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Full text of "American elite and sociologist, a distinct cyclopedia of twenty thousand American's best families, the national social blue book"

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®lj^ National Mortal Mm Innk 



Edited and Compiled under the Auspices of 

(Sbnmaa iitUtam Iprnn^Bliam 

'( ■ . 

Author of Prominent Men and Women of the Day. Aids to Literary 
Success, Local and National Poets of America, Herringshaw's Library of 
American Biography. American Blue Book of Biography, Herringshaw's 
Encyclopedia of American Biography, Archives of American Biography, 
American Elite and Sociologist, Twelve American Vocational Blue Books 
and numerous other biographical works. 

One thing is forever good- 
Tfiat one thing is success. 

ISrprrsputatiun Us a (Crttprion of Stattnrttou 


Published Annually by the 

Amrrtcau Mint l^aok Publialjrrs 

3312 N. Robcy Street, Chicago, 111. 

Entered according to Act of Congress in 

the vear of 1927 by 


in the office of the Librarian of Congress 
at Washington, D.C. 


volume a galaxy of T wcnty Thousand representative members 
of Elite Clubs, Societies, Asociatiations, Institutions and Organiza- 
tions prominent in the Social, Industrial and Financial Development 
of Life, Thought and ir'rogrcss in the various lines of endeavor trend- 
ing to the betterment of society. 

These representative Citizens of character and influence, by their 
enterprise and thrift, by their activity and sagacity in business, and 
by their zeal in educational, social, and public matters, have contribut- 
ed vastly to the moral, spiritual and material prosperity of the com- 
munity in which they live. 

Sociology is an attempt to account for the origin, growth, struc- 
ture and activities of human society, by the operators of physical, 
vital and psychical causes, working together in a process of evolu- 

As Builders and Merchants, they have erected buildings a-.ul il- 
luminated the marts of trade; in the field of Science and Medicine 
they have produced men of thought and men of action, while at the 
Bar and in the administration of Justice they have shown erudition 
and wisdom. As Clergymen, Educators and Lecturers they have oc- 
cupied high places; as Artists, Musicians and Authors they have con- 
tributed profusely to social life; and last but not least, as Members of 
Clubs, Societies, Associatio ns and other Organizations, they have been 
an invaluable factor in the uplift of thought and progress in all lines 
of human achievements. 

We feel confident that this authentic collection of America's 
foremost living leaders of Social and Industrial Life and Thought 
will be and invaluable acquisition to current literature, and will meet 
with a hearty welcome at the hands of an intelligent public. 


Mistakes will undoubtedly be found in 
this volume, but they exist not for want 
of painstaking efforts to avoid them but 
generally from imperfect manuscripts or 
conflicting statements of standard autho- 
rities. What is worth recording at all, is 
wortn recording carefully and correctly; 
and when mistakes are discovered, a mem- 
orandum of the erors should at once be 
sent to the American Blue Book Publishers 
Chicago, 111., for correction in future edi- 
tions of this work. 

Q^l)t Amcrtran lElttr mtit i^nrinlngtBt 



Atterbury, William Wallace, Millionaire, 
Radnor, Pa. Cs Radnor Hunt, m Arniinia 
C. Rosengarten; r Boudinot Farm. 

Baird, Edward Payson, Business President 
Chicago. 1895 m Cora L. Cox, 2d; r 1221 
Judson avo., Evanston, 111. 

Baker, Henry Dunster, Editor, Minneapo- 
lis. He is identified with the editorial 
staff of the Minneapolis Journal. Cs 
Yale of New York, m Miss Griffiths, Id. 

Baldwin, William Ayer, Railroad Execu- 
tive and Capitalist, New York City. He 
is vice-president Erie Railroad, and is 
prominent in business and financial af- 
fairs. Cs Lotos, Engineers, Railroad, Up- 
per Montclair, Cherry Valley, Youngs- 
town Country, Elmira City. 1920 m a^y- 
ma Gibson; r 25 5th ave. 

Barron, Frederick H., Clergyman, Charles- 
ton, W.Va. Cs Kanawah Country. 1902 
m Mary C. Butter, 2s Id; r 2442 Kana- 
wah. st. 

Barstow, ,Mrs. Clara Drew Sjrmonds, So- 
ciologist, Hollywood, Cal. She is prom- 
inently identified with social and charit- 
able affairs. 1871 m Mr. George Eames 
Barstow, now deceased; r 7280 Foun- 
tain ave. 

Bassett, Charles Kingman, Business Exec- 
utive, Buffalo. He is secretary of Buf- 
falo Meter Company. Cs Delta I^psilon 
Fraternitv, Cornell, Alumni of Western 
New York, Buffalo Athletic, Buffalo 
Canoe, Cherry Hill Country, American 
Society of Mechanical Engineers. 1921 
m Jean Van Inwagen, Is 3d; r 106 Wes- 
ley ave. 

Bates, Charles D., Jr., Business Execu- 
tive, Oakland, Cal. Cs Claremont Coun- 
try, Athenian, Nile. 1906 m Lucretie M. 
Burnham, Is 2d; r 100 Indian road, 
Piedmont, Cal. 

Bay, Mansfield, Lumberman, Clayton,Mo. 
He is identified with the Bay Brothers 
Lumber Company. Cs Bellerive Country, 

Sunset Hill Country. 190.'> m Maude 
Meeker Hubbell, 3d". 

EeUi, W. B., Busine-s President. New York 
City. He is president American Cyana- 
mid Company. Cs University, New York 
Yacht, City of New York." 1903 m Su- 
san Alsop, Id; r 270 Park ave. 

Bias, Randolph, Lawyer, Williamson. W. 
Va. He is district governor of the West 
Virginia Kiwanis. Cs Kiwanis, Univer- 
sity, Guyandot,; Republican. \ 1901 ;m 
Clothilde Gauiot, Is Id; r Twin Oaks. 

Blekre, Edgar O., Stock and Bond Bro. 
ker, Minneapolis. He is president and 
general manager Old National Corpor. 
ation. Cs Minneapolis Civic and Com- 
merce Association, St. Paul Athletic, 
Elks, Masons. 1890 m Hedwig A. Von 
Rohr, Is Id; r 5025 Colfax ave. S. 

Boardman, Miss Rosina CMiniature Pain- 
ter, Huntington, N.Y. Cs American So- 
ciety of Miniature Painters, Colonial 
Dames, Daughters of Revolution, York, 
National Arts. 

Bowers, Chrisee B. D., Co-operator Wil- 
liam D. Bowers Lumber Company, of 
Frederick. Md. She is secretary of the 
boa id of managers Frederick City Hos- 
pital. Cs Daughters American Revolu- 
tion, Harmony Grove Community, Emp- 
ty Stocking, Free Kindergarten. 1896 m 
Grayson E. Bowers, 4s; r Harmony 
Grove, Md. 

Bowers, Grayson E., Lumberman, Frede- 
rick, ]\fd. He is the owner and operator 
with his wife Chrisse Firestone Bowers 
the Willam D. Bowers Lumber Compa- 
nv, specalizing in mill work. Cs Colum- 
bia Lodge, A. F. and A. M., Enoch R. A. 
Chapter No. 23, Enoch Council R. and S. 
Masters 10, Jacques de Molay Comman- 
dery K. T. No. 4, Board of Managers 
Federated Charities, Masonic Temple 
Association.Loats Female Orphan Home. 
1896 m Chrisse B. D. Firestone, 4s; r 
Harmony Grove, Md. 


Boyd, Henry White, Business President 
and Capitalist, Chicago. He is president 
Armour Leather Company. Cs E>:moor 
Country, Highland Park, Chicago Athle. 
tic. 1955 m Olive Jaeoby, Is Id; r 235 
Tiospect ave., Highland Park, 111. 

Bradley, John E., Business President, of 
Worcester, Mass. He is president Os- 
good Bradley Car Company. 1887 m Em- 
ma M. Dingley, 2d; r 7 Military road. 

Bradshaw, Joseph Paul, Banker, of New 
York City. He is a member of the law 
firm of Clark, Dodge and Company. Cs 
various. 19ri6 m Helene Elder Barnette, 
3s 2d; r Convent, N.J. 

Brawlry Espy W., Farmer, Banker and 
Manufacturer, Morrisville, N.C. He is 
prominently identified with business 
and public affairs. Cs various. 1903 m 
Kate Patterson, 4d. 

Brydle, Fenton R., Business President, of 
New York City. He is president Tilo 
Roofing Company, and president Fen- 
toby Realty Corporation. Cs Metropoli- 
tan, New York Athletic, Garden City 
Country. 1905 m Mary Tobin; r 15 
Wendover road, Forest Hills, L.I. 

Bull, Wellington E., Business Executive. 
Bronxville, N.Y". Cs Woodland Country, 
Union League, Bond, American a. acht, 
Bankers, m Gertrude Moore, Id; r Al- 
ger Court East. 

Burnett, Coy, Manufacturer, Los Angeles. 
He is president Monolith Portland Ce- 
ment Company. Cs California, Los An- 
geles. 1915 m Mildred Kingsbury, Is 2d; 
r Del Mar, Cal. 

Burton, Frank V., Jr., Business Executive 
and Capitalist, New Y'ork City. Cs Rac- 
quet and Tennis, Riding, Turf and Field 
Harvard, m Beatrice Eliot, 2d; r 149 
E. 73rd St. 

Butterfield, Clement F., Packer of Food 
Products, Baltimore. He is prominently 
identified with business, public and fi- 
nancial affairs; and has held many posi- 
tions of trust and honor. Cs Maryland 
Historical Society and other organiza- 
tions. 1901 m Marcella Editha Lacv, Id; 
r 2723 N. Charles st. 

Canale, James L., Business Executive, of 
Memphis, Tenn. He is vice-president D. 
Canale and Company. Cs various. Is Id; 
r 549 8. Belvidere ave. 

Casey, John F., Chairman, Pittsburgh. He 
is chairman of the Board of American 
Dre-sler Tunnel Kilns, Inc. Cs Duquesne 
Pittsburgh Field, Pittsburgh Athletic, 
Longue Vue Country, Pittsburgh Coun- 
try, Harrisburg, Union, Pennsylvania 

Countrv. 1896 m Marv Ethel Lee, 3s 3d; 
r 4789 Wallingford st. 

Chetham, Norman Dickinson, Lumberman, 
Twickenham, Middlesex, England. 1915 
m Helen Vilas, 2s; r Scion House. 

Clark, Herbert Lincoln, Banker, Hard- 
wicke, Bryn Mawr, Pa. He is a member 
of firm of E. W. Clark and Company. 
Cs Rittenhouse, Philadelphia Cricket, 
Germantown Cricket, Gulph Hills Golf, 
Harvard. 1907 nx F^'lizabeth ; Conway 
Bent, 2d. 

Clark, J. M., Civil Engineer, Sarasota, 
Fla. 1895 m Anna R. Stanley, 2s. 

Coffin, John P., Newspaper Work and 
Publisher, Johnstown, Fla. He estab- 
lished the first , daily newspapf^r in 
Southern Kansas at Parsons, and is a 
large holder of real estate in Florida. 
Cs Nations Committee, Chairman for 
Florida Prohibition party. 1877 m Char- 
lotte R. Jones, 4s Id; r 2102 Prairie av. 

Cohen, Sidney M., Manufacturer, Milwou- 
kee. Wis. He is chairman board of the 
Monarch Manufacturing Company. Cs 
Rotary, Izak W^alton League. 1910 m 
Sophia Ballenberg, Id. 

Coleman, Samuel Taylor, Business Presi- 
dent, Macon, Ga. He is president Chero- 
kee Brick Company; and is president of 
Coleman, Meadows Pate Drug Company. 
Cs Rotary, Idle Hour Country, Satilla 
River. 1901 m Edith Dean Stetson, 23 
Id; r 317 College st. 

Collins, Berry Haley, Promoter and Fin- 
ancier, Atlanta, Ga. Cs Piedmont Driv- 
ing, Capitol City, St. Andrews Bay Golf 
Recreation, m Gertrude Edith Hill, Is; 
r 180 14th ave. N., Atlanta, Ga.; and 
Lynn Ha\en Hotel, Lynn Haven, Fla. 

Compton, Charles Adolphus, Restaurateur, 
San Francisco. He is pro})rletor of bus- 
iness at 144 Ellis st., and 8-10 Kearny 
St., San Francisco. Cs Genesee Falls 
Lodge No. 507, Islam Temple, Masonic, 
Olympic, Pacific Edgewater, California 
Development League. 1911 m Bessie M. 
McGann; r 800 Bush st. 

Compton, Mrs. Charlotte Benedict, Socio- 
logist, Millbrook, N.Y". She is actively 
engaged in Red Cross, Health, charity 
and social work in Paris and London. 
Cs Womans City and Country, League 
of Womens Voters. 1905 m Mr. Barnes 
Compton, Id. 

Congdon, Gilbert Maurice, Business Presi- 
dent, Providence, R.I. Cs Hope, Agawam 
Hunt, Rhode Island Country, Yale. 1910 
m Caroline Rose Grosvenor, 4s; r 87 
Cooke st. 


Cooke, William Harvey, Physician, East 
Orange, N.J. Cs New Jersey Medical 
Association, Essex Countiy, Orange 
Lawn and Tennis. 1898 m Mary E. Rey- 
nolds, Is 3d; r 308 Main st. 

Cottrell, Jesse Samuel, Statesman, LaPaz, 
Bolivia. Cs National Press, LaPaz. 1918 
m Lucile "Wilcox, Id; r American Lega- 

Courteney, William Howard, Civil Engi- 
neer, Louisville, Kj-. He is chief engi- 
neer of the Louisville and Nashville 
Railroad Company. Cs Engineers, Archi- 
tects, Pendennis, Kentucky, Conserva- 
tion. 1923 m Isabel Stevenson Clark, 2s; 
r 1110 Third ave. 

Crawford, L. D., Civil Engineering and 
Contracting, Mercedes,Texas. He is vice- 
president and general manager of Cal- 
lahan Crawford Construction Company. 
Cs U.S. Army Reserve Corps. 

Culbertson, Samuel A., Stock and Bond 
Broker, Louisville, Ky. He is a director 
Citizens Union Fidelity Trust Company. 
Cs Kentucky, Louisville Country, BrooK, 
Tennis and Racquet, Essex Country. In 
1886 m Louise Craig, 2s; r Louisville, 
Ky., and New York. 

Cushman, Burritt A., Business Executive, 
New York City. He is executive secre- 
tary Sushman's Sons, Incorporated. Cs 
Hudson River Country, New York Ro- 
tary, Bankers. 1889 m Hermione Bur- 
bank, 3s Id; r 55 Carvl ave., Youkers, 

Dahl, O. R., Economic Geologist and Min- 
ing Engineer, Seattle, Wash. He is pre- 
sident Virginia Agenda Company. Cs 
Royal Arch Mason. 1916 m Lulu A. 
Dier; r Seattle.Wash.; and Silverton, 

Dadant, Camille Pierre, Editor and Pub- 
lisher, Hamilton, 111. 1S75 m Mary Mari- 
nelli, 3s 4d. 

Daiger, Mathias L., Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Baltimore. He is manag- 
ing director and secretary Maryland 
State I'air and Agricultural Society. Cs 
Baltimore Museum of Art. Baltimore, 
Advertising. 1900 m Pearl V. Brooks; r 
3227 Viekers road. 

Dake, William Ward, Business President 
and Capitalist, Rochester, N.Y. He is 
president and treasurer Dake Realty 
Corporation. Cs Genesee Valley, Roches- 
ter Country. 1888 m Katharine M. Con- 
nor; r Snug Hollow, East ave., Brigh- 
ton Station. 

Dallam, C. Braxton, Retired Business Ex- 
ecutive, Baltimore. Cs Maryland, Mer- 
chants, Elkridge, Baltimore Country. 
1898 m Maurice Poultney Fisher, Id; r 
at N.E. Greenway and Wendover road, 

Dalrymple, Franklin Stewart, Broker and 
Capitalist, St. Paul. He is prominent in 
business and public affairs; and has 
held many positions of trust and honor. 
Cs Minnesota, Town and Country, St. 
Paul Athletic. 1905 m Gertrude M. But- 
chart; r 210 Otis ave. 

Dane, Charles H., Business President and 
Capitalist, New York City. He is presi- 
dent Clarke and Dana, Incorporated. Cs 
Glen Ridge Country, and Rock Springs 
Country, m Ella M. Ingraham, Id; r 
103 Beach st.. East Orange, N.J. 

Danford, M. E., Business Executive, Mid- 
dletown, Ohio. Cs Masonic, Shrine. 1903 
m IMary Rico, Is Id. 

Danforth, William C, Gynecologist and 
Obstetrician, Evanston, 111. Cs Univer- 
sity, Chicago Yacht, Glenview Golf. 
1909 m Gertrude MacLean, Is. 

Dann, Max, Business President, Philadel- 
phia. He is president Dann Millinery 
Companv. Cs Linwood Countrv, Atlantic 
City, N.J., Elks, U.S. Chamber of Com- 
merce. 1909 m Freda Amsterdam, Is 2d, 
r 32 S. Tallahassee ave., Atlantic City, 

Dannreuther, Walter T., Surgeon, of New 
York City. Cs Lotos, Engineers Country, 
Cooperstown Country. 1911 m Anna R. 
Tower, r 580 Park ave. 

Danzis, Maximilian, Surgeon, Newark, N. 
J. Cs Mason. 1899 m Jennie Reich, 2d; 
r 608 High st. 

Darby, Samuel E., Patent Lawyer, New 
York City. Cs New York Press, South- 
ern. 1887 m Estelle Lee Rawlings, 2s; 
r Palisade, N.Y. 

Darling, Frederick Edgar Bradford, Manu- 
facturer, Troy. Cs Troy, Masonic, Mys. 
tic Shrine. 1900 m Helen Savery, Is Id; 
r 177 Pawling ave. 

Darling, William Lafayette, Engineer and 
Capitalist, St. Paul, Minn. He has re- 
tired from active business. Cs Sons of 
American Revolution, Minnesota, Uni- 
versity. 1901 m Alice Ernestine BeVans 
2s Id; r 2100 Tglehart ave. 

Darman, Arthur L, Business President, of 
Woonsocket, R.I. m Frances F. Cohan, 
Is Id; r 309 Prospect st. 



Darnell, Raleigh Harman, Merchant and 
Eealtor, Keokee, Va. Cs Keokee Better 
School, Masonic, Shrine. 1911 m Mila 
Ijewis, Is Id. 

Daskam, Walter D., Banker, of Stamford, 
C^onn. He is president Stamford Trust 
Company. Cs Suburban, Woodway Coun- 
try, Stamford Yacht. 1897 m Harriet 
Ti'llcy, Id; r 300 Main st. 

Dauby, Nathan, Business Executive, of 
Cleveland. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs; and 
has held many positions of trust and 
honor. Cs Oakwood, Excelsior, Criterion, 
Chamber of Commerce, m Bessie Bra- 
ham, Is Id; r 11212 Euclid ave. 

David, L. C, Business Executive, 
reneeville, 111. Cs various, m Rowena 
Eobinson, Is Id. 

Davidson, Hugh Crawford, Business Pres- 
ident and Caiiital^.st, Xew Orleans. He 
is ]iresident Davidson's Dental Supply 
Company. Cs various. 1901 m Corinne 
rdith Apps, 3s; r 1415 Cadiz st. 

Davis, Charles Strout, Business Executive, 
Muncie, Ind. Cs Masonic, Columbia, and 
Northport Golf. 1904 m Florence John- 
son; 2 s Id; r 328 E. Washington st. 

Davis, Harry Phillips, Electrical Engineer, 
Pittsburgh. Cs University, University of 
Pittsburgh, Engineers, Pittsburgh Ath- 
letic Association, Eailroad, Oakmount, 
Edgewood. 1892 m Agnes L. Taylor, Is 
Id ; r 491 Wallingf ord st. 

Davis, John Staige, Surgeon, "Baltimore. 
He is prominently identified with busi- 
ness and public affairs. Cs Yale, Mary- 
land, Baltimore, Elkridge, Fox Hunting. 
1907 m Kathleen Gordon Bowdoin, 2s 
Id; r 215 Wendover road. 

Davis, Jonathan, McMillan, Farmer, Bron. 
son, Kan. Cs Masonic, Scottish Eite, 
Shrine, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias 
Elks, Eagles, Woodmen. 1894 m Mollie 
Purdona, Is 2d; r Eoute 2, Bronson, 

Davis, Marion Bostwick, Manufacturer, of 
Elkridge, Md. 1907 m Clara Hemphill, 
Is Id. 

Davis, Samuel H.,, West- 
erly, E.I. He is director of various cor- 
porations in R.I. and N.Y. Cs Misquam- 
icur Golf. 1893 m Nina G. Hinman, 2d; 
r Elm Court. 

Davis, Ulster, Contractor, Eensselaer, N. 
Y. Cs Masonic. 1885 m Eugenia Van 
Zandt. Is Id; r 6 Akin ave. 

Davol, Frank H., Jr., Business President, 
New York City. Cs American Society of 

Mechanical Engineers. 

Davock, Harlow Noble, Service Manager, 
Detroit, Mich. He is service manager of 
Packard Motor Car Company. Cs De- 
troit Athletic, Country, Pine Lake Coun- 
try. 1910 m Eloise Dickerson, Is; r 112 
Dewey st., Birmingham, Mich. 

Dawson, George M., Surgeon, West Palm 
Beach, F!a. Cs various. 1918 m Marga- 
retta Dettrich. 

Day, Jerome James, Mining, Banker and 
Capitalist, Wallace, Idaho. He is presi- 
dent Wallace Bank and Trust Company, 
Cs Spokane City, Spokane Country, Am- 
erican Institute of Mining and Metallur- 
gical Engineers, Shoshone Country, and 
American Elctrochemical. m Lucy Mix, 
Is Id. 

Day, Harry Arnold, Eetired Broker and 
Capitalist, New York City. Cs New 
York Athletic. 1900 m Jessie Winterton 
Is Id; r 205 W. 57th st. 

Dean, Emery, Lawyer, New York City, ^.s 
New York Yacht, Lawyers, Baltusrol 
G"lf, Woods Hole Golf. 1904 m Emily 
Gould MacDougall, now deceased. 1910 
m Em'lv Isabel Yalle Ewind, Id; r in 
Short Hills, N.J. 

Dean, George E., Business President and 
Capitalist, Albion, Mich. He is presi- 
dent and manager ITnion Steel Products 
Company, president Albion Foundry and 
Machine Company. Cs Mason, Moslem 
Shrine. 1896 m Belle Aurill Clark, 3s 3d. 

de Rosset, Mrs. Ida Randolph, Sociologist, 
Baltimore. 1906 m Thomas C. de Rosset, 
now deceased, who was a director of the 
Baltimore Country Club, r 12 Hillside 
road, Poland Park. 

Dickney, Charles H., Business Executive 
and Capitalist, San Francisco. He is pro- 
minently identified with business and 
public affairs; and has held many posi- 
tions of trust and honor. Cs various, r 
57 Fairmount Hotel. 

Dickinson, W. Meredith, Eealtor, Trenton, 
X.J. Cs Trenton. 1899 m Eoxaline C. 
Howell, 2d; r 841 Edgewood ave. 

Dickson, Joseph, Jr., Lawyer, St. Louis. 
Cs Harvard Graduate. 1901 m Sydney 
F. Boyd, Id; r 414 Union blvd. 

Disney, James T., Business Executive, of 
Eichmond, Va. He is president and man- 
aging director. Cs Country of Virginia, 
Commonwealth, McGill Catholic. 1902 m 
Madeleine McCabe Murphy, Is Id; t 
Murphy 's Hotel. 

Dopp, Katherine Elizabeth, Educator and 
Author, Chicago, r 5730 Drexel ave. 



Drake, G. Willis, Glass Manufacturer, of 
Corning, N.Y. He is manager Industrial 
Laboratory Sales Division. Cs Corning, 
Corning Country, Pomonok. 1917 m Mrs. 
Anderson Black, no children; r 62 E. 
oth st. 

Dymond, Franklin Pierce, Banker, Liber- 
tj^ville, 111. Cs Knights Templar, Bound 
Lake Golf. 1881 m Flora A. Colby, 2s; 
r Chicago, 111.; and Jackson, Minn. 

Earle, Ralph, College President, Worces- 
ter, Mass. Cs Worcester, Worcester Eco- 
nomic, Society for Promotion of Engi- 
neering and Education, American Le- 
gion, L^niversity, Tatnuck Country, Ar- 
my and Navy, New York Yacht, Quinsi- 
gamond Boat, Society of Naval Archi- 
tects and Marine Engineers. 1898 m 
Janet Turner Schenck, Is Id; r 11 Boy- 
nyon st. 

Eaton, Coral, Sociologist, New Y'ork City. 
Cs Daughters of American Eevolution, 
Penna Huguenot Society, Colony, Inter- 
national Garden, Womens Golf and Ten- 
nis, Temson Country, Sleepy Hollow, m 
Frederick Heber Eaton, now deceased; 
r 182 W. 58th st. 

Ecker, Frederick E., Millionaire, New York 
City. He is p)rominently identified with 
busness, financial and public affairs, r 
fi20 Park ave. 

Eighmy, Lee W., Building Contractor, of 
Buffalo. 1896 m Ethel Green, 3s; r SOU 
Forest ave. 

Ellis, Benjamin Robert, Lumberman, Au- 
gusta, Ga. Cs various. 1908 m Mel Eo- 
bertson, Is Id; r 1213 Glenn ave, The 

Ellis, Sherman K., Business Executive, of 
New York City. Cs Westchester-Biltmore 
Country, Uptown. 1916 m Margaret 
Hayes, Is 2d; r Bronxville, N.Y. 

Ferriss, Franklin, Retired Jurist, of St. 
Louis. 1880 m Elizabeth Simon, 2s Id; r 
7914 Prospect place. La JoUa, Cal. 

Ferry, William Montague, Mining Engi- 
neer, Salt Lake City, Utah. Cs Univer- 
sity. 1896 m Ednah Truman, 2s; r 164 
E. S. Temple st. 

Finkle, Frederick Cecil, Consulting Engi- 
neer, Los Angeles. Cs California, Bohe- 
mian, Edgewater, Santa Monica, m Hen- 
rietta Catherine Billette, Is; r 1015 W. 
93rd St. 

Fisher, G-. Burgess, Insurance President, 
Hartford, Conn. He is president George 
B. Fisher Company, Incorporated Cs 
Sons of American Revolution, Farming- 

ton Country. 1904 m Jane Elizabeth 
Bates, Is 3ci; r 166 Collins st. 

Fitch, William Edward, Physician, New 
York City. He is assistant in surgical 
clinic at St. Luke 's Hospital, and vice- 
president and surgical director Keystone 
Instant Food Company. Cs Lotos. 1892 
m Minnie Crump; r Mount Vernon, N.J. 

Frazier, Frederic H., Manufacturer, New 
York City. He is chairman of the board 
General Baking Corporation. Cs Union 
League, St. Nicholas, Bakers, New York 
Athletic, Westchester-Biltmore, Bonnie 
Briar Country. 1898 m Lou Hastings, 
now deceased, Is; r 620 Park ave. 

Fiirlong, Frank P., Business Executive, of 
Hartford, Conn. He is vice-president of 
Hartford Aetna National Bank.Cs Hart- 
ford, Hartford Golf, Metabetchuouan 
Fish and Game, Bolton Fish and Game. 

Galland, Nathaniel K., Retired Merchant, 
New York City. Cs Dunwoodie Golf.and 
Economic. Unmarried; r 120 W. 57th st. 

Goff, Dariiis, Manufacturer and Business 
President, Pawtucket, R.I. He is presi- 
dent Pressed Metal Company, and also 
treasurer and director of the Bridge 
Mill Power Company. Cs Old Colony, 
Wannamoisett Country, Turks Head. In 
1916 m Ada Josephine Kirby, Is Id; r 
1 Homestead W. 

Green, Dwight Phelps, Lawyer, Chicago. 
He is a member of firm Kirkland Pat- 
terson and Fleming. Cs Harvard, Yale 
Princeton, Sky-line, Sunset Ridge Coun- 
try, m Ella K. Porter, Is; r 329 Chestnut 
St., Winnctka, 111. 

Heppenheimer, William Christian, Busi- 
ness President and Lawyer, New York 
City. He is Brigadier-General New Jer- 
sey National Guard. Cs Army and Navy 
America, Harvard, Bankers, Engineers, 
Union League, Careret, New Jersey Ci- 
ty, Areola Country. 1890 m Blanche Mil- 
ler, Is Id; r 291 Montgomery st., Jersey 
City, N.J. 

Hogan, William J., Business President, of 
Indianapolis, Ind. He is president Na- 
tional Terminal Corporation. Cs Rotary, 
Indianapolis Country, Woodstock Colum. 
bia. Union. 1901 m Mavme Lingenfelter, 

Hurley, Neil C, Business President, of 
River Forest, 111. He is president Hurley 
Machine Company of Chicago. Cs Chica- 
go Athletic, Union League, Oak Park 
Country, Chicago Golf, Oak Park. 1906 
m Mary Sullivan, Is 2d; r 435 Ashland 



Jones, Mrs. Egbert, Sociologist, of Holly 
Springs, Miss. Cs National Officers, and 
Yorktown Country. 1889 m Egbert -Jones 
3s Id. 

Knowlton, Annie Dean, Business Execu- 
tive, Rochester, N.Y. She is treasurer 
M. D. Knowlton Company. Cs Rochester 
Art, American Federations of Arts. 

Lamdin, N. Gist, Business Executive, of 
New York City. He is general manager 
of The Philadelphia Advertising Com- 
pany. 1910 m Marie Louise Thomas, Is 
Id; r 50 Grenfell ave., Kew Gardens, 

Lee, Charles A., Business Executive and 
Capitalist, Saliua, Kans. Cs Rotary.and 
Country, m Grace Moses. 

Lieb. John William, Business Executive, 
New York City. He is vice-president of 
New York Edison Company. Cs Engi- 
neers, Westcliester-Biltmore^ Country, 
Italian Society of Engineers and Archi- 
tects, American Interstate Electrical En- 
gineers, Franklin Institute. 1886 m Min- 
nie F. Engler, Is 2d; r New Rochelle, 

Lieber, Albert, Business Executive, India- 
nai)olis, Ind. He is director First Na- 
tional Bank. Cs Indianapolis Athletic, 
Woodstock Country, m Meda Langtry, 
2s .3d; r 3119 N. Meridian St. 

McCay, Henry Kent, Consulting and Con- 
tracting Engineer, Baltimore. Cs Army 
and Navv. 1900 m Florence C. Hawes, 
Id; r 618 W. 40th st. 

Milnor, George Sparks, Business Execu- 
tive, Alton, 111. He is vice-president of 
Sparks Milling Company, vice-president 
Millers Mutual Fire Insurance Corapany, 

Cs Sons American Revolution, Sons of 
Veterans, Belvidere Commander No. 2, 
Rotary Club. 1907 m Alice Bowman, Is. 
1913 m Alice Ryrie, 2s; r 320 E. 4th st. 

Peters, Richard Calvin, Business Execu- 
tive, Omaha, Neb. He is president of 
Peters Trust, and chairman of board of 
Peters National. Cs University, Happy 
Hollow, Chamber of Commerce. 1887 m 
Margaret Reed, 2s 2d; r 4822 Cass st. 

Porter, F. E., Business Executive, Boston, 
Mass. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs; and has 
held many positions of trust and honor. 
Cs various. 

Ealston, John Gould, Manufacturer, Dixon, 
111. He is vice-president and treasurer 
Reynolds Wire Company. Cs University, 
Chicago, Saddle and Cycle, Harvard, 
Yale, Princeton of Chicago, Dixon Coun- 
try. 1915 m Lucile Lyon, 2d; r Dixon, 
111.; and Chicago. 

Schooley, H. B., Business Executive, Buf- 
falo. He is ])rominently identified with 
business and public affairs; and has 
held many positions of trust and hnor. 
Cs various. 

Thayer, Willard H., Retired Manufacturer, 
North Abington, Mass. Cs Brockton 
Country, Thorney Lea Golf, Union Glee, 
Masonic. 1896 m Anna M. Beaman, Is 
Id; r 160 Adams st. 

Williams, George P., Business Executive, 
Kansas City, Mo. He is president and 
general manager Bliss Syrup Refining 
Company. Cs Rotary, Scottish and York 
Rite Masons, Chamber of Commerce, Na- 
tional Preservers Association. 1897 m 
Caroline Biddle Huntoon, 2s; r 3401 
Karnes blvd. 

©lip Nattottal i>ortal Hit? lonk 

Aagaard, Walter Scott, Investment Bank- 
er and Capitalist, Chicago. He is presi- 
dent W. S. Aagaard and Company, in- 
vestment bankers. Cs Bankers, Midlo- 
thian, Knollwood, Union League, m Ma- 
thilde Y. Stoll, Id; r 20 E. Cedar st. 

Abadie, Eugene Hilarian, Consulting En- 
gineer, Washington. Cs Eacquet, Engi- 
neers, Croaton Country. 1903 m Gloria 
Boling, Is 2d; r Westmoreland. 

Abbe, Alanson Joseph, Eetired Oculist, 
Fall River, Mass. Cs Mason, American 
Medical Associations. 1885 m Adelaide 
Eaton; Is Id; r Winter Park, Fla. 

Abbe, Cleveland, Scientist, Washington. Cs 
College. 1903 m Frieda Dauer, Is Id; 
r 625 S. Broadway, Yonkers. 

Abbe, Robert, Retired Surgeon and Finan- 
cier, Xew York City. Cs Century, Uni- 
versity, Country. 1890 m Mrs. Court- 
landt Palmer, now deceased; r 40 W. 
59th St. 

Abbe, Truman, Physician and Surgeon. 
Washington. 1902 m Ethel W. Brown; 
3s 2d; r 3737 Huntington, Chevy Chase, 

Abbot, Edward Stanley, Physician, Bos- 
ton. 1910 m Marion Wetherill; r 29 
Gloucester st. 

Abbot, Edwin Hale, Business Executive, 
Cambridge. 1859 m Mary Carter; r 1 
Follen st. 

Abbot, Edwin Hale Jr., Lawyer, Cam- 
bridge. 1914 m Sarah Otis Ernst; r 1 
Follen st. 

Abbot, Henry Dehon, Engineer, Cambridge 
Mass. Cs College. 1914 m Dorothy Mer- 
riam. Is 2d; r Chauncey Terrace. 

Abbott, Donald P., Professor of Medicine, 
Chicago. Cs City Club. 1918 m Marion 
Sturges Drummer, Is 2d; r 5600 Kim- 
bark ave. 

Abbott, Edgar Lawrence, Banker, Colum- 
bus. Ohio. Cs Goodale Lodge, Scottish 
Rite, Shriner, Athletic. 1907 m Henrietta 
Sibley, 2s; r 80 Dominion blvd. 

Abbott, Edwin Milton, Lawyer and States- 
man, Philadelphia. Cs Manufacturers, 
Lawyers, Old York Country, Sagamore, 
Country. 1905 m Florence H. Nelson, Is 
Id; r 70S 64th ave. 

Abbott, Ernest Hamlin, Clergyman, New 
York City. Cs Storm King Golf, Nation- 
al Press of Washington, New York 
Press, City. 1899 m May Louise Kle- 
berg, 5s; r Cornwall-on-Hudson. 

Abbott, Gardner, Lawyer, Cleveland, Ohio. 
He is prominently identified with busi- 
ness and judicial affairs. Cs Union, 
Tavern, Midday, Kirtland Country, Pep- 
per Pike, Yale. 1913 m Lois Allen, 3s; 
r 2531 N. Park blvd. 

Abbott, Gordon, Multi-Millionaire, of 17 
Court St., Boston. Cs Somerset, m Kath- 
arine McL. Tiffany; r 240 Beacon st. 

Abbott, Harlan Page, Surgeon, Providence 
R.I. Cs Art Club, University, Turks 
Head, Hollywood. 1898 m Cornelie Sea- 
bury Cook, 2d; r 152 Angell st. 

Abbott, Henry Pryor Almon, Rector, Bal- 
timore. Since 1919 he has been Rector 
of Grace and St. Peter's Church. 1907 
m Rachel Carolina Gwin, 2s 3d; r 709 
Park ave. 

Abbott, Holker, Sociologist, Boston. Cs 
Somerset. Tavern, National Art of New 
York. Unmarried; r The Hundreds, Wel- 
losley Hills, Mass. 

Abbott, Howard Strickland, Lawyer, Ju- 
rist, Author. Minneapolis, Cs Minnea- 
polis, Minikahda, Lafayette. 1898 m 
Mary Louise Johnson, Is Id; r 900 6th 
St., S.E. 

Abbott, James II, Business Executive, 
Cleveland. 1917 m Dorothy Wilbor, Is 
Id; r 2891 Huntington road. Shaker 

Abbott, John J., Banker, Chicago. He is 
vice-president Continental Trust and 
Savings Bank. Cs Chicago Athletic, Chi- 
cago Golf; r 3224 S. Michigan ave. 



Abbott, John Steele, Physician, St. Paul. 
Cs University. 1919 m Daisy Thomson, 
Is; r 19 Crocus place. 
Abbott, Lawrence Fraser, Editor, New 
York City. Cs Lotos. 1905 m Winifred 
Buck; r 194 S. Greenway, Forest Hill 
Garden City, L.I. 
Abbott, Paul, Banker, New York City. Cs 
Yale. 1920 m Elise Everett, Id; r 155 E. 
72nd St. 
Abbott, William Lamont, Engineer, Chica- 
go. Cs Fellow American Society of Me- 
chanical Engineers, Chicago Athletic. 
1883 m Caroline E. Entwhistle, 2s 3d; 
r 4616 Beacon st. 
Abbott, William Martin, Lawyer, San 
Francisco. Cs Native Sons of the Gol- 
den West, Knights Templar, Shrinera, 
Masons, Elks. 1895 m Anna Josephine 
Mac eVan, 2s; r 58 Sutter st. 
Abbott, William Rufus, Business President 
Chicago. Cs Chicago, Chicago Yacht,Ex- 
moor Country, Delavan Country, Indus- 
trial, Commercial, Mid-Day. 1892 m Ma- 
bel Eosalie Harland, Is Id; r 5741 Ken- 
more ave. 
Abel, Arunah S., Business Executive, Bal- 
timore. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Gibson 
Island. 1921 m Eleanor B. Cugle, Is; 
r Woodlawn near Govans. 
Abeles, Robert, Merchant and Manufac- 
turer, St. Louis. Cs University. 1915 m 
Katherine Peddle, Is; r 5321 Delmar 
Abell, Irvin, Surgeon and Bank Director, 
Louisville, Ky. He is professor of sur- 
gery University of Louisville. Cs. Pen- 
dennis, Louisville Country, Sleepv Hol- 
low. 1907 m Carrie Harting, 48: r 1433 
S. 3rd St. 
Abell, Walter WiUlam, Multi-Millionaire, 
Baltimore. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs 
Maryland. 1912 m Mary J. Forbes Zell; 
r Washington Place, and Vesper Hill. 
Woodbrook, Md. 
Abercombie, D. P., Business Executive, 
Greenfield, Mass. 1897 m Ella Crocker, 
Is Id; r Turner Falls, Manomet. 
Abercombie, David T., Merchant and Man- 
Tifacturer, Brooklyn. Cs Camp Fire, Ha- 
milton, Briar Cliff Country, Explorers, 
Rotary, Woodcraft League, Greenwood 
Lake Country, Zoological. 1895 m Lucy 
Abbott Cate^, 28 2d; r 128 Columbia 
Abercrombie, Robert Gardner, Merchant 
and Banker, Irvington, N.Y. Cs Briar 
Hills Country, Irvington Pastime, Auto- 

mobile, National Travel. 1925 m Le- 
vanche May Lutes; r Irvington-on-Hud- 
son, N.Y. 
Abercrombie, Ronald Taylor, Physician, 
Baltimore. He is director Physical Ed- 
ucation Johns Hopkins University. _ Ca 
Maryland, University, Johns Hopkins, 
Gibson Island. 1906 m Jennie Scott Wa- 
ters, 2d; r 10 Whitfield road, Guilford. 
Abernethy, Arthur Talmage, Educator, 
Eutherford College, N.C. r Asheville,N.O. 
Abney, John Rutledge, Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs Metropolitan. 1896 m Mary L. 
Pendleton; r 19 E. 86th st. 
Abraham, Arthur L., Banker, Watson, 111. 

1899 m Edythe Gladson, 3s 2d. 
Abraham, Ludolph H., Manufacturer, New 
York Citv. 1880 m Ida Shoninger, Is 2d; 
r 46 W. "l9th st. 
Abrams, Leland De 'yo. Business Executive 
and Financier, Washington. Cs Prince 
George Country and American Business. 
1921 m Ruth Kuhlman, 2s Id; r De'yo 
Manor, Chevy Chase, Md. 
Abrams, Leroy, Educator, Stamford Uni- 
versity,Cal. 1909 m Letitia Patterson,ld. 
Abt, Isaac Arthur, Surgeon, Chicago. Cs 
Quadrangle, City, Illinois Athletic As- 
sociation, r 4810 Kenwood ave. 
Acheson, Stephen W., Business Executive, 
New York City. 1919 m Henrietta J. 
Eggers, Is Id; r Dunellen, N.J. 
Achorn, Edgar Oakes, Lawyer, Boston. Cs 
Boston Art, Massachusetts Historic, Gen- 
ealogical, Unitarian. Layman's League. 
1906 m Alice Morse; r 30 Beaufort road 
Acken, Thomas M., Phvsician, New York 
City. Cs Elks. 1920 in Lillian Florence 
Lyon; r La Grangeville, N.Y. 
Ackerman, J. A. V., Business Executive, 
New Y''ork City. He is managing direc- 
tor Levy Bros, and Adler Rochester, 
tailors, r Hotel Sagamore, East Ave., 
Ackerman, J. Walter, Engineer and States- 
man, Watertown, N.Y. Cs American So- 
cietv of Civil and Mechanical Engineers. 
1902 m Helen Vedder, 2s Id. 
Ackley. Frederick Chauncey, Business 
President, Aberdeen, S.D. Cs Masons, 
Elks. 1903 111 Verta Pearson, Is Id. 
AckUn. Graff M., Manufacturer, Toledo. 
Cs Masonic, Scottish Rite. Toledo. 1881 
m .Jessie Ridenour. os Id; r The Mil- 
Adair, Edmund James, Department Store 
Proprietor. Clinton, S.C. He is owner 
find general merchandise manager of 
the Adair Denartment Store. Cs Rotary 
Commercial. 1904 m Lois Meadora. 



Adair, Irvine James, Engineer, Belling- 
ham, Wash. Cs Kulslian, Bellingham 
Golf, Country, Shriner. 1873 m W. Anne 
Thompson, 2d; r South Bellingham. 
Adair, Watson Black, Lawyer, Pittsburgh. 
Cs Duquesne, Allegheny Country, r 214 
Quaker rd, Sewickley, Pa. 
Adam, William, Artist, Pacific Grove, Cal. 
He has painted in South America, Eu- 
rope and many foreign countries. Cs 
Glasgow Art, Boston Art. 1906 m Mary 
S Taft Blewman. 
Adam, William Forsyth, Business Execu- 
tive, New York City. 1900 m Florence 
Leach, 3s; r Summit, N.J.; and in New 
York City. ^ 

Adamick, Gustavo H., Wholesale Druggist 
and Capitalist, Chicago. He is promin- 
ent in business and public affairs: and 
has held many positions of trust and 
honor. Cs Chicago Athletic, Hamilton, 
Lake Shore Athletic, Medinah Country, 
Chicago Eidino- Old Colony. 1890 m 
Eose Schlev, Id; r 666 Irving Park blvd 
Adamowski, Joseph, Educator, Boston. Cs 
St Botolph. 1896 m Antoinette Szum- 
owska, Is Id; r 11 Channing st, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 
Adamowski, Timothee, Teacher of Violm, 
Boston. Cs Tennis and Racquet, Boston. 
1903 m Gertrude L. Pancoast; r 23 
Chestnut st. 
Adams, Andrew Addison, Lawyer, New 
York City. Cs Whist. 1890 m Lois An- 
drew; r Hotel Gotham. 
Adams, Arthur Educator and Author, 
Hartford, Conn. Cs Modern Language, 
Society of Biblical Literature. 1910 m 
Emma G. Steelman, Is Id; r 73 Vernon 

St. -, ^ . 

Adams, Asael Edward, Banker and Capi- 
talist, Youngstown, Ohio. He is presi- 
dent First National Dollar Savings and 
Trust Company. Cs S.A.R., Mayflower, 
Youngstown. Youngsown Country, Union 
Kirtland Countrv of Cleveland. 1895 m 
Anna Julia Shook, 2s; r 1310 Fifth st. 

Adams. Bertram F., Insurance Executive 
and Capitalist, Chicago. Cs University, 
r 6576 Tjakeview ave. 

Adams, Charles, Eealtor, Audubon Park, 
New York Citv. Cs S.A.E. 1907 m Elira- 
beth Frances Park, Is 2d; r 611 W. 
156th St. ^^.^ ^ , 

Adams, Charles B., Millionaire, Philadel- 
phia, r 415 W. Price st., Germantown. 

Adams, Charles B., Millionaire, Cleveland, 
r 2700 E. Overbrook road, Cleveland 

Adams, Charles Closson, Banker, New 
York City. Cs Eockaway Hunting. 1896 

m Elizabeth K. Spillin; r Oak Lodge, 
Cedarhurst, L.I. 
Adams, Charles Edward, Business Presi- 
dent, New York City. Cs Racquet and 
Tennis. 1917 m Phyllis E. Shearson; r 
35 E. 84th St. 
Adams, Charles F., Millionaire, Portland, 

Ore. r 783 Flanders st. 
Adams, Charles F., Millionaire, Boston. Cs 
Somerset, m Frances Lovering; r 177 
Commonwealth ave. 
Adams, Charles H., Steamship Executive, 
New Orleans. 1911 m Marguerite D. 
Bain, 4s Id; r 4323 S. Eoman st. 
Adams, Charles Willson, Business Presi- 
dent, St. Paul. Cs Minnesota, White 
Bear Yacht. 1899 m Elizabeth A. Burn- 
ham, 2s Id; r Peninsula, White Bear 
Lake, Minn. . 

Adams, Comfort Avery, Consulting Engi- 
neer, Cambridge, Mass. Cs Harvard, En- 
gineers. 1924 m Elizabeth Challis Par- 
sons, 2s; r 115 Leonard st., Belmont, 
Adams, Cuthbert Clark. Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago. Cs University Linden 
Hill, Casino. 1903 m Eugenia Hunt, Id; 
r 199 Linden st., Winnetka, 111. 
Adams, Cyrus Hall, Jr., Lawyer, Chicago. 
Cs Chicago, University, Saddle and Cy- 
cle, Onwentsia. Shoreacres. 1906 m Ma- 
ry Seymour Shumway, Is Id; r Lake 
Forest, 111. ^ , 

Adams, Edward D., Millionaire, New York 

City, r 920 5th ave. 
Adams, Edson Francis. Banker, Oakland, 
Cal. Cs Athenian, Claremont Country. 
1895 m Elizabeth Wheaton, 3d; r 25 
Sea View av.. Piedmont, Cal. 
Adams, Edward M., Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs South Shore Country, Illi- 
nois Athletic, Exmoor Country, Bob O' 
Link Country. 1903 m Adele Keter, Id; 
T 232 E. Walton Place. 
Adams, Francis Lanson, Business Presi- 
dent, Hartford, Conn. Cs University, 
Hartford, Lotos, New York Athletic, 
Yale, Brooklawn Country. 1920 m Mary 
Shaw Home; r 57 Pratt Street. 
Adams, George D., Millionaire, Cleveland. 

r 2234 Woodmere drive. 
Adams, Georee Mathew, Business Presi- 
dent, New York Citv. Cs Players, News- 
paper Club of New York, National Press 
of Washington, Sleepy Hollow Country, 
Riverdale Country. In 1905 m Harriet 
Breese, 2s; r Pippa Passes, Fieldston. 
Adams, Harry M.. Eailroad Executive, 
Omaha, Neb. 1900 m Josephine V. Moore 
r 3817 Dewey ave. 



Adams, Harvey C, Business President^ of 
Danville, 111. 1891 m Blanclie Meserer, 
now deceased. Is; r 102 Logan ave. 

Adams, Henry P., Importer and Exporter, 
New York City. Cs Masons. 1884 m Hen- 
rietta Greenwold, 2s 3d; r 1871 7th av. 

Adams, Herbert, Sculptor, New York City. 
Cs Century, Players. 1889 m Adeline V. 
Pond; r 131 W. 11th st. 

Adams, Herbert Henry, Business Execu- 
tive and Manufacturer, Eochester, N.Y. 
Cs Technology, Eochester English So- 
ciety, American Chemical, University. 
1905 m Ida Graves Kingsbury, Is Id; 
r 3 N. Goodman st. 

Adams, Hugh L., Business President, Phil- 
adelphia. He is vice-president Edward 
G. Budd Manufacturing Company. Cs 
Eacquet, Merion Cricket, Seaview, Cor- 
inthian Yacht, Detroit Yacht, Detroit 
Athletic. 1910 m Mary E. Trumbull, Is; 
r Golf House road, Haverford, Pa. 

Adams, Ivers S., Financier, Dorchester, 
Mass. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Harvard 
of Boston, Harvard of New York, Eac- 
quet of Philadelphia, Boston Art,Brook- 
line Country, Union Boat, Boston Santee 
Hoosic Whisiek, Moisie, Salmon r 98 
Washington st. 

Adams, James Seth, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago Athletic, Oak Park 
Country. 1908 m Myrtle Lawrence, 2s 
Id; r 219 N. Euclid av.. Oak Park, 111. 

Adams, John, Trustee and Sociologist, Bos- 
ton. Cs Somerset, Eastern Yacht, Har- 
vard. 1905 m Marie Morse, 3s 2d; r 
South Lincoln, Mass. 

Adams, Lawrence Stowell, Eetired Naval 
Officer, "Washington. He was Industrial 
]\f.anager Portmouth Navy Yard during 
the World-War. Cs Army and Navy, 
Congressional Country. 1912 m Cora Isa- 
bel Abrams Westeott, 2s Id. 

Adams, Lawson S., Business Executive, 
San Francisco. 1901 m Hazel Curtis, Is; 
r Belvedere, Morin Co., Cal. 
Adams, Lewis M.,Business President, New 
York City. 1902 m Catherine Skidmore, 
2s; r Coconut Grove, Fla. 
Adams, Nathan, Business President, Dallas 
Texas. Cs University, Dallas Country, 
Brook Hollow Golf, City. 1891 m Eliza- 
beth Ardins-or, Is; r 4604 Lake Side 
Drive, Highland Park. 
Adams, Romanzo, Professor of Economi- 
cal Sociology, Honolulu, H.T. 1902 m 
Nellie Cronk, Id; r 2136 Kamehameda 
Adams, Samuel, Lawyer, Chicago. Cs Uni- 
versity, City, Attic, Law, Legal, Har- 

vard, Yale, Princeton, Cosmos. 1899 m 
Louise Keerner, Is; r 102 Bellevue pi. 

Adams, T. Albeus, Business President, 
New York City, m Kathleen Wallace, 2s 
2d; r Montclair, N.J. 

Adams, Thomas M., Millionaire, Ashland, 
Ky. r Chestnut place. 

Adams, Thomas Safford, Broker, New 
York City. Cs University. 1911 m Mar- 
tha Montgomery, 2s 2d; r 31 Golden av. 
Flushing, N.Y. 

Adams, William, Architect, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs LTniversity, Eockaway Hunting. 
1894 m Alice C. Greenleaf, 3s; r Law- 
rence, L.I., N.Y. 

Adams, William Carson, Coal Producer, 
Birmingam, Ala. Cs Country, Southern, 
Eotarv. 1908 m Irene Dozier; r 1027 S. 
30th St. . 

Adams, William Irving, Business Execu- 
tive and Capitalist, New York City. 1915 
m Helen E. Morrison, Is Id; r 164 Lin- 
coln St., Montclair, N.J. 

Adams, William L., Treasurer and Direc- 
tor, Providence, E.I. Cs Calvary Com- 
mander K. T., Wannamoisett Country, 
Ehode Island Country, Century. 1907 
m Isabel .S. Hill; r 42 Intervale road. 

Adams, William Porter, Manufacturer, Chi- 
ca.go. He is president Adams and Miller 
Company, paint specialties. Cs Chicago 
Athletic, Hamilton, South Chicago Coun- 
try, Crescent Athletic of Brooklyn, r 
762 Washington blvd. 

Adams, William Roderick, Lawyer and Ca- 
pitalist, New York City. He is a mem- 
ber of law firm of Quackenbush and 
Adams. 1916 m Anna E. D. Wildung; r 
52 Sherman place, Eidgewood, N.J. 

Adams, Winston Davis, Business Execu- 
tive, Charlotte, N.C. 

Adamson, Charles, Business President and 
Town Builder, Cedartown, Ga. He is 
president Cedartown Cotton and Export 
Company, and the C. T. Warehousing 
Company. Cs Union League of Philadel- 
phia, Congressional Club of Washington. 
Colonial Society of Philadelphia, Pied- 
mont Driving, Capitol City, Cherokee 
Golf, S. A. E., and a Mason. 1897 m 
Katharine Brand Cook, Is 2d. 

Adamson, T. Arthur, Manufacturer and 
Capitalist, PhiladelDhia. Cs various. 1881 
m Jeanneth S. Eidgway, 2s Id; r Ger- 
Adamson, Thomas Darnley, Eealtor, Eich- 
mond, Va. Cs Commonwealth Country 
Club of Va. 1916 m Kathleen Baxter 
Eichardson, Is Id; r 1521 West Av. 
Adamson, William Baeder, Eetired Busi- 
ness Executive, Philadelphia. Cs Lafay- 
ette, Minnekahda, Merion Cricket, Ac- 



ademy of Fine Arts, Academy of Na- 
tural Hcienees. 1906 m Marrietta Hale, 
Id; r Stokes Hall. Villa Nova, Pa. 

Adaskin, Herman, Merchant, Springfield, 
I^Zass Cs Oxford Country, Nveasset, Pub- 
licity. 1908 m Sadiel Wolf son; r 44 Sum- 
mer av. 

Addams, Jane, Author, Lecturer, Chicago. 
Cs Woman 'sCitv, League of Women Vo- 
ters, r 800 S. Halsted st. 

Addis, Thomas, Professor of Medicine.San 
Francisco, Cal. Cs University. 1913 m 
Elesa Bollon Partridge, 2d; 'r 201 San 
Carlos av., Sausalito, Cal. 

Addison, Ive Irwin, Merchant, Tampa,Fla. 
He is president and owner of well-known 
Manufacturing and. Jobbing concern. Cs 
Mason, Shriner, Odd Fellow, Rotary, 
Manufacturers, Board of Trade. 1903 m 
Helen Edwin, 2d; r 301 Memorial High- 

Addison, Mrs. Margaret Clare Grantt, So- 
ciologist, Washington. Cs C. D. A. 1894 
n; Murray Adrlis^n; r 1765 N st. 

Addison, Michael, ManuPacturer, New 
York Citv. 1917 m Viola Golde; r 124 
W. 7!Uh St. 

Additon, Harry L.. Banker, Manchester, 
NH. Cs Mas-ins. 1899 ra Annie B. Shaw; 
V 2000 Elm St. 

Adee, George T., Business President, New 
York City. He was Major in th;5 World- 
War. Cs Eacquet and Tennis, Army and 
Navy, Country Club of Westchester. Pel- 
ham Country, New Haven La^vn, New 
Haven Country. Unmarried; r 50 E.58th 

Adie, Andrew, Business Presideni. Bos- 
ton. 1898 m Lilla D^rracott Wvcrbt, Is 
Sd; r 436 Heath st., Chestnut Hi 111 .Mass. 

Ad'er, Charles William, Manufacturer, of 
Cincinnati. Cs Cincinnati, Losantville 
Country, University ''C". 1902 m Lil- 
lian Seasongood, Is Id; r 4051 Beech- 
wood ave. 

A.d'er. DavJd, Architect and Capitalist, 
Chicago. Cs Casino, Shore Acres, Cliff 
Pwellers. 1917 m Katherlne Keith; r 
1240 North State st. 

Adler, Felix, Professor, New York City. 
Cs Columbia University. City, Authors, 
Centurv. 1880 m Helen Goldniark, 2s 3d; 
r 152 W. 77th st. 

Adler, Harry C, Newspaper Publisher, 
Shattanooga, Tenn. Cs Mountain City, 
Chattanooga Golf and Countrv, Chatta- 
nooga Athletic, Rotarv, Lookout Moun- 
t'>in Golf. 1891 m Ada Ochs, Is. 

Adler, Isaac D., Millionaire, Milwaukee, 
r 175 Prospect ave. 

Adler, J. C. Business President, Joliet.Tll. 
1898 m Elizabeth Young, 2s 2d; r 318 
Buell ave. 

Adler, Leopold, Banker, Savannah, Ga. Cs 
Bankers, Criterion of New York, Holly- 
wood of Deal, N.J., Harmonie, Savan- 
nah Golf. 1888 m Hannah Guckenheimer, 
2s 3d; r 1009 Whitaker st. 

Adler, Morris H., Financial Manager, New 
York City. Cs City Athletic, Metropolis, 
National Republican. 1911 m Frances 
Cohen, r Standish Arms Hotel, 169 Co- 
lumbia Heights, Brooklyn. 

Adler, Simon L., Lawyer and Statesman, 
Rochester, N.Y. Unmarried. 

Adler, Waldo, Realtor, Fort Worth, Texas. 
1916 m Mary Wooton, 2s 3d; r 152 W. 
77th St. 

Adlercron, Mrs. Hester Bancroft, Sociolo- 
gist, England. 1910 m Rudolph Ladeveze 
Adlercron, 4d; r Culverthorpe Hall, 
Giantham Lines, England. 

Adrian, George M., Realtor, New York Ci- 
ty. 1902 m Kate G. Masterson, 2s 3d; r 
140 W. 71st St. 

Adsit, Henry, Surgeon, Buffalo. Cs Saturn, 
Country, Tennis and Squash. 1906 m 
Peacley Brown, Is Id; r 29 Hodge Ave. 

Affleck, Benjamin F., Business President, 
Chicago. Cs Mason, Knights Templar, 
Moose, Middav, Arts, Exmoor Countrv, 
Cliff Dwellers', r 208 S. LaSalle st. 

Agar, John Giraild. Lawver and Multi 
Millionaire, New York City. Cs Union, 
Century, University. 1892 m Agnes 
Louise Macdonough; r 12 E. 63rd st., 
N.Y.C. ; and Fair Oaks, Premium Point, 
New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Agassiz, George R., Multi.Millionaire. of 
Boston. Cs St. Botolph. m Mabel Simp- 
kins; r 76 i\It. Vernon st. 

Agassiz, Rodolphe Loius,:\lulti-Millionaire 
Boston. Cs Somerset, m Maria D. Scott; 
r 135 Commonwealth Ave. 

Ager, Waldemar Theodore. Editor, Eeu 
Claire, Wis. 1899 m Gurnlle J. Blestren, 
4s 5d: r 327 Chestnut st. 

Ager, William T)., Business President. New 
York City. Cs Uptown, New York Ad- 
vertising, Freeman of London. 1911 m 
E. Barnard; r Port Washington, L.I. 

Ahnelt, William Paul, Publisher, New 
York Citv. 1921 m Suzanna Campbell; 
r Ahnelt Hall, Deal. N..L 

Ahrens. Theodore, Manufacturer, Pitts- 
burffh. Pa. He is president Standard 
Manufacturing Company. Cs Duquesne 
Club of Pittsburerh, Los Angeles Athle- 
tic, Pendennis Club of Louisville. 1885 
m Elizabeth Heister, Is; r Louisville, 

Ahrens, W. B., Civil Engineer and Busi- 
ness Executive, Reading, Pa. 1910 m 
Edith R. Keiser, 3d; r 1544 Mineral 



Aikmen, Conrad Allison, Oil Operator and 
Producer and Capitalist, Wichita, Kan. 
Cs Kansas Authors, Elks, Chip-co-opera- 
tive, Wichita Country, m Lucinda Green 
2s; r 323 S. Fountain. 

Aiken, Gayle, Physician. New Orleans,La. 
1882 m Ada Holeombe, 4s Id; r 2427 
Campbell st. 

Aimar, C. P., Physician, Surgeon, Charles- 
ton, S.C. Cs Medical Society of South 
Carolina, American Art,College,Surgeons 
Associations. 1898 ni Leonarda A. Ja- 
quer. Id. 

Ainslie, Archibald M., Eetired Business 
President, New York City. 1889 m Clara 
Weir, Id; r 173 Prospect st., East Or- 
ange, N.J. 

Ainswcrth, Charles Harrison, Manufactur- 
er, Detroit. He is president Ainsworth 
Manufacturing Company. Cs Detroit, 
Detroit Athletic, Bloomfield Hills Coun- 
try, Detroit Boat, Detroit Yacht. 1902 
m Nellie Thorneloi, Id; r 8120 E. Jef. 
ferson st. 

Ainsworth, Harry, Manufacturer. Moliue, 
111. He is president Williams, White and 
Company, and the Moline Forge. 1899 m 
Stella Davidson, 2d. 

Ainsworth, John C, Banker, Portland,Ore. 
Cs Arlington, Waverly Country. 1901 m 
Alice Heitshu;r 538 Hawthorne Terrace. 

Ainsworth, Ralph, Merchant, Detroit. Cs 
Detroit Athletic, Detroit Golf, Bloom- 
field Open Hunt, Detroit Automobile, 
Board of Commerce, m Grace L. Eisen- 
hart; r 1701 Strathcona Drive, Palmer 

Ainsworth, William Newman, Clergyman, 
Macon, Ga. 1892 m Mary Nicholson, 2s 

Alrey, Richard, Business President New 
York Citv. 1890 m Louisa Mary Ryder, 
2s 3jl; r *300 Park ave. 

Aishton, Richard H., Assistant Cashier, 
Chicago. Cs Evanston Country, m Mar- 
tlia Kelsev, 2s; r 806 Forest ave, Ev- 
anston, HI. 

Aitken. Andrew Drummond, Business Ex- 
ecutive, Denver, Col. He is vice-presi- 
dent. Salt Creek Producers Association, 
Midwest Oil Company. Cs Denver, Knife 
and Fork. El Jebel Shrine, City Park 
Golf, Motor, American Petroleum In- 
stitute. 1901 m Nima Eaken, 2s; r 766 
Milwaukee st. 

Aitken, John, Millionaire, New York City, 
r 134 E. 19th st. 

Akin, Thomas Russell, Business President, 
St. Louis. Cs St. Louis Countrv. Com- 
mercial^ Harvard, , 'Bogey, Racquetj 
Round Table, University. 1920 m Grace 

Nicolls, 2s; r 3 University Lane. 

Alhee, Charles P., Business President, 
Brooklyn. Cs Brooklyn, City Club of 
Hartford, Chamber of Commerce, Boro 
of Queens, New Hampshire Society of 
New York, St. Nicholas Society of Nas- 
sau Island. 1896 m Emily Kroeck, Is Id; 
r Hollis, L.I., N.Y. 

Albee, Fred Houdlett, Orthopedic Surgeon 
New York City. Cs Nokoniis Golf, Colo- 
nia Country, Congressional Country, Or- 
thopedic, American Medical, American 
Orthopedic. 1907 m Louella May Berry, 
Is; r Colonia, N.J. 

Alters, Homer, Lawyer, Boston. Cs Boston 
Art Club St. Botolph, Brookline Coun- 
try, Plymouth Country, Massachusetts. 
1916 m Katherine L. Ramsey, 2s Id; r 
55 Irving st, Brookline, Mass. 

Alhers, William H., Merchant, Cincinnati, 
He is vice-president Kroger Grocery and 
Bakery Company, chain stores. Cs Cin- 
cinnati, Queen City, Cincinnati Riding, 
Chamber of Commerce. 1913 m Dorothy 
Browne, 2d; r Alberly Manor, Shawnee 
road, Indian Hill. 

Albert, Henry Greenway, Engineer, Tomb- 
stone, Ariz. Cs Bachelors Cotillion, Bal- 
timore City, Baltimore Country, Ocean 
City, The Warren District Country, The 
Club Social. 1921 m Isabelle V. Harris, 
now deceased; r Casa de Suenos. 

Albert, Hollis B., Manufacturer, Baltimore. 
1918 m Grace Brown Fischer, Is 2d; r 
541 Donkirk road. 

Albert, John Seaman, Engineer, Philadel- 
phia. Cs University. 1916 m Sarah Da- 
vis Mercur, Is Id; r Nethernook, Wal- 
lingford, Pa. 

Albert, Joseph Taylor, Engineer, Balti- 
more. 1889 m Mary Gittings Buchanan,. 
2s 2d; r 1028 N. Calvert st. Calvert, Md. 

Alberts, Grace Marshall, Sociologist, Jer- 
sey City, N.J. 1913 m Robert Ateheson 
Alberts; r 123 Jewett ave, Jersev City, 

Alberts, Robert Ateheson, Business Exec- 
utive, New York City. Cs Mason, Cate- 
ret, Jersey City, Jersey City Y.M.C.A. 
1913 m Grace Marshall; r 30 Duncan 
ave., Jersey City, N.J. 

Albertson, George M., Automobile Dealer, 
West Palm Beach, Fla. Cs Kiwanis, 
Shrine, Yacht, Tuscawilla, West Palm 
Beach, Country, Friers. 1924 m Neva 
Gruber, Is; r 609 Biscane drive. 

Albin, Henry A,, Engineer, Lebanon, Pa. 
Cs Commonwealth Club of New York, 
American Institute of Electrical Engi- 
neers. 1911 m Elizabeth Bagby Wise, 23: 
Id; r 429 Cumberland st. 



Albright, Charles Edgar, Insurance, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. He is identified with the 
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance 
Company. Cs University, Milwaukee, 
Wisconsin, Town, City, Milwaukee Coun- 
try, Midday, Union League, Duquesne. 
1899 m Laura Uilhlein, Is 2d; r 1100 
Lake Drive. 

Albright, John J., Millionaire, Buffalo. Cs 
Twentieth Century, ni Susan Fuller, r 
762 W. Ferry st. 

Alcott, Franklyn, Leverett, Jr., Rancher, 
California. Cs Union Country. 1919 m 
Pauline Perrin; r Arvin, Kern County, 

Alcus, Samuel T., Millionaire, New Or- 
leans, r 5211 St. Charles ave. 

Aldcrofft, Richard B., Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs City, Explorers, American Bar. 
ni Elena de Eivas, Is Id; r 34 E. 62nd 


Alden, Adelbert Henry, Business Execu- 
tive, New York Citv. Cs Union League. 
1S79 m Mabel C. Thayer, 2s. 

Alden. Carlos Coolidge, Lawyer, Buffalo. 
Cs University, m Sue L. Wiesner, 2s Id, 
r 27 Ashland ave. 

Alden, Cynthia Westover, Publisher and 
Editor, New Yoi'k Citv. He is the pub- 
lisher of International Sunshine Bulle- 
tin; president-general Interstate Sun- 
shine Society. Cs Iowa Club of New 
York City, Incorporator Women's Press 
Club, Clio, Chirnnean League, American 
Pen Women, Blind New York State 
Federation. 1896 m John Alden; r 340 
'Hean st.. Brooklyn. 

Alden, George T., Millionaire, Worcester, 
Mass. r 8 Massachusetts ave. 

A^i^f^n, Maurice L.. Lawyer, Kpnsis Citv, 
Kan. Cs University. Mason, Elks. 1901 
P' Edna W. Warkentin, 2s. 

Alden, William Clinton, Geolo^ipt. "^Vash- 
insrtoi. Cs Geological Society of Amer- 
ica. Geological Societv of Wf^hington. 
1898 m Bess M. Hollabaugh, 2s Id; r 
T'4 Bryant st. N.W. 

Alderter. John M.. Business President, Ak- 
ron, Ohio. Cs Conerress Lake, Akron Ci- 
t-v, Portaee Countrv, Kiwanis, Colony. 
1890 m Stella Santee, Is Id; r Sharon 

Alderson, Harry E., Phvsician, San Fran- 
cisco. Cs University, Olympic, Golf. 1905 
m Cordelia C. Bishop, Id; r 2649 Green 


Aldis, Graham, Business Executive. Chi- 
cago. Cs Casino, m Dorothy Keeley; r 
Lake Forest, 111. 

Aldredge. Sawnie R., Lawyer and Soci^il- 
ocrist, Dallas. Texas. 1915 m Mary E. 
Batts; r 3526 Cedar Springs, Dallas, 

Aldrich, Chester Holmes, Architect, New 
York City. Cs Century, St. Anthony's 
Coffee House, unmarried; r 116 E. 38th 

Aldrich, Edward Burgess, Trustee and Mil- 
lionaire, Providence, E.I. He is a trustee 
Nelson W. Aldrich Estate. Cs Algon- 
quin, Squantum Association, Hope. 1910 
m Lora E. Lawson, Is Id; r 110 Bene- 
volent st. 

Aldrich, Prederick C, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Saddle and Cycle, m Ger-- 
trude Newell; r 9 Sheridan road, Lake 
Forest, 111. 

Aldrich, Harry M., Millionaire, Lexing- 
ton, Mass. 

Aldrich, John Gladding, Business Presi- 
dent, Providence, R.I. Cs Providence 
Art. 1891 m Margaret P. Calden, 3s; r 
223 Bowen st. 

Aldrich, Robert, Business Executive, Pro- 
vidence, R.I. Cs Brown University Grad- 
uate, m Elizabeth A. Cocroft, 3s; r 
Wickford. R.I. 

Aldrich, William Truman, Architect, Bos- 
ton. Cs Somerset, Union Tavern, Knick- 
erbocker, Coffee House, Hope, Provi- 
dence Art, Eastern Yacht. 1910 m Doro- 
thea Davenport, 2s Id; r 263 Clarendon 

Aldrich, Winthrop W., Lawvpr and Mil- 
lionaire, New York City. Cs Knicker- 
bocker, Racquet and Tennis. National 
Golf, New York Yacht. Harvard, City 
Midday, Downtown, and others. 1916 m 
Harriet Alexander, Id; r 23 E. 73rd st. 

Alexander, Ben, Lumberman, Wausau, 
Wis. Cs University. 1926 m Josephine 
Lockhart Foster. 

Alexander, Charles B., ^Multo-lMillionaire, 
120 Broadway, New York City, r 4 W. 
5Sth St. 

Alexander, Charles Beatty, Business Di- 
rector and Multi-Millionairc, New York 
City. Cs Burlingame Country. Bohemian 
Metropoldtan, National Democratii,, 
Bankers and others. 1887 m Harriet 
Crocker, 3d; r 4 W. 58th st. 

Alexander, Douglas, Multi-Millionaire, of 
Stamford, Ctmn. r Palmer Hill. Md. 

Alexander. Eben, Physician, Knoxville, 
Tenn. He is prominent in the medical 
world; and has held various positions of 
trust and honor. Cs Medical. 1909 m 
Elizabeth Mac Math, Is Id; r Kingston 

Alexander. Edffar M.. Publisher and Fin- 
ancier, New York City. He is vice-pres- 
ident New Yo^k American. Cs New 
York Athletic. Uptown, Rockwood Hall 
CoM^try. Siwsnov Country. 1900 m Min- 
nie C. Rea; r 440 Riverside drive. 



Alexander, Eugene Davenport, Lawyer, 
New York City. Cs University, St. An- 
drews Golf. 1910 m Theodosia Hnnd; r 
507 Palisade ave., Yonkers, N.Y''. 

Alexander, Hugh J., Millionaire, Denver, 
Col. r 199 Lafayette st. 

Alexander, James Strange, Banker, New 
York City. Cs Metropolitan, Bankers, 
Union League, Blind Brook, r 67 Park 

Alexander, Jerome, Consulting Engineer 
and Chemist, New Y'ork City. Cs Nc^v 
Y''ork Microscopical, Medical-Jurispru- 
dence, Kolloid Gesellschaft, Cjomi^t 
and Authors of London. 1903 m Ger- 
trude Eleanor Hammerslough, 2d. r 423 
V/. 120th St., Eidgefield, Conn. 

Alexander, Joseph E., Lawyer, Winston- 
Salem, N.C. He has held the rank of 
Major on the Governor's staff. Cs Cos- 
mos, Elks, Forsyth Country, Mason, 
Winston-Salem. 1905 m Edith Kincaid 
Butler, now deceased. Is; 1916 m Lilla 
Y^oung, Id; r 1120 W. 4th st. 

Alexander, Maitland„ Clergyman, Pitts- 
burgh. Cs Pittsburgh, Duquesne, Alleg- 
heny Country, Pittsburgh Golf, Nca\- 
York Eacquet. 1907 m Madelaine F. 
Laughlin, 3s Id; r 920 Eidge ave, N.S. 

Alexander, Michael J., Business Execu- 
tive, Pittsburgh, Pa. Cs Duquesne. 1882 
m Laura B. White, Is 3d; r 617 St. 
James st. 

Alexander, Taliaferro, Lawyer, Shreveport 
La. He has held high positions as Law- 
yer and Statesman. 1876 m Laura E. 
Lister, Is. 

Alexander, Walter Washington, Insurance 
Baltimore. Cs Baltimore Country, Balti- 
more, Merchants. 1914 m Corinne Mait- 
land Mason, Id; r 7 Northficld Place, 
Eoland Park. 

Alexander, William Brownlie, Manufac- 
turer, Cleveland. Cs Shaker, Mid-Day, 
Willowich. 1914 m Charlotte Gracy, Is 
Id; r 2325 St. James Parkway. 

Alexander, William D. B., Millionaire, 
Cleveland. Cs Countrv. m Lida Graham; 
r 16900 Park blvd., Shaker Heights. 

Alexander, William Fontaine, Insurance 
Broker, Baltimore. He is vice-president 
of a large Insurance Corporation. Cs 
Baltimore, Duquesne, Elkridge Hunt. 
1905 m Emily Eead Potter, 3s 2d; r 
1175 Park ave.. New York City; and at 
Latrobe Apts., Baltimore. 

Alexander, William H., Banker and Capi- 
talist, Monongahela, Pa. Cs Duquesne. 
1888 m Jennie Stuart Wilson, Id; r 500 
Meade st. 

Alexander, William McFaddin, Clergyman, 

New Orleans, La. 1915 m Ceneilla Bower, 

Alford, Drewry C, Banker, Hartwell, Ga. 
1878 m Sarah Frances Thornton, 2s 4d. 

Alford, Mrs. Georgia Lee Robinson, So- 
ciologist, Garrettsville, Ohio. Cs. D.A.E. 
1919 m William Valorous Alford. 

Alford, William Valorous, Engineer, Gar- 
rettsville, Ohio. 1SS3 m Elizabeth Bar. 
use, 2d. 

Algeo, James Walker, Eetired Business 
Executive, Barrington, E.I. 1907 m Sara 
L. Mac Cormack. 

Alger, Frederick Moulton, Business Exec- 
utive, Detroit. He is a member of the 
well-known firm of Alger Brothers, m 
Mary E. Swift; r Grosse Pointe Village. 

Alger, Philip Langdon, Electrical Engi- 
neer, Schenectady, N.Y. Cs Technical. 
1918 m Catherine E. Jackson, Is Id; r 
510 Wendell ave. 

Alger, Russell A., Multi-Millionaire, De- 
troit. Cs Automobile Country, m Marion 
Jarvis; r 32 Lake Shore road, Grosse 
Pointe Village, Mich. 

Ali, George D., Business Executive, New 
York City. He is president of a well- 
known business corporation. Cs Engi- 
neers, m Alice Hall; r 950 Madison ave. 

Alker, Carroll Booth, Stock Broker, New 
York City. Cs University, New Y'ork 
Y'acht, Seawanhaka, Corinthian Yacht, 
Manhasset Bay Yacht, Nassau Country, 
Calumet. 1924 m Katherine Ingalls; r 
Glen Head, L.I., N.Y^ 

Alker, Henry Alphonse, Manufacturer, 
New York City. Cs Y''ale, Manhasset Bay 
Yacht, North Hempstead Country. 1908 
m Charity M. Eose, 2s; r 515 Park ave. 

Alker, Henry Roberts, Exporter, New Or- 
leans, La. Cs Southern Yacht. 1920 m 
Lucile Crusel, 2s; r 7922 St. Charles ave. 

Alker, James Ward, Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs New York Yacht, 
Manhasset Bay Yacht, Nassau Country. 
1918 m Jovce Augusta Jones, Is 2d; r 
Great Neck, N.Y. 

Allen, Andrews, Consulting and Construct- 
ing Engineer, Chicago. Cs Western So- 
cietv of Engineers, American Society of 
Civil Engineers, American Institute of 
Mining Metallurgical Engineers. 1916 
m Elizabeth Emerson Cooke, 3s Id; r 
Hofelder Lane, Glencoe, 111. 

Allen, Arthur Moulton, Lawyer, Provi- 
dence, E.I. He is a director Phoenix 
Nationl Bank, Baltic Mills Company, 
and others. Cs Hope, University, Provi- 
dence Art, Agawam Hunt, Seaconnett 
Golf, Harvard Club of New York, East 
Harbor Yacht, Northeast Harbor Golf. 
1904 m Margaret Pinckney Jackson; r 
124 ITpton ave. 



Allen, Benjamin D., Banker, HigMand, 
Kan. He is president First National 
Bank; and operates five thousand acres 
of farm land. Cs Kansas City, Kans. 
Abdallah Shrine, Mason. 1907 m Maude 
M. Hale. 

Allen, Benjamin Leach, Capitalist, New 
York City. Cs Union League, Eecess, 
Westhampton Beach Country. 1900 m 
Louise Sutherland, 2s 2d; r 58 Central 
Park West. 

Allen, Charles Channing, Dean, Kansas Ci- 
tv, Mo. 1897 m Linnie L. Uuimethum, Is 
Y 1251 AV. 61st St. 

Allen, Charles Claflin, Jr., Lawyer and 
Millionaire, St. Louis. Cs Imperial. 1917 
m Mary Jane Thomson, Is Id; r 334 N. 
Newstead ave. 

Allen, Charles Kissam, Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs S. A. R., Military Order of 
Loyal Legion, New York Lawyers As- 
sociation. 1909 m Ethel Whitney, 2s 2d; 
r Eidgewood, N.J. 

Allen, Charles L., Millionaire, Worcester, 
Mass. r 2 Forestdale road. 

Allen, Charles Morse, Chemist and Author 
Brcioklyn. Cs American Chemical Asso- 
ciation. 1888 m Carol Shepard, Is Id; r 
22(3 Willoughby. 

Allen, Chester C., Millionaire, Kenosha, 
Wis. r 550 Durkee Av. 

Allen, Douglas M., Business President, 
Cincinnati. Cs Cincinnati Country, Cin- 
cinnati Golf, University. 1918 m Emily 
G. Powell, Is Id; r 3312 Menlo ave, 
Hvde Park. 

Allen, E. M., Manufacturer, New York Ci- 
ty. He is president Mathieson Alkali 
Works, and Commonwealth Chemical 
Corporation. 1912 m Katherine L.Smythe 
r 525 Park ave; and Elm Hill Farm, 
Eidge St., Port Chester, N.Y. 

AUen, Edward Bingham, Manufacturer, 
Cleveland. Cs Union, Country, Universi- 
tv, Cornell. 1926 m Emma H. Pocta; r 
3101 Fairfax road, Cleveland Heights. 

Allen, Edward Warner, Business Execu- 
tive, New York City. Cs Y'ale, Crescent 
Athletic, Union League, Lenox Hills 
Golf, Manarquan Eiver Golf and Coun- 
try. 1910 m Marv Elizabeth Simpson, 
2s" 2 d; r 309 E. ISth st., Brooklyn. 

Allen, Edwin L., Eeporter and Business 
Executive, Pittsburgh. Cs University. 
1S89 m Annie E. Hopkins, 2s Id; r 5712 
Baum blvd. 

Allen. Edwin Madison, Manufacturer, New 
Y'ork City. Cs India House, Engineers, 
Uptown, Apawamis Golf, Westchester- 
Biltmore Country, Rye, Duquesne of 
Pittsburgh. 1922 m Katherine L. Smyth, 
r 1035 Fifth ave; and Elm Hill Farm, 

Ridge St., Port Chester, N.Y. 
Allen, Eugene W., Banker, Fostoria, Ohio. 
Cs Mason, m Blanche Crockett, 2d; r 
Daytona, Fla. 
Allen, Evelyn Wood, Business Executive, 
Savannah, Ga. Cs American Bus Club. 
1907 ni Harriette Guerrard, 2s Id; r 
208 Bolton st., East Savannah. 
Allen, Francis Richmond, Architect, Bos- 
ton. Cs Society of Colonial Wars. 1875 
m Elizabeth Bradlee Wood, Id; r 20 
Fairfield st. 
Allen, Frederic S., Banker, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Knickerbocker, Turf and Field, 
Brook, Eacquet, Tennis Harvard. 
Allen, Frederick Hobbes, Business Exec- 
utive. New York City. Cs Knickerbock- 
er. 1892 m Adele Livingston hjievens; r 
171 E. 62nd st. 
Allen, Frederick L., Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs Church, Knollwood Country, 
University, m Jane Carlisle, 3d; r 11 E. 
68th St. 
Allen, Frederick William, Business Exec- 
utive, Providence. Cs Providence Art, 
Turks Head, Tokolon, Quarter Century, 
Country, Tennis. 1892 m Anna Flaring 
Eichmond, 2s Id; r 176 President ave. 
Allen, Freeman Harlow, Professor, Hamil- 
ton, N.Y. Cs American Historical Asso- 
ciation, American Political Science As- 
sociation, American Society of Interna- 
tional Law, New York State Historical 
Association. 1890 m Rose L. Priest, Is; 
Allen, George E., Lawyer, Victoria, Va. 
Cs Bar Association, American Bar As- 
sociation. 1913 m Susan Lee Jones, 
Is Id. 
Allen, George R., Business Executive, Bos- 
ton. Cs Massachusetts Automobile, Al- 
gonquin, Country. 1903 m Miriam Sted- 
man; r 400 Stuart st. 
Allen, George Walton Holken, Genealogist 
Casenovia, N.Y. Cs Buffalo, Eoyal Au- 
tomobile. Mayflower Descendants, S. A. 
1911 m Gretchen Brooks Stevens, Is 2d; 
r Owera Point. 
Allen, Hany Frederick, Business Execu- 
tive and Capitalist, Boston. Cs Brook- 
line Country. 1906 m Lois Shattuck; r 
Fisher st., Norwood, Mass.; and Moul- 
tonboro, N.H. 
Allen, Henry Justin, Journalist, States- 
man, Wichita, Kan. He is publisher of 
Wichita Daily Beacon; and for two 
terms Governor of Kansas. 1892 m El- 
sie Nuzman, Id. 
Allen, Herbert E., Business President, 
Clinton, N.Y. Cs Lombard Memorial 
Commission, Shenandoah, r Clinton,N.Y. 
Allen, Herbert W., Physician, San Fran- 
cisco. Cs University, m Gertrude Jol- 
life. Is Id; r 1816 Broadway. 



Allen, Horace Ethan, Vice-presideut, Tole- 
do, Ohio. 1910 m Lydia Brumback, 2s 
Id; r 120 23rd st. 
Allen, Horace Newton, Missionary Diplo- 
mat, Toledo, Ohio. Cs S. A. E., Founders 
and Patriots, Authors, Toledo, m Fran- 
ces Ann Messenger, 2s. 

Allen, J. Koy, Business President, New 
York City. Cs University, Bankers, Uni- 
on League, Apawamis, American Yacht 
Manursing Island Beach. 191-4 m Doro- 
thy Park Baker, Is Id; r Lowthorpe, 
Rye, N.Y. 

Allen, J. Weston, Lawyer, Boston. Cs Mid- 
dlesex, Massachusetts, Roosevelt, Re- 
publican of Massachusetts, Mayflower 
Descendants, Cosmos, Yale. 1901 m Ca- 
roline Cheney Hills, 3d; r 210 Lake ave., 
Newton Highlands. Mass. 

Allen, J. Wilford, Physician, New York 
City. Cs Dunham. 1896 m Miss Brush, 
Id; r 117 W. 12th st. 

Allen, James Edward, College President, 
Elkins, W.Va. Cs Press, Rotary, Ameri- 
can Academy of Political Science. 1910 
m Susan H. Garrott, 5s. 

Allen, James Pleasant, Merchant, Atlanta, 
Ga. Cs Druid Hills. 1903 m Jennie A. 
McKinley, Is 3d; r 58 E. 15th st. 

Allen, James Ross, Physician and Surgeon 
Olcan, N.Y. Cs Masonic Bodies, Odd 
Fellows, Elks, American Medical Asso- 
ciation, New York State Medical As- 
sociation, Call County Medical Associa- 
tion. 1896 m Bertha M. Greenwood, 2d. 

Allen, John Clayton, Banker, Monmouth, 
111. He is president Peoples National 
Bank; and has been a Member of Con- 
gress. Cs Hamilton, Mohamed Temple 
of Peoria, r 402 W. Broadway. 

Allen, John S., Publisher, New York City. 
Cs Economic, Princeton of New York, 
Baltimore Golf, South Orange Republi- 
can. 1922 m Mary Johnson Read, Id; r 
271 Forest road. South Orange, N.J. 

Allen, Joseph Heath Dulles, Business Pres- 
ident, Enfield, Pa. Cs Racquet. 1909 m 
Louise H. Ewing, Is 2d; r Enfield Farm. 

Allen, Kenneth, Engineer, New York City. 
Cs American Society of Civil Engineers, 
American Pupblic Health Association, 
Municipal Engineers of New York City. 
1886 m Rose Whitmore Switzer; 2s Id; 
T 39 Quinby ave., White Plains, N.Y. 

Allen, Leieh Briscoe, Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Port Gibson, Miss. He is 
director Mississippi Savings Bank. Cs 
Cs Masons, Auto, 1903 m Ethel Marks, 
2s Id. 

Allen, Lewis Mines, Phvsician, Winchester 
Va. 1913 m Dorothy Gilpin, 3s; r 415 
W. Clifford St. 

Allen, Lydia Jeannette Mc Millan, Sociol- 
ogist, Caseiiovia, N.Y. 1876 m George 
Washington Allen, 3s 2d; r The Cottage. 
Allen, Lyman, Surgeon, Burlington, Vt. 
Cs American College of Surgeons, Am- 
erican Medical Association. 1898 m Ma- 
ry Cutler Torrey, Is 2d; r 218 Main st. 
Allen, Marston, Lawyer, Cincinnati. He 
is a noted lawyer and prominent in 
business and iniblic affairs. Cs Harvard 
University, Old Colony, Cincinnati Bar. 
3 915 m Edith M. La Boiteaux, 2s Id; r 
Glendale, Ohio. 
Allen, Martin S.,Retired Capitalist,Brook- 
lyn. Cs S.A.R., Founders and Patriots, 
Yale, Crescent Athletic, m Caroline C. 
Murphy, Id; r 52 S. Oxford st. 
Allen, Maurice, Business Executive, of 
Greenfield, Ohio. Cs various. 1922 ni 
Dorothy Penn, 3s. 
Allen, Nathan R., Millionaire, Kenosha, 

Wis. r 369 W. Park place. 
Allen, Oliver, Retired Business Executive 
Buffalo. Cs Country. 1884 m Mary S. 
Bacon, Id; r 257 Summer st. 
Allen, Paul, Phvsician and Surgeon, New 
York Citv. Cs Harvard. 1889 m INTartha 
R. I)u Val, 2s; r 59 49th st. 
Allen, Perry S., Clergyman and Insurance 
Executive,Philadelphia. He is president 
Presbyterian Ministers Fund for Life 
Insurance. Cs S.A.R., Pennsylvania His- 
torical Society, National Geographical 
Society, Society Political and Social 
Science. 1894 m Virginia Oliver, 2d; r 
2124 Spruce st. 
Allen, Philip Ray, Paper Manufacturer, 
Walpole,Mass. Cs Exchange,Union Boat 
Agawam Hunt, Yale, Dedham Country. 
1908 m Anne L. Kirkham, Is Id; r on 
Spring Brook Farm. 
Allen, S. W., Business President, Glen- 
dale, Ohio. He is president Kenipner. 
Thoiuas Company. Cs Queen City, Uni- 
versity, Cincinnati. 1912 m Rhoda Van 
Ness, '3s 2d. 
Allen, Samuel G., Multi-Millionairo, New 

York City, r 5th ave. and 83rd ct. 
Allen, Seabury Wells, Phvsician, Boston. 
Cs Harvard Club of Ne'w York. 1912 m 
Elizabeth Upton; r 20 Charles River 
Allen, Thomas, Jr., Lawyer, Boston. Cs 
Union City. 1915 m Elizabeth L. Chap- 
man, Is 2d; r 80 Monmouth st., Brook- 
line, Mass. 
AUen, William Hershel, Physician, Wash- 
ington. Cs American Medical Associa- 
tion. 1921 m Elizabeth A. Peterson, 2s; 
r Port Adams, Newport, R.I. 



AJlen, William R., Railroad President, of 
Coolidgo, Mont. Cs Masonic, Ellcs. 1903 
m Eliza Berkin, now deceased. 1919 m 
Ethel dcMar, 5d; r Coolidge, Mont.; and 
1 Winchester st., Brookline, Mass. 
Allen, Winthrop M., Purchasing Agent, 
Louisville, Ky. Cs Arts, Wynn Stay. 
1919 m Comtess May D. Azevado, Is; r 
12126 Bates Court. 
Alley, John Stetson, Business Executive 
and Capitalist, New York City. 1S96 m 
Stella M. Newton, 7d; r Tuckahoe and 
Pawling, N.Y. 
Allgaier, William J.,Manufacturer, Brook- 
lyn. He is president Alger Shoe Manu- 
facturing Company. Cs Knights of Co- 
lumbus and other organiaztious. He is 
unmarried; r 1169 Bushwick ave. 
Allibone, Lawrence W., Railroad Superin- 
tendent, Sunbury, Pa. He is president 
of the Pennsylvania Railroad. Cs Prince- 
ton of New York, Westmoreland of 
Wilkes Barre. 1899 m Anna Jeffry Phil- 
AlUng, Charles, Retired Lawyer, Chicago. 
Cs University. 1914 m Jane Murdoch, r 
2648 Lake View ave. 
Ailing, Noyes Eli, Merchant and Banker, 
Bridgeport, Conn. He is president Ailing 
Rubber Company, of Albany, N.Y. 1882 
m Emma Louisa Squires, 3d; r 469 Clin- 
ton ave. 8 
Allington, Leslie Eugene, Banker, of De- 
troit. Cs University. 1913 m May Rose 
Higgins, 4d; r 1713 Seyburn ave. 
Allinson, Edward Page, Farmer, of West 
Chester,Pa. Cs West Chester Golf,Coun- 
try, Haverford of Philadelphia. 1913 m 
Mary M. P. Shipley, 2s 4d; r Town's 
End Farm. 
Allis, Edward Phelps, Jr., Scientist, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. He is vice-president of the 
Edward P. Allis and Company of Mil- 
waukee, Wis.; and in 1887 established 
the Allis Research Laboratory of Men- 
tone, France. Cs University, Authors, 
Royal Societies of London. 1896 m Am- 
edine Sgrena, of Paris, who died in 
1905. r in Palis de Carnolas, Mentone, 
Allis, Louis, Business President, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. Cs Milwaukee, Country, Ath- 
letic, Town. 1890 m Carol Marion Yates 
2s Id; r 547 .Tuneau Place. 
AUJson, Alexander, Jr., Civil Engineer, 
New Orleans. Cs New Orleans Chess, 
Checkers, Whist. 1913 m Bessie Devall 
Dickinson, 2d; r 1013 Milan st. 
Allison, David Prescott, Clergyman, Bal- 
timore. 1898 m Amelia Virginia Thode, 
Id; r 2211 N. Clark st. 

Allison, George D., Realtor, Detroit. Cs 
Detroit Athletic. 1900 m Florence De- 
pew; Id, r 2509 Seminole ave. 

Allison, Ralph W., Business Executive, of 
Pittsburgh. Os Duquesne. m Elizabeth 
Hamniett, 2d. 

Allison, William Henry, Educator and 
Author, Hamilton, N.Y. 1905 m Emily 
Mills. Id. 

AUyn, Arthur C, Business President, Chi- 
cago. Cs Univeisity, Bob O'Link Golf, 
Bankers Club of New York. 1913 m 
Nellie Mupsich, 2s; r 1707 Hinman ave. 
Evanston, 111. 

Allyn, Louis Packer, Retired Banker, of 
Mistic, Conn. 1876 m Emily Fenner 
Maxson; r 28 Library st. 

Almctuist, Frank G., Business President, 
New York Cit5^ Cs University, Ameri- 
can Society of Electrical Engineers, r 
30 Irving place. 

A-lmy, Charles, Business President, Bos- 
ton. Cs Union, Oakley Country. 1882 m 
Helen Jackson Cabot, 2s 4d; r 147 
Brattle st., Cambridge, Mass. 

Almy, John Edwin, Professor, Station A, 
Lincoln, Neb. Cs American Association 
for the Advancement of Science, Amer_ 
ican Physical Society. 1903 m Amy 
Celestia Bruner. 

Almy, Samuel Cabot, Manufacturer, of 
Englewood, N.J. 1918 m Ruth Palmer 
Morel; r 10 Robin road. 

Aloe, Louis P., Merchant, St. Louis. He is 
president A. S. Aloe Company, and pre- 
sident Board of Aldermen. Cs City, Cen- 
tury, Riverview, Columbian, Odd Fel- 
lows, Mason, r 513 Olive st. 

Alsop, Benjamin P., Business Executive, 
Richmond, Va. Cs Commonwealth. 1896 
m Martha W. Tinsley, 2s 5d; r 1832 
Monument ave. 

Alsop, Prancis J. O., Cotton Merchant, 
Boston, Mass. Cs Brookline Country, 
Union, Yale. 1907 m Martha Hooper; 
Is Id; r Indian Hollow, East Milton, 

Alston, Robert Cotten, Lawyer, Atlanta- 
Ga. He is counsel American Express 
Company, and others. Cs Piedmont 
Driving, Druid Hills. 1900 m Caro La- 
mar du Biquont; r Woodville, Andrews 
Alston, Vere Speke, Retired Judge. Cs 
Windham, Royal Automobile. 1898 ra 
Anna S. P. Chew; r Elwell Manor. 
We5'mouth, England. 
Alter, Jacob, Retired Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Covenant, Chicago Bnai 
Brith. 1888 m Mina Goldberger, 4s Id; 
r 2043 E. 72nd place. 



Alter, Lucien W. Scott, Manufacturcr.Cin- 
cinnati. 1917 m Euth Shippcn; 1309 Pad- 
dock Hills. 
Alter, Robert Smith, Business Executive, 
Cincinnati, 1910 m Margaret Maury; r 
3615 Eeading road, Avondale. 
Altman, Michael, Business President, Chi- 
cago. Is Id; r East End Park Hotel. 

Altman, Morris P., Eealtor, Builder, Con- 
tractor, New York City. Cs Bailey Park 
Country, Westchester Beach and Yacht. 
1891 m Bessie C. Meding, Is; r 92 Mor- 
iiingside ave. 

Altorfer, Silas H., Manufacturer, Peoria, 
111. 2s Id; r 200 W. McClure ave. 

Altrocchi, Rudolph, Professor, Chi(<aigo. 
Cs Chicago Literary, Harvard. 1920 m 
Julia Cdoloy; r 1406 E. 56th st. 

Alves, Charles Stebbins, Banker, Kansas 
City, Mo. Cs Kansas City, Mission Hills 
Countrv, Chamber of Commerce, Mid- 
Dav, Bankers. 1907 m Katherine Trip- 
lett, 2d; r 1225 W. 58th st. 

Alvord, John Watson.Consulting Engineer 
Chicago. Cs S.A.E., Engineers, Union 
League, South Shore Country, r 5203 
Kenwood ave. 

Alward, Charles Francis, Advertising Ex- 
ecutive, New York City. Cs Sphinx. 1895 
m Leeta N. Eaton, 2s Id; r Glen Eock, 

Amacker, Walter K.,Director and Cashier 
Kentwood, La. 1911 m Leontine Mor- 
ris, 3s. 

Amberg, John Ward, Business President, 
Chicago. Cs Literary, Chicago Athletic, 
Glenview Golf 1904 m Marie Suderrie- 
den, 5s 6d; r 1311 N. State st. 

Ambler, James Craddock, Superintendent 
of Schools, Warrenton, Va. Cs Eoyal 
Arch Masons, Chamber of Commerce, 
National Educational Association. Un- 

Ambler, James Murray, Lawyer, Jurist, 
Baltimore. Cs University. 1886 m Eliza 
Llewellyn Eandolph, Is Id; r 8 S. Pres- 
ton st. 

Ambrose, Harry T., Millionaire, Orange, 
N.J. r 367 S. Center st. 

Amerman, Ralph A., Banker and Capita- 
list, Scranton, Pa. He is prominently 
identified with business and Ttublic af- 
fairs. Cs Kiwanis, Masonic, Elks, Cor- 
nell Scranton, Scranton Country, Abing. 
ton Hills Country, Hamilton. 1905 m 
Ada Wrightman, Is Id; r 535 Monroe 

Ames, Charles Lesley, Publisher, St.Paul. 
Cs Minnesota University, St. Paul Ath- 
letic, Harvard Club of New York. 1917 
m Linda Baker, 2d. 

Ames, Delano C, Insurance, Baltimore. Cs 
Baltimore, Baltimore Country, Bachelors 

Cotillion, Gibson Island. 1920 m Caro- 
lyn Mc Cay, Is; r Calvert Court Apts. 
Ames, Frank H., Business President, San 
Francisco. 1903 m Freda W. Ohlandt, Is 
3d; r Hillsborough, San Mateo, Cal. 
Ames, George Marshall, Civil Engineer 
and Capitalist, Grand Eapids, Mich. He 
is vice-president Owen-Ames Kimball 
Company. Cs Kniorhts Templar, Penin- 
sular, Masonic. 1887 m Eva L. Early; r 
243 Cottage ove. S.E. s 

Ames, Hobart, Business President and 
;Millionaire, Boston. Cs Union, m Julia 
H. Colony; r North Easton. 
Ames, James C, Business Executive, Chi- 
cago, 111. 1906 m Zoe Kindall; r 6 Scott 
Ames, John Ormsbee, Manufacturer, Pro- 
vidence. He is president International 
Braid Company. Cs Hope, Agawam Hunt 
Tennis and Eacquet of New York, Mpr- 
chants of New York. 1900 m Madelein 
L. Abbott; r 121 Power st. 

Ames, John Stanley, Bank President and 
Multi-Millionaire, Boston. Cs Somerset, 
m Nancy Filley; r 3 Commonwealth ave. 

Ames, Joseph S., Professor. Baltimore. Cs 
Baltimore Countrv, National Academy 
of Science, American Physical Society. 
1899 m Mary B. Williams Harrison, 
r Charlotte place, Guilford. 

Ames, Knowlton Lyman, Jr., Publisher, 
Chicago. Cs Eacouet, Casino, Saddle and 
Cycle. 1919 m Edith Ames Winter, 2s; 
r 1330 N. State st. 

Ames, Louis Annin, President. New York 
Citv. Cs Army pud Navv. Essex Falls 
Countrv. 1909 m Abby Whitney Crowell, 
2d; r 622 W. End ave. 

Ames, Oakes, Professor and Multi-Millio- 
naire, Boston, Mass. Cs Harvard of 
Boston. Harvard of New York, Algon- 
quin. Boston Art, Boston Athletic. 1900 
m Blanche Ames, 2s 2d; r 355 Common- 
wealth ave. and North Easton, Mass. 

Ames. Oliver, Business President, Multi- 
Millionaire, Boston. Cs Somerset, m 
Elise Wet: r 15 Commonwealth ave. 

Ames, Reginald Mountfort, Manufacturer 
Providence. Cs Military Order of For- 
eign Wars. Army Ordnance Association, 
Pittsfield Country, Mason. 1906 m Elea- 
nor M. Mathews. Id; r Pittsfield, Mass. 

Ames. Winthrop, Theatrical Producer.New 
York City. 1911 m Lucy Fuller, Id; r 
North Easton, Mass. 

Amiss, Harrv D., Broker. Washington. Cs 
Mason. 1913 m Helen Courtnev Farish, 
2s Id; r 45 Q st., N.W. 

Amory, Charles B., Armv Officer. Cincin- 
nati. Cs Army and Navy of Washing- 
ton, Merion Cricket of Philadelphia, 
University, Eiding, Cincinnati, Cavalry 



Hunt fiiul Pol). 1915 m Margaret Arm- 
stroujj, 1(1; r o524 Zumstein ave. 

Amory, J. Austin, Merchant, Boston. Cs 
Somerset, Tennis and Eacquet, Norfolk 
Hunt, Exchange. 1914 m Louise M. 
Lioiiberger, Is 3d; r Chestnut st. Need- 
ham, Mass. 

Amundson, Paul C, Banker, Amery, Wis. 
He is president Farmers and Merchants 
Bank; and for ten years Mayor of his 
city. Cs White Bear Yacht, Mason, m 
Margaret Colberson, 2d. 

Amy, Louis H., Jr. Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs Colonial Wars, 
Larchmont Shore Association Squadron 
A. 1919 m Grace M. Eidlitz, Is Id; r 
236 Loring axe.. Pelham, N.Y. 

Aiicaster, Eloise L. B., Countess, Sociolo- 
gist, Greenthorpc Castle, Bourne Lines, 
Drummond Castle, Crieff, Scottland, 
Bresbv House, Rutland Gate, London, 
S.W. England. 1905 m Gilbert H. Drum- 
mond, 2s 2d. 

Anderson, Abraham A., Artist. New York 
City. Cs Union League, Chamber of 
Commerce, Knickerbocker, Whist, Cav- 
endish. Id; r 58 E. 68th st. 

Anderson, Allery O., Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs Knickerbocker, Racquet and 
Tennis. Columbia. 1902 m Melicent Bu- 
ry ea. Id. 

Anderson, Mrs. Amy Ayer, Executive Sec- 
retary, Youngstown. Ohio. Cs Women's. 
1897 m William Noble Anderson, Is Id; 
r 733 Bryson st. 

Anderson. Mrs. Anna W., Sociologist, of 
Knoxville, Tenn. Cs various, m James 
H. Anderson, Is Id. 

Anderson, Arthur. Insi^ ranee, St. Louis. Cs 
City. 1914 m IMarjorie I. Morton, 2s 2d; 
r 701 Shadv ave.. Webster Groves, Mo. 

Arderson, Arthur Edward, Educator and 
Accountant, Chicago. He is a lecturer 
on finance at Northwestern ITniversity. 
Cs Chif^ago Athletic. University. Mid- 
Dav, Attic. Chicasro Commonwealth,Bob 
O'Link Golf, m Emma Arnold, Is 2d; r 
Wilmette. 111. 

Anderson, Benjamin Mackenzie, Merchant 
Richmond. Va. Cs Countrv. Hermitage 
Golf. 1900 m Ann Lyle Tyler; r 100 W. 
T'ranklin st. 

Anderson, Clifford Le Conte, Lawver. At- 
irnta. Ga. He attained rank of Briga- 
dier-General Georgia National Guard. Cs 
City, State and American Bar Associa 
T = ons, Capital Citv, Army and Navv of 
Atanta. Mason. Shriner." 1910 m Mary 
Alice Van der Grifft. 

Anderson. Dice Robins, Educator, Lynch- 
burg, Va. Cs American Historical Asso- 
ciation. 1903 m Ada James Agh, 2s. 

Anderson, Emil Theodore, Banker, Salina, 
Kan. Cs Odd Fellows, Masons, Shriuer. 
1907 m Cora F. Bjorkback, 3s; r .'■>18 S. 
9th street. 

Anderson, Frank Leonard,Clergyman, East 
Orange, N.J. Cs Academy of Political 
Science, Quill of New York. 

Anderson, Franklin W.,Business President 
New York City. He is president F. W. 
Anderson and Company, Incorporated. 
1872 m Ida L. Lockwood, Is 2d; r 46 St. 
John Place, New Canaan, Conn. 

Anderson, Frederick Paul, Educator and 
Engineer, Lexington, Ky. 1891 m Jose- 
jihine Fisher, Is Id; r Irvington, N.J.; 
and Lexington, Ky. 

Anderson, George Wayne, Lawyer, Rich- 
mond, Va. Cs Westmoreland Country, 
1890 m Estelle Marguerite Burthe, 3s; 
r 1033 W. Grace st. 

Anderson, J. Crampton, Millionaire, Tos 

Anderson, James Blythe, Agriculturist 
and Antlior. Lexington, Ky. He is en- 
gaged in farming and breeding thor- 
oughbreds; and is the author of vari- 
ous works. Cs American Legion, Veter- 
ans of Foreign Wars, Society of War of 
1812, Society of the Cincinnati. 1898 m 
Alice Simms, Is Id; r Glengarry Farm. 

Anderson, Jefferson Randolph, Lawyer, 
Savannah, Ga. Cs Oglethorpe, Capital 
City. 1895 m Anne Page Wilder, 2s; r 
119 E. Carlton st. 

Anderson. John A., Business President and 
Capitalist. Detroit. Cs Detroit Athletic, 
Detroit Golf, Forest Lake Country, De- 
troit Riding and Hunt. Shriner, Board 
of Commerce. 1902 m M. Belding, Is; r 
17831 Hamilton Drive. 

Anderson. John Wendell, Retired Business 
Executive. Detroit. Cs Yondotega. De- 
troit Athletic, Detroit, Country, Loch- 
moor. University. Old Gristmill, Grosse 
Pointe Riding and Hunt and several 
others. 1895 m Gustavo Doeltz; Is Id; r 
in summer at Watch Hill, R.I., 8109 
Jefferson ave. 

Anderson, Joseph N., Jr., Lawyer, Pitts- 
burgh. Cs Duquesne Country] Oakmont 
Country. Tinwhistlers of Pinehurst, N.C. 
m Estela .Tope; r 5904 Wellesley ave. 

Anderson, T arz. Captain and Assistant 
Adjutant U.S.N., Washington. Cs Bache- 
lors. Travelers. Somerset. Union, Metro- 
politan, and others. 1897 m Isabel Weld 
Perkins: 2118 Massachusetts ave. 

Anderson Lorenzo E., Banker and Broker, 
St. Louis. He is director Mercantile Trust 
Company. Cs Lotos, St. Louis Raeouet, 
Missouri Athletic, Centurv Boat, Elks, 
Noonday, m Viola C. Gilsinn; r 4931 
Lindell blvd. 



Anderson, Mark M., Business President, 
St. Louis. Cs Algonquin. 1912 m Isla 
Sloan; r 662 W. Lockwood. 

Anderson, Mrs. Maiy Emily Brown, Socio- 
logist, Milwaukee, Wis. Cs CD., D-A.K. 
1873 m William Edwin Anderson, Is la, 

r 134 20th st. „ . -, . 

Anderson, Percy E., Business President, 
New York Citv. r 115 Fulton st. 

Anderson, Robert, Banker, Chicago m 
Selma Holtzen, Is Id; r 439 W. 61st 
place. . „ 

Anderson, Robert Cooper, Business Exec- 
utive, Davton, Ohio. Cs Dayton Coun- 
try Buz-Fuz. 1911 m Mary Catherine 
WMpp, Is Id; r 132 Central ave. 

Anderson, Rupert W. K., Banker and Law- 
yer, New York City. 1917 m Margaret 
Montgomery, Is; r Ardsley-on-Hudson, 

N Y 

Anderson, Samuel Arcbibald.Business Ex- 
ecutive. St. Paul. Cs University, Coun- 
try. 1892 m Marion L. Palmer, 2d; r 
160.5 Summit ave. . 

Anderson, Vachel Worthington. Petired 
Manufacturer, Cincinnati. Cs Queen Ci- 
ty, Country, Colonial. 1890 m Mary 
Sc'hoenberger Chambliss, Is 3d; r 2383 
Grandin road. -r^ ^, j 

Anderson, Van Winkle, Eealtor. Portland, 
Ore. Cs University. 1920 m Eliza Scott 
Parker; r 314 E. 51st street. 

Anderson, WendeU W., Banker, Detroit. 
Cs University, Duquesne, Yale. 1922 m 
Suzanne Mc Feelv, 2s; r 3O0 Washing- 
ton road, GroRse Pointe, Mich. 

Anderson, William Belville Business Ex- 
ecutive, Davton, Ohio. 1S83 m Harriet 
Elizabeth Cooper, Is; 133 Central ave. 

Anderson, William Eramce.Broker Chica- 
go. Cs Universitv, Indian Hill, Midday, 
Attic Quadrangle. 1904 m Mary Gard- 
ner, 4s; r Hinsdale,Ill., and Hyanmsport 


Anderson. William H., Lawyer, Los An- 
frplps. C'' Citv. state and American Bar 
Associations, Municipal Leasrue. .Jona- 
than Countrv. 1895 m Jessie I. Calhoun, 
3s; r 1640i W. 11th st. 

Anderson, William Pope, Jr.. Business 
President, Cincinnati. Cs Commercial, 
Commonwealth. University, Cincinnati 
Golf, Pillars, Stumps Boat. Engineers. 
1902' m Marguerite A. Tullidge, Is; r 
3nfi Lafavptte ave. 

Anderson, William Scott, Merchant. Phila- 
delphia. He is president Penn Leather 
Company. Cs Philadelphia Country. 1906 
TO Mary E. Henderson, Id; r 2241 N. 
53rd St. 

Arflerson. WiUiam Willis, Physician, At- 
lanta, Ga. He was formerly instructor in 

Pathology at Johns Hopkins Medical 
School, a"nd University of Maryland. Ca 
Druid Hills Golf, College, Ansley Park 
Golf, Fullerton County Medical, State 
Medical, American Medical. 1907 m The- 
odosia Willingham, Is Id; r 63 Avery 
Andre, Mrs. Laura Virginia Webb, Socio- 
logist, New York City. Cs C.D.A: 1914 
m George R. Andre, Is Id; r 1070 Madi- 
son ave. 
Andresen, Marie O., Lawyer, Chicago. She 
is an Assistant States Attorney. Cs Chi- 
cago Bar, Illinois State Bar, Lawyers 
Womens Bar of Illinois, American As- 
sociation of University Women, Wo- 
man's City Club. Unmarried; r 643 
Barry ave. 
Andretta, Antonio S., Banker, Hartford, 
Conn. He is president Padatti, Andretta 
and Company; and a director Riverside 
Trust Company. Cs Hartford, City, Re- 
publican, Wampansag Country, Automo- 
bile, Avon Country) Choral, Italian^, 
Elks, Sons of Italy. 1897 m Felicia M. 
Pallotti, 3s Id; r 448 Farmington ave. 
Andrew, Henry Hersey, Business Execu- 
tive, New York City. He was Colonel 
2nd Infantry West Virginia Militia. 
Served over seas last six months af 
World-War, A. R. C, A. E. P., Rank of 
captain, French Liberty and Commem- 
orate War Medals. Cs Somerset, Union 
of Boston, Army and Navy of America 
Harvard, Church, Adventurers of New 
York, Metropolitan of Washington, Na- 
tional Club of London Pilgrims, For- 
eign Wars, Armv and Navy Union, U. 
S.A., S.A.R. 1891 m Mary Raymond 
Garrettson; r Box 137 Sharon, Conn. 
Andrew, John H., Director, New York Ci- 
tv. 1906 m Lulu Shoenfield, Is Id; r 
19418 100th ave.. Long Island, N.Y. 
Andrews, Alfred Cnrpenter, Banker, 57 
Broadway, New York Citv. Cs JTnion 
League. Hudson River Country. Bank- 
ers. 1907 m Adelaide Clark, Is Id. 
Atrdrew, /.rthur Leonard, Lawyer, Albany, 

Andrews. Avery De Lano, Lawyer and 
Multi-Millionaire. New York City. Cs 
Century, University. Bankers, Army and 
Navy, New York Citv, Rirling Church, 
Society of Foreign Wars. 1888 m Mary 
Campbell Schofiold, 2s; r 26 E. 5lth st. 
Andrews, Charles Mc L., Educator. New 
Haven, Conn. Cs Authors Country, and 
Graduates. 1895 m Evangelin H. Walker, 
Is Id. 
Andrews, Clarence Edward. College Pro- 
fessor, Columbus, Ohio. Cs Salmagundi, 



Andrews, Clement Walker, Librarian, Chi- 
cago. Cs American Library Association, 
American Library Institute, Chemical 
Society, Chemical Industry, r 86 E. Kan- 
dolph st. 

Andrews, Edmund, Surgeon, Chicago. Cs 
University, Harvard, Yale, Princeton. 
1914 m Irene Greene Dvren, Is; r 561 
Surf st. 

Andrews, Edward Williamson, Banker, of 
Seattle, Wash. Cs Seattle Golf, Univer- 
sity. 1922 m Margaret Chinn, 2s; r 2622 
Harvard ave., North. 

Andrews, Emory Cobb, Business Executive 
Chicago. Cs Univeisity, Buccaneers, In- 
dian Hill Country. 1904 m Helen Arm- 
strong, 2s; 785 Willow St., Winnetka, 

Andrews, Fannie Fern, Author, Boston. 
Cs Eadcliffe. Twentieth Century, Col- 
lege, Women's City, Lyceum, Women's 
Republican. 1890 m Edwin Gasper An- 
drews; r 405 Marlborough st. 

Andrews, Frank, LawA-er and Capitalist, 
Houston, Texas. 1891 m Eoxalee Smith 
?s; r 910 Bell ave. 

Andrews, Frank D., Lawyer, Detroit. Cs 
Union League, Detroit Board of Com- 
merce, Detroit Commandery Number 
One Knight Templar. 1880 m Julia J. 
Goodson ,ld. 

Andrews, Frank T., Jr., Advertising Ex- 
pert, Chicago. 1922 m Flora Emily Per- 
kins, Id; r 560 Aldine ave. 

Andrews, Gamett, Business President, 
Chattanooga, Tenn. Cs Calumet, Manu- 
facturers, Delta Duck, Mountain City, 
Chattanooga Golf and Country, Lookout 
Mountain. 1895 m Elizabeth Lenoir Key 
la 5d; r Rossville, Ga. 

Andrews, George, Adjutant General of U. 
S.A., Washington. Cs Army and Navy, 
S.A.R. 1882 m Katherine Brayton Tain- 
tor, 2d; r Cordova Apts. 

Andrews, George Murray, Business Exec- 
utive, Philadelphia. Cs Rittonhouse, 
Whitosand Brooks, m Ellen L. Hale; r 
Bellefonte. Pa. 

Andrews. Horace, IMnlti-Millionaire, Cleve- 
land, Ohio, r 2441 Eurdid ave. 

Andrews, James De Witt. Lawver and 
Jurist, NcAv York Citv. Cs Illinois Bar, 
American Bar. 1880 m Minnie A. Bar- 
nett, Is Id. 

Andrews, James H.. Business Executive, 
Akron, Oliio. Cs Chagrin Valley Hunt, 
Union, Portage Golf. 1887 m Laura _L. 
Day, Is 2d; r Westwood, Akron, Ohio; 
and 'Pinehurst, N.C. 

Andrews, Jesse, Lawy-er. Kansas City,Mo. 
Cs Universitv. Kansas City, Mission 
Hills Countrv, Houston Country. 1900 m 
Celeste Bujkc, Is; r 400 East Armour 


Andrews, Matthew, Manufacturer, Cleve- 
land. He is Chairman of the Board M. 
A. Hanna Companies. Cs Union, Tavern, 
Chagrin Valley Hunt, Cleveland, India 
House, Tennis and Racquet. 1892 m Ma- 
bel Shields, Is Id; r Cleveland and New 
York City. 

Andrews, Rodney D., Banker, Chicago. Cs 
Medinah Country, Mason. 1917 m Ina 
M. Hagan. 

Andrews, Samuel Harwell, Merchant and 
Banker, Jackson, Ala. Cs Mason. 1889 
m Lucia ShiJd, 4s 2d. 

Andrews, Sewall D., Business Executive, 
Minneapolis. Cs Minneapolis, Lafayette, 
Woodhill Country, Minekahda. m Lilla 
S. Finch, 2s Id; r 2100 1st ave., S. 

Andrews, Walter S., Jr., Business Execu- 
tive, New York City. Cs Ardsley, Rac- 
quet, Tennis, New York, Oxford and 
Cambridge of London. 1914 m Doris 
Fitch, Id; r 987 Madison ave. 

Andrews, Walter Scott, Realtor, Newport, 
R.I. 1900 m Curry Connally, 3s; r The 
Kedge on Gibbs ave. 

Andrews, William H., Manufacturer, Long 
Island. Cs Automobile, Buffalo, Cham- 
ber of Commerce of New York City, 
Princeton, Union League of New York 
Citv. m Kate Gresham. now deceased, Is 
Id;' r 230 North st., Buffalo. 

Andrews, William ShanklaT7d, Jurist, On- 
ondaga, N.Y. 1884 m Mary Raymond 
Shipman, Is. 

Andrus, Frederick H., Millionaire, Detroit. 
Cs Detroit Boat, m Inin L. Marshall; r 
1429 Iroquois ave. 

Andrus, John Emory, Manufacturer and 
Multi-Millionaire, Yonkers, N.Y. Ho is 
president Palisade Manufacturing Com- 
pany, and New York Pharmaceutical 
Association; has been Mayor of Von- 
kers, and a Member of Congre.^s. He 
founded Surdana Foundation, with vn- 
dowrnent of two and a half million dol- 
lars. 1869 m Julia M. D. Dyckman; r 
1C5 Hudson Teirace. 

Ardnis Lucius Buesley, Business Presi- 
dent, Indianapolis, I -id. He is president 
Attjca Electric CoTni-nny and other eor- 
por.'ilions. Cs American Institute of El- 
C'liJral Engineers, American Society of 
i\!echanica] Engineers. American Geo 
graphical Society of New York. 2 s Id. 

Angell, Alexis Caswell, Lawyer, Detroit. 
Cs Country. 1880 m Fnnnie Cary C')oIey, 
2'^ Id; r 1470 Iroquois ave. 
Angell, Frederick L., Business Executive 
r. n I ManufactureT, Si". Paul. Cs MinT!>3- 
sota, Somerset Couiitrj-. St. Paul Atlile- 
t - 1907 m Elizalcth Belfield, 2s l(t; r 
737 Goodrich ave. 



Angell, James Rowland, Educator, New 
Haven, Conn. Cs National Academy of 
Science. 1894 m Marion Isabel Watrous, 
Is Id. 

Angell, Martin Fuller, Educator, Moscow, 
Idaho. Cs American Physiological So- 
ciety. 1903 m M. Alta Gilbert, 2s 2d. _ 

Angle, Edward Everett, Physician, Liu- 
,-oln, Nfb. 1920 m Catherine Dodge: r 
2219 B St. 

Angle, Edward John, Physician, Lmcom, 
Neb. Cs Local and State Medical Asso- 
ciations. 1889 m Agnes Lillian Wolf, Is 
2d; r 2219 B st. 

Angle, Jay Warren, Business Executive, 
Hot Springs, Ark. Cs Knights Templar, 
Shrine, S.A.E., Elks, Hot Springs Golf 
and Country. 1894 m Ella Mae Boone, 
Is 2d. ' . ^^ 

Anheuser, Eberhard, Multi-Millionaire, bt. 
Louis, r 3003 Allen ave. 

Ankeny, H. Willett, Grain Commissioner, 
Mineapolis. Cs Minekahda. 1898 m Jose- 
phine Hosmer, Is. 

Ansorge, William A., Business Executive, 
Newaygo, Mich. 1901 m Emma L. Eoot, 
Id. ' " s 

Anstadt, Henry, Clergyman, Chambers- 
burg, Pa. Cs Historical Society. 1906 m 
Emma C. Jones, Id. 

Anthony, Andrew Weeks, Purchasing A- 
gent, Bristol, R.I. Cs Harvard. 1912 m 
Elizabeth L. Colt; r 41 High st. 

Anthony, Benjamin Harris, Publisher,New 
Bedford, Mass. He is publisher New 
Bedford Standard Mercury; and a di- 
rector Associated Press. Cs Skull and 
Bones, Yale, New Haven Graduates, 
New York Yale, Boston Yale, New Bed- 
ford Wamsutta, Yacht. 1888 m Harriet 
David Peirce, Is 2d. 
Anthony. Earle Charles, Business Presi- 
dent, Los Angeles. Cs California, Mid- 
wick Country, Writers, Bohemian, Bur- 
lingame Country. 1898 m Irene Kelly, 
Is; 4848 Los Feliz blvd. 
Anthony, Mary Borden, Church and Po- 
litical Work, Providence, R.I. She is ad- 
visor to Board of Directors the United 
Lieague of Women Voters of Rhode Is- 
land. Cs Providence Art, Providence 
Plantation, Colonial Dames. 
Anthony, George A., Retired Banker, Ke- 
waunee, 111. Cs Woodmen of America. 
1877m Anna L. Barney, Is Id; r 212 S. 
Tremont st. 
Au^hony, Mark, Business Executive, New 
Orleans, La. 1912 m Marie H. Delery, 
1p 2d; r 2217 Short st. 
Anthony, R. B., Manufacturer, Chicago. Cs 
Kiwanis, South Side Tennis, Woodlawn 
Business Men's Association. ,1910 m 

Harriet Pietzsch; r 1541 E. 65th place. 
Antisdel, John Parshall, Lawyer, Detroit. 
Cs S.A.R., Lawyers, American Bar, De- 
troit Bar. r 553 Jefferson ave. 

Apland, Martin, Banker, Bergen, N.D. 
1909 m Maude Andrews, Is 2d. 

Apmadoc, William Tudor, Lawyer, Chica- 
go. Cs I^aw,, University, Lake Shore 
Athletic. 1912 m Nelle " Gill, Is Id; r 
2200 Sheridan road, Evanston, 111. 

Appel, Jacob M., Banker, Chicago. He is 
president Broadway National Bank, the 
First National Bank of Wilmette, and 
Highland Park State Bank. Cs Hamil- 
ton, Mason, Memorial Church of Christ. 
1888 m Ida Idler, Is Id; r Orrington 
Hotel, Evanston, 111. 

Appell, Carl J., Lawyer, Chicago. 1921 m 
Agnes Swanson; r 1342 Norwood st. 

Appenzellar, Donald C.,Stock Broker, New 
York City. He is a member J. P. Ben- 
kard and Company, stock brokers. Cs 
Wvkagyl, Canoe Brook Country. 1907 
m"Katherine O. Gorman, 2s Id; r Mur- 
ray Hill, N.J. 

Apperson, Edgar I-., Millionaire, Kokomo, 
Ind. r Hotel Courtland. 

Apple, Henry Harbaugh, College President 
Lancaster, Pa. He is president Franklin 
and Marshall College. Cs American Phil- 
osophical, Lancaster Chamber of Com- 
merce, Lancaster Historical, American 
Academy of Political and Social Sci- 
ence. 1894 m Florence E. Herr. Id; r 
College Campus. 

Appleby, Thomas Henry Montague Vil- 
liers, Archdeacon, Tacoma, Wash. Cs 
Seabury Divinity College, m E. Mary 
Lett; r Washington. 

Appleton, Charles Brooks,Engineer, Brook- 
line, Mass. Cs S.A.R., University. 1886 
r;i Marion Kingsbury; r Dutch House, 
Netherlands road. 

Appleton, Everard, Lawyer, Providence. 
Cs Universitv, Art, Jacobs Hill Hunt. 
1916 m Eliza H. Bridgman, Id: r 22 
Benevolent st. 

Appleton, Francis Henry, Agriculturist, 
Boston. Cs Somerset, Harvard, Country. 
1894 m Fanny Rollins Tappan, 2s 2d; r 
251 Marlborough st. 

Appleton, Henry Sargent, Writer and Au- 
thor, New York Citv. Cs Racquet and 
Tennis. 1912 m Cecile Cochran Bacot; 
r 152 E. 36th st. 

Appleton, Paul. Obstetrician, Providence, 
R.I. Cs Universitv. 1920 m Frances E. 
Ricker, Id; r 93 Overkill road. 

Appleton. R. Ro^s. Jr., Treasurer, New 
York Citv. Cs Yale.Hamilton, Rembrant. 
1922 m Janet Burns, now deceased. Id; 
r 146 Joralemon st., Brooklyn, N.Y. 



Appleton, Samuel, Fanner, Warrentown, 
\a. Cs Fouquier, Warrentoii Hunt, War- 
renton Country. 1900 m Mary Patterson 
Abererombie Goodman, Id; r Marshfield. 

Appleton, William Hyde, Business Presi- 
dent, Philadelphia. Cs Union League. 
1900 m Esther Townsend Moore; r The 

Appleyard, Arthur E., Engineer and Cap- 
italist, Minneapolis. Cs Minneapolis, La- 
fayette, Minekahda, Buffalo, Crystal 
Brook, Annandale Golf, Country of Lit- 
tle Eoek, Ark. 1925 m Louise Stanley 
Vinson, Is 3d; r 2340 Lake of Isles blvd. 

Apthorn, John Vaughan, Business Exec- 
utive, Boston. Cs Union, Harvard. 1882 
m Mary Layuet, Is Id; r 51 Brattle st., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

Araneta, Gregorio, Eealtor, Manila, Ha- 
waii. Cs Jockey, Philippine Bar, Amer- 
ican Bar. 1896 m Carmen Zaragoza, 7s 
6d; r 1030 E. Hidalgo, Manila, P.L 

Archbald, James, Engineer, Pottsville, Pa. 
Cs Graduates, Pottsville, and Schuylkill 
Country. 1897 m Margaretta Thompson, 
2s 2d;"r 1501 Mahantongo st. 

Archbald, Joseph Albright, Jr., Advertis- 
ing Executive, Buffalo. Cs University. 
1920 m Eleanor Eoss Willingmyre, 3s; r 
194 Hodge ave. 

Archbold. John T., Multi-Millionaire, New 
York Citv. Cs Automobile, m Mav Bar- 
ron; r Chinquapin Plantation, Thomas- 
ville, Ga.; and 375 Park ave. 

Archer, Mrs. Carrie Cathaline Alford, So- 
ciologist, New Haven, Conn. 1905 m 
John Clark Archer, Is Id; r 1712 Whit- 
ney ave. 

Archer, Gleason-I.eonArdr Dean and Au- 
thor, Boston. He is Dean of the Suffolk 
Law School; and the author of law text 
books. Cs S.A.E.. University, American 
Bar New Universitv. 1906 m Elizabeth 
G. Snvder. 2s Id; r 20 Derne st., Boston 
and Stetson road, Norwell. 

Archer, John B., Choral Conductor, Pro- 
vidence, E.I. m Dorothy Donaldson; r 
1 Charles Field Court. 

Archer, John Clark, Author and Business 
Executive, New Haven, Conn. Cs Amer- 
ican Oriental Society, Graduates, Spring 
Glen. 1906 m Catharine Alford, Is Id; 
r 1712 Whitney ave. 

Archer, Pierce. Jr., Law-yer. Philadelnhia. 
1910 m Dorothy Hoffman, 2s Id; r 
Wvnnewood, Pa. 

Archer, Shreve Mc Laren, Business Exec- 
utive, White Bear Lake, Minn. Cs White 
Bear, Minnesota, University, Minekah- 
da. 1912 m Doris Cowley, Is 4d; r Dell- 

Archer Shee, Mrs. Frances Pell. Cs Ladies 

United Service, Cosmopolitan. 1905 m 
Martin Archer Shee, 4s 3d; r Ashurst 
Lodge, Sunninghill, Berks, England, and 
Pellwood, Highland Falls, N.Y. 

Ardis, Jackson B., Business President, 
Shreveport, La. 1888 m Mrs. Gertrude 

Ardley, James H., Banker, New York City. 
Cs Bankers. Blind Brook, Westchester 
Biltmore. 1897 m Guion Havden, 3s; r 
830 Park Ave., and Eye, N.Y. 

Arend, Francis J., Multi-Millionaire, New 
York City, r 313 5th ave. 

Arents, George, Jr., Multi-Millionaire,New 
York City, r 11 E. 70th st. 

Areson, William H.,Physician,Upper Mont- 
clair, N..L Cs Upper Montclair Country, 
Montclair Athletic. 1909 m Florence 
Hallett, 2s Id. 

Arey Melvin Franklin, Professor, Cedar 
Falls, Iowa. 1869 m Louisa H. Smith, Is 
2d; r 2320 College st. 

Argabrite, Newton Munday, Publbic Utili- 
ty Executive.New York Citv. He is vice- 
president Amtrican Gas and Electric 
Company Pelham County, Eailroad. 1901 
m Francenia Wilde, Is; r 946 Esplanade, 
I'elham :Manor, N.Y 

Armitage Clyde Foster, Clergvman, New 
lork City Cs Clergy. Young Men's 
Christian Association, National League 
of America. 1911 m Ethel Fowee, r 316 
Portner Apts., Washington 

Armitage, Wellesley Dunsmoor, Business 

^'ll?\^-''')afa'''''<'r^''- ^' Minneapolis 
Athletic. 1919 m Mae Bonner, Id; r 4653 
Aldrich So. 

Amour, A. Watson, Multi-Millionaire of 
^Z""?-^ f^« Chicago, m Elsa Parker r 
1200 Lake Shore Drive 

Annour. Albeit P., Business Executive of 
>orest Hills Gardens, N.Y. Cs Queen 
A alley Golf, Knickerbocker Field, For- 
est Hills, Eotary International 1921 m 
M. Cleverley Seward, Id; r Granston 

Armour, B. R., Manufacturer. New York 
< ity He IS president American Aniline 
Products, and other corporations. Cs 
Chemist and Aldine of New York, Man- 

r ^6? W ' V ^. Pl^^'-'-^l^lphia. Unmarried; 
r 4(1,5 vv. Lnd ave 

''n?r\f''''''ol,^-. Millionaire, Kansas 
(itv, Mo. r ?,r,00 Walnut st 

n"J°"''' i;°°^*^^n Ogden. Multi-Millio- 
nazre. Chicago . Cs Chicago, m Lolita 
Sheldon: r 3320 Sheridan road 
Armour, Lawrence, Business Executive 
Chicago. Cs Chicago. Onwentsia eIc- 
qnet Saddle and Cvcle. Casino m Fran- 
ces Lay Withers, Is; r 920 N. Michigan 



Armour, Lester, Business Executive, Chi- 
cago, m Leola Staton; r 352 Wellington 

Armour, M. Cochrane, Eetired Business 
Executive, Chicago. Cs Union League, 
ni Minnie Huggins, 2s 2d; r 962 Linda 
Vista, Pasadena, Cal. 
Armour, Philip D., Packer, Chicago. Cs 
Chicago, Old Elm, National Golf Links, 
Onwentsia, Saddle and Cycle, Eaequet 
of New York. 1915 m Gwendolin Con- 
don, Is; r 1200 Lake Shore Drive. 
Arms, Edward Wright, Civil Engineer, 

Troy, N.Y. 1871 m Ella S. Wright, Is. 
Arms," Herbert Clarke, Business Exectitive 
and Capitalist. Chicago. Cs University, 
Lake Shore Athletic, Evanston, Evans- 
ton Countrv, Skokie Country. 1900 m 
Elizabeth Gregg, Id; r Evanston, 111. 
Armsby, George, Director, New York Ci- 
ty. He is a Director of California Pack- 
ing Corporation, the Sugar Company and 
others. CsRacquet and Tennis, Blind 
Brook, Eecess, Metropolitan of Wash- 
ington, Turf and Field, Pacific Union, 
Bohemian and others, m Leonora Wood, 
Is Id; r Eitz-Carlton Hotel, New York 
Citv; and Burlingame, Cal. 
Armstead, Henry Howell, Engineer, New 
York City. He is president Armstead 
Mines, Incorporated. Cs American Insti- 
tute of Mining Engineers, Pan American 
Alpha, Delta Phi, Engineers, Calumet, 
Columbia University, Country, r Engi- 
neers Club, 42 W. 42nd st. 
Armstrong, A. Joseph, College Professor, 
Waco, Texas. For ten years he traveled 
in all parts of the world in the study 
of literature. Cs Poetry Lovers of Am- 
erica, National Travel, Poetry of Texas, 
National Council, Order of Bookfellows, 
English Speaking: Union. 1911 m Mary 
1^'^axwell, Is; 625 Dutton. 
Armst'-ong, Beniamin A. Millionaire, New 

London, Conn, r 200 Hampstead ave. 
Armptrong, Beniamin I., Potired Manu- 
facturer. St. Petersburg, Fla. Cs Yale, 
University, m Elizabeth W. Chppel, Is 
2d: r in winter 505 ISth nve.; in sum- 
mer 33 Granite st., New Tjondon, Conn. 
Armstrong, Charles D.. "Nrillionaire, Pitts- 
burih. C" D"nuesne. Pittsburgh. 18S5 
m Gertrude V. Ludden, 2s Id; r 300 
T exinfton ave. 
Armst'^ong, riliar'e«! N., Business Pi-esident 
Buffalo. Cs Buff,alo, Countrv, Buffalo 
j\+hleti''. m Marjorie M. Donald, Id; r 
216 Anderson place. 
Arm^'trone. Ee-^ert J., Broker and Capi- 
ta li-^t. New York City. Cs Metropolitan, 
New England, Vermont. 1904 m Cathe- 
rine D. Lindsay; r 1 W. 72nd st. 

Armstrong, George E., Business Executive 
Pittsburgh. Cs Yale. 1908 ni Jeanne Ca- 
pen, 3s Id; r 700 Devonshire st. 
Armstrong, George Hubert, Bonds and 
Securities, Detroit. 1925 m Elizabeth 
Boddington; 10525 Jefferson ave. W. 
Armstrong, George W., Jr., Millionaire, oi 

Cincinnati, r Queen City Club. 
Armstrong, Harold Rodney, Business Pres 
ident, Atlanta, Ga. He is prominentlj 
identified with business and public af 
fairs. Cs Capital City, Piedmont Driv 
ing. 1913 m Mary Blair Cooley, Is Id 
r 396 Ponce de Leon ave., N.E. 
Armstrong, Horace W., Business Presiden- 
and Capitalist, Chicago. Cs Chicago, In 
dustrial. University, Glen View Indiai 
Hill, Indian Hill Riding. 1908 m Jeai 
Cochrane, Is 2d; r 365 Sheridan road 
Winnetka, 111. « 

Armstrong, James Douglas, Banker, SI 
Paul. Cs Minnesota, University, St. Pan 
Athletic. 1894 m Mary E. Brinckerhofi 
4s Id; r 506 Grand ave. 
Armstrong, Lorenzo D., Director of Ne-^ 
York City. 1912 m Mollie Bangs, Is 2d 
r Riverside, Conn. 
Armstrong, Mrs. Lucy M. Camp, Sociolf 
gist. Savannah, Ga. She is prominentl 
identified with social and humanitaria 
work, m George Ferguson Armstrong 
r 447 Bull st. 
Armstrong, Philip McCutcheon, Merchan 
Detroit. Cs Detroit, University, Arm 
and Navv, Port Huron Golf, Detroi 
Boat, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fraternit 
American I^egion. 1918 m Marjorie Prin 
rose Clark. 3s Id; r 3424 Burns ave. 
Armstrong, Samuel Treat, Surgeon, Kati 
nah, N.Y. Cs Armv and Navy. 1882 i 
AMoe Cobin. 2s 2d: r Hilbourne. 
^Armstrong, William B.,Manufacturer,Ne 
York City. He is first vice-president f 
a well-known Piano Manufacturing Co 
poration. Cs Union League. Wykag' 
Country, Pelham Country. Westchept< 
BiUmore. Larchmont Yacht, New R 
chelle Yafh<-, Blind B^ook Golf, an 
Sea View Golf. 1908 m Fidelia H.Thor- 
ton: r 200 Overbrook Circle, New R 
rheile. N.Y. 
Armstrons:, V/i'lism. Wri'^ht. Millionai' 
and Barker, Salt Lake City, Utah. 18^ 
m Eva Lees, Is. 
Arn, Fred, Lumberman and Capitalis 
O^attarooga. Tenn. He is prominent' 
idputified -^ith bnsines and public a 
fairs. Cs Mountain, National Associatif 
of Mani'fafturers, Tennessee Manufa 
turers, Chattanooga Manufacturers. 19' 
m Jessy Brown; r Riverview. 



Arndt, Charles Henry, Clergyman. Phila- 
delphia. Cs Union League, University. 
1898 m Helen M. Fachner, 3d, r Ger- 

Arneman, Arthur W., Contractor, Chicago. 
Cs Kiwanis of Eavenwood, Medinah 
Country. Mason. 1912 m Sophie C. Ja- 
cobson, Is Id; r 2116 Summerdale ave. 

Arneson, Ben Albert, Professor, Delaware, 
Ohio. Cs American Political Science As- 
sociation- 1909 m Elsie Baade, Id. 

Arnett, John H., Physician and Surgeon, 
Philadelphia. 1921 m Katherine Mc- 
Collin, Is; r 262 S. 21st street. 

Arnett, William W., Eetired Banker. Phil- 
adeipliia. Cs Art, Rittenhouse Alliance, 
Merion. 1886 m Elizabeth R. Hancock, 
2s Id; r 2116 Pine st. 

Arnold, Benjamin W., Millionaire, Albany, 
N.Y. r 463 State st. 

Arnold, Bion Joseph, Major. President, 
Chicago. Cs Engineers, Chicago Union 
League, Mid-Day, South Shore Country, 
Industrial. 1886 m Carrie Estelle Berry, 
Is 2d; r 4715 Kimbark ave. 

Arnold, Brent, Jr.. Business Executive, of 
Louisville, Ky. He is prominently iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Queen City, Pendennis, Kentucky, 
Louisville Country, Sleepy Hollow, Ken- 
tucky Jockey, Yale. 1915 m Letitia Hol- 
mes Cict; r 1028 Cherokee road, and in 
summer Mocking Bird Valley, Ky. 

Arnold, Trancis M., Pianist and Composer, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago Literary, r 927 E. 
40th St. 

Arnold. Frank M., Cattleman, Banker, 
Emporia, Kan. Cs Elks, Masons. 1888 m 
Ifie Espy, 2s 2d. 

Arnold, George Carpenter, Realtor and 
Publisher. Providence. R.L Cs S. A. R. 
1892 m Flora Etta Richards, 3s; r 238 
Adelaide ave. 

Arnold, Harold Greene, Clereryman, West 
Roxbury, Mass. 1908 m Helen H. Free- 
man, Is 3d; r 55 Emmons road. 

Arnold, Harry Bartley, Lawyer, Columbus, 
Ohio. Cs Columb'js, Scioto Country, Ath- 
letic, Castalia Trout. 19ir m Grace 
Louise Russell. Is Id; r 275 Stanberry 
ave., Bexley. 

Arnold, John A., Millionaire, Pawtucket, 
R.L r 94 Mineral Spring ave. 

Arnold, Lauren Arnold, Business Execu- 
tive, New York City. Cs Yale. 1918 m 
Anne Hughes. 

Arnold, Le Roy, Collesre Professor. St. 
Paul. Cs TTniversitv. 1911 m Kate Fair- 
child, Is Id; r 2628 Park Ave.. Minnea- 

Arnold, Lincoln Richards, Business Ex- 
ecutive, Providence. Cs College and 

Fraternal. 1920 m Madeleine Webster, 
2s Id; r 11 Arch st. 

Arnold, Lowdy, Business Executive, At- 
lanta, G.T. Cs Piedmont Driving, Capital 
City, Druid Hills, Atlanta Athletic, m 
Joan Clarke. Id;; r Pershing Point apts. 

Arnold, Morris Le Roy, Professor, St. Paul. 
Cs Harvard, University, Skylight of 
Minneapolis. 1911 m Kate Fairchild, Is 
Id; r 2628 Park ave., Minneapolis. 

Arnold, Moses N., Millionaire, North Ab- 
ington, Mass. 

Arnold, Ralph, Engineer, Los Angeles. Cs 
Geological Society of America, Ameri- 
can Association for Advancement of 
Science, and others. 1899 m Miss Stokes, 
2d; r 1205 Wilson ave. 

Arnold, Ray Horton, Bond Broker, New 
York Citv. Cs New York Bankers, New- 
York Athletic, Greenwood Country, Co- 
lumbia Golf, m Bessie Flora Sherman, Is 
2d; r Lake ave., Greenwich, Conn. 

Arnold, Thomas Jackson, I^awyer, Elkins, 
W.Va. 1876 m Eugenia Hill, '3s Id. 

Arnold. William Augustus, Jr., Hatter, of 
Reading. Pa. 1901 m Katherine L. Bow- 
ers; r 1210 Eckert ave. 

Arnold, William Hendrick, Lawyer, Tex- 
arkana. Ark. Ts S.A.R., American Bar, 
Masonic, Shrine. Texarkana Country. 
1887 m .Jessie Cook, now deceased, 23 
3d. 1905 m Kate Lewis, Is. 

Arnstein, Moritz, Business President, San 
Francisco. 1902 m Roza Levy, Is 2d- r 
243 W. 9Sth St.. New York City. 

Arp, August Henry, Physician and Sur- 
geon, Moline. 111. 

Arhuthnot, Wilson S., Millionaire, Pitts- 
burgh, r 6425 5th ave. 

Arter, Fr?.nk A.. Millionaire Clev,>l;ind, 
Ohio. Cs Universitv. r 17300 S. Park 
blvd., Shnker Heitrhts. 

Arthur, Kenneth A.. Photoo-rapher, De- 
troit. Cs Detroit. Athletic. Detroit" Boat 
University, m .Jane D. Fitzpatrick- r 
8625 Derler blvd. 

Arthur, Paul Harrison Lawver, Nev York 
City. Cs Harvard. State" Bar. 1919 m 
Miriam Tavlor Wilson. Id; r 1 Souvten 
Dvivvil parkwnv. 

Aniffo. Ernest G.. Merchant and Capita- 
list, Detroit. He is merchandise manager 
for Crowlev. Milner and Comnanv. Cs 
Detroit Atliletic. Grosse Isle Golf. Plum 
Hollow Golf, Countrv. 1908 m Edythe 
Rolnh. Is Id: r 2019 Edison ave. 

Ashury, HariT W., Refrigeration Engineer 
Phoenix, Ariz. He is president Crvstal 
Ice and Cold Storasre Comoanv. Cs Phoe- 
nix Countrv. Chamber of Commerce, and 
Masons. 1907 m Fannie May Klooz, Is; 
r 91 W. Lynwood st. 



Ash, Gordon Monges, Geiielojirist. Fanner, 
F'-cderick, Md. Cs Union, Natinual Gen- 
ealogical, Order of Descendant.^ of .'se- 
cret Pact of Prior Declaration of lude- 
j'Cndence. 1913 m Jeannie Morrison Dxill 
r White Oakes Springs Farm, near Fied- 
orick, Md. 

Ash, James W., Manufacturer, Middletown 
Ohio. Cs Mason. 1900 m Kose Leddy, Is; 
r 1106 S. Main st. 

Ashbrook, William A., Banker, Johnstown, 
Ohio. Cs Knights of Pythias, Odd Fel- 
lows, Elks, Mason. 1920 m Marie G. 
Swank, Is Id. 

Ashby, Albert Haughton, Banker, Phila- 
delphia. 1899 m Agnes Martin; r Glad- 

Ashcraft, Lee, Business President and Ca- 
pitalist, Atlanta, Ga. Cs Capitol Citv, 
Piedmont Driving,Druid Hills Golf. 1902 
m Mary Bayless, Id; r 1341 Ponce de 
Leon ave. 

Ashcroft, Joseph, Manufacturer and Capi- 
talist. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Cs Shrine, and 
Scottish Rite Mason, m May Alpaugh,ld 

Ashford, Bailey Kelley, Surgeon, Wash- 
ington. 1899 m A. Lopez Nuzz, Is 2d; r 
San .Tuan, P.P. 

Ashford. Theodore L., Banker, Boone, Io- 
wa. He is president Boone State Bank, 
and Boone Chamber of Commerce. Cs 
Chamber of Commerce. 1907 m C. Hark- 
iiess. Is. 

Ashley, Dwight, Jr., Millionaire, Paterson, 
X..T. r 629 E. 27th st. 

Ashmead, Henry Clifton, Agent, Birming- 
ham, Ala. Cs Birminffham Athletic. E\- 
change. Wodward Golf. 1917 m IHns 
Sarah Carpenter, Is Id; r 2220 28th st. 

Asbworth. Lewis Jackson, Realtor, Hun'- 
ington. W.Va. Cs Chamber of Commerce, 
Board of Education, Kn'qrhts of P;. thias, 
Odd Fellows. 1882 m Fannie Midd!eton, 
who died in 1894. 1895 m Lllie Hcy':nt, 
who died in 1898. 

Afhworth. Walter C, Physii-i?in, Glon\vo(,d 
>..C. Cs Xorth Carolina Medical, Amer- 
ican Medical. 1894 m Pirnie Sav;,, ^d; 
r '.'vinslon Salem and G'leiisboro, N"/' 

Askenstedt, Pritz Conrad, Physieian,Louis- 
ville, Kv. Cs American Medical, Ameri- 
can Institute of Homeopathy, Kentucky 
State Medical, Jefferson County Medi- 
cal and others, r 1210 4th ave. 

Aspegren. John, Merchant, New York Ci- 
ty. 1916 m Lucille Yantine Bacon, Is Id 
r'4 E. 86th st. 

Aspinwall. Clarence A.. Business Presi- 
dent. Washington. Cs Metropolitan, Che- 
vy Chase, Racquet. Citv. Alfalfa. 1900 
m Jeannette Scoville, Is Id; r 1839 
Wyoming ave. 

Athearn, F. G., Lawyer, San Francisco. C= 
Union League, Berkeley Country. 1901 
m Purle Evelyn Bottome, 2s; r 2.5 Euca- 
lyptus road, Berkeley, Cal. 

Atherton, Mrs. Gertrude Franklin, Author, 
San Francisco. 1876 m George Henry 
Bowen Atherton, now deceased, Id; r 
148 Locust st. 

Athlerton, Ray, Diplomat Department of 
State. Washington. Cs Chicago, Saddle 
and Cycle. Unmarried; r 35 South st., 
W.I. London, England. 

Atherton, Thomas Henry, Architect, Wil- 
kes Barre, Pa. He is Major of Field Ar- 
tillery Pennsylvania National Guard. Cs 
Cap and Gown, Chamber of Commerce, 
Officers Club of 28th Division, Amer- 
ican Legion, Wilkes Barre Auto Associa- 
tion. 1920 m Mary Mish, Id; r Orchard 
House, Wyoming, Pa. 

Atkin, Godfrey H., Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Mid-day, Yacht, Athletic, 
Indian Hill, Riding, Royal Canadian, 
Buccaneers. 1906 m Gwendolen Shaw, 
2d; r 12 Indian Hill road, Winnetka, 111. 

Atkins. Arthur B., Lawyer, Napoleon, N. 
D. 1913 m Anna Nelson, Is 2d. 

Atkins, George Chew, Business Executive, 
New York City. 1910 m Norah E. o! 
Loughlin, Is Id: r Woodands, Bronte, 
Ontario. § 

Atkins, Harold Bedford. Public Accoun 
tant. New York City. Cs Universitv. 
Engineers, Catholic, American Institu! ' 
of Accountants. Unmarried; r 606 v 
116th St. 

Atkinson, Charles D., Business Manager, 
Atlanta, Ga. He is prominently identi- 
fied with business and public afrai^s. 
Cs Piedmont Driving, Druid Hills Golt\ 
Capital City. 1917 m Elizabeth Viola 
Wade, 2s Id; r 705 Ponce de Leon ave 

Atkinson, Fred L., Manufacturer, New- 
burysport. Mass. m Susan B. Russell 

Atkinson, Frederick G., Business Execu- 
tive. Minneapolis. 1911 m Dorothy Bridg- 
nian, 2s Id: r 104 Groveland Terrace. 

Atkinson. Henry Avery, Clergvman, 70 St^ 
ave.. New York City. 1901 m Grace Olin 

Atkinson, Henry Morrell, Business Pres- 
ident, Atlanta. Ga. Cs .Atlanta, Capito 
( ity. Drnid Hills, Golf. Piedmont Driv- 
ine. Harvard, Brooks and Links of New 
]ork. 1888 m Mav Peters, Id; r Ponc" 
de Leon apts.. Atlanta. Ga 

Atlee, Edwin Thrie, Jr., Business Execu- 
tive. Philadolphia. Cs Art. Philadelphia, 

Atl ^^'""ulter St. Germantown, Pa. 
Atonna, Carmelo. Phvsieian. New York 

W gSth'st.™ """' ^^^^"•^' '' ''■' ^^^8 



Atterliury, Anson Phelps, Clergyman, New 
York City, He is iiastor Emeritus West 
Park Presbyterian Church of New York 
Catherine Van Eensselaer; r 5S0 Park 

Atterhury, Grosvenor, Architect,New York 
City. 1923 m Estelle Johnstone; r 131 
E. Voth St. 

Atterhury, Howard E., Business President 
New York City, m Faith Ripley; r 17 E. 

nth St. 

Atterbury, Kirby, Business Executive, of 
Buffalo, m Anne Adams, Is; r 69 Lex- 
i. gton ave, Holyoke, Mass. 
Attwood. William" E., Banker, New Bri- 
tain. Conn. 1906 m Fannie C. Wetmore, 
Is Id; r 175 Vine st. 
Atwater, Allen Russell, Business Execu- 
tive, Boston. He is treasurer R. T. Ly- 
man and Company, industrial managers. 
Cs Tennis and Racquet, Corinthian Yacht 
Exchange, Weston Golf. 1914 m Conway 
Lilly, Is; r 84 Pinkney st., in summer 
Weston. Mass. 
Atwater, David Hastings, Physician, Ro- 
chester, N.Y. 1904 m Beatrice Bardden, 
Is; r 350 Glenwood ave. 
Atwater. John Jacob, '^Une Operator and 
Coal ]\rerchant, New York City. Cs Uni- 
versitv, Amherst, Maiihasset,Bay Yacht. 
1917 in Marjory Wilcox, Is Id; r Great 
Neck, N.Y. ' 
• Atwater, Willaim F., Business Executive, 
San Francisco. Cs Masonic. 1907 m- Ma- 
■* tilda T. Steinauer, 2s; r 335 St. Francis 
•"•' hlvd. 
Atwell, William Hawley, Lawyer, Dallas, 
Texas. 1892 m Susie Snyder; r 5411 
Swiss ave. 
Atvood Edward Leland, Clergyman, Mur- 
freeshoro, Tenn. He is president Tennes- 
see College for Women. Cs Kiwanis, Ma- 
son. 1905 m Gertrude Lee, 1 d; r 1618 
East Main. 
Atwood, Henry Elkins. Banker. Minnea- 
polis. Cs Lafayette, Minneapolis Univer- 
sitv. 1917 m Marion Wood ward, Is Id; 
r ]717 Logan ave., S. 
,. Atwood, Henry Fuller. Business President, 
Chicago. Cs Union League, Morean Park 
Baptist. Arts, Masonic Fraternitv. 1905 
m Maude Smith, Id; r 7350 Harvard 
Atwood. Ichabod F., Manufacturer, Chel- 
', . sea, Mass. Cs Palestine Commandery, 
Aleppo Shrine. 1911 m Clara H. Green- 
leaf: r 60 E. Emerson st.. Melrose, Mass 
Atwood, J. T., Manufacturer, Rockfnrd.Ill. 
1906 m Myra C. Cadby, Is; r 1245 Gar- 
rison ave. 
Auchincloss, John W.. Multi-Millionaire, 
New York City, r 27 W. 53th st. 

Augur, Wheaton, Business Executive, Chi- 
August, Harmon, Multi-Millionaire, New 

York City, r 33 E. 48th st. 
Auguste, Jean Paris, Jr., Engineer and 
Inventor, Bradford, Pa. 1900 m Gertrude 
Van Ness D 'Moore; r Charleston, W.Va. 
and Bradford. 
Augustine, Robert B., Engineer, Richmond. 
Cs Commonwealth, Country, University, 
m Virginia Grice, Is Id; r Cary st. 
AuU, John Albert, Millionaire, Middletown 
Ohio. Cs May field Country, m Elizabeth 
L. Hotclikiss; r Gardner place. 
Ault, Charles Henry, Manufacturer, New- 
ark, N.J. Cs Down Town, City Stoke 
Poges. 1920 m Anne K. Swigarcl, Is 2d; 
r 215 Springfield ave.. Summit, N.J. 
Ault, Levi A., Business President and 
Millionaire, Cincinnati. Cs Commercial, 
Queen Citv, Business ilen 's, Cincinnati 
Country. 1878 m Ida M. Holtzinger, 2d; 
r Mills Roches, Elmhurst ave.. East 
Walnut Hills. 
Austen, Willard, Librarian and Biblio- 
grapher, Ithaca, N.Y. Cs Fellow Amer- 
ican Library Institute, American Lib- 
rary Association, New York Library As- 
sociation,Bibliographical Society of Am- 
erica. 1898 m Jessica Tyler, Is; r 228 
Willard way. 
Austin, Charles S., Fanner and Surgeon, 
Carrolltown. 'Slo. Cs American Medical, 
Southwest Medical. Military Surgeons 
of United States, Carrolltown Chamber 
of Conmierce. 1891 m Mattie Martin, Is; 
r 406 W. 1st street. 
Austin, Dwight E., Director and Business 
Executive. New York City. Cs Sleepy 
Hollow. Riding and Drivinsr, Drug and 
Chemical, m Julia Bridge, Is 2d; r 194 
Rufrby road, Brooklyn. 
Austin. Emory A.. Business President.New 
York City. 1915 m. Is; r 14 Springfield 
Austin. Frederick Carlton, Manufacturer, 
Chicago. He is a successful realtor, ma- 
chinery manufacturer and inventor. Cs 
Kishwauketoe Country, Athletic, Chica- 
go, Yacht, Lake Shore Athletic, South 
Shore Countr}',Westchester-Biltmor.e and 
others. 1887 m Anna Barker, now de- 
ceased, r Plaza Hotel, North ave and 
Clark st. 
Austin. H. G.. Business President. Chica- 
go. Cs Midland. 1891 m Martha F. Ran- 
som; r 5829 Magnolia ave. 
Austin. Henry Warren. Banker. Chicago. 
Cs T^nion League. Oak Park. S.A.R. 1904 
m Edna L. Harris, 2s Id; r 1022 Lake 
St.. Oak Park, 111. 



Austin, John Tumell, Manufacturer, Hart- 
ford, Conn. Cs Rotary. 1892 m Jane Ro- 
gers; r 54 N. Beacon st. 

Austin, Lawrence H., Business Man, New- 
York City. Cs Knollwood Country, Pel- 
ham Country, American Yacht, Trans- 
portation. 1908 m Roma Paxton, 3d; r 
Pelham Manor, N.Y. 

Austin, W. C, State Printer, Cottonwood 
Falls, Kan. 1895 m Rose Palmer, 2s Id. 

Austin, William Liseter, Locomotive Buil- 
der, Philadelphia. Cs Union League.Phil- 
adelphia, Franklin Institute. 1877 m 
Mary Rogers, Is 5d; r Rosemont, Pa. 

Austrian, Harvey S., Vice-President. Chi- 
cago. Cs Lake Shore Country,Dvvn Town 
Standard. 1907 m Alma Rosenbaum, Id; 
r 2710 Tjakeview ave. 

Auzias de Turrene, Raymond Banker, of 
Seattle. Wash. Cs Rainier, Seattle Golf, 
Seattle Yacht. 1890 m Trotter de Beau- 
bien, .3s Id; r 1205 E. Prospect st. 

Avenali, Ettore, Banker, San Francisco. Cs 
Pacific I'nion, Menlo Country. 1910 m 
Mary Joselyn, Is 2d; r Woodside, San 
Mateo, Cal. 

Averett, Elliott, Vice-President, New York 
City. Cs Union League. 1908 m Martha 
Mosby Snond, Is 3d; r Dixiedale Farm, 
Chatham, N..T. 

Avery, Brainard, Lawyer and Financier, 
New York Citv. 1888 m Josephine Gray 
Is Id; r 44 W. 44th st. 

Avery, Carlos. Educator, Publisher, New 
York Citv. Cs Mason, Minneapolis Auto- 
mobile. Advisory Committee. Migratory 
Bird Treaty Act, United States Dep't 
of Agriculture. 1892 m Emma Pennoyer, 
2d; r Hutchinson, Minn. 

Avery, Co'eman, Lawver. Cincinnati. Cs 
TTniversity, Riding Golf. 1904 m Elinor 
Coates 2s 3d; r North Bend and Argus 

Avery, Henry B., Business Executive, Min- 
neapolis, m Elizabeth McElroy; r Chris- 
mas Lake. Excelsior. Minn. 

Averv, Moses N.. Banker, Los Ansreles. Cs 
Cilifornia. 1900 m Sarah E. Gorton. Is 
Id; r fi21 S. Vermont ave. 

Avery Stan''ey R., Musician. Minneapolis. 
Cs Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Civic 
Music League. 1913 m Elizabeth C. 
Buf^hholz. Is 2d; r 432 Ridjewood ave. 

Avis, Harry C, Business President, Saint 
Lo'"-. Cs Bellerive Conntrv, City. 1906 
m Lillie Buck; r Buckingham Annex. 

Av^'s. Samuel Brashear Lnwver.Statesman. 
Charif^ston. W.Vn. Cs Metropolitan, Che- 
vv Chase. Army and Navv, Country. 
1899 T-i Florence M'"inm Is Id. 

Avrara. "M-Qis Herbsn. Consul+incr Enfrine^r 
Npw York Citv. Cs Ameri'^an Societv of 
Mechanical Entrineers, Societv of Indus- 

trial Engineers, Royal Society ofArta. 
1906 m Ernestine Kaunitz, 2s 2d. 

Axman, C, Editor, New York City. He ia 
editor Eastern Underwriters. Cs Drug 
and Chemical, Newspaper, Harmonie. m 
Gladys Axman; r 265 Central Park ave. 

Axson, Benjamin Palmer, Business Exec- 
utive, Savannah. Ga. Cs Oglethorpe. 1907 
m Margaret Furlow Callaway, Is Id; r 
205 E. Huntington st. 

Ayer, Allen Farrell, Banker. Akron, Ohio. 
He is vice-president Ohio State Bank 
and Trust Company, and president State 
Foundry Company; and the Main Mar- 
ket Building Companv. Cs Portage Coun- 
trv, Akron City, University. Masons. 
1905 m Lucy Hamilton. Is" Id; r 919 
Hereford drive. 

Ayer, Charles F., Multi-Millionaire, Boa- 
ton, r 315 Dartmouth ave. 

Ayer, Edward Everitt, Retired Businesa 
Executive. Chicago. Cs Chicago, Com- 
mercial. Cliff Dw^ellers. 1865 m Emma S. 
Burba nk. Id; r 2 Banks st. 

Ayer, Frank Ashton, Mining Engineer, 
Nacozari, Sonora, Mexico. 1920 m Har- 
riet Irwin Root, 2s. 

Ayer, James Foume, Phvsician. Boston. Ca 
Harvard. 1909 m Hannah Gilbert Pal- 
frey, 2s: r 103 Canton ave. Milton, Mass. 

