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12th YEAR 

2th YEAR 




fl Under the patronage of His Eminence Cardinal Gibbons and 
other members of the Hierarchy. 

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^ Boys have been successfully prepared for entrance examina- 
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University of Notre Dame 


College of Arts and Letters; Departments of Classics, 

Letters, History, Political Economy, Sociology. 
College of Science; Departments of Biology, Chemistry, 

College of E^ngineering; Departments of Civil, Electrical, 

Mechanical, Chemical, Mining Engineering. 

College of Architecture; 

College of Law; 

Preparatory School; Variant Courses. 

Commercial School; Practical Business Courses. 

St. Edw^ard's Hall; For Young Boys. 

Rev. John Cavanaugh, C. S. C, D. D., Pres. 

The Catholic Ulorld 

The Leading Catholic 
Monthly of America 

Now In Its Forty -Seventh Year 


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120 West 60th Street 


By Mrs. B. Ellen Burke 


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of the Students is ideal. Indoor and Out- 
door Athletics. Literary, Musical, Dram- 
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The Faith of Our Fathers 

Our Christian Heritage 

The Ambassador of Christ 


iscourses an 




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HE College of Notre Dame was founded in 1851. In 1899, it was accredited to 
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ern Colleges. Though mainly designed for older students, a Grade Depart- 
ment is carried on preparatory to the Secondary Department. To graduates of the latter 
department, special courses are offered in Literature, Languages, and the Arts. For the 
last named course, particular advantages in environment and training are afforded. 
Partial Course Students are permitted to attend certain classes, and a Business Course 
is offered to those desiring it. To triose who wish to make Music their specialty, 
the Conservatory offers peculiar advantages, graduating qualified students with due 
honors. Regular class students are likewise given every opportunity of fine training 
in music, as well as in art and in needle-work. Super-added, is the moral and relig- 
ious culture of which ihe School makes a specialty. Every care is given to the 
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And the Principal 
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A Xlllth century allegory of exquisite beauty telling how St. Francis wooed the Lady 
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208 pages, rubricated. Cloth, full gilt, photogravure frontispiece. Price $1.00. 


A quarterly devoted to the higher Franciscan studies. Published by the Friars Minor 
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The largest and best equipped Catholic Boarding College in the Northwest. 
85 miles west of St. Paul. Ideally located on the shores of two lakes in the midst 
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First Mortgage Real 

Estate Notes 


Saint Teresa's Academy 


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order, the Academy of the Sisters of St Joseph, St» Louis, 

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Eghth and Locust Slreets 

A "Who" Among Catholic Publications 

The tDa^nificat 

An Illustrated Monthly Published by the 

Sisters of Mercy, and Blessed by 

His Holiness, Pope Pius X. 

The complimentary notices of the press tell the reason of its rapid 
growth in public favor. On the other side of the Atlantic the "Dean 
of Iviterary Workers," Rev. Matthew Russell, S. J., tells the readers of 
the September Irish Monthly: 

An excellent magazine is The Magnificat, which is published at 435 
Union Street, Manchester, New Hampshire, U. S. A. It is the neatest maga- 
zine we are acquainted with, and only a dollar a year, though of quite stately 
dimensions; and its contents are marked by great variety and high literary 
merit. Its cheapness is a marvel to us, for we have always understood that 
printing is more expensive in the States. 

And at home, in the September issue also, the editor of the excellent 
Christian Family is kind enough to say: 

The Magnificat, published at Manchester, N. H., bids fair to outrank 
all its fellows as an ideal Catholic magazine. The Editor seems to have the 
rare faculty of gathering around her the sprightliest writers to be found. 
There is never a dull page in the entire magazine, and the Book Notes are 
real reviews, not a glance at the title and author, and a few general remarks 
such as we have come to expect from the generality of reviews. The price is 
ridiculously low for such a high-class periodical, being only $1.00 a year. 


United States, $1.00 per year Canada, $1.25 per year 

Foreign, 6s. 





By J. L. PERRIER, Ph. D., 

Honorary Fellow of the College of the Rosary. 

New York, 1909. Pp. viii+349. 

"We congratulate the author upon his splendid work. He 
has rendered a great service to philosophy." — Ecclesiastical 

"Altogether the book is remarkable — as a piece of scholarly 
research and erudition " — Catholic World. 

•'It certainly should be found in the library of every Catho- 
lic seminary and college." — American Catholic Quarterly. 

"A book that is certain to piove a positive delight to the 
friends of Neo- Scholasticism. " — America. 

"C'est, pensons-nous, la meilleure et la plus consciencieuse 
revue du mouvement neo-scolastique qui ait ete publiee. " — 
Revue Neo-Scolastique. 

"II serait a souhaiter, croyons-nous, que le livre fut traduit 
en frangais. Ce serait, pour nos philosophes d'aujourd'hui, une 
revelation." — Revue de Philosophic. 

The Columbia University Press 

West ii6th Street, NEW YORK. 
Price, $1.75 


Sacred Heart Revieu) 


New England's Leading Catholic Weekly 

The Review summarizes each week the important news of the 
world. It devotes a page to "What Catholic Editors Say;" 
"The Church Calendar" treats of the Gospel or Epistle of the 
Sunday; "Religious Maxims" gives brief but helpful thoughts 
in prose and verse for every day in the week. Our "Book 
Review" department is a course of instruction in itself. The 
Review's Editorial Department has a distinctive character of 
its own. It has received great praise from our intel- 
ligent laymen and our Protestant Exchanges, 
as well as from the Bishops and 
priests of the country. 


Subscription price, $2 a year in advance, postage free. Free sample copies. 

Published by one hundred priests of New England organized as 

Cbe Rcvieia Publisbincf Companv 

Old South Building, Boston, Mass. 

A Few of the Churches I Have Decorated 

S.S. Peter & Paul's Church, St. Louis, Mo 
St. Mary of Victories Church, St. Louis, Mo 
St. Agatha's Church, . . St. Louis, Mo 
St. Agnes Church, . . St. Louis, Mo 
St. Alphonsus Church, St. Louis, Mo 

St. John of Nepomuk's Church, St. Louis, Mo 
St. Engelbert's Church . . St. Louis, Mo 
St. Boniface's Church, St. Louis, Mo 

St. Augustine's Church, . St. Louis, Mo 
Sancta Maria in Ripa Chapel, St. Louis, Mo 
St. Dominic's Church, . . . Breese, 
St. Damian's Church, . Damiansville, 111 
St. Patrick's Church, . East St. Louis, Hi 
St. Boniface's Church, . . Evansville, 
St. Augustine's Church, . . Hecker, 
St. Andrew's Church, . Murphysboro, II! 

St. Mary's Church Alton, 11! 

St. Mary's Church, ... St. Marie, II 
St. Anthony's Church, . Effingham, II! 
Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Lillyville, 11! 

St. Francis' Church, . . 
St. Anthony's Church, 
St. Boniface's Church, . 
Help of Christians Church 
Sacred Heart Church, . 
Holy Trinity Church, 
St. Lawrence's Church, 
St. Francis' Church, 
Sacred Heart Church, . 
St. Boniface's Church, 
St. Francis' Church, . 
St. Patrick's Church, 
St. Elizabeth's Church 
St. Paul's Church, 
St. Joseph's Church, 
St. Joseph's Church 
St. Mary's Church, 
Guardian Angel's Church, 
St, Bonaventure's Church, 
St. Joseph's Church, 

Teutoplis, 111. 

Evansville, Ind. 

. Fulda, Ind. 

Maria Hill, Ind. 

. . Cincinnati, O. 

Cincinnati, O, 

Cincinnati, O. 

Humphrey, Neb. 

. . Hebron, Neb. 

. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

New York, N. Y. 

Buffalo, N. Y. 

Denver, Col. 

Pass Christian, Miss. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Marystown, Minn. 

. Chaska, Minn. 

. Patterson, N. J. 

Echo Lake, N. J. 

The Catholic Encyclopedia "Who's Who" 

The Catholic Encyclopedia is an alphabetically arranged repository of 
complete information regarding the history, constitution and doctrine of the 
Catholic Church and all cognate subjects in fifteen volumes. A mine of 
information for Catholics and for every open-minded man. The key to all 
that is best in our civilization. 

The Editors control the tone, policy and contents of the Eficyclopedia, 
and are active members of the Board of Directors controlling the business 
policy. Associated with them on this Board are a number of practical busi- 
ness men, who have freely given their time and abilities to the promotion of 
this great work. The personnel of the Board is as follows: 

Charles Q. Herbermann, LL.D., Editor-in-Chief and Director. 
Professor of the Latin Language and Literature in the College of 
the City of New York. One of the foremost of American scholars; 
invested by His Holiness Pius X with the cross of St. Gregory in rec- 
ognition of his services' to Catholic literature. 

Right Reverend Monsignor Thomas J. Shahan, Editor and 
Director. Appointed by His Holiness, Pius X, to his present position of 
Rector of The Catholic University of America in 1909. 

Conde B. Fallen, LL.D., Managing Editor and Director For ten 
years Editor of the Church Progress of St. Louis, distinguished in the 
literary field as a writer of acknowledged soundness and ability. 

Rev. Edward A. Pace, Ph.U.,D.D., Editor and Director. Professor 
of Philosophy in the Catholic University of America; widely known for 
his work in the field of psychology and pedagogy. 

Rev. John J. Wynne, S. J., Editor and Director. Formerly Editor ' 
of The Messenger, founder and first Editor of America ; active in 
obtaining fair play for Catholics, and accurate statements of their doc- 
trine, interest and activities in every sphere of life. 

Robert Appleton, President and Director. A publisher of large 
experience and reputation. 

Edward Eyre, Director. President of W. R, Grace & Company, 
London and New York. 

Eugene A, Philbin, Director. Ex-Dist.Attorney, Memberof Philbin, 
Beekman, Menken & Griscom, one of New York's greatest law firms. 

John D. Crimmins, Director. Banker and Capitalist; prominent 
in Catholic enterprises. 

Andrew J. Shipman, Director. Memberof Blandy, Mooney& Ship- 
man, Attorneys, Wall Street, New York City; contributor to the Ency- 

Thos. F. Woodlock, Director. Member of N. Y. Stock Exchange. 

C. W. Sloan, Director. Lawyer, and a contributor to the Encyclo- 

Arthur Kennedy, Treasurer and Director Member of P. J. Kenedy 
& Sons, Catholic publishers. New York. 

M. E. Power, Secretary and Director. Sales Manager, Catholic 

Address THE CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA, 39 West 38th Street, New York 

For full information concerning this great Catholic work 






"Let it be who it is." 

Shakespeare : * * Julius Caesar. ' ' 1-3 

ST. LOUIS, MO., 1911 

Published by B. Herder 
17 South Broadway 


68. Great Russell Street 

Copyright, 1911 









Cardinal's Residence, 

408 North Charles Street, 


June the 21st, 1910. 
Dear Miss Curtis: 

I am most pleased to learn that your new work, " The American Cath- 
olic Who's Who," is soon to be published, and knowing as I do of the 
great success your recent admirable work, "Roads to Rome," met with, 
I feel sure that this, your latest effort, will be rewarded with the success 
it deserves. 

I take pleasure in recommending it as a work eminently useful and of 
great interest not only to Catholics, but to the public at large. 

Most faithfully yours in Xto., 

J. Card. Gibbons, 
Archbishop of Baltimore. 


When the Editor of the A. C. W. W. was a little girl, one of her fa- 
vorite books, found in her grandfather's library, was Lodge's Peerage. 
For its titles, degrees, dates she cared nothing, but what captivated the 
child's imagination was its history; its account of what people had done. 
When, in later years, that fascinating biography, the English Catholic 
Who's Who, fell into her hands, it recalled the earlier and beloved book. 
Therefore it did not seem strange that she should consent, when she was 
asked by several ecclesiastics whose opinion she valued, to undertake the 
compiling and editing of an American Catholic Who's Who. The only 
hesitation on her part was for fear her physical and mental equipment 
would not be equal to the task. Viewed in the aggregate it seemed on 
too large a scale to be undertaken, but the Editor saw from the beginning 
that like all great enterprises the work only needed to be classified and 
systematized in order to sim^plify it. A plan was drawn up, carefully 
considered, and adhered to step by step throughout a period of twenty- 
one months, during which eight thousand Catholics received a notice ask- 
ing for their record. Nearly all the sketches finally accepted for publication 
were, therefore, obtained at first hand; about one-fourth being received 
through Catholic agents in different parts of the country. These records 
have been cast, in their essentials, in a certain form, while at the same 
time some scope has been allowed for the narrative style, as in the valuable 
English Catholic Who's Who; the Editor believing that by so doing the 
book would be made more interesting than if it were a mere dry recital 
of facts and dates. 

Difficulties, obstacles, and disappointments were not lacking as the work 
progressed. There were those who thought they saw in it pride, vanity, 
and worldliness; others insisted it was to be a mere social register; still 
others, who knew they ought not to be left out, refused to go in the book; 
a fourth class were those who were utterly indifferent to the whole scheme. 

Again and again, through the Catholic press of the country, whose Edi- 
tors with only three exceptions lent to the book intelligent comprehen- 


sion and noble support, the Editor of the A. C. "W. W. has stated what 
the work is, and what it is not ; that it is designed not to exploit the indi- 
vidual as such, but to individualize him in order to show in the concrete — 
to each other and to the non-Catholic world — what Catholics have done 
and are doing to add to the prestige, dignity, and power of the Church. 
In its completed form the book tells of noble effort, of men and women 
who have frequently risen from humble beginnings to positions of honor 
and influence, of those with a better start in life who have used their 
position and talents for the highest purposes; it tells, also, of many an 
ancient Catholic lineage on which to look back with gratitude and pride; 
of those who have entered the Church, overcoming peril and obstacle. To 
the Editor, through whose hands passed all these many records, the work 
has been from the first Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam; and it is in this sense 
that the work is now launched. 

Because it is of the American people, the A. C. W. W. is cosmopolitan. 
It embraces diverse types of Americans, and includes a few foreigners who 
are our devoted friends. The one question asked, and as far as possible an- 
swered throughout the work, has been : " Is this a person whom Catho- 
lics, and we may say non-Catholics, will want to know about and ought to 
know about ? '^ 

The Editor wishes first to record her grateful thanks and appreciation 
to her friend, collaborator and adviser in this work, Mr. William Stetson 
Merrill (A.B., Harvard), of the I^ewberry Library, Chicago, whose judg- 
ment, prudence, and business ability went far toward making the work a 
success. It was the Editor's desire to name him as co-Editor ; this he posi- 
tively declined, on the ground that he had not done enough work and 
planning to warrant it; nevertheless, without his staunch support, both 
moral and material, the Editor knows it would have been impossible to 
carry on her task. Her special thanks are also due to Mr. C. C. Copeland, 
and Mr. Charles A. Mair of Chicago, whose generosity and material help 
made it possible to carry on the financial part of the work. 

There is a long list of those who should be publicly thanked, for encour- 
agement and support, and for helping to get names and sketches of people 
for the book. Among the Hierarchy and Reverend clergy are: His Emi- 
nence Cardinal Gibbons; the Most Reverend Archbishops, Ireland of St. 
Paul, Farley of ^NTew York, and Glennon of St. Louis ; the Right Reverend 
Bishops Allen of Mobile, Gandgan of Sioux City, and Guertin of Man- 


Chester; the Eight Eeverend Monsignor Shahan, Eeetor of the Catho- 
lic University of America; the Very Eev. John J. Cavanaugh, O.S.C, 
President of the University of Notre Dame; the Eev. Daniel E. Hud- 
son, C.S.C, of the Ave Maria; the Eev. John J. Wynne, S.J., Editor of 
the Catholic Encyclopedia; the Eev. Edward Spillane, S.J., and the Eev. 
Lewis Drummond, S.J., of America; the Eev. W. P. Mclntyre of the 
Rosary; the Eev. George M. Searle, C.S.P.; and the Eev. John J. Burke, 
C.S.P., Editor of the Catholic World; the Eev. Peter C. Gannon of the 
True Voice, Omaha, Neb.; the Eev. Lawrence Mulhane of Mt. Vernon, 
Ohio; the Eev. James Newcomb of Wheeling, West Virginia; the Eev. 
Dr. Magri of Eichmond, Va.; the Eev. M. J. Foley, Editor of the Western 
Catholic of Quincy, 111.; the Eev. John Talbot Smith, 6i Dobbs Ferry, 
N. Y., who assisted the Editor with the theatrical list ; Eev. James Anthony 
Walsh of the Field Afar, Boston, Mass., who suggested the names of mis- 
sionaries ; Eev. Edwin Drury, Nerinx, Ky. ; and the Eev. William Eichard 
Harris of the Intermountain Catholic, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Among the laity the Editor's thanks are due to Mr. Charles Phillips, 
Editor of the Monitor; and a personal friend, of San Francisco; Mr. 
George Wharton James, the author, of Pasadena, Cal.; Mr. John P. 
O'Hara of the Catholic Sentinel, Portland, Oregon; Mr. John B. Mc- 
Gauran of the Denver Catholic Register, Denver, Col. ; Mr. Anton Basetich 
of the Croatian Publishing Co., Butte, Montana; Mr. Harrison Conrard 
of Flagstaff, Arizona; Mr. Arthur Preuss, Editor of the Catholic Fort- 
nightly Review, Bridgeton, Mo.; Mr. John Paul Chew, Editor of Church 
Progress, St. Louis, Mo.; Mr. Joseph Matt, Editor of the Wanderer, St. 
Paul, Minn., who obtained many sketches of German- Americans ; Mr. 
Joseph A. Westhauser of the Northwestern Chronicle, St. Paul; the late 
lamented Charles J. O'Malley of the New World, Chicago, and the present 
editor of the same paper. Dr. Thomas O'Hagan; Mr. Humphrey Desmond 
of the Catholic Citizen, Milwaukee, Wis.; Mr. Joseph H. Meier, Editor 
of Wiltzius Catholic Directory, ibid.; Miss Mary Florence Taney of Cov- 
ington, Ky.; Miss Anna E. O'Hare of the Catholic Universe, Cleveland, 
0. ; Mr. James T. Carroll of the Catholic Columbian, Columbus, 0. ; Miss 
Julia Walsh of Cincinnati, 0.; Mr. Patrick Haltigan of the National 
Hibernian, Washington, D. C, and Miss Marie Agnes Gannon, ibid. ; Miss 
Julia Laskey of the Public Library, ibid.; Mr. Austin Jenkins Lilly of 
Baltimore; Miss Marie Turner, ibid.; Mr. Eaphael Semmes of Savannah, 


Georgia; Mr. William Campbell, Editor of the Southern Messenger, San 
Antonio, Texas; Mr. Thomas G. Rapier of the Picayune, New Orleans, 
La.; Mr. John J. O'Shea of the Catholic Standard and Times, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; Mr. Martin I, J. Griffin of the American Catholic Historical 
Researches, Philadelphia, Pa.; Mrs. Honor Walsh, ibid.; Mrs. B. Ellen 
Burke, Editor of the Sunday Companion, New York; Mr. Ernest Harvier 
of the Sunday Democrat, ibid.; Mr. Thomas B. Connery, ibid.; Dr. James 
J. Walsh, ibid., who assisted the Editor with the physicians' list; Mr. 
William A. King of the Catholic Union and Times, Buffalo, N. Y. ; Miss 
Christina Riley, ibid.; Mr. Stephen Henry Horgan of Hoboken, N. J.; 
Mr. John J. Cleary of the Sunday Advertiser, Trenton, N. J. ; Mr. Thomas 
Walsh of Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Pay Inspector John Eurey (retired), ibid.; 
Mrs. Mary H. Dowd of Manchester, N. H. ; Mr. Thomas Ackland of Bos- 
ton, Mass.; Miss Katherine Conway, ibid.; Mr. Henry Coyle of South 
Boston, Mass.; Mr. J. Arthur Favreau of Boston, Mass., who obtained 
sketches of French- Americans ; Miss Anna T. Sadlier of Montreal, and 
Hon. Joseph A. Chisholm, Mayor of Halifax, who rendered valuable aid 
with the Canadian list. 

Among foreign contributors the Editor is indebted to Mr. Charles Fisk 
Beach and Madame A. Morel, of Paris, to three others in England, Bel- 
gium, and Italy, who prefer to remain unknown, and to Messrs. Burns and 
Gates, of London. 

Since this work was begun, some of the people who sent in their records 
have died ; these sketches the Editor decided to publish, with the announce- 
ment of the person's decease. 

In compiling the clergy list, the Editor felt that the devotion and self 
sacrifice of the priesthood entitled them all to mention in the Catholic 
Who's Who, but as this was impossible because of their number, and as 
they are all listed in the Catholic Directory, it was decided not to go 
below the rank of Monsignor and Very Reverend, except where a priest 
was an author, educator, scientist, musician, missionary, or had followed 
some special line of work, or held some especial position, outside the regu- 
lar parochial duty. 

In conclusion the Editor asks that those who note any errors in the 
book will correct them; and that all who are interested will send their 
own records, or sketches of their friends, for a second edition. The first 
edition, full as it is, contains many omissions; these it is hoped will be 


supplied after the book is out, and its character and value as a reference 
work become known. 

All such communications can be sent direct to her or through the pub- 

To the Catholic public this work is now entrusted by the Editor. If it 
meets with a kindly reception her labor will not have been in vain. 

5000 North Ashland Ave., 
Chicago, 111., November, 1910. 


Bishop of Eome; Vicar of Jesus Christ; two hundred and sixty-fourth 
successor of St. Peter; Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church; Patri- 
arch of the West; Primate of Italy; Archbishop and Metropolitan of the 
Eoman Province ; Sovereign of the Temporal Dominions of the Holy Eoman 

B. at Riese, near Venice, June 2, 1835; grandfather was a soldier in 
the Papal Army under Pope Gregory XVI. Ed. at Treviso and Padua; 
ordained priest September 18, 1858; Chancellor, 1875; Vicar Capitular, 
1877; consecrated Bishop of Mantua, November 10, 1884; created Cardinal 
and Patriarch of Venice, June 15, 1893 ; his appointment to the patriarchate 
gave rise to a dispute with the Italian Government, which claimed the right, 
as successor of the Republic of Venice, to nominate the Patriarch; this 
claim was not allowed by the Holy See, and the personal qualities of Mon- 
signor Sarto finally won over the Government. In the administration of 
his important diocese he showed himself a strong and competent prelate, 
reforming a number of abuses, and winning the love and veneration of all 
his people, especially by his devotion to the poor, and the modesty and sim- 
plicity of his life. 

On August 4, 1903, he was elected Pope, and five days later was crowned 
Supreme Father of the Universal Church. He entered upon his pontificate 
with the reputation of being not only a deeply religious man and wise 
administrator, but of a learned scholar and friend of the arts. Passion- 
ately devoted to music. His Holiness has sought to raise Church music to 
the highest plane; it was through him that Don Luigi Perosi, the priest 
composer, was first brought to public attention. 

Pius X is also Prefect of the Congregation of the Holy Eoman and 
Universal Inquisition, or Holy Office of the Consistorial Congregation; 
Pro-Eector of the Church and Chapter of S.S. Celsus and Julianus; 
Pro-Eector of the whole Order of St. Benedict; of the Order of Friars 
Minor; of the Archconfraternities of the Via Crucis; of the Lovers of 
Christ and Mary; of the Sacred Stigmata of St. Francis; and of the Order 
of Preachers. Eesidence : The Vatican, Eome. 


A'BECKET, John Josteph: 

Educator; b. in Portland, Me., be- 
fore the Civil War; ed. at Portland 
High School, College of the Holy Cross 
and Woodstock College, Md.; George- 
town College (Ph.D.). Professor of 
rhetoric and belles-lettres in Georgetown 
College; Holy Cross College, Worcester; 
Loyola College, Baltimore; St. Francis 
Xavier's College, N. Y.; and All Hallows 
College, Salt Lake City; a student and 
professor in the Society of Jesus for 18 
years, preparing for the priesthood ; with- 
drew from the Society on the eve of ordi- 
nation, being convinced that he had mis- 
taken his vocation. Convert to the 
Church May 8, 1865. Has contributed 
to nearly all the leading magazines. Ad- 
dress: 44 East Twenty-first St., New 
York City. 

ABELL, Mrs. Edwin F.: 

Daughter of the late Frank Lawren- 
son, a noted merchant of Baltimore. M. 
the late Edwin F. Abell, a son of Arunah 
S. Abell, founder of the Baltimore Sun. 
Mr. Abell succeeded his father as editor 
of the Sun, and under his guidance it re- 
mained as it had always been, one of 
the most efficient and influential journals 

in the United States. Address: 16 E. 
Mt. Vernon Place, Baltimore. 

ABELL, Enoch Booth: 

B. in Leonardtown, St. Mary's County, 
Maryland; father's people date back to 
earliest settlers; ed. at Georgetown Uni- 
versity, Georgetown, D. C. (A.B. 1877; 
A.M. 1889); m. Katie M. Camalier. 
Clerk Levy Court, 1883 to 1897; Clerk 
Circuit Court, 1897 to 1915. Editor of 
St. Mary's Enterprise (weekly newls- 
paper). Presented a life-size bronze 
statue of St. Joseph for a niche over the 
main entrance to St. Joseph's Church, 
Leonardtown. Member State Editorial 
Association, Maryland. Address: Leon- 
ardtown, Maryland. 

ABELL, William Irvin: 

Physician; b. September 13, 1876, in 
Lebanon, Ky., descended from pioneers of 
Kentucky; ed. St. Augustine's Parochial 
School, St. Mary's College, Louisville 
Medical College, and at the University of 
Berlin; received degrees of Ph.L., 1896; 
M.D., 1897; and A.M., 1906; m. Carrie 
Cecelia Harting. Professor of Surgery 
at the University of Louisville, Medical 
Department; and Visiting Surgeon, 


Louisville City Hospital. Member of K. 
of C, and of various social organizations. 
Address: Louisville, Ky. 

ABT, Valentine: 

Musician; b. June 13, 1873, in Alle- 
gheny, Pa.; ed. at St. Mary's School, 
Allegheny, and at Pittsburg Catholic 
College; has composed much music for 
mandolin, piano, harp, and voice; a per- 
former on the harp and on the mando- 
lin; began lecturing about 1900, at first 
with various lyceum bureaus, then or- 
ganized an independent bureau, and now 
works alone. Address: Carnegie Hall, 
New York City. 

ACKLAND, Thomas: 

Journalist; b. in Boston; entered the 
employ of The Pilot (then under the 
editorship of John Boyle O'Reilly) after 
graduating from the grammar school, 
and after serving his apprenticeship as a 
" printer's devil," was promoted to " the 
case," and eventually rose to the position 
of reporter and local editor; served as 
assistant editor under James Jeffrey 
Roche, Katherine E. Conway, and the 
present editor of The Pilot; is a writer 
of articles, especially dealing with Cath- 
olic and American-Irish historical mat- 
ters, for the Sunday and weekly editions 
of the daily press; was for some years a 
member of the conference of the Society 
of St. Vincent de Paul attached to the 
Church of the Immaculate Conception, 
and was for about twelve years a mem- 
ber of the Young Men's Catholic Asso- 
ciation of Boston, and for two terms on 
its board of directors; was formerly a 
member of the American-Irish Historical 
Society, St. Augustine's Total Abstinence 
Society, and a charter member of the 
Ancient Order of Hibernians. Resi- 
dence: Dorchester, Mass. 

ADAMS, Charles CoUard: 

Former editor; b. June 22, 1836, Wash- 
ington, D. C; 8. of George Adams, who 
served in the War of 1812, and grand- 
son of Samuel Adams, of Revolutionary 
fame; m. Elizabeth Gridley Ranny, a de- 
scendant of Rev. Charles Channey, sec- 
ond president of Harvard; attended 
Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn. 
(A.B. in 1859); and Trinity College, 
Hartford (A.M. 1877) ; editor of a Sun- 
day paper; retired in 1893; active in 
local reforms; frequent correspondent 
for daily papers on questions of the day, 
and author of " Middletown Upper 
Houses," since 1851; this book, consist- 
ing of 1,000 pages, with 100 illustrations, 
was published at a cost of $4,000 and 
is now in the Newberry Library; is also 
the author of " The Town of Cromwell," 
dating from 1650. Mr. Adams was an 
Episcopal Clergyman for over twenty 
years, and was received into the Church 
by the present Bishop of Great Falls, 
Montana, in the year 1883. Address: 
Cromwell, Conn. 

ADAMS, Francis Joseph: 

Physician; b. December 16, 1859, Fort 
Crook, Cal.; s. of General John Adams, 
U, S. A.; ed. Georgetown University 
(M. D. 1881); m. Alice Conrad. Ap- 
pointed Assistant Surgeon U. S. Army 
(1882-1887). Surgeon General of the 
Spanish War Veterans. At present 
Member of State Board and Examiner 
for Montana of the 1st Montana In- 
fantry. Member: Sons of American 
Revolution, Aztec Club (1847), and the 
Spanish War Veterans. Address: Great 
Falls, Mont. 


Architect, Dean College of Architec- 
ture, University of Notre Dame; b. 


October 9, 1871, La Porte, Ind.; ed. 
Notre Dame, Armour Institute of Tech- 
nology and Art Institute of Chicago. De- 
grees A.B. (Notre Dame, '90) and B.S. 
in Arch. (Notre Dame, '08). Served 
as officer in Spanish-American War, 
and later was in charge of Hospital 
and Eleemosynary Institutional Build- 
ing Operations in Cuba. Has held Chair 
of Architecture at Notre Dame since 
1905. Member Chicago Architectural 
Club and K. of C. Address: 214 Dean 
Bldg., South Bend, Ind. 

ADSIT, Henry: 

Physician (convert) ; b. January 30, 
1880, at St. Louis, Mo.; s. of Charles 
and Susan Glasgow (Larkin) Adsit; 
grandson of Col. James Larkin, Aide to 
Gen. Sidney Johnson, 2d Mo. Conf., and 
killed at Shilohj m. Peachy P. Brown 
of Virginia, d. of Col. Wilson Brown, 
Chief of Staff of Gen. Robert E. Lee; 
descendant of Sir George Wilcox, Florida 
Hundreds, who m. the daughter of Po- 
cahontas and of John Rolfe. Ed. at 
Hill School, Pottstown, Pa.; Princeton 
University (A.B. in 1902); Marburg 
University, Germany (Ph.D. in 1901) ; 
Johns Hopkins University (M.D. in 
1906). Resident of House of Physicians, 
Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1906-07; Vis- 
iting Surgeon at St. James Mercy Hos- 
pital, Homell, N. Y., 1907-08; Chief 
Clinic, Genito-Uri., Johns Hopkins Hos- 
pital, 1908-10; practicing physician in 
Buffalo, 1910. Member of Johns Hop- 
kins Historical Society, American and 
New York State Medical Associations, 
Erie County Medical Society, Buffalo 
Academy of Medicine, Medico-Chirur- 
gical Fraternity of Maryland, Knights of 
Columbus. Clubs: University; Prince- 
ton Club of New York; Princeton Club 

of Baltimore, Md. ; Park Club. Address : 
Cor. Allen and Delaware Sts., Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

AGAR, JohH Girand: 

Lawyer; b. June 3, 1856, in Nevr 
Orleans, La.; ed. at Georgetown Uni- 
versity, D. C, 1876 (M.A., 1888; Ph.D., 
1889) ; Catholic University, Kensington, 
London; and Columbia Law School 
(LL.B.), graduating from the latter in- 
stitution in 1880; m. February 18, 1892, 
to Agnes Louise Macdonough. Admitted 
to the Bar, 1880; served as assistant 
United States attorney, Southern Dis- 
trict of New York, 1881-2; chairman 
campaign committee People's Municipal 
League, 1891; lieutenant-commander and 
paymaster and judge advocate on staff of 
captain, of naval militia, N. Y., 1897-8. 
Member of Board of Education, New 
York City, 1896-8; vice-president Na- 
tional Civic Federation, 1905. Senior 
member, law firm of Agar, Ely & Ful- 
ton. Member Southern Society of New 
York. Clubs: Catholic (N. Y.) ; Union; 
University; Lawyers; Reform (Presi- 
dent, 1905-6) ; City; N. Y. Yacht; Turf 
and Field; Seawanhaka-Corinthian 
Yacht, N. Y.; Metropolitan of N. Y. and 
also of Washington, D. C. Office: 31 
Nassau St., New York City. Residence: 
New Rochelle, N. Y. 

AHERN, John L: 

Lawyer; b. in Fenton, Broome County, 
New York; s. of Patrick and Joanna 
(Bresnahan) Ahern; ed. in district 
school, Nanticoke, N. Y.; Whitney's Pt. 
Academy, N. Y.; Ithaca High School, 
N. Y.; Cornell University (Ph.B., 1894) ; 
and Cornell Univ. Law School (LL.B., 
1895 ) ; admitted to Bar, 1896. Has been 
editor and manager of Cornell Daily 


Sun for 5 years; manager, advertising 
department, Buffalo News, 1 year. Mem- 
ber, Knights of Columbus; United Irish 
League; Erie County Bar Association. 
Lieut. 74th Hegt. N. G. S. of New York, 
and member of Regt. Rifle Team. Clubs : 
Buffalo; Lawyer's. Address: 1106 Mor- 
gan Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. 

AHMANN, Rev. Ignatius Mary: 

Author; b. in Dorsten, Prussia; among 
his ancestors were many musicians and 
vocations to the religious life. Ed. at 
parochial school of Dorsten; College of 
Watersleyde, Holland ; St. Vincent's, Pa. ; 
St. Mary's, Baltimore. Assistant Pastor 
at St, Stephen's Church, Newport, Ky., 
1890-92; Pastor at Verona, Ky., until 
1894, then of Carrollton until 1907, 
when Rt. Rev. Bishop Maes appointed 
him irremovable rector of St. Aloysius 
Church, Covington, Ky. Has shown 
great devotion to the cause of ecclesiasti- 
cal art, deeming no sacrifice too great 
to inspire his people with a love and 
appreciation of it. Author of : " Forget- 
Me-Nots of Past and Present " and 
"Parochial Symphony"; editor of St. 
Aloysius Parish Magazine; a frequent 
contributor to the Columbus Magazine 
of Louisville and various newspapers and 
periodicals. In 1899 he visited Belgium, 
Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Aus- 
tria and Switzerland. Member of the 
Knights of Columbus and the Knights 
of St. John. Address: St. Aloysius Rec- 
tory, 724 Bakewell St., Covington, Ky. 

AIKEN, Rev. Charles Francis, S.T.D.: 

B. April 8, 1863, at Boston, Mass.; 
ed. Prescott Grammar and High 
Schools, Somerville, Mass.; graduated 
from Harvard College, June, 1884, with 
the degree of A.B.; taught classics 

(1885-86) in the Heathcote School, 
Buffalo, N. Y.; entered St. John's Theo- 
logical Seminary, Brighton, Mass., and 
devoted himself to theological studies for 
four years, becoming affiliated to the 
Archdiocese of Boston; student at the 
Catholic University, Washington, D. C., 
from 1890 to 1892; ordained priest, De- 
cember, 1890. After leaving the Cath- 
olic University, Father Aiken labored as 
curate in St. Patrick's Church, Rox- 
bury, Mass., till the spring of 1895, when 
he accepted the call to prepare himself 
for the chair of Apologetics in the Cath- 
olic University, and after a series of 
studies at Louvain, Berlin, and Tubin- 
gen, he opened his first course of lectures 
in the Catholic University in 1897; ob- 
tained the doctorate in theology in 1900, 
and was promoted successively to the 
grades of Associate Professor and Ordi- 
nary Professor of Apologetics; has been 
appointed Dean of the Faculty of Theol- 
ogy for the years 1909-11; is author 
of a book entitled "The Dhamma of 
Gotama the Buddha and the Gospel of 
Jesus the Christ" (Boston, 1900), a 
French translation of the work being 
published in Paris in 1903; has also 
published the following articles : " The 
Avesta and the Bible," Catholic Uni- 
versity Bulletin (1897) ; "The Origin of 
Religion" (1899); "The Ancient Chris- 
tian Monument of Hsian Fu " (1902); 
" Traces of Penance in Non-Revealed 
Religions " ( 1905 ) ; " the Testimony of 
St. Paul to the Fact of the Resurrec- 
tion," American Ecclesiastical Review 
(1905); "The Testimony of the Orig- 
inal Apostles to the Fact of the Resur- 
rection," American Catholic Quarterly 
(1905) ; has contributed lengthy articles 
to the Catholic Encyclopedia on Apolo- 
getics, Buddhism, Brahmanism, Confu- 


cianism, Hinduism, and Jainism. Clubs : 
Harvard Phi Beta Kappa Society; Har- 
vard Catholic Alumni Association; Har- 
vard Club of Washington, D. C. ; Catholic 
University Alumni Association. Ad- 
dress: The Catholic University of Amer- 
ica, Washington, D. C. 

ALLEN, William: 

Lawyer; b. at Claremont, Surrey 
County, Virginia; s. of William and 
Frances Augusta (Jessup) Allen. Ed. 
in Virginia schools, and at Georgetown 
University (where he graduated, A.B., 
1875) ; attended the University of Vir- 
ginia, where he received the degree of 
B.L. in 1877; m. Mary Houston Ander- 
son. Practiced for some time as an 
attorney in Richmond, Virginia. Was a 
member of the firm of Peyton & Allen 
until 1890. Came to New York City 
and has practiced as an attorney there 
since 1892. Referee in bankruptcy for 
the Southern District of New York. Is 
a member of the Bar Association of the 
City of New York. Clubs: The Vir- 
ginians; University; Southern Society 
of New York. Address: 51 East Sixty- 
fifth St., New York City, N. Y. 

ALBANI, Madame Marie Louise: 

B. at Chambly, near Montreal, 1852, 
d. of Joseph Lajeunesse, musician; re- 
ceived her early education at the Sacred 
Heart Convent, Albany, N. Y.; at the 
age of fifteen she was organist at the 
Church of the Sacred Heart, New York; 
studied in Paris and Milan under dis- 
tinguished musicians; her first appear- 
ance was in Bellini's La La Somnambula 
at Messina in 1870, and in the R. 
Italian Opera, London, two years later; 
has since become famous as a singer of 
oratorio; m. (1878) Ernest Gye. Ad- 
dress: London, Eng. 

ALERBINO, Rt. Rev. Herman Josepli: 
Bishop of Fort Wayne; b. April 13, 
1845, Newport, Ky.; ed. parish schools 
of Corpus Christi Church, Newport, Ky.; 
diocesan College at Vincennes, Ind.; St. 
Thomas Preparatory Seminary, Bards- 
town, Ky.; St. Meinrad's Seminary, 
Spencer County, Ind.; ordained priest 
September 22, 1868, assistant priest at 
St. Joseph's Church, Terre Haute, Ind. 
for three years; pastor of Cambridge 
City, Ind., and its Missions, three years; 
organizer of St. Joseph's Church at In- 
dianapolis, Ind., and its pastor twenty- 
six years; consecrated Bishop of Fort 
Wayne, Ind., November 30, 1900; au- 
thor of " The Diocese of Vincennes," 
1883 (Carlon & Hollenbeck, Indianapo- 
lis) ; "The Diocese of Fort Wayne," 
1907 (The Archer Printing Co., Fort 
Wayne); and some pamphlets: "Ply- 
mouth Rock and Maryland," etc. Ad- 
dress: 1140 Clinton St., Fort Wayne, 


Physician, Clergyman, Cooperator in 
translating " Jesuit Relations " ; b. April 
17, 1834, Walkhampton Vicarage, Devon- 
shire, England; s. of Rev. Daniel Alex- 
ander, vicar of Bickleigh, Devonshire, 
and Elizabeth (n6e Dobson) his wife; 
ed. Mr. Lake's Academy, Plymouth, Eng- 
land, and at Marlborough College, Wilt- 
shire; studied medicine at the Middlesex 
Hospital, London, from 1850 to 1855, 
and received the diploma of Royal Col- 
lege of Surgeons of England in 1855; 
Licentiate of Apothecaries' Society, 1857; 
was for some time surgeon on a steam- 
ship of the Peninsular and Oriental 
Company, in China and the Philippine 
Islands; came to Canada in 1860, and 
practiced medicine for a few years at 



Rice Lake, Out.; subsequently at 
Port Hope; m. Anna Elizabeth Cecille, 
second daughter of Thomas S. and Har- 
riet C. Gore, of Gore's Landing, Rice 
Lake, in 1863; ordained a deacon of the 
Church of England, 1866, and priest in 
1867; curate of St. Mark's Church, Port 
Hope, 1866-67; curate of Guelph, Ont., 
1867-75; sub-dean of Cathedral, Fred- 
ericton, New Brunswick, 1875-94; be- 
came a convert to the Catholic Church in 
1894, being received by the Rt. Rev. 
Mgr. Fabre, Archbishop of Montreal; 
wife and son became Catholics in years 
1895-6. Dr. Alexander received the ap- 
pointment, subsequently, on the staflf of 
Translators of " Jesuit Relations," and 
has done other French translation work. 
Address: 28 Sussex Ave., Montreal, Can- 

ALLCHIN, Lady Margaret: 

d. of Alexander Holland, of New 
York; ed. in Paris and England, and 
at the Sacred Heart Convent, Manhat- 
tanville. New York; received into the 
Church at Farm Street, London, Eng- 
land, 1887, by Archbishop Porter, S.J.; 
m. ( 1880) Sir William Allchin, M.D. 

ALIEN, Rt. Rev. Edward Patrick: 

Bishop of Alabama; b. March 17, 
1853, Lowell, Mass.; parents were de- 
vout Catholics, but as no Catholic school 
existed in Lowell at that time, the son 
was educated in the public schools, and 
at the Lowell Commercial College; en- 
tered Mount St. Mary's College, Em- 
mitsburg, Md.; received the degree of 
A.B., June 26, 1878, and A.M. in 1880; 
also D.D. from Georgetown University 
in 1889; professor of Greek, Latin and 
Church History; president of St. Mary's 

College, Emmitsburg, Md., 1885-97. Con- 
secrated Bishop of Mobile, May 16, 1897. 
Address: Mobile, Ala. 

ALPHONSA, Mother Mary (Rose Haw- 
thorne Lathrop) : 
Of the Dominican Community of the 
Third Order, Cherry Street, N. Y.; b. 
1851, in Massachusetts, d. of Nathaniel 
Hawthorne; m. (1871) George Parsons 
Lathrop, a Unitarian, who with hia 
wife, became a Catholic in 1894. Shortly 
after her conversion, Mrs. Lathrop ca- 
tered on a systematic course of study 
of cancer and its treatment at Bellevue 
hospital, N. Y. She dwelt in the slums 
and nursed the patients in their homes, 
unearthing conditions that would have 
appalled the stoutest heart. On the 
death of her husband, Mrs. Lathrop se- 
cured a home on Cherry street. New 
York City, and here she began her work 
for afflicted souls. But so rapidly did 
the field of work widen, so many poor 
incurables daily turned out of the hos- 
pitals, and others too poor to pay their 
way, came to lier, that a new home at 
Hawthorne in Westchester County, was 
secured, and a community under the 
Rule of the Third Order of St. Dominic 
was formed to aid her in her Christ-like 
work. No one is received if he can 
afford to pay. This charity is for those 
who are pronounced incurable and 
turned out of the hospitals, and is 
known as St. Rose's Free Cancer Hos- 
pital, with the country house in West- 
chester County. Mother Alphonsa is the 
author of "Along the Shore" (poems); 
" Memories of Hawthorne " (written 
with her husband ) ; and " A Story of 
Courage." Address: Rosary Hill, Haw- 
thorne, N. Y. 


ALTON, John: 

Assistant cashier, Farmers and Mer- 
chants' National Bank, Los Angeles, 
Cal.; b. March 26, 1851, Manchester, 
England; ed. Sedgely Park College, 
Staffordshire, England; entered the serv- 
ice of the District Bank of Manchester 
when he was 15 yrs. old; remained 
with it for 18 years, leaving its employ 
just before he started for the United 
States; lived at Santa Monica, Cal., for 
about two years; took an active part in 
the building of St. Monica's Church in 
1884; now serving as assistant cashier 
of the Farmers and Merchants' National 
Bank, Los Angeles, having been identified 
with that institution since 1886; m. 
Mary P. Kennedy of Manchester, Eng- 
land. Clubs: Charter member and di- 
rector of the Newman Club; member 
Knights of Columbus; Catholic Knights 
of America; Catholic Order of Forest- 
ers; was first chief ranger of the For- 
esters in California. Address: Los 
Angeles, Cal. 


Pen name of Sister M. Amadeus 
O'Reilly, Observantine of St. Francis. 
Wrote formerly under the pen name of 
" John Romaine." B. in Cork, Ireland ; 
ed. at the Convent School in that city; 
contributor to most of the Catholic pub- 
lications in this country; also a fine 
musician, and an artist. Address: Per- 
petual Help School, Buffalo, N. Y. (80 
Vandalia St. ) . 

AMBAXJEN, Rev. Andrew Joseph: 

Ph.D., priest, author; b. March 7, 
1847, at Beckenried, Canton of Unter- 
walden, Switzerland; s. of Michael and 
Barbara (Zimmermann) Ambauen; re- 
ceived early education in native place 

and in the Benedictine abbey at Engel- 
berg; later in Jesuit College, Feldkirch, 
Austrian Tyrol, and colleges at Brieg and 
Einsiedeln (where he formed a, friend- 
ship with the notable priest and philan- 
thropist, Callus Morel) ; made theolog- 
ical course at seminary of Mentz, Hesse 
Darmstadt, and at Archiepiscopal Pro- 
vincial Seminary, Milwaukee, Wis.; or- 
dained December, 1872. Served in va- 
rious mission stations until 1886, when 
he became pastor of St. Joseph's, Dodge- 
ville, Wis. Author of " Floral Apostles; 
or What the Flowers Say to Thinking 
Man," published in 1892, which estab- 
lished his reputation as a clever and 
forceful writer ; " The Devout Compan- 
ion"; "The People's Friend"; " For- 
get-Me-Nots"; "The Friend of Youth" 
(German); "Roses of Heaven," and 
"Guide to Our Celestial Home," both 
German. Has published several minor 
treatises, and recently a larger pamphlet 
entitled " Three of the Greatest Italians 
that Ever Lived: Dante Alighieri, Giro- 
lamo Savonarola, and Christopher Co- 
lumbus." Member Society of American 
Authors; Western Association of Writ- 
ers. Address: Dodgeville, Wis. 

AMBERG, William A.: 

B. July 6, 1847, at Albstadt, near 
Hanau, Bavaria; s. of John A. and Mar- 
garet (Hoefiler) Amberg; removed with 
his parents to Mineral Point, Wis., 1852; 
clerk in a dry goods store there 
1860-64; ed. in the common schools 
and at Sinsinawa Mound College; came 
to Chicago (1865); employed as book- 
keeper for Culver, Page & Hoyne, sta- 
tioners, imtil 1870; m. Sarah Agnea, 
daughter of the late John Ward, Sep- 
tember 7, 1869. Mrs. Amberg is presi- 
dent of the Christ Child Society of Chi- 



cago, and also of the Tabernacle Society. 
In 1868, Mr. Amberg invented the sys- 
tem of flat letter filing, now so uni- 
versally used, and has also invented 
numerous other devices in that line; 
established branch houses for this busi- 
ness in New York, 1872, and in Lon- 
don, 1875. Founded town of Amberg, 
Wis., 1887, by establishing granite 
works, and later the town of Athelstane, 
Wis. Is president of the Amberg File 
& Index Co.; President, Amberg Granite 
Co.; Treasurer, Loretto Iron Co., and di- 
rector in other corporations; was one 
of the founders of Cameron, Amberg & 
Co., stationers and printers, 1870 (re- 
tired, 1890). Office 438^52 Fulton 
St. Residence: 1301 North State St., 
Chicago, 111. 

AMEND, Edward B.: 

Jurist; b. in New York City; ed. in 
St. Francis Xavier College, from which 
he graduated A.B., 1877, A.M., 1878; 
graduated from Columbia Law School, 
LL.B., 1879. Engaged in the practice 
of law 1879-1902, when he was elected 
justice of the Supreme Court of the 
State of New York for the term expir- 
ing December 31, 1916. Address: 38 
West Seventy-fourth St., New York City. 

ANDERSON, Rt. Rev. Joseph G., D.D.: 

Auxiliary Bishop of Boston; b. on 
September 30, 1865, in Boston, Mass.; 
s. of John J. and Ellen (McVay) An- 
derson; ed. in Boston public schools and 
at Boston College (A.B., 1887); or- 
dained priest May 20, 1892. Served as 
Chaplain at the State Prison for 10 
years; Director of Catholic Bureau, 4 
years; Diocesan Director of Charities; 
Vicar General; at present Pastor of St. 

Paul's Church and Vice-president of the 
various Diocesan Charitable Institutions. 
Consecrated, July 25, 1909, Auxiliary 
Bishop of Boston. Address: St. Paul's 
Church, Boston, Mass. 

ANDERSON, Lorenzo E.: 

Vice-president Mercantile Ttust Co.; 
b. New York City; ed. at Christian 
Brothers' College and public schools of 
St. Louis; entered real estate business 
as L. E. Anderson & Co., 1881-87, sub- 
sequently Anderson, Wade & Co., and 
later Hammett- Anderson-Wade Realty 
Co., until the organization of the Mer- 
cantile Trust Co., when the real estate 
business was merged into the latter com- 
pany as its real estate department, and 
Mr. Anderson became vice-president of 
the Mercantile Trust Co. Clubs: St. 
Louis; Mercantile; Noonday; Univer- 
sity. Address: 3744 Lindell Boiil., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

ANGERT, Eugene Henry: 

Lawyer; b. October 21, 1877, St. 
Charles, Mo.; s. of Henry and Adelaide 
(Ulizko) Angert; graduated from St. 
Louis University (A.B. 1896) ; received 
degree of LL.B. from Harvard Law 
School in 1899; practiced law in New 
York in the offices of Elihu Root and 
Will H. Page, Jr., 1896-97; has since 
practiced] in St. Louis. Member St. 
Louis and Missouri State Bar Associa- 
tions. Clubs: University; Jefferson. 
Address: "The Pendennis," 3737 Wash- 
ington Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

ANGLIN, Arthur Whyte, K.C.: 

B. 1867, bro. of Mr. Justice Anglin; 
ed. at St. Mary's College, Montreal; 
called to Ontario bar 1890; K.C. 1908; 



m. (1894) Madeleine St. George, e. d. 
of Sir Glenholme Falconbridge, Chief 
Justice, King's Bench of Ontario. 

ANGLIU', Hon. Francis Alexander, K.C.: 
B. April 2, 18^5, at St. John, New 
Brunswick; s. of late Hon. T. W. Anglin, 
Speaker of Canadian House of Commons, 
1874-78; m. Harriet I. Fraser, young- 
est daughter of the late Archbishop 
Fraser, Fraserfield, Glengarry, Ont.; ed. 
St. Mary's College, Montreal, and the 
University of Ottawa (B.A.) ; Medal- 
list Law Society of Upper Canada, 1888; 
called to Ontario Bar, 1888; appointed 
King's Council, June, 1902; Puisne Jus- 
tice, Exchequer Division, Ontario High 
Court, March, 1904; Supreme Court of 
Canada, February, 1909; author of 
"Limitations of Actions Against Trus- 
tees and Other Relief" (Canada Law 
Book Co., 1900) ; contributor to Cana- 
dian Law Times. Clubs: Rideau, Ot- 
tawa; Toronto; Royal Canadian Yacht 
Club, Toronto. Address: Supreme Court 
of Canada, Ottawa. 

ANGUN, Miss Margaret Mary: 

Actress; b. April 3, 1876, in Ottawa, 
Canada; d. of the Hon. T. W. Anglin, 
who at the time of her birth, was 
Speaker of the Canadian House of Com- 
mons; ed. at Loretto Abbey, Toronto, 
and Convent of the Sacred Heart, Mon- 
treal, Canada; graduated from the Em- 
pire School of Dramatic Acting, New 
York, in 1894, and in September of the 
same year made her professional debut 
in Shenandoah; associated with James 
O'Neil as leading lady, season of 1896- 
97, playing in Hamlet, The Courier of 
Lyons, Virginius, and Monte Cristo; as- 
sociated with E. H. Southern, 1897-98; 
in 1898-99, appeared as Roxane, with 

Richard Mansfield, in Cyrano de Ber- 
gerac; as Mrs. Dane, in Mrs. Dane's 
Defense (1900); as Mabel Vaughn in 
The Wilderness ( 1901 ) ; starred in The 
Awakening of Helena Richie, 1910. 
Address: The Actors' Society of Amer- 
ica, 133 West Forty-fifth St., New York 

ANSBERRY, Hon. Timothy Thomas: 

Lawyer, congressman; b. December 
24, 1871, at Defiance, Ohio; s. of Ed- 
ward and Elizabeth (Fitzpatrick) Ans- 
berry; paternal grandfather and grand- 
mother emigrated from Ireland to De- 
fiance, Ohio, in 1833. Ed. in public 
schools of Defiance, 1877-88; Notre 
Dame University (LL.B., 1893); ad- 
mitted to Bar of Ohio, 1893. M. De- 
cember 26, 1898, Nellie, daughter of 
Peter and Frances (Kohlo) Kettenring, 
natives of Germany who came to Amer- 
ica early in life. Prosecuting Attorney 
of Defiance County, 1896-1904, 3 terms. 
Democratic candidate for Congress, 
1904; member of Congress, 1907-09, rep- 
resenting 5th Ohio district. Member 
Knights of Columbus; Ancient Order of 
Hibernians. Address: Defiance, Ohio, 
and Washington, D. C. 

ANTHONY, Sister S. H. (Sarah Alice 
Kathryne Quinlan) : 
B. September 5, 1872, in Boston, 
Mass.; ed. in public schools of Oakland, 
Cal., and at St. Francis de Sales School; 
graduated from the College of Notre 
Dame, San Jose, Cal., June, 1892. En- 
tered Order of Notre Dame, San Jose, 
September, 1892. Editor of the Notre 
Dame Quarterly, San Jose; a writer of 
spirited and religious verse of deep feel- 
ing and keen perception. Address: Col- 
lege of Notre Dame, San Jose, Cal. 



ANTHONY, Wilfrid Edwards: 

Architect; b. November 16, 1877, at 
Orient, N. Y.; s. of Frederick H. and 
Anna M. (Edwards) Anthony. Descend- 
ant on the distaff side of Jonathan Ed- 
wards. Ed. at public and private 
schools; with Cram, Goodhue & Fergu- 
son, 1905 to date; engaged in architec- 
tural and literary work; has contributed 
to "Ecclesiastical Review," "The Mes- 
senger," "Christian Art," "The Cana- 
dian Month," and "The Cross"; en- 
tered the Church Easter, 1900. Address: 
170 Fifth Ave., New York. 

ANTOINE, Rev. Albert, O.M.I. : 

B. at Bazegney, Vosges, France; 
ed. Oblate Fathers' Apostolic School; 
Notre Dame de Sion, Lorraine; Grego- 
rian University, Rome, Italy; received 
degree of Ph.D. in 1885, and that of 
Doctor of Theology in 1889; was pro- 
fessor. Prefect of Studies, Vice Rector 
in the University of Ottawa, Canada 
(1889-1905); President of the San An- 
tonio Theological Seminary, Texas 
(1905-09). Father Antoine is a mem- 
ber of the Knights of Columbus. Ad- 
dress: San Antonio, Tex. 

APFEXBECK, Mrs. Aloysius Louis 
(Marie Louise Bailey) : 
Musician and pianist; b. October 24, 
1876, in Nashville, Tenn.; d. of Dr. 
Patrick H. Bailey; ed. in Germany and 
Austria, pupil of Leschetizki, Paderew- 
ski's teacher. Decorated by the Shah of 
Persia (1902) with the Persian Medal 
for Art and Science, an honor shared 
by only one other woman in the world, 
the latei Madame Modjeska; received 
medal for Art from the Court of Co- 
burg in the same year. Received the 
title of " Imperial Chamber Virtuoso " 

from Austria; honored by Emperor 
Francis Joseph with the Elizabethan 
Medal for Art and Science (1904) and 
with the Golden Order of Merit of the 
Cross and Crown (1910), distinctions 
rarely conferred upon foreigners. Mem- 
ber of the Bayreuth Liederkranz and 
the Coburger Sangerkranz. Has toured 
Europe, and played in concert before 
royalty and the most critical audiences, 
where her talent has been said to equal 
that of Teresa Careno, " combining won- 
derful technique with great strength, 
endurance, and richness of tone, to 
which is added brilliance, clearness, 
warmth, and soul." Began playing in 
concert at fourteen, and while still very 
young scored an immediate success in 
Vienna by playing with orchestra Saint 
Saen's great Concerto in G moll, opus 
22; has captivated the Hungarians by 
her interpretation of the National Hun- 
garian music, rendered by piano and 
orchestra. M, Captain Aloysius Louis 
Apfelbeck of the Austrian Army. Resi- 
dence: St. Polten, near Vienna, Austria. 

d'ARAMON, Comtesse Jacques (n6e 
Eisher) : 
B. and brought up in New York. Ad- 
dress: 1 Brd de La Tour-Maubourg, 
Paris, France. 


Attorney-at-law ; b. in 1864, at St. 
Paul I'Hermite, Province of Quebec, Can- 
ada; descendant of Jacques Archam- 
bault, who came from France in 1642 
with de Maisonneuve, the founder of 
Montreal, and settled at LaLongue Point, 
near Montreal; received his preliminary 
education in the public schools of his 
native town; took a classical course at 
the College of L' Assumption, and was 




graduated from Laval University, Quebec 
(A.B., 1883); in 1887 was admitted to 
the bar of Hampden County, Mass., and 
to the bar of the State of Rhode Island 
in 1901; elected a member of the Gen- 
eral Assembly of the State of Rhode 
Island for the city of Woonsocket ( 1901- 
02), and served as such for two years 
in the House of Representatives; in 
1902 was elected Lieutenant-Governor of 
Rhode Island, and served one term; was 
elected Mayor of the city of Woonsocket 
in 1905-06, and filled that office for two 
successive terms. Member of the Circle 
National Dramatique and L'Union St. 
Jean Baptiste. Address: 10 Longley 
Bldg., Woonsocket, R. I. 

ARCHAMBAULT, Hon. Horace, Z.C: 

S. of the Hon, Louis Archambault, 
Legislative Councillor, whose ancestors 
emigi-ated from France in 1618; b. at 
L'Assomption, March 6, 1857; ed. at 
L'Assomption College, at the Quebec 
Seminary, and Laval University. An 
Advocate. Member of the firm of Rain- 
ville, Archambault & Gervais. In 1881 
appointed Professor of Commercial and 
Maritime Law at Laval University, Mon- 
treal. Appointed Q.C., 1888. Is one of 
the examiners of candidates for admis- 
sion to the Bar, and a member of the 
Council of the Bar of Montreal. M., 
1882, Lizzie Lelievre, niece of Simon Le- 
lievre, of the Quebec Bar. Succeeded his 
father as Legislative Councillor, June 6, 
1888. Was Attorney- General in the 
Marchand Administration, and held same 
portfolio in the Parent Administration. 
Address: Quebec, Canada. 

ARCTANDER, Rev. George Aaron: 

B. December 31, 1868, Skien, Norway; 
second cousin on maternal side, of Dr. 

Alfred Nobel of Paris, who founded the 
Nobel prizes. Ed. common schools and 
Gymnasium, Christiana, Norway; Royal 
University of Christiana ; St. John's Uni- 
versity, Collegeville, Minn., and St. 
Paul's Seminary, St. Paul, Minn. Mem- 
ber for five years of Diocesan band of 
Missionaries of the Archdiocese of St. 
Paul. Now serving as pastor of the 
Church of St. Andrew. Contributor to 
American Ecclesiastical Review, North- 
western Chronicle, and St. John's Uni- 
versity Record. Entered the Church 
March 31, 1888. Member K. of C. Ad- 
dress: 997 Front St., St. Paul, Minn. 

ARENTZ, Rev. Theodore, O.F.M.: 

Guardian of the California Mission 
of Santa Barbara (Franciscan). B. 
January 7, 1849, at Hippramsdorf, 
Diocese of Munster, Province of West- 
phalia (Prussia) ; s. of William and 
Christina (Humberg) Arentz; acted for 
a time as assistant teacher for the 
" Schulvikar " Varwick in Hamm Bosen- 
dorf, during which time he kept up the 
study of Latin, etc.; admitted as candi- 
date for the Franciscan Order in 1871; 
studied at St. Joseph's College, Teuto- 
polis; ordained in 1876. Assistant Mas- 
ter of Novices, Teutopolis, 1877; as- 
sistant priest at Chillicothe, 1879-82. 
Founded the new St. Francis Parish in 
Humphrey, Neb. (1883); Superior of 
Franciscans at Humphrey (1885); in 
1888 elected Guardian of the monastery 
at Cleveland, Ohio, and appointed pas- 
tor of St. Joseph's parish; elected De- 
finitor (1894), and a year later was 
again made guardian at Cleveland; Pro- 
vincial of the Sacred Heart Province 
(1897-1900); Custos and Commissary 
Provincial for California and Arizona 
(1900-04); guardian of the monastery 



and novitiate at Fruitvale, near Oak- 
land, Cal. (1904^07); Visitator of the 
Franciscan Provinces and apostolic col- 
leges in Mexico (1907-09) ; guardian of 
old Mission House of Santa Barbara 
(1909 to date). Author of a History 
of the old Mission House at Santa Bar- 
bara. Father Theodore has always been 
a patron of historical research, and it 
is largely owing to him that Fr. 
Zephyrin Engelhardt has been able to 
carry on his valuable literary work un- 
disturbed. Address: Franciscan Mission 
House, Santa Barbara, Cal. 

ARNOLD, Mrs. Annie Stuart (Cameron) : 
Writer; b. in New York City; ed. at 
the Jordan and Comstock schools; m. 
William, son of Michael Arnold, of Ar- 
nold, Constable & Co., Dry Goods Mer- 
chants of New York. Entered the 
Church February 21, 1894. Address: 15 
East Eighty-second St., New York City. 

ATLEE, Walter Eranklin: 

Physician, Philadelphia, Pa.; b. in 
1828, at Lancaster, Pa.; s. of John L. 
Atlee, a well-known surgeon; ed. at Col- 
lege Point, L. I.; Yale University, from 
which he graduated in 1845; studied 
medicine in his father's office and later 
entered the Medical School of the Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, graduating in 
1850; went to Europe, where he con- 
tinued his studies in the principal cities, 
and also studied under Nfilaton, the fa- 
mous French surgeon and inventor of 
the N6laton porcelain probe tube; re- 
turned to Philadelphia, Pa., where he 
built up a large medical and surgical 
practice. Dr. Atlee died August 18, 
1910. Almost to the hour of his death, 
he continued to receive patients, writing 

prescriptions while propped up on pil- 


Author, journalist, poet; s. of the 
late Judge James Augustin by his wife 
Micaela Fortier; b. February 22, 1866; 
ed. in private schools and colleges; was 
a pupil of Mrs. Virginia Dimitry Ruth 
(deceased), daughter of the late Pro- 
fessor Alexander Dimitry, who was a 
distinguished author and linguist. Mr. 
Augustin is assistant secretary and li- 
brarian of the Orleans Parish Medical 
Society; assistant secretary, Louisiana 
State Medical Society, and of the Char- 
ity Hospital Alumni Association of 
Louisiana; official stenographer of 
United States Board of Pensions Exam- 
iners; manager of Augustin Medical 
Book Agency. Author of several novels; 
has written many short stories and 
sketches for the local press, and has 
edited two literary publications. Nov- 
els: Romances of New Orleans (L. 
Graham & Son, 1894) ; The Haunted 
Bridal Chamber (Searcy & Pfaff, 1902) ; 
The History of Yellow Fever (Searcy & 
Pfaff, 1909) ; The Vigil of a Soul, poem 
(E. P. Brandao, 1899). M. in 1903, 
Emma Chapotin. Office: 141 Elks 
Place. Residence: 3428 Magazine St., 
New Oileans, La. 

AITGTrSTIN, James M.: 

Journalist; writer of short stories, 
historical sketches, and compiler of spe- 
cial souvenir books and publications; 
b. in New Orleans, La., March 31, 1858; 
s. of the late Judge James D. Augustin 
by his wife Micaela Fortier; ed. in pri- 
vate schools, and at the Jesuits' College, 
New Orleans, La. Began newspaper 



work in 1873; on the staff (1876-1910) 
of every daily evening and morning 
newspaper in New Orleans. From 1890 
to 1910 with the New Orleans Picayune. 
Wrote for French, Spanish, Italian, and 
German periodicals in New Orleans. 
Books: History of the Catholic Church 
in Louisiana (1893); Centennial Cele- 
bration of the Transfer of Louisiana 
( 1903 ) ; Souvenir of the Centennial 
Commemoration of Transfer of Louisi- 
ana (1903). Stories : The Pirate's Gk)ld ; 
Romance and History of New Orleans 
City Park; The Orleans Battalion at 
the Battle of New Orleans; Leaving for 
the War; all published in the New Or- 
leans Picayune. Member of Louisiana 
Historical Society; Jesuits' Alumni So- 
ciety; Holy Spirit Society; honorary 
member of L'Athen6e Louisianais, and 
the Union Francaise. M. January 30, 
1884, Cora Chapotin. Address: Care 
The Picayune, New Orleans, La. 

AUGITSTIN, Leonce Sumpter: 

Educator; b. in New Orleans, La., 
October 23, 1885; s. of Paul Sumpter 
Augustin and Noemie Barbot of New 
Orleans; ed. at Notre Dame de Bon Se- 
cours, Boys High School; Jesuits' Col- 
lege (graduate in commercial depart- 
ment in 1905). Teacher of English, 
mathematics, and penmanship; Principal 
of school of Civil Service, for applicants 
for United States Government positions. 
Member St. Vincent de Paul Society; 
Holy Name Society. Address: 2214 
Carondelet St., New Orleans, La. 


Finance Clerk Post Office Department, 
New Orleans, La.; b. March 15, 1861; s. 
of the late Judge James D. Augustin, a 
distinguished jurist, by his wife Micaela, 

daughter of Edmond Fortier, scion of 
one of the wealthy Colonial fapiilies of 
Louisiana. Received his education in 
the Jesuits' College, New Orleans, and 
after leaving school (1876), engaged in 
commerce. In 1885 entered the service 
of the United States Postoffice Depart- 
ment, and has remained in the employ 
of that department ever since; was pro- 
moted from clerk in the Railway Mail 
Service to his present position. Is one 
of the secretaries of the Catholic Knights 
of America; a director of the Louisiana 
State Federation of Catholic Societies; 
member of St. Vincent de Paul Society; 
Holy Name Society, and of the Knights 
of Columbus. Is connected with several 
Homestead Associations. Address : 
United States Post Office. Residence: 
2214 Carondelet St., New Orleans, La. 


D. of the late Samuel Tuckerman, a 
convert and musician, organist of St. 
Paul's P. E. Church. His daughter was 
for over half a century soloist in the 
choir of the Cathedral; an accomplished 
musician, even in her school days, and 
one of the best organists in the city; 
beloved as a woman of charming per- 
sonality, highly educated, and cultured. 
Entered the Carmelite Order in Balti- 
more about 1893; for three years Su- 
perior of the Carmelite Monastery in 
Roxbury, Boston, being one of the five 
nuns who founded it (August 27, 1890) ; 
a branch of the Order was established in 
San Francisco in 1908, on the estate of 
the late Robert Louis Stevenson, and 
Mother Augustine took charge of the 
new foundation in October of the same 
year. She is still the Superior. Ad- 
dress: Lombard and High Sts., San 
Francisco, Cal. 



AUSTIN, Lady Austin Lee: 

B. Madeleine de Wolf-Smith, in New 
York City; m. Sir Henry Austin Lee, 
Counsellor of the British Embassy in 
Paris. Address: 14 bis. Avenue du 
Trocad^ro, Paris, France. 

AVERILL, Walter Hallis: 

Merchant tailor; b. October 3, 1879, 
Sv Louis, Mo. ; s. of Alex M. and Louisa 
(Trowbridge) Averill; ed. St. Louis pub- 
lic schools; m. (1903) Marie J. Wise; 
entered the merchant tailoring house of 
Mills & Averill (1897) as clerk; later 
becoming salesman ; admitted to the firm, 
1900; vice-president and treasurer in 
February, 1905. Clubs: Missouri Ath- 
letic; Mercantile. Address: 5740 Ca- 
banne Place, St. Louis, Mo. 

AVERDICK, James Andrew: 

Physician; b. December 25, 1852, in 
Cincinnati, Ohio; s. of Henry G. Aver- 
dick, M.D., of Germany; ed. parochial 
school, Oldenburg, Ind.; St. Mary*s 
Nazareth, Dayton, Ohio; St. Mary's In- 
stitute (B.A.) ; Cincinnati University 
(M.D.). M. Clara Ertel, whose family 
were pioneer Catholics in Indiana; 
father a physician and former surgeon 
in the Civil War, 1861-65. Member and 
President of Covington Board of Educa- 
tion; Coroner of Kenton County; Mem- 
ber of the Kentucky Assembly, 1891-94; 
Supreme Medical Examiner for Catholic 
Knights of America, and IL of C; 
physician for twenty-five years to St. 
John's Orphanage, Kenton County, Ky., 
giving his services gratuitously; has de- 
voted his time and talents chiefly to 
Catholic interests. Contributor to Men 
and Women. Made trip to Europe in 
1900, visiting Germany, Ireland, Italy, 

Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, and 
France. Member of the Knights of Co- 
lumbus. Address: 214 West Eighth 
St., CJovington, Ky. 

AVERY, Mrs. Martha Gallison (Moore) : 
Author, lecturer, educator. Socialist; 
convert to the Church; b. April 6, 1851, 
in Steuben, Me.; d. of A. K. P. Moore. 
Her ancestors were among the pioneer 
settlers of Massachusetts, the eastern 
portion of which later became the State 
of Maine. On her father's side she is 
Irish, Scotch and Dutch; on her mother's 
she is English. A four-fold stream of 
Revolutionary blood flows in her veins, 
Major John Moore of Bunker Hill fame 
being one of her kinsmen. Prior to the 
War of the Rebellion Greneral Samuel 
Moore, her grandfather, was a dominant 
factor in state politics for half a century. 
Ed. at the public schools, she regards her 
fifteen years of intellectual discipline 
under a master in Cosmic Law as her 
most valuable period of study, one that 
later led her to the door of the Catholic 
Church, which she entered on May 1, 
1904, being baptized by Rev. Father 
O'Sullivan, S.J., at the Church of the 
Immaculate Conception, Boston, Mass. 
Mrs. Avery entered public life as a char- 
ter member of the First Nationalist Club 
of Boston, which was made up of such 
distinguished men and women as Rev. 
Edward Everett Hale, Mrs. Mary A. Liv- 
ermore, etc. Carrying the principles of 
the " Nationalization of Industry and 
thereby the Promotion of the Brother- 
hood of Man " to their logical expression, 
Mrs. Avery became a Socialist. For 
seven years she was Director of the 
Karl Marx class that taught the eco- 
nomics of Socialism. Later the class be- 


came known as the Boston School of 
Political Economy. Mrs. Moore-Avery 
is acknowledged as an authority upon 
the philosophy, the history, the economic 
theory, and the tactics of International 
Socialism, and as a master in the sci- 
ence of Political Economy. In an edi- 
torial in The Outlook, March 20, 1909, 
ex-president Hoosevelt recommends a 
book of which Mrs. Moore- Avery is the 
author in collaboration with David Gold- 
stein, a convert and one of her economic 
students, " Socialism: The Nation of 
Fatherless Children." During the twelve 
years of her membership in the Socialist 
parties, Mrs. Avery was constantly in 
the lecture field, aiding the cause by 
voice and pen, until (in 1903) she was 
led to recognize that in the world of 
practical matters Socialism is the anti- 
Christ, as Modernism is the anti-Christ 
in the world of theoretical conception. 
One year later she became a member of 
the Church. At present she is the head 
of the Boston School of Political Econ- 
omy, training a group of brilliant young 
men to meet the erroneous arguments 

and the sophistical statements of So- 
cialist propaganda. As a lecturer she is 
cited by the press of New York as 
being " wonderfully eloquent," and by 
that of Massachusetts as " one of the 
greatest woman orators of the world." 
She is a contributor to the National 
Civic Federation Review, to Social Jus- 
tice; writes special editorials for The 
Boston Traveler; has very near com- 
pletion a book entitled " Twenty-five So- 
cialists Answered," besides the MS. of a 
work on the Primal Principles of Po- 
litical Economy. M. in 1880 to Millard 
Filmore Avery. Address: 202 West 
Springfield St., Boston, Mass. 

d'AZY, Comtesse Benolst: 

B. Carolyn Mary Jones, in Cincinnati, 
Ohio; d. of N. S. Jones, and grand- 
daughter of the late General E. P. Scam- 
mon; ed. at the Sacred Heart Convent, 
Cincinnati; m. Vicomte Benoist d'Azy 
in 1894; sister of Rev. Stephen Jones, 
O. P. Address: 39 Rue Pergolfese, 
Paris, France. 



B. in Cincinnati, Ohio, 1865; ed. at 
St. Xavier's College, Cincinnati; removed 
to Flagstaff, Ariz, in 1884, and engaged 
in the mercantile and cattle business. 
Address: Flagstaff, Ariz. 

BABBITT, David: 

Merchant; b. in Cincinnati, Ohio, 
1858; ed. at Cathedral School and St. 
Xavier's College, Cincinnati; removed to 
Arizona in 1884; is at the head of the 
large mercantile establishment of Bab- 
bitt Bros. Address: Flagstaff, Ariz. 

BABBITT, George: 

Merchant; b. in Massachusetts, 1862; 
ed. at Cathedral School and St. Xavier's 
College, Cincinnati, Ohio; removed to 
Arizona in 1884 and engaged in the mer- 
cantile business. Address: Flagstaff, 

BACA, Eleuterio: 

Educator; b. at Las Vegas, N. M.; 
descended through his father from 
Cabeza de Baca, and through his mother 
from Sandeval; ed. Christian Bros., 
Santa Fe, N. M.; St. Louis University 
(A.B., June 27, 1872). Was a book- 
keeper for 3ve years ; has been a teacher 
for twenty- four years. Contributed sev- 
eral articles in defense of the Church 
to a Las Vegas newspaper in 1873. Ad- 
dress: Las Vegas, N. M. 


Optician; b. St. Louis, July 22, 1880; 
s. of F. X. and Mary (Hunckler) 
Bachman; ed. in the public schools of 
St. Louis; m. November 18, 1905, Kath- 
erine Moerschal; was employed by Er- 
ber Bros. Optical Co. for seven years, 
learning the business with them; be- 
came connected with the Western Optic- 
al Mfg. Co. in 1900, and became secre- 
tary and treasurer of the company on 
September 15, 1905. Residence: 3670 
Wyoming St., St. Louis, Mo. 

BACON, Albert Williamson: 

Pay Director, United States Navy; 
b, in Pennsylvania; appointed from 
Pennsylvania; appointed Acting As- 
sistant Paymaster, November 2, 1863; 
passed through successive grades till he 
attained the rank of Pay Inspector, Feb- 
ruary 12, 1898; retired at the age of 
62 years; promoted to Pay Director, 
January 5, 1903, with rank from July 
10, 1900. 

BADEATJX, Thomas A.: 

Lawyer, legislator, writer, lecturer; 
b. in Thibodaux, La., July 2, 1848. His 
ancestors came from Acadia, at the time 
of the forcible deportation of the Aca- 
dians by the British Government, and 
settled in the County of Lafourche. Ed. 
in the local schools of his native town, 
and at Georgetown College, D. C. (A.B., 




1871; A.M., 1873). M. May 12, 1875, 
Emma A., daughter of Augustin Bour- 
saud, a native of France, and Elizabeth 
(Perret) Boursaud, a native of Amer- 
ica, but of Swiss descent. The eldest 
brother of Mrs. Badeaux became the Rev. 
Edward V. Boursaud, S.J., at one time 
Rector of Woodstock, the Jesuit House 
of Studies, and also Rector of Boston 
College. Father Boursaud had the dis- 
tinction of translating Darras' History 
of the Church into English, and made 
many other translations. He was a man 
of highly cultivated tastes and a fine 
scholar, speaking a half dozen languages. 
On his graduation (1871), Mr. Badeaux 
took up the study of the law, under 
private instruction; passed the required 
examination before the Law Commit- 
tee appointed by the Supreme Court; 
examined before the Supreme Court of 
Louisiana; admitted as an attorney and 
counselor at law to practice in all the 
courts of the State (1872). Though not 
on the Bench, he has on various occa- 
sions filled the office of special judge, 
in cases where the regular judge was 
disqualified from presiding. Filled the 
offices of Alderman of his native town; 
President of the County School Board; 
County Superintendent of Schools for 
ten years; County Treasurer, and Dele- 
gate to the Convention that framed the 
Constitution of the State of Louisiana 
in 1898; served as a member of the 
Committees on Education, Legislative 
Apportionment, and Roads. Attorney of 
the Bank of Lafourche ever since its 
foundation; lecturer on commercial and 
constitutional law at Thibodaux College. 
Author of the codification of the Ordi- 
nances of the County Commissioners of 
his native coimty. Contributor to the 
Catholic press since graduation, the 

Catholic Review of New York, the South- 
ern Messenger, of San Antonio, Tex., the 
Church Progress of St. Louis, and the 
Morning Star of New Orleans, La. 
Elected one of the members of the Board 
of Directors, when the Federation of 
Catholic Societies for the State of 
Louisiana was organized; has been on 
the Board ever since, being First State 
President. Mr. Badeaux has been re- 
spectively State President, State Vice- 
President, and is now filling the office 
of State Secretary of the Catholic 
Knights of America. Address: Thibo- 
daux, La. 

BAER, Frederick Indwig: 

Electrician; b. February 29, 1880, 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa.; ed. in the public and 
parochial schools, Mt. St. Mary's Col- 
lege, and University of Notre Dame; re- 
ceived the degree of M.E.E.E. (Mechan- 
ical Engineer in Electrical Engineering) 
in 1903; ra. Anna Dooley; is at present 
Superintendent of Equipment for the 
Home Telephone Co., San Francisco, Cal. ; 
member American Institute of Electrical 
Engineers, and Knights of Columbus. 
Address : 333 Grant Ave., San Francisco, 

BAGGOTT, William: 

Real estate; b. in County Limerick, 
Ireland, 1896; s. of Patrick and Cather- 
ine (Cullinane) Baggott; has been a 
resident of St. Louis since his seventh 
year; ed. in the public schools; m. 
Harriet M. King; began his career as 
clerk in a grocery store; became deputy 
sheriff and then the first marshal of St. 
Louis Court of Appeals ; resigned the lat- 
ter position upon being appointed oil 
inspector by Governor Marmaduke, and 
served in this capacity under two sue- 



ceeding governors; engaged in the real 
estate business as a member of the firm 
of Baggott & Haly, and succeeded to 
the firm's business in 1899, since which 
time he has conducted it alone; is a 
member of the Legion of Honor. Ad- 
dress: 1463 Union Boulevard, St. Louis, 

BAGOT, Lady: 

Of Ehgland; b. Lilian May, in Balti- 
more, Md.; m. at the London Oratory, 
the fourth Lord Bagot. The sympathy 
of the English and American peoples are 
with this charming lady in her effort to 
have her little daughter, the Hon. Bar- 
bara, baptized in the Catholic faith, a 
promise made by Lord Bagot on his 
marriage, but which he has since decided 
not to ratify. The family of Lord Bagot, 
singularly enough, have sided with Lady 
Bagot, and it was a sister of the lord 
who took the child to Father Bernard 
Vaughan for baptism. 

BAIRD, Ella M. (Beardon) : 

B. at Moriah, N. Y. ; m. John H. Baird 
(deceased) ; ed. at public schools, Ma- 
lone, N. Y.; Franklin Academy, the 
first Catholic girl to graduate from that 
institution; Oswego Normal School (spe- 
cial diploma, 1898); Clark University; 
Columbia University (special courses). 
Received prize offered by American In- 
stitute of Instruction for the best essay 
on course of studies in primary schools; 
school principal, Burlington, Vt.; su- 
pervisor of natural study and geography, 
and teacher of methods in City Normal 
School for six years; principal of Nor- 
mal School, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., for 
three years; same position in Toledo, 
Ohio. Made one trip to Europe. Has 
contributed to Education, Catholic 

World, Reading Circle Review. Member 
of National Educational Association; 
Catholic Summer School. Address: The 
Belvedere, Toledo, Ohio. 

BAKER, C. D.: 

Real estate; b. in Vermont, 1860; ed. 
in the public schools. Address: Yuma, 

BAKER, Jolin R.: 

Merchant; b. December 3, 1857, in 
Ireland; came to America in 1887, and 
settled in St. Paul, Minn.; moved to 
Superior, Wis,, and started firm of 
Baker & Stack in 1891; went from there 
to Winona, Minn., in 1905, and estab- 
lished the firm of J. R. Baker & Co., 
of which he is still the head; m. in 
1898, at Winona, to Louise Burke. Di- 
rector of Merchants' Bank; member of 
the Board of Trade, and of the Knights 
of Columbus. Address: Winona, Minn. 

BAKER, Rt. Rev. Mgr. Nelson H., V.G.: 
B. in Buffalo, N. Y. in 1850; s. 
of Lewis A. Baker, of Germany, Lutheran 
convert, and Caroline Baker, of England, 
Catholic; ed. at Central High School 
and Oanisius College, Buffalo, and at 
Niagara University. Was member of 
firm of Meyer & Baker, flour merchants; 
took European trip, then returned to 
college to finish education; ordained 
priest by Bishop Ryan, in St. Joseph's 
Cathedral, March 19, 1876. First charge, 
St. John's Protectory and St. Joseph's 
Orphanage (5 years) ; St. Patrick's 
Church. Assisted Rev. Peter Colgan, 
Corning, N. Y., for 9 months, then re- 
turned to St. John's Protectory and St. 
Patrick's Church, where he has been for 
the past 34 years. Built addition to St. 
Joseph's Orphanage which accommodates 



250 children; built Our Lady of Victory 
Industrial School (building 5Q0 feet 
long), holding over 700 children; built 
Our Lady of Victory Infant Home, which 
accommodates over 200 babies at one 
time, and which, in less than two years 
of its existence, has cared for over 600 
infants; built St. Patrick's parochial 
school, and has new St. Patrick's Church 
planned. The Industrial Home was de- 
stroyed by fire in January, 1908, rebuilt 
in 1909; all this group of buildings at the 
city line of Buffalo (now City of Lacka- 
wanna) are in charge of 52 Sisters of 
St. Joseph, and 30 Brothers of the Holy 
Infancy. " Fr. Baker's Boys " are trained 
in athletics; have a bakery where 8 bar- 
rels of flour are baked daily; are taught 
bricklaying, book-binding; have brass 
band of 35 pieces; are carpenters, lithog- 
rapliers, chair-caners, painters; in fact, 
are taught all the useful arts. They 
print their own magazines, etc., and 
have 25 machines where shoes for the 
1,200 inmates of the institutions are 
made. The " Boys " have become priests, 
doctors, lawyers, etc.; one is Mayor of 
a Kansas town, another a Congressman 
from Oklahoma. The training school for 
nurses at the Infant Home, has a faculty 
of 17 physicians and surgeons. Father 
Baker is Superintendent, Working Boys 
Home of the Sacred Heart (Buffalo), 
established by the Rev. Daniel Walsh, 
where about 70 working boys are accom- 
modated. He is also Director, Convent 
Good Shepherd (cloistered) (Buffalo), 
Home for Wayward Girls. Established 
Children of Mary Sodality among stu- 
dents of Niagara University 34 years 
ago, and also in St. Patrick's Church. 
Father Baker was made V.G. by Bishop 
Colton, December 26, 1903; Domestic 
Prelate by Pius X, November 18, 1904; 

invested Monsignor, St. Joseph's Ca- 
thedral (Bishop Colton), March 23, 1905. 
Celebrated Silver Jubilee of priesthood 
in 1901, the anniversary being attended 
by 5 bishops and 250 priests from all 
over the United States. Address: St. 
Patrick's Church, Buffalo, N. Y. 


Lawyer; b. August 21, 1858, in St. 
Louis, Mo.; s. of Robert Armitage Bake- 
well, a convert to the Church, by Nancy 
de Laureal, his wife; ed. at St. Louis 
University (honorary degree of LL.D., 
1904), and Washington University Law 
School (LL.B., 1879) ; m. Eugenia Stella 
McNair, grand-daughter of Alexander Mc- 
Nair, the first governor of Missouri. 
Admitted to the' Bar, May, 1879; makes 
a specialty of patent, trade-mark, and 
copyright law; has written several arti- 
cles on patent law; traveled all over the 
United States and in Europe. Member 
of Young Men's Sodality of St. Louis 
University. Clubs: Lawyers (N. Y.) ; 
St. Louis; Noonday (St. Louis). Ad- 
dress: St. Louis, Mo. 

BALDTJS, Simon Alexander: 

Editor and lecturer; b. May 19, 1872, 
Cincinnati, Ohio; m. Mary Margaret 
Deters; ed. parochial schools, Cincinnati, 
and St. Xavier's College, Cincinnati, re- 
ceiving the degree of A.B. from that in- 
stitution in 1893; worked as a reporter 
from 1893 to 1895; was in the service 
of the Government from 1895 to 1902; 
editor, "Men and Women," 1902-06; 
managing editor, " Extension Magazine,** 
1906, in which capacity he still serves; 
frequently heard as a lecturer. Clubs: 
St. Xavier Alumni; Knights of Colum- 
bus; Catholic Order of Foresters; Cath- 
olic Kiiights of Ohio. Address: Busi- 



ness, 733 The Rookery, Chicago, Illinois; 
Residence, 5731 Winthrop Avenue. 

BALDWIN, llathias: 

Attorney-at-law; b. August 26, 1875, 
near Stewartville, Minn.; s. of Cornelius 
Baldwin; ed. in common school of Olm- 
sted and Rock Counties; high school, 
Luverne, Minn.; and University of Min- 
nesota (LL.B., 1903; LL.M., 1904). 
Practiced law with F. B. Larrabee, in 
Minneapolis, 1903 to 1905; engaged in 
private practice in 1910; now in part- 
nership with J. Murphy. Served with 
the Fifteenth Minnesota Regiment dur- 
ing the Spanish-American War, and is 
now Captain of Company F, 1st In- 
fantry, M. N. G., the company which won 
marksman championship in Regiment, 
State, and National meet in 1909. Was 
district deputy of the Knights of Co- 
lumbus for two years. Office: 307-309 
Security Bank Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

BANDELIER, Adolph Francis Alphonse: 
An American archaeologist; b. 1840, at 
Bern, Switzerland; came to the United 
States; traveled under the direction of 
the Archaeological Institute of America, 
in New Mexico, Mexico, Arizona, and 
Central America; went in 1892, to Peru, 
Bolivia, and Ecuador, under commission 
of Henry Villard; continued researches 
in last named countries for several years, 
in behalf of the American Museum of 
Natural History, New York City, for 
which he gathered its important collec- 
tion of Bolivian and Peruvian antiqui- 
ties. Author of The Art of War and 
Mode of Warfare (1877) ; Archaeological 
Reconnaisance in Mexico (1881); Final 
Report of Investigations Among the In- 
dians of the Southwestern United States, 
1880-85 (1890-92); The Gilded Man 

(El Dorado) and Other Pictures of the 
Spanish Occupancy of America (1893). 
Address: 432 West One Hundred and 
Sixtieth St., New York City. 

BANNEKMAN, Thomas E.: 

A native of Dublin, Ireland; served on 
the Board of National Education in Dub- 
lin; came to America and was for years 
secretary to Postmaster-General James 
of New York; in 1885 removed to Cali- 
fornia; was recently (1910) appointed a 
member of the San Francisco Board of 
Education; was formerly secretary of the 
Mercantile Library and an official of the 
Midwinter Fair. Address: San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

BANSCHEID, Rev. Cyprian, O.F.M.: 

Provincial; b. May 22, 1852, at Nevi- 
ges-Hardenberg, Rhenish Prussia; ed. in 
common schools and Gymnasium at Es- 
sen, Germany. Provincial of Franciscans, 
Sacred Heart Province (St. Louis, Mo.), 
August 8, 1906. Father Banscheid died 
after his record was received for the 

BAPST, Robert T.: 

Educator; b. January 2, 1880; ed. St. 
Michael's Parochial School; Canisius 
College; St. Louis University; received 
degree of A.B. from Canisius College in 
1900 and that of A.M. in 1901; also the 
degree of Ph.D. from St. Louis Univer- 
sity in 1908; professor of English at 
Canisius College in 1901, remaining there 
until 1908, when he became principal of 
a public school. Address: 388 Franklin 
St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

BARIBAXIIT, Arthur 0.: 

Physician; b. October 23, 1867, in 
Westfield, Mass.; ed. in New Haven pub- 



lie schools; Nicolet and Three Rivers col- 
leges, Canada; School of Medicine and 
Surgery, of Montreal (Prix Bourget, 
1890; only prize of graduating class at 
medical school) ; University Victoria 
(now Laval) ; m. Josephine Cartier. 
Has been a practicing physician since 
1890. President of the French-American 
State Convention in 1895; President, Na- 
tional Convention of I'Union St. Jean 
Baptiste d'Amerique at Willimantic, 
Conn., 1906. Knight of Columbus and 
member of all French-American societies ; 
member of City, County, and State med- 
ical societies. Club: Volunteer Yacht 
(New Haven). Address: 209 Chapel St., 
New Haven, Conn. 

BARNES, Jolin: 

Jurist; b. July 26, 1859, in Manitowoc 
County, Wis.; m. Julia A. Koelzer; ed. 
common schools, Manitowoc High School, 
Oshkosh Normal School, University of 
Wisconsin (LL.B.). Municipal Judge, 
Oneida County, 1887-91; President 
School Board, City of llhinelander, 1891- 
98; Chairman Railroad Commission of 
Wisconsin, July 1, 1905 to August 1, 
1907; Justice Supreme Court, State of 
Wisconsin, August 1, 1908. Clubs: 
University; Madison (Wis.) Country. 
Address: Madison, Wis. 

BARNETT, George Dennis: 

Architect; b. October 7, 1863, in St. 
Louis; s. of George I. and Elizabeth 
(Armstrong) Barnett; ed. at Christian 
Bros. College; m. (1889) Nellie R. 
Haynes, a singer; started with his father, 
one of the most prominent architects in 
the U. S., 1880, and was associated 
with him until 1885, when he took the 
position of head draughtsman for the 
City of St. Louis; organized the firm of 

Barnett & Haynes, architects, in 1889, 
which changed, in 1894, to the present 
style of Barnett, Haynes & Barnett; is 
a member of the American Institute of 
Architecture. Clubs: Missouri Athletic; 
Cabanne; Illinois Athletic (Chicago). 
Address: 5539 Van Versen Ave., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

BARNETT, Thomas P.: 

Architect; b. February 11, 1870, in St. 
Louis; s. of George I. and Elizabeth 
(Armstrong) Barnett; graduated from 
St. Louis University in 1886; m. Lillian 
Armentrout (1890); has been engaged 
in the practice of architecture since grad- 
uation; is a member of the firm of Bar- 
nett, Haynes & Barnett, who have de- 
signed many notable structures, including 
the Hotel Jefferson, New Cathedral of 
St. Louis, Marquette Hotel, Hamilton 
Hotel, a number of churches, hospitals 
and fine private residences, in St. Louis 
and elsewhere; also the Liberal Arts 
Building at the World's Fair, the new 
Illinois Athletic Club Building, and the 
New Southern, Chicago; and the Mark 
Twain Hotel, Hannibal, Mo. Member 
American Institute of Architects; St. 
Louis Artists' Guild. Clubs: Mercantile, 
Missouri, Athletic, St. Louis; the New 
Illinois Athletic (Chicago). Address: 
Comer Price and Clayton Roads, St. 
Louis, Mo. 

BARNHORN, Clement J.: 

Sculptor; b. in Cincinnati, Ohio; ed. 
at St. Paul's Parochial School, and St. 
Francis Xavier's College, Cincinnati, 
Ohio. Received honorable mention, Paris 
Salon, 1895; also medals at the St. Louis, 
Paris, and other Expositions. Was a 
student in Europe for five years, espe- 
cially in Paris, and is now instructor in 


sculpture at the Art Academy of Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. Member of the National 
Sculptors Society, New York. Address: 
Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

BAEE, Albert J.: 

Publisher of the Pittsburg Post; b. 
January, 1851, in Pittsburg; ed. in the 
common schools of Pittsburg and at 
Western University; President and Gen- 
eral Manager of the Post Publishing Co. 
Residence: Bidwell St.; Office, care of 
The Post, Pittsburg, Pa. 

BARRETT, James J.: 

B. in Syracuse, N. Y.; ed. in the pub- 
lic and high schools of Syracuse, and 
Syracuse University; received the degree 
of LL.B. in June, 1897; Deputy Attorney 
General of New York State from 1903 
to 1909. Member Knights of Columbus; 
Eagles of America, and Catholic Mutual 
Benefit Association. Address: 504 
Tompkins St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

BARRETT, Hon. John E.: 

Formerly member of State Legislature. 
At present editor of The Scranton Truth, 
and postmaster of Scranton. Address: 
702 Clay Ave., Scranton, Pa. 

BARRETT, Michael T.: 

Lawyer; b. August 9, 1856> in Belle- 
ville, N. J.; ed. by the Christian Broth- 
ers; has practiced law in Newark, N. J., 
since 1879; represented Essex County in 
the New Jersey House of Assembly in 
1887, and in the New Jersey Senate from 
1891 to 1893. Address: Newark, N. J. 

BARRON, Sterling Price: 

Vice-president and general manager 
American Asphalt Association; b. July 
14, 1863, in St. Louis; s. of James C. and 

Jane (O'Brien) Barron; ed. at Ellears- 
ville, and Cot6 Brilliante schools, St. 
Louis, and at Sedalia Seminary, Sedalia, 
Mo.; m. at East St. Louis, 111., 1886, 
Margaret Ralls Foster. Member B. P. 
0. Elks; Royal League. Clubs: Missouri 
Athletic; United Commercial Travelers. 
Address: 1700 Cosa Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

BARRY, Edward Buttevant: 

Rear Admiral, U. S. N. ; b. October 20, 
1849, in New York City; descendant of 
the Barrys of Barrymore; ed. Lespinass* 
School, St. Francis Xavier's College, 
New York City, and the U. S. Naval 
Academy; m. Mary J. Clitz. Appointed 
Midshipman, July 21, 1865. September, 
1865 to June, 1869, U. S. Naval Acad- 
emy; July 1, 1869 to August 3, 1870, 
U. S. sailing frigate Sabine; October 1 
to November 11, 1870, Annapolis, Md. 
Commissioned Ensign, July 12, 1870; 
November 11, 1870 to February 9, 1871, 
Signal Duty, Washington; February 16 
to September 26, 1871, U. S. S. Worces- 
ter; October 5, 1871 to January 13, 1872, 
U. S. S. Wabash; January 13, 1872 to 
May 24, 1873, U. S. S. Brooklyn; May 
24, 1873 to June 6, 1874, U. S. S. 
Wachusett. Commissioned Master from 
January 29, 1872. September 17, 1874 to 
March 4, 1875, Receiving Ship Vermont, 
New York; March 4, 1875 to July 7, 
1876, U. S. S. Roanoke and Minnesota. 
Commissioned Lieutenant from April 6, 
1875. July 16, 1876 to April 11, 1878, 
U. S. S. New Hampshire; April 16, 1878 
to July 17, 1880, U. S. S. Alaska; Octo- 
ber 12, 1880 to April 21, 1883, U. S. S. 
Richmond and Monocacy; September 1, 
1883 to June 30, 1886, U. S. Naval Acad- 
emy; July 2, 1886 to August 20, 1889, 
U. S. S. Alliance and Lancaster; No- 
vember 2, 1889 to March 18, 1891, 



Bureau of Navigation; March 18, 1891 to 
July 17, 1894, U. S. S. Lancaster and 
Marion; October 25, 1894 to August 1, 
1897, Officer of Naval Intelligence. Com- 
missioned Lieutenant Commander from 
March 21, 1897. August 1, 1897 to Feb- 
ruary 17, 1899, U. S. S. Cincinnati (War 
with Spain) ; March 15 to May 18, 1899, 
Receiving Ship Franklin, at Norfolk, 
Va.; May 10, 1899 to January 10, 1900, 
U. S. S. Amphitrite; January 15 to May 
15, 1900, commanding collier Marcellus; 
May to August, 1900, Gim Factory and 
War College. Commissioned Commander 
from March 9, 1900. August 8, 1900 to 
December 22, 1902, commanding Vicks- 
burg; April 15, 1903 to December 30, 
1905, Navy Yard, New York. Commis- 
sioned Captain from March 31, 1905. 
December 30, 1905 to November 1, 1907, 
commanding battleship Kentucky; No- 
vember to December, 1907, recruiting 
duty, New York; December 31, 1907 to 
May 7, 1909, Supervisor Naval Auxili- 
aries. Commissioned Rear Admiral from 
February 1, 1909. May 17, 1909, Com- 
mander Second Division, U. S. Pacific 
Fleet; October, 1910, appointed Comman- 
der-in-Chief of the Pacific Fleet, succeed- 
ing Rear Admiral Giles B. Harber. Con- 
tributor to U. S. Naval Institute. Took 
an active part in the capture of Agui- 
naldo. Clubs: University, New York; 
Army & Navy, Washington, D. C. Re- 
signed from the U. S. Navy, January, 

BAERY, John D.: 

Journalist; member of a well-known 
South Boston family; ed. at Harvard 
University; engaged in journalistic and 
literary work; for many years connected 
with Collier's Weekly as dramatic critic; 
won, from the Smart Set Magazine, a 

prize of $2,000 for a short story entitled 
The Congressman's Wife. Author of A 
Daughter of Thespis, a novel treating of 
stage life. Served as assistant editor of 
The Forum. Address: South Boston, 

SARRY, Joanna: 

Physician, educator; b. in Hastings, 
Ont.; d. of John and Mary (Murphy) 
Barry; collateral descendant, on mother's 
side, of Daniel O'Connell. Ed. at Belle- 
ville, Ont. High School; Massachusetts 
College of Osteopathy, Licentiate, Med- 
ical Department of Massachusetts; pro- 
fessor of neurology; lecturer on oste- 
opathy. Contributor to osteopathic jour- 
nals. Member of Ladies Catholic Be-^ 
nevolent Association. Address: 454 Por- 
ter Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

SARRY, liajor-General Thomas Henry: 
U. S. A.; Superintendent, United 
States Military Academy, West Point, N. 
Y.; s. of David and Margaret (Dimond) 
Barry; b. October 13, 1855, in New York; 
ed. public schools and College of the City 
of New York; graduated from U. S. 
Military Academy, 1877; m. January 23, 
1884, at Washington, D. C, to Ellen 
Bestor. From June 14, 1877 to August 
31, 1880, served as Second Lieutenant* 
Seventh Cavalry; Second Lieutenant, 
First Infantry, August 31 to March 10, 
1882, and as First Lieutenant, same, 
from March 11, 1882 to February 24, 
1891; Captain First Infantry, February 
25, 1891 to January 29, 1897; Major and 
Assistant Adjutant General, January 29, 
1897; Lieutenant Colonel and Assistant 
Adjutant General, U. S. V., June 22, 
1898; Lieutenant Colonel and Assistant 
Adjutant General U. S. A., January 10, 
1900; from June 18, 1900 to June 30, 



1901, Brigadier General U. S. V. Served 
with the China relief expedition, and in 
the Philippines till July 18, 1901; Colo- 
nel and Assistant Adjutant-General, U. 
S. A., July 15, 1902; Adjutant-General 
Eighth Army Corps and Department of 
the Pacific, August, 1898 to February, 
1900; Chief of Staff, Division of the 
Philippines, November 14, 1900 to July 
18, 1901; Brigadier-General U. S. A., 
August 18, 1903; commanding Army of 
Cuban Pacification, 1907; in command 
of the Department of California, No- 
vember 13, 1909; transferred to West 
Point to become superintendent of mili- 
tary academy, March, 1910. Address: 
U. S. Military Academy, West Point, N. 

BARRY, Patrick Henry: 

General; b. August 25, 1844, at Car- 
rigaline, County Cork, Ireland; s. of 
James B. Barry, who took part in Irish 
Rebellion of 1848, and after its failure 
was compelled to emigrate; m. Mary 
Monahon, at Boston, July 2, 1865; ed. 
at Elliot School, Boston. Enlisted in 
Company E, Sixty-third New York Vol- 
unteers, September 6, 1861 (Third Reg- 
iment in Meagher's " Irish Brigade " ) ; 
participated in battles at Siege of York- 
town, Battle of Fair Oaks, Gaines Mills, 
Savage Station, White Oak Swamp, Mal- 
vern, Second Bull Run, South Mountain 
and at Antietam, where he was badly 
wounded and then discharged from serv- 
ice ; re-enlisted in Twelfth Massachusetts, 
Company A, on Lee's invasion of Mary- 
land, June, 1863, and fought at Mine 
Run, Battle of the Wilderness, Laurel 
Hill, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, and 
Petersburg; lost his right arm in battle, 
July 7, 1864, and was discharged for 
disability. Came to Greeley County, Neb. 

in 1880; member of Twenty-third Legis- 
lature; re-elected to Twenty-fourth Leg- 
islature; appointed Adjutant General of 
the State in 1894, having command of 
state troops prior to their being enlisted 
into United States service in 1898; re- 
signed Dtecember 18, 1900, and retired to 
his home in Greeley, Neb. Address: 
Greeley, Neb. 

BARRY, Patrick Thomas: 

Journalist, publisher; b. 1847, in Ire- 
land; claims kinship with John Barry, 
the father of the American Navy; ed. 
by the Christian Brothers in Ireland, and 
received an honorary degree of A.B. from 
the University of Notre Dame; m. Re- 
ibecca Charlotte Riley of Pennsylvania; 
has lived in Chicago since 1874, and has 
been connected with the Chicago News- 
paper Union since 1880; is president of 
tne Indiana Springs Co. of Attica, Ind., 
and a director of the First National 
Bank of Englewood, Chicago ; was elected 
a member of the Illinois State Legisla- 
ture in 1880; was elected school treas- 
urer of the Towns of Hyde Park and 
Lake, which position he held when these 
townships were united to Chicago in 
1892; has contributed articles to the 
Catholic World Magazine and other pub- 
lications; has written and delivered es- 
says on historical subjects; is one of the 
founders of the De La Salle Institute, 
Chicago; is a life member of the Illinois 
Historical Society; a life member and 
vice-president of the American Irish His- 
torical Society of the United States; haa 
served as president of The Irish Choral 
Society and of The Irish Fellowship Club 
of Chicago. Clubs: Press, Union League, 
and South Shore Country Clubs, of Chi- 
cago. Address : 6600 Yale Ave., Chicago, 



BARRY, William J. 

B. June 30, 1876, in Boston, Mass.; ed. 
at Boston University Law School; Gen- 
eral Counsel for the Casket Manufac- 
turers' Association of New England. 
Member of the Catholic Alumni Sodality 
and served as president; member of 
American Irish Historical Society and 
the Ancient Order of Hibernians. Resi- 
dence: 50 Brown Ave., Roslindale, Bos- 
ton; Oflace, 212 Barrister Hall, Boston, 

BASSELIN, Theodore B.: 

Retired lumberman; b. March 24, 1851, 
at Grostenchen, France (now Germany) ; 
8. of Dominique and Anna Basselin; ed. 
in parochial school, Croghan, N. Y., and 
at Niagara University (1866-69); m. 
August 6, 1903, Florence, daughter of 
Joel and Julia Ager (she died, February, 
1906). Engaged in lumber business in 
1873. President, J. E. Haberer Furni- 
ture Co., Lowville, N. Y.; president, di- 
rector and chairman Executive Commit- 
tee, Lowville and Beaver River R. R. Co. ; 
director West End Paper Co., Carthage, 
N. Y., Carthage Electric Light and 
Power Co., and Carthage National Bank. 
Life Member Red Cross Society; member 
National Geographical Society; Associa- 
tion for Protection of Adirondacks; 
American Civic Association. Clubs: 
Lowville (Lowville, N. Y.) ; Black River 
Valley (Watertown, N. Y.) ; Automobile 
of America (New York City). Address: 
Croghan, Lewis County, N. Y. 

BATTIE, Mrs. Jesse Mercer (Laura 
Elizabeth Lee) : 
B. January 26, 1855; descendant of 
Colonel Richard Lee, of Virginia, and 
Thomas Turley, Revolutionary heroes; 
ed. in Clayton (N. C.) Academy. Au- 

thor of Forget-me-Nots of the Civil War 
(A. R. Fleming Publishing Co., St. Louis, 
Mo., 1909) . Entered the Catholic Church 
November 6, 1906; has built, or helped 
to build. Churches in Michigan and 
North Carolina. Address: 4463 Lindell 
Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. 

BAZILLE, Edmund W.: 

Jurist; b. at St. Paul; s. of Charles 
(pioneer of 1843, who erected first frame 
building and first flour mill of St. Paul) 
and Annie Jane (Perret) Bazille; m. 
Clara M. Gravel, February 15, 1882, at 
St. Paul; ed. at common schools and at 
business college. Read law in office of 
Judge W. O. Cornish, and was admitted 
to the bar, 1880; was deputy clerk of 
District Court, and chief clerk in Ab- 
stract Office; elected Abstract Clerk of 
Ramsey County, 1894; Judge of Probate, 
Ramsey County, since 1898. Member of 
Knights of Columbus, Woodmen of the 
World, Junior Pioneers, Union Frangaise, 
Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, 
and Modern Woodmen of America. 
Clubs: Commercial, and St. Paul Gun 
and Rod Clubs. Address: 605 Carroll 
St., St. Paul, Minn. 

BEACH, Charles Fisk: 

Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law of the 
United States; lecturer on Anglo-Ameri- 
can Law at the Law School, University 
of Paris; b. February 4, 1854, in Paris, 
Ky.; s. of the Rev. Charles F. and Har- 
rietteAdelia (Lockwood) Beach, The stock 
is French, the name having been orig- 
inally de la Bfeche. The family is traced 
to Touraine, where branches of it with 
that name still exist. The migration to 
England was at about the end of the 
thirteenth or the commencement of the 
fourteenth century, when a branch of the 



family from the valley of the Loire set- 
tled near Reading, on the Thames, at a 
place called Aldworth, in Berkshire. 
Nicholas de la B&che was Lieutenant of 
the Tower during the reign of Edward 
III, a little after the middle of the four- 
teenth century, and Beech Lane in the 
City of London was named after him. 
Mr. Beach comes of the eighth generation 
of the family in America, his ancestor, 
Thomas Beach (the name became 
" Beach " in England in the sixteenth 
century) having settled at New Haven, 
Conn., in 1638. Mr. Beach was educated 
at the Yerkes' Grammar School in his 
native town, Paris, Ky.; Centre College, 
Ky.; Columbia University, N. Y.j and 
the University of Paris; received the de- 
grees of B.A. (1877) and M.A. (1881) 
from Centre College, and the degree of 
LL.B. (1881) from Col imibia University; 
was admitted to the Bar, New York, in 
1881, and practiced law in Wall Street 
until 1895 (largely occupied as a rail- 
way counsel) ; in London, 1896-1900; in 
Paris since 1900; contributor to the 
North American Review; The Forum; 
American Law Review; American Jour- 
nal of Sociology; Out- West; Moody's 
Magazine; America; Albany Law Jour- 
nal; Law Quarterly Review (London); 
Revue Critique de Legislation et de Juris- 
prudence (Paris) ; etc.; was for four 
years (1888-92) editor of the Railway and 
Corporation Law Journal in New York, 
and for more than twenty years has been 
an occasional contributor to the press of 
New York and elsewhere, also to various 
encyclopedias, e. g., Encyclopedia Amer- 
icana (New York) ; The Encyclopedia of 
the Laws of England (London), and 
others; has traveled throughout the 
United States and Europe — especially 
in France, Italy, Switzerland, and the 

British Islands, with occasional visits to 
Belgium, Holland, Spain, Austria, Ger- 
many, and the North of Africa, and has 
crossed the Atlantic more than twenty 
times; is a member of various social, 
literary, scientific, and professional as- 
sociations in Paris, London, and New 
York; received into the Church by the 
Ahh6 F6lix Klein, in Paris, and has re- 
lated his experience in " Some Roads to 
Rome in America" (Herder, 1909). 
Publications: Receivers, 1887; Wills, 
1888; Railways, 1890; Private Corpora- 
tions, 1891; Modem Equity Jurispru- 
dence, 1892; Public Corporations, 1893; 
Modern Equity Practice, 1894; Injunc- 
tions, 1895; Insurance, 1895; Contracts, 
1897; Contributory Negligence (third 
edition), 1899. Address: 95 rue des 
Petits-Champs (rue de la Paix), Paris. 

BEADLE, Henry Maria: 

B. near New Richmond, Clermont 
County, Ohio; ed. in the common schools; 
m. Mary Agnes Renihan; is employed 
as clerk in the Government Printing Of- 
fice; author of a History of Martin 
Luther, published in Truth; has traveled 
in the United States and in British Co- 
lumbia; entered the Church April 17, 
1860; is a member of the Conference of 
St. Vincent de Paul. Address: Hyatts- 
ville, Md. 

BEAirCHAMP, Josepli 0.: 

Physician; b. at St. Roch de I'Achigon, 
Canada; ed. in parochial school, at As- 
somption College, L*Assomption, Canada; 
and obtained degrees of M.D. and CM. 
from Laval University, Montreal, in 
1893-94; m. Anna Delongchalnps. 
Elected Alderman of Chicopee, Mass., in 
1901, for two years; elected City Physi- 
cian, 1904-05-06-07; elected Mayor of 



Chicopee in 1908; in 1910, appointed 
Water Commissioner; resigned this posi- 
tion to accept that of License Commis- 
sioner. Is the largest French-American 
real estate owner in the City of Chicopee. 
Member St. Jean Baptiste Society; For- 
esters of America; Catholic Foresters; 
National Union; Eagle Society; Redmen; 
Artisans. Member of Laurier's Club; 
Oxford Club; Hempden Medical Society. 
Address: 117 Court St., Chicopee Falls, 

BEAUDEQTriN, Kev. Dominic, S.J.: 

Educator; b. on April 13, 1827, at 
Anost, near Autim, France; entered the 
Jesuit novitiate at Avignon, October 4, 
1851; came to America in 1854, and was 
stationed at Spring Hill College, Mobile, 
Ala., as prefect; taught in the Jesuit 
College at New Orleans, 1859; ordained 
priest, 1863, by Archbishop Odin of New 
Orleans; was sent to Lyons, France, to 
study theology, and while there attended 
small-pox patients; in Home, 1868-69, 
where he made his final tows August 15, 
1869, before the Superior-General of the 
Society, Peter Beckx; returned to Amer- 
ica, 1869; vice-president of Spring Hill 
College, 1869-75; president, 1875-80; 
vice-president of St. Charles College, 
Grand Coteau, La., 188(K89; stationed at 
Galveston, Tex., 1889-90; pastor of St. 
Joseph's Church, Mobile, Ala., 1890- 
1903; pastor of the Church of the Im- 
maculate Conception, New Orleans, since 
1903. Edited Yenni's Latin Grammar, 
1869. Father Beaudequin died February 
10, 1909. 


Attorney-at-law; b. July 2, 1882, in 
Marlborough, Mass.; ed. in the public 
schools of Marlborough; St. Anselm's 

College, St. Mary's College, Montreal; 
Holy Cross College, Worcester, Mass. 
(A.B.; A.M.); and Boston University 
Law School (LL.B.) ; unmarried. Spe- 
cial Justice of the Marlborough Police 
Court, appointed January 15, 1909, by 
Governor Eben S. Draper. Member So- 
ci6t6 Historique Franco- Am6ricaine ; So- 
ci6t6 Laurier; St. Jean Baptiste Society; 
Knights of Columbus; Eagles; Elks. 
Member of Union and Corey Clubs. Ad- 
dress: 70 Broad St., Marlborough, Mass. 

BEAUMONT, Miss Caroline M.: 

D. of the late Joseph I. Beaumont; 
b. in St. Paul, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. 
Beaumont became Catholics in 1877. 
Miss Beaumont is social editor of the St. 
Paul Dispatch, and has done much lit- 
erary and newspaper work. She is hon- 
orary president of the Visitation Con- 
vent Alumnae Association, and founder 
of the Guild of Catholic Women. Mem- 
ber New York Daughters of the Cincin- 
nati, and of the Daughters of the Revo- 
lution. Address: St. Paul, Minn. 


Advocate; b. January 4, 1864, at St. 
Aim§; s. of Olivier Beauparlant, hereto- 
fore of St. Aim6, County of Richelieu, 
Canada, and now of Fall River, Mass., 
and Louise (Beaudreau) Beauparlant; 
ed. at St. Aim6 and St. Hyacinthe Col- 
lege; studied law under the late Hon. 
Honor6 Mercier, ex-Premier of Quebec; 
worked to earn money for his education. 
Was in partnership at St. Hyacinthe with 
late Hon. O. Desmarais, Judge of the 
District of Three Rivers and former M. 
P. for Montreal, St. James; first elected 
to House of Commons at General Assem- 
bly, 1904. Address: St. Hyacinthe, Que., 




Jurist; b. in Louisiana; s. of the fa- 
mous General P. 6. T. Beauregard; ed. in 
the schools and colleges of the United 
States, and engaged in the practice of 
law; honored with tlie position of asso- 
ciate judge of the State Court of Ap- 
peals of Louisiana, and after leaving the 
bench, resumed his law practice; is sec- 
retary of the Courthouse Commission, 
under whose direction a fine edifice has 
been erected for the use of the Civil 
District Courts of New Orleans; special 
counsel for New Orleans and the State 
of Louisiana, of the American Surety Co. 
of New York; m. Clemence, daughter of 
the late H. B. Cenas, a prominent citizen 
of New Orleans. Mrs. Beauregard is a 
talented painter of landscapes and por- 
traits. In recognition of his father's suc- 
cessful defense of the City of Charleston, 
S. C, against the combined attack of 
the army and navy of the Union forces. 
Judge Beauregard was complimented by 
the Governor of South Carolina with the 
appointment of First Lieutenant in the 
First South Carolina Battalion of Light 
Artillery, and was subsequently promoted 
to the rank of Major. Address : Citizens' 
Bank Bldg., New Orleans, La. Resi- 
dence : 2512 Chestnut St. 

BEAVEN, Rt. Rev. Thomas Daniel, 

Bishop of Springfield, Mass.; b. in 
1851, at Springfield, Mass.; ed. at Holy 
Cross College, Worcester, Mass.; received 
degree of D.D. from Georgetown Uni- 
versity, 1889. From 1870 to 1872, served 
as professor at Loyola College, Balti- 
more, in the latter year going to the 
College of Montreal to complete his ec- 
clesiastical studies; ordained priest, 
1873; assistant pastor, 1875-79; pastor, 

1879-89, St. Mary's Church, Spencer, 
Mass.; at Church of the Holy Rosary, 
Holyoke, Mass., 1889-92; consecrated 
Bishop of Springfield, 1892. Address: 68 
Elliott St., Springfield, Mass. 

BECK, Hon. Nicholas Dominic: 

Judge of the Supreme Court of Al- 
berta; b. in Coburg, Ont., 1857; s. of the 
late Rev. J. W. R. Beck, for many years 
Anglican Rector of Peterboro', Ont.; re- 
ceived into the Church, 1883; admitted 
to the Bar of Ontario, 1879; graduated 
in law at the University of Toronto; 
practiced in turn at Peterboro', Winni- 
peg, Calgary, and Edmonton; K.C., 1893; 
Crown Prosecutor, 1891-97; Bencher of 
the N. W. Territorial Law Society, 1898- 
1906, then Bencher and President of the 
Law Society of Alberta till raised to the 
Bench, 1907 ; first Vice-Chancellor of the 
University of Alberta, 1908; 1st Grand 
Knight of the Knights of Columbus for 
Edmonton; Chairman of Education Coun- 
cil of Alberta, one of the Board of Gov- 
ernors of the Catholic Church Extension 
Society of Canada. Address: Edmonton, 
Alberta, Canada. 

BECKER, Rev. Charles W.; 

B. August 8, 1851, at Boele, Westfalen, 
Germany; ed. in the parochial schools of 
Boele, Westfalen, from 1858 to 1865; at 
the high school of Hagen, ibid., 1865- 
67; graduated from the Gymnasium at 
Paderborn, Westfalen, in 1872; studied 
philosophy at the Academy, Paderborn, 
1872-73; studied theology at St. Francis, 
Wis., 1873-76; ordained priest, June 10, 
1876, at Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, 
111.; Rector of Elmhurst, El., 1876-77; 
Professor at St. Francis Seminary, Wis., 
1877 to date. Has written various com- 
positions published by Professor J. Sin- 



genberger in his church musical Monthly 
Caecelia; also an organ accompaniment 
to the Roman Gradual, 4 volumes, pub- 
lished, 1893-95 (Wiltzius & Co., Mil- 
waukee) ; Unisono Mass in honor of St. 
Charles (published by Professor J. Sin- 
genberger, St. Francis, Wis.) ; Mass 
Venite Adoremus, for two equal voices 
and organ (same publisher) ; Mass in 
honor of the two brother- Saints Ewaldi, 
for four mixed voices and organ (L. 
Schwann, Diisseldorf, Germany, 1901) ; 
Motet "Quid retribuam" (F. Pustet & 
Co., Ratisbon, Germany, 1901 ) ; Te Deum, 
O Salutaris, and Pange Lingua, for four 
men's voices, published by the composer, 
1906. Contributor to Csecilia, a German- 
English musical monthly. Visited Ger- 
many eleven times within the years 1873- 
1909, England twice, France, Italy, 
Egypt, Palestine, Beirout, Baalbeck, Da- 
mascus, Smyrna, Ephesus, Constanti- 
nople, and Athens. Address : St. Francis, 

BECKER, Rt. Rev. Jules Alphonse M. 
de, J.TJ.D., S.T.L.: 

Author and educator; b. December 
7, 1857, at Louvain, Belgium; s. of Emile 
de Becker, LL.D., member of the Bel- 
gian Parliament; grandson of A. Ernst, 
Minister of Justice under King Leopold 
I; all ancestors on paternal side were 
lawyers and jurists since 1740; ed. at the 
Josephite College, University of Louvain 
(LL.D., July 9, 1878) and Gregorian 
University, Rome; became Licentiate in 
Theology, November 5, 1882, and Doctor 
of Canon Law, June 26, 1884; was made 
Professor of Canon Law and Liturgy at 
the American College, Louvain, March, 
1885; Professor of Canon Law at the 
Louvain Catholic University, October, 
1889; created Canon of the Metropolitan 

Chapter of St. Rombaut's Cathedral, 
Mechlin, February 14, 1891; was made 
Rector of the American College, Louvain, 
July 6, 1898; knighted in November, 
1903; was chosen as a member of the 
Commission for the Codification of Canon 
Law, August, 1904; is Prelate of His 
Holiness Pope Pius X, and a Knight of 
the Order of Leopold; was instrumental 
in securing the advantages of theological 
formation at the Catholic University for 
the students of the Louvain Americanum 
in 1898; in 1905 rebuilt at cost of 200,- 
000 frs. their seminary home, which in 
pre-revolutionary days was a dependency 
of the Abbey of Aulne; instituted a 
complete course of philosophy in the Col- 
lege in 1906; as a canonist is a world 
authority, especially in all ecclesiastical 
matrimonial legislation. Author of : " De 
Sponsalibus et Matrimonio: Praelectiones 
Canonicae " ( first edition, Brussels, So- 
ci6t6 Beige de Librairie, 1896; second 
edition, Louvain, Polleunis et Ceuterick, 
1903) ; " Ne Temere "; " L^islatio Nova 
de Forma Substantiali quoad Sponsalia 
et Matriraoniuan Catholicorum Commen- 
tarii " ( Louvain, Fr. et Rob. Ceuterick, 
1908); "L'%lise aux Etats Unis: Le 
College Am6ricain de Louvain" (Lou- 
vain, Polleunis et Ceuterick, 1903). Has 
contributed to the Ecclesiastical Review, 
Philadelphia; La Belgique Judiciaire, 
Brussels; Le Revue G6n6rale, Brussels; 
The American College Bulletin, Louvain; 
Annuaire de l'Universit6 Louvain, and 
others. Crossed the American continent 
in 1900, by way of the northern States 
to Vancouver Island and recrossed by 
way of California, Arizona, New Mexico, 
Texas, Oklahoma and the central States 
to New York; and again in 1904, through 
southern States to St. Louis and north- 
ward to New York; after his first trip 



he wrote his book on The Church in the 
United States. Address: The American 
College, rue de Namur, 145, Louvain, 

BEDAED, Joseph Armand: 

Physician; b. August 14, 1867, at Que- 
bec, Canada; s. of T. P. B6dard, lawyer, 
journalist, historian; ed. in common 
schools, Quebec Seminary, and Laval Uni- 
versity (M.D., 1890) ; m. Rose Louise 
Valiquet. Visiting Physician, Lynn Hos- 
pital; President, Soci6t6 Historique 
Franco-Am§ricaine since 1907. Member 
Union St. Jean Baptiste d'Am6rique. 
Clubs: Boston City; Twentieth Century; 
Shakespeare; and Historical Society (of 
Lynn). Address: 111 Laighton St., 
Lynn, Mass. 

BEDDING, Thomas: 

Editor; b. in London, England. Came 
to the United States, and now resides 
in New York City, where his business 
interests lie in that new, interesting, 
and (when rightly directed) instructive 
entertainment, known as the moving pic- 
ture show. Its growth in New York and 
the rest of the country has been rapid. 
In the great metropolis there are over 
five hundred of these places already 
(1910) established, and there is every 
prospect that the number will be doubled 
in the next decade. The business has its 
organ, a weekly publication called The 
Moving Picture World, of which Mr. Bed- 
ding is the editor. It is said on most 
reliable authority that the company or 
companies financing these shows pay 
Mr. Edison $10,000 every week for the 
use of one of his inventions necessary to 
the successful operation of the pictures. 
As this is, of course, only one of the 

items of expense, some idea may be 
formed of the weekly and annual cost 
of this kind of entertainment, which di- 
rectly or indirectly afi'ects the manufac- 
turers of " animated photographs," as 
they are called in the trade, illustrated 
songs, lantern lectures, and slide-makers. 
Address: The Moving Picture World, 
New York, N. Y. 

BEHAN, Mrs. Kate (Walker): 

B. in New Orleans, La.; d. of Wil- 
liam Walker, who was a prominent 
citizen; wife of General William J. 
Behan. President of the Ladies' Auxili- 
ary of the Good Shepherd, for Magda- 
lenes, one of the most important of Cath- 
olic societies in New Orleans; identified 
with every movement in aid of the 
Church; president of the Ladies' Con- 
federated Memorial Association; presi- 
dent, Jefferson Davis Monument Associa- 
tion ; member of Board of Directors, Pub- 
lic School Alliance; chairman of Civic 
Department of the Woman's League of 
New Orleans. Residence: 1207 Jackson 
Ave., New Orleans, La. 

BEHAN, General William J.: 

Postmaster of New Orleans; b. 1840, 
in New Orleans; enlisted in the Wash- 
ington Artillery just after leaving col- 
lege; left New Orleans on the 27th of 
May, 1861, with a commission as First 
Lieutenant; served throughout the war; 
returned to New Orleans, entered com- 
mercial life and was very successful as 
a wholesale merchant. His native State 
being at that time ruled by an unpopu- 
lar Radical administration, General 
Behan became one of the leaders in the 
Citizens' movement, which succeeded in 
re-establishing popular government on 



September 14, 1874. He continued his 
affiliation with the Washington Artil- 
lery; was its commander for several 
years; also president of the Society of 
Army of Northern Virginia. Mayor of 
tne City of >Jew Orleans in 1882, serving 
four years; State Senator in 1888; officer 
and member of Democratic Organizations 
of State and City, until he joined the 
Sugar Planters in their protest against 
the withdrawal of the sugar bounty, and 
has been a Republican ever since; served 
on several important committees of the 
latter party, and was appointed Post- 
master of New Orleans; m. Kate, daugh- 
ter of William Walker of New Orleans, 
in 1867. Member of the Pickwick Club 
and others, and was Major Greneral of the 
United States Confederate Veterans, 
Address: 1207 Jackson Ave., New Or- 
leans, La. 

BEIQTJE, Frederic I.: 

Lawyer; b. May, 1845, in St. Mathias, 
County of Rouville, Province of Quebec, 
Canada. His grandfather was a captain 
of militia; ed. at Marieville College. 
Received degree of LL.D. from Laval Uni- 
versity, 1900. M. Caroline A. DessauUes, 
daughter of the late Hon. L. A. Dessaul- 
les. Member of Montreal Bar, 1868; 
K.C., Quebec, 1885; Dominion, 1889; 
Batonnier of Montreal Bar, 1891-95; 
president of St. Jean Baptiste Society, 
1899-1905. Clubs: St. James, and Mon- 
treal. Address: 540 Sherbrooke St., 
Montreal, Canada. 

BELCOTTRT, Hon. Napoleon Antoine: 
K.C., LL.M., LL.D., P.C; b. in To- 
ronto, Ont., Sept. 15, 1860. Eldest s. of 
Ferdinand Napoleon Bel court and Marie 
Anne Clair, both French-Canadians, de- 
scended from early French settlers at 

Three Rivers, P. Q. ; ed. at St. Joseph 
Seminary, Three Rivers, in Arts, and 
Laval University in Law. Graduated at 
Laval in Law, taking special degree of 
Master of Laws, cum summa dignitate, 
1882. Admitted to Quebec Bar, July, 
1882; Ontario Bar, September, 1884. 
Member of Law Faculty, Ottawa Uni- 
versity since 1891. An LL.D. of Ottawa 
University since 1895. Crown Attorney 
for Carleton County, June, 1894 to May, 
1896. Resigned to become candidate for 
House of Commons. K.C., in Ontario and 
Quebec provinces. Founder and first 
President of the Club National d'Ottawa, 
retaining that office for ten years con- 
secutively. Vice-President of Ontario 
Liberal Association. First elected to 
House of Commons at general election, 
1896; re-elected, general election, 1900, 
and general election, 1904, his majority 
being nearly 2,000. Elected Speaker of 
the House of Commons, March 12, 1904, 
and sworn as Privy Councilor, January 
11, 1905. Chairman of Committee on 
Public Accounts of the House of Com- 
mons and President Ottawa Hunt Club; 
member Rideau Club. M. (first), Jan- 
uary 29, 1889, to Hectorine, eldest daugh- 
ter of Hon. Jos. Shehyn (deceased) j 
(second), January 19, 1903, to Mary 
Margaret Haycock, of Ottawa. Address: 
Ottawa, Ont., Canada. 

BELISIE, Alexander: 

Banker; b. September 4, 1856, at St. 
Victoire, Canada; ed. in public schools; 
m. Albini Boulay. First Vice-president 
of the Bay State Savings Bank; member 
of the Security Committee of the Home 
Cooperative Bank; member of the Board 
of Directors of the Equity Cooperative 
Bank; served four years in City Council 
(1889-92) ; was for eight years Business 



Manager of Le Travailleur, published by 
the late Ferdinand Gagnon; founder of 
L'Opinion Publique (1893), a daily paper 
in Worcester; President of the Board of 
Directors of the Worcester Public Li- 
brary; Treasurer of the Soci6t6 Franco- 
Ani6ricaine du Denier de Saint Pierre; 
President of the Belisle Printing & Pub- 
lishing Co. Member St. Jean Baptiste 
Society; L'Union St. Jean Baptiste 
d'Ani6rique; La Soci6t6 Historique 
Franco- Am §ricaine ; Worcester Continen- 
tals (military) ; Louis Joseph Papineau 
Society. Address: 86 Portland St., Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

BELISLE, Hon. Eugene L.: 

American Consul at Limoges, France; 
b. March 15, 1859, in St. Marcel, Canada; 
taken by his parents to Worcester, Mass., 
in 1862, and has always made it his 
home. Engaged in the grocery and pro- 
vision business for a dozen years; active 
in politics for more than 25 years; 
served four years in the City Council of 
his home town; financially interested in 
the Bay State Coal Co., of Worcester. 
One of the owners of L'Opinion Publique, 
a French daily newspaper published in 
Worcester by the Belisle Printing & Pub- 
lishing Co.; manager of same for several 
years until (March, 1896) he was ap- 
pointed American Consul at Limoges, 
France, which position he still fills. Ad- 
dress: American Consulate, Limoges, 

BELISLE, George E.: 

Attorney-at-law; b. July 7, 1867, in 
Worcester, Mass.; ed. in public and high 
schools of Worcester; College of St. Hya- 
cinthe, P. Q., Canada; Holy Cross Col- 
lege, Worcester (A.B.) ; Georgetown 

University Law School (LL.B.; LL.M.). 
Clerk in the Post Office Department at 
Washington from 1895 to 1905; lawyer 
since March, 1906. Unmarried. Mem- 
ber Soci6t6 Historique Franco-Am6ri- 
caine; L'Union St. Jean Baptiste d'Amer- 
ique; Soci6t6 Louis Joseph Papineau; 
Knights of Columbus. Address: 340 
Main St., Worcester, Mass. 

BELL, Rev. Richard, S.J.: 

Scientist; electrician; b. March 18, 
1861 ; studied theology at the Gregorian 
University, Rome, Italy; received degree 
of B.S. from St. Ignatius College (San 
Francisco), 1881; taught physical sci- 
ence and electrics in St. Ignatius and 
Santa Clara Colleges, California; has 
made special researches in the study of 
wireless telegraphy. Entered the So- 
ciety of Jesus, September 20, 1882. Ad- 
dress: Santa Clara College, Santa Clara, 

BELLEROSE, Alberic H.: 

Physician; b. July 13, 1866, at Nico- 
let, P. Q., Canada; descendant of one 
of the first pioneers of Nicolet; ed. in 
parochial schools; Nicolet College Poly- 
technical School; Laval University, Mon- 
treal, Canada ( M.D. " Summa cum 
laude," 1892) ; and in hospitals in Paris, 
France; m. Lena Elizabethe Gosselin. 
Served as President of Rutland County 
Medical Association in 1908, Vice-Presi- 
dent in 1906, Secretary in 1904-05; has 
been Attending Physician of Rutland 
Hospital since 1894. Member American 
Medical Association; Rutland County 
Medical Association ; Vermont State Med- 
ical Association; Association of the 
French Physicians and Surgeons of North 
America; Knights of Columbus; Cath- 



olTc Order of Foresters ; L'Union St. Jean 
Baptiste d'Amerique. Address: Rutland, 

BELHONT, Hrs. Eleanor Elsie (Bob- 
Retired actress; b. at Wigan, Eng- 
land; d. of Charles and Annie (Morton) 
Robson; came to America when a child; 
ed. in St. Peter's Academy, a convent 
school at West Brighton, Staten Island; 
at the age of eighteen became an actress, 
making her first appearance as Marjory 
Knox in Men and Wiomen, a part she as- 
sumed on brief notice because of the 
illness of the actress regularly engaged. 
Her greatest success as a star was in 
Israel Zangwill's play. Merely Mary Ann, 
which ran more than a year in Chicago 
and won recognition in London for Miss 
Robson. She ended her starring engage- 
ment as Glad in Mrs. Frances Hodgson 
Burnett's play. The Dawn of a To-mor- 
row, on the night of February 12, 1910, 
and in March was married to August 
Belmont of New York. 

