
city (Halle.) 35 c. (274.) 

Johnson. Isthmian canal. 25 c. (323.) 

Kelley. Child labor problem. 50 c, (346. ") 
Effective child labor law. 25 c. (384.) 

Kelsey. Evolution of negro labor. 25 c 

Kirkbride. Some phases of the dispensary 
problem. 15 c. (417.) 

Kleene. Problems of medical charity. 25 c 

Knapp. Government ownership of rail- 
roads. 15 c. (326.) Social effects of 
transportation. 15 c. (343-) 

Latane and Willis Political relations of 
the U. S. with Latin America. 50 c (388 ) 

Lauer. Importance of cost keeping to the 
manufacturer. 25 c, (395.) 

Lederle. New York City's sanitary prob- 
lems and their solution 25 c. (414.) 




American Acad. of Pol. and Soc. Science 
pubs Continued. 

Lewis Principles of reform in penal law. 
25 c (382.) 

Lindsay. Public charities of Porto Rico. 
25 c. (426.) 

Lingelbach. Doctrine and practice of in- 
tervention in Europe. 35 c. (277.) 

Loornis. Position of the U. S. on the Am. 
continent. 25 c. (385.) 

Macfarlane. Three primary laws of soc. 
evolution. 15 c. (354) 

Mahaitn. Proportional representation and 
the electoral question in Belgium. 25 c. 

Marsh. Causes of vagrancy and methods 
of eradication. 15 c. (419.) 

Meyer. Advisory councils in railway ad- 
ministration. 15 c. (327,) 

Miller. Semi-civilized tribes of the Phil- 
ippine Islands. 25 c, (307.) 

Millis. Present street railway situation in 
Chicago. 15 c. (352.) 

Mitchell. Mr. Chamberlain's fiscal policy. 
25 c. (405.) 

Moore. New Australian Commonwealth. 
35 c. (3/0 ) 

Munro. Neutralization of the Suez canal. 
25 c. (301.) 

Newcomb. Concentration of railway con- 
trol. 15 c. (328.) 

Niebecker Education of juvenile delin- 
quents. 15 c. (424.) 

v North. Tariff and foreign trade of the U. 
S. 25 c. (399.) 

Osborne. Reciprocity in the Am. tarm. 
25 c. (403.) 

Outerbridge. Premium system of wage pay- 
ment. 15 c. (363.) Trades unionism. 
J5 c. (39i.) 

Pasco. Isthmian canal question. 25 c. 

Pepper. Spanish population of Cuba and 

Porto Rico. 15 c. (313.) 
Pfahler. Labor unions as they appear to 

an employer. 15 c. (366 ) 
Pierce. Races of the Philippines. 25 c. 

Platt. Our relation to the people of Cuba 

and Porto Rico. 15 c. (312.) 
Platt, and others. America's race problems 

$1.50; $i. 
Plehn Our tariff with the Philippines. 

25 c. (400.) 
Potts. Convict labor system of Texas. 

25 c. (383 ) 

Powers. Advertising. 2$ c. (396.) 
Prouty. Railway discriminations. 15 c. 


Ritter. Present day jobbing. 15 c. (394) 
Roberts. Employment of girls in textile 

industries in Penn. 15 -c. (418.) 
Ross. Causes of race superiority. 25 c. 

Rowe. Establishment of civil gov*t in the 

Philippines. 15 c. (350.) Supreme ct. and 

the insular cases. 25 c. (317*) 
Scott, and others. Europe and Latin Amer- 
ica. 50 c. (387.) 
Seager. Patten's theory of prosperity. 15 c, 

Simons. Social decadence. 25 c. (318.) 

American Acad. of Pol, and Soc. Science 
pubs. Continued. 

Sparling. State boards control of Wiscon- 
sin. 15 c. (295.) 

Stokes. Public schools as social centres. 
15 c. (420.) 

Storrs Correctional work in Michigan, 
15 c. (422.) 

Taft Political parties in the Philippines. 
IS c. (349-) 

Taylor. Protection, expansion and inter- 
national competition. 25 c. (401.) 

Walker. Taxation of corporations in the 
U. S. 25 c. (329 ) 

Warne. Anthracite coal strike. 33 c. (292.) 
Effect of unionism upon the mine worker. 
25 c. (364.) 

Weber. Significance of city growth. 25 c. 

Weyl. Labor situation in Mexico 25 c. 

Whittelsey. Mass, labor legislation. $i. 
(296.) Tendencies of factory legislation 
and inspection in the U. S. 25 c. (347.) 

Whitten. Political and municipal legisla- 
tion in 1899, 1901. ea., 15 c. (270, 353.) 
|9& X 903. ea., 25 c. (375, 4*50 

Williams. Ethical and political principles 
of expansion. 15 c. (283.) 

Williams, and others. Relation of the 
Latin American countries with each other. 
Soc. (386.) 

Williamson, and others. Juvenile courts. 

25 c. (348.) 

Winston. Relation of the whites to the ne- 
groes. 15 c. (310.) 
Wood. Military government of Cuba. 35 c. 

Woodruff. Nationalization of municipal 

movements. 25 c. (374.) 
Wu Ting-fang. Causes of the unpopul^r- 

iry of the foreigner in China. 15 c. (291.) 
Young. Basis of reform movements. 25 c. 

Young and Rowe. Organization, etc., jf 

Dept. of Education. 35 c. (271.) 
American acting drama. D. pap., 25 c. 


Eraser. Because I love you. 
Stern. HickVy farm. 
Townsend. Uncle Rube. 
American advance. Carpenter, E. J. **$2.5Q 

net Lane. 

American agriculturist lib. il. 12. Judd. 
Platt. Secrets of health. 
American agriculturist year book and almanac, 

1904. '04 (Mrs) 12, $i. Judd. 

American alkalimetry See Abbott, W. C. 
American almanac, year-book, cyclopaedia and 

atlas, 1904 '03 '04^20^ il pars, maps, 

0. 50 c. N Y. American. 

American and Eng. corporation cases ; (T : J. 

Michie.) New ser. v. 11. 1900 (Je9) ; v. 

12 (Dis); v, 13. } oi(Je8); v. 14 (D28) ; 

v. 15. '02(Je7); v. 16 (Dis) ; v. 17. '03 

(Je6) ; v. 18 (Di2) ; v. 19. '04(My2i) O. 

shp., ea., $4.50. Michie. 

American and English decisions in equity. 

v. 6. (A. Stewart) i90o(Di) ; v. 7- J oi 

(D28); v. 8. *03(Agi); v. 9- 'Q4U8) 

0. shp. T ea , $4.75. M. Murplry. 




American and Eng. encyclopedia of law. (Gar- 
land and McGehee.) 2d ed. v. 14. 1900 
(Mrs); v. 15 (Je9); v. 16 (On); v. 17 
'oi(Jas) ; v, 18 (Je8) ; v. 19 (N2) ; v. 20. 
J 02(Mri5); v. 21 (Ag2) ; v. 22 (Nis) ; 
v. 23. ? 03(Apn); v 24 (Agi); v. 25 
(Ni4) ; v, 26. J 04(Fia) ; v. 27 (Jen) ; v. 
28 (D3ij ; v 29 O. shp., ea., $7.50. 

E: Thompson. 

American and English railroad cases. 
(Michie.) v. 15. 1900 (Mrio) ; v. 16 (Jep) ; 
v. 17, 18 (Dis) ; v. 19, new ser. '01 (Apia) ; 
v. 20 (Ag3); v. 21 (Os); v. 22 (DsS), 
v. 23. } 02(Mri5) O. shp., ea., $5, Michie. 

American and Eng, railroad cases. See also 
Railroad repts. 

American animals. Stone, W. **$3 net. 

Doubleday, P. 

American annual of photography for 1901, 
(J. C. Abel.) 1900 (D22) il. O. (Photo- 
graphic ser., no. 62.) pap., 75 c. Scovill. 

American archaeological expedition to Syria, 
in 1890-1900 pubs. 4. ^ Century Co. 

Littmann. Semitic inscriptions. *$io net 

American art annual, 1900-1904; ed/by F. N. 
Levy. 8 C , ea., $3. Noyes, P. 

American artisan manuals, 8. 

Am. Artisan; D, Stern. 

Johnston, comp. Business. Cornice work 
manual, ea., $3.50. 

American at Oxford. Corbin, J: net, $1.50. 
Hpughton, M. & Co 

American authors and their homes. Halsey, 
F. W. $1.25. Pott. 

American authors 3 lib. See Record of series 
under Dillingham (G. W.) Co. 

American, bankruptcy annotations; cont. all 
cases in the Am bankruptcy reports which 
have been cited by subsequent cases in the 
ser., [etc.] (Gilbert and J. Stanley Smith.) 
'03(026) 0. limp im. mor., *$5 net. 

M. Bender. 

American bankruptcy repts., annot ; ed. by 
W: M. Collier nnd Ja, W. Eaton, v. 2. 
1900 (Ap7); v. 3 (Jl2i) ; v. 4. 1900. 'oi 
(F2) ; v. 5 (Ag3) ; v. 6, 7. '02(04) J v. 8. 
'03 (F?) ; v. 9 (Agi) ; (Cook and Collier.) 
v io J 04(Ja23) ; v. n (Agis) O. shp., 
ea., $5. M. Bender. 

American Bapt. year-book; ed. by J. G. 
Walker. T90o(Jei6) ; J oi(Ap2o); '02 
(Api2); *03(Api8),- ! O4(Api6) 0. pap., 
ea., 25 c. Am. Bapt 

American beauties. Seamen, A. 15 c. 

W. H. Baker. 

American Bible League. Rept of first con- 
vention of The American Bible League in 
N. Y. City, May 3, 4 and 5, 1904; repr. fr. 
the Bible Student and Teacher. f od(Agi3) 
0. pap , 25 c. Am Bible. 

American bibliography. Evans, C: In 5 or 
6 v. v. i. *$I5 net. 

C: Evans [Blakely Press.] 

American big game in its haunts. GrinnelL 
G: B. $2.50. Forest 

American book of gardening. Bennett L D, 

. $2. H. S. Stone. 

American book prices current. See Living- 
ston, L. S. 

American bookbindings. Poor, H: W: $25* 
$55. Marion Press, [G: D. Smith.] 

American boys' life of Theodore Roosevelt 
Stratemeyer, E: $1.25. Lee & S. ' 

American boys' life of William McKinley. 
Stratemeyer, E : $1.25. Lee & S. 

American boys' ser. il. 12, $i. Lee & S. 
Cheney. Child of the tide. 

See also Record of Series at end of Catalogue 

American business woman. Cromw'ell, J. H. 
$2. Putnam, 

American candy maker. Ruling, C: C. $5. 

C: C. Ruling. 
American carnation. Ward, C: W. $3.50. 

De La Mare. 

American catalogue, 1895-1900. 1900. F. (for 

complete work,) sheets, $10; hf. mor.. 

$12.50. Pub. Weekly. 

American catalogue. See also Annual Am. 


See ^ Protestant Episcopal church. 
American church. Miller, W: J. 50 c. 


American church almanac and year book for 

1901-1904. 12, ea., *5o c. net; *6o c. net; 

pap., *35 c. net. Gorham, 

American church almanac and year-book, 

1900-1904. [P. E. church.] D. (Pott's lib.) 

ea., net, 50 c.; pap., net, 25 c. Pott 

American church dictionary. Miller, W: J 

$1. t _ Whittaker. 

American citizen ser; ed. by A. B. Hart. O. 


Dewey, Financial hist of the U. S. $2. 
Hart Actual government as app. under 

Am. conditions $2. 
American city. Wilcox, D. F. **$i.25 net 


American claimant Clemens, S: L. subs., 

$3-$io. Am. Pub. 

American college and public school directory. 

1900 (Myi9) sq. O. net, $2. C. H. Evans. 

American colonel (An). Clemens, J. $i. 


American colonies in the I7th century. Os- 

good, H. L. **$5 net Macmillan. 

American commentary on the Old Testament 

See f Marshall, J. T. 

American commerce. Tompkins, D. A: $r. 
D. A- Tompkins. 

American "commercial invasion" of Europe. 
Vanderlip, F. A. n. p. Nat. City Bank. 
American commoner. Byars, W. V. $3.50; 
$5- . Stephens. 

American commonwealth ser. D. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 
Browne. Maryland. $1.25, 
Cooke. Virginia. **$ net 
Garrison. Texas. **$ net 
Johnston. Connecticut $1.25. 
King. Ohio. $1.25. 
Roberts. New York. 2 v. $2.50. 
Sanborn. New Hampshire. **$ net 
American communes. Skinner, C: M. s c. 

Brooklyn Eagle. 

American communities. Hinds, W: A $i. 
. . Kerr. 

American compound locomotives. Colvin, F. 
H. ^ $1.50. Derry-Collard. 

American constitutional system. Willoughby, 
W. W. **$i.25 net Century Co. 

American corporation legal manual, v o 
Ed. by E: Q. Keasby and A. V. D. Honey- 
man. oi(Ap6); v. io. '020119); v . n. 
03(My2) ; v. 12. y O4(My7) O. shp., ea.,$5. 
. . Corp. Legal Man. 

American cotton industry. Young, T M 
7S c. net Scribner. 



American criminal repts. ; cases determined 
in federal and state courts in the U. S., as 
well as sel, cases fr. Eng., Irish, Scotch and 
Canadian law repts. v. n; (J: F. Geeting 
and H: C Geeting.) 'O4(jei8) O. shp., 
*$5 net. f Callaghan. 

American crisis biographies, por. D. **$i.25 
net. Jacobs. 

Oberholtzer. Abraham Lincoln. 

American cruiser in the East. Ford, J: D. 
$2.50. Barnes, 

American date book. Simonds, W : E. $i. 


American diary of a Japanese girl. '02 (On) 
il. 9. bds., **$i.6o net. Stokes. 

American digest Century ed. v 15. 1900 
(Mrio) ; v. 16 (Mys) ; v. i7(Je9) ; v, 18 
(Jl2i) ; v. 19 (Ag25) ; v. 20 (Di) ; v. 21. 
1900. 'oi(jas); v - 22 (Mr22) ; v. 23 
(Ap27) ; v. 24 (Myil) ; v. 25 (Jlis) ; v 26 
(87) ; v. 27 (Oi2) ; v. 28 (Np) ; v. 29. '01 
'O2(ja4) ; v. 30 (Mris) ; v. 31 (Aps) ; v. 
32 (Jei4) J v. 33 (Jli2) ; v. 34 (813) I v. 35 
(On); v. 36 (D27) ; v. 37. '02. '03 
(Jasi) ; v. 38 (Mri4) ; v. 39 (Apn) ; v. 
40 (Je6) ; v. 41 (Jl") ; v. 42 (Oio) ; v. 43 
(Dia) , v 44 '03. '04 (F6) ; v. 45 (M6) ; 
v. 46 (Jen) ; v. 47 (Jei8) ; v. 48 (Jlao) ; 
v. 49 (Oi) ; v. 50 (D3) O. shp, subs., ea., 
$6 West Pub 

American digest, annot I9OOA. 1900 (Dis) ; 
I900B. J oi (Je8) ; igoxA (D7) ; xpoxB. '02 
(Myio) ; I902A (Ni) ; 19023. 'o3(Ap2$) ; 
IQ03A (Di2) ; 19036. J 04(Mr26) ; I904A 
(D3i) O. (Am. digest system.) shp., ea., $6. 

West Pub. 

American diplomacy In the Orient. Foster, 
J: W. **$3 net. Houghton, M. & Co. 

American dispensatory. See King, J: 

American duck shooting. Grinnell, G: B. 
$3.50. Forest 

American Economic Assoc. Papers and pro- 
ceedings. I2th annual meeting. 1900 (Ap7) 
8, pap., $i net; I3th meeting. J oi(Ap27) 
$125 net; I4th meeting. J O2(My3) $1.50 
net; isth meeting. 'o3(Ap2$) $1.25 net; 
1 6th annual meeting, pt i. J O4(Myi4) ; 
pt 2 (Jl2) O. (Pubs, of Amer. Econ." 
Asspc ) pap , ea., $i. Macmillan. 

American Economic Assoc. pubs. 0. pap. 


Bushee. Population of Boston. $i. (3d 
ser., v. 4, 2.) 

Clow. Comparative study of administra- 
tion of city finances in U. S. $i. (3d sen, 
v. 2, 4 ) 

Coman. Contract labor in the Hawaiian 
Islands. 75 c. (3d ser, v. 4, 3.) 

Davis. Currency and banking in the Prov- 
ince of the Mass. Bay. $2; $1.75. (ad 
ser., v. i, 4.) 

Essays in colonial finance. $1.50. (v. 1,3.) 

Johnson. Rent in modern economic theory. 
75 c. (3d ser., v. 3 4-) 

Kinsman. Income tax in the common- 
wealths of the U. S. $i. (3d sen, v. 4, 4.) 

Page. End of villainage in England. $i. 
(v. i, 2.) 

Quaintance, Influence of farm machinery 
on production and labor. 75 c. (3d sen, 
v. 5, 4.) 

Robinson. Hist, of taxation in N. H. 
$1.25. (3d sen, v. 3, 3.) 

American Economic Assoc. pubs. Continued. 
Sewall. Theory of value before Adam 

Smith. $i. (v. 2, 3.) 
Tillinghast Negro in Africa and America. 

$1.50; $1.25. (3d ser., v. 3, 2.) 
Walker. Monopolistic combinations in the 

German coal industry. $1.25. (3d sen, v. 

5, 3 : ) 

American educational catalogue for 1900, 1901. 
J oi(Agi7); 1902. *02(Ag23); 1903. '03 
(Ag22) ; 1904. *O4(Ag2o) O. leatherette, 
ea v 50 c. Pub. Weekly. 

American electrical cases ; ed. by W : W. Mor- 
nll. v. 7. J 02(My3); ed. by Fk. B. Gil- 
bert, v. 8. J 04(N5) 0. shp., ea., $6, 

M. Bender. 

American engineer in China. Parsons, W: 

B. $1.56. McClure, P. 
American engineering competition. '01 (Mr2) 

O. $i.* Harper. 

American engineering practice in construction 

of cement plants. Lathbury, B. B. $2. 

G. M S. Armstrong. 
American estates and gardens Ferree, B. 

$10. Munn. 

American explorers series, il. maps, 8. 

F. P. Harper. 
Chittenden. Early steamboat navigation on 

Missouri River. 2 v. *$6 net. 
Garzes. On the trail ot a Spanish pioneer. 

2 v. $6 net. (3.) 
American fairy tales. Baum, L F. 75 c 

G: M. Hill. 
American familiar verse. Matthews, J. B., ed. 

**$i.4O net. Longmans. 

American farmer's almanac. *oi(Ag3) il. 

12, pap., 10 c. R. H. Donnelley. 

American farmers' figurer. Atwater, J. 35 c. ; 

50 c. Atwater. 

American federal state. Ashley, R. L. net, 

$2. Macmillan. 

American fights and fighters ser. See Brady, 

C T. 

American fishes. Goode, G. B. **$3-5o net. 

American Folk Lore Soc. memoirs. O. 

Houghton, M. & Co 
Dorsey. Traditions of the Skidi Pawnee. 

**$6 net. 
American food and game fishes. Jordan, D: 

S. net, $4. Doubleday, P. 

American foundry practice. See West, T : D. 
American fruit-culturist Thomas, J: J. 

$2.50 net Wood. 

American fur trade of the far west. Chitten- 
den, H. M. 3 v. net, $10. F. P. Harper. 
American gardens. Lowell, G. $7-5<>. 

Bates & G. 
American girl in Mexico. McGary, K V. 

**$i net. Dodd. 

American girl's ser. 12, $i. Lee & S. 

Pratt Rhoda Thornton's girlhrad. 

See also Record of Series at end of Catalogue. 
American girl's trip to the Orient. Collbran, 

C. $1.25. Rand, McN. & Co. 
American glassware. See Barber, E. A. 
American government Ashley, R. L: ^ *$i 

net. Macmillan. 

American handy book of the brewing, malting 

and auxiliary trades. Wahl, R. *$io net. 

American heroes and heroism. Howry, W: 

A. 60 c. Silver, B. 




American heroines. Sikes, E. L. $i. Lorenz, 

American historic towns, il. O. ea., net, $3. 


Powell, ed. Historic towns of the South- 
ern states. Historic towns of the Western 


See America, United States. 

American history leaflets; ed. by A. B. Hart 
and E : Channing. S. pap., 10 c. A. Lpvell. 

Documents rel. to territorial administra- 
tion. (32 ) 

American hist. ser. See Scribner's. 

American homoeopathic pharmacopoeia. 7th 
ed. J 04(Jei8) 8, hf. mor., $3.50. 

Boericke & T. 

American horse, cattle and sheep doctor. 
McClure, R. $1.50. Henneberry. 

American humorous verse, Book of. $1.25. 

H. S Stone. 

American husband in Paris. Dodd, Mrs. A. 
B. $i. Little, B. & Co. 

American idea as expounded by Am. states- 
men. Gilder, J. B. **$i.20 net Dodd. 

American illustrated medical dictionary. Dor- 
land, W A N *$4-50 net; *$5 net 


American immortals. Eggleston, G: C 
$350; $10 Putnam. 

American industrial problems. Lawson, W, 
R. **$i.50 net. McClure, R 


Sec Commerce, Useful arts. 
American interior decoration; portfolio con- 
taining 55 views of Am. interiors, classified 
by periods. '04 (N5) f, portfolio, bds., 
*$2.50 net. m Clifford & L. 

American inventors and inventions. Mowry, 
W:A. $i. Silver. 

American Jewish year book, 5661-5665 ; ed. by 
C Adler and Henrietta Szold. D ea., $i. 

Jewish Pub. 

American king. Ellis, E: S. t$i- Coates. 

American law directory, 1904. Martindale, J. 

B. subs., $15.50. Martindale. 

American law of assemblies. Stevens, E: A. 

net, $i. E: A. Stevens 

American law of landlord and tenant. See 

Taylor, J : N. 

American laws of bridge, as adopt. Nov., 
1902. Authorized ed. '02 (D2o) 12, **75 c. 
net % Scribner. 

American leaders and heroes Gordy, W. F. 
net, 60 c. Scribner 

Abernethy. Am. literature. $1.10. 

Maynard, M. & Co. 

Bacheller. Best things from Amer. litera- 
ture. $i. Chr. Herald. 
Boynton. Journalism and literature, and 
other essays. **$i.25 net 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Bronson. Short history of Am. literature. 

So c, ^ Heath. 

Carruth. . Kansas in literature. 2 pts. 

ea. } 10 c. Crane. 

Channing. Essay on national literature. 

5c- Old South Work. 

Furst Syllabus of a collegiate course of 

thirty lectures on Am. lit 10 c. 

Teachers' Coll. 

Higginson and Boynton. Reader's hist, of 
Amer. literature. *$i.25 net 

Houghton, M & Co. l 


Johnson. Outline hist, of English and Am. 

literature. $1.25. Am. Bk. 

Lawton. Introd. to study of Am. literature. 

$i. Globe Sch. Bk 

Link. Pioneers of So. literature, v. 2. 

75 c. Pub. Ho. of M, E Ch. So, 

Mabie, and others^ eds. Lib. of Am. hist., 

lit, and biog. $250. Winston. 

Mason Am. literature. ^$1.50 net. 

H: L. Mason, Wanamaker. 

Moulton, and others, eds Lib. of literary 

criticism of Eng. and Am authors, v. 1-7. 

ea., $5; $6.50 Moulton Pub. 

Newcomer. Am. literature, net. $i. 

Scott, F. & Co. 

Painter. Introd. to Am. literature, incl. 
illustrative selections $1.25. Sibley. 
Pattee. Hist of Amer. literature. $1.20. 


Payne, ed. American literary criticism. 
**$i.40 net. Longmans. 

Sears. Am. literature in the colonial and 
revolutionary periods. **$i.5o. 

Little, B, & Co. 

Shedd. One hundred authors : outlines in 

Eng. and Am. literature. 30 c. Flanagan. 

Trent Hist, of Amer. lit, 1607-1865. 

**$i.40 net Appleton. 

Trent and Wells, eds. Colonial prose and 

poetry. 3 v. ea., 75 c. Crowell. 

Warner. Fashions in literature, net, $1.20. 


Wendell. Literary history of America. 
$3. Scribner. 

Wendell and Greenough. Hist of literature 
in America. **$i.40 net Scribner. 

See also Authors; Bibliographies; English litera- 
ture ; Essays ; Poetry ; also Oregon. 

American love tales. 'oi(026) T. (Short 

tales for travellers.) net, 50 c. ; limp leath., 

net^ 80 c. Jacobs. 

American lumberman telecode. Barry, J W. 

net, $5. Am Lumberman 

American lyceum (The). '03(03) D. (Old 

South leaflets, no. 139.) pap., 5 c. 

Old South Work. 
American masters of painting Caffin, C : H : 

net, $1.25; **$3 net Doubleday, P. 

American masters of sculpture Caffin, C: 

H: **$3 net Doubleday, P. 

American men of energy ser. il. D. Putnam. 
Audubon, ed. John J. Audubon. $1.50. 


Brooks. Henry Knox. $1.50. (2.) 
Gleaves. James Lawrence. **$i.35 net 
Livingston. Israel Putnam net, $1.35. (4 ) 
American men of letters, por. D. **$ net 
Houghton, M. & Co. 
Carpenter. John Greenleaf Whittier. 
Higginson. Longfellow. 
Ogden William Hickling Prescott 
Sedgwick. Francis Parkman 
Wopdberry. Hawthorne. 
American merchant marine. Marvin, W. L. 
**$2 net Scribner. 

American merchant ships and sailors. Ab- 
bot, W. J : **$2 net. Dodd. 
American Methodism Gilbert, J. E. *2O c. 
net Eaton & M. 
American missionary. Judge, W: H. *$i 
net. Murphy. 
American municipal progress. Zueblm C' 
**$i 25 net. Macmillan, 




American myths and legends. Skinner, C : M. 

2, v. **$2.5o net. Lippincott. 

American nation. See Hart, A. B., ed. 
American natural history. Hornaday, W: T. 

**$3.5<> net. Scribner. 

American navy See Long, J: D. 

American negligence cases. See Eagle, W. 

J. Hamilton, T. F. 

American negligence digest. Hook, A. J. 

$6.50. Remick. 

American negligence repts. See Gardner, J : 


American newspaper. Wilcox, D. F. 35 c. 
Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

American newspaper annual. 1900-1904. 8, 

ea., $5. Ayer. 

American, newspaper directory. 1900-1903. 

12, ea.. $5. Rowell, 

American nights. Braden,J. A. $i. Saalfield. 

American notary and commissioner of deeds 

manual. John, E: M. ^$2.50 net; *$3 net 


American notes. See Dickens, C: 
American novel ser. See Harper's. 
American patriot ser. D. $i. Donohue. 
Brown. John Paul Jones. 
American pauperism and the abolition of pov- 
erty. LadofT, I. 50 c. Kerr. 
American philanthropy of the igth century. 
12, net, $i. Macmillan. 
Folks. Care of destitute children. 
Lee. Constructive and preventive philan- 

American pocket medical dictionary. Dor- 
land, W: A. N., ed. *$i net; *$i.2S net 


American poets. See Page, C. H. 

American political history. Conklin, V. A. 

$i 50. Holt 

American political theories. Merriam, C E: 

**$i.50 net. Macmillan. 

American priest at work. Duff, E. M. $i. 

Young Churchman. 

American primer. Whitman, W. **$2 net. 

American prisoner. Phillpotts, E. t$i-Sp. 

American problems. Vance, J. A. 75 c. 


American Prohibition year-book, 1901 ; comp. 
by A. E. Wilson. ~'oi(Myi8) S. 35 c.; 
pap., 15 c.; 1902. } 03(Mr28) D. 25 c. ; pap., 
15 c : 1902-1904. J O4(Mr26) 12, ea., 35 c.; 
pap , 15 c. United Prohibition Pr. 

American prose humor, Book of. $1.25. 

H. S. Stone. 
American public schools. Swett, J: $i. 

Am. Bk. 

American pulpit : sermons by ministers of va- 
rious denominations, 1903, '04. *04(Api6) 
Q. (Brooklyn Eagle lib., v. 19, no. 4; ser. 
no 92.) pap., 15 c. Brooklyn Eagle. 

American railway transportation. Johnson, 
E. R : **$ net. Appleton. 

American relations in the Pacific and far 
East. Callahan, J. M. $i. Johns Hopkins 
American renaissance. Dow, J. W. $4. 

W: T. Comstock. 

American Republic and its government 
Woodburn, J. A. **$2 net Putnam. 


See United States. 

American rifleman's encyclopedia. Gould, A. 
C 10 c. Peters. 

American salad book. De Loup. M. $i. 

McClure, P. 

American scholar. Emerson, R. W. $s-$io. 

American science ser. See Holt's. 


See Sculpture. 

American sea captain of colonial times. Roe, 
F. A. n: p. Soc. Colon. Wars. 

American series of popular biographies. 
Massachusetts ed. 'or. 'o2(Mri) il. 4, 
$17. Graves. 

American short stories. Baldwin, C: S., ed. 
**$i.4O net. Longmans. 

American slave-trade. Spears, J: R. $2.50. 


American small arms. Farrow, E: S: *$5 
net.^ t Cupples & L. 

American socialism. Jones, 0. D. 25 c. 

O. D. Jones. 

American speaker; for colleges, public and 
private entertainments. 'Q2(Api2) il. 4*, 
pap., 50 c. Conkey. 

American special encyclopedia; ed. by G: W. 
Conklin. '04 (Mr 19) 12, $2.50. 

G: W. Ogilvie. 

American sportsman's lib.; ed. by C. Whit- 
ney, net, $2 ; large pap. ed , hf. mor., net, 
$7.50. Macmillan. 

Brownell. Photography for the sportsman 

Busbey. Trotting and pacing horse. 

Graham. The sporting dog. 

Sage, and others. Salmon and trout 

Sandys and Van Dyke. Upland game birds. 

Sanford, and others. Water-fowl family. 

Stephens. American yachting. 

American standard system of phonography. 



Manual of Pitman phonog- 

raphy. $i. 

American state reports. (A. C. Freeman.) 
v. 70. 1900 (Mrs) ; v. 71 (F28) ; v. 72 
(Jl2i); v. 73 (Si); v. 74 (N 3 ) ; v. 75. 
1900. 'oi(Jas); v. 76 (Mn6); v. 77 
(My 4 ) v. 78 (Jli3) ; v. 79 (814) ; v. 80 
(D7) ; v. 81 (D28) ; v. 82. J 02(Myio) ; 
v. 83 (Myi7) ; v. 84 (Jls) ; v. 85 (Si3) ; 
v. 86 (Ni5); v. 87 (D20); v. 88. '03 
(Mri4) ; v. 89 (My2) ; v. 90 (Agi) ; v. 91 
(Si9) ; v. 92 (N7) ; v. 93. *04(Jai6) ; v. 
94 (F27) ; v. 95 (Ap3o) ; v. 96 (Jl9) ; v. 97 
(Ag6) ; v. 98 (029) ; v. 99 (D24) O. shp. 
ea., *$4 net. Bancroft- W. 

American state reports; brief digest to vs. 63 
to 78. (P: V. Ross.) 'oi(Ni6) ; vs. 79 to 
90. *O3(Ag22) O. pap., gratis to subs. 


American state reports. Digest of the de- 
cisions, vs. 49-72, and a table of cases rep. 
in vs, i to 72, incL, by E. D. Magee, 1900 
(Di) O. shp., $4. Bancroft-W. 

American state repts. Digest of the decisions, 
1887-1904. vs. i to 96, ind. In 3 v., by E. 
S. Green. *O4(Di7) O. shp., $18, (for 
complete work.) Bancroft-W. 

American state repts. : index-digest to the 
monographic notes, vs. 1-91, by E. De Los 
Magee. *O4(Di7) O. (free.) Bancroft-W. 




American state reports; table of cases re- 
ported in vs. 1-72, incl. 1900. '01 ( Ja26) 0. 

gratis. Bancroft-W 

American state ser.; ed. by W. W. Willough- 

by. D. **$i.25 net. Century Co. 

Goodnow. City government in the United 


Macy. Party organization and machinery. 
American statesmen ser. f ed. by J : T. Morse. 

D. per v., $1.25. Houghton, M. 

Adams, C: Fs., jr. Charles F. Adams, by 

his son. 2 v. 
Storey, Moorfield. Charles Simmer, 

Houghton, M. 

American stone arches. See Fowler, C: E. 
American stories. Hale, E: E,, jr. 40 c. 

Globe Sch. Bk. 

American street railway investments, pth an- 
nual v. '02 ( Je7) ; loth annual v. '03 

(Jei3) ; nth annual v. J o4(Jei8) il maps, 

f, subs., ea, $5. McGraw; Street R'way. 
American supremacy. Kitchell, J. G. $2. 

C: A. Bates. 
American system of shorthand. S. 


Howard. Phonographic amanuenses. $i. 
Pitman and Howard. Business letters: 

no. 2. pap., 10 c. Phonographic diet, and 

phrase bk. $3. 

American teachers' ser. See Longmans 
American telegraphy. Maver, W:, jr. $5. 

American telephone practice. Miller, K. B. 

$3. Am. Elec. 

American text-bk. of obstetrics. Morris, R: 

C. 2 v., ea., *$3-50 net; $4 net. Satmders. 
American text-book ser. net, 8. Saunders. 
Hektoen and Riesman. Am. text-book of 

pathology. $7.50 ; $8.50. 
American tool making, Woodworth, J. V. 

$4. Henley. 

American tourist in France. Wohlfarth, R. 

50 c. Tourist. 

American traits from the point of view of a 

German. Miinsterberg, H. net, $1.60. 

Houghton, M. & Co 
American Unitarian Association. Unitarian 

service book. 'O4(Jai6) 8 Q , *40 c. net 

Am. Unitarian. 

American Vignola. See Ware, W: R. 
American wit and humor. 1900 (Nio) 2 v. S. 

(Wit and humor ser.) ea., 50 c. Jacobs. 
American with Lord Roberts. Ralph, J, 

$1.50- Stokes. 

American wives and others. Jerome, J. K. 

f$i.50. Stokes. 

American woman. Smith, Mrs. A. S. S. 

$1.50. - Button. 

American woods. See Hough, R. B. 

See Authors. 

American yachting. Stephens, W. P. **$2 
net. Macmillan. 

American year book of medicine and surgery, 
for 1900; under the editorship of G: M. 
Gould. In 2 v. 1900 (Mr24) ; for 1901. '01 
(Fi6) ; for 1902. J O2(Mri) ; for 1903. '03 
(Mri4) ; for 1904. 'o4(Fi3> il. 8, ea., *$3 
net; hi mor., *$375 net Saunders. 

Americanism and the Philippines. Peffer, 
W: A. 250. Crane 


Clapin. New diet of Americanisms. $5. 

Americanization of the world. Stead, W : T : 

$i. Markley. 

Americans. Gibson, C: D. $5; net, $10. 

Americans (The). Munsterberg, H. **$25o 

net. McClure, P. 

Americans in process. Woods, R. A. **$i.5o 

net. Houghton, M. & Co. 

America's economic supremacy. Adams, B. 

$1.25. Macmillan. 

America's great men and their deeds. D. 

Mowry. American inventions and inventors. 

Mowry and May. Amer. heroes and hero- 

ism. 60 c. 
America's race problems. Platt, 0. H. $1.50; 

$i Am. Acad. Pol Sci. 

America's story for America's children. See 

Pratt, M. L. 
America's working people. Spahr, C: B. 

$1.25. Longmans. 

Amerikanisclier dolmetscher. J oi(D7) 12, 

50 c. ; pap., 25 c. Saalfield. 

Amery, L. S. Problem of the army. '03. '04 

(F6) D. $2.4.0. Longmans. 

Ames, A. F. See McLellan, J. A. 
Ames, Azel. Elem. hygiene for the tropics. 

'o2(Ag23) il. 16, 60 c. Heath. 

Ames, Azel. The "Mayflower" and her log. 

'01 ( J16) il. 4, net, $6. Houghton, M. & Co. 
Ames, C: Gordon. Living largely: extracts; 

sel. and arr. by E. M S. J 04(Ap2) sq 

S. 75 c.; white and gold ed., $i. 

J. H. West 
Ames, D. T. On forgery. 1900 (Ap7) ; ' 

8, shp., subs., $3. Ames-R. ; Bancroft-\ 
Ames, Mrs. Eleanor M. E., ["Eleanor Kirk"; 

Prevention and cure of old age. 

See North Dakota. Sup. 

D. pap., 50 c. 

Ames, F. W., rep. 
ct. Repts. 

Ames, Fisher. Bridge whist in brief. '04 
12, 50 c. H. H. Carter. 

Ames, Fisher. Standard whist for beginners. 
1900 (F24) T. 75c. Scribner. 

Ames, Herman V. Outline of lectures on 
Am. political and institutional hist, during 
the colonial and revolutionary periods. Rev. 
ed. '02(N22) 8, pap., $1.50. 

Univ. of Penn. 

Ames, Ja B. Selection of cases in equity 
jurisdiction. 2 pts. '01. 'o2(Api2) 12, 
ea., 75 c. Harvard Law. 

Ames, Ja. B. Selection of cases on the law 
of admiralty. In 3 pts. *oi(Di4) 8, $2.50 

Harvard Law. 

Ames, Ja. B., and Brewster, L. D. Negotia- 
ble instruments law. *o2(Api2) O. 30 c. 

Harvard Law. 

Ames, Ja. B., and Smith, . Cases on torts ; 
supplement '04(817) O. pap., $8. 

Harvard Law. 

Ames, Jos. S. Text-book of general physics 
for high schools and colleges. '04(817) 
O. $3.50. Am. Bk 




Ames, Jos. S., ed. Discovery of induced elec- 
tric currents, v. i, Memoirs, by J. Mc- 
Henry; v. 2, Memoirs, by M. Faraday. 1000 
(N3) O. (Scientific memoirs, nos. n and 
12.) ea., 75 c. Am. Bk, 

Ames, Jos. S. See also Rowland, H : A. 

Ames, L : A. Etiquette of yacht colors ; cont. 

. yacht codes, storm and weather signals, etc. 
J 02(Jl5) il. sq. S. canvas, 25 c Annin. 

Ames, Lucia True. See Mead, Mrs. L. A. 

Ames, Sheldon E., ed. The inn of rest : epi- 
sodes in hospital life relative to the doctor, 
the nurse and the patient. 'o4(Dio) 12, 
(Doctor's recreation sen, v. 7.) subs., $2.50; 
hf. mor., $4. Saalfield. 

Ames, Wa. See Vosburgh, F. R. 

Amherst, Alicia. See Cecil, Mrs. E. 

Amicis, E. de. Heart; tr. by I. F. Hapgood. 
'oi(Ag24) il- S. (Children's favorite clas- 
sics.) 60 c.; J 03(Si2) il. S. (Handy vol. 
classics, pocket ed.) 35 c. Crowell. 


Best Amidon family: descendants of 
Roger Amadowne. F. E. Best. 

Amiel, Henri F: Daily maxims fr. Amiel j s 
journal; ed. by O. Gates. '02(64) D. 
(What is worth while ser.) leatherette, 
**28 c. net. Crowell. 


Perkins. Cathedral church of Amiens. $i. 


Amis, Moses N. Historical Raleigh, fr. its 
foundation in 1792. *O2(D2o) il. 12, pap., 
50 c. M. N. Amis. 

Hirsching. Ammonia process. $i. 

Alexander- Y. 

Lunge. Coal-tar and ammonia, net, $15. 

Van Nostrand 


See Gunpowder. 

Among English inns. Tozier, J. **$i.5O net 

L, C Page. 

Among flowers and trees with the poets 
Wait, M C. $2. Lee & S. 

Among green trees. Rogers, J. E. $3. 


Among horses in Russia. Hayes, M. H. net, 
$4- Truslove. 

Among ourselves. See Morrison, S. P. 
Taylor, A. R. 

Among the Berbers of Algeria. Wilkin, A. 
$4- Cassell, 

Among the birds : sel. from the standard poets. 
1900 (D8) il. T. leath., 75 c. Estes. 

Among the Burmans. Cochrane, H. P. 
*$i.25 net , Revell. 

Among the dunes. Rhone, Mrs. D. L. $i. 

Eaton & M. 

Among the flowers: sel. from the standard 
poets. 1900 (D8) il. T. leath., 75 c. Estes. 

Among the great masters of drama. Row- 
lands, W. **$i.20 net; **$2.40 net. Estes. 

Among the great masters of literature and 
music. Rowlands, W. 2 v. ea., $1.50. 


Among the great masters of oratory. Row- 
lands, W. $1.50; $3. f t Estes. 

Among the great masters *of painting. Row- 
lands, W. $1.50; $3. Estes. 

Among the great masters of warfare. Row- 
lands, W. **$i.20 net Estes. 

Among the hills. See Whittier, J ; G. 

Among the Himalayas. Waddell, L. A. $2. 


Among the mushrooms. Dallas, E. M. $2. 

Among the night people. Pierson, C. D. net, 

$i. Dutton. 

Among the ostrich hunters. Beerbohm, J. 

$i. Burt 

Among the palms. Duryea, N. L. $1.25. 

J. F. Taylor. 
Among the pond people. Pierson, C. D. 

$1.25. Dutton. 

Among the redwoods. Shuey, L. H. 25 c. 

Whitaker & R. 
Among the trees. Bryant, W: C. 50 c. 

Among the trees again: [verses.] Stein, E. 

**$i net Bobbs-M. 

Among the water fowl. Job, H. K. net, 

$1.35. Doubleday, P. 

Amor victor. Kenyon, O. $1.50. Stokes. 
Amoretti. Spenser, E. $3. Laurel Press. 
Amory, T: Life and opinions of John Bun- 

cle, Esquire ; with an introd. by E. A. Baker. 

'04(03) 8, *$2 net Dutton. 


See Bible. 

Amos Dunkel, oarsman. Kaler, J. O. $1.50. 


Amos Judd. Mitchell, J: A. $1.50. Scribner. 

Baskett and Ditmars. Story of the amphib- 
ians and the reptiles. 60 c. Appleton, 
Harmer and Shipley, eds. Cambridge nat- 
ural history, v. 8, Amphibia, by H. 
Gadow. net, $4. Macmillan. 

Amphitruo. Plautus. 60 c. Allyn & B. 

Amsbary, Wallace B. Ballads of Bourbon- 
nais. *04(My7) il. D. **$i net Bobbs-M. 
Amstels Kerkelijk leven van de eerste zestig 
jaren der Vrijheid. Vos, G. J. $12. 


Bates. Games with music, action, songs 
and guessing rhymes. 8oc. Longmans 
Beard. Indoor and outdoor handicraft and 
recreation for girls. **$l.6o net 


Bell. Game of small-talk. $i. Scribner. 
Brown. Impending peril; or, Methodism 
and amusements. $1.25. Jennings. 

Kelley. Three hundred things a bright girl 
can do. **$i.20 net. Estes. 

Meek Young people's lib. of entertainment 
and amusement. $1.50. Winston. 

See also Cards; Charades; Children's parties;- 
Circus; Coaching; Dancing; Drills; En- 
tertainments; Fortune-tellers; Games; 
Marionettes ; Minstrel show ; Music ; Opera ; 
Palmistry ; Pantomime , Plavs ; Riddles ; 
Sports and sportsmen; Theatie; Ventrilo- 

Amy Dora's amusing day. Bicknell, F. M. 

50 c. Altemus. 

Amy Warren. Logan, A. S. $1.50. 

G: W. Dillingham. 

Amyntas. Tasso, T. $l. Ridgewood. 


Bax. Rise and fall of the Anabaptists. $2. 


Anabasis. See Xenophon. 
Anacaona, and other poems. Morse, J: M. 

*$i net Grafton Press. 




Anacreon. Odes; tr. by Bourne, Fawkes 
Moore, and others. '02(Ag2> il. 8, (An 
tique gems fr, the Greek and Latin, v. 8.) 
(Apply to pubs, for price.) Barne 

Anacreon. Odes; tr. by S. C. Irving, 
(D6) D. 50 c. W: S. Lord 

Anacrfcon. Odes; ed. by A. H. Bullen. J oi 
(D2i) il. 150 cop. on old Stratford pap. 
ea., net, $7.50; 50 cop., ea., net, $1750; 
cop Japan vellum, ea., net, $25. 

New Amsterdam 

Anacreon. Odes; tr. by T: Moore. '03(012) 
il. 16, **$ net Putnam 

Anacreon. Odes, Anacreontics, and other se- 
lections fr. the Greek anthology, [v. i." 
privately printed. *O4(Api6) 8, (Breviary 
treasures, no. 2, Delphic ed.) subs., bds., $5 

N. H. Dole 

Anaesthesia in dental surgery. Luke, T: D, 
$i 50- Rebman, 


See Assaying, Blowpipe; Chemistiy 

Analysis of the hunting field. New ed. '03 
(Ds) il. S (Illustrated pocket library o\ 
plain and colored books.) $150 Appleton 


See Geomeiry. 

Analytical theory of light. Walker, J. *$5 

n t Macmillan, 

Anarchist constitution. Sturber, D. I. 50 c. 

Radical Pub 

Anarchy. Bauder, E. P. $i ; 50 c. Occidental 

See Chic. Haymarket conspiracy; Socialism. 
Anastatic reprints various sizes. Stechert 
Bradley. Ethical studies. *$4 net. 
Mulimger Schools of Charles the Great. 

*$4 net. 

Anatole. Klein, A. f$ Dutton. 


Barlow. Pathological anatomy. *$6,5O net 


Chicago Univ. Investigations representing 

the depts. $9. Univ. of Chic. 

Cotterell. Pocket Gray; or, Anatomist's 

vade mecum. net, $i 25. Wood. 

Cunningham. Manual of practical anatomy. 

3d ed. 2 v., $5 net. Lippincott 

Cunningham, ed. Text-book of anatomy. 

*?9 net; $10 net; $n net Macmillan. 

Cunningham, ed. Text-book of anatomy. 

*$6 net; *$7 net. Wood. 

Davison. Mammalian anatomy. *$I.SQ net. 


Deaver. Surgical anatomy. In 3 v. v. 2 3. 
subs., complete work, $24 ; $27. Blakiston. 
Delaneld and Prudden. Pathological an- 
atomy and histology; with introd. section 
on post-mortem examinations. *$5 net; 
*$6 net Wood. 

Dunlop. Anatomical diagrams for art stu- 
dents, net, $2. Macmillan. 
Hckley. Comments on. anatomical nomen- 
clature **$i net. Colegrove. 
Jiisendrath. Text-book of clinical anatomy, 
*$5 net ; *$6 net. Saunders. 
Frederick Anatomy methods. 50 c. Davis. 
Gerrish. Text-bk. of anatomy. $6.50 net: 
$7 net; $7.50 net Lea. 
Gray. Anatomy, descriptive and surgical, 
net, $5.50-57.25, Lea 
Green. Pathology and morbid anatomy. 


ANATOMY. Continued. 

Gregg. Outline of anatomy, physiol. and 

hygiene. *so c. net. Bardeen. 

Hale. Epitome of anatomy. *$i net. Lea. 
Hall. Elementary anatomy, physiology, 

and hygiene. 75 c. Am. Bk. 

Heath. Practical anatomy. **$4.25 net. 

Holden. Anatomy, v. i. net, $1.50. 

Hughes and Keith. Practical anatomy. 

pt. i, Upper and lower extremities, net, 

$3- Blakiston. 

Kimber, comp. Anatomy and physiology 

net, $2.50. Macmillan 

Leaf. Lymphatics. *$$ net. Keener. 

Lee. Microscopist's vade mecum. 5th ed. 
, net, $4. Blakiston. 

McClellan. Anatomy in its relation to art 

$10 ; $12. G: McClellan! 

Marshall. Trainer's anatomy. $1.60. 
,_ . Physical Culture. 

Morris, and others, eds. Text-bk. of anat- 
omy. *$6; $8 net Blakiston. 
Nancrede. Essentials of anatomy, incl. 

anatomy of the viscera. *$i net. 


Outlines of anatomy. 50 c. Wahr 

Peabody. Lab'y exercises in anatomy and 

physiology. **6o c. net. Holt. 

Potter. Anatomy. *8o c. net; *$i net 
_ Blakiston. 

.Pratt Composite man as comprehended in 

14 anatomical impersonations $1.50 

r> 1 n r, K H - P ratt 

Rockwell. Pocket text-bk. of anatomy 

*$2.25 net; ^$2.75 net Lea] 

Scott, ed. Questions in anatomy. **$i so 

n . et - Lea. 

Smith, E: F. Anatomy, physiology and 

hygiene. $i W: R. Jenkins. 

Sobotta. Atlas of microscopic anatomy. 

*$4.5o net. Saunders. 

boier. Anatomia, fisiologia e higiene. $i 50. 

bpalteholz. Hand atlas of human anatomy. 

3 v. v. i and 2, ea., $3.50; v. 3, $5.50; per 

set, $12.50. Stechert 

bwan. Human anatomy, pt. 2. $1.25. Avil. 
Toldt. Atlas of anatomy. 6 v. $18. 
,_ Rebman. 

1 reves Surgical applied anatomy, net, $2. 

Walker. Anatomy, physiology, and hy- 
giene. New ed. $1.20. Allyn & B. 

Woolsey. Applied surgical anatomy, re- 
gionally presented. $s;$6. Lea. 

Yutzy. Outlines of anatomy. 50 c. Wahr. 

See also Abdomen; Animals; Anthropometry: 
Autopsy; Bones; Brain; Cat; Dissec- 
tion ;Ear; Eye; Head; Heart; Histolo- 
gy; Horse: Intestines; Lungs; Manni- 
km; Mouth; Neck; Nervous system; 
Nose; Pathology; Physiology; Scalp; 
Stomach; Surgery; Teeth; Throat; Vivi- 

Burns and Colenso. Living anatomy, net, 
$2.50. Longmans. 

Fiedler. Studies from the nude human fig- 
ure in motion. $12. Hessling 
Anatomy of misery. Kenworthy, J : C. $i 


See Genealogy; Heredity. 




Anchoresses of the west. Steele, F. M. *$i 

net Herder. 

Ancien regime (L'.) Tocqueville, A. de. 

$1.50. Oxford Univ. 


Roberts. Hist, of the Military Co. now 

called the Ancient and Hon. Artillery Co 

of Mass. v. 4. [Sold only to members.] 


Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the 

Mystic Shrine for North America. Root, 

G:L.,comp. $1.50. B. F. Brown Co. 

Ancient capital of Scotland. Cowan, S : 

**$7-50 net. Pott. 

Ancient cities ser. See Pott's 

Ancient city. Fustel de Coulanges, N. D. $2. 

Lee & S. 

Ancient coffers and cupboards. Roe, F. **$I2. 


Ancient colony [Newfoundland.] '03(812) 

il. S. pap., 50 c. S. E. Garland. 

Ancient halls of the City Guilds. Way, T: 

R. *$io net Lane. 


See History. 

Ancient ideals. Taylor, H: O. net, $5. 

Ancient libraries of Canterbury and Dover. 

James, M. R. *$6 net Macmillan. 

Ancient mariner. See Coleridge, S: T. 
Ancient monuments and ruined cities. Peet, 

S. D. $4.50. ' Am. Antiquarian. 


See History. 

Ancient royal palaces. Way, T : R. net, $6. 

Ancient ruins of Rhodesia. Hall, R. N. net, 

$6. Button. 

Ancient world. See West, W. M. 
And Britain's blest with righteousness? 

Roddy, J : W. 75 c. Grafton Press. 

And the stars saw. Stevens, T : W. $i. 

And the wilderness blossomed. Bexter, A. 

net, $2. H W. Fisher. 

Anders, Ja M. Text-book of the practice of 

medicine. 4th ed., rev. 1900(06) ; 5th ed., 

rev >oi(S28); 6th ed., rev. J O3(B26) il. 

(partly col) 8, *$5-50 net; shp. or hi 

mor., ""$6.50 net. 


Andersen, Hans C. Best stories ; ed. and adapt, 
for third reader grade. '02 (13) D 
(Standard lit. ser., no. 52.) pap., 12^/2 c. 


Andersen Hans C. Fairy tales, 1900 
(AgiS) il. 4, (One syllable ser. for little 
folks.) 50 c. Burt. 

Andersen, Hans C. Fairy tales ; tr. by C. Siew- 
ers. } 02(Si3) il. 4, t$i-50. Estes. 

Andersen, Hans C. Fairy tales ; introd. by E : 
E. Hale. '04 (Bi?) il. sq. 8, $2. 


Andersen, Hans C Fairy tales. '99- 1900 
(S&) il. 16, (Manhattan young people's 
lib.) 40 c. McKibbin. 

Andersen, Hans C. Fairy tales. *O4(Bi7) il. 
8, 50 c. Mctoughlin. 

Anderses, Hans C Fairy tales; tr. by E. 
Lucas. 'o2(Agi6) il. 16, (Temple classics 
for young people.) 50 c. ; leath., 80 c. 


Andersen, Hans C. Fairy tales; sel. and ed. 

by E. H. L. Turpin. '04(1*2) il. 12, 

(Graded supp. reading ser.) 50 c. 

Maynard, M. 
Andersen, Hans C. Fairy tales and stories; 

fr. the Danish by H. L. Braekstad. 1900 

(O27) il. O. $5. Century Co. 

Andersen, Hans C. Rudy and Babette. '01 

(Ag3) il. 12, (St. Nicholas ser. for boys 

and girls.) 75 c. Burt. 

Andersen, Hans C. Selected stories. '01. '02 

(Mri) 12, pap., 15 c. Lippincott. 

Andersen, Rob. Jack Champney. *02(N22) 

il. O. **$i net. Jacobs. 

Andersen, Tempest. Volcanic studies in many 

lands. 'o3(Mri4) sq. 8, *$6 net. Scnbner. 
Anderson, A. C, and Briner, C: H. *'K" 

company, 71 st regiment, N. Y. volunteers. 

1900(06) obi. 16, pap. [For private cir- 
culation.] [C. H. Scott] 
Anderson, C. F., comp. Five hundred things 

worth knowing. *o4(My7) T. pap., 10 c. * 

Franklin Co. 
Anderson, C: P. The Christian ministry. 

'O2(F22) O. pap., 20 c. Young Churchman. 
Anderson, Emil H: Psychical development 

and the philosophy of the new thought. 

2d ed. 'oi(J16) O. $2.50. E. H: Anderson. 
Anderson, Fk. M. Constitutions and other se- 
lect documents illustrative of the hist, of 

France, 1789-1901. '04 (Bio) 12, $2. 

H. W. Wilson. 
Anderson, Galusha. Elements of Chrysos- 

tom's power as a preacher. '03 (JU) Q. 

(Becennial pubs.; pr, fr. v. 3.) pap., *25 c. 

net Univ. of Chic. 

Anderson, G: L. Handbook for the use of 

electricians in the operation and care of 

electrical machinery and apparatus of the 

U. S. seacoast defenses. '02. *o3(Mri4) il. 

8, $3. Van Nostrand. 

Anderson, Ja. B. The nameless hero, and 

other poems. *O2(Mri) B. net, $i. Wessels 
Anderson. Ja. H., ed. Life and letters of 

Judge T : J. ^ Anderson and wife ; written 

during the civil war. '04 (My 14) il. pors. 

8, $3. Heer. 

Anderson, J: F. An Endeavorer's working 

journey around the world. '03(8 12) por. 

pi , 12, $1.50. Chr. Pub. 

Anderson, J: J., and Flick, Alex. C. Short 

hist of the state of New York. '01. '02 

(Jlia) il. 12, $i. Maynard, M. & Co 

Anderson, K. C. The larger faith. '03(1)26) 

12, $1.75. Macmillan. 

Anderson, L. W. See Holmes, G: F. 
Anderson, Nephi The castle builder. '02. 

J 03(Fi4) B. pap., 50 c. Imp. Era. 

Anderson, Sir Rob. The Bible and modern 

criticism >O3(Mr2i) 8, *$ 1. 50 net Revell. 
Anderson, Sir Rob. Christianized rationalism 

and the higher criticism. J 04(Ja30) S.^SGC. 

net Winona. 

Anderson, Sir Rob. Baniel in the critics' den. 

'O2(je28) 12, net, $1.25. RevelL 

Anderson, Sir Rob. Pseudo-criticism; or, the 

higher criticism and its counterfeit. '04 
(Myi4) 12, *75 c. net Revell. 

Anderson, Rob. E. Story of extinct civiliza- 
tions of "he west '04 (F6) **35 c net 

Aoderson, Rob. F. See Sensenig, B : M. 





ANDERSON, Thomas J. 

Anderson, ed. Life and letters of T: J. 
Anderson and wife; written during civil 
war. $3. Heer. 

Anderson, W. L. Legend of McNutt '02. 
'03(Ap25) 12, $i. Bigham. 

Anderson, W: F. Compulsion of love: ser- 
mons. 'O4(jei8) por. 16, (Methodist pul- 
pit) 50 c. Jennings. 

Anderson, W: J. Architecture of the Ren- 
aissance in Italy. 3d ed. '01(821) il. 8, 
$5. Scribner. 

Anderson, W: J., and Spiers, R. P. Archi- 
tecture of Greece and Rome: its hist, de- 
velopment '02. 'O3(jaio) 8, *$7-50 net 


Anderson, Woodford D. Manumental com- 
putation '04. il. 16. Greenwich Press. 

Andes, L : E. Iron corrosion anti-fouling and 
anti-corrosive paints; fr. the Germ by C: 
Salter. J oi(Jli3) il. 8, net, $4. 

Van Nostrand 

Andes, L* E. Oil colors and printing inks. 
'04(031) il. 8, $2.50. Van Nostrand. 

Conway. Bolivian Andes, net, $3. Harper. 

Andre, Eugene. A naturalist in the Guianas; 
with pref. by S. S. Keltic. >04(Api6) il. 
map, 8, *$3.50 net. Scribner. 

Andre, J: Journal record of the movements 
and engagements of the Brit, army in 
America fr. June, 1777, to Nov., 1778; ed. 
by H: C. Lodge. 5 O4(My7) 2 v., pors. 
maps, plans, facsims., 8, full veil., per set, 
$28. Bibliophile. 

ANDRE, John. 

Sargent. Life and career of Maj. John An- 
dre. $8; $15. Abbatt 

Andrea. Michaelis, K f$i. McClure, P. 

Andreas Root, R. K 50 c Holt. 

ANDREIS, Felix de. 

Rosati. Life of the Very Rev. Felix dc 
Andreis. net, $1.25. Herder. 


Root, ed. Andreas: legend of St Andrew. 
50 c Holt 

ANDREW, John A. 

Pearson. Life of J: A. Andrew. 2 v. 
**$5 net. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Andrew, S. O. Greek prose composition. '02 
(Jei4) 12, (Greek course.) net, 90 c. 


Andrew Bentley. Browne, W .S. $i ; 50 c. 


Andrews, A. R Tiny tunes for tiny people. 
1900 (Ni7) il. obi. O. $1.50. Dodge. 

Andrews, Alb. H. See Wood, C. A. 

Andrews, Alf. What shall we eat? '03(026) 
sq. S. 75 c. ' Health Culture. 

Andrews, Alice E. Topics and ref. for the 
study of Eng. literature. '01. *O2(Ap5) 
D bds., 15 c. Hyde. 

Andiews, Byron. Facts about the candidate 
(Roosevelt). 'C4(jli6) il. T. 35 c.; leath- 
erette, 10 c. S. Stone. 

Andrews, C : McL. Historical development of 
modern Europe, 1815-1897. Students' ed. 
2 T. in i y. 1900. 'oi ( Jaig) O. $2.75. 


Andrews, C: McL. History of England. '03 

(Oi7) D. $1.50. Allyn & B. 

Andrews, Charlton. Parfit gentil knight, 'oi 

(N9) il D. $1.50. McClurg 

Andrews, Elisha B. Institutes of economics. 

New ed., rev., with indexes. 1900. 'oi 

(Fi6) 12*, $1.30. Silver. 

Andrews, Elisha B. The United States in our 

own time. 'O4(Ja23) 8, $5. Scribner. 

Andrews, Eliza F. Botany all the year round. 

J 03(F28) il. O. $i. Am Bk. 

Andrews, Eliza F. Botany all the year round. 

Also, A brief flora of the Eastern U. S., 

by W. Nevin Geddes. '04(024) O. $1.50. 

Am. Bk. 

Andrews, Ernest J., and Howland, H. N. 
Elements of physics. *O3(Mr28) il. 12, 
*$i 10 net Macmillan. 

Andrews, H. B. Handbook for street rail- 
way engineers *O2(Je2i) il. 16, mor., 
$1.25. Wiley. 

Andrews, Harvey T. Manual of the U t S. 
customs laws, consisting of the U. S. revised 
statutes, the customs administrative act, 
[etc ;] also a digest of federal court deci- 
sions, [etc.] *o4(Dio) O. shp , *$io net 

G: W. Dillingharn. 
Andrews, Herb. See Beck, Conrad. 
Andrews, Israel W. Manual of the constitu- 
tion of the U. S. [New ed.] 'oi(Ja26) 
D. (Eclectic educ. ser ) $i. Am Bk. 

Andrews, Ja. D. American law. 1900 (Je9) 
O. shp., $6.50. ^ Callaghan. 

Andrews, Ja. D. Principles of pleading in 
civil actions; (Stephen.) 2d ed. 'oi(Oi2) 
0. shp , $5. Callaghan. 

Andrews, Ja. P., rep. See Connecticut. Sup. 

ct. of errors. Cases. 

Andrews, Jane. The seven little sisters who 
live on the round ball that floats in the air. 
[New ed., with il. in color.] 'o2(Oi8) D. 
50 c. Ginn. 

Andrews, Jane. Stories of my four friends. 
1901. 1900(029) S. Gmn. 

Andrews, L. W. Point of view touching the 
rel. of applied sciences to university teach- 
ing; add. before the Baconian Club 'oi 
(Mr30) O. pap., 25 c.. L. W. Andrews. 
Andrews, Maria. Lessons in palmistry. 1900 
(Mr3i) il. 8, pap., 25 c. Gentlewoman. 
Andrews, Ma. R. S. A kidnapped colony. 
'03 (D5) il. D f$i.25. Harper. 

Andrews, Ma. R. S. Vive TEmpereur. '02 
(N22) il. D. f$i. Scribner. 

Andrews, S: J. God's revelations of himself 
to men. 2d ed. J oi(Di4) 8, net, $2. 


Andrews, S :" J. William Watson Andrews. 

1900 (Je2) D. $1.50. Putnam. 

Andrews, W: L. Bibliopegy in the U. S., 

and kindred subjects. '02. *O3(Fl4) il. 

8, regular ed., $22.50; on Jap. pap., $40. 


Andrews, W: L. Gossip about book collect- 
ing, v. I. 1900(022) 8, net, $17. Dodd. 
Andrews, W : L. Iconography of the Battery 
and Castle Garden. 'oi(Si4) il 8. Scribner. 
Andrews, W: L. James Lyne's survey, or, 
the Bradford map; plan of the city of N. 
Y., 1731. 1900(022) 8, net, $4. Dodd. 
Andrews, W: L. Paul Revere and his en- 
graving. *oi. y 02(Mr22) $23.50; Japan ed., 
$40- Scribner. 

ANDREWS, William Watson. 
Andrews, S : J. William Watson Andrews. 
$1.50. Putnam. 

Andromache. Euripides, net, 60 c. Macmillan. 




Andromaque. Racine, J. B. 80 c. Holt. 

Andromeda. Buchanan, R. $1.25. Lippincott 
Andy. Lovell, L. t$i- Penn Pub. Co. 

Andy and the ignoramus. Brill, G: R. 50 e 

Andy Barr. Hawkins, W. B. t$i-50. 

Andy Dodge. Pendleton, M. P. $1.25. 

Lee & S. 

Andy Grant's pluck. Alger, H., jr. **8o c. 

net. Coates. 

Andy's adventures on Noah's ark. Doty, D. 

Z. **$i,20 net J. F. Taylor. 


Hood. World of anecdote. 4 v. $3; $6; 
per v., 75 c. Coates. 

See also Table talk. 


Bramwell. Anaemia and some diseases of 
the blood-forming organs. *$3 net. Wood. 
Buxton. On anesthetics, net, $1.50. 


Discovery of anesthesia. $i. Patterson & W. 
Heineck. General and local anesthesia. 
$i Engelhard. 

Hewitt. Anesthetics and their adminis- 
tration, net, $4. Macmillan. 
Patton. Anaesthesia and anaesthetics gen- 
eral and local. $2 50. Cleveland Press. 
Williams. " Guide to administration of 
anaesthetics. $1.60. Longmans. 
Anfang und ende, Heyse, P. Am. Bk. 
Angel. Croker. Mrs. B. M. $1.50. Dodd 
Angel by brevet. Pitkin, H. f$i.$o. 


Angel in the flame. Little, C: J. *SO c. net 

Angel of clay. Partridge, W: O. $1.25. 

Angel of his presence. Hill, G. L. *75 c. net 

Am. Bapt 

Angela, Grace.* Zodiacal cards and how to 
use them. J O2. '03 (F7) il. 12, $1. 

G. Angela 

Douglas. Fra Angelico. $5 ; *$6 net. 


Supino. Fra Angelico. *$3 net Lemcke. 
Williamson. Fra Aagelico. 50 c. 


Angell, Ja. R. Preliminary study of the sig- 
nificance of partial tones in the localization 
of sound. '02. *03(Ja24) Q. (Univ. of 
Chic, decennial pub., fr. v. 3.) pap., *25 c, 
net. Univ. of Chic. 

Angell, Ja. R. Psychology: introd. study of 
the structure and function of human con- 
sciousness. '04(031) O. **$i.5o net Holt 

Angell, Ja. R. Relations of structural and 
functional psychology to philosophy. '03 
(Je6) Q. (Univ. of Chicago decennial pubs ; 
from v. 3.) pap., *2$ c. net. Univ. of Chic. 

Angell. Ja. R. Studies from the psychological 
laboratory. 'oi(MyiS) 8, (Univ. of Chi- 
cago cont. to philosophy, v. I, no. i.) pap. 
35 c. Univ. of Chic 

Angelo, H: Reminiscences. Limited -ed. '04 
(Di7) 2 v., il. 8, *$40 net; hi leath., *$45 
net; hand-made pap. ed., *$6o net 


Angelo, the musician. Bartnett, H. $1.25. 


Angel ot. Price, E. C. $1.50. Crowell. 

Angel's wickedness. Corelli, M. 73 c. Beers. 

Patterson. Angels and their ministrations. 

75 c. Westminster. 

Angels roll the rock away. Scott, C. 25 c. 

Angels' diary. Weatherhead, E. M. $1.50. 

J. A. S. S. Lender. 
Ramsay. Angevin Empire. *$3.25 net 


Coulter. Phylogeny of angiosperms. *25 c. 
net. Univ. of Chic, 

Coulter and Chamberlain. Morphology of 
angiosperms. **$ net. Appleton. 
Angler (The). '03(010) 8, (Unique ser.) 
$3. Cassino. 

Angler's (The) annual, 1905; ed. by C: Brad- 
ford. '04 (Ns) il. nar. D. pap., 25 c. 

Nassau Press. 

Angler's (The) secret Bradford, C: **$i 
net Patnam, 


See Church history; Church of England. 

Anglican episcopate and the Am. colonies. 
Cross, A. L. **$2.$o net Longmans. 


Sec I 7 ish and fishing. 

Anglo-American alliance in prophecy. Strea- 
tor, M. L. v. i. $2. Our Race. 

Anglo-American encyclopedia and dictionary: 
comprehensive encyclopedia of the arts, sci- 
ences, history, biography, geography and 
general literature; also giving the full defi- 
nition, the origin, pronunciation and use of 
words. "04 (Mrs) 12 v., il. pi. fold, maps, 
8. (App. to pubs, for price.) Globe Pub. 

Anglo-Am, pottery. See Barber, E. A. 

Anglo-Boer conflict Ireland, A. 75c. Small. 

Anglo-Norman dialect Menger, L: E. 
**$I75 net Macmillan. 

Anglo-Saxon century. Dos Passes, J: R. 
**$2.25 net. Putnam. 

Anglo-Saxon versification. Setzler, E. R. 
$1.25. Furst 


Gorren. Anglo-Saxons and others. $1.50. 


Stevens. The cross in the life and lit of 
the Anglo-Saxons. 75 c. Holt 

Thompson. Angora goat raising. $i 

Am. Sheep Breeder. 

Anima Christi. Brett, J. 50 c. Longmans. 

Anima vilis. Rodziewicz, M. $1.50. Dodd. 

Animal A B C. Neilson, H. B. $i. Scribner. 

Animal activities. French, N. S. $1.20. 


Animal alphabet. Hyde, H: M. $i. 

G: M. Hill. 

Animal and vegetable fixed oils. Wright, C. 
R. A. **$7.$o net Lippincott 

Animal autobiographies. See Macmillan's. 

Animal castration. Liautard, A. $2. 

W: R. Jenkins. 

Animal chivalry. Hutchinson. W. 3 c. Tucker. 

Animal ecology of the Cold Spring sand spit 
Davenport, C. B. *5o c. net Univ. of Chic. 

Animal experimentation. Ernst, H. C. net, 
$1.50; net, $i. Little, B. & Co. 

Animal forms. Jordan, D: S. net, $1.10. 





Animal life in rhymes and jingles. May, E. 
$1.25. Saalfield. 


See Hypnotism; Magnetic healing; Personality. 
Animal nutrition. Armsby, H : P. $4. Wiley. 

Wasmann. Instinct and intelligence in the 
animal kingdom. *$i net. Herder. 

Watson. Animal education. *$i 25 net 

Univ. of Chic. 
Animal stories See Carter, M, H. James, 


Animal stories. 12, 50 c Estes. 

Cheever. Lord Dolphin Mother Bunny. 

Rock frog 

Animal stories for little people. '03(63) il. 
sq. O. (Mother Goose ser , v. 2.) 50 c. 


Animal stories for little people. 'oi(Jl2o) 8, 

(Mother Goose ser.) 50 c. Hurt. 

Animal story-book reader. Lang, A., ed. 

net, 50 c. Longmans, 


Aflalo. Types of British animals $*. 


All about animals. 50 c. McLoughlin. 
Ayers. Four-footed folk. $1.25. Russell. 
Billinghurst. Hundred anecdotes of ani- 
mals $1.50. Lane. 
Bostock. Training of wild animals. **$i 
net. Century. 
Bourne. Introd. to study of comparative 
anatomy of animals, v. i, net, $1.10; v. 
2, net, $i 25. Macmillan. 
Brooks. Animals in action. $1.50. Lothrop. 
Bryden. Animals of Africa. $2. Dutton. 
Buckner. Immortality of animals and re- 
lation of man as guardian. **$i.2S net. 

Cochrane. More animal stories. $i. 


Cook. Along four-footed trails. **$i.$o 

net. Pott. 

Cornish. Animal life. **$4 net Lippincott 

Culbertson. At the big house where Aunt 

Nancy and Aunt 'Phrony held forth on 

animal folks. t$ I -5- Bobbs-M. 

Cunningham. Sexual dimorphism. $4.50. 


Davenport and Crotty. Introduction to 
zoology, net $1.10. Macmillan. 

Du Chaillu. World of the great forest. 
$2. Scribner 

Eastman. Red hunters and the animal peo- 
ple. **$i.25 net. Harper. 
Foster, M. In the forest $1.50. 

Doubleday, P. 

Foster, W: A: World's wild animals. $1.50 

C: Foster 

Friedman. Tub Taam: Jewish mode of 
slaughtering animals. 50 c. Bloch. 

Gentry. Intelligence in plants and animals 
net, $2. _ ^ Doubleday, P. 

Grinnell, ed. American big game in its 
haunts. $2.50. Forest. 

Haek. Living pictures "of the animal king- 
dom. $3; $4.50. Saalfield 
Heilprin. Animal life of our seashore. 
$1.25. Lippincott 
Hulbert Forest neighbors, net, $1.50. 

McClure, P. 
Hundred anecdotes of animals, $1.50. 


ANIMALS Continued. 
Huntington. Our big game. **$2 net. 


Hutchinson. Animal chivalry. 3 c. Tucker. 
Ingersoll. Wild life of orchard and field 
net, $1.40. t Harper 

Ingham. Law -of animals, net, $6. 

T. &. J. W. Johnson 

Johnson, ed. Homes, haunts and habits of 
wild animals. $1.50. Winston. 

Jordan Feeding of animals, net, $1.25. 


Jordan and Kellogg. Animal life. $1.20. 


Jordan and Price. Animal structures 

**5o c. net. Appleton. 

Jordan, and others. Animal studies. **$i.2$ 

net. Animals. *$i 80 net. Appleton 

Kidd. Use-inheritance, net, 90 c. 


Kip. Animal and plant correspondences. 
$1.25 Knickerbocker Press 

Latter. Natural hist, of some common ani- 
mals. *$i.5o net Macmillan. 
L Conte. Comparative physiology, etc., of 
animals. $2. Appleton. 
Long. Following the deer. *$i.25 net. 
Little brother to the bear. **$i.5o net 
Secrets of the woods. 60 c. Wilderness 
ways. 50 c. Wood folk at school 50 c. 


Lucas. Animals before man in N. A. 
**$i.25 net Appleton. 

Lucas. Animals of the past net, $2. 

McClure, P 

Marvin. Christ among the cattle, net, 
60 c. J. O. Wright 

Mayo. Care of animals. **$i.25 net 

Monteith. Some useful animals so c 

Am. Bk 

Moore. Infectious diseases of animals. $4. 

Taylor & C 
Mulcts. Stories of little animals. f$i- 

L. C. Page. 

Mumford. Study of animal husbandry. 12 
leaflets, ea., i c. in quantity of 10 or 
more C. M. Parker. 

Nuttall. Blood immunity and blood rela- 
tionship : blood relationships amongst ani- 
mals. *$4-5o net Macmillan. 
Paget. Experiments on animals. *$2 net. 


Paget. Experiments on animals. net, 
$2.50. Wood 

Recordon. Do animals think? 75 c. 

BVay Pub 
Reed. Book of clever beasts. $1.50. 


Rice. Animals. $2. H. S Stone 

Seaton. Studies of animals and plants. 

50 c. ; 65 c. Savage Press. 

Seymour. Wild animals I have met. subs , 

$2.25; $3; $3.75. W. W. Wilson 

Sherborn. Index animalium. *$8 net. 

Smith, ed. Wild animal life. **$2 net. 


Snyder. Chemistry of plant and animal life. 

*$i.25 net Chemical. 

Stone and Cram. Amer. animals. **$3 net. 

Doubleday, P 



ANIMALS. Continued. 
Trine. Every living creature. 35 c. 


Velvin. Wild creatures afield. $i. 

Vernon. Variation in animals and plants 

**$i.?5 net Holt. 

Walter, and others. Studies of animal life. 

50 c. Heath. 

Wilder. Synopsis of animal classification. 

**6o c. net. Holt. 

Willey. Zoological results, pts. 4, 5. net, 

ea., $450 Macmillan. 

Sec also Amphibia, Camdae; Cattle, Domestic 
animals; Embryology; Hair; Hunting; 
Insects; Mammalia, Nature; Rat; 
Reptiles; Sports and sportsmen; 'Veterinary 
medicine and surgery; Vivisection; Woods; 
Zoology; also names of ?mmals. 

Animals at home. Bartlett, L. L. 45 c. 

Am. Bk. 

Animals at the fair. Blaisdell, E. W. **$i.40 

net. Russell. 

Animals from life. 1900 (Dis) obi 4, $2.50. 

Rand, McN. & Co. 

Animals of JEsop. Mora, J. J. $1.50. Estes. 
Animals 1 academy. Bingham, C. $1.25. 

Animals' rebellion. Binghatn, C t$ I -50. 


Animals' trip to sea. 1900 (D8) il. obi. 4, $2. 


Anitchkow, Michael. War and labour. 1900 

(Jl2i) O. $5. Longmans. 

Ann Arbor tales. Harriman, K. E. **$i.20 

net, Jacobs. 

Anna Karenina. See Tolstoi, Count L. N. 

Anna of the Five Towns. Bennett, A. t$i-5o. 

McClure, P. 

Anna the adventuress. Oppenheim, E. P. 
t$i.SO- Little, B. & Co. 

Annalist, (pseud.) Musings without meth- 
od: record of 1900-01. *O2(D27) D. *$2 
net McClure, P. 

Annals of a clerical family. Venn, J: $6. 


Annals of a quiet country town. Barnes, J. 

K. $1125 Abbey Press. 

Annals of Pollock's Cove. Eaton, I. G. $i. 


Annals of Saint Neots. See Asser, J. 
Aanandale, C, ed. See Spofford, A. R. 

Dugan, comp. Outline hist of Annapolis 
and the Naval Acad. 50 c. Eichelberger. 
ANNE, of Austria. 
Motteville. Memoirs. 3 v. ea., $6; $9. 

Hardy, P. & Co. 
ANNE, Queen of England. 

McCarthy. Reign of Queen Anne. 2 v. 
$4 net. Harper. 

See also Harley, Rob. 

Anne, pseud. The bachelor girl's colonial 
beau. 'o4(Dio) D. $i. Neale. 

Anne Carmel. Overton, G. t$i-5o* 

Anne Mainwaring. Ridley, A. $1.50. 

Anne Scarlett Taylor, M. I. $1.25. 


See Steel. 

Annee (Une) de college a Paris. Laurie, A. 
net, 50 c. Macmillan, 

Anneeti, the gypsy artist. Sly, W. S. $i ; 
$1.25. W. S. Sly. 

Anneke. Champney, Mrs. E. W. $1.50. 


See Expansion (political.) 
Anni fugaces. Lehmann, R. C. net, $1.50. 


Annice Wynkoop, artist. Rouse, A. L. $i. 

Annie Deane. Slade, A. F. $1.50. 


Annie Laurie, an old sweetheart of mine. 

Hulley, L. 50 c. L Hulley. 

Annie Laurie mine (The). Beach, D: N. 

$1.50. Pilgrim Press. 

Anno 1870. Liliencron, D. v. *40 c net. 

Annotated corporation laws. See Dimming, 

R. C 
Annual American catalogue, 1899. I 9 

(Mrio) ; 1900. J oi(Mr9) ; O. hf. leath., ea., 

$3.50. Pub. Weekly. 

Annual American catalogue, 1900. [also] 

English catalogue of books for 1900. '01 

(Ap6) O. hf. leath., net, $5. Pub. Weekly. 
Annual Am. catalogue, cumulated 1900-1901 ; 

with directory of publishers. 5 02(Ap5) Q. 

$2; 1900-1902. J 03(My2) Q. $3* 1900-1903. 

J 04(Mr26) O. **$4 net. Pub. Weekly. 

Annual literary index. See Fletcher, W: I., 

Annual register (The) for 1902. 'O3(jh8) ; 

for 1903. New ser. s o4(Agi3) 0. ea. } $6. 


See Almanacs and annuals; Calendars and year- 

Annunzio, G. d*. The dead city. (G. Man- 
tellmi.) J 02(Ag9) il. D. $1.25. Laird. 

Annunzio, G. d'. Flame of life (II ftwco:) 
(novel.') iqoo(O6) 12, (Romances of the 
pomegranate.) $1.50. L. C. Page. 

Annunzio, G. d'. Francesca da Rimini; tr. 
by A. Symons. '02 (Ni) il. D. **$! net. 


Annunzio, G. d'. Gioconda. *oi(0i9) D. $x. 


Anonimo (The), pseud. Notes on pictures 
and works of art in Italy made by an anony- 
mous writer m the sixteenth century; tr. 
by Paolo Mussi ; ed. by G : C Williamson. 
? 03(D26) il. 8, $3. Macmillan. 

AnoEym<ras, T:, (pseud, for T: Childs.) The 
wooden works of Thomas Anonymous. 
'04(Agi3) il. D. bds., $1.25. 

Backwoods Bk.-Bindery. 

Another Englishwoman's love-letters. Pain, 
B. $i. Putnam. 

Another flock of girls. Perry, N. $1.50. 

Little, Brown & Co. 

Another woman's territory. Baker, Mrs. L. 
A. $1.50. Crowell. 

Anselm, Saint. Proslogium ; Monobgium. An 
appendix in behalf of the fool, by Gaunilon ; 
and Cur Deus homo ; fr. the Latin by S. N. 
Deane; introd., bibliography and reprints. 
'03 (Ds) D. (Religion of science lib., no 
54 ) $i ; pap., 50 c. Open Court. 




Welch. Anselm and his work. $1.25. 


Anshutz, E: P., comp. Dogs. '03(826) il. 
12, 75 c. Boericke & T. 

Ansfcutz, E: P., ed. New, old, and forgot- 
ten remedies. 1900 (Ap2i) 8 e , $2. 

Boericke & T. 

Anson, Adrian C. A ball player's career; 
personal experiences. 1900 (Je23) 12, $i. 

Era., L: K. Tristan and Isolde: a 
tragedy. J O4(Myi4) O. bds., **$2 net. 


Anstey, R, pseud. See Guthrie, T : A. 
Amstmtlier, G. E. William Hogarth. '02 
(Je28) il. 16, (Bell's miniature ser. of 
painters.) leath., $r. Macmillan. 

Answers of the ages, L., L K. 75 c. 

H. S Stone. 

Answers to examples contained in Jocelyn's 

"High school and academic algebra." '04 

(Je4) S. pap., 10 c. Am. Bk. 

Answers to prayer. Brooks, A. E. C. **50 c. 

net. Revell. 

Antarctic queen. Clark, C : $1.75. Warne. 


Balch. Antarctica, n. p. Allen, L. & S. 

Borchgrevrink. First on the Antarctic 

continent, net, $3. Scribner 

Cook. Through the first Antarctic night 

net, $5. 

[Doubleday, P.] ; Doubleday & McC 
Fricker. Antarctic regions. $3. Macmillan. 
Smith Romance of the South Pole. 80 c. 


Sec Oriental religions; Parody; Poetry; also 
names o literatures. 


Dent. St. Anthony and the twentieth cen- 
tury. 75 c. Kenedy. 
Lasance. Little manual of St. Anthony of 
Padua. 25 c. Benziger. 
Roulet. Saint Anthony in art. $2. 


Anthony, C. V. Children's covenant 'oa 
(Fi) D. $i. Jennings. 

Anthony, Gardner C. Elements of mechani- 
cal drawing. Rev. enl. ed. '04 (Oi) obi. T. 
(Technical drawing ser.} $1.50. Heath. 

Anthony, Geraldine. Four-in-hand. '03(017) 
il. D. (-$1.50. Appleton. 

Anthony, Geraldine. Victim of circumstances : 
(novel.) 'oi(My4) D. (Am. novel ser., 
no. 4.) $1.50. Harper. 

Anthony, Harold G., ed. True romance re- 
vealed by a bag of old letters J o2(Jei4) 
D. $i. Abbey Press. 

Anthony, Susan B., and Harper, Ida H., eds. 
History of woman suffrage. In 4 v. v. 4. 
*o3(Apn) il. O. $3.; shp., $3.50. 

S. B. Anthony. 

Anthony, W : A. Lecture-notes on the theory 
of electrical measurements. 2d ed. '03 
(Ag8) 12, $i. Wiley. 

Anthony's absence. Deyo, M. 50 c. 

C. L. Barnes. 

Anthony's Photographic Bulletin. See Inter- 
national annual. 

Anthracite coal communities. Roberts, P: 
**$3.5o net Macmillan. 

Anthropography. Webber, Mrs. R. B. $1.50; 
$2. R. B. Webber. 


See Civilization; Ethnology; Language; Man; 

New thought; Woman. 


Hutcheson. Dr Wampen's world re- 
nowned system of anthropometry. $6. 

See also Gymnastics and physical culture. 
Anti-slavery papers. Lowell, J. R. 2 v. 
**$7.50 net. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Anticipations. Wells, H. G: net, $1.80. 


Antigone. Sophocles, net, 60 c.; net, $3.25. 

Anting-anting stories. Kayme, S. $1.25. 


Antiquary. See Scott, Sir W. 
Antique gems from the Greek and Latin. See 


See Archaeology; also names of countries. 


Lazare. Antisemitism. $2. Int. Lib. 

See also Jews. 

Antiseptic treatment of wounds. Frick, H. 
$1.50; Eger. 


Rideal. An account of the chemical sub- 
stances used as antiseptics and preserva- 
tives. $4. Wiley. 

Antlitz der erde (Das). See Suess, E. 

Antonia. Belden, J. Van Z. $1.50. L. C. Page. 

Antoninus, Marcus Aurelius. Antoninus to 
himself; Eng. by G. H, Rendall. *oi(Oi2) 
16, (Golden treasury ser.) $i. Macmillan. 

Antoninus, Marcus Aurelius. Helpful thoughts 
fr. "Meditations." (W. L. Brown.) '02 
(Api2) S. net, 80 c. McQurg. 

Antoninus, Marcus Aurelius. Meditations. 
Aldine ed. 1900 (D22) 8, (World's great 
books.) subs., $3. Appleton. 

Antoninus, Marcus Aurelius. Meditations. 
1900 (D8) il. 12, $3. Button. 

Antoninus, Marcus Aurelius. Wisdom of the 
emperor Marcus Aurelius; tr. by J. Collier, 
privately printed. J 04(Api6) 8, (Brev- 
iary treasures, no. 3, Delphic ed ) subs., 
bds., $5. N. H. Dole. 

ANTONINUS, Marcus Aurelius. 
Farrar. Seekers after God: lives of Sen- 
eca, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius. 75 c. 


Anton's angels. Trueman, A. 75 c. Alliance. 

Antony, Father, See McCabe, J. 

Antony and Qeopatra. See Shakespeare, 

Antrim, Minna T., ["Titian."] Book of 

toasts. 'o2(N22) T. **so c.; ooze cl, $i. 

Antrim, Minna T. Don'ts for girls. '02 

(N22) i6,'50 c.; ooze cf., $i. Altemus. 
Antrim, Minna T. Naked truths and veiled 

allusions. *02(F22) S. 50 c. Altemus. 

Antrim, Minna T. Phases, mazes, and crazes 

of love. *04(Si7) il. sg. T. bds., **75 c. 

net; leath., **$i.50 net. Jacobs. 

Antrim, Minna T. Through a lorgnette. 

1900(013) sq. S. pap., 25 c. Hathaway. 
Antrim, Minna T. Wisdom of the foolish 

and the folly of the wise. 'O3(je6) 16, 

50 c.; ooze cf.. $i. Altemus. 

Antrobus, Mrs. C. L. Quality Corner. '01 

(Je2p) D. $1.50 Putnam. 




Antrobus, Mrs. C. L. Wildersmoor : (novel.) 

'oi(Agio) D. $1.50. Putnam. 

Antrobus, Suzanne, [Mrs. Alb. A. Robinson.] 

King's messenger: (novel.) J oi(Si4) D. 

$1.50. Harper. 

Ants and some other insects. Forel, A. 50 c. 

Open Court 

Rooses Le quartier du Viel-Anvers a 1'Ex- 
position Universelle de 1894. $50- NijhofL 


Allmgham. Diagnosis and treatment of 

diseases of the rectum, net, $3.25. Wood. 

Gant Diseases of the rectum and anus. 

$5; $6. Davis. 

Goodsall and Miles. Diseases of the anus 

and rectum, pt. t. net, $2.50. 


Kelsey. Surgery of the rectum. $3. Wood. 
Mason. Office treatment of rectal diseases. 
$i 50. Festner. 

Thornton and Minor. II. treatise on piles- 
fistula and all diseases of the rectum. 

Thornton & Minor. 

Tuttle. Diseases of the anus, rectum and 
pelvic colon. $6. Appleton. 

AP THOMAS, Sir Rhys. 

See Thomas family. 
Apache (An) Princess. King, C: $1.50. 

Hobart Co. 

See Monkeys. 

Apex (The). Gould, T: B. $1.25. Badger. 

Cape, comp. Oriental aphorisms. **50 c. 
net. Grafton Press. 

Panin. Aphorisms. 50 c. A. BartletL 

Sosso. Proverbs of the people. *5o c. net 
A. M. Robertson. 

Spalding. Glimpses of truth. **8o c. net 

Aphorisms and reflections. Spalding, J: L. 

net, So c. McQurg. 

Aphrodite. Gifford, F. K. $1.50. Small 

See Samoa 

See Bees 

See Bible 


See Bible; Ecclesiasticus. 

Apocryphal Gospels. The Apocryphal and 
legendary life of Christ; notes, scriptural' 
references, prolegomena and indices by Ja. 
De Q. Donohoo. '03(024) 8, **$25o net 


Apollo and Keats on Browning, Lanier, C. 
$1.50. Badger. 

Apollonius of Rhodes. Jason and Medea; tr. 
by Fs. Fawkes. '02(027) il. 12, (Antique 
gems fr. the Greek and Latin, v. 9.) subs. 
(App. to pubs, for price.) Barrie. 

Ap'Ollcraius of Rhodes. Tale of the Argo- 
nauts; tr. by A. S. Way. *oi(Ag24) i6\ 
(Temple classics.) 50 c.; limp leath., 75 c. 



See Christianity. ' 

Apologia pro vita sua. See Newman, J: H: 

-Apology (An). See Swift, J. 

Apology for the religious orders. Thomas 

Aquinas, St. *$i.6o net Herder. 

Apology of Ayliffe. Kirk, Mrs. E. O. f$l.SO. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Apostle of the Ardennes. Lindsay, Lady 

$1.25. New Amsterdam. 

Apostle of the wilderness. Holcombe, T. I: 

$1.20. Whitaker. 

Apostle of Western church (Kemper.) YVhite, 

G. $1.50. Whittaker. 


Bell. Evangelists, apostles, saints, net, 

$4.50. Macmillan. 

Greenhough. Apostles of our Lord. $1.50. 


Murray. Message of the twelve apostks. 
75 c. ; 50 c. Y. M. C. A. 

Newbolt Apostles of the Lord. $140. 


See also Bible. 


Harnack. Apostles' creed. 80 c. Macmillan. 

^Hopkins. Apostles' creed. $1.25. Putnam. 

McGiffert Apostles* creed, net, $1.25. 


Questions of faith: lectures on the creed. 

$1,50. Armstrong. 

Apostles of the southeast. Bullen, F. T. 

$1.50. Appleton. 


See Church history. 
Apostolic optimism. Jowett, J. H. $1.75. 


Bruce. Apostolic order and unity. *$i net 


Appalachian Mountain Club. Suggestions as 
to outfit for tramping and camping, '04 
(Jei8) nar. S. pap., ioc. Appalachian Mt 
Appeal of the child. King, H: C. 25 c. 


Deaver. Treatise on appendicitis. 2d ed, 

rev. and enl. net, $3.50. ^ ^ Blakiston. 

Fowler. Treatise an appendicitis, net, $2. 

Lockwood. Appendicitis, net, $2.50. 

^ Macmillan. 

Mynter. Appendicitis and its surgical 
treatment subs. Lippincott 

Ochsner. Hdbook of appendicitis. $i. 


Apperley, C. J., ["Nimrod," pseud.] Me- 
moirs of the life of the late John Mytton, 
Esq.; il. by H. Atken and T. J. Rawlins. 
New ed. *Q3(Ag22) S. $1.50, * Appleton. 
App-erson, G. L. Bygone London life, '04 
(Ap2) **$ net. Pott. 

Appian of Alexandria. Civil wars. bk. i; 
ed. by J. L. Strachan-Davidson. '02 '03 
(F28) D. 90 c. Oxford Univ. 


Thomas. Book of the apple; and Prepara- 
tion of cider, net, $1. Lane. 
Apple blossoms. Sperry, R. M. 10 c. 

Joyce & S. 

Appledore cook-book. See Parloa, M. 
Applegreen, J: Bar keeper's guide. 1900 
Ql2i) il. 16, leath., $i. Willy. 

Applehome, L: See Jacobs, Jos. 
Apples of gold. Beatley, C. B. **$i net 

Am. Unitarian. 

Apples of gold in pictures of silver. Johnson, 

Mrs. B. W. subs,, $$3.5o. Johnson- W. 

Apples of sin. Kernahan, C. 35 c. L, C. Page 

Appleton, Alice M. <mfr Honor C. Towlocks 

and his wonder hm-se. '04(017) il. 32, 

(Dumpy bks.) bds., 50 c. Stokes. 




Appleton, G: A Narragansett peer. *oi(Ag3) 
D. $i. Abbey Press. 

Appleton, H. C. Bad Mrs. Ginger. '02(020) 
13. 32, (Dumpy books for children.) **40 c. 
net. Stokes. 

Appleton, Nathan. Russian life and society. 
J 04(Dio) il. 16, $i. Wood & Co. 

Appleton's annual cyclopaedia, 1899. 1900 
(O2o) ; 1900. J oi(Jl2o); 1901. 'o2(Mn) ; 
1902. J 03(Apii) 8, subs., ea, $5; shp., $6; 
hf. mor , $7 ; hf. rus , $8 ; full mor or rus., 
$10 Appleton. 

Appleton' s business ser. il D. Appleton. 

Cleveland. Funds and their uses. **$i.25 

Fiske. The modern bank. **$ net. 

Johnson. American railway transportation. 
**$i.50 net. 

Pratt. Work of Wall Street. **$i.25- 

Appleton's cyclopaedia of Am. biog. ; ed. by J. 
G. Wilson. [New rev. enl. ed.] v. 7. 
1900 (Ap2i) il. 4, subs., $5; shp., $6; hf. 
mor., $7. Appleton. 

Appleton's cyclopedia of applied mechanics; 
ed. by Park Benjamin. *04(Ap23) 3 v., 
il. diagrs., 12, hf. mor., $12. Henley. 

Appleton's dictionary of Greater New York 
25th -ed., rev. '03(114) 26th ed, rev. '04 
(Je4) il maps, 12, pap, ea,, 25 c 


Appleton's general guide to the United States 
and Canada. *oi(Ag3i) 16, flex, mor., 
with tuck, $2.50 ; or in 2 pts., ea., 75 c. 


Appleton's geografia superior ilustrada. '01. 
'02(F22) 4, bds., $1.50. Appleton. 

Appleton's great peoples ser., ed. by Y. Pow- 
ell. D. $1.50. Appleton. 

Hume. Spanish people, (i.) 

Appleton's historic lives ser. il. D. **$i net. 


Cooper. James Cglethorpe. 

Leupp The man Roosevelt. 

Linn. Horace Greeley 

Appleton's history for young readers. S. 


McIIwraith. Canada. 65 c 

Appleton's home-reading books; ed. by W: 
T. Harris. D. Appleton. 

Arabian nights. 65c. (Div. 4, literature ) 

Atherton, ed. Marco Polo. 65 c. (Div. 3, 

Baskett and Ditmars. Story of the amphib- 
ians and the reptiles. 60 c. (Div. i, nat- 
ural history.) 

Bolden. Stories of the great astronomers. 
75 c. (Div. i, natural history.) 

Ober. Storied West Indies. 75 c. (Div. 
3, history.) 

Singleton. Chronicles of Sir J: Froissart. 
75 c. (Div. 3, history.) 

Troeger. Harold's explorations. 50 c. 
(Div. i, natural history.) 

Appleton's il pocket lib. of plain and colored 
books. S. $1.25; $1.50. Appleton. 

uEsop. Fables. 

Ainsworth. Tower of London. Windsor 

Analysis of the hunting field. 

Apperley. Memoirs of the late John Myt- 

Blair, The grave. 