Ayer, James Cook, Retired Physician, New 
York Citv. He received the degrees of 
A.B. from Harvard, and M.D. from Co- 
lumbia. Cs I^ni versify. Harvard, Yacht 
Larchmont. Piping Ro^k, Creek, m May 
Hancof^k Bnvd. Is; r Glen Cave, L.T.N. Y. 

Ayer, Walter, M.Tnufacturer, Madison Wis. 
Cs Cbicasro, T^'uversity, Saddle and Cy- 
cle, Harvard. IMadison. 19^9 m- Phoebe 
Lord J^IcCormick, Is Id; r 520 N. Pinck- 
ney st. 

Ayer, William P. F., Vice-President, Boa- 
ton. Cs Exchanfre. Boston Citv. Brae- 
burn Countrv. 1904 m Marguerite L. 
Woods, deceased; Is. 1919 m Harriet 
Tjoring Van Bergen; r 170 Lake ave., 
Newton C'^nter Mass. 

Aver, Wins^o'v B. TN^anufacturer, Port- 
1-1 rd. Ore. Cs \rlinrrton. 

Ayip+t. Philir> Consi'ltinor ''^ncineer, HMIia 
Ti I.. N.Y. C« American Societv of Civil 
Engineers. 1900 m Hilma C. ''^e-nquiat, 
Id; r Lon? Island, Jamaica, N.Y. 

Avling. Chorees L.. Business President, 
Boston. Cs Mffo'iouin '^i^^no, Ch-'rlea 
River r"ouiiti-<'. Sea^oint. l^^^O va Mar- 
p'nret Ro^^ert'^on: r Centervillf. Mass. 

Aylward. James T., L-^w-^-er, Cambridge, 
^''ass. 1895 m Emma B. Barrett. 

AvT-e W. Pa'^noT^d, Business Executive, 
New York Cit-. 1922 m Mnbel Treae 
Conklin; r Avr-Lea, Demarest, N..J. 



Baaches. Frank, Manufacturer, Chicago. 
Ht' is vice-president and general man- 
ager American Steel and Wire Compa- 
ny. Cs Union League, Chicago Automo- 
bile, Midday, Gerniania, Chicago Athle- 
tic, r 208 8. LaSalle st. 

Babb, Char.'es Daniel, Bank President, of 
Homer, 111. Cs Champaign Country, Ma- 
son, m Alta Woody, Id. 

Babb, Edward E., Vice-President, Boston. 
Cs Athletic, Nashua Country. 1892 m 
Maiy Alice Goss, Is; r Melrose, Mass. 

Babb, Max W., Lawyer, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Cs Milwaukee, Twii. 1900 m Vida Kem- 
ble, 2s Id; r 642 Summit st. 

Babb, Washington I., Millionaire, Aurora, 
111. r 2.5.5 West Park ave. 

Babbage. Richard G., Millionaire, New 
York City, r 449 Park ave. 

Babbitt. Byron Fenner, Lawver, St. Louis. 
Cs Algonquin Country. 1918 m Lulie 
Spencer Robinson, 2s; r 4384 MePher- 
son ave. 

Babbitt, Edwin Burr, Mnior General. War 
r>ept., Washington. 1884 m Emma A. 

Babbitt Irving, Professor, Cambridge, 
Mass. Cs Colonial of Cambridee, Har- 
vard of Boston. 1900 ni Dora Draw, Is 

Babcock, Adolph. Business Executive and 
Sociologist, Chicago. 

Babcock, Charles W., Banker, of Knsota, 
Minn. He is prominent in business and 
T'ublic affairs. Cs Knis^hts of Pvthias. 
188.1 m ^Marion .Sfark. 3s 3d. 

Eabcock. Edward Vose, Manufacturer, of 
Pittsburgh. Cs Longue Vue, Duquesne, 
Country. 1903 m ^Nfarv D. Arnold. 2s Id; 
r 513.5 Ellsworth ave. 

Babcock. Frederick Raymond. Manufac- 
turer. Pittsburgh. Cs Duquesne, Pitts- 
burgh Country, Oakmo^it. Butler Coun- 
trv. Pittsburgh Field, Thousand Island 
Yacht. 1896 m Frances St. Ledger Ja- 
eobs, 2s Id; r Woodland road. 

Eabcock. Georee luason. Banker and ATil- 
lionaire. Plainfield, N..T. He is president 
First National Bank. Cs Bankers. New 
York Citv, Plainfield Country, Misqua- 
■micut Golf of Watch Hill. R.L 1907 m 
■Ruth Stillman. Is Id: r 209 W. 8th st. 

Babcock. Joseph Noyes. Banker. New 
York City. Cs Middav. St. Andrews Golf 
American Yacht. 1887 m Alice Maude 
Penlington now de-^eased: sub^eoueTitlv 
m Margaret Ross Rose, Id; r 12 E. S6th 

Eabcock t eland a.. V'-e-President. Chi- 
cago. 1890 m Grace Alexandria Hep, Is 

Babcock, Louis Locke, Lawyer, Buffalo. 
Cs Buffalo, Saturn, Buffalo Country, 
West Newton Neighborhood, Boston Ci- 
ty. 1909 m Dorosthy DeLand Keyes, 2s 
Id; r West Newton, Mass. 

Babcock, GrviJle E., Banker, Chicago. Cs 
Chicago, Saddle and Cvcle, Onwentsia, 
Old Elm, Middav. 190l' m Ellen Welsh, 
2s; r 190 E. Chestnut st. 

Babcock, Oscar Holmes, Business Execu- 
tive, Pittsburgh. Cs Duquesne. Pitts- 
burgh Athletic, Longue View Country, 
1899 m Anne F. Morley, r 5867 Wilking 

Ba'cock, Rajrmond St. L., Lumberman, of 
Pittsburgh. Cs Oakland Country, Longue 
Vue, Bartlett Countrv, Pittsburgh Ath- 
letic. 1922 m Elizabeth Howard Ben- 
nett, 2s; r 1239 Murdock St, Pittsburgh. 

Eabson, Stanley, Business Executive, New 
York City. Cs Rock Spring Country. 1917 
m B. Fox; r 30 Harvard Terrace, West 
Orange. N. J. 

Babst, Earl D.. Busines.s President and 
Multi-Millionaire, New York City. Cs 
I'niversitv. Greenivich Country, Field, 
Round Hill and Manursing Island, m 
Alice Edwine; r 320 Park ave. 

Baby. Raymond, Business Executive, of 
Genesee Valley. 1896 m Georgia Woodin; 
r 726 Delaware ave. 

Bach. Aaron J. Millionaire, New York Ci- 
1v. r .^5 E. 80th st. 

Eaehe, Franklin Mining Engineer, Phila- 
•lelplna. Cs Union League. 1892 m Nan- 
nie Green way Teigg, 2s 2d; r 2102 Pine 

Bacbe. .Tules S.. Multimillionaire, New 
Yrk CHv. r 8 E. 67th st. 

Bacbe leopolrl S.. Broker and Multi- 
Millio"nire. New York Citv. Cs Harmo- 
J'ie. Port Chester, Countrv. Centurv 
Countrv. 1892 m Hattie Stern, 2s; r lOOa 
Park ave. 

Barhe Rene. Writer. Washington. 1883 m 
Beatrice BiddV; r 1823 Q st. 

BachellPr. Trying. .Author, Winter Park. 
Ala. Cs Centurv. 1883 m Anna Detmar 

Ba'-hman. Frank H.. Banker. Philadelphia. 
Cs Racnnet. Marion Crir^ket Pine Val- 
l«v. Philmont. New A^o^k Whist. 1894 m 
Ida Fleisher. Is: r Rvdql. Pa. 

Ba'^brack. Benlamin Afillionaire. of New- 
York CitT-. r ?60 W. 72nd st. 

Baf'brach. Eeniamin C. T^awver. Chicago. 
He is active lawyer of civl and criminaT 
casee. Cs Tdlewild Coimtrv. 1898 m Mar- 
tha B. Hartman- r Cooper Carlton Hotel. 

Barbracb Louis Fabian. Business Presi- 
dent, Newton, Mass. Cs Boston Art, Ap- 



lialachian Mountain, Brae Burn Country 
Windsor, Ont., Canada. He is prominent- 
ly' identified with business and public 
affairs. Cs Mt. Vernon, r 11 Park View 

Back, Rescues Hanlow, Lawyer, Vancou- 
ver, Wash. Cs Clarke Country, Masons. 
1906 m Anna Philips, Is 2d. 

Backus, Cecil Franklin, Business Exeeu- 
ti\e, Wilmington, Del. Cs Wilmington 
Country. 191^0 m Elizabeth Edsall, Is Id; 
r Belmont Aptt 's. 

Backus, Edward Wellington, Lumberman 
Paper Manufacturer and Millionaire, of 
Minneapolis, r 2201 Lake of the Isle 

Baakiis, Grosvenor Hyde, Lawyer, New 
York City. Cs University, Amlierst, Ha- 
milton, Metropolitan of Washington, m 
Josefe N. Crosby Sewell, 2s Id; r Engle- 
wood, N.J. 

Backus, Harriet Irvins Davis, Sociologist, 
New York City. Cs Holdiy, Civics. Is90 
m Henry Clinton Backus, Is Id; r 520 
Park ave. 

Backus, LeRoy Manson, Business Exec- 
uli\e, Sefittle. Cs College, m Edith H. 
F. Boetzhes. 

Backiis, Standish, Business Presidenv, De- 
troit. Cs Detroit Country, Detroit Ath- 
letic, University, Bloomfield Hills Coun- 
try, Old, Bankers, Lawyers, American 
Bar. 1907 m Lotta E. Boyer, 2s ?.d; r 
17-50 Iroquois ave. 

Bacon, Benjamin Wisner, Minister, New 
Haven, Conn. 1SS4 m Eliza Buckingham 
Aiken. Id; r 214 Edwards st. 

Bacon, Charles E., Publisher and Capitalist 
Boston, Mass. Cs Harvard, University, 
Boston Citv, Eastern Horse. Harvard, 
Oakley Country. 1917 m Pauline Conant 
r The Somerset Common ave. 

Bacon, Charles Sumner, Physician and 
Surgeon, Chicago. Cs Chicago, !Medical, 
Chi Path, University, City, Liberal. 1S9.5 
m .■'.s Id; r 2?,^?> Cleveland ave. 

Bacon, Clara Latimer,Mathematici;;n, Bal- 
timore. Slie is professor of mathematics 
at Goucher College. Cs College, Mathe- 
matical Society, Mathematical Associa- 
tion of America, American Association 
of I^niversity Women and Professors. 

Bacon, Edwin F., Printer, Boston. 1910 m 
Roberta Cameron Gill, Id; r 11 Brandon 
St., Milton, Mass. 

Bacon, Eliott C, Di'-ector and Trustee, 
New Y'ork Citv. 191.5 m Hone Norman, 
2s Id: r Westbury, L.T., N.Y'. 
Bacon, Francis McN.. Millionaire, New 

York Citv. r Ur^ E. 39th st. 
Xacon Francis Warren, Lawyer, Brookline 
Mass. 1S9S m Mary S. Taylor, Is Id; r 
4.5 Addington road. 

Bacon, George Wood, Mechanical Engiener 
New Y'ork City. Cs American Soerety of 
Mechanical Enginees, Metropolitan Mu- 
seum of Art, American Geographical 
Chamber of Commerce, and others. 1904 
m Caroline Tilden Mitchell, Id; r St. 
James, L.I., N.Y.; and 23 W. 67th st. 

Bacon, Helen Hazard, Sociologist, Peace 
Dale, R.I. lSs5 m Nathaniel Terry Ba- 
con, Is Id. 

Bacon, Joseph Mansfield, Merchant, Brook- 
lyn. He is president AUouma Realty 
Company, Bacon Coal Company, and of 
other corporations. Cs S.A.R., Old Brook- 
lynites, Royal Arcanum, Masons, New 
England, Crescent Athletic, Invincible, 
Rotary. 1886 m Annie B. Launey; r 867 
Park ave. 

Bacon, Josephine D., Author, New York 
City. Cs National Girl Scouts, Cosmopo- 
litan, Colony. 1903 m Sheldon Bacon. Is 
2d; r 56 W." 9th st. 

Bacon. Knox, Physician, St. Paul. Cs Loy- 
al Ijcgion. 1915 m Frances L. Wagner, 
Id; r 1329 Fairmount ave. 

Bacon, Leon Brooks, Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs University, Hermit, Williams, 
Appalachian Mt. 1900 m Anna Osborne 
Anthony. 3d; r 247 Park ave. 

Bacon, Leonard Woolsey, Jr., Surgeon, of 
New Haven. Conn. Cs Graduates. 1892 
m Emma Waleska Schneeloch, Is Id; r 
113 Whitney ave. 

Bacon, Louis, Banker, Boston. 1912 m Ma- 
ry S((uther]nnd; r Boston. 

Bacon, Mark R., Lawyer, Detroit. 1889 m 
Mary B. Ford. 2s Id; r Wyandotte.Mich. • 

Bacon, Milton Fdward. Banker, Pasadena, 
Cal. Cs I/OS Angeles Country, University 
Grosse He Country. 1922 m Dorothy 
Spence, Id; r 1048 Armada drive. 

Bacon, Raymond Fos-'. Chemical Eneineer, 
New York Citv. Cs Chemist, Hudson 
River Country, Siwanoy Country, Chemi- 
cal Society of London. 1905 m Edna 
Hine, Is Id; r Pe^ham, N.Y\ 

Bacon, Ro"bert Ogden. Millionaire, New 
York City, r 47 E. 5Sth st. 

Bacon. Selden. Lawyer. New Y'ork City. 
Cs Y'ale, New Y'ork Y'acht. L884 m Sarah 
Blair Fairchild, now deceased; 2d. 1903 
m .Josephine Dodge Darkam, Is 2d. 

Eadener, .Peter F., Printer, New York Ci- 
tv. 1903 m Evelyn Backu, Is Id; r 80 

Badger George S. C. Physician. Boston. Ca 
Harvard. Yale, m Grace M. Spear, Is Id. 

Badger, Shreve C, Business Executive, 
N. 16th St.. Flushing. N.Y. 

Badger, Charles J., Rear Admiral, Wash- 
ington. Cs Army and Navy. 1882 m So- 
phie J. Champlin, Is Id; r 3508 Lowell, 



Badger, Walter Irving, Jr., Lawyer, Bos- 
ton. Ho is partner Badger, Pratt, Doyle 
and Badger, and is treasurer Union 
Boat Club, and various others. Cs Union 
Boat, Exchange, Longwood, Cricket,Yale 
Golf, Howard, Military Order World- 
War. 191S m Jane W. Bullard, Is Id; r 
3 Marlborough st. 

Baer, Frank House, Transportation Com- 
missioner, Cleveland. Cs Eowfant. 1908 
m Elizabeth Spencer Hunter, Is Id; r 
1911 E. 07th St. 

Brer, William S., Physician, Balotimore. 
Cs Johns Hopkins, Maryland, Spring 
Valley, University, Bachelors Cotillion, 
and Kennels, m Euth Adams; r 3401 

Baetjer, Frederick Henry, Physician and 
Capitalist, Baltimore. He i.s professor of 
Roentgenology Johns Hopkins Universi- 
ty. Cs Baltimore. 1903 m Mary Yarnall 
Carrey, Is Id; r Catonsville, Md. 

Baewald, Paul, Multi-Millionaire, of New 
York City, r 9 E. SSth st. 

Bagg, Clinton Levi, Physician, Now York 
Citv. Cs Union League. 1S84 m Henriet- 
ta Me Creody; r 56 W. 52nd st. 

Bagg, Edward P., Millionaire, Holyoke. 
Mass. r fift Locust st. 

Bagley. Edward Henry, Grain Merchant 
and Capitalist, Chiago. He is prominent 
in business and public affairs; and has 
held jnany positions' of trust and honor. 
Cs Chir-ago Athletic, S-niset Ridge, and 
Bob O'Link. 1918 m Rosine Carden, 2s 
Id: r 240 Chestnut st., Winnetka, 111. 

Bagley, Herbert Prescott, ^Manufacturer 
and Capitalist. Worcester. Mass. He is 
president and tieasurer White and Bag- 
}ov Companv. Cs Masonic, Worcester, 
Worcester Couutrv. Worccter City, and 
Duxbnrv Yacht. 1893 m .Toannetto Eli- 
za lieth Gates. Is; r 53 William st. 

Bagley, John Newbury, Business Execu- 
. tive, Penobscot Bldar., Detroit. Cs Coun- 
try, Detroit Boat, Prismatic, Yondotega, 
Wittonagenote. 1884 m Esther Pomerov 
Cutler, 2s Id. 

Bagnall, Roger Shaler, Naval Officer, of 
Washington. Cs Armv and Navy. 1922 m 
Catherine E. Cheatham, Is. 

Bagnell, Robert A., Bnsiness Executive, 
8fi Do Monil Bldgr.. St. Louis. Cs Rac- 
quet, St. Louis Country, l^nmarried. 

Bailey, Alvin Richards, Business Execu- 
tive, Boston. Cs Old Colony. National 
Travel of New Yo^k, Appalachian Moun- 
tain. Field and Forest. 1884 m Annie 
M. Leland; r Newton, Mass. 

Bailey, Benjamin Franklin, Physician, Lin- 
coln, Neb. Cs Lancaster County Chapter 

American Red Cross. 1882 m Minnie F, 

Bailey, Mrs. Blanche Triggle, Sociologist, 
Menipliis, Teiin. She is prominent in so- 
cial and philanthropic affair^; and has 
held several positions of trust and hon- 
or. 1894 m Mr. Mortimer Grimbal Bailey 
now deceased, 2d; r 1217 Overton Park 

Bailey, C. Weston, Insurance, Newark, N. 
J. He is p-esident American Insurance 
Company, chairman Municipal Plan and 
Art Commission. Cs Essex, Down Town, 
Glen Ridge. 1895 m Sara Armour, Is; r 
Glen Ridge, N.J. 

Bailey, Cassius Mercer, Cotton Manufac- 
turer, Clinton. S.C. Cs Rotary, Commer- 
cial. Boise Torre Country, Mason. 1902 
in Eloise Davenport, 3d. 

Bailey, Charles Olin, Business Executive, 
Sioux Falls, S.D. Cs S.A.R., Alpha Delta 
Phi, Minnehaha Countrv. 1887 m Mary 
Emma Swan, 2s Id; r 309 N. Duluth ave. 

Bailey. Chester Francis. Business Presi- 
dent, Cleveland. Cs Cleveland Athletic, 
Knights of Pvthias. 1890 m Florence P. 
Nelson. Is; r'l958 W. 100th st. 

Bailey, Daniel K., Business Executive, of 
Cleveland. Cs Union. Cleveland Country, 
Kirtland. 19ll^m Florence Blee, 3d; r 
16190 South Park blvd. 

Bailey, Dudley P.. Lawyer and Statesman 
Everett, Mass. Cs Mason, m Adelaide P, 
Potter; r 121 Linden st. 

Bailey, Edward, Banker, Harrisburg, Pa. 
He is president Harrisburg National 
Bank, vice-president Harrisburg Trust 
Company, and vice-president and chair- 
man Board of Harrisburg Railway Com- 
pany. Cs University of New York, Uni- 
versity of Philadelphia, Country. Har- 
risburg. 1889 m Elizabeth Reily," Is 2d; 
r 1.517 N. Front st. 

Bailey, Edward P., Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs I^nion League, m Minerva 
Snruan<^e; r 150 Linden ave, Winnetka, 

Bailey, T'rnest J., Business Fxecutive,Bo3- 
ton. 1904 m Annie Bella Thurston, now 
deceased; Is, r 34 Liberty st., Everett, 

Bailev, Everett H., Million.aire, St. Paul. 
• r Holly ave. 

Bai'ev, Florence Augusta Merriam, Orni- 
tholnaist and Author, Washington. Cs 
SniHh, Biological, Twentieth Century. 
1899 m Vernon Bailey; r 1834 Kalorania 

Bpiley.Frank. Cs Brook- 
Ivn Hamilton, Ridinqr and Driving, m 
Marie Lambert, Is Id: r 338 Clinton ave. 

Bai'ev, Frank M., Salesman, Clinton, Iowa. 
1891 m Ella G. Blodgett, 2s. 



Bailey, Frank T., Business Executive, Xew 
York City. He is president and director 
Tuttle Bailey Manufacturing Company, 
and director Ferrosteel Manufacturing 
Company. Cs Yale, Montclair Athletic, 
Upper Montclair Country, Westhampton 
Countr,v. 1916 m Amy Carter Ely, Is Id; 
r Montclair, N.J. 

Bailey, Harold Harris, Marine Broker, of 
Miami Beach, Fla. Cs Cooper Ornitholo- 
gists, Wilson Ornithological. 1906 m Ida 
Margaret Eschenburg, 2s 2d; r 820 Al- 
liambra Circle, Coral Gables, Fla. 

Bailey, Henry V., Business Executive, St. 
Louis. Cs City. 1880 m Evelyn A. White- 
ly, 3d; r .5817 Waterman Ave. 

Bailey, Howard, Business Executive, St. 
Louis. Cs Bellerive, St. Louis. 1905 m 
Louise Salmon; r 4844 Lindell blvd. 

Bailey, James, Wholesale Druggist. Bal- 
timore. Cs JoJhns Hopkins, m Mary I. 
Stahl; r 1430 Park ave.. New York City. 

Bai, Lihme C, Retired Capitalist, NeAV 
York City. He has been prominent in 
business, financial and public affairs. Cs 
Chicago, Chicago Yacht, Union League, 
TTniversitv, Casino, Arts, Mid-Day, Cliff- 
Dwellers of Chicago, Everglades of Palm 
Beach, Misquamicut Golf of Wat^h Hill. 
1901 m Olga Hegeler, 2s 2d; r 280 Park 

Bailey, James Howard, Manufactnrer,New 
York Citv. He is president Tuttle and 
Bailey Manufacturing Company and of 
other corpo, rations, r 441 Lexington ave. 

Bailey, James Worthington, Banker Ma- 
comb, 111. He is president Union Nation- 
al Bank of Colchester. 111., State Bank 
of Indiistrv, 111., and of Littleton State 
Bank, Littleton. 111. Cs Macomb Coun- 
trv, Macomb Commercial Association, 
Mason. 1891 m Eleanor Eads. Is Id. 

Bailey, John T-.. Business Executive, Bal- 
timore. C« Elkridge Hunt. Baltimore 
Countrv. Baltimore. 1898 m Clardie Nor- 
thrup Bellinger: r Roland Park apt's, 
Roland Park, Md. 

Bailey, Liberty Hyde. Editor and Author, 
Ithaca, N.Y. Cs National Academy of 
Sciences, American Philosophical, Amer- 
ican Academv of A^ts and Sciences. 1883 
m Annette Shith, 2d. 

Bailey. Theodore Layton, Lawyer ?nd Ca- 
pitalist. New York City. Cs Tuxedo, Cor- 
nell, Downtown. University, Essex Fox 
Hounds. Sons of Revolution. 1907 m Gil- 
lian W. Barr, 3s 3d; r 21 E. 94th st. 

Eai'ey. Theodore Mead, Lawver, Sioux 
Falls. 1912 m Marguerite Wadsworth; 
r 221 W. 25th st. 

Bailey, Warren Worth, Editor and Pub- 
lisher, Johnstown. Pa. Cs Chicago Press, 
Elks, Moose. 1894 m Georgie Coffin, 
Is Id. 

Bailey, Willis J., Banker, Aachison, Kan. 
He has been a Member of Congress. 

Baily, William Lloyd, Jr., Business Man- 
ager, Chicago. 1918 m Helen Gladys Ed- 
wards; r Langmere, Ardmore, Pa. 

Bain, Ferdinand R., Business President, 
Los Angeles. He is president Southern 
Counties Gas Company of California 
and director National City Bank of Los 
Angeles. Cs Los Angeles Country, Cali- 
fornia, California Country, Midday of 

Baird, Charles, Banker, Kansas City, Mo. 
Cs University, ]Middav. Kansas City, 

Chanib erofCom erce,aDJP 

Chamber of Commerce. 1902 m Georgie 
O. Robertson, Is 2d; r 814 W. 52nd st. 

Baird. Charles W., Realtor and Capitalist 
Pittsburgh. Cs Countrv Allegheny Coun- 
tv, Atlantic Citv Country. 1924 m Ade- 
laide .1. Archibald. Is; r 6018 Walnut st. 

Baird. Edgar Wright. Business Executive, 
Philadelphia. Cs Philadelphia Cricket, 
Princeton, Nassau, Militarv Order For- 
eign Wars. 1896 m Mabel Rogers, Is 2d; 
f Navahoe ave.. Chestnut Hill, Pa. 

Baird. Edward I. Baird, Business Presi- 
dent. Cliioago. 1895 m Cora L. Cox, 2d; 
r 1221 .Tudson ave., Evanston, 111. 

Baird, Edwin, Author, Chicago. 1911 m 
:\Tildred Ward; r Evanston, 111. 

Baird. Frank B.. Manufacturer, Buffalo. 
He is president Buffalo Furnace Com- 
pany, and Canadian Furnace Company, 
Limited. Cs Buffalo, Saturn, Country, 
Athletic. 190 m Flora Cameron, 3d; r 
1069 Delaware ave. 

Baird, Geren Mc Leraore,Merchandise Bro- 
ker, ]Vremphis. Tenn. 1914 m Florence 
Moore, Is; r 2293 I"fnion ave. 

Baird. George W.. Retired Business Exec- 
utive, Washinorton. Cs Washington Ac- 
ademy of Science, Biological Society, 
American Societv of Naval Engineers, 
Loval Legion, S.A.R.. Cosmos. 1873 m 
Lyle J. Prather. now deceased; d 1505 
Rhode Island ave. 

Baird. Robert Breckenridge. Manufactur- 
er, New York Citv. He is chairman of 
board of directors Baird Rubber and 
Trading Conipanv. 1885 m Lottie Belle 
Hunt; r 630 3rd'st., Boro of Brooklyn. 

Baird, Warner Green, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Westmoreland Countrv. axi'i 
University, m Julia L. Dole: 2s 2d; r 
1038 Forest ave., Evanston, 111. 



Baird, Mrs. Wi'liam J., Sociologist, Phila- 
delphia. Cs Sedgeley. 1920 ni William 
Baird, now deceased, 2s Id; r 257 Van 
Pelt St. 

Baird, Willys Warner, Business President 
Chicago. Cs Union League, Yacht, Wau- 
sauke, Indian Hill. 1883 m Olivia Pom- 
eroy Green, Is; r 445 Wellington ave. 

Baker, Albert Allison, Lawyer, Statesman, 

Baker, Alfred Landon, Lawyer, Stock Bro- 
ker and Banker, Cliicago. He is presi- 
dent National City Bank, and Calumet 
and Chicago Cana 1 and Dock Company. 
Cs Commercial, Chicago, Union League, 
r Lake Forest Merchants Club, Lake 
Forest, 111. 

Baker, Alfred T., Jr., Business Executive, 
Philadelphia. Cs Radnor Hunt, Ritten- 
house. 1914 m Marie G. Hall, 3s Id; r 
Linden Farm, Devon, Pa. 

Baker, Archibald Meachern, Surgeon and 
Sociologist, Charleston, S.C. 1894 m Adele 
.Tennings, 4s: r I'l Meeting st. 

Baker, Archie E., St., Phvsician and Sur- 
geon, Charleston, S.C. Cs American Col- 
lege of Surgeons. 1894 m Adele Jennings 
4s; r 10 Meeting st., Charleston, S.C. 

Baker, Arthur Davis, Agriculturist, Lan- 
sing. Mich. Cs Country. 1895 m Edith 
Amy Cooley, Is Id: r Cambridge road. 

Baker, Arthur Freeman, Banker and Cap- 
italist, Boston. Cs Salem, Belmont, m 
Sara Baruch; r 515 Beacon st.. Chestnut 

Baker, Arthur Latham, Head of Dep 't of 
Mathematics. Pve, N.Y. 1818 m Eliza- 
beth Coif Hand, Id. 

Baker, Arthur Martyn. Trustee, Boston. 
Cs Athletiu'. 1895 m Helen Carolyn Fer- 
riday, 2d: r 5'^ Fiver st. 

Baker, Charles Puller, Curator and Busi- 
ness Executive, Manila, P.I. 

Baker, Charles W., Business Executive, of 
New York City. Cs University, Harvard 
Bankers, and Garden Citv Golf. 1895 m 
Frances Chandler, 2s; r 325 W. End ave. 

Baker, Chauncey Brooke, Retired Army 
Officer, Columbus. Ohio. He is vice-pres- 
ident Market Exchanore Bank; and also 
chairman of board of the American Na- 
tional Fire Insurance Company. Cs Ar- 
inv and Navy of Washinfffon, of New 
York, Westpoints Men's, Columbus, Sci- 
oto, Chew Chase of Marvland. 1889 m 
Miss McCook, who died iii 1923. 1924 m 
Miss Turner; r 170 N. Drexel ave. 

Baker, David Sherman, Manufacturer, of 
New York Cit'^ Cs Hope of Providence, 
Yale. 1912 m Dorothy Harvey, Ss Id; r 
Greenwich, Conn. 

Baker, Edward C, Manufacturer, Brock- 
ton, Mass. 1922 m Evelvn R. Maden; r 
249 Morain st. 

Baker, Edwin Lathrop, Lawyer, New York 
City. lie is head of modern languages 
at Browning School of New York City, 
and at Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio. 
Cs Society of Arts and Sciences of New 
York City, S.A.R., National Association 
of Organists, American Association of 
Science. Unmarried. 

Baker, Edwin Walter, Insurance Broker, 
Detroit. Cs University, Yale. Players, In- 
dian Village. 1918 m Frances Gurney 
Macauley, Id; r Lincoln road, Grosse 
Pointe "Village. 

Baker, Emilie Rix), Author, Yonkers. 1896 
m Franklin T. Baker, Is 2d; r Park Hill 

Baker, Etta An'-hony, Author, Staten Is- 
land, N.Y. Cs Priors, Womens of Staten 
Island. 18C)0 m Will Hamilton Baker. Is; 
r 377 Bard ave. 

Baker, Ezra H., Millionaire, Boston, r 493 
^Marlborouijh st. 

Baker, Frank E., School President, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. Cs Rota-y International, 
National League. 1911 m Florence Har- 
vard Fowler, Is; r 455 Kenwood blvd. 

Baker. Frank Smith, Publisher. Tacoma, 
Wash. Cs Western Reserve, Graduates, 
Deke of New York. Bohemian of San 
Francisco, I'nion, Universitv, Country 
and Yaoht. 190." ni Gertrude E. Vilas, Is 
2d: r 620 N. 8th st. 

Baker, Frpukl^n "homas. Author and Ed- 
ucator, New YoYrk City. Cs Century. 
1806 m Emilie Adams Kex, Is 2d; r Park 
Hill, honkers. 

BaVer, Greorge Bramwell, Business Pres- 
ident, Boston. He is prominently iden- 
tified with business and nublic affairs. 
C« Union. Ex^^hanQre. Citv, Lontrwood 
C-ipl.-et, Country of Brookline. 1892 m 
Fdith Thomas; r Crafts road. Chestnut 
Hill, Ma«s. 

Epker. George F.. ^''nlt^-Millionaire. New 
York City, r 258 Madison ave. 

Baker, George F., Jr.. :Mu1ti-Millionaire, 
Nen- York Citv. r 260 Madison ave. 

Baker, Gearp^e Fales, Millionaire, Phila- 
delnhin. r 1818 Spruce st. 

Baker. Georee Sumner, Banker and Cap- 
italist. Detroit. Cs Detroit. Det-oit Ath- 
letic, Countrv, Boat, Bankers, Board of 
Commerce, Sons of American Revolu- 
tion, m Gertrude Dean; Id; r 456 Uni- 
versitv nlace, Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

Baker, Harold D., Merehant. Detroit. Gg 
Detroit Country. 1908 ni Margaret W. 
Cnrhattt, 4d; r ."'.19 Lincoln road, Grosse 
Pointe, Mich. 



Baker, Harry Franklin, Business Execu- 
tive, Philack'lpliia. Cs Morion. Cricket, 
Union of Philadeljihai, Huntington Val- 
ley Country, m Hanna C. Beesley, 3d; 
r 428 Montgomery ave, Haverford, Pa. 

Baker, Henry Diinster, American Consul, 
Trinidad, B.W.I. Cs Yale of New York. 

Baker, Holmes Davenport, Banker, Frede- 
rick, Md. He is president Citizens Na- 
tional Bank, the Berlin and Lovettsville 
Bridge Company, Loundown County and 
Frederick Bridge Company, director of 
Stratford Lime and Stone Company. Cs 
Maryland, Baltimore Country, Catoctin 
Country, m Geraldine Frost, Id; r Wav- 
erly Farm. 

Baker. Horace Forbes, Lawyer, Pittsburgh 
Cs Pittsburo-h, Pittsburgh Athletic,Du- 
quesne, Edgeworth, Harvard. 1916 m 
Jane Torrance, Is Id; r 1008 Beaver 
road, ,Sewickley, Pa. 

Baker, Hugh B., Bank Executive, New 
York City. He is president National Ci- 
ty Company. Cs Metropolitan, Bankers, 
Sleepy Hollow Country. 1905 m Mabel 
Jones; r 9^9 5th ave. and Rose ave., 
Peekskill, N.Y. 

Baker, Hugh Potter, Executive Secretary 
and Forester of Forestry, Dobbs Ferry, 
N.Y. Cs Yale, City, University, Cosmos, 
Union League. 1904 m Fleta Paddock, 
2s Id. 

Baker, J, N., Banker, Harriman, Tenn. m 
Marv Syan. 5s: r Knoxville, Tenn. 

Baker, J. Nonnent, Physician, Montgom- 
ery, Ala. 19ii8 m ]Marguerita Rice, 2s. 

Baker, J. Paul, Business President, Balti- 
more. Cs Old Colpnv. m Sophia Howard 
Morris. 2s 4d; r 701 St. Paul st. 

Baker, James A., Millionaire, Houston, 
Texas, r The Oaks. 

Baker, James Fred, Forester, of Hopkins, 
Mich. 1907 m Bessie Irene Buskirk, Is Id 

Baker, John F7ra, Lawver, Chicago. Cs 
Athletic, University. Chicajro Athletic 
Association, Onwentsia. 1907 m Eliza- 
lieth Alexander: r 114 Deerpath st.,Lake 
Forest, 111. 

Baker, John S.. Manufacturer, Evansville, 
Wis. Cs National Economic. 1900 m Eli- 
za Cleland. 3s Id. 

Baker. Jcerjhire Turek Editor, Evanston, 
111. 1888 rn Frederick Sherman Baker; 
r 1742 Asbury ave. 

Baker, T orenzo D.. Millionaire, Boston, r 
12.3 Phiswick road. 

Bake^-. Mary Landon, Millionaire and So- 
ciologist. Chicago. She is prominent in 
sr-ial circles. 

Bake'-. Naaman Riromon, Educator, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. m Jesse M. Stinson, Is 

Baker, Newcombe C, Banker, New York 
City. Cs Harvard. 1919 m Dorothy Dry- 
den, Is 2d; r 378 Charlton ave. South 
Orange, N.J. 

Baker, Ray Stannard, Author, Amherst, 
Mass. Cs Century, City, Players, Cos- 
mos. 1897 m Jessie Irene Beal, Id. 

Baker, Rhea Kingsley, Manufacturer, of 
Springfield, Mass. Cs Colony, Longmea- 
dow Country. Is. 

Baker, Stephen, Banker and ^Millionaire, 
New York City. Cs L'nion League, Down 
Town, m Marv Dabney Payson, Is 2d; r 
320 Park ave." ■ 

Baker, Thomas Stockham, Educator and 
Author, Pittsl.mrgh. He is |)resident Car- 
negie Institute of Technology of Pitts- 
burgh. Cs Universitj' of Baltimore, Du- 
quesne, University, Athletic. 

Baker, Wakefield, Business Executive, San 
Francisco. Cs Pacific Union, Olympic. 
1921 m Margaret Madison, Is Id; r 2750 

Baker, Walter C, Business Executive, of 
Cleveland. Cs Union, Athletic, Yacht, 
Clifton, Automobile, American Society 
of Mechanical Eneineers, and of others. 
1891 m Fannie White, Is Id; r 1813 W. 
Clifton road. In Avintor, Miramichi, St. 
Lucie, Fla. 

Baker. WiUiam F-dgar, Arcliiteet, New 
York Citv. Cs Princeton. 1914 m Ella 
Marian Lindlev: r Tenglewold Farm, 
Long Island, N.Y. 

Baker, William L., Banker, Sioux Falls, 
S.D. Cs S.A.R. 1890 m Sarah E. Wis- 
wall. Is 3d; r 503 E. 21st street. 

Baker. William T,, Millionaire, Utica, N.Y. 
r 1518 Genesee st. 

Bakewell, Edward L.. Realtor, St. Louis. 
He is prominently identifie with bbusi- 
ness and public affairs. Cs Noonday. 
1912 m Mildred C. Anderson, 5s 3d; r 
Melody Farm, Denney and Mancliester 

Bakewell, Georre, Lawyer, St. Louis. 188S 
ni Stella J. T'nsell, '3s Id; r 4239 Mc 
Pherson ave. 

Bakewell. Peoree, Jr., Bnsinoss Executive, 
Denver. Gs Electrical Cooperative LeagU 
Denver, Gol. Cs Electrical Co-operative 
League. 1921 m Gecile ]\L Hughes, Is; 
r 1340 Elizabeth st. 

Bakewell, Paul. Lawyer, St. Louis. Cs 
liawyers of New York, Noondav of St. 
Louis. 1804 m Eugenie Stella McNair; r 
10 W. Kins'shighway. 

Bakewell, Paul. Jr.. Lawver, St. Louis. He 
is prominently identified Avith business 
and public affairs. Gs Noonday. 1909 
m Marv Morgan Fuullerton, 5s Id; r 
5505 Lindell blvd. 



Bake, Dyre B., Ketired Business Execu- 
tive, Boulder, Col. Cs Mason. 1819 in 
Bredinc Johnsen, 5s 5d. 

Balch, Allan Christopher, Owner and Man- 
ager, Los Angeles, C'al. Cs California, 
Athletic, Country, Midwick, Crags Coun- 
try, Sequoia, Pacific Union, Bohemian, 
Automobile. 1891 m Janet Jacks; r Ho- 
tel Biltmore. 

Balch, Francis Nayes, Lawyer, Boston. Cs 
Union, Concord Country, Brook, Har- 
vard. 1904 m Pauline K. Bulson, 2s Id; 
r Lincoln, Mass. 

Balch, George R., Millionaire, Cincinnati, 
r .".(545 Clifton ave. 

Balch, Gordon Henry, Treasurer, Nev9' 
York City. Cs Racquet and Tennis, Har- 
vard. 1920 m JJean Allen Levering, Is; 
V 9Ul Lexington ave. 

Balch, Joseph, Realtor, Boston. Cs Somer- 
set, Eastern Yacht, Dedham Country. 
1904 m Abby C. Copeland, Is; r West- 
wood, Mass. 

Balch, Thomas Willing, Lawyer, Philadel- 
phia. 192.1 m Dulany Carlyle; r 1412 
Spruce st. 

Balderston, Lydia Ray, Instructor, New 
York City. Cs New Century, American 
Womens, American Home Economics. 

Baldridge, Cyrus LeRoy, Artist, Illustra- 
tor and Writer, Harmon-on-Hiidson, N. 
Y. 1921 m Carolina Singer. 

Baldwin, A. Rosencrans, Business Execu- 
tive ;ind Sociologist, Chicago. 

Baldwin, Albert, Business Executive, New 
Orleans, I.,a. Cs American Legion, Young 
Men's Business, Association of Com- 
merce, Veterans of Foreign Wnrs. 1921 
m Daisy Belle Smith, Is; r 2505 Octa- 
via st. 

Baldwin, Albertus Hutchinson, Tariff Com- 
missioner, Washington. Cs Cosmos, Che- 
vy Chase. 1910 m Grace G. Greene. 

Baldwin, Alvi Twing, Business President, 
New York City. Cs Athletic, Army and 
Navy, Rochester Yacht. 1898 m Mar- 
caret Peacock, 2s Id; r 135 Central 
Park W. 

Baldwin, Arthur Charles, Clevgyman,Phil- 
adelphia. Cs Union League, Lions. 1901 
m Nellie Talbot Forbes, Is; r 4510 Osage 

Baldwin, Arthur Douglas, Lawyer and Ca- 
pitalist, Cleveland. Cs Tavern, Chagrin 
Valley, Cleveland Country, Kirtland 
Country, Union, Rowfant Country. 1902 
m Reba Louise Williams, 4s 2d; r 9534 
Lake Shore blvd., Bratenahl Village. 

Baldwin, Austin Radcliffe. Manufacturer, 
New York City. r\ Vfjlo. 1903 m Mil- 
dred Williams; r L50 E. 3nth st. 

Baldwin, Bird T., Business Executive, Io- 

wa City, m Claudia iWlbur, now de- 
ceased; 3s Id, r 124 Church st. 

Baldwin, C. Kemble, Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs University, Chicago, 
Duquesne of Pittsburgh, Machinery of 
New York. 1899 m Helen U. Abbott; r 
Scarsdale, N.Y. 

Baldwin, Charles A., Literature and Pa- 
tron of Art, Colorado Springs, Col. Ca 
Knickerbocker, Society of Cincinnati. 
1896 m Virginia Hobart. 

Baldwin, Charles Hooker, Banker, New 
York City. Cs Church, Wednesday. 1889 
m Bertha W. Smith; r 36 James st,New- 
ark, N.J. 

Baldwin, Charles Winters eld, Clergyman, 
Baltimore. Cs S.A.R. 1869 m Annie C. 
Hopkins, now deceased. 1876 m Annie 
M. Thomas, Is. 

Baldwin, Edward Robinson, Physician, of 
Saranac Lake, N.Y. 1897 m Mary C. 
Ives, Is; r 6 Church st. 

Baldwin, F. F., Railroad President, Kahu- 
lui, Hawaii. 1900 m Harriet Kittredge, 
3s; r Puunene, Maui, Hawaii. 

Baldwin, Francis Everitt, Lawyer, Elmira, 
N.Y. Cs National Arts, New York Cen- 
tury, Elmira, New York Country. 1882 
m Anna E. Grandin, 2d; r 670" Euclid 

Baldwin, Frank E., Business Executive 
and Editor, New York City, m Mary 
Wasliburn, 2s 2d; r Lakewood, N.J. 

Baldwin, Frank V., Millionaire, New York 
City, r 318 W. 100th ave. 

Baldwin, George J., Business Executive, 
Savannah, Ga. He is prominently iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Oglethorpe, Savannah Yacht, Savan- 
nah Golf, m Lucv H. Hall; r 225 Hall 
St. E. ' • 

Bffldwin, Gustave Boulisny, Merchant, of 
New Orleans, La. Cs Boston, Louisiana, 
New Orleans Country, West End Coun- 
trv. 1905 m Lillian Segendre, Is 2d; r 
20 Audibon pi. 

Baldwin, H. de Forest, Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs Universitv, Down Town, Cen- 
tury, Mc Dowell. 1890 m Jessie P-inney, 
2s 3d: r 471 Park ave. 

EaMAvin, Harry M., Business President, 
Pit+'^i>ur(Th. 1906 m Elizabeth Lasher; r 
1145 isrellon St. 

Ba'dwjn, P'enry 7^., Title Evnert, Cornua 
Chvisti. Texas. Cs Rotary, Masonic. 1906 
m Bessie Deane. 

Baldwin, James Fairchild. Surgeon, Colum- 
bus. Ohio. iS7i m F. Finch: 1889 m Ida 
Striekler. "s 4d ; r 115 S. Grant ave. 

Baldwin, James Mark, '-Vriter and Pro- 
fessor, Paris. France. 1888 vn Helen Ho- 
gis Green, 2d; r 118 rue d'Assas. 


Baldwin, John Hardie, Business President, 
New Orleans, La. Cs Country. 1921 m 
Mildred Clark, Is Id; r 1(534 Octavia st. 

Baldwin, John Tomlinson, Arstist, Flor- 
enee,ltaly. 1922 m Janet Tillotson Mont- 
gomery, Id; r 95 A Via Niccollo. 

Baldwin, Leonard D., Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs Cornell, Down Town, Essex 
Country, Yeomans Hall, Charleston Coun- 
try. 1892 m Gertrude Van Wagoner, Is 
2d; r .56 S. Munn ave.. East Orange, N.J. 

Baldwin, Marion A., Banker, Birmingham, 
Ala. 1920 m Alice Hamilton, Is Id; r 
1426 Louise st. 

Baldwin, Orville Dwlght, Business Exec- 
utive, San Francisco. He is prominent- 
Iv identified with business and public 
affairs, m Millie E. Wehn; r 1000 Green 

Baldwin, Pierce, Manufacturer, Los An- 
geles. Cs California University, Beach. 
1905 m Gertrude Macon, Is; r 1740 N. 
Howard blvd. 

Baldwin, Ralph lyman, Musician and Au- 
thor, Hartford, Conn. 1896 m Mary Pierce 
Hasford, 2s 4d; r 81 Tremont st! 

Baldwin, Eobert Frederick, Eealtor and 
l^nderwriter, Norfolk, Va. Cs Virginia 
Country. 1899 ni Elizabeth Deans Boy- 
Kin; r 705 Stocklev Gardens. 

Baldwin, Roger S., Lawver, New York Ci- 
ty. 1904 m Mary C. Vail, Id; r Green- 
wich, Conn. 

Baldwin, Samuel Prentiss, Ornithologist 
and Scientist, Cleveland. Cs Union, Cha- 
grin Valley Hunt. 1898 m Lillian Han- 
na: r Gates Mills, Ohio. 

BaMwin, Fimeon, Insurance, Los Angeles. 
Cs Yale, Rotary. 1911 m Helen Mac 
Leish, 2s; r 1625 Monterey road, South 
Pas.idena, Cal. 

Baldwin, Fimeon F.ben, Professor, New 
Haven, Conn. 1865 m Susan Winchester, 
Is Id; r 44 Wall st. 

Baldwin, Sn.Tnmerf eld. Millionaire, Malti- 
i"ore. r Bellona ave. 

Baldwin, Wesley Manning, Educator, Al- 
banv, N.Y. 1925 m Helen Patton Bul- 
lard: r Albanv, N.Y. 

Baldwin, William Ayer. Eailroad Execu- 
tive' and Capitalist. New York City. He 
is vice-nresidput Erie Eailroad, and is 
prominent in b^sines and financial af- 
fairs. Cs Lotos, Enq-ineers, Eailroad, Up- 
per Mont"lair, Cherry Vallev. Younqs- 
tov.-n Countrv. Elmira City. 1920 m Em- 
mri Gibson- r 25 5th ave. 

BaidAvin, William Delavan Chairnian and 
l\tuiti-Millionaire. New York City. He 
i<5 chairman and director Otis Elevator 
Companv, is Tirpsirlpnt Hale ar^l Kilburn 
Corporation. Cs AT«tropolitan, Engineers, 
Union League, India Huse, Chicago. 1881 

ni Helen Eunyon Sullivan, .3s Id; r 777 
Madison ave. 

Baldwin, William Frazier, Sales Manager, 
Bridgeport, Conn. 1914 m Anna Eliza- 
beth Barley, Is 2 d. 

Baldwin, William H., Mult i -Millionaire, 
New York City, r 140 W. 57th st. 

Baldwin, William Moses, Banker, Albany, 
Ga. Cs Masons, Elks, Kin California 
Country, Atlanta Athletic. 1915 m Flor- 
ence Mercer; r New Albany, Hotel. 

Baldwin, William W., Eealtor, Baltimore, 
He is member Baldwin and Frick, real 
estate and insurance. Cs Maryland, Elk- 
ridge Kennels, Gibson Island, Baltimore 
Country, Merchants. 1901 m Julia Bart- 
lett, Is Id: r 204 Goodwodd Garden, 
Poland Park. 

Baid-"nn. William Woodward, Lawyer and 
Capitalist. New York Citv. Cs Knicker- 
bocker, Harvard, Maryland, Eeform, 
New York Bar Association. 1895 m 
Katherine Williams. 1922 m Laura Lef- 
fine-well. Is; r 926 Cathedral st., Balti- 
more, Md. 

Baldy, Edward Vincent. Clergvman, Ma- 
rlon, Ala. He is identified Avith Hudson 
College; and prominent in educational 
affairs. Cs Mason. 1906 m Frances Hen- 

Balfe, Thomas F., Banker and Capitalist, 
Ivewbu'-ph, N.Y. He is prf»sident New- 
burp-h Savings Bank. Cs Union League, 
Bankers, Newburgh City, Chamber of 
Commerce, Powelton Countrv, Academy 
of Political Science, National Geogi'a- 
nhic Societv. 1885 m ]Marv A. Wentz; 

Brlfour, Donald Chur'^h, Phvsician and 
Surgeon. Eoch ester. Minn. He is mem- 
ber of the Mayo Clinic, professor of sur- 
gery at Mavo Foundation, and at Grad- 
uate School of the Minority of Alinne- 
sota. Cs University of Chicago, Univer- 
sity of St. Paul, American College of 
Snrp-eons. American Surgical, Western 
Siirfrical. Southern Surgical Associations. 
1910 m Cirrie T-. Mayo. 2s Id. 

Balk-e. T?udolph Frank. Eetired Capitalist, 
of Cincinpati. C<s Oueen City, m Lily 
Troutman: r 1859 Madison road. East 
Walnut Hills. 

Ball. Anrell H.. Merchant. New York City. 
Cs Union league. Hills Golf. Uptown, 
Oak'mid Golf, and Automobile, m Isa- 
bel F. Tavlor; r 125 E. 7?ti,1 st. and Wa- 
ter Mill. Lon.r Ipland. N.Y. 

B?n. iVTro. Eer+.ha Croslev, Sociologist and 
Canitalist. "Xruncie. Ind. She is promin- 
ent in social and nhilanthropis work. 
190.3 m Edmond B. Ball, now deceased, 
Is 2d. 



Ball, Charles AUis, Viee-Pi-esident, Chi- 
cago. Cs Glen View. 1920 m Antoinette 
Wilder, 3s; r 296 Forest st., Winnetka, 

Ball, David C, Cotton Dealer, Maiuifae- 
turer and Chemist, New York City. Cs 
Chamber of Commerce, Lake Placid. 1892 
m Nellie Bocek, Is; r 230th st., Hudson 
Kivcr, Spuyten Duyvil. 

Ball, Elmer Darwin, Educator, Entomolo- 
gist, Sanford, Fla. He is entomologist in 
charge of celery insect investigation of 
State Plant Board of Florida. 1S99 m 
Mildred R. Norwell; r 2100 Magnolia 

Ball, Frank Clayton, Eailroad President 
and Millionaire, Muncie, Ind. He is pres- 
ident of Muncie and Western Railroad 
Company, . treasurer Muncie Portland 
Traction Company, and director of Fed- 
cralReserve Bank of Chicago, and other 
corporations. Cs Columbia of Indianapo- 
lis, Knights Templar, Indiana State 
Cliajnber of Commerce, Mason. 1893 m 
Eli/abeth Wolfe Brady, 2s 3d; r Minne- 
trista blvd. 

Ball, George A., Manufacturer and Capi- 
talist, Muncie, Ind. Cs Union League, 
Congressional. 1893 m Frances Wood- 
worth, Id. 

Ball. George L., Insurance, St. Louis' Cs 
City. 1908 in Grace Massey, Id; r 144 
S. Rock Hill road, W^ebster Groves, Mo. 

Ball, Grosvenor L., Business Manager, of 
Philadel]ihia. Cs Princeton, American 
Legion. 1920 m Elizabth S. Jackson, Is 
Id: r 17 E. Benezet st.. Chestnut Hill. 

Ball, Isaac Gibbs, Business Executive, of 
Charleston, S.C. Cs Country, Yacht, and 
Otranto. 1901 m Jane Haywood John- 
son; r 13 New st. 

Ball, J. C, Assistant Cashier, Charleston, 
S.C. Cs Westmoreland. 1912 m Annie 
Arden Jervey, 2s 2d; r Summerville, S.C. 

Ball, James M., Banker, Richmond. Va. He 
is vice-president of Savings Bank of 
Richmond. 1878 m Ellen Lee Powwell, Is 
2d: r Bewdley, Westhampton. 

Ball, John Alvyn, Business President, of 
Charleston, S.C. Cs St. Cecelia, Country. 
1S76 ri Emilie Gaudard Eraser, Is Id; 
r 123 Tradd st. 

Ball, L. Hirsh, Physician. IMarshall+on, 
Dell. 1893 m Catherine Justis; r Mar- 

Ball, Lewis Heisler, Phvsician, Marshall- 
ton, Del. Cs Wilmington. 1893 m Cathe- 
rine S. Justis. 

Ball, logan Marshall, Insurance Broker, 
St. Louis. Cs St. Louis, m IMadeline Cou- 
sins, Id; r 4933 Buckingham Court. 

Ball, Otho F., Physician, Chicago. 1901 m 

Lenora M. Clague, Is Id; r 1305 Ritchie 

Ball, Slocum, Financier, Jacksonville, Fla. 
Cs Tiniuquana Countrv, Kiwanis. 1998 m 
Kate ('. Fetters, 3s; r 1626 Park si, 

Ball, T. Arthur, Multi-Millionaire, New 
York City, r 26 W. 76th st. 

Ball, Thomas Hand, Manufacturer, Phila- 
delphia. He is a successful manufactur- 
er, and holds executive offices in indus- 
trial and trade organizations. Cs. Man- 
hattan, Art, Germantown Cricket, S.A. 
R., Military Order of Foreign Wars, 
Huguenot, Masons. 1908 m Nina Louise 
Woodward, 3d; r 119 E. Mt. Airy ave., 
Chestnut Hill. 

Ballantine, Arthur Atwood, Lawyer and 
Sociologistj New York City. Cs Harvard, 
Racquet and Tennis, Universitv, Union. 
1907 m Helen Bailey Graves, 'Ss 2d- r 
133 E. 6.5th St. 

Ballantfne, Fdward, Composer, Cambridge, 
Mass. Cs Harvard. 1916 m Edith Perry; 
r 135 Brattle st. 

Ballantine, John Herbert, Business Presi- 
dent and Millionaire, New York City. 
Cs Union League, New York Yacht, Es- 
sex County Country, Cornell. 1920 m 
Gertrude W. Dracke, 2s; r Holdene, 
Great Neck, Long Island, N.Y. 

Ballantine, John Holme, Business Presi- 
dent, Seymour, Conn. Cs Rockawav, Con- 
nell. Hunting. 1915 m Helen Ridgely 
!Morgan, 2s Id; r Ballnmos Farm, South- 

Ballantine, Joseph W., American Consulj 
Tokyo. Japan. Cs Tokyo, Kobe, Yoko- 
hama United, Twatatia, Darien, Asiatao. 
1917 m Emilia A. Christy, 3d; r Tokyo.- 

Ballantyne, Ford, Business Executive and 
Capitalist, Detroit. Cs Detroit, Grosse 
Pointe Hunt, Country, Players. 1913 m 
Margaret Helen Wilson, 2s; r 599 I>ake 
Shore road. Grosse Pointe. 

Ballantyne, Howard Pierce, Insurance, De- 
troit. Cs Detroit. 1916 m Barbara Trego, 
2s Id; r 25 IMc Kinlcy place, Grosse 
Pointe, l\rich. 

Ballard. Carl M., Insurance Broker. Seat- 
tle, Wash. Cs Collefi^e. 1915 m Phyllis 
Marion Purdy, 3s; r 3414 E. Denny way. 

Bal'-^rd, Charles Thurston, Business Exec- 
utive, Louisville, Ky. Cs University, S. 
A.R., 1878 m Emilina Modeste B-reau, 43 
4d: r Cherokee Park. 

Ballard, Edward HoUister, Busines.? Ex- 
ecutive, Pelhani, N.Y. 1913 m Louise A. 
Sweeney, Is. 

Ballard, Frank More, Educator, San Fran- 
cisco. Cs University. 1900 m Alice Whit- 
ing; r 701 Post st. 



Ballard, Harlan Hoge, Author, Pittsfield, 
Mass. Os Park, Mason, Scottish Rite. 
1879 m Luey Bishop Pike, Is 3d; r 247 
Soiitli st. 

Ballard, James F., Millionaire, St. Louis. 
442it Wasliiiigton blvd. 

Ballard, John Orin, Business Secretary and 
Treasurer, St. Louis. Cs Bellerive Cuun- 
try, Racquet. 1S96 m Lydia Elizabeth 
Harting, Id; r 5388 Waterman ave. 

Ballard, Russell Kenry, Utility Operator, 
Los Angeles. Cs Franklin Institute, Ma- 
son, Shriner, California, City, Sunset, 
Jonathan, Wilshires. 1901 m Mae Stur- 
geon, Id; r Ansonia apt's, 220.5 W. 6th 

Ballard, Sumner, Multi-Millionaire, New 
York City, r 10 E. 79th st. 

Ballard, Willis Dana, Manager, Holyoke, 
Mass. Cs Manufacturers, Old Colony, 
Army and Navy, Reserve Officers, Rot- 
ary. 1884 m Mary Eliza Coburn; r 151 
Pearl st. 

Ballenger, Edgar Garrison, Surgeon, At- 
lanta, Ga. 1904 ni Nora Clarke Gorman, 
Is Id; r 60 E. 16th st. 

EaHenger, Thomas T., Merchant, Atlanta, 
Ca. Cs Knights of Pythias. 1877 m Anna 
Garrison, .3s 2d; r Tryon, N.C. 

Balliet, letscn, ]\Tining Engineer, Tono- 
pah, Nev. Cs Countrv, Knights of Py- 
thias. 1901 m Florence E. Kells, 2s Id. 

Ballin, Hugo, Artist and Producer, New 
York City. Cs National Architectural 
League, Mural Painters of America, As- 
sociates of National Academy of Design, 
Lotos, m ^label Croft; r 622 Lexington 

Eallinger, Edward Bradley, Manufacturer, 
Seattle. AVash. 1913 m .Tulia K. Loose, 
2s; r Lake Ballinger, Edmonds, Wash. 

Ballon. Hosea Starr. Investment Banker, 
Brookline. ]\fass. 188.5 m Mary Farwell, 
2s; r Winthrop road. 

Eallou. Walter S., Millionaire, Providence, 
r 271 ButVr ave. 

Ballen, Walter Feymour, Business Exec 
utive. New York Citv. Cs Hope. Lotos, 
Society of Colonial Wars, m Ella H. Co- 
rey; r 271 Butler Ave, Providen^-e. 

Balsam, D. M.. Business President, New 
York City. He is president D. M. Bal- 
sam Companv. the Rulh-Ohio Company, 
and vice-president Mcljellan Stores Com- 
pany. Is Id; r 17 State st. 

Baltt, WiUism N., Farmer and MieUr, 
Milstailt, Til. He is superintendent Mil- 
stadt Companv, president Board of Ed- 
ucation, and president Chamber of Com- 
ivoTf-o. 1883 m Knthryn Diesel, os 2d. 

Ealtzell, William Hewson, Physician and 
Surgeon, Baltimore, Md. Cs Baltimore, 
Somerset of Boston, m Alice Chevey; r 
Elm Bank, Wellesley. 

Balzaini, Joseph, Restaurant Proprietor, 
Brooklyn. 1886 m Anela Maggiolo, Is 
3d; r 937 Ocean ave, Brooklyn. 

Bamberger, Louis, Millionaire," South Or- 
ange, N.J. r 602 Center st. 

Bamptcn, C, Morton, Heating Engineer, 
Brooklyn. Cs Long Island Auto, Mason. 
1907 m Dorothy M.Peters; 1921 m Edith 
Pell Harris; r Hollis, Long Island. 

Bancroft, Charles G., Business President, 
Boston. Cs Algonquin, and Framingham 
Country. 1890 m Blanche M. Hyght, 2s; 
r Framingham, Mass. 

Bancroft, Edward R., Cotton Broker, of 
Providence, R.L Cs Agawam Hunt, and 

Hope. 1913 m Genevieve Dovle, 2s Id; r 
130 Hope St. 

Bancroft, Frank C, Agriculturist, Dairy- 
man and Poultryman, Wyoming, Del. Cs 
Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Shrine, 
Masons. 1891 m Katie M. Baylis, Is. 

Bancroft, Hugh, Lawyer and Publisher, 
Boston. Cs Harvard, ITnion, St. Botolph, 
Algonnuin, Eastern Yacht. 1907 m Wall- 
lis W;tldron, Is 3d; r 3.52 Beacon st. 

Bancroft, James, Clergyman, Woods Nole, 
Mass. 1911 m Alice Dorrance, now de- 

Bancroft. John, Manufacturer and Multi- 
Millionnire, Wilmington, Del. r Cufield, 
Park Drive. 

Bancroft, Tevi P'orace,Lawver and States- 
man. Rifhland Center, Wis. 1890 m Mvr- 
tle De Lap, Is Id. 

Bancroft, Paul. Investments, San Francis- 
co. He is prominently identified with 
business, financial and public affairs. Cs 
TTniversitv, Faniilv, Snn Francisco Golf 
Louise Hazzard, Is; r ^lark Hopkins Ho- 

Bancroft. Wilder Dwight. Professor, Itha- 
ca, N.Y. Cs Tavern, Harvard, Universi- 
ty, Cosmos. 3s 2d; r 7 East ave. 

Bancroft, William Poole, Cotton Merchant 
Wilmington, Del. 1876 m Emma Cooper, 

Bandholtz, Farry H., Armv Officer, Con- 
stantino. Mifh. C<! Army and Navv Club 
of Washington. Fuds of E-i^th. Sauga- 
nash Country. 1922 m Inez Gorman. 

Bangs, Frederick Augustus, Lawver, Chi- 
cago. He is a past presider+ West Chi- 
cago Pork Commissioners. Cs American 
Bar, Illinois B^r. Chi-^afo Bqr Associa- 
tions. Mason. 1893 m Ruth Tileston, Id; 
r 5858 Wa«1iin'^toTi blvd. 

Bangs. John Kp^^drick. Jr..B'AVor. D^^lroit. 
Cs Country. Univer^itv. 1918 m Katha- 
rine Mf'Fadon; r 666 Vnn Dvke ave. 

Bandhead, John Holli*?, Lawver, Jasper, 
Ala. Cs Southern of Birmingham, Ale. 
1904 m Musa Harkins, Is 2d. 



Banks, David, Publisher, New York City. 
Cs Lnion, New York Yacht, Thames. 
1915 m Mabel Grant Hatch; r 1155 Park 

Banks, John H., Business Executive, New 
York City. 1SS6 m Efilie S. Hultsch, 2s; 
r 25 5th ave. 

Banks, Thomas W., Investment Banker, 
Los Angeles. 1914 m Martha W. Wool- 
wine, Is Id; r 410 8. Van Ness ave. 

Banks, William Hamlin, Physician, Mif- 
flintown, Pa. 1892 m Bess Jacobs Par- 
ker, .Ss 2d. 

Banks, William T. L., Business President, 
New York Citv. 1889 m Kate L. Staf- 
ford, 3s 2d; r .35 Berk ave, Eye, N.Y. 

Bannard, Charles Feath, Lawyer, Phila- 
delpliia. Cs Rittenhouse, Merion, Sons of 
Revolution, m Elizabeth Clement; Is Id; 
r 432 Montgomery ave., Haverford, Pa. 

Bannard, Charles Heath, Jr., Marine In- 
surance, Chicago. Cs Merion Cricket, Ci- 
ty. 1921 m Charlotte E. Hibbard, Is; r 
1077 Cherry st., Winnetka, 111. 

Bannard, Elizabeth Gilman Winchester, 
Sociologist, San Gabriel, Cal. Cs D.A.R. 
1876 m Hubbard Francis Bannard; r 210 
San Gabriel blvd. 

Bannard, Otto Tremont, Banker and Mil- 
lionaire, New York City. Cs Century, 
Fniversitv, Republican. Unmarried; r 
122 E. 51st St. 

Bannard, William Newell. Business Exec- 
utive, New York City. Cs Yale, Ardsley, 
Wilmington Country, Thousand Island 
Country, Merchants. 1915 m Emily Mar- 
kle. Is id; r lirvington on Hudson. 

Banning, Ephraim, I>awyer, Chicasro. Cs 
Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Midland, Uni- 
versitv of Washington.North Shore Golf 
of Glen A'iew, 111. 1909 m Beatrice W. 
Smith, Is 2d; r 855 Lincoln ave, Win- 
netka, 111. 

Bannister, lucius Ward, Lawyer, Denver, 
Col. Cs Harvard, Denver, Denver Coun- 
Iry, University. 1902 m Helen Allabach, 
Is; r 849 Race st. 

Eanta, Arthur M., Biologist and Investi- 
gator, Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. 
Cs American Association for Advance- 
ment of Science, American Society of 
Naturalists, American Society of Socio- 
logists, Ecological Society, American Ac- 
ademy of Science, Indiana Academy of 
Science and Ohio Academy of Science. 
1906 m Mary C. Slack, Is 2d;. 

Bsnta. Len A.. Business President, Clear- 
field, Pa. Cs Masonic. Id; r Tarpon 
Springs. Fla. s 

Barba. Philip S., Phvsician, Germantown, 
Pn. Cs Princeton, Germantown, Cricket. 
1920 m Martha Purcell; r 3107 W. Coul- 
ter st. 

Barba, William P., Millionaire, Philadel- 
phia, r 3197 W. Coulter st. 

Barber, Edward J., ^Millionaire, New York 
City, r 11 E. 61st st. 

Barber, James, Business President, New 
York City. Cs Englewood Golf, Blind 
Brook, Sea View, Knickerbocker Coun- 
try, Canadian, Mid Pines Country of N." 
C. 1884 m Katherine Gindy, l.s 5d; r 
Englewood, N.J. 

Barber, James T., Millionaire, Eau Claire, 
Wis. r 132 Marston ave. 

Barber, Milton Augustus, Clergvman, Ra- 
leigh, N.C. 1898 m Harriet Winfield, Ss 

Barber, Orion Metcalf, Jurist, Washing- 
ton. Cs Masons, Knights Templar, Mys- 
tic Shrine. 1899 m Alice Mabel Norton, 
1 s 2d; r Washington, , Bennington, Vt. 

Barber, S. Morgan, Retired Business Ex- 
ecutive and Financier. New York City. 
Cs Union Lea-^ue, Cornell University, 
Fairfield Hunt, Countrv of Fairfield." 
1905 m Gerladvs Chulds] Is Id; r 12 E. 
93rd st. 

Barber, William Harley, Educator, Ripon, 
Ohio. 1919 m Esther Ellen Darrow; r 
416 Woods ave. 

Barber, William Hilles. Banker, Greeley, 
Col. m Ruth Lacey Cheyene, Id. 

Barbour, Edwin Scott, Business Execu- 
tive, Detroit. He is executor Henry Es- 
tate. Cs Yondotega, Detroit, Country, 
Grosse Pointe Hunt, m Edith Henry; r 
147 Lake Shore road, Grosse Pointe 

Barbour. George Harrison, Chairman, De- 
troit. Cs Yondotega. Detroit, Detroit Ath- 
letic. 1870m Katharine Hawley, Is Id. 

Barbour, John Baxter. Stock and Bond 
Broker and Millionaire, Pittsburgh. Cs 
Duqresne, Pittsbureli Athletic, Ameri- 
can Republican, Stanton Heigths Golf, 
Knights of Templar. 1887 m Laura B. 
Rogers, Is Id; r5712 Stanton ave. 

Barbour. John E.,Multi-Millionaire, Pater- 
son, N..T. r 869 Broadway. 

Barbour. Percy Elmer, Mining Enfrineer 
and Editor, New York City. Cs Mining 
and Metallurgical Society of America, 
S.A.R., Engineers. Mason, American Of- 
ficers. 1909 m Viola Grace Hackward; r 
875 W. 181st St. 

Barbour, Robert. Business President and 
]\Iulti-Millionaire. Paterson. N.J. Cs Uni- 
versity, Union Leasrue. Hamilton of 
Patterson, New York Yacht, m .Tanet 
Brownell; r 40 W. 49th st. 

Esrbour, Thomas, Naturalist, Boston. Cs 
Cosmos, Tavern, Tennis and Racquet, 
Harvard, Boston, Harvard and Univer- 
sity of New York. 1906 m Rosamond 
Pierce, 2d; r 278 Clarendon st. 


a:mertcax elite axd sociologist 

Barljour, William Tefft, Business Presi- 
dent and Millionaire, Detroit. Cs Detroit 
Detroit Athletic, Yondotega, Bloomfield 
Hills Country, Points Mouillee Shooting, 
Brook, and others. 1902 m Margaret 
Bishpam Chittenden, 3s 2d; r 2913 E. 
Jefferson ave. E., Briarbank Farm, Bir- 
mingham, Mich. 

Barbour, William Warren, Business Pres- 
ident, New York City. Cs Racquet and 
Tennis, Union League, Merchants. 1921 
m Elizabeth C. Carrire, Id; r Eumson, 
N.J. and 40 E. 74th st. 

Barclay, McClelland, Artist and Illustra- 
tor, New York City. Cs Cliff Dwellers, 
Lake Shore Athletic, Chicago, and New 
York Athletic. 1916 m Nan Shepard Me 
Clelland; r Sutton Hall. E. 37th st. 

Barclay, Wright, Realtor, New York City. 
Cs Calumet, New York Yacht, Piping 
Rock, Union. 1911 m A. Browning Pren- 

Bardeen, Charles. Russell, Physician, Ma- 
dison, Wis. 190.5 m Althea Harmer, 3s; 
r 23 Mendota Court. 

Bardo, Clinton Lloyd, Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Camden, N.J. He is vice- 
president American Brown Bovery Elec- 
tric Corporation. Cs Masons, Odd Fel- 
lows, Quinnipiaek of New Haven, Ath- 
letic of New York, Seaview Golf, Pine 
Valley, New York Railroad, m Hannah 
Abigail Hartz, 2d; r Warwick apt's, 
17th and Locust sts., Philadelphia 

Barkan, Fritz, Diamond Importer, San 
Francisco. Cs Olvmpic, Los Altos Coun- 
trv. Pacific Coast. 1914 m Etta Plate, 
Is' 2d; r 1633 Webster st., Palo Alto.Cnl. 

Barker, Alexander C. Construction Engi- 
neer, New York City. Cs New York, 
Bankers, Apawamis, Manursing Island, 
American Yacht of Rye, Green Meadow 
Country of Harrison! 1913 m Marian 
Beals, 'is Id; r 120 E. 79th st.. New 
York City, and at The Homestead, Port- 
ch ester, N.Y. 

Barker, B. Devereaux, Lawyer, Boston. Cs 
Harvard, Union, Tennis and Racquet of 
New York. 1907 m Irene Fitch Shepard, 
Is; r 139 Bay State road. 
Barker, Elmer Eugene. Landscape Archi- 
tect, Bronxvislle, N.Y. 1916 m Edna 
Loiiise Snvder, 4s Id. 
Barker, Fred C, Hotel Proprietor, Bcmis, 
Maine. He is proprietor of the Summer 
Hotel Barker. Cs v..rious. 
Barker, H. W., Manufacturer, Statesman, 
Snarta, Wis. Cs Odd Fellows, Mason. 
1884 m Frances M. McMahan, Is 3d. 
Barker, Harry C, Lawyer. St. Louis. Cs 
Sunset Hill Country. 1906 m Grace L. 
Ferguson, Is; r 4536 McPherson ave. 

Barker, John Hammand, Lawyer, Glena 
Falls, N.Y. 1910 m Harriet Provost Fi- 
sher, Id; r 3 Horicon ave. 

Barker, Henry Ames, Corporation Man- 
ager, Providence. Cs LTniversity, Provi- 
dence Art, Country, Turks Head, Browa 
Union, Pen and Pencil, Ninigret Coun- 
try, Players. 1918 m Sarah Elizabeth. 
Minchin; r 267 Benefit st. 

Barker, John Marshall, Methodist Clergy- 
man, Author, Newton Centre, Mass. Cs 
Puddingstone of Boston. 1877 m Alice 
L. Bixter, 2s 2d; r 37 Kenwood ave. 

Barker, Joseph Shumway. Salesman, Chi- 
cago. Cs Saddle and Cycle. 1916 m Jane 
Vincent, Id; r 531 Oakdale ave. 

Barker, Josephine Wait, Pathologist, Ro- 
chelle, 111. 1879 m Franklin Barker, Ss; 
r 700 Lincoln Highway. 

Barker, Samuel H., Economist and Edi- 
tor, Germantown, Pa. Cs Academy of 
Political and Social Science, Academy- 
Natural Science of Philadelphia. 1903 
m Ada Mae Long, 3s Id; r 140 Phil- 
Elena St., Germantown, Pa. 

Barkley, J. O., Railroad President, South 
St. .Joseph, Mo. He is president of St. 
Joseph Bolt Railway, and vice-president 
and general manao'er St. .Toseph 's Stock 
Yards Company. Cs Chambebr of Com- 
merce, St. .Toseph Country, Moila Golf, 
St. .Joseph Huntinar, Mason, m Maggie 
Penn, 2s 2d; r 3724 St. Joseph ave. 

Barlow, Dewitt D., Business President, 
New York City. Cs Civil Engineers, En- 
gineers of New York and Philadelphia, 
1905 m Elizabeth Hail Moody, 2s 4d; r 
930 Woodlawn ave., Plainfield N.J. 

Barium. John J.. B.inker, Detroit. "i896 
m .Tulia Lewis, Is 2d. 

Barnard, Barnard, Lawyer, Chicago. Cs 
Hamilton, Mason, Oriental Consistory, 
Medinah Temnle. Royal Arcanum, Ameri- 
can Legion. 1918 m Minette E. Neibur- 
ger; r 6925 Jeffery ave. 

Barnard, Chandler, Banker, Philadelphia,. 
He is prominent in financial and busi- 
ness affairs. Cs Union Leaarue. 1918 m 
Emilie E. Owens, Is Id; r 213 Church st. 
A rdmore, Pa. 
Barnard, Clarence, Army Officer, Wnshing- 
ton. Cs Universitv. 1900 m Ruth E. An- 
drews, Is Id; r Fort Wayne, Detroit. 

Barnard, Frank B., Business President, 
Buffalo. He is president and owner of 
Cburchville Oil and Natural Gas Com- 
pany. Cs Park, and Ancient Lan-dmarka 
Lodge. 1900 m Emma G. Vogt, now de- 
ceased; r 567 Delayvare ave. 

Barnard, George Grey, Sculptor, New York 
City. Cs National Institute of Arts and 



Letters, Institute de France Societe des 
Beaux Arts. 1S95 m Edna Monroe, Is 
2d: r 700 Fort Washington ave. 

Barnard, Harry Everett, Chemist, Chicago. 
Cs American Chemical, Chemical Engi- 
uers. m Marion Harvie, Is Id; r 1133 
-Torest ave., Evanston, 111. 

Barnard, J. Chandler, Business Executive, 
Philadelphia. He is prominently identi- 
fied with business and public affairs. Cs 
L'nion League, m Emilie E. Ownes; r 
213 Rhurch st., Ardmore, Pa. 

Barnard, Seymour, Director, Brooklyn. In 
]914 m Eunice Fuller, Id; r 174 Nassau 

Barnard, William H., Millionaire, New 
York City, r ,S6 Eiverside Drive. 

Barnard, William L., Lawyer, Boston. Cs 
Tfnion, Harvard, Wardroom, Unitarian, 
City and State Bar Association. 1903 m 
Lucy Parson; r 101 Mt. Vernon st. 

Barnardiston, Sarah Hall Floyd Jones, So- 
cioloEfist, The Ryes, Sudbury Suffolk, 
England. Cs American Womens. 1892 m 
Nathaniel Walter Barnardiston, Id. 

Bambrooke, Frederick J., Business Exec- 
utive, Boston. Cs Inekec Garrison, m 
Louise Slade; r 49 Louis st., Quebec, 

Barrdt. .TnTes V., Realtor and Manufac- 
turer, Marion, Ohio. Cs Marion, Elks, 
Masons, and Clarion Automobile. 1911 m 
Ethel Cuernsev, 2d; r 298 Hane ave. 

Bernefield. Harold C, Millionaire, Paw- 
tucket. R.I. r riO Vernon st. 

Barnes, Agnes Rafferty. Business Ixecu- 
tive. Svracuse, N.Y. Cs Harmony Circle, 
m rteoipfe Mortimer Barnes, now de- 
cea'^ed, Ts .Id; r (i31 AV. Onondaga st. 

EPTiies, Alte'-t, M., Millionaire, Cambridge 
Mass. r 305 Memorial drive. 

Barnes. Alf"ert McC'eUan, L-iwycr and Ca- 
pitalist, New York City. He is success- 
ful attorney, and prominent in bu^jness 
and public affairs. Cs New York Yacht, 
Washinerton. D.C. University. 1911 m 
Julia Clark Sy.rague, 2s Id; r 829 Park 

Ba'-nes, Albert McC'ellan. Lpwyer and Ca- 
pitalist. New York Citv. Cs New York 
Yacht, Washington. D.C. University. 1911 
m .Tulia Clark Sprague, 2s Id; r 829 
Park ave. 

Barnes, Ce"il, Lawver, Chicafro. Cs Uni- 
^ersitv. 1910 m Margaret Aver, 3s; r 

II •'>3 N. Dearborn st. 

Barnes. Charles F., Millionaire, Boston, r 

III "Marlboro st. 

Barnes, Courtlanf't D.. ^Millionaire, New 

York City, r 134 E. 62nd st. 
Barnes, David Collin, Lawyer and Bank- 

er, Murfreesboro, N.C. Cs Masons. 1921 
m Irene Augusta Smith, Is. 

Barnes, Earl Brandon, Lawyer, Kokomo, 
Ind. Cs Rotary. 1917 m Maurine Star- 
ling; r 1224 W. Sycamore st. 

Barnes, Frank, Business President, Bos- 
ton. Cs Boston Country, New England 
Conference. 1892 m Maude M. Falh, Is; 
r 1762 Beacon st., Waban, Mass. 

Barnes, Harry Lee, Physician, rf Wallum 
Lake, R.I. Cs Rhode Island Medical 
Woonsocket Medical, Rhode Island His- 
torical. 1909 m Lena R. P. Meek, Is 2d; 
r Wallum Lake. 

Barnes, He'en Florence, Sociologist, New 
York Citv. r 600 Lexington ave. 

Barnes, Uenry B.. Lawver, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs University, Yale, S.A.R. 1911 m 
]\rabel Irving .Tones, 3s; r 67 E. 91st st. 

Barnes, James Philips, Railroad President, 
Louisville, Ky. Cs Pendennis, Louisville 
Country, Audubon, Sleepy Hollow, Rot- 
ary, Louisville Board of Trade, Engi- 
neers. 1906 m Merriam Ernhout, Is Id; 
r 2642 Ransdell ave. 

Barnes, John, Millionaire, Amsterdam, N. 
Y. r Upper Market st. 

Barnes, Joseph U., Banker, Minneapolis. 
Cs Masons. Minneapolis Athletic, Lin- 
coln, Minnetonka Conntrv. 1880 m Mary 
L. T^pson. 2s 3d; r 2008 Bryant ave., So. 

Barnes, Julius Howard. Wheat Exporter,, 
New York Citv. Cs New York Athletic, 
India House, Duluth Boat. 1896 m Har- 
riet Carrey; r 25 S. 26th st., Duluth, 

Barnes, Parker Thayev, F'lucator and Bus- 
i?iess Expcutive. Rarrisburg, Pa. r 1726 
Repina st. 

Bprnes. Thonas Sloaue, 'Merchant, Port- 
land Ore. Cs Univer'^ity. 1919 m Hazel 
P>lnmarpy. ;) s ; j- 715 Kincs Court. 

Barnes. W^ite'- K.. Se^uritv Broker, Phila- 
dplnhia. Cs Ocean Citv, Yacht, Hamilton 
Whi^t. Unirin Leajrue, and Philadelphia 
Countrv 1906 m Viola W. Barnes, 2s 2d; 
r 'I712 Windsor ave., W. 

Barnes, Wi.i] Croft, Forester and Cattle- 
man, Washington. He is assistant fores- 
t<^r p-razincr in the United States Forest 
Service, and member of United States 
Geogranhic Board. Cs Masons. Arts. Ar- 
mv and Navv of Valor, m Edith Talbot, 
r 103 The Northumberland Apts. 

Barnes, Wiliam Preston, Wholesale Grocer 
and Capitalist, Baton Rouge. La. Cs Golf 
and Country, Kniffhts of Pythia«. 1891 
m L. Hup-hes. now deceased; Is. 1917 m 
Hannah Warren, Is; r 620 Convention 



Barnet, Walter John, Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs Congressional Country of Wash- 
ington, D.C., Old Colony. 1895 m Frances 
G. Vaux, L'cl; r 431 Riverside drive. 

Barnett, Caroline Lina Hallowes L. Eagle, 
Sociologist, Jacksonville, Fla. Cs Wo- 
men's, C.D.A. 1880 m Bion Hall Barnett; 
r 78.5 Eiverside drive. 

Barnett, George, Army Officer, Washing- 
ton. Cs }iletro]>olitan, Chew Chase, 
Navv, U.S. Corps. 1908 m Basil Gordon, 
si 2d; r 1622 Rhode Island ave. 

Barnett, George D., Architect, St. Louis. 
Cs St. Louis. 1916 m Louise Hemenway, 
Is; r 5fi46 Kingsbury blvd. 

Barnett, James Foote, Lawyer and Finan- 
cier, Grand Rapids, Mich. Cs American 
Society of International Law, Peninsu- 
lar, Kent, Country, Universitv. 191.3 m 
Katharine Waddell; r Grand Rapids 

Barnett, Otto Raymond, Lawver, Chicago. 
1895 m :\ral)el Day Rowley, 2s; r 684 
Greenleaf avc, Gleneoe, 111. 

Barnett, Robert J., Banker, Philadelphia. 
Cs Masns, American Legion, American 
Institute of Banking. 1918 m Jeannette 
E. Dressel; r 1362 Harrison st. 

Barnett, Samuel, Lawyer, Atlanta, Ga. Cs 
Piedmont Driving. 1898 m Sarah J. Car- 
ter, Is 2d; r 976 Piedmont ave. 

Barney, James I.,., Business Executive, of 
Dorchester, Mass. Cs Dartmouth. 1905 m 
Helen Balhani, 2s; r 3 Arundel Park. 

Bf^rney, William Joshua, Engineer, New 
Took City. Cs University. 1910 m C.Lil- 
lian Warmer, Is; r 103 E. 75th st. 

B?rnhart, Earl W., Specialist in Commer- 
cial Education, Washington. 1909 m Em- 
meline Nelson, 2r; m Florence L.Sparks, 
r 2557 36th st., N.W. 

Barnhard, William Ralph, Business Exec- 
utive and Capitalist, Cleveland, Ohio. He 
v/as formerly vice-president of the Me- 
dal Brick and Tile Company. Cs Cante- 
bury Golf, Cleveland Athletic Chamber 
of Commerce. 1906 m Helen Rawson 
Brvce, 2d; r 2606 E. Overlook road. 

Barnit.z, Richard Bronaugh, Banker, Kan- 
sas City, Mo. Cs Army and Navy, LTni- 
versity. 1919 m Doris Russell; r 4143 
Warwick blvd. 

Barns, Clarence Lee, Banker, Orange City, 
Iowa. 1921 m Leone Ijanee, Id. 

Bamum, D. D., Business President, Bos- 
ton. Cs Algonquin, Dedham Country and 
Polo. 1900 m Marv Caroline Munroo, 2s; 
r 158 Bay State road. 

Bamum, George M., Banker, Boston. Cs 
Boston Athletic, Charles River Country. 
1899 m Jes.sie Gale, 2d; r 161 Clinton 
road. Brookline, Mass. 

Barnum, Harry Hyde, Lawvvyer, Chicago. 
1913 m Edith Beach, Is Id; r 735 Wal- 
dcn road, Winnetka, 111. 

Barnum, Walter, Business President, New- 
York City. Cs University, Yale. 1922 m 
Evelvn Humphrey Hooper, 2s 2d; r 53 
E. 67th St. 

Barnum, William M., Retired Lawyer and 
Millionaire, New York City. Cs L^niver- 
sity, Yale, Mid-Dav. 1879 m Anne The- 
resa Phelps, 3s Id;' r 125 E. 72nd st. 

Barnum, William Newton, Merchant, New- 
York City. Cs Pelham Country. 1919 m 
Josephine .Johnson; r 260 Ancon ave, 
Pelham, N.Y. 

Barn-well, Morgan Gibbes, Business Exec- 
utive, New York Citv. Cs Tuxedo,Union. 
1883 m Elizabeth Marie, Is; r Tuxedo 
Park, N.Y. 

Barn-well, Nathaniel Berners, Lawver, of 
Charleston, S.C. Cs Carolina Yacht, St. 
Cecelia. 1914 m Marv Williamson Elliott 
Is Id; r 28 Lamboll' st. 

Barnwell, Mrs. Walter Gait, Sociologist, 
San Francisi-o. Cs Women 's Athletic, r 
640 Sutter st. 

Barr, Alfred Hamilton, Educator, Chicago. 
Cs L^niversity, Irving. 1897 m Annie Eli- 
zabeth Wilson, 2s; r 845 Chalmers place. 

Barr, Carey C, Millionaire, Streatcr, 111. 
r 314 S. ^Monroe st. 

Barr, Garland Hale, Broker Lexington, Ky. 
1915 m Elise Jackson, Is; r 336 Madison 

Barr, George Dudley, Insurance Agent and 
Clergyman. Buffalo. 1918 m Mildred Har- 
riet Thomiison; r 205 Cleveland ave. 

Barr, Granville WaUer, Physician, Lectur- 
er and Author, Keokuk, Iowa. 1884 m 
Annabelle Applegate, Id. 

Barr, Harry K., Business President, New- 
York Citv. Cs New York P-oduce Ex- 
change. 1917 m .Jessica B. Primrose, Is 
Id; r 441 Ocean ave., Brooklyn. 

Barr, Ingle, Engineer, Akron, Ohio. He is 
prominently identified with business 
and public affai'-s. Cs University. 1917 
m Phylis L. Fosdick, Is; r Ambassador 
Hote, ,Los Angeles. 

Barr, Lawrence, Retired Business Execu- 
tive, Pittsburgh. Cs Harvard of Boston, 
Harvard of New York, Lf^niversity, Golf 
of Pinehurst, Westchester Biltmore Cou- 
of Pinehurst, Tin Whistle of Pinehurst, 
N.C., Westchester Biltmore Country of 
Rye. Id: r 7 Thompson a^-e., Larchmont 
Manor, N.Y. 

Barr, Lester, Business Execiitive, Youngg- 
twn, Ohio. Cs Youngstown, Youngstown 
Country. 1915 m Katherine L. Noble, Is; 
r 237 Fairgreen ave. 



Eirr, Richard A., Surgeon, Xashville.Tenn. 
?s Aniorican Geographical. 1897 m Sa- 
rih Elizabeth Kirkpatric, Is; r Elliston. 

Barr, W. Brown, Lumber Man, Denver, 
Col. 1904 m Irene Dean, 3s 2d; r 1889 
York St. 

Barr, Walter Stunner, Re tired Business Ex- 
ecutive, Springfield, Mass. Cs various. 

1901 m Elizabeth Hand; r 2.3 Park nve. 
Barr, William Milton, Banker, Sangor, Cal. 

Cs Commercial. 1884 m Jannie 0. Allen, 
OS 3d. 
Barran, Alice Margarita Parks, Sociologist 
Sawley Hall, Ripon, Yorkshire, England. 

1902 m John Xicholson Barran, 3s Id. 
Barren, Pinley, Retired Business Man, Chi- 
cago. Cs Chicago. 1890 m Grace Wit- 
beck; r Lake Forest, 111. 

Barren, George Morton, Retired, Glouces- 
ter, Mass. 1885 m Ada Maria Adams; r 
67 Eastern ave. 

Barrel!, Harry Ferdinand, Retired Law- 
yer and Statesman, St. Petersburg, Fla. 
He has been a delegate to several demo- 
cratic state conventions. Cs S.A.R. 1904 
m Pearl Foster Slaybeck; r 2000 Tanger- 
ine ave. 

Barrell, William L., Millionaire, Boston, r 
Hotel Touraine. 

Barret, Alexander B., Retired Business Ex- 
ecutive, Los Angeles. Cs California, Los 
Angeles Country, Los Angeles Athletic, 
Casa del Mar Beach. 1900 m Bessie Mc 
Johnston; r 1735 Orchid ave., Hollvwood 

Barrett, Adela, Sociologist, Chicago. She 
i'^ prominent in social circles. 

Barrett, Charles F., Business President, 
Cincinnati. Cs Business Men's, Cincin- 
nati Chamber of Commerce, Cincinnati 
Country, Traffic Clubb. 1905 m May 
Ryan, 3s; r 3045 Gilbert ave. 

Barrett, Edgar G., Business Executive, of 
Xew York City. Cs City, Chicago Uni- 
versity of New Y^ork, New Y^ork Rail- 
road, Essex Country, m Katharine B. 
Forman; r 133 Harrison st.. East Or- 
ange, N.J. 

Barrett, Edward Ernest, Eneineer. Chica- 
go. Cs Universitv, Lake Shore Athletic. 
1894 m Grace A. Hollister, 2s; r La 
Grange, 111. 

Barrett, J. M., Merchant and Cnnita''ist, 
Herrill, Ark. Cs Herrill Art. 1881 m Ada 
E. Quattlebann, 2s. 

Barrett, John James, Stock Broker. New 
York Citv.Cs Grolier, Riding', Weeburn 
Golf. 1906 m Ethel Lois Aitken, Is Id; 
r 156 E. 79th st, N.Y'.C: and New Ca- 
naan, Conn. 

Barrett, William M.,;Millionaire, New York 
Citv. r 272 W. 86th st. 

BarroU, Lee, Investment Banker, Balti- 
more. Cs Baltimore Country, Merchants, 
m Josephine Tunstall Smith; r 108 B. 
Elmwood road, Roland Park, Md. 

Barringer, PavU Brandon, Educator, Char- 
lottesville, Ya. Cs S.A.R., Westmoreland 
Colonnade. 1882 m Nannie Irene Han- 
nah, 7s 2d; r Hill Crest. 

Barrington, Charles, Broker, Los Angelea. 
Cs California. 1905 m Pauline Bucknor, 
Is Id; r 2711 Orchard ave. 

Barroll, L. Wethered, Lawyer, Charlestown 
Md. Cs Maryland, Merchants, Gibson's 
Island. 1917 m Yalerie von D. Marborg, 
3s Id; r Ijake Roland, Md. 

Barron, Amos N., Business Executive, of 
Cleveland. Cs Union, Country, Kirtland 
Country, Rowland. 1908 m Jane Carson; 
r 2233 Devonshire drive. 

Barron, Edward Hopkins, Lawyer and Ca- 
pitalist, Chicago. Cs Chicago Athletic, 
American, Chicago Y''acht. r at Chicago 
Athletic Club. s 

Barron, George D., Retired Business Man, 
New Y'ork City. Cs Union League, En- 
gineers, Apawamis Automobile of Amer- 
ica, Colony, Cosmopolitan. 1908 m Mrs. 
Josephine L. Marv Chamberlin; r Rye, 

Barron, James T., Business President and 
Capitalist, Portland, Ore. He is presi- 
dent Thlinbet Packing Company. Cs Ar- 
lington, Waverly Country. 1890 m Eli- 
zabeth Nixon, Id; r 634 Wason st. 

Barron, Robert E. Lee, Banker, Minot, N. 
D. He is i^resident of Second National 
Bank of Minot N.D. Cs Knights of Co- 
lumbus, Elks. 1905 m Sadie L. Thomp- 
son, Id. 

Barron, William A., Jr., Banker, Boston. 
Cs Harvard, Somerset, Tennis and Rac- 
quet, Exchange. 1920 m Emily Wessel- 
hoeft ; r Oxbow road, Weston, Mass. 

Barrow, David Crenshaw, Educator, A- 
thens, Ga. Cs Engineers. 1879 m Fannie 
Ingle Childs, 2s 2d. 

Barrows, David Nye, Surgeon, New Y'ork 
Citv. Cs Racquet and Tennis, Graduates 
Club of New Haven, Old Country. 1920 
m Frances L. ScoviUe, 2d; r 124 B. 9oth 


Barrows, Edwin A., Business President 
and IMillionaire. Providence, R.L Cs 
Hope. 1900 m Theodora Colt, Is 2d; r 
34 Olive St. 

Earrows, Morton, Lawyer and Author, St. 
Paul. 1885 m Ada Corinne Noble; r 912 
liincoln ave. 

Barrows, Stanley H., Banker, Chicago. He 
is president Park Ridge State Bank, Na- 
tional Kellastone Company, the Barrows 
Lumber Company of St. Louis, and other 



corporations. Cs Illinois Athletic, Flori- 
da Gun, Park Ridge Country, Sherwood 
Tennis, La Cumbre, Art Institute. 1904 
m Frances Stehlin, Is 2d; r 181 Lake 
Shore drive. 

Eprrows, William Stanley, Clergj-man, of 
Niagara Falls, N.Y. 1906 m Margaret 
Stuart Sartwelle, 4s; r De Vaux School. 

Barry, Herhert, Lawyer, "West Orange, N. 
J. Cs University, Press, Army and Navy, 
Essex Country ."^ 1898 m Ethel M. Daw- 
son, Is Id; r Llewellyn Park. 

Barry, John Leftwich, Broker, New Or- 
leans, La. Cs Countrv, Southern Yacht. 
1903 m Conklin Carroll, Id; r 3206 St. 
Charles ave. 

Barry, Mrs. Olivia Jeanette Poote, Sociol- 
ogist, Rochester, N.Y. 1911 m Edmund 
Henry Barry, 2s; r 184 Vassar st. 

Barse, George R., Jr., Artist, Katonah, N. 
Y. Cs American Artist, Century. 1889 m 
Rosa Ferrars, Id. 

Earstow, George Eames, Statesman, Bars- 
tow, Texas. He is president St. Nicholas 
Hotel Company. Cs Tllini Country San- 
gamo. 1871 m Clara Drew Symonds; r 
7280 Fountain ave., Hollywood, Cal. 

Barston, Georp-e Eames, Jr.. Banker, of 
Montclnir, N.J. Cs Yale, Bankers, Mont- 
clair Golf. 1904 m Bertha Woodruff Kel- 
lofTJT, Is 2d; r 14 Harrison ave. 

Earstow, Herbert Symonds. Rancher and 
Farmer, Barstow, Texas. 1914 m .Jennie 
Neely, Is Id. 

Barstow, John Palmer, "Manufa'^turer, Pro- 
vidence, R.I. Cs Universitv, Agawam, 
Hunt. Countrv, Art. 1906 m Annette F. 
Robinson: r 124 Morris ave. 

Barstow, William S., Millionaire, of NeAv 
York Citv. r 251 W. 71st st. 

Eartells. Edwin J., Business President, of 
Seattle. Cs College. 1912 m Ruth R. Bax- 
ter. Id; r 1728 Interlaken blvd. 

Bartholf, Charles ^^^enhen. Business Exec- 
utive. Chicaco. Cs S.A.R. 1893 m Grace 
C. Bullock. 5d: r Glencoe, 111. 

Bartholf, ^Herbert Bullock. Business Pres- 
ident and Capitalist, Springfield. Cs Illi- 
nois Countrv, Sangamo. Unmarried, r St. 
Ni'"-holas Hotel. 

Bartholomew. John B., Millionaire, Peoria, 
Til. r .")01 W. Armstrong ave. 

Bartholomew, Orlo Olaf. Lumberman. Buf- 
falo, Wyo. 1924 m Benlah Adams. Is. 

Bartlett, Charles Edward, Farmer, Eliot, 
Maiiie. Cs Warwick, Mason. 1915 m Jean 
Mc Rae: r Bartlett Farms. 

Bartlett. Charges lincoln, Lawver, Chica- 
«T0. Cs Fniversitv. Glenn Yiew, Evans- 
ton. 1895 m Marip M. Baker; r 1415 
Judson ave., Evanston, 111. 

Bartlett, Edmund Benton, Broker, Chica- 
go. Cs Indian Hill. 1913 m Manette M. 
Huston, Id; r 710 Waldon road, Win- 
netka. 111. 

Bartlett, Edward E., Millionaire, of New 
York City, r 782 West End ave. 

Eartjett, Edwin Julius, Retired Educator, 
Hanover, N.H. Cs American Democratic. 
1879 m Caroline Elizabeth Rice, 3s Id. 

Bartlett, Edwin Rice, Manufacturer, Nia- 
gara Falls, N.Y. Cs Niagara Falls Coun- 
trv, Niagara, the Universitv of Niagara 
Falls, University of Buffalo. 1915 ra 
Margaret J. Porter, Is 2d; r Gables, 
I^ewiston, N.Y. 

Bartlett, Evans Ellicott, Broker. Buffalo. 
Cs University, Buffalo Athletic. 1917 m 
Mary H. Mac Arthur, Is Id; r 78 Til- 
linghast place. 

Bartlett, Francis Gilpin, Insurance Exec- 
utive, Baltimore. Cs Baltimore Country, 
Elkridge Kennels. 1922 m Ruth Murray, 
Is Id; r Gittings ave., Woodbrook, Md. 

Bartlett, Frank Leslie, Chemist and Au- 
thor, Denver, Col. Cs Masons, Odd Fel- 
lows, ^lotor. 1878 m INliss Baldwin; r 
9-14 Sherman st. 

Bartlett, G. E. Cleravman. Parker.^burg, 
W.Ya. 1909 m Jessie Lvon, 2s. 

Bartlett, G. Hunter, Manager and Trustee 
of Estate, Buffalo. Cs Saturn, Univer- 
sitv. 1883 m Alice Marv Evans, Is Id; r 
1083 Delaware ave. 

EartJett. Mrs. George W. B., Sociologist 
and Capitalist, Gaethevsbur.or, Md. and 
Silversands, Pass-a-Grille. Fla. Cs vari- 
ous. 1872 m Mr. Georsre W. B. Bartlett, 
now deceased. Is 3d; r Silversands, Pass 
a-Crille, Fla. 

Bartlett, J. Fenry, Retired Business Exee- 
nHve, Snrkcrton, N..T. Cs Society of 
Friends. 1*^93 m Jane -T. Wetherell. 

Bartlett, John H., Lawyer, Washington. Cs 
nip-hts Templar, Shrine, Odd Fellows, 
Elks, Grano-ers, Knights of Pythias. Con- 
gressional Country. Washinsrton City, m 
Af^nes Pas-e, Is: r 2400 16th st., N.W. 

Bartlett. J. Kemn, Lnwver. Baltimore. Cs 
Marvland. 1SS8 m Marv Garrett Dixon, 
4s ?d: r 2100 :Mt Roval terrace. 

Bartlett, J. Kemw. Jr.. Business Executive, 
BaltiTTinro. Cs Flkridp-e Hunt, Merchants. 
1916 m Katheriiie Kindall Simons, Is Id; 
r Tanglewood, Woodbrook, Md. 

Bart'ett. Mary Garrett Dixon, Sociologist, 
Baltimore. Md. Cs Arundel, C.DR. 1888 
m J. Kemn Bartlett, 4s 2d; r 2100 Mt. 
Roval terrace. 

Bartlett. Mathew. Investment Broker, of 
Boston. Cs Tennis and Racquet. Eastern 
Yacht, Boston City, Country, New Uni- 



versity. 1911 m Senta Lincoln, Is Id; r 
15 Gloucester st. 

Bartlett, Nelson Slater, Stock Broker, Bos- 
ton. 1913 m Christiana L. Hunnewell, 2s 
2d; r Claybrook road, Wellesley, Mass. 

Eartlett, Kalph S., Lawyer, Boston. Cs 
Economic, ISridillesex, Dartmouth. 

Bartlett, Rolla Willis, Investment Securi- 
ties, Boston. Cs Home Market, Middle- 
sex, University, Oakley Country, Charles 
River Country, Dartmouth. 1912 m Mary 
Ella Moulton; r Allen Park Manor, 
Brookliiic, Mass. 

Bartlett, Valentine C, Business Executive 
and Sociologist, Chicago. 

Bartlitt, Ralph Hall, Coal Operator, Cin- 
cinnati. Cs Country. 1914 m Helen Fran- 
ces Dodds; r Mooney ave.,Tusculum ave. 
and Catawba drive. 

Bartlett, William Alfred, Sociologist,, Lit- 
tle Building, Boston. 1888 m Susan Lord 

Bartley, Colonel Charles Earle, Lawyer, 
Chicago. Cs South Shore Country-. 1S93 
m. 2d. 

Bartlett, Francis Gilpin, Insurance Execu- 
tive and r'apit;ilist, Baltimore. Cs Elk- 
ridge, Century. 1922 m Euth Murray, Is 
Id; r Gittings ave., Woodbrook. 

Bartnett, Walter J., Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs Congressional Coun- 
try, Old Colony, American Bar Associa- 
tion. 1895 m Frances G. Vanx, 2d; r 431 
Eiverside drive. 

Barton, C. A., Eailroad President, Boise, 
Idaho. Cs Minneapolis, Rotarv, Idaho 
Country. 1891 m Cora E. Riddle, 2s 2d; 
r Boise, Idaho. s 

Barton, Carlyle, Lawyer, Baltimore. Cs 
Baltimore. 1915 m Isabel E. Thom, Is 
Id; r Euxton, Md. 

Barton, Charles Marshall, Business Pres- 
ident, Wilmington, Del. Cs Wilmington 
Country, Baltimore. 1903 m Margaretta 
Ferriday, now deceased; 2s, r Greenhill, 
Kennitt Pike. 

Barton, Charles Peirce, Jr., Business Ex- 
ecutive, New York City. Cs University, 
Eockaway Hunting. 1918 m Flora B. Mc 
Alpiu, 2d; r Hewlett, Long Island, N.Y. 

Bnrton, Charles William, Publisher, Sheri- 
dan, Wyo. Cs Eotarian, Elks, American 
Legion. 1912 m Violet I. Hullinger, Id; 
r 375 W. Heall st. 

Barton, David Walker, Broker, Baltimore, 
Cs Bachelors Cotillion. 1917 m Sally 
Willson Gordon, Is 2d; r Euxton, Md. 

Enrton, George W., Business President, of 
Philadelphia. Cs American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers. 1S99 m Elizabeth 
A. L. Lippencott, Id:' r 246 Harvey st., 
Germantown, Pa. 

Barton, James M., Surgeon, Atlantic Ci- 
ty, N.J. Cs Philadelphia Medical. 1907 m 
Mary E. Craig. 

Barton, John A., Banker, Two HarborS;, 
Minn. Cs Rotary. 1905 m Helen H. Cur- 
rer. Is 3d. 

Barton, John Frederick, Retired Businesa 
Executive, Cambridge, Md. He is prom- 
inent in business and public affairs; 
and has held many positions of trust 
and honor. 1908 m'Addie Hall, 2d; r 9 
William st. 

Barton, Mrs. Maria W. Collins, Sociologist, 
New York Citv. 1SS2 m Joshua L. Bar- 
ton; r 117 E. 61st St. 

Barton, Ralph, Artist and Caricaturist, of 
New York Citv. m Carlotta Monterev; r 
48 E. 61st St. " 

Barton, Wilfred Mason, Physician and Ca- 
pitalist, Washington. Cs University, Co- 
rinthian Yacht, Penguins. 1905 m Mary 
A. Quinn; r 1718 Ehode Island ave. 

Barton, William Elcazar, Clergyman and 
Author, Oak Park, 111. Cs University, S. 
A.E., Authors of New York and Boston, 
Authors of London. 1885 m Esther T. 
Bushnell, now deceased, 4s Id; r 222 N. 
Grove ave. 

Banich, Bernard Mannes, Financier and 
Multi-Milllonaire, New York Citv. 1897 
m Annie Griff en, Is 2d; r 6 W. 52nd st. 

Baruch, Emanuel De Marnay, Physician, 
NcAv York City. Cs Medical Association, 
State Medical Societv, New York Coun- 
ty Medical Society, r" 57 E. 77th st. 

Baruch, George J., Manufacturer, of New 
York Citv. Cs Progress. 1908 m Sadve 
Arnheim,"2d; r 221 W. 82nd st. 

Baruch, Sailng W., Millionaire, New York 
City, r .-^12 W. 72nd st. 

Barus, Carl, Research Investigator, Provi- 
dence, E.I. Cs Authors of London, Na- 
tional Academy of Sciences, Honorary 
member Eoyal Institution of Great Bri- 
tain. 1887 m Annie G. Howes, Is Id; r 
181 Governor st. 

Bascom, Charles C, Business Executive. St. 
Louis. Cs Country, Noonday, Bogiry 
Golf, Missouri Athletic. 1912 'm Ida R. , 
Holliday, Is 2d: r 52 Portland st. 

Bash, Appleton, Educator, Pittsburgh. 1885 

m L. May Swearer, 2s Id; r Durmont. 

Baskervill, Charles Read, Educator and 
Author, Chicago. Cs University, Quaudr- 
angle. 1903 m Catherine Pendleton Quar- 
les, Id; r 5709 Kimbark ave. 

Baskerville, M. R., Business President, of 
Watertown. S.D. 1894 m Harriet Fahne- 
stock, 2s; r 704 2nd st. 



Bass, Prederic Fertert, Civil Engineer, of 
Minneapolis. Cs American Society Civil 
Engineers, Midland Hills, Minneapolis 
Engineers. 190.3 m Lillian Leggett, Is Id. 

Bass, Lyman M., Lawyer and Capitalist, 
Buffalo. He is a member of the law firm 
Kenefich, Cooke, Mitchell and Bass. Cs 
University, Saturn, Buffalo Country, 
Tennis and Squash. 1904 ni Grace Hol- 
land, .3d; r 129 Oakland place. 

Bassett, George Massa, Manufacturer,Wor- 
cester, Mass. Cs Worcester, Worcester 
Country, Tatnuck Country, Quin Sig- 
mund Boat, Commonwealth, L^niversity 
and others. 1SS9 m Cora Eichards; r 15 
Eipley st. 

Bassett, George Pomeroy, Broker, Oliver 
Bldg., Pitsburgh. Cs Duquesne. 1904 m 
Ada F. Bremfoerder, 3s. 

Bassett, Harvey S., Farmer, Milpitas, Cal. 
m Wilhelmina M. Murphy; r 122 N. 5th 
St., San Jose, Cal. 

Bassett, Henry Lee, Business President, 
Columbus, Tnd. Cs Eotary, Masonic, Tn- 
dianap(dis Athletic, Columbia, Country, 
Elks. 1916 m Elizabeth Paige, Is 2d; r 
1S25 Franklin st. 

Bassett, Lee Emerson, Educator, Stanford 
University, Cal. Cs Modern Language 
Association. 1903 m Florence Jackson, 2s 
r 9 Cabrillo st. 

Bassick. WilUam Roscce, Manufacturer 
and Capitalist, AVabash,Ind. He is chair- 
man of the board of directors Eelay 
Motors Corporations. Cs Yale, Univer- 
sity. Brooklawn Country. 1906 m Delia 
E. West, Is Id; r Wabash, Ind.; and in 
Bridgeport, Conn. 

Eassler, Clarence J., Lawyer, Chicago. Cs 
Law Institute, Bar Association, Union 
League. Westward Ho Golf. Is Id; r 
Eiverside, HI. 

Eatcbelder^ Cbarles Foster, Busine.-s Ex- 
ecutive, Boston, Cs Union Boat, Eastern 
Yacht, m Laura P. Stone; r Petcrsbor- 
oueh, N.H. 

BatcLelor. Mrs. Estelle, Sociologist, New 
York City. .She is prominent in social 
and philanthropic affairs; and has held 
several positions of trust and honor. Cs 
various. 1910 m Mr. Harry A. Batchelor 
2d: r 1125 5th ave. " s 

Batchelor. Eii?ene Croker, Business Exec- 
utive, Pittsburgh. Cs Durpiesne, Cornell, 
Edgeworth. 1912 m Jeannette Ponte- 
gract, 2s; r 5525 Beacon st. 

Bates, Alfred John, Merchant, Meadville, 
Pa. Cs Kiwanis. Troouois, Eound Table, 
Countrv. 1909 m Bertha Sprague, 4s Id; 
r 647 Hiehland ave. 

Bates, Arthur Laban. Lawyer, Meadville, 
Pa. Cs Meadville Country, University, 

Iroquois, Odd Fellows, S.A.E., Century, 
Mason. 1909 m Emilv Wells Eusling, Is 
Id; r 636 Highland ave. 

Bates, Charles Austin, Business Executive 
New York City. Cs New York Athletic, 
Columbus Yacht, Yountakah Country, 
Advertising, Society of Arts and Sci- 
ences. 1918 m Gertrude Grow Eeed; r 67 
Park ave. 

Bates, Charles F., Eetircd Business Exec- 
utive, St. Louis. Cs Noondav, St. Louis, 
Bogey Golf. 1S89 m Nancy C. Moffitt, Is 
2d; r 4325 Westminster place. 

Ba+es, El?jali, Business Executive, Bed- 
fo'd. Ohio. Cs City, Cleveland Chamber 
of Commerce, Kiwanis. 1910 m Elizabeth 
Peyton Key; r 2512 Lee road, Cleveland 

Bates, Nicholas E., Business President, of 
New York City. Cs New York Athletic, 
Automobile of America. 1892 m Marie 
Del Pilar Peon, 3s 3d; r Beechmont Park 
New Eochelle, N.Y. 

Bates, Thomas Towar, Broker, New York 
Citv. 1904 m Bertha Schefer, Is; r Con- 
vent, N.J. 

Bates, Walter Irving, Editor, Meadville, 
Pa. Cs Iroquois, Country, Eound Table, 
Literary Union, Kiwanis, Mason. 1901 m 
Marion Josephine Sachett, 2s_3d; r 602 
Chestnut st. 

Bates. William Maffit, Lawver, St. Louis. 
Cs St. Louis Country. 1914 m Frances L. 
Garnean, 2s Id; r 4353 Westminster pi. 

Bates, William Nickerson, Editor. Phila- 
delphia. 1901 m Edith Newell Eichard- 
son, 2s; r 220 St. Marks square. 

Bates. William Oscar. Editor and Author, 
Indianapolis.Ind. Cs Contemporary. 189."? 
m Clara Adelaide Nixon, Is 2d; r 756 
Woodruff place. 

Bathgate. James E.. J'-., Eetired Business 
Executive, Newark, N..T. 1S97 m Marga- 
ret Montgomery, Is Id; r 254 Eoseville 

Batman. Tra C. I., Lawver, Bloomington, 
Tnd. 1888 m Marv T. Waldron, Id. 

Bat+elle, Feavey, Broker, New York City. 
He is identified ivith Battelle Ludwig 
and C^mpanv, members of New York 
Stock Exchange. Cs University, Harvard 
Apawamis of E-^-e. N.Y. ; Manursing Is- 
land of Eye, N.Y.: Beverly Yacht of 
Massachusetts. Metropolitan Museum of 
-Art. 1905 m Marion C. Fisher, 3d; r 
Fif'hland road. Eye, N.Y. 

Batten, loring W.. Clprevman, New York 
Citv. Cs Century, Har-ard, Authors of 
T ondon. m Clara B. Ware, 2s Id; r 6 
Chelsea square. 

Batten. Pucv Haieht. Business Executive, 
Eacine, Wis. Cs University, Somerset, 



Country, Black Hawk Sliooting. m Lisa 
Stockton, Is Id; r 1324 Main st. 

Batteri^hall, Trederick S., Business Execu- 
ti\ c, New York City. Cs Union, Railroad 
of New York, Nassau Country, Creek, 
Beaver Dam Eivcr, S])orts. m Nathalie 
G. Almy; r Locust Valley, Long Island. 

Battey. Alfred Mann, Investment Banker, 
Augusta, Ga. Cs Country. 1918 ni Fannie 
Theresa Dugas, 2s Itl; r" 2229 Mc Dowell 


Battey, George M., Business Executive, of 
Atlanta, Ga. 1881 m Mary H. Van Dyke, 
2s 2(1; r ^1 W. 14t]i st. 

Battey, William Whatley, Jr., Physician 
and Surgeon, Augusta, Ga. Cs Country, 
Rotarv. 1912 m A'irginia Conand Dngas, 
2d; r 428 Otli st. 

Battle, George Gordon, La^vj-er, New York 
City. Cs University, Metropolitan, Osce- 
ola j Manhattan, St. Nicholas and others. 
1898 m Martha Burwell Bagby; r 850 
Park ave. 

Battle, Herbeit Bemerton, Chemist, Mont- 
gomcrv, Ala. 1885 m Alice Matilda Wil- 
son, Is Id; r 10.3 S. Court st. 

Battle, Kemp Davis, Lawyer.Rocky Mount 
N.T". 1917 ni Laura Maud Bunn, Id. 

Eatt'e, Walter G., Manufacturer, St. Loni 
1890 m Lutie Kiiuball, Is Id; r 1.3 Wash- 
ington terrace. 

Bauer, Carl Thomas, Banker. Fowler, Col. 
Cs Mason. 1907 m Blanch Stabler, Is 2d. 

Bauer, Charles Louis.Manufacturer,Spring- 
fi. Id, Clio. Cs Old Colony, Mason, and 
Slninor. 1892 ni Nancv Carpenter, no 
rliildror.; r 1605 E. High st. 

Bauer, Edwin P., Business President and 
Capitalist, Minneapolis. Cs Minneapolis 
Athletic, Golf, Automobile. 1900 m An- 
na Anidt. Is; r 4504 Zenith ave. S. 

Eaum. Prank George, Engineer, San Frin- 
cisco. Cs American Institute of Ele-itri- 
ral Engineers, Society Mechanical Engi- 
neers, Civil Engineers, University. 1901 
ni M. E. Dawson, 3d; r 2610 Pi?dm€nt 
ave, Berkeley, Cal. 

Baum, James E., Jr., Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs University, r 66 E. Division 


Baumert, Joseph A.. Business Executive, 

Antwerp, N.Y. 1899 m Maude Campbell, 

2s Id. 
Bauragarten, Walter, Phvsician, St. Louis. 

Cs I''^niversity. m Loiii«e Knapp, 2s Id; 

r 5032 Westminster place. 

Baumgartl, Isidor, Merchant and Capita- 
list, Chicago. He is presiclent Federal Ce- 
ment and Tile Company, Bresco Manu- 
facturing Company, Hesber Manufactur- 
ing Company, and other corporations. 

Baumgold, Jacob, Diamond Merchant and 
Capitalist, New York City. He is secre- 
tary and treasurer Baumgold Brothers, 
Incorporated. Cs Goelet Lodge F. and 
A.M., Society for the Advancement of 
Judaism. 1911 m Anna M. Weinstein, Is 
2d; r 270 Park ave. 

Baur, Bertha, Musical Director, Cincinnati. 
She is prominent in social affairs. Cs Al- 
liance Francaise, Cincinnati, Woman's 
City, Mc Dowell, and Cincinnati Sym- 
phony Orchestra. Unmarried, r Highland 

Baur, Mrs. Jacob, Business Executive and 
Sociologist, Chicago. 

Baxter, Fred Kudson, Business Executive, 
Seattle, Wash. Cs Rainier, Yacht, Arctic, 
Seattle Golf, Country. 1900 m Kate Mc 
Graw, Is Id; r Hotel Sorrento. 

Baxter, Gregory Paiil, Educator, of Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 1906 m Amy Bailey Syl- 
vester, Id; r 59 Francis ave. 

Baxter, Hector, General Solicitor, Minnea- 
polis. 1885 m Cornelia Barns; r 4200 
I'nden Hils blvd. »'i 

Baxter, Irving Franklin, Lawyer, Omahai, 
Neb. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Happy 
Hollow Country, Grandview. 1863 m Ma- 
ry Cornelia Gleason; r 5014 Capitol ave. 

Baxter, John, Investment Banker, Chica- 
go. Cs Universitv, Bondmen's. 1920 m 
Gladys P. Bond;'r 424 Melrose st. 

Baxter, John Lincoln, Manufacturer and 
Capitalist, Brunswick, Maine. Cs Cum- 
berland, and University, m Constance 
French, 2s. 

Baxter, Lewif Thompson, Retired Bn«inesa 
I^xecutive, Nashville. Cs various. 1883 m 
Joannn Evans 4^ 

Baxter, Warner. Motion Picture Actor, 
Los Angeles. Cs Lambs, Hollvwood Pic- 
,tnres Athletic, Los Angeles, Santa Mon- 
ica Swimming, Masquers, Casa del Mar 
Writers. 1918 m Winifred Bryson; r 138 
S. Beachwood drive. 

Bay. Mansfield C, Lumberman, Clayton, 
Mo. Cs Bellerive Country, Sunset Hill 
Countrv. 1903 m Maude Meeker Hub- 
bell, 3d. s 

Bayrird Thomas Francis, LaAwer Wilming- 
ton, De!. Cs University, Aletr.-^politan, 
Wilmington. 1908 m Elizabeth Bradford 
du Pont, 3s 2d; r 9 Red Oak road. 

Bayless, Harry Cornelius, Business Man- 
a?er, Chicago. Cs Universitv. 1902 n\ 
Gail Thompson, Is; r 7140 Coles ave. 

Bayless, Havens Brewster, Phvsician and 
Surgeon, Brooklyn. Cs various. 1883 m 
Mrs. Eva A. Potter. 

BayJey, Edward B„ Millionaire, Boston, r 
134 Marlboro. 



Bayley, William Shirley, Genealogist, Ur- 
emia, III. Cs Geological of America, Ara- 
eiican Miner. 1891 m Lucie Jacobs, Id. 

Baylies, Lincoln, Cotton Manufacturer, of 
Boston. Cs Somerset, Harvard, Union, m 
Beatrice Ballard, 2s Id; r 315 Common- 
wealth ave. 

Baylies, Raymond E,, Business President, 
New York City. Cs Union League, Hunt- 
ington Country, Huntington Bay. 1898 m 
Evelyn Lynch, 2s; r Huntington, L.I. 

Baylies, Walter Cabot, Business Execu- 
tive, Boston. 1888 m Charlotte Upham. 
4s 2d; r 5 Common \^ ealth ave. 

Bayliss, Edmund Lincoln, Lawyer, New 
York City. Cs Knickerbocker, Century, 
Down Town, Metropolitan, University, 
N'. Y. Yacht. 1889 m Louisa Van Eens- 
selaer; r 10 E. 62nd st. 

Bayliss, Walter C, Millionaire, Boston, r 
5 Commonwealth ave. 

Eaylsy, Charles, Manufacturer and Capi- 
talist, Denver, Col. He is president of 
Bayly Underhide Company. Cs Denver, 

■ Denver Athletic, Denver Country. 1896 
m Hester Mooney, 2s; r The Norman. 

Bayne, Donald, Millionaire, New York Ci- 
ty, r 955 Park a\'e. 

Beach, Charles Pisk, Lawyer and Author, 
Paris, France. Cs Bankers, Columbia 
University, Authors, American. Cs Co- 
lumbia University, Bankers, Authors, 
American. 1895 m Annie Joseph Driscol, 
r 17 Boulevard Raspail. 

Beach, Charles Merritt, Lumber and Hard- 
ware Merchant, New Milford, Conn. 1890 
m Ilia J. Buckingham, 2d. 

Beach, Chester, Sculptor, New York City. 
Cs National Sculptors, National Arts. 3d, 
r 207 E. 17th st. 

Beach, Elmer Taylor, Accountant, Kalama- 
zoo, Mich. 1905 m Laura Leona Cowgill, 
'6s; r 634 Trimble ave. 

Beach, Lansing Hoskins, Engineer, Wash- 
ington. Cs Army and Navy. 1890 m An- 
na May Dillon, Is. 

Beach, Mary Frances Dawes, Sociologist, 
Marietta, Ohio. 1895 m Arthur Gran- 
ville Beach, 2s 2d; r 508 4th st. 

Beach, Raymond Walter. T^awyer, Chicago. 
Cs Edgewater Golf, Hamilton, Chicago 
Bar Association, m Genevieve Healv, 
Id; r 1615 Pratt blvd. 

Beach. Samuel Henry, Banker, Pome, N. 
Y. He is president Beach Lumber Com- 
pany, Rome Savings Bank and a past 
president Savings Bank Association of 
New York. 1892 m Carrie A. Cornich, 
Is Id. 

Beach, Wiliam H., Banker, Holland, Mich, 
He is manager Bush and Lane Piano 
Company, president Holland City State 

Bank, president Holland Furnace Com- 
pany. 1878 m Myrtle Sawyer, Is Id. 

Beach, William Nicholas, Manufacturer, of 
New York City. He is president Pennsyl- 
vania Cement Company. Cs University, 
Yale, Engineers, American Society of 
Civil Engineers, Nassau, m Marie A. 
Bonner; r 829 Park ave. 

Beachy, Trank Pierce, Realtor, Carleton, 
Neb. Cs Modern Woodmen of America. 
1895 m Anna Lichty, 3s 2d; r Idaho, 
Minnesota and Nebraska. 

Beacon, Calvin, Student of Philosophy, San 
Francisco. Cs La Cumbre Golf,San Fran- 
cisco Golf. 1921 m Minnie Bertram 
Houghton; r 2050 Franklin st. 

Beacon, Harold, Lawver, Chicago. Cs Mid- 
Day, Racquet of Washington, D.C. 1919 
m Elizabeth Cartierine Plamondon, 23 
Id; r 2236 Lincoln Park, W. 

Beadell, Henry, Millionaire, Fort Wayne, 
Ind. r 351 W. Woodland ave. 

Beadleston, Randolph, Business Exec itive 
and (Capitalist. He is prominently iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Rumson Country, St. Nicsholas So- 
cietv of Colonial Wars. 1907 m Florence 
Harper, r 149 E. 63rd st. 

Beal, Alvin Casey, Educator, Ithaca, N.Y. 
1899 m Erville Belle Le Fevre, Id; r 
212 Kelvin place. 

Beal, Boylston Adams, Lawyer, Boston. Ca 
Somerset Hunt, University, Boston, Es- 
sex Country, m Elizabeth S. Grew; Id; 
r Boston and Manchester, Mass. 

Beal, Junius Emery, Editor and Publisher, 
Ann Arbor, Mich. Cs S.A.R., Rotarv,Uni- 
versitv, Golf. 1889 m Ella Travis, is Id; 
r 343 "S. 5th ave. 

Beal, Thomas P., Banker, Boston. Cs Har- 
vard, Somerset, Union Algonquin, Counr 
try, Essex Country of Manchester. 1921 
m Mav Lefutts Morgan, Id; r Chestnut 
Hill, Mass. 

Beal, William De Tord, Broker, Bnstoo. 
Cs Somerset, Country. Essex Country, 
Exchange, Harvard. 1922 m Beatrice 
Starr, Is; r 46 Crofts road, Chestnut 
Hill, Mass. 

Bcale, Harriet Stanwood, Blaine, Sociol- 
ogist, Washington. Cs Colony. 1896 m 
Truxton Benle, Is; r The Connecticut. 

Bcale, Mrs. Katherine Carroll. Sociologist, 
Washington. 1877 m John W. Beale, now 
deceased; Is 2d: r 3132 P st. 

Beale, Leonard T., Manufacturer, Phila- 
delphia. Cs Philadelphia. 1913 m Anna 
Lewis Beale, Is 2d; r 2025 De Lancey 

Beale. Mrs. Maria Parker Taylor, Author, 
Arden, N.G*. Cs CD., D.A.R., D Roval 
Governors. 1872 m Cha<rles Willisg Beala 
3d; r Arden House. 



Beale, Thomas P., Jr., Bank President, of 
Boston. Cs Somerset, Algonquin, Union, 
Boston Country, Brookline, Essex of 
Winchester. 1921 m May L. Morgan, Is; 
r 47 Lawrence road, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Beale, William Gerrish, Business Execu- 
tive and Sociologist, Chicago. 

Eeal, Alpheus Benjamin, Business Presi- 
dent, Sioux City, Iowa. Cs Army and 
Navy. 1892 ni Grace Eleanor Smith, Ss 
Id; r 1511 Douglas st. 

Beall, Charges W., Millionaire, New York 
Citv. r 44 W. 44th st. 

Beall," Wil lam M., Realtor, Washington. 
Cs Cincinnati. 1904 m Caroline Camp- 
bell, M; r 1670 31st st. 

Beals, Edward Alden, Meteorologist, Ala- 
meda. Cal. Cs Mason, Commonwealth of 
San Francisco, American Meteorological. 
ISSS m Frances E. Middaugh, Is Id. 

Beals, Edward Duncan, Business Execu- 
tive, Neenah, Wis. Cs Racquet, Universi- 
ty of Chicago, Riverview Country, Butte 
des Morts, Golf of Appleton, Wis. 1908 
m Vina Shattuck, 3d. 

Beals, John D.. Lawyer and Pusoness Pres- 
ident, New York Citv. Cs Riding, St. Ni- 
ch<das. Sea Yiew Golf. 1S93 m Mary H. 
Nicholson, ?s Id; r 333 W. 84th st. 

Beals. Russell Bowditch. Ex-porter, New- 
Zealand. He is engaged in exporting of 
shee]) skins. Cs Tennis and Racquet,Har- 
svard., Christchurch. Canterbury. 1901 
sm Alice Warrens Rice, Is; r Norwood, 
:Mass. B 

Beaman. Katherine Lewis Prenits, Sociolo- 
gist, Norfolk, Ya. Cs C. D. A. 1887 m 
Nathaniel Beaman, 2s Id; r 722 Colonial 

Beaman. Ralph Roy, Business President 
and Capitalist. ^lonroe. La. He is presi- 
dent Texas Louisiana Prodiicing and 
Carbon Companv, the National Gas and 
Carbon Black Company, Mer Rouge Gas 
Company. Cs Masonic, Shrine, Scottish 
Rite, Kniglits Templar, Rotary, Piver- 
Pide Countrv, Lotos. 1910 m Wisnnie 
Davis Bender, 2d: r 1912 N. 3rd st. 

Bean, Arthur John, Writer, Bostrm. Cs 
Boston Puss, Melrose. Candia, Wyoming^ 
I>odge. 1907 m !Mae Clotilde Cummings, 
Id; r 223 Emerson st. 

Bean, Charles Homer, Professor, of Baton 
Rouge, La. Cs American Phvsiological 
Association. 1904 m Caroline C. Lament, 

Bean, Henry Willard. Laivyer and Finan- 
cier, New York Citv. Cs Metropolitan, 
City, Bankers. Association of Bar of Ci- 
ty of New York. County La'w'yers As- 
sociation, r 1 E. 60th st. 

Bean, Richard M., Banker, Louisville, Ky. 
Cs Pendennis, Louisville Country, Ken- 
tuckky. 1911 m Rella C. Bourne, 3s; r 
1271 Cherokee road. 
Bean, Rohert Bennett, Educator, Univer- 
sity Postoffice, W.Ya. Cs American As- 
sociation for the Advancemont of Sci- 
ence. 1907 m Adelaide Leiper Martin, 23 
2d; r WaysMe place, Charlottesville, Va. 
Bean, Robert Sharp, Lawyer and .Jurist, 
Portland, Ore. Cs Arlington. 1880 m Ina 
Elizabeth Condon, 4s. 
Beard, Augustus Field, Clergyman, New 
York City. 1861 m Annie Deming Bar- 
ker, 5d. 
Beard, Daniel Carter, Illustrator, Artist 
and Author, Flushing, N.Y. Cs Forest 
Lake, Aldine, Camptire of America, So- 
ciety of Illustrators, m Beatrice Alice 
Beard, Is Id; r 87 Bowne ave. 
Beard, Fmma Patten, Author, Norwalk, 

Conn. Unmarried; r 26 Arch st. 
Beard, John Shepard, Lawyer, Pensacola, 

Fla. 1891 m Miss Sullivant, 3s Id 
Beardslee, James Brachett, Coal Merchant, 
Chicago. Cs Sunset Ridge Golf. 1909 m 
Ethel Pardee, Is 2d; r 560 Elm st., Win- 
netka, 111. 
Beardsley, Samuel A., Lawyer, New York 
City. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. 1881 m Ann 
Elizabeth Hopper; r 37 Madison ave.. 
New York City; and Easthampton,L.I. 
Beardsley, William A., Clero-yman, New 
Haven, Conn, m Alletta H. Warwick, Is; 
r 70 Elm st. 
Fearsley. Charles A., Lawyer and Capita- 
list, Oakland, Cal. He is member of the 
law firm Fitzgerald, Abbot and Beard- 
slcv. Cs Claremont Country,Athens Ath- 
letic. 1911 m Agnes li. Lafferty; r Ho- 
tel Oakland. 
Beatty, A. Chester. Consulting Engineer, 
New York City. He is chairman and di- 
rector of African Selection Trust., Ltd. 
London Trust, Ltd.; and Tetiuhe Min- 
ing- Corporation, Ltd. Cs Metropo'itan. 
1903 m Edith Dunn Is Id; r 24 Xeu- 
sington Place Garden, London, EngTand 
and Cnllehill Park, Little Chart, Kent, 
Beatty, Amos L., Lawyer, New York City. 
Cs Texas Bar, ^Metropolitan, Sleepy Hol- 
low Country, Houston Countrv, Ne-w 
York Athletic, Southern Society." 1903 m 
Susan Don oho. 
Beatty. Anna Meem Peachy, Sociologist, 
Washington. 1S91 m Frank Edmund 
Beatty, Is Id; r 1632 19th st. 
Beatty, Ethel Pield, Countess, England, m 
Earl Beatty. 2s; r 17 Grosvenor square 
and Priory Reigate, Surrey, England. 



Bcatty, Prank E., Naval Officer, Washing- 
ton. Cs Chew Chase, Army and Navv. 
1891 m Anne" AI. Peachy, Is Id; r 1632 
19lh St. 

Beatty, Frank Edmund, Jr., Army Officer, 
Long Beach, Cal. Cs Army and Navy, 
Knickerbocker. 1918 m Patricia Horten, 
Is; r 2828 E. 1st st. 

Beatty, Robert Dunlap, Business Execu- 
tive, Cleveland. Cs Union, Country. 1899 
m Alexandria Mc Intosh, 3s; r 2224 De- 
vonshire drive. 

Beaty, David W., Millionaire, Warren, Pa. 
r 312 Conweango ave. 

Beaudry, Louis C.,Treasurer, Chicago. 1897 
m Mary Ellen Haynes, 3s; r 1022 Maple 
ave., Evanston, 111. 

Beaumont, Frederick E., Banker, Lincoln, 
Neb. Cs Iviwanis, Commercial, Country. 
1870 m Laurel Beemer, 2s Id; r 2202 
Washington st. 

Bechaud, Adolph B., Business President, 
Fun du Lac, Wis. Cs Elks, Knights of 
Pythias. 1915 m Dorothy 0. Thorpe, 2d. 

Beciitel, Edward A., Professor, New Or- 
leans, La. Cs Pound Table. 1902 m Edith 
Lyon, Is Id; r 1430 Henry Clay ave. 

Beciitel, George Martin, Banker, Daven- 
port, Iowa. Cs Union League of Chicago. 
1893 m Martha Reimers, Is 4d. 

B'^ck, Frank, Realtor, Chicago. 1900 m Ma- 
rie Lang, Is Id.; r 3919 N. Hoyne ave. 

Beck, Henry Lucien, U.S. Lichthouse Ser- 
vice, Charleston, S.C. Cs Allied Engi- 
neers. 1910 m Frances H.Woolverton, 3s; 
T 33 Gibbes st. 

Beck, James Montgomery, Lawyer, Wash- 
ington. 1890 m Lillian Mitchell, Is Id; r 
1624 21st St. 

Beck, James Montgomery, Jr., Financier 
and Sociologist, Heyes, Middlesex, Lon- 
don. Cs Rumson Countrv, Amateur Co- 
medy, S.A.R., St. James. 1917 m Ade- 
laide Wilmerding, r 18 Berkeley st. W.I. 

Beck, Joseph D., Farmer and Cattleman, 
Viroqua, Wis. Cs Mason. 1888 m Jane 

Beck, L. Allen, Business Executive, Den- 
ver, Col. Cs Maseoni, Royal Arch, and 
Knights of Round Table. 1916 m Lucille 
Lynch, Is 2d; r 1300 Steele st. 

Bfcck, Martin, Business Executive, New 
York City. Cs Friars, Norwood Golf, m 
Louise Peyton, 2d; r 13 E. 67th st. 

Becker, Alfred LeEoy, Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs Harvard, Republican, Ft. Or- 
ange, Universitv. 1910 m Eulabeee Dix, 
Is Id; r 51 W. 75th st. 

Becker, Edward, Manufacturer, Boston. Cs 
Harvard, Athletic Association, Belmont 
Country. 19Q9 m Alice Maude Locke, Is 
Id; r 1514 Beacon st., Brookline, Mass. 

Becker, Gustave Louis, Pianist and Cora- 
poser, New York City. Cs New York 
Musicians, Musicians Interprises, Incor- 
porated; Bohemian. 1911 m Fannv Gran- 
ger Dow, 2s Id; r 518 W. 143rd st. 

Becker, Louis L., Lawyer, Chicago. He ia 
prominently identified with business and 
public affairs. Cs City, State and Amer- 
ican Bar, Northwestern University, Chi- 
cago Motor. 1917 m Gertrude Rubin,now 
deceased; Is. 

Becker, Neal Dow, Lawyer, New York Ci- 
tv. Cs University, Cornell, Association 
of the Bar. 1909 m Ivah E. Smitli, 2d; 
r 838 W. End ave. 

Becker, PhiUp A., Business President, St. 
Louis. Cs Sunset Hill Country, Missouri 
Athletic, Automobile of Missouri, Apol- 
lo. 1900 m Adele Dittman, 2s Id; r 3463 
Longfellow place. 

Becker, William Dee, Lawyer and Jurist, 
St. Louis. He is Judge St. Louis Court of 
Appeals. Cs Sunset Hill Country, and St. 
Louis. 1982 m Margaret Louise Mc In- 
tosh, Is Id; r 5321 Delmar blvd. 

mfwy cmfwvp cmfwyp SHRD WSRH vbb 

Becker, William Ulmer, Business Execu- 
tive, Brooklvn. Cs Crescent Athlefcic.Der- 
ing Harbor "Golf, Whetley Hills Golf,ana 
Shelter Island Yacht. 

Beckers, William G., Business President, 
Brooklyn. Cs Lawyers, Chemists, Ameri- 
can Chemical Society, Montauk, Riding 
and Driving, m Marie Antoinette Po- 
then. Id: r Bolton, N.Y. 

Beckham, Benjamin Moore, Clergyman, if 
Ferrum, Va. Cs Knights of Pythias. Ma- 
son. 1901 m Nannie Sue Barrow, Is Id. 

Eeckington, Alice, Artist, New York City. 
Cs American Miniature Painters, Ameri- 
can Federation of Arts. 

Beckley, John N., Railroad President, Ro- 
chester, N.Y. He is president Toronto 
Hamilton and Buffalo Railway Compa- 
riy, president General Filtration Compa- 
ny, and other corporations. Cs Bankers, 
Transportation of Noav York, Genesee 
Y alley, Country. 1875 m Belle G. Corwin, 
Is; r 75 Berkeley st. 

Bechtel, Nellie Agnew, Sociologist, Cin- 
cinnati. Cs Colonial Dames of America, 
Daughters of Founders and Patriots of 
America, Daughters of American Revo- 
lution, Dames of Loyal Legion, Holland 

Beckwith, Charles Lomhard,Business Pres- 
ident, Springfield, Mass. Cs Kiwanis. 
1905 m M. Louise Shaw, Is 4d; r 43 
Harvard ave. 

Beckwith Edward P., Engineer, Garrison, 
N.Y. Cs Chemist, American Alpine, Am- 
erican Association Electrical Engineers. 



Beckwith, John William, Lawyer, Chicago. 
Cs Univcrsitv, Law. 1897 m Mary Stuart 
1,1; r 11 Sc(.tt St. 

Beckwith, S. Gary, Clergyman, Charleston, 
S.C. 1900 m Vicleau Frances Legore, 3s 
Id; r 92 Church st. 

Bedell, Keginald H., Publisher and Busi- 
ness President, Toronto, Canada. He is 
president R. H. Bedell Publishing Com- 
pany. He is prominent in busoiness and 
public affairs. 1914 m Edna L. Wood, 2s. 

Bedinger, Henry, Retired Clergyman, Mey- 
lan, Pa. Cs Chaplain, Virginia Society of 
the Cincinnati. 1876 m Ada Doughty, 
Is 2d. 

Bedford, Edward T., Business President, 
New York City. 1870 m Mary A. Dinger, 
2s 2d; r Green Farms, Conn. 

Bedford, Edward T., Multi-Millionaire, of 
P.rooklyii. r 181 Clint. m st. 

Bedford, Frederick Thomas, Business Pres- 
ident, New York City. Cs Nev,' York 
Yacht, Riding Amherst. 1906 m Lucie 
Thomas, Hd; r 400 Park ave and Green 
IVirms, Conn. 

Bedford, Henry Clark. Clergyman, Rich- 
mond, Iiid. 1904 m Nellie Crow, Is 3d. 

Bedinger, Henry, Retired CIergvman,Moy- 
Ifni, Pa. Cs Cincinnati. 1876 m Atla 
Doughty. Is 2d. 

Bedle, Althea Fitz Randolph, The Fair- 
mont. .Teisev Citv, N..T. Cs Patriot, CD., 
D.A.R. 1861 m .Toseph Dorset t Bedle, 5s 

Bee, George Alex, Business Executive, De- 
troit. Cs Bloomfield Hills Country, De- 
troit Athletic, Country, Board of Com- 
merce. 1918 m Helene Miller, 2s; r 1446 
Chicago blvd. 

Bee. Everett N., Mercliant and Capitalist, 
8!an Francisco Cn University, San Fran- 
cisco Oolf, Country, r Hopkins Hotel, 
Nob Hill. 

Eeehe, E. Pierson. Millionaire, Boston. Cs 
Somerset, r 42 Beacon st. 

Bee>e, Junius, Business President, Boston. 
He is prfsident Aver Tanning Company, 
pres^ident Wakefield Trust Company, and 
president of Wakefield Real Estate and 
Building Association. Cs Athletic, A'.- 
gonqpjii, Brookline Country, m Eleanor 
Merrifk, 2s Id: r Wakefield, Mass. 

Beebe. Kenneth, Business President, Port- 
iMTid. Ore. Cs University. 1911 m Caro- 
line V/ilson, 2d; r 743 Talbot Rd. 

Beebe. M. PUn. Banker, Ipswich, S.D. 1907 
!^i Ai'u-o rViiikliu, Is. 

Beebe. Nathaniel Whitman, Banl.-er and 
B.^s'ness Manager. Hampton, Iowa. 1873 
171 S;n-ah E. Dier, 2d. 

Beebe. Walter Bowne. Manufacturer, Port- 
land, Ore. Cs Waverly Country, S.A.R., 

Arlington, Multnomah. 1916 m May San- 
den Chase, Is; r 753 Glenn ave., N. 

Beech, Joseph, Clergyman, Chengtu, West 
China. 1888 m Maiy J. Harfey. 1904 m 
Nellie Decker, 4s 2d. 

Becher, Edward, Business President, St. 
Louis. Cs Racquet, Algonquin, Kirkwood 
Country. 1905 m Mae E. Bradley, 3d; r 
419 E. Argonne drive, Kirkwood, Mo. 

Beecher, George Allen, Bishop, Hastings, 
Neb. Cs Elks, Knights of Pythias, Ma- 
sons. 1893 m Florence Idella George, Is 

Beecher, John William, Manufacturer, of 
Pottsville, Pa. 1884 m Sarah Augusta 
Kline, Is; r 1511 Mahantongo st. 

Beekman, Azariach M., Lawver, Somer- 
ville, N.J. 

Beekman, Charles K., Lawyer and Millio- 
naire, New York City.He is director of 
Charleston and Phoenix National Bank, 
and director Gufmobile and Northern 
Railroad, and other corporations. Cs New 
York Yacht, Union League, Knickerbo- 
cker. Unmarried; r 555 Park ave. 

Beekman, John V., Jr., Engineer and Bus- 
iness President, Boston. Cs Exchange, 
Braeburn Country, American Society of 
Civil Engineers. 1900 m Susan W. Hill; 
r Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Beekman. Mrs. Katharine Morris, Sociol- 
ogist, New York Citv. Cs CD., CL.M.A. 
1878 111 William Bedlow Beekman, Is 5d; 
r 555 Park ave. 

Beekman, R. Livingston, Business Execu- 
tive and Multi-Millionaire, Newport, R. 
I. Cs Reading Rock, Hope, Knickerbock- 
er, Brook, Racquet, New York, Metro- 
politan. 1923 m Mrs. Burke; r Land's 
End, Lodge road. 

Beer, Henry, Millionaire, New Orleans, r 
3905 St. Charles ave. 

Beers, Charles A., Banker, Rock Island, III. 
He is prominent in business, financial 
and public affairs. Cs Modern Woodmen, 
Grotta, Masons. 1909 m Anna Haddick, 
Is Id; r 1003 16th st. 

Beers, Henry Augustin, Professor, New 
Haven, Conn. Cs Authors. 1873 m Mary 
Florence Heaton, 4s 4d; r 65 York sqpae* 

Beers. Lucius. Millionaire, New York City, 
r 120 E. 39th st. 

Beers, William Hanf©rd, Retired Busi- 
ness Executive, New York Citv. Cs Es- 
sex Country, Automobile. 1889 m Alice 
Macy, Id; r 176 E. 79th st. 

Beeson, Charles Edmund. Steel Manufac- 
turer and Capitalist. Pittsburerh. Cs D«- 
nuesne, University, Pittsburgh Golf, Fox 
Chapel Golf, Oakmont Country. 1902 m 
Helen White, Is 2d; r 432 Morewood ave 



Betham, Rupert Rennison, Business Preai- 
deiit and Banker, Cadiz, Ohio. Cs Masons 
Knights of Pythias. 1900 m Crete Mc 
Laughlin, now deceased, 3s Id. 1922 m 
Marcia Dickerson, Is. 
Begg, William R., Lawyer, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs University, Yale, Midday, Amer- 
ican Bar, New* York. 1897 m Louise 
Spencer, Is; r 315 Central Park, W. 
Beggs, J. Dilworth, Eealtor, Philadelphia. 
Cs Eacquet, Princeton, Merion Cricket 
and Golf, m Elizabeth C. Kerbaugh; r 
Gray's lane, Haverford, Pa. 
Beglinger, Fredolin, Lawyer and Jurist, 

Oshkosh, Wis. 
Behn, Bernard, Business President and So- 
ciologist, San Juan, Porto Eico. He is 
president of Behn Brothers, Incorpora- 
ted; Porto Eico Telephone Company ,Cu- 
ba Telephone Company, an dothers. Cs 
X'nion, Country, Spanish Casino, Metro- 
Behn, gosthenes. Business Executive and 
Sociologist, New York City; and San 
Juan, P.E. He is identified with Cuba's 
leading industrial corporations. Cs Me- 
tropolitan, r Hotel Vanderbilt. 
Behr, Carl Howell, Banker and Financier, 
New York Citv. 191.". m Helen Ncwr.omc 
.3s; r 222 E. 69th st. 
Behr, Charles H. Manufacturer and Capi- 
talist, New Orleans. Cs Bound Table. 
188.3 m Emiie Schumann, 2s 3d; r New 
Orleans, La., and New York. 
Behr, Louis A., Business President, Pitts- 
burgh. He is president Eosenbaum Com- 
pany of Pittsburgh. He is chairman of 
board of directors National Department 
Stores, Incorporated. Cs Westmoreland 
and Country, Concordia, Chamber of 
Commerce of Pittsburgh, United States 
Chamber of Commerce. 1895 m Elsie Eo- 
senbaum; Schenley Hotel. 
Eehrend, Ernest Richard, Manufacturer 
and Millionaire, Erie, Pa. He is presi- 
dent Hanimermill Bond. He is director 
First National Bank and other corpora- 
tions. Cs Erie Chamber of Commerce 
Erie, Eiie Yacht, Kahkawa, Knights of 
Templar, Odd Felows, University and 
others. 1907 m Mary Brownell, Is Id: r 
in summer Newport, E.I., and East Lake 
road, Erie, Pa. 
Beliymer, Ii. E., Business President, Los 
Angeles He is manager Auditorium The- 
ater, los Anfreles Symohojiy Orchestra, 
and others. He is member of the French 
Beinecke, Ee^-nard, Millionaire, New York 

City, r 2 W. ."59th st. 
Benecke. F.dwin J.. Business President, 
■ New York City. He is prominently id- 

entified with busin ess and pubzlic af- 
fairs. Cs Yale, Lawyers, Manhattan, Si- 
wanoy Country of Mt Yernon, American 
Legion, Whist, Larchmont, Aldine. 1909 
m Linda Louise Maurer, Is Id. 

Beime, Francis Foulke, Journalist, Balti- 
more. Cs Bachelors Cotillion, L' Hiron- 
delle. 1919 m Eosamond H. Eandall, la 
Id; r Berwick ave., Euxton, Md. 

Belanger, Charles Alfred, Plant Engineer, 
Detroit. Cs Detroit, Detroit Boat, Yacht- 
men 's. 1922 m .Juliet Catherine Ham- 
mond. Is Id; r 222fi Cadillac ave. 

Eelasco, David T., Theatrical Manager, of 
New York City. 1873 m Cecelia Loverich 
now deceased; 2d. 

Belcher, F. S., Broker, Los Angeles. 1897 
m Gertrude Owen. Is Id; r 964 xVrapahoc 


Belcher, Zarhariah, Eetired Business Ex- 
ecutive. Newark, N.J. Cs Newark Essex. 
1886 m Kate Helena Fuller, 4s Id; r 
141 Mt. Pleasant ave. and in summer 
l,o An-f)ak, Far Hills. N.J. 

Belden, Edgar Stanton, Business Execu- 
tive. Clii-ago. Cs University, Evanston, 
Knollwood, niir-acn Athletic. 1900 m El- 
la Celeste Pomeroy. Id; r 1606 Wesley 

Belden, Henry Evelyn, Dentist, New Or- 
leans, La. 189.5 m Leila R. Livermore, 2g 
Id; r 1122 1st st. 

Belden, Jaires Frnest. Business Executive 
and Cjmitalist, St. Paul. ZMe is vice-pres- 
ident Brown and Bigelow; and is prom- 
inent in business and public affairs. Cg 
St. Paul Athletic, Ton-n and Country. 
1916 m Marvel B. Taylor; r 208 S. Mis- 
sissippi Eiver blvd. 

Belden, Joseph C, Manufacturer, Chicago. 
Cs Chicago, University, OuAventsia, Sad- 
dle and Cvcle. Shoreacres, Yale of New 
York. 1902 m Mary Campbell Rew, Is; r 
Lake Forest, 111. 

Ee''flen. WiliJam C.. Business Executive, 
Bosto-n. 1S;S7 m Nellie Frances Dearborn 
Id: r -9 Hieh st., Northampton, Mass. 

Beldine, Alva N..Silk Merchan<- and Bank- 
er. New York Citv. r Eockville. Conn. 

Belding. Frederi^^k "N"., Business Executive 
New York Citv. Cs Union League, Old 
Colonv. Bankers, Fartfor.1. 1921 m He- 
len Maxwoll. Is; r Eockville, Conn. 

Beldine. Milo M.. 'Nrulti-MilUonaire, New 
York Citv. r 10?,3 Fifth ave. 

Be''dmg, William Squire, Bi'siness Execu- 
tive, Philadelr)iiia. He is identified with 
the firm of Belding Brothers and Cora- 
panv. silk manufacturers. Cs Art, Paly 
and Players. TV^erion Cricket, and Union 
League, r B^lvdon, Montgomery ave., 
Brv-n Mawr. Pa. 



Eeik, W. Henry, Millionaire, Charlotte, N. 
C r Hawthorne lane. 

Eelknap, Austin L., Eetired Business Ex- 
ecutive, Pasadena, Cal. Cs Minneapolis, 
Fine Arts, 8.A.R., Annandale Country, 
Automobile. 1890 ni Helen Corser, Id. 

Eelknap, C. M., Business President, Ma- 
rvsville, Kan. Cs Chamber of Commerce, 
l-Jotarv, Mason. 1902 m Etta Libby, Id; 
r 4(1 7 'X. 12th st. 

Efilknap, Frazee Lockwood, Engineer, of 
Yonkers, N.Y. 1911 m Marjorie Seymour 
Jackson, 2s 2d; r 89 Locust Hill. " 

Belknap, Giles F., Manufacturer, Wauke- 
sha, Wis. He is president and general 
manager Aeroshade Company. Cs Wau- 
kesha Golf, Lakeside Country, City Ma- 
sonic. 1887 m Lulu Spieer, Is 4d; v 424 
McCall St. 

Belknap, Robert Ernest, Sales Manager, 
Boston. Cs University, Engineers, On- 
wentsia, Dedham Country, Polo. 1904 m 
Elizabeth Treat Lyon, .3s 2d; r 42 Pinck- 
ney st. 

Eelknap, Waldron Phoenix, Banker, New 
York City. Cs Cincinnati. Colonial Wars, 
S.A.R., Kaequet and Tennis, Down Town 
Union League, Uptown, and Garden City 
Golf. 1898 m Key Sealy Hutchins, Is; r 
112 E. 8th St. 

Eelknap. William, Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs National DeuLOcra- 
tic, National Arts, Sleepy Hollow Coun- 
try. 191.'} m Mrs. .1. Laura .L Starke, Is; 
r Oscawana on Hudson, N.Y. 

Eelknap. William J., Attornev. Detroit. 
Cs Detroit Atliletic, Detroit, Golf. 1909 
v:i Katlileen Cadwell. Is Id; r 2041 Long- 
fellow drive. 

Eell, Albert H., Lawyer, Banker, Greens- 
lurg. Pa. 1895 tii Marv C. Clarke, 2s Id. 

Eell. Bei-nard Iddinps, Clergyman, Annan- 
dale-on-Hudson, N.Y. Cs Universitv, City 
of New York, Authors. Mason. 1912 m 
Elizabeth Wood Lee, Is. 

Ee'l. Bryan, Insurance Executive, Los An- 
geles. Cs Boston Yacht, Audubon Golf, 
Round Table. 1912 m Sarah Barr Perry, 
?s Id. 

Bell. Charles James. Banlter, Washington. 
Gs ISfetronolitan, Chevy Chase. Co.smos, 
Citv. 1887 m dace B. Hubbard, Is 2d; 
r Twin Oaks, Woodley road. 

Bell. Charles N., Minine Engineer and Ca- 
Titaljet, Denver, Col. Cs American Insti- 
tute of inning and Metallurgical Engi- 
neers. 19<''8 m Marv Mc Ilwaine Engle, 
?S Id; r 144.5 Birch st. 

Bel', FlU?+on H.. Vice-President, Boston. 
Cs Ma«on« Ol'l Colonv, Bostonian. 1880 
m Maude Isaacs, 2s Id; r Newton, Mass. 

Bell, Elwood F., Merchant, Spartanb^a-gh, 
.S.C. He is a prominent wholesale; mer- 
chant. Cs South Carolina Society Sous 
American Revolution, Shrine, Rotary. 
1906 m IMis. Charles H. Green. 

Eell, Znoch Frye, Clergyman and Editor, 
Boston. 1901 m Anna E. Bowman, Is; r 
NcAvton Center, Mass. 

Bell, Frederic D., Business Executive, New 
York City. 1896 m Alice Maud Gilbert, 
Is 2d; r Montclair, N.J. 

Bell, George Henry, Banker, Nashville, 
Ark. He is cashier Planters Bank and 
Trust Company, chairman of board of 
I'irst National Bank and other corpora- 
tions. Cs Hope Country, Chambber of 
Commeree. 1907 m Wieta Robinson, Is Id 

Bell, Henry Francis, Banker, Paterson, N. 
J. Cs Bankers, Hamilton, Areola Coun- 
try, North Jersey Country, Montclair 
Golf, Colonial of Montclair." 1889 m Fan- 
nie Livingston Turner, Is Id; r Mont- 
clair, N..L 

Bell, Henry Lawrence, Business Executive 
Bayside, L.I., N.Y. Cs Turf and Field, 
Oakland Golf, Niantic, Bayside Yacht, 
United Hunt and Racing. 1912 m Lisa 
Howard Ridgely. 

Bell, J. Walter. Banker, New York City. 
Cs New York, Lawyeis, Bedford Golf, 
White Hall Corners. 1919 m PhvUis Eli- 
zabeth Winter, 2d; r The Birches, Kato- 
nah, N.Y. 

Bell, Laird. Lawver, Chicago. Cs Univer- 
sity, Cliff Dwellers, Indian Hill, Win- 
netka, Illinois. 1909 m Nathalie Fair- 
bank, 4d: r Hubbard Woods, 111. 

Bell. Mary Eliza Dennis, Sociologist, Yon- 
kers, N.Y. 188.5 m James Christy Bell, 
3s; r .3.37 N. Broadway. 

Bell, Mrs. Mary Vaughn Pratt. Sociologist 
Prattville. Ala. Cs D.A.R. 1889 m Joseph 
Bennett Bell. 2s 4d. 

Bell. Samuel, Multi-Millionaire, Philadel- 
phia, r 1314 Locust st. 

Bell, Samuel. Jr.. Business Executive, Phil- 
adelphia. Cs Rittenhouse. Philadelphia 
Country, Racquet, Loyal Leeion, Down 
Town, m Gertrude L. Tiers; r 270 S 
16th St. 

Bell. Famuel Dennis, Phvsician, New York 
Citv. Cs Universitv. Princeton, St. An- 
drews Golf. 1920 m Miriam B. Wilkes. 3s 
r 131 E. 74th st. 

Bellamore. Nicholas. Optometrist, Ontician 
and Osteropath, New Orleans, La. Cs 
Southern Yacht. Chess. Checkers. Whist. 
1903 m Antoinette Mallo, 3d; r 342.5 St! 
Charles ave. 

Bellamy. John Dillard, Lawver. Wilming- 
ton. N.C. 187, m Emma Mav Hargrove. 
2s 3d. . s » 



Bellamy, Mrs. Mary Alice, Business Presi- 
dent, Knoxvilo, Iowa. He is president of 
Marion County Electric Company, and is 
president Rebekah State Assembly. Cs 
Eastern Star. 1879 ni James Simpson 
Bellamy, .3s 2d. 

Bellinger, William W., Clergyman, New 
York Citv. Cs Union League, m Cathe- 
rine C. Miles, Id; r 115 W. 91st st. 

BeUows, Charles Mortimer, Physician and 
Surgeon, Los An<j;eles. Cs various. 1888 
m Stella Reynold, 2s Id; r New York 

Belt, Benjamin L., Millionaire, New York 
City, r 1971 Broadway. 

Belt, Orrien C, Business Executive, Colum- 
bus,, Ohio. Cs Scioto Country, Athletic, 
Aladden Shrine, Kiwanis. 1901 m Grace 
D. Bowfu; r ?iOO S. Parkview ave. 

Belz, John C, IManufacturer and Capitalist 
Phil;idelj>hia. Cs Manufacturers. 1911 m 

- Gertrude Walsh, Id; r Wynnewood, Pa. 

Bemb, Walter J., Automobile Dealer, De- 
troit, f's Detroit Athletic. 1914 m Inez 
De Costa; r Sleepy Hollow, Birmingham, 

Eement, Lansing Tracy, Manufacturer, St. 
Paul. Cs Minnesota, Town and Country, 
Automobile, Athletic. 192.5 m Frances E. 
Flynn, 2s; r 27 Summit court. 

Eement, lewis D., Business President, Tur- 
ners Falls. Mass. Cs Rotary. 1906 m 
Grace A. Power. 

Bemis, Albert Farwell, Merchant. Manu- 
facturer, Millionaire, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 
r 40 Old Orchard road. 

Bemis, Edward Webster, Engineer and Ca- 
pitalist, Chicago. Cs University, Casino, 
City of New York, City of Chicago. 1899 
111 Annie Sargent, 2s Id; r 5709 Win- 
throp st. 

Bemis, T^enry Ellsworth, Business Execu- 
tive, New York City. Cs Everglades, Old 
Guard Society of Palm Beach, Palm 
Beach Tennis. Is: r The Berkshire, Ma- 
dison 'A\e., New York Cil.y. 

Bemiss, S. Merrill, Insurance President, of 
Richmond, V:i. Cs Commonwealth. Coun- 
try, Hermitage Country, Chamber of 
Commerce, Sons of Revolution, Sons of 
Confederate Veterans, m Louis A. Ter- 
Tell, 2d: r 23''5 Maplewood ave. and at 
Winter-Bav View on Thames. 

Benbow, WiUiam Organist, Buffalo. 1888 

• m .Josephine Cassaday Fry, Is 2d. 

Bencb^ev, Edwin A., Importer, Boston. 1911 
m Mary Hnrville Allen. Is Id; r 79 

• Tiiir-kniinslor road, Brookline, Mass. 

Benda, TTladislaw T.. Artist. New York 
Citv. Cs Plavers, Coffee House, m R. 
Campfield. 2d; r 1 W. fi7th st. 

Bender, Arthur J., Investment Banker, of 

Philadelphia. Cs Bond, Plays and Play- 
ers, r 214 Kent road, Ardmore, Pa. 

Bender, Matthew, Jr., Publisher All. any. 
N.Y. Cs Albany Country, Schuyler Mea- 
dows, Fort Orange, m Cora W. Cutler, 
Is; r 63 South Lake ave. 

Bender, Philip. Shoe Merchant and Capita- 
list, Brooklyn, N.Y. Cs Chambers Tent 
Maccabees. DeLong Council Royal Ar- 
canum, Rotary, Williamsburg Luncheon, 
m Marv Emma Dean, Is; r 575 Ocean av 

Bendit, Sismur.d, Merchant, New York Ci- 
ty. 191)9 m Alice Fleischmann; r 981 
Park ave. 

Benedict, A. L.,Physician, Buffalo. Cs Uni- 
versity. Buffalo Historic, Natural Sci- 
ence, Buffalo Academy of Medicine,New 
York Medical. 1910 m Vida Grenville 
Meister; r 377 Eliiiwood ave. 

Benedict, Charles Coleman, Lawyer, Cin- 
cinnati Cs Cincinnati, Business Men's. 
1898 m Ella Cassaday Bell, 2s 3d; r For- 
est Fountain ave, Glendale, Ohio. 

Benedict, Charles W., Lawver, St. Louis. 
Cs University, Business Men's. 1S98 m 
Ella Cassady Bell. 

Benedict, Cleveland Keith, Clergyman, of 
Sewanee, Tenn. 1895 m Olivia Proctor, 
2s 2d. 

Benedict, Daniel Nor;is, Manufacturer and 
Capitalist, Wayneslioro, Pa. He is treas- 
urer and assistant-manager Frick Com- 
pany. Cs American Society of Refriger- 
ating Engineers. Elks, and others. 1917 
m Ethel Grace Washabangh; Is; r 203 
Clayton ave. 

Benedict, Edward B., Physician, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Cs Harvard of Boston. Har- 
vard of New York. Longwood Cricket, 
Duxbury Yacht, Oaklev Country. 1917 m 
Ijaura C\ Elms. 2d; r 22 Meadow way. 

Benedict. Edwfn C, Realtor. New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Lotos, New Enfrland Society. 1887 
m Cornelia Ki-bv Sntcliffe. Is Id; r 
Nc^v York Citv and Cornwall. N.Y. 