BENITZ, William Logan: 

Educator; b. October 26, 1872, Pitts- 
burg, Pa.; ed. at Pittsburg Central High 
School, Holy Ghost College, Pittsburg, 
and Cornell University (Mechanical En- 
gineer, 1896) ; m. Eleanora M. Howard, 
a graduate of St. Mary's Academy, Notre 
Dame, Ind.; has served as Professor of 
Mechanical Engineering, University of 
Notre Dame, from 1896 to date; was 
City Electrician, South Bend, Ind., 1901- 
02; member of the International Com- 
mission on the Teaching of Mathematics; 
contributor to Engineer, Power, Machin- 
ery; is a Knight of Columbus, and mem- 
ber of St. Vincent de Paul Society. Pro- 
fessor Benitz received the H. B. Lord 

Scholarship at Cornell in 1896. Ad- 
dress: 726 Cedar St., South Bend, Ind. 

BENNETT, William Harper: 

B. 1860, in Brooklyn, N. Y.; s. of 
Michael Bennett, who commanded a New 
York regiment in the Civil War, and 
after whom one of the defenses in Wash- 
ington, D. C. was named; ed. St. Francis 
College, the College of St. John the Bap- 
tist, and Georgetown University; served 
on the staff of the New York Herald for 
some years, and is now in the real estate 
business in Brooklyn; originator of the 
district Chapter in the Knights of Co- 
lumbus, and founder and Supreme Com- 
mander of the Order of the Alhambra; 
author of an " Historical Sketch of the 
Society of St. Vincent de Paul in the 
Diocese of Brooklyn," published by the 
Society in 1905, and " Catholic Foot- 
steps in Old New York " ( Schwartz, Kir- 
win & Fauss, 1909) ; contributor to Mun- 
sey's and Donahoe's Magazines, Harper's 
Weekly, McClure's syndicate, American 
Catholic Historical Researches, and the 
St. Vincent de Paul Quarterly. He is a 
member of the United States Catholic 
Historical Society, Long Island Historical 
Society, Brooklyn Catholic Historical So- 
ciety, Cathedral Club, Knights of Co- 
lumbus, Order of the Alhambra, Inter- 
national Catholic Truth Society, St. Vin- 
cent de Paul Society, and Holy Name 
Society. Address: 156 St. John's Place, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

BENOIST, Howard: 

B. March 6, 1866, in St. Louis, Mo.; ed. 
at St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo.; 
8. of Louis Auguste Benoist, b. in St. 
Louis in 1803, and one of the first bank- 
ers in that city; descended from Guell 
Benoist, who was Chamberlain to King 



Charles VII of France, in 1437, and from 
the Chevalier Antoine Gabriel Frangois 
Benoist, a captain in the French Army 
under Montcalm in Canada. His grand- 
father, Francois Marie Benoist, was a 
pioneer settler of St. Louis in 1780. M. 
Agnes, d. of Peter Lannan Foy, former 
postmaster of St. Louis, under the ad- 
ministration of President Lincoln, and 
also editor of the St. Louis Democrat. 
Her mother, Elizabeth Jarot Christy, was 
d. of Maclam Julie Jarot, one of the early 
settlers of St. Louis. Clubs: Racquet, 
Florissant Valley, St. Louis Country. 
Address: 493 Berlin Ave., St. Louis, 
Mo. Simimer address, Jamestown, R. I. 

BENSON, William Shepherd: 

Captain, U. S. Navy ; b. in Georgia and 
appointed from that state; entered the 
U. S. Naval Academy as Cadet Midship- 
man, September 23, 1872; graduated as 
Midshipman June 18, 1879; passed 
through successive grades till he at- 
tained the rank of Captain on July 24, 

BERENSON, Mrs. Mary Logan: ; 

( Pen-name " Mary Logan " ) — daugh- 
ter of Robert Pearsall Smith, of Phila- 
delphia; m. (as widow of B. F. C. 
Costelloe) Mr. Bernhard Berenson, au- 
thor and art critic. 

BERGHOID, Rev. Alexander: 

B. October 14, 1838, at St. Marga- 
rethen, Austria; came to America in May, 
1864; ordained priest at St. Paul, Minn,, 
in November, 1864. One of the German 
pioneer priests of Minnesota. Published 
a volume of poetry, Prairierosen, and 
a number of historical sketches, of which 
his Horrors on the Frontier describes the 
Indian massacre at New Ulm and the 

last struggle with the Red Man. An 
account of his work and his extensive 
travels is given in a book entitled: 
Land and Leute. Present address: 
Graz, Austria. 

BERNIER, Joseph, M.A.: 

Barrister at Law; s. of Hon. Senator 
Thomas A. Bernier, and his wife, bom 
M. J. Demers. Ed. at St. Boniface Col- 
lege. Master in Arts. Member of the 
Assembly in 1901, 1902 and 1903. Ad- 
dress: St. Boniface, Manitoba, Canada. 

BERNIER, Joseph Edouard: 

Editor L'Avenir National; b. Cap St. 
Ignaee, Province of Quebec, Canada; ed. 
St. Anne Lapocati&re College, P. Q., and 
at Laval University, Quebec (degrees of 
A.B., 1883, and LL.B., 1889; is now 
serving as newspaper editor and pub- 
lisher; member of various associations; 
m. Carm§line Cot6. Address: Man- 
chester, N. H. 

BERNIER, Hon. Michel Esdras: 

Late Canadian Minister of Inland Rev- 
enue; b. 1841 in Quebec Province, s. of 
Etienne Bernier; ed. at St. Hyacinthe 
Seminary; Liberal member of Dominion 
Parliament 1882-1904; m. (1865) Aleda 
March esseault. 

BEST, Rev. Philip Alban, O.C.C: 

B. in Bristol, England; ed. Carmelite 
Classical and Theological Seminary. Has 
served at different times as printer, edi- 
tor, teacher, and parish priest. While 
editor of the Carmelite Review wrote 
essays and fiction for various magazines. 
Member of St. Vincent de Paul Society, 
and Catholic Mutual Benefit Association. 
Address: 1501 Centre Ave., Pittsburg, 



BETTEN, Kev. Francis S., S.J.: 

Author and educator; b. April 16, 
1863, in Wocklura, Westphalia, Germany; 
attended the gymnasium at Paderborn; 
entered the Society of Jesus (1881) at 
Exaten, Holland, and made the regular 
studies in the Order; became a teacher 
in the Jesuit College at Feldkirch, Aus- 
tria; came to America in 1898, and 
served as professor in Canisius College, 
Buffalo, N. Y.; is now stationed, in the 
same capacity, at St. Ignatius College, 
Cleveland, Ohio; translated several of the 
juvenile stories of Father Francis J. 
Finn, S.J., which became favorite read- 
ing among German boys and girls; edited 
" A Comprehensive Catalogue of Catholic 
Books in the English and German Lan- 
guages," which had been compiled by 
others, containing an introductory letter 
by the Right Rev. Charles H. Colton, 
Bishop of Buffalo (published by the local 
Federation of German Catholic Socie- 
ties, 1904) ; this was followed by " A Cat- 
alogue of Catholic Books in the Buffalo 
Public Library," published in 1906, 
imder the auspices of the local Federa- 
tion of (English and German speaking) 
Catholic Societies. His latest produc- 
tion is a booklet entitled : " The Roman 
Index of Forbidden Books, briefly ex- 
plained." Father Betten has contributed 
occasionally to the Pastoralblatt, Amer- 
ika (St. Louis), the Catholic Fortnightly 
Review, Buffalo Catholic Union and 
Times, Buffalo Volksfreund, America, 
(New York), and other publications. 
Address: St. Ignatius College, Cleve- 
land, Ohio. 


Educator; b. July 10, 1882, at Lafa- 
yette, Ind. Ed. at Creighton University, 
(A.B. in 1901; A.M. in 1904), and 

Georgetown University (LL.B. in 1904). 
Professor in Creighton University Col- 
lege of Law. Address: Creighton Uni- 
versity College of Law, Omaha, Neb. 

BIDDLE, Rev. Father Alberic, O.C.E.: 

Sub-master of novices at the Trappist 
Monastery, Gethsemane, Ky., great- 
great-grandson of the Rt. Rev. William 
White, patriot and first P. E. Bishop 
of Pennsylvania, and second American 
Bishop of that denomination in the 
United States; became a Catholic in 
1896. Address: Getheemane, Ky. 

BIDEN, r.ev. John D., LI.D.: 

B. September 30, 1852, in Buffalo, 
New York; s. of Charles Biden, of 
England (convert), by his wife Ellen 
Nelligan, a native of Ireland; moved 
to Ellicottville, N. Y., after his father's 
death (1859); ed. in the Ellicottville 
High School and at Niagara University 
(B.A., M.A.; LL.D., 1906); ordained 
June, 1882, by Bishop Ryan, at Buf- 
falo, N. Y.; stationed successively at 
Limestone, Ellicottville, Andover, and 
Albion (N. Y.); in 1897 called by 
Bishop Quigley to St. Joseph's Cathe- 
dral, Buffalo, N. Y. Established League 
of the Sacred Heart; reduced a large 
debt on the Cathedral. Celebrated 25th 
anniversary in 1907. Address: St. Jo- 
seph's Cathedral, Biiffalo, N. Y. 

BIEVER, Rev. Albert, S.J.: 

B. in Luxemburg, Grand Duchy of 
Luxemburg; ed. Luxemburg; Turn- 
hout, Belgium;' Stonyhurst, England; 
St. Beuno's, North Wales; has filled the 
positions of professor, lecturer, and 
preacher; now acting as president of 
Loyola College, New Orleans, La. Ad- 
dress: Loyola College, New Orleans, La. 



BILL, Joseph Aloysius: 

B. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 12, 1874; 
ed. St. Nicholas Parochial School, St. 
Vincent's College, Beatty, Pa., and 
Canisius College, Buffalo, N. Y., gradu- 
ating from the latter institution in 
1892 as Master of Accounts; was in- 
vited to Oklahoma to assist in estab- 
lishing a college of the Benedictines in 
1893, and here he began his public ca- 
reer, holding several government posi- 
tions; returned to Brooklyn and m. 
Pauline K, d. of George Fleck; was a 
member of the Board of Aldermen in 
1902-3; appointed Deputy Dock Com- 
missioner in charge of the shores of 
Brooklyn Borough and Jamaica Bay 
in 1904, serving two years; Presiden- 
tial Elector in 1908; is now President 
of five corporations. Address: 45 Orient 
Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

BISHOP, Mrs. Mary Axtell: 

B. in Galena, 111., Jan. 19, 1859: d. 
of the Rev. Charles Axtell; descendant, 
on the paternal side, of an English fam- 
ily, numbering many Presbyterian min- 
isters, the American branch of which 
settled in New York. Through her 
mother, she is connected with the old 
Highland Campbells, whose descendants 
bore a prominent part in the settlement 
of Virginia, Ed. by private tutors and 
in small private schools; m. 1884, to 
General J. W. Bishop; entered the 
Church June 29, 1906, Member Guild 
of Catholic Women (first President) ; 
founder of the Altar Guild of the Ca- 
thedral; is also a member of the Dis- 
taff Chapter D.A.R. (St. Paul), and at 
present Regent of the Chapter; Society, 
Dames of the Loyal Legion — Minne- 
sota; The Institute of Arts and Sci- 
ences. Author of several poems and 

clever papers. Clubs: New Century; and 
Town and Country (St. Paul). Ad- 
dress: 193 Mackubin St., St. Paul, Minn. 

BLACKMAR, Mrs. Kate Kelly: 

Journalist; editor of the Woman's 
World and Work Department of the 
Picayune, New Orleans, La. B. in 
New Orleans. Has been engaged in lit- 
erary work since 1905; contributor of 
short stories and sketches to the local 
press, especially the Picayune. Address: 
2278 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, La. 

BLAKE, John Bapst: 

Physician; b. April 4, 1866, in Bos- 
ton, Mass.; ed. at Chauncey Hall 
School, Boston College, and Harvard 
University (A,B. 1887; A.M. 1889; 
M.D, 1891); m. Annie Hastings. In- 
structor in Surgery at Harvard Medical 
School; visiting surgeon, Boston City 
Hospital, St, Elizabeth's Hospital, and 
Long Island Hospital; contributor to 
Harvard Graduates Magazine, Youth's 
Companion, and Medical Journals; au- 
thor of Case Teaching in Surgery (in 
coll, with H. L. Burrell), pub. by 
Blakiston, Son & Co., 1904; has trav- 
elled in Central Europe and Austria, 
and in the United States; is a member 
of various Medical Societies and of the 
Boston Athletic Association. Clubs: 
Harvard (Boston and New York) ; Tav- 
ern, Address: 161 Beacon St,, Boston, 

BLAKESLEE, William: 

Lawyer; b, in St. Louis, Mo.; an- 
cestors on his father's side were among 
the early settlers of Connecticut, while 
through his mother he is a member of 
an old Maryland family; ed. at St. 
John's Parochial School, Baltimore, 




Md.; in. Rosa May Olire, of Houston, 
Tex. Is County Attorney, Lavaca 
County, Tex.; member of State Board 
of Pardon Advisers; Supreme Vice- 
President, Catholic Knights of America 
Member of the Knights of Columbus 
Catholic Knights of America, Elks ; mem 
ber of the University Club of Texas, 
Address : Board of Pardon Advisers, Aus 
tin, Tex. 

BLANCHE, Rt. Rev. Gustave, C.J.M., 

Vicar Apostolic of the Gulf of St. 
Lawrence. B. at Josselin, dioc. of 
Vannes, 1848; oiScer in the French 
army during the war of 1870; entered 
Eudist novitiate 1873; priest 1878; Pre- 
fect of Discipline at the Eudist Coll. 
of St. Jean, Versailles; sent to the 
Eudist Missions in Canada 1890, and 
founded a College at Murch Point 1891 
(burnt down in 1893 and 1899) ; re- 
called to Versailles, where he was Su- 
perior of the Coll. 1899-1903; Pro- 
vincial of his Cong, in Canada 1903-05; 
Pref. Apost. of the Gulf of St. Law- 
rence 1903 (erected into a Vicariate 
1905) ; cons. tit. Bishop of Sicca-Ve- 
neria at Chicoutimi 1905; resident at 
Seven Islands, Saguenay County, P. Q. 

BLANCHET, Frangois Augustin: 

B. Madison, N. J., 1862; descended 
from an ancient noble family of Brit- 
tany, France, noted for their adhesion 
to the Catholic faith. An ances- 
tor sought refuge in this country 
during the Revolution in France, be- 
coming one of the largest land-owners 
in the U. S., and one of the founders 
of the first church in Madison; s. of 
Augusta D. Blanchet, Major, 27th New i 
Jersey Regiment, by his wife, Sara Car- | 

oline Henriquez, of a noble Castilian 
House; ed. privately; engaged in com- 
mercial enterprises in N. Y. City; m. 
(1889) Anna Evelyn, d. of Martin 
Burne; has travelled extensively; in- 
terested in politics and known as a 
forcible speaker on public affairs. An 
ardent Republican, and promoter of all 
measures for his party. Address: 416 
Cumberland Road, South Orange, N. J. 

BLANDFORD, Richard Abner: 

Railroad engineer; b. January 19, 
1845, Bloomfield, Nelson County, Ky.; 
descendant of the old Catholic families 
of Maryland, his grandfather, Walter 
Blandford, having emigrated from that 
state to Kentucky, with a Catholic 
colony, in the year 1795; ed. common 
schools of Kentucky, but before com- 
pleting his course, joined the Confed- 
erate army under Gen. John H. Morgan, 
the noted Confederate raider; was cap- 
tured in 1863 on Morgan's raid into 
Ohio and was confined in prison at 
Camp Douglass, Chicago; escaped two 
months later but was recaptured just 
outside the prison walls and was then 
confined in a " Dungeon " in the prison, 
from which, about a month later, he 
and twenty-five others succeeded in es- 
caping by digging a tunnel from the 
dungeon under its walls and the walls 
of the prison; succeeded in making his 
way back to the Confederate lines in 
Tennessee, but was again captured, 
some five months before the close of 
the war, while on a scout in Kentucky, 
and remained a prisoner until his final 
parole in 1865; went to Mexico, where 
he entered the service of the Engineer 
Corps of the Imperial Mexican Rail- 
way, in which he continued until the 
downfall of Maximilian in 18*67; wan- 



dered to Texas, and taught mathemat- 
ics in a college at Bryan for nearly five 
years, subsequently engaging in the 
real-estate and insurance business, in 
which he continued for nine years. 

Until 1884, Mr. Blandford was again 
in the service of the Engineer Corps of 
the Mexican Central Railway and the 
Mexican Government, at which time 
he returned to the United States, and 
for over twenty-five years has been 
employed as chief engineer or engineer 
in charge of several railroads in the 
State of Georgia, with the exception of 
a period of some seven years (1888- 
95), when he was in charge of the 
public works at Chatham County, in 
which Savannah is located. Member of 
the St. Vincent de Paul Society; Knights 
of Columbus; the local Catholic Library 
Association; and the U. S. Catholic His- 
torical Society of New York. Address: 
Savannah, Ga. 

BLANEY, Alicia: 

Educator, editor; b. at Buffalo, N. 
Y.; d. of James D. Blaney, of Castle 
Blaney, Ire., and Mary A. (McCourt) 
Blaney; granddaughter of Patrick 
McCourt, Colonel in the British Army. 
Ed. at grammar and high schools of 
Buffalo, N. Y. Was teacher of Eng- 
lish Literature in head department of 
Masten Park High School, Buffalo. Ed- 
itor of Fraternal Leader, the organ of 
the Ladies Catholic Benevolent Associa- 
tion. President of Press Section, Na- 
tional Fraternal Congress, and of Central 
Council L. C. B. A.; until 1907 had been 
Supreme Trustee of L. C. B. A. for 
many years. Clubs: Catholic Women's, 
and Professional and Business Women's. 
Address: 145 Fourteenth St., Buf- 
falo, N. Y. 

BIANKMEIEU, Louis Frederic Carl: 

Editor; b. June 8, 1854 at Schmal- 
kalden, Thuringia; s. of a Hessian 
Secretary of Police; ed. in the Gym- 
nasium at Marburg, and at St. Louis 
University; received the degrees of Bach- 
elor of Philosophy; m. Laura Roebber, 
d. of the first German teacher of Kansas 
City, Mo.; has served as Manager and 
Managing Editor of the Catholic Ger- 
man paper, Herold des Glaubens, for 
the past 32 years; author of an Alma- 
nac, issued annually, called " Familien- 
f reund " ; is Secretary of the Catholic 
Knights of America. Address: Temple 
Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

BLATTER, B,ev. George J. (" Fiscar Ma- 
rison ") : 
B. in Starnberg, near Munich, Bavaria, 
May 7, 1861; ed. St. Francis Parochial 
School, St. Francis Seminary, and St. 
Ignatius College (degree of B.A.) ; Rec- 
tor of SS. Peter and Paul Church ; author 
of "O'er Oceans and Continents," four 
series, two editions ( 1904-09 ) ; is 
contemplating the publication of an 
English translation of " Ciudad de 
Dios," in 12 volumes; contributor of 
articles and poems to the New World 
and the Katholisches Wochenblatt; both 
of Chicago; visited all the European 
countries, inspecting primary educa- 
tion; has been treasurer of the Western 
Catholic Writers' Guild since its begin- 
ning. Address; 2940 Ninety-first St., 
South Chicago, HI. 

BLENK, Most Rev. James Hubert, S.H., 

Archbishop of New Orleans ; b. August 
6, 1857; ed. in parochial schools of 
New Orleans, and at Jefferson Col- 
lege, St. James Parish, La. Studied 




philosophy, mathematics and theology 
in colleges and universities in Europe. 
Ordained priest August 16, 1885. lie- 
turned to America and entered Jefferson 
College as professor, and in 18&1 was 
made President of the College. Made 
a tour of Marist institutions in Europe, 
1896-97. Appointed pastor of the 
Church of the Holy Name of Mary, 
Algiers, upon his return to Louisiana. 
Member of Board of Consulters of the 
Clergy, under Archbishops Jannsens 
and Chapelle; accompanied the latter to 
Cuba and Porto Rico in 1898 as Audi- 
tor of the Apostolic delegation. Conse- 
crated Bishop of Porto Rico in the St. 
Louis Cathedral, July 2, 1899. Ap- 
pointed Archbishop of New Orleans, 
February 20, 1906; installed July 1, 

1906. Convert to the Church. Address: 
New Orleans, La. 

BLESEK, Rev. Agnellus, O.F.X.: 

Missionary; b. in Treis, Prussia, 
April 24, 1881; received his early 
education in Springfield, 111.; entered 
the Franciscan Order at Teutopolis, 
111., July 23, 1898, and was ordained 
priest at St. Louis, Mo., June 30, 1905; 
was stationed at Memphis, Tenn., until 
he departed for the far East in October 

1907. His field of labor is in the Vica- 
riate of North Shensi, China. 

BLISS, Mrs. George: 

D. of Henry H. Casey (convert and 
member of a well-known New England 
family; descendant of Charles Chaun- 
cey, second president of Harvard Col- 
lege), and Anais (Blanchet) Casey; 
grand-daughter of Mme. Roux, n6e de 
la Rousseli&re. M. George Bliss, the 
distinguished Catholic lawyer, legal ad- 
viser of the late Archbishop Corrigan, 

as well as to several religious communi- 
ties; created by Pope Leo XIII a Knight 
Commander of St. Gregory. Mr. Bliss, 
who died in 1897, was a descendant 
of two prominent New England families 
— Dwight on his mother's side. He 
became a Catholic in 1884, and was 
baptized in the Bliss private chapel by 
Monsignor Capel, who was his god- 
father. Mrs. Bliss was instrumental, with 
others, in establishing in New York 
City one of its best charities, the abso- 
lutely free Day School and Crgche for 
French children, located at 69 Washing- 
ton Square, N. Y. This school came 
into existence in the time of Archbishop 
Corrigan, and is entirely dependent on 
voluntary contributions, receiving noth- 
ing from the municipal authorities. 
Mother Madeline, now deceased, was its 
foundress, and Mrs. Bliss soon became 
Vice-President of the association of ladies 
who aided the French Sisters of the 
Sainte Croix in this work, and is still 
Honorary Vice-President. Mr. and Mrs. 
Bliss planned and worked for this 
Charity, and enlisted the interest of 
their friends, until it became firtaly 
fixed. Mrs. Bliss is President of the Tab- 
ernacle Society, whose headquarters are 
at the Convent of Perpetual Adoration, at 
Fourteenth and V Sts., N.W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. Address: 2132 Bancroft 
Place, N.W., Washington, D. C. 

BLODGETT, Mrs. Mabel Ionise (Fuller) : 
Author; b. April 8, 1869, at Bangor, 
Me., d. of Ransom Burritt and Louisa 
S. (White) Fuller; descended from 
Richard Warren of the " Mayflower " 
and from John and Samuel Philipps, 
founders of Philipps Exeter and Ando- 
ver Academies; m. Edward Everett 
Blodgett, November 17, 1891, at Boston, 



Ed. by private tutoring; at Elmhurat 
Academy (Sacred Heart), Providence, R. 
I. Author of " The Aspen Shade " 
(1889); "In Poppy Land" (1889); 
" Fairy Tales " ( 1895) ; " At the Queen's 
Mercy" (1897), all pub. in Boston (out 
of print ) , and " The Giant's Ruby and 
other Fairy Tales." (Little, Brown, 
1903). Member of the Daughters of 
American Revolution. Address : " Red- 
gables," Temple St., West Newton, Mass. 

BLOW, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth (Thomas) : 
B. at Cape Elizabeth, Maine, May 
27, 1863; d. of General Henry G. 
Thomas; descendant on the father's 
side of Isaiah Thomas, publisher of 
the first Bible in New England; and 
William Widgery, judge and member 
of Congress. On grandmother's side, 
descendant of General Timothy Pick- 
ering, President of the War Board in 
Revolutionary times. Secretary of State 
and Postmaster-general under Wash- 
ington's administration; and from Dr. 
John Goddard of Portsmouth, N. H., 
who bore the unique distinction, as 
Charles Sumner once said, of being the 
only man who, having been elected to the 
United States Senate, absolutely refused 
to accept the honor. Ed. in private 
schools in Portland, Me.; Wolf Hall, 
Denver, Colo.; and Colorado Springs 
College. M. Major William Nivison 
Blow, 15th Infantry, U. S. Army. En- 
tered the Church January 30, 1909. Ad- 
dress: Box 241, Nantucket, Mass. 

BLTTM, Very Eev. Nicholas, S.V.D.: 

Second Superior General of the Fa- 
thers of the Society of the Divine 
Word; b. in Lammersdorf, diocese of 
Treves, Germany, March, 1857; was the 
sixth student to enter Steyl on July 1, 

1876; was for many years (after his 
ordination) a member of the General 
Council of the Society of the Divine 
Word, later becoming Procurator-Gen- 
eral and then assistant to the General. 
In the latter capacity he gained the 
necessary knowledge of the aims and 
needs of the work of the Society, and 
was elected to fill the position left va- 
cant through the death of Father Ar- 
nold Jannsen, Superior General and 
Founder of the Order. The Society of 
which Father Blum assumed charge is 
composed of about 500 priests, 700 Lay 
Brothers, and 1100 candidates for Holy 
Orders. Address: Techny, HI. 

BLTJNT, Rev. Hugh Francis: 

B. Medway, Mass., January 21, 1877; 
8. of late Patrick Blunt, who served 
throughout the Civil War, first as 
Sergeant in the Irish Ninth, and then 
in the Seventh Mass. Volunteer Vet- 
erans; ed. Boston College and St. 
Laurent College, Montreal, afterwards 
making his clerical course at St. John's 
Seminary, Brighton, Boston, from which 
institution he was ordained to the 
Priesthood December 20, 1901 ; con- 
tributor to Donahoe's, The Magnificat, 
Sacred Heart Review, The Irish Monthly, 
The Rosary, and the Catholic World; 
is an essayist, a poet, but especially 
known as a writer of short stories; two 
of his serial stories for boys, which ap- 
peared in The Sunday Companion of New 
York are now in the hands of the pub- 
lishers; lecturer on Irish Music and 
Irish Literature; is an active member 
of the Knights of Columbus and the 
Mass. Catholic Order of Foresters; is 
at present attached to St. Petet's 
Church, Dorchester, Boston. Address: 
Dorchester, Boston, Mass. 



SOCAGE, Madame F. A.: 

N6e Gibbs, b. and ed. in Chicago, lU.j 
her father vice-president of the Illinois 
Trust & Savings Bank, of Chicago. 
Madame Bocage became a Catholic in 
Paris, after her marriage, and was re- 
ceived into the Church by the Rev. P§re 
du Lac; her mother also became a Cath- 
olic. Address: 20 rue de Tournon, 
Paris, France. 

BODEISH, Bev. Joshua F. L.: 

B. May 10, 1839, at Falmouth, Mass.; 
of Puritan ancestry; his father, Gen- 
eral Bodfish, distinguished himself for 
his ability in finance and commerce and 
was State Senator. Old Robert Bodfish 
settled on Cape Cod in 1630 with five 
others; they bought all of Barnstable 
County from the Indians; original set- 
tlement was called Sandwich and many 
generations of Bodfish ancestors are 
buried in the graveyard there; in course 
of years the family spread westward; 
Cape Cod in early times was covered 
with trees and here the Bodfishes built 
a great ship-building industry; the 
name of Robert Bodfish appears in 
ancient lists of members of the General 
Court in days of the Revolution; great- 
grandmother was d. of a wealthy and 
noble Holland burgomaster; ed. at local 
schools, and Greenwich Academy, Provi- 
dence, R. I.; studied for the Protestant 
ministry. His health having been injured 
by study he shipped as super-cargo on a 
merchantman, visiting many foreign 
places and learning the art of naviga- 
tion; eventually became a skilled navi- 
gator. When the Civil Wlar broke out 
he took an appointment in the Navy 
and served as navigator on the " Mont- 
gomery " and flagship " Niagara " ; 
was present at most of naval operations 

in the Gulf; resigned and entered 
Brown University, then the Episcopal 
Theological Seminary; received orders 
from Bishop Clarke and became assist- 
ant rector of All Saint's Church, Phila- 
delphia; became interested in the High 
Church Movement and was much in- 
fluenced by the tractarian agitation of 
Cardinal Newman; became a Catholic; 
was ordained priest in the Provincial 
Seminary, Troy, N. Y., by Cardinal 
McCloskey, 1866; pursued his theolog- 
ical studies in St. Michael's Seminary, 
Pittsburg, Seminary of Our Lady of the 
Angels, Niagara, and Seton Hall Col- 
lege, South Orange, N. J.; joined Paul- 
ist Order under Father Hecker; 
Curate and rector of Cathedral of the 
Holy Cross, Boston, 1876-89; served as 
Chancellor and secretary of the Archdi- 
ocese of Boston; in charge of St. John's 
Parish, Canton, for 20 years, after 
which time he retired from active duty. 
Is an ardent student of American his- 
tory. One of the founders and organ- 
izers and now a director of the Bos- 
tonian Society, which has charge of the 
Old State House; a director of the 
Bunker Hill Monument Association; 
honorary member of the Catholic Union 
of Boston; member of the New England 
Historic Genealogical Society, and of 
various clubs. Address: 60 Robinwood 
Ave., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 


Lawyer, educator, lecturer. B. in St. 
Thomas de Pierreville, P. Q., Canada, 
July 8, 1863. Ed. at St. Joseph's and 
public schools, and at the N. H. 
Business College in Manchester, N. H. 
M. Alexina A. Janelle (1893). Was 
special agent of United States General 
Land Office from 1889 to 1893; member 



of the Legislature, 1897-99; six years 
member of the Republican Committees 
for Manchester and the State of New 
Hampshire. Studied law and was ad- 
mitted to practice in 1895; is now so- 
licitor for Hillsborough County. Has 
given frequent lectures on matters 
germane to his profession. Made sev- 
eral trips to Europe, and crossed the 
western country from Winnipeg to El 
Paso, Tex.; examined land titles in 
sixty-four of the one hundred and four- 
teen counties in Missouri; spent sev- 
eral months in Turtle Mountain Dis- 
tricts in North Dakota investigating 
disputes between the Indians and the 
whites as to land claims around St. 
John, Turtle Mountain Indian reserva- 
tion, 1891; most of the titles were set- 
tled by the government on his recom- 
mendation. Is a member of L'Union St. 
Jean Baptiste d'Am6rique, Woonsocket; 
Association Canado-Am6ricaine, Man- 
chester ; Artisan Franco- Am^ricaine, 
Montreal; New England Order Past 
Knights of the Maccabees ; and the Joliet 
Club, Manchester. Address: 630 Prescott 
St., Manchester, N. H. 

BOLDTTC, Hon. Joseph: 

Notary and lumber merchant; b. 
June 22, 1847 at St. Francois de la 
Beauce; s. of Captain A. Bolduc; de- 
scendant of Louis Bolduc who came to 
Canada as the Procureur du Roi in 
1668; m. M. G. A. Mathieur, October, 
1878. Ed. at Marie College and Laval 
University. Warden of the Company of 
Beauce; president of the School Trus- 
tees; director of the County Agricul- 
tural Association of the Levis and Ken- 
nebec Ry.; promoter of the Tring and 
Megantic Ry. Represented Beauce in 
the House of Commons (Ottawa), 

1876-84; called to the Senate in 1834. 
Address: St. Victor de Tring, Quebec. 

BOILING, George Melville: 

Educator; b. April 13, 1871, Balti- 
more, Md.; ed. Immaculate Conception 
Parochial School, Baltimore; Loyola 
College, Baltimore (degree of A.B., 
1891) ; and Johns Hopkins University 
(degree of Ph.D., 1896); m. Irene 
Johnson; Fellow in Greek, Johns Hop- 
kins University, 1893-94; Fellow by 
courtesy, same institution, 1894-97; 
Prof, of Greek, and Associate Professor 
of Comparative Philology and Sanskrit 
in Catholic University of America, 1895 
to date; entered the Church in 1876; 
author of " The Participle in Hesiod," 
J. H. U. Dissertation, Washington, 1897; 
" The Parisistas of the Atharva-Veda " 
(edited by George Melville Boiling and 
Julius von Negelein, Leipsic, 1909) ; con- 
tributor to American Journal of Philol- 
ogy, Journal American Oriental Society, 
Trans-American Philological Associa- 
tion, Catholic University Bulletin; 
member American Philological Associa- 
tion, American Oriental Society; Arch- 
eological Institute of America. Clubs: 
Cofemos, Washington, D. C; Johns Hop- 
kins, Baltimore, Md. Address: Cath- 
olic University of America, Washington, 
D. C. 

BONACTIM, Rt. Rev. Thomas, D.D.: 

Bishop of Lincoln, Neb.; b. on Jan- 
uary 29, 1847, near Thurles, County 
Tipperary, Ireland; brought by his 
parents to St. Louis, Mo.; made theo- 
logical studies at the Salesianum, Mil- 
waukee, Wis., and the Lazarist Semi- 
nary, Cape Girardeau, Mo.; ordained 
priest, June 18, 1870, in St. Mary's 
Church, St. Louis, by Rt. Rev. Joseph 


Melcher, first Bishop of Green Bay; 
went to Europe and studied at the Uni- 
versity of Wiirzberg, Bavaria; returned 
to America and served at St. Stephen's 
Church, Indian Creek; St. Peter's, 
Rolla; and St. Peter's, Kirkwood. Pas- 
tor of the Church of the Holy Name, St. 
Louis, 1881-87. Theologian to Arch- 
bishop Kenrick at the Third Plenary 
Council of Baltimore. Appointed to 
the see of Lincoln, and consecrated 
November 30, 1887. Died, February 4, 
1911, after his record was received. 

BONAPARTE, Hon. Charles Joseph: 

Lawyer; former Secretary of the 
Navy; ex- Attorney General of the United 
States. B. June 9, 1851, in Baltimore, 
Md.; s. of Jerome Napoleon and Susan 
May (Williams) Bonaparte; father was 
s. of Jerome Bonaparte, King of West- 
phalia, by his wife, Elizabeth Patterson, 
of Baltimore. Mother was d. of Benja- 
min and Sarah (Copeland) Williams. 
Ed. at Mr. Alfred Bujac's school, 1857- 
64; private tutors, 1865; Rev. George 
F. Morrison's school, 1865-67; private 
tutor, 1867-69. Entered Harvard Col- 
lege (two years in advance) 1869; 
A.B., 1871; resident graduate, one 
year; Harvard Law School 1872 (LL.B. 
cum laude, 1874). Received Leatare 
Medal from Notre Dame University, 
Ind., 1903. Admitted to Bar of Mary- 
land, September, 1874. M. September 
1, 1875, Ellen Channing, d. of Thomas 
Mills and Anna J. (Dimn) Day. Over- 
seer of Harvard, 1891-1903; Supervisor 
of Elections, Baltimore City, 1895; Presi- 
dential Elector, 1904; Special Counsel 
for United States in post ofiice frauds, 
1903-04; Special Inspector Indian Ser- 
vice, same time. Secretary of Navy, July 
1, 1905, and Attorney General of United 

States, December 17, 1906, to March 5, 
1909. Legal adviser, Bureau of Catholic 
Indian Missions. For many years much 
interested in Civil Service Reform, Mu- 
nicipal Reform, Charity Organization, 
Suppression of Vice, and kindred move- 
ments. Has made many addresses and 
written numerous pamphlets and papers 
on various topics; contributor to the 
magazines. Trustee, Baltimore Cathe- 
dral; Trustee, Catholic University; Pres- 
ident National Municipal League; Trus- 
tee Enoch Pratt Free Library; Officer of 
many societies, and member of several 
clubs. Address: 216 St. Paul St^ 
Baltimore, Md. 

BOND, Hrs. Rosalie B. (de Solms) : 

B. on the twenty-sixth of November, 
1843, in Philadelphia, Pa.; descended 
from the ancient Solms family of Ger- 
many; d. of the late Sidney J. and 
Maria del Carmen (Bequer) de Solms. 
Mr. de Solms was one of the foremost 
Catholic laymen of Philadelphia, and 
presented to The Cathedral, Logan 
Square, Philadelphia, the painting of 
" The Crucifixion " over the main altar. 
Ed. Eden Hall, Torresdale, and Notre 
Dame, Philadelphia. M. May 17, 1870, 
by R,ight Rev. James Frederic Wood, 
Archbishop of Philadelphia, to the late 
Francis Strong Bond, a direct descend- 
ant of Gov. William Bradford, of " May- 
flower " fame, and Roger Wolcott, Colo- 
nial Governor of Connecticut; is one of 
the founders of the Catholic Guild (now 
the Dominican House of Retreat and 
Catholic Guild.) Travelled extensively 
in Europe, America, and the West In- 
dies. Member of the Association of Per- 
petual Adoration and Work for Poor 
Churches, and other Societies. Address: 
Oak Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. 



BONDY, J. Ovide Douaire de: 

Musician; b. July 4, 1850, at Lavaltrie, 
P. Q., Canada; direct descendant of 
Thomas Douaire, Sieur de Bondy; s. of 
the late Agapit Douaire de Bondy, M.D.; 
ed. in the public school of Lavaltrie, 
Canada; College de L' Assumption, Can- 
ada; McGill University, Montreal, Can- 
ada; received degree of Bachelor in 
Medicine, May, 1872; m. Amanda Mar- 
cotte. Engaged as editor and publisher, 
1880-82; music teacher and organist 
from 1865 to date; member Soci6t6 His- 
torique Franco- Americaine ; Association 
des Organistes Franco- Am6ricains ; L'Un- 
ion St. Jean Baptiste d'Am§rique; So- 
ciety St. Jean Baptiste; L' Alliance 
Frangaise ; Forestiers Franco- Am6ri- 
cains; and Benevolent Protective Order 
of Elks. Club: 20th Century (Lynn). 
Address: P. O. Box 157, Lynn, Mass. 

BONNEATI, Alfred: 

Publisher; b. October 14, 1862, at St. 
Jean, P. Q., Canada; descendant of an- 
cestors who came from Normandy in 
1783 and settled in the district of Mon- 
treal; ed. by the Christian Brothers, 
and at the colleges of Ste. Th6r6se and 
St. Hyacinthe, P. Q., Canada; m. to 
Anna T6trault, 1895; School Commis- 
sioner, 1899-1902; Clerk of Public As- 
sistance, 1901-1903; Grand Trunk 
Agent, appointed October, 1901 ; editor 
of the French Weekly, La Justice de 
Biddeford; member Cercle Frontenac; 
L'Union St. Jean Baptiste d'Am6rique; 
Soci6t6 St. Jean Baptiste; Artisans, etc. 
Address: 9 Adams St., Biddeford, Me. 

BONVIN, Rev. Ludwig, S.J.: 

B. on February 17, 1850, in Siders, 
WalliSj Switzerland, to which country 

his ancestors on his father's side 
came from Italy over two centuries 
ago, while his maternal ancestors were 
from Munich, Germany. Father Bonvin 
was educated at the College of Sitten, 
Switzerland, and University (Medicine) 
of Vienna, Austria; has been head of 
the musical department of Canisius Col- 
lege, Buflfalo, N. Y., since September, 
1887. Promoted the restoration of the 
musical rhythm of notes of diflferent 
and proportional duration to the Gre- 
gorian chant. Latest work: Op. 90 — 
Requiem cum Libera, according to the 
Vatican Edition in musical rhythm and 
with organ accompaniment (Pustet & 
Co., Ratisbon, Germany) ; is also the 
composer of numerous vocal duets, solos, 
etc., and has set two of Longfellow's 
poems to music, " The Arrow and the 
Song," and " The Rainy Day." Com- 
positions: Op. 6a. Missa in hon. SS. 
Cordis Jesu — Mass for S. A. T. B., 
with accompaniment of string orchestra 
and Organ, or Organ only (A. Bohm & 
Son, Germany); Cantus sacri — Offerto- 
ries for the principal feasts. Hymns for 
Benediction, and in honor of the Blessed 
Virgin, etc. (24 in Latin, 6 in German 
and English). Of this Opus, Nos. 1, 
2, 3, 4, 5, and 15 have been revised and 
included in "The Principal Offertories 
of the Ecclesiastical year," edited by 
J. Cubing. Father Bonvin's composi- 
tions embrace orchestral, chamber, 
operatic, choral, and ensemble music for 
Harmonium, Piano, Strings, etc. He has 
also been a contributor of numerous 
articles on music to Musica Sacra, 
Caecilienvereins — Organ (Ratisbon) ; 
Die Kirchenmusik (Paderborn) ; The 
Messenger, N. Y.; Caecilia (St. Francis, 
Wis.) ; the Catholic Fortnightly Review. 
Address: Canisius College, Buffalo, N. Y. 




Banker; b. March 9, 1854, at Sainte 
Brigide de Monnoir, P. Q., Canada; ed. 
at a country school; m. Annie Dufresne; 
Councilman; School Committeeman; 
City Treasurer from 1893 to date; Sec- 
retary and Treasurer, City Co-operative 
Bank of Holyoke, 1889 to date; mem- 
ber Soci6t6 Historique Franco-Am^ri- 
caine; Union Saint Jean Baptiste 
d'Am6rique; Forestiera Franco- Am4ri- 
cains; Cercle Rochambeau; and Knights 
of Columbus. Clubs: Holyoke; Holyoke 
Country. Address: Holyoke, Mass. 

BORDEN, Gerald Mark: 

B. 1875; father founder of Borden's 
Condensed Milk Company; mother ac- 
tive in church circles; director in several 
corporations; member Union League 
Club. Appointed by Pope Pius X, Pri- 
vate Chamberlain of Cape and Sword. 
Address: Union League Club, N. Y. 

BORGLTTM, John Gutzon de la Mothe: 

Sculptor, painter; b. May 25, 1867, 
Idalio; s. of Dr. James de la Mothe 
and Ida (Michelson) B.; belongs to a 
family of artists; ed. at public schools, 
Fremont and Omaha, Neb.; Creighton 
College, Omaha; St. Mary's College, 
Kans.; studied art in San Francisco; 
worked and studied in Academic Julian 
and ficole des Beaux Arts, in Paris, 
1890; exhibited as painter and sculptor 
in Paris Salon; in Spain, 1892; in 
California, 1893-94; returned East and 
in 1896 went to London remaining until 
1901; settled in New York since 1902; 
exhibited in London and Paris, 1896- 
1901 ; held successful " one-man " exhi- 
bitions in London; received gold medal 
for sculpture at Louisiana Purchase Ex- 

position; sculptor for work on Cathe- 
dral of St. John the Divine, N. Y. 
Work includes in painting, figures and 
animals, portraits and mural paintings; 
in sculpture, figures and horses and 
groups in bronze; executed the gar- 
goyles on the Princeton Dormitory, 
Class of '79 (about 60 devices) ; two 
bronze groups in Metropolitan Museum 
of Art; sculptor of Sheridan Statue, 
which is to ornament Sheridan Circle, 
Twenty-third St. and Massachusetts Ave., 
Washington, D. C; member Royal So- 
ciety British Artists, Soci6t6 Nationale 
des Beaux Arts, Paris. Clubs: Players; 
City. Address: 166 East Thirty-eighth 
St., New York. 

BORK, Mrs. Florence I. (Holmes) : 

Journalist; short story writer; b. 
October 29, 1869, in Bracken County, 
Ky.; d. of James and Alice Benedict 
(Nugent) Holmes; grand-daughter of 
James Holmes of Virginia, philosophic 
and religious writer; collateral descend- 
ant of Patrick Henry; ed. at Immacu- 
lata Academy, Newport, Ky.; Mt. No- 
tre Dame, Reading, Ohio; Visitation 
Convent, Paris, Ky; began to write char- 
acter sketches, short stories and poems 
for popular magazines and Kentucky 
papers at the age of 13; after leaving 
school, opened a studio in Covington, 
Ky., where she taught painting; after- 
wards employed on the Minnesota House- 
keeper, the Chicago Tribune, the South- 
em Record of Cincinnati, the Cincinnati 
Post, the Chicago Herald, and the Chi- 
cago Evening News; served as private 
secretary to John M. Crawford, of Cin- 
cinnati, Min. Plenipotentiary to St. 
Petersburg, for 15 months; employed 
on Catholic Union and Times, Buffalo, 
N. Y., 1899, and on the Buffalo Enquirer 



in 19Q2; special department at present, 
also special on Minnesota Housekeeper; 
in 1902, married George L. Bork, of 
Buffalo, son of Joseph and Mary (Chre- 
tien) Bork. Mr. Bork's aunt, Mother 
Severine (Bork), is Superior of three 
institutions of Sisters of Notre Dame de 
Providence, Newark, N. J.; President, 
Western N. Y. Div. International Sun- 
shine Society; Chairman Press Com. and 
member Executive Board, Professional 
and Business Women's Club of Buffalo; 
Secretary Erie County Political Equality 
Club; Headquarters Secretary Buffalo 
Political Equality Club; member Charity 
Organization Society; member State, 
City and Western New York Federation 
Women's Clubs, and of the Catholic 
Women's Club.; Probation Officer, Juve- 
nile Court, appointed by Judge Nash. 
Mrs. Bork, who writes under the pen 
name of " Alice Benedict," won first 
prize in a short story contest, offered 
by the Ridgway Magazine, being one of 
over 2,600 contestants. Address: 40 
Littlefield Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

BOTTOMIEY, John Taylor: 

Physician; b. Lee, Mass., Sept. 24, 
1869; 8. John and Ellen (Ryan) Bot- 
tomley; father a convert to the Church; 
ed. common and high schools of Lee; 
Holy Cross College, Worcester, Mass.; 
Harvard University; received degree of 
A.B. from Holy Cross College in 1889, 
and that of M.D from Harvard in 1894; 
m. Mary Agnes, daughter of James W. 
Kenney, Vice-President Federal Trust 
Co., Boston, June 3, 1908; served as 
Surgeon, Mass. Hospital Ship, " Bay 
State," in March, 1898; Assistant Visit- 
ing Surgeon, Boston City Hospital, 1898- 
1903; Supervising Surgeon, Boston City 
Hospital Relief Station, 1902-03; Assist- 

ant in Surgery, Harvard University 
Medical School, 1901-03; Surgeon to the 
Carney Hospital, 1903, which position he 
stills holds; appointed First Lieutenant 
in the Medical Reserve Corps of the 
United States Army in 1908; contribu- 
tor to numerous papers and various 
Medical Journals; is a member of the 
American Medical Association; Massa- 
chusetts Medical Society, etc.; also a 
member of the University Club, Boston. 
Address: 165 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

BOUCHEH, Georges A.: 

Physician; b. at Riviere Bois-Clair, P. 
Q., Canada; grandfather was one of the 
heroes of Chateauguay; ed. in parochial 
schools, at Ottawa College (B.A., 1885) ; 
and at Laval University (M.D., 1890) ; 
m. Fabiola Voyer; Medical Examiner 
for the Equitable Life Assurance Society; 
the Home Life Insurance Co.; the Union 
St. Jean Baptiste d'Amdrique; the Arti- 
sans; Mass. Cath. Order of Foresters, 
etc.; member of the American Medical 
Association; Brockton and Massachu- 
setts Medical Societies; Second Vice- 
president de TAss'n des MMecins de 
Langue Frangaise de l'Am6rique du 
Nord; I'Union St. Jean Baptiste d'Am6r- 
ique; Knights of Columbus, and other 
organizations. Address: 20 Clinton 
Ave., Brodcton, Mass. 

BOTJCHEB, J. Hormisdas: 

Physician; b. March 8, 1858, at St. 
Cuthbert, P. Q., Canada; ed. at Normal 
School, and at Laval University, Mon- 
treal, Canada (M.D., 1884) ; m. Alphon- 
sine Guilbault; served as Sergeant in 
the Eighty-fifth Battalion Canada Mili- 
tia, 1883; appointed Examining Surgeon 
U. S. Pension, 1893; Medical Reviser of 
L'Union St. Jean Baptiste d'Am6rique; 



member of Democratic State Central 
Committee; State Representative, 1907- 
08; member Union St. Jean Baptiste 
d'Am^rique; L' Alliance Nationale Arti- 
sans Canadiens Frangais; Forestiers 
Franco- Am^ricains ; Soci6t6 du Dernier 
de St. Pierre. Address: Woonsocket, R. 

BOUCHEE, Philippe: 

B. May 29, 1859, at St. Barthelemy, 
P. Q., Canada; ed. in parochial and 
grammar schools; m. Dorim6ne M6nard. 
Councilman of Woonsocket, 1887-90; 
Alderman, 1890-93; Representative, 
1895-96-97; member of Rhode Island 
State Board of Charities and Correc- 
tions, 1898-1910; Director of Producer's 
National Bank and of Producer's Insti- 
tution for Savings; President of La 
Tribune Publishing Co.; member Busi- 
ness Men's Association; Union St. Jean 
Baptiste d'Am^rique, of which he is Su- 
preme Treasurer; member and President 
of La Society Franco-Am6ricaine du 
Dernier de St. Pierre. Address: Woon- 
socket, R. I. 

Charles Eugene, C.M.G.: 
Physician; Des. from Lt.-Gen. Pierre 
Boucher, Sieur de Grosbois, who be- 
came Governor of Three Rivers, 1653. 
S. of late Hon. P. V. Boucher, M.L.C., 
and Emelie de Bleury; b. at Montreal, 
Que., May 4, 1822; ed. at St. Sulpice 
College, Montreal. After graduating 
(M.D. and C.) at McGill, went to Paris, 
1843. Elected to Canadian Assembly for 
Chambly, 1861, and sat in Assembly un- 
til Confederation, when called to Legis. 
Council, and entered Chauveau Admn. as 
Speaker of Council; retired with M. 
Chauveau, 1873; became Premier of Que- 

bec, September, 1874; dismissed with his 
colleagues, by the Lt.-Gov., March, 1878; 
called to Senate of Canada, 1879; was 
made a C.M.G., May, 1894; called on 
by Lt.-Gk»v. Angers, he formed a Min- 
istry after the dismissal of Premier Mer- 
cier, December 21, 1891; resigned De- 
cember 16, 1892; continues to sit in 
Legis. Council as well as in Senate. M. 
(1st), Susanna, d. of the late R. M. 
Morrough, Montreal (deceased), and 
(2d), Marie, d. of the late Felix Lus- 
sier. Seigneur of Varennes (she died 
January 1892). Address: Boucherville, 
Que., Canada. 


Engineer; b. August 18, 1847, at New 
Orleans, La. Ed. by the Jesuits at 
New Orleans and at Spring Hill College, 
Mobile, Ala. (A.B.; A.M.; D.F.A. in 
1903) ; studied engineering at Chaptal 
College, Paris; served during the last 
years of the Civil War in the Engineer 
Corps of Confederate Army; with the 
U. S. Engineer Department in 1870; in 
responsible charge of operations at Mo- 
bile, Pascagoula, Biloxi, and at Horn 
and Ship Islands, in Mississippi Sound; 
instructor in drawing, painting and 
penmanship at Spring Hill College, Mo- 
bile, Ala., since 1872. Painted the pic- 
ture "Ecce Homo," which hangs over 
the main altar of Mobile Cathedral. 
Member of the Iberville Historical Soci- 
ety. Address: Spring Hill College, Mo- 
bile, Ala. 


Editor. S. of Napoleon Bourassa, 
author and painter, and Azelie, d. of 
the late Hon. Louis Joseph Papineau. B. 
at Montreal, September 1, 1868; ed. by 
private tuition at Montreal. Removed to 



Montebello in 1886. Mayor of Monte- 
bello 1890-94, and Mayor of Papineau- 
ville in 1897. Has written for and 
edited one or two newspapers. First 
elected to House of Commons, 1896. 
Resigned his seat in October, 1899, 
in order to vindicate his position 
on the constitutional aspect of the 
participation of Canada in the South 
African war, contending that such par- 
ticipation, as contemplated and organ- 
ized by the British Government and its 
representatives in Canada, meant a deep 
change in relations with Great Britain, 
upon which the people of Canada should 
be thoroughly enlightened and directly 
consulted. Re-elected January, 1900. 
Again elected, 1900 and 1904. Address: 
Papineauville, Que., Canada. 

BOXJHSCHEIDT, Peter Joseph: 

President of the Widows and Or- 
phans Fund of Springfield, 111. B. Feb- 
ruary 27, 1855, Cologne, Rhineland, 
Germany; twice married; first, to 
Emma Schaefer, who died in 1894, and 
then to his present wife, Katie (Lam- 
mers) ; ed. primary and high schools of 
Cologne; studied Pharmacy and passed 
the Illinois examination in July, 1884; 
in retail drug business from 1881 to 
1&08; was secretary D. R. K. Central 
Verein, a National German Catholic As- 
sociation, which he helped to re-organize, 
from 1899 to 1907, and which more than 
doubled its membership during his term 
of office; President of "The Widows' 
and Orphans' Fund," which he organ- 
ized, and which is, so far, the only legal 
Reserve Life Insurance Co., capitalized 
and controlled by Catholics only; con- 
tributes articles to Catholic German pa- 
pers and periodicals; spent three years, 

from 1878 to 1881, in Paris, France. 
Address: Peoria, 111. 

BOTJSH, Clifford Joseph: 

Captain, U. S. Navy; b. in Virginia; 
appointed from Virginia; entered the U. 
S. Naval Academy as Cadet Midshipman, 
June 6, 1872; graduated as Midshipman, 
June 20, 1876, passed through suc- 
cessive grades till he attained the rank 
of Captain, August 1, 1908. 


Newspaper manager; b. October 10, 
1869, in Marlboro, Mass.; removed with 
his parents to Worcester, Mass., in 1873, 
and has lived there since. Learned the 
printer's trade and worked at it until 
1896, when he entered the employ of 
L'Opinion Publique, as advertising man- 
ager; has been manager of this paper 
for the past five years. Served as mem- 
ber of the Board of Aldermen during the 
years 1900 and 1901, and during the lat- 
ter year as President of the Board; Sec- 
retary of the Third Congressional Re- 
publican District Committee for the past 
six years; served as Treasurer of the 
Franco-American Republican Club of 
Massachusetts for three years. In 
March, 1910, was appointed a member of 
the License Commission of the City of 
Worcester; is a member of several 
French-American Societies and of the 
Board of Trade of Worcester; Secretary 
of the French- American Newspaper Pub- 
lishers' Association. Address: Worces- 
ter, Mass. 

BOTTVIER, John Vernon: 

Lawyer; b. August 12, 1865, in 
Torresdale, Pa.; early education ob- 
tained in England and France; studied 



at Columbia College, N. Y. (A.B., 1886) ; 
and at Law School and School of Politi- 
cal Science (LL.B. in 1888) ; won first 
prize in competition for the Chanley 
Historical Essay; m. Maude F. Sergeant 
in 1890; is the senior member of the 
law firm of Bouvier, Dugro & Doyle; 
is counsel for the Traveller's Insurance 
Co., ^tna Life Insurance Co., and other 
beneficiary companies, and for the In- 
terurban and Interborough Railway 
System; is trial counsel for many law 
firms. Member of the Bar Association, 
State Bar Association, and Society of 
Medical Jurisprudence. Clubs: Catho- 
lic; Union; University; Columbia Uni- 
versity. Address: Bouvier, Dugro & 
Doyle, 141 Broadway, New York. 

BOYER, Qnstave: 

B. November 29, 1871, at St. Laurent, 
Jacques Cartier County, near Montreal; 
s. of Benjamin and Ang6lique (Latour) 
Bayer; m. Pamaela Rh6aume of Mon- 
treal, April 10, 1907. Ed. at St. Lau- 
rent College. A public lecturer on 
Agriculture for the Quebec Government; 
elected to House of Commons at General 
Assembly, 1904; elected Mayor of 
Rigaud January, 1907. Has been con- 
nected with La Patrie as agricultural 
correspondent, and with La Canada as 
agricultural editor; founded the Echo de 
Vaudreuil, local journal for the counties 
of Vaudreuil and Soulanges, January, 
1907. Established La Soci6t4 des Co- 
operative des Cercles Agricoles, and Les 
Jeunes Laboureurs du GomiA de Vau- 
dreuil. Address: Rigaud, Quebec. 

BOYIE, Frederick M.: 

Physician and surgeon. B. April 21, 
1867, in Auburn, N. Y. S. of Major 
William H. Boyle, of the 19th N. Y. 

Infantry, and 3d N. Y. Artillery; and 
Mary J. (Hendrick) Boyle; attended 
the Auburn public and high schools, 
and later began the study of medicine in 
the hospital of Auburn prison; entered 
Niagara University Medical Department; 
grad. April 15, 1893 (M.D.) ; m. Frances 
Haas. Surgeon at the Emergency Hos- 
pital, Buffalo, 1893-94, then entered 
upon the general practice of his pro- 
fession; lecturer and assistant surgeon 
at Mercy Hospital. He has always been 
interested in politics; held the ofl&oe of 
General Committeeman of his ward for 
five years, and was at some time can- 
didate for Councilman on the Demo- 
cratic ticket; member of, and medical 
examiner for, the Buffalo Council, 
Knights of Columbus; member Erie 
County Medical Society, Knights of 
Equity, Independent Order of Red 
Men, Independent Order of Foresters, 
Ancient Order of Hibernians, Catholic 
Mutual Benefit Association, Knights of 
St. John, Brotherhood of Railway Train- 
men, Brotherhood of Locomotive Fire- 
men, and various professional organiza- 
tions. Address: 754 Abbott Road, 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

BOYLE, Hon. Mrs. Josephine (Hale): 

Only daughter of Joseph P. Hale, 
of San Francisco, Cal.; m. (1890) 
Hon. Robert John Lascelles Boyle, heir- 
presumptive to the Earldom of Cork. 

BOTTOM", Paul: 

B. in County Kildare, Ireland, and 
emigrated to Allegheny City, Pa. Ed. 
at Pittsburg Cathedral School; St. Vin- 
cent College, Westmoreland County; 
and St. Francis College, Latrobe, Pa. 
Employed in the life saving service along 
the Atlantic Coast, and has invented 



several life preserving devices, and also 
devices for aquatic amusements. Has 
travelled all over the world, and received 
decorations and medals from European 
Life Saving Societies. Is the present 
manager of the Steeplechase Park, 
Bridgeport, Conn. M. Margaret Con- 
nelly, of Chicago. The family resides in 
a picturesque house boat, which has been 
named " Killgloom." Address : Steeple- 
chase Park, Bridgeport, Conn. 

BRADLEY, Miss Annie E.: 

Journalist; associate editor of The 
Woman Beautiful. Was for two years 
chairman of the Western Catholic Writ- 
ers' Guild, of Chicago. Address: 230 
South Park Ave., Austin, 111. 

BRADY, Rev. Francis X., S.J.: 

B. on March 29, 1857, near Gettys- 
burg, Pa.; ed. Private Academy, Cone- 
wago. Pa., and at Woodstock College, 
Woodstock, Md.; entered the Society of 
Jesus in 1873; Professor of Gonzaga 
College, Washington, D. C, 1879-81; Pro- 
fessor of St. Peter's College, Jersey City, 
1881-84; ordained* priest by Cardinal Gib- 
bons, 1886; editor of "Messenger of the 
Sacred Heart," " Little Messenger of the 
Sacred Heart," and the " Pilgrim of 
Our Lady of Martyrs " ; Director-General 
of the Sacred Heart League of the 
United States, 1886-92; Vice-president 
of Loyola College, Baltimore, Md., 1893- 
95; pastor of St. Ignatius' Church, Balti- 
more, 1895-1908; President of Loyola 
College, Baltimore, from 1908 to date; 
author of "The Holy Hour" (Phila- 
delphia, 1890) ; " The Manual of the 
Bona Mors" (Philadelphia, 1887); 
"The Great Supper of God" (edited), 
Benziger Bros., N. Y.; member Maryland 
Historical Society; American Associa- 

tion for the Advancement of Science; 
Catholic Club. Address: Loyola Col- 
lege, Baltimore, Md. 

BRADY, Paul T.: 

Financier; b. September 3, 1856, at 
Cooperstown, N. Y.; s. of James and 
Sabrina Brady; ed. in public schools; 
m. April 24, 1878, Sarah, d. of Patrick 
Begley. Representative of Westinghouse 
Electric and Mfg. Co. for 17 years (1893 
-1910) ; Manager, Southern District, 
Bell Telephone Co., N. Y., 1882-90; of 
Thomson-Houston Co., 1890-92. Man- 
ager and treasurer. Central Thomson- 
Houston Co., Cincinnati, and district 
manager. General Electric Co., 1892- 
1904 (Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and 
New York State District offices ) . Direc- 
tor Niagara, Lockport & Ontario Power 
Co.; Bank of Discount. Director and 
treasurer Archbold-Brady Co.; vice-pres- 
ident and director South Shore Traction 
Co., Corning Gas and Electric Co., and 
Eagle Falls Power Co. Member Amer- 
ican Institute of Electrical Engineers; 
Chamber of Commerce of Syracuse. 
Member, Knights of Columbus. Clubs: 
Catholic; Lawyers; Transportation; City 
Lui^ch; Republican. Address: 165 
Broadway, New York City; Residence, 
Palisade, N. J. 

BRANN, Rt. Rev. Monsignor Henry 
Athanasius : 

Author, rector of St. Agnes' Church, 
New York; b. in Parkstown, County 
Meath, Ireland, August 15, 1837, of a 
family who bear one of the oldest Celtic 
names in Ireland; ed. in public and 
parochial schools, and St. Francis Xavier 
College, New York (A.B.; A.M.; LL.D.). 
Studied in American College, Rome 
(D.D.) ; St. John's College, Fordham, 


N. Y. (LL.D.) ; and Seton Hall, South 
Orange, N. J. (LL.D.). Vice President 
of Seton Hall and Director of the Sem- 
inary for two years. Author of Curious 
Questions, published in Newark, N. J.; 
Faith and Error; Life of Archbishop 
Hughes; Age of Unreason. Contributor 
to New York Quarterly Review, Catholic 
World, Messenger, and the Rosary. 
Club: Union League, New York. Ad- 
dress: 141 East Forty-third St., New 
York City. 

BRANNICK, Lawrence: 

Journalist; b. May 24, 1874, at Scar- 
dene, County Mayo, Ireland; ed. St. 
Jarlath's College, Tuam and Maynooth 
Colleges; B.A. (1907) from the Uni- 
versity of Southern California. Contrib- 
utor, to papers and magazines, of poems, 
short stories, etc. Especially interested 
in study and perpetuation of Gaelic lan- 
guage; when Father Growney, the dis- 
tinguished modern exponent of the 
Gaelic, died in Los Angeles, Mr. Bran- 
nick was unanimously chosen to convey 
his honored remains back to Ireland. 
Address: Station K, Los Angeles, Cal. 

BRANNIGAN, Hon. Frank A.: 

Commissioner to the Philippines; b. 
in Ohio; is a lawyer by profession, and 
occupied for many years most respon- 
sible positions at Washington in the 
Department of Justice and also in the 
State Department; served in the Attor- 
ney General's office, under President 
Taft; sent to the Philippines at the 
urgent request of the President (who 
was then Secretary) ; treasurer of the 
Philippine Islands since 1901, and it is 
to him that the islands owe their ex- 
cellent financial system, he having been 
appointed by the late President Mc- 

Kinley to establish the fiscal system 
under which the finances of the Islands 
are governed. M. Madge Lamb of Al- 
bany, N. Y. Mr. Brannigan has always 
taken an active part in Catholic mat- 
ters and has the friendship and confi- 
dence of the Church authorities in the 
Philippines. Address: Manila, P. I. 

BREAUX, Joseph A.: 

Jurist; b. 1838; ed. in the country and 
boarding schools of Louisiana, the Uni- 
versity of Louisiana, and Georgetown 
College, Kentucky; m. Marie Eugenie 
Mille; has been a Judge in Louisiana 
since 1890; compiler of several books, 
and has written articles for magazines 
and newspapers. Address: 1728 Canal 
St., New Orleans, La. 

BREEN, Rev. Aloysins A., S.J.: 

President of Saint Marys College. 
St. Marys, Kan. ; b. September 1, 1867, in 
Chicago, 111.; s. of Patrick and Mary 
(Tehan) Breen; has been President of 
St. Marys College since February 10, 
1907. Address: St. Marys, Kan. 

BREEN, William P.: 

Lawyer; b. February 13, 1859, Terre 
Haute, Ind.; m. Odelia Phillips; ed. 
parochial school of Cathedral in Fort 
Wayne, Ind. and at University of Notre 
Dame, receiving the degree of A.B. from 
the latter institution in 1877, that of 
A.M. in 1879, and LL.D. in 1902; served 
as President of the State Bar Associa- 
tion of Indiana in 1904, and is now 
Treasurer of the Catholic Church Ex- 
tension Society. Club: Catholic (New 
York City). Address: Fort Wayne, Ind. 

BREGY, Miss Katherine Marie Cornelia: 

B. May 29, 1882, Philadelphia, Pa.; 

d. of Hon. F. Am6d6e Br6gy, Judge 



C. C. p. No. 1, Philadelphia J graduated 
from Philadelphia Seminary in June, 
1899, and took special and post-graduate 
courses in English literature, etc., at 
the University of Pennsylvania; con- 
tributor to the Catholic World, the 
Rosary Magazine, etc.; is at present 
preparing a volume of collected Essays, 
to appear next year; entered the Church 
May 27, 1904. Address: 2033 North 
Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

BRENNAN, Rev. Edward Joseph: 

Chaplain, United States Navy; b. Sep- 
tember 28, 1867, New Haven, Conn.; ed. 
New Haven Public Schools, St. Charles' 
College, Ellicott City, Md. (degree of 
A.B., 1889); and at St. Mary's Sem- 
inary, Baltimore, Md. (degrees of A.B. 
and A.M., 1893) ; is now serving as 
Chaplain in the United States Navy; 
contributor to The Magnificat and the 
Catholic Transcript; has traveled in Eu- 
rope, the West Indies, and on the Pacific 
Coast; is a member of the Knights of 
Columbus. Address: 9 Shelter St., New 
Haven, Conn. 

BRENNAN, James Prancis: 

B. March 31, 1853, in Peterborough, 
N. H. ; ed. common schools and academy 
of his native town, and at Maryland 
University, Baltimore (degree of LL.B., 
1884) ; is trustee of the State Library 
(New Hampshire) and a member of the 
State Board of Charities; author of 
many historical and controversial articles 
on Catholicism; contributor to Catholic 
magazines and New England newspapers ; 
has traveled extensively in the United 
States; is historiographer of the Ameri- 
can-Irish Historical Society, and has 
written a brochure to prove that the 
origin of the name Peterborough Is de- 

rived from the Christian name of the 
men who led the settlers from England 
and Ireland to America. Peter Pres- 
cott headed the emigrants who settled 
Peterborough, N. H., Peter Smith settled 
Peterborough, near Smithfield, N. Y., and 
Peter Robinson founded Peterborough, 
Ont., Canada. These places were first 
known as Peter's Borough. This der- 
ivation of the name seems more prob- 
able than that the settlers named the 
towns for the disreputable Earl of Peter- 
borough. Address: Peterborough, N. H. 

BRENNAN, Julia Agnes (Sullivan) : 

Poet; b. June 17, 1865, at Elba, Mich.; 
ed. Country Schools, Hadley High School, 
and Michigan State Normal College, from 
which she graduated in 1888; graduated 
Detroit School of Elocution and English 
Literature, 1897; m. Thomas B. Bren- 
nan. Instructor in public schools of 
Detroit, 1895-1905. Author of My 
Christmas Candle and Other Poems (R. 
R. Donnelly, 1910) ; contributor to New 
World; The Catholic Sun; Donahoe's; 
and Michigan Catholic. Traveled in Eu- 
rope, visiting Ireland, England, France, 
Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Holland, 
and Belgium. Member (President, 1910) 
Western Catholic Writers' Guild, Chi- 
cago. Address: 3557 Vincennes Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

BRENNAN, William: 

Jurist; b. in Kilkenny County, Ire- 
land, and at an early age became a resi- 
dent of Cheektowaga, N. Y., where he 
attended the district schools and subse- 
quently St. Joseph's College, Buffalo; 
served for sixteen years as a justice of 
the peace, and during two years of this 
period as judge of the Erie County 
Court of Sessions; was a member of the 



vmage board of trustees for several 
years, held the office of jailor at one 
time, and has often served as a delegate 
to party conventions; m. Rosanna Fer- 
guson in 1872; is a member of the 
Knights of Columbus, the Knights of 
Equity, and the Catholic Mutual Bene- 
fit Association. Judge Brennan has for 
many years been engaged in the dairy 
business at Cheektowaga. Address: 
Cheektowaga, N. Y. 

BRENNAN, William, Jr.: 

Attorney- at-law; b. August 12, 1876, 
at Cheektowaga, Erie County, N. Y.; 
s. of William and Rosanna (Ferguson) 
Brennan; ed. in the public and at St. 
Agnes' Parochial schools; St. Joseph's 
College, Buffalo; Canisius College, Buf- 
falo, N. Y. (degree of A.B., 1898) ; and 
at the University of Buffalo (degree of 
LL.B., 1900) ; has served as Corporation 
Counsel for the Town of Cheektowaga, 
N. Y., since 1908; is a member of the 
Knights of Columbus, the Erie County 
Bar Association, and the Modem Wood- 
men of America. Clubs: Marquette; 
Lawyers. Address: 85 West Eagle St., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

BRENT, Duncan K.: 

Counsel for the Baltimore and Ohio 
Railroad Company in Baltimore, Md.; 
b. October 9, 1877, in New Orleans, La.; 
s. of Joseph L. and Rosella K. Brent; 
went to Baltimore in 1889; graduated 
from Johns Hopkins University (A.B., 
1898), and afterwards studied law at 
the University of Maryland; was ad- 
mitted to the Bar in Baltimore. M. De- 
cember 6, 1900, Hally C, daughter of 
Thomas R. and Hally (Carrington) 
Brown. Address: Ruxton, Md. 

BRENT, Mrs. Joseph: 

D. of Duncan F. and Nanine (Brui- 
gier) Kenne; b. April, 1848, in New 
Orleans, La.; m. Joseph L. Brent, of 
Southern Maryland, who died in 1905. 
Mr. Brent was a distinguished member 
of the Baltimore Bar. Address: 916 St. 
Paul St., Baltimore, Md. 

BRETT. Rev. William P., S.J.: 

B. on November 26, 1852, Boston, 
Mass.; ed. Boston Primary, Grammar, 
and Latin Schools, Boston College, and 
Woodstock College, Maryland; entered 
the Society of Jesus, June 24, 1871; pro- 
fessor of Latin and Greek, Holy Cross 
College, Worcester, Mass., 1877-78, and 
professor of Physics and Chemistry at 
the same College from 1878 to 1882; 
professor of Scholastic Philosophy at 
Woodstock College, Md., 1889-91, and 
professor of Dogmatic Theology (Wood- 
stock) from 1891 to 1896; vice-president 
of Georgetown College, Washington, D. 
C, 1896-97; vice-president of St. Jo- 
seph's College, Philadelphia, Pa., 1897- 
98; prefect of schools, St. Joseph's Col- 
lege, 1898-99; professor of Scholastic 
Philosophy at Loyola College, Baltimore, 
Md., 1899 to 1900; Rector of Loyola 
College, 1900-01; Rector of Woodstock 
College, Md., 1901-07; professor of 
Ethics and Political Economy, Boston 
College, Mass., 1907. Address: Boston 
College, 761 Harrison Ave., Boston, Mass. 

BRIEN, Augustns A. E.: 

Physician; b. October 10, 1859, at St. 
Simon of Bagot, Province of Quebec, 
Canada; ancestors sailed from France 
with De Champlain to Canada (1604), 
and were prominent in the colonial wars ; 
maternal grandfather served as captain 
in the War of 1812; ed. in the primary 



schools of his native town; St. Hya- 
cinthe CJollege and Jacques Cartier Nor- 
mal, Montreal, P. Q.; Victoria Medical 
College, Cobourg, Ont. (M.D. and CM., 
1883); and Laval University; m. in 
1888 to H61oise Langelier. Town physi- 
cian of Pembroke and AUenstown, N. 
H., for five years; is now G6n6ral Prfei- 
dent of the Association Canado-Am6ri- 
caine, a mutual order of over 16,000 
members. Member, Society Historique 
Franco- Am^ricaine. Clubs: Joliet (Man- 
chester, N. H.) ; Lac des Grandes Bales 
(P. Q.). Address: 136 Myrtle St., Man- 
chester, N. H. 

BRINKMEYER, Rev. Henry: 

B. March 16, 1854, in Cincinnati, Ohio ; 
8. of Joseph and Mary Brinkmeyer; ed. 
at St. Paul's parochial school; graduated 
from St. Xavier's College in 1874 with 
high honors, received the degree of A.B.; 
entered the Grand Seminary of Montreal, 
Sulpician Order, where he was ordained; 
celebrated his first Mass at St. Paul's 
Church, Cincinnati, Ohio; became as- 
sistant pastor at Xenia, Ohio, and then 
pastor at Carthage, where he seriously 
impaired his health laboring among the 
poor, and in outside missions; was the 
first Chaplain appointed for the Sisters 
of the Good Shepherd, Carthage; served 
as assistant pastor at Morrow, Ohio, and 
as pastor at Lebanon, with charge of 
missions; became member of the faculty 
of Mt. St. Mary's Seminary of the West 
during the administration of the Rev. 
Fr. Byrne (now Bishop of Nashville) 
and was Professor of Moral Theology 
and Philosophy for three years; pastor 
at Wyoming, Ohio, two years, after which 
he was appointed Hector of St. Gregory's 
Preparatory Seminary, succeeding the 
Rev. Father Albrinck; appointed Censor 

for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati by 
Archbishop Moeller about 1907, and 
served several years; author of Lover of 
Souls, a series of conferences on the 
Sacred Heart, which is now in its second 
edition; contributor to the secular and 
religious press. Ecclesiastical Review, 
etc. As an educator. Father Brinkmeyer 
stands in the first rank. Address: Mt. 
St. Mary's Convent, Price Hill, Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 

BRISTED, Charles Aster: 

B. May 24, 1869, in New York City; 
ancestry Anglican on one side, Unitarian 
on the other; ed. Collegio Nazareno, 
Rome; Stonyhurst, England; Trinity 
College, Cambridge (England) ; received 
degree of Licenza Ginnasiale, Rome, 
1885; certificate (philosophy) Stony- 
hurst, 1889; LL.B., Cambridge, 1893; 
m. Mary Rosa Donnelly; conditionally 
rebaptized, 1875. Clubs: Knickerbocker; 
University; Catholic (New York) ; 
Scacchi ( Rome ) . Address : Lenox, Mass. 

:6R0I)ERIGE, James Andrew: 

Lawyer; b. October 27, 1867, Man- 
chester, N. H.; grandson of John Byrnes, 
who led the pioneers sent by Bishop Fen- 
wick to establish the Catholic Colony at 
Benedicta, Me., about 1830 (this is the 
only wholly Catholic settlement in New 
England) ; m. Alice Teresa Fitzpatrick, 
granddaughter of Dr. John Fitzpatrick, 
an Irish patriot and veteran of the 
Carlist insurrection 'in Spain, and of 
Lucy (Frost) an English Tractarian con- 
vert to the Catholic Church; ed. at Park 
St. Grammar School, Manchester, N. H.; 
a member of the bar of the State of New 
Hampshire ; manager of " The Guidon," 
the ofiicial organ of the Diocese of New 
Hampshire, for five years. Mr. Brod- 



erick founded the Knights of Columbus 
Club House, which has since developed 
into the leading Catholic social center of 
the city. Member: ICnights of Colum- 
bus; Ancient Order of Hibernians. Ad- 
dress: 27 Opera Block, Manchester, N. 

BRODEXTB, Hon. Louis Philippe: 

Canadian Minister of Marine and Fish- 
eries; b. 1862, in the Province of Que- 
bec ; s. of Toussaint Brodeur, " patriot 
of 1837," and Justine Lambert; ed. at 
the College of St. Hyacinths and Laval 
University (LKD.) ; called to Quebec 
Bar, 1884; K.C., 1889; sat for Rouville 
in Federal Parliament since 1891; editor 
Le Soir, 1896; Deputy Speaker House of 
Commons, 1896; Speaker, 1900; entered 
Cabinet, 1904, as Minister of Inland Rev- 
enue. His administration of that De- 
partment was most successful, and the 
legislation he introduced against the To- 
bacco Trust met with approval in both 
Canada and America. Called upon, in 
1906, to take charge of the Marine and 
Fisheries Department; a representative 
of Canada to the Imperial Conference of 
1907 ; negotiated in that year the Franco- 
Canadian Treaty, the first Treaty to be 
negotiated exclusively between Canada 
and a foreign country; Canadian dele- 
gate to the subsidiary Conference of 
1909 to discuss the establishment of a 
Canadian Navy. He has successfully 
carried out the widening and dredging 
of the whole channel of the St. Law- 
rence, the compilation of International 
Fishery regulations between Canada and 
American territories, and the splendid 
outfitting of the Harbor of Montreal; 
has placed in England a contract for the 
largest ice-breaking steamer yet made, in 
order to maintain constant winter com- 

munication between Prince Edward 
Island and the mainland. M. Emma, 
daughter of J. R. Brillon, a Notary of 
Beloeil. Address: Ottawa, Ont., Canada, 

BRODHEAD, Mrs. Jessie (Willis) : 

B. New York City; d. of the late Rich- 
ard Storrs and Jessie (Cairns) Willis; 
niece of N. P. Willis and " Fanny Fern "; 
ed. Detroit Sacred Heart Convent; Sev- 
enteenth St. Convent, New York City, 
Manhattanville, N. Y.; Orleans, France; 
Jette, Belgium; served as president of 
the Italian Mission Association of De- 
troit from 1908 to 1910; contributor to 
the Catholic World, New York; the 
Sacred Heart Review, Boston; Detroit 
Church Calendar; and Catholic Truth, 
Chicago; traveled in Europe for four 
years; entered the Church in 1864. Her 
father was also a convert, through the 
instrumentality of his second wife (n6e 
Alexandrine Sheldon Campau, of an old 
and distinguished Detroit family), and 
was baptized in New York a few years 
prior to the baptism of his then little 
daughter. He was an author, a poet, and 
composer. Mrs. Brodhead's writing has 
been very desultory, and she has never 
made a collection of her work, but at 
the request of the Rev. T. E. Sherman, 
S.J., she is at present engaged upon a 
devotional Life of Christ. Member of 
the Daughters of the American Revolu- 
tion. M. John T. Brodhead, a navy 
officer. Address: 597 Jefferson Ave., De- 
troit, Mich. 

BROILEY, Hon. Thomas W.: 

Member of the Indiana State Legisla- 
ture; b. February 10, 1854, in Newport, 
Ky. ; ed. at St. Mary's and the common 
schools; is joint representative for the 
Jennings & Scott Co., Indiana; has 



worked on behalf of the common people, 
in the House of Representatives. Mem- 
ber of the Knights of Columbus. Ad- 
dress: North Vernon, Ind. 

BRONSGEEST, Rt. Rev. Alphonsc, V.G.: 
Prothonotaiy Apostolic, rector of St. 
Peter's, The Dalles, Ore. Entered the 
Oregon missionary field in 1876, and the 
next year began his work in Eastern 
Oregon when the country had very few 
settlers. During his pastorate at Canyon 
City, he conducted a parochial school 
without assistance. In 1881, made pas- 
tor of The Dalles and adjacent missions, 
covering two large counties. His posi- 
tion at the gateway to the vast unsettled 
region of Central Oregon brought him 
into contact with the immigrants enter- 
ing this territory. Built five churches 
in his missions, which he visited on horse- 
back or by buckboard throughout a quar- 
ter century. In 1908 was made Vicar- 
General of the Baker City Diocese, and 
was invested as Domestic Prelate, April 
15, 1910. Address: The Dalles, Ore. 


General Manager of Copper Queen 
Mining Co.; b. 1867, in Chicago, 111. 
Address: Bisbee, Ariz. 

BROSNAHAN, Rev. Timotliy, S.J.: 

B. January 8, 1856, at Alexandria, 
Va.; ed. at private and parochial schools, 
and at Gonzaga College, Washington, D. 
C; entered Society of Jesus August 21, 
1872; novice, two years; studied litera- 
ture, two years at Frederick, Md.; phi- 
losophy, mathematics, and natural sci- 
ences for three years at Woodstock Col- 
lege, Md.; theology for four years at 
Woodstock College, Md.; and was or- 
dained priest in 1887; served as pro- 

fessor in Boston College, Georgetown Col- 
lege, and Woodstock College; president 
of Boston College from 1892 to 1898; is 
now serving as professor of Ethics and 
prefect of Studies in Woodstock College; 
contributor to the Messenger, American 
Catholic Quarterly, and Donahoe's Mag- 
azine; author of pamphlets: "President 
Eliot and Jesuit Colleges"; "The Bac- 
calaureate in Harvard College and Bos- 
ton College." Address: Woodstock Col- 
lege, Woodstock, Md. 

BROSSART, Very Rev. Ferdinand: 

B. October 19, 1849, ~ at Buechelberg, 
in Rhenish Bavaria; parents emigrated 
to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1851; ed. at St. 
Michael's School, Cincinnati, until 1860; 
a country parish school in Kentucky; 
St. Francis of Assisi College, Cincin- 
nati; Mt. St. Mary's Seminary of the 
West; completed his philosophical and 
theological course at Louvain, Belgium. 
Ordained priest September 1, 1872 and 
made Pastor of Cynthiana, Ky.; trans- 
ferred to St. Pius' Parish in Scott Co., 
Ky., 1875, thence to Paris in Bourbon 
County, 1876; and to the pastorate of 
St. Paul's of Lexington, November, 1878; 
made Vicar-General of the Diocese of 
Covington, Ky., by the Rt. Rev. Bishop 
C. P. Maes and Rector of the Ca- 
thedral since July, 1888; wiped out the 
heavy debt on the Cathedral parish and 
is now erecting the new Cathedral of 
Covington. Has translated the dis- 
courses of the Rev. Father Henry Denifle, 
the sub-archivist of the Vatican, on 
" Humanity " ; has contributed to the 
Ecclesiastical Review; edited the Ca- 
thedral Chimes for two years; has trav- 
eled through Europe at various times. 
Vice-President of the Park Commission- 
ers of Covington; member of the Na- 




tional Civic Federation. Address: 15 
East Twelfth St, Covington^ Ky. 

BBOUSSARD, Robert F.: 

Congressman; b. August 17, 1864, near 
New Iberia, La.; ed. Georgetown Uni- 
versity, Washington, D. C, and Tulane 
University, New Orleans, La.j elected 
to the Fifty-fifth, Fifty-sixth, Fifty-sev- 
enth, Fifty-eighth, and Fifty-ninth Con- 
gresses, and re-elected to the Sixtieth 
Congress. Address : New Iberia, La. 

BROWER, Daniel Roberts: 

Physician; b. 1839, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
graduated from Polytechnic College, 
Philadelphia, receiving degree of M.S. in 
1860; also M.D. at University of George- 
town in 1864, and A.M. at Wabash Col- 
lege; LL.D. at Georgetown, Kenyon Col- 
lege, and St. Ignatius College, Chicago, 
111. In 1864 he was assistant surgeon 
in the United States Volunteers; is pro- 
fessor of Nervous and Mental Diseases 
at Rush Medical College, Chicago, also 
professor of Nervous Diseases at the 
Post-Graduate School. Author of nu- 
merous monographs and text books on in- 
sanity. Address: 597 Jackson Blvd., 

BROWN, Edward Osgood: 

Jurist; b. Salem, Mass.; ed. public 
schools of Salem, including the Salem 
High School; Brown University, Provi- 
dence, R. I.; Harvard University; re- 
ceived degree of A.B. from Brown Uni- 
versity; served as Judge of the Circuit 
Court of Cook County, 1903-09; Justice 
of the Appellate Court of the First Dis- 
trict of Illinois, 1904-09; author of 
various economical and historical essays 
and addresses; entered the Church in 
1869; m. Helen Gertrude Eagle, niece of 

Rev. Walter Elliott, C.S.P. Judge 
Brown, himself, comes of English and 
Puritan stock, his ancestors settling in 
New ]EJngland in the Seventeenth Cen- 
tury. Member of the Knights of Co- 
lumbus. Club: University. Address: 
1216 North State St., Chicago, 111. 

BROWNE, Jennie Nicholson: 

Physician; b. Jan. 20, 1876, in Balti- 
more, Md. ; descendant of Thomas Smyth, 
member of the Council of Safety, 1775, 
and of Richard Bennet, Governor of Vir- 
ginia; received early education at Bryn 
Mawr College, Pa.; and at the Women's 
Medical College of Baltimore; degree of 
A.B. from Bryn Mawr College (1898), 
and that of M.D. from the Woman's 
Medical College, Baltimore (1902); 
served as professor of Physiology in the 
Woman's Medical College, from 1902 to 
1907; physician to the Supervisors of 
City Charities, 1903 to 1909; medical 
examiner for the Catholic Women's Be- 
nevolent Legion and for the Ladies of the 
Maccabees; traveled in the Holy Land 
and Egypt in 1909; is a memiber of The 
American Medical Association; Medical 
and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland; 
College Club; Daughters of the Ameri- 
can Revolution; and Social Service Club. 
Address: 510 Park Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

BROWNE, Mary Nicholson: 

Physician; b. Nov. 20, 1879, in Balti- 
more, Md.; ed. Bryn Mawr College, Pa.; 
Convent de I'Assomption, Paris; Frati- 
lein Grain Schule, Berlin; and Woman's 
Medical College, Baltimore; received de- 
gree of A.B. from Bryn Mawr College 
in 1899, and that of M.D. from the 
Woman's Medical College in 1902; has 
been actively engaged in the practice of 
medicine since graduation; served as 



Demonstrator of Obstetrics and Chief of 
Clinic in Gj^necology, Woman's Medical 
College, 1902 to 1905; Clinician in 
Gynecology at Johns Hopkins Hospital, 
1902-04; Obstetrician to Evening Dis- 
pensary, 1906 to 1908; traveled through 
Europe in 1897. Member of the Colonial 
Dames of America; of the Equal Suf- 
frage League, the College Club of Bal- 
timore, and the Bryn Mawr College Club. 
Address: 510 Park Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

BROWNE, Mrs. Peter Arrell: 

D. of Thomas Parkin and Julianna M. 
Scott, of Baltimore; b. April 14, 1834; 
ed. at Mt. St. Joseph's College, Emmits- 
burg; in October, 1860, married Peter 
Arrell Browne, Jr., s. of Peter Arrell 
and Harriet (Harper) Browne, of Phila- 
delphia, going to that city to live; came 
to Baltimore in 1861. Mr. Browne was 
a member of the Baltimore and Mary- 
land Bars, and was Auditor of the Su- 
perior Court of Baltimore City until his 
death, in 1878. Mrs. Browne's father, 
Hon. Thomas Parkin Scott, was Chief 
Judge of the Supreme Bench of Balti- 
more City, and her grandfather, Hon. 
John Scott, was Judge of the ancient 
Court of Oyer & Terminer, now abolished. 
Judge Thomas Parkin Scott was a mem- 
ber of the Maryland Legislature in 1861, 
and was imprisoned by the Union author- 
ities, along with other members, for his 
refusal to take the oath of allegiance to 
the United States; was released after 
fourteen months, and disbarred on that 
account. Despite his refusal to take the 
oath, so great was his popularity, that 
he was elected judge, over the strongest 
opponent that could be found to run 
against him; he remained on the Bench 
until his death. Among his ancestors 
were many who fought in the War of 

the Revolution, and interesting relics of 
those warlike times are still in possession 
of the family. Mrs. Browne can trace 
her descent from the Duke of Buccleugh 
of Scotland. Address: 1603 St. Paul St., 
Baltimore, Md. 

BROWNE, Valentine: 

Physician; b. September 26, 1833, at 
Newmarket, County Cork, Ireland; s. 
of Valentine and Julia (Godsill) 
Browne; youngest of twelve sons; re- 
lated to the family of the Earl of Kil- 
dare, the name of the present Earl be- 
ing Valentine Browne; ed. University 
of New York (M.D., 1870) ; m. Novem- 
ber, 1869, Frances, daughter of Dr. and 
Mrs. Luke O'Reilly of New York, mem- 
ber of an old Irish family distinguished 
in the professions and in the Church. 
Surgeon of Ninety-fifth Regiment, New 
York State Militia; Health Officer of 
Yonkers, N. Y. for 18 years; President, 
Board of Health, 5 years. Organizer of 
the Staff of St. Joseph's Hospital, Yonk- 
ers; Consulting Physician to Hospital. 
Member of Staff, St. John's Riverside 
Hospital, 3 years; Physician to Mt. St. 
Vincent on-the-Hudson, New York City, 
35 years; Physician to St. Joseph's 
Diocesan Seminary, to St. Clare's School, 
etc. Well known as an authority on 
hygiene; author of a volume entitled 
School Hygiene; contributor to leading 
medical journals. Member Board of Ed- 
ucation, Yonkers, and during his un- 
usually long connection with same, orig- 
inated and instigated many public im- 
provements in the City of Yonkers; in- 
strumental in introducing physicians and 
nurses into Yonkers Public Schools. 
For several years member of Catholic 
Club, New York City; ex-President St. 
Vincent de Paul Society, Yonkers Coun- 





^U. Member Jenkins, American, and 
Westchester County Medical Associa- 
tions; Sanitary League of Yonkers. Ad- 
dress: 106 Ashburton Ave., Yonkers, N. 

BROWNSON, Henry F.: 

Lawyer; b. August, 1835, Canton, 
Mass.; s. of the late Orestes Brownson; 
m. Josephine Van Dyke, daughter of 
James A. Van Dyke of Detroit; ed. Holy 
Cross College, Worcester, Mass., was ad- 
mitted to the bar in 1856; joined the 
Union Army in 1860, remaining with 
the Army until 1870, when he retired 
with rank of Major; afterwards prac- 
ticed law in Detroit; has edited the 
works of his father. Address: 243 East 
Lamed St., Detroit, Mich. 

BBUGE, William Creorge: 

Secretary of the Merchants and Manu- 
facturers Association of Milwaukee; b. 
March 17, 1856, in Milwaukee, Wis.; 
ed. common schools of Milwaukee; m. 
Monica Moehring, May 4, 1881. Is pub- 
lisher of the American School Board 
Journal; a director of the German- 
American Bank; a director of the John- 
son Service Co.; a director of the Wis- 
consin National Life Insurance Co.; a 
director of the Wisconsin National Loan 
and Building Association, all of Mil- 
waukee. Regent of Marquette Univer- 
sity; member of the Milwaukee School 
Board, 1890-95; tax commissioner of the 
City of Milwaukee, 1903-07. In 1907, 
Mr. Bruce was elected secretary of the 
Merchants and Manufacturers Associa- 
tion of Milwaukee. Author of Bruce's 
Manual on School Architecture and 
Bruce's Manual on School Administra- 
tion; has written and lectured a great 
deal on taxation and school administra- 

tion, and has also written on various 
economic topics. Made an extended tour 
of Europe some years ago. Is a member 
of the Knights of Columbus. Clubs: 
Milwaukee Athletic; Jefferson, and 
others. Address: Milwaukee, Wis. 

BRUEHL, Rev. Charles Panl: 

B. May 8, 1876, in Herdorf, on the his- 
toric banks of the Rhine; came to Amer- 
ica with his parents at an early age, and 
received his preliminary education in the 
parochial and public schools of Pensa- 
cola, Fla., and Cleveland, Ohio, after- 
wards pursuing his classical studies in 
Germany; entered the Seminary of St. 
Charles, Overbrook, Philadelphia, and af- 
ter his ordination to the priesthood, took 
a post graduate course at the Univer- 
sities of Muenster and Louvain, Bel- 
gium, receiving the degree of Ph.D. from 
the latter institution in 1904. For a 
time Dr. Bruehl wsis stationed in Lon- 
don, where he was connected with St. 
Boniface's Church, in the ill-famed 
Whitechapel district. It was there that 
he continued the noble work of the 
Prince Max, of Saxony, who was his 
predecessor, devoting himself to the up- 
lift of the lower classes. Later he worked 
for the same purpose in Glasgow, Scot- 
land. His varied experiences he em- 
bodied in a little volume entitled: 
" Meine Reise nach Schottland," pub- 
lished by Ostendorf, Muenster, 1904. In 
this book he gives some valuable sug^ 
gestions concerning rescue work. He has 
also contributed book reviews and ar- 
ticles to the Ecclesiastical Review, the 
Homiletic Monthly, the Educational Re- 
view, and the Salesianum. In 1908 he 
was appointed assistant at St. Ignatius 
Church, Philadelphia. He soon became 
identified with the social movement. 



taken up there by the Catholic societies. 
In September, 1909, he was called to 
teach Dogmatic Theology at St. Francis 
Seminary, Milwaukee. Address: St. 
Francis, Wis. 

BRUNEATJ, Rev. Joseph, S.S.: 

B. April 18, 1866, at Lyons, France; 
ed, Lyons and Paris Seminaries; Lyons 
and Paris Universities; Paris Catholic 
University, from which he received the 
degree of S.T.L. in 1889; and St. Mary's 
University, Baltimore, Md. (degree of 
D.D. in 1905 ) ; is now serving as Pro- 
fessor of Dogmatic Theology at St. 
Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, Md. Au- 
thor of Harmony of the Gospels (New 
York, 1898) ; contributor to Revue Bib- 
lique; American Ecclesiastical Review; 
and Catholic University Bulletin. Ad- 
dress: St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, 

BRTTNOWE, Marion J.: 

Author; b. October 14, 1873, New York 
City; comes of distinguished ancestry, 
her maternal great grandfather, named 
O'Reilly, having been famous as a con- 
sulting surgeon and physician in Carrick- 
Macrosse, near Dublin; her grandfather, 
Luke O'Reilly, M.D., graduate of the 
University of Edinburgh, was one of 
New York City's pioneer Catholics of 
prominence, and one of the first par- 
ishioners and pew holders in the old St. 
Francis Xavier^s Church, New York; one 
great uncle was president of the Uni- 
versity of Salamanaca, Spain, while an- 
other was at one time Governor-General 
of Cuba. Miss Brunowe's mother, b. 
Frances B. O'Reilly, was a graduate of 
the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Eden 
Hall, near Philadelphia, and a woman of 

pronounced literary and artistic tastes, 
who fostered in her children (of whom 
she had eleven) a taste for the best au- 
thors, reading to them from Scott, Dick- 
ens, Shakespeare, and other writers of 
note. Valentine Brown, Miss Bru- 
nowe's father, is a prominent physi- 
cian of Yonkers-on-Hudson, and a well 
known authority on hygiene, having for 
18 years held the position of President 
Board of Health, Yonkers, and author 
of several brochures on medical and 
hygienic subjects; physician to St. Jo- 
seph's Diocesan Seminary, Yonkers, N. 
Y., and for thirty-five years physician 
to the Academy, Mount St. Vincent-on- 
Hudson, New York City. Miss Brunowe 
was educated at the Academy Mount St. 
Vincent-on-Hudson and was one of the 
pioneers in the Catholic Juvenile Litera- 
ture movement; served as president of a 
Catholic Charity Society (which she or- 
ganized) for four years; author: Seven 
of Us (P. J. Kenedy, New York City) ; 
A Lucky Family (A. Riffarth, New 
York) ; The Ghost of Our School (H. 
L. Kilner, Philadelphia, Pa.) ; The 
Sealed Packet (H. L. Kilner, Phila- 
delphia) ; Daughter of Sears (Herder, 
St. Louis) ; Pearls From Faber (Ben- 
ziger Bros., New York) ; The Madcap 
Set at St. Anne's (Benziger Bros., New 
York) ; The New Scholar at St. Anne*s 
(Benziger Bros.) ; A Famous Convent 
School (Meany Co., New York) ; also 
Short Stories, Ethel's Pay-Back, and Her 
Maid of Honor, all published by C. Wil- 
dermann & Co., New York; The Girl- 
hood of Our Lady (Cathedral Library 
Publishing Co., New York) ; was men- 
tioned as one of the most popular au- 
thors, in New York City Public Li- 
braries in list of 80 authors of all kinds. 


voted for by juvenile readers of the 
Metropolis; has also contributed to 
various magazines, such as The Circle, 
Ave IVIaria, New York Herald, Catholic 
World, St. Nicholas, Donahoe's, Children, 
Providence, Benziger's Magazine, Benzd- 
ger's Annual, Mosher's Magazine, Rosary 
Magazine; was at one time assistant ed- 
itor of Mosher's Magazine; has traveled 
in this country and in Canada, and has a 
passion for outdoor life, and especially 
for the sea; is a member of the West- 
chester County Alms House Visiting 
Committee; Charity Organization So- 
ciety; Sanitary League, Yonkers, N. Y.; 
Civic League, Yonkers; Board of Gov- 
ernors, " Prospect House Social Settle- 
ment," Yonkers, N. Y. Address: 106 
Ashburton Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

BRUNS, Very Rev. Frederick John: 

Rector of St. Mary's Church, Alton, 
Iowa; b. December 9, 1856, in Neuen- 
kirchen, Oldenburg, Grermany; attended 
the parish school in Grermany, and came 
to America on April 8, 1870; studied at 
St. Joseph's College, Dubuque, Iowa; St. 
Francis Seminary, near Milwaukee, 
Wis.; and at Lavalle University, Mon- 
treal, Canada (degree of Bachelor of 
Theology, June, 1884) ; General Presi- 
dent of the Catholic Mutual Protective 
Society of Iowa (1892 to 1904); Direc- 
tor of the Society, 1904 to date; is a 
great advocate of the Catholic Press, 
Catholic Education, and Catholic Socie- 
ties; published a small book on Mixed 
Marriages (in German), 1888; has been 
a frequent contributor to German and 
English Catholic papers; made a tour of 
Europe in 1900, visiting Germany, 
France, Italy, part of Spain, England, 
and Ireland. Address: St. Mary's 
Church, Alton, Iowa. 

BRUNS, Robert Martin: 

Physician; b. March 22, 1876, New 
Orleans, La.; ed. Dr. Dyer's Private 
School, Tulane University, University of 
Virginia, Johns Hopkins Medical School, 
University of Maryland, and Johns Hop- 
kins University; received degree of B.A. 
from the University of Virginia in 1896, 
and that of M.D. fron^i the Johns Hop- 
kins Medical School in June, 1902; resi- 
dent physician, Springfield State Hos- 
pital for the Insane from 1902 to 1904, 
and is instructor on Nervous Diseases 
and Insanity in the University of Mary- 
land; has been active in promoting State 
Care for the Insane, and has worked 
towards the abolition of County Alms- 
houses, etc. ; contributor to various maga- 
zines, and author of a small book of 
fiction entitled "The Outrajousphlirt "j 
has been abroad, studying at La Salp6- 
tri&re, Paris, for four months. Member 
of the Maryland Medical and Chirurgical 
Faculty; Baltimore City Medical So- 
ciety; Maryland Psychiatric Society; 
Greek Letter Fraternity, Phi Delta 
Theta. Clubs: University; Journalists*. 
Address : 1401 Park Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

BRYAN, Mrs. Anna Elizabeth (Semmes) : 
D. of the late Admiral Raphael Sem- 
mes, U.S.N. M. Charles Bailey Bryan. 
Member of the D. A. R., active in social 
and Catholic charitable work. Address: 
Memphis, Tenn. 

BUCHANAN, Mrs. Anna Elizabeth: 

B. 1836, in Trinity, Newfoundland; d. 
of the Rev. David and Elizabeth (Roper) 
Martin. Mr. Martin, a missionary sent 
out by the Church of England, labored 
for twenty-one years in the North of 
Newfoundland, acting as physician as 
well as minister to the people of that 



region. His wife was a direct descendant 
of Blessed Thomas More, who was 
martyred during the reign of King Henry 
the VIII, of England. Mrs. Buchanan 
was educated in private schools, and at 
Twickenham, England. For some years 
conducted a publication The Voice of 
the Deaf, for the deaf mutes of the 
Ephpheta School, Chicago, 111.; founded 
a mission in England. Contributor to 
the Catholic World, and Mosher's Maga- 
zine. Was converted to the Catholic 
Church April 15, 1878. Address: Tem- 
ple, Tex. 

BXrCEEY, ]^ev. Edward L.: 

Priest; b. in Georgetown, D. C; s. of 
the late Justice Buckey, of Washington, 
D. C; mother was a Quaker. Is de- 
scended from Colonial ancestors; ed. in 
private schools and George Washington 
(Columbian) University. Received the 
degree of B.S. from General Theological 
Seminary, New York; from 1887 to 1897 
was a clergyman of the Protestant Epis- 
copal Church; entered the Catholic 
Church on February 13, 1898; ordained 
to the priesthood May 1, 1901. Received 
the degrees of A.B. and B.D. from St. 
Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, Md. Is 
now stationed at St. Mathew's Church, 
Washington, D. C. Address: 1739 Rhode 
Island A\^., Washington, D. C. 

BUCKLEY, Edward William: 

Physician; b. April 12, 1860, in Wash- 
ington County, Minn. ; ed. in public High 
School, St. John's College, Prairie du 
Chien, Wis., and Holy Cross College, 
Worcester, Mass. Received degree of 
M.D. from Columbia College, New York, 
1888; m. Mary E. Kennedy, daughter of 
Martin F. Kennedy, of St. Paul, Minn. 
National physician to the Knights of 

Columbus, 1907; medical director. An- 
cient Order of Hibernians and the Ladies 
Auxiliary, Ancient Order of Hibernians, 
1894 to date. Member Supreme Med- 
ical Board, I. 0. F., 1893; resigned, 
1908. Address: Pittsburg Bldg., St. 
Paul, Minn. 

BU60, Miss Leila Hardin: 

Author; ed. Ursuline Academy, Arca- 
dia, Mo.; by private tutors, and pursued 
a special course in philosophy and mod- 
ern languages at Trinity College, Wash- 
ington. Author of The Correct Thing 
for Catholics, The Prodigal's Daughter, 
Correct English, The People of Our 
Parish, etc. Address: Wichita, Kan. 

BITHLER, Eugene F.: 

Merchant and financier; President of 
the Teutonia Bank and Trust Co., and of 
the Teutonia Loan and Building Associa- 
tion; b. 1840, in New Orleans, La.; ed. 
in private and public schools; engaged 
in the hardware business for several 
years, and then entered the banking and 
homestead business. Member of Ameri- 
can Legion of Honor; Knights of Co- 
lumbus; and other religious and educa- 
tional associations. Is connected with 
a number of financial, commercial, so- 
cial, and athletic societies and corpora- 
tions. Office: 712 Union St.; Residence, 
2343 Constance St., New Orleans, La. 

BULL, George Joseph: 

Physician and surgeon; b. in Hamil- 
ton, Ont., Canada. His great-grand- 
father, Joseph Bull, was an officer in the 
Prince of Wales' Feneible Infantry, a 
regiment raised in Leicestershire to put 
down the rebellion in Ireland, was cap- 
I tured by the French in Killala Bay in 
1798 and carried off to France. He pub- 



lished an interesting accotmt of his ad- 
ventures. Dr. Bull was educated at the 
High School, Montreal, Canada, and Mc- 
Gill University (M.D., CM., 1869); re- 
ceived the degree of M.D. in Paris, 1889; 
Ophthalmic Surgeon, Hertford British 
Hospital, Paris; m. in 1898, Susan Mon- 
tague Caldwell, daughter of Howard 
Hayne Caldwell, the poet (a convert to 
Catholicism), and granddaughter of 
James J. Caldwell, Chancellor of South 
Carolina; founder and President of the 
St. Genevieve's Club, Paris, for English 
speaking Catholics. Author of Lunettes 
et Pince-Nez (G. Masson, Paris, 1889); 
Pourquoi je suis devenu Catholique 
(LecoflFre, Paris, 1905) ; How I Became 
a Catholic (Catholic Truth Society, Lon- 
don, 1908). Contributor to Ophthal- 
mological magazines in England, the 
United States, France, Germany, and 
Spain. Entered the Catholic Church, 
July 25, 1892; published an account of 
his conversion in Some Roads to Rome 
in America (B. Herder, St. Louis, Mo., 
1909). Member of the French Society 
of Ophthalmology, The Ophthalmological 
Society of the United Kingdom, The Brit- 
ish Medical Association, The Heidelberg 
Society of Ophthalmology, etc. Address: 
4 rue de la Paix, Paris, France. 

BTTLLOCK, Emma Westcott: 

B. Massachus€tts ; ed. private schools 
of Massachusetts; widow of Jonathan 
Russell Bullock, former Judge of the 
United States Supreme Court in Rhode 
Island; traveled in England, Ireland, 
Scotland, and France in 1862; was re- 
ceived into the Catholic Church, in 
Bristol, R. L, on October 14, 1901. 
Member, and for several years. Cor- 
responding Secretary of " The National 
Society of Colonial Dames in the State 

of Rhode Island and Providence Planta- 
tions " ; Vice Governor-General, " Order 
of the Descendants of Colonial Govern- 
ors"; member, "Society of Mayflower 
Descendants in Massachusetts " ; " So- 
ciety of Mayflower Descendants in Rhode 
Island and Providence Plantations"; 
Hereditary Life Member of the " Na- 
tional Mary Washington Memorial Asso- 
ciation " ; Charter Member of the " Bris- 
tol, R. I. Daughters of the American 
Revolution," and was its first Regent. 
Address: Bristol, R. I. 

BITREATJ, Hon. Jacques, IL.B.: 

Advocate; s. of J. Napoleon Bureau, 
and Sophie Gingras, his wife, both 
French Canadians; b. at Three Rivera, 
Que., June 9, 1860; ed. at Nicolet Col- 
lege and Laval University (LL.B.). 
M., July 15, 1884, Ida Beliveau. First 
elected to House of Commons at general 
election, 1900; re-elected at general elec- 
tion, 1904; sworn as Solicitor-General 
of Canada, February 14, 1907; re-elected 
by acclamation, February 28, 1907. Ad- 
dress: Ottawa, Ont., Canada. 

BUEKE, Very Rer. Alfred, D.D., LL.D.: 

Author; b. September 8, 1862, in 
Georgetown, Prince Edward Island, Can- 
ada; descendant of the Burkes of Tip- 
perary, Ireland; ed. in public schools, 
Georgetown; St. Dunstan's College, and 
Laval University (LL.D.). Received 
all the degrees from B.A. to D.D. After 
ordination by Cardinal Taschereau in 
1885, was secretary to the Bishop of 
Charlottetown ; pastor of Alberton, P. B. 
L (1888) ; First President of the Cath- 
olic Church Extension Society of Can- 
ada ( 1908 ) . Has taken an active part 
in Church work and in every movement 
for the social and moral uplift of Can- 



ada; headed delegations from his Prov- 
ince on numerous occasions; elected to 
highest positions in social work by 
Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Con- 
tributor to all the Canadian publica- 
tions; author of numerous monographs; 
editor of the Catholic Register and 
Canadian Extension. Went to North- 
western States and the Pacific Coast, in 
1902, to study colonization schemes for 
the government of Canada. Member of 
the Canadian Forestry Society, the Do- 
minion Alliance, and Trustee of the 
Catholic Mutual Benefit Association. 
Address: 119 Wellington St., Toronto, 

BURKE, Mrs. B. Ellen (Burke): 

B. in 1850, at Helena, Lawrence 
County, N. Y., of Irish parentage; ed. 
in country schools, at a college prepara- 
tory academy, and the New York Nor- 
mal School, at Oswego, N. Y. ; m. Charles 
A. Burke, lawyer, of Malone, N. Y. In 
1896 organized Teaehers' Institutes for 
the instructors in Catholic schools. From 
the first the Archbishops and Bishops 
of the United States approved and en- 
couraged the work, and the Catholic 
teachers were brought together in large 
numbers from distant states and from 
nearly all the Teaching Orders. She 
had as assistants some of the ablest 
Catholic teachers in the country — thirty- 
two in all formed the faculty. In 
places where the attendance warranted 
and the Superiors desired, graded in- 
stitutes were held. In all cases the in- 
stitute was held under the auspices of 
the Ordinary of the Diocese. Large in- 
stitutes were held in New York City, 
in nearly every state in the United 
States, and later in Canada. She orig- 
inated improved methods of teaching in 

the Sunday Schools where the work was 
done chiefly by lay teachers. The sub- 
ject was taken up at the Catholic Sum- 
mer School, Cliff Haven, N. Y., where 
Christian Doctrine Conferences have been 
held nearly every season. Gave talks 
and lectures at the Catholic Summer 
School; Madison, Wis.; Detroit, Mich.; 
and at the Catholic Winter School, New 
Orleans; obliged, after four years, to dis- 
continue the work because of ill health, 
since which time she has only occasion- 
ally addressed the institutes. In 1889 
accepted the position of Editor for the 
Catholic publishers, D. H. McBride & 
Co. In January, 1900, appeared the first 
number of The Sunday Companion, a 
weekly publication for Catholic young 
people. Mrs. Burke remained its editor 
until, on the retirement of the Mc- 
Brides, she bought the paper, of which 
she is now owner and editor. In 1906, 
began publishing a Catholic monthly, 
The Helper, for parents and teachers. 
Joined in the great movement instituted 
in the Archdiocese of New York for the 
training of the laity to assist in teach- 
ing Christian Doctrine; taught the first 
" Method Class " and was the only 
teaciher for the first year — now the fac- 
ulty of this New York Normal School 
for Catechists, begun by Mrs. Burke, num- 
bers twenty-eight. Has written and com- 
piled a set of readers for Catholic 
Schools, and two geographies. Contrib- 
utor to her own and other periodicals. 
Address: The Sunday Companion, 234- 
235 Broadway, New York City. 

BURKE, Hon. Charles H.: 

B. April 1, 1861, in Genesee County, 
N. Y.; 8. of Walter and Sarah T. (Beck- 
with) Burke; ed. High School, Batavia, 
N. Y.; m. January 14, 1886, Caroline, 



s- daughter of Henry Schlosser; removed 

to South Dakota. Member of South 
Dakota Legislature, 1895 and 1897; 
member of Fifty-sixth, Fifty-seventh, 
Fifty-eighth, and Fifty-ninth Congresses, 
South Dakota; also member of Sixty- 
first Congress and renominated for Sixty- 
second. Chairman, Committee on In- 
dian Affairs, House of Representatives. 
Member of American Order of United 

HK Woodmen; Elks. Address: Pierre, S. D. 

BURKE, James Francis: 

Lawyer, member of Congress; b. Pe- 
troleum Center, Pa.; m. Josephine Scott 
Burke; ed. common schools and Univer- 
sity of Michigan, receiving the degree of 
LL.B. from the latter institution in 
1892; was secretary of the Republican 
National Committee, 1892, and has been 
a member of Congress since 1904. Ad- 
dress: Pittsburg, Pa. 

BTTIIZE, Jeremiah E.: 

Educator, lawyer, supervisor of 
schools; b. June 25, 1867, in Frankfort, 
Me.; attended school in his native place; 
took collie preparatory course at East 
Maine Seminary, Bucksport, graduating, 
1886; graduated with honors from Colby 
College, 1890. During his college course 
he received the distinction of an appoint- 
ment on every oratorical contest held by 
his class. Chosen by his classmates to 
deliver oration on junior class-day. Won 
prize for excellence in composition and 
oratory at junior exhibition. Delivered 
the address to undergraduates on senior 
class-day and was a commencement 
speaker. Managing editor of the college 
journal during senior year. While at- 
tending college taught in the public 
schools of Maine and evening school in 

Waterville. After leaving college stud- 
ied law in Belfast till October, 1891. 
Served as superintendent of schools in 
Waterville, 1891-93. Superintendent of 
schools in Marlboro, Mass., 1893-94. Su- 
perintendent of Schools in Lawrence, 
Mass., 1894-1904. In April, 1904, elected 
a supervisor of schools in Boston. The 
evening high school in Lawrence was in- 
augurated on his recommendation. Mem- 
ber of the National Educational Asso- 
ciation, New England Association of 
School Superintendents, Massachusetts 
Schoolmasters Club, Lawrence School- 
masters Club. Formerly president of 
Essex County Teachers Association. 
Chosen president of the Suffolk County 
Branch of the American Federation of 
Catholic Societies December 19, 1909; 
member of the Catholic Union. M., Oc- 
tober 2, 1901, Matilda C. Lynch, of West 
Boylston, Mass. Residence, 60 Alban St., 
Dorchester, Mass. 

BURKE, John: 

Jurist; b. February 25, 1859, in Keo- 
kuk County, Iowa; s. of John and Mary 
(Ryan) Burke; m. Mary Kane, August 
22, 1891, at Rolla, N. D.; ed. at public 
schools, Keokuk County, Iowa, 1864-78; 
Iowa State University (LL.B., 1886). 
Practiced law in Des Moines, Iowa, 1886- 
88; removed to North Dakota, 1888. 
County Judge, Rolette County, N. D., 
1889-91, 1896-98; member North Dakota 
House of Representatives, 1891-93, Sen- 
ate, 1893-95; Governor of North Dakota, 
1907-09. Democratic in politics. Mem- 
ber of the law firm of Burke & Mid- 
daugh, Devils Lake, N. D. Member State 
Bar Association of North Dakota. Is an 
active member of the Knights of Co- 
lumbus. Address: Bismarck, N. D. 



BUEKE, Rev. John James: 

B. January 4, 1857, Avon, 111.; ed. 
public schools, and later at Notre Dame 
University, Ind., receiving the degree of 
A.B. in 1883, and that of A.M. in 1885; 
author of " Reasonableness of Catholic 
Ceremonies and Practices " ( Benziger 
Bros., 18&2) ; "Characteristics of the 
Early Church" (Murphy, 1899; Chris- 
tian Press, 1909) ; " The Great Problem" 
(Herder, 1909) ; has visited Rome and 
the Holy Land, and has traveled over 
Continental Europe and in Ireland. 
Father Burke was mainly instrumental 
in bringing the late Mrs. Julia Palmer 
Stevens into the Church. Member of the 
Father Mathew League. Address: St. 
Patrick's Church, Bloomington, 111. 

BTJRKE, Rev. John J., C.S.P.: 

Editor of the Catholic World (N. Y.) ; 
b. 1875, New York City; ed. St. Francis 
Xavier's College; entered Paulist House 
of Studies in 1896; ordained, 1899; re- 
ceived degree of S.T.B. from the Catholic 
University of America the same year, 
and the degree of S.T.L. in 1901 ; served 
as missionary for two years throughout 
the United States and Canada; was as- 
signed to the assistant editorship of the 
Catholic World in 1902, and made editor- 
in-chief two years later. Under his di- 
rection the magazine, which always 
ranked high among Catholic periodicals, 
has maintained its excellent record. Ad- 
dress: 120 West Sixtieth St., New York. 

BURKE, Joseph: 

Surgeon; b. March 22, 1874, in Buffalo, 
N. Y. ; s. of John and Elizabeth (Mur- 
phy) Burke; ed. at St. Joseph's College, 
Buffalo, and Manhattan College, New 
York City (B.Sc., D.Sc, M.Sc, M.D.) ; 
took post graduate course at Vienna 

General Hospital, with E, von Neusser, 
the Court Physician of Austria-Hungary. 
M. Evelyn, daughter of James and 
Eleanor (McRoden) Mooney. Attending 
Surgeon, Sisters of Charity Hospital; 
Consulting Surgeon, Emergency Hospital, 
and of St. Vincent Female Orphan Asy- 
lum. Member Manhattan Alumni; St. 
Joseph's College Alumni; Etie County 
Medical Association; American Medical 
Association. Is a Knight of Columbus. 
Address: 1092 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

BURKE, Rev. Mother Mary Anne: 

General Superior of the Sisters of St. 
Joseph, of the diocese of Buffalo; b. 1842 
in Dublin, Ireland, and brought to New 
York with her parents in her infancy; 
ed. in Buffalo, N. Y. ; entered the novi- 
tiate of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Canan- 
daigua, N. Y., in 1861, at the age of 
nineteen. The novitiate was transferred 
to Buffalo, in the same year, and Miss 
Burke received the habit in the Church of 
the Immaculate Conception, October 13, 
1861. The Sisters of St. Joseph were be- 
ing assigned to work for the deaf, in that 
city, and the young religious showed 
such an especial aptitude that she was 
sent to Philadelphia, six months later, 
for special training. She continued her 
novitiate at the Convent of the Sisters 
at Chestnut Hill, while she received in- 
struction as a teacher of the deaf from 
A. B. Hutton, A.M., Principal of the 
Pennsylvania Institution, then on Broad 
St., Philadelphia. Duly professed to her 
perpetual vows in the autumn of 1863, 
Sister Mary Anne became a very efficient 
and progressive teacher in the Lecouteulx 
St. Mary's Institute for Deaf -Mutes, in 
Buffalo. While still in her early thirties, 
she was appointed by the late Rt. Rev. 
S. V. Ryan, D.D., General Superior of 


ler Sisters in the Buffalo diocese, and 
for the past thirty years and more has 
been the unanimous choice for her pres- 
ent office, at the triennial elections. 
Under her wise administration the com- 
munity has flourished, and the splendid 
new institute, imder the old title, as 
given above, is much sought as a training 
school by prospective teachers from other 
dioceses. Address : Lecouteulx St. Mary's 
Inst, for Deaf-Mutes, Buffalo, N. Y. 

BURKE, Rt. Rev. Maurice Francis, 

Bishop of St. Joseph, Mo.; b. May 5, 
1845, in Ireland; s. of Francis N. and 
Joanna (Casey) Burke; ed. at St. Mary's 
of the Lake, Chicago; Notre Dame 
University, Ind; and the American Col- 
lege, Rome, Italy. Ordained priest at 
Rome, May 22, 1875; Assistant pastor 
of St. Mary's Church, Chicago, until 
1878; Pastor of St. Mary's Church at 
Joliet, 111., until 1887; consecrated 
Bishop of Cheyenne, Wyoming, October 
28, 1887; transferred to See of St. Jo- 
seph, Diocese Cetter, July 25, 1893; 
speaks French, German, Italian, Spanish, 
and Latin. Address: The Cathedral, St. 
Joseph, Mo. 

BXTRKE, Hon. N. Charles: 

Chief Judge of the Third Judicial Cir- 
cuit of Maryland, and Associate Justice 
of the Maryland Court of Appeals. Born 
in Washington, D. C, March 27, 1854; 
s. of Captain and Mrs. Nicholas Burke. 
In 1855, Judge Burke's parents moved 
to Baltimore County, Md.; graduate of 
Calvert College, and of Mt. St. Mary's 
College, Emmittsburg. Admitted to the 
Bar in 1875. In 1883 elected prosecut- 
ing attorney for Baltimore County, and 
in 1887, re-elected. In August 188&, ap- 

pointed by Governor Jackson Associate 
Judge of the Third Judicial Circuit, to 
fill an unexpired term; in November, 
1889, elected by the Democratic Party 
for the full term of fifteen years, and in 
1904, re-elected for an additional term. 
Judge Burke is the author of the Crimi- 
nal Information Law, afterwards adopted 
by the Maryland Legislature. Through 
both parents, he is of Revolutionary 
stock. His father served as Aide to 
General Walker in the Mexican War, and 
in the Civil War as a Captain of Cavalry 
under General Harry Gilmor. Judge 
Burke's grandfather. Captain Nicholas 
Burke, w; s in command of troops in the 
Sixth Regiment, during the War of 1812. 
In 1878. Judge Burke married Miss 
Chloe C. Ady, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 
Edward H. Ady, of Baltimore County. 
Address : " Greystone," Towson, Md. 

BURKE, Robert E.: 

Educator; b. in Boston and was edu- 
cated in the Eliot Grammar and Eng- 
lish High Schools of that city, after 
which he spent one year in a law office; 
graduated from Normal School, Bridge- 
water, Mass., 1896, and Scientific School 
of Lawrence, Mass., 1899; was labora- 
tory assistant at the latter institution in 
1898. In 1900 was field Instructor at the 
Cuban Summer School, Cambridge. First 
Assistant at Bigelow Evening School, 
Boston, 1898-99; principal of Lin- 
coln Evening School, 1899-1900; Junior 
Master of Mechanics' Art High School, 
1899-1904; then was chosen master of 
Normal School of Boston. January 11, 
1907, chosen Assistant Superintendent of 
Schools. Member of the American As- 
sociation for the Advancement of Science ; 
American Academy of Political and So- 
cial Science; National Geographic So- 



ciety; National Conference of Charities 
and Correction; Lawrence Scientific 
School Association; Catholic Alumni So- 
dality and Catholic Charity Conference, 
Boston. Clubs: Twentieth Century; 
Appalachian Mountain; Teachers' Geog- 
raphy; and Boston City. Residence: 
156 M St., South Boston, Mass. 

BTTRKE, Thomas J. : 

Vice-President, Gowan, Peyton & 
Twohy Co., Duluth, Minn. B. Aug. 6, 
1860, at Hopkinton, Mass.; went to Min- 
nesota in 1877; in general mercantile 
business at Stillwater, and connected 
with J. H. Allen, wholesale grocery com- 
pany, St. Paul, Minn. Manager, Solway 
Mercantile Co., Solway Minn., 7 years; 
now director. M. in Hudson, 1905, to 
Helen Krappel. Member of Knights of 
Columbus, Ancient Order of Hibernians, 
Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, 
and U. C. T. Address: Duluth, Minn. 

BURKE, Rt. Rev. Thomas Martin 
Aloysius, D.D.: 

Bishop of Albany, N. Y. ; consecrated 
July 1, 1894; b. January 10, 1840, in 
Ireland; ed. at St. Michael's College, 
Toronto, Canada, 1855; St. Charles' Col- 
lege, Md., 1856, teaching in the mean- 
time; graduated from St. Mary's The- 
ological Seminary, Baltimore, 1864 
(M.A.; B.T.) ; ordained priest, June 30, 
1864. Connected with St. John's Church, 
Albany, 1864-65; St. Joseph's 1864-94. 
Theologian of Third Plenary Council of 
Baltimore, 1884; subsequently became 
vicar-general of Albany; administrator 
of the diocese, sede vacante, upon the 
death of Bishop McNeirny; and then 
Bishop of Albany. Knight of the Holy 
Sepulchre; Knight of the Grand Cross. 
Address: 225 Madison Ave., Albany, N. 

BURKE, William P.: 

President German American Savings 
Bank and Trust Co.; vice-president, 
Nicholas Burke Co., Limited. B. in 
New Orleans, La.; s. of the late Nicholas 
Burke, who was head of a large grocery 
firm in New Orleans; ed. in the Jesuit 
College, New Orleans, and graduated 
in 1881; was elected to the vice-presi- 
dency of the Nicholas Burke Co., Limited, 
upon the death of his father, having 
been connected with the business for 
many years; director of the N. O. & 
N. E. R. R. Co., and of the Hibernia In- 
surance Co., of New Orleans; member of 
the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Of- 
fice address: 409-417 Magazine St., New 
Orleans, La.; Residence: 6300 St. 
Charles Ave., New Orleans, La. 

BURNS, Rev. James Aloysius, C.S.C: 

B. on February 13, 1867, at Michi- 
gan City, Ind., of Irish parents who set- 
tled in that town in the early '50s. At- 
tended the Parish School, taught by the 
Sisters of the Holy Cross, till he was 
fourteen years of age, when he went to 
the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, 
entering the department known as the 
Manual Labor School, where he took 
up classical studies while learning the 
trade of printer; graduated from the 
University in 1888, and, joining the 
Congregation of the Holy Cross the same 
summer, taught for two years at Sacred 
Heart College, Watertown, Wis. After 
making his novitiate, he was for two 
years prefect, and for four years rector 
of Sorin Hall, Notre Dame University; 
was named Superior of the Community 
House at Notre Dame in 1898, and two 
years later was made President and Su- 
perior of Holy Cross College, Washington, 
D. C. ; received the degree of A.M. from 



Notre Dame University in 1894, and that 
of Ph.D., from the Catholic University 
in 1906. Dr. Burns was one of the 
founders of the Catholic College Confer- 
ence, which developed into the Catholic 
Educational Ass'n, and he has been from 
its beginning one of the Vice-Presidents 
of the latter organization, and a member 
of the most important standing com- 
mittees. He has frequently read papers 
before these bodies, and has contributed 
educational articles to Catholic papers 
and magazines, notably the American 
Catholic Quarterly; The Catholic World; 
and The Catholic University Bulletin; 
author of " Catholic School System in 
the United States" (Benziger Bros., 
N. Y., 1908), an account of the Catholic 
School development from the earliest 
Colonial times down to about the year 
1850. Address: Holy Cross College, 
Brookland, D. C. 

BURROWES, Rev. Alexander J., S.J. : 

B. St. Louis, Mo., on October 14, 
1853; ed. Christian Bros. College, St. 
Louis, and Niagara University, N. Y., 
pursuing his higher studies at Woodstock 
College, Md.; is now serving as Presi- 
dent of St. Ignatius College, Chicago, 
111. Address: St. Ignatius College, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

BTTRT, Mrs. Lncile Grant (Dent): 

D. of the late Hon. Judge Louis Dent, 
convert brother of Mrs. U. S. Grant; 
granddaughter of Gen. Lloyd Wheaton, 
U. S. A. M. Lieutenant Burt, U. S. A. 
Address: Care Army War College, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

BTJSCH, Rt. Rev. Joseph, D.D.: 

Bishop; missionary; b. on April 16, 
1866, at Red Wing, Minn. Ed. at tl\e 

public schools of Red Wing, Minn. ; Cani- 
sius College, Buffalo, N. Y. ; Saored 
Heart College, Prairie du Chien, Wis., 
completed his philosophical and theolog- 
ical course in Innsbruck, Austria, where 
he was ordained priest in 1889. Spent 
two years at the Catholic University, 
Washington, and on his return to St. 
Paul, was appointed secretary to Arch- 
bishop Ireland; was assistant at the 
Cathedral and St. Mary's parish, St. 
Paul; and pastor at South St. Paul, Le 
Sueur and of St. Lawrence's parish, 
Minn. In 1902 founded the Diocesan 
Missionary band in the archdiocese of 
St. Paul, and has since devoted his time 
to missionary work; was consecrated 
Bishop, May 19, 1910, by Archbishop 
Ireland. Address: Lead, S. D. 

BTJTLER, Hon. Matthew Joseph: 

B. November 19, 1856, at Deseronto, 
Ontario, Canada, of Irish ancestry on 
both sides; ed. De La Salle Inst., To- 
ronto; Toronto University; Kent College 
of Law, Chicago (LL.B., 1897) ; m. Lor- 
etto Melissa Jane Shibley, a convert, of 
United Empire loyalist descent. Received 
degree of C.E. from the Montreal Inst, 
of Civil Engineers; the North American 
Society of C. E., and the Montreal (Can- 
ada) Society of C. E. Decorated by King 
Edward VII with the Order of C. M. G. 
(Companions of St. Michael and St. 
George). Deputy Minister and Chief 
Engineer, Department of Railways and 
Canals; Chairman Board of Manage- 
ment, Canadian Government Railways, 
1905-10; Second Vice-President and 
General Manager Dominion Iron and 
Steel Co., and Dominion Coal Co. (1910). 
Author of Proceedings of Engineering 
Societies in England, Canada and the 
United States; contributor to the En- 



gineering News; has traveled all over 
Canada. Member Knights of Columbus. 
Clubs: Rideau (Ottawa); Royal Cape 
Breton Yacht. Address: Sydney, Nova 
Scotia, Canada. 

BTJTLEB., Pierce: 

Lawyer; b. March 17, 1866, in Dakota 
County, Minn.; s. of Patrick and Mary 
A. Butler; m. Annie M. Cronin, August 
25, 1891; ed. at Carleton College, 1887; 
afterwards studied law in St. Paul. 
Was Assistant County Attorney of 
Ramsey County, 1891-93; County At- 
torney, 1893-97; engaged in general law 
practice, 1897-99, in firm of How and 
Butler; general attorney of the Chicago, 
St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Ry., 
1900-05; now member of law firm of 
How, Butler and Mitchell. Member of 
the Board of Regents of the University 
of Minnesota, State Bar Association, 
Knights of Columbus, and Benevolent 
Protective Order of Elks. Club: Com- 
mercial. Address: 1347 Summit Ave., 
St. Paul, Minn. 

BYRNE,, Patrick Sheedy: 

Physician; b. June 8, 1855, at New 
Connon, Conn.; of Irish parentage; m. 
Ida Gomm, convert; ed. at parochial 
and public schools; Bellevue Hospital 
Medical College (M.D. March 13, 1884). 
Mayor of Spokane, 1902-04; County 
Physician, 1894r-96. Has traveled the 
west and north extensively. Member of 
the Ancient Order of Hiberians, Knights 
of Columbus (4th degree). Club: Elks. 
Address: Spokane, Wash. 

BYRNE, Samnel: 

Editor, Pittsburg Observer; b. April 
1, 1858, in Dublin, Ireland; brought up 
and educated there; evinced a literary 

taste at an early age, having, when only 
14, written a short serial story which 
was published in a London weekly, and 
having won, when 15 years old, the 
guinea prize offered by the Weekly De- 
spatch, published in connection with the 
Freeman's Journal, Dublin, for the best 
sonnet, an apostrophe to Prometheus; be- 
came a member of the staff of the Daily 
Courier, Liverpool, England, at the age 
of 21, and after serving on the paper for 
two years, he entered the employ of the 
Catholic Times, of the same city; sub- 
sequently became editor of that publi- 
cation, holding the position for four 
years; traveled in Europe for the benefit 
of his health, and finally settled in 
Paris, France, where he became person- 
ally acquainted with James Stephens and 
John O'Leary, the two famous Fenian 
leaders, and with General Macadaras, 
an ardent sympathizer with the cause of 
Irish freedom, whose wife had been a 
Miss Byrne of St. Louis, Mo. In 1887, 
Archbishop Ireland, while stopping in 
Paris on his way to Rome, induced Mr. 
Byrne to come to the United States to 
edit his paper, The Northwest Chronicle, 
of St. Paul, Minn., of which Mr. Byrne 
afterward became the proprietor as well 
as editor. Returning to Europe Mr. 
Byrne joined the staff of a London daily, 
and later became one of the editors of 
the Daily Herald, of Montreal, Canada, 
remaining there until 1902, when he went 
to Pittsburg, Pa., to take charge of the 
Catholic paper, the Observer. Mr. Bryne 
has written several magazine articles, 
two of which were published in the Cath- 
olic World, New York; three novels; 
many short stories, most of them bear- 
ing noms-de-plume; and an Irish his- 
torical drama. He speaks several lan- 
guages, and is well versed in classic lore. 