Appleton's il pocket lib of plain and colored 

books. Continued. 
Blake. Illustrations of Book of Job. 

Combe. Dance of life. English dance of 
death. 2 v. History of Johnny Quae 
Genus. Second tour of Doctor Syntax. 
Third tour of Dr. Syntax. Tour of Dr. 
Syntax in search of the picturesque, 

Goldsmith. Vicar of Wakefield. 

Lover. Handy Andy. 

Surtees Ask mamma Handley cross. 
Jorrocks' jaunts and jollities. 

Appleton's international education ser.; ed. by 
W T. Harris. 12. Appleton. 

Bolton. Secondary school system of Ger- 
many. $i 50. (47-) 

Compayre. Later infancy of the child. 
pt. 2. **$i.20 net. (53.) 

Greenough. Evolution of the elementary 
schools of Great Britain. **$i.2O net. (56.) 

Greenwood. Principles of education prac- 
tically applied. $i. (50.) 

Howe. Advanced elem science $i 50. (48.) 

Hughes. Dickens as an educator. $i 50. 

Judd. Genetic psychology. **$i.2o net. 


Monroe. Thomas Platter. **$i.2O net. 


Painter. Hist of education. **?i.2O net 


Search. Ideal school, net, $1.20. (52.) 

'Sheldon Student life and customs, net 
$1.20. (51.) 

Ware. Educational foundations of trade 
and industry. $1.20 (54.) 

Appleton's Latin dictionary; rev. by J. R. V. 
Marchant and J. F. Charles '01. '02 
(F22) 8, $1.50. Appleton. 

Appleton's lib. of useful stories, il T. **35 c. 
net. ^ t t Appleton. 

Anderson. Story of extinct civilizations. 

Archibald. Story of the earth's atmos- 

Baldwin. Story of the mind. 

Besant. Story of King Alfred. 

Chambers. Story of eclipses. 

Clodd. Story of the alphabet. 

Crowest Story of the art of music. 

Jacobs. Story of geog. discovery. 

Lindsay. Story of animal life. 

Muir. Stoiy of alchemy. 

Munro. Story of the British race. Story 
of electricity. 

Rawlings. Story of books. 

Seeley. Story of the earth in past ages. 

Story. Story of photography. 

Waterhouse. Art of building. 

Wilkinson. Story of the cotton plant. 

Appleton's musical ser. O. **$2 net. 


Lavignac. Musical education. 

Appleton's new medical series, il. 8. 


Bartholow. Materia medica and therapeu- 
tics, subs., $5 ; $5.50. 

Dench. Diseases of the ear. $5; $5.50. 

Fox. Diseases of the eye. $4. 

Osier. Principles and practice of medicine. 
$S.5o; $6. 

Reed, ed. Gynecology. $5; $5.50; $6. 




Appleton's new Spanish-Eng. and Eng.-Span- 
ish dictionary, (successor to Velasquez abr. 
diet;) additions by A. Cuvas. '03(610) 
D. $2. Appleton. 

Appleton's novelettes de luxe. D. f$i 2 5- 


Bengough. Talk of the town. 
Harrison. Sylvia's husband. Unwelcome 

Mrs. Hatch. 
Tyson. Stirrup cup. 

Appleton's nuevas cartillas cientificas. il. 16. 

40 c. ^ Appleton. 

Conn. Nociones de biologia. 
Foster. Nociones de fisiologia. 
Geikie. Nociones de geologia. 
Hooker. Nociones de botanica. 
Jevons. Nociones de economia politica. 
Appleton's nuevas cartillas historicas. il. 16, 

40 c. Appleton. 

Creighton. Nociones de historia de Roma, 
FyfTe. Nociones de historia de Grecia. 
Appleton's regions of the world; ed. by J. 

Mackinder. p. Appletoa. 

Holdich. India. **$2.5o net 
Appleton's school books, il. 12. Appleton. 
Young and Jackson. Arithmetic, bk, I, 

40 c. ; bk. 2, 45 c. 
Appleton's series of historic lives. D. **$! 

net. Appleton. 

Buell. Sir William Johnson 
Dix. Champlain. 
Spears. Anthony Wayne. 
Thwaites. Daniel Boone. Father Mar- 

Appleton's story of the West ser.; ed. by R< 

Hitchcock il. D. **$i.2S net Appleton, 
Forsyth. Story of the soldier. 
Laut Story of the trapper. 
Appleton's town and country lib. D. f$i; 

pap., 50 c. Appleton. 

Aitken. Love in its tenderness. (309-) 
Alden. Drewitt's dream (310.) 
Barton. Hero in homespun. (295.) 
Blake. A lady's honor. (316.) 
Blissett. From the unsounded sea. (299.) 

Most famous Loba. (305.) 
Boothby. A maker of nations. (280.) 

My Indian queen. (294.) Mystery of the 

clasped hands. (298.) 
Brown. Immortal garland. (282.) 
Burton. The seafarers. (285.) 
Cambridge. Path and goal. (293.) 
Clifford. Woman alone. (302.) 
Clouston. Lunatic at large. (284.) 
Cobban. Royal exchange. (296.) 
Conder. Seal of silence. (300.) 
Cooper. A fool's year. (308.) 
Craigie. Tales about temperaments. (315.) 
Cross. The devastators. (304.) 
Forbes. Unofficial. (318.) 
Hart. Sacrilege farm. (319.) 
Lee. Gentleman pensioner. (279.) King 

Stork of the Netherlands. (292.) 
Lorimer. Mir ry- Ann. (281.) 
Lynde. A private chivalry. (291.) 
Macnaughton. Fortune of Christina 

M'Nab. (306.) 

Merrick. When love flies out o* the win- 
dow. (303.) 
Norris. Credit of the country. (313.) 

Flower of the flock. (290.) 
Orpen. The Jay-hawkers. (289.) 

Appleton's town and country hb. Continued. 
Rame. Garthowen. (283.) Welsh witch. 


-Ridge. "Erb." (317.) 
Roberts. Way of a man. (314.) 
Smith. Minister's guest. (286.) 
Snaith. Love's itinerary. (307.) 
Stickney. Brown of Lost River. (288.) 
Tuttiett. Four-leaved clover. (301.) 

Last sentence. (287.) The world's mercy, 


White. Claim jumpers. (297.) 
Wilson. T'bacca queen. (311.) 
Appleton's twentieth century text-books. See 

Twentieth century text-books. 
Appleton's world ser.; ed. ty H. J. Mac- 
kinder. 8, **$2 net. Appleton. 
Hogarth. The nearer East. (2.) 
Mackinder. Britain and the British seas, (i.) 
Partsch. Central Europe. (3.) 

Clark and Bresel. How to answer a want 
ad.: work on personal and written ap- 
plications. $2. N. Y. State Pub. 
Applied mechanics. Lanza, G. $7.50. Wiley. 
Applied perspective. Longfellow, W: P. P. 

net, $3. Houghton, M. & Co. 


See Longstreet, Ja. 
Appreciation of sculpture. Sturgis, R. 

**$i.SO net Baker & T. 

Appreciations. See Pater, W. H. Works. 
April baby's book of tunes ; by the author of 

Elizabeth and her German garden. 1900 

(Di) il. sq, 12, $1.50. Macmillan. 

April days. Clark, L $1.50. Badger. 

April princess. Smedley, C. f$ Dodd. 
April twilights. Cather, W.* S. $i. 

R: G. Badger. 

April's sowing. Hall, G. $1.50. McClure, P. 
Apthorp, W: F. The opera past and present 

J oi(Fi6) il. D. (Music lover's lib.) net, 

$1.25. Scribner. 

Apuleius, Lucius. Story of Cupid and 

Psyche; tr. by W: Adlington. "03(026) 

16, (Temple classics.) 50 c.,* leath, 75 c- 


Aquaria. Page, C: N. 50 c C: X. Page. 

Smith. Home aquarium and how to care 
for it. **$i.2Q net Button 


Payne. How to teach aquatic life 25 c 


Holferty. Ovule and embryo of potamoge- 

ton natans. net, 25 c. Univ. of Chic 

Arabesque series; selections from the world's 

literature. } 04(Mr26) 6 V M 12, ea., $2; 

leath., $3. Putnam. 

Arabesque ser,: Selections from the world's 

literature. 6 v., il. 12, ea., $2 ; $3 Putnam. 
Carove. Story without an end. 
Cicero and Emerson. Friendship 
Drake. Culprit Fay. 
Ross-etti. Blessed dampzel. 
Ruskin. Sesame and lilies. 
Shakespeare. Sonnets. 

Hogarth. Penetration of Arabia. **$i*35 
net Stokes. 

Smith, %W. R. Kinship and marriage in 
early^rabia. *$2.6b net. Macmillan. 




ARABIA Continued. 

Zwemer. Arabia, the cradle of Islam. $2. 
Topsy turvy land: Arabia pictured for 
children. **75 c. net, Revell. 

Arabian nights' [entertainments.] [Single- 
ton.] igoofFio) S. (Home-reading books, 
.div. 4, literature.) 65 c. Appleton. 

Arabian nights' [entertainments.] 1900 (O2o) 
il. S. (Children's favorite classics.) 60 c. 


Arabian nights' entertainments; tr. by E. W, 
Lane. '03. $7.50; leath., $12. Lippincott. 

Arabian nights' entertainments. 1900(822) 
il. 16, (Manhattan young people's ser.) 
40 c. McKibbin. 

Arabian nights' entertainments; tr. by E: W. 
Lane. New ed. 'oi(O26) 6 v., il. 12, $9; 
( Ng} leath , $14; ed. with notes and introd., 
by Clifton Johnson. '04(022) 16, (Pocket 
classics ) ^25 c net Macmillan. 

Arabian nights' [entertainments ] AH Baba 
and the forty thiev. es, and other stones. '01 
(Jli3) Jl 12, (St. Nicholas ser. for boys 
and girls.) 75 c. Burt 

Arabian nights' [entertainments.] Fairy tales. 
ipoo(Di) il 16, (Temple classics for 
3- oung people ) 50 c. ; limp leath., 80 c. 


Arabian nights 5 [entertainments.] Prince 
Ahmed and the fairy pen Banou. '01 
(MyiS) sq. S. (Wayside ser.) bds. s 75 c. 


Arabian nights' entertainments. Sindbad the 
sailor; pr. in easy reporting style of pho- 
nography. '02(813) S. pap., 25 c. 


Arabian nights' [entertainments.] See also 
Meyer, J . Twice-told tales. 


Huart. Hist, of Arabic literature. **$! 25 
net Appleton 

Arabischen Bibeliibersetzungen (Die). Kahle, 
P. $1.20. Lemcke. 

Araby. Hutten, B,, Baroness v. $i. Smart Set 

Aracfinia. Robertson, J. *$i.6o net. 


See Spiders. 


See Inscriptions. 

Arany, S. A. British- American guide to 
Carlsbad. 3d Am. ed. tefMrg) il. D 
pap., 50 c Abbey Press 


See Slocks. 

ARBITRATION (Industrial} . 
Hanna, and others. Industrial conciliation 
and arbitration 50 c. Am. Acad. Pol Sci. 
National Civic Federation. In dust, con- 
ciliation. $1.25. Putnam. 
New York. Law and practice in rel. to ref- 
erees, references and arbitrations. $4.50. 

M. Bender. 

ARBITRATION (National) . 
Foster. Arbitration and the Hague court 
**$i net. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Arblay, Mme Fes. B. d', [Fanny Burney.] 
Cecilia. '04(810) 2 v., 16, (York lib.) 
$1.60; leath,, $2.50. Macmillan. 

Arblay, Mme. Fes. B. d'. Diary and letters. 
Windsor ed.; ed by S. C Woolsey. '02. 
'03(Mrai) 2 v., 8, **$6 net 

Littk, B. & Co. 

Arblay, Mine. Fes. B. d'. Diary and letters, 
(1778-1840;) ed. by her niece, Charlotte 
Barrett; with pr-ef. and notes by Austin 
Dobson. In 6 v. v. I. '04. il. 8, *$2 50 
net. Macmillan. 

Arblay, Mme. Fes. B. d'. Evelina. *03(Ap25) 
2 v., 16, (Temple classics.) 50 c.; leath., 
75 c. ; introd. by Austin Dobson. 5 o4(Jai6) 
il 12, $2. Macmillan. 

ARBLAY, Mme. Frances Burney d'. 
Dobson. Fanny Burney. **75 c. net 


Arbor and bird day annual. See Wisconsin. 

Arbor Lodge ser. il. 12, $i Acme Pub. 

Morton. Land of the laurel. 

Arbuthnot, G:, ed. Shakespeare sermons. 
1900. 'oi(Ja26) il. D. Si. Longmans 

ARC, Joan of. 

See Joan of Arc. 

Arcadian lib. T. bds., $1.25. Badger. 

Spofford. The great procession. 
Arce, Caspar Nunez de. El haz de Lefia; ed. 

by Rudolph Schwill. 'oaQeso) S. (Mod- 
ern language ser.) 65 c. Heath. 

Anderson. Story of extinct civilizations of 
the west **35 c. net. Appleton. 

British Museum. G"^ e to ear ^ Chr. and 
Byzantine antiquities. 35 c. 

Oxford Univ. 

British School at Athens. Soc. for promo- 
tion of Hellenic studies: Supp. pap., no. 
4, Excavations in Phylakopi in Melos. 
*$9 net Macmillan. 

Chapman Mounds, monuments and in- 
scriptions. $1.25. Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch. So 

Evans. Mycenaaan tree and pillar cult, net, 
$1.90. Macmillan. 

Fowke. Archaeological hist of Ohio: 
mound builders and later Indians $5. 
[Sinythe] Ohio Archaeolog. 

Geere. By Nile and Euphrates. *$3.5p net 


Hall. Oldest civilization of Greece : studies 
in Mycenaean age. net, $3. Lippincott. 

Hawker. Footprints of former men in far 
Cornwall. **$i.25 net Lane. 

Lubbock. Prehistoric times. $5. Appleton. 

Maspero. Egyptian archaeology. **$2.25 
net. ^ Putnam. 

Peet Ancient monuments and ruined cities. 
$4 So. Am. Antiquarian. 

Petne. Method and aims in archaeology. 
*$i.oo net Macmillan. 

Starr. Notes on Mexican archaeology, net, 
25 c, Univ. of Chic. 

Thomas. Introd. to study of North Amer- 
ican archaeology. $2. R. Clarke. 

Waldstein, ed. The Argive Heraeum. v. i. 
**$30 net; $60 net Houghton, M. & Co, 

See also Architecture ; Athens ; Bible ; Civili- 
zation; Classical dictionaries j Cliff-dwellers; 
Coins and medals; Ethnology; Folk-lore; 
Forum; History; Inscriptions; Man, 
Maniage; Middle Ages; Monuments; 
Mound builders ; Mounds ; Papyri ; Troy. 

Archbald, Anna, and Jones, Georgina. The 
fusser's book '04(83) il. 0. bds., 75 c. 


Archbishop and the lady. Crowninshield, 
Mrs. M. B. $1.50, McClure, P. 

Axchbutt, L., and Deeley, R. M. Lubrication 
and lubricants. 1900 (PO , $5.50. 





Archer, W: Poets of the younger genera- 
tion. ! oi(D;) 8, net, $6. Lane. 
Archer, W: Study and stage. *oi(Mn6) D. 
net, $1.50. Mansfield. 
Archer, W : See also Ibsen, H. 

Cain. Theory of steel-concrete arches and 
vaulted structures. 50 c. Van Nostrand. 
Fowler. Engineering studies; pt 2, Roman 
stone arches ; pt 3, Eng, stone arches, ea., 
25 c. Engineering Isi ews. 

See also Bridges; statics. 
Archibald, And. W. Trend of centuries ; or, 
historical unfolding of the divine purpose. 
> oi(My4) D $1.25. Pilgrim Press 

Archibald, Douglas. Story of the earth's at- 
mosphere '02. '03 (F7) il. 12, (Lib. of 
useful stories ) **35 c. net Appleton. 
Archibald, Mrs. G : pseud. See Palmer, A. C. 
Archibald, G: H., ed. A beginner's course in 
Bible study, for pupils under six years of 
age; teaching hints by G: H. Archibald. 
'04 (Mrs) il. 12, 50 c. S. S. Times. 

Archibald, Herb. T. First steps in Greek. 
'03. 8. H. T. Archibald. 

Archibald, Ja. F. J. Blue shirt and khaki: a 
comparison. 'oifMyn) il. D. $1.50. Silver. 
Archierey of Samara. Iliowizi, H : f$i. 


ArcM&ard, Paul E. Microscopy and bacteri- 
ology '03(03) il. 12*, (Medical epitome 
sen) $i. Lea. 

Archipelago (El) Filipino colecion de datos 
geograficos estadisticos cronologicos y cien- 
tificos. '01(821) $20. Gov. Pr. 


Davis. 'Architects' and builders' directory 

of Pa. $2. J. T. Davis 

Dilke. French architects and sculptors of 

1 8th century. $10. Macmillan, 

Parry Office management: handbook for 

architects ^and engineers. $4. Spon 

Vasari. Lives of painters, sculptors, and 

architects, vs 1-8. ea., 50 c ; 75 c 


Architects' and builders' pocket-book. Kid- 

der, F. E. $5 Wiley. 

Architects of Eng. literature. Sharp, R. F, 

$2. Button 

Architects' directory and specification index 

for 1903-1904. '03 (Ds); for 1905. '04 

(Ni2) Q, ea, *$2 net W: T. Comstock. 

Architects', engineers', builders', and con- 
tractors' reference book of Pittsburg, Alle- 
gheny and vicinity. 1900 (D22) 8, $5, Polk, 
Edminster. Architectural drawing. $2. 

D: Williams. 

Hasluck. ed. Practical draughtsmen's work, 

$i. ^ Cassell. 

McGoodwirt. Architectural shades and 

shadows. $3. Bates & G. 

Tuttle. Practical lessons in architectural 

drawing. $2.50. W: T. Comstock. 

See also Calculating 1 scale; Perspective. 

Architectural hygiene. Fletcher, B. F. *$i.6o 

net. Macmillan. 

Architectural pottery. Lefivre, L. net, $7.50. 

Van Nostrand. 

Architectural refinements of St. Mark's, 
Venice. Goodyear, W: H. *$i.5o net 


Architectural remains of Richmond, [etc.] 

Way, T: R. *$6 net Lane. 


Adams, ed. Modern cottage architecture. 
*$4-50 net Lane. 

Anderson. Architecture of Greece and 
Rome. *$7.5o net. Architecture of the 
Renaissance in Italy. $5. Scribner. 

Barrett Colonial southern homes. $i. 
C: W. Barrett. 

Baxter. Spanish-colonial architecture in 
Mexico. $1.50. Art Lib. 

Belcher and Macartney, eds. Later Ren- 
aissance architecture in England, pt 6. 
(App. to pub for price.) Scribner. 

Blomfield. Renaissance architecture in 
England, 1500-1800. $3. Macmillan. 

Bruce. School architecture. 50 c. 

Am. School. 

Butler. Architecture, and other arts. **$20 
net. Century. 

Chandler. Colonial architecture of Mary- 
land, Pa. and Va. $12. Bates & G. 

Child. Colonial houses for modern homes. 
$2. W: T. Comstock 

Clark. Building superintendence. **$3 net. 


Clay. Modern school buildings. *$io net 


Coburn. Prize designs for rural school 
buildings. 25 c. Kdlogsr 

Cokman, 0. Book of 100 houses, net, 

$1.60. H. S. Stone. 

Coleman, T. E, Price book for architects 

and engineers for estimating. $2. Spon. 

Colling. Details of Gothic architecture. 

*$i8 net. Lane. 

Complete housebuilder. 50 c. ; 25 c. 


Correll. German half timbered houses of 

the Renaissance period. $6.70. Hessling. 

Cummings. Hist, of architecture in Italy. 

2 v., net, $7.50. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Davie. Old English doorways. *$6 net. 


Davie, il. Old cottages and farm houses 
in Kent and Sussex, net, $7.50. 


Desmond and Croly. Stately homes in 
America. **$7.50 net Appleton. 

Dewsnap. Country and suburban houses. 
$2. W: Dewsnap. 

Ditchfield. Eng. Gothic architecture. *4<o c. 
net Macmillan. 

Dow. American renaissance: domestic ar- 
chitecture. $4 W: T. Comstock. 

Emerson. Architecture and furniture of 
Spanish colonies during i7th and i8th 
centuries. $30, Polley. 

Farrow. Specifications for building works 
and how to write them. *$ net 


Ferguson, comp. Contractors' and build- 
ers' searchlight. $i, Conaway. 

Fletcher. Hist, of architecture, net. $7.50. 


Georgian period: measured drawings of 
colonial work, pt 6. $6; pts. 7-12. ea., 
$4. Am. Architect 





Gotch. Early Renaissance architecture in 
England, net, $9. Scribner. 

Hamlin. Syllabus of a course of thirty lec- 
tures on the history of renaissance and 
modern architecture. 10 c. 

Teachers' Coll. 

Hessling. Architecture and modern furni- 
ture. Pictorial architecture, ea., $10. 


Hicks. Builders' guide. $i. D: Williams. 

Hodgson. Builders' architectural draw- 
ing self-taught. $2; $3. Estimator and 
contractor's guide for pricing builder's 
work. $1.50; $2. Low cost American 
homes. $i. Drake. 

Hodgson. Estimating frame and brick 
houses. $i. D: Williams. 

Holman. Picturesque summer cottages. In 
3 v. v. 1-3. ea., $i. E. E. Holman. 

Hopkins. Outlines of art hist. v. i, Ar- 
chitecture. $i. Educ. Pub. 

Johnson, and others. Theory and practice 
of modern framed structures. $10. 


Johnston. Cornice work manual. $3.50. 

Am. Artisan. 

Jones, I. Some architectural works. *$is 
ne t Lane. 

Joseph. Geschichte der baukunst $10. 

. Hessling. 

Kempt. Rustic architecture from olden 
times. ser. i. $10. Hessling. 

Ketcham. Story of the house, n. p. Stern. 

Ketchum. Design of steel mill buildings. 
*$4- Engineering News. 

Kidder. Architects' and builders' pocket- 
ta; $5- Wiley. 

Kidder. Building construction and super- 
intendence. In 2 pts. ea., $4. 

T . m W: T. Comstock. 

Klein. The house bk. $1.50. J: W. Franks. 

Kutschmann. Romanesque architecture and 
ornamentik in Germany. $10. Hessling. 

Longfellow, ed. Cyclop, of architecture in 
Italy, Greece and the Levant. **$6 net. 


Low cost houses with constructive details. 

. $* D: Williams. 

Mackson, camp. Am architecture, in- 
teriors and furniture. $30. Policy. 

Mitchell. Easy lessons : stepping stones 'to 
architecture. 50 c. Indust 

Modern dwellings with constructive details. 

,,$ 1 -. D: Williams 

Morris. Architecture and history, net, $i. 

XT t Longmans. 

J\ash. Mansions of England in the olden 
time. $25. Hessling. 

Newton. Book of country houses. **$ 

__ net Lane. 

Notes on building construction, pt. i. $4. 

n)ir Longmans. 

U Kane. Modern romanesque ornament on 

rv ^ Vl ldings * $4- Hessling. 

Quid. Old cottages, farm houses, and other 
half-timber buildings in Shropshire, Here- 
fordshire, and Cheshire. *$7.50 net. 

Palliser. Modern buildings. $2; $i. 
n i , ^ Ogilvie. 

Parker and Unwin. Art of building a 
home, net, $3.75. Longmans. ' 

ARCH ITECTURE. Co n tinu e d. 

Pelletreau. Early New York houses, net, 
$10. F. P. Harper. 

Prior. Hist of Gothic art in England net, 
$10. Macrmllan. 

Reading architects' drawings. 25 c. 

D: Williams. 

Reed House-plans for everybody. $i. Judd. 

Roberts. Builder's handbook. $1.50. 

A. Roberts. 

Robinson. Principles of architectural com- 
position. $2.50. Arch. Record. 

Ross. Florentine villas. $25. Dutton. 

Salvatore, comp. Italian architecture, etc., 
during !4-i6th centuries. $30. Policy. 

Schermerhorn. Architectural studies. $i. 
C. E. Schermerhorn. 

Schultz and Barnsley. Byzantine archi- 
tecture in Greece, net, $20. Macmillan. 

Studies of house, cottage, bungalow, church, 
school, flat, etc. 16 v. ea., $i. Keith. 

Sturgis. Diet, of architecture and building, 
v. 1-3. subs , ea., net, $6; net, $10 ; in sets, 
net, $18; net, $30. Macmillan. 

Sturgis. How to judge architecture. 
**$i.50 net. Baker & T. 

Suburban homes with constructive details. 
$i, D: Williams. 

Towne. Locks and builders' hardware, 
mor., $3. Wiley. 

Trotter. Old Cape architecture. $4.50. 


Ware, ed. The Georgian period : colonial 
or xvinth cent, architecture in the U. S. 
$15 Topical architecture. 2 v $7.50. 
Am Architect 

Waterhouse. Story of art of building. 
**35 c. net. Appleton. 

Way and Chapman Architectural remains 
of Richmond, Twickenham, Kew, Peter- 
sham and Mortlake. *$6 net Lane. 

Wharton. Italian villas and their gardens. 
**$6 net. Century Co. 

Wiegand. Figural compositions for sur- 
face decorations. $5. ^ Hessling. 

Wotton. Elements of architecture. *$3 50 
net. Longmans. 

Young, ed. Roman architecture, sculpture 
and ornament. $40. Spon. 

See also Archaeology; Arches; Architects; Ar- 
chitectural drawing; Bridges; Building laws; 
Carpentry; Castles; Cathedrals; Chim- 
neys; Church architecture; Church furniture; 
Churches; Decorations and ornament; Fine 
arts; Hardware; Heating; Iron; Perspec- 
tive; Roofs; Sanitary engineering; Stair- 
building, Steel; Strength of materials; 
Useful arts; also Vignola, G B, 

Architecture, industry and wealth. Morris, 
W : $2.25. Longmans. 

Architecture of the brain. Fuller, W: net, 
$3-50- Fuller Anat. 

Aichoff, Ludwig. See Gaylord, H. R. 

Abruzzi. On the "Polar Star" in the Arc- 
tic sea. **$i2.5o net. Dodd. 
Horton. The frozen north. 40 c. Heath. 
Kersting, ed. White world. *$2 net. 


Lindelof, comp. Trip to the North Pole. 
$i., O. J. S.. Lindelof. 

Nansen, ed. Norwegian north Polar expe- 
dition, v. i. $15; v. 2. net, $12; v. 3. 
$12:50; v. 4. $8.50. Longmans, 




Scott. From Franklin to Nansen. $1.25. 


Sverdrup. New land; four years in Arctic 
regions. 2 v. *$io.5o net. Longmans. 

S-se also Antarctic regions. 


See Shakespeare family. 

Arden Massiter. Barry, W: $1.50. 

Century Co. 

Ardetha, the teacher. Fuller, G. W. 75 c. 

G. W. Fuller. 

Ardiane and Barbe Bleue. See Maeterlinck, 

Are the critics right? M-oller, W. **$i net 


Are there things-in-themselves. See Cams, P. 

Are we to have a united medical profession? 
Mack, C: S. 25 c. C: S. Mack. 

Areopagitica. See Milton, J: 

Aretino, Lionardo Bruni. See Boccaccio, G. 

Argenson, Rene L: de V. de P., Marquis d'. 
Journal and memoirs; tr. by K. P. Worm- 
eley. '01 (D;) 2 v., il. 8, (Versailles hist 
ser.) subs , per v.. $6; $4 leath., $9. 

Hardy, P. & Co 

ARGENSOX, Marquis D*. 
Rankin Marquis D' Argenson and Richard 
ii. $4 25. Longmans 

Argentine Republic. Constitution [Also] 
Constitution of the U. S. of Brazil; with 
notes by Eliz. Wallace. '01 ( Agi7) 8, pap., 
net, 50 c. Univ. of Chic. 


Del any. Argentina from a grain man's 
point of view. (Free to grain trade.) 

Sec also Dawson, T: C. 

Argive Heraeum. Waldstein, C: v. i. **$30 
net ; $60 net. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Argonaut letters. Hart, J. Payot. 

Argonauts (The). Orzeszko, E. $1.50. 


Argonauts of the Amazon. Kenyon, C. R. 
$1.50 Button. 

Argumentation and debate. Laycock, C. 
*$ net. Macmillan. 

Argyle, Harvey, pseud. See Mclntire, J: J. 

Argyle, Jesse. See Booth, C: 

ARGYLL, Duke of. 
See Lome, Marquis of. 

ARGYLL Marquis of. 

Willcock, ed. The great marquess. *$2.50 
net. Scribner. 

Arickaree treasure. Clarke, A. G., jr. $i. 

Abbev Press. 

Ariel booklets. ^2, leath., ea., 75 c. Putnam. 

58 Bacon. E^ays. 59. Socrates. Apol- 
ogy and Plato's The Crito 60. The 
Phsedo and Plato's Death of Socrates ~-6i, 
62 Essays of Elia. 63. De Quincy. 
Three essays. 64. Chesney. Battle of 
Dorking 65. Select tales from Gesta Ro- 
nianorum. 66. Chesterfield's Letters and 
maxims. 67. Chamisso. Peter Shlemihl. 
68 Lowell. Fable for critics. 69 Ste- 
venson Virginibus pnerisque. 70. Roose- 
velt True Americanism. 4 essays. 71. 
Word for the day, compiled by A, R. 
72. Milton, Areopagitica. 73, James I., 
Counterblast to tobacco.- 74. Browning, 
Christmas Eve. 75. Irving, Old Christmas. 
76. La Motte Fouque, Sintram. 77, Car- 
leton, Wild Goose Lodge. 78. Edgeworth, 

Ariel booklets. Continued. 

Castle Rackrent 79. Lover, Barney 

O'Reirdon. 80-83. Swift, Gulliver's travels. 

84, La Motte Fouque, Undine. 85, Stone, 

Concerning friendship. 

Ariel lib. ser. 12, pap., 25 c. Schulte, 

Berry. Restricted industry. (24.) 
Dietrich. Solution of the social problem. 

(22.) ' 

Morris. Waiting for the signal. (23.) 

Dorsey. Traditions of the Arikara. $i. 


See also Skidi Pawnee Indians. 

ARIOCH, King of Larsa. 
Price. Some literary remains of Rim-Sin 
(Arioch), king of Larsa, about 2285 B.C. 
*75 c. net Univ. of Chic. 

Arise, take thy journey. Toler, H : P. 

New Harlem. 


Plutarch. Themistocles and Aristides. net, 
^ $2.50. Scribner. 

Aristocracy of health. Henderson, Mrs. M. 
N. F. *$I.SG net. Colton. 

Aristocrats (The). Atherton, Mrs. G. F. 
$1.50 Lane. 

Aristophanes. Comedies ; ed by B : B. Rog- 
ers. In 6 v. v. 5. *02(Api2) 8, $6. 


Aristophanes. The ecclesiazusae ; Gr. text 
rev. ; with tr. into corr. metres, by B : B. 
Rogers. '02 (S6) 8, $4. Macmillan. 

Aristophanes. The frogs; Gr. text rev.; in- 
trod. by B: B. Rogers. '03 (F/) 8, $4. 


Aristophanes. The knights; ed. by R. A. 
Neil. 'O2(jai8) 8, (Cambridge Univ 
Press ser.) net, $2.50. Macmillan 

Aristophanes Peace ; notes by W. H. Merry 
1900. 8, 90 c. Oxford Univ. 

Aristophanes. The Thesmophoriazusss ; Greek 
text rev., with free tr. into Eng. verse, 
introd. and comm. by B: B. Rogers. '04 
(Ap23) 4, $3. Macmillan. 

Aristoplianes and Lucian, [Lucianus Samo- 
satensis ] Selections ; tr. by F. A. Paley. '04 
(Breviary treasures, Delphic ed.) $5- (pri- 
vately printed ) N. H. Dole. 

Aristotle. On education; tr. and ed. by J; 
Burnett '03(85) 12, *6o c. net 


Aristotle. Politics, [also] Treatise on the 
sublime, by Longinus. *oi. T. (Nat. lib., 
new ser., v. 8, no. 403.) pap., 10 c. Cassell. 

Aristotle. Psychology, and Parva and natu- 
ralia; tr. by W: A. Hammond. '02(027) 
8, *$3 net. Macmillan. 


Ellwood. Aristotle as a sociologist 15 c % 
Am. Acad. Pol. Sci 

Heidel. The necessary and the contingent 
in the Aristotelian system. 35 c. 

Univ. of Chic. 

Hyslop. Ethics of the Greek philosophers. 
$2 C M. Higgins. 

Krantz. Aristotle. [In Yiddish.] 10 c. 

Int. Lib. 

Aristoxeaus. Harmonics ; ed., with trs., notes, 
etc., by H: S. Macran. '02. 'Q3(F28) D. 
$3.50. Oxford Univ. 




Anderson. Manumental computation. 

Greenwich Press. 

Arthur and Thomas. Outline of arith. 30 c. 

O. L. Thomas. 
Atwood. Complete graded arithmetic. 

grades 3-8, ea., *25 c. net. Heath. 

Baird. Graded work in arithmetic. 3 bks. 

ea., 25 c. Am. Bk. 

Bard-een, comp. Later Regents' questions, 

1892-1901. $i. Bardeen. 

Boole. Lectures on the logic of arithmetic. 

50 c.; 75 c Oxford Univ. 

Brehm. Key to Myers, Fischel & Co/s 

mental arithmetic. 50 c. Myers, F. 

Brooks Teaching of elementary arithme- 
tic. 25 c. . Scott, F. & Co 
Browne. Graded mental arithmetic. *30 c. 

net. Graded school arith. bks. i, 2. 

bk. i, 40 c ; bk. 2, 55 c. Whitaker & R 
Burton. Arithmetic made easy. $i. 

Z. L. Burton. 
Chancellor. Arithmetic for evening schools 

30 c. Am. Bk. 

Chancellor Elem school mathematics by 

grades, bk i, 2, ea , 20 c. ; bk 3, 4, ea., 

24 c ; bk. 5-7, ea, 28 c By series: Pri- 
mary. 28 c. ; bk 2, 36 c ; bk. 3, 50 c. 

Globe Sch. Bk. 
Cheever. King of calculators 

E. J. Cheever. 

Colaw and Ellwood. School arithmetics, 
primary, 35 c. ; advanced, 60 c. 

B. F. Johnson. 

Coleman. Graded exercises in arithmetic; 

(ist and 2d grades.) Graded lessons in 

arithmetic, ea,, 25 c. Bacon & V. 

College questions in arithmetic, grammar. 

25 c. W. B. Harison. 
Cook and Cropsey. Neuva aritmetica ele- 
mental. 50 c. New advanced arith- 
metic; rev. by Aley and Kelso. 65 c' 
Standard ed. 50 c. Key. 72 c. Silver. 

Cooper. Elem. arithmetic of the octennial 
notation. *25 c. net. Whitaker & R. 

Dubbs. New practical arithmetic. 60 c. 

Am. Bk. 

Dunbar. Inductive arithmetic. 80 c. 

J. H. Dunbar. 

Felmley and Shutts. Arithmetics, bks. i, 2. 
ea., 35 c. Rand, McN. & Co. 

FerrelL Answers to advanced arith. 10 c. 
Elementary arithmetic. 35 c Meth- 
ods in arithmetic. 10 c. Crane. 

Fish. Complete arith. 75 c. Key. 72 c. 
First bk. in arithmetic. 30 c. Junior- 
class arith, 55 c Am. Bk. 

Gideon. Elem. arithmetic, pt i, 20 c. ; pt. 
2, 35 c Model practical arithmetic. 60 c. 
Primary arithmetic. 20 c. Eldredge. 

Gyim. Chmese-Eng. elem reader and 
arithmetic. $1.25. Taylor & M. 

Hall, F. H. Arithmetic and how to teach 
it. 60 c. Arithmetic primer. 25 c. Com- 
plete arithmetic. 60 c. Werner Sch. Bk 

Hall, G: Common sense of commercial 
arithmetic, net, 60 c. Macmillan. 

HameL Lightning calculator. Whitfield. 

Hopkins and Underwood. Elements of 
arithmetic. *ss c. net Mental arithme- 
tic. *25 c. net Primary arithmetic. 
*3O c. net Macmillan. 

ARITHMETIC Continued. 
Hornbrook. Grammar school arithmetic. 
65 c. Key to Primary arithmetic and 
Grammar school arithmetic 65 c 

Am. Bk. 

Hunter. Business man's arithmetic. *25c. 

net. Whitaker & R. 

Jones, W. S. Elements of arithmetic. 30 c. 

Am. Bk 

Kelso. Arith. for high schools. *90 c. net 


Kunze and Patch. Exercises in arithmetic. 

25 c. Sch Educ, Pub. 

Lippincott's practical arithmetic. 2 v. ea., 

40 c. Lippincott 

McClymonds. Exercise bk. in numbers. 

Tribune Pub. 

McLellan, and others. Public school arith- 
metic for grammar grades, net, 60 c. 

McNeill. Mental arithmetic. 35 c. 

Am. Bk 

M-eifuss. Graded arithmetical problems, 
pt 2 5 c. Herder. 

Milne. Elements of arithmetic 35 c. 
Intermediate arithmetic. 30 c Key to 
Standard arithmetic and Mental arith- 
metic. 75 c. Primary arithmetic. 25 c. 

Am. Bk 

Moore. New commercial arithmetic. $i. 
Key. 50 c. Am. Bk 

Morgan. Teachers' manual for Walsh's 
New grammar school arithmetic $i. 

Inland Pub. 

Mull. Sixty lessons in business arithmetic. 
50 c. ; 35 c E E Mull 

Murray. Modern arithmetic. 50 c Mod- 
ern arithmetic, prim, and elem. grades. 
40 c. Woodward & T. 

Musick Practical arithmetic. $i 

Musick Pub, 

Myers and f Brooks. Rational grammar 
school arithmetic. 60 c Scott. F. & Co. 
Nelson. Commercial arithmetic. $i. 


Nichols. Graded lessons in arithmetic, bk. 
2, 25 c. Progressive arithmetic. 3 pts. 
35 c. ; 45 c. ; 55 c. ; Answ^s to examples. 
10 c. Thompson, B & Co. 

Nicholson. New complete arith. on the in- 
ductive method. 65 c. University, 
Payne. Natural methods in arithmetic. 
40 c. E. L. Payne. 
Perkins. Aritmetica elemental. 25 c. 
Elementos de aritmetica. 25 c. Appleton. 
Pierce. Elements of arithmetic, net, 36 c 
Intermediate arithmetic. 48 c. Silver. 
Pitcher. Graded exercises in arithmetic. 
3d-gth grades, ea., 25 c Bacon & V. 
Pitcher. Graded exercises in arithmetic 
for state of N. Y. 8th, 9th grades 25 c, 
^ R. M. Pitcher. 
Ray. Key to Ray's modern 
50 c. 

Rich. New higher arithmetic, 
practical arithmetic. 75 c. 

Ruggles. Exercises and problems in arith- 
metic, pap., 25 c. W: R. Jenkins. 

Schneck Modern commercial arithmetic. 
8 5 c. Powers. 


Am. Bk. 

50 c. New 





ARITHMETIC Continued. 
Sensenig and Anderson. Essentials of 
arithmetic. 60 c. Key. 75 c. Introduc- 
tory arithmetic. 40 c. New complete 
arithmetic. 90 c. Silver. 

Siefert Principles of arithmetic. 75 c 


Smith, D: E. Grammar school arithmetic. 

65 c. Primary arithmetic. 30 c. Ginn. 

Smith, R. C: Internat. bk. of shorthand 

computation f f Gazlay. 

Soule. Intermediate philosophic arithmetic. 

*$2 net. G: Soule; [Caspar.] 

Southworth. Problems in arithmetic. 40 c. 

B: H. Sanborn. 

Southworth and Stone. Course of arith- 
metic study in outline. 25 c. ; manual for 
teachers. $i. B: H. Sanborn. 

Spangenberg. Practical arith. explained to 
practical mechanic. 50 c. Zeller. 

Steffle. The book we need. *$i net. 

Whitaker & R 
Sutherland. Mental arithmetic. 65 c. 

Review and Herald. 

Symonds. Abstract of the elements of 

arith. and algebra in tabular form. *8o c. 

net. W: B. Hanson. 

Van Amburgh. First days in number. 36 c. 

Silver, B. 

Vose. Graphic method for solving certain 
questions in arithmetic or algebra. 50 c, 
Van Nostrand. 

Walsh. Grammar sch. arith. pts. i, 2. pt. 
i, 40 c. ; pt. 2, 45 c. New primary arith. 
30 c. Heath. 

Walsh. Teacher's manual and key to New 
primary and Grammar school arithmetics. 
75 c. Bass. 

Wentworth. Arithmetical problems, arr. 
for drill and review. 36 c. Am. Bk. 
White, C: E. Complete practical arith- 
metic 65 c. Heath. 
White, C: E. and Watson. Primary arith- 
metic. 35 c. Heath. 
Winslow. Natural arithmetic, bk. I, 35 c. ; 
bk. 2, 40 c. ; bk. 3, 50 c. Am. Bk. 
Woods. 20th century arithmetic. 75 c. 

Educ. Assoc. 
Wooster. Arithmetic for grade I. 25 c. 


Young and Jackson. Arithmetic. Primary 
grades, bk. i, 40 c. ; bk 2, 45 c. Appleton. 
See also Bookkeeping; Examinations; Fractions; 
Integers; Interest, Mensuration; Num- 
bers; also Ray, Jos. 

Arithmetic of electrical measurements. Hobbs, 

W. R. P. 50 c. Van Nostrand. 

Arizona Territory. Revised statutes, 'oi 

(OiQ) slip.," $6. Stephens. 

Arizona' Territory. Supreme ct. Repts. v. 

1-4: (E. W. Lewis.) '04. 4 v. O. shp., 

ea, $425. Bancroft- W. 


See Grand Canyon. 

Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma (terri- 
tories.) General statutes and session laws 
rel. to telegraph and telephone corpora- 
tions, in effect Jan. i, 1904. *o4(Ag27) O. 
(Not for sale.) Am. Telephone. 

Ark of 1803. Stephens, C: A. **$i.25 net. 


Arkansas. Constitutional provisions, [etc.,] 
rel. to telegraph and telephone corporations, 
in effect Jan. T, 1904. *O4(Ag27) O. (Not 
for sale ) Am. Telephone. 

Arkansas. Supreme ct, Repts. v. 66. 

(Crawford.) i90o(Ap28) ; v. 67 (Oi3) ; 

v. 68. 3 oi(Ag3i) ; v. 69. 'o2(Api9) ; v. 70. 

'o3(Fi4); v. 71. '04(Ag27) O. shp., ea., 


Arkansas; Gazette Pub ; Thompson Litho. 

Hughes. Three years in Arkansas. 25 c. 

M. Hughes. 

Martin. Decisions in equity, 1895-1900. $5. 
Ark Democrat, 

See also Eureka Springs 

Arkansaw bear. Paine, A. B. $i. Altemus. 
Arkansas Traveller, pseud. See Read, O. P. 
Arfce, Simon, pseud. See Howard, C. 
Arkwxiglit, W: The pointer and his prede- 
cessor: hist of the pointing dog. Lim. ed. 

J 02(D6) il. 4, *$30 net. Scribner. 

Arlatan's treasure. See Daudet, A. Thirty 

years in Paris. 
Arline Valere. Hallworth, J. $1.50. 

L. C. Page. 
Arlington, W. J. Fordwell Graham. '02 

(D20) 12, $1.25. Allen, L. & S. 

Arm and hammer ser.; ed. by Lucien Sanial. 

D. 50 c N. Y. Labor News, 

Engels. Socialism. 
Marx. Wage-labor and capital; [also] 

Free trade. 
Arm movement method of rapid writing. 

Zaner, C : P. $i 50. Zaner & B. 

Aimatage, G; Horseowner and stableman's 

companion. New (5th) ed. J 04(Ap9) 16, 

50 c. Warne. 


Arnold. Armature windings of direct cur- 
rent dynamos. $2. Van Nostrand. 

Watson. How to wind armatures. 10 c. 


Armed ship "America/* Kaler, J. O. $1.25. 


Gregory. Crime of Christendom; or, the 
Eastern question. $1.50. Abbey Press. 

Lynch. Armenia travels and studies. 2 v. 

net, $15. Longmans. 

Armes, G: A: Ups and downs of an army 

officer. 1900 (Di) il. O. $5. G: A: Armes. 
Armes, W: D., ed. and comp. Old English 

ballads and folk songs. '04(622) il. 16, 

(Pocket Eng. classics.) *25 c. net 

Annfield, Lucille. Songs from the Carolina 

hills. *02(D6) 8, 75 c. Doxey's. 


Set Hermann der Cherusker. 
Armistead, W. S. The negro is a man : reply 

to C: Carroll's The negro is a beast '04. 

il. por. 12. Armistead. 

Aimitage, Harold. Greuze. '02(027) il 16, 

(Bell's miniature ser. of painters.) 50 c. ; 

leath., $i. * Macmillan. 

Armorial families. Davies, A. C. Fox-. 

**$5O net. Lane. 

ARMS (Coats of}. 

~3W Heraldry. 

Boutell. Arms and armour. *$i.75 tjet. 

Farrow. American small arms. *$5 net. 

Cupples & I* 

See also Gunnery; Heraldry; Military art and 
science; Ordnance; Rifle. 




Armsby, H: P. Principles of animal nutri- 
tion; special ref. to farm animals. '03 
(Fi4) 8, $4. Wiley. 

Annstead, Hugh W. Artistic anatomy of the 
horse. 'oi(F23) obi. 8, $3-75- 

W: R. Jenkins. 

Armstrong, A. C. Transitional eras in 
thought. J 04(F6) 12, **$2 net. Macmillan. 

Armstrong, Annie E. Marian and Dorothy. 
'03(Agi) 12, (St. Nicholas ser.) f75 c. 


Armstrong, Annie E. Very odd girl. '02 
(Mr2p) il. 12, (Fireside ser.) $i. Burt 

Armstrong, E: Emperor Charles v. '02 
(OiSj 2 v., 8, *$7 net. Macmillan. 

Armstrong, Elisa. The very young man and 
the angel child. 1900 (Ni7) D. $i 25. Dodge. 

Armstrong, G: F. S. Ballads of down. '01 
(Ap2o) S. $2.50. Longmans. 

Armstrong, H : E : The teaching of scientific 
method, and other papers on education. '03 
(Oio) 12, **$ net. Macmillan. 

Armstrong, Ja. L. Chronicles of the Arm- 
strongs. '02 (D6) il. 8, $i<x Marion Press. 

Armstrong, Jessie F. Kitty Landon's girlhood 
'03(Jln) 12, (Home ser.) 50 c. Hurst 

Armstrong, Jessie F. My friend Anne. *oi 
(821) il. D. $1.50. W arne - 

Armstrong, K. L. Little giant cyclopaedia and 
treasury of ready reference. Rev. ed '04 
$i. G: W. Noble. 

Armstrong, Le Roy. The outlaws. *O2(Ap26) 
D. $1.25 Appleton 

Armstrong, Le Roy. See also Banks, C: E. 

Armstrong, M. K. Early empire builders of 
the great West. 'oi(Ap2;) O. $1.25. 

E. W. Porter 

Armstrong, R: A. The Trinity and the In- 
carnation. J 04(Di7) 12, *8o c. net. 

Am. Unitarian. 

Armstrong, S R, comp. Sexual vitality: a 
key to health and vigor. "04. il 12. Vim. 

ARMSTRONG, Samuel Chapman. 
Talbot Samuel Chapman Armstrong. 
Sf *$i.$o net. Doubleday, P. 

Armstrong, Sir Wa Gainsborough and his 
place in Eng. art. Cheaper ed. '04(017) 
il. 8, *$3-50 net. Scribner. 

Armstrong, Sir Wa. Life of J. M. W. Turner. 
*oi(D7) il. 4, Jap. pap. ed., net, $80; Spe- 
cial pap. ed. de luxe, net, $40. Scribner. 

Armstrong, Sir Wa. The Peel collection and 
the Dutch school of painting. '04(024) 8, 
*$2 net. t Dutton. 

Armstrong, Sir Wa. Sir Henry Raeburn, 
R.A. ; with biog. and desc. catalogue by "J. 
L. Caw. J oi(Di4) il. Special ed., net, $25; 
Large pap. ed., net, $75; Special large pap. 
ed., $150. Dodd. 

Armstrong, Sir Wa. Sir Joshua Reynolds; 
photogravures and lithographs in colors. 
1900 (D8) f, net, $25. Scribner. 

Armstrong, W: C. The Lundy family and 
their descendants. J 03(Di2) il. pors. fac- 
sim, 12, buckram, $5. W: C. Armstrong. 

Armstrong, W: J. The greatest living man. 
*02(N22) 0. pap., 25 c. Harriman. 

Armstrong, W: N. Around the world with a 
king. ! O4(Mr26) por. D. **$i.6o net. 


Armstrong, Willimina L. Incense of sandal- 
wood. J O4(Si7) il. facsimile, nar. Q. pap., 
*$2.25 net Baumgardt 


Armstrong, J. L. Chronicles of the Arm- 
strongs. $10. Marion Press. 

See Military art and science; also names of coun 
tries and .states. 

Army alphabet Baum, L. F. $i. G:M. Hill. 

Aimy songster (The) : [repr. of 1864.] '02 

(Jesi) S. pap., 25 c. Bell Bk. 

Arndt, Alfr., comp. The secrets of happiness 
and longevity. '03(812) 12, $150. 


Aradt, H. R. First lessons is the symptom- 
atology of leading homoeopathic remedies. 
J 04(Ag2o) 12, *$i.25 net. Boericke & T. 

Arnold, Augusta F. The sea-beach at ebb- 
tide : study of the seaweeds and lower ani- 
mal life. 'oi(MyiS) O. net, $2.40. 

Century Co 

ARNOLD, Benedict. 

Codman. Arnold's expedition to Quebec. 
net, $225. Macmillan. 

Melvin. Journal of soldier m Arnold's ex- 
pedition. $2. H. W. Bryant. 
Smith, J. H. Arnold's march from Cam- 
bridge to Quebec. **$2 net. Putnam. 
Todd. Real Benedict Arnold. **$i.20 net. 


Arnold, Carl. Compendium of chemistry; au- 
thorized tr. from the nth enl. and rev. 
Germ. ed. by J: A. Mandel. '(>4(My2i) 8, 
$3-50. Wiley. 

Arnold, E. Armature windings of direct cur- 
rent dynamos: fr. orig. Germ, by F. B. 
DeGress. 5 O2(My3) il. O. $2. VanNostrand. 

Arnold, Sir Edn. After death in Arabia: 
[poem.] 1900 (J128) obi. F. pap., 25 c. 

P. Green. 

Arnold, Sir Edn. Light of Asia. 'oi(Mr23) 
16, 75 c.; leath., $i. Truslove 

Arnold, Sir Edn. Voyage of Ithobal. '01 
(821) il. D. $1.50. G: W. Dillingham. 

Arnold, Edn. Lester. Lepidus the centurion. 
'o2(Mr8) D. $150 Crowell 

Arnold, Emma J. Stories of ancient peoples, 
) oi(Je22),il. D. (Eclectic school readings 
50 c. Am. BV 

Arnold, H. L., [Henry Roland,] comp. Com- 
plete cost-keeper. 1900(015) il. 8, $5. 

Engineering Mag. 

Arnold, H. L. Factory manager and ac- 
countant '03 (Ds) il. 4, $5. 

Engineering Mag. 

Arnold, Jonathan A., comp. and ed. Manual 
of school laws of Illinois. '01. '02(Mri) 
8% $1.75 ; shp., $2.25. Effingham Democrat. 

Arnold, Jos. A. Guide for business corpora- 
tions in New York. *oi(Ag3) D. $1.50. 
Baker, V;& Co. 

Arnold, Matt. Works. Ed. de luxe. In 
15 v. v. I, 2. 'o3(Agi) ; v. 3 (63) ; v. 4 
(Oio) ; v. 5 (Ds) ; v. 6. J 04(Jai6) ; v. 7, 8 
(F6) ; v. 9 (Mr5) ; v. 10 (Ap23) ; v. II 
(Jen) ; v. 12 (Jig) ; v. 13, 14 (Ag2o) ; v. 
15 (O8) 8, ea., *$3 net. [Limited to 250 
copies.] Macmillan. 

Arnold, Matt. Dramatic and early poems ; ed 
by H. B. Forman. 'o2(Myi7) 16, (Temple 
classics.) 50 c. : flex leath., 75 c. Macmillan. 

Arnold, Matt Empedocles on Etna. igoo. 
(D29) bds., net, $2.50. T: B. Mosher. 

Arnold, Matt Essay on the study of poetry 
and Guide to Eng. literature. 'o3(Apn) 
~* (Miniature ser.) 75 c. Macmillan. 





Arnold, Matt Essays in criticism, ist and 2d 
ser "02(Apip) 12, (Home lib.) $i. Burt 

Arnold, Matt Friendship's garland: letters 
and opinions of Arminius Baron Von 
Thunder-Ten-Tronch. Pop. ed. '03(26) 
12, *7o c. net. Macmillan 

Arnold, Matt Last essay on church and re- 
ligion. Pop. ed. '03 (D26) 12. */o c. net. 


Arnold. Matt. Letters, 1848-1888; coll. and arr. 
by G: E. Russell. New ed. in i v. 1900 
(822) 12, $2.25. Macmillan. 

Arnold, Matt. Literature and dogma. '03 
(Api8) 12, (Home lib.) $i. Burt. 

Arnold, Matt. Literature and dogma. '02 
(Oi8) S. (Commonwealth lib.) *$i net 

New Amsterdam. 

Arnold, Matt. Maurice and Eugenie de 
Guenn '03 (Dig) 2 v, 16, (Brocade ser.) 
pap, ea, *75 c. net T: B. Mosher. 

Arnold, Matt. Mixed essays. Pop. ed. '03 
(Ds6) 12, *70 c. net Macmillan. 

Arnold, Matt Note books. '02(027) 12, 
*$i net. Macmillan. 

Arnold, Matt. Poems. 1900 (06) 12, (Home 
lib.) $i. Burt 

Arnold, Matt. Poems, narrative, elegiac, and 
lyric. 1900 (Je9) 16, (Temple classics.) 
50 c. ; limp leath., 75 c. Macmillan. 

Arnold, Matt. Selected poems. '04(61) 16, 
(Golden treasury ser.. reissue/) flex, leath., 
$1.50. Macmillan. 

Arnold, Matt. Sweetness and light '01 
(D7) 24, (Remarque ed ) 40 c. ; leath., 
75 c. ; limp chamois, $1,25. Caldwell. 

ARNOLD, Matthew. 

Dawson. Matthew Arnold and his rel. to 
the thought of our time. $1.75. Putnam. 
Paul Matthew Arnold. **75 c. net 

' Macmillan. 
Russell Matthew Arnold **$met Scribner 

Arnold, Rob. B. Scientific fact and meta- 
physical reality. '04(03) 8, *$325 net 


Arnold, Sa. L. Arnold primer. *oi(N9) il 
sq 0. 30 c. Silver. 

Arnold, Sa. L. La cartilla (Primer) de Ar- 
nold J 03(Je2o) il. 12, 32 c. Silver 

Arnold, Sa. L. Ensefiar a leer, J oi. '02 
(Mr8) il. 12, 40 c. Silver. 

Arnold, Sa. L. Learning to read. *O3(Je2o) 
il. 12, 36 c. Silver. 

Arnold, Sa. L., ed. Plans for busy work, 
prep by the Bost Primary Teachers' Assoc. 
J oi(Agi7) D. 50 c. Silvex. 

Arnold, Sa. L. See also Gardiner, J: H. 

Arnold, Sa. L., and Gilbert, C: B. Libra 
segundo de lectura; (M. F. Juncos.) 1900 
(06) il. sq. 12, net, 42 c. Silver. 

Arnold, Sa. L., and Gilbert, C: B. Libro 
tercero de lectura; tr. por M. F. Juncos 
> oi(Ap2o) il. sq. I2 f 50 c. Silver 

Arnold, Sa. L., and Gilbert, C: B. Stepping 
stones to literature: 5th reader. *04(Jl2) 
il. 12, 75 c. Silver. 

Arnold, Sa. L., and Kittredge, G: L. The 
mother tongue. In 3 bks. 1900 (Je) D. bk 
i, 45 c. : bk. 2, 60 c. Ginn. 

Arnold, Mrs. T. B, ed. Practical Sabbath- 
school commentary on the Internat lessons, 
1904; ed. by W: B. Olmstead. '03 (Ds) ; 
1905. '04(622) il. maps, O. ea., 50 c. ; hi 
mor., 75 c. Chesbro. 

Arnold, Mrs. T. B., ed. Practical Sabbath- 
school commentary on the Internat. lessons, 
1901-1905. 8, ea., 50 c. Revell 

Arnold, T : Life of Hannibal ; introd. and 
notes by H: Ketcharn. J 03(Ag8) il. 12, 
(Franklin biog. ser.) $i. Burt. 

Arnold, W:, and Liddell, Rob., comps. One 
thousand legal facts. 1900. 'oi(Mr2) 8, 
$i. Derry 

Arnold, W: H. Record of first editions of 
Bryant, Emerson, Hawthorne, Holmes, 
Longfellow, Lowell, Thoreau, Whittier; 
with essay on book madness by L. H. Vin- 
cent '01 (Di4) 4, $12.50; $25. 

[Dodd] ; Marion Press. 


Bates. Arnold family of Braintree, 1640- 
1853. 50 c. F. A. Bates. 

Arnold's march from Cambridge to Quebec. 
Smith, Justin H. **$2 net Putnam. 

Arnold's mathematical^ series. D. Longmans. 

Hamilton and Keltic. Graphs and imagin- 
ary. 50 c. 

Arnold's science ser. D. Longmans. 

Garratt Principles of mechanism. $1.10. 

Arnolt, W. M. Theological and Semitic lit- 
erature for 1900. 'oi(JeS) ; 1901. J O2(My3) 
8, pap., net, ea., 50 c. Univ. of Chic. 

Arnott, S. Book of bulbs. J 02(Fis) 12, 
(Handbooks of practical gardening, v. 5.) 
net, $i. Lane. 

Arnott, S. Book of climbing plants and wall 
shrubs. '02(018) D. (Handbooks of prac- 
tical gardening, v. 10.) **$i net Lane. 

Arnondt, F. Imitation of the Sacred Heart 
of Jesus; fr. the Latin by L M. Fastre. 
New ed., with morning and evening prayers, 
[etc.] '04 (Jen) il. T. $1.25. Benziger. 

Aronstam, N. K 5V* t Rosenberg, L : J. 

Around the Capital with Uncle Hank. Flem- 
ing, T: $2. Nutshell. 

Around the Caribbean and across Panama. 
Nicholas, F. C $2. Caldwell. 

Around the crib. Perreyve, H. 50 c. 

W: H. Young. 

Around the "Pan" with Uncle Hank. Flem- 
ing, T: $2. Nutshell. 

Around the throne. Winchester, P. net, $i. 


Around the world. Carroll, S. W. 60 c. 


Around the world. Horn, E: C. Jennings. 

Around the world in the sloop "Spray." Slo- 
cum, J. **50 c. net. Scribner. 

Around the world through Japan. Del Mar, 
W. **$3 net Macmillan. 

Around the world with a king. Armstrong, 
W: N. **$i.6onet Stokes. 

Around the year. Wilcox, E. W. $i; $1.50; 
$2. Conkey. 

Arrabbiata (L'). See Heyse, P. J. 'L.also 
Florer, W. W. 


Voorhees. Law of arrest in civil and crim- 
inal actions. $2. Boston Bk 

Arrhonius, Svante. Text-book of electro- 
chemistry. '02(04) il. O. $3.50. Longmans. 

Arrival of Jimpson. Barbotir, R. H : f $1.50. 


Arrom, C. B. de F., ["Fenian Caballero."] 
Familia de Alvareda; ed. by P. W. Burnet 
New ed. '01. 16, 75 c. Holt. 





Arrows of the Almighty. Johnson, O. $1.50. 



Wanklin, Ar&enic. $i. Lippincott 


See Aesthetics; Fine arts; Useful arts. 

Art and craft of garden making. Mawson, 

T: H. net, $7.50. Scribner. 

Art and craft of printing, Morris, W : $5. 

Elston Press 
Art and literature of business. Bates, C: A. 

6 v $25. Bates Adv. 

Art crafts for amateurs. Miller, F. $2. 

Art crafts for beginners. -San ford, F. G. 

**$i.20 net. Century Co. 

Art galleries of Europe ser. il. por. D. **$2 

net; **$4 net. L. C. Page. 

Addison. Art of the Pitti Palace. 
Potter. Art of the Vatican. 
Art gift book ser. D. *75 c. net. Revell. 
Laughlin. Divided. 
Art in needlework. Day, L: F. $2.50. 


Art literature readers. See Grover, E. O. 
Art lovers' ser. il. D. L. C. Page. 

Daypt. Beautiful women in art. 2 v. $4. 
Ennis. Music in art **$i.6o net. 
Hartmann. Hist of Amer. art. $4;$io. 

Shakespeare in art $2; $5. 
Waters. Heroines of the Bible in art. 
Art nouveau in furniture and decoration: 

250 photographic reproductions; sel. by T. 

Lambert. 1900 (N3) portfolio, $8. 

Art of breathing as basis of tone production. 

Kofler, L. $2. Werner. 

Art of building a home. Parker, B. net, 

$3.75. Longmans, 

Art of caricature. Wright, G. **$i net. 

Baker & T. 

Art of class management &nd discipline. Tay- 
lor, J. S. *8o c. net. Kellogg 
Art of compounding. Scoville, W. L. $2.50. 

Art of creation. Carpenter, E: *$i.5O net. 

Art of cross-examination. Wellman, F. L. 

**$2.5o net MacmilTan. 

Art of debate. Alden, R. M. $i. Holt 
Art of decorating show windows. Tracy, C: 

A. $3.50. Merchants' Record. 

Art of disappearing. Smith, J. T. $1.50. 

W:H. Young. 
Art of engraving; with special reference to 

letter and monogram engraving; over 200 'O3(jei3) 12, $1.50. Keystone. 
Art of fencing. Senac, R. 10 c. Am. Sports. 
Art of folly. Ford, S. **$3 net Small. 
Art of giving Bangs, W: M. $1.50 Kean. 
Art of illumination. Bell, L: $2.50. McGraw. 
Art of life. Maulde la ClaviSre, R. de. net, 

$1.75- Putnam. 

Art of living long. Cornaro, L: $1.50. 

Moody Pub. 
Art of massage. Kellogg, J: H. 

Modern Medicine. 
Art of modulating. Banister. H : C. 75 c. 

Art of putting. Travis, W. J. *35 c. net 

Art of right living. Richards, Mrs. E. H. 

*5<> a net Whitcomb. 

Art of soul-winning. Mahood, J. W. net, 

25 c. Jennings. 

Art of speaking. Pertwee, E. $i. Putnam. 
Art of success. Knowlson, T. S. $i. Warne. 
Art of teaching. White, E. E $i. Am. Bk. 
Art of teaching and studying languages. 

Gouin, F. $1.75. Longmans. 

Art of the Italian renaissance Wolfftin, H. 

**$2.25 net Putnam. 

Art of the Louvre. Potter, M. K **$2 net. 

L. C. Page, 

Art of the people. Morris, W : $5. Seymour. 
Art of the Pitti Palac-e. Addison, J. De W. 

**$2 net; **$4 net L, C. Page. 

Art of the Vatican. Potter, M. K. **$2 net, 

L. C. Page. 

Art of war. See Dodge, T. A. 
Art of window dressing. Bauer. A. G. 20 c* 

Sprague, W. 
Art of wise investing: series of short articles 

on investment values, with a rev. on the 

financial pitfalls. '04(03) D. $i. 

Moody Pub. 
Art of writing English. Meiklejohn, J: M. 

$1.50. Appleton. 

Art of writing, etc., the Eng. language. Cody, 

S. 75 c. Old Greek Pr. 

Art readers, il. 12, 50 c. Richardson, S. 
Cady and Dewey. Picture stories from 

great artists 
Art series. 'See Ginn's. 
Art studies. Rydingsvard, A. M. v. $i. 


Artagnan, D' Due. See D'Artagnan, Due. 
Arteaga, F. de. Practical Spanish. '02. '03 

(Mr7) 2 v., 12, *$2 net. Appleton. 

Arteria uterina ovarica. Robinson, B. *$r 

net. E. H. Colegrove. 

See Muscles. 

ARTHUR, King of Britain. 
Brooks. Story of King Arthur. $1.25. 

Penn Pub. Co. 
Dickinson. King Arthur in Cornwall, net, 

$1.20. Longmans. 

Greene. Legends of King Arthur and his- 

court 60 c. Ginn. 

Malory. King Arthur. **25 c. net; **T5 c. 

net. m Houghton, M. & Coi 

Malory. King Arthur and his noble 

knights. $i. Burt 

Malory. Stories of King Arthur and his 

knights. 60 c. Crowell. 

Pyle. Story of King Arthur and his 

knights. **$2.5o net. Scribner. 

Radford, comp. King Arthur and his 

knights $i. Rand, McN. & Co. 

See also Holy Grail; Parsifal. 

Arthur, And. J. From behind the veil. '03 
(Dip) 12, $1.25. Chr Pub. 

Arthur, Fes. Browne. See Cunningham, R. 

Arthur, J. C, Barnes, C : W., and Coulter, J : 
M. Hdbk of plant morphology : being The 
handbook of plant dissection; rev. and re- 
written by Otis W. Caldwell. '04(031) D, 
**$i net. Holt. 

Arthur. Mrs. J. J. Annals of the Fowler 
family. *02(F22) il. 8, $3.50 

Mrs. J. J. Arthur. 

Arthur, Rosalie, comp. Out-of-doors: quo- 
tations from nature lovers. '02(N22) il. 
12, $1.25; ooze leath., $2. Dodge. 




Arthur, W: R., and Thomas, B. A. and Olive 
L. Outline of arithmetic. os(Je2o) S. 
pap., 30 c. W: R. Arthur. 

Arthur Gordon Pym. Poe, E. A. $i. 


Arthur Helmuth. Ellis, E: S. 75 c. Street. 
Arthur Stirling, Journal of. **$i.25 net. 


Arthurian romance, sm. 4. New Amsterdam. 
Weston. Tristan and Iseult 2 v, $1.50, 
Arthurian romances. 32. Scribner. 

Sir Gawain of the Grail Castle. *75 c. net. 
Artificial feeding of infants. Judson, C: F. 
$2. Lippincott. 


Bouve, comp. Handbook for non-commis- 
sioned officers and privates of coast ar- 
tillery. 25 c. W: B. Clarke. 
See also Gurnery; Naval art and science; Ord- 

Artisan's manuals. See American. 
Artistic crafts ser* of technical handbooks; 
ed. by W. R. Lethaby. il. D. net. Appkton. 
Cockerell. Bookbinding and the care of 

books. $1.20. (i.) 
Wilson. Silverwork and jewelry. **$i.40. 


Artistic studies from nude human body. 
Eichrnann, H. $8.73. Hessling. 

Artist's creed. B., E. P. "75 c. net. 


Artist's hist, of nineteenth century. Att- 
wood's pictures. $3. Life Pub. Co. 


Bolton. Famous artists. $2.50. Crowell. 
Cady and Dewey. Picture stories from the 
great artists 50 c. Richardson, S. 

Gallichan. Artists of Seville, by C G. Hart- 
ley. $1.75. Macmillan. 
Home and Scobey. Stories of great ar- 
tists. 40 c. Am. Bk. 
Smith, C: S. Barbizon days: Millet- 
Corot-Rousseau-Barye. **$2 net ; **$3.$o 
net. Wessels. 
Vernon. In Umbria. net, 75 c. 

T: B. Mosher. 

Wherry. Stories of the Tuscan artists 
net, $4 . Button. 

See also Anatomy for artists; Architects ; En- 
gravers and engraving; Fine? arts; Musicians; 
Painters and painting; Sculptors; also 
names of artists. 

Artists 3 lib. See Longmans'. 

Artists' wives. See Daudet, A. Memories 

of a man of letters. 

Arts and crafts movement. See Triggs, 0. L. 
Arts of life. Bowker, R. R. $1.25. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Arts of life ser. D. Houghton, M. & Co. 
Bowker. Of education. 75 c. Of religion. 

50 c. 

Arts under arms. Fitzgibbon, M. net, $1.50. 

As a Chinaman saw us: passages from his 

letters to a friend at home. '04 (Jb) il. D. 

**$i.25 net. Appleton. 

As a falling star. Phelps, E. G. $i. McClurg. 
As I saw it ' Mclntire, J : J. $1.25. 

Home Pub. Co. 
As it is in the Philippines. Bellairs, E. G. 

$1.50. Lewis. 

As it is to be. Daniels, Mrs. C. L. $i. 

Little, B. & Co. 

As it was in the beginning. Cridge, E: 

$1.25. RevelL 

As it was in the beginning. Miller, C. H. 

*$i net. A. M Robertson. 

As ithers see us. Vere, P. $i. Abbey Press. 

As others saw him. Jacobs, J. $1.25. 

Funk & W. 
As nature whispers. Davis, S. K. 50 c 


As seen by me. Bell, L. $1.25. Harper. 

As seen from the ranks. Benton, C: E. 

**$i.25 net Putnam. 

As talked in the sanctum. Wildman, R. $i. 

As the goose flies. Pyle, K. net, $1.20. 

Little, B. & Co. 
As the light led. Baskett, J. N. $1.50. 

As the twig is bent. Chenery, S. net, $i. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 
As they did it. Coddington, F. M. $1.25. 


As they were and as they should have been. 
Morgan, O. f$ Stokes. 

As true as gold. Mannix, M. E. 45 c. 


As we went marching on. Hosmer, G. W. 
$i. Wessels. 

As wild birds sing. Shippey, M. R. $i. 

R. G. Cooke. 

As you like it. See Shakespeare, W: Hoff- 
man, A. S. 
Asa Holmes. Johnston, A. F. $i 

L. C. Page. 

Asakawa, K. The Russo-Japanese conflict: 
its causes and issues; introd. by F: W. 
Williams. 'o4(Dio> D. **$2 net 

Houghton, M. & Co. 
Faunce. Advent and Ascension. 75 c. 

Eaton & M. 
Ascension of 'Isaiah. Charles, R. H. net; 
$2.60. Macmillan. 

Ascent of man. Hansen, G: *50 c. net. 


Ascent of the soul. Bradford, A. H. **$i.25 

net. Macmillan, 

Ascent through Christ. Jones, E. G. $1.50. 


Ascham, R. The schoolmaster. 1900 (My 19) 
T. (Nat lib., new sen, v. 7, no. 356.) pap., 
10 c. Cassell 

See Surgery. 

\septic and antiseptic preparations and treat- 
ment of emergencies after abdominal surgi- 
cal operations. Wackerhagen, G: *$i net 


Asgard stories. Foster, M. 36 c. Silver. 

Asfc, Mark and W: Table of federal cita- 
tions. 4 v. v. I. '01. *02(F8) ; v. 2 
(My24) ; v. 3 (N8) ; v. 4, with addenda. 
J 02. J 03(Ja3i) O. shp., (complete work,) 
$30. Remick. 

AsKby, H:, and Wright, G. A. Diseases of 
children. 1900 (Jaao) O. net, $5. Longmans. 

Ashe, E. O. Besieged by the Boers. 1900 
(Jei6) il. D. $1.25. Doubleday, P. 

Ashes of desire. Berry, J : L., jr. 25 c. 

Town Topics. 

Ashley, C. D. Contracts. 2d ed. ^9.(Je23) 
0. $i. L. J. Tompkms. 




Ashley, Percy. Modern tariff history: Ger- 
many, United States, France; with a pref. 
by R. B. Haldane. '04(03) 8, *$3 net 


Ashley, Roscoe L: American federal state. 
f 02(Mri) 12, net, $2. Macmillan. 

Ashley, Roscoe L: American government 
'03 (S5) il. 12, *$i net Macmillan. 

Ashley, Roscoe L: Government and the citi- 
zen. 5 4(D24) il. 8, *70 c. net Macmillan. 
Ashley, W: J. Adjustment of wages. '03 
(Ss) maps, 0. *$4 net. Longmans. 

Ashley, W: J. Surveys historic and econ- 
omic. 1900 (D8) D. $3. Longmans. 
Ashley, W: J., ed. British industries. '03. 
'04CF6) D. *$i.8o net Longmans. 
Ashmont, [pseud.] See Perry, Jos. Fk. 
Ashmotre, Otis. Manual of pronunciation for 
schools and families. J O4(Je4) D. 30 c. 


Ashtou, C: H. Plane and solid analytic geom- 
etry. *oi(F23) 12, net, $1.25. Scribner. 
Ashton, C: H., and Marsh, Wa. R. Five 
place logarithmic tables, with a four place 
table of natural functions. 3 02(B2o) 12, 
(Marsh and Ashton math, ser.) **6o c. net. 


Ashton, C: H., and Marsh, Wa. R. Plane 
and spherical trigonometry. *02(D2o) 12, 
(Marsh and Ashton math, ser,) **8s c. net. 


Ashton, Mark. Azalim. J 04(Myi4) il. D. 

t$i.50. L. C. Page. 

Ashton, Mark. She stands alone: Pilate's 

wife. 'oi(Jli3) il. D. $1.50. L. C. Page. 

Ashworth, Alice. Just a little boy. New 

cheaper ed. *oi(Ni6) 3q. O. 50 c. Warne. 


Beckman Backsheesh: travels in Europe, 

Asia Minor, etc. $1.50. Whitaker & R. 

Clifford Further India: exploration ^ in 

Burma, Malaya, Siam, and Indo-China. 

**$i 35 net. Stokes 

Cobbold. Innermost Asia. $5. Scribner. 

Hannah Brief hist of Eastern Asia. $2. 


Hedin. Central Asia and Tibet. 2 v. 
**$io 50 net Scribner. 

Lyde. Geography of Asia, net, 50 c. 

Mahan. Problems of Asia. $2. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Phibbs. Visit to the Russians in Central 
Asia. $2.25. New Amsterdam. 

Ramsay. Letters to the seven churches of 
Asia. *$3 net Armstrong. 

Skeel. Travel in the first century after 
Christ : Asia Minor, net, $1.25. Macmillan. 
Sykes. Dar-ul-Islam : journey through ten 
of the Asiatic provinces of Turkey. *$5 
net. Scribner. 

Townsend. Asia and Europe. *$ net; 
*$2.$o net. Putnam. 

Younghusband. Heart of a continent. *$2 
net f Scribner. 

See also Far East; Orient; also names of coun- 


See Seleucid kingdom. 

Asiatic fields: addresses del. before the east- 
ern missionary convention of the M. E. 
Church, Phil., Oct 13-15, 1903. 'o4(Mr26) 
S. (Phila. convention addresses, 7 v.) for 
set, *$T net Eaton & M. 

Asiatic Russia. Wright, G: F: 2 v. **$7-50 

net. McClure, P. 

Asiatics (The) ; brahmas, cochins, and lang- 

shans, all varieties. *04(Ag27) il. Q. pap., 

50 c. Reliable Poultry Journ. 

Asinette. Frazer, L net, $1.25. Button. 

Ask mamma. Surtees, R. S. f$i-50. Appleton. 


Caton. Temples and ritual of Asklepips at 
Epidauros and Athens, net, $i. Macmillan. 
Askwith, E. H. Christian conception of holi- 
ness. 1900 Qe2) 12, $1.75. Macmillan. 
Askwith, E. H. Course of pure geometry. 
'o3(Agis) 12, *$i.25 riet Macmillan. 

Askwith, E. H. Introd. to the Thessaloman 
Epistles 'o2(Api2) 12, net, $1.25. 

Aslauga's knight See La Motte Foque, F 

H. K. Freiherr de. 

Asling, Stella E Crowned at Elin. J O3(Di2) 
D. $i 25. Smith & W. 


Ilott Book of asparagus. $z. Lane. 

Aspects of fiction. Matthews, J. B. **$i 25 

net Scribner. 

Aspects of revelation. Brewster, C. B. $1.50. 


Aspects of the Jewish question by a quar- 
terly reviewer. '02(013) 8, *$i net 



Johnson, Fs. Famous assassinations of his- 
tory. **$i.5o net McClurg. 
Assassins. Meakin, N. M. $1.50. Holt. 

Brown Manual of assaying gold, silver, 
etc. $2.50; $3. t E. H. Sargent 

Lodge. Notes on assaying and metallurgi- 
cal lab'y experiments. $3. Wiley. 
Miller. Manual of assaying. $i. Wiley. 
Rhead and Sexton Assaying and metal- 
lurgical analysis. $420 Longmans. 
Simonds. Fire assaying of ores, bullion, 
and metallurgical products. $2.50 

E. H: Simonds. 
See also Blowpipe; Metals and metallurgy 

Asser, J. Life of King Alfred; with the 
"Annals of Saint Ne>ots"; erroneously 
ascribed to Asser; ed. by W: H: Stev- 
enson. '04(Ap23) B. $4. Oxford Univ. 


See Taxation. 


Morehouse. Supervisors' and assessors' 
manual. $5. H : B. Parsons. 


See Creditors. 


Gordon. Story of Assisi. $1.50. Macmillan. 
Assistent (Ber). Schanz, F. 35 c. Am Bk. 
Association of ideas. Tanner, A. E. 35 c. 

Univ. of Chic. 

Goodspeed. Hist of the Babylonians and 
Assyrians. **$i.25 net. Scribner. 

Harper, ed. Assyrian and Babylonian let- 
ters, 5 v. ea., net, $6. . Univ. of Chic. 
Maspero, Passing of the empires S; 50. 


Murison. Babylonia and Assyria, net, 

20 c. . Scribner. 

Rogers. Hist, of "Babylonia and Assyria, 

$5- Eaton & M. 

See also Babylonia 




Assyrian and Babylonian contracts. Steven- 
son, J. H: $2.50. Am. Bk. 

Assyrian and Babylonian legends. St 
Pinches, T. G. 

Assyrian and Babylonian letters. Harper, 
R. F. *$6 net. Univ. of Chic. 

Assyrian and Babylonian literature; sel. trs 
by R. F. Harper. [Aldine ed.] 'oi(Je8) 
8, (World's great books.) subs., $3. 


Assyriological research. See Delitzsch, F. 

A-stedus, [Bp. of Amasia.] Ancient sermons 
for modern times, circa 375-405 A.D. ; put 
into Eng. fr. the Greek by G. Anderson and 
E J. Goodspeed. 'o4(Jli6) 16, *5o c. net 

Pilgrim Press. 

Burgess. Studies in the hist, and variation 
of asters, pt i. $3. Torrey. 

Asters and golden-rod, and other poems, 
Taylor G : L. **$i net. Eaton & M. 

Astley, Hubert D. My birds in freedom and 
captivity. 'oi(D7) il. 8, net, $4. Dutton. 
A star ed. of poets. D 60 c. Crowell. 

Bell, ed. Songs from the dramatists. 
Gary, Alice and Phoebe. Poems. 
Chaucer. Canterbury tales. 
Cowans, ed. Hundred best English poems. 
Morris. Poems. 
Spenser. Faerie queene 
Tennyson. Idylls of the king. In memo- 


Thackeray. Ballads, and other poems. 

Bennett. Astrology. $3. E. H. Bennett 
Hodges. Science and key of life. 6 v. y. 
1-3. ea., $1.50. Two thousand years in 
celestial life. $i. Astro Pub 

Knapp. More than you know about your- 
self. $i. E. A. Knapp. 
Macgregor. Astrology. 50 c. 

Penn Pub. Co. 
Mayo. Our fate and the zodiac. $1.25. 


Omar. Your future: the Zodiac's guide to 
success in life. 50 c. Penn Pub. Co. 
Practical solar astrology. 25 c. R. C Ross. 
Turnbull. Divine language of celestial cor- 
respondence $2. Alliance. 
Val court- Vermont. Practical astrology. $i ; 
50 c. Lee & S. 
Webber. Key, guide, and lessons in as- 
trology. 35 c. Banner Light 
Wilson. Shakespeare and astrology. 15 c. 

Occult Pub 
Sec also Almanacs and annuals; Zodiac. ; 


Hoi den. Stories of the great astronomers. 
75 c. Appleton. 

Newcomb. Reminiscences of an astrono- 
mer. **$2,5o net. Honghton, M. & Co. 
Astronomical and historical chronology. Jor- 
dan, W : L. 90 L. Longmans. 
\strori omical photography. Ritchey, G. W. 
*75 c. net. Univ. of Chic. 

Ball. Elements of astronomy, net, So c. 

Ball. Story of the heavens, $3.50. 


Baraard. Micrometncal observations of 
Eros. 50 c. Univ. of Chic. 

ASTROXOMV. Continued. 

Bickerton. Romance of the heavens. $1.25. 


Buchanan. Mathematical theory of eclipses ; 
app. Transits of Mercury and Venus and 
Occultations of fixed stars. *$5 net. 


Burnham. Measures of double stars. *$i 
net. Univ. of Chic. 

Clerke. Popular hist, of astronomy during 
the igth century. !f $4 net. Problems in 
astrophysics *$6 net. Macmillan. 

Comstock. Field astronomy for engineers. 
$2.50. Wiley. 

Comstock. Text-book of astronomy. $1.30. 


Doolittle. Results of observations with ze- 
nith telescope of the Flower observatory, 
1898-1901. $1.50. Ginn. 

Essays in astronomy by Ball, Harkness, 
Herschel, etc. subs., $3. Appleton. 

Fison. Recent advances in astronomy. 
$1.25. ^ H. S. Stone. 

Flammarion. Astronomy for amateurs- 
**$i.$o net. Appleton. 

Frost and Adams Radial velocities of 
twenty stars, having spectra of the Orion 
type. *$2 net Univ. of Chic. 

Gall. An easy guide to the constellations. 
75 c. Putnam. 

Hamilton. Our own and other worlds. Si. 

Eaton & M. 

Irving. How to know the starry heavens. 
$2. Stokes. 

Jacoby. Practical talks by an astronomer, 
net, $i. Scribner. 

Larkin. Radiant energy. $1.75. 


Mpulton, F. R. Rigorous methods of treat- 
ing problems in celestial mechanics. ^25 c. 
net. Univ. of Chic 

Moulton, Fk P. Introd. to celestial me- 
chanics. *$3-5Q net Macmillan. 

Newcomb. Astronomy for everybody. 
**$2 net. McClure, P. 

Newcomb. Elements of astrpnomy. $r. 

Am. Bk. 

Parker. Elements of astronomy. $2. 


Steele. Popular astronomy. $i. Am. Bk. 

Swezey. Practical exercises in astronomy. 
50 c. Appleton. 

Turner. Astronomical discovery *$3 net. 


Turner. Modern astronomy. *$2 net. 


White. Elements of theoretical and des. 
astronomy. $2.50. Wiley. 

Young. Lessons in astronomy, including 
uranography. $1.25. Manual of astron- 
omy. $2.45. Ginn. 

See also Almanacs and annuals; Astrology; 
Earth; Eclipses; Latitude; Moon, Navi- 
gation; Photography; Planets; Science, 
Spectram ; Stars ; Telescope ; Univei se. 


See Astronomy. 


See Insanity. 

At Aunt Anna's. Taggart, M. A. **$i net 


At dawn of day. Greenough, J. A. B. $T. 


At early candle light Mclntyre, R. net, $i. 





At Great- Aunt Martha's. See Ainslee, K 
At home with the Jardines. Bell, L. f$i-SO. 

L. C Page. 

At large. Hornung, E. W: $1.50. Scribner. 
At last. Kingsley, C: $3 net. Macmillan. 
At odds with the Regent. Stevenson, B. E. 
$1.50. Lippincott 

At our own door Morris, S. L. *$i net 


At retreat. Blunt, A. A. 15 c. W. H. Baker. 
At start and finish. Lindsay, W: $1.25. 

At Sunwich port. Jacobs, W. W. $1.50. 

At the back of beyond, Barlow, J $1.50. 


At the beautiful gate. Chambers, I : M. $i. 


At the big house. Culbertson, A. V. f$i.SO. 


At the court of the Amir. Gray, J : A. $1.75. 


At the court of the king. Westley, G. H. 
'$1.25. L. C. Page. 

At the deathbed of Darwinism. Dennert, E, 

75 c . Germ. Lit. Bd. 

At the fall of Montreal. Stratemeyer, E: 

**$i net. Lee & S. 

At the heart of old Pelee. Chambliss, P. 

$1.50. Neely. 

At the moorings. Carey, R N. f$ 


At the point of the bayonet Henty, G: A. 

net, $1.25. Scribner 

At the point of the sword. Hayens, H. $1.50. 

At the portal. Longfellow, H: W. SO c, 

At the postern gate. Whisler, E. J. 15 c. 

Perm Pub. Co 

At the rise of the curtain. Williams, F. H. 
$i 50. Badger. 

At the siege of Detroit Kaler, J. O. $i. 


At the sign of the ginger jar. Rose, R. C 
net. $i. McClurg. 

At the sign of the harp. Upson, A. 50 c. 

Univ. Press. 

At the sign of the Silver Crescent. Prince, 
H. C. 50 c. Houghton, M. & Co. 

At the temple gates. Doubleday, S. $i. 

Abbey Press 

At the time appointed. Barbour, A. M. 

t$i-50. Lippincott 

At the well-side. Williams, M. C. *25 c. net 

Atala. Commelin, Mrs. A. O. **$i net. 


Atala and Rene. Chateaubriand, F. R. A. 
Vicomte de. 50 c. Scott, F & Co. 


Barker. Brains and spinal cords in heredi- 
tary ataxia. *$2 net. Univ. of Chic. 
Frenkel. Treatment of tabetic ataxia by 
systematic exercise. *$3 net Blakiston. 

Aten, H : J. History of the 8sth Illinois In- 
fantry. 'oi(Jl20> il 8. $2.50. HrJAten. 

Athalie. See Racine, J. B. 

AXhammam creed. New ed. ; ed., with a pref- 
ace, by Edgar C. S. Gibson. J 04(Ns) O. 
pap., *36 c. net Longmans. 


Temple. Trinity in unity: lectures on cer- 
tain aspects of the Athanasian creed. 
*3<5 c. net Longmans. 

Atheist's mass. See Balzac, H. de. 
Athen&um Press ser. D. Ginn. 

Carlyle. On heroes, etc. $1.35- 
De Quincey. Selections. $1.05. 
Shakespeare. Sonnets. 60 c. 
Tennyson. Poems. 90 c. 
Athenian drama ser. D. $2. Longmans. 
Aeschylus. The Orestei. (i.) 
Sophocles. (2.) 

Annual of the British school at Athens. 
No. 8, sessions 1901-02. *$5 net. 

Butler. Story of Athens **$2.4O net 

Century Co. 
Gardner. Ancient Athens. **$5 net 

Horton. Modern Athens, net, $1.25. 


Atherton, E :, ed. Adventures of Marco Polo, 

the great traveller. *02(Agi6) il. D. 

(Home reading books; Div. 3, history.) 

65 c. Appleton. 

Atherton, Mrs. Gertrude F., ["Frank Lin," 

pseud.} The aristocrats. 'oi(Ap2o) D. 

$1.50. Lane. 

Atherton, Mrs. Gertrude F. The conqueror. 

J 02(Mr2p) D. $1.50; ? 04(Jen) D. (Mac- 

millan's paper, novel ser., no. 5 ) pap., t25 c. 


Atherton, Mrs. Gertrude F. The dooms- 
woman. [New issue.] '01 (Mr2) D. $i 25. 
Continental Press 

Atherton, Mrs. Gertrude F. His fortunate 
Grace. '04(1130) 12, (Canvas back lib.) 
bds., f7S c. . Lane 

Athertcm, Mrs. Gertrude F. Mrs. Pendleton's 
four-m-hand. J O3(Jln) il. 16, (Little 
novels by favorite authors.) fso c. 


Athearton, Mrs. Gertrude F. Rulers of kings. 

*04(Ap23) D. t$i-5o. Harper. 

Atherton, Mrs. Gertrude F. Senator North: 

[novel.] I90o(je2) D. $1.50. Lane 

Atherton, Mrs. Gertrude F. The splendid 

idle forties. '02(0i8) il. D. t$i-5o. 

Atherton, Mrs. Gertrude F., ed. See also 

Hamilton, A. 

Atherton, Mrs. Ma. A. C. Chandler practical 
shorthand for schools and colleges, (based 
upon the alphabet of takigraphy.) 2Oth 
cent ed *04(Di7) 12, $2. M. A. Atherton. 
Athletic library. See Spal ding's. 

Bothner Scientific wrestling. 25 c. R. K. F. 
Graham and Clark. Practical track and 
field athletics. $i. Fox. 

Gunn. All-around athletics. 10 c. 

Am. Sports. 

Intercollegiate athletic calendar, 1852-1904. 

v. 4. $1.50. T: R. Gaines. 

Sargent. Universal test for strength, etc., 

of human body. $i. Powell Pr. 

Spalding's official athletic almanac. 10 c. 

Am. Sports, 
Sullivan. Athletic primer 10 c. 

Am. St>orts 

See also Bag punching; Gymnastics and physical 
culture ; Jm-jitstt ; Woman. 




Athletics and outdoor sports for women; in- 
trod. by Lucille Eaton Hill. 'o3(My23) il. 
O. **$i.50 net. Macmillan. 

Atkins, Alb. J. Electrical physiology; or, 
electro-chemic energy vs. oxygenation of 
the human blood. '04 (Mrs) 8, pap., 10 c. 

A. J. Atkins, 

Atkins, H. G. Johann Wolfgang Goethe. '04 
(D3) 16, (Little biographies ser.) *$i net 


Atkins, H. G. See also Kastner, L. E. 

Atkins, Ja. See Tillett, W. F. 

Atkiiis, Ja., and Kirkpatrick, W: J. Young 
people's hymnal, no. 2. J oi(Ap6) D. bds., 
30 c. Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So. 

Atkinson, A. A. Electrical and magnetic cal- 
culations. *02(Je7) D. net, $1.50; 2d ed., 
rev. 03(My9) 12, **$ net. 

yan Nostrand. 

Atkinson, A. G. B., ed. Christian conference 
essays. 1900(029) 8, $2.50. Macmillan. 

Atkinson. C T. Michel de THospital. 1900 
(Api4) D. $1.50. Longmans. 

Atkinson, E : Cost of war and warfare from 
1898 to 1902, incL: [$700,000,000] '02 
(Ag23) Q pap., 6 c. E: Atkinson. 

Atkinson, E: Facts and figures the basis of 

economic science '04(615) O. **$i.50 net 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Atkinson, E: Prevention of loss by fire. 
19,00(162) O. pap., 25 c. Damrell. 

Atkinson, E: Social bacteria and economic 
microbes, \\holesome and noxious. '02 
(Si3) 0. pap., n. p. E: Atkinson. 

ATKINSON, Edward Lincoln. 
Slattery. Edward Lincoln Atkinson. **$i 
net. Longmans. 

Atkinson, Eleanor. Mamzelle Fifine. '03 
(031) il. D, f$i 50. Appleton. 

Atkinson, G: F. First studies of plant life. 
'oi(MyiS) il. sq. D. 70 c. , Ginn. 

Atkinson, G: F. Lessons in botany. 1900 
(Mr24) il. D. net, $1.12. Holt 

Atkinson, G: F Studies of Amer. fungi 
mushrooms, edible, poisonous, etc. 1900 
(Di) ; 2d ed. ? oi(D7) il. 8, ea, $3. 


Atkinson, G: F. Studies of Amer. fungi 
mushrooms, edible, poisonous, etc [Also] 
Recipes for cooking mushrooms, by Mrs. 
Sa. T. Rorer; [and] Chemistry and toxi- 
cology of mushrooms, by J. F. Clark. 26. 
ed. '<>3(DiQ) il col. pis. 0. **$3 net. Holt. 

Atkinson, J. J. See Lang, A. 

Atkinson, Rob. W., and Carter, E. Songs of 
the Eastern colleges. '02 (Fl) 0. $1.25. 


Atkinson, W: W. Law of the new thought 
J oa(S2o) 0. $i. Psychic Research. 

Atkinson, W: W. Memory culture. '03 
(Je20) 12, $i. New Thought 

Atkinson, W: W.- Thought-force in business 
and everyday life: ser. pf lessons in per- 
sonal magnetism, psychic influence, etc. 
roth ed. J 02(S2o) 0. $i. Psychic Research. 
Atlanta Univ. pubs. O. pap., 50 c. 

Atlanta Univ, 
Du Bois, ed. Negro artisan. (7.) 


See Telegraph. 


Hall. Hist of Atlantic City and county. 
$5; $10. Daily Union, 

ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. Continued. 
Heston. Absegami: annals of Eyre Haven 
and Atlantic City, 1609-1904. 2 v. $5. 
Handbook; ace. of settlement of Eyre 
Haven, and hist, of Atlantic City and 
county. 25 'c. A. M. Heston. 

Atlantic ferry (The). Maginnis, A. J. $2. 


Atlantic Monthly index, 1888-1901; incl. vs. 
61-66. '03 (F7) 8 P , **$2 net 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Atlantic palolo. Mayer, A. G. *2S c. net. 


Atlantic reporter. v. 44. Permanent ed. 
1900 (Mr24) j v. 45 (Jei6) ; v. 46 (613) ; 
v. 47. J oi(Ap6) ; v. 48 (Jlia) ; v 49 (D;) ; 
v 50. J 02(Mr29) ; v. 51 (Jii9) ; v. 52 
(Di3); v. 53. } 03(My2); v. 54 (Ag22) ; 
v. 55 (Da6); v. 56. '04 (Jen) ; v. 57 
(Ag27) ; v. 58. 0. (Nat. reporter system, 
state ser.) shp., ea., $4. West Pub. 

Atlantic reporter. Index digest 07 decisions 
reported in vs. 1-50. '02. *03(F2i) O 
(Nat. reporter system digests, Atlantic sen, 
v. i.) shp., $10. West Pub. 

Atlantic surfman* Rand, E: A: *50 c. net. 


Phelon. Our story of Atlantis. $i. 


Atlantis. Morrow, L. H. $1.25. Eastern. 

Atlas and epitome of diseases caused by ac- 
cident Golebiewski, E : net, $4. Saunders. 
Atlas and epitome of general pathologic his- 
tology. Diirck, H. *$5 net Saunders. 
Atlas and epitome of special pathological 
histology. Durck, H. 2 pts., ea,, net, $3. 

Atlas of anatomy. Toldt, C 6 v. $18. 


Atlas of venereal and skin diseases. John- 
ston, J. C subs., $25. Wood. 

Bartholomew. Handy world atlas and 
gazetteer. **40 c. net Estes. 

Bartholomew, ed* 20th century citizen's at- 
las of the world. *$8 net ; $10 net t 

Century atlas of the world, subs , $10. 

Century Co. 

Conklin, comp. New handy manual; or 
useful information and wo r ld's atlas 
25 c. ; 50 c. Laird 

Cram. Success handy ref. atlas and gazet- 
teer of world. $i. Success. 
Cram's ideal rei atlas of the world. $1.75- 

G. F. Cram. 

Grundy, ed. Murray's small classical atlas. 
$1.50. Oxford Univ. 

Hodder. Outline maps for historical atlas 
of the U. S. 45 c. Ginn. 