Benedict, Ell'ot Stuart, Orance Farmer, of 
Riverside. Cal. 1893 m Mrs. Zoe Panin, 
now deceased. Id; r 108 E. 81st st, New 
York Citv. 

Benedict. Harris MiUe-r. Botanist, Cincin- 
nati. He is a noted educator and sociol- 
osrist. Cs State Academy of Science, Bo- 
tanical Societv of Ameri'^a, American 
Eugenic, American Ecoloeif-al. 1906 m 
Florence ^''s Crea. "s 3d: r 60.3^ Belmont 

Benedict, Karry Yanlell. Educator, Austin 
Texas. 1900 m Ada Stone, Is; r 3401 
Guadalupe st. 
Be'nedict, Julius T., Business President, of 
Chicacro. Cs Ii'tuve-sity, Machinery, South 
Shore Countrv. 1912 m Cecele Murphy, 
Is Id; r 5490 South Shore drive. 



Benedict, William Leonard, Multi Millio- 
naire, New York City. Cs Union, Cen- 
tury, Metropolitan. 1891 m Maud Ben- 
son, 2s; r 970 Park ave. 

Benet, James Walker, Retired, Kingston, 
N.Y. 18S3 m Frances Neill Rose, 2s Id; 
r The Huntington. 

Benet, Lawrence Vincent, Engineer, Paris 
France. He is managing director and 
vice-president Hotciikiss Company and a 
director of other corporations. Cs Uni- 
versity of New York, Metropolitan of 
ashington, Youngtown Country of Vir- 
ginia, Circle Interallic, 8.A.D., American 
Revolution of London, St. Clouds Coun- 
try. 1S99 m Margaret Cox; r 1 Avenue 
de Camoens. 

Bengston, Nels August, Geographer and 
Geologist, Lincoln, Neb. Cs Masons. 1902 
ni Iva Maxev Bramwell, Is 4d; r 324S 
T St. 

Benham, John Samuel, Educator, Bates- 
ville. Ind. Cs Mason. 1920 m Bertha C. 
Greenmann, Id. 

Benjamin, Arthur Edwin, Surgeon and Ca- 
pitalst, ]Minneapolis. He is assistant pro- 
fessor of gyjiecology University of Min- 
nesota. Cs Minneapolis Dinner, and La- 
fayette Dinner. 1900 m Blanche Crim- 
shaw, 2s 2d; r 2222 Balaidsell ave. 

Benjamin, Edv/ard Benard, Business Exec- 
utive. New Orleans, La. Cs New Orleans 
Country, and Southern Yacht. 1921 m 
Blanche Sternberger, 2s; r 283 Walnut 

Benjamin, George Hilliard, Consulting En- 
gineer, New York City. Cs Royal Socie- 
ty for the Advancement of Science, Roy- 
al Geographical, Union League, Metro- 
politan. 1S75 m .lane M. Seymour. 1899 
m Grace H. Tremaine, 3d; r Carlton 
House. 22 E. 47th st. 

Benjamin, Henry Rogers, Capitalist, New 
York City. Cs Racquet and Tennis, Rid- 
ing, Army and Navy, St. Nicholas, Ards- 
lev. 1919' m.Dorothv S. Rennard, 3s Id; 
r 2 E. 87th st. 

Benjamin, Reuben Be'-kley, Manufacturer 
Chicago. Cs Art Institute of Electrical 
Engineers, Union I^eague. 1896 m Anna 
F. Knott, Is 5d; r 219 N. Parkside ave. 

Benkard. John PhiliD, Banker, New York 
Citv. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Delta Phi 
Fraternitv. Knickerbocker, Tuxedo. 1902 
m .Tulia Olin. 1921 m Ann Schirmer, 2d; 
r 135 E. .14th st. 

Benn, Alonzo Newton, Pn'^ker. Chic.igo. He 
is vice-president G. A- Hammond Compa- 
ny. Cs South Shore Country,. Chicago As- 
sociation of Commerce, Chicag* Athletic 
Kenwood Medinnh Temple. 1910 m Har- 
riet Condee; r 4.551 Woodlawn ave. 

Bennet, James E., Lawyer and Business 
President, New York City, r 38 Park row 

Bennet William S., Lawyer, Chicago. Cs 
Hamilton, Mid-Day, Evanston Golf and 
Country, Chess, ChecKers and Whist. 
1896 m Gertrude Witschief, Is 3d; r 
2(l4t) Sheiidan road, Evanston, III. 

Bennett. Celie Elian Doane, Business Ex- 
ecutive and Capitalist, Worcester, Mass. 
She is treasurer and general manager 
Bay State Stamping Company. Cs Fire- 
side Woman's Republican, Professional 
Business Women's. 1903 m Mr. John H. 
Bennett, Is Id; r 343 Chandler. 

Bennett, E. B., Lawyer, Hartford, Conn, r 
847 Main st. 

Bennett, Harry B., Manufacturer, Detroit, 
Cs Essex Golf and Country. 1910 m Ot- 
talie Edsall. Is Id; r Riverside, Ontario 

Bennett, Edward Sherman, Broker, Detroit. 
Cs New York Stock Exchange. 1903 m 
Hattie Paige, 3d; r 1446 Seminole ave. 

Bennett, George Armstrong, Banker, Mer- 
chant and Manufacturer, Hightown, N. 
J. Cs Shriner. 1902 in Annie Brokaw, 2s. 

Bennett, Mrs. Harriet T. Graves, Sociolo- 
gist, Washington. 1915 m Claude Natha- 
niel Bennett, now deceased, r Brighton. 

Bennett, Henry Howard, Banker, Detroit. 
Cs Detroit. 1913 m Dorothv Edgar, la 
Id; r 8011 St. Paul ave. 

Bennett, John, Author and Writer,Charle3- 
ton, S.C. Cs Historical, South Carolina 
Art, Poetry Society of South Carolina, 
Curator Museum, Poe Shrine, Conserva- 
tion Societv. 1902 m Susan D. A. Smythe 
Is 2d; r 37 Legare st. 

Bennett, John R., Financial Correspondent 
Huntington, W.V. Cs Masons. 1915 m 
Sallie Rutherford Miller, 2s Id; r 1502 
5th ave. 

Bennett, Oliver H. Vice-president -Lames- 
town, N.D. Cs Elks. 1892 m Sybella Sin- 
clair, 3s Id. 

Bennett, Richard Heher, Clergvman, Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 1895 m Mamie Bruce, Is 3d; 
r Nashville, Tenn. and Lake Juvalucke. 

Bennett, W. E., Farming. Springfield, S.G. 
Cs Alasonic, Kniehts of Pvthias, m La- 
vie Mild'-ed Di.'ks, 3s. 

Bennett, William H. Clerk, Chicago. He la 
clerk to Judge William V. Brothers. Ca 
Casa del Mar. 1910 m Anna M. Ruth- 
berg. Id: r 2420 E. 73rd st. 

Benneville, Roland F., Business President. 
Brooklyn. Cs Ridgewood Cliamber of 
Comm.erce. 1902 m Lillian W. Dean, 4s- r 
Ridgewood, N..L 

Benney, Albert Barnes, Business Pre.<Tident 
Pittsburgh. Cs Edgeworth. 1896 m Edith 



Neil, Is 1(1; r Sewiekley Heights, Se- 
wickley, Pa. 
Benninghofen, Peter, Manufacturer and 
Capitalist, Hamilton, Ohio. Cs Hamilton, 
Butler County Country, Y.M.C.A. r 327 
N. Second st. 
Bennison, Milton, Educator, Salt Lake Ci- 
ty, Utah. 189S m Cora Lindsey, 5s 3d; r 
2385 7th St. E. 
Benoist, Trancois Barat, Salesman, of St. 
Louis. 1922 m Annie Louise Bloodworth, 
Id; r 4632 Pershing ave. 
Benoist, Lee, Banker, Baltimore. Cs Me- 
tropolitan, Racquet of New York .... 
tropolitan. Racquet of New York, Rac- 
quet, St. Louis, Baltimore and Chicago. 
1899 m Edith Turner, Is 2d; r 13 Mid- 
vale road, and at Roland Park, Md. 
Benoist, Theodore, Business Executive, St. 
Louis. 1887 m Mary L. Hunt, 4s 2d; r 
4632 Pershing ave. 
Benoist, Wilson A., Business Executive,St. 
Louis. 1922 m Marie Baker, Id; r 4545 
W. Pine blvd. 
Bensiger, B. E., Business President, Chica- 
go. Cs Standard, Lake Shore Country, 
Illinois Athletic, Down Town. 1896 m 
Rose Frank, 2s; r Glencoe, 111. 
Bcnsinger, Harry M., Lawyer, Baltimore, 
Cs University, Knights of Columbus,Am- 
erican Bar. 1918 m Mary Judith Smith, 
Id; r 11 E. Chase st. 
Benson, A. Emerson, Teacher, Boston. Cs 
Harvard. 1905 m Susan Fellows Hast- 
insrs; r 845 Boylston st. 
Benson, Clifton D., Lawyer and Capitalist, 
Mianii. Fla. Cs Miami-Baltimore Coun- 
irv, ISIiami Theosophir-al. 1909 n Elouise 
S^-igg; r 1235 Coral Way, Coral Gables, 
Benson, Edwin N., Jr., Millionaire. Phila- 

rlelphia. r 185 Bethlehem Pike Ch. 
Benson, Frank Weston, Painter and Artist 
Salem, Mass. 1888 m Ellen Perry Peirson 
Is 3d;'T 14 Chestnut st. 
Benson. Howard Hartwel.l James. Lieute- 
nant Commander, Washington. Cs Armv 
and Navv Club. Catholic 1917 m Rea C 
Thompson; Is Id; r 2028 Allen place, 
Benson, Oscar Herman. Fducator. Sprne- 
fiield. Mass. Cs Springfield Country. 1903 
m Sadie Jackson, 2d. 
Bent, Arthur Cleveland. Business Execu- 
tive, Taunton,Mass. Cs Harvard. Exnlor- 
ers. Cosmos,and American Ornithologists 
Union. 1914 r-i Madeleine Godfrev, 3d. 
Bent Fenrv Al>"ert. Banker. Oglesby, 111. 

1895 m Josenhine Loui=e Roberts, "s. 
Bentlev, Cyms. Bu^i^ess Executive, Chica- 
go, m F1i7abeth King; r 1505 Astor st. 
Bentley, Erank, Merchant .and Financier, 

Tampa, Fla. 1887 m Nettie Eobey, 2s; r 
1005 Bayshore drive. 
Bentley, George William, Manufacturer, 
Boston. Cs Boston Chamber of Commerce 
1889 m Emma J. Meyer, Is 2d; r Weston 
Bentley, James, Engineer and Capitalist, 
Toledo, Ohio. He is vice-president of A. 
Bentley and Sons Company. He is prom- 
inent in business and social affairs. Cs 
Toledo, Country, Carraun Polo, Hockey, 
Everglades of Palm Beach, Bath and 
Tennis. 1914 m Elizabeth Doyle Scott; r 
Innisfail, Toledo. 
Bentley, Richard, Business Executive and 

Sociologist, Chicago. 
Bentley, Robert I., Millionaire, San Fran- 
cisco, r Clift Hotel. 
Bentley, WiUiam C, Retired Business Ex- 
ecutive, Richmond, Va. Cs S.A.R. 1891 m 
Lulu Logan, Is Id; r 2417 Park ave. 
Bently, Prank Taggart, Traffic Manager, 
Chicago. Cs Union League, Chicago Ath- 
letic, Traffic, Birchwood. 1887 m C. L. 
Brownell; r 550 Surf st. 
Benton, Austin C, Comptroller, Boston. Cs 
Harvard, Charles River Country, Boston 
Citv, Chamber of Commerce. 1915 m Ma- 
ry Elizabeth Wilkins; r 11 Hobart road, 
Newton Center, Mass. 
Benton, Gerald Durkee, Banker, Oberlin, 
Kan. Cs Elks, American Legion. 1912 m 
Lee Ora Clark, Id. 
Benton, Harwood Otis, Banker, Oberlin, 
Ivan. He is president Oberlin National 
Bank, vice-president Benton and Hop- 
kins Company, and director of several 
other banks. Cs Sagamore Senior, Rot- 
ary. 1922 m ^Marguerite Thrapp, Is. 
Benton, Irving Wright, Business Executive 
Los Angeles. He is sales manager of the 
General Motor Truck Company. Cs Mid- 
wick Country, American Legion, Valley 
Hunt, University of Pasadena, Santa 
Monica Swimming. 1915 m Helen May 
Adam«, now deceased, r 630 South Or- 
pnre Gro^•e ave.. Pasadena. Cal. 
Benton, L. O.. Millionaire, Monticello, Ga. 
Eenzmger Harry M.. T/awver and Capita- 
list, Baltimore. Cs University, m Judith 
S^Mth: r 11 E. Chase st. 
Beretta, John King, Banker, San Antonio. 
Texas. He is president National Bank of 
Commerce, and Laredo Bridge Companv, 
and is director Laredo National Bank. 
1896 m Sallie Mills Ward, Is; r 404 W. 
French place. 
Beretta. Mrs. SalUe Ward, Snrio1ogi<5t. San 
Antonin. Texas. 1896 m J. K. Beretta; t 
^104 ■^^. Fren^-h place. 
Berg. Ohafies T., Ar'^hitc't. New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Players, Knollwood Country, Na- 



tional Arts, Beaux Arts Architecture, 
1889 m Ada Vau Biel, Is; r 34 Gramerey 

Berg, Henry, Jr., Advertising Executive, 
New York City. Cs Yale. 1921 in Mar- 
garet Stryker Purdy, Is; r .322 Hey wood 

Berg, Joseph Frederic, Theologian, Brook- 
lyn. 1902 ni Euth Tredwell, 2s Id; r 2103 
KenuKue Terrace. 

Bergen, Francis H., Trustee and Manager 
of Estates, New York City. Cs St. Nich- 
olas Society of Nassau, Holland, Hugue- 
not, S.A.R., Bankers, Balsam Lake, Camp 
Fire. 1890 m Meta B. Johnson, Id; r 
Summit, N.J. 

Bergen, Fred G., Auditor and Banker, Top- 
eka, Kan. 1S>59 m Mae ^Mathews, Is 2d; r 
Topeka, and Sunnnerfield, Kan. 

Bergen, John Tallmadge, Clergyman, ]\rin- 
ncajjolis, ^linii. 

Eerger, Alexander, Farmer and Railroad 
Eexecutive, Maryton, Va. Cs various. 
1888 m May Sholes, Is Id: r Los An- 
geles, Cal. 

Berger, Andrew B., Banker and Capitalist, 
Pittsburgh. Cs Chamber of Com.merce, 
Duquesne, Countrv, Pittsburgh GolfJ^ni- 
vrsity. Fox Chapel. 1903 m Olive Weg- 
ham Felming, Is Id. 

Berger, George R. B., La^vyer, Pitt.^burgh. 
Cs Duquesne. 1913 m Margaret L. Ben- 
ham, Is 3d: r .5.516 Fifth ave. 

Eerger, Lois, Architect and Business Exec- 
utive. New York City. 1900 m Blanca 
Rose Krenche, Id: '^ Glenn and Capin 
parkway, Jamaica, N.Y. 

Berger, William Bart. Banker. Denver. 
Col. He is vice-president Colorado Na- 
tional ank. Cs Denver University, Den- 
ver Country. 1898 in Ethel Sayre; r 765 
Pennsvlvania st. 

Bergh, Henry, Educator, New Y'ork City, 
r 109 W. 75th st. 

Bergh, W. Christian, Retired Banker, New 
York CiH-. m95 m Ella S. "VTilkins, 2s; 
r 32 W. 71st St. 

Berghoff, Gustave A.. Millionaire, Fort 
Wayne, Ind. r 1419 Washington, blvd. 

Berghold, William Morris, Business Exec- 
utive and Capitalist, New York City. 
1958 m Elizabeth Glensohn. Is. Id; r 41 
Prospect st, White Plains. N.Y. 

Bergin, Alfred, Clergvman.Lindsborg.Kan. 
1894 m ^m^r\ Hutt, 2s 4d. 

Bereland, WiUiam Sco+t, Mechanical En- 
j?ineer. Wilmingt'^n, Df^l. 1912 m Eloise 
B. Bond, 2s 2d; r 1015 Rodnev st. 

Bering, Edgar A., Banker. Salt Lake Citv, 
Utah. Cs Countrv. 1911 m Else L. Bil- 
lings, Is 2d: r 54 N. Walcott ave. 

Berkeley, Alfred Rives, Clergyman, New 
Orleans, La. 1907 m Sarah Barnard Man- 
ning, 2s 2d; r 1427 Polymma st. 

Berkley, Charles Peter, Geologist and Sci- 
entist, Palisade, N.J. He has been con- 
sulting geologist New York City board 
of power and water supply. 

Berkley, Henry J., Physician and Author, 
Baltimore. Cs Country. 1920 m Mary 
Miles Jordan, r 1305 Park ave. 

Berkow, S. Bertram, Manufacturer and Ca- 
pitalist, New York City. Cs Broadmoor 
Country, Centennial Lodge, F. and A.M. 
Scottish Rites. 1917 m Estelle Hacker; r 
SOO Riverside drive. 

Eerkowitz, Walter J., Manufacturer. Bu,<j- 
iness Executive and Capitalist, Kansas 
City, Mo. Cs Harvard, Chamber of Com- 
merce, Rotary, Kansas City, Onkwood 
Golf, Country, Kansas Citv Advertising, 

1920 til Erni Stulz, 2s: r 611 E. 46th st. 
Berkshire, Benjamin Hershey, Lumberman 

and Capitalist, Kansas City, Mo. Cs Kan- 
sas City, Mission Hills Golf, Mid-Day. 
m Fannie Margaret Clem, Is Id; r 3044 
South West blvd. 

Eerkson, Maurice, Lawyer and Cap-taiist, 
Chicasro. 1907 in Maude Gelder, Is Id; r 
176 Vine ave., Highland Park, 111. 

Berlenbach, John E., Foundryman, [r/ing- 
ton, N.J. Cs Cathedral Choral. 1911 m 
Harriet E. Clemence, Is Id; r 1041 Grove 
St., Irvington, N..J.; and at Birchuiout, 
Cedarlake, N.J. 

Berlinger, William G., Millionaire, Phila- 
delphia, r Melrose Park. Oak lane. 

Berman, Jacob R., Lawyer, Portland, Me. 
Cs Masonic, Knights ' of Pythias, Elks, 
Cumberland, American Bar, State Bar. 
1912 m Marie L. Katz, 2d: r 64 Eastern 

Berman. Oscar, Millionaire, Cincinnati. 

Eermuth, Oscar M., Business President, of 
New York Citv. 1908 m A. Mac Gillicud- 
dy. 2s: r 930 Park ave. 

Bernard, George Wogan, Insurance Execu- 
tive. New Orleans, La. Cs Audubon Golf. 

1921 m Althee P. Winship, Is; r 337 Au- 
dubon st. 

Bernard. Robert Wyckoff, Lawyer, New 
York City. He is identified with Way- 
land and Bernard, and is prominent in 
business" and public affairs. Cs Mason, 
I^nion Leapf'ie. Lawyers. National Re- 
publican, Westchester Hills Golf. River- 
side Renublican. 1908 ni Louise C. Zieg- 
ler. Is Id: r 600 W. End ave. 

Bernard. Jules E. Business President, New 
Pochelle, N.Y. He is president J. E. Ber- 
nanl and Companv, Incorporated. Cs 
Westchester BiUmore.Bonnie Briar. 1911 
m. Anne V. Reilly. Is Id: v 151 Eikon st. 



Eemardin, Mary McNally, Sociologist and 
Capitalist, Evansville, liul. She is prom- 
inent in social and philanthropic work. 
Cs Evansville Country, Outlook, Clio. 
1905 m Alfred Louis eBrnardin, 2s 2d; r 
Outer Lincoln ave. 
Bernhard, Abraham, Millionaire, of New 

York City, r Hotel Gotham. 
Eernheim Bertram M., Surgeon, Baltiiiiore. 
Cs various. 3905 m Hilda Marcus, 2s Id; 
r Pikesville, Md. 
Bemheim, Eli H., Retired Banker, of NeAV 
York City. 1892 m Beatrice Bernheimer, 
now deceased; r 299 Park ave. 
Eernlieira, George B., Business Executive, 
Hoboken, N.J. He is president R. Neu- 
mann and Company. Cs Columbia Uni- 
versity, Arkwright, Civic, m Alice E. 
Rheinstein. 3s; r 146 W. 86th st. 
Eernheim, Isaac W., Capitalist, Louisville, 
Kv. He is prominently identified with 
biisiness and public affairs. Cs various. 
1874 m Amanda Uri, 4s 3d; r 675 Stan- 
ley ave., Tusculuni Heights, Cincinnati. 
Bernlieuner, Charles Seligman, Social Wor- 
ker and Capitalist, New York City. Cs 
Jewish \Yelfare Board, City, American 
Sociological Society, American Economic 
Association, Academy of Political Sci- 
ence, Aemriean Jewish Historical Socie- 
ty, National Conference of Social \York, 
National Conference of Jewish Social 
"Work. 1915 m Lillian Dabis, r 320 W. 
89th St. 
Bernheimer, Gustave, Millionaire, Kansas 

City, Mo. r 1310 E. Armour blvd. 
Bernheimer, Charles L., Millionaire, New 

York City, r IS E. 64th st. 
Bernstein, Zion de Frece, Business Execu- 
tive and Capitalist, New York City. Cs 
Metropolis, Countrv. 1918 m Helen Mar- 
guerite Strock, 2d; r 151 W. 86th st. 
Bernstein, Ernest R., Business Executive, 
Shreveport, La. Cs Thirty-three degree 
Mason, Elks, Woodmen of the World, 
Shreveport Country, Shriner. 190S m 
Eannie Hirs-h. 2s; r 1239 Park place. 
Berolzheimer, Edwin M.. Business Presi- 
dent, New York Citv. Cs Harvard. 1911 
m Myra Cohn, Is Id; r 34 W. 74th st., 
and at Cloisters, Tarrytown. N.Y. 
Eerolzheimer. Philip, Multi-Millionair,e,of 

New York City, r 125 W. 79th st. 
Berry, A. Hall, Business Executive. New 
York Citv. Cs Montclair Golf, Hyannis- 
port Golf, American Institute of Engi- 
neers. 1897 m Antoinette D. Drosh, 5d; 
r Montclair, N.J. 
Berry, Edward Hamilton, Engineer, Cin- 
cinnati. Cs Cincinnati Country, Golf, En- 
gineers. 1908 m Gertrude Lewis, Is; r 
3521 Clifton ave. 

Eeiry, Ered, Banker and Business Execu- 
tive, New York Citv. Cs Piano, Bronx 
Rotary, r 148th st. 

Berry, George Alexander, Manufacturer, 
Bound Brook, N.J. Cs Yale, Raritan Val- 
ley Country. 1908 m Mrs. Adda Farley 

Eerry, George W., Insurance Executive, of 
Boston. Cs City. Unmarried, r 20 Kilby 

Berry, John Cutting, Surgeon, Worcester, 
Mass. Cs S.A.R. 1872 m Maria Elizabeth 
Gove, 2s 3d; r 28 Trowbridge road. 

Eerry, John M., Phvsician, Albany, N.Y. 
Cs American and New York Medical As- 
sociations, American Roentgen Ray So- 
cietv, and American College of Surgeons. 
1908 m Martha B. Brown, Id; r 35 Elk 


Eerry, Joseph J., Sugar Manufacturer and 
Capitalist, Chicago. Cs Traffic. Is 2d; r 
321 Kedzio st., Evanston, 111. 

Eerry, Martha McChesney, Founder and 
Philanthropist, Mt. Berry, Ga. She gave 
her old plantation for Montana boys and 
girls, of the Southland, and the three 
Berry Schools are now situated on five 
thousand acres between Chattanooga 
and Atlanta, r Rome, Ga. 

Eerryman, Clifford Kennedy, Cartoonist, 
Illustrator and Lecturer, Washington. Ca 
Gridiron. FniversitA', Columbia Country, 
S.A.R. 1893 m Kate' Gedde Durfee, Is Id; 
r 1754 Euclid ave. 

Eerryman, J. B., Business Executive, Chi- 
cago. Cs L'uion I>eague. Hinsdale Golf, 
Chicago Yacht, City, m Ruth Brown, Id; 
r Highland road. Downers Grove, 111. 

Eerryman, Jerome Woods, Banker, Ash- 
land, Kan. Cs York and Scottish Rite 
]\lason. 1898 m Nancv Annette McNickle 
3s 2d. 

Eerton. F. Everett, Banker, Elkhart, Ind. 
Cs Knights Teinplar, Shrine, Kiwanis. 
1905 m Edith Wentz. 

Bertram, M. A., Insurance Executive. San 
Francisco. Cs California Pioneers, Olym- 
pic. Commonwealth. 1892 m Emma H. 
Kahler, 2d; r 2416 Gough st. 

Eerwind. Edward J., !Multimillionaire,New 
York Citv. r 2 E. 64th st. 

Eerwind. Harrv A.. Multi-Millionaire,Phil- 
sdelnhia. r 2112 Walnut st. 

Eerwind. John E.. Multi-^lillionaire, New 
York Citv. r 76 Park ave. 

Eeselin. A. Herman J., Business President, 
Omaha, Neb. Cs Omaha Athletic. Elks, 
Carters Lake, Lions, m Mariana Engel, 
Is 2d. 

Be«!kow. Bernhard Montgomery, Retired 
Civil Engineer. Buffalo. Cs Automotive 
Eneineers. Aerial League of America. 
1902 m Helen B. Winslow. 



Bess, Elmer Allea, Educator, Los Angeles. 
Ill Eimiia Cough, 3s. 

Besse, Lyman W., Business President and 
Capitalist, Springfield, Mass. Cs Spring- 
field Country, Xyasset, Colony. 1897 m 
Henrietta Louisa Segee, Is 5d; r 29 In- 
gersoll Gro\e. 

Bes.semyer, Gilbert H., Banker, Los An- 
gelas. Cs Lions, Two Hundred and Thir- 
ty-Three, Hollywood Athletic, Hollywood 
Country, Encino Country, Masons. 1908 
ni Matilda W. Fischer, Is; r Hollywood, 

Bessent, Charles Henry, Banker, Norman, 
Okla. He is president Security Xational 
Bank of Xornian, Okla. Cs Mason, m 
Jennie Godfrey, 4d. 

Bessey, Ernest Athearn, Professor, East 
Lansing, Mich. Cs Torrey Botany, Na- 
tional Geograiihical. 1906 ni Edith Hig- 
gins, 2s Id; r 213 University drive. 

Best, J. Austin, Director of Business, At- 
lanta, Ga. He is traffic representative of 
Atlanta West Point Railroad Conipanv, 
the Western Railway of Alabama, and 
G'eorgia Railway. Cs Commercial, Car- 
michael, Country. 1892 m Ida Langdon 
Topp, Is Id; r Hotel Aragon. 

Best, Rawlins D., Manufacturer, Cincin- 
nati. Cs Cincinnati Country, Rotary, Cov- 
ington Industrial, Elks. 1895 m Benson 
I>edbetter, Id; r 2876 May st. Walnut 

Best. Samuel, Business Executive and Ca- 
pitalist, Hudson, Mass. He is engaged in 
wool combing. Cs various, m Sarah Ann 
Stowell, 2s; r .50 Church st. 

Beste Hariy C, Business President and 
Sociologist, Chicago. 

Bestcr, Frank Clinton, Business Executive 
Detroit. Cs Oakland Hills Golf. 1913 m 
Marv Van Antverp Benner, Id; r 8438 
Dexter blvd. 

Betrner, Charles E., Banker. Red Wing, 
:\liiiii. 1917 m Bessie Temple, Is; r 320 
Pine St. 
Bethel, Walter Augustus, Retired Army 
Officer, Washington. Cs Chevy Chase,Ar- 
niy and Navy. 1904 m Elizabeth Strong, 

Ee+heU, Fr?nk H.. Millionaire, Scarsdale, 
X.Y. r 4 Richbell road. 

Bethell, Union N..Multi-Millionaire, Mont- 
clair, X..T. r 270 Upper Mountain Ave. 

Be+hl, Peyton Bryso, Mamifacturer and 
Capitalist, Louisville. Cs Pendennia, Ro- 
tarv, Cherokee Golf. 1903 m Emily F. 
Pir'tle. Id: r 1469 St. .Tames court. 

Eetten- Francis S.. Clergyman and Educa- 
tor. T'lpveland, Ohio. Cs American Cath- 
oli.^ Hi'^torical. r 1911 W. 30th st. 

Bettiri, Gianni, Commander, New York Ci- 
tv. m Daisy Abbott, Is Id; r 18 E. 60th 

Bettison, William Reese, Major, Philadel- 
phia. Cs Union League. 1903 m Marion 
Smyth, Is Id; r W^ayne ave. and Eagle 
road, Wayne, Pa, 

Betts, Carlton W., Business Executive, of 
Buffalo, X.Y. Cs St. Anthony of New 
York City, Saturn, Wanakah Country. 
1919 m Ruth T. Teal; r 450 Linwood ave 

Betts, Clarence S., Business Executive, of 
New York City. 1895 m; r 192 Center 
ave, New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Betts, George Herbert, Professor and Au- 
thor, Evanston, 111.. 1893 m Anna M. 
Freelove, Is Id. 

Betts, George Whitefield, Jr., Lawyer and 
Cajutalist, New York City. Cs Universi- 
ty, Princeton, Down Town, Town and 
Country, Knickerbocker, Country. 1903 
m Mary Howard Hall, Is; r 27 Bray ton 
St., Englewood, N..J. 

Betts, James Albert, Lawyer, Kingston, N. 
Y. Cs National Democratic. 1884 m Fran- 
ces M. Hill, Is. 

Betts, John F., Broker, St. Louis. 1901 m 
Mary Belle Howell, Is 2d: r 5150 AVest- 
minster ])lace. 

Betts, Samuel Rossiter, Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs Union, r 270 Park ave. 

Eetz, Mathew J., Business Executive, Chi- 
cago. Cs Chamber of Commerce, Edge- 
water Golf, Illinois Athletic. 1898 m 
Margaret Keeling, Is 3d; r 1122 North 
Shore ave. 

Beuttas, Joseph H., Contractor and Capi- 
talist Cliic.'i'To. Cs Country. 1926 ni Nan- 
cv :\I.-I)(oinld: r Tho Mavfair. 

Beve'i. Thomas Horatio, American Consul, 
Hanilnu?. (nMniaiiv. 1912 m Maccy Ni- 
t-hols, Is Id. 

Eewer, Junus August, Professor,New York 
City. Cs Centurv, Union League of Chi- 
cago, r B-oadway and 120th st. 

Eeyer, David S., Business Executive, Bos- 
ton. Cs American Societv of Mechanical 
Engineers, Oakley Golf, Boston City. 
1912 m Ernestine' Cobern, Is Id: r 716 
Commonwealth ave., Newton Center, 

Eevev, Herman W., Business Executive, of 
New York Citv. Cs Red Men, Owl. Re- 
boc'-a Temple. New York Athletic,V,''ood- 
mon, Greelv Can^'^. National Republican 
;Nrnson. 1895 m Phillippin Kotte, Is; r 
-16.=; W. 47th St. 

Bez^azian, Hagon B., Buver Oriental Ruggs, 
Chi'-an-o. Cs Edo-ewater .Athletic'. 1901 m 
Isabelle Yartenian, 2s Id; r 5456 "^Vin- 
throp ave. 
Bezoier, Ptanley H., Banker, Minneapolis, 
Minn. Cs ^Minnoapolis, Tnterlachen Ooun- 
trv, Minneapolis Automobile. 1895 m 
Mabel Means, Id; r 2025 Fremont ave. 




Bialas, Joseph Henry, I^awyor, Pittsburgh. 
Cs Loiiguo Vue Country, Pittsburgh Ath- 
letic, Pittsburgh Country, Art of Phil- 
adelphia, Duquesne. r 4903 Baum blvd. 

Bice, Edwa.d Sampson, Banker, Marquette 
Mich. Ca Marquette, Masons. 1883 m 
]\larion F. Sparks. 

Bickett, Cornedus A., Millionaire and So- 
ciologist, Chicago. . - • 

Bickford, E. A., Manufacturer, Westches- 
ter, Mass. 

Bickham, Warren S., Physician and Sur- 
geon, New York City. Cs New York Ac- 
ademy of Medicine, Yale, Authors Club 
of London, r 440 Riverside drive. 

Bicknell, Warren, General Contractor, of 
Cleveland. Cs Union, Mayfield Country, 
Kirtland Country, Miday, Havana Coun- 
try of Cuba. 1900 m Anne Guthrie, 2s 
2d; r 1801 Chestnut Hill drive. 

Biddison, Arthur J., Lawyer, Tulsa, Okla. 
Cs Tulsa Country, University, Elks, r 

Biddle, Anthony Joseph Drexel, Jr., Au- 
thor and Millionaire, Philadelphia. Cs 
Kittenhouse, Philadelphia. 1895 ui Cor- 
nelia Rundell Bradley, 2s Id; r 1009 
Fifth ave. 

Biddle, Charles, Lawyer, of Philadelphia. 
1888' ni Letitia Glenn, Is; r Andalusia, 

Biddle, Charles John, Lawyer, Andalusia, 
Pa. 1923 m Katherine Jennings. 

Bidd'e, Charles Miller, Jr., Business Exec 
utive, Phih'delnhia. Cs Union League, 
Rotarv, Franklin Institute, Academy of 
Penn, Geographic Society, New .lersey 
Society of Penn., Riverton Countrv, Ri- 
verton Yacht. 1904 m Anna H. Lippin- 
cott, 2s Id; r Riverton, N.J. 

Biddle, Clement M., Business Executive, 
New York Citv. Cs Hardware, Mt. Ver- 
non Country. 1900 m Grace A. Brosius, 
Is 3d; r Mount Vernon, N.Y. 

Bidd'e, J. Wilmer, Retired, Philadelphia. 
He is prominentlv identified Avith busi- 
ness and public affairs. Cs Philadelphia. 
1921 m Doufflas Gordon, Is 6d; v Binder- 
ton House, Chestnut Hill, Pa. 

Biddle Nicholas, Insurance Broker. Phil- 
adelohia. Pa. Cs Rittenhouse. 1915 m 
Sarah Tippincott. Is 2d; r Springhead, 
Old York road. Noble, Pa. 

Bi''d'e Ward Gray, Business Executive^ 
Bloo'mington, Ind. Cs. Masons, Scottish 
Rite Shrine. 1917 m Dora Roberts, 2d. 

Biddle Winthrop Lee, Business Executive, 
Cynwyd. Pa. 1920 m Mary Emma Vog- 
des is- r 404 Kent road. 

Biddleman, Charles D., Insurance Broker 
D.ivton. 18^0 m Lizzie Stout, Id; r 430 
W. 2nd St. 

Eidgood, George C, Business Executive, 
Kichniond, Va. Cs Countrv. 1909 m Ma- 
ly Agnes Barry; r lIOOo ^[onument ave. 

Bidgood, Richard Maupin, Life Underwri- 
ter, Richmond, Va. Cs Commonwealth. 
1916 m Florence Scott Wooton; r 2008 
Park ave. 

Bierhoff, Prederic, Physician, New York 
City. He is visiting urologist West Sida 
Dispensary, and is consulting urologist 
to the Home of Aged and Infirm He- 
brews. Cs Lambs, BoBheniian, American 
Medical Association. 1914 m Hannah 
Newbury Younker; r 155 W. 58th st. 

Bierring, WaUer L., Physician, Des Moines 
Iowa. Cs Des Moines Academy of Medi- 
cine, Polk County Medical Society, Am- 
erican Medical Association. 1896 m Sa- 
die Byrnes, 2d; r 2840 Ridge road. 

Bigby, Haro'd MacMillan, Banker, of St. 
T ouis. Cs St. Louis Country, m Elizabeth 
W. Case; r Clayton, Mo. 

Bigelow, Albert F., Lawyer and Sociolo- 
gist, Boston. Cs Somerset, Countrv, Har- 
vard. 1903 m Gladys Williams, 28 2d; r 
294 Warren st., Brooklinc, Mass. 

Bi<^elow, Archibald Pierce, Banker, Ogden, 
^lich. Cs Rotary, Ogden Golf and Coun- 
try, Bear River, Masons, Shrine, Amer- 
ican Bankers. 1888 m Leota Pearl Hen- 
dershot. Id: r 2500 Washinpfton ave. 

Bigelow, C. Willard, Wool Merchant and 
Cai-italist. Boston. Cs Union. 1920 ra 
Ruth Dwight, Is; r 40 Hawes st.. Brook- 
line, Mass. 

Bieelow. Charles Henry, Business Execu- 
tive and IMillionnire, St. Paul. Cs Minne- 
sota, Somerset. Dellwood. m Allison Mc- 
Kibbin; r 530 Grand ave. 

Bieelow. Charles Willard, Merchant, Bo.s- 
ton. Cs Union. 1920 m Ruth Dwight; r 
40 Hawes st., Brookline, Mass. 

Bige'ow. C'arenoe O., Business President, 
New York City. Cs S.A.R., Salmagundi, 
.'^matei'r Billiard. National Republican, 
St. And •ows. Deal Golf, New England, 
r 106 Sixth ave. 

Bige'ow, Domld F.. Consul. Paris, France. 
Cs Princeton Universitv. 1922 m Honor 
L. Morrissev, Is; r 6 Rue Duban. 

Bio-elow, Fdwm Alden, Business Execu- 
tive. Boston. Cs Boston Chamber of Com- 
merce, .Tewelers, Reciprocitv. 1891 m Ha- 
zel H. Sefrer. Is; ^ Winchester, Mass. 

Biffelow. Fmer'-on. Banker and Capitalist, 
New York C'tv. Cs Apawaniis, Manur- 
sinsT Island. Belgrano Athletic. 1917 m 
Marian T. Fo.,stman, Is Id; r 66 Milton 
^•oad. Rye, N.Y. 

Bi^'elow, Fre-leric Russell, Business Presi- 
dent, St. Paul. Cs Universitv, Minnesota 
Town. Cou'itry. 1903 m Harriet Alice 
Eraser. 2s Id; r 492 Portland ave. 



Bigelow, George Hoyt, Physician, Boston. 
<;v Hiirvard, City. 3 915 m Margaret Wes- 
s^elhot'ft. Is 1(1 :'r 231 Randolph ave,Mil- 
toii, Ohio. 

Bigelow, Henry Forbes, Architect, Boston. 
(\s Architectural, American Institute of 
Architects. 1896 m Eliza F. Davis, now 
dt ceased. 1912 m 8usan Thayer, Is; r 3 
Hamilton place. 

Bige'ow, Henry Forbes, Business Execu- 
tive, Xew York City. Cs Hai'vard of 
New York City, Harvard of Boston, and 
Kockawav Hunting. 1919 m Barbara 
Wells, Is" Id; r Woodmere, L.I., N.Y. 

Bigelow, Herbert H., Business President 
and Capitalist, St. Paul. Cs University, 
Athletic. 1900 m Mrs. Frances Hillette, 
Is; r St. Paul Hotel. 

Bigelow, Horatio, Public Ttilities, Charles- 
ton, S.C. Cs Charleston Rotary, St. Ceci- 
lie. 1899 m Mary Ricse, 3s 2d; r 11 
C'hurch st. 

Bigelow, John Lawrence, Lawyer, of New 
York City. Cs University Harvard. 1921 
married Audrey T. Sherman; r 647 Lex- 
ington ave. 

Bigelow, Joseph S., Millionaire, Boston, r 
2.51 Commonwealth ave. 

Bige'ow, Joseph Smith, Jr., Farmer, River- 
view, Md. Cs Somerset, Harvard, Trav- 
elers, Yacht, Automobile. 1912 m Ernes- 
tine Hilda Gazen; r Snug Harbor Farm. 

Bigelow, Poultney, Traveler and Author, 
Maiden on Hudson, X.Y. Cs Century, 
Ends of the World, Roval Corinthian 
Yacht. 1884 m Edith Evelyn .Taffrav, 

Bigelow, Samuel Lawrence, Professor, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. He is professor of general 
and physical chemistrv TTniversity of 
IVTir-higan. Cs Hastv Pudding, Harvard 
of Boston. 1892 m Marv Crawford Bar- 
rv. ?s Id; r 1.520 Hill st. 

Bigelow. V'. Kenneth P;int,^r New York 
Ciiv, Cs Yale, Orange Lawn Tennis. 1922 
m Elizabeth "'')elano Hitch, Id; r Red- 
mond ro;id. South f)r;.nge, X.J. 

Bieelow, WiUiam F., I'ditov, New York Ci- 
\y. Cs Ohio Societv of Ncav Yoik, Dutch 
Treat, Mason. 1906 m ^Mary A. Koch, 3d; 
r Roselle Park, N.J. 

Biggers, William TJdraunfl Business "Man- 
aii-er. Detroit. Cs Detroit Oolf, Detroit 
Athletic, 05>l>land Hills Country. Detroit 
Rotarv. 1926 m Virginia G. Parks; r 
17384 Parkside ave. 

Biggs. Montgomery H.. Surgeon, luither- 
fordton. N.C. 1908 ni Mary Norris, Is Id. 

Eisnev. Fif^nev Osborne, Manufacturer and 
Cinitalist .\ttlesboro, ^fass. Cs Massa- 
chusetts Real Estate Eychnnge, Repub- 
lican, Home Market, ^Middlesex. West 

Bikle, Philip, Melancthon, Educator, Get- 
tysburg, Pa. 1869 m Anna M. Wattles. 
1S77 m Emma J. Wolf, 4s. 

Eilderback, J. B.,Physician, Portland, Ore. 
Cs Waverley., University, m Carolyn 
I.ecte, 2d; j- 900 Xorthrup st, 

Bilger, Frank William, Business Executive 
Oakland, Cal. He is president, manager 
Oakland Paving Company, and is a past 
director Oakland Chamber of Commerce, 
and on consolidation of Board of Trade 
was made its vice-president. Cs Rotary, 
Woodmen of World, Moose, Athens,Ath- 
letic, Athenian-Nile, Press, Claremont 
Country, Hacienda del Orinee Country. 
1894 m Carrie S. Siebe, 3s. 

BiU, Edward Willis, Importer and Capita- 
list, New York City. He is prominently 
identified with business arid public af- 
fairs. 1878 ni Minnie Agnes Coe, now de- 
ceased. -918 m Bessie Agatha Lamb; r 
Noroton, Conn. 

Billings, Arthur E., Phvsician and Surgeon 
Philadeli)hia. Cs Universitv Pine Valley 
Golf, Morion Cricket. 1918 m Alary Far- 
nrni Packard, 2d; r 2020 Spruce st. 

Billings, Cecil M., Mechanical Engineer, 
New York City. 1904 m Marjorie Haw- 
kinson, 2d; r 414 Elmwood ave, Brook- 
lyn, N.Y. 

Billings Charles DeGraf, Banker, Seymour 
Iiid. 1892 m Ama Goodue, Is Id. 

Billings, David Lane, ]\ranufaeturer, of 
Bridgeport, Conn. Cs Yale. University, 
S.A.R., D.K.E. of New York, Pequot 
Yacht of Southport, Conn. 1892 m Mary 
Ravmond Page. 1918 m Katherine V 
Scott, 2d; r 50 Milne st. 

Billings, Frank, Jr., Business Executive 
and Sociologist. Chicago. 

Billings, Franklin S., Statesman, Wood- 
stock, ^^f. Cs ITnion of Boston. 1919 m 
G.Mtrude C. Todd, 2s 2d. 

Billings. Frederic Tremaire, Phvsician, 
. Pittsburgh. Cs I'niversitv. Pittsburgh 
Golf, Fox Chapel Golf. 1910 m Romaine 
I,eMovne. 2s Id: r 4916 Wellingford st. 

Bilb'ngs, John S., Physician. New York Ci- 
ty. Cs I'nion, Ne^ VorV Academy of 
:N'edicine. 1897 m Katharine Hammond, 
2s: r 1160 .5th ave. 

BiUines, T?ichard, Railroad Presi-^'ent. New 
York Citv. He is president Woodstock 
Rfiilway ConiPanv, is vice-president of 
Woodstock Aqueduct Coninnnv, and di- 
rector Boston and Maine Railroad, Con- 
necticut and Passumpsic Rivers Rail- 
road. Cs Cnnnecticu^ Manhattan, Riding 
Takota. T89S m Mav Merrill, Id- r 
Woodstock. Vt. 

Bill''nes'ey, James W., Brsiness Executive 
New Orleans. He is prominently identi- 



fjcd with business and public affairs. Cs 
Boston, m Irene Eice; r 1528 Jackson 

Billups, Melvin P., Transportation Execu- 
tive, Xew York City. Cs Pickwick. 1910 
lu Clarice Marston; r 70 E. 77tk st. 

Bing, Alexander M., Multi-Millionaire,Xew 
York City, r 1155 Park ave. 

Bing, Leo S., Multi-Millionaire, Xew York 
City, r ,S8 Central Park West. 

Eingenheinier, Gustave A., Manufacturer 
and Ca])italist, Minneapolis. Cs Minnea- 
polis, Minneapolis Athletic, Interlachen 
Rotary. 1895 ni Geneva Smith, Is Id; r 
2011 Kenwood parkway. 

Binger, Walter D., Civil Engineer, Xew 
York City. 1922 m Louisa Beatrice Sor- 
rhan, Id; r 157 E. 62nd st. 

Bingham, Arthur W., Physician, Xew York 
City. He is prominently identitied with 
business and public affairs. Cs Yale Uni- 
versity. 1899 m Jessie D. Boorura, Is Id; 
r 15 E. 76th st. 

Bingham, Charles W., Multi-Millionaire, 
Cleveland, r 214:5 Euclid ave. 

Bingham, Eugene Cook, Professor, Easton, 
Pa. Cs Virginia Chemists, Xew York 
Chen\ists. Xew York ITniversitv. 1907 m 
Edith I. Snell; r 602 Clinton st.* 

Bingham, Harry Payne, Banker and Capi- 
talist. Xew York City. He is prominently 
identified with business, financial and 
public affairs. Cs Xew York Yacht, Rac- 
nuet and Tennis, Links, Piping Rock, 
Xational Golf Links, Gulf Stream Golf, 
Creek, Aleadowbrook, Tuxedo, Yale, Re- 
cess, Lido. Country, Metropolitan, Tav- 
ern, St. Cloud, Bath, Tennis. 1913 m 
Harriette Gowen, now deceased. Is Id; r 
12 E. 7.''.rd St. 

Bingham, Robert Worth, Mnlti-Millionaire 
Glenview, Ky. 

Bingham, Edwin H., Business Executive, 
Hartford. Conn. 1926 m Bertha E. Swan. 

Bingham, Rutherford, Business Executive, 
26 Broadway, Xew York Citv. Cs Uni- 
\t'rsitv, Bankers. 1917 m INLirguerite 
Shonte, Is; r Venezuela. 

Bineham, Theodore Alfred, Retired Army 
Officer, Xew York City. Cs Century, St. 
Xicholas, Army and Xavy of Xew York 
Army and Xavv of Washington, Cincin- 
nati Society. 1887 m Ln^ille Rutherford 
now deceased; Is; r 57 W. 45th st. 

Binney, Edwin, Business President and So- 
ciologist, Xew York Citv. He is presi- 
dent Binney Smith Company, manufac- 
turers, exporters and importers, vice- 
president Peerless Carbon Black Com- 
panv. and other, corporation. Cs Congres- 
sional Country. Riverside Yacht. Sound 
Beach Golf and Country, Indian Harbor 

Yacht, Fort Pierce Golf, Drug and Che- 
mical, Transportation, m Alice Stead, Is 
.3(1; r Tndrio, St. Lucie County, Fla. 

Binney, George Hayward, Physician, Bos- 
ton. Cs Harvard. 1912 m Susan J. Apple- 
ton, ."Is .'d; r 74 Beacon st. 

Blimey, Henry P., Multi-Millionaire, Bos- 
ton. Cs Somerset, Algonquin, Dfedham 
Countrv, Polo of Westwood, Poeasset 
Golf. 1*904 m Alberta Sturtevant, Is Id; 
r 303 Marlboro st. 

Binney, Horace, Business Executive, Bos- 
ton. Cs Country, Harvard, Eastern Yacht 
Xew York Yacht. 1S8S m Marie Sorchan, 
Is; r 61 Commonwealth ave. 

Binney, Horace, Physician, Boston. Cs Har- 
\'ard. 1915 m Harriet C. Cunningham; r 
403 Beacon st. 

Bioletti, Frederic Theodore, Educator, Ber- 
keley, C'al. ]8H8 m Eugenie Carlton, Is 
Id; *r 24 K) :\rartinez ave. 

Birch, Stephen, Business President and 
Multi-Millionaire, Xew Y'ork Citv. 1916 
m Mary Celine Rand, Is Id; r 4 E. 89th 


Birch, Thomas Bruce, Educator and Lec- 
turer, Springfield, Ohio. Cs Lowell, Ki- 
wanis. 1894 m Sarah C. Himmelreich, 33 

Birch, Thomas H., Manufacturer and Dip- 
lomat. Hnrlington, X.J. 1903 m Helen 
T>ouise Barr; r 6 E. 76th st.. Xew York 

Birck^cd, Hugh. Clergvman, Baltimore. 
Cs Baltimore, Universitv. m Caroline M. 
Hall, 2s; r 16 E. Eager "st. 

Birckhead. T enox. Assistant Electrical En- 
gineer, Baltimore. Cs Bachelor Cotillion. 
1913 m Mary Buchanan Albert. 2s 2d; r 
529 Domkirk road. 

Bird Andrew R.. Clergvman, Washington. 
Cs Countrv. 1906 m Lisette F. More, 2g 
Id; r 1516 2;"'nd st, X.W. 

Bird, Charles Sumner, Business President, 
East -Walpole, ]\Tass. Cs Somerset of Bos- 
ton. 18S0 m Anna I. Child, 2s 2d. 

Bird. Harr^oon Kerr, Banker, Xew York 
Citv. Cs T^nion Tjoague. Universitv, Ath- 
letic. Ridi'ig. 1906 m G-ace Gillette, 23; 
r 40 E. 5Jth St.. Lake George, X.Y". 

Bird, Hobart Stanley, C'orporation Lawyer 
Xew Y^ork City. He is founder and pub- 
lisher San .Tuan Xews and the Billing- 
val Dail". Cs Xew York Bar. 1899 m Ida 
Brattrud, Irl- r Tuckahoe, X.Y'. 

Bird. .Tav Wi"iaT»i, Business Executive, 
Bradford Pa. He is a member of the 
firm of HanloT and Bird, oil producers. 
Cs Bradford. Countrv. Xortli Penn. 1900 
m Ann M. Henlev, 4s Id. 

K'>d, Ralnh Peaman, Merchant and Capi- 
talist. Detroit. Cs Detroit Athletic, and 



Bloomfield Hills Country, 1915 m Hazel 
Lancashire, 2s 2d; r Lone Pine road, 
Bloomtield Hills. 

Bird, Reginald W., Merc-hant and Capita- 
list, Boston. Cs Country, Algonquin. 1906 
in Violet D. Goode:ham, Is 2d; r Wav- 
ononey Farm, Frainingham, Mass. 

Birnie, Douglas P., Clergyman, Washing- 
ton. Cs Cosmos. 1890 m Lucia Lasell 
Meigs; r 1711 lOth st. 

Birnie, Marvin Ciiaptn, Business Executive 
Springfield, Mass. Cs Colony, Longmea- 
dow Cf.untry. Id; r 127 Mill st. 

Bishop, Burton T., Business Executive, 
Brooklvn. Cs Sand Point Casino, AVheat- 
ley Hills Golf, Soundview Golf, Cold 
Stream Golf. 1920 ni Theresa Nelson, Is; 
r Kings Point. Great Neck, L.I. 

Bifjhop, Charles E., ^Manufacturer, Cincin- 
nati. Cs Business Mens. 1917 m Elsa P. 
Oskamp, 2d; r Soli! ^loonev ave, Hvde 
Park, Ohio. 

Bishop, David Horace, Educator, Univer- 
sity of Mississipvii. 1914 m Mary Hart- 
well SomervilU". 3d; r Oxford, Miss. 

Bishop, George T., Business Executive, 
Cleveland. He is prominently identified 
■with business and ])ub'ic affairs. Cs 
Union League, Metropolitan, Bankers of 
New York, Union, Mid-Day, Maj'field, 
Portage of Akron, and Congressional of 
Washington. 1891 ni Anna L. Swearer; 
r Macedonia, Ohio. 

Bishop, Gilbert L., Jr., Trust Executive, 
PhilMdcIphia. Cs Whitelands Hunt. 190.5 
m Ella M. Coates, Is Id; r Faraway 
Farm, Frnzt-r, Pa. 

Bishop, Jerome Holland, Petired Manufac- 
turer, Wyandotte, Mich. For forty years 
he was the largest manufacturer of 
Men 's furnishings in the world. Cs So- 
ciety of the Cincinnati, Sons American 
Pevolution, Detroit,Winons Point Shoot- 
insr, Knis-hts Templar. 1876 m Ella M. 
Clark, 2s 2d. 

Bishop, Jerome Holland Jr., Petirpd Busi- 
ness Executive, Pasadena, Cal. Cs Mid- 
wick Countrv, California, Vallev Hunt, 
Montecito T'ountrv. 1900 m Helen E. 
Cha])in, 2s 2d: r 1280 Shenandoah rond. 

Bishon, John ^Pemsen, Lecturer and Waiter 
Peekskill. N.Y. Cs Universitv. LSS.^ m 
Anna Rartram Newbold, 2s 3d; r Elm st. 

BJshoT), John Warren. General Contractor, 
Worcester. Mass. He is n"ominent in 
business and nnblic affairs; and has 
Held many positions, of tmst and honor. 
1921 m P"bv E. Dixon; r Bonheur Farm, 
PaxtoH. Mass. 

Bishot), l/ouis Faufferes, Phvsician, New 
York Cit'^ 1899 m Charlotte D. Gruner, 
Is; r 114 E. 72nd st. 

Bishop, Mrs. Mary Lybania A. Sociologist 
St. Paul. Cs, Woman's City, New 
Century. 1SS4 m Judson Wade Bishop, 
now deceased; .jd; r 8.59 Osceola ave. 

Bi-shop, Mathew H., Lawyer, Detroit. Cs 
Detroit Athletic, Detroit Bar, Brook- 
lands Golf. 1904 m Mabel E. Peaume, 2s; 
r 442.'i Conimonwealth ave. 

Bishop, Robert Hamilton, Jr., Physician, 
Cleveland. Cs Union, Chagrin , Valley 
Hunt, Kirkland Country. l9l4 m Con- 
stance Mather, os; r Arrow Head Farm 
:>'ovelty, Ohio. 

Bishop, Roy N., Director, San Francisco. 
r"s l*acitic Union, Bohymian, Olympic, 
University, Family, Presidio Golf, and 
Country. 1907 m Stella Wheeler, Is Id; 
r 2523 Pacific ave. 

Bishopric, Allison, Business Executive, Cin- 
cinnati. Cs Queen City, Cincinnati Golf, 
Cincinnati Country. 1898mAdele Gazley, 
Is Id; r Annwood and Dexter ave.. East 
Walnut Hills. 

Biskman, Warren Stone, Surgeon, New 
York City. Cs New. York Academy of 
Medicine. 1898 m Flora Brandon; r 140 
Riverside drive. 

Bisler, Gixstav Adolph, Manufacturer,PhiU 
adelphia. He is })resident G. A. Bisler, 
Incorporated; and past president Empire 
Paper Company of Vincennes. Cs Manu- 
facturers, Union League, City, Penn and 
Pencil, Philadelnhia Art Alliance and 
others. 1876 m Emma Virtrinia Corvell, 
Is 3d; r 6390 D-exel road. Overbrook. 

Bissell, Arthur Douglas, Business Presi- 
dent. Buffalo. Cs Ellicott. 1874 m Fanny 
Castle; r 950 Delaware ave. 

Bissell, Arthur G., Business Executive, Chi- 
cago. Cs Onwentsia. m Emily G. Tred- 
way; r 50 East Scliiller st. 

Bissell, David Shields, Retired Business 
Executive, Pittsburgh. 1892 ni Anne .T. 
B"sh, 3s 2d; r Pittsburgh and Genev'a, 

Bissell, Emilv, Sociologist, Chicago. She ig 
])ioiiiin('nt in social affairs. 

Bissell, French Rayburn, Manufacturer, 
New York City. He is chairman of the 
boa'-d International Cement Company. 
Cs Metropolitan. Sleepy Hollow, Oak- 
land, Co'Hitrv, Noondav of St. Louis. 
1907 m Emilv Watson, id; r 21 E. 66th 


Bissell, Howard, Banker. Buffalo. He is 
president Peonies Bank of Buffalo. He 
is past president Park Clul), and Bank- 
ers Association of New York. Cs Saturn, 
Cherry Hill. Buffalo .\thletic, Buffalo 
Countrv. 1910 m Dorothy Carroll Trego, 
Is 'Id; r 88 Hodge ave. " 



lissell, James Riissell, Merchant, Saint 
Louis. Cs Chamber of Commerce, Iripli 
A. Oulf, Missouri Athletic, Sugar Tree. 
1906 111 Maude Stevenson Stokely, Is; r 
6939 Waterman, Ames place. 
Bissell. Leonard R., Insurance Executive, 
Buffalo. Cs BuBffalo, University, Ten- 
nis, Athletic, Canoe, Haivard, Cherry 
Hill Golf. 1913 ni Mary Hubbell; r 63 
Argvle Park. 
Bisseli, Pelham St. George, Lawyer, New 
York City. He is vice-chairman of the 
Mayor of New York Fraternal Commit- 
tee, and Major Infantry Eeserve Corps 
United States Army, Seventy-seventh 
Division. Cs Columbia. University, Army 
and Navv, National Republican, St. Ni- 
cholas, Colonial Wars, S.A.R., Foreign 
Wars, National Town and Country. 1910 
m Mary Valentine Y'ale Bisseli, 2s 5d; 
r W. lOth St. 
BisEell, Raymond, Business President, Buf- 
falo. Cs. Saturn. 1906 m Helen Warren, 
3d; r 49 Saybrook place. 
Bisseli, Walter, H., Millionaire, Wausau, 

Wis. r .502 Mc Indoo st. 
Bitting, William C, Jr., Banker, St. Louis. 
Cs University. 1912 m Gladys B. Smith; 
r 5240 Westminster place. 
Bitting , William Coleman, Clergyman, St. 
LoHis. Cs University, Missouri Athletic, 
Glen Echo T'ountry, Bellerive Country. 
1886 m Anna "Mary Biedler, 2s; r 5109 
Waterman ave. 
Bittner, Mark Runyon, Business President, 

All.Mitown. I>a. Cs Delta Theta Phi. 
Bixby. Frederick H., Business Executive, 
Long Beacli. Cal. Cs California, Univer- 
sity of San Francisco. Midwick, Virginia 
Bohemian. 1898 m Florence Elizabeth 
GrHcn. 2s 3d: r Eancho Los Alamitos. 
Eixby. Harold M., Banker, St. Louis. 1914 

m Elizabeth Case. 3d; r Ladue road. 
Eixbv. Rjc'hai-d Andrews, Business Exec- 
utive and CaT.italist, Long Bench. Cal. 
Cs Parkridge Country. Pacific Coast.Ma- 
sonic Order. 1924 m'Mrs. Louise Wigh- 
■ t(,n Behlintr; r 3344 E. 1st st. 
Eixby. Will^'pm H.. Broker and Millionaire 
St.' Louis. >''o. Cs Noondav, Racquet, St. 
Louis Country. Bogev. 1911 m Stella Lo- 
gan Fresh, Is 3d; r 13 Portland place. 

Bixby. WilJi'am Keeney, Busines sPresi- 
dent. St. Louis. He was the first presi- 
dent American Car and Foundry Com- 
panv. Cs Century, Hoby. Grollier. all of 
New York Citv: Old Volumes, Biblio- 
phile Societv of Boston. Lake George 
Country. 1881 m Lillian Tuttle. 5s ''d: r 
26 Portland place, and Mochcan Point, 
Bolton Landing, N.Y^. 

Bixler, Ira Edwin, Business President and 
<"apitalist. He is president, treasurer of 
Bixler Coal and Coke Company. Cs Ro- 
tary, Edgewood Country. 1905 m Jennie 
Hakanson; r 209 Tennyson ave. 

Bixler, Lewis Clyde, Physician, Pittsburgh. 
He is prominently identified with busi- 
ness and public affairs. Cs University. 
1906 m Ida Evans, 3d; r 1005 Sheridan 
ave.. East. 

Bizzell, William Bennett, College Profes- 
sor, College Station, Texas. Cs Masons, 
American Sociological. 1900 ni Carrie W. 
Sangster, Is Id. 

Elabon, Edwin E., Multi-Millionaire, Brvn 
Mawr, Fa. r Littlefiield Farm. 

Black, Andrew K., Insurance Broker, Pitts- 
burgh. Cs Edgeworth. 1906 m Helen 
Robertson; r 309 Grant st., Sewickley, 

Black, Arthur G., Lawyer, Kansas City, 
Mo. Cs University, m Adele Overall; r 

Black, Char'.es Clarke, Lawyer and Jurist, 
Jersev Citv, N..L 1918 m Helen Newbold 
r SO Giffdrd ave. 

Black, Charles Newbold, President, San 
l^'rancisco. Cs University, Pacific Union, 
Olympic, Bohemian, I^niversity of New 
York. 1892 m Louise Wallace Rose, Id; 
r 2006 Wasliington st. 

Black, David Calmes, Automobile Execu- 
tive, Atlanta, Ga. Cs Capital Citv, Pied- 
mont Driving. 1915 m Marion Coles Phi- 
nizy, Is Id; r 60 E. 15th st. 

Black, E. S., Business President, Chicago. 
. r -155 N. Artesian ave. 

Black, Eugene Robert, Banker and Capi- 
talist, Atlanta. Ga. C^ Druid Hills Golf, 
Piedmont Driving. 1897 m Gussie Grady, 
2s Id: V 1350 Peachtree road. 

Black, rrnn^- B., :\nilionaire, IMensfield, 
Ohio, r 30 Blvmer ave. 

Black, Frank Gilbert, Banker, Seattle, 
Wash. Cs Seattle Golf, Seattle Tennis, 
1920 m Mary Prvor, Is: r 120 39th st. 

Black, Gilbert M.. Retired Business Execu- 
tive, Pittsburirh. Cs Pittsburgh Athletic 
Association, Duquesne, Countrv Fox Cha- 
pel Golf, m Clara Schwartz, Id; r 6403 
Fifth Ave. 

Black, Harry Theodore. Retired Business 
Executive, St. Paul. Cs Hollywood Coun- 
trv, Los Angeles Athletic, Edgewater 
Beach. 1884 m .Tlia M. Purvis, Id; r 135 
S. Oransre road. Los Angeles. 

Black, James Byers, Maiiufacturer and 
Capitalist, San Francisco. He is vice- 
president and general manager Great 
AVestern Power Conipanv. Cs Familv, 
Claremont Country. 1913 vi Katherine 
Mc Elrath. 2s ld;"r 030 El Dorado ave., 
Oakland, Cal. 



Black James D., Farmer and Capitalist, 
Jobstown, N.J. He has held various posi- 
tions of trust and honor. Cs University, 
Turf and Field, Princeton. 

Black, James Ernest, Educator and Stu- 
dent of Diplomacy, Pittsburgh. He is id- 
entified with the Diplomatic Corps of 
the United States. Cs Pittsburgh, Mili- 
tary Order of lioyal Legion, Colonial 
Wars, Colonial Sons and Daughters, r 
5025 Castleman st. 

Black, Oliver Parker, Artist, New York 
City. Cs National Association of Wo- 
men's Painters and Sculptors, r 38 W. 
75th St. 

Black, R. Clifford, :\rerchant and Millio- 
naire, New York City. 1912 m Beatrice 
Cluett, 2s 2ri; r Pelham Manor, N.Y. 

Black, Ralph Peters, Engineer, Atlanta,Ga. 
Cs Capital Citv, Druid Hills Golf. 1911 
m Ida Janette Browne, 2s Id; r 28 Oak- 
dale road, Druid Hills. 

Black, Ro.?er Derby, Consulting Engineer, 
New York City. He is treasurer of Liri- 
co Estates, Incorjiorated, and president 
Eussgord Builders, Incorporated. Cs En- 
gineers, American Military Engineers, 
Army and Navy of Washington, Ameri- 
can Societv of Civil Engineers. 1907 m 
Margaret Eveleth Smith. 3s Id; r Sands 
Point. 1 .1. 

Black, Ryan, Insuranme E.xecutive, New 
Orleans. Cs Boston, Southern Yacht, Am- 
erican Legion. 1900 m Henriettc Cum- 
mings. Is 2d: r 1449 Arabella st. 

Black, Ryland Melvire. Educator, Elllen- 
dale, N.l). 1x97 m LovilUa Procious, 2s 

Black, S. Pruce, Business President, Bos- 
ton. Cs Boston City. Alniont Country, 
Boston Art. 191(5 m Adele Bergner, 3s; r 
Arlington Heights, Mass. 

Black, S. Duncan. Manufacturer, Towson 
Heights. Md. 1903 m Anna R. Ridgely, 
Is 3d; r Towson. Md. 
Black, William Murray. Retired Ma.ior- 
Gen. of Engineers, Washington. 1877 m 
Daisy Peyton Derby. Is; r 2324 Califor- 
nia st. 
Blackburn, James B., Trust Officer, Pitts- 
burgh. Cs University, Oakmont Country, 
Duquesne. 1917 m Anna Louise Midler, 
2s; r 322 T?i\hland ave. 
Blackburn, John T. D,. Business President 
Albany, N.Y. Cs Fort Orange. 1890 m C. 
Hall, is; r 304 Washington ave. 
Blackford. Pe'ham, Insurance Executive. 
Richmond. Ya. Cs Country. 1904 m Eve- 
Ivn Baylor; r 1014 Floyd ave. 
Blackisto'n, Slator Clay.Business Executive 
New York City. C^ College. 1915 m Eu- 
genie S. Tavlor. Is; r 27 Locust ave., 
New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Blackman, Arthur W., Paper Merchant, 
Boston. Cs Boston Chamber of Com- 
merce, Rotary, Colonial. 1890 m Marion 
W. Floyd. 2s 2d; r 986 Memorial .'rive, 
Cambridge. Mass. 

Blackman, George, Retired Business Man, 
St. Loi'is. 1879 m Carrie B. Hortou; r 
St. Louis, Mo., and Caimel. Cal. 

Blarkman. J. Newcomb, Wholesale Mer- 
chant. New York Citv. Cs Newark Ath- 
letic, Aldine. Southward Ho Coinitry, 
Great South Bav. 1900 m Ada L. Xiblo, 
Is Id; r loo E. 49th st.. New York City, 
and Brightwateis, I^.I. 

Blackman, WaMo, Physician. Brooklyn. 
1887 m Lora Coater Jackson, now de- 
ceased, Is Id; r 519 Clinton ave. 

Blackmore, C. Char'es, Manufacturer, Day- 
ton, Ohio. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. 1912 
m Jean Griffith: r Kramer and South 
Yiew roads, Oakwood. 

Blackwell, Robert Emory, Educator and 
.\uthor, Ashland. Ya. 1877 m T. Epia 
Duncan, Id. 

Blades. Lemuel S., Mendiant. Elizabeth 
City.N.C. Cs Yirginia Country. Elk. 1895 
m Grace Melick, 4s. 

Blagden. Edward Reynolds. Retired Busi- 
ness Executive, Greeiitield, ^'^ass. He is 
pro'"inently identified with businesa.and 
public affairs. Cs S.A.R., Colonial Wars, 
Greenfield. Hvannisport. m ,Julia B. 
Phillips. Ls Id; r Greenfield and Hyati- 
■nisport, Mass. 

Blagden. George. Multi-Millionrpr.v New- 
York Citv. r IS E. 36th st. 

Blain, Alex?nder W.. Surgeon. Detroit. Ca 
Detroit. Dct-oit Athletic. Yacht. 1918 tn 
R"bv .Tolinson, Is Id: r 494 Lodge ave. 

Blaine, Anita Mc Cormick. Fducator and 
Philanthroy>ist. r'hicn^'o. L898 m Emmons 
Blaine, Is; r 101 E. Eri<^ st. 

pi"'-fl Fdward Linn, Citv Councilman, 
Seattle. Cs various. 1896 m Julie P. Hub- 
bard, now deceased. Is 2d; r 416 West 
Highland drive. 

Blain<=i, Mrs. Emmons, Sociologist. Cldcago. 
r 191 E. Erie st. 

Blaine. Graham B., Yice President, Boston. 
Cs Chilton. 1918 m Katherine W. Tweed; 
r 56 Walnut Place, Brookline, Mass. 
Blaine, John Ewing, Jr., Business Execu- 
ti\e. Cincinnati Cs Queen City, Common- 
wealth. Country. S.A.R. m Margaret Bas- 
sett. 3d; r 671 Gholson ave. 

Blair, Andrew EeiTie, Business President, 
Richmond, Ya. Cs Ciimmonwealth Coun- 
try of Ya., S.CYV.. S.R., S.A.R. 1894 m 
Bertha M. Small; r 828 Park ave. 

Blair, Anita, Sociologist, Chicago. She is 
prominent in social affairs. 



Blair, C. Ledyard, Multi-Millionaire, New 
York City, r L' E. 70th st. 

Blair, Charles Hildreth, Broker, Xe^v York 
City. Cs New York Stock Exchange, 
Kacquet and Tennis, T^nion League, Cor- 
nell Union. 1907 ni Margaret E. Bell, 2d; 
r 106 E. S5th st. 

Blair, Chauncey B., Corporation President 
Cliicago. Cs University, Onwentsia, Sad- 
dle and Cycle, Casino, Harvard, Y''ale, 
Princeton. 1913 m Mildred Alarshall, Is; 
r 515 Briar place. 

Blair, Chauncey J., Business Executive and 
Sociohigist, ( 'hicago. 

Blair, Edward Seymour, Business Execu- 
tive and Sociologist, Chicago. 

Blair, Edward Tyler, Business Executive 
and Sociologist, Chicago. 

Blair Frank W., Business President and 
Millionaire, Detroit. Cs Detroit Athletic 
Country, Bloomfield Mills Countrv. 1899 
ni Ellen Ferrier; r 1716 Boston blvd. 

Blair, Harry Wallace, Lawyer, Joplin, Mo. 
Cs Masons, Elks, Missouri Bar. 1900 ni 
Emily Xewrll, Is Id. 

Blair, Henry Aiieustus, Business Executive 

and Multi-]\fillionairc, Chicago. He is 

chairman of board of directors Chicago 

' Surface Lines, and is prominently iden^ 

• tified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Chicago, Onwentsia, Old Elm, South 

• Shore Country, Union League, Shore 
Acres. 1878 m Grace E. Pearce, 2d; r 
27.'i5 Prairie ave. 

Blair. John Dm-biirrow; Salesman, Rich- 
mund, Va. 1891 m Mat tie E. Archer, 2d; 
r 21.'^ Grace st. 

Blair, John H., Realtor and Capitalist, Los 
Ansreles. He is president Blair Mortgage 
pnd Realty Conmanv. He is prominent in 
business and public affairs. Cs Jonathan 
Fl Cnlaber Countrv, Hollywood Athletic, 
Southern Galifornia, Ciamber of Coni- 
r»erce. 1905 m Velma Dyer, Id: r 1750 
Conrtnev st. 

Blair. John H.. Deputy Governor, ChW-ago, 
Cs Universit'-. Racquet. Mid-Day, Bank- 
ers. Exmoo'- r'"nntrv. Dps Moi'ir.^. 1905 
:'^i Frances Mnllan, Is Id; r 10 E. Schil- 
ler St. 

Blair, Jo^n Ins'ev. MT-tii;Ntillionaire, Xew 
Y^ork Citv. r 22 E. 47th st. 

Blair. Lawrence Dilworth, Lawyer. Pitts- 
bi^rp-h. C« Pittsbnrg-h, Golf, Alleo-heny 
Countrv. Fox Chapel, Princeton. 1922 m 
Maxwell Durant Church, 2s; r 2618 
ATfiT+li-'jiibpi'lriTid st. 

B]«>i'*. Walter Dabnev. Architect.Xew York 
Citv. Cs Army and Xpvv, Architectural 
League, Municipal Society of Xew Y'ork. 
1907 m Ethel A. Gould; "r House in the 
Woods, Tarrytown, N.Y. 

Blair, Watson Franklin, Capitalist, Chica- 
go. Cs (,'hicagu, Chicago Athletic, Chica- 
go Golf, Saddle and Cycle, Onwentsia, 
Union, Metropolitan, Brook. 1883 m 
Alice Keep; r 720 Rush st. 

Blair, William Allen, Lawyer and Author, 
Winston-Salem, X.C. Cs Forsyth Country 
Shakespeare, Historical Society, i-Iaver- 
ford. Twin Citv. 1895 m Mary E. Fries, 
Is 2d. 

Blair, William McCormick, Business Exec- 
ut ve, Chicago, m Helen H. Bo wen; r 
1416 Astor St. 

Blair, WiUiam Mitchell, Business Presi- 
dent, Chicago. Cs Onwentsia, University, 
Cisino, Chicago Yacht, Chicago Tennis. 
1921 m Martha Granger; r Rose Terrace 
Lake Forest, 111. 

Blair, William R., Business Executive, 
Pittsburgh. Cs Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh 
Golf, Allegheny Countrv, Fox Chapel 
Golf. 1916 m Georgiana McKee, 2s Id; f 
5515 Darlington road. 

Blair, Wolcott, Business Executive and So- 
ciologist, Chicago. 

Blair, Woodbury, Business Executive, of 
Wasliintrton. He is prominentlv identi- 
fied with business and public affairs. Cs 
Metropolitan, m Emily X. Wallaeh; r 
1607 Xe;v Hampshire ave. 

BlaJsde'l, A'bert M.. Business Executive, 
Minneaiiolis. Cs Miimeapolis Athletic, 
Automobile Traffic. 1904 m Eva L.Brown 
2s Id. r 1805 Irving ave., S. 

Elaisdell, James Harold, Collepre President 
Claremont, Cal. Is92 m Florence Ij. Car- 
rier, .'is 1<1. 

EJai'^dell, Walter Sti^son, Coal Operator," 
Punxutawney, Pa. Cs Duquesne, Buffalo, 
Racquet, Manufacturers, Harrisburg. 

Blake, Cevedra D., Business Executive, St. 
Louis. Cs Xoonday, Bellerive Country. 
1901 m Cliarlotte Doane Stimpson, 2s Id; 
r 5(il Clara ave. 

Blake, Charles George, Business President, 
Chicago. Cs Hamilton, T'liicago Architec- 
tural, Chi'^a.^o Stock Exchange. 1889 m 
Mildred Elhvood, 2s; r 10835 S. Hoyne 

Blake Elizabeth Wright, Sociologist, Cin- 
ciniK'ti. Cs various. 1906 m Mr. Charles 
G. Blake, now deceased, 2s Id; v 2717 
Johnstone place. 

Blake, Fordyce Turner, Broker, Worcester, 
]\Tass. r"s Harvard of Boston. 1912 m 
Ethel Kinnev, 2s; r 12 Military road. 

Blake, Robert H., Business Executive. Xew 
Vfirk C'tv. Cs Pilfl-rims Society, India 
House, Traffic, Whitehall, Essex Coun- 
try. Xew York Produce Exchange. 1909 
m Marv Stuart Dorrance, Id; r Short 
Hills, X.J. 



Blake, Tiffany, Journalist, Chicago. 1905 
m Margaret Day; r 23 E. Walton place 
and in Lake Forest, 111. 

Blakeley, Clifford Geer, Business Execu- 
tive, Richiuond, Xa. Cs Commonwealth. 
1922 m Marguerite Tobien, Id; r 2809 
Hawthorne ave. 

Blakemore, Allen Bruce, Contracting En- 
gineer, New Orleans, La. m Alice Pres- 
chard :\[oon, Is 2d; r 1435 Pleasant st. 

Blakeslee, Harvey D., Jr.,Lawyer, Buffalo. 
Cs University, Buffalo Athletic, Cherry 
Hill. 1914 m' Eleanor C. Mann, Is 2d; r 
43 Windsor ave. 

Blakey, Roy G-illespie, Economist, Minnea- 
polis. Cs American Economic, Academy 
of Political Science, Fellow, of Royal 
Economic Society. 1917 m Gladys Me Al- 
]iine Campbell. . " :■ 

Blanchard, Archibald, Broker, Boston. Cs 
Somerset. 1904 m Elinor Whitney, Is 2d; 
' r 204 Commonwealth ave. ■ 

Blanchard, Fessenden • S.^ Business Presi- 
dent, Boston. Cs Exchange, Harvard. 
191.S m May C. Bryant, Id; r 4 Bcrlcelcy 
place, Cambridge, INIass. 

Blanchard, Frank LeRoy, Advertising Ex- 
ecutive, Kcw York City.- 1887 m Mrs. 
Louise M. Bricker, r 105 E. 15th st. 

Blanchard, Herbert W., Lumber Merchant, 
Boston. Cs Harvard of Boston, Harvard 
■ of New York, Exchange, Corinthian 
Yacht, Tedesco Country, Concord- Coun- 
try. 1SS7 m .Julia S. Wood, ,2s Id; r v .n- 
,cord,. Mass. 

Blanchard, Mrs. Julia E., College President 
Wheaton, 111. m Charles Albert Blanch- 
ard. ■ -. 

Blanchard, Nathan Weston, Agriculturist 
and Capitalist, Santa Paula, .Cal. ,He is 
president Nathan W. Blanchard Invest- 
ment Company. Cs various. 1908 m Jose- 
]'hine Esth'T ':\rcClelland, 3s. 

Blanchard, Wells, Manufacturer, Boston. 
Cs Exchange, Harvard of Boston, Con- 
cord Country, Bockport Country. 1917 
m Helen Le R. Lane, 2s Id; r Garland 
r(iad. Concord, Mass. 

Blanding, William Cornell, Manufacturer, 
Syracuse, N.Y. Cs Century, Universitv, 
Sedgwick Farm, Onondaga Golf and 
Country, Zeta Psi Fraternity, S.A.R., 
IMason. 1906 m Helen Dickie Butler, Is 
Id; r 226 Brattle road. 

Blandy, Graham Furber, Stock Broker, 
New York City. Cs New York Stock Ex- 
change, S.A.R., Union League. 1906 m 
Georgette Haven Borland; r 26 E. 38th 
st. and White Post, Va. 

Blaney, Charles P., Lawver, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Union League, Harvard, City, Re- 
publican. 190S m Helen W. Beebe, Is Id; 

r 410 W. End ave. 

Blaney, Dwight, Painter and Artist, Bos- 
ton. Cs Tavern, St. Botolph, Guild of 
Boston. 1893 m Edith Hill, 3s 2d; r 82 
Mt. Vernon st. In summer Bar Harbor, 

Blanke, Cyrus Frederick, Busihiess Presi- 
dent, St. Louis. Cs Sunset Country, Riv- 
erview, Century Boat. 1899- m Eugenia 
Furwen, Id; r Webster Groves, Mo. 

Blankenhorn, David, Business President, 
Pasadena, Cal. He is president David 
Blankenhorn, Incorporated, and director 
in other corporations. Cs California,, Los 
Angeles, Miduick Country, Valley Hunt 
of Los Angeles, Bankers of New. York, 
Tuna of Catalina Islands. 1909 m Emma 
B. C. Peterson, 2s; r 639 Jjester aKea.s 

Blankenhorn, Louis Mac, Realtors-Pasa- 
dena, Cal. He is identified w'i-th;'Mac 
Blankenhorn. and Associates, realtors, 
and is vice-president Pasadena. ^Realty 
Board. Cs California. 1921 ni.,Iva.thryn 
E. Simmons, Id; r 930 Ardeii road. ,,-5 

Blanton, Edward Robeson, Sociologist, of 
Loneoak, Zellwood, Fla. Cs Capital, :Ral- 
eigh Cinintry, Poinsett, Sans jSo,uci Coun- 
try. 1917 ni IMinnie Wells Leatherman. 

Blanton, H. Wallace, Physician, Richmond, 
Va. Cs Country. 1919 m Janet. Wicker, ■ 
Id; r 1423 Hanover ave. 

Blanton, Wyndham B., Physician, Rich- 
mond, Va. Cs Colubmia Universitv. 1918 
m Natalie F. Mc Faden, ^d; r .3015 Se- 
minary ave. 

Blatch, Harriet Stanton, > Lecturer, . New 
York Citv. Cs Womans Univer9itv,nTow 
Hall, r 106 E. 52nd st. 

Blatchford, Carter, Business Executive, 
Chicago. He is ]irominent in business and 
public affairs. Cs Chicago Athletic, Illi- 
nois AthletiCj South Shore Countrv, Chi- 
cago Yacht, Missouri Athletic, Munace- 
Qua Heights Countrv. 1920 m Myrtle iO. 
Crane; r 219 Lake Shore drive and Man- 
itowien. Wis. , 

Blatchford. Charles H., Solicitor, Portland 
Maine. 1899 m Carita Tyler Clark, 3s Id; 
r 74 Spruce st. 

Blatchford, Mrs. Frances Vea7:ie Lord, So- 
ciologist, Chicago. 3 887 m Paul Blatch- 
ford. 2s 2d; r 333 N. Euclid ave.. Oak 
Pnvk. 111. 

Blatchford, Frank Wickes, Physician, Chi- 
cago. Cs I^'niversitv, Chicago, Saddle and 
Cvcle, Indian Hill. Harvard. Princeton, 
Yale, m Frances G. Earned. 2s 2d: r 605 
> rbor Vitae road, Winnetka, 111. 

Blatchford, John, Engineer, Onk Park, Til, 
Cs Amherst, Technoloerv, Chicago Yacht, 
Mayflower Descendants. 1922 m Esther 
H. Roberts, Is; r 711 Superior st. 



Elatt, Maurice Lamm, Physieian and Sur- 
geon, Chicago, he is assistant i^rofessor 
uf children diseases at University of 
Illinois, and piesideut Surf Hotel. Cs 
American Medical Association, Chicago 
Medical, ni Irma Michel, Is; r 501 Surf 

Bleckley, Haralson, Architect, Atlanta, Ga. 
Cs Arcliitectural League of New York. 
Lsil.j ni Olle Evan:;; r 685 Peachti'ee stt. 

Bledsoe, Isaac Eaile, Realtor, San Antonio, 
Texas, He is prominent in business and 
public affairs; and has held many posi- 
tions of trust and honor. Cs Alamo C'oun- 
try, Kiwanis, San Antonio Chaml>er of 
Commerce. 1908 m Mrs. Emm.i Lee 
Brooks, Id; r 900 W. Woodlawn ave. 

Bledsoe, ^^'illiam Pinckney, Captain, Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 1918 m Frances L. 
Johnson, Id. 

Eleecker, William Hill, Realtor, New York 
Citv. Cs Niantic of Flushing. 1914 m 
Mary E. Mc Creery; r 06O State . st., 
Flushing, Long Island. 

Eleekman, John Ebenezer, Consulting En- 
gineer, New York City. Cs Lotos of New 
York, Engineers of Cincinnati, Sulgrave 
American Historical, East Elmhuist As- 
sociation of New York. 1899 m Lenore 
b'aiidall: r East Elmhurst, N.Y. 

Blelock, William Weston, Business Execu- 
tive, St. Louis. 1919 m Mary F. Price, 
Is: r 5.S.S2 Delmar. 

Blenner, Car'e Joan, Painter, New York 
Citv. Cs Salmagundi, New Hampshire 
Paint and Clay, Academy of Fine Arts, 
Newport Art Association. Unmarried; r 
58 W. 57th St. 

Blesch. Joseph G., Broker, Chicap;o. Cs 
South Shore Countrv, and Crystal Lake 
Country. 1906 m Clara Louise Alexan- 
der; r 5.'^40 Harper ave. 

Blesh, Abraham Lincoln, Physician and 
Surgeon, Oklahoma City. He is professor 
of clinical surgery . in the University 
Medical School; since 1902 he has prac- 
ticed surgery exclusively. Cs Scottish 
Rite Mason,' Men's Dinner, Oklahoma 
(lolf. 1890 III Theodora Belle Pickett. 
1924 in Beatri'M" R. Rogers. 

Blethen. Ciarenre Brettun, Publisher, Seat- 
tle, Wash. 1909 m Rae Kingsley, 5s; r 
500 W. Comstock st. 

Bleyer, Willard Grosvenor, Professor and 
Author, M.'ulison, Wis. 1911 m Alice 

Bliss, Cornelius N., Jr., Multi-Millionaire, 
New York City, r 4 E. 66th st. 

Blss, Don Alphcn-^o, Lawyer and Jurist, 
San Antonio, Texas. Cs Travis Lodge, 
Hermann Sonhns of San Antonio, Ma- 
son. 1874 m Myra M. Hampton, 2s 4d; r 
334 E. Huisaehe ave. 

Bliss, Edward Goring, Telephone Engineer, 
Washington. Cs ArmyandNavy. 1917 m 
Minnie A. Saxton. Id; r 1770 Church st. 

Bliss, Elmer Jared, Manufacturer, Boston. 
Cs Aimy and Navy, Midday, Lotos of 
New Yo.k, New York Yacht, Corinthian 
and Eastern Yacht. 1901 m Lena Hard- 
ing, 2s 1(1; r 1H62 Coimnonwealth ave. 

BliFS, Gilbert Ames, Professor, Chicago. Cs 
Quadrangle, University, Olympia, Field 
Country. 1920 m Olive" Hunter, Is Id; r 
5625 Ivcnwood ave. 

Bliss, Henry W., Manufacturer, Boston. Cs 
Union, Harvard, Harvard of New York, 
Countrv of Brookline. 1893 ni Grace 
Beckwith, Is Id; r Chestnut Hill. 

Bliss, Ralph Kenneth, Agriculture Educa- 
tor. Ames. Iowa. Cs Rotary. 1912 m 
Ethel Mc Kinley, 3s. 

Bliss, William Lord, Electrical Engineer, 
Niaga-a Fals, N.Y. Cs Rotary, Niagara, 
Central Railwav. 1896 m Grace Law- 
rence Kip; r 142 Buffalo ave. 

Blitzer, Bemhard, Business President and 
Capitalist, New York Ci-ty. He is presi- 
dent I i?htenbir Company. He is prom- 
inent in business and public affairs. 1888 
m Bertha Gottesman, 2d; r 569 Broad- 

Blocli, Alexander, Yiolinist, New York Ci- 
tv. Cs Bohemian. 1914 m Blanche Bloch, 
Is Id: r 422 W. 22nd st. 

Block, B-e^'awin. Millionaire^, New York 
Citv. r 125 E. 72nd st. 

Block. Carl C, Merchant, Peoria. 111. Cs 
C-eve Coem. North Shore Country, and 
Country of Peoria. 1908 m Jeanette Av- 
erv Powers, 2s; r 825 Moss ave. 

Block, D. Julian, Chemist, Chicago. Cs Ci- 
tv, Ameiican Chemical, American Asso- 
ciation for -the Advancement of .Scien<=e■.- 
3s: r Winnetka. 111. 

Block. Fdward Bates, Phy-si'-ian, Atlanta, 
Ga. Cs D-uid Hills Golf, Piedmont Driv- 
ing. Capitol City. 1908 m Julia Lowry 
Porter. Is Id; r 1126 Peachtree road. 

Bl"cv_ Emanuel J., Banker and Capitalist, 
Chicago. He is vice-president, general 
purchasing apent, treasurer and secre- 
tary Inland Steel Compan-". Cs Lake 
Shore Countrv, Chicago Riding, Stand- 
P'-d. 1908 m Helen Frances Mannheimer, 
2d: r -^928 Greenwood ave. 

Block, George M., Lawver, S. Louis. Cs 
Nooudav, Belleview Countrv, Country of 
Fittsfield, Mas-s. 1883 m Helen L. Sylves- 
ter, Id; r 18 Wydown terrace. 

Block, Harry L., Millionaire, St. Louis, r 
6.'i(i;! Wyddwii blvd. 

Block, J. Horace, Millionaire, New Y''orJc 
City, r 125 E. 72nd st. 



Block, S. John, Lawyer, New York City. 
Cs Civic, League of ludustrial Demoera- 
cv, New York County Lawyers. 1907 lu 
Anita G. Cahn; r 41* 5th ave. 

Block, Samuel J., Business Executive, Chi- 
cago. 1908 m Helen Frances Mannheimer 
I'd; r 492.5 Greenwood ave. 

Block, William H., Millionaire, Indiana- 
polis, r 1918 N. Delaware st. 

Blodget, William Power, Architect, Bos- 
ton. Cs Harvard of New York and Bos- 
ton, Tennis and Eacqnet, American In- 
stitute of Architects. 1916 m Ellen P. 
A. Andrews; r 140 Mt. Vernon st. 

Blodgett, Charles Erastus, Banker, Busi- 
ness President, Marshfield, Wis. m Net- 
tie Booth, 2s 4d; r Miami, Fla. 

Blodgett, Charles Wesley, Retired Clergy- 
man, Cincinnati. Cs Odd Fellows, Grand 
Armv of Republic. 1873 m Louise Rec- 
tor, 2s 2d; r 2890 Ziegle ave., Hyde Park 

Blodgett, Edward Everett,Member of Law 
I'irm, West Newton, Mass. Cs Universi- 
tv. Harvard. 1891 m Mabel Louise Ful- 
ler, 2s 2d; r Red Gables. 

Blodgett, Frank Dickinson, Educator, of 
Brooklyn, N.Y. Cs ChaTiil)er of Com- 
merce, Institute of Social Science, Re- 
]nib]ican. 1897 m Helen Marguerita Wil- 
cox, 2s Id; r 335 Rugby road. 

Blodgett, Guy E., Business President and 
Capitalist, Mershfield, Wis. Cs various. 
1916 m Charlotte Anderson, 2d; r 700 
5th ave., W. 

Blodgett, John Wood, Business President, 
Grand EaTiids, Mich. Cs Chicago, Union 
League of Detroit. 1895 m Minnie A. 
Cumnock, Is Id; r 411 E. Fulton st. 

Blodgett, Kinsley, C'ergvman, Navesink, 
N..T. Cs Brown University. 1910 m Ka- 
tharine F. Littlefield; r All Saints Rec- 

Blodgett, Stephen Haskell. Physician, Bos- 
ton. He is prominent in business and 
public affairs. 1886 m Elizabeth _W. 
Cummings. 2s; r Lincoln and Brookline, 
Mass.; and Homestead, Fla. 

Blodgett, Thomas H., Business President, 
New York City. Cs University, Univer- 
sity of Chicago, New York Athletic, 
Grolier. Bankers, Players. 1907 m Miss 
Kendrick, Is; r New York City and 
Great Barrington, Mass. 

Blodgett, William E., Orthopedic Surgeon, 
Detroit. He is prominently identitied in 
business and social affairs. Cs Detroit 
Yacht, Harvard, Fine Arts, Rotary. 1910 
m Mary Charlotte Bishop, 2s 2d; r 2218 
Iroquois ave. 

Bloede, Victor Gustave, Manufacturer.Bal- 
timare. Cs American Chemist. 1883 m El- 
sie Schon, Is 3d; r Catonsville, Md. 

Blondel, John J., Business President, ^klont- 
clair, N.J. He is i^resident J. Blondel and 
Son. Cs Montclair Golf, Moutclair Ath- 
letic, Seaview Golf, Deal Golf, Newark 
Athletic. 1907 m Katherine E. Cux, Is 
Id; r 169 Midland ave. 
Bloedel, Julius H., Millionaire, Seattle, r 

1137 Harvard ave. N. 
Bloedel, Mrs. Nina Prentice, Sociologist, 
Seattle, Wash. Cs Sunset, Seattle Golf, 
Woman 's Athletic. 1898 m J.H. Bloedel, 
2s Id; r 1137 Harvard ave. 
Blome, Rudolph S., Contractor, Chicago. Ca 
Union I.ieague, Chicago Athletic, Build- 
ers, Lake Shore Athletic, Chicago Yacht 
Edgewater Golf, Chicago Riding, Illinois 
Golf, Knollwood. 1899 m Viola J. Dix, 
Id; r 2300 Lincoln Park W. 

Blood, Samuel S., Business President and 
Millionaire, New York City. He is pres- 
ident, treasurer and director American 
News Company, and trustee Broadway 
Savings Institution. Cs Union League, 
New York Athletic, Hardware, New 
York Genealogical and Biographical,and 
Chamber of Commerce, m Katharin An- 
toinette Utley; r Waldorf-Astoria. 

Bloodgood, John Van S., Author, New 
York Citv. Cs St. Nicholas, Riding, Turf 
and Field, S.A.R., Colonial Wars, St. 
George's. 1922 m Li da L. Fleitman, Id; 
r Setauket. L.T. 

Bloodgood, Joseph Colt, Surgeon, Balti- 
more. Cs Gibson Island, ^larvland. Johns 
Hopkins, m Edith Holt, Is Id; r 102 W. 
39th St. 

Bloom, Charles James, Physician, New Or- 
leans, La. Cs N. O. Tennis, Round Table. 
1919 m Gladys Marie Reiss, 2s; r 1213 
Marengo st. 

Bloom, Earl D., Lawver, Bowling Green, 
Ohio. 1895 m Eleanor G. Lathrop, Id. 

Bloom. Ralph, Importer, New York Citv. 
Cs Progress. 1904 m Claudia Graf, Is Id; 
r 740 West End ave. 

Bloomer. Millard J., Publisher and Author. 
New York Citv. Cs Press, National Pa- 
triot, Roosevelt Pilgrims. 1899 m Nellie 
Adams Chest, now deceased; r 240th st. 
and Centi-al Park E. 

Bloomer, Millard J., Jr., Lawyer, New- 
York City. Cs Columbia ITniversity. Ra- 
pier, American Olympic Fencers, Sank- 
bnrv Golf. 1925 m Katherine Livingston 
Broahead; r 64 W. 53rd st. 

Bloomingdale, Hiram C. Multi-Millionaire, 
New York Citv. r 330 Park ave. 

Bloomingdale, Irving I., Millionaire, New 
•dw :5(.iBj 0S8 -I "AITO '^■^^.\ 

Bloomingdale, Samuel J., MuUi-Millionaire 
New York City, r 470 Park ave. 

Bloren, John S., Millionaire, Devon, Pa. r 
Bjornhein, Waterloo road. 

a:mericax elite axd sociologist 

Bloss, S. M., Railroad President, Garyville, 
T>a. Ill Alice Williams, '2d. 

Blossom, Benjamin, Kealttir, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Union League, Lincoln of Brook- 
lyn, Garden City Country, r 333 West 
End ave. 

Blossom, Francis, Engineer, New York Ci- 
ty, lie is identified with Sanderson and 
Porter, engineers; and is vice-president 
and director Federal Light and Traction 
Comiiany. Cs University, Columbia Uni- 
versitv. City, Middav. 1900 ni Madeline 
Buck,' Is Id"; r .53 E.' 64th st. 

Blossom John Theodore, Broker, Gates Mill 
Ohio. He is director of athletics Yale 
ITniversity, and Board of Automobile 
Screw Products Company. Cs Tavern, 
Kirtland, Mavfield, Hermit all of New 
Haven, Yale of Xew York. 1914 m Beryl 
Scott, 2s Id; r North Woodland road. 

Blossom, Mrs. Julia Osborne Robinson, So- 

ci'logist, Brooklyn. 1900 m Fri'derick 
Warren Blossom, 2s 3d; r 266 Henry st. 

Blum, Edward C, Multi-Million aire, Brook- 
lyn, r 4.5 Plaza st. 

Blumenthal, Sidney, Business President, 
Xew York City. Cs Century, Congres- 
sional Country, Uptown, Art in Trades, 
Architeetura League, National Kepubli- 
can, City. 1903 m Lucy A. Picard, Is 2d; 
r 395 W. 19th st., and on Florival Farm, 
Peekskill, X.Y. 

Elltmer, Thomas S., Broker, Boston. Cs Ex- 
change, Somerset, Tennis and Racquet, 
Tavern, Myonia, Hunt, Harvard. 1918 m 
Nancv W. Scott; r Manchester-by-the- 
Sea, ]\rass. 

Elumeyer, Arthur A., Industrial Banker, 
St. Louis. Cs Missouri Athletic, Sunset 
Hill. Countrv. 1908 m Ada Geisel, Is 3r; 
r 3673 De Tonty. 

Blun. David. Multi-Millionaire, Chicago, r 
4950 WoofHawn sve. 

Blunt, Stanhope FngUsh, Eetired I^ieute- 
nant, Springfield, Mass. Cs LTniversity, 
Metropolitan. Army and Navy, Colonv, 
Country. 1873 m Fanny Smyth, 3d; r 83 
Pidgewood terrace. 

Blythe, Hu,e'>i Business Executive and So- 
ciolop'iwt. Chicago. 

Boacquerez, Leon, Banker and Capitalist, 
San Francisco. He is president Fi'^nch 
American Bank. Cs Pacific Union, Bur- 
lingame Countrv. Claremont Countrv, In- 
terallied Clnl) of Paris. 1908 m daire 
Chnbot, Id; r 250 Perrv st., Oakland, 

Boal, Ayres, Eealtor Investments, Chieaeo. 
Cs Chicago, Industrial, University, In- 
dian Hill. 1906 m Lesley Johnson, 3s Id; 
r 701 Sheridan road, Winnetka, 111. 

Boal, William S., Manufacturer, Chicago. 
Cs Lake Shore Athletic, City, r 1718 E. 
56th St. 

Boardman, Albert B., Millionaire, New 
York City, r 920 Fifth ave. 

Boardman, Edwin A., Insurance Broker, 
• Boston. Cs Harvard. 1900 in Elvia Bart- 
lett, 2d; r 636 Beacon st. 

Boardman, Francis, Railroad Engineer, 
Xew York City. Cs University, Yale, St. 
Andrews Golf. 1910 m Anne Magdonald 
Calef, 3s Id; r Quarrv Top, Riverdale-ou- 
Hudson, X.Y. 

Boardm!^n, Harold Sherburne, Professor 
and Civil Ena^ineer. (Jrono, ]Maine. Cs 
Boston Society of Civil Engineers, Am- 
erican Society of Civil Engineers, Maine 
Associations of Engineers. 1912 m Xellie 
T. Mann, Is Id; r 172 Main st. 

Boardman, John W., Manufacturer and Ca- 
pitalist. Detroit. Cs Detroit, Atliletic, 
Union League Chicago, Union League, 
Engineering. 1906 m Harriette Gold- 
siri'h Lake, Is 2d; i- Boardman Farms, 
•lackson, Mich. 

Boardman, Reginald, Broker, Boston, m 
('airic Tj. ^Mi'iiii, 2s; r Manchester. ]\Iass. 

Boardman, Richard DeB., Realtor, Boston, 
r 249 Xewbury st. 

Boardman, Walter Whitney, Physician, San 
Francisco. Cs Bohemian. 1916 m Eliza- 
beth Cole, Is Id; r 37 Walnut st. 

Bctwrlp^ht, Gertrude Flovd Harris, Vice- 
PTe»:id(Mit and Dean, Virginia College, 
Roanoke, Va. She is past vice-president 
and dean of the Virginia College. Cs Co- 
lonial Dames of Vi'-cinia. International 
I^ongfellows, Thursdav ^Vlusic, College, 
Woinens Federation. 1895 m .lames Samp- 
son Boatwrigtit, Id. 

Bobb, Dwif^ht St. John, Lawver and Lec- 
turer, Chicago. Cs Universitv, Harvard, 
Yale, Princeton, Midday, City, Exmoor 
Country, Evanston, University of Evens- 
ton. Unn^arried; r University Club, Ev- 
anston, 111. 

Bo'hrick. Arthur L.. Business President, 
Xew York City. 1920 m Edith Slavin; 
r '•'6 Gra"ievcv Park. 

Eochman, Charles F.. Manufacturer. Phil- 
adeliihia. Cs Union League, Art. Racquet 
1894 m .lean Fisher, Id; r 135 S. 18thst. 

Bocock. WiUis Henrv. Educator. Athens, 
Ga. Cs Cloverhonse Country. 1889 m Bes- 
sie Perry Friend. 

Bo'iansky. Arthur, ^Musical Conductor.Xew 
Yo.k Cit^-. 1909 m Ada Perutz, Is Id; r 
315 W. 100th St. 

Bodde, John R., Banker, Detroit. Cs De- 
troit, Country. Detroit Boat,Detroit Ath- 
letic. 1914 m Irene Curley; r 2903 Semi- 
nole ave. 



Eoddington, Arthur T., Retired Business 
11:111, Yoiikeis. 1S99 in Lillian De Forest, 
now deceased; 2d; r 'fM Palisade ave. 

Bode, Frederick, Eetired Business Man, 
New York City. Cs Chicago, Chicago 
Athletic, South Shore Country, Lotos, 
Garden City. 

Bcdine, William Warden, Public Utilities 
Official, Philadel]ihia. Cs Union League, 
Kittenhouse. 1915 m Angela R. Forney, 
3s Id; r Oakwell, Villanova, Pa. 

Bodman, George M., Millionaire, New 
York City, r 158 E. 66th st. 

Bodman, Harold C, Publisher, New Y'ork 
City. Cs North Hempstead Country of 
Long Island, Harvard, 1912 m Y'sabel de 
Teresa, Is; r Beacon Hill, Fort Washing- 
ton, Long Island. 

Bodman, Herbert L., Grain Merchant, New City. Cs City, Y^ale. 1918 ni Theo- 
dora Dunham, 2s Id; r Lawrence, Long 

Boeck, Loyis B., Manufacturer, New Y'ork 
City. Cs Maidstone Country, Biwanoy 
Coiintrv, Devon Y'acht. 1907 m Maud 
Knthven Bavless; r .SO E. 60th st. 

Bceckeler, Henry Adolph, Merchant, St. 
Louis. Cs Eacquet, City, St. Louis Coun- 
trv. 1901 m Elizabeth Clark, 2g Id; r 
4944 Lindell ave. 

Boecker, Herman H. F., Physician, New 
Y(irk Citv. 1897 m Madeline S. de Boes, 
Is 2d; r 2276 Creston ave. 

Boehni. William H., Banker, New York Ci- 
tA'. Cs American Soeietv of Mechanical 
Engineers, Engineers, Rose Technology. 
1894 m Addie Thurston; r 281 Edge- 
combe ave. 

BoerickP- Ad'^lph S., Realtor and Capita- 
list. Chicago. He is prominent in busi- 
ness and public affairs. Cs Hamilton, 
Lake Shore Athletic. Rigemoor Golf, and 
IMedinah Countrv. 1907 m Florence Tho- 
mas, 2s; r 524 Melrose st. 

Boethelt, Armin Richard, Banker, Cleve- 
land. He is prominent in business and 
pnblic affairs, Cs Mason. 1923 m Lucile 
Marrshall; r 2170 Mapllewood road,Cleve- 
l:nid Heights. 

Eoettcher, Charles, Business Exotutive, 
Ik-nver. r Brown Palace Hotel. 

Boettcher, Claude Kedzie, Banker, Denver. 
r 828 17th st. 

Bosard, Ben M., Clergyman and Lecturer, 
Little Rock, Ark. Cs Mason. 

Eocardus, Emory Stephen, Educator, Los 
Angeles, m Edith Pritchard; r 3551 ITni- 
versity ave. 

Eogart, Ernest Ludlow, Educator and Au- 
thor, X^rbana, 111. 1900 m Stella Marshall 
Is; r 1101 W. California st. 

Bogart, Harry Home, Priest and Capitalist 
Burnt Hills, N.Y. Cs Holland Society of 
New l\irk, Huguenot Society, m Marie 
Nelson, Is 4; r Burnt Hills, N.Y. 

Bogert, Henry Lawrence, Lawyer, New 
York City. 1879 m Carolina L. Osgood, 
now deceased; r 1344 Lexington ave. 

Bogert, Henry Lawrence, Jr., Investment 
Banker, New York City. Cs Rockaway 
Hunting, Midday, St. Nnicholas. 1910 m 
Elizabeth B. Sanford; r North Cedar- 
hurst ave., L.L, N.Y. 

Bogert, Marston Taylor, Professor, New 
York Citv. Cs Chevy Chase, Cosmos, Che- 
mists, Centurv. 1893 m 'Charlotte Eliza- 
beth Hoogland, 2d; r 422 W. 154th st. 

Bogert, Theodore Lava-ence, Exporter,New 
Y^irk City. Cs Columbia. 1908 m Susan 
E. Reid; r Yirginia Beach, A^a. 

Bogert, Theodore P., Insurance Broker, 
Providence. Cs Hope, Agawam Hunt, 
Providence Art, S.A.R., Annaquatueker 
Country, Colonial Wars. 1893 m Alice 
Danielson; r 141 Blackstone blvd. 

Bogg, George O., Realtor, Detroit. Cs De- 
troit, Detroit ;V thletic. Old, Detroit Cur- 
ling, Indian iVllage, Country. 1894 m 
M. Louise Breck, 2s Id; r 1015 Seminole 

Bos^gis, Herbert J., Business Executive, 
Cleveland. 1886 m Sarah W. Parsons, Is 
2d; r Ingleside Pud Lynton roads. 

Eoegs, Charles W., Publisher. Oklahoma 
Citv. Cs. Rotarv, Lotos. 1908 m Helen 
.Tefferson, Is; r 614 W. 16th st. 

Boggs, Francis Goodnow, Treasurer, Bos- 
ton. Cs Al<Tonquin, Harvard. Cohasset 
Gof, South Shore Countrv. 1908 m Clau- 
dia Trenhnlni, 2s 3d; r Fearing road, 
Hingham. Mass. 

Eopgs, J. Lawrence. Insurance Official, 
New York Citv. Cs S.A.R.. Church of 
Newark B^^v Head, Yacht. 1892 m Chris- 
tiana M. Newton; r 44 Spruce st., New- 
ark, N.J. 

EoP"gs, Thomas Richmond, Phvsician, Bal- 
timare. Cs Asociations of American Phy- 
sicians, Baltimore, Baltimore Country, 
Gibson Island. Unmarried; r 1013 North 
Calvert st. 

Bobien. Francis Herman. Educator, Cam- 
bridcre. Ma=«. Cs Pliiladebdiia. Pine Val- 
lev Golf. Gulf Mills. Racnuet. 1913 m 
Tiio-v?d T\leen. Is; r 95 Irving st. 

Bohn. William Theodore. Business Execu- 
tive and Capitalist. Detroit. He is vice- 
president Bohn Aluminum and Brass 
Company. Cs Detroit Athletic, Masonic 
Countrv. Aviation Countrv. 1903 m Isa- 
belle A. Braudt: r 1684 Burlingame ave. 
Detroit, and Morrison Townshinp, Clin- 



Bohon, Mrs. Eleanor Page, Sociologist, Los 
Angeles. 1898 m Joseph H. Bohon, now 
deceased, 3d; r 1245 W. Adams st. 

Bohri, Fred J., Bank Executive, Fountain 
City, Wis. Cs Arlington of Winona, 
Minn. 1897 m Augusta Schuster, Is 2d; r 
Fountain City, Wis. 

Boissevain, Adolph, Banker and Broker, 
Amsterdam, Holland. 1911 m Dorothy V. 

Boit, John, Artist, Washintgon. Cs Metro- 
jiolit.^n, Chevy Chase. 1904 m Louise 

Boland, Joseph M., Banker, Eureka, Mo. 
1913 m Elizabeth C. Dowling, 3s Id. 

BoJdt, Hermann Johannes, Surgeon and 
Gynecologist, New York City. Cs Royal 
College of Physicians in London, Na- 
tional and International Societies of 
Gynecology. 1891 m Hedwig Kruger, now 
deceased; Is. 

Bolens, H. W., Manufacturer and Editor, 
Port Washington, Wis. He is president 
Gilsou IMiuiufacturing Company, gaso- 
line engines and garden tractors, and of 
Milwaukee Automatic Printing Press 
Company. Cs Milwaukee, Tripoli Coun- 
try, Ozarkee Country, Wisconsin, Elks. 

Boles, Henry Leo, Clergvman and College 
President, Nashville, Tenn. He is presi- 
dent David Lipscomb College, and is 
contributing editor of Gospel Advocate. 
1906 m Ida Mae Meiser, Is. 

Boiler, Henry E., Manufacturer and Capi- 
talist, Buffalo. Cs various. 1884 m Annie 
A. Boenig; r 73 Norwood ave. 

Bol-n?er, John, Vice-President, Boston. 
1910 m Stella Schuy, 3d; r 38 Hobart 
roa d. 

BoUey, Henry Luke, Educator and Scien- 
tist, Fargo, N.D. Cs American Associa- 
tion for the Advancement of Science, 
Botanical Society of America, American 
Societv of Agronomy. 1896 m Frances 
Barnett Sheldon, Is Id: r 1002 7th st. 

Boiling, Alexander Russell, Army Officer. 
Atlanta, Gn. Cs American Legion. 1917 
ni ]\I. .Josephine Hoyer, Is 2d; r Fort Mc 

Boiling, Chpr'es Edward. Consulting Engi- 
neer, Richmond. Va. Cs Commonwealth. 
1894 m P;rk Chamberlavne Bagbv; r 
902 W. Gra.'o st. 

Boiling, George Melville, Professor. Colum- 
bus, Ohio. Cs Cosmos, Columbus Country. 
1898 m IrejK Johnson; r 777 Franklin 

Boiling, Richard Wilmer, Realtor, Wash- 
ington. Cs Che^-v Chase. Racquet. 1908 
m Eleanor H. Lutz, 2s 2d; r 2456 Tracy 

Bollinger. John, Backer. Boston. Cs Boston 
City, Exchange, Charles River Country, 

Bankers of America, New York Citv. 
1910 m Stella Shuy, Is 3d; r 38 Hobart 
road, Newton Center, Mass. 

Bollinger, James W., Law^jer, Davenport, 
Iowa. 1877 m Mary E. Gilman, Is. 

Bolton, Charles C, Millionaire, Cleveland, 
r 10701 E. Boulevard. 

Bolton, Charles H., Business President, Ir- 
win, Pa. Cs Pittsburgh Chamber of Com- 
merce, Aecacia of Williamsport, Mason. 

Bolton, Herbert Eugene, Educator and Au- 
thor, Berkeley, Cal. Cs Hildagos of Am- 
erica, New Mexico Historical. 1895 m 
Gertrude .James, Is 6d; r Berkeley, Cal. 

Bolton, Irving C, Business Executive, 
Cleveland. He is treasurer Warner Swa- 
sey Company and director Guardian 
Savings and Trust Company, and other 
corporations. Cs University, Tavern,Har- 
vard, Union, Country, Cleveland, Kirt- 
land Countrv. 1917 m Rachel Wilson, 2d; 
r 1639 E. 115th st. 

Bolton, J. Gray, Clergyman, Philadelphia. 
Cs Union League, Philadelphia Cricket, 
Lafayette Alumni, Union Theological 
SeminarA-. 1883 m Josephine Townsend; 
r 2109 Pine st. 

Bolton, James Wade, Banker, Alexandria, 
Pa. Cs Mfisons. 1896 m Marv Calderwood 
2s Id; r 1330 2nd st. 

Bolton, Louis Davant, Planter, Mansfield, 
Ga. Cs Detroit, Countrv, Detroit Athle- 
tic. 1898 m Dorothy Gray, Is Id; r 1027 
Burns ave., Detroit, .lud Mansfield, Ga. 

Bolton, Reginald Pelham, Engineer and 
Business President, New York City. Cs 
American Society of Civil Engineers, 
American Institution of Consulting En- 
gineers, New York Historical Societv. 
1892 m Ethelind Huvck; r 638 W. 158th 


Bcltwood, George Shepard, Member Law 
Firm, Grand Rapids, Mich. 1891 m Ma- 
ry Gernon Rice, Id; r 1139 .Tefferson ave 

Bonbright. William P., Millionaire, New 
York City, r Hotel Plaza. 

Bond, Barnard Q., Banker, Rochester. N. 
H. Cs City. Kiwanis, Elks, Mason. 1908 
ni e.Tssie Edwards, Is Id; r 86 Wakefield 

Bond, Edgeworth Wheeler, Physician, St. 
Louis. Cs University, St. Louis, St.Louis 
Country, Deer Plain. 1899 m Isabella 
Scudder, 2d; r 17 Vande venter st. 

Bond, Edwin, Insurance Executive and Ca- 
pitalist, Detroit. He is prominent in bus- 
iness and public affairs; and has held 
many positions of trust and honor. Cs 
various. He is prominent in business and 
public affairs; and has held man^' posi- 
tions of trust and honor. Cs vtnious. 
1902 m Lucy E. .Tones, Is Id; r 2492 
Boston blvd. 



Bond, George Hopkins, Lawyer, Syracuse, 
K.Y. He is prominent in the law. Cs Uni- 
versity. 1901 m Florence Cheney Wood- 
f(ir(l, "lis 111; r :!04 Walnut place. 

Bond, Marshal:, Finance Investments, San- 
ta Barbara, Cal. Cs University Clubs of 
Xew York, SeattUe and Santa Barbara, 
Montecito Country. 1890 m Amy L. Bur- 
nett, L!s; r 328 K. Islay st. 

Bend, Oliver James, College President, 
Charleston, S.C. Cs Charleston Country, 
Eotarv, Past Grand Chancellor Knights 
of Pythias, Carolina Golf. 1889 m Mary 
Fishburne Roach, Is; r The Citadel. 

Bond, Ralph Aldrich, T^imberman, Chica- 
go. Cs University, Yacht, Chicago Golf, 
Racquet, Saddle "and Cvcle. 1905 m Con- 
stance Walsh, Ir; r 1205 N. State st. 

Bond, S. Hazen, Lawyer, Washington. Cs 
University, City, m Mabel Cornish; r 
Dumblaue, 42nd and Warren sts. 

Bond, Seth M.. Multi-Millionaire, Cleve- 
land, r 1680 South Park blvd. 

Bond, Walter Huntington, Lawyer. New 
^'ork City. Cs Colonial Wars, Mayflower 
Descendants, Cincinnati, S.A.R., Amer- 
ican Wars, New England Society. 1914 
n. Mary Madeline Morgan, Is Id; r 126 
Stewart ave.. Garden City, Long Island, 
&nd in summer Bethel, Me. 

Bonelli, Edward Hood, Realtor and Capi- 
talist, Boston. Cs Harvard, University, 
Brae Burn Country, Longwood Cricket, 
Boothbay Yacht. 1907 ni Emma A.White 
Is Id; r West Newton, Mass. 

Bonner, Charles George, Business Presi- 
dent and Capitalist, Fresno, Cal. He is 
president Bonner Packing Company. Cs 
Fresno Seaview, Sunnvside Country, and 
Klks. 1893 m Louise Tripp, Is Id; r 1037 
T'aniVjridee ave. 

Bonner, Clark J.. Insurance Broker, Los 
Angeles. Cs California, University, Los 
Angeles, m Violet Sheppard, 2s; r 510 
S. Arden blvd. 

Bonner, David, Civil Engineer. New York 
Citv. Cs Princeton. 1917 m Marion Mil- 
ler, Is; r Wayne, Rve, N.Y. 

Borjier, Edward J., Professor, Rochester, 
N.Y. 1901 m Nettie E. Waterbury, Is 
I'd; r 165 Wellington ave. 

Bonner, Hoyt C, Business Executive, New 
York Citv. Cs Coller^e Fraternity. 1920 m 
Cavdlvn Cole; r 272 Lincoln place.Brook- 

Eo^ney, George, Cotton Broker, New York 
C;tv. 1903 m Mary Battey, 2s; r 701 W. 
179th St. 

Bonsai, W. Roscoe, Business Executive. Le- 
ufix. :Mass. Cs Baltimore, Marvland. Re- 
cess, Princeton, Lenox, Everglades. 1S99 
m Mary Winburn Potter, 2s Id. 

Bontecon, Danie', Civil Engineer, Mama- 
roneck, N.Y. Cs Engineers. 1885 m Na- 
thalie Koldredge, 4s Id. 
Bontecou, Ficderlc Holdredge, Broker, of 
Port Chester, N.Y. 1917 m Cornelia 
Thurston Metcalf, Is 2a; r Port Chester, 
Boocock, Murray, Agriculturist and Fruit 
Grower, Keswick, Va. He is a member of 
the Committee of Co-operative Educa- 
tion Association of Virginia. Cs Yale, 
New York Yacht, Bankers, Westmore- 
land of Richmond, Country, Colonade, 
University of Virginia. 1894 m Ada Mi- 
riam Dike, 2s; r Castalia. 
Bcocock, Samuel W., Millionaire,B Brook- 

Ivn. r 87 .Toralemon st. 
Boogher, John Pitts, Broker, New York 
Citv. Cs University, National Arts. 1907 
m Susan Meriwether, Is; r 20 Gramercr 
Booerher, Lawrence, Merchant, St. Louis. 
1903 m Frances Benton Arnold, Id; r 
6241 Waterman ave. 
Booker, John Manning, Professor of Eng- 
lish, Chapel Hill, N.C. 1917 m Nell Lewis 
Battle. 2d. 
Booker, William Fred, Insurance Execu- 
tive, Louisville, Ky. Cs Louisville Coun- 
try, Pendenis. 1901 m Mathilde Wil- 
liams. Is Id: r 2523 Ramsdell ave. 
Bookman. Samuel, Physiological Chemist, 
New York City. Cs American As.socia- 
tion for Advancement of Science, Socie- 
ty of Biological Chemists, Harmonic, 
Cenutrv Country. 197 m Olga Bhni, Is 
2d; r 38 E. 82nd st. 
Bookser. John R., Lumberman, Buffalo. 
Cs Kni'i'hts Templar, Mystic Shrine, Au- 
to. 1919 m Alice E. Hickey; r 2448 De- 
laware ave. 
Boo'e, Ella Alexander, Business President- 
and Capitalist, Evanston. 111. Cs State 
Federation of Women's Clubs, Women's 
Press, Daughters of American Revolu- 
tion, m Rev. William H. Boole, now de- 
ceased. Id; r 377 Parkside ave., New 
York City. 
Boo^e, George Warren, Business Executive, 
Seattle. Was. Cs Rainier. 1905 m E. 
Schram. Is: r 1658 Federal ave. 
Boomer, Lucius Messenarer, Hotel Proprie- 
tor and Millionaire. New York City. He 
is a successful hotel owner and operator 
and president of Boomer-dn-Pont Prop- 
erty Cornoration. Cs I^nion League, Slee- 
pv Hollow, Mavf lower Societv, New 
York Athletic. 1921 m Jorgine Stellide, 
Is Id: r 300 Park ave. 
Boone, R. Sanchez. Banker, Baltimore. 1904 
m Ada O'Donnell, 2s 2d; r 1221 N. Cal- 
veit st. 



Boone, William Judson, College President, 
Caldwell, Idaho. 1887 m Annie Elizabth 
Jamison, Is 3d. 

Booraen, J. Francis, Consulting Engineer 
and Capitalist, New York City. 1899 m 
Alice A. Robert, 3d; r Greenwich, Conn. 

Boorth, Edward J., Millionaire, Burling- 
ton, Vt. r 438 College st. 

Boot, George W., Physician, Chicago. 1899 
ni Estelle H. Bennett; r Evanston, 111. 

Booth, Ballington, Philanthropist and Lec- 
turer, New York City. 1886 m Maud 
Charlesworth, Is Id; r Blue Point, L.I. 

Booth, Clarence H., Banker, Detroit. Cs 
Detroit Boat, Athletic, Old, Detroit, and 
Bloonifield Country, m Clara Coleman; r 
Edgevale, I^ne Pine road, Birmingham, 

Booth, Ewing E., Army Officer, Port Riley 

. Kan. 1892 m Elizabeth Williams, Id; r 
Comman<lihg Officers Headquarters. 

Booth, George G., Publisher, Detroit. Cs 
Detroit, Automobile, Michigan, Bloom- 

, .. iield Hills Countrv., Pine Lake Country, 
Detroit Athletic. "l8S9 .m Ellen Warren 
Seripps, 3s 2d;r Cranbrook, Birmingham 
Mich. . , 

Booth, Herman Walstein, Lawyer and Fin- 

■ ancier. New York City. : Cs New York 

■ . Stock Exchange. 1895 m Eva Lena Mil- 
ler; r New York. City. 

Booth, James S., Millionaire, Pasadena, Cal. 
r 1771 Linda Vista road. , •. 

Booths James Seripps, . Artist, Detroil. Cs 

- Scarab, Detroit Athletic, Valley Hunt of 
Pasadena, Cal. 1910 m Jean A.., Mc- 

. 1 aughlin. Is 2d: r 8162 E. Jefferson ave. 

Booth, John.E.., Physician, Rochester, N. 
Y. Cs Universitv, Monroe Golf, New 
York State Medical, Rochester. County 
Medical. 1816 m Margaret Perrin; r 311 
Park ave. 

Booth, Lloyd, Manufacturer, Niles Ohio. 
Cs. Harvard of New York and Boston, 
Bankers of New York, Union of Cleve- 
land, Union League of Chicago. 1915 m 
Lauretta Tngraham Thomas, Is Id; r 
1350 5th ave., Youngstown, Ohio. 

Booth, Mrs. Maud Ballington, Missionary 
and Author, New York Citv. Cs Womans 
Athletic of Chicago, m Ballington Booth 
Is Id: r 34 W. 28th st. 

Booth. Ralph Harman, Publisher. Detroit. 
Cs Detroit, Country, D.A.C., Bloomfield 
Hills Country, Detroit Boat, Scarab, Au- 
to, Players, Society of Arts and Crafts. 
1906 mMary M. Batterman, Is Id; r 315 
Washington road, Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

Booth, Warren Seripps, Publisher, Detroit. 
He is director, assistant business man- 
asjer and acting secretarv Evenins; News 
Association, and publisher Dailv News. 
Cs Detroit, D.A.R., Universitv, Yale of 

New York, Detroit Country, Bloomfield 
Country. 1921 m Alice Sedgwick New- 
comb, Id; r 2950 Iroquois ave. 

Soothe, Mrs. Florence Louise Youmans, 
Sociologist, Pasadena, Cal. Cs D.A.R. 
1877 ni Charles Beach Boothe, 5s 3d; r 
1515 Garfield ave. 

Booz, John Taylor, Lawyer, Chicago. Cs 
American Bar, State Bar, City, Picnic, 
Fields CountryY, Southern Society of 
Chicago, Lincoln Park Lodge. 1922 m 
Ethel Irene Parks; r 727 Bittersweet pi. 

Borden, Bertram H., Multi-Millionaire, 
New York City, r Hotel Plaza. 

Borden, Daniel LeRay, Educator, Washing- 
ton. Cs Chevy Chase, LTniversity, City. 
1917 m Pauline Patterson Stone, 2s; r 
2337 Ashmead place. 

Borden, Gerald Mark, Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs University, Yale, Minn. League 
Sleepy. Hollow. 1898 m Lucille Papin; r 
515 Madison ave. 

Borden,, Hpward Seymour, Business Execu- 
tive and Multi-Millionaire, New Yorrk 
City. Cs Yale, Union League, Army and 
NavY, Rumson. Countrv. 1900 m Edith 

- Carolina Curtis, 3s Id; r 280 Park ave. 

Borden, lyey Lewis, Capitalist, San Fran- 
cisco. 1888 m Hattie Belle Thompson, 
Id; r Clift Hotel. 

Borden, James Bean, Banker and Broker, 
•Philadelphia. Cs Union, and Whitemarsh 
Country, r 1510 Chestnut st. 

Borden, John, Lawyer and Business Exec- 
utive, Chicago. Cs Union, Chicago, Nome 
Kennels, Arctic, Brotherhood, ni Ellen 
Waller, 2d; r 1020 Lake Shore drive. 

Borden, Lewis Mercer, Merchant and Man- 
ufacturer, New York City. Cs Union 
League, Bankers, New York Athletic, 
Cherrv Vallev, Riding:. 1906 m Mar>3 
Jaekel, 2s 2d; r 40 W. 74th st., East- 
hampton, Tj.T. 

Borden, Seth, A., Multi-Millionaire, Fall 
River, Mass. r 709 Hanover st. 

Borden, William Ayres, Army Officer, of 
Washington. 1917 m Dorothv Adams, 3d; 
r 2855 29th st. N.W. 

Borden, William C, Surgeon, Washington. 
Cs Armv and Navy, m Jennie E. Adams; 
r 2306 Tracy place. 

Borg, John, Business Executive, New York 
City. Cs Associated Press, American In- 
stitute of Mininsr and Metallurgical En- 
gneers. 1905 m Hazel M. Gowen, Is Id; 
r Hackeiisack, N.J. 

Borg, Sdney C, Millionaire, TarrytoAvn, N. 
Y. r Sunnyside lane. 

Borglum, Gutson de M., Sculptor, Samford 
Conn. Cs Players of New York, Metropo- 
litan of Washington, m Mary W. Mont- 



Borgmeier, Adolph J., Lawyer, Chicago. Cs 
Lake .Shore Athletie, Edgewater Beach. 
Athletic, Iroquois, Knights of Columbus 
Modern Woodmen. 1906 m Wilhelmine 
K. Loth, Is 2d; r 5100 N. Long ave. 

Eorie, Adolphe E., 3rd, Printer, Philadel- 
phia. 19(17 m Edith Pettit, Is; r 4100 
Pine St. 

Borie, Beauveau, Millionaire, Abington,Pa. 

Borie, W. J. Sewell, Broker, Philadelphia. 
Cs Athletic. 192(J m Martha T. Mc Allis- 
ter, Is 2d; r 114 W. Springfield ave, 
Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Boring, WiUiam Alciphron, Architect, New 
York City. Cs Columbia University, Cen- 
tury. 1895 m Florence Elizabeth Kim- 
ball, Is Id; r 440 Kiverside drive. 

Borland, Bruce, Business Executive, Chi- 
cago. Cs Chicago, r 1425 Astor st. 

Borland, Chauncey B., Realtor, Chicago. 
Cs Onwentsia. 1904 m Belle Me Cullough 
.3d; r 2450 Lake View ave. 

Borland, Harriet, Sociologist, Chicago. She 
is prominent in social circles. 

Borland, John J., Business Executive and 
Sociologist, Chicago. 

Born, Edgar R., Manufacturer, Chicago. Cs 
Lake Shore Country, Standard, Down 
Town. 1909 m Adeie Swabaker, 2d; r 
, Glencoe, 111. 

Born, Samuel H.,, Business President, of 
Brooklyn. Cs Trenton Candy Square, and 
Union. 1923 m Anna E. Shaffer, Is; r 
Linden st and Bushwick ave. 

Bornfield, Charles Lybrand, Surgeon, Cin- 
cinnati. Cs Cincinnati Automobile. 1902 
m Grace Finnley, Is Id. 

Bcrnschein, Franz Carl, Violinist, Compo- 
ser and Conductor, Baltimore. Cs. Balti- 
more Music. 1906 m Hazel Knot; r 708 
E. 20th St. 

Borst, Theodore, Business President,, Fra- 
mingham Center, Mass. Cs Boston City, 
Eockport Country. 1908 ni Sara Cone 
Brvant; r 93 Hancock ave., Xewton Cen- 
ter, :Mass. 

Borton, George W., Engineer, Philadelnhia. 
Cs University. Barrel Island Gun, Long 
Beach, Cornell, Franklin Institute, and 
Pennsvlvania Athletic. 1899 m Elizabeth 
A. Lippincott; r 246 Harvey st., Ger- 
niantown, Pa. 

Bosak. Edward A.. Banker. Scranton. Pa. 
He is yirominently identified in business 
and public affairs. Cs Scranton. Country 
Blooming Grove Hunting and Fishing of 
Glen Ayre, Pa., Abington Hills Countrv. 
1917 m Marie D. Megargee, Is; r 1113 
Electrir' st.. Scranton, Pa. 

BosbvsheU, Edward C, B.inkpr and Capi- 
talist, Los Angeles. Cs Los Angeles 
Country, University, Los Angeles Athle- 

tic, Catalina, Los Angeles Yacht. 1908 
m Huston Bishop, Is Id; r 125 8. High- 
land ave. 

Bosler, Charles H., Manufacturer, Dayton, 
Ohio. Cs Davton Countrv, Miami Valley 
Golf. Dayton City, Dayton Bicycle. 1896 
m Bessie C. Kumler, 3s; r 51 Grafton av. 

Bosler, William Daniel, Lawyer, New York 
City. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. 1923 m An- 
nette Neiman; r Hollis, N.Y. 

Bosley, John, Jr., Farmer, Monkton Post- 
office, Md. Cs Baltimore, Hartford Hunt. 
1917 m Hammond Cromwell, Is. 

Bosquette, Thomas J., Business Manager, 
Detroit. Cs Detroit, Detroit Country, 
Yondotega, University, Old. r 1600 Real 
Estate Exchange Bldg. 

Bossom, Alfred Charles, Architect, New- 
York City. Cs Riding, Ajiawamis, Cham- 
ber of Commerce, British Schools, Uni- 
versity. 1910 m Emily Bayne, 3s; r 270 
Park ave. 

Bosson, Albert D., Millionaire, Boston, r 
27 Hereford st. 

Bosson, Joseph Emei'son, Banker, Atlanta, 
Ga. 1896 m Anne Shellman, 2s; r 636 
Peachtree st. 

Bostick, ElUs Houston, Business President 
and Capitalist. Amite, La. He is ])resi- 
dent Gullett Gin Company. Cs New Or- 
leans Country, Southern Yacht, Louisi- 
ana Jockey, New Orleans Zoological So- 
ciety, life member New England Geneo- 
logical Society. 1891 m Maude E. King, 
now deceased, 3s 2d. 

Boston, Leonard Napoleon, Phvsician, Lec- 
turer and Author, Philadelphia. He is 
associate professor of medicine at Gra- 
duate School LTniversity of Philadelphia. 
Cs County Medical Society, State Medi- 
cal, National Medical Societv, Rotarv of 
Philadelphia, Societv of War of 1912. 
1905 m Caroline Crandall, Id; r 2024 
Chestnut st. 

Bostwick, Arthur Elmore, Librarian and 
Author, St. Louius. 1885 m Lucy Sawyer 
r 4464 ^Maryland ave. 

Bostwick, Charles Dibble, Comptroller,Ith- 
aca, N.Y. He is comptroller at Cornell 
University, vice-president of Tompkins 
Countv National Bank, and director Ith- 
aca National Bank and Tompkins Coun- 
ty National Bank of Ithaca. Cs Cornell, 
Ithaca Countrv. 1903 m Lera Lawrence 
Cobb, Is Id; r'803 E. Seneca st. 
Bostwick, Harrv Rice, Capitalist, of San 
Francisco. Cs Bohemian, Family. 1900 m 
Emma Lake Hunt: r 2770 Broadway. 

Boswell. James Griffin, Cotton IVferchant 
and Broker, Los Angeles, Cal. He is 
president .J. G. Boswell Company. Os Ca- 



lifoinia, Midwick Country, Valley IJuiit. 
Iiil9 m Mrs. Kaymond J.'MsPhee; r 3UU 
Arroyo drive, Pasadena, Cal. 

Bosweii, Leslie A., Investment Broker, Pro- 
vidence, R.I. Cs Lotos, Players, Ameri- 
can Legion. 1921 m Edith Bogert, 2d; r 
90 Oriole ave. 

Eoswell, Paul W., Business President, Cin- 
cinnati. Cs Cincinnati Country. 1917 ni 
Irene Orr Picton, Is Id; r 1743 E. Mc 
Millan st. 

Bosworth, Charles A., Banker and Millio- 
naire, Cincinnati. Cs Queen City, Cincin- 
nati Country, Business Mens, Blaine, 
Snow Hill Country. 1884 m Jessie \V. 
Clark, 2s; r Grandon road. 

Bosworth, Charles Wilder, Lawyer, Spring- 
field, Mass. Cs Colony, Lenox, American 
and State Bar. 1917 m Rachel Rising 
Woods; r Hotel Kimball, Springfield,and 
in Lenox, Mass. 

Bosworth, Francke Huntington, Jr., Archi- 
tect, Ithaca, N.Y. Cs University, Cen- 
tury. 1902 m Fanny H. Foote, 2d; r 916 
Stewart ave. 

Bosworth, Newton Cassim, Business Presi- 
dent, Cleveland. 1874 m Cora R. Robbins, 
2s Id; r Fruitland, Fla. 

Bothwell, James, Broker, Seattle.Wash. Cs 
Rainier, Mason. 1888 m Minnie Thorn- 
dyke; r 120 W. Highland drive. 

Botsford, Elmer Francis, Lawyer, Realtor, 
Plattsburgh, N.Y. Cs Rod" and GuYn, 

Botsford, Ne!son Harwley, Business Exec- 
utive and Capitalist, New York City. Cs 
Union, Veterans, Association of N. H. 
Gravs Second Regiment C.N.G. 1891 m 
A. C. C. Ahsler, Is 3d; r 181 Montrose 
ave., Rutherford, N.J. 

Bott, Clarence Nicholas, Contractor, New 
Orleans, La. Cs American Society of Ci- 
vil Engineers. 1918 m Lillian E. Dema- 
rest, Is Id; r 1479 Calhoun st. 

Bottomley, Allen T. W., Banker, Honolulu, 
Hawaii. Cs Pacific, University, Oahu 
Country, Commercial, Hawaii Polo and 
Racing. 1903 m Grace Jordan, Is; r 2540 
Ferdinand ave. 

Bouden, John E., Jr., Millionaire, New Or- 
leans r 7:'iOO St. Charles ave. 

Bouffleur, Albert Irving, Surgeon, Seattle, 
Wash. 1913 m Charlotte Martin; r 303.5 
Cascade drive. 

Boughton, Fred Grant, Professor, Sioux 
Falls, S.D. Cs Rotarv. 1897 m Margaret 
S. Pearce, 2s 2d: r 1613 S. Duluth ave. 

Eoulton, Alfred John, Realtor, Brooklyn. 
190.5 m Frances Schroeder, 2s Id: r 59 
Onincv St., Brooklyn, and in Shelter 
Heights, N.Y. 

Boullcn, Howard, Bioker, New York City. 
Cs RockaAvay Hunting, Yale, University. 
1910 m Grace R. Jones, now deceased, 
Is 2d; r Hewlett, N.Y. 

Bourke, Leo A., Business President, Peta- 
lunia, Cal. Cs Rotary, Petalunia Golf and 
Count. y, Tamalpais Meadow, Olympic. 
1923 m Frances McGaha. 

Bourn, Augustus Osborn, Sociologist, Bris- 
tol, R.I. Cs I'niversity, Art. 1863 m Eli- 
zabeth Robeits Morrill, 3s 2d; r Seven 

Bourne, Arthur K., Retired Business Exec- 
ecutive. New York City. He is prominent 
in business and public affairs. Cs Union, 
New York Yacht, Athletic, Knowland 
Country, Midwick Country, Annandale 
Golf, Automobile. 1921 m Emily Louise 
Miller, 2d; r 641 S. Hill st., Pasadena, 

Bourne, Charles Griswold, Public Accoun- 
tant and Financier, New York City. Cs 
various. 1911 m Mrs. Amalie Bavs, Id; 
r 11 E. 9th St. 

Bourne, Frank A., Architect, Boston. Cs 
Harvard, I'nion Boat. 1904 m Gertrude 
Beals, Is; r 130 Mount Vernon st. 

Bo'ime, W. B., Business Executive, San 
Francisco. He is chairman of board of 
Spring Vallev Water Company, and is 
prominently identified Avith business and 
public affairs, r 425 Munson st. 

Eoushall, Thomas C, Banker, Richmond, 
Va. Cs Westmoreland. 1922 m Marie M. 
Lebbyq, Id. 

Boutell, Henry Sherman, Lawyer, Chicago. 
Cs University, Loval Legion, Chicago 
T iterarv Society. 1880 m Euphemia L. C. 
Gates, '2s Id; r 1532 22nd st., Washing- 
ton. D.C. 

Bouteli; Hugh Gates, Mechanical Engineer, 
Washington. Cs American Society of Me-, 
chanical Engineers. 1915 m Mary Mal- 
ing Bourne. Id; r 3723 Jocelyn st. 

BoutweU. William Eowe, Business Execu- 
tive, Norfolk, Va. He is prominent in 
business and public affairs. Cs Virginia, 
Westmoreland. Business Men 's. National 
Press of Washington. 1899 m Mary Ii}i- 
zabeth Cocke; r Albermarle court. 

Bouvier, John Vernore, Jr., Lawyer, New 

York Citv. Cs Order of Cincinnati, S.A. 
R., Loyal Legion, Raccjuet, Union. Essex 
County Country. 1891 m Maude F. Ser- 
geant, 2s 3d; r 521 Park ave. 

Bouvier, Maurice, Millionaire, New York 
C'tv. r 580 Park ave. 

Bovard, Oliver Kirby, Editor, St. Louis. 
1902 ni Suzanne Thompson; r Winbridge 
Farm, Conwav and Ballas roads. Clayton 



Bovey, Charles Cranston, Merchant, Min- 
neapolis. Cs Minneapolis. 1898 m Kate 
Koon, I's Id; r 4(10 Clifton ave. 

Bovey, William Howard, Business Execu- 
tive, Minneapolis. Cs Minneapolis, Mine- 
kahda, Lafavette, Woodhill. 1896 m Flo-, 
rence Lyman, Is Id; r 212 W. Franklin 

Bowden, Laurens R. Business Executive, 
New York Citv. Cs Yale, m Cary L.Wode 
Bliss; r 55 E.' 86th st. 

Bowditch, IngersoU, Trustee and Millio- 
naire, Boston. Cs Union Club, Harvard. 
m Sylvia C. Scudder, 2s Id; r 32 Wood- 
land road, Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

Bowditch, Vincent Yardley, Physician, 
Boston. Cs Massachusetts Medical, r 506 
Beacon st. 

Bowdoin, George Temple, Banker, New 
York Citv. He is assistant treasurer of 
Bankers Trust of New York. Cs Union, 
Eacquet and Tennis, Piping Pock, Creek, 
Automobile, New York Yacht, St. Nich- 
olas. 1919 m Emily C. Ligon, Id; r 104 
E. 37th St. 

Bowe. William J. Business Executive and 
Financier, New York City. Cs various. 
1903 m Creorffia M. Kelly, 4s 3d; r 118 
W. 77th St. 

Bowe, Wythe Davis, Eealtor, Richmond, 
Ya. 1911 m Bessie Glinn, Is Id; r 1700 
Grove ave. 

Bowen, Anna Cornelia, Teacher and Wri- 
ter, Batavia, N.Y'. She is prominent in 
business and social affairs. Cs American 
Societv for Physic Research, English So- 
ciety "for Physic Research, Society for 
the Advancement of Science, r 210 E. 
Main st. 

Bowen, Arthur John, Universitv President 
Nanking, China. Cs University Seattle, 
American Academv Political and Social 
Science. 1897 m Nora Jones, Is 3d; r 
Minneapolis eMdical School. 

Bowen, Charles Clark II, Insurance Exec- 
utive, Detroit. He is secretary Standard 
Accident Insurance Company of Detroit. 
Cs Country, University, Players. College 
I'raternity. 1916 m Geraldine Jar vis, 3s 
Id; r 5435 Woodward ave. 

Bowen, Clarence Winthrop, Publisher, Au- 
thor and Financier, New York City. Cs 
Historical Societ-s-. Colonial Society of 
Boston. 1892 m Roxana A. Wentworth, 
Id: r 5 E. 63rd st. 

Bowen, Clymer S., Business Executive and 
Sociologist, Chicago. 

Bowen, Edgar W., Seedsman, Detroit. Cs 
Universitv, Boat, Plavers, Fine Arts. 
1914 m Helen Gablbe, 3s Id: r 725 Van 
Dvke ave. 

Bowen, Frank Page, Banker, Centralia, 
Kan. 1826 m Mary Merrill, Is Id; r Kan- 
sas City. 
Bowen, Frederick J., Physician and Sur- 
geon, Mount Morris, N.Y. Cs Buffalo 
Consistory, Medical Societies and Coun- 
ty, State and American; and Rochester 
N.Y. Academy of Medicine. 1891 m Am- 
anda H. Whitney, Is Id; r Johnstown, 
and Livingston, N.Y. 
Bowen, Frederick O., Physician and Sur- 
geon, Chicago. Cs Ridgemoor Country, 
Medinah Country, Chicago Yacht, Medi- 
cal Arts. 1890 m Ada M. Robertson; r 
845 Buena ave. 
Bowen, Henry, Chemist and Manufacturer, 
Philadelphia. Cs Racquet, Manufactur- 
ers. 1921 m Corinne Eennert; r Torres- 
Bowen, Joseph Tilton, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago, m Gwendolyn High 
r 126 Washington ave.. Lake Forest, 111. 
Bowen, Lem W., Millionaire, Detroit, r 

5435 Woodward ave. 
Bowen. Paul Murray, Insurance Exe.'utive 
and Capitalist, Detroit. He is vice-pres- 
ident Standard Accident Insurance Com- 
pany. Cs Detroit, University, Detroit 
Country, Plavers, Rockawav Hunt. 1917 
m Helen H. Blauvelt, 2d; r 8120 E.Jef- 
ferson ave. 
Bowen, Richard LeBaron, Manufacturer 
and Capitalist, Providence. Cs various. 
1917 m IVIarjorie Champlin, Is Id; r Re- 
hoboth, Mass. 
Bowen, Wilbur Pardon, Educator and Au- 
thor, Ypsilanti.Mich. 1898 m Lois Knapp 
Is 4d; r 1020 Washtenaw ave. 
Bower, Joseph A., Business Executive,New 
York City. Cs Union League of New- 
York and Chicago, Detroit Athletic,Mid- 
dav Lunch. Bankers of New York. 1905 
m "Amma O. Wuelfing, 2s Id; r 136 Up- 
per Mountain ave., Montclair, N.J. 
Bowers, Larkin Bruce, College President, 
Salina, Kan. Cs Rotary, Masons. 1918 m 
Virginia Smith. 
Bowers, Spotswood Dandridge, Lawver, 
New York Citv. Cs Union, Calumet Rid- 
ing, Colonial Wars, S.A.R.. St. Nicholas, 
Rockaway Hunting, Richmond County 
Country. 1918 m Marjorie Sampson 

Smith. 4s; r 4 E. 77th st. 
Bower, Jerome P., Business President, Chi- 
cago. 191S m Katherine Channon, Is Id. 

Bowey, Charles Francis, Manufacturer, 
Chicago. Cs Sonth Shore Country. Chica- 
go Athletic, Evanston Golf. Chicago, 
Y'acht. 1<900 m Genevieve F. Fyfe. 23; r 
190 E. Chestnut st. 



Bowie, George Calvert, Realtor and Capi- 
talist, \Vashinfa;ton. Cs L'nivorsitv, Co- 
luniVjia Country, Washington Gun, Ma- 
sonic, Shrine. 1914 ni Susan B. Sheriff, 
now deceased, 2s; r 29(15 Woodland drive 

Bowie, Sydney Johnston, Lawyer, States- 
man, Birmingham, Ala. He is president 
Browfords Auto Shop, Incorporated and 
is past member of Congress. Cs Southern 
Country. 1S91 m Annie F. Etheridge, 2d. 

Bowie, Walter Russell, Clergyman, Xew 
York City. 19119 m Jean Laverack, Is 3d; 
r S02 Broadway. 

Bowker, Horace, Business Executive, Xew 
York City. 1901 m Adelaide K. Greene, 
Is 2d; r Hewlett, Long Island, X.Y. 

Bowler, Robert Bonner, Architect and En- 
gineer, Xew York Citv. Cs Harvard, St. 
Xicholas. 1905 m Charlotte Mills, Is Id. 
1917 m Gladys Stout, Is; r 1088 Park 

Bowler, Walter S., Banker, Cleveland. Cs 
Mid-da V, Enion, Countrv, Pike, Kirtland 
Pepper' Pike. 1903 m Helen E. Rockefel- 
ler, Is Id; r 2911 S. Park blvd. 

Bowles, Francis Tiffany, President. Bos- 
ton. Cs Metrojiolitan, University, JTnion, 
Odd Volumes. 1886 m Adelaide Hay Sav- 
age, Is Id; r 148 Marlborough st. 

Bowles, Philip Ernest, Banker, San Fran- 
cisco. Cs Pacific I^nion, University, Mc- 
Cloud Countrv, Commercial, Claremont 
Country of Oakland. 1883 m Mary A. 
Mac Xear, 2s Id; r Pines, Broadway ter- 
race and Prospect drive, Oakland, Cal. 

Bowley, Albert Jesse, Army Officer, Wash- 

Bowman, Alpbens Henry, Retired Army 
Officer, Washington. Cs Cosmos. 1898 m 
Tjillie J. Bartlett; r 1905 Kalomona road. 

Bowman. Herbert L..Bookseller, XeAv York 
Citv. Cs Xew York Athletic, Xew York 
I'ennis, Mt. Vernon University, Briar- 
cliff Lodsre Tennis, Booksellers League. 
T 20 Oriole ave, BronxviHe, X.Y. 

Bowman. John Brady, Educator. Alliance, 
Ohio. Cs Wranglers, Alliance McKinlev. 
1892 Til Hattie May Wert. 1901 m Xellie 
Mac Whitney, 2s; r 602 W. State st. 

Bowman, John McE.. Hotel Owner and 
Multi-]\''^illionaire, Xew York City. Cs 
Aero, Pile'rims, Bohemian, Xew York 
Athletic. Turf and Field, Blind Brook 
Golf, Greenwich Countrv, Knowlwood 
Countrv. 1919 m Clarice Paterson; r Ho- 
tel Biltmore; and Stonehedge, Port Ches- 
ter. X.Y. 

Bowman. Lloyd. Civil Engineer. Santa 
C'-ur, Cal. Cs Universitv of California. 
1907 m Eli«e Grepo^v Richardson; r 
EagleAvood, Soquel, Cal. 

Eowron, James, Millionaire, Birmingham, 
Ala. r 2U28 Highland ave. 

Eoyce, Charles Prevost, Banker and Capi- 
talist, Baltimore. Cs ]\[erchants, Mary- 
land, Baltimore. 1921 m Caroline Allen 
Ellicott, 2d; r Belvedere and Roland 

• aves., Roland Park, Md. 

Boyce, Fred G-., Jr., Banker, Baltimore. He 
is vice-president Mercantile Trust and 
Deposit Company. Cs Maryland, Elk- 
ridge Hunting. Baltimore Countrv. Mer- 
chants. 1914 m Sophie R. Meredith, 2s 
2d; r 4102 Greenway. 

Boyce, Harrison H., Business Executive, 
Xew York City, m Xancy Hawthorne, 
Id; r Jericho, L.I. 

Eoyce. Mrs, Sophie Meredith, Sociologist, 
Baltimore. Cs Baltimore, Elkridge Hunt, 
Bass Rocks Golf, m Fred C. Bovce, Jr., 
2s 2d; r 4102 Greenway, Guilford. 

Boyd, Charles M., Business President, Bos- 
ton. Cs Algonquin. Tedesco, Belmont. 
1886 m Jennie E. Parker, Is 2d; r New- 
ton, !Mass. 

Boyd, Darwin Hudson, ^lanufacturer and 
Capitalist. Savannah. Cs various. 1912 m 
Gail Good, Is; r 606 Manysas ave. 

Boyd, Edwin Ruthven, Di'-ector. Glasgow, 
Scotland. 191:'. m Gertrude Wells Lyford, 
2d: r Thinacre, Racecourse road, Ayr, 

Bovd. Ernest, Business President, Xew 
York r-itv. r .'',87 Southern blvd. 

Boyd. George M., Phvsician. Philadelphia. 
1890 m Anne Gillespie, Is 2d; r 1909 
Spruce st. 

BoyrI Henry White, Business President 
and CaT'italist. Chicago. He is president 
Ariiiour Leather Companv. Cs Exmoor 
Count' V. Hia-hland Park. Chicago Athle- 
tic. 1905 m Olive Jacoby, Is Id; r 235 
Pvosnect ave. 

Boyd. John Orville, Lawyer, Keokuk, Io- 
wa. T's Amerii-nn B«r. r Minnewama. 

Boyd. John Taylor, Consulting Ensrineer, 
Xew YoYrk Citv. Cs American Society 
of ]\Iechanical Eneineers. Citv of Xew 
York. 1883 m Margaret I. Hopper, 2s Id; 
r 149 E. 40th st. 

Bovd. Mon+P"-ue I-.. Phvsician, Atlanta, 
Gn. Cs Piedmont Drivinor. Five O 'Clock. 
1914 m Ma'-caret Elizabeth Phillips, Is; 
r "4 Haversham road. 

Eovd. Paul Prenti'-e, Mathemati^-ian, Lex- 
ington, Kv. 190(i ni Cleona Belle Mat- 
thp"'^. 2d: r 119 Waller ave. 

Bo"''. Tfeirnol'^s. Wh"l'^''^l(. Lni^ibpr Dealer, 
Xa«hvi]'e. Tenn. H.' is prominent in bus- 
ine^'s nnd pnblif affairs. Cs Richland 
Golf Cliamber of Commerce. 1904 m Ma- 
rv Brainard; r Otennga, Buena Vista 



Boyd, Robert A., Lumberman, Xpw York 
City, ("s Mms(his. 1917 m Dorothea Cathe- 
]iiic Thomas, Is Id; r ',MJ Orange Heights 
a\"e., West Orange, X.J. 

Ecyd, Robert Edward, Ketirerl Business 
Executive, Xew York City. Cs Sleepy 
Hollow Country. 1920 ni Marjorie Whit- 
lock; r ;>ii(i Park ave. 

r.cyd, Robert W., Engineer, Xew York Ci- 
ty. Cs Engineers, American (Society of 
Civil Engineers. 1906 m Elsie G. Bnsh- 
eng, 2s 1(1; r 130 Clareniont ave. 

Boyd, Shelley S., Business Executive, New 
York City, r 200 5th ave. 

Boyd, T. M., Manufacturer, Chicago. Cs 
Chicago Hunt, Chicago Athletic, South 
Shore Country, Olympia Fields Country, 
Bankers. 1903 m Ida Charlotte Kramp; 
r r,4r>l Hyde Park blvd. 

Ecyd, William Goddin, Accountant, St. 
Louis. Cs Citv. 1S97 m Martha K. Bas- 
f-' tt, 3d: r 56nl Washington court. 

Boyd. V/illiam Wadden, College President, 
Oxford, Ohio. Cs Cincinnati Schoolmas- 
t.Ms. LS,S7 m Mary Arnold Gates, Id. 

Envd. William Yovn<r, Publicist, Cristobal 
C;M!,'!l Zone. Cs American Society Legion 
of Honor, Universitv, Union, Panama 
Golf and Country, Gaton Golf. 1910 m 
KathariTie Endslev; r Hotel Plaza, New 
York Ci*^v. and Panama, Porto Rico. 

Bcyde, William, Architect. Pittsburgh. Cs 
Dunuesne, Edgeworth. 1914 m Catherine 
A*^' f'utcheon, Is Id; r Edgeworth, Pa. 

Eovden, Arthur Clarke, Educator and Au- 
thor. Bri.lgewater.Mass. Cs ^lasons. 1877 
m Katherine C. Allen, Is Id; r 61 Ply- 
mouth st. 

Bnvden, Char'es. Scock Broker. Boston. Cs 
Soiiie"-'et. Tennis, Racouet. 1903 m Har- 
liet H. Ely. 2d; r 230 Commonwealth 
a\'e. m 

Eoyr'en, Pre-ton, Business Executive, Clii- 
ratro. Cs Harvard, m Pollv Chfi«e; r 555 
.'^ rbor Vitae road, Winnetka, HT. 

Eoyden. William C. Jr., Business Execn- 
tive. Chicago. Cs T'^niversity. m Mary D. 
Carpenter; r 1L51 Oaklev ave., Hubbard 
Woods. T11. 

Eoyden. William Cowner, Lawver, Chica- 
go. Cs Uijiversitv. Chicago. Citv, Indian 
Hill. 1S93 m :\r<ibel Burlingham; r 725 
Pine St., Winnetka, 111. 

Eoyer, Maurice. B.<inker Pnris. France. He 
is prominentlv identified wifli business 
find riublic affai''". Cs .Automobile. St. 
Cloud Country. 1920 m Katherine HilT, 

Is: r 9S R^e del 'Universite. 
Eoyesen, Alfred E., Lawver. Pf. Paul. Cs 
Minnesota. 1925 m Alice Day: r 79(J 
Fairmont ave. 

Eoyesen, Hjalmar H., Lawyer, True Amber 
Paris, France. Cs Columbia University. 
1921 m Madge Rowan. 

Boykin, Edgar H., Banker and Merchant, 
River Junction, Fla. Cs Knights of Py- 
thias. 1905 m Julia Jones, 2s Id. 

Boykin, Frank William, Realtor, Mobile, 
Ala. Cs Athelstan, Country, Xobles of 
Mystic Shrine, Thiity-Two Degree Ma- 
son. 1913 m Oello Gunn, 4s Id; r 300 
Monterey st. 

Boykin, Hamilton Godurn, Business Exec- 
utive, Richmond, Va. Cs Commonwealth. 
1910 m Mary E. Hickok, Id; r 216 Sha- 
fer St., Squirrel Island, Maine. 

Bcykin, Newton Cooke, Realtor, Camden, 
S.C. 1915 m Margaret S. Graham, 2s; r 

Boykin, Robert H., Fuel Agent, Spartan- 
burg Country, Forty and Eight. 1916 m 
burg, S.C. Cs Century of Muskegon, Am- 
erican Legion, Gibson Island, Spartan- 
G. Louise Cator. 

Boykin, Robert Kennedy, Merchant, of 
Charleston. S.C. 1908 m Florence Grimke 
Id; r 44 Legare st. 

Boykin, Thomas Wentworth,Business Pres- 
ident, Baltimore. Cs Maryland. 1905 m 
Marie Pincknev Xorris, Is Id; r Cedar 
Cliff. Brooklandville, Md. 

Eoyle, John P.. Manufacturer, Chicago. Cs 
Edgewater, Illinois Athletic. 

Boyle, Thomas G., Editor, Journalist, San 
I'rancisco. Cs San Francisco Press, Olym- 
pic, Knights of Columbus. 1883 m Jessie 
Beaver. Is 2d; r 2807 Steiner st. 

Bovles, Charles Dickinson, Business Presi- 
dent and Capitalist Chicago. Cs Union 
League, Lake Shore Athletic, Indian 
Hill., Xew York Athletic, Transporta- 
tion, Railroad, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
1S99 m Edith M. Johnson, Id; r 625 
Oak St., Winnetka, 111. 

Boylston, Sidney Davis, Pharmacist, Sara- 
sofa, Fla. Cs Kgypt Temple Shrine. 1922 
m Caroline Sfeckert, Id; r 651 Palm av. 

Boynton. George Rufus. Portrait Painter, 
New York City. Cs Lotos, Salmagundi, 
Barnard, New Enp^land Society of New 
York, Genealogical Society. 1907 m Ma- 

Boynton, Herbert F., Banker, Boston. Cs 
Winchester Country, Duxbury Yacht, 
Union Club, Harvard. 1913 m Henrietfa 
AY. Dadmun. 4s; r Winchester, IVlass. 
ry Ellicott Junius; r 58 W. 57th st. 

Boynton, Thomas J., Lawyer, Boston. Cs 
City. Elks, Masons and Yermont Histori- 
cal" Society. 1819 m Hattie L. Story; r 
Everett, Mass. 

Boynton, Walter Channing, Editor, De- 
troit. Cs Detroit Athletic, Detroit Boat, 
Army and Navv. 1898 m Irene Kathe- 
rine Goddard, Id; r 211 Frederick st. 



Boysen, Louis K., Banker and Lawyer, Chi- 
cago. H<! is manager American Division 
of George M. Forman and Company. Cs 
Athletic Association, Hamilton. 

Boyiim, Ole. C, Baukf r. Fergus Falls, Minn. 
Cs Kiwanis, Mason. 1901 m Alma Olson, 
Is 6d. 

Braasch, William Frederick, Surgeon, Ro- 
chester, Minn. Cs Olmsted County Medi- 
cal. 1908 m Nellie Stincfield, Is 3d; r 
81.3 3rd St., S.N. 

Biacher, A. F., Silver Producer, Philadel- 
}>hia. Cs Union League. 1892 m Harriette 
S. Perrine, Is Id; r 4618 Spruce st. 

Brackenridge, William A., Business Presi- 
dent, Los Angeles, Cal. Cs Midwick. 1904 
Margaret L. Brackenridge, Is 3d; r 525 
Orange Grove ave. S., Pasadena, Cal. 

Brackett, Arthur Stone, Physician, Bristol, 
Conn. 1901 m Antoinette Newell, 3d; r 
17 Broad View. 

Brackett Chapin E., Insurance, Minneapo- 
lis. Cs Automobile. 1902 m Mary Dibble; 
r 1915 James ave. S. 

Brackett, Elliott Gray, Orthojiedie Surgeon 
Boston. Cs Harvard, University of Bos- 
ton and Washington. 1910 m Katherine 
F. Pedrick; r 166 Newbury st. 

Brackett, George R., Business Executive, 
Boston. 1886 m Charlotte Urann; r 17 
John St., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

Brackett, Wallace C, Manufacturer, Bos- 
ton. Cs Technology of New York, Cham- 
ber of Commerce, City, Uiiiversity, Fa- 
culty, Berkeley, Siam. 1871 m Mary S. 
Comings, Is Id; r Cottage Mills, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Bradbury, Eben Trask, Manufacturer, St. 
Louis. Cs Missouri Athletic. 1908 m Ger- 
trude Riddle, 2s Id; r 6143 Westminster 

Bradbury, Woodman, Clergyman, Newton 
Centrc^lass. Cs Twentieth Century. 1895 
m Mary E. Farr, Id; r 216 Woman st. 

Braddock, Mrs. Katherine, Sociologist, of 
Stockton, Cal. Cs D.F.P.A., D.A.R., U.S. 
D. 1812. 1898 m John Barrow, Is; r 539 
W. Willow St. 

Braden, William, Business President, New 
York City. Cs Sociedad Nacional de Mi- 
nerva de Chile, m Marv H. Kimball, Is; 
r 34 E. 73rd st. 

Bradford, Arthur Howe, Clergyman, Provi- 
■ dence, R.L Cs Yale of Boston. 1911 m 
Eugenie Price, 3s 2d; r 27 Stimson ave. 

Bradford, Benjamin Czapski, Sales Man- 
ager, St. Paul, Minn. Cs Town and Coun- 
try, Minnesota. 1913 m Mrs. Trevor Mc- 
Clurg, Id; r 719 Goodrich ave. 

Bradford, Clarkson Beem, Banker, San 
Francisco. Cs Bohemian, Menlo Country. 
1911 m Anne Louisa Perring, Is Id; r 
28 W. Santa Inez ave., San Mateo, Cal. 

Bradford, Edward A., Journalist, Brook- 
lyn. Cs Welfare. 1890 m Susan Colt 
Packer, now deceased. 

Bradford, Edward Green, Judge, Wilming- 
ton, Del. 19'2:< ni Helen Sergeant Adams, 
2s 3d; r 1112 King st. 

Bradford, Ernest Smith, Economist and 
Statistician, New York City. Cs Cosmos, 
National Municipal League. 1906 m Flo- 
rence B. Mott, Is 2d; r 12 Argyle ave., 
Highland Park,, Rochelle, N.Y. 