He is a member of the Ancient Order of 
Hibernians, and has been president of the 
Pittsburg branch of the United Irish 
licague since 1904. Address: Pittsburg, 

BYRNE, Rt. Rev. Thomas Sebastian, 

Bishop of Nashville; b. on July 29, 
1841, at Hamilton, Ohio; s. of Eugene 
and Mary Anne (Reynolds) Byrne; re- 
ceived preliminary education in the pub- 
lic schools of Hamilton; started to work 
at the age of 11, subsequently becoming 
an expert machinist; attended the Pre- 
paratory Seminary of St. Thomas, Bards- 
town, Ky., and later St. Mary's of the 
West, graduating from the latter insti- 
tution in 1865; spent three years at the 
American College, Rome, Italy; ordained 
priest at Cincinnati, Ohio, May 22, 1869; 
Professor and Treasurer of Mt. St. 
Mary's Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio, for 
9 years; Chaplain to Sisters of Charity 
Mother House, Delhi, from 1869 to 1886; 
appointed Rector of St. Peter's Ca- 
thedral, 1886; Rector of St. Mary's Sem- 
inary, 1887; created D.D. by Pope Leo 
XIII, 1887; appointed Bishop of Nash- 
ville, May 10, 1894; consecrated, July 
25, 1894. In collaboration with the Very 
Rev. Dr. Pabisch, translated Dr. Alzoy's 
Church History, 3 volumes (The Robert 
Clark, Co., Cincinnati, Ohio, 1874-78) ; 
Jesus Living in the Priest (from Ital- 
ian), Benziger Bros., 1901; Abridgment 
of Christian Doctrine prescribed by Pope 
Pius X (1905). Translated Bishop 
Bondmallis' Homilies on the Epistles and 
Gospels (4 volumes), for every Sunday 
of the year; also Christian Mysteries (4 
volumes), by the same author. Author 
of Man from a Catholic Point of View, 
which was read at the Parliament of 

Religions, 1903; various pamphlets. Ad- 
dress: 2001 West End Ave., Nashville, 

BYRNE, Rt. Rev. William, D.D.: 

Prothonotary Apostolic; b. September 
8, 1833, Killmessan, County Meath, Ire- 
land; ed. in national schools of Ireland; 
Mt. St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Md. 
(A.M., 1861); received honorary degree 
of D.D. from Georgetown University in 
1880. Instructor of Greek and Mathe- 
matics at Mt. St. Mary's College, 1863- 
66; ordained Priest, Dteeember 31, 1865; 
at the Cathedral, Boston, Mass., Septem- 
ber, 1866; Chancellor of the Diocese, 
1868; Pastor of St. Mary's, Charlestown, 
Boston, 1874; made Vicar General of Bos- 
ton, 1878; Pastor of St. Joseph's, Bos- 
ton, 1884; made Prothonotary Apostolic 
by Pope Leo XIII, 1904; at present 
Pastor of St. Cecelia's, Boston. Author 
of Catholic Doctrine, and a brief History 
of the Catholic Church in Boston. Ad- 
dress: St. Cecelia's Rectory, Boston, 

BYRNE, William Andrew: 

Lawyer, lecturer; b. November 16, 
1854, at Louisville, Ky.; s. of James and 
Margaret (Hughes) Byrne, both of 
County Wexford, Ireland; m. (1) Mary 
Byrne of Newport, Ky., May 11, 1882, 
who died in 1885; (2) Anna (Fitzpat- 
riek) McNamara, widow of George Mc- 
Namara, daughter of P. F. Fitzpatrick 
(President of Iron Molders Union of 
North America), February 24, 1892, in 
Covington, Ky. ; ed. at private schools 
in and about Covington; St. Mary's Ca- 
thedral Parish School; St. Xavier's Col- 
lege, classical course (A.B., 1875; M.A., 
1890) ; LL.D. from University of Notre 
Dame, Ind., June 13, 1895. Read law in 



the office of John G. Carlisle^ ex-Secretary 
of the United States Treasury; admitted 
to the bar at Covington, Ky., 1877; City 
Attorney of Covington, Ky., 1884-88; 
first City Solicitor of Covington, 1888-92. 
Gave post-graduate lectures on law at 
St. Xavier's College, Cincinnati, Ohio, 
for 2 years; orator at the golden jubilee 
of the College at Grand Opera House; 
lectured at Madison (Wis.) Catholic 
Summer School; delivered lecture for the 
Catholic religion at the Symposium of 
Religions in Cincinnati, Ohio; made ad- 
dress at the public celebration, July 
9, 1908, at Music Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio, 
for the Catholic Educational Association 
of United States; lawyer in the case of 
Thomas Hackett vs. the Board of Trus- 
tees of the Brooksville Graded Common 
School (Bible in public schools), the 
only case of its kind in Kentucky; now 
practicing law in Covington with Hon. 
John B. Read; appointed by Governor 
A. E. Wilson of Kentucky as a delegate 
to represent the State of Kentucky at 
the Conference on Uniform Legislation, 
under auspices of National Civic Feder- 
ation, Washington, D. C, January, 1910. 
Address: Covington, Ky. 

BYRNS, William Francis: 

Physician; b. in Bolton, Middlesex 
County, Mass.; of Irish parentage; m. 
Mary Augusta Berry, whose father's 
parents were bom in Ireland and whose 
mother's parents were Quakers; ed. at 
public schools in Westborough, and in 

Ware, Mass.; College of the Holy Cross, 
Worcester, Mass. (B.A. in 1868; M.A. 
in 1890) ; studied medicine at the Har- 
vard Medical School, and at Medical 
School of Georgetown University (M.D. 
in 1873 ) . Resided in Manchester, N. H., 
1874-78, where he was elected to mem- 
bership on School Board, March, 1875, 
for one year, and re-elected, March, 1876, 
for two years; appointed by the Faculty 
of Holy Cross College, one of two dele- 
gates to represent the College at the 
Catholic Congress held in Baltimore, Md., 
November, 1889; was elected delegate 
from Manchester, N. H. to the Consti- 
tutional Convention at Concord, Decem- 
ber 6, 1876; was a delegate to the meet- 
ing of the American Medical Association, 
held in Washington, May, 1891. Elected 
Orator by the New Hampshire Medical 
Society, of which he was a member, for 
the annual meeting in June, 1877. Mem- 
ber of the Medical Association, Medical 
Society of the District of Columbia, 
American Medical Association, American 
Catholic Historical Society, American 
Irish Historical Society and Columbia 
Historical Society of the District of Co- 
lumbia. Address: 1923 Calvert St., N. 
W., Washington, D. C. 

BYRON, Mrs. Theresa (Pugh) : 

Wife of Percy Byron; b, in Cincinnati, 
Ohio; ed. at Ognotz, Pa., and New York 
University. Address: South Orange, N. 

CABEIE, William lewis: 

Lawyer, Brigadier-General j b. January 
1, 1827, at Danville, Va.j s. of Benjamin 
W. S. Cabell; ed. in common schools of 
Virginia, and the United States Military 
Academy, graduating in 1850; assigned 
to duty as Second Lieutenant of the Sev- 
enth Infantry; promoted to First Lieu- 
tenant and Hegimental Quartermaster, 
1855; made Captain in the Quartermas- 
ter's Department, 1858, and assigned to 
duty on staff of General Persifer F. 
Smith, then in command of the Utah 
Expedition; next ordered to rebuild Fort 
Kearney, Neb. ; ordered to Fort Arbuckle 
in the Cliickasaw Nation, loS59, and in 
the fall of the same year to build a new 
post about one hundred miles west of 
Arbuckle, in the Indian Nation; re- 
mained on duty at this new post, called 
Fort Cobb, until March, 1861. At the 
beginning of the war, removed to Fort 
Smith, Arkansas; from there tendered 
his resignation to the War Department 
at Washington, D. C; went to Little 
Rock, Arkansas, and offered his services 
to the Governor of the State; left for the 
seat of the Confederate Government at 
Montgomery, Ala., on April 12; commis- 
sioned Major and assigned the duty of 
organizing the Quartermaster, Commis- 
sary, and Ordnance Departments; next 
ordered to report to General Beauregard 
at Manassas, as Chief Quartermaster of 
the Army of the Potomac; participated 
in the battles at Blackburn Ford and 

Bull Run; served on staff of General 
Joseph Ew Johnston until January 15, 
1862, when he was relieved and ordered 
to report to General Albert Sidney John- 
ston, commanding the Army of the West, 
for service with General Van Dom 
in the Trans-Mississippi Department; 
joined General Van Dom at Jackson- 
port, Ark.; soon after promoted to rank 
of Brigadier-General and assigned to the 
command of all the troops on White 
River, with the important mission of 
holding the enemy in check until after 
the battle of Elk Horn, March 6 and 7, 
1862; transferred the troops from differ- 
ent points on White River to the east- 
ern bank of the Mississippi; commanded 
a brigade in the several engagements 
around Farmington and Corinth; com- 
manded in the battles of luka and Sal- 
tillo, in September, and at Corinth on 
October 2 and 3, 1862; at Hatchie's 
Bridge, October 4, 1862. Wounded at 
battle of Corinth and again at Hatchie's 
Bridge, which unfitted him for active 
field service; ordered to the Trans- 
Mississippi Department to recuperate 
and inspect the staff departments of that 
army; after his recovery, he organized 
one of the largest and finest cavalry 
brigades west of the Mississippi, com- 
manding this brigade at numerous places 
in Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas. Cap- 
tured, October 24, 1864, in the open field 
near Mine Creek, Kan.; taken to John- 
son's Island in Lake Erie, and from there 




to Fort Warren in Boston Harbor; con- 
fined until August 28, 1865. After war 
went from Boston to New York, then 
to Austin, Tex. ; lived for a while at Fort 
Smith, Ark., where he engaged in the 
practice of law. Chairman of the Demo- 
cratic Executive Committee in Arkansas, 
and Chairman of the Arkansas delega- 
tion to Baltimore, which nominated Hor- 
ace Greeley. Settled in Dallas, Tex., in 
December, 1872; has been four times 
mayor of that city. Delegate from Texas 
to the National Convention that nomi- 
nated Tilden in 1884, and Cleveland in 
1892, for the presidency; for four yealrs 
Vice-President and Manager of the Texas 
Trunk Railroad; United States Marshal 
for the Northern District of Texas dur- 
ing Cleveland's first administration. 
Unanimously elected Ldeutenant-General 
of the Trans-Mississippi Department of 
the Association of the Confederate Vet- 
erans at Chattanooga in 1890 and 1892; 
re-elected at Birmingham, Ala., at Hous- 
ton, Tex., and has been honored by re- 
election at every succeeding reunion up 
to and including 1909. Convert to the 
Church. The Nuns, the Angels of Earth, 
nursed him when he was wounded and 
made him a Catholic. Address: Dallas, 

CADIEUX, Edouard: 

B. August 8, 1849, at St. Mathias, 
Province of Quebec, Canada; descendant 
of Count de Courville, a political exile 
from France; ed. in public schools and 
at the College of Ste. Marie de Monnoir, 
Canada; m. Agnes Beliveau. In busi- 
ness from 1872-85; Attendance Officer, 
Holyoke schools, 1888-1910; Supreme 
President I'Union St. Jean Baptiste 
d'Amgrique, 1900-02. Address: 35 
Brown Ave., Holyoke, Mass. 

CALLAN, Rev. Charles Jerome, O.P., 
S.T.L. : 

Professor of Philosophy at the Do- 
minican House of Studies, Catholic 
University, Washington, D. C; b. De- 
cember 5, 1878, in Lockport, N. Y.; ed. 
at Lockport High School; Canisius Col- 
lege, Buffalo, N. Y.; entered the Domini- 
can Order in 1889, and in 1906 sent to 
the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. 
Contributor to theological and philo- 
sophical magazines. Address: Domini- 
can College, 487 Michigan Ave., N. E., 
W^ashington, D. C. 

CAILANAN, William Cornelius: 

Physician; b. January 7, 1860, in 
Buffalo, N. Y. ; s. of Cornelius and 
Honoria M. (Lonergan) Callanan; ed. 
at St. Joseph's College, Buffalo, and the 
University of Buffalo (degree of M.D., 
1884); completed his medical education 
at the University of Berlin, Germany, 
and at Piifis, Frfmce, in 1887 ; m. Mar- 
garet O'Brien, sister of Rev. Daniel 
O'Brien, rector of the Church of the 
Visitation of Buffalo, February 13, 1895; 
is President of the Society of St. Vincent 
de Paul, St. Joseph's Cathedral; is a 
member and medical examiner of the 
Catholic Mutual Benefit Association and 
of the Catholic Benevolent Legion, and 
has served as librarian of the Medical 
Society of the County of Erie since 1893. 
Address: Buffalo, N. Y. 

CALLEHY, James Dawson: 

President of the Pittsburg Railway 
Co.; b. in Pittsburg; ed. in Catholic 
parochial and public schools of that city 
and Allegheny, later graduating from 
the famous Catholic University of Notre 
Dame, Ind. Mr. Gallery's father was in- 
terested in the horse car lines of Pitts- 



burg, and the son began investigating 
electric propulsion, and shortly made the 
old Second Ave. horse car line the first 
successful trolley road in Pittsburg. In 
1898 Mr. Gallery was elected President 
of the United Traction Co., and in 1900 
President of the Southern Traction, then 
organized. He is interested in many of 
Pittsburg's large corporations, among 
them the Philadelphia Co., Consolidated 
Ice Co., Schenley Hotel Co., Pittsburg 
Provision Co., American Window Glass 
Co., City Insurance Co., and Colonial 
Trust Co. Address: Ellsworth Ave., 
Pittsburg, Pa. 


B. April 10, 1870, San Buenaventura; 
s. of Juan Camarillo, who emigrated to 
California from Mexico in 1834, and be- 
came a trader with the Indians between 
San Francisco and San Diego, disposing 
of their wares and receiving currency 
therefor. The hospitable mission fathers 
gave him a room in which to lodge, and 
there the Indians came and transacted 
their business. With the funds thus real- 
ized, amounting to about $3,000, he 
opened a store in Santa Barbara. He 
married Senorita Martina Altagrazia 
Herndudez in 1840, and in 1852 moved 
to San Buenaventura. Juan Camarillo 
was educated at St. Vincent's College, 
Cal., and later devoted his attention to 
agriculture and business; is one of the 
large land owners of California, and 
identified in an oflficial capacity with 
nearly every banking institution in the 
county; is a Director of the First Na- 
tional Bank of Ventura, the Home Sav- 
ings Bank, and also of the Ojai State 
Bank at Nordhoff. Last summer he 
deeded to Rt. Rev. Bishop Conaty, for 
school purposes, the old Camarillo home- 

stead in Buenaventura, and he is now 
planning to build near his home at 
Camarillo a chapel as a memorial to his 
parents. This chapel will be for the 
benefit of all Catholics living in that 
part of the country. Mr. Camarillo is 
a Knight of Columbus, and one of the 
leaders of the Order in California; is Past 
President of Cabrillo Parlor Native Sons 
of the Golden West, a trustee of the Ben. 
Prot. Order of Elks of Santa Barbara, 
and President of American Latin Union 
No. 1. Has made a number of trips to 
Rome, and on each occasion was granted 
an audience by the Pope. Upon his last 
visit, the Holy Father removed from his 
head the white silk cap (called the 
solideum) which he was wearing, and 
presented it to Mr. Camarillo as a 
souvenir of his visit. The latter pre- 
sented this cap to the Knights of Co- 
lumbus, of Oxnard, upon his return 
home. His house is much admired for 
its beauty, and contains many paintings 
and rare curios gathered from all parts 
of the world, as well as a collection of 
Indian relics, many of them the handi- 
work of tribes now extinct. The Indian 
Cap of Penance, used to designate an 
Indian who had been guilty of crime, is 
in this collection. It is made in the 
shape of a fool's cap, and from the roots 
of an herb, so finely woven into a net, 
that it has the appearance of leather. 
Club: Newman Club of Los Angeles, 
Cal. Address: Camarillo, San Buena- 
ventura, Cal. 

CAMERON, Frank Kenneth: 

Chemist; b. February 21, 1869, Balti- 
more, Md. ; m. Virginia Ball Newton ; ed. 
public schools and by private tutors; 
Johns Hopkins University (A.B., 1891; 
Ph.D., -1894). Fellow, Cornell Univer- 



sity, 1894-95; Associate Professor of 
Chemistry, Catholic University of Amer- 
ica, 1895-97; Research Assistant, Cor- 
nell University, 1897-98; Expert, United 
States Department Agriculture, 1898; in 
charge. Chemical and Physical Investiga- 
tion of Soils, United States Department 
Agriculture, 1899; Assistant Editor of 
Zeitschrift fur Kolloide Chemie, Has 
contributed to current chemical journals; 
Popular Science Monthly; Science; has 
promoted and developed the study of 
Chemical Dynamics and the Chemistry 
and Physics of the soil. Member of 
American Chemical Society; Fellow, 
American Association for the Advance- 
ment of Science; Sons of the American 
Revolution; Society for the Promotion 
of Agricultural Research. Clubs: Cos- 
mos, Washington; Johns Hopkins, Balti- 
more. Address: Department of Agri- 
culture, Washington, D. C. 

CAMERON, Joseph: 

B. November 7, 1848, in County Wick- 
low, Ireland; s. of John and Catherine 
(Bannister) Cameron; ed. in the paro- 
chial and public schools; m. Mary Curry 
of Homellsville, N. Y., July 17, 1872. 
Mr. Cameron was engaged in the boot 
and shoe trade from 1872 until 1884, 
since which date he has been contin- 
uously engaged in the work of the Cath- 
olic Mutual Benefit Association, of which 
he is a charter member (September, 
1878) ; was Grand Vice-president and 
President of New York Grand Council 
C. M. B. A., 1880-84, and Grand Secre- 
tary, 1884-99, since which time he has 
been and is now Supreme Recorder of 
the Association, Mr. Cameron is a mem- 
ber of the lOiights of Columbus, the 
Catholic Benevolent Legion, and the An- 
cient Order of Hibernians; is President 

Promoters' League of the Sacred Heart, 
President of the Holy Name Society, and 
a trustee and secretary of St. James' 
Mercy Hospital of Homellsville. Ad- 
dress: Buffalo, N. Y. 

CAMPBELL, James A.: 

Insurance; b. July 24, 1852, at Ni- 
agara Falls, Ont. ; s. of James and Mar- 
garet Campbell; has been a resident of 
Buffalo, N. Y., since childhood; ed. in the 
public schools and at Bryant & Strat- 
ton's Business College; engaged in the 
insurance business in 1876; President of 
the Prospect Hill Savings and Loan As- 
sociation in 1871, and chosen a director 
of the Erie Savings and Loan Associa- 
tion in 1884; President of the Irish- 
American Savings and Loan Association, 
1884-94; in 1888, Second Vice-president 
of the New York State League of Co- 
operative Savings and Building Loan As- 
sociations, and made its president the 
following year. He enlisted as a private 
in the Seventy-fourth Regiment, N. G. S. 
N. Y., in May, 1864, and resigned in 
1880, having attained the rank of Cap- 
tain in 1876; m. Emeline A. Short, of 
Buffalo, September 17, 1888. Mr. Camp- 
bell is a member of the Knights of Co- 
lumbus, Buffalo Council, the Union Club, 
the Buffalo Catholic Institute, and other 
organizations. Address: 11 Niagara St., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

CAMPBELL, John Marie: 

Lawyer; b. May 30, 1851, at Phila- 
delphia, Pa:; s. of James Campbell, the 
first Catholic Post-master General (1853- 
57 ) ; m. Frances D. Dohan ; ed. at Sam- 
uel W. Allen and John W. Faires' 
Schools; St. Joseph's College (B.A., 
1873; M.A., June 1, 1876); University 
of Pennsylvania (LL.D., June 22, 1907). 


[ember of Board of Education, 1890; 
Surveyor of the Port, 1885-90; Board 
of City Trust, 1895-1910. Vice-Presi- 
dent, Mechanics' Insurance Co.; Director, 
Continental Trust Co.; Solicitor for 
French Benevolent Society; Manager and 
Secretary for 30 years of St. Joseph's 
Orphan Asylum, the oldest Catholic asy- 
lum in the United States, incorporated in 
1808, has taken active interest in the 
Orphans' Court practice, a local work 
peculiar to Philadelphia; delegate to 
nearly every Democratic State Conven- 
tion since 1884; has figured on the State 
Committee of Pennsylvania and on the 
Democratic City Committee. Delegate 
for National Convention, 1884. Made 
three trips to Europe and traveled in 
the United States extensively. Member 
of Friendly Sons of St. Patrick (Presi- 
dent, 1904-05) ; Philopathian Society. 
Clubs: Clover; Philadelphia Yacht; 
Pennsylvania; Art; Athletic. Address: 
215 South Sixth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

CAMPBELL, Hon. Richard: 

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of 
the Philippines; b. near Belfast, Ire- 
land; removed to the United States when 
still a youth, and became a newspaper 
reporter in New York, Philadelphia, and 
Washington. Studied law at Georgetown 
University, Washington, D. C, and grad- 
uated in the Class of '99; served as ed- 
itor of the New Century, a Catholic 
Weekly of Washington, D. C. Appointed 
by Roosevelt as assistant to the Attor- 
ney-General of the Philippines, 1902; 
served four years in the Department of 
Justice there, and was promoted in 1906 
to be District Attorney of the Maro 
Province and a member of the Legisla- 
tive Council. Mr. Campbell has a thor- 
ough grasp of Spanish, language and 

law, and has had a unique and almost 
unexampled experience among the in- 
habitants of the Philippines. He is a 
deep student of Colonial problems, and 
is an intimate of President Taft. He is 
under forty years of age, and a leader 
in Catholic circles; is a member of, and 
organized the Knights of Columbus in 
the Philippines. Clubs: University (New 
York ) ; Catholic ( New York ) . Address : 
Manila, P. I. 


CAMPBELL, Eev. Thomas Joseph, S.J.: 
B. April 29, 1848, in New York 
City; ed. St. Francis Xavier's College, 
New York. Was for some time Rector 
of St. John's, Fordham; St. Francis 
Xavier's, New York, and Provincial. Ap- 
pointed Editor-in-chief of America (New 
York), the Jesuit weekly review (1910). 
Author of Pioneer Priests of North 
America, 1642-1710 (Fordham Univer- 
sity Press, New York, 1908) ; has con- 
tributed to the American Catholic Quar- 
terly, Messenger, Catholic World. Ad- 
dress: 32 Washington Square, W., New 

CAMPBELL, William: 

Editor; b. September 29, 1850, in Wig- 
tonshire, Scotland; ed. first in the Pres- 
byterian and afterwards in the Catholic 
parochial schools; took a classical course 
of four years at St. Aloysius College 
(Jesuit), Glasgow, Scotland; came to 
America in his nineteenth year and set- 
tled in Illinois; removed to San An- 
tonio in 1886, and has been editor of 
The Southern Messenger, San Antonio, 
Tex., for the past ten years; was largely 
instrumental in breaking up the local 
A. P. A. organization and destroying its 
influence in the community, some fifteen 
years ago; contributor to the new Cath- 



olic Encyclopedia and to other literary 
and religious publications; is Chancellor 
(San Antonio Council) of the Knights 
of Columbus. Address: 515 Conroy 
Bldg., San Antonio, Tex. 

CAMPO, Rev. Hubert A.: 

B. May 12, 1884, in Amsterdam, The 
Netherlands; ed. at College St. Michel, 
Belgium, American College, University 
of Louvain; Apostolic Mission House, 
Catholic University of America. Chan- 
cellor of Baker City Diocese; Missionary 
and engaged in Catholic Colonization 
work. Contributor to American College 
Bulletin. Address: Baker City, Ore. 

CANDEE, Pierce J.: 

Physician; b. 1872, in Buffalo, N. Y.; 
s. of Dean and Catherine (Commerford) 
Candee; ed. at St. Joseph's College, 
Buffalo; and at Niagara University, Ni- 
agara Falls, N. Y. (M.D.). Visiting 
Physician to Sisters' Hospital and St. 
Mary's Infant and Maternity Hospital, 
Buflfalo. Local Medical Examiner for 
L. C. B. A.; 0. R. & B. A.; Mutual 
Life Insurance Co. of New York. Mem- 
ber Knights of Columbus; Foresters; C. 
H. & B. A.; St. Joseph's College Alumni; 
Niagara University Alumni. Member 
Buffalo Academy of Medicine; American 
Medical Association of New York. Ad- 
dress: 502 Normal Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

CANEVIIT, Rt. Rev. Jolin Francis Regis, 
Bishop of Pittsburg, Pa.; b. in 1853, 
at Pittsburg, Pa.; ed. in the schools 
of his native city, and at St. Vincent's 
College and Seminary, Beatty, Pa., pass- 
ing through the entire course. Ordained 
Priest, 1879; served successively as as- 
sistant; orphan asylum, prison and Con- 

vent Chaplain; country pastor; chan- 
cellor; and rector of the Cathedral in 
Pittsburg, hence his whole life has been 
identified with the diocese over which he 
now presides as Bishop. Its Catholic 
population numbers nearly half a million, 
embracing 25 or more nationalities, scat- 
tered through ten counties in Western 
Pennsylvania, forming the greatest steel, 
coal, coke, glass, and oil center in the 
world. A man of few words, of simple 
life, of boimdless energy, and solid piety, 
the Bishop is beloved and revered by 
priests and people alike. Actively alive 
to the needs of his diocese, and with 
administrative ability of a rare char- 
acter, he is at the same time a student. 
A recent pastoral on Christian Marriage 
exhausted in a few days an edition of 
140,000 copies. His Inquirer's Guide, a 
brief explanation of the doctrine and 
teachings of the Church, has met with 
warm approval, and has already been 
through an edition of 100,000 copies. As 
a preacher. Bishop Canevin is intensely 
in earnest, with a resonant, pleasing 
voice, and a command of direct, pithy 
English. He was consecrated Titular 
Bishop of Sabrata, February 24, 1903, 
and succeeded (1904) the Rt. Rev. Rich- 
ard Phelan, as Bishop of Pittsburg. Ad- 
dress: 136 North Craig St., Pittsburg, 

CANNEY, Miss Mary: 

Dramatic Reader; b. March 2, 1875, in 
Fall River, Mass.; ed. in the Fall River 
High School, and at Emerson College of 
Oratory; author of children's plays and 
poems, and a dramatic reader; has 
served as instructor of dramatic litera- 
ture in different Catholic institutions. 
Her repertoire includes : As You Like It ; 
Merchant of Venice; The Antigone of 



Sophocles; Peer Gynt; and The Doll's 
House (Ibsen) ; The Blot on the 
'Scutcheon (Browning) ; Monsieur Beau- 
caire (Tarkington) ; and Dickens' Christ- 
mas Carol. Contributor to the New York 
Herald. Clubs: Emerson; New York 
City. Address: Fall River, Mass. 

CANNON, Francis Aloysitis: 

B. July 8, 1869, Milwaukee, Wis.; ed. 
Parochial School and Marquette Univer- 
sity. Member of Milwaukee School 
Board, 1895-98; Associate Editor, Cath- 
olic Citizen, 1896-1908; Secretary, Citi- 
zens' Business League of Milwaukee, 
1909; Regent, Marquette University, 
1909. Clubs: Press, Athletic, and Calu- 
met Clubs of Milwaukee. Address: 62 
Sentinel Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

CANNON, Peter James: 

B. January X, 1865, at Inish Boflin, 
County Gal way, Ireland; ancestors on 
both sides have been Irish (as far back 
as they can be traced ) , the name having 
been originally Concannon. Mr. Cannon 
received his education in the public 
schools of Clinton, Mass., and at Bryant 
& Stratton's Business College, Boston, 
Mass. Has been Registrar, Clinton Wa- 
ter Department, since 1899. Member 
Library Trustees, since 1908, term end- 
ing in 1913. Commanded Company K, 
Ninth Massachusetts Infantry, United 
States Volunteers, in the Santiago Cam- 
paign during the war with Spain; served 
in Santiago Campaign, July 1 to July 
17, 1898; served in Cuba from July 1 
to September 29, 1898. Is a member of 
the Ancient Order of Hibernians; Army 
of Santiago de Cuba; United Spanish 
War Veterans; Clinton Historical So- 
ciety. Club: Lamsdec. Business ad- 

dress: 359 High St., Clinton, Mass.; 
Residence: 88 Park St. 

CANNON, Thomas Henry: 

Lawyer; b. January 23, 1864, in Chi- 
cago, 111., of Irish parents; ed. in the 
Chicago grammar and high schools, and 
at Lake Forest University (Chicago Col- 
lege of Law) ; received the degree of 
Master of Laws from Lake Forest Uni- 
versity in 1893. Served as President, 
National Fraternal Congress, 1909; High 
Chief Ranger, Catholic Order of For- 
esters, 1894-1909; District Deputy, 
Knights of Columbus, 1908-09; Chair- 
man Executive Committee, American 
Federation of Catholic Societies. M. 
Catherine A. Mullen, Member Chicago 
Association of Commerce; Hamilton 
Club; also of various fraternal societies. 
Address: 4043 Sheridan Road, Chicago, 

CANTWELL, Francis Vincent: 

Physician, Trenton, N. J.; b. February 
27, 1862, at Trenton, N. J.; father was 
the first Catholic schoolmaster in Tren- 
ton, N. J., and had eighteen uncles, six 
of whom were priests and six doctors; 
ed. St. John's Parochial School, Trenton; 
St, Vincent's and St. Charles' Colleges, 
and the University of Pennsylvania 
(M.D., 1884) ; m. Alice Burns. Surgeon 
to St. Francis Hospital, Trenton, for 
twenty-five years; held various political 
positions, both elective and by appoint- 
ment. Contributor to Annals of Surgery ; 
New York Medical Record; American 
Journal of Surgery; New Jersey Med- 
ical Journal. Member American Medical 
Association; New Jersey Medical So- 
ciety. Dr. Cantwell died after sending 
his record. (See Necrology.) 



CANT WELL, Rev. William Patrick: 

Editor of the Monitor, Newark, N. J. 
b. January 24, 1859, in Trenton, N. J. 
ed. St. John's Parochial School, Trenton 
St. Charles' College, Md.; and Seton 
Hall College, South Orange, N. J. (de- 
gree of LL.D., 1906) ; was ordained to 
the priesthood and served as rector of 
St. Francis Church, Metuchen, N. J.; 
Church of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, 
Long Branch, N. J.; is now editor of the 
Monitor, Newark, N. J.; contributor to 
the Catholic World, the Rosary Maga- 
zine, and Donahoe's. Address: Long 
Branch, N. J. 


Journalist; b. in New Orleans, La.; 
ed. in private schools and graduated from 
the Jesuit's College, New Orleans; has 
been identified with the local press for 
the past forty years, principally with 
L'Abeille de la Nouvelle Orleans (The 
New Orleans Bee), the oldest daily paper 
in New Orleans, which was founded Sep- 
tember 1, 1827; served as reporter, edi- 
tor, and in the business office of L'Abeille, 
and is now managing editor; m. Miss 
Gallier, daughter of James Gallier, a 
prominent architect who built the French 
Opera House in New Orleans, and many 
other public buildings. Mr. Capdevielle 
is a brother of Paul Capdevielle, auditor 
of the State of Louisiana. Address : 323 
Chartres St., New Orleans, La. Resi- 
dence: 1132 Royal St. 


Auditor of the State of Louisiana; b. 
1842, in New Orleans, La,; ed. in the 
Jesuit College, New Orleans, graduating 
in 1860; entered the Confederate Army 
in 1862, as a private in the New Orleans 
Guard; returned to his native city at 

the close of the war and took up the 
study of law, graduating from the Uni- 
versity of Louisiana (now Tulane Uni- 
versity) in 1868; discontinued the prac- 
tice of law in 1885; entered the insur- 
ance business, and was for several years 
president of one of the large companies 
of New Orleans; served as Mayor of the 
city for four years, and has held the po- 
sition of State Auditor since 1904; m. 
Miss Larue, of New Orleans, in 1878; has 
served as director of the Catholic Arch 
Diocese Association, the St. Vincent de 
Paul Society, the Federation of Catholic 
Societies, and the late Catholic Winter 
School. Clubs: Pickwick, French Opera, 
and several Franco-Louisianian organiza- 
tions. Official address: Baton Rouge, 
La.; Residence: 2410 Esplanade Ave., 
New Orleans. 

CAPEL, Right Rev. Mgr. Thomas John: 
B. in 1836; ordained by Cardinal Wise- 
man, 1858; co-founder of the Training 
College for School Masters at Hammer- 
smith, London; was its Vice Principal, 
1856-60; at the end of the latter year 
ill health prevented him from accepting 
the proffered principalship. He retired 
to Pau in the Pyrenees and here estab- 
lished an English speaking mission, of 
which he was Chaplain, 1860-68. His 
lecture on Bishop Colenso's works, and 
on Catholic doctrines attracted the Prot- 
estant public; the conversion of Lady 
and Miss Duncan, of Mrs. Wave, grand- 
daughter of the Bishop of Exeter, of 
Miss Wilmot Chetwode the authoress, 
and of the Episcopalian clergyman. Rev. 
Harrington Moore, made him still more 
prominent. With restored health he re- 
turned to England and was appointed 
to missionary work by Cardinal Man- 
ning. December 24, 1868, he received into 



the Church the Marquess of Bute in the 
Chapel of the Sisters of Notre Dame, 
Southwark, in the presence of the Bishop 
of the diocese, Right Rev. T. Grant, 
an event which gained for him a place 
in the pages of Lothair as Mgr. Catesby, 
and once by a slip of Disraeli's under 
his own name. His sermons and doc- 
trinal lectures delivered in London pul- 
pits, especially in that of the old Pro- 
Cathedral Kensington, and one series in 
Rome during the Vatican Council, made 
him one of the most widely popular 
of preachers. He was named Domestic 
Prelate to Pius IX, 1873, in which year 
he founded the Catholic Public School, 
Kensington. From 1874-78, he was Rec- 
tor of the Catholic University College 
just established by the Bishops of Eng- 
land. As financial support for the latter 
Institution could not be obtained, Mon- 
signor Capel, having exhausted his own 
resources, resigned his position, Car- 
dinal Manning writing to him next day: 
" I know and bear witness that you have 
strained yourself even beyond your 
strength." For a while the Catholic Pub- 
lic School continued, but was closed at 
a later period. In 1883 he came to the 
United States, preached and lectured in 
the chief cities and at length settled in 
California, accepting the Tutorship of 
Pio Valensin in the McCauly Valensin 
family at Arno, where he makes his 
home, but doing missionary work from 
the Cathedral of Sacramento as a center. 
In England he has published Reply to 
Gladstone's Vaticanism, and Ought the 
Queen of England to hold Diplomatic Re- 
lations with the Pope (both published by 
Longmans, Green & Co.) ; Catholic (eight 
editions) ; The Pope, the Vicar of Christ 
(three editions) an American Edition of 

Faith of Catholics (3 volumes, 3 edi- 
tions), all published by Pustet & Co., of 
New York. Has contributed frequently 
to the press. Address: Arno, Cal. 

CARBONE, Carmela: 

Musician; b'. in Buffalo, N. Y., of Ital- 
ian parents; ed. at Miss Nardin's Acad- 
emy, BuflFalo; studied music with Miss 
Cronyn, of Buffalo; Santley, London. 
Sang in the Jesuit Church, New York, 
until the issue of the Papal restriction 
in regard to church choirs, since which 
time her soprano voice has been heard 
in the concert halls of America, Berlin, 
London, and the principal towns of Eng- 
land, which she, with her sister, Grazia, 
toured with Patti in 1907. An Eng- 
lish newspaper said of them: The Sig- 
nore Carbone make music primarily for 
musicians. The quality of her voice was 
pronounced pure lyric ecstasy, while her 
sister's was spiritual, rich and deep. 
Max Bruch, German composer, has as- 
sociated the names of the sisters with 
the music of religion, by composing for 
their voices a duet entitled The Cross, 
sung for the first time at Queen's Hall, 
London, 1907. 

CARLISLE, John G., Jr.: 

Grandson of the late Hon. John G. 
Carlisle, Secretary of the Treasury un- 
der Cleveland's administration; b. about 
1890; m. to Margaret Hume by Father 
Van Rensselaer, S.J., at St. Francis 
Xavier Church, New York City. Mrs. 
Carlisle, the mother of John G. Carlisle, 
was Miss Mary Noonan of Covington, 
Ky. She is a staunch Catholic and has 
brought up her three children in her 
own faith. After the death of her hus- 
band some years ago, she and her chil- 



dren lived with the ex-Secretary as long 
as he lived. Address: Gramercy Park, 
New York City. 

CAHMODT, Francis Z.: 

Lawyer; b. February 14, 1871, in Wa- 
tervliet, Mich.; ed. at the Northern In- 
diana Normal School; University of 
Michigan; New York Law School; and 
Brooklyn Law School; received degrees 
of A.B., 1899, and B.L., 1902; m. Char- 
lotte L. Kirk, whose grandfather was a 
minister and trustee of Chicago Univer- 
sity. Mr. Carmody was formerly lec- 
turer in English at Columbia University, 
New York; is now Professor of Law in 
Brooklyn Law School. Former Chair- 
man of Board of Directors of the Brook- 
lyn Democratic Club. Candidate for Dis- 
trict Attorney of Kings County (Inde- 
pendent) in 1907. Contributor to Wer- 
ners and National Training School 
Monthly. Member of Knights of Colum- 
bus. Clubs: Fiske; Terrace; Field; 
Brooklyn Democratic. Address: Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

CARHODY, Commander John Randolph : 
Naval oflacer; b. June 9, 1843, in Mo- 
hawk, N. Y.; of Irish ancestry; m. Mary 
Ethridge, of Revolutionary ancestry, in 
1872 (deceased) ; ed. at public schools 
and Academy of Mohawk, N. Y. En- 
listed as landsman, July, 1862, on North 
Carolina ; Paymaster's Writer and Clerk ; 
on Commodore Morris, North Atlantic 
Squadron, in operations and blockade on 
James and York Rivers to February, 
1863; appointed Acting Assistant Pay- 
master, August 27, 1864; on Cincinnati, 
Mississippi and West Gulf Squadrons ; in 
operations and engagements on Tennessee 
and Cumberland Rivers against Hood's 
forces, December, 1864; at siege and cap- 

ture of Mobile and final surrender of Con- 
federate fleet on Tombigbee River, April, 
1865; Feamot, Gulf Squadron, 1865-66; 
commissioned Assistant Paymaster in 
regular service, July 23, 1866; Chocura, 
Gulf Squadron, 1866-67; Yantic, West 
Indies, 1868-69; promoted to Passed As- 
sistant Paymaster, June 5, 1868; store 
ship Relief, special cruise to Europe, 
1871; Naval Station, New London, 1872- 
73; Naval Station, New Orleans, 1873- 
74; Monocacy, Asiatic Fleet, 1874-76; 
in charge of Naval Depot, Honolulu, 
Sandwich Islands, 1877-79; piKDmoted to 
Paymaster, with relative rank of Lieu- 
tenant Commander, October 22, 1878; 
receiving ship Independence, Mare Island, 
Cal., 1879-82; special duty (secretary 
and treasurer. Navy Mutual Aid Asso- 
ciation), Bureau of Navigation, 1883- 
86; Vandalia, Pacific Fleet, 1886; spe- 
cial duty, Assistant to Paymaster Gen- 
eral, Navy Department, 1886-87; Galena, 
North Atlantic Fleet, 1887-88; retired, 
April 9, 1889, on account of physical 
disability contracted in line of duty. 
Since his retirement the Paymaster has 
resided in Washington, D. C, where he 
has been identified with business and so- 
cial interests; was director and treasurer 
of the Washington Loan and Trust Co.; 
vice president and director of the West 
End National Bank; member Board of 
Governors of the Army and l^avj Club; 
director of the Navy Mutual Aid Asso- 
ciation; treasurer of the Naval Order 
of the United States District of Colum- 
bia Commandery. Upon the declaration 
of war with Spain, he volunteered his 
services to the Government, was assigned 
to duty by Navy Department among the 
first of the retired officers; served on 
U. S. Receiving Ship Wabash, April 26, 
1898-January 1, 1899; was promoted. 



under act of Congress, to grade of Pay 
Inspector with the rank of Commander, 
June 29, 1906. Is treasurer of Public 
Art League of the United States; a mem- 
ber of Military Order of the Loyal Legion 
and the Grand Army of the Republic 
Club: New York Yacht. Address: 346 
West Seventy-second St., Riverside Drive, 
New York City. 

CARMODY, Thomas: 

Lawyer; b. October 9, 1859, at Milo, 
N. Y. ; took preparatory course at Penn 
Yan Academy, New York, after which 
he attended Cornell University, 1878-80; 
admitted to bar, 1887. Served in 1891 
as District Attorney of Yates County; 
Chief Examiner, State Board of Civil 
Service Commissioners, 1892-94. Well- 
known political speaker. Address: Penn 
Yan, N. Y. 

CARNEY, Peter P. J.: 

B. May 17, 1863, at Boston, Mass.; of 
Irish ancestry; m. Margaret C. Slattery, 
of Irish parentage; ed. at public schools 
and Classical High School of Salem, 
Mass. Chief of Corporation Division, 
Office of Secretary of the Commonwealth 
of Massachusetts, State House, Boston, 
October 1, 1886 to date. Member of 
Knights of Columbus and Catholic Or- 
der of Foresters. Address: 42 Buffalo 
St., Salem, Mass. 

CARON, Hon. Jean-Baptiste Thomas, 

B. in 1869, at Garneau, L'Islet 
County, Que.; ed. at Bourget Academy 
and Laval University, graduating there- 
from with degree of B.A. in 1894. In 
1908 graduated in law at Osgoode Hall 
and began practice in City of Ottawa, 
where he has resided ever since. Has 

been President of the Belcourt Club and 
Vice-President of the Ottawa Reform As- 
sociation. Elected to House of Com- 
mons for Ottawa at bye-election held 
December 23, 1907, succeeding the Horn. 
N. A. Belcourt, called to the Senate. 
Address: Ottawa, Ont., Canada. 

CARPENTER, Paul DUlingham: 

Jurist; s. of the late Matthew Hale 
Carpenter, one of the most distinguished 
and brilliant lawyers in the United 
States, and one of the foremost orators 
and debaters that ever 'held a seat in 
the national senate. He was Senator 
from Wisconsin from 1869 to 1875, and 
from 1879 to his death in 1881. Mr. 
Carpenter's mother is Caroline Dilling- 
ham Carpenter, daughter of Paul Dilling- 
ham, who was twice governor of Ver- 
mont, and twice representative in Con- 
gress from that State. She is also a 
sister of Wm. P. Dillingham, who was 
once governor of Vermont, On the pa- 
ternal side, Paul D. Carpenter is de- 
scended from William Carpenter, who 
came to America in the ship Bevis, in 
1638. William Carpenter, a son of the 
immigrant of that name, held important 
offices in the Massachusetts colony, and 
was a man of character and influence. 
On his mother's side, Mr. Carpenter is 
a descendant of John Dillingham, who 
came to America with the Winthrop col- 
ony in 1630, and he, too, was prominent 
in establishing the principles of free 
government. John Dillingham, the great- 
great-grandfather of Paul Carpenter, was 
a soldier under General Wolfe in the 
campaign against Quebec, and fell with 
his commander in that memorable strug- 
gle, which practically ended the French 
rule on this continent. Paul Dilling- 
ham Carpenter was bom in Milwaukee, 



January 26, 1867; ed. at private schools 
in Milwaukee and Washington, at the 
Milwaukee high school, and by private 
tutors; spent part of one year at Co- 
lumbia Law School, New York; studied 
law in the offices of Quarles, Spence & 
Quarles of Milwaukee; was admitted to 
the bar, and opened a law office in Mil- 
waukee, July 1, 1892; formed a partner- 
ship with Franz C. Eschweiler, May 1, 
1894, under the firm name of Eschweiler 
& Carpenter, which continued for one 
year, and since its termination, he has 
conducted the business alone. His most 
important case is that relating to the 
assignment of F. T. Day, through the 
success of which Day's assignee will lose 
the greater part of claims against clients, 
amounting to more than $160,000. In 
1902, Mr. Carpenter was elected Judge 
of the Probate Court of Milwaukee 
County, and was re-elected for a second 
term. At the end of the second term he 
declined re-election, and has since been 
engaged in his private practice. On No- 
vember 25, 1891, he was married to 
Emma W., daughter of the late Franz 
Falk, a prominent brewer. Judge Car- 
penter is a member of the college society 
of Phi Delta Phi, Milwaukee Club, Wis- 
consin Society of the Sons of the Amer- 
ican Revolution, of which he was for 
several years treasurer, Columbus Club 
of Chicago, and the Catholic Club of 
New York. He was at one time chair- 
man of the committee on public opinion 
of the Columbian League. Address: 120 
Prospect Ave., Milwaulcee, Wis. 

CARE, Francis J.: 

Physician; b. July 22, 1864, at Green- 
wood, N. Y. ; s. of Francis and Teresa 
Carr; ed, in the public schools and at 
Niagara University, from which he grad- 

uated with the degree of M.D. Dr. Carr 
began the practice of his profession in 
Buffalo, N. Y., May 10, 1896; m. Celine 
P. Scandlin, April 20, 1896. He is a 
member of the Buffalo Council, Knights 
of Columbus, the Catholic Mutual Bene- 
fit Association, the Catholic Relief and 
Beneficiary Association, and various 
other professional and social organiza- 
tions. Address: 345 Eagle St., Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

CARR, Wilbur J.: 

B. October 31, 1870, Ohio; m. Mary 
E. Crane, daughter of John H. Crane, of 
Washington, D. C; ed. in the public 
schools of Ohio and Kentucky; Greorge- 
town University (LL.B., 1894) ; Colum- 
bian, now George Washington University 
(LL.M., 1899). Member of the Bar of 
Supreme Court and Court of Appeals of 
the District of Columbia; clerk and pri- 
vate secretary for several years; Chief of 
the Consular Bureau of Department of 
State, 1902-07; aided the Secretary of 
State in reorganizing the United States 
Consular Service; appointed Chief Clerk 
of Department of State, 1907; represent- 
ative of the Department of State on 
the United States Board of Tercentennial 
Exposition at Jamestown, 1907; at the 
International Congress on Tuberculosis, 
1908; and at the Alaska- Yukon-Pacific 
Exposition at Seattle, 1909; appointed 
Director of the Consular Service upon the 
creation of that position, November 30, 
1909; member of the Board of Exam- 
iners for the Consular Service; his most 
valuable work has been in connection 
with the reorganization of the United 
States Consular Service, placing it upon 
an efficient and business basis, and in 
applying to that service the principles 
of the Civil Service Act regarding ap- 



pointments and promotions. Contribu- 
tor to the Encyclopedia Americana and 
American Journal of International Law. 
Member of American Society of Inter- 
national Law; National Geographical 
Society. Club: Metropolitan. Address: 
Metropolitan Club, Washington, D. C. 

CARR, Hon. William J.: 

Jurist; b. October 10, 1862, in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.; s. of Cornelius and Mary 
(Gallagher) Carr, both natives of County 
Donegal, Ireland; ed. in the parochial 
school and at St. Francis Xavier's Col- 
lege, New York (A.B., 1882); received 
the honorary degree of LL.D. from Villa- 
nova College in 1904, and from the Col- 
lege of St. Francis Xavier in 1907; ad- 
mitted to the Bar in 1884; United States 
Commissioner, 1894-95; m. (1887), Julia 
Mary, daughter of Edward and Margaret 
(McGuinness) Fryer; served as Assist- 
ant Corporation Counsel of the City of 
New York from 1898 to 1902; elected 
to the office of Justice of the Supreme 
Court, on the nomination of both Re- 
publicans and Democrats, 1906; ap- 
pointed Supreme Court Judge (Associate 
Justice, Second Division) by Governor 
Hughes, in December, 1909; actively en- 
gaged in the practice of commercial and 
corporation law; for many years prom- 
inent in Catholic charities; author of 
many special articles on legal topics. 
Address: 831 Carroll St., Brooklyn, N. 

CARRA, Rev. Raymond: 

Hesident chaplain of St. Vincent Sea- 
men's Haven, New Orleans, La.; b. in 
Sicily, came to New Orleans in his early 
youth; studied philosophy in the Cath- 
olic Seminary in Baltimore; completed 
his theological studies in St. Stephen's 

Seminary, New Orleans; served as assist- 
ant pastor in various churches in New 
Orleans, and in the country parishes of 
Louisiana until 1909, when he was ap- 
pointed resident chaplain of St. Vincent 
Seamen's Haven, New Orleans, an insti- 
tution established by the Society of St. 
Vincent de Paul, Father Carra is the 
first resident chaplain of the Haven. He 
attends to the spiritual, as well as the 
material, welfare of the sailors; goes on 
board ships, brings the word of God to 
the mariners, and invites them to come 
to the Haven for the betterment of their 
spiritual, moral, and physical natures. 
Every Sunday, and on feast days, and 
days of obligation, the Reverend Father 
says Mass in a beautiful Chapel, located 
in the building. The Haven is doing 
good work for the sailors, and hundreds 
of them frequent the place to enjoy read- 
ing, light pastimes and occasional con- 
cei-ts. Every Christmas they are treated 
to an excellent dinner. Address: 2057 
Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, La. 

CARRIER, Lonis Augnste: 

Merchant; b. May 24, 1858, at Levis, 
Que., Canada; s. of Antoine Carrier, of 
French descent, and Helen Caroline Shep- 
pard, English; ed. at Levis College, the 
High School of Quebec and Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y. (B.A.) ; m., October 6, 1892, to 
Angeline C. Hammond. Provincial Di- 
rector of Quebec Central Railroad. Ad- 
dress: Levis, Que,, Canada. 

CARROLL, Mrs. Snzanne (Bancroft): 

B. in France, reared in Boston; grand- 
daughter of the Hon. George Bancroft, of 
Boston, Historian of the United States; 
married in Washington by Cardinal Gib- 
bons, to Charles Carroll, son of John 
Lee Carroll, of Doughoregan Manor, Elli- 



cott City, Md. Mr. Carroll is descended 
from the old Irish family, the O'Carrolls, 
in direct line from King Fiam, of Ely, 
Kjngs County, Ireland. The family emi- 
grated, in 1688, to Maryland and were 
known as the Carrolls of Annapolis, sub- 
sequently as the Carrolls of Carrollton. 
Charles Carroll of Carrollton was prom- 
inent in the Independence movement; a 
member of the Convention of Maryland, 
chosen to prepare the constitution; a 
member of the First Congress of the 
United States in 1777; one of the signers 
of the Declaration of Independence; a 
member of the Board of War; and a 
Senator of Maryland for many years. 
Address: 18 rue Vaneau, Paris, France. 

CAEROLL, James Bernard: 

Lawyer; b. January 10, 1856, in 
Lowell, Mass.; s. of Patrick and Bridget 
(O'Rourke) Carroll; graduated from 
Holy Cross College, Worcester, Mass., 
1878; received the degree of LL.B. from 
Boston University, 1880; m. in Lowell, 
Mass., 1884, Mary E. Corbett. Has been 
practicing law in Springfield, Mass. since 
1881; served as City Solicitor, 1886-88; 
Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Gov- 
ernor, 1893-94; Director of City Na- 
tional Bank; member of the Knights of 
Columbus, and St. Vincent de Paul So- 
ciety. Address: 31 Elm St., Springfield, 

CARROLL, James T.: 

Journalist; Editor of the Catholic Co- 
lumbian, Columbus, Ohio, and the Cath- 
olic Columbian Record, Indianapolis, 
Ind.; b, 1868, in County Kerry, Ireland; 
descendant of the O'Carrolls of Munster, 
frequently mentioned in early Irish his- 
tory; ed. in National School of County 
Kerry; Marist College, Glasgow, Scot- 

land; and St. Michael's College, Lis- 
towel. County Kerry. Educated for the 
English Civil Service, but instead came 
to America in 1891, and three years later 
was elected National Secretary of the 
Ancient Order of Hibernians. In June, 
1905, he began his newspaper work by 
placing $50,000 in Preferred Stock, in the 
bank, on which dividends have been 
promptly paid twice a year, since the 
incorporation of the company. Mr. Car- 
roll is an advocate of total abstinence. 
Member of the Knights of Columbus; 
the Catholic Order of Foresters; the 
Knights of St. John, and the Holy Name 
Society. Address: 119-123 East Long 
St., Columbus, Ohio. 

CARROLL, Rt. Rev. James, D.D.: 

Second American Bishop of Nueva 
Segovia; appointed, 1908. Address: 
Vignan, Ilocos Sur., Luzon, Philippine 

CARROLL, Jane Wall: 

Physician; b. February 20, 1848, in 
Paterson, N. J.; d. of Stephen H. and 
Emeline (Butler) Wall; ed. at Mount 
St. Vincent on the Hudson; the Uni- 
versity of Buffalo, Medical Department 
(M.D., March 24, 1891; LL.B., 1906; 
LL.M., 1908); took a post-graduate 
course at the New York Polyclinic, and 
in 1892 entered upon the practice of her 
profession at Buffalo; m. on May 13, 
1867, Peter Vincent Carroll, who died 
April 20, 1896; is the mother of ten 
children. Has toured Europe several 
times. Lecturer and writer upon med- 
ical subjects. Member of the Erie 
County Medical Society, the Erie County 
Medical Association; the Buffalo Acad- 
emy of Medicine; New York State Med- 
ical Association: the American Medical 



Association; Physicians' League of Buf- 
falo; and is Supreme Medical Examiner 
of the Ladies Catholic Benevolent Asso- 
ciation for the United States; National 
Frat.ernal Congress (President, 1909). 
Clubs: College Women's (New York), 
and Professional and Business Women's. 
Address: 285 Ashland Ave., Buffalo, N. 


CARBOLL, Rev. John Joseph: 

B. June 24, 1864, in Enniscrone, 
County of Sligo, Ireland, and was 
brought to this country in infancy; ed. 
at St. Michael's College, Toronto, Can- 
ada, and studied for the priesthood at the 
Theological Seminary at Troy, N. Y. Af- 
ter ordination he was attached to the 
Cathedral of the Holy Name, Chicago 
(1880), and since then was appointed 
rector of St. Thomas Church in the same 
city. He is perhaps the best Gaelic 
scholar in America, and his eminence in 
this field was acknowledged in 1898 by 
his election as chairman of the conven- 
tion of the Gaelic League of America. 
He is the author of Notes and Observa- 
tions on the Aryan Race and Tongue, Pre- 
Christian Occupation of Ireland by Gaelic 
Aryans, 2 volumes; Tale of the Wander- 
ings of Red Lance, in both English and 
Gaelic. Address: 5478 Kimbark Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

CARROLL, Hon. John Lee: 

B. 1830, near Baltimore; great-grand- 
son of Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, one 
of the signers of American Independence; 
descended from the clan of The O'Carroll, 
of Ely O'Carroll, in Central Ireland; ed. 
at Georgetown College and Mount St. 
Mary's, Emmittsburg; graduated at Har- 
vard Law School ; admitted to Bar, 1851 ; 
State Senator, 1867 and 1871; Governor 

of Maryland, 1876-80; President of the 
Society of Sons of the Revolution; m. 
(1) Anita (a convert), daughter of 
Royal Phelps, of New York (she died, 
1873), and (2) Mary, daughter of Judge 
L. P. Thompson. Address: Doughoregan 
Manor, Ellicott City, Md. 

CARROLL, Rt. Rev. John P., D.D.: 

Bishop of Helena, Montana; b. Feb- 
ruary 22, 1864, in Dubuque, Iowa; s. 
of Martin and Catherine (O'Farrell) 
Carroll; ed. St. Raphael's Parochial 
School and St. Joseph's College, Du- 
buque; Grand Seminary, Montreal, Can- 
ada, from which he graduated in 1889, 
with the degree of D.D.; ordained to the 
priesthood, July 7, 1889. Appointed pro- 
fessor of mental philosophy, at St. Jo- 
seph's College, September 12, 1889, and 
its president, September 12, 1894; ap- 
pointed, September 12, 1904, Bishop of 
Helena; officially installed at the pro- 
cathedral of the Sacred Hearts of Hel- 
ena, January 31, 1905. During this short 
time he has given a new impetus to Cath- 
olic education throughout his vast dio- 
cese. In Helena he has built the St. Hel- 
ena School and a clubhouse in the purest 
Greek style (cost of $125,000) ; erected 
the Mount St. Charles College, a fire- 
proof five story building of the most 
modern type, in depressed Gothic style, 
erected on the historic Capitol Hill; and 
by December 1, 1910, will have under 
roof a new cathedral, copied after the 
Votive Church in Vienna, at a cost 
of approximately $500,000. Address: 
Helena, Mont. 

CARROLL, Thomas F.: 

Lawyer; b. November 23, 1854; near 
Rochester, N. Y. ; s. of James and Mary 
(Kennedy) Carroll; ed. in public schools; 



m. August 19, 1889, Julia Agnes Mead. 
Senior member of law firm, Carroll, Kir- 
win & Hollway. Member real estate firm, 
Davis & Carroll, large real estate owners 
in the city of Grand Rapids. Director 
and General Counsel Grand Rapids, 
Grand Haven & Muskegon Railway Co.; 
Director Grand Rapids Street Railway 
Co.; Commercial Savings Bank. Direc- 
tor and General Counsel Fifth National 
Bank. Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, 
Kent County, Mich., 1882-86; Secretary 
Democratic State Central Committee, 
1890; and Executive Member, 1890-94. 
Postmaster at Grand Rapids, Mich., 
1894-98; First Democratic Elector at 
Large, 1904; member Board of Esti- 
mates, Grand Rapids, 1906, Clubs: 
Peninsular; Kent Country. Address: 24 
South Lafayette St., Grand Rapids, 

CARRTJTH, Herbert S.: 

Real estate; b. in Dorchester, Mass., 
a suburb of Boston, February 15, 1855; 
only s. of Nathan Carruth; ed. in local 
public schools, Phillips Academy, Ando- 
ver, and Agricultural College, Amherst. 
In 1872, entered the employ of his fa- 
ther's firm, Carruth & Sweetzer; ad- 
mitted to partnership January 1, 1876, 
the firm name being changed to N. & H. 
Carruth & Co. ; it discontinued two years 
later. In 1881 Mr. Carruth became a 
member of the firm of Clarke & Car- 
ruth, publishers and book-sellers, and re- 
tired in 1889 to devote his time to his 
real estate interests. Has served as trus- 
tee for many private trusts, and held 
that position in connection with Cedar 
Grove Cemetery. Was secretary of the 
Metropolitan Park Commission; repre- 
sented Dorchester on the Board of Alder- 
men, and served as chairman. Served as 

Assistant Penal Institutions Commis- 
sioner of Dorchester. Is a convert to the 
Catholic Church. Clubs: Massachusetts 
Reform; Union. Address: 52 Beaumont 
St., Dorchester, Mass. 

CARTER, Mrs. Mary (Gilmore) : 

Author; b. in Boston, Mass., in 1867; 
d. of Patrick S. Gilmore, a famous 
musician and bandmaster; ed. in the 
Sacred Heart Academies of New York 
and Philadelphia; m. John P. Car- 
ter of the Lincoln Safe Deposit Company, 
and promoter of the New York Safe 
Deposit Association. Mr. Carter was 
born in London, England, in 1861. His 
grandfather was founder and proprietor 
of the Tuam Herald; which is now being 
edited by Mr. Carter's cousin (also Presi- 
dent of the Archaeological Society), while 
his brother is Queen's Counsellor. Mary 
Gilmore Carter is the author of an early 
book of verse, a novel entitled A Son of 
Esau (Lovell, Coryell & Co., 1892) ; and 
Songs from the Wings (Tennyson Neely, 
1899) ; contributor to the Catholic World, 
The Coming Age, Frank Leslie's, etc. ; has 
traveled from Maine to California, and 
over Great Britain and the Continent. 
Address: 600 West One Hundred and 
Thirty-eighth St., N. Y. 

CARTER, Mary Main: 

Author; b. August 16, 1864, at Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; m. James Newman Carter, 
1891. Ed. at Sisters of Mercy; Convent 
Sacred Heart, Eden Hall. Promoter of 
the Faith among Indian and Negro Chil- 
dren; treasurer of St. Gabriel's Confra- 
ternity ( work among shut-ins ) . Author 
of Child's Life of Christ (Holman, Phila- 
delphia, 1904). Traveled in Europe in 
Queen's Jubilee year and in California. 
Member of Alumnae of Eden Hall, Sacred 



Heart Convent; and other religious or- 
ganizations. Clubs: Browning; Plastic; 
Press. Address: 4608 Kingsessing Ave., 
West Philadelphia, Pa. 

CARTIER, Warren A.: 

B. in Manistee, Mich., January 12, 
1866. Descended on the maternal side 
from Ethan Allen, and on the paternal 
from Jacques Cartier; ed. in public 
schools of Manistee and of Ludington, 
Mich.; Varenna College, Canada; and 
Notre Dame University, Indiana (B.S. 
and C.E., 1887) ; m. Kate Dempsey. Is 
general manager of Cartier Lumber Com- 
pany, and Cartier, Chapman and Com- 
pany; vice-president of Ludington State 
Bank; chairman of Board of Directors of 
Northern Michigan Transfer Company; 
Mayor of Ludington, 1892-1903. Pre- 
sented the Cartier Field to Notre Dame 
University. Life member of the Catholic 
Church Extension Society; and a member 
of its Board of Governors and Executive 
Committee. Member, Knights of Colum- 
bus; Catholic Mutual Benefit Associa- 
tion; Benevolent Protective Order of 
Elks. Traveled through Canada and 
Mexico. Address: 409 East Ludington 
Ave., Ludington, Mich. 

CARTY, Mother Praxedes (Susan 
Carty) : 

Superior General of the Society of Sis- 
ters of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross. 
B. at Rawnsboy, County Cavan, Ireland; 
ed. Loretto Schools; entered the Loretto 
Novitiate in 1874 at Loretto, Ky.; sent 
to New Mexico in 1875, and completed 
her term of Novitiate at Santa F6. Su- 
perior successively at Bernalillo, New 
Mexico, 1877-79; Las Cruces, New Mex- 
ico, 1879-93; Florissant, Mo., 1893-94; 
Loretto Heights (near Denver), Colo., 

1894-96. Called to Loretto, Ky., as Mother 
Superior of the whole Society of Sisters 
of Loretto, 1896. In 1903, went to 
Rome, accompanied by the Mistress of 
Novices, for the purpose of obtaining the 
approbation of the Holy See for the Rules 
of the Society. Elected Mother General, 
according to the new Constitutions, Jidy 
16, 1904. In 1907 made another trip to 
Rome, to obtain the final approbation of 
the Constitutions, her companion helfkg 
one of the Assistants General; returned 
in January, 1908, having been successful 
in her efforts. Has traveled extensively 
throughout the United States, in the in- 
terests of the Society, whose recognized 
oflScial title is now Sisters of Loretto at 
the Foot of the Cross. Address: Nerinx 
Post Office, Ky. 

CARVIER, Joseph Addlard: 

B. at St. Henri, P. Q., Canada; ed. in 
parochial schools of St. Henri and Ste. 
Anne's College, Kamouraska County, P. 
Q. ; received degree of Bachelier-des-let- 
tres, Laval University, 1881. M. Marie 
Dion. From 1881 to 1894 was engaged 
in farming in the Province of Quebec; 
from 1894 to 1900, served as special cor- 
respondent for various periodicals. Gen- 
eral Secretary of L'Union St. Jean-Bap- 
tiste d'Am6rique since its foundation, 
1900. Member Union St.-Jean-Baptiste 
d'Am6rique ; Association Canado- Am6ri- 
caine; Ordre des Chevaliers Jacques 
Cartier; Soci6t6 du Denier de St. Pierre; 
Conferences St. Vincent de Paul. Ad- 
dress: Woonsocket, R. I. 

GARY, Miss Emma Forbes: 

B. October 10, 1833, in Boston, Mass.; 
descendant of the Somersetshire branch 
of the Carys. An ancestor. Sir William 
Cary, was Mayor and Sheriff of Bristol, 



England, in the reign of Henry VIII. 
Author of The Dayspring from on High 
(Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1893). Con- 
tributor to the Catholic World, the Young 
Catholic, and the Ave Maria. Miss Cary 
made the needs of the unfortunate in- 
mates of prisons her life work, devoting 
herself to them for twenty-five years, and 
acting as Commissary of Prisons for Bos- 
ton, Mass., from 1882 to 1892. Convert 
to the Church. Received by the late 
Bishop Fitzpatrick of Boston. Address: 
92 Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass. 

CARY, William Joseph: 

Member of Congress; b. March 22, 
1865, in Milwaukee, Wis.; ed. in the pub- 
lic and St. John's Cathedral Schools, 
Milwaukee; left an orphan at thirteen 
with five younger children; began work 
as messenger boy, the other children be- 
ing placed in an asylum; at eighteen he 
was a telegraph operator, and at nineteen 
he took his brothers and sisters from the 
asylum and gave them a home; m. 1890, 
Alma Louise Clark, a convert; was Al- 
derman in Milwaukee for two terms, and 
Sheriff of Milwaukee County one term; 
is now serving his second term as Con- 
gressman from the Fourth Congressional 
District, Wisconsin; believes in progress- 
ive measures, and has always fought for 
the people's rights ; member Telegraphers, 
Eagles, Modern Woodmen, Elks, Travel- 
ers Protective Association, Foresters, etc. 
Address: 666 Wentworth Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

CASEY, Miss Margaret Elizabeth: 

B. in Beatrice, Neb., December, 1874; 
ed. in parochial schools; Topeka High 
School; Topeka Business College, and 
Kansas State University (LL.B., 1900). 
State President ( 1906-10) ; Delegate 

to National Convention (1908), and Divi- 
sion President, Ladies' Auxiliary, An- 
cient Order of Hibernians (1905-08); 
National Delegate of Ladies Catholic Be- 
nevolent Association in 1907; Secretary, 
Law Class, Kansas State University 
(1900). Address: 310 Harrison St., 
Topeka, Kan, 

CASEY, Thomas J.: 

Editor; b. June 26, 1849, at Bunker 
Hill, 111.; m. Elizabeth Clare Johnston. 
Ed. at Notre Dame Brothers School, Al- 
ton High School, night schools and Busi- 
ness College, Alton, 111. Alderman in 
Mexico, Mo., 1880; and Alderman, Public 
School Director and Secretary of Board, 
Slater, Mo., 1886; has edited a Catholic 
paper in Kansas City for ten years. 
Member of Knights of Columbus, Knights 
of Father Mathew, Catholic Knights of 
America, Ancient Order of Hibernians, 
and Holy Name Society, Address: 304 
West Tenth St,, Kansas City, Mo. 

CASGRAIN, Charles William: 

Lawyer; b. Sandwich, Ontario, Canada, 
May 24, 1859; descendant of one of the 
oldest and most distinguished families 
of Canada, and son of the late Hon. 
Charles E, Casgrain, Canadian Senator, 
who was made a Knight of the Holy Sep- 
ulchre by His Holiness Leo XIII, and 
Charlotte Marie Chase; m. (1886) Annie, 
eldest daughter of the late George H. 
Hammond of Detroit; graduated from 
tlie Basilian College, Sandwich, in 1879, 
and that year entered upon the study of 
law in the office of the Hon. Don M. 
Dickinson, Detroit, Mich.; admitted to 
the Bar in 1883, and elected City Attor- 
ney of Detroit in 1889, holding this office 
for two years; was elected a delegate to 
the Democratic National Convention in 



"1892 and again in 1900, and twice re- 
ceived the nomination of his party for 
Circuit Judge; has traveled in Europe 
several times ; is a member of the Detroit 
Bar Association, the American Bar Asso- 
ciation, and is a Knight of Columbus. 
Clubs: Detroit Club, and Detroit Boat 
Club. Address: Detroit, Mich. 

CASGRAIN", Hon. Joseph Philippe Baby: 
Civil engineer and land surveyor; b. 
March 1, 1856, at Quebec; s. of P. B. 
Oasgrain, King's Counsel, and Matilda 
(Parent) Casgrain; member of one of 
the oldest French families in Canada; 
descended from an ancient family at Er- 
vault, Poitou, France; the first to come 
to Canada was Jean Baptiste Casgrain, 
an officer in the French Army, who 
landed about 1750; his son Pierre, was 
lord of the Seigniories of Rivifere- Quelle 
and L'Islet; descended from Jaques 
Babie, an officer in the regiment of Carig- 
nan Salieres, who landed in Quebec in 
1665, and whose descendants of that name 
have held high and responsible positions 
in the country; grandson of the late 
Hon. Charles Eusebe Casgrain, Lieuten- 
ant Colonel, unattached, who sat for 
Cornwallis in the L. C. Assembly, 1830- 
34; great grandson of Hon. James Baby; 
m. Ella, daughter of the late James W. 
Cook, M. P., of Dundas, Ontario, May 
27, 1885. Ed. at Seminary of Quebec. 
Founder and first president of the Eng- 
lish Liberal Club of Montreal. Member 
of Ottawa Improvement Commission; 
second vice-president of the Cook Bros. 
Lumber Co.; called to the Senate of Can- 
ada, January 29, 1900. Clubs: St. James 
and Montreal (Montreal), and Rideau 
Club (Ottawa). Address: Montreal, 

CASGRAIN", Major Philippe H. Dn Per- 
ron, Royal Engineers: 

B. at Quebec, Canada, 1864, and ed. at 
Kingston Military College; served 
through Riel's Rebellion in the Northwest 
Territory as an Adjutant of Militia, 
1885; commissioned in the Royal Engi- 
neers, 1886, and took part in the Mani- 
pur Expedition of 1891; qualified as in- 
terpreter in Russian two years later; 
employed in the South African War, 
1899-1900, and subsequently held impor- 
tant staflF positions in Canada and in 
London. Address: Montreal, Canada. 

CASGRAIK", Rev. Ren6 Edouard: 

B. at the Manor-house of Airvault, in 
the parish of Rivifere-Quelle, County of 
Kamouraska, Province of Quebec, Febru- 
ary 4, 1839; s. of the Hon. Charles E. 
and Elizabeth Ann (Baby) Casgrain; 
grandson of late Hon. James Duperon 
Baby of Toronto, and of Peter Casgrain, 
Seignior of Rivifere-Quelle ; brother of the 
late Hon. Charles E. Casgrain, Senator, 
and of P. B. Casgrain, ex-member of 
Parliament at Ottawa; is also a brother 
of late Abb6 Casgrain, Canadian his- 
torian, and a brother-in-law of His Honor 
the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, Sir 
Charles A. P. Pelletier, who married 
Suzan Casgrain. Made his classical 
studies at St. Ann's College; graduated 
at Laval University, 1864; admitted to 
the Bar of Quebec in 1864; took his de- 
grees at Laval in divinity; ordained 
priest, March 2, 1873; appointed parish 
priest of Stoneham, 1873; transferred to 
the parish of St. Catherine in Septem- 
ber, 1882. Traveled in Europe, 1882- 
83; appointed Chaplain of the Sacred 
Heart Convent in 1886; parish priest of 
Sillery, 1887-93; visit to Europe, 1892; 



appointed Chaplain of Bellevue Convent 
and of Hotel-Dieu Hospital in Quebec 
(1893) ; parish-priest of L'Ange-Gardien, 
1898; Chaplain to His Honor The Lieu- 
tenant Governor of Quebec, Sir Charles 
A. P. Pelletier, at Spencer-Wood, 1908. In 
1902 he published The History of the 
Parish of L'Ange Gardien; has contrib- 
uted to different papers; is now engaged 
in publishing (in French) a long series 
of articles on the Celebrated Converts 
of the United States, for the Semaine 
religieuse of Quebec. During his two 
travels in Europe, he visited Spain, Italy, 
Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and Eng- 
land ; had many audiences with Leo XIII. 
Visited the United States, went to Ha- 
vana (1885), and spent part of the win- 
ter of 1905 in the Southern States, New 
Orleans, and Pass Christian. He has 
founded two (burses) fellowships for 
poor boys, at the Seminary of Quebec. 
Post Office Address: 2 Richelieu St., 
Quebec, Canada. 

CASHMAN, Thomas E.: 

President and Manager, Clinton Falls 
Nursery and Greenhouse Co., Owatonna, 
Minn. B. in Steele County, Minn.; 
started nursery business in 1898, and in 
1901 established and incorporated the 
above firm. Director of Security State 
Bank, Owatonna. Mayor of that city; 
member of the School Board, and State 
Senator, term expiring 1911. M, Sep- 
tember 14, 1897, at Owatonna, to Mar- 
garet Laughlin. Member of Knights of 
Columbus; Catholic Order of Foresters; 
and Ancient Order of Hibernians. Club: 
Commercial. Address: Owatonna, Minn. 

CASSIDY, Michael Edward: 

Postmaster, Bisbee, Ariz.; b. in the 
City of Cork, Ireland; received his early 

education in the National Schools of 
Cork; studied with the Oblates of Mary 
Immaculate at New Priorj-, Quex Road, 
London, N.W., and later entered the Chi- 
cago College of Law, from which he grad- 
uated in 1898; was Captain and Regi- 
mental Adjutant of the 7th Illinois Vol- 
unteer Infantry (1898), during the Span- 
ish-American War; removed from Chi- 
cago to Arizona, 1900; appointed U. S. 
Commissioner in 1903; appointed Post- 
master of Bisbee, Ariz., by President 
Roosevelt, July 11, 1905; re-appointed 
to the same position by President Taft, 
January 20, 1910; was a member of the 
Territorial Republican Executive Com- 
mittee from 1902 to 1908; m. Elena M. 
Reynolds of Los Angeles, Cal. Mr. Cas- 
sidy is a member of the Order of Elks, 
and also of the Knights of Columbus, 
serving as State Deputy of the latter or- 
ganization from 1909 to 1910. Address: 
Bisbee, Cochise County, Ariz. 

CASSILLY, Rev. Francis Bernard, S.J.: 

B. on August 26, 1860, in Louisville, 
Ky. ; received his early education from 
the Xaverian Brothers, graduating from 
the Xaverian Institute of hi& native city 
in 1874, when he entered the St. Louis 
University. After finishing his classics 
in this institution he joined the Society 
of Jesus, and made the usual studies of 
its members. Professor at Marquette 
University, Milwaukee, 1881; has taught 
successively in the Jesuit colleges of St. 
Louis, Cincinnati, and St. Mary's, Kan- 
sas; from 1897 to 1909, Prefect of 
Studies and Vice-President, St. Ignatius 
College, Chicago. In 1910 transferred to 
St. Xavier's College, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Fr. Cassilly has written a number of ar- 
ticles for the daily and periodical press, 
and durinsr several sessions of the Illinois 



-legislature, assisted in preventing the 
passage of laws to give free text-books 
to public school pupils, and in defeating 
other legislation detrimental to Catholic 
interests; is a member, and for one term 
was Vice-President of the Federation of Il- 
linois Colleges, an organization composed 
of non-Catholic and Catholic colleges. At 
the first meeting (1899) of the Catholic 
Educational Association he took an active 
part, and has continued his membership 
in it to the present time. His connec- 
tion with this association led him to 
compile a tabulated record of attendance 
at Catholic colleges and universities, 
showing the steady and pronounced ad- 
vance of higher Catholic education in the 
United States. An article of his, Catho- 
lic Students at State Universities, which 
first appeared in the Ecclesiastical Re- 
view, February, 1906, was widely copied 
and commented on. This article, show- 
ing the large attendance of Catholic stu- 
dents at State universities, where they 
are receiving little or no spiritual guid- 
ance, led a number of bishops to station 
chaplains or to establish chapels or club- 
houses at non-Catholic universities. Ad- 
dress: St. Xavier's College, Cincinnati, 

CAVANATTGH, Rev. John, C.S.C: 

President of the University of Notre 
Dame, Indiana; b. May 23, 1870, at Lee- 
tonia, Ohio; ed. in the parochial schools 
of his native place, and at the Uni- 
versity of Notre Dame (degree of A.B., 
1890) ; received the degree of D.D. (Ot- 
tawa) in 1906; served as Associate Edi- 
tor of the Ave Maria, 1889-1905; Su- 
perior Holy Cross Seminary, Notre Dame, 
Ind., 1898-1905; President University of 
Notre Dame, 1905 to date. Author of 
Priests of Holy Cross (University Press, 

Notre Dame, 1905), and has also pub- 
lished several booklets; contributor to 
the Ave Maria. Address: University of 
Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Ind. 

CAVANAUGH, John Bernard: 

Lawyer; b. June 19, 1871, at Man- 
chester, N. H. ; s. of Thomas J. and Mary 
(Gallagher) Cavanaugh of Ireland; m. 
Margaret E. McDermott of New York, 
on August 14, 1906. Ed. at Park 
Street Parochial Grammar School and 
Manchester High School, graduated 1889 ; 
took special course at Boston University 
I^w School, 1896-97. Admitted to the 
Bar in 1897 and since then has practiced 
his profession in Manchester. Elected to 
New Hampshire Legislature four times; 
member of House of Representatives, 
1899-1901-0.3, during which time he 
served on the Committees on Revision of 
Statutes and Judiciary and Liquor Laws ; 
member of State Senate, 1905; member of 
the Judiciary Committee; Chairman of 
Committee on Revision of Statutes. Mem- 
ber of the Knights of Columbus and 
Ancient Order of Hibernians. Address: 
Manchester, N. H. 

CHABOT, J. Theodore: 

Dealer in art goods and wall papers ; b. 
in Buffalo, N. Y., August 17, 1867; s. of 
Daniel Theodore and Helen Chabot; ed. in 
the parochial schools and at Canisius Col- 
lege, Buffalo; is an artist of talent, and 
a dealer in art goods and wall papers, 
many of^* which are his own designs; 
m. Mary Donovan, April 15, 1890; is a 
member of the Knights of Columbus, the 
Catholic Benevolent Legion, the order of 
Elks, Canisius Alumni Association, the 
Buffalo Society of Artists, and the Art 
Students' League of Buffalo. Address: 
28 Genesee St., Buffalo, N. Y. 



CHAMBERLAIN, Hon. Engene Tyler: 

Commissioner of Navigation; b. Sep- 
tember 28, 1856, at Albany, N. Y.; s. of 
Gen. Frank Chamberlain and Celia De- 
borah I^ler. M. April 26, 1900, to Mary- 
Lee Bamette, daughter of Capt. Dudley 
Portieux Bamette and Louisa Jarvis. 
Ed. at Albany Boys' Academy, 1874; 
Harvard University, Class of 1878 
(A.B.). Political correspondent for vari- 
ous newspapers; associate editor Albany 
Journal ; editor Albany Argus. Appointed 
Commissioner of Navigation, December 
1893. Has promoted legislation for the 
merchant marine and for the improve- 
ment of the conditions of labor at sea; 
contributor of special articles on shipping 
matters to Twentieth Century, One Hun- 
dred Years of American Commerce, and 
other publications; has contributed to 
Verein fur Socialpolitik ; North American 
Review; Youth's Companion; Indepen- 
dent; Forum, and others. Joined the 
Church November, 1900. Member of 
League of the Good Shepherd and Mili- 
tary Order of the Loyal Legion. Clubs: 
Metropolitan Club of Washington ; Wash- 
ington Chess, Checker and Whist Club. 
Address: The Ethelhurst, Fifteenth and 
L Streets, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

CHAMBERS, Rev. Benjamin Stuart: 

B. September 24, 1869, at Kansas City 
Mo.; nephew of the late Annie Cham- 
bers Ketchum, who wrote the Bonnie Blue 
Flag, and descended from the De la 
Chambr^s of Normandy, the Chambers of 
England, and the Gallups, Stuarts, 
Bruces, Bradfords, Barbees, Morgans, and 
Marrs, noted as scholars, statesmen and 
soldiers; Major Chambers of Kentucky, 
and his brother, Thomas Jefferson Cham- 
bers, both fine linguists, became authori- 
ties in the examination of the French and 

Spanish land claims that flooded the Fed- 
eral Courts after Louisiana was sold to 
the United States by Napoleon in 1803; 
Major Chambers was one of twenty 
who made the forlorn hope at the Battle 
of the River Raisin in 1813, and one of 
six to come out alive from that terrible 
massacre. Ed. at the State College, Lex- 
ington, Ky.; St. Francis Xavier's, New 
York; Propaganda (Lie. Phil., 1899); 
American College, Rome (S.T.D., 1903). 
Ordained priest, July 25, 1902, at Rome, 
Italy. Representative of Harper and 
Bros., Publishers, at the World's Fair, 
Chicago, 1893. Has contributed to the 
Catholic World, London Tablet, New 
York Review. Entered the Church, 
March 19, 1894. Member of American 
College Alumni Association. Address: 
Rectory of the Blessed Sacrament, 146 
West Seventy-first St., New York City. 

CHAMBERS, George: 

B. June 2, 1850, in Ireland; s. of 
George and Mary (Foley) Chambers; m. 
Mary E. Cullens. Ed. at public school 
and St. Bridget's School, Buffalo. Gen- 
eral Agent, International Railway, Buf- 
falo, suburban towns, and Ontario. Mem- 
ber of Knights of Columbus and Cath- 
olic Mutual Benefit Association. Ad- 
dress: 573 Prospect Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

CHAMBRTJN, Marquise de (born Mar- 
garet Rives Nichols): 

D. of the late George Ward Nichols 
by his wife Maria Longworth, now 
Mrs. Bellamy Storer; b. at Rookwood, 
Cincinnati, Ohio; entered the Church 
in 1892, at Washington, D. C; m. 
in 1895 to the Marquis de ChambruB, 
who was then Counsel to the French 
Embassy in Washington. The Marquis 
de Chambrun is through his mother a 


direct descendant of the Marquis de La 
Fayette. Since 1898, M. de Chambrim 
has been a member of the Chambre des 
D6put€s for the department of Loz&re, 
where his country place is situated. He 
is one of those men, strong Catholics 
withal, who though belonging to the old 
nobility, are nevertheless republicans, 
that is to say, defend religious liberties 
without contesting the established form 
of Government. The Marquise de Cham- 
brun spends six months of the year in 
the Lozfere, where she has helped to found 
a lace industry among the young girls 
of a large number of villages, in order 
to procure them work and prevent emi- 
gration to Paris. She is also interested 
in the Catholic schools and is organizing 
classes of household economy destined to 
improve the condition of the poor peasant 
families. She has three children: Mar- 
the, born 1899; Jean Pierre, born 1903; 
Gilbert, born 1909. Address: 54 rue de 
Varenne, Paris, France. 


S. of S. Champagne and Melina Du- 
chene, his wife. B. June 3, 1866, at 
City of Ottawa. Ed. at Christian Broth- 
ers Schools, Ottawa. M. in 1899. Was 
first Mayor of Town of Battleford. Mem- 
ber of N.W. Mounted 'Police for many 
years. Address: Battleford, Sask., Can- 

CHAPAIS, Hon. Thomas, LL.D.: 

Statesman, journalist. S. of late Hon. 
J. C. Chapais, Minister of Public Work 
and Agriculture in the Governments of 
Tach6 and Macdonald, and of Henriette 
Georgine Dionne, his wife. B. at St. 
Denis de Kamouraska, March 23, 1858. 
Ed. at the College of Ste. Anne de la 
Pocati&re, and is LL.D. of Laval Univer- 

sity. Called to the Bar, July, 1879. From 
1884 to 1890 has been chief editor, and 
from 1890 to 1901 proprietor and editor 
of Le Courier du Canada at Quebec. M. 
January 10, 1884, Hectorine, eldest 
daughter of Sir Hector Langevin. Was 
defeated in the County of Kamouraska at 
the Dominion grand election, 1891. Ap- 
pointed to Legislative Council, March 18, 
1892. In January, 1893, was Minister, 
without portfolio, in the Taillon Govern- 
ment, and leader of the Government in 
the Legislative Council. President of 
the Legislative Council, April, 1895. 
President of the Council, May 11, 1896. 
Minister of Colonization and Mines in 
the Flynn Government, January 10 to 
May 22, 1897. Address: Quebec, Canada. 


Merchant; real estate; fire insurance; 
b. September 25, 1862, at St. Damase, 
P. Q., Canada; ed. in the public schools; 
m. Josephine Brulotte of Quebec. Mem- 
ber City Council of Salem, Mass., 1894; 
Alderman, 1903-07. Merchant; owner 
of six stores (general merchandise), 
1885-1908; real estate and fire insurance, 
1908 to date; director in the Le Courrier 
and Salem Publishing Co.; the Savory 
Express Co. Trustee of the Cercle Veuil- 
lot; member of the Chamber of Com- 
merce, Salem Savings Bank, Republican 
City Committee, Board of Trade, Mer- 
chants' Association, St. Joseph's Mutual 
Association, St. Jean Baptiste, St. Jean 
Baptiste d'Am^rique, Forestiers Cato- 
lique. Artisans Canadiens Frangais, 
American Order United Woodmen, Elks, 
Civic League, Associate Charity Club, 
Republican Franco-Am^ricain of Massa- 
chusetts, Franco-American of New Eng- 
land, Klondike and the Naturalization 
clubs; has been many times elected to 



County and State Conventions. Address : 
132 Lafayette St., Salem, Mass. 

CHARTRAND, Very Rev. Joseph, D.D.: 
Coadjutor Bishop of Indianapolis; b. 
May 11, 1870; descendant of an old 
French family. Ed. at St. Louis Uni- 
versity; theological course at Innabruck 
and at St. Meinrad's Seminary; ordained 
priest, September 24, 1892, when he was 
appointed secretary to Bishop Chatard, 
and rector of the Cathedral. August, 
1910, appointed Coadjutor, with right of 
succession to the See of Indianapolis. 
Address: Indianapolis, Ind. 

CHASSAIGNAC, Charles Louis: 

Physician; b. January 25, 1862, in New 
Orleans, La.; s. of Eugene (member of 
a distinguished French family; composer 
of music), and Elvire (Purche) Chas- 
saignac; nephew of a celebrated French 
physician and medical writer. Ed. Acad- 
emy of Brothers of the Sacred Heart ( St. 
Aloysius Academy) ; New Orleans Central 
High School; University of Louisiana 
(M.D., 1883). M. first, June 7, 1899, 
Jennie, daughter of Joseph C. and Eliz- 
abeth (Beebe) Morris; second, October 
10, 1906, Mathilde, daughter of Alexan- 
der and Emily (Queyrouze) Labry. Edi- 
tor New Orleans Medical and Surgical 
Journal since 1896. Dean and Professor 
of Genito-urinary and Rectal Diseases in 
Post-graduate Medical Department, Tu- 
lane University, La. Ex-president Louisi- 
ana State Medical Society; Orleans Par- 
ish Medical Society; Hospital Alumni 
Association. One of the founders and 
president. New Orleans Sanitarium and 
Training School for Nurses. Author of 
Yellow Fever, translated from French 
MSS. of Touatre (published by New Or- 
leans Medical & Surgical Journal, 1898) ; 

other minor works. Contributor of arti- 
cles to various medical journals. Has 
traveled several times to Europe (as far 
as Russia), in Mexica, Cuba, Panama, 
Canada, and all over the United States. 
Member American Medical Association; 
American Public Health Association; 
American Urological Association; Louis- 
iana State Medical Society; Orleans Par- 
ish Medical Society; Charity Hospital 
Alumni Association; Tulane University 
Alumni; National Geographic Society. 
Club : Boston ( New Orleans ) . Address : 
211 Camp St., New Orleans, La. 

CHATARD, Rt. Rev. Francis Silas Ma- 
rean, D.D.: 
Bishop of Indianapolis, Ind.; b. on 
December 13, 1834, in Baltimore, Md. ; 
ed. at Mount St, Mary's, Emmitsburg, 
Md., and the University of Maryland, 
graduating from the latter institution 
with the degree of M.D. ; decided to en- 
ter the priesthood, and became a student 
at St. Urban College, Rome, Italy (D.D., 
1863). Ordained priest June 14, 1862. 
Vice Rector of the American College, 
Rome, and later its rector; consecrated 
Bishop of Vincennes, May 13, 1878; dio- 
cese changed to that of Indianapolis, 
April, 1898. Author of Christian Truths. 
Address: 1347 North Meridian St., In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

CHATARD, Joseph Albert: 

Physician; b. Baltimore, Md., Decem- 
ber 10, 1879; ed. Loyola College '( <iegree 
of A.B., 1898) ; and at Johns Hopkins 
University (degree of M.D., 1903) ; In- 
structor in Medicine, Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity; Visiting Physician, St. Agnes 
Hospital; contributor to medical jour- 
nals. Address: 1225 Maryland Ave., 
Baltimore, Md. 



Physician; b. New Orleans, in 1826; s. 
of Pierre Cherbonnier of Chalen, France. 
Dr. Cherbonnier 's father emigrated to 
San Domingo in 1803, being then a sur- 
geon in the French Army. He was re- 
quested to take the oath of allegiance 
to Napoleon the First, refused, sent in 
his resignation, and came to the United 
States, settling first in New York, and 
later going to New Orleans, Louisi- 
ana; an uncle. General Pierre Victor 
Savary, was a member of Napoleon's 
staff. The family came to Maryland, and 
settled in Belair, where they lived until 
1838. Di\ Cherbonnier graduated from 
the University of Maryland, Medical 
Department, in 1848, and was afterwards 
appointed to the Army, from which he 
retired in 1892, with the rank of Cap- 
tain. He has been three times married, 
his first wife was Miss Fannie Goodwin, 
his second Miss Sarah Cairns, and his 
third Miss Rose M. Coyne, all of Balti- 
more, Md. Sister Rose Pellitier, Dr. 
Cherbonnier 's first cousin, was the found- 
ress of the Order of the Grood Shepherd. 
Address: 2230 North Calvert St., Balti- 
more, Md. 

CHEVIGNY, Le Marquis de Bouthillier : 

Eleventh Compte de Chevigny et Buzen- 
cals and the ninth Marquis de Bouthil- 
lier-Chevigny-Beauzeau ; title dates back 
to 1633. In 1888 married a Canadian 
lady, who is a great-great-granddaughter 
of de la Monthe Cadillac, founder of De- 
troit, Mich. Lived in Canada until 1907, 
then settled in Arlington Heights, near 
Boston. Delivered address at the cele- 
bration of the centennial of the See of 
Boston, 1908, and before the Catholic 
Club of Massachusetts Institute of Tech- 
nology, December 17, 1907. Member of 

the committee on members nights of the 
Catholic Union of Boston, 1909-10. Resi- 
dence: Arlington Heights, Mass. 

CHEW, John Paul: 

Lawyer; journalist; b. in Pittsburg, 
Pa., January 17, 1858; s. of William and 
Mary (Singleton) Chew. Ed. in paro- 
chial schools; St. Vincent College, Wheel- 
ing, W. Va.; St. Michael's Seminary; St. 
Francis College, Loretto, Pa. ; and George- 
town University (graduate of law de- 
partment). Practiced law in Belleville, 
111.; editor of Daily News Democrat, 
Belleville. Removed to St. Louis in 1891, 
and engaged in political writing. M. 
Veronica M. Meyer, descendant of a pio- 
neer French family of Southern Illinois. 
Is editor of the Church Progress, St. 
Louis, Mo. Member of St. Vincent de 
Paul Society, and a Knight of Columbus. 
Address: Fullerton Building, St. Louis, 

CHIDWICK, Eev. John Patrick Sylves- 
B. October 23, 1863, in New York City; 
parents were natives of Clonskelty, Coun- 
ty Cork, Ireland; ed. in public schools of 
New York City and Brooklyn parochial 
schools; Manhattan College, New York 
City (A.B. and A.M.). Is chaplain in 
the United States Navy; chaplain 
of the Police Department, New York 
City; chaplain general of the Spanish 
W^ar Veterans of the United States ; pres- 
ident of St. Joseph's Seminary, Dun- 
woodie, Yonkers, N. Y. Member of the 
Army and Navy Union of the United 
States, Spanish War Veterans, and of the 
Naval Union of the United States. 
Member, also, of other Societies and 
Associations. Address: St. Joseph's Sem- 
inary, Dunwoodie, Yonkers, N. Y. 



CHILTON, Hon. Robert S. Jr.: 

Consul; b. June 19, 1861, in Washing- 
ton, D. C; 8. of Robert S. and Mary 
Virginia (Brent) Cbilton; ed. in public 
schools and by private instruction; ra. 
October 12, 1898, Mary E., daughter of 
Maurice J. and Mary L. Dooly. Clerk, 
Department of State, Washington, D. C, 
1877-89; private secretary to the Vice- 
President of the United States, 1889-93; 
chief clerk, Department of State, Wash- 
ington, 1893; Chief, Consular Bureau, 
Department of State, 1895-1902; made 
a tour of inspection, 1897-98, visit- 
ing Consulates throughout the world; 
Consul at Toronto, 1905 to date. Mem- 
ber United States Geographic Society, 
American Society of International Law, 
etc. Clubs: Metropolitan and Chevy 
Chase (Washington) ; Toronto (To- 
ronto). Address: United States Con- 
sulate, Toronto, Canada. 

CHISHOLM, Alexander W.: 

Physician; b. Margaree Forks, Inver- 
ness County, Nova Scotia, 1870; ed. at St. 
Francis Xavier's College, Antigonish, N. 
S.; Dalhousie, Halifax; and at the Col- 
lege of Physicians and Surgeons, Balti- 
more, Md. (M.D. and CM.) ; has been 
engaged in the active practice of medicine 
for the past fourteen years; served as 
Municipal Counsellor of Inverness 
County for six years; m. Clara Le Brun. 
Address: Margaree Harbor, Nova Scotia. 

CHISHOLM, Hon. Christopher Paulinns : 
King's Counsel; b. Clydesdale, Nova 
Scotia, 1854; s. of D. Chisholm; ed. at 
St. Francis Xavier's College, Antigonish; 
called to the Bar, 1883; has represented 
Antigonish County in Provincial Legis- 
lature since 1891; Commissioner of 
Works and Mines, 1907; was appointed 

K.C., 1907; m. (1890) Sarah Campbell. 
Address: Antigonish, Nova Scotia. 

CHISHOLM, Hon. Joseph Andrew: 

Barrister; Mayor of Halifax; b. Janu- 
ary 9, 1863, at St. Andrews, Nova Scotia; 
s. of William and Flora (Macintosh) 
Chisholm (his grandparents were set- 
tlers from Inverness-shire) ; ed. at the 
public school, St. Andrews; St. Fran- 
cis Xavier's, Antigonish, Nova Scotia 
(B.A., 1883; M.A., 1893); Dalhousie 
University, Halifax; Dalhousie Law 
School (LL.B., 1886) ; m. 1891 to Fran- 
ces Alice Affleck, sister of Lady Thomp- 
son. Practiced law at Antigonish, 1886- 
89. Removed to Halifax and became 
member of the firm of Borden, Parker 
and Chisholm. Was editor and manager 
of the Antigonish Casket newspaper; the 
first Recorder for Antigonish, resigned 
in 1889; United States Consular agent at 
Antigonish, 1888; appointed King's Coun- 
sel, 1907. City Alderman, 1907; Mayor 
of Halifax since 1909. Author of Joseph 
Howe, a Sketch (Church Publishing Co., 
Halifax, 1909) ; editor of Speeches and 
Public Letters of Joseph Howe (in 
press ) . Contributor to the Green Bag 
(Boston) ; Canadian Law Times (To- 
ronto) ; The Catholic Encyclopedia. 
Member of the Ex. of the Alumni Asso- 
ciation of St. Francis Xavier's College, 
1893; North British Society (president, 
1899); Catholic Mutual Benefit Associ- 
ation of Canada. Club: Canadian of 
Halifax (president, 1908). Address: 
Halifax Club, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

CHISHOLM, Hon. William, M.P.: 

B. at Heatherton, Nova Scotia, on 
December 8, 1870, of Scotch parents; ed. 
in the common schools of his native par- 
ish, and the University of Saint Francis 




Xavier, Antigonish, Nova Scotia (degree 
of B.A.) ; served on the School Board 
as Commissioner of the Town of Antig- 
onish for five years, and as Town Coun- 
cillor three years; was elected Member 
of Parliament in 1905, and again in 
1908, for Antigonish County; is a 
Knight of Columbus. Address: Antig- 
onish, Nova Scotia. 

CHOQUETTE, Hon. Philippe, II.D.: 

Advocate; b. in 1854, in Verchferes 
County, P. Q., Canada, where his ances- 
tors settled from Amiens in the seven- 
teenth century; ed. at St. Hyacinthe Col- 
lege and Laval University (B.C.L. and 
LL.D.) ; called to the Bar; sat as a 
Liberal in the Dominion House of Com- 
mons, 1887-98; King's Counsel, 1888; 
judge of the Superior Court of Quebec, 
1898-1904; Canadian Senator, 1904; 
formerly political director of Le Soleil, 
Quebec; contributor to the newspapers 
and for some time published the Courrier 
de Montmagny. M. (1883) Maria, 
daughter of A. Bender, and granddaugh- 
ter of Sir E. P. Taeh€, one of the fram- 
ers of Confederation. Address: Quebec, 
P. Q., Canada. 

CHOUTEAir, Pierre: 

Engineer; b. St. Louis, July 30, 1849; 
8. of Charles P. and Julia Augusta (Gra- 
tiot) Chouteau; ed. Technical schools of 
St. Louis and Royal School of Arts, 
Mines and Manufacturers, Liege, Bel- 
gium; m. St. Louis, November 27, 1882, 
Lucille M. Chauvin; inventor of many 
devices now in general use; has also done 
much in the collection and preservation 
of ancient documents, papers, and books 
pertaining to the early conditions and 
history of St. Louis. Mr. Chouteau was 
the originator of the project for the com- 

memoration of the centennial anniver- 
sary of the purchase of Louisiana Ter- 
ritory, being chairman of several pre- 
liminary commissions which originated 
the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, of 
which he served as eighth vice-president. 
Member Missouri Historical Society, St. 
Louis Academy of Science, American In- 
stitute of Mining Engineers. Clubs: St. 
Louis, Florissant, Noonday, Valley. Ad- 
dress: 516 Security Building, St. Louis, 

CHRISTIE, Most Rev. Alexander, D.D.: 
Archbishop of Oregon City; b. in 
Vermont; s. of Adam and Mary Chris- 
tie ; ed. in public schools ; St. John's Uni- 
versity, Minnesota; Grand Seminary, 
Montreal, Canada; ordained to the priest- 
hood, December 22, 1877. Pastor at 
Waseca, Minn., for thirteen years; at 
St. Paul, Minn., eight years. Conse- 
crated, June 29, 1898, Bishop of Van- 
couver; consecrated Archbishop of Ore- 
gon City, February 12, 1899. Address: 
62 North Sixteenth St., Portland, Ore. 

CHRYSOSTOM, Brother (Joseph John 
Conlan) : 
Brother of the Christian Schools; 
educator, editor, author; b. April 1, 
1863, at New Haven, Conn.; ed. at 
Skinner Grammar School and Hilhouse 
High School, New Haven; Manhattan 
College, New York City (A.B. in 1881; 
A.M. in 1903). Instructor of English at 
La Salle College, Philadelphia, 1881-82; 
teacher of Latin, St. Joseph's College, 
Buffalo, 1885-88; assistant professor of 
philosophy, 1888-90; professor, 1890-94, 
and professor of philosophy and psychol- 
ogy since 1894, at Manhattan College, 
New York City. Member of Board of 
Trustees, Manhattan College; member of 



New York Academy of Science, Psycho- 
logical Branch; lectured on scholastic 
philosophy, Columbia University, 1904. 
Editor of English edition: Elementary 
Course of Christian Philosophy (CPShea, 
New York, 1893 ) ; Exposition of Chris- 
tian Doctrine, 3 vols. (John J. McVey, 
Philadelphia, 1900) ; Manual of Chris- 
tian Doctrine (John J. McVey, Phila- 
delphia, 1909). Author of Elementa 
Philosophise Scholasticae (La Salle Bu- 
reau, New York, 1897) ; contributor to 
Mosher's, Rosary, Manhattan Quarterly, 
and Philosophical Review. Historian, 
Alumni Society of Manhattan College; 
member of American Philosophical Asso- 
ciation, and American Psychological Asso- 
ciation. Address: Manhattan College, 
New York City. 

CHURCH, Alonzo: 

B. 1860 in St. Louis, Mo.; ed. at St. 
Louis University; m. to Charlotte Clark. 
Has large financial interests. Member 
of various St. Louis clubs. Address: St. 
Louis, Mo. 

CHURCHILL, Miss Harriet Brewer: 

B. in Boston, Mass.; descended from 
New England founders and patriots; ed. 
in private schools in Massachusetts and 
Switzerland; contributor to the Young 
Catholic and the Ave Maria. Member of 
the ex-Libris Society of England. Is a 
convert to the Catholic Church. Ad- 
dress: Care American Express Co., 84 
Queen St., London, England. 

CHUTE, Frederick B.: 

Lawyer and real estate dealer; b. De- 
cember 21, 1872, in Minneapolis, Minn.; 
s. of Samuel H. and Helen E. A. (Day) 
Chute; graduate Minnesota University 
College of Law (LL.B., 1895; LL.M., 

1896) ; unmarried. Member of law firm 
of L. P. & F. B. Chute; vice-president 
and secretary Chute Realty Co.; secre- 
tary Chute Brothers Co. Member of 
Board of Education, Minneapolis, and of 
the Minnesota National Guard, 1898- 
99. Member sons of American Revolu- 
tion. Clubs: Minneapolis and St. An- 
thony Commercial; Minikahda; Minne- 
tonka Yacht; Roosevelt. Office: 7 Univer- 
sity Ave., S. E. ; residence, 1024 Univer- 
sity Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn, 


Educator and author; b. in Tuscany, 
and belongs to a Florentine patrician 
family. Her father, General Giuseppe 
C, and her uncle, Count Leonetto C, 
both did much toward the unification of 
Italy. Mrs. Browning refers to them in 
the Summing up in Italy. The family 
suffered financial reverses, and at nine- 
teen Miss Cipriana came to this country, 
where, through friends, she immediately 
secured a position as teacher of modern 
languages in a preparatory school. She 
taught for three years in Indianapolis, 
going from there to the University of 
Chicago, and in less than three years she 
received with highest honors, the three 
degrees the university confers. Imme- 
diately after having received her Doctor's 
degree, she was put on the faculty and 
taught principally comparative literature. 
She is the author of A Tuscan Childhood. 
Address: University of Chicago, Chicago, 

CLAIBORNE, Charles F.: 

Lawyer; s. of W. C. C. Claiborne, and 
grandson of the first American Governor 
of the State of Louisiana; b. February 
2, 1848, in New Orleans, La.; ed. in 
Christian Brothers' College, New Orleans, 


and in the law department of the Uni- 
versity of Louisiana, graduating in 1869 ; 
is a member of the congregation of the 
St. Louis Cathedral. Address: No. 727 
Common St. (business) ; residence, 905 
Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, La. 

CLARK, Rev. William F., S.J. : 

Priest, educator. B. at Huntington, 
Long Island, N. Y,, August 11, 1856; s. 
of John and Mary (Phaton) Clark; ed. 
at Smithtown Academy (L. I.), N. Y.; 
St. Francis Xavier College, New York 
City; Woodstock College, Maryland; 
Louvain, Belgium; ordained August 22, 
1890, at Woodstock, Md. Professor Latin 
and Greek, Georgetown College, Wash- 
ington, D. C, 1882-87; Socius (Private 
Secretary) to Provincial, New York 
and Maryland Prov., 1893-96; President 
St. Joseph's College, Philadelphia, Pa., 
1896-190{); Vice-President St. Francis 
Xavier College, New York City, 1900- 
02; Professor Latin and Gredc at St. 
Andrew-on-Hudson, N. Y., 1902-05; Pre- 
fect of Studies, Holy Cross College, 
Worcester, Mass., 1905-08; Vice-President 
and Prefect of Studies, Canisius College, 
Buffalo, 1908-10. Lecturer on literary 
subjects, lyYouville College, Miss Nar- 
din's Academy, Catholic Women's Club, 
etc. Address: Canisius College, Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

CLARKE, Rev. D. A.: 

B. December 15, 1850, at Columbus, 
Ohio. Ed. at Notre Dame University, 
Indiana (B.S., 1870; M.S., 1872; A.M., 
1874). Aided in founding the Catholic 
Columbian, of which for years he was 
managing editor. Ordained December, 
1879, by Bishop Borgess. Is now pastor 
of Holy Family Church, Columbus, and a 
Dean of the diocese. A prominent worker 

in the cause of the Catholic Total Absti- 
nence Union; his pen is never idle when 
there is a demand in any way for de- 
fense of the Church. Address: Holy 
Family Church, West Broad St., Colum- 
bus, Ohio. 

CLARKE, George Walter: 

Merchant; b. in Scranton, Pa., Janu- 
ary 5, 1870; ed. in the public schools; 
m. Mercedes Rodriguez; is a member of 
the firm of Clarke Brothers, Scranton, 
Pa. Clubs: Catholic (New York City); 
Champlain (at Catholic Sunvmer School) ; 
Scranton; Scranton Country. Address: 
424 Clay Ave., Scranton, Pa. 

CLARKE, Richard Henry: 

Lawyer, author and philanthropist; b. 
July 3, 1827, at Washington, D. C; s. 
of Walter Clarke, one of the earliest citi- 
zens of Washington and Rachel Boone of 
Maryland; descended from Robert Clarke 
of London, who came to Maryland in 
1638, was member of the Privy Council, 
represented the Jesuit Fathers in the 
Maryland Legislature which passed the 
Religious Toleration Act, but after the 
English Revolution of 1688 was cited 
before the Provincial Court and upon pro- 
fessing his religion, suffered the confisca- 
tion of his estates; R. H. Clarke's grand- 
father. Lieutenant William Clarke, served 
throughout the Revolution. Ed. in pri- 
vate schools at Washington; Georgetown 
College, 1842-46 (LL.D. later) ; LL.D. 
from Fordham University. Practiced 
law in Washington till 1865, having won 
a leading law case which established the 
legality of building associations; in New 
York was associated with Dr. Levi Silli- 
man Ives and with Charles O'Conor in 
the Jumel will case and in the defense of 
Jefferson Davis. One of the founders of 



the Catholic Union of New York; founder 
and first president of the St. Vin- 
cent de Paul Society of Washington; 
president of the New York Catho- 
lic Protectory, which established a 
kindergarten and cooking school and or- 
ganized the Protectory Cadets; first pres- 
ident New York Greorgetown University 
Alumni Association and president of 
Greorgetown Alumni Association. Au- 
thor of Lives of the Deceased Bishops of 
the Catholic Church in the United States 
(received gold cross from Notre Dame) ; 
Illustrated History of the Catholic 
Church in the United States, Old and 
New Lights on Columbus, Life of Pope 
Leo XIII; contributor to the Catholic 
World, American Catholic Quarterly Re- 
view and other Catholic periodicals. Is 
an earnest advocate of civil service re- 
form and pure municipal government, 
and is a friend of the colored race. He 
is the oldest living prefect of the Sodality 
of the Blessed Virgin Mary and oldest 
living graduate of Georgetown Univer- 
sity. Address: 340 West Seventy-first 
St., New York City. 

CLARKE, Ricliard Henry, Jr.: 

Lawyer; s. of Dr. Richard Henry 
Clarke; associated with his father in the 
practice of law. Member of the Society 
for perpetual Adoration of the Blessed 
Sacrament; Xavier Alumni Sodality; 
Fordham University and St. Francis 
Xavier's Alumni Associations; the New 
York County Lawyers' Association. 
Clubs: Catholic; Economic; Baltusrol 
Golf. • Address: 340 West Seventy-first 
St., New York. 

CLAY, Mrs. Esther Foster (Biddle) : 

B. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 
May 12, 1855; descendant of William 

Biddle, a member of the Society of 
Friends, who came from England with 
William Penn; m. Edward C. Clay, a 
member of the Protestant Episcopal 
Church, and a son of the late Joseph A, 
Clay, a prominent member of the Phila- 
delphia Bar; was received into the 
Church by His Grace, Archbishop Ryan, 
December 24, 1901; member of the Chil- 
dren of Mary, League of The Sacred 
Heart, The Propagation of The Faith, 
Society of Perpetual Adoration and Work 
for poor Churches, Arch-confraternity of 
Christian Mothers. Address: The War- 
wick, Nineteenth and Sansom Sts., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

CLEAR Y, Rev. James Mathew: 

Pastor of the Church of the Incarna- 
tion, Minneapolis, Minn. B. September 8, 
1849, in Boston, Mass.; s. of Thomas and 
Julia Cleary; brought to the Northwest 
in early life, by his parents, and edu- 
cated in the public schools of Walworth 
County, Wis.; St. Francis Seminary and 
College, Milwaukee, Wis,; and St. Law- 
rence College, Calvary, Wis. Ordained 
priest, July 8, 1872. Widely known as a 
lecturer, and prominent in temperance 
work. President of the Catholic Total 
Abstinence Union for many years; Vice- 
President of Anti-Saloon League; Presi- 
dent of Minneapolis Home Protection 
League. Contributor to the Catholic 
World and the University Bulletin. Has 
traveled abroad. Member of Catholic 
Knights of Wisconsin, Knights of Co- 
lumbus, Catholic Order of Foresters, 
and Commercial Club. Residence: 3132 
Second Ave., South, Minneapolis, Minn. 

CLEARY, John J.: 

Editor of the Sunday Advertiser, Tren- 
ton, N. J.; b. May 24, 1859, in Trenton, 




N". J.; ed. Parochial Schools of Trenton, 
N. J.; St. Charles' College, EUicott City, 
Md., and Seton Hall College, South 
Orange, N. J.; m. Rebecca M. Sweeney; 
rved as President of the Public Park 
Commission in 1891, and has been Secre- 
tary of the Public Library Commission 
of Trenton for nine years; also a Direct- 
or of the Mercer Trust Company, Tren- 
ton, and Member of the Board of Mana- 
gers of the New Jersey State Home for 
Feeble Minded Women; edited a Catholic 
Catalogue of the books in the Trenton 
Free Public Library for the Trenton 
Council, Knights of Columbus; has de- 
livered addresses on various occasions 
and before different religious bodies, in- 
cluding the main address upon the cele- 
bration of the twenty-fifth anniversary 
of the diocese of Trenton, the Rt. Rev. J. 
A. McFaul presiding; has been a journal- 
ist since 1880, and one of the editors and 
proprietors of the Trenton Sunday Ad- 
vertiser since 1888; has traveled in Eu- 
rope, the United States and Canada; is 
a Knight of Columbus, and a member of 
the Catholic Club of Trenton, N. J. Ad- 
dress: 3 Centre St., Trenton, N. J. 

CLEAHY, Peter J. A.: 

Brigadier General, United States Army 
(retired) ; b. November 7, 1839, at Mal- 
ta; ed. at Queen's University, Ireland, 
and Royal College of Surgeons, England 
(M.D.) ; m. Sarah M., daughter of Judge 
Charles F. and Elizabeth (Hale) Keith. 
Practiced his profession in New York 
until the outbreak of the Civil War; as- 
sistant surgeon, then major surgeon, N. 
Y. Volunteers during the war; brevetted 
lieutenant colonel, August 9, 1865; hon- 
orably mustered out, August 10, 1865; 
served in the Medical Department U. S. 

Army as assistant surgeon (October 9, 
1867), captain (December 26, 1867), ma- 
jor (January 30, 1883), lieutenant 
colonel (November 15, 1897), colonel 
(February 4, 1901); brigadier general, 
August 6, 1903; retired August 7, 1903. 
While on the frontier, served (1896) as 
chief surgeon. Department of Texas; 
later (1898-1900), Department of the 
Gulf. Has traveled over most of the 
United States and in Europe. Member 
of Army societies. Address: Care Adju- 
tant General, U.S.A., Washington, D. C. 

CLEMENS, James Ross: 

Physician, surgeon; b. September 19, 
1866, St. Louis, Mo.; second cousin to 
the late Mark Twain; m. Kathrine T. 
Boland; ed. at St. Louis University; 
Georgetown University; Stonyhurst Col- 
lege, England; Emmanuel College, Cam- 
bridge, Eng. ; Royal College of Surgeons 
of England; R.oyal College of Physicians. 
Professor of Diseases of Children, Uni- 
versity of Missouri; same, St. Louis Uni- 
versity. Has contributed to the British 
Medical Journal, Archives of Pediatrics, 
and the New York Medical Journal. 
Address: 3720 West Pine St., St. Louis, 

CLEMENTIAN, Brother (Peter Muth) : 

B. in Germany about seventy years 
ago; came to Baltimore and attended the 
schools of the Christian Brothers ; taught 
school in Brooklyn and New York; well 
known in his day as a successful educa- 
tor; was connected with the New York 
Catholic Protectory and with Manhat- 
tan College, and later elected Assistant 
Superior General of the Christian Broth- 
ers, which office he now fills. Address: 
Lembecq-lez Hal, Belgium. 



CIEWS, Mrs. James Blanchard: 

Granddaughter of the late Hon. 
Charles Nichols, U. S. Minister to The 
Hague, and great granddaughter of Ben- 
jamin Romaine, second Comptroller of 
New York City ; m. J. B. Clews, a nephew 
of Henry Clews, and member of the firm 
of Henry Clews & Co., bankers; active 
for years in Catholic charitable work, to 
which she has devoted most of her time 
and attention. Address: Fifth Ave. and 
Eighty-fifth St., New York City. 

CLIFFORD, Rev. Cornelius: 

Educator, author, lecturer; b, August 
24, 1859, in New York City; of Irish an- 
cestry on father's side, and Scotch on 
mother's side; ed. at public schools. Col- 
lege of City of New York ; Fordham Uni- 
versity (B.A. in 1879), where he was 
the "Honors Man" of his class and won 
the Biographical Medal and the Hughes 
Medal in Mental Philosophy; studied 
theology at Woodstock, Innsbruck and 
Louvain; ordained (English Province S. 
J.) in ISrgS at Wimbledon; Master of 
Juniors, S. J., at Frederick, Md., 1885-87, 
and at Manresa House, Roehampton, 
Eng., 1892-95; master of rhetoric at 
Greorgetovm, 1887-89, and at Beaumont in 
1899; head master at Wimbledon, 1896- 
98; lecturer in history and logic at Mer- 
riam Park, Minnesota, in 1899; has lec- 
tured for the past ten years; assistant 
pastor at Morristown, N. J., 1905-07; 
professor of philosophy and church his- 
tory at Seton Hall, 1907-09; now parish 
priest of Whippany, N. J.; Editor of 
Providence Visitor, 1900-03; author of 
"Introibo," Cathedral Library Associa- 
tion ( 1903 ) ; The Burden of the Time 
( 1904 ) ; two exegetical and homiletic 
studies on the Introits of the Bo- 
man Missal and the scripture lessons of 

the Roman Breviary; contributor to 
Month, Catholic World, Tablet, Specta- 
tor ( London ) , Ecclesiastical Review and 
Annales de Philosophie Chretienne. 
Traveled in Austria, France, Germany, 
Belgium, Scotland, Ireland and the Mid- 
dle West of the United States. Clubs: 
University; Review. Address: St. Mary's, 
Whippany, N. J. 

CLOAK, John G.: 

Attorney-at-law ; b. August, 1858, in 
Buffalo, N. Y.; s. of Richard and Eliza- 
beth (Fielding) Cloak; ed. at St. Jo- 
seph's College, Buffalo; admitted to the 
Bar, 1880, and has been practicing ever 
since; m. Carrie F., daughter of the Hon. 
James Ash (deceased). Was Park Com- 
missioner for two years (appointed by 
Mayor Diehl) until legislated out of 
office; appointed Trustee, City and 
County Hall, Buffalo, by Appellate Di- 
vision. Member Catholic Mutual Benefit 
Association; Erie County Bar Associa- 
tion; St. Joseph's College Alumni; Law- 
yer's Club. Address: 221 West Ave., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

CLORAN, Hon. Henry Joseph, B.C.L.: 

King's Counsel ; Barrister ; s. of Joseph 
Cloran and Ann Kennedy, his wife, both 
natives of Ireland; b. May 8, 1855, at 
Montreal; ed. at Montreal College, St. 
Sulpice Seminary in Paris, and McGill 
and Laval University in Montreal. (B.C. 
L.) m. October 9, 1882, to Agnes M. 
Donovan, who died August 9, 1896. June 
5, 1906, m. to Miss M. Inez Goodwin, d. 
Mr. George Goodwin, of Ottawa. An un- 
successful candidate for the House of 
Commons for Montreal Centre in 1887, 
and in Prescott County, Ont., in 1896 
and 1900. Editor of Montreal Post and 
True Witness from 1882 to 1887. Presi- 





dent of the leading Irish Canadian Lit- 
erary, Athletic and National Associations 
of Montreal from 1880 to 1892. Also 
for a time President Press Association of 
the Province of Quebec. Crown Prosecu- 
tor from 1890 to 1892; Attorney of Prov. 
Revenue, 1897-1907; Reeve and Mayor of 
Hawkesbury from 1894 to 1901; called 
to the Senate June 30, 1903. Address: 
Montreal, Que., Canada. 

COAB, John F.: 

b. December 5, 1842, in Ireland; came 
with his parents to America in 1850 and 
settled in Albany, N. Y.; removed to 
Dubuque, Iowa, in 1857, and in 1860 the 
family came to Nebraska and settled at 
Nebraska City; m. January 27, 1870, to 
Ellen M. Leahy, d, of John Leahy of 
Nemaha County, Neb.; has family of 8 
sons and 5 daughters. Formed a part- 
nership with his brother and engaged in 
freighting from Missouri River points to 
the military posts in Colorado, Wyoming 
and Montana; contractor with Depart- 
ment of the Platte for many years, for- 
warding supplies for the government; 
engaged in the stock raising business in 
western Nebraska. Resided in Cheyenne, 
Wyo., 1871-84; then came to Omaha, 
where he is the president of the Coad 
Real Estate Co., and director of Mer- 
chants' National Bank; president of 
Packers' National Bank of South Omaha. 
Address: Packers' National Bank, South 
Omaha, Neb. 

COAKLEY, Timothy Wilfred: 

Lawyer, journalist. B. in Cambridge, 
Mass., May 7, 1864, of Irish parents; ed. 
in Cambridge public schools and Boston 
College (A.B. 1884; A.M. later) ; m. 
Elizabeth J. Coakley. Special writer on 
Boston and New York Press, 1884-87; 

admitted to Massachusetts Bar, 1888; 
practiced law and lectured (1888-1909) ; 
ofl&cial orator, Faneuil Hall, July 4, 
1906. Author of Keef, published by 
Charles Brown & Co., Boston (1898); 
contributor of stories and verse to the 
Messenger and other Catholic publica- 
tions. Traveled in Europe, China, Japan, 
the Philippines, Cuba and Mexico. Mem- 
ber of the Knights of Columbus. Clubs: 
Press and Clover, Boston; Jonathan and 
Sierra Madre, Los Angeles, Cal. Ad- 
dress: Los Angeles, Cal. 

COBB, Mrs. Zoe (Besloge) : 

B. December 18, 1850, Potosi, Mo.; 
widow of Major Seth Cobb, M.C., and 
director of the Louisiana Purchase Ex- 
position. Ed. at Visitation Convent and 
Mary Institute, St. Louis, Mo.; president 
of the Children of Mary, Sacred Heart 
Convent; president Ladies' Auxiliary, St. 
Louis Obstetrical Dispensary. Club: 
Woman's. Address: 4444 Westminster 
PL, St. Louis, Mo. 

COCKKAN, William Bourke: 

Lawyer, politician, orator; b. 1854, in 
Ireland; ed. in that country and in 
France; shortly after his arrival in the 
United States in 1871, was appointed 
teacher in a private academy, and sub- 
sequently became principal of a public 
school in Westchester County, N. Y.; 
studied law at the same time; admitted 
to the bar in 1876, and soon took a prom- 
inent part as a Democrat in State poli- 
ties. In 1882, he became counsel to the 
sheriflF of New York County; reap- 
pointed in 1885; elected to Congress in 
1886, and again in 1891; opposed the 
nomination of Cleveland for the Presi- 
dency; in 1896, supported McKinley, and, 
in 1900, advocated the election of Bryan; 



much in demand as a public speaker. 
Clubs: Catholic, Metropolitan, National 
Arts, Lambs, Lotos, Meadowbrook, Larch- 
mont Yacht, the Brook and Riding (N. 
Y.), Metropolitan and Country (Wash- 
ington, D. C). Address: 31 Nassau St., 
New York City. 

COETLOGON, Comtes^e Ren6 de: 

B. Miss Blake; d. of George Blake, of 
Boston, Mass. ; ed. in her native city ; her 
husband is a member of a very old fam- 
ily, dating from the Crusades. Address: 
Paris, France. 

COFFEE, Eev. Charles, S.J.: 

B. October 31, 1857, at Guelph, On- 
tario, Can.; s. of Denis and Catherine 
(Hodgins) Coffee; ed. separate and pub- 
lic schools of Guelph; at St. Francis 
Xavier's, N. Y., and at Fordham Univer- 
sity, N. Y.; admitted to practice law at 
Osgoode Hall, Toronto, 1881; entered the 
Society of Jesus, January 5, 1886; or- 
dained at Montreal, August 15, 1897; 
completed studies at Manresa, Spain, in 
1900-01 ; is now serving as pastor of St. 
Ignatius Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba; 
has served at diflferent times on the staffs 
of Santa Clara College, California; 
Sacred Heart College, Denver, Colo.; St. 
Charles' College, Grand Coteau, La.; 
Loyola College, Montreal, Canada, and 
St. Boniface College, Manitoba, Canada. 
Address: St. Ignatius Church Rectory, 
Winnipeg, Man., Canada. 

COFFEY, James Vincent: 

Jurist; b. December 14, 1846, in New 
York ; s. of James Coflfey ; unmarried ; ed. 
at schools in New York, 1852-54; Bridge- 
port, Conn., 1854-57; Nevada City, Cal., 
1863; Ph.D., Santa Clara College, Cal.; 
LL.D., St. Ignatius College, San Fran- 

cisco. Came to California in 1859; clerk 
in the Adjutant-General's ofl&ce, 1862'-63; 
clerk to the District Attorney of Storey 
County, Nev., 1863; secretary to the 
Board of Port Wardens, 1869-72. Stud- 
ied in law offices in New York, Virginia 
City, Nev., and San Francisco; admitted 
to the Bar, April, 1869; elected to State 
Assembly, 1875-79, being chairman of the 
Judiciary Committee and of the delega- 
tion each session; chairman Democratic 
convention, 1878; nominated for Attor- 
ney-General of California, 1879, but de- 
clined. Served 1882-83 in General Civil 
Department; Judge of Superior Court, 
San Francisco, since 1882 (probate de- 
partment since 1883 ) ; his decisions, "Re- 
ports of Decisions in Probate," (Ban- 
croft-Whitney Co., San Francisco, 5 
vols.) Editor of the San Francisco Ex- 
aminer for six years, while also practic- 
ing law. Presiding Judge, Supreme 
Court, 1887, 1907; Democratic nominee 
for Supreme Justice, 1890, and led the 
ticket several thousand votes; voted for 
in California Legislature, 1899, as Dem- 
ocratic choice for United States Senator; 
declined nomination for Congress, fourth 
California district, September, 1900; 
Democratic Judge of Superior Court, 
1906, choice of all parties. President 
State Historical Society of California 
since 1893. Address: Superior Court, 
San Francisco, Cal. 

COFFEY, Thomas: 

Lawyer, senator, editor; b. August 12, 
1843, in County Limerick, Ireland, Par- 
ish of Castleconnell ; descendant of Irish 
patriots; ed. by the Christian Brothers; 
received the degree of Doctor of Laws 
from Ottawa University, 1907; m. Mar- 
garet Hevey; Senator of Canada, March 
12, 1903; publisher of the Catholic Rec- 



ord, London, Ont., for thirty years ; mem- 
ber of the Catholic Mutual Benefit Asso- 
ciation and Knights of Cblumbus. Ad- 
dress: London, Ont., Canada. 

COHALAN, Hon. John P.: 

B. in 1874; ed. in public schools of 
Middletown, N. Y.; Wallkill Academy, 
and Manhattan College, New York City 
(A.B., 1893) ; admitted to the bar in 
18%, and immediately entered the law 
office of his brothers, D. F. & M. J. Co- 
halan, at 251 Broadway, New York; 
seven years later became a member of the 
firm, which was reorganized as Cohalan 
Bros., with offices at 277 Broadway; in 
1905 received the nomination for As- 
semblyman for the Thirty-fifth District, 
and was elected; the following year was 
a successful candidate for Senator of the 
Twenty-second District. During his term 
in the Legislature he was largely instru- 
mental in bringing to a successful issue 
the Torrens' bill, the purpose of which 
was to systematize the registration of 
titles of real estate. Was subsequently 
chosen Surrogate by the people of the 
County of New York; his knowledge of 
that branch of the law peculiar to his 
new position enables him to fill the office 
most successfully. In 1898 Mr. Cohalan 
married Miss Margaret Kiernan. Mem- 
ber of the Elks, Knights of Columbus, 
the Bronx Bar Association and the 
Friends of Erin Society. Clubs: Catho- 
lic, Schnorer, Brownson. Address: 277 
Broadway, New York City. 

COLANERI, Rt. Rev. An^stine M.: 

B. Feb. 28, 1853, at Rome, Italy; ed. 
at Rome; studied theology at the Grande 
Seminary, Montreal, Can.; was ordained 
priest December 18, 1875; secretary to 

the Apostolic Ablegate to Canada, Mgr. 
G. Conroy, 1877; arrived in Omaha June 
10, 1878, was made secretary to Bishop 
O'Conor of Omaha; chancellor of the 
diocese, 1885; Vicar General of the dio- 
cese, June 27, 1902; created prothono- 
tary apostolic ad instar by Pope Pius 
X., July 17, 1905. Address: Omaha, 

COLEMAN, Alexis Ir6n6e du Pont Cole- 

Educator; b. in Wilmington, Del., De- 
cember 4, 1864; s. of the late Rt. Rev. 
Leighton Coleman, D.D., Protestant Epis- 
copal Bishop of Delaware; ed. Trinity 
School, Toledo, Ohio; Isle of Wight Col- 
lege, Ryde, I. W.; Keble College, Oxford 
(B.A., 1887, and M.A., 1906) ; m. Mary 
Coleman; Rector of St. Michael's (Epis- 
copal) Church, Wilmington, Del., 1889- 
95; instructor, College of the City of 
New Yorkj 1901 ; one of the editors of the 
New International Encyclopedia, 1902- 
05; critic for Putnam's Magazine, The 
Bookman, Atlantic Monthly, Catholic 
World, etc.; received into the church 
March 21, 1896. Address: 30 West 
Twenty-fourth St., New York City. 

COLEMAN, Caryl: 

Ecclesiologist, church glass manu- 
facturer and decorator; b. 1847; s. of 
John Hull Coleman and Charlotte Au- 
gusta Coleman, daughter of Capt. Ben- 
jamin Caryl, U.S.A., Buffalo, N. Y.; ed. 
at Eagleswood, N. J., under the master- 
ship of Theodore D. Weld ; Bellevue Med- 
ical College, N. Y., and Canisius College, 
Buffalo, N. Y.; traveled in Spain, Italy, 
France and England in 1870-71; taught 
school in Buffalo, N. Y., 1872-74; went 
to Europe for the purpose of studying 



Ecclesiology, 1875-76; returned to Amer- 
ica in 1877 and entered commercial life; 
m. in 1881, Nonna Agnes, d. of Charles 
and Mary (Coddington) Black; visited 
England and Belgium (1888) for fur- 
ther ecclesiological study; opened the 
church department of the Tiffany Com- 
pany in New York (1889), and remained 
at its head for ten years; founded in 
1899 the Church Glass and Decorating 
Company of New York, and at the same 
time became the American representa- 
tive of John Hardman & Co. of Birming- 
ham, England. Author of numerous ar- 
ticles relating mostly to the decorative 
arts, symbolism, iconography and arch- 
sexology; a constant contributor to the 
Architectural Record. Among his con- 
tributions to the latter may be men- 
tioned the following: A Sea of Glass, 
1893-94; Christian Altars and Their Ac- 
cessories, 1895; Episcopal Thrones and 
Pulpits, 1901; Windows at Gauda, 1901; 
Cosmati Mosaics, 1902 ; Medicean Tombs, 
1903; The Jesse Tree, 1904; A Restora- 
tion: Sta-Maria in Cosmedin, 1908. Dur- 
ing 1892 and 1893, he wrote for the Mes- 
senger of the Sacred Heart sixteen ar- 
ticles on The Iconography of the Apos- 
tles; and at the request of the late Arch- 
bishop Corrigan, he wrote an extensive 
paper on The Episcopal Mitre; contribu- 
tor upon 96 subjects to "The Dictionary 
of Architecture (Macmillan, London), 
and to the Catholic Encyclopedia. Au- 
thor of "Symbolism in Religious Art" 

(School of Applied Arts, N. Y., 1899); 
"A Mark of Honor" (United Crafts, 
Syracuse, 1903) ; "The Sacred Ciphers" 

(same) ; "A Day with Mary" (Fleming, 
1908). Mr. Coleman was received into 
the Church in 1868 (see "Some Roads to 
Rome in America" ) . Address : Pelham 
Manor, N. Y. 

COLEMAN, Patrick Joseph Costello (P. 
J. Coleman) : 

Author; b. 1874 in Kilcoleman, Mayo, 
Ireland, of a family active in public af- 
fairs from the 14th century; ed. Irish 
schools; Stonyhurst College; University 
of London (M.A.) Author of "A Mar- 
tyr of the Mohawk Valley and Other 
Poems" (Messenger Press, N. Y., 1902) ; 
has contributed to the Century, Messen- 
ger, Catholic World, Month (London), 
Donahoe's Magazine, America, Irish 
Monthly and the Rosary Magazine; at 
present in charge of the Literary Notes 
and Educational Department of the Ro- 
sary. Address: Somerset, Ohio. 

COIES, F. E.: 

Assistant manager Copper Queen 
Stores, Bisbee, Ariz. ; b. in Detroit, Mich., 


C0L6AN, Hiss Eleanor: 

Instructor in the Brooklyn Training 
School for Teachers; has been honored 
by the Pope because of her excellent work 
among Italian children in this country. 
She has had conferred upon her the 
Order of Knighthood of the Church and 
the Papacy, and is the first woman in 
America entitled to wear the gold cross 
of the order. 

COLLER, Julius A.: 

Lawyer; b. February 22, 1859, at Sha- 
kopee, Minn. ; s. of George F. and Sophia 
(Tuenemann) Coller; ed. public schools; 
admitted to Minnesota bar, 1889; m. Sep- 
tember 16, 1884, to Ida L. Adams. 
Clerk of District Court, Scott County, 
Minn., 1882-91; city clerk, Shakopee, 
1881-91; county attorney, Scott County, 
1891-95; member of Minnesota State 
Senate since 1899. Director First Na- 



tional Bank, Shakopee; Peoples State 
Bank, Jordan; First State Bank, New 
Market, and Shakopee Mortgage and In- 
vestment Co. Member of Minnesota Bar 
Association, Catholic Order of Foresters, 
and one of the high trustees; member of 
German Catholic Aid Association. Ad- 
dress: Shakopee, Minn. 

COLLIER, Hon, C. Needham: 

Associate Justice of the Supreme 
Court of the Territory of New Mexico. 
Address: Mexico City, Mexico. 

COLLIER, Robert Joseph: 

Journalist; b. June 17, 1876, in New 
York City; m. July, 1902, Sarah Steward 
Van Alen, d. of James J. Van Alen of 
New York and Newport. Ed. St. Louis 
College, Georgetown University (A.B., 
1894), Oxford and Harvard. Took 
charge of Collier's Weekly in 1898 when 
he began the publication of enterprising 
news and art features, with special refer- 
ence to the Spanish War ; his qualities as 
a journalist include an exceptionally 
quick and vivid sense for news, whether 
expressed in text or picture; a keen in- 
terest in, and careful knowledge of, the 
art of illustration, fearlessness, and a 
rare power of intuition. Mr. Collier made 
use of the power of the press to con- 
duct the crusades in his paper against 
Town Topics, patent medicine and vari- 
ous undesirable public officials, whose 
methods he has exposed. Is frequently 
urged to take part in public enterprises, 
and while he feels compelled to decline 
most of such requests, he has neverthe- 
less done a large part of the work for 
the Children's Theatre, the Lincoln Farm 
Memorial and various other altruistic 
enterprises. He was chosen among all 

the publishers of the United States as 
their representative when the question of 
changes in the postal regulations was 
agitated. Member of the Civic Forum; 
American Association for Adv. of 
Science, and Muncipal Art Association. 
Clubs: Catholic; Riding; Turf; Brook; 
Meadowbrook ; Rumson ; Westchester 
County. Address: 416 West Thirteenth 
St., New York City. 