Lord. Atlas of the geog. and hist, of the 
ancient world. $i ; $i 75. B : H. Sanborn. 
National standard family and business at- 
las of the world, subs., $475- 

Fort Dearborn. 

Philips' handy volume atlas of the world. 
*$i net s Scribner. 

Putzger. Historischer schul-atlas. *$i.25 
net. Lemcke & B. 

See also Encyclopaedias; Geography; Railroads. 




Atlay, J. B. Famous trials of the century 
'99- i90o(Di) D. $1.75. H. S. Stom 


See Air; Meteorology. 


Muir. Story of atoms, especially carbon 

75 c. Wessels 

Murray. Atoms and energies. $1.25 

Venable. Study of the atom. $2. 


See also Chemistry; Physics. 

Atoms of empire. Hyne, C: J: C. W. t^ 


Ballon. Treatise on atonement *$i net 
$1.50 net * Universalist 

Bowne. The atonement. 500. Curts 

Bradley, J. Love of God revealed by man's 
redemption. 30 c. Revell 

Candlish, J. S. Christian salvation. $3. 


Davies. Atonement and intercession o1 

Christ, net, $1.25. Scribner. 

Denny. The atonement and the modern 

mind **$i net. Armstrong 

Godet and others. The atonement in mod 

ern religious thought. $1.50. Whittaker, 

Kepharl. Treatise on the atonement. 50 c. 

Un. B. Pub, 

Merrill. Atonement, net, 25 c. Jennings. 
Moberly. Atonement and personality. $4, 

Tymms. Christian idea of atonement. $2. 

See also Jesus Christ. 

Attache in Peking. Mitford, A. B. F. $2, 



Rood. On attachments, garnishments, judg- 

^ments, and executions, $3. Wahr 

Attic philosopher in Paris. Souvestre, E. 

75 c. Caldwell. 


Flagg. Writer of attic prose: models fr 
Xenophon $i. Am. Bk. 


National list Directory of bonded attor- 
neys. (App. to pubs, for price.) 

Nat. Surety. 

United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co.'s 

guaranteed attorneys and counselors. 

subs., $25. Friedenwald. 

See also American law diiectorj T ; Bankers; 

Banks and banking; Law; Lawyers. 

Attractive church. Myers, C. 150. Am. Bap t 

Attwood, E: War-ships: a text-book. '04 

(Si7) il diagrams, O. *$3 net Longmans. 

Attwoo<Ts pictures: artist's hist, of the last 

ten years of the igth century. 1900 (D22) 

il. sq. 8, $3. Life Pub. Co. 

Atwater, Emily P. How Sammy went to 

coral-land. *02(Ag2) il. D. **40 c. Jacobs, 

Atwater, Emily P. Tommy's adventures. 

1900 (N3) il. D. (Lad and lassie ser.) 50 c. 


Atwater, Fs., comp. Atwater history and 
genealogy. '01. 'os(F8) il. 8, $5; hf. 
mor., $7.50; full mor,, $10. Journal Pub. 
Atwater, Joshua. American farmers' fig- 
urer. Rev. and improved ed. J O4(Jli6) 
por. 12, 35 c.; 50 c. Atwater. 

Atwood, G: E: Complete graded arithmetic. 
Grades 3-7. '01. J O2(Je7) ; 8th grade (S6) 
D. ea., 25 c. net. Heath. 

Au p61e en ballon. Patrice, V. net, 50 c. 


Aubert, A. B. University of Maine chemical 
laboratory: organic and inorganic prepara- 
tions, urinalysis, and toxicology. 1900 (Dis) 
sq. D. pap., n. p. t Knowles. 

Aubigny, Mme. Estelle d'. The woman beau- 
tiful in the twentieth century. '02. '03 
(Jaio) il. 12, $i. Street. 

Aucassin and Nicolette; done into Eng. by 
A. Lang. '04(015) il. D. (Chiswick ser.) 
**50 c. net. Crowell. 

Aucassin and Nicolette, the song-story; tr. 
by A. Lang. '02(013) 16, bds., **$3 net 

Elston Press. 

Aucassin and Nicolette. Cest d'Aucassin et 
de Nicolette (French); ed. by Fs. W: 
Bourdillon. '03(319) 8, (Vale Press ser.) 
*$I2 net. Lane. 

Aucassin and Nicolette; tr. by A. Lang. '03. 
nar. S. (Vest pocket ser, no. 6.) *2$ c. net- 
*$i net T: B. Mosher. 

Attchincloss, W : S. The only key to Daniel's 
prophecies; introd. by A. H. Sayce. 2d ed. 
'04(01) map, tables, fold, tab., 16, 75 c. 
Van Nostrand. 

Auction prices of American book-club pub- 
lications. Roden, R. F. (not for sale.) 



Johnson Guide to successful auctioneer- 
ing. $i; 75 c. Progressive. 


See Bookkeeping 
Audrey. Johnston, M $i 50 

Houghton, M & Co 
AUDUBON, John James. 
Burroughs. John James Audubon. **75 c. 
net Small. 

Butterworth. In the days of Audubon. net 
$1.20. Appleton. 

Audubon, Lucy, ed. John James Audubon. 
1900. 12, (Am. men of energy, no. 3 ) 
$1.50- * Putnam. 

Auerbach, Berthold. Brigitta; authorized tr. 
from the Germ, by J. A. McBrayer, sr. '02 
(N22) 12, pap., 25 c. R. H. Carothers. 
Auf dunkeln wegen. Wagner, E: f5o c. 

Aufrecht, E. See Musser, J: H., ed. 

Lugier, Guillaume V. *., and Foussi-er, 

Edouard. Un beau mariage: comedie; 

(Stuart Symington, and others.) '03 

(Myi6) S. **35 c. net. . Holt. 

Augier, Guillaume V. ., and Sandeau, J. 

Gendre de M. Poirier; ed. by E. C. Roed- 

der. 'O3(jai;) D. 40 c. . . Am. Bk. 
Augsburg, D. R. Drawing. In 3 bks. '02 

(My3) sq. O: ea., 75 c. Educ. Pub. 

AUGUSTA, Empress of Germany. 

Tschudi. Augusta, Empress of Germany. 
$3- Button. 


Waddell. Annals of Augusta Co., Va., 
1726-1871. $2.50: $5. C R. Caldwell. 
Augustia-TMerry, Gilbert. The plot of the 

placards: Rennes, 1802; tr. by A. G. Chater. 

*03(Di2) 12, *$i.75 net Scribner. 



Augustine, St. City of God ; tr. by J : Healey. 
J 03(Agi) 3 v., 16, (Temple classics.) ea., 
50 c.; flex, leath., ea., 75 c. Macmillan 

Augustine, St. Confessions ; introd. by Canon 
Beeching. '04(022) por. S. (Red letter 
lib., no. 16.) 50 c.; limp leath., $i. 


Augustine, St. Confessions ; ed. by T. Scott. 
New ed. 'oi(D7) 12, (Religious life ser., 
no. i.) $1.50. Button. 

Augustine, St. Confessions. 1900 (D8) 8, 
vellum, net, $5 ; Special ed., on vellum pap., 
in vellum portfolio, net, $10. Lippincott 

Augustine, St. Thirteen homilies on St. 
John xiv. ; tr. by H. F. Stewart 1900 (Di) 
12, (Cambridge Univ. Press ser.) net, $i. 


Augustine, St., in England; literally tr. by E. 
Thomson. 'oi(Jei) S. (Old South leaflets, 
no. 113.) pap., 5 c. Old South Work, 

Augustine, 5V., Thomas & Kempis, [and oth- 
ers] Saintly words. 'oi(Jl2o) 48, leath., 
50 c. E. & J. B. Young. 

Augustine, St. See also Harnack, A. 


McCabe. St. Augustine and his age. *$2 
net. . Putnam. 

Augustinian mission manual. Jones, W: A. 
50 c.; $r H. L. Kilner. 

See Caesar, Augustus. 

Auld acquaintance. Harris, R: $2. 


Aulde, J : Manual of physiological cell medi- 
cation. J 03(Sig) T. pap, n. p. Aulde. 

Aulde, J: Pocket pharmacy with therapeutic 
index. New ed. '01. 12, $2. Appleton. 

Aulls, S : D. Quizzer on the N. Y. code of 
civil procedure. 2d ed. *O4(Mri9) O. pap., 
$i. H: B. Parsons. 

Aulnoy. Marie C J. de B., Comtesse d*. In- 
genious and diverting letters of the Lady 

travels in Spain. 2d ed. 1900 (Mno) 

por. 12, $1.50. Putnam. 

Aulnoy, Marie C. J. de B., Comtessc d', and 
Perrault, C: Once upon a time. New ed. 
'01. 'o2(Fi5) 16, (Children's friend ser.) 
bds., 50 c. Little, B. & Co. 

Aulnoy, Marie C. J. de B., Comtesse d'. See 
also Perrault, C: 

Aunt Abby's neighbors. Slosson, Mrs. A. T. 
t$i. Revell. 

Aunt Deborah hears "The Messiah." See 
Cheney, Mrs. E. The lapidaries. 

Aunt Hannah and Seth. Kaler, J. O. 50 c. 


Attnt Jerusha's quilting party. Parsons, L. 
M. 25 c. W. H. Baker. 

Aunt Jimmy's will. Wright, M. 0. **$ 
net. Macmillan. 

Aunt 'Liza's hero. Johnston, A. F. $i. 

L. C. Page. 

Aunt Lizzie's series. *oi(Mr2) 6 v., il. S 
per set, $1.50. Nelson. 

Aunt Louisa, pseud. See Maguire, H. 

Aunt Nabby's children. White, F. H. 50 c. 

L. C. Page. 

"Aunt Susan," pseud. See Prentiss, Mrs. E. 

Aurand, S: H. Botanical materia medica: 
poisoning and antidotes. '99. (Fi7) 8. $2.50. 


Auras and colors. Grumbine, J. C: F. 
50 c. Order White Rose. 


See Confession. 

Aurora Leigh. See Browning, Mrs. E. B. 

Aus dem deutschen dichterwald. Dillard. J. 
H., ed. 60 c. Am. Bk. 

Aus dem leben eines ungliicklichen. Hans- 
jakob, H. *50 c. net MacmiHan. 

Aus deutschen landen. Meissner, M. **35 c 
net. Holt 

Aus einer kleinen garnison. Bilse, Lieut. 
50 c. ^ Schmidt. 

Aus grosser zeit: geschichte der 48ger in 
Amerika. 1900 (Jb8) I2 Q , pap., 50 c. 


Aus meinem konigreich. Pauline, E. O. 35 c. 


Austen, Jane. Works. J 02(D27) 5 v., il. 12, 
ea., 80 c. ; leath., ea., $1.25. Macmillan. 

Austen, Jane. Works. Hampshire ed. '03 
'02(027) 5 v. f S. per set, $5. Putnam. 

Austen, Jane. Novels. New cheaper ed. '04 
(F6) 6 v., 12, (Handy lib. sets of standard 
novelists.) $6; hf. mor., $16.50. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Austen, Jane. Pride and prejudice. '02. '03 
(Ja24) il. 12, (Eng. comedie humaine, ist 
sen, v. 5.) subs, for ser., $24. Century Co. 

Austen, Jane. Pride and prejudice. '04(015) 
il. O. (Luxembourg lib.) f$*-5Q Crowell. 

Austen, Jane. Pride and prejudice; Mans- 
field Park; and Northanger Abbey. '03 
(N;) il. S. (New century lib.) $x ; flex. 
leath., $1.50. Nelson. 

Austen, Jane. Sense and sensibility; Emma 
and Persuasion. '03 (N/) S. (New century 
lib.) $i ; flex, leath., $1.50. Nelson. 

AUSTEN, Jane. 

Bonnell. Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot. 

Jane Austen. *$2 net. Longmans. 

Hill. Jane Austen, her homes and friends. 

net, $6. Lane 

Austen, P: T. See Langworthy, C: F. 

Austen, Sir W. C. Roberts-. Introd. to the 
study of metallurgy. 5th ed., enl. '03, il, 
8, **$5-5Q net. Lippincott 

Austin, Alfr. Flodden Field. '03(03) D. 
**$i 20 net. Harper. 

Austin, AJfr. Haunts of ancient peace. '02 
(025) H. 12, **$i.5o net. Macmillan. 

Austin, Alfr. Spring and autumn in Ireland. 
1900 (Myip) 8% $i. Macmillan. 

Austin, Alfr. Tale of true love, and other 
poems. '02(Ap26) D. net, $1.20 Harper. 

Austin, Alfr., comp. and ed. Eighteenth cen- 
tury anthology; introd. by A. Austin. '04 
(O22) por. S. (Red letter lib., no. 15 ) 
50 c. ; limp leath., $i. Caldwell. 

Austin, B. F. Success : a lecture and a course 
of twenty-four lessons given by Dr. Austin 
to his summer classes and through his 
monthly magazine, Reason. '04 (Ds) 16, 
pap., 25 c. Austin Pub. 

Austin, Caroline. Cousin Geoffrey and I. 
'oi(MyiS) 12, (Fireside ser.) $i. Burt 

Austin, Herb. H. With Macdonald in 
Uganda. *03(Ap4) il. O. $6. Longmans. 

Austin-, Isabella. See Blaisdell, S. L. Gil- 
man, M. L. 

Austin, J. G., and Smith, W. L. Ohio busi- 
ness law. 1900. *oi(My4) D. $1.50. 

Brown, R & H. 




Austin, J: 0. More Seven club tales. Lim 
ited ed. igoo(06) 8, pap., $2. 

Newport News 

Austin, J : 0. Philip and Philippa : genealog 
romance. > oi.(Je22> 0, $2. J: 0. Austin. 

Austin, Martha W. Veronica. ; 03(Mri4) D 
i$i.50. Doubleday, P 

Austin, Mrs. Ma. H. Basket woman: fanci- 
ful tales for children. '04(029) D. t$i-5Q- 
Houghton, M. & Co 

Austin, Mrs. Ma. H. The land of little rain 
'03(024) 0. **$2 net Houghton, M. & Co 

Austin, Ma. S. Philip Freneau; the poet of 
the Revolution. '01. '02 (Fi) 0. net, $2.50. 


Austin, Oscar P. Steps in the expansion of 
our territory. '03. *04(F6) D. (Expansion 
of the republic sen) **$i.25 net. Appleton. 

Austin, Sam C. Boxing, and how to train. 
5 04(Jl2) il. por. 12, (Fox's athletic sen) 
pap.; 25 c. R. K. Fox. 


Grey. Australasia, net, $1.50. Dutton. 

Jose. Australasia the commonwealth and 

New Zealand, net, 40 c. Macmillan. 

Carpenter. Australia, [etc.] 60 c. 

Am. Bk. 

Charlton. Gold " mining and milling in 
western Australia. $10. Span. 

Gelling. Municipal institutions of Aus- 
tralia. 25 c. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 
George. Little journey to Australia. 15 c. 


Howitt. Native tribes of Southeast Aus- 
tralia, *$6.50 net Macmillan. 
Lloyd. Newest England. $2.50. 

Doubleday, P, 

Moore. Xew Australian Commonwealth. 
35 c. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

Spencer and Gillen. Northern tribes of 
Central Australia. *$6.$o net. Macmillan. 
Taunton. Australind : wanderings in West- 
ern Australia. $4. Longmans. 

See also Victoria. 


See Australia. 


Baedeker. Austria including Hungary, 

Transylvania, etc. net, $2.40. Scribner. 

Palmer. Austro-Hungarian life in town 

and country. **$i.20 net. Putnam. 

See also Prague; Vienna. 

Austrian, Delia. Love songs. ? 02(Jl5) D. 
$i. Conkey. 

Author (The) books. Halsey, F. W., ed. 3 
v. **$3.75net. ^ ^ Pott 

Authoritative Christianity: the six synods of 
the undivided church, its only utterances. 
Third world council held A.D. 431 at Ephe- 
sus in Asia. 2 v.; tr. by Ja. Qirystal. '04 
(Agso) O. per v., $3. J. Chrystai 

Authorities, deductions and notes in bailments 
and carriers. Willis, H. R $2. 

Univ. of Minn. 

Authorities, deductions and notes in com- 
mercial paper. *02(Jli2) interleaved, O. 
shp., $2.25. f Univ. Press, 

Authorities, deductions and notes in con- 
tracts. 1900(013) O. shp., $2.25. 

Univ. Press. 

Authors yearbook and guide; gathered and 
arranged by W. E. Price. 1902-1904. D. 
ea., $i. 

Book-Lover; W. E, Price; Rose Jar. 

Adams. Dictionary of Am. authors. $3.50- 
Houghton, M. & Co. 

Allibone. Great authors of all ages. $2.50. 


Bacon. Literary pilgrimages in N. E, $2. 


Booth, comp. Notes for the guidance of 

authors, net, 25 c. Macmillan. 

Brownell. Victorian prose masters, net,' 

$1.50. Scribner. 

Burton, Literary leaders of America. $i. 

Chautauqua Pr. 

Burton. Literary leaders of America. 

**8o c. net. Lothrop. 

Burton. Literary leaders of America. **$i 

net. Scribner. 

Clark. Biographies of great Am. and Eng. 

authors. 25 v. ea., 10 c. C. M. Parker. 

Crawford. Chats on writers and their 

books. 2*v. *$2.5o net; *$5 net Sergei. 

Fields. Yesterdays with authors. $3.50. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Furst Six lectures on great Amer. writ- 
ers. 10 c. Teachers' College. 
Gilder, J. L. and J. B., eds. Authors at 
home. **$i net. Wessels. 
Graham. Scottish men of letters in i8th 
cent net, $4.50. Macmillan. 
Halsey, ed. American authors and their 
homes. Authors of our day in their 
homes. Women authors of our day in 
their homes, ea., **$i.25 net. Pott. 
Hamilton. Syllabus of a course of six lec- 
tures on American writers. 10 c. 

Teachers' Coll. 

Harkins. Little pilgrimages among men 
[authors]. $1.50; $3; $3,50. Men who 
have written famous books. **$i.2O net. 

L. C. Page, 

Harkins and Johnston. Little pilgrimages 

among women [authors]. $1.50; $3; 

$3-50. L. C. Page, 

Hiland. How to become an author. 10 c. 


Howells. Literary friends and acquaint- 

ance. $2.50. Harper. 

Hubbard. Little j ourneys to the, homes of 

English authors. $2.50. Putnam. 

Irvine. Writer's blue book. 50 c. Crown. 

Kenyon. Loitering in old fields. $i. 

Eaton & M. 
Knight Retrospects. *$2.25 net 


Laughlin. Stories of authors' loves. 2 v. 

**$3 net; $6 net . Lippincott. 

Mabie. Backgrounds of literature. **$2 

net. Outlook. 

Morley, ed. English men of letters. 38 v. 

ea., 40 c.; 13 v.. ea., $i. Macmillan, 

Moulton, ed. Lib. of literary criticism of 

Eng. and Amer. authors, v. 1-5. ea., 

$5? $6.50. Moulton Pub. 

Notes for the guidance of authors. 25 c. 


Parrott Studies of a booklover. **$i.25 

net .Pott 

Paul. Men and letters. $1.50. Lane. 




AUTHORS. Continued. 

Peet. Who's the author? 50 c. Crowell. 

Reeve. Practical authorship. $3. Editor. 

Rowlands. Among the great masters of 
literature. $1.50. Estes. 

Sedgwick. Essays on great writers. 
**$i.50 net. Houghtpn, M. & Co, 

Sharp. Architects of Eng. literature. $2. 


Sharp. Literary geography. *$3-5O net 


Welsh. Publishing a book. soc. Heath. 

Wilson. New England in letters. **$i.50 
net. Wessels. 

See also American literature; Authorship; Bib- 
liographies; Copyright; Drama and dramat- 
ists , English literature ; Fiction ; French 
Academy; Literature; Musicians; Novel- 
ists, Readers. 

Auto-calculator. Robinson, J. W. $5. 

J. W. Robinson. 
Auto da fe, and other essays. '02. 'o3(Fi4) 

D. *$i.40 net. Longmans. 

Set Hypnotism. 

Autobiographies and portraits of the Presi- 
dent, Cabinet, Sup. ct, and Fifty-fifth Con- 
gress. '99 ( Jep) 2 v., il. O. $10 ; hf. mor. or 
hf. lev., $15- Neale. 

Autobiography of a baby. Bradford, T: L. 
50 c " Bell Pub. 

Autobiography of a beggar. Friedman, I. K. 
t$ u Small, M. 

Autobiography of a newspaper girl. Banks, 

E. L. **$i.20 net Dodd. 
Autobiography of a quack. Mitchell, S. W. 

$1.25. Century Co. 

Autobiography of a thief. Hapgood, H. 

**$i.25 net Fox, D. 

Autobiography of a tomboy. Gilder, J. L. 

$1.25. Doubleday, P. 

Autobiography of a tramp. Crawford, J. H. 

$1.50 Longmans. 

Autobiography of an Irish terrier. Bolton, R. 

P. $i. Neale. 

Autobiography of the I or ego. Wheeler, C: 

K. $i. C:K. Wheeler. 

Autocrat of the breakfast table. See Holmes, 

0. W. 
Autocrats (The). Lush, C: K. $1.50. 

Doubleday, P. 

Joline. Meditations of an autograph col- 
lector, net, $3. . . Harper. 
Automatic pen lettering and designs. See 

Faust. C. A. 

Allen. Digest of U. S. automobile patents. 
$25. H. B. Russell. 

Bubier. How to build automobiles, illus- 
trated. 50 c. Bubier. 
Dyke and Dorris/ Diseases of a gasoline 
automobile. $1.50. A. L. Dyke. 
Hiscox. Horseless vehicles. $3- Henley. 
Homans. Self-propelled vehicles. $5- Audel. 
Jenkins. Motor cars, and the application 
of median, power to road vehicles. **$5 
net. Pott 
Lavergne. The automobile. $4.50- McKay. 
Layriz. Mechanical traction in war, for 
road transport $2. Lippincott 
Lee's Am. automobile annual for 1900-1902. 
ea , $i. Laird. 


Official automobile blue book. Eastern ed. 

$3. Off. Automobile. 

Thompson. The motor-car. $i. Warne, 

Woods. The electric automobile. $1.25. 

H. S. Stone 
Young. Complete motorist. **$ net 

Mcdure, P. 
See also Dynamos and motors. 


Schmitt, ed. Brief of necroscopy and its 
medico legal relation. **$i net Funk. 
Autumn songs. Herndon, T: H, $1.50. 

Autumns in Argyleshire with rod and gun. 

Gathorne-Hardy, A. E. $3.50. Longmans. 
Avare (U). See Moliere, J: B. R de. 
Avary, Myrta L., ed. A Virginia girl in the 

Civil War. 'O3(F2i) D. **$i,25 net 

Ave Roma immortalis. Crawford, F. M. 

**$3 net Macmillan. 

Avebury, Lord. See Lubbock, Sir J: 
Av-entures (Les) du dernier abencerage. 

See Chateaubriand, F. R. A. 
Avenues to health. Miles, E. H. *$ net 

Avery, Alfr. H. A B C of dynamo design. 

J oi(Myi8) 12, net, 40 c. Spon. 

Avery, Elroy McK. History of the U. S. and 

its people, from their earliest records to 

the present time. In 12 v. v. i., Period of 

discovery. 'o4(Dio) il. maps, 8, *$6.25 

net; hf. levant, *$ net; full levant, 

*$iy.5o net. Burrows. 

Arery, Elroy McK. School chemistry. '04 

(O22) D. (Avery's physical science sen) 

hf. leath., $1.20. Am. Bk. 

Avery, Harold. Heads or tails. *oi (Ni6) il. 

D. $1.50. Nelson. 

Avery, Harold. The house on the moor. "03 

(N7) il. D. 50 c. Nelson. 

Avery, Harold. Sale's sharpshooters. '03. '02 

(Ni5) il. D. f$i.25. Nelson. 

Avery, Harold, A toast- fag, and other stories. 

'01 1900 (Ni/) S. 60 c. Nelson. 

Avery, Harold, and others. Gunpowder 

treason and plot, and other stories for boys. 

'01. il. 8, 80 c. Nelson. 

Aveiy, J: History of the town of Ledyard, 

1650-1900. *oi(Si4) il. por. 8, net, $2. 

Noyes & D. 

Avery, J : A. Plane geometry by the sugges- 
tive method. *O3(Api8) 12, bds., 40 c. 

B: H. Sanborn. 

Avery, Martha Moore-. See Moore- Avery, M. 
Avery, S: P. Some account of the "Gibbs- 

Channing" portrait of George Washington. 

1900 (D22) 8. S: P. Avery. 

Avery. Phelps, E. S. t$i- 

Houghton, M. & Co. 
Avista. Index verborum, by M. Schuyler, jr 

'O2(jei4) 8, (Columbia Univ. Indo-Iranian 

ser.) net, $2. Macmillan. 

Arirett, Ja. B. The old plantation. 'oi(Jei) 

D. $1.50. Neely. 

Awakening (The). Chambers, C: H. 50 c. 

W. H. Baker. 

Awakening (The). See Tolstoi, Lyoff. 
\wakening of Anthony Weir. Hocking, S. 

K. $1.50. Union Press. 




Awakening of Japan. Kakuzo, 0. **$i.20 
net. Century Co. 

Awakening of Mr. Pipp. Grapewin, C. 25 c. 

Cleveland News. 

Awakening of Noahville. Horth, F. H. 
50 c. G: W. Dillingham. 

Awakening of the Duchess. Charles, F. 
t$ Little, B. & Co. 

Awakening of the East. Leroy-Beaulieu, H. 
J. B. A. $1.50. McClure, P. 

Award of justice. Barbour, A. M. $1.50. 
Rand, McN. & Co. 

Awful disclosures. Monk, M. 75 c. ; 50 c. 

Truth Seeker. 

Axtell, D. B. See Texas. Constitution. 

Axtell, Ja. W. Grading the Sunday school 
the outcome of organization. '04. 16, 
50 c. Cumberland Press. 

Axtell, Ja. W. Organized Sunday-school. '01 
(D28) S. 50 c. Cumberland Press. 

Axtell, Ja. W. The teaching problem: to 
Sunday-school workers. J O2(N22) S. 50 c. 
Cumberland Press. 

Axtell, Ja. W., comp. Superintendent's hand- 
book, 1003. '03- *02(Di3) ; 1904. '03 
(N2i) T. leath., ea., 35 c. 

Cumberland Press. 

Axtell, Ja. W., comp. Teachers' handbook, 
1904. '03(026) T. *25 c. net 

Cumberland Press. 

Axtell, J: S. Mystery of baptism. *oi(Ag3i) 
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Home Topics. 

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S. **$r net Lee & S. 

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rics. 1900 (Di) il. 8, net, $2. Treat 

Ayers, Raymond F. Four-footed folk. '01 
(Di4) il. sq. O. bds., $1.25. Russell. 

Ayers, Raymond F. The king of Kinkiddie, 
and other fairy tales of now. '04(022) il. 
sq. D. t$i-50- Dutton. 

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1900. 'oi(Mr9) D. $i. Abbey Press. 

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50 c. Appleton. 

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worth Leagues and the home circle. 26. ser. 
'04 (Jen) S. (League at work ser.) *2$ c. 
net Eaton &M. 

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liers, and other poems. 'oi(D2i) il. 8, 
$1.50. Knighi, 

Aza, V. See Carrion, M. R. 

Azalim. Ashton, M. t$i-5O. L. C. Page. 

Aztec god, Raymond, G: L. $1.25. Putnam, 

B., A. B. Songs of degrees; or, gradual 
Psalms. 'oi(Di4) D. 50 c. Longmans. 

"B. B!' reprints. 8. Burrows. 

Thomas. Pa. and west N. J. *$2 net (6.) 

B., E. P. An artist's creed. *03(My2) S. 
*75 c. net Scott-T. 

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B., S. See Philip. 

B. V., pseud. See Thomson, J. 

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home. bk. 2, Leviticus to Samuel. '03 
(819) D. bds., 30 c. Block 

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50 c. Pustet 

Bab ballads. See Gilbert, W: S. 

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Babcock, Mrs. Bernie. Daughter of a repub- 
lican. 1900 (Di$) il. 12, 50 c.; pap., 20 : 

New Voice. 

Babcock, Mrs. Bernie. Justice to the woman. 
'03 (Dig) il. 12, $1.25. B'way Pub. 

Originally published, 1901, by A. C. McClurg & Co. 

Babcock, Mrs. Bernie. An uncrowned queen : 
Frances E. Willard. '02. J o3(Ja24) 12, 
**75 c. net. Revell. 

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for it 1900. *oi(Jeis) il. sq. D.SOC. Silver. 

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use of the genitive and accusative in Latin. 
'oi(My4) 8, (Cornell studies in classical 
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25 c. D. D. Babcock, 

Babcock, Elkanah. War history of the Sixth 
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rosters and memorials of the Cuban and 
Philippine campaigns ; rev. and ed. by S. T. 
Fisk, jr. '03(Je27) 12% $1.50. Hudson-K. 

Bafooock, M. D. Hymns and carols: [music 
and words.] '03. '04^27) 0. $i. Novello. 

Babcock, M. D. Letters from Egypt and 
Palestine. f 02(Mr22) il. D. net, $i. 


Babcock, M. D. Thoughts for evcry-day liv- 
ing. 'oi(Ni6) D. net, $i; *$2 net 

^ , m Scri-bner. 

Babcock, M. D. Three whys and their an- 
swer. '01. 'o2(Fis) S. 35 a 

Un. Soc*. C. E. 




BABCOCK, Maltbie Davenport. 
Robinson. Maltbie Davenport Babcock. 
*$i net. Revell. 

Babcock, Rob. H. Diseases of the heart and 
arterial system. '03(85) il. col. pi., 8, 
subs., $6. Appleton. 

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mcl Isaiah Babcock, sr., and his descen- 
dants. *04(Ap23) il. 8, $5. S. Babcock. 
Babcock, W: H: Kent Fort manor. '02 
(D2o) 12, (Griffin ser.) f$i. Coates. 

Babcock, W : H : Tower of Wye : (romance.) 
'oi(My4) D. $1.50. Coates. 

Babcock, comp. Babcock genealogy. $5. 

S. Babcock 

Babel and the Bible. See Delitzsch, F. 
Babes in the bush. Browne, T : A. $1.50. 


Babes in the wood. See Story of Blue Beard. 
Babes in Toyland. MacDonough, G. **$ 
net. Fox. 


See Children. 

Babies' classics. Macdonald, L. S., comp. 

*$i-5O net. Longmans. 

Babington, J. A. The Reformation. '01 

(Agsi) 8, net, $4. Dutton. 

Bab's baby. Vernham, K. E. 90 c. 


Babs the impossible. MacFall, Mrs. H. 

$1.50. Harper. 

Baby (The). Wheeler, M. net, $i. Harper. 

Baby Bible stones. Smith, G. 50 c. Altemus. 

Baby days: a new selection of songs, stories 

and pictures for very little folks; introd. 

by the editor of St. Nicholas. '03(017) 

il. O. $1.50. ^ Century. 

Baby Elton, quarterback. Quirk, L. W. 

f$i.25. Century Co. 

Baby Goose. Ostrander, F. E. $1.25. Laird. 

Baby pathfinder to the birds. Cummings, E. 

G *50 c. net; *3O c. net. W. A. Butterfield 

Baby poetess Beach, Mrs. J. $i. Mrs. J. Beach. 

Baby Roland booklets, il. sq. D. pap., *5O c. 

net. Elder. 

Hansen Ascent of man. His calculations. 

Lima beans. Vespers. 
Baby show at Pineville, Pelham, N. H. 25 c. 

T. S. Denison. 

Assyrian and Babylonian literature, subs., 
$3. Appleton. 

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Assyrians. **$i.2S net. Scribner. 

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Johns Babylonian and Assyrian laws, con- 
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King. Babylonian religion and mythology. 
$1.25. Oxford Univ. 

Maspero. Passing of the empires. $7.50. 


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20 c. Scribner. 

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Oxford Univ. 

Rogers. Hist, of Babylonia and Assyria. 
$5. Eaton & M. 

Sayce. Religions of anc. Egypt and Baby- 
lonia. *$3-50 net Scribner 

See also Arioch. 

Baby's A-B-C book. *O4(Dio) 8, 75 c. 


Baby's animal picture book. Maguire, H. $i 


Baby's Baedeker. Graham, H. **$i.2O net. 
Russell; [Harper.] 

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Baby's friends. } O4(Dio) il. 8, 50 c. 


Baby's pets. 'O4(Dio) il. 24, 25 c. Saalfkld. 

Baby's toys. } 04(Dio) il. 24, 25 c. Saalfield. 

Rac, Mrs. See Kilburn, N. 

Baccarat. Danby, F. f$ Lippincott 

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Bacci, Father. Life of St. Philip Neri. New rev. 
ed. ,* ed. by F: I. Antrobus. f 03(F2i) 2v., 
8, *$3 75 net Herder. 

BACH, Johann Sebastian. 
Pirro. Johann Sebastian Bach, the organ- 
ist, and his works. *$i.25 net. 


Thorne. Bach. 50 c. ; $i. Macmillan. 

Williams. Bach. $1.25. Dutton. 

Bach, W. H. Grandpa and the boys: (poem.) 
*oi (D28) il. O. pap., 25 c. ^ Sunflower. 

Bache, Constance. Brother musicians: Ed- 
ward and Walter Bache. '01 (Agi7) il. D. 
$1.50. Pott. 

BACHE, Edward and Walter. 
Bache. Brother musicians. $1.50. Pott. 

Bachelder, Ctte. Carr. See Eaton, I. G. 

Bachelder, J: B. Story of the battle of 
Gettysburg and description of the painting 
of the repulse of Longstreefs assault by Ja, 
Walker and of the steel engraving from it 
by H. B. Hall, jr. *O4(Dio) il. facsims., 
12, pap., 25 c. Hist. Art 


Stacy. Fifty-three yrs. missionary to In- 
dia. Morning Star. 

Bacfcelter, Irving A. Darrel of the Blessed 
Isles. . '03(Ap25) il. D t$i.5<x 

Lothrop; [Harper.] 

Bacfceller, Irving A. D'ri and I. *oi(Ag24) 
il. D. $1.50. Lothrop; [Harper,] 

Bacheller, Irving A. Eben Holden* 1900 
(Jl2i) D. $1.50. Lothrop; [Harper.] 

Raclieller, Irving A. Vergilius. *O4(Ag2o) D. 
f$i.35. Harper. 

Bachelor bigotries Bates, L. B. $i. 

P. Elder. 

Bachelor girl's colonial beau. Anne, pseud. 
$i Neale. 

Bachelor in Arcady. Sutcliffe, H. f$ 


Bachelor maid and her brother. Thurston, 
Mrs. I. T. $i. Burt 

Bachelorland. Bell, R. S. $1.50. Mansfield. 


Fox. A book of bachelors. $5. Dutton. 
Bacillus of beauty. Stark, H. $1.50, Stokes. 
Back blocks of Chira. Jack, R. L. $4. 

Back to Bethel. Meyer, F: B. net, 30 c. 


Back to Christ. Spence, W. $i. McClurg. 
Back to Pentecost Fowler, C: J. 50 c. 

Chr, Standard. 
Back to Rome ! Scrutator, pseud. *$i net 

Back to the soil. Gilman,B. $1.25. L. C Page. 




Back to the woods. Hobart, G: B. 75 c. 

G: W. Dillmgham. 

Background of mystery. Beecher, H: W. 
*25 c. net Pilgrim Press. 

Backgrounds of literature. Mabie, H. W. 
**$2 net; **$!$ net. Macmillan. 

Backsheesh. Beckman, Mrs. W: $1.50. 

Whitaker & R. 

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H., jr. 10 c. Street. 

Backwoodsman. Stanley, H. A. $1.50. 

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**$i 50 net. Houghton, M. Co. 

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? 04(Jl2) il. D. **$ net Holt 

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(Di3) il. 0. **$ net Putnam. 

Baooa, Edg. M. Narragansett Bay. *O4(Si7) 
il O. **$3.5o net. Putnam. 

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geog. and historical. J 02(D6) il. 12, 60 c. ; 
pap., 35 c. Oneonta Herald. 

Bacon, Edn. F. Une semaine a Paris. '01 
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Bacon, Edn. F., comp. Hermannia lieder- 
kranz: gems of Germ, poetry and songs. 
J 02(D20) sq. 8, (School bulletin pubs.) 
*35 c. net. Bardeen. 

Bacon, Edn. M. Boston: a guide book; pre- 
pared under the direction of Edwin D. 
Mead, Frank Foxcroft, and George P. Mor- 
ris. *03(Agi5) il. maps, plans, 16, leath- 
erette, **5o c. net. Ginn. 

Bacon, Edn. M. Literary pilgrimages in New 
England to the homes of famous makers 
of Am. literature. '02. '03 (F7) il. 8, $2. 


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(Little masterpieces.) 50 c. Doubleday, P. 

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1900 (D8) il. 12, $3. Button. 

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and evil, and Advancement of learning. 
ipoo(T3) 8, (Macmillan's lib. of Eng. 
classics.) $1.50. Macmillan. 

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16, net, 50 c. Lane. 

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and, New Atlantis. 1900 (Je30) T. (Nat 
lib., new ser., v. 7, no. 362.) pap., 10 c 


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Gallup. Bi-literal cipher of Sir Francis 
Bacon. $3.75. Howard. 

Macaulay. Essay on Bacon. 80 c. 

See also Shakespeare-Bacon controversy. 

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enl. ed. 1900 (Di5) ; same. 3d ed., rev. and 
enl. 'O2(jli9) il. 12, ea., *$2.25 net. Lea. 
Bacon, Mrs. H : See Bacon, L. 
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(Oi) il. D. f$i.2S. Holt. 

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'04 (S3) il. 8, $1.50. Wiley. 

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il. 8, $2. Lippincott. 

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Houghton, M. & ^Co. 

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*04(Api6) il. D. (Story of the churches.) 
**$i net. Baker & T. 

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Young people's societies. 1900 (Ap7) S. 
(Handbooks for practical workers.) net, 
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ment of his Hebrew grammar ; ed from the 
mss. ; notes by E. Nolan and S. A. Hirsch. 
'02 (D6) 8, *$4 net. Macmillan. 

Bacon, Mrs. Selden. See Daskam, J. D 
Bacon lib. D. pap., 25 c. Tucke. 

Mivart and Vaughan. Under the ban. 
Bacon-Shakespeare question See Allen, C. ; 

also Shakespeare-Bacon controversy 

Abbott. Manual of bacteriology, net, $2.75. 


Archinard. Microscopy and bacteriology. 

$i. t f Lea. 

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$2.60. Macmillan. 

Chicago Univ. Investigations representing 

the depts. $9. Univ. of Chic. 

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$2.50. Bacteria in milk. $1.25 


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Conn. Nociones de microbiologia. 40 c. 


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Curtis, Essentials of practical bacteriolo- 
gy, net, $2.50. Longmans. 
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$1.50. Blakiston. 




BACTERIA. Continued. 
Ernst. Modern theories of bacterial im- 
munity. $i. Journ. Med. Research. 
Evans and Gehrman, eds. Physiology, pa- 
thology, bacteriology, anatomy. $1.50. 

Year Bk. 

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Fischer. Structure and functions of bac- 
teria. $2.10. Oxford Univ. 
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net. Longmans. 
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*$i.6o. W: D. Frost; Macmillan. 
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$1.25. * Saunders. 

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Joussel. Pathogenic microbes. *$i net 

Boericke & T. 

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net. Lippincott. 

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gy, net, $2.50. Saunders. 
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$3.25 ^ Saunders. 
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**$3-75 tiet " Macmillan. 
Park and Guerard. Bacteriology in medi- 
cine and surgery, net,' $3. Lea. 
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gist **$i.5o net Funk 
Smith. Lessons and lab'y exercises in bac- 
teriology. **$i.8o net. Blakiston. 
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$5 ; leath., $5.75. ^ Wood. 
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Williams. Manual of bacteriology. *$i.75 
net. Blakiston. 
Zapffe. Text-bk. of bacteriology. *$i.$o 
net; *$2 net Lea. 
See also Fermentation; Therapeutics; Water. 

Bad case. Bunner, H: C. 10 c. 

W. H. Baker. 
Bad Mrs. Ginger. Appleton, H. C. **40 c. 

net. Stokes. 

Bad penny. Wheelwright, J: T. 50 c. 

L. C Page. 

Baddeley, Flo. See Bidder, M. G. 
Baddeley, St. Clair. Recent discoveries in 

the Forum, 1898-1904, by an eye witness. 

'04 (N5) il. 16, $1.25. Macmillan. 

Badde-ley, St. Clair, and Gordon, Lina Duff. 

Rome and its story. '04 (Nip) il. 8, (Dent's 

ser. of illustrated cities, v. 4.) *$6 net. 


See Sports and sportsmen. 
Badminton hunt. See Dale, T. F. 
Badminton lib. 8. 

Little, B. & Co.; Longmans. 

Badswrarth, (pseud.) Badsworth on Bridge, 

'03(05) S. **$i.40 net Putnam. 

Bads-wroth, (pseud.) Defence of bridge. '04 
(Sio) D. pap., 10 c. Putnam. 

Baedeker, K. Austria including Hungary, 
Transylvania, Dalmatia, and Bosnia. 1900 
(Jlsi) 12, net, $2.40. Scribner. 

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(Si2) maps, plans, 12, (Baedeker's hand- 
books.) *OJQ c. net Scribner. 
Baedeker, K. Central Italy and Rome. New 
rev. I4th ed. J 04(Api6) 12, *$2.25 net 


Baedeker, K. Egypt 5th rev. ed. *02(Mr8) 
il. 12, net, $4.50. Scribner. 

Baedeker, K. Italy, from the Alps to Naples. 
'04(824) maps, plans, 12, ^$2.40 net. 


Baedeker, K. London and its environs. 
I2th rev. -ed. 1900(613) ; I3th rev. ed. 
'02(Ag23) 12, ea., *$i.8o net. Scribner. 

Baedeker, K. Nordamerika: dk Vereinigten 
Staaten nebst einem ausflug nach Mexico. 
2d Germ. ed. '04(622) maps, plans, dia- 
grams, 12, *$3.6o net Scribner. 

Baedeker, K. Northern Germany as far as 
the Bavarian and Austrian frontiers. Rev. 
ed. 1900(013) ; New rev. I4th ed ''04 
(Myi4j maps, plans, 12, ea, ^$240 net 


Baedeker, K. Northern Italy; incl. Leghorn, 
Florence, . Ravenna and routes through 
Switzerland and Austria. I2th ed , rev. 
'o3(Agi) 12, *$2.40 net Scribner. 

Baedeker, K. Norway, Sweden, and Den- 
mark New 8th enl. ed. '03(512) maps, 
plans, 12, *$2.4O net Scribner. 

Baedeker, K. Paris and its environs. Rev. 
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of 1900. 1900(1121); I5th new rev. ed.; 
incl. index of streets and charts of the va- 
rious sections of the city. '04(622) .maps, 
plans, I2 q , ea., *$i.8o net Scribner. 

Baedeker, K. Rhine from Rotterdam to 
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sica. Rev., enl. ed. '02(625) 12, *$2.7Q 
net Scribner. 

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ed. 5 02(Mr8) 12, net, $i. So. .Scribner. 

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J 03(Ap4) 12, (Baedeker's guides.) *$i.8o 
net. Scribner. 

Baedeker, K. United States; with an excur- 
sion into Mexico. New enl.. 3d ed. '04 
(S24) maps, plans, 12, *$3.6o net. 


Baer, Libbie C. In the land of fancy, and 
other poems. J o2(D2o) D. $1.25 Neely. 


Rothwell. How to punch the bag. 10 c. 

Am. Sports. 

Bagehot, Wa. Shakespeare the man. '01 
.(626) 6. bds., net, 50 c. McClure, P. 

Bagot, R: Casting of nets. 'oi(Agio) D. 
$1.50. Lane. 

Bagot, R: Donna Diana. '02 (D6) D. f$i.5o. 


Bagot, R: The just and the unjust. '02 
(Ni5) D. t$i-50. Lane. 

Ragot, R: Love's proxy. '04(My2i), D. 
t$i-5o. Longmans. 

Bagot, R: Roman mystery. *02(Ap5) 12, 
$1.50. Lane. 

Ba-got, Mrs. Sophy L. Links with the past. 
J oi(D7) 6. $5.50. Longmans. 



Bagsby's daughter. Van Vorst, B. $1.50. 


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to the first ed. by Cardinal H: E: Man- 
ning. '03 (Dip) 2 v., 8, *$2.25 net Herder. 

Bagshawe, J : F. The psalms and canticles in 
Eng. verse. J O3(Ap4) 8, *$i.25 net. 



Stark. Guide and hist, of Bahamas. $1.50. 

'J. H : Stark. 

Baildon, H. B. Robert Louis Stevenson: 
life study in criticism. 'oi(Ap6) D. $1.75. 


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tative analysis. 4th ed. 'oi(D7) 12, $1.25 
Blakiston; Macmillan. 

Bailey, Emma E. Happy day. J oi(D7) 12. 
$2. European. 

Bailey, F. T. See Edison, T: 

Bailey, Flo. M. Handbook of birds of the 
\\estern U. S. '02(013) D. **$3-50 net. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Bailey, F: Randolph Text-bk of histology. 
3 o 4 (Di7) il. 8, *$3 net. Wood 

Bailey, F: W:, ed. Early Connecticut mar- 
riages 6th bk. J 04(Jli6) 12, $1.50; bds., 
$i. Bu. Am. Ancestry. 

Bailey, F: W:, ed. Early Mass, marriages 
prior to 1800. 2d bk. 1900(015) O. $2. 
Bu. Am. Ancestry. 

Bailey, H. C Karl of Erbach. 'oa(Ap4) D. 
t$i.50. Longmans. 

Bailey, H. C. The master of gray. '03. '04 
<F6) D. t$ Longmans. 

Bailey, H. C. My Lady of Orange 'oi(Jei) 
il. D. $1.25. Longmans 

Bailey, H: T. Blackboard in Sunday-school. 
1900 (Api4) D. 75 c. W. A. Wilde. 

Bailey, H: T. Great painters 5 gospel. 1900 
(Di) Q. $2. W. A. Wilde. 

Bailey, H : T. See also Burrage, S. 

Bailey. Ja. R. More light on a dark sub- 
ject: higher physiology. *03(Je2o) 12, 
$1.25; bds., $i. Chequamegon Pr. 

Bailey, J: C English elegks 1900, 12, 
(Bodley anthologies.) $1.50. Lane. 

Bailey, Jos. W. The true church, founded 
by Christ, nineteen hundred years ago. '04 
(Di7) 12, pap., 25 c. Bailey Pub. 

Bailey, L. H. Botany. 1900 (Di) il. 12, hf. 
leath., net, $1.10. Macmillan. 

Bailey, L. H. Nature portraits; studies with 
pen and camera of our wild birds, animals, 
fish and insects. *02(Jli2) il. portfolio, 
12 x 18 in. App. to pubs, for price. 

Doubleday, P. 

Bailey, L. H. The nature-study idea. '03 
(Ap25) 0. **$i net. Doubleday, P. 

Bailey. L. H. Principles of vegetable gar- 
dening. 'oi(F23) il. 12, (Rural sci. ser.) 
$1.25. Macmillan 

Bailey, L. H. See also Hunn, C. E. 

Bailey, L. H., Miller, Wilhelm, and others 
Cyclopaedia of Am. horticulture. *oi.(My4^ 
4 v.. 8 a , subs., ea., $5. (Sold only in sets.) 


Bailey, Ma. The Bailey book *O3(Api8) il. 

12, *35 c. net. 


Bailey, Middlesex A. High school algebra. 
'02(Jli2) sq. S. hf. leath., 90 c. Am. Bk. 
Bailey, T. J. See Leavell, Z. T. 

Bailey, W. F. See Wisconsin. Sup. ct. Di- 

Baillie, Alex. F. The Oriental Club and 
Hanover Square. '01. 'o2(Ja4) il. 4, $9. 


Baillie, J. B. Origin and significance of 
Hegel's logic. '01 (Np) 8, net, $2.75. 


Baillot, Edouard P., and Brugnot, Alice G. T. 
French prose composition. '01. 'O2(ja4) 
S. (Lake French ser.) 50 c. Scott, F. & Co 

Chadman. Law of agency and bailments. 
50 c. Home Study. 

Conrad Principles of law of contract, 
agency and bailments. 75 c. Fergus Pr. 
Danaher. Principles of law of bailments. 
*$2.50 net Banks & Co. 

Edwards. Quiz book on bailments and car- 
riers. 50 c. Columbian Corr. Coll. 
Goddard. Outlines of law of bailments and 
carriers. *$2.5O net. Sel. cases on law 
of bailments and carriers. *$3-75 net. 


Van Zile. Elements of the law and bail- 
ments. $5. Callaghan 
Willis, cpmp. Authorities, deductions and 
notes in bailments and carriers $2 

Univ of Minn. 
See also Sale. 

Bailward, Marg. E. Mothers and their re- 
sponsibilities ; pref. by L. R. Henslow. '04 
(Oi5) S. $i. Longmans. 

Baily, R. C, Mabel Thornley. *02(Mr29) 
D $i 25. Abbey Prt^s 

Bain, Alex. Autobiography , with supp. chap- 
ter. J o4(Agi3) pors. O. *$5 net. Longmans. 
Bain, Alex. Dissertations on leading philo- 
sophical topics; (mainly reprints from 
Mind.) '03 ( JU) O. *$ net. Longmans. 
Bain, Amos G. Personal ways of Cubans 
and original poems. J 04(Di7) por. 16, 
pap., 25 c. H. Robinson. 

Bain, F. W. See Descent of the sun. 
Bain, Force, comp. Useful information for 
practical people interested in electricty, 
mechanics, engineering, inventions, etc. 
1900 (Di5) il. nar. 24, mor., 25 c. F. Bain. 
Bain, Ja. See Henry, Alex. 
Bain, J :, jr. Tobacco in song and story. [New 
ed.] 'oi(S2i) il. S. 75 c.; leath., $1.50. 


Bain, J:, jr. Tobacco leaves. J O3(N2i) il. 
S. 75 c. ; ooze cf., $1.50. Caldwell. 

Bain, Rob. N. Daughter of Peter the Great : 
Russian diplomacy and the Russian court 
under the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, 
1741-1762. 1900 (Ag4) pors. O. $4. Dutton. 
Bain, Rob. N. Peter in., Emperor of Russia. 
'o2(Mr29) il. 8, net, $3.50 Dutton. 

Bain, Rob. N. See also Tolstoi, Count L. N. 
Baira, A. W. Tuberculosis. *03(Mr7) il. 0. 
pap., 10 c. Dougherty. 

Baird, C: W. Hist, of Huguenot emigration 
to America New ed. 2 v. '01. 8, net, 
$2.50. Dodd. 

Isabella E., ["Steward," pseud.] 
Things more excellent. '04(7130) 12, 50 c. 

I. E. Baird. 

BaM, J : W., comp. Choice selections of poe- 
try for children and youth. *04(Jli6) 12, 
$i. J: W. Baird. 




Baird, S. W. Graded work in arithmetic. 
6th year. J oi(05); 7th year (N23) ; 8th 
year. J 02(Apip) D. net, ea., 25 c. Am. Bk. 

Baird, W; R. Principles of Am. law. v. 2, 
Lectures 27 to 52. 1900. 'oi(F2> O. $3. 
Home Corn Sch. 

Baird lectures. See Lang, J : M. 

Bairn books, il. T. f6o c. Button. 

Bridgman. Book of shops, Coronation 

Copeland. Book of the zoo. 

Bajot, E: Encyclopedic du meuble du xve 
siecle jusqu'a nos jours, pts. 1-3. '01(814) 
per pt, net, $5. Hessling. 

Bakeman, Fr. W. Overvaluation of the criti- 
cal element; address. 1900 (Jl2i) S. leath- 
erette, 5 c. Am. Bapt 

Baker, Cornelia. Coquo and the king's chil- 
dren. '02 (N8) il. O. **$ net. McClurg. 

"Baker, Alfr. Elem. plane geometry, inductive 
and deductive. *O4(Ja2) diagrs., 12, 50 c. 


Baker, Ernilie K. Out of the Northland : sto- 
ries from the Northern myths. '04(03) il. 
S. (Pocket Am. and Eng. classics.) 25 c. 
net tMacmillan. 

Baker, Ernest A. Desc. guide to the best fic- 
tion, British and Am. ; incL tr. from foreign 
languages. *O3(Mr2i) O. $2.50. Macmillan. 

Baker, Franklin T. See Carpenter, G: Rice. 

Baker, G: H Economic locomotive manage 
ment. 2d lib. ed. 'o2(Je7) il. D. $1.50. 

R'way Educ. 

Baker, G: M. Original entertainments and 
burlesques for stage or school. *O2(N22) 
D. pap., 30 c. W. H. Baker. 

Baker, G: M. School entertainments: coll. 
of allegories, etc. '02(N22) D. pap., 30 c. 

W. H, Baker. 

Baker, G: P, ed. Forms of public address. 
'04(1)31) D. **$I.I2 net. Holt 

Baker, Harold. Stratford on Avon. *03(F2i) 
il 12, (Bell's cathedral ser.) 60 c. 


Baker, Ira O. Treatise on roads and pave- 
ments. } 03(Jai7) il. 8, $5. Wiley. 

Baker, Ja. H. Education and life. 1900 
(Nio] D $i 25. Longmans 

Baker, Ja. W. Reference book 20th century 
bookkeeping and office practice. *03(Je2o) 
Q. $i. Southern. 

Baker,- Mr, s. L A., ["Alien."] Another wom- 
an's territory. 'oi(Myii) D. $1.50. Crowell. 

Baker, Mrs L., A. A maid of mettle. '02 
(D6) il. O. **$i net. Jacobs. 

Baker, Mrs. Lizzie L. Yonderland, and other 
verses. '04 (D3) par. 12*, 75 c. Earle. 

Baker, Ma. S. Footprints on *the sands of 
time: [poems.] 'o4(F6) D. $i. Badger. 

Baker, Moses N. British sewage works and 
notes on the sewage farms of Paris and 
on two German works. '04(03) 8, $2, 

Engineering News. 

Baker, Moses N. Municipal engineering and 
sanitation. J 02(Fi) 12, (Citizen's lib.) 
hf. leath., net, $1.25. Macmillan. 

Baker, P. Short instructions or meditations 
on the gospels for each day in Lent; ed. by 
W: T. Conklin. *O4(JIi6) 12, 75 c. 

Chr. Press. 

Baker, Ra^ S. Boys* book of inventions. 
New ed. '03(026) 12, $2. McClure, P. 

Baker, Ray S. Boys' second book of inven- 
tions. J 03(Dr2) il. por. O. $2. McClure, P. 

Baker, Ray S. Our new prosperity. 1000 
(Mys) D. $1.25. Doubleday & McC. 

Baker, Ray S. Seen in Germany. 'oi(N2) 
E>. net, $2. McClure, P. 

Baker, Mrs. Sa. S. T. Pictures of Swed- 
ish life 'o3(Mr28) il. O. $2.50. Engberg-H. 

Baker, Thdr., comp. Biographical dictionary 
of musicians. igoo(Mr3) 8, $3.50; hf. 
mor., $6. _ ^ Schirmer. 

Baker, Thdr., comp. Biog. diet, of musicians. 
1900 (Myip) 8, net, $3.50; hf. mor., $6. 


Baker, Virginia. History of Warren, R. L, 
in the War of the Revolution. 'oi(Ag24) 
il. D. $i. V. Baker. 

Baker, Virginia. Massasoit's town Sowams 
in Pokanoket, its hist, legends and tradi- 
tions. f 04(My7) 8, pap., $i. V. Baker. 

Baker, W. M., and Haris, V. D. Handbook 
of physiology. i6th Am. ed., rev. 1900. 
'oi(Mr2) il. 8*, Pet, $3; leath., net, $3.75. 


Baker, Mrs. Woods. See Baker, Mrs. S. S. 

Baker's ed. of plays. D. pap. W. H. Baker. 

Adams Down East. Out West, ea., 25 c, 

Bartram. The secretary. 15 c. 

Batchelder. Revenge of Shari-Hot-Su. 15 c 

Bent Little tiff. 15 c. 

Blanchard. Night after. 15 c 

Bro\\n. Dizzy dilemmas. 15 c. 

Bunner. Courtship wifh variations. 15 c. 

-Bunner and Magnus. Bad case. 10 c. 

Burbank. Little Miss Van Winkle. 15 c. 

C6ok. Game of comedy. 15 c. 

Elliston. By woman's wit A recoiling 
vengeance. An unlucky tip. ea., 15 c. 

Gale. No men wanted. 15 c. 

Gleason. Creole belles. 15 c. 

Griffith. The dumb waiter. A large order. 
A psychological moment ea., 15 c. 

Guild. My cousin Timmy. 15 c. 

Hervilly, d'. Silence in the ranks. 15 c. 

Irwin. Close call. Spoiled darling ea,, 
15 c. 

Kelley. Peddlers' parade. 15 c. 

Kenyon. Up to Freddje. 15 c. 

Magnus. Trumped suit 15 c. 

Matthews. Cuttyback's thunder. 15 c. 

Merriman. Twentieth cent proposal. 25 c 

Moore. The Irish rebel. 25 c. Suzette. 
15 c. 

Oakes. Teacher taught. 15 c. 

O'Connor. Bright and Gay, attorneys-at- 
law. 15 c. 

Osgood. The Bigelows' butler. Mrs. 
Compton's manager, ea., 15 c. 

Patten. In double peril. 25 c. 

Penn. Too much Smith. 15 c. 

Richards. Her busy day. 15 c. 

Seamen. American beauties. 15 c. 

Shepard. Who are you? 15 c. 

Smith, S J. Trying it on Beldon. 15 c, 

Sollohub. His hat and cane. 15 c. 

Stevens. Old acre folk. 15 c. 

Sturgis and Seaman. Papa Pettingill. 150. 

Townsend. All tangle4 up. 15 c. 

Ttibbs. Penalty of pride. 25 c. Through 
the keyhole. 15 c. Valley farm. 25 c. 

Whiting. Deception's web. No admit- 
tance, ea , 15 c. 





Baker's ed of plays. Continued. 

Wilson, L. L. buit of livery. 15 c. 

Wilson, O. L. Marriage of Prince Flutter- 
by. Return of Mother Goose, ea., 15 c. 

Baker's novelties. D. pap. W. H, Baker. 

Bent. King of the Cannibal Islands. 25 c. 

Denslow. Shamrock minstrels. 15 c. 

Dickinson. World's work. 15 c. 

Ellis Fit and Suitemall Then and now. 
ea., 15 c. 

Jenkins. Juvenile fantastics; The butter- 
fly. 15 c. 

Parsons. Aunt Jerusha's quilting party. 
New woman's reform club, ea., 25 c. 

Pelham. Musical bouquet. 25 c. 

Snow. II. readings. 25 c. Secret meet- 
ing of the Order of the Golden Goose. 15 c. 

Sturgis. Rag dolls' party. 25 c. 

Baker's vaudeville stage ser. D. pap., 15 c. 

W. H. Baker. 

Haviland x Miss Jones, journalist Mrs. 
Maltby's mole 

Newton Call to arms. Her second time 
on earth. Look out for the cat. Pilsner 
and Poppyseed. Strenuous Mame. 

Bakewell, Ma. E. Stories for kindergartners 

and kindchen. 'oi(MyiS) S. bds., net, 500. 

Un. Presb. Bd. 

Bakewell, Ma. E. True fairy stories. '02 
(N22) D. (Eclectic school readings.) 35 c. 

Am. Bk. 


Sec Bread, Cake; Cookery. 
Balance the fundamental verity. Smith, O. J. 

**$i.25 net. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Balaster boys. Channing, B. N. f$i.2S. 

W. A. Wilde. 
Balcarres, Lord. Donatello. J O4(Jai6) il. 

12, (Library of art sen) *$2 net. 

Balch, Edn. S. Antarctica. 'o2(Jlig) 8, 

(for private distribution.) Allen^ L. &S. 
Balch. Edn. S. GlaciSresj or, freezing cav- 
erns. 1900. '01 ( Jaip) il. 8, $5. Allen, L. & S 
Balch, F H. Bridge of the gods. '02(Agi6) 

il. D. t$i-SO. McClurg, 

Balch, Lewis. Manual for boards of health 

and health officers. J O2(Jei4) ; 'osQln); 

04(7130) D ea , $i 50. Banks & Co 

Balch, T: W. Alaska frontier. '<>3(Mri4) 

8, $2. Allen, L. & S. 

Balch. T: W. Alasko-Canadian frontier 

'o2(Apig) 8, $i. Allen L. & S 

Balch, T: W. Emerlc Cruel 1900. *oi 

(Mr2 3 ) 8, $1.25. Allen, L. & S 

Baldry, Alfr. L. Holbein; 48 reprod. '04 

(Nig) 8, (Drawings by great masters.) 

*$ net. Scribner. 

Baldry, Alfr L. Hubert von Herkomen '01 

(Oi2) il. 8. net, $15. Macmillan. 

Baldry, Alfr. L. Modern mural decoration, 

'02(625) il. 4, *$5 net Scribner. 

Baldry, Alfr. L. Sir John Everett Millais. 

J 03(F2i) il. 16, (Bell's miniature ser. of 

painters.) 50 c.; flex, leath., $i. Macmillan. 
Baldry, Alfn L. Sir Joshua Reynolds. '03 

(Ds) il. 4, (Newnes' art lib.) hi vellum, 

$1.25. Warne. 

Salary, Alfr. L. The Wallace collection. '04 

(D24) il. 4, *$6 net. 

Gotipil; [Manzi, Joyant] 

Baldwin, Aaron D. Gospel of Judas Iscariot. 

'02(My24) D. $1.50. Jamison-H. 

Baldwin," Mrs. Alfr. A. The pedlar's pack. 

'04(622) il. D. f$2. Lippincott, 

Baldwin, C: S. College manual of rhetoric. 

'02(04) D. $1.35. Longmans. 

Baldwin. C: S., ed. American short stories; 

with introd. essay on the short story. '04 

(Ois) O. (Wampum lib.) **$i.40 net. 


Baldwin, Mrs. Emma C. Kodak sketches of 
two little girls. 1900 (Dis) il. sq. 8, $i. 


Baldwin, Ernest H. Joseph Galloway, the 
loyalist politician: a biog. *03(Jei3) 8, $i. 


Baldwin, Ernest H. Stories of old New 
Haven '02. *o3(Mr28) D. $i. 

Abbey Press. 

Baldwin, Ethelred H, [Mrs. Ethelred H. 

Thompson 1 Stories of old New England. 

3 04(Di7) S pap, 6 c Flanagan. 

Baldwin, Ja. Abraham Lincoln. 'o4(My2i) 

il. D. (Eclectic school readings.) 60 c. 

Am. Bk. 

Baldwin, Ja. Barnes's elem. history of the 

U. S., told in biographies. '03(F28) il. 

sq. D. 60 c. Am. Bk. 

Baldwin, Ja. The book lover: guide to best 

reading. I3th rev. ed. J 02(My3) nar. S. 

net, $i. McClurg. 

Baldwin, Ja. Conquest of the old Northwest. 

J oi(N23) D. 50 c. Am. Bk. 

Baldwin, Ja. Discovery of the old Northwest 

and its settlement by the French. 'oi(Jei5) 

D. (Eclectic school readings.) 50 c. 

Am. Bk. 

Baldwin, Ja Hero tales, told in school. '04 
(My7) il. S. **50 c. net Scribner. 

Baldwin, Ja. Story of Roland. New ed. '01 
(S2i) il. 12, $1.50. Scribner. 

Baldwin, Ja. Story of Siegfried. New ed. 
*oi(S2i) il. 12, $1.50. Scribner. 

Baldwin, Ja. Story of the golden age. New 
ed. 'oi(S2i) il. 12, $1.50. Scribner. 

Baldwin, Ja. Wonder-book of horses. '04 
(Ja2) il. D. 75 c. Century. 

Baldwin, Ja. F. The scutage and knight ser- 
vice in England. 'o2(Mr22) 8, net, $i. 

Univ. of Chic. 

Baldwin, Ja. M : Development and evolution. 
'02(Ag2) 8, **$2.6o net. Macmillan. 

Baldwin, Ja. M: Fragments in philosophy 
and science. '02(Apig) 0. net, $2.50. 


Baldwin, Ja. M: Social and ethical inter- 
pretations in mental development. 3d ed., 
rev. and enl J 02(Mr2g) 8, net, $2.60. 

' Macmillan. 

Baldwin, Ja. M: Story of the mind. '02. 
J 03(Jai7) il. 24, (Lib. of useful stories.) 
**35 c. net. Appleton. 

Baldwin, Ja. M:, ed. Diet, of philosophy 
and psychology. In 3 v. v. x. 'oi(S2i); 
v. 2. '02 (Ni) il. 8, ea., *$5 net. Macmillan. 
Baldwin, Jane, comp. and ed. Maryland cal- 
endar of wills, v. i. *oi(D7) 12. $3.50. 


Baldwin, L. B., and Larned, Ezra R. Syph- 
'ilis in dentistry. *03(Je2o) 12, *$i net. 


Baldwin, May. A plucky girl. '02 (Ni) il. 
D. t$ Lippincott. 



Baldwin, May. A popular girl. '01. '02 
(Fis) il. 12, net, ^ $1.20. Lippincott. 

Baldwin, May. A popular girl. '04 (Jag) D. 
$i. Mershon. 

Baldwin, May. Sibyl: a sequel to "A popu- 
lar girl." '03 (N7) il. D. $1.50. Lippincott. 

Baldwin, May. The sunset rock. '04(Jli6) 
il. 12, $1.50. Dutton. 

Baldwin, Myra. Nancy's Easter gift [poem.] 
J 02(My24) il. D. 50 c. Abbey Press. 

Baldwin, Simeon E. Treatise on Am. rail- 
road law, incl. street railroads. *O4(Je25) 
8, shp., **$6 net. Little, B. & Co. 

Baldwin, Ste. L. Foreign missions of the 
Protestant churches. 1900 (Je23) D. $i. 

Eaton & M. 

Baldwin, T. S. Photography self-taught. 
*03(Jei3) il. 16, 50 c.; pap., 25 c. Drake. 

Baldwin, T. S. Picture making for pleasure 
and profit: handbook on the modern prac- 
tices of photography. '03 (Mr/) il. D. $1.25. 


Baldwin, W: A. Industrial -social education; 
assisted by Mrs. Baldwin and members of 
the faculty. '03(019) il. pi sq. D. $150. j 

M. Bradley - 

Baldwin, W : J. Steam heating for buildings 
i $th ed,, rev. and enl. 'oi(F23) 12, $2.50, 1 

Wiley. ' 

Baldwin, Willis. See Michigan. Law of 
personal injuries. 

Baldwin lectures. See Brewster, C. B. 
Prall, W: Rulison, N. S. 


Converse Some features of the labor sys- 
tem and management at the Baldwin Lo- 
comotive Works. 15 c. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

Baldwin primer. Kirk, M. 35 c. Am. Bk. 

Baldwin speller. Shear, S. R. 20 c. Am. Bk. 

Baldwin's biographical booklets. S. 25 c ; 
pap., 10 c. Werner Sch, Bk. 

Beebe. George Rogers Clark. 

Kingsley. Story of Lewis and Clark. 

Perry. Daniel Boone. David Crockett. 
Kit Carson. 

Bale marked circle X. Eggleston, G: C. 
net, $i 20. Lothrop. 

Balfour, Andrew. The golden kingdom: the 
remarkable narrative of Doctor Henry Mor- 
timer contained in the manuscript found 
within a Boer Bible. J O3(Je6) il. D. t?*-5O. 

L. C Page. 

Balfour, Andrew. Vengeance is mine. 1900 
(Mr3i) D. $1.50. New Amsterdam. 

Balfour, Arth. Ja. Economic notes on in- 
sular free trade. '03(617) O. pap,, *30 c. 
net. Longmans. 

Balfour, Arth. Ja. Foundations of belief. 8th 
ed , rev. '02 ( Je/) D. net, $2. Longmans. 

Balfour, Arth. Ja. Reflections suggested by 
the new theory of matter: the presidential 
address before the British Assoc. for the 
Advancement of Science, Cambridge, Aug. 
17, 1904. '04(010) O. pap., *36 c. net 


Balfour, G. Life of Robert Louis Stevenson. 
'oi(N2) 2 v., 0. net, $4. Scribner. 


Wyon. The Balkans from within. *$4 net 

See also Macedonia; Montenegro; Servia. 

Ball, Allan P. Satire of Seneca on the 
apotheosis of Claudius. *02(D27) 12, (Co- 
lumbia Univ. studies in classical philology.) 
**$i.25 net. Macmillan. 

Ball, E. A. R. Jerusalem: gtiide to Jerusa- 
lem; with excursions' to Bethlehem, Dead 
Sea, etc. 'oi(Jei) il. 16*, $i. Macmillan. 

Ball, E. A. R. Mediterranean winter resorts; 
with special articles on the principal invalid 
stations by resident Eng. physicians. 5th 
ed , rev , enl. and rewritten. [2 v. in I v.] 
'04(Di7) map, diag., S. ^$2.40 net; or in 
2 v , ea., *$i 40 net. Brentano's. 

Ball, E. A. R. Paris in its splendor. 1900 
(Dis) 2 v., il. O. $5; hf. lev., $10. Estes. 

Ball, Fs. K. Elements of Greek. 'o2(My3) 
il. 12, net, $i. Macmillan. 

Ball, Fs. K. See also Blaisdell, A. F. 

Ball, J. D. Things Chinese. 3d rev. enl. ed. 
1900 (Agi8) 8, net, $5. Scribner. 

Ball, Ja. B. Handbook of diseases of the 
nose and pharynx. 4th ed. '01 (Np) il. 12, 
net, $2.25. Wood. 

Ball, Ja. M. Modern ophthalmology. '04 
(Ag6) il. 8, col. pis, *$6 net; hf. mor., 
*$8 50 net. Davis. 

Ball, Michael V. Essentials of bacteriology. 
5th ed., rev. by Karl M. Vogel '04 (Ds) il. 
(partly col ) 12, (Questiori-compends, no. 
20.) *$i net. Saunders. 

Ball, Sir Rob. S. Earth's beginning. '02 
(My24) il. D. net, $1.80. Appleton. 

Ball, Sir Rob. S. Elements of astronomy. 
1900(029) il. 16, net, 80* c. Macmillan 

Ball, Sir Rob. S. Story of the heavens. New 
rev. ed. 1900 (06) il. 0. $3.50. Cassell. 

Ball, Sir Rob. S. Treatise on the theory of 
screws. 1900 (Si) il. 8 P , (Cambridge Univ. 
Press ser.) net, $5.50. Macmillan. 

Ball, Timothy H. Francis Ball's descend- 
ants; West Springfield Ball family, fr. 1640 
to 1902. J 02(S27) 12, $1.50. T. H. Ball. 

Ball, Timothy H. Inspired scriptures. '03 
(D26) D. 75 c J. J. Wheeler. 

Ball, Timothy H. Northwestern Indiana 
from 1800-1900. 1900. '01 ( Jas) D. $2. 



Sec Baseball; Basket ball: Football; -Handball. 
Ball Estate Assoc. See Cans, E. W: 
Ball player's career. Anson, A. C. $i. Era. 
Ballad of Prudence Dean. Willard, E. M. 
15 c. T. S. Denison. 

Ballad of Reading gaol. See Wilde, O 
Ballad of the Prince. Sewall, A. A. Si 50 


Ballad of the unsuccessful. Burton, R: 

35 c. Small 

Ballade upon a wedding. Suckling, Sir J: 

net, 50 c. ; net, 75 c. Lane. 

Ballades in blue china. Lang, A. 50 c.; $i. 


Armes, ed. and comp. Old Eng. ballads 
and folk songs. *25 c. net Macmillan. 
Book of old Eng. ballads. *$i.25 net 

Book of romantic ballads, net, $1.25. 


Child, comp. Eng. and Scottish popular 

* ballads. $3 ; $5 ; $7. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Gordon, ed. Gay Gordons: ballads of a 

Scottish clan. $i. Shultz. 




BALLADS . Co ntinued. 

Hale, E: E., and children. New England 
history in ballads. **$2 net. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Hale, E: E., jr., ed. Ballads and ballad 
poetry. 40 c. Globe Sch. Bk. 

Kmard, ed. Old English ballads. 400 

Mencken. Ballads, songs. 60 c. ; 50 c. 

Marshall, B. & G. 

Morris. Pre-Raphaelite ballads. $1 25 ; 
$2.50; $5. Wesseis. 

Sapte. By the way ballads. *$ net. 


Scollard, ed. Ballads of Am. bravery. 50 c. 


Scott. Minstrelsy of the Scottish border. 
4 v. *$io net. Scribner. 

Tileston. Book of heroic ballads 50 c. 

Little, B. & Co. 
See also Legends; Poetry; Songs. 

Ballads of Bourbonnais. Amsbary, W. B. 
**$i net. Bobbs-M. 

Ballads of brotherhood. Hopkins, A. A. 
50 c. ; 25 c. Abbey Press. 

Ballads of down. Armstrong, G: F. S. 
$2.50 Longmans 

Ballads of the busy days. Kiser, S : E. $1.25. 


Ballads of valor and victory Scollard, C. 
**$i.50 net. Reyell. 

Eallagh, Ja. C Hist, of slavery in Virginia. 
5 02(Ap26) 0. (Johns Hopkins Univ. stud- 
ies, extra v. 24.) $1.50. Johns Hopkins 

Ballance, C: A M and Stewart, P. Healing of 
nerves. '02 (Ft) 4*, net, $4.50. Macmillan. 

Ballantine, W: G. Inductive studies in the 
gospel of Matthew; for teachers. 1900 
(S2p) D. pap., 25 c. Y. M. C. A. 

Ballantyne, J. W. Manual of ante-natal 
pathology and hygiene: the fcetus. '02 (D6) 
il. 8, *% net. Wood. 

Ballantyne, Rob. M. Gascoyne, the sandal- 
wood trader. 1900 (Ag25) il. 12, (Round 
table ser.) $i. Burt 

Ballantyme, Rob. M. The Red Eric. '04 
(Ag^ 12, (Rugby ser.) f75 c. Burt 

Ballantyne. Campbell, Mrs. H. S. $1.50. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Ballard, Addison. From talk to text; or, a 
likely story! likely enough. J O4(My2i) D. 
*$i net. Longmans. 

Rallard, C: R., ["Nillor."] Tangledom; enig- 
mas, problems, riddles and transformations. 
J 04(My7) 16, 75 c. De Wolfe. 

Ballard, E. E., ed. Deeds forms annot 1900 
(Ap2i) O. shp., $3-5>. Ballard. 

Ballard, E. E., ed. Law of real property, v. 
6 1900 (Jlsi) ; v. 7, 'oi(Jeis); v. 8. '02 
(On) : v. 9. '03. v. 10. '04. O. shp., ea., 
$6.50 Index, v. i-io. (Free to subscrib- 
ers of the set.) Ballard; Flood. 

Ballard, Eva C. She wanted to vote. *oi. 
*02(Mr8) D. net, $1.40. Brower 

Ballard, Fk. Miracles of unbelief. 2d ed., enl. 
*oiCJl2o) 12. net. $2 : Scribner. 

Bated, Rob. See Sabina, P. 

Ballast, Swan* M. $1.50. Longmans 

Ballanger, Albion F. Power for witnessing. 
1900 (N3) D. 75 c. Pacific Prss 

Ballenger, Albion F. Power for witnessing : 
work of the Holy Spirit 'oi(Ap6) 12*. 
ST. ReveTl 

Btllenger, W. L., and Wippcrn, A. G. Eye, 

ear, nose, and throat. 1900. 'oi(Jai2) il. 

8, (Ser. of pocket text-books.) net, $2; 

flex, leath., $2.50. Lea. 

Ballentine, F. S. See Bible. Modern Am 


Ballet dancer. Serao, M. $1.50. Harper 
Balliet, T: M. See Powers, E. M. 
Ballin, Mrs. Ada S. From cradle to school 

'02(813) 12, f$i.25. Dutton. 

Ballin, Hans. Physical training in the 

schoolroom J oi(Di4) il. 8, $i. 

Ark. Democrat. 

Ses Gunnery 

See Aerial navigation. 

Pennsylvania, Ballot law. $2. Soney. 

See also Election. 
Ballou, Clara E. Played on hearts. '02(327) 

12, $i ; pap., 50 c. Ogilvic. 

Ballon, Emma L. Guide right: ethics for 

young people. '02. 'O3(ja24) il. S. 40 c. 

Ballon, JHosea. Treatise on atonement. I4th 

ed. J 02(D20) D. *$i net; leath., $1.50 net. 

BalloTigh, C: A. Power that heals and how 

to use it. 'O2(jli9) S. $i. Painter. 

Ballough, C: A. Sibylline leaves. 'o2(Jli9) 

sq. T. $1. Painter 


Clarke Letters to an enthusiast, net, $2.50. 

Balmaseda, F. J. Fabulas morales. Nueva 

ed '01 (Ni6) il. 16, 40 c. Appleton 

Ralmforth, Ramsden. The Bible from the 

standpoint of higher criticism, '04 (Nip) 

12, *?i.25 net. Dutton 

Balthazar the Magus. Van der Naillen, A 

$1.50. Fenno 


Hall. The Lords Baltimore and the Mary- 
land palatinate. *$i.25 net. Murphy. 

Adams. Public educational work in Bal- 
timore. 25 c. Johns Hopkins 

First book printed in Baltimore town. $1.50 
G: W. McCreary. 

Henderson, comp. Book of the fire. 50 c. 

D. M. Henderson. 

Baltimore catechism. See Cox, T: E: 

Wirth, E. J. 

Baltimore lectures. See Thomson, Sir W: 
Balza-c, H. de Works. Ed. definitive. 53 v. 

1900 (D22) 8, subs. (App. to pubs, for 

price.) ' Barrie. 

Balzac, H. de. Works. 25 v. 1900 (D22) 8, 

$17; hi lev. ? $28. Collier. 

Balzac, H. de. Works. 1900 (Nio) De luxe 

ed., 32 v., il. 8, $40; hf. cf., $80; Lib. ed, 

16 v., $20; hf. cf., $40; Popular ed., 16 v., 

ea., $i. CrowelL 

Balzac, H. de. Works. Illustrated cabinet 

ed.; introd. by G: Saintsbury. '03 (Dig) 

36 v., il. reprod. $54 ; hf. cf. or mor., $108 : 

Illustrated sterling ed.; ed. by G: Saints- 
bury. '03 (Dip) 18 v., il. 12, $36. Estes 
Balzac, H. de. [Works.] Comedie humaine. 

Pocket ed. In 30 v. v. 1-8. *oi(Si4) ; v. 

9-30 (D7) 16, ea., $i ; limp leath., ea., $1.25 ; 

Handy lib. ed. *04(Di7) 39 v., il. 12, $39; 

mor., $107.25. (Sold only in sets.) 

Little, B. & Co 




Balzac, H. de. [Works.] Comedie humaine. 
Temple ed. '01(026) 40 v., 16, $30; limp 
leath., $40, Macmillan. 

Balzac, H. de. Best of Balzac; ed. by A. 
Jessup. J 02(Ap26) 1 6, (Best writings of 
great authors.) $1.25; # lev. mor., $3. 

L. C. Page. 

Balzac, H. de. [Best stories;] introd. by F. 
Brunetiere. '03(024) pors. S. (Little 
- French masterpieces, 6.) $r ; leath., $1.25. 


Balzac, H. de. The Chouans. 'oi(Ag24) il. 
O. (Luxembourg lib. of standard fiction.) 
$1.50. Crowell. 

Balzac, H. de. Cinq scenes de la comedie 
humaine; sel. and ed. by B. W. Wells, 
1900. 'oi(Mr2) il. S. (Modern lang. ser.) 
40 c Heath. 

Balzac, H. de. Country doctor. 'o3(Ap4) 
12, (Home lib.) f$i. Burt 

Balzac, H. de. Dramatic works rendered into 
Eng., by E. de Valcourt- Vermont. J oi 
(Oi2) 2 v., il. D. $2.50. Laird. 

Balzac, H. de. Essays, dramas and reper- 
tory. '03(812) 2 v. f il. O. $2; $2.50; hf. 
leath., $3; hf. cf., $5; de luxe, 4 v., $5. 


Balzac, H. de. Letters to Madame Hanska, 

afterwards Madame Balzac. 1900 (Mr24) 

D. hf. mor., $1.50. Hardy,- P. & Co. 

Balzac, H. de. Letters to Madame Hanska. 

.(K. P. Wormeley.) 1900. 12, $1.50. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Balzac, H. de. A passion in the desert. '02 
(On) 16, (Remarque sen, no. 29.) 40 c.; 
leath., 75 c.; limp chamois, $1.25. Caldwell. 
Balzac, H. de. Street of Paris and its in- 
habitants. Limited ed. 1900 (Myi2) il. 4, 
handmade pap., $15; Japan pap., $25. 


Balzac, H. de. Two young brides; crit in- 
trod. by H. James. '02(1)27) 12, (Cen- 
tury of Fr. romance.) Parisian ed., per v., 
$5; Versailles ed., per v., $10; Grand for- 
mat ed., per v., $25 ; Grand Prix ed., per v., 
$50- Appleton. 

Balzac, H. de. La vendetta; and Pierre 
Grassou; ed. by Marie A. Pechinet. '04 
(O22) D. (Oxford mod. French ser.) 50 c. 

Oxford Univ. 

Balzac, H. de. Wild ass's skin. *03(Apii) 
12', (Home lib.) f$i. Burt 

BALZAC, HonorS de. 

Cerfberr and Christophe. Compendium of 

Comedie humaine. $1.50. Gebbie. 

Balzac lib. D. pap., 3 and 5 c. Tucker. 

Deschamps. Tolstoi's '* Resurrection." 3 c. 


Harden. Germany of to-day. 3 c. (14.) 
Hawthorne. Ghost of Dr. Harris. 3 c. 


Hayes. Medici woman. 3 c, (12.) 
Hobson. Capitalism and imperialism. 5 a 


Hutchinson. Animal chivalry. 3 c. (4.) 
Kroeger. Tailor's shears. 3 c. (17.) 
Lazare. Social conception of Judaism. 

5.c. (4.) 

-Lynch. Zola tv. Tolstoi 3 c. (2.) 
Maude. Military training and modern 

weapons. 5 c. (15.) 
Maupassant. The death-watch; On an 

evening in spring. 3 c. (16.) 

Bahac lib. Continued. 

Moore. Pref. to "The bending of the 

bough." 3 c. (7.) 

Morley. Was the war a necessity? 5 c. (6.) 
Pfitzner. Five thousand years ago. 3 c. 


Wedgwood. John Ruskin. 3 c. (19.) 
Bamboo tales. Reeves, L L. 750. Hudson-K. 


Hasluck, ed. Bamboo work. 40 c. Cassell 
Bampton lectures, 1902. Macmillan, 

Robertson. Regnum Dei. *$2.50 net 
Bampton lectures, 1903. Dutton. 

Hutton. Influence of Christianity upon na- 
tional character. *$4 net 
Banbury Cross ser. See Alternus*. 
Bancroft, Alberta. Royal rogues. 'oi(0i9) 
il. D. net, $1.35. Putnam. 

Bancroft, Mrs. Eliz. D., [Mrs. G: Bancroft] 
Letters from England, 1846-1849. '04(Ap2) 
pors. D. **Si.5o net. Scribner. 

Bancroft, F: Life of W: H: SewarcL 1900 
(Mr3i) 2 v. O. $5. Harpor. 

Bancroft, Jessie H. School gymnastics. 1900. 
'oi(Mr9) 2 v., 12, v. I, $1.50; v. 2, $r.7S- 


Davis. Principles and practice of ban- 
daging. *$i.50 net. Blakiston. 
Hopkins. Roller bandage. **$i.sq net. 


Smith, W. J. Surgical bandaging and 
dressing. **75 c. net. Lippincott 

See also Surgery. 

Bandel, C: F. Few words as to osteopathy. 
04. 8. C: F. BandeL 

Bandit mouse. Frisbie, W. A. $1.25- 

Rand, McN. & Co. 
Bandler, S : W. Uterine and tubal gestation. 
'03 ( Api i) 8, *$i.50 net. Wood. 

Bane and the antidote. Watkinson, W. L. 
**$i net RevelL 

Banfield, Edith C. Place of my desire, and 
other poems. '04(022) D. **$i.25 net. 

Little, B. & Co. 

BanfieM, F. John Wesley. i90o(Di) T. 
(Westminster biographies.) 75 c. Small 
Bang, Mrs. Marie. Livets alvor. *oi. '02 
(Myi7) D. pap., 65 c. M. Bang. 

Ban^s, D : C. See Bremerman, D. H. 
Bangs, I: S. Military hist, of Waterville, 
Me., and sketch of W. S, Heath Post, No. 
14, G. A. R. '02. '03(F2i) il 8, gratis. 

Kennebec Journ. 
Bangs, J: K. Bikey the skicyck, and other 
tales of Jimmieboy. '02(025) il D. $1.50. 


Bangs, J: K. Booming of Acre Hill. 1900 

(Myi9) il. D. $1.25. Harper. 

Bangs, J: K. Coffee and repartee, and The 

idiot. Newed. i90o(F24) il. 12, $i. Harper. 

Bangs, J: K Emblemland. '02. *O3(Fi4) 

il 0. -**$i.6o net. Russell 

Bangs, J: TC Idiot at home. 1900(013) 

D. $1.25. Harper. 

Bangs, J: K. The inventions of the Idiot 

J 04(Ap23) S. t$i.25- Harper. 

Bangs, J: K. Mr. Munchausen. '01(1)7) 

il. D. $1.50. Nqyes, P. 

Bangs. J: K. Mollie and the unwiserrian. 

J 02(N22) il. sq. D. (Children's lib.) **$i 

net. Coates. 



Bangs, J: K. Olympian nights. 'O2(je2i) D. 

$1.25. Harper. 

Bangs, J: K. Over the plum-pudding. '01 

(Ns) il. D. (Portrait coll. of short stories, 

v. 6.) net, $1.15. Harper. 

Bangs, J:K. Uncle Sam, trustee. J o2(Myio) 

il. O. net, $1.75- . Riggs. 

Bangs, W : McK. Art of giving ; concerning 

the sel. of works of fine art '02. '03 

(Mr28) il. 12, $1.50. Kean. 

Banister, Mrs. Gorilla. Self building through 

common-sense methods. J 04(Ni9) D. $1.10, 

Lee & S. 

Banister, H: C Art of modulating: piano- 
forte. '01 (Mri6) 12*, 75 c Scribner. 
Banister, H: C. Musical analysis. J 02(Ag23) 
12, 75 c. Scribner. 
Banker and the bear. Webster, H. K. $1.50. 


Banker of Bankersville. Thompson, M. 50 c. 

Nicholson. Bankers 5 money. *$ net. 


Rand, McNally's bankers' directory and list 

of attorneys. Jan. ed. ; July ed. subs., 

ea., $10. Rand, McN. & Co. 

Sharp & Alleman's lawyers' and bankers' 

directory. 1900-1904. 2 v. a year. ea. } $5 

Sharp & A 

Bankers' directory and list of bank attorneys. 
Homans and Sharp & Alleman's ed. Blue 
book. 1900(013) 4, $16. Credit Co. 

Bankers' encyclopsedia ; ed. by C: R. Wil- 
liams v. 12. 1900. s oi (Ja5) ; v. 13-17. 
['oi- J 03,] y 04(F2o) 8, per v., $10. 

Bankers' Encyc. 

Bankes, Nugent, ["An Eton Boy."] An Eton 
boy's letters. J oi(Agi7) S. $1.25. Cassell. 

See Banks and banking. 
Amer. bankruptcy annotations. *$5 net. 

M Bender. 

American bankruptcy reports, v 2-11. ea., 

$5- M. Bender. 

Bradbury. Notes on jurisdiction of trustees 

in bankruptcy. $1.50. Banks. 

Bradenburg. Law of bankruptcy. $6. 


Collier. Law and practice in bankruptcy. 
$6. M. Bender. 

Eastman. Bankruptcy law annot $4. 


Gould and Blakemore. Bankruptcy act of 
1898 annot. **$3 net.' Little, B. & Co. 
Loveland. Treatise on law and proceedings 
in bankruptcy. $6. 

W. H. Anderson; So. Law Bk. Ex. 
Luby. Law of bankruptcy, net, $3; $3.50. 

Legal Pub. 

Ohio. Repts. of bankruptcy cases, 1842- 
1900. $3.50.-^w/'. ct. in bankruptcy. 
Repts. 1841-51. $5. * Laning. 

United States. Law of 1898. 50 c. 

M. Bender; Callaghan 
West Virginia, Annot pocket code; with 
U. S. bankruptcy act. $5.50. Dillon & N. 
Williston, ed. Cases and statutes on bank- 
ruptcy. $5. Harvard Law. 
See also Receivers. 

Banks, C: E. Child of the sun. 1900 (Di) 
il. O. $1.50. H. S. Stone. 

Banks, C: E. Sword and cross, and other 

poems. 1900 (Mr3) D. $1.25. Rand, McN. 

Banks, C: E., and Armstrong, L. Theodore 

Roosevelt, twenty-sixth President of the 

U. S. 'O2(je28) 12, $1.50; hi rus, $2.25. 

Du Mont. 

Banks, C: E., and Cook, G: C. Authorized 
and authentic life and works of T. De Witt 
Talmage, ass. by M. Everett. *O2(Ag2) 
il. 12, $i 75. Bible House, 

Banks, C: E., Cook, G: C, and Everett, M. 
Beautiful homes and social customs of 
America. '02 (On) il. 8, $6; hf. mor., 
$12.50; de luxe ed., $75- Neil. 

Banks, Eliz. L. Autobiography of a news- 
paper girl. '02 (Ni) il. D. **$i.20 net 


Banks, L: A. Chats with young Christians. 
1900 (Je2) Tt. 40 c. F. M. Barton. 

Banks, L : A. David and his friends : revival 
sermons. 1900 (Jei6) D. $1.50. Funk. 

Banks, L: A. Fresh bait for fishers of men. 
1900 (D22) 8, $1.50. F. M. Barton. 

Banks, L: A. Great archers and their weap- 
ons and Fresh arrows from many quivers: 
illus. powers of pulpit orators. 'o4(Mr26) 
8, $1.50. F. M. Barton. 

Banks, L: A. Great portraits of the Bible. 
'O4(ja9) D. $1.50. Eaton & M. 

Banks, L: A. Great saints of the Bible, 'or. 
'o2(Api2) 8, $1.50. Eaton & M 

Batiks, L: A. Healing of souls: revival ser- 
mons. '02 (N8) D. $i 50. Eaton & M. 

Banks, L: A. The king's stewards. '02(513) 
O. $1.25. Am. Tr. 

Banks, L: A. The Lord's arrows: sermons. 
1900 (Api4) D. $1.25. Curts. 

Banks, L: A. On the trail of Moses: (ser- 
mons.) J 03(Myi6) D. **$i.20 net. Funk 

Banks, L: A. Poetry and morals. 1900 (Di) 
D. $1.50. Funk. 

Banks, L: A. The religious life of famous 
Americans. '04(03) pors. 12, $1.20. 

Am. Tr. 

Banks, L: A. Soul winning stories. '03 
(My2) D. $i. Am. Tr. 

Banks, L: A. Thirty-one revival sermons. 
'o4(Sio) 12, *$i net Revell. 

Banks, L: A. Twentieth century knighthood. 
1900 (Ap28) D. 75 c. Funk. 

Banks, L: A. Unused rainbows; prayer 
meeting talks. *oi(Mr23) 12, $i. Revell. 

Banks, L: A. Windows for sermons '02 
(Api2) D. net, $1.20 Funk. 

Banks, L: A. Youth of famous Americans. 
'o3(My2) S. *5o c. net. Jennings. 

Banks, L: A. See also Talmage, R D. 

Banks, Martha B. Dame Dimple's Thanks- 
giving. 'o3(Di2) pis. 12, 75 c. Am Tr. 

Bumka, Nancy H. Oldfield. 'o2(Je7) D. 
$1.50, Macmillan, 

Banks, Nancy H. Round Anvil Rock. '03 
(S5) il. 12, f$i-So. Macmillan. 

Banks' New York state lawyers' diary, for 
1903. ist year. 'O3(Ja24) ; for 1904. 2d 
year. 5 O4(Jai6) O. hf. roan, ea., $1.50. 

Banks & Co 


Barnett. State banking in the U. S. since 
passage of Nat. bank act. 50 c. 

Johns Hopkins, 

Barrett Modern banking methods and 
pract. bank bookkeeping. $4. Rhodes. 




Bolles Money, banking and finance. $1.25. 

Am. Bk. 

Cannon. Clearing houses. $2.50. Appleton. 
Case law and index, v. I, Banks and bank- 
ing. $6. Case Law. 
Coffin. A B C of banks and banking. $1.25. 

S: A. Nelson. 

Davis. Currency and banking in the Prov- 
ince of Mass. Bay. 2 pts. ea., net. $2; 

i d- *.- TljT -11 

net, $1.75. 

Chapters on the theory and his- 


tory of _ banking. $1.25. Putnam. 

Early's directory of attorneys and banks, 
1900. $25. Early. 

Fiske. The modern bank. **$i.5Q net. 


Gould. National bank act $3. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Hallock. Clearing out-of-town checks in 
England and the U. S. $1.25. Hallock 

Handy. Banking systems of the world. 
$1.50. Jamieson-H. 

Kerr. Hist of banking in Scotland. $2.o. 


Knox. Hist, of banking in U. S. $5. 


Michie, cd Banking cases, annot 5 v. 
ea., $5. Michie. 

Moore and Miner. Accounting and busi- 
ness practice; corporation accounting and 
banking So c Ginn. 

Morison. Banking publicity. *$4 net. 

Moody Pub. 

Morse. Law of banks and banking, v. I, 
2. $12. Little, B. & Co. 

Neal. Modern banking and bank account- 
ing. $2.25. Williams & R. 

Neal and Moore. Modern illustrative bank- 
ing, 45 c. Am. Bk. 

New York. Laws of the state rel. to banks, 
banking, [etc.] *$5net Lawyers' Co-op. 

New York. Statutory revision of laws af- 
fecting banks, banking, and trust com- 
panies, amended to 1900 $1.50: $2.50; 
amended to 1904. $1.50; $2 Banks & Co. 

New York's Clearing house. $1.25. King. 

Pennsylvania. Law of banks and trust 
companies. $5. Colonial Pr. 

Scott. Money and banking. $2. Holt 

Selover. Law of bank collections. $4. 


System of accounts for receivers of na- 
tional banks, 1905. $10. Lawyers* Co-op. 

Tennessee. Statutes relating to banks and 
banking. $2. F : Giddings. 

Walbert. Coming battle: hist, of the na- 
tional banking money power in the U. S. 
$1.50. Conkey. 

Watson. Law of the clearing house. $1.75. 


White. Century of banking in Pittsburgh. 
$4; $2. Index Co. 

Zane. Law of banks and banking. $6. 


Sec also American law directory, Bankers; - 
Credit; Exchange; Finance; Interest; 
Money; Savings-banks; Second Bank of the 
U. S.; Stocks. 
Banner of blue. Crockett, S. R. f$ 

McCIure, P. 
Bannerman, Helen. Story of little black 

Mingo. *02(D2o) il. 32, (Dumpy books 

for children.) bds., **40 c. net Stokes. 