Bradford, Henry B., Business Executive, 
Middletown, Del. Cs Yale, Cecil Country, 
m Anne 11. Garrett, 4s; r Little Bohemia, 

Bradford, John McCartney, Lawver and 
Capitalist, St. Paul. 1900 m Jane E. 
Pomeroy, 2s Id; r 132 Cambridge ave. 

Bradford, Moses B. L., Retired Business 
Executive, Concord, Mass. Cs Universi- 
ty, Massachusetts Automobile, Chilton 
University of Boston. 1885 m Florence 
Hoar; r Fnrmingliam Center, Mass. 

Bradlee, Edward C, Lawyer, Boston. Cs 
Exchange, Hilton of Milton, Mass., Hoo- 
sie, Whisick of Canton. 1906 m Edith G, 
Keene, 2d; r 179 School st., Milton,Mass. 

Bradlee, Frederick J., Jr., Banker and Ca- 
pitalist, Boston. Cs Somerset, Exchange. 
1917 m Josephine de Gersdorf, 2s Id; r 
207 Beacon st. 

Bradley, A. Ballard, Broker, Chicago. Cs 
Universitv. 1912 m Katharine Shedd, 2s; 
r 808 Willow st., Winnetka, 111. 

Bradley, Alva, Millionaire, Cleveland, r 
2114 Elandon drive. 

Bradley, Cornelius Beach, Professor, Ber- 
keley, Cal. He is professor of chemistry 
in the University of iWsconsin, and is 
professor emeritus of rhetoric in the 
Universitv of California. 1907 m Mary 
, Ellicott .Junius; r 58 W. 57th st. 

Bradley, Dan Freeman, Clergyman and Ed- 
ucator, Cleveland. Cs Chamber of Com- 
merce. 189.'> m Jjillian Jagues, 3s 3d. 

Bradley, Frederick Wortham, Miner and 
Business President, San Francisco. Cs 
University, Pacific Union, Olympic, Bo- 
hemian, Engineers, Commonwealth, Com- 
mercial, Presidio Golf, San Francisco 
Golf. 1901 m Mary Parks, 4s; r 2716 Pa- 
cific ave. 

Bradley, Harry, Business President, Wells- 
ville, N.Y. 1895 m Mvrtle Wells, 2d; r 
313 N. Main st. 

Bradley, John C, Millionaire, Buffalo, r 
78 Bidwell parkway. 

Bradley, John Dorr, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs University, Harvard, Prince- 
ton, Yale, Onwentsia, Casino, Cliff Dwel- 
lers, Shoreacres. m Frances E. Kales, 2d; 
r 66 Bellevue place. 



Bradley, John H., Jr., Educator and Au- 
th(ir, Missoula, Mont. He is proiiiineiitly 
identified with business and i)ub!\i' af- 
faiis. 1922 ni Katharine L. Hilton; r 
820 (ierald ave. 

Bradley, Joseph Gardner, Business Execu- 
tive, BostcHi. He is prominently identi- 
iied with business and public affairs. 
l!t(!5 ni Mabel Warren, Is Id; r Dundon, 

Bradley, Morris A., Multi -^Mllronaire, of 
f'le\ cliind. r 15970 Berkshire road. 

Eiadley, Preston, ("lergynian, Chicas-o. He 
is founder and pastor of Peoples Oliureh 
of ("hicagfo. ("s Art Insutitute, Drama 
League, Chicago, Press, City, Adventur- 
ers, National Arts, Authors. lf>15 m 
Grace Wilkins Thayer; r 927 (Jalt ave. 

Bradley, Ralph, Merchant, Boston. Cs Har- 
vard, Somerset. 1919 ni Eleanor Cabot, 
Is Id; r lfi(5 Hay State road. 

Endley, Ralph R., Lawyer, Chicago. He is 
identified with Goodrich Vincent and 
Bradley, and is geneial counsel for Chi- 
cago North Shore and Milwaukee Rail- 
riad Company. Cs Anieican Bar. 1900 ni 
Maude L. Morrison; r Hvde Park Hotel. 

Bradley, Richards M.. Realtor, Boston. Cs 
Comitry, Harvard. Boston Athletic. 189'2 
m Amy Owen Aldins, now deceased, 5d; 
r 21 (J Beacon st. 

Bradley, Robeit S., M>dti-MiIlionaire, Bos- 
ton, r 411 CommoHwealfh ave. 

Brad'ey, Robe'^t Stow, Bnstiness Execative, 
Ne-\v York Ci4y. Cs T'^i'ion, Myopia, Es- 
s-ex C^'ountry of Bostj^ni. Coma try, Univer- 
sitv, Recess. 1881 m Leslie Newell, ^d; 
r Boston. 

Bradley, Walter Parke. P^ducator and Sci- 
entist, Middletown, Conn. Cs American 
Chemical, National Geographic. 1888 in 
Adelaide Bartlett Hunting, Id; r MilJ- 
ville, N.J. 

Bradley, Will, Author and Artist, Short 
Hills, N.J. Cs Players. 1888 m Alice T. 
Gray, 2s Id. 

Bradshaw, Leslie H., Writer and Secretary 
New York City. Cs T'ity. r 70 W. 50th st. 

Bradstreet, J. Edwin, Importer, Chicago. 
Cs Indian Hill. 1877 m Carrie Louise 
Calvow, .'}s Id; r Winnetkkak, 111. 
Bradway, Charles Alvin, Banker, Monson, 
Mass. Is; r 3 Ely road. 

Bradway, Judson, Business E.vecutive, De- 
troit. Cs Detrcjit.I'niveisity, Detroit Ath- 
letic. Bloomfield Hills Country, Detroit 
Golf, Caklaiid Kills Country, Bloomfield 
0]ien Hint. Aviation Country, Les Cheu- 
eau.x. 1910 m Floii-nce .Micliell, 2s Id; r 
447 Putnam ave. 
Brady, Charles N., Millionaiie, Washing- 
ton, r 227 K. Wheeling st. 

Erady, George M., Lawyer, Baltimore. Cs 

Country, University, Merchants. 1920 m 

Ellen Latimer Atkinson, Is Id; r 101 St. 

John'.s road, Roland Park, Md. 

Brady, James Cox, MultiMillionaire, New 

YYork City. 
Brady, Nicholas F., Financier and Multi- 
Millionaire, New York CY'ity. Cs Rac- 
quet, Tennis, Yale of America, Links. 
1906 m Genevieve Gawan; r Manhasset, 

Brady, Robeit Me Clelland, Business Pres- 
ident, Detroit. Cs Detroit, Grosse Pointe 
Country, Old Indian Village, and Detroit 
Boat. 1897 ni Mary Belle Holland, now 
deceased; r 1046 Iroquois ave. 

Braese, Otto C, Realtor, Oak Park, 111. He 
is diiector Madison Square State Bank, 
and Peoples Reserve System. Cs Hamil- 
ton of Chicago, Rotary of Oak Park, 
Country, Mason, Shriner. 1911 m Ann 
Ga.s8er, Id; r 210 Home ave. 

Bragdon, Charles Cushman, Professor, Pa- 
sadena, Cal. Cs Twilight. 1869 m Kate E, 
Ransom, Is Id; r 615 Prospect blvd. 

Braidenhaugh, Edward Swoyer, Chemist, 
Gettysburg, Pa. m Keitz Miller, 2d. 

Brainard, David L., Army Officer, Wash- 
ington. Cs Armv and Navy, Chew Chase 
New YoYrk, Exploiers. 1917 m Sarah H. 
GiTthrie, Id. 

Brainard. Edward Heaton, Retired Busi- 
ness Executive, Pittst)urgh. Cs Pitts- 
burgh, Golf, Duquesne, Fox Chapel Golf, 
Rolling ^ock C<H»ntry.. l^B&O m- Adelaide 
Bovie, Is .3d; r Woodland road. 

Brainard, Howard F. C, Certified Public 
Accountant, Pavette, Idaho. 1888 m Ger- 
trude A. Woodruff, 2s; r 370 .3rd ave. 

Brainard, James Jacob, Manufacturer and 
Capitalist, Grapeville. Pa. Cs Duquesne, 
Pox Chapel Golf, Pittsburgh Athletic. 
1903 m Arline Manning, 3s; r 1363 Sha- 
dy ave., Pittsburgh. 

Brainard, Morgan B.. Millionaire, Hart- 
ford, Conn, r 1090 Prospect ave. 

Braman, Dwight, Business Executive, New 
York Citv. Cs Yacht, Westchester Coun- 
try, Hombourg Golf. 1904 m Ellen Stuy- 
vesant Dudley; r 56 W. 57th st. and 
Newburgh, N.Y.C. ; and Sullivan Harbor, 

Bramley, M. F., Business President, Cleve- 

Bramwell, Gerald A., Manufacturer, Bos- 
ton. Cs Union, Tennis and Racquet. 1909 
m Emily Faithful Ames, Is Id; r 235 
Commonwealth ave. 

Errnch, James Ransom, Banker and Bro- 
ker, New York City. 1924 m Mary War- 
ren; r 80 Riverside drive, N.C.Y.; and in 
White Sulphur Springs, W.Va. 


Branch, Joseph C, Author, Publisher and 
Lawyer, Chicago. Cs Knights of Pythias 
Mason. Unmarried. 

Branch, Melville C, Banker and Millio- 
naire, Richmond, Va. Cs Country, Com- 
monwealth, Bankers. 1910 m Martha Pat- 
teson Bowie, 3s Id; r 1830 Monument 

Brand, Harrison, Jr., Engineer, Washing- 
ton. Cs American Military Engineers, 
American Society of Civil Engineers, 
Chevy Chase. 1917 m Helen Me Cumber, 
Is; r 2360 Massaehustts ave. 

Brand, Horace L., Retired Capitalist, Chi- 
cago. Cs Riding, Press, Edwater Golf, 

■ Masons, Illinois Athletic, Lake '-Placid, 

■ National Press, Soiith Shore ' Country, 
1924: m Erna Euphrasine Marie Hedin, 
Id; f 37 E. Cedar st. .■>,■' 

Brand, Robert A., Railroad President, Wil- 
mington, '-X.C. He is vice-president of 
tuaffic Atlantic Coast Line, and traffic 

, manager C. and W.C. Railway, Newberry 
and Lawrence Railroad, and Northwest- 
ern Railway of South Carolina. 1885 m 

..J.Margaret E. Blanding, Is 3d. ' 

,.Brandeis, Louis Dembitz; Jurist, Washing- 

- ton. ISHl m Alice Goldmark, 2d; r^West 

. Florence court, California st., and in 
Chatham, Mass. 

Brandenburg, William A., Business Exec- 
iitive, Pittsburgh. 

Brandon, Mrs. Harriet Frances Inman, So- 
ciologist, Atlanta, Ga. 1892 m Morris 
Brandon, 3s; r Glenwoods. 

Brandon, Nathaniel, Exporter and Impor- 
ter, New Yoik Citv. 1885 m Ettie Honig- 
man, Is 3d; r 122 W. 75th st. 

Brandreth, Franklin, Millionaire, Ossining, 
X.Y. r Cliff House. 

Brandham, Adolphus D., Business Execu- 
tive, St. Louis. Cs Business Men 's As- 
sociation. LTnmarried; r 36 Vandeventer 

Brandt, John Lincoln, Clergyman, Musko- 
gee, Okla. Cs Authors and Writers, Lions 
Commercial, World Travelers, m-. Nana 
Marquis, Is Id. m Grace Lee Crutcher, 

Branham, Roger Lee, Wool Merchant, Bos- 
ton. 1919 m Constance Kellen, 2d; r Cot- 
tage St., Hiugham, Mass. 

Branom, James Merit, Banker, Commerce, 
Texas. Cs Mason. 1903 m Ethel Garoute, 
Is 5d; r 1708 Campbell st. 

Branson, Edwin Bayer, Educator, Colum- 
bia, Mo. Cs Geological Society of Amer- 
ica, Palentological Society of America. 
1905 m Grace Muriel Cotton, 2s. 

Branson, Thomas F., Physician, Rosemont, 
Pa. Cs Union League, Rittenhouse, Uni- 
versity, Marion Country, Nassau. 1894 

m Frances B. Garrett; r Glyn Awel. 

Brant, Alfred T., Rancher, Los Angeles. Cs 
Beach, California, University, Encino 
Countiy. 1913 m Mary L.Maier; r Brant 
Rancho, Owensmoutli, Cnl. 

Brantingham, Charles Simonson, Manufac- 
turer, Rockford, 111. Cs Union Leap-"*^, 
Rotarv, Rockford Country, Huguenot 
Society, Elks. 1897 m Sara Mc Culloch, 
Is 2d.' 

Brashear, Peter, Cominges, Manufacturer 
and Ca])italist, Castleton-on-Hudson, N. 
Y. He is president Fort • Orange Paper 
Company. Cs Fort Orange, Albany Coun- 
try, Schuyler Meadows Country, Elks, 
Mason. 1904 m Rida Cronbv Pavne, Id; 
r 6 Elk St., Albany, N.Y. 

Bratter, David, Business Executive, New 
York City. 1904 m Rose Grab, 2s Id; r 
• 472 West End ave. 

Bratton, Theodore Dubose, Bishop, Jack- 
son, Miss. 1888 m Lucv Beverly Ran- 

■ ' dolph, 3s 3d; r Battle Hill. 

Braun, Frederick W., Multi-Millionaire, 
Los Ang(^les. r San Marino. 

Braun, George A., Millionaire, Toledo, r 
Secor Hotel. 

Braun, Hubert J., Manufacturer and Ca- 
pitalist, Chicago. He is ])roprietor .T. C. 
Braun, imjxnted iron products. Cs Long 
Beach Country, Viste de Lago, Midland 
Lake Shore, American, Midwest Athle- 
tic. 1914 m Lillian Tresch, 2s; r 1448 
Lake Shore drive. 

Braun, John F., Business Executive, Phil- 
adelphia. Cs Racquet, Manufacturers, 
Philadelphia Country. 1918 m Edith Ev- 
ans; r Sogno Mio, Morion, Pa. 

Braun, John J., Engineer and Manufactur- 
er, Cincinnati. He is superintendent Un- 
ited States Plaving Card Company., Cs 
■Knights of Pvthias, Masonic. 1910 m 
Amanda C. Shipley, 2d; r 4305 Floral 
ave., Norwood, Ohio. 

Braus, Paul, Business Executive, of New 
York Citv. 

Brawlry, Espy W., Farmer, Banker and 
Manufacturer, Mooresville, N.C. 1903 r» 
Kate Patterson, 4d. 

Bray, Charles Sims, Insurance Adjuster, 
Atlanta, Ga. Cs Piedmont Driving, Ca- 
pital City. 1906 m Ethel Mohley, 2s; r 
187 .Juniper st. 

Bray, Joseph W., Business Executive, St. 
Louis. Cs St. Louis, Noonday, St. Louis 
Country, Sunset Hill Country. 1891 m 
Jane Goss; r 4719 Westminster place. 

Bray, Thomas J., Millionaire, Youngstown, 
Ohio, r 510 5th ave. 

Brayton, Israel, Lawver an Business Exec- 
utive, Fall River, Mass. 1912 m Ethel M. 
Chacc, 2s Id. 


Brajrton, Thomas E., Multi-Millionaire, of 
Fall Eivfi-, :Mass. r 294: Prospect st. 

Brazelton, James Terrill, Business Presi- 
dent, Wasbinsj-ton. Cs Army and Navy, 
Edgemour Country. 1918 m Eleanor Bee- 
eher Eupert; r il2 Leland st., Chevy- 

Brazeus, Louis Wilfred, Merchant, Banker 
Oconto, Wis. ISsl ui Octavia Lannaville, 
7s Md. 

Braznell, Charles W., Millionaire, Pitts- 
burgh, r 1121 Xegley ave. N. 

Bready, George Lee, Architect, Xew York 
City. Cs Army and Xavy, Germantown 
Cricket, Loyal Legion. 1905 m Fedora 
French; r 981 Madison ave. 

Erecht, Gustaviis Avon, Capitalist, Denver. 
He is chairman Brecht Company of St. 
Louis, president Brecht Candy Company 
of Denver. Cs St. Louis, Denver Country 
Congressional, Casa del Mar Beach, Ma- 
son, Missouri Athletic. 1906 m Ethel Lu- 
cia Hull, 2s Id; r 7425 Franklin ave, 
Hollywood, Cal. 

Breck, Edward, Writer and Editor, Wash- 
ington. Cs Army and Xavy. 1887 m An- 
tonio Victorine von Kleeblatt-Wagner, 
1923 m M. L. Stanley, 3d. 

Breck, Joseph, Assistant Director and Cu- 
ratoi', Xew York City. Cs Harvard, Cof- 
fee House. 

Breckenridge, F. Prevost, Banker, New 
Orleans. Cs Boston, Xew Orleans Coun- 
trv, Southern Yacht, Mason, Elks. 1907 
m' Ethel- McCormick, Is Id; r 3722 St. 
C'harles nve. 

Breed, Amos Prancis. ^Merchant, Boston. Cs 
Country, Eastern Yacht. Harvard, Ted- 
esco Countrv. 1920 m Helen W^allace Col- 
lins, Id; r 190 ^Middlesex road, Chestnut 

Pill, :\rass. 

Breed. George A., Architect. Xew York Ci- 
tv. Cs Harvard, Fencers. Southern Socie- 
tv. 1921 7n Agnes T. G. Murray; r 155 E. 
r)4th St. 

Erpe-l. Rieharf' E., Business Executive, New 
Y'.'k nt^'. Cs various, r 210 E. 62nd st. 

Breed. WiHiam Con,stab'e, Lawyer, New 
York Citv. Cs Amherst, ChurcTi. City, 
l\Tiddav, Down Town, Knollwood, Coun- 
trv, Metropolitan, Nassau Countrv. Pil- 
L-rims, Tennis and Eacquet, Ro-kaway 
Hunt, T^niversity. T^nion Leneue. m Em- 
ma Eyder, 2s; r 840 Park ave. 

Pielsford, Homer Piatt, Lawver and Bank- 
er. Eastland, Tcxns. Cs Eotary, Univer- 
sity of Fort Worth. 1893 m Marjorie 
Parvin. 5s. 

Bremer, Fred S., Business Man, Chicago. 
1912 m M-)li<d Frances Forbes, Is Id; r 
104 Franklin st., Eiver Forest, IIT. 

Bremer, John Lewis, Professor, Boston. Cs 
Somerset, Harvard. 1906 m Mary Bige- 
low, Id; r 416 Beacon st. 

Bremer, Theodore G.,Director and Trustee, 
Boston. Cs Union, Countrv, Harvard. 
1896 m Eleanor B. Almy, Is 2d; r 42 
Fisher ave. Brookline, Mass. ' 

Brenckley, Fred, Banker, X^ew Orleans, La. 
Cs Pickwick, Xew Orleans Country, Ju- 
nior Atheaeum of London. 1908 m Mar- 
guerite S. Canimack, 2d; r 3303 Coliseum 


Brendlinger, Margaret Robinson, Educator, 
Norwalk, Conn. She is principal and past 
owner Hillside School. Cs Women's Uni- 
versity, and others, r Hillside, Norwalk, 

Brenk, Robert J., Manufacturer, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. m Alice Casey, 3s 4d; r 1179 
Lake drive, Shorewood. 

Brenna, Paula G., Diplomat, Eome, Italy. 
m Guendolen Corkeek. 

Brennan, Bernard G., Packer, Chicago. Cs 
South Shore Countrv, Iroquois, Beverly 
Golf, Saddle and Cycle. 1913 m Eliza- 
beth Grace, 2s Id; r 4737 Ellis ave. 

Brennan, Charles W., Manufacturer, Cin- 
cinnati. Cs C^ueen City, Cincinnati Coun- 
trv, Business ]\Ien 's. m Bessie Campbell, 
Is; r 3953 Eose Hill ave. 

Brennan, George E., Business Executive, 
Chicago. He is manager United Staites 
Fidelity and Guaranty Company. Cs Chi- 
cago Yacht, South Shore Country, Chica- 
go Athletic. 1903 m Essie Fogarty, Id; f 
3150 She'-idan road. • 

Brennan, James D., Banker, Boston. Cs Al- 
gonquin, City, Art, Massachusetts Auto- 
mobile, Tedesco, Woodland, University, 
Exchange. 1906 m Edith Moor; r Hotel 
Somerset, Boston; and in Swampscott, 

Brennan. Thomas, Lawver and Publisher, 
New York Citv. 1908' m Molily Lowe. 

BreTinan, Vincent Morrison, Jurist. Detroit. 
Cs Detroit Ath'ctic, Detroit Golf, Oak- 
land Hills Golf, Harvard. Detroit Law- 
yrs. 1915 m Enth Hurlev, 2s Id; r 2266' 
W. Boston blvd. 

Brennemann, Jo.seph, Eetired Business Ex- 
ecutive, LaSalle, 111. He is prominent in 
business and public affairs; and has held 
many positions of trust and honor. Cs 
LaSalle Chamber of Commerce. 

Brenner, John, F., Business Executive, 
Charleston, S.C. Cs Chamber of Com- 
merce, St. Andrews. 1903 m Maria Coates 
2d: r 90 Tradd st. 

Erennon, John Clark, Business Executive, 
New York Citv. Cs Engineers, m Gladys 
Goodrich, Id; r 156 E .55th st. 



Brenon, Herbert, Motion Picture Director 
and Financior, Astoria, Long Island. Cs 
Lotos, Lambs, Rockwood Hall, and New 
York Athletic, m Helen O 'Berg, Is; r 
277 I'ark avo. 

Brent, Duncan Kenner, Lawyer, Baltimore. 
Cs Baclielors Cotillion, Baltimore, Colo- 
nial Wars. 1900 m Hall}- Carrington 
Brown, L's Id; r Edgehill, Ruxton, Md. 

Brentan. Theodore, Jurist and Statesman, 
Budapest, Hungary. 1887 m Wilhelmina 
Clausenius, M; r in Chicago, 111.; and in 
Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Brereton, Denny, Retired Field Director, 
Lake Ceorge, X. Y. Cs Metropolitan, 
Chevy Chase, Pittsburgh. 1902 m Mary 
Whiteside, 3s; r Brerewood, Diamond 

Brereton, WiUiam Denny, Retired, Anna- 
]Kdis, Md. Cs Annapolitan Elks. 1886 ra 
Helen Hyde, 2s; r 19 Southgate avc. 

Bres, Edward Sedley, Enprineer, New Or- 
leans, La. Cs American Civil Engineers, 
Louisiana Phigineerin. 1917 m Anna Eli- 
zabeth Todd. Is Id.; r 74217 Maple sL 

Bres, Harold A., Business Executive, New 
Orleans, La. 1920 m Helen M. Bostick, 
Is 2d; r 7809 Spruce st. 

Brett, Arthur L., Merchant, Boston. Cs 
vaiioiis. 100.", m Helen M. Stevens, Is; 
r 45 Chester road, Belmont, Mass. 

Brett, Philip Milledo'er, Tjawyer, New 
York Citv. Cs National of New York, S. 
:A.R., Colonial Wars, St. Nicholas, West 
Side Tennis. 1906 m A. Margaret Strong. 
Is Id; r 901 T-exington ave. 

Brewer, Charles, Trustee, Boston. Cs Ten- 
nis and Racquet. 1898 m Laura Morse; r 
Pigeon TTjii. Weston. Mfss. 

Brewer, Chittenden Hill, Surgeon, Boston. 
Cs Aleoiiquin, Harvard, T^niversitv. Ted- 
esco Country. 1923 ni Marian L. Whiting 
2s: r .31.5 ^S^arlboro st. 

Brewer. Ciirtis, Engineer, Mobridge, S.D. 
Cs AmiTican Lotion, r Morbridge. S.D. 

Brewer. Daniel Chauncey, Lawyer, Boston. 
Cs University. 1888 m Genevieve With- 
row. Is Id; r 41 Bay State road. 

Brewer, Edward Alnslie, Manufacturer, 
Cortland, N.Y. 1911 m Bessie Edith 
Spaulding, 2s 2d. 

Brewer, Edward Harris, Manufacturer, 
Chicago. Cs T'niversity, Yale, Saddle and 
Cycle, Casino, Onwentsia, Chicago, Rac- 
ijiiet. r 1311 Ritchie place. 

Brewer, George Emerson, Surgeon, New 
York Citv. (^'s Century, I^niversitv, Har- 
vard, Metropolitan, Athletic,Yacht. 1892 
m Effie Leighton Brown, 2s; r 16 E. 
64th St. ^.,^ .^ 

an Teacher. Brooklyn. Cs St. Wilfrid. 

Brewer, John Wyatt, Composer, Organist 

1888 m Emma A. Thayer, now deceased. 

1921 m Cornelia Kouwenhoven ; r 260 

Cumb(Mhnid st. 
Brewer, Robert E., Research Engineer,Bos- 

ton. Cs Tennis and Racquet, Countrv, 

Essex Country, Harvard. 1908 m Elsie T. 

Carr, 3d; r 2!tl ^larll)orough st. 
Brewer, Robert Todd, Realtor, Chicago. Cs 

Athletic. 1902 m l^aula Fabian, Is; r 

540 Briar ])lace. 
Brewster, Beniamin, Bishop, Portland Me. 

1891 m Stella Yates, 2s 3d; r 143 State 


Brewster, Benjamin, frd. Manufacturer. 
Baltimore. Cs I\"y, Bnltimore, Gibson Is- 
land, Green Snring Valley Hunt, Elk- 
ridge Houds. 1912 m Priscilla Mcllvainc 
Is; r Ste\(Mison. ^fd. 

Brewster. Chauncey Bunce, Bishop, Hart- 
ford, ("onn. 1S7-1 in Susan Huntington; r 
98 Woodland st. 

Brewster, Eugene V., Publisher, Brooklyn, 
r Morristown, X..T. 

Brewster. Erancis, Publisher, New York 
Citv. 1916 m Joan Satterlee Sanford. Is; 
r 34 Nassau drive, Kensinsfton, Great 
Neck. TiOng Island. 

Brewster, Frank, Tjiwver, Boston. Cs ITni- 
on. BrookMne, Country, Talun Country, 
Eeastern Ya<ht, Hf)osick. 2d; r Common- 
wealth ave. 

Brewster, Frederick Fcs^^er, Retired Bnsi- 
nes Fxeci'ti''!'. New Haven. T'onn. Cs 
New York Ya'-ht. Metropolitan, New 
Hamnshire Co-uitry, Quinnipiack. 100S 
m Ma '•^a ret Firch, 3s Id; r Fd<Tnton. 
New Haven. Conn., Morelnnds. Dublin, 

Brewster. Geortre S., ^l"lti-ATilUonaire.. of 
New Yo-k Cit-. r 71 E. 71st st. 

Brewster. Henry D.. Retired Banker. New 
York Cit'-. C'< T'nion League. Apawamia 
of R-e, N.Y. 1877 m Marv E. Samoford, 
Is Id: r 1?5 E. 72nd st. 

Brewster. Marcus S.. Jewele-. New York 
Citv. Cs vari'Mis. 10(i7 ei Marjorie Gu'- 
li.-k- r Mo'intain Lnk'-s. N..T. 

BrewB+er. Mar":? ret Ra'^elye" Suydam, So- 
ciologist, Elizabeth, N..T. 1886 m James 
Nicholas Sever Brewster, 4s 2d; r 214 
Edorar place. 

Brewster. Ma+thew, Clero-v.-ian, New Or- 
leans. Cs ound Table. 189." tn .lul'o Bun- 
combe Rogers, Is; r 7819 Elm st. 

Brewster. Robert S..]Vrulti-ArilIionaire,New 
York Citv. r 100 E. 70th st. 

Brewster, Sarah, Sociologist. Chicago. She 
is ])'-r)mineTit in social cricles. 

Brewstev, Sargent B., Business Executive, 
Philad<'lTihia. Pi. Cs Germantown Crick- 
et. 1915 m Mildred Dilworth Comlv, Is 
2d; r 25 Oberlin avc., Swarthinore. Pa. 



Brewster, Walter Stanton, Banker and Bro- 
ker, Chicago. He is a iiieiiiber of Kus^sell 
Brewster Company. Cs Chicago, Univer- 
sity, Onwentsia, Saddle and Cycle, Rac- 
quet of Chicago, University, Yale, Gro- 
lier, Racquet and Tennis of New York. 
1903 ni Kate J^ancaster, Is Id; r Lake 
Forest, 111. 

BrewstCi, William B., Treasurer, 2 Rector 
St., .\e\v York City. 1898 ni Marie C. 
Castiier, Id; r 17 E.' 11th st. 

Ereyman, William Otto, Business Execu- 
ti\e, Portland, ore. Cs Arlington, Rotary 
Chamber of Commerce, S.A.R. 1898 m 
Hattie Sherlock, iJd; r 45 N. 21st st. 

Brickell, Maude E.„ Sociologist and Cap- 
italist, Miami, Fla. She is prominent in 
social and philantliropic work; is mem- 
ber of various clubs and societies; and 
has Jiekl several positions of trust and 
honor. ( 

Brickell, W. D., Business Executive, Co- 
lumbus, Ohio. (Js various, r 715 E. Broad 


Erickey, Nirville Wolcott, Banker, Festus, 
Mo. He is president Citizens Bank, sec- 
retary and treasurer Festus Mercantile 
Company, president Madison Oil Compa- 
ny, and Capital Oil Company. Cs Mis- 
souri Athletic, Lone Star Rout Associa- 
tions. Unmarried. 

Bridge, George Leighton, Manufacturer, 
St. Louis. Cs Yale. 1914 m Dorothy Flint 
:;s 1(1; r Clayton, Mo. 

Bridgers, Furman N., Manufacturer, Wil- 
son, X.C. 1904 m Sue Fleming, 4s Id; r 
oO.'i W. Xash St. 

Bridges, James Harry, Lawyer, Henderson, 
X.C. 1S9.S 111 Tucker Messenburg. 

Eridgman, Herber Lawrence, .Journalist 
.■-11(1 Lecturer, IJrooklyn. Cs Xational 
Press, Harvard, I'ravelers, Union League 
Psi Upsilon, E.xjilorers, Hamilton. 1887 
m Helen Bartlett, Is; r 604 Carlton ave. 

Eridgman, Lewis Jesse, Artist, Salem, 
Mass. lN9:i 111 Annie Pake Campbell, Is 
1(1; r 41' Summit a^'e. 

Eridgman, Percy Wiliams, Professor of 
Physics, Cambridge, Mass. 1912 m Olive 
Ware, Is Id; r 10 Buckingham place. 

Erien, Eernis, Member of Bond and Stock 
Brockers, Dayton, Ohio. Cs Buz Fuz, and 
Country. 1903 m Lindsay Decker Met- 
calf, 2s; r 223 Volusia ave, Oakwood 

Bripgs, Allen, Lawyer, St. Paul. 1916 m 
Winifred Douglas, Is Id; r 597 Lincoln 

Eriggs, Asa Gilbert, Lawyer, St. Paul. Cs 
Miiiesota, Athletic, Town, Country, Ma- 
son. 1901 m Jessica Pierce, 2s Id. 

Eriggs, Charles Edwin, Business Executive 
Cleveland. Cs Chagrin Valley Hunt, Mid 
Dav, Country, Kirtland Country, May- 
field Country, Union, University, Row- 
fant. m Jean H. McDermid; r 27*^49 East 
Overlook road, Euclid Heights. 
Briggs, Charles Whitman, (Jlergyman, Syr- 
acuse, X.Y. 1900 m Rena Adams, 3s 2d: 
r Deposit, X.Y. 

Briggs, Claude S., Retired Manufacturer 
and Capitalist, Detroit. Cs Detroit, De- 
troit Athletic, Forest Lake Country, De- 
troit Boat, Lansing Country, Detroit Au- 
tomobile, Society of Automotive Engi- 
neers. 1901 m Virginia Hupp; r 3049 W. 
Grand blvd. 

Briggs, Corona Hibbard, Clergyman, of 
Springfield, Mo. Cs Scottish Rite Bodies 
of St. .Toseph, Mo. 1876 m Matti A.Wyah 
2s Id; r 1332 E. Cherry st. 

Briggs, Henry C, Clergvman, Brooklvn. 
1898 m Mabel Poland, 2d; r 1419 8th "av. 

Briggs, J. B., Realtor, Lake Wale^, Fla. 
He is engaged in the real estate busi- 
ness. Cs Masonc, Knights of Pvthias, 
Rotary, m Sara S. Sample, Is 4d. 

Briggs, Le Baron R., Jr., Business Execu- 
tive, Bournedale, Mass. 1916 m Helen 
Elizabeth Mason, Is; r Plymouth, Mass. 

Briggs, I eland Stanford, Business Presi- 
dent, New York City. He is president of 
Stanford Briggs, Incorporated, advertis- 
ing; and is chairman and vice-president 
of board Press-steel Engineering Corpor- 
ation. 1915 m Katherine Rochester, la 
Id; r Douglaston, Long Island. 

Briggs, Thomas Henry, Educator, New 
York City. 1902 m Helen Iloyt Harriman 
Is Id; r 40 Prospect drive, Yorkshire. 

Eriggs, Walter O., Multi-Millionaire, De- 
troit, r 700 Boston lilvd., West. 

Briggs, Will Dunn, Manufacturer and Cap- 
italist, Raleigh, X.C. Cs various. 1908 m 
Helen L. Moring, 3d; r Raleigh, X.C. 

Briggs, William E., Banker, Minneapolis. 
Cs Minneapolis, Athletic. 1901 m Elva 
T. Calkins, 2s Id; r 454 Fremont ave., 
South Minneapolis. 

Brigham, Claude Ernest, Army Officer, 
Washington. Cs Army and Navy. 1905 ra 
Elsie Dorr, Is Id; r Apartment 622, The 

Brigham, Johnson, .Journalist, Des IMoines, 
la. Cs Grant, Prairie, I'niversity, Bank- 
ers, Shakespeare. 1892 m Lucy H. Walk- 
er, 2d; r 511 Franklin ave. 

BriPham, Fenry R., Lawyer, Boston. Cs 
Chevy Chase, Oakley Country, Harvard. 
1919 m Lucy Hayes Breckenridge, r 57 
B'-ewster st., Cambridge, Mass. 

Brigham, John Leland. Manufacturer and 
Banker, Westboro, Mass. 



Bright, Elmer H., Banker and Broker, Bos- 
ton. Cs Boston Art, Exchange, Union. 
1894 m Mary F. Bill, 2s 2d; r Cambridge 

Bright, G. Howard, Business Executive, 
Pliiladelphiia. Cs University, Princeton, 
Wvoming, Berkshire, Reading. 1914 m 
Elizabeth Smink, Is 2d; r Fair Green 
Farm, Reading, Pa. 

Bright, John Idwin, Architect, Philadel- 
phia. Cs University, Franklin Institute. 
1911 m Grace Tower Putnam, Is 2d; r 
Ard)nore, Pa. 

Bright, Louis V., Millionaire, New York 
City. V S-29 Park ave. 

Eriglit, Stanley, Business President, Read- 
ing, Pa. Cs Philadelphia Cricket, Rac- 
quet, Berkshire Country. 1909 m Sarah 
Hood Gilpin, 3s 2d; r Cedar Hill Farm. 

Brigiitwell, Henry Piatt, Banker, Charles- 
ton, WW'n. Cs Edgwood Country. 1903 m 
Fannie K. White, 2s 2d; r 845 Edgewood 

Brill, George M., Consulting Engineer, New 
York Citv. Cs American Mechanical En- 
gineers. is92 m Achoah A'. 0-i"k. 1917 
m Frances W. Fenner, .Ss; r 101 Elm ave. 
Mount Yernon, N.Y^. 

Briniberg, Samuel N., Merchant and Cap- 
italist, New York City. He is a success- 
ful merchant of New' Yovk City, and is 
prominent in business and public affairs. 
Cs Lakc-iew Golf, Country. 1918 m Flor- 
ence B. Rosenberg, 3d; r 88 Central Park 

Brinker, Adam. Banker, Merchant and Ca- 
jiitalist, Bethlehem, Pa. He is president 
Bethlehem National Bank, and L. V. 
Cold Storage Company. Cs Masonic Or- 
der, Knights of Pythias, I. O. R. M., 
Northampton. 1867 m Lydia Sloyer, now 
(lecensed, 2(1; r 470 Adam st. 

Brinkley, James Foote, Manufacturer, of 
Seattle, Wash. Cs various. 1919 m Eliza- 
beth Wardle, 2s; r 930 Broadway, North 
Seattle, Wash. 

Brinsmprto T-^'^ Chapin, Educator and 
Statesman, Washington, Conn. Cs Uni- 
3s 3d. 

BrInsmadG, Robert Bruce, Consulting Engi- 
neer, Mexico. Cs American Institute of 
Mining and Metallurgical Engineers, Al- 
zate Scientific Society, Commonwealth 
Land Party. 1909 m Helen C. Steenbock, 
4s Id; r Ixmiquilpan Heights, Mexico. 

Bnnton, Ferree. Lawyer, Philadelphia. Cs 
Hittenhouse. 1893 m Lina Ives, Is 2d; r 
Haver ford. Pa. 

Brinton, Ferree, Jr., Broker. Philadelphia. 
Cs Pennsvlvania Athletic. Society of Cin- 
cinnati, Brinton Lake. 1921 m Dorothy 
Klauber; r Haverford, Pa. 

Brinton, Frederick Shermerhorn, Architect 
and Engineer, Seattle, \ Cs College, 
Seattle Yacht. 1917 m Marion Under- 
wood Evans; r 4707 Aurora ave. 
Brinton, Robert Ferree, Farmer and Dairy- 
man, I'hiladelphia. 1914 m Mary Pusey 
Hazard : r The Lindens, Westchester,Pa. 
Erinton, Willird C, Consulting Engineer, 
New Y'oYrk City. Cs City, Harvard, Golf 
and Country. 1920 m Laura Mac Donald 
Moses; r 36 Central Park. 
Briscoe, Frank, Business Prer-ident, Pon- 
tia'", ATich. He is president General Ac- 
cessories Company, and is prominent in 
business and public affairs. Cs Detroit 
Boat, Bloomf^eld Hills Country, Bloom- 
ficld Open Hunt. 1900 m Florence Dur- 
a.nd, Is; r S. Crnnbrook road, Birming- 
Jam, Mich. 
Briscos, Robert Ernest, Business Execu- 
tive, Banker and C;i])italist, Knovvillie, 
Tenn. He i? vice-president Dani'd Bris- 
coe Conmany. Cs Cherokee Countvv, Co- 
tillion, Old Colony. 1895 m Isabel White, 
r 171.5 Melrose place. 
Brister, J. T., Business Executive, Cincin- 
nati. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Cincin- 
nati Gtilf. Di MHry E. Woode. 
Blister, John Willa''d, Educator, IVlemphis, 
Tenn. Cs Citv of Memphis, Mason, m 
Frances M. Tavlor, Is Id. 
Bristley. Prank Fli>k. Business Exe iitive 
and C;n>italist, New York Citv. He is 
vice-president of Royal Baking Powder 
ComDanv. Cs L^ptown. Marine, Field. O- 
hio Societv of New Yo-k. 1896 lu Har- 
riet Slioll.'ld; r 12 E. 86th st. 
Bristol, Edgar Hiel, rvlanufacturer and Ca- 
pitalist, Foxboro, Mass. He is president 
Foxboro Company. Cs Waterbury of Wa- 
terburv, Conn., Frnnklin (Country of 
Franklin, Mass. 1895 m Mav C. Rexford, 
Is 4d. 
Bristol, Henry Piatt, Manufacturer. New 
VovV Citv. Cs Cresfcnt Athleti'', Riding, 
Driving, Sanadron C Cavalrv, Young Re- 
pubMcan, Drupf and Chemical of New 
York. Bav Hesd Yacht, ^^^^rasquan Golf 
American Legion, r 282 Washington ave. 
Bristol, Raymord Winshin, Alanufacturer, 
New York Citv. Cs YYale. National 
Town, Country, Pelledaire Golf, Ameri- 
can Leprion, Ameriean of Mer'hanical En- 
rrineers. 1915 m Alma W. Ward, r 8872 
Pa'-kview ave., Hollis, Ijong Islanil. 

Brite, Tucas Charles. Cattleman and J'ank- 
er, Marfa. Texas. Cs O^ld Fellows. Texas 
Christian T'ni^'ersity. 1896 m Miss An- 
derson. Is deceased. 



Britigan, William Henry, Realtor, Chicago. 
Ho is proiniuently identified with busi- 
ness and social affairs. Cs Midday. Uni- 
on League, South Shore Country. 1902 m 
Mary P. Siblbey, 3s Id; r 69.50 Euclid 

Britt, Philip J., Lawyer, IvTew York City. 
Cs MY'trojiolitan, Manhattan, Lotos. Cath- 
olic, Athletic. 1911 ni Evelvn St. Clair 
Turners; r 59 E. 74th st. 

Brittain, John Palmer, Eetired Business 
Executive. Spokane, Wash. He is pi'om- 
inent in business and public affairs; and 
has held many positions of trusi" and 
honor. 1906 m Se villa M. Berrar, 4d; r 
2506 E. Altaniont blvd. 

Brittain, John Sherrard, Jr., Mercliant, 
Banker and ^lillionaire, St. .Joseph, Mo. 
Cs S.A.E., Elks, Old Colony. 1920 ni Vio- 
la Griffith; r 20.3 Victorian court. 

Brittain, Joseph King, Realtor, Chicago. 
Cs Union League. 1896 ni Harriett D. 
Borland, Is; r 10159 S. Leavitt st. 

Brittain, Marion Luther, Educator, Atlan- 
ta, CTa. 1SS9 in Kettle Mc Donald, 2s Id; 
r 142 W. North ave. 

Brittin, Abraham, Millionaire, New Or- 
leans, r 144S 4th st. 

Britton, Robert Preeman, Civilian Agent, 
St. Ijiuiis. 1904 ni Helen Frances Skin- 
ner, 2s Id; r 5097 Waterman ave. 

Brixey, Richard de Wolfe, Manufacturer 
and Capitalist. New York Citv. He is 
president of Kerite Insulated Wire and 
Cable Company. Cs Riding, Sleepy Hol- 
low Country, Yale, Engineers. 1905 m 
Bertha Anness, Id; r 420 Park ave. 

Broad, B. G., Business Executive, New 
York City. Cs New York Yacht, City. 
Detroit Universitv, Knickerbocker Coun- 
try of Tenaflv, N.J. 1915 m Ruth Ben- 
ton Howe; r Englewood, N..L 

Broadbent, James T., Business Executive, 
New York City. He is president, general 
manager, director Standard Textile Pro- 
ducts Company, and other corporations. 
Cs Textile Institute of England, Amer- 
ican Cotton Manufacturers, National Cot- 
ton Manufacturers. r 320 Broadway. 

Brock, John Penn, Business President, of 
eadinsr, Pa. Cs Philadelphia, Rittenhouse 
Corinthian Yacht. 1905 m Paulina Bid- 
die, 2s 2d; r Lebanon. 

Brock, John William, Retired Business Ex- 
ecutive, Philadelphia. He is pronnnent 
in business and public affairs, and has 
held many positions nf trust and honor. 
1879 m Mary Louise Tyler, 4s Id: r 1447 
Spruce St. 

Brockenbrough, Austin, Insuranee, Rich- 
mond. Va. Cs Whist. 1895 m Ellen Mer- 
cer Cocke, Is Id; r 7 S. 3rd st. 

Brockenbrough, Thomas W., Insurance Ex- 
ecuti\e, Richmond, Va. Cs Country, m 
Minnie A. Beatty, 3d; r 2507 Park ave. 

Brockie, Arthur H., Architect, Philadel- 
phia. Cs Philadelphia, Cricket. 1905 m 
i'rances Fox; r 8013 Crefeld ave, Chest- 
nut Hill, Pa. 

Brookman, Fletcher Sims, Secretary, Nevvr 
York City. Cs VAtv. 1895 m Mary Buford 
Clark, 3s. 

Biockway, Arthur W., Business Executive, 
Brooklyn. Cs Chamber of Commerce, 
Queen Chamber of Commerce, Knicker- 
bocker Field. 1908 m Phyllis Fuchs, Id; 
r 653 E. 17th st. 

Brockway, George Albert, Business Execu- 
tive and Capitalist, Portland, N.Y. He ia 
president Brockway Motor Truck Cor- 
poration, and vice-president Homer Na- 
tional Bank. Cs Cortland Country, Lotos 
Masonic, Miami Biltmore Country. 1889 
m Leffingwell Dunbar, 2s; r Rochester, 
N.Y.; and New York City. 

Broderick, John Joyce, Commercial Coun- 
sellor, Washington. Cs Cosmos, Columbia 
City. 1909 m Marjorie Kellv, 2s Id; r 
2326 California st., N.W. 

Broadhead, H. N., Business Executive, New- 
York City. 1908 m Marie Sclireiber, Id; 
r 221 Fairliury ave, Queiais Village, N.Y. 

Broedel, Max, Educator, Baltimore. 1902 m 
Ruth Huntington, Is 2d; r 320 Suffolk 
St. Guilford. 

Brogden, John G., Broker, Baltimore. Cs 
Baltimore, Elkridge Fox Hunting, Mer- 
chants, Bachelors Cotillion. 1912 m Ka- 
tharine H. McSherry; r 1 Merryman 
court. Roland Park, Md. 

Brokaw, Clifford V., Multi-Millionaire, of 
New York City, r 825 5th ave. 

Brokaw, Howard C, Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs Union, University, 
Racquet, Tennis, Princeton, Piping Rock 
Tuxedo, National Golf, Turf and Field, 
Meadow Brook, m Edna G. Loew, 3d; r 
984 5th ave. 

-Brokaw, Irving, Artist, Lawyer and Coun- 
sellor, New York City. Cs Racquet and 
Tennis, ITnion League, Riding, Piping 
Rock Creek. 1903 m Lucile Nave, 3d; r 
981 5th ave. 

Brokenbrough, Thomas W., Insurance. Ex- 
ecutive, Richmond, Va. Cs Country of 
Virginia, m Minnie A.Beattv, 3d; r'2507 
Park ave. 

Bromfeldt, Allen A., Mechanical Engineer, 
Chicago. Cs Rotary. 1916 m Doris Ander- 
son, now deceased. 

Bromiield, D. Gordon, Business Executive, 
Sruita Barbara. Cal. 1910 m Dorothy In- 
nis, 2s Id: r Tillara. Hot Springs ave. 



Bromfield, Louis, Author, New York City. 
Cs Coffee House of New York. 1923 m 
Mary Appleton Wood, Id; r Morgan 
Hayes and Co. Paris. 

Bromley, Anthony Wayne, Physician, of 
Louisa, Ivy. Cs various, ni Mary Eliza- 
beth York. Is Id; r Columbus, Ohio. 

Bromley, Frank Latham, Business Execu- 
tive, Detroit. Cs Detroit. 1900 m Kate 
Thompson, Is 2d; r Uplands, Bloomfield, 
Hills, Birraingrham, Mich. 

Bromley, Joseph H., Millyionaire, Philadel- 
phia, r Wissahickou ave. 

Bromschwig, Joseph A., Business P'-esi- 
dent and Treasurer, St. Louis. Cs Knights 
of Columbus, St. Louis Turnverein, and 
Chamber of Commerce. 1920 m Gertrude- 
Albers, 2s Id; r 2725a Eads ave. 

Bronner, Harry, Millionaire, New York Ci- 
ty, r Hotel Plaza. 

Bronsdon, Herbert C.Curator, Boston. 1882 
m Carrie W. Lombard, Is Id; r 42 Par- 
ker St., Newton Centre, Mass. 

Brooke, Edward, Banker, Philadelphia. Cs 
Philadelphia, Country, Wyoming, Berk- 
shire Country. 1887 m Anne Louise Clin- 
gan, 3s Id; r 25.5 E. Rittenhouse square 
and Birdsboro, Pa. 

Brooke, Francis M., Banker, Philadelphia, 
In 1912 he organized the present tirm of 
Brooke, Stokes and Company; is prom- 
inent in business and puljlic affairs. Cs 
Racquet, Enion League, Merion Cricket, 
Princeton, Radnor Hunt, Whiteland, Ro- 
tary. 1907 m Nanna Sturges, Is 2d; r 
Glimpsewood. Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Brooke, Frederick H., Architect, Washing- 
ton. Cs Metropolitan, Chevy Chase, Alibi 
Racquet, Universitv, Yale, Pateexentque 
1914 m Henrietta Bates McKee, Is 2d; r 
1734 K St. 

Brooke, George Banker, and Manufacturer 
and Capitalist, Birdsboro, Pa. Cs Phila- 
delphia, Racquet, Radnor Hunt, Phila- 
delphia Country, Wyomissing, Riding 
Clam Bake of Newport. 1914 m Lucile 
Polk, Id; r Almonbury House, Ithan.Pa. 

Brooke. Mrs. Reginald, Sociologist and Ca- 
pitalist. T>ondon. England, m Lieutenant 
Colonel Reginald Brooke, now deceased. 

Erooker, August "H., Banker, St.Louis. 1903 
r:' Marie L. Murphy, Id; r Briarmont 
Cella road. Clayton road, Clayton, Mo. 

Ero»ker. Charles F., Business President, 
New York City. Cs ITnion League. Press, 
NeNw York, Chicago, Metropolitan of 
Washington. Graduates of New Haven. 
1894 m IMrs. Alton Farrell; r Ansonia, 
Erooker, George W.. Capitalist, Cleveland, 
Ohio. He is rorominentlv identiiied with 
business and public affairs, r 14616 
Larchmont ave. 

Brookfield, Henry M., Business President, 
New York City. Cs. S.A.R., L^niversity, 
Colonial Wars, Down Town. 1906 m 
Louise Lord; r 132 E. 78th st. 
Brookings, Robert Somers, Retired Manu- 
facturer, W'ashington. He is president 
Washington Laiiversity of St. Louis, and 
Institute of Economics of Washington. 
Cs Century, Chevy Chase, Congressional, 
Metrojjolitan, St. Louis, St. Louis Coun- 
try, Noonday, University, City. Unmar- 

Brooks, Edwin E., Banker and Statesman, 
Newton, 111. Cs Masonic, Thirty-two de- 
gree, m Nora Leachman, Is. 

Brooks, Emerson, Business Executive, of 
New York City. Cs Aero of America, 
New York Historical, New England, S. 
A.R. 1893 m Alice A. Kunkel, Is Id; r 
Montclair, N.J. 

Brooks, Everett W., Food Broker, Indiana- 
polis. Cs Columbia, Indianapolis, India- 
napolis Athletic. 1904 m Beulah R. O '- 
Hara, 2s 2d; r Greenwood, Ind. 

Brooks, Frank Wilks, Realtor, Detroit. He 
is identified with Home Warren Compa- 
ny, realtors. Cs Country. 1912 m Carol 
Barnes Newberry, 2s; r 1008 Bishop road 
Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. 

Brooks, Frederick WiUiam, Lawyer, Ncav 
York Citv. m Mary Lee Morford; r 203 
W. 85th St. 

Brooks, George Pruce, Lawyer and Capi- 
talist, New York City. Cs Williams, Uni- 
versity. 1921 m Mary Louise Kimball, 
2s; r Hempstead, L.I., N.Y. 

Brooks, Harvey J., Banker, Deep River, 
Conn. 1894 fii Gertrude B. Piatt. 

Brooks, Henry G., Merchant, Boston. Cs 
Tennis, Racquet, Haryard of New York, 
Harvard of Boston. 1905 m Rachel Wor- 
thington Roberts, Is 2d: r Milton. Mass. 

Brooks. John B., Lawyer. Erie, Pa. Cs Erie 
Kahkova Country. 1899 m Genevieve 
Wilbur. Is 2d. 

Brooks, John Pascal, Civil Engineer, Pots- 
dam, N.Y. Cs American of Civil Engi- 
neers, Promotion of Engineering Educa- 
tion. 1888 m Maude Perkins, m Belle 
Pearson, Is Id. 

Brooks. Joshua Irving. Business Executive 
Yernona, Pa. Cs Ed^eworth. Allegheny 
Country, Dnnuesne. 1911 m Ruth Walker 
2d: r Sewicklev, Pa. 

Brooks. Paul Andros. Manufacturer. Min- 
neapolis. Cs Minneapolis. Woodhill, and 
Minekahda. 1912 m Martha Yon Hagen, 
2s '^d; r Wazzata. Minn. 

Bro<^i'c., Percy WiDJs. Banker. New York 
Citv. Cs Yale. Lawyers, Shorehaven 
Countr^'. W'estport Country. Cannes.Ten- 
nis of France. 1905 m Mary Marshall, Is 
Id; r Norwalk, Conn. 



Brooks, Robert L., Business Executive, of 
Minneapolis. Cs Minekahda, Minneapo- 
lis. 1915 m Katharine Lawler, 3s Id; r 
1786 .Tames ave. 
Brooks, Stratton Duluth, Educator and Au- 
thor, Xornian, Okla. 1890 m Maroia 
Stuart, 4s; r .Jenks, Okla. 
Brooks, Thomas, Millionaire, Scrantdii, Pa. 

r 514 Monroe ave. 
Brooks, Walter Denison, Sociolosist, Bos- 
ton. Cs -I'uiou, Exchange Harvard. 1919 
m Florence S.Cobb, 2s; r Red Oaks Farm 
Milton, Mass. 
Brooks, William Frederick, Business Ex- 
ecutive, Minneapolis. Cs ]Minneapolis, 
Minekalida. Lafayette, Athletic, Auto- 
mobible, ^Minnesota. 188S m Caroline B. 
Lanjjdon, Is; r 1928 Stevens ave. 
Brooks-Aten, Mrs. Florence, Founder, So- 
ciologist and Philanthropist. Xew York 
City. She is founder Brooks-Bryc^ Foun- 
dation; and is prominent in business and 
public affairs. Cs York, Automobile of 
America, Daughters of American Pevo- 
lution. Is; r 59 E. 56th st. 
Broomfield, Raymond A., Business Execu- 
tive, Los Angeles. Cs Los Angeles Coun- 
try, Los Angeles Athletic. Jonathan, 
Thirtv-tv.-o degree Mason,, Shriner. 1902 
m Carrie C. Snyder, 2s 2d; r lOO'i Pox- 
bury road, Beverly Hills. 
Eroptiy, Frank Gulden, Mining and Panch- 
er, Phoenix, Ariz, m Sallie P. Blake. 
2s 2d. 
Brophy, Truman W., Jr.. Business Man and 
Director, Chicago. Cs Union League. Ex- 
moor Country. T-affic, Battle Creek 
Country. Opera, Chicago. .YYacht, Lake 
' Forest 'winter. Aero. 1905 m Hazel Ech- 

hart. Is; r 15.S0 Lake Shore drive. 
Brosius, R. S.. Drugti-ist, Bro\vnsvi'li>. Pa. 
Cs Potavy. Xemacolin Country. 1901 m 
Puth Swan. 2d. 
Brougham, Howard, Architect, Palm Beach 
Fla. Cs Squadron A of Xew York, Me- 
tropolitan, Everglades, Bath, Tennis,Am- 
erican Institute of Architects. American 
Legion. 19-^3 m Katharine Clark, Is; r 
1 Major alley. 
Eroughton, Arthur Nicholson. Physician. 
Jamaica Plain. Mass. Cs Howard, I^nion. 
St. Bernard Fish and Game, Bass Rocks 
Golf. 1898 m Lillian de Wolfe Pingree, 
Broughton. Fenry W., Physician. Boston. 
Cs Harvard. Massachusetts Medicil.Mav- 
flower Desecendants. 1916 m Mary L. 
Broughton, Tobn Nicholson, Bn«inpss Ex- 
ecutive. Boston. Cs Longwood d-icket. 
1915 m R"th Sted"inn. Is: r 49 Bar- 
roughs St. .Tamaica Plain, Mass. 

Broun, Aaron, Illustrator and Publisher, 
X'ew York City. Cs American Booklate, 
Art Alliance, Masons. 1925 m S. Cohu; 
r 65 Irving place. 

Brousseau, Maunsell White, Business Ex- 
ecuti\e. Baton Rouge, La. 1914 m Lollia 
ilaine, 4s 2d; r 641 Middle st. 

Brewer, Bailey, Busness Executive, Xew- 
ark, X".J. Cs Princeton, University of 
X'ew York. 1920 m Helen Rowed Piersoa 
r Madison, X'..J. 

Brower, George E., Millionaire, Brooklyn, 
r 94.'. I'rospect place. 

Brown, A. Curtis, Business Executive, Xew 
York City. He is identified with Curtis 
Brown, Limited, International Publish- 
ing Bureau. Cs Devonshire of London, 
American of London. 1890 m Carolina 
Louise Lord, 2s Id; r 27 Cheyene Walk> 
London, England. 

Brown, A. Wilder, Business Executive, Chi- 
cago. Cs Chicago, r Hotel Ambassador. 

Brown, Alanson C., Manufacturer. Clayton, 
Mo. Cs St. Louis. Bellerive Sunset *HilI. 
1905 m May F. Ste^all, 29 2d; r May- 
la nson ^lanor. 

Brown, Albert R., Merchant and Manufac- 
turer. Erwin, Tenn. 1893 m Tuppy Burle- 
son, 2s ^id. 

Brown, Albert Wnton, Business Executive, 
Xew YoYrk City. 1906 m Margaret W. 
Baldwin. Is Id; r Hopslead, X'.Y. 

Brown, Alexander, Retired Banker, Balti- 
more. Cs Maryland, Merchants, Balti- 
more Stock Exchange. Elkridge, Hart- 
ford Yacht, Greenspring Yacht, New- 
York Yacht, m Bessie M. Montague: r 
^fondawamin, Penn ave. 

Brown, Alexander Gushing, ^Canufa.^lurer, 
Cleveland. Cs Union. 1910 m Mary B. 
Dana, 2s 3d; r 1625 Hazel d'ive. 

Brown, Alexander Gustave, Physician, of 
Richmond. Cs Westmoreland, Country of 
Virginia, Colonial Wars, S.A.R. 1901 m 
Kate Marion L^psheer, Is Id; r 1135 W. 
Franklin st. 

Brown, Alexander Hanks, Business Exeou- 
ti%e, X'ew York Citv. Cs Metropolitan, 
Union League, Luncheon. 1901 m .Joan 
McCallum, 2s: r 1 E. 29th st. 

Brown, Alexander T., Millionaire, Syracuse, 
X.Y. r 726 W. Onondaga st. 

Brown, Arthur George. Business Execu- 
tive, San Francisco. Cs Bohemian. Town 
and Countrv. California Golf. 1912 m 
Ruth Pierce Casey. 2d; r 3020 Clay st. 

Brown, Arthur I-.. Manufacture'-. Cincin- 
iinri. Cs I'niversity. Countrv, Cincinnati 
Literacy, Business Men 's. 1916 m Mary 
Ann Kaufman, Id: r 1614 East McMil- 
lan st. 



Brown, Arthur T., Buvor, Portland, Ore. Cs 
Multnomah Golf. 1920 m Helen Houey- 
riian; r 200 St. Clair st. 

Brown, Benjamin W,B., Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs Metropolitan, Down Town, Ard- 
sley, Eepublican, Yale, S.A.E. 

Brown, Bolton, Artist, New York City. Cs 
National Arts. 1895 m Lucy Fletcher, Is 

Brown, Burdette B., Clergyman, New York 
City. Cs Child Welfare.' 

Brown, Caleb Candee, Eetired Business Ex- 
ecutive, Syracuse, N.Y. Cs Sedgwick 
Farm. 1S9S m Frank Collins, Is Id; r 
301 The Snowdon. 

Brown, Caspar M., Business Executive, San 
Francisco. Cs Harvard. 1911 m Ethel 
Malono, 2d: r lOS Cherry st. 

Brown, Charles, Manufacturer and Capi- 
talist, Providence. He is prominently id- 
entified with Business and public af- 
fairs. Cs Metacomet Country, Legeniont 
Country, Turks Head, Mason, Shriner. r 
Narragansett Hotel. 

Brown, Charles, Business Executive, Law- 
rence, Kan. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. 

Brown, Charles Alva, ;Millionaire,. Salem, 
IMass. r 40 Chestnut st. 

Brown, Charles Edward, Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago. Cs Casino, m Helen Desh- 
br; r Desbro, Lake Forest, 111. 

Brown, Charles E., Lumberman, Miles City 
Mont. He is vice-president and general 
manager Midland Coal and Lumber Com- 
pany. Cs Miles City, Miles City Cov.utry, 
Vancouver. 1909 m Margaret McLean, 
3s 2d. 

Brown, Charles P., Business Executr cChi- 
eago. Cs Chicago, Onweutsia; Saddle and 
Cycle, Shore Acres. 1912 m Helen Desh- 
le'r. Id: r Lake Forest, 111., and 24.50 
Lake View ave. 

Brown, Charles Henry, Surgeon, Newlnirg, 
Conn. 1S94 m Emily S. Eich, Is Id: r 
Princeton, N.J. 

Erown, Charles M., Lawver, Marietta. Ga. 
fV Eotarv. :\rarietta Golf. 1920 m Helen 
Baxter: r slfi Whitlock ave. 

Brown= Charles S.. Multi-Tkfillionaire, New 
York City, r So,5 Park ave. 

Brown, Charles T., Business President.Phil- 
adelnhia. He is president Franklin Print- 
ing Companv. Cs Fnion League of Phil- 
adelphia, Harvard. 1901 m Helen T. Svil- 
livan, 2s Id; r Moorestown, N.J. 

Brown. Clarence M.. Business Executive, 
Phiiadfb'hia. Cs Philadelphia Country, 
Union League. Philadelphia Cricket, and 
Seaview Golf. 1901 m Luelle Conv/ell, 2s 
2d; r 622 W. Hortter. 

Brown, Clement McCune, Commercial Pa- 
jier, St. Louis. Cs L^niversity. 1917 nr 
Mildred Glover, 3s; r .5070 Waterman av. 
Brown, Cleyson L., Business President, 
Al>ilene, Kan. He is president T'luted 
Power and Light Corporation, and pres- 
ident United Telephone Company. Cs Eo- 
tarv. 1S9.". m Maud Irwin, Is 3d. 

Brown, Clinton C. C, Merchant and Capi- 
talist, Boston. He is president and chair- 
man Eyder and Brown Company, wool 
merchants. 1913 m Hazel Berkey, 2s Id; 
r 14 Eliot Memorial road, Newton, Mass. 

Brown, Coleman Peace, Banker, Philadel- 
phia. Cs Rittenhouse, Colonial of Prince- 
ton, New York and Philadelphia, Prince- 
ton, Country. 1910 m .Jane B. Arter, Is 
Id: r Devon, Pa. 

Brown, Cyiiis P., Millionaire, St. Paul, r 
496 Portland place. 

Brown, David Millard, Manufacturer, Fer- 
gus Falls, ^linn. Cs Masons, Knights of 
Pvthias, Chippewa. 1883 m Henrietta 
Bisuit, 2s: r 617 Court st. 

Brown, De Witt, Business Executive, Chi- 
cago. Cs Southern Shore Country, Mid- 
lothian Country, Union League, Bankers. 
1SS7 m Laura H. Nutter. 

Brown. Douglas W., Lawyer, Huntington, 
W.Va. Cs Eotary, Golf and Country, and 
otliers. 1902 m Mary G. Williams, 4s 2d. 

Brown, Earling Roy, i\Iining Engineer .Bos- 
ton. 1919 m Mary Louise Gazzam, 2d; r 
Cohasst't. ^lass. 

Brown, Edward A., Bank President, New- 
port, E.I. Cs Miantonomi. 1886 m Mabel 
Tomkins, 2s 2d; 

Brown. Edward Eagle. Banker, Chicago. 
Cs Universitv, ?»ridd;iv, U'nion League. 
1913 m Phyllis M. Wyatt: r 229 Lake 
Shore drive. 

Brown, Edward Josiah. Plivsician and Sur- 
geon, Minneapolis. Cs Hennepin County 
Medical, Minnesota State Medical Asso- 
ciation. 1890 m Mary P. Fullerton, 4s 2d; 
r 3027 Pleasant ave. 

Brown, Edward Osgood. Lawyer, Chicago. 
C* Universitv, Chicago Literary, Midday 
Citv, Irocpiois, Pros':. 1884 m Helen Ger- 
tni'de, 3s 2d: r 1216 N. State st. 

Brown. Edward T., Lawyer. Washington. 
Cs Chew Chase, New York of New 
York, EacYnuet. 1887 m Mary Mitchell, 
now deceased: Is Id. 

Brown, Edwin Chandler. Lawyer. Minnea- 
polis. Cs I^niversitv, Minneapolis Athle- 
tic. Harvard. 1917 m Jo«ephine Wilcox, 
2s Id: r 130 E. Elmwood place. 

Blown, Edwin Hucker, Architect, So. Min- 
neapolis, "Nfinn. Cs Lafayette, Minneapo- 
lis. Woodhill Country. 1912 m Susan 
Christian, 2s; r Wayzata, Minn. 



Erown, Edwin Hewitt, Maiuifactiuer, De- 
Tioit. ('s Dotiuit, University, Youdotega, 
Grosse Pointe Hunt, Athlotie, Countr}', 
Yale. 1907 m Olive M. Mc Iiitosh, Is Id; 
r Lake Court, Grosse Pointe, Micb. 

Brown, Edwin Marriman, Physician, Shel- 
don, Vt. ISM m Fannie Louise Comings, 
Is ,Sd. 

Brown, Edwin P., Millionaire, Xewton, 
Mass. r 14 Washington st. 

Brown, Edwin P., Business President, Bos- 
ton. Cs Algonquin, Beacon Society, Bos- 
ton Boot and Shoe, Brookline Country, 
Charles Eiver Country, Episcopalian, Bos- 
ton Chamber of Commerce. 

Brown, Edwin Putnam, Educator, Beaver 
Dam, Wis. Cs Eotary. 1897 m Mabel 
Vaughan, 2s: r .310 Park ave. 

Brown, Ellis Yarnell, Jr., Business Exec- 
utive, East Downingtown, Pa. Cs Haver- 
ford Graduate. 1911 m Mary Downing 
Godley, 4s; r The House in the Fields. 

Brown, Mrs. Esther Edwards, Sociologist 
and Capitalist, Chicago. Cs Arts. 1922 m 
Mr Oakley Kissam Brown, now deceased, 
r Belmont Hotel. 

Brown, Eveiett Chase, Merchant, Chicago. 
Cs Chicago Athletic, South Shore Coun- 
try, Chicago Yacht,0]ympia Fields Coun- 
try, Saddle and Cvcle. 1921 m Agnes 
.Tones, Is; r 4.558 Ellis ave. 

Brown, Everett H., Jr., Lawyer, Philadel- 
yihia. Cs I'nion League, St. David's Golf, 
p]xchange. 1914 m Ruth Leeds, Is 2d: r 
Brookside, Wissahickon ave,, German- 
toAvn, Pa. 

Brown, Fayette, Multi-]\rillionaire, Cleve- 
land, r 2617 Berkshire road. 

Brown, Mrs. Florence J., Social Worker 
and Capitalist, Chi-'apo. m Wilfred E. 
Brown; r Rlfi S. Michiji^an ave. 

Brown, Frank A., Business President, Chi- 
cago. Cs Ravenswood, Wilmette, Skokie 
Corntry. 1895 m Grace Brvan, now de- 
ceased. 1915 m Pearl A. Billings, Is 2d; 
r Wilmette. Til. 

Brown, Frank Chouteau, Architect, Editor 
and Author, Boston. Cs Twentieth Cen- 
turv, Boston Architectural, Boston So- 
cietv of Architects. 1912 m ]\fabel Sto- 
well Franklin; r 16 Brimmer st. 

Brown, Frank Melvin, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Illinois Athletic, m Clara 
Ackerman, Id: r Elmhurst, 111. 

Brown, Frederick A., Lawyer, Chicago. Cs 
T'niversitv, Union League, Press, Lake 
Shore Athletic, Knollwood. !Mason. and 
Knie^hts Tenmlar. 1891 ni Mary Lois Ro- 
by. Is Id: r 222 E. Delaware place. 

Brown. George A., Publisher. Bloomington, 
Til. Cs National Society for the Study of 
Education. 1883 m Amy Orcutt, 2s; r 
304 E. Walnut st. 

Brown, George Marion, Banker, Atlanta, 
Ga. Cs Haven. Yacht, Capital City, Pied- 
mont Driving. 1887 m Carrie Hoyt, 2d; 
r 584 Peachtree st. 

Brown, George Marlon, Corporation Presi- 
dent, New York City. Cs Greenwich 
Country, Indian Harbor, Yacht, Blind 
Brook Country of Rochester, Bankers, 
Armv and Navv. 1892 m Katharine Fi- 
sher" Is Id; r 31 E. 72ud st. 

Brown, George Marion, Jr., Business Pres- 
ident, Atlanta, Ga. Cs Capital City, Ath- 
letic. 1915 m Caroline Briggs, 2s; r 136 
Westminster drive. 

Blown, Mrs. Harriet Elizabeth Johnson, 
Sociologist, Atlanta, Ga. 1901 m Elijah 
Alexander Brown, 2s Id; r 720 Peach- 
tree ave. 

Brown, Harry Lamprey, Business Execu- 
tive, Cleveland. Cs Harvard, Country. 
1912 m Helena Stoney, Is; r 10032 1 ake 
Shore Idvd. 

Brown, Harold leavitt, Manufacturer, St. 
Louis. Cs Racquet. 1909 m Elizabeth 
Drew, Is. 

Brown, Harry Lee, Surpeon, Washington, 
C-i Army and Xavy. 1917 m Hazel Robin- 
son, Is Id; r Lewiston, X.Y. 

Brown, Harry Whitine. Jr.. Investment 
Counsel, Xew York Citv. He is invest- 
ment counsel with Scudder. Stevens and 
Clark. 1919 m Elizabeth iHnkle, Is 2d; 
r Millard ave and Longvale road, Bronx- 
ville, X.Y. 

Brown. M's. Fe'en Carnenter Gaskin, So- 
ci(dooist, Xew York City. 1893 m Addi- 
son Brown. 3s; r -15 W. 8Qth st. 

Brown. Mrs. Felen Gilman Noyes, Author, 
Xew York Ci+v. Cs Empress, Colony, Cos- 
mopolit-in. Woman's Citv. 1892 ^ Wil- 
liam Adr^ms Brown, 3s Id; r 4-9 E. 80th 

Brown, Fe-nrv P.. Lawver. Philadelphia. 
He is P'-'-.ininently identified with busi- 
ness, public and social affairs. Cs Union 
Leam'e. 188.3 m Anne G. Tavlor, 4s; r 
100 W. Mermaid lane. Chestnut Hi'l. Pa. 

Brown, Herbert J.,Mi^lti-Mil]ionair«, Port- 
land, ]\Tnine. r 1'^5 State st. 

Brown, Hilton Ultimus. Newspaper Man- 
ager, Indianapolis. Ind. Cs Indianapolis 
Literary, University, Columbia, m Jen- 
nie Hannah, 3s 5d ;" r 5087 E. Washing- 
ton st. 

Brown, Hue-h Barclay, Realtor, T-os An- 
geles. Cs Los Ang-eles Country, Los An- 
geles Athletic. Beach. 1908 mLucile Da- 
niel. 2s Id; r 1818 Cimarron st. 

Brown, J. E., Business Executive, Winston- 
Salem, X.C. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs: and 
has held several positions of trust and 
honor. Cs various. 




Brown, J. Howard, Insuianee, Philadel- 
phia. Cs Union League, Racquet, Art, 
Dowiii Town, Merion Cricket, Automo- 
bile. 1900 m Martha A. Lvce; r Ardmore, 

Brown, J. [Sidney, Millionaire, Denver, r 
1.560 Ogdcn st. 

Brown, J btuart. Millionaire, Pittsburgh, r 
S;Jt» Ridge ave., N.8. 

Biown, Jacob F., Business President and 
Multi-MiHionairc, Boston. He is vice- 
president Republican Wuskanut Mills. 
Cs Algonquin, Brookline Country, Yacht, 
Eastern, r 11 Commonwealth ave. 

Brown, James, Banker, New York City. Cs 
Piping Rock, Union, India House, Cham- 
ber of Commerce, Down Town Associa- 
tion. 1888 m Adele Quartley, 2d; r Lo- 
cust Valley, L.I. 

Brown, James, Multi-Millionaire,New Y^ork 
City, r 290 Park ave. 

Brown, James Crosby, Banker, Philadel- 
phia. Cs Rose Tree Fox Hunt, Merion 
Cricket, University, New York Yacht, 
Down Town, Rittenhouse, Racquet, Rad- 
nor. 1898 m Mary Agnes Hewlett; r Ard- 
more, Pa. 

Brown, Jamot, Miner, Florence, Col. 1900 
m Margaret Berger, 5s 2d. 

Brov/n, John A., Millionaire, Philadelphia, 
r St. James Hotel. 

Brown, John H., Business President, New 
York City. 1896 m Maud A. Weaver, 3s; 
r 22.5 Cator ave., Jersey City, N.J. 

Brown, John J., Business President, New 
York City. He is president Wheeler Con- 
densing and Engineering Company, and 
president Carteret Trust Company, and 
other corporations. Cs Baltusrol Golf, 
Colonial Country, Accomack, Bankers of 
America, Engineers. 1922 m Katherine 
McCoole; r Crawford. N.J. 

Brown, Jonathan, Jr., Manufacturer, Bos- 
ton and Salem, Mass. Cs Algonquin, Au- 
tomobile. 1900 m Masrdalen L. Klein. 2s 
Id; r 71 Bay State road and Hamilton, 

Brown. Joseoh, Business President and Ca- 
pitalist, Los Angeles, r 2648 N. Griffin 

Brown, Joseijh C'ifton, Educator. St. Claud, 
Minn. 190;" m Celia Fisher, Is Id. 

Brown, Kenneth, Author, Dublin.N.H. 1904 
m Demetra Oake; r Glimnswood. 

Brown, Lathrop, Retired Business Execu- 
tive. New York Citv. Cs Kniekerbo'-ker, 
Union. 1911 m Helen Hooper, 2d; r Mon- 
tauk. Tone Island. 

Brown, Levi G., Lieutenant Colonel, Fort 
Leavenworth, Kan. 1912 m .Tane Desloge, 
.5s 2d. 

Brown, Marchal J. Jr., Banker, Philadel- 
phia. Cs Rittenhouse, Racquet, Gulph 

Mills Golf, Pine Valley Golf. 1915 m Ma- 
ry Crozer Page, 2s Id; r Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Brown, Nathan Clifford, Retired Writer, 
Portland, Elaine. 1887 m Florence Cor- 
nelia, Id; r 218 Middle st. 

Brown, Oren B., Judge, Dayton, Ohio. Cs 
Dayton Country, Buz Fuz. 1883 m Jean- 
nette Gebhart; r 316 Schantz ave. 

Brown, Paul, Banker,St. Louis. He is senior 
vice-president Mercantile Trust Compa- 
ny, and head of the firm of Paul Brown 
and Company, brokers. Cs Noonday, and 
Somerset. 1924 m Inez Hereford Clark; 
r 10 Washington terrace. 

Brown, Paul Goodwin, Contractor, Phila- 
delphia. He is managing engineer Key- 
stone Construction Company, and also 
for the Droad Street Subway. Cs Phila- 
delphia Engineers, Century, Racquet of 
Philadelphia, m Antoinette Klapp, r 
li'itz Carlton. 

Brown, Percy W., Director, Cleveland, r 
I^nion Trust Building. 

Brown, Philip Greeley, Banker, Portland, 
Maine. Cs University of Boston, Cumber- 
land, Countrv, Y''acht, Athletic, Portland. 
r 218 Middle st. 

Brown, Philip King, Physician, San Fran- 
cisco. Cs Universitv. 1900 m Helen A. 
Hillyer, 3s Id; r 1 25th ave. 

Brown, Preston, Army Officer, Wasliing- 
ton. 1905 m Susan Ford Dorrance, Id; r 
Fort Wadsworth, N.Y. 

Brown, Raymond S., Newspaper Puldisher, 
Columbus, Tnd. Cs Rotary. 1912 m Anna 
Newell. Is Id: r 645 Lafayette ave. 

Brown, Reed, M., Headmaster of Military 
Institute, Germantown, Pa. Cs Universi- 
tv, Masons, Cincinnati, Graduates, Y'ale. 
1912 m Julia Wilson, Is Id. 

Brown, Richard P., Business President, of 
Philadeli'liia. Cs Merion Cricket of Hav- 
erford, American Keramic Society, Uni- 
on League, Engineers, r 6643 Lincoln 

Brown, Rives Sporttswood, Business Presi- 
dent, ^lartinsville, Va. Cs Westmoreland 
Shenandoah. Knights of Pvthias, Mason 
Shriner. 1916 m Cornelia F. Gregory, Is. 

Brown, Rome G., Lawyer, Minneapolis. Cg 
!Minneapolis, Athletic, INlinekahda. 1888 
m Mary Lee Hollister, Is Id; r 1918 
Queen ave., S. 

Brown, Roscoe C. E.. Professor. New York 
T'ity. Cs I'liion League, Hamilton of 
Brooklvn. 1897 m Bertha Backus, 2s 4d; 
r 164 Hicks st., Brooklyn. 

Brown, Roy Benton, Manufacturer, Lo3 
Gatos, Cal. Cs Troy, Harvard of New- 
York City, m Mrs. John Ford. 

Brown, Stuart, Member of Law Firm, of 
Springfield. 111. 1886 m Kate Logan Hav, 
2s Id; r 717 S. 4th st. 



}y identified with business and public af- 
fairs. 1899 ni Marv Elizabeth Morrison, 
Is 2d. 

Brown, William Pindley, Lawyer, Phila- 
delphia. Cs Union League, Sunnvbrook 
Golf, Philadelphia Cricket, Penn," Phila- 
delphia Country. 1887 m .Julia S. Wil- 
litts, 3s; r Bells Mills road, Chestnut 
Hill, Pa. 

Brown, William H., Lawyer, Boston. 1912 
ni Adelaide Moore, Id; r 304 Beacon st., 
Boston; and Cohasset, Mass. 

Brown, Aldis J., Eealtor, Chicago. He is 
secretary Standard Office Company, also 
agent for Railway Exchange and Tower 
Buildings, and identified with Ross and 
Browne, realtors. Cs Chicago, University, 
Saddle and Cycle, Onwentsia, Racquet, 
Yale of New York, Racquet of Washing- 
ton. 1911 m Elizabeth Cunningham, 2s; 
r ti7 Cedar st. 

Browne, Charles Willing, Insurance Bro- 
ker, Baltimore. Cs Bachelor Cotillion. 
1898 m Louisa McGill, Is; r 609 Fred- 
erick ave, Catonsville, Md. 

Browne, Franklin Clarke, Banker and Real- 
tor Cliicago. Cs South Shore Country, 
Army and Xavy, Hamilton, Meilinah 
Temple. 1921 m Helen Ma-garet Denis, 
Is Id; r 515 Wrightwood ave. 

Browne, Kerneth L., Banker, Kansas City, 
Kan. Cs Elks, Milburn Golf, Bankers. 
1887 m Kate V. Browne, Is 2d; r 3500 
X. 12th St. 

Browne, Kingsbury, Wed, Boston. Cs Uni- 
on Boat. 1920 m So^diie Acheson, Is Id; 
r 140 Dudlee st. 

Browne, Thomas Horace Arrell, Consulting 
Engineer, Baltimore. Cs S.A.R. 1909 m 
:Margarct .Jenkins Lilly, -Jd; r 1806 Park 

Browne, William H., Physii-i-in. Detroit. Cs 
Detroit Athletic, Cornell, Players, Wite- 
nagemote. Army and Xavv. m Katherine 
I>. Armstrong, Is; r 3710 Edison a^'e. 

Browne, William Hand. Professor, West 
Rnleip-h, X.C. 1S98 m Linda :Mary Whit- 
aker, 4s. 

Brownell. E. Garnsey, Physician, Xew York 
City. Cs Army and Xa^y, Columbia Uni- 
versity, Townsend Countrv. 

Browne'l- Fdward Tbarra, T awver, Bristol, 
R.I. 1897 m Fannie Brown Gladding, 2s; 
r 30 Vallev st. 

Brownell, Ernest Kenry, Civil Enorineer, 
Washington. Cs S.A.R., Army and Xavy. 
1891 1-1 Annie Mnv Aneell 2s 2d. 

BrowreU. Everett G-.P^r-'sirian, Xew York 
T'itv. Cs Town and Countrv, Armv and 
X."vv. Fraternitv, St. Bn'-to1n?new 's. Mi- 
litai-v n^•AoY of the World-War, Glen's. 
r 8 E. 66th st. 

Brown, Thatcher Magoiin, Director of Hos- 
pital, Red Bank, X.J. Cs Metropolitan, 
I'niversity, Yale, Down Town, Automo- 
bile. 1904 m Caro Lord Xoyes, 3s. 

Brown, Theodore Backus, Logging Engi- 
neer, Portland, Ore. Cs University. 1912 
m Anna L. Sanborn; r 605 Buena Vista 

Brown, Thomas Philip, Realtor and Capi- 
talist, Washington. Cs Congressional 
Country. 1903 m Annie B. King, Is Id; 
r 3713 Harrison st.. Chevy Chase, Md. 

Brown, Thomas R., Physician, Baltimore. 
He is professor of clinical medicine at 
the Johns Hopkins School, and visiting 
physician of Johns Hopkins School. Cs 
Baltimore, m Jeannie Mc Comb Albert, 
Id; r Whitefield road, Guilford. 

Brown, Thomas S., Jr., Retired Business 
Executive and Capitalist, Chicago. He is 
prominent in business and public affairs. 
Cs Congresional Country of Washington, 
Cincinnati, Union League, Midday. 1920 
married Grace Kellie; r 445 Barry ave. 

Brown, Walter Elliott, Lieutenant," Wash- 
ington. Cs Army and Xavy. 1912 m Caro 
Bdwen Sarmiento. 

Brown, Walter Jackson, Stock Broker, -Bos 
ton. Cs Harvard, Winchester Country, 
Calumet. 1897 m Lesley D. Bangs, now 
deceased: 3d; r 29 Calumet road, Win- 
chester, ^lass. 

Brown, Ward, Architect, Washington. Cs 
Chevy T'hnse. r 17?3 Do Sales st. X.W. 

Brown, Wilbur Charles, Business President 
Xew York City. Cs Xew Britain of Con- 
necticut, Tampa of Florida. 1906 m Rita 
Rodiignez, 2s Id. 

Brown, WiUiam, Lawver, Xew York City. 
Cs T"ni versify. 1903 ni Marguerite Ma- 
nierre: r 114 E. 84th st. 

Brown, William, Millionaire, Evanston, 111. 
r 217 Dempster st. 

Brown, William Adams, 3Tinister, Xew 
YoYrk City. Cs Century, University .Yale 
American Alr'ine. kpawamis, Authors. 
1892 m Helen Gilman Xoves; r 49 E. 
.SOth st. 

Brown, William Carey, Army Officer, Den- 
ver. Cs University of Xew York City, 
Explorers, Armv and Xavy. Unmarried. 

Brown, William CarroU. Business Presi- 
dent. Belton. ftr 1904 m Lillian Blake, 
Is ;M- r The Shadows. 

Brown. William Coren, Business Executive 
Battle Creek. :\fich. m Catherine B. De- 
wev; r Echo Hill. 

Brown, William Edgar. Clerjryman. Lex- 
ington. Mich. Cs Michisran Authors. Gar- 
rett Alumni, m Margaret Stewart, 2s 2d; 

Brown. William Ellsworth. Business Pres- 
ident, Chehalia, Wash. He is prominent- 



Browne.l, Irancis Herbert, Business Exec- 
iiti\e ami ^UillioiiaiiL', New York City. 
Cs University of New York City, Metro- 
politan. 1894 m Josephine Nobly, 'ss; r 
410 Park avc. 

Browneu, tjcorge F.,Mlliionaire, New York 
City, r 830 Park ave. 

Erovvnlleld, Mrs. Mary Gilmer, Sociologist, 
Opelika, Ala. Cs C.D.A., 13.A.K. 1900 m 
William Otis Brownfield, Is Id; r 453 S. 
Loth St. 

Browning, Edward, Engineer,Pliila(lelplua. 
Cs L'liion LeHgue. 1919 m Louisa Pharo; 
r State road, Devon, Pa. 

Biowning, McPlierson, Business Executive 
Detroit. Cs Grosse Pointe, Country, De- 
troit. 1913 m Dorothy Eddy, Is "id; r 
2940 Iroquois ave. 

Browning, William Kiill, Business Presi- 
dent and ^lillionaire, New Y''ork City. 
Cs University, Union League, American 
Yacht. 1891 m Theiesa Fletcher Dom- 
inck. Is Id: r 18 W. 54th st. 

Enibacher, Mrs. Emma E. King, Sociolo- 
gist, New York City. She is prominently 
identified with social work. 1872 m Da- 
niel Brubacher, now deceased, ."'d; r 
Byram Shore, Port Chester, N.Y^. 

Brubacher, Howard, Author and Writer, 
(ireen 's Farm, Conn. Cs Players of New 
York, Authors League of America. 1912 
ni Louisa Mainard. 

Bruce, Francis Burgers, Merchant, Savan- 
nah, Ga. Cs S.C., S.A.R. 1889 m Georgia 
Roswell iKng; r E. 41st st. 

Bruce, Helm, Trustee, Louisville, Ky. Cs 
S.A.R., Conversation, Filson. 1884 m Sal- 
lie Hare White. 3s Id; r 1411 3rd st. 

Biuce, Howard, Business President, Balti- 
more. Cs Maryland, Baltimore, Merchants 
Green Valley, Elkridge, Lawyers of New 
"i'ork. 1912 m Marv Giaham Bowdoin, 
2d; r Elkridge, Md." 

Bruce, J. Mai'shall Hills, Automobile Dea- 
ler, Baltimore. Cs Baltimore. 1918 m Eli- 
za Battle Daney, 2s; r 853 University 

Bni.ce, Malcolm Graeme, Retired Lawyer, 
News Ferry, Va. Cs Metropolitan of 
Washington, Westmoreland of Richmond. 
1906 m Mvrtle C. Heisen, now deceased, 
2d. 1922 m Bruce Williams, r Berry Hill 

Bruce, Mathew Linn, Lawyer, New York 
f'itv. LS94 m Lillian B. Knapp, Is 2d; r 
Andes, N.Y. 

Bruce, William George, Publisher, Milwau- 
kee. Cs Athletic, Old Settlers, Jefferson. 
1881 m Monica Moehring, 2s Id; r 441 
Ilanover st. 

Biuch, Charles F., Multi-Millionaire, Cleve- 
land. 1- ;'.725 Euclid ave. 

Bruch, Edward Philip, Business Executive, 
Cleveland. Cs Kirtland, Mayfield, Her- 
mit. 1918 m Helen M. Osborne, Is Id; r 
Kirtland, Ohio. 

Bruch, Karl F., Business Executive, Cleve- 
land. Cs Hermit, Country, Mayfield,Kirt- 
land, Roadside. 1914 m Mildred Osborne, 
2s Id; r 3041 Fairmount blvd. 

Bruck, Isaac I., Business President, New 
York City. 1913 m Lillian Sherrell, 2d; 
r 777 Broadwav, Far Rockaway, Long 

Eruckert, George Louis, Realtor, Oak Park 
111. He is prominent in business and pub- 
lic affairs; and has held many positions 
of t.ust and honor. Cs U'nion League, 
Oak Park Country, Brookwood Country. 
1915 m Bessie B". Beggs, Is 2d; r 367 

Bruckner, Wi'liam T., Banker, Chicago. He 
is president Continental and Commercial 
National Bank, and director Lake View 
Trust and Sj ings Bank, and of Cicero 
State Bank, Cicero, 111. r 208 S. LaSalle 


Bruell. W. F., Lawyer and Statesman, Red- 
field, S.D. He is a member South Dakota 
State Senate, and co'nmissioner on Uni- 
form State Laws. CsKiwanis, Mason. 
1900 m Carol Riggs. 

Br-^ere, Henry, Business Executive. New 
York Citv. T'* Universitv. 1904 m .Jane 
Munroe. 2s 2d: r 216 EY. 18th st. 

Bructle. Geors-e M., Landscape Painter, 
New York Citv. Cs Lotos, Salmagundi, 
Lvme Art. 1901 m Emma Thompson, Is; 
r 425 "^ 57th St. 

Bruff. Eichard Kearney, Edu-ntor, New 
Orle-Tis. I.n. 19'^3 m Carrie Edna Siler; 
r 7472 HariT)son st. 

B-umbarh, Orville Sanford, Lawyer. To- 
ledo. Cs S.A.R., T(dedo Country, Auto- 
mobile. Chambo'- of CoTiim'''rce 1881 m 
Jennio Cari— . 2d: r 2004 Parkwood ave. 

Brumbaugh. Gains Marcus, Physician and 
Author. Wasliin^ton. 

Brumbai'-^^h T. Harvey, Educator, Hunting- 
ton, Pa. C« Harvard. 1900 m Amelia H. 
.Tohnson. 3d. 

Brumbaugh, Martin Grove, Teacher, Hunt- 
in<rtnn, P;i. 1914 m Flor.n B. Park's. 

Brumder, William C. Millionaire, Milwau- 
kee, r 900 Marietta ave. 

Bruran^el. Henry Christopher, Insurance 
Executive. Chicago. Cs Illinois Athletic, 
Chicag-o, I incoln, amilton. Lake Shore 
Ath'eti T'M„i]wood Countrv, Ridgemoor 
Golf. ^1907 ni IVTabel Taylor, 3s Id; r 
737 Kenesaw terrace. 

Brummer, Joseph, Art Dealer and Capita- 
list, New York City, m Beata Morten- 
son; r 27 E. 57th st. 



Brune, Frederick W., Lawyer, Baltimore. 
C.-- BaltiiiKiro, Groen Spring Valley Hunt 
Baltimore Country, Merchants, Balti- 
more Athletic. 1921 m Mary W. Keyser; 
r Poplar Hill road, Koland Park. 

Brune, Herbert M., Lawyer, Baltimore. Cs 
Cotillion, Baltimore Country, Elkridge 
l-'ox Hunt, Merchants. 1892 "m Lucy Fi- 
sher, Is Id; r Oaklawn, Eixton, Md. 

Bruning, Charles, B-asiness President, New 
York City. Cs Illinois Athletic, New 
York Athletic, Moiitvlair Athletic. 4s Id. 

Brunker, Albert Rid^ely, Business Presi- 
d(>nt, Chicago. He is pi-oniinently identi- 
fied with 1>usiness and public affairs. Cs 
University, Indian Hill of Winnetka, Du- 
quesne of Pittsburgh, Glen View Golf, 
Germantown Cricket, American of Lis- 
bon, Graduate of New Haven Universi- 
ty of Philadelphia. 192,3 m Margaret 
Gaylord. Id; r 220 E. Walton place. 

Brunn, Christopher D., Manufacturer, of 
Portland, Ore. Cs Waverly, Arlington 
]\Tultnoniah. m Edith Alice Jones; r Am- 
bassador .Vpai'tments. 
Clinton |i'ac;'. Ri\er Forest, 111. 

Bnmner. William Evans, Phvsician, Cleve- 
land. Cs Lhiion, Mavfield, Rowfant, Ad- 
irondack licague. 1897 m Lvdie C. Clark, 
Is: r .31(19 Fairfax road. 

Briinot, John B., Coal Operator, Greens- 
burg, Pa. Cs Masonic, Elks, Greeiisburg 
Countrv. 1904 m Alice Ethel Turner, 
2s Id. ' 

Bruns, Edwin G., Broker, AUenhrust, N.J. 
He is ])()mini'ntly identified in financial 
and public affairs. Cs New York Yacht, 
Athletic, New York, Deal Golf, Friars. 
1895 m Margaret Cunninsrham, Is; r 211 
Broadway, New York CitYy. 

Brunswig, Lucien N., Business Executive, 
I>os Angeles. Cs I^'niversitv, California, 
m Marguerite Wogan; r .3.528 W. Adams 


Brnnt, J. P., Business P-esident, Chicago. 
Cs Ronth Shore C-^-ntr--. Bob O'T-ink 
Golf, Olvmpia T''ini,is Country, Ijake 
Shore Athletic, Elks. 2s; r 813 Buena 

Bnmton, David WilUam, Consultinqr Engi- 
neer, Denver. Cs En<Tineers, Denver. D(M1- 
T er Countrv. 188,5 m Katherine K. Keni- 
blbe, 3s Id; r 8.56 Grant st. 

Bn'sh, Charles, Jr., Business Executive, 
Clevelnnd. C'* Uiiiversitv. Countrv. m 
Doroth^' A. Hamilton, Is Id: r 22fi2 Tu- 
dor drivo, C'evelnn,! Heiirht*. 

Brush. Ma+thew nhauncey. Corporation 
Official and Millionai'-e, New York Ci- 
f^\ r 3? N. ifith si- 

Br"«li, Murray Pe^'b'^dy, Di'-ector, Port 
Deposit, Md. Cs Baltimore Country. 1899 

m Charlotte M. Kinney, Is Id; r Tome 

Brusie, Charles F.ederick, Educator, Litch- 
field, Conn. Cs National Arts of Gramer- 
cy Park, N.Y. 1891 m Maude Sterling, 
Id; r Litchfield, Conn. 

Bryan, Charles Shepard, Army Officer, 
New York City. Cs University, Navy of 
\\'ashington. 1899 m Annie A. Mc W'hor- 
ter, 2s 2d; r 76 E. 5+th st. 

Bryan, George, Lawyer, Richmond, Va. He 
is prominently identified with busines.s 
and public affairs. Cs Westmoieland, 
I'niversity. 1902 m Page Bragg Osborne, 
r 826 Park ave. 

Bryan, Gray MacWhorter, Business Presi- 
dent, .\e\v Yoik City, r 260 4th ave. 

Bryan, John Stewart, Publislier and Multi- 
IMillionaire, Richmond, Va. Cs Cincinna- 
ti University of New York City, West- 
moreland, Commonwealth, Countrv, Her- 
mitage. 1903 m Annie Eliza Tennant, 2s 
Id ; r Laburnain. 

Bryan, Jonathan, Business President, Rich- 
nond, Va. 1911 m Winifred Duffy; r 

Bryan, Robert Coalter, Surgeon, Richmond, 
Va. Cs Westmoreland, Commonwealth! 
1914 m Grace Hamiltim, 2s; r 2312 Mon- 
ument ave. 

Bryan. Stanley Fisk, Arniv Officer, Fort 
Sill, Okla. Cs Army and Navv, Univer- 
sity of Providence. 1920 m Albertine De- 
Irick, Id: r 1108 Lake st., Lawton, Okla. 

Bryan, W. S. Plumer, Clergyman, Chicago. 
''s I'niversity. 1877 m Alice Crchran 
b'eid, 3s Id; r 840 Belden ave. 

Bryan, Worcester Allen, Surgeon. Educator 
and Author, Nashville, Tenn. He i.s prac- 
t!"ing surgery in Nashville, and is pro- 
fessor of surgerv and clinical surgerv 
A'anderbilt School of Medicine. 1904 m 
limmi K. Bpriy, Is 3d; r 1816 West End 

Bryant, Amasa Bsncr:ft. Banker, Gardner, 
Mass. Cs Gardner Boat, Oak Hill of 
Fitchburg. Country of Worcester. 1892 m 
Anna M. Winslow'. Is; r 22 Cross st. 

Bryant, Franklin E., Lawyer and Banker, 
Rochester, Ind. Cs Knights of Pvthia.s' 
!.«'»•' in Edith E. Cowgill, 2d. 

Bryant, James Spencer. Broker and Capi- 
talist, St. Paul. Cs Town and Conntny. 
1888 m Edith Crawford, Is; r 2416 Crom- 
\\<'ll drive, Minneapolis. 

Eryqnt, Morris P.,Financier, Mont-ea! Can- 
:"la. Cs Engineers, St. Georfje 's Countrv, 
:^lontreal Jockev, Montreal Ski. 1909 m 
Dorothy A. Gilbert. Id; r 4338 West- 
i>-o"nt ave., Westmoont. 

Brvant, Percy, Physi-ian. Rahwav, N.J. 
1900 m Josenhine Myrick Webb, 2s; r 
Bowdoin Park. 



Bryant, Ralph Clement, Professor, New 
Haven, Conn. Cs Graduates. 1904 ni Alice 
Jonier, Is Id; r 305 Lawrence st. 

Bryant, EeQua, Business Executive and 
Capitalist, Evanston, 111. Cs Chicago 
Board of Trade. 1922 m Frances Thomp- 

Bryant, Russell Wlllet, Professor, Buffalo. 
Cs Saturn. 1914 m Geitrude Greene; r 
236 Bryant st. 

Bryant, Stewart Trederick, Xaval Officer, 
Washington. Cs Army and Navy, Chevy 
Chase, Colonial Wars, S.A.B. " 1914 m 
A'aleda Johnson, 2s; r 3100 E. 1st st. 

Bryant, Waldo Calvin, Manufacturer and 
Millionaire, Bridgeport, Conn. Cs. Union 
League, University, Bankers of America 
New England Society, Brooklawn Coun- 
try, Mctabetchonan Fishing and Game 
of Canada. 1887 m Ida Gerald, Is Id; r 
271 Park ave. 

Bryant, Willard, Business Executive, De- 
troit. Cs Detroit Athletic, Eed Run Golf, 
m Minnie Slade, Id; r 2277 Glynn court. 

Bryant, Willard G., Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Detroit. Cs Detroit Ath- 
letic, Eed Run Golf, Moslem Temple, 
Mvstic Shrine. 1884 m Minne J. Slade, 
Id"; r Belerest Hotel, 5440 Cass ave. 

Bryant, William Sohier, Physician, New 
York City. Cs Century, Cincinnati, Uni- 
versity, Knights Templar, Mayflower 
Descendants,Harvard,Porcellian of Cam- 
bridge. 1887 m Martha Lvman Cox, 5d; 
T 107 E. 39th St. 

Bryce, Marion G., MilliYonYaire, Pitts- 
burgh, r 5869 Solway st. , 

Bryce, Peter C, Millionaire, New York Ci- 
ty, r 270 Park ave. 

Buch, Emily, Sociologist and Financier, 
New York City. Cs Automobile of Amer- 

Enchanan, De Witt W., Coal Dealer, Chica- 
go. He is president and director Old Ben 
Coal Corporation, director Coalfield Com- 
pany, and National City Bank of Chi- 

Bi'.chanan. Harry Morris, Banker, Los An- 
geles. Cs Masonic, Bankers, m Myrtle 
Johnston, 2d; r 2120 Yirginia road. 

Euclianan, James I., Millionaire, Pitts- 
burgh, r 300 S. Negley ave. 

Buchanan, James Shannon, College Profes- 
sor, Norman, Okla. 1896 m Vinnie Gal- 
braith, now deceased; 2s Id. 

Ei:ichanan, John P., Lawyer, Marion. Va. 
Cs Westmoreland. 1912 m Annabel Mor- 
ris. Is 2d. 

Buchanan, Robert Earle. Educator, Ames, 
Iowa. 1910 m Estella D. Fogel. Is. 

Buchanan, Roger SulUvan. Business Exec- 
utive, Detroit. Cs Detroit Athletic, Loch- 

moor, Old, Colorado Country. 1917 m 
Eloise Robey Waldo, Is 2d; r Grosse 
Pointe Village, ]Mich. 

Buchanan, Thomas Gilting, Broker, Balti- 
more. Cs Baltimore, Bachelor Cotillion, 
Maryland Historical Society. 1911 m El- 
len Gilmar, Is; r 909 Cathedral st. 

Bucher, Otto, Business President, New 
York City. 1910 m Marta Remmer, Is 
2d; r 116 Riverside drive. 

Euchman, Edwin, Manufacturer and Capi- 
talist, Vallev Falls, N.Y. 1903 m Martha 
Bisham, 2s 2d; r 629 3rd ave., Troy,N.Y. 

Buck, Earl K., Merchant and Capitalist, 
Omaha, Neb. He is owner of chain of 
retail slioe stores. He is prominent in 
business, public and social affairs. 1916 
m Louise S. Storz, Is; r 621 S. 37th st. 

Buck, George G., Business President, Bal- 
timo:e. 1920 m .Julia N. Cochran, 2s; r 
4 St. John 's road. 

Buck, George Sturges, Lawyer, Buffalo. Cs 
Athletic, University, and Canoe. 1903 m 
Louiee Husse.y, 2s 2d; r 599 Ashland ave. 

Buck, Gordon M., Lawyer, New York City. 
Cs Uni\ eisity, iKwanis, Down Town As- 
sociation. 1906 m Carrie P. Wheeler, Is 
Id; r Pelham Manor, N.Y. 

Buck, Harold Winthrop, Consulting Engi- 
neer, New York City. Cs University, Am- 
erican Institute of Mechanical Engineers 
National Electric Light, Chemical, and 
Franklin Institute. 1902 m Charlotte R." 
Porter, 2s Id; r 981 Park ave. 

Buck, Isaac I., Business President, New 
York City. 1913 m Lillian Sherrell, 2s; r 
777 Broadway, Far Rockaway, Long Is- 

Buckbee, Louis Richardson, Retired Busi- 
ness Executive and Capitalist, New York 
City. Cs Rumson Country, Deal Country, 
Siwanov Country. 1904 m Isabel Brush 
Williams, Id; r"210 Riverside drive, N. 
Y.C., and Little Silver, N.J. 

Buckingham, Fisher Aurelius, Business Ex- 
ecutive, Berkeley, Cal. Cs Olvmpic. Min- 
ing and [Metallurgical Engineers. 1919 
m Helen Merrill, 2s; r 10 Hillcrest st. 

Buckland. Edward Grant, Lawyer and 
Railroad Executive, Boston. Cs Univer- 
sity of NeAv Yorkk, Yale of New York, 
Graduates, Quinnipiack, and Lawn and 
Country of New Haven. '1898 m Sally 
Tyler Clark, 2s 2d; i' 254 Prospect st., 
New Haven, Conn. 

Buckland, John M., R-nlroad President, Al- 
lentown. Pa. He is nresident Ouaker- 
town and Bethleliem Railroad; is prom- 
inent in business and public affairs. Cs 
Livingston, Lehifh T'ountry of Allen- 
town, Bethlehem, Snri'-en Valley Coun- 
try of Bethlehem. 1921 in Gertrude Fan- 



Buckley, Crueaus F., Oil Producer, San 
Fraiu'isco. i;>ttJS m Edna Middleton, Is 
3d; r 2614 Pacific ave. 

Buckley, Daniel, <'a]itaiii, Ambler, Pa. Cs 
Philadelphia. liMt/ in X'ora Hamilton 
King, Is; r WimdMiw, Broad Axe. 

Buckley, Edward Grant, Railroad Vice 
President, Xew Haven, Conn. Cs Univer- 
sity. 1898 m Saliy T. Clark, 2s; r 251 
Prospect St. 

Buckley, John L.,La\vyer, Enterprise,Miss. 
1888 III Lida Biannoii. 2s; r l]nterprise, 
Miss.; and Longview, Texas. 

Buckley, Mrs. Mary Wain vvistar. Sociol- 
ogist, Philadelphia. 1^71 ni Edward Swift 
Buckley, 2s; r 1.508 Spruce st. 

Buckley, Warren, Broker, Chicago. Cs Ex- 
moor, Glenview, Evanston Country. 1917 
m Emma Towne, 2d; r 1565 Asbury ave., 
Evanston, 111. 

Bucklin, Walter Gtanley, Lawyer, Banker, 
Boston. Cs Exchange of Brookline, Coun- 
trj', Longwood Cricket Unicorn Coun- 
try, Press, Beacon Society, Commercial, 
Recess. 1907 ni Hellen M. Cobb, Is; r 
469 Walnut st., Brookline, Mass. 

Bucklm, William Norrls, Jr., Banker, Pas- 
adena, Cal. 1920 ni Theodora Robbins, 
2s; r 662 La Loma road. 

Bucknasster, Freleick Conant, Chemist, 
Pittsbingh. Cs American Chemical Socie- 
ty. 1913 m Sara Elizabeth Hogg, Is Id; 
r 1290 Dennison ave. 

Buchner, Howard, Physician, Atlanta, Ga. 
Cs Piedmont Driving. 1903 m Susie Cnn- 
ninghain. Id; r Ponce de Leon aj)t 's. 

Bucknell, Howard, Jr., American Consul, 
Shanghai. China. Cs Columbia Country, 
French, Shanghai, Race, Canton. 1922 m 
Lucy Barrow Taylor, Is. 

Buckner, Emory R., Lawyer and Sociolo- 
gist, Xew Y(irk City. He is Ignited States 
District Attorney for Southern District 
of Xew York. Cs St. Andrews, Universi- 
ty, Hudson River, Harvard, m Katherine 
Keach, 2s; r 130 E. 67th st. 

Buckner, Mortimer, Banker, Xew York Ci- 
tv. Cs iMiddav. Creek, Garden City, Gar- 
den Citv Golf. Links Golf, Metropolitan 
X^ational Golf Links, Xew Y'ork Yacht, 
Racauet and Tennis. Turf and Field.Uni- 
versity, YaYHe. ni Paula Kellermann, Is 
Id: r G«»vdpn Citv. Lone Island. 

Buckner, William Dickinson, Business Ex- 
ecutive. Brooklyn. Cs Union League, Ha- 
milton. Marine and Field. J910 ni Helen 
Griffi^^hs, deceased; r Hamilton Club. 

Bnekwalter, Edward L.. Millionaire, of 
. Snrinefield, Ohio, r Oak Hall Farm, Na- 
tional road. 

Budd. J. D. Phvsicia'i and Surgeon, Two 
Harbors, Minn. Cs Commercial. 

Budd, Kennell Peppereil, Merchant and 
Millionaire, Xew iorK City. Cs Knicker- 
bocker, Raquet and xennis, Manhattan, 
Brook, Turf and Field. 1922 m Mrs. 
Brnham Gray; r 105 E. 81st st. 

Budd, Stepheu P., Slock Broker, Xew York 
City. Cs Army and Xavy. m Florence G. 
Beecher; r 114 E. 84th st., and Newton, 

Buiiiugton, Robert Ailyn, Zoologist, Ober- 
lin, Ohio. Cs American Society of Zoolo- 
gists, Ohio Academy of Science, Amer- 
ican X'aturalists. 1906 m Mabel T. Stone 

Budlong, Frederick G., Clergyman, Pitts- 
burgh. Cs Dr.quesne. 1910 m Marv E. 
Corl)ett, Is; r 4S39 5th ave. 

Budicng, voseph J., Banker, Chicago. He is 
prominently identified with business and 
pniblic af fails. Cs Union League. 1905 m 
Irene Heaney, 3s Id; r 2406 Foster ave. 

Bv.ehler, Martin H., Realtor, Philadelphia. 
1922 m Rosalie B. VoUrath, Is Id; r 7128 
Cresheiiii road. Chestnut Hill. 

Buehler, William E., Physician and Sur- 
geon, Chicago. Cs Aurerican Medical, Il- 
linois Medical, Chicago Medical, Masons, 
Elks, Moose, Odd Fellows, Knights of 
Pythias, Chicago Athletic. 189:". m Ella 
May Abel; r Glencoe, 111. 

Buell, J. Lawrence, Business Executive, 
Detroit. Cs Athletic, Lochmore, Indian 
Village, Players, Board of Commerce. 
1904 m Zella Swancoat, 2s; r 14-13 Sey- 
burn ave. 

Buell, Temple Hoyne, Architect, Denver. 
Cs Uni\eisity, Denver, Denver Country, 
Cherry Hills, m Marjorie C. Mcintosh, 
Is Id; r 906 Grant st. 

Bue'l, W. A., Banker, Versailles. Mo. Cs 
Ararut Shrine. 1903 m Sonla -M. Fluke, 
Is Id. 

Buerman, Rudolph A., Realtor and Capita- 
list, St. Louis. He is vice-president An- 
derson, Stocks, Buerman Realty Compa- 
ny. Cs Sunset Hill Country, Missouri 
Athletic. 1905 m Gertrude Harnist, Is; r 
6229 Pershing ave. 

Buff, Louis J., Manufacturer, Roxbury, 
Mass. Cs Harvard, Harvard Engineering, 
X"orfolk Golf, Civil Engineers. Engi- 
neers. 1907 m Gertrude Frost, 4d; r 233 
Chestnut ave, .Jamaica Plain, Mass. 

Buffington, Eugene Jackson,Business Pres- 
ident, Chicago. Cs Chicago. Middav, ITni- 
versity. Commercial, Glen View Golf.Old 
Elm. 1888 m Drusilla Moore, 2d; r 1140 
Forest ave., Evanston, 111. 

Bufford, Algernon Sidney, Lawyer, Ri.-h- 
mond, Va. Cs Commonwealth, Country. 
1907 m Elizabeth Laino'- D"nn. 3s: r 
1411 Hanover ave.. and Highlands, Ba- 
ford, Va. 



Bufford, Colman Graves, Surgeon, Chicago. 
2SMft Ml Ada M. Abiklgaaid, 6s 2d; r La 
Graiige, 111. 

Euflum, Douglas Labarre, Educator, of 
Priiicoton, X.J. Cs Colojinadc, JoLn Hop- 
kins, Nassau, Princeton. 1914 ni Lillian 
Iiuhrie, Is; r Bn Hodge road. 

Buff urn, George Tower, Ketiied Business 
Executive, Wiueliester, X.H. Cs Boston 
Autliors. 1S7;! ni Ethie E. Brown, 2s Id. 

Buhl, Aithur H., Business Executive and 
Millionaire, Detroit. Hs is president of 
Buhl Lang Company, Buhl Sons Compa- 
ny, Buhl Malleable Company and Sat- 
tley Companv Cs Detroit Countrv, Old, 
Detroit Boat, Yacht. 1900 m Clara E. 
May, 2s Id; r 111(3 Iroquois ave. 

Eugbee, Ernest D., Treasurer, Springfield, 
Mass. Cs Colon V,- I^ongmeadow Countrv. 
m M:mde M. Blaisdell; r 208 Longhill st. 

Buhl, Charles Melville, Stock Broker and 
Caj italist, Xew York Citv. Cs Bankers, 
Crescent Athletic, West Side Tennis, S. 
A.R. 1918 m Mildred Patterson, 2d; r 
Ifi E. 96th St. 

Buh', Henry, Jr., Millionaire, Pittsburgh. 
r 1241 Western ave. 

Buhler, Allen M.. Plivsician, Xew York 
Citv. 1921 m Mabel" H. Churchill, Id; r 
f< C.M,lidge Hill road. 

Bulkeley, Houghton, Broker, Hartford, 
Conn. 1917 m Margaret Whitmore, 2d; r 
284 X. Oxford st. 

Bulk^ey, Barry, Lecturer, Washington. Cs 
rVic-T^ios, Chew Chase. Yorktown Coun- 
try. S.A.R., Amherst Collepre. 

Biilk'ey, EdWn M., Millionaire, Xew^ York 
T'itv. r ."^20 Park ave. 

Eu^klev, Harry Conart, Lrwyer. Detroit. 
T^e i« 'membe" of the firm Caniiibell, 
Bu'kley and Led:'-ard, lawyers. Cs De- 
troit, Country. Yondotega, Detroit Ath- 
letic, University. 1899 m Cora Buhl 
St'-ong, 2s 2d; r 749 Seminole ave. 

BrlWey, Lucius C, Phvsieian, Xew York 
City. Cs Columbia Graduate. 1911 m Ed- 
n.'^h Bruner, 2s .5d; r Petchaburi, Siam. 

Eu%ley, Lucius Duncan, Dermatologist, 
liivsician and Author, Xew York City. 
Cs "University, Yale, Quill. 1872 m Kate 
Ta Rue Meliick, os .'id; r Riverdale-on- 
Hudsou, X.Y. 

Bulkley, Willard S., Multi-Millionaire, Ok- 
lahoma City, r .Hi: W. 17th st. 

Bull, Charles Melville, Jr., Business Exec- 
utive, Brooklyn. Cs Squash, Bankers, 
West Side, Crescent Athletic. 1917 m 
Mildred Paterson, 2d; r 269 Henry st. 

Bull, Henry Adsit. Lawyer, Buffalo. Cs Sa- 
turn, Buffalo, Wanakah Country. 1916 m 
Mary Stuart Turner, Is Id; r 1093 Dela- 
ware ave. 

Bull, Henry DeSanssure, Clergyman, of 
Georgetown, S.C. Cs South Carolina His- 
torical Society. 1917 m Gertrude D. Cor- 
niish. Is 4d; r The Rectory. 

Bull, Henry Tilghman, Army Officer, of 
Lca\enworth, Kan. Cs LTiiiversity, Coun- 
try, Army antl Xavy, Chevy Chase, Rac- 
cjuet. 1904 m Sally Franklin Wainwright 
Id; r 1869 Mintwood place. 

Bull, Henry W., Financier, Xew York City. 
Cs Knickerbocker, Racquet and Tennis, 
Yacht, Westminster Kennel, Turf and 
Field. 1904 m Maud Livingston; r 171 E, 
e2nd St. 

Bull, J. Edgar, Lawyer, Xew York City. Cs 
Union, Calumet, Rockaway Hunt, Law- 
yers, Bankers, Baltusrol, St. Xicholas. 
188.5 m Sarah Adams Williams, 2d; r 34 
Gramercy Park. 

Bull, Richard Sutton, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Indian Hill, Attiq, Racquet. 
1917 m Sarah Eozet Smith, 3d; r Win- 
netka, 111. 

Bullard, Arthur, Author, Geneva, Switzer- 
land. Cs Washington Golf and Country, 
Cosmos, Players, Transportation, Au- 
thors of London. 1918 m Ethel Esther 
Rigg; r 2326 California st. 

Bullard, Benjamin F., Business President, 
Boston. 1895 m Elizabeth H. Rockwood, 
1 ; r Riverbank court, Cambridge, Mass. 

Bullard, George P., Banker. Boston. Cs 
Brae Brrn Countrv, Tedesco Countrv. 
1881 m Mina F. Jenks, 2d; r Hotel Brae- 

Bt\llard, John Morgan, Lawyer, Xew Bed- 
ford, ]\Iass. (';; Wanisutta, Harvard, Coun- 
tiy. 1919 m Cjitheriiie Craps, Is Id; r 
Hill St., Dartmo'ith, :\Iass. 

Billiard, Wi'.'iam Hannum, Retired Xaval 
Officer, Washington. Cs XeAv York Yach 
Officer, Washington. Cs Army and Xavy 
Xew York Yacht, Racquet, Institute of 
Radio Enpineers. 1899 m Ellen Beirne 
Saunders, Is. 

Bullard. Wiriara Norton, Physician, Bos- 
ton. Cs Somerset. Tavern. 1900 m Mary 
R. Reynolds; r 89 Marlborough st. 

Eullen, Chester C, Financier, Boston. Cs 
Algonquin, Exchange. 1905 m Mabel D. 
Dodge, 2r Id; r Welleslev Hills, Mass. 

Bullitt, James Bel', Ph-sician. Chapel Hill 
X.C. 1901 m Evelyn Bryan, 2s Id. 

BulLitt, James Ee'l, Phvsieian, San Jose, 
Cal. 1896 m Edith Sel'by, 2s 3d. 

Bullitt, James Fey. Clergyman, Philndel- 
phia. Cs Ii'ittenhouse, Xas«au. 1897 ^a 
Margaret D. Emmons, 4d; r 104 Mercer 
St., Princeton, X.J. 

Bullitt, Logan M., Business Executive, of 
Philadelphia. 1914 ni Dorothy Roberts, 
2s 4d; r Chestnut Hill. 



EiillJtt, William Marshall, Solicitor Gen. of 
U.S., Oxmoor, St. M:ithe\vs, Ky. Os Mo- 
Iropolitan, Chevy Chase, Princeton, City 
Midday, Country, Eiver Valley, Sleepy 
Hollow, Bar Association. 1913 m Nora 
lasigi, Is 2d. 

Bullivant, William M., Business President 
;uid Manufacturer, Boston. 

Bulloch, Joseph Gaston Baillie, Physician, 
A>'ashington. 1880 m Eunice Helena Bai- 
ley, .'is; r 1669 Columbia road. 

Bullock, A. George, Millionaire, Worcester 
Mass. r 48 Elm st. 

Bnl'ock, Chandler, Insurance Executive, 
■\^'()rcester. Mass. Cs I'^niversity. ni Ma- 
bel Richardson, 4d; r 41 Sever st. 

Bullock, George E., Cotton Broker, Boston. 
Cs University, Country. 1015 m Eliza- 
beth Freeman, .3s; r 550 Chestnut st., 
Waban, Mass. 

Bullock, Henry Edwin, Business President, 
1801 Diversey Parkway, Chicago. Cs Chi- 
cago, Chin-ch, Chicago Yacht, Glen View 
Golf. 1885 m Harriet Mark, r 541 Dem- 
eng place. 

Bullock, Mrs. Johanna Ridgby Camp, So- 
ciologist, Hillcrcst, Ardmorc, Pa. 1908 m 
Horace Bullock, now deceased; 2s. 

Bu'lock, Richmond B., Eealto'-, Providence. 
Cs Acoaxet, TvTarragansett Boat, Pen and 
Pencil, Golf, Economic, East Side, Skat- 
ing, Coiun-e.n-ational. 3s Id; r 36 Nisbet 

BuJman, Wi'liam Carroll, Merchant, I;ittle 
Rock, Ark. Cs Kiwanis, Mazdon Grotto, 
Shrine. 1902 m Alma A. Johnsey, Is; r 
20'2 Edeewood road. 

Bidson, Albert F., Jr., Physician and Edi- 
tor. T'ort Wayne, Tnd. He is editor of 
.lournal of Indiana St"te Medical .\sso- 
Cs American Collei^e of S^irg-eons. m Me- 
mory Edith Breeden: r 406 W. Barry st. 

Bung, Albert John, Coal Merchant and Ca- 
pitalist. Chicago. 1923 m Edna A. Mor- 
rison, Is; r 422 S. Scoville ave., Oak 
Park, 111. 

Bunker. Clarence .Alfred, Lawyer, Boston. 
Cs Welleslev. 1897 m Marv Hawthorne 
White. 2s Id; r 46 Chestnut st., Welles- 
ley Hills, Mass. 

Bunker, Clarence G.,Armv Officer, Boston, 
m Alice S. Po;ie, Is Id; r 100 Summit 
ave., Winthro]> Highlands, IMass. 

Bunting, George M., Millionaire, Chester, 
Pa. r 315 E. Broad st. 

Bunzl, Carrie G., Sociologist and Financier 
New York City. Cs Daughters of Amer- 
ican Revolution, Graduates. 1888 m Er- 
nest Bunzl. Is Id; r 300 W. 109th si. 

Burbank, Abram L., Business Executive, 
New York City. 1907 m Irene von Fried- 
ner, 2s 2d; r 229 Upv>er Mountain ave., 
Upper Montclair, N.J. 

Burbank, Reginald, Physician, New York 
C^ity. Cs St. Anthony, Grolier, Cold- 
stream Golf. 1916 m Marion Burbank, 
3d; r 52 W. 53rd st. 

Burch, James Merrill, Manufacturer, Du- 
buque, Iowa. He is president of Farley 
Loetcscher Manufacturing Company and 
other corporatons. 1884 m Marv Louise 
Darling; r 923 W. 3rd st. 

Burch, Lowell R., Business Executive, New 
York City. Cs Chicago, Racquet and 
Tennis, Engineers, r 1040 Park ave. 

Burchard, Anson W., Multi-Millionaire, of 
New Yoik City, r 690 Park ave. 

Burchard, Dudley Woodworth, Advertising 
Manager, Philadeli>hia. Cs Masons. 1914 
m Margaret Byrd Page Burwell, Is Id; 
r Abington, Pa. 

Burchell, Henry J., Realtor, New York Ci- 
tv. Cs I^niversitv. Columbia University, 
Citv. 1900 m Candida Paleari, Id; r 29 
E. 63rd St. 

Burd, Clara M., Ilustrator and Window 
Builder, New York City, r 45 Myrtle 
ave., Montclair, N..T. 

Burden, James Black, Farmer and Owner, 
Novato. Cal. Cs Bohemian, S.A.R., Ma- 
son. 1893 m ^larie .Josephine 

Burden, Chester Griswold, Foreign Ren. 
Commercial Cable Co., New York City. 
1919 m Eleanor Cotton; r 160 E. 70th st. 

Burden, I. Townsend, Multi-Millionaire, 
New York City, r 115 E. 70th st. 

Burden, James A., Multi-Millionaire. New 
York Citv. r 7 E. 91st st. 

Burdick. Archibald Osrar, Broker. Chica- 
go. Cs Chicago Athletic, Union T^eague. 
1903 m Frank Me Courtie; r 2340 Com- 
monwealth ave. 

Burdick, C^rleton Wheeler, Business Exec- 
utive, Cleveland. He is vice-president 
and treasurer Bowler and Burdick Com- 
pany. Cs Rotarv, National, Town, Coun- 
trv." 1916 m Eleanor Hoge,. Is; r 3257 
Chadbourne road. 

Burdick, Harold f^e Forest, Lieutenant Co- 
lonel, U.S.A.,' Washington. 1910 m Mil- 
dred Stewart, Is. 

Burdick, Julian, Business Executive. Pitts- 
bursfh. He is crominentlv identified with 
business and public affairs; and has he'd 
ninnv positions of trust and honor. Cs 
Pittsburgh Golf, Oakmont Country. Du- 
quesne, Pittsburgh. 1905 m Helen Fran- 
ces Baldwin. Is 3d; r 3 Von Lent place. 

Burdick. William Liversay, Professor of 
Law, Lawrence, Kan. Cs S.A.R. 18S2 m 
Nellie de Forest Gates. 

Burdick, Usher Lloyd, Lawyer, Fargo, T^. 
D. Cs Shrine, S.A.R. . Sons of Veterans, 
State Bar. 1921 m Emma Robertson, 2s 
Id: r Williston. N.D. 



Biiresh, G.A., Lawyer, Chicago. He is prom- 
inent in business and public affairs. Cs 
Red Men, Masons, Chicago Bar Associa- 
tion. Unmarried; r 212 E. 56th st. 

Burgard, John Clark, Insurance Broker, 
San Francisco. Cs Pacific Union, Uni- 
versity, Bohemian, Burlingame Country. 
1922 in Frances Marston, 2s; r Bur War, 
Burlingame, Cal. 

Burgaiier, David, Banker, Hot Springs, Na- 
tional Park, Ark. Cs Rotary, Elks. 1908 
ni C:urye Rosenbaum. 

Burgess, Frank Gelett, Author, New York 
City. Cs Players, Dutch Treat, Bohemian 
of San Francisco. 1914 m Estelle Loomis 
r 203 Boulevard Raspall, Paris, France. 

Bnrge, Howard W., Comptroller, Boston. 
Cs Scituate Yacht. 1922 m Ruth Apple- 
ton, 2s Id; r 9 Dwight st., Brookline, 

Burgess, Howard H., Business Executive, 
Cleveland. Cs Union. ]8S.5 m Alice I. 
Hill, Id; r 10602 Lake Shore blvd.; and 
Wade Park Manor. 

Biirgess, John William, Author, New York 
Citv. 188.5 m Ruth Payne Jewett; r .323 
W.'.lTth St. 

Burgess, Robert Smith, Broker, Bo'^^ton. Cs 
Bdstdii Art. 1921 m Mrs. Barrett H. 
Witherbec, Id; r 512 Beacon st. 

Burgess, Mrs. Theodore P., Sociologist and 
Capitalist, Dedham, Mass. Cs Colony, 
Chilton Women's Republican, Massachu- 
setts Automobile, Dedham Country, m 
Theodore P. Burgess, now deceased; Is 

Burgess, William Starling. Naval Architect 
New York Citv. Cs New York Yacht, 
Eastern Yacht. Harvar. 1925 m P'lsie 
Janet Foss; r 29 E. 11th st. 

Burffher. Clarence Livingston, Lawyer, of 
New York Citv. Cs St. Ni'-iholas. 1895 
m Edith Farfax Carter, Is; r 115 E. 
53rd St. 

Bvrkart, O'iver Richard.Manufacturer and 
Capitalist. St. I ouis. He is president P. 
Burkart Maniifacturing Company. Cs 
Sunset Hill Comitrv. m Mabel C. Lack- 
land; r 348 S. Maple ave., Webster 
Groves, Mo. 

Burke, Mrs. Caroline E., Sociologist, Seat- 

le. Wash, r 1004 Boylston ave. 
Burke Charles Sinclair Taylor, Banker, 
Alexandria, Va. 1911 m Ida Oswald Ma- 
son, Is Id. 
Burke, Edmond S.. Jr., Multi-Millionaire, 

Cleveland, r 11125 Magnolia drive. 
Burke, James Prancis, Lawver, Statesman, 
Pittsbin-s-h. Cs Allesrheny Country, Army 
niul Navy of Washington, Pittsburgh. 
i«95 m Josephine B. Scott, Is Id; r 820 
Devonshire place. 

Burke, John, Lawyer, Bismarck, N.D. 1891 

m Maiy Kane, Is 2d. 
Burke, John James, Catholic Priest. Peoria 
111. He is prominent in the Church; and 
a noted litteiateui'. r 211 Bradley ave. 
Burke, John Woolfolk, Physician, Wash- 
ington. Cs Chevy Chase, Racc{uet. 1912 m 
Elizabeth Mayo Atkinson, Is 3d; r 2311 
Tracy place, N.W. 
Burke, W. J., Manufacturer, Portsmouth, 
Ohio. Cs Colonv, Portsmouth Country, 
1905 m Mamie" G. Bush, Is Id; r 4i4 
Washington st. 
Burke, Walter S., Mechanical Engineer 
and Naval Officer, Cambridp'e, Mass. Cs 
American Society Mechanical Enfrineers. 
1895 m Frances M. Beaman, Is Id; r 
15 Lakeview ave. 
Eurke. William J., Business President and 
Capitalist, Poitsmouth, Ohio. He is pres- 
ident Vulcan Last Company. Cs various. 
1905 m Mary Grace Buch, Is Id; r in 
Portsirumth, Ohio. 
Burkhart, Harvey J., Business Executive, 
Rdchester, N.Y. Cs Rochester, Monroe, 
Mason. 1917 m Lon M. Davenport; r 67 
Bai'rington st. 
Burkhart, Harvey Jacob, Dentist, Roches- 
ter, N.Y. Cs Local, State and National 
Dental Associations. 1890 m Jane Kings- 
ton, Is; r Debbs Ferry, N.Y. 
Eurkley, Frank J., Business President,, O- 
7tiaha, Neb. Cs Omaha, Omaha Country. 
Burleigh, Charles B., Business Executive, 
Boston. 1S85 m N. A. Belding, Is; r 90 
]\larde St.. Maiden, Mass. 
Burleigh, Clarence, Jr.,Lawyer, Pittsburgh. 
He is successful attornev of Pittsburgh; 
is prominent in business and public 
affairs; and, has held many positions of 
trust and honor. Cs Sons of American 
Revolution, Pittsburgh Athletic Associa- 
tion, Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, 
1903 m Marguerite Brown, Is 2d; r 952 
N. Neglev ave. 
Burleigh, Greorge William, Lawyer, NTew 
York Citv. Cs T'^niversity, Union, Down 
Town, Armv and Navy, Princeton. 1894 
in Isis Y. Potter Stockton; r 210 Madi- 
son ave. 
Burleson, Hugh Latimer, Clerevman, Sioux 
Falls, S.D. 1894 m Helen Steele Ely, Is; 
r 323 E. 21st st. 
Burley, Clarence Aufrustus. lawver, Chica- 
go. Cs Chicasro, Universitv.T^nion League 
Cliff Dwellers. Chicago Library, Caxton, 
Law. 1880 m Avis H. Blodgett, now de- 
ceased: 2d. 1913 m Marv E. Blodgett, Is 
3d; r 61 Prospect st., Winnetka, 111. 
Burley, Harry B., Business President. Bos- 
ton. 1901 m Louise Wells, 3s; r 586 New- 
ton st. 



Burling, Edward Bumham, Lawyer and 
Capitalist, Washington. He is a noted 
lawyer; and prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Chevy 
Chase, Metropolitan, Eacquet, Univer- 
sity of New York, University of Chica- 
go. 1902 m Louisa G. Peasley, 2s; r 2530 
Ivock Creek drive. 
Burlingame C. Charles, Physician, New 
York City. Cs Sleepy Hollow Country, 
Engineers, Lotos, York Academy of Me- 
dicine. 1913 m l\uth B. Parsons; r 1^1 E. 
80th St. 
Burlingham, Charles C.,Lawyer, New York 
Citv. Cs Century, University, Harvard, 
Down Town, Midday, Church. 1883 m 
Louisa W. Lawrence, 2s Id; r 860 Park 
Burlingham, Louis H., Physician, St. Louis. 
Cs St. Louis Country, Florissant Valley, 
Sunset Hill, University, Medical Super- 
intendent. 1921 m Grace Semple; r 4622 
Marvland ave. 
Burli.ngham, William, Business President, 
Cincinnati. Cs Cincinnati Country, Cam- 
argo Country, m Ethel Eobertson, 2s 2d; 
r 290.5 Vernon st. 
Burmoh, Alexander W.,Manufacturer, Bos- 
ton. Cs Elysian, Boston Chamber of Com- 
merce, Boston Order of Elks, m Etta 
Sydenberg, 2s 2d; r 17 Stearns road, 
Brookline, Mass. 
Brr'aby, Algernon, Major, Washington. Cs 
British Army, Turf. 1908 m Minna Field 
r Bavgrave Hall, Leicestershire, Eng- 
Burnam, George Summers. Business Execu- 
tive, Huntington, N.Y. Cs S.A.E. 1920 m 
Lauretta Pearl Wight. 
Burnet, John Sidney, Business President, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago, University, Eac- 
quet, Indian Hill Golf. 1903 m Jeannette 
McGuire, Is Id; r 1438 N. Dearborn 
Burnett, Agnes Suffern Tailer, Sociologist, 
New York Citv. 1882 m Henry Lawrence 
Burnett; r 7 E. 12tli st. 
Burnett. C. Effingham, Business Executive 
Buffalo. Cs Saturn, Wanakah Country. 
1911 m Margaret L. Wilkeson, Id; r 10 
Saybrook place. 
Burnett, Daniel Frederick, Lawyer, New- 
ark, N..T. Cs Maryland Country, Down 
Town, Eock Spring Country, Adirondack 
Mountain, Alpine. 1905 m Ida E. Ball, 2s 
Id; r 709 Scotland road. Oranges, N.J. 
Burnett, Francis Lowell. Physician Boston. 
Cs Harvard. 1913 m Helen Eeed, Is 2d; 
r ^lanchester, ^lass. 
Burnett, George Henry, Lawyer and Jurist, 
Salem, Ore. Cs Odd Fellows, Elks Ma- 
sons. 1879 -m Miriam Belt, now deceased. 

Burnett, Harry, Business President, Bis- 
ton. Cs Army and Navy of Boston, Ar- 
my and Navy of New York, Somerset. 
1920 m Henrietta Taylor, Id; r South- 
borough, Mass. 
Burnett, Harry Albert, Business President, 
Detroit. Cs Detroit, Athletic. 1909 m El- 
sie Jane Moody, 2s 2d; r 1442 Aikinson 
Burnett, Henry Caldwell.Assistant Cashier 
Cilencoe, 111. Cs Gleneoe Golf, Glencoe 
Men's 1905 m Shirley Ashby, 2s Id; r 
742 Vernon ave. 
Burnett, Oliver, Manufacturer and Capita- 
list, Antlers, Okla. Cs Elks, Masonic, 
Chamber of Commerce. 1907 m Emma 
Elizabeth Hauert, 4d. 
Bumham, Clnude G-., Eailroad Executive, 
Chicago. He is executive vice-president 
and director of Chicago Burlington and 
Quincy Eailroad. Cs Chicago, Chicago 
Athletic, Indian Hill Country, Exmoor 
Country, r Kenilworth, 111. 
Burnham, John A., Trustee, Marblehead, 
Mass. Cs Somerset, Eastern Yacht, Cor- 
inthian Yacht, Manchester Yacht. 1911 
m Grace Aline Luther, Is; r Nassau st. 
Burnham, Ralph F., Business Executive, 
Los Angeles. Cs University, Los Angeles 
Countrv, Midwick Country, Vallev Hunt 
of Pasadena. 1906 m Euth L. Wilson, 23 
2d; r 1771 Linda Vista ave, Pasadena, 
Burnham, Sylvester, Eetired Professor, of 
Newl)uryport, Mass. 1876 m Miriam M. 
Tucker, 'id. 
Surnham, Walter Milcutt, Tax Assessor, 
Providence. Cs Wanamoisett Country So- 
ciety of Colonial Wars, Military Order 
of Loyal Legion. 1885 m Grace Edith 
Warner, Is; r 16 Moses Brown st. 
Bums, Harry F., Clergyman and Lecturer, 
Baltimore. Cs Baltimore City, Campbell 
Institute, League of Nations, Chilton. 
1900 m Josephine F. Burns; r 4108 
Charleston ave. 
Burns, Harry F.. Banker and Canitalist, 
Brooklvn. Cs North Hempstead Country, 
Manhasset Bay Yacht. 
Burns, Joseph Harry, Importer, Chicago. Cs 
Glenview, Evanston Countrv, Evanston. 
1SS9 m Marv E. Green, Is Id; r Evans- 
ton. 111. 
Burns. Robert A., Eealtor, St. Louis. 1902 
ni Mary Carter. Is Id; r 30 Lenox place. 
Burns, Robert Edmiind, Broker and Capi- 
talist. Los Angeles. Cs California. Log 
Angeles Countrv. West Port Beach. Cali- 
fo'-Tiia Yacht. 1922 m Pearl Lindner; r 
217 S. "MfCadden ulace. 
Burns, Thomas Stephen. Engineer, Water- 
town, N.Y. Cs Black Eiver Valley, Cres- 
cent Yacht, r 749 Gotham st. 



Burnside, Robert Clifford, Manufacturer, 
New York City. Cs Wost.side, Rotary, 
Tiavfl, Mason. 1S8S) ni Eva T. Macgoun, 
5(1; r 151 E. ISth st. 

Buipee, W. Atlee, Jr., Alerchant and Capi- 
talist. Philadeljihia. Cs Philadelpha Coun- 
try, Merion Cricket, ]\[erion Golf, Union 
League, Cornell. 1916 m Jeanette Drys- 
dale, Is Id; r 2209 Delaneey st. 

Burr, Alston, Banker and Manufacturer, 
Boston. Cs Somerset, T^nion, Harvard, 
St. Botolph. 1898 m Elizabeth J. Ran- 
dolph; r 206 Chestnut Hill road, Chest- 
nut Hill, Mass. 

Eiirr, Austin H., Business Executive, Rich- 
mond, Va. Cs Country of Virginia. 1886 
m Susan M. Macniurdo; r lOP.O W.Frank- 
lin st. 

Bnrr. Charles Carrington, Business Presi- 
dent, New York Cit". Cs .Advertising 
University, Green Room. 1919 m Clar- 
ence Aniey, 4s; r 284 Westminster road, 

Burr Cba':ie<? P.. Manufacturer, New York 
Cit^'. 1917 in Grace Gage Casilear; r 27 

• E. fi'^id St. 

BvfT- ri-'ai-les Wal*z, Physician. Ptii'adel- 
v^\n. He is y)resident of mental diseases 
at U'liversitv of Pennsylvania, and neu- 
rniofrist, and consul*^ing psvchiatri'^t of 
Pliiladelnhia Gerie'al Hosn'tal. Cs '^ mer- 
le*) n Neuroloo'i'^'al Association, Philadel- 
r>bip Psvhiitri". Unmarried. 

Br"''. Fr~n''e'5 Pao^e. Socif^lo^ist, Lawrence, 
T.L. N.Y\ Cs Colony. 1887 m WinthroR 

Br.'-'', Georp-e H.. ^'^ulti-^Millionaire, New 
York Cif^-. r -^77 P;nk ave. 

Bv'r. ^Vi"j'ir^^ p^-iTTprr', ^A rmv Officer, Fort 
Bran"'- "*'"' C. Cs R""onpt. Chevali'^'" T e- 
rinn P'T^oneur. 1919 ni .Tulie Chenie 
Gr>ndr>. ''s Id. 

Bifr. W'"'"^ ■'■'n>"'r''. Civil Enfineer. Np^v 
VnrV p?+... To rv.iturv. U'nverc^T.. Me- 
t-onnlitp'v 1S"6 T--> Gertrude Gold S^-in- 
pian: r New Ca'i'inn. Conn.: and ^^ Y" C 

Err-. •WjiUflm P. Statesman, New York Ci- 
tv. C» Afnnh^^^t^an. National Democratic, 
Catholic. . A i^ipi-ir-^j^ 3ay Association. 1884 
m Jenn'e "P'^'Vunene Lynch, 2s 4d; r 276 

Brrr, Win+h'-on Business Executive, Law- 
rence, L.L, N.Y. Cs Union. Uni-iersitv, 
Rockawf'v Hrrt, Turf and Field, Har- 
■vard 1881 t>i Vrances Page. 

Bnrrare. i^'^e'-t C^n^eron, Lawrer and Ca- 
pitalist, Bo«t"'i.He is 7>rom)"Pnt in bus- 
iness and public affairs. Cs Union, LTni- 
versity, Countrv, Brookline, Algonquin, 
Eastern Yacht, Harvard, "^"ew York 
Yacht. 188.5 m ^]u-e Haskell. 2s Id; r 
314 Commonwealth ave. and Manchester, 

Eurrage, John Otis, C-vil Engineer, San 
Francisco, ('s Civil Engineers. 1906 m 
Elvzalieth Allen, 2d; r 2402 Devisadero 


Bui rage, Thomas Jayr.e, Physician, Port- 
land, Maine. Cs Puipnrdock Country. 
1906 m Harriet Greene Over, 2s; r 139 
Park St. 

Eiirrage, Wal+er L., Plivsician, Brookline, 
Mass. Cs American Medical. 1884 m Sal- 
ly Swan, Is 2d. 

Buirrrs, Foward Kissam, Bond and Stock 
Broker, New York City. Cs New Y'ork 
Stock Fx'^^hange, Lotos, Metropolitan, m 
Kate Wheatoii; r 299 Park ave. 

Eiirrel', David Hamlin, Jr., Business Exec- 
utive, Little Falls, N.Y. 1902 m Cornelia 
Cobb, Is 5d; r Little Falls, N.Y. 

EurreH, Prederick Augustus M., Cajiitalist 
Brookbii. Cs Hamilton, Hardware, m 
Alice M. Thackray, 2s 2d. 

BurreU, Walter Frazer, Capitalist, Port- 
land, Ore. Cs Arlington, Commercial, Old 
Coloiiy, Multnomah, Meadow Lake. 1895 
m Constance Montgomery, 2s 2d; r San- 
ta Barbara, Cal. 

Burrill, Charges I awrence, Business Exec- 
utive, Boston. 1920 m Clara Harrof: r 29 
Pinckney st. 

Burritt, Fldon Grant, College President, 
Greenville, 111. 1895 m Carrie A. Tu'rell. 

Burroughs, A. H., Lawyer, New Y'ork City. 
Ht is jirominently identified with busi- 
m\ss and public affairs. 1884 m Florence 
Williams. 4s 3d; r Irvington-on-Hudson. 

Burrows, Wil'iam French, Brsiness Presi- 
de" + . Ghi -"go. Cs Chicago, Union League 
Athletic, Onwentsia. ISSO m Annie Loui- 
sa Libb'-, 2s "d; r 191 E. Walton place. 

Eurry, Perry Buell, Salesman, Cleveland. 
Cs Roadside. 1916 m Ruth K. Grover, 2s 
Id; r 3015 Fairmount boulvard. Shaker 

Eurry. WilM"m J.. lawyer. Chicago. Cs On- 
wentsia, University, Saddle and Cycle. 
19^2 "1 Eleanor King Newell, Is; r Lake 
Fo7-est, Til. 

Bur*-., Austin. Ele-t ical Engineer, Water- 
loo, Iowa. Cs Rotarv, Ameri^-an, Gas In- 
stitute, Kniphts of Pvthias, Masons. 1898 
m Mary Ellen Bartlett, Is Id. 

Bu'-t, George Fre:'erick, Brsiness Execu- 
tive, New Ycrk City. Cs Lotos. 1898 m 
Grace Knight, Is 2d; r 45 E. 82nd st. 

Burt, Gecrge Haskell, Banker, Hartford, 
Conn. Cs Hartford, Haitfo-d Golf, Wam- 
panong. 1880 m Mary R. r^f^urdoch. Id. 

Burt, George Kirk, Banker, Watertown, S. 
D. Cs Mason, Kiwanis, Chamber of Com- 
merce. 1900 m Agnes Philjii, Is 4d; r 
721 3rd St. 



Burt, James Clark Physician, Pittsburgh. 
Cs Duqut'Siie, University. 1910 in Mar- 
garet .J. Chalfant; r 5024 Castleniaii st. 

Burt, R. E., Manufacturer, Dallas, Texas. 
He is president Atlantic and Gulf Pe- 
troleum (.'(.nipany, and director several 
corporations. 1883 m Mamie Boone, Is 
Id; r 5100 Live Oak st. 

Burt, William Griswold, Merchant and Ca- 
I'italist, Chicago. Os Glenview Golf, Old 
Lyme Country, Union League. 1914 m 
Katharine Louise Brown, 2s; r 1501 As- 
V'Uiy ave., Lvanston, 111. 

Burten, Frank V., Jr., Business Executive 
and Capitalist, New York City. Cs Kac- 
quet and Tennis, Riding, Turf and Field, 
Harvard, m Beatrice Eliot, 2d; r 149 E. 
73rd st. 

Burtis, Charles M., Realtor, Brooklyn. Cs 
Lrooklvn, Shelter Rock Country, Doug- 
laston, Brookville Country, Royal Arca- 
num, Masons. 1900 m Mabel G. Butler, Is 
Id; r Douglaston, Long Island. 

Burton, Carroll, Manufacturer and Capita- 
list, .Johnstown, Pa. He is president Lor- 
ain Steel Company, and is ])rominent in 
business and public affairs. Cs Sunne- 
hanna Country, Bachelors of Johnsown, 
Johnstown Rotary. 1910 m Sara A. Ed- 
wards; r 549 Park ave. 

Burton, Clarer.ce F., Lawyer, Boston. 1917 
m Luci'e Greden, 2d; r Washington. 

Burton, Mrs. Frances Mary Towson, Socio- 
logist, Chicago. 1883 m Ernest De Witt 
Burton, now deceased; Is; r 1146 E. 
59th St. 

Burton, Frank Veil, Sales Manager, Bos- 
ton, ("s Brae Burn Country. 1909 m Ma- 
rion He'en Andrew, Is 4d; r 62 Vista 
ave., Auburndale, Mass. 

Burton, Mrs. George, Sociologist, Philadel- 
l'".iia. m (Tcorge Burton, now deceased; 
Id, r Wynnewood, Pa. 

Burton, Gecrge S., Business Executive, 
Beach Bluff, Mass. Cs Union League of 
Boston, Tedesco Country. 1877 m Fran- 
ces Virginia Miller, IvS Id; r New York 
C'itv, and in Beach Bluff, Mass. 

Bu"-^on, George William, Banker, La Crosse 
AVis. Cs La Crosse, La Crosse Cv)untry, 
T'niversity of Chicasro, Elkwanok Coun- 
try of Manchester. 1884 m Belle D. Cone 
r 1428 Main st. 

Burton, Jesse Gilbert, Business Executive, 
New Orleans. Cs Boston, Louisiana. 1917 
-' Delnhine Gillette, Is Id; r 1529 Henry 
<"lay ave. 

Bunon, Jonathan Pres^ott, Banker, Coal 
Operator and Capitalist, Cleveland. Cs 
Yale. Tavern, Country, Yale of New Ne 
Kirtland of Cleveland. Country, Tavern, 
Yale, Yale of New York City, Scranton 

of Scranton. 1903 m Kate W. Burnham, 
2s Id; r 2787 Fairmount blvd. 

Burton, John Walter, Banker, Jacksonville 
N.C. Cs Mason. 1923 m Martha Lee Cut- 
chen, Is. 

Burton, Theodore F., Lawyer, Washington 
Cs Union Ijcague, Metropolitan, Union 
of Cleveland, Authors of New York. Un- 
man led. 

Burton, Ward Cotton, Realtor and Capita- 
list, Minneapolis. Cs Society of Colonial 
Wars, Harvard, Minnetonka Yacht, Bev- 
erly Yacht, Minekahda, Lafayette. Min- 
neapolis, White Bear Yacht. 1917 m Ella 
Lindley, 3s Id; r Deephaven, Lake Min- 
netonka, Minn. 

Burton, William jAr*-hur, Business Execu- 
tive, New York City. Cs Bankers. 1911 
m Jessica B. Krogstad, now deceased; Is 
Id; r 118 Ironess terrace, London, Eng- 

EuEby, Harold Amos, Business Executive 
and Capita'ist, Philadelphia. Cs Phila- 
delphia Count'-y, Penn Athletic, Manu- 
facturers, Seaview Golf. 1908 m Bertha 
A. Johnson, 2d; r Merion, Pa. 

Busby, Leonard Asbury, Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago. Cs ChicnTo. Lay. ■^'^iddpv, 
Commercial, Casino, Chicago Golf, Illi- 
nois and Chicago Bars, Ohio Societv, Chi- 
cago Art Institute. 1912 m Esther C. 
Boardman, Is Id; r 420 Roscoe st. 

Busch, August A^ Jt., Brsiness Executive 
and ^^'^il'ionaire, St. Louis. Cs Racnuet, 
Sunset Hill Countrv. 1918 m Morie Chris- 
ty Churfdi: r 5577 Lirdell blvd. 

Bu^"h, "NT. J., Treasurer. Peoria, 111. 1905 m 
Ida Jane Lehman, Id- r 201 Han^sler 

Buseh. re"iaTOln, Franklin, Rail'-ond Pres- 
ident. B-^ninv>re. Cs Mpvvland, St. Loins 
Noojnlpy- Belleview Countrv. 1883 m Ca- 
tharine Idelia Hawkins, Id; r 5334 Wa- 
terman ave. 

Bm'*"]! Albert Peyon. Business Prn^-^dent, 
Mobile, Ala. Cs Athelstan, Mobile Coun- 
try, Gulf Fishing and Hunting. 1905 m 
Marcia Burgess, Is Id; r 983 Govern- 
ment st. 

Busch. Charles. Business Executive and 
Capitalist, Detroit. He is vice-president 
Charles A. Strelinger Company, and di- 
rector Guaranty Trust Company, Inter- 
national Bank, and Detroit Pus C-->mna- 
nv. Cs Detroit. Detroit Athletic. Detroit 
Boat, Automobile, Blooi^itield TTil's Coim- 
trv, Bloomfield Open Hunt. Old of St. 
Cair Flats. Forest Lake Countrv. 1899 
m Har-ipt V. Stansell. 1« '^d: r fT'fi.ive. 

Bush, Asabel Nesmith, Banker and Capita- 
list. Salem. Ore. He is president Ijadd 
pn^'' Bnsh Bank. Cs -"-aT'ons. 1885 m I,ulu 
Hrghes, Is; r 287 Capitol st. 



Bush, Fred Elmer, Banker, Cedaiville, Cal. 
Cs Knights of Pythias,Odd Fellows. 1905 
m Bessie Fitzgerald, 2d. 

Bush, Harry Reynolds, Insurance, Greens- 
boro, N.C. 1914 m Ellen Douglas Mark, 
2s 3d; r Irving Park. 

Bush, Irving T., Millionaire, New York Ci- 
ty, r 22 E. 47th st. 

Bush, Reuben G., Jr., Sugar Broker, New 
Orleans. Cs Louisiana, Boston, Country, 
Golf, Pickwick. 1903 m Edna Schriever, 
2s Id; r 5508 Hurst st. 

Bush, S. Isahel, Millionaire, Salem, Ore. r 
315 Bellevue st. 

Bush, William Eve, Investment Banker 
and Capitalist, Augusta, Ga. Cs Mary- 
land, Oglethorpe of Savannah, Augusta 
Countrv, Society of Cincinnati. 1918 m 
Mary de Cottes Barrett, 2s 2d; r 949 
Johns road. 

Bush, William H., Eealtor and Sociologist, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago, Cliff Dwellers, Cax- 
ton, Municipal Art League, Chicago Art 
Institute, Chicago Historical Society,As- 
sociation of Commerce, Chicago Yacht, 
United Charities, Kirkland Mission, and 
Shore Acres Golf, m Ruth H. Gentry, 2d; 
r 153S North State parkway. 

Bush-Brown, Henry Kirke, Sociologist, of 
Washington. Cs National Sculptor Socie- 
ty of New Yrk, National Arts of New 
York, Casino of Washington, American 
Scenic and Historic. 1886 m Margaret 
W. Lesley, 2s Id; r 1729 G st. 

Euphee, Frederick Alexander. Educator, of 
Boulder, Col. 1902 m Bertha Fellows. 

Eushnell, Charles Joseph, Sociologist, Tole- 
do, Ohio. Cs Masons, Round Table, Na- 
tional Social Science. 1905 m Olga Len- 
ore Newitt; r 702 The Majestic, 1802 
Cherrv st. 

Bushnell, Ericson F., Merchant, New York 
Citv. Cs Republican, Rumson Country, 
Church, S.A.R. 1897 m Bertha Tudor 
Thompson, Is 3d; r 36 Washington squa. 

Eushnell, George Ensign, Retired Surgeon, 
Pasadena, Cal. 1881 m Adra V. Holmes, 

Bushnell, George Hurd, Merchant. New 
York City. He is vice-president" J. C. Pen- 
ney and Company, and is prominent in 
business and public affairs. Cs Knoll- 
wood Countrv, Oriental Beach, Transpor- 
tation, Chamber of Commerce. 1907 m 
Laura Ellsworth; r 234 Elk ave., New 
Rochelle, N.Y. 

Bushnell, John E., Clergyman, Minneapo- 
lis. Cs Minokahda. 1887 m Florence A. 
Ellsworth, 3s; r 1300 Lincoln ave. 

Bushnell, Thomas Hubbard, Lawer and Ca- 
pitalist, Cleveland. Cs Union. 1889 m So- 
phia Ball Ballard, 2s 3d; r 15018 Terrace 

Bushy, Leonard Asbury, Business Presi- 
dent, Chicago. Cs Chicago, Commercial 
Law, Midday, Casino, Chicago Golf. 1912 
m Esther C. Boardman, Is Id; r 420 Ros- 
coe st. 

Bussell, Edwin L., Business Executive and 
Banker, Gardiner, Maine. Cs Masons,Odd 
Fellows. 1917 m Mallian Reed; r 100 
School st. 

Bussell, Frederick Olds, Lawver, Buffalo, 
N.Y. Cs Guido, University. 'l896 m Nel- 
lie Caught Smith, 2s 2d; r 39 Dorchester 

Bussenius, Albert J., Grain Merchant, Phil- 
adelphia. Ihiniarried; r 5365 Wingshock- 
ing terrace, Germantown. 

BusweU, Clark A., Phvsician and Surgeon, 
Chicago, m Emma Rink, 2s; r 4727 N. 
Paulina st. 

Butcher, Howard, Jr.,Broker, Philadelphia. 
Cs University, Merion Cricket, Contem- 
porary, Apalachian Mountain. 1901 m 
Margaret Keen, 2s 4d; r 208 Llanfair 
road, Ardmore, Pa. 

Butcher, William Lewis, Sociologist, New 
York City. He is founder and secretary 
International Boys ' Week. He is direc- 
tor Boys' Club Federation. 1906 m Mae 
E. Lew'is, Is Id; r 501 E. 21st st., Brook- 

Butler, Allen, Banker, Philadelphia. Cs 
Huntington Valley Country. 1920 m Ka- 
thary Y. Borden, now deceased; 2s; r 
Abington, Pa. 

Butler, Amor William, AnthropoloHst and 
Author, Indianapolis. 1880 m Mary I. 
Reynolds, 2s 3d; r 52 Downey ave. 

Bu+ler, Andrew Stephen, Business Presi- 
dent and Capitalist. Buffalo, N.Y. Cs 
Buffalo, Buffalo Athletic, Country. 1905 
m Ade McHenry, 2s 2d; r 25 Chapin 

Butler, Burridge D., Newspaper Publisher, 
Cliicago. Cs TTnion League, Hinsdale Golf 
1906 m Ina Hamilton Busev; r Hinsdale, 

Butler, Charles James, Manufacturer. De- 
troit. Cs Detroit Athletic, Country, Lotos 
of New York Citv. 1893 m Emma Sieber- 
ling, Is; r 1507 Iroquois ave. 

Butler, Edward B., Merchant, Chicas-o. Cs 
Chicago. 1880 m Jane Holly; r 233 E. 
Walton place. 

Butter. Edward H., Business Executive and 
Millionaire, Detroit. Cs Garden, m Lillie 
G. Burbridge; r 66 Lake Shore road, 
Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

Butler, Edward H.. Publisher and Millio- 
naire, Buffalo. Cs Buffalo, Saturn, Uni- 
versity, Athletic, Park, Countrv, Yale of 
New York. 1909 m Kate Maddox Robin- 
son; r 672 Delaware ave. 



Butler, Edward S., :Millioiiaiie, New Or- 
leans, r M5l]5 St. Charles ave. 
Butler, irank Osgood, Business President, 
Chicago. Cs Union League, Chicago His- 
torical, Colonial Wars,Los Angeles Coun- 
try, Hinsdale Country, Everglades Coun- 
try. 1885 m Eannie Maud Breuiaker, 2s; 
I Hinsdale, 111. 
Butler, George Prentiss, Jr., Architect, Xew 
York City. Cs Union. 1916 ni Beatrice 
L'ossire, Is 2d; r Mt. Kisco, N.Y. 
Butler, Gerald Morton, Realtor and Broker 
Chicago. Cs Harvard, Yale, Princeton. 
1922 m Josephine Dole, r 1030 Sheridan 
road, Hubbard Woods, HI. 
Butler, Gurden Montague, Educator and 
Mining Engineer, Tucson, Ariz. Cs Am- 
erican Society for the Promotion of En- 
gineering Education, American Geologi- 
cal, Mineral Society of America Masons. 
1906 m Alice Nellie Quick, Is Id; r 434 
E. 1st St. 
Butler, Heimon B., Business Executive and 

Sociologist, Chicago. 
Butler, Howard Russell, Artist, Painter 
and Lawyer, Piinceon, N.J. Cs Century, 
Lotos, National Arts, New York Water 
Color, Architectural League, Nassau of 
Princeton. 1890 m Virginia Hays; r 107 
Library place. 
Butler, James, Multi-Millionaire, Eastview 

Butler, James, Jr., Business Executive and 
Capitalist, Long Island. Cs Apawamis, 
Manursing Island, Mount Kisco, Fair- 
field, Westchester Hound. 1915 m Doro- 
thy Conson, 2s Id; r 55 E. 82nd st. 
Butler, James M., Lawyer and Capitalist, 
Columbus, Ohio. He is prominent in bus- 
iness and public affairs. Cs Columbus, 
Athletic, Scioto Country, Columbus Coun- 
tiy. 1914 m Mae Eudy, Is Id; r 1765 
Bryden road. 
Butler, John Crosby, Hereford Breeder, 
Rcctortown, Va. Cs I'^^niversity Cottage, 
Forquer Country, Princeton Graduate. 
1916 m Georgia Lenhart; r Kelvedon 
Butler, John Grimer, Statesman, Boston. 
Cs Tennis and Racquet. 1918 m Grace 
Brooks, Is Id; r Roxbury. 

Butler, John Lord, Business Executive, 
Philadelphia. Cs Huntington Valley Cou 
Philadelphia. Cs Yale, Huntinpton Val- 
ley Country. 1917 m Marion F. Sharp- 
less, Is Id; r 127 Washington Ine, Wyn- 
cote. Pa. 

Butler, John Meigs, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs University, Yale, Harvard, 
Princeton. 1917 m Margaret Converse, 
2s Id; r 1563 Ridge ave., Evanston, 111. 

Butler, Joseph Green, Jr., Retired Busi- 
ness Executive, Youngstown, Ohio. For 
many years he was prominently identi- 
fied with business and i)ublic affairs. Cs 
Duquesne, Union, National Arts, Salma- 
gundi, Republican, Grolier, India House 
Fiiars, Ohio Society of New York, m 
Haiiiet V. Ingersoll,now deceased; Is Id 

Butler, Lawrence Knight, Banker and Bus- 
iness Executive, Detroit. Cs, University, 
Detroit Country, Grosse Pointe, Univer- 
sity, Grosse Pointe Hunt, Hunt. 1905 m 
Elsa Moigan Gregoiy, Is Id; r 140 Pro- 
vencal road, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. 

Butter, Lawrence Smith, Business Presi- 
dent and Director, New York City. He is 
identified with Ford, Butler and Oliver, 
i8 president Salisbuiy Plains Corpora- 
tion, and Smithtown Assembly Hall, r 
101 Park ave. 

Bxitler, Morgan, Treasurer, Boston. 1913 m 
Bernice Fisher, Is Id; r 162 Highland 
St., Dedhani, Mass. 

Butler, Nicholas Murray, Publicist and 
University President, New York City. 
1887 m Susanna Edwards Shuyler, now 
deceased. 1907 m Kate La Montague; r 
60 Morningside drive. 

Butler, Paul, Business President, Chicago. 
Cs Chicago, Oakbrook Polo, Army and 
Navy, York Golf, Union League, Midday 
India House, Chicago Yacht, Riding, 
Hinsdale Golf, m Marjorie Stressenreu- 
ter. Is. 

Butler. Pi«rce, Educator, New Orleans, La. 
Cs Round Table. 1902 m Cora Waldo, Is 
2d; r 368 Audubon st. 

But'er, Richard J., Retired Business Exec- 
utive and Capitalist, Westerly, R.I. 1892 
m Mary Frances Kennelly, Is; r 15 Di- 
xon st. 

Butler, Ru-h Clark, Lawyer, Chicago. Cs 
Mason, I'nion League, Chicago, Univer- 
sity, Attic, Law, Midday, Indian Hill, 
Metropolitan, Chew Chase, m Tsabelle 
Crilly: r Winnetka,' 111. 

Butler, Samrel Laurason, Sugar Chemist 
and Capitalist, St. Francisville, La. Cs 
various. 1917 m Mary Elizabeth Garle- 
ton, 3d. 

Butler. Walter, Millionaire, St. Paul, r 
13-! 5 Sunmiit ave. 

BiitJer, Wal+er N., Business Executive, 
Riverside, R.I. 1879 m Mary A. Dver, 3s- 
r 41 Holly st. 

Butler. William H., M.inufa<-turer, Boston. 
Cs Masons, Home Market, LTniversity, 
Bankers, Algonquin, Exchange, Wamsut- 
ta. Union League, New York Yacht, Ark- 
wright, Eastern Yacht. 1886 m Mrs. Min- 
nie F. Norton, Is Id. 1907 m Mary Lo- 
throp Webster, 2d; r 77 Franklin "st. 