COLLINS, Lawrence J.: 

Attorney-at-law; b. in Buffalo, N. Y., 
August 10, 1877; s. of Daniel and Julia 
(McDonald) Collins; graduated from St. 
Bridget's parochial school, Buffalo, June 
25, 1893; from the Academic Department 
of Canisius College, Buffalo, 1896, and 
from Canisius College, with the degree 
of A.B., June 20, 1900; entered the Buf- 
falo Law School, and graduated from 
same with degree of LL.B., May 26, 1902. 
During course at Buffalo Law School, 
read law in the office of the Hon. John 
Cunneen; was admitted to the bar, July 
8, 1902, and commenced the general prac- 
tice of law in Buffalo, in which he is 
still engaged. The degree of M.A. was 
conferred upon Mr. Collins by Canisius 
College, June 21, 1903. Address: 85 
West Eagle St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

COLLITY, James M.: 

Physician; b. April 29, 1855, in Man- 
chester, N. H.; ed. in the parochial 
schools; graduated from Holy Cross Col- 
lege, Worcester, Mass., 1876, and from 
Bellevue, N. Y., 1879. Has always prac- 
ticed his profession in Manchester, and 
has been a member of the Sacred Heart 
Hospital staff since its organization. 
Physician to Sisters of Mercy, St. Pat- 
rick's Orphanage, St. Joseph's Orphanage, 



and St. Anselm's College. Was City 
Physician for thirteen years, and U. S. 
Examining Physician for four years; 
m. Isabel Post of Canton, N. Y. Mem- 
ber of the Granite State Order of For- 
esters. Address: Manchester, N. H. 

COLSTON, Mrs. Electra Semmes: 

Educator; d. of the late Admiral Ra- 
phael Semmes, U.S.N. ; principal of a 
school in Mobile. Address: Mobile, Ala. 

COLTON, Rt. Rev. Charles H., D.D. : 

Bishop of Buffalo, N. Y.; b. October 
15, 1848, in New York City; s. of Patrick 
and Teresa (Mullin) Colton; ed. at St. 
Francis Xavier's College, New York City, 
from which he graduated in 1872, and at 
St. Joseph's Seminary, Troy, N. Y.; or- 
dained priest, June 10, 1876; assistant, 
St. Stephen's- Cburch, New York, 1876- 
86; pastor of St. Stephen's, 1886-1903; 
chancellor archdiocese of New York, 
1894-1903; consecrated, August 24, 1903, 
Bishop of Buffalo. Author of Seedlings, 
Buds and Blossoms, My Trip to Rome, 
The Holy Land, all published locally. 
Address: 1025 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

COHEAIT, Ambrose H.: 

S. of Hilaire J. Comeau and Magde- 
laine LeBlanc, Ed. common schools; 
m. February 13, 1893, Louise D'Entre- 
mont of West Pufuico. Senior member 
of firm of A. H. Comeau & Co., councilor 
from 1884 to 1890. Warden of the Mu- 
nicipality of Clare from 1889 to 1890. 
Elected to Legislature of Nova Scotia, 
May, 1890, 1894, 1897, 1902, 1907. Mem- 
ber Executive Council from 1894 to time 
of appointment to the Senate in 1907. 
Address: Meteghan River, Nova Scotia, 

COMES, John Theodore: 

Architect; b. Grand Duchy of Luxem- 
burg; ed. in the parochial schools of St. 
Paul, Minn.; and received his profes- 
sional training in the offices of some of 
the best architects of the country; m. 
Nora B. Webber of the Ellis family, 
which settled in America about a hun- 
dred years ago, some of the male mem- 
bers being identified with the Revolution- 
ary War; contributor to the Architectural 
Review, Art Magazine (now discontin- 
ued), and is now writing a series of talks 
on Church Architecture, which is being 
published in the Extension Magazine; is 
president of the Cathedral Conference of 
St. Vincent de Paul Society, and a mem- 
ber of the Board of Trustees of the As- 
sociated Charities of Pittsburg; is a 
member of the Catholic Truth Society, 
and was president for three years of the 
Pittsburg Architectural Club and one of 
its charter members; has traveled 
through Europe in the interests of Cath- 
olic architecture. Address: Washington 
Bank Building, 1005 Fifth Ave., Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 

CONATY, Rt. Rev. Thomas James, D.D.: 
Bishop of Monterey and Los Angeles, 
Cal.; b. in County Cavan, Ireland, Au- 
gust 1, 1847; 8. of Patrick and Alice 
(Lynch) Conaty; ed. in the public 
schools of Taunton, Mass.; Montreal Col- 
lege, 1863-67; graduated from Holy 
Cross College, Worcester, Mass., 1869; 
Montreal Theological Seminary, 1872. 
Received the degree of D.D. from George- 
town University in 1889, and the de- 
grees of J.C.D. and D.D. from Laval Uni- 
versity, Quebec, Can., in 1896. Served 
as pastor. Church of Sacred Heart, Wor- 
cester, Mass., 1880-96; rector. Catholic 
University, 1896-1903; Titular Bishop of 



'Samos, 1901; Bishop of Monterey and 
Los Angeles, March 27, 1903, to date. 
Was president of the Catholic Total Ab- 
stinence Union of America, 1887-8fS; one 
of the organizers of the Catholic Summer 
School of Plattsburg, N. Y., and presi- 
dent from 1893 to 1897. Author of Bible 
Studies for Use in Colleges and Schools 
(1898) ; was editor of the Catholic School 
and Home Magazine for four years. Ad- 
dress: 114 East Second St., Los Angeles, 

CONDON, Peter: 

Lawyer; b. New York, November 1, 
1850; ed. private schools until 1861, 
when he entered St. Francis Xavier^s Col- 
lege, New York; graduated in 1868 with 
degree of A.B.; received the degree of 
A.M. from the same college in 1871; was 
admitted to the bar in New York in 1872, 
and has practiced law in New York from 
that time to date; has acted as counsel 
for various religious and benevolent as- 
sociations; trustee and contributor to the 
United States Catholic Historical So- 
ciety (Records and Studies) of New 
York, the Catholic Fortnightly Review 
( St. Louis ) , and the Christian Mother of 
New York; m. Ellen, daughter of John 
McCarten. Address: 27 East One Hun- 
dred and Twenty-ninth St., New York. 

CONE., John Joseph: 

B. in New York City; descendant of 
Norman-French Conquerors settled in 
Connaught, Ireland; ed. in parochial 
schools; St. Laurent's College, Montreal; 
Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, 
N. J. ; m. Mary Agnes Kelley of Presby- 
terian ancestry. Fire Commissioner, Jer- 
sey City, N. J., for three years; Com- 
missioner of Public Works, ibid., three 
years; circled South America and trav- 

eled to Europe 31 times. Member of nu- 
merous organizations; Supreme Knight, 
Knights of Columbus. Residence: 532 
Bergen Ave., Jersey City, N. J. ; business, 
90 West St., New York City. 

CONLAN, Joseph John: 

See Chrysostom, Brother. 

CONMEE, Hon. James: 

S. of the late Matthew Conmee and 
his wife, Rosanna O'Shaughnessy. B. at 
Sydenham, Ont., October 13, 1848. Ed. 
at Owen Sound Grammar School. Served 
in the Eighth New York Cavalry under 
General Custer during the American Civil 
War. Is a contractor and largely inter- 
ested in mining and lumber trade. Built 
several sections of the Canadian Pacific 
Railway, and also of the Algoma Cen- 
tral. In 1886 projected the Atlantic and 
Pacific Railway to get to a winter port 
on Lake Superior. Built portions of 
what is now the Canadian Northern Rail- 
way, and is now interested in the con- 
struction of the Nepigon Railway. A 
strong advocate of the transcontinental 
railway and of development of mineral 
resources of the north. Was the first 
president of the Ontario Mining Insti- 
tute, 1894; president of the Ontario 
Mines Development Co., 1896. Has been 
Mayor of Port Arthur, where he resides. 
Was a delegate to the Deep Waterways 
Convention, September, 1894. Elected to 
Legislature June, 1885, and re-elected at 
general election, 1886 and 1890 and 1894; 
resigned to contest Nipissing for the 
House of Commons at general election, 
1896, but resignation not having become 
technically effective, he, on being defeated 
for House of Commons, reclaimed his 
seat in the Legislature, and was re- 
elected to Legislature at general election, 



1898 and 1902. Resigned again from the 
Legislature to contest Thunder Bay and 
Rainy River at general election, 1904, and 
was successful. M., 1874, Emily Flor- 
ence, d. of Joseph Cox, Meaford, Ont. 
Address: Port Arthur, Ont., Canada. 

CONFERS, William James: 

Proprietor and publisher of the BuflFalo 
Morning Courier and the Buffalo Even- 
ing Enquirer; b. January 3, 1857, in Buf- 
falo, N. Y.; is the largest individual 
freight contractor in the world; is presi- 
dent of one railroad and principal stock- 
holder in another; interested in various 
enterprises which extend from Buffalo to 
the head of the Great Lakes, and has over 
4,000 men on his personal pay rolls. Has 
attained to a position in finance, com- 
merce, journalism, politics and the Church 
where he has the esteem and respect of 
all who know him. Prominently iden- 
tified with public affairs in Buffalo; 
when the Pan-American Exposition was 
in its infancy, was a member of the com- 
mittee which obtained from Congress a 
national appropriation of $500,000, add- 
ing his own subscription of $50,000 in 
aid of the enterprise. Has been twice 
married, first to Catherine Mahany (de- 
ceased) in November, 1881, and second 
to Mary A. Jordan of West Seneca, N. Y., 
on August 2, 1893. Address: Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

CONNERY, Rt. Rev. Mgr. Michael P.: 
B. in Belfast, Ireland; s. of Patrick 
and Rose (Scullin) Connery; received 
early education in parochial school at 
Belfast; came to America with his 
brother. Rev. Henry H. Connery, and 
studied at St. Peter's Parochial School, 
New York City, and Niagara University, 
Niagara Falls, N. Y.; ordained at St. 

Joseph's Cathedral, Buffalo, N. Y., by 
Bishop Ryan in 1874; stationed at St. 
Joseph's, Rexville, N. Y.; recalled to St. 
Joseph's for five years, then went to 
Akron, N. Y., where he built a church in 
1889; appointed irremovable rector St. 
Columba's Church, Buffalo; created 
Monsignor and Prelate Pontifical House- 
hold by Pope Pius X., 1889; in 1897 ap- 
pointed Vicar General of Diocese of Buf- 
falo; administrator in 1903, until arrival 
of Bishop Colton in Buffalo. Address: 
418 North Division St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

CONNERY, Thomas B. T.: 

Editor ; author ; b. in Limerick, Ireland, 
October 13, 1835; ed. in public schools 
and Catholic schools (conducted by 
Nuns), and Fordham University, New 
York; from St. John's College, Fordham, 
received the degree of B.A., 1853, later 
M.A. and LL.D.; from Columbia Univer- 
sity, New York, LL.B. Manager of the 
New York Herald for many years; secre- 
tary of our Legation to Mexico, and 
Charg6 d' Affaires; member of New York 
Board of Education under Mayor Low; 
editor of Collier's Weekly, New York, the 
name of which was changed during his 
incumbency, from Once a Week to Col- 
lier's Weekly; was also editor of New 
York Truth. Author of Don Tiburcio; 
All the Dogs' Fault; and Black Friday. 
Contributor to Harper's and the Cosmo- 
politan. Club: Authors'. Address: 5 
West One Hundred and Third St., New 
York City. 

CONNIFP, Thaddens M.: 

Principal and School Superintendent; 
b. in County Cavan, Ireland, August 9, 
1854. Moved to Pennsylvania in early 
boyhood; was educated in the public 
schools and Normal school in New York; 



[agistrate of Plains, Pa., since 1879; 
was appointed six successive terms by 
the judges of the courts as Prison Com- 
missioner, and annually elected president 
of the board from 1893 to 1899. Member 
of the bar of Luzerne Coimty, and an 
occasional contributor to the periodicals. 
Address: Plains, Pa. 


B. July 12, 1842, in Kileshandra, 
County Cavan, Ireland; ed. in native 
village school and district schools in 
Massachusetts; m. Joanna M. Sheehan; 
served as shipmaster for 20 years, in 
which capacity he sailed around the 
world many times. Moved to California 
in 1890; engaged in real estate; devotes 
his spare time to literature. Author of 
The Jewels of King Art (verse), pub- 
lished by Richard G. Badger, Boston. 
Contributor to Donahoe's, the Angelus, 
Dominicana, Out West and the Magnifi- 
cat. Member of Knights of Columbus 
and of the Irish Historical Society. 
Address: Coronado, Cal, 

CONNOLLY, Michael William: 

Editor of Elkdom, Memphis, Tenn.; 
b. March 2, 1853, at L'Isle des Allu- 
mette, Canada; received academic educa- 
tion in Montreal ; worked in Texas, 1874- 
87; removed to Memphis, 1888; was edi- 
tor Memphis Commercial Appeal and 
News-Soimitar. Contributor of poems, 
essays and sketches to various maga- 
zines; a well known public speaker. Ad- 
dress : Third and Madison Sts., Memphis, 

CONNOR, Theobald Matthew: 

Lawyer; b. August 6, 1874, at North- 
ampton, Mass.; s. of Michael Hannifin 
and Margaret (Foley) Connor; m. Ellen 

Hedicam Duggan in Hartford, Conn., 
August 21, 1906; ed. at Northampton 
High School, 1893; Yale University (A.B. 
in 1897); Yale Law School (LL.B. in 
1899). Has practiced law in Northamp- 
ton since 1899; City Solicitor, 1902-04; 
Mayor, 1905-06 (Democrat). Member of 
Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Phi, Knights 
of Columbus, St. Vincent de Paul Society, 
Elks and Yale Alumni Association of 
Western Massachusetts. Club: North- 
ampton. Address: 22 Kensington Ave., 
Northampton, Mass., oflS.ce, 160 Main St. 

CONRAD, Rt. Rev. Frowin, O.S.B.: 

Abbot; b. on November 2, 1833, 
at Auw, Canton Aargau, Switzerland; 
ed. at the colleges of the Jesuits at 
Schwyz and of Benedictines at Engel- 
berg and Einsiedeln. Entered the Bene- 
dictine Order at Engelberg; made his 
vows, August 15, 1853; ordained, Sep- 
tember 14, 1856. Professor and prefect 
of the college of Engelberg and pastor 
of the church at Engelberg for six years; 
sent to America in 1873, upon the urgent 
appeal of the Rt. Rev. J. J. Hogan to 
found a monastic institution in the 
diocese of St. Joseph; assumed charge 
of St. Columba's parish. Conception, 
Mo.; opened a novitiate, January 1, 
1874; this monastery, b^un in 1880, 
was elevated to an Abbey on April 5, 
1881, and Father Conrad appointed its 
first Abbot, which oflfice he still holds. 
He established Conception College in 
1883, built a Romanesque Abbey Church, 
consecrated in 1891; erected a new col- 
lege building in 1902; completed the 
monastic buildings in 1906; on July 
22, 1908, he founded a new monastery, 
St. Michael's Priory, near Cottonwood, 
Idaho. He, with his monks, have also 
labored among the Sioux Indians of the 



Dakotas for twenty-five years. Address: 
Conception Abbey, Conception, Mo. 

CONRARD, Harrison: 

Lumberman; b. 1869, in Ohio; ed. at 
St. Xavier's College, Cincinnati, Ohio; 
removed to Arizona in 1899 and engaged 
in the lumber business; author of two 
volumes of verse, Idle Songs and Idle 
Sonnets, and Quivira. Address: Flag- 
staff, Ariz. 

CONROY, George Calistus: 

B. October 14, 1874, in Milwaukee, 
Wis.; 8. of James and Margaret (Mock- 
ler) Conroy; ed. Spencer Business Col- 
lege, and Marquette University, Mil- 
waukee, Wis.; m. Geraldine Robinson 
Harper, who died about fourteen months 
after their marriage; is Secretary and 
Treasurer of the Conroy Confectionary 
Co., Milwaukee, Wis., founded by his 
father in 1869. Address: 538 Park 
Place, Milwaukee, Wis. 

CONROY, Thomas Francis: 

Physician; b. February 24, 1865, in 
Chicago, 111. ; ed. at St. Louis University, 
St. Louis, Mo.; St, Ignatius College, Chi- 
cago, 111. (A.B., 1888; A.M., 1893); and 
Rush Medical College (M.D., 1896) ; m. 
Catherine Kerwin. Founded Dr. Con- 
roy's Sanatorium, Chicago. Member 
Knights of Columbus; American Medical 
Association. Address: 4811-4813 Evans- 
ton Ave., Chicago. 

CONVERSE, Miss Mary Teresa Evelyn: 
Author; b. February 4, 1869, in New 
Orleans, La.; is a descendant of Benja- 
min Franklin; ed. in private schools and 
Academy of the Sacred Heart; author 
of Odds and Ends (Rumford Printing 
Co., Concord, Mass., 1909) ; contributor 

to the Sacred Heart Review and the 
Guidon of New Hampshire. Traveled in 
Europe and the United States. Entered 
the Church December 8, 1886. Address: 
Box 301, Medway, Mass. 

CONVERY, William J.: 

Merchant; b. October 28, 1853, in Tren- 
ton, N. J.; ed, in the parochial schools 
and at business college; has been twice 
elected to the New Jersey State Assem- 
bly, and has been a police commissioner 
in Trenton for several terms; prom- 
inently identified with Catholic Church 
and charitable work in New Jersey. Has 
associated with him in business, his son, 
J. Ferdinand Convery, a graduate of 
Fordham University. Address: 113 
Jackson St., Trenton, N. J. 

CONWAY, Charles Clifford: 

Educator, scientist; b. November 26, 
1881, in Denver, Colo.; ed. Sacred Heart 
Parochial and Immaculate Conception 
Schools, Denver, Colo.; and St. Vincent's 
College, Los Angeles, Cal. (B,S,, 1898; 
M.S., 1903; A,B., 1905; A,M,, 1907). 
Professor of Sciences, St, Vincent's Col- 
lege, 1904 to date. Contributor to local 
Catholic papers; Journal British As- 
tronomical Association, Member of the 
British Astronomical Association (Lon- 
don) ; Soci6t6 Astronomique Beige; As- 
tronomical Society of the Pacific; Amer- 
ican Association for the Advancement of 
Science; is a Knight of Columbus, Club: 
Newman. Address: St. Vincent's Col- 
lege, Los Angeles, Cal. 

CONWAY, Miss Katherine Eleanor: 

Author, editor; b. in Rochester, N. Y., 
of English and Irish ancestry, with a 
little German admixture. Her father, 
James Conway, lost his work in Liver- 

THE AMEEICA:^^ catholic WHO'S WHO 


pool, England, and was obliged to leave 
the coimtry because of his activity, as 
a very young man, in the Chartist move- 
ment. He was a very able man in his 
especial line, bridge-building and rail- 
road work. Long tradition of education 
in family of mother (Sarah Agatha 
O'Boyle), of priests, soldiers, and teach- 
ers. Miss Conway was educated at the 
Sacred Heart Schools, Rochester, and 
Manhattanville, N. Y.; at St. Mary's, 
better known as Miss Nardin's Academy, 
Buffalo, N. Y. Awarded the Laetare 
Medal, Notre Dame University, Indiana, 
1907. Served on the editorial staff of 
the Catholic Union, Buffalo, 1880; as- 
sistant editor on The Pilot of Boston, 
1883; editor of The Pilot, 1905-08; at 
present literary editor of The Republic, 
Boston, Mass. Contributor to nearly all 
the Boston, and various other secular 
dailies; Catholic World; Extension; 
Rosary Magazine; and several Catholic 
and secular weeklies; a contributor to 
the Catholic Encyclopedia. Author of 
Lalor's Maples, 1901; The Way of the 
World and Other Ways, 1900; New 
Footsteps in Well-Trodden Ways, 1899; 
A Dream of Lilies (poems), 1893; 
Watchwords from John Boyle O'Reilly, 
1891; In the Foot-Prints of the Good 
Shepherd, 1907; The Story of A Beau- 
tiful Childhood, 1909; The Woman Who 
Never Did Wrong, and Other Stories, 
1909; A Lady and Her Letters, 1895; 
Making Friends and Keeping Them, 
1895; Questions of Honor in the Chris- 
tian Life, 1896; Bettering Ourselves, 
1899; The Christian Gentlewoman and 
the Social Apostolate, 1904; to these 
may be added a little volume of youth- 
ful verses in 1881, On the Sunrise Slope, 
now out of print. She also collaborated 
with Clara Erskine Clement, the art- 

writer, in Christian Symbols and Stories 
of the Saints, in 1886, and has done a 
great deal of miscellaneous editing, com- 
piling, etc. Is very active in Catholic 
Reading Circle and Catholic Summer 
School work. Made an extensive tour 
of Europe in 1908. Clubs: Authors; New 
England Women's Press. Address: 1 
Atherton Place (Eggleston Square), Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

CONWAY, Thomas A.: 

Lawyer; b. June 19, 1864, in Olmstead 
Falls, Ohio, of Irish parentage; ed. in 
country school in Wood County, Ohio; 
High School, Grand Rapids, Ohio; and 
Ohio Normal University, Ada, Ohio; m. 
Estella J. Owens. Read law under Judge 
John V. Cuff, Napoleon, Ohio, and was 
admitted to the bar in 1893; served as 
Prosecuting Attorney of Henry County, 
Ohio, for three years. Member of 
Knights of Columbus. Address: 527 
West Second St., Elyria, Ohio. 

COOKE, James Paul: 

B. in Wisconsin; ed. at St. Ignatius 
College, Chicago, where he became im- 
bued with a spirit of enduring admira- 
tion for the piety and learning of the 
Jesuit Fathers; pursued his classical 
studies between hours of labor as a tele- 
graph operator; since 1903, secretary of 
the Overbeck &> Cooke Co., Bankers and 
Brokers, Portland, Ore. Charter member 
Portland Council, Knights of Columbus; 
active in Catholic charities. Clubs : Com- 
mercial; Arlington. Address: Portland, 

COONET, Edward James: 

Journalist; b. April 10, 1877, Plain- 
ville, Mass.; ed. North Attleboro public 
and high schools; m. Annie Louise 



Conefy; was manager of the North Attle- 
boro Chronicle from 1902 till 1908, and 
is now manager of the Providence Vis- 
itor (Providence, R. I.) ; contributor to 
Ridgeway's; has traveled in the United 
States and Canada; member Knights of 
Columbus; Benevolent Protective Order 
of Elks. Address: North Attleboro, 

COOPEll, Rev. John Montgomery: 

B. at Rockville, Md.; descendant of 
Coopers who settled in Pennsylvania in 
1681; ed. at Calvert Hall, Baltimore, 
Md.; St. Charles' College, Md.; Ameri- 
can College, Rome, Italy; Ph.D. (St. 
Thomas Academy, Rome, 1902) ; S.T.D. 
(Propaganda, Rome, 1905). Assistant, 
St. Matthew's Church, Washington, D. 
C, 1905 to date; instructor, Religion, 
Catholic University of America, 1909 
to date. Address: 1739 Rhode Island 
Ave., Washington, D. C. 

COPELAND, Charles Carroll: 

Named after Charles Carroll of Car- 
rollton; retired lawyer, philanthropist; 
b. November 10, 1838, Antwerp, N. Y.; 
s. of Clewley and Fanny (Stowde) 
Copeland; of Pilgrim ancestry, being de- 
scended on his father's side from the 
sister of John Alden. His paternal 
grandmother was a niece of Cotton 
Mather of Salem, Mass., and a great 
uncle, Asabel Copeland, was attached to 
the staff of Greneral Lafayette during 
the Revolution; his mother was of the 
Ethan Allen Vermont stock; ed. at Wil- 
braham Academy, Wilbraham, Mass., un- 
til 17 years of age; peddled books and 
made political speeches for Buchanan in 
Ohio before he was 18; taught school 
in Kentucky two years; traveled through 
the South where he became interested 

in the welfare of the negro, an interest 
that in later years took the form of gen- 
erous help given to negro schools in the 
South; graduated from the Albany, N. 
Y., Law School, and at 21 began the 
practice of law in Chicago, where, in 
seven years he accumulated a fortune of 
$100,000, and then retired from a law 
practice worth $20,000 a year, to devote 
the rest of his life to following out his 
ideal of philanthropy — to work for Grod 
— a career to which he has been faith- 
ful for over forty years ; became a Cath- 
olic in 1865, after full and careful in- 
quiry, being received by Father Smarius, 
S.J.; has, since he became a member of 
it, been an ardent advocate and generous 
benefactor of the Church, to which he 
has, in a manner, dedicated his life. 
Aided the Sisters of the Good Shepherd 
to acquire their first piece of ground, a 
block on Hill Street, Chicago, and to 
erect each of the three buildings suc- 
cessively occupied by them, two of which 
were destroyed by fire; recently gave 
them $500; was librarian of the Young 
Men's Library in 1862-63; organized the 
Hibernian Bank, Chicago, in 1866; vis- 
ited Europe several times, and was in 
Rome during the session of the Vatican 
Council in 1871. Established a ranch 
for a brother at Walnut, Kan., 1869; 
now owns land in seven counties in Kan- 
sas; purchased (1872) 340 acres of for- 
est and farm land at Libertyville, Lake 
County, 111,, which he named Forest- 
springfarm, and there he has spent many 
summers; gave a strip of 20 acres of 
this land to the Sisters of Mercy, who 
erected thereon, with his aid, a boarding 
school for girls, and a Chapel in which 
Mr. C. hears Mass; in October, 1908, 
he gave 240 acres of Forestspringfarm, 
valued at $75,000, to the Christian Broth- 


ers for a summer home. Among his bene- 
factions may be mentioned: $1000 to the 
Catholic Church at Pittsburg, Kan.; 
$250 to the Church at Libertyville, 111,; 
$1000 to the Apostolic Mission House, 
Washington, D. C.^, of which he is a 
founder; $1000 to the Catholic Church 
Extension Society, of which he is a life 
member; $1200 to the Josephite Order; 
$500 to the Working Boys Home, Chi- 
cago; financial help to the Cathedral and 
School at Tucson, Ariz., and at Santa 
F6, New Mexico; to the Church at Wal- 
nut, Kan.; Jesuit Mission at Oswego 
Mission, Kansas; Negro Catechists' Col- 
lege at Montgomery, Ala. ; school for edu- 
cation of Negroes in Savannah, Ga. Has 
contributed liberally to the Visitation and 
Aid Society, Chicago, since 1889. In 
recent years Mr. Copeland has been an 
earnest promoter by tongue, pen and 
purse, of Prohibition, and has contributed 
articles and written tracts for the move- 
ment, making this and the uplifting of 
the Negro the crowning and dearest work 
of his life. Author of some biographical 
sketches and tracts entitled Why I be- 
came a Catholic, What is Religion, The 
Church Builder, and of two prose poems 
upon his home called My Forest in Sum- 
mer and in Winter, and To a Fallen 
Oak; also Coming to Kansas in 1869 
(Pittsburg, Kansas, Smelter, 1895). Ad- 
dress: Libertyville. 111. 

COPPENS, Rev. Charles, S.J.: 

B. on May 24, 1835, in Turnhout, 
Belgium; studied classics at the Jesuit 
College there; philosophy at St. Louis 
University, theology at Fordham Uni- 
versity. Professor of Latin and Greek 
in St. Louis University, 1855-59; in St. 
Xavier's College, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1860- 
62; taught rhetoric at Florissant, Mo., 

1863-75; and at St. Loms University 
1876-80; president of St. Mary's Col- 
lege, Kansas, 1881-84; professor of rhet- 
oric at Florissant 1885-86; philosophy at 
Detroit College 1887-95; Creighton Uni- 
versity 1896-1905; St. Louis University 
1906-08; is now at St. Ignatius College, 
Chicago, 111. Author of Practical Intro- 
duction to English Rlietoric (1885) ; Art 
of Oratorical Composition (1886) ; Logic 
and Metaphysics (1892); Moral Philos- 
ophy (1896), all published by the Catho- 
lic Publication Society, N. Y. ; Moral 
Principles and Medical Practice (Benzi- 
ger, 1898) ; Systematic Study of the 
Catholic Religion (1903) ; Mystic Treas- 
ures of the Holy Mass ( 1904 ) , both by 
Herder; Choice Morsels of the Bread of 
Life (Kegan Paul, London, 1909); A 
Brief History of Philosophy (Schwartz, 
Kerwin & Fauss, N. Y., 1909) ; also vari- 
ous tracts; contributor to the American 
Catholic Quarterly Review, American Ec- 
clesiastical Review, Messenger of the Sa- 
cred Heart, Messenger, and the Catholic 
Encyclopedia. Address: St. Ignatius Col- 
lege, Chicago, 111. 

COPUS, Rev. John Edwin, S.J.: 

Educator, author, artist (nom de 
plume Cuthbert) ; b. January 24, 1854, 
at Guildford, England; original family 
name was Harpsfield ; related to a Father 
Nicolas Harpsfield, who changed his name 
to Copus, and a Father John Copus, who 
suffered imprisonment in the Tower of 
London with the Ten Bishops in the 
Elizabethan persecutions; a third ances- 
tor was Father Allen Copus of London, 
who was also a Canon of St. Peter's, 
Rome, and who wrote a Catholic theo- 
logical work. He is mentioned by Father 
Kleutgen in his Viri Illustri. Ed. at 
Archbishop Abbot's School and Ilobert 



Lidgate's private school, Guildford. 
Taught in an academy at Boughton- 
under-Blean, Kent, England; later at 
Weston College, Somersetshire. Went to 
Ontario, Canada, in 1876, and began 
newspaper work; directed several Cana- 
dian papers at diflferent times; commer- 
cial editor of the Detroit Evening News 
for several years. Received into the 
Society of Jesus, 1887; in Novitiate at 
Florissant, Mo., 1887-89; studied philos- 
ophy and the sciences at St. Louis Uni- 
versity; while convalescing from illness 
in 1888, he was sent to the Osage Mis- 
sion in southern Kansas to recuperate; 
prefect and teacher at St. Mary's Col- 
lege, 1889, where he gathered much of 
the material for his later stories; taught 
in Marquette College, Milwaukee, for two 
years; studied theology at Woodstock, 
Md.; ordained priest by Cardinal Gib- 
bons, June 27, 1899; since that time has 
been engaged in professorial work in 
the Jesuit colleges of the Missouri Prov- 
ince. Author of the following juveniles: 
Harry Russell (Benziger, 1903); St. 
Cuthbert's (id.) ; Shadows Lifted (id., 
1904); Tom Losely, Boy (id., 1906); 
and The Making of Mortlake (id., 1909) ; 
has also published serially in various 
magazines several other books for the 
young, a book of short stories and a book 
of fairy tales ; author of books for adults : 
The Month of Nisan; Andros of Ephe- 
sus; Lydgate's Call (sociological) ; Sana 
Teipsum (medical novel) ; and Henry 
White's Conscience (all printed serially, 
to be published later), and The Son of 
Siro (Benziger, 1909). Has contributed 
to the Catholic World, New World, 
Rosary, Donahoe's, True Voice, Catholic 
Sun, Our Young People, World To-day, 
Woodstock Letters, Deaf Mutes' Friend, 
Ave Maria, World-Herald, Bee, Catholic 

Record, Our Lady of the Martyrs, Free 
Press (Milwaukee), Catholic Citizen and 
America; dramatized Longfellow's Rob- 
ert of Sicily and author of the dramas 
The Chancellor and Malagrida. Con- 
vert to the Church ; received June 5, 187&, 
at Bath, England, by Rev. J. N. Sweeney, 
O.S.B. Address: Marquette University, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

CORBETT, Michael J.: 

B. August 4, 1856, in Lismore, County 
Waterford, Ireland ; s. of John Corbett, a 
small farmer and contractor; m. 1884, 
Mary Josephine Deans ; has nine children. 
Ed. in the national schools and by the 
Christian Brothers. Came to Wilming- 
ton, N. C, in 1878, where he has since 
lived. Entered the commission business; 
became partner in the firm of W. I. Gore 
& Co., later The Corbett Co.; has been 
instrumental in the promotion, organiza- 
tion and management of many enter- 
prises in Wilmington; Vice President 
and one of the original directors of the 
People's Savings Bank; an original direc- 
tor of the Murchison National Bank; 
President of the Wilmington, Southport 
& Little River Co.; member of the firm 
of Stone & Co.; member of Board of 
Managers of the James Walker Memo- 
rial Hospital ; Vice President for North 
Carolina of the American Irish Historical 
Society. Clubs: Cape Fear; Carolina 
Yacht; Cape Fear Golf. Address: Wil- 
mington, N. C. 

CORBETT, Rt. Rev. Timothy, D.D.: 

Bishop; b. on July 10, 1858, at Men- 
dota, Minn. Ed. at Immaculate Con- 
ception School, Minneapolis; given a 
private course in Latin, Greek and Eng- 
lish by Bishop McGJolrick (pastor of the 
parish at that time), who in 1876 placed 


him in the old college of Meximieux, 
France, where Archbishop Ireland and 
Bishop O'Gorman completed their classi- 
cal studies; returned in 1880 and pur- 
sued his course in philosophy and the- 
ology at the Grand Seminary, Montreal, 
and Brighton Seminary, Boston, where 
he was ordained priest in 1886. Pastor 
of the cathedral in Duluth, 1889-1910; 
was consecrated Bishop, May, 1910, by 
Archbishop Ireland of St. Paul, and in- 
stalled as Bishop of Crookston, June 7, 
1910. Address: Crookston, Minn. 

CORBIN, Mrs. Caroline Elizabeth 
(Fairfield) : 
Author, social worker; b. in Pom- 
fret, Conn., November 9, 1835; de- 
scendant, on maternal side, of two of 
those who came from England in the 
Mayflower, 1620; also of William Chand- 
ler, who emigrated to Roxbury, Mass., in 
1630. His son John and grandson John 
were founders of Woodstock, Conn., and 
his grandson, Joseph, one of thirteen 
gentlemen who founded the town of Pom- 
fret, Conn., in 1685. The Fairfields, also, 
were very early colonists of New England. 
Ed. in the district school of Pomfret till 
her twelfth year; graduated from Brook- 
lyn Female Academy, N. Y. (now Packer 
Collegiate Institute). M. in 1861, Cal- 
vin R. Corbin, descendant of James Cor- 
bin, one of the founders of Woodstock, 
Conn.; removed, with her husband, to 
Chicago, 111., in 1861. Author of Our 
Bible Class and the Good that came from 
it (Derby & Jackson, N. Y., 1860) : Re- 
becca, or a Woman's Secret (Chicago, 
1867. Reprinted by Jansen & McClurg, 
Chicago, 1877, from new plates, the old 
ones having been burned in the great Chi- 
cago fire) ; His Marriage Vow (Lee and 
Shepard, Boston, 1874) ; Belle and the 

Boys (Jansen & McClurg, Chicago, 
1879) ; Letters from a Chimney Corner 
(Chicago, 1886) ; and A Woman's Philos- 
ophy of Love (Lee and Shepard, Boston, 
1892). Is a charter member of the 
Daughters of the American Revolution; 
president, before 1871, of the Chicago So- 
ciety for the Promotion of Social Purity, 
and has been president of the Illinois As- 
sociation Opposed to the Extension of 
Suffrage to Women, since 1897. Entered 
the Catholic Church in 1907. Has trav- 
eled extensively in this country and Eu- 
rope; visited England, Austria, France, 
G^ermany, and Italy, Address: 1523 
Dearborn Ave., Chicago, 111. 

CORBIN, Mrs. Edythe (Patten): 

D. of Edmund Patten; wife of Major- 
General Henry C. Corbin, U. S. A., Ad- 
jutant-General of the United States Army. 
Next to the youngest of three daughters, 
she shares the vast fortune of her father, 
who forty years ago was an unknown and 
struggling pioneer on the Pacific Coast. 
After striking his luck, wealth came 
quickly and when he died his fortune 
was spoken of as equal to those of the 
Mackays, Fairs, and Crockers. Mrs. Cor- 
bin was educated at a convent in Paris, 
is a most accomplished musician, a bril- 
liant conversationalist in French, Ger- 
man and Italian, as well as English, 
and has been for years a leader in Wash- 
ington society. Address: Washington, 
D. C. 

CORBITT, William Henry: 

Lawyer; trustee of New York City 
College; b. about 1874; graduated from 
Yale College with the class of '96. Is 
a member of the law firm of Corbitt & 
Stern. Member of the Catholic Club of 



New York, and on the board of direc- 
tors. Address: New York City. 

CORMIER, Clarence R: 

B. February 7, 1880, at Cape Bald, 
Westmoreland County, New Brunswick. 
Ancestors founded Acadie, first settlement 
being Port Royal (1604). Ed. at the 
Dorchester (N. B.) High School. M. 
Rose Anna Marie Leger. Member of the 
National Association of French-Acadians ; 
Soci6t6 L'Assomption, of which he is Su- 
preme President; Union St. Jean Baptiste 
d'Amgrique. Secretary and Treasurer, 
Suburban Railway Club; member Franco- 
American Republican Club of Massachu- 
setts. Address: 44 Bedford St., Wal- 
tham, Mass. 

CORR, Bernard: 

Editor; b. in Quebec, Canada, Novem- 
ber 2, 1828; ed. Catholic Schools of 
Quebec and Halifax, N. S. ; was compelled 
to discontinue his studies owing to the 
death of his father, and became an ap- 
prentice, and served his time in the print- 
ing business; moved to Boston in 1849, 
and worked in various departments of the 
Boston newspapers; m. in 1854 and went 
to Iowa three years later, where he as- 
sisted in establishing the Dubuque 
Times; returned East and became a part 
owner of The Shipping List, which he 
published for a number of years; is not 
an oflSce holder, but is active in polities 
and successfully engineered the campaign 
which gave Boston its first Catholic and 
Irish Mayor. Although now over eighty 
years of age, Mr. Corr is actively en- 
gaged as a commercial press correspond- 
ent, representing in the Hub two papers 
of Waterloo, Iowa, one Chicago, and two 
New York papers, in addition to being 
the editor of the Chamber of Commerce 

Circular, of Boston. He edited and pub- 
lished the Memorial of the Twenty-fifth 
Anniversary of the Consecration of Most 
Rev. J. J. Williams, Archbishop of Bos- 
ton, and the Souvenir of the Sacerdotal 
Celebration of the Most Rev. John J. 
Williams. When a very young man, he 
became a member of the St. Vincent de 
Paul Society, and rounded out a fifty- 
year membership in the Holy Cross Con- 
ference at the Cathedral in Boston, serv- 
ing in the various offices. Mr. Corr has 
also filled various chairs in the Charita- 
ble Irish Society of Boston, including that 
of president, and has served as treasurer 
of St. Mary's Infant Asylum; was one of 
the first members of The Catholic Union 
of Boston, and is a member of the New 
England Catholic Historical Society. Ad- 
dress : 80 Magnolia St., Dorchester, Mass. 

CORR, Miss Mary Bernardine: 

Instructor; b. in Dubuque, Iowa, Octo- 
ber 3, 1858; d. of Bernard and Eleanor 
Louise Corr; ed. at Notre Dame Acad- 
emy, Boston Grammar and Girls' High 
Schools, and Boston Normal; also took 
special (Teachers') courses in Mineralogy 
at the Institute of Technology, Boston, 
and Geography at Harvard Summer 
School; has taught in a Boston Gram- 
mar School since 1880; contributor to the 
Sacred Heart Review, and Donah oe's 
Magazine; has traveled in the United 
States and in Europe, spending five 
months in Rome; is a member of the 
Boston Teachers' Club. Address: 80 
Magnolia St., Upham's Corner, Boston, 

CORRIGAN, Rt. Rev. Owen B., D.D.: 

Auxiliary Bishop of Baltimore, Md.; 
b. March 8, 1849, in Baltimore, Md.; s. 
of John and Rosanna Corrigan; ed. in 



public and parochial schools; St. Charles 
College; St. Mary's Seminary; American 
College, Rome, Italy; ordained June 7, 
1873, in Rome. Rector of St. Gregory's 
Church, Baltimore. Consecrated, January 
10, 1909, Auxiliary Bishop of Baltimore. 
Address: Baltimore, Md. 

COSGROVE, Michael John: 

B. October 11, 1872, at Longford, 
County Longford, Ireland; ancestry dis- 
tinctly Irish; m. Mary A. Moran. Ed. 
at Catholic School, Longford, Ireland, 
and Sligo Catholic College, Sligo, Ire- 
land; was Monitor under Rev. Father 
Lyster, D.D., Sligo, Ireland, 1887-89; ar- 
rived in Zanesville, Ohio, from Ireland 
in 1890; at present Manager for Armour 
& Co., Zanesville, Ohio. Member of the 
Knights of Columbus, Ancient Order of 
Hibernians, Retail Clerks. Address: 
Zanesville, Ohio. 

COSTIGAN, Hon. John, P.O.: 

Jurist; b. February 1, 1835, at St. 
Nicholas, Quebec, of Irish parentage; 
m. Harriet, d. of J. H. Ryan of Grand 
Falls, N. B. Ed. at St. Anne's Col- 
lege. Was Registrar of Deeds for County 
Victoria, N. B., and a Judge of Inferior 
Court of Common Pleas; returned to the 
Legislature for Victoria, N. B., in 1861, 
where he sat until 1866; elected to House 
of Commons for Victoria, N. B,, 1867, and 
re-elected at each election; called to 
the Senate in 1907; became a member of 
Sir John Macdonald's Government, May 
23, 1882, accepting the portfolio of In- 
land Revenue, which he held until Decem- 
ber, 1892, when he entered the Adminis- 
tration of Sir John Thompson as Secre- 
tary of State; later became Minister of 
Marine and Fisheries in the Bowell Ad- 
ministration, and continued to hold the 

same position in the Tupper Administra- 
tion, retiring with other members of the 
Government in July, 1896, on the acces- 
sion of the Liberals. Has always been 
a strong advocate in Parliament of the 
rights of Catholics to have separate 
schools, and took a prominent part in 
opposing the New Brunswick School Act; 
supports remedial legislation for the 
restoration of separate schools in Mani- 
toba; is a strong advocate of Home Rule 
for Ireland. Delegate to the Irish Na- 
tional Convention, Dublin, 1896. Mem- 
ber of Canadian Club, Ottawa, and sev- 
eral Fish and Game Clubs. Address: 
Edmundston, N. B., Canada. 

COTE, Camille: 

Physician; b. April 29, 1859, at St. 
Aim6, Canada; ed. at Joliette College, 
Canada; M.D., College of Physicians and 
Surgeons (Montreal, Canada) ; Victoria 
University (Coburg, Ontario). M. Edna 
Whitcomb. Member, L'Union St. Jean 
Baptiste d'Am6rique; Les Artisans Cana- 
dians Frangais. Address: 134 Lafayette 
St., Salem, Mass. 

COTTER, Rev. James H., D.D.: 

Lecturer and priest; b. in County 
Tipperary, Ireland; ed. at Manhattan 
College, N. Y. (degrees of A.B., A.M., and 
LL.D.), and at Seton Hall, N. J.; or- 
dained from the Diocese of Columbus; 
is now pastor of St. Lawrence's Church, 
Ironton, Ohio; contributor of editorial 
articles to the Buffalo Catholic Union 
and Times; began lecturing in 1904; lec- 
tures on Shakespearean subjects. Liberty, 
and moral themes; author of Shake- 
speare's Art (Robert Clarke, Cincinnati, 
1903) ; has traveled in France, Spain, 
Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, and 
the U. S. A. Father Cotter is a lecturer 



and orator of more than local fame. Ad- 
dress: Ironton, Ohio. 

COTTMAN, Vincendon Lazanis: 

Captain United States Navy; b. Feb- 
ruary 13, 1852, at Riverside, La.; s. of 
Thomas E. H. and Marie Louise (De 
Tournillon) Cottman; ed. at Mt. St. 
Mary's, Emmitsburg, Md.; graduated 
from United States Naval Academy, 
1872; m. February 14, 1898, Elizabeth 
Klink. Commissioned ensign, July 15, 
1873; master. May 9, 1878; lieutenant, 
January 8, 1885; lieutenant commander, 
March 3, 1899; commander, June 3, 1902; 
captain, February 8, 1907. On duty on 
Pacific Coast and South Sea Islands, 
1872-75; North Atlantic, European and 
Asiatic stations, 1875-85; senior instruc- 
tor and navigator, nautical school-ship 
St. Mary's, 1889; secretary, International 
Marine Confederation, 1889-90; com- 
manded Brutus tour, Monterey to Manila, 
1898; Bureau of Navigation, Navy De- 
partment, 1900^02; commanded Wyom- 
ing, Pacific Station, 1902-05; Navy Yard, 
Puget Sound, 1905-07; commanded Cali- 
fornia since November, 1907. Estab- 
lished, 1899, a Nautical School in Manila, 
P. L, and was its first superintendent; 
aide to President Roosevelt during his 
visit to San Francisco, 1903. Address: 
Navy Department, Washington, D. C. 

COITDERT, Frederic Rene: 

Lawyer; s. of the famous lawyer of 
the same name; scion of one of the most 
distinguished French-American families 
in New York. Has won a high reputation 
in his profession, and is a prominent 
member of the Board of Education of 
New York City. Is a trustee of the 
Equitable Trust Co.; director of the 
Pacific Fire Insurance Co., the Cheese- 

borough Manufacturing Co., the Paseo 
Improvement Co., the Federation of 
French Alliances in the United States. 
Member of the Bar Association, from 
which he was selected by President Roose- 
velt as government delegate to the Uni- 
versal Congress of Lawyers and Jurists 
which met in St. Louis in 1904. Clubs: 
Century, Manhattan, University, Lawyers 
and Fencers. Residence: 124 East Fifty- 
sixth St., New York City. 

COTJGHLAN, Hon. John W.: 

Physician; b. at Fall River, Mass., 
June 9, 1861; s. of William and Abbie 
Coughlan; ed. in local schools until 1878, 
and the following year entered a law of- 
fice; in 1880, entered the employ of 
Providence Steam and Gas Pipe Co., re- 
maining with them eighteen months, then 
worked for a drug store for fourteen 
months, and subsequently became a con- 
ductor on the street railway. In 1882 be- 
gan the study of medicine, took course of 
studies (1883) in the College of Physi- 
cians and Surgeons, Baltimore, graduat- 
ing in 1885; received the first college 
prize, Cathell medal, for the highest aver- 
age scholarship. Began the practice of 
his profession in Fall River, Mass. Nomi- 
nated for Mayor by the Democrats in 
1888 and again in 1889, but defeated 
both times; elected in 1890 and re-elected 
in 1891 and 1892. In 1892 attended 
the Democratic National Convention as 
a delegate from the Thirteenth Congres- 
sional District. Member American Irish 
Historical Society. Address: Fall River, 

COTJGHLIN, Joseph P.: 

Lawyer; b. June 8, 1872, at Troy, N. 
Y. ; s. of Thomas and Marcella (Kelly) 
Coughlin; m. November 9, 1898, Hannah 



Myers, d. of Thomas and Hannah ( Ryan ) 
Myers. Ed. at the La Salle Institute, 
Troy, N. Y., and Albany Law School 
of Union University. Attorney for Board 
of Supervisors, Hensselaer County, 1897, 
1898 and 1899; promoted the free trans- 
fers in the City of Albany, N. Y., and 
Cities of Troy, Rensselaer, Cohoes and 
Watervliet. Member of Knights of Co- 
lumbus and Vega Caravan, Order of the 
Alhambra. Clubs: Albany; Aurania and 
Albany Automobile Club. Address: 42 
North Allen St., Albany, N. Y. 

COTTGHLIN, Robert Emmet: 

Physician; b. March 10, 1868, Bridge- 
port, Conn.; s. of Patrick and Sarah 
Frances (Grordon) Coughlin; ed. in 
Bridgeport public schools, Penfield's Com- 
mercial and Military Institute, and Med- 
ical Department of University of New 
York (M.D., 1892) ; m. October 16, 1895, 
Etta, d. of Henry Ayres (a veteran of 
the Civil War) and Mary A. Riley, his 
wife. Associate Physician to Norwegian 
Hospital, Brooklyn; Visiting Physician 
to Bay Ridge Tuberculosis Clinic. Ordi- 
nary Examiner for Prudential Insurance 
Co.; Medical Examiner for Ladies' Cath- 
olic Benevolent Association and Catholic 
Benevolent Association. School Inspector 
under Mayor Van Wyck, 1898. Attend- 
ing Physician to Mutual Reserve Insur- 
ance Co. ; Examining Physician to Knights 
of St. John and Malta. Has written 
many papers on medical subjects, and 
contributes to numerous medical publi- 
cations. Member of Catholic Benevolent 
Association; Kings County Medical So- 
ciety; N. Y. State Medical Society; 
Greater New York Medical Association; 
Long Island Medical Society; Long Is- 
land Medical Association; Norwegian 

Hospital Alumni. Address: 428 Forty- 
seventh St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

COITGHLIN, Thomas J.: 

Treasurer of the Provident Land Co. of 
Kansas City, Mo. B. October 25, 1868, 
at Warrensburg, Mo., of Irish descent; 
ed. in public schools, and at St. Mary's 
College, St. Mary's, Kansas (Jesuit Col- 
lege) ; m. Mary J. White of Perry, Kan. 
Merchant (wholesale hardware), Topeka, 
Kan., 1892^1907; Secretary-Treasurer, 
Provident Land Co., 1907 to date. Mem- 
ber, National Board of Directors, Knights 
of Colimibus; State Deputy of the Order, 
for Kansas, three years; organized and 
instituted the first eleven councils of the 
Knights of Columbus in Oklahoma. Has 
traveled all over the United States and 
Canada. Member Knights of Columbus, 
Ancient Order of Hibernians, and Catho- 
lic Mutual Benefit Association. Address: 
Hall Building, Kansas City, Mo. 

COTTGHLAN, Timothy Michael: 

First Lieutenant, First Cavalry, U. S. 
Army; b. October 17, 1875, at Doon, 
County Limerick, Ireland ; s. of Jeremiah 
and Mary Coughlan; m.. May 31, 1906, 
to Helen Gardner; ed. at Cathedral 
School, New York City, 1887-92; U. S. 
Military Academy, 1895-96. Has trav- 
eled in Cuba, Philippine Islands, Ha- 
waiian Islands, China, and Japan. Mem- 
ber of Military Service Institution, Mili- 
tary Order of the Carabao, United States 
Cavalry Association. Clubs: Army and 
Navy, Manila, P. I. Address: Fort Yel- 
lowstone, Wyo. 

COVERT, Hon. John G.: 

Judge of the Superior Court, State of 
California; s. of W. A. Covert, a native 



of Indiana, by his wife Fanny Doherty, 
of Ireland; b. November IQ, 1866, in 
Stanislaus County, Cal. ; ed. at Santa 
Clara College, Santa Clara, Cal., and 
admitted to practice law in the Su- 
preme Court of California, May, 1894; 
in November, 1902, admitted to the 
assembly and served a most successful 
year; m. July, 1896, at Hanford, Cal., 
Rebecca Davis, a native of South Caro- 
lina. Judge Covert has through his per- 
sonality, his ability, and rigid integrity, 
won the respect and esteem of a host of 
friends and associates. Member of the 
Knights of Columbus. Address: Han- 
ford, California. 

COWL, Rev. Maurice: 

B. December 3, 1859, at New York 
City; of Colonial ancestry; ed. at New 
York public and Trinity Episcopal 
Schools, New York City College, Trinity 
Cbllege, Hartford, Conn. (B.A. in 1883; 
M.A. in 1886), Berkeley Divinity School, 
Middletown, Conn., and St. Charles Semi- 
nary, Overbrook, Pa. P. E. Minister, 
Middletown, Conn., 1887; Evangelists, 
Philadelphia, 1888; St. Elizabeth's, Phila- 
delphia, 1889-1902; House of Mercy, New 
York City, 1902-4; St. Mary's, Peekskill, 
N. Y., 1904-08. Convert to the Church 
May 27, 1908; came over because of the 
Open Pulpit canon. Ordained Deacon, 
1910. Address: St. Charles Seminary, 
Overbrook, Pa. 

COX, Rev. Thomas Edward: 

Educator, lecturer. B. September 20, 
1860, in Towanda, 111.; ed. in public 
schools, the Northern Indiana Normal 
School, Valparaiso Business College; 
Wesleyan University, Bloomington; Sa- 
cred Heart College, Watertown, Wis.; 
Valparaiso University; Mt. St. Mary's 

College, Emmitsburg, Md. (A.B., 1886; 
A.M., 1888; LL.D, 1908); and Niagara 
University, N. Y. Ordained to the priest- 
hood. May 31, 1890, and assigned to St. 
Jarlath's Church, Chicago, 111., as sec- 
ond assistant; at the Cathedral, Chicago, 
1903-04. Pastor of St. Basil's, Chicago, 
1904. Member of Crimes Committee, 
1902-04; first contributor to the fund 
endowing the Father Mathew Chair at 
the Catholic University at Washington; 
founder (1894) of the Monday Night 
Club, at Cook County Hospital, Chicago, 
for giving weekly entertainments to the 
patients. Author of Biblical Treasury of 
the Catechism (Wm. H. Young, N. Y., 
1899) ; The Pillar and Ground of Truth 
(J. S. Hyland & Co., 1900) ; Gems from 
George H. Miles (J. S. Hyland & Co., 
Chicago, 1901). Contributor to Catholic 
World, the Rosary, the Extension, the 
Catholic Educational Review. Is a total 
abstinence advocate; his lecture on Law 
and Liquor sets forth what he calls the 
Compensation System, and has won him 
much commendation. Traveled in Spain, 
France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Bel- 
gium, England and Ireland in 1909. Is 
an honorary member of many organiza- 
tions, especially Temperance Societies. 
Address: 1810 Garfield Boulevard, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

COYLE, Henry: 

Editor; b. in Boston, Mass., 1864; 
ed. in the grammar schools; served as 
editor of the Weekly Bouquet for five 
years and of The Orphan's Friend ten 
years; author of The Promise of Morn- 
ing (Verses), 1899; editor and compiler 
of Our Church, Her Children and Insti- 
tutions, 3 vols., 1908; contributor to 
The Independent, Youth's Companion, 
The Chautauquan, and The Rosary; has 



traveled in England. Address: 85 Ver- 
non St., Boston, Mass. 

COYLE, John Grant: 

Physician and surgeon; s. of Michael 
and Bridget (Keneally) Coyle, the for- 
mer a native of Brighton, Mass., and, 
during the Civil War, signal-quarter- 
master of the Ethan Allen and Winona, 
United States Navy; Dr. Coyle's mother 
was a native of Kanturk, County Cork, 
Ireland. Dr. Coyle was born in Brighton, 
Mass., December 1, 1868; ed. at Brighton 
High School; Boston Latin School; Har- 
vard College, and New York University 
(Medical Department), whence he gradu- 
ated in 1891; began the practice of his 
profession in the tenement district of New 
York City. M. in 1896, Catherine Agnes, 
daughter of Edward and Jane Lennon, 
both natives of Ireland. From 1894 to 
1897 lecturer on medical topics for the 
New York City Board of Education, and 
the following year became associated with 
Mrs. Rose Hawthorne Lathrop (Mother 
M. Alphonsa Lathrop, O.S.D.), daughter 
of Nathaniel Hawthorne, as physician to 
the sufferers from cancer to whom the 
Rev. Mother was devoting herself; he has 
continued to render his medical services 
to this charity ever since. Has written 
and lectured on historical and Catholic 
subjects, and is one of the Lecturers at 
the Catholic Summer School of America. 
Was orator-in-chief at the Catholic Cen- 
tenary Celebration, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 
in 1908. Contributor to the Grafton 
Magazine of History, the American Cath- 
olic Historical Researches, and numerous 
Catholic periodicals. In February, 1909, 
in recognition of his services as a physi- 
cian in the cause of charity, and for his 
work toward the advancement of Catholic 

education and social betterment, the Pope 
decorated him with the Order of the Holy 
Sepulchre, giving him the rank of Knight 
Commander, the degree of J.D., and the 
title Count of the Lateran. Dr. Coyle has 
been actively identified with the extension 
of the Catholic Benevolent Legion, the 
Knights of Columbus, the Daughters of 
Isabella, and the Catholic Women's 
Benevolent Legion, of which he is Medical 
Examiner-in-Chief. Founder of The Co- 
lumbian Assembly, organized for the 
spread and advancement of Catholic 
American patriotism. Address: 226 East 
Thirty-first St., New York City. 

CRAMER, Mrs. Harriet L.: 

Widow of the Hon. William E. Cramer, 
the founder and until his death, editor- 
in-chief of the Evening Wisconsin; b. 
in Fond du Lac County, Wis., in 1848; is 
president and publisher of the Evening 
Wisconsin; has traveled extensively in 
the United States, Mexico, Central Amer- 
ica, and Europe. During the Franco- 
German War, Mr. and Mrs. Cramer were 
in Paris, and were obliged to spend six 
months in the beleaguered city, during 
which time they had occasion to witness 
the terrible scenes of the Commune. 
Donor of the massive granite columns, 
costing $20,000, for the interior of the 
Church of the Gesu, Milwaukee, said to 
be the only columns of the kind in the 
country and not to be reproduced ; in col- 
laboration with her husband, donated 
forty acres of ground in Milwaukee 
County, on which the House of the Good 
Shepherd and its Good Shepherd Indus- 
trial School are situated. Mr. Cramer 
left the institution a large bequest, and 
Mrs. Cramer is its constant benefactor. 
Address: Milwaukee, Wis. 



CItAMSIE, Mary Isabel: 

Educator; b. May 5, 1844, at Friends- 
ville, Pa. Ed. at the public schools and 
8t. Joseph's Academy. Teacher in St. 
Paul for 25 years; Grerman American In- 
stitute, 3 years; a private school, 2 
years; and in a private family, 3 years. 
Organized a School Temperance Society, 
1893. Member of National Convention 
Catholic Total Abstinence Union, before 
which she read a paper in 1892. Presi- 
dent, for 10 years, of the Sacred Thirst 
Total Abstinence Society; Superintend- 
ent Catholic Division, Newsboys' Sunday 
School for 5 years; Secretary of the 
Diocesan Union for 10 years; organized, 
in 1873, one of the earliest total ab- 
stinence societies for boys and girls under 
21 years. Has contributed to the Cath- 
olic World, and (poems) to the North- 
western Chronicle and local newspapers. 
Member of Associated Charities, Civic 
League, and Woman's Total Abstinence 
Society. Address: 25 Tilton St., St. 
Paul, Minn. 

CRANE, Bev. Dominic F.: 

Educator; b. Louisville, Ky., May 12, 
1843; ed. at the Preparatory Seminary 
of St. Thomas, Bardstown, Ky., and at 
the University of Louvain, Belgium, 
where he received the degree of Bachelor 
of Theology in 1866; served as Professor 
of Philosophy and Theology at St. Jo- 
seph's College and St. Thomas Seminary, 
1873-75. Address: Louisville, Ky. 

CRANE, Richard: 

Lecturer; b. August, 1864, at Cincin- 
nati, Ohio; of Irish parentage; m. in 
1909, Anna Mulvey of Newport, Ky. Ed. 
at the public grammar schools of Cin- 
cinnati ; Woodward High School ; pursued 
seven-year post-graduate course in philos- 

ophy at St. Xavier's College (certificate 
June, 1905). Member of Finance Com- 
mittee, Board of Trustees of St. Joseph's 
Orphan Asylum; Secretary of the Coun- 
cil and President of St. Xavier Confer- 
ence of the St. Vincent de Paul Society 
and is actively engaged in charitable 
work in connection with the Society. Has 
lectured before many Catholic organiza- 
tions and in Ohio, Indiana and Ken- 
tucky upon ethical and educational sub- 
jects. Has contributed to various peri- 
odicals. Charter member of Cincinnati 
Council Knights of Columbus; Secretary 
of Council of St. Vincent de Paul Society ; 
and member of St. Xavier Alumni Asso- 
ciation. Address: Ingalls Building, 
Fourth and Vine Sts., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

CRAWFORD, Francis Marion: 

Novelist; b. 1854, in Tuscany; s. of 
Thomas Crawford the sculptor; ed. St. 
Paul's School, Concord, I>J. H.; Trinity 
College, Cambridge, and at the Roman 
University. Spent four years in the East 
as a journalist, and edited The Indian 
Herald at Allahabad, 1879-80, during 
which time he is said to have conceived 
the plot for his famous novel, Mr. Isaacs, 
first published in 1882. More than thirty 
novels followed this first one, showing 
Mr. Crawford as a wonderful student of 
men and women (and their environment), 
in different countries and of different 
races. Whether in America, as in The 
Three Fates; in England, as in The Tale 
of a Lonely Parish; in Germany, as in 
Greifenstein, or in his numerous Roman 
sketches, Mr. Crawford was equally at 
home. There was not a shade of the 
Italian character, north or south, that 
was not faithfully reproduced by him. In 
Ave Roma Immortalis and Salve Venezia 
we have a lasting picture, afmost a 



classic, of historic Rome, and the Queen 
City, Venice. Received into the Cath- 
olic Church in 1894, Mr. Crawford 
never failed to show by voice and pen, 
his profound admiration for the late 
Pontiff, Leo XIII. On being asked 
shortly before his untimely death in 
April, 1909, to write the story of his con- 
version for Some Roads to Rome in 
America, he, after some hesitation de- 
clined, while expressing to the Editor his 
deeply abiding conviction of the truth and 
claims of the Catholic Church. 

CREAMER, Hon. Thomas J.: 

Lawyer; ex- Congressman; b. May, 
1843, in Ireland; s. of Francis and Anne 
(Dorsey) Creamer; ed. in public schools 
of New York; studied law, admitted to 
bar, and has since practiced in New 
York City. Member of New York Assem- 
bly, 1864-67, Senate, 1867-71; President 
Taxes and Assessment Commission, New 
York City, 1869-73; Member of Congress, 
1873-75 and 1901-03. Active in procur- 
ing legislation for the Brooklyn Bridge, 
ana in association with the late Andrew 
H. Green, promoted the movement for 
the creation of the municipality of 
Greater New York City. Obtained in 
1871, from the New York Legislature, 
the first appropriation of $500,000 each, 
for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and 
New York Museum of Natural History. 
Introduced resolutions in 43d Congress, 
amending Constitution of the United 
States, providing for the election of 
United States Senators by a direct vote 
of the people. Appointed by James G. 
Blaine on Board of Visitors to West 
Point. Aided in the passage of the Tax 
Franchise Bill in 1899, while serving as 
assistant corporation counsel for the city 
government at State Capital; while in 

State Senate, 1867-71, promoted legisla- 
tion for establishing Hiverside and Morn- 
ingside parks and the boulevards, and for 
widening Broadway from Thirty-second to 
Fifty-ninth Sts. Introduced (1870) a 
bill for a new charter for the City of 
New York, providing for biennial elec- 
tions, in April, of all city officials, in- 
cluding the mayor, but this measure, 
which passed the Senate, was defeated in 
the Assembly. Leader of the Young De- 
mocracy in opposition to the leadership 
of William M. Tweed, commonly known 
as Boss Tweed. Drew, in 1882, a bill 
providing for the removal of telegraph 
poles from the streets and avenues of 
New York City, which was passed two 
years later. Address: 193 Second Ave., 
New York City. 

CREIGHTON, Mrs. Hazel (Connell) : 

Daughter of the Honorable William 
Connell, late member of Congress from 
Nebraska; granddaughter of the late 
Rev. Daniel Connell, a Congregational- 
ist; m. Edward Creighton, a grand- 
nephew of the late Count Creighton; is 
a convert. Address: Omaha, Neb. 

CRET, Paul Philippe: 

Architect; b. October 23, 1876, in 
Lyons, France; ed. at St. Bona venture's 
School, Lyons; Lyc6e of Bourg; School 
of Fine Arts, Lyons; and School of Fine 
Arts, Paris. Architect diplom6 of the 
French government, in 1903; gold medal- 
ist of the Salon of 1903 (Paris). M. 
Marguerite Lahalle. Professor of Design, 
University of Pennsylvania, since 1903; 
architect of the building for the Inter- 
national Bureau of the American Repub- 
lic, Washington, D. C. (in collabora- 
tion ) ; architect of the French Embassy 
Building, Washington, D. C. (in col- 



laboraticm). Contributor to the Arch- 
itectural Eecord; the American Arch- 
itect; the Craftsman; the Catholic En- 
cyclopedia. Member of several profes- 
sional clubs and societies. Address: 
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. 

CRIMONT, Very Rev. Joseph Raphael, 
Prefect Apostolic of Alaska; ap- 
pointed March 28, 1904. Residence, Fair- 
banks, Alaska (winter) ; Juneau, Alaska 

CRIMMINS, John Daniel: 

Capitalist, philanthropist; b. May 18, 
1844, in New York City; of Irish ances- 
try; m. Lily Louise Lalor, of Irish par- 
entage. Ed. at public, parochial and 
country schools ; and College of St. Fran- 
cis Xavier, N. Y. ; received title of Knight 
Commander of the Order of St. Gregory 
the Great, from Pope Leo XIII. in 1901. 
Offices held : Expert to report with Com- 
mittee to the United States Government 
on conduct of Hell Gate water operation, 
1876; park commissioner of New York 
City, 1883-88; member of the New York 
State Constitutional Convention, 1894; 
member of Board of Visitors to West 
Point Military Academy, 1894 ; Presiden- 
tial elector (Democratic), 1892, 1904, 
1908; appointed by Governor Roosevelt 
and served as member of Greater New 
York Charter Revision Commission; 
member of New York Chamber of Com- 
merce Committee on Internal Trade and 
Improvements and special Panama Com- 
mittee; officially connected with banking, 
insurance, land, publishing, railway, and 
realty corporations ; arbitrator in strikes; 
extensive contractor and builder; direc- 
tor of railroad construction. Donations: 
Funds for the erection of St. Patrick's 

Cathedral, N. Y., being chairman of Com- 
mittee on completing Cathedral Spires 
and trustee; chapel to Corpus Christi 
Monastery, N. Y.; altars to convents 
and churches; funds to colleges, schools, 
hospitals, homes, and many Catholic char- 
itable enterprises in this country and 
abroad; beds in Seton Sanitarium for 
Consumptives, and in St. Vincent's Hos- 
pital, New York. Author of Early 
Celebrations of St. Patrick's Day in 
America (1902) and Irish American His- 
torical Miscellany (1905), both published 
by the author; contributor to various 
magazines. Has an extensive library and 
is a liberal patron of art; has read pa- 
pers before historical, literary and other 
societies. Connected with the following 
societies and institutions: American Fine 
Arts Society (life fellow) ; American 
Geographical Society; American Museum 
of Natural History (patron) ; American 
Irish Historical Society; American Scenic 
and Historic Preservation Society; 
Armstrong Association; Association for 
the Preservation of the Adirondacks; 
Bibliophile Society; Catholic Missionary 
Union (founder) ; Catholic University of 
America (trustee) ; Gaelic Society (pa- 
tron) ; Marquette League; Metropolitan 
Museum of Art (director) ; Municipal 
Art Society ; National Civic Federation ; 
National Conference of Charities; Na- 
tional Horse Show Association; National 
Sculpture Society; New York Chamber 
of Commerce; New York Charity Organi- 
zation Society; New York Historical So- 
ciety; New York School of Applied De- 
sign for Women (director) ; New York 
State Historical Society; New York 
Zoological Society; Pascal Institute (di- 
rector) ; St. Angela's College, New Ro- 
chelle (trustee) ; Revolutionary Memorial 
Society of New Jersey; Society for the 




Prevention of Cruelty to Animals j Soci- 
ety for the Reformation of Juvenile De- 
linquents; Society of Art Collectors; So- 
ciety of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick ; 
United States Catholic Historical Society. 
Clubs: Catholic; Democratic; Grolier; 
Lotus; Manhattan; Metropolitan; Metro- 
politan (Washington) ; New York Driv- 
ing; New York Lunch; New York Yacht; 
Riding; Road Drivers; Special Car; 
Turf; Weeburn Golf, Noroton, Conn. Ad- 
dress: 40 East Sixty-eighth St., New 
York City. 

CROKEK, Richard: 

Politician; well known as a leader of 
Tammany Hall in New York City. B. 
at Black Rock, Ireland; when two years 
of age, brought by his parents to Amer- 
ica; ed. in public schools of New York 
City; for seven years employed as a 
machinist. Became prominent in the 
New York Volunteer Fire Department; 
took an active part in local politics, and 
about 1865, identified himself with the 
Tammany Hall organization. From 1868 
to 1870, served as alderman; re-elected 
in 1872, but was forced out of office by 
Tweed, and acted for several months, on 
Mayor Havemeyer's appointment, as 
city marshal, his special duty being the 
collection of arrears in taxes. Elected 
city coroner, 1873, and again in 1876; 
appointed fire commissioner in 1883, re- 
appointed to that position by Mayor 
Abram S. Hewitt, 1887. During this time 
his influence in Tammany Hall had grad- 
ually increased, and in 1886, on the death 
of John Kelly, he became the chairman of 
the Finance Committee of that organiza- 
tion, and its recognized leader. From 
April, 1889, to February, 1890, he was 
State Chamberlain; conducted the mayor- 
alty campaigns of Hugh Grant, Thomas 

F. Gilroy, and Robert A. Van Wyck, in 
1889, 1893, and 1897, respectively, and 
during the Presidential campaign of 1900, 
was conspicuous as a supporter of the 
Democratic candidate, W. J. Bryan. In 
1902, soon after the election of Seth Low 
as Mayor of New York, Mr. Croker re- 
signed his position as leader of Tam- 
many Hall. Address: 111 Broadway, 
New York City. 

CROMWELL, Mrs. Richard: 

D. of Philip T. and Ellen (Jenkins) 
George; b. May 29, 1851; m. July 15, 
1874, Richard Cromwell, of Baltimore, a 
widower, whose ancestors were among 
the early settlers of Maryland; and who 
was, until his death in 1910, a prominent 
business man, having served for years as 
President of the Mt. Vernon-Woodbury 
Cotton Duck Mills; he was received into 
the Church by Rev. Father McNamara, 
of St. Ann's Church, Baltimore, shortly 
before his marriage. Mrs. Cromwell's 
father was also a convert to the faith. 
He was a well known resident of Long 
Green Valley, Baltimore County, Md,, and 
the founder and president of P. T. George 
& Co., probably in its day the largest 
packing house in the South ; his wife was 
a daughter of Captain Josiah Jenkins 
and Betsy (Hillen) Jenkins, both of 
whom were prominent Catholics. Cap- 
tain Jenkins fought with the Maryland 
troops in the War of 1812, leading his 
company with much distinction. Ad- 
dress : Baltimore, Md. 

CRONIN, John J.: 

Physician; b. August 1, 1867, in 
Worcester, Mass.; ancestors landed in 
Virginia from the Savage; ed. in public 
schools; Holy Cross College, Worcester, 
Mass. (A.B., 1890) ; and College of Phy- 



sicians and Surgeons, Columbia Univer- 
sity (M.D., 1893) ; Phar. D., Board of 
Pharmacy, New York City, 1900. Chief 
Physician, Department of Health for the 
Bronx (N. Y.), 1901; House Physician, 
Roosevelt Hospital, July 1 to December 
31, 1904; inaugurated system of Medical 
Inspection of school children. Contrib- 
utor to Review of Reviews. Attended 
the International Congress on School 
Hygiene in London, 1907. Member of 
several medical societies. Address: 317 
West Fifty fifth St., New York City. 

CRONYN, Elizabeth A. (Bachelor of 
Music) : 
Singer; b. 1852 at Fort Erie, Ontario, 
Canada; d. of Dr. John Oronyn, Ph.D., 
and LL.D., of Ireland, one of the found- 
ers of the Medical Department of Niagara 
University, and Elizabeth Renfrey (Wil- 
loughby), a convert, of England, Ed. 
at Holy Angels Academy; took first 
music lessons from Miss Smyth at Miss 
Nardin's Academy, Buffalo, then at Holy 
Angels Academy; studied with Basilio 
Basil i at Milan, Italy, and Otto Dresel 
at Dresden, Germany, for five years. 
Teacher of singing at a studio, at Holy 
Angels Academy, and at D'Youville Col- 
lege; received first degree of Bachelor 
of Music ever conferred by D'Youville 
College, November, 1908, when College 
was founded, coincident with Golden Jub- 
ilee of Holy Angels Academy; sang in 
opera in Italy; in concert with Hans von 
Buelow on first American tour in 1875; 
was Buffalo's first prima donna; sang in 
charity concerts in Buffalo for many 
years. Charter member of Catholic Sum- 
mer School of America, Cliff Haven, N. 
Y.; member of D'Youville College Asso- 
ciation and Holy Angels Academy 
Alumni Association. Club: Catholic 

Women's. Address: 55 Swan St., Buf- 
falo, N. Y. 

CROPPER, Mrs. Anna (McLane) : 

B. March 11, 1859, in Portsmouth, 
N. H.; d. of Allan and Ariadne 
(Knight) McLane. Her family came 
from pioneer Delaware stock, whose mem- 
bers were distinguished in the army, 
na,\j, and diplomatic service of the 
United States. Her paternal grandfather, 
Louis McLane, was a member of Con- 
gress, Senator, Secretary of the Treasury, 
Secretary of State under General Jack- 
son, and Minister to England. Her fa- 
ther, Allan McLane, who was educated 
at Annapolis, served through the Mexican 
War and received honorable mention for 
his services before Vera Cruz; but left 
the Navy in 1850. He was for many 
years President of the Pacific Mail 
Steamship Co. Her husband, John Crop- 
per, a graduate of Columbia College, 
revived the Society of the Cincinnati in 
the State of Virginia, of which his 
grandfather. General John Cropper, was 
the last president. Mrs. Cropper was 
educated in France and in America; re- 
ceived into the Catholic Church, in Wash- 
ington, 1908. Is vice-president of the 
Society of Colonial Dames, District of 
Columbia; and a member of the Wash- 
ington Club. She is also a collector of 
rare historical relics. Address: 1742 
M St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

CROWLEY, Charles F.: 

Physician; b. Detroit, Mich., May 17, 
1869; received his preliminary educa- 
tion in parochial, private, and business 
schools, and later attended Detroit Col- 
lege (A.B., 1887), University of Michi- 
gan (Ph.C, 1889), and Creighton Medi- 
cal College (M.D., 1901); m. IVIarie 



Euphemia Blay; served as Professor of 
Chemistry in Creighton Medical College, 
Omaha, and as Gas Commissioner in 
the same city; member of the Elks, and 
of the Knights of Columbus. Address: 
Omaha, Neb. 

CROWLEY, Daniel N.: 

Lawyer; b. February 3, 1854, at Dan- 
vers, Mass. Ed. at Houlton High School, 
Danvers, and Holy Cross College, Worces- 
ter, 1876. Admitted to the bar of Essex 
County, December, 1879, and began prac- 
ticing law in Salem; has been a con- 
spicuous figure in the courts of Essex 
County for many years, and has been 
identified with many important civil and 
criminal cases; was mentioned for the 
judgeship of the Superior Court, Salem, 
at one time, and for the First District 
Court in 1905. Address: Salem, Mass. 

CROWLEY, Rev. Denis Oliver: 

B. July 3, 1852, in County Cork, Ire- 
land. His ancestors were strong sup- 
porters of the Munster Catholic League 
in the reign of Elizabeth. Ed. in Na- 
tional schools in Ireland; St. Vincent's 
College, Los Angeles, Cal.; St. Mary's 
Seminary, Baltimore, Md. Member of the 
Hehabilitation Commission of San Fran- 
cisco, after the great fire of 1906; Chair- 
man House Committee of the San Fran- 
cisco Relief; Vice-President of the Asso- 
ciated Charities, San Francisco; Trustee 
of Red Cross and Relief Funds, San 
Francisco; Chairman of Playgrounds and 
Parks and on the Committee of the Mis- 
sion Promotion Association. Built four 
homes for waifs and established an agri- 
cultural institute for boys. Author of 
Irish Poets and Novelists (San Fran- 
cisco, published by P. J. Thomas & Co., 
1890) ; Chaplets of Verse (Deikenbrock 

& Co., 1893). Contributor to the Celtic, 
Donahoe's, the Overland, and other maga- 
zines. Traveled in Europe, principally 
through the Mediterranean countries. 
Address: San Francisco, Cal. 

CROWLEY, Jerome J.: 

Lawyer; b. September 3, 1877, in Chi- 
cago, 111.; ed. at Mt. Carmel Academy 
and public high schools of Chicago; Uni- 
versity of Notre Dame and the University 
of Michigan (LL.B., 1900) ; m. Henrietta 
L. O'Brien of South Bend, Ind. Served 
as president Chicago Chapter, Knights of 
Columbus, 1906-07. Edited the Colum- 
bian and Western Catholic, 1907-08. 
Traveled through Western Canada in 
Knight of Columbus degree work, and in 
Europe in 1908. Member Chicago Bar 
Association. Clubs: Indiana; Irish Fel- 
lowship. Offijce: lOOl Ashland Block, 
Chicago, 111. 

CROWLEY, Miss Mary Catherine: 

Author, lecturer; b. Boston, Mass.; d. 
of J. C. and Mary (Cameron) Crowley, 
and granddaughter of Daniel Crowley, 
one of the first Catholics of Boston, and 
a prominent member of the Cathedral 
Congregation when it was the only parish 
of the city; maternal grandfather, Alex. 
J. Cameron, a direct descendant of Lo- 
chiel, the celebrated Catholic chief of 
Scotland. Another ancestor, Allen Cam- 
eron, met Charles II by appointment 
when the latter landed in Scotland, and 
was the first Scottish gentleman to raise 
the standara of Prince Charlie. Miss 
Crowley is a graduate of the Academy of 
the Sacred Heart, Manhattanville, N. Y., 
and also attended Notre Dame Academy, 
Roxbury, Boston; editor of Catholic Mis- 
sions Magazine and the Annals of the 
Propagation of the Faith since 1907; 



author of Merry Hearts and True, 1889, 
and Happy-Go-Lucky, 1890, published by 
Jas. Sadlier &, Ck).; Apples Ripe and 
Rosy (Ave Maria Press, 1893) ; The City 
of Wonders (Graham & Co., Detroit, 
1904) ; An Bvery Day Girl (Benziger 
Bros., N. Y.) ; also the following books, 
all published by Little, Brown & Co., 
Boston: A Daughter of New France, 
1901; The Heroine of the Strait, 1902; 
Love Thrives in War, 1903, and In Treaty 
with Honor, 1906. Miss Crowley was a 
collaborator on the Memorial History of 
Detroit, is an authority on the early his- 
tory of the city, and was prominent in its 
bicentennial celebration in 1901, the pa- 
geants, etc., being founded on descrip- 
tions in her book, A Daughter of New 
France; was a leader in the erection of a 
memorial Tablet to Madame Cadillac, the 
first white woman of the Northwest and 
a devoted Catholic. Lecturer, Catholic 
Summer School; New York Board of Ed- 
ucation courses, and for literary and art 
clubs. Is a contributor to the Catholic 
World, Ave Maria, St. Nicholas, Wide 
Awake, Ladies* Home Journal, The Pilot, 
Donahoe's and other magazines. Has 
traveled in Europe. Honorary member 
Catholic Study Club and the Sacred 
Heart Alumnse, Detroit, and member De- 
troit Woman's Auxiliary. Address: 8 
West One Hundred and Fifth St., New 
York City. 

CROWLEY, Thomas F.: 

B. September 24, 1861, in Buffalo, N. 
Y. ; s. of Timothy and Mary (Long) 
Crowley; ed. in grammar schools and 
Central High School ; m. Kate F. O'Brien, 
September 1885 (deceased, 1896). Suc- 
ceeded to his father's business, that of 
an undertaker, established since 1855. 
Was City Assessor for 14 years, retiring 

in 1906. Member Knights of Columbus; 
Catholic Mutual Benefit Association; 
Ancient Order of Hibernians; Catholic 
Benevolent League; Elks; Eagles, etc. 
Member Chamber of Commerce; Manu- 
facturers' Club; Union Club. Address: 
582 Seventh St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

CROWLEY, William J.: 

B. in Boston, Mass.; ed. in Boston 
High School; m. Elizabeth Brennan. 
Manager, D. Appleton Co., publishers; 
also director Robert Appleton Co. of New 
York City. Is one of the organizers and 
publishing director of The Catholic En- 
cyclopedia. Club: Catholic (N. Y.). 
Address: Bedford Park, N. Y. 

CRUMLEY, Rev. Thomas, C.S.C.: 

Educator; b. on March 27, 1872, in 
Cincinnati; ed. at the University of 
Notre Dame, Indiana (A.B., 1896). 
Professor of Philosophy, and vice-presi- 
dent, same university. Member of the 
Aloysius Club. Address: Notre Dame, 

CTJDAHY, Edward A.: 

Financier; b. February 1, 1860, at 
Milwaukee, Wis.; m. Elizabeth Murphy 
of Milwaukee, November, 1884; ed. at 
public school in Milwaukee until 15 years 
of age. Employed by Armour & Co., Chi- 
cago, 1875-October, 1887; went to Omaha 
to become vice-president and manager of 
the Armour-Cudahy Packing Co, ; it was 
shortly reorganized as the Cudahy Pack- 
ing Co., with a capital of $7,000,000, and 
four complete branch plants, of which 
he is now president. Address: Cudahy 
Packing Co., Omaha, Neb. 

CTJDAHY, Patrick: 

President and general manager of 
Cudahy Brothers Company of Wisconsin, 



one of the largest packing concerns in the 
United States; b. in Ireland, March 17, 
1849, and was brought to the United 
States by his parents when only a few 
months old; ed. in the common schools; 
m. in 1877 to Annie A. Madden. Mr. 
Cudahy began business life at the age 
of 12 as a delivery boy. Several years 
later he entered the employ of a packing 
company and worked for various pack- 
ing companies until 1874, when he be- 
came superintendent of the Plankinton & 
Armour plant. In 1876 he became a 
partner in the business, and ten or twelve 
years thereafter, with his brother, bought 
out Mr. Plankinton's interest, reorgan- 
ized the concern and formed the Cudahy 
Brothers Company. He is a director of 
the Wisconsin National Bank of Mil- 
waukee, president of the Cudahy Land 
Co., and is also interested in a number 
of other companies. Mr. Cudahy built 
and furnished St. Ann's Summer Home 
at Cudahy, Wis., for the St. Vincent's In- 
fant Asylum of Milwaukee, Wis., and has 
been a benefactor to many struggling 
congregations. Has made several trips 
to Europe and the Holy Land. Clubs: 
Milwaukee; Country; Blue Mound; and 
Town (all of Milwaukee). Address: 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

CTTFFLIN', Miss Katharine Elizabeth: 

Educator; b. July 25, 1883, at Brigh- 
ton, Mass. ; ed. Bennett Grammar School, 
Brighton High School and Radcliffe Col- 
lege (degree of A.B., 1904) ; served as 
teacher in the Boston grammar schools 
in 1906-07, and in the Girls' High 
School from 1908 to date. Has traveled 
in Canada, and also in Europe, visiting 
Ireland, England, France, Belgium and 
Holland. Address: 20 Faneuil St., 
Brighton, Mass. 

CULIINAN, Eustace: 

Lawyer; b. in San Francisco, Cal., 
January 26, 1876; ed. at St. Ignatius 
College, San Francisco (degree of A.M.), 
University of Notre Dame, Ind. (degree 
of A.B.), and the law department of the 
University of California; m. Katherine 
F. Lawler; is editorial writer for the San 
Francisco Bulletin, and member of the 
law firm of Cullinan & Hickey; has 
traveled in Germany, Austria, France, 
England, Alaski, and Honolulu. Club: 
Bohemian (San Francisco). Address: 
3434 Seventy-first St., San Francisco, 

CUMMINGS, Matthew: 

Ex-National president. Ancient Order 
of Hibernians; b. about 1863 in the west 
of Ireland, and came to Boston when 
about 14 years old; brought up on a 
farm, and later went to work as an ap- 
prentice in the South Boston Iron Works. 
Here he learned all branches of the roll- 
ing mill business and devised several 
valuable patents. For seventeen years 
he was employed in the United States 
Navy Yard, Charlestown, and had charge 
of the molding furnaces there. During 
his foremanship he installed many new 
inventions in the mechanical department. 
In 1906, he was appointed superintendent 
of the street cleaning department, and 
held this position for about two years. 
In 1909 he and the Rev. P. J. CDonnell 
of Boston went to Ireland as delegates 
of the A. 0. H. to lay the foundation for 
the international organization of the 
society throughout the world. Elected 
president of the A. O. H. of Suffolk 
County, 1902; state president, 1904; na- 
tional president, 1906, and re-elected in 
1908 (term expired in 1910). In Sep- 
tember, 1910, Mr. James T. Regan was 



elected to succeed him as national presi- 
dent of the A. O. H. Mr. Cummings is 
also a prominent member of the Massa- 
chusetts Catholic Order of Foresters, and 
has held important offices in that or- 
ganization. Residence: 140 Walnut St., 
Neponset, Mass. 

CUNNEEN, John F.: 

Machinist; b. May 21, 186$, at Limer- 
ick, Ireland; was brought by his parents 
when one year old to Cleveland, Ohio, 
where he lived for seventeen years; re- 
moved to Chicago, and there learned the 
machinist trade, spending fourteen years 
at Fraser & Chalmers' Mining Machine 
Shop, now part of the great Allis-Chal- 
mers concern; worked in the Chicago & 
Northwestern R. R. machine shop; in- 
vented the Cunneen traveling automatic 
rocking grate for steam boiler furnaces; 
served three years in the Seventh Regi- 
ment, Illinois National Guard; has lec- 
tured, given his time, and over $2,500 
of his money, for the cause of tem- 
perance. Acted as president of the Cath- 
olic Total Abstinence Union of Illinois 
for one year; president for ten years of 
the Annunciation Total Abstinence So- 
ciety, and has held various other respon- 
sible positions in different temperance 
societies and organizations. Supreme 
trustee of the Father Mathew League, 
member of International Association of 
Machinists, Knights of Columbus, An- 
cient Order of Hibernians, and others. 
Address: 1942 North Robey St., Chicago, 

CUNNINGHAM, Rev. Francis Aloysius: 
B. March 28, 1862, at Boston, Mass.; 

ed. in the public schools; Boston College 
(A.M., 1885) ; American College, Rome 
(S.T.B., 1886). Ordained at Rome in 

1889; pastor of St. Mary's, Georgetown, 
Mass., since May, 1908. Author of 
Poems (Flynn) ; Songs of the Catholic 
Year (Flynn, 1890) ; The Awakening 
(Marlier); and Episodes of Catholic 
History (Flynn, 1896); contributor to 
Donahoe's Magazine. Address: St. 
Mary's Rectory, Georgetown, Mass. 

CUNNINGHAM, Henry Vincent: 

La^vyer; b. in Roxbury, Boston, Mass., 
August 13, 1865; ed. by private tutors; 
received the degree of A.B. from Boston 
College; LL.B., Boston University, 
summa cum Laude, 1887; admitted to 
bar of Suffolk County, 1887, and has 
since practiced in Boston. Vice-president 
and member of the board of trustees and 
executive committee of the Union Insti- 
tution of Savings; director of the Boston, 
Revere Beach and Lynn Railway Com- 
pany; delegate to several Democratic 
state conventions; former member of the 
Board of Ballot Law Commissioners and 
served as its chairman. Member of the 
Young Men's Catholic Association of 
Boston. M. Anna E. Madigan at Houl- 
ton,'Me., 1894. Club: University. Resi- 
dence: 215 Humboldt Ave., Roxbury, 
Mass. ; office, 635 Tremont Building, Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

CUNNINGHAM, Rt. Rev. John F., D.D.: 
Bishop of Concordia, Kan.; b. 1842, 
in the Parish of Irremore, County Kerry, 
Ireland; s. of John and Catherine (Fitz- 
gerald) Cunningham; received prelimi- 
nary education in classical school, Lis- 
towel, Ireland; came to the United 
States and entered St. Benedict's Col- 
lege, graduating in 1860; made theo- 
logical course at St. Francis Seminary, 
near Milwaukee, Wis. (D.D.) ; ordained 
priest, August 8, 1S65. Pastor at Fort 


Scott, Kan., 1865-68; transferred, June, 
1868, to St. John's Church, Lawrence, 
Kan., where he built a new church and 
parsonage, and also purchased consid- 
erable property for the church; active 
in collecting for Kansas sufferers and 
Leavenworth Cathedral debt, 1873-76; 
pastor Assumption Church, Topeka, Kan., 
1876-82; built present Church of the As- 
sumption, Topeka. Vicar-General, Leav- 
enworth Diocese, Jan. 1, 1881; rector 
Leavenworth Cathedral, 1882^98; con- 
secrated, September 21, 1898, Bishop of 
Concordia. Address: 307 East Fifth St., 
Concordia, Kan. 


Banker; b. in Chicago, 1861. Address: 
Bisbee, Ariz. 


B. in Clare-Tuam, Tuam, Ireland; ed. 
in St. Jarlath's College, Tuam; May- 
nooth College, Dublin, and St. Thomas 
Seminary, St. Paul; was ordained De- 
cember 17, 1892; is Rural Dean in the 
Archdiocese of St. Paul, and State Chap- 
lain to the Ancient Order of Hibernians. 
Address: Hastings, Minn. 

CUNNINGHAM, William D.: 

Lawyer; b. May 4, 1879, at Ellen- 
ville, N. Y.; s. of William and Elizabeth 
(Freileweh) Cunningham; grandson of 
Frederick Freileweh, second lieutenant, 
120th Regiment, N. Y. Volunteer Infan- 
try, killed at Gettysburg. Ed. Ellenville 
High School and Cornell University 
(LL.B.) ; won State scholarship in Cor- 
nell University, 1896; in 1900 won the 
Judge Boardman Senior Law scholarship, 
Cornell College of Law. M. February 11, 
1904, Ettina Marie McMullen. Member 
of Assembly, New York State, 1904-08; 

District Attorney of Ulster County, N. 
Y., 1908-11. Member of Kingston Club; 
Knights of Columbus. Address: Ellen- 
ville, N. Y. 

CURRIER, Rev. Charles Warren: 

B. St. Thomas, West Indies, March 22, 
1857; descendant, on the paternal side, of 
English ancestors who came to America 
about the seventeenth century, while on 
the maternal side he is of Dutch origin, 
his great-great-grandfather having been 
Governor of the island of St. Eustatius, 
West Indies; his mother was a convert; 
ed. in the Catholic schools of St. Eusta- 
tius and St. Thomas, W. L; Redemptor- 
ist colleges of Roermond and of Wittem, 
Holland, Villanova College, Pa. (Ph.D., 
June 16, 1907). Ordained priest at Am- 
sterdam, Holland, November 24, 1880; 
missionary in Dutch Guiana, January, 
1880-February, 1882; Redemptorist mis- 
sionary in the United States, 1882-92; 
entered diocese of Baltimore in 1892; in 
parochial ministry, 1892-97; diocesan 
missionary, 1897-1900; pastor of St. 
Mary's, Washington, D. C, 1900-05; at- 
tached to the Bureau of Catholic Indian 
Missions since 1905. Lecturer at the 
Catholic Summer School of America and 
elsewhere; promoter and first chairman 
of the Catholic Summer School of Mary- 
land, which lasted a few years. Went to 
Spain in 1892 as a member of the Inter- 
national Congress of Americanists; rep- 
resented U. S. Government at the 14th 
International Congress of Americanists 
at Stuttgart in Wurtemberg; is now en- 
gaged in gathering material for a history 
of Spanish-American Literature. Went 
to Mexico (1910) as representative of 
the Catholic University of America and 
the Smithsonian Institution at the Inter- 
national Congress of Americanists; rep- 



resented same institutions at Buenos 
Aires (1910) at the centenary celebration 
of Argentina's independence. Was offered 
and declined nomination to a Bishopric 
in the Philippines (July, 1910). Author 
of Carmel in America, a history of the 
Carmelite Nuns in the United States 
(Murphy, 1890) ; History of Religious 
Orders (Murphy & McCarthy, N. Y., 
1894); Church and Saints, Short Illus- 
trated Biographies of the Saints (Mur- 
phy & McCarthy, 1897); Dimitrios and 
Irene, or The Conquest of Constantinople, 
an historical romance (Gallery & Mc- 
Cann, Baltimore, 1893) ; The Rose of Al- 
hama, or the Conquest of Granada, an 
historical romance (Christian Press 
Association, New York, 1895 ) ; A Child 
of Mary (Angel Guardian Press, Bos- 
ton, Mass., 1897); The Mass (Gallery, 
Baltimore, Md., 1898); The Divinity 
of Christ (Gallery, 1898); Cuba, What 
Shall We do with It? (Gallery, 1898) ; 
History of Cuba, published in the New 
Century (not in book form), Washing- 
ton, 1903. Contributor to Donahoe's, 
The Orphan's Bouquet, Carmelite Review, 
Ave Maria, Annals of Our Lady of the 
Sacred Heart, Catholic World, American 
Catholic Quarterly Review, Forum, Con- 
servative Review, Ecclesiastical Review, 
Lippincott's, Boston Herald, New York 
Press, New York Recorder, Freeman's 
Journal, Catholic Mirror and New Cen- 
tury. Has traveled in the West Indies, 
Guiana, United States, Canada, Holland, 
Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, 
Spain and Italy. Member of the Ameri- 
can Oriental Society, National Society of 
the Fine Arts, Catholic Federated Socie- 
ties, Catholic Educational Convention. 
Address : Bureau of Catholic Indian Mis- 
sions, 1326 New York Ave., Washington, 
D. C. 

CURKY, George: 

Ei-Governor of New Mexico; of the 
Island of Samar, and of the provinces of 
Isabella and Ambos Camarines in the 
Philippines. B. at Bayou Sara, La., on 
April 3, 1863; removed to Dodge City, 
Iowa, in 1875, and four years later went 
to Lincoln Coimty, New Mexico, where 
he secured employment on a sheep ranch; 
was next a post-trader at Fort Stanton 
in Lincoln County, going from there to 
Trinidad, Col., thence to Raton, return- 
ing to Lincoln County in 1885, when he 
entered the employment of James J. Do- 
lan, wliolesale and retail merchant, and 
became manager of the business; deputy 
county treasurer of Lincoln County until 
1888, when he was elected County Clerk; 
served successively as assessor, sheriff, 
member of the territorial Senate from 
the Ninth district, composed of the coun- 
ties in southeastern New Mexico at that 
time; held the position of clerk of the 
U. S. District Court of his district; 
president of the Senate (1895), and re- 
elected to the Senate in 1896, serving as 
chairman on its finance committee; 
served on the staffs of Governors Ross 
and Thornton. In April, 1898, at the 
beginning of the Spanish-American War, 
Mr. Curry was appointed by Governor M. 
A. Otero as first lieutenant of the Rough 
Riders, and shortly afterwards was pro- 
moted to captain. Upon returning from 
the war in 1898, he engaged in the real 
estate business at Tularosa, New Mexico, 
and upon the creation of Otero County 
in March, 1899, was appointed sheriff of 
the new county; resigned in August of 
that year to become lieutenant in the 
Eleventh Volunteer Cavalry. Com- 
manded the advance guard at the battle 
of San Mateo, where General Lawton 
was killed. Was quartermaster of the 



advance guard in the general advance of 
the American troops south of Manila; 
stationed at Naic, Cavite upon return; 
appointed provost marshal and provost 
judge of that district; in June, 1900, 
was promoted and assigned to the com- 
mand of Troop K, Eleventh Cavalry, in 
which command he continued until the 
regiment was ordered home to be mus- 
tered out in 1901; ordered back to the 
Camarines, and served on staff of the 
district commander in charge of civil 
affairs until April, 1901, when he was ap- 
pointed first civil governor of the Prov- 
ince of Ambos Camarines; on June 30, 
1901, was honorably mustered out of the 
service as U. S. oflficer, and appointed as 
governor of the same province by Gov- 
ernor General Taft, afterwards resigning 
this position for that of Chief of Police 
of the city of Manila, where he organized 
the first civil police force under the 
American government; served in this 
position until August, 1902, when he re- 
signed to accept the management of 
the Camarines Mercantile Co. Owing to 
ill health he was compelled to return to 
the United States in July, 1903, but in 
the Spring of 1904 returned to the Phil- 
ippines and was appointed governor of 
the Province of Isabella by Governor 
General Wright, resigning in April, 1905, 
to accept the appointment as Governor 
of Samar, which was at that time the 
most turbulent island in the Philippines, 
and which was then causing the Amer- 
ican government the most trouble. In 
accepting the governorship of the Island 
of Samar, he was given a free hand by 
the Governor General and received the 
hearty co-operation of the military de- 
partment in establishing law and order. 
This was finally accomplished to such an 
extent that at the expiration of two years 

civil government was established and the 
people allowed to elect their own officers. 
Mr. Curry resigned as Governor of Samar 
on June 20, 1907, to accept the appoint- 
ment from President Roosevelt as Gov- 
ernor of New Mexico; inaugurated Au- 
gust 8, 1907; resigned as Governor of 
New Mexico in 1909; is now engaged 
in writing his reminiscences of the 
Philippines. Address: Santa F4, 
N. M. 

CURTIS, Georgina Pell: 

Author, editor; b. February 19, 1859, 
in New York City ; d. Alfred Leonard and 
Maria Elizabeth (Hill) Curtis; ed. by 
private tutor; St. Mary's (P. E.) 
School, N. Y.; and at the Cooper Art 
School. Convert to the Catholic Church. 
Author of Trammelings (B. Herder, St. 
Louis, 1909). Editor of Some Roads to 
Rome in America (B. Herder, 1909) ; The 
American Catholic Who's Who (B. Her- 
der, 1911). Contributor to the Ave 
Maria, the Catholic World, the Messen- 
ger, the Magnificat, the Messenger of the 
Sacred Heart, Donahoe's, the Rosary, the 
Pilgrim, Harper's Bazar and Harper's 
Young People. Of Colonial, Dutch and 
Mayflower descent. On the maternal side 
Miss Curtis is a granddaughter of 
Thomas Hill (known on the stage as 
Thomas Hilson) an English actor, artist 
and litterateur of the old Park Theater, 
New York, who numbered among his 
intimate friends Junius Brutus Booth, 
John William Wallack and Washington 
Irving; other lineal ancestors were Peter 
Van de Water, Keeper of the City Gate, 
foot of Wall Street, New York, in the 
eighteenth century, and Jacobus Van de 
Water, Mayor of New Amsterdam in 
1673. Address: 5000 North Ashland 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 



CUSACK, Rt. Rev. Thomas Francis, 
Auxiliary Bishop of New York, N. Y.j 
b. February 22, 1862, in New York City; 
s. of James and Honora (Boland) Cu- 
saek; ed. at St. Francis Xavier's Col- 
lege, New York City, from whicb he 
graduated in 1880, and at Troy Semi- 
nary, Troy, N. Y,; ordained priest May 
30, 1885; Superior of the New York 
Apostolate, the Diocesan Missionary So- 
ciety, 1897-1904; consecrated, April 25, 
1904, Auxiliaiy Bishop of New York. 
Address: 142 East Twenty-ninth St., 
New York City. 


Weather forecaster; b. June 17, 1851, 
at Greenock, Scotland; s. of David and 
Catherine ( Robinson ) Cuthbertson ; 
nephew of John Cuthbertson, for 40 years 
rector of Dundee University, Scotland; 
ed. at Greenock Academy; came to Amer- 
ica in 1872; studied at Washington, D. 
C, Weather Bureau; then Inst. Signal 
Corps School at Ft. Whipple, Va. Was 
assistant forecaster at Washington; at 
New York City, 4% years; in charge 
School Inst., 1877; Cleveland, Ohio, 2 
years; Cape Henry, Va., 1 year; Colum- 
bus, Ohio, 3l^ years. Removed to Buf- 
falo, N. Y., 1884, and has since then 
been district forecaster, with occasional 
trips of a few months to the Central 
Office at Washington, D. C, and Chicago, 
to forecast.. M. in 1876, at New York 

City, to Celia Katherine McGreal, former- 
ly of Castlebarr, Ireland; d. of Dr. 
Thomas J. McGreal. Mr. Cuthbertson 
entered the Church in 1876. He is a 
member of the Knights of Columbus; 
Elks; Eagles; Catholic Mutual Benefit 
Association; St. Andrew's Scot. Society; 
Foresters; Holy Name Society; Ship 
Masters Association. dubs: Motor 
Boat; Buffalo Press. Address: 500 Ply- 
mouth Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

CYR, Joseph Ernest: 

Public official; s. of Michel Cyr and 
Marie Louise Moquin, his wife. B. Sep- 
tember 4, 1854, at Montreal. Ed. at St. 
Laurent College, near Montreal. M. Jan- 
uary 5, 1875, to Marie Adelaide Cesarine 
Senez, in Montreal. Elected to Manitoba 
Legislature in 1883; defeated at general 
election, 1888, for St. Boniface. First a 
candidate for House of Commons in Pro- 
vencher at general election, 1887, when 
defeated by Mr. Royal. Elected at gen- 
eral election, 1904. Mayor of St. Boni- 
face in 1885. President St. Jean Baptiste 
Society; president Catholic Order of For- 
esters; first president Manitoba French 
Liberal Association. Now Police Magis- 
trate for town of St. Boniface. As a 
journalist Mr. Cyr has had a wide ex- 
perience. His lectures on Western Can- 
ada and on the working classes in Canada 
have secured for him a reputation in 
Canadian literature. Address: St. Boni- 
face, Man., Canada. 


DABO, Icon Peter Paul: 

Artist; b. 1868, at Detroit, Mich.; s. of 
Ignace Scott-Dabo and Madeleine Oberl6; 
of French ancestry; descendant of the 
family that gave Leo IX. to the Papacy. 
M. 1889, Jennie Marie Ford-Beresford, of 
English-Irish descent. Ed. at St. Ann's 
School, Detroit; Acad^mie Julien, Paris; 
pupil of Galland, Paris, in ecclesiastical 
art and architecture; pupil of Vierge in 
drawing; pupil of the Vatican School for 
mosaics; pupil of Galliardi, Rome, in 
church decoration and iconography; au- 
thor of the figure decorations in St. John 
the Baptist Church, i. e.. The Ascension; 
16 panels in the Triforim Galleries, The 
Life of Christ, the decorations illustrating 
the life of St. Helen, Holy Cross Church, 
Flatbush, L. L, N. Y., and many other 
religious edifices; author of the decor- 
ations of the historical rooms. Flower 
Memorial Library, Watertown, N. Y.; 
designer of ecclesiastical glass, repre- 
sented by paintings in the following mu- 
seums: The National Gallery, Washing- 
ton, D. C. ; the Museum of Art, Detroit, 
Mich.; the John Herron Institute, In- 
dianapolis, Ind.; the Museum of Poland 
Springs, Me.; the Art Association of 
Saginaw, Mich.; the Art Association of 
Muncie, Ind.; and the Museum of Art, 
Montclair, N. J. Awarded William T. 
Evans prize. National Arts Club, 1909; 
has contributed to Sketch Book articles 
on the Technique of Painting; lecturer on 
Contemporary Art. Member, Allied Ar- 
tists' Association, London, England; The 

Vagabonds; the Municipal Art Society, 
New York; vice-president, George Ber- 
nard Shaw Fellowship, etc. Club: The 
National Arts. Address: Studio, 108 
East Twenty-third St., New York. 

DAIY, Joseph Francis: 

Lawyer; b. December 3, 1840, Ply- 
mouth, N. C. ; s. of Denis Daly and Eliza- 
beth T. Duffey. Childhood spent in Nor- 
folk, Va.; removed to New York, 1849, 
and educated in public schools. Re- 
ceived degree of LL.D. from St. John's 
College, Fordham, 1883, and also from 
the College of St. Thomas of Villanova. 
M. first, 1873, Emma Robinson Barker 
(died, 1886) ; secondly, 1890, Mary 
Louise Smith. Admitted to bar, New 
York City, May, 1862; elected Judge of 
the New York Common Pleas, July, 1870, 
and re-elected, 1884, and Chief Judge, 
1890-95; Justice of Supreme Court, 
1896-98. In active practice, New York 
City, since 1898. Commissoner of U. S. 
to revise laws of Porto Rico, 1900. Presi- 
dent of the Catholic Club, New York, 
1894-99; Board of Managers, Roman 
Catholic Orphan Asylum since 1888; Ad- 
visory Board, St. Vincent's Hospital; 
Board of Trinity College, Washington; 
director, New York Southern Society; 
vice-president of the Players; vice-presi- 
dent New York County Lavt^ers' Asso- 
ciation; North Carolina Society; Law- 
yers' Club; New York Law Institute; 
Association of the Bar. Address: 52 
Wall St., New York City. 




DALEY, Lieutenant Edmund L.: 

Military engineer; b. November 1, 1883, 
in Worcester, Mass.; s. of John and 
Katherine (Martin) Daley; m. Beatrix 
O. Koehler, September, 1906, at West 
Point, N. Y. Ed. at Classical High 
School, Worcester, Mass.; U. S. Military 
Academy, West Point, N. Y., June 1902- 
06; commissioned second lieutenant, 
Corps of Engineers, July, 1906, and first 
lieutenant, October, 1909. Address: 
Washington Barracks, Washington, D. C. 

DALY, Arnold (Peter Christopher Ar- 
nold Daly) : 
Actor; b. October 4, 1875, in Brooklyn, 
N. Y.; s. of Joseph J. and Mary Daly, 
natives of Ireland. The parents of George 
Bernard Shaw, the Irish playwright, in 
whose plays Mr. Daly achieved his most 
noteworthy successes, were their intimate 
friends. Mr. Daly was educated at the 
Academy of the Sacred Heart and St. 
Patrick's Academy, Brooklyn. His first 
theatrical engagement was as call boy 
at the old Lyceum Theater; his first 
part that of a butler in a play in which 
Fanny Rice was starring; played minor 
parts until he came into prominence 
through his impersonation of Chambers 
in Frank Mayo's production of Pudd'n- 
head Wilson. Prior to his taking up the 
Shaw plays, Mr. Daly achieved successes 
in Because She Loved Him So, The Bird 
in the Cage, Barbara Frietche, in which 
Julia Marlowe was the star; Self and 
Lady, Are You a Mason ? When We Were 
Twenty-One, Lady Margaret, Hearts 
Aflame, Cynthia, The Girl from Dixie, 
and Secret Service. On December 9, 1903, 
he produced Shaw's Candida for a single 
matinee at the Princess Theater. The 
success of both play and actor was so 
marked that Mr. Daly and Winchell 

Smith formed a partnership to produce 
the play at the Berkeley Lyceum. There 
Candida ran for more than 150 nights. 
Mr. Daly followed it with the Shaw plays, 
The Man of Destiny, and How He Lied 
to Her Husband, the latter a travesty 
on Candida, written by Shaw expressly 
for Mr. Daly. The next Shaw production 
was You Never Can Tell, which had as 
long a run. Then came John Bull's 
Other Island. In the fall of 1907 Mr. 
Daly founded the Theater of Ideas at the 
Berkeley Lyceum, N. Y., playing three 
one-act plays there each night. This he 
abandoned, and in December, 1907, ap- 
peared in a revival of Candida. M. July 
1, 1900, Mary Blythe, a niece of General 
La Grange of Los Angeles, Cal. Mr. 
Daly is a member of The Lambs and 
The Players. Address: The Players, 
Gramercy Park, New York City. 

DALY, John F.: 

B. in Howard County, Iowa, 1879; ed. 
at the State Normal School, Madison, S. 
D., and at Notre Dame University: m. 
Margaret A. Wiley. Organizer and presi- 
dent of the Title & Trust Co., Portland, 
Ore.; is a Grand Knight (Knights of 
Columbus). Clubs: Portland; Commer- 
cial and Multnomah. Address : Lewis 
Building, Portland, Ore. 

DALY, Thomas Augustine: 

Author, editor, poet; b. May 28, 1871, 
in Philadelphia, Pa. ; ed. public schools of 
Philadelphia, Villanova College and 
Fordham University; received from the 
latter institution the honorary degree of 
M.A. in 1901, and Litt.D. in 1910; m. 
Nannie Barrett; served as reporter (Phil- 
adelphia Record) from 1891 to 1898; 
manager of the Catholic Standard and 
Times, 1898 to date. Author of Can- 



zoni (verse), (1906, Cath. Standard and 
Times Pub. Co.); and Carmina (verse), 
published by John Lane Co., N. Y., 
1909. Most of his writing is done for his 
own paper, but he occasionally contrib- 
utes verses to America. Member of the 
Knights of Columbus. Address: 211 
South Sixth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

DAIY, T. M.: 

President of the Continental Title and 
Trust Company of Philadelphia. Ad- 
dress: 21 South Twelfth St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

DAMMANN, J. Francis, Sr.: 

B. in Baltimore in 1845. Ed. at Mt. 
St. Mary's College and afterwards at the 
University of Gottingen, Germany, and 
the University of Louvain, Belgium. En- 
gaged in the importing business in Balti- 
more, until 1908. Director of the Metro- 
politan Savings Bank. M. in 1877, Miss 
Aileen Cowardin, d. of the late James 
Cowardin, editor and owner of the Rich- 
mond Dispatch, and a sister of the Rev. 
Reynolds Cowardin, S.J. Address: 531 
West Lanvale St., Baltimore, Md. 

DANDURAND, Mrs. Charlotte: 

Second daughter of the Hon. Felix 
Marehand, formerly Prime Minister of 
the Province of Quebec; b. in Quebec; is 
a laureate of the Royal Society, and 
vice-president of the National Council of 
Women, Canada; made OfRcier de I'Acad- 
6mie Frangaise by the French Govern- 
ment (May, 1898), for her services to 
French Canadian literature; wife of the 
Hon. R. Dandurand, Speaker of the 
Canadian Senate. 

DANDTTRAND, Hon. Raoul, B.C.L.: 

King's Counsel; s. of the late Edipe 
Dandurand, merchant, Montreal. B. 

in Montreal, November 4, 1861. Ed. 
at Montreal College and Laval Univer- 
sity. Received legal training in oflSce of 
his cousin, late Joseph Doutre, Q.C. Is 
head of the law firm of Dandurand, Bro- 
deur & Boyer. Has been president of the 
Club National, and in 1891 was created 
a Knight of the Legion of Honor by the 
French Republic and an officer in 1907. 
In conjunction with Charles Lanctot, is 
author of a Treatise on Criminal Law 
and a Manual for Justices of the Peace. 
M. 1886, Josephine Marehand, d. of the 
late Premier of Quebec. Created K.C., 
1898. Called to the Senate, January 21, 
1898. Appointed Speaker of the Senate, 
January 9, 1905. The De Lorimier di- 
vision which he represents, was called 
after one of the leaders of the rebellion 
of 1837-38, executed at the same time 
as Duquette, who came from that di- 
vision, and Mr. Dandurand's family is 
closely allied to both. Address: Montr 
real, Canada. 

DANNA, Joseph A.: 

Physician ; house surgeon. Charity Hos- 
pital, New Orleans, La.; b. in Bianca- 
villa, Sicily; came to New Orleans with 
his parents in his early youth, and was 
educated in the public schools of New 
Orleans, and at Tulane University, ibid., 
graduating from the Medical Department 
of the latter institution in 1901 ; elected 
house surgeon, Charity Hospital, New 
Orleans, in February, 1909. Member of 
the Knights of Columbus; Society of St. 
Vincent de Paul; and the Society of the 
Holy Spirit. Address: Charity Hospital, 
New Orleans, La. Residence, No. 1562 
North Miro St. 

DATTGHERTY, Rer. Jerome, S.J.: 

Educator; b. on March 25, 1849, in 
Baltimore, Md. ; s. of James M. and Rose 



Anna (Wivel) Daugherty; ed. at St. 
Vincent's School and Loyola College, Bal- 
timore. Served for twenty years as in- 
structor in various colleges of the so- 
ciety, chiefly in Georgetown University, 
of which he was president, 1901-05. 
Chancellor and administrator, Fordham 
University, 1905-07; professor of mathe- 
matics at Woodstock College, 1907, to 
date. Address: Woodstock College, 
Woodstock, Howard County, Md. 

DAVENPORT, Miss Eva (Mrs. Neil 
O'Brien) : 
Actress; b. in London; ed. Convent of 
Notre Dame of that city; at 15 years of 
age went with her father to Australia; 
had received a thorough musical train- 
ing and possessing an excellent soprano 
voice, she began her professional career 
by singing with Miss Amy Sherwin, 
scenes from Italian operas. Played 
Josephine in the first Australian pro- 
duction of Pinafore; became the prima 
donna of the Montague Turner English 
Opera Company. In Australia she mar- 
ried Neil O'Brien, an actor, and with 
him was engaged to go to India with 
Emily Melville in a repertoire of English 
operas. They played five months in Cal- 
cutta, and then formed their own com- 
pa,ny under the title of The Mascot Opera 
Company. Visited Hong Kong and Ma- 
nila; played two seasons of three months 
each in Japan. The company lasted four 
years, during which Miss Davenport 
played in twenty-six operas. She made 
her first appearance in this country at 
the Casino Theater, New York, as the 
Duchess in The Drum Major^s Daugh- 
ter. While playing the Princess in Er- 
minie she discovered that her forte was 
comedy and has since played nothing but 
comedy parts. Played Miss Big in Poor 

Jonathan, and then went on the road 
with Miss Pauline Hall, playing Abigail 
in Puritania, and the show woman in 
The Princess of Trebizonde. This was 
followed by her success as the Queen in 
The Isle of Champagne. In 1897 Miss 
Davenport played Lady Hawser in The 
French Maid at the Herald Square Thea- 
ter, under the management of E. E. Rice. 
Later engagements were as Coralie in 
Papa's Wife, with Miss Anna Held and 
Charles Bigelow, Madame Giraudet with 
Jeflferson De Angelis in A Royal Rogue, 
Bella in A Silver Slipper with Sam Ber- 
nard and the Spanish widow in The 
Yankee Consul. Address: 162 West 
Eightieth St., New York. 

DAVEY, Frank: 

B. August 18, 1850, Sligo, Ireland; ed. 
in Irish National School at Carrowroe, 
Ireland, and by the Marist Brothers; 
m. Villa A. Pike, a lineal descendant 
of Colonel Ethan Allen, and a con- 
vert. Was for ten years a county 
official in Iowa ; member of Oregon Legis- 
lature, 1903-07; Speaker of House, 1907; 
now Receiver, U. S. Land Office, Burns, 
Ore. Has been a newspaper writer for 
35 years. Club: Burns Commercial. 
Address: Burns, Harney County, Ore. 

DAVID, Hon. Laurent Olivier: 

Lawyer, author; b. March 24, 1840, 
at Sault-au-Recollet, Quebec; s. of the 
late Major Stanislas and Elizabeth 
(Tremblay) David; m. (1) Albina Che- 
net, 1868; (2) Ludivine Garceau, 1892; 
ed. at the College of St. Tli^rfese. Called 
to the bar, 1864; was law partner of 
Mr. Mousseau, who afterwards became 
Premier of Quebec and subsequently a 
judge; translator and assistant clerk of 
the votes and deliberations of the House 



of Commons during the Mackenzie re- 
gime; elected to local Legislature at 
General Assembly, 1886, for Montreal 
East, defeating Attorney General Taillon ; 
delegate to the French Canadian Na- 
tional Convention at Nashua, N. H., 
1888; appointed City Clerk of Montreal, 
May, 1892; appointed to the Senate, 
June 19, 1903. Assisted to establish and 
was chief editor of the illustrated week- 
ly, L'Opinion Publique, 1870, and in 
1874 joined Mr. Beausoleil, M.P., in 
founding Le Bien Public. Author of: 
Biographies et Portraits; Le H6ros de 
Chateauguay; Les Patriotes de 1837- 
38; Mes Contemporains ; Les Deux 
Papineau; L'Union des Deux Can- 
adas (1841-67); Laurier et Son Temps, 
and Le Clerg6 Canadien: Sa Mission et 
Son G^uvre (withdrawn from circula- 
tion). Member of St. Jean Baptiste So- 
ciety, Montreal (president, 1887-88), 
and Royal Society of Canada. Address: 
City Hall, Montreal, Canada. 

DAVIS, Rt. Rev. John, D.D.: 

Bishop of Davenport, Iowa; Titular 
Bishop of Milopotamus, and consecrated 
Coadjutor Bishop to Bishop Cosgrove, 
November 30, 1904; Bishop of Daven- 
port, Iowa, December 22, 1906. Address: 
Sixteenth and Brady Sts., Davenport, 

DAVIS, Thomas Aloysius: 

Lawyer; b. January 14, 1871, at 
Orange, N. J., of Irish parentage; m. 
Mary Adele Jacobs. Ed. at St. John's 
Parochial School, Orange, N. J.; St. 
Francis Xavier's College; University 
Law School, N. Y.; LL.D. from Seton 
Hall College, 1909. Admitted to the New 
Jersey bar, June, 1896; City Counsel for 
Orange, N. J., 1897-1904; Counsel for 

South Orange, N. J., since 1905; Judge 
of Essex County Common Pleas Court 
(N. J.) since 1908. Helped to have en- 
acted a law for the limitation as to time 
of franchises by public service corpora- 
tions, which were formerly perpetual, but 
were cut down to 20 years in New Jersey 
in 1906; was successful in ending a 
ten-months' strike in the hatting industry 
in Orange, N. J., with a weekly pay roll 
of about $50,000, October, 1909, by ar- 
bitration and the appointment of a per- 
manent board of arbitration. Made trip 
to Newfoundland in 1904; to Ireland, 
1905; England, 1909. President of the 
New England Society of Orange; presi- 
dent of Holy Name Society of St. 
John's, Orange; member of the Kjiights 
of Columbus; St. Patrick's Alliance; 
State Bar Association; New Jersey His- 
torical Society; Newark Board of Trade. 
Clubs: Lawyers of Essex County, N. J.; 
Essex County; Country. Address: 
Orange, N. J. 

DAY, Very Rev. Victor: 

(Name abbreviated from De Braban- 
dere), Vicar General of the Diocese of 
Helena, Mont.; b. Desselghem, Belgium; 
ed. Desselghem, College Courtrai, Petit 
Seminary, Roulers, and Grand Seminary, 
Bruges, where he won honors in inter- 
collegiate contests in language, literature 
and history; cousin of Bishop De Bra- 
bandere, Bruges, Belgium; appointed act- 
ing rector of the Cathedral of Helena in 
1894, and Vicar General in 1905; acted as 
administrator of the diocese of Helena 
in 1899 and 1900, during the absence of 
Bishop Brondel, and again from Novem- 
ber 3, 1903, to January 30, 1905; con- 
tributor to Montana daily newspapers ; is 
mentioned in Progressive Men of Mon- 
tana as a representative of an ecclesi- 



astical body which has most to do with 
the early history of the Pacific and the 
great Northwest; traveled to Rome and 
Oberammergau in 1900, and visited the 
Holy Land, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, etc., 
in 1905. Address: Bishop's House, Hel- 
ena, Mont. 

DEANE, Mrs. Margaret: 

Widow of James R. Deane; b. July 
22, 1831, in New York City; ed. in a 
Catholic school taught by Sisters of 
Charity (St. Patrick's, old Cathedral, 
New York) ; m. James R. Deane, a 
native of King's County, Ireland. Was 
a public school teacher in New York 
City, 1846-48; in San Francisco, Cal., 
1854-83. Author of a small book for 
children entitled Grandma's Stories, writ- 
ten and published to aid a small charity 
(San Francisco, 1896, one edition). 
Traveled to Europe four times, and in 
1889 received Pope Leo's special blessing. 
Member, and for ten years grand presi- 
dent of the Catholic Ladies' Aid Society. 
Address: 1919 California St., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

BeCELLES, Alfred Duclos: 

Lawyer, editor, author, librarian; b. 
at St. Laurent, near Montreal; s. of A. 
D. DeCelles, N.P., and Sarah A. 
. (Holmes) DeCelles, who was converted 
to the Church by her brother, the Rev. 
John Holmes; m. Eugenie Dorion; 
ed. at Quebec Seminary; Laval Univer- 
sity (Litt.D. in 1890) ; received the hon- 
orable distinction of Officier de I'Institut 
Publique from the French Government; 
named Chevalier de la Legion d'honneur 
by the French Government in 1904, 
and C.M.G. by King Edward VII in 
1907; lawyer; editor of the Journal de 
Quebec until 1872, then became editor 

of La Minerve, the leading French Cana- 
dian Conservative organ in Montreal; 
assistant librarian of Parliament, Feb- 
ruary, 1880; librarian since 1885. Au- 
thor of Persecutions et reparations 
(1881), Une paroisse Canadienne au 
xviie si&cle (1882), Oscar Dunn (1886), 
Notre Avenir (1887), La Cruise du re- 
gime parlementaire (1888), A la con- 
qugte de la liberty en France et au 
Canada (1890), L'Hon. Juge Routhier 
(1890), Sir Alexandre Lacoste (1891) 
L'Hon. John Molson (1891), Histoire 
des Etats-Unis (1896) (awarded high- 
est prize, 500 francs), by the French 
Academy of Political and Moral Sci- 
ences, 1897), Les Etats-Unis: origines, 
institutions, developpements (awarded 
prize of the same academy) ; also wrote 
Papineau (1900), and La Fontaine and 
Cartier (1908), which were edited in 
English and in French. Fellow of the 
Royal Society of Canada. Address: 71 
Russell Ave., Ottawa. Les Goemons, 
Pointe-au-Pic, P. Q. 

DE COTJRCY, Charles Ambrose: 

Jurist; b. September 23, 1857, at 
Lawrence, Mass.; m. Elisabeth Mary 
Roberts; ed. at public and parochial 
schools, Lawrence, Mass.; Georgetown 
University (A.B., 1878; A.M., 1889; 
LL.D., 1904) ; Boston University (LL.B., 
1880) ; City Solicitor; Assistant District 
Attorney, 1884-90; Justice of Supreme 
Court of Massachusetts since 1902; 
chairman of Massachusetts Commission 
on Probation since 1908; organized pro- 
bation system of Massachusetts as presi- 
dent of Massachusetts State Conference 
of Charities. Clubs: University Club, 
Boston ; Merrimack Valley Country. Ad- 
dress: Lawrence, Mass. 



DEHEY, Thomas J.: 

Educator; b. November 26, 1867, in 
Northampton, Mass.; parents were very 
staunch Catholics; ed. in Northampton 
public schools, at Holy Cross College, 
Worcester, Mass., and Pittsburg College, 
Pittsburg, Pa. (A.B., 1902). Served as 
professor of Greek and Latin at Pitts- 
burg College, 1901-03; French and Span- 
ish, Notre Dame University, 1903-07; 
Latin and Greek at Pittsburg College, 
1907-09. Has lectured for the benefit of 
the Church, and has promoted the study 
of modern languages. Contributor to the 
Pittsburg Sunday Gazette. Member of 
the Knights of Columbus. M., June, 
1910, Miss Eleanor Tong, daughter of 
the late Lucius Tong, of South Bend, 
Ind. Address: 93 Union St., Northamp- 
ton, Mass. 

DE lACY, William Henry: 

Jurist; b. February 8, 1863, in Wash- 
ington, D. C. ; ed. by the Christian Broth- 
ers (degree of B.S., 1879), and in the 
public schools; St. John's College; 
Georgetown University Law School 
(LL.M., 1884), and the Catholic Uni- 
versity of America (D.C.L., 1902) ; m. 
Katherine Mary Clarke. Judge of the 
Juvenile Court of the District of Co- 
lumbia, July 1, 1906 to date, and Asso- 
ciate Professor of Common Law in the 
Catholic University; Third Vice Presi- 
dent of National Conference of Charities 
and Corrections, 1909-10; President, 
Particular Council D. C, Society of St. 
Vincent de Paul; contributor to The 
Catholic World; The Designer; Chantry 
and the Commons. Has been to Europe 
twice. Member of the Society of St. 
Vincent de Paul, American Bar Asso- 
ciation, the National Prison Association, 
Knights of Columbus, University Club, 

etc. Address: Chevy Chase, 4 West 
Kirke St., Washington, D. C. 

DELAGE, Olivier Cyrille Eraser, LL.B,: 

Notary; s. of Jean-Baptiste Delage, a 
French-Canadian, and his wife, who was 
Mary E. Eraser, Scotch; b. May 1, 1869, 
in Quebec; ed. at Quebec Seminary and 
Laval University (L.B., LL.B.). Was 
awarded the Angers and Tessier silver 
medal; the Stanley gold medal in 1892; 
and the Casgrain prize for Criminal Law 
in 1891; m., October 16, 1894, Miss Alice 
Brousseau. Was Secretary, Mercier 
Club; held similar position for St. Bap- 
tiste Society of Quebec City for three 
years, now General-Treasurer. Notary 
of the Quebec Harbor Commission, since 
February, 1900. Member of the Catholic 
Committee of the Council of the Public 
Instruction since 1905. Member of the 
Board of Notaries of the Province of 
Quebec, since 1903. First returned to the 
Legislature, October 31, 1901, by a ma- 
jority of 675 votes; re-elected by accla- 
mation at general election, 1904. Ad- 
dress, Quebec, Canada. 

DE LA MORINIERE, Rev. Emmanuel 
C, S.J.: 

Educator; b. April 17, 18'56, on the 
Island of Guadeloupe in the West Indies. 
As a child he was taken to New Or- 
leans, La., where he attended the Jesuits' 
College of the Immaculate Conception. 
Entered the Society of Jesus, September 
8, 1873, and made his noviceship at 
Grand Coteau, La., after which he taught 
literature at Spring Hill College and at 
his Alma Mater in New Orleans. Made 
his philosophical and theological studies 
at Woodstock, Md., and was ordained 
in 1889 in the Baltimore Cathedral by 
His Eminence, Cardinal Gibbons; then 



taught for a year at Macon, Ga. Since 
1891 has been engaged in teaching, 
preaching, and lecturing. He lectures 
mainly on patriotic and Shakespearean 
subjects and captivates his audiences 
with his rich orotund voice and his dra- 
matic presentation. He has a colossal 
memory, sometimes speaking for two 
hours without consulting his manuscript. 
He is noted also for his eloquence in the 
pulpit. At present Father de la Mo- 
rini&re is teaching philosophy at Spring 
Hill College. Address: Spring Hill Col- 
lege, Mobile, Ala. 

DELANY, John J. : 

Lawyer; b. 1860; ed. at St. Francis 
Xavier College, and Columbia Law 
School (LL.B., 1882) ; has practiced law 
in New York City since 1882. Assistant 
corporation counsel. City of, New York, 
1889; later assistant district attorney; 
had charge of Fire Chief Edward F. 
Croker's fight against Commissioner 
Sturgis and was successful in having the 
courts reinstate him. Appointed by 
Mayor George B. McClellan corporation 
counsel, 1904; resigned, 1906. Member 
of the Catholic Club and of various re- 
ligious and benevolent organizations. 
Address : 27 William St., New York City. 

DELANY, Rev. Joseph F.: 

Priest, lecturer; b. January 19, 1866, 
in New York City; of Irish parentage; 
father fought for the Holy See as a 
member of the Irish contingent at the 
defense of Spoleto in 1860; ed. at St. 
Teresa's Parochial School, New York 
City; St. Francis Xavier College, New 
York City (A.B., 1883; A.M., 1884); 
and made his theological studies at St. 
Joseph's Provincial Seminary, Troy, N. 
Y.; American College, Rome, where he 

was ordained in 1889; received degree of 
S.T.D. the following year from the Propa- 
ganda. Is Rector of the Church of St. 
Malachy, New York City, and one of 
the Synodal Examiners of the Arch- 
diocese of New York; has delivered lec- 
tures on Dante at the Catholic Summer 
School. Contributor to the Catholic En- 
cyclopedia, and also to the Records and 
Studies of the United States Catholic 
Historical Society. Participated in the 
celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of 
the founding of the American College, at 
Rome, and afterwards traveled exten- 
sively in Europe. Member of the Alumni 
Associations of both St. Francis Xavier 
and American Colleges; also of United 
States Catholic Historical Society. Ad- 
dress: 239 West Forty-ninth St., New 
York City. 

DELANY, Hiss Adelaide Margaret: 

B. 1875, in Philadelphia, Pa.; col- 
lateral descendant of Cardinal Cullen. 
An ancestor was Collector of the Port 
during the American Revolution; ed. at 
Academies of Notre Dame, Philadelphia, 
and Boston; and the University of Penn- 
sylvania, where she received a certificate 
for work in the English Department. 
Assistant at the University Settlement; 
collected data for Child Labor in New 
York City; Editor of Woman's Depart- 
ment in the Philadelphia Record. Has 
given lectures on the Catholic Attitude 
in Social Work; teacher (volunteer) of 
literature in the Italian Missions of 
Philadelphia; is an ardent advocate of 
Home Rule for Ireland, and suffrage for 
women. Author of a series of lectures 
delivered on Jottings of A Journalist in 
England, Ireland, France, through which 
countries she traveled extensively. Con- 
tributor to Ladies Home Journal; dub 



I' Oman; Collier's. Member of Philadel- 
phia Civic Club, Catholic Mission and 
Woman's Suffrage. Address: 3438 Wal- 
nut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

DEIANY, Patrick Bernard: 

Electrician; b. 1845, in Kings County, 
Ireland; ed. in private and parochial 
schools of Ireland and the United States; 
worked as telegrapher in Hartford, 
Conn.; started as office boy to super- 
intendent of lines and became an expert 
operator; newspaper correspondent, edi- 
tor, and writer. Inventor, 150 patents, 
covering anti-induction cables, synchro- 
nous multiplex telegraphy, transmitting 
six messages simultaneously over one 
wire; adopted by British Government 
(awarded gold medal and diploma at 
International Inventions Exhibition, Lon- 
don, 1885) ; automatic systems for ocean 
cables; rapid machine telegraphy for land 
lines, etc. Has perfected a system of 
automatic telegraphy whereby 3,000 
words per minute can be transmitted and 
plainly recorded. Received gold medal 
at Pan-American Exposition, 1901; St. 
Louis Exposition, 1904. Member and 
former vice-president, American Institute 
of Electrical Engineers; member Frank- 
lin Institute from which he received the 
Elliott-Cresson gold medal, and John 
Scott (legacy) medal for his inventions. 
Address: South Orange, N. J. 

DELISLE, Michel Simeon: 

Merchant; s. of Albert Delisle and 
Dina Bertrand, his wife, both French- 
Canadians; b. September 27, 1856, at 
Pointe-aux-Trembles, Coimty Portneuf, 
Que.; ed. at Quebec; m., September 19, 
1881, Elmina Poliquin. Has been Mayor 
for five years. Elected to House of 
Commons at general election, 1900; re- 

elected at general election, 1904. Ad- 
dress, Portneuf, Que., Canada. 

DEL VALLE, Reginaldo Francisco: 

Attorney-at-law; b. December 15, 1854, 
in Los Angeles, Cal.; ed. at St. Vin- 
cent's and Santa Clara Colleges; grad- 
uated from the latter institution in the 
same class with the late Senator Stephen 
M. White (1873); studied law in San 
Francisco; was admitted to the bar, and, 
in 1877, returned to Los Angeles to prac- 
tice his profession; m. a Miss White. 
Is a Democrat, and has been candidate 
for governor, lieutenant-governor, and 
congressman; elected, 1878, to the As- 
sembly and served two terms, until 
1884. Is well known as a public speaker 
and at the Monterey centennial in honor 
of Father Serra, in 1884, was orator of 
the day. Has been chosen by the city 
council to fill the position of water com- 
missioner. Senator del Valle is a de- 
scendant of one of the oldest Spanish 
families in his county, which was widely 
known for the Church work done by its 
members, especially in the early days of 
the Missions. Helen Hunt Jackson, au- 
thor of Ramona, obtained the plot and 
color for her famous story from Camu- 
los, the original home of the family. 
Address: Los Angeles, Cal. 