Bannerman, Helen. Story of little black 
Quibba. '03(05) col. pis. Tt (Dumpy 
books for children.) bds, 50 c. Stokes. 
Bannenaan, Helen. Story of little black Sam- 
bo 1900(015) col pi., 32, (Dumpy books 
for children.) bds., net, 40 c. Stokes. 

Banneimaa, Helen. Story of little Kettle- 
head '04(53) col. pl. } 32, (Dumpy books 
for children.) bds., t5O c. Stokes. 

Btaoister, H: M. Set Brower, D. R. 
Banquet book. Reynolds, C. net, $1.75. Putnam 
Banta, Adele W. Fortunes of the Van der 
Bergs. '02(625) il. 12, $i. Ogilvie. 

Banta, Thdr. M. Sayre family. *02(Fi5) il. 
8*, hi mor., $10. T. M. Banta. 

Bantock, Miles. On many greens: golf. *oi 
(814) il. S. $i. Grosset 


Axtell. Mystery of baptism, net, $1.20. Funk. 
Aylswprth. Moral and spiritual aspects of 
baptism. $1.50. Chr. Pub. 

Brooks. Baptism explained. 10 c. 

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch, So. 
Drury. Baptism, its place in the church 
visible. [See Doctrinal ser.] Un. B. Pub, 
Evans. New Testament estimate of bap- 
tism. 5 c. Am. Bapt. 
Glover. Christian unity; A B C of bap- 
tism and higher lessons on baptism. 
25 c. Baltes. 
Hall These little ones which believe: plea 
for early baptism. Luth. Pub. 
Lewis. League catechism on baptism, 5 c. 
Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So. 
Mahon. Token of the covenant; right use 
of baptism. 50 c. 

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch. So. 
Moon. Water baptism: a pagan and Jew- 
ish rite. 25 c J. H. Moon. 
White. Why infants are baptized. 50 c. 


Williams. Baptism, net, 25 c. Jennings. 
Wilson. Great cloud of witnesses. 50 c. 

Standard Pub 
See aho Baptist church; Regeneration. 

American Baptist year-book, ea., 25 c. 

Am. Bapt 
Baptist, why and why not. $1.25. 

S. S. Bd. So. Bapt 
Bogard. Pillars of orthodoxy. $2. 

Eapt Bk. 

Brumbaugh. Hist of the Germ. Bapt 
brethren. 3d rev. ed. $2; $2.50; $3. 

Brethren Pub. Ho. 

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Ford. Baptist waymarks. *35 c. net. 

Am. Bapt 

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Am. Bapt 

Gordon. Life of Henry S. Gordon, founder 
of the Free Baptist church in So. 111., 
with sketches of 100 other Free Baptists. 
60 c; 30 c. G: A. Gordon. 

Griffith. Baptist missionaries in relation to 
the trs. of the Scriptures. 5 c. 

Am. Bapt 

Griffith. Brief biog. sketches of deceased 

Welsh Bapt ministers in northeastern 

Pa. 60 c. Wilkes-Barre Record. 

Hillyer. Reminiscences of Georgia Bap- 

* tists. $i. Foote, 




Jeter. Baptist principles reset. $i. 

Rel. Herald 

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$1.25. Am. Bapt. 

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Pendleton. Three reasons why I am a 
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Peters. Why I became a Baptist, net, 50 c. 

Baker & T. 
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Vedder. The Baptists. **$i net 

Baker & T. 
Whitaker. Pastor's helper. $i. Lee & S, 

See also Baptism; Covenant; Bunkers; Ex- 
eter, N. H.j Free Baptist Missionary Soc. ; 
Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Soc.; also 
Campbell, A. 

Baptist pulpit. 12, $i. F. M. Barton. 

Brpughton. Old wine in new bottles. 
Baptist, why and why not. 1900 (Ag25) 12*, 
$1.25. S. S. Bd. So. Bapt 

Baptist young people's union of America. 
Year book, 1903-1904. '03(010) 16, 25 c. 
' Bapt. Y. P. U. 
Bar keeper's guide. Applegreen, J: $i 

"Bar sinister. Davis, R: H. $i ; $1.50. 


Barabbas. See 'Corelli, M. 
BARAGA, Frederic. 

Verwyst. Life and labors of Frederic Bar- 

aga, first bishop of Marquette, Mich. 

$1.25. Wiltzius, 

Baraaoff, M. Man and nature. J 03(Jei3) 

il. S. (Int. lib., v. 5, no. 2.) pap., 10 c. 

Int. Lib. 

Stark Hist, and guide to Barbados. $1.50. 

J. H. Stark. 

Barbara. Ctilley, F. C. $1.25. F. C. Culley. 
Barbara. Whitson, J: H. t$i-5o. 

Little, B. & Co. 
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L. C. Page. 

Barbara, lady's maid and peeress. Hector, 
Mrs. A. F. $i ; 50 c. Lippincott. 

Barbara's triumphs. Denison, Mrs. M. A. 
BO c. . Street. 

Barbarian invasions of Italy. Villari. P. 2 v. 
net, $7.50. Scribner. 

Meakin. LanJ of the Moors. $5. 

Barbauld. Mrs. Anna L. A. See Aiken, J :- 

Edgeworth, M. 

Barbe, L: A. Viscount Dundee. '03(^4) 

12, (Famous Scots ser.) 75 c. Scribner. 

Barbe, Waitman. Going to college. 1900 

(F3) S. soc,; pap., 25c. W. Barbe. 

Barbe of Grand Bayou. Oxenham, J : t$i-5o. 


Barber, Edn. A. American glassware. 1900. 
(Di) 16, net, $1.10. Caspar. 

Barber, Edn. A. American glassware, old 
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Patterson & W. 

Barber, Edn. A. Anglo- Am. pottery: old 
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[Caspar] E. A. Barber. 

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enl. ed. '01. '02(Ap26) il. 8, $2. 

Patterson & W. 

Barber, Edn. A. Marks of American potters. 
J 04(Dio) il. facsim., subs., $2.25. [1000 
cop.] E. A. Barber. 

Barber, Edn. A. Pottery and porcelain of 
the U. S. 2d ed., rev. and enl. J oi(Di4) 
8, net, $3.50. Putnam. 

Barber, Edn. A. Tulip ware of the Penn- 
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O. pap., $i ; Lim. ed., art vellum, $3.50. 

Lib. Penn. Museum. 

Barber, F. M. Mechanical triumphs of an- 
cient Egyptians. '01. J 02(F22) 16, net, 
$1.25. Dodd. 

Barber, F: W. Engineer's sketch-book of 
mechanical movements, devices, appliances, 
and details employed in the design and 

* construction of machinery. 4th ed. '02 
(S2o) 8, $4. Spon. 

Barber, Harriett See Worst, E: F. 
Barber instructor and toilet manual. Bridge- 
ford, F. C. $i. F. C Bridgeford. Seville. See Beatirnarchais, P. A. 

C. de. 

Barbizon days. Smith, C: S. **$2 net; 
**$3.50 net. Wessels. 

See Millet, J. F. 

Barbour, A. M. At the time appointed. '03 

(Je6) il. D. f$i.50. Lippincott. 

Barbour, A. M. Award of justice. New ed. 

'01 (N2) D. $1.50. Rand, McN. & Co. 

Barbour, A. M. That Main waring affair. 

1901. igoo(Nro) il. D. $1.50. Lippincott. 
Barbour, R. H: Arrival of Jimpson, and 

other stories for boys. *04(Ni2) pis., 12, 

f$i.5O. Appleton. 

Barbour, R. H: Behind the line. '02 (Ni) 

Jl. D. **$i.2o net. Appleton. 

Barbour, R. H: Book of school and college 

sports; with assistance of R. D. Paine, E: 

N. Robinson and others. '04 (Jen) il. D. 

**$i.75 net Appleton. 

Barbour, R. H: Captain of the crew. J oi 

(Ni6) il. D. net, $1.20. Appleton. 

Barbour, R. H: For the honor of the school 

igoo(Di) il. D. $1.50. Appleton. 

Barbour, R. H: Kitty of the roses. '04 

(Di7) il. 12, f$2. Lippincott 

Barbour, R. H : The land of joy. '03 (My23) 

D. hf. cl., t$i.50. ' Doubleday, P. 
Baxlwxur, R. H : On your mark t story of col- 
lege life and athletics. *04(Ni2) il. 0. 
t$i.50. Appleton. 

Barborur, R. H: Weatherby's inning: a story 
of college life and baseball. *03(Qio) il. D. 
**$i.25 net. Appleton. 

Barchester Towers. See Trollope, A. 

Barclay, Wilbur F. See Methodist Epis. 

* Church. 


Moffat. The Barclays of New York: who 
they are and who they are not, and some 
other Barclays. $5. R. G. Cooke. 

Bard, (pseud.) Ahead of the ticker. '01 

(N9) S. (White tape ser. of Wall St. 
tales, v. i, no. i.) pap., 25 c. Serial Bk. 




Bard of the Dimbovitza. Vacaresco, H. 
*$i.50 net Scribner. 

Bardeen, C: W. Continuous contracts for 
teachers, with the dream that Peter Smith 
told Miss S' Phrony. 1900 (S8) S. 50 c. 


Bardeen. C : W. Diet, of educational biogra- 
phy. 'oi(Ap27) S. $2; limited el, hi 
mor., $5. Bardeen. 

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$i. Bardeen. 

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1900 (Di) il. 16, 50 c. Bardeen. 

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(School bulletin pub.) $i. Bardeen. 

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tions in arithmetic, 1892-1901. *04(Je4) 16, 
$i. Bardeen. 

Bardeen's school bulletin pubs. il. D. Bardeen. 

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Bardeen. The woman trustee. $i. 

Black. Graded readers ; Primer, 20 c. ; ist 
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Harcourt and Mahan. Southern stories. 
30 c. 

Jones. Gettysburg. 25 c. ; 50 c. 

Quinn. Socratic study of plane geometry. 

Tupper. Educational broth. $1.50. 

Whitney. Fifty years a teacher. 50 c. 

Bardeen's school year ser. 16*, $i. Bardeen. 

Lilley. Second school year. 

Reiff. Third school year. 

Bardeen's framing class manuals, il. S. 50 c. 


Conway. Topical studies in hist, of educa- 

Bardos Cubanos. Hills, E. C. 60- c. Heath. 

Bardswell, Mrs. F. A. Book of town and 
windpw gardening. '03. 12, (Hdbks. of 
practical gardening, v. 19.) *$i net. Lane. 

Barefoot time (The). Caldwell, A. F. $i. 


Bareis, G: F: Hist, of Madison Township, 
incl. Groveport and Canal Winchester, 
Franklin Co., O. 'o2(Oii) 12% $2. 

G: F: Bareis. 

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goldsby legends of mirth and marvels. New 
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(Oi8) il. 0. bds., $2. Nelson. 

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Eaton & M. 

Barine, Arvede. La Grande Mademoiselle, 
1627-1652; authorized Eng. version by H. 
E. Meyer. '02 (D6) il. O. **$3 net P.utnam. 

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Baring, Maurice. The black prince, and other 
poems. *02(D27) D. **$i.25 net. Lane, 

Bariag-Gould, S. Book of ghosts. '04(629) 
il. D. f$ Putnam. 

Baring-Gould, S. In a quiet village. 1900 
(O2o) D. $1.50. Lane. 

Baring-Gould. S. Virgin saints and martyrs. 
f oi(F23) il. D. $1.50. ' Crowell. 

Baring-Gould, S. Winefred. 1900 (Sis) il. 
D. $1.50. L. C. Page, 

Barker, A. F. Introd. to the study of textile 
designs. 'O4(jli6) il. 8, **$ net. 


Barker, Eugene C. See Bolton, H. E. 

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known them. Author's ed. '03(03) il. 
por. 12, **$i net. Lee & S. 

Barker, F: F. See Lester, F. E. 

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society stories. 1900(015) 12, $i, 


Bark-er, Lewellys F. Description of the brains 
and spinal cords of two brothers dead of 
hereditary ataxia. '03 (Dig) Q. rUniv. of 
Chic, decennial pubs., pr. fr. v. 10.) pap., 
*$2 net Univ. of Chic. 

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of some editorials fr. The American, 1897- 
1900. "o2(Ag3o) 12, $r. W. Barker. 

Barksdale, G : Punch : a novel of negro life. 
J 04(Dio) D. $1.50. Neale. 

Barlasch of the guard, Scott, H. S. f$i,50, 

McClure, P. 

Barlow, C. A. Montague. See Avebury, Lord. 

Barlow, Jane. At the back of beyond. '02 
Myio) D. $1.50. Dodd. 

Barlow, Jane. Founding of fortunes. '02 
(Oi8) D. f$ Dodd. 

Barlow, Jane. From the land of the sham- 
rock. 1900(06) D, $1.50. Dodd. 

Barlow, Walter S. L. Pathological anatomy. 
J 03(Agis) 8, *$ net. Blakiston. 

Bannby, C James Cope, U. S. District At- 
torney, [novel.] 1900 (F3) 12, $1.50. 

New Amsterdam. 

Barn plans and outbuildings. Halsted, B. D : 
$i. Judd. 

Barna"by, Sydney W. Marine propellers. 4th 
enl ed. i90o(Mys) 8, $4.50. Spon. 

Barnaby Lee, Bennett, J: f$ 

Century Co. 

Barnaby Rudge. See Dickens, C: 

Barnard, Lady Anne. South Africa a century 
ago; ed. by W. H. Wilkins. f oi(Os) D. 
net, $2.50. Dodd. 

Barnard, C: The door in the book through 
which the children of to-day pass, to walk 
and to talk with the children of Bible times. 
'03(031) il. D. **$r net. RevelL 

Barnard, C: Farming by inches. '01. '02 
(F8) 12", "40 c, Coates. 

Barnard, C: My ten rod farm; or, how I 
became a florist. '01. '02 (F8) 12. 40 c. 


Barnard, C: A simple flower garden for 
country homes. *of. '02 (F8) I2 a , 40 c. 


Barnard, C: The strawberry garden, how 
planted, what it cost. '01. 'O2(F8) 12, 
40 c. Coates. 

Barnard, C : Tools and machines. '03 ( Ag8) 
il D. 60 c. Silver. 

Barnard, C: Two thousand a year on fruits 
and flowers. *oi. '02 (F8) 12, $t. Coates. 

Barnard, E: Emerson. Micrometrical obser- 
vations of Eros made with the forty-inch 
refractors of the Yerkes Observatory during 
the opposition of 1900-1901. 'o4(My7) Q. 
(Univ. of Chic, decennial pubs. ; printed fr. 
v. 8.) pap., 50 c. Univ. of Chic. 



Barnard, E: W. The conceits of a general 
lover: [poems.] 'o3(N2i) D. $1.50. 


Barnard, Fes. P., ed. Companion to Eng. 

history, (Middle Ages.) '02(N22) il. 8, 

$2.90. Oxford Univ. 

Barnard, H: f ed. and tr. Indo wisdom. '02 

(N22) D. pap., 15 c. Eclder. 

BARNARD, Henry. ' 

Monroe. Educational labors of xienry 

Barnard, 5 c. Bardeen 

Barnard, J. U. Industrial and commercial 

geography. '03(03) D. pap., 30 c. 


Barnard, L. F. S. Friends hither and yon: 
poems. 'o4(Mrs6) D. bds., $1. Badger. 

Baniaid, S., and Child, J. M. New geom- 
etry for junior forms. } 04(F20) il. 12 , 
*6o c net. Macmillan. 

Barnard, $. t ' and Child, J M. New geometry 
for senior forms. '04(017) il. 12 , *90 c, 
net Macmillan. 

Barnard, S., and Child, J. M. New geom- 
etry for schools. '03(03) il. 12, *$ 
ne t Macmillan. 

Barnes, A. C. The Once a Week Club. 1900 
(Di) S. pap., 10 c. Fillmore. 

Barnes, A. C. Search for happiness. 1900 
(Di) D. pap., 10 c. Fillmore. 

Barnes, Mrs. A. J. See Barnes, Louisa E 

Barnes, Annie M., ["Cousin Annie. ] The 
king's gift >C3(My2) D. *5<> c. net 

Barnes, Annie M. A lass of Dorchester. '04 
(Sio) il D. 1$i25 Lee& S. 

Barnes, Annie M. The laurel token. 04 
(Sio) il D t$i.2S. Lee & S. 

Barnes, Annie M. Little Betty Blew; her 
strange experiences and adventures in In- 
dian land; il. by Frank T. Merrill. '03 
(Ag2Q) D. **$i net. * Lee & S. 

Barnes, Annie M. Little burden sharers: 
[story.] } oi(F2) il. D. 60 c. Presb. Pub. 

Barnes, Annie M. The little lady of the fort. 
'03(031) il D. **9o c. net. Penn Pub. Co 

Barnes, Annie M. Mistress Moppet. '04 
(Ni2) il D, t$i. Penn Pub. Co. 

Barnes, Annie M. The red miriok. [also] 
Shan folk lore stories, by W. C Griggs. 
'03 (F7) il. D. **75 c. net. Am. Bapt 

Barnes, Mrs. Arth. J. See Barnes, Louisa E. 

Barnes, Arth W., ["Arthur Ward."] But- 
tercups and clover, and other verses. '02 
(N22) il. D". *7S c. net. A W. Barnes. 

Barnes, C: Randell, ed. Bible encyclopedia. 
'03 (Ds) 3 v., il. maps, charts, 8, hi mor., 
subs., $18 Baton & M 

Barnes, C; Reid. Outlines of plant life. 1900 
(Mr3i) D. net, $i. - Holt. 

Barnes, C: W. Sorrow and solace of Esther, 
daughter of Ben- Amos. *O2(Mr29) S. 
leatherette, net. 30 c. Jennings 

Barnes, C : W. See also Arthur, J. C. 

Barnes, Edn. N. C. Reconciliation of Ran- 
dall Claymore. '02(Je28) D. $i. Earle 

Barne, G: N., comp. Barnes genealogies 
incl a coll. of ancestral, genealog. anc 
family records and biog. sketches. '04 
(Ago) il. 12, $1.25; hf. mor., $1.50. 

G: N. Barnes 

Barnes, Ja. The giant of three wars: a life 
of Gen. Scott, '03(010) il. D. (Heroes of 

1 our army ser., no. I.) **$i net Appleton 

Barnes, Ja. Great war trek with the British 
army on the veldt. 'oi(J16) D. net, $i 50. 


Bara, Ja. Son of Light Horse Harry. '04 
(Je4) il. D. f$i.25. Harper. 

Barnes, Ja. Unpardonable war. '04 (Ns) il. 
12 t^-S Macmillan. 

Barnes Ja. With the flag in the channel 
'02 (Ni) il. sq, D. (Young heroes of our 
navy.) **8o c. net. Appleton. 

Barnes, J : D. Secrets of animal magnetism, 
mesmerism, clairvoyancy and mind reading. 
3 I2 . Progressive. 

Barnes, Julia K. Annals of a quiet country 
town. '02 J 03(Mr28) il. D. $1.25 

Abbey Press 
Barnes, Lemuel C. Two thousand years of 
missions before Carey. 1900, oi(Ap6) 
maps, facsim. 12*, (Advanced Christian 
culture courses, v. 2.) net, $1.50. Chr. Culture. 
Barnes, Louisa E., [Mrs. A. J. Barnes,] 
Shorthand for high schools: Amer. Pit- 
man phonography. '03. 'o4(F2o) 12 , 
$1.25. A - J- Barnes. 

Barnes, Louisa E Shorthand lessons by the 
sentence method Am. Pitman phonogra- 
phy '03(03) 12, $1,25. A. J Barnes. 
Barnes, Louisa E. Shorthand lessons by the 
word method. Am. Pitman phonography. 
'01. *02(Mn) 12, $125. A. J. Barnes 
Barnes, W Emery. The Peshitta psalter ; 
according to the West Syrian text ^ ed., with 
an apparatus criticus. '04(024) 4 > *?4 pet 


Barnes. Willis. Doctor Josephine. 'oi(D;) 
D. $i. Abbey Press 

Barnes' east and west ser. for young readers. 
D. si *$i.25 net Barnes. 

Earle. New fortunes. 
Shelton. Three prisoners 
Weaver. The search. 

Barnes, comp. Barnes genealogies. $1.25; 
$1.50. G: N. Barnes. 

Barnes's clem, hist of the U; S. See Bald- 
win, J. . 
Barnes's national vertical penmanship, no. 7. 
1900 (F3) ; no. 8. (Fio) sq. O. pap., per 
doz., 75 c. Am. Bk. 
Barnes's national vertical penmanship: pen 
and pencil ser.; bks. A and B. 'oi(Ni6) ; 
bks. C and D (D;) il. obi. T. pap., ea., per 
doz., 60 c. Am. Bk. 
Barnes's natural slant penmanship, nos. 1-6. 
1900 (Nio) ; no. 7. '01(019) ; no. 8 (O26) 
sq. O. pap., per doz., 75 c. Am. Bk. 
Barnes's natural slant penmanship: pen and 
pencil ser. bks. A and B. 1900 (Nio) ; 
bk. C. J oi(Di4) pap., per doz., 60 c. Am Bk. 
Barnes's natural slant writing speller. '03 
(Ds) O. pap., per doz, 48 c. Am Bk. 
Barnes's popular history of the United States. 
Steele,J.D. 2 v. $5. ^ Barnes. 
Barnes's school hist, of the U. S. See Steele, 

J. D. 

Barnes's vertical writing speller. ipoo(D8) 
pap., per doz., 48 c. Am. Bk. 

Bamett, Evelyn S. Jerry's reward. '01. '02 
(Jli9) il. S. (Cosy corner ser.) 50 c. 

L. C. Page. 



Baraett, G: E. State banking in the U. S. 
since the passage of the Nat. bank act 
'02 (My 1 7) O, (Johns Hopkins Univ. studies 
in hist, and pol. science ser. 20, nos. 2-3.) 
pap., 50 c. Johns Hopkins. 

Barnett, G: E. } ed. Trial bibliography of 
American trade-union publications. '04 
(Ap23) 0. (Johns Hopkins Univ. studies 
in hist and pol. sci., ser. 22, nos. i, 2.) 
pap., 50 c. Johns Hopkins 

Barnett J. M. Mother Goose paint book, 
J 02(Ag9) il. obi. 8, bds., $1.25. Saalfield. 

Barnett, L. D. The Greek drama. 1900 
(Ap28) 16, (Temple cyclopedic primers.) 
net? 40 c. Macmillan. 

Barnett, Maud, comp. See Wisconsin arbor 
and bird day annual. 

Bamett, Percy Arthur, and Sweeney, G. W. 
Natal, the state and the citizen. J 04(Ns) 
D. 75 c. Longmans. 

Baraett, S. J. Elements of electromagnetic 
theory. 7 03(0io) 12, **$3 net Macmillan. 

Barney, Wa. H. Whist and duplicate whist. 
I2th ed., rev. and corr. to date. '04 (08) il. 
S. 25 c. ; pap., 10 c. U. S. Playing Card. 

Barney O'Reirdon. See Lover, S : 

Barney's information guide to St. Louis. 
Frauenthal, B. W. 25 c. B. W. Frauenthal. 

Barnsley, Sidney Howard. See Schultz, R. 

Barnstormer's companion. Carey, M. F. 
25 c . Knickerbocker. 

Barnum, Fs. Grammatical fundamentals of 
the Innuit language as spoken by the Es- 
kimo of the western coast of Alaska. 01, 
'O2(jli2) 8, $5. , t irm- 

Bainum, H : W. Lessons in vibratory thera- 
peutics. '04(A#6) il. pis., 8. $1.50. Haight 

Bainum, Phineas T. Lion Jack: story of 
perilous adventures among wild men and 
the capturing of wild beasts ; showing how 
menageries are made. *G4(Slo) pis., 12, 
$i. G: W. Dillingham. 

BARXVM, Phineas Taylor. 
Benton. Life of P. T. Barnum. $i. 


Baron de Fourchevif. See Labiche, E. M. 

Baron Munchausen. See Raspe, R. E. 

Baron Stiegel. Stine, M. H. $1.25. 

Lutheran Pub. 

Baronet in corduroy. Lee, A. t$i-50. 


Baron's sons. Jokai, M. $1.50. L. C Page. 

Barony of the rose. Reid, G. S. $1.25, 

Grafton Press. 

Barr, Mrs. Amelia E. H. The belle of Bowl- 
ing Green. J 04(Ni2) il. D. 1$i.$a Dodd. 

Barr, Mrs. Amelia E. H. The black shilling: 
a tale of Boston towns. '03(010) D. t$i-50. 


Barr, Mrs. Amelia E. H. Lion's whelp. '01 
(0s) il. D. $1.50. Dodd. 

Barr, Mrs. Amelia E. H. Maid of Maiden 
Lane. Limited pap. ed. 'oi(Myii) il. 12, 
(People's lib., no. 20.) pap., 50 c. 

Am. News 

Barr Mrs. Amelia E. H. Maid of Maiden 
Lane. i90o(S8) il D. $1.50. Dodd 

Barr Mrs Amelia E. H. Preacher's daugh- 
ter. J 02(D27) 12, $1.25. Pilgrim Press. 

Barr, Mrs. Amelia E. H. Rose of a hundred 
leaves. [New ed] '(>3(Jei3) il. D. t$l.2|. 


Barr, Mrs. Amelia E. H. Song of a single 
note. '02 (Ni) il. D. t$i-50- Dodd. 

Ban, Mrs. Amselia E. H. Souls of passage. 
'oi(Ap6) il. D. $1.50. Dodd. 

Barr, Mrs. Amelia E. H. Thyra Varrick. '03 
(Api8) il. D. t$L5o. J. F. Taylor. 

Barr, Martin W. Mental defectives, their 
hist, treatment and training. } 04(Dio) il. 
pis., 8, $4. Blakiston's. 

Barr, R, ["Luke Sharp."] A Chicago prin- 
cess. '04(08) il. D. t$i.5<>- Stokes. 

Barr, R In the midst of alarms: (novel.) 
gth ed 1900(627) il. D, $1,50. Stokes. 

Barr, R. Over the border. '03(031) il. D. 
f$i.5o. Stokes. 

Barr, R. Prince of good fellows. '02 (Je/) 
il. D. $1.50. McCiure, P. 

Barr, R. The victors. 'oi(Os) il. D. $1.50. 


Barr, R. The woman wins. 5 O4(Myi4) D. 
t$i.50. Stokes. 

Barr, R. See also Crane, Stephen. 

Barr, T: Manual of diseases of the ear; 
incl. those of the nose and throat in rela- 
tion to the ear. 3d rev. ed. 'oi(Api3) il. 
8, net, $4. Macmillan. 

Barr, Wa. Shacklett *oi(Oi2) D. $1.50. 


Barr, W: M. Catechism on the combustion 
of coal and the prevention of smoke. 1900 
(D22) il. 8, $1.50. t t Henley. 

Barrack-room ballads. See Kipling, R. 

Barrett, Fk. R. Elementary geometry. '04 
(Ap9) il. D, $1.40. Longmans. 

Barret, F: A, Medical hand book. '02 
(Jli2) 16, $r. Barret Chemical. 

Barrett, Alb. R. Modern banking methods 
and practical bank bookkeeping. '02 (D6) 
Q. hf. leath., $4. Rhodes. 

Barrett, Alb. T. Tennessee. '04(017) ii. 
sq. 16, (Tarr and McMurry geographies, 
supp. v.) **3o c. net. Macmillan. 

Barrett, C: R. Short story writing. 1000 
(06) D. $i. Baker & T. 

Barrett, C: W. Colonial southern homes. 
'o4(Mri2'> il. plans, 12, $i. C: W. Barrett 

Barrett, Eliza. See Leighton, W: 

Barrett, F. Breaking the shackles; [novel.] 
looo(Agii) D. $1.50. L. C Page, 

Barrett, F. Set of rogues, [novel.] 1900 
(Apy) 12, (People's lib., no. n.) pap., 
50 c. Am, Ne-ws. 

Barrett, Jos H. Abraham Lincoln and his 
presidency. '04^13) 2 v., pors. O. **$5 net 


Barrett, Jos. H. Life of Abraham Lincoln. 
J 02(Jli9) 12, (Biographies of famous 
men.) $i. Bonohtie. 

Barrett, O. M. Complete course m physiolog- 
ical exercise. '04 (Mr 12) il. S. $i. 

W. G. Kraft. 

Barrett, Rob. S. Guide to the city of Mexico 
and vicinity. 3<* ed- '03(^14) iL - P a P-' 
50 c. Modern Mexico. 

Barrett, Wilson. The Never-Never land. '04 
(Oi) D. t$ Lippincott 

Barrett, Wilson. Sign of the cross. New il. 
ed. J 04(Di7) t7S c- Lippincott 

Bailie, Ja. M. An Edinburgh eleven. '04 

(Ap2) 12, pap., 25 c. J. S. Ogilvie. 

Barrie, Ja. M, Little minister. 'o2(Aps) 12% 

(Home lib.) $i. Burt 




Barrie, Ja. M. Little minister. 'oi(Ag24) 
il. 0. (Luxembourg lib. of standard fiction.) 
$1.50. ' Crowell. 

Baxrie, Ja. M. Little white bird. '02 (N8) D. 
t$i.5<x Scribner. 

Barrie, Ja, M. My Lady Nicotine. *O4(Ap2) 
12, pap., 25 c. J. S. Ogilvie. 

Barrie, Ja. M. A powerful drug. 'o4(Ap2) 
12, pap., 25 c. J. S. Ogilvie, 

Barrie, Ja. M. Sentimental Tommy. Lim. 
pap. ed. 1900(815) 12, (People's lib., no. 
15.) pap., 50 c. Am. News. 

Barrie, Ja. M. Tillyloss scandal. 'o4(Ap2) 
12, pap., 25 c. J. S. Ogilvie. 

Barrie, Ja. M. Tommy and Grizel. 1900 
(020) D. $1.50. Scribner. 

Barrie, Ja. M. Two of them. 'o4(Ap2) 12, 
25 c. J. S. Ogilvie. 

BAIURIE, James Matthew. 
Hammerton. J. M. Barrie and his books, 
net, $2. Mansfield. 

Barrier (The). French, A. t$i-5o. 

Doubleday, P. 

Barriere, Jean F. Memoirs of Duke de Riche- 
lieu, v. i. Ed. du Grand Trianon. '04 
(Api6) pis., facsim., 8, (Courtiers and 
favorites of royalty.) subs., various bind- 
ings, per v., $ib to $55. Merrill & B. 

Barrie's antique gems from the Greek and 
Latin, il. 12. (App. to pub. for price.) 


Achilles Tatius. Leucippe and Clitophon.(7.) 

Anacreon. Odes. (8.) 

Apollonius. Jason and Medea, (n.) 

Apuleius. Cupid and Psyche. (2.) 

Horace. Odas, Epodae, etc. (3.) 

Longus, Daphnis and Chloe. (4.) 

Lucian. Lucius, the ass. (5.) 

Musaeus. Hero and Leander. (2.) 

Ovid. Amorum libri tres. (6.) 

Propertius. Elegise. (10.) 

Sappho. Odes, bridal songs, epigrams. (9.) 

Theocritus. Idylls, (i.) 

Virgil. Bucolicon. (12.) 

Bamtt, Leon. How to draw: instruction in 
illustration. '04. il. 8, **$2 net Harper. 

Barron, H : M., comp. Texts for sermons on 
various occasions and subjects. 1900 (D8) 
12, $1.25. Lippincott 

Barren, L. W. Killed in a saloon. 'oi(Oi9> 
S. pap., 5 c. Presb. Pub. 

Barrow,, Eliz. N. The fortune of war. 1900 
(F24) D. $1.25. Holt 

Barrow, G. H. S. See Waller, A. R. 

Barrow, J: Life of Peter the Great; explan- 
atory notes by H: Ketcham. *03(Ag29) 
12, (Franklin biog. sen) $i. Burt 

Barrows, Anna. See Lincoln, Mrs, M. J. B. 

Barrows, D: P. Ethno-botany of the Coa- 
huilla Indians of So. California. 'pi 
,(Mr23> 16*, t>ap.j 50 c. Univ. of Chic. 

BARROWS, John Henry. 
Barrows. John Henry Barrows: a me- 
moir. *$ net. Revell. 

Barrows, M. Handbook on the law of negli- 
gence. 1900 (Ja6) O. (Hornbook ser. f v. 
23.) shp., $3.25. West Pub. 

Barrows, Ma. E. John Henry Barrows: a 
memoir. '04. *$ net Revell. 

Barrows, Ma. M., ed. Value of cheerful- 
ness; introd. by Ella W. Wilcox. '04 
(22) O. $1.50; limp chamois, $2.50. 


Barrows, S: J. Recent tendencies of Am. 

criminal legislation. '03. 8, (Pub. of the 

soc., no. 425-) pap., 15 c, . 

Am. Acad. PoL Sci. 

Barrus, G: H. Engine tests. 1900(027) il. 
O. $4. " Van Nostrand. 

Barry, Alfr. Position of the laity in the 
church. *03(Ap4) 12, *$i net Button. 

Barry, Etheldred B. Countess of the tene- 
ments. ipoo(D22) il. D. (Young of heart 
ser.) 50 c. Estes. 

Barry, Etheldred B. Little Dick's Christmas ; 
il. by the author. 'O3(jh8) 12, (Young of 
heart ser., no. 35.) **4O c. net. Estes. 

Barry, Etheldred B. Miss De Peyster's 
boy. '02(04) D. (Golden hour ser.) **5oc. 
net. Crowell. 

Barry, Etheldred B. What Paul did. '04 
(Ns) il. D. (Young of heart ser.) t5o c. 


Baixy, Eugene. Poems. 5 04(Jli6) D. **$i 
net L. C. Page. 

Barry, Fanny. Soap-bubble stories for chil- 
dren. 1900 (N3) D. $i. Pott 

BARRY. Francois Bernard. 

See Smith, C: S. 
Barry, H: A. God the Holy Ghost. '02 

(Api2) 12, $2. Angel Press. 

Barry, Ja. P. Fidistoria. '01 (828) 12, $1.50. 


Barry, Ja. P. Fidistoria. '03(819) 8, $i. 


BARRY, John. 

Griffin. Commodore John. Barry, "the 
father of the Amer. navy." $2.50. 

M, 1 J. Griffin. 
Barry, J: D. The congressman's wife. '03 

(O3) il. D. $1.50. Smart Set 

Barry, J: D. Daughter of Thespis. '03 

(Ap25) D. t$r-5o. L. C Page. 

Barry, J: D. Mademoiselle Blanche. '04 

(Je4) D. (Canvas-back lib. of pop. fiction.) 

bds., 75 c. Lane. 

Barry, J : W. American lumberman telecode. 

*02(Ap26) 8, flex. leath., net, $5. 

Am. Lumberman. 
Barry, W: Arden Massiter. 1900 (Mys) D. 

$1.50. Century Co. 

Barry, W: The dayspring. 'o4(F27> D. 
t$i.50. Dodd. 

Barry, W: The Papal monarchy, from St.- 
Gregory the Great to Boniface ym. '02 
(Di3) il. D. (Stories of the nations, no. 
65.) **$i.35 net; hf. leath., $1.60 net 


Barry. W: Place of dreams: four stories. 
'01(814) 12, net, $i. Herder. 

Barry, W: Wizard's knot. f oi(Ap6) O. 
$1.50. Century Co. 

Barry, W: F. Hygiene of the schoolroom. 
'O4(jh6> il. 12, $1.50. Snow & F. 

Barry, W: Newman. *04(Ap2) por. D. (Lit- 
erary lives.) **$i net Scribner. 

Barry Lyndon. See Thackeray, W : M. 

Barsa^ L: Shadows and fireflies: (verse.) 
*oi(Api3) sq. S. net, $1.25. Mansfield. 

Barss, J: E. Writing Latin; book two- 
third or fourth year work. '03 (N7) 16, 
(Gildersleeve-Lodge Latin ser.) *75 c. net. 





Barsy, Carlotta de. Twentieth century for- 
tune teller. 'oi(D7) 12, (Pastime sen, 
no. So.) 50 c. ; pap., 25 c. Laird. 

Bartels, J: M., [and others.] Postage stamps 
of the Philippines, incl. a list of telegraph 
and revenue stamps issued under Spanish 
dominion. Ed. de luxe. *04(Ag27) il. fold. 
maps, O. $4.50. Bartels. 

Bartender's manual. Johnson, H. $i. 

Int. News. 

Bartered birthright. Launt, F. A. D. $1.50 


Bartholomew, E: F. Relation of psychology 
to music 2d ed., rev. J 03(My2) D. *$i.75 
net. New Era. 

Bartholomew, J: G: Handy world atlas and 
gazetteer. 'O3(jli8) S. **40 c. net Warne. 

Bartholomew, J : G : Internal student's atlas 
of modern geography. 'o2(Api2) 4, net, 
$2.25. Scribner. 

Bartholomew. J: G: ? ed. Twentieth century 
citizen's atlas of the world. '02 (D6) f, 
*$8 net ; mor., $10 net. Scribner. 

Bartholomews physical atlas, v. I, Meteor- 
ology, by A. Buchan. *02(Ag2) f, hf. 

mor., **$I7-50 net 


Barfcholow, Roberts. Practical treatise on ma- 
tena medica and therapeutics, nth ed., 
rev. and enl. '04(01) 8, (New medical 
ser.) subs., $5; hf. leath., $5.50. Appleton, 

Bartlett, Alb. L. A golden way: journey 
through Ireland, Scotland and England. 
'O2(Mn) il. D. $1.50 Abbey Press 

Bartlett, C : H : Tales of Kankakee land. '04 
(Ap2) map. D. **$i 25 net. Scribner. 

Bartlett, Clarence. Text-book of clinical 
medicine. *02(D2o) il. 8, $7; hi mor., $8. 

Boericke & T. 

Bartlett, Dana P. General principles of the 
method of least squares, with application? 
2d ed. 1900. 'oi(Jei) il. 8% $2.25. 

Mass. Inst. Tech 

Bartlett, Emeline B. See Pearson, H : C. 

Bartlett, F. W. Mechanical drawing. '01 
(Si4) il. 8, net, $3; Abr. ed. '03(826) il. % 
8, xk Si 50 net. Wiley. 

Bartlett, F: O. Joan of the alley. '04 (Mrs) 
il. D t$i 30. Houghton, M, & Co. 

Bartlett, F: 0. Mistress Dorothy. *oi(Ni6) 
il. 12, leatherette. 50 c. Dutton 

Bartlett, G: H. Pen and ink drawing: ser. 
of drawings showing its adaptability to 
mod. processes of reproduction with brief 
hist of the arts of drawing and engraving 
on wood, [etc.] '04^27) pi. 4, $7.50; hf. 
mor., $15 Riverside Press. 

Bartlett, Lillian T. Animals av home. '02 
(Myi7) il. D. (Eclectic school readings.) 
4^ c. Am. Bk. 

Bartlett, Van da W. Gap in the garden. '03 
(Ap4)i2, bds., $1.50. Lane. 

Bartlett, W: A. Ober Ammergau and other 
places. 1900. 'oi(Mrg) il. D. 75 c. Prince 

Bartlett, W: H. Parliamentary pathfinder. 
'03 (Sip) S. (Handy information ser.) 
**45 c. net. Crowell. 

Baxttey, Elias H. Manual of physiological 

" and clinical chemistry. 2d ed., rev. and enl. 

'04(015) il. 12, $i. Blakiston. 

Bartnett, Ht. Angelo, the musician. '03 
(Myg) il. D. $1.25. Wieners 

Barton, A. P Works. Life Pubs. 

Barton, C. Josephine. Works. Life Pubs. 

Barton, Clara. Story of the Red Cross. '04 
(Jh) por. D. **$i net. Appleton 

Barton, F: Favorite texts of famous people. 
1900 (D22) il. 8, (Famous people ser.) 
$1.25. F. M. Barton, 

Barton, "F:, comp. Pulpit power and elo- 
quence, v. i. *oi. J O2(Mr8) 8, $3.50; 
v. 2. '02. 'o3(Mr28) 12, $1.75. 

F. M. Barton 

Barton, G: A. Roots of Christian teaching 
as found in the O. T. *02(My24) D. $1.25. 


Barton, G: A.. Sketch of Semitic origins, 
social and religious. '02 (Fi) 8, net, $3. 


Barton, J: K. Naval engines and machinery 
'04(029) 8, $6.50. U. S Naval Inst 

Barton, Rose. Familiar London '04(024) 
il. sq. 8, *$6 net. Macmillan. 

Barton, S: M. Elements of plane survey- 
ing, (including leveling.) J O4(Je4) O. hf. 
leath., $1.50. Heath. 

Barton, Wilfred M.,. and Wells, Walter A. 
Thesaurus of medical words and phrases 
>03(Ag8) 8, flex, leath, *$2.5o net; *$3 
net. Saunders. 

Barton, W: E. Consolation. '04(022) D. 
(Character and wisdom ser.) 50 c. ; limp 
ooze, ribbon tied, $i. Caldwell. 

Barton, W: E. Consolation. 'oi(026) D. 
(Day's work ser.) 35 c. L. C. Page 

Barton, W: E. Faith as rel. to health, 'or 
(O26) D. (Day's work ser.) 35 c 

L. C. Page. 

Barton, W: E. Hero in homespun. New 

issue. f oi(F2) D. (Town and country 

lib., no. 295.) $i ; pap., 50 c. Appleton. 

Barton, W: E. I go a fishing; study in pro- 

.gressive discipleship. '02 (F8) 16, 25 c. 


Barton, W: E. Jesus of Nazareth. '03(012) 

il. maps, O. **$2.$o net. Pilgrim Press. 

Barton, W: E. The old world in the new 

century: tour of the Mediterranean, Egypt 

and the Holy Land. '02 (On) il. O. $2.50. 

Pilgrim Press. 

Barton, W: E. Pine Knot: (story.) 1900 

(Jlsi) D. $1.50. Appleton, 

Barton, W: E. The prairie schooner. IQOO 

(O20) il. D, $1.50. W. A. Wilde 

Bartram, J: G. The secretary. *O3(N2i) D. 

(Baker's edition of plays.) pap., 15 c. 

W. H. Baker. 

Bartram, E. Book of pears and plums ; with 
chap, on cherries and mulberries. '03 '02 
(D27) il. D. (Handbooks of practical gar- 
dening, v. ii.) *$i net. Lane. 
Bartz, U. S. Studies in eschatology; 01, 
existence after death. 1900. 'oi(Ap6) D 
50 c. Abbey Press 
Barach, Simon. Principles and practice of 
hydrotherapy. 2d rev. enl. ed. '03(819) 
8, $4. Wood. 
Barwick, G. F., comp. New pocket dictionary 
of the Spanish and English languages. 1900 
(Ni7) Tt (E. F. G. pocket ser.) 75 c.; 
leath., $i. -E. & J. B. Young. 
Barwise, Sidney. Purification of sewage. 2d 
ed., rev. and enl., with an app. on the analy- 
sis of sewage and sewage effluents. '04 
(Ois) il. diagrams, O. **$3-5O net. 

Van Nostrand. 




Bascam, Rob. 0. The Fort Edward book; 
historical sketches, with il. and family rec- 
ords. '03. *04(Fi3) 4 pi., maps, 8, $5. 

J. D. Keating. 
Church. Baseball, v. I. subs., $1.50. 

S. R. Church. 
Green. Nebraska Indians. 10 c. 

Guy W. Green. 

McGillicuddy. How to play baseball. 25 c. 

Murnane. How to play baseball. 10 c. 

Am. Sports. 

National Indoor Base Ball Assoc. Consti- 
tution, by-laws and rules. 

10 c. 

Am. Sports, 

guide, 1902-4. 

Am Sports. 

Spaldmg's official baseball 
ea, 10 c. 

See also Ball 

Baseball stories. Whiting, R. R. 15 c. 


Bashfield, De Witt C. Forms of instructions 
to juries in civil and criminal cases, includ- 
ing approved precedents. J 03(Agi) O. shp., 
$630. Keefe-D. 

Bashford, H: H The Manitoban. '04 (Dio) 

Ba&hford, H. H. Tommy Wideawake. '03 

(Myp) S. *$i net Lane. 

Bashford, Herb Beyond the gates of care. 

'01 (D28) 12, $i. Whitaker & R. 

Baskford, Herb. Wolves of the sea. '01 

(D28) 12, $r. Whitaker & R. 

Bashford, Ja. W. Weslev and Goethe. '03 

(Oio) S. (Modern messages) *35 c.^net 

Bashful man, and others. Burton, C: P. 

$1.50. Blue Sky Press. 

Bashkirtseff, Marie, and Maupassant, Guy de 

Last confessions; with a foreword by J. L. 

Gilder. 'oi(JeS) il. S. net, $1.17. Stokes 
Basil the Great, St. St. Basil to students on 

Greek literature; with notes and vocab. by 

E : R. Malonev. '01 (MrQ) D. 75 c. Am. Bk. 
Basis of reform movements. Young, J. T. 

25 c. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

Basis of social relations. Brinton, D. G 

net, $r 50. Putnam. 

Baskervill, W: M., and Sewell, J. W. School 

grammar of the Eng, language. J O3(Fi4) 

D (Baskervill-Sewell Eng. course.) 50 c. 

Am Bk. 

Baskervill-Sewell Eng. course. D. Am. Bk. 
Baskervill and SewelL School grammar. 

50 c. 

SewelL Language lessons. 35 c. 
Baskerville, C: Aids to teachers of school 

chemistry. *99.(Jl2i) S. 60 c. 

B. F. Johnson. 

Berenson. Basket ball for women. 10 c. 

Am. Sports. 

Hepbron, ed. How to play basket ball. 
Official basket ball rules, ea., 10 c. 

Am. Sports. 

Sullivan. Push ball. TO c. Am. Sports 

See also Football; Tennis. 

Basket woman. Austin, Mrs. M. H. t$i-So. 
Hotighton, M. & Co. 


Firth. Cane basket work a v. ea., 60 c. j 


BASKETRY Continued. 
James Indian basketry. $2. Malkan. 

Mason. Indian basketry. 2 v. **$I5 net. 

Doubleday, P. 

Morse. Basket making. 25 c. Art Craft. 
Pasch. Basketry and weaving in the school. 
20 c. t Flanagan. 

Tinsley. Practical and artistic basketry. 
$i. E. L Kellogg. 

White. How to make baskets. More bas- 
kets and how to make them, ea , **$i 
net. Doubleday, P. 

Baskett, Ja N. As the light led. 1900 (Je2) 
D. $1.50. Macmillan. 

Baskett, Ja. N. Sweetbrier and Thistledown. 
'02(011) D. f$ W. A. Wilde. 

Baskett, Ja. N., and Ditmars, R. L. Story of 
the amphibians and the reptiles. 'o2(JliQ) 
D. (Home-reading books; Div. i, Nat. 
history.) 60 c. ' Appleton. 

Bass, Edg. W. Elements of differential cal- 
culus. 2d ed., rev J O2(Jaii) ; 3d ed , rev. 
'04 il. 12, ea., *$4 net. Wiley. 

Bass, Flo. A first reader. '04(61) il. sq. D. 
30 c. Heath. 

Bass, Flo. Lecciones para principiantes en 
lectura. 'oi(Mrp) il. 16, (Modern lang. 
ser.) bds., 30 c. Heath. 

Bass, Flo. Stories of pioneer life for young 
readers. 1900. 'oi(Fi6) il. 12, 40 c. 

Henshall. Book of the black bass. $3. 


Bassell, Burr. Earth's dams: a study '04 
(Dio) il. diags., 8, $i. Engineering News. 
Bassett, Fk J. See Campbell, H. A. 
Bassett, H. L. See Pyle, W. L., comp. 
Bassett, Ma. E. S. Judith's garden. '02 (Je?) 
O. $1.50. Lothrop. 

Bassi, Ugo. Sermon in hospital. '04 (Oi) 
64, leath , *40 c. net Whittaker. 

Bastable, C: Fs. Theory of international 
trade. 4th ed,, rev. '03(010) 12, *$r.25 
net. Macmillan. 


Bingham. The Bastille. 2 v. $5; $10; 
net, $12. - Pott. 

Bat, Bill * Hoosier hunting grounds. '04 
(Dio) D. $1.50. Neale. 

Batcbelder, C B., ["Barbara Burbank."] Re- 
venge of Shari-Hot-Su *04(Ap23) D. 
(Ed. of plays.) pap., 15 c. W. H. Baker. 
Bate, P. H. English pre-Raphaelite painters. 
'01(019) il. 12, $3. Macmillan. 

Bateman, C: T. G. F. Watts. J oi(D7) il. 
16, (Bell's miniature ser. of painters.) 50 c. 


Bateman, G: W. Zanzibar tales. '04(017) 
il. 12, $i. Saalfield. 

Bateman, N., and Selby, P., eds Historical 
encyclopedia of Illinois. ipuoQeg) 4, 
full mor., $12.50. Munsell Pub. 

Bateman, V. See Patterson, Ada. 
"Bates, A. Love in a cloud. 1900 (Myig) 
D. $1.50. Houghton, M. & Co, 

Bates, A. H. Norda, and other poems. *oi 
(Ag3i) S. $i. Neale. 

Bates, Alb. C, comp. Connecticut statute 
laws. 1900 (Di) Q. pap., $5. Case. 




Bates, Alfr., ed. The drama; its history, 
[etc.] Victorian ed. v. 1-16. '04 (Mr 12) ; 
v. 17-20 (Ap23) il. pis. 8. (App. to pubs, 
for price.) A. Bates. 

Bates, Amanda E. M. History and travels of 
a wanderer in many states and places of 
interest 1900 (D22) 8, $1.2$. Pantagraph. 

Bates, Arlo. Diary of* a saint. '02 (Ni) D. 
t$i.50. Hqughton, M. & Co. 

Bates, Arlo. Talks on writing English. 2d 
sen '01(814) il. D. net, $1.30. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Bates, C. S. Federal equity procedure. J oi 
(Oi2) 2 v., O. shp., $12. Flood 

Bates, C: A. Art and literature of business. 
In 6 v. v. 1-3. '02. J 03(F2i); v. 4 
(Mr2i) ; v. 5. J 04(Ja23) ; v. 6 (Api6) 
D. per set, $25. Bates Adv. 

Bates, C: A. Cheer up, and seven other 
things. J 04(Ag2o) il. S. 50 c. Bates Adv. 

Bates, Qte. F., ed. Cambridge book of poe- 
try and song. [Astor ed.] '02(04) D. 
60 c. Crowell. 

Bates, Clement. See Ohio. Supp. to digest. 

Bates, D: Law of likeness. J O3(Myi6) O. 
$3 50. Longmans. 

Bates, Fanny B., comp. Between the lights. 
[New issue.] 1900(020) D. $i. Crowell. 

Bates, Fk A Hist of the Thomas farm '04 
(D24) D. (Braintree estates, no. 2.) pap., 
*io c. net. R. F. Bates. 

Bates, Fk. G. Rhode Island and the forma- 
tion of the Union. '01(821) 8, (Columbia 
Univ. studies in hist., economics and pub- 
lic law, v. 10, no. 2.) net, $2. Macmillan. 

Bates, Fk. H. Calonmetry. 'o3(Jei3) il. 
1 6, (Industrial gas ser., v. 2.) *$i net 

Phila. Bk. Co. 

Bates, Fk. H. Technical gas analysis. *oi 
(Jei) il. 16, (Industrial gas ser., v. i.) 
flex, leath., net, $i. Phila. Bk. Co. 

Bates, Kath. L. .Spanish highways and by- 
ways. 1900 (D8) il. O. $2.25. Macmillan. 

Bates, Kath. L., and Coman, Kath., comps. 
English hist told by Eng. poets: reader. 
'02 (S6) 12, *6o c. net. Macmillan. 

Bates, Laura B. Bachelor bigotries. '03 
(Di2) col. pi. il. 12, bds., $i. P. Elder. 

Bates, Lindon W., jr., and Moore, C: A. 
Political horoscope. *04(Agi3) O. pap., 
25 c. L. W. Bates, Jr. 

Bates, Lois. Games with music, action, songs 
and guessing rhymes. 'oi(Ni6) S. 80 c. 


Bates, Lois. More recitations for infants. 
'03(F28) D. *6s c. net. Longmans. 

Bates, Lois. Story lessons on character- 
building. 1900(815) D. 75 c. Longmans. 

Bates, Lois, ed. See also Heller, Mrs., ed. 

Bates, Morgan. Martin Brook. 'oi(Mr3o) 
D. (Am. novel ser., no. 3.) $1.50. Harper. 

Bates, S : A. The Arnold family, 1640-1853. 
*02(D2o) Tt (Vital- records of Braintree.) 
pap., 50 c. F. A. Bates. 

Bates, S: A. Genealogy of the descendants 
of Edward Bates of Weymouth, Mass. 
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Am. Pub. Co (Vt) 

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J 04(Ap3o) D. $i. J: M. Batten. 

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See Lace. 


See Electric batteries; Storage batteries. 

BATTERY (The). (New York City.) 
Andrews. Iconography of the Battery and 
Castle Garden Scribner 

Battle against bribery. Wetmore, C. H. 50 c. 


Battle invisible^ Reed, E. C. $1.25. McClurg. 
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net Univ. of Chic. 

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Blue Sky Press 

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J: P. Morton. 
Battle with the slum. Riis, J. A. **$2 net. 

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Doubleday, P. 





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See rise Xev, Orleans, Pell's Point; South 
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*oi(Oi9) O. $1.25. G: M. Hill. 

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'Q3(Ni4> il. 0. $1.25, Bobbs-M. 

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(Jh6) il. O. $1.25. Reilly & B. 

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bds., $i. G: M. Hill. 

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8, $1.25. Bobbs-M. 

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Year Bk. 

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See Ludwig n. 

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Morals and socialism. 

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of St. Asaph: description of the building 
and a short hist of the See. '04. il. 12, 
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Union Bk. 

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Baxter, Ja. J. See also Spirago, F. 




Baxter, Ja P. Two rhymes. '02. '03(F2i) 

il. sq. O. Ids., *$i.6o net Lonng, S. & H 

Baxter, Jere, rep. See Tennessee. Sup. ct. 


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Correggio. J 02(Ni) il. 16, leath., $i. 


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lesco. 'oi(Oip) il. 12, (Great masters in 
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as set forth in the frieze painted by E. A. 
Abbey for the Boston Pub. Lib. \>4(My7) 
D. $1.50. Curtis & C. 

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Bay Psalm Book : facsim. repr. ; with an hist, 
and bibliog. introd by Wilberforce Eames. 
'03 J 04(F27) sm. 8, on Japan pap., **$io 
net ; on deckle-edge pap , **$4 net. Dodd. 

BAYARD, Chevalier de (Pierre du Terrail). 
Walford. Story of the Chevalier Bayard. 
$i. Pott 

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made by the French of Canada upon the 
Mohaaueb Country; facsimile repr. of copy; 
pr. by \V Bradford, 1693; with introd. by 
A. R Hasse. '03. J 04(F27) 4, on Japan 
pap , **$TQ net ; on deckle -edge pap , **$4 
net. Dodd. 

Bayard from Bengal. Guthrie, T: A. f$i.25. 


Bayard's courier. Benson, B. K. f$ 



Mylne. Cathedral church of Bayeux, and 
other hist relics in its neighborhood. $i. 


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cal, psychological, in four parts. *oi(S28) 
D. $3. Sci. Pub. Co. 

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(Oi2) D. net, $1.40. Century Co. 

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Williamson Law Bk. 

Baylies, Edn. Rules of pleading under the 
N. Y. code, and codes of other states, and 
practice rel. to pleading. 2d ed. *04(Je4) 
O. shp., $6. Williamson Law Bk 

Baylies, Edn. See also Wait, W: 

Bayliss, Clara K. Lolami, the little cliff 
dweller. '01 ( Je22) il. S. 50 c. ; 70 c. 

PubHc-Sch. Pub 

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the Victorian era. '02(027) il. 8, **$3 net. 

Pott i 

Bayliss, Sir Wyke. Rex regum: a painter's 
study of the likeness of Christ. Lib. ed., 
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50 c. Houghton, M. & Co. 

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ges letters: child life in the sixties. '02 
(D6) D. **po c. net. Longmans, 

Bayly, Ada E. The hinderers. 'O2(je7) D. 
$i. Longmans. 

Bayly, Ada E. In spite of all. J oi(Ni6) D. 

. $1.50. Longmans. 

BAYLY, Ada Ellen. 

Escreet. Life of Edna Lyall (Ada Ellen 
Bayly). *$i.6o net Longmans. 

Bayly, R. C. Legal status of doctors, every- 
where under the flag. *oi(Ag3) D. $i. 

Lesson Leaf. 

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$i. Eastern. 

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(D5) S. 75 c. Open Court 

Bayae, P : Testimony of Christ to Christian- 
ity. 'o4(Sio) 12, *75 c. net _ Revell. 

Bayne, S: G. On an Irish j-aunting-car 
through Donegal and Connemara. '02 (D6) 
il. 0. **$i.25 net. Harper. 

Bayne, W : Sir David Wilkie ; il. with 20 pis. 
after Wilkie. 'o3(Agi) sq. 12, (Makers 
of British art ) *$i.25 net. Scribner. 

Bayou Triste. Nicholls, J. H. f$* 5^. Barnes. 


Blackburn. Bayreuth and Munich, net, 75 c 


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1900 (Jl7) il. 12, (Holly lib., no. 179.) 
50 c. Mershon. 

Baztn, Emilia P. Temprano y con sol, y 
tres otros cuentos anot por R. Diaz de la 
Cortina. ipooQtei) sq. S. (Cuentos se- 
lectos, no. 3.) pap., 35 c. W: R. Jenkins. 

Bazancourt, Baron de. Secrets of the sword : 
tr. by C. F. Clay. ipoo(D8) 8, $3, 


Be ready, be active, be yourself. Landrith, L 
10 c. Cumberland 

Be ye perfect. Groser, A. H. $i. Neale. 

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(Nis) il. D. $1.50. Roberts. 

B^ach, D: N. The Annie Laurie mine. '03 
(Je6) il. D. $1.50. Pilgrim Press. 

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12. K R. Eddins. 

Beacn, Edg. R. Joshua Humble. '03(05) 
por. D. with il., $1.50; without il., $i. 

E R. Eddins. 

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cum. '03 (JU) 9 pts. in I v., 8, $4. 

Bookkeeper Pub. 

Beach, Fs. G. See Connecticut Corp. act. 

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Protestant missions. 'o3(Api8) 2 v., 4, 
$4; pap., per set, $1.75. Student Vol. 

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(S3) por. D. $i. Mrs. J. Beach. 

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teart '03 (Ds) D. $1.25. Badger. 

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outpost and road sketching. 3d ed. '02, 
'03 (F7) il. 16% 75 c. Hudson-K. 

Beach, W: H. First New York (Lincoln) 
cavalry. 'O2(jli2) 8, *$ net. 

[Caspar] Lincoln Cavalry. 

Beach boy Joe. Orton, J. K 75 c Street 





Beacon biographies; ed. by M. A. D. Howe. 

T. **?5 c. net. Small. 

Brady. Stephen Decatur. 
Burroughs. John J. Audubon. 
Burton. John G. Whittier. 
Carpenter. Henry W. Longfellow. 
Clymer. James F. Cooper. 
Copeland Edwin Booth. 
Elliott. Sam Houston. 
Gould. Louis Agassiz. 
Hovey. Stonewall Jackson. 
Platt. Walt Whitman. 
Sanborn. Ralph W. Emerson. 
Schouler. Alexander Hamilton. 
Sedgwick. Father Hecker. 
Trowbridge. Samuel F. B. Morse 
Wister. Ulysses S. Grant 
Beacon Hill ser. D. bds., *25 c. net. 

Pilgrim Press. 

Gladden Practice of immortality. 
Beacon lights of history. See Armstrong, 

W: J. An artist historian; Lord, J: 
Beacons on life's voyage. Tomkins, F. W. 

**5o c net. Jacobs. 

BEACONSFIELD, Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of. 
See Disraeli, B: 

BEADLE, Elias R. 

See Trumbtill, H: C 

Beadle, J: H., and Hollister, 0. J Polyg- 
amy : the mysteries and crimes of Mormon- 
ism: hist of sect; with introd. by Murat 
Halstead. 5 04(Dio) il. pis., 8, subs., $1.75; 
mor., $2 50. Nat. Pub. 

Beadles, J. E. Robert Gordon : story of Mex- 
ican revolution. '02. $1.50. Neely. 


Morse. Bead work. 300 designs for bead 
work, ea, 25 c. Art Craft 

Mumm. Indian bead work. 10 c. 

H. L. Mumm, 

White. How to do beadwork. **$i net. 

Doubleday, P. 

Cole. The beagle. $2. Wheaton College. 

Beal, Ja H. Notes on equation writing and 
chemical and pharmaceutical arithmetic. 
3d ed., rev. and enl. '04(03) 12, $i. 


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rev. and enl. '01. '02 (Fi) D. 50 c. 

Beale Press. 

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(D22) obi. S. pap., n. p. C: C. Beale. 

BEALE, Charles Frederick T. 
Benjamin. Chas. F: T. Beale. n. p. 

Soc. Colon. Wars. 

Beale, Jos H:, jr. Law of foreign corpora- 
tions and taxation of corporations, both 
foreign and domestic. '04(017) O. shp., $6. 

W: J. Nagel. 

Beale, Jos. H:, jr. Selection of cases on the 
conflict of laws. v. i, Jurisdiction. 1900 
(Di) ; v. 2, The creation of rights. *oi 
(Jl2o) ; v. 3, The recognition and enforce- 
ment of rights. *02(0n) O. hf. shp., ea., 
$3-50. Harvard Law. 

Beale, Jos. H :, jr., and Wyman, B. Cases 
on public service companies. *02(Di3) O. 
hf. shp., $4. Harvard Law. 

Beale, Oscar J., ed. Handbook for appren- 
ticed machinists. *oi(Ag3i) il. T. 50 c. 

Brown & S. 

Beall, St. Clair. Winning of Sarenne. '02 
(Agp) il 12, 50 c. ; pap., 25 c. Federal. 

Beals, Z. C: China and the Boxers. '01 
(My4) il. 12', 60 c.; pap., 30 c. 

M. E. Munson. 

Beam, W: See Leffmann, H: 

Beames, J: See Glanrille, R. dc. 


See Statics; Strength of materials. 

Bean, W. S. Teachings of the Lord Jesus. 
*03(Je27) S. **40 c. net. Presb. Bd. 

Beane, Alb. L. Garland of verses for the 
heart of toil. '02. 'o3(Mr7) 16, $i. 



Life of a bear. $1.25. Gorham. 

Thompson. Biography of a grizzly. $1.50. 


Bear stories retold from St. Nicholas. Car- 
ter, M. H., ed. **65 c. net Century Co. 

Beard, C: Industrial revolution. J oi(Mr23) 
12*, pap., 40 c. Macmillan. 

Beard, C: Austin. Office of justice of the 
peace In England in its origin and develop- 
ment. /04(Ag6) 8, /Columbia Univ. 
studies in hist, economics and pub. law, 
v. 20, no. i.) pap., *$i.5o net. Macmillan. 

Beard, D. C. The jack of all trades; or, 
new ideas for Am boys 1900(822) ; New 
issue J 04(Dio) il. D ea , $2. Scnbner. 

Beard, D. C. Outdoor handy book, for play- 
ground, field and forest [New ed.] 1900 
(S22) il. D. $2. Scribner. 

Beard, Dan. Moonlight and six feet of ro- 
mance; il. by the author and introd. by L: 
F. Post [New issue.] '04 (Mrs) 12, 
**$i.2S net Brandt 

Beard, E. J. See Molitor, F. A. 

Beard, Frederica. Manual for teachers on 
Old Testament lessons. 'O4(ja3o) D. *75 c. 
net Winona. 

Beard, Frederica, ed. Wonder stories from 
the gospels. J o4(Ja23) D. *25 c. net; (Ja3o) 
Teachers' notes. D. ^40 c. net Winona. 

Beard, Lina and Adelia B. Indoor and out- 
door handicraft and recreation for girls. 
'04(029) il. D. **$i.6o net Scribner. 

Beafd, Lina and Adelia B. What a girl can 
make and do. '02(025) il. 0. **$i fo^net 


Beard, Sidney H. Comprehensive guide-book 
to natural, hygienic and humane diet [New 
issue.] *o2(Myi7) D. net, $i. Crowell. 

Beard, T: Fk., and others. Bible symbols; 
the Bible in pictures; text prep, and arn 
by Martha Van Marter. 'o4(0i) 8, $1.50; 
hf. mor., $2; full mor., $250. Hertel. 

Beard, W: H. Movement; or, action in art 
as il. from the most eminent artists. 1900 
(O6) il. 8, $i Cambridge. 

Beardslee, Clark S. Jesus, the king of truth: 
ser. of lessons for Sunday-schools. '04 
(D24) nar. D. *85 c. net Hartford Sem. 

Beardslee, Clark S. Teacher-training with 
the master teacher. '03(05) D 50 c. 

S. S. Times. 

Beardslee, J: W. Outlines of an introduc- 
tion to the 0. T. '03(N2i) 12, **$i.2O net 


Beiardsley, Aubrey. Drawings to il. works 
of E. A. Poe. J oi(D28) 4, portfolio, net, 
$5. H. S. Stone. 




Beardsley, Aubrey. Later work ; with introd 
note. '01. 4, net, $10; Jap. vel., net, $25. 


Beardsley, Aubrey. Under the hill, with 
other essays. *O3(Di2) il. 12, **$2 net; 
Jap. vellum, **$$ net. Lane. 


Gallatin. Aubrey Beardsley's drawings. 
*$ net; *$s net. Wieners. 

Beardsley, Fk G. Hist, of American re- 
vivals. '04(017) 12, $1.50. Am. Tr. 
Bearne, Cath. Pictures of the old French 
court. 1900 (D8) il. 12, $3. Dutton. 

Bears I have met and others. Kelly, A. $i ; 
50 c. Biddle. 

Bears of Blue River. See Major, C: 
Beasts of the field. Long, W: J. $1.75. 

Beaten (The) path Makin, R : L. -$1.50. 


Brett The blessed life. $i. Longmans. 

Brockingtpn. Parables of the way: study 

of Beatitudes. $i. Longmans. 

Lathbury. Code of joy: sermons on the 

beatitudes. 50 c. Swedenborg. 

See also Sermon on the Mount. 

Beatley, Clara B. Apples of gold. '03 (Ds) 
12, **$i net. Am. Unitarian. 

Beatley, Clara B. Joys beyond joy. '02 '03 
(Fi4) 24, pap., 25 c. J. H. West 

Beaton, Ja. A. Vest-pocket electric sparks, 
'01 ( Jl2o) il. nar. 16, 50 c. ; leath., 75 c. 


Beaton, Ja. A. Vest-pocket practical com- 
pend of electricity. '02 (My 17) il. nar. T. 
50 c.; leath., 75 c. Laird 

Beatrice (The) book. Brethertori, R. H. 
**$i.20 net Lane. 

Beatrice of Venice. Pemberton, M. f$i.5o. 


Beatrix, See Balzac, H. de. 

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Sacred history for juniors." '03(812) S. 

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net, 45 c. Herder. 




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Belirens, C. Blossom and fruit in decorative 

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and suggestions concerning the hygiene ^ of 

cow stables, and production of milk for in- 
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Being done srood. Lent, E: B. $1.25. 

Brooklyn Eagle ; [Cupples & L.] 
Being with the up-lifted face. Lathbury, C 

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Later Renaissance architecture in "England. 

'01(821) pt. 6. f, (Apply to pub. for 

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Hardy Pub. 
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York y sus alrededores. 7 03(Oio) il. fold. 

map, D. 50 c. L: Weiss. 

Beldad, H : G. Quia ilustrada de Nueya York 

y sus alrededores; contiene tambien una 

descripcion detallada e histonca de la Ex- 
posicipn universal de San Luis y de la ad- 
quisicion del territorio de la Luisiana. '04 

(Je25) IL fold, map, 12, pap., 50 c. i 

L: Weiss. 

Beldam, G : W. Great golfers : their methods 
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Beleaguered in Peking. Coltman, R., jr. $2. 


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Belford ser, D. pap., 50 c. Jamieson-H. 

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Peck, Sunbeams. (15.) 

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See Hare, 

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L. C Page. 

Boulger. Belgian life in town and country. 

**$i.2Q net Putnam. 

George. Little journey to Belgium and 

Denmark. 15 c. Flanagan. 

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Mahaim. Proportional representation and 

the electoral question in Belgium. 25 c. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 


See Symons, A. 

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Belinda's cousins. Egan, M. F. $i. Kilner. 

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(Di4) il. D. $i. Coates. 

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(Myi6) D. *$i.6o net Longmans. 

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(My2) il. 12, $i. Whitaker & R. 

Bell, Lilian, [now Mrs. Arth. Hoyt Bogue.] 
Abroad with the Jimmies. 'o2(Myio) il. 
D. $1.50. L. C Page. 

Bell, Lilian. As seen by me. 1900 (Je23) S. 
$1.25. Harper. 

Bell, Lilian At home with the Jardines. '04 
(Sio) D. t$i.50. L C. Page. 

Bell, Lilian A book of girls; front '03 
(Oi7).D. $i. L. C Page. 

Bell, Lilian The dowager countess and the 
American girl. '03^627) D. f$i.25. Harper. 

Bell, Lilian The expatriates: (novel.) 1900 
(Oi3) D. $1.50. Harper. 

Bell, Lilian. Hope Loring. '03. '02(64) 
il. D. f$i.50. L. C. Page. 

Bell, Lilian. Interference of Patricia. '03 
(Jli8) il. D. f$i. L. C Page. 

Bell, Lilian. Sir John and the American girl. 
J oi(Je29) D. (Portrait coll. of short sto- 
ries, v. 2.) net, $1.15. Harper. 

Bell, Lilian. Lilian Bell birthday book; ed. 
by A. H. Bogue. '03. '02(64) D. $1.50. 

L. C. Page. 

Bell, L: Art of illumination. '02. '03(Jai7> 
O. $2.50. McGraw. 

Bell, L: Power distribution for electric rail- 
roads. 3d rev. enl. ed. 1900(015) il. 8, 
$2.50. Street R'way. 

Bell, Malcolm. Sir Edward Burne-Jones 
T oi(N2) il. 16, (BelPs miniature sen of 
painters.) 50 c. Macmillan. 

Bell, Malcolm. Rembrandt Van Rijn. *oi. 
*O2(Ja4> il. 12", (Great masters of paint- 
ing and sculpture.) $i.7S Macmillan. 

B*ll, Mrs. Nancy R. E. M., ["N. D'Anvers."] 
James McNeill Whistler. 'o4(Agi3> il. 16, 
(Bell's ser. of miniature painters.) 500.; 
leath, $i. Macmillan. 

Bell, Mrs. Nancy R. E. M. Paolo Veronese ; 
[reprod. in monochrome of the works of 
the great masters.] '04(022) pis., sq. O. 
(Newnes' art lib.) bds., $1.25. Warne. 

Bell, Mrs. Nancy R. E. M. Saints in Chris- 
tian art. v i, Lives and legends of the 
Fathers of the church, the great hermits, 
[etc] J 02(D6) ; v 2, Evangelists, apostles 
and other early saints. ? oi(D2i); v. 3, 
Eng. bishops and kings, mediaeval monks, 
and other later samts. '04. il 8, ea, 
*$450 net. Macmillan, 

Bell, Mrs. Nancy R. E. M. Thomas Gains- 
borough. '02(Je28) il. 16, (Bell's minia- 
ture ser. of painters.) leath., $i. Macmillan. 

Bell, R. S. W. Bachelorland. J oi(Agi7) D. 
$1.50. Mansfield. 

Bell, R. S. W. See also Coates, T. F. G. 

Bell, Ralcy H. Worth of words. '02 (On) 
D. *$ net. , Grafton Press. 

Bell, Ralcy H. Worth of words; introd, 
by W : C. Cooper 3d ed , rev. and enl. '03 
(Ds) D. $1.25. Hinds. 

Bell, Rob., ed. Songs from the dramatists; 
introd. by Brander Matthews and app. con- 
taining later songs. '04(015) D. (Astor 
ed. of poets.) 60 c. Crowell 

Bell, Rob. S._W. J. O. Jones and how he 
earned his living. *Q3(Je2o) il. 12, $1.25. 


Bell, Roscoe R. See Veterinarian's call-book. 

BeU, Victor C. Our teeth and how to take 
care of them. 1900. 'oi(Mr2$) il. D. 
(Young Am. lib. ser., no. I.) pap., 25 c. 

Young Am. 

Bellaigue, Camille. Musical studies and sil- 
houettes; fr. the Fr. by E. Orr. 1900 
(Di5) il. D. $1.50. Dodd. 

Bella irs, Edg. G. As it is in the Philippines. 
'02. *03(Ja3) il. D. $1.50. Lewis. 

Bellamy, E: The Duke of Stockbridge: ro- 
mance of Shay's Rebellion. 1900 (N3) il. 
D. $1.50. Silver. 

Bellamy, W: A third century of charades. 
'04 (Oi) unp. sq. T. silk, **85 c. net 

Houghton, M. & Co. 


Darby. Incidents and adventures in rebel- 
dom. $1.50. Rawsthorne. 

Belle-Nivernaise (La). See Daudet, A. 

Belle of Bowling Green. Barr, Mrs. A. E. H. 
f$i.50. Dodd. 

Belle of the fifties. Clopton, Mrs. V. C. C 
**$2.75 net. Doubleday, P. 

Belles, W: H: Cain's sin. '01. '02 (Fi) D 
$i. W:H: Belles 

Belles lettres ser.; Section I, English litera- 
ture. 24. Heath, 

Judith. 40 c. 

Sedgefield, ed. Battle of Maldon. 40 c. 

Belles lettres ser.: Section 3, The English 
drama. 16. Heath. 

Chapman. Eastward hoe. pap., 60 c. 

Goldsmith. The good natur'd man. pap., 
60 c. 

Webster. White devil and The Duchess of 
Malfy. pap , 60 c. 

Bellew, Molly K., ed. Tales from Long- 
fellow. J 02(Ni) il. O. too c. net. f 





Bellew, Molly K., ed. Tales from Tennyson. 

'o2(Ni) il sq. D. f6o c. Jamieson-H. 

Bellew, Molly K., ed. See also Dickens, C: 
Bellinger, C: B., comp. See Oregon. Codes 

and statutes. 
BELLINI, Giovanni. 

Fry. Giovanni Bellini, net, $i. Longmans. 
Bello", Andres. Nuevo compendio de la 

gramatica castellana. 5 03(Jli8) 12, bds., 

30 c Appleton. 

Bello, Paul. The A B C of physiognomy. '03 

(Di2) T. (Drane's new ABC handbooks, 

no. 4.) 50 c. Wycil. 

Belloc, Bessie R. Flowing tide. 1900(015) 

12, net, $1.60. Herder. 

Belloc, Bessie R. In a walled garden. 5th 

ed. *02(Mr8) 8, net $125. Herder 

Belloc, Bessie R. In fifty years: religious 

thoughts. 'O4(je25) 12, pap., *8o c. net. 

Belloc, Bessie R. Passing world. 2d ed 

J 02(Mr8) 8, net, $1.25. Herder. 

Belloc, Hilaire. The aftermath ; or, gleanings 

from a busy life. J 04(Jl3o) 12, $1.25 

Belloc, Hilaire. Emanuel Burden 'o4(Dio) 

il. por. D. f$i.5o. Scribner. 

Belloc, Hilaire. The path to Rome. '02(Je2i; 

il. O. net, $2. Longmans. 

Belloc, Hilaire. Robespierre: a study. '01. 

*02(Fi) O. net, $2. Scribner. 

Bellord, Ja. Meditations on Christian dogma. 

2d ed. '02(013) 2 v., 12, ^$2.50 net. 


Bellord, Ja. New catechism of Christian doc- 
trine and practice. '02(813) S. pap., io^c. 

Ave Maria. 
BeUot, Hugh H. L. The Inner and Middle 

Temple. '02(625) 12, **$2 net Pott 
Bellows, J: Letters and memoirs; ed. by his 

wife. J 04(Jei8) 8, **$3 net Holt 

Bell's cathedral ser.; ed. by G. White and E: 

F Strange. 12, 60 c. " Macmillan. 

Baker Stratford on Avon. 
Bax. Cathedral church of St. Asaph. 
Dimock. Cathedral church of St. Paul. 
Eley. Cathedral church of Carlisle. 
Gilchrist, comp. Itinerary of Eng. cathe- 

Hallett. Cathedral church of Ripon. 
Hiatt. Westminster Abbey. 
Masse. Cathedral church of Bristol. 
Perkins. Abbey churches of Bath and 

Malmesbury. Cathedral church of Man-. 

Chester. Cathedral church of St. Albans. 
Robson Cathedral church of St. David's. 
Strange. Cathedral church of Worcester. 
Sweeting. Cathedral church of Ely. 
Bell's handbooks to continental churches, il. 

12, $i. Macmillan. 

Hiatt Notre Dame de Paris. 
Masse. City of Chartres. 
Morse. Mont St. Michel. 
Mylne. Bayeux, 
Perkins. Amiens. 

Bell's il classical ser. 12, net. Macmillan. 
^schylus. Agamemnon. *3O c. 
Euripides. Alcestis. Bacchse. ea., *5o c. 
Spencer. Scalse primae. *4o c. 
Bell's miniature ser. of great writers. 16, 

50 c. ; limp leath,, $i. Macmillan. 

Ewen. Shakespeare. 
Garaett. Coleridge. 

Bell's miniature ser. of great writers. Cont. 

Salt De Quincey. 

Tuckwell. Chaucer. 

Bell's miniature ser. of musicians. 16, bds., 
50 c. ; limp leath., $i. Macmillan. 

Blackburn. Mendelssohn 

Cummings. Handel. 

Prout Mozart. 

Shedlock. Beethoven. 

Thorne. Bach. 

Tolhurst Gounod. 

Wyndham. Arthur Sullivan 

Bell's miniature ser. of painters il. 16, 50 c. , 
limp leath., $i. Macmillan. 

Anstruther. Hogarth. 

Armitage. Greuze. 

Baldry Millais. 

Bateman. Watts 

Bell Gainsborough. James McNeil! Whis- 
tler Sir Edward Burne- Jones 

Chamberlain. John Constable. 

Cleeve. Romney. 

Rea. Rembrandt Van Rhyn. 

Scott. Raphael. 

Staley. Millet. Watteau. 

Strutt Michaelangelo. 

Wherry. Turner. 

Williamson. Fra Angelico. Frederick, 
Lord Leighton. Holman Hunt. Murillo. 

Zimmern. Tadema. 


See Electric bells. 

Bells (The). Lewis, L. 15 c. Penn Pub. Co. 
Bellum Catilinse. See Sallust 
Bebnore, Earl of f [Sir Somerset R: Lowry- 
Cprry.] History of two Ulster manors; 
reissue, rev. and enl. J 04(Fi3) por. O. $2. 

BELOIT, Wisconsin. 

Brown. Past made present. First Presby- 
terian Church. $3. Marsh & G. 
Beloved son. Rye, M. $i. Dodd. 
Belser, Susan M. Will and the way. "01 
(Ap27) D. (John Rung prize ser.) $1.25. 

Luth. Pub. 
Belshazzar. Davis, W: S. f$i.5o. 

Doubleday, P. 

Belt of seven totems. Munroe, K. net, $1.20. 


Beltaine: ?.n occasional publication, nos. 1-3, 
1899-1900; organ of the Irish Literary 
Theatre; ed. by W. B. Yeats. 'oi(Api3) 
sq. O. bds., net, 75 c. Mansfield 

Beman, W. W., and Smith, D : E. Academic 
algebra. *02(My24) D. hf. leath., $1.25. 


Beman, W. W., and Smith, D: E. Ele- 
ments of algebra. 1900 0^23) D. $1.22. 

Beman, W. W., and Smith, D : E. See also 

Jackson, L. L. 

Bemont, C:, and Monod, G. Medieval Eu- 
rope from 395 to 1270 ; notes and rev. by G : 
B. Adams. '02(04) D. **$T.6o net Holt 
Ben Blunt Mosby, T: S. $1.50. 

Commercial Pr. (Mo ) 

Ben Bruce. Alger, H., jr. $i. Burt 

Ben-B^ilpai, L. True history and tragedy of 

Joshua, the Messiah. '04(1)3) O. pap., 10 c. 

E: A. Guy. 
Ben Hur. See Wallace, L. 




Ben Saddi, Nathan, pseud. Fragments of the 

chronicles; pr. in Phila., 1758. '04. fac- 

sim ,8. _ f Philobiblon. 

Bencliff, T: His American birthright, and 

other stories. '03 (D$} 0. 75 c 

Western Pub. Co. (Mo.) 
Bender, Ida C., ed. See Judson, H. P. 
Bender, Matthew. Lawyers' diary and direc- 
tory for die state of New York. 1900 (Mr3) 
O hf. roan, $2 ; 1901. '01 (Fi6) ; 1902, 1903. 
? o3(Jai7) ea., $1.50; 1904. '04(^23) ; 1905. 
(D24) ea., $2. M Bender. 

Bender, Melvin T., and Hinman, Harold J. 
Constables' guide; with annots., decisions, 
explanatory notes, forms, and a digest of 
fees. '04(Ns) D. $1.50. M. Bender. 

Bender, Wilbur H. The teacher at work '02 
(Je28) D. 75 c. Flanagan. 

Bender's national lawyers' diary, 1904. '04 
(Ja23) 0. $1.50; 1905 (Di7) $2. 

M. Bender. 

Bending of the bough. See Moore, G : 
Bending of the twig Russell, W. **$2 net. 


Beneath Hawaiian palms and stars. Good- 
hue, E. S. $1.50. Editor. 
Benedict xiv., Pope. Opera inedita primum 
publicavit F Heiner. 'O4(je25) 4, hf. 
mor., *$625 net. Herder. 
Benedict, Fs. G. Chemical lecture experi- 
ments. '01 ( Je22) 12. net. $2. Macmillan. 
Benedict, Jennie C, Blue ribbon cook: sec- | 
ond publication of One hundred tested i 
receipts, together with others. J 04(Dio) 
D. $i. Morton. 
Benedict, Roswell A. Tim, Tarn, and Tom 
settling the tariff-trust question. 1900 
(Agn) 51. D, pap., 25 c. Rohde & H. 
Benedictine martyr in England. Camm, B. 
net, $1.25. Herder. 
Benedix, R. J. Nein; notes by A Werner- 
Spanhoofd. I90o(je30) S. (Mod. lang. 
ser.) 35 c. Heatr 
Benedix, R. J. Der prozess; with notes and 
vocab. by B: W: Wells. 1900(822) S. 
(Modern lang. ser.) 20 c. Heath. 
Benedix. R. J. Der prozess; [also] Einer 
muss heiraten; by A. Wilhelmi; ed. by M. 
B. Lambert. '01 (D;) S. 30 c. Am. Bk. 
Benedix, R. J. Der prozess. See also Fulda, L. 
Benefactress (The). 'oi(Oi9) D. $1.50. 


Landis. Friendly societies and fraternal or- 
ders 40 c ; 50 c ; 75 c. A. Landis. 
Northcott, comp. Statistics of fraternal 
beneficiary societies. $r : 75 c. 

W. A. Northcott. 

Pennsylvania. Law of social and benefit 
associations. $3. Bisel. 

Bcnelli. Z.. and Manicelli-Petri, A. New 
Italian grammar. 'oi(F2) D. pap.. $1.25. 


BENGAL, India. 

Carstairs Plea for the better local govern- 
ment of Bengal. *$i.6o net. Macmillan. 
Hill. Three Frenchmen in Bengal. $3. 


Bengottgh, Elisa A. Talk of the town. '02 
(N8) D. (Novelettes de luxe.) |$i.25. 


BengougK J: W. In many keys: verse. '02 
(D27) D. $1.25. W: Briggs. 

Benham, W:, and Welch, C: Mediaeval Lon- 
don. 'oi(D2i) il. 8, $3; pap., net, $1.50. 


Benliaitt, W: G. Laws of scientific hand 

reading; il. from life. *oi(Jai9) 0. net, 

$5; new cheaper ed. 'o4(Mn26 % i ^$275 

net Putnam. 

Benignus, W: Melodies. '01(821; 12, pap., 

25 c. Steinbach. 

Benjamin. C: H: Notes on machine design. 

2d ed. '02 (My 17) il. 16, $2. C. H. Holmes. 

Benjamin, Marcus. Charles Frederick Tiffany 

Beale. J O4(My7) por. O. (Memorial papers 

of Soc. of Colonial Wars in D. C, no. 2.) 

pap, n. p. Soc. Colon. Wars. 

Benjamin, Marcus. Francis Asbury Roe. '04 

(My7) por. O. (Memorial papers of Soc. 

of Colon. Wars in D. C, no. 4.) pap., n. p. 

Soc. Colon. Wars. 

Benjamin, Ma. L., comp. Genealogy of the 
family of Samuel Benjamin and Tabitha 
Livermore, his wife, early settlers of Liv- 
ermore, Me. 1900(822) il. 8, $5. 

"L. Benjamin. 

Benjamin, Park. U. S. Naval Academy. 

1900 (Ap28) il. O. $3.50. Putnam. 

Benjamin, Park, ed. See Appleton's cyclop. 

of applied mechanics. 

Benjamin. R. M. Cases on the law of the 
sale of goods; ed. by F. M. Ingler. '99. 
(Je23) D. $2. Bobbs-M. 


Benjamin, comp. Genealogy of the family 
of Samuel Benjamin and his wife. ^ $5. 

L. Benjamin. 
Benjy in beastland. Ewing, Mrs J. H. 50 c. 

Little, B. Co. 
Benn, R Davis. Style in furniture. '04(015) 
0. **$6 net Longmans. 

Benner, S : Prophecies of future ups and 
downs in prices ; what years to make money 
on pig-iron, hops, com and provisions. I4th 
ed. '03(026) S. $r. Clarke " 

Bennet, Ida D. The flower garden : practical 
garden lore. *O3(Je6) il. O. **$2 net. 

McClure, P. 

Bennet, R. A. Thyra. y oi(N23) il D. $1.50. 


Bennett, Arnold. Anna of the Five Towns: 
y 03(Mr7) D. f$i.50. McGure, P. 

Bennett, Arnold. T. Racksole and daughter. 
*02(My24) il. D. $1.50. New Amsterdam. 
Bennett, C: E, Foundations of Latin. Rev. 
ed. '02. *03(Apn) 12, 90 c. Allyn & B. 
Bennett, C: E., and Bristol, G: P. Teaching 
of Latin and Greek in the secondary school. 
'oi(Fi6) D. (Am. teachers' ser., no. i.) 
$1.50. Longmans. 

Bennett, C: E: C. Cater-er's pocket compan- 
ion. New ed. '04^ Ap2) S. pap., 10 c. 

C: E: C Bennett 

Bennett, E. C. Musket and sword. 1900 

(Dis) S. $1.25. Cobtirn Pub. 

Bennett, Ellen H. Astrology: science ^ol 

knowledge and reason. [New ed.] '01 

(Ap6) D. $3. E. H. Bennett. 

Bennett, Elliot C, comp. See St. Louis. 

Bennett, Enoch A. Fame and fiction. *oi 

(N23) 12, net, $2. Dutton. 

Bennett, F. M. The "Monitor" and the navy 

under steam. 1900(66) D. $1.50. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 




Bennett, G: L. First Latin exercises: exer- 
cises, with syntax rules and vocabularies. 
3 02. '04 (F6) S. 80 c. Longmans. 

Bennett, Ida D. American book of garden- 
ing. 'oi(Ag24) il. 8, $2. H. S. Stone. 

Bennett, J: Barnaby Lee. '02(025) il- > 
f$i.50. Century Co. 

Bennett, Leonora Historical sketch and 
guide to the Alamo. '04. il por. facsim., 
i2 G , pap , 50 c L Bennett. 

Bannett, Wentworth. The A B C of graph- 
ology, J 03(0io) T. (Drane's new ABC 
handbooks, no. 5.) 50 c. Wycil. 

Bennett, W: H., and Adeney, W. F: Bibli- 
cal introduction: 0. T., by W: H. Ben- 
nett; N. T., by W. F: Adeney. 1900 (Fa) 
12*, $2. Whittaker. 

Bennett, W : H : On the use of massage and 

early passive movements in recent frac- 
tures and internal derangements of the 
knee-joint. 1900(029) D. net, $1.40. 


Bennett, W: H: Present position of simple 
fractures of the limbs. 1900(029) D. net, 
80 c. Longmans. 

Bennett twins. Hurd, G. M. $1.50. 


Bennett's Latin ser. il. D. $i. Allyn & B. 

Gesar. Gallic war, bks. 1-4, (C: E. Ben- 

Cicero. Selected orations. 

Virgil. JEneid. 

Bennie Ben Cree. Colton, A. 50 c. 

Doubleday & McC 

Bennie, the Pythian of Syracuse. Fretz, L. B. 
$i. Scroll Pub 

Bennitt, M. Pan-American Exposition and 
how to see it; with guide to Buffalo and 
Niagara Falls J oi(Ag24) il. obi. 16, pap, 
25 c. Goff. 

Bensley, Rob. R. Structure of the glands of 
Brunner. '03(017) il Q. (Univ. of Chic, 
decennial pub., pr. fr. v. 10.) pap , *$i net 

Univ. of Chic. 

Benson, Allan L. Socialism made plain, 2d 
ed. '04. D. 10 c Social-Democratic. 

Benson, Arth. C. Life of- Alfred, Lord Ten- 
nyson. 'Q4(Jl3o) 16, **$i net. Button. 

Benson, Arth C The professor, and other 
poems. 1900 16, $1.25 Lane. 

Bnson, Arth. C. Rossetti. 5 04(Ap23) 12, 
(Eng. men of letters.) **75 c. net 


Benson, B. K. Bayard's courier. '02(018) 
il. D. f$i.50. ( t Macmillan. 

Benson, B. K. Friend with the countersign. 
'oi($2i) il. D. $1.50. Macmillan. 

Benson, B. K Old Squire. J 03(My2) t$*-50. 


Benson, B. K. Who goes there? 1900 (Di) 
12, $1.50. Macmillan. 

Benson, C: B. Abraham Van Deusen and 
many of his descendants ; biog. notes, 1635- 
1901. f oi(D28) 8, $4.. De Vinne. 

Benson, E: F. The book of months. '03 
(Ni4) il. 0. buckram, **$ net Harper. 

Benson, E: F., The Challoners. '04(1130) 
D. t$, Lippincott 

Benson, E: F. Luck of the Vails: (novel.) 
'ci(Jei) D. $1.50. Appleton. 

Benson, E: F. Princess Sophia: [novel.] 
1900 (Ap2i) D. $1.25. Harper. 

Benson, E: F. The relentless city. '03(017) 
D. t$i.50. Harper. 

Benson, E: F. Scarlet and hyssop. '02 
(Apia) D. $1.50. Appleton. 

Benson, E : F., and Miles, E. H. Daily train- 
ing. J 03(F28) 12', *$ net Button. 

Benson, E: W. Addresses on the Acts of 
the Apostles, 'o2(Mr29) il. 8, net, $7- 


Benson, E: W. The Apocalypse; introd. 
study of the Revelation of St. John. ed. 
by M. Benson, 1900 (Mr24) 8, $3.50. 


Benson, J. K. Book of indoor games for 
young people of all ages. '04(017) il. 12 , 
$1.50. Lippincort 

Benson, L: F. Studies of familiar hymns. 
'03(My9) D. *$i.5o net. Westminster. 

Beoison, Marg. Soul of a cat, and other sto- 
ries. '01 (019) il. D. $1.25. Putnam. 

Benson, R : M. Followers of the Lamb. 1900. 
8, $1.50. Longmans. 

Benson, R: M. War-songs of the Prince of 
Peace: com. on the Psalms. *oi(N23) 2 v., 
12, net, $4. Button. 

Benson, Rob. The light invisible. '04 (Ns) 
D. f$i.5o. Pott. 

Bemsusan, S. L., and Forrest, A. S. Morocco ; 
painted by A. S. Forrest; described by S 
L. Bensusan. '04 (08) sq. 8, *$6 net 


Bent, Newell. King of the Cannibal Islands. 
'02(N22) D. (Baker's novelties.) pap., 25 c. 

W. H. Baker 

Bent, Newell. A little tiff: a farce. '04 
(Ap23) D. (Ed. o-f plays.) pap., 15 c. 

W. H. Baker. 
BENTHAM, Jeremy. 

Stephen. Eng. Utilitarians, v. I, Jeremy 
Bentham. per set, $10. Putnam. 

Bentley, Rob. J. The Brookdale farm : a ru- 
ral drama. '04(03) D. (Alta ser.) pap, 
25 c. T. S. Denison 

Bentley, Rob. Thomson. Forestfield: a story 
of the old South. *04(Ap3o) il. D. f$i.5o. 

Grafton Press. 

Bentley, W. Holman. Pioneering on the 
Congo. 1900 (Jl2i) 2 v., il. 8, $5. Revell. 
BENTON, Andrew. 

Benton. Andrew Benton, 1620-1683, [pri- 
vately pr.] Updike. 
Benton, C: E. As seen from the ranks: a 
boy in the Civil War. '02(813) D. **$i.25 
net Putnam. 

Benton, C: W., ed. 
school use. 1900. 
French readings.) 50 c. 'Scott, F. & Co. 

Benton, Elbert J. Wabash trade route in de- 
velopment of the old northwest *03(Apir) 
O. (Johns Hopkins Univ. studies in histori- 
cal and pol. science, ser. 21, nos. i, 2.) pap., 
50 c. Johns Hopkins. 

Benton, J, H., jr. Andrew Benton, 1620- 
1683- I900(S8) 51. 8. [privately pr.] 


Bnton, Joel. Life of P. T. Barnum. 'oa 
(My24) 12, (Biographies of famous 
men.) $i. Donohue. 

Easy French plays; for 
'oi(Mrp) 16, (Lake 




Benton, Josiah H:, jr. Notable libel case; 
criminal prosecution of Theodore Lyman, 
jr , by Daniel Webster in the supreme judi- 
cial cour t t of Massachusetts, November 
term, 1828. '04(1130) il. 12, ed. limited to 
400 copies, *$3-5o net. Goodspeed. 

Benton, Kate A. Geber: tale of the reign of 
Harun al Raschid. 1900 (F24) D. $1.50. 


Benton, S * S Samuel Slade Benton : his an- 
cestors and descendants *oi. [privately 
pr 1 Goodspeed. 

Benton, Stephen O. See Fahs, C : H. 

BEXTON, Thomas Hart. 
Meigs. Life of T: H. Benton. **$2 net. 



Benton. Samuel Slade Benton: his ances- 
tors and descendants, (privately pr.) 


Bentzan, Therese. Constances. '02(Ap26) 
12*, $1.50. Neely. 

Beowplf ; tr. by C. G. Child. '04(^25) 16, 
(Riverside lit sen, no. 159.) **2$ c. net; 
pap., **I5 c. net. Houghton, M. & Co. 

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Tinker 'o2(Ag3o) 16, 80 c Xe\\son 

Beowulf, and the Fight at Finnsbiirg, mtrod 
and notes by J : R C Hall 'oit Ap2O) 12% 
net, $i 50 " Macmillan. 

Beowulf. Church, S : H. $2. Stokes 

Beowulf. Ragozin, Mtne. Z. A. 75 c. 