Butler, William Jerome, Broker, Los An- 
geles. Cs University. 1921 m Verda Me- 
i-lian, I'd; r 112 X. Maupasa ave. 
Butler, William M., Menufaeturer, New 
Bedford, Mass. Cs Algonquin. 1886 m 
Minnie F. Norton, Is 2d. 
Butler, William Mill, Editor, New York Ci- 
ty. He is past owner and editor of two 
journals. Cs Life Member New York 
Zoological Society, American Associa- 
tion Advancement of Science, Polyhue 
Yacht, Scottish Rite Mason, Shriner. 
Butler, William M., Millionire, Boston, r 

2.'il Commonwealth ave. 
Butler, WiUiam Norris, Neurologist,Brook- 
Ivn. Cs Homeopathic Society, New York 
State Homeopathic Society,Masons. 1874 
m Marv E. Bradford, m Anna M. Clarke 
Is; r 1215 E. 39th st. 
Butt, Festus O., Lawyer, Banker, Eureka 
Springs, Ark. Cs Masons, Odd Fellows, 
Rotary. 1901 m Essie Cox, 5s 2d. 
Butterlield, Arthur Dexter, Educator, Civil 
Engineer, Scientist, Burlington, Vt. Cs 
National Geographical, Society for the 
Promotion of Engineering Education. 
1898 m Fannie Louise Day, now de- 
ceased. 1921 m Orpha Lee Howe, 2s Id. 
Butterfield, Charles B., Stock Broker and 
Capitalist, Boston. 1894 m Helen L. Tha- 
yer, 2s Id; r Chestnut Hill, Mass. 
Biitterfield, Clement F., Retired Canner, 
Baltimore. Cs Baltimore Press, Tiions, 
Knights of Columbus. 1901 m Marcella 
Fditha Lacy, Id; r 2723 N. Charles st. 
Eut*^erwieser, Joseph L.,Realtor, New York 
Citv. Cs Harmonic, North Shore Country 
Citv, College. 1892 m Lena Weil, 2s 2d; 
r l.")5 Central Park, West. 
Butterworth, George Forest, Lawver, New 
York Citv. Cs Century. 1888 *m Alice 
Crawford; r 57 E. 44th st. 
Butterworth, Samuel Fowler, Treasurer, 
New York Citv. m Miss Rockwell, Is Id; 
r Glen Ridge, "n..T. 
Butterworth, William, Millionaire, Moline, 

111. r Hillcrest. 
Button, Frank Christopher, Educator and 
Author, Frankfort, Ky. 1889 m Hattie 
Button, Joseph Priestley, Retired Business 
Executive, Philadelphia. He is promin- 
ently identified with business and public 
affairs. Cs Philadelphia Country, Union 
League. 1894 m Amelia Hutchinson, Is 
Id; r 246 W. Upsfl st., Mt. Airy, Pa. 
Buttrick, Theodore Romeyon, Dentist, De- 
troit. Cs Detroit Athletic, Indian Village 
Players, m Alice M. Milichamp, Is Id; r 
1476 Seyborn ave. 
Butts, Charles Richard, Business President 
Norwich, Conn. Cs American Revolution. 

1879 m Hattie L. Palmer; r 270 Wash- 
ington st. 
Butts, F. Worthington, Business Executivf 
Elmhurst, Long Island. He is president 
and manager Butts Lithographing Com- 
pany, Incorporated. Cs French, Friars. 
1914 m Rosalia Caballos, r in summer 
16th ave. and 28th st., Beechhurst, L.I. 

Buxton, David H., Merchant and Capita- 
list, Des Moines, Iowa. Cs Des Moines, 
Des Moines Rotary, Mason, and Shriner. 
1884 m Mary Almedia Thompson, 2d. 

Buxton, Frank Eljiah, Banker, Boston. Cs 
Algonquin, Portland, Salem, Thirty-two 
degree Mason. 1889 m Stella H. .lohnson, 
Is Id; r Wellesley, Mass. 

Bvixton, G. Edward, Treasurer, Provi- 
dence. Cs Hope, Agawam, Hunt, Turks 
Head, Providence Hunt. 1910 m Aline H. 
Armstrong, Is; r 85 Power st. 

Buzby, Harold Amos, Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Philadeli>hia. He is ]ires- 
ident Keystone Lubricating Comriany. 
Cs Philadelphia Country, Pennsylvania 
Athletic. Manufacturers, Seaview Golf 
Club. 1908 m Bertha A. Johnson, 2d; r 
Merin, Pa. 

Buzby, Walter J., Millionaire. Atlantic Ci- 
Citv. Cs Oklahoma. 1882 m Ella Gertrude 
ty.N.J. r 123 S. Michigan ave. 

Byard, John Kenneth, Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs New York Bar Association, Sal- 
magundi, Lawyers, Williams, National 
Arts. 1916 m Dorothv Randolph; r 15 W. 
11th St., and Silvermine, Conn. 

Byerly. J. A.. Lumberman and Banker, of 
Portland. Ore. Cs Arlington, Wa.verly 
Country, Shrine. 2s. 

Byers, Eben MacBumey, Iron Manufactur- 
er, Pittsburgh. Cs Pittsburgh, Duquesne, 
Allegheny Country, Racquet and Tennis, 
Links, Brook. 

Byers, J. Newton, Jr., Contractor, Buffalo. 
Cs Buffalo. 1914 m Frances G. Forman, 
2s Id; r 576 Linwood ave. 

Byers, Louis T., Manufacturer, Philadel- 
phia. Cs Manufacturers of Philadelphia, 
Chamber of Commerce. 1891 m Georgena 
Work, 3s Id; r 1123 S. 48th st. 

Byers, Mortimer W., Business Executive, 
New York City. 1906 m Kate A. House, 
3d; r 188 Gates ave., Brooklyn. 

Byfield, Ernst, Business Executive, Chica- 
go. He is president Hotel Sherman Com- 
pany and White City Amusement Com- 
pany, and director Fulton Market Cold 
Storage Company. Cs Lambs of New 
York, Lake Shore Country, Down Town. 
Palm Beach Yacht, Book "and Play. 1914 
m Gladys Rosenthal, 2s; r 70 Belle vue 



Byford, Henry T., Surgeon, Chicago. He is 
professor emeritus of gynecology at Uni- 
versity of Illinois, and consulting gyne- 
cologist to St. Luke 's Hospital. Cs Au- 
thors of London, American Gynecologi- 
cal, American College of Surgeons, Illi- 
nois and Chicago Medical Society. 1881 
in Lucy Earned Richard, 2s Id; r 5019 
Blackstone ave. 

Bynum, William Preston, Lawyer, Jurist, 
Greensboro, N.C. 1892 ni Mary Walker; 
r oOl Arlington st. 

Byrd. Francis Oaway, Agriculturist, Xew 
York Citv. Cs IJacquet and Tennis, Har- 
vard. 1908 m Mary E. Bowditch, 3d; r 
tapper Brandon Farm, Deal, Va. 

Byrd, Richard Evelyn, Business Executive, 
Richmond, Va. Cs National Press, Shen- 
andoah, Oakwood Country, Westmore- 
land Country, Commonwealth, Hermit- 
age. 1886 m Elinor Boiling Flood, 3s; r 
301 E. Franklin st. 

Byrer, Harry Hopkins, Lawyer, Martins- 
ville, W.Va. 1903 m Edna May Griffin, 
3s 2d. 

Byrne, William M., Insurancve Broker and 
Capitalist, St. Louis. Cs Noonday, Belle- 
rive Country. 1903 m Mabel Harris, now 
deceased; Is; r 4646 Pershing ave. 

Byrnes, Clarence Parshall, Lawyer, Pitts- 
burgh. Cs Pittsburgh, Duquesne, Univer- 
sity, Allegheny Country,Edgeworth. 1900 

Byrnes, James W., Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs Wheatley Hills Golf, 
Seaview Golf. National Democratic, Rid- 
ing and Driving, Montauk, Manufactur- 
ing, Illinois Athletic. 1899 m May Leon- 
ard, Is Id; r 830 Lincoln place, Brook- 

Byrmmi, Joseph W.. Lawyer, Statesman, 
Nashville, Tenn. Cs Odd Fellows, Elks, 
Mason. 1898 m JJulia Woodard, Is. 

Byron, Charles B., IManufacturer, New 
York City. He is manufacturer under the 
name Charles B. Byron; he is president 
John Freiich Corporation, and director 
Jewelrv Crafts Corporation. Cs Revdon 
Countrv of Southold, L.I., Uptown. 1900 
m Nellie F. Little. 

Byron, Charles Ely, Banker, Alba n v. Cs 
Albanv Countrv, Fort Orange. IVfason. 
1896 m Carrie B. Lourie, Is; r 3.59 State 


Cabana, Oliver, Jr., Business President, 
Buffalo. Cs Buffalo, Buffalo Athletic, 
Buffalo Automobile, Knights of Colum- 
bus, Chamber of Commerce. 1886 m Isa- 
belle Josephine Billiard, Is 2d; r 824 De- 
laware ave. 

Cabaniss, Royston, Realtor. Atlanta. Cs 
Pensacola Yacht. 1914 m Ptrea Thieson, 
Id; r 295 Clifton road. 

Cabanne, James Sheppard, Publisher, New 
Yoik City. Cs various. 1916 m Parrie 
Lee Sparks, Is Id; r 122 Pelhamdale ave. 
Pelham, X.Y. 

Cabeen, Francis A., Jr., Corporation C)r- 
ganizer, Philadelphia. Cs Rittenhouse, 
Merion Cricket, S.A.R. 1908 m Onne E. 
Hamersly, Is; r Haverford, Pa. 

Cabell, Henry Coalter, Mayor, Portland, 
Ore. Cs University, Arlington, Irvingtoa 
Waverlv, Country. 1894 m Emilv Cor- 
bett; r 253 King st. 

Cabell, Henry Landon, Banker, Richmond, 
Va. Cs Commonwealth, Country, Socie- 
ty of the Cincnnati. 1897 m Adah AVy- 
niond, 3s; r 311 W. Franklin st. 

Cabell, James Alston, Lawver, Columbia, 
Va. 1895 m Ethel Hoyt Scott, Is 2d; r 
Point of Fork. 

Cabell, James Bradon, Business Executive, 
Dumbarton, Va. 1913 m Priscilla Shep- 

Cabell, James Caskie, Business Executive, 
Rishmond, Va. m Nannie Enders; r 903 
Floyd ave. 

Cabell, John Lottier, Fertilizer, Savannah, 
Ga. Cs Oglethorpe, Savannah Golf, Co- 
tillion of Savannah, Societv of Colonial 
Wars. 1913 m Anna Elizabeth Bile, Id; r 
216 E. Huntington st. 

Cabell, Robert Gamble, Broker, Richmond, 
Va. Cs Commonwealth, Country, S.A.R. 
1910 m Maude Grenshae Morgan; r 2601 
Monument ave. 

Cabell, WiUiam Wymond, Banker and Bro- 
ker, Richmond, Va. Cs Commonwealth. 
1920 m Margaret Palmer Miller, Is; r 
Park View Apts. 

Cable, Arthur G., Business Executive, Chi- 
cago, m Elizabeth B. Tennis; r Hubbard 
Woods, 111. 

Cable. Benjamin Taylor, Manufacturer, of 
Rock Island. 111. 

Cable, Frank E., Business Executive, Buf- 
falo. Cs Park, Buffalo Athletic, Lake 
Shore Hunt, Buffalo Automobile, Cham- 
ber of Commerce. 1914 m Helen L. Hey, 
Id; r 219 Depew ave. 

Cable, Frank Taylor, Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Groton, Conn. Cs Trans- 
portation, Harbour of New London, New- 
York of Naval Architects, American Mi- 
litary Engineers. 1892 m Nettie Alice 
Hungerford; r New London, Conn. 

Cabot, F. ElUot, Business Executive Bos- 
ton, Mass. Cs Harvard. 1884 m Ethel 
Cunningham, 2s 3d; r Milton, Mass. 

Cabot, George E., Director and Trustee, 
Boston. Cs Somerset, Country, Myopia, 
Essex Country, New Riding, Automobile, 
m Eliza Hemenway. Is; r Manchester, 
Mass.. and 129 Marlborough st. 



Cabot, Godfrey L., Manufacturer, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Cs Harvard, Union, Myo- 
]iia. New Eiding. 189 m Maria B. Moore, 
4s Id; r 16 Highland st. 

Cabot, Henry Eromfield, Lawyer, Brook- 
Ine, Mass. 1892 ni Anne Macmaster Cod- 
man, 4s 2d. 

Cabot, Hugh, Surgeon, Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Cs Harvard, St. Botolph, Boone, Crocket. 
1902 m Mary A. Boit, 3s Id; r 2031 Hill 


Cabot, James Jackson, Business Executive, 
Charleston, W.Va. Cs Harvard, Edge- 
wood Country. 19115 m Catharine R. 
Rush, Id; r 1562 Kanawha st. 
Cabot, Richard C, Professor of Medicine 
Cambridge, Mass. m Ella Lvman; r 101 
Brattle st. 

Cabot, Sewall, Electrical Engineer, Bos- 
t(in. Cs Tennis and Racquet. 1918 m Ju- 
lia Shewell; r 100 Trappan st., Brook- 
line, ^lass. 

Cabot, Thomas D., Business Executive, 
Boston. Cs Weston Golf, St Botolph, Ex- 
change, American Alpine. 1920 m Virgi- 
nia Wellington, 3s, r Weston. 

Cabot, Walter Mason, Business Executive, 
Sherborn, Mass. 1914 m Katharine Hix- 
on; r West Medway and Sherborn. 

Cabot, William Books, Business Executive, 
New York Citv. Cs Explorers, Boone, 
Crocket of N.yI, D. K. E. of N.Y.. Engi- 
neers of Boston. 1886 m Elizabeth Ly- 
man Parker, Is 4d; r 447 Marlborough 


Cacall, Henry C, Lawyer, Minneapolis. Cs 
Minneapolis. 1916 m Louise C. Jamison, 
Id; r 2201 Oliver ave., S. 

Cadbniy, Henry Joel. Educator, Cambridge 
Mass. 1916 rn Lvdia Caroline Brown, Is 
Id; r 1 Buckingham place. 

Cadbiiry, John Warder. Jr., Business Exec- 
utive, Moorestown, N..L 1910 m Rachel 
Comfort Reeve, 2s: r 272 W. Main st. 

Cadbury, William E., Banker. Philadelphia. 
Cs Religions Society of Friens. 1905 m 
Mary Yarnall Brown, Is 2d; r 408 E. 
Woodlawn ave. 

Cadbur" William Warder, Physician, Can- 
ton, China. He is prominent in public 
and philanthropic affairs. 1911 m Sarah 
Tmbree Manatt; r Canton Christian Col- 

Cade, Cassius M., Business Executive, of 
Shawnee, Okla. 1899 m Elizabeth Hartz; 

Cade, George Lyman, Merchant and Busi- 
ness President, NeAv York Citv. 

Cadle. Charles L., Business Executive, of 
North Rochester, N.Y. He is general 
manager Rochester Gas and Electric Cor- 
poration. Cs Rochester, Oakhill Country, 

Fort Orange, Transportation. 1906 m Nel- 
lie E. Lfiudon; r 18 Buchingham st. 
Cadwalader, John, Lawyer, Philadelphia. 
Cs Liniversity, Art, Rittenhouse, Metro- 
politan of Washington. 1866 m Maiy 
Helen Fisher, 2s 2d; r 1519' Locust st, 
Cadwalader, Richard M., Business Execu- 
tive, Philadelphia, Pa. He is prominent 
in business and public affairs. Cs Phila- 
delphia, m Emily M. Roebling; r 2019 
Spruce st. 
Cadwalader, Thomas F., Lawyer, Balti- 
more. Cs Baltimore. 1911 m Elizabeth 
]\'^iddleton Rood, 2s 2d; r .Tonna, Md. 
Cadwa'der, John, Lawyer, Philadelphia. Cs 
American Philosophical Society. 1866 m 
:Mary Helen Fisher, 2s 2d; r 1519 Locust 
Cadwallader, Thomas F., Lawyer, Balti- 
more. Cs Baltimore. 1911 m Elizabeth 
Widdleton Read, 2s 2d; r Joppa, Md. 
Carter, Addipon Edgerton, Wholesale Grocer 
Banker ai'd Statesman. Grand Island, 
N.'b. Cs Mason, Elks. 190S m Miss Ka- 
tik. Is. 
Cady, Edv^ard Hammond, Banker, Toledo. 
Cs Toledo, Country, Iverness, Carroner 
Hunt and. Polo, Hermits. 1899 m Emma 
Page Watson, Is Id; r 15 Brouson place. 
CadyT ITarrison, Artist, Brooklyn, N.Y. Cs 
Salmagundi, Dutch Treat, New York 
Water Color, Authors League, American 
Water Color, m Melinna Eldredge; r 
1198 Pacific St. 
Cady, M. P., Business President, HiUsboro 
Ore. He is president Cady Motor Compa- 
ny. Cs Hilsboro Rotary." 1904 m Birdie 
Vincent, Is 2d. 
C&dy, William B., Business Executive, De- 
troit. Cs Detroit, Detroit Athletic, Coun- 
try. 1904 m Myra McP. Post, Is; r 759 
Seminole ave. 
Caesar, Henry A., Business Executiive, 

New York City, r 32 E. 64th st. 
Cage, Duncan S., Banker, Houston, Texas. 
Cs Knights of Pythias, Houston, m Ellen 
Stewait Morgan, 2s 3d. 
Cahn, Benjamin R., Business Executive, 

Chicago, r 190 E. Pearson st. 
Cahoon, Edward Augustus, Banker, Ros- 
well, N.M. Fe is president First Nation- 
al Bank of Roswell. Cs Roswell Country, 
Santa Fe. 1908 m Laura Hedgcoxe, Is 3d. 
Cahoone, George H., Treasurer and Direc- 
tor, Providence. He is yirominently iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Turks Head. Economic, R.I. Country, 
Wannamoisett Country. Providence Cen- 
tial. 1885 m Eugena Blakely, Id; r 360 
Olney st. 
Cain, Earl R., Realtor, Detroit. Cs Detroit 
Golf. Plub Hollow Golf. 1921 m .Tane 
Ravmond, Is; r 16913 Bavlis. 



Caine, Arthur Tubel, Physician, Surgeon, 
Anoka, Minn. Cs Central Minnesota Me- 
dical Association, Minnesota State Medi- 
cal Society, American Medical Associa- 
tion. 1901 m Bertha E. Johnson, Is Id. 

Caine, WilUam C, Retired Business Exec- 
utive, Cleveland. Cs Union, Country. 1893 
m Laura Elizabeth Hower, Id; r 16600 
South Park blvd. 

Caines, Richard John Ridgway, Physician, 
Boston. Cs Massachusetts Medical Socie- 
ty, American Medical Association, Mili- 
tary Order of World-War. 1920 in Fanny 
Well; r Thornton, Mass. 

Cairo, Frances Wilmer, Exporter, New 
York City. Cs Chiropean, Chaminade,and 
Mundell. m Vincent Cairo; r 354 E. 18th 
St., Brooklyn. 

Calahan, Mrs. Americus, Sociologist, Chica- 
go, r i;!49 Astor st. 

Calder, Alexander Stirling, Sculptor, New 
York City. Cs Xational Sculptor Society, 
National Academican, National Institute 
of Arts and Letters. 1895 m Nanette 
Lederer, Is Id; r 111 E. Tenth st. 

Calder, Louis, Business President, New 
York City. He is president Perkins Good- 
win Company. Cs Westchester-Biltmore 
Country, Englewood Golf of New Jersey, 
Congressional Country. 1912 m Kathleen 
A. Kanka, Is Id; r Eye, N.Y. 

Calder, William M., Builder, Brooklyn. Cs 
New York Chamber of Commerce,Brook- 
lyn Chamber of Commerce, Chevy Chase, 
Union League. 1893 m Katherine E. 
Halve, Is Id; r 554 1st st. 

Calderwood, Willis, Prohibition Worker, 
Minneapolis, T^linn. 1S92 m Alice M. Cox, 
r 986 15th ave., S.E 

Caldwell, Charles Pope, Lawyer, States- 
man, New York City. 1907 m "Frances 
McMasters, Is; r Sheeter Island Heights. 

Caldwell, Clarence Cerey. Lawyer, Sioux 
Falls, S.D. 1908 m Marie Bryant, Is Id. 

Caldwell, Francis Cary, Professor, Colum- 
bus, Ohio. Cs Faculty, Eneineers. 1900 m 
Louise Taft Orton; r 206 16th st. 

Caldwell, George Brlnton, Banker and Mil- 
lionaire, New York City. Cs Investment 
Bankers Association, Union Leaerae,New 
York Athletic, Sleepv Hollow Country, 
Bankers. 1923 m Marion H. Andrews, Id, 
r Bornville. N.Y.; and in Irvington on 
Hudson, N.Y. 
Caldwell. Henry Wallace, B'lsiiess Presi- 
dent. Chicago. Cs Racauet, University, 
Knollwood, Oak Park Country. Chicago 
Yacht. Bunker Hill Country, Sky Line, 
Cornell. 1922 m Lillian Stephenson. Id: 
r 446 Oakdale ave. 

Caldwell, Howell Cobb, Business Executive 
Atlanta, Ga. Cs Capitol City, Piedmont 
Driving, Rotary of America. 1899 m Ma- 
ry Virginia Ashford, 2s; r Southlock 
Peachtree road. 

Caldwell, Hugh M.," Lawyer, Seattle. Cs 
Seattle Golf, Arctic, m Sarah Smith Ho- 
ward, Is 3d; r 2717 10th ave. N. 

Caldwell, James E., Millionaire, Nashville, 
Tenn. r Caldwell Lane and Franklin rd. 

Caldwell, James Lewis, Bank President, 
Huntington, W.Va. 1871 m Mary O'Ban- 
non Smith, 4s 2d. 

Caldwell, John Butler, Business President, 
Chicago. 1889 m Maria Charlesworth, Id, 
r 5132 W. 25th place, Cicero, 111. 

CaldwcU, Robert J., Banker, New York Ci- 
tv. Cs Academy Political Science, Piping 
Rock Horse Show, City Housing Corpor- 
ation, Cosmos, Metropolitan, Authors, 
Automobile, Nassau Country, Bankers, 
Lotos. 1913 m Jean B. Holmes; r 23 E. 
65th St., N.Y.C.; and Mill Neck Oyster 
Bay, Long Island. 

Caldwell, Winford N., Millionaire, Spring- 
field, Mass. r 20 Ridgewood place. 

Cales, J. O., Banker, Ralston, Okla. Cs Ma- 
sons, Knights of Pythias, Odd Fellows, 
m Cora Thompson, 2s. 

Calfe, Joseph Starke, Banker, St. Louis. Cs 
St. Louis, Bellerive Country, Sunset 
Country, Missouri, Athletic. 1904 m Nelle 
A. Beedy, 2s; r 33 Kingsbury place. 

Calhoun, Andrew, Realtor, Atlanta, Ga. Cs 
Capital City. Piedmont Driving, m Mary 
Guy Trigg, 2s 3d; r Paces Ferry, road. 

Calhoun, Andrew Fi., Jurist, Atlanta, Ga. 
Cs Athletic, Piedmont Driving. 1896 m 
Carobel Heidt, 4s; r 106 Inman circle, 
Ansley Park. 

Calhoun. Clarence Crittenden, Lawyer, of 
Washington. Cs Mason, Knights Templar 
Shriner. Metropolitan, Chew Chase, Na- 
tional Press. 1916 m Mrs. Barker Gum- 
mere: r 1519 New Hampshire avo., N.W. 

Calhoun, Ferdinand Phinizy.Phvsician and 
Educator, Atlanta, Ga. Cs Capital City, 
Piedmont Driving. 1909 m Marion Peel, 
2s Id; r Andrews drive. 

Calhoun, Fred Harvey Hall, Geolog-ist. of 
Clemson College. S.C. Cs Geology Society 
of America, m Grace Ward, 2s. 

Calhoun. John Edwards, Business Exeoi- 
tive. Minneapolis. Cs Elks. 1904 m Vir- 
p-inia Elizabeth Braslan, 3s 2d; r 2212 
Colfax ave.. S. 

Calhoun, Philin S., Business President and 
Capitalist. Kansas Citv. Mo. He is pres- 
ident and treasurer H. J. Cole Company. 
Cs Kansas Citv. 1910 m Leona Schier- 
loli; r 439 Ward parkway. 



C: i"ori. Chavles Loudon, ^\ichitcet, Xew 
York City. He is vic-e-president Tide 
Water Building Company, and vice-pres- 
ident and secretary Ridgewood Imple- 
ment Compauv. r Greenacres, Scarsdale, 

Calkins, Earnest Elmo, Business Executive 
New York City. Cs Grolier, University, 
Union League. 190-t m Angie Cushman 
Higgins; r 580 Park ave. 

Calkins, Grosvenor, Lawyer, Newton, Mass. 
1912 m Patty Philips," 2s; r 49 Farlow 

Calkins, Le-'ghton, Mavor, Plainfield, N.J. 
Cs Harvard, Whitehall, Countiv- 189S m 
Nella Bond Whiton, Is 2d; r 929 Madi- 
son ave. 

Calkins, Raymond, Clergyman, Cambridge, 
Mass. 1899 m Emily B. Lathrop; r 19 
Berkeley st. 

Call, Arthur Derrin, Editor and Author, 
Washington. Cs Cosmos, S.A.R. 1S97 m 
]Mabel Winter Sonle, 2s Id; r Willard 
Courts, 1916 17th st., N.W. 

Ca'lahan. Franklin Miller, Business Presi- 
dent, Chicago. Cs University. 1919 m 
Anne C. Orr, Id: r 404 Greenwood blvd. 

Callahan. Henry White, Educator and Bus- 
iness Executive, Brooklyn. Cs Brooklvn, 
University. 1884 m Sarah S. Fragee, Id; 
r 72 Columbia heights. 

Callaway, Fuller Earle, Manufacturer, La 
Grange. Ga. Cs Highland 'Country, Rot- 
ary. 1891 m Ida J. Cason, 2s; r Hil]>and 
T)a]es, Vernon road. 

Cal'away, Merrel Price, Vice-President and 
Director, New York City. Cs Metropoli- 
tan. Sleepy Hollow Count"y. Chevy Chase 
of Washinp-ton. 1911 m Rietta Eldridge, 
2s 2d: r 6069 78th st. 

Callaway, Oscar, Lawver and Statesman, 
Comanche. Texas. 1904 m Stella Couch. 

Callaway, Thomas J., Business Executive, 
AMlstead, Ga. 1916 m M. W. Purvis, 2s 

Callaway. Trowbridee T'>anker, New York 
r'it'<-. Cs Harvard, Racquet and Tennis, 
Ridinar, Rockawav Hunting, Raritan Val- 
ley, B.'^nkers. m Elsie IMacD. Kellog?. .Ss 
Id: r .34 E. 68th st.. New York City; 
and Rovce Vallev, N.Y. 

Calbrea+h, James Finch, Lawyer, Washing- 
ton. C"- Bankers, New York, Metropoli- 
tan, Columbia, Country, Congressional 
Country, Mason, Shriner. 

CaLende^, Sherman D., Lawver and Rtates- 
p'an, Detidit. He is proniinentlv identi- 
fied with business and public aff^-irs. Cs 
Detroit Athletic. Detroit Golf. Detroit 
Boat, Detroit Ex^'hanf^e, Inpleside, Am- 
erican Bar. Detroit Bar. Ma«oni'''. 1904 
IT. Sylvia Cornell, .3d; r 831 Edison ave. 

Calley, James Dawson, Business Executive 
and Millionaire, Pittsburgh. He is presi- 
dent Diamond National Bank of Pitts- 
burgh. Cs Pittsburgh Golf, Pittsburgh, 
Allegheny Country, Metr6])olitan offid 
Metropolitan of Washington, Metropoli- 
tan of New York, Allegheny Country, 
Duquesne. 1902 m Julia Putnam Feleh, 
3s 2d; r 4875 Ellsworth ave. 

Callery, John B., Grower, Pasadena, Cal. 

1921 m Emma L. Crane, Is; r 1501 S.Mor- 
gan ave. 

Callnian, Ilertebrt, Realtor and Capitalist, 
Long Island City. He is engaged in in- 
dustrial real estate, and is a member of 
the firm of Roman-Callma;i. Cs various. 
1916 m Ruth Spre, Is; r Aubyn Manor, 
Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 

Calloway, Walter Bowles, Railroad Execu- 
ti-^e, Baltimore. Cs Marvland, Merchants. 
1902 m Wilma Rhina, Is Id; r 3810 Fen- 
church st, Guilford. 

Ca've-t., Charles Baltimore, Treasurer, of 
Wasiiington. 1907 m Lucv Harrison; r 
1407 21st St. 

Calvert, M's. Eleanor Mackuom, Sociolo- 
gist, Washington. Cs D.A., Pocahontas, 
Colonial Dames. 1866 m Charles Balti- 
more Calvert, 2d; r 405 Stoneleieh court. 

Calvert, George Henry, Lawver, Washing- 
ton. 1905 Tu Cornelia Russell Knight, 2d. 

Calvert, John, Realtor. Philadelphia." Cs So- 
ciety of Signersi of Declaration of Inde- 
pendence. 1881 ni Victoria Baltzell Elli- 
ott, Is; r 2030 Sansom st. 

Calvert, Richard Creast Macuoin, Engineer 
Raleigh, N.C. 1906 m Zoe Ammen Davis, 
2s; r Oxford, N.C. 

Calwell. Chqr'es E^heidan, Banker, Phila- 
delphia. Cs Union League, Down Town. 
1901 ni Eleanor Parker, 4d; r Wissahi- 
ckon and Westview ave.. Germantown. 

Camack, James Wellborn, Rcti'-ed Capita- 
list. Athens, Ga; He is ])rominenti] iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
T's Societv of the Confederacv, Mason, 
Shriner. 1911 m Josephine Smythe, now 
dc'-eased: Is. 

Cameron Brennehan. B''«i"ess Executive, 
Rnlei-h. ^'C. ISO! „, s;allie Mavo, 2s. 

Cameron, Ewpn Donald, Manufacturer, 
Richnumd. Va. Cs West^ioreland, Com- 
monwealth. Country of A'ir.ofinia. 1922 m 
Octavia Airington; r 2209 Monument av. 

Cameron, George T., Manufacturer, San 
Francisco. Cs Bohemian. a"d Bur^ingame 
Country. 1908 m Helen de Young; r 1919 
Califoi'nia st., and Burlingame. Cal. 

Ca^-eron. J. A., Manufa'-turcT-. G-ani' ville, 
]\I3S'^. 1893 m Amy Abbot, Is 2d; r West- 
ford, Mass. 

THE xArroN'Ar> sociat. blue book 


Cameron, John M., Lawyer, Clueago. Cs 
Clucajio, Union League, Riverside Golf. 
Lc is a widower, Is Id; r Riverside. 
Cameron, Julian A., Manufacturer, Forge 
\ illage, Mass. He is prominently identi- 
Ijed with business and public affars. 
lS95ni Miss Abbott, Is 2d; r Westford. 
Canioron, Ossian, LaAvyer, Chicago. €fe Cki- 
cago Bar, Knigts Templar, Bhrinv. 1910 
m Rosamond IM. Gilberts, 2s; v Wiiuietka 
Cnnmann, Oswald, Insurance, Daytor*, O. 
Cs Dayton Country, Miami Valley Hunt, 
Polo, in Nellie Haniia, Is; r 225 N". Main 
Camp, Walter, Jr., Business Executivip,New 
Yoik Citv. Cs Meadow Brook, m Fran- 
ces English; r 10.3 E. 7oth st. 
C?jn, Charles Wadsword, AutPior, of Xew 
York City. Cs Nassau, Englewood, Cen- 
tury, Plavers, Princeton. 190(J m Made- 
leine Hall Bonrett, Id; r 122 E. 82nd st. 
Cr.mpau, Daniel J., Millionaire, Detroit, r 

400 Burns drive. 
Cr.mpau, L. Woolsey, Mechanical Engineer, 
Detroit. 1919 m ]Mrs. Edith Atlce Jack- 
son Adams, Is Md; r 1267 Balfour road, 
Grosse Pointe, Mich. 
Cr.mpbell, Branch Mellville, Banker, Rich- 
mond, Va. Cs Commonwealth, Country, 
8.A.R. 1910 m Martha Pafteson Bowie, 
3s, Id; r 18.30 Monument ave. 
Campbell, C. G., Manufacturer, Denver, 
Col. Cs Denver, Denver Country. I9I0 na 
Lenore O'Brien, Is; r 1145 Peace st. 
C?mpbell, Charles E., Manufacturer, Lynn, 
Mass. r"s Lynn Rotary. 1909 m Amte 
rhellcrs; r 274 Western ave. 
CPOipbell. Charles S.. Banker, Kalamasroo, 
Mich. Cs Park, Country, Gull Lake Coun- 
try. 1904 m r'aroline M. Taylor, Id. 
Campbell, Chester I., Business Manager 

Industrial Expositions, Boston. 
Campbell, Coler, Manufacturer, Minneapo- 
lis. Cs Minneapolis, Minekahda, Yale, 
Arlington, r 2722 Park ave. 
Campbell, David, Music Director, Portland 
Ore. Cs Oregon Music Teachers Associa- 
tion, Pro-Music Musicians. 1919 m Mar- 
guerite Dasch, 2d. 
Campbell, Doak S., Educator. Conway,Arlc. 
Cs Knights Templar, Rotary. 1913 m 
Helen Smith; Is Id. 
Campbell, Donald Francis, Educator and! 
Actuarv, Chicago. He is prominently id- 
entified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Hamilton, Fa^-.ilty, Evanston Golf. 
1906 m Lou Rena Bates. Is Id; r 1209 
Hinman ave., Evanston. I'l. 
Campbe'l, Donald J., B^'^iness President, 
Muskegon Heights, Mich. He is pvesi- 
dent Campbell Wyant and Cannou Fonn- 
dvv Com-iany. Cs various. 1908 m Anna 
M. Arn<'Ken, Is Id. 

Campbell, Dud'ey D., Merchant, New York 
City. Cs Crescent Athletic, Merchants. 
1917 m Marjorie Lewis Prentiss; r 108 
Pierjiont st., Brooklyn. 
Campbell, Duncan Alex, Surgeon, Detroit. 
Cs Detroit Athletic, Hyannisi)ort Golf, 
Beach Grove Golf, Plum Hollow Golf. 
w Edith CunMner;j Hotel Plaza. 
Camobell, Edmoii 1 • riest. College Presi- 
dent, Mechanicpbur; Pa. 1897 m Grace 
K.Tser, 2s 2d. 
Camole!!, Fdmrnd f ^' isiness President, 
Boston. Cs Masons, Shrine, No>-theast 
Bankers Association, Northeast Corpora- 
tion, Appalachian Mountain, Field and 
Forest, Boston Square, Compass. 1901 m 
F- ilv Ferny; r 24 Sidlaw road, Brigh- 
ton, Mass. 
CnrapbeP, Frank Ellis, Realtor, New Y'ork 
City. Cs Westchester Biltmore Country, 
New Yo'-k Athletic, Elks, Larchmont, 
Broadway Association, Rve Country, Ro- 
tary, Lions. TM Amelia Klutz, Is; r Point 
TTonse. Larchmont Manor, N.Y. 
CajnpT-ell. Frederick FowIer.Business Pres- 
ident. St. Loris. He is president Fred 
Campbell Auto Srpplv Comparv. Cs 
C'en Echo Country, Bellerive Country, 
Missouri Athletic." 191.3 ni Adele Arm- 
st-onfr: r 5100 Washington blvd. 
Camnbel'. George A., Business Executive, 
Fcno, Nev. Cs Engineers of San Francis- 
co. 1907 ni Mercy Stevenson. 
CampbelL Gordon L., Business Executive, 

Calumet, Mich. 
CampbelJ, Gordon R., Copper Producer and 
Bank President, Cal' met. Mich. Cs Ma- 
s"ns. 7^03 m Lou H. Holly, .3s; r Lau- 
rinm. Mich. 
Cam^be'I, Guy Ed^-^ar. Oil and Gas Produ- 
cer. Washinp^ton. Cs Knif^hts Templar, 
P^^ine, Congressional Country, Chnrtiers 
TToiffhts Coi'utrv. St. C'air Conntrv, 
Sontb Hi''" Conntrv. 1896 m Edith Phil- 
lip.*?, 2s 2d: r 5611 mh st., N.W. 
CamTtbelll, Hardy Webster. Author and 
Soil Culturist, San Francisco. 1902 m 
Elizabeth Turney, 5s 8d; r South Pasa- 
dena, Cal. 
Campbell, Henry Edgar. Banker, Ferndale, 
Wash, m Frances Coy; r Eagle Point, 
Campbell. Henry Goodwin, Jr.. Broker, 
New York Citv. Cs Universitv. Y'^ale, 
New York Athletic. 1921 m Katharine 
Spencer Smith, Is; r 24 Gramercv Park. 
Campbell. Henry Munroe. Jr.. Lavver, De- 
troit. Cs Detroit, University, Country, 
H'-r^'-e Pointe. Grosse Pointe Hunt, Har- 
T-r-^T of New York. 1917 m Isabella Gra- 
f„^ f«: r 5 Berkshire place, Grosse 
Pointe Farms, Mich. 



.Campbell, Horace E., Business President, 
Reading, Pa. Cs Manufacturers, Wyomis- 
sing. 1900 ni Jeannette B. Bassett, now 
deceased; Is Id; r Royersford. 

Campbell, J. Hayes, Chemical Engineer, 
Chicago. 1906 m Marion Desloge, 2s Id; 
r 622 Gregory ave., Wilmette, 111. 

Campbe'l, James A., Millionaire, Youngs- 
town, 0. r Logan road. 

Campbell, James Archibald, Minister and 
Educator, Buies Creek, N.C. He is Bap- 
tist pastor of three churches; and is 
president Buies Creek Academy, and 
president of board of trustees of Wake 
Forest College. 1890 m Cornelia Pearson, 
2s Id. 

Campbell, James T., Physician, Chicago. 
Cs University, South Shore Country, r 
30 N. Michigan ave. 

Campbell, John A., Manufacturer and Bus- 
iness President, Trenton, N.J. He is pres- 
ident Trenton Banking Company, the 
Trenton Potteries Company, and Tren- 
ton Free Public Library. 1879 m Fannie 
Cleveland, Id; r 379 W. State st. 

Campbell, John Bullow, Business President 
Atlanta, Ga. Cs Rotarv, Piedmont Driv- 
ing, Druid Hills Golf.' 1904 m Laura G. 
Berry, Id. 

Campbelll, Marvin, Millionaire, of South 
Bend, Ind. r Oakdale Farm Douglas road 

Campbell, Milton, Manufacturer and Mil- 
lionaire, Philadelphia. Cs Philadelphia 
Art, Country. 1887 m E. G. Dawson; r 
4401 Pine ave. 

Campbell, Morrow Gaines, Business Execu- 
tive, Welsh, W.Va. 1913 m Emily New- 
bold Graham, 2s Id; r Woodhaven point. 

Campbell, Oliver, Allen, Merchant, New 
York Citv. Cs Union League, Piping 
Rock. 1911 m Gabrielle Clark, 2s 3d; r 
East Norwich, L.I., N.Y. 

Campbell, Palmer, Realtor, Hoboken, N.J. 
Cs Somerset Hills Country, Engineers of 
New York, Carteret of Jersey City, Elks, 
Masons. 1883 m Jean Eno, Is; r 225 
Hudson st. 

Campbell, Patterson, Captain, Wytheville, 
Va. 1908 mMary Austin, Is Id. 

Campbell, Paul, Business President, New 
York City. He is president New York 
Motor Truck Sales Company. Cs various. 

Campbell, Peter, Multi-Millionaire, New- 
ark, N.J. r 415 Mount Prospect ave. 

Campbell, Robert Blair, Banker, Richmond 
Va. 1922 m Jean Eraser; r Laburnum 

Campbell, Robert E. Lee, Merchant and 
Capitalist, St. .Joseph, Mo. He is vice- 
president, general manager Tootle Dry 
Ooods Company. Cs S.A.R., Elks, St. Jo- 

seph Country, St. Joseph Chamber of 
Commerce. 1893 m Mary Catherine New- 
man, Id; r 2530 Felix st. 

Campbell, Robert Willis, Lawyer, Banker, 
Chicago. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs Uni- 
versity, Union League, Law, Glen View, 
Midday. 1901 m Bertha Gary, Id; r 1733 
Hinman ave, Evanston, 111. 

Campbell, Ross Turner, College President, 
Sterling, Kan. Cs Chamber of Commerce 
Lins International. 1910 m Margaret 
Swart wood, 2s Id. 

Campbell, Stuart Bland, Attorney, Wythe- 
ville, Va. 1915 m Marv Rebeca Miles, Is 

Campbell, Theodorlck Pryor, Professor, 
Blacksliurg, Va. 1887 m Anna Montgom- 
ery .Johnson, 2s Id. 

Campbell, Thomas Edward, Public Official 
and Governor, Phoenix, Ariz. 1900 m 
Goyle Alle7i, 2s. 

Campbell, William H., Business President, 
New York City. Cs Drug and Chemical, 
Commuters, Log Cabin Gun, Plainfield 
Countrv. 1915 m Mabel Catharine Raper, 
Is 2d; 'r Hillcrest. 

Campbell, William McCague, Business 
President, Washington, Oliio and Dayton 
Ohio. Cs Washington Country, Dayton 
Countrv, Old Colony, Athletic, Cincin- 
nati. 1897 m Ethel Dahl, Id. 

Campbell, William Spencer, Clergyman, 
Richmond, Va. Cs Federal Council of 
Church of Christ in America, Hermitage 
Country,. National and Virginia Edito- 
rial Association. 1888 m Annie Lee Car- 
rington, 2d; r 3910 Seminary ave. 

Campbell, William Whitmore, Lawyer and 
Statesman, Lockport, N.Y. Cs Town and 
Country, Tuscarora, Rotary,Buffalo Ath- 
letic, Niagara, Fort Orange,01eott Yacht. 
1910 m Mary Garner, Is 2d; r 468 Lo- 

Campbell, William Wilson, Banker, Forest 
City, Ark. He is president Crawlev Ridge 
Development ^Association. Cs Masons, 
Shrine, Elks, Woodmen of the World, 
Odd Fellows. 1915 m Victoria Mann, Is 

Campbell,, Wilson Alexander, Steel Manu- 

. facturer, Aliquippa, Pa. Cs Duquesne, 
Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Edgeworth. 1910 
m Alice E. Clause, 3s Id; r Creek drive, 
Sewickley, Pa. 

Camprubi, Jase Aymar, Engineer and Pub- 
lisher, New York City. Cs Harvard, Pan- 
American Society of N.Y., Rockaway 
Hunting, American Association of Tea- 
chers of Spanish, Publishers Association 
American Newspapers Association. 1909 



111 Ethel Leai-raft, '2il; r \V(io.1m<M-»', T><)ng 

Campden, Viscount, Business Exeeutive, 
London, England. Cs Whites, Tuif and 
Beef Hteak. 1915 ni Alice Eyre, Is Id; r 
30 Pont St. 

Campe, Emanuel N., Business President, 
New Voik ("ity. Cs Oak Hidge, Eairview 
(i(df. 1899 ni Bessie Rintels; r Riverview 
Alanor, Del^bs Ferry, N.Y. 

Canby, Harry B., Business President, Day- 
ton, Ohio. Cs Rotary, Engineers, Country 
Miami Vallev Golf". 19(l5 ni Hannah R. 
I'orgy, Is 'id; r 52S Belmont Park. 

Canby, Henry Mathews, Lumberman, Wil- 
mington, Del. Cs Park Commission, So- 
ciety of Colonial Wars, University. 1907 
m Marjorie Tatnall Bosh, 4s Id; r at 
Thorby, Creenville, Del. 

Canby, Henry Seidel, Editor, New York 
City. Cs Century, Players, Coffee House, 
Authors, Graduate, Town Hall. 1907 m 
Marion P. Gause, 2s; r 1?,0 Davis st., 
New Haven, Conn. 

Canby, James, Aimy Officer, San Francis- 
co. Cs Army and Navy. 1902 m Eug-enie 
Cunningham, Id. 

Canby, James Beniamin, Business Execu- 
tive, Santa Barbara, Cal. Cs Art, Art 
Club of Philadelphia, Merion Cricket of 
Haverford, Pa. 1917 m Margaret E. Wa- 
terman, now deceased; Is; r Montecito. 

Canby, William Marriott, Investment Sec- 
nrities, Philadelphia. Cs Williams, Union 
League, University, Germantown Crick- 
et. 1898 ni Edith Wistar, Id; r Thome- 
lawn Westview and Wissahickon ave, 

Canby, William Poytell John-ston, Engineer 
East Downiiigtown, Pa. 1910 m Mary 
Farles Lyon, 2s Id. 

Caudee, Alexander Mitchell, Advertising' 
Manager, Milwaukee, Wis. 1897 m Mary 
Taylor, Is Id; r 940 Summit ave. 

Candee, Charles L., Clergyman, Wilming- 
ton, Del. Cs University, Wilmington 
Country, Huguenot Society of New Jer- 
sey, American Academy of Political and 
Social Science. 1899 m Elizabeth L. 
Browne; Is Id. 
Candee, Lyman, Insurance Executive, New- 
York City. Cs Bankers, Drug and Chemi- 
cal, Church, S.A.R., Society of Colonial 
Wars. 1893 m Clara Louise Simmons; r 
Candler, Asa Warren, Lawver and Millio- 
naire, Atlanta, Ga. Cs Druid Hills Golf, 
Georgia and American Bars. 1P08 m Hat- 
tie Lee West, 4s Id; r 166G Ponce de 
Leon ave. 
Candler, Charles E., Multi-Millionnire, At- 
lanta, Ga. r 117 Briar Cliff road. 

Candler, Charles Murphey, Lawyer, Deca- 
tur, Ga. 1882 m Marv Hannah Scott, 3* 
2d; r 159 S. Candler' st. 
Candler, Duncan, Architect, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Univeisity, Mac Do well, S.A.R. 
1902 in Beatrice de F. Post; r 753 5th av. 
Candler, Warren A., Clergyman, Atlanta, 
Ga. 1877 m Antoinette Curtright, 2s Id. 
Candler, William, lUisiness Executive, At- 
lanta, Ga. Cs Atl: nta Athletic, Druid 
Hill Golf, Capital Citv. 1913 m Bennie 
Teabeaut, Is Id; r (i+ Springdale road. 
Candra, George Evart, Geologist and Au- 
tho, Lincoln, Neb. Cs Association of Am- 
erican Geographers, National Conserva- 
tion Congress, Shrine. 1893 m Hattie M^ 
Davenport, Id; r 1019 S. 17th st. 
Caner, Harison Koons, Manufacturer,Phil- 
adelj)hia. Cs ^Vfuokia Essex Country.Rac- 
quet, Philadelidiia Country, and Union 
League. 1890 m Emily Thomas Colket, 
4s; r Manchester, Mass. 
Canfield, Albert Koine, Manufacturer, of 
Bridgeport, Conn. He is president H. 
Canfield Company. Cs Brooklawn Coun- 
try, Fairfield County Hunt, Black Rich 
Yacht, Lawn. 1899 m Anne F. Stewart, 
Canfeld, George F., Lawyer and Railroad 
President, New York City. He is prom- 
inently identified with lousiness and pub- 
lic affairs. Cs Centurv. 1904 m Frances 
MM.nrshall. 3s Id; r 122 E. 61st st. 
Canfield, George I ewis, Lawver, Detroit, 
Cs Uni\-ersity, Country. 1889 m Mary 
Noble Croul, Is Id; r 2250 Iroquois ave. 
Can^eld, Horace Wayne, Banker, Cam- 
bridge Sprinpfs, a. 1876 m Christen* 
S'trayor, Is 2d. 
Cnfeld, William Fradford, Business Exec- 
utive, Detroit. Cs University, Indian Vil- 
lage. 1913 m Kathrvn Sumner Cakes, la 
2d; r 7865 Van Dyke Place. 

Canfield, William C, Broker, New Y^'ork 
City. He is prominentlv identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Country 
Detroit Racquet and Curling. Embassy. 
1920 m Gertrude Marie Lennon; r 140 
E. 46th St. 

Canning, James M., Insurance Executive, 
Philadelphia. Cs Manufacturers, Bola 
Golf. 1890 m Sally Bushong, Is Id; r 

1003 S. 49th St. 

Cannon, Edward J., Lawyer, Spokane, 
Wash. He is promnently dentified with 
business and public affairs. Cs City, 
Country, Knights of Columbus. 1890 n» 
Helen Appleton, 3d; r 416 E. Rocks- 
wood blvd. 



Cannon, Gabriel, Civil Engineer and Capi- 
talist, Charleston, S.C. Cs Masonic Order. 
1919 m Jeannie B. Hey ward, Is Id; r 
Wappoo Heights. 
Cannon, George C, Radio and Research 
Engineer, New Roehellc, N.Y. Cs New 
Eothelle Yacht, Long Island Automo- 
bile. 1911 m Gertrude Everett Stone. 
Cannon, Henry W., Mnlti-Millionaire, New 

York City, r 28S Madison ave. 
Cannon, James Ermunson, Lawyer, Rich- 
mond, \'a. Cs Westmoreland, Common- 
wealth, Country of Virginia. 1900 m 
Bernard Harvie; r 1110 Grove ave. 
Cannon, William M., Lawyer and Railroad 
President, New York City, r 375 Park 
Cantine, HoUey R., Business Manager, San- 
ger! ies, N.Y. Cs Yale, Franklin Hall, 
Mason. 1914 m Josephine Arosina, 2s. 
Cantley, Thomas, Manufacturer, New Glas- 
gow, N.8. Cs Dideau, Royal Cape Breton 
Yacht, Constitutional Club of London, 
Royal Society of Arts, Iron and Steel, 
American Institute of Mining Engi- 
neers. 1883 m Maria Frazer, 3s Id; r 
Bonniebrae, Mountain road. 
Cantrell, Deadrick Harrell, Lawyer and 
Millionaire, Little Rock, Ark. He is id- 
entified with Rose Hemingway Cantrell 
and Loughborough. 1918 m Catherine 
Emerich; r 619 Scott st. 
Cantrill, Charles Edward, Banker, Edin- 

burg, Til. 1899 m Minnie Minnis. 
Cantwell, John Joseph, Bishop, Los An- 
geles. He is bishop Diocese of Monterey 
and Los Angeles. Cs Sunset, Newman, 
CapdevieUe, Auguste, Business Executive, 
New Orleans. Cs Stratford, Southern 
Yacht. 1908 m Olga Dunbar, Id; r 8016 
Belfast St. 
CapdevieUe, Gallier J., Business Executive, 
New Orleans. 1904 m Isabelle Forguette, 
Is Id; r 5206 Pitt st. 
Capek, Thomas, Banker, New York City. 
He is president of Bank of Europe. Cs 
Czechoslovakia Arts, Benevolent Society 
Co-operative Savings and Loan Associa- 
tion, Woodrow Wilson Fund Association 
1894 m Anna Vostrovsky, Is; r 340 E. 
188th St. 
Capen, Charles Lahan, Lawyer, Blooming- 
ton, 111. 1875 m Ella E. Briggs, Is Id; r 
Kenilworth, 111. 
Capen, Oliver B., Publisher, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs University, Players, Richmond 
County Country, r 24 W. 10th st. 
Capers, Walter Branham, Clergyman, Jack- 
son, Miss. 1904 m Louise Drane Wald- 
ridge. Is Id; r 705 N. State st. 
Caperton, Clifford R., Advertising Broker, 

Richnjond, Va. 1897 m Helene T. Lcfroy, 
Is 6d; r 1510 West ave. 

Capes, iawrence R., Business Executive, 
Chicitgo. He i.s treasurer Charles 11. Bes- 
ly and Compunv. Cs Hinsdale, Hinsdale 
Golf, Midland, Lake Shore Athletic. 1917 
m Edith H. Besly, Is; r 150 County Lien 
road, Hius«lalc, 111. 

Capper, Arthur, Publisher, Bank Director, 
Statt^sman, Topeka,Kan. Cs Chevy Chase 
Topeka Country. 1893 m Florence Craw- 

Capps, Edward, Philologist and Author, 
Priracoton, N.J. Cs Century, New York 
City, Princeton, New York City, Prince- 
ton of Philadelphia. 1892 m Grace Alex- 
ander, 2's, 

Capps, Joseph Almarin, Physician. He is 
prDniinently identified with business and 
publbc affars. Cs Association of Ameri- 
can Physicians, American Society of Cli- 
nical investigations. 1897 m Christy 
Brooks, 2s Id;" r 1215 E. 56th st. 

CapTon, Horace Mann, Manufacturer and 
Capitalist, Chicago. Cs Union L(>ague, 
Manufacturers, Indian Hill Country, and 
Evanston Country. 1917 m Marguerite 
Quinnell, Id; r Evanston, 111. 

Caradine, James T., Business President, St. 
Louis. Ho is prominently identified with 
business and piiblic affairs. Cs Racquet, 
Noonday, Bellerive. m Mary F. Evans, 
2d; r 30 Portland place. 

Card, Tred S., Director, Secretary and 
Treasurer, Winthrop, Mass. Cs Boston 
Chamber of Commerce. National Asso- 
ciation of Credit Men. 1919 m Ethel C. 
Fitch, 2s. 

Cardoza, Handolph B., Business Executive, 
Richmond, Ya. Cs Westmoreland, Com- 
monwealth, Country, Virginia, S.A.R. 
1919 m IvT Constance Gooding, 2s; r 
1800 W. Grace st. 
Carey, Arthur Graham, Architectural 
Draughtsman, Boston. Cs Tavern. 1920 
m Elizalieth F. Millet, Id; r 16 Gray 
Gardens, Cambridge, Mass. 
Carey, Charles D., Realtor and Business 
Executive, Cheyenne, Wyo. Cs Brazilius 
Society. 1910 m Ellen Ellison Miller, Is 
Id; r 821 E. 17th st. 
Carey, Francis King, Lawyer and Business 
Executive, Baltimore. Cs Baltimore, Bal- 
timore Country, Maryland, Elkridge Fox 
Hunting, Cotillion. 1886 m Anne Gal- 
braith Hall; 3s 2d; r 509 Cathedral st. 
Carey, Harry W., Physician, Troy, N.Y. Cs 
American New York State Medical, Am- 
erican Radium Society. 1909 m Florence 
E. Dresser, Is Id; r 72 Pawling ave. 
Carlton, Newcomb, Millionaire, New York 
Citj. r 27 E. 72nd st. 



Carey, Howard J., Salt I'lodueer, Hutehin- 
-iiii, Kau. <-'.s Rotary, ^lasmiic, Kausas 
Cit .-. Ill Louise Banks, 2s I'd; r Willow- 

Carey, Peter J., Business President, New 
York City. He is president Carey and 
Sons Company, and trustee Emigrants 
Industrial Savings Bank. 3s 2d; r Upper 
ilountain ave., Montclair, N.J. 

Carey, Wiliam F., Business Executive,New 
York City. Cs India House, Bankers, 
New York Athletic, Seawanhaka Yacht, 
Eoosick Falls Country, Peking, Econo- 
niie. Ends of Earth, Nassau Country. 
1904 m Ocean K. Dailey; Is Id; r 145 
W. osth St., and Oyster Bay, N.Y. 

Garhartt, Hamilton, President of Cotton 
Mills, New Y'ork City. Cs Travelers, Au- 
tomobile, Detroit Country, Detroit. 1881 
m Annette Welling, 2s 2d; r 927 5th ave. 

Caihaitt, Hamilton, Jr., Manufacturer, Los 
Angeles. Cs Monteeito Country, Detroit, 
Grosse Pointe Killing and Country. 1909 
m Corine Palnia, 3s Id; r 909 Arden road 
Pasadena, Cal. 

Carls, Albert Garfield, College President, 
Defiance, Ohio. He is prominently iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Rotarv. 1904 m Gertrude Jennings, 2s 

Carkruff, Stftcey G., Business Executive, 
Akron, O. 189(5 m Jessie L. Johnson, 2s; 
r M(Mlina and Twin Oaks road. 

Carl, Walter H., Banker, Jeromeville, Ohio. 
19(ir> m Hnllie Fletcher, Is 2d. 

Carlander, Fingal Fabianson, Physician, 
LaJolla. Cal. Cs Civc League, Country. 
1917 m Jesse O 'Neil, Is. 

Carle, Frank Austin. T?ptired .Tournalist, 
IVTinneapolis. r 2807 Stevens ave. 

E?''^e. Robert W., Business Executive, New 
V{,rk Citv. Cs T'ni-'-ersity. m Adele W. 
Skiddy; r 119 E. 65th st'. 

Carleton, Charles H., Business Executive, 
Cleveland, Ohio. Cs Country, m .lanet 
Monison; r i;'.421 Lake Shore boulevard, 

Caileton, Frank H., Business Executive, 
Minneaiiolis. m Aloisic Webster; r 2502 
Grand a\e. 

Carleton, George M., Realtor, Cleveland. 
Cs Kirtland Country, Hermit. 1916 m 
Kathe.ine C. Coit; r 12015 Lake Shore 

Ca-'eton, Guy, Insurance Broker, New 
^'ork Citv. Cs Indian Harbor Yacht, 
BJltmore Countrv, Fairfield and Wcst- 
cester Hounds. 1900 m Marie Bunse, Is 
Id, divorced in 1914. 1917 m Edith Mills 
Drake, Is Id; r New York and Paris, 50 
Pine st. 

Carleton, William Dudley, Lawyer, New 
York City. Cs New Y'ork Bar. Unmarried 

Carlile, Charles L., Manufacturer, Colum- 
bus, Ohio. Cs Masons, Shrine, m Maud C. 
McLean, Is Id; r 880 E. Broad st. 

Carlin, Anthony, Millionaire, Cleveland, O. 
r 3233 Euclid ave. 

Carlisle, Floyd L., Business President.New 
York City. Cs Univeisity, New York 
Yacht. 1912 m Edna Rogers, 2s 2d; r 
Great Neck, I^ong Island. 

Carlisle, Morten, Business Executive, Cin- 
cinnati. 1907 m Florence Osmond Knowl- 
ton; r 71 E. Holllster ave., Mt. Auburn. 

Carlisle, Tyler Y., Business Executive, 
Cleveland. Cs Mavfield Countrv, Hermit. 
1917 m Hazel R. Kirk; r 2895' Sedgwick 
road. Shaker Heights, Ohio. 

Carlson, Anthon Julius, Educator and Phy- 
siologist, Chicago. 1905 m Esther N. Sho- 
gren, 2s Id; r 5228 Greenwood. 

Carlson, Harry J., Architect, Boston. 1896 
m Carrie Elizabeth Cornforth, 2s 2d; r 
131 Bishopsgate road, Newton Center, 

Carlson, John Fabian, Landscape Painter, 
New York City. Cs National Academy of 
Design, American Water Color. National 
Arts, Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts 
Salmagundi, Water Color of New York 
and Washington. 1913 m Margaret God- 
dard, 3s; r Woodstock Art Colonv,Wood- 
stock, N.Y. 

Carlson, Samuel Augustus, :vrayor, James- 
town, N.Y. Cs ;Nrasons. Odd Fellows, and 
Knights of Pythias. 1893 m Freda So- 
phia Hendrickson, Is. 

Carlston, Gust A.. Timber Operator and 
Investment Ca|)italist, Hoquiam, Wash. 
He is identified with Wvnooche Timber 
Comnany. Cs various. 1904 m Elnora 
Lind, 2s; r Aberdeen, Wash. 

Car'ton, Carle, Producer, New York City. 
Cs Columbia Yacht, Belle, m Julia Grant 
r 1711 Hamp ave. 

Carlton, Frank Tracy, Educator and Au- 
thor, Greencastle, Ind. Cs American Evo- 
lution, American Association for Labor 
Legislature, Michigan Academy of Sci- 
ence. 1898 m Nellie G. Chittenden. 

Carlton, Wellborn Chaudoin, Educator of 
Waycross, Ga. He is president Piedmont 
Institute, a jtinior College at Waycross. 
1904 m Florence Grace; 3s 3d. 

Carmalt, Laurence Johnson.Consulting En- 
gineer, New Haven, Conn. Cs American. 
Society of Civil Engineers. 1906 m He- 
len Frances Clay, Id; r 261 St. Roman st. 

Carman, Richard F., Business Executive, 
Coroiiado, Cal. Cs Union, Los Angeles, 
Pendennis, New York Athletic, m Be.«sie 
NiJt;r Teech, Is. 


Cannan-Ryles, Helen Boyt Weir, Sociolo- Crrenter, Frank P., Millionaire, Manehes- 
gjst, Brown Shipley and Company, Lon- ter, N.H. r 1800 Elm st. 
don,' England. Cs Colonial Rames, Sedge- Carpenter, Genevieve, Sociologist, Cliicago. 
ly. 1898 m Louis Barclay Robinson. Unmarried. 

Carmell, Joseph B., Millionaire, Springfield Carpenter, George A., Jurist, Chicago. Cs 
Oliio. r Signal Hill. Chicago, University, Union League, On 

Carmen, Fred D., Banker, Herrington,Kan. 

1896 m Gay Xeale, Is 2d. 
Carmen, Kevie, Vice-president, Boston. 
191.". m (ioldberg, 2d; r 2:50 Lafayette st. 
Salem, Mass. 
Ca;nahan, George Holmes, Manufacturer, 
New York Citv. Cs Bankers, Explorers, 
Baltusrol Golf."^ 1913 m Lucetta Butt, 2s 
2d; r Short Hills, N.J. 
Carney, Frank, Author, Granville, Ohio. 

1890 m Mary Ellen Keegan. 
Carney, Mrs. Mary Ellen, Sociologist, of 
Granville, Ohio. Cs S.A.R., Travelers. 
1890 m Frank Carney, 2s 3d. 
Carnrickk, George Wheeler, Business Pres- 
■ ident. New York City. He is past presi- 
dent G. W. Carnrick Company. Cs S.A. 
E., Masons, Knights Templar, m Katha- 
rine Schultze, 2s 2d; r 92 Elm st., Mont- 
clair, N. J. 
Carpenter, Alice E., Sociologist, Chicago. 

r 1130 Lake Shore drive. 
Carpenter, August A., Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago, m Alice Keith; r 
1130 Lake Shore drive. 
Carpenter, Benjamin, Millionaire, Chicago. 
Cs Chicago, University, Saddle and Cy- 
cle, Cliff Dwellers, Chi(*ago Yacht, On- 
• , wentsia. 1893 m Helen Graham Fair- 
bank, 2s 2d; r l.'i45 Astor st. 
Carpenter, Charles Whitney, Manufacturer 
New Y'ork City. Cs Mctropoliitan, Union 
League, Grolier. 1879 m Caroline Bownc 
Smith; r 22 E. 82nd st. 
Carpente:-, Clarence, Corporation Official 
and Business Executive, Colorado Springs 
Col. T^e is second vice-president Amer- 
■ ican radiator Company. Cs University 
of N.Y., Country of Detroit, American 
of London, Detroit, Yondotega of De- 
troit, Cheyenne Mountain, Denver, Santa 
Barbara of Cal., Montecito, Country, El 
Paso. 1884 ni .Josephine Tjowis, Is. 
Carpenter, Clarkson, Realtor, St. Louis. Cs 
Racquet. 1910 m Hazel A. Carr, Is; r 
.Tellco Hall. Ferguson, Mo. 
Carpenter, Elbert Lawrence, Lumber Man- 
ufacturer, Minneapolis. Cs Minneapolis, 
Interlachen, Woodhill Country, Univer- 
sitv, Lafayette,Minekahda. 1890 m Flor- 
ence Welles, 2s; r 314 Clifton ave. 
Carpenter, Frank Faron. Business Execu- 
tive and Sociologist. Pasadena, Cal. Cs 
Midwi"k Country, Overland, Pasadena 
Athletic. 1912 m Grace Eleanor White, 
Is; r 424 Arraya terrace. 

wentsia. Saddle and Cycle, Chicago Ath- 
letic, Chicago Golf. 1894 ni Harriet Isli- 
ani, Is Id; r 94.5 N. Dearborn st. 
Carpenter, George Boone, Sociologist, Del- 

montf, Cal. 1908 m Rhea Morrill. 
Carpenter, Gilbert Congdon, Christian Sci- 
ence I'racticioner, Providence, R.I. Cs 
Wanamoisett Country, Metacomet Coun- 
try, liaLondonet Golif. 1893 m Minnie IVl. 
Chamberlain, 2s 3d; r 32 Benevolent st. 
Carpenter, Mrs. Gwendolyn Blodgett, So- 
ciologist, Burlington, Yt. 1914 m Fred 
Donald Carpenter, 3s; r 28 Kingsland 
Carpenter, Herbert Sanford, Retired Busi- 
ness Executive, New Y'ork City. Cs Uni- 
oji I.,eague, Ardsley. m Cora Anderson, 
Id; r Fairlight, Ardsley-on-Hudson, N.Y'. 
Carpenter, Hubbard, Business Executive, 
CliicMgr). ( 's Chicago, m Rosalie Struges; 
r (i77 X. Michigan ave. 
Carpenter, J. E., Lawyer, Maxton, N.C. Cs 
Morinax, Masons. 1919 m Ann C. Lamb, 
Is Id. 
Carpenter, J. Edwin, Millionaire,New York 

City, r 920 nth ave. 
Carpenter, James Dunton, I^awver and Ca- 
pitalist, Jersey City, N.J. Cs Cartaret, 
Universitv. Ponnsvlvania, Association of 
the Bar of the City of New York. 1912 
m Einily Macklin Atkinson, Is Id; r 33 
W. I'assaic ave., Rutherford, N.C. 
Carpenter, James M., Realtor, St. Louis. 
Cs Bellevuc Country. lS9fi m Mary Noel, 
3s: r 4450 Wcstininstci- place. 
Cavrenter, Mr^. John AMen. Sociologist, 
Chicago. Cs Arts, r 608 S. Mi-^higan ave. 
Carnenter. John H., Merchant, Springfield, 
"^'af-'s. Cs Longiiiead Country, Oak Eluff 
Csmenter, John S.. Reti-ed Navy Officer, 
Wa'-hingtoii. Cs New Y'ork Yacht. Army 
and Xav^^ St. Botoiph. Navv of Wash- 
intrton. 18S9 m Chav'ofte Freeman Clark. 
Id: r 417 4th st., N.W. 
Carpenter, Kei*h. Business Evecutive, Chi- 
cago, m Anita D'mn; r 11 Scott st. 
Carnenter, Kenneth, Business Executive, 

Carnenter, T.awrence 
utive, IMiiineaTiolis. 
Jean Y. Cooper, Is; 
Carpenter, Louis Georere, Consulting Hv- 
draulic Entrineer, Denver. Col. Cs Amer- 
ican, Association for Advancement of 

W., B^siiipssi Exec- 
Cs Minneanolis. m 
r 2432 S. Humboldt 



Science, American Society of Mechani- 
cal Engineers, Michigan Engineering 
Colorado Society. 1887 m M.J.C. Merrill 
now deceased. 1912 m Katherine War- 
ren, Is Id; r 1455 Gilpin st. 

Carpenter, Mrs. Mary Dorrance Dunning, 
Soeiologist, Castigloncella, Province of 
Pisa, Italy. Cs S.M.S. 18G6 m JtAni Quin- 
cv Carpenter, Is 3d. 

Carpenter, Nellie, Sociologist, Chicago, r 
Drake Hotel. 

Carpenter, Richard, Business President, 
Lafayette, Ind. Cs S.A.E. 1886 m Lena 
Kauli, Id. 

Carpenter, Robert F., Manufacturer and 
Business President, Cleveland. Cs Cleve- 
land Chamber of Commerce, University, 
Canterbury Golf. 1911 m Ellen Bixby, 
Is; r 2373 Bennington drive. 

Carpenter, Samuel Emlen, Farmer, Hillaire 
Kidgefield, Conn. Cs Alpha Delta Phi, 
Automobile, Country. 1897 m Nellie 
Grouse, 2s 3d. 

Carpenter, Throne Martin, Chemist, Bos- 
ton. Cs American Society of Biological 
Chemists, American Physiological Socie- 
ty, Academy of Arts and Science. 1920 
m Katharine E. Murphy; r 159 Corey st, 
West Hdxbuiy, Mass. 

Carpenter, W. T. Coleman, Banker, New 
York City. Cs City, Essex Country. 1898 
m Grace Russell, 3d; r 129 Greenwich 
ave.. East Orange, X.J. 

Cartenter, William, Business Executive, 
New Brunswick, N.J. 1920 m Helen Rod- 
ney Janewav, Id; r 7 Seaman st. 
Phi Fratornitv. 1920 m HeJBvixoe-.. 

Carpenter, William 2d, Sales Manager and 
Executive, New York (^'ity. Cs Delta Phi 
Fraternity. 1920 m Helen R. Janeway; 
r 7 Seaman st., New Brunswick, N.J. 

Carr enter, William B.. Bank President, 
Kansas Citv, :Mo. 1893 m Dora Fisher, 
2d; r 818 Walnut st. 

Carpenter, William E., Banker, Biazil.Ind. 
Cs Rite. ls8t m Mary B. Price, 4s. 

Carpenter. William P'^enry, Educator, of 
Stockbridge, Mass. Cs Century. 1884 m 
Anna Morgan Douglass, 3s. 

Carr, Alfred C, Business Executive and 
Sociologist, St. Louis. He is identified 
with Carr Brothers, insurance. Cs Town, 
St. Louis. 1901 m Maud Bremond, Is; r 
5719 Cabanne ave. 

Cavr, C. McD., Business President, Dur- 
ham, N.C. 1911 m Margaret Boylan, 4s; 

Carr, Clyde Mitchell, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago, m Lillian Van Als- 
tyne; r 1130 Lake Shore drive. 

Carr, George Russell, Business Executive, 
Chicago. He is vice-president and gen- 

eral manager Dearborn Chemical Compa- 
ny. Cs University, Chicago Athletic, On- 
wentsia, Racquet, Shoreacres. 1913 19. 
Katharine Mortenson, 2d; r Lake Forest. 

Carr, Houghton, Business Executive, East 
Pittsbburgh. Cs University, Oakmont 
Country. 1922 m Annie Craig; r 417 Dal- 
las ave., Pittsburgh. 

Carr, Lewis Francis, Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Hazelhurst,Ga. He is gen- 
eral manager of Southern Development 
Company. Cs Yale. 1920 m Eleanor M? 
Ilwaine, Id. 

Carr, Peyton T., Business Executive, St 
liOuis. Cs St. Louis, m Josephine Kehlor; 
r 62 Vandeventer place. 

Carr, Peyton T., Jr., Salesman, St. Louis. 
Cs St. Louis Country. 1919 m Lucile Ca- 
pen, Is Id; r St. Louis Country Club 

Carr, Robert F., Millionaire, Chicago. Cs 
University, m Louise Smiley; r 229 Lake 
Shore drive. 

Carr, William Charles, Manufacturer and 
Capitalist, Buffalo. He is prominentlly 
identified wth business and public af- 
fairs. Cs Automobile, Chamber of Com- 
merce, Country, Park, Rotarv. Buffalo 
Society of Natural Science. 1919 m He- 
len Smith, Is; r 287 Depew ave. 

Carrick, Monton N., Sanitarian, Dallas, 
Texas. Cs Dallas County Medical, Texas 
State Medical, Southern Medical, Ameri- 
can Medical, American Public Health, 
Texas Parent-Teachers, American Le- 

Carriean, Gordon Seymour, Stock Broker, 
Philadcdphia. Cs ]\[ason. Historical, So- 
ciety of Pennsylvania, Whitcmarsh Val- 
ley Countrv, Germantown Cricket. Phil- 
adelphia Cricket, Automobile Club of 
Germantown, Philadelphia Boat. 1901 m 
Adeline Gushing Adams, 3s; r German- 
town, Pa. 

Carrigan, William L., Artist, Falls Village, 
Conn. Cs Century. Unmarried. , 

Carrington, Alexander Berkeley, Leaf To- 
bacco Dealer. Danvile, Va. 1891 m Mary 
Taylor, 3s Id. 

Carrington, Edward, Business Executive, 
Providence. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs 
Hope, m Marv F. Savles; r 66 Williams 


Carrington, Edward Codrin^ton, Lawyer 
and Statesman, New Yo'k Citv. He is 
prominently identified with business and 
ri"blie affairs. Cs Marvland State Bar, 

Carrington, Fitz Roy, Dealer in Engrav- 
injTs and Etchings, New York Citv. 1897 
m Charlotte Austen Singleton. 



Carrington, Henry Paul, Leaf Tobacco Dea- 
ler, Kiihiiiond, Va. 1913 m Hazel Dim- 
inick, Is 1(1; r 1513 West ave. 
Cairington, Henry S., Business Executive 
New York City.1922 m Evelyn W. Wal- 
ler; r 140 W. 57th st., Westbury, L.I. 
Carnngton, William Thomas, College Pres- 
ident, Jefferson City, Mo. Cs Masons. 
1S79 ni Mary Holloway, 2s. 
Carrol, Adams" Pope, Merchant, Norwich, 
Conn. 1915 m Alice Miria Fittz; r 321 
Bi'oixhvay, Norwich, Conn. 
Carroll, Beryl P., Governor, Des Moines. 

lowji. issfi m Jennie Dodson, 2s. 
Carroll, Charles H., Business President, To" 
ledo. Cs Iverncss Country, Country, Rot- 
ary, Mason. 1893 ni Grace L. Jennella,ld. 
Carroll, Daniel J., Realtor and Statesman, 
B ooklvn. 1901 m Catherine O'Brien, la 
Id: r I'.'Sr, X. 3rd st. 
Carroll, Dennis M., Funeral Director and 
Canitalist Chicago. He is owner of Car- 
roll 's Undertaking Establishment. Cs 
Chicago Athletic. Briergate Golf, Chica- 
go Yacht, Lake Shore Athletic, m Ella 
R. Hurley, 3s 2d; r fiO'27 Kenmorc 
Carroll, Douglas Gordon, Stock Broker and 
Banker, Baltimore. He is identified witli 
Douglas G. Carroll and Company, bank- 
ers a'-d b'-nke -s. Cs Baltimore, Maryland 
Green Spring Valley Hunt, Elkridgc 
Hunt. Elkridire Hounds, Baltimore Coun- 
try, Gibson Island, Automobile, Bache- 
lors Cotil'ion. C^urchmans. 1910 m Ame- 
lie Louise Hack, Is Id; r Oakdenc, 
B'O'.klandviMe. IMd. 
Carroll, Ellizabeth Maxwell, Educator, Ry- 

dal. V». 
Cproll, Fr"d Linns, Lawyer, Johnstown, N. 
Y. Cs Vew York State and American 
Bar. rvdonial. Eccentric, Albany, Ma- 
sons. 1S94 m Eleanor P. Miller, 2s. 
Carro" ■""Tgnry, B-oker, Baltimore. Cs Gib- 
son ThImihI, Bachelors Cotillion. 1905 m 
Anre Buchanan Merrynian, 3d; r 221 E. 
Bid'l'e St., Dudington, Phoenix. 
Carroll, Henry J., Business Executive, Bal- 
timore. Cs Maryland, Maryland Polo, 
Pimlico JJockey, Gibson Island, L- Hun- 
dilla, Country. 1899 m Susan P. Preston, 
Id; r Keewaydin, Ruxton. 
Carrow, Herbert Porter, Manufacturer, of 
Detroit. Cs Detroit Athletic, Indian Vil- 
lage, Plavers, ITniversity of Michigan, 
Hnion, Zela Psi of N.Y.C. 1905 m Wil- 
belmina Rupley, Is Id; r 1039 Leybura 
Carroll, John Haydock, T^awyer, Washing- 
ton. Cs Minnesota, Chicago, St. Louis, 
Metropolitan, Army and Navy, Chevy 
Chase. 1880 m Priscilla Woodrow, I3 Id; 
r 2029 Connecticut ave. 

CarxoJl, Otis Swan, Lawyer, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs ilaniiiio!! Heights Casino, Cham- 
ber of Comme.ce, Brooklyu Bar, Brook- 
Ij'n Lawyers. 1010 m Mary S. Dutcher, 
Id; r 157 Willow st., Brooklyn. 
CPTioll, William Stewart, Railroad Presi- 
dent, Erie, Pa. Cs University. 
Carry, Champ, Business Executive, Chica- 
go. Cs Cliicago, University, Saddle and 
Cycle, Onwentsia. 1922 m Marion Os- 
borne; r 5(1 W. Scdiiller st. 
Carry, Tdward P., Millionaire, Chicago. Cs 
Chicago, ri :Mab«-l I), llnderwood; r 199 
Lake Shore drive. 
Carse, Henry R^.nney, Business President, 
New York City. Cs Union League, Me- 
tropolitan, American Yacht, Apawamis. 
191^ m I'-ene Houghtaling, Is; r Beech- 
TOont Park. Ne-v Ro-helle, N.Y. 
Carsop, A. G., "^r.. Business Executive, 
t?avannah,(ia. Cs Savannah Golf, m Ruth 
C. Waid: r 1818 Abercorn st. 
CaTFOn, Archibald Irwin, Surgeon, Cincin- 
nati. Cs ,\cadeniy of Aledicine of Cin- 
cinnati, (^\\ui State Medical. American 
Medi-al. 1891 in Elizabeth Resor, 2s; r 
4fi McAlillan -t. 
Carson. Archibald I.. Tr., Business Execu- 
tive. C'ucinn^ti. 1922 m Virginia C.Kem- 
per, Is; r 2307 Ashland ave., Walnut 
Hills, Ohio. 
Carbon, Carvilla ""., Business p>:(>cutive, 
."•^acksoTni^'c. ^"'''. Cs Savannah Gtdf. 
1921 m .lu1i" Walker; r 1031 May st. 
Carson, Char'es Ave-ette, Jr.. Business Ex- 
v^cutive, PhocTMX. Ari/.. 1914 m Carrie 
Douglas Burger, 2s 2d. 
Carson. E. B., ]\T;,nufacturer, Chicago. Cg 
Pouth Slio-e Cou'itrr, Olvmpia Fields 
Conntrv, Chi'-aeo Yacht. Mason. 1910 m 
Frances L. Pa well, 2s Id; r 5190 South 
?5hore drive. 
Carbon, Har-y Rober*-?. Bishop, Port au 
Prince, Haiti. He is Bisho" of Haiti. C3 
S.A.R., Masons. lOf'O m 7oe Theotiste 
Gari'T, Is. 
Carson, T'^oward Adams, Civil En^rineer, 
Maiden, ]Mass. (*s American Societv of 
CiA'il Ejigineers. r<]^() of Boston and I on- 
don, England. 1870 m Nancy Wilmarth, 
noTV deci^ased. 
Carson, Jaires Mi'ton, Lnwver, ]\Iiami.Fla. 
Cs f^eminole, Yacht. 1912 m Sarah Ran- 
dolph Pines. Id. 
CsT^'on, John A. G.. Business Executive, 
Savannah. G-'. Cs Kavannah Golf, m Car- 
rie G. C-'bberl(Te; r 117 Bolton st. 
Carson, John F'eming, Clergyman and Au- 

tho", P>rnoklvn. 
Carson, Joseph, Lawyer, Philadelphia. Cs 
University, ^'^erion Cricket. 1908 m K- 
dith Guest Bruen, Is Id: r Bryn Mawr, 



Carscn, Robert, Jr., Realtor, Pittsburgh. 
Cs Yale. 1889 m Martha Ewing, Is. 

Carson, William Arthur, Manufaeturer,Ev- 
ansville, Iiul. Cs Evansville Country, Ro- 
tary. 1906 m Vesta Ruth Hahn, Is Id; r 
816 Riverside a%'e. 

Carstens, Carl C, Director and Sociologist, 
New York City. 1893 m Blanche Mc 
Means, Is 2d; r Forest Hills, X.Y. 

Carter, Mrs. Al'ce Bowdoin Rush, Sociol- 
ogist, Baltimore. 1906 ni .Julian Stuart 
Carter, Is 3d; r i^den Hall. 

Carter, Bernard Shirley, Business Execu- 
tive, Morgan and Hayes and Company, 
Paris, France. Cs Racquet and Tennis, 
Brook, Harvard. 1915 n\ Louise Hope 
Thatcher, Is Id. 

Carter, Mrs. Claia E. Robinson, Sociologist 
f]rie. Pa. She is active in social and phil- 
anthropic work. Her daughter, Mrs. S. 
Shannon, lives in Erie, Pa., and her son 
Carl R. Carter, died in 1902. 1873 m Ed- 
ward D. Carter, now deceased, Is Id; r 
351 W. 6th St. 

Carter, Clarence Wilson, ■Mechanical Engi- 
nee'-. Minneaptdis. He is president Car- 
ter-Mayhew Manufacturing Conn>anv. Cs 
Minneapolis Athletic. Minnetonka Oolf, 
Antonioliile. 1900 ni .Tosie A. Martin, 5s 
2d; r R-bbinsdale. Minn. 

Carter, Edward Clarence, Engineer, Pasa- 
dena. C?^l. 1884 ni Sarah Maria Fitch; r 
905 X. Hill ave. 

Carter, Edwin A., Capitalist. Snrint^field, 
Mass. He is vice-president Hodges Fiber 
Carpet Company. Cs Knights Templar, 
Masons, Colony. Nayasset Country, Al- 
gonquin, Springfield, Thiion Leaerue. 1S95 
m Xina X. Goodwin, Is; r 238 Maple st. 

Carter, Edwin M., Millionaire, Xew York 
City, r 38i) Riverside drive. 

Carter, Ernest Trow, Musical Director and 
Composer, Xew York Citv. Cs Bohemian, 
Bethoven, University, Princeton, Cen- 
tury, Citv, Plavers, Musicians. 1891 m 
Laura Hoe, Is 2d; r 115 E. 69th .=;t. 

Carter, Fernando A.. Museum Director, 
Syracuse, X.Y. Cs Century, m Elizabeth 
Robinson, now deceased; r Century Club 
480 James st. 

Carter, Frank Brainard, Bank President, 
Kennebec, S.D. Cs Masons. 1909 m Mar- 
garet Houehin, Is 2d; r Mitchell, S.D. 

Carter, Fred Afton. Manufacturer, Sweet- 
water, Tenn. Cs Masonic, Thirtv-two de- 
cree K"i?hts of Pythias. Odd Fe]low, 
Old Colony, Kiwanis. 1905 m Belle Jones 
2d. ' . 

Carter, Fred M.. Business President. Chi- 
caeo. Cs Chicago Athletic, South Shore 
Country. Spring Lake Country. 1893 ra 
MabelC'lair Robinson; r 1545 E. 16th st. 

Carter, George Calvert, Clergyman, Bryu 
Mawr, Pa. Cs University, City. 1898 "m 
Mary Wray Benson, 2d; r The Rectory- 
Fishers road. 

Carter, George Robert, Reired Governor, 
Honolulu, Hawaii. Cs University, Y'ale. 
1892 m Helen Strong, Is 2d; r 472 Judd 


Carter, Gilbert Thomas, Statesman, Barba- 
dos, B.^V.I. Cs Royal Zoological, Royal 
Geographical, Etymological. 1903 m Ger- 
trude Parker, 2s 2d; r Llaro court. 

Carter, Henry Hall, Civil Engineer,Boston. 
He is president Metropolitan Construc- 
tion Company. Cs Art, Calumet of X.Y. 
Santee, Shooting, Civil Engineers, Am- 
erican Society Cvil Engineers, m Ade- 
laide A. Phillips; r 195 St. Paul st., 
Brookline, Mass. 

Carter, Horace A., Business Executive, 
Boston. Cs Chamber of Commerce, Home 
Market. 1891 m Bertha Louise Manson, 
3s; r Xeedhani Heights. 

Carter, Howard Perkins, Physician, Balti- 
more. Cs American Association of Physi- 

• cians, American Society of Clinical In- 
vestigation, American Association for 
Advancement of Science. 1900 m Sarah 
R. Sherman, Is; r 204 Stratford road. 

Carter, James, Author, Lincoln University, 
Pa. Cs Palestine Exploration Fund, City. 
1S85 m Emma A. Smuller. 

Car'-er, James M., Banker, Buffalo. Cs Buf- 
falo. Athletic, Wanahuh Country, Rot- 
ary, m Sarah B. Finman, 3s; r 67 Wind- 
sor ave., and in summer in Wanaha. 

Carter, J^mes N.. Retired Business Exec- 
utive. Chadde Ford,Pa. Cs Racquet. 1891 
m Mary Mein, 2s; r 1327 Spruce st., 

Carter, James N.. Jr., Banker, Philadel- 
phia. Cs Racquet. 1924 m Anna C. Mont- 
gomery, Is; r Westover, Cliadds Ford, Pa. 

Carter, Jim, Banker, Shell Rock, Iowa. Ca 
Knights of Pythias. 1893 m Grace E. 
Proltert, Is. m Kathryn Xorton, Id. 

Carter, John Rufus, Lawyer and Author, 
Sioux City, Iowa. Cs Iowa State Bar, 
American Bar. Masons. 1889 m Luella 
Wal.b.rf, 2d. 

Carter, John Scott, Realtor. St. Louis. Ca 
Racquet. 1896 m .Tose))hine H. Lane, la 
Id; r 4319 Lindell blvd. 

Carter, L. Ray, Grain Merchant, St. Louis. 
Cs St. Louis Country, Racquet, Log Ca- 
bin, Boqrey. 1902 m May Dellon, 2d; r 8 
Portland place. 

Carter, M. H., Manufacturer, Baltimore. 
He is prominently identified with busi- 
ness and public affairs. Cs Common- 
wealth, HillendaJe Golf. 1881 m Emma 
Shei>herd Gold, 2s; r 2900 X. Calvert st. 



Carter, Mrs. Maura M. McMuiray, Soeiol- 
(gist and Financier, New York City. Cs 
various. 1902 m L. A\erell Carter, now 
deceased, Is Id; r 65 E. 96tli st. 

Carter, Nellie P., Capitalist and Sociolo- 
gist, Boston. She is active in philanthro- 
]iic work, r The Touraine. 
Cartier, Pierre C, Chairman, Xew York 
City. He is chairman of the firm of Car- 
ter, Incorporated. Cs New York Yacht, 
Garden City Golf, Sleepy Hollow Coun- 
try and Elding. 1908 m Elma Eemsey, 
1(1; r 1.5 E. 96th st. 

Carter, Thomas, Business President, Xew 
York City. Cs Wool, Englewood Golf, 
EnglcAvood Men's, m Adeline Mary Sef- 
ton, 2s Id; deceased, r Dwight place, 
Englewood, N.J. 

Carter, William, Clergyman and Author, 
Brooklyn. Cs Authors Club of London, 
Union League, Clergy, Chi Alpha. 189.3 
m Alice Kellogg, 2s 2d; r 362 Jefferson 

Carter, William T., Jr., Millionaire, Hous- 
ton, Texas, r 18 Courtlandt place. 

Cartier, Joseph A., Director, Providence. 
1919 m Isabel W. Wrye, Is; r 34 High- 
land St., Mesbanticut Park, E.I. 

Cartier, Pierce CChairman, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs New York Yacht, Garden City 
Golf, Sleepy Hollow Country and Rid- 
ing. 1908 m Elma Eemsey, id; r 15 "E. 
96th St. 

Carton, Alfred T., Lawver, Chicago. Cs 
Chicago, Midday, University, Onwentsia 
Union League. 1910 m Mildred Wells, 2s 
Id; r Lake Forest, 111. 

Carton, Benoist, Business Executive, St. 
Louis. Cs Country, Eacquet. 1901 m Fay 
Hurt, Is 3d; r 4484 Westminster idace. 

Carton. Mrs. Laurence A., Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago. Cs Chicago, Flossmoor 
Country, Lake Geneva. 1882 m Edith 
Thomas. 2s: r 4923 Greenwood ave. 

Car»^on, Laurence R., Business Executive, 
Towson, Mo. Cs Baltimore, Green Spring 
Vallev Huntine-. Elkridge Hunting. Col 
tillion. 1916 m Eliza C. Whyte, Is Id; r 
Coppintoy House. 

Cart-wright. Charges E.. Business Executive 

i Toledo. Ohio. Cs Toledo. Country. 1913 

■ TO Mary Dunwoody, Is Id; r 2263 Park- 
wood ave. 
Cartwright, Henrv Roeers. Manufacturer, 
Philadelphia. He s iidentified with bus- 
ii^ess and public affairs. Cs Philadelphia 
Cricket. 187S m .Tulia W. Smith, Is 2d; r 
7709 St. Martins lane. Chestnut Hill. 
Cams. F-'^ward, Business President. La 
Salle. 111. Cs American Chemical. Elec- 

i trochemical. 1921 m Dorothy Blanke, Is 
5d; r 824 Sterling st. 

Carver, Clifford Nickels, Shipping Busi- 
ness, Locust Valley, N.Y. Cs Princeton, 
Eoval Yacht, Eanelagh, Bankers, New 
York. 1919 m Helene Philae Olive Vir- 
ginia Maxwell, 3s; r 39 Water st. 
Carver, W. W., Merchant, Cincinnati. Cs 
Country, Golf. 1916 m Emma Smith; r 
2959 Wold ave. 
Cary, Charles, Physician, Buffalo. Cs Buf- 
falo, Saturn, Park Country. 1879 m Eve- 
h-n Eunisey; r 340 Delaware ave. 
Cary, George, Architect, Buffalo. Cs Amer- 
ican Institute of Architects, Chamber of 
Commerce, Beaux Arts, Buffalo Historic 
Society, Buffalo Society of Artists, Fine 
Arts Academy. 1908 m AUithea Birge; r 
400 Franklin st., and in Boston, N.Y. 
Cary, Guy P., Multi-Millionaire, New York 

City, r 61 M.E. 91st st. 
Cary, Hundson, Law^ver, Eichmond, Va. Cs 
Universitv, Hermitage, Country. 1908 m 
Mary Miller, 4s 3d; r 1107 Grove ave. 
Cary, John Bairy, Insurance Broker and 
Capitalist, Richmond, Va. Cs Common- 
wealth, Richmond, erman. Country, So- 
ciety of the Cincinnati. 1917 m Katha- 
rine R. Goidou; r Westhampton, Va. 
Cary, Mrs. Mary Miller, Sociologist, Rich- 
mond, Va. 1908 m Hundsdon Cary, 4s 3d, 
r 1107 Grove ave. 
Cary, Seward, Business Executive, New 
York Citv. Cs Meadow Brook, Racquet. 
1SS7 m Emily Scatcherd, 2d. 
Cary, William Joseph, Telegrapher, States- 
man, ^Milwaukee. 1889 m Alma L. Clark, 
Is; r 425 32nd st. 
Case, Carl Delos, Clergyman, Oak Park,Il]. 
Cs S.A.R., Society of Mayflower Des- 
cendants, Rotary, Hamilton, Masons. 
1896 m Helen Jenkins, 2d. 
Ca'-e, Charles C, Contractor, Atlanta, Ga. 
Cs Capital City, Piedmont Driving, Cor- 
nell University. 1911 m Karney Gronert, 
Id; r Habersham road. 
Case, Charles M., Millionaire, Minneapolis. 
Cs Minneapolis, m Helen .Janney; r 2818 
Pillsbury ave. 
Case, Clinton P., Millionaire, Xew York 

City, r 555 Park ave. 
Case," Edward W., Manufacturer, Buffalo. 
Cs Buffalo, Saturn, Buffalo Country, 
Buffalo Athletic, Buffalo Yacht, Lake 
Shore Hunt. 1911 m Geraldine A. Thomp- 
son, Is 2d; r 92 Cleveland ave. 
Case, Francis M., Realtor, Chicago, m 
Spooner, Id; r 160 Sheridan road, Hub- 
bard Woods, 111. 
Case, George S., Business Executive, Cleve- 
land. Cs Westwood. Union, Mayfield,Uni- 
versitv, Hermit. 1905 m j^iuiev E. Hall, 
Is Id; r 17864 Lake road, Lakewood, 



Case, Theodore Willard, Business President 
and Scientist, Auburn, N.Y. Cs Yale, Me- 
tropolitan, Owasco Country, American 
Association for Advancement of Science 
Physical Society, Eoyal Society of Arts 
of London. 1918 m Alice Gertrude El- 
dred, Is 2d: r 203 W. Genesee st. 

Case, vVilliam R., Lawyer and Statesman, 
■ Honolulu, Ha wan. Cs S.A.R. 1875 m Ida 
Beatrice I^uw ry, 2s Id. 

Case, William Warren, Lawyer, Chicago. 
Cs University, City, Harvard. 1892 m 
jSlarian Ward Ingersoll, Is 3d; r 39 E. 
Schiller st. 

Casey, Andre J., Millionaire, Scranton, Pa. 
r 612 Clay ave. 

Casey, Frank A., Business Executive, Suf- 
fern, X.Y. 1919 m Anna V. Holley, 2s; r 

Casey, Jhn F., Business President, Pitts- 
burgh. Cs Duquesne, Country of Alleg- 
heny County, Longue Vue, Pittsburgh 
Fieid, Pittsburgh Athletic, L^nion of 
Cleveland. 1897 m Mary Ethel Lea, 2s 
2d; r 4789 Wallingford "st. 

Casey, John Schuyler, Manufacturi>r and 
Capitalist, New York Citv. Cs Deal Golf 
Club, Winged Foot Golf, New York Ath- 
letic, Eailroad. Wool. Is 3d; r 225 W. 
86th St. 

Casolasco, Pierre, Business President, New 
York City. He is president Pierre Oper- 
ating Corporation, and of Pierre Res- 
taurant. Cs Rye Country, National Town, 
Country, m Adeline Harbord; r 290 Park 

Cass, Louis Stephen, Railroad President, 
Waterloo, La. 1885 m Lilla ^^mmons, Id. 

Cassady, Harry 'Jairies,' Hardware Manu- 
facturer, Chicago. Cs South Shore Coun- 
try. 1894 m Margarette I. Fitzpatrick, 
3d; r 4833 Kinibark ave. 

Cassel, John H., Cartoonist, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Society of Illustrators, Salmagun- 
di, m Miss Anderson. 

Casselherry. Hibbard, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs University, m Mary E.Leon- 
ard; r 1342 N. Dearborn ave. 

Casselberry, WilUam E., Business Execu- 
tive and Sociologist, Chicago. He is 
prominent in business and social affairs. 
Cs Onwentsia. 1920 m Caryl Dunham, 
Id; r The Berry Paatch. Lake Forest.IU. 

Cassidy. Ira Dvniond Gerald. Lithoq-anher 
and Artist, Santa Fe. N.M. Cs National 
Arts, Salmagundi of New York, Califor- 
nia Water Color Society of Los Angeles, 
m Sarah Crous Snowden. 1912 m Perlina 
Sizer Davis. 
Cassidy, Thomas J., Broker. Minneanoli.s. 
He is iirominentlv identified with l)"si- 
ness and public affairs. Cs Athletic, Au- 

tomobile. 1925 m Eva Travis, Is 3d; r 
2424 Bryant st. 

Castle, Lawry, i^awyer, Honolulu, 
Hav^aii. 1908 m Ethelinda Sehaefer, 2a 
Id; r 2550 Nuuauu ave. 

Castle, Charles S.,Bank President and Mil- 
lionaire, Chicago. Cs Union League, Mid- 
Day, Chicago Bankers, Oak Park Coun- 
try, r 647 Linden, Oak Park, 111. 

Castle, Mrs. Guy W. S., Sociologist, Wash- 
ington. 1912 m Guv Wilkinson Stuart 
Castle. 2s: r 2219 Ciilifornia st. 

Castle, Ward Church, Banker, Chicago. Cs 
University, Hinsdale Golf. 1913 m Alice 
R. Kilburn, 2s Id; r Hinsdale, 111. 

Castle, William Richards, Lawyer, Hono- 
lulu, Hawaii. 1875 m Ida B. Lowrev, 23 

Catchings, WaddilI,Business Executive and 
Millionairi^, New York City. He is prom- 
inently identified with business and pub- 
lic affairs, r Lake Placid, N.Y. 

Cater, Aymar, Realtor, New York City. 
1922 m Sarah L. Payne, Is; r Suffern, 
1922 m Sarah L. Payne, Is; r The Ken- 
nels, Suffern, N.Y. 

Cates, George L., Millionaire, Richmond, 
Ind. r :;15 N. 11th st. 

Cathcart, Alex, Realtor, St. Paul. Cs Uni- 
versity. 1890 m Mabel W. Adams, 2s; r 
631 Goodrich ave., and 2146 Lincola 
Park, W. Chicago, III. 

Cathcart, Alex, Realtor, St. Paul. Cs Uni- 
versity, Sommerset, Minnesota. White 
Bear Yacht. 1916 m Ruth Thompson, la 
Id; r 773 Goodrich ave. 

Cathcart, Charles Sanderson, Chemist, New- 
Brunswick, N.J. Cs American Chemical 
Association of Official Agricultural Che- 
mists, Association of Feed Control Offi- 
cials. 1S90 m Clara Robinson, Id. 

Cathcart. Robert H., Phvsician and Sur- 
geon. Charleston, S.C. Cs Waupoo Coun- 
try, Countrv. 1899 m Katherine Morrow, 
2s 2d: r 2 Water st. 

Cator, Franklin P., Merchant, Baltimore. 
Cs Maryland, Baltimore Countrv. 1882 
m Annie B. Hurst Cator; r 12 Chib road. 

Cator, William Whitfield, Merchant, Balti- 
more. Cs University. Merchants, Mary- 
1.1 nd, Baltimore Countrv. 1998 m M.nbel 
V. Bent. 3s id; r 511 Roland ave. Rol- 
and Park. Md. ' 

Cattell. James MsKeen. Psycholocris^t. New- 
York City. Cs American Psvchological, 
National Academy of Science. American 
Societv of Naturalists, American Asso- 
ciation for the Advancement of .Science. 
18S8 ni Josephine Owen, 4s 2d; r Garri- 

Catts. Robert M.. Millionaire. New York 
Citv. r 247 Park ave. 



Cattus, John Van Antverp, Fur Merchant, 
New York City. 1S9U ni Louise Baber, 
2s Id; r 508 Wfst End ave. 

Caulk, Frank E., Coal Mercliant, Detroit. 
Cs Detroit, Country, Eacquet. 1915 m 
Janet Jones, 2s; r 723 Seyburn ave. 

Caulkins, Edward Burns, Business Execu- 
tive, Detroit. He is identitied with Mich- 
igan Steel Casting Company. Cs Eniver- 
sit}', Yondotega, Grosse Pointe, Country. 
1912 m Bertha Ames Bliss Burnstead, os 
r Hendrie lane, Grosse Pointe Farms. 

Caulkins, Horace J., Jr., Manufacturer, De- 
troit. Cs L'niversity, Detroit Country, 
Plavers. 1917 m Evangeline Sehreiter, 
Is id; r 482 Rivard blvd. 

Causer, John H., Hotel Proprietor, Elmira, 
N.Y. Cs Citv, Countrv, Cold Brook, Lake 
Kejika, Elks, Tyoga Golf. 1S96 m Cathe- 
rine French, Is. 

Cavalier, William St. Cyr, Investment 
Banker, Oakland, Cal. Cs Claremont 
Country. 1913 m Camille Adams, Is 2d; 
r 758 Kingston ave. 

Cavallo, Michael E., Surgeon, Xcw York 
City, r 39 E. 57th st. 

Cawcroft, Ernest, Lawyer, Jamestown, N. 
Y. Cs f'liamber of Commerce, Masons. 

Cawley, JoJhn W., Business Executive, 
Boston. 1891 m Kate B. Chase, Id; r 
Brookline. Mass. 

Cay, John Eugene, Insurance Broker, Sav- 
annah, Ga. Cs Oglethorpe, Golf, Union, 
Society, Cotillion. 1913 m Caro Palmer, 
Is Id; r 2905 Atlantic ave. 

Caygill, Ranson, Business Executive, Xew 
York City. Cs Royal Arcanum, Elks, Ma- 
sons, Prisian, Inventors. 1924 m Lottie 
Boles, Is 3d; r 17 14th ave, Mt. Vernon, 

Cazenove. Mrs. Ralph de Lerisson. Sociol- 
figist, London. Englan<l. Cs various. 1921 
m Raliili de Lerisson Cazenove, no-,v de- 

Cc'p-c. ralr)h T-., Banker, Xew York City. 
He is vice-president Xational Bank of 
Xew York, and is Bursar of Xew York 
Zoological Society. Cs Bankers, Racquet 
and Tennis, Calumet, Xassau Country, 
Turf and Field, Sands Point Casino. En- 

Cecil, James McCosh, Student, Richmond, 
Ya. Cs Universit". Commonwealth, Coun- 
try of Virginia, Richmond, German. 1914 
m Alston Drake, Is 2d; r 1525 West ave. 

Cecil, John Howe, Advertising Agent, Rich- 
mond, Va. Cs Westmoreland, Common- 
wealth, Country of Virginia. Richmond, 
German. 1921 m Pattie Albert Cary, Is; 
r 2314 Monument ave. 

Cecil, Russell L., Physician, Xew York Ci- 
ty. 1923 pi Eileen Gumming, Is; r 123 E. 
62nd St. 

Celerwalld, Alvord A., Business Executive 
Washington. Cs American Legion. 1907 
m Mrs. George Carlvle Whiting; r 1320 
21st St., X.W. 

Celler, Emanuel, Lawyer and Statesman, 
Xew York City. Cs Unity, Inwood Coun- 
trv, Sheepskin, Mason, Knights of Pv- 
thias. 1914 m Stella B. Baar, 2d; r 303 
^le Donough st., Brooklyn. 

Cermak, Antcn J., Realtor, Chicago. He is 
]ironiinently identified with business and 
public affairs. Cs Lake Shore Athletic, 
Midwest Athletic, Medinah, Country, 
Lawndale Auto, Lawndale Lions. 1894 
m Marie Horejs, 3d; r 2348 S. Millard av 

Chace, Arnold B., Business Executive, Al- 
bion, R.I. 1871 m Eliza Greene, 2s Id; r 
Williamstown, Mass. 

Chace, Isaac Freeman, Printer, Provi- 
dence. Cs Chamber of Commerce, Town 
Chess of Rhode Island, Mason. 1916 m 
Laura M. Stewart, Is; r 125 Olney ave. 

Chace, Malcolm G., Millionaire, Providence. 
Cs Hope, m Elizabeth Edwards; r 79 
AVilliams st. 

Cl.ace, Rodney, Manufacturer and Capita- 
list, Waterbury, Conn. Cs Y'ale, Adver- 
tising, Machinery, India House, Winter- 
bury Country, Waterbury. 1925 m Flor- 
ence Hamilton Martin, Id; r 61 Church 

Chadbourne, Thomas Lincoln, Lawyer and 
Capitalist. Xew York City. 1921 "m Mar- 
jorie Curtis, 2s; r Greenwich, Conn. 

Chadwick. Charles K., Business Man, Chi- 
cago. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs South 
Shore Country, Chicago, Golf, Riding, 
Ivnollwood, Los Angeles Athletic. 1923 
m Audrey Quinn Flavel; r Drake Hotel, 

ChadVvdck, John Shelby, Clergyman, Bir- 
.mingham, Ala. Cs Masons. 1899 m Sara 
Ldu Rowe, Is 3d. 

Chadwick, William, Art'st.Old Lyme. Conn. 
1010 m Paulina Wolf Braucroft, Is. 

Chafe, Henry H., Lawyer, Xew Orleans. 
1907 m 'Mhyv Ewing; r 1413 Josephine 


Chpffe. Jcreph Bryan. Jr., Engineer, of 
Cleveland. Cs Cornell, Hudson. 1918 m 
May W. Munro, Is Id; r Hudson, Ohio. 

Chaffee, Carl Harrison, Banker, Philadel- 
)hia. Cs L'nion League, Springhaves 
Country, Rolling Green Golf. 1904 m Ma- 
bel L. King, 2s 2d; r Stenwood, Swarth- 
more. Pa. 

Chaffe, Everitt St. John, Lawyer, Provi- 
dence. Cs Hope, Agawam. 1911 m Caro- 
lyn L. Peck, 2s 2d; r 193 Hope st. 

Chaffee, Henry S,, Manufacturer, Provi- 
dence. Cs Rhode Island Country, Uni- 
versity. 1914 m Dorothy Gladding, 2s 
2d; r 192 Brown st. 



Chafree, Emery Leon.Physieist, Cambridge 
Mass. Os Ainerican Physical, American 
Optical. 1924 lu Alice Hainpson; r 52 
Garden st. 

Chalfant, Harriet B. W., Manufacturer, 
Pittsburgh, (.'s Brook, Duquesne, Rac- 
quet. IDUl ni Harriet Watson, Is 2d; r 
915 Ridge ave. 

Clialfaut, Henry, Millionaire, Pittsburgh. 
Cs Duquesne. m Harriet Watson; r 915 
Ridge ave. 

Chalfant, John W., Business Executive, 
Pittsburgh. Cs University, Duquesne, 
Edgewood Country. 1901 m Elizabeth G. 
Briggs, 2s; r 5818 Howe st. 

Chalif, Louis H., Teacher of Dancing, New 
York City. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs Ro- 
tarv. Shrine, Metropolitan, Masons. 1902 
m Sara Katzaff, 4s 2d; r 165 W. 152d st. 

Chalifoux, P.E., Business Executive, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. He s prominently identi- 
fied with business and public affairs. Cs 
Birmingham Country, Roebuck Country, 
Essex Country, Technology. 1909 m Doia 
Mc Lester; r 38.38 Crescent road. 

Chalkle, Mrs. Constance Genevieve How- 

. .land. Business Executive, Lawrence, Kan. 
1900 m Thomas Henry Chalke. 

Chalmers, Harvey. Millionaire, Amsterdam 
N.Y. r 108 Division st. 

Chalmers, James, Educator and Clergyman, 
Framingham, Mass. Cs Country, Elks, 
Grange Country, Masons. 1888 m Eliza- 
beth Anderson, 4s 3d. 

Chalmers, William J., Millionaire, Chicago. 
Cs Chicago, Athletic, Casino, Commercial 
Saddle and Cycle, South Shore Country 
Racquet, Shore Acres. 1878 m Joan Pin- 
kerton; r 1100 Lake Shore drive. 

Chamber, James Jefferson, Realtor, Atlan- 
ta. Ga. Cs Capital City. 1915 m Anna 
Young, Is; r 64 Muscagee ave. 

Chamberlain, Charles Thomson, Physican, 
Portland, Ore. Cs Golf, University, Ir- 
vington. 1905 ni Deborah Boatner, 2s; 
r 275 E. 15th st. NN. 

Cham.herlain, Clark Wells, College Presi- 
dent, Granville, O. 1900 m Jessie Husted 
2s 2d. 

Chamberlain, Francis Asbury, Banker, of 
Minnapolis. Cs Minneapolis, LaFavette. 
1883 m Frances T. Foss, 2d; r 2312 Blai- 
dell ave. 

Chamberlain, George Howard, Naval Offi- 
cer, Yonkers. 1918 m Katharine Sarah 
Stoughton, Is; r 49 Shonnard place. 

Chamberlain, George N., Business Presi- 
dent. Boston. Cs Mason, University. Ex- 
change, Citv, Countrv, Woodland Golf, 
Pocasset Golf, Winsor. m Sharlie E. Glid- 
den, 4s; r 74 Russell ave., Watertown, 

Chamberlain, George Walter, Editor and 
Author, ;Malden, Mass. Cs New England 
Historic, Genealogical. 1887 m Harriet 
EKlora Sherman, Is Id; r 29 Hillsde ave. 

Chmberlain, Horace P., Business Executive 
Buffalo, m Frances A. Arcbold; r 780 
Lafayette ave. 

Chamberlain, JJohn Bigelow, Stock Broker 
Boston. Cs Country of Brookline, Har- 
vard, Union, Algonquin. 1917 m Char- 
lotte de W. Pope; r 11 Stearns road, 
Brookline, ]Mass. 

Chamberlain, Lawrence, Investment Bank- 
er, New York City. Cs Yale, Bankers, 
Indian Harbor, Yacht, Greenwich Field. 
1918 m Edna W. Owens, 3s Id; r Green- 
wich, Conn. 

Chamberlain, Mrs. Marie Stuart, Sociolo- 
gist, Washington. 1903 m David A. Sny- 
der, Is. 

Chamberlain, William S., Phvsician, Cleve- 
land. Cs University, Rowfant, Kirtland. 
1906 m Grace Adele Hunton, 2s Id; r 
2300 Stillman road. 

Chamberlaine, William, Retired General, 
Washington. Cs Lambs, Metropolitan, 
Chevy Chase, Army and Navy, m Mar- 
garet Smith; r 1806 Wvoming ave. 

Chamberlaine, Churchill Gibson. Headmas- 
ter, of St. Christophers School. West- 
hampton, Va. 1911 m Elizabeth Boiling, 
Is; r St. Christapher 's School. 

Chamberlain. Charles I.. Manufacturer and 
Merchant, Geneva, Ohio. He is president 
Champion Hardware Compau". and pres- 
ident Chaniberlain Clothine Company. 
1876 ni S'Uihie Ferrv. now deceased, 2d 

Chamberlin, Harry Dwight, Major, Wash- 
ington, ni Sallv Garlington; r 1 rue de 
T>orraino. Snuinur. France. 

Chamberlin Justin Morrill, Business Exec- 
utive. Washington. Cs University, m 
Priscillfl A. Nicolson; r 2009 Park road. 

Chamberlin, Lisle, Business Executive, 
New York Citv. m Helen R. Sanderson; 
r Svracuse. N.Y. 

Chamberlin. W. Macv, Business Executive, 
New York Citv. Cs Apawamis. m Kate 
W. Griffin: r 157 E. 81st st. 

Chpmberlin. William B.. Business Execu- 
tii-e, Philadelphia. Cs Union T eaeue. m 
>licp L. Rea: r Devon on the Delaware, 
Tnrresdale, Pa. 

Chamberlin. WiPiam L.. Bi'siness Fxecu- 
tivt\ New York Citv. m Mareraret Lowe, 
r Scran ton. Pa. 

Chambers. Ambros E.. Business Executive, 
Boston. Cs Harvard Graduate, m Mary 
E. Billard; r 983 Charles River road, 
Cambridge, Mass. 



Chaur, Benjamin B., Life Insuianco Ex- 
ecutive, Xevv York City. Cs S.A.R. Lin- 
married; r 15 E. 21st St. 

Ohaur, Francis T., Lawver, Philadoljihia. 
Ho is prominently identified with busi- 
ness and puhlit- affairs. Cs Philadelphia, 
Rittenhouse, Country. 1890 m Nanette 
Schuyler Bolton, now deceased; Is 2d; r 
1530 Pine st., and Bryneleuyd-D.uyellyer 

Cljambers, Francis T., Jr., Biisiness Exec- 
utive, Philadelphia. Cs Racquet, m Jean 

Chambers, Frank Taylor, Captain, Wash- 
ington. Cs Cosmos. mFlorence Newell; r 
1(525 16th St. 

Chambers, Henry Howard, Autho'-, New 
Orleans. Cs New Orleans, Chess, Univer- 
sitv, Checkers and Whist. 1883 m EUeln 
White Taylor, 2s; r 1505 Arabella st. 

Chambers, Henry W., Business Executive, 
New York Citv. Cs S.A.R. m Constance 
Redfield; r 1057 Esplanade st., Pelham 
Manor, N.Y. 

Chambers, Hilary R., Business Executive, 
New York Citv. Cs S.A.R. m Maria S. 
.lameson; r 35 W. 71st st. 

Chambers, J. Jackson, Business Executive, 
Richmond. Va. m Ruth E. Smythe; r 814 
Park ave. 

Chambers, John T., Business Executive, 
New Orleans. Cs Boston, m Marion Mon- 
roe; r 1506 Conery st. 

Chambers, Julian. Business Executive, At- 
lanta, Ga. m Bessie Woodward; r 74 W. 
Uth St. 

Chajnbers; Merritt AUen, Business Execu- 
tive. Richmond, Va. m Lucille Jackson, 
r 814 Park nve. 

Chambers, Robert Poster, Professor. Pro- 
vidence. Cs University, m Helen N. Peir- 
son. Is; r 254 Irving ave. 

Chpmbers, Walter B., Architect, New York 
Citv. Cs Century, University, Beaux 
Arts Architects. 1901 m Margery Fergu- 
son, 2s; r 137 E. 66th st. 

Chambers, Will Grant, Educater, State Col- 
lef.o-e. Pa. He is prominentlv identified 
with business and public affairs. 1901 m 
Sunshine Foulke; r 315 Park ave. 

Chambers. William Lionel, Business Exec- 
utive, Rolla, Mo. Cs Universitv. 1911 m 
Lucv Matthews, Is Id; r 400 W. 6th st. 

Cliambert, Lawrence, Investment Banker, 
New York Citv. Cs Y'ale of N.Y., Bank- 
ers. Indian Harbor, Greenwich l^ield. 
1918 m Edna M. Owens, 3s Id; r Green- 
wich, Conn. 

Cha'^iee, A.r<uila, Clerpvman . Forsythe,Ga. 
1898 m Mamie Beck. 

Champion, Alexander J., Business Execu- 
tive, New York Citv. m Florence E. J. 

Bevill; r Northcote House, Grymes Hill, 

Champion, James P., Business Executive, 
Atlanta, Ga. th Eloise Stewart; r Alba- 
ny, Ga. 

Champlin, Arthur D., Business Executive, 
Providence. Cs Agawam Hunt, Kastside 
Tennis, East Side Skating, Judith Coun- 
trv, Scarborough Beach, m Harriet M. 
h! Fetcher, Is Id; r 180 Brown st. 

ChampHn, Calbraith P., Business Execu- 
tive, Buffalo, N.Y. Cs S.A.R. m Ruth E. 
Jeffrey; r 259 Linden ave. 

Champlin, Charles F., Business Executive, 
Chicago, m .Josephine Kirk; r 2436 Or- 
rington ave, Evanston, 111. 

Champlin, Edwin Ross, Journalist, Worces- 
ter, Mass. 

Champlin, John Business Executive, Phy- 
sician and Surgeon. Westerly, R.I. He is 
prominentlv identified with business and 
public affairs. Cs American Legion. 1891 
m Anna Elizabeth Lyon, Is Id; r 9 Gra- 
nite St. 

Chamnlin, John Denison, Realtor, New 
York Citv. Cs Mayflower Descendants, 
Colonial Wars, Military, S.A.R. 1915 m 
Margery Howard Bridge, Is; r Douglas 
Manor, Douglaston, L.I. 

ChampUn, Malcolm D., Business Executive, 
Providence. Os University, m Catherine 
Makepeace; r Rumford, R.I. 

Chamclin, Oliver H. P., Business President 
Buffalo. Cs Buffalo, Athletic. Rotary, 
Saddle and Bridle, Automobile. S.A.R. 
1892 m C. Margaret Lawson, 2s Id; r 285 
Summit ave. 

Chamoney. William P., Millionaire, Cleve- 
land, r 11317 Belflower road. 

Champney, William P., Jr., Business Exec- 
utive, Cleveland. Cs Union, m Ruth M. 
Slusser; r 2925 Edgehill road, Cleveland 

Champton. W. A.. Business Executive, De- 
troit, Mich. Cs Athletic, m Gertrude 
Blakelee. r 1001 .Jefferson ave. 

Chance. Burton, Phvsician, Philadelphia. 
Cs, Citv. State and Medical. 1903 m Ma- 
ria Scott Bealle, Is 2d: r Mayfield House 
Radnor road. Radnor, Pa. 

Chancellor, Justis. Lawver, Chicago. Fe is 
prominenntlv identified with business 
and public affairs. Cs Missouri Athletic, 
Historical. T\''edinah Temple, Knights of 
Pvthias. 1889 m Hattie Theodora Lin- 
coln Haner, Is Id; r 434 Willow st., Win- 
netka. 111. 

Chancellor, PhiUin S..Plivsician, New York 
Citv. m Chfirlntte P. Thorne; r Ormond, 
Millbrook. N.Y. 

Ch'^ndlee, P.dward F... Buusiness Executive 
Philadelphia. Cs Union League, m Nan- 
nette Blakely; r Moylan, Pa. 



Chandler, Albert F. M., Business Execu- 
tive, Philadelphia, m Helen L. Boyd; r 
Millbrook lane. Haverford, Pa. 

Chandler, Alexander J., Business Execu- 
tive, Chandler, Ariz. Cs Los A.ngeles 
Country, m Charlotte Boyd. 

Chandler, Buckingham, Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago. Cs University, m Kebecca 
E. Smith; r^l Indian Hill road, Winnet- 
ka. nil. 

Chand'er, C. W., Business Executive, He is 
identified with Pest, Marwich Mitchell 

Chandler, Charles F., Professor, New York 
City. Cs University, m Augusta P. Ber- 
vv{ r 51 E. 5-1 th st. 

Chandler, Elisha Eldred, Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago, m Cornelia M. Kent; r 
Hotel Ambassador. 

Chandler, F. Alexander, Business President 
i^nd Sociologist, Boston. Cs Eastern Star 
Masons, Aleppo Temple Shrine. 1903 m 
Ethelynd Orayton, Is Id; r 560 Concord 
ave., Belmont, Mass. 

Chandler, Frank Randolph, Eetired Capi- 
talist, Chicago. 1868 m Anne Sophie 
Buckingham, Is Id; r "Winnetka, 111. 

Chandler, Francis Ward, Business Execu- 
tive, Boston, m Alice Daland; r 195 Marl- 
boro St. 

Chandler, Frank W., Phvsician, Cincinnati, 
m Adele Walton; r 323 Warren ave, Clif- 

Chandler, George F., Phvsician and Sur- 
geon, Kingston, N.Y. He is prominently 
identified with business and public af- 
fairs. Cs Kingston, Armv and Navv of 
N.Y.. Conntrv of N.Y. 1900 ni Martha 
:M. Schultze, 2s. 

Chandler, George Fritz, Business Execu- 
tive, Philadelphia. Cs Art. m Marv Farr 
Pollock; r 172S Eittenhouse. 

Chandler, ,George N., Business Executive, 
Cleveland. Cs Union, m Gertrude Eust; 
r 2155 Overlook road. Euclid Heights. 

Chandler, Harry, Publisher and Millio- 
naie, Los Angeles. Cs Jonathan, Athle- 
tic, Flintedee Country, Casa del Mar 
Beach, Uplifters. 1894 m Marion Otis, 
3s 5d; r 2330 Hillhurst ave. 

Chandler, Homer W., Lumberman, Chica- 
go. Cr Glen Yiew Golf of 1111., Chicago 
Athletic. 1893 m Mary E. Stryker, Id; 
r 2614 Lnkeview ave. 

Chandler, JaTnes R.. Business Executive, 
Boston. Cs Executive. Plvmouth Country 
Waban Neighborhood. Chamber of Com- 
merce. 1906 m Marie L. Bartlett, 2s 4d; 
r Waban. Newton, Mass. 

Chandler. Jefferson P., T awyer, Los An- 
peles. Cs California. 1904 m Elizabeth 
Shankland; r 715 W. 28th st. 

Chandler, John Cristie, Insurance Broker, 
San Francisco. Cs Union League, West 
Chester, Golf and Countrv. 1916 m Sara 
Elizabeth Philips; r 2910 Garber st., 
Berkeley, Cal. 

Chandler," Kent, Business Executive, Chi- 
cago. Cs Universitv. m Grace E. Tuttle, 
V 1154 W. Pine st', Winnetka, 111. 

Chandler, Leo St. Clair, Business Execu- 
tive, Los Angeles. Cs California, m 
Louise Me Farland; r 637 W. 23rd st. 

Chandler, Lewis Stuyvesant, Multi-Millo- 
naire, New York City, r 132 E. 65th st. 

Chandler, Lloyd Horwitz, Naval Officer, 
Washington. Cs Army and Navj'. m Miss 
Edson; r 2272 Cathedral ave. 

Chand'er, Percy Milton, Investment Bank- 
er, Philadel]>hia. He is president Chand- 
ler and Company, Boston, Philadelphia 
and New York City, and Security Cor- 
poration. Cs Philadelphia Country, Art, 
White Marsh Vallley Country, Union 
League, Sunny Brook Golf, Eecess, Con- 
gressional Country. 1917 m Nancy Krebs 
Is; r Touraine, and Chadds Ford, Pa. 

Chandler, Theophilus P., Architect, Phila- 
delphia. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs 
Philadelphia, m Sophia M. du Pont; r 
249 S. 16th St., and on Ithaca Farm,Ead- 
nor. Pa. 

Chandler, Thomas Alberter, Congressman, 
Winita. Okla. 

Chandler, Wallace R., Business Executive, 
Providence. Cs Agawam Hunt, m Louise 
H. Cooke: r 341 Brook st. 

Chandler, William Astor, Statesman, Ex- 
plorer, Writer and Multi-Millionaire, of 
New York Citv. Cs Knickerbocker, Union 
U.S. .Jockey, Travelers of Paris, Nation- 
al Geographical of Berlin. 1803 m Bea- 
trice Ashley, 2s; r 141 E. 19th st., and- in 

Chandlpr, William D., Jr.. Lieutenant-Com- 
mander, Washington. Cs Armv and Na- 
vy, m Amy Eichardson; r 1317 Connecti- 
cut ave. 

Chandon de Briailles, Gaston M., Consul, 
New York Citv. m Mary N. Garrison; r 
81 ave. ]\rarceau, Paris. 

Chanler, lewis S., Jr.. Business Executive 
New York City. Cs Kni^^kerbocker. m 
Leslie Murrav; r Brown Shipley and Co. 
London. England. 

Chanler, Lewis Stuyvesant, Business Exec- 
utive. New York Citv. Cs K"i'>kerbocker 
m .Tulia L. Olin; r 132 E. 65th st. 

Chanler, Robert Winthron. Painter and In- 
terior Decorator, New York Citv. He is 
prominentlv identified with business and 
public affairs. Cs Union, Knickerbocker. 
m Julia Pemington Chamberlain, 2d; r 
147 E. 19th St. 



Chan'er, V/i.i*hrop, Business Exenitive, 
Is'ew York City. Cs Knickerbocker, m 
Jiargaiet Tei'ry; r Sweet Brier Earni, 
Geneseo, X.Y. 

Clirnning, x.enry Moree, Member of Law 
- Firmj Shcrborn, Mass. Cs Union, Har- 
vard, No "folk Hunt. 1904 m Katharine 
^linot, 4(1; r Clark road, Slierboni, Mass. 

Cliann'ng, Walter, Jr., IJcaltor, Boston. Cs 
Ilar\'ard, Norfolk Hunt, Uni'jn, Dedham 
Country and Polo. 1907 m Cornelia Post 
Higbee, -s; r Brixton, Dover, Mass. 

Chantler, Ihomas Druimnond, Lawyer, of 
P'ittsburgh. Cs Duquesne, Oakniont Golf. 
1885 ni Hannah Edwards Thomas, 2s Id; 
r 120 Ruskin ave., East End. 

Chapin, A. H., Manufacturer, Springfield, 
Mass.. Cs Colony, Country, Navasset, 
Union League of New York, Wianno of 
Wianno, Mass., Long Meadow Country, 
Seapoint of Ostervillc, Mass. 1900 m Ju- 
lia Stone Neil, 4s 3d; r Paignton, Cres- 
cent Hill; and Wianno, Mass. 

Cbapin, Alfred Clark, Lawyer, New Y'ork 
City. Cs Harvard, Union, Piping Eoek. 
1884 ra Grace Stebbins, Id; r 24 E. .56th 

Chapin, Edmund Fisher, Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago. Cs Soeietv of Foreign Ee- 
leations. 1879 m Mary C. Whitney, now 
deceased. 1914 m Marv L. Hall, Is 3d; 
r 318 Vine ave.. Hierhland Park, HI. 

Chapin, Edward F., Jr., Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago, m Isabel E. Dinkev; r 
nnoi E. I St., Duluth, Minn. 

Chapin, Edward W., Millionaire, Holvoke, 
Mass. r 181 Elm st. 

Chapin, Frances Stuart, Sociologist and 
Educator, Minneanolis. Cs Campus, Uni- 
versity, Northland Cams, Rod and Gun. 
1911 m N. Estelle Peck, 2s Id; r 2 Mel- 
bourne ave., R.E. 

Chapin, Henry Dwiorht, Phvsician, New 
Y^ork City. Cs Century of New York, S. 
A.E., Colonial Wars. 1907 m Alice Dela- 
field; r 51 W. 51st st. 

Chapin, Henry K.. Vice-president, Chicago. 
Cs University, Exmoor Country, Yacht. 
1907 m Elizbeth Crandall, 3s; r 2430 
Lakeview ave. 

Chapin, Homer Coolidere, Trustee, Chi '•ago. 
He is prominently identified with busi- 
ness and public affairs. Cs Exmoor Coun- 
try, Union League. Eacquet, Cliicago 
Yacht, Westniore Country, Citv. Chica- 
go Eiding. 1906 m Blanche Giffin: r 180 
E. Delaware ">lace. 

Chapin. Howard M., Historian, Providence. 
Cs Brown's I^niversitv, Eoyal Histori- 
cal. 1912 m Hope C. Brown :"r 9.^ Brown 

Chanin, Lindlay Hoffman Paul, Lawver, 
New York City. Cs Harvard, Knicker- 
bocker. 1922 m Leila Howard; r McLain 

St., Mt Kisco, N.Y. jj 

Chapin, LoweU M., Business Executive, II 
Chicago. Cs University, m Elizabeth. 'I 
Chalifoux; r 1427 Astor st. | 

Chapin, N. Thayer, Business President, of 
Cleveland. Cs Country. 1917 m Louise 
W. Cole; r 1875 Crawford road. 

Chapin, Newton, Manufacturer and Capi- 
talist, Pittsburgh. He is ]>resideat Lee C. 
Moore and Company. Cs Ouquesne, Oak- 
mont Country, Chartiers Heights Coun- 
try, Seaview Golf, Les Cheneaux, Pitts- 
burgh Athletic. 1908 m Tillie B. Bell; 
now divorced, 3s. 

Chapin. Roliin Coe, Architect. "Minneapo- 
lis. Cs Professional ^len 's. 1914 m Nan- 
cy E. Brewster; r 2545 Bryant st., S. 

Chapin, Roy D., Millionaire, Det'-^it. Cs 
Country, m Inez Tiedeman; r Beverly 
road, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. 

Chatsin Pufus Fi^he", Banker, Chicago. Cs 
Illinois Athletic. Chicago Y'acht, Rotary 
Art Institute, Field Museum, Historical 
Society, r lfi41 Rush st. 

Chapin, Timeon Brocks, Banker, Broker and. 
^Millionaire, New York Citv. He is prom- 
inently identified with business and pub- 
lic affairs. Cs Metropolitan, Middav of 
N.Y"., Chicago. 1892 m Elizabeth Mat- 
tocks, Is 2d; r 930 5th ave. 

Charjin, Warren Winthrop, Consutiner En- 
gineer, New Y'oYrk Citv. Cs Union 
League, New Y'ork Athletic. Civil Engi- 
neers, American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers. 1922 m Guinn Matthews; r 
106 E. 60th St. 

Chapin, William P., Business Executive, 
Providence. Cs Turks Head, Economic. 
1873 m Josephine A. Crins, 2s Id; r 150 
Meeting st. 

Charilin, James C Banker and Canit-^list, 
Pittsbureh. Cs Duauesne,Pittsburgh Ath- 
letic, Allegheny Country, Edgeworth, 
Lawyers, m Fanny CampbeM, 2s; r 24-5 
Frederick ave., Sewickley. Pa. 

Ch-'-Dman, .Arthur B., Vice-President, Bos- 
ton. Cs St. Bernard. T^niversitv, Mer- 
chants, S.A.E. 1896 m Tirzach Loveioy 
She-wood, now deceased. 1907 m Marion 
S. ]vruellen: r Hotel Somerset. 

Chanman. Beniamin C.,Jr.. Insurance Pres- 
ident. St. T ouis. Cs Noonday. Eac^ret, 
Pellerive Country. 1908 m Lncile Carey 
Camnbell. 2d: r 58 Kingsbury place. 

Chawman. Clarence Che^e-^ '^'■'■iness Exec- 
utive, New York Citv. Cs Union, Society 
of Colonial Wars, Sons of Eevolrtion, 
Churr^h. Pile-im. St. George's. 1903 m 
Evelyn Cn-use Scott: r S-'^O Park pve. 

Ch'^nman, Mrs. EU^a Fle'-'^hfir, Socio^ocrist, 
Gardena, Cal. 1891 m William A. Chap- 
man, OS 2d. 



Chapman, Henry, Numismatist, Philadel- 
phia. Cs American Numismatic. 1896 m 
Hol(-n rnlJinjis. Is 3(1; r 335 S. 16th st. 

Chapman, Henry O., Architect, New York 
('ity. Cs Cortu'Il of New York, Colony, 
Kockaway Hunting. 1873 m Harriet 
Murphy, 3s; r Woodmere, Long Island. 

Chapman, Edward Mortimer, Clergyman, 
New London, Conn. Cs Century, XTnion, 
(Graduates. 1S04 m Isabel Northrop, Is 
Id; r W'estways. 

Chapman, James A., Multi-Millionaire, of 
Tulsa, Ok hi. r 1606 8. Carson ave. 

Chapman, John A... P.nnd Broker, Chicago. 
Cs Chicago, University, Casino, Onwent- 
sia. Shore Acres. 1908 m Eleanor T. 
Stii-kney, Jd: r Ridgelea, Lake Forest,Ill 

Chapman, John Henry, Cleri-vman, Green- 
wich, Cann. Cs Philadelphia Ci'-ket. m 
Roseniond C. I^ow, 3s. 

Chapman, Joseph, Merchant and Business 
Executive, Minneapolis, m Elizabeth 
Maybew, 2d; r Orono Lake, Minnetonka 

Chapman, Catharine Hopkins, ,*nthor, Sel- 
ma, Ala. Cs Allied Arts. 1S;V m J. T. 
Chapman, Is Id. 

Chapman, Lawrence Lafayette, Commercial 
Tiinlicrman find Salesman, Eureka, Cal. 
He is engaged in split wood products, 
real estate, insurance and general mer- 
chandise. Cs various. 1914 m Sarah Oplii- 
la Caldwell. Is 3d; r 183.5 E st. 

Chapman, Robert J., Millionaire, Oakland, 
Cal. r 201 Sheridan ave, Piedmont, Cnl. 

Chapman, Washington H., Mechanical En- 
gineer and Business Man, Detroit. Cs 
Conopus, Masonic, Country, Mason, Am- 
erican of Mechanical Engineers. 1901 m 
Josephine Fisk, Is Id; r 850 Blaine ave. 

Chapman, William Allen, Doctor, Cedar- 
town, Ga. 1890 m Marv Elizabeth Peek, 

Chapman, William Louis, Surgeon, Provi- 
dence. Cs l^niversity. Art, Edgcwood, 
Yacht. 1920 m Geneva Jefferds; r 254 
Benefit st. 

Chapman, William Porter, Lawyer and Ca- 
pitalist, New York City. He is identified 
with Sackett, Chapman Brown and Cross 
lawyers. Cs Cornell University, Siwanoy 
Country, Hardware. 1902 m MadeMne 
Raymond; r 39 Claremont ave. 

Chappell, William Band, Manufacturer, 
New York City. He is prominently iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Unievrsity. Yale. 1918 m Mary Petti- 
bone, Id; r 277 Park ave. 

Chappie. John C, Editor, West Ashland. 
Wis. Cs Milwaukee Press. Knigrhts Temp- 
lar, Shriner, Knights of Pythias, Ocld 

Fellows, Elks, Modern Woodmen. 1898 
ni Myrta Esther Bowman, 3s 2d; r 700 

. 7th ave. W. 

CKarbonnet, Jean F., Banker, Baco Atlan- 
tida, San Pedro, Sula, Honduras. 1924 
m Blanche de La Vas.'^^elais, Is. 

Charbonnet, Pierre Numa, Surgeon. Tulsa, 
Okla. Cs University. 1918 m Blanche Ro- 
gers, Is Id; r 1401 S. Corson ave. 

Chardavoyne, Henry S., Business President 
Brooklyn. 1889 m Henriette Metcalfe, 23 
2d; r .32 E. 10th st. 

Charles, Albert A., Millionaire, Kokomo, 
N.D. r 220 \V. Mulberry st. 

Charles, William Barclay, Business Exee- 
litive, Amsterdam, N.Y. Cs National Re- 
jiublican of New York. 1897 m Eleanora 
Ward Rhode, Is Id. 

Charls, George Herbert, Business Presi- 
dent and Capitalist, Canton, Ohio. He is 
president United Alloy Steel Corpo-a- 
tion. Cs Canton, Brookside Country, De- 
troit Athletic, Brookside Saddle. Con- 
gress Lake and others. 1901 m Alice Me- 
daris, Is; r Hills and Dales. 

Charlton, Alexander Drysdale, Business, 
Executive and Capitalist, Portland, O e. 
Cs Arlington, Multnomah Athletic, Chan- 
1 cr of Commerce, Multnomah Golf. 1889 
n> Ida May Comstock, Is. 

Charltcn, Loudon, Concert Manager, New 
York City. Cs Lotos. 1917 m Helen Stan- 
ley, Id; r Stamford, Conn. 

Charlwood, Harold J., Traffic Manager, 
New York City. Cs Traffic of New York 
1908 m Yirginia Gould; r 253 Parkside 
ave., Brooklyn. 

Charrington, Arthur M. R., Business Exec- 
utive, Warrentown, Pa. Cs Country, Fan- 
quier. 1915 m Mary E. Wilbur, Is Id; r 
Mile End. 

Chartrand, Joseph, Clergyman, Indianaoo- 
lis. Hs is bishop of Indianapolis, r 1347 
N. Meridian st. 

Charvat, James Vaclav, Banker, Havelo^-k 
Neb. Cs American Legion, m Christine 

Chase. Carleton A., Millionaire, Syracuse, 
N.Y. r 1019" James st. 

Chase, Charles L., Merchant and Manu- 
fa'-'tuivr. Minneapolis. He is owner and 
proprietor C. L. Chase Shoe Company 
and FamJJy Shoe vStore. Cs Lafayette, 
Minneapolis, Athletic, Tnterlachen Golf. 
1893 m Myrtle Connor, Id; r 1701 IVFor- 
gan square. 

Chase. F'izabeth Hosmer KeUogg, Sociolo- 
gist, Waterburv. Conn. I890 m Irving 
Fall Chase. 5d; r Pose Hill. 

Cha-'e, Fred S., Millionaire, '^Vaterburv, 
Conn. Cs Yale. Elizabethan. 1*90 m El- 
sie Rowland, 2s 4d. 



Chase, Frederick Low, Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Providence. Cs Countrv, 
Squantuui, Colonial Wars. 1876 ni Grace 
Wheelen Bailey, .2s; r 285 Governor st. 

Chase, George Quincy, Business President, 
Sau Francisco. Cs Harvard. 1904 m Ma- 
bel Donaldson, 3d; r 37 Lincoln ave., 
Piedmont, Cal. 

Chase, Mrs. Maria, Sociologist,Palm Beach 
Fla. Cs D.A.R. 1886 m Charles Curry 
Chase, 5d. 

Chase, Sidney, Millionaire, Nantucket, 

Chase, Harry Woodhurn, LTniversity Presi- 
dent, Chapel Hill, N.C. 1910 m Lucreta 
Crum, Id. 

Chase, Harvey S., Certified Public Accoun- 
tant, Boston. Cs University, University 
of St. Petersburg, Mountain, Congres- 
sional of Washington, Brae Burn Coun- 
try. 1886 m Nettie F. Rowe, Is Id; r 
Tippletrees Concord ave, Lexington, Mass 

Chase, Ira Carleton, Surgeon, Fort Worth, 
Texas. 2s; r 2100 Hemphill st. 

Chase, Irving Hall, Business President, 
Waterbnry, Conn. Cs Waterbury, Coun- 
try. 1889 m Elizabeth Hosmer Kellogg, 
5d; r 63 Prospect st. 

Chase, Jessie Walrath, Sociologist and Ca- 
pitalist, Syracuse, N.Y. Cs various, m 
Benjamin E. Chase, now deceased; r Ro- 
chester, N.Y. 

Chase, Joseph Cummings, Artist, New 
York City. Cs Players, Dutch Treat, Ni- 
antc. i 

Chase, Philip Putnam, Educator, Milton, 
Mass. Cs Eastern Yacht, Harvard of 
Boston, Manchester Yacht. 1903 m Anna 
C. Wigglesworth, 3s 2d; r 241 Highland 

Chase, Samuel Hart, Broker, Philadelphia. 
1917 m Susan L. Bruce; r 557 Pelham 
road Germaiitown, Pa. 

Chase, Samn.el T., Insurance Broker, Chica- 
go. He is general agent Connecticut Mu- 
tual Life luFU'ance Company. Cs Attic, 
C*hicago, Onwentsia, Shore Acres, m Ma- 
ry Avre, 3d; r Illinois Merchants Bank 

Chase, Simof^n B., Manufacturer, Fall Riv- 
er, Mass. 1874 m Louise W. Hills, 5d. 

Chase, Ward B., Business Executive, Pro- 
vidence. Cs Woodstock, Connecticut Golf 
Meshanticut Golf and Countrv. 1893 m 
Dora E. Curtis, Is Id; r 50 University 

Chatard, William Miles, Engineer, Balti- 
more. Cs Elkridge. 1917 m Josephine 
Lee. Id; r Mel vale. 

Chat^?eld. Harvev Stoone, Artist. New 
York Citv. Cs Columbia Yacht. 1912 m 
Florence Graves Lathrop; r 455 51st st. 
and Beekman terrace. 

Chatfield, Henry Summers, Vice-president 
and Treasurer, New York City. 1923 m 
Angela Mc Cahill, Id; r 426 Westminster 
ave, Elizabeth, N.J. 

Chatfield, Taylor, Hobard C, Author, Chi- 
cago. Cs Chicago, Onwentsia, Saddle and 
Cycle, Universitv. Cliff Dwellers, Union 
Century, Metropolitan. 1890 m Rose Far- 
well, 3s Id; r Far Afield, Santa Barbara, 

Chatfield-Taylor Hobart C, Business Ex- 
ecutive, New York City. Cs Union. .m Es- 
tella Barbour; r Munroe and Co., Paris, 

Chatfield, Taylor Wayne, Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago. Cs Chicago, University, 
Onwentsia, Shore Acres. 1917 m Adele 
Margaret Blow, Is Id; r Lake Forest, 111. 

Chatin, Alexander, Lumber Exv)orter and 
Financier, New York City. He is presi- 
dent Overseas Lumber Company. Cs Am- 
erican Geographic Society, Bonnie Briar 
( 'ountry. 

Chatterton, Fenimore, Lawyer, Riverton, 
Wyo. Cs Masonic Order, Kniarhts Temp- 
lar, Kadosh Chevenne Consistorv, Shrine 
Corean Tem])le. 1900 m Stella Wyland,2d 

Chauvenet, Annie Lee Allen, Soeiologist, 
Boston. Cs Bellerive, Blue Ridge, Cliilton 
Country, Oakley. 1893 m Louis T'hauve- 
net. Is; r 101 Chestnut st. 

Chayes, Herman E. S., Dentist, New York 
City. Cs State Dental. 1910 m Amie My- 
ra Hoffman, Is Id; r New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Cheat, Joseph Fodges, Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs Knickerbocker, University Har- 
vard. 1903 m Cora Lyman Oliver, Is 3d; 
r 10 E. 94th st. 

Cheatham, Beijamin F., Civil Engineer, 
Nashville, Tenn. Cs University. 1901 m 
Mary W. Denman, 2s Id: r The Presidio 
San Francisco, Cal. 

Cheever, David, Sursreon, Boston. Cs So- 
merset, Tennis and Racouet. 1907 m Jane 
W. Sargent. 4s Id; r 193 Marlboro st. 

Chelf, T. Wilber, Manager, Richmond, Va, 
Cs C'diiitrv of Cirg'inia, Masons, Acca 
Temple Shrine, m Willie Green, Id; r 
6005 Howard road, AVesthampton, Rich- 

Chenery, WillUm E., Trustee. Boston. He 
is nromi"entlv identified with business 
and public affairs. Cs City, Harvard, S, 
A.R. 1897 m Marion Luse Chenery; r 
377 Commonwealth ave. 

Chenette, Edward Stenhen. Editor. Com- 
poser and Bandmaster. Clinton, Til. He 
is prominently identified with business 
and public affairs. Cs Rotary, American 
Legion. Masons. 1914 m Constance Mey- 
er, Is Id. 



Clieney, Austin, Business Executive, South 
MaiK-hoster, Coua. Cs Yale. 1906 m Ruth 
Wears Bacon, 4(1. 

Cheney, B. Austin, Physician, New York 
City. Cs Graduates, New Haven Country, 
Litchfield Country. 1905 ni Lillian Clark 
Larrell; r 755 Prospect st., New Haven, 

Cheney, Charles, Manufacturer and Millio- 
naire, New York City. He is prominently 
identified with business and public af- 
fairs. Cs Union League, Manhattan of 
New York, m Mary L. Brainard, Is Id. 
ni Mary de F. Bell, 3d; r INIanchester, 

Cheney, Charles W., Business Executive, 
Boston. Cs Union, ni Sylvia Howell; r 
The Hijifhlands, Winchendon, Mass.. 

Cheney, E. Elwood, Lav^■yer and Banker. 
Urbana, Ohio. Cs Kiwanis, Country, Ma- 
sons. 1889 m Cora M. Burnham, 2d. 

Cheney, Edward J., Consulting Engineer, 
New York Citv. Cs Engineers, Searsdale 
Golf, Oriental Beach. 1907 m Lillian 
Mead, Is; r 4 Woodland place, White 
Pains, N.Y. 

Cheney, George L., Manufacturer, Lawver, 
New York City. Cs Union League, Har- 
vard. 1887 III Harriet Games, 4d; r 30 
E. 86th St., and Essex, Conn. 

Cheney, Harry Asa, Banker, Creighton, 
Neb. Cs Knights Templar, Shriner, and 
Eastern Star. 1890 m Ruth C. Jasmer, 4d. 

Cheney, John P., Millionaire, South Man- 
chester, Conn. Cs President Connecticut 
Golf Associatifin 

Cheney, Louis Richmond, Business Exec- 
utive, Hartford, Conn Cs Hartford, Golf 
Republican, Country of Farniington, S.A. 
R., Union League of New York. 1890 m 
Marv Alice Robinson, Id; r Woodlawn 


Cheney, Orion H., Lawyer and Banker, 
New York City. Cs Union League, Man- 
hattan. 1909 m Margaret Danforth, 2s; 
r Fenimore road, Searsdale, N.Y. 

Cheney, William D., Lawyer. Syracuse. Cs 
Moose, Masonic Order, Order of Red 
Men. 1909 m Florence O. Greelev, Is 3d; 
r 210 Forest Hill Inn. Eastwood. N.Y. 

Cher"bonnier, Edward Goodwin, Business 
Executive, St. Louis. Cs Missoouri Ath- 
letic, North Hills Country. 1917 m Ade- 
laide La Beaume, Is Id; r 215 Darst 
road, Ferguson. Mo. 

Cherry, E. Richardson, Painter and Lec- 
turer, Houston. Cs Western Ar- 
tists. 1897 m Dillon Brook Cherry; r 60S 
Fargo ave. 

Cherry, Henry Hardin, College President, 
Bowlinor Green, Kv. Cs Rotary. 1896 m 
Bessie Favnc, Is 2d. 

Cherry, Ulysses Simpson Grant, Lawyer, 
Siooux Falls, 8.D. Cs Knights f Pythias, 

Cheshore, Joseph B'.ount, Clergyman and 
Bishop, Raleigh, N.C. Cs Cincinnati. 1874 
ni Anne Hushe Webb. 1899 ni Elizabeth 
L. Mitchell, 3s 3d. 

Chesman, Adam. Percy, Banker, Fredonia, 
N.Y. Cs Scottish Rite Thirty-two de- 
gree Mason, Knights Templar. 1895 m 
Gertrude Bond. 

Chesman, Adam Percy, Banker, Fredonia, 
N.Y. Cs Masons. 1895 h M. Gertrude 

Chester, John Needels, Engineer and Capi- 
talist. Pittsburgh. Cs Duquesne, Univer- 
sity. American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers. Engineers Society of West- 
ern Pennsylvania. 

Chesterman, Bertram, Banker, Washing- 
ton. 1909 m Constance Rosalie Bondar-, 
r Washington Hotel. 

Chesterman, Evan Ragland. Censor, Rich- 
mond. Va. Cs T'niversity. Virorinia Wri- 
ters. 1806 m EUie Douglas Fravser, Is 
2d: r 1636 W. Grace st. 

Chetham, ,Norman Dickinson, Lumberman, 
Lynwood, Sterenage. Kerts, England. 
1915 m Helen Yilas, 2s. 

Chew, John Marshall, Clergvman, New- 
burgh. N.Y. 1914 m Helen Mac Doanld. 

Chew. Oswald, Lawver. Philadelphia. Cs 
Philadelphia. St. Dvids Golf, Beverly 
Yacht, Radnor Hunt. 1908 m Ada KnowT- 
ton; r Radnor, Pa. 

Chew, Robert's., Army Officer. Washing- 
ton. Cs Armv and Navv. 1921 m Beatrice 
H. Pollock,' Is 2d; r'2520 S. 19th St., 

Cheyney, Edward L., Sales Manager, of 
Cleveland. Cs Union, Midday, Country, 
Hermit. 1916 m Josephine Mc Conway, 
2s Id; r 2228 Chatfield drive. 

Chichester. George Mason, Business Exec- 
utive, Philadelphia. He is prominently 
identified with business and public af- 
fairs. Cs IMerion Cricket, ni Edvthe Wis- 
ter; r 820 Pine st. 

Chick. Fred E., Business Executive, Bog- 
ton, r 52 Summer at. 

Chickering. Clifford C, Manufacturer, of 
Boston. 1898 m Lucile M. Parish; r Al- 
den Park Manor.. Brookline, Masg. 

Child, Charles S., Millionaire, Philadelphia, 
r Aldiiie Hotel. 

Child, Clement Dexter, Scientist and Au- 
thor. Hamilton. N.Y. 1902 m H. Aerion 
Stiles. Is Id. 

Child, Edwin B., Artist. New York City. 
Cs Centurv. Universitv. Glee, Dorset 
Field. 1894 m Anna G.' Svkes, 2s Id; r 
42 W. 93rd st., and in Dorset, Vt. 



Childs, Arthur E., Business President and 
Millionaire, Boston. He is president Co- 
lumbian National Life Insurance Com- 
pany, and president Adams Gas Light 
Compnj', and other corporations. Cs Al- 
gonquin Country, Eastern Yacht, L^ni- 
versity, University of New York, Yacht, 
Canadian Yacht, Exchange, Beacon, m 
Alice Grant Moen, Is Id; r 121 Bay 
State St., and Aldworth Harrisville,X.H. 

Childs, C. Jredeiick, Government Bond 
Specialist and Sociologist, Chicago. Cs 
Chicago, University, Y^ale, Onwentsia, 
Shore Acres, Bankers, Metropolitan, Uni- 
versity and Yale of New York, m Edith 
H. Newell, Is 2d; r Shadow Lawn, Lake 
Forest, 111. 

Childs, John Leon, Lawyer and Jurist, of 
Crescent City, CI. 1899 m Edna P. Fil- 
king, Is Id. 

Childs, Philip M., Insurance Official, Bos- 
ton. Cs Country, Brookline, Harvard. 
191S m Roberta "Wiley, Is Id; r 25 Sea- 
ver St., Brookline, Mass. 

Childs, Robert W., Lawyer, Chicago. Cs 
Union League, Adventurers, Hinsdale 
Golf. 1905 m Katharine S. Barton, Is 3d; 
r Hinsdale, 111. 

Chiles, Starling W., Alillionaire, New York 
City. Cs University, m Jane Coffin, r 
640 Park ave. 

Cliiinn. Austin B., Clergvman, Carmel, Cal. 
m Nannie C. Van Wyck, Is Id. 

Cbinn, Earl Bamett, Lumberman, ,SoattIe, 
Wash. Cs Rainier, Golf. 1903 m Ruth 
Fanning Waldron, 3d; r*941 lltli ave., 
N. Seattle, Wash. 

Chiodo. Vincenzo P. P., Retired Business 
Executive and Capitalist. Omaha. He is 
prominent in business and inib'ic affairs, 
and has held many positions of trust 
and honor. Cs Omaha Athletic, Elks, 
Fourth degree Kniphts of Columbus. 
1893 m Mav Crook. Is; r 2501 Mason st. 

Chipman, James Henry, Automobile Dealer 
Georgetown. Pel. Cs Odd Fellows, Ma- 
s(i]i. 1902 n Edna Earle Manners, Id. 

Chirchart, Oliver, Banker, Rice Minn. Cs 
Knifrhts of Colmnbus, Elks. 1899 m Ma- 
ry L. Sahr, 4s 3d. 

Chisholni, Httgli J., Manufacturer and 
Multi-Million.r're, Ne^.• Yoik City. Cs 
Metropol'-ta 1. Round Fill, Union 1 eaguo 
Ifidir.g, Ya -ht ^ale Blind Brook Golf. 
1910 m Sara C. Hardenbergh, 2s Id; r 
035 Park ave. 

Chisholm, J. Julian, Pliysician, Baltimore. 
Cs Universitv. 1920 m Eva A. Frier-^on, 
s: r 4424 Undi>r\\ood road. Guilford. 

Chisholm, Julian F., Phvsician. Siivannah, 
Ga. Cs Oglethorpe, Golf. 1903 m Nai.i'ic 

E. Lcverin^i, 2s 2d; r 201 E. Gaston st. 

Chisholm, Stewart H., Multi-Millionaire, 
Cleveland, r 2062 E. 77th st. 

ChJsolm, B. Ogden, Banker, New Y'ork Ci- 
tv. Cs Union. 1.SS9 m Bessie Rhoade.^,, 7d; 
r'21 W. loth St. 

Chiso.m, Francis M., Oculist, of Annapolis, 
Md. Cs Medical Societv of Washington. 
1890 m Lillian B. Baugher, 2s; r Wash- 

Chisolm, Milton M., Banker, Estill, S C. He 
is president Bank of Estill, and direc- 
tor of Farmers and Merchants Bank of 
Furman, S.C. 1904 in Rubv Peeples, 2s 

Chittenden, Frank Hurlbut, Entomologist, 
Washington. Cs F^ntomology of N.Y. 

Chittenden, Russell Heniy, F^ducator, New 
Haven, Conn. Cs American Philosophi- 
cal. 1877 m Gertrude L. Baldwin, Is 2d. 

Chittenden, William Laurence, Business 
Developer and Poet, New York City. He 
is prominently identified with business 
and public affairs. Cs National .\rts,Azi- 
ala of Galveston, Texas. Unmarried; r 
15 Gramercy Park. 

Chitwcod, Oliver Perry, Educator, Morgan- 
town, W.Va. 1910 m Agnes Cady, Is Id. 

Chivvis, Leland, Engineer, Business Exec- 
utive, St. Louis. 191.'! m ]\Iary Glasgow, 
3d; r 1437 Mc Causlannd ave. 

Choate, Ar'-hitr O., Millionaire, New York 
City, r 52 E. S3rd st. 

Choate, Charles F., Lawyer, Boston. Cs 
Union, Harvard, Harvard of New York. 
1S92 m Louise Burnett, 3d; r Southboro, 

Choate, Char'es F., Sri, Lawyer. Boston. 
Cs Union. 1917 m Natalie II! Bishop, Is; 
r Souflihi))-o, ]Mass. 

Choate, David F., Business Executive, Bos- 
ton. Cs City, m Miss Haskell, 2s: r 29 
Adams st., Sonierville, Mass. 

Cho'jne'ey,- Jones, Nigel, Publbisher, New 
Yo-k Citv. Cs City of New York. 1920 
ni Rita Sturnris, 2s; r 152 E. 36th st. 

Chouteau. Au^us+e. Business Executive, 
Snnta ISfoni-^a. Cal. Cs Racnuot. St. Louis 
Countrv. 1912 m Virginia Wilson, 2s; r 
1015 Georgina ave. 

Chouteau, Henri, Business President and 
Statesman, St. Louis. 1916 m Jane Bag- 
nell, 3s 2d; r 26 Vandeventer place. 

Chrisler, William Perry, Business Presi- 
dent, St. Louis. Gs Bidlerive ('ountry, 
Srnset Inn Country, Rotary, m Edna 
'^liiel. Is 3d: r 4441 Westminster place. 

Chrisney, J, P., Merchant and Banker, 
Chrisner, Ind. 1887 m Emma C. Billost, 
Is; r Chicago. 



Christensen, Niels, Business Executive, of 
Beaufort. S.C. 1912 rii Katherine Wales 
Stratton, L's 2d. 

Christian, Andrew D., Lawyer, Richmond, 
Va. Cs Conuiionwealth, Country. 1918 m 
Nellie A. Reynolds, Is Id; r 19^07 Stuart 

Christian, Edmund Adolph, Psychiatrist, 
Pontiac, Mich. Cs Bloomtield Country, 
I^etroit Society of Neurology. 1894 m 
Augusta Baldwin, 3d. 

Christian, Henry A., Physician, Boston. Cs 
Union, University, St. Botolph, Harvard 
Country of Brookline, Century of New 
^'ork. Cosmos of Washington. 1921 m 
Elizabeth S. Seabury; r 68 Monmouth 
St., Brookline, Mass. 

Christian, J. T., Manufacturer, Des Moines 
Iowa. Cs Des Moines, Makonan Country, 
Knights of Columbus. 1901 m Esther L. 

Cliristian, Lewis A., Stock Broker, New 
York City. He is a partner of William C. 
Orton and. Company. Cs IMaplewood 
Country, Elks, Shrine, Mason. 1915 m 
Adelaide G. Townsend, 3s; r 74 Parker 
ave., Maplewood, N.J. 

Christian, Paul, Business Executive, Rich- 
mond, Va. m Virginia A. Watkins; r 322 
N. Harrison st. 

Christian, Stuart G., Business Executive, 
Richmond, Va. m Lightfoot T. Sims; r 
N. End Belt, Line Bridge. 

Christian, Walter, Business Executive, of 
Richmond, Va. m Kate Newton; r 1422 
Park ave. 

Chr'stiansen, Ove Carl, Business Executive 
Davton, Ohio, m Jeanette B. Gebhart; r 
1 Stratford ave. 

Christiansen, Louis, Business Executive, 
New Orleans. Cs Bston. m Ijola De Buys, 
r 5 Richmond place. 

Christman, Henry Jacob, Minister, Teacher 
Dayton, Ohio. 1896 m Mary M. Poorman 
Id; r l;"i Seminary ave. 

Christopher, L. J., Business President, Los 
Angeles. He is director Continental Sec- 
urities Company, and a director in other 

Christopher, Paul Francis, Engineer, Ro- 
chester, N.Y. Cs Colby Graduate. 1920 m 
Dorothea Cushing Woods; r Scottsville, 

Christopherson, Charles Andrew, liawver, 
Siux Falls, S.D. Cs Masons, Elks, Odd 
Fellows, Knights of Pythias, Moose. 1897 
ni Abbie M. Deyoe, Is Id. 

Christy, Bayard Henderson, Business Ex- 
ecutive, Pittsburgh. Cs Duquesne, Huron 
Mountain of Michigan, Cosmos of Wash- 

ington. Unmarried; r 403 Frederick ave., 
Sewickiey, Pa. 

Christy, Edwin W., Business Executive, 
Cleveland, m Jane Bassett; r 2062 E. 
77th St. 

Christy, Howard C, Artist, New York Ci- 
ty. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Rock- 
wood Hall Country, Army and Navy, m 
Nancy Palmer, Id. 

Christy^ Howard C, Business Executive, 
New York City, r 1 W. 67th st. 

Cuiisty, Taylor B., Business Executive, 
Cleveland, r 2062 E. 77th st. 

Chritton George Alvah, Lawyer and Capi- 
talist, Chicago. He is president Baptist 
Old Peoples Home. Cs Union League, 
Oak Park, Oak Park Country. 1S97 m 
Laura Fair, 2s; r 465 Bonnie Brae, River 
Forest, 111. 

Christie, T. Ludlow, Business Executive, 
New York Citv. Cs Universitv. m Sallie 
H. Morrow; r The Crag, Rye,' N.Y. 

Christie, Walter, Physician, "Philadelphia. 
Cs Merion Cricket, m Adelaide A. Prou- 
(y; r 40 Morris ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Christie, Walter, Jr., Business Executive, 
Philadelphia, m Louise Greard; r 40 
Morris ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Chrysler, Walter 'P., Manufacturer, New 
York City. Cs Metropolitan, Congres- 
sional Country, Larchmont Yacht, En- 
gineers, Countrv, Armv and Navv, De- 
troit Turk and" Field. 1901 m Delia V. 
Forker. 2s 2d; r 280 Park ave. 

Chubb, Charles F., Business Executive, of 
Pittsburgh, m Mary C. C. Albert; r Cen- 
tennial and Cochran sts., Sewickiey, Pa. 

Chubb, Hendon, Business Executive, New 
York City. Cs University, m Alice Lee; 
r Llevellvn Park, West Orange, N.J. 

Chubb, James, Underwriter, New York Ci- 
ty. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. 

Chubb, Percy, Business Executive, New 
York City. Cs Automobile, m Helen Low 
r Rattling Spring, Glen Cove, L.I. 

Chubb. R. Walston, Business Executive, St. 
Louis, m Irene Sylvester; r 2108 N st., 

Clmmasero, Kenneth P., Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago, m Emilv Simpson; r 1511 
57th St. 

Chunn, William Pawson, Business Execu- 
tive. Baltimore, m Florence Woolford; r 
820 Park ave. 

Church. Archibald, Physician and Educa- 
tor, Chicago. Cs American Medical, Am- 
erican Neurologist, Medical, Institute oT 
Medicine. 1894 m Margaret Finch, In. 



Church, Austin, Business President, Tren- 
ton, Mich. C-s Detroit. 1899 m Harriet I. 
Smith, Is 1<1. 

Church, Austin Henry, Business President, 
Chaplin Falls, Ohio. Cs Al Koran l^hiine. 
189;{ ni Olive M. Kose, Is Id. 

Church, Eugene, Mining Engineer, racoma 
Wash. 19U1 ni Louisa A. Husted, Id. 

Church, George Dudley, Business Execu- 
tive, Worcester, Mass. Cs Portland, Bos- 
ton City, Commonwealth, Kiwanis, Hill- 
crest. 1904 m Helen L. Bigelow, Is. 

Church, George Hervey, Certified Public 
Accountant and Multi-Millionaire, New 
York City. Cs Union League of N.Y., N. 
Y. Y^aeht, Larchmont Yacht, Sleepy Hol- 
low Country, JST.Y. Chamber of Commerce 
1899 ni My re Carter; r 112 E. 74th st. 

Church, Irving P., Professor, Ithaca, N.Y^ 
Cs Town and Gown. 1881 m Elizabeth 
P. Holley, now deceased; 2d; r 9 B. ave. 

Church, Muriel Vanderbilt, Sociologist and 
Cajiitalist, Boston. She is prominently 
identified with social affairs. Cs Womens 
National Golf, Tennis, Junior League of 
New York. 

Church, Ralph E., Lawyer, Chicago. Cs Ki- 
wanis, Union League, Hamilton, Lake 
Shore Athletic, Evanston Country, Ma- 
sonic, Moose. 1918 m Marguerite Stitt, 
r Church st. and Sheridan road, Evans- 
ton, 111. 

Church, William H., Educator, Washing- 
ttm. Cs Cosmos. 1904 m Edith Gray, now- 
deceased, Is; r Cathedral Close. 