DEMERS, Joseph, IL.B.: 

Advocate; s. of the Hon. Alexis Louis 
Demers, M.P.P. for Quebec, and Marie 
Goyette, both French-Canadians; b. May 
31, 1871, at Henryville, County of Iber- 
ville; ed. at St. Hyacinthe Seminary 
and St. Mary's College, Montreal (B.S.) ; 
admitted to the bar and has since prac- 
ticed his profession; m., January 8, 1896, 
to Berthe Gravel of Arthabaskaville. 
Address: St. John's, Que., Canada. 



DEMPSEY, Edward Jolin: 

B. September 26, 1858, in Cincinnati, 
Ohio; his father was a native of Car- 
low, and his mother of Tipperary, Ire- 
land; ed. in the parochial and public 
schools of Cincinnati, and in the Law 
Department of Cincinnati College (LL.B., 
1879). Was Judge of the Superior 
Court of Cincinnati, Ohio, 1898-1903; 
Mayor of Cincinnati, 1906-08. M. Mary 
Agatha O'Leary, whose parents were na- 
tives of Kerry, Ireland. Address : Fourth 
National Banic Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio; 
Residence, Price Hill, Cincinnati. 

DEMPSEY, Rev. Timothy: 

B. October 21, 1867, at Cadamstown, 
Birr, King's County, Ireland; ed. at St. 
Mary's, Mullingar; St. Finan's, Navan; 
St. Patrick's, Carlow; ordained in Car- 
low, Ireland, June 14, 1891. In Sep- 
tember, 1891, Father Dempsey went to 
St. Louis, Mo,, and became Pastor of 
St. Patrick's Church, July 4, 1898. He 
is the founder and manager of Father 
Dempsey's Hotel, and The Exiles' Rest, 
the only institution of the kind in the 
world, which was opened, December 15, 
1906. This hotel is for poor working 
men and men out of work, and during 
the month of December, 1909, over 4,000 
men slept on the floor, after the 300 
beds were filled each night. Although 
he is pastor of St. Patrick's Church, 
owing to the inroads made by factories, 
warehouses, railroads, etc., its member- 
ship has fallen away almost to nothing, 
and Father Dempsey is thus able to give 
nearly all his time to his splendid work 
for the poor. He has taken in out- 
casts and derelicts, has put new heart 
into them, found them work, and made 
respectable citizens out of innumerable 
men who would otherwise have remained 

castaways. He is the publisher of 
Father Dempsey's Hotel JVIagazine, a 
monthly devoted to the interests of the 
hotel and workingmen. Is State Chap- 
lain, Ancient Order of Hibernians, and a 
member of the Knights of Columbus. 
Address: 1207 North Sixth St., St. Louis, 

DENECHAUD, Charles I.: * 

Lawyer; b. in New Orleans, La.; s. 
of E. F. Denechaud, a veteran hotel pro- 
prietor of New Orleans; ed. in private 
schools and in the Jesuit College of New 
Orleans, and graduated from the Law 
Department of Tulane University, La.; 
member of the New Orleans Bar; prac- 
tices in the State and Federal Courts; 
interested in the New Hotel Denechaud, 
recently erected in New Orleans, of 
which his brother, Justin F. Denechaud, 
is president and manager. Mr. Dene- 
chaud was connected with the late Cath- 
olic Winter School ; is one of the found- 
ers and the present president of the 
Louisiana State Federation of Catholic 
Societies; founder and officer in various 
capacities of the Jesuit Alumni Asso- 
ciation; member of other Catholic so- 
cieties, and of a number of social and 
benevolent organizations. Office address: 
Perrin Bldg., Baronne St., New Orleans, 
La.; Residence, No. 1433 Amelia St. 

DENEGRE, Walter Denis: 

Lawyer; b. in New Orleans, La.; s. 
of James D. and Sylvanie (Blanc) 
Den&gre; ed. Jesuits' College of his 
native city; St. John's College, Fordham, 
N. Y., and in law department of Har- 
vard and Tulane Universities; m. 1893, 
Mrs. Bertha Cobb Armour, widow of 
William Armour and daughter of S. B. 
Cobb, of St. Louis ( deceased ) . Admitted 


to Bar of Louisiana 1881; member firm 
of Den^gre, Blair & Den^gre since 1896; 
special counsel for United States before 
French and American Claims Commis- 
sion, 1881; candidate for United States 
Senator, 1896; member Board of Admin- 
istrators, Tulane University Educational 
Fund. Clubs: University; Calumet; 
Harvard; Brook (New York) ; Metro- 
politan (Washington). Address: Den^ 
gre Building, New Orleans. 

DENEGRE, George D.: 

Lawyer; b. in New Orleans; s. of 
James Denis and Sylvanie (Blanc) 
Denfegre; belongs to one of the aristo- 
cratic and influential old families of 
Louisiana, which has given liberally to 
the Church in money and real estate; 
ed. in home schools; Jesuit College; Tu- 
lane University; practices in the State 
and Federal courts of Louisiana and in 
the United States Supreme Court. Ad- 
dress: Den&gre Bldg., 219 Carondelet St., 
New Orleans, La. 

DENNEEN, Andrew: 

Merchant; b. 1857, in Canada, of Irish 
descent; ed. at River Falls Normal Col- 
lege. Has been a leading merchant in 
New Richmond, Wis., for 26 years; 
Church Trustee for 21 years; member 
of New Richmond School Board for 14 
years, and Board of Public Works, 2 
years; member of Business Men's Asso- 
ciation (secretary) ; Catholic Knights 
(secretary). Address: New Richmond, 

DENNEEN, Margaret Emily: 

B. 1861, at Bangor, Me.; of Irish 
parentage; m. Andrew Denneen, a mer- 
chant of New Richmond, Wis.; ed. at 
Holy Angel's Academy, Minneapolis, 

Minn.; St. Joseph's Academy, St. Paul, 
Minn.; University of Chicago Extension 
Course. Teacher at St. Joseph's Acad- 
emy, 1881-84; public schools of Wiscon- 
sin, 1884-85. Member of Library Board 
for 15 years; President of New Rich- 
mond Library since 1905. Organized an 
Art Club for the study of the lives of 
great artists. Took an active share in 
assisting sufferers from the New Rich- 
mond Cyclone and in educating orphan 
children. Author of Life of Edward 
Fitzgerald, Extracts from Rubaiyat. 
Club: Art. Address: New Richmond, 

DENNIS, WUliam Henry: 

Attorney-at-law ; b. February 21, 1856, 
in Philadelphia, Pa.; descendant, on the 
paternal side, of a family which has 
lived in Rhode Island for 200 years; ed. 
at the preparatory school of St. Joseph's 
College, Philadelphia, Pa., and at George- 
town University, Washington, D. C. (de- 
grees of A.B., 1874; LL.B., 1876; A.M., 
1882); m. Lulu Lee Hughlett, of Vir- 
ginia; president of the Lawyers' Asso- 
ciation, District of Columbia, since 
1908; treasurer of the Columbia His- 
torical Society, District of Columbia, 
since 1907; president of Washington 
Council, Catholic Benevolent - Legion, 
since 1906; and now a director of Car- 
roll Institute; took an active part in the 
establishment of the Law School of 
Georgetown University, and in starting 
the Georgetown College Journal; author 
of Probate Law of the District of Co- 
lumbia, published by Gibson Bros., 
Washington (1880); contributor to the 
American Law Review, etc.; has traveled 
in the United States, Canada, and Eu- 
rope; member of the Century Club, 
American Society of International Law, 



Humane Society, Greorgetown Alumni, 
National Geographic Society. Address: 
416 Fifth St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

DEPPEN, Very Rev. Louis George: 

Editor of The Record, Louisville, Ky.; 
b. March 6, 1847, in Louisville, Ky.; s. 
of Captain Henry Deppen, by his wife, 
Mary Hosalia Weyd, who was of French- 
Alsatian birth, but brought up from 
childhood at Chambersburg, Pa. Cap- 
tain Henry Deppen was of Belgian an- 
cestry and Prussian nativity. Going to 
Louisville from Ohio, in 1839, with a 
flat boat of salt, he founded the Ger- 
man Bank of that city, and was its presi- 
dent when he died. Louis George Dep- 
pen received his early education at St. 
Mary's Parochial, and at private schools; 
attended (1856-57) a select school at 
Frankfort-on-the-Main, Germany, later 
going to St. Mary's College, St. Mary's 
Ky. (1859'-60), under Father P. J. 
Lavalle, afterwards Bishop of Louis- 
ville; Louisville High School (1862-66) ; 
received the degree of A.B. from th« 
University of Louisville in 1866, and the 
same year entered commercial life 
(wholesale manufacturing) in Louisville 
and Cincinnati, and continued until 1873, 
during which time he visited all the 
States west and south of Pennsylvania. 
While president of the Cathedral Con- 
ference of St. Vincent de Paul Society, 
Louisville, he determined to study for 
the priesthood, and, in 1873, entered the 
Seminary; received preparatory studies 
at Kiedrich, near the Rhine, Nassau, 
Germany (1874), the following year en- 
tered the University of Wuerzburg, Ba- 
varia; ordained, December 25, 1878, by 
the Rt. Rev. Wm, George McCloskey, at 
the Cathedral, Louisville. Professor at 
St. Joseph's College, Bardstown, Ky. 

(1879); student at the University of 
Innsbruck, Tyrol (1880) ; on the Mis- 
sions in Casey and Green River Coun- 
ties, Ky. (1881) ; from 1882 to 1893, as- 
sistant at the Cathedral, Louisville, and 
from 1882 to 1901, secretary to Rt. Rev. 
Bishop McCloskey. In 1883, Father Dep- 
pen erected, at his own expense, the first 
Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Bards- 
town Road, near Louisville, and was ap- 
pointed Editor and Manager of The Rec- 
ord the same year. Erected, 1891-92, at 
his own expense, the Church of the Holy 
Name of Jesus, Louisville, and estab- 
lished its first congregation. Chancellor 
of the Diocese (1892-98), and Pastor of 
St. Mary Magdalene's Church, Louis- 
ville, at the same time. In 1899, ap- 
pointed Chaplain of St. Xavier's College, 
Louisville, which place he now holds. 
Address: St. Xavier's College, Louisville, 

DERBY, Hasket: 

Physician; b. June 29, 1835, in Bos- 
ton, Mass.; graduated from Amherst 
College (A.B., 1855; A.M., 1858) ; M.D., 
Harvard, 1858; has practiced Ophthalmy 
in Boston, since 1858; lectured on 
Ophthalmy in Harvard University, from 
1867 to 1871; in 1902, recorded as mem- 
ber of International Ophthalmic Con- 
gress, Heidelberger Ophthalmic Gresell., 
New England Ophthalmic Society, Bos- 
ton Society of Medical Improvement; 
consulting surgeon in Massachusetts 
Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary; con- 
sulting ophthalmic surgeon at Carney 
Hospital, South Boston. April, 1902, ap- 
pointed member of Board of Trustees of 
Childrens Institutions Department, City 
of Boston. Member of the Catholic Un- 
ion. Author of The Modern Operation 
for Cataract. Convert to the Church. 



OflSce: 182 Marlboro Street, Boston, 
Mass.; Residence, 352 Beacon St. 

DE ROO, Her. P.: 

Member of the Archaeological Club of 
the Land Van Waes and of the United 
States Catholic Historical Society; Hon- 
orary member of the American Catholic 
Historical Society of Philadelphia. 
Father De Roo is best known as the 
author of a two-volume work on the 
History of America Before Columbus, a 
work which he was led to undertake 
while engaged in other historical studies 
in the Vatican Archives. In his search 
for information concerning Pope Alex- 
ander VI, he occasionally met with un- 
published records having to do with the 
religious history of America before the 
Spanish discovery, and was induced, in 
consequence, to begin the long series of 
labors which resulted in the publication 
of his history. Father De Roo began his 
missionary labors in Oregon nearly forty 
years ago, and, in the pursuit of his 
priestly duties, traveled much of the 
Northwest before the advent of railroads 
or any other roads worthy of mention. 
In September, 1908, he resigned the pas- 
torate of St. Joseph's Church, Portland, 
owing to ill-health and advancing years, 
and is now retired from active pastoral 
work. He has accumulated a large 
amount of historical material which has 
not yet been prepared for publication. 
Address: Portland, Ore. 

DESJARDINS, Alphonse: 

Statesman; b. May 6, 1841, at Terre- 
bonne, P. Q., and belongs to a family 
long settled in the country ; m. ( 1 ) Vir- 
ginia Pare, May, 1864 (died, February, 
1879) ; (2) Hortense Barsoleau, May, 
1880; ed. at Masson College; Terre- 

bonne, and at Nieolet College. Called to 
the bar, 1862, and practiced his profes- 
sion in Montreal; in 1868, he gave up 
law for journalism. After serving on 
the editorial staff of L'Ordre for some 
years he became chief editor and one of 
the directors of Le Nouveau Monde, and 
while occupying that position was cre- 
ated a Knight of the Order of Pius IX, 
in acknowledgment of his services to 
the Church; he took an active part in 
the organization of the Papal Zouaves 
sent by the Province of Quebec to the 
assistance of the Holy Father, 1868. He 
was also one of the framers of the Pro- 
gramme Catholique, 1871. A Conserva- 
tive in politics, he sat for Hochelaga in 
the House of Commons, in that interest, 
1874-92, when he was called to the Sen- 
ate; he was Mayor of Montreal, 1893. 
Entered Sir Mackenzie Bowell's Govern- 
ment, as Minister of Militia, January 15, 
1896, and in March of that same year 
was one of the official delegates sent to 
Winnipeg to settle the Manitoba School 
Question; on the formation of Sir 
Charles Tupper's Administration, May 1, 
1896, he took office under him as Min- 
ister of Public Works, and retired with 
his leader and colleagues after their de- 
feat at the polls, same year. Member 
of the Chamber of Commerce (president 
for 2 terms) ; Canadian Accident Insur- 
ance Co.; Guerdan Insurance Co. (trus- 
tee). Address: Terrebonne, P. Q., Can- 

DESMOND, Humphirey J.: 

Lawyer, journalist, author; b. 1858, in 
Ozauku County, Wis., where his grand- 
father settled in 1840; m. Susie Ryan, 
of Oshkosh, graduate of the Wisconsin 
State Normal School; ed. at Wisconsin 
University (A.B.) ; Notre Dame Uni- 



versity (A.M., 1895). Served on the 
Milwaukee School Board, 1883-90; 
elected to the State Legislature, 1890; 
while a member of the Milwaukee School 
Board he organized the movement for 
manual training in the public schools of 
Milwaukee. Was counsel before the Wis- 
consin Supreme Court in the famous 
Edgerton Bible case; in the Legislature 
of 1891, he acted as chairman of the 
Committee on Education and drew the 
Compulsory Education Law which was 
enacted in place of the Bennett law; 
also drew up and had enacted, the Wis- 
consin Freedom of Worship Law. He 
was one of the founders of the Western 
Catholic Summer School, now located at 
Spring Bank, Wis. Is editor of the 
Catholic Citizen, Milwaukee; proprietor 
of the Northwestern Chronicle, St. Paul, 
Minn.; and the New Century, of Wash- 
ington, D. C. He helped to organize 
the Knights of Columbus in Wisconsin. 
Author of Mooted Questions of History; 
The Church and the Law; Chats Within 
the Fold; Outlooks and Insights; A His- 
tory of the Know Nothing Party; and 
Ways of Well Doing; has contributed to 
the North American Review, Century, 
Forum, American Catholic Quarterly Re- 
view, Library of the World's Best Litera- 
ture, and the Catholic Encyclopedia. 
Made two trips to Europe. Member of 
the Knights of Columbus. Clubs: Mil- 
waukee Athletic; University Press; Old 
Settlers; Sunset (chairman). Address: 
612 Newberry Blvd., Milwaukee, Wis. 

DESMOND, Thomas A.: 

Founder and publisher of The Catholic 
School Journal, Milwaukee, Wis.; b. in 
Milwaukee, Wis.; ed. in Catholic schools 
and at the University of Wisconsin, 
where he specialized in history, pedagogy, 

literature, and journalism. While at the 
University he was editor of the students' 
newspaper, The Daily Cardinal, and the 
literary monthly, The Wisconsin iEgis. 
After leaving the University, he was for 
two years editor of the Green Bay 
(Wis.) Daily Gazette, and also connected 
with the Associated Press. In 1901, he 
established The Catholic School Journal, 
a monthly magazine of methods, aids, 
and current educational topics for teach- 
ers and directors of parochial schools and 
academies. Address: 14-15 Evening Wis- 
consin Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

DESSATTLES, Hon. George C: 

Lawyer, mayor, banker; b. September 
29, 1827; s. of Hon. Jean Dessaules, 
Seigneur of St. Eustache; m. (1) Emilie 
Monddet; (2) Frances Louise Leman; 
ed. in St. Hyacinthe; studied law. Mayor 
of St. Hyacinthe for 25 years; president 
of the Bank at St. Hyacinthe, since 1878. 
Called to the Senate, March 12, 1907. 
Address: St. Hyacinthe, Que., Canada. 

DETJTSCH, Rev. Alcuin, O.S.B.: 

Priest; b. February 13, 1877, in Valla, 
Hungary; came to the United States in 
1881 ; received his early education at the 
Assumption School, St. Paul, Minn.; the 
classics at St. John's University, College- 
ville, Minn. (A.B., 1896) ; entered the 
Benedictine Order in 1896, and the fol- 
lowing year was sent to the Benedictine 
college of San Anselmo, Rome; remained 
there for six years (Ph.D., 1903) ; toured 
Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, 
Southern Germany, Belgium, France, 
England, and Scotland during the sum- 
mer vacations; professor of philosophy 
and languages at St. John's University 
since 1903; rector of the seminary de- 
partment, 1907 to 1909; rector of sem- 



inary and college combined, August 11, 
1909. Address: St. John's University, 
Collegeville, Minn. 


Grain dealer; b. March 16, 1858, at 
Oneida, New York; s. of Patrick J. and 
Mary (McQuade) Devereaux; ed. in pub- 
lic schools and graduated from Oneida 
High School, 1876; m. at St. Paul, Minn., 
1895, to Annette E. King. Partner, 
Markham and Devereaux, 1882-85, and 
W. P. Devereaux & Co., in grocery and 
produce business, Oneida, N. Y., 1885- 
90; partner in firm of Kennedy & 
Devereaux, grain dealers, St. Paul, Minn., 
1890-92; since 1892, President W. P. 
Devereaux Co., and Devereaux Elevator 
Co. Clubs: Minneapolis; Commercial; 
Automobile; Twin City Gun; Minne- 
tonka Yacht; Artichoke Lake Gun. 
OflEices: 1016 Chamber of Commerce 
Bldg.; Residence, 1774 Bryant Ave., So. 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

DEVITT, Rev. Edward I., S.J.: 

Priest; educator; b. November 14, 1841, 
at St. Johns, New Brunswick; received 
preliminary education in the Latin High 
School, Boston, Mass., graduating in 
1857; studied at Holy Cross College, 
Worcester, Mass., two years; entered the 
Society of Jesus July 28, 1859. De- 
tailed at Gonzaga College, Washington, 
D. C, where he taught for six years; 
transferred to the Jesuit House of Stud- 
ies, Woodstock, Md., where he taught 
philosophy, and for four years was pro- 
fessor of theology; prefect of studies 
and professor of philosophy at Holy Cross 
College, Worcester; transferred to Fred- 
erick, 1878; called to Woodstock College 
( 1879 ) , where he taught philosophy and 
served as editor of Woodstock Letters. 

From 1883 to 1886, at Gonzaga College; 
recalled to Woodstock College, this time 
to fill chair of theology; prefect of stud- 
ies at Holy Cross College, 1887-91, 
when he was made rector of Boston 
College. Chosen in 1902 to represent 
the Society in this country at the Con- 
gregation of Procurators in Rome, and 
on his return appointed to his present 
position of professor of philosophy at 
Georgetown University. Celebrated Sep- 
tember, 1909, the golden jubilee of his 
religious life. Considered one of the 
ablest authorities in the U. S. on the 
history of the State of Maryland. Ad- 
dress: Georgetown University, D. C. 

DEVINE, Rev. Edward James, S.J.: 

Author; b. March 3, 1860, at Bonne- 
chere Point, Renfrew County, Canada; 
ed. in New York; entered the Jesuit Or- 
der in 1879; after his studies in London, 
England, and in Montreal, was ordained 
in 1889. Inventor and patentee of a sys- 
tem of electric railway signaling. Mis- 
sionary for several years along Lake Su- 
perior in Canada and for two years 
among the Eskimos and gold miners in 
Northwestern Alaska. Author of: The 
Training of Silas, a successful novel; 
Across Widest America, a volume giving 
impressions of a two years' sojourn on 
the Bering Coast. This work has reached 
a second edition, and has merited the 
honor of translation and puiblication in 
France. Father Devine has been a fre- 
quent contributor to Catholic reviews, 
and is at present editor of The Canadian 
Messenger, a monthly magazine with 
a circulation of fifty thousand, devoted 
to the interests of the Apostleship of 
Prayer in Canada. Address: The Cana- 
dian Messenger of the Sacred Heart, 
Rachel St., Montreal, Canada. 



DEVLIN, Hon. Charles Ramsay: 

Minister of Mines, Fisheries, and Colo- 
nization in the Government of the Prov- 
ince of Quebec since 1907; b. October 
29, 1858, in Canada; ed. Laval Univ.; 
member of the Etominion House of Com- 
mons 1891-96; went to Ireland as Chief 
Commissioner for the Canadian Govern- 
ment 1897, an office he resigned on his 
entering Parliament for Gal way City in 
1903; sat in Westminster as a National- 
ist till 1906, when he was again re- 
turned for County Nicolet, P. Q., as a 
Liberal Member of the Federal Parlia- 
ment on his return to Canada from Ire- 
land, but he resigned in a short time 
and was elected for the same county 
as member of the Quebec Legislative 
Assembly. M. (1893) Miss Blanche de 
Montigny, of Quebec. Address: Que- 
bec, Canada. 

DEVLIN, Emmanuel B., M.A., B.C.L.: 

King's Counsel; Advocate; b. Decem- 
ber 2i5, 1872, at Aylmer, Que.; s. of 
Charles Devlin and Mary Helen Roney, 
his wife; ed. at St. Mary's Coll., 
Montreal; Mount St. Mary's, Derby- 
shire, Eng. ; and McGill Univ., Mon- 
treal; B.A., Laval, Que.; M.A., Cani- 
sius Coll., Buffalo; B.C.L., McGill. 
Appointed K.C. by the Quebec Govern- 
ment in 1906. First elected to House 
of Commons at bye-election February 
13, 1905, to succeed Rt. Hon. Sir Wil- 
frid Laurier who resigned his seat for 
Wright, having been elected also for 
Quebec E. at general election. Address: 
Aylmer, Quebec, Canada. 

DEVLIN, James H., Jr.: 

Attomey-at-law ; b. July 21, 1877, 
in Dorchester (Boston), Mass.; comes 
from the same Nagle family (on his 

mother's side), as did Edmund Burke, 
and the famous Irish blind nun, Nan 
O'Nagle; ed. in the public schools of 
Milton and Dedham and afterward at 
Boston College (A.B., 1897); gradu- 
ated from the Law School of Harvard 
University in 1900 (LL.B.) ; now en- 
gaged in the active practice of law in 
Boston, Mass. Has traveled in the 
United States, England and France; 
president of the Charitable Irish So- 
ciety, the oldest Irish Society in the 
United States; in March, 1910, it was 
one hundred and seventy-three years 
old, and was established to extend to 
the Irish immigrant a welcome denied 
by the Puritans. This society keeps an 
agent at the docks who meets every 
in-coming steamer, and it may be said 
that there is no white slavery question 
in Boston so far as the immigrant Irish 
girl is concerned, no matter what her 
creed. It is not an exclusive Catholic 
society, in fact at the outset no Catholic 
was eligible to hold office, but its his- 
tory and years and records of work 
done give it an honored position in the 
community. Mr. Devlin is also a mem- 
ber of the Catholic Alumni Sodality, 
an organization composed of college and 
university men of Boston and vicinity, 
and served as its secretary for two 
years; member of the American Irish 
Historical Society; Boston College 
Alumni, and of the Boston City Club, a 
club established on broad democratic 
lines for the general welfare of the city. 
Address : Barrister's Hall, Pemberton 
Square, Boston, Mass. 

DEVLIN, Hon. Robert T.: 

U. S. District Attorney, San Fran- 
cisco, Cal.; b. June 30, 1858, in Sacra- 
mento City, Cal.; ed. in grammar and 



high schools of Sacramento, afterwards 
studying under private tutors at the 
Christian Brothers College, Sacra- 
mento; admitted to the bar in 1880; 
appointed member of the Board of 
Prison Directors (1884) by Governor 
Stoneman, and has been on the Board 
ever since; appointed Commissioner of 
Penology by Governor Stoneman; from 
1900 to 1904, member of the State Sen- 
ate of California; in 1905, appointed 
U. S. Attorney by President Roosevelt, 
re-appointed by President Taft, not con- 
firmed by U. S. Senate owing to Mr. 
Devlin having prosecuted a prominent 
resident of San Francisco for land 
frauds. This man was entirely cleared 
of the charge. Summoned before the U. 
S. Senate, Mr. Devlin claimed if there 
was false testimony it was without his 
knowledge, or consent, and he simply 
performed his duty as prosecuting at- 
torney. In June, 1910, the Supreme 
Court of the United States declared Mr. 
Devlin innocent of any perjury, and 
exonerated him from all the charges 
against him, confirming his appointment 
as District Attorney. Author of a law 
book entitled Treatise on Deeds; one 
also on the Treaty Power of the U. S. 
Address: San Francisco, Cal. 

DEVLIN, Thomas: 

Merchant; b. May 8, 1838, County 
Derry, Ireland; m. Helen Amelia San- 
ford; ed. National School of Ireland and 
private schools in United States. In 
foundry business since 1854. Made four 
trips to Europe and traveled the United 
Stat-es extensively. Member of the Na- 
tional Association of Manufacturers; 
National Foundrymen Association. 
Club: Catholic. Address: Third and 
Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

DE VOS, Rev. Julin^ Emilius: 

Director of Colonization; b. March 29, 
1848, at Ingoyhem, Belgium; attended 
the parochial school at Ingoyhem, the 
high school at Vichte, the College of 
Roulers, the Episcopal Seminary of 
Bruges, and the American College of 
Louvain. Ordained at Bruges; became 
assistant priest at Espierres, and Warne- 
ton, Belgium; removed to America, 1884, 
where he was curate at Ghent, Minn.; 
O'Connor, Spalding, and Alliance, Neb.; 
and St. John Berchmans Belgian Church, 
Chicago, 111.; helped to erect schools and 
churches in Belgium during the educa- 
tional struggle there, and built schools 
and churches in his parishes in America. 
Came to America to promote Catholic 
colonization ; remained twenty years in 
the colony of Spalding, Neb., where an 
academy for girls and a college for boys 
were established. He introduced what- 
ever would attach the people to the 
land, such as fruit growing, irrigation, 
flour milling, etc., and worked hard to 
get a railroad into the town of Spalding, 
which is now one of the busiest cities 
of Nebraska. Author of The Three Ages 
of Progress, a philosophy of history 
showing how the Church always marches 
at the head of progress; has written 
various other historical works, and now 
has in preparation an historical pano- 
rama of the world, showing the turning 
points of history, their causes and ef- 
fects. Has written extensively on col- 
onization, showing the value of wisely 
directed emigration. Member of the 
Executive Board of the Association of 
Belgian and Holland priests, for the pro- 
tection of emigrants, being selected to fill 
the newly created office of Director of 
Colonization. Address: 2517 Humboldt 
Blvd., Chicago, 111. 



DEWE, Eev. Joseph Adelbert: 

Author, educator; b. 1866, at Rams- 
gate, Kent, England; ed. Prior Park Col- 
lege, Bath, England; St. Edmund's Col- 
lege and Victoria University, Manches- 
ter, England (M. A., 1906; B.A., with his- 
tory honors, 1903). Professor of history 
and literature at St. Thomas College, St. 
Paul, Minn., 1903-07; professor in same 
branches, Ottawa University, 1907 to 
date. Author of New Thoughts on Cur- 
rent Subjects (Elliott Stock, London, 
Eiigland) ; History of Economics (Ben- 
ziger Brothers, New York) ; Psychology 
of Politics (Longmans, Green & Co., 
1910). Contributor to Merry England 
Magazine; Nautical Magazine; Medical 
Brief; Education; University Magazine; 
American Ecclesiastical Review. Trav- 
eled throughout Europe, Australia, South 
Africa, South America, the United States, 
and lived four years in Italy. Address: 
Ottawa University, Ottawa, Canada. 

DIETZ, Rev. Peter Ernest: 

B. July 10, 1878, in New York City; 
parents came from Bavaria; ed. at Holy 
Redeemer School (parochial) ; St. Fran- 
cis Xavier's, New York City; and at the 
Universities of Bonn, Germany, and 
Washington, D. C. Ordained, December, 
1904, since which time he has been parish 
priest at Sacred Heart Chapel, Oberlin, 
Ohio. Devoted to the promotion of the 
Social (Volksverein) Program of the 
German-American Catholic Federation 
(D. R. K. Central- Verein). Editor of 
Social Justice, organ of the Central- 
Verein Bureau for the promotion of 
Social Education. Member Administra- 
tive Council American Association for 
Labor Legislation. Address: Oberlin, 

DILKES, Georgre Russell: 

President of the Southern Steamship 
Co., Philadelphia, Pa.; was born in that 
city in 1860; s. of an orthodox Quaker, 
who afterwards became a convert to 
Catholicity; ed. in Quaker and Episcopal 
Academies, later attending business col- 
leges; m. Dolores Merino, of Spanish 
descent. Organized the Southern Steam- 
ship Co., and operates lines from Phila- 
delphia to the South. Received into the 
Church in 1877. Clubs: Art (Phila- 
delphia) ; National Arts (New York 
City). Address: 1912 Arch St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

DILLON, Hon. Henry Clay: 

Jurist; b. November 6, 1846, in Lan- 
caster, Wis. ; father was Irish and mother 
of Welsh descent; ed. in common schools 
and academies of Lancaster, and at Ra- 
cine College, Wisconsin (B.A., 1872; 
M.A., 1875) ; also took a course in Busi- 
ness College, Chicago, 111.; m., in 1876, 
Florence Hood, of Springfield, Mass. 
Removed to California in 1888, and since 
1890 has been a resident of Los Angeles, 
Cal.; elected district attorney of his 
county in 1893, served two years, and 
then refused renomination, preferring the 
private practice of law to public posi- 
tion. From 1878 to 1881, was Master 
in Chancery; Judge Advocate, 1881-89. 
Professor of Equity, Jurisprudence, and 
Common Law in the University of South- 
em California. Author of miscellaneous 
articles on law, literature, and religion; 
also of a number of short stories; con- 
tributor to West Coast Magazine, Times, 
and Tidings, of Los Angeles. Traveled 
in Europe in 1906. Entered the Church 
in 1897. Is president of the Newman 
Club; Juvenile Court Association; St, 



Vincent de Paul Society. Address: Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

DILLON, Hon. John Forrest : 

Jurist; b. 1831, at Northampton, Mont- 
gomery County, N. Y,, and early in life 
settled in Iowa, where he successively 
became State Prosecuting Attorney 
(1852-58), Judge of the Supreme Court 
of Iowa (1863-69), and Judge of the 
United States Circuit Court, Eighth Ju- 
dicial District (1869-79). Removed, 
1879, to New York City, where he was 
appointed professor of real estate and 
equity jurisprudence at Columbia Law 
School, remaining for three years. Has 
become prominently known as a real 
estate lawyer, and is now associated as 
general or consulting counsel with the 
Manhattan Elevated and Union Pacific 
Railroad Companies, and with the West- 
ern Union Telegraph Co. Author of 
Municipal Corporations; Removal of 
Causes from State to Federal Courts ; and 
Laws and Jurisprudence of England and 
America. In 1898, Judge Dillon suffered 
a severe bereavement, when his wife and 
daughter were lost on the Bourgogne, 
July 4, 1898. Address: 195 Broadway, 
New York City. Residence: Far Hills, 
N. J. 

DILLON, John J.: 

Editor, publisher; b. November 7, 1856, 
at White Lake, N. Y. ; of Irish ancestry, 
among which are many of professional 
and business prominence; m. Mary C. 
May; ed. at State high schools and Al- 
bany Normal College ( graduate in 1886 ) . 
Editor and publisher of The Rural New 
Yorker since July, 1899. Has contributed 
to The Columbiad and to Agricultural 
Press. Member of the Knights of Co- 
lumbus and Patrons of Husbandry. Ad- 

dress: 409 Pearl St., New York; or, 903 
West End Ave., New York City. 

DILLON, Richard H. : 

Physician; b. August 1, 1868, in New 
Orleans, La., soon after which his parents 
removed to Staffordshire, England, where 
he received his early education at the 
Dominican Monastery schools; served for 
four and a half years as cadet in the 
British Navy. Returning to America, 
he received his B.A. from the University 
of Pennsylvania, and M.D. from the Uni- 
versities of Minnesota and Illinois. 
Served as physician at the City Hospital 
in Minneapolis and the City Hospital in 
Chicago, and in 1895-96 was surgeon in 
the Cuban insurgent army. M. Uberta 
M. Gilmartin, of Chicago, and in May, 
1897, removed to Manchester, N. H., 
where he has since practiced his profes- 
sion. He is surgeon major of the First 
Regiment, New Hampshire National 
Guard, and attending physician to the 
Religious of the Precious Blood Monas- 
tery. Member of the Knights of Colum- 
bus and the Ancient Order of Hibernians. 
Address: Manchester, N. H. 

DILLON, William: 

Attomey-at-law ; b. 1850, in Brooklyn, 
N. Y, ; removed to Ireland with his 
parents when he was about 7 years 
old; received his general education at a 
private school in Dublin, and at the 
Catholic University in the same city, of 
which Dr. (afterwards Cardinal) New- 
man was the fitst Rector; made his legal 
course at the Kings Inns, Dublin, and 
at the Middle Temple, London, of both 
of which Inns of Court he is a life mem- 
ber; practiced law as a barrister in Dub- 
lin for about seven years, when his 
health broke down, and he was obliged 



to go to Colorado; lived on a ranch in 
Colorado for about six years; resumed 
the practice of law, and was for several 
years County Attorney of the County 
in which he lived. In 1893 Mr. Dillon 
went to Chicago, intending to take up the 
practice of the law there, but the editor- 
ship of the New World, the official organ 
of the Catholic Archdiocese, happened 
to become vacant a few months after his 
arrival, and he was appointed to that 
position by the late Archbishop Feehan. 
He held this position for nearly eight 
years, resigning in the summer of 1902. 
During the latter years of his editorship, 
Mr. Dillon also practiced law to some 
extent, and since leaving the New World 
has devoted himself exclusively to his 
profession; he was for some time a Mas- 
ter in Chancery of the Circuit Court. 
Member of the Illinois State Bar Asso- 
ciation and of the Chicago Bar Associa- 
tion; also a member of several clubs. Is 
married, and resides at 1321 Lunt Ave., 
Rogers Pa.rk, Chicago, 111 

D'INVILLIERS, Edward Vincent: 

Geologist and mining engineer; b. 
August 2, 1857, at Germantown, Pa.; s. 
of Camille S. and Ann S. (Maitland) 
d'Invilliers ; ed. at the University of 
Pennsylvania (graduated, 1878) ; made 
special studies in geology and mining 
engineering. A sister of Mr. D'Invilliers 
is one of the founders of the Confrater- 
nity of St. Gabriel. Assistant Geologist, 
Second Geological Survey of Pennsyl- 
vania, 1878-85; geologic and consult- 
ing engineer, 1885-1905. Author of 
numerous geological reports. Member of 
American institute of Mining Engineers; 
Fellow of the Geological Society of 
America; American Philosophical So- 
ciety; Franklin Institute; National 

Geographical Society. Address: Resi- 
dence: 6630 McCallum St., Germantown, 
Pa.; Office: 506 Walnut St., Philadelphia, 

DIONNE, Narcisse Eutrope: 

Educator, writer, scientist. Librarian 
of the Quebec Legislature; b. May 18, 
1848, at St. Denis, County of Kamou- 
raska. Province of Quebec, Canada; ed. 
in primary schools; St. Ann's College; 
and Laval University (M.D., 1873; 
Lit.D., 1900). M. Marie Emma Bid6- 
gar6. Journalist from 1880 to 1892; 
Librarian of the Quebec Legislature, 1892 
to date; professor of archaeology at Laval 
University; member of Canadian Royal 
Society. Author of numerous books, 
pamphlets, and articles relating to his- 
tory, agriculture, geography, religion, 
travels, archaeology, chronology, folk- 
lore, and biography. A few of his books ^ 
and brochures are: Le Tombeau de 
Champlain; Etats-Unis, Manitoba et 
Nord-Ouest (1882); Jacques Cartier 
( 1889 ) ; Samuel Champlain, Fondateur 
de Quebec (1891); La Nouvelle- France 
de Cartier a Champlain (1891) ; Vie de 
C. F. Painchaud, pretre, cur6, fondateur 
du College de Sainte-Anne de la Poca- 
tifere, Quebec (1894) ; Les Eeclesiastiques 
et Royalistes Frangais, r§fugi6s en Can- 
ada lors de la Revolution frangaise 
(1905) ; Serviteurs et Servantes de Dieu 
en Canada (1904) ; Le Parler Populaire 
des Canadiens Frangais (1909). Con- 
tributor of numerous articles to La 
Revue Canadienne, Montreal; Le Canada 
Francais, Quebec; Le Courrier du Livre, 
Quebec; Encyclopedia of Canada, To- 
ronto; M^moires de la Societe Royale du 
Canada, Ottawa; Le Messager du Sacre- 
Coeur, Montreal; Le^ Courrier du Can- 
ada, Quebec; Le Journal, Montreal; La 



'^erit^, Quebec; Le Soleil, Quebec; The 
Morning Chronicle, Quebec; Le Monde 
Illustre, Montreal, and daily newspapers 
of Quebec and Montreal. Member of So- 
ci6t6 Royale du Canada; Greographical 
Society ( Quebec ) ; American Antiquarian 
Society; Minnesota Historical Society; 
Institut Canadien d'Ottawa; Association 
des anciens elSves de l'Universit6 Laval 
de Quebec; Associated Press of the Prov- 
ince (P. QJ. Delegate (1896), from the 
Canadian Bishops to the Antimasonic 
Congress held at Trent (Tyrol). Ad- 
dress: Box 301, Quebec, P. Q., Canada. 

DOCKWEILER, Isadore Bernard: 

Lawyer; b. December 28, 1867, in Los 
Angeles, Cal.; s. of Henry Dockweiler, 
a Bavarian, and Margaratha (Sugg) 
Dockweiler, an Alsatian; m. June 30, 
1890, Gertrude, daughter of B. J. Reeve, 
architect. Mr. Dockweiler was educated 
at Saint Vincent's Cbllege, Los Angeles 
(commercial diploma, 1883; degrees of 
A.B., 1883; A.M., 1889, and honorary 
degree of LL.M., 1905). From 1883 to 
1885 was employed as a book-keeper; 
during 1887-88 as surveyor. Studied 
law at Los Angeles, Cal., with the firm 
of Anderson, Fitzgerald & Anderson; ad- 
mitted to the Bar of California, October 
14, 1889, and later to the Bar of the 
Federal Courts in California. Has served 
as Director of the Los Angeles Public 
Library ever since 1897 with the excep- 
tion of the term 1899-1901, and is presi- 
dent of the board, his present term end- 
ing in 1911; has secured adequate rep- 
resentation of Catholic Works in all de- 
partments of the Library. Trustee of 
Saint Vincent's College since October 1, 
1890, and of the State Normal School at 
San Diego since December, 1898, present 
term expiring July 1, 1912. Candidate 

for Lieutenant-Governor of California on 
the Democratic, ticket, 1902; delegate to 
Democratic National Convention at Den- 
ver, 1908, and California's member of 
Platform Committee thereof. Member of 
Chamber of Commerce, Native Sons of the 
Golden West, Knights of Columbus, 
Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, 
Royal Arcanum, and Young Men's In- 
stitute. Clubs: California; Newman. 
Address : 503 Douglas Bldg., Los Angeles, 
Cal.; residence, 957 West Adams St. 

DODD, Charles John: 

Jurist; lb. October 27, 1872, in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.; ed. in the public grammar 
and high schools of Brooklyn; m. Flor- 
ence Pidgeon. Member of Assembly. 
Justice Municipal Court, New York City. 
Member of the Knights of Columbus; 
Brooklyn Emerald Association; Friendly 
Sons of St. Patrick; New York County 
Lawyers Association; Brooklyn Bar As- 
sociation. Club: Catholic. Address: 845 
Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

DODSON, Richard Ball: 

B. 1853, at Philadelphia; ed. in Phila-. 
delphia and Paris; Lay Secretary of the 
Chichester Diocese Conference, and an 
Honorary Secretary of the Brighton 
Church Congress of 1901 ; member of the 
House of Laymen of the Province of Can- 
terbury, 1897-1904; received into the 
Catholic Church by Father Maturin, 
1904; on the Council of the Southwark 
(London, England) Rescue Society. 

DOLAN, Rev. Thomas S.: 

B. September 4, 1869, in Philadelphia, 
Pa.; ed. at St. Joseph's parish school of 
his native city; La Salle College, Phila- 
delphia; Holy Cross College, Worcester, 
Mass.; St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, 



Md. ; and The Catholic University, Wash- 
ington, D. C. (A.B., A.M., and S.T.B.). 
Served as assistant pastor of St. An- 
drew's, Baltimore, 1894-96; member of 
the Baltimore Apostolate, 1896-99; as- 
sistant pastor, St. Patrick's, Washington, 
D. C, 1899-1904; pastor of St. Mary's, 
Laurel, Md., 1904 to date. Author of 
Plain Sermons (B. Herder, St. Louis, 
1906); The See of Peter and the Voice 
of Antiquity (B. Herder, 1908) ; The 
Papacy and the First Councils of the 
Church (B. Herder, 1909). Address: 
Laurel, Md. 

DOLL, Charles F.: 

Manufacturer; b. November 18, 1842, 
in Buffalo, N. Y.; s. of Frederick and 
Mary A. Doll; ed. in the public schools; 
m. Frances Fougeron, November 24, 
1870; has been engaged in business as 
a manufacturer and dealer in furniture 
since 1871; is a member of the Buffalo 
Council, Knights of Columbus, the Cath- 
olic Mutual Benefit Association, the Buf- 
falo Catholic Institute, and is president 
of the Board of Trustees, St. Louis' 
Church, Buffalo. Address: Buffalo, N. 

DOLL, Henry J.: 

Physician; b. November 15, 1871, in 
Buffalo, N. Y.; grandparents emigrated 
from Germany in 1828; ed. in public and 
parish schools; Canisius College, Buffalo, 
N. Y. (B.A., 1892; M.A., 1893); and 
St. Francis Xavier's College, New York 
City (A.M., 1904) ; received degree of 
M.D. from Bellevue, New York, 1895, 
and from Eel. Medical College, New 
York, in 1900. M. Amelia R. Krum- 
holtz; her grandparents emigrated from 
Germany in 1830. Professor of Physi- 
ology, etc.. Eel. Medical College, New 

York, 1901-03; in Atlantic School of 
Osteopathy, Buffalo, N. Y., 1904-06. 
Promoted Catholic Aid Society, German 
Catholic Federation, Catholic Mutual 
Benefit Association, and Catholic Benev- 
olent Legion in Buffalo, N. Y. Contrib- 
utor to Health (New York), and other 
medical periodicals. Member Catholic 
Institute; C. M. B. A.; C. B. L.; Cani- 
sius Alumni Sodality; Canisius Alumni 
Association. Address: 1124 Genessee 
St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

DOLLARD, Rev. James Bernard: 

B. August 30, 1872, at Mooncoin, 
County Kilkenny, Ireland; his people 
were tenant-farmers; ed. at the National 
Schools and Kilkenny Classical Acad- 
emy; took course of philosophy and 
theology at the Grand Seminary, Mon- 
treal, Canada; was ordained priest, De- 
cember, 1896; curate at St. ^Mary's 
Church, Toronto, for four years; now 
pastor of Uptergrove, Ont. ; has paid off 
the large debt on the presbytery and 
built a new church which is also paid 
for. Author of two books of poetry, 
Irish Mist and Sunshine (W. E. Blake, 
Toronto, and E. H. Bacon, Boston, 
1899); and The Gaels of Moondharrig, 
short stories (Sealy, Bryers & Walkers, 
Dublin, 1905). Member of Catholic For- 
esters and Knights of Columbus. Ad- 
dress: Uptergrove, Ont., Canada. 

DONAHOE, Daniel Joseph: 

Lawyer, poet; b. February 27, 1853, at 
Brimfield, Mass.; m. 1877, first wife died 
in 1887; m. (2) Sarah A. D'Arsey, Sep- 
tember 7, 1891; when a boy worked over- 
time to obtain money to purchase books 
for study; ed. at Wesleyan University, 
1871-72; elected class poet; taught 
school while studying law; admitted to 



the Bar in 1875 and opened an office in 
Meriden, Conn., where he stayed 3 years; 
Associate Judge City Court, Middletown, 
Conn., 1884-1903; President of Board of 
Education, 1895-1905; Town Attorney of 
Middletown for 12 years. Author of 
Idyls of Israel (1888), A Tent by the 
H Lake (1889), In Sheltered Ways (MouJ- 
H ton, 1896), The Rescue of the Princess 
B (1907), and Early Christian Hymns, 
B Translations (Grafton Press, 1908). 
^ Several of his poems have been set to 
music. Has contributed to Donohoe's, 
Ave Maria, Connecticut Magazine, Jour- 
nal of American History, Rosary, An- 
gelus, Worthington's and others. Ad- 
dress: Middletown, Q>nn. 

DONAHUE, Hon. Maurice: 

Judge of the Circuit Court of Ohio. 
Address : N ew Lexington, Ohio. 

DONAHUE, Rt. Rev. Patrick James, 

Bishop of Wheeling; b. April 15, 1849, 
at Malvern, Worcestershire, England; ed. 
at the University of London (LL.D., Co- 
lumbian University) ; in 1873, came to 
the United States and engaged in the 
practice of law at Washington, D. C; 
began studying for the priesthood at St. 
Mary's, Baltimore, in 1882; ordained, De- 
cember 23, 1885. Chancellor of arch- 
diocese, Baltimore, 1886-91; rector, Bal- 
timore Cathedral, 1891-94; consecrated, 
April 8, 1894, Bishop of Wheeling. Ad- 
dress: Cor. Thirteenth and Byron Sts., 
Wheeling, W. Va. 

DONALDSON, Lawrence S.: 

President, L. S. Donaldson & Co., Glass 
Block Department Store; b. in 1858, in 
Scotland; s. of John and Mary Donald- 

son; ed. in public schools of Scotland. 
Came to America in 1878 and went to 
Providence, R. I., where he remained 
two years; removed to St. Paul, Minn., 
in 1880, and became connected with 
Auerbach, Finch &. Van Slyck, dry goods, 
continuing until 1882; formed partner- 
ship with his brother, William, under 
the title of William Donaldson & Co., 
and established a department store in 
Minneapolis, Miim., in 1884, of which he 
is now president and treasurer (William, 
deceased, 1899). Entered the Catholic 
Church, and was married, February 19, 
1901, to Isabel McDonald. Member of 
Commercial Club. Business address: 601 
Nicollet Ave.; Residence, 1712 Mount 
Curve Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

DONNELLY, Eleanor Cecilia: 

Author, poet; b. in the forties, in Phil- 
adelphia, Pa.; d. of Dr. Philip and Cath- 
arine (Gavin) Donnelly; ed. by her 
mother. Author of the book of poems 
Out of Sweet Solitude (Lippincott, 1873; 
also second edition) ; Vision of the Monk 
Gabriel (published in Continental Month- 
ly ) , which is said to have furnished Long- 
fellow the theme of his Legend Beautiful ; 
Poems, Amy's Music Box, and Other 
Stories, Children of Golden Sheaf, Chris- 
tian Carols of Love and Life, Conver- 
sion of St. Augustine (all published by 
Kilner, 1902); Fatal Diamonds (Ben- 
ziger, 1902) ; Holy and Wholesome 
Thoughts on Purgatory (Kilner, 1902); 
Hymns of the Sacred Heart (Kilner, 
1902) ; Klondike Picnic (Benziger, 
1902) ; Life of Sister Mary Gonzaga 
Grace (Benziger, 1901); Lost Christmas 
Tree (Kilner, 1902) ; Lot Leslie's folks 
and their queer adventures among the 
French and Indians, 1755-63 (Kilner, 



1899) ; Memoir of F. J. Barbelin (Chris- 
tian Press, 1902) ; Our Birthday Bou- 
quet (Benziger, 1902) ; Petronilla, and 
Other Stories (Benziger, 1902) ; Prince 
Ragnal and Other Poems (Kilner, 1902) ; 
Hhyme of the Friar Stephen (Kilner, 
1902) ; Storm Bound (Kilner, 1902) ; 
Tuscan Magdalen (Kilner, 1902); Selec- 
tions (Ainsworth, 1905); Domus Dei 
(Cunningham, P. F., 1905) ; Little Com- 
pliments of the Season (Kilner, 1905) ; 
Story of Commodore John Barry (Ains- 
worth, 1906) ; Story of Saint Francis of 
Sales, Story of Saint Agnes (Ainsworth, 
1906) ; Story of Saint Rose of Lima, 
Story of Blessed Herman Joseph (Ains- 
worth, 1906) ; Secret of the Statue and 
Other Verse (Badger, 1907) ; editor of 
Girlhood's Handbook of Woman (Herder, 
1905) ; some 30 volumes of her poetry 
and prose were, at the request of Orby 
Shipley, given a place in the British 
Museum Library a few years ago; has 
frequently contributed to leading Cath- 
olic magazines; has given many rea'dings 
from her poems, notably before the Cath- 
olic Historical Society and in the Li- 
brary of Congress at Washington; re- 
ceived the Apostolic Benediction of Pope 
Leo XIII and Pope Pius X; selected to 
prepare the Jubilee Ode for Pope Leo 
and the Ode for the recent Centenary 
of the establishment of the Diocese of 
Philadelphia; invited to prepare the Ode 
for the Golden Jubilee of the American 
College at Rome by the Rector, Rt. Rev, 
Mgr. Kennedy, June, 1909, but declined 
on account of ill health. Known as the 
Adelaide Proctor of America. Usually 
spends her winters in Washington, D. C. 
and her summers at Sea Isle City, N. J. 
Address: 4502 Springfield Ave., West 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

DONNELLY, James F.: 

Owner and editor of Catholic Deaf- 
Mute; b. April 28, 1861, in Brooklyn, 
N. Y. ; became deaf at eight years of 
age; sent to public and parochial 
schools for education, but, making no 
headway, was subsequently educated at 
State Schools for deaf. His experience 
there has been used to gain religious 
rights for Catholic children in State 
Schools for the deaf. Manager and edi- 
tor of the Catholic Youth for ten years, 
and subsequently employed on the Mes- 
senger of the Sacred Heart for nine 
years as printer. M. Nellie F. Kelly. 
Founded the Catholic Deaf -Mute, Jan- 
uary, 1899; has exposed many abuses in 
State schools for the deaf, especially the 
proselytizing influence going on in them 
which has destroyed the faith of count- 
less Catholic children. Author of many 
juvenile stories, some written under the 
name of Peter Cadwallader, appearing 
principally in the Catholic Youth, the 
Bouquet (Boston), Young Catholic Mes- 
senger (Dayton), etc. Is considered an 
authority on matters relating to the deaf, 
and articles published in the Catholic 
Deaf-Mute have been widely copied and 
embodied in speeches made by others in 
behalf of the deaf; the first deaf-mute 
to start a Catholic paper in the interests 
of those similarly afflicted. Address: 58 
Jefferson Ave., Richmond Hill, New York 

DONNELLY, Stanislaus J.: 

Lawyer; b. August 26, 1861, at Da- 
kota, Minnesota; s. of the late Ignatius 
and Katherine (McCaffrey) Donnelly; 
m., in 1887, to Jennie O'Brien, daughter 
of Hon. and Mrs. Dillon O'Brien, of St. 
Paul; ed. at public schools; Georgetown 



College, and St. John's College, College- 
ville, Minn.; studied law in the office of 
O'Brien, Eller & O'Brien. Admitted to 
the Minnesota bar, October, 1885. Clerk 
of judiciary committee of the House of 
Representatives, 1887, and of the Sen- 
ate, 1891; was assistant to Hon. Moses 
E. Clapp, Attorney General of Minne- 
sota, 1887-91; Assistant County Attor- 
ney of Ramsey County, 1891-96; since 
then has been engaged in private practice. 
Member of Knights of Columbus. Clubs : 
Junior Pioneers; St. Paul Commercial. 
Address: 808 Laurel Ave., St. Paul, 

DONOHOE, Rev. Charles James: 

Educator; b. October 4, 1873, in Hol- 
brook, Iowa, of Irish parentage; ed. in 
the District and St. Patrick's schools, 
Iowa City, Iowa; St. Ambrose College, 
Davenport, Iowa; St. Paul Seminary, St. 
Paul, Minn.; and Catholic University of 
America, Washington, D. C. (S.T.B., 
1900). Is Professor in St. Ambrose Col- 
lege. Member of the Knights of Co- 
lumbus. Address: Davenport, Iowa. 

DONOHOE, Joseph A.: 

Banker; b. September 7, 1863, at San 
Francisco, Cal.; s. of Joseph A. and 
Emilie Donohoe, who moved to Cali- 
fornia, from New York City, in the 
pioneer days, 1851 ; his father was one of 
the founders of the Donohoe-Kelly Bank- 
ing Co.; m. Christine Parrott, of San 
Mateo, Cal.; ed. at St. Bede's College, 
Manchester, England, and at Georgetown 
College, Washington. Prominent in 
financial, club, and social circles, and 
identified with the leading church and 
charitable work of San Francisco. 
Clubs: Pacific Union; Country. Ad- 
dress: San Francisco, Cal. 

DONOVAN, Mrs. Ellen (Dwyer) : 

Artist, musician, author; b. in the 
sixties, in Ireland; on mother's side 
descended from the McCarthy Mors; 
grandfather, who lost the remnant of the 
ancestral estates of the Munster Kings 
for the sake of his faith, was an inti- 
mate friend of Daniel O'Connell, their 
burial places adjoin in Derrynane Ab- 
bey; ed. at Convent of Mercy, Castle- 
town, Beara, County Cork, Ireland. 
Taught music and French (privately) ; 
is crayon artist; was in the United 
States Mint, 1893-96. Contributor to 
Sunset, Overland, News Letter, and 
Town Talk (mostly art criticism and 
short stories) ; is now engaged upon an 
Irish romance of the Eighteenth Century. 
Club: San Francisco Sketch. Address: 
626 Ashbury St., San Francisco, Cal. 

DONOVAN, Thomas J.: 

B. April 29, 1869, at Springfield, 111.; 
of Irish ancestry; m. Margaret E. 
Toomey, of Richmond, Va.; ed. at pa- 
rochial schools and Georgetown Univer- 
sity Law Department (LL.B. in 1895). 
Special representative Casualty Co. of 
America; Director Home Placing Bureau 
for Children, St. Vincent de Paul So- 
ciety; has made many large real estate 
deals with United States Government; 
Private Secretary for 5 years to United 
States Senator John M. Palmer; State 
Deputy, Knights of Columbus; member 
of Ancient Order of Hibernians, Benev- 
olent Protective Order of Elks, and St. 
Vincent de Paul Society. Club: Aloy- 
sius. Address: Le Droit Building, 802 
F St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

DONOVAN, Timothy P.: 

B. September 7, 1858, in Buffalo, N. 
Y.; s. of Timothy and Mary Donovan; 



ed. in the city public schools and St. 
Joseph's College, Buffalo, and commenced 
his active business career in 1870; m. 
Annie L. Lennon, December 28, 1881. 
Mr. Donovan became secretary of Holy 
Cross Cemetery and clerk of St. Joseph's 
Cathedral in 1888. During the dock 
strike (Buffalo) in 1899, he was the per- 
sonal representative of the Rt. Rev. 
Bishop Quigley in the memorable strug- 
gle between the men and the contractors. 
Is president of the Celtic Rowing Club 
and a chancellor of the Catholic Benevo- 
lent Legion, and the Catholic Mutual 
Benefit Association. Address: Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

DOOLEY, Edward M.: 

Physician; b. August 25, 1860, at 
Meriden, Conn.; s. of Richard and Cath- 
erine (Kavanagh) Dooley; ed. at St. 
John's, Fordham, N. Y.; and Niagara 
University, Niagara Falls, N. Y. (M.D., 
1890) ; m. Mary Lahey, Vice President, 
Catholic Women's Club, and they have 
seven children. House Physician, Sisters 
of Charity Hospital, Buflfalo, N. Y.; also 
of Sisters of Mercy Hospital and St. 
John's Infant Home, Member Catholic 
Mutual Benefit Association; New York 
State Medical Association; Erie County 
Medical Association; Buffalo Academy 
of Medicine. Address: 406 Louisiana 
St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

DOOLIN, Rev. Juniper, O.F.M.: 

Missionary; priest; b. September 23, 
■ 1880, in San Francisco, Cal. ; entered 
the Franciscan Order at Teutopolis, 111., 
July 23, 1898, and was ordained priest at 
St. Louis, Mo., July 5, 1904; was sta- 
tioned as professor in St. Anthony's 
Seraphic College at Santa Barbara, Cal., 

until his departure for the Chinese Mis- 
sions in October, 1907. Now laboring 
in the Vicariate of North Shensi, whiph 
is in charge of the Franciscans. 

DOOLING, Hon. M. T.: 

Jurist; b. October 12, 1860, at Moores 
Flat, Nevada County, Cal.; ed. in the 
public schools and in St. Mary's Col- 
lege, which was then in San Francisco; 
m. Ida M. Wagner. In 1885, elected a 
member of the state assembly; district 
attorney of his county, 1892 to 1896; 
nominated for the office of judge of the 
Superior Court of San Benito County in 
1897 by the Democrats, and as this nomi- 
nation was indorsed by the Republicans, 
he had no opposition at the election. 
When the Catholic Church at Hollister 
was wrecked by the earthquake in 1906, 
Judge Dooling was active in raising 
money with which to repair the building, 
and in a short time managed to secure 
the sum of $6,000. Member of the 
Knights of Columbus, and of the Native 
Sons of the Golden West. Address : Hol- 
lister, San Benito County, Cal. 

DpONAN, Mrs. Grace Wallace: 

Author; b. October 23, 1873, in New 
York City ; pen name, Grace Keon ; moth- 
er's maiden name, Keon; m. James Fran- 
cis Doonan, June 14, 1905; ed. at pub- 
lic and parochial schools; private tuition. 
Author of The Rules of the Kingdom 
(1905), Not a Judgment (1906), When 
Love is Strong (1907) (all published by 
Benziger). Has contributed to Benzig- 
er's. Messenger of the Sacred Heart, Ave 
Maria, Rosary, Donahoe's, Men and 
Women and Extension. Address: Co- 
rona, Long Island, N. Y. 



DORSET, Miss Ella Loralne: 

Author; b. March 2, 1853, in Washing- 
ton, D. C; d. of Lorenzo and Anna Han- 
son (McKenney) Dorsey. Descendant on 
paternal side of Matthew and Cornelius 
Howard; Colonel Edward Dorsey, Keeper 
of the Great Seal, and one of the found- 
ers of the first free school; Major Gen- 
eral John Hammond; Provincial Gov- 
ernor Colonel N. Greenbury, John Elder, 
etc., all of Virginia and Maryland. De- 
scendant on maternal side of Colonel 
John Hanson, a ward of Christina of 
Sweden and Axel Oxenstiern; George 
Lingan; Thomas Hussey; John Maccu- 
bin (MacAlpine), a descendant of King 
Kenneth MacAlpine. Colonel Dorsey, 
George Lingan, and Colonel John Hanson 
were of the great Jacobite cabal to re- 
store my Lord Baltimore in his rights 
and the King to his own as against Crom- 
well. Ed. Madam Burr's Private School 
(1864-67) ; Georgetown Convent (1867- 
70). Journalist, 1871-91; engaged in 
scientific library work, 1891 to date. 
Volunteer Assistant, Hospital Corps of 
the Daughters of the American Revolu- 
tion, during Spanish-American War, 
working under direct orders of the Sur- 
geon-General of the army; was instru- 
mental in getting 248 Hospital Sisters 
into the army as Contract Nurses. Trav- 
eled in the interests of Trinity College, 
the only Catholic College of the first de- 
gree for Catholic women in America. 
Organized a Ladies Auxiliary Board for 
Providence Hospital, by means of which 
the field of nursing is greatly extended 
outside the hospital among the sick poor. 
Invented, in 1870, a device for protecting 
the drivers of street cars from inclement 
weather. Author of Midshipman Bob; 
The Jose Maria; The Two Tramps; 

Desmond Coppinger's Inheritance; The 
Taming of Polly; Pickle and Pepper; 
Pocahontas; and about thirty short 
stories, all published by Benziger Bros, 
and the Ave Maria Press. Contributor 
to Catholic World; Harper's; Cosmopoli- 
tan; Ave Maria, etc. Member of Daugh- 
ters of the American Revolution; De- 
scendants of Colonial Governors; Na- 
tional Society of Colonial Dames of 
America; Georgetown Convent Alumnae; 
Society for the Preservation of Faith 
(Catholic Indians) ; Pocahontas Me- 
morial Association. Member Advisory 
and Auxiliary Boards of Trinity College; 
Providence Hospital Auxiliary. Has 
traveled in the land of Evangeline; Yel- 
lowstone Park to the end of the White 
Man's Trail; and has seen the Sun Dance 
of the Arapahoes. Club: Colonial Dames. 
Address: 2121 California Ave., N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 

DOITGIAS, Mrs. Florence Willesford: 

Of Kansas City, Mo.; youngest daugh- 
ter of John Arthur Borron, of Woolden 
Hall, Lancashire, England, and grand- 
daughter of Susannah Braddock, niece 
of General Braddock; m. the late Hon. 
William Douglas, a prominent lawyer of 
Missouri. Convert to the Church in the 
Octave of Corpus Christi, 1900, due to 
historical research. Address: Care Bry- 
ant & Douglas, Walnut St., Kansas City, 

DOTTGHERTY, Rt. Rev. Denis J., D.D.: 
Bishop of Jaro, in the Philippine Is- 
lands. Consecrated, June 14, 1903, 
Bishop of Neuva Segovia; transferred to 
Jaro, April 19, 1908; formerly at St. 
Charles' Seminary, Overbrook, Pa. Ad- 
dress: Jaro, Philippine Islands. 



DOUGHEETY, Rev. George Anthony: 

Educator; b. May 21, 1861, at Balti- 
more, Md.; ed. by the Christian Broth- 
ers, Baltimore; St. Charles College, 
Maryland; St. Mary's Seminary, Balti- 
more (A.B., 1886) ; North American Col- 
lege, Rome; S.T.B., S.T.L., S.T.D., from 
Congregation of Studies at Rome. Ad- 
dress: Catholic University of America, 
Washington, D. C. 

DOTTGIAS, Robert Martin: 

Jurist; b. January 28, 1849, in Doug- 
las, Rockingham County, N. C; s. of 
Stephen A. Douglas, Abraham Lincoln's 
successful rival for the Senatorship and 
unsuccessful rival for the Presidency; 
his mother was the daughter of Colonel 
Robert Martin, a wealthy and influen- 
tial planter of North Carolina; converted 
to Catholicity in boyhood, through his 
step-mother, who was the beautiful Adfele 
Cutts. M., June 23, 1874, Jessie Made- 
line Dick, of North Carolina; ed. pri- 
vate schools, Loyola College and George- 
town University (A.B., 1867; A.M., 1870; 
LL.D., 1887), where he was Valedic- 
torian and gold medalist of his class. 
Served as private secretary to the Gov- 
ernor of North Carolina and Colonel 
on the Staff, 1868; Secretary to Presi- 
dent Grant, 1869-73 ; United States Mar- 
shal for North Carolina, 1873-83 ; Stand- 
ing Master in Chancery, United States 
Circuit Court, 1888-96; Associate Jus- 
tice of the Supreme Court of North Caro- 
lina, 1897-1905, being renominated by 
acclamation by the Republican State Con- 
vention, at the end of this term, but de- 
feated; in 1906 nominated for State Cor- 
poration Commissioner, but again de- 
feated, although running ahead of his 
ticket. Judge Douglas was the principal 
contributor to the building of St. Agnes, 

the first Catholic Church erected in 
Greensboro, N. C, and is now Trustee 
of the Apostolate Company, of Nazareth, 
N. C.; has been active as Attorney and 
Director in organizing several important 
business enterprises, and Chambers of 
Commerce. Prominent in politics almost 
from boyhood, he was invited, when only 
nineteen years of age, to canvass several 
of the northern states in behalf of Gen- 
eral Grant, and although he declined this 
invitation on account of his youth, and 
official duties as private Secretary to the 
Governor, he made several speeches in 
his own state. He has always been ac- 
tive in promoting the extension of pop- 
ular education, and the protection of 
individual rights against corporate ag- 
gression. During his term of office as 
a Justice of the Supreme Court, he was 
compelled to study the principles of law 
and of public policy, but aside from his 
Judicial Opinions, perhaps his most im- 
portant public utterances were his ad- 
dress on Trade Combinations and Strikes 
delivered at Catholic Columbian Congress 
at Chicago Exposition in 1893, and his 
short address against granting alimony 
in divorces a vinculo delivered before 
the ' Universal Congress of Jurists and 
Lawyers at the St. Louis Exposition 
(1905), to which he was a Judicial Dele- 
gate. He has also written and delivered 
several addresses upon historical, indus- 
trial, and economic questions; is a con- 
tributor to the Catholic Encyclopedia. 
Member of the American Bar Associa- 
tion. Address: Greensboro, N. C. 

DOUGLASS, MoseS Hale: 

B. July 29, 1870, at Windsor, Vt.; of 
Colonial ancestry; forefathers frequently 
served in civil and military office; m. 
Edith Dudley Blydenburgh, a convert to 



the Ohurch, of whose ancestors two were 
in the Mayflower, several were Colonial 
Governors, and who is a descendant of 
Samuel Seabury, the first Episcopalian 
Bishop of Connecticut; ed. at private and 
public schools, Andover, Mass., Deveaux 
Military Academy, Suspension Bridge, N. 
H Y.; Hobart College, Geneva, N. Y., 1888- 
B 92 (A.B. in 1892) ; Harvard University, 
H 1896-97 (A.B. in 1897); General Theo- 
^B logical Seminary, New York, 1894-96. 
t; Was with D. C. Heath, text-book pub- 
lisher, 1897-99; assistant to Fr. Freri, 
Sec. Propagation of the Faith, 1901-02; 
was P. E. Minister; is now farming; 
was Chairman of Catholic Societies Com- 
mittee in work for Cuban Teachers at 
Harvard University, 1900. Tramped in 
remoter sections of New England, par- 
ticularly Vermont, journeys sometimes 
of 500 miles. Convert to the Church, 
June 9, 1897. Member of Kappa Alpha, 
Hobart Chapter. Address: North 
Charlestown, N. H. 

DOWD, Mrs. Mary (Hickey) : 

Educator, author; b. January 22, 1866, 
at Manchester, N. H. ; d. of John and 
Mary (Joy) Hickey; m. Dr. John F. 
Dowd, 1889; ed. in public grammar and 
high schools, Manchester; studied at 
Professor Raymond's School, Boston; 
Manchester Training School (first Cath- 
olic graduate, 1886). Taught in the city 
schools; taught elocution at Mt. St. 
Mary's Boarding School until 1889; in 
1891 resumed teaching in Massachusetts; 
master's assistant at the Ash St. Gram- 
mar School, Manchester; pursued special 
studies; teacher in English Department 
of the high school since 1898. Made 
a trip to the British Isles in 1906; her 
lecture entitled Loitering in the Old 
Land has been often delivered. Associate 

Editor of the Guidon for 5 years. Au- 
thor of Life of Rt. Rev. Denis Bradley, 
D.D. (1905). Has contributed to the 
Magnificat, Christian Family, and Jour- 
nal of Education. Address: 43 High 
St., Manchester, N. H. 

DOWD, Thomas H.: 

Lawyer; b. August 20, 1859, in 
Humphrey, Cattaraugus County, N. Y.; 
s. of John and Ann Dowd; ed. in the 
common schools and at Ten Broeck Acad- 
emy, Franklinville, N. Y. ; began the 
study of law at Franklinville in 1880. 
In July, 1883, he was appointed to office 
at Albany, N. Y., where he finished his 
studies in the office of Riley & Hamilton, 
and was admitted to the bar in No- 
vember, 1883. In 1884 Mr. Dowd re- 
moved to Salamanca, N. Y., and became 
senior member of the firm of Dowd & 
Quigley. In 1873 he was Supervisor of 
the town of Humphrey, N. Y. ; served as 
Justice of the Peace in Salamanca for 
eight years; member of the Democratic 
State Committee since 1896. He is a 
member of the Knights of Columbus, the 
Catholic Mutual Benefit Association, and 
the Catholic Benevolent Legion. Mr. 
Dowd married Agnes C. McCann, of 
Jamestown, N. Y., February 12, 1890. 
Address : Buffalo, N. Y. 

DOWD, Thomas H.: 

B. March 24, 1872, in Worcester, 
Mass. ;. ed. at Holy Cross College, Worces- 
ter, graduating in 1894, at the head of 
his class, and then took the three year 
course at Boston University Law School 
in one year, graduating in 1896, magna 
cum laude, and received special honors; 
admitted to the Bar, 1897; taught in a 
large evening school while a student in 
Holy Cross College, and served as prin- 



cipal. State Senator in 1900 and served 
on the committees on election laws, fish- 
ery and game and public service; led 
the fight for the bill in favor of the 
small trades against the tobacco trust 
and won and championed labor bills. Is 
an eloquent orator. Office: 949 Tremont 
Bldg., Boston, Mass.; Residence, 129 St. 
Alphonsus St., Roxbury, Mass. 

BOWLING, Rev. Michael P., S. J.: 

Priest, educator, lecturer; b. June 14, 
1851, at Cincinnati, Ohio; ed. at pa- 
rochial schools; St. Xavier's College, 
Cincinnati; St. Stanislaus Seminary, 
Missouri; and Woodstock College, Mary- 
land; Professor of Rhetoric, St. Xavier's 
College, Cincinnati, 1875-78; same, St. 
Louis University, 1878-79, and Detroit 
College, 1885; Rector, Creighton Univer- 
sity, Omaha, 1885-89, 1899-1908; same, 
Detroit College, 1889-94; Pastor, Holy 
Family Church, Chicago, 1894-97, Gesu 
Church, Milwaukee, 1897-98, and St. 
Aloysius Church, Kansas City, 1908; 
largely concerned in the development of 
Creighton University and building of De- 
troit College; public speaker, preacher 
and lecturer for many years on religious, 
social and economic subjects in the prin- 
cipal cities of the Middle West. Author 
of a number of printed monographs and 
lectures on sociological subjects and edu- 
cational questions. Has contributed to 
the American Ecclesiastical Review, Mes- 
senger, and School Journal. Address: 
1107 Prospect Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

DOWLING, Rt. Rev. Thomas Joseph: 

Bishop of Hamilton, Canada; b. 1840, 
at Limerick; went to Canada, 1851; 
priest, 1864; consecrated Bishop of Pe- 
terborough, Ont., 1887; translated to 
Hamilton, 1889. 

DOWLING, Victor James: 

Jurist; b. July 20, 1866, at New York; 
s. of Denis and Elisa Fierlants (Faider) 
Dowling; m. Mary Agnes Ford; ed. at 
La Salle College, Philadelphia; St. Pe- 
ter's School and De La Salle Institute, 
New York; Manhattan College (A.B., 
1883; A.M., 1888; LL.D., 1907); Law 
School of New York University (LL.B., 
1887; LL.D., 1908). Member of As- 
sembly, 1894; State Senator, 1901-04; 
now Justice of Supreme Court, elected 
in 1904 for 14 year term; appointed by 
Governor Hughes Judge (Associate Jus- 
tice) of the Appellate Division, First 
Department of the Supreme Court of New 
York, December, 1909; has been State 
Secretary, State President and Supreme 
Representative of the Catholic Benevo- 
lent Legion; District Deputy, Master of 
Fourth Degree, Supreme Representative 
and National Director of Knights of Co- 
lumbus. Author of The World's Debt 
to Ireland (published in Proceedings of 
Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, 1908) and 
Irish Pioneers of New York City (pub- 
lished in Proceedings of American Irish 
Historical Society, 1909). Member of 
American Irish Historical Society, United 
States Catholic Historical Society, Amer- 
ican Catholic Historical Society, Biblio- 
phile Society and Friendly Sons of St. 
Patrick. Clubs: Catholic; Manhattan; 
Oakland Golf. Address: 17 West 
Eighty-seventh St., New York City. 

DOWNEY, Rev. J. A., S.J.: 

Priest, educator; b. February 28, 1834, 
at London, England; of Irish parents; as 
altar boy served the Mass of Cardinal 
Wiseman; came to New Orleans in 1847; 
entered the Society of Jesus, January 30, 
1854, and was the first student of Spring 
Hill College, Mobile, Ala., to enter the 



priesthood. Taught in the Jesuit col- 
leges of Baton Rouge, Grand Coteau, 
Spring Hill, and New Orleans, La.; or- 
dained, October 1, 1867, and was the 
first to receive Holy Orders in the Jesuit 
Church of New Orleans; sent to Lyons, 
France, to complete his theological 
course. While there, immediately after 
the battle of Sedan, he was seized by 
the Commune, dragged through the 
streets, thrown into prison and menaced 
with death ; when led before the tribunal 
he asserted that he was a Jesuit and 
was threatened with death; but dis- 
missed when it became known that he 
was an American citizen. The tribunal 
furnished him a passport and ordered 
him to leave within twenty-four hours. 
He went to Dublin, Ireland, where he 
remained until 1871; president of Spring 
Hill College, 1880-83; pastor of St. Jo- 
seph's Church, Mobile, Ala., and later 
of the Church of the Holy Name, New 
Orleans, La.; now in charge of the House 
of the Good Shepherd, New Orleans, La. 
Address: House of the Good Shepherd, 
New Orleans, La. 

DOYLE, Rev. Alexander P., C.S.P.: 

Missionary priest; b. February 28, 
1857, at San Francisco, Cal.; ed. at the 
public school, Jesuits, Christian Broth- 
ers, and St. Mary's College, San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. (B.A., M.A.) ; LL.D. at Man- 
hattan, N. Y. Entered the Congrega- 
tion of St. Paul, 1875; ordained. May, 
1880; engaged in giving missions, 1880- 
92. Editor of Catholic World Magazine, 
1892-1904; founded Catholic Book Ex- 
change for dissemination of Catholic lit- 
erature; General Secretary of Catholic 
Total Abstinence Union, 1893-1903; or- 
ganized Temperance Publication Bureau 

and published over a million temperance 
tracts. Organized, in 1896, the Cath- 
olic Missionary Union in order to finance 
the movement for giving missions to non- 
Catholics by means of specially selected 
and trained priests, supported, if need 
be, by the Union, but subject to the 
Bishops. Built the Apostolic Mission 
House at Washington, D. C, in 1904, and 
created endowment for it; at this insti- 
tution the missionaries to non-Catholics 
are trained. Edited the Missionary, or- 
gan of Missions for non-Catholics; has 
contributed to the North American Re- 
view, Munsey's, Catholic World and Out- 
look. Address : Apostolic Mission House, 
Brookland Station, Washington, D. C. 

DOYIE, Miss Agnes Catherine: 

D. of Edward and Margaret (Keat- 
ing) Doyle; b. in Boston, Mass.; ed. in 
Boston public schools; has been Refer- 
ence Librarian, Boston Public Library, 
since 1895. Editor of A contribution to 
the bibliography of the United States 
Navy, compiled by Charles T. Harbeck 
(R,iverside Press, Cambridge, 1906) ; au- 
thor of History of the Winthrop School, 
Boston, Mass. (Boston, 1908) ; compiler 
of Selected bibliography of the works of 
Jeremy Bentham, Boston, 1899; contin- 
uator and reviser of A finding list of 
genealogies and town and local histories, 
in the Public Library of the City of 
•Boston (The Trustees, Boston, 1900). 
Occasional contributor to daily news- 
papers of various articles on current 
topics. Second Vice-President, New Eng- 
land Women's Press Association, 1909; 
Historian Winthrop School Alumnae As- 
sociation, 1907 to date. Address: Pub- 
lic Library, Boston, Mass.; Residence, 
36 Hillside St., Roxbury, Mass. 



DOYLE, Miss Anna Cecelia: 

B. Taylorville, 111.; ed. in the Holy 
Name School, Sacred Heart Convent, and 
North Division High School (Chicago) ; 
is associate editor of Lourdes Magazine 
(Chicago), and vice president of the At- 
las Printing Co.; contributor to the New 
Wiorld, The Extension Magazine, The 
Rosary, and Lourdes Magazine; member 
of the Western Catholic Writers Guild. 
Address: 4748 North Ashland Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

DOYLE, Gregory, LL.D.: 

Physician; b. March 28, 1840, in 
Killena, County Wexford, Ireland; ed. 
St. James Academy, Binghamton, N. Y. ; 
Niagara University (honorary degree of 
LL.D. in 1898) ; University of New York 
(degree of M.D., 1865) ; was at one time 
Health Officer of Syracuse, N. Y.; Major 
and Surgeon of the National Guard, 
State of New York; Surgeon, House of 
Providence; President of the Syracuse 
Medical Society; m. (1868) Urania C, 
daughter of Justin Morel, of St. Louis, 
Mo., who was the owner of a great many 
Mississippi Steamboats before the war; 
made surgery his special life work, but 
has now retired from practice; toured 
Europe five times and is the author of a 
book entitled Incidents of European 
Travel; contributor to medical journals 
and to the daily press; is a member of 
the Catholic Mutual Benefit Association, 
and a Knight of Columbus. Club: Citi- 
zens (Syracuse). Address: 307 West 
Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

DOYLE, Mrs. Martha Claire: 

Teacher, author; b. June 16, 1869, at 
Boston, Mass.; d. of Henry and Anne 
(Lande) MacGowan; m. James R. Doyle, 
in Boston, February 16, 1896; ed. at 

Normal School of Boston, 1890. Taught 
in Lucretia Crocker School, Roxbury, 
Boston, and in Girl's High School. Au- 
thor of Little Miss Dorothy, My Friend 
Jim, Tom Winstone, Wide Awake, Jim- 
my Suter and the Boys' Pigeon Camp, 
Boys of Pigeon Camp, Their Luck and 
Fun, and Mint Julep, a novel of New 
England life. Address: 12 Floral St., 
Newton Highlands, Boston, Mass. 

DOYLE, Michael Francis: 

Attorney-at-law ; b. 1875, in Philadel- 
phia; attended public schools until 12 
years of age, and then followed manu- 
facturing and mercantile pursuits; en- 
tered the law department of the Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, 1894, winning 
a faculty scholarship for high record in 
entrance examination, and graduated in 
1897 with the degree of LL.B.; followed 
post graduate work for two years, having 
won a scholarship; studied law in the 
offices of the Hon. Wm. F. Harrity and 
Hon. James M. Beck, Philadelphia, be- 
coming associated with them upon his 
admission to the Bar in June, 1897; is 
now in business for himself. When 
18 years of age, Mr. Doyle was elected 
member of the Citizens' Relief Commit- 
tee, succeeding Charles C. Harrison, at 
that time Provost of the University of 
Pennsylvania; Vice-President of the Par- 
ticular Council of St. Vincent de Paul 
Society; invited by President Roosevelt 
to attend the White House Conference 
(January, 1909), for the purpose of dis- 
cussing the condition of dependent chil- 
dren in the United States; Chairman of 
the Allied Business Men's Associations 
in the settlement of the Traction Prob- 
lem (1907); became active in politics 
and at the age of 23 was nominated by 
the Democrats of the First District of 



Pennsylvania for Congress, being the 
youngest man ever nominated to that 
position by a political party in this 
country, but was defeated by General 
Henry H. Bingham; was nominated two 
years later, and declined a third nomina- 
tion; was delegate to various city and 
state conventions, and to the Democratic 
National Convention held in Denver, 
1908; is at present member of the May- 
or's Advisory Committee. As attorney 
for the women seamstresses of the Phila- 
delphia Arsenal, Mr. Doyle became wide- 
ly known through his fight against the 
men who sought to have all soldiers' uni- 
forms made by contract in sweatshops 
and factories, instead of by the widows 
and daughters of veteran soldiers and 
sailors, and, as Congress declined to in- 
tervene, he appealed direct to President 
Roosevelt, who decided in favor of the 
seamstresses; as counsel for the em- 
ployees of the Navy Yards of the United 
States, he obtained for them their Sat- 
urday half-holiday; is attorney for many 
Catholic Charitable Institutions. Chair- 
man of the magnificent reception given 
to Cardinal Gibbons at the University 
of Pennsylvania in 1904; Chairman of 
the reception tendered the visiting pre- 
lates at the One Hundredth Anniversary 
of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in 
April, 1908; has traveled extensively 
and spends two months of each year 
abroad; entertained at various times by 
the Duke of Norfolk, Sir Charles Rus- 
sell, Lord Pallas, Cardinal Logue of Ire- 
land, etc. Is a member of the Catholic 
Alumni Sodality, Knights of Columbus, 
Penn Club, etc.; was President of the 
Newman Club of the University of Penn- 
sylvania from 1896 to 1901. Clubs: 
Penn, and others. Address: Penn Club, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

DOYLE, Thomas H.: 

Lawyer, jurist; b. December 21, 1863, 
at Worcester County, Mass.; of Irish 
parentage; m. Rosa O'Neill,, of New 
York, in Kansas City, 1893; ed. at com- 
mon schools of Massachusetts; moved 
to Kansas City in 1879. Admitted to 
the bar and removed to Oklahoma Ter- 
ritory in 1889. Member of Oklahoma 
House of Representatives, 1897-1900; 
then for 8 years joint Statehood delegate 
to Congress ; delegate at large and Chair- 
man of the Oklahoma Delegation to the 
National Democratic Convention at Den- 
ver, 1908; Judge of the Oklahoma Crim- 
inal Court of Appeals, 1908 — . Author 
of the Statehood bill, providing for the 
admission of Oklahoma and Indian Ter- 
ritory as one state, which modified be- 
came the Enabling Act, admitting Okla- 
homa into the Union. Member of 
Coronada Council, Knights of Columbus, 
Perry, Okla. (State Advocate, 1907). 
Address: The State House, Guthrie, 

DRADY, Frank Stanislaus: 

Editor of The Leader, San Francisco, 
Cal.; b. August 16, 1868, in San Fran- 
cisco; ed. at Lincoln School; Sacred 
Heart College; and St. Mary's College, 
of his native city; m. Isabelle Louise Mc- 
Donald; Lieutenant, Company L, Eighth 
California Regiment, United States Vol- 
unteers, July 11, 1898. Was one of the 
principal organizers of the famous 
League of the Cross Cadets that has done 
so much for the safe-guarding of boys 
and young men. Has contributed much 
to the secular and religious press. Mem- 
ber of several fraternal organizations. 
Club: Army and Navy. Office: 641 
Stevenson St., San Francisco, Cal.; Resi- 
dence, 2226 Fulton St. 



DRENNAN, Charles Maxwell: 

Educator; b. in 1872, at Sandwich, 
Kent, England; m. Eveline Patterson; 
ed. at English private schools; Emman- 
uel College, Cambridge; London Univer- 
sity (M.A.) ; Cambridge University 
(B.A.). Tutor in St. Bede's College, 
Manchester; Head Master, St. Joseph's 
College, Ceylon ; St. Mary's College, Hali- 
fax, N. S., Canada. Convert to the 
Church in 1890. Club: Fisher, Cam- 
bridge. Address: The Homestead, Pens- 
by Road, Heswall, Cheshire, England. 

BREW, F. A.: 

Banker; b. June 7, 1848, at Waterford, 
Ireland; ed. at the Catholic University 
of Ireland, Dublin; studied medicine at 
Cecelia Street School of Medicine, Dub- 
lin; left Ireland in 1868. Was Presi- 
dent of the F. A. Drew Glass Co.; Local 
Manager for many years of the Pitts- 
burg Plate Glass Co.; is now President 
of the Grand Avenue Bank. Director, 
Merchants Laclede National Bank; mem- 
ber of City Council. Member of St. 
Louis, University, and other prominent 
clubs. M. Emma L., daughter of George 
L. Barnett, architect. Address: Grand 
Avenue Bank, St. Louis, Mo. 

DREXEL, Mother Katharine: 

Superioress of the Sisters of the 
Blessed Sacrament; d. of Francis A. 
Drexe], a wealthy banker and philan- 
thropist; reared by a pious step-mother 
and directed in early life by Bishop 
O'Connor of Omaha, whose interest in the 
welfare of the Indians and Negroes led 
to the foundation of the community of 
which Mother Drexel became first Su- 
perioress. Entered the novitiate of the 
Sisters of Mercy, at Pittsburg, Pa., May 
6, 1889; novice of the Sisters of the 

Blessed Sacrament, November, 1889; de- 
voted her inherited fortune to the new 
community, which, upon the death of 
Bishop O'Connor, in May, 1890, was 
placed under the direction of Archbishop 
Ryan, of Philadelphia; became first Su- 
perioress, 1891. The following institu- 
tions have been established by Mother 
Drexel for the community: first novitiate, 
located temporarily at the Drexel home- 
stead, St. Michael, Torresdale, Pa.; 
mother house, with boarding school and 
home for colored children, at St. Eliza- 
beth's, Cornwells, December, 1892; board- 
ing school for Pueblo Indians, at Santa 
F6, N. M., June, 1894; boarding school, 
normal and industrial, for colored girls, 
at Rock Castle, Va., 1899; Sunday and 
day school, at Columbia, Va. ; boarding 
school for Navajo Indians, in Arizona, 
1903; academy for the higher education 
of colored girls, Nashville, Tenn., 1905, 
with a preparatory Annex school, 1906; 
day school for colored children reopened, 
at Carlisle, Pa., 1906. Address: St. 
Elizabeth's, Cornwells, Maud, Pa. 

DRISCOLL, Mrs. Florence Frederick: 

Musician; b. March 13, 1857, in 
Charlestown, Mass.; her great-grand- 
father was identified with the famous 
Boston Tea Party; her father became a 
Catholic voluntarily at the age of 15, 
and remained a staunch Catholic till his 
death at the age of 77 ; ed. in the public 
schools of Somerville, South Maiden and 
Everett, graduating from the Everett 
High School in 1874; also attended the 
Catholic Summer School at Lake Cham- 
plain. Received her musical education 
at the Boston Conservatory of Music, 
and has been Organist and Director of 
Music in the Catholic Church in Everett 
from 1876 to date; teacher of piano, or- 



gan, and voice for the past thirty-five 
years. Contributor to Donahoe's. Mem- 
ber of the Propagation of the Faith, 
League of the Sacred Heart, Massa- 
chusetts Order of Foresters (Honorary 
Member), Whidden Memorial Hospital 
Guild; member of the Friday Club. Ad- 
dress: 161 Cottage St., Everett, Mass. 

DRISCOLL, George W.: 

Lawyer; b. April 24, 1857, in Onon- 
daga County, N. Y.; s. of Michael and 
Ellen (Cronin) Driscoll; m., June 20, 
1887, Kate Shanahan, daughter of John 
Shanahan; ed. at Munn Collegiate Insti- 
tute, Elbridge, N. Y.; Williams College, 
Williamstown, Mass. Traveled through 
Mexico, California and Europe. Member 
of Knights of Columbus. Clubs: Cen- 
tury, Sjrracuse; Citizens, University, 
New York City. Address: 907 West 
Genesee St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

DRISCOII, Rev. John Thomas: 

Educator, lecturer, author; b. August 
2, 1866, at Albany, N. Y.; ed. at Albany 
schools; Manhattan College (A.B. in 
1885; A.M. in 1892) ; St. Joseph's Theo- 
logical Seminary, Troy, N. Y. ; Catholic 
University, Washington, D. C. (S.T.B. 
in 1890; S.T.L. in 1891). Professor of 
philosophy at Brighton Seminary, Bos- 
ton, Mass., 1895-98; since then lecturer 
before the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and 
Sciences, Albany Institute, and United 
States Catholic Historical Society; also 
lecturer and trustee of Catholic Summer 
School, Cliff Haven, N. Y., and president 
of Albany Cottage there. Wrote an ar- 
ticle on Science and Philosophy at Dawn 
of Twentieth Century (published in 
North American Review, March, 1903), 
in answer to Wm. F. Mallock's Religion 
as a Credible Doctrine. Author of Chris- 

tian Philosophy (vol. i, Hujnan Soul, 
third edition; vol. ii, God, second edi- 
tion. Benziger, 1906) ; has contrib- 
uted to Manhattan Quarterly, Donahoe's, 
Catholic World, North American Review, 
Catholic Encyclopedia and United States 
Catholic Historical Society publications. 
Member of Albany Institute and His- 
torical Society; Brooklyn Institute of 
Arts and Sciences; American Irish His- 
torical Society; United States Catholic 
Historical Society; and Knights of Co- 
lumbus. Address: Fonda, N. Y. 

DRISCOLL, Hicliael: 

B. April 18, 1844, in Brookline, Mass.; 
member of one of the oldest and ;best- 
known families in that suburb. His fa- 
ther, James Driscoll, was a prominent 
contractor, and the family was directly 
associated with the growth of Brookline, 
several of the sons engaging in the same 
business as the father. Michael Driscoll 
attended the local schools and graduated 
from the high school in 1861; from the* 
till 1867 was engaged in mercantile pur- 
suits in Boston, later entering the con- 
tracting business with his father, in 
which he continued until his appointment 
as Superintendent of Streets, April 10, 
1876. He greatly improved and ad- 
vanced the efficiency of the street depart- 
ment, making it one of the best in Massa- 
chusetts. Prior to this was chosen 
(March 26, 1874) a member of the 
School Committee, and the excellent rep- 
utation which the schools have for years 
enjoyed, as regards both educational fa- 
cilities and buildings, is largely due to 
his interest and executive ability. In 
1873, Mr. Driscoll married Miss Shea, of 
Brookline; she died. In 1877 he wedded 
Miss O'Hearn; she also is dead. Mem- 
ber Knights of Columbus; Massachusetts 



Catholic Order of Foresters, of which he 
is a charter member and was first Chief 
Ranger; and the Catholic Union of Bos- 
ton. Director of the Massachusetts 
Highway Association, and was president 
one term. Was a member of the execu- 
tive committee in charge of the bi- 
centennial anniversary celebration of the 
town. Address: Brookline, Mass. 

DRISCOLL, Michael Edward: 

Congressman; b. February 9, 1851, at 
Syracuse, N. Y.; when he was about a 
year old his parents removed to the town 
of Camillus, Onondago County; ed. in 
the district schools, Monro Collegiate In- 
stitute, at Elbridge, Onondaga County, 
and Williams College; was elected to the 
Fifty-sixth, Fifty-seventh, Fifty-eighth, 
and Fifty-ninth Congresses, and re-elected 
to the Sixtieth Congress. 

DRUM, Rev. Walter, S.J.: 

Educator, orientalist; b. on ' Septem- 
ber 21, 1870, at Louisville, Ky.; s. of 
Captain John Drum, late Tenth United 
States Infantry, who was born in County 
Cavan, Ireland, served as lieutenant and 
captain of the California Volunteers 
during the Civil War, and 33 years as 
lieutenant and captain of regulars, 
killed before Santiago after having 
fought in the Battle of San Juan Hill, 
July 1, 1898; ed. at the parish school, 
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., 1879-84; Jesuit 
Colleges: Las Vegas, N. M.; Boston, 
Mass. (A.B., 1890) ; Marquette, Milwau- 
kee; Canisius, Buffalo. Entered the So- 
ciety of Jesus, 1890; novitiate and lit- 
erary study at Frederick, Md., 1890-93; 
made studies in philosophy and natural 
sciences at Woodstock, Md., 1893-96; 
professor at Colleges of St. Francis 
Xavier, New York; Georgetown and 

Gonzaga, Washington, 1896-1901; stud- 
ied theology and Scripture at Wood- 
stock. 1901-05; was ordained priest, 
1904; made third year of novitiate at 
PougUkaepsie, N. Y., 1905-06; special 
studies in Semitic languages, Jesuit Uni- 
versity in Beirut, Syria, and Innsbruck, 
Austria, also Universities of Vienna and 
Munich, 1906-08; professor of Scrip- 
ture, Woodstock College, Maryland, since 
1908; librarian since 1909. Journeyed 
in Egypt down to the first cataract of 
the Nile; throughout every part of Pal- 
estine and Syria, especially the land of 
the Philistines and Phenicia; ancient 
Seleucia as far as Antioch and Haleb 
(Alep) ; the land of the Hittites, and 
Tudmor (Palmyra) ; Asia Minor, Tar- 
sus, Mersina, Ephesus, Smyrna; Con- 
stantinople; Greece, Athens, Corinth, 
Eleusis, Argolis, Mykene, Olympia. 
Wrote and widely circulated a pamphlet. 
Pioneer Forecasters of Hurricanes ( Stor- 
mont & Jackson, 1905), to defend the 
Jesuit Observatory of Belen, Havana, 
against a sweeping slur of the United 
States observer in Havana; which was 
printed in the Report of the Chief of 
United States Weather Bureau for 1905. 
The result was the closing of the United 
States station in Havana and the en- 
gagement of the Belen Observatory to 
send meteorological information to Wash- 
ington — an arrangement that is still in 
vogue. Author also of Pastoral Medi- 
cine, Sanford-Drum (Wagner, New York, 
1905). Has contributed articles on 
Sacred Scripture to the Catholic En- 
cyclopedia; has written for the Messen- 
ger; Messenger of the Sacred Heart; 
American Ecclesiastical Review; Amer- 
ican Catholic Quarterly Review; Amer- 
ica; Catholic World. Address: Wood- 
stock College, Woodstock, Md. 



DRUMMOND, Rev. lewis Henry, S.J.: 

Educator, author; b. on October IQ, 
1848, at Montreal, Canada; s. of Hon. 
Lewis Thomas Drummond, Canadian 
statesman, and Elraire (Debartzch) 
Drummond; ed. at Nichols' Collegiate 
School, 1856-59, and St. Mary's College, 
Montreal, 1859-65; studied geology un- 
der Sir William Logan and had some 
practical experience in surveying, spend- 
ing two winter months under a tent, and 
working as a chainman; entered the 
novitiate of the Society of Jesus at Sault- 
au-R6collet near Montreal, January 29, 
1868. Taught classics in St. Mary's Col- 
lege, 1870-72; studied philosophy at 
Woodstock College, Maryland, 1873-76; 
taught in St. Francis Xavier College, 
New York, 1876-78, 1879-80, and at St. 
John's College, Fordham, 1878-79; stud- 
ied theology in England, 1880-85, and 
was ordained priest, September 23, 1883. 
Prefect of studies, professor of rhetoric 
and philosophy in St. Boniface College, 
a part of the University of Manitoba, 
1885-90; rector of St. Mary's College 
and of the Gesil Church, Montreal, 1890- 
92; elected president of the Managing 
Council of the Montreal Night Schools, 
1891; returned to Manitoba in 1892, 
where for 17 years he spent most of his 
time teaching in various branches, es- 
pecially at St. Boniface College; was the 
first Catholic ever chosen to confer de- 
grees of the University of Manitoba (in 
1901) ; editor of the (Canadian) North- 
west Review, which afterwards became 
the Central Catholic, 1894-1907. Mem- 
ber of the Board of Studies and of the 
Council of the University of Manitoba, 
from which he received a testimonial on 
his departure in November, 1908; ap- 
pointed first pastor of St, Ignatius, Fort 
Rouge, Winnipeg, 1908; at Guelph, On- 

tario, 1908-February, 1909; associate 
editor of America since February, 1909. 
Translated and edited from the orig- 
inal French (unpublished) MS., Edouard 
Richard's Acadia: Missing Links of 
a Lost Chapter in American His- 
tory (2 volumes. New York and Mont- 
real, 18:95). Author of: The French 
Element in the Canadian Northwest 
(1887) ; True and False Ideals in Edu- 
cation (1888); The Jesuits (1889); 
Controversy on the Constitutions of the 
Jesuits between Dr. Littledale and Fa- 
ther Drummond (1889); A Catholic 
Point of View (1894). Address: 32 
Washington Square, West, New York. 

DRURY, Rev. Edwin: 

Priest, missionary, author; b. June 
16, 1845, near Knottsville, Ky. His an- 
cestors were among the Catholic settlers 
of Maryland in the Seventeenth Cen- 
tury. Some of them may have reached 
Maryland on the Ark. and the Dove. 
His father, Hilary Drury, was bom in 
Maryland, 1799, and came to Kentucky 
in 1808. His mother, Teresa Coomes, 
was born in Kentucky, 1807. His ma- 
ternal grandfather, Francis Coomes, after 
leaving Maryland, tarried several years 
in Virginia and North Carolina, and 
came to Kentucky with all his family 
about 1795. It is interesting to note 
how fruitful the grace of religious voca- 
tions has been in this family. Rev. John 
Wathen, Rev. Charles I. Coomes, and 
Rev. A. A. Aud, were grandsons of Fran- 
cis Coomes, and Archbishop Montgomery 
of San Francisco was but one degree 
farther removed in direct line of descent. 
The family is still represented among 
the priests of Kentucky by Rev. Edwin 
Drury, Rev. Louis H. Spalding, Rev. 
Celestine Brey and Rev. Lucien Clements. 



It would be a long list to name the rep- 
resentatives of the family who have en- 
tered Religious Orders, especially the 
Sisterhoods. Ed. elementary school of 
his native parish, St. Lawrence; St. 
Mary's College, Marion County, Ky.j St. 
Thomas Seminary, Bardstown, Ky.; or- 
dained a priest, June 21, 1872, for the 
diocese of Louisville; assigned at once 
to parochial work; for twelve years in 
charge of large rural parishes; later 
took charge of an extensive territory in 
which there were but few Catholics, and 
began mission work among non-Cath- 
olics; relinquished all local charge in 
1894 and as Diocesan Missionary for ten 
years devoted his energies especially to 
his missionary work among non-Cath- 
olics; participated in the First and Sec- 
ond Missionary Conferences held under 
the auspices of the Catholic Missionary 
Union; became chaplain (1906), at the 
Mother-house of the Sisters of Loretto 
at the Foot of the Cross, which position 
he still holds. Father Drury has long 
been an occasional contributor to Cath- 
olic publications, and for several years 
has conducted the Question Box page in 
The Christian Family and Men and 
Women. The most important product of 
his pen is a book that has been highly 
praised, especially by those who are in- 
terested in missionary work. It is en- 
titled What the Church Teaches; An 
Answer to Earnest Inquirers (Benziger 
Bros., New York). Address: Nerinx, 

DTJBEAIT, J. D. Napoleon: 

Physician; b. April 19, 1856, at St. 
Gabriel de Brandon, P. Q., Canada; ed. 
at Ecole Normale Jacques Cartier, Mon- 
treal, Canada; and University Victoria, 
Montreal (M.D.) ; m. Elodie Beliveau. 

Mayor of St. Gabriel of Brandon 
(1889) ; treasurer of The Industrial Real 
Estate Co. since 1905; treasurer of the 
jNIedical Association Franco-American of 
Rhode Island from September, 1907, to 
September, 1909, and its president since 
September, 1910. Member Medical Asso- 
ciation Franco-American of Rhode Is- 
land, Member L'Union St. Jean Baptiste 
d*Am§rique; Artisans Canadiens Fran- 
cais ; Cercle litt^raire ; Forestiers Franco- 
Am^ricains; Catholic Foresters; Canada- 
Americain. Club: Catholic (Providence, 
R. I.). Address: 1536 Westminster St., 
Providence, R. I. 

DUBRAY, Rev. Charles Albert, S.M.: 

Educator, author; b. on November 2, 
1875, at Villaines-sous-Luce, department 
of Sarthe, France; came to America in 
1894. Ed. at Petit- S^minaire S€es 
(Ome) ; Scholasticates of the Society of 
Mary; Catholic University (S.T.B., June 
7, 1899, and Ph.D., June 10, 1903) ; Pro- 
fessor of Philosophy, Scholasticate of the 
Society of Mary, since 1899. Author of 
The Theory of Psychical Dispositions 
(published as Monograph No. 30, of the 
Psychological Review, New York, Mac- 
millan, 1905). Has contributed to the 
Catholic University Bulletin and Revue 
de Philosophic. Member of Society for 
Philosophical Inquiry, Washington, D. 

C, and The Southern Society for Phi- 
losophy and Psychology. Address: Tht 
Marist College, Brookland, Washington, 

D. C. 

DuBRXJL, Ernest Ferdinand: 

Manufacturer; s. of Napoleon Du- 
Brul, by his wife, Liliose Le Gault-dit- 
des-Lauriers ; b. September 12, 1873, in 
Cincinnati, Ohio; ed. in parochial, pri- 
vate, and public schools of his native 



city, and took his collegiate work at 
Notre Dame University, Indiana (B.L., 
1892; A.B., 1893; M.L. and LL.B., 1894; 
A.M., 1895) ; also attended Johns Hop- 
kins University, taking two years post 
graduate work in economics; m., Feb- 
ruary 1, 1899, Anna Mary, daughter of 
Stephen Montgomery McKenzie, by his 
wife, Mary Tobin. Stephen McKenzie 
was born in Cincinnati, November 15, 
1834, his father being one of Cincinnati's 
pioneer Catholics, who came originally 
from Baltimore. For two years Mr. Du- 
Brul served as Commissioner of The 
National Metal Trades Association, a 
position requiring expert knowledge of 
the labor question in all its phases, the 
incumbent of which was in charge of all 
labor difficulties arising in several hun- 
dred establishments in the Metal Trades, 
employing in the aggregate between 50,- 
000 and 60,000 workmen. Is now Vice 
President of The Miller, DuBrul & Pe- 
ters Manufacturing Co., of Cincinnati, 
Ohio, manufacturers of Cigar and Cigar- 
ette Machinery, and President of The 
Pyro Clay Products Co., of Oak Hill, 
Ohio, manufacturers of Fire Brick. 
Contributor to The American Magazine 
and technical journals. Has traveled in 
Mexico, Cuba, and Europe. Member of 
the Knights of Columbus; American So- 
ciety of Mechanical Engineers; Ameri- 
can Economic Association; Order of the 
Alhambra. Is Trustee of the University 
of Cincinnati. Clubs: Queen City; Busi- 
ness Men's. Address: South East Cor- 
ner Beecher and Melrose Aves., Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 

DTTBTJaXIE, Hugo Adelard: 

Lawyer; b. November 3, 1854, in Can- 
ada; s. of Moise and Esther (Mathieu) 
Dubuque; ed. in the common schools 

and college at St. Hyacinthe, P. Q., 
graduating from the latter in 1870; en- 
tered a boot and shoe store in Troy, N. 
Y., as clerk, and later was clerk in 
grocery and drug business in Fall River, 
Mass.; graduated from Boston Univer- 
sity Law School in 1877 (LL.B.) ; ad- 
mitted to the Bar in November, 1877, 
and began to practice in Fall River; m., 
in that city. May 15, 1881, Annie M., 
daughter of William and Abbie (Maley) 
Coughlin. Has lectured before the 
French-Canadians in New England for 
several years, on the subjects of nat- 
uralization and education. Republican, 
and orator in political campaigns 
throughout the eastern states since 1884. 
Served two terms on the School Com- 
mittee from 1883 to 1889. Member of 
the State Legislature in 1889, served on 
the judici-ary committee and took an ac- 
tive part in every debate of importance; 
speaking in both French and English. 
Recommended for Consul-General to 
Montreal by the full congressional dele- 
gation of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, 
and New Hampshire. Has written much 
on historical, political and social ques- 
tions. Author of Historical Sketch of 
French-Canadians in the History of Bris- 
tol County; a sketch on the same sub- 
ject, in French, contributed to Le 
Guide Canadien Frangais of Fall River 
(1888). Contributed many articles to 
the French-Canadian papers of the 
United States. Is the leading representa- 
tive of the French-Canadian population 
of New England, their generally acknowl- 
edged counsellor and authority, honored 
and respected by them as well as by his 
associates. President Cercle Salaberry, 
a literary society; Ligue des Patriotes, 
a benevolent organization. Secretary of 
the Fall River Hospital. Mr. Dubuque's 



father, Moise Dubuque, was one of the 
early explorers and pioneers of the great 
West, and his granduncle founded the 
City of Dubuque, Iowa. Address: Fall 
River, Mass. 

DUFFY, Rev. Francis Patrick: 

B. 1871, at Cobourg, Ont., Canada; s. 
of Patrick and Mary (Ready) DuflFy; ed. 
at Separate and High Schools of native 
town; St. Michael's College, Toronto, 
1888-93, the last four years of this pe- 
riod being spent as pupil -teach er ; taught 
in Grammar School of St. Francis 
Xavier's College, New York City, 1893- 
94; received degree of A.M. from latter 
college in 1894; spent a few months as 
editor of Catholic Register, Toronto; en- 
tered St. Joseph's Seminary, Troy, N. 
Y., in the fall of 1894, as student for 
the Archdiocese of New York; ordained 
priest in September, 1896; pursued 
higher courses of study at the Catholic 
University, Washington, 1896-98; served 
as chaplain (semi-official and unattach- 
ed) at Camp Wikoff, Montauk Point, in 
the summer of 1898; professor of phil- 
osophy at St. Joseph's Seminary, Dun- 
woodie, N. Y., from 1898 until the pres- 
ent time. Received degree of D.D. from 
St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, in 1905. 
Associate Editor of the New York Re- 
view, 1905-09; contributor to that and 
to other periodicals, and lecturer for 
various Extension Courses in New York 
City and elsewhere. Address: St. Jo- 
seph's Seminary, Dunwoodie, N. Y. 

DUFFY, James Buckley: 

B. January 3, 1874, in Chicago, 111.; 
received his preliminary education in the 
Christian Brothers' schools, later attend- 
ing Sacred Heart College, San Francisco, 

Cal. Is General Agent, The Atchison, 
Topeka & Santa F6 Railway, San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. M. Mabelle Florence Witts. 
Address: 673 Market St., San Francisco, 

DUGGAN, Frederick Stafford: 

Lawyer; b. May 21, 1879, in Lindsay, 
Ont., Canada; ed. in the High School 
and St. Bernard's Academy, of Grand 
Forks, N. D., and at the University of 
North Dakota (degrees of B.A., 1899; 
LL.B., 1903); m. Mary Elizabeth 
Whelan, of Chicago, 111.; was admitted 
to the bar in 1903, and has been prac- 
ticing his profession in Grand Forks, 
N. D., since then; is attorney for the 
Great Northern Railway Co.; member. 
Knights of Columbus, and is one of the 
promoters of the Knights in North Da- 
kota, and of the Catholic University En- 
dowment; director of the University of 
North Dakota Alumni Association; con- 
tributor to local magazines; member of 
the North Dakota State Bar Association. 
Clubs: Grand Forks Commercial; Fort- 
nightly; Town and Country. Address: 
Grand Forks, N. D. 

DUHAMEL, Olivier G.: 

Physician; b. November 19, 1869, at 
Marlboro, Mass.; ed. at the Marlboro 
public school, L'Assumption College, and 
the University of Laval, Canada (M.D., 
1894) ; m. Marie Jeanne Poulin. City 
Physician of Marlboro, Mass., from 1901 
to 1904, and from 1906 to date. Mem- 
ber of the French-American Republican 
Club of Massachusetts; L'Union St. 
Jean Baptiste d'Am^rique; Society Lau- 
rier; Society des Artisans Canadiens 
Francais; L'Union Dramatique et Lit- 
t^raire. Address: Marlboro, Mass. 




DULANEY, Mrs. Alice (Hardeman) : 

B. November 7, 1873, at Morning View, 
Ky. ; d. of Captain Thomas White Harde- 
man, Brevet Brigadier General, United 
States Army, and Elizabeth Taney 
Hardeman; niece of Mother Mary Au- 
gustine, O.S.M., who was founder of 
many schools in Australia; also relative 
of Colonel Robert Hardeman, State 
Treasurer of Georgia, and of Judge J. 
J. Hardeman; her mother was great- 
grandniece of the late Roger B. Taney, 
Chief Justice of the United States. M. 
Malcolm Elbert Dulaney, son of Dr. 
Benj. Dulaney, of Boone County, Ky., 
and Emily Fish Dulaney, of the Fish 
family of New York. Ed. at Miss Simp- 
son's School; La Salette Academy; Cov- 
ington High School; College of Music, 
Cincinnati (received Springer Gold 
Medal) ; Boston Conservatory. Director 
of Music at Capitol College, Atlanta, 
Ga., 1895-1900; Principal of Piano De- 
partment in Princeton College, Prince- 
ton, Ky., 1907 ; President of the Dulaney 
Piano School; special correspondent for 
the Cincinnati Commercial Tribune; ed- 
itor of the Kentucky and Ohio columns 
of Form, New York Magazine. She has 
given many concerts for the benefit of 
the Church and Martha and Mary Chari- 
table Societies. Cruised along the west- 
ern coast of Florida with her husband in 
January, 1909, followed the chase in the 
interior, and visited early Catholic set- 
tlements made famous by Spanish ex- 
plorers, notably near Aripeka, Hernando 
County, Fla. Has contributed to Mun- 
sey's and other magazines. Member of 
the Audubon Society; Colonial Daugh- 
ters. Clubs: Music Lovers; Chaminade. 
Address: Dulaney Piano School, Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 

DUNN, Joseph: 

Litterateur; b. New Haven, Conn.; ed. 
public schools; Yale University (B.A., 
1895; Ph.D., 1898); Harvard Univer- 
sity; Freiburg (Baden) ; Rennes, France 
(Officier d'Acad6mie, 1907). Professor 
of Celtic and lecturer on Romance Lan- 
guages, Catholic University of America, 
Washington, D. C. Author of La Vie 
de Saint Patrice, a Breton Mystery Play 
(Champion, Paris, 1909). Has contrib- 
uted to various European and American 
magazines. Member of the Phi Beta 
Kappa, Modern Language Association of 
America, Anthropological Society of 
Washington, Celtic Association, Dublin 
Society for the Preservation of the Irish 
Language. Clubs: University (Washing- 
ton ) ; Graduates ( New Haven ) . Ad- 
dress: Catholic University of America, 
Washington, D. C. 

DUNNE, David M.: 

Collector of internal revenue for Port- 
land, Ore., since 1898; b. 1851, in Ire- 
land; was for many years Vice-Presi- 
dent of the Hibernia Savings Bank; is 
a member of the Knights of Columbus. 
Has always taken a great interest in 
the religious, political and industrial 
movements in his native land. As col- 
lector of internal revenue, his office is 
regarded as one of the best conducted 
in the United States. Club: Arlington. 
Address: Portland, Ore. 

DUNNE, Hon. Edward F.: 

Ex-mayor, la\vyer; b. October 12, 1853, 
at Waterville, Conn.; s. of P. W. and 
Delia (Lawler) Dunne; grandson of Mi- 
chael Lawler, who was extensively en- 
gaged as a building contractor on the 
Coast of Ireland in the early part of the 



Nineteenth Century, and who constructed 
the dock at Galway. Ed. in the common 
and High schools of Peoria, 111., and at 
Trinity College, University of Dublin, 
Ireland (1871-74); received honorary 
degree of LL.D. from St. Ignatius Col- 
lege, Chicago. M., August 16, 1881, 
Elizabeth J. Kelly, of Irish and Amer- 
ican parentage, and has nine children. 
Admitted to the bar, 1877 ; Judge of Cir- 
cuit Court of Chicago from 1892 to 1905, 
when he resigned to accept the office of 
Mayor of Chicago; Mayor, 1905-07. 
President, League of American Munici- 
palities, 1906-07; delegate at large from 
Illinois to Democratic Convention, 1908; 
twice president of Iroquois Club; Pres- 
ident of Monticello Club; First President, 
Irish Fellowship Club. Was instru- 
mental in reducing the price of gas in 
Chicago from $1.00 to 85 cents, and of 
water from 10 cents to 7 cents per thou- 
sand gallons; promoted municipal own- 
ership of public utilities. Author of 
several pamphlets on Municipal Owner- 
ship and the Tariff; contributor to sev- 
eral magazines. Has traveled in Eu- 
rope three times, and all over the United 
States and Cuba. Member of Knights of 
Columbus; Royal Arcanum; Royal 
League. Clubs: Iroquois; Illinois Ath- 
letic; Westward Ho Golf. Address: 59 
Clark St.; Residence: 4500 Beacon St., 
Chicago, 111. 

DUNNE, Rt. Rev. Edward Joseph: 

Bishop of Dallas, Tex.; b. April 23, 
1848, in County Tipperary, Ireland; 
came to America in 1849; made theo- 
logical course at the Seminary of St. 
Francis de Sales, Milwaukee, Wis., and 
St. Mary's, Baltimore, Md.; ordained, 
June 29, 1871. Pastor, All Saints parish, 
Chicago, 1875-93; consecrated, Novem- 

ber 30, 1893, Bishop of Dallas. Bishop 
Dunne died, August, 1910, after his rec- 
ord was received for the A. C. W. W. 

DUNNE, Finley Peter: 

Known the world over as the creator 
of the celebrated Mr. Dooley; b. July 
10, 1867, in Chicago, 111.; ed. common 
schools in his native city, and by the 
Jesuits; reporter on various newspapers, 
1885-91; City Editor, Chicago Times, 
1891-92; member Evening Post and 
Times-Herald staff, 1892-97; Editor-in- 
chief Chicago Evening Journal, 1897- 
1900. M., New York, 1902, to Margaret 
Abbott. The Dooley sketches first ap- 
peared in the Times-Herald, and imme- 
diately attracted attention; during the 
Spanish-American War they developed a 
vein of political and social humor that 
proved irresistible. The best known of 
the sketches are Mr. Dooley in Peace 
and War (1898); Mr. Dooley in the 
Hearts of his Countrymen (1898); Mr. 
Dooley's Philosophy (1900); and Mr. 
Dooley 's Opinions (1901). Of the non- 
political sketches, one of the cleverest 
is where Mr. Dooley gives his analysis 
of Christian Science. Address: 341 
Fifth Ave., New York City. 

DUNNE, Marie Aloysia: 

Author, lecturer, educator; b. October 
8, 1882, in Chicago, 111.; eldest child of 
Stephen Henry and Ellen (Madigan) 
Dunne; studied under the Mercy Sisters, 
the Dominican Sisters, and the Ladies of 
the Sacred Heart ; graduate. High School 
course. Sacred Heart Academy, Chicago, 
1896; Normal course, Chicago Normal 
School, 1897; Ph.B., University of Chi- 
cago, 1910; served in the Chicago Public 
Schools as teacher, assistant principal, 
and principal. Has been an active pro- 



moter of advanced methods of teaching 
in Catholic Sunday Schools for the past 
ten years. Lecturer on literary and his- 
torical subjects in convents, academies, 
and colleges throughout the Middle West. 
Translator of P6re Claire's Life of 
Pierre Olivaint, 1907; author of Mary 
Bernard of St. Gildard, a short life of 
Bernadette Soubirous, 1908; and of Don- 
nie, a novel, 1909. Contributor to the 
Rosary, the Magnificat, the American 
Catholic Quarterly Review, etc. Member 
of the Chicago Principals' Club, and of 
numerous Catholic philanthropic and 
benevolent organizations. Is at present 
principal of the Alfred Nobel Public 
School, Forty-first and Kamerling Aves., 
Chicago, 111. 

DUNNE, Kev. P. J.: 

Founder of the Newsboys' Home, St. 
Louis; ed. at the Benedictine Abbey, 
Atcheson, Kan., and at Kenrick Sem- 
inary, St. Louis. While acting as Chap- 
lain to the Visitation Nuns of St. Louis, 
Father Dunne became interested in a 
poor little newsboy he met every morn- 
ing, and feeling sorry for him, and those 
like him, he started in a little house to 
make a home for a few boys. The Char- 
ity has grown into the present large and 
comfortable house on Washington Ave., 
and is entirely supported by gifts and 
contributions. Father Dunne is now add- 
ing a wing to his already large house, 
and has just received from Richard H. 
Kerens the gift of $20,000 with which 
to buy a farm for the boys. The Chapel, 
which cost $35,000, is the gift of a non- 
Catholic gentleman who prefers to re- 
main unknown. Father Dunne's noble 
charity has rescued hundreds of boys 
from the street. Address: 3010 Wash- 
ington, Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

PXTNNE, Rt. Rev. Edmund Michael, 

Bishop of Peoria, 111.; b. 1865, in Chi- 
cago, 111.; ed. in the parochial schools 
and at St. Ignatius' College, Chicago; 
at Niagara University; in Belgium and 
France; graduated from the Gregorian 
University, Rome, and was ordained 
priest at the early age of 22. An ac- 
complished linguist, speaking German, 
Italian, Polish, French, and modem 
Greek, besides English and Latin, after 
eight years in St. Columbkill's parish, 
Chicago, he began a wonderful apostolate 
among the foreign settlements on the 
West Side, Chicago, and established, in 
1898, the flourishing Italian mission on 
Forquer St., near Halsted. When the 
most Rev. James F. Quigley became 
Archbishop of Chicago, he appointed Fa- 
ther Dunne as chancellor of the arch- 
diocese, and in this position his priestly 
zeal, and indefatigable labors among the 
poor and the foreign colonies, made his 
name a household by-word in Chicago. 
In 1909, Father Dunne was appointed 
Bishop of Peoria, succeeding the Most 
Rev. John L. Spalding, who resigned be- 
cause of failing health. Besides being a 
scholar and linguist, he is a musician of 
note. Address: Peoria, 111. 

DTIQTJETTE, Frank Flanders: 

B. August 5, 1877, in Mendon, St. Jo- 
seph County, Mich.; ancestors served in 
the Revolutionary and 1812 Wars; ed. 
in the public and high schools of Men- 
don, Mich., at Notre Dame University 
(A.B., 1902; LL.B., 1904), and Univer- 
sity of Michigan. Taught Greek at 
Notre Dame, 1902-04; music at same 
institution, 1900-04. Now holds posi- 
tion with Standard Oil Co., at San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. Member of the Knights of 



Columbus. Address: Care Standard Oil 
Co., 461 Market St., San Francisco, Cal. 

DUROSS, Charles Edward: 

Real estate; b. December 1, 1868, at 
Oneida, N. Y., of Irish parentage; ed. 
in the public schools, at Georgetown Col- 
lege, and Georgetown University (A.B.) ; 
m. Anna T. Mulry, sister of Thomas M. 
Mulry. Is President of the Duross Co. 
(real estate), and President of the Pru- 
dential Real Estate Corporation. Club: 
Catholic. Address: 304 West One Hun- 
dred and Third St., New York City. 

DXTRWARD, Rev. John T.: 

Poet, author; b. March 7, 1847, at 
Milwaukee, Wis.; s. of B. J. Durward, 
convert, poet, and for ten years a pro- 
fessor at St. Francis Seminary. Ed. at 
St. Francis Seminary, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Ordained Priest, December 17, 1870. 
Pastor at Tomah, Wis., 1870-84; Seneca, 
Wis., 1884-87; Baraboo, Wis., since 1887. 
Author of Primer for Converts (Ben- 
ziger, 1892) ; Sonnets of the Holy Land 
(1890); The Building of a Church 
(author, 1902) ; Poems; Sonnets of 
Devil's Lake; Annals of the Glen; 
Mother and Others; St. Mary's of the 
Pines; The Durward Madonnas; and 
Short Course for Non-Catholics Intend- 
ing Marriage with Catholics (1908) ; has 
contributed to Catholic World and Mes- 
senger. Made first pilgrimage to Lour- 
des and Rome, 1874, and first pilgrimage 
to Palestine, 1889. Address: Baraboo, 

DTTTTON, Joseph: 

Originally Ira Barnes Dutton; lay 
missionary to the lepers of Molokai; b. 
April 27, 1843, at Stowe, Vt.; s. of 
Ezra and Abigail (Barnes) Dutton; 

of Colonial English ancestry. Ed. at the 
Old Academy, Janesville, Wis.; and Mil- 
ton Academy, near Janesville. Worked 
in a printing office for a year and in a 
bookstore and bindery for 5 years; li- 
brarian in Sunday Schools, Methodist 
and Baptist; interested in the State His- 
torical Society in 1861; member of the 
Janesville City Zouave Cadets; enlisted 
in Company B, of the Thirteenth Wis- 
consin Infantry in 1861 ; appointed Quar- 
termaster Sergeant, February 10, 1863; 
performed Captain's duties during part 
of 1864-65; Second Lieutenant of Com- 
pany, February 15, 1865; First Lieu- 
tenant, March 24, 1865; First Lieutenant 
and Regimental Quartermaster, June, 
1864; Quartermaster of the District of 
North Alabama, December, 1864-October, 
1865; on duty in New Orleans to De- 
cember, 1865, until the final muster-out; 
engaged in military cemeterial work, 
1867-^8; superintendent of a large dis- 
tillery, 1869-70; clerk, later Chief Clerk, 
Louisville & Nashville Railroad, Mem- 
phis, Tenn. Investigating Agent, War 
Department, in adjustment of war claims 
in Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio. In 
1883, visited convents and began to study 
the Catholic Church; while about to take 
Episcopalian orders he became a convert 
to the Catholic faith and was received 
by the Dominican Fathers at Memphis, 
Tenn., April 27, 1883; stayed at Trap- 
pist Monastery at Gethsemane, Ky., for 
20 months, 1884-85; while at a Redemp- 
torist convent in New Orleans he heard 
of Father Damien's work among the 
lepers of Molokai and decided to join 
him there; reached Kalaupapa, July 29, 
1886, and thence rode to Kalawao, where 
he has since lived continuously, minis- 
tering to the needs of the leper settle- 
ment, now numbering 976 members; ad- 



ministered Father Damien's effects after 
the latter's death in 1889. Address: 
Kalawao, Molokai, Hawaii. 


Painter and etcher; b. 1848, at Cov- 
ington, Ky.; studied ten years in Munich 
under Dietz; later pursued his art stud- 
ies in Italy, especially in Venice, where 
he found the material for some of his 
best etchings, such as Desdemona's 
House; The Rialto; and San Pietro di 
Castello. Other paintings are: A Circas- 
sian (1875) ; a portrait of Charles Dud- 
ley Warner (1877); and The Professor 
(1878). Mr. Duveneck has just com- 
pleted several large mural paintings for 
St. Mary's Cathedral, Covington, Ky., 
two of which are said to be among the 
best examples of religious art in this 
country. In 1900, he was one of the ex- 
hibitors at the Paris Salon. Address: 
Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

DWIGHT, Thomas: 

Physician, educator, author; b. October 
13, 1843, at Boston, Mass.; s. of Thomas 
Dwight, of old New England family, and 
Mary Collins (Warren) Dwight, grand- 
daughter of John Warren (brother of 
General Warren, of Bunker Hill), first 
Professor of Anatomy and Surgery at 
Harvard; father was baptized on his 
deathbed and mother a convert to the 
Church, 1855; m. Sarah Catherine lasigi 
in 1883; ed. at Phillips School (public), 
E. S. Dixwell's Private Latin School, 
Harvard University (A.B., M.D., 1867) ; 
LL.D., Georgetown University, 1889. In- 
structor in Comparative Anatomy at 
Harvard, 1872; lecturer, later Professor 
of Anatomy at Medical School of Maine, 
1872-76; Instructor in Histology, 1874- 
83; in Topographical Anatomy, 1880-83; 

and Parkman Professor of Anatomy since 
1883, Harvard Medical School. Served 
on several boards of public and pauper 
institutions of Boston in the '70s and 
'80s; Trustee of the Boston Public Li- 
brary, 1899-1905. Author of The Anat- 
omy of the Head (H. 0. Houghton & 
Co., 1876) ; Frozen Sections of a Child 
(Wm. Wood & Co., 1881) ; Variations of 
the Bones of the Hands and Feet (Lip- 
pincott, 1907) ; and a considerable part 
of Piersol's Human Anatomy (Lippin- 
cott, 1907) ; has contributed to the 
American Catholic Quarterly Review, 
Scribner's, Catholic World and various 
scientific publications. Was brought up 
a Catholic from age of 12. President of 
the Catholic Union, of Boston, 1880-82; 
member of St. Vincent de Paul Society 
of Boston (President since 1899). 
Clubs: Somerset (Boston) ; Nahant 
(Nahant). Address: Harvard Medical 
School, Boston, Mass.; Residence: 235 
Beacon St. 

DWYER, Jeremiah: 

B. August 22, 1838, at Brooklyn, N. 
y.; brother of James Dwyer, manager 
of Peninsular Stove Co., Detroit; family 
came to Detroit in 1837; m. Mary L. 
Long, November 22, 1859; has family 
of one daughter and seven sons; worked 
in the planing mill of Smith &, Dwight 
for one year; became apprentice to 
moulding trade in hydraulic works of 
Kellogg & Van Skoyke; visited eastern 
states, taking work in various foundries; 
entered employ of the Detroit, Grand 
Haven & Milwaukee Railroad Co.; fore- 
man of Gear & Russell Foundry, De- 
troit; organized, with his brother James, 
and T. W. Misner, the firm of J. Dwyer 
& Co.; later reorganized into a joint 
stock company as Detroit Stove Works; 



sold his stove works interest and spent 
year in the South; in 1871 incorporated 
a new company, under title of Michigan 
Stove Co.; Vice-President and Manager; 
in 1866 became President of the Michi- 
gan Stove Co., which covers 12.3 acres 
of ground and employs about 1,500 peo- 
ple, and has branch offices in New York, 
Buffalo, Chicago, and agencies in Lon- 
don, Paris, Berlin and Constantinople; 
is a director of Peoples Savings Bank of 
Detroit, of which he was one of the 
founders; director of Detroit Copper & 
Brass Works and Ideal Manufacturing 
Co. of Detroit, and is a stockholder in 
other enterprises. Contributor to Stove 
Industry, and Two Hundred Years of 
American Commerce. Clubs: Detroit; 
Country; and Detroit Book Club. Ad- 
dress : Michigan Stove Co., Detroit, Mich. 

DWYER, John: 

Educator; b. at Liberty, N. Y.; ed. at 
Liberty Academy; Albany Normal Col- 
lege; Fordham University (A.M.) ; New 
York University (Ph.M., Ph.D.). Prin- 
cipal of Academy, 1880-82; teacher, 
1884-96, and principal, 1896-1902, in 
New York public school; District Su- 
perintendent of Schools in New York 
City, 1902 — . Has contributed to several 
school magazines; traveled in nearly 
every country in Europe, Mexico and the 
Pacific Coast. Member of Catholic His- 
torical Society, and National Teachers* 
Association. Club: School Master. Ad- 
dress: 764 West End Ave., New York 

DWYER, Michael J.: 

Assistant district attorney for Suffolk 
County; b. May 13, 1861, in Quebec, 
Canada; ed. by the Christian Brothers, 
and graduated from the Redemptorist 

College of Mt. St. Clement, Ilehester, Md., 
in 1881, with honors. He then entered 
the newspaper business, and was for 
many years a reporter for The Boston 
Herald, during which time he worked in 
nearly every department of the paper. 
In 1894 he became editor of Donahoe's 
Magazine. Served for a time as super- 
intendent of the Marcella Street Home, 
Roxbury, Mass., a city institution. Ad- 
mitted to the bar in 1900, and was made 
indictment clerk in the office of the Dis- 
trict Attorney four years later, even- 
tually becoming District Attorney. In 
1907 Archbishop O'Connell appointed 
him a member of the Church Music Com- 
mission of the Archdiocese of Boston. 
He possesses a beautiful tenor voice of 
great range and sweetness, has been tenor 
soloist in a number of churches, and ap- 
peared at many concerts. Has served as 
secretary of the Music Commission of the 
City of Boston; is a member of the 
Apollo Club, and was formerly a mem- 
ber of the Cecelia Society, two leading 
secular musical organizations. Mr. 
Dwyer has also served as trustee of the 
City Hospital, being appointed by Mayor 
Quincy in 1897, for five years. He is 
an eloquent and well known lecturer, 
and a graceful writer of verse and prose. 
Member of the Catholic Union, Knights 
of Columbus, and the Clover Club. Ad- 
dress: 7 St. John St., Jamaica Plain, 

DWYER, Timothy J.: 

Physician; b. January 10, 1873, at 
Central City, Mich.; removed with his 
parents to O'Neill, Neb., in 1878; ed. 
at country schools; O'Neill High School; 
State University of Nebraska, 1897; 
Creighton Medical College, 1898-1902. 
Since then associated in the practice of 



medicine with Dr. C. C. Allison of 
Omaha, Neb. Address: Omaha, Neb. 

DWYER, William D.: 

General Counsel and head of Claim 
Department, St. Paul City Railway Co.; 
\>. September 22, 1860, in New Yorkj 
s. of William and Elatherine (Dal ton) 
Dwyer; ed. in public schools and Al- 
bany Normal School; entered Cornell 
University, from which he graduated 
when under 21 years of age; completed 
a legal course at Albany Law School 
and practiced law in New York until 
1887, when he went West and located in 
Superior, Wis.; shortly afterwards en- 
tered into partnership with Mr. Frank 
A. Ross, which connectionj lasted until 
1908, when Mr. Dwyer left Superior to 
take his present position in St. Paiil, 
Minn.; m., at Milwaukee, Wis., Novem- 
ber 27, 1890, to Anna M. Mayer. While 
a resident of Superior, Mr. Dwyer as- 
sisted in organizing and was a member 
of the Public Library of that city. He 
also took an important part in the or- 
ganization of the Knights of Columbus 
in Wisconsin, and in 1907 was elected 
by the National Convention one of the 
Board of Directors, which position he 

still holds. Office: 553 Wabasha St.; 
Residence, 525 Summit Ave., St. Paul, 

DWYER, William D.: 

Editor; b. 1862, in Ireland; descended 
on the maternal side from the McCarthy 
Mor; ed. in the National schools of 
Ireland. Reporter on dailies; now edi- 
tor of Brockton Searchlight. Address: 
Brockton, Mass. 

DYER, Giles F.: 

B. in Washington, D. C; s. of Giles 
Dyer of that city, who married a Miss 
Miles, of St. Mary's County, Maryland. 
In November, 1904, Mr. Dyer married 
Mrs. Goff, of Baltimore, widow of 
Charles E. Goff. Mrs. Dyer is a daugh- 
ter of the late Geo. W. Webb, a prom- 
inent jeweler of Baltimore, and Jane F. 
Palfrey Webb; and is a sister of Mrs. W. 
Bernard Duke, of The Ridge, Rider P. 
0., Baltimore County, Md. Mr. Dyer is 
prominently identified with the Church 
in Maryland, being a member of the 
Neale family, distinguished for its sturdy 
Catholicity in the early colonial days of 
Maryland history. Address: Beauvue, 
St. Mary's County, Md. 