W: B, Harison. 

Bequeathed. Whitby, B. $1.50. Harper. 

BERANGER, Pierre Jean de. 
Sauveur. Chansons de Beranger. $1.25. 
W: R. Jenkins. 

BEREA. COLLEGE, Madison Co, Ky. 
Rogers Birth of Berea College $i. Coates. 

Berean lesson books on the Internat. S. S. 
lessons for 1901-1904. 3 v. per year. T. 
(Berean ser.) bds., ea., 15 c. Eaton & M. 

Berean ser. T. Eaton & M. 

Berean beginner's lesson book. Interme- 
diate lesson book. Senior lesson book, ea., 
. 15 c. 

International Sunday school lessons, ist 
lesson bk., 15 c. Lesson handbook, 20 c ; 
25 c Young people's lesson bk., 15 c 

Neelv. First lesson book. 15 c. Lesson 
handbook. 25 c Young people's lesson 
book. 15 c. 

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(Social science ser.) $i. Scribner. 

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'oi(D7) il. 8, $6. Macmillan. 

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il 8, ea , *$3.50 net. Macmillan. 

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r 03(Jei3) il. 16, (Spalding's athletic lib., 
'v. 15, no. 171.) pap., 10 c. Am. Sports. 

Beresford, Lord C: See Willson, B. 

Berg, Wa. G. Buildings and structures of 
Am. railroads. 1900. 'oi(F9) 4$5- Wiley. 

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'O3(jai7) 24, $i. W. H. Bingham. 

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Northern and central states ed. 'oiCMrp) 
D. 45 c. Ginn. 

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ed. '04 (Ds) il. D. $1.30. Ginn. 

Bergen, Jos. Y. Foundations of botany. 
1900. 'oi(F23) 12', $1.50. Ginn. 

Bergen, Jos. Y. Notebook to accompany 
"Bergen's text-books of botany." '04 
(Api6) Q. 75 c. Ginn. 

Bergen, W. v. Rare coin encyclopaedia. '01 
(Oi2) 16, pap., $i. Caspar. 

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(Np) ; 2d ed., rev. and enl. '04(015) il. 
8, ea., *$3 net Saunders 

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the U. S. army. *03(Ap25) D. pap., 35 c. 


Berghtlt, Ernest. See Leigh. L. 

Bergmann, Ernest, Bruns, P. V., and Miku- 
Hcz, J. v. System of practical surgery. In 
5 v. v. I, 2. J 04(My7) il. pis. 8, subs., 
per v., $6; shp., $7; hf. mor., $8.50. Lea. 


Field. Saint Berin, the apostle of Wessex, 
$1.50. E. & J. B. Young. 

Berkeley, G: Three dialogues between Hy- 
las and Philonous. Reprint ed. J oi{Ag3) 
D. (Religion of science lib., no. 49.) pap., 
25 c. . Open Court. 

Berkeley", H : J. Treatise on mental diseases. 
1900 (D8) il. 8, subs., $5; shp., $6. 


Berkeley, W : N. Lab'y work with mosquitoes. 
'02 (My 17) O. net, $i. Pediatrics Lab 


Lawson and Palache. The Berkeley Hills : 
coast range geology. 80 c. Univ. of Cal. 

Berkeley lib. il. D. $i. Caldwell 

Marryat Japhet in search of a father, 

Oliohant Makers of Florence. 

Berkleys (The). Wight, E. H. net, 40 c. 



Adams. Nature studies in Berkshire, 
$2.50. Putnam, 

See also Lenox. 

Berlin, A. F. See Moorehead, W. K. 


Baedeker. Berlin and its environs. *90 c. 
net. Scribner. 

Hoffmann. Municipal buildings of modern 
Berlin. $15. ^ Hessling. 

Steevens. Glimpses of three nations : Lon- 
don, Paris, Berlin. $1.50. Dodd. 

Beaiioz, Hector. Life ; as written in his letters 
and memoirs; tr. by Kath. F. Boult '04 
(Ja2) 12, (Temple autobiographies.) 
*$i.25 net. Button. 

BERLIOZ, Hector. 

Young. Mastersingers ; with essay on 
Hector Berlioz, net, $1.50. Scribner. 

Berlitz, M. D. Grammaire pratique de la 
langue frangaise. In 4 v. v. 3. J 02(Ap26) 
12, 50 c. Berlitz. 


Bell. Beautiful Bermuda. 60 c. E.H.Bell. 
Cole Bermuda and the "Challenger" expe- 
dition, n. p. G: W. Cole. 
Stark. II. Bermuda guide. $1.50. 

J. H: Stark. 
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A. R Verrill. 

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cellulose, and theory of the cellulose mole- 
cule. 'oi(Aga) il. 12, $2.50.- Wiley. 




Bernard, C: de. Gerfaut; Theophile Gautier; 
Militonau 2 v. 1900. *oi(Jli3) 8, (Roman 
contemporam. Romancists, v. 7 an d 8 ) 
per v., $10. ^ Barrie. 

Bernard, Jeanne Frangois Julie Adelaide. See 
Recamier, Mme. Jacques. t t 

Bernard, T: D. Progress of doctrine in the 
N. T. 5 th ed. I9 oo(Je 23 ) -^^ 

Bernard, Victor F. L'art d'interesser ui 

dasse. Nouvelle ed.; et suivie de la La 

lettre chargee, par E. Labiche. oi(Apj3) 

D. bds., 50 c. W: R. Jenkins. 

Bernard, Victor F, Les fautes de langage, 

1900 (Mys) D. 50 c. W: R. Jenkins. 

Bernard Brooks' adventures. Alger, ri., jr 

t$i. Burt 


Higgins. The Bernards of Abmgton and 

Nether Wmchendon. In 4 v per set, 

<j5!6 Longmans. 

Bernardo and Laurette. Bouvet, M net, $i. 


Beraers, Juliana. Treatyse of fysshynge wyth 
an angle from The book of Saint Albans; 
introd essay by W: L. Andrews. '04 
(Myi4) il. 4, vellum, **$i6.5O net 


Wisner, Sarah Bernhardt. 50 c. Russell. 

Bernis, Frangois J. de P., Cardinal de. Mem- 
oirs 'and letters; fr. orig. mss. by F. Mas- 
son. '02 (Fi) 2 v., il. 8, (Versailles hist 
ser.) subs., per v., $6; # leath., per v. $9. 
Hardy, P. & Co 

Bernstein, Herman. In the gates of Israel. 
'02(813) D. t$l-50. J- F- Taylor. 

Bernstein and Firestein Parsons, J. F. 15 c 


Berra, Mrs, Matilde J. The twentieth cen- 
tury woman toward the reconstructive 
movement. V>4(Di7) por. 12, 75 c. 


Berrier Leroy. The new life. 5 02(Ag2) D. 
$ It L. Berrier, 


Blacknall. Practical strawberry and gen- 
eral berry fruit culture. 50 c. 

Continental Plant 
BERRY, Charles A. 
Drummond. Charles A. Berry. $1.50. 

Berry, G : R., ed. Letters of the Rm. 2 coll. 
in the British Museum. '02(Frs) 8, pap., 
net, so c. Univ. of Chic. 

Berry, ~H: H. Hillside. '04(Je4) S. pap., 
ioc. H:H. Berry. 

Berry, Ja. Diseases of the thyroid gland and 
their surgical treatment. *oi(Jli3) 51 8, 
$4. Blakiston. 

Berry, J: L:, jr. Ashes of desire. 'O3(je27) 
il. 12, (Realistic ser.) pap., 25 c 

Town Topics. 

Berry, W; H. Restricted industry. 1900. 
'oi (Jas) 12, (Ariel lib. ser., no, 24.) pap., 
25 c. Schulte. 

Berryman, J : R. Digest of the law of insur- 
ance. In 4 v., vs. 3 and 4. 'oi(Je8) O. 
shp., (complete work,) $25. Callaghan. 

Bersch, Jos. Cellulose, cellulose products, and 
artificial rubber; fr. the German by W: T. 
Brannt. J <H(Jl3o) 8, *$3 net Baird. 

Bersier, Eug. Pulpit sermons. J oi(Oi2) 12 , 
(Sermon seed ser.) net, 50 c. Whittaker. 

Bert, O. F. H. See Hoch, J. C: 

Bertenshaw, T. H. Advanced French un- 
seens. *oi(D7) D. (French course) 7c-; 
same. Teachers' ed. (D7) 90 c. 


Berthet, E. Catacombs of Paris. 1900. '01 
(Mr2) 12, $1.75- Lippmcott 

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dren. 1900. 'oi(J16) il. S. 75 c. Benziger 

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French prose. 1900 (Ap7) 18, (Foreign 
school classics.) net, 50 c. Macmillan. 

Bertin Georges. Madame de Lamballe; tr. 
by A. Ward. y oi(D2i) O. $1.50. Wieners. 

Bertovich, Baroness de. Life of Father Igna- 
tius,' O.S.B., the monk of Llanthony. '04 
(D24) il 8, *$3 net Button. 

Bertrams (The), Trollope, A. **5 c. net; 
**75 c. net. Lane. 

Bertrand, G: E. Footstones of a nation: 
[poems.] *03(My9) D. pap., 50 c, 

Hahn & H. 

Beryl, (pseud.*) Immorality of mod. dances , 
>04(Je25) S. pap., 50 c. Everitt & F. 

Beryl. Douglass, Mrs. A. $1.25. Scroll Pub. 

Beryl stones. Sidgwick, Mrs. A. t$i-50. 


Besaat, Annie. Esoteric Christianity. '01 
(Di4) 12, net, $1.50. Lane. 

Besant, Annie. Laws of the higher life; 
three lectures delivered at the I2th annual 
convention of the Indian section of the 
Theosophical Soc. held at Benares 26th- 
28th of Dec., 1002 'o4(Ag2o) 12, bds., 
50 c Lane. 

Besaat, Annie. Reincarnation as a Christian 
doctrine: a lecture. '04(017) 12, pap, 
*io c. net. Lane. 

Besaoit, Annie. Theosophy and the new psy- 
chology: six lectures. '04(017) 12, *75 c. 
net. Lane. 

Besant, Sir W. Alabaster box. [novel.] 1900 
(Ap2i) D. $1.50. Dodd. 

Besant, Sir W. Autobiography. *02(Myio) 
O. net, $2.40. Dodd. 

Besant, Sir W. East London. 'oi(Apff) 
il. 0. $3.50. Century Co 

Besant, Sir W. The fourth generation. 2d 
ed. 1900(020) D. $1.50. Stokes. 

Besant, Sir W. Lady of Lynn. '01(814) il. 
D. $1.50. Dodd. 

Besiant, Sir W. London in the eighteenth 
century. '03 (F7) il. 4, *$7-50 net 


Besa&t, Sir W. London in the time of the 
Stuarts. '03(026) il. pors. maps, 8, *$7-5o 
net Macmillan. 

Be&a&t, Sir W. London in the time of the 
Tudors '04(622.) il. map, 8, *$7-So > net. 


Besant, Sir W. No other way. '02 (On) 
il. D. f$i-5o- ' odd. 

Besant, Sir W. Orange girl. Limited pap. 
ed. 'oi(Ag24) 12, (People's lib., no. 24.) 
pap., so c. Am. News. 

Besant, Sir W. Story of King Alfred. '01 
(Agio) il. T. (Lib. of useful stories.) 
40 c. Appleton. 

Besant, SirW. The Thames. '03(024)16% 
(Fascination of London ser.) 90 c. 





Besant, Sir W., and Mitton, G. E. Chelsea. 
J 02(Agi6) 16, (Fascination of London.) 
80 c. Macmillan. 

Besant, Sir W., and Mitton, G. E. Hamp- 
stead and Marylebone. '02(025) 16, (Fas- 
cination of London ser.) 90 c. Macmillan. 

Besant, Sir W., and Mitton, G. E. Strand 
district. '02(04) 16, (Fascination of Lon- 
don ser.) 90 c. Macmillan. 

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minster: with chap, on the Abbey by Mrs. 
A. Murray Smith. '02(04) 16, (Fascina- 
tion of London ser.) 90 c. Macmillan. 

Besant, Sir W., ed. See Mitton, G. E., and 

Besieged by the Boers. Ashe, E. O. $1.25. 

Doubleday, P. 

Beskow, Elsa. See Dick, T. E. M. 

Bess, Elmer A. Our master's church. 1900 
(D8) S. $i. Neely. 

Be&se, H. T. Unity of the Old and New 
Testaments. *O4(Dio) por. 8, $2.30. 


Bessey, C: E. Elementary botany, including 
a manual of the common genera of Neb. 
plants '04(031) 12, bds., 25 c. Univ. Pub, 

Bessey. C : E., Bruner, Lawrence^ and Swezy, 
G. D. New elementary agriculture for 
rural and graded schools. ' '03 (D26) D. 60 c. 

Univ. Pub. 

Bessie Bell. Young, M. $i. Scott-T. 

Bessie books. See Mathews, J. H. 

Best, A. R., ed. Best guide to St. Louis and 
the World's Fair. *O4(Jei8) pi, maps, 12, 
pap , 25 c. Bulletin Pub. 

Best, Fk E. The Amidon family: record of 
descendants of Roger Amadowne of Reho- 
both, Mass. '04. por. 8. F. E, Best. 

Best, G: A. Home of Santa Claus. 1900 
(O6) il. 0. $1.50. Cassell. 

Best, J: H. Encyc. of common law orders, 
verdicts and remarks on law record. '04 
(Jei8) O. *$5 net. Fiske & Co. 

Best, Kenelm D. Rosa rnystica: the fifteen 
mysteries of the rosary, [etc.] '04(024) 
il.*8, Jap vellum, *$6 net. Herder. 

Best, Kenelm D. Victories of Rome and 
the temporal monarchy of the church 4th 
ed , rev. *oi. '02(Mr22) S. net, 45 c. 

* Benziger. 

Best, Noel R. College man in doubt '02 
(Je2i) D. net, 50 c. Westminster. 

Best American orations of to-day. Black- 
stone, Htte , comp. $i. Hinds. 

Best laid plans. Kaine, H. 15 c. 

Penn Pub. Co, 
Best nonsense verses. Daskam, J. D. 50 c. 

W: S. Lord. 

Best of friends. Dromgoole, W. A. tso c. 

L. C Page 

Best stories from the best book. White, J. E. 

50 c. Southern Pub. 

Best things from Amer. literature. Bach el - 

ler, I. A. $i. Chr. Herald. 

Best way. Rindge, F: H. F: H. Rindge. 

Best writings of great authors. 16, $1.25 ; $3. 

L C Page. 

Balzac. Best of Balzac. 
Beth, pseud. See Dawson, L. 
Bethany. Watson, T: E. t$i-50. Appleton. 

Bethany C. . reading courses. 16, net, 35 a 


McLean. Handbook of missions. (ist 
ser., v. 3.) 

Willett. Prophets of Israel. (3d ser., 
v. I.) 

Bethink yourselves. See Tolstoi, Count L. N. 

Bethlehem. Housman, L. **$i.2S net. 



Levering. Hist, of Bethlehem, Pa. $4; $5? 
$6; $7.50. Times Pub. 

Bethsaida. Dearborn, M. f$i.5o. 

G: W. Dillingham. 

Betis, V:, and Swan, Howard. Class-room 
conversations in French; introd. exercises. 
J 04(Apg) 0. (Psycholog. methods of teach- 
ing and studying languages; Fr. ser., no. 
2.) 80 c. Longmans. 

Betis, V:, and Swan, Howard. Facts of life; 
idiomatically described and systemat. arr. 
pt. i. 'p4(Ap9) O. (Psycholog. methods 
of teaching and studying languages ; Germ, 
ser., no. i.) 80 c. Longmans. 

Betis, V:, and Swan, Howard. Facts of life; 
idiomatically described and systemat arr. 
In 2 pts. ; with complete index in Eng. and 
Fr. 'o4(Ap9) O. (Psycholog. methods of 
teaching and studying languages; Fr. ser., 
nos i and 2 ) ea., 80 c. Longmans. 

Betis, V:, and Swan, Howard. First facts 
and sentences in French: for beginners. 
J 04(Ap3o) S. (Psycholog. methods of teach- 
ing and studying languages; Fr. ser., in- 
troductory.) 60 c Longmans. 

Betrayal (The). Oppenheiin, E. P. f$i.50- 


Betrayed trust (A). McClure, W. T. 75 c. 
Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So. 
Betsey Ross. Hotchkiss, C. C. $i 50. Appleton. 
Betsy Baker. Morton, J: M. 15 c. 

Penn Pub. Co. 

Better New York. Tolrnan, W: H. **$2 net 

Baker & T. 

Better sort. James, H : -$1.50. Scribner. 
Better way Wagner, C: **$i net. 

McClure, P. 

Bettex, F. The Bible, the word of God; fr. 
the 3d enl. Germ. ed. f 04(Agi3) O. $1.50. 


Bettex, F. First page of the Bible; fr. the 

Germ, by W. R. Burlington. 'o3(Ap25) S. 

20 c. German Lit. Bd. 

Bettex, F. Science and Christianity; fr. the 

Germ. f oifSi4) O. $1.50. Jennings. 


Van Deusen. Bookmaking; or, the arith- 
metic of the betting ring. $2. 

[Morning Telegraph.] 

See also Horse-racing. 
Betts, C: H: Highway manual of the state 

of New York; with annot. and forms. 

Official ed. J O4(Dio) 8, $i; $1.50. 

C:H: Betts. 
Betts, Lillian W. The leaven in a great city. 

02(011) il. D, **$ net. Dodd. 

Betts, -Lillian W. Story of an east-side fam- 
ily. *03(Ap25) D. t$i.50. Dodd. 
Betts, Wa. C. Fire insurance rates and 

methods. '03. 8, (Pub. of the soc., no. 

390.) pap., 25 c. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

Betty and Bob. Woodruff, A. H. **$i.20 net 





Betty of old Mackinaw. Fox, F. M. 50 c. 

L. C. Page. 

Betty Seldon, patriot Thompson, A. E. $1.25. 

Lee & S. 

Betty Wales, freshman. .Warde, M. t$i.2S. 

Penn Pub. Co. 
Betty Zane. Grey, P Z $1.50. , 

C: Francis Press. 
Between Boer and Briton. Stratemeyer, E: 

$1.25. L ee & S. 

Between the Andes and the Curtis, 

W: E. $2.50. H. S. Stone, 

Between the flies and the footlights. See 

Daudet A. Sappho. 
Between the lights. Bates, F. B. $i. Crowell. 

Between the lights. Herbert, A. *$i net 

Bctz, Carl, comp. and ed. Songs for morn- 

ing, evening and night 'oi(F23) sq. O. 

pap., 15 c. Am. Bk. 

Betz, Carl, comp. and ed. Songs of home 

and pleasure. '01 (F23) sq. 0. pap., 15 c. 

Am. Bk. 
Betz, Carl, comp. *nd ed. Songs of nature. 

'01 (F23) sq. O. pap., 15 c. Am. Bk. 

Betz, Carl, comp. and ed. Songs of the sea- 

sons. *oi (F23) sq. O. pap., 15 c. Am. Bk. 
Beulah. Davis, N. $i. Hudson-K. 

Beulah. Wilson, Mrs. A. J. E. $i. Burt 
Bevan, E. J. See Cross, C. F. 
Bevan, Edwyn R. House of Seleucus. '02. 

'03 (F7) 2 v., 0. $12. Longmans. 

Bevan, Edwyn R. Jerusalem under the high- 

priests. '04 (N5) O. $2.50. Longmans. 

Bevan, Tom. Beggars of the sea. '03 

il. D, $1.25. N 

Boothby. Am. bartender. 50 c. 

San F. News. 

Cocktail book. 75 c,; $1.25. L. C. Page. 
Dubelle's famous formulas for soda foun- 

tain beverages. $i. Spon, 

Gammick. The bartender. 50 c. Mooney. 
Kappeler, Modern Am. drinks. $i; 50 c. 

Maloney. 20th century guide for mixing 

fancy drinks. $i. J. C. Maloney. 

Smith. Smacks and smiles; how to mix 

fancy drinks and beverages. 50 c, ; $i. 

Southworth, comp. 101 beverages. **5O c. 

net. P. Elder. 

Sulz. Treatise on beverages. $7.50- pick. 
White. Spatula soda water guide and book 

of formulas. $i. Spatula. 

See also Coffee; Food; Liquors; Tea; Tem- 

perance ; Water ; Wine. 

Bevieri-dge, Alb. J. The Russian advance. '03 

(Dig) 0. **$2.sp net. Harper. 

Bevsridge, W. Hist, of the Westminster As- 

sembly. J 04(Di7) 12, *$i net Scribner. 

Hiatt Beverley Minster, net, 60 c. 

Beverly of Graustark. McCutcheon, G: B. 

t$i-50. Dodd. 

Beverly Osgood. Valentine, J. $1.50. 

G; W. Dillingham, 
Beviear, L:, jr. Brief Greek syntax. J 03(Ap4) 

D. 90 c. Am. Bk. 

Bevier, L:, jr. Supp* exercises to accompany 

Bevier's Fr. grammar. 1900 (MyS) D. pap., 

10 c. Holt 


Bevis, A. W. Stepping stone for teachers to 
industrial drawing and design. v. i, 
Straight lines. '02(04) obi. Tt. bds., 40 c. 


Bewitched fiddle. Mac Manus, S. 75 c. 

Doubleday & MoC. 

Beyle, Marie H , [De Stendhal.] Chartreuse 
of Parma ; cnt mtrod by M. Hewlett '02 
(D27) il 12, (Century of Fr romance.) 
Parisian <ed., per v., $5; Versailles ed , per 
v., $IQ ; Grand format ed., per v., $25; 
Grand Prix ed., per v., $50. Appleton. 

Beyond death. Johnston, H. $1.25. 

Eaton & M. 

Beyond the black ocean. McGrady, T : 50 c. 


Beyond the clouds. Patterson, C: B. $i. 


Beyond the gates of care. Bashford, H. $i. 

Whitaker & R. 

Beyond the grave. Hamon, E. *$i net 


Beyond the great South wall. Savile, F. 
$1,50. New Amsterdam. 

Beyond the marshes. Gordon, C: W. net, 
25 c. Revell. 

Beyond the requiems. Robertson, L: A. *$i 
net A. M. Robertson. 

Beyond the vail Nixon, J. H. $1.75. 


Bhagavad Gita. See Mahabharata (The). 

Bhagavan Das. Science of peace : an Attempt 
at an exposition of the first principles of 
the self. '04(017) 12, *$i.5o net. Lane. 

Bi&rt, Lucien. Monsieur Pinson; ed. by Otto 
Siepmann. Authorized ed. 'o4(Dio) 12 , 
(Siepmann's elem. French ser.) *5O c. net. 


Bibbins, Ruthella M. Mammy 'mongst the 
wild" nations of Europe. '04(022) il. D. 
f$i.2S. Stokes. 

Bibelots. See Ephemeral. 

Bible. Bagster il. teachers' Bible; cont Old 
and New Testaments. '02(025) il. 12, 

$i.35~$2.25. Pott 

Bible. Cambridge teachers' Bible ; cont Old 
and New Testaments. '02(025) $i^s-$ 


Bible. Douay ed. New large type il. ed. 
*e>2(D2o) $i-$ Murphy. 

Bible. English. Authorized version; cont 
the Old and New Testaments. 'oi(D7) 
8. (App. to pubs' for price.) Pott 

Bible (The) for children. '02(025) il. O. 
$3. Century Co. 

Bible. A fourteenth century English Bible 
version. (Anna C Paues.) J 04(Jl30) 8, 
*$3 net. Macmillan. 

Bible. The holy Bible; the text commonly 
known as the authorized or King James' 
version. [Self-pronouncing ed.] '03(026) 
il. pi. (partly col.) 4, im. leath., $3; $3-5<>; 
$5. Holman. 

Bible. Holy Bible; cont Old and New^Testa- 
ments tr. out of original tongues with the 
Apocrypha, '03(114) O. 75 c.-$8. Nelson. 

Bible. The holy Bible containing the Old and 
New Testaments tr. out of the ( original 
tongues, newly ed. by the American Re- 
vision Committee. Standard ed. [Also] 
The Concise Bible dictionary. 'O3(jli8) 
maps, O. Egyptian seal, $2.25; $2.50 ,-$3.25; 
Persian levant, $4.25; levant, $6.50; seal- 
skin, $7.75. Nelson. 




Bible. The holy Bible : the version set forth 
A.D. 1611, compared with the most ancient 
authorities and revised A.D. 1881-1885, new- 
ly ed. by the Amer. Revision Committee, 
A.D. 1901. Standard ed. [Minion text] 
'<>3(Agi) 12 maps, 24, 50 c.-$5-5O Nelson. 

Bible The holy Bible; containing the Old 
and New Testaments, authorized version; 
lithographed in the easy reporting style of 
Pitman's shorthand. 20th century ed. '04 
(D3) O. $3. Pitman. 

Bible. Illustrated holy Bible. Family ed. 
'02(025) $i.75-$3-50- Pott 

Bible. (German.} Illustrirte familien-Bibel, 
nach der deutschen uebersetzung Dr. Mar- 
tin Luthers, mit vielen vorziiglichen bildern 
und colorirten karten und erlauternden 
anmerkungen. J 04(Dio) il. por. pis., maps, 
^4, various bindings, $3.25-$! 5. Holman, 

Bible. Johnson's worker's Bible. Linear 
parallel ed. 1900 (Jei6) 8, $2.75. 

B. F. Johnson. 

Bible. Modern Am. Bible, v. I, St Mark; 
v. 2, St. Matthew, St. Peter, St. Jude, and 
St. James; v. 3, St. Luke and Acts of the 
Apostles; notes and introd. by F. S. Bal- 
lentine. J oi(Ag3i) ; v. 4, St. John's Gospel, 
letters, revelation; v. 5, St. Paul. (D?) S. 
(New Testament sen, nos. 1-5.) ea., 50 c. ; 
limp leath., $i. Whittaker. 

Bible. Old and New Testaments; rev. 1881- 
85 ; newly ed, by the Am. Revision Com. 
Standard ed. J 02(Ag2) O. leath., $i-$7* 


Bible. Old and New Testaments. Sel. for 
use in schools; arr. by J. G. Wight. 1900 
(Ni7) S. 40 c. t Am. Bk. 

Bible. Temple ed. Complete in 25 v. '03 
(F2i) il. sq. T. ea., **40 c. net; flex, leath., 
**6o c. net. Lippincott. 

Bible New Testament. Apocryphal gospels. 
**$2.50 net Macmillan. 

Bibte. N. T Cambridge Bible: St Mark; 
rev. version ; ed by Sir A. F. Host and M. 
D. Host 'o4(JeiS) St Matthew; ed. 
by A Carr *O2(D6) 16, ea , *50 c. net 


Bible. N. T. Chapter thirteen of First Epis- 
tle to the Corinthians; designed and let- 
tered by Mary M. Cheney. '03 *04(F27) 
il. nar. O. $250; Jap. vellum ed., $3.50; 
leath., $10. M. M. Cheney. 

Bible. N. T. ; compared and rev., 1881 ; newly 
ed. '02 (N8) T. leath., 55 c.-$2.50. Nelson. 

Bible. N. T. t Criticism of the New Testa- 
ment, by various biblical scholars. '02 (D6) 
12, (St Margaret's lectures, 1902.) *$i.8o 
net. Scribner. 

Bible. N. T. Gospel ace. to St Mark; Gr. 
text ed., by A. F. Hort '02 (S6) 12, 
(Cambridge Univ. Press sen) *75 c. net 


Bible. N. T. Gospel of the twelve Apos- 
tles; ed. fr. the Syriac MS., by J. R. Har- 
ris. 1900 (Je23) 8, (Cambridge Univ. 
Press.) net, $1.25. Macmillan. 

Bible. N. T. Gospels. Davis parallel gos- 
pels, by E. D. Davis. '03(Je20) O. $i ; pap., 
50 c. * EcMer. 

Bible. N. T. Greek and Eng. Harmonized 
exposition of the four gospels, by A. E. 
Breen. In 4 v. v. 1-3. '90X03 (F2i) 8*, 
leath., per v., $4. A. E. Breen. 

Bible. N. T. Greek Testament; with a crit- 
ically rev. text; digest of various readings, 
[etc.] New ed. '03. 'o4(F2o) 4 v., O. $18. 


Bible. N. T. Greek Testament; ed. by E. 
Nestle; app. on irregular verbs by R. F. 
Weidner. J O2(Ap5) 16, net, $i ; leath., net, 
$1.25. Revell. 

Bible. N. T. Harmonized and subject refer- 
ence New Testament King James' version 
made into a harmonized paragraph, local, 
topical, textual and sub. ref. ed., in modern 
Eng.; arr. by Ja. W. Shearer. 'o4(Ni2) S. 
$1.50; full gilt, $1.75. Subject Ref. 

Bible. N. T. Harmony of the gospels in the 
rev. version ; rev. by A. T. Robertson. 7th 
ed., rev. and enl. 'O3(My9) sq. 12, $1.50. 


Bible. N. T. "International" Christian work- 
er's New Testament, indexed and marked. 
J 03(Mri4) 32, 75 c.; limp mor., $i; $1.25. 


Bible. N, T. Letters of St. Paul ; tr. by A. 
S. Way. J oi(O5) 12, net $2. Macmiilan. 

Bible. N. T. Life of our Lord in the words 
of the four evangelists; arr. in chronolog. 
order by A. M. Perry. [New issue.] '01 
(D/) S. 60 c. Whittaker. 

Bible. N T. Modern speech New Testa- 
ment; by R: Fs Weymouth; partly rev. 
by E Hampden-Cook, '03(017) D. **$i.25 
net Baker & T. 

Bible X T The new covenant, commonly 
called the Xeu Testament, tr out of the 
Greek: being the version set forth AD 1611, 
and revised A.D 1881 ; newly ed by New 
Testament Members of the Am Revision 
Com [also] The Psalms. J O4(Ap2) min- 
ion Tt. fr. 30 c. to $275. Nelson 

Bible. N. T. New Testament in modern 
Eng.; newly tr. by F. Fenton. 1900. *oi 
(Mr9) D. $i ; levant $2.25. Our Race. 

Bible. N. T. New Testament; tr. fr. the 
Latin Vulgate, compared with the ong. 
Greek, and first pub by the Eng college at 
Rheims, 1582; annot with tabs, of epistles 
and gospels for Sundays, [etc.] '04. il. 
maps, 4. Dickson. 

Bible. N. T. Reference passage Bible; 
comp. by I. N. Johns. *O3(Fi4) 2 v., 12, 
$2-50-$5. Alpha 

Bible. N. T. St Paul's Epistle to the Ro- 
mans; a new tr. by W. G. Rutherford. 
1900 (Jbi) 8*, net, $1.25. Macmillan. 

Bible. N. T. Selections. Words of Jesus 
as recorded in the N. T. ; chronolog arr.; 
comp. by A Hallett, with introd. by Rob. 
J. Burdette. Vest pocket ed. '04(024) 
12, pap., 15 c. Hallett. 

Bible. N. T. Self-pronouncing; tr. out of 
orig. Gk., with former trans, compared and 
rev. [Holman ed.] J 02(Ag23) 32, mor., 
36 c.-$2.5o. Holman. 

Bible. N. T. Twentieth century New Testa- 
ment ; tr. from- orig. Gr. In 3 pts. pt 2. 
1900(022) ; pt 3. J oi(Di4) D. net, ea., 
50 c. Revell. 

Bible. Old Testament Amos: arr. strophi- 
cally by W : R. Harper. '01 (Sax) 12, pap., 
net, 15 c. Univ. of Chic. 

Bible. O. T. Book of Psalms. *O4(Mri2) 
16, leath., 75 c. Jewish Pub. 




Bible O. T, Book of Psalms ; ed for the 
use of Jewish parents and children, by C. G. 
Montefiore. J oi(Je22) 12, net, 35 c. 


Bible. 0. T. Book of Psalms in the corr. 

style of Pitman's shorthand. 20th century 

ed. J 04(Fs7) S. pap., 40 c. Pitman. 

tfible. O. T. Book of Psalms. See also 

Cheyne, T: K. 

Bible 0. T. Book of Ruth; fr the ed. of 
the Bible pr. in Oxford, 1680. '04(024) il. 
TOOO cop. on hand-made pap., ea., **$2 net; 
10 cop on Jap. vellum, parchment, ea., **$5 
net Bqbbs-M. 

Bible. O. T. Cambridge Bible: Daniel; in- 
trod and notes by S. R. Driver. 1900 (D8) 
16, net, 75 c. Macmillan. 

Bible. 0. T." Cambridge Bible: Isaiah; introd. 
and notes by J. Skinner. 2 v. in i v. '04 
(Ag2o) maps, 12, *$i-50 net. Macmillan. 
Bible O. T. Cambridge Bible: Psalms; 
introd and notes by A. F. Kirkpatrick. 
\ 3 bks 4 and 5. ! 02(Jai8) 12, net, 80 c. ; 
3 v. in I. 'o2(Ap5) net, $2. Macmillan, 
Bible O T. Cambridge Bible: Song of 
Solomon; notes by A. Harper. '02(86) 
12, *so c. net. Macmillan. 

Bible. O. T. Ecclesiastes ; and Song of Sol- 
omon '02. 'O3(jaio) 8, (Vale Press ser.) 
**$S net Lane. 

Bible. O. T. Emphasized Bible; new tr. by 
J B. Rotherham. v. i, Genesis-Ruth; v. 2, 
Samuel-Psalms. '02(86) 8, per v., **$2 
net Revell. 

Bible. O. T. Emphasized Bible; new tr. by 
J. B. Rotherham. v. i, Genesis-JRuth ; v. 2, 
Samuel-Psalms. 'o2(Jli2) 8, ea., $3. 

Woodward & L 

Bible O. T. Hexateuch; rev. version; ed. 

by Carpenter and Battersby. 2 v 1900, 

4, net, $12 Longmans 

Bible. O. T. in the light of historical records 

and legends of Assyria and Babylonia. 

'02(N22) 12, $3. E. & J. B. Young. 

Bible. O. T, Job. 'oi(MyiS) 8, net, $2. 


Bible. 0. T. Psalms of David; with introd. 

study by N. D. Hillis. 1900 (Di) il. 8, 

$2.50; ed. de luxe, $3.75. Revell 

Bible. Light from sacred page : text book in 

words of scripture. *OTCJl2o) 16, leath., 

50 c E. & J. B. Young. 

Bible The Lord is king: Bible birthday 

book. 'o4(Dio) col. il. 24, (Gem birthday 

ser.) 50 c. DeWolfe. 

Bible. Sunday-school scholars' Bible; ed. by 

A. F. Schauffler. J o2(Je2i) 12*, 55 c.; Fr. 

flex, mor., 75 c. ; Fr. mon, $i. Nelson 

Bible. Young people's Bible; Scriptures 

connected, explained and simplified, by H 

N. Jones. J 02(Ag3o) il. 8, $1.75. 

Am. Bk. and Bible 

Abbott. Clue : guide through Greek to He- 
brew Scripture, net, $2.60. Corrections 
of Mark adopt, by Matthew and Luke. 
net, $5.50. Macmillan 

Adams. Helps to Bible study. $i. 

J. E. Adams 
Adeney. Women of the N. T. $i. 

Aglen Lessons m 0. T. hist $1.50. 


. Continued. 
Alexander. Demonic possession in the N 
T. net, $1.50. Scnbner. 

American Bible League. Rept. of ist : con- 
vention, 1904. 25 c. Am. Bible. 
Apocryphal gospels. '^$2.50 net. 


Archibald, ed. A beginner's course in Bi- 
ble study. 50 c S. S. Times. 
Arnold Literature and dogma. $i. 

Burt; New Amsterdam. 
Askwith. Introd to the Thessalonian Epis- 
tles, net, $i 25. Macmillan. 
Augustine, St. Thirteen homilies on St. 
John xiv. net, $i. Macmillan. 
Ayles. Critical comm. on Genesis ii, 4-iii, 
25 *$ net. Macmillan. 
B. A. B. Songs of degrees; or, gradual 
Psalms. 50 c. Longmans. 
Baar. Bible lessons for school and home. 
Bk. 2. 30 c. Bloch. 
Bacon. Introd. to the New Testament. 
75 c . Macmillan. 
Bagshawe. Psalms and canticles in Eng. 
verse. *$i.25 net. Herder. 
Baker. Short instructions or meditations 
on gospels for each day in Lent. 75 c. 

Chr. Press. 
Ball. Inspired scriptures. 75 c 

J. J Wheeler. 

Ballantine. Inductive studies in Matthew. 

25 c. Y. M. C. A. 

Banks Great portraits of the Bible. $1.50. 

Eaton & M. 

Barnard. The door in the book. **$i net. 


Barnes, ed Bible encyclopedia. 3 v. subs , 

$18. Eaton & M. 

Barnes, ed. The Peshitta psalter. *$4 net 


Barton. Roots of Christian teaching as 

found in the O. T. $1.25. Winston. 

Batten. Old Testament from the modern 

point of view. $1.50. Gorham. 

Bay psalm book. **$4 net; **$io net. 


Beard. Manual for teachers on O. T. les- 
sons. *75 c. net. Wonder stories from 
the gospels. *25 c. net; Teacher's notes. 
*40 c. net. Winona. 

Beardslee. Outlines of an introd. to the 
O. T. **$i.20 net. Revell. 

Beet Commentary on Epistles to the 
Romans. $2.50, Whittaker. 

Beets and Bosma. Sacred hist for juniors, 
I0 c. Sacred hist, for seniors. 20 c. 


Bennett and Adeney. Biblical introduction. 
$2. Whittaker. 

Benson, E: W. Addresses on the Acts^of 
the Apostles, net, $7. Apocalypse: in- 
trod, study of the Revelation. $3 50. 


Benson, R. M. War-songs of the Prince of 
Peace: Psalms. 2 v net, $4- Dutton. 
Besse. Unity of the Old and New Testa- 
ments. $2.30. Wesleyan. 
Bettex. The Bible, the word of God. $1.50. 

Bettex. First page of the Bible. 20 c. 

German Lit. Bd. 
Biblical and Semitic studies, net, $2.50. 





BIBLE Con tinned. 

Blunt. Household theology. *40 c. net. | 

Longmans, i 

Book. The book of books, net, 50 c. ; net, 
30 c. Herder. 

Borrow. Bible in Spain. $2.40. Scribner. 
Borstius. Primer of Bible truths. 5 c. 


Bosanquet and Wenham. Outlines of the 
synoptic record. *$i,7O net Longmans. 
Boteler. Side windows ; or, lights on Scrip- 
ture truths. 75 c. Standard Pub. 
Bowman. Historical evidence of the N. T. 
$4. Jennings. 
Boyd, Self-pronouncing Bible dictionary. 
36 c.-$i. Holman. 
Brown, R, and others, eds. Hebrew and 
Eng. lexicon of the Old Testament, pts. 
8-1 1. ea,. **50 c. net 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Brown, T. Nameless women of the Bible. 
75 c. Am. Tr. 

Brown, W: E. Divine key of the Revela- 
tion of Jesus Christ v. 2. $1.50. 

Armstrong & B. 

Browne, Mrs A. B B. Help to spiritual 

interpretation of the penitential Psalms. 

net, 40 c Longmans. 

Browne, W : T The lost faith. i. Eckler. 

Brownson. Old Testament story. In 4 v. 

v. I. 75 c. Wilde 

Bryan. How to understand and use the 

Bible. 50 c. Chr. Pub. 

Burgess. The Bible in Shakespeare. $1.50. 


Burkitt. Two lectures on the gospels. $i. 


Burne- Jones. In the dawn of the world: 

25 pictures illustrative of Genesis. **$5 

net. - Goodspeed. 

Burney. Notes on Hebrew text of the 

Books of Kings. $4.75. Oxford Univ. 

Burnharn. Figures of speech. $1.25. 

A. I. Bradley. 

Burrell Teaching of Jesus concerning the 

Scriptures. 75 c " Am. Tr. 

Burton. Notes on N. T. grammar. *25 c. 

net Short introd. to the gospels. $i. 

Studies in Gospel according to Mark. $i. 

Univ. of Chic. 

Butler. Old Testament word studies. $i. 

Abbey Press 

Byrum. Ordinances of the Bible. 35 c. ; 
15 c. Gospel Trumpet 

Campbell. J M Bible questions. $i. Funk. 
Campbell, W : M. Christ's message to the 
churches $i. Abbey Press. 

Carpenter, J E. Bible in the ipth century. 
*$350 net. Composition of the Hexa- 
teuch. *$6 net Longmans. 

Carpenter, W: B Wisdom of James the 
Just. *$i.2o net Whittaker. 

Cary. The synoptic gospels. $2. Putnam, 
Casey. The Bible and its interpreter, 
50 c.; 25 c. McVey 

Chamberlin. Introd. to the Bible for teach- 
ers of children. $i. Univ. of Chic. 
Chapman. Mounds, monuments and in- 
scriptions; il. Bible hist $1.25. 

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch. So 
Charles. Ascension of Isaiah, net, $2.60 


BIBLE. Continued. 

Chase Credibility of the Acts of the Apos- 
tles. $1.75. Macmilian. 
Chauvm. Catholic church and the Bible. 
*30 c. net. Herder. 
Cheyne. Book of Psalms: translation and 
notes. *$8.20 net Whittaker. 
Cheyne. Cntica Biblica. pts. 2-5. ea., 
*oo c. net. Macmillan. 
Cheyne and Black, tds. Encyclopaedia Bib- 
lica. 4 v., subs., ea., net, $5; $7.50. 


Clark. Galatians, Eph., Philippians, Colos., 
i., ii.., Thess., I., IL, Timothy, Titus and 
Philemon ; commentary. $1.25. Am Bapt 
Cleland. Guide to gold in Bible mines. 
1st sen, Genesis. 75 c. Winona. 

Cobern. Commentary on the O. T. v. 8, 
Ezekiel and Daniel. $2. Eaton & M. 
Concise Bible dictionary. .$i. Nelson. 
Cone. Epistles to the Hebrews, Colossians, 
Ephesians, etc. $2. Putnam. 

Cone, Rich and poor in the New Testa- 
ment. *?i-50 net. Macmillan. 
Conley. The Bible in modern light **75 c. 
net. Griffith. 
Cook. Biblical quotations in old English 
prose writers. **$6 net Scribner. 
Curry. Vocal and literary interpretation 
of the Bible. **$i.50 net. Macmillan. 
Dalton. Readings on the gospels for Sun- 
days and holy days. *$i net Herder. 
Darby. Analvsis of the Acts and Epistles 
of the N. T. 25 c. J. E. Darby. 
Daubney. The use o the Apocrypha in 
the Qiristian church, net, 75 c 


Davenport. Bible and the church. *6o c. 

net. Young Churchman. 

Davidson. Biblical and literary essays. 

$i 75. Armstrong. 

Davidson. Old Testament prophecy. *$3-5O 

net Theology of the O. T. ^$2.50 net. 


Davis, J: D. Diet of the Bible. 2; $2.75. 


Davis, W. H. Men of .the Bible. 10 C.-4O c. 

Y. M. C A. 

Deems. Gospel of common sense (Epistle 

of St. James.) $i. Ketcham. 

Deissmann. Bible studies, net, $3. Scribner. 

De Laurence. Bible defended. $i. Drake. 

Delitzsch, F. Babel and the Bible. *75 c 

net Open Ct. 

Delitzsch. F. Babel and the Bible. $1.50. 


Deschamps. Bible does not teach close 

communion. 25 c. C : T. Dearing. 

Dodds. Progressive studies in the Bible. 

net, $1.25. Erskine. 

Dole. Unknown singers: sel. from the 

Psalms. 35 c. L. C Page. 

Donehoo, N. T. view of the O. T. 75 c. 


Drummond, H: Bible study and tempta- 
tion, net, 50 c. Gornam. 
Drummond, J. The Fourth Gospel. *$3-5<> 
net. Scnbner. 
Diirer, */. The Apocalypse. $2.50. Russell. 

Eadie. Biblical cyclopaedia, net. $3.75. 






BIBLE. Continued. 

Eaglin On the elevator: cream of hist., 
Scripture, and science, and its effect. 

T: Eaglin. 

Ecclesiasticus. Fragments hitherto recov- 
ered of the Hebrew text in facsimile, 
net, $7. MacmJllan 

Eells. The parables 15 c. ; per doz , $i 50. 
Unitarian S. S 

Egyptian Exploration Fund, Grseco-Roman 
branch. New sayings of Jesus and Frag- 
ments of a last gospel fr. "Oxyrhynchus 
$i ; 40 c. Oxford Univ. 

Elhcott. Commentary for Eng. readers. 8 
v. net, $12. Button. 

Elliott Brook in the pasture: [23d Psalm.] 
*25 c. net Winona. 

Ellis Songs of St. Matthew. $3. J . S Ellis. 

Estes. Outline of New Testament theolo- 
gy. $1.25. . Silver, 

Evans, C : Notes on the Psalter *$2 net. 


Evans, W : Book of books. *$i net 

Bible Inst 

Exell Biblical illustrator; Index v. to 
N. T. *$5 net. Revell. 

Fairbairn. Typology of Scripture, in con- 
nection with the divine dispensations. 2 
v. $5. Funk. 

Falconer. Truth of the Apostolic Gospel. 
75 c.; 50 c. Y. M. C. A. 

Fallows, ed., and others. Popular critical 
Bible encyclop. 3 v. $15. Howard-S. 

Fenton, tr. Bible in modern English. *$4 
net. Whittaker. 

Florer. Biblische geschichten. 40 c. Wahr. 

Flournoy. New light on the N. T. **75 c. 
net. Westminster. 

Foley. Language of the Northumbrian gloss 
to the Gospel of St. Matthew pt. i, 
Phonology. 75 c. Holt. 

Gardner Hist view of the N. T. $2 ; 60 c. 


Garrod. Second Epistle to the Thessa- 
lonians. $i. Macmillan 

Genung. Ecclesiastes : words of Koheleth. 
**$i.2S net Houghton, M. & Co. 

Genung. Studies in our Lord's sermon on 
the mount 60 c. Am. Bapt 

Gibbons. Heart of Job. $i. Universal Truth 

Gigot Biblical lectures, net, $1.25. Murphy 

Gigot Gen. introd. to study of Holy 
Scriptures. In 3 v. v. I. net, $i 50. 


Gill. The incarnate word. [St. John's gos- 
pel.] 75 c. Jacobs 

Gilmour. Bible history. ^32 c. net Benziger. 

Goodman. Pravers, principles and exam- 
ples: lessons for devotional Bible classes, 
i? c.; 25 c. Y. M. C. A. 

Goodspeed. Newberry gospels, net, 25 c. 

Univ. of Chic 

Gere. St Paul's epistle to the Romans, v 
2. $1.50. Scribner. 

Goss. Just a minute! moment-readings on 
Scripture, 75 c. S. S. Times. 

Gray, J. C., and Adams. Biblical encyclo- 
pedia. 5 v. $12.50. F. M. Barton. 

Gray, J. C, and f Carey, comps. Class and 
the desk: Epistles j Gospels and Acts 
ea., 50 c. Am, Tr. 

Gray, J. M. How to master the Eng Bible. 
*4O c. net. Winona. 

BIBLE Continued. 

Gray, J. M. Synthetic Bible studies. $1.50, 

F M Barton 

Gregory, ed. * Bible League primers, no. I : 

outline view of Bible as God's revelation 

of redemption. ^30 c net. Am Bible. 

Grethenbach. Secular view of the Bible 

net, $2. Eckler 

Grogan. Science of figures as gleaned 

from the Word 25 c. R. S Grogan. 

Grover. Catechetical Bible lessons. 10 c. 


Gunkel. Israel and Babylon: influence of 
Babylon on religion of Israel. *25 c net. 

Gunkel. Legends of Genesis net, $i. 

Open Court. 

Guthrie Long-lost Second Book of Acts. 
50 c. Prophet. 

Guttmacher. Optimism and pessimism in 
the Old and New Testaments. $1.50. 


Gwilliam. Studia biblica et ecclesiastica 
45 c. Oxford Univ. 

Hague. Some practical studies in the hist 
and biog. of the Old Testament. $2. 


Haldeman. How to study the Bible. $1.50. 

C. C. Cook. 
Half hours with the Bible. $i. 


Hall, Bp. Use of Holy Scripture in public 
worship of the church. *$i-40 net, 


Hallock. Beauty in God's word. **$i net. 

Hamill. Bible and its books. 50 c. 

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch. f So. 

Hamill. Practical outline study of four 

gospels ; life of Christ ; Acts *35 c. net. 

Hammond. About the Bible. $1.25. 

Cooke & F 

Handy. Girls of the Bible. $i. Jamieson-H. 
Hanscom, comp. Bible readings for teach- 
ers and schools. 50 c. E. C Bowler. 
Harper. Constructive studies in the priest- 
ly element in the O T. Structure of the 
text of Book of Amos, ea , *$i net. 

Univ. of Chic. 

Harris. Readings from Scripture. 15 c.; 
per doz, $1,50; per hundred, $10. 

M. H. Harris. 

Haslitt Pedagogical Bible school **$i.2"5 
net. Revell. 

Hastings {and others,] eds. Diet, of the 
Bible, v. 3. $6; $8. Scribner. 

Hatch and Redpath. Concordance to the 
Septuagint Supplement. Facs. i. Prop- 
er names in Septuagint. $4. Oxford Univ. 
Haven. Bible lessons for little beginners, 
net, 75 c Revell 

Hawley. Fearless Bible reading. $i 25. 

Abbey -Press 

Hayman. Epistles of the New Testament 

$1-75- Macmillan. 

Hazard and Fowler. Books of the Bible, 

with rel. to their place in hist *so c. net 

Pilgrim Press. 

Henson. Value of the Bible. $1.75. 


Hill. Present problems of N. T. study. 
*50 c. net. Gorham. 




BIBLE. Continued. * 

Hoare, H. W. Evolution of the Eng. Bible. 

net, $2.50; net, $4. Button. 

Hoare, J. G. Life in St. John's Gospels. 

40 c E. & J. B. Young. 

Hobson. The Diatessaron of Tatian and 

the synoptic problem. *5O c. net. 

Univ. of Chic. 
Hodges. When the King came: stories 

from the four gospels. $1.25. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 
Holbrook. Through the Bible with a guide. 

net, $i. Revell. 

Holmes. Child's story of the Bible in 

words of one syllable. 50 c. Altemtis. 
Hood. Plan of the Apocalypse. $1.50. 

Horr. Hid in the heart: scriptures. **5oc. 

net. Am. Bapt. 

Hort. Sermons on the books of the Bible. 

$i. Macmillan. 

Horton. About the Bible. 25 c. ; per doz., 

$2.50. Great passages fr. the Bible. 

30 c ; per doz , $3. Unitarian S S 

Horton. Women of the O. T. $i. 


Hovey. The Bible. **25 c net. Am. Bapt 
Huck. Book of books. 15 c. F. A. Huck. 
Huckel. Melody of God's love ; 23d Psalm. 

50 c. . Bridges. 

Hurlbut. Stories from the Old and New 

Testaments. $i. Story o the Bible. 

$250; $3.50; $5 Winston. 

Ingraham. Mothers* home talks, net, soc. 

Young Churchman. 

Jacobus. New Testament criticism. $1.50. 


Jones, A. T. Place of the Bible in educa- 
tion. 75 c. Pacific Press. 
Jordan. The Philippian gospel. *$i.25 net 

Jiilicher. An introd. to the N. T. $4.50. 

Kahle. Die Arabischen Bibeltibersetzungen. 

$i 20. Lemcke. 

Kennedy. Lessons from the desk. 60 c. 

Am. Bapt 
Kent Messages of Israel's law-givers. 

**$i.25 net Students' Old Testament. 

In 6 v v. i. **$2.75 net Scnbner. 
Kenyon. Textual criticism of N. T. net, 

$3.25. Macmillan. 

Kerr. Harmony of the gospels. $1.50. 

Am. Tr 
King. Why we believe the Bible. $i. 

Am. Tr. 
Knecht Child's Bible history. 25 c. 

Landscapes of the Bible and their ston* 

$i. E. & J B. Young 

Lane. Key to the important things in the 

Bible. 75 c. Alhambra 

Launt, Bartered birthright; 40 add. on life 

of Jacob. $1.50. Dutton. 

Leach. Mothers of the Bible. 30 c. Revell. 
Leavitt Inspiration from a layman's point 

of view. 25 c. Whittaker. 

Lee. Bible study popularized. *$i.2S net 

Lemon. Places of interest in the Bible : grade 

4. 15 c. - Rainbow. 

Lilley. Pastoral epistles, net, 75 c. Scribner. 
Little. Royal houses of Israel and Judah. 

$3. Funk. 

BIBLE Continued. 

Lofton. So ; or, the gospel in a monosylla- 
ble. $1.25. Revell. 

Luckock. Special characteristics of the 
four gospels. $1.75. Longmans. 

Luther. Preface to St. Paul's Epistle to 
the Romans. 10 c. Luth. Pub. 

McAfee. Christian study of the Bible. 10 c. 


McConnell. Eve and her daughters. 75 c, 


McFadyen. Messages of the prophetic and 
priestly historians, net, $1.25 Messages 
of the psalmists **$i.25 net. O. T. 
criticism and the Christian church. **$i.50 
net Scribner. 

Machen. The Bible in Browning **Si.5o 
net Macmillan. 

Mcllhany. Holy Spirit in the Old Testa- 
ment 75. <= v * 50 c. t Stoneburner, 

Mackail. Biblia mnocentium; for children. 
$1-75- Longmans. 

Mackail. The little Bible; for children. 
$i. [Doubleday, P.] ; Doubleday & McC. 

McNairn. The apocalypse. $1.25. Revell. 

McNeil e. Introd. to Ecclesiastes. ^$2.25 
net Mac'ii.llan. 

Macphie. The homeland of the Bible. 
**$i 25 net. Revell 

McSwiney. Tr. of the Psalms and Canti- 
cles, net, $3. Herder. 

Marshall. American Com. on the T.: 
Ecclesiastes. **25 c. net Book of Job. 
75 c. Am. Bapt 

Martin. Tora of Moses: crit. study of 
Deuteronomy. $1.50. Barbee & S 

Mast Book of Job, an inspired drama, re- 
vealing necessity for suffering. 

I:N. Mast 

Matheson. Representative men of the Bible. 
2 ser. ea., $1.75. Armstrong. 

Menzies. Earliest gospel : St. Mark. $2.75. 


Meyer. The prophet of hope: Zechariah. 
$*. Revel!. 

Midrash-Hay-gadol : coll. of ancient rab- 
binic homilies to the Pentateuch. *$g net 


Miller. Unto the hills: I2ist Psalm. 35 c. 

Cr owell. 

Mitchell. Amos: essay in exegesis $i so. 
Houghton, M Co. 

Moffatt Historical New Testament, net, 
$4-50. Scribner. 

Holier. Are the critics right? **$i net 


Moody Bible questions and answers for 
children. 20 c. Barbee & S. 

Moore. The N. T. in the Christian church. 
**$i.50 net. Macmillan. 

Moorehead. Outline studies in Acts, Rom- 
ans, Corinthians r., n., Galatians and 
Ephesians. **$i.20 net Revell. 

Moorehead. Studies in the four gospels. 
$i. Westminster Press. 

Morrison. Footsteps of the flock: scrip- 
ture studies for every Sunday of the year. 
$i 75. Armstrong. 

Moule. Ephesian studies. $1.75. From 
Sunday to Sunday: short Bible readings. 
$1.50. * Armstrong. 

Moulton. Short introd. to the literature of 
the Bible. $i. Heath.. 




BIBLE Continued. 

Murray. Life and works of Jesus accord- 
ing to St. Mark. 75 c. ; 50 c. Y. M. C A. 

Mutch. Hist, of the Bible. 15 c. 

W: J. Mutch. 

Muzzey. Rise of the New Testament. 
$1.25. Macmillan. 

Nash, H: S. History of the higher criti- 
cism of the New Testament. 75 c. 


Na&h, J: J., cd. Practical explanation and 
application of Bible history, net, $1.50. 


New concordance of the Am. revised Bible. 
Standard ed. 75 c. Nelson. 

Newbolt. Prayers, Psalms, and lections for 
the household. $i. Longmans. 

Nicoll. ed. Expositor's Bible, v. i, [Genesis, 
Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteron- 
omy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth;] v. 2, [Sam- 
uel, Kings, Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, 
Esther, Job;] v. 3, [Psalms, Proverbs, 
Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon; Lamen- 
tations, Isaiah;] v. 4, [Jeremiah-St. 
Mark;] v. 5, [St. Luke, St. John, Acts, 
Romans 1st and 2d Corinthians, Galla- 
tians;] v. 6, [Ephesians-Revelation.] ea., 
net, $4; $6 Ketcham. 

Nicoll. ed Expositor's Greek Testament, 
v 2, [Acts of the Apostles, Romans, Cor- 
inthians, I] $7.50 Dodd. 

Noble Typical New Testament conver- 
sions net, $i. Revell 

Oesterley Studies in the Gr. and Latin 
versions of Amos. *$i.3O net Macmillan. 

Oort and others. Old and New Testa- 
ments for learners. 2 v. ea., $1.50 

Little, B. & Co. 

Ottley, ed. Book of Isaiah, according to the 
Septuagint (Codex Alexandrius). *$i.50 
net Macmillan. 

Oxford cyclopedic concordance. 75 c. ; 
$1.25. * Oxford Univ. 

Parker. Colossians and Thessalonians. 
**$i 25 net. Armstrong. 

Parker. " Studies in texts. 6 v. ea., $1.50. 


Parry. Discussion of general Epistle of St. 
James. *$i.6o net. Macmillan. 

Patterson. Broader Bible study: Penta- 
teuch, net, 75 c. * Jacobs. 

Pattison. The Bible and the 2Oth century. 
10 c. Am. Bapt. 

Pease Outline of a Bible-school curricu- 
lum. *$ net. Univ. of Chic. 

Peloubet. Suggestive il. on Acts of the 
Apostles ; Gospel of St. John, ea., $1.25. 


Peloubet. Teachers' commentary on Acts 
of the Apostles. Gospel ace. to St. Mat- 
thew, ea., $1.25. Oxford Univ. 

Peters. Old Testament and the new schol- 
arship $1.50. Macmillan. 

Pierson. God's living oracles. **$i net 

Baker & T. 

Pinches. O. T. in light of hist, records. 
*$2.25 net. Gorham. 

Pinches. 0. T. in light of hist records. 
**$ net. E. & J. B. Young. 

Preston. Key-words and phrases of the 
New Testament $i. Abbey Press 

Price. Drift of biblical research, past and 
present TO c. Am. Bapt. 

BIBLE Continued. 

Price. The monuments and the Old Testa- 
ment net, $1.50. Chr. Culture 
Prime. Power of God's word. 3 c- 

Presb Bd. 
Prothero. Psalms in human life. *$3-50 

net Dutton. 

Pullan. Books of the New Testament. 

net, $1.25. Macmillan 

Pulsford Great passages fr. the Bible. 

30 c. ; per doz., $3. Unitarian S. S. 

Radau. Creation-story of Genesis i. 75 c. 

Open Court. 
Ramsay. Letters to^the seven churches of 

Asia and their place in the plan of the 

apocalypse. *$3 net. Armstrong. 

Randolph. Meditations on the New Testa- 
ment for every day in the year. $2. 

Reed. Gleanings new and old fr. the 

Word of God T : E. Reed 

Responsive readings. 35 c. Nelson. 

Rice. Commentary on St. John. $1.25. 

Union Press. 
Rice. Our sixty-six sacred books net, 

50 c People's diet, of the Bible. **25 c. 

net Am. S. S. 

Ritchie. Scriptural studies in St. Mat- 
thew's gospel. 2 v. ea., **$ net 


Roberts The gospel. 75 c. Deseret News 
Robertson, A. I. Lessons on the Gospel of 

St. Mark net, 40 c. Revell. 

Robertson, Arch. T: Students' chronolog. 

N. T. *$i net. Revell. 

Robertson, Arch. T: Syllabus for N. T. 

study. *75 c. net. Bearing. 

Robertson, W: Studies in the Acts of the 

Apostles 40 c. Revell 

Robinson, Jos. A. St. Paul's epistle to the 

Ephesians. *$3 net. Macmillan. 

Robinson, Jos A. Study of the gospels. 

**go c. net Longmans. 

Rose. Studies on the gospels. $2, 

Rosenau. Hebraisms in the authorized 

version. $2. Friedenwald. 

Rosenberger. The scarlet line, and other 

Bible stories Told at twilight: Bible 

stories, ea., 35 c. Brethren Pub. Ho 
Ruble. Wonders of the Revelation of 

Jesus Christ: expository treatment of 

[Revelation]. $i. Standard Pub 

Ruth What is the Bible? 75 c. 

Open Court. 
Ryle. On Holy Scripture and criticism: 

addresses and sermons. $i 25. 

Sampey. Syllabus for Old Testament 

study. $i. C: T Dearing. 

Sample. Christ's valedictory. St. John, 

14. $1.25. Revell. 

Sanday and Waterhouse. Sacred rites of 

the gospels. $4:50. Oxford Univ. 

Saunderson. Old Testament narratives: 

selections. 20 c. ; per doz., $1.80. 

Unitarian S. S. 
Savonarola. Meditations on Psalm LI. and 

part of Psalm xxxi. in Latin, net, $3.75. 

Sayles. 500 Bible studies. 25 c. 

G: W. Noble. 




BIBLE Continued. 
Schell. The better Testament. $i ; 50 c. 

Gospel Trumpet. 
Seiss. The Apocalypse. 3 v. $2.50. 

C: C. Cook. 
Selfe. Work of the prophets. *po c. net 

Shaw. Pauline epistles. ^$3.50 net. 


Shearer. Gems of wisdom from Bible lit- 
erature and proverbs. $i. Richardson, S. 
Shepardson. Studies in the Epistles to the 
Hebrews. $1.50. Revell. 

Sinks. Whittlers of the word of God. **40 
c. net. Revell. 

Smiley. Handbook of Bible study. *io c. 
net. Jennings. 

Smith, (Mrs. Eliz. T.) Stories from the 
old, old Bible. **$ net Scribner. 
Smith, G. Baby Bible stories. 50 c. 


Smith, G. V. The Bible and its theology. 
$1.50. Longmans. 

Smith, G: A. Modern criticism and the 
preaching of the Old Testament $1.50. 


Smith, H: P. Old Testament history. 

**$ net Scribner. 

Smith, J. R. Teaching of the Gospel of 

John. *$ net. Revell. 

Smith, J: B. Supplemental Bible question 

course. 50 c. Wattles. 

Smith, W: Bible dictionary. $1.50; 2.25. 

Smith, W: Bible dictionary. 4 v., $10. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

, Smith, W: R. The Old Testament in the 
) Jewish church. $3.50. Macmillan. 

1 Soulsby. Suggestions on Bible reading. 
*5O c. net Longmans. 

Speck and Riggle. Bible readings for 
Bible students. $i 50 Gospel Trumpet 
Stanton. The gospels as historical docu- 
ments, pt. i. *$2.$o net. Macmillan. 
Steel e. Half-hours with St. John's Epis- 
tles. $1. Chr. Witness 
Stevens, G: B. Messages of Paul, net, 
$i 25. Messages of the Apostles. $i. 


Stevens, W: A Harmony of the Gospels 

for hist study. $1.50. Silver. 

Stevens, W: A., and Burton. Harmony of 

the Gospels. **$i net Scribner. 

Stiness. The Bible, net, 25 c. 

Young Churchman. 

Strachan. Hebrew ideals fr. story of the 
patriarchs, pt. i, Genesis. *6o a net 

Stucker. The Bible, the best book in the \ 

world. 15 c Revell. 

Sunday School Commission, N. Y. Stories 
of early Christian leaders: junior lessons 
in Acts. *io c. net. Young Churchman. 
Sunday-school scholars* treasury: informa- 
tion to promote study of the word of 
God. 25 c. Oxford Univ. 

Swainson. Bible work and warfare. *po c. 
net. Longmans. 

Swett Introd. to the Old Testament in 
Greek, net, $2.50, Macmillan. 

Sydenstricker. Nameless immortals. 75 c. 
Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch. So. 
Talley. Chronolog. outline and harmony 
of the Bible. 25 c. J. W. Talley. 

BIBLE Continued. 

Temple ser. of Bible characters and Scrip- 
ture hdbks. 27 v. ea., 30 c. Lippincott 
Terry Moses and the prophets. $i. 

Eaton & M. 
Thirtie. Titles of the Psalms. $2. 

Oxford Univ. 

Thomas. Methods of Bible study. **so c. 

net. Revell 

Thompson. Mental index of the Bible. 

$1.50. Funk. 

Tingling. Sermons on Isaiah ; Psalms, ea., 

net, 50 c. Whittaker. 

Toffteen. Myths and Bible. 50 c. 

O. A. Toffteen. 

Totten. Gospel of history: interwoven 

harmony of Matthew, Mark, Luke and 

John. v. i. $2. Our Race. 

Townsend Adam and Eve, hist or myth? 

$i. Chappie. 

Trench. Synonyms of the N. T. $2. 


Tuck, ed. Hdbk. of Biblical difficulties. 

**$i.75 net. Funk. 

Tucker. The Bible in Brazil. **$i.2S net. 


Urquhart The Bible: its structure and 
purpose, v i. $1.25. Gospel Pub. 

Van Dyke. The poetry of the Psalms for 
readers of the English Bible. 60 c. 

Van Laer. O. T. history. $2.50. 

Merrill-Van Laer. 

Vaughan, Divine armory of holy scripture. 
*$2 net. " Herder. 

Vincent Word studies in New Testament 
v. 4. $4. Scnbner. 

Votaw. Primitive era of Christianity as 
recorded in the Acts of the Apostles, 
net, 25 c. Univ. of Chic. 

Votaw and Bradley. Books for New Tes- 
tament study. 75 c. ; 50 c. Univ. of Chic. 
Wade. Old Testament history. $1.50. 


Waggoner. The glad tidings. (Galatians.) 
60 c. ; 25 c. Pacific Press. 

Walkley. Helps for teachers on O. T. nar- 
ratives. 20 c. ; per doz., $1.80. 

Unitarian S. S. 

Walpole, comp. The people's psalter. 
**75 c. net. Young Churchman. 

Watson, Wharton, and Buel. Light of the 
world : Bible explained. $2.75 ; $3 ; $3-75 J 
$4.75. Winston. 

Webber. Anthropography : Bible phrenol- 
ogy of nations that sprang fr. Abraham. 
$1.50; $2. R. B. Webber. 

Weidner. Studies in the Book: Exodus. 
**5o c. net. Revell. 

Weiss. Present status of the inquiry con- 
cerning genuineness of the Pauline Epis- 
tles, net, 50 c. Univ. of Chic. 
Weston. Matthew : Genesis of New Testa- 
ment 75 c. Revell. 
Wharton. Famous men of the O. T. $1.50. 

E B. Treat 

White, Mrs. A. R. Easy steps from Gen- 
esis to Revelation $1.75. Monarch. 
White, J. E. Best stories from the best 
book. 50 c. Southern Pub. 
White, P. Honesty with the Bible. $i. 


Whyte. Bible characters, v. 4-6. ea., 
$1.25. Revell. 




BIBLE Continued. 

Wight. Selections from the Bible, for use 

in schools. 40 c. Am. Bk 

Wilberforce. Com. on the Epistle to the 

Ephesians. net, $i. Herder. 

Wilcox. Seven churches and the 5 even 

seals: studies in the Apocalypse 10 c. 

Pacific Press. 

Williams, T. R. Shall we understand the 
Bible? net, 50 c. Macmillan. 

Williams, W : G : Exposition of the Epis- 
tle to the Romans. $2. Jennings. 
Wolf. Exposition of the gospels of the 
church year on the basis of Nebe. $4.50. 

Luth. Pub. 

Women of the Bible. $2. Harper. 

Wood. The Jews and the N. T. 25 c. 


Worcester, E. C. Book of Genesis in the 
light of modern knowledge. $3. 

McClure, P. 
Worcester, J: The bread of life. $i. 

Mass. New Ch. Un. 

Worcester, W. L. On holy ground : [Bible 
stories.] **$3 net. Lippincott. 

Wright Gospel according to St. Luke in 
Greek net, $2.50. Synopsis of the gos- 
pels in Greek. 2d >ed. *$3 50 net 


Young. Neglected people of the Bible. $i. 

Am. Tr. 

Young people's Bible stories. 4 v. ea., 
$1-25. Saalfield. 

Sec alsy Apostles; Beatitudes; Catechisms; 
Christianity; Qiurch history; Command- 
ments , Creation , Epworth League ; Faith ; 
God ; Gospels ; Higher criticism ; Inter- 
pretation; Jesus Christ: Jews; Lord's 
p raver , Manuscripts ; Parables ; Prophecy ; 
Prophets, Religion; Religion and science; 
Revelation, Revivals; Saints; Sermon on 
the Mount; Skepticism; Sunday-schools; 
Talmud; Theology; also author entries under 

Bible and Babylon Konig, E. *40 c. net 

Germ. Lit. Bd. 
Bible and its interpreter. Casey, P. H. 50 c. ; 

25 c. McVey. 

Bible (The) and woman. Hay den, M. P. 

50 c. Standard Pub. 

Bitle and socialism. Woodbey, G. W. 20 c. 

A. Falconer. 
Bible biographies for the young. S. 25 c. 

Brethren Pub. Ho 
Foyer. Joseph the ruler, v. i. Samuel the 

judge, v. 2. David the king, v. 3. 
Bible biographies for the young. See Royer, 

G. B. 
Bible catechism. Carson, G: S. 15 c. 


Bible character ser. 16, 35 c. Pepper. 

Carradine. Gideon. 
Bible characters. Burnham, S. M. $1.25. 

A. I. Bradley. 

Bible class handbooks. 12", net Scribner. 
Lilley. Pastoral epistles. 75 c. 
Strachan. Hebrew ideals fr. the patriarchs. 

pt i. *6o c. 
Bible class primers. 16, pap., **2O c. net. 


Adams. Minor prophets. Mosaic taber- 
Macphail, Hist, geography of the Holy 

Land. . i 

Bible class primers. Continued. 

Munson. Babylonia and Assyria. History 

of Egypt. 

Robson. Jeremiah. 
Salmond. Eli, Samuel and Saul. 
Bible conundrums. Wilson, F. A. 75 c. 

L. C. Page. 
Bible gospel told. Crowdy, W. S. $i 25 ; 

75 c. Church of God. 

Bible heroes. 1900 (Agi8) il. 4, (One sylla- 
ble ser. for young folks.) 50 c. Burt. 
Bible homes and families. Pierson, J. A. 

$1.75. IHff. 

Bible in Spain. Borrow, G: *50 c. net; 

*75 c. net. Lane. 


Robinson. A reporter at Moody's. 35 c. ; 

50 c Bible Inst. 

Bible lamps for little feet Wilson, H : $i. 

Chr. Alliance. 
Bible League primers See Gregory, D. S., 

Bible lessons for little beginners. Haven, 

Mrs. M, J. C. 2 pts. ea., **75 c. net. Revell. 
Bible punchers. Woolcock, E. C. R. *so c. 

net. Union Press. 

Bible reader. See Sutherland, E: A. 
Bible readings Hanscom, F. E 

E. C. Bowler. 
Bible school pedagogy. McKinney, A. H. 

net, 40 c. : 25 c. Eaton & M. 


Craig. Supplemental lessons for Bible 
schools. 25 c. Niagara Pub. 

Bible search. Kellogg, H. W. *4O c. net. 


Canton. Story of the Bible Society. **$2 
net t t Button. 

Bible stories. See Children's 
Bible stories for children. Dawes, S. E 60 c. 

Bible stories for little folks. Lawford, I. 

35 c ; per doz., $3.50. Unitarian S. S. 

Bible stories for the little ones. il. 12*, 75 c. 

Walker. From creation to Moses. From 

Joshua to Daniel. From the crib to the 

Bible students' lib. S. pap., 10 c. 

Pacific Press. 

Jones. Marshaling of the nations. 
Wilcox. Seven churches and the seven 

Bible students' lib. 12, $2.50. 

E. & J. B. Young. 

Douglas. Samuel and his age. (10.) 
Girdlestone. Grammar of prophecy, (n.) 
BibJe studies. See Nicholson, T: 
Bible studies in life of Paul. Sell, H: T. 

*5o c. net Revell. 

Bible studies in sanctification and holiness. 

MacGillivray, J. D. $1 ; 50 c. Revell. 

Bible studies in the life of Christ Sell, A. T. 

**5o c. net Revell. 

Bible symbols. Beard, T : F. $1.50 ; $2 ; $2.50. 

Bible temperance. Walker, E. C. 10 c. 

Truth Seeker. 




Bible tragedies. Peck, G : C $i. 

Eaton & M. 

Bible work and warfare. Swainson, F. *QO c. 

net. Longmans. 

Bible year book of the new thought Haydon, 

Ma. F, comp. $i. New Thought 

Biblia innocentium. Mackail, J: W: $175. 


Biblical and practical theology. Chapell, F: 
L. $1.25. H. Chapell. 

Biblical and Semitic studies. 'oi(D28) 8, 
(Yale bicentennial pubs.) net, $2.50. 


Biblical chronology from the sacred Scrip- 
tures. Selwyn, J. H : $1.25. Pott. 
Biblical doctrine. Gilbert, J. E. *2O c. net 

Eaton & M. 

Biblical doctrine of holiness. Robinson, G: 
^L. *25 c. net. Winona. 

Biblical encyclopaedia and museum. Gray, J. 
C. $8 F. M. Barton. 

Biblical illustrator. See Exell, J. S: 
Biblical introduction. Bennett, W: H. $2. 


Biblical quotations In old English prose 

writers. Cook, A. S. **$6 net. Scribner. 

Biblical selections for beginners in German. 

Flprer. W. W. 30 c. Wahr. 

Biblical treasury of the catechism. $1.25. 

W: H. Young 

Biblical view of the soul. Waller, G. *$2.5o 
net. Longmans. 


A. L. A. catalogue, 8000 v., for a popular 

lib., with notes, 1904. 2 pts. in i. free to 

libs. ; to other than libs., 50 c. ; 25 c. ; pts. 

i, 2, separately, 25 c.; 15 c. Gov. Pr. 

Abbott, F. F. Hist, and des. of Roman pol. 

institutions. $1.60. Ginn. 

Abbott, L. Henry Ward Beecher. **$i.75 

net. Rights of man. **$i.$o net 

Houghton, M. & Co. 
Acton Bibliography of U. S. hist. See 

Acton Cambridge modern hist, v. 7. 
Adam Electricity the chemistry of ether. 
*$4 50 net Whittaker & R. 

x\dams. The church and popular educa- 
tion. 50 c. Johns Hopkins. 
American catalogue, 1895-1900. $10; hf. 
mor., $1250. Pub. Weekly. 
American educational catalogue for 1900- 
1904 5 v. ea., 50 c. Pub. Weekly. 
Ames "Mayflower" and her log. net, $6. 
Houghton, M. & Co. 

Andrews. Paul Revere and his engraving. 
$23 50 ; $40. Scribner. 

Annual Am. catalogue, 1899, 1900. ea, 
$3.50 1900. [also] English catalogue, 
1900 net, $5. Cumulated, 1900-01. $2. 
1900-02. $3. 1900-03. **$4 net. 

Pub. Weekly. 

Anselm, Saint, Proslogium; Monologium. 
$i ; 50 c. Open Court. 

Arnold. Record of first eds. of Bryant, 
Emerson, etc. $12.50; $25. 

[Dodd] ; Marion Press. 
Atkinson, C. T. Michel de THospital. $1.50. 


Atkinson, G: F. Lessons in botany, net, 

$1.12. Holt 

Augier and Sandeau. Le gendre de M. 

Poirier. 40 a Am. Bk 


Bacon and Northrop. Young people's so- 
cieties, net, 50 c. Lentilhon. 

Baildon. Robert Louis Stevenson. $1.75. 


Bain. Autobiography. *$5 net 


Baird. Theodore Bcza. $1.50. Putnam. 

Balch. Glacteres. $5. Allen, L. & S. 

Ballagh. Slavery in Va. $1.50. 

Johns Hopkins. 

Barnes. 2000 years of missions before 
Carey, net, $1.50. Chr. Culture. 

Barnett, ed. Trial bibliog. of Am. trade- 
union pubs. 50 c, Johns Hopkins. 

Bates. Connecticut statute laws ; bibl. from 
beginning to 1836. $5. Case. 

Batt. Treatment of nature in Germ, liter- 
ature, net, $i. Univ. of Chic. 

Baudry. Injuries to the eye in their med- 
ico-legal aspect net, $i. Davis. 

Bibliography of progressive literature. 25 c. 

New Epoch. 

Bispham. Columban, saint, monk, and mis- 
sionary, 539-615. $1.50. Gorham. 

Blind. George Eliot $1.25. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Boardman. Richard de Bury. 50 c. 


Bodington. Books of devotion. *$i.40 net 


Bolton, F: E. Secondary school system of 
Germany. $1.50. Appleton 

Bolton, H: C. Select bibliog. of chemistry, 
1492-1897. n. p. 1492-1902. 2d supp. 
$1.50. Smith. Inst 

Book of Omar and Rubaiyat $i.75- 


Boulger. Wood. $2.60, Longmans. 

Bourne. Teaching of hist and civics. $1.50. 


Bowker, ed. State publications, pt 2, 
North central states. $1.50; complete set, 
3 pts., $5- Pub. Weekly. 

Brace, ed. Laws of radiation and absorp- 
tion, net, Si. ^Am. Bk. 

Bronson. Short hist, of Am. literature. 
80 c. Heath. 

Brown, E. G., and others. Utica and vicinity, 
75 c. ; 50 c. New Century. 

Bryant. Poetical works. Roslyn ed. $2. 


Buck. Grammar of Oscan and Umbrian. 
$3. Ginn. 

Bullock. Introd. to study of economics.. 
$1.28. Silver. 

Burton. John G. Whittier. 75 c. Small. 

Butler. How shall we worship God? *8oc, 
net. Whittaker. 

Byron. Works, v. 13. $2. Scribner.- 

Carpenter. Teaching of English. $1.50. 


Cary. The synoptic gospels. $2. Putnam. 

Castle. Schools and masters of fence, 
net, $1.75. Macmillan. 

Celli. Malaria according to the new re- 
searches, net, $3. Longmans. 

Cellini. Benventtto Cellini. 2 v. **$2.50 
net. Dutton, 

Chamberlain. Bibliogr. of the manual arts. 
75 c. Flanagan. 

Chambers. Metre of Macbeth. 75 c. 

Princeton Press. 





Chapman. Eastward hoe, and Johnson's 
The Alchemist. 60 c. Heath. 

Charlevoix. Hist, of New France. In 6v. 
v. I, 2. ea., net, $3. F. P. Harper. 

Chicago Univ. Investigations representing 
the depts. $9. Univ. of Chic. 

Clark. Christian Endeavor manual ; with 
bibliog. and app. $i. Un. Soc. C. E. 

Cleveland, E. J. Genealogy of the Cleve- 
land family. 3 v. $2Q-$27.5o. Case. 

Cleveland, F. A. South African conflict 
35 c. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

Clew. Introd. to the study of commerce 
$1.25. Silver. 

Clodd. Grant Allen, net, $1.50. Mansfield. 

Clymer. James Fenimore Cooper. 75 c. 


Cole. Bermuda and the "Challenger" ex- 
pedition, n. p. G: W. Cole. 

Collins. History of Vermont. 75 c. Ginn. 

Conway. Bolivian Andes, net, $3. Harper. 

Crew, ed. Wave theory of light. $i. 

Am. Bk. 

Cubberley. Syllabus of lectures on hist, of 
education. 2 pts. ea., *$i.25 net; *$ 
net; complete, *$ net; *$2.6b net. 


Cumulative index to select list of periodi- 
cals, 1899. $5. Cumulative. 

Davenport. Mezzotints. *$6.75 net. 


Davidson. Hist, of education. $1.50. 


Davies. Franz Hals. $1.75. Macmillan. 

De Bury. Philobiblon. $2.50. Meyer. 

Deems, comp. Holy-days and holidays $5. 


Del Mar. Worship of Augustus Csesar. 
$3. Cambridge. 

De Quincey. Selections. $1.05. Ginn. 

Descartes. Meditations and selections. 35 c. 

Open Court. 

Devine. Practice of charity. 75 c. 


Devivier. Christian apologetics. *$i 75 net. 


Dexter. Weather influences. **$2 net. 


Dickinson. Music in the hist of the east- 
ern church, net. $2.50. Scribner. 

Dionysius. Three literary letters, net, 
$2.50. Macmillan. 

Dubbs. Hist, of Franklin and Marshall 
College. *$2.50 net. 

Franklin and Marshall. 

Dyer and Hassall, Hist, of modern Eu- 
rope, v. 6. net, $2. Macmillan 

Easton. Constructive development of 
group theory. 75 c. Ginn 

Eckenrode. Political hist, of Virginia dur- 
ing the reconstruction. 50 c. 

Johns Hopkins. 

Elliott Sam Houston. 75 c. Small. 

Ellwangen Pleasures of the table. **$ 
net Doubleday, P. 

English catalogue of books for 1900-1903. 
4 v. ea., $1.50. Pub. Weekly. 

Essays in colonial finance, by members of 
the Am. Econ. Assoc. $1.50. Macmillan. 


Evans. American bibliography: chronolog- 
ical diet, of books, etc , printed in Amer- 
ica from 1639-1820. In 5 or 6 v. v. I, 
1639-1729. per v., ' H $i5 net C: Evans. 

Everyman. $i. J. F. Taylor. 

Ewing. Clinical pathology of the blood. 
*$3.50 net. Lea. 

Fairweather. Origen. $i 25. Scribner. 

Farrar. Life of Frederic W : Farrar. **$2 
net. Crowell. 

Faxon. Ephemeral bibelots. 25 c. 

Boston Bk. 

Fish, A. L. Calisthenic diet. $i. Seminar. 

Fish, D., comp. Lincoln literature. $3.25. 
Bd. Minneapolis Pub. Lib. 

Fisher and Hicks. Study of literature as a 
mode of expressing life. Fables- Justice ; 
Mother Goose-Humor, ea., 25 c 

E. C. Fisher. 

Fitzgerald. Miscellanies. $i. Macmillan. 

Fitzgerald. Writings; mcl. complete bib- 
liog. 7 v. subs., ea., $6; $1250, $35. 

Doubleday, P. 

Fletcher and Bowker. Annual literary in- 
dex, 1899-1903. ea, **$3,so net. 

Pub. Weekly. 

Flick. Loyalism in New York during the 
Am. Revolution, net, $2. Macmillan. 

Flint, and others. The trust net, $1.25 

Doubleday, P. 

Ford, ed. Journals of Hugh Gaine, pr. net, 
$15 ; net, $25. Dodd. 

Fowler Hist of ancient Greek literature, 
net, $1.40. Appleton. 

Funk. The widow's mite, and other psy- 
chic phenomena. **$2 net. Funk. 

Gauss. Investigations of curved surfaces. 
*$i.75 net Princeton Univ. 

Gayarre. Hist of Louisiana. 4 v. *$io net ; 
*$I5 net HanselL 

Goode. Memorial, n. p. Gov. Pr. 

Goodspeed. Hist, of the ancient world, 
**$i.SO net Scribner. 

Green. Facsimile reproductions rel. to 
Boston and neighborhood, net, $10. 


Griggs. Moral education *$2 net. 

B: W. Huebsch, 

Grolier Club. Bibliog. notes of t one hun- 
dred books famous in Eng. lit. (Sold 
only to members.) Grolier Soc. 

Growoll. Three centuries of English book- 
trade bibliography. *$5 net 

Dibdin Club. 

Halsey. OM New York frontier, net, 
$2.50. Scribner. 

Hambuechen. Corrosion of iron. 30 c. 

Univ. of Wis. 

Hamilton. Hist, of the Moravian churcb 
during the i8th and I9th centuries. $2.50. 

Times Pub 

Hammerton. J M. Rarrie and his books 
net, $2. Mansfield 

Haney. Bibliography of Coleridge. $4; 
$iq. ^ J: L: Haney, 

Harris. Hist, of negro servitude in Illinois. 
*$i.So net. McClurg. 

Harrison. Life and letters of Edgar Allan 
Poe. 2v. **$; **$s net Crowell. 

Hart Actual government as app. to Am. 
conditions. $2. Longmans. 





Hartman. Shakespeare in art $2-; $5. 

L. C. Page. 

Hawker. Cornish ballads. (Wallis.) 
**$i.25 net Lane. 

Hawthorne. Complete writings, v. 1-14. 
subs., ea., $5 ; $9. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Herrick. Meaning and practice of com- 
mercial education. **$i.25 net 


Hewins, comp. A. L. A. annot. lists ; books 
for boys and girls. 15 c. A. L. A. 

Hill and Collins, comps. Books, pamphlets 
and newspapers printed at Newark, N. J., 
1776-1900. *$3 net [privately pr.] 

V. L. Collins 

Hills. Bardos Cubanos. 60 c. Heath. 

Hogarth, Penetration of Arabia. **$i.35 
net Stokes. 

Holt Rugs oriental, occidental, antique 
and modern net, $5 ; net, $10. McCIurg. 

Horgan. Art history, v. i. **$2.50 net; 
$3.50 net W : B. Harison. 

Hovey. Stonewall Jackson. 75 c. Small. 

Howard, G: E. Hist of matrimonial insti- 
tutions. 3 v. **$io net Univ. of Chic. 

Howard, L. O Insect book, net, $3 

Doubleday, P. 

Howe and Allen Birds of Mass. subs.. 
$i.7S E: W. Wheeler 

Huart Hist of Arabic literature. **$i.2$ 
net. Appleton. 

Huddilston. Lessons from Gr. pottery, 
with bibliog. of Gr. ceramics, net, $1.25. 


Hylan. Public worship. 25 c. Open Court. 

Ireland. Anglo-Boer conflict 75c. Small. 

Jahr and Strohm Bibliog. of co-operative 
cataloguing; with references to internal 
bibliog. Gov. Pr. 

James. In and around the Grand Canyon. 
$3. Little, B. & Co. 

James. Indian basketry. $2. Malkan. 

Jameson, comp. Bibliog. cont. to study of 
John Ruskin. $2. M. E. Jameson. 

Jenkins. Guide bk. to historic German- 
town. 50 c. Site and Relic. 

Jervis. Encyclo. of ceramics. $6.50 

W. P. Jervis. 

Jesuit relations, vs. 59-71. net, ea., $3.50. 


Kastner. Hist, of French versification. 
$1.90. Oxford Univ. 

King. Psychology of child development $i. 

Univ of Chic. 

Kinsman. Income tax in the common- 
wealths of the U. S. $i. Macmillan. 

Kipling note-book, no. 10. 15 c. Wessels 

Kitton. Minor writings of Dickens. $1.25. 


Klocker. Fermentation organisms. *$4.20 i 
net. Longmans. 

Knowlson. Leo Tolstoy. **$i net Warne. 

Kotelmann. School hygiene. $1.50. Bardeen. 

Kuhns. German and Swiss settlements of 
colonial Pa. $1.50. Holt. 

Kupfer. Greek foreshadowings of mod, 
metaphysical and epistemological thought. 
$i. J. S. Cushing. 

Lambert, comp. , Cartae Shakespearanae 
chronolog. cat of evidence rel. to life and 
works of Shakespeare. *$i net 



Lane. Elbert Hubbard and his work. 
$1.50; $5,* $15. Putnam. 

Langworthy and Austen. Occurrence of 
aluminium in vegetable products, etc. *$2 
net Wiley. 

Larned, ed. Literature of Am. history, 
net, $6; $7.50; $9. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Laughlin and Willis. Reciprocity. **$2 
net ^ f Baker & T, 

Lawrence. Sir Arthur Sullivan. $3.50. 

H. S. Stone. 

Lee. Source-book of English history: 
bibliog. of sources. . net, $2. Holt 

Le Gallierme. George Meredith. $2. Rud- 
yard Kipling; bibl. by J: Lane. $1.25. 


Legler. James Gates Percival. net, $i. 

Mequon Club. 

Legler. Wisconsin group of German poets, 
n. p. H: E. Legler. 

Leidy. Researches in helmintholpgy and 
parasitology. $i. Smith. Inst 

Letters from a Portuguese nun. **75 c. 
net Brentano's. 

Lewis, A. J., ed. Games of Greco: bibl. of 
Greco. 80 c.; 40 c. Routledge. 

Lewis, E. P., ed. Effects of a magnetic 
field on radiation. 75 c. Am. Bk. 

Lincoln. Revolutionary movement in Penn- 
sylvania $1.25; $i. 

[Ginn] Univ of Penn 

Lindsay. Luther and the German Refor- 
mation. $1.25. Scribner. 

Liszt Ten Hungarian rhapsodies. $2.50; 
$1.50. Smith. Inst 

Litchfield, comp. Selections from five Eng 
poets. 25 c. Ginn 

Little. Grammatical index to the Chau- 
dogya-Upanishad. $i. Am. B>, 

Livingston. American book prices current 
**$6 net; **$I5 net Bibliography of ist 
eds. of Charles and Mary Lamb. **$2O 
net Bibliog. of the first ed in book form 
of the works of Tennyson. $i. Works 
of Rudyard Kipling; desc. of first eds, 
net, $12; net, $20. Dodd. 

Lounsbury Shakespearean wars, net, $3. 


Lyndon. Storage battery engineering. $3. 


McCabe. St. Augustine and his age. **$2 
net Putnam. 

MacDonald, A. Bill to establish lab'y for 
study of the criminal, pauper, and defec- 
tive classes Plan for study of man; 
bibliog. of child study n. p. Gov. Pr. 

Macdonald, D. B Development of Muslim 
theology, etc **$i.25. Scribner. 

McDonelL Hist, of Sanskrit literature. 
$1.50. Appleton. 

McGill. Spermatogenesis of anax juntos. 
75 c. V n *y f Mo. 

Mackenzie, ed. Laws of gravitation. $i. 

Am. Bk. 

Mackinnon. Growth and decline of French 
monarchy. $7.50. Longmans. 

Marks. Outline of Eng. literature. $i. 

J. A. Marks. 

Mather. John Ruskin. $1.25. Warne. 




S. Continued. 
Maximianus Elegies. $i ; 75 c. 

Princeton Press 

Mexico: geog. sketch, with special rel to 
economic conditions, n. p. Gov. Pr. 

Meyer. Nominating systems net, $1.50. 

E. C. Meyer. 
Mill. International geography. $3.50. 


Miner. Daniel Boone. $i. Dibdin Club. 

Moncrief. Short hist of the Chr. church. 

**$i 50 net. Revell. 

Monroe. Educ. labors of Henry Barnard. 

50 c. Bardeen. 

Montaigne. Essays, v. i. **$40 net 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Mortimer. Peru: hist of coca. $5. VaiL 

Moulton, ed. Lib. of literary criticism of 
Eng and Am. authors, v. 1-5 ea., $5; 
$6-50- Moulton Pub. 

Miiller. and others. Our accursed spelling. 
35 c.; 25 c, E. O. Vaile. 

Mnnson Education through nature st^dy 
$i 25- Kellogg, 

Myers, A C Immigration of Irish Quakers 
into Pa, 1682-1750 *$3.55 net 

A C. Myers 

Mvers, P. V. Eastern nations and Greece 
$i. Ginn. 

National Congress of Mothers/ Com. on lit- 
erature. List of books for children. 10 c 
Suggestive books for mothers. 5 c. 

Woodward & L 

Nelson. History of the Scandinavians. $5. 

O. N. Nelson. 

Newman. Manual of church history. $2.2$. 

Am. Bapt. 

wield. Guide to the best historical novels 
and tales, net, $1.75. Putnam. 

Nolan. The telescope. 50 c. VanNostrand 

Noll. From empire to republic. **$i.40 

_ net - McClurg. 

Nollen, comp Chronology and bibliog.^of 
modern German literature. 70 c. 

Scott, F. & Co. 

Nourse, comp. Lancastriana. pt. 2: a 
bibliog. comp. from the Public Lib. of 
Lancaster, Mass. $i. Lancaster. 

Olin. Outline studies of hist, of education. 

A. S. Olin. 

O'Neil. Was Savonarola really excom- 
municated? net 75 c. Marlier, 

Ovid. A term of Ovid. 75 c Am. Bk 

Packard. Zoology for high schools and 
colleges. $1.12. Holt 

Paltsits. Bibliog. of the works -of Philip 
Freneau. $7.50 Dodd. 

Parker, ed. Mark anniversary volume 
$36. Holt 

Parsons. Story of New Zealand. *$3 net. 

Paschal. Study of Quintus of Smyrna." 
*75c. net Univ. of Chic, 

raulsen. Immanuel Kant, net, $2.50. 

n -11 tit * Scribner. 

.fennell. My cookery books. **$2O net. 
r,. , , _ . Houghton, M. & Co. 

Pinloche. Pestalozzi. net, $i. Scribner 
Poe. Tales of mystery. 51 c. ; 71 c. ; 21 c* 

-D . A . , H - w - Bell, 

trait. America's story for Americans chil- 
dren, v. 2. 40 c. Heath 

Prentice and Powers. . Children's library : 
list of books. *2$ c. net. Burrows. 

Price. The monuments and the Old Testa- 
ment. $1.50. Chr. Culture. 
Prideaux, comp. Bibliography of Rob L: 
Stevenson. *$5 net. Scribner. 
Protestant missions in So. America. 50 c. ; 
35 c. Student Vol. 
Publishers' trade list annual, 1900-1901. ea , 
$2; 1902, *$ net; in 2 v. with index 
to catalogues, *$7 net; 1903, *$2 net; 
Supp. index, $2; 1904, *$2 net; Supp. in- 
dex, 190304, $3 Pub. Weekly. 
Purves. Christianity in the apostolic age. 
$1.25. _ Scribner. 
Putnam. A mediaeval princess: Jacqueline, 
Countess of Holland. **$2,2$ net 


"Randall, ed. -and tr. Expansion of gases by 

heat $i. Am. Bk, 

Richardson, C: F. Choice of books $1.25. 


Richardson, E. C., and Morse. Writings on 

Am. history, 1902. $3. Martins 

Richardson, G: M., ed. -Foundations of 

stereo-chemistry. $i. Am. Bk. 

Richardson, J: War of 1812. subs., $3 

Hist Pub. 

Robinson. Readings in European hist v. 

i $1.50. Ginn. 

Rutherfurd. John Peter Zenger. $9; $20. 


Schafer. Origin of the system of land 
grants for educ. 35 c. Univ. of Wis. 
Schiller. Wilhelm Tell. 75 c. Heath, 

Schmidt Solomon's temple, net, $i. 

Univ. of Chic. 
Schubert Fifty songs. $2.50; $1.50. 


Schwickerath. Jesuit education. **$i 75 net. 

Scott Story of a bird lover. *$ net 


Scudder. Treatment of fractures. *$5 net ; 
*$6 net Saunders. 

Sears. Outline of politLJ growth in the 
igth century. $3. Macmillan. 

Seignobos. Hist of the Roman people. 
*$i.25 net Holt. 

Shadwell. Drink, temperance and legisla- 
tion. $1.75. Longmans. 
Sheldon. Student life and customs, net, 
$T.20. Appleton. 
Simpson. Life of Ulrich Zwingli. **$i.25 
net. Baker & T. 
Slicer. Percy Bysshe Shelley. $5. 