Churchill, Alfred Vance, Educator, North- 
ampton, Mass. 1890 m Marie Marshall, 
Is; r 38 Franklin st. 

Churchill, Aseph, Paper Merchant, Boston. 
Cs I'nion, Harvard of New York, Har- 
vard. 1900 m Helen Olivia French, Is 
2d; r 247 Adams st., Milton, Mass. 

ChurchiU. Joseph Richmond, Lawyer and 
Botanist. Boston. Cs New England Bota- 
nical. 1871 m Mary Gushing, Id; r 32 
Perci\al st., Dorchester, Mass. 

Churchill, Thomas William, Lawyer, New 
York Citv. 

Churchill, W. W., Banker, Rochester.Minn. 
Cs Masons, Odd Fellows. 1888 m Ida E. 
Thierstine, Is; r 429 8th ave. 

Churchill, William Lucius, Engineer, White 
Plains, N.Y'. Cs Arctic Brotherhood, Ma- 
sons. 1896 m Myra E. Gillam, 3s Id; r 
14 Highland ave. 

Churchman, Arthur B., Clergyman, New 
York City. 1906 m Hope Kingsburv War- 
ner, 3d; r 400 E. 67th st. 

Churchman, Wain Morgan, Banker, Phila- 
delphia, Philadelphia Cricket, Universi- 

ty, Barge, Pine Valley Golf, Bona. 1906 
m Katharine M. Leidy, Is; r 245 West 
Highland ave. Chestnut Hill. 

Chute, Arthur Lambert, Surgeon, Boston. 
Cs Massachusetts Medical, American Me- 
dical. 1899 m Eliza K. S. Swift, 2s Id; r 
350 Marlboro st. 

Chute, Charles L., Secretary, New York 
City. Cs Town Hall, American Institute 
Criminal Law and Criminology. 1915 m 
Audrey N. Smith, 2s Id; r Mountain 
Lakes, N.J. 

Chute, William Young, Realtor, Minneapo- 
lis. 19(16 m Edith M. Piekburn; r Hazle- 
wood, Wayzata, Minn. 

Cist, Char-es Morton, Retired Lawyer, Cin- 
cinnati. Cs Queen City, Lotos." 1887 m 
Mary A. Bare, 2s; r Cincinnati and San- 
ibol, Fla. 

Claflin, Adams Davenport, Business Exec- 
utive, Newtonville, Mass. Cs Union, Har- 
vard of New York, Harvard of Boston, 
Braeburn Country. 1888 ni Agnes Walk- 
er, Is Id; r Newton Centre, Mass. 

Claflin, Albert W., Secretary, Treasurer 
and Director, Providence. Cs Chamber 
of Commerce. 1918 m Harriet A. Fuller, 
Is 2d; r ISO Aledway st. 

Claflin, William Bement, Engineer, New 
Canaan, Conn. Cs Technology,York. 1902 
m Evelyn Maynard A. Dalley, Is Id. 

Claflin, William H., Business Executive, 
Boston. Cs Country, Algonquin, Tedesco 
Country, Exchange, Essex Country. 1881 
m Carrie Stetson Avery; r 269 Common- 
wealth ave. 

Claflin, Willis H., Paper Manufacturer, 
Boston. Cs Country, Essex Country, Ted- 
esco, Algonquin, Exchange. 1881 m Car- 
rie S. Avery, 2s; r 169 Commonwealth 

Clagett, Mrs. Ray Mitchell, Sociolo.'.'isr, 
Louisville, Ky. Cs Womens, Arts. Ken- 
tucky, Eufrlish Speaking Union, in 
Charles E. Clagett, now deceased; r at 

Clagett, William H., Writer, Washington. 
Cs Chew Chase. 1903 m Mary Kealty; 
r 1016 16th St. N.W. 

Claghorn, John Winthrop, Advertising, of 
Chestnut Hill, Pa. Cs Philadelnhia Crick- 
et, Founders and Patriots. 1919 m Anna 
W. Strawbridge, Is 2d; r St. Martin's 
lane and Hartwell ave. 

Clagstone, Paul, Business Executive. San 
Francisco. 1904 m Cora Arrich Kirk, Is 
Id; r 123 B.-'vwod ave.. San :Mateo, Cal. 

Claiborn, William Charles Cole, Cotton 
Broker, New Orleans. 1870 m Marie 
Jeanne Eobelot, 2s Id; r 1473 Nashville 



Claiborne, Hamilton Cabell, Diplomat, of 
Washington. He is prominently identi- 
fied with business and public affairs. Cs 
Commonwealth of Richmond, Va., Amer- 
ican of London, Colonial Wars. 1924 m 
Cornelia Ensign; r Bucharest, Roumania. 

Claiborne, William Stirling, Clergyman, 
Sewanee, Tenn. 1902 m Minnie Martine 
Mario w. Id. 

Claney, William, Business President and 
Treasurer, Chicago. Cs South Shore, (^.'i- 
ty, Press, m Amelia C. Achornthaler, 1? 
2(1; r 4530 Woodlawii ave. 

Clapp, Charles Russell, Busoiness Execu- 
tive, Toledo, Ohio. Cs Toledo, Country. 
1918 m Jennie Robinson Mobley, Id; r 
1825 Collngiwood ave. 

Clapp, Franklin Wheaton, Realtor, Port 
Deposit, Md. Cs Princeton Campus, Nas- 
sau, Baltimore. 1915 m Florence J. Sny- 
der; r Crosstrees. 

Clapp, Joseph Albert, Mill Agent, Lau- 
rence, Mass. 1911 m Mary P. Brooks, 2s; 
r 155 Woodland st. 

Clapp, William M., Business Executive, 
Cleveland. Cs Union, Country, Kirtland 
Chagrin Valley Hunt, m Jessie G. Man- 
ning; r 2780 Overbrook road. 

Clarendon, Louis F., Treasurer, New York 
City. Cs Hackensack Golf. 1902 m Mabel 
C. Moore, Is Id; r 384 Anderson St., 
Hackensack, N.J. 

Clark, A., Schuyler, Physician, New York 
Citv. Cs Universitv. 1911 m Mrs. John 
L, Rieker, Is Id; r 161 E. 56th st. 

Clark, Alexander B., Millionaire, Canton, 
Ohio, r R.K.D. 7. 

Clark, Alfred Hull, Surgeon, Buffalo. Cs 
Saturn. 1910 m Laura Walbridge, 3d; r 
139 Bryant st. 

Clark, Alson Skinner, Artist, Pasadena, Cal. 
Cs Chicago, Cliff Dwellers, Salmagundi 
of New York, Valley Hunt. 1902 m Me- 
dora, Mc Mullin, Is; r Pasadena, and at 
Comfort Island, Alexander Bay, N.Y. 

Clark, Arthur Bryan, Merchant, Banker 
and Capitalist, Milford, Conn. Cs Grad- 
uates, New Haven Country, New Haven 
Lawn, Milford Wheel, Rotary. 1903 m 
Glenna May Hostetter, 2s Id; r 860 Pro- 
spect St., New Haven, Conn. 

Clark, Audlcy, . Merchant, Brooklyn. Cs 
Historic. 1892 m Lulu E. Carscallen, 28 
2d; r Greenwich, Conn and in Brooklyn. 

Clark, B. Preston, Merchant,Boston. Cs Ex- 
change, Union, Commercial. 1891 m Jose- 
phine F. Allen, 3s; r 171 Marlboro st. 

Clark, Bruce, Broker, New York City. 1899 
m Nancy D'Wolf Pegram; r Topside, 
Glen Head, L.L 

Clark, Calvin Montague, Educator, Bangor 

Maine. Cs American Society of Church 
History. 1893 m Helen M. Cobb, Is 2d. 

Clark, Charles Davis, Business Executive, 
Philadelphia. Cs Rittenhouse, Colonial. 
1881 m Bertha A. Smith, Is 2d; r 2215 
Spruce st. 

Clark, Charles Hopkins, Editor, Hartford, 
Conn. Cs Century, University, Yale of 
New York, Monday Evening, Twilight, 
Dauntless, m Ellen Root, now deceased. 
1899 m Matilda C. Root, Is Id; r 160 
Garden st. 

Clark, Charles W., Business President, New- 
York City. Cs Lambs, Burlingame Coun- 
try of Burlingame, Cal., Pacific Union of 
San Francisco, California of Los An- 
geles. 1925 m Elizabeth Judge; r 640 
Park ave. 

Clark, Clarence H., Merchant, Lubec, Me. 
Cs Mason, Knights Templar. 1889 m Cla- 
rinda A. Richardson, 2d. 

Clark, Clarence Monroe, Banker and Pub- 
lic Utility Official and Millionaire, Phil- 
adelphia. Cs Union League, University, 
Rittenhouse, Country, Sunnybrook, Ger- 
mantown Cricket, Recess, University of 
Pennsylvania. 1884 m Mary Newbold 
Taylor, 3s; r Cedron, Indian Queen lane. 

Clark, Daniel Harry, Retired Lawyer, St. 
Louis. Cs St. Louis Country, Harvard. 

1913 m Martha Howard Sproule; r 4955 
Pershing ave. 

Clark, Edgar E., Lawyer, Washington. Ca 
Cosmos, Racquet. 1911 m Agnes Barnes, 
Is Id; r 1730 Lanier place. 

Clark, Edward Ford, Business President, 
Youngstown, Ohio. He is president New- 
ton Steel Company, and director of First 
National Bank and Dollar Saving and 
Trust Company of Youngstown. Cs Yale 
of New York City, Youngstown Country. 

1914 m Elizabeth Warner, Is 2d. 
Clark, Edward Hardy, Jr., Credit Manager 

San Mateo, Cal. Cs Yale, Pacific, Union, 
Burlingame Country. 1917 m Margaret 
Alice Nichols, 3d. 

Clark, Ernest Judson, Business Executive, 
Baltimore. Cs Gibson Island, Marvland, 
University, Baltimore Country, and Mer- 
chants. 1900 m Marie B. de La Tour, Is 
2d; r 1119 N. Calvert st. 

Clark. Edward Lyon, Chief Engineer, Phil- 
adelphia. Cs Rittenhouse, Philadelphia 
Cricket, Acorn. 1921 m Margaret R.Ken- 
nedv; r E. Willow Grove ave.. Chestnut 
Hill, Pa. 

Clark, Edward S.. Multi-Millionaire, New 
York City, r 1 W. 72nd st. 

Clark, Edward Strong, District Manager, 
San Francisco. Cs Commercial, Harvard, 
1918 m Marion W. Hendricks, Is Id; r 
136 Bonita ave, Piedmont, Cal. 



Clr^rk, Edward Wa.ier, Business President 
and Mil.iunaiie, Puikulelphia. Cs Union 
League, ni L_, dia Jane .>ev,hall, ]s 2d; 
r St. Martins, Chestnut i_i.l. 
Clark, Edward ^\ins-OW, Business Execu- 
tive, riiestnut Hill, Pa. Cs Pniladeiphia 
Country, Kaequet, Pine Valley Golf, Rac- 
quet, Ciicket. 191G m Hazel Mills Dol;ili 
r 7922 Lincoln drive, 8t. Martins. 
Clark, Eliot Albert, Banker, Pittsfield, 
Mass. Cs 8.A.R. 1890 m Mary Ellen 
Lotchkiss, Id; r 17 Buel st. 
Clark, Mrs. Ellen C.ark tatrong, Hociologist 
Baltimore. Cs Baltimore Countiy. 1892 
m William Bullock Clark; r The Oakes 
Oak place and Charles ave. 
Clark, Emory W., Millionaiie, Detroit. Cs 
University, m Lucie Wing; r 8."ilO Jef- 
ferson ave., E. 
Clark, Emoiy Wende'l, Banker, Detroit. Cs 
Bankers, Bloomfield Rills Country, Ath- 
letic, Bloomfield Hills Hunt, Country, 
Detroit, Boat, Yondotega. r 174 Jeffer- 
son ave. 
Clark, Erne:t Judscn, Life Insurance l^xec- 
utive, Baltimore. Cs Maryland, Univer- 
sity, Merchants, Baltimore Country, (lib- 
son Islaiul. 1900 m Marie Bieson de ia 
Tour, Is- 2d; r 1119 N. Calvert st. 
Clark, Evans, Newspaperman, New York 
City. 1915 m Freda Kirchwey, 2s; r 27 
Vandam st. 
Clark, Evelyn B £e"ow, Mrs., Charitv Wor- 
ker, New York City. Cs Colony. 1908 m 
Francis A. Clark, 2s Id; r 1014 51h ave. 
Clark, Francis Edwrrd, Editor, Boston. Cs 
Authors, Twentieth Century, Noonday. 
1876 m Harriet A. Abbott, is Id; r Bos- 
ton and Sagamore Beach, Cape Cod. 
Clark, Frank Mulliken, Banker, Boston. Cs 
Union, Union Boat. 1914 m Bertha May- 
er Hamilton, Is 2d; r 102 Appleton St., 
Cambridge, Mass. 
Clark, Franklin Haven, Investment Coun- 
sel, Boston. Cs Somerset, Exchansre. Har- 
vard, Harvard of New Yorkk. 1913 m 
Frances Sturges, ,2d; r 31 Hereford sr. 
Clark, Franklin S., Business Executive, 
New York kCitv. Cs Columbia Univer- 
sity, Everglades of Palm Beach. 190.5 m 
Lillian Yansey, Is 2d; r Palm Bench.Fla. 
Clark, Franklin T., Banker and Business 
Executive. Philadelphia. He is identified 
with E. W. Clark and Company, bankers 
and is trustee Germantown Academy. Cs 
Country, Germantown C'icket, Ekwanok 
Countrv, PineValley Golf. Fourth Street, 
m Katharine E. Conger, 2s; r 3110 Coul- 
ter St., Germantown, Pa. 
Clark, G. Roy, Business President. Minnea- 
polis. Cs Minneapolis. laf-^vette. 190.5 
m Mabelle Soule; r 1812 S. Fremont ave. 

Clark, Gaylord Lee, Assistant States At- 
torney, Baltimore. Cs Baltimore. 1921 m 
Juliana B. Keyser, Ld: r 12< 1 X. Calvert 


Clark, George KalforJ, Manufacturer and 
Capitalist, Rochester, N.Y. He is presi- 
dent Cochrane Bly Couii any. 1900 ra 
Adele Hathaway, .3s; r 1.^^.51 Plymouth 
ave., S. Rochester, N.Y. 

Cl?rk, Gecrje Harvey, Mercant, Richmond, 
W.\'a. Cs Countrv Universitv, S.A.R. 
1882 m Mary E. Pollard, 2s 3d; r 1815 
Hanover ave. 

Cla.k, Cershom, Banker, Owego, N.Y. Cs 
New York, :Mayflower Descendants. 1897 
m Etta ^I. Arnold; r 244 Main st. 

Clark, Grenvile, Lawyer, New York City. 
1909 111 Faniiv Pickkman Dwisrht, Is Id; 
r 216 E. 72n'd st. 

Clark, H. E., Manufacturer, Philadelphia, 
n: Mii-s Da:r, 2s 3d; r Glen Camnbell.Pa. 

Clark, Harold B., Banker and MultiMillio- 
naire. New York City. Cs Harvard. Rac- 
qret and Tennis, Knickerbtjcker. Riding 
Down Town, Recess, Racquet and Tennis 
of Boston. 1906 m Dorothy Q. Pardee; 
r A])ple Hill, New Canaan, Conn. 

Clark, Harry Willard, Civil Engineer, Bos- 
ton. 1891 m Gertrude Fuller; r North 
Andover, Mass. 

Clark, Mrs. Hazel Mills Dolnh, Sociologit>t, 
Chestnut Hill, Pa. Cs Colonial Dam^p, 
Acorn. 1916 m Edward Winslow Clark; 
r 7922 Lincoln drive, St. Martins. 

Clark, Henry Alden, Lawver and States- 
man, Erie. Pa. Cs L'niversitv. 1878 m 
Sophv G. McCrearv, Is Id; r 131 E. 6th 


Clark. Henry Garfeld, Business Executive 
Providence. 1921 m Mildred H. M. Di'-lr- 
inson; r Providence and Wakefield, R.T. 

Clark, Henry Gitken?, Lumberman, Wade^- 
boro, N.C. 1921 m Rosbv Lee Hardy, 3s. 

Clark. Herbert John, Manufacturer uml 
Capitalist, Minneapolis. He is president 
J. \. Clqrk Company. Cs MinreaT'oli'-, 
Lat'avette, Minekahda. Automobile. 1SS8 
m Lillian Averill, Is 2d: r 58 Goodland 

Clark, Herbert Lincoln. Banker and Busi- 
ness Executive. Philadelphia. He is iden- 
tified with E. W. Clark and Comprny. 
Cs Rittenhouse. ]\'"erion d-lpket, Ger- 
mantown Cricket. Gulnh Mill Golf. Rad- 
nor Hunt, Hprvprr). Harvard of New 
York. Harvard of Bn«ton. 1907 m E'-'"- 
beth Conwa^' Bent. 3d: r Brvn MaAvr Pa. 

Cl^Tk. 7. WiUiam. Business Executive. New 
York Citv. Cs Merchants, m Margaretta 
B. Cameron: r 49 F. 6Sth st. 

Clark. J. Williams, Mnlti-Millionaire, Ber- 
nardsville, N..J. r Mine Mount. 




Clark, James Murdock, Business Execu- 
tive, Pittsburgh. He is prominently iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Duquesne. ni Jean Mc C. Swan; r 
li755 Pennsylvania ave. 

Cl-rk, John /sa, Educator, Pueblo, Col. Cs 
S.A.R. 1S98 in Emma Hannah J. Hub- 
bert; r iiOSO Elizabeth st. 

Clfrk, Johii Bates, Political Economist, 
New York Cit^'. Cs Century, Faculty. 
187.S m Myra A. Smith, 3s Id; r 321 W. 
92nd St. 

Clark, John Chesman, Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs Metropolitan, Kepublican. 1894 
m Addie P. Burr, Id; r 399 Park ave. 

Clark, John Galbraith, Vvholesale Gro« er. 
Bad Axe. Mich. 1897 m Ida Cros')./, Is; 
1- 1.")." Beach a\i'. 

Clark, John G-oodiich, Gvnecologist, Phila- 
delphia. He is prominently identified in 
business and public affairs. Cs Country, 
University, r 2017 Walnut st. 

Clark, John Proctor, Lawver, New Y'ork 
City. 18S4 m Sarah M. Parker, now de- 
ceased, Is. 1924 m Ida Hatch Campbell; 
r 205 W. 57th st. 

Clark, Jonathan Yates, Manufacturer and 
Capitalist. Leesburfr, Fla. 1898 m Mel- 
lony MacKnight, Is Id. 

Clark, Joseph Still, Lawyer, Che'^tnut Hill 
Pa. Cs Eittenhouse. Racquet, Golf, Phil- 
adelphia Countrv. Cricket, Yacht, Links. 

1896 m Kate Richardson Avery, 2s; r 
Kates Hall. Highland ave. 

Clark, Mrs. Julia Ballard Dixon, Sociolo- 
gist, Henderson, Ky. 1896 m David Clark 

Clark. Julian B., Business Executive, New 
York City. Cs Cosmopolitan, m Louise E. 
Jocelvn: r Spring Hill Plantation,Ridge- 

C'ark, Lyon Clark, Chief Engineer, Phila- 
delphia. Cs Rittenhouse. 1921 m Marga- 
ret R. Kennedy; r 512 E. Auburn ave., 
^np'^tnut Hill. Pa. 

Clark, M.. Eugene, Banker, Ellenville, N. 
Y. Cs Ellenville Noondav, Monticello 
Golf. 1890 m Mary Ella Weeks. 

Clrk. Mancel Talcott, Business ExP'^ntive, 
Winnetkn, 111. Cs Saddle and Cycle, 
riiicago, Universir-^-. 1904 m Elizabeth 
Il.'imlin, Is-; r 7*^.0 Brvant ave. 

Clark, Marshall. Realtor. New Y'orl: City. 
'^^ Pipins- Rock, SeaAvanhnka Yacht, 
1906 m A'irginia Keep; r Oyster Bay, 

Cl^rk. Martin Lee. Lawver. Niagara Eall?;. 
Cs Universitv, Countrv. Niagara. 1920 m 
Evelvn N. Hunt; r 706 Main st. 

Clark. Melville, Harpi«t. Author and Capi- 
talist. Svracuse, N.Y. He is president 
Clark Music Company, and is tr<-asurrT 

National Association of Harpists. Cs Ki- 
wanis. Rotary, Technology, Citizens, Na- 
lional Arts, Mason, Bellevue Country. 
1921 m Dorothy Speieh, 23 Idj r 732 Ob- 
tjom ave. 

Clark, Paul R., Business President. New 
^ork City. Cs Old Colony. 1907 m Had- 
don Lucas, 28; r 122 Mt'Jov place. New 
Rochelle, N.Y. 

Clark, Peter S., Surgeon, Chicago. Cs Medl 
cal, Illinois Medical. 1900 m Maude Sind- 
lingcr. Is Id; r 4535 Ellis ave. 

Clark, Robert R., Manufacturer, St. Joseph 
Mo. Cs St. Joseph's Country, St. .Joseph 
Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Chamber of 
Cdminerce. 1884 m Mary K. Miller, Is 2fl 

Clarl', Ruse'-l, Millionaiie, New Orleans. 
r 1660 Robert st. 

Cl?rk. Pnfus W., Brsitiess Executive and 
Capitalist. Detroit. He is identified with 
Eaton, Claik Company. Cs Detroit, De- 
tr( it Boat, University, Country. 1925 m 
Marv Ellen Rns-ell: r 1014' Harvard 
road. G osse Pointe. Mich. 

Clark, Samvel A^ams, Architect. New York 
City. Cs T'nion, Racquet and Tennis, Sa- 
ratoga G(df, Brook, Links, St. Nicholas, 
('(donial Wars. 1899 m Gertrude Jerome 
Alexander, 2s; r 655 Park ave. 

Clark, Seth, Organist and Choirmaster, of 
Buffalo. Cs Saturn. 1892 m Annie S.Gail, 
2d; r 834 Auburn ave. 

Clark. Sheldon, Btisiness Executiv ean Ca- 
pitalist. Chicago. Cs Universitv, Athletic 
Racquet, Fortv. Onwentsia, Saddle an-d 
Cycle, Bob O 'Link. Chicago Yacht.Yacht. 
New Y'ork Yneht, Roval Automobile of 
London, r 1367 N. State st. 

Clark, Stephen C, Multi -Millionaire, New 
York Citv. 1909 m S'-san Vanderpool 
Hun, 3s Id; r J6 E. 70th st. 

Clark, Thomas T.. Business Executive, 
North Billerics, Mass. Cs I^nion. m Eu- 
genia Meigs, 3s Id. 

Ciark, Virginia Keep Portrait Painter, 
New York Citv. Cs Pining Rock. J906m 
:vra '•shall ClarV; r 4 E. 66th st.. New 
York, and Oyster Bav, Long Island. 

Clark. Wallace, Consulting Engineer, New 
York Citv. Cs Ens'iii'^evs. Ame'-i'^an So- 
ciptv of ^tpr-hanical Engineers, Taylors. 
19"2 m Pearl Frank'in. 

Clark, Wallace Grant, P. .nit-..- riiipacm. He 
is president Michigan Boulevard Build- 
inor Co"ipany. Cs So'^th Shore Cnnntrv, 
Union League. Chicago Athletic. 180,3 ni 
;>'ande Loverin, Is Id; r 4448 D exel 

Cl?rV. Walter G-or'^on, Consnltin"^ Fn^i'iper 
Li"-- .^ngeles. He is vi<>r>-T>'''^=id"nt Bilt- 
inn'o Hot'd Cnmoany. C"- i^'ifriiipprs of 
New York, Union League, .lonathan of 



Los Angeles. 1926 m June Conway; r 
Biltniore Hotel. 

Ciark, Warren D., Millionaire, San Fran- 
cisco. , Cs Pacific Union, Golf, Country 
Burlinganie Country. 1892 m Maud F 
Hopkins, 2s Id; r 3500 Clay st. 

Clark, William B., Business Executive and 
Millionaire, Hartford, Conn, r 268 Far- 
mington ave. 

Clark, WiUiam E., Merchant and Broker, 
Tower City, N.D. Cs Mason, Scottish 
Rite, Shriner. 1897 m Jessie Young, now 
deceased, 2s 2d. 

Clark, William Timothy, Develope rof Ir- 
rigation Projects, Santa Monica, Cal. Cs 
Wenatchel Country, Rainier of Seattle. 
1882 m Adelaide M. Wear, Is Id; r 623 
Palisade ave. 

Clark, William W., Lawyer, Jurist.Bnnker, 
Wayland, N.Y. 1899 m Hattie M. Hill,ld. 

Clark! Willis H., Lawyer and Jurist,St. 
Louis. Cs State and Federal Bars. 1888 
m Inez L. Andrew, 2s 2d; r 4960 Mc- 
Pherson ave. 

Clark, John, Broker,New York City. Cs Ni- 
antic of Flushing, N.Y. 1902 m Fanita 
A. Moll, 3d; r 155 Barclay ave, Flushing 
. N.Y. 

Clarke, Bertrand Rockwell, Banker and 
Manufacturer, New Y'York City. Cs New 
Bochelle Y^Yacht, Kansas City Country, 
Manhattan of New York, Royal of Arts 
American of Mechanical Engineers. 1906 
m Alice H. Lincoln, Is; r 45 E. 62nd st. 

Clarke, Charles M., Business Executive, 
Pittsburg. Cs Edgeworth, Oakmont. 1894 
m Harriet D. Pratt; r 509 Grove st. Se- 
wickley, Pa. 

Clarke, Edmund Stanley, Business Execu- 
tive, New York City. Cs Metropolitan, 
Century, Harvard, India House. 1890 m 
Louisa H. Ward; r Seabright, N.J. 

Clarke, Ernest P., Editor, Riverside, Cal. 
He is editor Riverside Daily Press. Cs 
Kiwanis. 1898 m Louise H. Harvey. 

Clarke, George C, Insurance Brokeki, Chi- 
cago. Cs University, Saddle and Cycle, 
Yacht, Yale University. 1901 m Mary 
Elsie Wardner, now deceased; Is; r Uni- 
versity Club. 

Clarke, Grcorge Harvey, Business Execu- 
tive, Richmond, Va. He is secretary Vir- 
ginia Board of Missions and Education. 
Cs S.A.R., Universitv. 1882 m Mary E. 
Pollard, 2s 3d: r 1815 Hanover ave. 

Clarke, H. Vaugham, Banker,Philadelphia. 
Cs Country, Manufacturers, Automobile, 
Bond Men's, Canadian Y^acht, Athletic. 
1915 m Caroline Jean Kay ton; r Gwyn- 
edd Vallev, Pa. 

Clarke, Harley Lyman, Business President, 
Chicago. Cs Hamilton, Chicago Athletic, 

Union League, Park Ridge Country, Kis- 
w'auketoe Country, Columbia, Big Foot 
Country, Bankers. 1905 m Hildur Free- 
man, Is Id; r 118 Broadway, Wilmette, 

Clarke, Mrs. Helen Hudson Aldrich, Sociol- 
ogist, Glendale, O. 1909 m Talcott Hunt 
Clarke, 2s 3d. 

Clarke, Henry C, Lumberman, Minneapo- 
lis. Cs Minneapolis, Chicago, Minekahda 
Lafavette, Midwick. 1886 m Maggie L. 
Rice;' r 2214 Park ave. 

Clarke, Henry L., Lawyer, Baltimore. Cs 
Union League, Chicago, Maryland, Mer- 
chants. 1907 m Frances Halsey Taylor; 
r Earl Court Apts. 

Clarke, Hovey C. L., Lumberman, Minnea- 
polis. Cs Minneapolis, Chicago, Midwick, 
Lafayette. 1886 m Maggie L.Rice, r 2214 
Park ave. 

Clarke, Mrs. Inez Rotan, Business Presi- 
dent, Portland, Ore. m Mr. Harry T., r 
386 N. 32nd st. 

Clarke, John, Broker and Business Presi- 
dent, New York City. 1902 m F. A. 
Moll, 3d; r 155 Barclay ave. Flushing, 

Clarke, John S., Business Executive, At- 
lanta, Ga. Cs Capitol Citv, Elks, Mason. 
m Claude Foster, Id; r 702 Peachtree st. 

Clarke, Lewis Latham, Banker, and Millio- 
naire, NeAv York City. He is president 
American Exchange National Bank, r 
998 5th ave. 

Clarke, Logan, Banker, Atlanta. Cs Pied- 
mont Driving, Capitol City, Nine O'- 
clock, Elks, Shriner. 1918 lii Lillie Mae 
Ward; r 14 Palisade road, Brookwood 

Clarke, Louis Bertrand, Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago. Cs Athletic, m Pamilla A. 
Sheldon; r 1317 Ritchie court. 

Clarke, Louis Semple, Business Executive, 
Ardmore, Pa. Cs Engineers of Philadel- 
phia, Corinthian Yacht of Philadelphia, 
Merion Cricket, m Mary Ormsby Phil- 
lips, Is Id; r Gulph road, Haverford,Pa., 
and Palm Beach, Fla. 

Clrke, Philin Ream, Business President, 
Chicago. Cs Hinsdale Golf. Attic. Bank 
News, Recess of New York. 1910 m 
Louise Hildebrand, 3s; r Hinsdale, 111. 

Clarke, Thomas Benedict, Art Collector 
and Connoisseur, New York City. Cs Me- 
tropolitan, Brook, Manhattan, New York 
Yacht, Union League, Lambs, Athletic, 
ni Fannv E. Morris, now deceased, Is; 
r 22 E. ■35th St. 

Clarke, W. G., Manufacturer, Bear River, 
N.S. 1882 m Annie J. Marshall, now de- 
ceased, 3d; r Bear River, N.S., and Ot- 



Clarke, Walter James, Physician, New 
Y(jrk City. Cs :Me(lic!il of New York. 
lsi»7 111 Annie Waite Knight. 
Clarkson, Coken Fifiield, Lawyer, New 
York Citv. Cs Harvard, University.Slee- 
pv Hoi-low Conntry. 1S98 ni Lucy Miller 
Porkhill, Is; r Scarsborough, N.Y. 
Clarkson, David A., Realtor, New Y^ork Ci- 
ty. Cs Ujiiversity, St. Anthony Golf. 1808 
III Maria M. Reese; r Merrick, N.Y. 
Clarkson, G-rosvenor B., Economist, Publi- 

list and Advertiser, New York City. 
Clarkson, Howard, Banker and Broker, of 
New York City. 1868 ni Alice Delatield, 
4d; r 30 E. 6Uth st. 
Clarkson, Edward L., Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Clermont, N.Y^ 1913 m 
Rachael Elizabeth Coon; r Sonthwood, 
Clermont, N.Y'. 
Clarkson, Ralph, Portrait Painter, Chica- 
go. Cs Century, Cliff Dwellers, Arts. Lit- 
tle Room, Painters and Sculptors, Water 
Color of New York. 1890 m Frances Cal- 
houn; r 542 Rush st., and in Oregon, 111. 
Clarkson, Robert Livingston, Banker, and 
Business Executive, New York City. Cs 
Metropolitan, Union, Bankers, Baltusrol 
Knollwood Creek, Turf and Field. Rac- 
quet of Chicago. 1923 m Cora Shields, 
2s; r 52.0 Park ave. 
Clsrkson, W. Palmer, Business President, 
St. Louis. Cs Commercial, St.Louis.Belle- 
rive Country. 1898 m Marie Turner, 2s 
Id; r 2 Windmere place. 
Clarkson. WorreU, Jr., Business Executive, 
St. Paul. Cs White Bear,Somerset,Yacht. 
1921 m Katherine Abbott, Id; r 595 
Grand ave. 
Classen. Wenrv W.. Business Executive and 
Capitfilif-t Bpltimore. He is a partner in 
the firm of Marvland Lime and Cement 
Company. Cs various. 2s Id; r 104 Elm- 
hurst roV'd. Rola'ul Park. 
Claudon. Daniel H., Business Executive 
and Bnnker, Piouer, Ohio. 1893 m Fan- 
nie Rediger, 2d. 
Clause, Robert L., Business Executive, of 
Pittsburgh. Cs Edgeworth, Duquesne, 
Alleghenv Country. 1915 m Mary A. 
Crove, 3d; r 21 Thorn st., Sewickley,Pa. 
Clause. William Lewis, Manufacturer, of 
Pittsburfrh. He is prominently idr-ntified 
with businei=s and public affairs. Cs 
Pittsbure-h. Duouesne. American Press, 
Lotos of New York City. 1881 m Eliza- 
beth Ann Fish, Is 2d; r Sewickley, Pa. 

Clsuss. Henrie, Manufacturer. Fremont, 
Ohio. He is president H. Clauss and 
Comnanv. Cs Port Clinton Y'acht, De 
Marvs Huntinj? and Fishing. Fremont 
Gulf. Masonic Order. 1896 m Daisy lona 
Krebs, Id. 

CiausEeu, C. S., Manufacturer and Busi- 
ness President, Chicago. Is 3d; r 0l33 S. 
Western blvd. 
ClauLLon, x^ans D., B'lsiness Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Steuben, m Emma L. Lesch, 
Is 3d; r 5131 S. Western blvd. 
Claxton, Philander Priestley, Educator, of 
Tulsa, Okla. Cs Cosmos, Civitan. m Vari- 
na Staunton Moore, Id. m Ann Eliza- 
beth Porter, Is 2d. in Hannah Johnson, " 
Is Id. 
Clay, George William, Cotton Merchant 
and Millionaire, New Orleans. He is 
prominently identified with business and 
public affairs. Cs Boston, Country, Mete- 
vail Golf, New York of N.Y". 1896 m 
Henrietta Creery, 4s Id; r 4132 St. 
Charles ave. 
Clay, John, Merchant, Chicago. Cs Country 

Clay, Philip T., Business President, San 
Francisco. Cs Bcdiemian, University, Ar- 
lington of Portland, Olympic, Claremont 
Country. 1904 m Edna* Harry, Is Id; r 
31 Sea View ave.. Piedmont, Cal. 
Clay, Robert C, Business Executive, Phila- 
delphia. 1914 m Elizabeth B. Roberts; 
r son Navahoe st.. Chestnut Hill, Pa. 
Clay, William Rogers, Jurist, Frankfort, 
Ky. Cs Country. 1900 ni Anne Field Clay 
2s"; r 312 Ewing st. 
Clayberger, Raymond P., Business Execu- 
tive, New Y\)rk City. Cs Manhattan, 
- Lawrence Park Country. 1914 m Helen 
M. Adams, Id; r 54 Parker ave., Bronx- 
ville, N.Y. 
Claybom, John Winthrop, Advertising, of 
Philadelphia. 1919 m Anne W. Straw- 
bridge, Is 2d; r St. Martin's lane. 
Clayland, John M., Phvsician, Brooklvn. 
Cs Country, Kings County Medical. 1912 
m Caroline M. Meredith, Id; r 138 N. 
Water st. Kittaning, Pa. 
Claytor, Thomas Ash, Physician, Washing- 
ton. Cs Metropolitan. 1904 m Helen 
Niernsee, Is Id; r 1826 R st., N.W. 
Cleaney, Harry Q., Realtor. Cincinnati. Cs 
Y^ale of New York Citv. Cincinnati Coun- 
try. 1887 m Louis D. Wooley, 2d; r Ver- 
ona Apt's. Walnut Hills. 
Cleary, Maurice Garrett, Business Execu- 
tive, New Y^ork City. He is vice-presi- 
dent United Artists Corporation, and is 
producer of Gloriia Swanson Picture Cor- 
poration, of which he is also general 
manager. Cs Racquet, Writers, Beach of 
Los Ane-eles. Unmaried; r 68 W. HSth st. 
Cleary, William E., Business Executive and 
Statesman, Brooklvn. He is a member of 
Congress, and is director of New York 
Board and Transportation. Cs New York 
Chamber of Commerce, Brooklyn Cham- 
ber of Commerce. 



Cleland, Charles S., Clergyman, Philadel- 
jihia. 1891 ni Edith Eleanor Collins, 3s 
Id; r 802 X. 17th st. 

Cleland, Herdman Pitzgerald, Author and 
Teacher, Williamstown, Mass. Cs Geolo- 
gical Society of America. 1910 m Helen 
W. Davidson, now deceased; 2d. 

Cleland, James, Jr., Physician, Detroit. Cs 
Players, Gristmill, Wayne County. 1905 
ni Anna Estella; r 85 Chicago blvd. 

Clemens, Charles Edwin, Musician and Au- 
tlior, Cleveland. 1895 m Alice Lepehne, 
3d; r 4617 Prospect ave. 

Clement, Austin A., Broker, Chicago. Cs 
Ujiion League, Athletic, Oriental Consis- 
tory. 1917 m Corinne F. Dewey, 2s Id; r 
3930 Pine Grove ave. 

Clement, Ernest Hilson, Author and Tea- 
cher, Tokio, Japan. Cs Pan-Pacific, Asia- 
tic of Japan, American Japan. 1887 m 
Nellie Hall, Is 2d; r Tokio, Japan. 

Clement, Frank H., Banker, Silver Creek, 
X.Y. 1907 m Frances B. Weaver, Is Id; 
1 Petoskey, Mich. 

Clement, George Clinton, Bishop, Louis- 
ville, Ky. 1898 m Emma Williams, 4s 3d. 

Clement, George Edwards, Buusiness Ex- 
ecutive, Boston. 1916 m Margaret Adams 
2s Id; r 152 Mount Vernon st., and in 
Peterhorough, X.H. 

Clement, J. Browning, Banker, Philadel- 
phia. 1919 m Margaret .1. Gnerini, Id; r 
Ardmore, Pa. 

Clement, Samuel M., Jr., Lawyer, Philadel- 
pbia. He is identified with Clement Don- 
ahue, and Irwin, lawvers. Cs S.A.R., Co- 
lonial, Historical Society of Pennsylva- 
nia. University, Fnion League of Xew 
York, Philadelphia Country, Philadel- 
phia Cricket. 1898 m Mabel' V. Eichard- 
sou, ^s. 3d; r Chestnut Hill. 

Clement, Stuart Holmes, Pealtor. Buffalo. 
Cs Saturn. 1919 m Margaret Bush, 2s; r 
59 Ashland ave. . 

Clements. Eilert Alfred, Mannfacturor and 
Capitalist, Grand Papids. Mich. Pe is 
president Globe Knittinsr Works. 1889 m 
•Tulie .Jensen. 2s Id; r Oakwood Manor. 

Clements. Furin Martin. Business Presi- 
dent, New York City. Cs National Golf. 
Maidstone. Pine Valley Golf, and Blind 
Brook Golf. 1897 m Lily Morrison, Is Id, 
r 830 Park r-e. 

Clements, WiHi^m Lawrence, Retired Man- 
ufacturer, Bav Citv, Mich. 

Clemson, David M., Millionaire, Pittsburgh 
r 6200 5th ave. 

Clemenin. Fenry Wilson, Editor and Pub- 
lisher, SpringfieH, 111. He is prominent- 
ly identified with business and public 
afairs. Cs Jeffers'^n of Washington, Odd 
Fellows, State Historical. 1877 m Mary 

Elizabeth Morev, now deceased; 3s Id; r 
1009 S. 2nd st.' 

Clendenin, Frank Montrose, Clergyman and 
Author, Chappaqua, N.Y. 1891 m Gabri- 
elle Greeley. 

Clergue, .Francis Hector, Engineer and 
Manufacturer, Montreal, P.Q. Cs Bank- 
ers, New York Yacht, Mount Royal, Ei- 
deau. r 692 Mountain st. 

Cleveland, J. Wray, Millionaire, New York 
City, r 26 E. 63rd st. 

Cleveland, Malcolm C, Civil Enginepr,New 
York City. 1907 m Mera Louise Towsey 
r Monmouth Hills Club, Highlands, N..j. 

Cleveland, Paul Williams, Investment 
Banker and Capitalist, Chicago. Cs Chi- 
cago, University, Midday, Caxton, In- 
dian Hill. 1909 in Mary L. Spring, Id; r 
1936 Sheridan road, Evanston, 111. 

Cleveland, Walter G., Business President, 
New Orleans. Cs Country. 1903 m Nin- 
ette Dugne, 2s 3d; r 5504 Charles st. 

Clews, Henry, Jr., Millionaire, New York 
City, r 27 W. 51st st. 

Clews, Jam-es B., Banker and Multi-Millio- 
naire, New York City. 1909 m Leta Ni- 
chols, now deceased; Id; r 1039 5th ave. 

Cliff, Vinceit de Paul, Insurance Execu- 
tive and Capitalist, Detroit. Cs Detroit, 
Detro Cuonry, Detroit Golf, Hawthorne 
Valley Country, and Detroit Instil ute of 
Arts. "1895 m Mary M. McCabe, Is 4d; r 
70 E. Ferry ave. 

Clifford, Arthur Morton, Investment Coun- 
selor, Los Angeles. Cs California, Mid- 
wick Country. 1907 m Juudith Hoblit- 
zelle, 2s; r 317 Markham place, Pasa- 

Clifford, Edward. Lawyer, Washington. Cs 
Metropolitan, Chevy Chase, Army and 
Navv. 1901 m Anne Lambert, 2s Id; r 
30.S3 N St., N.W. 

Clifford, Oliver Morton, Retired Business 
Executive, St. Louis. He is prominent in 
business and public affairs. Cs Racquet, 
Noonday, Country, University, Sunset 
Hill Countrv. Missouri Athletic. 19'^0 m 
Prudence Zeibig, 2s Id; r 4715 Westmin- 
ster place. 

Clifford, Philip, Lawyer, Portland, Maine. 
Cs Cumberland, Country, Yacht, Maine 
Historical, Art. 1895 m Katharine Hale, 
Sd; T 71 Carroll st. 

Clifford, Randall, Physician, Boston. Cs 
Somerset, I^nion Boat. Harvard. 1918 m 
Charlotte Baylies,r 215 Warren st..Brook- 
line, Mass. 

Clifton, Chalmers D., Orchestral Conductor 
NeAv York City. Cs Harvard of New 
York, Harvard of Boston, Musicians. 
1919 m Wanda Constance Baur; r 165 E. 
60th St. 



Clifton, Horace Bradford, Realtor and 
Broker, San Francisco. Cs Bohemian, O- 
Ivmpic, Crystal Springs Country. 1913 m 
Olga Caroline Behulze, 2 d; r 2739 Brod- 
eriek st. 
Climo, Arthur Harold, Business Executive, 
Cleveland. Cs Rutland, Union, Country, 
m Winfred Eeed, Id; r 2029 E. 88th St., 
and Eeedhuisl Farm, Mentor, Ohio. 
Clincli, R. Floyd, Business Executive, Chi- 
cago. Cs Chicago, Union League, Yacht, 
Indian Hill Golf. 1890 m Katharine S 
Lay, Is Id; r Hubbard Woods, 111. 
Clinton, Delmar Smith, Contracting Engi- 
neer, San Francisco. Cs Bohemian, Uni- 
versity, Polo, Army and Navy, Mill Val- 
ley Country, Baquio Country. 1906 m 
Helen Mac" Davis, 2s Id; r Mill Valley, 
Clinton, Francis Wright, Merchant, New 
York City. Cs New York Athletic, Peco- 
nic Bay Yacht, Womans Thirteeen, Rot- 
ary, National Opera of America, Mason, 
Shriner, Knights Templar, American Le- 
Clinton, Marshall, Surgeon, Buffalo. Cs Sa- 
turn, University, Buffalo. 1900 m Elethe 
Evans, 3s Id; r 556 Franklin st. 
Clippinger, Arthur Rasnnond, Clergyman, 
Dayton, Ohio. Cs Mason. 1907 m Ellen 
Mills, 3s; r 1602 Grand ave. 
Clippings, Walter Gillan, Educator, Water- 
ville. Ohio. 1903 m Sara Alverda Eoop, 
2s Id. 
Clise, Charles Francis, Business Execituve, 
Seattle, Wash. Cs Rainier, College. 1913 
m Rosalind C. Hammer, Is 2d; r 1242 
Newton st. 
Clise, James William, Banker and Capita- 
talist, Seattle, Wash. 1886 m Anna E. 
Herr, 2s Id. 
Clo^e, Charles F. Business Executi'.e, of 
Pittsburgh. Cs University. Pittsburgh 
Field. Kevstone Athletic. 1902 m Lyda 
BushfiehU 2s 2d; r 5839 Marlborough av. 
Closson, Henry B., Millionaire, Orange, N. 

J. r 133 Cleveland st. 
Closson, Henry Burton, Business Executive 
Cleveland, m Mary Anna Nixon, Is; r 
3650 Clifton ave. 
Closson, William Baxter Palmer, Engraver 
and Artist, MagnoHa.Mass. 1907 m Grace 
Gallaudet Kendall; r Newton, Mass., and 
Magnolia, Mass. 
Clothier, Isaac H., Jr., Millionaire, Radnor 

P. r Sunny Brook Farm. 
Clothier, Morris L., Multi-Millionaire, Vil- 
la Nova, P. r Claremont. 
Clothier, William Jackson. Business Pres- 
ident and Capitalist, Philadelphia. He is 
president Boone County Coal Corpora- 

tion. Cs Eittenhouse, Racquet, Picketing 
Hunt, Radnor Hunt, and various others. 
1906 m Anita Porter, Is 3d; r Valley 
Hill Farm, Valley Forge, Pa. 
Cloud, William Woodward, Business Presi- 
dent, Baltimore. Cs Advertising, Mary- 
land, Merchants, Country, City. 1S99 m 
Frances Dashiell; r Roland Park. 
Clough, Joseph, Banker, LaPorte, Texas. 
Cs LaPorte, Texas Chamber of Com- 
merce. 1903 m Carrie N. Holland, Id. 
Clough, Walter H., Builder, New York CL- 
tv. Cs Essex Country, Montclair Golf, 
Montclair Athletic. 1898 m Grace Anson, 
Is Id; r Montclair, N.J. 
Clow, Kent Sarver, Manufacturer, Chica- 
go. Cs Onwentsia, Shore Acres, Chicago 
Harvard, Yale, University, Saddle and 
Cycle, Racquet. 1922 m Frances Reid 
Jones, Is 2d; r 300 Deerpath ave, Lake 
Shore, 111. 
Clow, Ralph Mortimer, Business President, 
Cleveland. Cs Union, Midday, Rowfant 
Country, University, Kirtland Print. 
1923 m Dorothy de Wolf Tracy, Id; r 
13303 Lake Shore blvd. 
Clow, William E., Manufacturer, Capitalist 
and Millionaire, Chicago. Cs Chicago, 
Union League, Commercial, Saddle and 
Cycle, Onwentsia, Shore Acres. 1812 m 
Margaret M. Sawer, 2s Id; r Wyndwold 
xSunset Lane, Lake Shore, 111. 
Clow, William E., Jr., IManufacturer, Chi- 
cago. Cs Chicago University, Saddle and 
Cycle, Casino, Shore Acres, Onwentsia. 
1908 m Isabella Mann, 2d; r Green Bay 
road. Lake Forest, 111. 
Clowes, G. II. Alexander. Biological Che- 
mist, Indianapolis. Cs University, Wood- 
stock, Athletic, Woods Hole Golf, Cos- 
mos of Washington. 1910 m Edith White- 
hill Hinkel, 2s: r 4319 Broadway. 
Clunet, Nathaniel S., Contractor and Engi- 
neer, Davton, 0. Cs Engineers, East Oak- 
wood. 1902 m Mary E. Parrott, 4d; r 
IVVecshack Burr road, Oakwood. 
Cochran. Ethel Avery, Sociologist, Cincin- 
nati. 1905 m Percv Madison 
deceased; 2s 2d;" r 235 Greendale ave., 
Coale. George Oliver George,Business Pres- 
ident. Boston. Cs Cosmos, Harvard. Na- 
tional Arts, St. Botolph, Union, Ex- 
change. 1882 m Elizabeth Atkinson. It 
Id: r L5 Charles River square. 
Coale. Thomas E., Business Executive, 
Philadelphia. Cs Racquet, m Nannie E. 
Murphv; r Crestmont Farm, Red Lion 
road. Torresdale, Pa. 
Coan, Folwell W., Lumber Man. Minnea- 
polis. Cs Minneapolis, Woodhill. 1922 ra 



Olivia L. Carpenter, Is; r 217 Franklin 
ave., W. 

Coast, Oscar R., Artist, Santa Barbara, Cal. 
Cs Salmagundi of New York, Art of 
Washington, Santa Barbara Art. Unmar- 

Coate, Bert C, Educator, Montour Falls, 
N.Y. Cs Rotary, Mason. 1913 m Eliza 
Spencer, Is 3d. 

Coate, Phillip Stenning, Retired Cotton 
Merchant, Meni]>his, Tenn. Cs Memphis 
Country, New York. 1892 ni Blanche 
Steele, 2d; r 54 E. Parkway N. 

Coates, Anna Loyd Morris, Sociologist, of 
Philadelphia. Cs Little Town, Acorn,Col- 
lege, Sedgely. 1904 m Benjamin Coates, 
Is; r 128 S." 22nd st. 

Coates, Edward Osborne, Business Execu- 
tive, Philadelphia. Ss St. Anthony. 1916 
m Sibyl H. Wright, 2s 2d; r 227 Wind- 
mere ave., Wayne, Paa. 

Coates, George M., Otologist, Philadelphia. 
He is otologist Medico Chirurgical Hos- 
pital, and secretary Laryngological As- 
sociation. Cs University, American Le- 
gion, L'niversitv Barge, Medical. 1910 m 
Mildred A. Hodge, Is Id; r 1736 Pine 
St., and Yallev Creek, Whitford, Pa. 

Coates, John Lloyd, Merchaant, Phildel- 
phia. Cs Eittenhouse, Princeton, Merion 
Cricket. 1915 m Theodate L. Baily, Is; r 
Golf House road, Ardmore, Pa. 

Coates, William T., Investment Banker 
and Capitalist, New Orleans. Cs New 
Orleans Country, New Orleans, Chess, 
Checkers and Whist, Southern Y^acht. 
1916 m Ada Yirginia Keller, Is Id: r 
1619 Pine st. 

Coats, Alfred M.. Millionaire, Providence, 
r 77 Williams st. 

Coats. WUliam Bennett. Railroad Presi- 
dent, Montgomery. Ala. 1910 m Eliza- 
beth Carter, 4s; r 610 Mulberryst. 

Coatsworth, Caleb J., Broker and Capita- 
list, Buffalo. N.Y. Cs various. J 915 m 
Mrs. Winnifred Cox, Is Id; r Hotel Le- 

Cobb, Bernard C, Millionaire, New York 
City, r 112 Riverside drive. 

Cobb, Bertha Browning, Author, Newton 
Upper Falls, Mass. 2d. 

Cobb, Calvin, Publisher, Boise, Idaho, r 
212 AV. Idaho st. 

Cobb, Charles Kane, Lawyer, Boston. Cs 
Somerset, Boston, Harvard, Exchange. 
1887 m Susan M. Wheelwright, 2s Id; r 
40 Dunston orad. Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Cobb. Edwin Schuyler, Educator, Oak 
Bluffs, Mass. 1962 m Lena Laura Cooper 
Stone, Id; r Oak Bluffs, Mass., and Pro- 

Cobb, Elisha Willey, Leather Merchant and 
Ca])italist, Boston. Cs Algonquin, Tedes- 
co Country, Brookline Country, Ever- 
glades of Palm Beach, Fla. 1881 m Jane 
E. Page, 2d; r Boston and Pasadena, Cal. 

Cobb, Frederick Copeland, County Ireas- 
urer, Uedham, Mass. Cs Masonic Order, 
American Unitarian Association. 1907 
m Gertrude Edna Billings, Is. 

Cobb, George W., Business Executive, New 
York City. 1893 m Elizabeth S. Dallance 
2s: r 1186 Lexington ave. 

Cobb, Henry Evertson, Clergyman, New 
York City. Cs Century, Rutgers, Clergy, 
Westchester-Biltmore, Country. 1891 in 
Elizabeth Colgate Penrose, 2s 2d; r 370 
W. End ave. 

Cobb, Henry Ives, Architect, New York 
City, m Emma M. Smith, 6s Id; r 210 
Riverside drive. 

Cobb, Irvin S., Author, New York City. 
1900 m Laura Spencer Banker, Id; r 830 
Prk ave. 

Cobb, James S., Business Executive, New 
York City. He is president and general 
manager Abercrombie and Fitch Compa- 
ny. Cs Universitv,New York Yacht. 1915 
m Helen Fitch. " 

Cobb, John Candler, Banker, Boston. 1879 
m Leonore Smith, 3s 4d; r Milton, Mass. 

Cobb, O. Howard, Physician, Syracuse, N. 
Y. He is resident physician New York 
State Hospital for Crippled Children. 
1917 m Lucy Mc Crea, 2s Id. 

Cobb, Ralph Wilkinson, Business Execu- 
tive, Cleveland. 1912 m Catherine Smith 
Abbott, 2s Id; r 14510 Drexmore road, 
Shaker Heights. 

Cobbs, Frank J., Business President, Port- 
land, Ore. He is president Cobbs and 
Mitchell Company of Portland, and of 
Cobbs and Mitchell, Cadillac, Mich., lum- 
ber. Cs Arlington, Weverley, University 
Multnomah. 1898 m Maude L. Belcher, 
2s: r 588 ^lontgomery drive. 

Coblentz, Virgil, Chemist, Deal Beach, N. 
J. 1889 m Anna Bauel, 2s. 

Coburn, John J., Lawyer, Chicago. He is 
identified with Coburn, Kearney and Co- 
burn, lawvers. m Annie M. Yalentine, Is 
4d: r 5833 W. Ohio st. 

Cochen. Frederic, Financial ^Manager, New- 
ark, X..T. He is financial manaeer New- 
ark Evening News. Cs Essex, Downtown 
Masonic. 1895 m Marguerite E. Riddle, 
3s 2d; r Elberon, N.,J." 

Cchran, Carlos Bingham, Educator and 
Scientist, West Chester, Pa. Cs Ameri- 
can Chemical. 1885 m Sarah B. Marshall 

Cochran, Casey Gregory, Stockman, Far- 
mer and Banker, Hays City, Kan. Ca 



Elks, Mason. 1S79 m Emma J. Shaw, 2s; 
r Kansas City, Mo., and Hays, Kan. 

Cochran, George Ira, Insurance President 
and Millionaire, Los Angeles. He is pres- 
ident Pacific Mutual Life Insurance 
Company. Cs California, L^niversity, Mid- 
wick Country. 1907 m Isabella M. Mc 
Clung; r 2249 Harvard blvd. 

Cochran, Harrison H., Treasurer, Minnea- 
polis. Cs Universitv. 1916 m Mabelle 
Hudson, 2s; r 4S09 Dupont ave. 

Cochran, Horace J., Business President, of 
Maysville, Ky. Cs various. 1907 m Kath- 
erine L. Poyntz, Is. 

Cochran, John B., Insurance Agent, Cleve- 
Innd. Cs T'.ion, Mayfiold Cmnliy. 1S02 
m Grace 1\L Taylor. Id. 

Cocliran, John I.evds, Banker, Chicago. Cs 
Chicago, Onv,'entsia, Saddle and Cycle, 
H.^irvard, Yale, Princeton, IJiding. 1921 
m Eleanor Pcabody Brush, 2d; r 1510 
N. Dearborn st. 

Cochran, M. M., Business President, Daw- 
son, Pa. 

Cochran, Percy M., Business Executive, 
Cincinnati. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs 

Cochran, Peyton Skipwith, Business Exec- 
utive, Philadelphia. Cs Philadelphia, Ar- 
my and Xavy. m May H. Curtin, ]d; r 
I'nited Fur and Fox Farms, Richmond, 

Cochran, Peyton Skipwith, Business Exec- 
utive, Ardmore, Pa. Cs Norfolk Hunt, 
Eastern Yacht, m Ella Estabroos, 2s Id; 
r 75 Longwood ave, Brookline, Mass. 

Cochran, Thomas, Multi-Millionaire, New 
York Citv. r 51 E. 49th st. 

Cochran, Thomas, Lieutenant-Commander, 
Philadelphia. Cs Philadelphia Country, 
m Helen Bancroft; r 2518 S. Lambert st. 

Cochrane, Edward Chester,, Business Ex- 
ecutive, Buffalo. Cs Saturn. 1907 m Lu- 
cy Clapp, 2d; r 22 Saybrook place. 

Cochrane, William F., Executive Engineer 
and Capitalist, Baltimore. He is execu- 
tive engineer Curtis Bav Copper and 
Iron Works. Cs Army and Navy, IMary- 
land, Baltimore Country, Elkridge Hunt 
United States Naval Academv. 1909 m 
Gretchen Schneider, Is; r 3405 The 
Green way. 

Cocke, Henry Teller j Clergyman, Chevy 
Chase, Md. 1906 ni Mari L. Snowden, Is 

Cocke, Joseph James, Teacher, Brownsville 
Texas. 1819 m Marv Pleasants, 3s 3d; r 
602 St. Charles st. 

Cocke, Lucian Howard, Lawyer and Bank- 
er, Roanoke, Va. Cs Westmoreland, Uni- 
versity of Washington. 1885 m Lclia M. 

Smith, now deceased, m Sarah Cobb Ha- 

Cockrell, Ewing, Jurist, Warrenburg, Mo. 
1S96 m Leacy Peachy Williams, 2s 2d. 

Cockrell, James Knox, Army Of ficer. West 
Point, N.Y. Cs Army and Navy. 1920 m 
Susan Sanile Lewis, Is. 

Cockrill, Ashley, Lawyer, Little Rock,Ark. 
Cs Athletic, Quapaw, Country. 

Codd, George Pierre, Lawyer and Jurist, 
Detroit. Cs University, Athletic, Univer- 
sity of Washington. 1894 m Kathleen 
Warner, 2s Id; r 1032 Seminole ave. 

Coddling, Frank B., Business President, of 
Collingswood, N.J. 1891 m Sarah Wolfe, 

Coddington, Herbert Guibord, Author, of 
Syracuse, N.Y. Cs University, Citizens, 
Onondaga, Golf, Country.. 1888 m Leone 
Adele Fitch, Id; r 1006" Harrison st. 

Codman, John Sturgis, Author, \* est Rox- 
bury, Mass. Cs Harvard, Tavern. 1901 m 
Susan Sargent, Id; r Quail st. 

Codman, Julian, Lawver,Boston. Cs Somer- 
set. 1897 m Norali Chadwick, 2d; r 31 
Lime st. 

Codman, Russell Sturgis, Trustee, Boston. 
Cs Sojnerset, Harvard, Travelers, Amer- 
ican Museum of Art. 1891 m Anna K. 
Crafts, 2s; r Manchester, Mass. 

Coe, Aimer, Business President, Chicago. 
Cs Union League, Athletic, Art. Floss- 
moor Countrv, S.A.R., Historical, m Eli- 
zabeth Scott", Id; r 1725 53rd st. 

Coe, Franklin, Publisher, New York City. 
Cs Uptown, St. Andrews Golf, m Lillian 
D. Jewett, 2s Id; r 215 Palisade ave., 

Coe, George Albert, Educator, New York 
City. 1888 m Sadie E. Knowland. 

Coe, George V., Multi-Millionaire, New- 
York City, r 760 Park ave. 

Coe, Sherman P., Vice-president, New 
York City. Cs Bankers, New York Rid- 
ing, Arkwright, Aldine. New York Ath- 
letic, and Westchester Biltmore Countrv. 
1895 m Julia Ashbrook, Is 3d; r 240 
Summit ave, Mt. eVrnon, N.Y. 

Coe, William R., Multi-Millionaire, New- 
York City, r 6 E. 83rd st. 

Coen, James Benjamin. Business President, 
West Homestead, Pa. Cs South Hills 
Country. 1888 m Elizabeth Kent. Is Id; 
r Virginia ave.. Homestead Park, Pa. 

Coerr, Frederick H., Physician, New York 
Citv. Cs University, m Audrey DeRenne, 
r 51 Lower Belgrave, London. 

Coester. Frederick H., Business Executive 
and Business Analvst, St. Louis. Cs Cen- 
tury, University, City, Chamber of Com- 
merce. 1914 m Florence A. HoUidadv, 29 
2d; r 405 Tuxedo blvd., Webster Groves 



Coghlin. John P., Electrical Engiiu't-r, of 
Woicester, Mass. Cs Worcester City, 
Worcester Country, Commoinvealt'i. 1896 
m Josie A. Callahan, 2s Id; r 25 Rich- 
ards st. 

Coey, Charles A., Manufacturer, Chicago. 
He i§ president Coej" Motor Company. Cs 
Illinois Athletic, South Shore Country. 

Cofer, Iceland Eggleston, Physician, New 
Yol-k City. Cs Metropolitan, Metropoli- 
tan of Washington, Chevy Chase of 
Washington. 1920 m Luisila Leland; r 
563 Park Ave. 

Coffe, Charles F., Caattle Rncher, Cha- 
daron, Neb. Cs Kiwanis. 1878 m Virginia 
A. Toney, now deceaased, 2s Id. 

Coffeen, Mrs. Martha Martin, Sociologist, 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio. 1877 m Milo Lester 

Coffield, James Lloyd, Manufacturer anad 
Capitalist, Dayton, Ohio. 1924 m Louise 
Bickham, Id; r Grand Apartments. 

Coffin, Charles A., Multi-Millionaire, New 
York Citv. Cs T^nion League, m Caroline 
L. Russell; r 640 Park ave. 

Coffin, Charles E., Business President. In- 
dianapolis. He is past president Indiana 
Savings and Investment Company. Cs 
Columbia, r 1213 N. Meridian st. 

Cofin, Charles Howell, Broker, Chicago. Cs 
Harvard. 1909 m Ir^na Broden Parker, 
2s Id; r Winnetka, 111. 

Coffin, Charles P., Laawyer. Boston. Cs 
I'nion, St. Botolph. Mass. Militaray His- 
torical Societies. 1879 m Grace Parkman, 
Is 2d; r 138 Ivy st., Brookline, Mass. 

Coffin. Edgar Sargent, Manufacturer and 
Capitalist. Minneapolis. He is pr?sident 
Coffin's Box and Lumber Comoa'^y. Cs 
variolas. 1914 m Arabella Donaldson; r 
2-il4 Pillsbury ave. 

Coffin. Edward T., Salesman, Providence. 
Cs Warwick Heights Countrv. 1913 m 
Tsabelle Rhodes Sfft, Id; r Noxet Cot- 
tace. East Greenwich. R.I. 

Coffin, Georf;e Henry, Phvsician, Maiden, 
Mass. 1814 m Jennv Clifford Guild, 3s 

Coffin, Howard Earle, Vce-r»resident and 
Engineer, Detroit, Mich. Cs Metropoli- 
tan, Engineers, Detroit Athletic, I^niver- 
sity, Bloomfield Hills, Country. 1907 m 
Mathilda Mary Allen; r Grosse Pointe 

Coffin, John P., Business Executive. Chi- 
cago. He is prominentlv identified with 
business and public affairs, r 2102 Prai- 
rie ave. 

Coffin, Nathaniel, Business President, of 
Minneapolis. Cs Minneapolis, Auto, La- 
fayette. 1893 m Mary Best, 2s; r Oak 
Grove Hotel. 

Coffn'.an, Noah Beery, Banker, Chehalia, 
Wash. 1883 m Adalnie J. Tighes, Is 2d; 
r 899 St. Helens ave. 

Cofman, Lotus Delta, University Presi- 
dent, Minneapolis. 1899 m Emma Farrell, 
r 1005 5th St., S.E. 

Ccgan, Charles M., Electrical Engineer, 
Schenectady, N.Y. LTnmarried. 

Cogan, Liniiis C, Lawyer, Boston. 1912 
m Maude Sprogue, Is 2d; r Hingham, 

Cogenshall, Edwin W., Millionaire, New 
York City, r IS W. 9th st. 

Coggeshall, Mary Bancroft, Interior Deco- 
rator, New York City. Cs Women's Uni- 
versity, Decorators, Smith. 

Cogswell, Lathrobe, Purchasing Agent,Bal- 
timore. 1920 m Dorothy Beall Hook, r 
3415 Okenshaw place. 

Cogswell, Richard William, Banker, Bridge- 
port, Conn. Cs Brooklawn Country. 1914 
m Kate H. Cole, Is; r 331 Clinton ave. 

Cogswell, Sherman T., Merchant, Wolf 
Point, Mont. Cs Shrine, Mason. Unmar- 

Cogswell, Sumter, Banker and Realtor, Pell 
Citv, Ala. He is president Pell City Real- 
ty Company. Cs Mason, 1900 m Lydia E. 
Kins, 3s 3d. 

Cogswell, William. S., Business President, 
New York City. Cs various. 1872 m Har- 
riette Spader, now deceased, 2s 4d; r 
.Tamaica, N.Y. 

Cohen, Frederick W.. Business Executive, 
Nen- York City. Cs Machinery, New 
York Railroad, Engineers of Boston, En- 
gineers of New York. 1905 m Mary Lee 
Rose, 3d; r 193 Cooper ave. Montclair, 

Cohen, Iser P.. Manufacturer and Business 
President. New York City. He is presi- 
dent of Cohen Brothers Manufacturing 
Campany. Cs Elks, r 215 W. 92nd st. 

Cohen, Julius Fenry, Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs Authors, Bankers, Harmonle, 
Metropolis. Cit^^ 1900 m Ida Stras- 
burger; r 2 W. 88th st. 

Cohen. Nessa, Sculptor, New York City, 
r 120 E. S6th st. 

Cohen, Sanford Henrv. Manufacturer and 
Capitalist. Pawtu.-ket, R.I. Cs Tokolon, 
Pawtncket Golf, East Side Skating, Me- 
tacomet Golf. 1918 m Anne F. Friedlan- 
de^-. Id: r 386 Wayland ave.. Providence. 

Cohen. William W.,. Broker, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Grove, Inwood Country. Criterion, 
Quaker Ridge Golf, Bankers of America 
Sto<"k Exchange, Con<Tres«ional Country, 
of Washington, Elks. Hollvwood Coun- 
try. 1900 m Sophie Dazian; r 270 Wept 
End ave. 

Cohn, Abraham, .Arf Dealer. Carson City, 
Nev. Cs Mason. L'nmarried. 



Cohn, Abraham, Shoe Merchant and Fin- 
ancier, New York City. He is identified 
\sith the form of Josej.h Cohii and Son. 
Cs various, r 360 Eiveiside drive. 
Cohn, Adolphe, Educator, Paris, France. Cs 
del Ecole des Chartes, el' Histoiie Mo- 
derne. 1887 m Marian L. Wright, now 
deceased. 1904 ni Madelein ^Merlin, Is Id, 
r 98 Dis blvd., de Latour, Marbourg. 
Cohn, Morris, Jr., Lawyer, Niagaia FalTs, 
N.Y. He is general counsel for Niagara 
Falls Power Company. Cs Niagara Falls 
Country, Buffalo Athletic, Tuscarora. 
1896 mCora M. Gaskill; r 610 Riverside 
and Orleans, Mass. 
Coho, Herbert B., Business Exeeufive,lSrew 
Y'ork City. Cs Engineers, Cheniists, ^- 
wanoy Country. 1896 m Gertrude C. Bro- 
sius, 2d: r 25" Archer ave, Mt. Ternon. 
Co'lcord, Lincoln Ross, Author, Searsport, 
Maine. 1910 m Blanche Meade Morgan, 
now deceased; Id. 
Coit, Frank E., Business Executiv-e anc! 
Cajtitalist, Washington. Cs various. 1924 
m; r 8241 N st.. N.W. 
Cokefair, Isaac W., Millionaire, New York 

City, r 3'^9 W. 82nd st. 
Coker. Charles W.. ^Manufacturer and Capi- 
talist, Fartsville. S.f. He is president 
Hunoco P'oducts Comjianv. Cs South Ca- 
rolina Board of Public Welfare, Sotrtb 
Carolina Conference of Social Work. 
1903 ni Carrie Lida. 2s. 
Colbiirn, Frederick Standish.Business Pres- 
ident, Chicaeo. Cs I'niversity. 1905 m 
Myra Plumb, Id; r 1012 Lake Shore blvd 
Evanston, 111. 
Cclbum, James T., Business Fxecnti've, 
Spring Vallev, Paoli. Pa. Cs Harva- d of 
New York, Raeouet of Philadelphia.T?ad- 
nor Hunt of Philadelphia, m Clemence 
Colby, Alfred H., Business President, Bos- 
Colby F. L.. Business Executive, Detroit, 
Mich. Cs Detroit Athletic. Detroit, and 
Bloomfield Hills Country. 1899 m Fran- 
ces Hooper Berry. 4s Id. 
Colby, Forrest H., Lumberman and Capi- 
talist. Bingham, and Portland, Maine. He 
is general manager Woodlands Depart- 
ment, S. D. Warren Companv. Cs Ma- 
sonic, Shrine. 1891 m Carrie B. Eobinson 
Colcord, Charles Francis. Business I'resi- 
dent and Capitalist, Oklahoma City, O- 
kla. He is president Local Building and 
Loan Company Association, and i« the 
builder of twelve-storv Colcord Building. 
Cs Oklahoma City, CountrA% LaTceside 
Countrv. 1834 m Harriett Scores;I,y: r 
421 W.' 30th St. 

Cole, Alpteus P., Portrait Painter, New- 
York City. Cs Salmagundi, New York 
Water Color, Oil Painters, American Wa- 
ter Color. 1905 m Margaret Ward Wara- 
Cole, C. T., Banker, Des Moines, Iowa. Us 
Grant, Wakonda, Hyperion. 1896 m He- 
len D. Bevins. 
Cole, Charles B., Insurance President, St. 
Louis. 1869 m Ln; ri A. Layman, Is 3d. 
1882 m Mary E. Pair e-, Id; r Bay View 
Cole, Christian Grenes. Surgeon, New Or- 
leans. Cs Southern Yacht. 1914 m Hal- 
lette Barron; r 17 Newcomb blvd. 
Cole. Edmund A., Millionaire, Collumbus, 

Ohio, r 69 Franklin Park ave. 
Co'e, Eli K., Marine Officer, Carmel, N.Y. 
Cs Armv and Navy of Washington, Ar- 
my and Navy of America. 1893 m Emilie 
de Rnssv Maxwell, Is; r Quantico, Va. 
Cole, Harry E., Editor, Barabo6, Wis. 1899 

m Dorothy Matchett. 
Cole, Hayden S., Banker and Colonel, St. 
Paul. Cs Country, Minnesota. 1887 m 
Marv E. Mense, is Id; r 755 Summit av. 
Cole. Henry Ernest, Merchant, Pittsburgh. 
Cs Dunuesne, Kevstone Athletic. 1907 m 
Augusta S. Schumacher, 2d; r 6100 Stan- 
ton ave. 
Co'e, Henry Tiffany, Business President, 
Detroit. Cs Detroit, Grosse Pointe, Ath- 
letic, Grosse Pointe Hunt, Racquet and 
Curline. 1900 m Alice Jerome Day, 2d; r 
394 Lakeland ave., Grosse Pointe. Mich. 
Cole. Herbert M., Financial Journalist and 
Fditor. Boston. Cs Neighborhood and 
Fxchanp-e, Newton. 1894 m Dorothy E. 
Rnow. 38; r West Newton. 
Cole, Howard Norton. Business Executive 
and Capitalist. Tnlsa. Okla. Cs Mason, 
Shrine. 1900 m Bessie Baker; r 1512 
South Owasso. 
Cole, Lawrence Wooster, Fdncator, Boul- 
der. Col. 1900 m Fannie B. Cooksev. 3d. 
Co'e leon Jacob, Educator. Madison.Wis. 

1906 m Margaret B. Goodenow, Is Id. 
Cole, Lewis Gregory. Physician and Roent- 
genologist. New Y''ork City. 1901 m Ma- 
rion E. Herrinsr, Is. 
Cole. Louis Maurice. Business President, 
Los Anceles. Cs .Tonathan, Athletic. Up- 
lifters. Beach, Santa Monica Swimming-, 
Yacht, San Gabriel, Flintridge. Hillcrest 
Mason, Elks. Knights of Pythias, Shrine. 
1904 m Monica- PMc 
1904 m Frida Hillman, 2 s by adoption; 
r 3?40 Wilshire st. 
Col'*. Ralston S., Business President, New 
OrTpsns. Cs New Orleans Country. 1910 
m Marv Clotille Keller, Is 2d; r 462 
Lowerline st. 



Cole, Seward, Retired Business Executive, 
Hollywood, Cal. Cs Athletic, ,Beach, S. 
A.R., Writers, National Geographic. 1899 
m Eleanor W. Boydges, 2s Id; r 1156 N. 
El Centre ave. 
Cole, Sylvan, Business Executive, New 
York City. Cs Woodmere, Aldine, Na- 
tional Republican, National Geographi- 
cal. 1917 m Dorothy B. Etein, 2s; r 140 
W. 79th st and Woodmere, L.I. 
Cole, Timothy, Artist, Poughkeepsie. Cs 
Wood Engineers. 1875 m Annie Carter, 
3s; r Ferris lane. 
Cole, William I., Business Executive and 
Capitalist, San Francisco. Cs Mason, O- 
lympic. Elks, m Mabel Pearl Hardinger, 
3d; r 4.36 Paeheco st. 
Colegrove, Chauncey Peter, Writer and 
Lecturer, Pasadena. 1885 m Winifred 
Mack, now deceased, 2s. 1899 m Emma 
Ridley, Is 2d; r 1079 N. Marengo ave. 
Coleman, Alfred V., Business Executive, 
Wevmouth,Mass. 1917 m Valeria G.Sher- 
fard, 2s; r 68 Union st., S. 
Coleman, Eugene Bird, Insurance Broker, 
New York City. 1913 m Helen J. Fischer 
Is 1(1; r 1059 Sterling place, Brooklyn. 
Coleman, Eugene Hunter, Civil Engineer, 
New Orleans. Cs Boston, Round Table. 
1917 m Marie Josephine MaMginnis; r 
6022 Pitt St. 
Coleman, James Thomas, Insurance Man- 
ager, Charleston, S.C. He is manager of 
Prudential Insurance Company. Cs S.A. 
R., St. Andrews. 1890 m Sue H. Braddy, 
Is; r 17 Atlantic st. 
Coleman, John, Jr., Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs University, m Bertrande 
Spalding; r 1300 Astor st. 
Coleman, Joseph Grlswold, Manufacturer 
and Sociologict, Chicago. Cs Saddle and 
Cycle, Cosmos, m Anna Wilkins, Is; r 
7i2 Rush St. 
Coleman, Leonard Wilfred, Business Exec- 
utive, Philadelphia. Cs Old Club of Lon- 
don, Old Boys Club of Philadelphia, and 
Transatlantic Society. 1903 m Mary Low- 
rey Hoopes, 2s Id; r Sunny Corners,Pro- 
spect ave., Chestnut Hilll. 
Coleman, Loring Wilkins, Business Exec- 
utive and Sociologist, Chicago. Cs Chica- 
go, Racquet, Saddle and Cycle, Casino. 
1917 m Christine Smelling, 2s, r 31 E. 
Division st. 
Coleman, Romain, Business President, New 
Orleans. Cs New Orleans Country. 1920 
m Isabel Seymour; r 1919 State st. 
Coleman, S. Waldo, Business President, of 
San Francisco. Cs Pacific Union, Univer- 
sity, Burlingame Country. 1909 m Lu- 
cille Mc Cormick, 2s Id: r San Mateo, 

Coles, Strieker, Retired Physician, Bryn 
Mawr, Pa. 1908 m Bertha H. Lippincott 
Is 2d; r Greenway, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Cole, Edward Huntington, Clergyman, Uti- 
ca, N.Y. Cs Oneida Historical. 1889 m 
Julia Seely Covell, 3d. 

Colgate, Craig, Business Exocvutive, New 
York City. 1906 m Sally Brigham, Is 2d; 
r 252 Sanford ave. Flushing, L.I. 

Colgate, James C, Multi-Millionaire, New 
York City. Cs Metropolitan, m Hope H. 
Conkling; r 270 Park ave. 

Colgate, Russell, Business Executive, Jer- 
sey City, N..T. Cs University, Yale, Essex 
Country. 1903 m Josephine Bigelow,Kirt- 
land, 2s Id; r Llevellyn Park, West Or- 
ange, N.J. 

Coliie, Edward M., Jr., Physician and Sur- 
geon, New York City. Cs Country, S.A. 
R. 1915 5m Elinor N. Tidden; r 'l43 E. 
62nd St. 

Colket, Edward Burton, Railroad Official, 
Philadelphia. He is president Philadel- 
phia City Passenger Railroad Company, 
and Chestnut Hill Ralroad Company. Cs 
University, Merion Cricket, Hamilton 
Whist. 1918 m Bessie Lippencott, Id; r 
5237 Wissahickon ave. 

Colket, Tristram, Coffin, IL, Secretary, 
Treasurer, Wynnewood, Pa. Cs Marion 
Cricket, University, S.A.R., Zeti Psi Fra- 
ternity. 1921 m Gertrude Crawford, Is; 

Colladay, Samuel R., Clergyman, Hartford, 
Conn. 1895 m Marie Louise Hill, 2s Id; 
r 45 Church st. 

Colledge, William A., Educator, Chicago. 
Cs University, Union League, Adventur- 
ers. 1902 m Frances Marshall; r Kenil- 
worth. 111. 

CoUens, Charles, Architect, Boston. Cs St. 
Botolph, Union, Yale of New York. City. 
1903 m Margaret Winsor, Is 2d; r Oak 
Hill, Newton Center, Mass. 

Collier, Barron G., Millionaire, New York 
City. Cs Metropolitan, Union League, 
Bankers of America, New York Yacht. 
1907 m .Tuliet Carncs, 3s; r 8 E. 75th at. 

Collier, William Miller, Diplomat of Amer- 
ican Embassy, Auburn, N.Y. Cs L^niver- 
sity of New York, National Republican, 
Metropolitan, Chevy Chase Country. 1893 
m Frances Beardsley Ross. 

Collingsbourne, A. B., Business President, 
Elgin, 111. Cs South Shore Country. 1920 
m Agnes Bang, 2s 2d; r 320 Watch st. 

CoUingwood, David F., Insurance Execu- 
tive and Capitalist, Pittsburgh. He ia 
director Keystone National Bank and a 
trustee Dollor Savings Bank. Cs Du- 
quesne, Edgewood, Edgewood Country, 
Press, S.A.R. m Mary E. Kirkpatrick/ 



Collins, Alfred M., Business Executive, of 
Pliiliidelphia. Cs Racquet, Penn Athle- 
tic, University, Country, Bryn Mawr Po- 
lo, Me) ion Cricket. 

Collins, Arthur J., Banker, Sabetha. Kan. 
Cs Mason. 1907 ni Edith Williamson, Isld 

Collins, Berry Haley, Broker, Atlanta, Ga. 
Cs Picdiiiont Driving, Capitol ('ity, Druid 
Hill (iolf. ni Gertrude Edith Hill, Id; r 
I'S E. Uth St. 

Collins, Charles Russell, Consulting Engi- 
neer, Seattle, Wash. Cs Rainier. 1891 m 
Anna Irwin Chapin, 2s Id; r 324 Har- 
vard, Xoith. 

Collins, Clarkson A., Jr., Business ExecQ- 
tive. New York City. Cs Indian Harbor 
Yacht, University, Providence, Brown. 
1910 1)1 Caroline U])dike Eddy, 2s; r 
(ireenwich, Conn. 

Collins, Clinton, Reporter, Columbus, Ohio. 
Cs Harvard. 1899 m Edith Betts, 5s; r 
Collins place. 

Collins, Edwin Pinckney, Business Execa- 
tive, MoDistow)], X..J. Cs Colonial Wars. 
1»99 ni Kathari))e Mo!)tague, Id; r 47 
Franklin st. 

Collin^, Everell Stanton, Lumberman and 
PjMiker, Portlan.l, Ore. Cs Mason, Odd 
Fellows. 1^99 m Ma)-y Emma Laffey, 2s 
d; )• S77 iK))gs court. 

Coll'ns, George Knapp, Lawyer, Syracuse, 
N.Y. 1857 m Catherine Pager, 5d; r ?00 
Midland ave. 

Collins, George R., Business President, Chi- 
t-ago. Cs Lidian Hill, Chicatro, Racquet, 
Yacht. 1915 m Margaret .Jane "Whitney, 
I's; r 448 Barry ave. 

Collins, Henry Hill, Jr., ]\lanufacturer and 
Millionai'e. Bryn Mawr, Pa. 1902 m Ma- 
ry Paul Kobeson, Is .Sd: r Bett^A-s-T-Coed 

Collins, Howard D., Ph-sician. New York 
Citv. Cs Surgical, Medical. 1895 m Helen 
Gawti-y, Is Id; r 6.30 Park ave. 

Collins, J. Ross, Business President, New 
Y'ork City. Cs Larchn)ont Yacht, Horse- 
shoe Harbor Yacht, Transportation. 1908 
D Virginia B. Lowrie; r Larchmont,N."F. 

Collins, James H., Author, New York City. 
))) Lillia)) (}. Keys, now deceased; 2d. m 
Elizabeth Mc Caully, now deceased. 

Collins, Joseph Victor, Educator and Au- 
thor, Stevens Point, Wis. 1886 m Jean- 
ette M. Gashe, Is Id; r Bay View High 
School, ^Milwaukee. 

Collins, Martin J., Business President and 
Capitalist. St. Louis. He is president of P?7ier Company, and is promin- 
ent in business and public affairs, m 
Ma)y A. Mc Donough, 5s; r 2919 Allen 

Collins, Philip Hamilton. Banker, Clpve- 
land. He is president Philip H. Collins 

Company. Cs University, Kirtland Coun- 
try, Midday. 1918 m Eleanor Perrin, 3d; 
r 2883 Sedgwick road. 
Collins, Ross Alexander, Congressman, of 
Meridian, Miss. Cs Mason. 1904 m Al- 
freda Grant, Is Id; r 2463 Wisconsi)) av. 
Washington, D.C. 
Collins, Russell S., Business Executive, De- 
troit. Cs Detroit Athletic. 1919 m Helen 
C. Bennett, Is Id; r 821 Hazelwood ave. 
Collins, Walter D., Ma))ufacturer, Denison, 
Texas. Cs va)ious. m Abbie Hargett, 2d. 
Collins, Walter L., Lawyer, Boston, r 18 

n'reinont st. 
Collins, William R., Lawyer, Cinci))nati. 
Cs Queen City, University, Cincinnati, 
( inciTinati Countrv, Riding. 1909 m Lucy 
Rawson, Is Id; r'l900 Dexter ave. Wal- 
nut Hills. 
CoMyer, (lamuel. Business Exectuive, Seat- 
tle. 1S79 m Louise Dewev, Is Id; r 1326 
16th s^ 
Colman, Royal Charles, Insurance B<'okcr, 
New York Cit^ . C;- New Y'ork Yacht. 
1902 ni Bessie U lute. Is; r 165 E. tilstst 
Colnon, Ke'Vnond?". Business Executive, St. 
Louis. He s ])rf'i)iinently idoitifled with 
busincFS and |;))LIJc arfairs; and has IiolJ 
many positions oi trust and ho)ior. Cs 
Colpitts, Walter William, Consulting E)ii;i- 
neer, New York City. He is a member of 
the engineering firm of Covendale and 
Colpitts. Cs Canadian, Recess, Lawyers, 
Nassau, Springdale Golf, Tiger Inn, Am- 
erican Society of Civil Engineers, Am- 
erican Institute of Co)isulting Engineers 
Engineering Institute of Canada, Amer- 
ican Engineering Association. 1907 m 
Florence Rassington, Is Id; r Princeton, 
Colnuitt, Joseph Clay Habersham, Lawyer, 
Washington. Cs Racquet, Society of Co- 
lonial Wars, S.A.R. 1915 m Julia Turner 
Heyl, 28 Id: r 3100 Hawthorne st., Mas- 
sachusetts Park. 
Colston, Jolin A., Surgeon, Baltimore. Cs 
Baltimore Country, Baltimore, Gibson Is- 
land. 1922 m Harriet L. Zell, Is: r Gar- 
den Apartments, 40th st and Stoney Run 
Colt, Samuel Sloan, Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs University, Tuxedo. 
1918 m Margaret Mason, 2d; r Tuxedo 
Park, N.Y. 
Colter, Frederick T.. Cattleman, Colter, 

Apache County, Ariz. 
Colton, Arthur W., Author, New York Ci- 
tv. Cs Century, Authors, Elizabethian of 
New Haven. 1917 m Amy Richards; r 
123 E. 52nd st. and Palisades, Rockland 
County, N.Y. 



Colton, Harold S., Zoologist, Philadelphia. 
Cs University, American of Zoologists. 
1912 m Mary" Russell Terrell; r Singing- 
■wood, Ardmore, Pa. 
Colvin, Fred H., Mechanical Engineer,East 
Orange, N.J. Cs American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers. 1890 m Mary K. 
Ijoring, 2s; r 56 N. Maple ave., East Or- 
ange, N..I. 
Colvin, Francis Samuel, Lumber Dealer and 
C'apitali t, Biwabik, ZNlinn. He is pres- 
ident Colvin Lumber and Coal Comi)any. 
€s Knights of Pythias. 1902 m Janet K. 
rarmichitel, 2s 2d. 
Colwell, Chauncey Perrry, Banker, Phila- 
delphia. Cs Racquet, Cynwyd, Philadel- 
phia Country, Bond. 1919 m Louise Rives 
2d; r Cynwyd road, Cynwyd, Pa. 
Colwell, James Irving, Business Executive, 
Seattle, Wash. Cs Rainier, Seattle Golf, 
Princeton. 1910 m Ruth Clise, 2s 2d; r 
520 Belmont ave. 
Colwell, John C, Jr., Insurance Broker, St. 
Louis. Cs Fairfax Literary Society, Ba- 
conian Literary Society. 1921 m Eliza- 
beth Ann Bainedge, Is; r 45 Portlland 
Colwell, Ralph, Treasurer, Providence, R.T. 
€s Rhode Island Country, Wannamoisett 
€ountrv. Silver Spring Country, Turks 
Head. 1904 m Lillie Bishop Winsor, Id; 
T West Barrington, R.I. 
Comljs, Gilbert Reynolds, Musician and 
Composer, Philadelphia. Cs LTnion, Aca- 
cia Fraternity, Musical Art, Manufuac- 
turers. Rotary, Musical Fund, Mason. 
1886 m Rose Wrigley; r 607 Durham st., 
Mt. Airy. 
Combs, Henriette Du Hamel, Sociologist, 
€h<?vv Chase, D.C. Cs S.A.R., American 
Pen Women. 1906 m George Combs; r 
5208 41st St. 
Comer, Braxton Bragg, Planter, Manufac- 
turer, Birmingham, Ala. m Mary Eve 
Harris, 9 children. 1924 m Mary Gibson; 
T 1913 14th St. 
Comer, Charles E., Business Executive,Day- 
ton, Ohio. Cs Dayton City. 1911 m Elsia 
Pallis, 2s Id; r Orchard Hill Farms. 
Comer, Mrs. George Shackelford Collier, 
Socioloeist, Millhaven, Ga. 1888 m Ed- 
ward Trippe Comer. 

Comer, William D., Banker. Seattle, Wash. 
Cs Rainier, Seattle Golf and Country, 
"Wing Point, Northwestern Golf Associa- 
tion. 1905 m Cornelia Atwood Pratt; r 
3438 Cascadia ave. 

Comey, Arthur Coleman, Landscape Archi- 
tect, Cambridge, Mass. Cs American of 
Civil Engineers, American Society of 

Landscape Architects. 1915 m Eugenia 
Jackson, Is Id; r 23 Brewster st. 
Comey, Arthur Messinger, Business Exec- 
utive, Cambridge, Mass. Cs Cosmos, Che- 
mists, m Kate Coleman, Is; r 380 Mt. 
Auborrn st. 

Comfort, Walter R., Millionaire, Miami,Fla 
Comings, Andrew Gordon, Merchant, Ober- 

lin, Ohio. 1S7S m Emelie Royal, Is Id. 
Comiskey, Charles Albert, Baseball Man- 
ager, Chicago. He is president American 
League Baseball Club of Chicago. Cs 
Elks, Chicago Automobile, Illinois Ath- 
Comley, Arthur Milton, liawyer, Bridge- 
port, Conn. Cs various. 1918 m Emilie 
Louise Schwab: r Fairfield, Conn. 
Comly, Garrard, Banker, New York City. 
Cs Racquet, University, Tuxedo, Yale, 
Merchants. 1898 m Katherine V. Wal- 
cott, 4d; r Tuxedo Park, N.Y. 
Commanday, Frank I., Business President, 
New York City. Cs Masons, Country Val- 
ley, Shriners. 1914 m Betty Krieger, Is 
Id; r IS Ridge road, Yonkers. 
Commons, Frank Watkin, Business Presi- 
dent, Minneapolis. Cs Minneapolis, La- 
fayette, Minekahda, Woodhill Co-untry, 
Automobile. 1892 m Marie Andrews; r 
Tanager Hill, Crystal Bay, Minn. 
Commons, John Rogers, Educator, Scien- 
tist and Author. Madison, Wis. Cs Cos- 
mos, m Ella Dawney, Is Id. 
iCompton, Mrs. Charlotte Benedict, Sociol- 
ogist, :\Iillbr(.ok, N.Y. She is past vice- 
president Dutchess County Red Cross, 
and others. Cs Woman's City and Coun- 
try and others. 1905 m Barnes Compton 
of Maryland, Id. 
Comstock, A. Barr, La»vyer, Boston, Mass. 
Cs Harvard, Dedham Country, Polo. 
1916 m Dorothy DeAvey, Is Id; r Glen 
Ridge road, Dedham, Mass. 
Comstock, Alfred E., Phvsician, St. Paul. 
Cs Minnesota 1907 m Minnie Berkey, la 
Id; r 639 Fairmont. 
Comstock, Andrew Burroughs, Business Ex- 
ecutive, Providence. Cs Churchmen's of 
Rhode Island, Rhode Island Historical, 
Chamber of Commerce. 1914 m Marion 
Hamilton, 3s; r Buttonwoods. 

Comstock, Archibald W., Manufacturer, Ca- 
pitalist, Ivoryton, Conn. He is prominent 
in business and publbic affairs; and hag 
held many positions of trust and honor. 
Cs Hartford, New York Athletic, Auto- 
mobile, New Haven Country, and Club 
of America. 1890 m Harriet W. Mooar. 

Comstock, Benjamin S., Business Exec?i- 
tive, New York City. Cs American Al- 



pine, Canadian Alpine, South Orange 
Field. 1898 ni Adelaide C. Adams, Is 3d; 
y 59 C(inist(jik place. South Orange, N.J. 

Comstock, Prank Paine, Wholesale Provi- 
sion Business, Providence. Cs Squantum, 
Hope, Art. 1887 m Lauia Winship Bur- 
roughs, Is 2d; r 118 Comstock ave. 

Comstock, George Gary, Astronomer, Madi- 
son, Wis. Cs American Astronomical. 
1894 m E. Cecile Everett, Id; r Beloit, 

Comstock, Marc Walker, Lawyer, Buffalo. 
Cs Saturn, Wanahaka Country. 1900 m 
Helenc Smith, Is Id; r 547 Linnwood av. 

Comstock, William Oglivie, Retired Min- 
ing Engineer, Brookline, Mass. Cs Unit- 
arian, S.A.R., Society of Colonial Wars. 
1890 m Madeleine Bryce, Is Id; r 54 
Dudley st. 

Comstock, William P., Millionaire, Provi- 
dence. Cs Hope, m Mary Cooke; r 59 Pro- 
spect St. 

Con, John P., Publisher and Eealtor,Johns- 
town, Fhi. 1877 m Charlotte R. Jones, 
4s Id. 

Ccnahle, Frank Lee, Retired Business Ex- 
ectnive, New York City. He is promin- 
ently identified with Inisiness and public 
affairs.jC's Union League Club of Phila- 
delphia, 'Wilmington, Country, Dupont 
Country, New York Yacht, Manhattan, 
Technical, Bankers. Explorers, Garden 
(':tv Oolf, Siwanoy, New York Athletic, 
Rumson Country of N.J. 1904 m Julia 
K. Hosford; r Wilmington, Del., and 11 
E. 66th St., New York City. 

Conan, David Sloan, Lawyer, St. Johns- 
bury, Yt. 1N99 m Marv Ellen Jones, 3d. 

Conant, Prederick O.. Banker, Portland, 
Maine. Cs Cumberlaml, Great Pond, m 
Eva Mevrill, 2s 2d. 

Con-nt, George KimbaP, Business Execu- 
tive, St. Loi'is. Cs Country, Noonday, 
^Missouri Athletic. 1911 m Eleonor Gla- 
gow, Is 3d; r 19 Portland nlace. 
Conant, Henry V., Leather Busincs.s, Bos- 
ton. 1901 m Ruth B. Loiing, Is Id; r 
914 Hiph St.. Dedh.^m, Mass. 
Conant. WiMi?m M., Enrmer, Elk Chester, 
Ky. Cs Harvard of New York City. 1919 
m Dinsmore Patrick. 3d; r Fayette Coun- 
ty near Lexington, Ky. 

Conant, William S., T'onsulting Engineer, 
Dctrcdt. Cs Country, Boat, Bay Head 
^'acht. Chew Chase, Metropolitan of 
Washinsrton, D.C, S.A.P. 1901 m Fran- 
ces E. Wendling: r 1402 31st st., Wash- 
ington: and Bay Head, W.L 

Conard, Henry Slicemaker, Educator, Grin- 
nell. Tdwa. 19<i(i m E. lactitia Moon, Is 2d 

Conderman, Ncrcan E., Business Execu- 

tive, Philadelphia. Cs Merion Cricket, 
Philadelphia Country, ni Rebecca S. Mil- 
ler, Is; r Oak Lodge, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
Condie, Herbert D., Business President, St. 
Louis. Cs St. Louis, Racquet, Bellerive 
Country, St. Louis Country. 1897 m Sal- 
lie Case King, 3s 2d; r 4 Elizabeth st., 
Ferguson, Mo. 
Condit, Joseph Dayton, Physician, Pasa- 
dena, Cal. Cs Flintridge, University,Sau- 
ta Anita Riding, Santa Anita Hunt, Ra- 
diological Society North America. 1904 
m Katharine A. Guernsey; r 284 Palmet- 
to drive. 
Condit, Paul Brainard, Realtor, Cleveland. 
Cs Yale. 1910 m Marion C. Carr, 2s; r 
1949 E. 84th st. 
Condley, Darrell, General Contractor and 
Capitalist, Los Angeles. He is a success- 
ful contractor, and is a director of Bank 
of America. Cs Jonathan, San Gabriel 
Country, Al Malaikah Temple, Shrine, 
Scottish Rite Masons, Elks. 1897 m Eu- 
genie Raymond, Is 2d. 
Cone, Bernard M.,Multi-Millionaire, Greens- 
boro, N.C. r 1020 Summit st. 
Cone, Frederick H., Importer, New York 
City. He is president Frederick H. Cone 
and Company, Incorporated; and is vice- 
]>resident Edgewater Basin Company. Cs 
Union League, Auto of America, Army 
'and Navy, Columbia University, Ameri- 
can of Shanghai, Chamber of Commerce, 
r 170 W. 59th st. 
Cone, Julius W., Manufacturer and Multi- 
Millionaire, Greensboro, N.C. m Mrs. Da- 
vid Stern, 2s Id; r 1030 Summit ave. 
Congdon, Gilbert Maur'ce, Business Presi- 
dent, Providence. Cs Hope, Rhode Island 
Country, Yale, Agawam Hunt,New York. 
1910 m Caroline Rose Grosvenor, 4s; r 
87 Cooke st. 
Congdon, Thomas Ross, Banker, Newport, 
K.I. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Rotary, 
Miantononic, Country. 1885 m Amelia P. 
Greene, 3d. 
Conger, Cornelia, Sociologist, Chicago. Un- 
married; r 200 E. Pearson st. 
Conger, Edwin P., Business E-recutlve, 
Massic 's Mill, Ya. 1917 m Dorothea Ta^ 
turn, 2d; r Three Springs. 
Conger, John Leonard, Educator, Gales- 
l.urg. 111. m Ada Greenwood, Is 2d: r 
328 S. Cedar st. 
Conger, Norman B., Government Official 

and Patriot, Detroit, r 151 ]\T^oss ave. 
Conner, Mrs. Wil'iam P., Sociologist. Chi- 

ca!?o. r 200 E. Pearson st. 
Conklin, Frank Rcland, Scenario Editor, 
Los Angeles. Cs Writers, Hollywood Ath- 



Conklin, Franklin, Multi-Millionaire, New- 
ark, S.J. r -37 Jolinson ave. 
Conklin, Leander H., Manufacturer, Scran- 
lou. Pa. Ho is president Macar Corpora- 
tion. Cs Scranton, Wavcrly, Scranton 
Country, Madison Country, Princeton, 
Railroad. 190:3 m Blanche Sterling, 2s 
Id; r 5;)8 Monroe ave. 
Conklin, Lewis R., Lawyer, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Lawyers, American, New Jersey 
State and New York Bars. 1906 m Grace 
H. Frisbv; r Ridgewood, N.J. 
Conklin, Roland Ray, Business Executive 
New York City. Cs Lotos, Coffe House, 
Huntington Country. 1898 m Mary Mae- 
fadden, Is 2d; r Belleair, Fla. 
Ccnkling, Paul Burleigh, Sculptor, New 
York City. Cs University, Princeton, 
Plavers, all of New York City, and Ivy 
Club of Princeton, N..T. 1900 m Mabel 
Harris, 2d: r 26 W. 8th st. 
Conklin, William Henry, Retired Business 
Executive, Cincinnati. He has retired 
from active business. Cs Montecito Coun- 
try, La Cumbre Country, University of 
Santa Barbara. Cornell University, New 
York City. 1906 m lola Schindlapp, 3s 
Id; r Cincinnati and Santa Barbar.a, Cal. 
Conn, Ulyses Sylvester, Educator, Wayne, 

Nel). 189:^1 m Cammie Baum, Id. 
Conneen, Andrew M., Jr., Business Presi- 
dent and Capitalist, Hillside, N.J. He is 
president of Hedden Iron Construction 
Company. Cs Lawyers, Engineers, Essex 
County Country, SeavieW Golf. 1902 m 
Anna M. Kearney, 5s 2d; r 108 Maple- 
wood ave., Maplewood, N.J. 
Coimell, F. Gregory, Surgeon, Oslikosh, 
Wis. Cs various. 1902 m Isabella Stick- 
ney. Is Id. 
Connelly, Elijah Lewis, Retired Physician, 
Atlanta, Ga. 1874 m Yirginia Brown, Is 
3d; r 53 Asby st. 
Conrell, Michael J.. Capitalist, Los An- 
geles. Cs Pacific Union, San Francisco, 
Bohemian, San Francisco,Medinah Coun- 
try. Is; r 2307 S. Figueros st. 
Connell, Samuel, Manufacturer, Portland, 
Ore. Cs Rotary, Mason. 1891 m Adah M. 
Mc Kenney, 2d; r Lake Grove. 
Connell. Thomas E., Banker, Chilton, Wis. 
re. Nettie M. Brown, now deceased, Is 
2d; r 72 Main st. 
Connell, William Phillips, Merchant and 
Banker, Baton Rouge, La. 1919 m Ernes- 
tine Lake, Id. 
Connell, Wilson E., Business Executive and 
Millionaire. Fort Worth, Texas. 1881 m 
Hettie Millean, 3s 3d; r 1216 Elizabeth 
Connellev, John E., Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs Harvard, Bankers, 

Athletic. 1899 m Julia A. Bronghey, 2s 
Id; r 200 W. 71st st. 

Connelley, William Elsey, Author, Topeka, 
Kan. Cs ]VIasou. 1873 m Julia Francos 
Witten, 2 children. 1885 m Sarah A. Fife 
Id; r 915 Topeka blvd. 

Connelly, William Stone, In vestment Bank- 
er, Kansas <^"ity, Mo. Cs Kansas City, 
Athletic. 1919 m Augustine Moncravio, 
2d; r 220 W. 53rd terrace. 

Conner, Edward, Farmer, Philadelphia. Cs 
University. (»'ity Throon, and University 
Barge. 1911 m Abbie May Davis, 2s; r 
4337 Baltimore. ave. 

Conner, Walter J., Realtor, Detroit. Cs 
Grosso Hie Golf and Country, m Flor- 
ence Choate, 2s: r 974 Nottingham road, 
Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. 

Conners, William J., Publisher, Buffalo, N. 
Y. Cs Buffalo, Whitehall, Knisrhts of 
Columbus, Elks. 1924 m Grade I. Ham- 
mond, Is 4d: r Ocean blvd.. Palm Beach, 

Conners, William J., Jr.. Publisher and Bus- 
iness Executive, Buffalo. He is editor 
and publisher Buffalo Courier and Daily 
Star. Cs Buffalo Country, LTniversity, 
Athletic, Yale. 1917 m Corinne H. Til- 
ford, Is Id; r 1140 Delaware ave. 

Connett, Albe^-t N., Civil Engineer, New 
York Citv. Cs Reform Club of London, 
TJniversitv, Union Leaeue of New York 
City. 1885 m Theodora Speir, 4s; r Hotel 

Connette Edward G., MilUruiaire, New 
York Citv. r 840 Park ave. 

Conick, Charles Jay, Artist and Business 
Executive. Boston. He is prominently id- 
entified with business and public af- 
fairs. Cs National of IVfural Painters, 
Craftsmen of New York, Arts and Crafts 
Coplev, Boston Citv. Art, Arohitp^tural. 
1920 m Mabel R. Coombs; r 157 Webster 
St.. W. Newton, Mass. 

ConnoUv. Aiv>ert G.. Busi"f^ss Evecutive, 
Nazar/^th, Pa. Cs Lions, Bethlehem. Ma- 
son. 1903 m Emily F. Krause, 2s; r 58 S. 
Main st. 

Connor. Guy Le!irHt<!, Neurolnorist, Detroit. 
Cs Detroit AtMotio. Det'-oit Boat. 1901 
m Daisv M. Macks; r 2989 E. Grand 

Connor, John Ramsey, Jr., Painter, Bryn 
Athyn, Pa. 

Conner. Was^'neton ■*!.. Multi-Millionaire, 
New York Citv. r 247 5th ave. 

Connor, William D., Millionaire, Marsh- 
field, Wis. 

Conor. -Tohn. C*^ristopher, Lawver, New 
York Citv. C« TTnion Leacrue. 1881 m Ma- 
ria Jeppson Post, Is; r 24 E. 33rd st. 



Conover, Samuel Seymour, Banker, New 

xi'oik City. Cs Union League, m Emma 
Schaffer, Id; r 340 Park ave, Hacken- 
sack, X.J. 

Conquest, Pleasantcn L., Jr., Lumber Mer- 
chant, liichiiiuiid, Va. Cs Westmoreland, 
Countrv. 1914 ni Elsia Gamble Lowndes, 
Is; r 1132 West Ave. 

Conrad, Arcturus Z., Clergyman and Au- 
TlKir, Hdstdu. 1885 m Harriet Adams; r 
Hdtcl Westminster. 

Conrad, Barnaby, Investment Banker and 
Cajiitalist, San Francisco. Cs Pacific 
Union, Yale. 1915 m Helen U. Hunt, 2s; 
r Hillsboro^ Burlingame, Cal. 

Conrad, William D., Lawyer, Xew York 
City. Cs Virginia Southern, Midday Har- 
vaid, Xiantie, Flushing and Old Country 
FlusMug. l^nniarried; r 27 William st. 

Conradi, Edw.ird, College President, Talla- 
liassee, Fla. 1898 m Augusta D. S. Groet- 
haus. 2<1. 

Conrow, Willard Seymour, Portrait Painter 
KeAv York City. He is prominently iden- 
tifiied with business and public affairs. 
1911 m Lyra Beach Mallett; r 154 W. 

r.Ttii St. 

Conroy, Sanmel Feed, Business President 
and Capitalist, Philadelphia. He "s pres- 
ident Mallalieu and Conrey. Cs Masonic. 
1896 in Eveline Beatrice B. Edmond 
Bartlett, Is Id; r 823 N. 41st st., Phila- 
■li'lpnin : ;nid in Holbrook, Md. 

Conroy, Robert Thomas, Business Presi- 
dent and Capitalist, St. Louis. He is pres- 
ident Conroy 's. Incorporated, of Dela- 
Avare, and president Conrov Radio Cor- 
poration of Missouri. Cs St. Louis, Uni- 
versity, Glen Echo Country. 

Conner, Eugene D., Banker, Grand Rapids, 
.AMcl). Cs Peninsular. Cascade Hills Coun- 
trv. ]\Iason. 1888 ni Bertha Brotzman, Is 
Id: r 241 ^L^dison ave. 

Constant, Frank Henry. Civil Engineer. 
Princeton. X.J. Cs American, Society of 
. Ci\il Enffineers. Princeton, New York, 
Na«sau, Promotion of Engineering Edu- 
cation. 1901 m Genevieve Woodbridge, 
Is: r 57 Battle road. 

Considine. Thomas J.. Business President 
find C'li.italist. Chicago. He is president 
John T. Shayne and Company. Cs vari- 

Content. Harold Augustus. Lawyer, New 
York Cit---. Cs Columbia University, Ar- 
mv and X^avy of America, Bankers of 

Consent. Harrv. Business Man and Millio- 
naire. Xew York Citv. r 32 E. 51st st. 

Converge. Al'J'n Dean, Broker and Capita- 
list, X^ew York Citv. 1906 m Katharine 
Weaner, Is Id; r 40 Exchange st. 

Converse, John W.,' Banker, Philadelphia, 
He is prominent in bussiness and public 
afairs; and has held many positions of 
trust and honor. Cs Philadelphia, Union 
League, Raquet and others. 1918 m Mrs. 
Charles R. Snowden, Is; r Rosemont, Pa. 
Conway, Albert. Lawyer and Capitalist, 
New Y^ork «.ity. He is prominent in bus- 
iness and public affairs; and has held 
many positions of trust and honor. Cs 
Hamilton, Cathedral, University, Sea- 
view Golf, Lake Placid, Crescent Athle- 
tic. 1917 m Irene Hewitt, Is 3d; r 853 
Bushwick ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Conway, Carle Cotter, Business President, 
X^ew York City. Cs University, Uptown, 
Y'ale, Sleepy Hollow, Lake Placid, Brae 
Burn Country of Boston. 1900 m Sylvia 
Norton, 2s 2d; r Scarsborough-on-Hiidson 
Conway, James W., Millionaire, Atlanta, 

Ga. r 575 Peachtree st. 
Conway, Lysander B., Jr., Business Execu- 
tive, Danville, Va. He is prominently id- 
entified with business and public affairs, 
and has held many positions of trust and 
honor. Cs Rotary, Golf, Tuscarora, Coun- 
try. 1901 m Mildred M. Hage, 2s 3d. 
ConweU, Joseph Alfred, Pharmacist, Vine- 
land, N.J. 1881 m Lillie Primrose, Is; r 
Albany, X^.Y. 
ConweU, Walter L., Business President, of 
New Y'ork City. He is president of- the 
Safety Car Heating and Lighting Com- 
pany. Cs Engineers, University of Penn- 
sylvania, Psi Upsilon of New Y'ork, and 
Railroad. 1901 m Josephine Whetstone; 
r 80 Lloyd road. Montclair, N.J. 
Cook, Albert Judson. Physician and Sur- 
geon, Holly rtood. 1873 "m Grace Evelyn 
Bidwell, Is; r Los Angeles, Cal. 
Cook, Albert Stanburrough, Author and 
Educator, XVw Haven, Conn. 1886 m 
Emily Chamberlain, Is Id; r 219 Bishop 
Cook, Alfred A., Millionaire, X'^ew Y'ork Ci- 
ty, r 630 Park ave. 
Cook, Andrew E.. Retired Business Exec- 
utive, Cincinnati. He is prominent in 
business and public affairs; and has 
held many positions of trust and honor. 
1909 m Eugenie B. Werk, Is Id: r Werk 
place. Westwood, Cincinnati, and Bever- 
ly Hills. Cal. 
Cook, Charles I., Millionaire, Menominee, 

Mich, r 310 Sheridan road. 
Cook. Charles Bennett, Business Executive 
Fall River, Mass. He is treasurer and 
manager Fall River Real Estate Associa- 
tion, and is president Algonquin Print- 
ing Companv. Cs Mason. 1873 m Rebecca 
J. Read, Is 4d; r 622 High st. 



iCook, Charles Lee, Manufacturer and In- 
voiitor, Louisville, Ky. Cs Rotary. 1915 
m (iuli Elma Stiles; r 1244 S. 6th sL 
Cook, Charles R., Manufacturer, Kansas 
City, Mo. Cs Kansas City, Kansas City 
Athletic, Chicago Athletic, University, 
Midflav, Mission Hills Country. 1910 m 
Minnie Kickhefer, 2d; r 635 E. 45th st. 
Cook, Clarence W., Physician and Surgeon, 
Los Angeles. He is prominently identi- 
fted with business and public affairs. Cs 
Country, Athletic, 8an Gabriel Valley 
Country, California Yacht. 1914 m Caro- 
line Btallard, Is; r 826 Westchester place 
Cook, Ellis W., Business President, St. 
Louis, m Marv Dorsev; r 5783 Lindell 
Cook, George C, Banker, LaCrosse, Ind. 

ISsa lu Catharine H. Hutchison, 3d. 
Cook, George T., Millionaire, Kansas City, 

]\ro. r Kansas City Club. 
Cook, Henry P., Manufacturer and Millio- 
rairc, New York Citv. C's Union Leaene, 
Shumecook Hills Golf, Down Town. 1883 
Tu Lena Fahys, 3s 3d; r 470 Park ave., 
ard Sag Harbor, N.Y. 
Cook, Henry W., Phvsician and Lif j In- 
surance Executive, ^linneapolis. Cs Min- 
ix-apolis. Woodhill. 1906. in Ellen Me- 
Caun Davenport, 2s 2d; r 410 Clifton av. 
Cook, Isaac, Jr., Business Executive, St. 
Louis. Cs Racquet, Countrv, Harvard. 
1897 m Edith Mudd, 2s Id; r 3 Hortense 
Cook, James H., Physician, New Carlisle, 
Ohio. Cs Ohio State Homeopathic, Miami 
Valley Homeopathic. 1887 m Amelia 
Stafford, now deceased. 
Cook, Lester B., Banker, Chicago. 1922 m 
Gladys Dirtbrenner; r 6101 Norwood 
Park ave. 
Cook, Minnie Gathright, Sociologist, Mil- 
waukee. Cs Colonial Dames. 1890 m Hen- 
ry Lowell Cook; r 503 Marshall st. 

Cook, Parker, Business Executive and Ca- 
pitalist, Baltimore. He is prominent in 
business and public affairs; and has 
held manv positions of trust and honor. 
Cs Maryland, Elkbridge Hunt, Metro- 

Cook, Richard Y., Business Executive, of 
Wynuewood. Pa. He is prominently id- 
entified with business and public af- 

Cook, Robert Howard, Insurance Broker, 
Boston. Cs University. 1916 m Elizabeth 
King, 2s Id; r 112 Summit ave., Brook- 
line, !Mass. 

Cook, Roy Bird, Author, Charleston, W.Va. 
Cs S.A.R. 1907 m ..enne Williams Cam- 
den, 3d; r 1559 Lee st. 

Cook, Wilbur C, Manufacturer and Busi- 
ness Iv\{>"utivo, New York City. He is 
vice-president and general manager Am- 
erican Thermos Bottle Company and of 
other corporati')ns. Cs Onwenttna of 
Lake Forest, 111., Greenwich Country of 

. Greenwich, Conn.. Round Hill Country of 
Greenwich, Conn., American Yacht of 
Rye, N.Y., New York Athletic of N.Y. 
1919 m Saidee Buckley; r Pack Chnm- 
bers, 68 W. 58th st, :'e\v York City, and 
Grecnwi'h Country Club cf Greenvich, 

Cook, William, Oil Prod/crr, New York 
City. He is president Hudson Oil Com- 
pany, Incorporated. 

Cook, William, Financier, Ba,ltimore. Cs 
Masons, Knights Templar, Odd Fellows, 
Knights of Pythias. 190.T m Rae Enid 
James; r 390:; N. Charles st. 

Cooke, Andrew E., Retired Business Exec- 
utive, Cincinnati, m Eugenia Bruce Work 
Is Id; r Werk place, West wood. 

Cooke, Cl?rence '^., Banker, Honolulu, Ha- 
waii. 1S9'> ill Lily Love, 4s 4d. 

Ccoke, Ella Frances Burt, Sociologist, of 
Cleveland, m Horace Augustus Tuttle,ls; 
r 15241 Euclid ave. 

Cooke, George J., Investment Broker and 
Capitalist, Philadelphia. Cs Philadelphia 
Rabbit, Sunnybrook Golf, Princeton, and 
Penllyn Country. 1906 m Elizabeth 
liCwis Meade, 2s Id; r Dewesfield, Am- 
bler, Pa. 

Co'ike, Jay, Millionaire, Philadelphia, r 
New st. and Stenton ave. 

Cooke, John F., Banker, Smith Grove, Ky. 
1889 m Jennie F. Hazelip, 2s Id. 

Cooke, Richard A., Business Executive, of 
Honolulu, Hawaii. 1907 m Dagmar Sor- 
enson, Is 4d. 

Cooke, Thornton, Banker, Kansas City.Mo. 
Cs Mission Hills Country, Midday, Har- 
vard, Citv. 1S9S m Emily Hulme," Is Id; 
r 3723 Wyandotte st. 

Cooke, Walter F., Lawyer, Buffalo. He 13 
identified with Kenefick, Cooke, Mitchell 
and Bass, lawyers. Cs Buffalo, Saturn, 
Country, Park, Athletic, Wanakah Coun- 
try, New Orleans • Country, Bogalusa 
Country, Cornell University, New York, 
Niagara Falls Country. 

Cooke, Walter Leroy, Manufacturer, of 
Cleveland. Cs Athletic, Country. 1900 m 
Sophie Jenkins. 4d; r 2589 Euclid Hts. 

Cooke, WilUam H., IVlillionaire, St. Louis, 
r 4540 Lindell blvd. 

Cookingham, Fdward, Millionaire, Port- 
land, Ore. r 718 Kings court. 



Cookman, William H., Architect, Philadel- 
I)hia. Cs Geiinantown Cricket, m Emma 
CuiJU'lius, Id; r llU Jefferson st., Cape 
May, N.J.; 420 N. Price st, Geimaiitown. 

Cooley, Franjis Rextord, Banker and Mil- 
lionaire, Hartford, Conn. 1890 m Alice 
Cleveland Cooley, lis; r 31 Woodland st. 

Cooley, Thomas xienton,Physician and Sur- 
geon, Detroit. Cs University, Indian Vil- 
lage, Detroit Golf. 1905 m Abigail Hub- 
bard, Is Id; r 748 Van Dyke. 

Coolidge, Algeinon, Professor and Physi- 
cian, Boston. Cs Harvard, Brookline 
Country, St. Botolph. 1896 m Amy Pea- 
body Lothrop, 2s Id; r 196 Beacon st. 

■Coolidge, Calvin, President of the Inited 
States, Washington. 1890 m Grace A. 
Goodhue, Is; r 21 Massasoit st., Xorth- 
aiiiptDU. ^lass. 

CooUdge, Charles A., Jr., Lawyer, Boston, 
Cs Tavern. 1922 m Alison Jones, 2s; r 
6 W. Hill place. 

Coolidge, Charles AFerton, Architect and 
Capitalist, Boston. Cs Somerset, Country, 
Harvard, Chicago, Chicago Century, New 
York University, New York. 1889 m Ju- 
lia Shepley, Is od; r 82 Marlborough st. 

Coolidge, Edgar David, Dentist, Cliicago. 
He is prominently identified with busi- 
ness and public affairs. Cs Dentfl, Illi- 
nois State, American Dental. 1909 m 
Laura M. Eichelson, 2s Id; r 2400 Har- 
rison St., Evanston, 111. 

Coolidge, Emelyn Lincoln, Physician and 
Author, New York City. Unmarried; r 
929 West End ave. 

Coolidge, George Greer, Business Execu- 
tive, PittSbu-rgh. Cs AUegheay Country, 
Pittsburgh Golf, Fox ChapeV Golf Uni- 
versitv, Yale, New York. 1910 ni Ethel 
■\'an K. Bvram, Id: r 5440 Avb-^boro av. 

CooUdge. Mrs. Grace Anna Goodhue, So- 
ciologist, Washington. 1905 m Calvin 
Coolidge, 2s; r W^hite House. 

Coolidge. Harold J., Lawyer, Boston. 1903 
ni Edith Lawrence, 2s Id; r 303 Berkeley 


Coolidge, Harry Holmes, "Manufacturer, of 
West linn. Ore. Cs Yale, Association 
Professional Engineers, British Colum- 
bia. 1916 m Margaret S. Sanborn, 2s 2d; 
r 620 11th St., Oregon Citv. 

CooUdge. Howard King, Exporter. Xew 
York City. Cs S. A. P., Armv and Xavy, 
Calumet," X.Y. Yacht, Ame"ican Yacht. 
1907 m Edna W. Wemple. m Sarah T. 
Lane; r 815 Park ave. 

Coolidp-e. John Gardner, Dinlomat. Boston. 
Cs Roval Geographical, American of In- 
ternational Law, Somerset. 1909 m Helen 
Granger Stevens; r 171 Commonwealth 

Coolidge, John Gardner, 2nd, Business Re- 
search, Boston. Cs llMrvard Crraduate, 
Brael)uni Country. 191S m Mary L. Hill; 
r 7i) i'aiiinount st., Brookline, Mass. 

Coolidge, John Teaipleman, Trustee and 
Millionaire, Boston. Cs Tavern, Harvard, 
India Wharf, Athletic. 1879 m Katheriue 
S. Parkman, Is 4d. 1913 m Mary Abigail 
Parsons, 2s; r 100 Beacon st. 

Coolidge, John T., Jr., Artist, ReadviUe, 
Mass. 1916 m Susannah Canningham, 2.1 
Id; r Green st. 

Coolidge, Jo:eph Randolph 3rd, Architect, 
Boston. 1913 m Anna L. Cabot, Is Id; r 
258 Walnut st., Brookline, Mass. 

Cool.dge, Julian Lowell, Educator, Cam- 
biidge, Alass. 1901 m Theresa Revnolda, 
2s 5d; r 27 Fayerweather st. 

Coo:idge, Mary Roberts, Writer and Edu- 
cator. Berkeley, Cal. Cs American Sociol- 
ogical. 1906 ni Dane Coolidge; r Dwight 
way End. 

Coolidge, r.obert Lee, Insurance Executive 
Atlanta, (ra. He is Inspector of Agtmcies 
at large, Xew Yo.k Life Insurance 
Comi)anv. Cs Cauital City, Piedmont 
Drivina:. Druid Hills, Atlanta Athletic, 
BcHe jleade Country, Xashville. 1906 m 

ConlidgG. Eidrey, Treasurer and Director, 
Concord, IMp.'-s. Cs Harvard. Somerset, 
Union. 1891 m Mary Laura Colt, 4s 2d. 

Con'idce, William Hen-y. Director, Man- 
chester. Mass. 1887 m Mav Humphrevs, 
Is 2d. 

Coombs C. Whitney, Organist, X'ew Yoj-k 
Citv. Unmarried; r 435 W. 141st st. 

Coon, Jame^ Benjamin, Business Pre«i<lent, 
Homestond, Pa. Cs South Hills Country, 
Masons. Shriners, Odd Fellows. 1888 ra 
Sarah E. Kent. Is Id; r Supe'^ior ave. 

Coon, Thur^ow Emmett, Business President 
Detroit. Cs Athletic.Oakland Hills Coun- 
try, Ingleside. 1909 m Susan Edv/in 
Diack: r 826 Edison ave. 

Cocnley, Howard, Manufacturer and MiU 
lioiuniie. Bo=<ton. Cs Harvard, I'niversity, 
Algonquin. 1901 m Leslie May, 4s Id; r 
Oveimead Brush Hill road. Milton, Mas.<). 

Coonley, John S., Business Executive, Chi- 
cago. Cs Chicago, University. Indian 
Hill. 1895 m Louise Root, Is 2d; r 1245 
Astor st. 

Coonley, Prenti=s L., Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago, m Mary P-. Lord; 
r Green Bav road. T^ake Forest. 111. 

Coops, George Frederick, Minining Enwi- 
neer, Ajo. Ariz. 1917 m Jessica Lewis. 2s. 

Cooper, Arthur. Stock Broker. Xew York 
Citv. Cs St. Anthony. 1906 m Maude I. 
Robinson, Id; r 129 E. 69th st. 

Cooper, Charles Hfrmance, Educator. Man- 
kato. Minn. ISS?. m Caroline Wheeler, In 



Cooper, George Prederick, Mining Engi- 
neer, Buffalo. Cs Culumbus. 1917 m Jes- 
sica Lewis, 2s; r Ajo, Ariz. 
Cooper, Henry Elliott, Business Executive, 
New York City. Gs Ynion, University, 
Eecess, Brown University, Ardsley, 1917 
ni Catherine Clark; r 960 Park ave. 
Cooper, J. West Rulon, Investment Banker 
Philadelphia. Cs Racquet, Merion Crick- 
et, Penn Athletic. Unmarried; r 1511 
Walnut st. 
Cooper, James Addison, Retired Jurist, San 
Francisco. Cs Pacific Union. 1878 m 
Prances L. Davidson, Is Id; r 1055 Cali- 
fornia st. 
Cooper, John Crossian, Stock Broker, Balti- 
more. Cs Baltimore Country, Elkridge, 
Merchants, York Harbour Country. 1900 
ni Louise Carroll eJnkins, 2s 2d; r Llew- 
ellyn, Roland Park, Md. 
Cooper, Joseph Walter, Business Executive 
Philadelphia. 1893 m Nellie Sue Inman, 
2s 2d; r 4109 Walnut st. 
Cooper, Lane, Educator, Ithaca, N.Y. Un- 
married; r 2L5 Fall Creek drive. 
Cooper, Nellis Sue Inman, Soeiologist,Phil- 
adelphia. 1893 m Joseph Walter Cooper, 
2s 2d; r 4109 Walnut st. 
Cooper, Robert Archer, Lawyer, Washing- 
ton. Cs Masons, Shriner. 1899 m Mamie 
Machen, now deceased. Is; 1917 m Dor- 
cas Calmes; r 27 Cathedrol Mansions, S. 
Cooper, Samuel Lundun, Business Execu- 
tive, Pittsburgh. Cs Duquesne, Allegheny 
Countrv, Princeton, Edgeworth of Se- 
wickley. 1920 m Esther E. Wilhelm; r 
528 Grove st., Sewickley, Pa. 
Cooper, Stuart, Captain, Morristown, N.J. 
1898 m Elizabeth Mitchell, Id; r 283 
South St. 
Cooper, Wade H., Business Executive, of 
Washington. Cs National Press. 1898 m 
Caroline Rinklev, 2s; r 2026 16th. st. 
Coover, J. Weir, Business Executive, Tole- 
do, Ohio. Cs Chamber of Commerce, Ex- 
change, Heather Downs Golf. 1909 m 
Effie M. Sherman, 3d; r 1811 Princeton 
Cope, Francis Reeve, Jr., Agriculturist, 
Dimock, Pa. Cs University, Harvard. Am- 
erican Geographical, Haverford of Phil- 
adelphia. 1903 m Evelyn Flower Morris, 
Cope, Robert S.. Business Executive, Sav- 
annah, Ga. Cs Savannah Golf, m Mary 
L. Lowell; r 1719 Abercorn st. 
Cope. Thomas P.. Merchant, Philadelphia. 
1917 m Lilla B. Dimock; r 698 Arden 
road, Pasadena, Cal.; and Seawal, Maine. 
Coneiand. Henry Clay, Banker, New York 
Citv. 1866 m Marie K. Hinds, 2d; r 242 
W.' 101st St. 

Copeland, Wilbur F., Organizer and Editoi* 
New York City. Cs Brotherhood of the 
Commonwealth, Ohio Wesdenian Alumni. 
1891 m Ella A. Griffiths, 3d; r Alpine, 
Copley, Ira Clifton, Publisher, Aurora, IlL 
He is jnesident Western United Gas and 
Electric Company. Cs Yale, New York 
Yacht, Metropolitan, Chicago, National 
Press, I^nion League, Chevy Chase, Ar- 
]nv and Navy, California, Los Angeles 
Country. 1892 m Edith S. Strohn, 2s ad- 
opted; r 200 Downer place. 
Coppell, Arthur, Banker and Multi-Millio- 
naire. New York City. Cs St. George's, 
Englewood Golf, Union, Links, National 
Golf, Knickerbocker Country, Bankers, 
Queen Valley Golf. 1899 m Mary Stew- 
art Bawers, 3d; r 123 E. 56th st. 
Kisco, Knights of the Round Table. 1900 
versity. Racquet and Tennis, Yale, Mt. 
Copper, William Bradford, Banker, Ches- 

tertown, Md. 1873 m Sallie Carroll. 
Coppinger, Joseph F., Clergyman, Boston. 
Loraine Weeks; r 1810 Ponce de Leon av 
He is rector of St. Augustine Chinch of 
Boston, Mass. Cs Boston College Alumni 
Federation of Catholics, r St. Augustin's 
Parish, S. Boston. 
Coppini, Pompco L., Sculptor, New York 
Citv. Cs Rotarv, Lion, Mason, Knio-hts 
Teiiiplar, Shriner. 1908 m Elisa D. Bar- 
Corbett, Mrs. Alice Flannery, Sociologist, 
Binghampton, N.Y. 1916 m Irvin Louis 
Stair, Id; r 169 Riverside drive. 
Corbett, Edith, Sociologist, Detroit. Cs 

Country, r Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. 
Corbett, Harvey Willey, Architect, New 
York City. Cs Players, Transportation, 
Faculty, English Speaking Union, Archi- 
tecture, London. 1905 m Gail Shermaa, 
Is Id; r 443 W. 21st st. 
Corbett, Henry Ladd, Banker, Portland, 

Ore. 1908 m Gretchen Hoyt, 3s 2d. 
Corbett, Merrit John, Retired Manufac- 
turer and Capitalist, New York City. Cs 
Lotos, Automobile, Sons of American 
Revolution. 1923 m Mrs. Alice Flannery 
Stair; r 1040 Park ave., N.Y.C.; and in 
Bellair, Fla. 
Corbett, Walter Scott, Merchant and Capi- 
talist, Clear Spring, Md. Cs various. Un-. 
Corbin, Alfred O., Investment Banker, of 
New York City. He is partner F. J. Lis- 
man and Company. Cs Bankers, White- 
hall. 1916 m Lilyn Stratton Corbin, Is 
Id; r 25 5th ave.. New York City, and 
Mountain Lakes, N.J. 
Corbin. Austin, Banker, New York City. 
Cs Universitv, Harvard, Athletic. Un- 
married; r 124 W. 55th st. 



Corbin, Austin II, Millionaire, Spokane, 
Wash, r 815 W. 7th ave. 

Corbin, Calvin Dana, Importer, Chicago. Cs 
Chica^M. Athletic. 19U1 m Marie McKay; 
r 20 W. Burton place. 

Corbin, John, Author and Writer, New 
York City. Cs Harvard, University, Cof- 
fee House. 1899 m Amy Foster; r 166 E. 
. 66th St. 

Corbit, Charles Linwood, Baptist Clergy- 
man, S:tU'iH, Va. 1N99 m vtosephine Wes- 

Corbitt, James H., Lawyer, Suffolk, Va. 
Cs Laurel Cliff Country, Virgin, West- 
moreland, University. 1902 m Roberta 
Clifford Ansley, 3d;'r 520 Broad st. 

Corbly, Lawrence J., Educator, Hunting- 
ton, W.Va. Cs Masons, Shriner. 1897 m 
Elizabeth Holland, now deceased. 1906 
m Sydney Thomas. 

Corby, WilUam Stephen, Retired Business 
Executive and Millionaire, Washington. 
He is prominently identifiied with busi- 
ness and public affairs. Cs City, Rac- 
quet, Columbia Country, Congressional 
Country, Bald Peak Country of Xew 
Hampshire. 1906 ni Muriel Hannah Clark 
2d; r 9 Chew Chase circle, Chevy Chase 

Corbyn, Marmadilke, Insurance Broker, 
Oklahoma Citv, Okla. Cs Oklahoma Golf, 
Country, S.A.R. 1913 m Edith Scaling, 2s 
r .3114 Classen blvd. 

Corcoran, John L., Business President, Cin- 
cinnati. Cs Clovernook Country, Knights 
of Columbus, m Marv Husschmidt, Is Id 
T Hamilton ave.. College Hill, Columbus, 

Cordier, Auguste Julien; Manufacturer, 
New York City. Cs Yale. Racquet and 
Tennis, Nassau Country, Maidstone, Uni- 
versitv. 1921 m Helen Ogden Wood, 'Is 
Id; r '149 E. 73rd st. 

Cordley. Darrell, Business Executive, Los 
Angeles. He is prominentlv identified 
with business and public affairs. 

Cordts, Charles, Business President, New 
York City. 1895 m Anna M. Lahrsen, Id; 
r 256 Lincoln road, Brooklyn. 

Corey, Even Fox, Fruit Grover, Harvard, 
Mass. Cs Harvard, Boston. 1921 m Doro- 
thy Peters, Is Id. 

Corey, Prestau E., Business President, Bos- 
ton. 1913 m Miriam E. Pope, 3d; r Win- 
chester, Mass. 

Corey, William E., :Multi-Millionaire, New 
York City, r 991 5th ave. 

Corhess, C. M., Lawyer, Columbis. Ohio. 
1900 m :Mary Alberta Robinson, Id. 

Corley, Frank Winston, Business Execu- 
tive, Richmond, Va. Cs Country, Com- 

monwealth, Deep Run Hunt. 1923 m Ma- 
ry Robins Taylor, 3s; r Dumbarton, Va. 

CorUes, Arthur, Broker New York City. Cs 
St. Anthony, Yale, National Town and 
Countrv. 1906 m Maude Robinson, Id; r 
129 E. 69th St. 

Corliss, Charles Albert, Manufacturer and 
. Millionaire, New York City. Cs Metro- 
politan, Union League, L^niversity, Slee- 
py Hollow Golf. 1915 m Anne Parish; r 
Englewood, N.J. 

Corliss, John B., Lawver, Detroit. Cs De- 
troit, Detroit Golf,Bioomfield Hills Coun- 
try, m Dorothy Montgomery; r 70 Long- 
fellow ave. 

Cornell. John Evans, Business Pre-^'idenb 
and Capitalist, Chicago. He is president 
Bates Valve Bag Company. Cs T nion 
League, Chicago Athletic, Flossmoor Golf 
.South Shore Country, Toledo, Olympic 
Fields Golf. 1892 m Katharine .Spear, Is 
Id; r 5116 Blackstone ave. 

Cornell, John M., Manufacturer, New York 
Citv. 1873 m Sarah L. Keen, 3s; r Sea 
Bright, X..L 

Corner, Clarence F., Lawyer, Brooklyn. Cs 
Riding and Driving, Oxridge Hunt, Law- 
yers, Tavern. 1917 m Annti Gildersleeve, 
Is; r 150 St. James place. 

Coming, Arthur Wellesley, Merchant and 
Capitalist, New York City. Cs Apawamia 
American Yacht. 1902 m Isabelle R.Mat- 
thews; r Blind Brook Lodge. Rye, N.Y. 

Corning, Frederick Gleason, Mining Engi- 
neer, New York Citv. Cs Metropolitan, 
Bankers, New York Yacht, Oakland Golf 
Ardslev. 1891 m Marion Adeline Vernon, 
r 1 W.' 72nd st. 

Corning, Henry Wick. Manufacturer and 
Multi-Millionaire, Cleveland. Cs Knick- 
erbocker, Union, Tavern. 1897 m Edith 
Warden, Is Id; r 10901 Lake Shore blvd. 

Cornish, Louis Craig, Clergyman, Boston, 
He is administrative vice-president of 
American LTnitarian Association. Cs City 
Union. Harvard, University. 1906 m 
Frances E. Foote; r 39 Fayerweather st., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

Comitius, George Clay. Lumberman and 
Capitalist, .San Francisco. He is engaged 
in the wholesale hardwood lumber bus- 
iness. Cs Islam Temple, Knights Temp- 
lar. 1911 m Ruth Whitmire; r 328 30th av 

Cornwall, Edward E.. Physician, Brooklyn, 
Cs Uiiiversitv. Pleiades, American Ther- 
apeutic, r 1218 Pacific st. 

Cornwell, Dean, Painter and Illustrator, 
New York City. Cs Dutch Treat, Play- 
ers, Chelsea Art, Illustrators. 1918 m 
Mildred Kickham, Is Id; r on Brevoort 
Farm, Mamaroneck, N.Y. 



Corrigan, John Charles, Banker, Poplar 
Bluff. M<i. 1904 m Effie Ann Sikes, 3s 
3-1: r 22.3 S. 6tli st. 

Ccrrigan, Joseph E., Lawyer, NeAv York 
City. Cs .Racquet and Tennis, Calumet. 
1917 m Faith Robinson, 2d; r 3 E. 10th 

Corry. Frank McMahon, Merchant and 
Banker, Montpelier, Vt. 2s 2d. 

Corse, Cadwallader Colden, Lumber Manu- 
facturer, Tacoma, Wash. Cs Union, Ta- 
coma Country and Golf. 1919 m Anita 
Thome, Is 2d: r 502 X. Yahinia ave. 

Carson, Eugene Rollin, Physician, Savan- 
nah. Ga. 1S94 m Cora Wirt Baker, Is 2d; 
T 10 W. Jones st. 

Corson, Newton W., Banker, Philadelphia. 
Cs Union League, Philadelphia Cricket. 
1902 m Gertrude Emily Fiss, Id: r 610.5 
Wayne ave., GermantoAvn, Pa. 

Coitina, Rafael de la Diey, Publisher, New 
York City. 1896 m Margaret T. Canto; r 
Hotel Majestic. 

Cortright, Harry Kennedy, Coal Operator, 
Philadelphia. Cs Racquet, Union League 
Huntington Valley Hunt, Huntington 
Talley Country, Penn Athletic, m Hazel 
Packer, 3dr r Betkayers, Pa. 

Corwin, John B., Lawyer, New burg. N.Y. 
Cs Citv, National Republican, Neuburgh 
Yacht," River Yacht. 1898 m Miss Cook, 

Cosby, Arthur P., Business Exeoutive,lS!'ew 
York City. Cs Harvard, and Westchester 
Country. 1904 m V. D. Dauscaan, divor- 
ced in 1922; 2d; r 1.56 5th ave. 

Cosby, Frank C, Mechanical Engineer, 
Boston. Cs Loval Legion, Cornell. 1901 m 
Carolyn L. Du Bois', Is 2d; r 30 Engle- 
wofid ave., Brookline. Mass. 

Cosden, Joshua S., "Millionaire, New York 
Citv. r Ambassador Hotel. 

Cosgrave, Jessica Garretson, Educator,, 
New York Citv. Cs Colonv. 1913 m John 
O'Hara Coso-rave. Id: r 39 E. 79th st. 

Cosgrove. Milton J.. Manufacturer, De- 
troit. Cs Boat. 1920 m Albertine ]M. 
Osius. Id; r 1206 Marauette drive. 

Cosson. George. Lawver, Des Moines. Tnwa. 
Cs Prai'-ie. Wakonda. Des Moines. 1904 
m .Jennie F. Riggs, 2s 2d: r 1599 E. 9th 


Costella, Greorffe M.. Manufacturer, Phila- 
flelphia. Cs Manufacturers. Elks. 189" m 
Jeannette Bodine, Id: t Spring Mills, 
Montgomerv Count v. Pa. 

Coster. Martyn K.. Business "Executive, 
Pittsburgh. Cs Universitv. 1907 m Nan- 
cv D. Griorcrs, Id: t 326 Denniston ave. 

Coster. Norman B.. En-^ine<^r. Paris.France. 
Cs Universitv. India House of New 
York, Union, Brussels and Dutch of Lon- 

don. 1921 m Henrietta R. Fox, Id; r 1 
rue Marbeau. 

Cotillo, &alvatore. Lawyer, Jurist, New 
York City. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs Ath- 
letic, Pocasset. r 51 Chamber st. 

Cottam, H. Thomas, Millionaire, New Or- 
leans, r 5133 St. Charles ave. 

Colten, Bruce, Army Officer, Baltimore. Cs 
Baltimore Country, Army and Navy of 
Washington. 1910 m Jessie Tyson. 

Cotten, Edyth Johns, Sociologist, Balti- 
more. Cs Colony of New York, Gibson 
Island Country, m Bruce Gotten; r Cly- 
burn, Baltimore. 

Cotterill, George Fletcher, Civil Engineer, 
Seattle, W^ash. Cs Mason, Knights Temp- 
lar, Shriner. 1890 m Cora Rowena Grom- 
ley. Id, now deceased; r 2501 W^estview 

Cottingham, Walter H., Business Executive 
Cleveland. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs, r 9119 
Lake Shore blvd., Bratenahll. 

Cottman, Thomas E., Business President, 
Baltimore. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs Ma- 
rvland. Merchants, Green Spring Valley 
Hunt, Hartford Hunt, Elkridge Hounds. ' 
1917 m Margaret D. B. Bennett; r West- 
burn, Eccleston. 

Cotton, Aylett R., Business Executive, San 
Mateo, Cal. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs LTni- 
versity. 1907 m Alice Borel, Is. 

Cotton. Donald Reed, Business Executive, 
St. Paul. Cs Minnesota, m Grace L. Gil- 
lette; r 2541 S. 3rd ave., Minneapolis. 

Cotton, Joseph Potter, Business Executive, 
Nf-Av York Citv. 1905 m Jessie Isabel 
Child, Is Id; r'405 Park ave. 

CTotton, William H., Artist, New York Ci- 
tv. Cs Mural Painters. 1914 m Miss Dvo- 
rak; r 132 E. 19th st. 

Oottrell, Charles R., Millionaire, Westerlv, 
R.I. r 22 Elm st. 

Conch, Albert Irvins:, Banker, Lawrence, 
Mass. He is president Essex Savings 
Bank. Cs Merrimack Valley Country, 
Chamber of Commerce. Boston Chamber 
of Commerce. 1896 m Alice M. Eaton; r 
548 Haverhill st. 

Couch. Frank Gilbert. Civil Engineer and 
Cayiitalist, St. Louis. He is chief engi- 
neer Frisco Railwav Company. 1896 m 
Olivi.T Richardson, 3d: r 5355 Pershing 

Couch. Ira T.. Bond Broker. Chicago. Cs 
Chicagfo. Glen View Golf, Chicatro Ath- 
letic. 1902 m Genevea Lanig. 2s Id; r 
223 E. Delaware place; and Golf, 111. 



Coudert, Frederick R., Millionaire, New 
York City. Cs Century, m Alice T. WU- 
nierdiug; r 12-1: E. 56th st. 

Coulter, Carleton, Banker and Merc-hant, 
Baltimore. 1S92 ni Nancy Dugan, 3s; r 

Couditch, Daniel D., Diamond Imiicrter, 
Chicago. Cs Diamond, College de France 
Societe des Savants. Unmarried; r 159 
N. State St. 

Coughlan, George Rice, Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs University, Lawyers. 1904 ni 
Grace Eeed Waterhouse, Is Id; r 100 W. 
55th St. 

Coughlin, John Henry F., Physician, Troy, 
N.Y. He is director of the Security Pro- 
ducts Company. Cs Troy, Rotary, Fores- 
ters, Knights of Columbus, m ^Taud 
Jackson, Is; r 433 1st st. 

Coulter, Carleton, Banker and Merchant, 
Baltimore. 1892 m Nancy Dugan, 3s; r 
157 Lanvale st. 

Coulter, Mary Geigus, Sociologist, Ogden, 
]\lich. Cs Womans. m Chester Emory 
Coulter; r Mesa Lodge. 

Council, Malcolm S.,Physician. Bryn Mawr 
Pa. Cs Merion Cricket. 1902 m Helen 
Duer. Id; r 610 Montgomery ave. 

Counselman, Charles, Realtor and Capita- 
list, Porchcster, N.Y. Cs Chicago, Chica- 
go Athletic Asociation, Saddle and Cycle 
Princeton, Round Table. 1923 m Dorothy 
Spencer Brown; r 277 Riversville road, 
Greenwich, Conn. 

Count, Elmer Ernest, Clergyman, Sofia, 
Bulgaria. Cs Authors of London, Free 
Mason. 1897 m Viette E. Thompson, 2s 

Countis, Stuart Appleton, Educator, Ann 
Arbor, Mich. Cs Ingleside of Detroit. 
1901 m Margaret Alice "Weber, 3s; r 
9110 Dwight St. 

Countway, Francis A., Business Executive, 
Cambridge, Mass. He is president Levers 
Brothers Company and Lever Transpor- 
tation Company. Cs Algonquin, Boston 
City, Boston Press, University, Oakley 
Country, Belmont Spring Country, Cam- 
bridge,' Braeburn Country, Westchester- 
Eiltmore Country. Unmarried, r Alden 
Park Manor, Longwood, Brookline,Mass. 

County, Albert John, Accountant, Philadel- 
phia. Cs Historical. 1902 m Hester Caven 
Coursaiilt, Jesse Harliaman, Educator and 

Author, Columbia, !Mo. 
Courtenay, William Howard, Civil Engi- 
neer, Louisville, Kv. He is chief engi- 
neer Louisville and Nashville Railroad 
Company. Cs American Society of Civil 
Engineers, American Railway Engineer- 
ing Association, Baronial Order of Run- 
nemede. Engineers, Archite^-ts, Penden- 
nis, Kentucky, Conversation. 1923 m Isa- 

bel Stevenson Clark, 2s; r 1110 3id ave. 

Courtney, William C, Millionaire, Brook- 
lyn, r 33 8th ave. 

Cousins, Wilfred S., Editor, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Canadian. 1909 m Hattie V. Steu- 
rer, 2s; r '2505 University ave. 

Couturie, William J., Cotton Broker, New 
Orleans. Cs Country, Louisiana, Southern 
Yacht, m Helen Le M. Greys; r 5509 
Hurst st. 

Couzens, James, Multi-Millionaire, Detroit. 
Cs Country, m Margaret Manning; r 610 
Longfellow ave. 

Covel, Borden, Coal Merchant and Cajiita- 
list, Boston. He is president and gen- 
eral manager Northland Coal Company. 
Cs Harvard, Brookline Country, New 
Riding. 1904 m Alice M. Kuhn, 3s Id; r 
12 Worthington road, Brookline, Mass. 

Covello, R. R., Lawyer and Banker, Chica- 
go. He is lawyer and banker specializing 
in real estate mortgage loans, ni Grace 
V. Thomas, Is 2d; r 1245 N. Kedzie ave. 

Cover, Harvey S., Inventor and Manufac- 
turer, South Bend, 111. Cs Round Table. 
1895 m Katie V. Berkheiser, Is ]d; r 
Chippewa Knoll. 

Coverdale, Mrs. Harriet Elizabeth Rinch- 
cliff, Sociologist, New York City. Cs D. 
A.R. 1911 m William Hugh Coverdale, 
2s 2d; r 328 W. S3rd st. 

Coverdale, William H.. Millionaire, New- 
York City, r 328 W. 83rd st. 

Covert, Charles E., Business Executive, of 
Brooklyn. Cs Garden City Country. Ha- 
milton, Brooklyn. 1900 m Magdalene 
Yanderven, Is 2d; r 108 Stewart ove., 
Garden City. 

Covington, George B., Lawver, New Y^ork 
Citv. 1914 m Lucile C. Wood, Is; r 349 
Central Park West. 
Covington, Isaac Boyce, Manufacturer and 
Capitalist, Wadesboro, N.C. Cs various. 
1923 m. Is Id. 
Covington, J. Harry, Lawyer and Capita- 
list, Washington. He is prominent in 
business and public affairs; and has 
held manv positions of trust and honor. 
1889 m Ethel K. Rose, Is Id; r 2320 
Wyoming ave. 
Cowan, George A., Wholesale Druggist and 
Capitalist, Buffalo. He is prominently 
identified with business and public af- 
fairs. Cs Park, Drug, Chamber of Com- 
merce. 1886 m Emma M. Tutcliffe, 2d; r 
639 Lafayette ave. 
Cowan, Max Henry, Business President 
and Capitalist, Chicago. He is president 
Worthy Manufacturing Company. Cs 
Union League, Mid Day, Quadrangle, Ca- 
lumet Country, Chicago Literary. 1903 
m Jessie Harrington, Id; r 1360 E. .56th 
St. 6 



Cowardin, Kerry Moale, Business Execu- 
tive, Richmond, Va. 1919 m Mary Doro- 
thy Bentley, 2(1; r 222 X. Harvie'st. 

Cowde.y, Edward Gilmo^e, Gas Engineer, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago, Athletic, Lotos. 
18S7 m Jennie Van Fleet Burr, Is 2d; r 
232 E. Pearson st. 

Cowdin, Frederick Putnam, Surgeon, of 
Springfield, 111. 1912 m Margaret Bar- 
low, Id; r 614 S. 5th st. 

Cowen, Ermin E., Lawyer, Chicago, m 
Miss Sproger; r 823 Independence blvd. 

■Cowen, Lewis C, Physician, Rising Sun, 
Ind. Cs Ohio and Dearborn County Me- 
dical, Mississippi Va ley and American 
Medical. 1877 m Virginia A. Hastings. 

Cowen, Louis D., Business President, Chi- 
cago. Cs Kiwanis, Elks, Covenant, Ma- 
son. L^niiiarried; r Parkway Hotel. 

Cowen, William B., Banker, St. Louis. Cs 
St. Louis, Racquet, Bankers, Sunset Inn, 
Citv, Chamber of Commerce. L^nmarried; 
r 5964 Cabanne place. 

Cowing, George Arthur, Manufacturer and 
Capitalist, Cincinnati. He is treasurer of 
Harkness and Cowing. Cs various. 1904 
m Irene Wagner, 2d; r 105 Stearns ave. 

Cowing, Kemper F., Writer and Business 
Eexecutive, Washington. Cs National 
Press, Newspaper, Associated Advertis- 
ing. 1917 m Amy B. Gronna; r 17 Rock 
Creek road. N.W. 

Cowing, Rufus B., Lawyer, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Glen Ridee Country, Montclair 
Golf. 1899 m Marguerite L." Benedict, Is 
Id; r Glen ,Ri(]ge, N.J 

Cowles, Alfred,-' Millionaire, Chicago, r 
Id; r 24 Woodland ave., Glen Ridge,N.J. 
1130 Lake Shore drive. 

Cowles, Anna Roosevelt, Sociologist, Far- 
mington. Conn. 1895 m William Shef- 
field Cowles, Is; r Oldgate. 

Cowles, Dudley R., Publisher, Atlanta, Ga. 
He is director and southern manager D. 
C. Heath and Company, publishers of 
school and college text books. Cs Capital 
Citv, Piedmont Driving. 1902 m Virginia 
Alan Spindle; r 60 E. 14th st. 

Cowles, John Henry, Grand Commander 
and Capitalist, Washington. He is Grand 
Commander A. A. S. R. Southern Juris- 
diction United States. Cs Army and Na- 
vv, National Press, Columbia Country, 
honorary member many Masonic organ- 

Cowles, John T., Retired Manufacturer, 
Chicago. 1892 m Corda R. Means, now 
edceased. 1922 m Sophia E. Delavan, Is 
Id: r 532 S. Green st. 

Cowles, Mrs. Joslah Evans. Sociologist, Los 
Angeles. Cs General Federation of Wo- 
men's Clubs. 1890 m Josiah Evans Cow- 
les; r 1101 W. Adams st. 

Cowles, Josiah Evans, Business Executive, 
Los Angeles. 1890 m lone V. Hill; r 1101 
W. Adams st. 

Cowles, Knight C, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs L'niversity. m Alice W. 
Farnsworth; r 983 Charles River road, 
Cambridge, Mass. 

Cowles, Percival W., Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs New York Athletic, 
Lenwood Golf. 1924 m B. Cowles, Is; r 
1 Church lane, Searsdale, N.Y. 

Cowles, RusseU A., Millionaire, Greenwich, 
Conn, r Belle Haven. 

Cowles, Thomas H., Realtor, Chicago. Cs 
Onwentsia, Casino. 1921 m Barbara H. 
Granger, Id; r 217 Church road. Lake 
Forest, 111. 

Cowles, W. Sheffield, Banker and Capita- 
list, London, England. Cs Racquet and 
Tennis. 1921 m Margaret Krech, Is. 

Cowles, William Barmim, Industrial Ex- 
pert, Cleveland. 1889 m Harriet Lee 
Eastman, 4d: r 14420 Superior road. 

Cowlin?. Donald J., Educator, Northfield, 
Minn. He is prominentlv identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Minnea- 
polis, Minneariolis Athletic, St. Paul Ath- 
letic, University of Chicago. City of New 
York. Cosmos of Washington. 1907 m 
F'iz'ibf'th L. Stehman, 4d. 

Cox. Arthnr W., Business Executive, Buf- 
falo, N.Y. Cs American Legion. 1921 m 
Ada C. Davenport. Is Id; r Elmwood 
ave.. Hamburff. N.Y. 

Cox. Channing H., T^awyer ^nd Statesman, 
Bosto". 1915 m Mary Emery Young, Id; 
r 9"^ Fenwav. 

Cox. Daniel Hargate, Business Executive, 
New York CHv. Cs New York Yacht, m 
Frances L. Buckler; r Woodmere, Long 

Cox. Dougi!>«! A.. Business Fxecitive, St. 
Loui«. m ">'^a'-ian .larvis. r 525 Clara ave. 

Cox. DonorTa«5 Farley. Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs Union, m Dora A. 
Harris; r Llewellvn Park, West Orange, 

Cox, Edwin P.. B'lsiness Fvpcutive. Rich- 
T^^ond, Va. C« We^tmorelnnd. m Ethel R. 
Freeman: r ""OO N. Tjinden st. 

Cox. Elmer H., Railway President, San 

Cox, Eustace Richardpon, Major, Pitts- 
burgh, m Charlotte Kennedy; r South 
Wraxall Manor, Wiltshire, Bradford-on- 
Avan, England. 

Cox, George Howland, Banker, Cambridge, 
Mass. Cs Amicable Lodge, Colonial, Cam- 
bridge, Boston City, Boston, Cambridge, 
Wamsutta New Bedford. 1877 m Ella P. 
Whittemore. Is; r Riverbank Court. 

Cox, Gerard H., Business Executive, New 
York City. Cs University, m Maud E. 



Knapp; r Ardiior, Hewlett, L.I. 

Cox, Heiiry Joseph, District Forecaster, 
Chicago. Cs University, Chicago Yacht. 
1887 m Mary Cavanagh, 2s; r 5220 
Blackstone ave. 

Cox, Irving, Business Executive,lSrew York 
Citv. Cs New York Yacht, m Jane Eck- 
stein; r Mill Neck, L.I. 

Cox, J. Elwood, Banker and Manufacturer, 
High Point, N.C. He is prominently id- 
entified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Kiwanis, Westmoreland, m Bertha E. 
Snow, Id. 

Cox, Jacob Dolsan, Multi-Millionaire, of 
Cleveland. 1878 m Ellen Atwood Pren- 
tiss. 2s Id; r 3411 Euclid ave. 

Cox, Jacob Dolson, Jr., Millionaire, Cleve- 
land, r ;;411 Euclid ave. 

Cox, James Middleton, Journalist, Publish- 
er and Statesman, Dayton, Ohio. 1917 m 
Margaretta Blair; r Trailsend, Dayton. 

Cox, Mrs. Katherine Hamilton Cabell, So- 
ciologist, Eichmond, Va. Cs Country, Art 
Colonial Dames, Woniens. 1882 m Her- 
bert Augustine Claiborne, 2s Id; r 609 
W. Grace st. 

Cox, Stephen J., Lawyer, New York Citv. 
1898 m Ada L. Grand, Is; r Westfield, 

Cox, Walter, Manufacturer, Philadelphia. 
Cs Philadelphia, Merion Cricket, Schuyl- 
kill, Eacquet, Gun, Universitv Barge, 
Cape May Golf, Pine Vallev Golf. 1882 
m Hannah Ashbridge; r St. James Hotel. 

Cox, Willard R., Business President and 
Capitalist, St. Louis. He is president of 
Coca-Cola Bottling Company. Cs Racquet 
Sunset Hill Country. 

Cox. William Howard, Insurance Executive 
and Capitalist. Cincinnati. Cs Cincin- 
nati Country, University. 1922 m Mari- 
anne Clark, Is Id; r 11 Annwood lane. 
East Walnut Hills. 

Coxe. Alexander Brown, Business Execu- 
tive and Millionaire, Philadelphia. Cs 
Philadelphia, m Sarah F. White; r Naw- 
beek. Paoli, Pa. 

Coxe, William Griscom, Marine Engineer, 
Philadelphia. Cs Eacquet, Wyoming, Co- 
rinthian Yacht, Eeading. 1904 m Helen 
B. Baer, 2d; r Bellevue, Del. 

Coy. Pdward Harris, Broker, New York 
Citv. Cs Piedmont Drivinsr, Yale, Rac- 
quet and Tennis, Eockawav Hunting of 
Cedarhurst. 1913 m Sophie d'Antignac 
Meldrim, 2s: r 300 Park ave. 

Coyken^ali. Edward, Millionaire, Kings- 
ton. N.Y. r 1.56 W. Chestnut st. 

Covkendpll. Frederick, Business President, 
New York Citv. Cs University, Union 
Leapue. 1897 m Mary Beach Warrin, Id; 
r 1 W. 73rd st. 

Coyle, Frank, Clergyman, New Orleans, m 
Sarah Soua; r Charleston. 

Coyle, Robert Mc Curdy, Insurance Bro- 
ker, Philadelphia. Cs Bachelors, Bargc> 
Bankers^ Down Town, Union League^ 
Rittenhouse, Country, Golf. 1902 m Mar- 
garet Ivins; r 1936 Locust st. 

Cozzens, Fred H., Realtor and Business 
President, New York City. He is presi- 
dent Congress Trading Company of New 
York City. Cs Staten Island, Chamber of 
Commerce. 18SS m Eose B. Stanley; r 7 
W. 92nd St. 

Crabb, George Dent, Business President, 
Cincinnati. He is prominently identified 
Avith business and public affairs. Cs Ham 
County Country, Queen City, Country^ 
Commercial, Snow Hill Country, 1897 ni 
Nancy Harris; r 352 Lafayette ave.,Clif- 

Crabb, Robert, Multi-Millionaire, Newark^ 
N..J. r 341 Boseville ave. 

Crabbs, George D., Millionaire, CincinnatL 
r 352 Lafayette ave. 

Crabbs, Roscoe B., Business Executive, of 
Lockland, Cincinnati. Cs Queen Citv,Cin- 
cinnati Country, Eiding. m Katherine 
Gholson; r 4157 Paddock road, Avondale- 

Crablo, Roscoe B., Business Executive, of 
Cincinnati. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs- 
Queens City, Cincinnati Country, Eiding. 
m Katharine Sholson; r 4157* Paddock 
road, Avondale. 

Crabtreet, Albert, Clergyman, West Bar- 
rington, E.I. 1899 m Lena P. Joyce, ?d; 
r Barrington, E.I. 

Crabtree, Edgar Erman, Banker, Jackson- 
ville, 111. Cs Hamilton of Chicago. 1896- 
m Anna Farrell, Is; r 605 W. State st. 

Craddock, John W., Millionaire, Lynch- 
burg, Va. r 208 Madison st. 

Crafts, Leo M., Physician, Minneapolis. 
Cs Bloomington Golf, Massachusetts Me- 
dical. 1901 m Amelia J. Burgess; r 610- 
S.E. 5th St. 

Cragin, Laura Ella, Eeader and Author,. 
Newton Centre, Mass. r 32 Norwood ave. 

Crogo, Thomas Spencer, La.i'yer, Waynes- 
burg, Pa. Cs Army and Navv, Duquesne, 
University, m Margaret G. Hoge, Is 2d; 
r Waynesburg, Pa.; and Washington',. 

Craig, Charles Patton, Business Executive. 
Washington. Cs Universitv, Chamber of 
Commerce of U.S., National Press,Cham- 
ber of Commerce of Duluth. m Florence- 
Cameron; r 3400 16th st. 

Craig, Frank. Banker, McAlester, Okla. C» 
Commercial, Eotary. 1895 m Florence E. 
Washburn, Id. 



Craig, Hardin, Educator and Author. Iowa 
City, Iowa. 19U6 in Gertrude Carr. Is; r 
1025 Woodlawn. 

Craig, James, Jr., Banker, Detroit. Cs De- 
troit, Golf, Boat, Bankers, Curling. 1882 
m Clara Aspinall, 2s Id; r 25 Virginia 

Craig, James O., Business President, Chi- 
cago. Cs Illinois Athletic, Eotary, Exec- 
utives. 1920 rn Frances Spaulding; r at 
Sovereign Hotel, 6200 Kenmore ave. 

Craig, S. N., Business Executive, Beaver, 
Pa. Cs Duquesne, Beaver Valley Coun- 
try, Beaver Cornell. 1912 m Kuth Cairns 
Walker, 2s Id; r 194 Beaver st. 

Craig, Volney H., Farmer, San Fernando, 
Cal. Cs California, Valley Hunt. 1907 m 
Elinor Merrill, 2s Id; r Ford Ranch. 

Crain, Robert, Lawyer, Washington. Cs 
Chevy Chase, Maryland, Baltimore, Elk- 
ridge Kennels, Baltimore Country, Co- 
rinthian Yacht. 1898 m Margaret Ben- 
nett, 2s 2d; r 1855 Wyoming ave. 

Cram, J. Sergeant, Multi-Millionaire, New 
York Citv. Cs Knickerbocker, m Edith 
Clare Bryce; r 19 E. 82nd st., Old West- 
bury, Long Island. 

Cram,' Ralph Adams, Architect, Boston. Cs 
Century, Art. 1900 m Elizabeth Carring- 
ton Read, Is 2d; r 52 Chestnut st. 

Cram, William Everett, Author and Far- 
mer, Hampton Hills, N.H. Cs American 
Mammalogists of Washington. 1907 m 
Esther L. Sanborn, Is Id. 

Cramer, Aliphalet W., Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago, m Katherine Spen- 
cer; r 1100 Lake Shore drive. 

Cramer,. Ambrose C, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago, m Grace M. Mee- 
ker; r 4 rue de Phalsbourg, Paris. 

Cramer, Frank W., Business Executive, 
Chicago, r Ambassador Hotel. 

Crampton, C. Ward, Phvsician, Educator, 
Lecturer, New York City. Cs Quill, So- 
ciety Experimental Biology and Medi- 
cine, and others. 1900 m Miss Tullv, Is 
3d. 1919 m Miss Horwitz; r 571 Park av. 

Crampton, Grcorge S., Phvsician. Philadel- 
phia. Cs Engineers. 1907 m Hazel Sme- 
des; r 1819 Walnut st. 

Crampton, Henry Edward, Curator, Bar- 
nard College. N.Y. Cs Centurv. 1896 m 
Marian M. Tullv. Is Id; r 2880 Broad- 
way, New York Citv. 

Crampton, Ralph Owen, Business President 
and Capitalist, Cleveland. 1933 m Alice 
Decker, Is; r 2971 Litchfield road. 