EARLEY, Cornelius J.: 

Lawyer; b. April 17, 1870, at Eliza- 
bethport, N. J.; s. of John and Kath- 
arine (Dougherty) Earley; ed. at de La 
Salle Institute, New York City, and New 
York University Law School (LL.B., 
1891); admitted to bar of New York 
County, April 7, 1892; assistant corpora- 
tion counsel, City of New York, 1893- 
95, since which time he has been en- 
gaged in private practice; m., June 21, 
1898, Rose Marie McDevitt. General 
counsel for Ancient Order of Hibernians ; 
director of and attorney for James B. 
Regan Importation Co. Attorney for 
Universal Taximeter Cab Co., Hotel 
Knickerbocker, and Windsor Trust Co. 
Member, General Committee of Tam- 
many Hall; chairman Thirty- fourth As- 
sembly District Tammany Hall Organiza- 
tion, 1897-98. Member New York 
County Bar Association; Phi Delta Phi 
fraternity; Bronx Bar Association; 
Woodmen of the World. Clubs: Catho- 
lic; Brownson Catholic. Address: 271 
Broadway, New York City. 

ECKSTEIN, Andrew J.: 

Druggist; b. September 9, 1861, in 
Germany; s. of John and Magdalena 
(Keim) Eckstein; went to Minnesota 
when a child; entered country school 
when 7 years of age and State Normal 
School at the age of 14, graduating in 
1877. Began active career as a school 
teacher, continuing for two years; en- 

tered pharmacy of Dr. Waschke in 1879 
and purchased the business ten years 
later; took special course in pharmacy, 
1888, and passed Minnesota Board of 
Pharmacy examinations in 1889; also 
took special course and received diploma 
in optometry; m., at Minnesota Lake, 
June 3, 1883, to Christine Pietrus. 
President of the State Bank, New Ulm, 
since 1906, and of the New Ulm Plate 
Glass Association since its organization 
in 1898; director of the Minnesota 
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Co., St. 
Paul, and the Security Mutual Fire In- 
surance Co., Chatfield, Minn. Member 
of Minnesota National Guard for 15 
years, and received ten and fifteen years 
service medals. Member of the Board 
of Public Works, New Ulm, twenty-five 
years, and its president for fifteen years; 
ex-president New Ulm Building and Loan 
Association, and its treasurer for five 
years. County Commissioner of Brown 
County since 1900, and Chairman of the 
Board; member of State Conference of 
Charities and Correction, and its presi- 
dent, 1907-08. Member of American and 
Minnesota State Pharmaceutical associa- 
tions; Knights of Columbus; Catholic 
Order of Foresters. Address: New Ulm, 

EDWARDES, Miss Panla: 

Actress; b. in Boston, Mass.; ed. at 
the Convent of the Sacred Heart in 
Philadelphia. Her first appearance on 
the stage was made in the chorus of 




Thomas Q. Seabrooke's production of To- 
basco, and on March 1, 1897, opened at 
the Casino Theatre, New York, as Ma- 
riolle in La Follette. September of the 
same year she appeared as Mamie in 
The Belle of New York; went to Lon- 
don in 1898, playing at the Shaftesbury 
Theatre; returned to New York soon aft- 
er, and was engaged for the Augustin 
Daly Co., appearing as Carmenita in A 
Runaway Girl at Daly's Theatre, August 
25, 1898. While a member of that or- 
ganization, she played the role of Louise 
Jupp in The Great Ruby; in May, 1902, 
appeared in The Show Girl at Wallack's 
Theatre, New York. Two months later 
she joined The Defender at the Herald 
Square Theatre, and in 1903 became a 
star, appearing as Winnie Walker in 
Winsome Winnie. The seasons of 1905- 
06-07 she starred in The Princess Beg- 
gar. Address: Actor's Society of Amer- 
ica, New York. 

EGAN, Maurice Francis: 

Educator, author, diplomat; b. May 
24, 1852, at Philadelphia, Pa.; s. of Mau- 
rice Egan, an Irishman from Tipperary, 
of pure Celtic extraction with the ex- 
ception of one inter-marriage with the 
de Florens; descendant of the Chevalier 
Alexander MacEgan, who fought for 
Louis XV in the East Indies, and of 
other officers of the Irish Brigade under 
Louis XIV and Louis XV; m. Kath- 
arine Mullin, of Philadelphia; ed. at 
Dr. Martin's Latin School; St. Philip's 
School, Philadelphia; La Salle College 
(A.M. in 1875); Notre Dame (A.M. in 
1879) ; Georgetown University (LL.D. 
in 1889) ; Ottawa University ( J.U.D. on 
thesis) ; Villa Nova (Ph.D. in 1907 for 
philosophical thesis) ; took some language 
courses at University of Pennsylvania, 

post-graduate course in philosophy at 
Georgetown under Fathers Guida, Sum- 
ner and Carroll. Was sub-editor Illus- 
trated Catholic- American, 1878; associate 
editor Catholic Review of New York, 
1880; associate editor of New York Free- 
man's Journal, 1881-87; and editor and 
part proprietor, 1888; professor of Eng- 
lish literature, Notre Dame University, 
1888-96; professor of English language 
and literature and one year Dean of 
Faculty of Philosophy, Catholic Univer- 
sity of America, to 1907; is now Amer- 
ican Minister to Denmark. Author of: 
Preludes: poems (1879); A Garden of 
Roses (Marlier, 1885) ; Stories of Duty 
(1885); Songs and Sonnets (Benziger, 
1885); The Life Around Us (1886); 
The Theatre and Christian Parents 
(1887); Modern Novelists (1888); Lec- 
tures on English Literature (1889) ; The 
Disappearance of John Longworthy (Ave 
Maria Press, 1890) ; Songs and Sonnets 
and Other Poems (1892); A Gentleman 
(Benziger, 1893) ; A Marriage of Rea- 
son (Murphy, 1893) ; The Success of 
Patrick Desmond (Ave Maria Press, 
1894) ; The Flower of the Flock and the 
Badgers of Belmont (Benziger, 1894) ; 
The Vocation of Edward Conway (Ben- 
ziger, 1896 ) ; Jack Chumleigh, a Story 
for Boys (Murphy, 1897) ; Jasper Thorn, 
a Story for Boys (Kilner, 1897) ; From 
the Land of St. Lawrence (Herder, 
1898); In a Brazilian Forest (Kilner, 

1898) ; Introduction to Manzoni's Be- 
trothed, in The World's Great Books 
(1898); Jack Chumleigh at Boarding 
School (Kilner, 1899); The Leopard of 
Lancianus, and Other Tales (Kilner, 

1899) ; Studies in Literature (Herder, 
1900); The Watson Girls (Kilner, 

1900) ; An Introduction to English Lit- 
erature (Marlier, 1901); Belinda, a 



Story for Girls (Kilner, 1901); Be- 
linda's Cousins (Kilner, 1903) ; Notes to 
the Dream of Grerontius ( 1903 ) ; The 
Sexton-Maginnis Stories (The Century, 
1902-05) ; St. Martin's Summer (1905) ; 
The Watsons of the Country (Kilner, 
1905); and The Wiles of Sexton Ma- 
ginnis (1909). Editor of T'Serclaes de 
Wommerson's Life and Labors of Pope 
Leo XIII (Rand) ; Prose and Poetry of 
Cardinal Newman (Houghton). Has 
contributed to Appleton's Journal, Cath- 
olic Eecord, Philadelphia, Catholic 
World, Catholic University Bulletin, 
Harper's Magazine, Century, Scribner's, 
Lippincott's, Benziger's, Ave Maria, Lon- 
don Graphic, New York Sun and other 
periodicals; has traveled abroad. Is a 
member of the Institute of Literature 
and Art and of several learned societies. 
Clubs: The Authors, New York; The 
Cosmos, Philadelphia; The Club, Copen- 
hagen, Address : The American Legation, 

KES, Rt. Rev. Frederick, D.D.: 

Bishop of Sault Ste. Marie and Mar- 
quette, Mich.; b. January 20, 1843, in 
Arbach, District of Coblentz, Germany; 
came with his parents to the United 
States in 1855; studied for the priest- 
hood in Milwaukee and in Canada; or- 
dained priest by Bishop Mrak, at Mar- 
quette, Mich,, October 30, 1870, Served 
as pastor of St. Peter's Cathedral, Mar- 
quette; Sacred Heart Church, Calumet, 
Mich.; St. Ann's Church, Hancock; St. 
Paul's Church, Negaunee; and at the 
Church of the Guardian Angels, Crys- 
tal Falls. Administrator of diocese upon 
death of Bishop Vertin, March, 1899; 
selected as his successor, and consecrated 
Bishop, August 24, 1899. Address: The 
Cathedral, Marquette, Mich. 

ELDER, Mrs. Susan B. (Blanchard) : 

B. 1835, at Fort Jesup, on the Sabine 
river, a frontier post between Texas and 
Louisiana; d, of Albert G. Blanchard, a 
graduate of West Point, who served 
through the Mexican War and also 
through the Civil War as Brigadier Gen- 
eral ; wufe of Charles D, Elder, brother of 
the late W. H, Elder, Archbishop of Cin- 
cinnati. Received her education at the 
Girls' High School, New Orleans, and at 
St, Michael's Convent, St, James parish, 
Louisiana. Taught mathematics in the 
New Orleans High School for many 
years; served as literary critic for the 
Morning Star ( New Orleans ) , and was a 
contributor to the same paper. Became 
a Catholic in 1850; is a writer of Cath- 
olic essays and of historical sketches 
for New Orleans papers. When the late 
poet, James R. Randall, was living ob- 
scure, and in straitened circumstances in 
New Orleans, as humble editor of a Cath- 
olic Weekly, a few lines from the pen 
of Mrs. Elder aroused a wave of en- 
thusiasm in his native Maryland, and the 
publication of his poem Maryland, My 
Maryland, bore him back to fame and 
friends. Address: 735 Race St., New 
Orleans, La. 

EIIIOTT, Rev. Walter, C.S.P.: 

B. 1842, in Detroit, Michigan; ed. 
by the Christian Brothers and at Notre 
Dame University, Indiana; was a prac- 
ticing lawyer in Detroit before joining 
the Paulists; contributor to The Cath- 
olic World, and other publications. Ad- 
dress: Brookland, Washington, D. C. 

ELSNER, Jessamine Polak, Baroness 
Singer, author; b. 1869, at Burlington, 
Iowa; widow of Joseph Polak, of Brua- 




sels, Belgium, a Hebrew; dispensation 
for the marriage given by Pope Leo 
XIII; d. of Baron Hugo Bogenslav von 
Eisner, member of an ancient noble fam- 
ily at Silesia, and Amanda Kate Dim- 
mett, pioneer settlers in Bloomington, 
111. Ed. at Bates School, Park Institute, 
Chicago; Van Norman Institute, New 
York; private tutors, Paris, France. 
Has been a concert singer in Paris and 
other European cities and in New York; 
has often sung to aid charitable enter- 
prises. Has contributed to the Messen- 
ger of the Sacred Heart. Is a convert, 
baptized, May, 1895, at St. Joseph's 
Church, Paris, France. Her Godmother 
being Mrs. Sarah Houghton Little of 
Paris, sister of Rev. Dr. Houghton of the 
Church of the Transfiguration, New 
York, herself a convert. Traveled 
throughout Europe, residing for twelve 
years in Paris, and one year in Brus- 
sels; visited Italy, Switzerland, Spain, 
Germany, Egypt, Turkey, Holland, Eng- 
land and other countries; has also trav- 
eled in the United Statete. Address: 562 
Park Ave., New York City. 

EMERY, Susan L.: 

Author; b. September 26, 1846, at 
Dorchester (now part of Boston), Mass.; 
of New England Colonial ancestry; ed. 
at Mather Grammar School, High School 
at Dorchester, and Boarding School of 
the Misses Stone, Greenfield, Mass. As- 
sistant editor of the ( Prot. Epis. ) Young 
Christian Soldier, 1871-74; on editorial 
staff of the Sacred Heart Review since 
1891. Author of: Uncle Rod's Pet (Dut- 
ton, 1869); Thoughts for Every Day in 
the Year from the Spiritual Maxims of 
St. John of the Cross (Flynn, Boston, 
1891); Noel (1892); Inner Life of the 
Soul (Ix>ngmans, 1903) ; Short Spiritual 

Messages for the Ecclesiastical Year; 
The Petals of a Little Flower, being the 
translation of the French poem of a 
young Carmelite Nun, Soeur Th6r&se de 
I'Eufant Jesus (Angel Guardian Press, 
Boston, 1906) ; A Catholic Stronghold 
and its Making, being a History of St. 
Peter's Parish, Dorchester, Mass. (in 
press ) . Has contributed to the American 
Catholic Quarterly, Catholic World, Ave 
Maria, Rosary Magazine, Donahoe's, 
Dominicana, Dolphin, Irish Monthly, 
Harper's Magazine and Sacred Heart Re- 
view. Convert to the Church, March 19, 
1875. Address: Sacred Heart Review, 
Cambridge, Mass. 

EMMET, Thomas Addis: 

Physician; b. in Virginia; ed. St. 
Thomas' Hall, Flushing, L. I.; Univer- 
sity of Virginia; received degree of 
M.D. in 1850, and LL.D. (Jefferson, Pa.) 
in 1862. M. Catherine R. Duncan, whose 
mother was a convert.^ President Irish 
Federation of America from May, 1891, 
to 1900, when the organization ceased 
to exist. President of various medical 
societies. Laetare Medalist, 1899. 
Knight Commander of the Order of St. 
Gregory the Great. Aided in developing 
the treatment and surgery of diseases of 
women. Contributor to numerous med- 
ical journals and magazines. Has trav- 
eled in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Mem- 
ber Catholic Club. Residence: 89 Mad- 
ison Ave., New York City. 

ENGEL, Rt. Rev. Peter, O.S.B.: 

Arch- Abbot; b. on February 3, 1856, 
in Dacado, Wis.; ed. St. John's Col- 
lege and Seminary, Collegeville, Minn.; 
received the degree of Ph.D. from St. 
John's University, Collegeville, Minn., 
and taught philosophy at that institu- 



tion from 1888-95; was elected Abbot of 
St. John's Abbey, November, 1894; since 
August 5, 1902, has held the office of 
President of the American Cassinese 
Congregation of the Order of St. Bene- 
dict; president of St. John's University 
since 1895. Has traveled to Home, Italy, 
and France three times. Address: St. 
John's Abbey, Collegeville, Minn. 

ENGELHARDT, Rev. Zephyrin, O.F.M.: 
Educator, Indian missionary and his- 
torian; b. November 13, 1851, at Bils- 
hausen, in Lower Eichsfeld, Hanover, 
Germany; s. of Anthony and Elizabeth 
Engelhardt; reached New York with his 
parents, December 8, 1852; in baptism 
received name of Charles, Ed. at St. 
Mary's Parochial School, Covington, Ky.; 
St. Francis Seraph School, and St. Fran- 
cis Seraph College, Cincinnati, Ohio; ad- 
mitted into Order, September 28, 1873; 
solemn profession took place, December 
22, 1876; studied humanities and phi- 
losophy at Quincy, and theology at St. 
Louis, Mo.; ordained priest, June 18, 
1878. Indian missionary in Wisconsin, 
1880-87; erected Catholic Indian board- 
ing school; Vice-Commissary of the Holy 
Land, July, 1887-August, 1888, and ed- 
ited the Pilgrim of Palestine; mission- 
ary in California, 1888-1900; assistant 
at Franciscan Monastery, Cleveland, 
Ohio, 1890-94; Indian missionary in 
Michigan, 1894-1900; since then in mis- 
sionary work in California. Installed a 
printing office with some Indian com- 
positors, and printed the life of Cath- 
erine Tegakokwita in the Ottawa lan- 
guage (1896). Founded and printed the 
Indian monthly Anishinabe Enamiad, in 
the Ottawa tongue, at Harbor Springs, 
Mich., May 11, 1896-1900. Author of 
Omanomineu Kaechkenohamatwon Kese- 

koch (Indian prayer and instruction 
book); Kateshim (Indian catechism), 
both in the Menominee idiom; Anishi- 
nabe Negamod, a Collection of Hymns 
in the Ottawa and Chippewa Languages 
(Harbor Springs, Mich.) ; The Francis- 
cans in California (printed and published 
by him at Harbor Springs Indian School, 
Michigan, 1897) ; The Franciscans in Ari- 
zona (same place, 1899) ; The Missions 
and Missionaries of California, Vol. I (J. 
H. Barry, San Francisco, 1908) ; The Holy 
Man of Santa Clara; Fr. Magin CatalS, 
O.F.M. (James H. Barry Co., California, 
1909 ) ; contributor to Irish Tertiary, 
Dublin; St. Anthony's Messenger, Cin- 
cinnati; Franziskus Bote, Cincinnati; 
Pilgrim, of Palestine, N. Y. ; Mount An- 
gel Magazine, Oregon; Dominicana, San 
Francisco; and to many weeklies. Trav- 
eled through Mexico for nearly 4 months, 
and through the missions of California, 
Florida, New Mexico (twice), Arizona, 
and Texas (twice), in search of MSS. 
and historical material. Address: Wat- 
sonville, Cal. 

ENGELHARDT, Francis Ernest: 

Chemist; b. June 22, 1835, at Gie- 
boldehausen, former Kingdom of Han- 
over, now Province of Hanover; ed. at 
the Gymnasia in Duderstadt, and Hildes- 
heim; University of Gottingen; received 
honorary degree of Ph.D. from St. Fran- 
cis Xavier's College, New York, in 1864; 
m. Anna Mary Miller, whose parents 
came from Bavaria. Assistant to Pro- 
fessor Friederich Wohler, University of 
Gottingen, 1866-67; at one time Li- 
brarian for the Student's Library in St. 
Francis Xavier's College. Assistant to 
Professor Charles A. Joy, Columbia Col- 
lege, New York City, 1859-60; Professor 
of Chemistry and Natural Sciences in St. 



Francis Xavier's College, New York City, 
1861-67; assistant to Professor W. S. 
Clark, Amherst College, Massachusetts, 
1867-68; Professor oi Materia Medica in 
the New York College of Pharmacy, 
1868-69; State Chemist for the Onon- 
daga Salt Reservation, 1870-90; one of 
the Experts of the State Board of Health, 
1882, and again in 1885, for wine, beer, 
and liquors; City Chemist and Milk In- 
spector for the City of Syracuse, from 
March, 1877, to March, 1886, and again 
from December, 1889, to the present 
time. Author of various articles pub- 
lished in the American Dairyman and 
New York State Dairjinan Association's 
annual publications; oflScial reports on 
the salt industry of Onondaga County to 
the Superintendent of the Onondaga Salt 
Springs, 1871 to 1890; official reports as 
City Chemist and Milk Inspector, pub- 
lished in the Board of Health reports 
of the City of Syracuse; Mining and 
Manufacture of Salt in Bulletin 11, Vol. 
Ill, New York State Museum, April, 
1893. Contributor to Mining and En- 
gineering Journal and to the American 
Chemist. Member and Vice President of 
the Syracuse Branch of the American 
Chemical Society. Member of the Amer- 
ican Association for the Advancement of 
Science; National Geographic Society of 
Washington; New York State Historical 
Society. Corresponding Member of the 
New York Academy of Science. Mem- 
ber (and Chancellor) of the Catholic 
Mutual Benefit Association. Address: 
7 Clinton Block, Syracuse, N. Y. 

ENGLISH, James P.: 

County attorney; b. September 12, 
1859, at Kenosha, Wis.; ed. public and 
parochial schools of Kenosha; m., 1886, 
Margaret Dalton. Admitted to the bar 

in Nebraska, 1880; was in the office of 
the late Judge Wool worth for several 
years; prosecuting attorney, Omaha, 
1903-10; county attorney of Douglas 
County, Neb., 1903-04, and 1907 to date. 
Member of Creighton University Faculty 
of Law. Address: 525 South Thirty- 
first St., Omaha, Neb. 

ERLAN6ER, Baronne d': 

(Mathilde Marguerite Slidell) ; d. of 
Hon. John Slidell, Senator, and United 
States District Attorney for Louisiana, 
and Mathilde (Deslonde) Slidell; b. No- 
vember, 1842, on the plantation of her 
grandfather, Andr6 Deslonde, in Louisi- 
ana; is a niece of General Beauregard; 
m., in 1884, Baron d'Erlanger. Her fa- 
ther, John Slidell, was appointed (Sep- 
tember, 18f61) Commissioner of the Con- 
federate States to France, and ran the 
blockade from Charleston, S. C. At Ha- 
vana, with James M. Mason, Commission- 
er to England, he embarked upon the 
British steamer Trent, which was over- 
hauled, November 8, by Captain Charles 
Wilkes, in the United States sloop San 
Jacinto, and the Envoys and their Secre- 
taries were arrested and confined for a 
time in Fort Warren, Boston. Upon the 
demand of England, the act of Captain 
Wilkes was disavowed by the United 
States, and the Commissioners were al- 
lowed to sail for England in January, 
1862. Address: 76 Avenue Kl§ber, 
Paris, France. 

EBSEINE, Thomas: 

British Consul, St. Louis, Mo., since 
1908; b. June 24, 1859, in England; 
great-grandson of Thomas Erskine (cre- 
ated Baron Erskine), Lord High Chan- 
cellor of England (1806); great-great- 
grandson of the tenth Earl of Buchan. 



Ed. at Haileybury College (England) ; 
received honorary degree of LL.D. ( 1907 ) 
from St. Ignatius College, Chicago, 111.; 
has traveled in Europe, Africa and Ice- 
land; came to California in 1890; Brit- 
ish Vice Consul in Chicago, 1900-08; m. 
Amy, daughter of Lieutenant-General 
Robert Bruce, brother of Lord Aberdare, 
of the Corbet family, who are descended 
in an unbroken line from Corbeau (or 
Corbet), a noble Norman who came to 
England with William the Conqueror. 
The ancient home of the family, Moreton 
Corbet Castle in Shropshire, was de- 
stroyed by fire during the Civil Wars, 
and is now a beautiful ruin. Mr. and 
Mrs. Erskine and their children were 
received into the Church in 1897. Ad- 
dress: British Consulate, St. Louis, Mo.j 
Residence: 4214 Westminster Place. 

ETHIER, Joseph Arthur Calixte: 

Advocate and King's Counsel; b. May 
26, 1868, at St. Benoit, Two Mountains, 
Quebec; s. of J. B. Bthier, and his wife, 
Julie Boyer; ed. at Montreal College; 
m. a daughter of Dr. L. A. Fortier. 
Deputy Prothonotary of District of Ter- 
rebonne, 1888-95; Crown Prosecutor of 
District of Terrebonne; Mayor of the 
Village of St. Scholastique, second term; 
Secretary-Treasurer of Schools, rural 
municipalities of St. Scholastique and 
St. Colombin; Secretary of La Compagnie 
d'Assurance Mutuelle de la paroisse de 
St. Scholastique; Director of the Central 
Railway Co. of Canada. First elected at 
general election, June 23, 1896, by a ma- 
jority of 17; re-elected at general elec- 
tion, 1900, by 131; re-elected at bye- 
election, February, 1903, by a majority 
of 124; re-elected at general election, 
1904, by a majority of 129. Elected 
Chairman of Commission on Miscella- 

neous Private Bills at Session of 1907. 
Address: St. Scholastique, Que., Canada. 

EVANS, Richard Joseph: 

Architectural designer; Supervisor of 
Records of the Sewerage and Water 
Board, New Orleans, La.; b. July 15, 
1837, in Washington, D. C; s. of Dr. 
John Evans, United States Greologist, and 
of Sarah Jane Evans, daughter of Rob- 
ert Mills, United States Government 
architect and civil engineer. Is a de- 
scendant of prominent families of New 
Hampshire and Pennsylvania, whose 
members were distinguished on Bench 
and Bar, and in the Army. His father 
made the first geological survey of Wis- 
consin, Iowa, and Nebraska, and discov- 
ered deposits of fossil bones of animals 
in the bad lands of Nebraska. He was 
very popular among the Indians of the 
North West, for having eradicated an 
epidemic of smallpox among them. 
Richard Joseph Evans was educated at 
Rittenhouse Academy, Washington, D. 
C; entered United States Coast and 
Geodetic Survey in 1855; studied archi- 
tecture and civil engineering under Rob- 
ert Mills, his grandfather; removed to 
New Orleans in 1859, when he joined 
the Catholic Church. Public school 
teacher in 1860, and later principal of 
St. Alphonsus's Boys School; m., Feb- 
ruary 4, 1861, Marie Anais Denis6 de 
Largarde, daughter of J. B. de Lagarde, 
of France, and Athenais Dimitry of New 
Orleans, his wife. One of their daugh- 
ters, Anais, is now Sister Margaret Mary 
Evans, teacher in a Convent academy at 
Tepexpam, Mexico, and another daugh- 
ter, Mathilde Dimitry Evans, is now Sis- 
ter Maria Richard, in the Convent of 
Santa Maria, Ripa, St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. 
Evans' father was a soldier in Napo- 



Icon's army in his Spanish campaigns; 
and her brother, Professor Ernest La- 
garde, has been for 25 years teacher of 
modern languages and belles lettres, at 
St. Joseph Seminary, Maryland. Her 
mother was sister of Professor Alexander 
Dimitry, who was the first State Su- 
perintendent of public education in 
Louisiana, and an eminent linguist, 
writer and orator. Before the Civil War, 
Mr. Evans served as Secretary and Su- 
perintendent of the New Orleans, Car- 
rollton & Lake Railroad Co., and when 
hostilities began, enlisted as a Confed- 
erate soldier in the Twenty-fourth Louisi- 
ana Regiment; Manager of a suburban 
railroad line in New Orleans during the 
occupancy of the city by Federal troops; 
chief engineer and assistant superintend- 
ent of the New Orleans, Opelousas & 
Great Western Railroad, afterwards the 
Morgan Louisiana & Texas Railroad; de- 
signed an adaptation of stern wheel 
steamboats to be used as transfers of 
loaded freight trains over rivers; in 1871, 
appointed by New Orleans City Council 
on a Committee of Consulting Engineers 
to determine on the city's system of 
drainage; in charge of the reconstruction 
work of the Gulf, Western Texas & Pa- 
cific Railroad, when its terminus, In- 
dianola, Tex., had to be abandoned be- 
cause twice almost destroyed by severe 
storms. Appointed draughtsman in the 
Washington (D. C.) Navy Yard; trans- 
ferred to Bureau of Steam Engineering 
in Navy Department; resident Engineer 
of Construction of the New Orleans Pa- 
cific Railroad terminals of New Orleans; 
Chief Engineer of Construction of the 
Memphis, Selma & Brunswick Railroad. 
Since 1897 Custodian and Supervisor of 
Records of the Sewerage and Water 

Board of New Orleans. Member of St. 
Vincent de Paul Society, and the Cath- 
olic Knights of America. Address: 1221 
Constance St., New Orleans, La. 

EVANTTTREL, Hon. Alfred: 

Speaker of the Ontario House of As- 
sembly; b. 1849, at Quebec; s. of Hon. 
F. Evanturel, Canadian Minister of 
Agriculture; ed. at Quebec Seminary and 
Laval (LL.D.) ; called to the bar; sat 
for Prescott County in the Provincial 
Parliament for 18 years; twice elected 
Speaker of the Ontario Legislature; was 
Hon. Commissioner for the Dominion at 
the Paris Exposition of 1900. Address: 
Quebec, Canada. 

EWING, Mrs. Mary Emilia: 

Author; b. November 13, 1872, in Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio; ed. at Notre Dame Acad- 
emy, Cincinnati ( 12 years course) . Her 
great-grandfather. General John White- 
side, was an early pioneer of Illinois. 
Her husband, Edwin Chapin Ewing, is 
related to the late Mrs. W. T. Sherman, 
wife of the General; also, through his 
mother, Harriet Poe, to the late Edgar 
Allen Poe. Mrs. Ewing, who is a con- 
tributor to the secular and religious press 
of Cincinnati and Chicago, has a volume 
of poems in preparation. Member Cath- 
olic Women's League, and The Western 
Catholic Writers' Guild. Address: 4724 
North Ashland Ave., Chicago, 111. 

EWING, Eev. Hugh: 

B. Lancaster, Ohio ; s. of General Hugh 
Ewing, and cousin of Father Sherman, 
S.J. A quiet and successful pastor, en- 
gaged in building up a new parish in 
Milo, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Ad- 
dress: Milo, Ohio. 

FABACHER, Lawrence: 

Capitalist; b. in 1853, at New Or- 
leans; s, of Joseph Fabacher; m. An- 
toinette Wagner; has had family of 8 
children; ed. at Hedemptorists' School. 
Went into business with his father, who 
owned the Fabacher Restaurant; is now 
President of the Jackson Brewing Co.; 
member of Board of Directors of the 
Whitney National Bank, the Lepers 
Home, St. Mary's Orphan Asylum, and 
the Chinchuba Deaf Mute Institute; a 
benefactor of the Church; presented 
Archbishop Blenk with a pectoral cross 
when His Grace took possession of his 
See, July, 1906, and it was through his 
efforts that the Archbishop's residence 
was purchased. Has made several trips 
to Europe and was received in special 
audience by the Holy Father. Named a 
Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the 
Great by Pope Pius X, July, 1909. 
Member of the Superior and particular 
Councils of the Society of St. Vincent 
de Paul; Director of St. Joseph's So- 
ciety and Holy Trinity Society. Ad- 
dress: 5705 St. Charles Ave., New Or- 
leans, La. 

FABRICIAN, Brother (Felix Loranger 
Pellerin) : 
Of the Christian Brothers; b. 1843, in 
Quebec, Canada. His paternal ancestors 
were among the exiled Acadians, of whom 
the City of Boston sought to rid itself 
by deporting them to the West Indies; 
being seafaring men, the exiles got con- 

trol of the vessel and sailed for Quebec. 
Brother Fabrician received his elemen- 
tary education in the schools of the 
Christian Brothers, and at the age of 
16 entered their novitiate in Montreal. 
For ten years he was engaged in pa- 
rochial school work in New York, dur- 
ing which time he perfected his knowl- 
edge of pedagogy and enlarged his expe- 
rience. Since the early seventies he has 
taught in the colleges of his society in 
France, England, and the United States. 
He serves at present as professor of phi- 
losophy and psychology and dean of the 
department of letters in St. Mary's Col- 
lege, Oakland, Cal. He is a well known 
lecturer, being frequently called upon to 
address teachers' institutes, literary so- 
cieties, and other organizations. Ad- 
dress: St. Mary's College, Oakland, Cal. 

FAGAN, Charles A.: 

Lawyer; b. 1859, in Pittsburg; ed. at 
St. Mary's Parochial school, at Pittsburg 
Catholic College, and at Ewalt College. 
In 1887 was admitted to the bar and 
served for a time" as Assistant District 
Attorney. He is associated in the prac- 
tice of law with Senator W. A. Magee, 
as Fagan & Magee. Mr. Fagan serves 
as Director in various corporations, 
among them being the German National 
Bank, the Post Publishing Co., the Iron 
City Sanitary Manufacturing Co., the 
Zelienople Extension Co., the Forbes 
Land Co., the Felterman Land Co., the 
Duquesne Fire Proofing Co., and the 




East End Savings and Trust Co. Mem- 
ber of the Duquesne, the Union, Mo- 
nongahela County, and the Highland 
Golf Clubs; also President of the Board 
of Directors of the Charity Hospital. 
Address: 518 Fourth Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

PAGAN, Mark M.: 

Three times Mayor of Jersey City; b. 
in 1869, at Jersey City, N. J.; parents 
died when he was a boy; nephew of John 
F. McNulty, of Jersey City; was a news- 
boy and later worked for his uncle. In 
1896 was elected Freeholder in the Fifth 
Ward on the Republican ticket; ran for 
State Senator in 1900 against Robert S. 
Hudspeth, but was defeated; in 1901 
was elected Mayor of Jersey City, de- 
feating George T. Smith, Vice President 
of First National Bank, of Jersey City; 
began a crusade to force railroads to pay 
more taxes and inaugurated an equal 
taxation fight; secured the passage of 
laws to improve the condition of the 
poor and introduced free open-air con- 
cert, free bath houses and free dispen- 
saries; helped to organize the New Idea 
wing of the Republican Party; started 
the war in New Jersey against special 
privileges to corporations; claims that he 
was three times elected Mayor without 
resource to the saloon vote, or any can- 
vass of the same. Address: Jersey City, 
N. J. 

FAIRBANKS, Very Rev. Hiram Fran- 
B. May 25, 1845, at Leon, N. Y.; s. of 
a Protestant minister. Among the an- 
cestors of Father Fairbanks were Henry 
Adams, the ancestor of John Adams and 
John Quincy Adams; John Coolidge, who 
is the ancestor of the present great- 
grandchildren of Thomas Jefferson; Jon- 

athan Fairbanks, who built the old house 
at Dedham in 1636, believed to be the 
oldest occupied house in the United 
States; former Vice-President Charles 
W. Fairbanks is a kinsman. Ed. at 
Lawrence University, Appleton, Wis.; 
St. Louis University; St. Francis Theo- 
logical Seminary, St. Francis, Wis. Re- 
ceived into the Church, March, 1863. Or- 
dained priest, January 29, 1868; Rector 
of St. Patrick's Church, Milwaukee, 
since 1881, and a consultor of the Arch- 
diocese of Milwaukee; has done parish 
work at Janesville, East Troy and White- 
water, Wis. Traveled extensively in Eu- 
rope, Asia and Africa. Author of A 
Visit to Europe and the Holy Land 
(Benziger) ; Ancestry of Henry Adams. 
Member of the Archaeological Institute 
of America; Historical Society of Wis- 
consin; Alumni Association of St. Fran- 
cis Seminary; Alumni Association of 
Marquette University. Address: 467 
Washington St., Milwaukee, Wis, 

FAIRFAX, John Wheeler: 

B. November 18, 1841, at New Or- 
leans; member of the Fairfax family, of 
Yorkshire, England; m. Virginia Wash- 
ington, of the Virginia Washington fam- 
ily and a convert. Ed. public schools. 
In early youth engaged in newspaper 
work. Entered the Confederate Army 
from the Commercial Bulletin Office, 
New Orleans; was associate editor of the 
True Delta; the Times; editor and owner 
of the Daily Item after 1865, retiring, 
1892. Was received into the Church, 
April, 1895. Has traveled in Europe. 
Member of St. Vincent de Paul Society, 
Catholic Alumni Sodality, League of the 
Sacred Heart, Bona Mors, Auxiliary of 
the Good Shepherd. Address: New Or- 
leans, La. 



FALCONIO, His Excellency, the Most 
Rev. Diomede: 
Apostolic Delegate; b. September 20, 
1842, at Pescocostanzo, a parish in the 
Diocese of Monte Casino in the Abruzzi, 
Italy; entered the Franciscan Order 
(September 2, 1860). On the comple- 
tion of his studies, he was sent as mis- 
sionary to the United States; arrived 
at the Mother House of the Franciscans 
in Allegany, N. Y. about the middle of 
December; in the following month (Jan- 
uary 4, 1866) ordained priest by Mgr. 
Timon, Bishop of Buffalo; appointed 
professor of philosophy and vice-presi- 
dent of St. Bonaventure's College at 
Allegany, N. Y. (1866); professor of 
theology and secretary of the Franciscan 
Province of the Immaculate Conception 
(1867) ; in 1868 he became president of 
the College and Seminary of St. Bona- 
venture. On November 29, 1871, at the 
request of the Bishop of Harbor-Grace, 
he was sent to Newfoundland by his su- 
periors, and filled the offices of Secre- 
tary and chancellor to the Bishop, and 
of Rector of the Cathedral. Left Har- 
bor-Grace in 1882, receiving on his de- 
parture the most touching demonstra- 
tions of esteem and affection; spent one 
more year in the United States, returned 
to Italy in 1883, where he was elected 
Provincial of the Franciscans in the 
Abruzzi. He was successively re-elected 
Provincial, and at the same time charged 
with the office of Commissary, and Vis- 
itor-General of the Province of Naples, 
Sjoiodal-Examiner for the Diocese of 
Aquila, Commissary and Visitor-General 
of the I'ranciscan Province in Puglia, 
and of the Sisters, called Stimatine, of 
the Roman Province. In October, 1889, 
the General Chapter of the Franciscan 
Order, held in Rome, unanimously chose 

him as Procurator-General, and, whilst 
occupying this post, he was several 
times charged with important missions, 
such as Commissary and Visitor-General 
in various Provinces of the Order (1889- 
92). On the 11th of July, 1892, when 
preparing to visit the Provinces of the 
Order in France, he was preconized 
Bishop of Lacedonia and consecrated on 
the 17th of the same month at Rome by 
His Eminence, Cardinal Monaco La 
Valletta, Dean of the Sacred-College. 
He made his solemn entrance into the 
Diocese of Lacedonia the 2nd of Feb- 
ruary, 1893, and at once began work, 
winning the respect and affection of 
clergy, laity and civil authorities. On 
the 29th of November, 1895, the Holy 
Father raised the Bishop of Lacedonia 
to the United Archiepiscopal See of Ac- 
cerenza and Matera, in Basilicata, and 
on the 3d of August, 1899, Leo XIII 
appointed Mgr. Falconio first Apostolic 
Delegate to Canada. He took possession 
at Quebec on October 1, 1899. Nomi- 
nated Apostolic Delegate to the United 
States, September 30, 1902, he took pos- 
session at Washington, on November 21, 
of that year. Address: Washington, D. 

FALLON, Joseph Daniel: 

Jurist; b. December 25, 1837, in 
Doniry, County Galway, Ireland; s. of 
Daniel and Julia (Coen) Fallon, who 
came to America in 1851. Graduated 
with honors from Holy Cross College, 
Worcester, 1858; received degree of A.B., 
1858; A.M., 1862, Georgetown College 
(Holy Cross College then being unchar- 
tered) ; LL.D., College of Holy Cross, 
1899. After leaving college, taught 
school in Woonsocket, R. I., Salem, and 
Boston, Mass. Studied law in Salem. 


Admitted to bar in 1865, and began prac- 
ticing same year in Boston. When the 
Municipal Court of South Boston was 
established in 1873, he was appointed 
special justice. In 1893 became its pre- 
siding judge, a position which he still 
holds. Member of the School Commit- 
tee, 1864-90. Member of examiners of 
Massachusetts Civil Service Commission 
for Boston; president and trustee of the 
Union Institution for Savings; formerly 
president of the Catholic Union; ex-pres- 
ident of the Charitable Irish Society. 
For a long period has been identified ac- 
tively with religious, charitable, and edu- 
cational movements. Was the first Cath- 
olic ever appointed on the bench of a 
court of record in Massachusetts. Has 
been legal adviser for a number of clergy- 
men, men of wealth and prominence, and 
corporations throughout the common- 
wealth. M. Sarah E. Daly, in Boston, 
August 9, 1870. Office: 56 Pemberton 
Square, Boston, Mass.; Residence, Inde- 
pendence Square, South Boston. 

FAILON, Very Rev. Michael Francis, 
O.M.I. : 
B. May 17, 1867, at Kingston, On- 
tario, Canada; ed. at parochial schools, 
Kingston; Ottawa University (B.A., 
1889; B.D., 1892); D.D., Rome, 1894. 
Vice Rector, Ottawa University, 1896- 
98; Provincial, Oblates of Mary Im- 
maculate in the United States, 1904 to 
date. Began agitation in Canada against 
the King's Coronation Oath, and suc- 
ceeded in having Canadian Parliament 
pass ( 1899 ) a resolution on the subject 
and present an address to the King pray- 
ing for relief. Author of pamphlet The 
Declaration against Catholic Doctrines 
which Accompanies the Coronation Oath 
of the British Sovereign (Ottawa, 1899). 

Member of Ancient Order of Hiberians; 
Knights of Columbus. Club: University. 
Address: 348 Porter Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

FANinNG, Rev. William Henry Wind- 
sor, S.J.: 
Priest; s. of Charles and Catherine 
(Windsor) Fanning; b. July 9, 1861; 
ed. St. Louis schools, and in the academic 
department of St. Louis University; 
made his collegiate course at St. Igna- 
tius College, Chicago, 111.; entered the 
Society of Jesus, August 7, 1878, and 
after a three years' course of philosophy 
and science at Woodstock College, Mary- 
land, became professor of literature at 
St. Ignatius College and St. Louis Uni- 
versity; went to Europe in 1891 and took 
an extended course of theological and 
canonical lectures at the University of 
Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria; ordained to 
the priesthood, July 26, 1894; returned 
to the United States and was made Vice- 
President of Marquette University, Mil- 
waukee, Wis., and two years later (1899) 
was called to the chair of canon law and 
ecclesiastical history at St. Louis Uni- 
versity; in 1908 he was chosen Dean 
of the Divinity and Philosophical Facul- 
ties there. Editor and compiler of The 
Diamond Jubilee of St. Louis University 
(Little & Becker, St. Louis, 1904) ; and 
of the Handbook of Ceremonies (B. Her- 
der, St. Louis and Freiberg, 1907). 
Contributor to the Catholic Encyclopedia, 
to America, New York City, and various 
reviews. Residence: St. Louis Univer- 
sity, St. Louis, Mo. 

FANNING, William Joseph: 

Lawyer; b. July 12, 1850, at Crescent, 
Saratoga County, N. Y.; s. of James 
Fanning; ed. in his native county and at 
the University of New York City (law 



department), receiving the degree of 
LL.B.; m., October 19, 1881, Annie C. 
Ashman. Engaged in the practice of law 
in New York City since 1880; attorney 
for Hotel Association since 1882; de- 
clined appointment as City Magistrate; 
school trustee, eighteenth ward, two 
years. Director, secretary, and treasurer, 
Sinclair Realty Co. Member, Metropoli- 
tan Museum of Art. Clubs: Catholic; 
Manhattan; National Democratic. Ad- 
dress: 31 Nassau St., New York City. 

FARGIS, Joseph H.: 

Counsellor at law; b, December 31, 
1869, at New York City; ed. at public 
schools; College of St. Francis Xavier, 
including Preparatory and Grammar De- 
partments (A.B. in 1887; A.M.); Co- 
lumbia Law School (LL.B. in 1889). 
Counsellor at law in New York City; 
president of New York County Federa- 
tion of Catholic Societies; Vice-Presi- 
dent of New York State Federation of 
Catholic Societies; member of Law Com- 
mittee, American Federation of Catholic 
Societies. Promoted the introduction of 
the American Federation of Catholic So- 
cieties in County of New York. Is a 
Grand Knight, and District Deputy 
Supreme Knight, of the Knights of 
Columbus; member of Xavier Alumni 
Sodality (President, 1900); Alumni As- 
sociation of the College of St. Francis 
Xavier (President) ; Marquette League 
(President) ; Catholic Converts League; 
Friendly Sons of St. Patrick; St. Vin- 
cent de Paul Society, and the Catholic 
Club. Address: 37 Liberty St., New 
York City. 

FARLEY, Most Rev. John M., DD.: 

Archbishop of New York; b. April 20, 
1842, at Newtown, Hamilton, County 

Armagh, Ireland; s. of Philip and Cath- 
erine (Murphy) Farley; ed. at St. Ma- 
cartan's College, Monaghan; St. John's 
College, Fordham, N. Y.; St. Joseph's 
Seminary, Troy, N. Y.; and the Ameri- 
can College, Rome; ordained priest in 
Rome, June 11, 1870. Assistant rector 
St. Peter's Church, New Brighton, Staten 
Island, 1870; secretary to Archbishop 
McCloskey, 1872 to 1884; private cham- 
berlain to Pope Leo XIII, with title of 
Monsignor, 1884; vicar general, arch- 
diocese of New York, 1891; domestic 
prelate of Pope Leo XIII, 1892; pro- 
thonotary apostolic, 1895; appointed 
auxiliary bishop of New York and titular 
bishop of Zeugma, December 21, 1895; 
appointed administrator of New York, 
May 5, 1902; archbishop of New York, 
September 15, 1902, succeeding Arch- 
bishop Corrigan; assistant at the Pontif- 
ical Throne, December 4, 1904. Au- 
thor of Neither Generous Nor Just 
(Catholic World, 1889) ; Life of Car- 
dinal McCloskey (Historical Records and 
Studies, New York, 1899-1900) ; and 
Why Church Property Should Not be 
Taxed (Forum, 1893); History of St. 
Patrick's Cathedral, New York (1908). 
Address: 452 Madison Ave., New York. 

FARREIL, Edward D.: 

Merchant; b. 1847, in Ireland; m. Miss 
McGowan, of New York. Generous con- 
tributor to deserving charities. Member 
of the Catholic Club. Address: 18 West 
Eighty-sixth St., New York City. 

FARRELL, Hugh F. E.: 

Editor, journalist; b. January 5, 1856, 
at Salem, Essex County, Mass.; ed. at 
St. James Catholic School and public 
schools of Salem, Mass. Court and 
Municipal Reporter of Salem Daily Ga- 



zette, 1892-94, and of Salem Evening 
News, 1894-1903; Municipal Reporter 
and Editor, 1908 — of Daily Evening 
Item, Lynn, Mass. Member of Executive 
Board, Boston Archdiocesan Branch, and 
Librarian of Essex County Branch, of the 
American Federation of Catholic Socie- 
ties. Member of St. Vincent de Paul 
Society, Catholic Church Extension So- 
ciety, New England Catholic Historical 
Society, Essex Institute, Massachusetts 
and Irish Charitable Society, Boston; 
honorary member of Ancient Order of 
Hibernians. Address: 16 Winthrop St., 
Salem, Mass. 

FARRELL, James Charles: 

Capitalist; b. March 24, 1870, in Al- 
bany, N. Y. ; s. of John Henry and 
Mary V. (Gibbons) Farrell; father was 
a distinguished editor and publisher, re- 
spected and trusted by all who knew him, 
who took a prominent part in Catholic 
affairs and was a trustee of the Cathe- 
dral, St. Agnes Cemetery, and other in- 
stitutions. Grandfather, John Gibbons, 
was contractor for the foundation of St. 
Patrick's Cathedral, New York City, and 
assisted at the laying of the cornerstone. 
Ed. by the Christian Brothers (grad- 
uated, 1886), and at St. John's Col- 
lege, Fordham, N. Y. ; m,, April 5, 
1893, Margaret Ruth, daughter of An- 
thony N. Brady. Editor and publisher; 
director Albany Evening Union Co., and 
Commerce Insurance Co., of Albany. 
Treasurer Helderberg Cement Co.; Al- 
bany Argus, and various other corpora- 
tions. Resident Vice-President, National 
Surety Co. Life member of The Cath- 
olic Union. Clubs: Fort Orange; Al- 
.bany; Albany Country; National Demo- 
cratic. Address: Thurlow Terrace, 
Albany, N. Y. 

FARRELLY, Rt. Rev. John Patrick, 

Bishop of Cleveland; b. on March 
15, 1856, at Memphis, Tenn.; s. of John 
P. and Martha Clay (Moore) Farrelly; 
ed. grammar schools of Tennessee, Ar- 
kansas, and Kentucky; Georgetown Uni- 
versity, Washington, D. C; Notre Dame 
de la Paix, Namur, Belgium; American 
College, Rome, Italy, where he received 
the Doctorate in Sacred Theology. Or- 
dained priest, May 22, 1880, by Cardinal 
Monaca Lavalletta, in the Lateran 
Basilica, Rome; Assistant at the Ca- 
thedral, Nashville, Tenn., October 5, 
1882; Pastor of the Cathedral; Chan- 
cellor (June, 1883) of the Diocese of 
Nashville; Secretary to the American 
Bishops at Rome, September 25, 1887; 
Spiritual Director of American College, 
Rome, 1894-1909; consecrated Bishop of 
Cleveland, May 1, 1909, in the chapel 
of the American College, Rome, by Car- 
dinal Gotti, Prefect of the Propaganda, 
assisted by Bishop Morris, of Little Rock, 
and Bishop Kennedy, Rector of the Amer- 
ican College; installed as Bishop, in the 
Cleveland Cathedral, June 13, 1909. 
Bishop Farrelly's father was a leading 
lawyer of Memphis, and represented that 
city in the State Legislature; member 
of the famous Long Legislature (so 
called on account of the length of the 
session, 1859-61 ) , in which the question 
of separation from the Union was dis- 
cussed. Mr. Farrelly was among those 
who opposed separation. The Bishop's 
grandfather, Colonel Terrence Farrelly, 
a distinguished lawyer and Judge of the 
Courts, wrote the first constitution of 
the State of Arkansas, which was ad- 
mitted to the Union during the admin- 
istration of President Jackson, in June, 
1836. His granduncle, Patrick Farrelly, 



who lived in Meadville, Pa., married a 
daughter of General Mead, the founder 
of Meadville. Address: 1007 Superior 
Ave., N. E., Cleveland, Ohio. 

FARRELLY, Stephen: 

Manager, American News Co., New 
York City; b. 1843, in Ireland; father 
emigrated, with family, to America dur- 
ing the political troubles of 1848. En- 
tered service (1860) of Dexter & Broth- 
er, news agents, New York City, later 
prominent members of the American News 
Co.; became manager of book firm of 
John M. Cooper & Co., Savannah, Ga., 
1864, then in financial straits as a re- 
sult of the war; administered affairs 
successfully, became a partner, and con- 
tinued as such until 1869, when he re- 
turned to New York City, and estab- 
lished the New York News Co. This 
subsequently became merged in the Amer- 
ican News Co., of which he was made a 
director; went to Philadelphia, 1878, as 
manager of Central News Co. (branch 
of American News Co.) ; inaugurated the 
wagon delivery system and the method 
of short credits and quick collections; at 
present Manager, American News Co. 
M. Rose Sleven, of Cincinnati. Treas- 
urer Catholic Orphan Asylum; member 
of Catholic Club, Knights of Columbus, 
etc. Address: 39 Chambers St., New 
York City. 

FAVREATT, Joseph Arthur: 

B. May 17, 1873, at Spencer, Mass.; 
ed. in the parochial school, Willimantic, 
Conn.; and at the Petit Seminaire de 
Sainte-Marie de Monnoir, Marieville, P. 
Q.; m. Chrona Hermine C6t6. Assistant 
Editor of L'Opinion Publique, Worcester, 
Mass., 1894-99; Editor, 1899-1902. Ex- 
aminer of Stations at Boston Postoffice, 

1902-05; Assistant Cashier of same, 
1905 to date. Organizer and Secretary 
of General Congress of French- Americans 
of New England and New York State 
held at Springfield, Mass., in 1901 ; vice- 
chairman, Worcester (Mass.) Republican 
City Committee, 1902; assistant secre- 
tary Soci€t6 Historique Franco-Am6ri- 
caine, 1899-1905, and secretary of same 
since 1905. Author of La Grande Se- 
maine, an historical account of the Ter- 
centenary celebration of the Discovery 
of Lake Champlain (Belisle Printing 4; 
Publishing Co., Worcester, Mass., 1909). 
Contributor to the Catholic Fortnightly 
Review (Bridgeton, Mo.) ; Bulletin de 
la Soci€t6 Historique Franco- Am^ricaine 
( Boston, Mass. ) ; Bulletin du Parler 
Frangais (Quebec, Canada). Also, con- 
tributor to the Catholic Encyclopedia 
(Robert Appleton & Co., New York) : 
Vol. VI, art. French Catholics in the 
United States. Member Soci6t6 Histori- 
que Franco- Am6ricaine ; Soci6t6 du Par- 
ler Frangais au Canada; L'Union Saint- 
Jean-Baptiste d'Am^rique; Postmasters' 
Association of New England; Boston 
City Club; and French- American Repub- 
lican Club of Massachusetts. Address: 
P. p. Box 1575, Boston, Mass. 

FAY, Rev. Sigourney Webster, A.B.: 

B. on June 16, 1875, in Philadelphia, 
Pa.; s. of the late Brevet Lieutenant- 
Colonel Alfred Forbes Fay, U. S. A., by 
his wife, Susan Hutchinson. Prepared 
for College at Mr. Martin's Private 
School, Philadelphia; attended the Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, and received 
the degree of A.B. in 1897. Entered the 
Episcopal Divinity School, Philadelphia; 
in 1902, was ordained Deacon by Bishop 
Weller, Coadjutor Bishop of Fond du 
Lac, Wis.; ordained to Episcopal Priest- 



hood by Bishop Grafton at St. Edward's, 
N. Y., 1903; made Archdeacon of Fond 
du Lac in 1903; served as Professor of 
Dogma and Moral Theology at Nashotah 
Seminary, Wisconsin, in 1906, and the 
same year resigned from that position 
and was made Canon of the Cathedral, 
Fond du Lac; delegate, in 1907, to the 
Episcopal Convention at Richmond, Va.; 
and on June 8, 1908, was received into 
the Catholic Church at Deal, N. J.; in 
1909 matriculated student at Divinity 
Hall, Catholic University of America, 
Washington, D. C. ; ordained priest, June 
21, 1910, at the Baltimore Cathedral, by 
His Eminence, Cardinal Gibbons. Ad- 
dress: Deal Beach, N. J. 

FAY, Thomas P.: 

Lawj'er; b. in Trenton, N. J.; ap- 
pointed on the Board of Trustees of the 
Reform School for Girls, by Governor 
Stokes, and is now president of the 
Board; is prominent among the Knights 
of Columbus, and was for several years 
State Deputy. Address: Long Branch, 
N. J. 

FAY, Willard: 

B. October 8, 1871, in Highland Park, 
111.; 8. of A. Irving and Ida (Wilson) 
Fay; received a high school education, 
and after leaving school devoted himself 
to journalism for a number of years; in 
1892 was city editor of the Waco Day, 
Waco, Tex., and his More or Less column 
was quoted by newspapers all over the 
country; m., in 1901, Marie Lucille Har- 
bine, of Xenia, Ohio; from 1893 to 1903 
was connected with the ^tna Powder 
Co., of Chicago; became identified with 
Libby, McNeill & Libby, Chicago, in 
1903, and is now manager of their south- 
western business with headquarters at 

Los Angeles. Convert to the Church, 
having entered in 1897. Member of the 
Knights of Columbus, of the Merchants 
& Manufacturers Association, and the 
Chamber of Commerce, Los Angeles. 
Club: Los Angeles Athletic. Address: 
160 Central Ave., Los Angeles, Cal., 
care of Libby, McNeill & Libby. 

FEALEY, Hiss Haude (Mrs. Lonis E. 
Sherwin) : 
Actress; b. March 4, 1886, in Memphis, 
Tenn. Her mother, Margaret Fealey, 
was on the stage for eighteen years, and 
now conducts the Tabor School of Act- 
ing at Denver, Colo. Miss Fealey first 
appeared on the stage at the age of 4 
in the tableau of Faust and Marguerite, 
her mother playing Marguerite. As a 
pupil of her mother's school Miss Fealey 
appeared in public as Vera in Moths; 
Juliet in Romeo and Juliet; Galatea in 
Pygmalion and Galatea; Louise in The 
Two Orphans; in Sweet Lavender; and 
as Kathleen in Mavourneen. She was 14 
years old when Augustin Daly saw her 
play Juliet, and was so impressed that 
he engaged her for five years. Mr. 
Daly's death canceled this contract, and 
Miss Fealey was engaged for Eunice in 
Quo Vadis, by F. C. Whitney, under 
whose direction she made her first ap- 
pearance in New York. This led to her 
engagement as leading woman by Wil- 
liam Gillette. Miss Fealey, who at that 
time was 16 years old, remained with 
Mr. Gillette for two seasons, playing in 
this country and in England the role of 
Alice Faulkner in Sherlock Holmes. 
Her work in England attracted E. S. 
Willard, with whom she played Lucy in 
The Professor's Love Story; Mary in 
The Middleman; Ada in David Garrick; 
and Filaberta in The Cardinal. Fol- 



lowing this engagement Miss Fealey sup- 
ported Orrin Johnson as a co-star in 
Hearts Courageous at the Broadway 
Theatre. She also played Felicite in Mrs. 
Francis Hodgson Burnett's play, That 
Man and I. The most important engage- 
ment of her career was that of leading 
woman with Sir Henry Irving, she play- 
ing Ellen Terry's roles of Rosamonde in 
Becket; Julie in The Lyons Mail; Norah 
in Waterloo; and Marie in Louis XL In 
the season of 1907, Miss Fealey starred 
as Ernestine in Martha Morton's The 
Truth Tellers, but ended as leading 
woman with William Collier in On the 
Quiet. Miss Fealey has starred at 
Elitch's Garden in Denver every sum- 
mer for many years, during which time 
she has appeared in A Hoyal Family; 
Prince and the Pauper; Dorothy Ver- 
non; Little Lord Fauntleroy; Mice and 
Men ; The Little Minister ; When Knight- 
hood Was in Flower; Romeo and Juliet; 
The Christian; Faust; and Lady Dainty. 
In September, 1906, Miss Fealey signed 
with John Cort for five years, making 
her first appearance as a star in the title 
role of Martha Morton's latest comedy, 
The Illusion of Beatrice. The season of 
1907-08 she starred in The Stronger 
Sex, by John Valentine. Miss Fealey 
was married to Louis E. Sherwin, a 
young Englishman, dramatic critic of the 
Denver Republican, July 15, 1907. Her 
home is at 826 East Colfax St., Denver, 

FEEHAN, Rt. Rev. Daniel F., D.D.: 

Bishop of Fall River; b. on Sep- 
tember 24, 1855, at Athol, Mass.; s. of 
William and Johanna (Foley) Feehan; 
ed. in public schools of Millbury, Mass.; 
St. Mary's College (Jesuits), Montreal, 
Canada (A.B.) ; St. Joseph's Seminary, 

Troy, N. Y. ; ordained priest, December 
20, 1879. Assistant at St. Bernard's 
Church, Fitchburg, Mass.; Pastor of St. 
Luke's Church, West Boylston, Mass.; 
Pastor of St. Bernard's Church, Fitch- 
burg, Mass, Consecrated, September 19, 
1907, Bishop of Fall River, Mass. On 
May 6, 1909, in recognition of the in- 
terest taken in his many Portuguese 
subjects. Bishop Feehan was named by 
King Manuel Commander of the Royal 
Military Order of Our Lady of the Con- 
ception of Villa Vigosa and elevated to 
the dignity of the Grand Cross in the 
same Order; insignia for same for- 
warded from Portugal. Member of the 
United States Catholic Historical So- 
ciety. A recent census shows that the 
diocese of Fall River has more Catholics 
than any other diocese in the United 
States. Address: Fall River, Mass. 

FEELEY, William J.: 

President and treasurer of the W. J. 
Feeley Co.; b. January 19, 1855, at 
Providence, R. L; ed. public schools of 
Providence. Member of the Catholic 
Club, Providence, and Catholic Club, New 
York. Address: 21 East George St., 
Providence, R. I. 

FEENEY, Edward: 

B. 1845, in Westchester County, N. Y.; 
father was a soldier in the war for the 
Union, and great-grandfather was a sol- 
dier in the Irish Rebellion of 1798; ed. 
in public school and a local academy in 
Harrisburg, Pa.; as a boy, served in the 
Union Army during the Civil War; en- 
gaged in newspaper work for 35 years; 
published the Catholic Examiner in 
Brooklyn, 1883-86; on editorial staff 
New York Evening Sun, 1887-90; city 
editor Brooklyn Citizen, 1891-92; mem- 




Br New York State Board of Media- 
tion and Arbitration, 1893-96; respon- 
sible position in Department of Finance 
of New York City, 1899 to date. Trav- 
eled extensively in the United States; 
visited the 15 largest cities east of the 
Rockies, generally while attending Cath- 
olic society conventions. Supreme Presi- 
dent of the Catholic Knights of America, 
1895-99; member of the Knights of Co- 
lumbus, the Grand Army of the Repub- 
lic, and other organizations; now serv- 
ing fourth term as National President of 
the American Federation of Catholic So- 
cieties. M. Julia A. Galvin, of Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. Address: 377 Sackett St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

FEITNER, Thomas lowe: 

Lawyer; b. July 31, 1847, in New York 
City; s. of John and Elizabeth (Lowe) 
Feitner; ed. in public schools; College of 
the City of New York; m., 1877, Mary 
Moore. Studied law with Quentin Mc- 
Adam; admitted to the bar, 1869; Com- 
missioner of Taxes, 1883-92; City Magis- 
trate, 1893-95; President Department of 
Taxes, 1898-1901; referee of Supreme 
Court in various cases; Commissioner of 
street opening, proceedings in lunacy, a 
member of Tammany Hall General Com- 
mittee since 1873, and secretary for 
many years; Sachem of Tammany So- 
ciety, 20 years; Grand Sachem, 5 years. 
Senior member firm of Feitner & Beck, 
25 years. Member Catholic Historical 
Society; Board of Estimate and Appor- 
tionment (secretary), 1893-1901; Arm- 
ory Commission to determine site for 
Sixty-ninth Regiment Armory (secre- 
tary). Member State Bar Association; 
Society of Medical Jurisprudence; 
Knights of Columbus; Friendly Sons of 
St. Patrick. Clubs: Catholic; Demo- 

cratic. Address: 12 West Ninety-second 
St., New York City. 

FERGUSON, William A.: 

Lawyer; b. October 4, 1872, at Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.; ed. St. James Academy, 
Brooklyn, Fordham University (degree, 
A.B., 1894), St. Francis Xavier's Col- 
lege (degree, A.M., 1895), and New York 
Law School (degree, LL.B., 1896) ; law- 
yer of the New York State Bar, 1896, 
United States Courts, 1900; and a mem- 
ber of the Faculty of Fordham Univer- 
sity Law School. Director of the Mar- 
quette League. Member St. Vincent de 
Paul Society, Brooklyn College Alumni 
Sodality, and Fordham Alumni. Club: 
Madison. Address: 962 Park Place, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

FERRATA, Giuseppe: 

Doctor of music; professor of piano 
and composition; b. in Italy; pupil of 
several of the most famous masters of 
Europe, studying under Franz Liszt and 
commandatore Giovanni Gambadi (pian- 
ist to the Court of Italy) ; won a prize 
at the Royal Academy of Music, Rome, 
when only 14 years of age, and later 
won six first prizes, with medals, as 
pianist, from the same institution, and 
the same number of prizes for composi- 
tion; won the prize for composition in 
an international contest held in New 
York City, in Bologna, Rome, Palermo, 
Milan, and elsewhere; winner of all four 
first prizes offered by the Art Society 
of Pittsburg, Pa. (1908), for composi- 
tion; was appointed by the Conserva- 
tory of Music, New York City, as ex- 
aminer and dean of exterior centers for 
the State of Pennsylvania; was called 
to fill the chair of professor of piano 
and musical composition in Newcomb 




College, Tulane University, in October, 
1909. Address: Newcomb College, New 
Orleans, La. 

FINN, Rev. Francis James, S.J.: 

Author; b. October 4, 1859, in St. Louis, 
Mo.; ed. private school, St. Louis Uni- 
versity, St. Louis, Mo.; and Woodstock 
College, Woodstock, Md.; Father Finn 
is universally acknowledged the fore- 
most Catholic writer of fiction for 
young people, and was the first author 
to give a picture of the American Cath- 
olic boy. Author of His First and Last 
Appearance (Benziger Brothers, New 
York) ; The Best Foot Forward, and 
Other Stories; That Football Game; 
Ethelred Preston, or the Adventures of 
a Newcomer; Claude Lightfoot, or, How 
the Problem Was Solved; Harry Dee, 
or, Working it Out; Tom Playfair, or, 
Making a Start, which the Michigan 
Catholic pronounced the best boy's book 
that ever came from the press; Percy 
Wynn, or. Making a Boy of Him; Most- 
ly Boys (all published by Benziger 
Bros., New York) ; New Faces and Old, 
a collection of short stories ; Echoes from 
Bethlehem, a Christmas miracle play; 
and Ada Merton (published by B. Her- 
der, St. Louis, Mo.). Contributor to 
Benziger's Magazine, and the Messenger. 
Address: 520 Sycamore St., Cincinnati, 

FINN, Robert Emmet, LI.B.: 

Barrister; s. of John Finn of Canada, 
and Mary Fosell, his wife, both of Irish 
descent; b. June 10, 1877, at Halifax, 
Nova Scotia; ed. public schools at Dart- 
mouth, La Salle Academy, Halifax, a 
graduate of the same and of Dalhousie 
University (LL.B.) ; m., June 17, 1902, 
to Anna Louise Russell, daughter of the 

Hon. Mr. Justice Russell, of the Su- 
preme Court of Nova Scotia. Elected 
Vice-President Charitable Irish Society, 
Halifax, February, 1905. Accompanied 
second Canadian Contingent to South 
Africa as a war correspondent. First 
elected to Legislative Assembly at gen- 
eral election, June 20, 1906, by a ma- 
jority of 1,010. Address: Halifax, Can- 

FISET, Hon. Jean Baptiste: 

Canadian Senator; b. 1843, in the 
Province of Quebec; studied classics at 
Montreal College, and medicine at Laval 
University (M.D., 1868); Mayor of Ri- 
mouski, P. Q., 1872; appointed Surgeon 
Canadian Militia same year, retiring as 
Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel, 1899; repre- 
sented Rimouski as a Liberal in Do- 
minion House of Commons for many 
jyears; called to the Senate for Ri- 
mouski, 1897; m. (1869), Aim6e, daugh- 
ter of Honor6 Plamondon. Address: 
Rimouski, P. Q., Canada. 

FISCHER, Mother Antonina, O.S.D.: 

Prioress of the American Congrega- 
tion of the Immaculate Conception in the 
Diocese of Wichita, Kansas; b. Mary 
Ann . Fischer, in Bavaria, Germany, No- 
vember 22, 1849; d. of John and Mary 
Ann (Beilein) Fischer; ed. in parochial 
schools of Brooklyn, N. Y. ; entered re- 
ligion, February 2, 1863; was in the 
Holy Cross Convent (Dominican) for 34 
years. In 1902 went with seven Sisters 
to Great Bend, Kan., and founded the 
Mother House and Novitiate of the Sis- 
ters of St. Dominic. 

FISCHER, George August: 

President of J. Fischer & Bro. Corp., 
a firm which is one of the largest pub- 




bhers of Catholic Church Music in the 
world; b. September 13, 1870, in Dayton, 
Ohio; ed. parochial school and College of 
St. Francis Xavier, New York City; m. 
Frances Stickler. Received a thorough 
musical education from New York mas- 
ters, and, as manager of the publishing 
department of his firm, has prepared for 
press and edited most of the works 
brought out by J. Fischer & Bro. for 
the past fifteen years; made president 
of the corporation in 1906. Appointed 
Publishers of the Liturgical Chant 
Books. Member of the Knights of Co- 
lumbus. Address: 7 and 11 Bible 
House, New York City. 

FISCHER, Rer. Urban, O.S.B.: 

Priest; Professor of Theology and 
Oriental Languages at Mount Angel 
Seminary, Mount Angel, Ore. Author 
of a Hebrew Grammar of recognized 
merit. Address: Portland, Ore. 

FISCHER, Dr. William Joseph: 

Author, poet; b. February 1, 1879, at 
Waterloo, Ontario; grandparents came 
from Alsace-Lorraine; m. Carolyn 
Kuntz; ed. at Separate and Public 
Schools; St. Jerome's College; studied 
medicine at Western University, London, 
Ontario (M.D., 1902) ; was class poet 
at the University. Conducted weekly 
Book Worm column in Catholic Regis- 
ter and Canadian Extension, Toronto. 
Author of Songs by the Wayside (poems, 
1903) ; Winona and Other Stories (Her- 
der, St. Louis, 1905 ) ; Tlie Toiler and 
Other Poems (Briggs, Toronto, 1907); 
Richard Badger (Boston) ; Child of 
Destiny (novel, Briggs, Toronto, 1909) ; 
has contributed to the Rosary, Ave 
Maria, Catholic World, Donahoe's, and 
Canadian magazine. Member of Knights 

of Columbus. Address: Waterloo, Ont., 

FISHER, John B.: 

Jurist; b. December 25, 1862, at New 
Orleans, La,; m. Alberta Long of Ken- 
tucky; ed. at Mount Carmel, New Or- 
leans, La.; Jesuits College, New Orleans, 
La. (A.B.; A.M.; LL.B.; Ph.B.) ; and 
University of Louisiana, Law Depart- 
ment. Judge of First City Criminal 
Court, New Orleans, La., May, 1909. 
Member of Knights of Columbus. Ad- 
dress: 137 Carondelet St., New Orleans, 

FISHER, Monsignor Nevin Francis: 

B. in Centre County, Pa.; ed. at pri- 
vate academy; Franklin and Marshall 
College, Lancaster, Pa. ; Berlin and Leip- 
sig universities. Studied law and taught 
school at Overbrook, Pa. Was received 
into the Church by the late Archbishop 
Wood, January 9, 1879. Studied for 
the priesthood at the Theological Sem- 
inary, Overbrook; American College, 
Rome; ordained priest by Cardinal Pa- 
rocchi at St. John Lateran's, June 19, 
1886. Rector of Catholic High School, 
Philadelphia, 1890-1902; made a Do- 
mestic Prelate by Pope Pius X, 1905, 
with rank of Monsignor. Made trip to 
Egypt and Holy Land. Address: St. 
John's Church, 21 South Thirteenth St., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

FISKE, Stephen: 

Author, dramatist, journalist; b. No- 
vember 22, 1840, at New Brunswick, N. 
J.; ed. at Rutgers College, graduated, 
1862. Admitted to the New York bar, 
1864; editorial writer and special cor- 
respondent for the New York Herald; 
accompanied the Japanese princes, 



Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) and 
President Lincoln on tour; war cor- 
respondent, 1861; dramatic critic, New 
^ork Herald, 1862-66; manager of St. 
James' Theatre, and Royal English Opera 
Co. in London, and Fifth Avenue Thea- 
tre, New York City; introduced Mme. 
Modjeska and Mary Anderson. Found- 
er of the New York Dramatic Mirror; 
Originator of Actors' Fund; at present 
dramatic critic of Sports of the Times. 
Author of plays: Corporal Cartouche; 
Martin Chuzzlewit; My Noble Son-in- 
law; Robert Rabagas; and books: 
Paddy from Cork and Other Stories 
(Saalfield, 1900); English Photographs; 
Holiday Tales; Off-hand Portraits of 
Prominent New Yorkers and others. 
Went to England, 1866, in Henrietta 
yacht race; was with Garibaldi at 
Rome. Member of St. Mary's Church, 
dubs: Lotos; Pen; Press; Dramatists; 
Rutgers (New York City) ; Savage; 
Scribblers (London). Address: 151 
West Ninety-third St., New York City. 


Real estate and insurance; b. August 
S, 1861, in Waterford City, Ireland; s. 
of John Fitzgerald (now deceased), one 
of the best known men in the City of 
Waterford, and sacristan of the Church 
of Trinity Without, Ballybricken, for 
fifty years; ed. by the Christian Broth- 
ers, and Mount Lion and St. John's Col- 
lege, of his native city; emigrated to 
America in 1887 and became a resident 
of California, locating in San Luis 
Obispo, where he opened a real estate 
and insurance office; m., in 1891, May 
Frances, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pat- 
rick Duff. Elected city treasurer in 
1898, and re-elected in 1900; has been 

president of the San Luis Brick Co. since 
about 1907, and a director in various 
other large corporations. Has traveled 
in Europe; visited various cities in Eng- 
land, France, and Ireland, besides the 
United States and Canada. Member, 
Knights of Columbus. Address: San 
Luis Obispo, Cal. 

FITZGERALD, Rev. Edward G., O.P.: 

Priest, educator, lecturer; b. in 1875, 
at Washington, D. C; ed. at St. John's 
College; entered Dominican Order, 1893; 
Jerusalem, 1898 (S.T.L. in 1898). Pro- 
fessor of S. Scripture, Dominican House 
of Studies, St. Joseph's, Ohio, 1901, 
and at Washington, D. C, 1905; Pro- 
fessor Exegesis, Dominican House of 
Studies, Washington, D. C, since 1906. 
Address: Dominican House of Studies, 
487 Michigan Ave., N. E., Washington, 
D. C. 

FITZGERALD, Hon. John F.: 

Mayor of Boston; b. February 11, 
1863, in Boston; graduate of the Boston 
Latin School; served in the Common 
Council one term, in the State Senate 
in 1893 and 1894; in Congress three 
terms, during two of which he was the 
only V representative of the Democracy 
from New England. Some years ago he 
bought the Republic, a weekly paper de- 
voted to religion, politics, and social 
chroniclings. He was elected Mayor in 
1905 for two years, defeated for re-elec- 
tion in 1907, and in 1909 was again 
chosen to rule the city under the new 
charter, for a term of four years. Is 
a life member of the Young Men's Cath- 
olic Association of Boston, and belongs 
to various other organizations. Resi- 
dence: 39 Welles Ave., Dorchester, Mass. 



FITZGERALD, Hon. John Joseph: 

Lawyer; b. March 10, 1872, in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y.; s. of Patrick P. and Cath- 
erine (McMahon) Fitzgerald; ed. St. 
Anne's, Brooklyn; Sacred Heart Acad- 
emy, Westchester, N. Y.; Manhattan 
College (A.B., 1891; A.M., 1893); re- 
ceived from the regents of the State of 
New York the degree of LL.B. cum 
laude. M., January 29, 1901, Kathleen 
L. Ferris. Elected to the Fifty-sixth, 
Fifty-seventh, Fifty-eighth, and Fifty- 
ninth Congresses; re-elected to the Six- 
tieth and Sixty-first Congresses. Dele- 
gate to the national Democratic conven- 
tion at Kansas City in 1900. Member, 
Knights of Columbus; Elks; Catholic 
Orphan Asylum Society; St. Patrick's 
Society; Catholic Young Men's Diocesan 
Union of Brooklyn; Manhattan College 
Alumni Society; Society of Old Brook- 
lynites; Army and Navy Union; War 
Veterans and Sons Association. Clubs: 
Brookljni; Montauk; First Assembly 
District; Democratic. Address: 215 
Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

FITZGERALD, IMEarcella Agnes: 

Author; b. February 23, 1845, at 
Frampton, Canada East; of Irish an- 
cestry; a sister of Sr. Anna Raphael, 
poetess and pianist of the Notre Dame 
Order; her family came to California in 
1851 and settled near Gilroy; ed. at 
College of Notre Dame, San Jos6, Cal. 
Author of Poems (Catholic Publishing 
Society, 1886) ; has contributed to the 
Catholic World; Ave Maria; Rosary; 
Carmelite Monthly; Good Counsel and 
Irish Journals. Her poem on the death 
of the great Dominican, Fr. Thomas 
Burke, was widely copied. Member of 
the Catholic Ladies Aid Society. Ad- 
dress: Gilroy, Santa Clara County, Cal. 


Journalist, publisher; b. March 17, 
1844, at Tullamore, Kings County, Ire- 
land; descended from the Kildare branch 
of the Geraldines; m. Joseptiine Augusta 
Lloyd, paternal ancestry, American Rev- 
olutionary, and maternal, Irish. Ed. at 
national schools of Ireland. Began busi- 
ness as a clerk for his father, a grain 
broker; in 1863 came to New York 
where for a time he served as book- 
keeper for a mercantile establishment; 
became correspondent of the New York 
Herald in Trenton, N. J., a position 
which he held for over 25 years; cor- 
respondent, at the same time, of the 
Philadelphia Record, and of several New 
Jersey newspapers. Issued the first num- 
ber of the New Jersey Legislative Man- 
ual in 1874, and continues to publish it; 
reporter on the New Jersey Legislature 
for 38 years; in 1887 began the publi- 
cation of the Trenton and Mercer County 
Directory, which he has continued ever 
since; one of the proprietors of the Tren- 
ton Sunday Advertiser since 1888. Mem- 
ber of the Knights of Columbus and 
Mercer County Democratic League. 
Clubs: New Jersey Legislative Cor- 
respondents (first president) ; Trenton 
Press. Address: 227 Perry St., Trenton, 
N. J. 


Lawyer; mayor of Gilroy, Cal.; b. 
1873, near New Almaden, Cal.; ed. in 
the common schools; entered a law office 
in San Jose, read law, and was even- 
tually admitted to the bar; established 
his residence in Gilroy, Cal., and takes 
an active part in the affairs of the city, 
religious, political and social; was 
chosen city attorney of Gilroy, and sub- 
sequently elected to the mayoralty. 



Member of the Young Men's Institute. 
Address: Gilroy, Cal. 

riTZMAURICE, Rt. Rev. John E., D.D.: 
B. on January 9, 1840, in Ireland; 
s. of James and Katherine Fitzmaurice; 
ed. in Ireland and in the United States; 
St. Charles Seminary, Philadelphia; 
Georgetown University (D.D., 1889). 
Ordained priest in 1862; conscjcrated 
Bishop of Amisus and Coadjutor Bishop 
of Erie with right of succession, Feb- 
ruary 24, 1898; succeeded, September 19, 
1899. Address: Erie, Pa. 

FITZPATRICK, Rt. Hon. Sir Charles: 

Knight Commander of St. Michael and 
St. Greorge; Chief Justice and Deputy- 
Governor-General of Canada; b. Decem- 
ber 19, 1853; 8. of John Fitzpatrick, of 
Quebec, by Mary Connelly; ed. at Que- 
bec Seminary and Laval University 
(B.A., LL.B. and LL.D.) ; called to the 
bar; Crown Prosecutor for Quebec Dis- 
trict, 1879; Leading Counsel for Riel, 
1885; member of Quebec Legislature, 
1890-92; refused Portfolio in De Bouch- 
erville Provincial Government, 1891; 
having resigned his provincial seat, was 
returned to Dominion House of Com- 
mons for Quebec County, 1896; Solicitor- 
General, 1896-1901, and Minister of Jus- 
tice, 1901-06; a statesman who by his 
character and ability helped the Laurier 
Government settle the Manitoba school 
question ; retired from the Cabinet to suc- 
ceed Sir Henri Taschereau as Chief Jus- 
tice in 1906; and administered the Gov- 
ernment of Canada, 1906-08. He be- 
came a Privy Councillor of Great 
Britain in 1908, and a permanent mem- 
ber of The Hague Peace Tribunal; mar- 
ried Corinne, daughter of Hon. R. E. 

Caron, Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec 
and sister of the late Sir Adolph Caron. 
Residence: 240 Daly Ave., Ottawa, Can- 


Senior member of the firm of Brown, 
Durrell & Co., of Boston and New York, 
the largest wholesale dry goods house 
of its kind in the East; b. in Grafton, 
Mass., December 17, 1844; began to work 
in a dry goods house in Boston at the 
age of 18; and in 1865 became a trav- 
eling salesman. Seven years later the 
old firm of Brown, Button & Co. was re- 
established under the name of Brown, 
Durrell & Co., Mr. Fitzpatrick being the 
third member. Has been prominently 
identified with all the great Catholic 
philanthropic movements in Boston, and 
. was largely instrumental in establish- 
ing the Working Girls' Home, was for 
years a director and liberal supporter of 
the Working Boys' Home. He gave the 
site and most of the funds for the Bos- 
ton cottage at the Catholic Summer 
School at Plattsburg, N. Y., and has 
been a benefactor of St. Mary's Infant 
Asylum, Dorchester, and the Catholic 
University at Washington, D. C. Is a 
member and ex-president of the Catholic 
Union, and a life member of the Young 
Men's Catholic Association. Member of 
the executive committee, American-Irish 
Historical Society, of which he is Vice- 
President General. In 1905, was award- 
ed the lioetare medal by the University 
of Notre Dame. Is a prominent leader 
of the Irish cause in America, and for 
some years has been National Treasurer 
of the United Irish League, in whose 
work he is at all times deeply interested. 
Residence: Brookline, Mass. 




B. September 28, 1864, at Buflfalo, N. 
Y.; s. of Jeremiah and Catherine (Doo- 
ling) Fitzpatrick; m. Clara Hillery at 
Buffalo, 1894, daughter of James and 
Anna (Early) Hillery. Ed. at public 
schools and St. Patrick's parochial 
school. Is a general contractor in Buf- 
falo, N. Y. Trustee of St. Teresa's 
Church for 13 years; member of Grade 
Crossings Commission, Buffalo; chair- 
man on Democratic County Committee, 
Erie County. Member of Knights of 
Columbus. Address: 2037 Seneca St., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

FITZ SIMON, John Thomas: 

Physician; b. June 24, 1862, at Dublin, 
Ireland; m. Theodora Oekelmann; ed. St. 
Lawrence O'Toole's Seminary, Dublin, 
Ireland; Chicago College of Pharmacy, 
Ph.G., 1885; Memphis Hospital Medical 
College, M.D., 1892. State President, 
Catholic Knights of America, 1909-11. 
Contributor to medical journals. Mem- 
ber of the County, State, and American 
Medical Associations. Address: Cajstro- 
ville, Tex. 

FITZ SIMONS, Rev. Simon: 

B. 1853, in County Cavan, Ireland; 
member of a mercantile family; ed. in 
the national schools of Ireland; Kil- 
more College, Cavan; was employed as 
junior monitor to teach in the national 
schools until he was 16; studied theol- 
ogy at St. Joseph's Seminary, Troy, N. 
Y.; ordained priest, June 10, 1876, by 
Bishop McQuaid. Assistant at St. Pat- 
rick's Cathedral, Rochester, N. Y., for 
six months; pastor at Charlotte, N. Y., 
for six months; pastor of St. Patrick's 
Church, Dansville, N. Y., 1877-83; built 
a school and hall combined — being one 

of the first to be built on this plan. 
Pastor at Lima, N. Y., since 1884; ir- 
removable rector there and synodal ex- 
aminer of the clergy since 1887 ; declined 
rectorate of St. Bernard's Theological 
Seminary, Rochester; Diocesan Consul- 
tor since 1895; trustee of the Diocese of 
Rochester. His Catholic school at Lima 
was one of the first to receive State 
support. Author of a brochure entitled 
A Refutation of Agnosticism (published 
privately, 1889) ; another brochure (in 
press) entitled Revised Darwinism, a re- 
print of an article in the American 
Catholic Quarterly Review. Is engaged 
on a critical analysis of Kant's Critique 
of Pure Reason; has in preparation a 
controversial novel. Contributor to The 
American Catholic Quarterly Review; 
The Catholic World; and The Irish Ec- 
clesiastical Record; has also written 
much for the press, especially the Cath- 
olic press; under Charles A. Dana, had 
the entr6e to the editorial columns of 
the New York Sun. Member of St. Jo- 
seph's Seminary (Troy) Alumni; 
Priest's Eucharistic League. Address: 
Lima, N. Y. 

FIX, Charles J.: 

Hardware; b. July 11, 1856, in Buf- 
falo, N. Y. ; s. of Nicholas Fix, of Baden, 
Germany, by his wife, Victoria Meyer; 
ed. in St. Louis Parochial School; m., 
November, 1877, to Adeline, daughter 
of Louis and Filisie (Gentilhomme) 
Georger. First engaged in newspaper 
work, being employed on the Buffalo 
Courier; Post; Tribune; Arbeiter Zei- 
tung; now in hardware business. Was 
Republican Alderman, Fifteenth Ward, 
1903; appointed by Governor Hughes to 
fill unexpired term County Treasurer, 
Erie County, and was elected in 1906 



for three years, term expiring, January, 
1910. Member Chamber of Commerce; 
Trustee, German Catholic Orphan Asy- 
lum; Vice-president, Freehold Savings & 
Loan Association; Vice-president, Amer- 
ican Savings Banl<:. Member Knights of 
Columbus; Elks; Catholic Benevolent 
League; Catholic Mutual Benefit Asso- 
ciation; Saengerbund; Turn Verein; 
Amicus Club. Address: 629 EUicott St., 
Buflfalo, N. Y. 

FLAHEKTY, James Augustine: 

Lawyer; b. July 3, 1853, at Phila- 
delphia; ed. public and parochial schools 
of Philadelphia, University of Pennsyl- 
vania and St. Joseph's College, Phila- 
delphia; received the degree of LL.D. 
from St. Joseph's College; has been Su- 
preme Knight of the Knights of Colum- 
bus, and has held various other offices 
in the same organization. Member : 
Knights of Columbus; American Cath- 
olic Prison Society; American Bar As- 
sociation; Pennsylvania State Bar Asso- 
ciation; and many others. Address: 
1328 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. 

FLANNERY, Capt. John: 

Banker and cotton merchant of Sa- 
vannah, Ga.; b. November 24, 1835, in 
Nenagh, County Tipperary, Ireland; s. 
of John and Hannah (Hogan) Flannery. 
His mother, through her mother, de- 
scended from the prominent Fitzpatrick 
family of Ossory. Captain Flannery re- 
ceived his education in private schools 
in his native town, and when a boy of 
15 came with his father to America, 
landing at Charleston, S. C, October 26, 
1851 ; removed to Savannah, Ga., in De- 
cember, 1854; filled various positions as 
clerk and book-keeper until the outbreak 
of the war between the States. On May 

30, 1861, he enlisted as Junior Lieuten- 
ant in the Irish Jasper Greens, First 
Volunteer Regiment of Georgia (Con- 
federate Army) ; promoted (January, 
1862) to First Lieutenant, and on Octo- 
ber 20, 1862, became Captain of that 
historic company; in command of Lee 
Battery, Savannah Hiver, for a year and 
until his regiment joined the army of 
General Joseph E. Johnston; with 
Hood's army in the disastrous Tennessee 
campaign; paroled because of serious ill- 
ness at Augusta, Ga., in May, 1865, and 
returned to Savannah. Prior to its con- 
solidation with the Citizens Bank, under 
the name Citizens & Southern Bank, he 
was for 25 years President of the South- 
ern Bank of the State of Georgia, at 
that period, Savannah's largest bank, 
and of which institution he was one of 
the organizers and incorporators in No- 
vember, 1870. Entered the cotton busi- 
ness (July, 1865) as a partner in the 
firm of L. J. Guilmartin & Co. In July, 
1877, he bought out this business and 
changed the name to John Flannery & 
Co. June 1, 1901, this business became 
a corporation and he was elected Presi- 
dent; in 1906 sold his interest, but the 
business still bears his name. He is 
First Vice-President of the Citizens & 
Southern Bank; Director and Vice-Pres- 
ident of the Chattahoochee & Gulf Rail- 
road Co.; Director of the South Bound 
Railroad Co. before its absorption, and 
Director of the Georgia & Alabama Rail- 
road before it was merged into the Sea- 
board Air Line; Director of the United 
Hydraulic Cotton Compress Co., The Sa- 
vannah Lighting Co., The Henderson- 
Hull Buggy Co., The Southern Pine Co. 
of Georgia, The Semmes Hardware Co., 
and the Savannah Hotel Co., owners of 
the Hotel De Soto. Served as Chair- 



man of tJie Savannah Sinking Fund Com- 
mission (Democratic) from 1878 to 
1888, when he declined re-election. 
President of the Catholic Library Hall 
Association, which after the building of 
the New Cathedral in 1873, raised the 
funds, bought the old church, remodeled 
it, converted it into a library hall, and 
turned it over to the Catholic Library 
Association. Member of the building 
committee for the erection of the hand- 
some Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, 
erected in 1873, and burned in 1898; 
chairman of the building committee for 
the present magnificent Cathedral of St. 
John the Baptist, erected in 1899 and 
1900. In 1903 donated a fund of $50,- 
000, known as the Flannery Fund, man- 
aged by a board of trustees, by whom 
the income is applied in shares to va- 
rious Catholic Institutions of Georgia. 
During his entire career he has given 
generous aid to those in distress; to 
young men, starting the foundation for 
their future success, and to enterprises 
making for the improvement of Sa- 
vannah. Several years since, in recog- 
nition of his devotion to the church and 
his financial aid to Catholic Charitable 
Institutions, Pope Pius X sent him from 
Rome a handsome medal, as well as his 
photograph, beneath which, His Holiness 
personally penned a few words of bless- 
ing and subscribed his autograph. Cap- 
tain Flannery is Vice-President for Geor- 
gia of the American-Irish Historical So- 
ciety, and was President of the Jasper 
Monument Association, which erected the 
beautiful monument to the memory of 
Sergeant William Jasper, which has 
adorned Madison Square since its un- 
veiling on February 22, 1888. Member 
of the Savannah Cotton Exchange since 
1875, and of the Hibernian Society since 

1866; member of the United Confederate 
Veterans, and The Georgia Historical 
Society. On April 30, 1867, he married, 
in Savannah, Mary Ellen Norton, daugh- 
ter of Patrick and Honora (Harty) Nor- 
ton of Locust Grove, Taliaferro County, 
Ga., who, with their relatives came from 
Ireland in 1794, and established in that 
part of Warren County, which later be- 
came Taliaferro County, the cradle of 
Catholicity in Georgia, building of logs 
their house of worship, which was called 
the Church of the Purification of the 
Blessed Virgin Mary. In 1866 he made 
a tour of Europe. Clubs: Savannah 
Yacht; Atlantic; Reform (New York 
City); etc. Address: Savannah, Ga. 

FLEMING, John J.: 

Banker; b. March 19, 1851, at Donald- 
sonville. La.; came with his parents to 
Iowa in 1858; ed. in parochial and high 
schools of Burlington, Iowa, and Uni- 
versity of Notre Dame. Member of 
Board of Governors and one of Auditors 
of Catholic Church Extension Society 
of America; State Deputy for Iowa of 
Knights of Columbus, 1906-09. Club: 
Catholic, New York. Address: Burling- 
ton, Iowa. 

FLICK, Lawrence Francis: 

Physician; b. August 10, 1856, in Car- 
rolltown, Cambria County, Pa.; ed. in 
the public schools, at St. Vincent's Col- 
lege, Beatty, Pa., and at Jefferson Med- 
ical College, Philadelphia (degree of 
M.D., 1879) ; m. Ella J. Stone; has made 
the fight against tuberculosis his life 
work; is the Founder of the White 
Haven Sanatorium; President of the 
Free Hospital for Poor Consumptives 
and White Haven Sanatorium Associa- 
tion; Founder of the Society for the Pre- 



vention of Tuberculosis; Co-Founder of 
the Rush Hospital for Consumption and 
Allied Diseases; Co-Founder and Ex- 
Medical Director of the Henry Phipps 
Institute; Ex-President of the American 
Catholic Historical Society; and Chair- 
man of the Committee on the Interna- 
tional Congress on Tuberculosis, held in 
Washington, D. C, in 1908; contributor 
to medical journals. Records of the 
American Catholic Historical Society; 
member of the College of Physicians, of 
Philadelphia; American Medical Asso- 
ciation; National Association for the 
Study and Prevention of Tuberculosis; 
International Association for the Study 
and Prevention of Tuberculosis; Penn- 
sylvania Society for the Prevention of 
Tuberculosis, and other Medical Socie- 
ties. Address: 738 Pine St., Philadel- 

FLINTHAM, lydia Stirling: 

Lecturer; b. on the ancestral planta- 
tion in Bohemia Manor, Cecil County, 
Md.; her paternal ancestor came from 
England in Colonial days and with 17 
sons landed at New Castle, Del. Ed. 
at the district school; Notre Dame, 
Maryland; Villa Maria, West Chester, 
Pa. In 1903 Miss Flintham took up 
the study of expression and oratory 
in the School of Vocal Art, Philadel- 
phia, graduating with the class honors; 
took post graduate course and received 
the degree of B.E., May, 1905; lecturer 
on English composition there. Since 
1905 she has been lecturing in colleges 
and academies on various literary topics 
and in this pursuit she has traveled in 
the United States extensively. Was 
president of the Alumnae Reading Cir- 
cle; corresponding secretary for St, 
Gabriel's Confraternity, 1903. Has writ- 

ten many stories and was for six years 
editor of the juvenile department of the 
Good Counsel Magazine. Author of The 
Queen of the Mystic Isle (musical 
drama, Bradley Bros., Philadelphia, 
July, 1908); has contributed to Dona- 
hoe's, Rosary, Metropolitan, Catholic 
World, Messenger, and other Catholic 
magazines. Address: 1523 North Bou- 
vier St., Philadelphia*, Pa. 

FLOYD-JONES, George Stanton: 

B. December 25, 1848, in Albany, N. 
Y.; descendant of an old New York 
family, his ancestors having settled on 
Long Island in 1650; ed. at Walnut Hill 
Academy, Geneva, N. Y., and Oak Hill, 
Yonkers, N. Y.; m. Anita Owen; is 
President of the Atlantic Safe Deposit 
Co., and Secretary of the Atlantic Mu- 
tual Insurance Co.; visited Europe in 
1882; entered the church on March 19, 
1894; is a member of the Sons of the 
American Revolution. Clubs: Catholic; 
Union; and Automobile. Address: Mas- 
sapequa, L. I. 

FLYNN, Rt. Rev. Monsignor Dennis 

Priest, educator; b. September 17, 
1856, at Louisville, Ky. ; s. of David and 
Mary (Lenihan) Flynn; ed. at St. 
John's Parochial School and St. Xavier's 
Institute; Mt. St. Mary's College, 1877 
(A.B., 1880; A.M., 1882); received hon- 
orary degree of LL.D. from Mt. St. 
Mary's College, 1897, and from George- 
town University, 1906. Ordained priest, 
1883; entered faculty of Mt. St. Mary's 
College, February, 1899; elected Vice- 
President and Treasurer, June, 1904; 
President, June, 1905, to date. Created 
Domestic Prelate by His Holiness Pius 
X, October 12, 1910. Labored for 16 



years on the Wilmington, Del., missions; 
built a fine school in St. Patrick's Par- 
ish, Wilmington; corner stone laid by 
Cardinal SatoUi. Remodeled and en- 
larged rectory. Was well known as a 
lecturer in the cause of temperance and 
on religious questions. Address: Mt. St. 
Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Md. 

FIYNN, Dennis T.: 

Lawyer; b. February 13, 1861, at 
Phcenixville, Pa.; a. of Dennis and Mar- 
garet (Clancy) Flynn; ed. at Canisius 
College, Buffalo, N. Y.; m., 1885, Addie 
M. Blanton. City Attorney of Kiowa, 
Kan., and editor of Kiowa Herald; post- 
master of Guthrie, Okla.; Delegate in 
Congress from Oklahoma Territory for 
8 years (1893-97; 1899-1903). Author 
of Free Homestead Bill, in Congress, 
which saved settlers in western states 
$65,000,000. Address: Oklahoma City, 

FIYNN, James Doran: 

Editor and proprietor of The Borden- 
town Register; b. February 3, 1842, in 
Bordentown, Burlington County, N. J. 
His father and mother, natives of Ire- 
land, came to this country in their youth, 
and the former became timekeeper for 
the pioneer railroad builders of the 
United States, The Camden & Amboy 
.Railroad Co., in 1831. Mr. Flynn was 
educated in the public and private 
schools of Bordentown; m. Jane, daugh- 
ter of Robert Flannagan, died in 1873; 
served as President of the New Jersey 
State Editorial Association for one term, 
and was President of the local branch 
of the Catholic Benevolent Legion for 
many years; entered the office of The 
Bordentown Register in 1858, Avas half 
owner for seven years, and has since 

been editor, publisher and proprietor; 
has been closely connected with local 
enterprises; correspondent of the Asso- 
ciated Press, New York Herald, and 
other news bureaus until recent years; 
has taken an active part in local poli- 
tics; is a staunch Democrat, opposed 
to bossism of any type, and has always 
kept his paper independent; has trav- 
eled extensively in the United States and 
in Canada. Member, Knights of Colum- 
bus, Catholic Benevolent Legion, Friend- 
ly Sons of St. Patrick, of Philadelphia; 
honorary member of the Delaware Steam 
Fire Engine Co., one of the oldest of 
the volunteer fire-fighting organizations. 
Address : Bordentown, Burlington 
County, N. J. 

FLYNN, Panl Vincent: 

Editor, author, and lecturer; b. June 
21, 1844, at Abbey feale. County Limer- 
ick, Ireland; obtained his early educa- 
tion in the National Schools of Ireland 
and the Parochial schools of Canada; 
started in life as a newsboy; appren- 
ticed himself to learn the art preserva- 
tive in the office of The Citizen, of Ot- 
tawa, Canada; appointed foreman; re- 
signed to enter St. Joseph's College (now 
Ottawa University), where he took a 
course in Classics, teaching to pay his 
expenses. In 1866, studied Philosophy 
at St. Francis Xavier's College, New 
York City; that collegiate year he was 
a helper — taiight the first section of 
the Third Grammar Class in that insti- 
tution. In 1867, Mr. Flynn settled in 
Newark, N. J., and was the first male 
teacher in St. Joseph's Parochial School. 
Entered the newspaper field the follow- 
ing year, where his excellent work began 
to attract attention. For a number of 
years he was a regular weekly contribu- 



tor to the New York Freeman's Journal, 
his articles on ecclesiastical matters be- 
ing noted for their conservativeness as 
well as brilliancy. A topic dear to his 
heart is Catholic education, which he 
has encouraged and promoted in every 
possible way. His lectures include: 
Temporal Power of the Pope; Italy and 
the Papacy J Irish Aifairs; Temperance. 
Mr. Flynn is editor of The New Jersey 
Trade Review, with which he has been 
connected for nearly a quarter of a cen- 
tury; prior to this he was business man- 
ager of a Newark newspaper. Author 
of a History of St. John's Church, New- 
ark, N. J., a memorial of the Golden 
Jubilee of its consecration. Member of 
the Xavier Alumni Sodality of the 
Church of St. Francis Xavier, New York 
City, for forty-four years; is also a 
Knight of Columbus. Address: Newark, 
N. J. 

FLYirar, Rev. Richard F.: 

B. December 5, 1866, in Bloomington, 
111.; parents came from County Water- 
ford, Ireland; ed. public and parish 
schools of Bloomington, 111.; St. Via- 
teur's College, Bourbonnais, 111. ; and Mt. 
St. Mary's Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio; 
ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop 
Chapelle, Santa F6, N. M., July 25, 1896. 
Pastor, Ohio, 111., since March, 1899; 
established the St. Joseph's Academy, 
Ohio, 1903, and the Mercy Home for the 
Aged, ibid., in 1904. Organizer and Di- 
rector of the Children's Apostolate con- 
nected with the Catholic Church Exten- 
sion Society, 1909. Read paper, The 
Parish and the Missions, at the Ameri- 
can Catholic Missionary Congress; edi- 
tor of the children's page. Extension 
Magazine. Visited Rome in 1902 and 
was present at the twenty-fourth Anni- 

versary Coronation of Pope Leo XIII. 
Member Catholic Order of Foresters, and 
a Knight of Columbus. Address: Ohio, 

FLYNN, Thomas A.: 

Lawyer; b. 1872, in Cincinnati, Ohio; 
ed. at St. Xavier's College, Cincinnati, 
and graduated from the Cincinnati Law 
School; removed to Arizona in 1896, and 
engaged in the practice of law. Address : 
Flagstaff, Ariz. 

FOGARTY, Rev. James Henry: 

Educator, author; b. January 5, 1856, 
in Providence, H. I.; ed. by the Chris- 
tian Brothers, Providence, R. I., and at 
Nicolet College, Canada. Served as pro- 
fessor in commercial course in Three 
Rivers College, Canada, 1878-79. Has 
devoted his voice and pen to the cause 
of Ireland. Author of Priest and Par- 
son (Christian Press Association Pub- 
lishing Co., 1908) ; contributor to Dona- 
hoe's. Has traveled abroad three times, 
extensively. Address: St. Louis Church, 
Fall River, Mass. 

FOGARTY, Thomas J.: 

Artist, illustrator; b. 1873, in New 
York City; ed. at de La Salle Institute, 
New York City; entered the publishing 
house of Charles Scribner's Sons; studied 
art at Art Students League; was pupil 
of H. Siddons Mowbray. Illustrator for 
Harper's Young People (1893); also 
published a few drawings in Life; drew 
for school books and histories for the 
American Book Co. Illustrated The 
Melon Farm; Battle with the Slums; 
The Blazed Trail; The Making of An 
American (Riis) ; The Merry Anne and 
the Forest; Tommy & Co. (Jerome K. 
Jerome) ; D6bonnaire (W. F. Payson) ; 



on staff of McClure's Magazine, the 
American Magazine, and contributes to 
other leading periodicals; instructor of 
illustration at the Art Student's League. 
Member, Society of Illustrators. Club: 
Players. Address: 251 West Seventy- 
first St., New York City. 

FOLEY, Rt. Rev. John S., D.D.: 

Bishop of Detroit, consecrated on 
November 4, 1888; b. November 5, 1833, 
in Baltimore, Md.; descendant of a fam- 
ily which came originally from Ennis- 
corthy, Ireland, his grandfather having 
fought at Vinegar Hill; brother of Rt. 
Rev. Thomas Foley (deceased), who was 
Bishop of Chicago. Ed. at St. Mary's 
College (A.B.) ; St. Mary's Ecclesias- 
tical Seminary, Baltimore; studied sub- 
sequently in Rome, Italy, where he was 
the first American student at the Apol- 
linaris; ordained priest, November 20, 

1856, by Cardinal Patrizi. Returned to 
America; appointed to St. Bridget's 
Church, Canton, attending Port Deposit 
and Havre de Grace, Md.; appointed, 

1857, to Ellicott City, Md., where he 
remained six years; then in Baltimore, 
where he organized St. Martin's parish 
and erected the church. Chancellor at 
the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore. 
Address: 33 Washington St., Detroit, 

FOLEY, Rev. Martin Joseph: 

B. December, 1872, in Ballinvalley, 
County Sligo, Ireland; ed. in National 
Schools; came to United States in 1890, 
and studied for the priesthood in St, 
Mary's College, New York. Was or 
dained in Baltimore by Cardinal Gibbons 
December 8, 1898. Missioner and lee 
turer in the United States, Canada, and 

Ireland from 1898 to 1903. Editor of 
the Western Catholic, Quincy, 111., since 
June, 1909. Some of his editorials have 
brought letters of commendation from 
the Apostolic Delegate and Cardinal Gib- 
bons, notably those dealing with the 
Ferrer controversy. Member of the 
Knights of Columbus and the Ancient 
Order of Hibernians. Address: 722 
Maine St., Quincy, 111. 

FOLEY, Timothy: 

B. August 15, 1838, in County of 
Lanark, Canada; of Irish parentage; ed. 
in common schools; m. Mary Guthrie. 
Engaged in lumber, railroad contracting 
and wholesale grocery business; contrib- 
utor to the St. Paul Cathedral, and to 
various Catholic churches and charitable 
institutions. Has traveled extensively 
in America and Europe. Clubs: Minne- 
sota; Town & Country. Address: 209 
Gilfillan Block, St. Paul, Minn. 

FOOTE, John Ambrose: 

Physician; b. June 9, 1874, at Arch- 
bald, Pa.; 8. of Dr. John Foote (Yale, 
'54), and Margaret (McAndrew) Foote; 
unmarried; ed. at Archbald High School; 
Georgetown Preparatory School; George- 
town College; Georgetown University, 
Medical Department (M.D., 1906). As- 
sociate Professor of Materia Medica and 
Therapeutics, Georgetown University, 
1906-08; Assistant Professor of Anat- 
omy and Instructor in History, 1908; 
Member of the Staff of Georgetown Hos- 
pital, Providence Hospital and Bruen 
Home. Author of The Essentials of Ma- 
teria Medica and Therapeutics (in 
press) . Has contributed to America, 
Men and Women, Rosary. Member of 
the Gaelic Society, Knights of Columbus, 



Greorgetown University Alumni. Club: 
University. Address: 1219 Connecticut 
Ave., Washington, D. C. 

FORAIT, Hon. Joseph Kearney: 

Lawyer; b. September 5, 1857, at 
Aylmer, P. Q., Canada; his mother had 
a literary career on the Dublin Nation 
and later in Philadelphia; m. Louisa 
Davis, of French and American extrac- 
tion. Ed. at Ottawa College (Lit.D., 
June, 1894) ; Laval University (LL.B., 
June, 1881). Practicing barrister; edi- 
tor for 10 years of the True Witness; 
an assistant Law Clerk of the House of 
Commons, Canada; gave over 200 lec- 
tures on Catholic subjects; spent 25 
years writing for Catholic publications. 
Author of The Spirit of the Age (poems, 
1886); Poems (1896); also two novels 
based on Canadian shanty life; has con- 
tributed to Ave Maria, Rosary, Owl, Col- 
lege Review. Spent two years with In- 
dians in the extreme North. Address: 
House of Commons, Ottawa, Canada. 

FORD, Jeremiah Denis Matthias: 

Litterateur; b. in 1873, at Cambridge, 
Mass.; of Irish and English descent; m. 
Anna Winifred Fearns, of English and 
Irish origin. Ed. at Cambridge public 
schools; foreign preparatory schools; 
Harvard University (A.B. in 1894; A.M. 
in 1895; Ph.D. in 1897); University of 
France. Instructor in Romance Lan- 
guages, Harvard University, 1895-1902; 
Assistant Professor of Romance Lan- 
guages, 1902-07; Smith Professor of 
French and Spanish since 1907. Has 
made several trips through Latin Eu- 
rope. Author of: Exercises in Spanish 
Composition (Heath, 1899) ; The Old 
Spanish Sibilants (Boston, 1900) ; Span- 
ish Grammar ( 1904 ) ; Ford's Spanish 

Dictionary (Heath, 1905). Editor of: 
Goldoni's Curioso Accidente (1899); A 
Spanish Anthology (Silver, 1901) ; Ro- 
mances of Chivalry in Italian Verse 
(1904) ; Italian and French editor of the 
New International Encyclopedia; general 
editor of Holt & Co.'s Spanish series. 
Has contributed to many philological 
periodicals. Member of Modern Lan- 
guage Association; corresponding mem- 
ber of the Hispanic Society of America. 
Club: Cambridge Colonial. Address: 
Harvard University. 

FOREST, Rt. Rev. John Anthony, DD.: 
Bishop of San Antonio; consecrated, 
October 28, 1895. Address: 310 Dwyer 
Ave., San Antonio, Tex. 

FORGET, His Honor, the Hon. Amedee 
Emmanuel : 
S. of the late Jeremie Forget, and his 
wife, Marie Guenette; b. November 12, 
1847, at Marieville, Que. ; ed. at the Col- 
lege of Marieville. Called to the bar, 
1871, and served for some years as sec- 
retary of the Council of the Bar of Mon- 
treal. Appointed, in 1875, secretary for 
the half-breed commission in Manitoba, 
and later, in 1885, was one of the com- 
missioners for the settlement of half- 
breed claims in the North West Ter- 
ritory. On its organization as a sepa- 
rate government, October, 1876, he was 
appointed Clerk of the Council and Sec- 
retary to the Lieutenant-Governor, and 
accompanied Mr. Laird to the seat of 
government at Battleford. Later, he be- 
came Clerk of the Assembly, at Regina, 
and was appointed Assistant Commis- 
sioner of Indian Affairs for Manitoba 
and the N. W. T., August 3, 1888. Ap- 
pointed a member of the Council of 
Public Instruction for the N. W. T., 



13, and Indian Commissioner, Septem- 
ber, 1895. M. Miss Henriette Drolet. 
Appointed, October 1, 1902, President 
of the Incorporated Soldiers' and Sail- 
ors' Help Society for the N. W. T. Ap- 
pointed Lieutenant-Governor, October 4, 
1898. Re-appointed, March 30, 1904. 
Held the appointment until Septem- 
ber 1, 1905, when according to a Gazette 
of August 24, he became the first Lieu- 
tenant-Governor of Saskatchewan. Ad- 
dress: Government House, Regina, Man- 
itoba, Canada. 

FORGET, Hon. Louis J.: 

Banker and Stock Broker; ancestors 
originally came to Canada from Nor- 
mandy, France, about 1600; b. March 11, 
1853, at Terrebonne; ed. at Masson Col- 
lege; m., May 2, 1876, Marie Raymond, 
Montreal. President of the Montreal 
Street Railway Co., and Vice-President 
Dominion Textile Co. ; Vice-President Do- 
minion Steel Co., Director of the Mon- 
treal Light, Heat and Power Co., Direc- 
tor of Richelieu and Ontario Navigation 
Co., and holds office of President of 
Board of Governors of Laval University. 
Called to Senate, June, 1896. Clubs: 
Mount Royal, St. James and Hunt, Mon- 
treal. Address: Montreal, Canada. 

FORNES, Charles Vincent: 

Merchant; b. 1848, in Erie County, 
N. Y.; s. of John Fornes; of French 
descent on father's side, and German on 
mother's; m. Eda Lyde; ed. at the coun- 
try district school; New York High 
School; Lockport, Union Academy, 1864; 
began life as a clerk in the office of a 
grain merchant in Buffalo; taught 
school in Erie County, N. Y.; principal 
of a public school in Buffalo for 3 years; 

cashier and bookkeeper in a wholesale 
clothing house in Buffalo for 8 years; 
founder of house of Dahlman & Fornes, 
wholesale woolen merchants, Buffalo; in 
January, 1877, the business was removed 
to New York; since 1878 the firm has 
been C. V. Fornes & Co. Member of the 
Committee of One Hundred that had 
charge of the Columbus Centennial Cele- 
bration. President, Board of Aldermen, 
1902-06; Member of Congress from the 
Eleventh New York District since 1907; 
elected a trustee of the Emigrant Indus- 
trial Savings Bank, 1891; incorporator 
and trustee of the City Trust Co.; treas- 
urer of the Catholic Protectory since 
1896; has maintained the C. V. Fornes 
Endowment Fund, Buffalo Catholic In- 
stitute, since 1883. Has visited almost 
every city in North America and Eu- 
rope. Clubs: Catholic (president, 1889- 
94) ; National Democratic. Address: 
425-427 Broome St., New York. 

FORNES, John M.: 

S. of Michael A. and Blondina (Stef- 
fan) Fornes; b. August 15, 1875, in 
Buffalo, N. Y.; ed. at St. Louis' Paro- 
chial School, Buffalo, and St. Jerome's 
College. Mr. Fornes has always resided 
in Buffalo and is a member of the firm 
of John M. Fornes & Co., leather and 
findings; served as financial secretary of 
the Buffalo Catholic Institute, 1897-99, 
and has been a member of its board of 
managers since 1900, serving on the Real 
Estate Committee and Library Commit- 
tee; m. Marie Hatter, September 7, 1897. 
Is a member of the Knights of Colum- 
bus; member and business manager of 
the St. Louis Dramatic Circle. Club: 
Squaw Island Yacht. Address: 72 Ex- 
change St., Buffalo, N. Y. 



FORRESTER, Charles F.: 

Irish Nationalist and poet; b. July 10, 
1874, in Manchester, England; s. of the 
late Arthur M. Forrester. He has been 
a resident of Boston since 1887. Stud- 
ied harmony, theory and composition un- 
der Elmer Hosmer; piano and orchestra 
under Thomas Reeves; brass instruments 
under Thomas Leverett, cornetist in the 
Boston Theatre orchestra, and under 
L'Africaine, trumpeter in Boston Sym- 
phony orchestra; and voice under 
George J. Parker, conductor of the 
Berkeley Temple choir; also under 
George W. Want, tenor soloist of the 
New Old South Church; the late Signor 
Augusta Rotoli, operatic instructor in 
the Nevt^ England Conservatory of Music, 
and Warren Davenport. Mr. Forrester 
is a teacher of voice and piano; the di- 
rector of the Cumann Canntan, the Irish 
Choral Society; is well known as a tenor 
soloist, who is said to have the most 
extensive repertory of Irish songs of any 
singer in Boston. He is the first musi- 
cian in the city to bring a really con- 
structive influence to bear on the in- 
terests of Irish music. Address: Center 
St., Roxbury, Mass. 

FORTIER, Edmond: 

S. of Octave Cyrille Fortier and Hen- 
riette Emilie Ruel; b. April 10, 1849, at 
St. Gervais, County Bellechasse; ed. at 
Ijaval Normal School, Quebec; m., Feb- 
ruary 18, 1901, to Elizabeth Lesueur, 
half-sister of Judge St. Pierre. Liberal 
candidate in 1890 against Hon. Jean 
Blanchet for the County of Beauce, Que., 
for the Quebec Legislature. Has resided 
for 20 years in Lambton, County Beauce, 
was Mayor, President of the Court of 
Commissioners, Director and organizer 
of Agriculture Society and of Cercles 

Agricoles. Served for 19 years in the 
militia, as Captain of the Twenty-third 
Battalion, of Beauce. Elected to House 
of Commons, January 25, 1900; re- 
elected, November, 1900, and again in 
1907. Address: Ste. Croix, Quebec, Can- 

FORTIER, Frangois Alcee (known as 
Alcee Fortier) : 
Author, educator; b. June 5, 1856, in St. 
James Parish, La.; s. of Florent Fortier, 
a sugar planter, and Edwige Aime For- 
tier, writer of French verse. Francois 
Fortier, the founder of the family, came 
to New Orleans from St. Malo in Brit- 
tany, France, in the beginning of the 
Eighteenth Century; his maternal grand- 
father, Valeour Aime, a wealthy sugar 
planter, was a benefactor of the poor 
and of the Church; he built a chapel at 
Jefferson College, St. James Parish, and 
was the principal founder of that insti- 
tution, now conducted by the Marist 
Fathers. M. Marie Lanauze; ed. by pri- 
vate tutors; Romain's Classical School, 
New Orleans; Professor Paul Passy, 
Paris; University of Virginia; Washing- 
ton and Lee University (Doctor of Let- 
ters, 1894) ; Laval University, Quebec 
(Doctor of Letters, 1908) ; Officier 
d'Acad#mie; Officier de I'lnstruction 
Publique; Officier du Cambodge; and 
Chevalier de la Legion d'honneur, of 
France. Professor of French, Boys* 
High School, New Orleans, 1878; Prin- 
cipal, Preparatory Department Univer- 
sity of Louisiana, 1880-84; Professor of 
French, Tulane University, Louisiana, 
1884-94: Professor of Romance Lan- 
guages, Ttilane, 1894 to date. Member 
of State Board of Education of Loui- 
siana, 1888-96; Vice-President and 
President, Board of Civil Service Com- 



missioners of New Orleans, 1897-1900; 
Vice-President, Catholic Winter School 
of America, 1895-97, President, 1897- 
1902; lecturer there on great Catholic 
men and women; President, Board of 
Curators, Louisiana State Museum, 
1905; vice-president 1906-10; Chairman 
History Jury, St. Louis Exposition, 1904 ; 
and one of the two principal speakers 
in the Dept. of Romance Literatures at 
the Congress of Arts and Science of the 
St. Louis Exposition; member Advisory 
Council of the Warner Library of the 
World's Best Orations and the World's 
Best Essays, Member of Faculty, sum- 
mer sessions of the universities of 
Chicago, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Colorado, 
Kansas; also of Harvard University. 
Delivered lectures at Monteagle As- 
sembly, New York Chautauqua, Florida 
Chautauqua, Johns Hopkins University, 
Yale University, universities of Cincin- 
nati and Virginia, Columbia University, 
Louisiana Southwestern Industrial In- 
stitution, Louisiana State University, 
Catholic Summer School of America, 
Butler University at Indianapolis; also 
before many groups of I'Alliance 
Frangaise aux Etats-Unis, literary socie- 
ties, and educational meetings. Author 
of Le Chateau de Chambord (188'4); 
Gabriel d'Ennerich (1886); Bits of 
Louisiana Folk-Lore (1888); Sept 
Grands Auteurs du XlXme Si&cle 

(1889); Histoire de la Litt6rature 
Francaise (1893); Louisiana Studies 

(1894); Louisiana Folk-Tales (1894); 
Voyage in Europe (1895) ; Pr6cis 
de I'Histoire de France (1899); 
History of Louisiana (4 v. 1904) ; 
Les Planteurs Sueriers de 1' Ancien 
Regime en Louisiane (1906) ; History 
of Mexico (1907); Encyclopedia of 
Louisiana History (In preparation). 

Ed, of a number of French texts for 
colleges; has contributed to many his- 
torical, literary and educational jour- 
nals. Traveled extensively in the U. 
S., Canada and Europe. Member of 
Ath6n6e Louisianais (president since 
1892) ; Louisiana Historical Society 
(president since 1894) ; Alliance Franco- 
Louisianaise (president 1908-09), 

Union Frangaise, Soci6t6 du 14 Juillet, 
America Folk-Lore Society (president 
1894) ; Modern Language Association of 
America (president, 1898) ; American 
Historical Association, American Dialect 
Society; Federation de 1' Alliance Fran- 
gaise aux Etats-Unis (president, 1906- 
07), Public School Alliance of New Or- 
leans (president, 1909-10), Acad6mie de 
Macon en France, American Antiquarian 
Society; honorary member, Missouri 
Historical Society and Minnesota His- 
torical Society, Geographical Society of 
Quebec, Raven Society, Soci6t6 des 
Professeurs Frangaise en Am^rique. 
Club: Round Table, Quarante. Address: 
Tulane University of Louisiana, New 
Orleans, La. or 1241 Esplanade Ave. 
New Orleans, La. 

FORTIEU, Jean L.: 

Physician; b. at St. Sylvestre, P. Q., 
Canada; ed. at the Christian Brothers 
School; S6minaire des Trois Rivieres, P. 
Q. ; Maine Medical School (M.D.) ; and 
New York Post Graduate Medical School ; 
m. first to Leonille Martel, secondly to 
Marguerite Dunn. Has been City Physi- 
cian for 10 years; Alderman, 4 years; 
member of State Legislature for 4 years. 
Sent on special mission to Rome, Italy, 
in 1906, in the interests of the French 
Americans of Maine. Member of Maine 
Medical Ass'n; Waterville Clinical 
Society; Kennebec County Medical Ass'n. 



Trustee of the Waterville Public Library. 
Member of the Soci4t€ Historique 
Franco- Am6ricaine ( Boston, Mass. ) . Ad- 
dress: 5 or 86 Silver St., Waterville, 

FOX, Frederick H.: 

Lawyer; b. in McConnellsville, Ohio; 
ed. in the common and high schools of 
his native town and at Ohio State Uni- 
versity, graduating with honors; for five 
years associated with the Ohio State 
Journal, and for two years with the Cath- 
olic Columbian of Columbus, Ohio; re- 
moved to Chicago where he became as- 
sociated with the Inter Ocean; studied 
law evenings at the Illinois College of 
Law and graduated from that institution 
in 1904; received degrees of B. Ph., and 
LL.B. Was appointed Secretary and 
Treasurer of the Illinois College of Law, 
which position he now holds. Address: 
Illinois College of Law, Chicago, 111. 

FOX, Rev. James Joseph: 

B. in Stewartstown, Tyrone, Ireland; 
ed. Royal University of Ireland (B.A. 
1888), and The Catholic University of 
America (S.T.D. and D.D., 1899); is 
Associate Professor of Ethics, Catholic 
University of America. Author of Re- 
ligion and Morality (Young, New York, 
1899). Address: Catholic University of 
America, Washington, D. C. 

FOX, Rt. Rev. Mgr. John H.: 

Vicar General of the diocese of Trenton, 
N. J.; b. July 7, 1358, in New Bruns- 
wick, N. J.; ed. at Seton Hall, South 
Orange, N. J.; ordained priest June 7, 
1881 ; served as curate in various parts 
of the State, his first pastorate being at 
Bound Brook, New Jersey; has built 
churches at Seabright, Highlands, and 

the Atlantic Highlands. When the Rt. 
Rev. James A. McFaul was consecrated 
Bishop of Trenton, Father Fox became 
rector of St. Mary's Cathedral, and in 
1900 Bishop McFaul made him Vicar 
Greneral. Four years later. Pope Pius 
X honored him with the title of Domes- 
tic Prelate. Address: St. Mary's 
Cathedral, Trenton, N. J. 

FOX, Rt. Rev. Joseph J., D.D.: 

Bishop of Green Bay, Wis.; b. August 
2, 1855, at Green Bay; s. of Paul and 
Frances (Bartel) Fox; ed. at Cathedral 
School, Green Bay; St. Francis Semi- 
nary, Milwaukee, Wis.; American Col- 
lege, and University of Louvain, Bel- 
gium (D.D.) ; ordained June 7, 1879. 
Stationed at New Franken, Wis., then in 
charge of St. John's Church, Green Bay; 
secretary to Bishop Krautbauer, at that 
time Bishop of Green Bay; from 1883 
to 1894, rector of Our Lady of Lourdes 
Church, Marinette, Wis.; vicar-general. 
Green Bay, Wis., 1894. Appointed Do- 
mestic Prelate to Pope Leo XIII, 1898; 
Bishop of Green Bay since July 25, 1904. 
Life Member, Wisconsin State Historical 
Society. Address: 139 South Madison 
St., Green Bay, Wis. 

FOY, Hon. James Joseph, LL.D.: 

King's Counsel; barrister; b. Febru- 
ary 22, 1847, at Toronto. S. of Patrick 
Foy, merchant. Ed. at St. Michael's Col- 
lege, Toronto, and Ushaw Coll., Eng. M., 
in 1879, Marie Cuvillier, d. of Maurice 
Cuvillier, of Montreal (she died in 
1903), Queen's Counsel, 1883. Toronto 
Univ. conferred degree of LL.D., June 
13, 1902. Bencher of Law Soc. of Up- 
per Canada, 1882, Vice-Pres. of Albany 
Club. Dir. of Toronto Gen. Trusts Co. 
and other companies. Pres. of Co. of 



York Law Assn. Elected for Toronto S. 
to Legislature, at general election, 1898. 
Re-elected at general election, 1902 and 
1905. Apptd. Commr. of Crown Lands, 
February 8„ 1905, and Attorney -Gen- 
eral, May 30, 1905. Re-el. by accl., at 
bye-election, February 21, 1905. Ad- 
dress: Toronto, Canada. 

FRANCOIS, Hon. Theophile Henri Ferd- 
B. July 30, 1835, in Brussels, 
Belgium; came to America, 1855; en- 
tered army in 1861, and served three 
years with Army of the Potomac, in the 
field; in War Department at Washing- 
ton, 1864-70; assistant paymaster, 1870- 
82; since then in insurance business 
in Detroit, Mich. Appointed, 1884, 
Consul of Belgium. Created Knight of 
the Order of Leopold (Belgiirm), 1877, 
and in 1909 raised to officer of that Or- 
der. Awarded, 1909, civil medal of the 
first class for services to Belgium dur- 
ing 25 years. Address : 26 Peterboro St., 
Detroit, Mich. 

FRASER, Anstin L.: 

Barrister; b, Vernon River, Prince 
Edward Island, March 17, 1865; s. of 
Edward Fraser, ed. in the public schools. 
Prince William College, and St. Dun- 
stan's College; received the degree of 
B.A. from Laval University, 1895; has 
served as Member of the Legislature of 
Prince Edward Island, and is now Mem- 
ber of Parliament for King's, Prince 
Edward Island; m. Maud A. Moar, June 
25, 1901. Address: Souris, Prince Ed- 
ward Island. 

FRASER, Mary (Crawford): 

B. 1851, in Rome, Italy; d. of Thomas 
Crawford, the sculptor, and Louise Ward, 
his wife; niece of the late Julia Ward 

Howe; sister of the late F. Marion Craw- 
ford, and like him a convert to the 
Cnurch. Spent her childhood in Rome; 
educated there and at the Isle of Wight. 
M., 1873, to Hugh Fraser (deceased), 
whose diplomatic missions took them to 
Japan, Vienna, and other countries. Au- 
thor of A Diplomatist's Wife in Many 
Lands (Dodd, Mead & Co.) ; The Brown 
Ambassador; The Splendid Porsena; 
Gianella, and other works. 

FRECHETTE, Clement: 

Physician; b. February 22, 1869, in 
Montreal, P. Q., Canada; ed, at the Chris- 
tian Brothers School, Montreal College, 
and Victoria University, Montreal 
(M.D., 1890) ; m. Robertine Vian. Med- 
ical Examiner for the Equitable Life Ass. 
Co., Les Artisans Canadiens Frangais, 
L'Union St. Jean Baptiste d'Am^rique, 
Forestiers F. A., and Les Chevaliers 
Lafayette. Served as City Physician for 
three years; President of the French- 
American Republican Club of Massachu- 
setts, 190&-09, and is now member of 
its Executive Committee. Member 
L'Union St. Jean Baptiste d'Am6rique; 
Forestiers Franco- Americains ; Cheva- 
liers Lafayette; Artisans Canadiens 
Francais; United Woodmen; Benevo- 
lent Prot. Order of Elks; Soci6t6 His- 
torique Franco- Am^ricaine ; Board of 
Trade. Clubs: Leominster; Leominster 
Country; Monoosnock Country. Ad- 
dress: 8 Depot St., Leominster, Mass. 

FRERI, Right Rev. Monsignor Joseph: 
B. 1864 in France. Ed. the Seminary 
of St. Sulpice, Paris; Gregorian and 
Minerva Universities, Rome; Roman 
University (D.C.L. 1888). Ordained 
priest, 1887. Mission in Arizona; Pro- 
fessor in Seminary of Boston; at present^ 



Director General (U. S.) of the Society 
for the Propagation of the Faith. Edi- 
tor of Catholic Missions, and Annals of 
the Propagation of the Faith. Address: 
627 Lexington Ave., New York. 

FREY, Joseph: 

Merchant; b. in 1854 at Baden, Ger- 
many; ancestors were ancient dwellers of 
the Black Forest; m. Anna Ziegler; ed. 
at parochial and public schools of New 
York. Member of Special Committee on 
Social Reform; Director of Leo 
House, a home for Catholic German 
Immigrants, 1903 — ; Director of German 
Exchange Bank, N. Y., 1908 — ; President 
of State League, N. Y. (Staats Verband) 
of German American Catholic Societies, 
1909; Member of the D. R. K. C. V. 
(National Central Society of German 
American Catholics), 1906 — , and leader 
of the pilgrimage to Rome of this So- 
ciety, 1909. Introduced and perfected 
the manufacture of materials for artifi- 
cial flowers into this country; active 
supporter of hospitals and orphan asy- 
lums; traveled to California and the 
North West; visited Europe 3 times. 
Member of St. Joseph's Benevolent So- 
ciety; the Catholic Club; Katholischer 
Saengerbund; German Liederkranz and 
Fidelia Singing Society (all of N. Y. 
City). Address: 71 South Washington 
Square, New York City. 

FRIEDEN, Rev. John P., S.J.: 

B. November 18, 18'44, in Luxem- 
bourg ; ed. in the grammar, high and nor- 
mal schools and College, Luxembourg; 
came to America June 29, 1869; studied 
literature at St. Stanislaus Seminary, 
Florissant, Mo., 1869-71; took a course 
in philosophy and science at Woodstock 
College, Md. 1874-81; also, four years' 

course of divinity in the same institu- 
tion; ordained priest April 3, 1880. In- 
structor in Literature, St. Louis, Mo., 
1871-74; professor and later president, 
Detroit College, 1881-89. Provincial Su- 
perior of the Jesuit Institutions in the 
Middle West, 1889-94; Spiritual Di- 
rector, St. Stanislaus Seminary, Floris- 
sant, Mo., 1894-96; Superior of the 
Jesuit Institutions in California; Presi- 
dent of St. Ignatius College, San Fran- 
cisco, 1896-1907; President of St. Louis 
University since February 10, 1908. Ad- 
dress: St. Louis University, St. Louis, 

FRONCZAK, Francis Eustace: 

Physician; b. September 20, 1874, at 
Buffalo, N. Y.; father took part in the 
war of Insurrection of Poland against 
Russia in 1863; m. Lucy Rose Tucholka, 
1900; ed. at St. Stanislaus Parochial 
School, Buffalo, N. Y.; Canisius College 
(A.B., 1894; A.M., 1895); University 
of Buffalo (M.D., 1897; LL.B.) Civil 
Service Commissioner of Buffalo, 1898- 
1903; Acting Health Commissioner of 
Buffalo, since 1909; Health Officer, 
Cheektowaga, N. Y., since 1904; Trus- 
tee, American Savings Bank, since 1908; 
Director, United States Trust and Sav- 
ings Bank, 1910. Lectures on tubercu- 
losis and hygiene all over the country. 
Author of Plica Polmica (1897) ; Polish 
Nation and Its Literature (1899) ; con- 
tributor to Illustrated Buffalo Express 
and Tygodnik Illustrowany (Warsaw, 
Poland) ; magazine writer on travels 
through Europe, Africa and the Ameri- 
can Continent. Has traveled through all 
Europe except Greece and Turkey; south- 
ern Africa; and entire United States. 
Member of Knights of Columbus; Polish 
Union; Polish National Alliance; Polish 




Roman Catholic Union; New York State 
Medical Association; Catholic Mutual 
Benefit Association, and others. Ad- 
dress: 806 Fillmore Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

FUCHS, George V.: 

Assistant Postmaster, New Orleans, 
La.; s. of Valentine and Francis (Pfluh) 
Fuchs; b. 1872, in New Orleans; ed. in 
St. Boniface School and the public 
schools of New Orleans; m. Elizabeth 
Greers. Member Marquette Council, 
Knights of Columbus; of the Louisiana 
State Federation of Catholic Societies; 
and of a number of social and benevo- 
lent organizations, and of several edu- 
cational bodies. Official Address: Post 
Office, New Orleans, La.; Residence: 
914 Clouet St. 

FTTENTES, Ventura: 

Physician, educator; b. Sept. 14, 1868, 
in Cardenas, Cuba; ed. in New York 
public schools; College City of New York 
(A.B., 1889) ; and Columbia University; 
received the degree of M.D. from the 
College of Physicians and Surgeons, Co- 
lumbia University, in 1892. Assistant 
Professor, Department of Romance Lan- 
guages, College of City of New York 
since 1900. Contributor to the Catholic 
Encyclopedia. Member of Modern Lan- 
guage Association of America. Address: 
630 West One Hundred and Thirty-eighth 
St., New York, or College of the City of 
New York. 

FULLER, Paul: 

Lawyer, educator; b. in 1847, while his 
father and mother were en route to Cali- 
fornia; ed. at New York City private 
schools; began study of law at age of 
15; did newspaper work and was dra- 
matic critic for several New York dail- 

ies; admitted to the bar when 21; en- 
tered firm of Coudert Brothers and later 
became head of firm; took part in the 
Venezuela Boundary Case, the Philippine 
Tariff Cases, the Porto Rico Tariff 
Cases, the Porto Rico and Philippine 
Church Cases; has served as counsel for 
the French and Russian governments; 
was a member of Citizen's Union; in 
politics a Democrat; Dean of the Ford- 
ham University School of Law since 1905 
( LL.D. from Fordham University ) . Ad- 
dress: Fordham University, Fordham, N. 