C: P. Everett 

Smith, E. C. Maps of Maine. 75 c. 
c . , ^ Edgar C. Smith, 

bmith, E. E. The golden poppy, net, 
$1-50. E. E. Smith. 

Spenser. Complete works. $2; $3.50; 
$4 50. Crowell. 

Spoiford. Book for all readers, $2. 


Stevens. Cross in the life and lit. of the 
Anglo-Saxons. 75 c. Holt. 

Stevenson. Best of Stevenson. f$i-25. 

L. C. Pa^e. 

Stockton. Bibl. of Fk. R. Stockton ^in 
Captain's toll-gate. f$i.SO. Appleton. 




Stone and Cram. American animals. **$3 
net. Doubleday, P. 

Summer in England. 50 c. Ochs. 

Swing. Theology of Albrecht Ritschl. 
net, $1.40. Longmans. 

Taylor. Alliteration in Italian, net, 75 c. 


Tennyson Works. 10 v. Life, set, $7.50 ; 
$12.50; $21. Crowell. 

Thackeray. Contributions to Punch: bibl. 
by Spielmann. $1.75. Harper. 

Thompson. Mental traits of sex. *$i.25 
net Univ. of Chic. 

Thomson, ed. Bibliog. of writings of Chas. 
Dickens *$2 net Stechert. 

Thurston. Economics and industrial hist 
$i. Scott, F. & Co. 

Tilley. Literature of the Fr. Renaissance. 
2 v. *$4-50 net. Macmillan. 

TilJinghast Negro in Africa and America. 
$1.50; $1.25. Macmillan. 

Tombo. Ossian in Germany, net, $1.25. 


Trent. Hist, of Amer. literature. **$i.40 
net. Appleton. 

Trumbull List of books pr. in Connecti- 
cut, 1709-1800. $12. A. L. Bates. 

Ulmann. Landmark hist of New York 
**$i.25 net. Appleton. 

United States catalog: books in print 1899 
$12 50 ; rev. and enl 1902. $15. Sup- 
plement, 1902-1903. $2; $2.75: $3- 

H. W. Wilson. 

United States. War Department Index 
catalogue of Library of Surgeon-Gen- 
eral's Office. 2d ser. v. 8, 9 ea. } $5. 

Gov. Pr. 

Uzanne French bookbinders of the i8th 
cent, (privately printed.) Caxton Club. 

Vanderpoel. Color problems, net, $5. 


Van Dyke, H : J. The friendly year. $i 25. 


Van Dyke. J: C: Italian painting 50 c. 


Vincent, J. M. Switzerland at the begin- 
ning of the 1 6th cent 30 c. 

Johns Hopkins. 

Vincent, J. M , and others. H. B. Adams ; 
with bibliog. of the dept of history, pol- 
itics and economics of Johns Hopkins 
Univ. free to subs. Johns Hopkins. 

Vincent, L. H. Corneille; French Acad- 
emy. 2\ r ea , $i. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Wagner Lyrics for soprano. Lyrics for 
tenor, ea., $2.50 ; $1.50. Ditson. 

Waliszewski. Hist of Russian literature. 
$1.50. ^ Appleton. 

Watkins. Diagnosis by means of the blood 
$5. Physicians 

Weaver. Christian conversationalist. **soc. 
net. Am. Bapt 

Webb. S and B. P. Trade unionism, net, 
$2.60. Longmans 

Webster, J. C. Human placentation. net, 
$375- Keener. 

Webster, R. W. Absorption of liquids by 
animal tissues. *50 c. net. Univ. of Chic. 

Whitaker & Sons, comps, Ref. catalogue 
of current fEng.] literature 2 v. *$5 
net Pub. Weekly. 


Whitcomb. Literary source-bk. of the 
Renaissance. $1.50. Univ. of Penn. 

Whitmore. Am. genealogist, subs., $5. 


Wilkins. A queen of tears, Caroline Ma- 
tilda of Denmark 2 v. $12. Longmans. 

Willis. Hist, of the Latin Monetary Union. 
$2. Univ. of Chic, 

Wilson, J. G Thackeray in the U. S. ; with 
a bibliog **$io net Dodd. 

Wilson, L N Bibliog. of child study, net, 
25 c. Stechert. 

Wood. Bibliography of "The complete 
angler" of Izaak Walton and Charles 
Cotton. $20; $40. Scribner. 

Woolley. Reconstruction of Georgia, net, 
$i. Macmillan. 

Zwemer. Raymond Lull. **75 c. net. Funk. 

See also Books and reading; Bulletin of bibliog- 
raphy pamphlets ; Cataloguing; Classification ; 
Indexes ; libraries ; Literature ; also un- 
der special subjects. 

Bibliography (A) of books issued by Hacon 
& Ricketts. f 04(Jli6) il. 8, (Vale Press 
ser.) bds., $5. Lane, 

Bibliography of progressive literature. 1900 
(Ja2o) O. pap., 25 c. New Epoch. 

Bibliomania in the Middle Ages. Merry- 
weather, F. S. $3.50; $10. Meyer. 

Bibliopegy in the U. S. Andrews, W: L. 
$22.50; $40. Dodd. 

Bibliotics. Frazer, P. $2.50. Lippincott 

Biblische geschichten. Florer, W. W. 40 c. 


Biblische geschichten. Wiedemann, A. 30 c. 


BickerstafE, Isaac, pseud. See Steele, R: 

Bickerton, A. W. Romance of the earth. *oi 
(F2) 12*, 80 c. Macmillan. 

Bickerton, A. W. Romance of the heavens. 
'oi(Api3) 12, $1.25. Macmillan. 

Bickford, Faith. Daddy Joe's fiddle. '03 
(D5) il. D. **4C c. net. Estes. 

Bi-ckford, Faith. Gloria. '04(022) il. D. 
t5O c. Estes. 

Bickford, Luther H. Very remarkable girl. 
J 03(Je27) il. 12, (Realistic ser., no. 33.) 
pap., 25 c. Town Topics. 

Bidtham, Warren S. Text-book of operative 
surgery. '03(63) ; 2d ed *O4(Je25) il. 8, 
ea , *$6 net ; shp. or hf. mor., *$7 net. 


Bldm-eH, E: Territorial acquisitions of the 
U. S., 1787-1904. [3d rev. enl. ed.] '04 
(Jei8) S. 50 a ^ Small. 

Bictoell, Ernest P. Problems of philanthropy 
in Chicago. '03. 8, (Pub. of the soc., no. 
379.) pap-, 25 c. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

Bicknell, Ethel. A dog book. *02(Nis) il. 
Tt 60 c. Button. 

Bicknell, Fk. M. Amy Dora's amusing day. 
'04(024) il. 16, fso c. Altemus. 

Bicknell. Fk. M. Bicycle highwayman. 1900 
(Di) il. 12, (Young of heart ser, v. 24.) 
50 c. Estes. 

Bicknell, Fk. M. The double prince, *oi 
(Ag3i) D. (Young of heart ser,, v. 28.) 
50 c. Estes, 

Bicknell, G. A. See Cremer, J, H. 

Bicknell, Leona M. How a little girl went to 
Africa; told by herself. 'o4(My2i) il. sq. 
D. $i. Lee & S. 




Bicknell, P. C. Guide book of the Grand 

Canyon of Arizona. J o2(Je28) sq. S. leath., 

75 c. ; pap., 50 c. Harvey. 

Bicycle and gun. Shea, C. 10 c. Street. 

Bicycle highwayman. Bicknell, F. M. 50 c. 


Bicycle of Cathay. Stockton, F. R: $1.50. 

Garratt. Modern safety bicycle. $i. 

L. A. W. good roads lib. ea., 10 c. 

L. A. W. 

Willis. Montreal by way of Chazy. 25 c 

G: R. Willis. 

Bid for a coronet. Williamson, Mrs. A. M. 
L. $1.25. Routledge. 

Bidder, Marion G., and Baddeley, Flo. Do- 
mestic economy in theory and practice. J oi 
(Oip) 12, (Cambridge ser. for schools and 
training colleges.) net, $1.10. Macmillan. 
Biddle, Ant J. D. Land of the wine: ace. 
of the Madeira Islands. 'oi(Agio) 2 v., 
il. D. net, $7.50. " Biddle. 

Biddle, Ant. J. D. Second froggy fairy book. 
New ed. 1900 (Jei6) il. sq. O. 75 c. 


Biddle, C: W. Things wise and otherwise, 
1900. 'oi(Jas); (Fi6) 12*, $i. 

Endicott ; Universalist. 

Biddle, Sa. M. The new doctor. '03(012) 

,12, $i. F. E. Ormsby. 

Biddle, Sa. M. Some letters of an American 

woman concerning love and other things. 

'02. '03 (Fax) 12, $1.25. Int. Pr. 

Biddy's episodes. Whitney, Mrs. A. D. T. 

f$i.5o. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Biederwolf, W: E: The growing Christian. 

J 04(Ja23) S. *so c. net. Winona. 

Biederwolf, W: E: Help to the study of the 

Holy Spirit. 'oa(Jei3) 12*, 75 c. Earle. 

Bkdarwolf, W: E: The white life, no. 2. 

7 04(Ja3o) 16, pap., 10 c. Winona. 

Bieg, F. C. Text-book of naval boilers '04 

(Dio) il. fold, pis., 8, $3. U. S. Naval Inst. 

Bierbower, A. Ethics for schools. New rev. 

ed. 'O3(je2o) 12, $i. Hinds & N. 

Bierbower, A. How to succeed. 1900 (Ni7) 

D. $! Fenno. 

Bierbower, A. On the training of lovers. 

xgoo(4gx8) D. (Day's work ser.) 35 c. 

L. C. Page. 

Bierce, Ambrose. Can such things be ? [New 

issue.] *03(Ap2$) D. $1.25. Neale. 

Bierce, Ambrose. Shapes of clay. '03(624) 

por. D *$2 net. W. E. Wood. 

Bierly, Willis R. Presumptions of law and 

of fact, as aff. burden of proof in civil and 

criminal cases. '02(020) 8, $2. 

W. R. Bierly. 

Bisriy, Willis R. Time and notice in prac- 
tice; wherein acts are required to be done 
in law, their limitations, and the rules of 
Exposition. '04(015) sq..O. $4.50. Welsh. 
Bierwirth, H. C, Beginning German. '03 
(Myi6) D. **8o c. net Holt 

Bierwirth, H. C Elements of German 1900 
(06) D. hi leath., net, $1.25. Holt 

Bierwirth, H. C. Words of frequent occur- 
rence in ordinary German. Rcpr. fr. "Ele- 
ments of German." ,1900. *oi(Fi6) 8*, 
25 c. Holt. 

Big animal picture book. *03(N2i) f, $2.50. 

Big book of nursery rhymes; ed. by Walter 

Jerrold. 'O3(N2i) il. 4, $3. Dutton. 

Big game fishes of U. S. Holder, C: F: 

**$2 net Macmillan. 

Big Jack Jackson, G. E. **75 c. net. 

J. F. Taylor. 
Big people and little people of other lands. 

Shaw, E: R: 3oc. Am. Bk. 

Big six Geiger, J. S. 25 c. Geiger 

Bigelow, H: J. Life and writings. 1900 

(D22) 4 v., il. 8, subs., per set, net, $16. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Bigelow, J: Mystery of sleep. 2d ed., re- 
written and enl. ! 03(Fi4) D. $1.50. 

Bigelo-w, J : The supr-eme court and electoral 

commission: an open letter to the Hon. 

Jos H Choate. '03(017) O pap., 25 c. 

Bigelow, M. M. Law of bills, notes and 

cheques. 2d ed. 1900 (S22) 0. $3. 

Little, B. & Co. 
Bigelow, M. M. Law of torts. 7th ed. '01 

(Mn6) O. shp., net, $3. Little, B. & Co. 
Bigelow, Maurice A. See Lloyd, F. E. 
Bigelow, Poultney. Children of the nations: 

study of colonization and its problems. 

'oi(Myn) O. net, $2. McClure, P. 

Bigelow, Poultney. Hist, of the German strug- 

*e for liberty. In 3 v. v. 3. '03(03) pors, 
**$2 25 net. Harper. 

Bigelow, Mrs. Poultney. The middle course. 
'03 (Ss) D. $1.50. Smart Set 

Bigelow, Mrs. Poultney. While Charlie was 
away. 'oi(D7) S. 75 c. Appleton. 

Bigelows' (The) butler Osgood, H. O. 15 c, 

W. H. Baker. 

Bigg, C: Critical and exegetical commentary 
on the Epistles of St. Peter and St. Jude, 
'oi(S2i) O. (Internat critical comment- 
ary.) net, $2.50. Scribner, 
Biggar, H. P. Early trading companies of 
New France. *oi(Je22) 8, hf mor., net, 
$4. Boston Bk. 
Bigger, D: D. Ohio's silver-tongued orator: 
G. W. H. Gibson. 'oi(Np) 0. subs., $2.50; 
$325; hf. leath., $4.25; mor., $5, 

D : D Bigger. 

Biggie, Jac. Pet book; information for old 
and young. 1900. 'oi(F2) il. 24, (Biggie 
farm lib., no. 7.) 50 c. Atkinson. 

Biggs, Huyshe Y. Lay work and the office 
of reader. 'o4(Mrig) D. .(Handbooks for 
the clergy.) *ox c. net Longmans. 

Biggs's bar. Sutherland, H. V. 75 c. Biddle. 
Bigham, Clive. Year in China. J oi(Ap27) 
8, $3.50. Macmillan. 

BigEajn, Madge A. Stories of Mother Goose 
village. 'O3(jei3) sq. 12, 45 c. Rand, McN. 
Bigler, W: H. Syllabus of lectures on phys- 
iology. 2d ed., rev. and enl. '03. '04(Fi3) 
12 , $1.25. Boericke & T. 

Biglow, E: F. How nature study should be 
taught; introd. by J. P. Gordy and sug- 
gestions by H. A. Surface. '04(017) D. 
$i. - Hinds. 

Biglow papers. See Lowell, J. R. 
BigneU, Effie M. Mr. Chupes and Miss Jenny: 
story of two robins. 'oi(Jei) ; New ed., il. 
'03 (Sip) D. ea., $i. Baker & T. 




Bignell, Erne M. My woodland intimates. '03 
(Mr 14) D. **$i net Baker & T. 

Bignell, Effie M. A quintette of graycoats. 
'04(022) il. S. **$i net. Baker & T. 

Bigot, Marie H. See Mairet, J., pseud. 

Bikey the skicycle. Bangs, J: K. $1.50. 


Bikle, H : W Constitutional power of Con- 
gress over the territory of the U. S. '01 
(Oi2) O (Univ. of Pa. pubs, of dept. of 
law ) hf. cf , $2. Avil. 

Bikle, H : \V. See also Dallas, G: M. 

Bilberry wood. Dick, T. E. M. $1.50. 



Robson. Diseases of the gall-bladder and 
bile-ducts net, $3; ^$425 net Wood. 

Bilingual teaching in Belgian schools. Dawes, 
T. R. *50 c. net. Macmillan. 

Bill, Brother, pseud. See O'Neal, R 

Bill Arp. Smith, C: H. $1.25. Byrd. 

Billattdeau, Armand-Georges. Collection of 
French idioms, sayings and proverbs; with 
their English equivalents and meanings; 
rev by A Antoine. '03 (Dip) O. *$25o net 



Locock. Side and screw: notes on bil- 
liards $1.50. Longmans 

Billixiglmrst, Percy J. Hundred anecdotes of 
animals. "01 il. 8, $1.50. Lane. 

Billings, Anna H. Guide to the middle Eng- 
lish metrical romances dealing with Eng. 
and Germanic legends, and cycles of Charle- 
magne and Arthur. '03(1)5) O. (Yale 
studies in English, no. 9.) pap., $1.50. Holt 

Billings, E : E. Marking the boundary. 1900 
(Dis) 12, 75 c. Saalfield. 

Billings, E: E. The redman of quality, '02 
(On) il. 12, $1.2$. Saalfield. 

Billings, Fk., and Salisbury, J. H., eds Gen- 
eral medicine. '03(812); '04(017) il. 12, 
(Practical medicine ser) 1903, *$I.SG net; 
1904. Si Year Bk 

Billings, Fk, and Stanton, S. C, eds. Gen- 
eral medicine '01 'osfMrS) il. 12, (Prac- 
tical medicine ser ) $i 50 Year Bk 

Billings, J: Shaw, ed. Physiological aspects 
of the liquor problem. *03(Ag8) 2 v, 8, 
**$450 net Houghton, M. & Co 

Billings, Josh, pseud. See Shaw, H: W. 

Billings, W: Synthetic method of short- 
hand, Graham and Pitmanic. 1900 (N3) 
16, $i Sadler-R. 

Billow Prairie. Allison, J. f7S c. Burt 


See Banks and banking; Exchange; Negotiable 


Billy and Hans. Stillman, W. J. *40 c. net 

Billy Baxter's letters. Kountz, W: J., jr. 

75 c. Duquesne, 

Billy Burgundy's letters. Limerick, O. V. 

t75 c. J. F. Taylor. 

Billy stones. Lovett, E. $i. J. F. Taylor. 
Billy Whiskers ser. See Montgomery, F. T. 
Bilse, Lieut., ["Fritz von der Kryburg."] Aus 

einer kleinen garnison. *04(Ap3o) 16, 

pap., 50 c. Schmidt 

Bilse,L*Vtff. Dear fatherland. '04. t$i.5<x Lane. 
Bilse, Lieut. Life in a garrison town ; introd. 

by Arnold White and summary of the court 

martial. *04(Ap23) por. D. $i. Lane. 

Bilse, Lieut. A little garrison; tr. by Wolf 
von Schierbrand. '04 (F6) D. f$i.$o. 


Bilz, F. E. Natural method of healing; ir. 
the latest Germ. ed. 'oi(Je22) In 30 pts., 
or in 2 v., il. O. pap., per pt, 25 c. ; 2 v., $8. 

Int. News. 

Bimbi. La Rame", L. de. 45 c. Ginn. 


See Finance; Gold; Money; Silver. 

Binding of the Nile. Peel, S. $5. Longmans. 

Bindweed (The). Blissett, N. K. f$i.SO. 

Smart Set. 

Biuet, Alf. Psychology of reasoning; fr. the 
2d Fr. ed., by A. G. Whyte. *oi(Mr9) D. 
(Religion of science lib., no. 47.) pap , 25 c 

Open Court 

Bingliam, Clifion. The animals' rebellion. 
'02 (D6) obi. 4, bds., -$1.50. Dutton. 

Bingliam, Clifton. Fun and frolic. 1900 
(D8) il. 4, $1.50. Dutton. 

BingMm, Clifton, and Hassall, J: Six and 
twenty boys and girls. '02(625) 4, $1.25. 


Bingham, Clifton, and Neil son, Harry B. The 
animals' academy ; il. by Harry B. Neilson ; 
with verses by Clifton Bingham. '04(824) 
4, $i 25. Scribner. 

Bingham, D. The Bastille. 'oi(Np) 2 v., il. 
O. $5; Y$ mor., $10; de luxe ed., vellum, 
net, $12 Pott 

Bingham, Grace A , comp. Two hundred bar 
examination questions *O2(Je7) S. pap., 
$i. Commercial Press 

Bingham, Guillermo M. t comp. Numerical 
system commercial cable and telegraph code 
of 1,660,000 words. '02(327) F. hf. leath., 
$25. G. M. Bingham. 

Bingliam, Jennie M. Faith's Christmas let- 
ter. *02(D6) sq. S. pap., 10 c. Jennings. 

Bingham, Joel F. Christian marriage; rev. 
and enl. ed. of "The Christian marriage 
ceremony." '01 (Fi6) I2 t $2; $2 50. Dutton. 

Bingham, Kath., pseud. The Philadelphians, 
as seen by a New York woman. *03(F2i) 
S. (Commonwealth sen, no 7.) f$i.25. 

L. C. Page. 

Bingliam, N. W. Rollicking rhymes. '02 
(027) D. 50 c. Dickerman. 

Binkley, Christian. Sonnets and songs for a 
house of days. *02(Je2i) D. bds., net, 
$1.25. A. M. Robertson. 

Binmore, H: See Jones, Ja. 

DINNER, Paul. 

Boyd. Paul Binner and his noble work 
among the deaf. $i. H. Boyd. 

Binney, C: C. Life of Horace Binney. '03 
(Dig) il. 8, **$3 net. Lippincott 

BINNEY, Horace 

Binney. Life of Horace Binney. **$3 net 


Binscliwanger, Augustus C. Married women : 
property and contractual rights in Mary- 
land. $5. Curlander. 

Binyon, Laurence. Odes. f oi(Api3) D 
net. $1.25. Mansfield. 

Biographic clinics. See Gould, G: M. 

Biographical diet of musicians. Baker, T. 
net, $3.50; $6. Schirmer; Scribner. 

Biographical ser. S. pap., 10 c, 

Am. Bapt Miss. Un. 

Dough. John E. Clough. 




Biographies of famous men. 12, $i. 


Barrett. Abraham Lincoln. 
Bentpn. P. T. Barnum. 
Custis. George Washington. 
Godbey. Henry M. Stanley. 
Johnson. W. T. Sherman. 
Poore and Tiffany. U. S. Grant. 

Alger. Napoleon's British visitors and cap- 
tives, 1801-1815. **$ net. Pott 
American ser. of popular biographies. 
Mass. ed. $17. Graves. 
Appleton's cyclopaedia of Am. biog. v. 7. 
$5-$7- Appleton. 
Autobiographies and portraits of Presi- 
dent, Cabinet, Supreme ct, and 55th 
Congress. 2 v. $10; $15. Neale. 
Banks. Religious life of famous Ameri- 
cans. $1.20. Am. Tr. 
Banks. Youth of famous Americans. *5o c. 
net Jennings 
Bardeen. Dictionary of educational biog- 
raphy. $2; $5. ^ Bardeen. 
Bates and Moore. Political horoscope 
[sketches of Cleveland, Roosevelt, etc.' 
25 c. L. W. Bates, jr 
Bell Lives and legends of the Eng. bishops 
and kings, mediaeval monks and later 
saints. *$4-5o net. Macmillan 
Bothmer. Sovereign ladies of Europe. $4 


Browne. Abraham Lincoln and the men o 
his time. 2 v. $3.50 Jennings 

Bryce. Studies in contemporary biog 
**$3 net Macmillan. 

Burnley. Millionaires and kings of enter- 
prise, net, $6. Lippincott 
Byers. Twenty years in Europe. $1.50 
Rand, McN. & Co. 

Carey. Twelve notable good women of the 

nineteenth century. $1.50. Button 

Cesaresco. Italian characters of the period 

of unification, net, $2.50. Scribner 

Davis. Bits of gossip. **$i.25 net 

Houghton, M. & Co. 
Dobson. Four Frenchwomen. $i. 

A. M. Robertson 

Donaldson. Five great Oxford leaders. 
$1.75- Macmillan. 

Duff. Out of the past 2 v. **$$ net 

Eggleston American immortals. $3.50. 


Ellet. Women of the Am. Revolution. 2 

v. $4J $8. Jacobs. 

Festing On the distaff side. $1.50. Pott. 

Finnemore. Famous Englishmen, bk i, 

80 c Macmillan 

Fitzgerald. Fifty years $i. 

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So. 

Gaulot Loves and lovers of the past 

*$i.25 net. Lippincott. 

Gladden. Witnesses of the light. **$i.25 

net. ^ Houghton, M & Co. 

Great Americans of history. 12 v. per set 

$12. H. G. Campbell. 

Guerber. Empresses of France. $2.50. Dodd, 

Hale. Great Southerners, v. i. 65 c, 

Barbee & S. 

Hamm. Builders of the republic. **$2 net 

Pott. I 

BIOGRAPHY. Continued. 
Harrison, comp. New York state's promin- 
ent and progressive men. 3 v n. p. 
Prominent and progressive Americans, 
v. i, 2. subs, for work, $25 

Tribune Assoc. 

Haynie. The captains and the kings. $1.60. 


Huneker. Overtones **$i.25 net. Scribner. 
Isaacson, comp. Roads from Rome: ser. 
of personal narratives. *75 c. net. 

Union Press. 

Johnson, ed. Twentieth cent, biographical 

diet of notable Americans. 10 v. $40; 

$60; $ipo. Biographical. 

Lamb's biographical diet of the U. S. v. 

1-7. subs., ea, $7. Federal Bk, (Bost) 

Lee. Great Englishmen of the i6th century. 

**$i.75 net Scribner. 

Lee ( ed. Diet, of national biography, v. 61- 

63, net, -ea, $3.75; Errata. ""50 c. net; 

Supp. v. 1-3. net, ea., $5; Index and 

epitome. *$6ss net Macmillan 

Leonard, ed. Who's who in America, 1901- 

02, 1902-03. ea, $2.75; 1903-05 *$35o 

. ni t Marquis. 

Lippincott's biog. diet 2 v subs , $15 , 

$17.50; $20. Lippincott. 

Mabie, and others, eds. Lib. of Am. hist., 

lit, and biog. $2.50. Winston. 

McCarthy. British political portraits ^*$i 50 

net Macmillan. 

McCarthy. Portraits of the sixties **$2 

net - Harper. 

MacCracken. Hall of Fame $i 75 Putnam 

McDougall. Little Royalties. $i 25. 


Marden. How they succeeded: life stones 
of successful men. $1.50. Winning out 
$* Lothrop. 

Marden, ed. Little visits with great Ameri- 
cans, subs., $2.50. Success. 
Marden, ed. Talks with great workers. 
$1-5.0. Crowell. 
Marvin, comp. Last words of distinguished 
men and women, net, $1.50. Revell. 
Mason. Our pioneers. $250; $3.25. 


Masters New star chamber and other es- 
says. $i Hammersmark. 
Morris. Handy diet, of biography. $2. 
, , Coates. 
Myers. Fragments of prose and poetry 
[notices of E. Gurney, Lord Leighton, 
Stevenson, Gladstone, Ruskin, H: Sidg- 
wick, Watts and Prof. Adams.] ^$2.50 
n ^t Longmans. 
National cyclopedia of Amer. biography. 
v. 9-n. subs., ea,, $10. J. T. White. 
Newcomb. Reminiscences of an astrono- 
mer. **$2.5o net. Houghton, M. & Co. 
Padovan. Sons of glory : studies in genius. 
$1-50. Funk. 
Pepper. Maids and matrons of New 
France, net, $i 50. Little, B. & Co. 
Plutarch. Lives. 3 v. $3; $6. Estes. 
Plutarch. Lives. 5 v. per set, $7.50; 
S^-SO. Little, B & Co. 
-Plutarch. Lives. 50 c. Penn Pub. Co. 
.Pond. Eccentricities of genius. $3.50 

G: W. Dillingham. 




BIOGRAPHY Continued. 
Ruoff, ed. Leaders of men; famous Am. 
of the present day. $2.50; $2.90; $3.90. 


Russell. Three generations of fascinating 
women, and other sketches. *$ro.5o net 


Sainte-Beuve. Portraits of the I7th cen- 
tury. 2 v. **$5 net. Putnam. 
Sanderson. Hero patriots of the ipth cen- 
tury. $1.50. Crowell. 
Savoyard, pseud. Essays on men, things 
and events. $2. Neale. 
Sigma, pseud. Personalia. *$i.25 net. 

Doubleday, P. 

Smith, H A. One hundred famous Ameri- 
cans $1.75. Routledge. 
Stephens. Natural salvation, the message 
of science. $i. C: A. Stephens. 
Stoddard. Recollections. **$ net 


Tallentyre, pseud. Women of the salons, 

and other Fr. portraits. $4. Longmans. 

Thomson. Eighty years' reminiscences. 2 

v. *$7 net. Longmans. 

Todd. Biog and other articles. $i 50 

Lee & S 

Trowbridge. My own story with recollec- 
tions of noted persons. **$2 50 net. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

True stories of great Americans. 12 v. per 

set, $2.50. H. G. Campbell 

Vacaresco. Kings and queens I have 

known. **$2 net. Harper. 

Walton. Complete angler and Lives of 

Donne, Wotton, Hooker, Herbert and 

Sanderson, net, $1.50. Macmillan. 

Warren. Ten Frenchmen of the ipth cent. 

Chautauqua Pr. 

Wharton. Famous men of the Old Testa- 
ment. $1.50. E. B. Treat 
Who's who, 1900-1902. ea., $1.75. 1903. 
*$i.5O net. 1904. *$2 net. Macmillan. 
Who's who year book. *35 c. net. 


Williams. Some successful Americans. 50 c. 

Winship. Great Am. educators. 50 c. 

Werner Sch. Bk. 

See also Actors and actresses; Architects; Ar- 
tists; Assassinations; Astronomers ; Au- 
thors; Autographs; Bankers; Bookbinders 
and bookbinding; Booksellers; Daughters of 
the Am. Revolution; Diaries; Eliot church, 
Boston; Encyclopaedias; Epitaphs; Ex- 
plorers; Genealogy; Heroes; History; 
Lawyers; Magic and magicians;- Missions 
and Missionaries; Musicians; Orators; 
Organists, Painters and painting; Physicians; 
Poets, Pops; Sailors; Saints, Sculp- 
ture; Singers; Soldiers; Sports and sports- 
men; Tanners and tanning; Woman; also 
names of individuals and classes 

Biography of a baby. Shmn, M. W. $1.50. 
Houghton, M. & Co. 

Biography of a grizzly. Thompson, E. S-. 

$1.50. Century Co 

Biography of a prairie girl. Gates, E. f$i.5O. 

Century Co, 

Cc?nn. Nociones de biologia. 40 c. Appleton. 
Davenport Statistical methods ; with ref. 
to biological variation. $1.50. Wiley. 
Gould. An illustrated dictionary of medi- 
cine, biology, and allied sciences. $10; 
$IT ; $12. Blakiston 

B IOLOG Y. Co ntinu ed. 

Hargitt Outlines of general biology. $i. 


Hunter and Valentine. Laboratory manual 
of biology. **6o c. net. Holt 

Lloyd and Bigelow. Teaching of biology 
in the secondary school. $1.50. 

Mell. Biolog. lab'y methods. *$i.6o net 


Morgan. Regeneration, net $3 Macmillan. 
Poteat. Laboratory and pulpit. 50 c. ; 25 c. 

Am Bapt 

Scribner. Where did life begin?; place of 
beginning and nat courses of migration 
therefrom of flora and fauna **$r net. 

Spencer. Principles of biology, v. 2. $2. 


Walter and others. Studies of animal life: 

laboratory exercises for high schools. 

50 c. Heath. 

Wilkins. Inductive lessons in biology 75 c. 

B : H. Sanborn, 

See also Anatomy; Cells; Embryology; Evolu- 
tion ; Histology ; Sex. 


Stephenson. Biopathy; new system of re- 
juvenation. 25 c. S. S. Stephenson. 
Birbeck, Chris. J. Elocution self-taught. '02 
(Agi6) il. 12, $i. Wagner, 
Birbeck, Chris. J., ed. Select recitations, ora- 
tions and dramatic scenes. 'O2(je7) d- D- 
$i. Wagner. 
Bird, Mary E. Adaora. '03 (N?) 12, **5oc. 
net. Revell. 
Bird, R. Jesus, the carpenter of Nazareth. 
[II. ed.] 1900 (Mys) il sq, O. $2. Nelson. 
Bird, R. Paul of Tarsus. 1900(815) O. 
$2. Scribner 
Bird, Rob. M. Nick of the woods '04 (Oi) 
12, $i. Burrows. 
Bird Center cartoons. McCutcheon, J: T. 
*$i.25 net McClurg. 
Bird paint book. Selden, W: A. $1.25. 


Bird play. Spangler, N. Y.- 15 c. Kellogg. 
Bird stories for little people. '03(03) il. sq. 
O. (Mother Goose sen, v. 4.) 50 c. 


Bird stories for little people. *oi(Jl2o) 8*, 
(Mother Goose ser.) 50 c. Burt 


Among the birds. 75 c. Estes 

Astley. My birds in freedom and captivity. 

net, $4. Button. 

Babcock. Bird day. 50 c Silver 

Bailey. Birds of the western U. S. **$ 

net Houghton, M. & Co. 

Blanchan How to attract the birds. **$i-35 

net. Doubleday, P 

Boraston. Birds by land and sea *$2 net 


Bradley. Few of my feathered friends. *$i 

net Ellis. 

Brown. Curious book of birds. **$ 

net Houghton, M. & Co. 

Chapman. Bird-life, net, $2. Bird studies 

with a camera. $1.75. Appleton. 

Chapman. Color key to North Amer. birds. 

**$ net. Doubleday, P. 

Chase. Birds I have seen, net, 50 c. Dodd. 

Chiche^ter. Am. birds $2. Malkan 




BIRDS Continued. 
Clark. Birds of lakeside and prairie $i. 

Mum ford. 

Coues. Key to North Amer birds. 2 v. 
**$io net. Estes. 

Cummings and Richards. Baby pathfinder 
to the birds *5O c. net; *30 c. net 

W. A. Butterfield. 

Dixon. Birds' nests. *$i.20 net. Stokes. 
Dugmore. Bird homes, net, $2. 

Doubleday & McC. 

Eckstorm. The bird book. 60 c. Heath. 
Eyer. Birds of Kansas. 10 c. Crane. 

Fowler. More tales of the birds. $i. 

Grinnell Birds of song and story. $i. 


Grinnell. Stories of our western birds. 

*50 c. net Whitaker & R. 

Henshaw. Birds o the Hawaiian Islands. 

$i. Thrum, 

Herrick. Home life of wild birds, net, 

$2.50. Putnam. 

Hoffmann. Guide to birds of New Eng. 

and eastern N. Y. **$i.5o net, 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Howe and Allen. Birds of Mass, subs., 

$1.75. E: W. Wheeler. 

Hudson Birds and man. $2.25. Longmans. 

Huntington. Our feathered game. **$2 

net. Scribner. 

Job. Among the water fowl, net, $1.35 

Doubleday, P. 

Jordan, comp. True tales of birds and 

beasts. 40 c. Heath. 

Kearton. British breeding birds. $2. Our 

bird friends. $1.50. CasselL 

Xeyser. Birds of the Rockies. **$3 net 


Lange. How to know one hundred wild 
birds of Minnesota and the Northwest 
25 c. Sch. Educ. Co. 

Lord. First book upon birds of Oregon 
and Washington. 75 c. W : R. Lord. 
Mathews. Field bk. of wild birds and their 
music. **$2 net. Putnam. 

Maynard, C: J. Birds of Eastern No. Am. 
$28. Cat. of birds of West Indies, which 
do not occur elsewhere in No Am. $i 
Eggs of No. Am. birds. $2. Field bk. 
of birds of Eastern No. Am. Warblers 
of N. E $5. C: J. Maynard. 

Maynard, Mrs. L. W. Birds of Washing- 
ton and vicinity. *$i net. Woodward & L. 
Miller. First book of birds. School ed. 
net, 60 c. Second book of birds. True 
bird stones, ea., **$i net With the 
birds in Maine. **$I.IQ net 

Houghton, M. & Co. 
Mulcts. Bird stories. **8o c. net 

L. C. Page. 
Nuttall. Birds of U. S. and Canada. $3. 

Little, B. & Co. 
Page. Feathered pets. 75 c. ; 25 c. 

C; N. Page. 

Payne. How to teach birds. 25 c. Kellogg. 
Pearson. Stories of bird life. 50 c. ; 5 pts., 
ea., 10 c. B. F. Johnson. 

Peters. Birds of the Bible, net, 50 c. 

Baker & T. 

Pigott London birds. $2.50. Longmans. 
Pollard. Birds of my parish. $1.50. 

Lane, ' 

BIRDS. Continued. 

Pycraft Story of bird-life. 75 c. 


Reed. North American birds' eggs. **$ 
net Doubleday, P. 

Ridgeway. Birds of North and middle 
America, pt. i. n. p. Gov. Pr. 

Roberts. Bird book. **$i net; **$i.2onet. 


Sandys and Van Dyke. Upland game birds, 
net, $2 ; net, $7.50. Macmillan 

Sanford, and others. Water- fowl family. 
**$2 net. Macmillan. 

Scott Story of a bird lover **$i.5O net 


Selous Bird watching. $3. Macmillan. 

Sharp Roof and meadow. **$i.5o net 

Century Co. 

Speed. Some of the common birds. 4 c. 

O. Brewer. 

Thompson, U. Bird portraits. $i 50. Ginn 

Torrey. Every-day birds. $i. Nature's 
invitation: notes of a bird-giazer. **$ 
net. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Turner. Birds. *$i.8o net. Macmillan. 

Walker. Our birds and their nestlings. 
60 c. Am. Bk 

Walter. Wild birds in city parks. 40 c. 


Weed, comp. Bird life stories, bk. i. 60 c 
Rand, McN. & Co. 

Weed and Dearborn. Birds in their rela- 
tions to man. **$2.5o net Lippincott 

Wheelock. Birds of California *$ net 
Nestlings of forest and marsh, net, 
$1.40. McClurg. 

Young. Plantation bird legends. **$i.6o 
net Russell 

See also Canary; Ostrich; Pheasants; Pigeons; 
Poultry; Quail; Snipe; Taxidemiy, 
Woodcock ; Woodpeckers ; Woods. 

Birds of God. Whitehead, J. B. R-. $3. 


Birds uncaged. Collins, B. L. $i. 

Abbey Press, 

Birdsall, Kath. N. Jacks of all trades and 
what they did. J 02(Ni) il. sq D. **$i.20 
net. Appleton. 

Birdsall, Kath. N., ed. How to make money : 
suggestions for untrained women's work, 
f 03(Mri4) D. **$i net Doubleday. P. 

Birdseye, Clarence F. See New York. Re- 
vised statutes. 

BirkMrner, W, B. Military government and 
martial laws. 2d ed., rev. '04. 8, $3; 
shp., $4. Hudson, 

rmipgliain^ T : The United States a chosen 
nation; with a dissertation on economics. 
>3. 12. Meth. Bk. 

Birrell, A. Essays and addresses, *oi(N9) 
S. net, $i. Scribner. 

Birrell, A. William Hazlitt 'O2(jli2) 12, 
(Eng. men of letters.) **75 c. net. 


Birt, H: N. See Lingard, J: 

Birth a new chance. Bradford, C $1.50. 


Birthday blessings. Havergal, F. R. ',50 c. 


Bell. Lilian Bell birthday book. $1.50. 

L. C. Page. 
Bible. The Lord is king. 50 c. DeWolfe. 




B IRTHDAY BOOKS. Continued. 
Birthday motto book and calendar of na- 
ture. 80 c. ; $i. Warne. 
Craigie. Birthday book $1.50. Lane 
Dickens A rosy path. 50 c. DeWolfe. 
Greaves, comp. Birthday bouquet $i ; 
$1.25. Warne. 
Harmer, comp. Queen Victoria birthday 
book, net, $1.20. Jacobs. 
Longfellow. At the portal. 50 c. 

Shakespeare. Happy days. 50 c. 


Tennyson. Birthday book. 75 c, ; $i ; $1.25. 

Tennyson Year and a day. 50 c. 


Wilcox Around the year with Ella Wheel- 
er Wilcox. $i; $1.50; $2. Cdnkey. 
Young folks' birthday books. $r. Stokes. 

Birthday motto book and calendar of nature. 
'04(022) Tt. limp lambskin, 80 c. ; lambskin 
inlaid, $i. Warne. 

Birthe (The) of Hercules; introd. on the in- 
fluence of Plautus on the dramatic litera- 
ture of England in the sixteenth century, 
by Malcolm W: Wallace. J O3(Ag8) O, 
bds., *$2 net Scott, F. & Co. 

Birthright membership of believers' infants. 
Horton, F. A. 6 c. Presb. Bd. 

Bishop, E. S. Essentials of pelvic diagnosis, 
and an Appendix on examination of blood, 
etc., by C: H. Melland. '03. il. 8, *$3 net 


Bishop, E. S. Uterine fibromyomata : their 
pathology, diagnosis, and treatment. *oi 
(Myi8) il. 8. net, $3.50. Blakistop 

Bishop, Emily M. Interpretative forms of 
literature. J O3(Di9) 12, $1.50. 

Nyvall Press. 

Bishop, H : G. The practical printer. 4th ed. 
'03 (N7) il. por. 16, $i. H. G, Bishop. 

Bishop, Hudson D. Obstetric duties of 
mother and nurse. 2d ed., rev. and enl. '04 
(Jei8) D. 80 c H. D. Bishop. 

Bishop, Irving P Red book of Niagara. '02 
(Jlip) il. S. pap., 25 c. Wenborne-S 

Bishop, Mrs, Is. L. Bird. Yangtse valley and 
beyond 1900 (F3) 2 v., il. 8, $6. Putnam 

Bishop, Joel P. Commentaries on the law of 
statutory crimes. 30 ed., rev. and enl. by 
M. C. Early. 'oi(Api3) 0. shp., net, $6. 


Bishop, Joel P. Prosecution and defense. 
2d ed by W. Evans, '01 (D28) O. shp., $6 


Bishop, Jos. B Issues of a new epoch. '04 
(Di7) 12, $2. Scott-T. 

Bishop, Jos. B. Our political drama, conven- 
tions, campaigns, candidates. *04(Sio) il. 
8, $2. Scott-T. 

Bishop, L. B. See Snnford, L. C. 

Bishop, L: Faugeres. Blood pressure as af- 
fecting heart, brain, kidneys, etc. J 04(Ni2) 
12, $i. Treat. 

Bishop, Seth S. Diseases of the nose, throat, 
and ear, and their accessory cavities. 3d 
ed., rev. and enl. 'o4(Dio) il. pis., 8, $4; 
shp. or hi rus., $5. Davis. 

Bishop, W: H., comp. See West Virginia. 

Bishop, W : H : Queer people, incl. The brown 
stone boy. J O2(Myi7) D. $i. Street. 

Bishop, W : H : Tons of treasure. New and 
imp. ed. of The yellow snake. 'O2(je7) 
D. $i. Street. 

Bishop (The). Brady, C T. f$i.50. Harper. 
Bishop Paddock lectures. D. Longmans. 
Hall, Bp. Use of Holy Scriptures in pub- 
lic worship. *$i.40 net 
Bishop Pendle. Hume, F. W. $1.25. 

Rand, McN. & Co. 

Handley. Fatal opulence of bishops. $1.75. 


Bishops and legislation. Wood, E. M 50 c. 


Bisiker, W. Across Iceland; app. by A. W. 
Hill on plants collected. '03 ( Ap4) il. O. $4. 


Bisland, Eliz., [now Mrs. E. B. Wetmore.] 
A candle of understanding. '03(03) D. 
t$i.50. Harper. 

Bismiarck-SchoalmTiseii, C: E: L. O., Prince. 
From the seat of war, 1870-1871 ; tr. by Ar- 
min Harder; introd. by W. Littlefield. '03 
(Ds) S. **$i net. Appleton. 

Bismarck-Schojohausen, C: E: L. O., Prince* 
Love letters to his fiancee and wife, 1846- 
1889; tr. from the German under super- 
vision of C. T. Lewis. J oi(Ap2o) 0. $3. 

Bismarck-Schpuha-usen, C: E: L. O. Prince. 

See also William I. 

BISMARCK, Prince Charles Eduard Leopold 
Otto v. 
Headlam. Bismarck. $1.50; $1.75. 


Lieb. Prince Bismarck and the German 
people. $1.50; $2.25; $3.25. Dominion. 
Poschinger. Conversations with Prince 
Bismarck. $1.50. Harper. 

Whitman. Personal rem. of Prince Bis- 
marck. **$i.6o net Appleton. 

See Political economy. 


See Whitney, C. 

Bispham, Clarence W. Columban, saint, 
monk, and missionary, 539-615 A.D. Lim- 
ited ed. '04 (Mr 12) 8, $1.50. Gorham. 

Bissell, Champion. Edipse of virtue. '03 
(My23) il. 12, (Realistic sen, no. 9.) pap., 
25 c. Town Topics. 

Bissell, Champion. The wrong man. '03 
(Apu) il. D. (Realistic ser., no. 5.) pap., 
25 c. Town Topics. 

Bissinger, Wa. Thoughts in verse and prose. 
*04(Jei8) por. 12, $2. Ruboyits. 

Bistouri. Melandri, A. 40 c. Benziger. 

Bits of broken china. Fales, W : E. S. 75 ^ 


Bits of gossip. Davis, Mrs. R, H. **$i.25 
net. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Bits of oak bark. Jefferies, R: net, 75 c. 

T : B. Mosher. 

Bitter fruit. Cameron, Mrs. E. S. L. $1.25. 


Bittersweet, Barberry, pseud. From heaven's 
judgment hall. f O4(Jeii) 12, pap., 25 c. 
Tuttle, M. & T. 

Bittinger, Lucy F. Germans in Colonial 
times. 'Qi(JaS) map, D. $1.50. Lippincott 

Bittinger, Lucy F., comp. Prayers 9 and 
thoughts for the use of the sick '02. '03 
(Ja3i) il. 12, **$i net Lippincott 





Birar, R. D. de. See Cid (The). 

Bixby, Ja. T. Ethics of evolution New ed. 
of "The crisis in morals." 1900 (Di5) 12, 
$1.25. Small. 

Bixfcy, Ja. T. The new world and the new 
thought J 02(Mr8) D. net, $i. Whittaker. 

BiXBYj Moses Homan. 
Johnson. Life and work of Moses Homan 
Bixby. $i. Silver. 

Bjerregaard, C. H. A. See Omar Khayyam. 

Bjorling, P. R. Pipes and tubes. 'O2(je28) 
il. 12, $i. Macmillan 

Black, Alex. The girl and the guardsman. 
1900(620) il. D. $1.50. Scnbner 

Black, Alex. Richard Gordon. 'o2(Oi8) il. 
D. t$i-50. Lothrop. 

Black, Armstrong-. The evening and the 
morning. i900(Myi2) D. $i. Am. Tr. 

Black, B: N. Graded readers: First reader. 
'02 (D6) il. D. (School bulletin pub ) 25 c.; 
Primer, 20 c. Second reader. '03. '04 
(F20) 30 c Bardeen. 

Black, C: C. Law and practice in accident 
cases. 1900(815) 8, shp., $6. Soney. 

Black, Clementina. Frederick Walker. -'02 
(Nis) il. S. (Popular lib. of art.) **75 c 
net Dutton. 

Black, Clementina. Pursuit of Camilla. 1900 
(Mys) D. (Select novels, no. 228.) $i ; 
pap., 50 c. Lippincott 

Black, Edith F. A beautiful possibility '04 
(Oi) D. **90 c. net. Union Press. 

Black, Edith F. Princess in calico. J O4(Jl2) 
D. *75 c. net. Union Press. 

Black, Effie S. Heart whispers: [poems.] 
1900 (D22) 16, 40 c. F. M. Barton. 

Black, H: C. Treatise on the law of judg- 
ments, incl. doctrine of res judicata. 2d ed. 
J 02(Di3) 2 v., O. shp., (complete work,) 
*$I2 net West Pub. 

Black, H : C. Treatise on the law of mortgages 
and deeds of trust, founded on laws and 
judicial decisions of Illinois. 5 O4(Jei8) O. 
shp., *$5 net Callaghan. 

Black, Hugh. Culture and restraint 'oifNg) 
O $i 50. Revell. 

Black, Hugh. Friendship. New ed. '03 
CN2i) 8, **$iso net; Ed, de luxe. '04 
(Oi5) mor., *$3 net Revell. 

Black, Hugh. Practice of self-culture. '04 
(Ns) 12, **$i.25 net Macmillan. 

Black, Hugh. Work. *O3(Ni4) 0. **$i.5o 
net Revell. 

Black, Israel P. Practical primary plans. '03 
(N2i) 12, *$i net Revell. 

Black, Ja. M., ed. Epworth hymnal, no. 3. 
1900(3^3) D. 30 c. Eaton & M. 

Black, Ja. M., ed. Gospel chorus. '02(04) 
D. 20 c. Eaton & M. 

Black, Ja. M., ed. Junior praises. [Song 
book.] *oi(Mr3o) D. 20 c, Jennings 

Black Ja. M., and McCabe, C C, eds. 
Praise and promise, for use in Sunday- 
schools. 1900 (06) D. 35 c.; bds., 30 c. 


Black, J: Janvier. Forty years in the medi- 
cal profession, 1858-1898. 1900 (Jl^) O. 
$5- Lippincott. 

Black, J : S. See Cheyne, T : K. 

Black, S : L. See Kinkead, E. B. 

Black, Warren C. Is man immortal?, and 
God in nature; introd. by C. B. Galloway. 
'03 (Dip) 16, 60 c. 

Pub. Ho. of M. E. Ch., So. 
Black, W: Yolande. 'o4(Agi3) 12% (Cor- 
nell ser.) f75 c. Burt. 
BLACK, William. 
Reid William Black, novelist net, $2.25. 

Black, W : Harman. See New York and New 

Jersey. Corp. laws. 
Black arts See Spielmann, M. H. John 


Black Beauty. See Sewell, A. 
Black cat. See Poe, E. A. 
Black cat club. Corrothers, J. D net, $i. 


Black chanter and other Highland stories. 
Christie, N. f$i.50. Macmillan. 

Black Douglas. Crockett, S: R. 50 c. 

Am News 

Black Evan Young, J. D. $i. Neely 

Black familiars. Walford, Mrs. L. B. f$i.50. 

Black Friday. Isham, F: S. t$i-5O- 

Black gown. Hall, R. $1.50. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Black Hawk war. Stevens, F. E. *$5 net; 

*$6 net. F. E Stevens. 

Black heart and white heart. See Haggard, 

H : R. Elissa, the doom of Zimbabwe. 
Black Hills ballads. Carr, R V. $1.50. 

Reed Pub 

Black Homer of Jimtown. Mott, E. $1.25. 

Black Lion Inn. Lewis, A. H : t$i-50. 

Russell [Harper.] 

Black prince. Baring, M. **$1.25 net. Lane. 
Black Rock. See Gordon, C: W: 
Black (The) shilling Barr, Mrs. A E. H 
f$i 50. Dodd. 

Black terror. Leys, J : K. $1.50. L. C Page. 
Black tortoise. Viller, F. $i 50. 

Doubleday, P 

Black tulip. See Dumas, A. 
Black Wench. Trabue. I : H. $i. 

I: H. Trabue. 

Blackall, Rob. H : New York air-brake cate- 
chism. 3 O4fAp23) il. 12, $1.25. Henley. 
Blackall, Rob. H : Up-to-date air-brake cate- 
chism. i8th ed., rev., enl. '03(05) il. pi. 
diagrs., 16, $2. Henley. 

Blackboard designs. Kellogg, A. M. 50 c. 

E. L. Kellogg. 

Blackboard in Sunday-school. Bailey, H: T. 

75 c. t W. A. Wilde. 

Blackboard reading lessons. KHngensmith, A. 

25 c. Flanagan. 

Blackburn, Vernon. Bayreuth and Munich: a 

* travelling record of German operatic art 

'oi(JeS) D. net, 75 c. Mansfield 

Blackburn, Vernon. Life of Mendelssohn. 

'Q4(Ap23) il. pors. 16, (Bell's miniature 

ser. of musicians.) 50 c. ; flex, leath., $i. 


BlacMe, J: S. On self-culture: (phonogra- 
phy.) '02(Fi5) S. pap., 35 c. Phonograph 
Blackmail, E: Without a name and other 
poems. *oi(JI6) 12, $i. Whitaker & R. 
Blackmail, Elmer E. Niobrara's love story. 
1900 (D22) S. Quivera Press. 




Blackmar, Fk. W. Charles Robinson, the 
first free-state governor ef Kansas. 1900. 
'oi(Mr23) 12, (Twentieth century classics 
and school readings, no. I5.)pap., "10 c. 


Blackmar, Fk. W. Economics. 1900 (D22) D. 

$i. Crane, 

Blackmore, R: D. Lorna Doone. [New il. 

ed.] I9OO.(O27) O. $2. Harper. 

Blackball, O. W. Practical strawberry and 

general berry fruit culture; also grapes, 

asparagus, etc. New and enl manual. 3d 

ed. '02. '03 (Fy) il. D. pap., 50 c. 

Continental Plant 

Black's guide books, il. 12. Macmillan. 
Coolidge. Guide to Switzerland. $1.50. 
Black's school Shakespeare. 12, net, 50 c. 


Shakespeare. Julius Caesar. 

Holmstrom. Modern blacksmithing, ra- 
tional horse shoeing and wagon making. 
$i. ^ ^ m Drake. 

Lungwitz. Guide to blacksmithing, horse- 
shoeing, carriage and wagon building and 
painting. $i. Donohue. 

See also Horseshoeing. 

Blacksmith's daughter. Lufsey, R. E. 25 c. 

R. E. Lufsey. 

Blackstone, D. P. Outstanding errors of the 
nautical almanac. J 04(Je4) O. pap., $1.50. 

G: C Hicks. 

Blackstone, Ht, comp. Best American ora- 
tions of to-day. '03 (Sip) D. $1.25. Hinds 

Blackstone, Ht, comp. New pieces that will 
take prizes in speaking contests. 'oi(D7> 
D. $1.25. Hinds. 

Blackwfcll, Antoinette I* B. Sea drift '03 
(Myp) 16, $i. J. T. White. 

Blackwood, Alex. L. Diseases of the heart. 
J oi(A P 2o) il. 8, $2. Halsey. 

Blackwood, Alex. L. Diseases of the lungs. 
>02(Ag2) il. 12, $2. Halsey. 

BLACKWOOD, Frederick Temple Hamilton. 
See Duffenn and Ava, Marquis of. 

BlackwoocTs (ed.) philosophical classics. 
New ed '01. J O2(Mri) 15 v., 12, per v., 
net, 50 c. Lippmcott. 

Blaia, Hugh M. Syntax of the verb in the 
Anglo-Saxon chronicle from 787 A.D. to 
looi A.D. *oi. *02(Mr8) 12*, (University 
of Virginia monographs, school of Teutonic 
languages, no. 2.) pap., net, 50 c. Barnes. 

Blaine, R. G. Methods of calculating: the 
use of the slide rule. New ed. 16, $i. 


Blair, And. A. Chemical analysis of iron. 
5th ed. '03. il. 8, hf. leath., **$4 net 


Blair, Emma H., and Robertson, Ja. A., eds. 
and trs. The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898; 
with add. notes by E: G. Bourne. In 55 v. 
v. i. 'o3(Mr28); v. 2 (Ap25) ; v. 3 
(Myi6) ; v. 4 (Jei3) J v. 5 (Ag8) ; v. 6 
(O3i) ; v. 7 (DS) ; v. 8 (Di9) ; v. 9- '04 
(Ja23) ; v. 10 (F2o) ; v. n (Mr26) ; v. 12 
(Api6) ; v. 13-17 (Oi)-; v. 18 (03) ; v. 19 
(D3i) il. por. maps, O. ea., *$4 net 

A. H. Clark. 

Blair, J. C. Study of horticulture. 12 leaflets, 
ea , I c. in quantity of 10 or more. 

C. M. Parker. 

BLAIR, James. 

Motley, Life of Commissary Ja. Blair. 
25 c. Johns Hopkins. 

BLAIR, James L. 
Vogle Life and death of Ja. L. Blair. 

G: E. Vogle. 

Blair, Rob. The grave: a poem; il. by W: 
Blake. New ed. '03. J 04(F2o) D. (Il- 
lustrated pocket lib. of plain and colored 
books.) $1.25. Appleton. 

llaisdell, Alb. F. Life and health '02(Jei4) 
D. $i. Ginn. 

Blaisdell, Alb. F. Our bodies and how we 
live: elem. textbok. of physiology and hy- 
giene. Rev. ed. *O4(My2i) il. D. (Blais- 
dell's ser. of physiologies.) 65 c. Ginn. 

Blaisdell, Alb. F. Story of Am. history. 1900 
(D22) il. D. $i. Ginn. 

Blaisdell, Alb. F., and Ball, Fs. K. Hero sto- 
ries from American hist ; for elem. schools. 
*O3(Je6) il. D. 50 c. Ginn. 

Blaisdell, E. W. Animals at the fair. '02 
(N22) col. il. bds., **$i.40 net. Russell. 

Blaisdell, Etta A. and Ma. F. Blaisdell 
speller Bk. i. *oi (My4) 12, net, 16 c. ; 
bk 2 (J16) net, 20 c. Complete speller, 12, 
net, 25 c. Macmillan. 

Blaisdell, Etta A. and Ma. F. Child life fifth 
reader. '02(Mr29) il. 12, net, 45 c 


Blaisdell, Etta A. and Ma. F. Child life in 
literature: fourth reader. 1900 (Je2) il. sq. 
12, net, 40 c. Macmillan. 

Blaisdell, Etta A. and Ma. F. Child-life in 
many lands: third reader. 1900 (Jl2i) sq. 
12, net, 36 c. Macmillan. 

Blaisdell, Etta A. and Ma. F. Child-life 
primer. 'oi(Fz) il. sq. 12*, net, 25 c. 


Blaisdell, Ma. Frances. See Blaisdell, E. A. 

Blaisdell, S. L., Austin, Is., and Gilman, Ma. 
L. Story friends: a primer. J O3(Apn) il. 
D. (Hawthorne readers.) 24 c. 

Globe Sch. Bk. 

Blaisdell, S. L. See also Gilman, M. L, 

Blaisdell, T : C See Morrow, J : 

Blake, Adam. The man with the hoe. '04 
(Ja2) il. D. **$ net Clarke. 

Blake, Bass. A lady's honor. '02(^4) D. 
(Town and country lib., no. 316.) f$i ; pap., 
50 c. Appleton. 

Blake, G: H. Common sense ideas for dairy- 
men. '01. '02 (F8) 12, $i. Coates. 

Blake, J. B. See Burrell, H. L. 

Blake, J. H., ed. Chess endings for begin- 
ners. 1900 (Je9) 16, 40 c-; bds., 20 c. 


Blake, Ja. V. Discoveries: [poems] '04 
- (Dai) 16, $i. Halpin. 

Blake, Ja. V. Songs. '02(86) D. $i. 

J. H. West 

Blake, Ja. V. Sonnets. *O2(Ja25) sq. S. $z. 

J. H. West. 

Blake, J: How sailors fight *oi(Ag3i) iL 
12, net, $1.75. Button. 

Blake, M. M. The glory and sorrow of 
Norwich. 1900(815) D. $1.50. 

L. C. Page. 

"Blake, Rodney. Hasty pudding poems. f oi 
(D2i) 12, 75 c. . New Amsterdam. 

Blake>, Silas L. The Separates; or, Strict 
Congregationalists of New England. '02 
(N22) 12, **$i.25 net. Pilgrim Press. 




Blake, W . Illustrations of the Book of Job. 
Ne\\ ed. '03 (D$) S. (Illustrated pocket 
library of plain and colored books.) $i 25. 

Blake, W : Illustrations of the Book of Job. 

'02(027) f, bds., *$4 net Putnam. 

Blake, W: Songs of innocence. 'oi(N23) il. 

16, (Flowers of Parnassus.) net, 50 c. ; 

leath., net, 75 c. Lane. 

Blake, W: Songs of innocence. '04(017) 

nar. Tt (Old world ser, no. 35.) Jap. veil., 

*$ net; pap., *$i net. T: B. Mosher. 
Blake, W: William Blake; ed. by T. S. 

Moore. 'o2(Ap26) Q. (Little engravings. 

classical and contemporary, no. 2.) bds., 

net, $1.50. Longmans. 

BLAKE, William. 

Langridge. William Blake: his life and 
art work. ^$3.50 net. Macmillan. 

Blake Redding. Clark, N. R. **$i net. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Blakemore, Arth. W. See Gould, J: M. 
Blakeslee, Ma. N. Messages of comfort '01 

(Jei) il. 12 net, 75 c. Silver. 

Blakistoris quis-compend ser. il. 12, *$i net. 


Brubaker Human physiology. 
Gould and Pyle. Diseases of the eye and 


Hatfield Diseases of children. 
Potter. Anatomy. 

St. Clair. Compend of medical Latin. 
Schamberg Diseases of the skin. 
Thayer Compend of general pathology 
Warren. Compend of dental pathology. 
Wells Compend of gynecology. 
BLANC (Mt ) 

Mathews Annals of Mont Blanc. $6. 

L. C. Page. 
Blanclian, Neltje, [pseud, for Mrs. Nellie 

B. Doubleday.] How to attract the birds, 

and other talks about bird neighbors. '02 

(Nis) il. O. **$i.35 net. Doubleday, P. 
Blanclian, Netlje. Nature's garden. 1900 

(Api4) il. sq. O. $3. Doubleday, P. 

Blanchard, Amy E. Because of conscience. 

5 oi(N2) D. $1.50. Lippmcott 

Blancnard, Amy E. Bonny Lesley of the bor- 
der. '04(615) il. D. (Pioneer ser., no. 2.) 

t$i.5o. Wilde. 

Blanchard, Amy E. Daughter of freedom. 

1900(020) il. D. $1.50 Wilde. 

Blanchard, Amy E. Dimple Dallas. 1900 

(N3) il. D. (Little maid ser.) $i. Jacobs 
Blancliard, Amy E. A gentle pioneer. '03 

(031) il. D. (Pioneer ser, no. i.) **$i.20 

net. Wilde. 

Blancliard, Amy E. Her very best. 1901. 

igoo(Di) il. D. $1.25. Lippincott 

Blancliard, Amy E. Heroine of 1812. 'OT 

(05) il. D. $1.50. Wilde. 

Blan-c&ard, Amy E. Janet's college career. 

'04(08) il. D. f$i.25. Jacobs. 

Rlancliard, Amy E. Little Miss Oddity. '02 

(Ag9) il. D. **8o c. net. Jacobs. 

Blancliaxd, Amy E, Littl-e sister Anne. '04 

(Jh6) il. D. (Little maid ser.) $i. Jacobs. 
Blamcliard, Amy E. Little tomboy. *03(Agi) 

il D. **8o c. net Jacobs 

Blancliard, Amy E. A loyal lass. '02 (On) 

il D t$i.5o. Wilde. 

Blanchard, Amy E. Mabel's mishap. 1900 

(N3) il. D. (Lad and lassie ser.) 50 c. 

Blanchard, Amy E. Mistress May. '01(019) 

il. D. (Little maid ser.) net, 80 c. Jacobs. 
Blamchard, Amy E. Twenty little maidens. 

'01. 'o2(Fi5) il. 12*, $1.25. Lippmcott. 
Blanchard, Amy E. Two Maryland girls. '03 

(Oi7) D. **$i net. Jacobs. 

Blanchard, Amy E. Worth his while. '01 

(Oi9) il. D. (Lad and lassie ser.) net, 40 c. 

Blancliard, Arth. The night after: a farce. 

'o4(Ap23) D. (Ed. of plays.) 15 c. 

W. H. Baker. 
Blancliard, C: A. Modern secret societies 

J 03(Ap25) S. 75 c.; leath., $i. 

Nat Chr. Assoc. 
Blanchard, Edgar F. The workingman and 

the church the world needs. *03(Je2o) D. 

pap . 10 c. E. F. Blanchard. 

Blanchard, Rufus. Documentary history of 

the cession of Louisiana to the U. S. '03 

(Oi7) il. pors. map, O. pap., 25 c. 

R. Blanchard. 
Blanchefleur, the queen. Wingate, A. $i. 

Bland, Mrs. Edith N., ["E. Nesbit"] BOOK of 

dragons. 1901. 1900 (D8) il. D. $1.50. 

Bland, Mrs. Edith N. Children's Shakespeare. 

1900(022) il 8. Altemus. 

Bland, Mrs. Edith N. The literary sense: 

[stories.] '03(03) 12, f$i-50. Macmillan. 
Bland, Mrs. Edith N. Pussy and doggy 

tales il. 1900 (Fi7) 12, $1.25. Dutton. 
Bland, Mrs Edith N. 

(N8) D. t$i-50- 
Bland, Mrs. Edith N. 

5 oi(S2i) D. $i 50. 

The red house '02 

The Wouldbegoods. 

Bland, Mrs. Hubert See Bland,- Mr* E N. 
BLAND, Richard Parks 

Byars. Amer. commoner; life of Richard 
Parks Bland. $3.50; $5.^ Stephens. 

Hollister and Norman. Five famous Mis- 

sourians. $1.25. Hudson-K. 

Bland, T: A: In the world celestial. '01. 

*03(Jai7) 12, $i. Alliance. 

Bland-en, C: G. Battle of love. J O4(Dio) 

24, vellum, $2; pap., 50 c. Blue Sky Press. 
Blanden, C: G. Drift of song. *02(Ag2) sq. 

S. bds., *50 c. net. W : S. Lord. 

Blanden, C: G. Harvest of reeds. '02 (D6) 

12, bds., $i. . Blue Sky Press. 

Blanden, C : G. The unremembered God, and 

other poems. '03(05) 4, $1.50; Japan vel- 

lum, $5. Blue Sky Press. 

Blanden, C: G. A valley muse. 1900(022) 

12, $i. Revell. 

Blaney, C: E. Across the Pacific. '04(03) 

12, (Play book ser.) pap., 25 c. 

J. S. Ogilvie. 
Blarney, C: E. Curse of drink: [a novel.] 

*04(Jl3o) il. 12, pap., 25 c. J S. Ogilvie. 
Blaooey, C: E. The factory girl. '04 (27) 

il. 12, pap. t 25 .c. J. S. Ogilvie. 

Blamey, C: E. For his brother's crime: [a 

novel.] '04 (N5) D. pap., 25 c. 

J: S. Ogilvie. 
Blaney, C : E, More to be pitied than scorned. 

'04 (Dio) il. 12, pap., 25 c. J. S. Ogilvie. 




Blaney, C: K, and Hall, Howard. The child 

slaves of New York. 'o4(F27) 12, pap., 

25 c, J. S. Ogilrif. 

Blaney, C: E. See also Stirling, M. W. 

Blaney, Philip, Songs. 'oi(MyiS) S. pap., 

30 c. Carr. 


See Navajo Indians. 

Blasdale, Wa. C Cont. to the mineralogy of 
California. J oi(D2i) O. (Univ. of CaL, 
Bull, of the Dept. of geology, v. 2, no. 2 ) 
pap , 15 c. Univ. of Cal 

Blashfield, De Witt C. Treatise on instruc- 
tions to juries. J 02(Ag2) O. slip., $6. 


Blashfield, De Witt C, ed. See also New 
York. Abbott's digest. 

Blashfield, E H. and Evangeline W. Italian 
cities. '02 (D6) 2 v., il. 0. **$5 net. Scribner. 

Blashfield, Evangeline W. Masques of Cupid. 
? oi(N23) il. O $3.50. Scribner. 

Blasts from the Ram's Horn. '03. $1.75- 

Ram's Horn. 

Blatchford, Rob., ["Nunquam."] Britain for 
the British. *02(Ag2) D. 50 c.; pap., 25 c. 


Blatchford, Rob. God and my neighbour. 
'04(7116) D. $i. Kerr. 

Blauvdt, Ma. T. Development of cabinet 
government in England. *O2(Mr22) _ 12, 
net, $i 50. Macmillan 

Blaze of glory. Stannard, Mrs. H. E. V. 
t$i.25, Lippincott. 

Blazed trail. White, S. E: $1.50. McClure, P. 

Blazed trail stories White, S. E: t$i-50. 

McClure, P. 

Blazing Arrow. Ellis, E: S. $i. Coates. 


Tailfer. Bleaching of linen and cotton 
yarn and fabrics. $5. Van Nostrand. 

Bleak House. See Dickens, C: 

BlecMey, Logan E., rep. See Georgia. Sup. 
ct. Repts. 

Btedsoe, A. J, Business law for business men. 
'03 ( Jasi) O. $2 75 ; leath, $3-5; ^d ed. '04 
(JlQ) : 3d ed. (Dry) slip, ea, $3.75. 
A J. Bledsoe , R. S. Kitchener ; Pacific Press. 

Bleininger, Alb., ed. See Seger, H. A: 

Blenner, Carle J. Types of beauty. '02 '03 
(Mr28) il Q. $1.50. Abbey Press. 

Blennerhassett Pidgin, C: F. $1.50. 

C. M. Clark 

Blessed damozel Sec Rossetti, D. G 

Blessed hope of His glorious appearing 
Pickett, L. L. $1.25;$!. Pickett 

Blessed life. Brett, J $i. Longmans. 

Blessed life. Quayle, W: A. $i. Jennings 

Blessed Raymund of Capua. Cormier, H. M 
50 c. ; 25 c. Marlier, C 

Blessing of Esau. Savile, F. $i 50. Wessels 

Blew, W: C: A. Racing. 1900(^24) 12, 
net, $i. Truslove 

Bligh, N. G. Notes on instruments for en- 
gineering field-work in India and the 
colonies. 1900 (F24) 8, $3. Spon 

Bligh, W: Mutiny on board H. M S. 
"Bounty." 1900 (My5) D. $1.25. Mansfield. 

Blighted rose. Wynne, J. F. $1.50. Angelus 

Blind, Mathilde. George Eliot. New ed. '04 
(Ns) por. D. (Famous women ser.) $1.25. 
Little, B. & Co 

Blind children. Zangwill, I. **$i,20 net. 


Blind loyalty Haverfield, E. L. $i. Nelson. 
Blind mother. See Came, H. 
BLIND (Reading for). 
Brown. Little Miss Phoebe Gay. $2. 

N. Y. State Lib. 
Bryce. W. E Gladstone. 75 c. 

N. Y. State Lib. 
Crawford. Via crucis. 2 v. $/. 

N. Y. State Lib. 
Jewett Queen's twin $3. 

N. Y State Lib. 

Roosevelt Message to the two houses of 

Congress. $i. N. Y. State Lib. 

Slocum Sailing alone around the world. 

2 v. $6 N. Y. State Lib 

Blind spot Watkinson, W: L. net, $i, 


Bliss, Edn. M. See Dwight, H: O. 
Bliss, H. L. Plutocracy's statistics: statisti- 
cal lies and liars exposed. 'oi(Jai2) O. 
(Unity lib., no. in.) pap., 10 c Kerr 

Bliss, J: Homer. Genealogy of the Bliss 
family in America, 1550 to 1880. New ed., 
enl. J 04(Je4) por. 8, $1.25. J: H. Bliss. 
Bliss, W: R. Colonial times on Buzzard's 
Bay. New rev. enl. ed. 1900 (Jl2i) 8, 
$1.50. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Bliss, W: R. September days on Nantucket. 
*02(Je28) D. net, $i. Houghton, M. Co 


Bliss. Genealogy of the Bliss family in 
Am. $1.25. J: H. Bliss. 

Blissett, Nellie K. The bindweed: a roman- 
tic novel concerning the late Queen of Ser- 
via. *04(D3) D. t$i-50. Smart Set 

Blissett, Nellie K. From the unsounded sea : 
(romance.) *oi(Je22) D. (Town and coun- 
try lib., no. 299.) $i ; pap., 50 c. Appleton. 
Blissett, Nellie K. Most famous Loba. f oi 
(Ni6) D. (Town and country lib., no. 305.) 
$i ; pap., 50 c. Appleton. 


New York. Official code amendments. 50 c. 

M. Bender. 

BHthedale romance. See Hawthorne, N 
Bloch, I. S. Future of war, in its technical, 
economic and pol. relations. [New issue.] 
'O2(jli9) D. 60 c, Ginn 

Block, Rudolph, ["Bruno Lessing," pseud.] 
Children of men. '03(624) D. f$i. 

McClure, P. 

Livermore, Block Island 25 c Bali 
Block system of signalling on Am railroads. 
Adams, B. B. $2 Railroad Gazette 

Blodgjett, Fes. E. and A. B. A first reader. 
'04(01) il. col. pi., 12, (Blodgett readers.) 
30 c. Ginn 

Blodgett, Fes. E. and A. B. A primer. '04 
(Oi) il. col. pi, 12, (Blodgett readers.) 
30 c. Ginn 

Blodgett, Ht. F. Songs of the days and the 
year *oi(D7) S. $i. Grafton Press. 

Blodgett, Mabel F. The giant's ruby, and 
other fairy tales. '03(0*7) il D. **$i.2S 
net. Little, B. & Co. 

Blok, Petrus J. History of the people of the 
Netherlands, pt. 3, The war with Spain; 
tr. by R. Putnam. 1900(015) O. $2.50. 


Blomfield, Dorothy Frances. See Gurney,. 
Mrs. G. 




Blomfield, Leonard, (formerly Jenyns.) Nat- 
uralist's calendar; ed. by Fs. Darwin, 'o;- 
(85) 12, *75 c. net Macmillan, 

Blomfield, Reginald. Formal garden in Eng- 
land. 3d ed. J 02(Fi) il. I2,$3. Macmillan, 
Blomfield, Reginald. Short hist, of Renais- 
sance architecture in England, 1500-1800. 
'01 (F2) il. 8, $3. Macmillan. 


Bishop. Blood pressure as affecting heart, 

brain, kidneys, -etc. $i. Treat. 

Cabot. Clinical examination of the blood. 

net, $3.25 ; *$3-50 net ; *$ net. Wood. 

Crile. Blood-pressure in surgery. $4. 

Da Costa. Clinical hematology. net, $5. 


Ehrlich and Lazarus. Histology of the 

blood normal and pathological. net, 

$1.50. Macmillan. 

Ewing. Treatise on the clinical pathology 

of the blood^ *$3-50 net. Lea. 

Janeway. Clinical study of blood-pressure. 

$3 ; $4- Appleton. 

Melland Examination of blood *$3 net. 

Mitchell. Fat and blood, net, $1.50. 


Nnttall. Blood immunity and blood rela- 
tionship. *$4.50 net. Macmillan. 
Sec also Anemia: Heart. 

Blood (The) lilies. Fraser, W: A. f$i 50. 


Blood of the nation. Jordan, D: S *40 c. 
net. Am. Unitarian. 

Blood-tax, Gerard, D. t$i-50. Dodd. 

Blood will tell. Davenport, B: R. $1.50. 

Caxton Bk 

Bloom, J. H. Shakespeare's garden. '03 
(63) il. 12, **$i net; limp leath, **$i 25 
net Lippincott. 

Bloom, S: S One hundred years of plat- 
forms, principles, and policies of the Am 
democracy. igoo(06) D. $i; pap., 50 c. 


Bloomer. J. M. Doctor Mars' affinity. '04 
(Je25) il. 12, $1.50. J. S. Ogilvie. 

Bloomfield, Will. Transplanting an old tree. 
'02(Mr22) D. $i. Blanchard 

Hulin. Real and ideal Bloomfield. $i. 

S. M. Hulin. 

Bloomingdate, C:, jr., ["Karl."] A failure. 
J 04(Jl2) il. 12, f$i.25. Lippincott 

Bloomingdale, C:, jr Mr,, Miss, .and Mrs. 
J p3(Mr2i) D. (Select novels.) f$i; pap., 
tso c. Lippincott. 

Blose J. M., and Meaner, R D. Songland 
chief. 1900(529) 0. 50 c. Songland Pub. 

Blosius, L: de. Book of spiritual instruc- 
tion (Instructio spiritualist; fr. the Latin 
1-900 (Jbi) 8, 75 c. Herder. 

Blosius, L: de. Comfort for the faint- 
hearted ; fr. the Latin by B. A. Wilberforce. 
J 02(Di 3 ) il. 8, *75 c. net. Herder. 

Blosius, L: de. Mirror for monks. New 
rev. ed. '01 (Je22) 24, bds., net, 20 c. 

m - T , ^ Herder. 

Blosius, L: de. Oratory of the faithful soul, 
'oi (814) 16, bds., net, 20 c. Herder. , 

Blosius, L: de. A short rule and daily ex- 
ercise for beginners in the spiritual life ; tr. 
by B. Wilberforce. '02. '(>3(Jai7) 24, 
bds., *20 c. net. Herder. 

Blossom and fruit in decorative arrangement. 
Behrens, C. $12. Hesslmg. 

Blossom hosts and insect guests. Gibson, 
W: H. 80 c. Newson 

Blouet, Paul, ["Max O'Rell."] English phari- 
sees, French crocodiles. New issue '01. 
'O2(ja4) D. $1.25. Abbey Press 

Blouet, Paul. A Frenchman in America. 
[New issue.] 1900 (Jei6) il. por. D. $1.25. 


Blouet, Paul. Her royal highness Woman, 
and his majesty Cupid. 'oi(Jbo) por. D. 
$1.50. Abbey Press. 

Blouet, Paul. John Bull & Co. [New issue.] 
1900 (Je2) il. por. D. $1.25. Ketcham. 
Blouet, Paul. 'Tween you an' I. pt. i, Con- 
cerning men; pt. 2, Concerning women. 
'02(My24) D. $1.20. Lothrop. 

Blouet, Paul. Woman and artist: [novel.] 
1900 (Ap7) D. $1.25. Harper. 

Blouet, Paul, and Jack Allyn. Jonathan and 
his continent. [New issue.] 1900 (Mrio) 
D. $i. Ketcham. 

Blount, Bertram. Practical electro-chemistry 
'oi(F2) 8*, net $375. Macmillan 

Blount, Sir E: C: Memoirs; ed. by S. J 
Reid. 5 02(Ag30) O. $4. Longmans 

Blount, R. E., See Darling, F. W. 
Blow from behind. Chamberlin, F. C **$i 
net. Lee & S. 

Blowitz, H: G: S. A. 0. de. Memoirs. '03 
(024) il. 8, **$3 net. Doubleday, P. 

Brush. Determinative mineralogy. $4 


Martin Laboratory guide to qualitative 
analysis with the blowpipe. **6o c. net. 


Plattner. Qualitative and quantitative an- 
alysis with the blowpipe, net, $4 

Van Nostrand 

Bloxam, C: L. Chemistry, inorganic and or- 
ganic; ed. by J. M Thompson and A. G. 
Bloxam 9th ed., rev. and enl '03 (Ds) il. 
8, *$6 net. Blakiston. 

Blue and buff ser. il. D. $1.25. Am Bapt. 
-Tomlinson. Old Fort Schuyler. (2 ) 
Blue and gold. Lord, W: S. " 50 c. 

W: S. Lord. 

Blue and the grey. Dow, Mrs. J. C, sr. 
$i-25- Donohue. 

Blue baby. Molesworth, Mrs. M. L. $i 50. 


Blue badge of courage. Hadley, H: H. 
$1*25. Saalfield. 

Blue book of American shipping. 7th annual 
ed. f 03(Apii) il. 4, $5 Marine Rev. 

Blue diamond. Keene, R. W. $1.50. 
rk1 Abbey Press 

Blue dragon. Munroe, K. t$i.25 Harper. 
Blue flower. Van Dyke, H : J. t$i-So. 
_, Scribner 

Blue flower of Methodism. Spencer, C B 
* 2 5 c, net Jennings. 

Blue goose, Nason, F. L. t$i-50. 

McClure, P. 

Blue-grass and rhododendron. Fox J- jr. 
et- $ r 75- Scribner. 




Blue grass beauty. Jackson, G. E. 50 c. 


Blue grass cook book. Fox, M. C. **$i.50 
net. Fox. 

Blue grass region of Kentucky. Allen, J. L. 
$1.50. Macmillan. 

Blue lady's knight Nixon, M. F. 50 c. ; $i. 


Blue laws. See Connecticut. 

Blue print making. 1900 (06) 8, pap., 25 c. 

D: Williams. 

Blue ribbon cook book. Benedict, J. C. $i. 


Blue shirt and khaki. Archibald, J. F. J. 
$1.50. Silver 

Blue sky booklets. 12, bds., 50 c. 


Stevens. Frown of victory. 

Bluejacket's manual U. S. navy, 1903. Mc- 
Lean, R , comp. $1.25. f Naval Inst 

Blues cure, and other stories. Porter, D. L 
*25 c. net. Pilgrim Press. 

Blues, nervous exhaustion, causes and cure, 
Abrams, A *$i-50 net Treat 

Blum, A. R. Reduction tables for ascertain- 
ing with accuracy and rapidity freight 
charges for any quantity of grain on all 
standard bases, in Eng. money. '01. '02 
(Jei4) 4, leath., net, $3. Am. Code. 

Blum, Emil, and Alexander, S. B. Who lies? 
? oi(J16^s D $1.25. Sims. 

Blumenthal, Count Leonhardt v. Journals, 
1866 and 1870-71. *03(Myi6) por. map, O. 
$5. Longmans. 

Blumentritt, F. The Philippines. Authorized 
tr. 1900. '01 (J16) 8, pap., 25 c. Donohue. 

Blunck, A. Die f ormenlehre ; principles of 
ornament, (N23) pi., 4, $2. Hessling. 

Blunck, A. Technical drawing for joiners 
and carpenters. 1900(029) 3 v., pis. f ; 
$36. Hessling. 

Blundell, Mrs. M. E. S., ["M. E. Francis," 
pseud] Christian Thai. '03(024) D. 
t$i.5o Longmans. 

Blundell, Mrs M E. S. Fiander's widow: 
(novel) J oi(Ag3) D. $1.50. Longmans. 

Blundell. Mrs M E S Lychgate Hall. '04 
( JeiS ) D t$i 50 Longmans. 

Blundell, Mrs. M. E, S. Pastorals of Dor- 
set: [short stories.] 'oi(jeis) il. D. $1.50 


Blundell, Mrs. M. E. S. Yeoman Fleetwood : 
[novel.] 1900 (Mr3) D. $1.50. Longmans. 

Blunt, A. A. At retreat. 'oi(026) D. (Ed. 
of plays.) pap , 15 c. W. H. Baker. 

Blunt, E. M. Through strife to victory. 
>03(F28) 16. 25 c. E. & J. B. Young. 

Blunt, E M. See also Osborne, E. 

Blunt, J: H: Household theology. New 
cheaper ed. '03(031) T. *40 c. net 


Blunt, Wilfrid S Love poems. '02(027) 
16, (Lovers' lib., v. 9.) **5 c. net; leath., 
**75 c. net Lane. 

Blunt, Wilfrid S. Love sonnets of Proteus. 
J oi(Oi2) 16, flex, roan, $i. Doxey's. 

Blunt, Wilfrid S. Love sonnets of Proteus. 
J 04(Di7) nar. Tt. (Old world ser., no. 33-) 
Jap. veil , *$2.50 net ; pap., *$i net. 

T : B. Mosher. 

Rlyth, A. Wynter. Foods ; their composition 
and analysis. 5th ed., rev. and enl. '04 
(D24) 8, $7.50. Van Nostrand. 

Blythe, W. H. Geometrical drawing, with 
notes and examples, pt i. 1900 (Mr24) i6 c , 
(Cambridge ser. for schools and training 
colleges.) net, 60 c.; pt 2. 1900 (Di) net, 
50 c. Macmillan. 

Boarder of Argyle Place. Toile, G: $1.25. 


Boardman, G: D. The church (ecclesia.) 
'oi(My4) O. $1.50. Scribner. 

Boardman, G: D. Ethics of the body^. '03 
(My9) 16, **$i net Lippincott 

Boaitoam, G: D. Our risen King's forty 
days. J O2(Mr22) D. net, $1.25. Lippincott. 

Boardmaa, S: L. Peter Edes and his diary, 
1775. 'oi (D;) il. 12, bds., $3-13- 

De Burians. 

Boardman, S:,L. Richard de Bury, Bishop 
of Durham : first year-book of the De Bu- 
rians; pr. for private circulation. '02 (N8) 
8, bds., 50 c. Hennessy. 

Boardman, W: H. Lovers of the woods 
'oi(Myii) il. D. $1.50. McClure P 


See Hygiene. 

Boarmann, Marshall J. Indictment of social- 
ism J 04(Myi4) 12, pap., 5 c. Herder. 

Boarmann, Marshall J. Socialism in Amer- 
ica. '04(024) 1 6, pap., 5 c. Herder. 

Boas, F: S. In Shakespeare's England. '04 
(Ap2) 12, **$i.50 net. Pott 

Boas, I. Diseases of the intestines; author- 
ized tr. by S. Basch. f oi(J16) il. 8, $5; 
shp , $6 ; 2d rev. enl. Am ed. ; tr. with spe- 
cial notations and add, bv Seymour Basch. 
J 04(Oi) il. 8, subs, $5." Appleton. 


See Canoeing. 


Davis. How to build a launch fr. plans, 
$1.50. Forest 

Graef. How to build a speed launch. $i. 


How to build a flattie or sharpie. How to 

build a racer for $50. How to build a 

shoal draught sloop. How to build a 

skipjack, ea., $i. Rudder. 

Martin. Album of designs for boats, 

launches and yachts. $i. F. W. Martin, 

Mower. How to build a knockabout 

How to build a motor launch, ea., $r. 

Schock. How to build a rowboat $1. 


Webb. Manual of the canvas canoe. $1.25 


See also Navigation; Sailing; Yachts and yacht- 

Boats, bats and bicycles. Young, E. A. 75 c. 


Boaz, Franz, comp. and tr. Kathlamet texts, 
il F, (Smithsonian Inst, Bu of Am. 
ethnology, Bull. 26.) Gov. Pr. 

Boaz, Mrs. F: England. *oi(N2) il. S. 
(Children's lib., no. 5.) 75 c. Whittaker. 
Bob Knight's diary. See Smith, C. C. 
Bob o' Link. Waggaman, M. T. 40 c. 


Bob Porter at Lakeview Academy. Morris, 
Wa. 75 c. Street 

Bob son of Battle. Ollivant, A. net, $1.50. 

Doubleday, P. 

Bob, the photographer. Winfield, A. M. 
**90 c. net. Wessels. 




Bobbsey twins, Hope, L L. 60 c. Mershon. 

Bobby and Bobbinette. Talbot, A. R. 75 c. 


Bobs. See Kipling, R. 

Bobtail Dixie. See Smith, A. N. 

Boccaccio, G. Decameron. New ed. '03(63) 
2 v., buckram, **$7.50 net; ?4 levant mor., 
**$I7.50 net; full-grained mor., **$2$ net. 


Boccaccio, G. Life of Dante; tr. by Philip 
Wicksteed. Riverside Press ed. '04(024) 
4, **$I5 net. Houghton, M. & Co 

Boccaccio, G, Tales from the Decameron 
1900. *oi(F9) T. (National lib., new sen, 
v. 8, no. 390.) pap., 10 c. Cassell. 

Boccaccio, G., and Arctino, L. B. Earliest 
lives of Dante ; fr. the Ital. by Ja. R Smith. 
'01. '02 (Mr 15) O. (Yale studies m Eng., 
no. 10.) pap., 75 c. Holt 

Bockers and his chum Peggy. Compton, M. 
$i. Penn Pub. Co. 

Bockett, F. W. Some literary landmarks for 
pilgrims on wheels. '01 (Di4) il. 12, net, 
$1.25. Lippmcott 

BODE,, Baroness de. 

Pemberton. Baroness de Bode. 1775- 
1803. $5. Longmans. 

Bodington, C: Books of devotion. J o3(Fi4) 
D. (Oxford lib. of practical theology.) 
*$i.40 net Longmans. 


Locock. Examination of the Shelley manu- 
scripts in Bodleian Library. $2.50. 

Oxford Univ. 

Bodley, J: E: C France. New ed. 1900 
(06) 2 v., 8, net, $2 50. Macmillan. 

Bodley anthologies, 12. Lane. 

Bailey. English elegies^ $i 50. 

Bodmer, G. R. Hydraulic motors and tur- 
bines. '02. 'o3(Mri4) il. 8, $5. 

Van Nostrand, 

Bodmer, G. R. Inspection of railway ma- 
terials. J 02(Je7) 12, $1.50. Macmillan. 

BODY (Human). 

Sec Anatomy, Athletics; Gymnastics and phys 
ical culture; 'Hygiene; Mind and body; 

Body and breath under artistic control. Rus- 
sell, L : A 50 c. Essex Pub. 

See Mind and body. 

Body and soul Wright, J. C. $1 J. C Wright 

Body beautiful. Pratt, N. M. **$i.25 net. 

Baker & T. 

Body of Christ. Gore, C: $1,75 Scribner 

Boeddingliaus, R: W. The immortal pilot: 
why should there be measure for man when 
the wealth of nature is boundless? Ed. de 
luxe. J oi(Ag24) Q. slip., $2. 

R: W. Boeddinghaus. 

Boegjli, Lina. Forward: letters written on a 
trip around the world. *04(Ap2) por, D. 
**$2 net. Lippincqtt. 

Boelwne, Kate A. Mental healing made plain. 
'02 (D6) 12, $r. - Nat. Pub. 

Boelme, Kate A. Thinking in the heart. '02 
(D6) il. 12, $i. Nat Pub. 

Boehae, E. A. Farmers' account book and 
farm record. 1900(815) 12, $2.25. 

E. A. Boehne. 

Boer boy of tne Transvaal. Niemann, A: 
$1,25. Penn Pub. Co. 


' See South Africa. 

Boethius. Consolation of philosophy. '02 
(Mr22) 16, (Temple classics ) 50 c. ; 
leath., 75 c. Macmillan. 

BoetMus. King Alfred's version of the Con- 
solations of Boethius ; in modern Eng. ; by 
W. J. Sedgefield. 1900. 8, $1.10. 

Oxford Univ. 

Boexden vander missen (Dat). Vander 
Goude, Brother Ghent *$6 net. Longmans. 

Bog-trotting for orchids. Niles, G. G. **$2.5Q 
net. Putnam. 

Bogaid, Ben M. Pillars of orthodoxy 1900 
(Oi3) 8, $2. Bapt. Bk. 

Bogey (The) book 5 02(Oi8) F. bds., $2.50. 
E. & J. B. Young. 

Boggs, Rob. Stepdaughter of Israel: [novel] 
1900. 'oi(J16) 12, $1.50. Neely. 

Bogus, Mrs. Arth. H, See Bell, Lilian. 

Bohannan, Rosser D. Plane trigonometry. 
J 04(Oi) diagrs., 12, $2.50. Allyn & B. 

Bohemia. Reimer, W: 25 c. Caterer Pub. 

Bohemian life. Murger, H: $10 Barrie 

Bohlen lectures See Hall, A. C A -Jaggar, 
T: A: 

Bohm, A A, and Davidoff, M T Text-book 
of histology; ed. by G. C. Huber. 1900 
(Di) ; M ed., rev and enl. 04(03) il. 8, 
ea., *$35o net Saunders, 

Bohm-Baweark, E. v. Function of saving. 
'oi(Je22) O. (Pub. of the soc., no, 304.) 
pap., 15 c. Am. Acad. Pol. Set. 

Bohm-Bawerk, E. v. Recent literature on in- 
terest, (1884-1889-) supp. to "Capital and 
interest"; tr. by W: A Scott and S. Feil- 
bogea '03(03) 12, **$i net Macmillan. 

Bohn's artist's lib. 12, net. Macmillan. 

Castle. Schools and masters of fence. 
$i 75- 

Bohn's classical lib, D. net Macmillan. 

Cicero. Letters, vs. 1-4 ea., $i 50. 

Bohn's il. lib. 12, net. Macmillan. 

Law. Hampton Court. $1.75. 

Bohn's standard lib. 12, *$i net Macmillan. 

Gaspary. Hist, of early Italian literature. 

Gray Letters 2 v 

Lambert, comp. Cartae Shakespearanae. 

Prescbtt Conquest of Peru. 2 v. Mexico. 
3 v. Ferdinand and Isabella. 3 v. 

Swift Prose works v. 5-9. 

Boies, H: M. Science of penology. J oi(Si4) 
0. net, $3.50. Putnam. 

BOIES, Henry Martyn 

Odell, ed. Henry M. Boies : appreciations. 
Knickerbocker Press. 

Boileau-Despreatix, N. Heros de roman; ed 
by T: F: Crane. '02 (N8) S. (Internat 
modern lang. ser.) 75 c. Ginn 

Boiled-down booklets. Tt 25 c. Success 

Hungerford. Success club ^debater 

Bieg. Text-bk. of naval boilers. $3. 

U. S. Naval Inst. 

Kent. Steam boiler economy. $4. Wiley. 
Keppy. Steam boiler care and management. 
25 c. ^ Am Industrial. 

Kleinhaus. Boiler construction. $3. 


Parsons Steam boilers. **$4 net Longmans. 
Peattie. Steam boilers. $2. Spon 

Poole. Calorific power of fuels: boiler 
tests. $3. Wiley. 

Robertson. Water-tube boilers $3. 

Van Nostrand 




BOILERS. Continued. 
Rowan. Pract. physics of the mod. steam 

boiler. $7.50. Van No^trand. 

Sexton. Pocket-book on boiler making, etc. 

$2. Spon. 

Thurston. Manual of steam boilers. $5. 

Steam boiler explosions. $1.50. Wiley. 
See also Engines; Machinery; Steam engine. 

Boise, Eliz. B. The Sunday book. 'oi(D2i) 
12, net, 25 c. Pilgrim Press. 

Boise, O. B. Harmony made practical 1900 
(Je3o) D. $1.25. Schirmer. 

Boise, O. B. Music and its masters '02. '01 
(N2) D. net, $1.50. Lippincott. 

Boisot, L: By-laws of private corporations 
2d ed '02 (F8) O. shp., $3. eefe-D. 

Bojus, Gustav H. Dumb bell exercises. '04 
(Dio) por. il. 16, (Spalding's athletic lib., 
v. 17, no. 200.) pap., 10 c. Am. Sports. 

Bok, E: W: Young man in business. 1900 
(Di) 12, (Day's work ser.) 35 c. 

L. C. Page. 

Boken. Hughs, G: S. *$i net Hughs. 

Boker, G: H Francesca da Rimini. '01 
(D28) D. net, $i ; pap., net, 50 c. 


Bolas, T:, and Brown, G: E. The lens: 
guide to the choice, use and testing of pho- 
tographic objectives. '02 (Ni) O. *$i.25 net. 


Bold Turpm See Dickens, C: 

Boldrewood, Rolf, pseud. See Brown, T: A. 

Bolen, G: L. Getting a living. '03(05) 8, 
**$2 net. Macmillan. 

Bolen, G: L. Plain facts as to the trusts 
and the tariff. '02(04) 12, **$i-50 net 



Sichel. Bolingbroke and his times. 2 v. 
ea., $4. Longmans. 

Conway. Bolivian Andes, net, $3. Harper. 

Sec also Da\\son, T: C. 

Bolles, Alb. S. American finance. J oi(Jl2o) 
12, $i. Am. Banker. 

Bolles, Alb S. Money, banking, and finance. 
'03 (Sip) D. $1.25. Am. Bk. 

Bolles, J. A. Under reckless rule. 'oi(N2) 
D. 75 c. Abbey Press 

Bolster, Edith R. Ethel in fairyland; il. by 
Herman Heyer. 'o3(Agi) D. **$i net 


Bolton, C: E: The Harris-Ingraham experi- 
ment. '04(024) D. f$i.50. Burrows. 

Bolton, C: E: Model village of homes, and 
other papers. '01(026) D. $1.50. 

L. C. Page. 

Bolton, C : E : Travels in Europe and Amer- 
ica '03(05) il D. **$i.50 net. Crowell. 

Bolton, C: K. The private soldier under 
Washington. J 02(On) 0. **$i.25 net 


Bolton, F: E Secondary school system of 
Germany. 1900 (Mr3) D. (Internat. educ. 
ser., ed. by W. T. Harris, no. 47.) $1.50- 


Bolton, Gambier. Book of beasts and birds. 
'o3(Mri4) il. sq. 12, *$i.50 net. Scribner. 

Bolton, H : C. Evolution of the thermometer, 
1592-1743. 1900. 'oi(Jai2) il. 12*, $i. 