Crandall, A. J., Manufacturer, President 
and Manager, Ashawav, R.I. Cs Old Co- 
lony, Miami Angler, Catalina Light and 
Tackle, Midland Beach Fishing, South 
Country Rod and Gun, Winnipeg Golf. 
1898 "m Harriett Titsworth, 2s 2d. 

Crandall, Mrs. Catherine Louise Patterson, 
Vice-President, Westfield, N.Y. Cs D.A. 
R. 1887 m Frank William Crandall, 2s. 

Crandell, Walter S., Stock Broker, New 
York City. 1909 m Bess Bain, 4s Id; r 
Bronxville, N.Y. 

Crandon, Albert Seabury, Civil Engineer, 
Pittsburgh. Cs American Engineers. 1921 
m Grace Munro Scully, Is Id; r 1639 
Shady ave. 

Crane, Alexander Baxter, Lawyer, Scars- 
dale, N.Y. Cs Union League, Army and 
Navy. 1865 m Laura Cornelia jNiitchell; 
r Holmhurst, Scarsdale. 

Crane, Charles, Architect, New York City. 
Cs Army and Navy of America, Ameri- 
can of Military Engineers, and Colonial 
Wars. 1920 m Henrietta M. Archer, Is; 
r Malba, Long Island. 

Crane, Charles R., IL, Multi-Millionaire, 
Chicago. Cs Exmoor Country, m Marjo- 
rie Baker; r 443 Barry ave. 

Crane, Clinton Hoodley, Millionaire, New 
York City. Cs Century, m Rebecca Riggs 
r 876 Park ave. 

Crane, Edwin P., Business President, Bos- 
ton. Cs Sons American Revolution. Brae 
Burn Country, Boston City, and Boston 
Chamber of Commerce. 1906 m Grace 
Woodbury, Id; r 12 Dexter road, New- 
tonville. Mass. 

Crane, EUas Frederick, Banker, Mt. Ster- 
ling, 111. 1908 m Alice Pitts, Is 2d. 

Crane, Frank, W^riter, New York City. 
1883 m Ella Stickel, Is Id; r 3 E. 85th 


Crane, Frederick Evan, Lawyer and Jurist 
Borough Hall, Brooklyn. " 1893 m Miss 
Craven, Is Id. 

Crane, George Francis, Retired Insurance 
Official and Banker, New York City. Cs 
Salmagundi Ausable, Garden Citv, Roy- 
al Darnoch Golf, Country of Pittsfield, 
Mass., Scottland. 1888 m Katherine P. 

Crane, John Alden, Army Officer, Wash- 
ington. 1908 m Mary Sterrett, Is Id. 

Crane, Joshua, Business Executive and Ca- 
jiitalist, Boston. Cs Tennis and Racquet, 
Racquet and Tennis of New York, Coun- 
Irv, Dedhani Country and Polo, Kittan- 
se'tt Golf, Beverly Yacht. 1914 m Katha- 
rine Foster Symes, 2s 3d; r 100 Beacon 
St., and No-Mans Land, Dukes County, 

Crane, Richard T., Business Executive, Chi- 
cago. Cs Chicago, m Florence Higginba- 
tham; r 1550 Lake Shore drive. 

Crane, Theron I., Millionaire, Philadelphia, 
r 6340 Greene st. 

Crane, William Montgomery, Manufactur- 
er, New York City. He is president Wil- 



liam M. Crane Company, Goklsboro Gas 
and Fuel Company, iind Xe^v Burn Gas 
and Fuel Company. Cs Union League, 
New York Athletic. i!^*()7 m Beulah Bi- 
ber, 2s. 

Crangle, Roland, Business Lxeeutive, Buf- 
falo, m Emily L. Siedenbe:g; r 117 Bid- 
well parkay. 

Crangle, Roland, Lawyer, Buffalo. Cs Buf- 
falo, Country, Buffalo Players, Greater 
Buffalo Advertising. 1911 m Mrs. Wil- 
liam Elkus; r 117 Bidwell st. 

Cranshaw, Harold Brown, Business Execu- 
tive, Providence, m Edith Angell; r 96 
Berkeley st., West Newton, Mass. 

Craps, Stamford T., Business Eyi^r-utive, 
Detroit. He is secretary, treasurer and a 
director Federal Reserve Bank of Chi- 
cago. Cs Country, Detroit, Grosse Pointe 
niversity, Auto, Boat, Indian Village, 
Yale, Witenagemote Board of Commerce, 
m Emma Merely, Is 2d; r 775 Seminole 

Craps, William W., Business Director, De- 
troit. Cs University, Yale of Boston, 
Boat, Flint Country, Chamber of Com- 
merce. 1925 m Elizabeth Wilcox; r 1130 
Parker ave. 

Crary, C. S., Banker, Burlingame, Cal. Cs 
various. 1912 m Edith Slifer, Is 3d. 

Crary, Chaelrs Judson, Banker, San Fran- 
cisco. 1922 m uth Carson Yuill, Is Id; r 
Palo Alto, Cal. 

Cratty, Mabel Secretary, New York City, 
r 600 Lexington ave. 

Craune, Frank, Writer, New York City. 
1883 m Ella C. Stiekel, Is Id; r 3 E. 
85th St. 

Cravath, Paul D., Lawyer and Director, 
New York City. He is director Equitable 
Trust Company, of Metropolitan Opera 
Company, and of other corporations. Cs- 
Piping Rock, University, Metropolitan, 
Union League, Republican, Army and 
Navy, Automobile, Down Town, Midday. 
1892 m Agnes Huntington; r 405 Park 
Hve., New York City; and Locust Valley, 
Long Island. 

Craven, Bruce, Lawyer, Trinity, N.C. Cs 
Mason, Shriner, American Bar. 1901 m 
Clara Chaffin, Is. 

Craven, Erie Bulla, Chairman, Lexington, 
N.C. Cs Iroquois, m Johnsie Smith, 2s; 
r 30 W. 3rd ave. 

Craven, Harvey Bernard, Bondsman,Ridge- 
crest, N.C. 1901 m Alice Hou?hton Hol- 
man, 2s 3d; r Ridgecrest, N.C; and in 
Lakeland, Fla. 

Craven, Thomas T., Jr., Business Execu- 
tive, Easton, Pa. Cs West Point, r 133 
N. 3rd St. 

Crawe, Edwin P., Business President, Bog- 

ton. Cs Brae Burn Country. 1906 m 
Grace Woodbury, id; r 12 Dexter road, 
Newton, Mass. 

Crawford, CL'.ri;,uce Harrison, Insurance 
Official, Los Angeles. Cs California, 
University, Cakmont, Belair Count rv. 
1905 m Nan Vickers, 2s; r 1319 Central 

Crawford, Edwin Robert, Business Presi- 
dent, McKeesport, Pa. Cs Pittsburgh 
Athletic, Duquesne, Longue Vue. 1923 m 
Mary Edmunds; r 916 S. Duquesne ave., 
Duquesne, Pa. 

Crawford, Frank, Lawyer, Paris, France. 
1905 m Louise Mc Noir; r 4 Chemin De 
Vallieres, Ville D 'Avray, Seine at Oise. 

Crawford, Frank E., Importer and Expor- 
ter, White Plains, N.Y. Cs Army and Na- 
vy. 1918 m Marion A'an B. Byrne, Is; r 
Murchison place. 

Crawford, George W., Multi-Millionaire, 
Pittsburgh, r Woodland road. 

Crawford, James W., Paving Contrai-tor, 
Sarasota, Fla. Cs Sarasota Yacht. Sara- 
sota Country, Mira Mar Casino. 1908 m 
Elizabeth Kyle Baithram, Is; r Shore 
Oaks, Indian Beach. 

Crawford, Joseph E., Civil Engineer, Roa- 
noke, \'a. m Alice Christenson. 

Crawford, Kenneth B., Trust Officer and 
Lawver, Philadelphia. Cs Princeton, and 
Country. 1912 m Edith Sards Prichett, 
d; r 240 W. Evergreen ave., Chestnut 
Hill, Pa. 

..Crawford, lewis Feradus, Business Ex- 
ecutive, Bismarck, N.D. 1899 m Cora 
Belle Hazlett, Is Id. 

Crawford, Russell Tracy, Educator and As- 
tronomer, Berkeley, Cal. Cs American 
Astronomical, Agronomical of the Paci- 
fic. 1913 m Helen Young; r 2740 Hille- 

was ave. 

Crawford, W. L., Realtor, Albany, Ga. Cs 
j\Iason, Knights Templar, Shriner, and 
Knights of Pvthias. 1905 m Nona M. 
Grift, 4s 3d; r"712 N. Jackson st. 

Crawford, W. W., Business President, Chi- 
cago. He is president Edward Valve and 
Manufacturing Company, and McClellan 
Refrigerating Company. 1905 m Mona 
Richards, Is Id; r 6926 Constance ave. 

Crawford, William, Multi-Millionaire, New 
York Citv. r 30 E. 60th st. 

Crawford-Frost, William Albert, Clergy- 
man and Capitalist, Baltimore. Cs Au- 
thors, National Economic League. 1889 
m Constance Ings, 2s; r 1407 Eutawpl. 

Cray. Lorin, Lawyer and Banker, Mankato 

Crav, Willard R., Lawyer. Minneapolis. Cs 
Minneapolis. 1879 m Marguerite Doug- 
las, 2d; r 2304 Pillsbury ave. 



Crebs, Mrs. Edith C, Organist, Dayton, 
Ohio. 1902 m Walter David Crebs, Is Id; 
r 71 Oxford ave. 

Cree, Archibald Cunningham, Clergyman, 
Atlanta, Ga. Cs Mason. 1901 m Virginia 
Carroll Copeland, Is 3d; r Gaffney, S.C. 

Cieech, Harris, Millionaire, Cleveland, r 
2.572 Stratford road. 

Creed, Wiggmton Willis, Business Presi- 
dent, San Francisco. Cs Golden Bear, 
Pacific Union, University, Faculty. 1904 
m Isabel Hooper, Is 4d; r 128 Indian 
road. Piedmont, Cal. 

Creed, William Henry Ambrose, Insurance 
Broker, San Francisco. Cs Bohemian. 

Creese, Walter T., Manufacturer, Boston, 
He is prominently identified with busi- 
ness and public affairs. Cs Mason, m 
Lillian E. Dodge, 2s 2d; r 2 Poplar st., 
Danvers, Mass. 

Crea-ar, Ninian C, Business Executive, 
Philadelphia. Cs University, and Union 
League. 1914 m Rebecca Mulford Foulke 
Id: r Radnor, Pa. 

Creighton, Elmer, E. F., Engineer, Schen- 
ectady, N.Y. Cs American Physical, Am- 
Electrochcmieal, American Ceramic. Un- 

Creiehton, JoVn B.. Business Executive, 
New York Citv. 1902 m Julia A. Coon, 
2s; r 1S09 Avenue H. 

Cre'.lin, T. Arthur, Banker, Oakland, Cal. 
Cs Athenian Mile. Athens Athletic. Mt. 
Diablo Country of Diablo, Cal., Clare- 
mount CountT'v. m Catherine Dice, 4d; r 
Hotel Oakland. 

Crenshaw, Fdmund Austin. Jr.. Life Un- 
derwriter. Philadelphia. Cs Philadelphia 
Barge. 1SS8 m Katherine Atherton Ho- 
rner, 3s 3d; r 6616 Emlen st., German- 

Crenshaw. I.'dr'iund Austin, Business Exec- 
uHve. P>^ilndelphia. 1917 m Ph-liss Ha- 
miUon Williams, 2d; r 519 Pelham road. 

Crenshaw, John P.. Business Executive, 
East St. Louis, 111. Cs St. Clair Country. 
1920 m Fay .Tackson; r 1500 N. 45th st. 

Crenshaw, Louis G.. Engineer, St. Louis. 
m Eleanor Howe, Is Id; r 707 E. Gate 

Crerar, John, Business Executive, Chicago. 
Cs Chicago, Saddle and Cycle, Onwentsia 
Casino. 1900 m Marie G. Owens, 2d; r 
Lake Shore Drive Hotel. 

Creson, Ca'eb, Clergyman, Utica, N.Y, 1914 
m Helen Anderson Wilson, Is 2d; r 1103 
Howard ave. 

Cressey, Frederick Low, Merchant, Maiden 
Mass. Cs Chamber of Commerce, m Delia 
M. Wilmarth; r 160 Clifton st. 

Crews, Ralph, Multi-Millionaire, New York 
City, r 127 E. 73rd st. • 

Crich'ton, Alexander Fraser, Banker and 
Manufacturer, Wilmington, Del. Cs Wil- 
mington, Country, Union League of Phil- 
adelphia, reseent Athletic of Brooklyn. 
1898 m Florence Ametrano, 2d; r Hotel 
Du Pont. 

CriJe, George W., Physician and Surgeon, 
Cleveland. Cs Union, University, May- 
field Country, Kirtland, Country. 1900 
m Grace Mc^Bride, 2s 2d; r 2620" Derby- 
shire road. 

Crimmins, Cjrril, Business President, New 
York City. Cs Beach, Lambs, Wee Burn 
Tokeneke. 1917 m Katherine Marie Daly 
2s; r Glenbreckin Farm, Norton, Conn. 

Crippen, George Bigelow, Banker, Worces- 
ter, N.Y. Cs Oneonta Country, Oneonta 
Elks. 1896 m Caroline M. Winslow. 

Crisfield, James Alfred Pearce, Business 
President and Capitalist, Savannah, Ga. 
He is president Savannah Gas Company. 
Cs Rotary, Golf, Oglethorpe, American 
Society of Mechanical Engineers. 1894 
m Josephine Jones, 3s 3d; r Avon Hall> 
White Bluff, Ga. 

Crisler, Lewis Allen, Investment Broker^ 
Los Angeles. 1905 m Edna June Cooke^ 
2s; r 1015 Magnolia ave. 

Crisp, Arthur, Artist, New York Citv. Cs 
Coffee House,Water Color. 1922 m Grace 
Ackerman; r 308 E. 51st st. 

Crisp, Charles R.. Lawyer and Statesman, 
Americus. Ga. Cs Mason, Kniphts of Py- 
thias. 1908 m .Tennie Hollis, Is. 

Crif-p, Donald. Motion Picture Director,. 
Hollvwond, Cal. Cs Writers. 

Crispin. F?e"ton Lafayette, Physiciai:, Los 
Angeles. Cnl. Cs American Legion, Sons 
of Revolution, Society Colonial Wars, 
Thirtv-two degree Mason. California Uni- 
versitv, Los j^np-eles Athletic. 1913 m 
Angela Shinman. 3s Id; r 2880 W. 8th st. 

Crispin, M. Jackson, Banker, New York 
CTtv. He is prominentlv identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Univer- 
sity, Princeton, Lotos Calumet, Bankers, 
Sleepv Follow Countrv, Lambs, Racquet 
of Washington. Everglades of Pallm 
■Reach. Colr^nia] Wrs of New York. S.A. 
R. 1900 m Marie B-of>kwav. Id. 1916 m 
Errin ^'^''rchant: r 375 Park ave. 

Crist, D. W.. BanVer r-nd Statesman, Alli- 
ance. Ohio. 1882 m Marv A. Reel, 2s Id. 

Crist, Henrv McCaVe. Sociolof^ist and Edi- 
tor. BrooVlt-n. N.Y. Cs Gridiron Crescent 
y^thletic. Cher-v Vallev rjolf. 1911 m Ad- 
dip Slack. Is Id: r 1.55 Stratford road. 

Cri^tv. FarJan, Bnsine-^s Executive .Pasa- 
dena. Cal. m Mabel Becker, 3d; r 285 S. 
Holliston ave. 



Critchley, James Verner, Manufacturer 
and Capitalist, Worcester, Mass. He is 
president Stevens Walden Worcester, In- 
corporated. Cs Worcester, Economic, Al- 
gou(|uin. Country, Bass Rocks Country 
of Gloucester, Mass. 1902 m Maud H. 
Parker, 2s 2d; r 214 Salisbury st. 

■Crittenden, Fred Artbur, Commission Bro- 
ker, Detroit. Cs Detroit Boat, Country, 
Detroit Athletic, Automobile, Excelsior 
of Brooklyn. 1881 m Eleanor E. Wenzel, 
2s Id: r 24;-t2 Taylor ave. 

. . Crittenden, Hiram Oscar, Banker, Shell- 
man, (ia. 1900 ni Ada Crittenden, 2s 2d. 

•Crittenden, Walter H., Lawyer and Direc- 
tor, Brooklyn, N.Y. Cs Storm Kin^^ Golf, 
Italian Settlement Remblandt. 1897 m 
Li'liaii M. Haines, now deceased; r 70 
Willow St. 

Crosdale, Olney, Business Executive, Phila- 
delphia. 190.3 m Dorothy H. T. Pyne, Is 
2d; r Flambards House, Daylesford, Ber- 
wyn, Pa. 

Croasdale, Stuart, Consulting; Engineer, of 
Denver. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs Uni- 
versity, Country, Colorado Motor, Min- 
ing and Metfillurgical Society of Amer- 
ica. 1891 m ElmaG. Shaw, 2s Id; r 1574 
York st. 

Crobaugh, S. Chester, Banker, Clevelend. 
He is president Union Mortgage Com- 
pany. Cs Union, University. Country, 
Shaker Heights Country, Midday. 1916 
m Margaret E. Malone, Is Id; r 2311 
Stillman road. 

Croce, James Peter, Phvsician, New York 
City. Cs Catholic of New York. 1918 m 
Rose Mary Poggi, Is Id; r Forest Hills, 

Crocker, Alvab, Millionaire and Business 
Executive, Fitchburg, Mass. Cs Univer- 
sity, Union, New York. Harvard of Bos- 
ton, Harvard of New York. 1880 m Char- 
lotte T. Bartow, 2s Id; r Prospect st. 

Crocker. August Luther, Real Estate Dea- 
ler, Minneapolis. Cs •''arious. 188.3 m Cln- 
ra Todd Peabody, Id; r 2517 Blaisdell 

Crocker, Charles Temp^eton. Business Pres- 
ident and Multi-Millionaire, San Fran- 
cisco. He is president of Crocker Hotel 
Company, m Helene Irwin; r San Mateo, 

Crcker, Lyneham, Business Executive, Bog- 
ton, m Marv Thorndike, Is 3d; r 484 
Commonwealth ave. 

Crocker, Sam^iel Emmons Miller, States- 
man, Washinfton. Cs Tennis and Rac- 
ket, Chew Chase. Cosmos, Metropolitan 
Ra^'nuet. 1907 m Gladys Thomas, 48 2d; 
T 6200 Conn ave. 

Crocker, William Kenry, Banker and Mul- 
ti-Millionaire, San Francisco. Cs Paeitic 
Union, Bohemian, University of New 
York, Metropolitan of New York, m 
Ethel Spcrry, 2s 2d; r Burlingame, Cal. 

Crockett, Charles Winthrop, Astronomer, 
Troy, N.Y. 1S87 m Marie Haydock, 2d. 

Crockett, Watkins, Banker and' Capitalist, 
I-.'ashville, Tenn. Cs Sons of American 
Revolution, Richland Golf, 1892 m Mat- 
tie C. Benson, 2s 2d; r 2311 Elliston 

Croft, Frank Penrose, Manufacturer and 
Capitalist, Philadelphia. He is prominent 
in business and public affairs; and has 
held many positions of trust and honor. 
Cs Union League, Bachelors Barge, Me- 
lion Cricket. 1896 m Elizabeth Brosius, 
3s Id; r Valley Forge, Pa. 

Croft, Harry William, Manufacturer and 
Multi-Millionaire, Pittsburgh. He is pro- 
minently identified with business and 
public affairs. Cs Duquesne, Pittsburgh, 
Athletic, Oakmont Country, Ellegheny 
Country, Union League of New York, 
Greenwich Country, Blind Brook Coun- 
try, Round Hill Country of Greenwich, 
Conn. 1899 m Mary Augusta Graham, Is 
4d; r Greenwich, Conn. 

Crofton, Albert C, Phvsician, Chicago. 

1890 m Elizabeth P. Hubbard, 2d; r 1440 
N. Dearborn st. 

Crofut, William W., Business President, 
Cleveland. Cs Union, Mayfield Country, 
Hermit. 1899 m Elizabeth B. Ballard, 
Id; r 2500 Guilford road,Shaker Heights 

Croll, Frederick W., Investment Banker 
and Capitalist, Chicago. He is a director 
Peoples Trust and Savings Bank. Cs Chi- 
cago, Chicago Athletic, Onwentsia. 1893 
m Marguerite Virginia Brissot, Is Id; r 
223 East Delaware place. 

Croll, Morris William, Educator and Au- 
thor, Princeton, N.J. Cs Princeton of 
New York City. 

Crombie, Charles, Architect, Detroit. 1917 
m Tyrza W. Wilkins, 2d; r 1382 Cadillac 

Cromer, Mary Cooley HiUyer, Sociologist, 
Atlanta, Ga. Cs D.A.R., vShorter College. 

1891 m Henry Alexander Cassin. 1911 m 
James Dawkins Cromer, Is Id; r 10 
Springdale road. 

Crompton. David Henry. Business Presi- 
dent, New York City. Cs Apawamis, Na- 
tional Arts, Whitehall. 1912 m LiMan 
Sheridan. Is 3d; r Rve, N.Y.; and Wil- 
ton, N.H. 

Crompton, George, Bea'tor, of Worcester, 
Mass. Cs Union, Harvard, Worcester 
Country, Pocasset Golf. 1896 m Alice 
Hastings, 2s; r 74 Williams st. 



Cromwell, Edward M., Insurance Broker, 
New York City. He is president and di- 
rector E. ]M. Cromwell and Company. Cs 
Bankers, Uptown, Garden City Golf,Ap- 
awamis. r 200 \V. oOth st. 

CiomweU, James K. R., Business Executive 
Boston. Cs Union, New York Y'aclit, Se- 
wanhaka, Corinthian, Racquet, White- 
marsh Valley Hunt, Detroit. 1920 m Del- 
phia I. Dodge, Id; r Manursing Island, 
Eye, N.Y. 

Cramwell, Jaires W., Commission Merchant 
New York City. Cs Union League, Man- 
hattan, Country. 1904 m Elizabeth Stu- 
art Henderson, 2s Id; r Summit, N.J. 

Ciomwell, Linco'n, Business Executive and 
Millionaire, New York City. Cs Century, 
Universitv, Racquet and Tennis, Man- 
hattan, City, Qrill, Baltimore Golf, Cos- 
mos of Washington. 1895 m Mabel Whee- 
ler Smith, Is 2d; r 711 Park ave. 

Cromwell, Seymour L., Millionaire, New 
York City, m Agnes Whitney; r 169 E. 
74th St. 

Cromwell, William Nelson, Lawyer and 
Multi-Millionaire, New York City. He is 
})romiuent attorney New Y'ork City, r 
12 W. 49th St. 

Cronin, A. D., Business President and Cap- 
italist, Detroit. He is president Pine 
Ridge Coal Company and Pine Ridge 
Transportation Company. Cs St. Clair 
Country, Y'ahct, Athletic, Union League 
Elks, Knights of Columbus. 1912 m Irene 
E. Williamson, 4s Id; r 7440 La Salle 

Cronin, John F., Clerk of Supreme Court, 
Boston. Cs Knights of Columbus, Boston 
Citv. r 72 Massachusetts ave. 

Cronin, Kean L., Investment Banker, De- 
troit. Cs St. Clair Country, Detroit Auto- 
mobile. 1919 m Mignonne A. Bader, 3d; 
r S742 LaSalle blvd. 

Cronin, Thomas, Railroad President, Bart- 
ktt, Texas, m Margaret Donahue, now 
deceased; Is 2d. 

Croninger, Clifford E.., Banker, St. Louis. 
Cs City. 1910 m Adele Gauss Bullen, Id; 
r 31 Aberdeen place, Hillcrest, St. Louis. 

Crook, Alia Robinson, Educator and Geo- 
logist, Springfield, 111. Cs Geographical 
of America. 1904 m Florence Purdum, 4s 
Id; r 1345 Bates ave. 

Crook, John Anthony, Steel Manufacturer 
pnd Cai>italist, Denver, Col. He is steel 
Manufacturer, bridge builder and con- 
sulting enginee, and is owner Monarch 
Engineering Company, and Denver Steel 
and Iron Works. Cs Athletic, Mason, Am- 
erican of Civil Engineers, Shriner, Elks. 
1899 m Cleo Dalbev, Id; r 1901 York st. 

Crooks, C. H., Railroad President, Boone, 
Iowa. 1902 m Estelle Hoover, Is 2d. 

Crosby, E. E., Business Executive, Racine, 
Wis. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs; and has 
held many positions of trust and Jionor. 

Crosby, Franklin M., Miller, Minneapolis. 
Cs. Minneapolis, Chicago, New Y'ork, Uni- 
versitv. 1901 m Harriet M. McKnight, 
4s 3d;' r 2120 Park ave. 

Crosby, Frederick, Managing Executive, 
St. Paul. Cs Minnesota, Somerser, Town 
j'.nd Country, University, Athletic, Con- 
gressional Country of Washington. 1000 
m Edith M. Sehlieck, Is Id; r 2010 Sum- 
mit ave. 

Crosby, Harry Grew, Poet, Paris, Prance. 
Cs Essex Country, Le Racing of France, 
St. Cloud Count-y. 1922 m Mrs. Peabody 
r 55 rue de Lille, Paris. 

Crosby, John, Millionaire, Minneapolis, r 
2104 Stevens ave. 

Cro'^by. Roy WilUam. Business President, 
San Francisco. Cs Rainier, Seattle Golf, 
Racoma Golf and Country. 1926 m Mrs. 
Willa Smith McCormick, who has Is; r 
153 S. Irving blvd. 

Crosby, Sheldon Leavitt, Statesman, Con- 
stantinople, Turkey. Cs St. James of 
London, r American Embassy. 

Crosby, William H.. Business President, 
Buffalo. Cs Buffalo, Athletic, Country, 
Canoe, Turtle Lakes. 1890 m Emma C. 
Kewton, Is 3d; r Gardencourt, Eggerts- 
ville, N.Y. 

Crosse, Howard B., Clergyman, New York 
Citv. 1877 m Caroline Bristol, 2s Id; r 
276 5th ave. 

Crosett, Edward Clark, Lumberman, Chi- 
cago. Cs Union League, New York Y^'acht 
Wianno, University, Saddle and Cycle, 
Hew Chase. 1909* m Elizabeth Ashley 
Rankin, Is 2d; r 1200 Lake Shore dnve. 

Crosley, Powell, Jr., Business President, 
Cincinnati. Cs Queen Citv, Countrv. Bus- 
iness Men's, Engineers, Columbip Y'acht 
of New Y'ork, Detroit Yacht. Chamber 
of Commerce. 1910 m Gwendolyn Bake- 
well, Is Id; r 3323 Davey ave.' 

Crosman, Rufus N., Busine«s Exer-utive, 
Detroit. Cs Ingrleside. 1893 m May L. 
Sausrer, 3d: r Farmington, Mich. 

Cross, E. A: Educator and Author. Greeley 
Col. Cs ]\rason. 1899 m May Miller, Is. 

Cross, Edward Makin, Cle'-gvman. Spokane 
Wash. 1914 m Engela Ware, 2d; r 2303 
W. 1st ave. 

Cro-^s, Frank Bethel. Pli-sician, Brooklvn. 
Cs Tjong Island Antnuiobile, Brooklyn 
Societv of Internal "^I'edicine. 1905 m 
Alice Gussfed; r 832 Piedmont st. 

Cj-oss, Frederick Cuphin"'. Merchant, Fitch- 
burs'. Mass. 1906 m Dorothea Farguhar, 
Is 3d; r Cross Farm, Laurenburg, Mass. 



Cross, Guernsey T., Lawyer, Callicoon, N. 
Y. Cs Odd Fellows, Elks, Eastern tar, 
Mason. 1916 m Abbie L. Dibble, Id. 

Cross, Harold DeWitt, Director and Trus- 
tee, Boston. He is trustee and director 
Forsyth Dental Intirmary for Children 
of Boston. Cs Harvard, College Fraterni- 
ty. 1897 m Lilla Blanchard; r Bedford, 

Cross, W. Redmond, Retired Business Ex- 
ecutive, New York City. 1913 m Julia 
Newbold, 3s Id; r Morristown, N.J. 

Crossdale, Stuait, Business Executive, of 
Denver, Col. He is prominently identi- 
fied withbusiness and public affairs. 

Crosser, Robert, Lawver and Statesman, 
Cleveland. 19i>6 m Isabelle D. Hogg,2s 2d 

Crossett, Frederick M., Business Executive 
New York City. Cs Arm and Navy, Ee- 
publicau, S.A.R., Colonial Wais. r 331 
Madison ave. 

Crossley, J. C, Business President, Chica- 
go. Cs Evanston Golf, Mason. 1907 m 
Abbie Goodhue, 2d; r Wilmette, 111. 

Croston, Norton M., Lawyer, Minneapolis. 
Cs Minekahda. m Martha Ankenv; r 
2103 2nd ave. S. 

Crothers, Joseph W., Business President, 
Cincinnati. 1S96 m Lillian Ellis, 2s 2d; r 
2803 Gilbert ave., Walnut Hills. 

Crothers, Stveenson, Insurance Executive, 
Philadelphia. He is director Kittaning 
Coal Comjiany, the Ohio and Grays Ter- 
ry P. R. W. Company. Cs Philadelphia, 
Union League, Suunybrook Golf, Crick- 
et, Quaker City, S.A.R., Colonial wars. 
1909 m Emily Montague Lycett, Id; r 
Roslvn Heights, Paper Mill road. Chest- 
nut Hill. 

Crothers, William D., Banker, Bradv, Tex- 
as. Cs Bradv Golf, Mason, I. O. O. F., 
Luncheon. 1884 m Nannie C. French, ls4d 

douse, Charles Eeecher, Banker, Detroit. 
Cs Uni\-ersitv, Countrv, Flavors, S.A.R. 
1920 m Ruth Woodruff, 2s' Id; r 1005 
Cadieux road, Grosse Pointe Park. 

Crouse, George Nellis, Business Executive, 
Svracuse, N.Y. Cs Yale, Onondaga Golf, 
Country. S.A.R. 1918 m Carita Gertrude 
Knight; r 316 Leavenworth ave. 

Crouse, George W., ^Millionaire, Akron, O- 
hio. r Turkeyfoot Lake. 

Crove, Malcolm, Banker, Los Angeles, Cs 
Country, Athletic, Santa Monica, Swim- 
ming, m Mame Cliff, Id; r 9.48 3rd ave. 

CroweU, Benedict, Mining Engineer, Cleve- 
land. Cs Yale, University of New York, 
Metropolitan, Army and Navy of Wash- 
ington, Tavern, Country, Maytield Coun- 
trv, Kirtland Countrv, Ottawa Shooting. 
1904 m Julia Cobb, Is Id: r 2187 Over- 
look road. 

Crowell, Henry Coleman, Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago. He is assistant to presi- 
dent of Moody Bible Institute." Cs In- 
dian Iliil, Sheridan Shore Yacht. 1920 m 
Lucv Perry Kimball, Id; r 770 Hum- 
boldt a\e., Winnetka, 111. 

CroweU, Henry Parsons, Manufacturer and 
Multi-Millionaire, Chicago. Cs Chicago, 
I nion League, Indian Hill, r 770 Hum- 
boldt ave., Winnetka, 111. 

Crowell, John Franklin, Educator and Edi- 
tor, New York City. Cs American Geo- 
graphical. 1888 m Laura K. Getz, now 
deceased. 1891 m Carrie Pasco; r Bloom- 
field, N.J. 

Crowell, Robert Henry, Insurance Broker, 
Cleveland. Cs Union. 1911 m Emma Har- 
ris Eells, Is; r 2345 Euclid Heights blvd, 

Crowell, Samuel, Physician, Boston, m Nel- 
ly W. French, 3s; r 8 Monadnock sr., 
Dorchester Dist. 

Crowell, Samuel B., Business Executive, 
Philadelphia. Cs Union League, Histori- 
cal Society of ePnnsylvania, S.A.R., Am- 
erican Wars. 1S94 m Emma B. Sloan, 3s 
2d; r Edgemont, Pa. 

Crowen, Samuel N., Architect and Engi- 
neer, Chicago. Cs Chicago Athletic, Mid- 
day, South Shore Countrv. 1895 m Pau- 
line Balluff, Is Id; r 1026 Grove s't., 
Evanston, 111. 

Crowningshield, Frank, Editor, New York 
City. Cs Knickerbocker, Coffee House. 
T'nniarried; r 807 5th ave. 

Croxton, David T., Millionaire, Cleveland. 
Cs Union, m Marion Me Ilvaine: r 1843 
E. 89th St. 

Crowther; James Edwin, Clergyman, Seat- 
tle, Wash. Cs Knights Templar, Scottish 
Rite Shriner. m Mary Stanworth; r 4138 
Broolyn ave. " 

Cruger, Bertram D., Parole Commissioner, 
New York City. Cs Racquet and Tennis,' 
Knickerbocker, Coffee House, r 145 E. 
60th St. 

Cruice, John M., Physician and Capitalist, 
Philadelphia. Cs various, m Sarah H. 
Hojikins, 3s; r 2021 Pine st. 

Cruikshandk, Warren, Real Estate Broker, , 
New York City. Cs Wyandack League, 
Knickerbocker of Smithtown, N.Y., Ad- 
iron Field, Lawyers. 1885 m Fanny Au- 
gusta Menshill. 2s; r 710 Lenox road, 
Flatbush, Brooklyn. 

Cnim, Alfred Phelps, Lawver, Cleveland. 
Cs Union, Universitv, Church. 1913 m 
Olive Maude Stafford. 2d; r 3329 Fair- 
mount blvd.. Euclid Heights. 

Crumley, Robert Monroe, Manufacturer 
and Cajiitalist. Atlanta, Ga. Cs Driving, 
ni Sarah E. Morris, Is Id; r 17 Inman 



Crunden, Frank Payne, Manufacturer, St. 
Louis. Cs Country, Racquet, Florrisant 
Valley, City, Wednesday, Artists Guild. 
1886 m Elizabeth Baldwin Chittenden, 
2s 3d; r 4426 Westminster place. 

Crunden, Walter M., Manufacturer, St. 
Louis. Cs Country, Yale Graduate. 1914 
m Alice Tweedy, id; r St. Louis; Knowl- 
wood and Middleburg, Va. 

Cruse, James S., Realtor, Indianapolis,Ind. 
Cs Athletic, Columbia, Board of Trade, 
Chamber of Commerce, Mason. 1898 m 
Fannie Jones; r 1611 N. Meridian st. 

Cubbedge, Edwin W., Business Executive, 
Savannah, Ga. 1913 m Ruth Dana, Is; r 
11 W. Charlton st. 

Cubberly, Fred, Lawyer, Gainesville, Fla. 
1903 m M. E. Hancock, 2d. 

Cubley, Frank Loa, Lawyer and Banker, 
Potsdam, N.Y. Cs Potsdam. 1900 m Bes- 
sie L. Humphrey, Is Id. 

Cudahy, Edward A., Packer and Multi- 
Millionaire, Chicago. Cs Chicago, Golf, 
Old Elm, Glen View, Saddle and Cycle, 
Casino, Racquet, Union League, Historic. 
1884 m Elizabeth Murphy, Is 4d; r 22 

Banks st. 

Cudahy, Edward A., Jr., Packer, Chicago. 
Cs Racquet, Chicago, Onwentsia, Old 
Elm, Shore Acres,Saddle and Cycle. 1920 
m Margaret Carry, 2s Id; r 1415 Astor 

Cudahy, Edward L, Law Book Publisher, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago, University, Athle- 
tic, Onwentsia, Saddle and Cycle. 1911 
m Leonore Brewer, 3s Id; r 1501 N. 
State St. 

Cudahy, Joseph M., Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs University, m Jean Morton; 
r Palm Beach, Fla. 

Cudahy, Michael F., Multi-Millionaire.Mil- 
waukoe. Wis. r College Stand Howell av. 

Cuddeback, Samuel Mills, Lawyer and Ca- 
pitalist, Port .Tervis, N.Y. Cs Rutgers, 
Port Jervis Country Deerpath. Orange 
County Bar Association, New York Bar 
Association. 1906 m Anna Van Inwegen, 
3s Id; r 47 W. Main st. 

Cuddeback, Wlill.iam L., Physician and 
Banker, Port Jarvis, N.Y. Cs Orange 
Countv Medical. 1879 m Anne King Ken- 
dall, 2s 3d. 

Cuddihy, John. Banker, Calumet, Mich. Cs 
Knights of Columbus, Modern Woodmen. 

Ciiddv, loftus Brookman, Business Presi- 
dent, Sewicklc-, Pa. Cs Alleghenv Coun- 
t'-v. Edgeworth. Pittsburgh, Kirtland, 
Countrv. Union, Yale. 1919 m Margaret 
Ewing Slack, Is Id. 

Cuendet, Eugene E... Business Executive, 
St. Louis. Cs Country. Racquet. 1900 m 
Rachel Lee Drummond, 2d; r 4 Hortense 

Cugley, George, Manufacturer and Capita- 
list, Springfield, Ohio. Cs all Masonie 
bodies, Rotary, Shiine, Country, Cham* 
ber of Commerce. 1909 m Mary Emma 
Spaight; r 310 E. Madison ave. 

Culbertscn, A. A., Business Executive, Erie 
Pa. 1908 m Annie Giles Reeder. 

Culbertscn, Sherman, Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Wichita, Kan. He is 
treasurer United Sash and Door Compa- 
ny. Cs Elks, Knights of Pythias. 1904 m 
Lela Hayes Foushee, Is Id. 

Culbreth, David Marvel Reynolds, Profes- 
sor and Physician, Baltimore. Cs Ameri- 
can, University. 1919 m Helen Graeme 
Taylor; r 11 E. Clust st. 

Cullen, E. Frederick, Business President, 
Cambridge, Mass. Cs Plymouth, Scituate 
Country, Commonwealth Country, Bos- 
ton Ad, Boston Art, Sales Managers. 
1918 m Mary Stowell Ladd, 3d; r 595- 
High St., West Medford, Mass. 

Cullen, Harry Blair, Banker, Richmond,Va. 
Cs Commonwealth, Country of Virginia. 
1916 m Lena Russell Miller; r Ingleside 

Cullen, Wiriam Alfred, Business Execu- 
tive and Capitalist, Minneapolis. He is 
secretary and treasurer Carr Cullen Com- 
pany. Cs Athletic, Minneapolis, Mine- 
kahda, Minnesota. 1902 m Helen West- 
phal, 2s; r 1500 W. 22nd st. 

Cullinan, Joseph Stephen, Business Pres- 
ident and Multi-Millionaire, New York 
City. Cs Congressional Country, Aero of 
America, Travel, Rocky Mountain, Lotos 
Country, River Oaks Country, Beaumont 
Country, Uptown, Texas of New York, 
Houston Country. 1891 m Lucie Halm, 
Is 3d; r Remington lane, Shadyside, 
Houston, Texas. 

Cullon, John Charles, Lumber and Box Ma- 
ker, Wilson, Ark. 1887 m Marianne Ran- 
som; r Hawstead Farm. 

Cullon, Marvin McTyeire, Physician, Nash- 
ville, Tenn. Cs Hermitage, Old Oak, Golf 
Country. 1899 m Eva Bellinger; r 103 
24th ave., S. 

Cullum, James Barlow, Retired Business 
Executive, Pittsburgh. Cs Pittsburgh, 
Allegheny Country, Edgeworth, Racquet 
of Philadelphia, Duquesne, Engineers of 
New York, Royal of London. 1899 m 
Anne Bennett Miliken, 2s Id; r Sewick- 
ley. Pa.; 'and in summer on Riverledge 
Farms, Reading, Pa. 

Culpepper, Mollory B., Physician, Carls- 
bad, N.M. m Mary F. Wa'iles, 4s Id. 

Culver, Bernard Mott, Business Executive, 
Montclair, N.J. Cs Montclair Golf. 1907 
rn Erne C. Constans, Is; r 36 Rector 



Culver, Bertran B., Millionaire, St. Louis, 
r 21 Kingsbury place. 

Oulver, Prancis Baruum, Author, Publisher 
Historian and Genealogist, Baltimore. 
He is prominently identified with busi- 
ness and public affairs. Cs Johns Hop- 
kins, Colonial Wars, Colonial Cavaliers, 
Maryland Historical, S.A.R. 1897 m Ma- 
ry Catharine Spicer, Is; r 3204 Guilford 

Culver, Frederic Rudolph Clark, Realtor, 
Searsdale, N.Y. 1912 m Dorothy Far- 
num, Is 2d. 

Culver, Harry Hazle, Realtor and Capita- 
list, Culver City, Cal. He is prominently 
identified with business and public af- 
fairs. Cs California, Los Angeles Coun- 
try, California Country. 1916 m Lillian 
Roberts, Id. 

Culvern, Fred Elms, Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Kershaw, S.C. 1911 m 
Annie Linwood Tarrant, Is 3d. 

Cumming, Mrs. Mary Gairdner Smith, So- 
ciologist, Augusta, Ga. 1889 m Bryan 
Cumming; r 2231 Cumming road. 

Cummings, Byron, Educator and Scientist, 
Tucson, Ariz. He is prominently identi- 
fied with business and public affairs. Cs 
University. 1896 m Isabelle Mac Laury, 
Is; r 615 E. 2nd st. 

Cummings, D. Mark, Multimillionaire, Chi- 
cago. Cs Chicago, m Ruth Dexter; r 1550 
N. Parkway. 

Cummings, Edith, Sociologist, Chicago. Un- 
married; r 1550 N. State parkway. 

Cummings, Edward, Clergyman, Boston. Cs 
Twentieth Century, Rotary, Pudding- 
stone, Unitarian, City. 1891 m Rebecca 
H. Clarke, Is Id; r 104 Irving st., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Cummings, J. Howell, Millionaire, Phila- 
delphia, r The Wellington. 

Cummings, J. Howell, Jr., Business Exec- 
utive, Philadelphia. Cs Union League, m 
Isabelle Wanamaker; r The Green House 
Kent road, Wynewood, Pa. 

Ciunmings, Lincoln, Business Executive, 
Boston. Cs Church, Boards of Trade. 
1892 m Sarah Chase, now deceased, 2s 
2d; r California, New York City and in 

Cummings, Walter Joseph, Business Pres- 
ident, Chicago. Cs dgewater Golf. 1915 
m Lillian Garvy, 3s; r 826 Kenesaw ter- 

Ciunmtns, Alexander Griswold, Clergyman, 
Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Cs Union League, 
National Arts, Clover Valley, Rod and 
Gun. 1915 m Evelyn Atwater; r The Rec- 

Cumner, Arthur G., Millionaire, Jackson- 
ville, Fla. r 1018 Riverside ave. 

Cunningham, Eliza Anderson Lamar, So- 
ciologist, Savannah, Ga. 1868 m Henry 
Hall Woolbridge, Is 2d; r 101 Oglethorpe 

Cunningham, Edward, Business Executive, 
Boston. Cs Somerset, m Elizabeth McC. 
Bennett; r Bridge st., Dedham, Mass. 

Ciumingham, Frank S., Business Executive 
Chicago. Cs various. 

Cunningham, Frederic, Lawyer, Boston. Cs 
Athletic. 1887 m Hetty S. Lawrence, Is 
3d; r 135 Ivy st., Brookline, Mass. 

Cunningham, Frederic G., Business Execu- 
tive, New York City. Cs Apawamis. m 
Hazel Treat; r Darien, Conn. 

Cunningham, Guy, Lawyer, Boston. Cs Uni- 
on, Brookline Country. 1909 m Frances 
E. Cunningham, 2s; r 76 Walnut place, 
Brookline, Mass. 

Cunningham, Henry Winchester, Business 
Executive, Boston. He is prominently id- 
entified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Union, Massachusetts Historical, Am- 
erican Antiquarian, Colonial Society of 
Massachusetts, m Mary M. Hayward, r 
351 Marlboro ave., and Brush Hill road, 
Milton, Mass. 

Cunningham, Jesse Lee, Methodist Clergy- 
man and Theologian, Kansas City. 1910 
m Maud Merrimon, Is Id; r 330 N. Has- 
kew ave. 

Cunningham, Secor, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago, m Altha Stone; r 
219 Lake Shore drive. 

Cunningham, Secor, Jr., Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago. Cs Universitv. m Margue- 
rite E. Stough; r 39 E. Schiller st. 

Cunningham, T. Donald, Physician, Den- 
ver, Col. Cs University, Medical Society 
of the City. 1921 m Isabel Coolidge, 2s; 
r 677 Gilpin st. 

Cunningham, Thomas J., Journalist, Chip- 
pewa Falls, Wis. Cs Madison, Elks, Ma- 
Dison, Knights of Pythias, Masons, and 
Elks, m Amelia Schneider, 2s; r Musko- 
gee, Okla. 

Cunningham, William Wilson, Manufactur- 
er, Pittsburgh. Cs Union, and Shamokin 
Country. 1888 m Alberta L. Mc Millen, 
3s Id; r 234 Frederick ave., Sewickley. 

Curby. Mrs. Rose Davidson, Sociologist, St. 
Louis. Cs various. 1904 m Mr. Clarence 
Joseph Curby, Is Id; r 4 Washington 

Curley, William Aloysius, Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago. Cs Athletic, South Shore 
Country, Bob O'Link Country, Puss, 
Yacht, m Miss Hendsay, 2s 3d; r 414 
Diversey parkway. 

Curran, Charles Courtney, Artist, New 
York City. Cs National Arts, Salmagundi 



McDowell, Fencers, Lotos, New York 
Water Color, New York Printers. 1888 
m Grace Winthrop Wiekham; r 39 W. 
67tli St. 

Cur..en, Arthur J., Business President, El- 
yiia, Ohio. Cs Lakewood Country, Mason 
"Shriner. 1905 ni Lottie Lee Kirk, s; r 
134 St. Clair st. 

Currey, Carroll, Banker, Monogah, W.Va. 
1917 m Anna J. Spang; r 200 Main st. 

Currey, Kotert J., Business Executive, of 
Dixon, Cal. Cs Yale. 1883 m Lillie M. 
Buckbce, Is 3d; r Currey Ranch. 

Currie, George Graham, Journalist, Banker 
and Lawyer, West Pahn Beach, Fla. 1901 
ni Irene Rickards, no wdeceased. 1907 m 
Lulu Marion Angevine, Is Id; r Jeffc - 
son Park. 

Currier, George B., Business Executive, Mt. 
Vernon, N.Y. Cs Wykagyl and Green 
Meadow Country, Nwe Rochelle Yacht, 
Accomack, Boston City, Mason, and New 
York Athletic. 

Currier, George Washington, Physician and 
Banker, Nashua, N.H. 1868 m Abhie S. 
Walker, now deceased. 

Currier, Gerald Elmore, Banker, Winter 
Park, Fla. Cs Mason. 1908 m Pansy Cof- 
fin, Is Id. 

Currier, Lang, Manufacturer, Ford, Onta- 
rio, Canada. Cs Detroit Athletic, Indif^n 
Village, Beach Grove Country. 1910 m 
Carolyn Allen; r 2509 Field ave, Detroit. 

Curry, Char'-e-? Henrv, Business Executive, 
and Capitalist, Pittsburgh. Cs Duqnesne, 
Pitts Golf, Allegheny Country, Edge- 
worth. 1906 ni Adeline J. Spencer, 6s 2d; 
r Coraopolis, Pa. 

Curtis, Mrs. Anna Shaw, Sociologist. New 
Brighton, N.Y. 1855 ni George William 
Autis, Is 2d; r 234 Bard ave., W. 

Curtis, Fracy, Bank President, Nogales, 
Ariz. Cs Mason, Shriner, Elk=. OM Pue- 
blo of Tucson. California of Los An- 
geles, Santa Cruz. 

Curtis, Char-es Boyd, Statesman, Washing- 
ton. Cs Chevy Chase. 1911 m Louise 
Berg, 2d; r Wardman Park Hotel. 

Curtis, Charles P., Lawver, Boston. 1890 m 
Ellen Anderson, 2s Id. 

Curtis, Charles Pelham, Jr., Lawyer, Bos- 
ton. Cs Somerset. 1914 m Edith' G. Roel- 
ker, 3s 2d; r 291 Marlboro st. 

Curtis, Constance, Artist, New York City. 
Cs Cosmo]iolitan. 

Curtis, Cjrrus H. K., Multi-Millionaire, of 
Wyncote, Pa. 

Curtis, Ellicott D., Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs University, m Lillian 
Carpenter; r 526 W. End ave. 

Ciivtis, Fllicott Dougass, Retired Lawyer, 
Bantam, Conn. Cs Universitv, Harvard. 
1911 m Lillian Whitney, 2d; 

Curtis, Elmer L., Lawyer, Boston. 1915 m 
i'rances A. Howe; r Hingham, Mass. 

Curtis, EIroy, Manufacturer pnd Business 
Piesident, New York City. Cs Universi- 
ty, Essex Country of West Orange, N.J. 
1905 m Mary Steele, Is 2d; r 4 Halsey 
place, S. Orange, N.J. 

Curtis, Frederic H., Banker Bston. 1891 m 
Helen Ijawience Square; r 63 Bay State 
load, and in sunnier at Dover, Mass. 

Curtis, Fredeiick Smi'.I'e, Educator, Brook- 
feld Center, Conn. 1873 m Ida Jewell 
AVhiting, 2s Id. 

Curtis, George De Clyver, Rancher and Au- 
thor, Lakeside, Cal. Cs Associates of the 
Engineer Coips and Company K Seventh 
Regiment. 1917 m Josephine Denver 

Cujtis, Geely S., Engineer, Boston. Cs Har- 
•Mid. ]|t',)4 m i-'a-iiv Hooper, 2s 2d, r £6 
I ns way 

Curtis. Grove D., Business President, New 
York City. 188 m Lillie M. Tryon, 2d; r 
3 n'\ er-idc •■( 'ra'-e. 

Curtis, Heri.'ert E.. Bn-injss Pre-ident, of 
Quincv, Mass. Cs Cochato, Bn-intree, 
Wollaston Golf, Granite City. 1908 m E- 
dith Crocker; r 30 Liberty st., E. 
tree, Mass. 

Curtis, Isable Douglas, Sociologist, Litch- 
field, Conn. 1876 m Charles Boyd Curtis, 
3s Id; r Rye House. 

Curtis, Jesse Marv'n Banker, Hope, N.D. 
Cs Masonic. 1903 m Anna M. Patrick, 
3s 2d; r Hope, N.D. 

Curtis, John F. I., Stock Broker, Chicago, 
Cs: Metropolitan of New York, Chicago, 
Union League. 

Cuitis, John Jay, Publisher. Hollvwood, 
Cal. Cs Players, Country. 1903 m Bertha 
Justine Loeper; r Dunwaderin, Vista st. 

Curtis, Kenneth, Business Pret-iden^-. Chi- 
cago. Cs South Shore Country, Alumni, 
Northwestern University, Chicago Uni- 
versitv. 1925 m Marv Clair Eastman, Id; 
r 20 E. Cedar st. 

Curtis, Louis, Business President, Boston, 
Cs Somerset Country of Brookline, Na- 
hant of Nahant, Mass. 1880 m Fanny L. 
Richardson, 2s; r 464 Beacon st. 

Curtis, Nelson, Manufacturer and Millio-. 
naire, Boston. 1888 m Genevic'e F. 
Young, now deceased; Is Id: r Milton, 
Mass, and in New York City. 

Cuitis, Nelson, Jr., Business Executive, 
Newton Upper Falls, ]Mass. Cs Harvard 
of Boston, Harvard of New York, ITnion, 
and Brookline Countrv. 1916 m Virginia 
Pierce, Is Id; r 480 Randolph ave., Mil- 
ton, Mass. 

Curtis, Robert M., Business Executive, of 
Chicago. Cs Casino, m Isabelle Baker; r 
1130 Lake Shore drive. 



Cuitij, Thomas Pelham, Business Execu- 
tive, Boston, m Francis K. Small, 2s Id; 
r 52 Hereford st. 

Curtis, William E., Business Executive, of 
Cleveland. Cs Union, Mayfield Country. 
1908 m Lillian E. Judd, Id; r 2265 Wood- 
mere drive. 

Curtis, William Franklin, Clergyman, Al- 
Icntown, Pa. Cs Eajah Shrine, Mason. 
1902 m Anna Dealinger, Is Id; r Cedar 
Crest, Allentown. 

Curtis, Winterton Ccnway, Educator and 
Author, Columbia, Mo. Cs American of 
Zoologists. 1902 m Marion H. Peck, Is. 

Cartiss, Coleman, Business Executive, Buf- 
falo. 11 Saia Cary, 2s Id; r 135 Hodge av 

Curtiss, William Perry, Banker, New Ha- 
ven, Conn, m ^Mary B. Hutchinson, Is; r 
265 E. Rock road. 

Curts, Boyd G., Business Executive, New 
Yoik City. Cs Yale, Bankers, Pomonock 
Ciuntry, Sir Wm. Johnson Country, and 
Flatbui^h. 1907 m Margaret Judson, Id; 
r 1146 Ocean ave., Brooklyn. 

Curwen, Samuel M., Millionaire, Philadel- 
phia. Cs Acoin. r Trefriw, Haverford,Pa. 

Cusack, Roy James, Banker, North Bend, 
Neb. Cs Mason, Scottish Rite, Shrine. 
1919 m Adys B. Huberle, Is. 

Cashing, Charles Goodwin, Jr., Business 
Executive, Chicago. Cs University, m 
Elizabeth Goodrich; r 230 E. Delaware 

CuFhing, Matthew Marble, Rancher and 
Exporter, Saratoga, Wvo. Cs S. A. R. 
1906 m Nellie I. I. Ferrell; r Gushing 

Cushing, Thomas Watson, Business Exec- 
utive, San Francisco. Cal Cs Clareniont. 
Country. 1909 m Mrs. Joseph Ghirardelli 
r 636 Hicrhland ave. Piedmont, Cal. 

Cushman, Burritt A., Business Executive 
and Capitalist, New York Citv. He is 
fiecretary and director Cushman 's Sons. 
Incorporated. Cs Hudson River Country, 
Rotary. 1889 m Hermeane Hill Burbank, 
3s Id; r 55 Caryl ave., Yonkers. 

Cashman, Herbert Ernest, Educator and 
Author, West Newton, Mass. m Abby B. 
Corgin, 2d; r 35 Temple st. 

Cushman, James Stewart, Financier, New 
York Citv. Cs Century. 1901 ni Vera 
Scott; r 815 5th ave. 
Cufhman, Robert H., Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs Mason. 1914 m Laura 
F. Ware; r 25 Overlook terrace, Yonkers. 
Cu&tis, J. B. Gregg, Physician, Washing- 
ton, r 1815 Columbia road. 
Cuthbert, P. T., Business Executive, New 
York Citv. Cs Merchants, Crescent, Fox 
Hills Golf, m Mary B. Wilson, Is Id; r 
1124 Ocean ave. 

Cuthbertscn, Alex Anderron, Merchant, of 
San Francisco. Cs Pacific Union, San 
Francisco Gun and Country. 1917 m Ka- 
tharine M. ]\rui head, is Id; r 50 5th av. 

Cuthbut, Willam A., Banker, Johnstown, 
Ohio. Cs Scottish Rite, Knights of Py- 
thias, Odd Fellows, Elks, Eagle, Shrine. 
1921 ni Alarie Swank, Is 2d. 

Cuthell, Chester W., Lawyer, New York 
Citv. Cs Bankers, Racquet of Washing- 
ton". 1913 m Dorothy Banta, 2s Id: r 315 
W. 75th St. 

Cutler, Chailes F., Business Executive, of 
Boston. Cs Country, Cohasset Golf, Co- 
hasset Yacht, Algonquin, Harvard. 1896 
ni Martha W. Pope; r 153 Bay State 

Cutler, Donald F., Manufacturer, Boston. 
Cs Tennis and Racquet, Exchange, Ded- 
ham, Polo. 1912 m Margaret Lionberger, 
3s; r Three Brooks, Charles River Vil- 
lage, Mass. 

Cutler, El'iot C, Surgeon. Chestnut Hill, 
Mass. 1919 m Caroline Parker, 3s; r 84 
Reservoir st. 

Cutler, Georf^e A., Business Executive,Bos- 
ton. Cs Polo, Dedham, Ame;ican Society 
of Mechanical Engineers. 1902 m Ma- 
belle Mudie, now deceased. 1913 m Flor- 
ence Maxim, 2d; r 201 Village ave, Ded- 
ham, Mass. 

Cut'er, Henry Fr?nkrn, Educator, Mount 
Hermon, Mass. Cs Headmasters, Amherst. 
1S90 m Harriet I. Ford, 3s 3d. 

Cutler, John W., Millionai-e, New York 
City, r 58 E. 80th st. 

Cnt'er, John W., Jr., Broker, Few Haven, 
Conn. Cs Yale of New York, St. Anthony 
of Ne wYork, Quinnipack, Country. Un- 
married, r 1523 Chapel st. 

Cut'er, William F., Millionaire, New York 
City, r 993 Park ave. 

Cu+ler. William Washburn, Lawyer, St. 
Paul. Cs l^finnesota. Harvard of Boston, 
Minnesota Historical. 1900 m ^'^artha 
Carter, now deceased; 2s Id; r 91 Cro- 
cus place. 

Clitlip, E. L., Lawyer, Webster Spnno-s, W. 
Va. Cs Mason. 1905 m Margarette Bene- 
dnm, Is. 

Cutter, Charles Herbert, Pnrchasinqr Agent 
San Francisco. 1921 m Jessie Kelsea; r 
2323 Larkin st. 

Cutter, Henry O., Insurance Broker, Bos- 
ton. Cs Oakley Country. Rotarv, Real 
Estate. 1899 m ]\raha]n Hortense Wig- 
gin, Is: r Cambridge, Mass. 

Cutter, Victor M., Vice-president, Boston. 
Cs Whitehall, Racquet and Tennis of 
New York Citv. 1913 m Florence de 
Jongh, Is Id; r 79 Shore Cliff road,New- 
ton, Mass. 



■Cutting, Charles Sidney, Lawyer and Ju- 
rist, Chicago. He is prominently identi- 
fied with business and public affairs. Cs 
Chicago, University, Union League, Law. 
1876 m Annie Lvtle, now decased; Is; r 
11 S. LaSalle st'. 

"Cutting, Charles Suyden, Business Execu- 
tive, New York City. Cs New York, Rac- 
quet, Links, Brook, nlvickerbocker, Es- 
sex Fox Hound, National Golf, Piping 
Rock, Tuxedo, r 32 Nassau st. 

Cutting, Robert F., Multi-Millionaire, New 
York City, r 14 E. S9th st. 

Cuttle, Francis, Business President, River- 
side, Cal. Cs Rotary. 1890 m Mae Pen- 
rose, 2s; r 207 Orange st. 

Dabbs, Albert H., Banker and Realtor, Car- 
rollton, Ala. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs My- 
stic Shrine. 1904 m Mary Hanly, now 
deceased, Is. 

Dabney, Charles, William, Author, Hous- 
ton, Texas. Cs University, New York, 
Cosmos. 1881 m Mary Chilton Brent, Id; 
r Lavielle Apts. 

Dabney, Frank, Assistant Treasurer, Seat- 
tle, Wash. Cs University, Golf-Rainomia 
Skii. 1879 m Mary Bogan, Is Id; r 526 

Dabney, George B., Lawyer, Boston. Cs 
Somerset, Harvard, Harvard of New 
York, Beverly Yacht. 1921 m Mary Fay, 
Is Id; r 298 "Beacon st. 

Dabney, James CabeU, Lawyer, Norfolk, 
Ya. 1910 m Marv Beverlv Whittle, Is, 
2d; r 3^2 Duke st. 

Dabney, Richard Heath, Educator, Univer- 
sity of Virginia. Cs American Historical 
Southern Historical, Virginian Histori- 
cal. 1888 m Mary A. Bentley, now de- 
ceased; Is Id. 

Dabney, Virginius, Physician, Washington. 
Cs Chevy Chase, m Ada J. Newlands; r 
163.3 Connecticut ave. 

Dadan, Camille Pierce, Piarist, Hamilton, 
Del. Cs Kiwanis, Odd Fellows. 1875 m 
Mary Marinelli. 3s 4d. 

Dadant, Camille Pierre, Editor and Pub- 
lisher, Hnmilton, 111. 1875 m Mary Ma- 
rinelli, 3s 4. 

Dahl, Garhard M., Multi-Millionaire, New 
York City, r 1000 Park ave. 

Dahl, O. R., Economic Geologist and Min- 
ing Enerineer. Seattle, Wash. He is pres- 
ident Virsrinia-Agenda Company. Cs Roy- 
al Arch Mason. 1916 m Lulu A. Dier; r 
Seattle, Wash.: and Silverton, Wash. 

Dahlberg, Bror Gustave, Lumberman and 
Captalist, Chicago. He is president Celo- 
tu Company, and Dahlberg and Compa- 
ny. Cs Minneapolis, Union League, New 
Orleans Country, Midlothian, Northshore 

Country, Lake Shore Athletic. 1921 m 
Mary Virginia Alexander, Id; r 999 
Lake Shore drive. 

Dahlgren, Mrs. Lucy Drexel, Sociologist, 
New York City. Cs Colony, Acorn, Colo- 
nial Dames. 1890 m Eric Bernard Dahl- 
gren, 2d; r 15 E. 96th st. 

Dahlgren, Ulric, Professor, Princeton, N.J. 
1896 m Augusta Smith, 2s. 

Dahlinger, Charles William, Lawyer and 
Capitalist, Pittsburgh. He is president 
Allegheny Trust Company of Pittsburgh. 
Cs Duquesne, University, Longue Vue, 
Washington County Golf and Country, 
Washington. 1911 m Bess Max McCain; 
r 1027 Morewood ave. 

Dahlman, James Charles, Business Exec- 
utive and Statesman, Omaha, Neb. He is 
prominently identified with business and 
public affairs. Cs Chamber of Commerce. 
1884 m Hattie Abbott, 2d. 

Daiger, Matthias L., Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Baltimore. He is man- 
aging director and secretary Maryland 
State Fair and Agricultural Society. Cs 
Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore Ad- 
vertising. 1900 m Pearl V. Brooks; r 
3227 Vickers road. 

Dailey, Howard Chalmer, Business Execu- 
tive and Capitalist, Providence. Cs So- 
ciety of Mayflower Descendants, Auto- 
mobile, Providence Athenaeum. 1909 m 
Ella Carpenter Bowen, 2s Id; r 147 Bow- 
en st. 

Daingerfield, Algernon Gray, Business Ex- 
ecutive, Garden City, Long Island. 1886 
m Elizabeth M. Thomas, Id; r 32 Nassau 

D'Aix, Frederick C.L., Mechanical Engi- 
neer, Chicago. Cs Atlantic Yacht, New 
York, Hamilton, Chicago Lincoln. 1914 
m Mrs. Clara-Bell Parmelee; r Kenil- 
worth. 111. 

Dake, William E., Specialist, Rochester, 
N.Y. Cs Chamber of Commerce. New 
Y''ork Medical. 1901 m Mabelle Doty, 2s 
Id; r 174 East ave. 

Dakin, Henry Walter, Retired Lumber 
Manufacturer, Detroit. Cs Detroit, Coun- 
try, Midwick Country, Valley Hunt. 1898 
m Helen Ide, 2s Id; r Pasadena, Cal. 

Dale, Chester, Banker, New York City. Cs 
Meadow, Shinecock Hills Golf, Ardsley, 
Calumet, Bankers, Lawvers, St. Cloud, 
Paris. 1911 m Mrs. M. Thompson, Is; r 
299 Park ave. 

Dale, Edward, Retired Banker, Philadel- 
phia. Cs Philadelphia, Radnor Hunt.Sun- 
nybrook Gulph Mills Golf, Racquet.Phil- 
adelphia Country. 1914 m Paulina Hart, 
28; r 1215 Spruce st. 



Da^e, Jerome B., Business Executive, El 
Paso, Texas. He is president El Paso Ke- 
finjnq- C'ompiny, and ivoy Bale Owen 
C((mpanies, cotton products. Cs Toltec, 
El Paso Country, Calumus, Athletic, Dal- 
las, Santa ^Monica Swimming, Cal. 

Da'.fc, Robert G., Business Executive, New 
York City. 1907 m Edna L. Johnson; r 
Avon-by-the-sea, N.J. 

Daley, WiUiam A., Printer, Publisher and 
Capitalist, Cleveland. He is president "W. 
S. Gilkey Printing Company. Cs Union, 
Hermit, Shaker, Town and Country, S.A. 
R., Chamber of Commerce. 1903 m Cora 
B. Tiee, 2s; r 2916 Sedgewick road, 
Shaker Heights. 

Dall, Charles Whitney, Merchant and Bus- 
iness Executive, New York City. Cs Har- 
vard, Harvard of Boston, University, 
Union League, Adirondack League, Eock- 
away Hunting, Merchants. 1911 m Emily 
Marshall Maurice, 2s Id; r Cedarhurst, 
Long Island. 

Dallam, Corbin Braxton, Business Execu- 
tive, Baltimore, Md. Cs Merchants, Ma- 
rvland, Elkridge, Fox Hunting, m Nan- 
nie P. Fisher, Id; r 4001 Greenway,Guil- 

Dalleth, Joseph H., Banker, Wilmington, 
Del. Cs Wilmington. 1918 m Helen S. 
Dando, Is Id; r 910 W. 11th st. 

Dalrymple, Leona, Author, New York Ci- 
tv. 1921 m C. Acton AVilson; r 21 W. 
9'th St. 

Dalton, Elijah, Banker, Farmer and Stock- 
man, Pocahontas, Ark. Cs Masons. 1899 
m Mollie Mc Collum, 2s Id. 

Dalton, Henry G., Multi-Millionaire, Cleve- 
land, r 12(ill Lake Shore blvd. 

Daly, Francis L., Manufacturer, Boston. 
1911 m Louise C. Fitzgerald, Is 7d; r 
1':'8 St. Mary st. 

Daly. John F.,' Banker, Portland, Ore. Cs 
Arlington, Waverly, Multnomah. 1909 m 
Marguerite Wiley,' 2s 2d; r 625 Halsey 


Daly. Reginald Aldworth, Educator, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Cs American Philosophical 
Geological of America, Geological of 
Glasgow, Royal Edinburg. Mineralogy 
Petrograd,and Seismological of America. 
190.'> m Louise Hastell; r 2.3 Hawthorn 

Dalrymple. Franklin Stewart, Brok^-r and 
Capitalist, St. Paul. He is prominent in 
business and public affairs; and has held 
many itositions of trust and honor. Cs 
Minnesot-., Town and Country, St. Paul 
Athletic. 1905 m Gertrude M. Butchart; 
r 210 Otis ave. 

Dame, George Wilmer, Realtor, Builder and 
Capitalist, West Palm Beach, Fla. Cs 
various. 1918 m Lula Rawlings Marsden 

Dame, William Page, Clergyman, Balti- 
more. Cs Kiwanis. 1903 m Josephine 
Putney, Is 2d; r l-t09 Bolton st. 

Dame, Wilmer, Realtor and Builder, West 
Palm Beach, Fla. Cs Lions. 1918 m Lula 
Rawlings Marden; r South Palm Beach, 

Dameron, Lawrence C, Insurance Adjus- 
ter, New Y'ork City. Cs Bankers, Drugs 
and Chemical, New l^ork,-Kagyl Coun- 
try. 1906 m Ada E. Mally; r Hotel St. 
George, Brooklyn. 

Dammann, Milton, Lawyer, New York Ci- 
tv. 1910 m Reta M. Veil, Is Id; r 205 
W. 89th St. 

Damon, Arthur Herbert, Lawyer, Boston. 
Cs Harvard, New Y'ork City, Harvard of 
Boston, Boston Masonic, Mason and a 
Shriner. 1917 m Margery Spicer, Is Id; 
r Mann Hill, Egypt, Mass. 

Damrosch, Frank Heino, Musician, Compo- 
ser, New Y'ork City. Cs Explorers. 1888 
m Hetty Mosenthal, Is Id; r 120 E. 75th 


Damrosch, Walter Johannes, Musical Con- 
ductor and Capitalist, New York City. 
Cs Century, Coffee House, Circle Intalic 
Paris. 1890 m Margaret Blaine, 4d; r 
146 E. 61st St. 

Dana, Allston, Engineer, Philadelphia. 1908 
m Dorothy Hovey Goodale, 2s Id; r 25 
E. Springifield ave., Chestnut Hill, Pa. 

Dana, Charles A., Business Executive,New 
York City. Cs University, Merion, Co- 
lumbia University, ni Agnes Ladson, Is 
Id; r Bernardsville, N.J. 

Dana, Charles Loomis, Physician, of New 
York City. Cs Racquet, Tennis, Univer- 
sity, Century, Tuxedo. 1882 m Lilian 
Gray Farlee; r 53 W. 53rd st. 

Dana, Dixncan, Business Executive, Marble- 
head, Mass. 1916 m A. Weston, 2s Id. 

Dana, Harold W., Physician, Boston. Cs 
niversity, Somerset, Harvard, Eastern 
Yacht, m Gertrude Y.Quinn; r 201 Buck- 
minster road. 

Dfna, John Cotton, Librarian and Author, 
Newark, N.J. 

Dana, Leslie, Business President, St. Louis. 
Cs St. Louis, Racquet, Wianno, Noonday 
Town and Gown. 1901 m Judith B.Brown 
Is 2d: r 1 Brentmoor Park. 

Dana, Paul, Newsparer Man, New York 
Citv. Cs Universitv, Racouet, Harvard, 
Greenook Golf. S.A.R. 1886 m Maxy Du- 
cnn; r I^niversity Club. 

Dana. Richard Henry, Lawyer, Capitalist 
and Millionaire, Boston. Cs Massachu- 
setts Historical, Union, Exchange, Har- 
vard, Harvard New Y^ork. 1878 m Edith 
Lavfellow. now deceased. 1922 m Mrs. 
James G. Mnnford, 4s 2d; r 113 Brattle 
St., Bainbridge, Mass. 



Dana, Richard Henry, Architect, New York 
City. 1911 m Ethel Nathalie Smith, Is 
Id; r 137 E. 66th st. 

Dana, Richard T., Engineer, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs University, Down Town, Ameri- 
can, Civil Engineers, American Institute 
of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers. 
19l'0 m Mary Meredith; r 54 E. 81st st. 

Danaher, Michael B., Millionaire, Luding- 
ton, Mich. 

Dauby, Nathan, Business Executive, Cleve- 
land. Cs Oakwood, Excelsior, Criterion, 
Chamber of Commerce, m Bessie Braham 
Is Id; r 11212 Euclid ave. 

Danby, Samuel E., Patent Lawyer, New 
York City. Cs New York Press, South- 
ern. 1887' m Estelle Lee Eawlings, 2s; r 
Palisade, N.Y. 

Dancer, Herbert A., Lawyer and Jurist, 
Duluth, Minn. 

Dane, Charles H., Business President and 
Capitalist, New York City. He is presi- 
dent Clarke and Dana, Incorporated. Cs 
Glen Ridge Country, Rock Springs Coun- 
try, m Ella M. Ingraham, Id; r 103 
Beach st., E. Orange, N.J. 

Dane, Charles W., Clergyman, Brooklyn, 
m Carrie E. Curry, 2s Id; r 53^ McDon- 

Dane, Chester L., Realtor and Capitalist, 
Bedford Hills, N.Y. Cs California, Me- 
tropolitan, Yale, Eastern Yacht, Algon- 
quin, Boston. 1902 m Grace Little Olive 
2s 2d. 

Dana, Frank Gerard, Business Executive, 
Providence. Cs Wannamoisett. 1917 m 
Esther C. Tillinghast, Is 2d; r 30 Prince- 
ton ave. 

Dane'z, Herman, Banker, Benson,Minn. Cs 
Knights of Pythia's, Modern Woodmen. 
190.3 m Helen' Munson, Is 2d. 

Danfel, W. H., Manufacturer and Business 
President, Chicago. Cs Rotary. Machin- 
erv, Executives. 1897 m Maude Miller; 
r Oak Park, 111. 

Danford, M. E., Business Executive, Mid- 
dletown, Ohio. Cs Masonic, Shrine. 1903 
m Mary Rice, Is Id. 

Danford, Murray SneU, Surgeon, Provi- 
dence. Cs Hope. 1916 m Helen P. Met- 
calf, 2s Id; r 101 Prospect st. 

Danford, Robert M., Army Officer. Wash- 
ington. Cs Army and Navy, Yale New 
York Citv, Masons. 1909 m Katharine V. 
Hyde, Id. 

Danforth, Edward, Physician, Bainhridge, 
N.Y. Cs ^Masons. 1905 m Helen Mattice, 

Danforth, Frank lobdell. Realtor and In- 
surance Executive. Buffalo. 1902 m An- 
geline Walker; r 204 Lancaster ave. 

Danforth, Francis J., Engineer, New York 

Danforth, Freierick W., Realtor, Buffalo. 
Cs Canoe. 1893 m Grace W. Wilcox, Is 
2d; r 665 W. Ferry st. 

Danforth, Mis. Murray S., Sociologist, of 

Providence. Cs Agawam Hunt, Colony of 
New York, Chilton Boston. 2s Id; r 101 
Prospect st. 

Danforth, Thomas F., Civil Engineer, Buf- 
falo. Cs Cornell. 1918 m Carolyn Hooker, 
2s; r 164 Lexington ave. 

Danforth, William H., Business President 
and Millionaire, St. Louis. Cs Noonday, 
City, Belleiive. 1894 m Adda Bush, is 
Id; r 17 Kingsbury place. 

Dangle, W. H., Business President. Chica- 
go. Cs Chicago Athletic, Rotary, Maehin- 
erv, Executives, Medinah. 897 m Maude 
Miller; r Oak Park, 111. 

Dangler, Charles Edward, Realtor, Cleve- 
land. Cs Country, Kirtland, Hermit. 1917 
m Margaret Tewksbury, 2s Id; r 2835 
Sedgewick road, Shaker Heights. 

Daniel, Charles Gillam, Banker, Vandalia, 
Mo. Cs Scottish Rite of St. Louis. 1876 
ni Fannie Mc Pike, 2s 5d. 

Daniel, John Francis, Merchant. New York 
City. Cs Union, Army and Navy, Turf 
and Field, New York Yacht, St. Nicho- 
las Society, Colonial Wars, S.A.R., Vet- 
eran Corps, Foreign American Legion. 
1897 m Isabelle Shriver Kunkel; r 126 
E. 72nd St. 

Daniel, Robert W., Millionaire, New York 
City, r 635 Park ave. 

Daniell, John Francis. ^Merchant and Capi- 
talist. New York City. Cs Union, Army 
and Navy, New York Yacht, Turf and 
Field, Tuxedo, St. Nicholas Society. So- 
ciety of Colonial Wars. Sons of Revolu- 
tion, Society of the War of 1912, Mili- 
tary of Foreign Wars. 1925 m Mrs. Vera 
Lawrence Hopkins. Is 3d; r 987 5th ave. 

Daniels, Alanson, Broker.Boston. Cs Union 
Tennis and Racquet, Country, Athletic, 
Exchange, City. Essex Country,' Racquet 
of Ne wYork. 1898 m Frances Pomeroy; 
r 1 Fairfield st., and Old Farm, Wen- 
ham, Mass. 

Daniels, Charles M.. Business Executive, 
Sabttis, N.Y. Cs Buffalo, Tennis, Souash 
Saturn, Athletic. 1900 m Florence Good- 
year, Is 2d; r 787 Delaware ave, Buf- 
falo; and in Sabattis, N.Y. 

Daniels, Edwin A., Phvsician, Boston. Cs 
St. Botolph, Country." 1880 m Carolina T. 
LeFavor, Is; r 302 Newburv st. 

Daniels, Raymond E., Coal Merchant, Chi- 
cago. Cs University. South Shore Coun- 
try. 1914 m Frances Mc Whinney, Is Id; 
r 4823 Kimbark ave. 



Danielson, Richard Ely, Army Officer,8ur- 
rendcii, Groton, Mass. Cs Knickerbocker, 
Eacquet and Tennis, Yale, Somerset, Tav- 
ern, Saddle and Cycle, Norfolk, Myopia 
Hunt, Groton Fox Hounds. 1910 m Bar- 
bara Deeiing, 2s. 

Dan, HoUis, Business Executive, Washing- 
Square, N.Y. 

Dann, Jesse Chase, Banker, Buffalo. Cs Sa- 
turn, Country, Athletic, Yale. 1893 m 
Clara L. Sweet, 2s; r 48 Lexington ave. 

Dannals, Charles Nelson, Business Execu- 
tive, Atlanta. Cs Capitol City, Piedmont 
Driving. 1912 m Martha Whitman, Is; r 
2600 Peachtree road. 

Dannemiller, Edward, Merchant, Brooklyn. 
Cs Bav Ridge, Ohio Society of New 
York Citv. 187.3 m Philomena' Boesch, 3s 
Id; r 6801 Ridge blvd. 

Dannenbaum, Morris, Millionaire, Philadel- 
phia, r 1901 Spring Garden st. 

Dannreuther, Walter T., Surgeon, New 
York City. Cs Lotos, Engineers Country, 
Cooperstown Country. 1911 m Anna R. 
Tower; r .'580 Park ave. 

Dansard, Boyez, Banker, Monroe, Mich. Cs 
Knights Templar, Shriner. 1898 m Sarah 
Mc Lean, 3s Id. 

Dansig, Jerome, Millionaire, New York Ci- 
ty, r 88 Central Park, W. 

Dantz. Nicholas, Clergvman, New York Ci- 
ty. 1903 m Rozalia^'Sztyai, 3s 5. 

Dantzler. Mortimer Owen. Lawyer,Orange- 
burar, S.C. Cs Kniehts Templar, Masons. 
1896 m Emma J. Cornelson, Is 4d; r Pe- 
canwav place. 

Danworth. Frank Lobdell. Realtor, Btif- 
falo. Cs Jjions. m Angeline Walker; r 
204 Lancaster ave. 

Danzer, Albert, Business President. Hag- 
erston. Md. 1876 m Marv E. Keller, now 
deceased. Is; r 301 S. Potomac st. 

Danzis, Gustave, Business President, New 
York City, r 47 Ann st. 

Danzis. Maximilian. Surgeon, Newark, N. 
J. Cs Mason. 1899 m Jennie Reich, 2d; 
r 60S High st. 

D'Aramon, Henrietta Bell, Sociologist, of 
Paris, France. 1902 m Comte Paul d'Ar- 
amon; r 1 Boul. Latour, Maubourg.Paris 

D'Arcy, William C, Advertiser, St. Louis. 

. Cs Noonday, University, Sunset. 1907 m 

Ruby E. Trayce, Is Id; r 6 Hortense pi. 

Dargan, J. Thornwell, Jr., Insurance Bro- 
ker, New York City. Cs Lotos, m Lucy 
Doughtv; r 87 Green Acres ave., Harts- 
dale, N.Y. 

Dpris, Katherine Benent, Secretary, New 
York City. Cs Vassar, Women's City, r 
370 7th ave. 

Darling, Arthur Beebe, Banker, Sioux Ci- 
ty, Iowa. Cs Sioux City Country, Sioux 
City Rotary, Knights Templar.' 1909 m 
Mrs. Lonelle S. Walter. 

Darling, Charles Kimball, Lawyer. Con- 
cord, Mass. Cs University, City, Press, 
Armv and Navv. 1903 m Elizabeth Rich, 

Darling, Frederick Edgar Bradford. Manu- 
facturer, Troy, N.Y. Cs Troy, Masonic, 
Mystic Shrine. 1900 m Helen Savery, Ig 
Id; r 177 Pawling ave. 

Darling, Ira C, Business President, Chica- 
go. Cs Union League, Midday, Indian 
Hill, m Agatha Birkhoff, 3d; r 319 Ke- 
nilworth ave., Kenihvorth, 111. 

Darling, Joy Norwood, Cartoonist, Des 
"Moines, Iowa. Cs Lambs, Des Moines, 
Waconda Country. 1906 m Genevieve 
Pendleton, Is Id; r 2320 Terrace road. 

Darling, William Lafayette. Engineer and 
Capitalist, St. Paul, Minn. He has re- 
tired from active business. Cs S.A.R., 
Minnesota, L^niversitv. 1901 m Alice Er- 
nestine BeYans. 2s Id; r 2100 Iglehart 

Darlington, Charles Francis, Lawyer, New 
York City. Cs Down Town, Bankers, Mt. 
Kisco Golf, Manursing Island. 1903 m 
Letitia Craig O'Neill,' Is Id; r 21 E. 
66th St. 

Darlington, Mrs. Elise Willis B., Sociolo- 
gist. Indianapolis. 1883 m Frank Graef 
Darlington, Is; r 1240 Delaware st. 

Darline:ton, Frank F., Statistician, Pitts- 
burgh. Cs Alleghenv Country. 1922 m 
•Jessica Raymond, Id; r Shields. Pa. 

Darlington, Harry, r., Multi-Millionaire, 
Pittsburgh. Cs Duquesne. m Ethel A. 
Shields: r 721 Irvin ave. 

Darlington, Henry Vane Peams, Clergy- 
man, New York Citv. Cs Essex Country, 
Countrv. Columbia. 1920 niDorothv Stone 
Smith, 'is; r 3 E. 45th st. 

Darlow, Alfred M., Railroad Executive, 

Wellesville, N.Y. Cs University, Central 
Railroad, Wellsville Countrv. Cornell. 
1921 m Laura Wilson, 2s; r 367 N. Main 
St. , 

Darman, Arthur L, Business President, of 
Woonsocket. R.j m Frances F. Cohen. Is 
Id; r 309 Prospect st. 

Darmstaetter, Armin Arthur, Realtor and 
Capitalist. Detroit. Cs Detroit Athleic, 
Detroit Boat, Pine Lake Country. Forest 
Hills Country. Pere Marquette Rod and 
Gun. 1914 v\ Priscilla Scotten, Is Id; r 
34.5 Arden Park. 

Damall, William Edgar, Surgeon, Atlantic 
City, N.J. Cs University, Yacht. Seoview 
Country, Rotarv. Chamber of Commerce. 
1907 m' Elizabeth Nesbitt. 



Darnell, Raleigh Harman, Merchant and 
Realtor, Keokoe, Va. Cs Keokee Better 
School, Masonic, Shrine. 1911 m Mila 
Lewis, Is Id. 

Darr, George Webster, Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Oil City, Pa. Cs Mason, 
Wanango Country. 1917 m Mabel French 
Forsev, Id; r 1208 W. 1st st. 

Darrow,' Frederick E. Westbrook, Lawyer, 
Kingston, N.Y. m Mary Wynderse Smed- 
bervs 3d; r Saugerties-on-Hudson, N.Y. 

Darrow, George Potter, Merchant, States- 
man, Philadelphia. Cs Union League. 
18S7 ni Jennie Johnson, Id. 1897 m Eli- 

Darrin, David H., Mechanical Engineer, 
New York Citv. Cs Engineers, Masons. 
1911 m H. V. Mac Donald, Is Id; r -44 
Argyle ave., New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Darsie, James A., Business Executive, Los 
Angeles. He is prominently identified in 
business and public affairs. Cs Duquesne 
Pittsburgh Country, South Shore Coun- 
try, Midwick Country, Los Angeles. 1909 
m Florence Brace; r 1200 Oak Knoll ave. 

Darton, Ne'.son Horatio, Geologist, Wash- 
ington. Cs National Geographical, Cos- 
mos. 1903 m Alice Welden Wasserbach, 
Is Id; r 16th st. Missions. 

Dashiell, Amelia Eleanor Marine, Sociolo- 
gist, Baltimore. Cs D.A.E. 1904 m Nicholas 
Leeke Dashiell, 2d r 2927 St. Paul st. 

Daskam, Walter D., Banker, Stamford, 
Conn. Cs Suburban, Wood way Country, 
Stamford Yacht. 1897 m Harrie Tilley; 
Id; r 300 Main st. 

Dasnit, Walter, Accountant, Chicago. 1914 
m Henrietta Deverman; r 1717 N. Pau- 
lina st. 

Daugette, Clarence William, Educator, of 
Jacksonville, Ala. 1897 m Anne Rowan 
T'arney, 3s 2d. 

Daughaday, Carlos Colton, Publisher and 
Realtor, Chicago. He is prominently id- 
entified with business and public affairs, 
m Marion E. Sharpe, 2s 3d; r 180 Chest- 
nut st., Winnetka, 111. 

Daughters, Preeman, Professor, Missoula, 
Mont. Cs Mason, National Society for 
Studv of Education. Unmarried; r 298 
S. Rt'h St.. E. Missoula. 

Dauoust, Edward C, Lawyer, Cleveland. Cs 
Kirtland Country, Country. Union, Uni- 
versitv, Middav, Hermit, Yale. 1912 m 
Clara 'Louise Bunts, Is 3d; r 2323 Still- 
man road, Cleveland Heights. 

Davenport, A. Rutherford, Business Exec- 
utive, Los Angeles. Cs Westmoreland. 
1913 m Harriet Hoffman, r 5637 Santa 
Monica blvd. 

Davenport, Calvin. Business Executive, of 
Buffalo. Cs Buffalo. 1893 m Hattie E. 
Selkirk, Is 3d; r 369 Norwood ave. 

Davenport, Dixwell, Business Executive 
San Francisco. Cs Pacific Union. Univer 
sity, San Francisco Golf and Country, m 
Mary Grinnell, Is; r San Leandro way 
St. Francis Wood, Cal. 

Davenport, Edward A., Business Execu 
tivo, Somerville, Mass. r Cambridge 

Davenport, Prederick Morgan, Educator 
Clinton, N.Y. 1899 m Edith J. Andrus 
2s 2d. 

Davenport, George H., Business Executive 
Boston. Cs Union, Exchange, Country. 
1885 m Carmilla H. Chase, Id; r 460 
Beacon st. 

Davenport, John Coolidge, Engineer, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. Cs Harvard. 1907 m Flor- 
ence May Miller, 2d; r 687 48th st. 

Davenport, Leroy Benjamin,Lawyer, Cleve- 
land. Cs Union, Hermit, Kirtland Coun- 
try, Country, m Marjorie Nicholas, 2s, r 
2221 Tudor" drive. 

Davenport, Loren Calvin, Business Exec- 
utive and Capitalist, Buffalo. He is vice- 
president Weed and Company, hardware. 
Cs Buffalo, Athletic. Ellicott Automo- 
bile, Chamber of Commerce. 1893 m Hat- 
tie E. Selkirk, Is 3d; r 369 Morwood av. 

Davenport, Louis M., Millionaire, Spokane 
Wash, r Davenport Hotel. 

Davenport, Mrs. Mary Pairfay Morris, So- 
ciologist, London, England. 1874 m John 
Alfred Davenport, 2d; r 8 Ovington 

Davenport, Pierepont, Realtor, Brooklyn. 
Cs Brooklyn. Chamber of Commerce. 1915 
m Alice C. Mathews, 2d; r 1901 Dorches- 
ter road. 

Davenport, Wi'liam Edwards, Sociologist 
and Author, Brooklyn, r 90 Adams st. 

Daves, Anna Laurens, Author, Pittsfield, 
!Mass. Unmarried. 

David, L. C. Business Executive. Law- 
renceville. 111. Cs various, m Rowena 
Robinson, Is Id. 

Davidson, Claren'-e M., Realtor, of Coral 
Gables, Fla. 1919 m Margarette Webster 
Is Id: r Phoenix ave. 

Davidson, George, Clerpfvman, Los Angeles. 
He is prominently identified with busi- 
ness and public affairs. Cs University, 
Athletic". Country. Hollywood Country, 
Celtic. Mason, Knijrhts Tennilar. 1921 m 
Adolflide ]VL Bindley; r 512 W. Adams st. 

Davidson. George W., Lawyer. New York 
Citv. Cs Racnuet and Tennis. Country, 
ITniversitv. Pining Rock, and Greenwich 
Country. 1895 m Harriet Baldwin; r 67 
Park ave. 

David'^on. Howard C, Major U.S.A., Am- 
erican Embassy. London, England. Cs 
Miami VaUev Hunt. Polo, m Mary P. 
Patterson, Is; r London, England. 



DaviAson, Hugh Crawford, Business Presi- 
dent ami Capitalist, New Orleans, La. 
He is president Davidson 's Dental Sup- 
ply Company. Cs various. 1901 m Corinne 
Edith Apj)s, 3s; r 1415 Cadiz st. 

Davidson, James, Millionaire, Bay City, 
Mich, r 601 Center ave. 

Davidson, James Wheeler, Journalist, Dip- 
lomat and Author Calgary, Alberta, Can- 
ada. Cs Royal Geographical. 1906 ni Lil- 
lian Dow, Id; r 801 20th ave., W. Cal- 
gary, Alberta, Canada. 

Davidson, Lyneh, Manufacturer, Houston, 
Texas. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Kiwanis, 
Elks. 1897 m Katie Calvert, 3d; r 1010 
Hadley ave. 

Davidson, Reginald, British Vice-Consul, of 
Kansas Citv, Mo. 1912 m Mildred Lucas, 
2d; r 504 Pierce st. 

Davidson, Robert J., Business Executive, 
Ne wYork Citv. Cs Engineers. 1876 m 
C. M. Shurcman, 2s 3d; r Hillburn, N.T. 

Davidson, Walter, Millionaire, Milwaukee, 
Wis. r 3227 Highland blvd. 

Davidson, Ward Follett, Electrical Engi- 
neer, Brooklyn. He is prominently iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Engineers of New York, Society of 
American Military Engineers, and North 
Hampstead Country. 1917 m Elizabeth T. 
Bostwick, Is Id; r Benson Hill, Port 
Washington, Long Island, N.Y. 

Davies, David Charles, Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Chicago. Cs Chicago, Uni- 
versitv, Chicago Golf, Midlothian, m Ab- 
bie Stuart Poole; r 220 E. Walton place. 

Davies, John R., Lawyer, New York City. 
Cs National Republican. 1905 m Ruby 
Hardy, Is. 1921 m Adelaide M. Bindley; 
r St. Louis Rectory, 512 W. Adams st. 

Davies, Julien Townsen, Jr., Lawyer, Long 
Island, N.Y. Cs Union. 1920 m "Faith de 
Moss Robinson, Id; r Cherrv Pool, West 

Davies, William Watkins, Lawver, Louis- 
\ille, Kv. 1900 m Sarah Connley, 2s 2d; 
V 2515 Longest ave. 

Davis, Albert G., Busness Executive, of 
Schenectady, N.Y. He is vice-president 
General Electric Company. Cs Universi- 
ty, Mohawk, Mohawk Golf, Schenectady 
Adirondack League. 1889 m Agnes Shaw 
Id; r 112 Lenox road. 

Davis, Archibald Hunt, Lawver, Atlanta, 
Ga. Cs Druid Hll Golf. 1889 m Susan 
Caroline Toplff, 3s; r 1220 Peachtree st. 

Davis, Arthur, Millionaire, New York Ci- 
ty, r Shelton Hotel. 

Davis, Arthur Powell, Civil Engineer, Oak- 
land. Cal. Cs Casino, Washington Socie- 
ty of Engineers. 1888 m Elizabeth Brown 
now deceased, 4d. Later m Marie Mc 


Davis, Arthur V., Multi-Millionaire, Pitts- 
burgh. Cs Duquesne. m Mrs. Elisabeth 
H. Weiman; r Schenely apts., 22 E. 47th 
St., N.Y.C. 

Davis, Charles, Author and Electrician, 
Cape Cod, IV^ass. He is prominenlty iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 

1903 m Grace Bigelow; r House of Seven 
Chimneys, Bass River. 

Davis, Charles A., Retired Merchant, At- 
lanta,Ga. Cs Chamber of Commerce. 1879 
m Emily Willet, Is 3d; r 1120 Peachtree 


Davis, Charles Harold, Painter and Artist, 
Mystic, Conn. 

Davis, Charles Strout, Business Executive, 
Muueie, Ind. Cs Masonic, Columbia, and 
Northport Golf. 1904 m Florence Grace 
Johnson, 2s Id; r 328 E. Washington st. 

Davis, Cleland, Retired Naval Orficer, New 
York City. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs New 
York Yacht, Metropolitan, Knickerbock- 
er, Chevy Chase, Army and Navy, S.A.R. 

1914 m Mabel T. Young, Is; r Davista, 
Englewood Cliffs, N.J. 

Davis, Daniel, Physician, Washington. 1917 
m Willa M Fricke, Is; r 1911 N. st.N..W 

Davis, Donald D,, Business Executive, of 
Minneapolis. Cs Minneapolis, Lafayette 
and Woodhill Golf, Engineers, Bankers. 

1915 m Grace Gerhauser, Is 2d; r 200 
Chamber of Commerce. 

Davis, Dudley, Lawyer and Capitalist, New 
York City. Cs Union, Harvard, Clam- 
bake, Sons of Revolution, Society of Co- 
lonial Wars, Military Order of Foreign 
Wars, Military Order of World-War, Or- 
der of Indian Wars of United States, 
Campfire, Association of the Bar of the 
City of New York. 1900 m Alice Mason 
Grosvenor, 3s Id; r 993 Park ave. 

Davis, Dwight Filley, Secretary of War, 
Washington. Cs Racquet, Noonday, City 
Country all of St. Louis; Metropolitan, 
Racquet, Burning Tree, Chevy Chase, 
Harvard, New York Racquet, Boston. 
1905 m Helen Brooks, Is 3d; r 1520 20th 
St., N.W. 

Davis, Edmund Stuart, Retired Farmer 
New York City. Cs Union, Racquet and 
Tennis, Yacht, Harvard. 1925 m Mari 
anne Mc Keever; r Southampton, N.Y. 

Davis. Edward, Aaron, Banker, Bethel, Vt 
Cs Exchange, City of Boston. 

Davis, Edward H., Publisher and Capita 
list, New York City. Cs Metropolitan 

1904 m Angeline G. Price, Id; r 160 
Riverside drive. 

Davis, Edwin Lamar, Lawyer and Jurist, 
Tullahoma. Tenn. Cs Masons. 1898 m Ca- 
rolyn Windsor, 2s 3d. 



Davis, Effa V., Physician, Chicago. Cs 
Chicago Women's, Illinois State Medical 
Chicago Medical, r 512 Wrightwood ave. 

Davis, F. H., Business Executive, Aber- 
deen, S.D. Cs Lions. 1905 m Euth Pool; 
r Radison Hotel. 

Davis, Mrs. Frances Lord, Sociologist, New 
York City. 1S89 m Robert Harvey Ses- 
sions; r .375 Pf^rk ave. 

Davis, Frank A., Millionaire, Columbus, 
Ohio, r 475 E. Town st. 

Davis, Fred Ladd, Banker, White Rim 
.Junction, Vt. Cs Rotary, Mason, Knights 
Templar, Shriner, Elks. 1910 m Jessie 
Searer, Is 2d. 

Davis, Frederick Franklin, Merchant and 
Capitalist, Denver, Col. He is prominent- 
ly identified with business and public 
affairs. Cs Denver Athletic, Lakewood 
Country, Rotary. 190 Im Jugrid Cedar- 
berg, Id; r 944 Lafayette st. 

Davis, George Lynn iachlen, Vice Presi- 
dent, St Louis. Cs St. Louis. 1897 m El- 
len Mitchell Sehaffer, 3d; r 5285 Wash- 
ington blvd. 

Davis, Harry E... Business President, New 
York City. 1896 m Miss Barnett, Is 2d; 
r Hotel Hamilton, and Deal N.J. 

Davis, Harry Phillips, Electiical Engineer, 
Pirtsburgh. Cs University, University of 
Pittsburgh, Engineers, Pittsburgh Ath- 
letic Association, Railroad, Oakmont, 
Edgewood. 1892 m Agnes L. Taylor, Is 
Id; r 491 Wallingford st. 

Davis, Harvey N., Professor, Cambridge, 
!Mass. Cs Oaklev Conntrv, Cosmos, m 
Adele Rohde, ?,(\'; r 19 Ash st. 

Davis, Henry Lament, Trustee, Philadel- 
phia. Cs Union League, Philadelphia 
Cricket, University, Oil Citv. 1896 m 
Millie Webb, 2d; r'l06 W. Moreland ave. 
Chestnut Hill, Pa. 

Davis, J., Stanley, Banker and Capitalist, 
Albany, N.Y. Cs Albany Countrv, Fort 
Orange, Albany, Columbia Country, Al- 
bany Yacht, Bankers of America, Ma- 
sons. 1920 m Marion Josina Cantine, Id; 
r 1 Englewood place. 

Davis, J. Warren, Jurist, Trenton,N.J. 1913 
m Marguerite N. Gay, 2s Id; r Crest 
View, Lawrenceville. 

Davis, James, Banker, Chicago, r 1400 Mil- 
waukee ave. 

Davis, James J., Statesman, Washington. 
Cs Duquesne, Chevy Chase, Congession- 
al. 1915 m Jean Rosenbaugh, Is 3d; r 
Wardman Park Hotel. 

Davis, Jeffrey, Business President, Mauu- 
faeturer. Providence. Cs Agawam Hunt, 
Squantum, Art. 1888 m Abbie P. Can- 
liffe; r Kingston, R.I. 

Davis, John Daniel Sinkler, Surgeon, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 1897 m Margaret E. O'- 

Brien, now deceased; r 2772 Hanover 

Davis, John Staige, Surgeon, Baltimore. 
He is prominently identified with busi- 
ness and public affairs. Cs Yale, Mary- 
land, Baltimore, Elkridge Fox Hunting. 
1907 m Kathleen Gordon Bowdoin, 28 
Id; r 215 Wcndover road. 

Davis, John T., Multi-Millionaire, Elkins, 

Davis, John T., Millionaire, St. Louis. Cs 
University, m Edith .January; r 47 Port- 
land place. 

Da-vis, John Winthrop, Banker, Boston. Cs 
Harvard, Oakley Country. 1915 m Rita 
Prentice Benson; r 481 Beacon st. 

Davis, Jonathan McMillan, Farmer, Bron- 
son, Kan. Cs Masonic, Scottish Rite, 
Shrine, Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias, 
Elks, Eagles, Woodmen. 1894 m ilollie 
Purdona, Is 2d; r Rt. 2, Bronson, Kan. 

Davis, Jonathan E., Banker, Wllkes-Barre, 
Pa. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. 1895 m Mol- 
lie Cogswell, 2s 2d ; r 145 Maple ave., 
Kingston, Pa. 

Davis, Katharine Eement, Sociologist, New 
York City. Unmarried. 

Davis, leonard Henry, Business Executive 
New York City. Cs Harvard. 1905 m 
Josephine Maud Simpson, 2d; r 1000 
Park ave. 

Davis, Lincoln, Surgeon, Boston. Cs St. 
Botol]>h, Harvard, Eastern Yacht. 1902 
m Katharine Bradlee Crowninschield, 23 
2d; r 279' Beacon st. 

Davis, Marion Bostwick, Manufacturer, 
Elkiidge, Md. 1907 m Clara Hemphill, 
Is Id. 

Davis, Nathan Smith, Physician and Socio- 
logist, Chicago. Cs I'niversity, City, Har- 
vard, Yale, Princeton, Onwentsia. 1923 
m Cordelia Fairbank Carpenter, Is; r 
460 Barry ave. 

Davis, Mrs. Nathan, Sociologist, Chicago, 
r 953 Michigan ave. 

Davis, Norman H., Banker and Business 
Executive, New York City. Cs Coffe 
House, Links, Piping Rock. 1898 ni 
Mackie Paschall, 4s 4d; r 59 E. 79th st. 

Davis, Norris King, Manufacturer and Ca- 
pitalist, San Francisco. Cs A~my and 
Navv. 1903 m Theresa Charlotte Morgan 
2d; r 1800 Broadway. 

Davis, Paul F., Jr., Business Executive, 
Wyandotte, Mich. Cs Detroit Athletic, 
Detroit Golf. 1922 m Margaret Caron, 
Id; r 2305 Taylor ave. | 

Davis, Philip, Motion Picture Producer, * 
Boston. Cs Boston City. 1904 m Belle S, 
Homer, 2d; r 551 Winthrop st., West 
Medford, Mass. 



Davis, Pierpont, Business Executive, New 
York City. Cs Union, m -Tosephine Ogdcn 
r 84 Field road, Greenwit-h City. 
Davis, Piermont V., Business President, 
New York City. Cs Midday, Y'ale, Uni- 
versity, Graduates, New Haven. 1909 m 
Phoebe Lee Prout, 2d; r Elizabeth. N.J. 
Davis, Rotert Courtney, Army Officer, of 
Wasliington. Cs Army and Navy, Na- 
tional Press. 1902 m" Euby C. Hale; r 
2400 16th St. 
Davis, Robert Fobrt, Editor and Drama- 
tist, New York Citv. Cs Union League, 
Authors ' League, St. Andrews Golf. 1899 
m Madge Lee Hutchinson; r 200 "W. 
88th St. 
Davis, Royal Jenkins, Journalist and Au- 
thor, New York City. Cs Adiron of New 
Y^ork, Authors. 1906 m Louise Stanton, 
2s 2d; r 102 W. 48th st. 
Davis, Samuel Boyer, Lawyer, Philadel- 
phia. Cs Philadelphia, acquet, Country. 
1900 m Ruth Harding, Is 2d; r 2134 Lo- 
cust st. 
Davis, Samuel H., Attomey-at-Law, West- 
erly, TM. He is director of various cor- 
porations in R.I. and N.Y. Cs Misquami- 
cur Golf. 189.3 m Nina G. Hinman, 2d; r 
Elm Court. 
Davis, Ulster, Contractor, Rensselaer, N.Y. 
Cs Masonic. 1885 m Eugenie Van Zandt, 
Is Id; r 6 Akin ave. 
Davis, Samuel C, Capitalist, St. Louis. 

1904 m Emma Whitaker, Is Id. 
Davis, Walter E.. Business Executive,Min- 
neapolis. Cs Minneapolis Athletic, Uni- 
versity. 1922 m Mary Parsons, Id; r 
5341 2nd ave. 
Davis, Walter G., Law^yer and Banker, of 
Cambridge, Mass. Cs' Harvard, Odd Fel- 
lows Elks, Masons. 1892 m L Gertrude 
Cheney; r 60 Upland road. 
Davis, Walter Spe, Banker, Cambridge, 
Mass. Cs Harvard, Boston Odd Fellows 
Elks, Masons. 1892 m DUPLTC \TENP; 
Davis, William B., Merchant and Capita- 
list. Cleveland. He is president W. B. 
Davis Companv, men's furnishings. 1908 
m Edith Cowell, Is Id; r 2851 Southing- 
ton road, Shaker Heights. 
Davis, William Duncan, Business President 
Brookhaven, Miss. Cs Kiwanis. 1912 m 
Jessie Mounger, Is Id. 
Davis, Willia mFrederic, Banker, Boston. 
Cs Mason, Tonawanda, Exchange, Ma- 
yrs. 1874 m Y'elma Jeanette Baker, Is; 
r 11 Arlington road, Woburn, Mass. 
Davis, William L., Millionaire, Eau Claire 

Wis. r 220 Oakwood place. 
Davis, Wriiam T., Entomologist, Staten 
Island. 1900 m Bertha M. Fillingham, 
now deceased. 

Davis, William Thcniwall, Physician, of 
Washington. Cs Metropolitan, Army and 
Navv, Chevy Chase, Racciuet. ni Renee 
Tolson, 3s; r 1601 23rd st. 
Davison, Charles, Surgeon, Chicago. Cs Uni- 
versity, Mason, Shriner. 1887 m Mary 
Leviana Kidd, Id; r River Forest, 111. 
Davison, Edward H., Millionaire, New Bri- 
tain, Conn, r 40 Lexington st. 
Davison, Treeman I., Canker, Boston. Ca 
Canadian, Bel'iont Springs Country, In- 
ternational. 1896 m Ella M. Borden, 3s 
Id; r 20 Stratford st., West Roxbury, 
Da\ison, George W., Business President, 
New York Citv. Cs Greenwich Country. 
1805 m Harriet Baldwin; r 67 Park ave. 
Davison, Gregory C, ^Manufacturer, New 
York City. Cs Army and Navy, Wash- 
ington, Automobile of America. 1898 m 
Alice Shepard; r 36 Graniercy Park. 
Davison, Howard Crosby, Salesman and 
Capitalist, Hightstown. N.J. Cs Masonic 
Order, Crescent Temple. 1909 m Alice 
Bolles, Is 3d. 
Dave', Chsr'es J., Millionaire, Daviesville, 

R.I. r North Kingston. 
Davock, Farlow Nob'e, Service Manager, 
Detroit, Mich. Fe is service manager of 
Packard Motor Car Companv. Cs r>etroit 
j4thletic. Country, Pine Lake Country. 
1910 m Eloi'^e Dickorson, Is; r 112 De- 
wey st., Birmingham. Mich. 
Davol, Frank H.. Jr., Business President, 
New \''o'k Ci^^v. Cs American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers. 
Davv. Ca'-sius C, Lawyer, Rochester, N.Y. 
He is promnientlv identified with busi- 
ness and public affairs. Cs Genesee Val- 
lev. Embassy of England, Chamber of 
Commerce, Rochester. Unmarried. 
Dawes, Beman Ga*e', Business President, 
Columbus, Ohio. He is president of Ohio 
River Brid<Te Company. 
Dawes, diaries A., Banker and Capitalist, 
Chicago, 111. Cs University, Glenview, 
Attic. 1921 m Emilv Mc Cnrmick, Id; r 
Evanston, 111. 
Dawes, Charles Cutler, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs University, Glenview Golf, 
1921 m Emily Ames Mc Cormick. Id; r 
1125 Davis st., Winnetka, 111. 
Dawes, Charles Gates, Business Executive 
and Multi-Millionaire, Evanston, 111. Cs 
Chicago, University, Union League, On- 
wentsia. Glen View Golf, Evanston, Ev- 
anston Country Golf. 1889 m Oara Dana 
Blymyer, Is ld;'r 225 Greenwood blvd. 
Dawes, Henry Lauren, Lawyer, I])swich, 

Mass. 1897 m Catherine Pingree, Is; 
Dawes, Henry May, Business President, 
Columbus, Ohio. He is prominently id- 



entified with business and public affairs. 
Cs University, Chicago Glen View, Chi- 
cago Chevy Chase, Washington, Colum- 
bus. 1896 m Helen Curtis, Is Id. 

Dawes, Rufus Cutler, Business President, 
Chicago. He is president Metropolitan 
Gas and Electric Company, and Union 
Gas and Electric Company. Cs Chicago, 
Commercial, Glen View Golf, University 
Country Evanston. 1893 m Helen Palmer 
3s 3d; r Evanston, 111. 

Dawley, Prank E., Business Executive, of 
Fayetteville, N.Y. Cs Mason. 1889 m 
Carrie L. Barnes, Is 5d; r on Doshorne 

Dawley, Walter G., Organist, Hartford, 
Conn. 1917 m Olin Eussell, Is; r 16 Tor- 
wood st. 

Dawson, Albert Foster, Banker Journalist 
and Statesman, Davenport, Iowa. 1893 
m Phoebe E. De Groat, 2s 3d; r 2905 
Middle road. 

Dawson, Clyde C, Lawyer, Denver, Col.Cs 
Denver, University, Denver Country,Co- 
lumbia Country, Washington. 1899 m 
Kathryn Eussell; r 1211 Eaee st. 

Dawson, George M., Surgeon, West Palm 
Beach, Fla. Cs various. 1918 m Marga- 
retta Dettrich. 

Dawson, James, D. Jr., Business Executive 
St. Louis, m Katharine H. Gordon; r 
Houston, Texas. 

Dawson, John C, Jr., Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs University, m Emily C. Rus- 
sell; r Lake Forest, 111. 

Dawson, Leonard G., Consul, Santandei; 

Dawson, Lewis R., Phvsician Seattle,Wasli. 
1902 m Therest Eliot Eeno, Is Id; r 122 
Madrona place, N. 

Day, Albert Morgan, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago, m Fanny F. Pyn- 
chon; r Lake Forest, 111. 

Day, Arthur E., Shoe Manufacturer and 
Capitalist, Danvers, Mass. Cs various. 
1894 m Adra L. Miller; r 18 Holten st. 

Day, Arthur Louis, Business Executive, 
Bethesda, Md. Cs University, Cosmos. 
1900 m Helene Kohlrausch, Is 3d; r Alta 

Day, Charles, Engineer, Philadelphia, He 
is president Day Zimmerman, engineers. 
Cs Eacquet, Philadelphia Cricket, Eit- 
tenhouse, Germantowii Cricket, Engi- 
neers, Bankers, m Margaret Dunning, 2s 
Id; r 472 W. Clapier st., Germantown, 

Day, Charles P., Business President, Tr- 
vington, N.J. Cs Mystic Shrine, Knights 
Templar, Masons, Glen Eidge Country, 
Newark Athletic. 1914 m Anan Dolman; 
r 126 S. Murray ave., E. Orange, N.J- 

Day, George Parmly, Treasurer, New Ha- 
ven, Conn. Cs University, Yale of New 
York, Coffee House of New York, Grad- 
uates. 1902 m Wilhelmina Johnson; r 31 
Hillhouse ave. 

Day, Harry Arnold, Eetired Broker and 
Capitalist, New York City. Cs New York 
Athletic. 1900 m Jessie Wintertou, Is 
Id; r 205 W. 57th st. 

Day, Jerome James, Mining, Banker and 
Capitalist, Wallace, Idaho. He is presi- 
dent Wallace Bank and Trust Company. 
Cs Spokane City, Spokane Country, Am- 
erican Institute of Mining and Metal- 
lurgical Engineers, Shoshone Country, 
American Electrotechnical. m Lucv Mix; 
Is 1<1. 

Day, John Armington, Contracting Sales- 
man and Capitalist, Syracuse, N.Y. Ca 
Masonic Order. 1916 m Allan Brown, Id; 
r Cold Springs road, Liverpool, N.Y. 

Day, Joseph Paul, Business President, New 
York City. Cs Yacht, Manhattan, City, 
National Arts, Athletic, Sleepy Hollow 
Country, Lawyers, Bankers, Eailroad, 
Sphinx. 1898 m Pauline Martindale Pope 
4s 2d; r 67 Liberty st. 

Day, Julian, Merchant and Banker, New 
York City. Cs Eacquet and Tennis, Bath 
Travellers. 1902 m Isabella Woodbridge 
Curtis, 3d; r 26 Pont st., London, S.W. 

Day, liawrence Sturgis, Business Executive 
St. Louis, m Mary Wright; r 4605 Me 
Pherson st. 

Day, Lawrence W., Business Executive, St. 
Louis, m Annie McKinney; r Haverford 
ave., Ferguson, Mo. 

Day, Luther, Lawyer, Cleveland. He is 
prominently identified with business and 
public affairs. Cs Union, Mid-Dav, and 
Shaker Heights Country. 1903 m Ida Mc- 
ETmley Barber, 2d; r 2222 Demington 

Day, Osl)onae Atwater, Business Executive 
New York City. Cs Yale Graduate, m 
Gertrude S. Kearny; r 406 Prospect,New 
Heaven City. 

Day, Robert W., Millionaire, Springfield, 
Mass. r 265 State st. 

Day, Rodney D., Manufacturer and Busi- 
ness President, Philadelphia. Cs Eacquet 
Bankers of New York, Detroit, Detroit 
Athletic, Yale of New York, Merion 
Cricket. 1909 m Harriet Weyman Balken 
2s; r Exeter road, Haverford, Pa. 

Day, Samuel Edwin, Lawyer and Jurist, 
Moravia, N.Y. 1868 m Phoebe Keeler. 

Day, W. P., Manufacturer, Cleveland. Cs 
Old Colony, Cleveland. 2s 4d; r 2925 
Fairmont blvd, Cleveland Heights. 



Dasrton, George D., Merchant and Banker- 
Minneapolis. Cs Minneapolis, Minekah- 
da. 1878 m Emma Willard Gliadwick, Is 
2d; r ^020 Blaisdell ave. 

Dayton, G. Nelson, Merchant, Minneapolis. 
Cs Miuekahda, Woodhill. 1912 m Grace- 
Crothers Bliss, 5s; r 2100 Blaisdell ave. 

Dayton, Hughes, Physician, Irving-on-Hnd- 
son, N.Y. Cs University. 1915 m Amy E. 
Albert, 2s. 

Dayton, Mrs. Louise Winchell, Sociologist, 
Minneapolis. Cs Minekahda, Lafayette, 
Woodhill Country, Woman 's,Col!ege Wo- 
man 's Business Women 's. 1903' m D. Dra- 
per Dayton, 4s 2d; r 2321 Blaiscfell ave. 

Deacon, JGdward Fran:i", Business Execu- 
tive, St. Louis. He is works manager of 
Brecht Company, St. Louis. 1918 m EditBi 
Layman, Is Id; r .5736 McPherson ave. 

Deacon, Robert Tuck, Business President, 
St. Louis. Cs Missouri Athletic, City, Al- 
gonquin, Golf. 1892 m E. Allen, 3s 2^i r 
620 E. Monroe st., Kirkwood, Mo. 

Deady, Charles, PhYsif^ian, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs New York" State, Countv. 1873 m 
Corrinne Louise Hopper, Is 2d; r 2020 

Dean. Char'es Clemon, Merchant and! For- 
ester, Blufton, Ind. 

Dean, Arthur W., Business President, of 
Cleveland. He is president Pittsburgh 
and Ohio Mining Company. Cs Union, 
Midday, Westwood Country, Clifton, Ma- 
son, Chamber of Commerce. 1898 m He- 
len Sook, 4d; r 18140 Clifton road, Clif- 
ton Park. 

De:^r. Fsshford, Zoologist and Army Ex- 
pert, Riverdale-on-Hndson, N.T. 

Dean, Charles A., Jr., Business President,. 
Detroit. Cs Detroit, Country, University, 
Grosse Pointe, Detroit Racquet, Curling-, 
Detroit Boat. 1913 m Helen WisterRyan: 
Is Id; r Ridgeland, Grosse Pointe Farms. 

Dean, Charles H., Business President, Chi- 
cago, m Grace Gammons, Is; r 3204 Sher- 
idan road. 

Dean, Emery, Lawyer, New York City. Cs 
New York Yacht, Lawyers, Baltnsrol 
Golf, Woods Hole Golf. 1904 m EmAjr 
Goi^ld, ^IcDougall. now deceased. i9W 
m Isabel Valle Ewind. Id; r Short Hilfe, 
Dean, George Adams, Entomologist, Man- 
hattan, Kan. 1904 m Minerva Blachly, 
2s 3d; r 1000 Leavenworth st. 
Dean, George E., Bv.sincss President and 
Capilfl s:^ Allion, i\A':h. Cs Masoit,Mos- 
lem Liuiue. IbyJ m Bc.ic Aurill Cla.rk, 
3s .d. 
Dean, oamer. Director and Trustee, Boston. 
1907 r.i Agnes Williams Lincoln, Ls Id; 
r 100 Walnut st., Brookline, Mass. 

Dean, Johns Canc'ee, Manufacturer, Indi- 
anapolis. Cs University, Literary, Indi- 
ana Historical. 

Dean, Maurice D., Lawyer and Business 
Executive, New York City. Cs Columbia, 
National Republican, Brooklyn Chamber 
of Commerce. 1911 m Adelma Mertz; r 
129 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn. 

Dean, May Heywcod, Sociologist, Scranton 
Pa. Cs S.A.R. 1897 m Edwin Carleton 
Dean; r 723 Quincy ave. 

Dean. Philip Sidney, Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs Century. 1897 m Edith Delafield 
2d; r 780 Park" ave. 

D^n, Walker L., Business Executive, San 
Francisco. Cs Pacific Union. 1900 m Em- 
elie Hager, Is; r 1640 Valle jo st. 

Dean, William John, Merchant and Capi- 
talist, St. Paul, Minn. Cs Minnesota,Ath- 
letie, Somerset, St. Paul Racquet. 1894 
m Laura C. Winter, 3s 5d; r 415 Sum- 
mit ave. 

Dean, William W., Banker, Adams, Minn. 
1899 m Lena Vega, 2s 2d. 

Dean, William Winter, Business Executive, 
St. Paul. Cs S.A.R. 1919 m Jane Cleora 
Earnest, 2d; r 750 Fairmount ave. 

Deane, Charles, Rancher, Hayward, Cal. 
1919 m Florence Hamilton Mackenzie; r 
Eoute 1. 

Deane, Edith D., Lecturer, New York City, 
r 106 E. 52nd st. 

Deane, Fred Mc Keynolds, Business Presi- 
dent and Capitalist, Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Cs Kent Country, Peninsular, Furniture, 
Masonic. 1902 m Mary Brayton, 2s; r 
438 Madison ave., S.E. 

Desne, Henry To-wer, Banker Representa- 
tive, New York City. Cs Bankers, Har- 
vard, University, Saddle and Cycle. 1921 
ni Virginia Flad, Id; r 987 Madison ave. 

Deane. Walter, Botanist, Cambridge, Mass. 
1878 m Margaret Chapman Coolidge; r 
29 Brewster st. 

DeanI, Char'es A., Millionaire, Detroit, r 
49 Ridge road. 

Desns, Robert Eurr, Investment Banker, 
Buffalo, N.Y'. He is vice-presiflent Pis- 
tell Deans and Companv. Cs Saturn, Ath- 
letic, Yale, Buffalo, Lunch. 1923 m Lucy 
Pomeroy, Is; r 230 North st. 

Dearborn, Georee Van Nass, Educator, of 
Cambridge. Mass. r Mason st. 

Dearhom. John, Business President, Cara- 
bridfre, Mass. Cs St. Anthony, Alconquin. 
1923 171 Adeline L. Toll; r 386 Cor.imon- 
^realtJi ave. 

Dearden, Edward Chapin, Business Execu- 
fjin Philadelphia. He is prominently Id- 
.'ntifTed with business and public affairs. 
f<T TTnion League, Manufacturers. Coun- 
itry. Bachelors Barge, Seaview Golf, New 



England, Bcidcman Gun, Pennsylvania 
Society. 1901 m Bessie Blabon Deardon, 
Is Id; 1- Morion, Montgomery County,Va. 

Dearing, Fred Morris, Diplomat, Washing- 
ton. Cs Metropolitan, American Geogra- 
phical. 1915 m Dorothy Sittenham, Is; r 
American Legation, Lisbon, Portugal. 

Bearing, Harry Timrod, Railroad Execu- 
tive, Savannah, Ga. m Lillie Heyward 
Lynah; r 301 E. Gwinnett st. 

Deasy, Laura B., Lawyer, Bar Harbor, Me. 
Cs Mason, Knights Templar, Knights of 
Pythias. 1885 m Emma S. Clark. 

Deaver, Charles F., Business Executive, 
Minneapolis. He is prominently identi- 
fied with business and public affairs. Cs 
Automobile, m Nellie K. Austin; r 2401 
Pillsbury ave. 

De Bardeleben, H. T., Coal Producer, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 1911 m Donie Drane, 2s 
Id; r 1023 Crescent ave. 

DeBarry, Adolphe, Retired Business Exec- 
utive, New York City. He is prominent- 
ly identified with business and public 
affairs. Cs Metropolitan, Morristown, 
Morris County Golf. 1872 m Augusta R. 
Cecil, Id; r 55 Liberty st. 

DeBeboise, James Loeke, Bro-ker, Portland 
Ore. 1880 m Edwa Alice Ball, 3d; r 707 
Wayne st. 

DeBronx, George G., Banker, Denmark, 
Wis. 1926 ni Erna N. Hensen. 

DePost, William L., Millionaire, New York 
City, r Madison square Hotel. 

DeBranges, M. J. Adele Atlee, Sociologist, 
Wayne, Pa. m Count de Branges de 
Bourcia, Is 3d; r Villa Bel-Abrie. 

De Bronkart, Eugene H., Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago. Cs University, Chicago, Ca- 
sino, Adirondack League, Williams. 1916 
m Elinore van G. Devies, Is 2d; r 70 E. 
Goethe st. 

De Bruyn Kops, William. Business Execu- 
tive, Charleston, S.C. Cs South Carolina 
Society, St, Cecelia Society. 1913 m Ada 
Martin Turner, Is; r 80 Tradd st. 

DeBus, lonis Kissam, Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Cincinnati. Cs Queen Ci- 
ty, Cincinnati Country. 1906 m Violet 
Ruffner. Is 2d; r 5 Beech lane. 

De'^uys, Rathbone, Architect.New Orleans. 
Cs Country, Southern Yacht. 1901 m Cor- 
rinne von Meysenberg, 2d; r 5517 South 
Franklin st. 

DeCaradeuc, St. Julien Raoul, Physician. 
Savannah, Ga. Cs Cotillion. Saranal Golf. 
1916 m Mary L. Slatter, Id; r 110 Gas- 
tore st. 

DeCartier de Marchienne, Emil. Belgian 
Ambassador, Washington. Cs Metropoli- 
tan. 1919 m Marie E. Dow; r Belgian 
. Embassy. 

Decatur, Stephen, Retired, Kittery Point, 
Maine. 1884 m Mabel Storer, 2s Id. 

Decatur, Stephen, Jr., Navy Service, Long 
Island, N.Y. 1919 ni Winifred Montgom- 
ery Rogers, 2d; r 114 4th st., Garden 

DeChambrun, Clare Longworth, Historical 
Researcher, Paris, France. 1901 m Adel- 
bert de Chambrun, Is; r 58 R. de Van- 

Decheit, Robert, Lawyer, Philadelphia. Cs 
S.A.R., Morion Cricket, Pennsylvania 
Athletic. 1922 m Helen Hope Wilson, Is 
r County Line road and Lowry 's Tone, 
Rosemont, Pa. 

Decker, Casper G., Business President, El- 
mira, N.Y. Cs Rotary, Elmira Country. 
1901 m Caroline F. Spencer; r 507 W. 
Water st. 

Decker, Charles R., Manufacturer and Ca- 
pitalist, Milwaukee, Wis. Cs Blue Mount 
Country, Wisconsin, Elks, Athletic. 1903 
m Lena M. Yeast, 2s; r 838 Shepard ave. 

Decker, Edward W., Banker, Minneapolis. 
He is president Northwestern National 
Bank. Cs Minneapolis, Minekahda, La- 
fayette,' Automobile, Chicago Bankers, 
Twin Citv Bankers. 1892 m Susie May 
Spaulding, Is 3d; r 1315 Mount Curve 

Decker, Omar Scott, Business Executive, 
Pittsburgh. Cs Duquesne. m Agnes L. 
Pitcairn; r 75 Amberson ave. 

Decker, Percy W., Lawyer, Catskill, N.Y, 
Cs Army and Navy of New York, Rip 
Van Vinkle Golf, Red Men, American 
Legion. 1904 m Jessamine L. Nuffer. 

Decker, Perl D., Congressman, Joplin, Mo. 

Decker, Wilbur F., Banker, Minneapolis. 
3885 m Marie Elsia Lvall, now deceased. 
]916 m Maud Kyes, Is. 

De Coppet, Andrew, Millionaire, New York 
City. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs, r 90''. Park 

De Coster, Cyrus Cole, Business Executive, 
St. Paul. Cs Town and Country, m Julia 
S. Williamson; r 611 Summit ave. 

De Coster, Cyrus Cole, Jr., Business Exec- 
utive, St. Paul. Cs Harvard University, 
m eane Brulay; r 769 Lincoln ave. 

DeCoster, Donald W., Business Executive, 
St. Paul. Cs Harvard, Town and Coun- 
try. 1919 m Marie Meland, 3s; r 892 
Fairmont ave. 

De Dampierre, Vicomte Elie, Business Ex- 
ecutive, Paris, France. Cs Jockey. 1909 
m Mamie C. DeGuigue, 3s 4d; r 24 rue 
Erlanger, Paris, France. 

Deeds, Edward A., Colonel and Business 
President, Dayton, Ohio. He is pjresident 
Smith Gas Engineering Company. Cs Au- 



to of Ameiica, Ohio Society of New 
York, Engineers New York, Engineers, 
Army and Navy, Chevy Chase, Miami 
Hunt, Polo, Miami Valley Golf, Dayton, 
Springfield, Butler County,Havana Coun- 
trv, Eotarj", Bankers of America, De- 
troit, Columbus Athletic. 1900 m Edith 
Walton, Is; r Moraine Farm. 

Deemer, A. D. Manufacturer, Brookville, 
Pa. Cs Masoric, Shrine. 1871 m Sarah 
Jane Bussert, 3s 2d; r Brookville, Pa. 

Deering, Charles, Retired Manufacturer 
and Capitalist, Chicago. He is identified 
with the International Harvester Com- 
pany. Cs Chicago, Caxton, University, 
Union, Knicker^bocker, Brook, Linkfj 
Grolier, Yacht, Biscayne Bay Yacht, 
Boone and Crocket, New York. 1883 m 
Marion Whippleday, Is 2d; r Miami,Fla. 

Deering, Frank Prentiss, Lawyer, of San 
Francisco. Cs Pacific L^nion, Bohemian, 
Comomnwealth. 1902 Im Mabel Clare 
Craft, Is; r 2709 Larkiu st. 

Deering, James, Business Executive, Chi- 
cago, r 1430 Lake Shore dri\'e. 

Deering, James R., I awyer, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Manhattan, Racquet and Tennis, 
Yale, Remsen. 1908 m Violet Pierce, 2s; 
r 45 W. 54th st. 

DeFlach, Pauline Bancroft, Sociologist, of 
Stockholm, Sweden. 1884 m Cantain C. 
G. De Flach, now deceased; 2s 2d, r Al- 
lona, Osbia, Stenby, Sweden. 

Deford, Robert BeU, Business Executive 
Baltimore. Cs Baltimore, Elkridge Hunt. 
m Mary Dorothea Hoffman, 2s; r Folly 
Farm, Tows on, Md. 

Deford, Thomas, Manufacturer and Capi- 
talist, Lurey, Va. Cs Bachelors CotilMon, 
Maryland, Gibson Island, and Warrenton 
Country. 1897 m Beulah Marguerite 
Smith, "is Id. 

Deforest, George, Millionaire, Utica, N.Y. 
r 511 Plant st. 

DeForest, George B.,Millionaire, New York 
City, r 14 E. GOth st. 

DeForest, Herry Lockwood, Lawyer, Phil- 
adelphia. Cs Uni^prsitv, Yale, Down 
Town. 1899 m Amv Bringhurst Brown, 
Is 2d; r 955 Hillside ave. 

DeForest, Henry W., Oil Producer, New 
York City. Cs Cent"ry, IMetropolitan, 
University, Union, Links, Riding, Piping 
Rock, SeaAvanhaka, Corinthian Yacht, 
National Golf Links, Links Golf. L^98 m 
.Tulia Gilman Noyes, Is 2d. 

DeForest, Johnston, Lawyer and Trustee, 
New York City. He is prominently iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Ausable, Universi^v, Y'ale, Hunting- 
ton Countrv, Piping Rock. Seawanhaka 
Corinthian 'Yacht, St. Andre^-«. 1911 m 
Mary E. Ogden, Id; r 11 E. 9th st. 

DeForest, Lee, Manufacturer, New York 
City. Cs Yale. 1912 m Mary Mayo, 2d; r 
232nd St. and Hudson River, Spuyten 
Duyvil, N.Y. 

DeForest, Robert Weeks, Lawyer, New 
York City. 1872 m Emily Johnston, 2a 
2d; r 7 Washington Square. 

DcFrancisco, Anthony, Sculptor, of New 
York City. Cs National Sculptors, Amer- 
ican Numismatic. 1920 m Marv Theresa 
Cafarelli, Id; r 24 W. 6th st. 

DeFremery, Paul William, Stock and Bond 
Broker, San Francisco. Cs Bohemian. 
1919 m Lucille Parr, Is Id; r 5809 

Defress, J. H., Lawyer, Chicago. Cs Chica- 
go, Union League, Mid Day, South Shore 
Country, City, Chicago Yacht, Megunti- 
cook Golf. 1882 m Harriet Mc Naughton, 
Is; r 1614 56th st. 

Degener, John F., Jr., Millionaire, New 
York City, r 2370 Broadway. 

Degener, Paul Arnold, ]\rerchant,New York 
City. Cs University, Manhattan. 1919 m 
Mary Martin, 2s Id; r 943 Lexington av. 

DeGlehn, Wilfred C, Aitist, London, Eng- 
land. Cs A.R.A., Societaire de la So- 
ciete' Nat. des Beaux Arts, Burlington 
Fine Arts, Chelsea Arts. 1904 m Jane 
Erin Emmet; r 73 Chcvne Walk. 

DeHasperg, Gustav, Banker and Capitalist 
New York City. He is prominently iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
1921 m Mrs. Alfred E. Norris, Id; r 993 
Park ave. 

DeHaven, Franklin, Painter and Artist, 
New York City. Cs National Arts, Sal- 
magundi, m Elizabeth Woodstock; r 257 
W. 86th St. 

Deininger, William, Business President, 
New York City. 1888 m Lucy C. Stahler, 
Id; r New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Dek, Peter, Banker and Lumberman,Platte 
S.D. 1899 m May Gaskill. 

DeKay, Charles, Author, New York City. 
Cs National Arts, Authors, Fencers, Na- 
tional Sculptors. 1888 m Edwalvn Cof- 
fey, 3s 5d: r 413 W. 23rd st. 

DeKay, Eckford Craven, Seaman, New 
York City. Cs St.Nicholas. 1922 m Kath- 
leen Eleanor .Lames, Is; r 361 W.23rd st. 

DeKergorlay, Mary Louisa Carroll, Sociol- 
ogist, Paris, France. 1886 m Philip Acos- 
ta, 4s; r 6 rue Mesnil. 

Dekum, Adolnh A., Business Prpsident and 
Capitalist, Portland, Ore. Cs Chamber of 
Commerce. 1893 m Linda Andrewo, Id; 
r 15 E. 16th St. 

Delaf eld. Elizabeth Thomson Hnnnp^kamp 
Sociologist, St. Louis. Cs Wednesdav. 
1874 m Wallace Delafield, Is 5d: r 5026 
Westminster place. 



Delateld, EdT?ard Co'eman, Bank Presi- 
dent and Multi-Millionaire, New York 
City. Cs Union, University, Down Town, 
Princeton, St. Andrews, Army and Na- 
vy. 1900 m Margarett Stockton Beasley; 
r 6 E. 65th st. 

De!afie!d, Eugene Livingston, Mechanical 
Engineer, New York City. Ca Engineers. 
1906 ni Margaret N. Woodhull, Is Id; r 
Eiverdale-on-Hudson, N.Y. 

Delafield, Prede-ick Prime, Lawyer, New 
York City. 1898 m Elsia Barber, 2a; r 
121 E. 74th St. 

De" a field John Ros, Lawyer, New York 
City. 1904 m Violetta S. E. White, 23; r 
17 E. 79th St. 

De'aPe'd, le-vis L., Jr., Business Execn- 
tive,Ncw Yo k City. Cs Rockaway Hunt- 
ing, m Ruth L. Manierre; r Cedarhurst, 

De'afield. lewis Livingston, Lawyer, New 
York Citv. Cs Century, Union, I?iding, 
Tuxedo, Sleepy Hollow, Country, Rock- 
away Hunt. 188.5 m Charlotte Hoffman, 
Is 2d; r 182 W. 58th st. 

Delafeld, Bichard, Merchant, Banker and 
Multi-Millionaire, New York City. Cs 
Tuxedo, Metropolitan, S.A.R., New York 
Historical. Church, m Clara Foster; later 
Edith P. Fesser, both deceased; r 16 E. 
64th St. 

Delafie'd. Robert H^re, Banker and Capita- 
list, Boston. Cs Country, Racquet and 
Tennis, Harvard Racquet and Tenni<5 of 
New York, Harvard of New York. 1915 
m Jessie Hardy, Is Id; r Readville.Mass. 

De'^ncey. J. R., Business President, Elgin, 
111. Cs Masons, Shriner. Moose, Elks, Ki- 
wanis. 1913 m Louise Hart, Is. 

Deland. Elliott, Aeronautical Engineer, Og- 
densburp, N.Y. Cs Osweeathie Yacht. 
1910 n Katherine Maynadier Brown, Is 
Id; r 310 Morris st. 

Delano, Fr^nk T.. Banker, Phvsician and 
Surgeon. Rockville Center, N.Y. Cs Ma- 
son. 1883 m Lettic M. Ingallo. 1908 in 
Irene H. Corn well, Is 2d; 

Delano, Frederick M.. Retired Broker, De- 
troit. Cs Detroit Boat. 1892 m Georgia 
Thomas. 1st r 1787 Parker ave. 

Delano, Frederic Mortimer, Jr., EnroT>ean 
Corresnondent, Pn'Ss. Cs Detroit Boat. 
1920 m Margaret Riker, Id; r 13 Bue de 

Delfno. WilUam .Adan^s, Architect. New 
York Cit-'T-. Cs India House. Coffee Honae 
rJraduates. T^ni^T^e-bocker. Conntrv. Yale 
Piping Ro'-k. 1907 r.^ Louisa Mlllicent 
W. ShefieVl Is: r 131 E. S'^th st. 
DeI^nf>■'^ William C., B"«incss Executive 
,111 d Capitalist. New Yo^-k Citv. He is 
proTuinentlv identified with business and 
public affairs. Cs Union League, Down 

To^^ni, Grolier. m Helen Drake, Is; r 35 
Afterglow way, Montclair, X.J. 

Delany, John o"'Fallon, Capitalist, of St. 
LoTiis. 1S91 ni Elizabeth Sloan; r 5105 
Lindell ave. 

Delapenha, Roldolph U., Importer, Manu- 
facturer and Capitalist, New York City. 
He is president R. U. Delapenha and 
Company, Incorporated. Cs Upper Mont- 
clair Country, Dutchess Golf and Coun- 
try, MoTitclair Athletic, Amrita. 1889 m 
Emma Lindo, 3s 4d; r 353 Mountain ave. 
Upper Montclair, N.J. 

De'.atour, Fcnry Eeeckman,Surgeon,Brook- 
lyn. Cs Moptauk, Crescent Athletic, Say- 
ville Golf. 1895 m Jeonnie Mav Peck; r 
73 8tb ave. 

I>elaunay, Arthur J., Business Executive, 
Pittsburgli. He is vice-president Salada 
Products Corporation. Cs Wool, New 
Yorlv. 1921 m Thelma Barkdull; r 1262 
N. Negley ave. 

DelaTran, D. Bryson, Phvsician, New Y^ork 
City. Cs Centurv, University, Y'ale, Slee- 
py Hollow Conntrv. 1899 m Marion Run- 
sey, Id; r 30 E. 16th st. 

Dclaveaga, FdTv?rd. Realtor and Capitalist 
Oakland, Cal. Cs Orianda Countrv, Olvm- 
pi", .'^thens Athletic. 1906 m A.' Delight 
Woodburv. 3s 2d; r Orinda, Contra Costa 
Coimtv, Cal. 

De LnVergne, HTierhes J., Lawyer, New Or- 
leans. Cs Boston, New Orleans Country. 
1897 m Mqrie L. Schmidt, 4s 3d; r .5931 
■St. Charles ave. 

De la VBrqme J. Hughes, Banker. New Or- 
leans. Cs New Orleans Country. 1921 m 
Cinire Gibbons; r 1 Evcett place and 
YlTla de la Tarene, Covington, La. 

De"T pversTie, Ma'^ie Louise Mar^iuette, So- 
riologist, Allier, France, m Charles de 
Pf^ny de Lavergne. Is 2d; r Aurouer, par 
A^lleTieiive, St. Al'ier. 

DeT-eo de Laguna, Theodore, College Pro- 
fevsPT, Brvn Mawr. Pa. 1905 m Grace 
MeTid Andrus, Is Id; r 221 Roberts road. 

D«L1a"Te.. Alfred. B'lsinesa Executive, New 
York T'itv. r 200 5th ave. 

IteT.ima, Louis A.. Rank President, New 
York Citv. Cs Lotos. Cornell University, 
Profiu'^e Exchanore, Scien^'c and Histori- 
cal 'Society, Chamber of Commerce. 1886 
^n Estella A. de Lima, Is 3d; r 10 E. 
74th St. 

De^isie, Frank F.. Banker, San Francisco. 
Cs Purlingame Countrv. 1912 m Hester 
C. Oi'ver. Is ''d: r 68 Fairview st. 

De^k", Harrie Russell, Manufacturer. Rich- 
mond, Va. Cs T'iwanis. 1918 m Martha 
Pres(-ott B'^11. '^d; r Soring Grove. 

Dell. Bumham Nonh, Educator. Princeton, 
N.J. Cs Princeton, New York. 1916 m 
Margaret A. Bissell, Is 2d. 



Dellin, Cyrus Edwin, Instructor in Art, 
Arlington Heights, Mass. Cs National 
Arts, St. Botolph, National Sculptors, 
New York City. 1891 m Vittoria C. Mur- 
ray, 3s; r 69 Oakland ave. 

DeLcng, Charles S., Business Executive, 
Chicago, r 1347 Astor st. 

DeLcng, George A., Banker and Capita- 
list, Foosland, 111. Cs various. 1881 m 
Lillie Townsend, 5s Id. 

DeLcng, Warren B., Income Tax Specialist 
Philadelphia. Cs Manufacturers, North 
Hills Country, Penn Athletic, Congres- 
sional Country of Washington. 1914 m 
Myrtle May Salter; r Beechwood Park, 
Ardmore, Pa. 

Del Mar, William A., Engineer, Yonkers. 
Cs Engineers. 1918 m Bertha Longacre, 
now deceased, Is 2d; r Greenwich, Conn. 

DeMay, Anthony, Freight Broker, New 
York City. 1906 m Antoinette Cinco, 2s 
2d; r 8521 Colonial road, BrookljTi. 

DeMenil, Alexander N., Author and Edi- 
tor, St. Louis, m Bessie Bacon; r 3352 S. 
13th St. 

DeMenocal, Daniel A., Banker, Boston. Cs 
Union of New York, India House. 1910 
rn Beatrice Crosby, Is 2d; r 187 Beacon 

Demere, Eaymond McAllister, Business 
President and Capitalist, Savannah, Ga. 
Cs Oglethorpe, Hiding and Driving. 1917 
m Josephine Mobley, 2s; r 411 E. 45th st. 

DeMilhaum, Zella, Artist, Southampton, 
L.I. Unmairr.ed. 

DeMilhua. Louis John de Grenon, Lawver, 
Long Island, N.Y. Cs University, Explor- 
ers. Piping Rock, Army and Navy. 1909 
m Renee Noel Gourd, 2s Id; r Glen Head 

DeMille. Cecil B., Business President, Cul- 
ver City, Cal. Cs Lambs of New York, 
Los Anioreles Athletic, Writers, Commer- 
cial S. California. 1905 m Constance Ad- 
ams. 2s "d : r Hollywood, Cal. 

DeMille. William C, Dramatist, Hollywood 
Cal. 1903 m Anna George, 2s. 

Deming, C. Kenneth, Physician and Sur- 
geon. New Haven, Conn. Cs Graduates, 
New Haven Countrv. 1918 m Laura 
Lewis Pice, Is 2d; r 244 Bradley st. 

Deming, Edwin Willard, Artist, Reading, 
Conn. Cs National Arts, Authors, Ex- 
plorers, Camp Frie, Cosmos, Arts. 1892 
ni Theresa Osterheld, 4s 2d. 

Deming, Horace Edward, Lawyer, New- 
York City. 1878 m Carolina Springstud; 
r 945 W." End ave. 

Deming, Judson Keith, Banker, Dubuque, 
Iowa. Cs Countrv, Shawondasee. 1884 m 
Mary C. Worthington, Id; r 12.59 Grove 
terrace. _ .^.r 

Deming, Laurent C, ComptroHer, N«w 
York City. Unmarried; r 5 Naasan: at. 

Demorest, Gilbert C, Business Executive, 
New York Citv. Cs Princeton, Old Coun- 
try. 1922 m Stella F. Todd; r Malba 
Whitestone, L.I. 

Demorest, William Curtis, Lawyer, Millio- 
naire, New lork City. Cs St. Nicholas, 
Holand, Huguenot, Chamber of Com- 
merce, Lawyers, Union, Columbia Uni- 
versity, Camp Fire. 1884 m Estelle Gil- 
bert, la 2d; r 572 Madison ave. and at 
Hukweem Lodge, Loon Lage, Adiron- 
dacks, N.Y. 

Dempsey, Lewis, Banker and Realtor, Inez, 
Ky. Cs Crescent Lodge, India Consistory 
A.T. and A.M. 1888 m Essie Golden, 4d; 

Dempsey, Stephen Wallace, Lawyer, Lock- 
port, N.Y. Cs Town and Country, Nia- 
gara Country, Niagara and Buffalo of 
Buffalo, N.Y. ; Army and Navy Wash- 
ington, National Republican, Tusearora, 
m Laura Hoag, Id; r 143 High st. 

Dempster, Charles W., Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago, m Mary A. Gillette 
r 1318 Astor st. 

Denby, Charles, Statesman, Washinpton, 
Cs Metropolitan, Chevy Chase, Detroit, 
Huron Montain. 1895 m Martha Dalzell 
Orr; r 2032 O st., N.W. Washington. 

Denby, Edwin, Navy Officer, Detroit. 1911 
m Marion Bartlett, Is Id. 

Denby, Edwin Hoorer, Architect, New 
York City. He is prominently identified 
■with business and public affairs. Cs Me- 
tropolitan. Manhattan, Riding,McDowell 
Atlantic Yacht. 1906 m Sadie Campbell; 
r 10.5 W. 53rd st. 

Denckle. Christ-'an Paul, Business Execu- 
tive and Capitalist. Philftdelphin. 1921m 
Sara B. Dolan; r Wynnewood, Pa. 

Deneen, Charles Samuel, Lawyer. States- 
man. Chicago. He is prominently iden- 
tified with business and ^nblic affair."?. 
Cs Union league. Hamilton. Beverly 
Countrv. Exmoor Countrv. 1891 m Bin.a 
Dav Ma'nnev, Is 3d: r 457 W. 61st st. 

Deneere. Walter P.. Business Executive, 
Wasbin^ton. Cs Chevy Chase, m Bertha. 
C Cobb: r 1315 16th st. W. 

Demke. Robert E.. Electrical Engineer, 
New York CUv. Cs Fraternitv. West End 
Country. 1907 m Frances E. Dana, Is Id; 
r Summit. N..T. 

Denio. F. Winchester. Business Executive, 
Boston. 1911 m Lucy E. Shannon, Is 3d; 
r Lincoln, Mass. 

Denison, Arthur Carter, Lawyer and Ju- 
rist. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Dea'P"n. Edward Everett, Lawyer and Ca- 
pitalist, Marion, 111. Cs Masonic Order, 
Knights of Pythias, Elks. 

Denison, Evelyn M., Teacher, Writer. Yon- 
icrs, N.Y. Cs D.A.R. r 1 Amberson ave. 



Denison, Frank J., Bank President, Den- 
ver, Col. Cs Denver Country, Lakewood 
Country, Shriner. 1899 m Jane Wolf, Is 
Id; r 170 Lafayette st. 
Denison, H. Marcus, Business Executive, 
Baltimore. Cs Baltimore Country, Uni- 
versity, m Laura A. Pearce, Is Id; r 10 
E. Read st. 
Denison, John Henry, Judge, Denver, Col. 
Cs University. 1884 m Agnes Hawley; r 
1000 Olive sL 
Denison, John Henry, Retired Clergyman, 
Williamstown, Mass. 1896 m Caroline 
Denison, John Hopkins, Clergyman and 
Author, Santa Barbara, Cal. He is prom- 
inently identified with business and pub- 
lic affairs. Cs University, Century, Wil- 
liams of New York, Santa Barbara Coun- 
try. 1902 m Pearl Underwood, Is Id; r 
Las Tunas. 
Denison, John Morgan, Business Executive 
Philadelphia. Cs Rittenhouse. m Evelyn 
Ellison, Is 2d: r Evelynton, Rosemont. 
Denison,, Robert Fuller, Lawyer, Cleve- 
land. He is ])romiiiently identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Union, 
Williams, University, Cantebury Golf. 
1899 m Elizabeth Brainerd Thomson, Is 
Id; r 2S73 X. Park blvd. 
Denison, William K., Business Executive, 
Buffalo. 1904 m Florence L. Rowland, Is 
Id; r 42 Fletcher st., Winchester, Mass. 
Denlo, Francis Brigham, Theologian, Ban- 
gor, Maine. 1879 m Julia Gertrude Hol- 
mes; r 347 Hammond st. 
Denman, Abram Cross, Jr..Business Presi- 
dent, Huntington Park, Cal. Cs Califor- 
nia, Los Angeles Country, Los Angeles 
Athletic, California Yacht, and Colonial 
Wars. 1923 m Mrs. I. D. Walls, 2s Id; r 
3025 W. 5th St., Los Aneeles. 
Denman, Burt J., Public Utility Operator, 
Davenport, Iowa. Cs American Society 
of Mechanical Engineers, Davenport 
Countrv, Rock Island Arsenal Golf, Rot- 
ary, Elks, Masons. 1900 m Fannie Louise 
Patrick, now deceased, Is 2d; r 2423 Ful- 
ton ave. 
Denman, Frederick H., Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs New York Athletic, Siwanoy. 
1895 m Katherine W. Cory, Is Id; r M't. 
Vernon, N.Y. 
Denman, William, Lawyer, San Francisco. 
Cs Pacific Union, University. 1905 m 
liCslie Van Ness; r 3399 Pacific ave. 
Deunehy, Thomas, Jr., Business Executive, 

Chicago, r 1549 Astor st. 
Dennett, Carl Pullen, Trustee, Boston. Cs 
Union and Racquet, Algonquin, Essex 
County Countrv. Chicago, 1895 m Marie 
Giiffin, 2d; r 332 Beacon st. 

Dennett, Fred, Lawyer, Washington. Cs 
Archaeological, Mason. 1892 m EMzabeth 
Eleanor Come; ford, s Id. 

Dennett, Rogers H., Pediatrician, of New 
York City. Cs Harvard, Medical Wash- 
ington Heights Med'cpl. ]905 r\ Agema 
Wheeler, Is 3d; r 125 E. 39th st. 

Dennett, Tyler, Author and lecturer, of 
Washington. Cs National Arts, Authors, 
Cosmos. 1911 m Maybelle Raymond, 2s; 
r Stoneleigh court. 

Denney, William D., Business Man and 
Statesman, Dover, Del. 1917 m Alice 
Godwin, Id. 

Denning, WiUiam Ira, Business Executive, 
Washington. 1906 m Eugenie B. Meeks, 
Id; r 5304 13th st., N.W. 

Dennis, Alfred Pearce, Economist and Au- 
thor, Washington. Cs Nassau, Universi- 
ty, Cottage, Cosmos. 1914 m M.irv Value, 
2s; r 800 21st st., N.W. Washington. 

Dennis, Archiba''d Reid. B"«iness Execu- 
tive, San Francisco. 0*^ Mount Diablo 
Country. 1886 m Helen Weaver, Is Id; r 
175 Commonwealth ave. 

Dennis, Archibald Russell, Business Pres- 
ident, Baltimore. He is prominentlv id- 
entified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Maryland. Elkridi^e Fox Hunt. Gib- 
son Island. Merchants, Country. 1907 m 
E. Esbell Owings; r Latrobe Apts. 

Dennis, Frederick Shepard, Surgeon, New 
York City, m Fannie Rockwell; r 1136 
5th ave., 62 E. 55th ave. 

Dennis, Harry R., Banker, Sioux Falls. S. 
D. 1891 m Regina Gegar, 5s 3d; r 319 N, 
Duluth ave. 

Dennis, Herbert R., Banker. Peoria, 111. Cs 
Chamber of Commerce, Commerce. 1910 
m Marion E. Brownie, 2s Id; r East Peo- 

Dennis, John McPherson, Banker, State 
Treasurer, Baltimore. He is prominentlv 
identified with business and public af- 
fairs. Cs Maryland, Elkridge Hunt, S.A. 
E., Woodmount Rod and Gun, Maryland 
Historical, Marvland Agricultural. 1899 
m Mary Carr Chiles, Is Id; r on Essex 
Farms, Riderwood. 

Dennis, Joseph F., Business President, New 
York City. Cs Areola Countrv. 1896 m 
Florence Clark, Id; r 92 Gifford ave., 
Jersey City, N.J. 

Dennis,' Laban W.. Cut Stone Contractor, 
South Orange, N.J. Cs New York Athle- 
tic, Newark Athletic, Braidburn Coun- 
try. 1883 m Eliza Willis Morton, Id. 

Dennis, William B., Capitalist, Carlton, 
Ore. Cs Economic League, Masonic, Elks 
Rotary. 1900 m Queen Hastings Little- 
field; r Qeenwood. 



Dennis, Warren Egarton, Eetired Eealtor, 
New York City. Cs Union, Tuxedo, Au- 
tomobile. 1886 m Mary Elizabeth James, 
2s Id; r 1 E. 51st st.' 

Dennis, William Bickham, Business Execu- 
tive, Carlton, Ore. Cs American Society 
of Engineers, American Society of Min- 
ing and Metallurgical Engineers. 1900 m 
Queen A. Littlefield. 

Dennison, E. Haldeman, American Consul, 
Quebec, Canada. 1908 m Lucie Tessier. 

Denniston, Edward Evans, Jr., Sales Engi- 
neer, Philadelphia. Cs Princeton. 1910 m 
Dorothy E. Taylor, Is; r School House 
lane, Germantown. 

Denny, Archibald Marshall, Farmer. Har- 
vard, Mass. Cs Pittsburgh. 1907 m Ka- 
tharine Varnum Kendall, 2s Id; r Oak 
Hill Apple Farm. 

Denny, Arthur B., Trustee, Boston. 1882 m 
Frances S. Gilbert, Is Id; r 1051 Boyls- 
ton St., Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Denny, Collins, Bishop, Eichmond,Va. 1881 
ni Lucy Chase Chapman; r 1619 Parkav. 

Denny, Francis Parkman, Physician.Brook- 
line, Mass. 1906 m Martha Cabot Stor- 
row. Is 3d; r 111 High st. 

Denny, George F., Physician, Boston. Cs 
Harvard, Essex Country, Somer.-!et. m 
Charlotte Hemenway, Is 2d; r 3 Glou- 
cester st. 

Denny, George Hutchason, Business Presi- 
dent, University, Ala. 1S99 m Janie Jun- 
kin Strickler. 

Denny, George L., Lawyer, Indianapolis. 
Cs ITniversitv, Indianapolis Literary, 
Dramatic. 1904 m Elizabeth C. HalUngs- 
Morth, 2s 2d; r 4456 Park ave. 

Denny, George E#rkman,P-hy?ic inn and 
Capitalist, Boston. Cs Brookline Country 
Essex Country, Tavern, Harva'd. 1914 m 
Charlotte Hemenway, Is 2d; r 3 Glouces- 
ter st. 

Denny, Thomas, Millionaire, New York Ci- 
tv. r 32 E. 62nd st. 

DeNormandie. Philip Y., Millionaire. Mil- 
ton, Mass. Cs Union, m Elsia B. Mills; r 
137 Highland st. 

Denson, Leonidas L., Banker, Bay Springs 
Miss. Cs Mason. 1886 m Emma Blankins- 
hvs, 4s 4d. 

Dent, Hawthorne K., Insurance Prosident, 
Seattle, ^Vash. Cs Rainier, Seattle Golf, 
Arlington. 1926 m Mrs. Dorothy Lmdley 
Fite; r 2701 10th ave. N. 

Dent, Thomas Ashley, Business President, 
New Y^ork City. He is prominently iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Calumet, Apawamis,^Vestcheste^-Bilt- 
more Country, Uptown, Highlands Coun- 
try, Century. 

Dentell, John Meecer, Cotton Planter and 
Capitalist, Dixie, La., and Shreveport, 
La. Cs Thirty-two degree Mason. 1893 
m Margaret Cade, 3s 2d. 
Denton, George Kirkpatrick, Lawyer and 
Statesman, Evans ville, Ind. 1895 m Sara 
L. Chick, Is Id; r Edwardsville, Ind. 
Denvie, James C, Editor, Chicago, r 118 

N. LaSalle st. 
Denys, F. Ward, Retired Clergvman, Wash- 
ington. Cs Metropolitan, Art, University 
Baltimore. 1886 m Mabel Eaton, 4d; r 
1733 Eye st., N.W. 

Depew, Chauncey Mitchell, Business Exec- 
utive, New Y'ork Citv. Cs University, m 
May Palmer; r 27 W. 54th st. 

Depew, Chauncey MitcheU, Statesman,New 
York Citv. m Elise Hcgeman, Is; r 27 
W. 54th St. 

DePew, Pierre Howell, Lawyer and Gapita- 
list. New York City. Cs Holland Society 
of Ne wYork, National Republican, r 
Nyack, N.Y. 

Denew, Sherman L., Controller, Detroit. Cs 
Grosse Pointe, Bloomfield Hills Country 
Bloomfield Open Hunt, Grosse Pointe 
Hunt, Grosse Pointe Country. 1905 m 
Hazel Pingree, 2d; r Grosse Pointe, and 
Bloomeld Hills, Mich. 

DePraslin, John J.,Physician, Albuquerque 
N.M. He is president Hasran Coal Mines. 
Cs Kiwanis, Country, Masonic, m Mar- 
guerite C. Foley, 2d; r 422 Luna bl-d. 

Derby, Richard, Surgeon, Long Island. N.Y. 
Cs Harvard.Knickerbocker. 1913 m Ethel 
Caron Roosevelt; r Oyster Bar. 

Derby, Richard T., Business Executive, 
New York City, m Nettie Marvel; r 
Cambridge, Mass. 

Derby, Rodger A., Farmer, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Metropolitan of \Vashinston. m 
Elizabeth P. Harlan, 2s Id; r Hoffman, 

Derby, S. Hasket, Lawyer and Capitalist, 
San Francisco. Cs Olympic. Menlo Coun- 
try. 1911 m Nora Purcell Leary; r 1707 
Gough st. 

De Rham, Casimir, Business Executive.Jer- 
sey City. N.J. 1919 m Lucy L. Patterson 
Is; r Tuxedo Park, N.Y'. 

DeRonde. Abram, Millionaire, Englewood, 
N.J. r 74 Maple st. 

DeRouen, Rene J., Banker, Yille Platte.La. 
Cs Knights of Columbus, Elks. 2s 2d. 

DeRose, Susan Graham Vamum, Sociolol- 
ogist. New York City, m Edward DeRose 
Id; r 21 E. 82nd st". 

DeSaulles, Catherine Margaret Heckscher, 
Socioloffist. New Y'ork City, m Arthur 
Price DeSalles: r 44 AY. 74th st. 

DeSauUss. Cl.ailep A. H., Business Pr?si- 
d( ut New Y'ork Cty. Cs Racquet find 



Tennis, Er.iil-fTb. 1905 m Louise M. Hock, 
2s; r The Box, Westbury, Long Island. 
DeSiiv-.ey, Marie Louise Logan, Socio ogist 
Pi, MP. Jl'JO n; Henry St. Paul DeSincsv, 
)■ 82 rue de TUniversite. 
Desloge, Firmin, Business Executive, St. 
Louis. Cs Wednesday, ni Lydia Davis; r 
The Washington. 
Desloge, Firmin Rene, Bank Cashier, St. 
Louis, m Ellen Jane Duress, 4d; r 5859 
Pomaine place. 
Desloge, Firmin Vincent, Lead Miner and 
Business Executive. He is prominently 
identified with business and public af- 
fairs. Cs St. Louis Country, Noonday, 
Eacquet. 1905 m Rebecca L. Plumnier, 3s 
r Clavton road and Gay ave. 
Desloge, George Thatcher, Lawyer, St. 
louis. 1912 m Madeleine Stith, 2s 2d; r 
Or.iO Virginia ave. 
Desloge, Joseph, Business Executive, St. 
Louis. 1922 m Anne K. Farrar; r Floris- 
8,'int, Mo. and 20 N. KingshighAVf.y. 
Desloge, Jules, Retired Business Execu- 
tive, St. Louis, m Jane C. Thatcher, 4s 
?,d; r 3847 W. Pine blvd. 
Desloge, Louis F., Manufacturer, Fergu- 
son, Mo. 1918 m Angela Burdeau, Is 2d; 
r 208 Hedeford ave. 
Desmond, Thomas Charles, Engineer and 
Business President, New York City. He 
is prominently identified with business 
and public affairs. Cs University, Union 
League, Engineers, Players, National Re- 
publican, Harvard, Technology, Brook- 
lyn Countrv, Harvard Engineering. 1923 
in Alice B." Courtis; r Plaza Hotel. 
Desnard, Carolina Russell Bates, Sociolo- 
gist, New York City. 1883 m Clement 
Lvn'don Despard; r 49 W. 57th st. 
D'Espard. Rawlins S., Fire Insurance Ad- 
iuster, Washington. Cs Washington Golf 
and Conutry, City. 1910 m Helen Ger- 
trude Morgan, 2s; r 3000 Connecticut av. 
Depprez, May McClellan, Sociologist.Paris. 
1893 m Paul Desprez; r 2 ave du Colonel 
D'Este, Julian, Business Executive. Bos- 
ton, m Mary Locke, 2s 3d; r 63 Beacon 


Detien, Edward William, Business Execu- 
tive, New York Citv. Cs Old Colony, Ma- 
sons'. Elks. 1912 m Emma Caroline Hecht 
Lueders, Is; r 2235 University ave._ 

Dctmer, Julien Francis, Business President 
New York City. Cs New Yor kAthletic, 
Sleepy Hollow Countrv, Rockwood Hall 
Countrv, Larchmont Yacht, Armv and 
Navy, "chamber of Commerce. 1895 m 
Esther Marie Downey, now deceased, 2s 
Id: r Edgemont, Tarrvtown, N.Y. 