FUREY, Francis Thomas: 

Author, historian; b. December 10, 
1852, at Derryhirk (Frosses), Inver 
Parish, County Donegal, Ireland; s. of 
Roger and Mary (Thomas) Furey. 
First of father's family in South Done- 
gal an exile from N. W. Tipperary in 
Cromwell's time; mother's Welsh pro- 
genitor in Ireland also a refugee from 
religious prosecution over half a century 
earlier. Ed. in the national schools of 
Ireland until 1867; Letterkenny clas- 
sical school, 1867-71; Irish College, 
Paris, 1871-75; received the degree of 
M.A. from Fordham, N. Y., June 25, 
1879; m. (1884) Anna Maria, daughter 
of Dr. Robert A. and Ellen G. (Cav- 
enaugh) Durney. Associate Editor 
Catholic Review (New York), 1875-78; 
instructor at St. John's College, Ford- 
ham, N. Y., 1877-78; Associate Editor 
Philadelphia Catholic Standard, 1878- 
93, and its editor, 1893-97; instructor 
at St. Joseph's College, Philadelphia, to 
1901 ; editor for Catholic Educational 
Co., to 1904; instructor Catholic High 
School, Philadelphia, 1904r-07, since 
which time he has engaged in literary- 
work, exclusively. Author of Future of 



Catholic Peoples (Hickey, New York, 
1878) ; Explanation of the Constitution 
of the United States (Kehoe, New York, 
1889) ; Life and Pontificate of Leo XIII 
(Catholic Educational Co., Philadel- 
phia, 1903) ; translator of several 
novels. Contributor to the Cath- 
olic Review, Philadelphia; Cath- 
olic World, New York; Messenger, New 
York; and Rosary Magazine, Somerset, 
Ohio. One of the founders, and member 
of the American Catholic Historical So- 
ciety. Member, United Irish League of 
America; United Irish Society. Ad- 
dress: 3820 Spring Garden St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

FTJREY, John: 

Pay Inspector, United States Navy; 
b. January 6, 1836, at Brooklyn, N. Y.; 
his father, James Furey, was one of a 
band of 70 Catholics who, in 1822, or- 
ganized the first Catholic parish in 
Brooklyn; his mother was a convert; m., 
September 20, 1866, to Margaret M. 
Merrick, sister of the late Rev. David 
A. Merrick, S.J. (died, July 7, 1900). 
Ed. at public and private schools, Brook- 
lyn. Appointed Acting Assistant Pay- 
master in the United States Navy, Octo- 
ber 6, 1863, and was on duty on board 
the Monticello during the Civil War, 
under Lieutenant Wm. B. Cushing; was 
engaged in the attacks on Fort Fisher 
and in various other engagements and 
expeditions. Commissioned Passed As- 
sistant Paymaster, United States Navy, 
July 23, 1866; promoted to Paymaster, 
October 24, 1871; placed on retired list, 
September 10, 1895; promoted to Pay 
Inspector, June 29, 1906. Has contrib- 
uted to the Messenger of the Sacred 
Heart and to the Catholic Encyclopedia. 
During his active service he was on duty 

all along the American Coast from 
Maine to Mexico, and in the West In- 
dies; was at Vera Cruz when the French 
army under Marshal Bazaine evacuated 
and sailed for France; made cruises to 
South America and to South Africa, fol- 
lowing the west coast of Africa from 
Gibraltar to the Cape of Good Hope and 
visiting Ascension, St. Helena, Kerguelan 
Island and the South Indian Ocean; vis- 
ited nearly all the ports of the Mediter- 
ranean and ancient Hippo Nvhere St. 
Augustine was Bishop; was received by 
Pope Leo XIII in his private apartments 
and attended Mass in his private chapel; 
traveled through Europe. Member of 
Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, New York; 
National Geographic Society; Interna- 
tional Catholic Truth Society; Military 
Order of the Loyal Legion of the United 
States. Club: Catholic. Address: 81 
Monroe St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

FTTRGER, Francis Joseph: 

Educator; b. March 22, 1872, at 
Schwyz, Switzerland; ed. at public 
schools and College Maria Hilf, SchAvyz, 
1878-89; studied rhetoric, 1889-91, and 
philosophy,' 1891-92, at Jesuit College, 
Feldkirch, Austria; philosophy at 
Schwyz, 1892-93, and at Neuchatel, 
Switzerland, 1893-94; philosophy and 
philology at University de Lausanne, 
1894-95; philology at Sorbonne and In- 
stitut Catholique, Paris, 1896-98; at 
Lausanne, 1898-99 (Ph.D. in 1899) ; and 
at Sorbonne and College de France, 
Paris, 1901-02. Professor of German at 
College St. Bernard, Troyes, France, 
1895-96; and at Malaga, Spain, 1899- 
1901; Professor of Modern Languages, 
Milan, Italy, 1902-03; at Kollegium 
Maria Hilf, Schwyz, 1903-04; and at 
International School of Languages, 



ashington, D. C, 1904-07; Instructor 
of German and Spanish, Catholic Uni- 
versity of America, Washington, D. C, 
li)07 — . Address: 1225 Connecticut Ave., 
Washington, D. C. 

FfSZ, Louis: 

B. May 2, 1839, in Hericourt Depart- 
ment of Haute SaOne, France; emigrated 
to America with his father, Francis H., 
and mother, Mary Regina (Tschaen) 
Fusz, in 1853; m., January 23, 1867, to 
Josephine Desloge, daughter of Firmin 
R. and Cynthia (Mcllvaine) Desloge, of 
France; has family of 6 sons, 2 of whom 
became Priests of the Jesuit Order, and 
3 daughters; ed. at primary school in 
France, and primary school in Germany; 
took private lessons in advanced branch- 
es of science. Prefect of Young Men's 
Sodality of the B. V. M., attached to 
St. Francis Xavier's Church, St. Louis, 
1864; President, 1881-83, and Treasurer 
of Superior Council St. Vincent de Paul 

Society, St. Louis; First Vice President 
of Merchants Exchange of St. Louis, 
1888; Member, 1891, and Vice President, 
1892, of Board of Education, St. Louis. 
Contributed to the building of the New 
Cathedral in St. Louis; helped to found 
Holy Name Parish, of which he is a 
member; interested in numerous chari- 
ties and helped develop the departments 
of St. Louis University; started the Re- 
gina Flour Mill Co., the Desloge Con- 
solidated I^ad Mining Co., and helped 
to found Continental Portland Cement 
Co., all of St. Louis. Has important 
mining ventures in Arizona, Colorado 
and Montana; has lectured on Church 
and Catholic conditions in France. 
Traveled through Europe, 1890; attended 
the Oberammergau Passion Play and vis- 
ited Lourdes. Member of St. Vincent de 
Paul Society and Knights of Columbus. 
Has always been identified with the re- 
ligious and material development of St. 
Louis. Address: 1408 East Grand Ave., 
St. Louis, Mo. 


GABRIELS, Rt. Rev. Henry, D.D.: 

Bishop of Ogdensburg, N. Y.; b. Octo- 
ber 6, 1838, at Wannegem, Belgium; s. 
of Leopold and, Rosalie (Moerman) Ga- 
briels; ed. in the common Catholic 
school of Wannegem, at Audenarde, St. 
Nicholas, Ghent, and the University of 
Louvain (S.T.L., 1864; honorary Doctor 
in Theology, 1882) . Ordained priest, 
1861. Served as professor of theology 
in St. Joseph's Seminary, Troy, N. Y., 
1864-92, and as its president, 1871-92; 
consecrated Bishop of Ogdensburg, N. Y., 
May 5, 1892. Appointed, October, 1904, 
by King of Belgium, Officer Order of 
Leopold. Translator of Rudiments of 
Hebrew; author of a book on Rubrics; 
Sketch of St. Joseph's Seminary. Ad- 
dress: Bishop's House, Ogdensburg, N. 

GAFFNEY, Mary E.: 

Physician; d. of the late Dr. Henry 
J. Gaffney, of Salem, who was a life-long 
friend of James Jeffrey Roche, and 
others of that coterie, including Boyle- 
O'Reilly. Dr. Mary Gaffney is a suc- 
cessful practitioner, a settlement worker, 
and writer. Address: Salem, Mass. 

GAFFNEY, Thomas St. John: 

Consul General, Dresden; b. May 17, 
1864, in Limerick, Ireland; s. of Alder- 
man Thomas Gaffney, J. P., and Agnes 
Mary (Clime) Gaffney; ed. at Clongowes 
Wood College and the Royal University 
of Ireland. He became active in all 

patriotic efforts of his time in support 
of Irish nationality, and was especially 
identified with the movement under the 
leadership of the late Charles Stewart 
Parnell. Came to the United States in 
1882, studied law and was admitted to 
the New York bar; was Secretary of 
the McKinley League of the State of 
New York in the campaign of 1896; has 
been a frequent contributor to magazines 
and newspapers on national and inter- 
national subjects; has traveled exten- 
sively in European countries, and was 
decorated with the Cross of the Legion 
of Honor by President Loubet, in 1902, 
and the King of the Belgians made him 
an officer of the Order of Leopold the 
Second, in February, 1906. In 1907 he 
was presented to the German Kaiser. 
Mr. Gaffney was nominated consul-gen- 
eral to Dresden, Saxony, by President 
Roosevelt immediately after his election. 
Is a member of the American Irish His- 
torical Society; the Knights of Colum- 
bus; the Gaelic Society; the Irish Texts 
Society of London. Clubs: Republican 
(New York) ; Royal Saxon Automobile 
(Dresden) ; Dresden Golf; German Tour- 
ing (Munich); Touring (France). Ad- 
dress: Dresden, Saxony (American Con- 
sular Service). 

GALLAGHER, Rev. Joseph, C.S.C.: 

Priest; a native of Pennsylvania; ed. 
at Notre Dame University, Indiana, and 
the Catholic University of America, 
Washington, D. C; for several years 




rector of St. Joseph's Hall, Notre Dame, 
and a member of the University Fac- 
ulty; President of Columbia University, 
Portland, Ore., since 1907. Address: 
[Portland, Ore. 


Physician; b. 1857, in County Sligo, 
[Ireland; can trace his ancestry to Nial 
)f the Nine Hostages; ed. at Queen's 
;!ollege, Galway, Ireland, and Bellevue 
[edical College, New York (degree of 
.D., 1888); m. Annie M. O'Kelly, de- 
scended from the O'Kellys of Roscom- 
lon and Galway; was a member of the 
Board of Education in Salem, Mass., 
1892-96; author of a volume of poems, 
At the Gates of Noon (Angel Guardian 
Press, Boston, 1899) ; contributor to 
Donahoe's, Irish Monthly, the Century, 
and to various newspapers; has traveled 
through Ireland, England, and Scotland; 
is a member of the American Irish His- 
torical Society; Knights of Columbus; 
Ancient Order of Hibernians; and the 
Massachusetts Catholic Order of For- 
esters. Address: 172 Bunker Hill St., 
Boston, Mass. 

GALLAGHER, Rt. Rev. Nicholas Aloy- 
sius, D.D.: 
Bishop of Galveston, Tex.; b. Feb- 

^ruary 19, 1846, at Temperanceville, Bel- 
mont County, Ohio; ed. Mount St. 
Mary's of the West; ordained priest, 
December 25, 1868, Columbus, Ohio; 
from 1869 to 1871, attached to St. Pat- 
rick's Church, Columbus, under Bishop 
IRosecrans; President of St. Aloysius' 
Seminary, 1871-76; pastor of St. Pat- 
rick's, Columbus, 1876-78; during the 
vacancy of the see from October, 1878, 
to August, 1880, administrator, and later 
vicar-general; appointed Bishop of 

Canopus and administrator of the dio- 
cese of Galveston, Tex.; consecrated at 
St. Mary's College, Galveston, April 30, 
1882, by the Rt. Rev. Edward Fitzgerald, 
Bishop of Little Rock; made Bishop of 
Galveston, December 16, 1892. Address: 
St. Mary's Cathedral, Galveston, Tex. 

GALLEN, Rev. Patrick Henry: 

Rector of the Church of The Annuncia- 
tion, Florence, Mass.; b. March 17, 1855, 
in Milford, Mass.; ed. in the public 
schools, St. Bonaventure's Seminary, St. 
Bonaventure's College, New York (de- 
gree of LL.D., June 15, 1900), Holy 
Cross College, Worcester, Massachusetts, 
and St. Peter's College, Wexford, Ire- 
land; is an occasional contributor to the 
Press of articles on Theology, Canon 
Law, History, Travel, etc.; Rector, at 
Florence, Mass., since April, 1889. Ad- 
dress: 79 Beacon St., Florence, Mass. 

GALLINGER, William H.: 

S. of United States Senator Gallinger, 
who was one of the most active op- 
ponents of Catholics when the A. P. A. 
movement was so strong; was for a time 
a novice at Graymoor Garrisons, New 
York, under Father Paul (now himself 
a convert to the Church) ; became a 
Catholic after seven years* study of the 
religions of the world, finding in the 
Church the only divine authority and the 
one apostolic doctrine, to which he ac- 
cordingly submitted. Address: Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

GALTES, Paul: 

Retired merchant; b. October 25, 1840, 
in Catalina, Spain; arrived in San 
Francisco, Cal., in 1869; from there 
went to Los Angeles and entered St. 
Vincent's College. In 1871 Mr. Galtes 



opened a small store in Bakersfield, Cal. 
At this time there were but five white 
families there, and all goods for the mer- 
chants had to come by stage and wagon 
train, as no railroad touched Bakersfield 
in those days. Mr. Galtes' place of busi- 
ness became a center for the Catholic 
people of that region, and Rt. Rev. 
Bishop Amat celebrated Mass in the 
Galtes store in 1871. In 1874, Mr. 
Galtes married Mariana Lasagne. He 
is a member of the Knights of Colum- 
bus, and has been treasurer of the Coun- 
cil at Bakersfield since it was instituted. 
Address: Bakersfield, Cal. 

GALVIN, Thomas F.: 

Head of the florist house of Calvin 
Brothers; s. of John Galvin, the pioneer 
florist in Boston. Associated with his 
father in early youth; organized the 
present business in 1869, in partnership 
with his brothers, John M. Galvin, at 
one time City Clerk, and Dr. George W. 
Galvin, formerly head of the Emergency 
Hospital of Boston; in 1873 acquired the 
entire business which does an extensive 
trade; originated the famous Mrs. 
Thomas W. Lawson Pink, in color a 
deep cerise, the longest-lived and most 
durable pink known, which he sold to 
Thomas Lawson for $30,000. Address: 
Business, 124 Tremont St., Boston; Resi- 
dence, 799 Boylston St., Brookline, Mass. 

GANAHL, Louis J.: 

Lumber merchant; b. November 29, 
1868, in St. Louis, Mo.; ed. in parochial 
schools in St. Louis; later engaged ex- 
tensively in the lumber business; is 
President of the Ganahl Planing Mill & 
Manufacturing Co. ; m., in 1900, to Mary 
M. Dirk. Address: 3106 Allen Ave., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

GANNON, Frank S.: 

Railway official; b. September 16, 
1851, at Spring Valley, N. Y.; s. of John 
and Mary (Clancey) Gannon; ed. in the 
public schools of Port Jervis, N. Y. ; 
m., in Jersey City, September 24, 1874, 
Marietta Burrows. Began active career 
as telegraph operator on E^ie Railway, 
1868-70; later connected with New Jer- 
sey Midland Railway as clerk, terminal 
agent and train dispatcher; train-dis- 
patcher, 1875, and then, until 1881, mas- 
ter of transportation. Long Island Rail- 
road; supervisor of trains, Baltimore & 
Ohio R. R., 1881; general superintendent, 
New York City and Northern R. H., 
1881-86; general superintendent, 1886- 
94. General Manager, Staten Island 
Rapid Transit Ry., 1894-96, and presi- 
dent, 1893-96; general superintendent 
New York Division, Baltimore & Ohio 
R. R., 1890-96; third vice-president and 
general manager Southern Ry. ; president 
and director, Norfolk & Southern Ry. 
Co.; Virginia and Carolina Coast R. R. ; 
Atlantic & North Carolina R. R. ; Pam- 
lico, Oriental & Western R. R. ; director 
New York City Ry. ; Broadway and Sev- 
enth Ave. R. R. ; Forty-second St. & 
Grand St. Ferry R. R,; Fulton St. R. 
R.; Met. Securities Co.; Thirty-fourth 
St. Crosstown Ry.; Twenty-third St. 
Railway; Twenty-eighth and Twenty- 
ninth St. Crosstown R. R. Trustee, Emi- 
grant's Industrial Savings Bank, New 
York. President of the Catholic Club 
of New York. Address: 135 Broadway, 
New York City. 

GANNON, Frank S., Jr.: 

Lawyer; b. December 16, 1877, at 
Long Island City; s. of Frank S. Gan- 
non, a prominent railroad man, who is 
Vice President of the Southern Railway 



"and various New York traction lines, 
and President of the Norfolk & Southern 
Railway, and of the Montana, Wyoming 
& Southern Railroad; ed. at St. Peter's 
Academy, St. Francis Xavier's College 
(degree of A.B., 1898, and A.M., 1899) ; 
land at the New York Law School 
(LL.B., 1900) ; m. Frances Foley, a grad- 
uate of Manhattanville ; is a member of 
the law firm of Gannon, Seibert & Riggs, 
and Secretary of the Montana, Wyoming 
& Southern R. R. ; member Bar Asso- 
ciation of the City of New York; 
Friendly Sons of St. Patrick; Ozanam 
Association; Xavier Alumni Sodality 
and Xavier Alumni Association; The 
Mummers. Clubs: Catholic (New 
York) ; Montclair Golf Club. Address: 
2 Rector St., New York City. 

GANNON, James A.: 

Physician; b. March 8, 1884, in New 
York City; s. of Frank S. Gannon; ed. 
at St. John's College, District of Co- 
lumbia; St. Francis Xavier's College, 
New York; and Georgetown University 
(degree of M.D., 1906) ; m. Mildred B., 
daughter of Tallmadge A. Lambert; is 
Vice-President of the Georgetown Clin- 
ical Society; Surgeon, Old Dominion 
Ry. ; Resident Physician, Deer Park Ho- 
tel during each summer; Assistant to the 
Professor of Histology, Georgetown Med- 
ical School ; Assistant Pathologist and 
Bacteriologist, Children's Hospital ; Clin- 
ical Instructor, Diseases of Children at 
Georgetown Hospital; Dispensary on dis- 
eases of the Genito-urinary System at 
Providence Hospital; in charge of the 
out-door Maternity Service at Casualty 
Hospital; member Casualty Hospital 
Medical Society; Washington Therapeu- 
tic Society; Georgetown Alumni Society; 
Washington Medical and Surgical So- 

ciety; Georgetown Clinical Society; 
Medical Association of District of Co- 
lumbia; and the Medical Society of 
District of Columbia. Club: Century, 
(Washington, D. C). Address: 1219 
Connecticut Ave., Washington, D. C. 

GANNON, Rev. Peter Cornelius: 

B. January 13, 1873, at Grand Junc- 
tion, Iowa; ed. in country schools, 
Creighton University, Omaha (degree of 
A.B., 1898), and St. Paul Seminary, St. 
Paul, Minn.; ordained priest, June 5, 
1903; appointed Editor of The True 
Voice, September 25, 1903; is a Knight 
of Columbus. Address: 709 South 
Twenty-eighth St., Omaha, Neb. 

GANNON, Rev. Thomas J., S.J.: 

Priest; b. July 14, 1853, at Cam- 
bridge Mass. ; ed. in the public schools of 
Cambridge, and pursued his higher 
studies at Boston College, Mass., 1868- 
72; entered the Society of Jesus, August 
3, 1872; studied philosophy and sciences 
at Woodstock College, Maryland, 1875- 
78; taught at Holy Cross College, Wor- 
cester, Mass., 1873-83; made course of 
theology at Woodstock College, 1883- 
87; Professor of Philosophy at Boston 
College, 1887-gr8, and at Woodstock Col- 
lege, 1888-89; Secretary and Socius of 
Provincial, 1890-91, and 1896-1900; 
President of Fordham College, 1891-96; 
Provincial of the Maryland, New York 
Province of the Society of Jesus, 1900- 
06; Instructor of Tertian Fathers, 1907 
to date. Address: Novitiate of St. An- 
drew-on-Hudson, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

GANS, Edg-ar H.: 

Attorney-at-law; b. November 24, 1856, 
in Harrisbvirg, Pa.; went to Baltimore 
about 1870. Graduated from the Balti- 



more City College in 1875; from the Law 
Department of the University of Mary- 
land in 1877; same year admitted to the 
ibar. Associated in practice with Mr. B. 
Howard Haman, an association which 
has ever since continued. In 1879 ap- 
pointed Deputy States Attorney for Bal- 
timore City. In 1884, married Eliza- 
beth Wall. Mr. Gans served with dis- 
tinction as lecturer on Criminal Law at 
the University of Maryland, retiring 
only when the pressure of his private 
practice became so great that he could 
not do justice to both. Office: Calvert 
Bldg., Baltimore, Md.; Residence: York 
and Winston Aves. 

GANSS, Rev. Henry George: 

B. February 22, 1855, at Lancaster, 
Pa. ; attended parochial school in his na- 
tive city, then went to St. Vincent Col- 
lege, Latrobe, Pa., to prepare for the 
priesthood; was ordained in 1878. While 
at College he received the degree of Doc- 
tor of Music in 1876. Rector of St. 
Patrick's Church, Carlisle, Pa., 1890 to 
1910; Rector of St. Mary's Church, Lan- 
caster, Pa., 1910. Is the composer of: 
First Mass in D (with orchestra) ; Sec- 
ond Mass in D (with orchestra), pub- 
lished by Ditson & Co.; Fourth Mass 
in C (Pond & Co.) ; Requiem in D 
Minor (J. Fischer & Bro.). In 1889 he 
won the national prize for a Hymn of 
the Navy: The Banner of the Sea, Is 
the composer of Long Live the Pope, a 
papal hymn translated into twenty-five 
languages. Is the author of Mariola- 
try: New Phases of our Old Fallacy 
(The Ave Maria Press) ; History of St. 
Patrick's Church, Carlisle, Pa. (D. J. 
Gallagher & Co., Philadelphia) ; and ten 
pamphlets on Luther, Reformation his- 
tory, Anglican Orders, and the Indian 

question. Has contributed articles to 
the American Catholic Quarterly Review, 
The Ecclesiastical Review, The Catholic 
World, The Messenger, The Ave Maria, 
and the Catholic Encyclopedia. A series 
of papers, on the politico-religious his- 
tory of the Indians, were written by him 
for the Messenger in 1907. Address: 
Lancaster, Pa. 

GARCIA, Joseph: 

President and manager of the Garcia 
Stationery Co., Limited; b. March 12, 
1846, in New Orleans, La.; s. of Benja- 
min and Florestine (Maura) Garcia; 
ed. in the schools of the Brothers of the 
Sacred Heart, Mobile, Ala.; employed as 
a clerk in different business houses after 
leaving school, and a few years later 
opened a stationery establishment of his 
own, this business now being controlled 
by a corporation under the limited lia- 
bility laws; is a member of the Holy 
Spirit Society, of the Federation of Cath- 
olic Societies, and the Knights of Co- 
lumbus; member of the Marquette Asso- 
ciation for Higher Education, and other 
Catholic Associations. Address: 318 
Camp St., New Orleans, La.; Residence: 
2125 Ursuline Ave. 

GARNEATT, Hon. Edouard Burroughs: 

Merchant; s. of Pierre Garneau and 
Cecile Burroughs, his wife; b. January 
18, 1859, at Quebec; ed. at Commercial 
Academy, Quebec High School, and East- 
man's National Business College, Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y.; m., October 25, 1882, to 
Laure Braun. Ex-President of the Que- 
bec Board of Trade; a director of the 
Richelieu and Ontario Navigation Co. 
Appointed to Legislative Council, April 
6, 1904, to succeed his father. Address: 
Quebec, Canada. 


LNEATT, Sir George: 
Knight Bachelor; b. November 19, 
1864, in Quebec, Canada; second son of 
the late Hon. Pierre Garneau, Member of 
the Legislative Council of the Province 
of Quebec, and of Charlotte Cecile, 
daughter of Edward Burroughs of Que- 
bec, Prothonotary of the Superior Court 
of the Province of Quebec. His ances- 
tors came from France in 1662, and set- 
tled near Qiiebec, being one of the old 
French-Canadian families of Canada. 
Ed. at the Quebec Seminary and the Mon- 
treal Polytechnic School (C.E., 1884) ; 
B. App. Sc. (Laval University, 1898) ; 
m., in 1892, Marie Alma, daughter of 
Major A. Benoit of the Department of 
IMilitia and Defense at Ottawa. Is Titu- 
lar Professor of Analytical Chemistry at 
Laval University; Vice-President of 
Garneau Limited, Quebec (wholesale dry- 
goods) ; member of the Council of the 
Quebec Board of Trade, 1898-1901; 
Mayor of Quebec, 1906-10; Chairman of 
the Nationa,l Battlefields Commission 
since 1908, and Chairman of the Execu- 
tive Committee which organized and car- 
ried out the Celebration of the Tercen- 
tenary of the Foundation of Quebec by 
Champlain; a member of the Quebec 
Public Utilities Commission, and acting 
president thereof. Was knighted and re- 
ceived the investiture of knighthood at 
the hands of H. R. H. the Prince of 
Wales (now King George V), at Que- 
bec, July 23, 1908. Is also a Knight 
of the Legion of Honor of France 
(1908). Member of the Knights of Co- 
lumbus. Club: Quebec Garrison. Ad- 
dress: Quebec, Canada. 

GARRIGAN, Et. Rev. Philip J., D.D.: 

First Bishop of Sioux City; b. early 
in 1840, in Ireland; ed. public schools. 

Lowell, Mass.; St. Charles College, 
Maryland, 1862-66; Provincial Seminary, 
Troy, N. Y., 1866-70. Rector, St. John's 
Church, Worcester, Mass. Director of 
Seminary at Troy. Rector at Fitchburg, 
Mass., 1875-89. First Vice Rector, 
Catholic University, 1895. Bishop, May 
25, 1902, of Sioux City; consecrated in 
Springfield, Mass. Address: Sioux City, 

GARVEY, Rt. Rev. Eugene A., D.D.: 

First Bishop of Altoona; b. October 6, 
1845, at Carbondale, Pa.; s. of Michael 
and Catherine (Boylan) Garvey; ed. in 
public schools; St. Charles' College, Elli- 
cott City, Md.; St. Charles', Glenriddle, 
Pa.; and St. Charles' Seminary, Phila- 
delphia; ordained priest, September 22, 
1869. Rector, Holy Ghost Church, Ath- 
ens, Pa., September, 1870, to December, 
1871; Church of the Annunciation, Wil- 
liamsport. Pa., 1871 to 1899; St. John's, 
Pittston, Pa., 1899 to 1901. Consecrated, 
September 8, 1901, Bishop of Altoona, 
Pa, Address: Altoona, Pa. 

GASSON, Rev. Thomas Ignatius, S.J.: 

Educator; b. on September 23, 1859, 
at Sevenoaks, Kent, England; of a 
Huguenot family which settled in the 
south of England in the latter part of 
the Eighteenth Century. Ed. at St. 
Stephen's School, London; studied Latin 
under Rev. Allen T. Edwards; studied 
with a private tutor in Philadelphia, 
1872; entered the Church, October 5, 
1874, and joined the Society of Jesus, 
November 17, 1875; simple vows, De- 
cember 8, 1877; studied philosophy at 
Frederick and Woodstock, Md. ; theology 
at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, 
1888, where he studied dogmatic theol- 
ogy under Professors Straub and Stent- 



rup; moral theology under Professors 
Biederlack and Noldin; canon law under 
Professor Nilles; church history under 
Professor Michael; Hebrew under Pro- 
fessors Tuzer and Bickel; and scripture 
under Professors Flunk and Nisius; was 
Professor of Ethics and Political Econ- 
omy in Boston College; professor at 
Loyola College, Baltimore, until 1886; 
at St, Francis Xavier's College, New 
York, until July, 1888; was ordained 
to the priesthood by the prince-bishop 
of Brixen, at the Tjniversity church of 
Innsbruck, Austria, July 26, 1891; spent 
one year as chaplain in one of the chari- 
table institutions of the city; recalled 
to America; at Boston College, 1894-96; 
taught rational philosophy there ; in Jan- 
uary, 1907, was appointed President; 
started the movement for college expan- 
sion in December, 1907. Has contributed 
to Donahoe's Magazine and to the Cath- 
olic World. Address: Boston College, 
Boston, Mass. 

GATENS, William N.: 

Judge of the Circuit Court for the 
Fourth Judicial District of Oregon; re- 
sides at Portland, Ore.; secretary to 
Governor Chamberlain, 1902-09. Mem- 
ber of the Ancient Order of Hibernians. 
Address: Portland, Ore. 


B. November 12, 1857, at St. Victoire, 
Richelieu County, Canada; descendant 
of a French soldier who came to Canada 
from France in the regiment Carignan; 
ed. in public schools and at St. Aim4 
College, Richelieu County, P. Q.; m. 
Odile Girard. Selectman of town of 
Southbridge during 1893 and 1894; 
Overseer of the Poor, 1895 to 1904; 
member of the House of Representatives, 

Massachusetts, 1906; Trustee of Waver- 
ley Institution for Feeble Minded, 1907 
to date. Member of Worcester County Re- 
publican Club; French- American Eepub- 
lican Club of Massachusetts; Soci6t6 
Historique Franco- Am^ricaine; President 
of rUnion St, Jean Baptiste d'Am6rique, 
the largest fraternal association of the 
French- Americans of the United States, 
1902 to date. Address: Box 1174, 
Southbridge, Mass. 

GATJCHE, Jules A.: 

Broker; b, in New Orleans, La.; fa- 
ther was a prominent and successful mer- 
chant, who built, many years ago, a 
handsome structure of quaint architec- 
tural design, for his business uses, and 
which was known as the Moresque Build- 
ing. It was destroyed by fire and the 
site sold by the Gauche heirs. Mr. 
Gauche was educated in Catholic schools 
and colleges, and after leaving school 
went into the stock brokerage business, 
finally succeeding the firm of Brittin, 
Perrin & Co., large dealers in stocks, 
bonds, etc. He is connected with several 
church and laymen's societies. Address: 
Perrin Bldg., New Orleans, La.; Resi- 
dence: 4437 Carondelet St, 

GAITDIN, Dr. Felix: 

Dentist and optometrist; b. August 1, 
1861, in Assumption Parish, La.; ed. in 
parochial and public schools, and in 
Thibodeaux College, Lafourche Parish, 
La.; graduated from the New Orleans 
College of Dentistry in 1881, and prac- 
ticed until about two years ago, when 
he entered the Optical College of St. 
Louis, graduating in 1909 as optician; 
m., January 30, 1884, Eliza G, Gaudet. 
Dr. Gaudin is Supreme President of the 
Catholic Knights of America; Deputy 



Supreme Chancellor of the Catholic Be- 
nevolent Legion; member of the Catholic 
Knights and Ladies of America; ex-Su- 
preme Trustee of St. Vincent de Paul 
Society; member of the Holy Name So- 
ciety; Consulter of the Catholic Alumni 
ality; on the Finance Committee of 
he American Federation of Catholic So- 
ieties; on the Board of Directors of 
uisiana State Federation of Catholic 
Societies. Address: Godchaux Bldg., 
New Orleans, La.; Residence: 4216 
Chestnut St. 

GAULIN, Hon. Alphonse: 

American Consul General at Mar- 
seilles, France; b. May 24, 1874, at 
Woonsocket, R. I.; attended local 
schools, then took up classical studies 
at the Petit Seminaire de Saint Charles 
Borromeo, Sherbrooke, P. Q., and St. 
Mary's College (Jesuit), Montreal, Can- 
ada; graduated from the latter institu- 
tion in 1893, and the same year entered 
Harvard Law School, graduating in 1896 
with the degree of LL.B. ; received de- 
gree of A.B. from Laval University in 
1893. In 1900 was named Officier 
d'Academie by the French Government. 
Practiced law in Woonsocket from 1896 
to 1905; appointed coroner in 1897, 
serving as such until 1902, inclusively. 
In 1902, elected Mayor of Woonsocket; 
took office in January, 1903, and was re- 
elected two successive years; served un- 
til September, 1905, when he resigned 
to take the position of American Consul 
at Havre, France. In August, 1909, was 
promoted to American Consul General at 
Marseilles, France, and still serves in 
this capacity. M. to Marguerite Steele, 
of Montreal, in 1905. Was secretary of 
the Societe Historique Franco-Am6ri- 
caine from its foundation in 1899 until 

his departure for France in 1905. Chair- 
man of the Committee on Resolutions at 
the General Congress of French-Ameri- 
cans of New England and New York 
State held at Springfield, Mass., in 1901, 
and chairman of the first Congress of 
L'Union Saint-Jean-Baptiste d'Amgrique, 
held at Woonsocket the same year. 
Chairman of the Republican State Con- 
vention of Rhode Island in 1905. Ad- 
dress: American Consulate, Marseilles, 

GA VEGAN, Edward J.: 

Lawyer; b. about 1864, at Windsor, 
Conn.; ed. at Yale University, where he 
managed to pay his way from his earn- 
ings as a musician; has been for twenty- 
six years a member of the Musical Pro- 
tective Union, and since his admission 
to the bar has acted as counsel for many 
labor organizations, and has also ap- 
peared on their behalf before many state 
and federal legislature committees; was 
summoned by President .Roosevelt to at- 
tend the labor conference held at the 
White House, and was quoted by the 
president in his last message to Con- 
gress; is counsel for the Merchants and 
Manufacturers' Board of Trade, New 
York. Address: as above. 

GAVIN, Joseph Edward: 

President of the J. E. Gavin Coal Co., 
Buff'alo, N. Y.; b. November 14, 1855, 
in Buffalo, N. Y.; s. of Michael Gavin, 
department engineer of the Army of the 
Cumberland, and Rosana Flanigan Gavin. 
Ed. at St. Bridget's parochial school; 
St. Hyacinthe College, Quebec; St. Jo- 
seph's College of Buffalo; St. Michael's 
College of Toronto, graduating in 1877. 
Engaged in the coal and wood business 
of his father, to which he succeeded on 



the latter's death; also a dealer in gov- 
ernment, state, and municipal bonds; 
served as United States inspector of cus- 
toms at Buffalo, under President Cleve- 
land, 1885-89, and in 1891 was elected 
Comptroller of the City of Buffalo; man- 
ager for Buffalo, Equitable Life Assur- 
ance Society of the United States; mem- 
ber of the Chamber of Commerce. In 
1894 he received the Democratic Con- 
gressional nomination, and althougb re- 
ceiving a remarkable support, was un- 
able to overcome the adverse conditions 
the Democratic party encountered dur- 
ing that campaign; m. (1) Sarah E. 
Candee, 1881 (deceased, 1901); (2) Mrs. 
Minnie (Garvin) Voght, August, 1908. 
Member of the Knights of Columbus; 
Ancient Order of Hibernians; Friendly 
Sons of St. Patrick, of New York City; 
St. Joseph's College Alumni Association, 
of Buffalo; Catholic Mutual Benevolent 
Association; Catholic Benevolent Le- 
gion; Elks; Knights of St. John; Fra- 
ternal Mystic Circle; Royal Arcanum; 
Independent Order of Foresters; Buf- 
falo Orpheus; Union Station Commis- 
sion; Institute Library. Clubs: Buf- 
falo; Ellicott; Union; Auto; Catholic 
(New York) ; and Democratic (New 
York). Address: 270 Hudson St., Buf- 
falo, N. Y. 

GAVIN, Michael Freebern: 

Physician; b. May 12, 1844, in Ire- 
land; came to America in 1857; ed. in 
public schools and by private tutors, 
pursuing his higher studies at Harvard 
Medical School (M.D., 1864) ; Royal 
College of Surgeons, Ireland (F.R.C.S., 
1866) ; and took a post-graduate course 
in the School of Medicine, Paris, France. 
After graduating from Harvard College 
in 1864, Dr. Gavin immediately entered 

Boston City Hospital and held the po- 
sition of Senior Resident Physician for 
a year. Enlisted with the Fifty-seventh 
Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Mili- 
tia in 1865, being appointed Assistant 
Surgeon; remained with the Regiment 
until the close of the war and then went 
abroad with the intention of making a 
thorough study of surgery and surgical 
methods; lived in Paris till 1868, affili- 
ated with several hospitals, and contin- 
uing studies; returned to Boston in 
1868 and was appointed Visiting Sur- 
geon to Out-Patient Department of Bos- 
ton City Hospital, and held this position 
for several years; m., in 1876, Ellen 
Theresa Doherty, of New York. Served 
as Visiting Surgeon Carney Hospital; 
Consulting Surgeon St. Elizabeth's Hos- 
pital; Professor of Clinical Surgery at 
Boston Polyclinic, 1888-91. Trustee of 
Boston City Hospital, 1878-84; also 
Trustee of Union Institution for Sav- 
ings, and Director of Mattapan Deposit 
and Trust Co. Contributor to maga- 
zines and medical papers at home and 
abroad, of scientific treatises on various 
professional subjects, notably The Treat- 
ment of Burns (Dublin Medical Press), 
and Comparative Statistics of Suicide 
(Appleton's Weekly). Member of the 
Boston Society for Medical Improve- 
ment; Massachusetts Medical Society; 
Boston Society for Medical Observation; 
American Medical Association; British 
Medical Association; Royal College of 
Surgeons; Boston Athletic Association; 
Boston Catholic Alumni. Club: Papy- 
rus. Address: 546 Broadway, South 
Boston, Mass. 

GAVREAXr, Charles Arthur: 

Notary; b. September 29, 1860, at Isle 
Verte, County of Temiscouata, Canada; 




s. of Louis N. Gavreau, N. P. and G. 
C. C. Seigneur of Villeray, by his wife, 
Graeieuse Gavreau; nephew, on father's 
side, of Sir N. F. Belleau, first Lieu- 
tenant Governor of Quebec; m., Septem- 
ber 7, 1887, Gertrude, daughter of Dr. 
Gauthier, of Montreal; ed. at College of 
Rimouski (B.A.) and Laval University. 
Is secretary and treasurer of L' Alliance 
Nationale; Commissioner of Superior 
Court; elected to House of Commons at 
bye-election in 1897. Address: Stan- 
ford, Quebec. 

GAY, Mrs. Walter: 

B. Mathilde Travers, in New York 
City; d. of William R. Travers, banker, 
of New York; ed, in her native city; 
became a Catholic at the age of 20, and 
was received into the Church by Mon- 
signor Preston, St. Anne's Church, New 
York; m., in 1889, to Walter Gay, 
artist. Address: 11 rue de l'Universit6, 
Paris, France. 

GAYNOR, Hon. William J.: 

Jurist; Mayor of New York; b. 1851, 
at Whitestone, N. Y.; received his early 
education at the Assumption Academy, 
Utica, N. Y., and through the influence 
of Brother Justin, Superior of the acad- 
emy, was induced to enter the order of 
the Christian Brothers; went to Boston, 
taught for one year, then left the Order; 
returned home and entered the White- 
stone Seminary. After a course of study 
there he entered the office of Judge Ward 
Hunt, at Utica, N. Y., to study law; 
admitted to the bar (1875) ; elected Jus- 
tice, Supreme Court of New York, 1893; 
re-elected, 1907; fought corruption in 
high and low places, and although al- 
ways a Democrat, declared himself a bit- 
ter foe of the ring power in that party; 

secured the conviction for election frauds, 
of McKane, a notorious and powerful 
boss; Mayor of New York, January, 
1910. In August, 1910, an unsuccessful 
attempt on the life of Mayor Gaynor 
called forth from men of all classes, ir- 
respective of party, a magnificent tribute 
to his stainless integrity, honor, and 
freedom from political corruption. Wil- 
liam Travers Jerome, always a scathing 
critic, says that he had opposed the elec- 
tion of Mr. Gaynor, but he now thought 
him one of the best mayors, if not the 
best, the city has ever had. The Phila- 
delphia Record (Democratic) says that 
he has been teaching mayors all over the 
country what can be done to break rings, 
to oust rascals, and to secure efficiency 
and some degree of economy in the pub- 
lic service. Some of the reforms of the 
Gaynor administration, accomplished in 
less than a year, have been: Removal 
of the aqueduct board and order to the 
new board to wind up the business, sav- 
ing in commissioners' and engineers' sal- 
aries annually $200,000. One hundred 
and twenty engineers, foremen, and la- 
borers dismissed from the water depart- 
ment, saving annually $185,000. Twenty 
heads of bureaus and laborers dismissed 
in the office of the borough president of 
Manhattan, saving annually $80,000. 
Bureaus reorganized in the Bronx and 
85 employees dismissed, saving annually 
$130,000. One hundred and fifty fore- 
men and laborers dismissed in Bronx 
Park department, saving annually $110,- 
000. Thirty drivers, stablemen, and men 
with no fixed duty, dismissed from fire 
department, and changes in details and 
accounting divisions, saving annually 
$100,000. Sixty-five men dismissed from 
the sewer department, saving annually 
$70,000. Controller Prendergast has dis- 



missed 30 high-salaried men and clerks, 
saving annually $60,000. Twenty per- 
sons dismissed from the department of 
buildings aaid offices, saving annually 
$20,000. In the highway department 
494 men were laid off for the winter 
months, saving $100,000. By the reor- 
ganization of the bureau of street open- 
ings and the abolishment of an anti- 
quated system the city will save an- 
nually an amount it is impossible to 
estimate, but which the Mayor says is 
millions. Address: 20 Eighth Ave., 
Brooklyn, N. Y., and St. James, L. I., 
New York. 

GEARIN, John M., LL.D.: 

Junior member of the firm of Dolph, 
Simon, Mallory & Gearin; a graduate of 
the University of Notre Dame in the 
Scientific Course Class of 1871; was 
chosen in 1903 by the University to de- 
liver the commencement address and on 
that occasion was honored with the de- 
gree of Doctor of Laws; appointed by 
Governor Chamberlain of Oregon to fill 
the unexpired term of John H. Mitchell 
in the United States Senate; his great 
speech on the Japanese exclusion ques- 
tion was a vigorous presentation of the 
subject from a Western point of view. 
Member, Knights of Columbus. Is an 
orator of high merit, whose services are 
constantly in demand for addresses. Ad- 
dress: Portland, Ore. 

GEARY, W. P.: 

Prosecuting Attorney for Navajo 
County, Ariz.; b. 1870, in New York; 
ed. at Fordham, N. Y. ; now a resident 
of Winslow, Ariz. 

GEOFFRION, Victor, B.C.L.: 

King's Counsel, advocate; s. of Felix 
G6offrion and Catherine Brodeur, his 

wife. A brother of the late Hon. F. 
Geoffrion, a member of the Mackenzie 
Administration, and of the late Hon. C. 
A. Geoffrion, a member of the Laurier 
Administration; b. October 23, 1851, at 
St. Simon, County Bagot, Que.; ed. at 
St. Hyacinthe Seminary and McGill Col- 
lege, Montreal; m., September 4, 1884, 
Francesca, daughter of late Hon. Sena- 
tor Paquet, of St. Cuthbert. Head of 
the legal firm of Geoffrion, Geoffrion 
& Cusson, of Montreal. Elected to House 
of Commons at bye-election, January 18, 
1900, caused by the death of C. A. 
Geoffrion; re-elected at general election, 
1900, and at general election, 1904, by 
a majority of 532. Address: Montreal, 
Que., Canada. 


B. January 21, 1860, at Templemore, 
Tipperary County, Ireland; ed. in the 
National schools; m. Elizabeth Vedo- 
vich, of a prominent family of Delma- 
tia. Member of School Board, Salt Lake 
City, 1900-04; acting Adjutant General 
of Utah, 1905-06; vice-president for 
Utah of American Irish Historical So- 
ciety; member executive committee, 
United Irish League of America. Gen- 
eral Sales Agent for the Utah-Idaho 
Sugar Co., Amalgamated Sugar Co. and 
Levviston Sugar Co., of Utah; repre- 
sentative in Utah for the Western Sugar 
Refining Co., Pacific Cereal Association, 
and Tubbs Cordage Co., of San Francisco, 
Cal. Utah representative of Swift & 
Co., Chicago, 111.; Libby, McNeill & 
Libby, Chicago; Pennsylvania Salt Man- 
ufacturing Co., Philadelphia, Pa.; Frazer 
Lubricator Co., Chicago, 111.; American 
Can Co., New York City; Jas. Pyle & 
Sons, New York City; Wm. Underwood 
Co., Boston, Mass. Director of Utah 





Hotel Co., Salt LaJce City; Utah Loan 
<te Building Association, and Independ- 
ent Coal & Coke Co., both of Salt Lake 
City. Member of the Knights of Co- 
lumbus; the Alta Club (Salt Lake 
City) ; and the Catholic Club (New 
York City). Address: 200 North State 
St., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

GEORGE, Henry, Jr.: 

Journalist, author; b. November 3, 
1862, at Sacramento, Cal.; m. Ma- 
ria Moral Hitch, December 2, 1897; 
ed. in public schools which, owing 
to delicate health, he was unable to at- 
tend regularly. Entered a printing of- 
fice at 16 to learn his father's trade of 
type-setting; helped to set type for 
Progress and Poverty. Became reporter 
for Brooklyn Eagle, 1881, and managing 
editor, 1889; later Washington cor- 
respondent for the Weekly Standard, his 
father's paper; managing editor of the 
Florida Citizen, 1894; reporter for news- 
paper syndicates from New York, Wash- 
ington, London, and Tokyo. Ran for 
political office in 1897. Author of: The 
Life of Henry George (Doubleday, 1900 
and 1905) ; The Menace of Privilege 
(Maemillan, 1905) ; The Romance of 
John Bainbridge (Grosset, 1908). Has 
written many articles on political and 
economic subjects. Has made two trips 
to Japan, one around the world, and 
five to Great Britain; made several 
speeches for the Liberal candidates in 
Great Britain, 1909. Address: 87 Ham- 
ilton PI., New York. 

GERAGHTY, Very Rev. Martin J., D.D., 

Prior Provincial of the Augustinian 
Order in the U. S. of North America: 

b. November 11, 1867, in Carthage, N. 
Y. ; received preparatory training in the 
public schools of his native town; fin- 
ished his classical studies at Villanova 
College; entered the Augustinian Novi- 
tiate in 1885; ordained to the priest- 
hood by Archbishop Ryan, in the Ca- 
thedral at Philadelphia, May 31, 1890. 
At the Chapter, in July, 1894, Father 
Geraghtj'^ was chosen Master of Novices 
and sub-prior of the Monastery at Villa- 
nova, the motherhouse of the Order in 
America; appointed, 1896, rector of the 
Augustinian Mission Band; re-elected in 
1898. In 1902, he was elected Prior 
Provincial of his Order in the United 
States. During his first term he found- 
ed St. Rita's Hall, known as the School 
of Educandi, devoted to the training of 
young men who aspire to become Au- 
gustinians. This work has prospered un- 
der his fostering care, and in June, 1906, 
the Capitular Fathers testified their en- 
tire satisfaction with Father Geraghty's 
regime, by unanimously re-electing him 
Provincial for another term of four 
years; at the Chapter held in June, 
1910, he was unanimously re-elected for 
a third term, the first instance of such 
an occurrence in the history of the Or- 
der in the United States. On December 
23, 1906, he received from Rome the 
degree of Master of Sacred Theology, 
commonly known as Doctor of Divinity. 
Besides founding St. Rita's Hall at Villa- 
nova, Dr. Geraghty opened the new Col- 
lege of St. Rita in Chicago; the new 
parish of Saint Nicholas of Tolentine, 
in the Bronx, New York City; and 
Saint Rita's Church, South Broad St., 
Philadelphia. Address: College of St. 
Thomas of Villanova, Villanova, Penn- 



GERIACH, George N.: 

Superintendent of School Buildings, 
St. Paul, Minn.; b. July 3, 1857, in St. 
Paul; s. of George and Mary (Fuchs) 
Gerlach; ed. in Assumption Parochial 
School; entered business life at the age 
of 13, in a printing office; later learned 
the carpenter trade. Engaged in con- 
tracting business in 1880, and three 
years later formed a partnership with 
his father, which continued until the 
latter's death in 1887, after which he 
conducted the business alone until 1895, 
when, without seeking the position, he 
was appointed Superintendent of School 
Buildings. In 1904 the people of his 
district persuaded him to become a can- 
didate for the legislature, and he was 
elected; m., October 12, 1880, to Magda- 
lena Ackermann. Active in church so- 
cieties; President of the German Cath- 
olic Aid Association since 1897; mem- 
ber of St. Joseph's German Catholic Or- 
phan Society since 1878, and lay presi- 
dent of the society since 1890. Mem- 
ber of the Executive Committee of the 
new Cathedral. Is a Knight of Colum- 
bus and member of the North Central 
Commercial Club. Office: City Hall; 
Residence: 216 Sherburne Ave., St. Paul, 

GERRER, Rev. R. Gregory, O.S.B.: 

Artist; b. July 23, 1867, in Lauten- 
bach, Elsass, Germany; came to America 
four years later with his parents, who 
settled first near St. Joseph, Mo., and 
then at Bedford, Iowa. Entered the 
Benedictine Monastery of the Sacred 
Heart, Oklahoma, in 1890; ordained to 
the priesthood in St. Mary's Abbey, 
Buckfast, England. Gifted with a talent 
for painting, his art was cultivated, first 
in America, and later his superiors sent 

him abroad. He studied mostly in Rome, 
under Professor Guiseppe Gonnella, Ciro 
Galliazzi, and S. Nobili of the Vatican, 
making a special study of the Old Mas- 
ters and sketching from nature; leaving 
Italy, he traveled through France, Ger- 
many, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, 
Syria, Palestine, and Egypt. After 
completing his studies, and before re- 
turning to the United States, he was 
accorded the rare privilege of painting 
His Holiness Pope Pius X. The por- 
trait was received with much favor at 
the Vatican and by the art critics at 
Rome, and the Holy Father was pleased 
to greet Father Gerrer as his priest 
artist. A duplicate of this painting was 
made for the Vatican (until that time 
the only one that had been accepted). 
In 1908, Father Gerrer made a nine 
months' trip through the West Indies, 
Bahama Islands, and Florida, where he 
sketched the scenery and fruits of the 
tropics. It is his ambition to paint re- 
ligious subjects, though up to the pres- 
ent time he has confined himself to por- 
traits. Some of his paintings that may 
be seen in Chicago are portraits of Br. 
J. B. Murphy, Dr. Edwards, and S. C. 
Scotten; also Judge Clinton Irwin at 
Elgin, 111. Address: Sacred Heart Mis- 
sion, Oklahoma. 

GERVAIS, Hon. Honore Hippolyte 
Achille, LL.D.: 
King's Counsel, barrister; s. of 
Charles Gervais, and Ad^le Monty. An 
ancestor of the former Jean Gervais, 
Substitut du juge et procureur fiscal, 
came to Ville-Marie, Nouvelle France, 
from Auzon, near Angers, Capital of 
Anjou, about 1653, near the time of the 
foundation of Montreal. The great- 
grandfather of his mother was a sol- 



dier in one of the last regiments sent by 
France to Nouvelle France during the 
war of 1755-60; b. August 13, 1864, at 
Richelieu, County Rouville, Que.; ed. at 
Petit S6minaire of Sainte Marie de 
Monnoir, and Laval University, Mon- 
treal. Admitted to the bar, Jan- 
uary 14, 1887. Passed examination 
for LL.D. degree, in 1889. Created 
a Queen's Counsellor in 1897; m.. May 
17, 1887, to IVIiss Albina Robert, of 
Montreal, daughter of Joseph Robert, 
Esq. In partnership with Hon. H. B. 
Rainville, K.C., Speaker, for some years, 
of the Quebec Legislative Assembly; 
Hon. Horace Archambault, K.C., Attor- 
ney General and Speaker of the Quebec 
Legislative Council, and Mr. Paul Rain- 
ville, LL.L., under the name of Rainville, 
Archambault, Gervais & Rainville. A 
candidate for the Liberal party, in St. 
James Division, Montreal, at bye-elec- 
tion, February 16, 1904, elected by a ma- 
jority of 700. Re-elected at general elec- 
tion, 1904. Has been a member of the 
Council of the Montreal Bar; Member of 
the Examination Board of the Bar of 
the Province of Quebec; Governor of 
L'Ecole Polytechnique ; Administrator of 
Laval University; Professor of Interna- 
tional Law and Civil Procedure, at Laval 
University. Membre Correspondant de 
la Soci6t6 de Legislation Compar^e de 
France. Author of several legal works. 
Elected Chairman of Commission on Of- 
ficial Report of Debates at session of 
1905. Address: Montreal, Canada. 

GETTELMAN, Rev. Victor Felix, S.J.: 

Educator; b. on June 8, 1872, at 
Scherweiler, Alsace; ed. primary school 
of his native village, the German Gym- 
nasium at Sehlettstadt, ajid Canisius 
College, Buffalo; pursued his philo- 

sophical studies at Prairie du Chien, 
Wis., 1899-1902, and his theological 
course at Valkenburg, Holland. From 
1896 to 1899 Professor of the Freshman 
Class, St. Ignatius College, Cleveland, 
Ohio; Professor of Philosophy at St. 
John's College, Toledo, Ohio, from 1906 
to date. Has lectured on Socialism and 
is the reviser and translator of Cath- 
rein's Socialism, its Theoretical Basis 
and Practical Application (Bemsiger 
Bros., 1904) ; contributor to the Cath- 
olic Fortnightly Review. Promoted the 
Associate Membership idea of the Cath- 
olic Federation. Address : St. John's Col- 
lege, Toledo, Ohio. 

GIANNIlSn, Attilio H.: 

Physician; b. March 2, 1874, in Cali- 
fornia; of Italian Catholic parentage; 
m. Leontine V. Denker. Ed. at the pub- 
lic schools and St. Ignatius College of 
San Francisco, Cal. (A.B. in 1894); 
University of California (M.D. in 
1896) ; Columbia University, New York 
City; University of Genoa, Italy. Has 
practiced medicine in San Francisco for 
fourteen years; acted as Assistant Sur- 
geon in U. S. Army for two years, dur- 
ing Spanish -American war; Supervisor 
of City and County of San Francisco 
for two years; vice president and mana- 
ger of Bank of Italy, since 1909. Con- 
tributor to a number of medical jour- 
nals. Traveled abroad several times. 
Member of many associations and clubs. 
Address : 2745 Van Ness Ave., San Fran- 
cisco, Cal. 

GIBBONS, Rev. Edmund F.: 

Rector of St. Mary's, Silver Springs, 
N. Y.; b. September 16, 1868, at White 
Plains, N. Y.; s. of James and Han- 
nah Gibbons; ed. at Niagara University 



and the American College, Rome; was 
ordained by His Eminence, Cardinal Pa- 
roechi, in the Lateran Basilica, May 27, 
1893; acted as secretary to the late Rt. 
Rev. Bishop Ryan until April, 1896, and 
then as assistant priest at St. Mary's 
Church, Niagara Falls, N. Y., until 
1898; appointed superintendent of pa- 
rochial schools (190O) by the Rt. Rev. 
Bishop Quigley; rector of St. Mary's, 
Silver Springs, October, 1902. Address: 
Silver Springs, N. Y. 

GIBBONS, His Eminence James Cardi- 

Archbishop of Baltimore; b. July 23, 
1834, in Baltimore, Md.; taken to Ire- 
land at the age of ten, receiving pre- 
liminary education there; returned to 
the United States, 1848; entered St. 
Charles' College, Md., 1855, later en- 
tered St. Mary's College, Baltimore; 
ordained June 30, 1801; assigned 
to St. Patrick's Church for a short 
time, then received charge of St. 
Bridget's Church, Canton (near Balti- 
more), with the care of St. Lawrence's 
at Locust Point, and the Catholic sol- 
diers at Fort Henry; secretary to 
Archbishop Spalding and assistant at 
the Cathedral; selected to organize the 
new vicariate-apostolic in North Caro- 
lina, and consecrated Bishop of Adram- 
yttum, August 16, 1868; transferred to 
the see of Richmond, July 30, 1872, but 
retaining charge of his vicariate; ap- 
pointed coadjutor archbishop of Balti- 
more, May 29, 1877; became archbishop 
on the death of Archbishop Bayley, in 
the following October; received pallium 
February 10, 18^78; chosen by Pope 
Leo XIII to preside at Third Plenary 
Council of Baltimore, November 1888; 
created Cardinal Priest, June 7, 1886. 

Author of The Faith of Our Fathers; 
The Ambassador of Christ; and Our 
Christian Heritage. Cardinal Gibbons 
is frequently called upon to speak or to 
write upon topics of the day from a 
Catholic point of view, and his ad- 
dresses and articles attract wide atten- 
tion. He is a generous patron of Cath- 
olic literature and has written introduc- 
tions and introductory letters for many 
a Catholic book. Address: 408 N. 
Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 

GIBBONS, Hon. John C: 

B., Paris, Tex., a Texas pioneer, having 
lived in the state more than sixty years; 
direct descendant of Sir William Gib- 
bons, who received his land grant in Vir- 
ginia from the King; received into the 
Catholic Church by Rev. James M. 
Hayes of Texarkana. The Gibbons fam- 
ily, one of the oldest and most prominent 
in Texas, are all non-Catholics with the 
exception of one daughter. Mr. Gibbons 
died after his record was received for 
the A.C.W.W. (See Necrology.) 

GIBBONS, John T.: 

Merchant; b. May 1837, at Baltimore, 
Md. ; of Irish ancestry; brother of Car- 
dinal Gibbons, Ed. public schools. 
Went to New Orleans to live in 1853; 
since 1862 he has been a wholesale dealer 
in grain and feedstuff; is interested in 
several commercial and financial corpora- 
tions. Vice-President of the Hibemia 
Insurance Co.; director of the Hibernia 
Bank and Trust Co., New Orleans. A 
generous patron and benefactor of the 
Church; donated $3,000 for the purchase 
of a building for the St. Vincent Sea- 
man's Haven. Made two trips to Europe^ 
touring through Ireland, England, Scot- 
land and France, and has traveled in the 




United States and Canada extensively. 
Member of the St. Vincent de Paul So- 
ciety since 1858; Society of the Holy 
Spirit; Catholic Knights of America; 
has been a member of the congregation 
of St. Joseph's Church, New Orleans, 
for 55 years. Address: Office: 231 Poy- 
dras St., West side; Residence: 2006 
Canal St., New Orleans, La. 

GIBBONS, Hon. Jolm: 

Jurist, Chicago, 111.; b. March 28, 
1848, in Ireland. Through the death of 
his father, it became necessary for him 
to help support his mother and two sis- 
ters, and he worked in the day time, at- 
tending school at night. When about six- 
teen years of age, he was enabled to at- 
tend the private academy of Samuel Mc- 
Quilkin, in Londonderry, Ireland, and 
after the family emigrated to the United 
States, settling in Philadelphia, Pa., he 
attended the Broad Street Academy in 
that city; further studies were pursued 
at the University of Notre Dame, Ind., 
where by working early and late he 
finished a four years' course in one year. 
Entered a law office at Philadelphia in 
1868; admitted to the bar of Keokuk, 
Iowa; in 1871, appointed City Attorney 
of Keokuk, serving until elected to the 
Legislature in the fall of 1875; from 
1879 to 1893, practiced law in Chicago, 
111., edited Chicago Law Journal and 
American Criminal Reports. Elected 
Judge of the Circuit Court, Chicago, 
1893, and re-elected in 1897; again nomi- 
nated in 1903. and was one of the two 
Republicans of the old bench who were 
not swept from office by the Democratic 
landslide of that year; won especial rec- 
ognition through the Great Lake Front 
cases, where his decision, upheld by the 
Supreme Court, preserved for the people 

of Chicago tens of thousands of acres 
along the lake front as pleasure grounds. 
Judge Gibbons died after his record waa 
received for the A.C.W.W. (See Ne- 

GIEGERICH, Hon. Leonard A.: 

Jurist; b. May 20, 1855, in Bavaria; 
s. of Leonhard Giegerich; ed. in public 
and parochial schools of his native vil- 
lage; received honorary degree of LL.D. 
from Manhattan College, N. Y. City; m. 
N. Y. City, September 6, 1877, Louise M. 
Boll. Admitted to N. Y. Bar; engaged 
in the practice of law; Member, N. Y. 
Assembly, 1887; Collector U. S. Internal 
Revenue, 1887-90; Justice, City Court of 
New York, 1890; County Clerk, N. Y. 
County, 1891; Judge, Court of Common 
Pleas, 1891-95; delegate to Constitu- 
tional Convention, N. Y., 1894; Justice 
Supreme Court, 1896, re-elected Nov- 
ember, 1906, for term expiring December 
31, 1920. Member Catholic Benevolent 
Legion; St. Francis Xavier Sodality; 
Knights of Columbus; Manhattan Col- 
lege Alumni Society. Member N. Y. 
County Lawyers' Ass'n; Tammany So- 
ciety; honorary member, N. Y. State Bar 
Ass'n. Address : West Two Hundred and 
Fifty-second St., and Arlington Ave., 
Riverdale-on-Hudson, N. Y. City. 

GIGOT, Rev. Francis Ernest: 

Educator; b. in 1859, at Lhuant 
(Indre), France; ed. by the Christian 
Brothers, and at the Catholic Institute, 
Paris (degrees of S.T.B., 1882; S.T.L., 
1884); the College, Le Dorat (Haute 
Vienne) ; the Theological Seminary, 
Limoges (Haute Vienne) ; received the 
degree of A.B. from the University of 
France, 1879, and that of D.D. from St. 
Mary's University, Baltimore, 1903; 



served successively as Professor of Dog- 
matic Theology (1885), Prof, of Philoso- 
phy (1880-87), and Prof, of Sacred 
Scripture since 1888; author of Outlines 
of Jewish History ( Benziger Bros., N. Y., 
1897) ; Outlines of New Testament His- 
tory (same publishers, 1898); General 
Introduction to the Study of the Holy 
Scriptures (Benziger Bros., 1900) ; Bibli- 
cal Lectures (John Murphy, Baltimore, 
1901) ; Special Introduction to the Study 
of the Old Testament (vol. I, 1901; vol. 
II, 1906, Benziger Bros. ) ; contributor 
to the American Ecclesiastical Review, 
New York Review, Irish Theological 
Quarterly, and also to the Catholic En- 
cyclopedia. Club: Oriental: (New 
York City). Address: St. Joseph's 
Seminary, Yonkers, N. Y. 

GILL, Hon. Patrick F.: 

B. 1869 at St. Louis, Mo.; ed. in 
parochial schools and at St. Louis Uni- 
versity. He was chosen at the last 
general election (as the candidate of the 
Democratic party) to represent the 
Eleventh Congressional District of Mis- 
souri in Congress. Previous to this, he 
held local offices, and for twenty years 
was in business in the district which 
sent him to Congress. Address: St. 
Louis, Mo. 

GILMAN, Mrs. Mary L. (Lynch): 

Philanthropist, musician; b. Boston, 
Mass.; d. of Wm. Lynch, a wealthy and 
influential man of the North End; m. in 
1870, John E. Oilman, a veteran of the 
Civil War, ex-department commander of 
the G. A. R. of Massachusetts, and at 
present Commissioner of Soldiers' Re- 
lief. In 1886, soon after its organiza- 
tion Mrs. Oilman joined the Thomas G. 
Stevenson Relief Corps of the G. A. R. 

of Roxbury, and has served as its presi- 
dent; has been senior aid to the Depart- 
ment of Massachusetts, and department 
inspector; chairman of the executive 
board; junior vice-president, senior vice- 
president and president; in 1902-03 she 
was chairman of the National Executive 
Board at the annual convention. She 
has been an active worker for the Ladies 
Aid Association of the Soldiers' Home 
in Chelsea, and the home for destitute 
Catholic children. An accomplished 
musician, she was for some time organist 
of a church musical society. Residence: 
13 Schuyler St., Roxbury, Mass. 

GILMORE, Miss Florence Magruder: 

Settlement worker; b. in Columbus, 
Ohio, February 13, 1881; d. of James 
Gillespie and Florence (Magruder) Gil- 
more. Her father, senior member of the 
firm of Gilmore & Ruhl, St. Louis, Mo., 
was bom at Kirkesville, Ohio, July 25, 
1854, and died November 16, 1904. He 
received his education at the University 
of St. Louis, of which city he was a resi- 
dent at the time of his death, and be- 
longed to many organizations there; the 
Manufacturers Association, St. Louis 
Business Men's League, Alumni Ass'n of 
St. Louis University, and to the Ohio and 
St. Louis Clubs ( St. Louis ) . Through 
her father Miss Gilmore is connected with 
the Blaine, Ewing, and Sherman families, 
while on her mother's side she is a 
member of the famous Scottish clan Mac- 
Gregor. She was educated at the Con- 
vent of the Sacred Heart, St. Louis 
(Maryville), from which she graduated 
with honors, and is now engaged in do- 
ing settlement work under Catholic aus- 
pices in St. Louis. Contributor to 
America, Extension, Benziger's, Messen- 
ger of the Sacred Heart, Rosary, and 



Leader magazines. Address: 97 Hamil- 
ton Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

GIRARD, George Napoleon: 

Banker; b. February 11, 1871, at 
North Brookfield, Mass.; ed, at Holy 
Cross College, St. Cesaire, P. Q., Canada; 
m. Rosina E. Gobeille. Is Paying Tel- 
ler in the Producers National Bank and 
Agent for several fire insurance com- 
panies. Member Soci6t6 Historique 
Am6ricaine, American Institute of Bank- 
ing, Bank Clerks Mutual Benefit Ass'n, 
1 'Union St. Jean Baptiste d'Am^rique, 
Artisans Canadiens Francais, Alliance 
Nationale, Association Canado Ameri- 
caine, Forestiers Franco-Americains. 
Address: 154 Grove St., Woonsocket, 
R. I. 

GIRARD, Joseph: 

Legislator; b. August 2, 1853 at St. 
Urbain, Charlevoix, Canada; of French 
ancestry; m. Emma Cot6. Ed. at parish 
schools; Quebec Seminary (A.B.). 
Elected to Quebec Legislature, 1892-97; 
to the Dominion Parliament, Ottawa, 
1900-08. Has promoted agriculture 
while in Parliament and by his contri- 
butions to agricultural papers. Secre- 
tary of Schools for ten years and presi- 
dent for 20 years. Address: St. Gid- 
eon, County Chicoutimi, Canada. 

GIRARDY, Rev. Ferreol, C.S.S.R.: 

Priest; b. April 21, 1839, at Rouge- 
goutte, near Belfort, France; arrived in 
New Orleans, May 12, 1840; ed. in the 
public schools, there being no parochial 
school in New Orleans till 1853, at which 
time he entered St. Alphonsus' School; 
later spent nearly a year at St. Charles' 
College, near Baltimore, Md. Made his 
novitiate at the Redemptorist Novitiate 

at Annapolis, Md., from May, 1855 to 
May 1856, and after that, studied in the 
House of Studies of the Redemptorists 
at Cumberland, Md. Ordained priest, 
Baltimore, Md., June 11, 1862, by the 
Most Rev. Archbishop Francis Patrick 
Kenrick. His first labors in the ministry 
were during the Civil War among the 
wounded and paroled Union soldiers at 
Annapolis. Taught Philosophy and the 
Natural Sciences to the Redemptorist 
professed students at Annapolis and II- 
chester, Md., and Kansas City, Mo. 
Gave a number of retreats in French 
and English. Worked in various Re- 
demptorist parishes at Annapolis, St. 
Louis, New Orleans, Kansas City, and 
Grand Rapids. Filled the offices of 
superior, rector, and provincial, also of 
Prefect of Students, in the St. Louis 
Province of the Redemptorists, all since 
May, 1893. Contributor for many years 
to the Morning Star, New Orleans, and 
the late W^estern Cross of Kansas City, 
Mo., and other Catholic papers. Author 
of the New Mission Book, Children's 
New Mission Book, Boys and Girls' Mis- 
sion Book, Mission Book for the Single, 
Mission Book for the Married, How to 
Keep Lent, Confession and its Benefits, 
Popular Instructions in Prayer, Popular 
Instructions to Parents, Popular In- 
structions on Matrimony; revised and 
edited two volumes of Meditations, 
Qualities of a Good Superior, Gihr's 
Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, Helps to a 
Spiritual Life, and other lesser works. 
Present Address: Hunter Ave., & 
Broadway, Kansas City, Mo. 

GIROUARD, Hon. D6sir6: 

Legislator, jurist; b, 1836 in the prov- 
ince of Quebec; s. of J6r§mie Girouard 
and Hippolite Picard, descendant of An- 



toine Girouard, Secretary to the French 
Governor of Montreal in 1720; m. (1) 
Mathilde Pratt, d. of John Pratt, 1862; 
(2) Essie Cranwill, d. of Dr. Joseph 
Cranwill of Ballynamoney, Ireland; (3) 
Edith, d. of Dr. John Beatty, 1881. Ed. 
at McGill University ( (D.C.L.) ; LL.D., 
Ottawa. Called to the Quebec Bar 1860; 
Q.C. 1876; Member of Dominion House 
of Commons 1878-95; Puisne Judge to 
the Supreme Court of Canada since 
1895. Author of Girouard on Bills and 
Notes, and other works. Address: 
Judge's Chambers, Supreme Court, Ot- 
tawa, Canada. 

GIROUARD, Lt.-Col. Sir Edouard Percy 
Cranwill, K.C.M.G., D.S.O.: 
Of the Royal Engineers; b. at Mont- 
real, 1867, s. of the Hon. Desir4 Girou- 
ard, Judge of the Supreme Court of Can- 
ada. After a military education at the R. 
College at Kingston, he was gazetted, 
at the age of twenty, to a commis- 
sion in the R. Engineers, and hence- 
forth his career has been almost roman- 
tic in the rapidity of its unfolding. 
Having been Railway Traffic Manager at 
Woolrich Arsenal from 1890-95, he won 
fame as Director of Railways during the 
Dongola and Khartum Expeditions of 
1896-99; and, after the conquest of the 
Sudan (to which his services appreci- 
ably contributed), he was appointed 
President of the Egyptian Railway 
Board. He was again Director of Rail- 
ways under his old chief. Lord Kitchener, 
during the S. African War, and was 
knighted at the age of thirty-three. 
After a staff appointment at Chester, 
he was Commissioner and Commander- 
in-Chief of the Protectorate of North- 
em Nigeria 1907-09; followed by his ap- 
pointment as Governor and Commander- 

in-Chief of the East Africa Protector- 
ate. Sir Percy m. (in 1903) Mary 
Gwendolen, d. of the eminent South Afri- 
can statesman and publicist, Sir Richard 
Solomon. Address: Ottawa, Canada. 

GIRTEN, Michael Francis: 

Jurist; b, in Lemont, Cook County, 
111., August 20, 1871; comes of German 
stock; ed. in St. Alphonsus' Parochial 
and in the public schools of Lemont by 
the Sisters of St. Felix, Polonia, Wis.; 
University of Notre Dame, Ind. ; and 
Kent College of Law, Chicago, 111. (de- 
gree of B.A, ) . Was clerk in a country 
store until 1889, book-keeper from that 
period until 1893, and became a lawyer 
two years later, having attended school 
in the interim; practiced his profession 
until 1906, when he became judge. Is 
active in the Central Verein, Illinois 
Vereins Bund, and the Catholic Federa- 
tion. Clubs: Chicago Press; Germariia 
Maenner-Chor; Illinois Athletic. Ad- 
dress: 5827 Princeton Ave., Chicago, 

GIVENS, William Delmas: 

Lawyer; b. in Saluria, Matagorda 
County, Texas; s. of George C. Givens of 
Kentucky and Alzema Dubois of Louisi- 
ana; m. Mary M. Manly, grand-daughter 
of ex-governor Charles Manly of North 
Carolina, and daughter of Dr. L. C. and 
Mary (Spauu) Manly; ed. at St. Jo- 
seph's Academy, Victoria, Texas; Uni- 
versity of Virginia, Charlotteville, Va. 
Was State's Attorney for Nueces County, 
Texas, 12 years; City Attorney, 10 
years; ex-chairman County and Sena- 
torial Districts (Democratic). Member 
of Ancient Order of Hibernians; Knights 
of Columbus. Address: P. 0. Box 461, 
Corpus Christi, Texas. 




GLADU, Joseph lamest Oscar, B.A.: 

Notary; s. of Victor Gladu and 
his wife, Mary Gill, both French-Cana- 
dians; b. October 25, 1870, at St. Fran- 
cois du Lac, Yamaska County; ed. at 
St. Mary's College, Montreal; m. Novem- 
ber 15, 1900, to Isabelle Boucher; 
(she died August 7, 1903) ; El. to House 
of Commons at general election, 1904. 
Address: Pierreville, Quebec, Canada. 

GLASS, Rev. Joseph Sarsfield, CM.: 

Priest; b. March 13, 18f74, at Bush- 
nell. 111.; ed. in Parish Schools, Sedalia, 
Mo,; St. Mary's Seminary, Perryville, 
Mo.; St. Vincent's College, Los Angeles, 
Cal.; and Pontifical University De Urbe, 
Rome (D.D. 1899). Served as Director 
of Seminarians and Professor of The- 
ology, 1899-1901, St. Mary's Seminary, 
Perryville, Mo; President of St. Vin- 
cent's College, Los Angeles, Cal., 1901. 
Address: Los Angeles, Cal. 

GLEASON, Edward Baldwin: 

Physician; b. October 13, 1854, in 
Philadelphia, Pa.; s. of Cloyes W. and 
Margareta (Baldwin) Gleason; descend- 
ant of Thomas Gleason, b. 1607, in Sul- 
grave, Northampton County, England; 
died in Cambridge, Mass., 1686. In the 
very early records, the name is frequently 
spelled Lison or Leeson and later appears 
in some 30 varieties of spelling. (Glea- 
son Genealogy, 1607-1909). Ed. in 
private schools, Philadelphia; University 
of Pennsylvania (S.B., 1875; M.D., 
1878) ; received honorary degree of LL.D. 
from Villanova College, Pa., 1905; m. 
August 14, 1888, Marion H., d. of Richard 
Donaldson Currie (a native of Glasgow, 
and descendant of the Curries of Scot- 
land). Served in various hospitals and 
dispensaries; Laryngologist to Phila- 

delphia Hospital; elected Clinical Pro- 
fessor of Otology, Medico-Chirurgical 
College, 1895; Professor in 1908-; Pro- 
fessor Oral Surgery, Dental Dept., 1910; 
represented 9th Ward, Philadelphia, in 
Common Council, and is a member of 
its Fiscal Committee. One of the aids 
to the Chief Marshall Civic division of 
the inaugural parade (1904), with the 
rank of Colonel. Author of Essentials 
of Diseases of the Nose, 1890; Essentials 
of Diseases of the Ear, 1890; Manual of 
the Diseases of the Nose, Throat and 
Ear, 1907; all pub. by W. B. Saunders 
Co., Philadelphia. Contributor to 
numerous medical journals. Fellow of 
the College of Physicians, Philadelphia. 
Member of the American Academy of 
Ophthalmology and Oto-Laryngology, and 
other medical societies. Associate, Penn- 
sylvania Society Order of Founders and 
Patriots of America. Address: 2033 
Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

GIEESON, Rev. Matthew C: 

Chaplain of the United States Navy; 
lecturer. B. in Englewood, New Jersey, 
1871; received his elementary education 
in Ireland, and, after returning to 
America, entered Manhattan College, 
New York City, graduating in June, 
1891; entered the Theological Seminary, 
Troy, N. Y., September 1891; ordained 
priest. May 30, 1896; assigned as an as- 
sistant at St. James' Church, Brooklyn, 
N. Y. ; continued there until October 6, 
1903. Upon the retirement of the Rev. 
John P. Chidwick, of Maine fame, as 
chaplain of the United States Navy, 
Father Gleeson was appointed his suc- 
cessor. His first duty was on board the 
battleship Missouri, and when the 
frightful explosion occurred on that ves- 
sel, April 13, 1904, by which five officers 



and twenty-four men were killed, he dis- 
charged his priestly duties in the time of 
danger with so much bravery that he 
was highly praised in the official report 
of the commanding officer. President 
Roosevelt sent him a warm letter of 
commendation, and the Secretary of the 
Navy wrote, " The department congrat- 
ulates and thanks you for the distinc- 
tion which your conduct has added to 
the Naval service." Father Gleeson also 
distinguished himself at Jamaica, W. I., 
in rendering most efficient aid to the 
sufferers by the earthquake at that place. 
In December, 1907, he was ordered to the 
flagship Connecticut, and as senior 
chaplain sailed around the world with 
the American fleet; upon their return 
home he was relieved of sea duty, and 
ordered to the receiving ship Hancock, 
Brooklyn Navy Yard. Lecturer on 
Around the World with the Battle Ship 
Fleet. Address: Receiving Ship Han- 
cock, Brooklyn Navy Yard, N. Y. 

GLENIQ'ON, James Hope: 

Pres. Alabama Fire Underwriters 
Ass'n; b. in Mobile County, Alabama, 
August 24, 1879; m. Bella E. Wilds; ed. 
at Towle's Institute, Mobile, Ala., and at 
Spring Hill College (degree of A.B. in 
1897) ; member of the Knights of Colum- 
bus; and of the Ancient Order of Hiber- 
nians. Club: Manassas. Address: 51 
N. Royal St., Mobile, Ala. 

GLENNON, James K.: 

Real estate; insurance. B. in Phila- 
delphia, Pa., August 5, 1847; ancestors 
came from County West Meath, Ireland; 
is related distantly to Archbishop Glen- 
non. Entered Spring Hill College, Mo- 
bile, Ala., but left during the war in 
1862. Was book-keeper until 1871, then 

entered the real-estate and banking busi- 
ness, in which he continues. Director 
in the People's Bank since 1884; is the 
founder of the Electric Light Co., and 
the promoter of many enterprises for 
improving the city of Mobile. Has been 
President, and on the Governing Com- 
mittee of the Social Club. Patron and 
donor of the Bishop Home, Spring Hill 
College, and other educational and chari- 
table institutions; m. Florence Barlow, 
a convert; has traveled all over the 
United States. Member and trustee of 
thei Knights of Columbus. Clubs: 
Manassas; Athlestan. Address: Mobile, 

GLENNON, Rt. Rev. John Joseph, D.D.: 
Archbishop of St. Louis. B. June 14, 
1862, Hardwood, County Meath, Ireland. 
Ed. at St. Mary's College, Mulligar; All 
Hallow's College, Dublin, 1883. Or- 
dained priest 1884; Assistant Pastor, 
St. Patrick's Church, Kansas City, 
1884^87; Pastor, Cathedral there 1887- 
92; Vicar-General of diocese, 1892- 
94; Administrator of diocese, 1894-95; 
appointed Coadjutor Bishop of Kansas 
City, with right of succession, and con- 
secrated Titular Bishop of Pinara, June 
29, 1896; became Coadjutor Archbishop 
of St. Louis, April 27, 1903; Archbishop 
since October 13, 1903. Address: St. 
Louis, Mo. 

GIORIETTX, Rt. Rev. Alphonsns Joseph: 
Bishop of Boise City, Idaho; b. Feb- 
ruary 1, 1844, in Dottignies, Belgium; 
s. of Auguste and Lucy (Vanderghinste) 
Glorieux; ed. at Courtrai, Belgium, and 
at the American College, Louvain; or- 
dained, August 17, 1867, in Mechlin, by 
His Eminence Engelbert Cardinal 
Sterckx. Began mission work in Rose- 



burg, Oregon; transferred to Oregon 
City; made President of St. Michael's 
College, Portland, Ore., 1871; conse- 
crated Bishop of Appollonia, April, 
1885; Bishop of Boise City, 1893. Ad- 
dress: 809 North Ninth St., Boise City, 

GLYNN, Martin H.: 

Ex-congressman; lawyer; b. September 
17, 1871, at Kinderhook, N. Y.; ed. in 
public schools, and at Fordham Uni- 
versity, N. Y. (A.B. 1894) ; admitted to 
the bar; m. January 2, 1900, Mary C. E., 
daughter of P. B. Magrane, of Lynn, 
Mass. Engaged in journalism and is 
editor and publisher of the Albany 
Times-Union; elected to Fifty-sixth Con- 
gress, serving 1899-1901; appointed by 
President McKinley, 1901; member Nat'l 
Comm'n of the Louisiana Purchase Ex- 
position; elected vice-president of the 
Commission. Elected, 1906, Comptroller 
of the State of New York, for term 
1906-08; renominated in 1908, but de- 
feated with ticket. Member New York 
State Bar Association; Albany County 
Bar Ass'n. Address; Times-Union Bldg., 
Albany, N. Y. 

GOECKEX, William J.: 

Lawyer; b. in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Sep- 
tember 3, 1871; ed. at the St. Nicholas 
German Catholic School of his native 
city; Canisius College, Buffalo (A.B. 
in 1892) ; and at the University of 
Penn. (LL.B. in 1906) ; m. Louise M. 
Schappert; Dem. City Chairman from 
1900 to 1904; Pres. Concordia Singing 
Society, 1903-04; Pres. United Singing 
Societies of Wilkes-Barre, and Director 
of N. E. Saengerbund; composer of Red 
and Blue, the university song of the 
University of Penn.; is a member of the 

Knights of Columbus; Elks; Con- 
cordia Singing Society. Address: 39 
Park Ave., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

GOESSMANN, Charles Anthony: 

Educator, chemist, lecturer; b. June 
13, 1827, in Naumberg, Hesse-Cassel, 
Germany, s. of Dr. Heinrich Goessmann, 
a well known physician; descendant on 
paternal side of a Hessian family promi- 
nent for two centuries in the Hessian 
Army, Church, and the professions; 
grandson of Joseph Goessmann, lay ad- 
ministrator of the Diocese of Fritzlar 
(Hesse-Cassel). Educated in a private 
school in Fritzlar, and at the University 
of Gottingen, Germany (Ph. D. 1852) ; 
received the degree of LL.D. from Am- 
herst College, Mass. in 1889. M. 
Mary Anna Kinney, whose parents were 
pioneer Catholics of Syracuse, N. Y., 
and who was related to Daniel O'Con- 
nell, the Irish Statesman, and to the 
late Archbishop Hughes, of New York. 
Dr. Goessmann served as Public Lecturer, 
Gottingen University, 1857; as assistant 
to Dr. Wohler, Royal Chemical Labora- 
tory, 1851-57; Manager of a Sugar Re- 
finery in Philadelphia, 1857-«0; Chemist 
to the Salt Company of the Onondaga, N. 
Y., 1860-69. Lecturer on Chemistry at 
Rensselaer Institute, Troy, N. Y. 
1862-63; Head of the Dept. of Chemis- 
try, Mass. Agricultural College, Amherst, 
1869-'07; Chemist of the State Board 
of Health and State Inspector of Com- 
mercial Fertilizer; Director of the State 
Experiment Station 1882-92; and sub- 
sequently of the Government Experiment 
Station. Retired (1907) as Emeritus 
Head of Chemical Dept. & Station of the 
Agricultural College, Amherst, Mass., en- 
joying the benefit of the Carnegie 
Foundation Fund. In 1900, Dr. Goess- 



mann was chosen Honorary Representa- 
tive of the U. S. Department of Agricul- 
ture, to study the sugar industry of 
Germany and France. He has made 
numerous contributions to the develop- 
ment of Agricultural Industry, contained 
in State Publications, etc. Contributor 
to Liebig & Wohler Annalen der Chemie, 
and numerous scientific publications of 
the U. S. Government and Massachu- 
setts. Has traveled from the Gulf of 
Mexico to Lake Huron in the United 
States; to the Island of Cuba to study 
the industries of the countries through 
which he journeyed; and several times 
to Europe in the interest of Science. 
Fellow of American Chemical Society 
(President in '87) ; associate officer of 
Agr. Chemists; member of the Society 
for the Promotion of Agricultural 
Science; Forestry Association; Statistic 
Ass'n; National Geographical Society; 
Mass. Horticultural Society; honorary 
member of N. Y. State Agr. Society; 
BufTalo Natural History Society; Er- 
langen Physik und Medical Gesell. Dr. 
Goessmann died September, 1910; he 
and his wife were instrumental in estab- 
lishing a Catholic Church in Amherst in 
1870. Their home was always a social 
centre where the best Catholic thought 
could meet, in friendly exchange, non- 
Catholic minds; notable scholars, and 
Churchmen have been their guests, and 
Dr. Goessmann, beside being a scholar 
and scientist, was revered by all who 
knew him, as a consistent Catholic. 
Address: of widow, Amherst, Massachu- 

GOESSMANN, Miss Helena Theresa 
D. of the above; was bom at Syracuse, 
N. Y.; ed. in the private schools of 

Amherst, and by private tutors; is also 
a graduate of the Sacred Heart Academy, 
Elmhurst, Providence, R. I. (1885); 
special student in Boston and New 
York, 1887-91 ; received degree of M. 
Ph. from Ohio University in 1895, for 
advance work in History, Literature, 
and Ethics. From 1899 to 1900, was a 
student in England, France, and 
Germany. Miss Goessmann was Presi- 
dent of the Tuesday Club, Amherst, 
Mass., 1892-96; Secretary and on Ad- 
visory Board Amherst Women's Club, 
1891-93; Organizer and First Presi- 
dent of Woollen's Auxiliary, Catholic 
Summer School, Cliff Haven, N. Y., 
1895-98. Member of Woman's Liter- 
ary Club and Alumnae Club, Baltimore, 
1896-99; Organizer and first President 
of Elmhurst (Sacred Heart) Alumnse 
Ass'n, 1900-03. Head of Department 
of History, Notre Dame College, Balti- 
more, 1897-99. Member of the United 
States Catholic Historical Society, 1909; 
member and chairman of Philothea So- 
ciety, N. Y., 1906-07. Head of Depart- 
ment of Catholic Higher Education, N. 
Y., 1904-07. Religious affiliation, Pro- 
moter of Sacred Heart, and Child of 
Mary (Sacred Heart). Lectures in the 
United School, New Orleans, 1895; lec- 
tures in course at Catholic Summer 
School — sessions of 1892, 1893, 1894, 
1896, 1897; is frequently called upon to 
address leading non-Catholic organiza- 
tions on education and culture, in New 
England. During the past twelve years. 
Miss Goessmann has given over one 
thousand lectures and talks on historical, 
educational, literary, and ethical sub- 
jects, in the United States, including a 
period of four months in the winter of 
1906, when she delivered in the leading 
Catholic Academies for Girls, between 



New York, St. Paul, Omaha, and New 
Orleans, a course, aggregating 125 
lectures, on The Ethics of Scholarship 
and Education To-day. Author of A 
Score of Songs, 1887; Christian Women 
in Philanthropy, 1895; Christian Women 
in Society, 1895. Has been a general 
contributor to Press and Magazines of 
the U. S., but the public has been reached 
chiefly through her lectures; traveled in 
the United States, Canada, and Europe. 
Elected, after the death of her father, 
Professor of English, State College of 
Massachusetts at Amherst. Address: 
The Hedges, Amherst, Mass. 

GOETTE, Very Rev. Fr. Capistran, 

Missionary, Vicar-General of the North 
Shensi (China) Vicariate; b. in Pader- 
born, Prussia, March 2, 1859; entered 
the Franciscan Order October 13, 1874, 
and in the following year, being expelled 
by the Kulturkampf, came to America 
with many of his brethren. After com- 
pleting his studies, he was ordained 
priest at St. Louis, Mo., May 28, 1882, 
and went to China about a year later, 
where he has remained ever since. Dur- 
ing the Boxer troubles he was the victim 
of a brutal attack, and only escaped 
with his life because his assailants 
thought he was dead. 

GOLLER, Very Rev. Herman J,, S.J.: 

Priest; Provincial of the California 
Province of the Society of Jesus. A 
native of Westphalia; nephew of Mon- 
signor Goller of St. Louis, Mo. ; for many 
years President of Gonzaga College, Spo- 
kane, Washington, the leading Catholic 
college of the far Northwest; upon the 
erection of the California Province, in 

1909, appointed first Provincial. Died 
November 5, 1910. 

GONLEY, John William Severin: 

Physician and surgeon; b. March 11, 
1832 at New Orleans, La.; of French 
descent. Ed. by private tutors; took de- 
gree in medicine at College of Physi- 
cians and Surgeons, N. Y., March 11, 
1853. Since then connected with Belle- 
vue Hospital, N. Y., as interne, patholo- 
gist, visiting surgeon and consulting sur- 
geon; in 1856 served as professor of 
anatomy in Vermont Medical College at 
Woodstock; taught in University Medi- 
cal College, N. Y., 1859-82, where he 
began as instructor in anatomy, then 
became adjunct professor of anatomy 
and later professor of clinical surgery 
and diseases of the urinary 'organs. En- 
tered the Medical Corps of the United 
States Army as Assistant Surgeon in 
1861, and served until end of 1864. Au- 
thor of: Diseases of the Urinary Organs 
(1873) ; Diseases of Man, Data of their 
Nomenclature, Classification, and Genesis 
(1888) ; Diseases of the Urinary Appara- 
tus, Phlegmasic Affections (1892); Con- 
ferences on the Moral Philosophy of 
Medicine (1906); Surgery of Genito- 
urinary Organs (1907). Has contrib- 
uted miscellaneous essays in general 
surgery and urology. Member of many 
medical societies, local, national, and for- 
eign. Address: Seventy-first St. and Cen- 
tral Park, West, New York, N. Y. 

GONNER, Nicholas Edward: 

Editor; b. July 8, 1870, at Cape 
Girardeau, Missouri; s. of Nicholas Gon- 
ner, a Catholic editor; m. Clara M. 
Ritter of Burlington, Iowa, whose father 
was a member of the Iowa Legislature; 



ed. at Catholic elementary and parochial 
schools; St. Mary's, Dubuque; Luxem- 
bourg, Europe. Honorary President of 
Roman Catholic Central Society of Amer- 
ica; member and one of the organizers 
of the American Federation of Catholic 
Societies; member of Central Verein. 
Made trip to Europe in 1910 in which 
he had a private audience with Pope 
Pius X, and visited every capital except 
London and Vienna. Address: Dubuque, 

GOODMAN, George William: 

B. August 20, 1862, in Milwaukee, 
Wis.; m. Lettie Ogden; ed. at St. Gall's 
school. President of Satchel Frame 
Manufacturing Co. Member of the 
Knights of Columbus. Club: Milwaukee 
Athletic. Address: 2324 Sycamore St., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

GOODRICH, Frederick William: 

Organist; b. in 1867, at London, Eng.; 
descended collaterally from Thomas 
Goodrich, last Catholic Bishop of Ely 
and Lord High Chancellor of England, 
temp Ed. VI; m. Alice Thorpe, daughter 
of Robert Thorpe of Northwold, Norfolk, 
England; ed. at All Saints Choir School, 
Kensington, London; Kings College, Lon- 
don; and University of Durham. Organ- 
ist of St. Peter's, Regent Square, Lon- 
don, 1884; St. John the Baptist's, 
Kensington, London, 188'6; St. Peter's, 
Hammersmith, London, 1888; organist 
and choir director of St. Clement's, Ken- 
sington, London, 1889; St. Columb's, 
Kensington, London, 1897; St. Mary's, 
Bleehingley, Surrey, 1900; St. David's, 
Portland, Ore., 1904; St. Mary's Ca- 
thedral, Portland, Ore., since 1907; in 
1889 founded Anglican Society of St. 

Osmund, which afterwards became 
merged into the Henry Bradshaw So- 
ciety for liturgical study; in 1910 acted 
as secretary of the Church Music Com- 
mission for the Archdiocese of Oregon. 
Published compositions: 'Hymns, piano- 
forte pieces, anthems, and organ tran- 
scription; in Anglican days contributed 
to the Weekly Churchman, Leeds, Eng- 
land; Church Review, London; wrote 
musical articles for Organist and Choir- 
master and Queen, London; now special 
contributor to Catholic Sentinel and 
Mount Angel Magazine. Convert to the 
Church in 1907. Address: 173 East 
Twentieth St., Portland, Ore. 

GOODYEAR, William Henry: 

B. 1845, at New Haven, Conn.; s. of 
Charles Goodyear, discoverer of the vul- 
canization of india rubber and founder 
of the india rubber industry; the founder 
of the Goodyear family in America was 
Stephen Goodyear, first Deputy Governor 
of New Haven Colony, 1643-58; m. 
Katharine Rodden; ed. at private schools 
in Etigland; Russell's School, New Ha- 
ven, Conn.; Yale University (B.A., 
1867) ; M.A., Honorary, Yale, 1904. 
Curator of paintings. Metropolitan Mu- 
seum of Art, 1881-87; Curator of Fine 
Arts, Museum of the Brooklyn Institute 
of the Arts and Sciences since 1899. 
Lecturer on the history of art since 1874 
in many of the educational female col- 
leges of the Eastern States; has made 
original research on the history of orna- 
ment and in the history of mediaeval 
architecture, architectural refinement and 
Constructive Asymmetries. Author of 
Ancient and Modem History (W. H. 
Sadlier, New York, 1883); The Gram- 
mar of the Lotus (Sampson, Low, Mars- 


ton & Co., London, 1891) ; A History of 
Art (A. S. Barnes, New York, 1887); 
Roman and Mediaeval Art (Flood & Vin- 
cent, Meadville, Pa., 1893; also Macmil- 
lan, New York) ; Renaissance and Mod- 
ern Art (Flood & Vincent, Meadville, 
Pa., 1894; also Macmillan, New York) ; 
has contributed to Architectural Record 
Magazine, American Architect, R. I. B. 
A. Journal, Catholic World, The Chau- 
tauquan, The Engineering Magazine, 
Journal of Archaeological Institute of 
America, Lippincott's, old Scribner's. 
Made trips to Germany, 1867-70; East 
Jordan territory, 1869; Egypt, 1891; 
Italy, 1870, 1895, 1901, 1905; France, 
1903, 1905, 1907. Was baptized by 
Father Daly, S.J., at St. Francis 
Xavier's, New York, 1880. Honorary 
member, Society of Architects of Rome, 
1904; honorary member, Edinburgh 
Architectural Association, 1905; honor- 
ary member, Royal Academy of Fine 
Arts of Milan, 1906; honorary academ- 
ician, Royal Academy of Fine Arts of 
Venice, 1907; corresponding member, 
American Institute of Architects, 1907. 
Club: Yale, New York. Address: 
Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

GORDON, James Henry Charles: 

Real estate; b. March 12, 1847, in 
Baton Rouge, La.; ed. in Baton Rouge 
and Kingston, Jamaica; m., in 1877, by 
Father Aguelara, to Mary Cathrene How- 
ard, at Visalia; resident of San Diego 
for the past twenty-five years; at pres- 
ent of the firm of Gordon, Goodwin & 
Co. Takes a special interest in forestry 
and the collecting of minerals; member 
of the Knights of Columbus and Cath- 
olic Knights of America. Address: San 
Diego, Cal. 

GORMAN, Rev. Daniel: 

President of St. Joseph's College, Du- 
buque, Iowa; b. April 12, 1861, in Iowa; 
parents came from Ireland, and his fa- 
ther served as a Mexican soldier; ed. St. 
Joseph's College, Dubuque, Iowa; St. 
Francis Seminary, Milwaukee, Wis.; re- 
ceived the degree of LL.D. from Mt. St. 
Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Md., Octo- 
ber 15, 1908; has been a Professor in 
St. Joseph's College since 1894, and its 
President since 1904, which position he 
now holds; is a member of the Catholic 
Educational Association, and a Knight 
of Columbus. Address: St. Joseph's Col- 
lege, Dubuque, Iowa. 

GORORDO, Rt. Rev. Juan P., D.D.: 

Auxiliary Bishop of Cebu, Philip- 
pine Islands; consecrated, June 24, 1909. 
Address: Cebu, Philippine Islands. 

GOSSELIN, Hon. Frangois: 

Flour and grain merchant; s. of Fran- 
gois Gosselin and On^sime Nadeau, his 
wife; b. November 12, 1837, at St. 
Athanasse, County Iberville; ed. at ele- 
mentary schools; m., February 11, 1867, 
to M6lanie Manny. One of the two pro- 
prietors of the big farm of Gosselin 
Frferes. Represented the County of Iber- 
ville in Quebec Legislative Assembly 
from 1890 to 1905. Appointed to Legis- 
lative Council, January 15, 1906. Ad- 
dress: St. Athanasse, County of Iber- 
ville, Canada. 

GOUIN, Hon. Sir Lomer: 

Prime Minister of Quebec; b. 1861, in 
the Province of Quebec; ed. at Sorel and 
L6vis Colleges, P. Q.; admitted to the 
Quebec bar, 1884, taking silk, 1898; 
represents Portneuf in the Quebec Par- 
liament; appointed Minister of Coloniza- 



tion and Public Works of the Province, 
1900; and Provincial Premier, President 
of the Executive Council, and Attorney 
Greneral, 1905; knighted at the Quebec 
Tercentenary Festival, 1908; brother of 
the Rev. A. N. Gouin and the Rev. 
Charles P. S. Gouin, of Quebec. Ad- 
dress: Quebec, Canada. 

GOULD EN, Hon. Josepn A.: 

Congressman; b. in Pennsylvania; 
served in the Navy during 1864-65; 
manager of a life insurance company at 
180 Broadway; member of the board of 
managers. State Reformatory, at Mor- 
ganza, Pa.; commissioner and trustee in 
the public schools of New York City for 
ten years; member of the commission 
that erected the soldiers' and sailors' 
monument in Riverside Park, New York 
City; was elected to the Fifty-eighth and 
Fifty-ninth Congresses and re-elected to 
the Sixtieth Congress. Address: Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

GOURATJD, Mrs. Helga (Smith-Hald) : 

Wife of Colonel Gouraud, U. S. A., 
whom she married in 1909 in Paris; b. 
Miss Helga Smith-Hald, d. of the late 
Norwegian painter, Frithjof Smith- 
Hald; niece of Hans Dahl, the painter, 
and of ex-Primer Miehelsen, of Norway, 
who was one of the foremost advocates 
of the separation of that kingdom from 
Sweden. Mrs. Gouraud is a talented 
musician and composer. She was for- 
merly a Lutheran, and has been the 
means, under God, of bringing her 
brothers and sisters to share her faith. 

GRACE, James J.: 

Merchant; b. in St. Johns, Newfound- 
land; descendant of the Earl of Or- 
monde, who was powerful in English 

and Irish affairs in the Seventeenth Cen- 
tury, and son of Pierce Grace, a wealthy 
dry goods merchant; settled in Boston in 
September, 1865, and two years later en- 
gaged in the millinery business. Sep- 
tember 24, 1868, he married Margaret 
A. Costello, who also conducted a mil- 
linery shop, and, as Mrs. Grace, con- 
tinues in business. Is a life member of 
the Young Men's Catholic Association 
of Boston, and a member of the Catholic 
Union. Residence: 101 Crawford St., 
Roxbury, Mass. 

GRACE^ Joseph P.: 

Merchant; b. June 29, 1872, at Great 
Neck, Long Island, N. Y.; is the second 
son of the late IVIayor of New York, 
William Russell Grace, but unlike his 
father he seems not to take much in- 
terest in public affairs, except in so far 
as they] relate to the expansion of the 
great commission business founded by 
the latter. Is a graduate of Columbia 
College. Is Vice-President of the Inger- 
soll-Rand Co., Trustee of the Emigrant 
Industrial Savings Bank of New York, 
and among the Directors of the Lin- 
coln National Bank and Safe Deposit 
Co. of New York; also one of the Di- 
rectors of the Terminal Warehouse, the 
Kings County Trust Co., and the N. Y. 
& Pacific S. S. Co. Clubs: University; 
Catholic; and Meadow Brook. Address: 
31 East Seventy-ninth St., New York 
City. . 

GRACE, Rt. Rev. Thoma^, D.D.: 

Bishop of Sacramento, California; b. 
August 2, 1841, in Wexford, Ireland; 
ed. at St. Peter's College, Wexford; All 
Hallows College, Dublin; ordained priest, 
June 11, 1867; in California since 1867; 
later at Eureka, Humboldt, and Carson, 



Nev, ; rector of the Cathedral at Marys- 
ville for 8 years; pastor, Sacramento 
Cathedral, 1881-96; precpnized Bishop, 
February 27, 1896; consecrated, June 
16, 1896. Address: Cathedral of the 
±Jlessed Sacrament, Sacramento, Cal. 

GRAHAM, Miss Amy: 

Musician; b. at Fort Erie, Ont., Can- 
ada; d. of John and Mary (Barker) 
Graham; granddaughter of Richard Gra- 
ham, Canadian Collector of the Port, 
Ft. Erie; ed. at Trinity College, Toronto 
(B.M. ) ; Toronto Conservatory (gold 
medalist) ; pursued musical studies for 
three years in Germany, with Professor 
Martin Krause; two years in Geneva, 
Switzerland, with Emil Jacques-Delcroze. 
Is teacher of piano; musical examiner of 
the Supervisors of Music in public 
schools; musical critic, Buffalo Evening 
News (daily) ; Buffalo Svmday News 
(weekly). Contributor to musical jour- 
nals. Member Catholic Women's Club; 
Chromatic Club. Member D'Youville 
College Association; New York State 
Music Teachers' Association; Vice-Presi- 
dent, Erie County Music Teachers' As- 
sociation. Convert to the Church. Ad- 
dress: 249 North St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
(residence) ; 70 North Pearl St. (office). 

GRAHAM, Edward Thomas Patrick: 

Architect; b. February 2, 1872, at 
Cambridge, Mass.; of Irish ancestry; 
settled in Boston, 1810; unmarried; ed. 
at the Cambridge public schools and 
Harvard University (B.S. in 1900); 
Austin Traveling Fellow in Architecture, 
Harvard University, 1901-02. Architect 
of the greatest auditorium in New Eng- 
land, the First World's Shoe and Leather 
Fair, and of many churches, convents, 
colleges, schools and residences in Bos- 

ton and other cities. Contributor to 
Harvard Engineering Magazine. Made 
a European tour of study in architecture, 
visiting Italy, Greece, France, and Eng- 
land. Member of Boston Chamber of 
Commerce, Boston Society of Architects, 
and Knights of Columbus. Club: Bos- 
ton Architectural. Address: 20 Beacon 
St., Boston, Mass. 

GRAHAM, Hon. James M., M.C.: 

Lawyer; b. April 14, 1852, in Ireland; 
ed. in common schools; Indiana North- 
ern Normal School (Valparaiso, Ind.) ; 
m. Kate Wallace. Member General As- 
sembly, Illinois, 1885-86; State's Attor- 
ney, Springfield, 111., 1892-96; member 
of School Board, Springfield, 1898- 
1900; member of Congress, Twenty-first 
Illinois District, 1908. Member Knights 
of Columbus; Modern Woodmen of 
America. Address: Springfield, 111. 

GRANGER, Henry Chapin: 

B. December 21, 1847, at Great Bar- 
rington, Berkshire County, Mass.; de- 
scended on father's side from the Co- 
lonial families of Lawrence and Mather; 
on mother's side from the Grahams and 
Sterlings of Scotland; ed. in a private 
school ( Boy's Classical ) , and the Jones 
Grammar and High School of Chicago, 
graduating from the latter in 1867. 
Later entered the University of Michi- 
gan, Literary Department, graduating 
with the degree of B.A. in 1871. Di- 
vinity Student at Union Theological Sem- 
inary, New York City, graduating in 
1875. Teacher in Grammar School, 
Channahan, 111., 1871-72; Presbyterian 
Minister, Presbytery of Chicago, 1875— 
89; clergyman in the Protestant Epis- 
copal Church — Diocese of Chicago — 
1889-1906; since November of that year 



a layman in the Catholic Church. While 
in college, one of the editors of The 
Chronicle. Author of a devotional 
year book entitled Echoes (printed for 
private distribution and sale) ; a church 
calendar, ibid. Has written for the 
newspapers; traveled in the United 
States and Canada, and also visited Eng- 
land, Scotland, and Wales in 1887. Was 
received into the Catholic Church by the 
late Rev. H. J. Dumbach, S.J., Novem- 
ber 25, 1906. Member of the University 
Club of CWicago for eight years; at pres- 
ent member of the Art Institute of Chi- 
cago; also of the Psi Upsilon Greek Let- 
ter Fraternity since 1868. Address: 
Evanston, 111. 

GRANJON, Rt. Rev. Henry Regis, D.D.: 
Bishop of Tucson, Ariz.; b. June 15, 
1863, at St. Etienne, Loire, France; s. 
of Peter and Jeanne (Meunier) Gran- 
jon; ed. at St. Sulpice (Paris), and the 
Universities of Rome, Italy; received the 
degrees of J. C. D. (Apollinare, Rome, 
1889) ; D.D. (Minerva, Rome, 1889) ; 
and Ph.D. from the same college in 
1900. Joined the Arizona Mission in 
1890; in charge of the Society for the 
Propagation of the Faith, with residence 
in Baltimore, from 1897 to 1900. Con- 
tributor to Lesi Missions Catholiques, 
Lyons, France. Address: 51 Corral St., 
Tuscon, Ariz. 

GRANNAN, Rev. Charles P., D.D., PhD. : 
Priest, author, educator; b. 1846, 
in Kenosha, Wis.; ed. in the public 
schools of the United States, the Urban 
College of the Propaganda Fide, Rome, 
Italy (degrees of S.T.D. and Ph.D.); 
and in the Universities of Berlin and 
Paris; served as President of Mount St. 

Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Md., for one 
year, and as Vice Rector of the Cath- 
olic University of Washington, D. C, one 
year; author of Questions d'Ecriture 
Sainte, published by P. Lethielleur, 
Paris, 1903; contributor to the Catholic 
University Bulletin, and the American 
Catholic Quarterly; member of the Pon- 
tifical International Commission on Bib- 
lical Studies, appointed by Pope Leo 
XIII in 1901; has traveled through 
Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Asia Minor, and 
Greece; is a member of the Knights of 
Columbus. Address: Catholic Univer- 
sity of America, Washington, D. C. 

GRANT, Hugh John: 

Ex-Mayor of New York City; b. 1855, 
in New York City; ed. in public school 
and at Manhattan College, New York, 
from which he graduated in 1871; St. 
Francis Xavier's College; Columbia Law 
School (LL.B., 1877) ; m. a daughter 
of former United States Senator Ed- 
ward Murphy, Jr., of Albany. After 
graduation spent a year in the law of- 
fice of D. M. Porter, then became asso- 
ciated with James M. Smith (former 
recorder) ; later moved uptown, where he 
practiced law and operated extensively 
in real estate, devoting his attention 
chiefly to caring for the numerous es- 
tates of which his father had charge. 
Received Tammany nomination for al- 
derman in Nineteenth District, 1882, and 
was elected; re-elected, 1883, to the 
Boodle Board, where his straightforward 
and honorable course was in marked con- 
trast to the dishonesty of most of his 
associates, which he was largely instru- 
mental in exposing and punishing. Re- 
ceived Tammany nomination for mayor, 
1884, but was defeated by William R. 



Grace; received Tammany nomination 
for sheriff, 1885, and was elected; elected 
mayor, 1888, re-elected, 1890; nominated 
for third term, 1894, but was defeated 
by William L. Strong. Served as re- 
ceiver of the St. Nicholas Bank, Brook- 
lyn Wharf and Warehouse Co., and the 
Third Ave. R. R. Since 1894, has occu- 
pied himself with his large real estate 
interests. Went abroad for a year after 
graduating from Manhattan College, and 
before completing his education, spend- 
ing most of the time in Berlin. Died 
November 3, 1910, after his record was 
received for the A.C.W.W. 

GREEN, Mrs. Henrietta (Prenett) : 

B. in Lisbon, Ohio; m. Charles Green; 
ed. at the Ursuline Convent, St. Mar- 
tins, Brown County, Ohio; contributor to 
the American Catholic Quarterly Re- 
view, Catholic World, and the Ave 
Maria; member of the Sodality Chil- 
dren of Mary. Address: 1741 Long- 
fellow Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 

GREEN, Francis P.: 

B. April 3, 1872, in Philadelphia, Pa.; 
ed. St. Paul's parochial school, Phila- 
delphia; m. Annie Reilly, niece of the 
Rev. P. F. Sullivan, rector of St. Ed- 
ward's Church, Philadelphia; joined the 
reportial staff of The Daily Times in 
1886, and was engaged in daily news- 
paper work until 1892, when he became 
city editor of the newly founded Cath- 
olic Times; became managing editor of 
The Catholic Standard and Times in 
1896, in which capacity he still serves. 
In 1908 he published A Missionary's 
Notebook, by Rev. Richard W. Alexan- 
der, which has gone into three editions. 
Address: The Catholic Standard and 
Times, Philadelphia, Pa. 

GREEN, Jerome Joseph: 

Educator; b. December 26, 1866, at 
Somerset, Ohio; s. of Joshua and Emily 
G. ; paternal grandfather was an oflBcer 
in the Maryland Militia in the War of 
1812; m. Elizabeth Feeney, June 20, 
1899, Rochester, Minn.; ed. at public 
and private schools; Ohio State Univer- 
sity (M.E. in E.E., 1893) ; Columbus 
(M.E., 1893). Worked at the carpen- 
ter trade before going to college and 
taught in district schools; during col- 
lege vacations designed cash registers 
and worked in photograph galleries; 
tested electrical apparatus for Bureau 
of Awards, World's Columbian Exposi- 
tion; engaged at installation of electrical 
apparatus, Atlanta Exposition, 1895; 
with the Chicago Edison Co., and held 
the position of chief instructor in the 
National School of Electricity, Chicago, 
until 18195. Professor of Physics and 
Electrical Engineering, Notre Dame Uni- 
versity since 1895; has labored to im- 
prove Catholic technical education; in- 
ventor of the loose-leaf note-book. Con- 
ducted a series of experiments in wire- 
less telegraphy, April, 1899, sending sig- 
nals from one room to another in Sci- 
ence Hall at Notre Dame University, 
with apparatus made up in the labora- 
tories and shops of the institution; the 
distance was increased till signals were 
distinctly received at a distance of half 
a mile; afterward, with improved ap- 
paratus, dots and dashes were sent to 
St. Mary's Academy, a mile and a half 
away. Last trial at Notre Dame was for 
distance of 3 miles, when the signals 
were received. A series of tests was 
next made in the down-town district of 
Chicago, where conditions were quite dif- 
ferent; also on Lake Michigan, where 
words were sent out about a mile and 



a half. Has contributed to the Elec- 
trical World; Electrical Engineer; The 
Independent. Traveled in Great Britain, 
France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzer- 
land, and Germany. Member Central 
Association Science and Mathematics 
Teachers; National Electric Light Asso- 
ciation; American Association for the 
Advancement of Science; International 
Electric Congress, St. Louis, 1904. Ad- 
dress: Notre Dame, Ind. 

GREENE,, Edward Lee: 

Botanist; b. August 20, 1843, at Hop- 
kinton, R. L; ed. at public school, Hop- 
kinton, R. L, and Janesville, Wis.; Al- 
bion College, Albion, Wis. (Ph.B., 1866) ; 
Jarvis College, Denver, Colo. ; LL.D., hon- 
orary, Notre Dame University, 1895. 
Teacher in various schools and academic 
institutions, 1866-70; clergyman of the 
Episcopal Church, 1871-84; Professor of 
Botany, University of California, 1885- 
95; Professor of Botany, Catholic Uni- 
versity of America, 1895-1904; Asso- 
ciate in Botany, Smithsonian Institution 
since 1904. Prime mover in the revival 
and reform of systematic botany and 
botanical nomenclature in America since 
1881; founder, in 1903, of Erythea, a 
botanical journal. Author of Pittonia, 
a Series of Botanical Papers (San Fran- 
cisco and Washington, by the Author, 5 
volumes, 1887-1905) ; Illustrations of 
West American Oaks (Jas. M. MacDon- 
ald, San Francisco, lS'89-90) ; Flora 
Franciscana (Author, San Francisco, 
1891); Manual of the Botany of the 
Region of San Francisco Bay (Author, 
San Francisco, 1904) ; Leaflets of Bo- 
tanical Observation and Criticism (Au- 
thor, Washington, 2 volumes, 1903-09) ; 
Landmarks of Botanical History (Smith- 
sonian Institution, 1909) ; has contrib- 

uted to Erythea, Torreya (New York), 
Rhodora (Boston), Muhlenbergia, Plant 
World, Botanical Gazette, London Jour- 
nal of Botany, Repertorium Specierum 
Novarum, Bulletin of Torrey Botanical 
Club (New York), Kew Gardens Bulle- 
tin (London), Garden and Forest (Bos- 
ton), Ottawa Naturalist (Ottawa, Can- 
ada), Midland Naturalist (Notre Dame, 
Ind.), American Naturalist, Bulletin of 
California Academy of Sciences, Pro- 
ceedings of Philadelphia Academy of Nat- 
ural Sciences, Proceedings of Biological 
Society of Washington, Proceedings of 
Washington Academy of Sciences, Pub- 
lications of United States National Mu- 
seum, Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collec- 
tions. Has devoted part of every year 
between 1870 and 1896 to botanical 
travel and exploration in the regions 
between the Rocky Mountains and the 
Pacific Coast, both in United States and 
Canada; by these travels he is said to 
have surpassed every other botanist of 
times past or present in practical knowl- 
edge of North American vegetation. En- 
tered the Church on February 5, 1885. 
Member of Biological Society of Wash- 
ington; Brooklyn Institute of Arts and 
Sciences; Torrey Botanical Club of New 
York; Philadelphia Academy of Natural 
Sciences; Botanical Society of Washing- 
ton; Washington Academy of Science; 
California Academy of Science; National 
Geographical Society; Geographical So- 
ciety of the Pacific; associate of the 
Smithsonian Institution. Address: U. 
S. National Museum, Washington, D. C. 

GREGORY, John J.: 

Jurist; b. 1872, in Milwaukee, Wis.; 
ed. in the common schools; received the 
honorary degree of Bachelor of Law 
from Marquette University; m., October 



10, 1896, Josephine Whitehead. Aj)- 
pointed teller in money-order division 
of Milwaukee Postoflfice at the age of 
15; remained in postoffice for ten years. 
Admitted to the bar in 1896. Secretary 
of the Milwaukee Fire and Police Com- 
mission from 1899-1910. Elected judge 
of the Civil Court, April 5, 1910, for a 
iix-year term, and received the highest 
number of votes among the thirty-nine 
candidates. Member of the Knights of 
Columbus; Ancient Order of Hibernians; 
Catholic Order of Foresters; Milwaukee 
Bar Association; Merchants and Manu- 
facturers Association. Address: Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

GREY, Francis William: 

B. January 8, 1860, at Bathampton, 
near Bath, England. His grandfather, 
the second Earl Grey, was largely in- 
strumental in securing Catholic Emanci- 
pation in England in 1829. Dr. Grey 
is first cousin of the present Governor- 
General of Canada; m. Jessie McLeod 
Holland, daughter of the late Charles 
Rolland, Esq., Seigneur of Sainte Marie 
de Monnoir, Quebec, and granddaughter 
of the late Chief Justice Rolland of 
lower Canada; ed. Uppingham, Eng- 
land ; Highbury and Warminister ( Angli- 
can) Theological College, England; re- 
ceived from Ottawa University degree of 
D.L., June, 1908). Calendar Clerk in 

» Canadian Archives. Was received into 
the Church, September, 1885. Author of 
The Cur6 of St. Phillipe (London, Digby, 
Long & Co., 1899) ; Gilbert Franklin, 

I Curate (The Month, 1897) ; The Exodus 
(Catholic Record, London, Ontario, 
1908 ) ; contributor to The Month, Ave 
Maria, American Catholic Quarterly, 
Quarterly Review (London), Messenger 
(New York), Catholic World (New 

York) . Dr. Grey is a Conf rater of the 
Anglo-Benedictine Congregation at 
Downside Abbey, Bath, England, a priy- 
ilege which he esteems very highly. Ad- 
dress: 317 Daly Ave., Ottawa, Canada. 

GRIFFIN, Martin Joseph, C.M.G., LL.D. : 
Editor, author, Parliamentary Li- 
brarian at Ottawa; b. 1847, at St. 
John's, Newfoundland; ed. at St. Mary's 
College, Halifax; called to the bar, 
1868; Editor of The Express, Toronto, 
1868-74; and of The Toronto Mail, 1881- 
85; m. (1872) Harriet, daughter of D. 
Starratt, of Nova Scotia. Contributor 
to Blackwood's, The Quarterly Review, 
North American Review, Montreal Ga- 
zette, Toronto Star, and other publica- 
tions. Address: Library of Parliament, 
Ottawa, Ont., Canada. 

GRIFFIN, Martin Ignatius Joseph: 

Author, publisher; b. October 23, 
1842, at Philadelphia; s. of Terence J. 
Griffin and Elizabeth Doyle of County 
Wicklow, Ireland; m. Mary A. E. Mo- 
Mullen, October 2, 1870 (died, Septem- 
ber 6, 1906), daughter of William Mc- 
Mullen and Dorothy Hilly of County 
Donegal, and is the father of six chil- 
dren; ed. at private, parochial, and pub- 
lic schools; Central High School, Phila- 
delphia. Began life as a bookkeeper, and 
soon after became correspondent of the 
Catholic Mirror of Baltimore, The Spec- 
tator of Washington, D. C, New York 
Tablet, Catholic Universe of Philadel- 
phia; contributor to the Catholic Herald, 
and on the establishment of the Catholic 
Standard was selected by Rev. Dr. Keogh, 
its editor, as its city reporter; part 
owner and editor of the Guardian An- 
gel, a Sunday-school paper, 1867-70; as- 
sistant editor, Catholic Standard, 1870- 



73; appointed secretary of the Irish 
Catholic Benevolent Union of the United 
States, he founded and edited its Jour- 
nal from 1873 to 1894, first under the 
title I. C. B. U. Journal, and later 
Griffin's Journal; organized a Youths' 
Catholic Total Abstinence Society, the 
first organized in Philadelphia, which he 
represented at the formation of the Cath- 
olic Total Abstinence Union of America 
at Baltimore, February 22-23, 1872; 
founded the Diocesan Union of Phila- 
delphia, 1872, of which, he is sole sur- 
viving founder; chosen secretary of the 
Irish Catholic Benevolent Union, July 
9, 1872, he worked so strenuously for 
its success that he was obliged to cease 
all work for six months; began in 1882 
to publish in his Journal articles relat- 
ing to Catholicity in Philadelphia, which 
lead to the formation of the Catholic 
Historical Society, July 22, 1884, of 
which he is the only living founder; be- 
gan the publication of American Cath- 
olic Historical Researches in January, 
1887, and has since continued to edit 
and largely write that publication; or- 
ganized the Parnell Branch of the Land 
League, the first founded in Philadel- 
phia ; was secretary of the Parnell and 
Dillon demonstration at the Academy of 
Music and was sent as a delegate to all 
the National Conventions of the Land 
League; instituted, in 1902, an annual 
reunion of his classmates at the Ring- 
gold Boys' Grammar School, 1857-58; 
is said to have organized more literary, 
beneficial, total abstinence, and Irish 
JLieague Societies, and to have been 
longer connected with Catholic journal- 
ism, than any other man in thei coun- 
try; the Columbian Assembly of the 
Knights of Columbus, October 3, 1906, 
passed a resolution commending his his- 

torical and literary work. Author of 
History of Old St. Joseph's Church 
(1881); History of St. John's Church 
(Philadelphia, 1882); Thomas Fitz- 
Simons, Pennsylvania's Catholic Signer 
of the Constitution (1887); The Life 
of Rt. Rev. Michael Egan, O.S.F., the 
First Bishop of Philadelphia (1885); 
The Trial of John Ury (1899); Docu- 
ments Relating to the History of the 
Catholic Church in the United States 
(v. 1-2, 1888, 1889) ; contributor to 
periodicals mentioned above and to Ap- 
pleton's; publisher of a number of his- 
torical works. Address: 1935 North 
Eleventh St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

GRIFFIN, Robert Stanislaus: 

Captain, United States Navy; b. in 
Virginia; appointed from Virginia; en- 
tered the United States Naval Academy 
as Cadet Engineer, October 1, 1874; 
graduated as Assistant Engineer, June 
20, 1880; commissioned as Lieutenant on 
March 3, 1899, in pursuance of Act of 
Congress, by which the Engineer Corps 
was abolished, and the officers trans- 
ferred to the Line; attained the rank 
of Captain, January 9, 1910. 

GRIFFIBT, Thomas Francis: 

Lawyer; b. in Howard County, Iowa; 
parents were the earliest settlers in that 
county; ed. in the public schools and 
at Notre Dame University, Indiana (de- 
gree of LL.B., 1888) ; m. Rose Lucile 
Hartnett; served as County Attorney 
for Woodbury County, Iowa, 1894-95; 
is State! Deputy of the Knights of Co- 
lumbus; has traveled throughout the 
United States; is a member of the 
Knights of Columbus; Elks; and other 
organizations. Address : Sioux City, 



GRIMA, Alfred: 

Attorney-at-law ; b. in New Orleans; 
s. of the late Alfred Grima, who also 
was a member of the legal profession; 
ed. in private schools and in the col- 
leges of Louisiana; graduated from the 
law department of Tulane University. 
Is a descendant of an old and prominent 
Louisiana family, many of whose mem- 
bers were distinguished in law and in 
literature. Office Address: 136 Caronde- 
let St.; Residence: 1604 Fourth St., New 
Orleans, La. 

GRIMES, Rt. Rev. John, D.D.: 

Coadjutor Bishop of Syracuse and 
titular Bishop of Himeria; consecrated. 
May 13, 1909. Address: 219 East On- 
ondaga St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

GRIMMELSMAN, Rev. Joseph, S.J.: 

B. on March 17, 1853, in Cincinnati, 
Ohio; ed. at St. Mary's Parochial School, 
Cincinnati, Ohio; pursued his classical 
studies at St. Xavier's College, Cincin- 
nati; philosophy at Woodstock College, 
Maryland; and theology at Louvain, 
Belgium. Served as Professor of Clas- 
sics, Detroit College, 1877-81; Professor 
of Philosophy, Woodstock College, Mary- 
land, 1886-87; President of Marquette 
College, Milwaukee, 1889-91; President, 
St. Louis University (Missouri), 1891- 
98; Provincial, Missouri Province, S.J., 
1899-1906; President, St. Stanislaus 
Seminary, Florissant, Mo., 1906-08; 
President of St. Xavier College, Cincin- 
nati, Ohio, 1908 to date. Address: St. 
Xavier College, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

GRIND ON, Joseph: 

Physician; b. August 20, 1858, in St. 
Louis, Mo.; s. of Arthur St. Leger Grin- 
don, by K6lis Chgrot-Dupavillon, his 

wife; ed. in public schools of St. Louis, 
1868^75; St. Louis Medical College 
(M.D., 1879) ; St. Louis University 
(Ph.B., 1884) ; m., September 30, 190a, 
Lina, daughter of Dr. Louis Ch. Bois- 
lini&re and Mary Ann (Hite) his 
wife. Assistant Physician, St. Louis 
City and Female Hospitals, 1879-81; 
Physician, St. Louis Smallpox Hospital, 
1881-83; Dermatologist to St. Luke's 
Hospital, St. Louis Mullanphy Hospital, 
Bethesda Hospital. Lecturer and Pro- 
fessor of Dermatology, St. Louis Medical 
College, 1886-91; Professor of Physiol- 
ogy, 1894-95. Since 1891, Professor of 
Dermatology at Washington University, 
St. Louis. President, Association of City 
Hospital Alumni, 1897; President, St. 
Louis Medical Society, 1899. Author of 
Diseases of the Skin (Lea Bros. & Co., 
Philadelphia and New York, 1902 ) ; 
Cutaneous Therapeutics, in collaboration 
with Dr. W. A. Hardaway (Lea Bros. 
& Co., 1907 ) ; several chapters in Amer- 
ican Text Book of G«nito-Urinary Dis- 
eases, Syphilis and Diseases of the Skin 
(W. B. Saunders, Philadelphia, 1898'). 
Contributor to St. Louis Courier of Med- 
icine; Interstate Medical Journal; St. 
Louis Medical Review; Bulletin, Medi- 
cal Department, Washington University; 
Medical Fortnightly; Journal Missouri 
State Medical Association; Journal 
American Medical Association; Journal 
of Cutaneous Diseases. Member, St. 
Louis Medical Society; Association of 
City Hospital Alumni; Missouri State 
Medical Association; American Medical 
Association ; American Dermatol ogical 
Association; Soci6t6 Frangaise de Der- 
matologie et de Syphiligraphie ; Acad- 
emy of Sciences, St. Louis; American 
Institute of Archaeology; Missouri As- 
sociation for Relief and Control of Tu- 



berculosis; Society of Moral and San- 
itary Prophylaxis. Clubs: St. Louis 
Medical History; Engelmann Botanical. 
Address: 3894 Washington Blvd., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

GROENINGS, Rev. Jacob (James), S.J.: 
B. on February 15, 18f33, at Bruehl, 
near Cologne; attended the Gymnasium 
and spent a year at the Academy of 
Muenster. Joined the Society of Jesus 
as a novice, October 15, 1852. From 
1859-64, he was at Feldkirch at the 
Stella Matutina, where he was teacher 
of mathematics at the State High 
School; ordained priest, July 2, 1868; 
finished his tertianship in 1870; sent 
again to the Stella Matutina as preacher 
and teacher of mathematics. From 1870 
to 1874, he was successively at Essen 
on the Ruhr, where he labored among 
the factory workmen as preacher and 
choirmaster of the old St. Joseph's 
Church; at the Stella Matutina as 
teacher of religion and college preacher 
for one year; and at Vorarlberg, as a 
Missionary. Sent to Canisius College, 
Buffalo, N. Y., in 1874; assistant at St. 
Michael's Church, and choir master sev- 
eral years; assistant at St. Ann's Church 
(1886), serving until the early part of 
1890; assistant for ten months at St. 
Mary's Church, Toledo, Ohio; preacher 
at St. Michael's Church, 1890-94; re- 
turned to St. Ann's the same year; built 
the new school. Has been at St. Ann's 
since that time, with the exception of a 
short stay at Toledo. Author of Cate- 
chism, German edition, English and Ger- 
man edition, English edition (Benziger 
Bros., New York) ; Catholic Catechism 
for the middle classes of parochial and 
Sunday schools of the United States; 
Explanation of the Passion of Jesus 

Christ, first edition, 1889; second edition, 
1890; third edition, 1900; fourth edi- 
tion, 1907 (Herder, Freiburg) ; English 
translation, first edition, 1900; second 
edition, 1908; greatly improved with re- 
gard to the style by Mrs. Susan Tracy 
Otten of Pittsburg (Herder, St. Louis) ; 
Italian translation by the Rev. G. Pao- 
lini (1909), printed in Pescia by the 
publisher of the Civilta Cattolica (P. 
Brandi ) . It contains a recommendation 
from the papal private secretary, R. 
Bressan, saying that the Holy Father has 
kindly accepted the dedication of the 
translation by Pater Paolini, etc. A 
Hungarian and Polish edition is in prep- 
aration. Address: St. Ann's Church, 
371 Watson St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

GRONBERGER, S. M. (Sven Magnus) : 

Clerk in the library of the Smith- 
sonian Institution, Washington, D. C; 
b. August 19, 1866, at Soderkoping, 
Sweden; s. of Rudolph Erhard and 
Andrietta Charlotta Forssner Gronber- 
ger; ed. in Elementary School, Soder- 
koping, 1875-77, continuing studies at 
the Elementary High School, Norrkop- 
ing, Sweden (1877-84); graduate, Nya 
Elementar-Laroverket (the New Col- 
lege), Stockholm, December, 1884. Came 
to the United States in 1886, and lived 
in Brooklyn, N. Y., from 1886 to 1907, 
during the greater part of which time 
he was connected with the law office of 
S. T. Maddox (Justice of the New York 
Supreme Court since 1897), with his 
successors, the law firm of Wills & Far- 
rell, and during 1900-07, with Mr. 
Thomas F. Farrell and Charles Y. Van 
Doren. Received appointment as Clerk 
in the library of the Smithsonian In- 
stitution, March 15, 1907, and entered 
upon his duties as such, March 25, 1907. 





Conditionally baptized in the Catholic 
Church, November 17, 1892. Mr. Gron- 
berger is especially interested in zoology, 
languages ( ancient and modem ) , modern 
and classical history and literature, and 
anthropology. Residence: 1904 G St., 
N. W., Washington, D. C. 

6B.0SS, Francis A.: 

Banker; b. August 10, 1870, in Hen- 
nepin County, Minn.; s. of Matthias 
and Mary M. (Lenzen) Gross; ed. in 
public and parochial schools of Min- 
neapolis, and at St. John's University, 
Collegeville, Minn.; m., October 9, IS'93, 
to Ida Katherine Buerfening. Began 
business career in father's grocery store, 
and later was Hall Master of the Min- 
neapolis Work House; entered German- 
American Bank of Minneapolis, 1889, as 
messenger, and is now president of the 
bank. Member of Catholic Knights of 
America; Elks; and Royal Arcanum. 
Member of North Side Commercial Club. 
Office: German- American Bank Bldg. ; 
Residence: 1411 Fremont Ave., N., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

GTTERIN, Edmund: 

Jurist; b. December 25, 1858, at Mon- 
treal, Canada; ed. Montreal College 
(Sulpician), and McGill University (de- 
grees of B.A., 1878; B.C.L., 1881); has 
been twice married, first to Marie Evans, 
and then to Mary Catherine Sexton; 
Commissioner of Pilots' Court, 1901-07; 
Crown Prosecutor, District of Montreal, 
1905-07; has been Judge of the Superior 
Court of the Province of Quebec since 
January 7, 1907. Member of St. Pat- 
rick's Society, and the Knights of Co- 
lumbus. Clubs: St. James; University; 
Military Institute; St. George's Snow 
Shoe; Winchester. Address: Court 
House, Montreal, P. Q., Canada. 

GUERIN, Hon. James: 

B. 1856, in P. Q.; ed. at Montreal 
College, and for medicine at McGill Uni- 
versity (M.D.); LL.D., Laval, 1902; 
member of Quebec Provincial Parliament, 
1895-1900; member of Marchand Cab- 
inet, 1897-99; Professor of Clinics at 
Laval University, and Head Physician 
at the H6tel-Dieu, Montreal; member of 
the Quebec Legislature, and on the Coun- 
cil of Public Instruction; m. (1883) 
Mary, daughter of the Hon. James 
O'Brien, Canadian Senator. Address: 
H6tel-Dieu, Montreal, Canada. 

GTTERTIN, Rt. Rev. George Albert, 

Bishop of Manchester, N. H.; b. Feb- 
ruary 17, 1869, in Nashua, N. H.; s. of 
George and Louise (Lefebvre) Guertin; 
ed. St. Charles Borromeo College, Sher- 
brooke, Province of Quebec; St. Hya- 
cinthe College, St. Hyacinthe, P. Q.; and 
St. John's Seminary, Brighton, Mass.; 
ordained to the priesthood, 1892. As- 
sistant, St. Augustine's Church, Man- 
chester, N. H., 1892-96; Sacred Heart 
Church, Lebanon, N. H., 1896-1900. 
Pastor, St. Anthony's Church, Manches- 
ter, 1900-07; consecrated third Bishop 
of Manchester, March 19, 1907. Ad- 
dress: Manchester, N. H. 

GITICHETEATJ, Very Rev. Ferdinand, 
S.P.M. : 
Priest, astronomer; has made a special 
study of Egyptology and determined by 
astronomical data the time of building 
of the Egyptian pyramids to be 3324 
B. C, thereby correcting former calcu- 
lations which made the date 3300 B. C. ; 
has lectured on this subject. Address: 
120 West Twenty-fourth St., New 



GUILLET, Joseph Henri: 

Attorney-at-law J b. January 11, 1853, 
at Marieville, P. Q., Canada; ed. in 
common schools and at the College Ste. 
Marie de Monnoir, Marieville; m. Clara 
Chabot. Decorated by Pope Leo XIII, 
Knight Commander of the Order of St. 
Sylvester, April, 1888. Medal Bene 
Merenti by same Pope, September, 1893; 
Officier d'Acad6mie, France, July, 1900. 
Served in the regiment of pontifical 
Zouaves at Rome, 1870. President, So- 
ci6t6 Historique Franco-Am6ricaine, 
1899-1900, 1901-02, 1902-03; Treasurer, 
1908-09, 1909-10. Director, Board of 
Trade, Lowell, Mass. Member and past 
president St. Jean Baptiste Society of 
Lowell; Supreme Chief Forester, Order 
of French American Foresters, since 
March, 1906. Address: 11 Hildreth 
Bldg., Lowell, Mass. 