Bolton, H: C. Select bibliog. of chemistry, 
1492-1897. Sec. 8, Academic dissertation:, 
'oi(Ap6) O. (Smithsonian misc. coil., v. 5, 
no. 1253.) pap, n. p.; 1492-1902. 2d supp. 
'04(015) 0. (Smithsonian misc coll, pt 
of v. 45.) $1.50. Smith Inst 

Bolton, Herb. E., and Barker, Eugene C. 
With the makers of Texas : a source reader 
in Texas hist; with an introd. by G: P. 
Garrison. '04(03) ii. 8, vellum, 60 c. 


Bolton, Percival R. Notes on general surg- 
ery. 'oi(Di4) 8, net, $2. Pelton. 

Bolton, Reginald P. Autobiography of an 
Irish terrier. J 04(Fi3) il. D. $i Neale. 

Bolton, Mrs. Sa. K. Every-day living. 1900 
(D8) D. (Day's work ser.) 35 c.L. C.Page. 

Bolton, Mrs. Sa. K. Famous artists. '02 
(025) il. 0. $2.50, Crowell. 

Bolton, Mrs. Sa. K. Our devoted friend the 
dog. '02. 'oi(N23) il. 0. $i 50. L C. Page. 

Bolton, Mrs. Sa. K. Ralph Waldo Emerson. 
'04(015) il. por. D. (Chiswick ser.) **SQ c. 
net. Crowell. 

Bolton, Mrs. Sa. K. Raphael of Urbino. '04 
(Oi5) por D. (Chiswick ser.) **5Q c. net 


Bolza, O Concerning the geodesic curvature 
and the isoperimetric problem on a given 
surface. '02(Jli9) Q. (Univ. of Chic de- 
cennial pub.) pap, *25 c. net Univ. of Chic 

Bolza, O. Lectures on the calculus of varia- 
tions. *04(Dio) 8,*$4net Univ ofChic. 


- Hills. Bombay Field Force, 1880 net, 75 c. 


Bona, Cardinal. The holy sacrifice of the 
mass; ed. by Ildephons Cummins. '03(019) 
por. 24, (Paternoster books ) *30 c net. 


Boname, Louise C. Study and practice of 
French: for advanced grades. 1900 (Je2) 
S. pap., 35 c. * L. C. Boname. 

Boname, Louise C. Study and practice of 
French in school for beginners. 3d ed. rev. 
*99.(Myi2) 3 pts., pt. I, 60 c.; pt 2, 90 c.; 
pt 3, $i. Leeds & R 

Bonanza Bible class. Cope, H: F. *$i net 



Tschudi, Great Napoleon's mother. $3. 


BONAPARTE, Napoleon i. 
See Napoleon i 

BONAPARTE, Napoleon in. 
See Napoleon in. 

Bonar, H. God's way of peace. 1900 (Ja6) 
16, net 30 c.; pap., 15 c. Revell. 

Bond, A. K. How can I cure my indiges- 
tion? s o2(Oii) 16, $T Contemporary. 

Bond, A Russell Sec Hopkins, A A 

Bond, Paul S See Hamilton, W R. 

Bondage. See Snowe, L. 

Bondage of Ballinger (The). Field, R. 
t$i.25. Revell. 

Bonde, Baroness, (Florence Robinson.) Paris 
in '48; letters from a resident describing 
the events of the revolution; ed. by C. E. 
Warr. 'os(Ag29) por. D. **$2 net Pott. 

Bondman free. Oxenham, J : fso c. Federal. 


Bronson. Law of recitals in municipal 
bonds $2. Keefe-D. 




BOXDS Continued. 

Ewbank and Wood. Indiana bonds, gratis. 
Indianapolis Commercial 

Harris. Law governing the issuing, trans- 
fer and coll. of municipal bonds. $4. 

W. H. Anderson & Co. 

Moody. Manual of industrial and miscel- 
laneous securities. $5. O. C. Lewis, 

Robinson. Bond and investment tables. $5. 
J. W. Robinson. 

Sec aisc Finances; Investments, Securities; 

Bone products and manures. Lambert, T: 

net, $3. Van Nostrand. 

BoneMll, Ralph, pseud. Boy land boomer. 

'02(Ag9) ii. 12, $i. Saalfield. 

BoneMll, Ralph. Boys of the fort. *oi(N2) 

il. D. (Flag of freedom ser.) $1.25. 

BoneMll, Ralph. For the liberty of Texas. 

1900 (D8) D. (Mexican war ser., no. i.) 

$1.25. Estes. 

BoneMll, Ralph. The island camp. '04(029) 

il. D fSi.23 Barnes. 

BoneMll, Ralph. Lost in the land of ice. '02 

CD6) D. **90 c. net. Wessels. 

BoneMll, Ralph. Neka, the boy conjurer. 

*02(Oi8) il. 12, (Boys' own lib., no. 64.) 

75 c. Street. 

BoneMll, Ralph. Pioneer boys of the great 

northwest. J 04(Dio) pis., 12, (Frontier 

stories, no. 2.) $i. Mershon. 

BoneMll, Ralph. Three young ranchmen '01 

(O26) il. D. $i. Saalfield. 

BoneMll, Ralph. Tour of the Zero club. '02 

(On) il T2, (Zero club ser.) $1.25 Street 
BoneMll, Ralph. Under Scott in Mexico. 

J 02(Oi8) il. D. (Mexican war sen, no. 3.) 

**$i net. Estes. 

Bonehill, Ralph. With Boone on the frontier. 

VxKJag) il D. $i. Mershon. 

BoneMll, Ralph. With Taylor on the Rio 

Grande. } oi(Ag3i) D. (Mexican war ser., 

v. 2.) $1.25. Estes. 

BoneMll, Ralph. Young bandmaster. 1900 

(Nio) il. D. (Flag of freedom ser.) $1.25. 

Boner, J: H: Poems; il. by A G. Heaton. 

*03(Ag22) 12, $125 Neale. 


Spalteholz. Hand atlas of human anat- 
omy, v. i, Bones, joints, ligaments. 
$3 50 Stechert 

See also Fracture; Osteopathy. 

Bones and I. Melville, G: J: W. $1.25. 


Bonesteel, Ma. G. Hostage of war. 1900 
(Mys) il. S. bds., 40 c. Benziger. 

Bonesteel, Ma. G. Recruit Tommy Collins. '02 
(Mr22) S. 45 c. Benziger. 

Bonesteel, Ma. G. Young color guard; or, 
Tommy Collins at Santiago. '04 (Mr 12) il. 
S. 45 c. Benziger. 

Bonham, J. W. Temple of pleasure. 2d ed. 
enl. 1900 (F3) 16, 5oc. Whittaker. 

Boniface, J : J. The cavalry horse and his 
pack. '03(03) il. D. $2,50. Hudson-K. 

Boniface, J: J. Cavalry shelter-tent drill. 
'04 (S3) 16, 50 c. Hudson-K 

Boniface, J : J. Manual of instruction of non- 
commissioned officers of a troop of cavalry 
in security and information. '04(83) fold. 
tab., 16, 50 c. Hudson^K 

Bonnell, H: H. Charlotte Bronte, George 
Eliot, Jane Austen: studies in their works. 
'02 (D6) O. **$2 net Longmans. 

Bonner, D: F. Saving the world. '02(820) 
D. *$i net Hanford & H. 

Bonner, Geraldine. Hard-pan. i900-(Oi3) 

D. $1.50. Century Co. 
Bonner, Geraldine. To-morrow's tangle. '03 

(Oio) D. t$ Bobbs-M. 

Bonnear, R. I. See Knapp, J : I. 

Bonner, Rob. J. Greek composition for 
schools. 'o3(Apii) D. (Inter-collegiate 
classical ser.) $i. Scott, F. & Co. 

Bonney, C: C. World's Congress addresses. 
I90o(je9) D. (Religion of sci. lib., no. 42.) 
pap., 15 c. Open Court. 

Bonney, J. T. The Mediterranean; its cities 
and ruins. J 02(D27) il. 8, $3; H mor., $6. 


Bonney, T : G : See Mathews, C : E Mont 

Bonnie Scotland. Lippincott, S J. 50 c. 


Bonnie Scotland. Palmer, S *$6 net 


Bonninghausen, Cl. M. F. von. Systematic al- 
phabetic repertory of homoeopathic reme- 
dies. Pt. I, fr. 2d German ed., by C. M. 
Boger. 1900 (Dis) 8, mor., $3. 

Boericke & T. 

Bonny Lesley of the border. Blanchard, A. 

E. f$i50- Wilde. 
Bonsai, S., ed. Golden horseshoe: letters 

concerning the Philippines and Puerto Rico 

1900(^3) D. $1.50. Macmillan. 

Bonsall, C: Money: its nature and functions. 

'o2(Ag9) 12, 50 c. ; pap., 25 c. 

M. S. Schwartz. 
Bonsall, Eliz. F., and Humphrey, Mabel. The 

book of the cat J O3(N2i) col. il. f, bds., 

$2 Stokes. 

Bonsar, F. G. Statistical study of Illinojs high 

schools. '02. 25 c. Univ. 111. 

Bonsard, P. de. Sonnets. *02(N22) 8, 

(Vale Press ser.) bds., **$I2 net Lane 
Bonte, G : Willard. The Mother Goose puzzle 

book. '04(810) obi. bds., *$i net. Button. 
Bonte, G: Willard. The sandman rhymes. 

'04(022) col. il. Q. bds., $125. Caldwell. 
Bonte, Louise Q. and G: Willard. A B C in 

Dixie: a plantation alphabet. '04(022) il. 

Q. bds., **$i.25 net Dutton. 

Boogher, W : F. Gleanings of Virginia hist. ; 

hist, and genealogical collection, largely 

from original sources. J 03(Jlu) 8, $6. 

W: F. Boogher. 

Boohoo book. Smith, G. 75 c. Estes. 

Book, J: W: Book of books. 1900 (Jl2i) 8, 

net, 50 c. ; pap., n'et, 30 c. Herder. 

Book, J: W: Mollie's mistake. New ed. 

i900(Dis) 16, (Short line ser.) pap., 15 c. 

Book, J: W: Thousand and one objections 

to secret societies; rev. and enl. by F. 

Girardey. '03 (N7) 16, 15 c. Herder. 

Book, J: W:, and Jenkins, T: J. Side 

switches of the short line. *O3(My9) 16, 

15 c. Herder. 

Book about doctors. Jeaff reson, J : C. $2.50; 

$4- Saalfield. 

Book agent: his book. Wright, J. $i. 

Thomson & S. 
Book (The) and the land. Van Schoick, R. 

W. *$i net Jennings. 





Roden. Auction prices of Am. book-club 
publications, 1857-1901. (Not for sale.) 


Briggs Brothers 1 Twentieth century cover 
designs. *$5 net. Briggs. 

Book for all readers. Spofford, A. R. $2. 


Book (A) for the cook. 1900 (Api4) 8, pap., 
25 c. Kurd & T. 


Brothers Dalziel: record of work, 1840-90 
net, $6.50. ^ Button. 

Crane. Of the decorative il. of books old 
and new. net, $2. Macmillan. 

Strange Japanese illustration: hist, of arts 

of wood-cutting and color printing. **$2 

net. Macmillan. 

Book lover. Baldwin, J. net, $L McClurg. 

Book-lovers, bibliomaniacs and book-clubs. 

Harper, H : H. $3 75. (privately pr.) 

H:H. Harper. 

Book-lovers' ser. 12. L. C. Page. 

Harkms and Johnston. Little pilgrimages 

among men [authors.] Little pilgrimages 

among women [authors.] ea., $1.50; $3; 


Book of Airier, humorous verse ; composed by 

the best known Am. writers. '03 (Dig) D 

$125. H. S. Stone 

Book of Amer. prose humor ; composed by the 

best knovm Am. writers. 'o3(DiQ) D. $1.25. 

H. S. Stone 

Book of beauty. Williamson, F. H. +$35 

net Lippincott. 

Book of Bryn Mawr stories. Morris, M. 

net, $1.20. Jacobs. 


Prayer-book of Aedeluald the Bishop, com- 
monly called the Book of Cerne. *$7 
net. Macmillan. 

Book of cheer. Mason, J. F :, comp. *$i net ; 
*$2 net Dodge. 

Book of cheerful cats and other animated 
animals. Francis, J. G. $i. Century. 

Book of children's parties. White, M. **$i 
net Century. 

Book of clever beasts. Reed, M. $1.50. 


Book of college sports. Camp, W. $1.75. 

Century Co. 


Church of England. Annot Book of com- 
mon prayer $4. Longmans, 

Coleridge. Aids to reflections [and] Notes 
on Book of common prayer. $i; $1.25. 


Dowden Workmanship of the Prayer- 
book ST. Macmillan. 

Gee Elizabethan prayer-book and orna- 
ments net, $1.25. Macmillan. 

Hall. Companion to the Prayer book net, 
35 c E. & J. B. Young. 

Jackson Prayer-book explained, pt. i. 
net, 60 c. Macmillan. 

Pa ret Pastoral use of the Prayer book. 
75 c. Maryland Diocesan. 

Procter. New history of the Rook of com- 
mon prayer, net *$3- Macmillan. 

Ptillan. Hist of Book of common prayer. 
$i 5- Longmans. 

Worthington. Study of the occasional of- 
fices of the Prayer book. *5o c. net. 
__ Young Churchman. 

Yonge, ed. Child's guide to the Book of 
common prayer, net, 50 c. E. & J. B. i'oung. 

See also Church of England ;CoIlects: Litany: 
Protestant Epis. church. 

Book of common worship,* prep, under direc- 
tion of the N. Y. Conference of Religion. 
1900. f oi (Mia) 16, net, $1.25. Putnam. 

Book of corn. Myrick, H. $1.50. Judd 

Book of daily strength. Davis, V. D. *$i.20 

., n ^- f Am. Unitarian. 

Book of dragons. Bland, Mrs. E. N. $1.50. 


Book of forms to be used in connection with 
the study of criminal procedure in the 
Univ. of Mich. ; O2(Hy24) O pap., 60 c. 

D . t . Bliss & A. 

Book of ghosts Baring-Gould, S. {$1.50. 

_ , ,. , Putnam. 

Book of girls. Bell, L. $i. L. C Page. 

Book of golden deeds. Yonge, C. M. $r. 

Book of herbs. Northcote, Lady R. **$i net 

Book of heroic ballads. Tileston, Mrs M* 

W. F 50 c. Little, B. & Co. 

Book of horses; col. pictures. 'o2(D6) obi. 

4, pap., f 50 c. Button. 

Book of illustrations. See Moulton. R: G. 
Book of images. Horton, W. T. net. $1.25, 
_ Mansfield 

Book of indoor and outdoor games. Kings- 

land, Mrs. F. **$ net. Doubleday, P. 
Book of indoor games. Benson, J. K. $1.50. 

Book of Italian travel. Vaughan, H. M. *$3 

net * Button 

Book (The) of Jade. 'oi(Myn) sq. S. $i. 

_ Doxey. 


Songs from the Book of Jaffir. $r. 
_ t f . ,, Macmillan. 

Book of joy. Mason, J, F: 3 comp. *$i net; 

*$2 net Dodge. 

Book of joyous children. See Riley, Ja. W 
Book of jubilees. Charles, R. H. "$5.25 net 
_ Macmillan. 

Book of King Arthur and his noble knights. 

Macleod, M. $1.50. E. & J. B. Young. 
Book of knowledge. Beighle, Mrs. N $2; 
_ $ J - Alliance 

Book of legends. Scudder, H. E. 50 c.; 

net, 25 c, ; net, 15 c. Houghton, M. & Co. 
Book of little boys. Brown, H. D. f$i- 

Houghton, M. & Co 

Book of months. Benson, E : F. **$ net. 

Book of nature by Johnny Jones. Walton, 

C: *25 c. net. p. Elder. 

Book of nursery rhymes. Welsh C: 2 pts. 

ea.. 30 c.; 10 c. Heath 

Book (A) of old English ballads. New 

cheaper ed. 'o2(0i8) 12, *$i.25 net 

Book of old-fashioned flowers. Roberts, H. 

net, $T. Lane. 

Book (The) of Omar and Rubaiyat 1900 

(Ns) il. O. bds., $1.75- Mansfield. 

Book of one hundred houses. Coleman, O. 

net, $1.60. H. S. Stone. 




Book of poems. Hancock, N. P. 25 c. 

Stone Pr. 

Book of prayer and daily texts for Eng. 
churchmen. 'oi(Mr23) Tt. net, 40 c. 


Book (The) of private prayer. Rev. enl. ed. 

1900(815) T. 75 c. Longmans. 

Book of remembrance. Gillespie, Mrs. E D 

net, $2.50. Lippmcott 

Book of romance. Lang, A. **$i.6o net 


Book of romantic ballads. '02(Je2i) il. 16*, 
(Caxton ser.) net, $1.25. Scribner. 

Book of St. Albans. See Berners, J. 
Book of saints and friendly beasts. Brown, 
A. F. $1.25. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Book of school and college sports. Barbour, 
R. H. **$i.75 net. Appleton. 

Book of secrets. Dresser, H. W. net, $i. 


F,ook of shops. Bndgman, C. t<5o c. Dutton. 
Book of snobs. See Thackeray, W: M. 
Book of stitches. Masters, E. T. 75 c. 


Book of sun-dials. Gatty, Mrs. A. net, $10. 


Book of the [Baltimore] fire. Henderson, 
D. M so c. D. M. Henderson. 

Book of the black bass. Henshall, J. A. $3. 


Book of the cat. Bonsall, E. F, $2. Stokes. 

Book of the child. Smith, J. W. $2. Stokes. 

Book of the country and garden. Batson, H 

M. **$3 net. Dutton. 

Book of the courtier Castiglione, B., Count. 

**$4 net ; **$io net. Scribner. 

Book of the dead; Eng. tr. of the Theban 

Recension. (E. A. W. Budge.) *oi(Di4) 

3 v., 8, net, $3.75. Open Court. 

Book of the dog. Haines, A. C. f$i 50. 


Book of the fan. See Copeland, W. 
Book of the little J. D.'s. See Copeland, W. 
Book of the Mandar infants. See Copeland, 

Book of the rifle. Fremantle, T. F. $5. 


Book of the rose. Roberts, C: G: D. **$i 

net. L. C. Page. 

Book of the short story. Jessup, A. ^$1.10 

net. Appleton. 

book of the zoo. Copeland, W. f6o c. 



Goodspeed. Book of Thekla. y. i, pt. I. 
net, 50 c. Univ. of Chic. 

Book of verse. March, J: L. $i. Badger. 

Bowdoin. Rise of the book-plate, net, $2. 

Dixson. Concerning book-plates. $3.50. 


Leiningen-Westerburg. German book- 
plates, net, $4; $12.50 Macmillan 
Moring 50 book plates eng. on copper, 
net, $6; 100 eng. on wood, net, $5. 


Simpson and Stone. Purple book of book- 
plates, net, $i. Mansfield 
Stone. Book-plates of to-day. $1.50. 


Stone. Some children's book-plates. $2. 

Brothers Bk. 

BOOK-PLATES. Continued. 
Stone. Women designers of book-plates, 
net. $i ; net, $2 Beam. 

Teall. Child's book-plate. *$i.25 net. 

Charterhouse Press. 

Warren. Guide to the study of book plates. 
New ed. $3.50. Lane. 

See also Chambers, J. 

Book titles from Shakespeare. Streamer, V. 
net, 50 c. Brentano s 

Book we need. Steffle, L. *$i net. 

Whitaker & R. 

Cockerell. Bookbinding and care of books 
net, $i 20. Appleton. 

Davenport. Eng. embroidered bookbind- 
ings, net, $4. Dodd. 
Poor. Amer bookbindings in lib of W: 
H: Poor. $25; $55. 

Marion Press, [G: D.. Smith.] 

Prideaux. Bookbinders and their craft. 

**$I2 net. Scribner. 

Smith Printing and writing materials 

$1.50. A. M. Smith. 

Uzanne. French book binders of the i8th 

cent, (privately printed.) Caxton Club. 

Zahn. On art binding. $i 50 ; $2.50. Tool 


Adgie. Modern bookkeeping and accounts. 
3 pts., pt. i. net, 40 c. Macmillan. 

Baker. Reference bk. 20th cent, bookkeep- 
ing. $i. Southern. 
Beck Value of auditing to the business 
man 25 c Am. Acad Pol Sci. 
Browne. First bookkeeping course. 25 c. 
Browne's Business Coll. 
Business short cuts in accounting, book- 
keeping, etc. $i Bookkeeper. 
Curtiss. Am. standard bookkeeping $i. 

Am. Bk. 

Dean. Bookkeeping for retail stores. $i. 


Eaton. Eaton and Burnett bookkeeping. 

$1.50. f A. H. Eaton. 

Gilbert. Modern business bookkeeping. 

**$i.o net m Bobbs-M. 

Goodwin. Bookkeeping self-taught. $i. 

Goodyear. Theory of accounts. $r 50 


Hardcastle. Accounts of executors and tes- 
tamentary 'trustees. $2. 

N. Y. Univ. Sch. Commerce. 
Haskins. Business education and account- 
ancy. **$2net. Harper. 
Hirsch. Science of commercial bookkeep- 
ing. *$2 net A. Hirsch. 
History of accountancy. 25 c. 

Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

Hookland. Inductive bookkeeping and 

business practice. Hookland. 

Ingerson. Normal method in double entry 

bookkeeping. 50 c. Interstate. 

Macpherson. Municipal accounting. $3. 


Massey. Bookkeeping and business prac- 
tice; with app. on commercial law. $2. 

T. Gilbert. 

Mayne. Office methods and practical book- 
keeping. $2.10; $2.75. Flanagan. 
Moore and Miner. Accounting and busi- 
ness practice: Complete course. $1.40; 
Shorter course $1.10; Teacher's ref. 
book. 50 c. Ginn. 




BOOKKEEPING. Continued. 

Neal and Cragin. Modern illustrative book- 
keeping. 85 c. ; $1.50. Am. Bk. 

Neal and Cragin. Modern illustrative 
bookkeeping. $1.25. Williams & R. 

Snailum. Fifteen studies in bookkeeping, 
net, '$i. Macmillan. 

Snyder and Thurston. Universal system of 
pract bookkeeping. $1.25. Am. Bk. 

Settle. New science and practice of ac- 
counts. *$4 net G: Soule; [Caspar,] 

Strayer. Modern bookkeeping. $2. 

Modern Text-bk. 

See also Banks and banking; Corporations; 

Booklorcrs' lib.; ed. by H: B: Wheatley. S. 


Kitton. Minor writings of Dickens. $1.25. 

Wheatley. How to make an index. $1.25; 

Bookmaking. Van Deusen, J: B. $2. 

[Morning Telegraph.] 

Bookman, J. C. Nature and human nature. 
'O4(jl3o) 12, $1.25. J. C. Beekman. 

Bookman biographies. See Pott's. 

Bookman classics, il. 0. $1.50. Dodd. 

Defoe. Robinson Crusoe. 

Hawthorne. Scarlet letter. 

Hughes. Tom Brown's school-days. 

Sterne. Sentimental journey. 

Bookman's directory. See Literary year- 

Books and my food. Cary, E. L. *$i net. 

Rohde & H. 


Abbott, ed. Hints for home reading. $1.25. 


Andrews. Bibliopegy in the U. S. $22.50 ; 

$40. Gossip about book collecting, v. I. 

net, $17. Dodd. 

Arnold. Record of first editions of Bryant, 

Emerson, etc. $12.50; $25. 

[Dodd] ; Marion Press. 
Baldwin. Book lover: guide to best read- 
ing, net, $i. McClurg. 
Boynton. Journalism and literature, and 
other essays. **$i.25 net 

Houghton, M. & Co. 
Burton. Book hunter. $1.25 ; $3. 


Clark. Care of books, net, $5. Macmillan. 
Counsel t,pon the reading of books. $1.50. 
Houghton, M. & Co. 
De Bury. Philobiblon. $5 ; $15. 

Elston Press. 

De Bury. Philobiblon. $2.50. Meyer. 
Early Eng. printed books in the Univ. Lib., 
Ca'mbridge. v. i, 2. ea., *$5 net. 


Ensey, com p. About my books : a reader's 

record. **$ net; **$ net. Small. 

First book printed in Baltimore town. $1.50. 

G: W. McCreary. 

Gladstone, Stevenson and others. Books 
which have influenced me. 50 c. Pott. 
Grolier Club. Bibliog. notes on one hun- 
dred books famous in Eng. lit. (Sold 
only to members.) Catalogue of exhibi- 
tion of eds. of Italian bks. sel. to il. the 
develop, of Italian lit. privately pr. 

Grolier Soc. 

Harper. Book-lovers, bibliomaniacs and 
book clubs. $3.75, (privately pr.) 

H:H. Harper. 


Hitchcock Book-builder's handbook of 

types, scales, etc. net, 50 c. Grafton Press. 

Johnson. Methods in reading. 50 c. Crist. 

Joline. Diversions of a book-lover. **$3 

net. Harper. 

Josselyn. My favorite book-shelf. *$2 net ; 

*$6 net ; *$io net. P. Elder. 

Kroeger. Guide to study oi reference 

books. **$i.25 net. A. L. A. 

Laing. Reading. 75 c. Heath. 

Lee. Lost art of reading. **$i.75 net 


Le Gallienne. How to get the best out of 
books. **$i.25 net. Bate & T. 

Legler. Early Wisconsin imprints, n. p. 

State Hist 

Le Row. Course in reading. $i. Hinds. 

Livingston, comp. American book prices 

current, v. 6-10. ea., **$6 net; large pap. 

cop., **$i5 net. Dodd. 

Mabie. Essays on books and culture. $i. 

Marble. Books that nourish us. 35 c. 


Matthews. Recreations of an anthologist. 

**$i net. ^ ^ Dodd. 

Merryweather. Bibliomania in the Middle 

Ages. $3.50; $10. Meyer. 

Nicoll. Lost art of reading. **30 c. net. 


O'Conor. Reading and the mind. *$i net. 


Of the making of a book. 50 c. Appleton. 
Parrott Studies of a book-lover. **$i.25 
net. Pott. 

Rawlings. Story of books, net, 35 c, 

Richardson. Choice of books. $1.25. 


Right reading; choice and use of books. 

net, 80 c. McChirgr. 

Ten best books for young people. 10 v. $6. 

Ram's Horn. 

Welsh, comp. Right reading for children 
in the school, home and library. 25 c. 


Sec also Bibliographies ; Book-clubs ; < Book 
illustration; Book-plates; Bookbinders and 
bookbinding; Classification,* Copyright; 
Fiction; Libraries; Literature; Printers 
and printing. 

Books triumphant Eaglesfield, C. C, $1.25. 



Littlefield. Early Boston booksellers, 1642- 
1711. n. p. Club Odd Vol. 

Marston. Sketches of booksellers of other 
days. Some booksellers of the time of 
Dr. Johnson, net, ea., $2. Scribner. 

Wilson. Directory of booksellers, station- 
ers, librarians and publishers in the U. S. 
and Canada. $10. H. W. Wilson. 

Boole, M. E. Lectures on the logic of arith- 
metic. '03(05-) D. 50 c.; interleaved, 75 c. 

Oxford Univ. 

Boole, M. E. Preparation of the child for 
science. '04(022) D. 50 c. Oxford Univ. 

Booming of Acre Hill. Bangs J : K $1.25. 


Boone, C: T. Law of real property. New 
practitioners' ser. 2d ed., enl. and extended. 
f oi(Je8) 3 v., S. shp., $9. Bancroft- W. 




BOONE, Daniel. 
Davis. In the footsteps of Boone. $i. 


Hartley. Daniel Boone. 75 c. Burt 

Hill. Life and adventures of Daniel Boone. 
50 c. Hurst 

Miner. Daniel Boone. $i. Dibdin Club. 
Perry. Story of Daniel Boone, 10 c. 

Werner Sch.-Bk. 

Thwaites. Daniel Boone. **$i net. Appleton. 
See also Hough, E. 

Boone, H: B. The career triumphant. '03 
(812) D. t$i.5o. Appleton. 

Boone, H: B., and Brown, K. Eastover 
Court House. 'oi(F9> D. (Am. novel 
ser., no. i.) $1.50. Harper. 

Boone, H : B., and Brown, K. Redfields suc- 
cession. *03(Myi6) D. f$i,50. Harper. 

Boone, R: G. Science of education. *O4(Oi) 
D. **$i net. Scribner. 

Boone and Crockett Club. See Grinnell, G : B. 

Boone's Wilderness Road. Hulbert, A. B. 
*$ net. A. H. Clark 

Booth, Arth. J: Discovery and decipherment 
of the. trilingual cuneiform inscriptions. '02 
(D6) il. 0. $4. Longmans. 

Booth, Bramwell Servants of all: brief re- 
view of the call, character and labors of 
officers of the Salvation Army. 3d ed. 
'04 (Mrs) por. D. 50 c. Salvation. 

Booth, Mrs. Cath. Popular Christianity: ser. 
of lectures delivered in Princes Hall, Pic- 
cadilly. 4th ed. 'o-4(Mr5) D. 75 c. 


BOOTH,, Mrs. Catherine. 
Stead. Life of Mrs. Booth, founder of the 
Salvation Army. $1.25. Revell. 

Booth, C:, [and others.] Life and labor of 
the people in London. First series, Poverty. 
'03(03) 4 v., 12, vellum, ea., $2; Second 
series, Industry. '03(03) 5 v., 12, vellum, 
ea., $2; Third series, Religious influences. 
J 03(Ap25); (Agis) 7 v., il. 12, vellum, 
ea., $2. Macmillan. 

BOOTH, Edwin. 
Copeland. Edwin Booth, net, 65 c. Small. 

Booth, Mrs.- Eliza M. J. G., ["Rita," pseud.] 
Souls. J 03(Ni4) D, f$i.5o. Brentano's. 

Booth, Mrs. Eliza M. J. G. Vanity: confes- 
sions of a court modiste. 1900 (Ni7) D. 
$1.25. Buckles. 

Booth, Eva G. The one and the -many: 
[poems.] '04(817) D. $i. Longmans. 

Booth, H: M. Heavenly vision, and other 
sermons. Memorial ed. [New issue.] '02 
(Mr22) D. net, $i. Beam. 

Booth, Ma. H. Graphology. '02. '03 (F7) 
obi. T. pap., 25 c. M. H. Booth. 

Booth, Mrs. Maud B. After prisonwhat? 
'03(024) il. O. **$i.25 net. Revell. 

Booth, Mrs. Maud B. Lights of child-life. 
'01(026) il. O. net, $i.3S. Putnam. 

Booth, Wa. S. See Minnesota. Village man- 
ual. North Dakota, Township manual 

Booth, W: Religion for every day. '04 
(Mrs) 2 v., >. ea., 50 c. ' Salvation. 

Booth, W: Training of children. 2d ed. 
'04 (Mrs) D* 75 c. Salvation. 

Booth, W:, [and others.] General Booth's 
vision, and other addresses. '04 (O8) D. 
50 c. Pickett 

Booth, W : H. Liquid fuel and its combustion. 
'04 (Mr 12) 8 C , *$8 net Dutton. 

Booth, W: H., an'd Kershaw, J : B. C Smoke 
prevention and fuel economy. '04(010) il. 
8, $2.50. Henley. 

Booth, W: S., comp. Notes for the guid- 
ance of authors. 1900(822) 16, pap., net, 
25 c. Macmillan. 

Boothby, C: Under England's flag !rotn 1804 
to 1809: memoirs, diary and corr. 1900 
(D2g) 8, $2. Macmillan. 

Boothby, Guy. Cabinet secret 'oi(Mrp) il. 
D. $1.50; J 02(Ag23) D. (Select novels.) 
t$i; pap., 50 c. Lippincott 

Boothby, Guy, Farewell, Nikola. '01(026) 
.il. D. $1.50. Lippincott. 

Boothby, Guy. Long live the king. 1900 (D8) 
D. $1.25. H. S. Stone. 

Boothby, Guy. Maker of nations. 1900 
(Mrio D. (Town and country lib,, no. 280.) 
$i; pap., So c. Appleton. 

Boothby, Guy. Millionaire's love story. '01. 
*02(Mr29) D. $1.25. Buckles. 

Boothby, Guy. My Indian queen. 1901. 1900 
(D8) D. (Town and country lib., no. 294.) 
$i ; pap., 50 c. Appleton. 

Boothby, Guy. My strangest case. '01(814) 
il. D. $1.50. L. C. Page. 

Boothby, Guy. Mystery of the clasped hands : 
(novel.) 'oi(My4) D. (Town and country 
lib., no. 298.). pap., 50 c. Appleton. 

Boothby, Guy. Red Rat's daughter: [novel.] 
1900 (Je9) il. 12, $1.25. New Amsterdam. 

Boothby, W: T. Cocktail Boothby's Am. 
bartender. 2d rev. enl. ed. 1900(522) 
D. pap., 50 c. San F. News. 

Bo-Peep. J oi(D28) il. 4, $1.50; bds., $i. 


Boraston, J: M. Birds by land and sea. '04 
(Di7) il. 8, *$2 net. Lane, 

Borchgrevrink, C. E. First on the Antarctic 
continent: ace. of the British Antarctic ex- 
pedition, 1898-1900. 'oi(Api3) il. 8, net, 
$3. Scribner. 

Border fights and fighters, Brady, C. T. 
**$i.30 net. McClure, P. 

Border warfare in Pennsylvania. Shimmell, 
L. S. 50 c. R. L. Myers. 

Borderland tales, Stebbing, W: *$l.20 net 


Borders, J. H. Queen of Appalachia : [novel.] 
'oi(J16) D. $i. . Abbey Press. 

BORGIA, Lucretia. 

Gregorovius. Lucretia Borgia. **$2.25 
net. Appleton. 

BORGIA (House of). 

Corvo. Chronicles of the House of Borgia, 
net, $6. Dutton. 

Borgmeyer, C: L., ed. Am. corporation legal 
manual, patent and trade-mark laws, etc. 
v. 8. 1900 (Ap28) O. shp., $4,50. 

Corp. Leg. Co. 


Isler. Well boring for water, brine and oil. 
$4. Spon. 

Borlase & Son. Russell, T. B. f$i.50. Lane. 

Born to serve. Sheldon, C: M. 50 c. 



Furness. Folk-lore in Borneo. $i. Lemcke. 
Furness. Home life of Borneo head-hunt- 
ers. **$7-50 net. Lippincott 

Borough (The). Crabbe, G: 50 c. ; 75 c. 





New Jersey. Borough law. $1.50. Soney. 

Borrow, G: Bible in Spain. 1900. 24, 
(New pocket lib.) *50 c. net; leath., *75 c. 
net. Lane. 

Borrow, G: Isopel Berners; introd. and notes 
by T: Seccombe. 'o4(Mr26) nar. S. **$i 
net. Dodd. 

Borrow, G: Lavengro. '02. 24, (New 
pocket lib.) *5o c net; leath , *75 c. net. 


Borrow, G: Romany rye. 1900. 24 , (New 
pocket lib.) *5O c net; leath, ^75 c net. 


Borrow, G: Romany rye New ed. 1900 
(822) il D. $2. Putnam. 

Borrow, G: Wild Wales. '01(821) 12, $2. 


Borrow, G: The Zincali. '02. 24, (New 
pocket lib.) *so c. net; leath., *75 c. net. 


Borrow, G: The Zincali: ace. of gypsies of 
Spain. '01. *02(F22) il. D. $2. Putnam 

Borrowed plumes. Seaman, O. $1.25. Holt 

Borrowings: [quotations.] 'oi(D28) il. 12, 
$1.25; ooze cf , $2. Dodge 

Borstius, Jakob. Primer of Bible truths; re- 
arranged and filled out by H. Beets and M. 
J. Bosnia. '03(812) S. pap., 5 c. Hulst. 

Bosanquet, Bernard H., and Wenham, Regi- 
nald A. Outlines of the synoptic record: 
a summary of the narrative of the first 
three gospels in the light of modern criti- 
cism. 7 O4(Dio) D. *$i.7o net. Longmans. 

Bosanquet, Helen, [Mrs. Bernard Bosan- 
quet.] The strength of the people. '02 
(025) 8, *$2.75 net Macmillan. 

Boscher, Kate L. When love is love. '04 
(Fi3) D. $1.50. Neale. 

Bose, Jagadis C Response in the living and 
non-living. *O2(D6) 0. $3.50. Longmans. 

Bosma, M. J. See Beets, H. 


Baedeker. Austria including Bosnia, net, 
$2.40. Scribner. 

Bosqui, Fs. L. Practical notes on the cy- 
anide process. 3d ed. 'o4(Ag27) il. pis., 
diagrs., 8, $2.50. Engineering. 

Boss (The) and how he came to rule New 
York Lewis, A. H: $1.50. Barnes. 

Boss joke book. Gilbert T. C. 10 c. Laird. 

Boss of Taroomba. Hornung, E. W : 75 c. 


Boss Tom. Kemp, M. S. f$i.5o. Saalfield. 

Boasard, J : Decorative paintings : designs for 
col. surface decoration. '01. ? 02(Ja25) 
col. pis. f*, $8. Hessling. 

Bossuet, Jacques B. Sermon on the mount 
1900(029) S. 80 c. Longmans. 

Bestock, Fk. C. Training of wild animals; 
ed. by Ellen Velvin. 'O3(jh8) il. D. **$i 
net. Century. 

Boston, L. Napoleon. Text-bk. of clinical 
diagnosis by laboratory methods. '04 (D3) 
il. (partly col.) 8, *$4 net Saunders. 

Boston. Pocket manual of the building laws, 
rev. and corr. to Sept i, 1902. *02(Oii) 
D. 50 c. U. S. Bldg. Laws. 

BOSTON, Mass. 

Bacon. Boston : a guide book. **so c. net 


BOSTON, Mass. Continued. 

Brissot Boston in 1788. 5 c. 

Old South Work. 

Bushee. Ethnic factors in population of 
Boston, $i. Macmillan. 

Carruth. Fictional rambles in and about 
Boston. **$2 net McCfure, P. 

Crocker, From stage coach to railroad 
train. $i. W: B. Clarke. 

Drake. Old landmarks and historic per- 
sonages. $2.50. Little, B. & Co. 

Dwight. Boston at the beginning of the 
I9th century. 5 c. Old South Work. 

Everywhere in Boston. 25 c. 

Bost Co-Press. 

Green. Ten facsimile reproductions rel. to 
old Boston and neighborhood, net, $ro 


Historic Boston: sightseeing towns around 
the Hub. net, 50 c. ; net, 30 c. 

Pilgrim Press. 

Howe. Boston. **$2.5O net. Macmillan. 

Littlefield. Early Boston booksellers, 1642- 
1711. n. p. Club Odd Vol. 

Pictorial guide to Boston and the country 
around. 25 c. G. W. Armstrong. 

Stark. Antique views of ye towne of Bos- 
ton. $5. Clarke. 

Swift Literary landmarks of Boston. 25 c. 
Houghton, M. & Co. 

Whiting. Boston days. **$i-50 net. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Winslow. Literary Boston of to-day. 
**$i.20 net L. C. Page. 

Woods, ed. Americans in process. **$i.50 
net Houghton, M. & Co. 

See also Holy Grail. 

Boston at the beginning of the nineteenth cen- 
tury. '03. D. (Old South leaflets, no. 
136.) pap., 5 c. Old South Work. 

Boston boys of 1775. Kaler, J. O. 75 c. 


Boston cooking-school cook book. Farmer, 
F. M." $2. Little, B. & Co. 

Boston-Lowell lectures. See Lorirner, G: C 

Boswell, J. Journal of a tour to the Hebrides. 
(H. B. Cotterill.) 'o2(My24) 12, (Eng. 
classics.) net, 60 c. Macmillan. 

Boswell, J. Life of Samuel Johnson. '04 
(Jli6) 2 v., 12, $2.50. Burt 

Boswell, J. Life of Johnson; ed. by Mow- 
bray Morris. '04(015) il. por. O. (Lib. of 
il. biographies.) $1.50. Crowell. 

Boswell, J. Life of Johnson; ed. by A. Bir- 
rell. J oi(0ip) 6 v., il. D. net, $12. 


Boswell. J. Life of Samuel Johnson; ed by 
A. Glover. 'oi(Di4) 3 v., il. 8, per set, 
net, $9; Large pap. ed., $18. McCIure, P. 

Boswell, J. Samuel Johnson. 1900 (Myig) 
3 v., 8, (Lib. of Eng. classics.) $4.50. 


Boswell, J. Life of Johnson. 'o3(Ni4) 2 
v., 16, (Caxton thin paper ser.) per set, 
**$ net. Scribner. 

Boswell, J : W. Short history of Methodism. 
1900 (Dis) S. 60 c. Pub. Ho. M. E. Ch., So. 

Bosworth, E: L Studies in the life of Jesus 
Christ 'o4(Dio) 90 c.; pap., 60 c. 

Bosworth, G: F. Alfred the Great. '01(612) 
12, net, 40 c. Macmillan. 




Bosworth, G: F. Short geography of the 
world. '02 (D6) il. 12, '"40 c. net. 


Bosworth, Newton, ed. Hochelaga depicta; 
early hist, and present state of the city and 
island of Montreal. '01. 'o2(Mr8) il. D. 
(Facsimile repr. of early Canadian books, 
no. I.) net, $3; Large-pap, ed., net, $4-5<>. 


Botanical ready reference. Nickel!, J. M 

net, $2.50. Caspar. 

Botanizing. Bailey, W: W. 75 c. Preston. 

BOTANY. . . 

Abrams. Flora of Los Angeles and vicin- 
ity. $2. Stanford Univ. Bkstore. 
Andrews. Botany all the year round. $i. 
Botany all the year round : Also a flora 
of the Eastern U. S. $i 50. Am. Bk. 
Arthur, and others. Hdbk. of plant mor- 
phology **$i net Holt 
Atkinson' First studies of plant life. 70 c. 


Atkinson Lessons in botany, net, $1.12 


Aurand. Botanical materia medica: pois- 
oning and antidotes. $2.50. Mallen. 
Bailey, L H. Botany for schools, net, 
$1.10. Macmillan. 

Bailey. "L. H., and others.' Cyclopaedia of 
Am horticulture. 4 v. ea. } $5. [sold 
only in sets.] Macmillan. 

Barnes. Outlines of plant life, net, $i. 


Bergen. Botany; key and flora. 45 c - 
Elements of botany. $1.30 Foundations 
of botany $i 50 Notebook to accom- 
pany Bergen's text-books of botany. 75 c. 


Bessey. Elem. botany. 25 c. Univ. Pub. 
Bower and Vaughan. Practical botany for 
beginners, net, 90 c. Macmillan 

Bray. Ecological relations of the vegeta- 
* tion of western Texas, net, 25 c. 

Univ. of Chic 

Britton. Flora of the northern states and 

Canada. $2 25 Holt 

Cal dwell Lab'y manual of botany. 60 c. : 

50 c. Appleton. 

Campbell University text-book of botany 

net, $4. Macmillan 

Chicago Univ Investigations representing 

the depts. $9. Univ. of Chic. 

Clark. Hdbk. of plant form. *$2.50 net. 


Clements and Cutter. Laboratory manual 
of high school botany. Univ. Pub 

Cole Grand Rapids flora, net, $i. 

Lyon, K & P. 

Coulter. Plant structures. $1.20. Plants 

net, $i 80. Wild and cultivated species 

of flowering plants, net, 60 c. Appleton 

Cowles. Ecological rel. of vegetation m 

the sand dunes of Lake Michigan net 

75 c. Univ of Chic 

Crockett Year-book of Kentucky woods 

and fields $r. C: W. Moulton 

Davis. Nuclear studies on pellia. 25 c. 

Univ. of Chic 

Dennert. Plant life and structure, net 

40 c. Macmillan 

Dickson Linear groups, net $4- Stechert 

Elliott, Plea for hardy plants. **$i.6o net 

Doubleday, P. 

BOTANY Continued - 

Ewart. On the physics and physiology of 

protoplasmic streaming in plants. $2 go. 

Oxford Univ. 

Flint. Garden of simples. Legendary and 

therapeutic lore of plants. $1.50. Scribner. 

Frye. Development of the pollen in some 

asclepiadacee. net. 25 c. Univ of Clue 

Ganong. Lab'y course in plant physiology, 

as a basis for ecology, net. $i. ^Holt 

Gentry. Intelligence in plants and animals. 

net, $2. Doubleday, P. 

Goebel. Organography of plants Pt. i. 

$3.10. Oxford Univ. 

Harshberger. Student's herbarium. $1.50. 


Henslow. Poisonous plants in field and 

garden. $i. E. & J. B. Young. 

Henslow. South African flowering plants. 

$1.50. Longmans. 

Hooker. Nociones de botamca. 40 c. Appleton. 

Jackson. Glossary of botanic terms, net, 

$2. Lippincott. 

Jepson. Flora of western middle Cal. 

$1.50. Encina Pub. 

Jepson! School flora for the Pacific coast. 

45 c. Appleton. 

Keller. Exercises in botany. $i. McVey. 

Kerner v. Marilaun. Natural hist, of 

plants. 2 v. set, *$u net. Holt. 

Kip Animal and plant correspondences. 

$i. Knickerbocker Press. 

Kraemer. Course in botany and pharma- 

cognosy. *$375 net. Stechert. 

Leavitt Outlines of botany. 2 v $i ; 

$1.80. Am [;k 

Life. Tuber-like rootlets of cycas revohua. 

net, 25 c. Univ. of Chic 

Lilley and Midgley. Studies in plant form. 

net, $1.50; net, $2. Scribner. 

Livingston. Rule of diffusion and osmotic 

pressure in plants. **$i.50 net. 

Univ of Chic, 

Lyon. Study of the sporangia and gam- 
etophytes of selaginella apus and selagi- 
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Sec also Asrictr ture , Algae ; Angiosperms ; 
Aquatic plants, Bacteria; Biology; Bulbs; 
Cellulose: Climbing plants; Drugs; -Evo- 
lution, Ferns; Flowers; Forests arnd For- 
estry; Frmt, Fungi; Galls; Gardens and 
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. *02(Ag30) il. 12, $i. Am. Bk. and Bible. 

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See Leach, J. G. 

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Boudouard, O. See Le Chatelier, H. 

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W: H. Young. 

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dust applications of the timbers of com- 
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See France. 

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Florida as told by a Knight of Elvas and 
m a relation by Luys Hernandez de Bied- 
ma ; tr. by Buckingham Smith ; with an ace. 
of De Soto's expedition based on the "Diary 
of Roderigo Ranjel," his private secretary; 
tr. from Oviedo's "Historia general y nat- 
ural de las Indias" ; ed., with an introd. '04 
(Da) 2 v., por. map, D. (Trail makers' 
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75 c. Stokes 

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8% *$i-75 net. Lippincott 

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(Di3) il. 8, *$i.75 net. ' Lippincott. 

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'oi(Fo) 8", $7.50. Wiley 

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J oi(N2) il. 8, $5. Wiley 

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Whitaker & R. 

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tegers. '03 (N7) 12, **$i.25 net 


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Bowditch Mill privilege. See Bates, S: A 

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the man and his work. 'or. 'O2(F8) O 
bds., net, $1.50. Beam. 

Bowdoin, W. G. Rise of the book-plate; il. 
by reproductions in miniature and other- 
wise; introd. and chap, on the study and 
arr. of book-plates by H : Black well '01 
(Mr3o) O. net, $2. Wessels. 

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'O2(jei4) D. (Modern lang ser ) 90 c. 


BOWEN, Edward. 
Bowen. Edward Bowen. $5. Longmans. 

Boweii, J. W. E., ed. See Penn, I. G., ed. 

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Rand, McN. & Co 

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5 oi(D2i) D. $i. Presb Pub. 

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Bowen, W: A. Why two Episcopal Metho- 
dist churches in the U. S.? '01. J 02(Mns) 
S. 75 c Pub. Ho. M E. Ch., So. 

Bowen-Merrill ser. 8, **$i.50 net. 


Gilbert. Modern business bookkeeping. 

Taylor. Natural method of shorthand in- 

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(Jh2) 8, $4.50. Wood 

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(Jli2) il. 8, $3- Macmillan. 

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tion work for children. *04(Ap23) il. sq. 
D. 60 c. Flanagan. 

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$1.25. Houghton, M. & Co. 

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add. on The scholar and The college of to- 
day. *o3(My2) D. (Arts of life.) 75 c. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Bowker, R: R. Of politics. 'oi(N2) S. 50 c. 
Houghton, M. & Co 

Bowker, R: R. Of religion. 'o3(My2) D. 
(Arts of life.) 50 c. Houghton, M. & Co. 




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North central states. *02(Bi3) sq. O. pap., 
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Bowker, R: R, ed. See also Fletcher, W: I. 

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[and others.] A civilian war hospital: 
Portland Hospital, So. Africa, 1900. '01 
(Ag3) il. O. net, $4. Longmans. 

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2d ed. 1900 (Jep) il. 12, $1.50. Alliance. 

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D. $150. G: W. Billingham. 

Bowley, A. L. Wages in the United King- 
dom in the nineteenth century. 1900 (Mr24) 
8, (Cambridge Univ. Press ser.) net, $2. 



See Lawn bowls. 

Bowling club score book, 1903-4. '03 (N7) 
obi. O. pap., 75 c. Geyer. 

Bowman, Harold M. A study in civilization. 
'o3(Di2) 8, (Columbia Univ. studies in 
history, economics and public la\\, v. 18, no 
i ) pap , **$i.5o net Macmillan. 

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(Ja2o) por. S. $i. Button. 

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with add. 1900 (Si) il. S. pap., 35 c. 

A. Bartlett. 

Bowman, R. C Freckles and tan: a book of 
humorous verse. [New issue.] '04 (Bio) 
il S. 50 c Rand, McN. & Co. 

Bowman, R. C. Freckles and tan; il. verse; 
rev. 1900 (Jlj) il. S. pa., 25 c. Tribune Pr. 

Bowman, S. L. Historical evidence of the 
New Test '04(Ja9) O. $4. Jennings. 

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ex-Confederate soldier. '04. pors. D. pap., 
50 c. Garnmel. 

Bowne, Borden P. The atonement. 1900 
(Mr24) nar. D. 50 c. ^ Curts. 

Bowne, Borden P. Theism; Deems lectures 
for 1902. '02. J 03(Ja3) O. $1.75. Am. Bk. 

BOWNE, William. 

Reading. William Bowne of Yorkshire, 
Eng. $1.25. H. E. Beats. 

Bowsher, C. A. Absolute curriculum: its 
basis. 1900 (Bis) il. 12, pap., 25 c. 

C. A. Bowsher. 

Bowsher, C. A. Grand epitome : funda- 
mental principle rel. man to the world. 
1900 (Ap2i) B. pap., 25 c. World Relations. 

Bowsher, C. A. Money question from a ce- 
lestial point of view. '01 (Myi8) S. pap., 
25 c. C. A. Bowsher 

Bowyer, Mrs. Edith M. See Nicholl, E. M. 

Box, T: Practical treatise on heat as ap- 
plied to the useful arts. 9th eH. 'oi(Ap6) 
12. $5 Spon 

Box, T : Practical treatise on the strength of 
materials 4th ed. *02(N22) il. 12, $5 



See Bronsdon family. 

Box of matches. Sears, H. t$i-So. Bodd. 
BOXERS (China}. 
Roberts. Flight for life. $1.50. 

Pilgrim Press. 

See also China; Peking. 

BOXING (Sports). 

Austin. Boxing and how to train. 25 c. 

R. K Fox. 

Trotter. Boxing. 25 c. Penn Pub. Co. 
Boy. Corelli, M. $1.50. Lippmcott. 

Boy and the baron. Knapp, A. **$i net. 

Century Co. 
Boy and the outlaw. McManus, T: J L. 

$1.50. Grafton Press. 

Boy anglers Holder, C : F : f$ Appleton. 
Boy captive of old Beerfield. Smith, M. P. 

W. t$i 2 5 Little, B. & Co 

Boy courier of Napoleon. Sprague, W: C 


Boy Bonald See Clarke, S. J. 
Boy duck hunters. Kellogg, F. E. 

Lee & S. 

Boy fisherman. Kellogg, F. E. $i. 
Boy from Beaver Hollow. 


Swett, S. 75 c. 

Boy General. Custer, Mrs. E. B. net, 60 c. 


Boy in early, Virginia. Robins, E: net, $i. 


Boy of a thousand years ago. Comstock, H. 
T. **8o c. net. Lee & S. 

Boy of old Japan. Van Bergen, R. $1.25. 

Lee & S. 

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Boy squatter. Jarrold, E. 60 c. Jamieson-H. 

Boy with the hoe. Granniss, A. J. 50 c. 

C. M. Gaines. 

Boyce, L. L. See New York. Health offi- 
cers' manual. 

Boyce, Neith. The folly of others. *o4(Jei8) 
il pis., B. **$i net Fox. 

Boyce, Neith. The forerunner. J O3(Ni4) B. 
t$i-50. Fox. 

Boyce, Sidney S. Hemp (Cannabis sativa.) 
1900 (Agi I) il. S. 50 c. Judd. 

Boyd, Boston N. Seventh wonder of the 
world, [The negro;] discoveries of the 
twentieth century. Natural science. '03 
(Jh8) 12, $1.50. B. N. Boyd. 

Boyd, Hypatia. Paul Binner and his noble 
work among the deaf. *oi(J16) O. $i. 

H. Boyd, 

Boyd, Ja. H. College algebra. f oi(O5) O. 
hf. leath., net, $2. Scott, F. & Co. 

Boyd, Ja. P., [and others.] Home school of 
the century's progress. *oi(Jl20) il 8, 
subs., $2.50; hi mor., $3.25; full mor, 
$4-75- Holman 

Boyd, Ja. P., [and others.] Progress of one 
hundred years and review of the igth cen- 
tury. 'oi(Jl2o) il. 8, subs., $2.50; hf 
mor., $3.25; full mor., $475- Holman. 

Boyd, Ja. P., [and others.] Self-pronouncing 
Bible dictionary. Holman ed. 'oi(Jei) Tt. 
mor., 30 c.-$i. Holman 

Boyd, Ja. P., [and others.] Triumphs and 
wonders of the I9th century. 'oi(Ay6) il. 
8, $2.50 ; hf. mor., $3 ; full mor., $5. Holman. 

Boyd, Ja. P., [and others.] Wonaerful prog- 
ress of the I9th century. 'oi(Jl2o) il. 8% 
subs, $2.50; hf. mor., $3.25; full mor., 
$4.75. Holman 

Boyden, H: P. Beginnings of the Cincinnati 
Southern railway, 1869-1878. 'ox. 'o2(F8) 
8*, pap., 50 c. Clarke. 




Boyden, Wallace C First book in algebra. 
J 04(Ja2) 12, 60 c. Silver. 

Boydea, Wallace C. Primeros pasos en al- 
gebra. 1900. 'oi(Mr23) 12, 60 c. Silver. 

Boyd's Phila, blue book, 1903. [24th ed.] 
'O3(jei3) 12, $5. Howe. 

Boyer, C: C. General history way marks. 
'02 'O3(ja3i) 12, 65 c. Lippincott. 

Boyer, J. A. Legal directory of U. S. and 
Canada. 1900 ( Ja6) ; 1901 (Dis) : 1902. *oi 
<D28) ; 1903. J 03(Jai7) ; 1904 0. shp.,ea., 
*$3 net. Boyer. 

Boyer, Michael K, ["Uncle Mike," pseud.] 
Everything you want to know : poultry and 
gardening subjects. 'O3(Je6) il. 16, 50 c. 


Fcylau, Grace D Kiss of glory. '02 (N8) 

il. D. f$i.50. G: W. Dillingham. 

Boylan, Grace D. When the band played. 

*oi(Ag3) il. D. 75 c. Jamieson-H. 

Boylan, Grace D. Young folks' Uncle Tom's 

cabin. *oi(Ag3i) il. sq. O. bds., 75 c.; 

same. '02 (N8) 14. 12, 60 c. Jamieson-H. 
Boylan, Grace D., and Morgan, Ike. Kids of 

many colors. *oi(Ag3i) il. sq. 0. $1.50. 


Boyland boomer. Bonehill, R. $i. Saalfield. 
Boyle, C: A., comp. School praise and song. 

'04 (Mrs) sq. O. 45 c. C: A. Boyle. 

Byle, Sir Courtenay. 5V* Avebury, Lord. 
Boyle, Mrs. Eleanor V. G., ["E. V. B."] 

Seven gardens and a palace. 1900. *oi 

(Mr23) il. D. $1.50. Lane, 

Boyle, Mrs. Eleanor V. G. Sylvana's letters 

to an unknown friend. 1900 (D8) il. 8, 

$2 50 Macmillan. 

Boyle, F: Woodland orchids. *02(Jai8) 4, 

net, $7. Macmillan 

Boyle, J : R. Soldiers true ; story of the inth 

Regiment, Penn. Veteran Volunteers, and 

of its campaigns, 1861-1865. *04(Ag2o) il. 

pors. maps, 4, *$2.5O net. Eaton & M. 

Boyle, Marg. P. Calendar stones. 1900 

(Mr24) il. D. 30 c. Flanagan 

Boyle, Marg. P. Outdoor secrets. '03(63) 

il. D. 30 c. Flanagan 

Boyle, Virginia F. Devil tales. 1900 (N3) 

il. D. $1.50. Harper. 

Boyle, W: Christmas at the Zoo. '04(03) 

il. sq. S. bds., 75 c. Armstrong. 

Boyle, Zola M. Master of life: [novel.] 

1000 (Jh8) il. D. $1.25. G: W. Dillingham. 
Boynton, Fk. D.. School civics: outline study 

of political institutions in U. S. '04(03) 

D. $i. Ginn. 

Boynton, G: M. The Congregational way. 

'03(019) *75 c. net. Pilgrim Press 

Boynton, Mrs. Gen. H. V. See Hall, Helene 
Boynton, H: Van N. Errors in school his- 
tories compared with the official record. '03 

(Jl4) O. pap., 20 c. Speech Pub. 

Boynton, H: W. Bret Harte. '03(624) por. 

S. (Contemporary men of letters ser.) 

**75 c net. McCIure. P. 

Boyaitoin, H : W. Golfer's Rubaiyat '01 (D7) 

il. nar. S. $T. H. S. Stone 

Boytnton, H: W. Journalism and literature, 

and other essays '04(817) D, **$i.25 net. 
Houghton, M. & Co. 

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(N2) S. (Riverside biog. ser., no. n.) net, 

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theory to gases, vapors, pure liquids and 

the theory of solutions. 'o4(Ap23) ^ 12, 

*$i.6o net. Macmillan. 

Boy's (A) religion from memory. Jones, 

R. M. 75 c. Ferris. 


Butler. First year of responsibility: talks 

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Davids. Note-book of an adopted mother. 

*$i net. Dutton. 

Flint. The boy puzzle. 75 c. 

Pacific Press. 
Forbush. The boy problem, net, 75 c. 

Pilgrim Press. 

Fowler. The boy, how to help him suc- 
ceed. $1.25. Oakwood. 
Lucas In the morning of life: considera- 
tions and meditations for boys. *$i net. 


Nicoll. How to bring up our boys. **30 c 

net. Crowell 

Pearce. Stepping stones to manhood 

*$i.50 net. Harper. 

Stelze. Boys of the street, how to win 

them. *5O c. net. Revell. 

Taylor. Boys of other countries net, 

$1.50. Putnam. 

See also Children; Young men. 

Boys and girls of other days. Finnemore, J : 

net, 50 c. Macmillan 

Boys and men. Holbrook, R : $1.25. 


Boys of Bunker Academy. Stoddard, W : O. 

**$i net Jacobs. 

Boys of liberty lib. 12, pap., 10 c. Street. 

De Morgan. Fooling the enemy. Young 


Lounsbury Young patriot. 
Boys of St." Timothy's. Pier, A. S. **$i,25 
net. Scribner. 

Boys of Spartan House school Harrison, F 
f$i.5o. E. & J. B. Young 

Boys of the fort. Bonehill, R. $1.25. 


Boys of the Rincon Ranch. Canfield, H: S. 
**$i net . Century Co. 

Boys of Waveney. Leighton, R. $1.25. 

Boys' and girls' bookshelf, il. 12, $i. 

Little, B. & Co. 
Alcott. My boys. (i.)-My girls. (31.) 

Spinning-wheel stories. (32.) 
Ariosto's stories retold for children. (50.) 
Chaucer. Tales retold for children. (40.) 
Cheever. Little Am. girl in India. (7.) 
Clarke. Uncle, Peep and I. (33.) 
Coolidge. , Guernsey lily. (3.) Round 

dozen. (34.) 
Everett Changing base. (35.) Double 

play (5 ) Thine not mine. (51.) 
Ewing. Jackanapes and Daddy Darwin 
(36.) Jan of the windmill. (8.) Six to 
sixteen (26.) 
Forest Mice at play. (14.) 
Hamlin. Nan at Camp Chicopee. (4.) 

Nan in the city. (37.) 

Ingelow Mopsa the fairy. (2.) Stories 
told to a child. (30.) 




Boys' and girls' bookshelf, Continued. 

Le Baron. 'Twixt you and me. (21.) 

Marryat. Peter Simple. (38.) 

Morgan. Island Impossible, (n.) 

Moulton. Bedtime stories. (17.) Fire- 
light stories. (39.) 

Oxley. With fife and drum at Louisbourg. 

Perry. Hope Benham. (20.) 

Plympton. Child of glee. (4 1 -) Flower 
of the wilderness. (10.) Wanolasset (52.) 

Raymond. Among the lindens. (15.) 
Boys and girls of Brantham. (19.) Mush- 
room cave. (53.) 

Richards. Joyous story of Toto. (16.) 
Toto's merry winter. (42.) 

Robinson. Captain of the school. (54.) 

Shattuck. Secret of the Black Butte. (29.) 

Shaw. Castle Blair. (28.) Hector. (43.) - 

Smith, G. Boys of Marmiton Prairie. 
(44.) Ten little comedies. (45.) 

Smith, M. P. W. Jolly good summer. 
(46.) Jolly good times. (23.) Their 
canoe trip. (25.) 

SpofTord. Hester Stanley at St. Mark's. 
(6.) Hester Stanley's friends. (27.) 

Taylor. Story of a little poet. (47.) 

Thruston. Jack and his island. (55.) " 

Trowbridge. Resolute Mr. Pansy. (9.) 

True. Scouting for Washington. (22.) 

Tucker. Magic key. (48.) 

Wentworth. Drifting island. (13.) 

Wess-elhoeft. Jerry the blunderer. (49.) 
Sparrow t"he tramp, (12.) 

Boys' and girls' own speaker. Yerkes, L. A. 
$i. Winston. 

Boys' book of explorations. Jenks, T. $2. 

Doubleday, P. 

Boys' book of inventions. Baker, R. S. $2. 

McCure, P. 

Boys' Iliad Perry, W. C. $1.25. Macmillan. 

Boys' Hb. See Longmans*. 

Boys' own library. 12, 75 c. Street. 

Bonehill. Neka, the boy conjurer. (64.) 

Browne. For home and honor. (26.) 
From switch to lever. (30.) Zip the acro- 
bat (100.) 

Fitch. Clif, the naval cadet 

Garrison. Cadet's honor. Off for West 
Point. On guard. West Point rivals. 
West Point treasure. 

Graydon. Camp in the snow. (12.) Cam- 
paigning with Braddock. Jungles and 
traitors. (51.) 

Lewis. Sword and pen. (78.) 

Lounsberry. Randy the pilot (70.) Tom 
Truxton's ocean trip. Tom Truxton's 
school days. 

Morris. Bob Porter at Lakeview Academy. 

Norris. Young showman's pluck. Young 
showman's rivals. Young showman's tri- 

Orton. Beach boy Joe. (4.) Secret chart. 
(74.) Tom Havens with the White Squad- 

Winfield. Mark Dale's stage venture. (57-) 

Young. Boats, bats and bicycles. (5.) 

Boys' own series, il. D. SO c, Mershon. 

Charles. Fortune hunters of the Philip- 


Malcolm, the water boy. 

Boys' second book of inventions. Baker, R, 
S. $2. McClure, P 

Boys' self-governing clubs. Buck, W. **$i 
net. Macmillan, 

Boys' vacation series. 12, 50 c. B'\vay Pub, 

Whittier. In the Michigan lumber camps, 

Boyzy, P., pseud. See Tinsley, H: C 

Brace, D. B., ed. Laws of radiation and ab- 
sorption. J oi. '02 (Jan.) O. (Scientific 
memoirs, no. 15.) $i. Am Bk. 

Bracebridge Hall. See Irving, W. 

Brack-el, F. v. Fatal beacon. *Q4(Ap2) D. 
$1.25. t Benziger. 

Brackenridge's journal. See Thwaites, R. G., 

Brackett, E: A. My house: [poems.] '04 
(Ni9) por. D. $1.50. Badger. 

Brackett, Jeffrey R. Supervision and educa- 
tion in charity. '03(03) 12, **$i net. 


Bradbury, Ht B. The new philosophy of 
health. [New issue.] 'O2(Mr22) 16, 75 c. 


Bradbury, Harry B, Note on jurisdiction of 
state and federal cts. in actions by and 
against trustees in bankruptcy. iooo(Jeg) 
O. hf. shp, $1.50. Banks. 

Bradbury, 01. H. Pagan prince Lant Chou. 
'04. por. 1 6. Knoxville Pr. 

Bradbury, Rob. H. Elementary chemistry. 
'0 3 (A P4 ) D. $1.25. . Appleton. 

Bradbury's travels. See Thwaites, R. G., ea. 
Early western travels, v. 5- . x 

Bradby, H. C. Rugby. loop(jeo) 12 , 
(Handbooks to the great public schools.) 
$1.50. Macmillan. 

BRADPOCK, Edward. 
Hulbert Braddock's road. *$ net. 

A. H. Clark. 

Braddoa, Ma. E. See Maxwell Mrs. M. E. B. 

Braden, Ja. A. American nights. 'oi(D7) 
il 12 $1 Saalfield. 

Bradetn, Ja. A. Captives three. '04 (Nip) & 
D. $i. Saalfield 

Bradn, Ja. A. Connecticut boys in the west- 
ern reserve. '03 (Ds) 12, (Famous books 
by famous authors.) $i. Saalfield. 

Braden, Ja, A. Far past the frontier. '00 

(Ag9) n. 12, $i. saameid 

Bradford, A. H. Age of faitk i90o(D8) D. 

$1 50. Honghton, M. & Co. 

Bradford, A. H. Ascent of the soul. '02 

(N22) D **$i.25 net. Macmillan. 

Bradford, A. H. Messages of the masters. 

'02(025) il. O. **$2 net; '04(015) il. S. 

(Silent times sen) bds., 65 c. Crowell. 
Bradford, A, H. The return to Christ, 1900 

(Nio) S. 75 c. Oodd. 

Bradford, A. H. Spiritual lessons from the 

Brownings. iooo(O6) D. (What is worth 

while ser.) leatherette, 35 c. , Cr ?^ el V 

Bradford, C: The angler's secret. J 04(Fi3) 

il. D. **$i net. , Pl ?2?S 

Bradford, C: 'The wild fowlers. 'oi(D28) 

il. D. net, $i. , Putnam, 

Bradford, C:, ed. See Angler's annual. 
Bradford, C: B. Brook trout and the deter- 
mined angler. 1900. 'oi(F2) il. S. 60 c. 

Bradford, Columbus. Birth a new chance 

oi(Apao) D. $1.50. McClurg 

Bradford, Gamaliel, jr. Pageant of life 

[poems.] '04. D. bds., $1.25. Badger 




Bradford, Gamaliel, jr. The private tutor. '04 

(OS) D. t$i-5o. Hotighton, M. & Co. 

Bradford, T: L. Autobiog. of a baby. '04 

(Jh6) il. 16, 50 c. Bell Pub. 

Bradford, T : L, Index to homoeopathic j>rov- 

*ngs. 'oiQtoo) 12* > $2. Boericke & T. 

BRADFORD, William. 

Shepard. Governor William Bradford and 
his son Maj. W: Bradford. $2. 

J. Shepard. 

Ellis. Genealogical record: the Bradfords, 
Fullers, and Ellises. L. H. Ellis. 

Bradford map. See Andrews, W: L. 

See St Lawrence Church. 

Bradford ser. S. Wessels. 

La Rochefoucauld. Maximes. $i ; $1.25. 

Bradish, Sa. P. Old Norse stories. 1900 

(Mr24) iL D. (Eclectic school readings.) 

45 c. Am. Bk. 

Bradish, Sa. P. Stories of country life. 'or. 
'o2(Ja4) S. (Eclectic school readings.) 
40 c Am. Bk. 

Bradley, A. C Commentary on Tennyson's 
In memoriam. *oi(Ag3i) 13, net, $1.50. 


'Bradley, Arth. G. Canada in the 2oth century. 
'O4(jai6) 8, *$4 net. Dutton. 

Bradley, Arth. G. Fight with France for 
North America. '01 (Mr2) 8, $5. Dutton. 

Bradley, Arth. G. Highways and byways in 
South Wales. '03(55) il. 12, $2. 


Bradley, Arth. G. Highways and byways in 
the Lake district. J oi(0i2) il. 12, (High- 
ways and byways ser.) $2 Macmillan. 

Bradley, Arth. G. Owen Glyndwr, and the 
last struggle for Welsh independence. *oi 
(S28) il. D. (Heroes of the nations ser., no. 
33.) net, $1.35; leath., net, $1.60. Putnam. 

Bradley, C. M. Manual of statistical infor- 
mation pertaining to the Indian Territory. 
'03 il. maps, 8 Phoenix Pr. 

Bradley, C. S. See Texas. Rules of pro- 

Bradley, C : See Bradley, J. P. 

Bradley, C: R See Votaw, C. W. 

Bradley, E. T. See Smith, Mrs. A. M. 

Bradtey, F. H. Ethical studies. '04(015) 
D. (Anastatic reprint, 1904.) *$4 net 


Bradley, H: Making of English. J O4(Ap2) 
16, *$i net. Macmillan. 

Bradley, J: E. Work and play. 1900 (D 15) 
12, $i. Pilgrim Press. 

Bradley, Jos. Love of God revealed by man's 
redemption. 1900 (Jap) 16, 30 c. Revell. 

Bradley, Jos. P. Miscellaneous writings; 
with sketch of his life ; ed. and comp. by C : 
Bradley. 'o2(Ap5) 8. $3. Hardham. 

Bradley, Leslie. Few of my feathered friends'. 
J 04(Jli6) 12, *$i net. Ellis. 

Bradley, Milton. Water colors in the school- 
room. 1900 (Agn) 12, bds., 25 c. 

M. Bradley. 

Bradner, G : W. New practice in supplement- 
ary proceedings. 2d ed. *02(Jls) 0. $4. 

W. C. Little. 

Bradshaw, Sidney E. On southern poetry 
prior to 1860. 1900 (D22) D. $i, 

B. R Johnson. 

Bradt, C: E. Key to the kingdom: an ex- 
position of the great commission. '04 
(Ag2o) S. *so c. net. Winona. 

Bradt, Edith V. Songs by the way. '04 
(Fi3) D. $1.25. Neale. 

Bradwell, Ja. B. See Illinois. Laws. 

Brady, Adeline. See Brugiere, S. V. 

Brady, Cyrus T. American fights and fight- 
ers; stories of the first five wars. 1900 
(D22) il. 8, $1.50. McClure, P. 

Brady, Cyrus T. The bishop. '03(Api8) D. 
t$i.5o. Harper. 

Brady, Cyrus T. Border fights and fighters. 
'02(04) 0. **$i.30 net. . McClure, P. 

Brady, Cyrus T. Colonial fights and fighters. 
'01(026) il. O. net, $1.20. McClure, P. 

Brady. Cyrus T. Commodore Paul Jones. 
1900(013) D. (Great commanders ser.; ed. 
by Ja. G. Wilson.) $1.50. Appleton. 

Brady, Cyrus T. The corner in coffee. '04 
(F20) il. D. f$i.50. G: W. Dillingham, 

Brady, Cyrus T. Doctor of philosophy. '03 
(85) D. f$i.5o. Scribner. 

Brady, Cyrus T. Grip of honor, [novel.] 
iooo(Ap28) D. $1.50. Scribner. 

Brady, Cyrus T. Hohenzollern. 'o2(Api2) 
il. D. $1.50. Century Co. 

Brady, Cyrus T. In the war with Mexico. 
'03(010) il. D. **$i.20 net. Scribner. 

Brady, Cyrus T. In the "Wasp's" nest '02 
(04) il. D. **$i.5o net. Scribner. 

Brady, Cyrus T. Indian fights and fighters; 
the soldier and the Sioux. '04(031) il. 
maps, O. (Am. fights and fighters ser.) 
**$i.30 net. McClure, P. 

Brady, Cyrus T. Little traitor to the South. 
J 04fMri2) il. 12, t$i-50- Macmillan. 

Brady, Cyrus T. A midshipman in the Pa- 
cific. '04(08) il. D. **$i.20 net. Scribner. 

Brady, Cyrus T. Quiberon touch. '01 '02 
(F22) 12, $1.50. Appleton 

Brady, Cyrus T. Recollections of a mission- 
ary in the Great West. 1900 (S8) pqr. D. 
$1.25. Scribner. 

Brady, Cyrus T. The records: truthful ac- 
counts, grave and gay, of the doings of cer- 
tain real people. 'o4(Dio) il. 12, $1.50. 
G: W. Dillingham. 

Brady, Cyrus T. Reuben James. 1900(01) 
il. sq. D. (Young heroes of our navy.) $i. 


Brady, Cyrus T. Sir Henry Morgan, Buc- 
caneer. '03(024) il. D. f$i-50. 

G: W. Dillingham. 

Brady, Cyrus T. The Southerners. '03 
(Mr2i) D. t$i-SO. Scribner 

Brady, Cyrus T. Stephen Decatur. 1900 
(Je23) T. (Beacon biog.) 75 c. Small. 

Brady, Cyrus T. Under tops'ls and tents. '01 
(Ap6) il. D. $1.50. Scribner. 

Brady, Cyrus T. When blades are out and 
love's afield. *oi(Mr3o) il. D. $1.50. 


Brady, Cyrus T. Woven with the ship. '02 
(N22) il. 12, t$ Lippincott. 

Brady, Jasper E. Tales of the telegraph. 
[N'ew issue.] I90o(jl2i) il. D. (Belford 
ser., no. 17.) pap., 50 c. Jamieson-H. 

Braeme, Ctte. M., ["Bertha M. Clay."] Dol- 
ores; tr. al espafiol por V. Becerra. '04 

, (Agi3) 12, pap., 50 c. Aopleton. 

'Braettie, Ctte. M. La nina mimada. '01 
(Dy) 12, pap., 50 c. Appleton. 




Rraeme, Ctte. M. See also Record of Series 

at end Street and Smith, Bertha Clay lib. 

Bragdon, Ollie H. The moon party. '04 

(O22) il. D. (Pleasant Street sen, no. 6.) 

75 c Caldwell. 

Brahman. Griswold, H. De W. net, 75 c. 


Brahms, Johannes. Forty songs, high voice. 
J 03(K T 7) i, (Musicians' lib.) $2.50; pap., 
$1.50. Ditson. 

Brahms, Johannes. Forty songs, low voice. 
'03 (N7) f, (Musicians' lib.) $2.50; pap., 
$1.50. Ditson. 

Brain, Belle M. Fifty missionary pro- 
grammes. '02 (Fi) S. 35 c. Un. Soc. C. E. 
Brain, Belle M. Fifty missionary stories. '03 
(Di2) 12, *6o c. net. Revell. 

Borain, Belle M. Holding the ropes : mission- 
ary methods for workers at home. 'O4(jl2) 
D. **$i net. Funk 

Brain, Belle M. Redemption of the red man: 
ace. of Presb. mission to the No. Am. In- 
dians of the present day. r 04(Jli6) 16, 
(Home missions of Presb. Ch., U. S., no. 
i.) 35 c Bd. Home Miss. Presb. Ch. 

Brain, Belle M., comp. Missionary readings 
for missionary programs. } oi(D7) 16, 
net, 60 c. Revell. 


Barker. Brains and spinal cords in heredi- 
tary ataxia *$2 net. Univ. of Chic. 
Fuller Architecture of the brain, net, 
$3.50. Fuller Anat 
Gates. Mind and brain *25 c. net-*$i net. 


Gates. Relations and develop, of the mind 

and brain. 50 c. ; 25 c. Theo. Spc. 

Hollander. Mental functions of the brain. 

net, $3.50. Putnam. 

Lockyer. On the influence of brain-power 

on history. *35 c. net Macmillan. 

Loeb. Comparative physiology of the brain 

and comparative psychology. $1.75. 

Phelps. Injuries to the brain, subs., $5. 


Santee. Anatomy of the brain and spinal 
cord. *$2 net ; *$2.5O net. Colegrove. 
Whitehead. Anatomy of the brain, net, 
Si. Davis. 

Wilson. Brain and body. $i. Mansfield. 
Wood. Cerebral science, net, $i. Vail 
See also Blood ; ^Children; Fatigue; Insanity; 
Intellect; Mind and bodyjNervous sys- 
tem; Phrenology; Psychology. 

Braine, Sheila E. Fifine and her friends. '02 

(Ni5) il. D. t6o c. Nelson. 

Braine, Sheila E. Princess of hearts. 1900 

(Sis) il. 0. $1.25. Jamieson-H. 

Brainerd, Edna S. Millicent in Dreamland. 

'03. *02(Si3) il. 12, (Cosy corner ser.) 

**40 c. net. L. C Page 

Brainerd, Eveline W., comp. Quaint nuggets. 

igoo(Je3o) por. T. (Nugget ser.) 45 c. 



Bates, F. A Hist, of the Thomas farm. 

*io c net. R. F. Bates. 

Bates, S : A Sketch of the Bowditch Mill 

privilege. *io c net. R. F. Bates. 

Braitfcwaite, W : S. Lyrics of life and love. 

'04 (Nip) por. nar. D. bds., **$i net 


Bramah, E. Wallet of Kai Lung. 1900 (D8) 
D. $1.50. L. C. Page. 

Bramble brae. Bridges, R. net, $1.25. 


Brampton, Baron. See Hawkins, Sir H : 

See Hampshire. 

Bramston, G. M. Bugle Minor. IQOO (Fi 7) 
12, QOC. Whittakcr. 

Bramston, J : T. Fratribus : sermons preached 
mainly in Winchester coll. chapel. '03. '04 
(Fi3) D. $2. Longmans. 

Bianrwell, Byrom. Anaemia and some dis- 
eases of the blood-forming organs and duct- 
less glands. '02. 'o3(J*3) 8% *$3 net 


Bramwell, Byrom. Diseases of the spinal 
cord. 3ded. 'os(Ni) il. 8, *$4net. Wood. 

Bramwell, J. M. Hypnotism. '03(03) il 8*, 
**$450 net. Lippincott 

Branch, Anna H. Heart of the road, and 
other poems. 'oi(D7) D. net, $i. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

BRAND, James. 
Harkness. James Brand. Harkness. 

Brand, J: Faiths and folk lore: diet of na- 
tional beliefs, superstition and popular cus- 
toms, with their classical and -foreign 
analogues desc. and illus.; rev. and ed. by 
W: C. Hazlitt J 04(Bi7) 2 v, il. 8% *$6 
net. Scribner. 

Brand, N. F. Justices* code for the state of 
Washington. '02(Fis) O. shp., $5. 


Brand-eaburg, Broughton. f Imported Ameri- 
cans: experiences of a disguised American 
and his wife studying the immigration ques- 
tion. '04(629) il. O. $1.60. Stokes. 

Brandenburg, Edn. C. Law of bankruptcy. 
2d ed. 'oi(J16) ; 3<i ed. 'O3(Je6) 0. shp., 
ea., $6. Callaghan. 

Brandes, G: Main currents in nineteenth cen- 
tury literature. In 6 v. v. I. 'oi(J16) 
12, net, $2.25 j v. 2. *os(Myi7) ; v. 3. '03 
(J&24) 8, ea., *$2.75 net; v. 5. 'O4(jei8) 
*$3.25 net Macmillan. 

Brandes, G: Poland. *03(Api8) 8, *fe net 


Brandl, Alois. See Garnett, R: 

Brandow, J: H: Story of old Saratoga; 
(Schuylerville.) 'oi(Ap27) 12, $1.50. 


Rrssuids, Orestes M,, and Van Gieson, H: C. 
Academic physiology and hygiene. Rev. 
ed. *04(Mri2) il. 12, $i. Sanborn. 

Brandt, Lilian. Social aspects of tuberculo- 
sis. '03. 8, (Pub. of the soc., no. 380.) 
pap., 25 c. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 

Braant, W: T. India rubber, gutta percha, 
and balata. 1900 (Mr3i) 12, $3. Baird. 

Brandt, W: T. Treatise on distillation and 
rectification of alcohol ; comprising raw ma- 
terials, production of malt, etc. 2d ed. '03. 
8, $4. Baird. 

Brannt, W: T. s ed. Practical treatise on the 
manufacture of vinegar. 2d rev. enl. ed. 
1000 (Dis) 8, $5. Baird. 

Branson, E. C. Common school speller. 2d 
book. *04(Je25) 12, (Johnson ser.) bds., 
20 c. B. F. Johnson. 

Branson, H. A. Treatise on law of fixtures. 
} 04(Je25) O. shp., $5- Keefe-D. 




Brantly, W: T., rep. See Maryland. Ct. 
of appeals Repts. 


Brown. Dipping, burnishing, lacquering and 
bronzing brass ware. $i. Van Nostrand. 
Buchanan. Brass founders' alloys. $2. 


Brass bottle. Guthrie, T: A. $1.50. 


Brassey, T: A, Baron. Fifty years of pro- 
gress, and The new fiscal policy. J O4(Ap3o) 
O. *$i net. Longmans. 

Brasssy, T: A., Baron, ed. Naval annual, 
igoo-'oi ; ed. by J : Leyland. igoo-'oi 
(Jbo) ; 1902. J 02(Je2i); 1903. '03. 8, 
net, -ea., $7.50. Scribner. 

Beastow, Lewis O. Representative modern 
preachers. "o4(Mrs) 12, *$i.5O net. 


Braswell. S. N, See Texas. Legal forms. 

Bran, Salvador. Historia de Puerto Rico. 
*04(My7) il. maps, D. $i. Appleton. 

Brauer, Herman G. A. The philosophy of 
Ernest Renan. J O4(Ja23) O. (Bulletin of 
the Univ. of Wis., Philology and literature 
sen, v. 2, no. 3.) pap., 50 c. Univ. of Wis. 

Braun, E. The baker's book. v. i. '01. '02 
(D6) il. O. $2.50. E. Braun. 

Braun, E. Perfection in baking. 5th rev. 
enl. ed. 1900 (O6) O. $i. Ogilvie. 

Braun, P. The Master's way. 1900 (Jei6) 
12, pap., 50 c. Newman. 

Brattt von Messina. See Schiller, J. C. F. v 

Brave and bold. Alger, H., jr. f75 c. Butt. 

Brave coward. Plympton, A. G. 50 c 

Little, B. & Co. 

Brave defense. Chipman, W: P. $i. Burt. 

Brave heart Elizabeth. Thompson, A. E. 
**$i net. Lee & S. 

Brave heart series, il. D. **$i net. Lee & S. 

Thompson. A lassie of the Isles. 

Brave hearts. Fraser, W: A. f$ 


Brave little cousin. Marchant, B. t$i- 

E. & J. B. Young. 

Bravest of the brave. Lawson, P. V. $1.50. 

G. Banta, 

Bray, W: L. Ecological relations of the 
vegetation of western Texas. } oi(D28) 
8, (Cont. from the Hull Botanical Labor- 
atory, no. 30.) pap., net, 25 c. Univ. of Chic. 

Braybrooke, Lord, ed. See Pepys, S: 

Brazen (The) calf. Ford, J. L. f$i. Dodd. 


Argentine Republic. Constitution; [also,] 

Constitution of the U. S. of Brazil, net, 

T So c Univ. of Chic. 

Humphrey. Summer journey to Brazil. 

$1-25. Bonnell. 

Santa-Anna-Nery. Land of the Amazons. 

nt, $4- Button. 

Tucker. The Bible in Brazil. **$i.25 net. 


United States of Brazil n. p. Gov. Pr. 
Wright New Brazil. $10. Barrie. 

See also Dawson, T: C. 

Breachley black sheep. Becke, G: L: t$l.50. 


Braun. The baker's book. v. I. $2.50. 

E. Braun. 
Cotton. Cake and bread recipes. $i. 

See also Cookery. 

Bread and wine. King, M. E. $i 25 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Bread line. Paine, A. B. $1.25. Century Co. 
Bread of life. Worcester, J: $i. 

Mass. New Ch. Un. 

Break in schedule time. Foster, Mrs. T. M. 

T. 75 c. Am. Tr. 

Break-neck farm. Raymond, Mrs. E. H. 

$i 25. Street. 

Break o' day boys. Browne, G W. $i. 


Breakell, Ma. L., ["Penumbra."] Water- 
colour painting. '04 (Nip) S. (Wallet ser.) 
*75 c. net. Longmans. 

Breaker of laws. Ridge, W. P. $1.50. 


Breakers ahead. Griffing, J. R. 25 c. Ogilvie. 
Breakfast table ser., handy vol. ed. S. $1. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Holmes. Autocrat of the breakfast table. 
Over the teacups Poet at the breakfast 
table. Professor at the breakfast table. 

Breaking and riding. Fillis, J. net, $5. 


Breaking into society. Ade, G: $i. Harper. 
Breaking the record. Gordon, C: W: 30 c. 

Breaking the shackles. Barrett, F. $1.50. 

L. C. Page. 

Breaking the wilderness. Dellenbaugh, F : S : 
**$3-50 net. Putnam. 

Breakspeare, Eustace J. Mozart '02(04) 
D. (Maste'r musicians.) $1.25. Button. 
Breakspeare. See Lawrence, G: A 
Breal, Michel. Semantics: studies in the sci- 
ence of meaning. ipoo(D8) 12, net, $2.50. 


Breare, W. H. Vocalism; its structure and 

culture, from an English standpoint. '04 

(Ns) O. **$i.25 net Putnam. 

Brearley, Harry. Analytical chemistry of 

uranium. '03 *04(F6) O. *75 c. net. 


Brearley, Harry, and Ibbotson, Fred. Analy- 
sis of steel works materials. '02 (D6) O. $5. 


Breasted, Ja. H : The battle of Kadesh. '03 
(Oi7) il. Q. (Univ. of Chic decennial 
pub., pr. fr. v. 5.) pap., *75 c. net 

Univ. of Chic. 
Hanish. Health and breath culture. $5. 


Hulbert Breathing for voice production. 
$i. Novello. 

Kofler. Breathing for health. 15 c.^ 


Ramacharaka. Hindoo- Yogi science of 
breath. 50 c. Yogi. 

Semon. Principles of local treatment in 
diseases of the upper air passages, net, 
$i. Macmillan. 

Waugh. Diseases of the respiratory or- 
gans. $i. Engelhard. 
West. Diseases of the organs of respira- 
tion. 2 v. $10. Lippincott. 
Williams. Diseases of the upper respira- 
tory tract, net, $6. Longmans. 
See also Catarrh ; Chest; Consumption; Hy- 
giene ; Lungs ; Nose ; Throat ; Voice. 
Braatix, Jos. A. See Louisiana. Sup. ct. Di- 




Brebner, Percy J., ["Christian Lys."] Mr. 

Quixley of the Gate House. J 04(Oi) il. 

D. f$i.2S. Warne 

Breck, E: See Senac, R. 
BRECK, James Lloyd. 

Holcombe. An apostle of the wilderness. 

$1.20. Whittaker. 

BrecMnridge, Sophoriisba P. Legal tender: a 

study in Eng. and Am. monetary hist. '03 

(Myi6) O. (Univ. of Chic., decennial pubs., 

2d sen, v. 7.) *$2 net Univ. of Chic. 
Bred in the bone. Page, T : N. t$i-5<x 

Bree, Mme. Malwine. Groundwork of the 

Leschetizky method; tr. fr. the Germ, by 

T. Baker. *O3(Ap4> il. 4, $2. Schirmer. 
Breed, D : R. History and use of hymns and 

tunes. '03(03) 12 J , **$ net. Revell. 
Breed, D: R. Preparation of the world for 

Christ New ed. y O4(Je25) 8, *$2 net 


See Cattle; Domestic animals. 
Breen, A, E Set Bible. N. T. Greek and 


Breen, Ja. W. If: turning points in the ca- 
reers of notable people, lucky and unlucky. 

'oi(Jei) il. D. $1.50. J. W. Breen. 

Brehm, J : J. Key to Myers, Fischel & Co/s 

"Mental arithmetic." J 04(Jli6) 12, pap., 

50 c. Myers, F. 

Breitmann, Hans, pseud. See Leland, C: G. 
Brelsford, C. H. jee Moran, W: J. 
Bremerman, Dan. H., and Bangs, D: C, 

comps. Business vocabulary for shorthand 

writers of any system. Special ed. '04 

(Ag6) nar. S. pap., 25 c. D. H. Bremerman. 
Brenda, her school and her club. Reed, H. 

L. $1.50. Little, B. & Co. 

Brenda ser. il. D. Little, B. Co. 

Reed. Brenda's bargain. (4.) **$i.2O net*. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Brenda's bargain. Reed, H. L. **$i.2o net 

Little, B. & Co. 
Brenda's cousin at Radcliffe. Reed, H L. 

**$i.20 net. Little, B. & Co. 

Brenda's summer at Rockley. Reed, H. L. 

net, $1.20. Little, B. & Co. 

Brengle, S. L, Heart talks on holiness. 4th 

ed. *04(Mrs) S. 25 c. Salvation. 

Brengle, S. L. Helps to holiness. 4th ed. '04 

(Mrs) T. 25 c. Salvation. 

Brengle, S. L. The soul-winner's secret '04 

(Mrs) T. 25 c. Salvation. 

Brengle, S. L. The way of holiness. 3d ed. 

'04 (Mrs) T. 25 c. Salvation. 

Brent, C. H., (#/>.) Consolations of the 

cross J 04(F27) D. *ox> c. net Longmans. 
Brentano's reprints of standard fiction. D. 


Grant The sun-maid. f$i.5o. 
Brcnton, Hilda. Uncle Jed's country letters. 

*02(Je7) il. D. 30 c. Dicker-man. 

Brereton, Austin. Henry Irving and the Ly- 
ceum. '03 (Dip) 12, **$7-50 net 

McClure, P. 
Brereton, F. S. Dragon of Pekin: tale of the 

Boxer revolt *oi. il. 12, $1.50. Scritjner. 
Brereton, F. S. Foes of the red cockade. '03 

(Oio) il. D **$i.20 net Scribner. 

Brereton, F.> S. A gallant grenadier. '04 

(Di7) il. 12, $i. Saalfield. 

Brereton, F. S. A gallant grenadier. '01 

(N23) il. 12, $1.50. Scribner. 

Brereton, F. S. In the grip of the Mullah. 
'03 (Oio) il. D. **$i.2o net Scribner. 

Brereton, F. S. In the King's service. 1900 
(Oi3) il. 12, $1.50. Scribner. 

Brereton, F. S. One of the fighting scouts. 
'04 (Jag) il. D. $i. Mershon. 

Brereton, F. S. One of the fighting scouts. 
'02 (D6) il. 12, t$l-50. Scribner. 

Brereton, F. S. Under the star-spangled 
banner. '04 (Jap) il. D. $i. Mershon. 

Brereton, F S Under the star-spangled ban- 
ner. 02 (D6) il. 12, f$i.50. Scribner. 

Brereton, F. S. With rifle and bayonet. 1900 
(Oi3) il. 12, $1.50. Scribner. 

Brereton, J: Briefe and true relation of the 
discoverie of the north part of Virginia; 
reprod. in facsimile fr. first ed. of 1602; in- 
trod. note by Luther S. Livingston. "03 
(D26) sq. O. (Facsimile reprints of rare 
books, historical ser., no. 2 ) **$2.50 net ; 
on Japan pap., **$ net. Dodd. 

Brereton, J: Le Gay, ed. See Pickburn, J. 
P., ed. 

Bresel, Annie. See Clark, C: S. 

Bretfterton, Ralph H. The Beatrice book. 
'03(024) D. **$i.2Q net Lane. 

Bretherton, Ralph H. The child mind '02 
(D6) 12 **$i,20 net Lane. 

Brethren (The). Haggard, H: R t$i.50. 

McCIure, P. 

Brethren of the coast Munroe, K.. $1.25. 


Brett, Jesse. Anima Christi. '02 (D6) S. 
50 c. Longmans. 

Brett, Jesse. The blessed life : studies of the 
Beatitudes. 'o ; 3(Ag8) D $i. Longmans. 

Brett, Jesse. Witness of love: some myster- 
ies of the divine love revealed in the pas- 
sion of our Holy Redeemer. '04 (F6) S. 
75 c Longmans. 

Brevard, Caroline M. Hist of Florida; with 
questions, supp. chapters and an outline of 
Fla. ciyil government by H. E. Bennett 
*04(Dio) il. maps, D. 60 c. Am. Bk. 

Breviario Grimani. In 12 pts pt. i. 25 col. 
pi. and no collotype pi. : text of Dr. Sal. 
'03 (Ds) per pt., $50. Nijhoff. 

Breviarium bothanum sive portiforium secun- 
dum usum ecclesise cujusdam in Scotia; 
1900. '02 (F8) 4*, $15. ^ Longmans. 

Breviary treasures, Delphic ed, 8, bds., 
subs., $5. N. H. Dole. 

Anacreon. Odes. v. I. (2.) 

Antoninus. Wisdom of the Emperor Mar- 
cus Aurelius. (3.) 

Epictetus. Sayings. (5.) 

Homer. Story of Odysseus in the land of 
the Phseacians. (4). 

Pindar. Olympic and Pythian odes (i.) 

Brevities. Matthewman, L. de V. **8o c. 
net Coates. 

D: J. American citizenship. '02 
(Apip) D. (Yale lectures.) net, 75 c. 


Brewer, D: J., Allen. E: A., and Schuyler, 
W: f eds. The world's best essays Edi- 
torial ed. In 10 v.. v. 1-7. tpoo-'oi ( Je8) ; 
v. 8 (J120) ; v. 9-10 (D28) 4, per set, $35; 
y 2 leath., $45 ; ^ mor., $50 ; Limited de luxe 
eds., per set Y* mor., $60; # kv., $100; 
full lev., $200. Kaiser. 

wer, G: E. Text book of the principles 
and practice of surgery. *03(My23) il. 8, 
*$4 net ; shp., *$5 net Lea. 





Brown % Lab'y studies for brewing stu- 
dents.' $2.50. Longmans. 

Wahl and Henius. Amer. handy bk. of 
brewing, malting and auxiliary trades. 
$10 net. Keener; Wahl & H. 

Brewster, C. B. Aspects of revelation : Bald- 
win lectures for 1900. 'oi(Myi8) D. $1.50. 

Brewster, Emma E., Fernald, C: F., and 

others. Pantomimes and charades '01 

(O26) S. pap., 25 c. W. H. Baker. 

Brswster, Emma E. 'See also Burbank, B. 

Fernald, Mrs. C: F. 
Brewster, Fes. S. When mother was a little 

girl. 'oiCD?) il. D. net, 80 c. Jacobs. 
Brewster, H. Pomeroy. Saints and festivals 

of the Christian church. '04(029) il. O. 

$2 Stokes. 

Brewster, Ja. H. Conveyance of estates in 

fee by deed: principles of law involved. 

J 04(Ap30) O. shp., $5 Bobbs-Merrill. 

Brewster, Lyman D See Ames, J. B. 
Brewster, W: T. See Carpenter, G: R. 
Bre\\ster's millions. McCutcheon, G: B. 

$i 50. H. S. Stone. 

Brice, Wilson B., ed. Compilation of the bar 

examination questions of N. Y. since 1896, 

with answers, ref. and notes. 'oi(JeS) D. 

pap., $2 M. Bender. 

Brickbats and bouquets. Joyce, J: A. $i. 


Marjinnis. Bricklaying. $2. O. B. Maginnis. 

Richards. Bricklaying and brickcutting. 
$1.25 Longmans. 


See Architecture. 

Bride of Glendearg. Mclvor, A. $1.50. 

W. J. Ritchie. 

Bride of M-essina. see Schiller, J. C. F. v. 

Bride roses. Howells, W: D. 50 -c. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Bride's book. Cook, Mrs. E. T. net, $1.50 


Bride's (The) book: souvenir of the wed- 
ing. 1900. 'oi(Mr2) il. Q. $2.50; $3.50; 
silk, $7.50; $12.50. Stokes. 

Bride's confession. Butt, F. S. 50 c. 

St. L. Novelty. 

Bride's ordeal. Southworth, Mrs. E. D. E. 
N. 10 c Street 

Bridge, C : F., ed. Charter of the cities of the 
2d class, (chap. 182, laws of 1898, as 
amended to the close of the legislative ses- 
sion of 1904;) annpt, with all the decisions 
since, together with index. '04(83) D. 
$2.50. M. Bender. 

Bridge, Sir F: Samuel Pepys, lover of nra- 
sique. ? O3(Di2) por 12, *$i.$o net 


Bridge, Ja. H. Inside history of the Carnegie 
Steel Company. J O3(Agis) subs, ed., per 
copy, $100, (ed. limited to 50 copies;) ed. 
de luxe, ea., $25, (ed. limited to 450 copies;) 
(Ni4) il. por. O. *$2 net. Aldine Bk. Co. 

Bridge, Ja. H., ed. See also Flint, C: R. 

Bridg*, Norman. Rewards of taste, and other 
essays. J o2(Ap5) D. $1,50. H. S Stone. 

Bridge, Norman. Tuberculosis. *Q3(Ap25) 
il. 8, *$i-so net. Saunders. 

Bridge .(The) manual: instruction and guide 
to the conventions of the game. f oi (M> 18; 
16', $1.25. Warne. 

Bridge whist scores. '03. small pads, t ea., 
25 c. ; large pads, ea., 40 c. ; individual 
scores, ea., 15 c.; per doz., $1.25. Jenkins. 
American laws of bridge. **75 c. net. 

Ames. Bridge whist in brief. 50 c. 

H. H. Carter. 

Badsworth, pseud. Defence of bridge. 10 c. 
On bridge. **$i.4O net. Putnam. 

Dal ton. Bridge abridged, net, $1.40. 

Dunn. New ideas on bridge. 50 c. 

Du Val. Rhyming rules of bridge. 25 c. 


Ecyrb. Bridge in brief: do's and don'ts. 
*50 c. net. Dutton. 

Elwell Advanced . bridge. **$ net- 
Bridge; its principles and rules of play. 
*$i.2S net , Scribner. 

Foster. Bridge manual. $1.25. Brentano's. 
Foster. Bridge tactics. $1.25 'F. Warne. 
Foster. Gist of bridge. 25 c. Dick. 

Hellespont. Laws and principles of bridge 
net, $2. Scribner. 

Leigh. Bridge whist. $i. Coates. 

Melrose. Bridge whist $1.40. Scribner 
Robertson and Wollaston. Bridge develop- 
ments. **$i.25 net. Brentano's. 
Slam, pseud. Modern bridge, net, 90 c. 


Smith, C. Bridge condensed. 50 c. Scribner. 
Steele. Simple rules for bridge. 25 c. 

W: R Jenkins. 
Steele. Simple rules for bridge. 50 c. 


Street Bridge up to date. Sixty bridge 

hands, ea., **i,25 net ~ Dodd. 

Templar, pseud. Bridge. *30 c. net: 

*6s c. net. Macmillan. 

Tennant The A B C of bridge. 50 c. 

Bridge of the gods. Balch, F. H. f$i-SO. 


Bridgeford, Fk. C. Barber instructor and 

toilet manual. Rev. ed. J 04(Jl3o) il. pors. 

12, $i. Fk. C Bridgeford. 

Bridgeman, T: Flower gardening. '01. '02 

(F8) il. 12, 50 c. Coates. 

Bridgemam, T: Fruit gardening. '01. '02 

(F8) il. 12*, 50 c. Coates. 

Bridgeman, T: Kitchen gardening. *oi. '02 

(F8) il. 12*, 50 c. Coates. 

Bridges, Mrs. ["Mrs. Forrester."] Dearesf. 

1900 (D22) D. $1.25. Buckles. 

Bridges, Mrs. Diana; version castellana por 

M. G. Del Rosal. } oi(Mr23) D. pap., 50 c. 


Bridges, A F. Poems. '02. 12, $1.25; 50 c. 

Straws Pr. 

Bridges, A. F. The soldier and the flag. '04. 

4, $1-25. Straws Pr. 

Bridges, Madeline, pseud. See De Vere, M. 


Brfdfea, Rob., ["Droch."] Bramble brae. 
*02(Mr22) D net, $1.25. Scribner 


Foster. Treatise on wooden trestle bridge.* 
on Am. railroads. $5. Wiley. 




BRIDGES Continued. 

Mernman and Jacoby. Text-bk. on roofs 
and bridges, pts. 1-3. ea., $2.50. Wiley. 
Skinner. Types and details of bridge con- 
struction, pt. i, Arch spans $3. 


Waddell. Specifications for steel bridges 
$1.25. Wiley 

Sea also Piers; Strength of materials. 

Bridgman, A. M., ed. Souvenir of Mass, leg- 
islators. 1900 (D22) il. 8, leath., subs., $4; 

} 04(Oi) il. pors. 12, leath, subs., $3. 

Bridgman, Clare. The bairn's coronation 

book. '02(313) il. 24, (Bairn books.) 

too c. Dutton 

Bridgman, Clare. Book of shops. 'o2(Nis) 

il. T (Bairn books.) too c. Duttoa 

Bridgman, Howard A. Steps Christward. '03 

(Di2) D. **75 c. net. Pilgrim Press. 

Bridgman, Jos. C. Happenings in our home. 

2d ed. ; introd. by Marg, E. Sangster; il. 

by L J. Bridgman. *O3(Ag8) il. Q. $2.50; 

leath., $3.50,* mor., $4.50. J. C. Bridgman. 

Howe and Hall. Laura Bridgman. **$i.5o 

net. Little, B. & Co. 

Bridgman, L. J. Bridgman's kewts. '02 (N8) 

col. il sq. O. $i. Caldwell. 

Bridgman, L. J. Guess. *oi(S2i) Q. bds., 

$1.25. Caldwell. 

Bridgman, L. J. Guess again. ~'o2(N8) col. 

il. sq. D. bds., $1.25. Caldwell. 

Bridgjnaa, L. J. Gulliver's bird book '02 

(Mr29) il. 4, $1.50. L. C. Page. 

Bridgman. L. J. Jest nuts. *O3(N2i) il. Q. 

bds., $1.25. Caldwell. 

Bridgman, L. J. Mother Wild Goose and her 

wild beast show. i90o(Ni7) Q. bds., $1.50 

Bridgman. Raymond L. Loyal traitors. '03 

(F7) D. -*$i net J. H. West 

Bridgman. W. H : See Lolme, J. L. de. 
Brief for trial of civil issues before a jury. 

Abbott, A. $4.50. Lawyers' Co-op. 

Brief German course. Kayser, C. F. $1.20. 

Am. Bk. 
Brief studies in French society and letters in 

the ijth century, nar. D. $i. 

Houghton, M. & Co 

Vincent. Corneille. (3.) French Acad- 
emy* (2.) 
Bri-erley, J., ["J. B."] The common life. '04 

(Ois) D. $1.40. Whittaker. 

Brierley, J. Ourselves and the universe. '02 

(025) D *$i.40 net Whittaker. 

Brigadier Frederick. Erckmann, E. $5~$5Q. 

Briggs, C: A: Ethical teaching of Jesus. 

'04 (D3) 12, **$ net. Scribner. 

Briggs, C : A : Incarnation of the Lord : ser- 
mons. *02(S2o) O. **$i.50 net Scribner. 
Briggs, C : A : New light on the life of Jesus. 

} 04(Mr26) 12, **$i.20 net Scribner. 

Briggs, : A : See also Brown, F. 
Briggs, G: R. Elements of plane analyt 

geometry. 7th ed., rev. and enl. by M. 

Boeher. J O3(Mr7) 12, $i. Wiley. 

Briggs, Le Baron R. Routine and ideals. '04 

(Ni9) D. **$i net. Houghton, M. & Co. 
Briggs, Le Baron R. School, college and 

character. >oi(N23) S. net, $i. 

Houghton, M, & Co. 

Briggs Brothers' twentieth century cover de- 
signs. '02(013) il. 8, *$5 net Briggs. 

Brigham, Alb. P. Geographic influences in 
Am. history. '03(610) il 12, (Home 
reading ser.) $1.25. Chautauqua Pr. 

Brigham, Alb. P. Geographic influences in 
Am. history. '03 (N7) il. maps, D. $1.25. 


Brigliam, Alb. P. Students' laboratory man- 
ual of physical geography. '04 (N$) D. 
(Twentieth century text-books.) **6o c. net 


Brigham, Alb. P. Text-book of geology. 
'oi(Fp) il. O. (Twentieth century text- 
books.) $1.40. Appleton. 

Brigham, Alb. P. See also Gilbert, G. K. 

Brigham, Sarah. Materials for French com- 
position. 'oi(Jei) S. (Modern lang. ser.^ 
pap.. 12 c. Heath. 

Brigham's destroying angel. Hickman, B. 
$i ,* 50 c. Shepard Bk. 

Bright, C: The story of the Atlantic cable. 
'03 (Ds) il. D, **$i net Appleton. 

Bright, Ja. F. Hist of England. In 5 v. 

period 5, Imperial reaction, Victoria 1880- 

1901. *04(Ap2) maps, plans, D. $1.50. 

Bright, W: Age of the Fathers. '03(Fi4> 

2 v., O. *$io net Longmans. 

Bright and Gay, attorneys-at-Iaw. O'Connor, 

E. B. 15 c. " W. H. Baker. 

Bright days in merrie England. Honeyman, 

A. V. net, $1.50. Honeyman. 

Bright days in sunny lands. Honeyman, R. 

V. $1.75. Honeyman. 

Bright days throughout the year. Humphrey, 

M. net, $1.20. Stokes. 

Bright face of danger. Stephens, R. N. 

t$i-50. L. C. Page. 

Bright little poems for bright little people. 

Wheeler, C, $1.25. Whitaker & R. 

Bright side of humanity. See Pell, E: L. 
Brightly's digest of laws. O. Welsh. 

Pennsylvania. Digest of the laws, 1893- 

1903- $7-50. 

See Diabetes. 

Brightwen, Eliza. Quiet hours with nature. 
^04(Ns) 5L D. **$i.50 net. Pott. 

Brigitta. Auerbach, B. 25 c R. H. Carothers. 

Brill, G: R. Andy and the ignoramus, [and 
other stories.] '02 (Nl) il. sq. O. bds, 
tso c. Biddle. 

Brill, G: R. Little Bobby Bumpkin, and 
other juvenile verse. '02 (Ni) il. O. bds., 
tso c. Biddle. 

Brilliant thoughts for men and women. Por- 
ter, R. 50 c. Hurst. 

Brilliants ser. See Caldwell's. 

Brimstone bargains in the marriage market 
Tyrrell, F. G. Puritan Pub. 

Brincldey, W: J. Physiology by the labora- 
tory method. 'o2(Jls) 8, $.25. Ainsworth. 

Brine, Mrs. Ma. D. Doings of a dear little 
couple. igoo(D22) 41. 8, (Dainty ser.) 
50 c. Altemus. 

Brme, Mrs. Ma. D. The Funnyland boys. 
'03 (N7) iL O. bds., 50 c. Biddle, 




Brine, Mrs. Ma. D. How "a dear little 
couple" went abroad. '03(017) il. D. 
(Dainty ser.) hf. vellum, 50 c. Altemus. 

Brine, Mrs. Ma. D. Lassie and Laddie. '02 
(Nis) il. D. **$i net. Dutton. 

Brine, Mrs. Ma. D. Merry little visit with 
auntie. i900.(O2o) il. sq. O. 75 c. Am. Tr. 

Brine, Mrs. Ma. D. Mother and baby. *oi 
(Oip) il. 0. $1.25. Russell. 

Brine, Mrs. Ma. D. Mothers' songs in five 
cantos. 1900 (O6) il. 4, $i. Cambridge. 

Briner, G: Chauncey. See Henes, E., jr. 

Bring, J. C. '"This do in remembrance of 
Me" : communion sermons ; tr. by H. E. D., 
introd. by D. H. Bauslin. '04 (My 14) D. 
85 c. Germ. Lit. Bd. 


Leach. Hist, of the Bringhurst family. $5. 


Brink, B : M. Early hist, of Saugerties. '02 
(Ag2) il. 12, *$i.5o net. R. W. Anderson. 

Brmkerhoff, RoelirT. Recollections of a life- 
time. 1900 (Je23) por. O. '$2. Clarke. 

BrinMey, Fk. China. Lib. ed. v. 3. '02. 
'03(Jaio); v. 4 (Mr28) 8, (Oriental ser.) 
ea., $50. Millet 

"Brinkley, Fk. Japan ; its history, arts and lit- 
erature, v. 1-4. J 02(Ap5) ; v. 5 (Je28) ; v. 
6, 7 (Oi8) ; v. 8 (N22) 8, (Oriental ser.) 
per v., $50. Millet. 

Brinton, Dan. G. Basis of social relations. 
*02(Mr22) 8, (Science ser., v. 10.) net, 
$1.50. Putnam. 

Brinton, Howard F. Patriotic songs of the 
Am. people. 1900 (Jbi) 12, $i. 

Tuttle, M. & T. 

Brinton, Selwyn. Correggio. 1900 (Ap7) 8, 
(Great masters in painting and sculpture.) 
$1.75. Macmillan. 

Brinton Eliot. Farmer, J. E. $1.50. 


Briquettes and patent fuel. Bjorling, P. R. 
$4. Rebman. 

Briscoe, Marg. S. Change of heart. '03 
(812) D. t$i.25. Harper. 

Brissot, Jeanne P. Boston in 1788; fr. New 
travels in the U. S. of America. '02(025) 
D. (Old South leaflets^ no. 126.) pap., 5 c. 
Old South Work. 

Bristol, Augusta C. A spray of cosmos: 
poems. '04 (F6) D. bds., $1.25. Badger, 

Bristol, Fk. M. Frances E. Willard's mes- 
sage to the womanhood of the age. '01 
(Mn6) S. pap., 15 c. Pursell. 

Bristol, G: P. See Bennett, C: E. 


Masse", Cathedral church of Bristol. 60 c 



Musgrove. Hist, of Bristol, Grafton Co., 
N. H. 2 v. *$s net; *$ net 

R: W. Musgrove. 


See England; Great Britain. 
Britain and the British seas Mackinder, H. 

J. $2. Appleton. 

Britain for the British. Blatchford, R. 50 c. ; 

25 c. Kerr. 

Britain's title in South Africa. Cappon. T 

$2. Macmillan 

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t CaldwelL 

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10 c (v. 17, 3 ) 

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(Standard socialist ser.) 50 c Kerr 

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Brosbeck, W. I., ed. 

poration laws. 
Brother and sister Charrnau, J 

See California. Cor- 

Brother Billy. 

*$i net. 

Fox, F. M. fS<> c 

L. C Page 

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'04. il. D T$I 50 Griffith 

Brother Jonathan. Butterworth, H. **$i.25 
net. Appleton. 

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Brothers Dalziel (The) t , Record of their 
work m connection with distinguished ar- 
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- (Je6; D. $i. Longmans. 

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Univ. of Wis. 

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Houghton, M. & Co. 

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'03 (N7) il. D. **$ net 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Brown, Abbie F. The flower princess. '04 
(Oi) il. D. f$i. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Brown, Abbie F. In the days of giants : Norse 
tales. J 02(My3) il. D. net, $1.15. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Brown, Abbie F. The lonesomest doll. '01 

(Si4) D. net 85 c. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Brown, Abbie F. Pocketful o| posies. '02 

(N8) il. D. **$i net. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Brown, Abram E. Faneuil Hall and Faneuil 

Hall Market. 1900 (Jl2i) il. 8, $10; same. 

'oi(Ap2o) il. O. $1.50, Lee & S. 

Brown, Adrian J. Laboratory studies for 

brewing students. 'o4(Ni9) ii 0. $250. 


Brown, Albert F. See Isham, N. M. 
Brown, Albert G. See Massachusetts. Sup 

judicial ct. Repts. 

Brown, Alex. English politics in early Vir- 
ginia history. 'or(Api3) D. $2. 

Houghton, M. & Co 

Brown, Alex. J. See Day, G: W. 

Brown, Alice. High noon. *04(Ap23) D. 

t$i-50. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Brown, Alice. Judgment: a novel. '03(03) 

il. D f$i.25. Harper. 

Irown, Alice. King's End. *oi(Mr23) D 

$1.50. Houghton, M. & Co 

Brown, Alice. The Mannerings. 'o3(Ap4) 

D. f$i.sp. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Brown, Alice. Margaret Warrener. 'oi(N23) 

D. $1.50. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Brown, Alice. The merrylinks. '03 (Ny) il. D. 

bds., **$i net. McClure, P. 

Brown, Allan L. True marriage guide. '01 

>02(Ag2) il. 12, 55 c.; pap., 35 c. 

Westminster Pub. 

Brown, Alonzo. Shadow of Tiresias. 03 

(Mr28) S. pap., 20 c. Leeds & B 

Brown, Anna Robeson. Immortal garland: 

story of Am. life. 1900 (Ap2i) D. (Town 

and country lib., no. 282.) $i ; pap., 50 c. 


Brown, Anna Robeson. Millionaire's son; il. 
by Arthur E. Becher. J o3(Ag29) D. f$r.5o 


Brown, Anna Robeson. Truth and a woman. 
J 03(Je6) nan S. f$i.25. H. S. Stone 

Brown, Annie G. Fireside battles, [story.] 
1900 (Ag4) il. O. $1.25. Laird. 

Brown, Arth. J. The new era in the Philip- 
pines. J 03(N2i) il. D. **$i.25 net. Revell. 
Brown, Arth. J. New forces in old China. 
'04(03) il. map, 12, *$ net. Revell. 
Brown, Arth. Wellington. See De Vars, 


Brown, Barnetta. Sunshine books. 'oi(S7) 
6 v., T. ea., 25 c. Abbey Press. 

Brown, B: F. Complete digest of interest 
surplus earnings and expenses in life in- 
surance. 'oi(Jai9) 8*, pap., $2. 

B: F. Brown 

Brown, B: F, Life-insurance economics. 3d 
ed. ; 03(Ds) O. pap., $2. B: F. Brown. 
Brown, Bertha M. Physiology for the la- 
boratory. 1900 (Je3o) D. 85 c. Ginn. 
Brown, C. S. Scholten's salesmen's guide to 
success. *03(Je27) S. leath., $i. Lyzen. 
Brown, C. W. A B C of motors and motor- 
cycles. J 03(Oio) T. (Drane's new ABC 
handbooks, no. n.) 50 c. WyciL 
Brown, Caro, [pseud, for Caro. Virginia 
Krout] Knights in fustian: [novel] 
1900 (Ap7) D. $1.50. Houghton, M. & Co. 
Brown, Caro. On the We- A trail. '03(024) 
12, f$i.50. . Macmillan. 
Brown, C: C., ed. Directory of Am. cement 
Industries. 2d ed., rev. and enl. *02(Ag2) 
$5- Municipal Eng. 
Blown, C: F M and Croft, V. E. Outline 
study of U. S. hist '01. 'oa(Jei4) 16, 
vellum, 50 c. Courier. Pn 




Brown, C: H. Moses: a drama. '02(820) 
O. bds., $1.25. Badger. 

Brown, C: IngersolL Dizzy dilemmas: a 
farce. 'o4(Ap23) D, (Ed of plays.) pap., 
15 c. W. H. Baker. 

Brown, C: W. American star speaker and 
model elocutionist. 'o2(Myi7) il. 12, $1.50. 


Brown, C: W. Ethan Allen. '02 (My 17) 12*, 
$i. Donohue. 

Brown, C: W. John Paul Jones of naval 
fame. 'O2(je28) D. (Am. patriot ser.) $i. 


Brown, C: W., comp. Comic recitations and 
readings. '02 (Myi7) 12, 50 c. ; pap., 25 c. 


Brown, C: W., comp. Patriotic recitations and 
readings. *O2(Myi7) 12", 50 c.; pap., 25 c. 


Brown, Christian H:, comp. Optician's man- 
ual v. i and 2. 'Q2(Je28) il. 12, ea., $2. 


Brown, D: A., comp. History of Penacook, 
N. H., 1734 to 1900. '03(Jei3) il. 8, $4. 
Rumford Press. 

Brown, D : W. Science and art of phrase- 
making; designed to teach stenographic 
phrasing by principle. *O2(Ap5) 12, $1.50 

Shorthand Bu. 

Brown, Edith. See Guerrier, Edith. 

Brown, E: Poultry-keeping as an industry 
for farmers and cottagers. 5th ed., rev. and 
enl. '04(817) il. sq. O. $2. Longmans. 

Brown, Eli F., and Greer, Jos. H. New tok- 
ology; mother and child nature; il. by Ruth 
Blake, M.D. '03(85) 12, $1,50. Laird. 

Brown, Elijah P. From Nowhere to Beulah- 
land: a personal narrative; introds. by J. 
W. Chapman and C: F: Goss. '04(817) 
S. *5O c. net. Winona. 

Brown, Eliz. G., Butcher, Ida J., and Goodale, 
Frances A., eds. Outline history of Utica 
and vicinity. 1900 (Jl2i) il. 8, 75 c.; pap., 
50 c. New Century. 

Brown, Elmer E. The making of our middle 
schools : secondary education in the U. S. 
'03(F28) O. $3. Longmans. 

Brown, Event, and Strauss, Alb. Diet, of 
Amer. politics. 1900 (Agi8) 12, $i. Burt. 

BROWN, Ford Madox. 

Rossetti. Ford Madox Brown, net, 35 c. 


Brown, Fs., Driver, S. R., and Briggs, C: 
A., eds. Hebrew and Eng. lexicon O. T.; 
with app. based on lexicon of Robinson's 
Gesennts pt. 8 1900 (Jbi) ; pt 9. *oi 
(Mr23), pt. 10 J 02(Mr22) ; pt. n. '04 
(Mri2) 8 = , pap, ea, **50 c. net. 

Houghton, M. & Co. 

Brown, Fs. See also Knox, G: W: 

Brown, Fk. C. Letters and lettering. '02 
(D20) il. O. $2. Bates & G. 

Brown, Garrett. How to beat the game. '03 
(819) il. D. 75 c. G: W. Dillingham. 

Brown, G: D. See Douglas, G: 

Brown, G: E., ed. Finishing the negative; 
with a special chap, on films. '01. *o2(Ni) 
O. *$i.25 net. Termant 

Brown. G: E., ed. Photographic apparatus, 
making and adapting ; repr. with add. from 
articles in the Photogram. '02 (Ni) il. O. 
*$l net. Tennant 

Brown, G: E., ed. See also Bolas, T: 

Brown, G : M. Ponce de Leon land and Flor- 
ida war record. 4th ed. *03(Ja24) 12, 
pap., 50 c G : M. Brown. 

Brown, G: P. The king and his wonderful 
castle. 'o4(My2i) S. 35 c. 

Public Sch. Pub. 

Browm, G: P. Story of our English grand- 
fathers, ? 03(Ag29) il, 12, $i. 

Public Sch. Pub. 

Brown^ G: P., and De Garmo, C: Elements 
of Eng. grammar. 1900 (Agn) 8*, (De 
Garmo language sen, bk. 3.) 60 c. 

Werner Sch.-Bk. 

Brown, G : Washington. False claims of Kan- 
sas historians truthfully corrected. '03 
(Mi7) 12, $i. G: W. Brown. 

Brown, G: Whitfield, ;>., camp. See New 
York City. General ordinances. 

Brown, Glenn, ed. European and Japanese 
gardens. '02(827) il. sq. 8, **$2 net 


Brown, Goold. First lessons in language and 
grammar; ed. by Milo B. Hall. '04(83) il. 
12, 40 c. Wood. 

Brown, Grace A. Song and story. '02. '03 
(F7) D. $1.50. Eagle. 

Brown, Grace M., ["lone/'] Food studies 
J 02(Ag2) sq. T. pap., 50 c. _ Reed. 

Brown, Grace M. Studies in spiritual har- 
mony. 'o2(Mr22) sq. S. $i. Reed. 

Brown, Guy A., comp. See Nebraska. Com- 
piled statutes. 

Brown, Hadyn. Worry and how to avoid it 
'oi(Jei) nar. D. net, 50 c. Mansfield. 

Brown, Helen D. A book of little boys. '04 
(824) D. t$i. Hpughton, M. & Co. 

Brown, Helen D. Her sixteenth year. '01 
(N2) D. net, $i. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Brown, Helen D. Little Miss Phoebe Gay. 
f oi (Dai) sq. f, $2. N. Y. State Lib. 

Brown, H: The impending peril; Method- 
ism and amtftements. 'Q4(Jli6") por. 12, 
$1.25. Jennings. 

Biwvn. H: E. See Teller, W: P. 

Brown, H: H. How to control fate through 
suggestion. [3d ed.] 'o3(F2i) D. pap., 
25 c. Now Co. 

Brown, H : H. Man's greatest discovery. |>d 
ed.] '01. '03(F2i) D. pap., 25 c. 

Now Co. 

Brown, H: H. New thought primer: a les- 
son in soul culture. '03(026) D. pap., 25 c. 

Now Co. 

Brown, H: H. Not hypnotism but sugges- 
tion. [2d <*d.] '02. 'o3(F2i) S. pap., 25 c. 

Now Co. 

Brown, Horatio F. The Venetian Republic. 
J 02(Ni) 16, (Temple primer.) 40 c. net 


Brown, Horatio F., comp. John Addingkm 
Symonds. New ed. '03(012) por. 8, *$2 
net. Scriimer. 

Brown, Hubert W. Latin America, the 
Pagans, Papists, Patriots, Protestants and 
the present problem. 'oi(JeS) il. 12*, 
(Students' lectures on missions, Princeton 
Theo. Seminary.) net, $1.20. Revell. 

Brown, J. Price. Diseases of the nose and 
throat. I9oo(jl2i) il. 8, $3*5Q-, Davis. 

Brown, Dr. J:, [1810-1882.] Horse subaecivae. 
New ed 1900. *oi ( Ja$) 3 v., 16, $3.50. 





Brown, J: Queen Mary's child garden. See 
Jefferies, R: 

Brown, J: Rab and his friends. New ed, 
*04(Di7) 12, 50 c. Lippincott 

Brown, J: Rab and his friends. 1900(029) 

16, (Brocade ser., no. 19.) pap., net, 75 c. 

T: B. Mosher 

Brown, J: Rab and his friends. 'oi(Api3) 
il. 12*, 35 c. Pott 

Brown, J: Rab and his friends, and other 
dog stories; ed. by C: W. French. '02 
(Jei4) il. (Canterbury classics.) 25 c. 

Rand, McN. & Co 

Brown, J: Rab and his friends and Our 
dogs. 1900(027) nar. T. (Thumb-nail 
ser.) leath., $i. Century Co 

Brown, J: Rab and Marjorie. 1900 (D8) 24, 
(Remarque ed.) 40 c. ; leath., 75 c. Caldwell. 

Brown, J: See also MacBean, L. 

BROWN, Dr. John. 

Brown, J: T. Dr. John Brown. *$2 net 


M'Laren. Dr. John Brown and his sisters, 
Isabella and Jane. $i. Macmillan. 

Brown, Rev. J: Puritan preaching in Eng- 
land. 1900 (Fro) D. (Lyman Beecher ser., 
1899.) $1.50. Scribner. 

BROWN, John (Amer.}. 
Connelley. John Brown. $i. Crane. 

Hugo. John Brown : a petition in behalf 
of the hero of Harper's Ferry. $5; $15. 

Alwil Shop 

Newton. Capt. John Brown of Harper's 
Ferry. **$i.25 net Wessels 

Brown, J : Howard, ed. See Lamb's biog. diet 

Bfrown, J: Taylor. Dr. John Brown; ed. by 
W. B. Dunlap. '03(024) 12, hf. vellum, 
*$2 net. Macmillan. 

Brown, J : T :, ed. Churches of Christ : in the 
U. S., Australasia, England and Canada; 
introd. by J: W. McGarvey. *O4(My7) il. 
pors. 8, $5 ; hf. mor., $6. Morton. 

Brown, Jos. Sabbath school missions in Wis- 
consin. '04(08) por. D. **75 c. net 

Presb. Bd. 

Brown, Kath. H. Diane. '04(017) il. D 
t$i-50. Doubleday, P. 

Brown, Kenneth. See Boone, H: B. 

Brown, Leonard. In Occident and Orient: 
equal rights of blacks and whites. 'oi(N9) 
0. pap., 10 c. L. Brown. 

Brown, Levant F: Prince Harold '02 J oi 
(821) il. D. $1.50. L. C Page. 

Brown, Lillie West See Leslie, A. 

Brown, M. E., and H. G. Story of John 
Adams. 1900 (Je23) il. 8, net, $2. Scribner. 

Brown, Marianna C. How to plan a lesson 
'04(024) 12, *o c. net Revell. 

Brown, Mariana C. Sunday-school move- 
ments in America. *oi(Je8) 12, $1.25. 


Brown, Marshall, ed. Wit and humor of well- 
known quotations. 5 O4(Di7) 12, **$i.20 
net Small. 

Brown, Marshall S., ed. Epoch-making pa- 
pers in the U. S. *03(Mr28) 16, (Pocket 
Am. and Eng. classics.) *25 c. net 


BROWN, Moses. 

Maclay. Moses Brown, captain, U. S. N. 
**$i.25 net. , Baker & T. 

Brown, Neal. Critical confessions and John 
Marshall and his times. [2d ed.] '02. '03 
(Mr28) O. bds., $1.50. Philosopher Press. 

Brown, Nellie C. How to make Battenburg 
and point lace. I90o(jl7) il. Q. pap., 25 c. 

Priscilla Pub. 

Brown, Nicol. Organization of gold mining 
business 2d ed., with tabs., forms, etc. '04 
(Ap2) f, $10. Spon. 

Brown, Peter H. History of Scotland, v. 2, 
J 02(Ap26) 12 s , (Cambridge hist ser.) net, 
$1,50 Macmillan. 

BROWN^ Samuel Rollins 
Griffis. Maker of the new Orient. Sam- 
uel Rollins Brown. **$i 25 net. Revell. 

Brown, Spencer K. Spencer Kellogg Brown: 
his life in Kansas and his death as a spy, 
1842-1863; ed. by G: Gardner Smith. '03 
(N2i) D. **$i.35 net t Appleton. 

Brown, Stirling W. In the limestone valley; 
early days in western Wisconsin igcfo 
(D22) S. $1.25. S. W. Brown. 

'Brown, Sue M. See Lincoln, H. N. 

Brown, Terry W., and Ferguson, J. M. 
Teacher's guide and question bk. '04. 12. 

T W. Brown. 

Brown, Theron. Nameless women of the 
Bible. '04(017) 12, 75 c. Am. Tr. 

Brown, T: Complete modern farrier. Rev. 
ed. 'oi(S2i) il. 8, $3. Scribner. 

Brown, T : A. Hist, of the New York stage : 
its rise and progress fr. 1732 to 1900-01. 
In 3 v. v. I. '(>3(Ja3i) ; v. 2 (Mr4) ; v. 3 
(Di9) 8, on Stratford pap., subs., **$3O 
net, (for complete work;) Jap. pap., **$6o 
net. Dodd. 

Brown, T: E: Collected poems. 1900 (Di) 
8, $2. Macmillan. 

Brown, T: E: Letters; ed. by S. T. Irwin. 
1900 (D8), 2 v., 8, net, $4. Dutton. 

Brown, Timothy. Commentaries on the juris- 
diction of courts. 2d ed. 'oi(D7) O. shp., 
$6. Callaghan. 

Brown, Valentine. Chieftain and satires: 
[poems.] '03 (JU) 16, $i. 

Valentine Brown. 

Brown, Wa. L. Manual of assaying gold, sil- 
ver, lead, copper. 9th ed. 1900(06) il. 
12, $2.50; leath., $3. E. H Sargent 

Brown, W: A. Essence of Christianity. '02* 
(N22) 0. **$ net. Scribner. 

Brown, W: B. Gospel of the kingdom and 
the gospel of the church. 'oi(FS) D. $i. 


Brown, W: B. Problem of final destiny. 
1900 (Je23) D. $1.50. Whittaker. 

Brown, W: E. Divine key of the Revelation 
of Jesus Christ. In 2 v. v. 2. 'O2(jli2) 
il. 12, $1.50. Armstrong & B. 

Brown, W: F. Past made present; First 
Presb. Church, Beloit, Wis. [v. I.] 1900 
(D22) 8, $3. Marsh & G. 

Brown, W: G. Andrew Jackson. i90o(D8> 
S. (Riverside biog. ser., no. i.) 75 c. 

Houghton, M. Co-. 

Brown, W: G. The foe of compromise, and' 
other essays. '03(05) 12, **$i.50 net 


Brown, W: G. Gentleman of the south. '03 
(Jeis) il. D. t$i.50. Macmillan. 

Brown, W: G. Golf. 'O2(jl5) S. **so c. net 
Houghton, M. & Co.. 




Brown, W: G. History of Alabama, for 
schools. 'oi(Jli3) 12, $i. University. 

Brown, W: G. The lower South in Am. 
history. 'o2(My24) 12, net, $1.50. 


Brown, W: G. Stephen Arnold Douglas 
*02(Mr29) S. (Riverside biog. ser., no. 13.) 
net, 65 c. ; School ed, net, 50 c. 

Houghtpn, M. & Co. 

Brown, W: N. Art of enameling on metal. 
'oi(JIia) fl. 12, $i. Van Nostrand. 

Brown, W : N. Principle and practice of dip- 
ping, burnishing, lacquering and bronzing 
brassware. 5 oi(Jli3) 12, $i. Van Nostrand. 

Brown, W: N., ed. Workshop wrinkles for 
decorators, painters and others. '01. '02 
(Myio) D. net $i. Van Nostrand 

Brown, W: P. Florida lads, and For king 
or congress. '03(05) 12, (Famous books 
by famous authors.) $T. Saalfield. 

Brown, W: P. Ralph Granger's fortunes. 
'02(Agp) 51. 12, $i. Saalfield 

Brown, W: P. Sea Island boys. '03(05) 
8. 12, $i. Saalfield. 

Brown, W: P. Vance Sevier. '03(05) il. 
12, $i Saalfield. 

Brown, Willis M. From infidelity to Chris- 
tianity. '04 (Jen) por. D. $i. 

Gospel Trumpet 

Brown fairy book Lang, A., ed. **$i.6o net. 


Brown of Lost River. Stickney, Mrs. M. E. 
$i; 50 c. Appleton. 

Browne. Mrs. A. B. B. Help to the spiritual 
interpretation of the penitential Psalms. "02 
(Apip) D. net, 40 c. Longmans. 

Browne, D: McM. How to tell the time of 
night by the stars. '01. '02 ( Api2) 8, 50 c. 


Browne, Edgar A. See Hope, E: W. 

Browne, E: G. Hand-list of the Muhamme- 
dan manuscripts. 1900 (Di) 8, (Cam- 
bridge Univ. Press ser.) net, $4. Macmillan. 

Browne, E: G. Literary hist, of Persia. '02 
(N22) 0. $4. Scribner. 

Browne, Fes. Granny's wonderful chair and 
its tales of fairy times. 1900 (D8) il. 12, 
$1.50. Button. 

Birownie, Fes. Granny's wonderful chair; with 
an introd. by Fes. Hodgson Burnett; en- 
titled, The story of the lost fairy book. '04 
(Oi) il. D. t$ McClure, P. 

Browoe, Fes. Wonderful chair and the tales 
it told, pt i. ipoo(O6) ; pt 2 (Ni;) il. 
D. (Home and school classics, no. 4; story 
book ser.) ea., 25 c. ; pap., 10 c. Heath. 

Browne, Fk. J. Graded mental arithmetic; 
arr. for third to eighth grade, inclusive. 
J 02(Je7) sq. 16, net, 30 c. [Special ed.J 
7 04(Ja2) 12, *30 c. net Whitaker & R. 

Browne, Fk. J. Graded school arithmetic, 
bks. I and 2. '03(012) 8, (Browne's ser. 
of arithmetics.) bk. i, *4O c. net; bk. 2, 
*55 c. net Whitaker & R. 

Browne, G: W., ["Victor St. Clair," pseud.} 
Break o' Oay boys. '03(05) il. 12, $i. 


Browne, G : W. Cast away in the jungle. '02. 
'03 (F/) il. 12, (Round world ser.) $i.2& 


Browne, G: W. For home and honor. '02 
(S6) il. O. (Boys' own lib., no. 26.) 75 c. 


Browne, G: W. From switch to lever. '02 
(Agso) O. (Boys' own lib., no. 30.) 75 c. 

Browne, G: W, Hero of the hills. '01(026) 

il. O. (Woodranger tales, no. 3.) $i. 

L. C. Page. 
Browne, G: W. Japan, the place and the 

people; introd. by the Hon. Kogoro Taka- 

hira. *O4(Ap23) il. 4, $2.50 Estes. 

'Browne, G : W. Little Snap, the postboy. '03 

(Agi) il. 12, 75 c. Street 

Browne, G: W. Paradise of the Pacific: the 

Hawaiian Islands. icx)o(Nio) il. O. $i 50. 

Browne, G: W. Pearl of the Orient, the 

Philippine Islands, ipoo(Di) il. O. $1.50. 

Browne, G: W. Young gunbearer. 1900 (O8) 

D. $i. * L. C Page. 

Browne, G: W. Zip the acrobat. '02(Ag3o) 

D. (Boys' own lib., no. 100.) 75 c. Street 
Browne, Gordon. Proverbial sayings. '01. 

'02(Fis) il. 4*, bds., net, $i. Stokes. 

Browne, Sir Ja. Crichton. See Carlyle, Alex. 
Browne, Mrs. Lida B. Words that burn. 

[novel] 1900 ( Ag2S) O. $1.50. D. B. Briggs. 
Browne, Marion J., ["Marion J. Brunowe."] 

Girlhood of Our Lady. 'o3(Ap4) il. 12, 

$i. Cathedral Lib. 

Browne, Rob. H. Abraham Lincoln and the 

men of his time. *oi(Ni6) 2 v., O. $3.50 

Browne, Sir T: Religio medici. 1900 (D8) 

16, (Gem ser.) $i. Pott. 

Browne, Sir T: Religio medici, Urn burial, 

Christian morals and other essays; ed. by 

C J. Holmes. 'Q2(Jli2) 8, (Vale Press 

ser.) **$I2 net Lane. 

Browne, T: A., ["Rolf Boldrewood."] Babes 

in the bush: [novel.] 1900 (Jea) 12, $1.50. 

Browne, T: A. The ghost camp. '02 (Ni) 

12, t$i-5<>- Macmillan. 

Browne, T: A. In bad company, and other 

stories. '01 (Myi8) 12, $1.50, Macmillan, 
Browne, T: R. First bookkeeping course. 

1900 (Dis) O. pap., 25 c 

Browne's Business Coll. 
Browne, Wa. S. Andrew Bentley: story of 

the civil war. 1900 (N3) 8, $i ; pap., 50 c. 

Browne, Wa. S. Rose of the wilderness, 'or. 

'02(Mn) il. D. $1.25. W. S. Browne. 

Browne, W : Hand. Maryland, the hist, of a 

palatinate. Rev. and enl. ed. *O4(Ap9) 

map, 16, (American commonwealths.) 

$1.25. Houghton, M & Co. 

Browaie, W: Hardcastle. See Scott, Sir W. 
Browne, W: T. After capitalism, what? 1900 

(Api4) T. (Pocket lib. of socialism, no. 

12.) pap., sc Kerr. 

Browne, W: T. Joy bells: [poems.] '01 

(Je8) D. $1.50. G: W. Dillingham. 

Bfrowm, W: T. The lost faith. '04(817) Q- 

pap., $i. Edder, 

Browm, W: T. Relation of religion to social 

ethics. 'O3(je2o) 16, (Pocket lib. of so- 
cialism, no. 27.) pap., 5 c. Kerr. 




Browne, W: T. A reply to The man with 
the hoe. '01 (Je8) il. O. pap., 50 c. 

G: W. Dillingham. 

Brownel! Clarence L. The heart of Japan. 

'03(03) D. **$ net. McClure, P. 

Brownell, Clarence L. Tales from Tokio. 

1900 (Ag4); [New issue.] 'oi(Ag3) S. $i. 

Quail & W. 

Brownell, Eliz. B., ed. Dream children. '01 
(Di4) D. net, 95 c. Bobbs-M. 

Brownell, Herb. Induction lessons in ele- 
mentary physics. iooo(Di) 8, 50 c. 


Brownell, L. W. Photography for the sports- 
man naturalist. 'Q4(Di7) il. 8, (Am. 
sportsman's lib.; ed. by C Whitney.) **$2 
net. Macmillan. 

Brownel!, W: C. French art. New enl. ed. 
J oi(Ng) il. Q. bds., net, $3-75. Scribner. 
Brownell, W: C. Victorian prose masters. 
'01 (Ng) 0. net, $1.50. Scribner. 

Brownie. Le Feuvre, A. $1.25. Am. Tr. 
Brownies (The). See Ewing, Mrs. J. H. 
Brownies in the Philippines. Cox, P. t$*-5o. 

Century Co. 

Brownies rummaging among the mediums of 
modern spiritualism. Becker, H. J. 25 c. 

U. S. Pub. 

Browning, C: H: Some Colonial dames of 
royal descent Pedigrees. 1900. f oi(I>7) 
4. $15, C: H: Browning. 

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ical works. 1900 (Jh8) 12, (Home lib.) 
$i. Burt. 

Browning, Mrs. Eliz. B. Complete works; 
(Porter and Clarke.) [Coxhoe ed.] 1900 
(Di) 6 v., 18% $4.50. Crowell. 

Browning, Mrs. Eliz. B. [Complete.] Poet- 
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flex, leath, ea., $i. Dodd 

Browning, Mrs. Eliz. B. Complete poetical 
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Houghton, M. & Co. 

Browning, Mrs. Eliz B. Complete poems. 

'04(824)2 v., pors. 16, (Caxton thin paper 

ser.) *$2.$o net Scribner. 

Browning, Mrs. Eliz. B. Aurora Leigh. '01 

(Ag24) S. (Handy vol. classics.) 50 c. 


Browning, Mrs. Eliz. B. Aurora Leigh, and 

other poems. Oxford miniature ed. '02. 

J 03(Ap4) Tt $1.10. Oxford Univ 

Browning, Mrs. Eliz. B. Casa Guidi windows. 

'01 (D;) il. 8, net, 75 c. Lane. 

Browning, Mrs. Eliz. B. Love poems. *oi 

(P7) nar. 24, (Lovers' lib.) net, 50 c.; 

leith., net, 75 c. m Lane. 

Browning, Mrs. Eliz. B. Poems; introd. by 

Alice Meynell. '04(022) por. S. (Red 

letter lib , no 2.) 50 c. ; limp leath., $i. 


Browning, Mrs. Eliz. B. Selected poems; 
ed, with introd. and notes, by Eliz. Lee. 
'04 por. 16, (Standard Eng. classics.) 
30 c. Ginn 

Browning, Mrs. Eliz. B. Selection fr. poems , 
el by H -E. Hersey. '03 (F7) 24. (Pocket 
Eng. classics.) *25 c, net. Macmillan 
Browning, Mrs. Eliz. B. Sonnets from the 
Portuguese. 1900 (D8) 24*, (Remarque 
ed) 40 c.; leath., 75 c.; '04(024) sq. D 
$2.50. Caldwell 

Browning, Mrs. Eliz. B. Sonnets from the 
Portuguese. 'O4(jli6) il. 12, $2; ci, $3-5<>. 


Browning, Mrs. Eliz. B. Sonnets from the 
Portuguese. 1900(029) 8, $5; 'oi(Mn6) 
il 4, hf. vellum bds., $5 ; Jap., $15- 

Elston Press. 

Browning, Mrs. Eliz. B. Sonnets from the 
Portuguese. '02(020) Tt. (Vest pocket 
ser., no. 2.) pap., *2S c. net; limp cl., 40 c. 
net; flex, leath., 75 c. net; Japan vellum, 
$i net T: B Mosher. 

Browning, Mrs. Eliz. B. Sonnets from the 
Portuguese. J 02(Oi8) il. D. $2. Putnam. 

Browning, Meshach. Forty-four years of the 
life of a hunter. New ed. '03(03) 8, 
$1.50 Lippmcott. 

Browning, Oscar. Hist, of Europe in out- 
line, 1814- 1848. *oi(026) 12, $i. Macmillan. 

Browning, Philip E. Introd. to the rarer ele- 
ments. 'Q3(Ag8) 8, **$i.$o net Wiley. 

Browning, Rob. Complete works. In 12 v. 
v. 4-9. (Porter and Clarke.) Arno ed. 
i90d(Mr3) ; v. 10-12 (Dis) 12, subs., per 
set, $30; levant, per set, $60. t Crowell 

Bwwning, Rob. Christmas eve '04(017) 
32, (Ariel booklets, no. 74-) 75 c. Putnam. 

Browning, Rob. A death in the desert ; in- 
trod. and notes by G. Y. Pope. '04(024) 
16, *75 c. net. P? tt( S' 

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classics.) 50 c. ; limp leath., 75 c. Macmillan 

Browning, Rob. In a balcony. } 02(S20) 8, 
bds. k , 400 cop. on pap., ea., $3; IS C P- on 
imp. Japan vellum, ea., $5. Blue Sky Press. 

Browning, Rob. Love poems. 1900 (Nio) 
nar. T. (Lover's lib.) 50 c.; leath., 75 c. 


Browning, Rob. Men and women. '02 (On) 
16, (Remarque ser., no. 27.) 40 c ; leath . 
75 c. ; limp chamois, $1.25. Caldwell 

Browning, Rob. Pippa passes. 1900 (Ns) il 
0. $1.50. Dodd 

Browning, Rob. Pippa passes. 5 02(N22) il. 
i2 Q , $1.50. Estes. 

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Browning, Rob. Pippa passes. '02(020) nar. 
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T: B. Mosher. 

Browning, Rob. Poems; introd. by Alice 
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4.) 50 c ; limp leath., $i. Caldwell. 

Browning, Rob. Pompilia ; introd. by A. Sy- 
mons J 03(Di2) Tt. (Old world ser.) 
Tapan vellum, *$250 net; pap, *$i net 

T: B. Mosher. 

Browning, Rob. Rabbi Ben Ezra ; with supp. 
illustrative quotations. '02 *03(Fi4) 12, 
**50 c. net. * Crowell. 

Browning, Rob. Rabbi Ben Ezra. *oi(Jl20) 
16, parchment, $i. Macmillan, 

Browning, Rob. Saul *oi(Ag24) il. D. 
(What is worth while ser.) 60 c. Crowell. 

Browning, Rob. Saul; designed and hand 
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bamboo binding, *8o c. net; padded leath., 
*$i.20 net ; ooze leath., *$2 net. Dodge. 




Browning, Rob. Some poems. 'o4(Ag2p) 

8, (Eragny press ser., no. 4.) bds., Special 

ed , *$io net. Lane. 

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50 c. ; flex, leath., 75 c. Macmillan 

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il 24, (Flowers of Parnassus, v. 2.) *5oc. 

net; *75 c net. Lane. 

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by Constance M. Spender. '04(015) por. 

D. (Chiswick ser.) **5o c. net Crowell. 

Browning, Rob. Olive prints; sel. fr. Robert 

Browning's poems for every day in the 

year; comp. by J. Pauline Smith. '04 

(Mr26) D. bds., $i. W. Graham Pr. Co. 

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J 04(Mrs) por. D. $i. Bassette. 

Browning Rob. Thoughts from Browning; 

for every day of the year; sel. and ed. by 

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Browning; arr. by M. Shipp. 1900(06) 
S (Beautiful thonghts ser.) 75 c. Pott. 
Browning, Rob and Mrs Eliz B Florence 
m the poetry of the Brownings: a selection 
of the poems of Rob and Elizabeth B. 
Browning which have to do with the hist, 
scenery and art of Florence; ed. by Anna 
B. McMahan. '04 (Ns) il. O. bds", large 
pap. ed , *$i.40 net ; Japan vellum, *$3 75 
net. McClurg. 

Browning, Rob., and Hunt, Leigh. Love 
poems. J 02(N22) 12, $1.25; ooze leath., 
$2. Dodge. 

BROWNING, Robert. 

Abbott Browning and Meredith, some 

points of similarity. $i. Badger. 

Brooke. Poetry of Robert Browning. 

**$i.50 net. Crowell. 

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Dowden. Robert Browning. *$ net 


Gould. Biographic clinics; origin of ill- 
health. *$i net. Blakiston 
Hyde. Art of optimism as taught by 
Browning. 35 c. Crowell. 
Leake Ethics of Browning's poems. $i. 


MacDonald. Study of Browning's Saul. 

*50 c. net. Revell. 

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net. Macmillan. 

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Houghton, M. & Co 

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60 c. Ainsworth 

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teacher, net, oo c. Macmillan. 

Porter and Clarke. Browning study pro- 
grammes. $1.50. Crowell 
Rain Browning for beginners. *6b c. net 


Stowell. Significance of "The ring and the 
book." $i. Poet-Lore, [Badger] 

Waugh. Robert Browning. 75 c. Small 

Bradford. Spiritual lessons, from the 

Brownings. 35 c. Crowell, 

Gould. The Brownings and America. 

$1.25. Badger. 

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$3. Brownson. 

Borown&on, Ma. W. His sister. '04(08) il. S. 
35 c. Winona 

Brownsion, Ma. W. Trie Old Testament story. 
In 4 v. v. i. '04 (Ns) il. O. 75 c. Wilde. 

BROWNSON, Orestes A. 
Brownson. Orestes A. Brownson's latter 
life [\. 3] $3 Bro\\nson. 

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nth ed., rev. and enl. '02. 'O3(F28) il. 
12, (Quiz compends.) ea., 80 c. Bakiston. 

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iology. '04(53) il. col. pis., diagrams, 8, 
$4; leath., $5. Blakiston. 

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application; adapt to the U. S., by E. Q. 
Thornton. 1900 (Myi2) 8, $3.75. Lea. 

Bruce, Ma. Stone. Grammaire franchise: a 
1* usage des el eves de 1' enseignement sec- 
ondaire '04 (Oi) il. D. (Modern lang. ser.) 
$i 12 Heath. 

Bruce, Philip A. School history of the U. S. 
'03(Jei3) il. D. hi leath., $i. Am. Bk. 

Bruce, R: I: The forward policy and its 
results; thirty-five years' work amongst 
the tribes of India. 1900 (Di) il. O. $5. 


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(Ap4) 12, *$i net Scnbner. 

Bruce, Roscoe C. Harvard college class ora- 
tion. J 02(Oi8) O. pap., 15 c. J: H. Wills 

Bruce, Roscoe C The work of Tuskegee 
*03(Ap4) D. pap., 10 c. R. C. Bruce. 

Bruce, Rosslyn, ed. The common hope: first 
fruits of ministerial experience; with in- 
trod. by the Bp. of Stepney. *04(Ap2> D. 
$1.40. Longmans. 

Bruce, W. S. Formation of Christian char- 
acter. *Q2(Myio) 12, net $I75. Scribner 

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*04(Jei8) il. sq. T. 50 c. Am. School. 

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} 04(Je25) S. 50 c. Am. School. 

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(Math, monographs, no. 8.) pap., 10 c. 


Bruce (A B ) lectureship. See Muirhead, 
L. A. 

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D. f$ Doubleday, P. 

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Concordia Pub. 

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nery. 2d ed. '02 (S6) 8, $6. Wiley. 

BRUGES, Belgium. 

Smith, E. G. Story of Bruges. $2 ; $2.50. 


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The major's niece. *Q3(Ap25) D. $1.25. 

Abbey Press 

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ome of otology. 'o2(Ap26) il. T?. net $3 


Bruhl, Lucien Levy. See Descartes, R 

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W. E. A. Wyman. 'o3(Di2) il. 8, $5^ 

Jenkins. , 




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Bapt. brethren in Europe and Am. 3d 
re\. ed. 1900(81) il. 8, $2; lib. ed., $2.50; 
mor. } $3. Brethren Pub. Ho. 

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Bruncken, E. See also Hense-Jensen, W. 
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2d ed., rev. and enl. '02. 'o3(Mri4> 12, 
*$2 net; 3d ed, rev. and enl. 'O4(Ap2> il. 
tab., 16, $i 50. H. Harrison. 
Rraneck, Otto v. Prince Henry's sailor boy; 
adapt, fr. German by Ma. J. Safford 04 
(08) il. D. f$i.5o. . , Holt 
Brunei, G: Fun with magic. 04(01) 12 , 
(Young America ser.) 50 c. Hurst 
Brunei, G: Fun with magic. oi(Ag3i) il. 
D 75 c . Jamieson-H. 
Baxter. Filippo di ser Brunellesco. $i 75. 


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Bruno G. Tour de la France par deux en- 
fants; abr. and ed. by C Fontaine '01 
(Mrs) S. (Modern lang. ser.) 35 c. Heath. 
BRUNO, Giordano. 
Mclntyre. Giordano Bruno. *$3- 2 5 net - 


Bruno. P. V. Sec Bergmann, E. 
Bruno. Dewey, B. S. 50 c. Little, B. & Co 
BRUXOT, Felix Reville 
Slattery. Felix Reville Brunot, 1820-1898. 
$ 2 . Longmans 

Brunowe, Marion J., pseud. See Browne, M. 

Bninton, Sir Lauder. On disorders of as- 
similation, digestion, etc. '01. J 02(Ja4) 
il 8, net, $4; hi mor., net, $5. Macmillan. 

Brush, Mrs Christine C The colonel V opera 
cloak New ed. '03(^12) il. D. t$i.So. 

Little, B. & Co. 

Brush, G: J. Determinative mineralogy; m- 
trod. on blowpipe analysis; rev. and enl. by 
S: L. Penfield. i6th ed., corr. and rev. 
'03(My23) il. 8, $4. Wiley. 

BRUSH, Dr. Jonathan. 

Kelley In the year 1800: sundry events in 
life of Dr. Jonathan Brush. $2.50; $4. 


Brush Ma. E. Q. Coming of Caroline. '03 
(My23) il. D. 50 c. Amer. Tr. 

Brash, Ma. E. Q, Island Patty. 'oi(Ng) il. 
S. 35 c. Am. Tr. 

Bruvver Jim's baby. Mighels, P. V. f$l.5O. 


Bryjan, Claude G. See Parker, G. 

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the Bible. 1900 (N^) 16, 50 c. Chr. Pub. 

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engravers. New ed., rev. and enl. under 
the supervision of G C. Williamson, with 
many assistants. In 5 v v. i and 2. '03 
(O24) ; v. 3- >04(Mr26) : v. 4 (Sio) ; v. 5 
(D3i) il. 4, subs., ea., *$6 net; hf. mor., 
*$io net. Macmillan, 

Biyan, W: J. The Commoner, condensed 
*02(Ag3o) 0. $1.50. Abbey Press. 

BRYAN, William Jennings. 
McLaughlin. Bryan vs. McKinley. 75 c. ; 
25 c. Lairdi 

Metcalf. Victorious democracy; emb. life 
of William J. Bryan. $1.50. Dominion. 
Newbranch. W: Jennings Bryan. $i. 

Univ. Pub. 

Bryan, W: S., ed. Our islands and their 
people as seen with camera arid pencil. 
i90o(Agu) pts. 1-12; pts. 13-24 (D8) il. 
f, subs. [Apply to pub, for price.] 

N. D. Thompson. 

Bryant, Anna B. The Christmas cat. '03 
(Ni4) il. sq. D. **$i net. Pilgrim Press. 

Bryant, Anna B. Holly berry series, 6 v. 
J oi(D2i) il. T. per set, $1.50. Pilgrim Press. 

Bryant, E. E. Compilation of practical 
forms: a collection of precedents i or the 
use of business men, lawyers, notaries, jus- 
tices of the peace and others, adapted to 
the laws of Wis. Also, forms and instruc- 
tions under the patent and pension laws of 
the U. S. 04(Mr26) O. shp., $4.50. 

Preston Bk 

Bryant, E. E. Constitution of the United 
States; with notes on the decisions of the 
Sup. Ct 'oi(My4) D. shp., $2.50. 

Democrat Pr. Co 

Bryant, E E. Treatise on civil and criminal 
jurisdiction of justices of the peace, and 
powers and duties of constables in Wiscon- 
sin. 7th ed. J 04(Jei8) O. shp., *$6so net 


Bryant, J. D. Operative surgery, v. i. 1900 
(Myip); v. 2. 'oi(Jli3) il 8, subs., ea , 
$5. Appleton 

Bryant, Marguerite. Princess Cynthia. '01 
(D;) il D. net, $i 20. Funk 

Bryant, Sophie. See Smith, C: 

Bryiant, W: Shall I unite with the church? 
J 03(Je2o) 16, pap., **5 c. net. Presb. Bd. 

Bryant, W : C Poetical works. Roslyn ed ; 
with chrpnol. of Bryant's life and poems 
and a bibliog. of his writings, by H: C. 
Sturges, and a memoir by R : H : Stoddard. 
'03 (Sip) por. 0. $2. Appleton. 

Bryant, W: C. Poems. '04 (Ns) por. S. 
(Dainty books in padded leather binding.) 
French seal, 75 c. Conkey. 

Bryant, W: C. Among the trees. '01(821) 
il. O. (Paragon ser.) bds., 50 c. Caldwell. 

Bryant, W: C. Gems from Bryant. '04 
(Ds) col. il. 24, (Coronal ser.) 50 c. 


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song. New ed,, enl. and rev. '03 (Dip) d, 
$5. Baker & T. 

BRYANT, William Cull en. 
Sturges. Chronologies of the life and writ- 
ings of William Cullen Bryant. **$ 
net Appleton. 

Bryce, Alex. Ideal health and how to at- 
tain it f oi. 'o2(Mri) 12, pap., 50 c. Treat 
Brype, Cath. T., and Spaulding, F. E., comps. 
Living thoughts for all ages : a reader. '04 
(Jl2) 3 v,, 12, ea., 40 c.; pap., ea., 25 c. 

F. A. Owen. 

Bryce, Clarence A. Ups and downs of a 
Virginia doctor. '04. il. 12. Ashland Pr. 
Bryce, G: Remarkable history of the Hud- 
son Bay Co. 1900 (Jbi) 8, $4. Scribner. 




Bryoe, Ja. Holy Roman Empire. New ed., 
enl. and rev.; with a chronolog. table of 
events. '04(1)24) maps, 8, *$i.50 net. 


Bryce, Ja. Studies in contemporary biog- 
raphy. J o3(My2) O. **$3 net Macmillan. 

Bryce, Ja. Studies in history and jurispru- 
dence. 'oi(D2i) 0. net, $3.50. Oxford Univ. 

Bryce, Ja. William Ewart Gladstone. '01 
(D2i) sq. f, 75 c. N. Y. State Lib. 

Bryce, Lloyd. Friends in exile. 3d ed. 
1900 fO6) D. $1.50. Harper. 

Bryce, Lloyd. Lady Blanche's salon. [New 
issue.] 1900 (Jl/) D. $1.25. Harper. 

Bryden, H. A. Animals of Africa. 1900 
(822) il. 12, (Lib. for young naturalists.) 
$2. Button. 

Brymer, J:, and Neilson, H. B. Games and 
gambols. '02(625) il. 4, bds.,$i. Scribner. 

Brymer, J:, and Orr, Stewart. Gammon and 
spinach; pictures in col. by Stewart Orr, 
verses by J: Brymer. '04(524) obi. f, 
$1.25. " Scribner. 

Brymer, J:, and Orr, Stewart. Two merry 
mariners; pictures in col. by Stewart Orr, 
with verses by J: Brymer. '04(524) obi. 
f, $1.25. Scribner. 

'Bryson, N. E. Dreams. 'oiQho) il. 12*, $i. 


Bubble jingles. Travis, S. $1.25. Rohde&H. 

Bubbles. Newberry, F. E. $i. Burt. 

Bubbles and dreams. Forrest, M. $2; $2.50. 

M. Forrest 

Bubbles from home-made soap. Simonds, A. 
T. 50 c. A. E. Baker. 

Bubbles we buy. Jones, A. $1.50. 

H. B. Turner. 

Bubier, E: T., ["E: Trevert"] A B C of 
wireless telegraphy. J O2(Je2i) S. $i; 
[New 2d enl. ed.] 'o4(Agi3> il. 16, $i. 


Bubier. E: T. Electricity and its recent ap- 
plications. '03. 16, $2. Bubier. 

Bubier, E: T Experimental electricity. New 
rev. and enl. ed. T 02(Jei4) il. 16, $i. 


Bubier, E: T. How to build automobiles, il- 
lustrated. '04(Jei8) pi., 16, 50 c. Bubier. 

Bubier, E: T. How to build dynamo-electric 
machinery. 2d ed. *02(Jei4) il. 8, $2.50. 


Bubier, E : T. How to make electric batteries. 
J O3(Ap4) il. S. 50 c. Bubier. 

Bubier. E: T. How to wind field magnets 
'03(Ap4) 16, (Practical books on electric- 
ity, no. IQ.) 10 c. Bubier 

Bubier, E : T. New Everybody's hand-book of 
electricity; with glossary of electrical terms 
and tables for incandescent wiring '03 
(Agi) il 12, 50 c. ; pap., 25 c. Bubier. 

Bubier, E: T. Questions and answers about 
electricity and magnetism. '03. 12, 50 c. 


Bubier, E: T. Something about X-rays for 
everybody. '03. 50 c. Bubier. 

Bubier, E: T., and others. Students 5 electri- 
cal library. ? O4(Ja23) 7 v., il. 12, per set, 
$5. Bubier. 


Montenegro. Bubonic plagu'e. net, $1.50. 



Frothingham. Sea- wolves of seven shores. 
**$i.2O net Scribner. 

See also Filibusters; also Kidd, \V: 

Buccaneers (The). Hyde, H: M. **$ 
net. Funk. 

Buchan, Alex. See Bartholomew's physical 

Buchan, J: The half-hearted. 1900(06) D. 
$1.50. Houghton, M. & Co. 

Buchan, J: John Burnet of Barns. *04(Jl3o) 
12, (Canvas back lib.) bds., f7S c. Lane. 

Buchanan, E. E. Tables of squares, 9th ed. 
'01 (Ag24) 16*, $i. Spon 

Wallace. George Buchanan. 75C. Scribner, 

Buchanan, H. B. M. Country reader for use 
in schools. '(>3(Ap25) il. 12, *40 c. net. 


Buchanan, H. B. M. Senior country reader 
no. 3 'o4(Ap23) il. 16, *50 c. net. 


Buchanan, H. B. M., and Gregory, R. R. C. 
Lessons on country life. *O3(Je27) il. 8, 
*8o c. net. Macmillan. 

Buchanan, H. B. M., and Gregory, R. R. C. 
More true animal stories. *O4(Je4) il. 16, 
(Junior country reader, no. 2.) *35 c. net. 


Buchanan, H. B. M., and Gregory, R. R. C 
Talks on country life. J 04(Mr26) il. 16, 
(Junior country reader, no. 3.) *4O c, net. 


Buchanan, H. B. M., and Gregory, R. R. C 
True animal stories. '04 (F6) il. 12, (Jun- 
ior country reader, no. i.) *3S c. net 


Buchanan, J: F. Brass founders' alloys. *oi 
(Du) 16, $2. Spon. 

Buchanan, J : F. Foundry nomenclature ; 2000 
words and phrases, and notes on foundry 
practice, etc. 'o4(Fi3) il. 12, pocket-book, 
$2. Spon. 

Buchanan, Jos. R. The story of a labor agi- 
tator. J 03(Di2) por. D. **$i.25 net; New 
issue. J 04(D3i) il. por. 12, **$i.25 net. 


Buchanan, Roberdeau. Mathematical theory 
of eclipses ace. to Chauvenefs transforma- 
tion of Bessel's method; app. Transits of 
Mercury and Venus and Occultations of 
fixed stars. 'o4(Ag27) diagrs., 8, *$5 net. 


Buchanan, Rob. W. Andromeda: an idyll of 
the great river. 1900 (Mr3i) D. $1.25. 


Buchanan, Rob. W. Father Anthony. 1900 
(Agi8) il. D. $1.50. G: W. Dillingham. 

Buchanan, Rob. W. Story of David Gray: 
[a memoir.] 1900(029) sm. 4, pap., net, 
$1.50. T: B. Mosher. 

Buchanan, Rob. W. The wedding ring. [New 
issue.] i90o(My5) D. (Rose lib.) 35 c; 
pap., 10 c. Street 

BUCHANAN, Robert William. 
Walker, Robert Buchanan the poet of 
modern revolt, net, $2.25. Mansfield. 

Buchanan, Thompson. The castle comedy. 
'04(817) il. O. **$2 net Harper. 

Buchanan, W: H. Massachusetts town offi- 
cer. '<>3(Api8) 8, shp.. **$4 net 

Little, B. & Co. 




Bucher, C. Industrial evolution ; f r. 3d Germ. 
ed. by S. M. Wickett 'oi(Ag24> 0. net, 
$2.50. Holt 

Bucnner E: F. The educational theory of 
Immamiel Kant. '03(019) 12, **$i.25 net. 


Buck, Alb H: First principles of otology. 
2d ed. '03. il. 12, *$ net Wood. 

Buck, Alb. H: Reference handbook of the 
medical sciences. New ed.; ed. by A. H. 
Buck. In 8 v v 1-6. 'oi-'o3 ; v. 7, 8. 04 
(Mri2) il. pis. 4, subs., per v., $7; shp, 
$8; hf mor, $9. w T T d - 

Buck, Carl D. Grammar of Oscan and Um- 
brian; with collection of inscriptions and 
a glossary. 5 04(Mr26) 3 facsim., map, 8, 
$3! Ginn - 

Buck Carl D. Sketch of the linguistic con- 
ditions of Chicago. *03(Mr2i) Q. (Univ. 
of Chic, decennial pub., pr. fr. v. 6.) pap., 
*25 c. net. Univ. of Chic 

Buck, Carl D. See also Hale, W: G. 

Buck, C: W. Under the sun: story of old 
Peru. 5 02(D20) il. D. $1.50. Sheltman. 

Buck, Dan. Indian outbreaks. 'o4(Ag2o) 
pis , pors. O. $1.50. D Buck. 

Buck J. D, Mystic masonry. New rev. [ad.] 
ed. '04 (Jap) iL D. $1.50. Clarke. 

Buck, R. Emancipation of the workers. 
1900(013) D. (Lib. of progress, no. 35.) 
pap., 50 c. . Kerr. 

Buck Winifred. , Bovs' self-governing clubs. 
*03(My23) 12, **$r net Macmillan. 

Buckabee, Anna. Fourth school year : course 
of study; arr. by months and correlated. 
'04 (N5) il. D. 60 c. Flanagan. 

Bucfcbee, Sa. E. Cartilla; tr. into Spanish 
by C. H. Huidobro. 1900. 'oi(Mr9) 16", 
(Modern lang. ser.) bds., 30 c. Heath. 

Bucke R: M. Cosmic consciousness. '02 
(N22) 4, hf. seal, subs., $5- Innes - 

Buckelew, Sa. F., and Lewis, Marg. W. The 
phonic word list '02. *03(Api8) D. 25 c. 
Richardson, S. 

Buckeye baron. Paxson, W: A. $1.50 


Buckeye doctor. Pennell, W: W. $1.50. 

Grafton Pr. 

Buckham Ja. Where town and country meet 
'o3(My9) D. *$i net Jennings. 

Buckham, J: W. Whence cometh help. '02 
(D27) 12, leatherette, *3o c. net 

Pilgrim Press. 

Bucking the sagebrush. Steedman, C: J. 
**$i.5o net. Putnam. 

Bttcktp'g^tn T Alice. The tenth gift, stick- 
laying in primary schools. '03 (D$) D. pap., 
25 c. Am Kindergarten. 

Buckingham, Edg. Outline of the theory of 
thermodynamics. 1900 (Jlsi) 8, net, $1.90. 


Buckingham, Elinor M. Tale of Robin Hood 
and his merry men. J 02(N22) il. 16 
(Manhattan lib.) 30 c. Globe Sch. Bk. 

BUCKINGHAM, George Villiers, Second Duke 


See Villiers, G: 

Buddand, F. T. Curiosities of natural his- 
tory. igoo(O6) 4 v., il. 12, ea., $i. 


Buckle H: T: Hist of civilization in Eng- 
land' In 3 v. v i, 2 '<>4(Mr26) 12, 
(World's classics ser, no 41, 48) ea, 
65 c ; $i. Turner. 

Buckle, H : T : Introd. to the hist of civili- 
zation in England. New rev. ed (J: M. 
Robertson.) J 04(Jl3o) 12, $1.50 Button. 

Buckle, Ma. See Day, L: F. 

Buckley G: W. Wit and wisdom of Jesus 
'oi(My4) D. $i. J- H. West. 

Buckley, Rob. J Sir Edward Elgar. '04 
(Di7) il. 12, (Living masters of music 
ser. ; ed. by Rosa Newmarch, v. 2 ) *$i net. 


Buckner, E. D. Immortality of animals and 
the relation of man as guardian; fr. a bib- 
lical and philosophical hypothesis. '03 
(JU) D. **$i 25 net Jacobs. 

Davis, ed Hist of Bucks Co 2 v. 

W- W H Davis. 

Buckskin Sam. Noble, S H $i 

Rum ford Fahs. 

Bucolics. See Virgil. 

Bud. Marshall, W: K. $i. Jennings. 

BUDAPEST, Hungary. 

Smith, F. B. Budapest, the city of Mag- 
yars. $1.50. Pott ' 
See also Symons, A. . 
Buda J. L., and Hansen, N. E Am, horticul- 
tural manual, pt I. J 02(Myi7) ; pt 2. '03 
(Agis) il. 12, ea., $1.50. Wiley. 
Budd Jos. H. Civil remedies under the code 
system. 'o2(Api2) O. shp., $6. Palm 
Budd, T : Good order estab. in Pennsylvania 
and New Jersey; repr. fr. orig. ed. of 1685; 
introd. and notes by F: J. Shepard. '04 
(My;) 8, bds., *$2 net Burrows. 
Aiken. Dhamma of Gotama, the Buddha 
and gospel of Jesus the Christ. $1.50. 


Buddhaghosha. The Jataka. v, 4. net, 
$4. Macmillan. 

Carus. Karma. **I5 c. net Open Court 
Dhammapada. Hymns of the faith. $i. 

Open Court. 

Edmunds. Buddhist and Christian gospels 
now first compared. 50 c. ; 25 c. 

A. J. Edmunds. 

Hall. Soul of a people: study of Budd- 
hism. $3. Macmillan 
Lillie. Buddha and Buddhism. $1.25. 


Buddhaghosha. The Jataka. v. 4, tr. by W. 
H. D. Rouse. 'oi(F23> 8*, (Cambridge 
Univ. Press ser.) net. $4. Macmillan. 

Buddhist India. Davids, T: W: R. **$i.35 
net; **$i.6o net. Putnam. 

Bud-ge, Ernest A. W. Hist, of Egypt, v. i. 
'o2(Ag23) D. (Books on Egypt and Chal- 
dea.) $1.25. Oxford Univ. 

Budgett, S. P. Essentials of physiology. '01 
(621) il 12, (Question compends, no. i.) 
net. $i. Saunders. 

BueWer, Huber G. Modern English gram- 
mar. 1900 (S8) D. 60 c. Newson. 
Buehler, Huber G. Modern Eng lessons. 
*02(D2o) il. 12, 60 c. Newson. 
Buel, Alb. W. Reinforced concrete, pt. I, 
Methods of calculation; pt. 2, Representa- 
tive structures ; pt. 3, Methods of construc- 
tion, by C S. Hill '04. il. diagrs., 8. $5. 
Engineering News. 




Buel, Clarence C. See Johnson, R. U. 

Buel, Eliz. C. B. Tale of the spinning-wheel. 
'04(Mri2) il. 12, $i. E. C. B. Buel. 

Buel, Ja. W:, ed. The great operas; in trod, 
by G. Verdi. 10 sections. De luxe ed. 1900 
(Fi7) f, brocaded satin, $1000, Superba 
ed., crushed levant, $1250. [Edition limited 
to 50 copies.] Societe Universelle Lyrique. 

Buel, Ja. W:, ed. Louisiana and the Fair: 
an exposition of the world. '04(03) 10 v., 
pis., pors. maps, (partly double,) 8, va- 
rious bindings, $30 to $1000. 

World Progress. 

Buell, A : C. Hist of Andrew Jackson, pio- 
neer, patriot, soldier, politician, president 
'04(029) 2 v., pors. plan, 0. **$4 net 


Buell, A: C Paul Jones. 1900 (06) 2 v., D. 
$3. Scribner. 

Buell, A: C. Sir William Johnson. '03 
(Je27) il. D. (Series of historic lives.) 
**$i net. Appleton. 

Buell, A: C. William Penn as the founder 
of two commonwealths. *04(F2o) il. por. 
D **$2.25 net. Appleton. 

Buell, C: E: Industrial liberty. 1900. '01 
(Fi6) sq. T. pap., 10 c. C: E: Buell. 

Buell, G: E. Yearly famines in India. 1900 
(Myi9) 0. pap , 10 c. G: E. Buell. 

Buell, Guy A. Kodaks. [Poems.] '01 
(Mr3o) 12*, $i. Record 

Buell, Rowena W., ed. Memoirs of Rufus 
Putnam '03(026) il. maps, ^8, **$4 net 
Houghton, M. & Co. 

Buell Hampton. Emerson, W. G: $1.50. 


BuergeTs directory of specialties of the ma- 
chine, iron, and metal industries of Ger- 
many; published in 6 languages. 23d ed. 
>03(N2i) 8, pap., 50 c. Caspar. 


Durham. Trip from Buffalo to Chicoutimi 
during the Pan- Am. Exposition. 25 c. 

J. Bayne. 

Evans. History of St. Paul's church, Buf- 
falo. *$3-50 net Matthews-N. 
Floyd. Ins and outs of Buffalo. 25 c. 

A. B. Floyd. 

Men of Buffalo. $15. Marquis. 

See alto Pan-Am. Exposition. 
Buffalo Bill, pseud. See Cody, W: F: 
Buffalo Bill. Judson, E: Z. C 50 c. 


Buffalo's tragic mystery, the famous Burdick 
case. *03(Ag22) il. S. pap., 25 c. Phoenix. 
Buflmgton, T. P. Green Valley: [novel.] 
IQOO. 'oi(Jel) 8. $i. Abbey Press. 

Buffum, W. A. Tears of the Heliades; or, 
amber as a gem. 1900 (Fi;) il. D. net, 
$1.25. Putnam. 

Bug-jargal. Hugo, V. 50 c. Oxford Univ. 
Bugg, Lelia H. People of our parish. 1900 
(Ap28) D. $i. Marlier. 

Bugg, Lelia H., comp. Little book of wis- 
dom : great thoughts of many wise men and 
women. 3d ed. J O4(Myi4) 12, 75 c. 


Bujrle calls. Wood, B: $i Brentano's 
Bugle Minor. Bramston, G. M. 90c. 


Sutherland. Book of bugs. $1.25 Street 

Bugville life. Munkittrick, R: K. 25 c. 

Buhre, Martha E. Tess, an educated chirr 

panzee. 1900 (Dis) il. 12, 50 c. Saalfield. 
Builder (The) and the plan. Gestefeld, U. 

N. net, $2. Gestefeld 

Builder student ser. See Macmillan's, 

Sec Architects; Architectuje. 

Builders of Greater Britain. D. $1.50. 


Egerton. Sir Stamford Raffles. (8 ) 
Builders of the beautiful. Finer, H. L. 

**$i.50 net. Funk. 

Builders of the republic. Hamm, M. A. **$2 

net Pott. 


See Architecture; Carpentry; Engineering; 
Hygiene; Materials of construction; Roofs. 

New Jersey. Building and Loan Ass'n act, 
1903. $i. Soney & S. 

Building eras in religion. Bushnell, H. 
**$i 25 net. Scribner. 


Albany, N. Y. Laws governing the erec- 
tion, construction, etc., of buildings. $i ; 
50 c Lyon. 

Boston. Pocket manual of building laws. 
50 c. U. S. Bidg. Laws. 

New York City. Building code. 5 c. 

Brooklyn Eagle. 
New York City. Building laws, $1.50. 


New York City. Buildings in Greater 
N. Y. $3, Record and Guide. 

1 Pennsylvania Law of builders **$3 net 
T. & J. W. Johnson. 

Wait Law of operations preliminary to 
construction in engineering and architec- 
ture. $5; $5-50. Wiley. 

Byrne. Inspection of materials and work- 
manship emp. in construction. $3. 

See also Cement; Iron; Sandstone; Stones; 

Strength of materials; Woodwork- 
Building of a church. Durward, J : T. $i. 

J: T. Durward. 

Building of a monument. Hetzel, S. R. $i. 


Building of the organ. See Dole, N. H. 
Building of the ship. See Longfellow, JH . W. 
Buildings and structures of Am. railroads. 
Berg, W. G. $5. Wiley. 


Arnott Book of bulbs, net, $i. Lane. 
Bulbs and blossoms. Le Feuvre, A. 50 c - 


Bulfincli, T: Age of chivalry. ? oi(Ag24) 
il. S. (Handy vol. ser.) 75 c.; same. '02 
(64) il. S. (Handy vol. classics; pocket 
ed.) 35 c. Crowell. 

BulfinchL, T: Age of chivalry. New rev. 
enl. ed. i9Oo(Nio) il. O. $i 25. McKay. 
Bulfinch, T: Age of fable. 'oi(Ag24> il. S. 
(Handy vol. ser.) 75 c.; same. '02(04) il- 
S. (Handy vol. classics; pocket ed) 35 c. 


Btrifindi, T: Age of fable. (Scott.) 12*, 
$1.25. McKay. 

Bulfinch, T: Age of fable. 1900(620) il. 
16, (Manhattan young people's lib.) 40 c. 




BUNGE, T: Legends of Charlemagne. '01 

(Ag24) il S. (Handy vol. ser.) 75 c.; 
same. 02(04) il. S. (Handy vol. classics; 
pocket ed.) 35 c. Crowell, 

Bulkley, JL. D. Eczema. 3d ed. 'oi(Je22) 
S. (Students' manual ser. on diseases of the 
skin.) net $1.25. Putnam, 

Bulkley, L. D. See also Duhring, L: A. 

Bull, William L., lectures. D, Jacobs. 

Organized labor and capital. **$i net. 

Potter, Bp. Modern man and his fellow- 
man. **$i net. 

Riis. Peril and preservation of the home. 
**$i net. 

Bull pen at Wardner, Idaho. Hickey, T : A, 
5 c. N. Y. Labor News. 

Billiard, W: H. G. Naval electrician's text 
and hand book. 'o4(Ag20) pi., diagrs., S. 
leath., $2. IL S. Naval Inst. 

Bullen, Fk. T. Apostles of the southeast 'or 
(Ni6) D. $r 50. Appleton. 

BtHlen. Fk. T. Cruise of the "Cachalot" 
'01(821) il. D. (Famous books for boys, 
no. 36.) 75 c. Caldwell. 

Bullen, Fk. T. Deep-sea plunderings. '02 
(My 19) il. D. $1.50. Appleton. 

Bullem, Fk. T. Denizens of the deep: [a 
novel.] *04(0i5) 8, **$i.75 net Revell 

Bullen, Fk. T. "Light ho, sir!" '02(04) 
D. (What is worth while ser.) **28 c. net 


Sullen, Fk. T. Men of the merchant service. 
looo(Dis) 16, $1.50, Stokes. 

Bullen, Fk. T. Sack of shakings. 7 oi(Mr3o) 
D. $1.50. McClure, P. 

Bullen, Fk. T. A sailor apostle. '03(519) 
D. (What is worth while ser.) leatherette, 
**30 c net. Crowell. 

Bullen, Fk. T. A whaleman's wife. '03 
(Fi4) il. D. $1.50. Appleton. 

Bullen, Fk. T. With Christ at sea. '01 
(Jai2) D. $1.50. Stokes 

Bulletin of bibliography pamphlets. 16, pap. 

Boston Bk. 

Faxon. Ephemeral bibelots. 25 c. 

Bullock, Alonzo M. [George] Washington. 
*O4(Ag6) il. pors. S. (Headlights of Am. 
hist , no i.) *75 c. net A. M. Bullock. 

Bullock, C: J. Essay on the monetary his- 
tory of the U. S. igoo(Di) 12, (Citizens' 
lib. of economics, politics, and sociology.) 
hf. leath., net, $1.25. Macmillan. 

Bullock, C: J. Introd. to the study of econ- 
omics. New rev. enl. ed. 1900 (Di5) 12, 
$1.28. Silver. 

Bullock, Shan F. Irish pastorals. '01(814) 
il. D. $1.50. McClure, P. 

Bullock, Shan F. The Red Leaguers. '04 
(Mr26) D. t$i-50. McClure. P. 

Bullock, Shan F. The squireen. 'os(Mr7) 
D. f$i-50. McClure. P. 

Bully, fag, and hero. Mansford, C: J. $1.50. 

L. C. Page. 

Billow- Wendfcausen, Bertha v.. Baroness. 
Greeting to America: kindergarten sug- 
gestions. 1900 (Api4) por. O. $1.50. 

W: B. Harison. 

Bulow-WendhaTisen, Bertha v , Baroness. Life 
of the Baroness von Marenholtz Bulow. 
'01, 'O2(ja4) 2 v., O. net, $3.50. 

W: B. Harison. ' 

Bulwer-Lytton, Sir E: G: E. L., [Lord Lyt- 

ton,] Novels and romances. New cheaper 

ed. '04(F6) 30 v., il. 12, (Handy lib sets.) 

$30; hf. mor., $82.50. Little, B. & Co. 

Bulwer-Lytton, Sir E: G: E. L. Poems and 

dramas. Handy lib. ed. '04(017) 12, $i ; 

mor, $2.75. Little, B. & Co. 

Bulwer-LyttoH, Sw E: G: E. L, The Cax- 

tons. '02. J 03(Ja24) il 12, (Eng. comedie 

humaine, ist ser., v. 8.) subs, for ser., $24. 

Century Co. 

Bulwer-Lytton, Sir E: G: E. L. The Cax- 
tons. J 03(Di9) 16, (New century lib.) 
$i ; flex, leath., $1.50. Nelson. 

Bulwer-Lytton, Sir E: G: E. L. Harold, the 
last of the Saxon kings. 'O2(0n) 2 v, il. 
12, ea., t$i-25. Scribner. 

Bulwer-Lytton, Sir E: G: E. L. Last days 
of Pompeii. '03 (F7) il 16, (New cen- 
tury lib.) $i ; flex, leath., $1.50. Nelson. 
Bulwer-Lytton, Sir E: G: E. L. Last days 
of Pompeii. J 02(Oii) il. 12, f$i.25. 


Bulwer-I/ytton, Sir E: G: E. L. The last of 

the barons. '03(019) 16, (New century 

lib.) $i,; flex, leath., $1.50. Nelson. 

Bulwer-Lytton, Sir E : G : E. L. Last of the 

barons. 'o2(On) 2 v., il. 12, ea., f$i.2S. 


Bulmor-Lytton, Sir E: G: E. L. Night and 
morning. '03 (N7) il. S. (New century lib.) 
$i; flex, leath., $1.50. Nelson. 

Bulwer-Lytton,* Sir E: G: E. L. Night and 
morning. 'q3(Ap4) il. 16, (Caxton ser.) 
limp lambskin, *$i.25 net Scribner. 

Bulwer-Lytton, Sir E: G: E. L. Richelieu. 
New acting ed., ed. by J: M. Kingdom. 
1900(029) D. (World's acting drama) 
pap., 15 c. - Dramatic. 

Bulwer-Lytton, Sir E: G: E. L. Rienzi, the 
last of the tribunes. '04(015) il. por. O* 
(Luxembourg lib.) t$ I -5- Crowell. 

Bulwer-Lytton, Sir E: G: E. L. Rienzi, the 
last of the tribunes. '02 (On) il. 12, 
t$i 25. Scribner. 

Bulwer-Lyttoti, E: Rob., [Lord Lytton; 
"Owen Meredith."] Lucile. *04(Ns) por. 
D. (Ajax padded poets.) French seal, $1.50. 


Bumper and Baby John. Ray, A. C. f5O c. 


Bunch of cherries. Smith, Mrs. E. T. $1.50. 

Bunch of flowers. Don Leavy, K. $i. 

Angel Press. 
Bunch of keys. Johnson, M. **$i net. 

Bunch of laughs. Huron, H. 25 c. 

H. Huron. 
Bunch of rope yarns. King, S. H. t$i-25. 


Bunch of roses, and other parlor plays. Davis, 
Mrs. M. E. M. **$i net Small. 

Bundick, W: T: Lectures: temperance lec- 
tures. '04. il. 12. Jennings. 
Bundle of sunshine. Woodruff, P. subs., 
$1.75; $2.50. Hoham. 
Bunge, G. Text-book of physiolog. and pa- 
tholog. chemistry. 2d Eng. ed. : ed. by E 
H. Starling. 'o 2 (Jli2) 8, *$3 net 





Bunker, Alonzo. Soo Than: tale of the mak- 
ing of the Karen nation. '02(820) il. 12, 
**$i net RevelL 

Bunker, Rob. E., comp. Cases on guaranty 
and suretyship. '02. 'o3(F2i) O. $2. 


Bunker, Rob. E. See also Hutchins, H. B. 

Heath. Memoirs; [also] accounts of the 
Battle of Bunker Hill, by Gens. Dear- 
born, Lee and Wilkinson, net, $5. Abbatt. 
See also Putnam, I. 

Bunkum book. Hopwood, A. $2. Warne. 
Bunner, H: C. Courtship with variations. 

7 02(N22) D. (Ed. of plays.) pap., 15 c. 

W. H. Baker. 
Bunner, H: C., and Magnus, J. A bad case. 

'o2(N22) D. (Ed. of plays.) pap., 10 c. 

W. H. Baker. 

Bunny, pseud. See Schultze, C. E. 
Bunny's friends. Le Feuvre, A. 30 c. RevelL 
Bunt and Bill. Mulholland, C. 45 c. 

Bunte geschichten fur anfanger. Stoltze, E. 

M. 30 c. Am. Bk. 

Buntline, Ned, pseud. See Judson, E: Z. C 
Bunyan, J: The holy war. 'oi(Mn) 16, 

50 c. ; leath.. 75 c. Macmillan. 

Bunyan, J: Pilgrim's progress. 1900(015) 

il. 4, $4, Brentano's. 

Bunyan, J: Pilgrim's progress. 1900 (Agi8) 

il, 4, (One syllable ser. for little folks.) 

50 c. Burt. 

Bunyan, J : Pilgrim's progress ; introd. by 

H: C Potter. 1900 (Nio) D. (Century 

classics.) net, $i. Century Co. 

Bunyan, J: Pilgrim's progress. '03(819) il. 

S. (Children's favorite classics.) 60 c. 

Bunyan, J: Pilgrim's progress. '04 (O8) il. 

12, $1.50. Fenno. 

Bunyan, J: Pilgrim's progress. New ed. 

'02(013) il. 8, $1.50; % mor., $3.50.. 

Bunyan, J: Pilgrim's progress. 1900(88) 

il. 16, (Manhattan young people's ^ lib.) 

40 c. McKibbin. 

Bunyan, J : Pilgrim's progress. Ed. de luxe : 

il. by G: Cruikshank. Lim. ed. } p3(Dip) 

hand-made pap., 8, **$7 net; with biog. 

sketch, by Canon Venables. 2d ed., rev. by 

M. Peacock, por. 8, $1.25. Oxford Univ. 
Bunyan, J: Pilgrim's progress for the little 

ones. 1900 (Ap2i) il. 12*, (Bible studies 

for the little ones.) 75 c. Pott, 

Bunyan, J: Pilgrim's progress. Puritan ed. 

'03 (N7) O. leath., **$I.SQ net. Reveli. 

Bunyan, J: Pilgrim's progress. *oi. '02 

.(Jan) 2 v., il. 16, (Caxton ser.) flex. 

lambskin, net. $2.40. Scribner. 

Bunyan, J: Pilgrim's progress, Holy war 

and Grace abounding. '02. s oi(D7) S. 

$1.25. Nelson. 

BUNYAN, John. 

Spurgeon. Pictures from "Pilgrim's prog- 
ress." *$i net - RevelL 

Whincup. Training of life: sermons on 
"Pilgrim's progress." 90 c. Longmans. 

White. John Bunyan. **$i net. Scribner. 
Bunzey, Rufus S. Hist, of companies I and 

E. Sixth regt, 111. vol. infantry from 

Whiteside co. '02(Jli2) il. 12, $2. 

R. S. Bunzey. 

Buonarotti. Michelangelo. Sonnets and mad- 
rigals; Eng. verse by W: W. Newell. 1900 
(Mys) 16, net, $2.50. Houghton, M. & Co. 

BUONAROTTI, Michelangelo. 
Gower. Michelangelo Buonarotti. $1.75. 

Holroyd. Michael Angelo Buonarotti. *$2 

net. Scribner. s 

Kuril. Michelangelo : fifteen pictures and 
interpretations, net, 40 c.; net, 30 c 

Houghton, M. & Co. 
La Farge. Great masters. **$s net. 

McCIure, P. 
Strutt Michelangelo. 50 c.; $i. 


Transone, Life of Michelagnola Buonar- 
roti. $7.50. Updike. 

Burbank, A. S. Pilgrim Plymouth illus- 
tratjed. iaoo(Di) il. obi. D. 50 c.; pap., 
25 c. Burbank. 

Burbank, A. S. Pilgrim town of Duxbury, 
Mass. 1900(01) il, obL D. pap., 25 c.; 
50 c. Burbank. 

Burbank, Barbara. Little Miss Van Winkle. 
*02(N22) D. (Ed. of plays.) pap., 15 a 

W. H. Baker. 

Burbank, Barbara. Symphony in black. '01 
(O26) D. (Ed. of plays.) 15 c. 

W. H. Baker. 

Buibank, Barbara, Wilson, Olivia L., and 
others. Comedies for young folks. '02 
(N22) D. pap., 25 c. W. H. Baker. 

Biiriba&k, Barbara. See also Batchelder, C. 

Burch, H. E. Wind and wave, '01(821} il. 
D. $1.25. A. L Bradley. 

Burctod, H: H. Text-bk. of dental pathol- 
ogy and therapeutics ; rev. by Otto E. Inglis. 
2d ed. '04(03) il. 8, $5; leath., *$6 net. 


Burden of Christopher. Converse, F. $1.50. 
Houghton, M. & Co. 

Burden of the city. Horton, I. *$o c. net; 
*30 c. net. RevelL 

Burden of the time. Clifford, C. $1.50. 

Cathedral Lib. 

Burdens of local taxation. Purdy, L. 25 c. 

Public Policy. 

Burdett, C: Life of Kit Carson. New is- 
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ed in South Africa. 1900. 'oiCMr23) D. 
pap., 75 c. Cassell. 

Burdette, R. J. Smiles yoked with sighs. 
[rhymes.] 1900 (Ag25) il. 12% $1.25. 


Buidick, Alfr. S. Standard medical manual. 
'01. *02(Mr8) 8, $4. Engelhard. 

Burdick, Annie M. Furnished room houses. 
'02. 'o3(Mri4) il. 12, $1.50. Neely. 

Burdick, Arth. J. The .mystic mid-region; 
deserts of the southwest. *O4(My7) il. 
maps, 0. **$2 net. Putnam. 

Burdick, Fs. M. Essentials of business law. 
'o2(Agi6) D. (Twentieth century text- 
books.) $1.25. Appleton. 




Burdick, Fs. M. Law of sales of persona 
property. 2d ed. 'oi(0i2) O. net, $3. 

Little, B. & Co 

Burdick, Fs. M. Selected cases on the law o: 
sales of personal property. 2d ed., rev. anc 
enl. } oi(N23) 8, net, $450. 

Little, B. & Co 

Burdick, Lewis D. Foundation rites with 
some kindred ceremonies. 'oi(JeS) D 
$1.50. Abbey Press 

Burdick, W: L. Common-law pleading charts. 
2d ed. ; 04(Jei8) pap., $1.25. Cutter. 

Burdick, W: L. Elements of the law of sale 
of personal property. 'oi(My4) O. $2.50. 


Burdick, W: L. Topical outlines in criminal 
law. '03(024) O. pap., 50 c. f Cutter. 

Burdick case. See Buffalo's tragic mystery. 

Burf ord, J : H., rep. See Oklahoma. Sup. ct. 

Burg Niedeck. See Florer, W. W. 

Burgandy, Billy, pseud. See Limerick, O. V. 

Burgert, Celia M. See Skinner, W. H. 

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'O3(ja3i) D. $i. Burgess. 

Burgess, Adelaide M. Hist of the willow 
pattern. J O4(Ag6) sq. S. pap. ribbon tied, 
24 c. A. M. Burgess. 

Burgees, E: S Studies in the hist, and va- 
riations of asters, pt i. '02 J o3(Mr7) 
O. (Memoirs of the Torrey Botanical Club, 
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Burgess, Gelett Chant-royal of California. 
1900 (Mys) sq. O. leath. and wood, $i. 


Burgess, Gelett. A gage of youth. 'oi(Oi9) 
nar. D. leath., $i. Small 

BuTess, Gelett. Goop tales, alphabetically 
told. '04(08) Q. f$i.50. Stokes. 

Burgess, Gelett. Goops and how to be them. 
1900(027) il. O. $1.50. Stokes. 

Burges, Gelett More goops and how not to 
be them. '03(017) il. Q. $1.50. Stokes 

Burgess, Gelett. Nonsense almanac, 1901. 
'01 (Jai2) ; 1902-03. O. pap., ea., 50 c. 


Burgess, Gelett, Nonsense book. 'oi(D2i) 
il. 4, net, $2,15. Stokes. 

Burgess, Gelett Romance of the common- 
place. '02(N22) 0. *$i-50 net Elder. 

Burgess, Gelett. The Rubaiyat of Omar 
Cayenne. '04(031) S. pap., 25 c.; bds., 
50 c. Stokes. 

Burgess, Gelett, and Irwin, Will. The pica- 
roons. *04(Ap23) D. **$i.5o net