GUINEY, Louise Imogen: 

Author; b. January 7, 1861, at Bos- 
ton, Mass.; only child of General P. R. 
and Janet Margaret (Doyle) Guiney; ed. 
Blmhurst Academy, Providence, R. I., 
graduated, 1879; studied under private 
tutors. Miss Guiney has been in Oxford 
for the past two years engaged in re- 
search at the Bodleian Library for a 
new and elaborate edition of Henry 
Vaughan's poems, which she is preparing 
for the press. Author of The White 
Sail and Other Poems (Houghton, 
Mifflin & Co., Boston, 1887); Monsieur 
Henri, a Foot-Note to French History 
(Harper & Bros., New York, 1892); A 
Little English Gallery (Harper & Bros., 
New York, 1894) ; Patrins, a collection 
of Essays (Copeland & Day Co., Bos- 
ton, 1897) ; A Roadside Harp (Hough- 
ton, Mifflin & Co., Boston, 1893) ; Eng- 
land and Yesterday (London publisher. 

1898) ; The Martyr's Idyl and Shorter 
Poems (Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston, 
1899); Hurrell Froude — Memoranda 
and Comments (London publisher, 
1904) ; editor of James Clarence Man- 
gan. His Selected Poems, with Study by 
the Editor (John Lane, New York, 
1897) ; Editor, also, of the Matthew 
Arnold, in small Riverside Literature 
series; of Dr. T. W. Parsons' Transla- 
tion of Dante's Divina Commedia 
(Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston, 1893) ; 
of Henry Vaughan's Mount of Olives 
(London publisher, 1902) ; Thomas 
Stanley, His Original Lyrics, with In- 
troduction and Notes (1907). Some 
years ago she published a little volume 
of gypsy pieces called Patrins, which 
contains an essay that Mr. Clement 
Shorter, the biographer of Charlotte 
Bronte, says is one of the best in litera- 
ture. Her latest work is a volume of 
charming poems, Happy Ending (Hough- 
ton, Mifflin & Co., 1910). Address: 6 
Winchester Rd., Oxford, England. 

GULDNER, Rev. Benedict, S.J.: 

B. at Bous, near Saarlouis, in the 
Rhine Province of Prussia; studied Clas- 
sics at the Gymnasium of Trier; came 
to America in October, 1865; entered 
the Society of Jesus, May 25, 1866; 
made his novitiate at the Sault-au-Recol- 
let, near Montreal, Canada. Studied 
Philosophy at Woodstock, Md., 1874-75; 
Philosophy and Theology at Laval, 
France, 1875-1880; ordained priest there, 
September 19, 1878. Taught Classics 
and Rhetoric for ten years in various 
colleges of the Society of Jesus, in Can- 
ada and the United States; Philosophy 
in Georgetown University, 188'0-83, and 
again from 1904 to 1906; during the 
period between 1905 andi 1906, he also 



ired on Medical Ethics at the George- 
town Medical School; taught Philosophy 
at Fordham University, New York, 1906- 
07; at St. Joseph's College, Philadelphia, 
1907-08. Professor of Philosophy in the 
Woodstock Scholasticate from 1884-88, 
of Theology from 1888-90, and from 
1896 to 1902. Editor of The Woodstock 

■Letters, 1886-87, and contributor to the 
same magazine for many years, as well 
as to The Messenger and to the Balti- 
more Katholische Volkszeitung, — has 
written articles for The Catholic En- 
cyclopedia. Has given spiritual retreats 
to priests and seminarians, to students 
in colleges and convent schools, and par- 
ticularly to religious Communities of 
men and women, for a quarter of a cen- 
tury. Address: St. Joseph's College, 
Seventeenth and Stiles Sts., Philadelphia, 


Foimder and Managing Partner of the 

publishing house of B. Herder in St. 

^_ Louis, Mo., since 1873; b. May 31, 1844, 

F m Bonn-Kessenich (on the Rhine). 

Created Knight of St. Gregory, 1901. 

Address: St. Louis, Mo, 

GUNN, Eev, John Edward, S.M., D.D.: 

Educator; b. March 15, 1863, in 
County Tyrone, Ireland; ed. at St. 
Mary's College, Dunwalk, Ireland, the 
Catholic University, Dublin, and the 
Gregorian University, Rome, Italy (de- 
grees of D.D. and J.C.B). After a short 
experience on the London Mission, Fa- 
ther Gunn taught in colleges in France 
IV and in Ireland, and in 1892 he filled 
the Chair of Moral Theology at the 
Marist Seminary, Washington, D. C. In 
1898 he was sent to Atlanta, Ga., to 
start a new parish. He built a Church 
in 1898, a College for Boys in 1901, a 

School for Girls in 1909, and took an 
active part in all Catholic activities in 
Atlanta, Ga. The Marist College which 
he founded in 1901 is a flourishing mil- 
itary institution, which has a non-Cath- 
olic patronage of 65 per cent, of its 
strength. In addition to parish, school, 
and college work, Father Gunn has a 
Missionary charge, covering 7,500 square 
miles in North Georgia. Address: Cath- 
olic Church, Peachtree and Joy Sts., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

GUTRIDGE, Arthur William: 

Secretary, Associated Charities, St. 
Paul, Minn.; b. August 4, 1856, in On- 
tario, Canada; s. of Robert and Mary 
(Fox) Gutridge; ed. in country schools, 
high school, and collegiate institute and 
normal school, Ontario, After gradua- 
tion taught school in Perth and Lind- 
say, Ontario; went to North Dakota in 
1882, and from there to St. Paul in 
1886; taught school several years; pro- 
fessor of mathematics and physical sci- 
ence at College of St. Thomas, one year; 
edited newspaper one year; since 1895 
General Secretary (the executive officer ) 
of the Associated Charities. Formerly 
president of the County Teachers' As- 
sociation; for three terms president 
Catholic Total Abstinence Union of 
Archdiocese of St, Paul; president State 
Conference of Charities and Correction, 
1905; section chairman National Confer- 
ence of Charities and Correction, 1906. 
Member of Executive Committee Na- 
tional Conference of Charities and Cor- 
rection, 1909-11. Member State and 
National societies for the Prevention of 
Tuberculosis. Contributor to magazines 
on social questions. Club: St. Paul 
Commercial. Office: 609 Baltimore Blk., 
St, Paul, Minn.; Residence: White Bear 
Lake, Minn. 


HAAREN", John Henry: 

Educator, author; b. August 13, 1855, 
in New York City; father a German, 
mother Irish; m. Henrietta Elizabeth 
Martin, born in Marseilles, France, of 
American parents; ed. at public schools; 
St. Mary's and St. Boniface's, New York ; 
College of St. Francis Xavier (A.B. in 
1874; A.M.; LL.D. in 1901); studied 
psychology and principles and history of 
education under Professor N. M. But- 
ler at Columbia University, 1889-91; 
teacher for 6 years of highest class in 
School of the Immaculate Conception, 
New York, where he took second State 
certificate examination given and was 
one of seven who passed out of forty 
candidates; teacher for 3 years of New 
York City evening schools and over 5 
years of Grammar School 16, New York; 
Principal of Grammar School No. 61, 
Brooklyn, 14 months; Grammar School 
No. 10, 1887-98; Evening School No. 38, 
8 years; Associate Borough Superin- 
tendent, Brooklyn, with special supervi- 
sion of Training School for Teachers, 
1899-1901 ; vacation schools and play- 
grounds in 1901 ; District Superintend- 
ent, Manhattan, 1902-07; Associate Su- 
perintendent of Schools, New York, since 
1907; increased the number and effi- 
ciency of kindergartens; originated 
classes for the teaching of English to 
foreigners; was one of the first to recog- 
nize the value of departmental instruc- 
tion and commercial courses; established 
the extended study classes of the Brook- 

lyn Teachers' Association; has always 
insisted upon the study of educational 
history and principles from the point of 
view of Catholic teaching; was one of 
the founders, and later vice-president, of 
the Catholic Summer School at Lake 
Champlain; lecturer on pedagogy at St. 
Francis Xavier's, New York, St. Eliza- 
beth's, New Jersey, and at summer in- 
stitutes of religious teachers; President 
of Department of Pedagogy, Brooklyn 
Institute. Author of: Heath's Writing 
Books (Heath, 1893); Haaren's New 
Writing Books (Heath, 1906) ; Heath's 
Word & Sentence Book (Heath, 1902); 
Heath's Grade Speller (Heath, 1902); 
Golden Red Books (University Publish- 
ing Co., 1894) ; McBride First School 
Year & First Reader (1896). Co-editor 
of: Famous Men Series (American 
Book Co. ) ; The American Song Book ; 
also of papers, addresses and lectures on 
pedagogical and historical subjects. Haa 
contributed to Catholic Reading Circle 
Review, Education (New York), School 
Work, and Teacher's Monographs. Was 
sent to the Paris Exposition in 1900 as 
representative of New York Board of 
Education. President of Brooklyn 
Teachers' Association, Brooklyn Princi- 
pals Association, New York Schoolmas- 
ters' Club, and Roelantsen Club; mem- 
ber of New York State Teachers' Asso- 
ciation, Department of Pedagogy, Brook- 
lyn Institute, Brooklyn Alumni Sodal- 
ity. Clubs: Graduates; New York 
Schoolmasters; Roelantsen. Address: 




Eighty-sixth St. and Fort Hamilton 
Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

HAAS, Rev. Bernard, O.S.B.: 

Priest; b. June 12, 1866 j father was 
'a member of the Ninety-eighth Pennsyl- 
•vania Volunteers during the Civil War; 
•ed. at parochial schools of Erie, Pa.; St. 
(.Vincent's College, Beatty, Pa. Ordained 
(at St. Mary's, Belmont, N. C, December 
10, 1889. Professor of Music and Mathe- 
itics until 1895; Rector of St. Mary's 
^College, 1895-1902, when he was sent to 
Savannah to open a new Benedictine Col- 
lege; built church, house and college 
there. Made trip to Europe, visiting 
Rome, 1907. Address: Benedictine Col- 
lege, Savannah, Ga. 

HACKETT, Francis: 

B. in Ireland; ed. by the Jesuits of 
Clongowes Wood College, Kildare, Ire- 
land; now acting as Literary Editor of 
the Chicago Evening Post. Address: 
Care The Evening Post, Chicago, 111. 

HACKETT, James Hugh: 

Physician; b. March 18, 1865, in Mil- 
waukee, Wis.; s. of Edward and Bridget 
(Lannon) Hackett; family are charter 
members of St. John's Cathedral, Mil- 
waukee; m. Anna Marie Cbnroy, June 
20, 1900; ed. at Marquette University, 
1883; won entrance to the U. S. Mili- 
tary Academy at West Point in a pub- 
lic competitive examination; studied 
medicine in University of City of New 
York, 1890-94. House Surgeon at Belle- 
vue Hospital for two and one-half years; 
opened his present office November, 
1896. Assistant Health Commissioner 
and Medical Examiner for Police and 
Fire Departments, 1900 — ; Surgeon on 
Staff of St. Mary's Hospital, Milwau- 

kee; Medical Examiner for Knights of 
Columbus and Catholic Knights of Wis- 
consin; Member of the American Medi- 
cal Association, Milwaukee, and Brain- 
ard Medical Society. Dr. Hackett's 
wife, Anna Marie Conroy Hackett, be- 
longs to a pioneer family of Milwaukee 
which settled there in 1837; she is a 
member of the Sacred Heart Alumni 
Association, Milwaukee College Endow- 
ment Association, and of several Catho- 
lic aid societies. Address: 538 Park 
Place, Milwaukee, Wis. 

HACKNER, Rev. W.: 

B. at Forchheim, Germany, May 18, 
1852; has been in America since May 
24, 1874; ordained priest, June 24, 
1878, at St. Francis, Wis. A well 
known collaborator of the German 
Catholic press. Several of his writings 
were republished in pamphlet form; 
among them. An Open Letter to 
Henry George; Kampf um die Schule, 
etc. (St. Paul, Wanderer Press). Ad- 
dress: Bakerville, Wis. 

HAGERTY, James Edward: 

Educator; b. in La Porte County, 
Ind.; m. October 26, 1907, to Lucile 
Joyce; ed. at Indiana University (A.B. 
1892), University of Wisconsin, Uni- 
versity of Chicago and University of 
Pennsylvania (Ph.D. in 1900). Teacher 
of mathematics at La Porte High 
School, 1892-96; Honorary Fellow Uni- 
versity of Wisconsin, 1897-98; Fellow 
in Sociology, University of Pennsyl- 
vania, 1899-1900; Senior Fellow Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, 1900-01; As- 
sistant Professor Ohio State University, 
1901-03; Assistant Professor of eco- 
nomics and sociology and Head of the 
Department, 1903-04; Professor of eco- 



nomics and sociology, 1904 — . Identi- 
fied with charity organization and so- 
cial settlement work. Contributed to 
International Cyclopedia, Journal of 
Accountancy, American Journal of So- 
ciology and Annals of American Acad- 
emy. Member of Knights of Columbus, 
American Economic Association and 
American Sociological Society. Ad- 
dress: 94 Fifteenth Ave., Columbus, 

HAID, Rt. Rev. Leo, O.S.B., D.D.: 

Bishop and abbot; b. July 15, 1849, 
Latrobe, Pa.; joined Benedictine Order, 
1869; ordained priest, 1872. Chaplain 
and professor St. Vincent's Abbey, 1872- 
85; abbot Mary Help Abbey, July, 1885; 
blessed mitred abbot, November 26, 
1885; appointed, 1887, vicar apostolic 
of North Carolina, and titular bishop 
of Messene. Consecrated July 1, 1888. 
In September, 1910, Mary Help Abbey 
was made an Episcopal See by His 
Holiness, to mark its Silver Jubilee. 
Address: Mary Help Abbey, Belmont, 
N. C. 

HAINES, Helen: 

Author; b. in New York; d. of John 
Ladd Colby, M.D., of New York City; 
m. at Bethlehem, Pa., Charles Owens 
Haines, of Savannah, Ga., railroad 
builder and manager. Ed. at Wilson 
College, Chambersburg, Pa., and by 
study and travel abroad. Has contrib- 
uted short stories, Caper Sauce, The 
Crimson Rambler, The Turkey Gobbler, 
The Hoar Frost, etc., to the American 
Magazine and Scribner's Magazine 
(1906-08). Was received into the 
Church by the Paulist Fathers, 1889. 
Address: Raleigh, N. C. 

HAINNER, Hon. Edward D.: 

Lawyer; State Senator. Address: 
Attalla, Ala. 

HALEY, Edward Eugene: 

Physician and surgeon; b. January 
16, 1878, at Buffalo, N. Y.; s. of Ed- 
ward J. and Maria (McCarthy) Haley. 
Ed. at common school; high school; 
Immaculate Conception parochial school; 
and University of Buffalo. Contributes 
prose and poetry to D'Youville Maga- 
zine and to Catholic Union and Times. 
Member of Knights of Columbus and of 
Catholic Mutual Benefit Association. 
Address: 815 Niagara St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

HALL, Mrs. Theodora Wattson: 

D. of the late Rev. Joseph Wattson, 
of the Episcopal Church; sister of the 
Rev. Father Paul, S.A., editor of The 
Lamp, and himself recently a convert. 
Address: Cornwall-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

HALPIN, Rev. Patrick Albert: 

Educator; b. in Bagnalstown, County 
Carlow, Ireland, April 25, 1847; ed. in 
the public and Christian Brothers' 
schools, and at St. Francis Xavier's 
College, New York City; served as 
Vice-President of St. John's College, 
Fordham, N. Y., from 1881 to 1886, and 
Vice-President of St. Francis Xavier's 
College from 1890 to 1892; is now 
serving as Professor of Mental Philoso- 
phy, St. Angela's College, New Rochelle, 
N. Y.; contributor to The Messenger 
and the Homiletic Monthly; author of 
Precepts of Literature (Fordham, 
1877) ; Sermons on the Sacred Heart 
(Joseph Wagner, N. Y., 1902) ; Ser- 
mons on The Passion (Joseph Wagner, 
N. Y.) ; The Sunday School — 1st Series 




1904 and 2nd Series in 1905; Apolo- 
getica, 1905; A Young Woman's Prob- 
lems, 1905; Children's Retreats — 2nd 
edition, 1910; Christian Pedagogy, 
1909 (all published by Joseph Wagner, 
New York). Received degree of Ph.D. 
from Fordham University, 1910. Ad- 
dress: New Rochelle, N. Y. 


Author, editor; b. Kilkenny, Ireland, 
about 1850. In 1865 his father was 
sentenced to seven years in prison, for 
being the registered printer for the Dub- 
lin Irish People; (commemorated by a 
monument in Kilkenny;) m. Maria M. 
Kitson. Ed. National Model School; St. 
Kyran's College, Kilkenny. Author of 
The Irish in the American Revolution 
(P. J. Haltigan, Washington, 1908). 
Editor and publisher of the Celtic 
Monthly from 1879-1884; editor of the 
New York Sunday Citizen, 1873-77. Ad- 
dress: 15 Euclid Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

HALTIGAN, Patrick J.: 

Lawyer; b. August 4, 1862, in Kil- 
kenny, Ireland; his father was a Fen- 
ian patriot and was sentenced to penal 
servitude for seven years; ed. by the 
Christian Brothers in Ireland; George- 
town University and School of Law 
(LL.B., June 7, 1897); m. Mary E. 
Grady, September 1, 1892, is the father 
of nine children. Editor of The Na- 
tional Hibernian since 1901. Has trav- 
eled in the United States extensively as 
A. 0. H. lecturer. Compiled Haltigan's 
Pocket Manual of Ready Reference 
(Excelsior) ; published Irish in Amer- 
ican Revolution. Is a member of the 
American Irish Historical Society; Mt. 
St. Mary's College (honorary) ; Knights 
of Columbus; Ancient Order of Hibern- 

ians; Carroll Institute; Elks; St. Vin- 
cent De Paul Society. Address: 614 
Louisiana Ave., N. W., Washington, 
D. C. 

HALVEY, Margaret Mary (Brophy): 
Author, zoophilist editor; b. in 
Kilabban, Queens County, Ireland, in 
the early '60's; of Irish ancestry; her 
maternal ancestor, John Hovendon, 
came to Ireland with Henry II in 1192; 
maternal grandmother a niece of Cap- 
tain Furrell of Kildare; mother was 
one of the first Catholic Hovendons 
since the Reformation; paternal grand- 
father a convert; m. in 1884, Timothy 
Frederick Halvey, of Galway Catholic 
stock, tracing descent from the far- 
famed Grace O'Malky; founder of the 
first Gaelic School in New York, Phila- 
delphia, Chicago and Buffalo, and orig- 
inator of Robert Emmet Day (March 
4), Ed. at home by her mother. Ap- 
pointed to the Ladies Auxiliary Board 
of the World's Fair, 1892, where she 
alone, out of 113 members, represented 
Catholic woman's work, and was Secre- 
tary of the Social Science Committee; 
suggested as an exhibit in social sci- 
ence, the Philadelphia Working Man's 
Home, which Mayor Stuart of Philadel- 
phia described as an exhibit second in 
interest only to the Liberty Bell. In- 
troduced new Irish industries, particu- 
larly lace; was first woman Secretary 
of The Catholic Historical Society 
(American), Secretary and co-founder 
of its Woman's Auxiliary Board. Au- 
thor of poems and short stories (now 
being collected) ; of sketches of Arch- 
bishop Ryan and Sara Trainor Smith; 
had verses printed when 7 years old 
and first rhymes were published by 
Irish World, Boston Pilot and Star of 



New York; has contributed to Catholic 
World, American Catholic Historical 
Records, Ave Maria, Good Counsel, 
Messenger, Rosary, Catholic Home Jour- 
nal, Harp, and Irish Rosary, St. 
Michael's Almanac; helped to edit Sur- 
sum Corda, the organ of the St. Gabriel 
Confraternity; managing editor of Jour- 
nal of Zoophily; recording secretary of 
the American Anti- Vivisection Society; 
acting manager of Women's Penn. So- 
ciety for Prevention of Cruelty to Ani- 
mals; President of a Ladies' Land 
League Branch and poet laureate of the 
Land League cause; Secretary of Ladies' 
Aid Society for Widows and Orphans 
of Irish Nationalists. Address: 1739 
Diamond St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

HAMEL, Rt. Rev. Mgr. Thomas Etienne: 
Vicar-General of Quebec; Prothonotary 
Apostolic, 1887; on the staff of Quebec 
Seminary; Fellow of the Royal Society 
of Canada. 

HAMILL, Hon. James A.: 

Congressman; b. March 30, 1877, in 
Jersey City, N. J.; ed. at St. Peter's 
College, Jersey City, from which insti- 
tution he graduated in 1897, receiving 
the degree of B.A., and in the subse- 
quent year that of M.A. ; attended New 
York Law School, and in 1899 obtained 
degree of B.L.; admitted to the bar of 
New Jersey in June, 1900; elected in 
1902 a member of the New Jersey 
House of Assembly, where he served 
four consecutive one-year terms, during 
the last two of which he was leader, in 
that body, of the Democratic minority; 
was elected to the Sixtieth Congress, 
and has been reelected twice since, and 
has won a reputation in Washington 
for most conscientious attention to his 

duties as Congressman. Address: Jer- 
sey City, N. J. 

HAMILTON, Charles William: 

Banker; b. in Omaha, Neb., October 
9, 1859; descendant of John Hamilton, 
who lived in Charlestown, Mass., in 
1658; ed. in the public schools of 
Omaha, and at Georgetown University, 
Washington, D. C. (degree of B.S., 
1881) ; m. Maud Colton Note ware, who 
resided in Florence, Italy, for a num- 
ber of years. Was in Europe 1907-08; 
is a member of the Society of Colonial 
Wars, and Sons of the American Revo- 
lution, member of the Elks, and Knights 
of Columbus. Clubs: Omaha, Omaha 
Country, Commercial, Omaha Gun. 
Address: 1112 Park Ave., Omaha, Neb. 

HAMILTON, Stanislaus Murray: 

Archivist and historical writer; b. 
May 15, 1855, in Washington, D. C; s. 
of Edward Millard and Henrietta 
(Iitzpatrick) Hamilton; grandson of 
Dr. Walter Brooke, of Delabrooke 
Manor, St. Mary's County, Md. Ed. at 
Gonzaga College (Jesuit), Washington, 
D. C, and Sainte Barb€, Paris, France, 
1873-76. M. September 29, 1880, Kath- 
arine, d. of Rev, Mark L. Olds, clergy- 
man of the Church of England; grand- 
daughter of the Hon. Nathan Sargent 
(Oliver Oldschool), political writer, au- 
thor of Public Men and Events. Asso- 
ciated with records of Continental Con- 
gress and kindred historical records, 
1880-88; attached to Diplomatic Bu- 
reau, Dept. of State, 1900-09. Editor 
of Letters to Washington (Houghton, 
Mifflin & Co., 1898-1902, 5 vols.); 
Writings of James Monroe (G. P. Put- 
nams, 1898-1903; 7 vols.); Hamilton 
Facsimiles (N. Y. Public Opinion Co., 




1896) ; and others. Contributor to 
Century; Harper's; Virginia Historical 
Magazine, etc. Corresponding member 
Rhode Island Historical Society; mem- 
ber Virginia Historical Society. Died 
May 8, 1909. Address of Widow: 1700 
L St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

HAMILTON, Miss Stella M.: 

B. in Omaha; d. of Mr. and Mrs. 
Charles W. Hamilton. Ed. at Sacred 
Heart Academy, Omaha; Alumna of St. 
Mary's Academy, Notre Dame, Ind. 
Prominent in social work in Oma];ia. 
Active member of Christ Child Society. 
Address: Omaha, Neb. 

HAMMOND, Richard: 

B. January, 18'49, in Ireland; s. of 
William and IVIargaret (Butler) Ham- 
mond; m. Johanna Maher, d. of Michael 
Maher; has family of seven children. 
Now serving as President of The Lake 
Erie Engineering Works, and also of 
The Lake Erie Boiler Works. Member 
of Catholic Knights of America, Catho- 
lic Benevolent Legion, and Catholic Mu- 
tual Benefit Association. Address: 413 
Porter Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

HANDLY, Rev. John Marks White, 

Author; b. January 23, 1871, Win- 
chester, Tenn., of Colonial ancestry. Ed. 
at Dr. Dodd's Private School, 1878-8^5; 
Winchester Normal College; Vanderbilt 
University, 1885-87; Catholic Univer- 
sity of America (St. Thomas College). 
Was reporter and sub-editor on the 
Nashville American, 1887-90; private 
secretary to Mr. George W. Cable, 
Northampton, Mass., 1891-94. Re- 
ceived into the Church and novitiate 
of the Paulist Fathers, October, 1894; 

ordained priest, Washington, D. C, 
June, 1897; worked in parish, New 
York, 1899-1900; assisted in founda- 
tion of Paulist house. Hundred Oaks, 
Winchester, Tenn., 1900-02; San Fran- 
cisco parish, 1902-03; assisted in foun- 
dation of Chicago parish, 1903-04; San 
Francisco parish, 1904-06; Winchester 
parish, 1906-07. Has given missions in 
all States of the Union and in Alaska. 
Has contributed to the Century, Catho- 
lic World, Boys' Serials for Young 
Catholics. Member of the Knights of 
Columbus. Club: Kappa Alpha. Ad- 
dress: 415 W. Fifty-ninth St., New 
York City. 

HANIEY, Lawrence G.: 

Surgeon, lecturer, writer; b. at Derby, 
Conn.; s. of John and Elizabeth 
(Buggy) Hanley; his father a veteran 
of Company C, 1st Regular Connecticut 
Artillery; m. Agnes Walsh, whose an- 
cestors were pioneer Irish Catholic set- 
tlers of Connecticut. Ed. at Derby 
School; Niagara University; and Yale 
University; took post graduate courses 
in Berlin, Paris, and Vienna; has de- 
grees of A.B., M.D., A.M. (1887), 
Ph.D. (1895), LL.D. Surgeon at Sis- 
ter's Hospital, Emergency Hospital, 
Providence Retreat, Buffalo Academy of 
Medicine, St. Mary's Infant Asylum, 
Erie County Hospital, St. John's Infant 
Home, and first surgeon of Accident 
Ambulance in Buffalo; trustee of St. 
John's Protectory; was professor of ob- 
stetrics at Niagara University, and 
when its medical department was 
merged with the University of Buffalo, 
he was appointed to the faculty of the 
latter institution. Member of Knights 
of Columbus, Elks, American Medical 
Association, Erie County Medical Asso- 



ciation, and New York State Medical 
Association. Address: 428 Porter Ave., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

HANLON, William J.: 

Attorney-at-law ; b. in Brooklyn, N. 
Y., September 21, 1S81; ed. public and 
private schools, and St. Vincent's Col- 
lege, Los Angeles, Cal. ; also in the law 
department of California University 
from which he was graduated. He is 
the advocate of Los Angeles Council, 
Knights of Columbus; past district 
deputy grand president of the Young 
Men's Institute, and one of the leaders 
in its organization work; director of 
the County Republican League, and 
member of the State Assembly. Ad- 
dress: Los Angeles, Cal. 

HANNON, Joseph Edward: 

Lawyer; b. in San Jos6, Cal., April 
20, 1868; ed. in public school at Sa- 
vanna, Cal.; and St. Vincent's College, 
Los Angeles, Cal.; became a law stu- 
dent in the office of Geo. H. Smith, 
who later was appointed to the supreme 
court commission; in 1889, admitted to 
the bar; began the active practice of 
his profession in 1897 as a member of 
the firm of Smith, McNutt & Hannon, 
which was reorganized as McNutt and 
Hannon, when Mr. Smith retired to 
take up his official duties. Member 
of Los Angeles Council, Knights of Co- 
lumbus; the Young Men's Institute, and 
the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. 
Address: Los Angeles, Cal. 

HANSELMAN, Very Rev. Josepli F., 

Provincial; b. in Brooklyn, N. Y., 
October 28, 1856; his father, a native 
of Switzerland, came to America when 

19 years old, while his mother, a native 
of Treves, Prussia, emigrated at the 
age of 17; ed. in parochial schools, St. 
Vincent's College, Pa., St. Francis 
Xavier's College, New York (A.B. 
1877), and the Grand Seminary, Mont- 
real, Canada; studied philosophy at 
Woodstock, Md., 1881-84, and theology, 
1889-93. President of Holy Cross Col- 
lege, Worcester, Mass., 1901-06; Pro- 
vincial of the Jesuits of the Maryland- 
New York Province, from 1906 to date. 
Address: 30 West Sixteenth St., New 
York City. 

HARDENBERGH, William Adams: 

Leather and saddlery; b. March 9, 
1862, at Cleveland, Ohio; s. of P. R. L. 
and Charlotte E. (Adams) Harden- 
bergh; ed. at Brayton Preparatory 
School, Painesville, Ohio, and Univer- 
sity of Notre Dame, Ind. ; m. at St. 
Paul, Minn., November 11, 1886, to 
Ella G. Stone. Went to St. Paul, 
Minn., in 1877, and began business ca- 
reer in 1879 in the firm, of P. R. L. 
Hardenbergh & Co.; since its incorpo- 
ration, 1904, has been its president. 
Director Capitol National Bank. Mem- 
ber St. Paul Police Commission and 
Minnesota State Board of Equalization. 
President Wholesale Saddlery Associa- 
tion of the United States, 1896-98. 
Clubs: Minnesota; Town and Country; 
White Bear Yacht. Office: 235-239 
Eighth St.; Residence, 500 Summit Ave., 
St. Paul, Minn. 

HARDIN, Mrs. John Adair (Julia Car- 
B. in Carrollton, Greene County, 111.; 
ancestors prominent in early settlement 
of Illinois; m. John Adair Hardin, a 
s. of Doctor John Hardin of Louisville, 



Ky., who died in 1884; (both son and 
father were converts;) he was of Revo- 
lutionary ancestry, descendant of Col. 
John Hardin, who was killed by Indians 
in the territory of Ohio, where he had 
been sent by Washington with a flag of 
truce to the Indians; has one child, a 
Religious of the Sacred Heart Convent, 
St. Louis, Mo. Ed. at Sacred Heart 
Convent, St. Louis, Mo. Convert to the 
Church when 16%^ears of age. Address: 
3765 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo. 

HARDIN, Martin D.: 

Brigadier-General U. S. Army (re- 
tired), late Colonel 12th Reserves. B. 
June 26, 1837, at Jacksonville, 111.; 
great-grandson of General John Hardin 
of Kentucky, who commanded troops at 
Battle of Saratoga, and was present at 
capture of British Army under Bur- 
goyne, October, 1777; grandson of Gen- 
eral Martin D. Hardin of Kentucky, 
who served with honor in war of 1812; 
s. of General John J. Hardin of Illinois, 
who was killed, gallantly leading his 
regiment, at Buena Vista, Mexico. Ed. 
at West Point Military Academy, 
1854; graduated 1859; brevetted 2nd 
Lieutenant 3rd U. S. Artillery, July 1, 
1859; at Artillery School, Fortress 
Monroe, September, 1859-60. Made 
raid on Harper's Ferry, March, 1860; 
left St. Louis, Mo., May 3, 1860, hav- 
ing volunteered to try and cross from 
headwaters of the Missouri to head- 
waters of the Columbia River; 
reached Fort Vancouver, October, 1860; 
in command of Fort Umpqua, Oregon, 
1860 to October, 1861; 1st Lieutenant, 
Company H, 3rd Artillery at Camp 
Barry, Washington, D. C, May, 1861, 
to December, 1861; served with Mc- 

Calla's division, Pennsylvania Reserves, 
winter of 1861-62; Aid-de-camp to 
Colonel Hunt, Artillery Reserve, March- 
July, 1862; elected Lieut. Colonel 12th 
Pennsylvania Reserves, April 1, 1862. 
Present at Yorktown; joined Army of 
the Potomac at Chickahominy, June, 
1862; present in seven days' battles; 
promoted Colonel in his regiment and 
ordered by General McClellan to assume 
its command, July 8, 1862; present at 
General Pope's campaign; severely 
wounded in second battle of Bull Run; 
in command, Third Brigade, Pennsyl- 
vania Reserves, August, 1862-January, 
1863; Court Martial duty, Washing- 
ton, March, 1863-May, 1S63; in com- 
mand of his brigade Battle of Gettys- 
burg, at Falling Waters and in Rapidan 
Campaign, September-December, 1863; 
present at Rappahannock, November 7, 
1863; severely wounded by guerillas 
while guarding Orange & Alexandria 
Railroad, December, 1863, losing his 
left arm. On Court Martial and Mili- 
tary Commission, New York and Bos- 
ton, January-March, 1864; applied to 
rejoin regiment. May, 1864; present at 
Battles of Spottsylvania, Battle of 
North Anna, where he was again 
wounded; battle of Talopatomoy, Bat- 
tle of Bethesda Church (all in May, 
1864). Mustered out with regiment, 
June 15, 1864; promoted Brigadier- 
General, July 2, 1863. Assigned com- 
mand, defences of Washington, north of 
the Potomac; held the field against 
General Early's Army, July 10-12, 
1864; in command at Raleigh, N. C, 
August, 1865-January, 1866. Mus- 
tered out as Brigadier-General of Vol- 
unteers, January, 1866. On recruiting 
service and in Europe until retired as 



Brigadier-General, December 15, 1870. 
Read law in Chicago in oflSce of Scam- 
mon, McCogg & Fuller; admitted to the 
bar in 1871; practiced law in Chicago 
for twelve years; m. 1st, November 15, 
1864, Estelle, d. of Major James Gra- 
ham of San Francisco, she died August, 
1890; on October 24, 1892, General 
Hardin was married by Cardinal Gib- 
bons to Amelia, d. of W. F. McLaugh- 
lin of Chicago. Member for many years 
of the Chicago Literary Club; has writ- 
ten many magazine articles; author of 
History of Twelfth Regiment Pennsyl- 
vania Reserves; an accomplished horse- 
man, a good shot, an ardent and 
successful fisherman and excellent swim- 
mer, even after losing one arm. A de- 
vout Catholic, having entered the 
Church in 1864. Address: 1426 North 
State St., Chicago, 111. 

HAEDY, John C: 

Commercial Manager Northwestern 
Telephone C^.; b. in 1868, at St. Paul, 
Minn.; s. of Nicholas and Elizabeth 
(Shindler) Hardy; ed. in public schools 
and St. John's University, Oollegeville, 
Minn.; m. at St. Paul (1891), to 
Catherine Roche, EUgaged in the ice 
business with his father, and was sec- 
retary and treasurer of the St. Paul 
Ice Co. until 1908, when that company 
consolidated with the People's Ice Co., 
and he accepted his present position. A 
member »f the Minnesota National 
Guard for fifteen years, and Colonel of 
military staff of the late Governor 
Johnson; State senator for four years. 
Member of Knights of Columbus and 
Ancient Order of United Woodmen. Of- 
fice: Fifth and Cedar Sts.; Residence: 
1915 Laurel Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

HARKINS, Rt. Rev. Matthew, D.D.: 

Bishop of Providence, R. I.; b. on 
November 17, 1845, of Irish parentage; 
ed. at the Brimmer and Boston Latin 
schools; Holy Cross College, Boston, 
Mass.; English College, Douai; the 
Seminary of St. Sulpice, Paris; and at 
Rome, Italy, where he was oMained in 
1869. Returned to the United States 
and was appointed assistant at the 
Church of the Immaculate Conception, 
Salem, Mass., where he remained six 
years; rector of St. Malachi's Church, 
Arlington, Mass., 1876-84, and of St. 
James, Boston, 1884-87; consecrated 
Bishop of Providence, R. I., April 14, 
1887, by the Most Rev. Archbishop Wil- 
liams, of Boston. Address: 30 Fenner 
St., Providence, R. I. 

HARRINGTON, Thomas Francis: 

Physician; b. June 10, 1866, Lowell, 
Mass.; graduated from the Medical 
School, Harvard University, in 1888. 
Studied one year in Europe. Practiced 
in Lowell. Was chairman of the Board 
of Health there, reorganized it and 
brought it to an efficient, up to date 
state. Demonstrated that infant mor- 
tality in inland cities could be reduced 
by fresh air excursions. Originated the 
idea of having fire departments wet 
the streets of crowded tenement dis- 
tricts during hot weather. Pointed out 
the danger of typhoid fever in using 
water of the Merrimac River as a pub- 
lie supply and succeeded in obtaining 
a new supply for the city. Advocated 
the establishment of state health dis- 
tricts, a measure which state Legisla- 
ture adopted in 1907; suggested that 
the public be instructed regarding 
tuberculosis and that an anti-tubercu- 



losis association be formed to fight the 
white plague. Discoverer of the dilated 
pupil as an early sign of tuberculosis. 
Originated the Lowell Anti-Tuberculo- 
sis Society and the public exhibition of 
anti-tuberculosis work, which had- an 
attendance of 10,000 in five days. Or- 
ganized the medical branch of the Lowell 
Volunteer Aid Association during the 
Spanish-American War. Served as 
Secretary of the United States Pension 
Bureau of Lowell; president of the Har- 
vard Medical Alumni Association; sec- 
retary Associated District Committees of 
Massachusetts Medical Society for the 
Prevention and Control of Tuberculosis; 
president American Public Health De- 
fense League; Massachusetts Medical 
Society orator, 1908; member American 
Medical Association, Massachusetts 
Medical Society, National Association 
for the Relief and Control of Tubercu- 
losis, International Congress (1905) of 
Tuberculosis, Harvard Medical Alumni 
Ass'n, Massachusetts Association Boards 
of Health. Author of The History of 
the Harvard Medical School; Dr. 
Samuel Fuller, Mayflower, 1620, a 
Pioneer Physician; The Child and the 
Public School Curriculum; Medical 
Supervision, Versus Medical Inspection 
of Schools; and many articles on medi- 
cal, economic, educational, and social 
topics. Removed to Boston 1907. 
Served as director of the department of 
hygiene in public schools of Boston and 
director of physical training and ath- 
letics in the schools, receiving the lat- 
ter appointment September 5, 1907. One 
of the originators of the Boston School 
Playground Association, composed of 
school teachers; chosen president March 
27, 1909. Member of the Catholic 

Union. Residence: 310 Commonwealth 
Ave., Boston, Mass. 

HARRINGTON, Timothy Louis; 

Physician; b. 1867, Waupauca County, 
Wis., of Irish descent; m. May L. 
Bums, a convert; ed. Country Schools; 
Oshkosh State Normal School; Uni- 
versity of Wis., (B.S. 1890) ; University 
of Penn. (M.D. Ig95). Prof. Sciences, 
Catholic Normal School and Pio-Nono 
College, 1890-92. Was active in organ- 
izing St. Paul's University Chapel and 
Club House at Madison, Wis.; member 
of the Board of Directors. Made trip 
to Europe in 1908. Member of Ameri- 
can Medical Association; Wisconsin 
State Medical Society; Knights of Co- 
lumbus, Address: Milwaukee. Wis. 

HARRIS, Mrs. Joel Chandler: 

B. Esther La Rose, a native of 
Canada; is of French descent; m. Mr. 
Harris in 1873. 

HARRIS, Miriam Coles: 

Author; b. July 7, 1834, at Dosoris, 
L. I., New York; d. of Butler and Julia 
Anne (Weeks) Coles; granddaughter of 
General Nathaniel Coles and a direct 
descendant of the Rev. Francis Doughty, 
the first patron of Newtown and Flush- 
ing, and the first to preach in English 
on the island of Manhattan. Ed. at 
St. Mary's Hall, Burlington, N. J., and 
Mme. Canda's School, N. Y. City; m. 
1864, Sidney S. Harris; member for 
many years of the celebrated Little 
Church Around the Corner (Rev. Dr. 
Houghton), in New York, until she left 
there to become a Catholic, followed into 
the Church by her daughter, Natalie. 
Author of Rutledge (Houghton, Mifflin 



& Co., Boston,, 1860) j The Sutherlands 
(1862); St. Philip's; Frank Warring- 
ton; Richard Vandermarck ; A Per- 
fect Adonis; Happy-go-Lucky ; Miasy; 
Phoebe; An Utter Failure, 1892; A Chit 
of Sixteen and Other Stories; Round- 
Hearts; Louie's Last Term at St. 
Mary's (all published by Houghton, 
Mifflin & Co.,) ; Rosary for Lent (E. P. 
Dutton & Co., N. Y. ) ; Dear Feast of 
Lent (same publisher) ; A Corner of 
Spain (Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1898) ; 
The Tents of Wickedness (D. Appleton 
& Co., N. Y., 1907); etc. Address: 
Chateau de Silleron, Par Fontaine-le- 
Dun, Seine-Infgrieure, France. Also, 
Care Sidney Harris, Union Club, N. 

HARRIS, William laurel: 

Painter; b. February 18, 1870 in New 
York City; s. of Henry Earl and Julia 
Gillingham Harris; descendant of New 
England Colonial ancestors, who came 
to Boston in 1631. Ed. by private 
tutors and by traveling abroad; studied 
in the Ancien Acadfimie Carla Rossi, 
Aead6mie Julian, and for seven years 
in the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris; ob- 
tained first place in the Concours 
d' Atelier and was elected by his com- 
rades of the Atelier G§r6me to the po- 
sition of Massier; exhibited in the 
Salon des Champs-Elys§es ; pursued 
studies in church decoration among the 
cathedrals of France. Returned to 
America in 1896; his work was shown 
in various exhibitions, especially in the 
Annual Exhibition of the Architectural 
League of New York ; is now engaged in 
decorating the Church of the Paulist 
Fathers with a series of paintings em- 
blematic of the uniformity and con- 
tinuity of divine revelation, in pur- 

suance of the design of Father Hecker; 
has devoted his life to the study of 
mural painting. Elected a member of 
the Architectural League of New York, 
1898, on Executive Committee, 1900, 
first vice-president; director of the Mu- 
nicipal Art Society; delegate to the Fine 
Arts Federation; secretary of the 
National Society of Mural Painters; 
member of the Soci6t6 des Anciens de 
I'Acad^mie Julian, Contributor of spe- 
cialistic articles to the Craftsman, Col- 
lector and Art Critic, and Christian Art. 
Lecturer upon art before gatherings of 
the clergy, in ecclesiastical seminaries 
and colleges, as well as in artistic 
circles. Traveled extensively in Europe 
and has visited Egypt and the Holy 
Land; his journey to Palestine was un- 
dertaken partly to familiarize himself 
with oriental scenery and costumes to * 
be represented in his paintings of the 
life of Christ in the Paulist Church. 
Clubs: MacDowell; National Arts; 
Catholic Club of New York. Address: 
Studio at 423 W. Fifty-ninth St., New 
York; Summer address. Saint Mary's, 
Lake George, N. Y. 

HARRIS, Rev. William Richard: 

Author; b. March 10, 1847, at City of 
Cork, Ireland. Ed. by the Christian 
Brothers; St. Michael's College, Toronto, 
for classics; St. Ann's College for French 
and Philosophy; and Propaganda Uni- 
versity for theology, etc. Ordained 
priest in Rome, June 11, 187Q by Cardi- 
nal Patrizzi; received D.D. same year; 
LL.D. November 12, 1896 from Ottawa 
University, Canada. Author of: Early 
Missions in Western Canada (Hunter, 
Rose & Co., Toronto, 1893), The Catho- 
lic Church in Ontario, Canada (Briggs 
Pub. Co., Toronto, 1895), Days and 




Nights in the Tropics (Morang Pub. Co., 
Toronto, 1905), By Path and Trail 
(Chicago Newspaper Union, 190S), The 
Catholic Church in Utah ( Intermountain 
Catliolic Press, Salt Lake City, 1909). 
Now Editor of the Intermountain Catho- 
lic, Salt Lake City. Has contributed to 
many magazines and to the Canadian 
Encyclopedia. Toured Europe, West 
Indies, Azores, Mexico, Yucatan, Central 
America, British Guiana, parts of South 
America and Lower California. Ad- 
dress: Salt Lake City, Utah, 

HARRISON, Mrs. Carter H. (Edith Og- 
D. of Robert N. Ogden; m. in New 
Orleans, December 14, 1887, Carter Henry 
Harrison, who was mayor of Chicago, 
1897-1905 (elected mayor April 1897, 
1899, 1901, 1903, 4 two year terms), 
son of Carter Harrison (five times Mayor 
of Chicago, who was assassinated Oc- 
tober 28, 1893 ) . Carter Henry Harrison 
attended the Chicago public schools and 
the gynmasium at Altenburg, Germany; 
graduated from St. Ignatius College, 
Chicago, 1881 (LL.D., 1900) ; graduated 
from Yale Law School, 1883; practiced 
law, 1883-89; in real estate business, 
1891-94. Mrs. Harrison is the author of 
Prince Silverwings and other fairy tales 
(1902); The Star Fairies and other 
fairy tales ( 1903 ) ; The Moon Princess, 
a fairy tale (illustrated in color and 
other drawings by Lucy Fitch Perkins), 
1905; The Flaming Sword, and other 
legends of Earth and Sky, 1908; The 
Mocking Bird — Sunrise and Sunset 
(Half-title: Biblical stories re- told for 
children), 1909; Ladder of Moonlight — 
Cbtton Myth (1909); Polar Star — 
Aurora Borealis ( 1909 ) ; Princess Say- 
rene (1910) ; all published by A. C. Mc- 

Clurg & Co., Chicago. Address: 607 
Rush St., Chicago, 111. 

HARRITY, William F.: 

Lawyer; b. October 19, 1850, in Wil- 
mington, Del.; m. Rose M. Devlin, 1883; 
has four children; ed. at public schools; 
Clarkson Taylor's Academy and St. 
Mary's College, Wilmington, Del.; La 
Salle College, Philadelphia, 1870 (M.A. 
1871); LL.D. from St. Joseph's College, 
Philadelphia, 1902; same from Christian 
Brothers College, St. Louis, Mo., 1904. 
Taught mathematics, Latin, etc. in La 
Salle College, 1870-71; admitted to 
Philadelphia Bar 1873; now practices 
law in Philadelphia, firm of Harrity, 
Thompson & Haig; Chairman Democratic 
City Executive Committee of Philadel- 
phia, 1882; delegate-at-large to Demo- 
cratic National Convention, 18'84; Post- 
master of Philadelphia, 1885-89; chair- 
man Democratic State Central Commit- 
tee of Pa., 1890; Secretary of State of 
Pa., 1891-95; chairman of Democratic 
National Committee in 1892-96; offered 
position in President Cleveland's Cabi- 
net, but declined; delegate-at-large to 
Democratic National Convention, 1896; 
chairman Pa. delegation to Democratic 
National Convention of 1896, and Tem- 
porary chairman of that convention; re- 
ceived 21 votes for Vice-President. Di- 
rector of the Equitable Trust Co., Phila- 
delphia; Franklin National Bank; Mar- 
ket Street National Bank; Phila- 
delphia Electric Co.; American Rail- 
way Co.; Distilling Company of Ameri- 
ca; The Kansas City Southern Rail- 
way Co.; Lehigh Valley Transit Co.; 
Chicago Union Traction Co.; Mid- 
land Valley Railroad Co.; Mutual Life 
Insurance Co., of New York; and other 
business corporations. Member of the 



Board of Public Education; Philadelphia 
Board of Trade; American Academy of 
Political and Social Science; Franklin 
Institute; American Catholic Historical 
Society; Historical Society of Pennsyl- 
vania; National Geographic Society; 
American Bar Association; Law Associa- 
tion of Philadelphia; Catholic Philopa- 
trian Literary Institute; Pennsylvania 
Society of New York; Sons of Delaware; 
Hibernian Society. Clubs: Lawyers'; 
Art; Penn; Orpheus; Racquet; Merion 
Cricket; Overbrook; Philadelphia 

Country; Overbrook Golf; Catholic; 
Five O'clock; and other social organiza- 
tions. Address: 6310 Sherwood Road, 
Overbrook, Philadelphia, Pa. 

HARSON, M. Joseph: 

Merchant; b. in New York City; m. 
Marianna F. Kelly, graduate of Sacred 
Heart Academy, Elmhurst, R. I. Ed. at 
Brown University, Providence, R. I. (A. 
B. in 1884). A prominent merchant in 
Providence, R. I., for many years; since 
1908 engaged in real estate business in 
New York City. Has taken an active 
part at conventions of the Catholic 
Young Men's National Union for a 
number of years; inaugurated the liter- 
ary feature at Catholic conventions by 
delivering the first prepared address ever 
read, at the convention in Brooklyn, 
1883; a suggestion in the essay led to 
the establishment of Communion Sunday 
(annually observed on the Sunday with- 
in the octave of the feast of the Immacu- 
late Conception) which received the ap- 
proval of the Third Plenary Council at 
Baltimore in 1884, and later was in- 
dulgenced by Pope Leo XIII. Organized 
in 1885 the movement to erect a monu- 
ment to Orestes A. Brownson, writer and 
philosopher, and after years of work has 

won success; the monument was dedi- 
cated in New York City on October 12, 
1910; was one of the organizers of the 
Catholic Congress held at Baltimore, 
Md., November 11th and 12th, 1889, and 
drew up plan under which it was con- 
ducted; elected to membership on the 
committee to arrange for future con- 
gresses, and on its organization was 
elected Secretary; organized the Phi 
Kappa College Fraternity at Brown 
University in 1896, to be composed of 
Catholic students with the purpose of 
bringing together Catholic college men 
and to aim to establish chapters in all 
higher institutions of learning at which 
Catholic men attend. Prepared The 
Juvenile Court Law, which was first 
enacted in Rhode Island in 1897, and 
secured its adoption by the Legislature. 
An authority on the so-called Torrens 
System of Land Titles, and it was by 
his presentation of the subject in 1906 
and 1907, by public addresses and writ- 
ten articles, that the New York Board 
of Real Estate Brokers was led to take 
it up, resulting in the enactment of the 
Land Title Registration Law, which 
went into effect February 1, 1909. In 
1908 and 1909 was invited by the Pub- 
lic Lecture Bureau of the Board of 
Education to deliver a series of lectures 
on Land Title Registration. Several ar- 
ticles contributed by him to The Boston 
Pilot in 1890 on The Negro Problem, 
attracted attention; they suggested the 
organization of a society of Catholic lay- 
men patterned after the St. Vincent de 
Paul Society, for the purpose of car- 
rying on local work among the colored 
people and to maintain Industrial 
Schools for colored people in the South; 
the movement was strongly favored by 
John Boyle O'Reilly, whose sudden death 




a few months later deprived the pro- 
posed movement of a strong support. 
Contributed to Catholic press for past 
30 years on matter particularly relating 
to young men's societies and the lay 
apostolate. Mr. Harson believes that 
as the most potent constructive in- 
fluences in the past were, ( 1 ) the princi- 
ple of obedience, and (2) the found- 
ing of religious communities; so, in 
the future, the potent constructive in- 
fluences will be, (1) the principle of 
co-operation, more especially between 
priest and people, and (2) an intelligent 
development of social life in connection 
with all Church interests. Address: 
Times Building, Times Square, New 
York City. 

HART, Mrs. Alfaretta (Poorman) : 

Writer; b. at St. Clairsville, Ohio, 
December 17, 1860; d. of Colonel C. 
L. Poorman by his wife Martha Eb- 
bert; wife of Thomas Francis Hart, 
President of the Inter-State Automobile 
Co., of Muncie, Ind. Her paternal 
ancestors were of German descent and 
lived for several generations in Penn- 
sylvania near Philadelphia, while on the 
maternal side she comes of a family 
which lived several generations in Mary- 
land. Her ancestors on both sides had 
literary tendencies. Her father was the 
author of a book entitled Conflict of the 
Ages, while an aunt, Elizabeth J. French, 
a graduate physician and lecturer of note 
in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, 
was the author of a book entitled A 
New Path in Electrical Therapeutics. 
Her uncle, Jeremiah Ebbert, wrote several 
books of verse. Of Revolutionary descent, 
eligible to membership in the D. A. R. 
Her father was Colonel of the 98th Ohio 
Vol. Infantry, was educated at Cincin- 

nati Law School, and served as Secre- 
tary of the State of Ohio under Gov- 
ernor William McKinley. Ed. St. Clairs- 
ville, Ohio, and Bellaire, Ohio, finishing 
at the High School and later at the 
Cameron (private) School. Author of 
a book of travels, now being published 
in serial form in The Parish Monthly 
of Muncie, Ind.; has also contributed 
letters of travel to the local papers. 
Has traveled extensively in the United 
States, Canada, the British Isles, and 
in Europe proper. Is a convert from the 
Methodist Episcopal Church, and be- 
came a Catholic in 1887. Address: 621 
East Charles St., Muncie, Ind. 

HART, Thomas Patrick: 

Proprietor and Editor of The Catho- 
lic Telegraph, the oldest Catholic news- 
paper in the United States. B. Septem- 
ber 7, 1862, in Cincinnati, Ohio; s. of 
Thomas and Bridget Hart, natives of 
Ireland; ed. at St. Xavier's Parochial 
School and St. Xavier's College (A.B. 
1886; A.M. 1890; Ph.D. post periculo 
facto 1891) ; graduated in medicine from 
Medical College of Ohio in March 1887, 
delivering the Class oration; practiced 
medicine until he assumed editorial 
management of The Catholic Telegraph, 
1898. Delegate from St. Xavier's Col- 
lege to First Catholic Congress, Balti- 
more, 1889; delegate to Second Catholic 
Congress, held in Chicago during the 
World's Fair. Member of the Board of 
Directors, Columbia Catholic Summer 
School, at the sessions of which he has 
delivered several addresses. M. Miss 
Byrne, daughter of James Byrne, of Ire- 
land. President of the Duckworth Club. 
Dr. Hart has used his voice and pen for 
the betterment of social and political 
conditions, and has always taken a 



prominent part in Irish affairs. Ad- 
dress: The Catholic Telegraph, Cincin- 
nati, Ohio. 

HARTE, Bret: 

Only surviving son of the late Bret 
Harte, recently received into the Church 
at Rome by Rev. Dr. Hagan, Vice Rector 
of the Irish College. 


Educator ; Insurance Commissioner ; 
b. April 28, 1865 at Ticonderoga, N. 
\.; 8. of Patrick W. and Bridget 
(Quigg) Hartigan; m. Elizabeth J. 
Northrup, June 26, 1894, at St. Paul. 
Ed. in public schools of Shoreham, Vt.; 
Newton Academy, Shoreham, Vt. ; Mont- 
real College, Canada. Principal of high 
schools, Winooski, Vt., 1884-90; pro- 
fessor of higher mathematics at College 
of St. Thomas and at St. Paul Semi- 
nary, 1890-95; appointed actuary in 
State Insurance Department of Minne- 
sota in 1905, and State Insurance Com- 
missioner in 1907, which office he now 
holds. Member of Knights of Colum- 
bus and Royal Arcanum. Club: Catholic 
aub of New York City. Address: 2049 
Carroll St., St. Paul, Minn. 

HARTLEY, Rt. Rev. James J., D.D.: 

Bishop of the diocese of Columbus; 
consecrated February 25, 1904. Resi- 
dence: 198i East Broad St., Columbus, 

HARTLIEB, Rev. Francis: 

Prelate of the Domestic Hot^ehold of 
His Holiness Pius X. B. at Rodigsdorf, 
Duchy of Saxe- Weimar; studied at 
Fulda, Hesse-Nassau; at the Petit S6mi- 
naire, St. Trond, Belgium; and at the 
American College, Louvain; was or- 

dained to the priesthood for the Arch- 
diocese of Oregon City, Ore. March 
13, 1880; entered upon his missionary 
duties in the Fall of the same year at 
Gervais; went thence to Island City, 
where he had a mission of six thousand 
square miles to attend; in 1883 was 
sent to the still larger mission of Boise 
City, Idaho, and became rector of Gene- 
see and Moscow, same State, in 1889. 
Nine years later he joined the Diocese 
of Winona, where he was successively 
pastor at Ellsworth and at Conception, 
and chaplain of the Sisters of St. 
Francis, Rochester, Minn. He was 
raised to the prelatial dignity on Febru- 
ary 11, 1909. In the course of the sum- 
mer of the same year, Monsignor Hart- 
lieb made arrangements for the founda- 
tion at the American College, Louvain, 
of three sholai-ships in favor of the 
American dioceses of Winona, Baker 
City, and Boise City. Address: WSrth 
Strasse, 39, Weimar, Saxe-Weimar, Ger- 

HARTY, Most Rev. Jeremiah J., D.D.: 
Archbishop of Manila; b. 1853, in St. 
Louis, Mo.; ed. at St. Louis University 
and St. Vincent's College, Cape Girar- 
deau, Missouri; ordained priest, 1878; 
was . assistant pastor of St. Lawrence 
O'Toole's, and of St. Bridget's, St. 
Louis; organized parish of St. Leo, same 
city. Appointed, August 15, 1908, 
Archbishop of Manila, Philippine Is- 

HARTY, Hon. William: 

B. of Irish parents in the Tp. of 
Biddulph, Middlesex County, Ont., March 
8, 1847. Ed. at the Christian Brothers 
School and Regiopolis College, Kingston. 
Admitted as junior member of firm of 



James Harty of Kingston, 1868. Pres. 
of the Board of Trade, 1873; delegate 
to the Dominion Board of Trade at St. 
John, N. B., 1874; Dir. of the K. & P. 
Ry., and Man. Dir. of the Canadian Ixv 
comotive and Engine Works from 1881 
to 1887; General manager in Canada of 
the Equitable Life Ass. Co., of New 
York. Is one of the trustees of that 
Co., in Canada at present. Director of 
the Imperial Life Assurance Co.; mem- 
ber of the Council, Eastern Ontario Lib. 
Assn. ; Elected to Legislature for Kings- 
ton, February 3, 1892, in a bye-election, 
and at ensuing g.e. was defeated by Dr. 
Smythe, Q.C. On protest, seat again de- 
clared vacant, and at subsequent bye- 
election Mr. Harty was returned. Ap- 
pointed Commissioner of Public Works 
in the Mowat and Hardy Admn., May 
30, 1894, and re-elected for Kingston. 
Again elected at g.e., 1898. Pur- 
chased Locomotive Works, Kingston, 
November 1900, and organized present 
Co., of which he has been President since 
its inception. Elected to House of Com- 
mons at bye-election, January 15, 1902; 
re-elected at g.e., 1904. Appointed Sena- 
tor, Toronto University 1892. Appointed 
a Trustee of Queen's University, 1907. 
M., 1870, to Catherine Mary, d. of the 
late James Birmingham, Ottawa (she 
died, 1889). Address: Kingston, On- 
tario, Can. 

HARVEY, Rev. Francis Marion: 

Professor of Belles Lettres at St. 
Patrick's Seminary, Menlo Park, Cal. B. 
October 1, 1870, in Boston, Mass.; pur- 
sued his studies for the priesthood partly 
at St. Charles' College, Ellicott City, 
Md.; St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, 
Md. ; and St. Patrick's Seminary, Menlo 
Park, Cal.; ordained in 1900. Known 

as a pulpit orator, a lecturer, and a 
Shakespearean reader. Has in prepara- 
tion a series of studies on some of the 
plays of Shakespeare. Address: St. Pat- 
rick's Seminary, Menlo Park, Cal. 

HARVEY, Jolm Downey: 

B. April 17, 1860, at Los Angeles, Cal. 
M. Sophie G. Cutler, a convert. Ed. 
at Georgetown; Santa Clara College; 
St. Ignatius College, San Francisco 
(S.B. 1881; LL.D. 1905). President, 
Ocean Shore Railway Co., of which he 
was the builder. Member of the Pacific- 
Union. Clubs: Bohemian, University, 
San Francisco; Metropolitan; New 
York. Address: 52 Eleventh St., San 
Francisco, Cal. 

HASSETT, Rev. Maurice M.: 

B. November 15, 1869, County Tip- 
perary, Ireland; ed. in National Schools, 
Ireland, and subsequently studied the 
classics in a private classical school at 
Killaloe, Ireland; came to Canada in 
1889 where he completed his college 
course at Ottawa University, 1892; en- 
tered Mt. St. Mary's Seminary, Emmits- 
burg, Md., September 1892, where for the 
next three years he pursued theological 
studies. In October, 1895, registered at 
The Catholic University of America, as 
a postgraduate student in Church His- 
tory and Canon Law, and after two years 
received the degree of licentiate in the- 
ology ( S.T.L. ) . Appointed Rector of the 
Cathedral, Harrisburg, Pa., April 1899, 
and four years later (February 1903) 
was elected to a fellowship in the his- 
torical department of the Catholic Uni- 
versity of America. Proceeded to Rome, 
March 1903, where he received the degree 
of D.D. and returned to Washington, D. 
C. in October of the same year. Gave 



lectures in Christian Archaeology and 
mediaeval Church history in the Catholic 
University the next two years, and re- 
turned to Harrisburg, April, 1905, to as- 
sist ini the completion of the cathedral 
then in course of erection. Received the 
honorary degree of LL.D. from Mt. St. 
Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Md., Oc- 
tober, 1908. Contributor of articles on 
Christian Archaeology to the Catholic 
Encylopedia, and of Church history to 
The Catholic University Bulletin and 
American Catholic Quarterly Review. 
Procurator Fiscalis of the diocese of 
Harrisburg, also one of the members of 
the Bishop's council, as well as of the 
examining board and of the Council of 
Vigilance, de Modernistarum doctrinis. 
Created Domestic Prelate, October, 1909, 
and Vicar General of diocese, February, 
1910. Is a Knight of Columbus. Ad- 
dress: Harrisburg, Pa. 

HAWLEY, Jess: 

Attorney-at-law ; member firm of Haw- 
ley, Puckett & Hawley. B. June 18, 
1882, at Quartzburg, Idaho; s. of James 
H. and Mary E. (Bullock) Hawley; de- 
scendant of the Carrs, officers in the 
Revolutionary Army. Ed. in grammar 
and high schools of Boise, Idaho, and Co- 
lumbia University, Washington, D. C, 
(LL.B., 1903), since which time he has 
engaged in the active practice of law. 
Organized Knights of Columbus in 
Idaho; served as first Territorial and 
first State Deputy of the Order, for that 
state. As President of Ada County Bar 
Association, has taken active part in se- 
curing reform and modification of Idaho 
divorce laws, directed against the laxity 
thereof. Contributed article on Idaho 
to the Catholic Encyclopedia. Member 
of Knights of Columbus; Elks; Kappa 

Sigma Fraternity; Pan-Hellenic Associ- 
ation. Club: Commercial. Address: 
Boise, Idaho. 

HAWXHURST, Mr^. Marie (Raynaud): 
Author; b. in New Orleans; one of a 
family of 18 children, 14 of whom 
reached mature age; father traces his 
family back to 1000, to Reynaud (or 
Rainaud), professor in religious and 
civil law at Angers, and disciple of 
Cuthbert, Archbishop of Chartres; in 
16th century the Reynauds settled in 
Nimes; Father Reynaud, oratorian, and 
Berquin, French writer, were of this 
family; M. Arthur Hawxhurst, of Eng- 
lish ancestry, one of a family of 10 
children; the name means Hawkwood; 
his ancestor, Christopher Hawxhurst, 
came to Salem and Ipswich, Mass., 1630. 
Ed. at Mile. Tardivelle's, N". Y. City; 
Sacred Heart, Manhattanville ; and at 
Sisters of Charity Order of Mother Se- 
ton at Mount St. Vincent on the Hud- 
son; took the silver Seton Medal for 
literature at graduation 1877; her sis- 
ter, who became a Religious, took the 
gold medal. Is mother of four boys. 
Author, under the nom de plume March, 
of a booklet of two stories, A Christ- 
mas Story and A Summer Outing 
(Hollister Brothers, 1902). Has contrib- 
uted to newspapers and written club 
papers and poetry. Is a member of The 
Catholic Writers Guild and Sacred 
Heart Alumnae. Clubs: Woman's Club, 
Evanston; EVanston Country Club and 
Golf Club. Address: 1315 Church St., 
Evanston, 111. 

HAYDEN, Mrs. Sarah G. (Carroll): 

B. October 2, 1844 at Boston, Mass.; 
m. Patrick Hayden, August 17, 1869, 
for many years an art dealer of Boston, 




and Supt. of Home for Destitute Catho- 
lic Children. Ed. at Academy of Notre 
Dame, Boston, 1863. Music Teacher and 
Organist of St. Joseph's Church, West 
End, Boston, 1862-69; has formed and 
governed in her home a High School 
Girls' Club, for promotion of Catholic 
literature and doctrine, and the Holy 
Child Chapter of League of Little De- 
fenders of the Holy Name (for boys), 
connected with the Sacred Heart Review. 
Contributed to Sacred Heart Review 
(Our future men and women section) 
for 10 years. Member of Alumnae of 
Notre Dame Academy and Children of 
Mary, Roxbury, Academy. Address: 8 
Thwing St., Roxbury, Mass. 

HAYES, John W.: 

General Master Workman, Knights of 
Labor; b. December 26, 1854, in Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; s. of Edward and Mary 
( Galbreath ) Hayes ; entirely self taught ; 
m. July 1882, Nellie A. Carlin. General 
Secretary and Treasurer, Knights of 
Labor, 1888-1902; General Master Work- 
man und Editor Journal of the Knights 
of Labor, 1902 to date. Has traveled 
all over the United States and Canada, 
through Ireland, England and France. 
Address: 43 B. St., N. W., Washington, 
D. C. 

HAYES, Rt. Rev. Mgr. Patrick Joseph: 

B. November 20, 1867, in New York 
City, N. Y.; ed. in public and Catholic 
schools, St. Joseph's Seminary, Troy, 
N. Y.; Manhattan College, New York 
City; and Catholic University of 
America, Washington, D. C; received 
degrees of A.B. 1888; A.M. 1894; S.T.D. 
1904. Secretary of Archbishop Farley, 
1902; Chancellor of New York, 1903; 
President of Cathedral College, 1903 to 

date. Address: 452 Madison Ave., New 
York City. 

HAYWARD, Rev. Wm. Leete Longinns: 
B. March 15, 1870 at Morley, St. 
Lawrence County, New York; descendant 
of William Leete, first Governor of the 
New Haven Colony; paternal forefathers 
were among the first settlers of Dux- 
bury, Mass., before 1638; of Guilford, 
Conn., in 1639 and of Bridgewater, 
Mass., in 1646; ed. at public schools and 
Howe Grammar School, Lima, (now 
Howe), Indiana, and Nashotah Semi- 
nary, (P.E.) Nashotah, Wis. Teacher 
at Racine College Grammar School, 
1893-94; Assistant at St. Elisabeth's 
Protestant Episcopal Church, Philadel- 
phia, Pa., 1894-1908. Convert to the 
Church May 27, 1908. Received Minor 
Orders, 1910. Address: St. Charles 
Seminary, Overbrooke, Pa. 

HEAGAN, Very Rev. Matthew Leo, 

Provincial of the Province of St. 
Joseph. B. October 14, 1871, in New 
York; ed. New York Public schools, and 
at Louvain, Belgium (S.T.D., 1897). 
Entered Dominican Order, 1888. Taught 
Philosophy, Dominican House of Studies, 
California, for four years (1899-1903); 
elected Prior, Dominican House of 
Studies, Catholic University, Washing- 
ton, D. C, 1908; elected Provincial of 
the Province of St. Joseph, to succeed 
Very Rev. Father Kearny, O.P., on No- 
vember 25, 1909. Address: Dominican 
College, 487 Michigan Ave., N.E., Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

HEALY, Michael J.: 

B. November 3, 1859 at Buffalo, New 
York.; s. of Martin and Mary (Walsh) 



Healy; m. Elizabeth Warner. Ed. at 
St. Joseph's College. Commissioner of 
public works of Buffalo, 1897-1901, 
comprising Bureau of Streets, Water, 
Building and Engineering; on Board of 
Directors of Irish American Savings and 
Loan Association. Member of Knights 
of Columbus and St. Joseph's Alumnae. 
Address: 215 Bird Ave., Buffalo, N. 

HEARN, Rev. David William, S.J.: 

B. November 21, 1861, at Boston, 
Mass.; ed. Boston College; Houses of 
Study of the Society of Jesus in America 
and Europe. Has been Vice-President of 
Boston College, Boston, Mass., also St. 
Francis Xavier, New York City; Pres. 
St. Francis Xavier, 1900-07. Now 
Principal of Loyola School, a select Pre- 
paratory School, and Rector of the 
Church of St. Ignatius, Loyola. Ad- 
dress: 980 Park Ave., New York City, 
N. Y. 

HEDGES, Rev. Samuel Colahan Bernard: 
Educator, author; b. November 7, 1854 
at Cireleville, Ohio; ancestry of Virgin- 
ian and Maryland stock. Ed. at Everts 
High School, Cireleville, Ohio; and 
Seton Hall College, South Orange, N. J. 
(A.M.). Professor of Etnglish, Seton 
Hall College; Pastor of St. Stephen's 
Church, Arlington, N. J. Author of 
Education in the Philippines (1892) 
and Father Marquette ( 1893 ) ; has con- 
tributed to various Catholic magazines. 
Celebrated his silver jubilee by travel 
through France, Italy, Switzerland, Ger- 
many, Belgium, Holland, England, Ire- 
land, the Dolomites (Eastern Alps) and 
Southern Italy. Convert to the Church 
in 1870; baptized by Rev. Sergius de 
Stechonlepnikoff, a Russian nobleman' 

who was himself a convert. Club: Es- 
sex County Country. Address: St. 
Stephen's Church, Arlington, N. J. 

HEFFRON, Rt. Rev. Patrick R., D.D.: 

Bishop of Winona; b. June 1, 1860, 
New York City, N. Y. Ed. at elementary 
school in New York City; public schools 
of Ripon, Wis.; high school at Mantor- 
ville, Minn.; business college and law 
school at Rochester, Minn.; was con- 
nected with St. John's College, Minn., in 
1878, and then studied for six years at 
the Grand Seminary, Montreal; has de- 
grees of D.D., S.T.L., and D.C.L. Was 
ordained priest December 22, 1884, and 
spent two years abroad, mostly in Rome; 
came to St. Paul and succeeded the late 
Bishop Shanley as pastor of the cathe- 
dral parish; was made vice-rector of the 
St. Paul Seminary in 1896, and rector in 
1897; was consecrated Bishop May 19, 
1910 by Archbishop Ireland, and was in- 
stalled Bishop of Winona May 24, 1910. 
Address: Winona, Minn. 

HEIKENKAMP, Frederick William, Jr.: 

Lawyer.; b. January 21, 1871, Quincy 
111. m. Elizabeth Boll. Ed. at St. 
Mary's Parochial School and St. Francis 
College, Quincy, 111. Supreme President, 
Western Catholic Union; Member, Board 
of Education, Quincy, 111.; member of 
Law Committee, National Federation of 
Catholic Societies; has promoted organi- 
zation of the Catholic laity; was in- 
strumental in placing the Western 
Catholic Union on a sound financial 
basis; has assisted in defeating objec- 
tionable measures in State and National 
Legislatures. Editor of Catholic Record 
and Fortnightly Review. Has traveled 
extensively in the eastern part of the 
United States. Member of the Western 




Catholic Union; Elnights of Columbus; 
St. Joseph's Society; Catholic Federa- 
tion. Club: Catholic Literary. Ad- 
dress: 600 Adams St., Quincy, 111. 

HEIL, Very Rev. Benetius, O.S.M.: 

First Provincial of the Order of 
Servants of Mary, in the UHited States; 
b. 1866, Caldwell, Ohio, of German de- 
scent; ed. Parochial and High Schools 
of Ohio; State Normal. Taught for 
several years in Ohio Public Schools. 
Entered the Servite Order, Chicago, 
1886; took his solemn vows 1891; or- 
dained 1896 by the late Most Rev. Arch- 
bishop Katzer of Milwaiikee. Shortly 
after his ordination he was appointed 
assistant pastor of Our Lady of Sor- 
rows; transferred a few years later to 
the Novitiate of the Order at Granville 
Center, Wis., where he filled suc- 
cessfully the offices of Master of Novices 
and Master of Professed Students for 
six years. He was also Prior of the 
Granville Monastery of St. Philip. In 
1909 he was again transferred to Chi- 
cago, where he was made Master of Pro- 
fessed Students, which office he held 
until he was elected Provincial, 1910. 
Address: Our Lady of Sorrows, 3121 
Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

HEINRICH, Wilhelm Carl Paul Gott- 
B. April 7, 1880, in Newark, N. J.; 
removed with his parents, at an early 
age, to Omaha, Neb., and attended the 
public schools; went from there to Chi- 
cago University, taking up a varied 
course of studies; published (1902) his 
first book. Moods and Moments, a vol- 
ume of poetry which showed an extraor- 
dinary depth of thought for so young a 
man; soon after changed his residence 

to Washington, D, C, where he has lived 
ever since; became a convert to the 
Church in 1903, being instructed in the 
faith by the Very Rev. F. A. Spencer, 
O.P. ; m., same year, Lizzie Schubert; is 
at present engaged on a Mass, of very 
original musical composition. Descend- 
ant of noted German families and can 
trace his lineage for many generations, 
but claims to be a thorough American. 
Address: 207 Ninth St., S. E., Washing- 
ton, D. O. 


Ex-United States Senator; b. January 
12, 1859, at St. Louis, Mo.; moved to 
Seneca, Kan. when a child, and in 1882 
emigrated to Washington. A year later 
became a resident of Idaho; engaged in 
extensive farming and stock raising; 
m., November, 1884, Anna M. Jacobs. 
Elected U. S. Senator, 1894-97. Was 
Democratic candidate for Governor of 
Idaho in 1904. Mayor of Lewlston, 
Idaho, 1905. Is a Knight of Columbus. 
Address: Lewiston, Idaho. 

HENDRICK, Rt. Rev. Mgr. Joseph Wil- 
B. at Penn Yan, N. Y.; s. of Thomas 
and Catherine (Corcoran) Hendrick; ed. 
public schools, Penn Yan Academy; St. 
Hyacinthe College, Canada; Montreal 
College, Canada; theological studies at 
St. Joseph's Seminary, Troy, N. Y. Or- 
dained priest, August, 1877. In charge 
of different parishes of New York State 
till he was sent to Ovid (1899) ; chap- 
lain at Willard Hospital; made private 
chamberlain to Pope Pius X, with rank 
of Monsignor (1903), Brother of the 
late Bishop Hendrick of the Philippines, 
of Judge Hendrick of New York, and 
Hon. Michael J. Hendrick, United States 



Consul at Moncton, New Brunswick. 
Member, Knights of Columbus. Ad- 
dress: Holy Cross Church, Ovid, Seneca 
Count}', N. Y. 

HENDRICK, Hon. Michael J.: 

American Consul at Moncton, New 
Brunswick, Canada; b. December 23, 
1847, in Penn Yan, Yates County, N. Y.; 
s. of Thomas Hendrick, who was born 
at Tara, County Meath, Ireland, in 1803, 
by his wife, Catherine Corcoran, bom 
in Queen's County, Ireland, of a family 
who were tenants of Sir John Parnell, 
uncle of Charles Stewart Parnell; Mi- 
chael Corcoran, her uncle, was Bishop 
of the diocese of Kildare and Leighlin; 
Rev. D. W. Cahill, the scientific lec- 
turer, was a near relative, as was also 
Cardinal Moran of Melbourne, Australia. 
Thomas Hendrick was one of the young 
Ireland party who promoted the rebel- 
lion of 1847, but he and his family emi- 
grated to America before the outbreak 
of that rebellion on account of the im- 
pending famine. Michael J. Hendrick 
was educated at the public and Catholic 
schools, and at Penn Yan Academy. A 
brother is Judge Hendrick of New York, 
and one of his sisters was Mother Char- 
lotte Frances Hendrick, teacher of paint- 
ing and drawing at Eden Hall, Torres- 
dale, Pa.; another sister was Mother 
Aloysia, a member of St. Joseph's Order, 
and founder of the Newsboy's Home, Ni- 
agara Square, Buffalo, N. Y. From 1880 
to 1884, Mr. Hendrick was Trustee of 
the Village of Penn Yan, and Treasurer 
in 1873; Town-clerk, town of Milo, 1873- 
74; delegate to Democratic State Con- 
vention at Albany, 1881; American Con- 
sul at Belleville, Ontario, 1893-1908; 
American Consul at Moncton, New 
Brunswick, 1908 to date. President of 

St. Michael's Catholic Benevolent Asso- 
ciation of Penn Yan, N. Y., 1878-81. 
M, Genevieve Yates. Member Knights 
of Columbus; Catholic Mutual Benefit 
Association; Catholic Relief and Bene- 
fit Association. Member of Young Men's 
Catholic Club of Moncton; Moncton 
Club; Cathelic Club of New York. Ad- 
dress: Moncton, New Brunswick, Can- 

HENDRICK, Hon. Peter Aloysins: 

Jurist; b. July S, 1856, at Penn Yan, 
N. Y., of Irish parentage; brother of 
Rt. Rev. T. A. Hendrick, Bishop of Cebu, 
Philippine Islands; ed. in public schools, 
Penn Yan Academy, and Fordham Uni- 
versity (A.B., 1878; A.M., 1881; LL.D., 
1908). Corporation Counsel of City of 
Auburn, N. Y., 1883-85; Justice Su- 
preme Court of the State of New York, 
1907-20. Clubs: Catholic; Lotos; Grad- 
uates; Genesee Valley; Cayuga; Little 
Yates. Address: County Court House, 
Chambers St., New York City. 

HENNESSY, Rt. Rev. John Joseph, D.D. : 
, Bishop of Wichita, Kansas; b. 
July 19, 1847, in Ireland; s. of Michael 
and Ellen (Cronin) Hennessy; came to 
the United States with his parents at the 
age of 3 years; ed. at the Christian 
Brothers' College, St. Louis, Mo.; theo- 
logical course at St. Francis Seminary, 
Milwaukee, Wis.; ordained, November 
28, 1869, at St. John's Church, St. Louis. 
Pastor of the Church of the Immaculate 
Conception, at Iron Mountain, Mo., 1869- 
80; returned to St. Louis in April, 1880, 
and became rector of the Pro-Cathedral; 
consecrated Bishop of Wichita, Kan., No- 
vember 30, 1888, by Most Rev. P. R. 
Kenrick, Archbishop of St. Louis. In- 
strumental in establishing the reform 



school at Glencoe; founded (1871) the 
Railroad Men's Benevolent Union; estab- 
lished Ursuline Convent at Arcadia, Mo., 
1877. Procurator and vice-president 
Board of Managers, St. Louis Protectory, 
1878-86; edited a journal called Youth's 
Magazine, 1880-87. Address: College 
Hill, Wichita, Kan. 

HENNESSY, Roland Burke: 

Journalist; b. January 31, 1870; s. of 
Timothy and Ulila Hennessy; ed. in com- 
mon schools; m., February 4, 1909, 
Muriel McArthur. London correspond- 
ent. New York Telegraph, 1896. Man- 
aging Editor, Morning Telegraph, New- 
York, 1898. Managing Editor, New York 
Daily News, 1904-05; now Editor of 
New York Star. Author of Tales of the 
Heart (1898) ; Beautiful, Bad Broadway 
(1902) ; Pursuit of Virtue (1905). Con- 
tributor to Broadway Magazine. Has 
traveled in Europe. Address: 1493 
Broadway, New York City. 

HENNESSY, Wilfrid Augustine: 

Managing Editor of The Beacon, New 
York; b. August 17, 1877, in Bangor, 
Me.; s. of Daniel Hennessy, M.D., by his 
wife, Alessandra (n^e Bliss), the daugh- 
ter of a Church of England clergyman, 
and a convert to the Church; ed. in the 
public schools and at Holy Cross College, 
Worcester, Mass., following which he en- 
tered upon newspaper work. Besides 
holding editorial and reportorial posi- 
tions, Mr. Hennessy has done special 
work for trade, musical, and literary 
publications. He was one of the or- 
ganizers of The De Burians, one of the 
most prominent of New England book 
publishing clubs which has issued sev- 
eral valuable contributions to local New 
England history. He became a resident 

of New York in January, 1905, and was 
engaged in business until December, 
1908, when he established The Beacon, 
a weekly journal of Catholic news and 
comment, of which he is managing edi- 
tor. He is a member of the Maine His- 
torical Society, the New England Cath- 
olic Historical Society, St. Vincent de 
Paul Society, the Ozanam Association, 
and the Xavier Alumni Sodality. Clubs : 
Catholic; Holy Cross. Address: 100 
Hamilton Place, New York. 

HENROTIN, Hon. Charles: 

Banker and broker; b. April 15, 1843, 
in Belgium; s. of Dr. Jos. F. Henrotin, 
who was appointed Belgian Consul in 
1856; ed. at the Polytechnic School, 
Tournay; entered the employ of the Mer- 
chants' Loan & Trust Co., Chicago, HI.; 
became cashier (succeeding Lyman T. 
Gage) in 1868; banker and broker since 
1878; m., September 2, 1869, Ellen M. 
Martin. Has served as broker with many 
large corporate enterprises, including the 
sale for English companies of the Amer- 
ican Brewing & Malting Co., and the 
Union Stock Yards Co. Is American 
representative of large financial inter- 
ests in London and on the European con- 
tinent. In 1878, when the City was is- 
suing scrip which was declared illegal, 
Mr. Henrotin agreed to take it all at 
92 cents when it was selling for 85 cents, 
carrying it for nearly a year and there- 
by sa\'ing much money to city employes; 
cashed the coupons of the bonds of the 
City of Chicago when no money was in 
the treasury to pay them, and carried 
them also for a year. Member of the 
firm' of Feder, Holzman & Co., in New 
York, Cincinnati, and Chicago; member 
of New York Stock Exchange; Chicago 
Board of Trade; director, World's Co- 


Imnbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893. Res- 
ident consul of Belgium since 1876, and 
for Turkey since 1877; now consul gen- 
eral for Turkey. Created, 1889, Knight 
of the Order ol Leopold (Belgium), — 
later officer of the same order and com- 
mander of Ottoman Medjidie. Clubs: 
Chicago; Union; Bankers, etc. Office: 
159 La Salle St.; Residence: 70 East 
Goethe St., Chicago, 111. 

HENRY, Rev. Hugh Thomas: 

B. 18'62, in Philadelphia, Pa.; ed. at 
St. Patrick's School, Philadelphia, La 
Salle College, Philadelphia, University of 
Pennsylvania, and Overbrook Seminary. 
Ordained to priesthood, 188'9; appointed 
to professorship of English and Latin in 
Overbrook (1889) and to that of Eccl. 
Music in same institution (1894). Ap- 
pointed Rector (President) of R. C. 
High School, Philadelphia, 1902, which 
office, as also that of professor of Music 
and Shakespeare at Overbrook, he still 
holds. Elected for two terms as Presi- 
dent of American Catholic Historical So- 
ciety, Philadelphia, and is at present a 
member of the Board of Managers. 
Spiritual Director (1896-1909) of the 
Confraternity of St. Gabriel. Received 
from University of Pennsylvania the hon- 
orary degree of Litt.D. (1902) and from 
Mount St. Mary's College, that of LL.D. 
(1908). Lectured at Catholic Summer 
School, Cliff Haven, N. Y., six years. 
Editor (1905-06, and May, 1907-09) of 
Church Music, Frequent contributor to 
American Catholic Quarterly Review, 
American Ecclesiastical Review, Catholic 
World, Rosary Magazine, Records of the 
American Catholic Historical Society, 
and the Catholic Encyclopedia. Pub- 
lished (1902) Poems, Charades, Inscrip- 
tions, of Pope Leo XIII. Address: 

The Catholic High School, corner Broad 
and Vine Sts., Philadelphia, Pa., or, St. 
Charles' Seminary, Overbrook, Pa. 

HENS, Matthias J.: 

Merchant; b. 1863, in Germany; s. of 
Eberhard and Margaret (Steffen) Hens; 
ed. at Canisius College; m. Anna 
Schmitt. President of firm of Hens & 
Kelly Co., a large dry goods house, es- 
tablished in 1892. Is a Knight of Co- 
lumbus; member of Chamber of Com- 
merce. Address: 288 Hudson St., Buf- 
falo, N. Y. 

HENSHAW, Nevil Gratiot: 

Author; b. April 23, 1880, at St. 
Louis, Mo., which city was founded by 
his ancestors; ed., at McCabe's Univer- 
sity School, and the U^niversity of Vir- 
ginia; m. Julia McRae Plummer; au- 
thor of Aline of the Grand Woods (The 
Outing Publishing Co., New York, 1909) ; 
contributor to the Outing Magazine, 
Grey Goose, Bohemia. Member of the 
Elks and Zeta Psi Fraternity. Address: 
Locust Grove, Charlottesville, Va, 

HERBERMANN, Alexander J.: 

Merchant; b. April 17, 1862, at New 
York; grandfather was a contractor and 
tobacco manufacturer in Germany; m. 
Elizabeth O'Neill, whose uncle was Canon 
O'Neill, in Bagnalstown, Ireland, and 
whose grandmother, a convert, was of an 
old New England family descended from 
Howland, a passenger on the Mayflower. 
Ed. at College of St. Francis Xavier, 
New York (A.B. and A.M.). Succeeded 
his father in the wholesale commission 
business. Is chairman of Public School 
Board; Trustee of West Side Savings 
Bank; Vice President of New York Mer- 
cantile Exchange. Has traveled through 
Europe and had private audience with 



Pope Pius X. Member of Xavier Alumni 
Sodality. Club: Municipal. Address: 
39^ Washington Square, New York. 

HERBERMANN, Charles George: 

Litterateur; Editor in Chief of the 
Catholic Encyclopedia; b. Muenster, 
Westphalia, Germany. M. (1) Mary T. 
Dieter; (2) Elizabeth Schoeb. Ed. in 
Germany and at St. Francis Xavier's 
College, New York. Degrees Litt.D., 
Holy Cross College, Worcester, Mass., 
1906; A.B. (185S), Fordham University; 
A.M. (1861), Fordham University; LL.D. 
(1882), St. Frauds Xavier's College; 
Ph.D. (1865), St. Francis Xavier's Col- 
lege. Instructor, St. Francis Xavier's 
College, 1858-69. Professor, Latin Lan- 
guage and Literature, College of the City 
of New York, 1869. Librarian at latter 
institution, 1874. Editor of Catholic 
Encyclopedia since January, 1905. Pres- 
ident, United States Catholic Historical 
Society, 1897. Created by His Holi- 
ness, the Pope, a Knight Commander of 
the Order of St. Gregory, 1910. Con- 
tributor to American Catholic Quar- 
terly, Messenger, and Catholic World. 
Mr. Herbermann is the author of Busi- 
ness Life in Ancient Rome, and has also 
edited Sallust's Jugurtha and Sallust's 
Catiline, Torfason's Ancient Vinland, 
and Waldseemuller's Cosmographise In- 
troductio. Club: Catholic Club. Mem- 
ber, United States Catholic Historical 
Society; National Geographical Society. 
Address: 346 Convent Ave., New York. 

HERDER, Hermann: 

Bookseller, publisher, and importer; 
b. November 14, 1864, in Freiburg, 
Baden. Since November, 1888, head of 
the publishing house of B. Herder at 
Freiburg (founded in 1801), and the 

branch houses in St. Louis, Mo., Stras- 
burg, Munich, Karlsruhe, Vienna, and 
Berlin. Received Papal Order of Pius 
in 1901. 

HERRICK, John Francis: 

Physician; b. February 13, 18'64, in 
Fairfield, Iowa, of Irish parentage; ed. 
in public schools and Parson's College, 
Fairfield; received the degree of M.D. 
from Keokuk Medical College, 1891 ; m., 
June 6, 1899, Anna C. Sullivan, who 
died four years later; served as Health 
Officer of Ottumwa, Iowa, from 1896 to 
1902; is now, for seventh year, Secre- 
tary of Wapello County Medical So- 
ciety; contributor to a number of med- 
ical journals; visited Europe in 1906. 
Member Knights of Columbus; American 
Medical Association. Club: Wapello. 
Address: Ottumwa, Iowa. 

HERRICK, Rev. Joseph Cawdell: 

Educator; b. May 6, 1874, in Shelby- 
ville, 111., of English ancestry; ed. at 
Virginia Military Institute; University 
of Virginia (B.A., 1896) ; and Johns 
Hopkins University (Ph.D., 1900). In- 
structor in Biology at the University of 
Virginia, 1896-97; Professor of Biology, 
St. Joseph's Seminary, Yonkers, N. Y,, 
1900 to date. Contributor to American 
Journal of Physiology, and the American 
Naturalist. Member of American An- 
thropological Association; Phi Beta 
Kappa. Address: St. Joseph's Seminary, 
Yonkers, N. Y. 

HERZOG, John A.: 

B. July 28, 1867; m. Henrietta E. 
Yenn, sister of Rev. Simon M. Yenn, 
Chancellor of Ft. Wayne Diocese; ed. 
at St. Joseph's School, Mishawaka. Is 
a prominent merchant of Mishawaka, 



Ind., in the shoe business; mayor of 
Mishawaka since January 1, 1910; elect- 
ed State Chief Ranger and delegate to 
international convention in Montreal, 
Canada, Catholic Order of Foresters, 
June 9, 1910. Erected St. Joseph's Hos- 
pital, dedicated, May 22, 1910. Author 
of a book on his travels. Traveled in 
Canada, Europe, Egypt, Syria, and the 
Holy Land. Member of Mishawaka 
Business Men's Association. Address: 
116 Eiast Second St., Mishawaka, Ind. 

HESLIN, Rt. Rev. Thomas, D.D.: 

Bishop of Natchez, Miss, ; b. April, 1847, 
at Dernacross, Parish Killoe, County 
Longford, Ireland; s. of Patrick and 
Catherine (Hughes) Heslin; ed. at 
Bouligny Seminary, New Orleans; or- 
dained priest, 1869, During the period, 
1869-74, served as assistant at New Or- 
leans Cathedral, St. Vincent de Paul's 
Church and St. Patrick's; pastor of St. 
Michael's Church, New Orleans, 1874- 
89; made Bishop of Natchez, 1889, Ad- 
dress: The Cathedral, Natchez, Miss. 

HETJISLER, Hon. Charles William: 

Associate Judge of the Supreme Bench 
of Baltimore, Md.; b. January 11, 1854, 
in Baltimore; ed. at Calvert Hall and 
Rockhill Colleges (Christian Brothers), 
graduating from the latter in 1872; grad- 
uated in law from the University of 
Maryland, Department of Law; same 
year admitted to the bar, and associated 
in practice with his father. On his fa- 
ther's death, associated with Mr. B. 
Allen Sauerwine, under the firm name 
of Heuisler & Sauerwine. M., November 
15, 1883, Julia, daughter of Frederick 
F. Benziger, a distinguished member of 
the Baltimore Bar. Appointed by the 
Governor of Maryland to fill out an un- 

expired term on the Supreme Bench, and 
elected (1909) for a full term of 15 
years. Member of Board of Trustees of 
St. Mary's Industrial School; member 
of the Catholic Benevolent League. Past 
Regent, Royal Arcanum. Address: 918 
McCulloh St., Baltimore, Md. 

HEYDEN, Rev. Joseph M. H. van der: 

Chaplain of the German Franciscan 
Sisters, Louvain, Belgium; b. March 2, 
1866, in Epen-Wittem, Dutch Limburg; 
made his classical studies at the Epis- 
copal College, Renaix, and at the Petit 
S6minaire, St. Trond, Belgium, and was 
prepared for the American missions at 
the College of the Immaculate Concep- 
tion, Louvain. Ordained priest at the 
agel of 22, left for America, September 
15, 1888, and arrived at Boise City, 
Idaho, on the 19th of October, following; 
was assigned to take charge of St. 
John's pro-cathedral parish and of the 
missions in the counties of Ada, Owyhee, 
Boise, and Wa.shington. In 1893 he jour- 
neyed to Europe to visit his parents, 
went to Italy, Egypt, and the Holy 
Land, and assisted at the Eucharistic 
Congress! held in Jerusalem in May of 
the same year. In 1895 thrombosis and 
the gangrene which followed necessitated 
the amputation of the right lower limb 
and incapacitated him for missionary 
work. He was given a successor at the 
Cathedral, whilst two others took charge 
of the missions; he retained the chap- 
laincy of the Academy and of the Hos- 
pital of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, 
Boise, to which the Bishop added the 
post of diocesan chancellor. The duties 
connected with these positions being few, 
he improved his free time by correspond- 
ing for Belgian papers, for Reminiscences, 
of Baker City, and The Catholic Sentinel, 


of Portland, Ore. In 1899 he returned 
to Europe and was appointed to his pres- 
ent position. He continued his connec- 
tion with the Far West by regular cor- 
respondence for The Catholic Sentinel 
until 1904, when he was given editorial 
charge and the management of The 
American College Bulletin. He wrote 
for it a biography of Mgr. Adrian J. 
Croquet, an Oregon Indian missionary 
and uncle of Cardinal D. J. Mercier, 
which was reprinted in the Records of 
the American Catholic Historical So- 
ciety (Vol. XVI, 1905); and a history 
of the North American College of the 
Immaculate Conception, Louvain. This 
work was given out in book form in 
1909 under the title The Louvain Amer- 
ican College: 1857-1907 (In 8° 412 pp., 
Fr. and R. Ceuterick, Louvain). Ad- 
dress: Rue de Namur, 145, Louvain, Bel- 

HICKS, Frank Silas: 

Insurance; b. December 13, 1861, in 
St. Louis, Mo.; ed. in the Christian 
Brothers' School, St. Louis; at George- 
town, D. C, and Princeton University, 
graduating from the latter institution in 
1884; removed to California in 1872, 
settling in Los Angeles, at that time a 
straggling village; has been in the in- 
surance business for twenty-two years, 
and is the resident agent of all the first 
class companies; m. Caroline M. Childs. 
Address: Los Angeles, Cal. 

HIELSCHER, Mrs. Helen Hughes: 

Physician; b. at Prince Edward Island, 
Canada; ed. at Prince of Wales College, 
and later at the University of Michigan, 
graduating from the Medical Department 
in 1896; traveled through Europe in! 
1907 and took a post-graduate course in 

Vienna, Austria; practiced in Blue Earth 
and Mankato, Minn.; m.. May 2, 1910, to 
Dr. J. A. Hielscher. Residence: Man- 
kato, Minn, 

HIGGINS, Hon. James H.: 

B. January 22, 1876, in Lincoln, R. I.; 
ed. in St. Joseph's Parochial School and 
the High School of Pawtucket, R. L; 
Brown University (A.B., 1898); and 
Georgetown University Law School, 1900 
(LL.D., 1909) ; m. Ellen F. Maguire. 
Member of Rhode Island House of Rep- 
resentatives, 1902; Mayor of Pawtucket, 
R. I., 1903 to 1906, inclusive; Governor 
of Rhode Island, 1907-08. Clubs: Cath- 
olic; Hope; University; all of Provi- 
dence, R. I. Address: 704 Bannigan 
Bldg., Providence, R. I. 

HIGHLEY, Mont Frederick: 

Assistant Attorney General of Okla- 
homa; b. August 20, 1877, in Farming- 
ton, Mo. ; ed. at Farmington High School, 
University of Missouri, and Texas Uni- 
versity (B.L. and LL.B., 1900; M.L., 
1901) ; m. Lois E. Liegerot, who be- 
came a convert to the Catholic Church. 
Served as State Deputy, ELnights of Co- 
lumbus, 1907-08; Assistant Attorney 
General of Oklahoma, 1907 to date. Au- 
thor of Oklahoma Form^ Book (Demo- 
crat Lithographing & Printing Co., Lit- 
tle Rock, Ark.; last edition published in 
1908) ; contributed the article on Okla- 
homa to the Catholic Encyclopedia. Is 
a Knight of Columbus. Address: 415- 
417 Majestic Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

HIIL, lewis W.: 

President of Great Northern Railroad ; 
s. of James J. and Mary (Mehegan) 
Hill ; engaged in railroad work under his 
father and succeeded the latter as presi- 



dent of the Great Northern Railroad 
(1908). Is secretary of the New Ca- 
thedral Building Committee. Oflfice: 
Great Northern Bldg.; Residence: 260 
Summit Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

HIIIERY, Thomas J.: 

Educator, civil engineer, lawyer; b. 
November 18, 1871, in Hibernia, Morris 
County, N. J.; ed. in the public schools; 
served in the New Jersey House of As- 
sembly for two years, and was Republi- 
can leader for two years in the State 
Senate, being elected to the Presidency 
in the third year of his term; is at pres- 
ent a member of the State Railroad 
Commission. Known as a brilliant ora- 
tor, which talent is frequently used to 
further Catholic social work. Address: 
Boonton, N. J. 

HIMMEL, Rev. Joseph J., S.J.: 

Priest; b. January 16, 1855, at Annap- 
olis, Md.; ed. at parochial school; St. 
John's Military Academy; Georgetown 
University. Director of Jesuit home 
missions for twelve years; Superior 
Manresa Institute for eight years; pro- 
fessor at Gonzaga College one year; 
Georgetown University, two years. Ad- 
dress: Georgetown University, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 


State Senator, New Jersey; b. May 19, 
1850, in New York; resident of Pater- 
son, N. J., since he was a year old; 
educated in the public schools of that 
city, and at the King James Grammar 
School, Yorkshire, England, the birth- 
place of his father. Senator Hinch- 
cliffe was a member of the Board of 
Education of Paterson for two years; 
Commissioner of Taxes and Assessments, 

four years; elected to the State Senate 
in 1891. Served as Mayor of Paterson, 
six and one-half years. Was Mayor dur- 
ing the fire and floods of 1902 and 1903; 
during the riots of 1902 he suspended the 
Chief of Police and took command him- 
self, placed the city under martial law, 
and quickly restored order. He refused 
outside aid during the great fire of 1902, 
saying Paterson can take care of its own, 
and through his executive skill its finan- 
cial credit was restored and the city re- 
built. Elected again to the State Sen- 
ate in 1906, and has served continuously 
since. Is President of the Paterson 
Brewing and Malting Co., and also of 
the Empire State Granite Co. Address: 
Paterson, N. J. 

KINGSTON, Lady Margaret Josephine: 
D. of the Hon. D. A. Macdonald (Lieu- 
tenant-Governor of Quebec), of Glen- 
garry; m. Sir William Hales Kingston, 
M.D., Canadian Senator and sometime 
Mayor of Montreal, who died, 1907. Of 
her four sons the eldest is a Jesuit, while 
the second, Donald, F.R.C.S.E., m. 
(1908) Lilian, daughter of P. A. Peter- 
son, Chief Engineer of the Canadian and 
Pacific Railway. 

HINES, Rev. Mother Mary Agnes: 

B. in Avon, N. Y., of French and 
German ancestry; entered the Novitiate 
of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Rochester, 
N. Y. (established the previous year by 
the late Right Rev. Bernard J. McQuaid, 
D.D., first Bishop of the diocese), in 
1869; made her perpetual vows on July 
2, 1871. Manifested a remarkable gift 
for art, which, at the Bishop's instance, 
was broadly cultivated; also a notable 
business woman, and assistant superior 
at a very early age. She had large 



classes in painting, in oils and water 
colors, both in the community and its 
higher schools. Succeeded the late 
Mother Stanislaus Leary as General Su- 
perior in 1882. Mother Agnes co-oper- 
ated most efficiently with her ecclesias- 
tical superior in his great work for edu- 
cation: the enlargement of Nazareth 
Convent, the Mother House, and the 
Academy connected therewith, with its 
275 pupils; the erection of Nazareth 
Normal School, the community's house 
of studies; of Nazareth Hall, a Prepara- 
tory School for boys under 12 years of 
age; St. Agnes' Conservatory of Music 
and Art; the Home for the Aged; and 
St. Joseph's Hospital in Elmira; a vast 
increase in the parochial schools testi- 
fying to her keen sense of the needs of 
the time, her breadth of mind in the 
matter of her Sisters' training, her reli- 
gious zeal, and splendid business abil- 
ity. All the schools of the Sisters of 
St. Joseph have been under the Board 
f> of Regents of the University of New 
"i^ork since 1878. Many of the teachers 
of this Institute in the diocese of Roch- 
ester have taken their final training in 
languages, music, art, or other special 
studies in the great European centers. 
The Sisters of this diocese have a flour- 
ishing school in Bridgeport, Conn., and 
have lately opened a mission in Oswego, 
diocese of Syracuse, N. Y. Address: 
Convent of Sisters of St. Joseph, Jay 
and Frank Sts., Rochester, N. Y. 

HIRST, Anthony A.: 

B. January 18, 1846, at Philadelphia, 
Pa.; m. Agnes R. McDevitt; ed. at St. 
Joseph's College, Philadelphia; Holy 
Cross College, Worcester, Mass.; St. 
John's College, Fordham, N. Y. (A.B., 
June, 1865) ; Georgetown College (A.M., 

July, 1871); LL.D., Georgetown, 1900. 
Secretary and President of Philadelphia 
Board of Health, 1894-99; Coimsel for 
the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for 33 
years. Donated Hirst Library and Read- 
ing Room, Georgetown; also several me- 
morial Chapels; is one of the 19 orig- 
inal members of the Catholic Church 
Extension Society. Delivered address on 
Memorial Chapels before the Missionary 
Congress in Chicago, November, 1908. 
Has traveled in the United States ex- 
tensively, visited Mexico and Canada, 
and made several trips to Europe. Mem- 
ber of the Knights of Columbus. Club: 
Merion Cricket. Address: 211 South 
Sixth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

HISKY, Thomas Foley: 

Member of the law firm of Hinckley, 
Spamer & Hisky; b. July 22, 1865; s. of 
John F. and Matilda (Shipley) Hisky j 
ed. in public schools and Baltimore City 
College; studied law in the office of 
Hinckley & Morris, one of the oldest 
and most respected law firms of Balti- 
more City. Admitted to the bar, No- 
vember 11, 1886, associate member of 
the firm, and active member in 1909, 
upon the death of Mr. Morris. M. Han- 
nah McClelland, of Baltimore. Referee 
in Bankruptcy for the Thirteenth Dis- 
trict of the United States. Past Chan- 
cellor of the Catholic Benevolent League 
in Maryland; member of the Maryland 
Historical Society and of the Catholic 
aub. Office: 215 North Charles St., 
Baltimore, Md. ; Residence: 32 South 
Fulton Ave. 

HOBAN, Rev. E. F., D.D.: 

Chancellor of the archdiocese of Chi- 
cago; b. in St. Columbkill parish, Chi- 
cago, 111.; ed. at St. Ignatius College, 



Chicago, made his theological course at 
St. Mary's College, Baltimore, Md., and 
took a post graduate course in Rome, 
wiiere he received the degree of D.D. Ad- 
dress: 30 East Superior St., Chicago, 

HOBAN, Rt. Rev. Michael John, D.D.: 
Bishop of Scranton, Pa.; b. June 6, 
1853, in Waterloo, N. J.; s. of Patrick 
and Brigid Agnes (Hennigan) Hoban; 
ed. in private school, Hawley, Pa.; St. 
Francis Xavier's College, New York 
City; Holy Cross College, Worcester, 
Mass., 1868-71; St. Charles Seminary, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; and the American 
College, Rome, Italy (1875-80); or- 
dained priest in Rome by Cardinal 
Monaco La Valetta; consecrated Bishop 
of Alalis, and coadjutor Bishop of 
Scranton, Pa., by Cardinal Satolli, March 
22, 1896; succeeded Bishop O'Hara as 
Bishop of Scranton, February 3, 1899. 
Trustee of the Pennsylvania Oral School ; 
Scranton Public Library; Sanatorium 
for Consumptives; State Hospital; St. 
Patrick's Orphan Asylum, etc. Address: 
315 Wyoming Ave., Scranton, Pa. 

HOBAN, Thomas P.: 

Lawyer; s. of Patrick and Brigid 
Agnes (Hennigan) Hoban; brother of 
Rt. Rev. Bishop Hoban of Scranton, Pa.; 
b. February 1, 1857, at Hawley, Wayne 
County, Pa.; ed. in private schools and 
at Fordham University, New York City; 
admitted to the bar in 1882; m. Jane 
Frances Donnelly. Director of Lacka- 
wanna National Bank, Lackawanna, N. 
Y., since 1903; Supreme Trustee of 
Catholic Mutual Benefit Association 
since 1897. Has traveled in Europe. 
Address: 522 Washington Ave., Scran- 
ton, Pa. 

HOFFMANN, Rev. Alexius, O.S.B.: 

Priest; b. January 31, 1863, in St. 
Paul, Minn.; ed. in parochial school, St. 
Paul, Minn.; and St. John's College, 
Collegeville, Minn. (Ph.B., 188P3). Pro- 
fessor at St. John's University, College- 
ville, since 1881; director of the insti- 
tution, 1891-99; librarian since 1905. 
Author of St. John's University (Col- 
legeville, 1907); College Life (ibid., 
1896) ; contributor to the Catholic En- 
cyclopedia. Member of St. Paul Cath- 
olic Historical Society. Address: Col- 
legeville, Miim. 

HOFFMAN, Mrs. Frank L.: 

B. Katherine Collins, in Joliet, 111.; 
removed to St. Paul, Minn., where she 
was appointed organist of the Cathedral 
choir, then under the direction of the 
late John Gehan; subsequently became 
directress and organist of the choir at 
St. Joseph's Church; m., June 17, 1895, 
Frank L. Hoffman. During the last 
three seasons, Mrs. Hoffman has been 
Mme. Schuman-Heink's accompanist on 
her concert tours in America and Eu- 
rope. Address: St. Paul, Minn. 

HOGAN, Andrew J.: 

Lecturer on various subjects, including 
The Conflict of Ideals in American Life; 
Knighthood and Its Mission; The Re- 
naissance and the Reformation; The 
Papacy; Irish Influence in Western Civ- 
ilization; The Christian Ideal in Edu- 
cation; The Island of Saints and Schol- 
ars, etc. Address: 5250 Prairie Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

HOGAN, Henry G.: 

Attorney; b. May 4, 1881, at Fort 
Wayne, Ind. ; of Irish ancestry; ed. at 
Christian Brothers' High School, Ft. 



Wayne, Ind., and Notre Dame Univer- 
sity (LL.B.). Republican County Chair- 
man at presidential campaign, 1908; 
city attorney of City of Fort Wayne in 
first year ( four year term ) . Member 
of Knights of Columbus; Elks; Ancient 
Order of Hibernians; Young Men's So- 
dality; and Hoyal League. Clubs: 
Wayne Club; Country Club; Commer- 
cial Club (assistant secretary until June, 
1910); Blackford Law Club. Address: 
Fort Wayne, Ind., Tri State Block. 

HOGAN, Rt. Rev. John Joseph, D.D.: 

Bishop of Kansas City, Mo.; b. May 
10, 1829, in the parish of Bruff, Limer- 
ick, Ireland; received preliminary edu- 
cation in the neighboring village school 
of Holy Cross, and under a private tutor, 
with whom he studied Latin, Greek, and 
French; came to America in 1848, and 
entered the theological seminary at St. 
Louis, Mo.; ordained priest, 1852. First 
mission at Old Mines, Mo.; transferred 
to Potosi, where he became pastor; as- 
sistant at St. John's Church, St. Louis, 
1854; erected and became pastor of St. 
Michael's Church, St. Louis, 18'55; later 
missionary in northwest Missouri; con- 
secrated by Archbishop Kenrick, Bishop 
of St. Joseph, Mo., September 13, 1868; 
transferred to new see of Kansas City, 
September 10, 1880. Address: 416 West 
Twelfth St., Kansas City, Mo. 

HOGTIE, Arthur S.: 

Attomey-at-law ; b. July 2, 1879, at 
Plattsburgh, N. Y.; ancestors came from 
Canada, his maternal grandfather, Theo- 
phile Gauthier, going to Burlington, 
Vt., at the time of the rebellion of 1837 ; 
ed. at D'Youville Academy and Platts- 
burgh High School, Plattsburgh, N. Y.; 
and Albany Law School (Union Univer- 

sity). Unmarried. Served as City At- 
torney from January, 1906 to January, 
1908; District Attorney, Clinton County, 
1908 to date. Honorary President of 
Montcalm Council L'Union St. Jean Bap- 
tiste. Member St. Jean Baptiste So- 
ciety; L'Union St. Jean Baptiste d'Am6- 
rique; Maccabees; Knights of Columbus; 
Elks. Member, Champlain Country 
Club at Catholic Summer School; County 
Bar Association, etc. Address: Platts- 
burgh, N. Y. (Court House). 

HOGUET, Robert Louis: 

Lawyer; b. December 5, 1878, at New 
York City; m. Louise Bobbins Lynch; 
ed. at Harvard College (A.B., 1899); 
Harvard Law School (LL.B., 1902). 
Member of the Board of Managers of the 
New York Catholic Protectory. Author 
of Mason and Hoguet's Supplement to 
Brightly's New York Digest (Banks & 
Co., Albany, 1907, 2 v.). Address: 76 
Irving Place, New York City. 

HOLLAND, Rev. Cornelius Joseph: 

Author; b. in Fall River, Mass.; ed. 
in the public schools of Fall River, Man- 
hattan College (degree of A.B. in 1895), 
and The Catholic University of America 
(degree of S.T.L. in 1902) ; is now serv- 
ing as priest at St. Joseph's Church, 
Providence, R. I.; author of The Divine 
Story, a short Life of Our Lord written 
specially for Young People (Joseph M. 
Tally, Providence, 1909). Address: 92 
Hope St., Providence, R. I. 

HOLLOWAY, Charlotte Molyneux: 

Lecturer; author; b. in Massachu- 
setts; ed. private and high schools; 
Yale ( post graduate ) . Editor ( January, 
1901), New London Telegraph, New Lon- 
don, Conn.; author and lecturer on 



Gaelic and Historic subjects ; monologist. 
Author of The Story of Five (E. P. Dut- 
ton Co., New York) ; Nathan Hale (A. 
L. Burt, New York, 1890, 1900) ; Con- 
cerning Us All (New London Telegraph, 
1896) ; History of Niagara (New Lon- 
don Telegraph, 1901). Contributor to 
Harper's Weekly; Independent; Ain- 
slee's; Black Cat; Godey's; Short 
Stories; contributor of special New Eng- 
land sketches to the Sun, Post, Tribune, 
of New York; the Springfield Republi- 
can; and Donahoe's. National lecturer, 
Ancient Order of Hibernians. Some of 
the lectures are: Origin and Language 
of the Gaelic Race; The Intellectual 
Renaissance; Ireland as a Nation; and 
The Crime of IS'OO. Address: Box 498, 
New London, Conn. 

HOMER, Mrs. Francis T.: 

D. of George W. and Jennie (Webb) 
Abell, and granddaughter of the late 
Arunah S. Abell, founder of the Balti- 
more Sun; m., April, 1902, Francis T. 
Homer, of the prominent law firm of 
Willis & Homer, of Baltimore. Address : 
The Ridge, Rider P. O., Baltimore 
County, Md. * 

HOPKINS, James J.: 

Principal of the Jersey City, N. J. 
High School, and organizer of the 
Knights of Columbus in Jersey City; b. 
in 1867, in Jersey City; ed. in the public 
schools and St. Joseph's Parochial 
School of his native city; St. Peter's 
Preparatory School; Holy Cross Col- 
lege, Worcester, Mass.; and Seton Hall 
College, New Jersey. Secured a position 
as teacher in New York City, and later 
taught school in Putnam County, N. Y. 
Removed to Jersey City in March, 1892, 

and was made principal of School No. 2, 
where he remained for five and one-half 
years; he was then promoted to the po- 
sition of High School Principal, a posi- 
tion which he still holds. Member of 
the Knights of Columbus and President 
of the Columbian Club of Jersey City. 
Address: Jersey City, N. J. 

HOEGAN", Stephen Henry: 

Editor, inventor, author, photographer; 
b. February 2, 1854, at Norfolk, Va.; 
his father was a native of Cork, Ire- 
land, and his mother was born in Sligo, 
Ireland, though her ancestors came from 
the North of England; m. Mary Cath- 
erine Cecelia O'Connor, daughter of a 
convert. Ed. at the primary schools in 
Cork; grammar school in Nyack-on-the- 
Hudson; St. Francis Xavier's College, 
New York. In 1874 he won in a com- 
petition for an expert photographer on 
the New York Daily Graphic ; here he 
remained until 1884, invented the process 
of photo-lithography which was used 
there from 1877 until the paper stopped; 
also invented, while on the Graphic, a 
method of half-tone illustrating which 
was used first on March 4, 1881, the 
first half-tone in the world to be used 
in a newspaper; resigned from the 
Graphic to introduce illustrations into 
the plate service of the American Press 
Association, where it is said he sup- 
plied 32,000 illustrations to 10,000 dif- 
ferent papers, thus setting the style for 
newspaper illustration and also popu- 
larizing it; first art editor of the Re- 
corder; art editor of the New York 
Herald, introducing half-tone engraving 
and color illustrating to that paper; 
after installing illustrations as a fea- 
ture of the Herald he was dismissed by 



Mr. Bennett. In 1881 he had invented a 
method of applying photography to etch- 
ing and steel engraving; many etchings 
by Hubert Herkomer, F. S. Church, Rob- 
ert Blum, and others, were made by his 
process, which he applied in his busi- 
ness; resumed newspaper illustrating on 
the New York Morning Journal; when 
John R. McLean of the Cincinnati En- 
quirer bought that paper he taught him 
the use of illustrations. About this 
time he invented a method of newspaper 
illustrating by the three-color process. 
In 1896 he went on the New York 
Tribune and there invented and patented 
a method of using half-tone cuts on 
the newspaper which forced other papers 
into it until that system of illustrating 
has gone around the world; is known 
as the Father of half-tone illustrating 
on the newspapers. In 1906 he started 
a paper in Newark, The Monitor, of 
which he was, for a time, managing edi- 
tor. Mr. Horgan was granted five pat- 
ents for his inventions connected with 
the printing press; one invention of his 
on which he did not seek a patent, is 
used in every illustrated paper in the 
world. Since 1895 he has been the edi- 
tor of the department of Process En- 
graving for the Inland Printer of Chi- 
cago. He is an enthusiast on the power 
of the press, and has laid plans for a 
Catholic daily newspaper in New York. 
Assisted in raising $100,000 for charity 
in diocese of Newark. Author of Three- 
Color Process Work (Jenkins & Am- 
stutz) ; Photo-Engraving (Inland Print- 
er, Chicago) . Contributes to the Catholic 
press. Member of the Xavier Alumni 
Sodality of New York; Federation of 
Catholic Societies of Hudson County; 
State Board of Education of New Jer- 
sey. Address: Hoboken, N. J. 


Lawyer; b. September 30, 1856, in St. 
Louis, Mo.; s. of the late Dr. Nicholas 
Louis Hornsby, a convert; ed. at St. 
Louis University (A.B., 1874; A.M., 
1S78) ; m., June, 1906, to Louise Shaw. 
Has been a member Board of Trustees 
of Calvary Cemetery Association; mem- 
ber Thirty-second General Assembly of 
Missouri; President City Council of St. 
Louis, and now President Upper Coun- 
cil of the St. Vincent de Paul Society; 
member of prominent local clubs. Ad- 
dress: Rialto Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

HORRIGAN, Thomas Francis: 

Educator, lecturer; b. in Peabody, 
Mass.; ed. at Peabody public schools; 
Boston College (M.A.). Taught Eng- 
lish and Latin at St. Mary's College, 
Van Buren, Me.; English literature and 
Latin at St. Francis Xavier's College; 
Antigonish, N. S.; Professor of English 
literature and Latin at Ottawa Univer- 
sity, Ottawa, Canada. For nine years 
has been prominent as a lecturer, lit- 
terateur, reader and educator. Has 
charge of the three choirs connected with 
the Sydney Sacred Heart Church, and 
is interested in plain chant. Member of 
the Knights of Columbus; Ancient Or- 
der of Hiberians. Club: Catholic Men's 
(president, 5 terms). Address: Sydney, 
C. B., Nova Scotia, Canada. 

HOUCK, Rt. Rev. Monsignor George 
Francis : 
B. July 9, 1847, at Tiffin, Ohio; ed, 
at St. Joseph's Parochial School and 
Heidelberg College, Tiffin, Ohio; Mt. St. 
Mary's Theological Seminary, Cincin- 
nati, Ohio; and St. Mary's Theological 
Seminary, Cleveland, Ohio: ordained to 
the priesthood at Cleveland, July 4, 1875. 



Pastor of St. Joseph's Church, Crest- 
line, Ohio, July, 1875 to July, 1877; 
Chancellor, diocese of Cleveland, 1877- 
1909; Chaplain, St. Augustine's Con- 
vent, Lakewood, Ohio, 1905 to date. 
Appointed Domestic Prelate (with title 
of Monsignore) by Pope Pius X, July 
25, 1904. Author of The Churcli in 
Northern Ohio (Cleveland, 1889); A 
History of Catholicity in Northern Ohio 
and in the diocese of Cleveland (2 vol- 
umes, 4to, Cleveland, 1903). Made a 
six months' tour of Europe in 1895, cov- 
ering Ireland, Scotland, England, Bel- 
gium, Holland, France, Germany, Switz- 
erland, Austria, and Italy. Address: St. 
Augustine's, Lake Ave., Lakewood, Cuya- 
hoga County, Ohio. 

HOTTRIGAN, Patrick H.: 

Physician; b. in Oswego, N. Y., October 
1, 1870; s. of Captain Daniel and Bridget 
(Meagher) Hourigan; ed. in the city 
public and high schools, and at Niagara 
University (degree of M.D., 1893) ; m. 
Helen G. McEncroe, May 10, 1899. Dur- 
ing his senior year he was president of 
his class and house physician of the Erie 
County Penitentiary, and was resident 
physician at the Buffalo Hospital of the 
Sisters of Charity during 1894. Dr. 
Hourigan is a Knight of Columbus, and 
medical examiner of the Catholic Mutual 
Benefit Association, the Ancient Order of 
Hibernians, Improved Order of Red Men, 
Independent Order of Foresters, Knights 
of the Maccabees, Protective Home Circle, 
National Union Ladies' Catholic Benevo- 
lent Ass'n, and Germania Life Insurance 
Co. Is a member of the Buffalo Academy 
of Medicine; Erie County Medical Associ- 
ation; New York State Medical Associa- 
tion, and other organizations. Address: 
739 Seneca St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

HOWAED, Cecelia, Lady: 

D. of G. W. Biggs of Washington, D. 

C, and wife of Sir Henry Howard, 
K.C.M.G., K.C.B., late British Minister to 
the Netherlands and to Luxemburg, whom 
she married in 1867. Sir Henry was 
born in 1843; s. of Sir Henry Francis 
Howard, G.C.B., and grandson of Henry 
Howard of Corby; ed. at Downside; en- 
tered Diplomatic Service, 18'65; cr. C.B., 
1874; 1st Sec. of Legation, 1885; Sec. of 
Embassy, 1890, and Minister Plenipo., 
1894; Envoy Extraordinary and Minis- 
ter Plenipo. at The Hague, 1896-1908; 
knighted, 1899. In the course of a long 
and distinguished career his duties have 
taken him to lands as far apart as the 
United States, the Netherlands, Guate- 
mala, Greece, Denmark, China, Russia 
and France; he was one of the four 
British delegates to The Hague Confer- 
ence (1907). 

HOWARD, Francis: 

Artist, journalist; b. in Washington, 

D. C, January 1, 1874; only son of the 
late Francis Gassaway Howard and his 
wife (now Mrs. T. P. O'Connor) ; great- 
grandson of Benjamin Franklin, collat- 
eral descendant of George Washington; 
m., 1903, L. Chess of Louisville, Ky. Ed. 
St. Edmund's Ware and St. Augustine's 
Ramsgate, Catholic Colleges ; also in Ger- 
many, Geneva, and Paris. Studied art 
in Paris and London; for many years 
art-critic Weekly Sun, and contributor of 
art, dramatic, and literary criticism and 
verse to numerous periodicals and maga- 
zines; founded and organized the Inter- 
national Society of Sculptors, Painters, 
and Gravers in association with Whistler, 
Lavery, Guthrie, Walton, etc., 18'98; or- 
ganized art section of Woman's Exhibition 
at Earl's Court, 1901; Chairman Art and 




Antiquarian Committee of Jamestown 
Exposition, 1907, and special Commis- 
sioner; Exhibitor in most European and 
American Galleries; former director of 
The Sun and other newspapers. Clubs: 
Chelsea Art; United Arts. Address: 33 
Warwick Square, S. W., Liondon, Eng- 

HOWARD, Rev. F. W., LL.D.: 

B. in Columbus, Ohio; ed. at Mt. St. 
Mary's, Cincinnati; Niagara University. 
Ordained to the priesthood by Bishop 
Watterson of Columbus, Ohio. Is now 
pastor of the Holy Rosary Church, Co- 
lumbus, Ohio. Chairman of the Diocesan 
School Board and has been the chief 
organizer of the Catholic Educational 
Association, of which he is now and has 
been since its foundation, the Secretary- 
General. Address: Holy Rosary Church, 
Columbus, Ohio. 

HOWARD, Timothy Edward: 

Lawyer; b. January 27, 1837, at 
Northfield, Mich.; s. of Martin and 
Julia Beahan Howard, of Irish ancestry; 
m. Julia Ann Redmond, b. August 7, 
1840, in Detroit, Mich.; ed. in country 
schools; Union High School, Ypsilanti, 
Mich.; University of Michigan; Univer- 
sity of Notre Dame (A.B., 1864; A.M., 
1866; LL.D., 1894; Lsetare Medal, 
1898). Clerk of the Circuit Court, St. 
Joseph's County, Ind., 1879-83; Member 
of the City Council, South Bend, Ind., 
1878-84; City Attorney, South Bend, 
1888-92; County Attorney, St. Joseph's 
County, 1885-92; Indiana State Senator, 
1886-92; on Supreme Bench, Indiana, 
1893-99; president, Indiana Fee and Sal- 
ary Commission, 1899-1901; delegate to 
Tax Conference at Buffalo, 1901; Mem- 

ber of Commission for revising and cod- 
ifying laws of Indiana, 1903-05; now 
Dean of the Law School, University of 
Notre Dame. Enlisted as Union soldier 
(I, 12th Mich. Inf.); wounded at 
Shiloh. As councilman, secured first 
public park (Howard Park) for the city 
of South Bend; author of the Indiana 
Tax Law, 1891; act creating Appellate 
Court, Indiana, 1891; Act to remove rock 
from Kankakee, at Momence, 1889. Au- 
thor of: History of Notre Dame, 1895; 
Laws of Indiana (J. W. Weed, 1900) j 
History of St. Joseph County (Lewis, 
1908, 2 v.). Has contributed to Life 
Illustrated; Catholic World; Putnam's 
Monthly. Member of the Knights of 
Columbus; Ancient Order of Hibernians; 
Catholic Knights of America; G. A. R. 
Address: South Bend, Ind. 

HOWLEY, James P., F.G.S: 

Scientist; Director of the Geological 
Survey of Newfoundland; b. in St. 
Johns, s. of Richard Howley and bro. 
of the Archbishop of St. Johns; ed. at 
St. Bonaventure's Coll. in that city; 
author of an official series of Geological 
Reports, and compiler of the geological 
map of Newfoundland; m. Elizabeth 
Jane, d. of William R. Firth. Fellow 
of the Geographical Society. Address: 
St. Johns, Newfoundland. 

HOYNES, William: 

Journalist, lawyer, educator; b. near 
Callan, Kilkenny County, Ireland, about 
18'49; his grandmother, Mary O'Connell, 
was related to Daniel O'Connell, the Irish 
patriot; unmarried. Came to America 
in 1853; entered a printing office when 
a boy of 12; ed. at Notre Dame Univer- 
sity, 1868; Law School of same, 1869-72 
(A.M., 1877; LL.D., 1888). At the out- 



break of the Civil War he tried to enlist 
but was refused on account of his youth 
until the following year, when he joined 
the 20th Regiment Volunteer Infantry; 
fought at the battle of Prairie Grove, 
Ark., December 7, 1862, where he was 
dangerously wounded; was present at 
the siege and capture of Vicksburg; but 
immediately after had to be sent North 
on a hospital boat and discharged; re- 
enlisted in the La Crosse Company of 
the 2d Wisconsin Cavalry, was in numer- 
ous raids and skirmishes ; lost an eye but 
continued in service till the close of the 
war. Resiimed printing, but the next 
year began studies at Notre Dame. After 
graduation was admitted (1872) as an 
attorney and counsellor at law to the 
Supreme Court of Michigan and to the 
U. S. Circuit Court; admitted to the 
U. S. Supreme Court, 1875; Supreme 
and subordinate courts of Illinois, 1877. 
Followed newspaper work meanwhile; in 
18:73 became editor of the New Bruns- 
wick (N. J.) Daily Times; on a Chicago 
newspaper, 1875-79; editor of the Pe- 
oria Daily Transcript, 1880; opened law 
office in Chicago, 1882; since 1882 has 
been dean of the Law Faculty of Notre 
Dame University. Supported Blaine in 
1884 and in 1888 ran for Congress; ap- 
pointed commissioner in 1890 to treat 
with the Turtle Mountain Indians in 
North Dakota and incidentally with 
those on the White Earth and Red Lake 
Reservations, Minnesota; turned back 
into the U. S. Treasury one-fifth of the 
$5,000 appropriated for four months' 
service; recently on Menominee Indian 
Village Commission. Author of unpub- 
lished lectures upon law, prepared for his 
students. Member of the G. A. R. Ad- 
dress: Notre Dame, Ind. 

HOYT, Francis Darning: 

Lawyer; b. November 29, 1843, at St. 
Albans, Vt.; s. of Rev. William Henry, 
an Episcopal clergyman, and Anne Dem- 
ing Hoyt of Burlington, Vt., who were 
both received into the Church at Cbam- 
bly, Canada, in August, 1846. Mr. 
Hoyt's mother died in 1875 and in 1876 
his father entered Seton Hall Seminary, 
where he was ordained Priest by Bishop 
Corrigan on May 26, 1877; m. (1) in 
1877, Julia Courtney Scammon, d. of 
General E. Parker Scammon, a West 
Point graduate who served on General 
Scott's Staff in Mexico and in the Civil 
War; (2) in 1909, Marie Stuart, widow 
of Tyler R. Palmer, a convert. Ed. at 
St. Albans and Burlington and at St. 
Mary's College (Jesuit) at Montreal; 
entered University of Vermont at Bur- 
lington in 1861 (A.B., 1864; A.M., 
1867) ; took law course at Columbia 
Law School ; admitted to the bar of New 
York State in City of New York. Dur- 
ing 1862-63 was a private soldier in 
12th Vt. Regiment, and saw service in 
Virginia. Translated Count de Montal- 
embert's Life of St. Elizabeth (Long- 
mans, Green & Co., 1904). In 1874 was 
one of the first American pilgrims to 
Rome. Address: Lakewood, N. J. New 
York Office at 69 Wall St. 

HOYT, Miss Jennie: 

D. of the late Rev. William Henry 
and Anne (Deming) Hoyt, both converts 
to the Church. Her great-grandfather, 
John Fay, was one of five brothers who 
fought in the American Revolution at 
Bennington, Vt., and her maternal great- 
grandfather. Captain Pownal Deming, 
was an officer in the Revolutionary War. 
Her grandfather. Gen. Daniel Hoyt, of 



Sandwich, N. H., was an earnest anti- 
slavery man. Address: St. Albans, Vt. 

HTJBBELI, Lorenzo: 

General merchant; b. in Arizona, 
1859; owns a very large and valuable art 
collection. Address: Chin Lee, Ariz. 

HUDSON, Rev. Daniel E., C.S.C, LL.D.: 

Editor; author. Since 1S75 editor of 
the Ave Maria. A native of Nahant, 
Mass. Abjured Methodism when four 
years of age. Studied in the public 
schools; Holy Cross College, Worcester, 
Mass., and the University of Notre 
Dame; for some time a member of the 
faculty of this institution. Joined the 
Congregation of the Holy Cross in 1870, 
and was ordained in 1875. An occasional 
contributor to secular and religious jour- 
nals, and the publisher of numerous 
Catholic books, some of which were ed- 
ited by him. Clubs: Indian. Recrea- 
tions: Fishing, travel, and Protestant 
theology. Address: Notre Dame, Ind. 

HUGHES, Very Rev. John J., C.S.P.: 

Priest; Superior General of the Con- 
gregation of St. Paul the Apostle; b. 
December 6, 1856, in New York City; ed. 
in the public schools, St. Charles Col- 
lege, Md., and was graduated from St. 
Francis Xavier's College, N. Y. City, in 
1878; ordained a priest of the Paulist 
Community, 1884. Founded and edited 
the Monthly Calendar for 23 years. Un- 
der his direction, with the hearty ap- 
proval of Archbishop Corrigan, D.D., the 
Catholic Converts League of New York 
was started, and he is still one of its 
vice-presidents. He was the Father Min- 
ister under the administration of Very 
Rev. Father Hewit, and Assistant Su- 
perior to the two former Superiors Gen- 

eral, Very Rev. George Deshon and Very 
Rev. George M. Searle. On July 29, 
1909, he was elected Superior General of 
the Paulist Community for the term of 
five years. He has under his charge 
the Paulist Institutions in New York; 
San Francisco; Chicago; Winchester, 
Tenn.; Austin, Tex., and St. Thomas 
Novitiate in Washington. Address: 415 
West Fifty-ninth St., New York City. 

HUGHES, Rev. Thomas Aloysius, S.J.: 
Educator, author; b. on January 24, 
1849, at Liverpool, England; s. of 
Thomas and Catherine (Hughes) 
Hughes. Ed. at Mechanics' Institute; 
St. Francis Xavier's College, Liverpool, 
England, 1859-63; Stonyhurst College, 
Lancashire, 1863-66; London University, 
1866. Member of Society of Jesus since 
1866; resident in America since 1867. 
Professor of Literature and Philosophy 
at St. Xavier College, Cincinnati; St. 
Louis University, and Detroit College. 
Author of: The Acolyte, or a Christian 
Scholar ( 1875 ) ; Principles of Anthro- 
pology and Biology (Benziger, 1890) ; 
Loyola and the Educational System of 
the Jesuits (Scribners, 1892) ; History of 
the Society of Jesus in North America, 
Colonial and Federal (to be in 6 vols.), 
vol. 1 (Burrows, Cleveland, 1907). As- 
sistant editor on pedagogy. Standard 
Dictionary; contributor to American and 
foreign reviews. Resident in Rome, 1895- 
96, 1900-07. Address: Collegio Pio La- 
tino Americano, 3 Gioacchino Belli, 
Rome, Italy. 

HUHN, Anton: 

President, Huhn Elevator Co. B. Feb- 
ruary 18, 1856, in Milwaukee, Wis.; s. 
of Frank and Anna (Durr) Huhn; ed. in 
private schools and business college. Mil- 



waukee. Engaged in the grain business, 
of which he is now one of the leading 
experts of the country, in 1871; removed 
to Minneapolis, Minn., in 1884; organ- 
ized and became president of the Huhn 
Elevator Co., 1900. M. at Milwaukee, 
January 16, 18'83, to Verona Sieben. 
Member of K. of C, and Chamber of 
Commerce. Office: 1153 Chamber of 
Commerce Bldg; residence, 714 Ea^t 
Seventeenth St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

HTJMPHREY, William Francis: 

Attomey-at-law; b. in San Francisco, 
Cal.; ed. at Clement Grammar School, 
Santa Clara College (degree of A.B., 
1892), and the University of California 
(degree of LL.B.) ; has been President 
of the Olympic Club of San Francisco 
since September, 1907. Address: San 
Francisco, Cal. 

HUNT, Gaillard: 

B. September 8, 1862, at New Orleans, 
La. ; s. of William H. Hunt, Secretary of 
the Na\y and Envoy to Russia; m. Mary 
Goodfellow, a gre