De Treville, John L., Advertiser, Norfolk, 

Va. 1904 m Jessie Slingluff Hunter, 23 
r:d; r Virginia Beach. 
Detrick, George F., Railway Presidcrt and 
Capitalist. San Francisco. He is presi- 
dent Sacramento Northern Railway. Cs 
Family, Presidio Golf, Del Paso Country, 
Sutter. 1894 m Sally Kaime; r Fair- 
mount Hotel. 
Dett, Robert Nathaniel, Composer, Hamp- 
ton, Va. Cs Summer Literary, Shakes- 
peare Dramatic. 1917 m Helen Elise 
Smith, 2d; r Hampton Institute. 
Dettmer, Jacob G., Business Executive and 

Trustee. Brooklyn, r 181 Montague st. 
Dettner, Ernest H., Printer and Publisher, 
San Francisco. He is president and gen- 
eral manager Dettner 's Printing House. 
Cs Scottish Rite bodies. 1921 m l>iilian 
Fink, Is; and 4s Id by previous mar- 
riage, r Upper Terrace and Masonic ave. 
De Turenne Raymond Auzias, Banker,Seat- 
tle. Cs Rainier, Seattle Golf.Seattle Ten- 
nis. 1890 m Trotier de Beaubien, 3s Id; 
r 1205 E. Prospect st. 
Detwiler, Ward Arnold, Builder, Detroit. 
Cs Detroit Athletic, Bloomfield Hills 
Country, Detroit Golf, Lochman, Riding 
and Hunt. 1917 m Grace Margaret Al- 
bert, 3s; r 1009 Three Mile drive., Grosse 
Pointe Park. 
Detwiller, Charles Henry, Retired Archi- 
tect and Capitalist, Plainfield, N.J. Cs 
S.A.R.. Plaineld Country, Chamber of 
Commerce. 1905 m Ethel Ravmond Rus- 
sell, Is Id; r 151 E. 7th st. 
Deute, Arthur Herman, Writer and Busi- 
ness Executive, New York Citv. He is 
]u-ominently identified with business and 
jniblic affairs. Cs Union League, Scars- 
dale Golf. 1911 m Jessie Oulton, Is Id: _ 
r Kew Gardens, L.I., N.Y. I 

Deutsch, Joseph, Business President. Chi- ■ 
ftfigo. 1891 m Anna C. Gressinger; r 6725 
Pidgeland ave. 
DeVeitelle, Alfred E. A., Certified Public 
7\ccouiitant, New Yor kCity. Cs West In- 
dia. Santa Barbara Countrv. 1906 m Isa- ■ 
belle Kavanaugh; r 590 W. 172nd st. ■ 

Devens, Arthur L., Bond Salesman, Boston. ■ 
Cs Countrv, Somerset, Tennis and Rac- 
nuet. 1907 m Wenonah Wetmere, 4s; r 
367 Beacon st. 
Devereaux, Alfred Plumstead. Insurance 
Broker, Philadelphia. Cs Philadelphia, 
Radnor Hunt. 1911 m Grace Devries 
Tuck. Id: r Villa Nova, Pa. 
Devereaux, Fdmund Lincoln. Broker, Port- 
Innd, Ore. Cs. Arlineton, University,Wa- 
verly, Multnomah, Meadow Lake. 1911 m 
Mrs". Alice Winslow, Is 3d; r 1160 Mil- 
waukee ave. 



Devereux, Frederick liconard, Bushiess 
Executive, Xew York City. Cs Railroad, 
Ardsley Country, Thousand Islands Coun- 
try, University Washington, Army and 
Navy Washington. 1912 m Frances 
Beardsley Clark, now deceased; Is 19; r 
Southgate, Brnnxville, N.Y. 

Devereaux, John Ryan, Physician, Chevy 
Chase, Md. Cs Army and Navy, Arts, 
Chevy Chase. 1897 m Annie Leonard Sin- 
nott, 6s 4d. 

Devereaux, Nicholas E., Millionaire, Utica, 
N.Y. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Tort 
Schuyler, 8adaquada Golf, Tennis. 1917 
m Anne Madeline Quinlan, Is 2d. 

Devereaux, William Cairuthers, Manufac- 
turer, Detroit. Cs Athletic, Golf. 1913 m 
Harriet Detwiler, 2s Id; r Fairway drive 

Devereux, Nicholas E., Secretary, Utica. 
N.Y. Cs S.A.R. m Mary Mc Mahon; r 
413 Utica. 

Devereux, Nicholas Edward, Jr., Pecre- 
tarv, Utica, X.Y. Cs Ft. Schuyler, Sada- 
quada Golf, Tennis. 1917 m Anne Made- 
line Quinlan, 2s Id. 

Devereux, Virginia Evans, Sociologist, of 
Buffalo. Cs Twentieth Century, D.A.R. 
1896 m Walter Devereaux; r 468 Dela- 
ware ave. 

Devey, John Tiomas, Civil Engineer, Seat- 
tle, Wash. Cs University, Seattle Tennis 
Engineers, American Legion. 1909 m 
Mrs. S. Delafield, Is Id. 

De Vilbiss, Thomas Alexander, Manufac- 
turer, Toledo, Ohio. Cs Inverness, Toledo 
Yacht, Toledo. 1907 m Edna Olive Park- 
er, Is Id; r 301.^ Collingswood ave. 

Devine, Charles *P^ul, Manufacturer ,rBuf- ' 
falo, N.Y. ("s Saturn. 1916 ni- Kathleen 
Koops, 2d; r 52 Arlington place. 

Devine, Edward Thomas, Educator. New 
Y'ork Citv. Cs Century, Pilgrim, Wash- 
ington. 1889 m Harriet Evelyn Scovel, 
Is Id; r 524 W. 112th st. 

Devinell, Frank A., Banker, Montpelier, 
Yt. Is. 

Devlin, Erie Edwin, Business Executive, 
Detroit. Cs Universitv. 1912 m Catharine 
Russel; r Beaver Rock Club, Frater, On- 

Devlin, Georee Albert, Manufacturer, De- 
troit. Cs Detroit. 1884 m Caroline A. 
Munson. 2s Id; r 7 Country Club drive, 
Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

Devoe, James E.,Concert Manager, Detroit. 
Cs Detroit Athletic, Plavers.Rotary,Avi- 
ation. m Elizabeth A. Maegurn: r 830 
Blaine ave. 

DeVoe, Lucy Dillon. Sociologist, Jackson- 
ville Fla. Cs D.A.R., State Regents. 1882 
m William H. DeVoe, Id; r 225 McDuff 

DeVoe, Walter, Author, Brookline, Mass. 
1916 m Pauline M. Chapman; r 46 Bab- 
cock st. 

Devoe, Wil.'iam B., Lawyer, New York Ci- 
ty. 1908 m Edith G. Taylor, Is; r Mont- 
clair, N.J. 

Devoll, George Edward, Retired Business 
Executive, New Y'ork City. Cs May- 
flower Descendants. 1912 m Joshua 
Mulln Isham; r 27 W. 67th st. 

Dewait, William H., Clergyman, Boston. Cs 
Countrv, Essex Countrv,Universitv. 1899 
m Elizabeth H. Russell; r 75 Mt. Ver- 
non st. 

Dewart, William T.,Business President and 
Millionaire, New Y'ork City. He is pres- 
ident general and a director Frank A. 
Munsey Company. Cs Union League, 
New York. 1908 m Mary Louise Wheeler 
2s Id; r 309 West End ave. 

DeWeese, Ralph Emerson, Business Exec- 
utive, Dayton, Ohio. Cs Country, City, 
Miami Valley Hunt, Polo, Buz Fuz. 1900 
m Alberta Emma Lowes, Is; r 326 W. 
1st St. 

DeWentwoith, Cecil, Artist, New York Ci- 

Dewey, Bradley, Manufacturer, Cambridge, 
Mass. Cs Exchange, Cosmos, Chemists. 
1915 m Marguerite Mellen, 2s Id; r 21 
Concord ave. 

Dewey, Charles S., Banker and Capitalist, 
Washington. He is assistant secretary of 
the Treasury. Cs Industrial, ChiChi, On- 
wentsia. Racquet, Cliff Dwellers, Uni- 
versity, Metropolitan Acres, Montgom- 
ery, Chew Chase. 1905 m Suzette de 
Marigny Hall, 2s 2d; r 1640 Rhode Is- 
land ave. 

Dewey, David Brainard, Business Execu- 
tive, Pasadena, Cal. Cs Valley Hunt, 
Newport, Harbor Yacht. 1915 m Gladys 
H. Gardner, 2s; r 2595 Linda Vista ave. 

Dewey, Davis Rich, Educator and Author, 
Cambridge, Mass. 1886 m Mary Cornelia 
Hopkins, Is Id; r 13 Berkeley st. 

Dewey, Francis Hanshaw, Lawyer, Wor- 
cester, Mass. 1878 m Lizzie Davis Bliss, 
Is Id; r 71 El mst. 

Dewey, Francis Hanshaw, Jr., Lawyer, of 
Worcester, Mass. Cs Worchester, Tat- 
nuck Country, University, William Uni- 
versity, New York. 1913 m Dorothy 
Bowen. 2s 2d; r 54 Wiliam st. 
Dewey, George T., Lawyer, of Worcester, 
Mass. 1898 m Marv L. Nichols, 2s Id; r 
54 West St. 
Dewey, Harry P., Clergyman and Capita- 
list, Minneapolis, Minn. Cs Minneapolis, 
T'niversity, Williams, Winthrop. !889 m 
Elizabeth' Thatcher Dewey, 4d; r 50O 
Groveland ave. 



Dewey, James F., Business President„Que- 
chee, Vt. Cs Masons, Elks, Shriners. 1919 
ni Emily S. Dewey, Is Id. 

Dewey, John, Educator, New York City. 
Cs Me Dowell, City. 1886 m Alice Chii> 
man; r 2S80 Broadway. 

Dewey, L. W., Business President, Blan- 
chester, Ohio. Cs Masonic, Cincinnati, 
Hyde Park Golf and Country, Snov/ Hill 
Country, Clinton Country. 1902 m Susan 
Montgomery. 3s Id. 

Dewey, William Aloiizo, Educator, Ann Ar- 
bor, Mich. 188.5 m J. Lalande, now de- 
ceased. 1922 m Camilla Lucis, Is. 

Dewey, William Manzer, Hotel Manager 
and Capitalist, Chicago. Cs Edgcwater 
Golf, Bunker Hill Country, Chicago Ath- 
letic. 1918 m Elizabeth Erwin, 2s Id; r 
Edgewater eBach Hotel. 

Dewey, William S., Lawyer and Jurist, 
Cairo, 111. Cs Mystic Shrine, Knights 
Temjilar, Knights of Pythias, Masons. 
1904 m Katherine Klier, Id. 

Dewey, Willis Alonzo, Physician and Au- 
thor, ]Middlelniry, Vt. 1885 m Calina Jo- 
sephine T>alanda, Is. 

De Windt, Keyliger Adams, Retired IMer- 
chant and Manufacturer, Chicago. Cs In- 
dian Hill Eiding;. i University, Indian 
Hill, Harvard. 1889 m Bertha W. Man- 
dell, 2s 2d. 1912 m Alice G. Arnold, no 
children; r Winnetka, 111. 

Dewing, Arthur S., Business President, of 
Boston. Cs American Economic Associa- 
tion, Newhyland Historical Association, 
Massachusetts Societv of Mavflow'_^r De- 
scendants. 1910 m Frances H. Rousma- 
nier, 3d; r 8 W. 11th st., Cambridge, 

Dewinj, Ehen P., Business Executive, Bos- 
ton. Cs Exchange, Boston, Winchester 
Country, S.A.R. 1899 m Maude L. Mar- 
shall, 2d; r 6 Woodland st., Arlington, 

DeWitt, Mortimer Cliff, Business Execu- 
tive, Toledo, Ohio. Cs Toledo, Inverness 
Golf, Detroit, Players. 1897 m Effie 
Stewart, 2d; r 2152 Brookside road, Ot- 
tawa Hills. 

DeWitt, William Andrew, Business Execu- 
tive, Berkeley, Cal. Cs University, Golf, 
Tennis. 191-4 m Harriet Day Stingham 
r 2247 Piedmont ave. 

DeWolf, Bradford Colt, Journalist, Bristol 
R.I. Cs Harvard. 1925 m Gertrude Brad- 
ford de Wolf. 

DeWolf, Edwin Allis, Business Executive, 
St. Louis. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. C=! So- 
cietv of Colonial Wars. 1877 m Marga- 
ret H. Krum, Is Id, both deceased; r 
5459 Bartmer ave. 
DeWolf, John E., Business President, Al 

belt Lea, Minn. 

DeWolf, Paul Churchill, Bank Executive, 
Providence. Cs Agawam Hunt, Univer- 
sity, Turks Head, Brown of New York. 
1907 m Olive M. Beers; r 25 Freeman 

DeWolf, Wallace Leroy, Manufacturer and 
Business Executive, Chicago. He is prom- 
inently identitied with business and pub- 
lic af fails. Cs Union League, Cliff Dwel- 
lers, Arts, Annandale Golf of Pasadena, 
Chicago Society of Artists. 1890 m Ma- 
ry Ridgely Rea, now deceased. 

Dexter, Dudley, Business Executive, Oak- 
land, Cal. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs Pa- 
cific JTiiion. San Francisco, Claremont 
Country, Oakland. 1915 m Miriam 
Heath Haines, Is Id; r 211 Lafayette 
ave., Piedmont, Cal. 

Dewson, George B., Business Executive, 
Boston. Cs Union, Milton, Cohasset Golf, 
ni Maria Forbush, 2d; r 4 Hutchinson 
St., Milton, Mass. 

Dexter, Bayard P., Business President, Or- 
ange, Mass. Cs Masons, Elks, Shrine, 
T'nive^sitv Boston, Oak Country, Green- 
field Country, Petesham Country, m Ma- 
rion Smith, Is Id. 

Dexter, George B., Author and Collector, 
Boston. 1S79 m Emmea Gibbs, Is 3d; r 
237 Berkeley st. 

Dexter, George M., Business Executive, 
New York Citv. Cs Garden City Golf, 
Rumson Countrv, Deal, Crescent, White- 
hall Country. 1909 m Grace Stewart; r 
Rumson, N.J. 

Dexter. Henry C, jVfanufacturer, Blak Riv- 
er, N.Y. 1885 m Clara L. Tisdale, Is 2d. 

Dexter, John Lloyd. Business President, 
Detroit. Cs Boat, Fine Arts, Mavflower 
Descendants of Michigan. 1887 m Emma 
Scoogs; r 25 Palmer ave. East, Barium 

Dexter, Philin, Millionaire, Boston. Cs So- 
merset, m Edith Wood; r 65 Marlboro 


Deyo, Israel T., Lawyer, Binghamton, N. 
Y. Cs Binghamton, Masons, and Kalurah 
Temple. 1889 m Edith A. Weed, 2s Id; r 
32 North st. 

Diamand, Alexander J., Printer, New York 

Dibblee, Benjamin Harrison, Investment 
Banker, San Francisco. Cs Pacific Union 
University, Bohemian, Somerset Boston. 
1905 m fsabell Kittle; r 300 Montgom- 
erv st, Ross, Marin Countv. 

Dibblee, Thomas Wilson, Banker, Santa 
Barbara, Cal. Cs Montecito, Santa Bar- 
bara. 1910 m Anita V. Orena, 2s 2d; r 
11 E. Pedregose st. 



Dice, Agnew T., Business Executive, of 
Reading, Pa. Cs Princeton, Elm, Wyo- 
inissiiig, Beashire Country. 1917 m Isabel 
M. Rogers, ;2d; r Wyomissing, Pa. 

Dice, Marvin Monroe, Business President, 
Aliion, Ohio. Cs Akron City, Fairlawn 
Country, Mason. 1902 m Cora E. Erase, 
2 d; r 62 Kuder ave. 

Dick, Albert Blake, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs University, Onwentsia. m M. 
Henrietta Mathews; r 1550 Etatc park- 

Dick, Albert Blake, Jr., Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago, m Helen Aldrieh; r Lake 
Forest, 111. 

Dick, Charles Mathews, Representative, of 
Washington. Cs Casino, Racquet, On- 
wentsia. 1920 ni C. Garnett Crossan, Is; 
r 1222 16th st. 

Dick, Fainnan Eogers, Banker, New York 
City. Cs Knickerbocker, Metropolitan, 
Harvard, Piping Rock. 191.3 m Gladys 
Rrosevelt; r Glean Head, Long Island, 

Dick, Ralph H., Business President, "Ma- 
rietta, Ohio. He is proniinentlv identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs Rot- 
arv. 1907 m Charlotte Louise Howard, 
2s" Id. 

Dick. William K., Millionaire, New York 
City. Cs Hamilton of Broooklvn. m Mad- 
eleine T. Force; r 7 E. 84th st. 

Dicken, Charles Ernest, College President 
and Canitalist, Arkadelnhia. Ark. Cs Ma- 
son. 1906 m Belle Quick, Is; r 601 W. 
Main st. 

Dickerman. Charles Ke-''t, Realtor and Ca- 
pitalist. Dulnth. Cs North'and Cnuntrv, 
Universitv, St. Paul Athletic. 1902 ni 
Mabel Stone. Is .Sd; r 53n"E. 2t4h st. 

Di'-kerroan, Gcrre W., Bnsine«!s President 
New York City. Cs Universitv of New 
Yo'-k, Harvard of New York. Harvard of 
B"'^ton,Hardware,^iNew JJ^u'^Tinnd, S.A.R. 
luncheon, Tavlors. 1922 m Ida R. Nor- 
ton; r 115 E. S^'nd st. 

Di^'^^e^man, Ka>herine Hinman, Insurance 
Fxer-utive and Canitalist. Kearney. Ne^^. 
Cs Kearney, Country, D.A.P., New York 
Mfvflower. and others, r 310 E. 23rd st. 

DJekerrran. WiUipm C. l^i^illionaire, New, 
York Citv. r 6 E. 79th st. 

Dickerson. F. T., Business F^-ecutive. New 
York Cit-^. Cs New Yo'-k Railroad. New 
York Traffi''. Plainfield Countrv. Mason. 
1888 m Lenora G. Samon, Is Id; r Plain- 
fold. N..L 

DJfTrprson. ■RolHn P.. R-mcher -^nd Founder 
SDrin-Tfield. Mo. Cs Mason, Elks, ^^oose, 
KTiicrb+s! nf Pvi-hias. ?s. 

Dir-kev, Charges D.. Millionaire, New York 
ri+- r 1105 Park ave. 

Dickey, Donald Ryder, Naturalist and Sci- 

entist, Pasadena, Cal. Cs Yale. 1921 m 
Florence Van Vechten Murphy; r 514 
Lester aA'e. 

Dickey, Lyle Alexancler, Lawyer and Ju- 
rist, Lihue Kauai, Hawaii. Cs Hawaiian 
Mission Children's, Hawaiian Historical 
Kauai Chamber of Commerce. 

Dickey, Rolert Russell, Business President 
Dayton, Ohio. Cs Buz Fuz, Dayton Coun- 
try, Miami Valley Hunt, Polo. 189-1 m 
Myrtle Thacker, Is. 

Dickey, Robert T., Millionaire, Darton, O- 
hio. r 227 W. 1st st. 

Dickey, S. Ealstcn, Banker, Oxford, Pa. 
1883 m Anna E. Rutherford, 2s. 

Dickey, Walter Simpson, Business Execu- 
tive, Kansas City, Mo. Cs Metropolitan, 
Chicago. Rocky Mountain, National Del- 
ta Duck, Southern Yacht, Kansas City 
Country. 1889 m Katherine L. Mc Mul- 
len, 3s 2d; r 5100 Rockhill road. 

Dickey, wriiam Copner. Commission Agent 
New York City. Cs Piping Rock, Oak- 
land Golf, Calumet, Bankers. 1903 m El- 
sia Gertrude Bennett; r 123 E. 53rd st. 

Dickie, Samuel, Retired Educator, Albion, 
Mich. 1872 m Marv Brockwav, Is 3d; r 
501 E. Erie st. 

Dickinson, ./^lexandei*, Lawver, Seattle. Cs 
Harvard, Seattle Golf. 1910 m Juliet A. 
Wvlie; r 128 Harvard ave. N. 

Dick?n<3on, Asa Dorr. Librarian, PhiladeT- 
T'hia. Cs Library. 1908 m Helen Winslow 
Dickinson, Is 2d; r 47 Am.herst ave., 
Swarthmore, Pa. ' ' 

Di^kfnson, r}'>-"ent Cal- ell. Lawyer and 
Sta^esT^^an. Clniton, Mo. 1882 ni Mattie 
E. Parks, Is 3d. 

Dickinfon. Clarence, Organist. Composer, 
New Y-rV Cit-^-. 1904 m Helen Adell 
Snvder: r "10 W. 170th st., and in Corn- 

Di'kinscn, Don M., Jr., Realtor, Detroit. 
Cs De<^roit Athletic. 1914 m Rowena 
F-nt C-oiil. Is Id; r 1140 Griswold st. 

D.-'>'ki-nson, Fran'-e?:, Onhthalnnc Surreon, 
Chica"-o. Cs Chicago Physician*. Wo- 
niens Medical, Chicago V/omens. r Audi- 
torium Hotel, and in winter Oramre Ci- 
t". Fta. 

Di-ldnscn, George F.. Director. Now York 
Cit-. Cs Ard«iev. New York Yacht. 1911 
m Alice M. Chandon, 2s; r Irvington-on- 

Dic^r-nsnn. Ke'e^i:', AdeXJo. Author, New- 
York Citv. m Clarence Dickinson; r 2ia 
W. 107th St. 

Dickinson Henry Cla^e^ce. Piano Mer- 
chant. Chicago. Cs South S^^ore Country, 
Beverl" Count>-v. :Medi'iah Temple. SInine 
Onoon C'^tv. C'^nr]-nn;^fi. 1889 " m Clara 
Bruce, 2d; r 1750 E. 56th st. 




Dickinrjon, John Quincy, Banker, Charles- 
ton, W.Va. 1864 m Mary Louise Dickin- 
son, L'h. 

Dickinson, Julian Lawyer and Capitalist, 
Detroit. Cs Detroit Golf. 1916 m Ruth 
Wilkinson, Is 2d; r 643 Lawrence ave. 

Dickinson, Lester J., Lawyer and Capita- 
list, Algona, Iowa. Cs Masonic Order. 
1901 m :My tie C. Call; Is Id. 

Dickinson, PhUemon, Banker,Philadelphia. 
litll m Mildred S. Dulaney, 3d; r Chest, 
nut Hill. 

Dickinson, Robert Zelville, Manufactruer, 
Chicago. Cs Union League, Midday. Ar- 
chitects, Knollwood Lake Forest, Winter 
Lake Forest, Embassy New York, Mis- 
souri, St. Louis. 1909 m Myrtle Wilmot; 
r Green Bay road. Lake Forest, 111. 

Dickinson, Selden S., Ijawyer. Detroit. Cs 
LTniversity, Players, Fine Arts. 1918 m 
Marian Davis, 2d; r 534 Baldwin ave. 

Dickinson, William R., Sociologist, Santa 
Barbara, Cal. Cs University, Saddle and 
Cvcle, Santa Barbara. 1908 m Anna M. 
Wilson, la 2d; r 320 Juniper Plaza. 

Dickman, John Alfred, Clergyman, Cincin- 
nati. 1898 m Lydia E. Keller, 2s Id. 

Dickney, Charles H., Business Executive 
and Capitalist, New York City, r 105 W. 
40th St. 

Dlckpon, Charles Albert, Private Accoun- 
tant. Pittsburo^h. Cs Duquesne Country, 
Transportation New York. 1912 m Elia- 
nora Gregg. Id: r .5801 Wilkins ave. 

Dickson, David J., Phvsician, Cincinnati. 
Cs Cincinnati Cor.ntry. r 2174 Grandir. 

Dickson. David Kenneth, Business Execu- 
tive. Philadelrhin. 1911 m Phoebe G. 
Beale, Id; r Wayne Apts. Wavne, Pa. 

T)ickson, Harris, Lawyer and Author, of 
Vicksbiire. Miss. Cs Elks, Country. Ar- 
mv and Navy Washington. Vi^ksburg, 
Players. Dutch Treat. National Press 
Washington, Masons. 1906 m Madeleine 
L. Metcalfe, 2d. 

Dickson. 'T''nry Westbrook. Banker Pen. 
dletnn, Hro. 19'^.t m Elsia Fitzmauri<^e. 

"Dickson. Walter Franks. Banker, Lo^eta, 
Cfl. 1895 m Mfrv Mott, 2d; r Folsom, 

■ Cal-.. and Merced .Cal. 

Diebold, A. H.. Business Executive, New 
Yo*-k Cit-^. He is prominent in business 
and public affairs; and has held many 
positions of trust and honor. Cs various, 
r Locust Valley, Long Island; and 300 
Park ave., N.Y.C. 

IDiebold, A. J., Business Executive. Pitts- 
burc^h. Cs Field. Dun'iesne, Seaview Golf. 
1904 m Edna M. Weixel. "s 2d; r 5821 
Avlesboro ave.. Square Hill. 

Dleck, Robert G., Civil Engineer, Portland, 

Ore. Cs S.A..R, Chamber of Conui^rce. 
1906 m Caroline Ainslie; r 391 Main st. 

Diefendorf, Allen J., Banker, Silver Creek, 
N.Y. Cs Mason. 1914 m Margaret A. Nel- 
lis. Is Id; r 15 Babcoek ave. 

Diefendorf, Allen Ross, Physician, Lectur- 
er and Author, New Haven, Conn. Cs 
Ne wYork Neurological, Psychiatrical. 
1895 m Jeauette Cooper, Is 3d; r lOS 
Huntington st. 

Diefendorf, John E., Insurance Executive, 
New Yo.k Citv. Cs Universitv, Masons. 
1901 m Anna H. Oliphant, 2s' 3d; r Mt. 
''^ernon, N.Y. 

Dieffenbach, Richard H., Surgeon, Newaric 
N.J. m Anna Koehler, Id; r 510 Mount 
Prospect ave. 

Dieffenderffer, Charles Hungerford, Bro- 
ker and Banker, Philadelphia. Cs Rac- 
quet, Merion Cricket, Merion Golf, Bal- 
timore Country, Sea View Golf. 1904 ra 
Elizabetli Seim, 2d; r 335 Aubrey road, 
Wynnewood, Pa. 

Diehl, Ambrose N., Steel Manufacturer, 
Pittsbnreh. Cs Universitv of New York, 
L'niversity, Pittsburgh. Country, Rolling 
Rock Country, Fox Chapel Golf, Oak- 
m.ont Country, Embassv of New York, 
Engineers Society of Wsetern Pennsyl- 
vania, American Society of Mechanical 
Engineers. 1922 m Frances W. Elijah; Is 
Id; r 5400 Hobart st. 

Diehl. '^rrry I... Manufacture'. Chicago. 
Cs Illinois '^+hlpti'^. Chicasro Town and 
Tennis, r 5509 Indiana ave. 

Dienst. Geor^re El'as, Physician and Cler- 
gvman. '\urorn. 111. Cs lUinnis Hoipeopa- 
thic Medical. 1885 m Clara Bownman, Is 
3 d; r 374 Maple ave. 

Dier'sen, Ferdinand W., Business Presi- 
dent', Chica.eo. Cs Field Museum^ Art In- 
stitutp Chi^'pco Historical Society, r 
-1530 Ben<'rm st. 

Dietrich, Frank Sigel, Educator, Lawrer 
and Jurist. Boise, Idaho. 1893 m Martha 
Behle. Is 2d. 

Die+z. Charge"! Nelson. Retired Merchant, 
Omaha, Neb. Cs Unive^-sitv. Athletic, 
Oma haCountrv. 1880 m Nettie Fowler 
Woodford: r 428 S. 38th st. 

Digby, Baltzell Edward, Insurance Execu- 
tive. Philadelphia. Pr. Cs Philadelphia 
Cri'^ket. 1914 m Caroline A. Duhring. 3s; 
r Ridge road and Park lane. Chestnut 

Dike,, Frank Williamson, Special Accoun- 
tant, Ri'^hmond, Va. Cs Westmoreland. 
1919 m Caroline Coleman. 

DJT^e, Norman Staunton, .Jurist, Brooklyn. 
Cs Universitv. 1917 m Evelyn Moore 
Biddle, Is; r 130 E. 67th st., Manhattan 
New York City. 



Dilkes, George Russell, Business Presi- 
dent aud Financier, Philadelphia. Cs Art 
National Arts, Pennsyh-ania Society o;* 
New York. 1883 m Dolores Merino, 63 
3d; r Philadelphia and New York and 

Dilks, Harrie Russell, Business Executive, 
Buffalo. Cs Kiwanis. 1918 m Martha P. 
Bull, 2d; r Spring Grove, Richmond, Ind. 

Dill, Clarence C, Lawyer and Capitalist, 
Spokane, Wash. Cs Mason, Odd Fellows, 
Red Men, Woodmen of the World, Elks. 

Dillingham, Edwin Lynda, Puldisher. New 
York City. Cs Y^ale, Graduate, Casino, 
Englewood Golf. 1914 m Mrs. Katharine 
Gordon; r Scarsdale, N.Y'. 

Dillingham, Walter Francis,Railroad Pres- 
New Y'ork Citv. Cs Moose, Mason, Elks. 
1910 m Helen Dwight, 2s; r 148 W. 85th 


Dillingham, Harold Garfield, Financier, of 
Honolulu, Hawaii. Cs University, Oahu 
Country. 1908 m Margaret Bayard Hyde 
Smith, 5s; r Diamond Head road. 

Dillingham, Walter Trancis, Railroad Pres- 
ident, Honolulu, Hawaii. Cs Army and 
Navy, Racquet, India House, Bohemian, 
Pacific Union, Commercial, Polo, Paci- 
fic, Pearl Harbor Yacht. 1910 m Louise 
Olga Gaylord, 3s Id. 

Dillon, Clarence, Business Executive and 
Millionaire, New Y^ork City. He is iden- 
tified with Dillon and Read Company, r 
035 Park ave. 

Dillon, John J., Publisher, Port Chester, N. 
Y. 1904 m Marv Constnnee M»rv, 3d; r 
333 W. 20th St." 

Dillon, John T., Jr.; Business -President, 
Titusville, Pa. Cs Engineers, New York, 
Buffalo. 1905 m Kathrvn Gibbs, 2d; r 
509 E. Main st. 

Dillon, Thomas J., Journalist aifd Capita- 
list, Minneapolis. He is managing editor 
of the Morning and Evenin'j 
Cs Minnea^oli'' . Afinneapolis Athktic. 
1906 m E. Clarissa Chrrch, Is; r 1636 W. 
:?th St. 

Dil^hey, WiJlJani Jacob, Architect, New 
Yo'-k City. Cs American Institute of Ar- 

Diriifk, /Jbert W., Millionaire, Providence 
r 25 Elm Grove ave. 

Dir^ond, Joseph Ignatius. Business Execu- 
tive. Philadelphia. 1909 m Mary Henry, 
Is Id; r 2300 Pine terrace. 

Dii?.een, J^mes M., Physician, Fort Wayne, 
Ind. 1879 m Catherine Fleming. 6s 3d. 

Dines. Thomas A., Millionaire, Denver, r 
725 Corona st. 

D]''.es. Tyson S., Lav.-yer. Denver. 1884 m 
Fatherine Munzay, 3s Id; r 195 Highs*. 

Dingle, James Hervey, Civil Engineer, 

Charleston, S.C. Cs American of Muni- 
cipal Improvements, American of Civil 

Engineers. 1899 m Olive B. Olney, Id; r 
182 Tradd st. 

Dmgley, Edward Nelson, Writer, Author 
Economist and Tariff Expert, Washing- 
ton. Cs George Washington University, 
Yale, Elks, Mason. 1888 m Miriam Gard- 
ner Robinson, 2s Id; r 3715 Livingston 
St., Chevy Chase. 

Dingwall, Adam, Publisher, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs New York, St. Andrews. 1894 m 
Julia Wells, now deceased, 2d; r 45 W. 

45th St. 

Dingwall, Harrie R., Business Executive, 
Walkerville, Ontario, Canada. Cs Detroit 
Country, University, Essex Golf, Coun- 
try. 1900 m May R. Swift, Is; r 1517 
Iroquois ave, Detroit, Mich. 

Dipkins, James, Banker, New Orleans. Cs 
Country, Yacht, Boston, Quartie. 1866 m 
Sue Hart, Is Id; r 1727 Bordeau st. 

Dinkelspiel, Samuel L., Business President 
and Cajiitalist, Chicago. He is president 
of Crest Company. Cs Edlewild, 
Furniture. 1913 m Lillian R. Phillipson, 
Is Id; r 5048 Woodlawn ave. 

Dinsmcre, Paul Anderson, Banker and Ca- 
pitalist, San Francisco. Cs Athenian Nile 
Athens Athletic, Oakland Tennis, Mer- 
chants Exchange, S.A.R. 1908 m Mariet- 
ta Havens; r 18 King ave., Piedmont, 

Dion, Thomas J., Physician and Surgeon,. 
Qnincy, Mass. Cs Massachusetts Medical. 
1915 m Ann B. Bryan, Is; r 59 Cross st. 

Disl- ow, Sa^iuel Cowan, Broker. New York 
City. Cs Colonial Wars, West Side Ten- 
nis, Shackaxmaon Golf. 1922 m Olga So- 
nia Ser'^nbin; r 115 E. 89th st. 

Di"=-ston. Frank, Mam^facturer .ind Ca]iita- 
list, Philadelphia. He is president Henry 
Disston and Sons,Incorporated. Cs Union 
Leag-e. Racquet, Manufacturers, Coun- 
try. 1911 m. Katherine Murphy; r St. 

Disston, Hamilton, Business Executive and 
Multi-Millionaire, Philadelphia. Cs Uni- 
versity, ra Jessie Williamson; r 131 Rex 
ave., Chestnut Hill. 

Di?s*on, Jacob S., Jr., B^:siness Executive, 
Philadpl-nhia. He is prorainentlv identi- 
fied with business and public affnirp. Cs 
Pacnuet. m Sarah S. Mvers; r 1016 W. 
Un^al St. 

Dir+rn y^noh S^ealmpT). Bnsinpsc; Fxcni- 
tive. Philadelphia. He is prominently id- 
enti^ed with business and public affairs. 
Cs Uni^n Lear^ue. m Eff:e Fleming; r 
C'lf^stnut Fill. Pr>. 

Di?-?ton. V.^iPiam D.. Million.^ire, Philndel- 
T hia. Cs T^ni'^n League, m Dorothea Dun- 
das Pratt; r Norwood ave., Chestnut HilT 


America:: elite attd scciologist 

Dist er, Walter Georgs, Business Executive 
l\ew J. OIK City. Cs Baltimore Country, 
]Slar.. iaiid. 19-.'> in Anna Al. Feseniat'ier; 
r 48' VV. 59th st. 

Diston, Charles H., Business President, of 
..New York City. Cs Players, Mayflower 
Society. 1890 m Aliee M. Tappan; r 19 
E. 37th St. 

Diven, W. C, Business Executive, Dela- 
ware, Ohio. Cs Kiwanis, Knights of Py- 

• thias. 1887 m Emma C. Prouty, 2d; 

Divine, Bradford H., Engineer, Utica, N.Y. 
Cs American Mechanical Engineers, Old 
Colony, Transportation, Fort Schuyler, 
Yahnundasis Golf, Utica Curling, Elks, 
Rotary, 1892 m Lucy D. Dalton, Is; r 
1310 Genesee st. 

Divine, C. D., Business Executive, Ellen- 
ville, N.Y. Cs Mystic Shrine, Old Colony. 
1900 m Jessie B. Donaldson, 2d. 

Dix, John Adams, Clergyman, New York 
City. Cs Union, Knickerbocker, Harvard. 
1910 m Sophie Witherspoon Townsend; 
r 119 E. 79th st. 

Dix, John Alden, Business Executive, San- 
ta Barbara, Cal. He is prominently iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Montecito Country^ Lake George 
Country. 1889 m Gertrude Alden Thom- 
son, now deceased. 

Dix, John Allen, Manufacturer, Santa Bar- 
bara, Cal. Cs Country, Lake George 
Country. 1889 m Gertrude A. Thomson. 

Dix, Parker D., Manufacturer and Capita- 
list, Baltimore. He is vice-president and 
treasurer Surry Lumber Company, the 
Surry Sussex and Southampton Railway. 
Cs Country. 1911 m Nellie Belle Hope, 
Is; r 841 University parkwty.. 

Dix, William Frederick, Life Insurance 
Secretary, New York City. Cs Authors, 
Orange Lewn Tennis, Rock Spring Cuon- 
try, Westhampton Country. 1900 m Mary 
Alice Tennille, 2s Id; r South Orange. 
N.J. * 

Dixin, Margaret Collin Denny, Sociologist, 
Richmond, Va. 1905 m John Wesly Dixon 
3s Id; r 2110 E. Grace st. 

Dixon. Albert Montgomery, Ice Manufac- 
turer, Savannah, Ga. Cs Savannah Rot- 
ary, Masonic, Shriner, Savannah Golf, 
Seminole. 1906 m Sarah Toumans King, 
Is; r 3402 Abercorn st. 

Dixon, Alan C, Business Executive, Chi. 
cago. Cs Chicago Racquet, University, 
Riding, Indian Hill, Yale New York, St. 
Anthony New York. 1917 m Janet Miller 
r 222 E. Delaware place. 

Dixon, Charlos William.Physician and Sur- 
geon, Gould, Ark. 1907 m Evelyn Tra- 
■w eek, Is. 

Dix^n, Edward C, Business President, Phil- 
adelphia. Cs Union League, Philadelphia 
Countrv, Kiwanis. 1896 m Lulu Brown, 
Is; r 9*18 S. 49'th st. 

Dixon, r-phraim Williams, Merchant and 
Capitalist, Omaha, Neb. Cs Omaha, Uni- 
versity, Country, Union University, New 
Y'ork Yacht. 1907 m Marie Coffman, Za 

,_ ,2d; r 426 N. 38th st. 

Dixon, George Dallas, Business Executive 
and Millionaire, Philadelphia. Cs Phila- 
delphia, Maryland. Winter Harbor, ra 
Mary Quincy Allen, Is 2d; r 2004 Spruce 


Dixon, George Dallas, Jr., Banker, Phila- 
delphia. Cs Racquet. 1908 m Agnes R. 
Groome, Id; r 331 S. 16th st. 

Dixon, George W., Business President,Chi- 
cago. Cs Chicago, University, Racquet, 
Union League, Hamilton, Athletic, Army 
and Navy, Yacht Traffic. 1912 m Marion 
Martin, Is Id; r 1250 Lake Shore drive. 

Dixon, Henry S.,T awyer and Jurist, Dixon 
111. m Margaret Casey, 3s Id, 

Dixon, Homer Lain.?, Secretary, Chicago. 
Cs University, Chicago Athletic, Union 
League, Attic, Racquet, Casino, Saddle 
and Cycle, Indian Hill, Shore Acres, m 
Katherine E. Fisher, Is 6d; r 2410 Lake 
View avc. 

L»iXon, J. rh^piey, Banker, Philadelnhia. 
1913 m Mabel Bavard Norrls, Is Id; r 
Villa Nova, Pa. 

Dixon, James M., Retired Manufacturer, 
New York City. Cs Calumet, C')ngre8- 
sional Country Washington, Kn'^llwood 
Country, White Plains, Mason. 1S99 m 
Edythe Hall, Id; r WhUe"-Plditis,-N.Y. • 

Dixon, Mainard, Painter, San Francisco. 
Cs Beaux Arts, Southwest S x-ietv of 
Painters of the West, r 728 Montgomery 

Dixon, William Warren, Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago, Cs University, Chicago 
Yacht, Union League, 1910 m Ethel F, 
Fisher, 2s; r 1515 N, State prakway. 

Dixon, Willis Milnor, Retired Business Ex- 
ecutive, Los Angeles. IJp has retired 
fom active business. C« S.A.R. 1877 m 
Regina Mast. Id; r 1200 Arapahoo st. 

Doan, J. B., Business President, Cinf^innatl, 
Cs Business Mens, Commercial, Common- 
wealth, Makeatewah Country, Chamber 
of Commerce. 1899 m Gertrude F. Flet- 
cher; r 38.)2 Dnkota pve., Avondale. 

Doane, George W,, MilHiuiaire, South Or. 
ange, N.J. r 178 Carlton ave. 

Doane, Gilbert L., Bank President. Grand 
Rapids, Mich. Cs Cascade Hills Country, 
Rotary, Peninsular, Hesperian, 1909 m 
Mamie Blocksma, 28 Id; r 215 Norwood 
ave, S.E. 



Dobbin, Cecrre W., Physician, Baltimore. 
f's Balti ;() c. Bachelors Cotillion. 1900 
r.i Bealrie Dundt irlnle. Is 4d; r Ar- 
1 rsph, Lrisvyeis Hill. M<\. 

Dobbin", Chsrles E.. Executive, 
Chicago. Ca Lake Countv Gun. 1885 in 
Kate Kohrbach, 2s ;M. 1896 m Segret 
Newman, 2s; r 640 Sheridan road. 

Dobbs, TamueT C, Mnlti-Millionaire, At- 
lanta, Ga. r 8 Oakdnle road. 

Do"bson, Eoy Calvin, Clergyman, St. Louis 
Cs Bcrerive Countrv. City. 190.5 m Fani- 
ta Duncan, Is Id: r 81 Arnndel place. 

Dobyns, Feto^ier, Business E-ecutive, Chi- 
cago. Cs TTiiivcrsity. m Winifred U. Starr 
r 1512 N. Dea-^born paikway. 

Dock. Gre'r~e "^r., Advert-oin? Manager. 
New York Citv. 1922 m Mildred Sloan; 
r l""! E. Stth'st. 

Dockendorf, John E.. B'i«!iness Pre idenf. 
New York Cit-. Cs Yale, T a-chmont 
Yacht. Mcgantic. Railroad. New York 
Athle^^i". m Florence C'^rnell, 2s. 

Dockweiler, ipi'lTe B.. Lawyer, T/Os An- 
jreles. Cs Calif-^rnia, New-^-inn. fjos An- 
pelpq Coi^ntrv 1891 m Gertrude Reeve, 
8' .^d- r 9.57 W. Adams st. 

Docld, yv risen. Banker. New Yo-k City, r 
,•507 B-^Tpv^'le .-^ve. Bloomf^eld, N..T. 

Do'M. ■'^H'^'n M., P'T!ines=< Executivo. B'>8- 
tnn. C<5 T--,ir,r,. i,S87 m Ellen L. Tiffanv, 
?s 2d- ' Ci^ibridTe. Miss. 

DcSd. G''". Ta^Ja'«']TO. T^Tonufpotur'^r. At- 
l-nita. Gi. Cs Pic^rn^-^ ■H'-i-in'T'. 1891 m 
,Ti-lia S. Pe'nne, 'Id: r 366 W. Peaohtree 

Doflge, Ar'^hi-r Mal^o^m, Physician, Boston. 
Cs Algonquin, Harvard. 1904 m Kate 
G'-ubb Parrot: r Hampton Falls. N.H. 

D'"'^?e. Gardner, Minnfactnrer. Cleve^J^nd. 
190.S m Isabel Carv Adams, Id; r 1938 
E. 87th St. 

Dod?e, H. Per^lval, Diplomat and Sociol- 
ogist, Belgrade. Jngosla'ia. Cs Metro- 
politan. Harvard. Grad'-f^te. 1903 m Mar- 
garet Riche Adams, now deceased. 1922 
m S. A. Paf^e-B'-own. Id. 

Dodge, Harr's'^n Howe'l, B'-siness Execu- 
tive and Capitalist. Mt. Vernon, Va. Ca 
Society of Sons of Revolution. 1875 m 
Elizabeth P. Knowlton, 2d; r 2016 R et. 
N.W., WashinfTton. 
Dodge, Henry Washfnsrton, Insurance Bro- 
ker, San Francisco. Cs Olympic. 1919 m 
Florence Bathin Bondman; r 2090 Van 
Ness ave. 
Doige, T^rrare E., 2ni, Manufacturer, De- 
t"oit. Cs Athletic, Lochmoor, Philadel- 
]>hia Racquet. Columbia Yacht, Ever- 
.•^lades Pnlm Beach. 1921 m T ois Knowl- 
ton Is Id: r Grosse Pointe, Mich. 
Dodge, J:nathan S., Banker, Los Angeles. 

Is Id; r Altadena, Cal. 

Dodge, Marcellus Business Exec- 
utive, New York City. Cs City, r 800 
5th ave. 

Doage, Melvin G., Printer and Publisher, 
Utica, N.Y. Cs University. 1901 m Dora 
Alien, noA\ deceased, Is 2d. 

Dodge, Murray Witherbee, Banker, New 
York City. He is pioniincntly identi- 
fied with business and public affairs. 
Cs University, Yale, Racquet and Ten-, Knights of the Round Table, Mount 
Kisco Golf. 1900 ni Elsie Fordy.-c Bar- 
ker, 3d; r Mt. Kisco, Westchester (' ^un. 
ty, N.Y. 
with business and public affairs. Cs Uni- 

Dodge, Fercival, Social Worker, Detroit. 
Cs Racquet, Hunt, Country, and Grosae 
Pointe. 1920 ni Eazabeth D. Loomis, I3 
Id; r 71 Lake Shore road, Grosse Pointe, 

Dodge, Ph'lip Tell, Business President and 
Multi-Millionaire, New York City. He is 
]ironiinently identified with business and 
public affairs. Cs Army and Navy, Can- 
adian, Econor.dc, Eneineers, Governors 
Island, Lotos, National Republican. Ath- 
letic, Larchniont Y^acht of New Yok, 
New York, Yacht, Town and Hall, Am- 
erican of London, Britsh Empire of Lon- 
don, m Miss Ball, Is Id; r 205 W. 57th 


Dodge. Mrs. Pvegina Lunt, Sociologist, Co- 
lorado Springs, Col. 1900 m Clarence 
I'helps Dodge, 2s; r 1122 Wood ave. 

Dodge, Rex W.. In -estment Banker,. Port- 
land. Maine. Cs Portland Country, Port- 
land, Portland Economic. 1911 m Eebe- 
kah L. Cason, 2d; r East Orange, N.J. 

Dodge, Stephen W., Architect, New York 
City. Cs Chamber of Cominerce. 1899 m 
Emilie Hoover; r 78 Watching ave., 
Montclair, N.J. 

Dodre, Van Herbert, Banker, Wliitefield, 
N.H. He is president Whitefield Savings 
Bank iMid Trust Company. 1888 m Alice 
M. Stebbins, Is. 

Dodf'e, William DeLeftwich, Painter, New 
Yok City. Cs Players, Fencers. 1897 m 
Fanny T." Pryor, Is Id; r 52 W. 9th st. 

Dodson, George Rowland, Clergyman, St. 
Lor is. 1891 in Nellie Wheeler,' 2s Id; r 
4401 McPherson ave. 

Dod^on John Milton, Physician, Chicago. 
Cs University, Quad ann^le, Flossmoor 
Country. LS84 m M;iie Slyke. im-v de- 
ceased. 1890 m Jessie Palmer Kasson, 
now deceased. 1923 m Mary Hyde Webb, 
r 5*^07 Blackstone ave. 

Doebler, John Hepbu-n. Business Execu- 
tive, Baltimore. Cs University, m Ade- 
line Madeira; r Towson, Md. 



Doelger, Peter, Jr., Millionaire, New York 
City, r 407 E. 55th st. 

D'Oench, Albert Trederick, Architect,Ne-w 
York City. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs, r Sun- 
set Hill, ManhaSsct, Long Island. 

Doepke, William L., Millionaire, Cincin- 

. nati. r Vista terrace and E. Vista ave. 

Doerfler, Samuel, Lawyer, Cleveland. Cs 
Oakwood Country, City, r 1560 Ansel 

Doerr, George Valentine, Wholesale Drug- 
gist, Minneapolis. Cs Minneapolis, m 
Eleanore G. Davidson, 28 2d; r 2611 Eu- 
clid place. 

Dogett, Frederick Forbes, Physician, Bos- 
ton. 18S0 m Mary De Wolf,'2s Id; r 805 
E. Broadway. 

Doggett, Laurence Locek, Educator, of 
Springfield, Mass. 1864 m Carolyn G. 
Durjrin, Is Id; r 250 Alden st, 

Doherty, A. J., Lawyer and Manufa'^turer, 
Clare, Mich. Cs various. 1876 m Alice B. 
Gleason, \3s Id. 

Doherty, Henry L., Multi-Millionarie, New 
York City, r 24 State st. 

Doherty, Henry Latham, Business Execu- 
tive, New York City. Gs Lotos, Engi- 
neers, r 60 Wall st. " 

Dobme, Alfred Robert Lotlls, Manufactur- 
ing Chemist, Baltimore. Cs American 
Chemical, Society of Chemical Industry. 
1893 m Blummer, now deceased, 
6d. 1909 m P3"1a Carl, Is; r Chestnut 
Wood, Eoland Park. 

Dohrman, J. W., Jr., Busine<=9 Executive 
and Sociologist, San Francisco. He is 
prominently identified with business and 
public affairs. Cs University, Commer- 
cial. 1905 m E. Plagemanny Ig 3d; t 3636 
- Washington st. 

Dobrmann, Theodore S,, Business Execu- 
tive, Cincinnati. Cs Cin'^innati Golf, Cin- 
cinnati Art. 1921 m Trenna Hufer; r 
^ 226 Glendale, Cliftt>n, Ohio. 

Dolan, Thomas 3rd. Business Executive, 
Devon. Pa. Cs Mnrkh.-^m. Radnor, Mill 
Dam, Racquet. 1921 m Edith Hutchinson 
Is Id. 

Doibeare. Fre<?eT-!-- "Ru^seU. Counselor, of 
Washington. Cs University of New York 
America" of London. 

Dole, Charlc? F''^tcber, Educator, .Jamaica 
Plain. Mass. Cs Twentieth Centnrv, Ap- 
palachian. 1873 m Frances Drummond, 
2s 2r1. 

Dole, Harold Sanfcrd, J^^my Official. Ja- 
maica Plain. Mpss. 1917 m Thalia How- 
f>-fl PT--i+>i. ifl: r 2 Greenouch ave. 

Co'e ^Tnthnn lo'-Vpii. w-iter, Boston. Cs 
AnthAr<5. Twentieth Cer+nrv. 1882 m He- 
len James Bennett, 3s Id. 

Dolph, Cyrus A., Army Officer, Portland, 
Ore. Cs Army and Navy, University, S. 
A.R., Society of Foreign Wars. 1905 m 
Anne Grace Shiner, Is 2d; r 1321 E. 31st 
St., Eastmore^and. 

Dolph, Mrs. Bxise Cardinell, Sociologist, 
Portland, Ore. 1885 m Curvs Abda Dolph 
3s Id; r 363 Park st. W. 

Dominick, Bayard, Jr,, Multi-Millionaire, 
New York Citv. Cs Rockawav Huiitiug. 
m Alice W. Hoyt; r'llS E.-54th st. 

Dominick, Geyer G,, Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs University, Racquet, 
New York Riding, m Cordelia Eleanor 
Hoyt, 2s Id; r Stamford, Conn. 

Dommerich, Otto L.,Multi-Millionaire,New 
York City, r 50 E. 69th st. 

Donaghey, George W., General Contractor, 
Oakland, La. Cs Countrv, Mason, Scot- 
tish Rite. 1883 m Louvenla Wallace; r 
2109 Gaines st.. Little Rock, Ark. 

Donahey, Victor, Governor, Oolumbus, O- 
hio. Cs various. 1895 m Edith Stirling 
Harvey, 6s 4d; r 1234 E. Broad st. 

Donald, John Douglas, Shipowner, New 
York Citv. 1916 m Mabel Wilson; r 24 
State St. 

Donald, Mortimer, Clergyman, of Helena, 
Mont. 1909 m Mabel Joyce King, Is 3d; 
r 1312 8th ave. 

Donald, William M., Physician, Detroit. Cs 
Country, Detroit Athletic. 1891 m Maud 
M. Douglas, Is Id; r 8120 Jefferson ave. 

Donaldson, Alexander Grosvenor, Archi- 
tect, Detroit. Cs Inglesido, Detroit Boat. 
1919 m Winifred M. Mac Lachlan, Is Id; 
r 8845 2nd ave. 

Donaldson, Bennett William, Lumberman 
and Cajtitalist, Pontiac, Mich. He is the 
owner and manager of a retail lumber 
business. Cs Brooklands Golf, Country, 
Aviation Countrv. 1910 m Bessie Dickie 
Is 2d; r 97 May Day ave. 

Donaldson, Edward B.,' Business President, 
New York City. Cs Engineers Country, 
.Jewelers, Sound View Golf. 1909 m Flora 
E. Scheer; r Douglaston, L.I. 

Donaldson, Francis, Consulting Engineer, 
Ne wYork Citv. m Anne H. Talbot; r 
Turkey Knoll, Tuckahoe, N.Y. 

Donaldson, John Willcox, Business Presi- 
dent and Aviator, New York City. Qs 
Ardsley, Manursing Island, Lehigh. 1917 
m Renee du Pont, 2s Id; r Trvington-on- 
Hudson, N.Y. 

Donaldson, T awrence Steadman, Merchant, 
Minneapolis, m Tsabelle Mac Donlad; r 
1712 Mt. Curve ave. 

Do"3lnson. Roderick D., Engineer, New 
York City. Cs Cornell. Montclair Athle- 
tic 1911 m Lydin H.Kirk, Is Id; r 29 S. 
_ Mountain ave., Montclair, N.J. 



Donalson, Bryant Wesley, Bealtor, Detroit. 
Cs Detroit Boat. 1921 m Irene McDonald 
r ir^jt) ^(_'\v;iril a\'e. 

Doney, Can Gregg, Educator, Salem, Ore. 
Cs Mason. 1893 m Jennie A. Evans, 2s. 

Donges, Ralph W. i!., Juiist, Camden, N. 
J. 1921 m Mrs. Lillian L. Mosebach; r 
Haddouf.eld, N.J. 

Donker, William, Merchant, Chicago. 1907 
m Ellen Stearns Backus, Is 2 ;dr 412 S. 
Wesley ave.. Oak Park, 111. 

Donlevy, Mrs. Alice Feighes, Author and 
Artist, Bronx, N.Y. Cs Art Workers. 

Donnan, William Stewart, Merchant and 
Sociologist, Richmond, Va. 1875 m Mary 
Currie Allen. 

Dounellan, James L., Business Executive, 
Brooklyn. 190 7m Delia M. Reilly, 2s 4d; 
r 371 Pacific ave. 

Donnelley, Clarissa, Sociologist, Chicago. 
Unmarried, r 4609 Woodlawn ave. 

Donnelley, Edward C, Business Executive, 
Boston. 1904 ra Mary J. Mahoney, 2s 2d; 
r 63 Commonwealth ave, Boston; and 
Beach Island, Cohasset, Mass. 

Donnelley, Tliorne, Business Executive, 
Chirafjo. Cs ('hicago, Cosino, Onwentsia, 
Shov'^ Acres. 1917 m Helen Pauling; r 
612 Deer Path, Lake Forest, III. 

Donnelly, Frederick W., Mavor, Trenton, 
N.J. Cs Masonic Order, Scottish Rte, 
Sons of Veterans, Patriotic Sons of Am- 
erica, Foresters, Eaeles, Rotary. 1895 m 
Eli^a Woolman Lukens, now deceased; 
Is 2d, r .^5 Fisher place. 

Donnelly, Thomas Elliott^ Printer anVb Ca- 
pitalist. Chicago. Cs various. 1899 m 
Laura Gaylord, 2s Id; r Green Bay road 
Lake Forest, 111. 

Donohoe, Edward E., Coal Operator, of 
Greensburg, Pa. He is engaged in the 
manufacture of coke. He is secretary 
and treasurer Potter Coal and Coko Com- 
pany. Cs various, m Martha Jane Pe- 
ters. 3s. 

Donohue, Joseph A., Millionaire, Menlo 
Park, Cal. 

Donovan, Harlow Phelps. Broker. St. Louis. 
1913 m Susan Mard Yarnall, Is; r Yar 
nail place, Kirkwood. Mo. 

Donovan, Henry F.. Editor and Publisher. 
Chicago. He is editor and publisher of 
Chicago Eagle. Cs Chicaifo Press, Coin, 
Numismatic, r 179 W. Wasiiington st. 

Donovan, Timothy R., Cnoitalist, Detroit. 
He is president First National Bank of 
Birmingham. Cs Detroit, Detroit Athle- 
tic. Forest Lake Countrv, Bloom.field 
Fills Country, Pine Lske Country, Avia- 
tion Country, Red P'ln Countrv. West- 
chester Biitmore Count'^v. Seaview Golf. 
1910 m Elizabeth Bigelow; r Bloomficld 
Hills, Mich. 

Donovan, William J., Lawyer, Washington. 
He is prominently identified with busi- 
ness and public affai s. Cs Buffalo, Sa- 
turn, Country of Buffalo, University of 
New York, Racquet and TeTnnis of New 
York, Metiopdlitan, iiacquet. National 
Press. Burning Tree. 1914 p.i Ruth Rum- 
sey. Is Id; r 1647 30th st., N.W. 

Donworth, Albert Bernard, Lawyer, Cari- 
bou, Maine. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs S. 
A.R., Elks. 1904 m Marion Mclntvre, Is; 
r Caribou, Maine, and Houlton, Maine. 

Dcnworth, Charles Teaney, Lawyer, Seat- 
tle. Cs Colleee. 1918 m Evelvn Carey, Is; 
r 230 40th ave. N. 

Donworth, George, Lawyer and Jurist, of 
Seattle. Cs L'niversitv, Rainier, Seattle 
Golf, Country, Seattle Yacht, r 1220 7th 
ave., W. 

Donworth, Grace, Editor andArtist, Brook- 
line, INTa's. She is prominently identified 
with business and social affairs. Cs D.A. 

Doo^ey, Michael Francis, Banker. Provi- 
dence. He is prominentlv identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs American 
Irish Historical, Rhode Island Historical 
U.S. Catholic Historical, University.Pro- 
vifle'if'e C^tholir- New Yo^k. and Turks 
Head. 18^8 m Ellen Mc Manus; r 170 
Angell st. 

Dooly. Osnr Earle, Banker, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Metropolitan, Union League, Co- 
lumbia Y'acht. Westmoreland Richmond, 

-■ Bankers, Capitol City Atlanta, Ga., S.A. 
R.. Colonial Wars, m Mary B. Phelan; r 
The Black Walnuts, Turnerville, Ga. 

Doolittle, Roscoe Edward, Chemist, Chica- 
go. Cs American Chemical. Cosmos of 
Washineton. 1895 m Ivah Mav Stewart, 
2s: r 2217 Grant st., Evanston, 111. 

Door. Edward E.. Retired Physician and 
Editor. Des Moines Iowa. Cs American 
Medical, Knights of Pythias, Modern 
Woodmen. S.A.R. 1896 m" Mary E. New- 
man, Is; r 3302 University ave. 

Doortv. Charles Tilden, Broker, Buffalo. 
Cs Chamber of Commerce, Saturn, Army 
and Navv, Ancient Landmarks, Buffalo 
Scottish Rites, Automobile, Mystic Shri- 
ners. 1924 m Camille Van Duzee; r 577 
Linwood ave. 

Doran, George H.. Business President, New 
York City. Cs Union League, Rapublican 
Coffee House, Sleepv Hollow, Oakland 
Golf. 1895 m Mary' M. Cornell, Id; r 
Green Shutters, Ossining, N.Y. 

Doran, John Edgars, Business President, 
Spokane, Wash. Cs University, Spokane 
Country, Athletic. 1912 m Genevieve Pe- 
terson, 2s Id; r 702 3rd ave. 



Doran, John H., Coal Mining, of Wilkes- 
Barre, Pa. Cs Wj-oming Valley Country, 
Eittonhonse. 1913 m Euth C. Fuller, 2s; 
r 116 E. Butler st., Kingston, Pa. 

Dore, J. Hugo, Lawyer, Ville Platte, La. 
1914 m Emma Lou Joffrim, Is 3. 

Doremus, Cornelius, Lawyer, New York 
City. He is president Eidgewood Board 
of Trade. Cs Eidgewood Country. 1885 m 
Jennie M. Lake, 2d; r 230 Prospect st., 
Eidgewood, N.J. 

Dorety, Frec'erick G«rter, General Solici- 
tor, St. Paul. Cs Minnesota. 1904 m 
Frances French, Id; r 737 Osceola ave. 

Borland, Robert James, Manufacturers A- 
gent, South Pasadena, Cal. 1918 m Har- 
riet B. Boothe, 2d; r 2030 Oak st. 

Borland, W. A., Surgeon, Chicago. Cs Chi- 
cago Medical, Illinois State Medica,! 
Philadelphia County Medical. 1920 m 
Katliarine Keehn; r 3658 Pine Grove av. 

Borman, Budley M., Millionaire, Los An- 
geles, r 518 S. Van Ness ave. 

Borman, Rodenck /Itken, Business Exec- 
utive, New Yoik City. Cs Princeton Gra- 
duate, m Elizabeth C. Holden; r Law- 
rence Park, West Bronxville, N.Y. 

Born, Mrs. S?rnli Jane de la Montanya, 
Sociologist, San Francisco. She is prom- 
inently identified with social and charit- 
able affairs, m N.A. Dorn, now deceased 
r 1802 Pacific ave. 

Borr, John Van Norstrand, Metallurgical 
Engineer and Chemist, New York City. 
Cs ]Minin!T and T'^etnllic, Society of Che- 
mical Indupt'ie«, Engineers, Century, 
Chemists, r 247 Park ave. 

Borr. "^■'''i'l'am G-iey. Architect, Minneapo- 
lis. 1017 m Kate Martin, 2d; r 2111 W. 
52nd St. 

B'^rr?n''c, Ge'^rP'e Mrr"is, Ph-''Bician and 
Pi-vfreon, Pbi'adel'^hia. Cs Unive'-sity, 
Pa'^nijpf. Philadelnhia Country. 1921 m 
Fm'lv B. T^"-. T"? Id- r 1530 Locust st. 

3)f>r- r-r>r,e^ Jo'^n M., ]VTil'ionaire, Houston, 
Texas, r 9 Courl-landt nlace. 

Bor^pn'-e -To^n Tlx^mnTin, Business Exec- 
utive. C-^r^dpn, N.J. He is prominently 
i'^pr.tif'Pfl '"•i+h b'-siress and p'^blic af- 
fairs. C" TTTiivp'-"-t-<% Eacauet, Manufac- 
ture'«. Ph'lade^'^hia Cnuntrv, Pen and 
Ppti^.u, r».>"-n Town, Te'^hnolorry, Phila- 
delphia >'•<■. Seaview Golf- "^^ew York 
Vppl't. Pa'tiTT-orp Co""try. 1906 m Ethel 
IVfallinc'odt Is 4d: r Pimona Far-^-s. Cin- 
T-^minson, N.J.. and Woodcrest, Radnor, 

rr-r"ri'P Pp»>-npi M.. Cle^pf'^man. New 
T-..'. f.;^.. p., TT„^,.orfi n'-of-||Tafp. xri Sa- 
--■'. ^•''or,^■ r ?,?^ y 98*ii st. 

pr-r-*- Jrjrra A.. T^^'n-^rvr "PorVplpv. Cil. Cs 

Ar^^i ->-"nd Navy. 191 8m Catherine Wool- 
sey, 3s. 

Bosker, Nicholas H., Banker and Lawyer, 
Louisville, Kv. Cs Pendennis. 1917 m 
Sallie Ewing Marshall, Is Id; r 308 Wil- 
low ave. 

Eoswell, Menard, Clergyman, New Oikani 
Cs Round Table, m Zoe L. Hann; r St. 
George 's Rectory, 1500 Cadix st. 

BosweLi, Menard, Jr., Clergyman, Jackson- 
ville, Fla. Cs Eound Table, Timuquaia 
Country, Florida Count; y. 1916 m Zoe 
Louise Hann, 3s; r St. John's place. 

B'Osmoy, Susan Leroy Dresser, Sociolo- 
gist, Pont Audemer, Euro, France. 1899 
m Viscount D 'Osmoy, Id; r 10 rue de 
Cronstadt, Nice. 

Botterer, Louis P., Dentist, Charleston, S. 
C Cs:' Country, Carolina Yacht, m Eliza- 
bet Frost Creddinger, Is Id; r 102 
Broad st. 

Doty, Madelaine, Lawyer and Author, New 
York Citv. 1919 m Eoger N. Baldwin; r 
70 5th ave. . 

Boty, Paul, Engineer, St. Paul. Cs Univer- 
sity, Yacht, Army and Navy. 1S92 m 
Thcodosia Stiles; r 427 Portland ave. 

Bouds, Herman, J., Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs Engineers. Lawyers, 
Chevy Chase. 1896 m Lucile Slusser; r 
Marie Antoinette Hotel. 

Boubleda■'^ George, Multi-Millionaire, New 
York City, r 26 73rd st. 

Boubled.-'.y. RusseU. Editor, Garden City, 
L.I. Cs Pilling Rock. Plavprs, Authors. 
1901 m .Tanet Mac Donald; r Bavville, 

Bcup-an, Peter M., Eetire^i Business Execu- 
tive, Savannah. Ga. 188^? m Elizabeth A. 
Mills, 38.4tl; r 17 E. 31st st. 

Boup-hertv. TT^ifTcg tt.. Business President, 
New York Citv. 1905 m Helen Curtis, Is 
Id- V Wa-^inc^ton. B.C. 

Bcuf^berty ■^U'-seP. Kere^e-"^, Business Ex- 
e-^'rti^-e, New Yo^k City, m Bertha 
^'K'sUs,: r Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, 

Dou'^hten, Js-'fo 'r.. Ptone Broker, Phila- 
delphia. Cs P^il"'lplphia Cricket. 1907 m 
Elizabeth / ber-'ombie, "« Id; r 240 W. 
Obp-tnrt •'vp. Chestnut Hi'l. 

Do"Fhty. Td-mprd Tro^bv, B"«ine«s Exec- 
utive. Np"' Yo'^k ^'itv. m Gc-trmlp R. 
Ri'ssei. Is Id; r 32 Hoxfpv, Williams- 
to"n. M'""=. 

Doughty. Ricbfrd H.. B"siness Executive, 
Detroit. C'5 TTniveT-sitv, Detroit Athletic, 
Countrv, Detroit Tennis, m Kathleen G. 
Rumney, 3d; r 24 Me Kinley road.Grossa 
p-;„+p F-^-^iQ, Mi'^h. 

B^"-b^v. ■'^'■iUiam Kow-rH, jr., Educator 
'^^"ilMa^^'-tfiwu, 3'"a'-<^. f'o Vapnltv. \ , i]. 
liams College, TpcopI'^ '!nlf. 19P5 m Ly. 
<lia Sanfozd Vail, 2s Id. 



Douglas, Albert, Lawyer, Washington. Cs 
Metropolitan, Chevj- Chase. 1880 m Lu- 
cia Taylor, Is Id. 

Douglas, Archibald, Millionaire, New York 
City, r Spuyten Duyvil. 

Douglas, Archibald G., Business Executive, 
St. Louis, m Elizabeth E. Warner; r 
5206 Washington ave. 

Douglas, Charles Edson, City Manager, Du- 
buque, Iowa. Cs American of Military- 
Engineers. 1905 m Marion Bemis, Is; r 
887 S. Locust St. 

Douglas, Davison McDowell, Clergyman 
and Educator, Clinton, S.C. 1903 m Ly- 
dia Welch, 2d. 

Douglas, Mrs. Demme, Sociologist, Detroit. 
She is prominent in business and public 
affairs, r David Whitney Bldg. 

Douglas, Donald B., Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Casino, Chicago, Saddle and 
Cycle, University. 1917 m Martha Clow, 
Is; r Lake Forest, 111. 

Douglas, Edgar Lee, Eetired Business Ex- 
ecutive, Atlanta, Ga. m Mary Fontaine 
Stokes; r 112 E. 14th st. 

Douglas, Edwin Thomas, Business Execu- 
tive, Buffalo, N.Y. Cs Buffalo, EUicott, 
Country, Athletic, Saddle and Bridle, m 
Edna S. Wilkins; r 558 W. Ferry st. 

Douglas, George P., Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Minneapolis. Cs Univer- 
sity, Yale, Minneapolis, Minneapolis Ath- 
letic, W^oodhill, Minekahda, Lafayette, 
Automobile, Graduate, Massachusetts 
Chapter Mavflower Descendants. 1899 
m Bessie T. Pettit, 3d; r 2424 Park ave. 

Douglas, George William, Educator, Cler- 
gj'man and Author, New York City. He 
is honorary Canon of Cathedral of St. 
John the Divine of New York City. Cs 
Union League, University, Automobile 
of America, Clericus. 1884 m Cornelia de 
Koven Diekev; r Tuxedo Park, N.Y. ; 
and in winter 5 E. 88th st.. New York 

Douglas, Mrs. Gertrude Douglas, Singing 
Teacher, Philadelphia. 1895 m George 
William Douglas; r 1112 S. 46th st., W. 

Douglas, Herbert W., Banker and Capita- 
list, New Brighton, Pa. 1905 m Ida B. 
Harris, Is Id; r 498 15th st. 

Douglas, J. Edmoni, Realtor, New Orleans. 
Cs Stratford, Pound Table, Lawn Ten- 
nis. 1920 m Josephine Janvier, 3d; r 
1316 Harmony st. 

Douglas, James H., Manufacturer, Chicago. 
He is vice-president Quaker Oats Com- 
pany, and of American Sugar Eefining 
Com]>any. Cs Chicago, Old Elm, Athle- 
tic. 1891 m Inez Boynton, 2s; r 4830 

Woodlawn ave. 

Douglas, John, Surgeon, New York City. 
Cs New York Surgical, Hospital Grad- 
uates, University, Burn Golf. 1911 m 
Mrs. John T. Hoag, 2s; r 565 Park ave. 

Douglas, Kenneth R., Business President 
and Capitalist, Chicago. He is president 
National Contract Purchase Corporation, 
moving picture equipment. Cs Ilinois 
Athletic, Lake Shore Athletic, Hamilton, 
Yale, r Illinois Athletic Club. 

Douglas, Walter, Multi-Millionaire, New 
York City, r 1069 5th ave. 

Douglas, Walter, Mining Engineer and So- 
ciologist, New York City. Cs St. Andrews 
Golf, Century, Grolier, Eacquet and Ten- 
nis, Columbia. 1902 m Margaret Bell, 23 
3d; r 18 E. 53rd st. 

Douglas, Walter, Artist, New York City. 
Cs Salmagundi, American Water Color, 
r 264 W. 19th st. 

Douglas, Walter, Manufacturer, New York 
City. Cs Downtown Association, Racquet 
and Tennis, Century Association, Grolier 
St. Andrews Golf. 1902 m Marga'-et Bill 
2s 3d; r 953 5th ave. 

Douglas, Walter C, Aviator, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Yale Graduate. 1912 m Dorothy 
Topping, Is Id; r Greenwich, Conn. 

Douglas, Walter De Co., Jr., Business Ex- 
ecutive, Philadelphia. Cs University, m 
Ellen Hewson; r 5960 Drexel road," Ov- 
erbrook,. Pa. 

Douglass, Robert Dunn, Business Execu- 
tive, New York City. Cs Essex County 
Country, m Alice B. Grass; r Blvth- 
dunes, Palm Beach, Fla. 

Douglass, Robert Dunu, Business Execu- 
tive, West Orange, N.J. Cs University, 
Merchants, Automobile, Essex County 
Country. 1872 m Eva Burke Day, 2s; V 
Llewellyn Park. 

Douglass, William Angus, Eetired Business 
Executive, Oak Park .111. Cs Oak Park, 
Union League, Chicago, Oak Park Coun- 
try. 1889 m Eliza Kingman, 3s Id; r 
317 N. Kenilworth. 

Douw, Charles Gibbons, Civil Engineer, 
Schenectady, N.Y. Cs Mohawk, Yale, r 

Dove, John, Business Executive. Litchfield, 
Conn. Cs Cosmopolitan. 1904 m Maria 
Walton Trimble, Is. 

Dove, Percival, IMechanical Engineer, An- 
dover, Mass. 1903 m Alice Loring Bar- 
ker, 3s 2d. 

Dovenmuehle, Geors-e H.. Broker and Capl- 
tnlist, Chicago. Cs Athletic, and Sunset 
Pidre Country. 1922 m Mary E. Dver, 
Is Id: r 526 Willow road, Wiiinetka, 111; 

Dow. Albert Nelson, Forester and Capita- 
list, Exeter, N.H. m Florence Griffin. 



Dow, Caroline B., Eetired Teacher and 
Business Exenitive, New York City. Cs 
Womens, MacDowell, Vassar all of New 
York. Unmarried; r Seamoor, Glen Cove, 

Dow, George Francis, Editor and Author, 
Boston. Cs American Antiquarian, New 
England Genealogical, Preservation of 
New England Antiquities. 1906 m Alice 
G. Waters; r Tapsfield, Mass. 

Dowd, Charles N., Physician, New York 
City. Csi Century, Williams, Sleepy Hol- 
low Country. 1908 m Christiana Nos- 
trand; r 138 W\ 58th st. 

Dowd, Herman Laurence, Doctor, New 
Y'ork City. Cs Princeton Graduate. 1917 
m Alice Richard, Id; r 123 E. 53rd st. 

Dowd, J. Henry, Physician, Author and 
Lecturer, Buffalo. 1908 m Stella McClow 
Id; r 437 Franklin st. 

Dowd, William Stu?rt, Orchardist, Park- 
dale, Ore. 1905 m Julia Magruder Phil- 
lips, 2s 2d. 

Dowd, Wyllys E., Jr., Mechanical Engi- 
neer, New York City. He is prominently 
identifipd with business and public af- 
fairs. Cs Union, Racquet and Tennis, En- 
gineers, Y^ale. 1920 m Anne E. Clement, 
Is Id; r 850 Park ave. 

Dowell, Sprieht, Business President, Au- 
burn, Ala. Cs Scottish Rite Masons, and 
Knights of Pythias. 1898 m Camille Ear- 
ly. 3s 2d: r Auburn. Ala. 

Dowle, Horace, Consulting Engineer, New 
Y^ork City. Cs New Y'ork Electrical. 1900 
m Frances Sillcocks Gulick, Id; r 180 A 
Madison st., Brooklyn. 

Dowley, Michael Francis, Mercantile Man- 
ager, Detroit. 1905 m Nora Firth. 1« 3d; 
r The Georeinn. 1P81 Palmer Park blvd. 

Dowling, Albert Henry. Jr., Organist and 
Composer, Erie, Pa. r 549 E. 6th st. 

Dowling, Mark Tempel, Realtor, New York 
City. Cs Algonquin, Braeburn, Tedesco, 
Lawyers. 1920 m Helen Powers, Id; r 
1034' 5th ave. 

Dowling, Robert E., Multi-Millionaire,New 
York City, r 332 W. 83rd st. 

Dowmann, R. H., Millionaire. New Orleans. 
Cs Boston. 1888 m Anne Cameron, 2d; r 
2525 St. Charles ave. 

Downer, Charges Alfred. Professor, New 
York Cit--. r College of the City of New 
Downer, De^avan B., Naval Officer, New 
York City. Cs Chevy Chase, Army and 
Navy, Washington, St. Nicholas. 1916 m 
Elsie Bloodgood, Is Id; r 1219 Madison 
ave., N.Y.C. ; and Montolokine, N.J. 
Downer, James Walker, Educator, Waco, 
Texas. Cs American Geographic. 1909 m 
Cornelie Wingham, Is 3d; r 1016 S. 

5th st. 

Downer, Victor, E.', Business President, 
New Y'ork City. Cs Y''antakauh Country, 
Newark Athletic, Union. 1883 m Mary 
Moulton, Is 4d; r Rutherford. 

Down:r, William Victor, Business Execu- 
tive, Buffalo. Cs S.A.R. 1885 m Helen 
Louise French, 2s ;r 111 Anderson place. 

Down^s, Frederick A., Insurance Presi- 
dent, Philadelphia. He is president of 
Keystone Mutual Fire Insurance Com- 
1 any. Cs Union League, Art, Pen and 
Pencil, Associates, Thirty-two degree 
Mason, Shrine. 1888 m Mary H. Bur. 
gess, deceased; 1915 nr Catherine M. 
Marr, Is '.Ul first marriage; r Elmcrest 
N.J.; and 144 Kingshighway, Haddon. 
field, N.J. 

Downes, Frederick O., Lawyer, Boston, Cs 
Mason, Odd Fellows, Improved Order of 
Red Men. 1886 m Josephine Poole; r 111 
Victoria st. 

Downe"), Louis W., Retired, Providence. 
Cs Hope, University, Agawam. m Mary 
Ij. Scagrave; r 67 Planning st. 

Downey, Frandt Chase, Banker Indianapo- 
lis. Cs Columbia, Exchange, Mason. 1908 
m Nellie Bowman, Is; r 324 E. 55th st. 

Downey, Harold L., Secretary, New York 
City. Cs Apawamis, Army and Navy, Co- 
lonial Wars, Yale, New York Society, r 
122 E. 76th St. 

Dcwnev, John Florin, Educator. ^Nlinneapo- 
lis. Cs American Mathenntical, Six O'- 
clock, Knife and Fork. 1896 m Margaret 
F. Downev, 2s; r 2109 Blaisdell ave. 

Downey. John L, Millionaire. New York 
City. Cs Apawamis. m Sarah F. Read; r 
mo F. 69th St. 

Downey, Leonard S.. B'^siness E-^p'^utive, 
New York Citv. Cs Wykacyl Country, 
Gipsv Trnil. Camr*. Advertising, m Ma- 
rion Bnvlis: r 145 Center ave.. New Ro- 
chelle, N.Y. 

Downey. Pobinson F.. Lawyer and "Rnnker 
Wnsiii'^eton. Cs Chevy Chase, Waynes- 
bur? Country. Wfi<^hiTigton Archneologl- 
^nl. 19^1 m Jean W'ilson, Id; r Waynes- 
brrg. Pa. 

Dowrpng. ColumMa. Millionaire, Bruns- 
V i''k. Gn. V 825 Edgniont st. 

Dovninp. Fd'^prd Bai'ev, Business Exec- 
I'tiye. Seat+^le, Wash. Cs University, anfl 
Seattle Golf. 1909 m Clara Settmaler 
A daTTs, Id. 

Do-wnin?, George Valentine, Chemist. Sa- 
lem, Va. Cs Haverford, American Chemi- 
cal. 1921 m Dorothea Bean Jones; r 243 
N. Market st. 

Downing. John Franklin, Banker, Kansas 
City, Mo. Cs Kansas City University, 
Country, Athletic. 1898 m Jessie Burn- 
ham, Is Id; r 520 E. Armour blvd. 



downing, Spencer B., Business President, 
Philadelphia. Cs Uniuu League, Meiiou 
Crieivet. 1916 m Mae Duross Patterson, 
Is Id; r Spenmac College avc., and Tun- 
bridge road, Haverford, Pa. 
Downing, Thomas Stalker, Business Exec- 
utive, Philadelphia. Cs Haverford. 1913 
m Alary Valentine Fox; r Torresdale, 
Downs, Joseph P., Banker, of Edgewood. 

Texas. 1898 m Beulah Todd, 2s 3a.- 
Downs, Lawrence Aloysius, Eailway Offi- 
cial, Savannah, Ga. Cs Glee, Irving Lit- 
erary, Oglethorpe, Savannah Golf, Chi- 
cago Athletic. 1901 m Ida May Mulli- 
gan, Id; r 110 E. 46th st. 
Downs, M. Kose, Realtor and Capitalist, 
Seattle, Wash. Cs Eainier, Olympic Driv- 
ing and Riding. 1920 m Marion Lilly, Is 
Id; r 2859 33rd st. South. 
Dows, Tracy, Farmer, New York City. Cs 
Knickerbocker. 1903 m Alice T. Olin; r 
Froxhollow Farm, Rhinebeck, N.T. 
Dowse, William Bradford, Lawyer, Boston. 
Cs Riding, Country, Exchange, Massa- 
chusetts Historical, Colonial Society of 
Massachusetts, American Antiquarian. 
1883 m Fanny Lee Eeed, 3d; r 412 Bea- 
con st. 
Dowse, William Bradford Homer, Lawyer 
Boston. 1900 m Jennie G. Coote, 2s 2d; r 
Manhasset, N.Y. 
Doyle, Edward P., Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs Madison, m Janet C. 
Ferine, 3s 2d;'' r 936 Sterling place. 
Doyle, Michael, Exporter and Manufactur- 
er, New York City. Cs Rochester, Ro- 
chester Historical, Rochester Engineer- 
ing. 1889 m Anna M. Laurer, 2s 2d; r 
285 Oxford st. 
Dozier, Lewis D., Business Executive and 
Sociologist, St. Louis. Cs Country, Rac- 
quet. 1911 m Elizabeth Overton, 2s; r 
St. Louis Country Club Grounds, Clay- 
ton, Ohio. 
Drain, James Andrew, Lawyer, Washing- 
ton. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs; and is a 
successful lawyer. Cs Washington Golf 
and Countrv, National Press, Congres- 
sional, Snokane, S.A.R. 1891 m Ethel 
Marsland Is 4d; r Marsland on Potomac 
and in Snokane. 
Drake, Benjamin S., Business President, 
New York City. Cs Georgia Society of 
New York, the' Southern Society of New 
York. 1920 m Blanche Aimec; r Wilton, 
Drake, Carl B., Physician, St. Paul. Cs 
Town and Country. 1910 m Louise D. 
Hadlev; r 435 Portland ave. 

Drake, Durant, College Professor, Pough- 

keepsie, N.Y. 1908 m Anna White. 
Drake, EUet B., Business Executive and 
Capitalist, Omaha, Neb. Cs Chamber of 
Commerce, University, Elks, Mason, r 
1021 W.O.W. Building. 
Drake, George S., Millionaire, St. Louis. Cs 
Universitv, Racquet, Country, Florissant 
Yallev. 1911 m Mvrtle Clark; r 3800 Lin- 
dell blvd. 
Drake, Harry Trevor, Business President, 
St. Paul. Cs Minnesota, White Bear 
Yacht, Town and Country, University, 
S.A.R. 1882 m Emma Bigelow, 3s; r 485 
Portland ave. 
Drake, John B., Business Executive, Chica- 
go. Cs Chicago, Racquet, Hamilton, On- 
wentsia, Tolleston. 1897 m Jessie K.Mc 
Clellan, 2s 2d; r Drake Hotel. 
Drake, Lauren Jay, Business President, 
New York City. Cs Yacht, Manhasset 
Bay Yacht, Transportation, North Hemp- 
stead Country, Franklin, Wanango Coun- 
try. 1903 m 'Edith Love, 3d; r Koslyn, 
Long Island, N.Y. 
Drake, Orville Glenn, Broker, New York 
Citv. Cs Lawyers, Essex County Coun- 
try', m Ruth Terry, 2d; r 393 Melrose 
place. South Orange, N.J. 
Drake, Stephen A., Business President, 
Canton, 111. Cs Rotary, Elks, Mason, Cen- 
turv. Knights Templar, Mystic Shrine, 
Knights of Pythias, Illinois Athletic, 
Countrv Peoria, Country Galesburg of 
Galesburg. 1888 m Caroline S. Snyder, 
Id; r 20 W. Elm st. 
Drake, Tracy Corey, Business President, 
Chicago. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs Chi- 
cago Athletic, Lake Geneva Country. 
1S93 m Annie Daughaday, 2s; r Lake 
Geneva, Wis. 
Drane, Herbert Jackson, Insurance Broker 
Lakeland, Fla. Cs Mason. Shriner, Elks, 
Knights of Pvthias, Odd Fellows, Wood- 
men. 1885 m Mary Wright, Is 2d; r Hill- 
crest Estate. 
Draper, Arthur J., Millionaire, Charlotte, 

N.C. r Harvard place. 
Draper, Arthur Joy, Business Executive, 
Boston, m Lily D. Voorhies; r Hopedale, 
Drar)er, Benianiin Helm Bristow.Manufac- 
turer and Multi-Millionaire, Hopedale, 
Mass. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Boston, 
Tennis and Racquet. Harvard, Exchange 
New Riding, Skating, Boston, Brookline 
Country, Hope. Agawam Hunt, Tatnuck 
Countrv, New York. 1907 m Queena San- 
ford, 3s; r The Crossways. 



Draper, Clare Hill, Treasurer, Hopedale, 
Mass. Cs Yale, Boston, Yale, Ne'.v York 
Mago.iusi-ofk Golf, Hvannispoit Golf, 
Franhlin Golf. 1902 ni Matilda Grace, 4s 'Id; r Hopedale and Hyaii- 
iiisport, ^Mass. 

Draper, Eten L',, Business Execuitve and 
Statesman, Kopcdale, Mass. Cs Union, 
Somerset, Tennis and Eacquet, Metro- 
politan of Xew York. 1919 m Ruth Ij, 
Carroll, ]d; r 301 Berkeley st., Boston, 
and Hcpedale, Mass. 

Draper, Lrnest G-., Business Executive, of 
Washington. Cs Amherst Graduate, Uni- 
versity, Hamilton. 1911 m Mary Childs; 
r til Prospect Park, West Brooklyn. 

Draper, r:ec!erick F.lliott, Lawver, Trov, 
X.Y. Cs Troy. 1903 m Kptharinr- Peh- 
bles Stubbs, now deceased; Is Id. 1915 
ni Mary .Tanet ]\Trnn, Is Id; r 172 2rd av. 

Draper, George ©'•'s. Mannfacturor and 
Autlior. }kIilfo'(l. iNl'^ss. He is president 
ISniford Holding Company. Os Engineers 
Framinphari Countrv.Magomiscock Golf. 
1923 m LtIv Ducan,'2s. 

Draper, Ja'".es Avery, Physician, Wilming- 
ton, Del. He is surgeon Delaware Hosni- 
tal and St. Francis Hospital. Cis Wil- 
mington, Country, Universal, Vincent 
Hunt, Medical of Pliiladel^hia. 1905 m 
Elsie Ta"^'lor Ford. 2s; r Pennsylvania 
ave. and Tower road. 

Draper, Jefpe. Pealtor, Atlanta, Ga. Cs 
Piedmont Driving. Capitol City, Druid 
Hill Golf, Nine O "Clock, Army" and Na- 
vy. 1913 ni Constance Knowles; r Chero- 
kee road, Tnck-t' House. 

Diaper, Walter ^Hamp, RTilToad President 
Cincinnati. C'' Coimtry, Queen City, Bus- 
iness Men's, Comirercial, Commonwealth 
Optimists, Literary, Couvier Press. 1897 
m Elizabeth Denver Mc Crea, Is 2d; r 
3740 Clifton ave. 

Dravo, Fr"nn's Pora-cl, Engineer, Pi<-ts- 
burgh. C^ Dun'osne, University. Edge- 
worth and Alleffheny Country. 1893 m 
Fanny Mc]^,''artin; r 607 East Drive, Se- 
wicklev. Pa. 

Dray, Gail, L,nv,-ver, Chicago. He is as. 
sistant coui f el Union Trust Company. Cs 
South Shore Country, University, Ex- 
moor Country, Harvard Yale Princeton. 
LTnmarricd; r Webster Hotel. 

Drayton, Char'es Fenry, Business Execu- 
tive. Charlof-ton, S.C. Cs Carolina Yacht 
Charleston. 19"'"' m Emilv A. Beatty, 2s; 
r lii32 N. 19' h st., Washington. 

Drayton, Harry C, ^ rmy Officer, Long Is- 
Irrd N.Y. Cs vniious. 1921 m Mrs. Sid- 
i^e- B ock: r Mitchell Field. 

Ery on, Henry Coleman, Banker, New 
York Citv. Cs Travelers, Union, Harvard 
Turf and Field. 1922 m Catherine L. 

Hamersley; r 7 E. 49th st. 

Drayton, Eenry Edward, Eetired Business 
Executive, Philadeljihia. Cs Eittenhouse 
Penllvn. in Anna Mas!:ez, 2s; r Cedars, 
Penllyn, Pa. 

Draytcn, James Coleman, Business Execu- 
tive, New York City. Ci S.A.R., Union, 
m Charlotte Augusta Asto:-, 2s 2d; r 55 
E. e5th St. 

Dra'itcn, Viola GrrxT Gebbe, Illustrator, 
Now York City. Unmarried; r 140 W. 
57th st. 

Errei-, I':v-. / nrr. V/fl-lar^r-, Poci-logist, 
Ro^e'-o'-*-, Pa. Cs Acorn, New Century, 
Meiion Cricket, Lakota. 1881 m William 
Frcdrii'k Drew, Ir; r Wentwo'-'h. 

Diefs, Arthur George, Business Executive 
and Ca' i+^a'ist, St. Louis. He is secretary 
anr^. tre-^siirer McOuay Norris Manufac- 
turinfK- Co- pany. Cs Metropolitan, Al- 
gonorin Golf, Detroit Athletic. 1921 m 
Cla^a A. Newman; r 66 '3 Kingsbury 

Brc-rrre Martin J., Manufacturer and Ca- 
pitr^li^!t. Grand Rapids. lVfi'--li. Cs Pennin- 
sul-^r. Highland Country, Furniture, Cas- 
cade Country. 1905 m Bertha Hoult, Id; 
r 555 Rosewood ave. S.E. 

Dreibelbi" Louis. Realto'- and Capitalist, 
Butte M' nt. He is president and man- 
ao-er Nei^-bro Drug Company. Cs Bagdad 
Temple ''hrine. 

Ere^c>-ev. William A. E.,T)-ea«nrer. Roches- 
tor. N.Y. 1890 m Anna J. Rausch, Is 2d; 
r Fast A venue. 

Dres-er, Ca^l K., Oil Producer, Tnlsa.Okla. 
I"e i" an i'ldenendent oil opera+^or and is 
se'^eto— o,n(-[ treasurer of S. R. Dresser 
l^^^anufacturinor Comnany. Cs Tul=a, Tul- 
sa Conntrv, Tulsa Universit-''. Prin.^oton 
of New York. Bradford of Bradford. Pa. 
1916 m Pauline Van der Voort, 2s; r 235 
W. 18th St. 

Dre<^se?-, Evan .A. Cc^k, Bnnker, New York 
CiH^ ic>iQ m Doroth^r Young; r 127 Riv- 

r.rc'Bler, George, BiT^iness Pie"ide"t, New 
Yrr.k Cit-. Cs Unitv of Brooklvn. 1888 
r- Annie ^'". ^^lichaels, 2d; r 70 Prospect 

r--v. W-+. 

Pv^-'-'er. ^'-c"r. Peti'-ed Busi"'^-- ^'""n,New 
York City. 1SS7 rn l^.linna Pfcil, Is, now 
deceased; Id. 

Erexr, Gi'man /r'hrr. Bio'r.-i'-'-, Er^gle 
Lake, Fla. Cs Ame^i^an of Zoologists, 
American of Natura'ists. 1902 ni Len;i 

Drev/. Tewis M., Banke-, i:^vde Pak Vt. 
Cs Mason, Shrine. 1919 m Mary R. Ste- 
vens, Is Id. 

Drev;el, W. F., Banker and Railroad Pres- 
ident, Charleston, 111. Cs Coles Country, 
Mason. 1906 ni Lvdia Neese. 



Drewey, William Sidney, Business Execu- 
tive, Rielurond, Va. Cs Westmoreland. 
1910 m Virfrinia Watkins, 2s; r 300 X. 
Lombardy st. 

Drewry, Jame^ Sntton, Business Executive, 
Cincinnati. Cs Queen Citv. 1910 m Janet 
Louise Mra'ch; r Stepping Stones, Fern 

Drewry, Patrick Kenry, Lawyer and Capi- 
talist, Petersburg, Va. Cs Westmoreland 
Country. 1906 m Mary E. l^Ietcalf, 3s; r 
200 S. Sycamore st. 

Drexel, Anthory Joserh, Jr., Biisiuess Ex- 
ecutive, Chateau de Bou^'bois, France. Cs 
Eacq-et and Tennis, Phila. 1910 ra Mar- 
jorie G. Gould, Is 2d. 

Drexel, Georre W. ChH'^'', Business Exec- 
utive and Ca'dtalist. Philadelphia. Fe is 
vice-president Drexel Institute. C* New 
York Yacht, Corinthian Yacht, Country. 
1891 m :\Iarv L. Prick: r Bryn Mawr Pa. 

Drexel, John ■'^.. Multi-Millionaire, New 
York City, r 1 E. 62nd st. 
Drexel. John R., J'., Bnsi'iess Executive, 
Philadelrhia. Cs Knickerbo^'ker. m Eli- 
zabeth Thompson: r 30 E. 60th st. 

Drey, Walter, Business Executive. New 
York City. Cs Quaker Ridfre Go^f, Ad- 
vertising-. 1900 m Carrie Wolff, Is Id; r 
95 Hamilton ave. New Ro-'he'le, N.Y. 

Drevfus, Fmil. Merchant, New York City. 
1910 m Hortense Heimbach, Is Id; r 230 
W. 99th St. 

Dreyfus. Louis G., Jr.. Foreign Service Of- 
ficer, Washington. Cs various. 1917 m 
Grace Hawes. 

Dreyfr.s, Moise, ^Merchant and ^laimfac- 
turer, Chi'-ago. ^c is president Ohio 
Iron a^^d IMetal Comn-^nv, and Ciiited 
States Crushed Stone Cnmnany. C'< Chi- 
c^oro. Republican. Standard. Lake Siiore 
Country. 1901 ri Ca'olyn Stern, Is 4d, 
r 3033 Sheridan road. 
Crushed Stone Conmany. 

Dreyfus'". Teo^^a d, Business Executive, 
New York Citv. Cs Ne^-ak >^hletic, 
Down Town. 19('9 m Blanche Steinhardt, 
r 88 Girard place, Newark, N.J. 

Drigjrs, Lawrence LaTcure*te, Lawver and 
/•uthor, New York City. Cs C donial 
Wars, S.A.R., St. Nicholas, Pilqrrims, 
Huguenot. 1904 m Ma^y Ogden; r 1140 
5th ave. 

Drinker. Ceril Ken*, Educator. Boston. 1910 
m Katharine L. Rotan, Is Id; r 71 Raw- 
son road. Brookline, Mass. 

Dru^'C". T'enry ''t're-i°. Rehired Universl- 
tv Prf^=-ideiit, Be^'hlchem. Pa. Cs Univer- 
sity- of Philadelphia. 1879 ni Aimee Er- 
Jiestn Beaux. 4s 2d: r Merion. Pa. 

Dri^coU. Conrad G.. Business Executive, 
Minr.eapolis. Cs Minneapolis, Minnesota, 

Univerdty, St. Paul University, Univer- 
sity of Chicago, Minckahda' 1912 m 
ClrrlottQ N(_,tt, 13 id; r 1891 James avo. 

Driscoil, Coarse F., Business President, of 
B (oklyn. Cs B ooklvn Elks, Crescent 
-Uh'e'tic, St. -Mbr.ns Gclf. r 470 9th st. 

D:i:coIl, lo'.tise, Writer, Catckill, N.Y. r 
67 Spring st. 

Driver, John C, Retived Business Execu- 
tive, Santa Barbara, Cal. Cs University, 
Golf. 18P4 m Adele L. Kinzie, 2d. 

Driver, Water Z?., Business President, Chi- 
cago. Cs Mason, Shriner. 1894 m Grace 
Deane, 2s; r 5452 W. Walton st. 

Trce-ch, Lotus A., Building Contractor, of 
Richmond Fill, New York City. 1922 m 
Dorothy Straub, Id; r 22121 ■l70th st., 
Queens Village, L.I. 

Dro'linger, Ziba L., Army Officer, Wash- 
ington. Ke is professor military science 
and tactics at Boston University. Cs Ar- 
my and Navy of Boston, University of 
Boston. 1917 m Valeria Le Conte Gar- 
rard: r 24 Newbury st, Boston. 

Drowne, Henrv RttssoI, Retired Merchant, 
Nev.- York Citv. 1886 m Edith Mav Mit- 
chell, Id: r 306 W. 7Sth st.; and 130 Bay 
View, Atlantic Highlands, N.J. 

Dium, A. L., Consulting Engineer, Chicago. 
Cs Chicago. 1900 m Jane Hunter, Id; r 
32 Bellevue place. 

Drummrnd, James Herlert, Lumber Mer- 
chant, St. Andrews, Fla. Cs Knights of 
Pythias, Mason. 

Diummond, L. Wymen, Multi-Millionaire, 
New York City, r 436 W. 22nd st. 

Drury, Frank A.dams, Banker, Worcester, 
Mass. IsOl m Ellen S. Proutv, Is. 

Drydern, Helen, Artist, New" York City. 
Unmarried, r 9 E. loth st. 

Dryden, Lindsay Dyson, Business Execu- 
tive, Baltimore. 1918 m Sophia Howard 
Post Duvall; r Hill Top, Mt. Washington 

Dryfcos, Ctto E., Millionaire, New York 
City, r 970 Park ave. 

Duane. A"exander, Author, New York City. 
Cs Uuiversitv. 1891 m Susan Williams 
Gait; r 139 E. 37th st. 

Duane, Arthur, Retired Business Exeeu. 
tive, New York CitT. Cs Calumet, Argo- 
nauts Boat. 1SS6 m Julia R. Drake; r 
lf8 E. 34th St. 

Duane, Fiank'in, Enc-ineer, Wilmington, 
Del. Cs Ma'vland. 1901 m Catharine N. 
Cnrpenter, is Id. 

Duane JTarry Eiewster, A'^ev-hpiit and Ca- 
pitalist, Boston. Cs -^ ItTouquin. Essex 
Country, Manchester Yacht, Exchange, 
C'^ngressional Country,Annisquam Yacht. 
1900 m T-abcl;\ i?, Id; r 113 
Bcr.:cn zt. 



Duane, James Chatham, Business Execu- 
tive, Brookline, Mass. Cs Algonquin, 
Brae Burn Country, Commonwealth. 1876 
ni Mary Lehnemann, 3s Id; r 137 Lein- 
tou road. 

Duane, Richard Bache, Banker, New York 
City. Cs Eittenhouse, Princeton, Univer- 
sity of New York. 1917 m Felicity C. 
Clark, Is Id; r Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

JDuane, Russell, Lawyer, Philadelphia. Cs 
Philadelphia, Harvard University. 1899 
m Mary Burnside Morris, 2s Id; r 2628 
De Laneej' place. 

JJuana, William, Professor, Boston. Cs So- 
merset, Harvard. 1899 m Caroline Elsie 
Ravenel, 3s Id; r 496 Commonwealth av. 

Du Barry, Joseph N., Broker, Philadelphia. 
Cs Racquet. 1915 m Ella Brock, Is. 

Dubillier, William, Inventor and Consult- 
ing Engineer, New York City. Cs Acade- 
niique d 'Histore International, Institute 
of Radio Engineers. 1923 m Florence 
Don, Is; r Beechmont Park, New Ro- 
ehelle, N.Y. 

Dublin, Louis I., Insui'ance Executive, 
New York City. 1908 m Augusta Salik, 
2s 2d; r 790 Riverside drive. 

DuBois, Ernest Blois, Business Executive, 
San Francisco. Cs University, Montecito 
Country, Colonial Wars, American Re- 
volution. 1919 m Helen C. Heberton; r 
Paraiso Escondillo, Montecito, Santa 
Barbara, Cal. 

Da Bois, Eugene T., Physician, New York 
City. Cs American Phvsiological, Cen- 
tury. 1910 m Rebeckah'Rutter, 2s Id; r 
1215 Park ave. 

Du Bois, Henry A., Agriculturist, Turlock, 
Cal. 1909 m Beatrice E. Van Fleet, 5s 2d. 

DuEois, John Ezekiel, Lumberman, Du- 
Bois, Pa. Cs Union League. 1897 m Wil- 
lie Lipton Gamble; r 305 E. Du Boise av. 

DuBois, Lester W., Engineer, Brooklyn. Cs 
Knickerbocker, Field, Boston Hill Golf, 
Mechanical Engineers. 1918 m Helen Al- 
thea Schmidt, Id. 

Du Bose, Prancis Groodwin, Physician and 
Surgeon, Selma, Ala. He is prominently 
identified with business and public af- 

Du Bose, Horace MeUard, Clergyman, of 
Nashville, Tenn. 1881 ni Rosa Chancv, 
now deceased. Id. 1899 m Mrs. Gertrude 
Vaugn Amis. 4s Id: r 810 Broadway. 

Du Bose, William G., Naval Officer, Wash, 
ington. Cs New York Yacht, Chevy Chase 
Armv and Navv. 1899 m Elizabeth Jas- 
per, "is; r 2640 Garfield st. 

DuBose, William Richards. Retired Busi- 
ness Executive, Washington. Cs Army 
and Navy, Chevy Chase. 1875 m Katie 
Wade Bibb; r 1850 Kalorama road. 

Ducey, James G., Lumberman, Detroit. He 

is prominently identified with business 
and public affairs. Cs Athletic, Racquet, 
Curling, Muskegon Country, Midwick 
Country of Pasadena, Cal. 1921 m Adeic 
L. Lucke; r 1224 S. EI Molino ave., Pa- 
sadena, Cal.; and Muskegon, Mich. 

Ducharme, Charles Albert, Business Presi- 
dent, Lake Park, Grosse Pointe, Mich. 
Cs Yondotega, Detroit, Country, Detroit 
Automobile, Country, Automobile. 1881 
m Caroline Bell Philbrick, 2s; r 5 Lake 

Ducharme, Charles B., Manufacturer, De- 
troit. Cs Yondotega, ITjiiversity, Coun- 
try. 1911 m Isabel Bradbeer, 2s Id; r 
365 University place, Grosse Pointe. 

Ducharme, Prederick Trampe,Retirod Man- 
ufacturer, Detroit. Cs Detroit, Country, 
Univcrsitv, Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe 
Hunt, m Caroline M. Canfield, Id; r 982 
Burns ave. 

Duckett, A. W., Business President, New 
York City. Cs Royal Automobile, Uni- 
versity, Chateaugav Fish and Game, St. 
George 's Society. 1891 m George Bucha- 
nan; r Chateaugay, N.Y. 

Dudensing, Frank, Art Dealer and Busi- 
ness Executive, New York City. 1891 m 
Louise Gatterdin, 3s. 

Dudgeon, Matthew S., Librarian, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. Cs City, Kiwanis. 1900 m 
Mabel Cunningham, 2d; r 724 Hackett 

Dudley, Frank Alonzo, Lawyer, Niagara 
Falls, N.Y. Cs Bankers, Niagara, Nia- 
gara Falls Country. 1890 m Etta Brown; 
r 626 Pine ave. 

Dudley, Harry Hubbard. Banker, Concord, 
N.H. Cs Wonolancel, Snow Shoe. 1883 m 
Anne Bartlett Minot, 2s; r 89 N.State st. 

Dudley, Percy Sheldon, Lawyer and Fin- 
ancier, New York City. Cs Hamilton, 
University. Mid-Day. r 159 Willow st., 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Dudley, Robert K., Business Executive, 
Nashville, Tenn. r Rosebank ave. and E. 
Riverside blvd. 

Dudley, T. H., Banker, Santa Monica, Cal. 
Cs California, Los Angeles. 1922 m Mrs. 
Louise R. Williams. 

Dudly, Raymond C, Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs South Shore Countrv, Rac- 
quet, Knollwood Countrv, Midlothian 
Country, S.A.R. 1903 m Lillian Mc Car- 
thv. Id; r Ambassador Hotel. 

Duel, Arthur B., Physician and Surgeon, 
New York City. He is prominentlv iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Harvard, Racquet and Tennis, Grolier 
Calumet, American Otological, American 
Medical, New York Otological, New Am- 
merican Medical. 1907 m Mary Key 
Crawford, Is Id; r 4 E. 65th st. " 



Duemeland, Henry John, Wholesale Grocer 
and Capitalist, Bismarck, N.D. He i?; sec- 
retary, treasurer and manager Bismarck 
Grocery. Cs Town and Country, Elks. 
1921 m Mildred Marie Cramer, Id; r 10.3 
Avenue B West. 

Di:er, A. Adgate, Business Executive, Bal- 
timore. Cs Green Spring Kennels, Balti- 
more, Country. 1914 m Ellen Gowen Ro- 
Innson, Is 2d; r Rogers Station, Steven- 
son Postoffice, Md. 

Duer, Edward Alexander, Railroad Exec- 
utive, Cni'Hli'n, X..T. 1916 ni Dorothe-i 
King: r 212 N. 5th st. 

Duer,E dward I-., Salesman, Philadelphia. 
Cs Merion Cneket. 1918 m Elizabeth 
Richmond Atv,-ood, Id; r Haverford, Pa. 

Duer. John Van Bnren, Electrical Engineer 
Altoona, Pa. 1911 m Aline Savine Haines 
Is: r 9'^S 27th st. 

Dueir, Edward A., Banker, Buffalo. Cs 
Athletic, Buffalo, Transit Valley Golf, 
n. Helen M. Legrett, Id; r 1457 Abbott 

Duff. -Tobn, Millionaire.New Bedford.Mass. 
r 479 Comity st. 

Duf field, Francis, Physician. Detroit. Cs 
Wavne Countv Medical. 1900 m Helen 
Muir, Is .3d: r 1130 Parke- ave. 

Duf field. Georffc Eethune, B'^ pin ess Exec- 
utive, Detroit. Cs Country, Grosse Pointe 
Aviation. Town and Coi:ntry, University 
Detroit Boat. 1922 m Marie Tabor; r 
771 !~Jpn"''in]e ave. 

Duffield, Henry Green, Treasurer, Prince- 
ton, N.J. Cs Nassau, Princeton. 1899 m 
■Florence Lydia Morrell; r 130 Library 

Duffield. Foward, Clergyman, New York 
City. Cs Centurv, Colon = nl Wars. S.A.R., 
Fr'guenot, S+. Nir-h'^lps. T^ord of Masons. 
l,«'^'7 TT> Katha-ine Nash Greenleaf, Is 3d, 
r 20 5th ave. 

Ev^je''' MTT'r T?.. Realtor, Detroit. Cs In- 
djpn Village. Pont. 1912 r^ R\ith McChes- 
ney, 2s Id; r 2151 Seminole ave. 

Dn'fy, Edvard, Lawver, Baltimore. Cs Ma- 
rvland. Universitv. 1898 m Chloe T. 
Sams, 3d: r 128 W. Lanvale st. 
Duffy, Frank J., Business President, Nat- 
chez, Miss. 
Duffy, James Buck!ey, Railroad Official, 
I OS Aneeles. Cs Bohemian, San Francis- 
co, California. Gamut. 1903 m Florence 
M. Witts, Is Id. 
Duffy, Walter J., Millionaire, Rochester. 

r 270 Seneca parkway. 
Dnfner, Edward, PoTtraitPainter, of New 
York City. Cs Salmagundi, Allied Ar- 
tists of America, Lotos, National Arts, 
r 939 5tli ave. 

Dugar, John Frederick, Educator, Auburn, 
Ala. 1891 m Fannie A. Camp, 3s 3d. 

Duggan, P. Richard, Cotton Broker, New 
York Citv. Cs Nassau Country, Wheat- 
ley Hills' Golf, New York Cotton Ex- 
change. 1913 m Elise Urquhart, 2s Id; 
r H Williston, L.I. 

DuHamel, James Francis, Patent Lawyer, 
Washington. 1893 m Lola Lamar Young, 
r 2732 Ontario road. 

Dnke, Benjamin N., Multi-Millionaire, New 
York City, m Sarah P. Angier; v 511 
5th ave. 

Duke, Charles Clarke, Banker, Baltimore. 
1909 m Marie Van Sant; r 2811 Mosher 


Duke, Frank W., Accountant, Richmond, 
Va. Cs Westmore, Hermitage Country. 
1919 m Caroline A. Coleman; r 3608 Se- 
minary ave. 
Duke, James C, Millionaire, Dallas, Texas. 

r 3002 Maple, ave. 
Duke. John R., Bank Supervisor, Olympia, 
Wash. 1902 m Leonah M. Warren. Is 3d. 
Duke. Victor Leroy. Edu'-ato-. Redlands, 
Cal. Cs Rotary. 1898 m Louise Wempen. 
Duke, WiJlJPm W.. Phvsician. Kansas Citv, 
Mo. Cs K^nsa^: C'<-v Conntrv. University 
Kansas City. Kansas Citv Beigle. 1920 
m Frances M. Thomas, Is Id; r 5924 
CakAvood bbd. 
Duker, A. F., Banker, Quincy, 111. Cs Rot? 
Prv. "Pn-Q Onin^v C'-untry. 1890 m Eli- 
zabeth Br)wl<-«. Is Id. 
Du^a. Oalo C, INTultiMillionaire, New York 

Citv. Cs Racquet, r 31 E. 79th st. 
Dulasey, Beni'^min lewis. Corporation Of- 
ficial and P'inancier, Wnshingtou. He Is 
prominently identified with business and 
lubli^' iff airs. Cs Archaeological, Na- 
tioTil Croogranhical. ^Metropolitan, Law- 
vp-c, Ar+Q. r Bristol, Tenn. 
Dulany, William Henry, Lumberman. St. 
Louis. Cs Bellerive Country, Glen Echo 
C"'"itrv. Unmarried; r 4761 W. Pine 
Dr?rn. Td^rir G., Retired Br-^-ines? Exe^'n- 
tive, Los Angeles, m Jean B. Garrettson, 
:•■;. J 1: >• •.'(ion Wi'Fhire blvd. 
Dulin, Hanson Lee., Manufacturer and Ca- 
pitalist, Knoxville, Tenn. He is president 
Springfield Woolen Mills, and president 
Knoxville Fertilizer Company. Cs vari- 
'":s. 1892 m Eugenia Bell, Id; 
Dules, Joseph Heatley, Realtor, Philadel- 
phia. Cs St. Davids Golf. 1917 m Anna 
B. B. Brinton, 2d; r 202 Midland ave., 
Wayne, Pa. 
Dumaine, Frederick C, Millionaire, Bos- 
ton, m Elizabeth Thomas; r Concord, 



Dumont, Wayne, Lawyer, Patterson, X.J. 
He is prominently identified with bus- 
iness and public' affairs. Cs Pomfret, 
Fish and Game, Hamilton, Areola Coun- 
try. 1S98 m Sallie Insley Hunt, 2s; r 
Elmholm. N..T. 
DuMoulin, Frank, Clergyman and Capita- 
list, Philadelphia. Cs Union League,Penn 
Athletic. . 

Dumper, Arthur, Clergyman, Cincinnati. 
Cs College. 1903 m Grace Sargent, 2s; r 
510 Mt. Prospect ave., Newark, N.J. 
Dunbar, Alexander, Banker, Pittsburgh. Cs 
Field. 1903 m Jennie Erquhart, Id; r 
6301 Bartlett st. _ 

Dunbar, Arthur White, Captain m Navy, 
Washington. Cs University, Army and 
Navy. 1896 m Maud Stuart, 2d; r 3229 
Klingle road. . 

Dunbar, Franklin Asaph, Phvsician, Boni- 

ta Cal. 1902 m Mary Lydia Hobart. 
Dunbar, Philip R., Business Executive,Bos- 
ton. Cs Harvard, m Clara B. Lilly: r oo 
Howland road. West Newton, Mass. _ 
Dunbar, Ralph W., Business Executive, 
Boston. Cs Harvard, m Elizabeth Whel- 
den; r 2S1 Tappan st., Brookline, Mass. 
Dunbaugh, Frank M., Business President, 
New York Citv. Cs Lawyers, Siwanoy 
Country. 1889 m Sallie E. Bennett 2s 
Id- T 177 Summit ave., Mt. \ernon, N.Y. 
Duncan, Albert Greene, Mechanical Engi- 
neer, Boston. He is prominently identi- 
fied with business and public affairs, r 
50 Kilbv St. 
Duncan, Alexander Edward, Banker, Balti- 
more He is prominent in business and 
public affairs. Cs Maryland, Elkridge 
Hunt, Green Spring Valley, Merchants, 
Press Baltimore Country, Westbrook 
Countrv, Mansfield. 1900 m Flora E.Ross, 
Id- r 105 Wendover road, Guilford. 
Duncan, Andrew Cole, Business Executive, 
St Louis. 1922 m Eugenia V. Barroll, 
Id- r 110 Arundel place, Clayton, Mo. 
Duncan, Arnold Kell, P^si^^an, New Or- 
leans. Cs Boston, Round Table. 1903 m 
Annot Taught, Is Id; r 1927 Octnvia st. 
Duncan, Brooke Helm, Realtor and Capita- 
list, New Orleans. Cs Audubon Golf. 
1916 m Bel nice B. Steele, Is 2d; r oo20 

LnSalle st. .„ .. x a* 

Duncan, Guilford, Business President, bt. 

Louis Cs Beilerive Country, University, 

Deer Plaine, Yale, Round Lake Wishing. 

1903 m Emma Larimore Aull, Id; r 100 

Aberdeen place. . -kt „ 

Dmcan, Henry S., Business President,New 

York Citv. 3s Id; r Catskill, N-^- ^.^ 
Duncan, James, Granite Cutter and Editor, 

Ouiney, Mass. Cs Masons, Elks. 1887 m 

Lillian Holnian, Is. 

Duncan, James H., Realtor, Baton Rouge, 
La. m Sylvia Norman, Is 2d; r Delmont 
Duncan, Nicholas W., Millionaire, LaSalle, 

Hi. r 630 3rd st. 
Duncan, Peter S., Business Executive, of 
Pittsburgh. Cs Duquesne, Union League. 
m Annie Sweitzer; r Hollidaysburg, Pa. 
Duncan, Stuart, Merchant, New York City. 
Cs Metropolitan, Calumet, New York 
Yacht, Tuxedo, Piping Rock, St. An- 
drews, Newport Reading Room. 1900 m 
Jermain Stoddard, 2s; r 22 E. 47th st. 
Duncan, William Butler, Business Presi- 
dent, New York City. Cs Knickerbocker, 
New York Yacht, Piping Rock, National 
Golf, Hope. 1891 m Blanche Havemeyer, 
2s 2d; r 115 E. 72nd st. 
Dunham, Clayton A.,Engineer, Gleneoe, 111. 
He is president C. A. Dunham Company. 
Cs Union League, Lake Shore Athletic, 
Skokie Country. 1916 m Beth M. Robin- 
son; r 150 Maple Hill road. 
Dunham, Harvey George, Manufacturer, 
Brooklyn. Cs Baltusrol Golf. 1904 m 
Margaret S. Jackson, Id; r Prospect Hill 
Summit, N.J. 
Dunham, Henry Goodrich, Banker, Scran- 
ton, Pa. 1895 m Louise Shindel; r 1533 
Wyoming ave. 
Dunham, Henry Morton, Organist, Compo- 
ser, Brookline, Mass. m Helen Hammond 
r 1501 Beacon st. 
Dunham, Lewis L., Millionaire, New York 
City. Cs Whippany River, m Geneva C. 
Sandusky; r 300 i?ark ave. 
Dunham, Mary Dows, Physician, New York 
City. Cs Colony, Cosmopolitan. 1893 m 
Edward Kellogg Dunham, Is Id; r 35 E. 
68th St. 
Dunham, Otis Emerson, Lawyer and Busi- 
ness President, Cambridge,Mass. Cs Con- 
gressional Country Washington. 1901 m 
Mina Blaney, Is' 2d; r 204 Dodge st., 
Beverly, Mass. 
Dunham, Robert J., Millionaire, Chicago, r 

1521 N. State parkway. 
Diuiham, Robert J., Business Executive, 
Chicago, r Blackthorn road, Winnetka,Ill 
Dunham, Samuel Gwiley, Business Execu- 
tive and Millionaire, Hartford, Conn. He 
is chairman of board Hartford Electric 
Light Company. Cs Hartford. 1881 m 
Alice Collins, now deceased; Is 5d, r 
1030 Asylum ave. 
Dunham, Walter Lee Banker and Capita- 
list, Detroit. He is vice-president First 
National Bank. Cs Detroit, Detroit Ath- 
letic. Grosse Pointo Country, Bankers. 
1906 m Maud Van Wormer, r 790 Semi- 
nole ave. 



Dunham, Wirth S., Manufacturer, Wayne, 
111. Cs Chicago, University, Casino, Sad- 
dle and Cycle, Saddle and Sirloin, Har- 
vard all of Chicago, m Mary Louise 
Ward, 2d. 
Dimk, A. O., Manufacturer, Detroit. Cs De- 
troit Athletic, Town and Country, and 
Pleasant Eidge. 1901 m Edella Watkins, 
Is Id. 
Dunkels, Ernest, Lawyer, London. C3 Bath. 
1909 ni Frances Stanton Van Nostrand, 
Is 3d; r 17 Berkeley st., and at Wood- 
hurst, Maidenhead, England. 
Dunlap, Frederick, Educator, Columbia, 
Mo. Cs Royal Society of Arts. 1906 m 
Florence Hallowell, 2s Id; r 1500 Uni- 
versity ave. 
Dunlap, John R., Editor and publisl er, of 
New York Citv. Cs Greenwich Country. 
1S86 m T. P. Pollock, 2s Id; r 120 W. 
S2nd St. 
Dunlap, Knight, Educator, Baltimore, r 

500 W. 33rd st. 
Dunlap, Millard F., Banker, Jacksonville, 

111. 1879 m Jensie R. Marsh, Is Id. 
Dunlap, Robert Henry, Marine Officer, 
Quantieo, Va. Cs Army and Navy, Rac- 
quet, Peking of China. 1905 m Katha- 
rine Thomas Wood; r 1758 K st., Wash- 
Dunlap, Wallace Perry, Business Executive 
and Capitalist, Buffalo, N.Y. Cs Buffalo 
Wanakah Country, Rotary, Grosso lie 
Golf and Country. 1921 m Margaret E. 
Leonard, 2s; r 187 Wellington road. 
Dunlap, Will, Knox, Business Executive, 
Pittsburgh. Cs University, Engineers of 
New York, Oakmont Country, Edgewood 
Country. 1896 m Elizabeth Berger, Is 
Id; r 516 Highland ave. 
Dunlap, William Anson, Manufacturer, of 
Pittsburgh. Cs Oakmont, Duquesne. m 
Alice Stenson, Is Id; r 4861 Ellsworth 
Dunlop, Mrs. Bertha Warner, Y.M.C.A. Ex- 
ecutive, Rochester, N.Y. Cs Womens Ci- 
tv, College Women's. 1916 m G. Quincy 
Dunlop, Id; r 1208 Lake ave. 
Dunlop, Charles D., Insurance Executive, 
Providence. Cs Agawam, Hope, Turks 
Head. Rhode Island Country, m Eosema- 
rv Conwell; r 140 Blackstone blvd. 
Dunlop, William Laird, Business Execu- 
tive and Capitalist, Washington. 1908 m 
Bessie Lee Powell, Is Id; r 1921 19th st. 
Duim, Arthur Wallace, Journalist and Au- 
thor, Washington. Cs Gridiron, Chevy 
Chase, National Press. 1890 m Lillian J. 
Lash. Is: r 2400 Massachusetts ave. 
Dunn. Charles R., Business Executive, De- 
troit. Cs Detroit. 1896 m Ethel B. Stark, 
now dcrensed. Id; r 156 Westminster av, 
Dunn, Clarence, Banker, VanMeter, Iowa 

Cs Mvstic Shrine. 1903 m Nina Summer, 
Is Id". 
Dunn, David C, Builder and Capitalist, Los 
Angeles. He is prominent in business and 
public affairs. 1896 m Bessie M. v^roby, 
Id; r 224 N. Rossmore ave. 
Dunn, Frederick Sherwood, Lawyer, Wash- 
ington. 1922 m Gordon Woodbury; r 
3126 O St. N.W. 
Dunn, Harris Ashton, Banker, New York 
City. Cs Union Lague, LTptown, Somer- 
set Hills Country, Pilgrims, New Eng- 
land Societv, Sons of Revolution. 1905 
m Ella Turner, Is; r 138 E. 79th st. ^ 
Dunn, Henry E., Business President, New 
York City. Cs Merchants, Princeton, Es- 
sex Country. 1896 m Elizabeth Wade- 
worth Ives, 2s Id; r 7 E. 92nd st. 
Dunn, Ignatius J., Lawyer, Omaha. 1900 ra 

Maud M. Wingrove. 
Dunn, John M., Army Officer, Washing- 
ton. Cs Army and Navy. 1916 m Mrs. J. 
G. Von Rensselaer, Id. 
Dunn, John W. G., Business Executive, St. 
Paul. C? Athletic, m Alice Monfort, 3s; 
r 1033 Lincoln ave. 
Dunn, Morrill, Business Executive, Chica- 
go. Cs Chicago, University of Chicago, 
Saddle and Cycle of Chicago, Harvard 
of New York. 1899 m Anna Chapman, Is 
2d; r Natchez, Miss., Ravenna. 
Dunn, Neil Harrison, Banker, Hastings, 
Neb. Cs Mason. 1912 m Gratia Green, 3d, 
r 816 N. Hastings ave. 
Dunn, Waldo HUary, College Professor, 
Wooster, Ohio. 1907 m Fern Greenwald, 
Is 3d; 703 Qninby ave. 
Dunn, William Frank, Publisher, Chicago, 
Cs Oak Park Country, Chicago Athletic, 
Chicago Yacht, m Mabello V. Hutchings 
Dunne, Edward S., Lawyer and States- 
man, Chicago. Cs Iroquois. 1881 m Eliza- 
beth J. Kelly, 5s 4d; r 737 Garden ter- 
Dunning, Alden W., Banker and Business 
President, New York City. Cs Union 
League, Press, Bankers, m Mary K. 
Hughes; r 570 Park ave. 
Dunning, David M., Banker, Auburn. N.Y. 
Cs Owasco Country, Auburn City, Union. 
Dunning, Ernest Lawrence, Business Pres- 
ident, Baltimore. Cs Merchants, Balti- 
more Yacht, Chamber of Commerce, and 
Bachelors Cotillion. 1902 m Norah K. 
Lamon, Is Id; r Ruxton, Md. 
Dunning, George A., Business President, 
Philadelphia. Cs Philadelphia, Nassau. 
1898 m :Mnrtha G. Binney, 2s 3(1: r 
Cogslea, Allen lane. Chestnut Hill, Pa. 
Dunning, Morton Dexter, Fruit and Poul- 
try Raiser, Vieland, N.J. 1899 m Mary 
Kingsbury Ward; r E. Park ave. 



Durmingan, Jotn J., Architect, New York 
City. 1908 m Margaret Gilligan, 2s 2d; 
r 2715 Grand Concourse. 

Dmiscomb, George Hoyles, Banker, Chica- 
go. Cs Bankers, Chicago Athletir, Ex- 
moor Country. 1918 m Ruth Coffin Col- 
lins, 2d; r 261 Linden Park place, High- 
land Park, 111. 

Dunton, Arthur J., Lawyer, Bath, Maine. 
1913 m Madelyn P. Cl'ifford, Id. 

Dupee, William Arthur, Wool Merchant, 
and Capitalist, Bostc/U. Cs Somerset, 
Harvard, Dedhani, Massachusetts Auto_ 
iiKibile. 1901 m Clara Ethel Purdon, Is 
:!d; r 7 Fairfield st. 

Dupell, Alonzo E., Business President, of 
Brooklyn. Cs Mason, Elks. 1915 m Agnes 
V. Smith, Is; r 156 Lafayette ave. 

Du Pont, A. Felix, Business President and 
Sociologist, Wilmington, Del. He is prom- 
inently identified with business and 
public affairs. Cs Wilmington, Art, Phil- 
adelphia, Bankers, New York, Universi- 
ty, Pennsylvania, New York, Corinthian 
Yacht. 1902 m Mary R. Chichester. 2s 3d 

DuPont, Alfred I., Multi-Millionaire, Wil- 
mington, Bel. Cs Rittenhouse, Engineers, 
m Jessie D. Ball; r Nemours. 

DuPont. Mrs. Bessie Gardner, Sociologist, 
Wilmington, Del. Cs Acorn. 1887 m Al- 
fred Irenee DuPont, Is 3d. 

DuPont, Coleman, Manufacturer and Br;nk- 
er, Wilmington, Del. Cs American of Me- 
chanical Engineers, Engineers and Ar- 
chitects, American of Mining Enginee'"s, 
Rittenhouse. Southern, Philadelphia,Me- 
tropolitan. Lawyers, Manhattan. 

DuPcnt, E. Paul. Business Executive, Wil- 
mington, Del. Cs Rittenho'ipe, Philadel- 
phia. Corinthian Yacht. 1910 m Jean K. 
Foulke. 5s: r Montf^hinin, Del. 

Dxi-Pont, Elizabeth Carbv Bradford, Socio- 
logist, Greenville, Del. 1875 m Alexis 
Irenee Dunont, 2s 2d. 

DllPont, Ernest, 'MiTlti-Millionaire, Wil- 
mington, Del. r Kenneth Pike. 

DrPont. Ethe! F'eet Hallock, Socioloeist, 
Chri'itipna FT-ndrpd, DpI. Cs Acorn. 1899 
m Williim Kenible DuPont. 

DuPont, Francis Irenee, Sociologist, Phila- 
delphia. Cs Universitv. 1897 m Marianna 
Rhett, fis 3d: r 1424 Spruce st. 

DuPont, Francis V., Business Executive, 
New York Citv. Cs Country of Wilming- 
ton. 1917 m Katharine Clarke, Is Id; r 
814 Broome st., Wilmington, Del. 

DuPcnt, Hen'-y F., Business Executive, of 
New York City. Cs Huguenot Society, 
Knickerbocker, Metropolitan, University 
Philadelphia. 1916 m Ruth Wales, 2d; r 
280 Park ave. 

DuPont, Irenee, Business Executive, Wil- 
mington, Del. 1900 m Irene Sophia Du- 

Pont, Is 8d; r Granogue, Del. 

DuPcnt., Lamotte, Multi-Millionaire, Wil- 
mington, Del. Cs Wilmington, m Bertha 
Lane; r Pennsylvania ave., and Rising 
Sun lane. 

DuPont, lamotte, Multi-Millionaire, Phil- 
adelphia. Cs University, Metropolitan, 
Wilmington, m Alice Belin; r Longwood 
Kenneth square. Pa. 

DuPont, Pierre S., Multi-Millionaire, New 
York City, r 22 E. 47th st. 

DuPont. T. Ccleman Multi-Milliouaire, 
Wilmington, Del. Cs Wilmington. 1889 
m Alice Du Pont, 5d. 

DuPont, William, Manufacturer and Bank- 
er, Wilmington. Del. Cs Knickerbocker. 
1892 m Annie Rogers, Is Id; r Bellevue 

Du Pre, Daniel AUiston, College Professor 
Spartanburg, S.C. Cs American Geogra- 
phical. 1900 m Helen C. Stevens, Is 3d. 

Durrie, Wil'iam A., Jr., Lawyer, New York 
Citv. Cs Columbia University. 1920 m 
Clio Robertson, Is; r 160 Claremont ave. 

DuPuy, Herbert, Business Executive,Pitts- 
burgh. Cs Allegheny Country,. Golf, Du- 
quesne. 1879 m Amy S. Hostetter, Is Id; 
r 646 Morewood ave. 

Durand, Harry Stewart, Banker, of New 
York Citv. He is prdminently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs Uni- 
versity, Yale, Bankers of America, Green 
Meadow Country of Rye, Round Hill 
Country Greenwich, Conn. 1916 m Mil- 
dred Holmes, 2d; r 35 E. 63rd st., and in 
Greenwich, Conn. 

Durand, Lucia Relf Kemper, Sociologist, 
Milwaukee, AVis. 1898 m Loyal Durand, 
2s 2d; r 384 Lake drive. 

Durand, Scott Eloane, Sugar Merchant, of 
Chicago. 1894 m Grace D. Garrett; r 
Lake Bluff, 111. 

Durant. E. Noel, Bankc and Capitalist, 
San .Francisco. 1920 m Margaret Holmes 
r 2101 -Van Ness ave. 

Durand, \ William Cripo, Business Presi- 
dent and Multi-MilUonaire, New York 
Citv. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Lotos, 
Calumet. T'nollwcod Golf, Deal Golf, 
Detroit Athletic, r 907 5th ave. 

Durban George Edward Manu^ac'^urcr, 
D.iyton, Ohio Cs :Miami Vp' ev Polo I'ud 
H;"nt, Davlon Cminlrv, Baz ' Fu^. 1904 
m Edith Friend, Id; r 3? N. Pprry i?t., 
Blossom Heath Fills and Dales. 

Durbln. Fletcher N., ^tanufacturer, Chica- 
go. Cs Chicago. Union Lencrue, Saddle 
:;nd Cycle, Indian Hill, University, m 
Hazel West, Is Id; r 1449 Astor st. 

Durbin, H. E., Business President, Cleve- 
land. Cs Knights of Pythias, m Mary E. 
Adams, 2s 3d;> 10600 Euclid st. 



Durbin, Winfield Taylor, Banker and Mau- 
iifacturtT, AiickTsonJnd.Cs Thirty- three 
degree Mason. 1875 m Bertha McCul- 
lough, Is. 

Uurbin, William N., Manufacturer, Ander- 
son, Ind. 1893 ni Peach Pierce, I3; v 3234 
Washington blvd., Lidlanapolis. 

DuiTcU, George B., Millionaire, Cleveland. 
Cs Kirtland, Union, Country. 1S93 m 
Genevieve Hill. Is 2d; r 3145 N. Park 

Durfee, Charles, Lawyer and Statesman, 
Stinefort, 111. Cs Knights Templar, Ma- 
son, Modern Woodmen. Is Id. 

Durfee, Edgar N., Professor, Ann Arbor, 
Mich. 1911 m Amv Eleanor Savage, 23 
Id; r 1926 Day st.' 

Durham, Joseph Edward, Lawyer, Phila- 
delphia. Cs Union League, Philadelphia 
Country, Pelham, Livingston. 1881 m 
Nellie* Stranahan; 3s 2d, r ^U9 "W. 
Johnson st., Gerniantown, Pa. 

Durham, Myron R., Banker and Business 
President, New Haven, Conn. Cs Yacht 
AutomoMle, Knights Templar. 1886 m 
Hattie A. Brockett, Is Id; r 291 Town- 
send ave. 

Durham, Raymond E., Business Executive, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago, Racquet, Union 
League, Midday, Indian Hill City. 1909 
m Eleanor A. Gregory, 2s Id; r 808 Au- 
burn ave., Hubbard Woods, 111. 

During, Harry M., Business Executive,New 
York City. Cs Lawyers, Scarsdale Golf, 
Catholic, Catholic Historical. 1912 m J. 
W. Hayes, Is 3d; r 972 Woodcrest ave., 

Durke, James Stanley, University Presi- 
den, Washington. Cs Canadian, Federal 
School Men's, Mason. 1897 m Florence 
M. Bobbins, Is Id; r 2407 6th st., N.W. 

Durkee, Eugene Winslow, Merchant, Elm- 
hurst, L.I. He is prdjiiiiiently identified 
with business and public affairs. 1878 m 
Emma F. Brigham, now deceased; 2d. 

Durkee, Frank William, Professor of Che- 
mistry, Tufts College, Mass. Cs Ameri- 
can Chemical, Chemical Industry, Am- 
erican Electrotechnical, Advancement of 
Science, New University, Boston. 1895 
m Henrietta N. Brown, 2s Id. 

Durkee, Lewis; L., Business Executive. San 
Francisco. 1911 m Marion Lallv, 3s; r 
437 Lake st. 

Durkheimer, Julius, Wholesale Grocer and 
Capitalist, Portland, Ore. 1889 m Delia 
Fried, Is; r 221 24th st. 

Dume, William A., Lawyer, Troy, N.Y. Cs 
Knights of Columbus, Elks, St. Josephs. 
1907 m Catharine G. Dunn, 3s 2d; r 251 
Eiver st. 

Duross, Charles E., Eealtor and Business 
President, NeAv York City. He is presi- 

dent Duross Company, real estate dea- 
lers. Cs Catholic, Knights of Coliimbus. 
1901 m Anna T, Murley, 3s 6d; r 2850 
Marion ave. 

Dursln, Henry, General Manager, Woon- 
socket, E.I. 1892 m Philomene De Grane, 
Is Id; r Woonsocket, and Cumberland, 

Duryea, Jesse T.,Physician and Millionaire 
New York City. 1892 m Martha M. Bush 
2d; r Bronxville, N.Y. 

Duryee, Harvey Hoag, Realtor, Los An- 
geles. Cs Country. 1896 m Grace Bartlett 
Kissam, 1 Id; r' 2164 W. 20th st. 

Duryee, Peter S., Banker, New York City. 
Cs Racquet and Tennis, Lawyers, Hol- 
land, Knickerbocker Country, Englewood 
Field, Englewood. 1900 m Pauline J. 
Clephane, 2d; r Englewood, N.J. 

Duryes, Marshall Haven, Seed Merchant 
and Capitalist, New York City. Cs New 
York, West Side, m Nellie G. Bay lis, Is; 
r 245 W. 71st st. 

Dusenberry, James D., Engineer, Contrac- 
tor and Capitalist, New York City. He 
is president United Fireproofing Com- 
pany, Incorporated. Cs University, Nas- 
sau Country, Princeton, Westchester- 
Biltmore Country, American Legion, En- 
gineers, Princeton Engineering Society, 
Town and Country, Holland Society of 
America. 1912 m Anna Beatrice Cozzens 
2s Id; r 1049 Park ave. 

Dustin, Alton Clement, Railroad President 
and Lawyer, Forth Smith, Ark. 1915 m 
Estelle Mc Creary; r Wade Park Manor. 

Dutcher, John G., Millionaire, Pawling, N. 

Dutton, Arthur C, Merchant and Manu- 
facturer, Springfield, Mass. 1892 m Rose 
Garland Filer; Is 2d; r 36 Firglod ave. 

Dutton, Henry Foster, Business Executive, 
San Francisco. He is prominently iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Pacific Union, Bohemian, Burlingame 
Country, Golf and Conntrv. 1899 m Jane 
Dunn; r St. FraEcis Hotel. 

Duval, George L., Millionaire, New York 
City, r 200 Park ave. 

Duvai, Robert C, Jr., Lawver, Richmond, 
Va. 1918 m Mary G. Todd, Id; r 2305 
Park ave. 

Duval, William H.,Business President.New 
York City Cs Manhattan, Wyandauch, 
Cherry Valley. 1898 m Louise Whiting 
Guindin, Is; r Garden City, N.Y. 

Duvall, Julians Webster Qoldsborough, So- 
ciologist Baltimore. Cs Arundel. 1895 m 
Richard Mareen Duvall; r 212 W. Monu- 
ment st. 

Dxtvall, Richard Mareen, Lawyer, Balti- 
more. Cs University. 1895 m Juliana 
Webster; r 212 W. Monument st. 



Duvall, Trumbull Gillette, Educator and 
Author, Delaware, Ohio. 1894 m Delia 
Ogden; r Ohio Wesleyan University. 

Duveneck, Trancis B., Mechanical Engi- 
neer, San Francisco. Cs American of Me- 
chanical Engineeis. 1913 m Josephine 
Whitney, 2s 2d; r Palo Alto, Cal. 

Dvorak, Frank J., Banker, Cedar Rapids, 
Iowa. Cs Knights of Columbus, South 
Side Commercial, Chamber of Conimerce. 
1911 m Emma A. Lzicar, Is Id; r 2240 
Upland drive. 

D'Vys, Georf^e Whitefield, Author, Eowe, 
Mass. 1893 m Sila F. Scribner, Is. 

Dwisfht, Ar*lmr Emith, Bi^siness President, 
Xew York City. Cs Universitv, Engi- 
neers, Armv and ISTavy, Columbia Uni- 
versity, Engineers, Country, and North 
Hempstead of Long Island. 1895 m Jane 
Earl Reed; r Geat Neck. Long Island. 

Dwight, Fdjnund, Retired Business Man, 
New York Citv. Cs Countrv, Me<-rnpoli- 
tan, Renubliean, Metropolitan of Wa^'h- 
inqrton. B.C. Adirondack Leao^ue. 1881 m 
Mary F. Blake, now deceased. Id. 1896 
m Carolyn ^M^en, Id; r 840 Park ave. 

Dw'e'h^. John W.. Railroad Pv«^«ident, of 
Wafhinftnii. Cs Montgomerv Country of 
Marvland, Metropolitan, Chew Chase. 
1895 m Em->a S.ChiVIs: r 1765 R st..NW. 

Dwight, Jon?than. Ph-i-sician, New York 
City, r 43 \V. 70th st. 

Dwight, Kirby, Surgeon, New York City. 
Cs Princeton, University. 1909 m Gene- 
vieve Ketchum, Is Id; r lO-'S Madison 

Dwinr.ell, V illiam S., Finaneie-, Minnea- 
polis. Cs ^Minneapolis, Minekahda, La- 
fayette. 18S9 m Virginia Ingman, 3s Id; 
r 283 Groveland ave. 

Dyar, Kariicon Gray, Educator, Washing- 
ton. 1889 m Zella Peabodv, Is Id; r 804 
B St, S.W. 

Dyar, John Wilde, Business Executive, De- 
troit. Cs Detroit, University, Country, 
Grosse Poiute, Harvard New York. 1910 
in Anne Wallace Loomis; r 3000 Lincoln 
road, Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

Dyche, WilLam Andrev/, Banker, Evansfon 
111. Cs Union League, Bankers of Chica- 
go, Universitv of Chicago, Univeisity, 
Glen View. 1897 m Mav Bennett, now 
deceased, 2s Id: r 1882 Sheridan road. 

Dy lA,eexancler Vincent, Commercial At- 
tache, Buenos .-^ ires. Arerentina. Cs Ma- 
son, S.A.R. 1903 m Ida Miller, Is Id.- 

Dyer, P. Wheeler, Merchant and Broker, 
New Yo'k Citv. Cs Scarsdale Golf, Harts- 
dale, m Ruth* Woodruff, 2s; r 20 Wal- 
worth a^e. Hartsdale. N.Y. 

DyP''. Caroline King, Writer, New York 
Citv. r 237 62nd st. 

Dyer, Charles Dickey, Jr., Engineer and 
Capitalist, Cleveland. He is president of 
Dyer Associated Engineers, Incorporated. 

1916 m Mabel A. Keig, 2s Id; r 2951 E. 
Overlook road. 

Dyer, iranlj W., Retired, Camlu-idg.?,Mass. 
Cs Boston City, m Ruth H. Parker, Is; 
r 32 Shepard st. 

Dyer, George Eathbone, Business Execu- 
tive, New York City. Cs Foreign Wars, 
m Grace G. Scott; r 4 E. 8Sth st. 

Dyer, H. Anthony, Artist and Lecturer, 
Providence. Cs Hope, Art. 1900 m Char- 
lotte Tilden, Id; r 170 Blackstono blvd, 

Dyear, H. Choulear, Lawyer, St. Louis. Cs 
St. Louis Countrv, Wianno of Wianno, 
Mass. 1915 m Mary Semplie, 2s 3d; r 29 
Lenox place. 

Dyer, John Nap'er, Agricultuiist, Vincen- 
nes, Ind. Cs Pastime, Country, Rotary. 
1900 m Ma: ion Sims Mc Kenney, Is; r 
Mc Kenney Farms. 

Dyer, Leoridas Castarphen, Lawv.^r and 
Statesman, St. Louis. 1898 m Clara Hyer 

Dyer, Willia-n AUen, Merchant and Manu- 
facturer, Syracuse. N.Y. Cs T otos. Uni- 
versitv, Centurv, Onondaga G^H'. Coun- 
trv. 1890 m Clara Tucker Spink, Is; r 
995 James st. 

Dyett, Janies H., Business President, Buf- 
falo. Cs Bnfalo, University, Park, Buf- 
falo Athletic, Cherrv Hill, m Edna Gran- 
ger: r 1 Penhurst Park. 

Dykeman, Cofrad V., Business Executive, 
Bridge Plaza. Long Island. Cs Crescent, 
Elks, Mason, Brooklyn Chamber of Com- 
merce, Queens Chaniber of Commerce. 

Dykman, Wil iam N., Multi-Millionaire, 
New York City. 1885 m Belle Annan, Is; 
r 270 Park ave. 

Dyniond, Franklin Pierre, Banker. Liber- 
tyville. 111. 1881 m Flora A. Colby, 2s; 
r Chicap-o, 111.; and Jackson, Minn. 

Dysan*-, Wi liam James, Business Execu- 
tive, Springfield. Cs Masons. 1902 ni Ma- 
mie E. Dula, Is. 

Dysart, Thomas TL, Banker, St. Lonis. Cs 
Noonday, Racquet, Country, Bellerive 
Countrv, Recess New York City. 1905 m 
Jessie Patton: r 13 Kingsburv })laee. 

Dyson. Geo^-re Banker, Rushville, 111. 1913 
m i\larie Bassctt, Is Id. 

Eagan, Sylvester B.. Hotel Proprietor, of 
Buffalo. Cs Uni-ersitv, Buffalo. B-iffalo 
Athletic. 1910 m Lidwlna Lang, Is 2d; r 
71 Chapin parkway. 

Eager, A.uville, Investment Banker. Balti- 
more. He is prominentlv identified with 
business and public affairs. C« Elkridge 
Fox Hunting, Gibson Island, Merchants. 

1917 m Clara H. Murray, Is 2d; r Wood- 



Eager, G. E.,' Business Executive, Valdosta 
Ga. He is pioniineutlv identified with 
business and public affairs. 
Eager, George boardman, Clergymin and 
Editor, University, Va. He is now pro- 
fessor emeritus and editor Review and 
Expositor. 1879 ni Annie E. Coor-Pen- 
der, 3s. 

Eager, Jobn Howard, Banker, New York 
f'itv. Cs Brltinmre, Baltimore American 
Paris, 8t. Cloud Country of Paris. 1922 
m M s. Emma Thompson Paine; r 15 
Ru'^ de Varenne, Paris, France. 

ZaV-'e. ./^r'-hrr Ctarr, Edi-cator and Author, 
Bei-i'c'ev. Ca^. Cs Mineral of America. 
1^90 m- Finnic V. Kinney, Id; r 1818 
^farin ave. 

Eal, Oharles, lawyer. New York City. He 
is general counsel American Smelting 
and Refining Company. Cs Queen Valley 
Golf, Cold Spring Golf, Racquet, Uni- 
versitv, 1907 m Kathleen Roeles, 3s; r 
2S Abinsrdon road, N'^w Gardens, L.I. 

Ear\ Robert, Surgeon, St. Paul. Cs Minne- 
sota State Medi-^al, Ramsey County Me- 
dicpl. 1900 m Clara Swanstrom, Is Id; r 
Ifi'.") Summit ave. 

Ea^'e. FrarV Bi eclair nrtpe. Physician, of 
Chicago. Cs Local, State. National. 1916 
m Marv A. Brown: r Wilmette, 111. 

Er^'e. Gorce Harold. Manufactur':»r and 
Caritali' t Hermansville, Mich. 1916 m 
A nne > Ib'u. 'Pd. 

Trr^e, Victor M.. Business Executive, of 
Vrinkc'-s. N.^^ Cs Columbia University, 
TT,-f]sci' River Connfrv, S. "^ .R. 1905 m 
Mi-s Ottmann, Is 2d; r 658 N. Broad- 

Far'ey, G. J., Realtor. Stuart, Fla. Cs St. 
Lucie River Ya^'h^-. '^'*- Lucie Ri'-e'' Cnun- 
tr- F^'s, Mason. 1918 m Olive C. Par- 
Ron«, Is. 

Fpr'ev. Geei"!"? (^,,^+1" ' n+nr^ir.'f^iTp Eveou- 
tive Papade'i;^. Cal. <''s Pasndena Athle- 
ti-, 1919 m Vivian B. C"unt, Ir; r 910 
Cal-l'^nd place. 

Fr-^'n"-. AI^P'-- J.. Vo^^^'■o■^. Chicago. Cs 
PhV-n'-o. ^ril"-riulce<^. U.iytorn. m Mar- 
rrprot T^ p,-«i,]ps. •":: Id" r Chicafjo, in., 
n'1'1 "N'^ihvaukee. \Vi-'. 

Ea-^Vne-, Ge-^r-e P-'eble'^ P ^-'uess Execu- 
tive, Milwaukee,Wis. Cs Milwaukee,Uni- 
versity, Country. Town. 1902 m Ethel A. 
Peck, 2s Id: r 681 .* stor st., Chicago,Ill. 

Ear''^ /^'ex-^ndrr ?.., Army Officer, Balti- 
n'ore. ('-^ \ mv an 1 Navy, Officers of 
C VI p ; ■„ Va. 10""i m Elir-.abeth F. 
Deuce 2s Id; r 123 Ch-.rles st., Annapo- 
lis, Md. 

•Eary, j„^re:t P.., Lawyer, Summit, N.J. 
]914 ri Elizabeth Collins, Is; r 18 Fern- 
V. ood road. 

Earnshaw, Georre E., Business Executive, 
Philadelphia. Cs Philadelphia Country. 
ni Helen B. Haffelfinger; r 1520 Spruce 


Earn?haw, Joe Henry, Railroad President, 

Columbus, Ohio. Cs Columbus, Columbus 

Count''y, Scioto Country, Reform. 1887 

m Der'a Webb. Id; r Bexley, Ohio. 

Piasley, Gef^rge Gi'me", LaAvyer, Lewisburg 

W.Va. 1916 m Jorenhine B. Mason. 
Faf^ell, Fiohad Thonia?, Business Pres- 
ident, Pittsb-ro-h. C<^ Sons of American 
Revolution, Univerrity, Pittsburgh Ath- ■ 
lotic. Pittsburgh C nintry, Pittsburgh 
Fi-^ld. 1901 m Isabelle S. Simpson. Id; r 
6'"! Pitcairn place. 

Eaptman, Clyde T ., Army CM^er, Boston. 
Cs Masons. 1906 m Mary Francos Holmes 
r 1557 Peace n st. 

Eastman. Frank French, Retied Colonel, 
San Dieo-o, Cal. 1S80 m Susan Colby, 38 
3d; r 213 W. Brooks ave. 

Ec-stman, George, ALdti-Millionaire, New 
York City. Cs Genesee Valley, Rochester 
Country, Oak Hill Country, Bankers, r 
500 East ave. 

Eastman. Fe'en, Educator, Artist and Au- 
thor, Wells River, Vt. 

Eastman, Tinda Anne, librarian and Ed- 
ucator, Clevelm^fT. Cs "^Vomen 's Citv. 

Eastman. Fidr.ey Com'ng. Lawyer, Chica- 
go. Cs Union T ea.g-ue, Glen Vie'A' Golf, 
Sunday Law. 1S86 m Charlotte Hall; r 
Kenilworth, 111. 

Eastman, Wi'li^m Joseph, Artist, Cleve- 
land, r 18fi8 E. 82nd st. 

Eastman. Thomas O.. Millionaire, New 
York City, r 120 Broadway. 

EastOD, Fiank Tciir'ellot, Lawyer, Provi- 
dence. Cs Hope, Asawam Hunt, Provi- 
dence Art. 1901 m Emily Meader, Is Id; 
r 41 Charles Field st. 

Easton, Frcder'ck W., Millionaire, Paw- 
tucket, R.I. r 162 East ave. 

Fastwick, And- ew Maurice, Business Pres- 
ident, Balfmore. Cs Baltimore Country. 
JOIO m Estelle T. Stinson, Is Id; r 301 
W. 29th St. 

Eastwiok, Ec'vard Peers, Jr. Consulting 
Engineer, New York City. Cs T'i:i--ersity. 
1896 m Helen X. Kler.rv, lo 3d; r Green- 
wich, Conn. 

Eaton, Ch^r'es B.. Bnsine":". F-e^pti.--'^. Chi- 
cago. Cs ITninn League, m Helen Harper, 
r 574 ' Woodlawu ave. 

Eaton, rh^res Tcri^rer. Lawyer. Chicago. 
Cs Union Leaqre. 1909 m Danda Harper, 
r f^-'iS Kim' rirk a'''e. 

Ea*on, Chester SheT)ard. Business Execu- 
r-". Cincinnati. Cs Cincirmati Country. 
I jami Boat. 1912 m Ruth B. Crothers; 
r -3C8 Paddock Hills road. 



Eaton, Mrs. E ma Medora, Musician, Kan- 
sas Citv, Mo. Cs Kansas City Musieal, 
Kansas' Athenaeum. 1921 m Albert H. 
Kau; r .3017 Forest ave. . ^ „ . ^ 

r-ton Francis Storer, Retired Busineaa 
Executive, Boston. Cs Union Eastern 
Yacht. 1906 m Mrs. Harriet L. Foster, 
Id; r .'U59 Beacon st. 

Eaton George Preeman, Jr., Business t.x- 
ecutive, Covington, Ky. Cs University 
1910 m Mary E. Coombs, Is Id; r Od 
Fort Mitchell ave. r, • i • ♦ 

Eaton, Grace Fletcher Choate, Sociologist 
and Capitalist, Maiden, Mass. She is 
prominent hi social and philanthropic 
work, m Charles Lynde Eaton, r 44 Dex- 

Eat*oV Henry Ewers, Wholesale Drug and 
Chemical Business, Burlington, Iowa. 
1916 m Hayesel Wilkin Huston, 2d; r 

1000 N. 5th St. ^ -, * Q^„ 

Efton Horace Ainsworth, Educator, byra- 
cuse. N.Y. 1902 m Emily Russell lovett, 

2s 2d. , . X ^■ 

Eaten, Mrs. Lilly Storch, Sociologist, Cin- 
cinnati. Cs various, m Mr. Georgs Cole- 
man Eaton, .leccascLls: r Palace Hotel. 

Eaton, Percival James, Physician, Pro- 
vincetown, Mass. Cs Harvard, Boston, 
Harvard New York, University Pxtts- 
burjTh, Beach Combers. 1891 m Emily M. 

Craft, 2s Id. . . ^t -^ 

Eaton, Samuel Lewis. Physician, Newton 
Highlands, Mass. 1886 m Annie Irene 
Hasbvonck, 2s Id. 
Eaton, Thomas E., Business Executive, 
Boston. Cs Chamber of Commerce, Har- 
vard Unmarried; r 53 State st. 
Eaton, William Dwight, Lawyer, Burling- 
ton, Iowa. Cs Burlington Golf. 1888 m 
Elizabeth Adams Ewers, 2s; r 1018 JN. 

4th st. . ._ . 

Eberhart. Adolph Olson, Business Presi- 
dent Chicago. He is president National 
Asphalt Products Corporation and Sub- 
urban Home Corporation. Cs Lake Shore 
Athletic. 1898 m Adele M. Koke, 2s 3d; 
T 909 Lakeside place. 

Eberle, Abastenia St. Leger, Sculptor, New 
York Citv. Cs National Sculptor. Unmar- 
ried; r 206 W. 13th st. 

Eyerie. Erwadr Randolph, Army Oirieer 
Washington. Cs Army and Navy. 191b 
m Mildred B. North; r 145 Lloyd ave. 

Eberlin, Viggo Conradt, Librarian, New 
York Citv. 1896 m Jennie Green, 2s Id; 
r Bedford Park. 

Ebersole, Newman, Business Executive, 
Middleton, Ohio. Cs A.S.R. 1919 m Sara 
Tersity; r 10002 S. Main st. 

Ebersole, William V., Realtor, Cincinnati. 
Cs Business Men's, Automobile, Cham- 
ber of Commerce. 1876 m Ella Dale, 2s 
2d; r 2135 St. James ave. 
Efbin, Nacliman Hirsh, Rabbi, Brooklyn. 
He is Rabbi Congregation Sons of Israel 
of Brooklvn. 1907 m Sarah Deborah Ash- 
insky, 2s Id; r 36 Bay 26th st. 
Eljner, Lawrence A., Ice Manufacturer, of 
Yincennes, Ind. Cs vaiious. 1896 m Ma- 
rv A. Baker. 
Eccles, Leroy R., Millionaire, Ogden, Utah. 

r 2509 Eccles ave. 
Eccles, Marrimer S., Banker, Ogden. Utah. 
Cs Alta, Country, Salt Lake, Weber, 
Country. 1913 m May C. Young, 2s Id. 
Eckart, Edmund, Business President, New 
York City. He is engaged in manufac- 
ture of paints. Cs numerous yacht, ath- 
letic, fishing and gunning. 1899 m Emily 
M. Gietl. 2s; r 17 Poplar place. New Ro- 
chelle, N.Y. 
Eckenroth, Henry C, Business President, 
New York City. Cs New York Trade As- 
sociation, New York Lumber Trade As- 
sociation, New York Credit Men's As- 
sociation. 1901 m Meta C. Heins, Is 4d. 
Eclcer. Frederick H., Millionaire, of New 
York City. He is prominent in business 
public and philanthropic affairs, r 620 
Park ave. 
Eckhard, William R., Physician and Sur- 
geon, Houston, Texas. Cs State Medical 
County Medical. 1889 m Iris Du Kent 
Ganz,'3s Id; r 210 Keystone blvd. 
EcKhart, Bernard A.,]\Iillionaire, Chicago. 

r 1530 Lake Shore drive. 
Eckstein. Henry J., Business President, of 
New York Citv. 1912 m Alice Raphael, 
2d; r Greenwich. Conn. 
Eckstein, Louis, Millionaire, Chicago, r 

Drake Hotel. 
Eddowes. William, Bi'siness President, of 
New York Citv. 1887 m Florence J. Bail, 
3d; r 127 E. Slst st. 
Eddy, Alfred Updike, Insurance Executive 
Providence. Cs Art, University. Rhode 
Island Bar. 1882 m Annie Carnes Proc- 
tor, Id; r 182 Bowen st. 
Eddy, Augustus Wilson, Business Execu- 
tive, Chicago. Cs Glen View, University. 
1914 m Rachel C. Warner, Is; r 1210 As- 
tor st. 
Eddy, Edwin M., Business Executive. San 
Francisco. Cs Pacific Union, Golf nnd 
Countrj-. 1900 m NeUie J. Fisher, Is Id; 
r 2602 "Pacific ave. 
Eddy, George Day, Retired Foundrvman, 
Los Angeles. He is prominently identi- 
liied with business and public affairs. Cs 
Mason. 1884 m Mary V. Riley, Is 2d; r 
1759 La Brea ave. 



Eddy, James G., Lumberman and Capita- 
list, Everett, Wash. He is viee-pr?sident 
Fort Blakely Mill Company. Cs various. 
1904 m Mary H. Cooley, Is 3d; r 3801 
(iiaiiil live. 

Eddy, Jerome Orrell, Business Erecntive, 
Pasadena, Cal. He is prominent in busi- 
ness and public affairs. Cs Chicagrj, Val- 
ley Hunt, Saddle and Cycle, Pasadena, 
Midwick Country, New Oxford, Cam- 
' ridijc, Loiid'Ui, Eiijiland. 1916 m Mabel 
Kennedy, Is; r 340 E. California; st. 

Eddy. Sa^nvel L., Financial Agent, Port- 
Ifrd, Ore. He is vice-president Corpora- 
tion Rervife Company. Cs Arlington, Ir- 
vington, Waverly Country. 1908 m Em- 
ma EdAvards, Is 2d; r 408 E. Portland 
st. Xortli. 

Eddy, Sherwood, Author and Sociologist, 
New York City. 1S97 m Maud Arden, Id, 
r Jackson Heights, L.L 

Eddy, Walter Updike, Investment Banlcer, 
Providence, R.I. 1893 m Alice Bradford, 

Ede. William, Highway Builder, Sam Fran- 
cisco. Cs Claremont Country, Athens 
Athletic, m Katharine Anderst)ir, 3s-; r 
Sierra and Highwav aves., Piedm.ont.CaT. 

Edelbere, Siegfried S., Business Pi-esident 
New York City. 3d; r 184.5 Loring plac&, 
Bronx, N.Y. 

Eden. Jo'hn. Carman, Busines"? President, 
Capitalist. Seattle, Wash, ffe is presi- 
dent Superior Portland Cement Conrpa- 
rv. Cs Rainier. Arctic, Seattle Golf, and 
Minnesota. 1919 m Caroline S'e'Brall 
Br'^oks, r Hip-hlands. 

EdenTjom, William, Capitalist, Shreveport, 

Edpnborotigh. Aubrey C, Artist, N"ew York 
City, r Roslyn, L.T. 

Eder. Phanor J.. Banker. New York City. 
Cs Hardin and Hess. 1909 m Violet T/iir- 
do. Is Id; r 64 Groton st., Porest HilTs, 

Ede^on. Robert. Actor. Culver City, Cat. 
He i° a dramatist and nrti^^" with C. B. 
de Mille Studio. Cs Le^^n^e Lambs. Hol- 
lywood Athletic, Elks. 1924 m Aida Mar- 
tinez. Id, bv former marriage, r 202^ 
Pinehurst road, Hollywood. Cal. 

Edey, Fred, Millionaire, New York City, 
r 290 Park ave. 

Edgar, Charles L., Millionaire, Boston. Cs 
Exchange, m Antoinette M. DucTos; r 
2r.9 Kent st., Brookline, Masff. 
Ed.8rar, Cln+on Goodloe. Manufacturer and 

' Millionaire, Detroit. Cs Detroit Boat. Ar- 
my and Navy. Athletic, Countrv, Old, 
Metropolitan, Toledo, Colonial W^rs-, S. 
A.R., Society of the Cincinnati. 1900 m 
Marv Mc Comas, Is Id; r 880 Lake 

Shore drive, Grosse Pointe Shores, Mich. 

Edgax, Harry Thomas, Business Executive, 
Boston, r 147 Milk st. 

Edgar, Herman LeEoy, Realtor, New York 
City. Cs Union, University, St. Niidiolas, 
Ardsley, Harvard, Grolier. 1891 ni Alice 
B. King; r 165 Broadway. 

Edgar, James Clifton, Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs University. 1899 m 
Ellen M. B. Soutter, 2s; r 45 E. 62nd st. 

Edgar, Louis Malcolm, Business Kxecutive^ 
Minneapolis. 1917 m Marjorie Wood- 
bridge Metcalf, Is Id; r 25 Minnehaha 

Edgar, Selwjm Clay, Jr., Business Execu- 
tive, St. Louis. 1900 m Iva Dula, 2d; r 
4965 Argyle place. 

EdgeU, George Harold, Educator, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Cs Harvard Boston, Har- 
vard New York. 1914 m Jean W. Delano 
3s; r Newport, N.H. 

Edgerly, Edward Tyler, Physician, Ottum- 
wa, Iowa. Cs Kiwanis, Wapello, Ottum- 
wa Country. 1891 m Nettie Thurston, 28 
Id; r 1004 N. Court st. 

Edgerton, Herbert O., Business President, 
Boston. Cs Boston, Oakley Country, Ma- 
son. 1886 m Emma T. Houghton, 2s, now 
deceased, r 11 Walnut st., Cambridge, 

Edington, Thomas Benton, Author, Mem- 
phis, Tenn. 1865 m Catherine Vose, 33 
2d; r 232 Jones st. 

Edinerton, WiUiam Reginald, Investment 
Banker and Capitalist, New York City. 
He is president Edington Investment 
Company. Cs Metropolitan, Lotos, Hud- 
son River Country, Rivercrest of Fort 
Worth, Texas; Fort Worth, Fort Wortli 
Texas. 1893 m Frances Field, Is 2d; r 
830 Park ave. 

Edmands, Isaac Russell, Consulting Engi- 
neer. Niagara Falls, N.Y. Cs Niagara, 
Buffalo Tennis, Buffalo Country, East- 
em Yacht. 1911 m Mrs. Hobart Moore, 
Is 2d: r 167 Buffalo ave. 

Ecbnonds, Dean S., Lawyer, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Union League, Knollwood Coun- 
try. Bankers, Amateurs Comedy, m Ma- 
ry Watkins Arms, Is; r 815 Park ave. 

Edniord'"^n. Frederick WiUiam. Railroad 
Builder and Capitalist, Pittsburgh. He 
is treasurer Ferguson and Edmondson 
Company. Cs Duquesne, Longue Vue. 
1909 mNell Henderson, Is 3d; r 1130 
S. Nesrley ave. 

Edmondson, Willi=»m J., Painter. Cleveland. 
C% Artists of Cleveland. 1906 v.\ Flor- 
rr">r' Hollowav: r 2812 Scarboroiigh road. 

Edmunds, Charles Keyser, Educator, Balti- 



Udmunds, Geo^-ge Edward, Manufacturer, 
Detroit. Cs Detroit and Bloomfield Coun- 
try, Detroit Boat, Detroit Athletic, m 
Margaret Eobeits, Is Id; r 111 E. Kirby 

Edmunds, H. Spencer, Clergyman, Roanoke 
A' a. Cs Country and University. 1919 m 
Betsey Sharkey; r 920 3rd st. 

Edoff, Frank J., Investment Banker and 
Capitalist, Oakland, Cal. He is promin- 
ent in business and public affairs; and 
has held many positions of trust and 
honor. Cs Athenian. 1920 m Claire Barr; 
r 38 Crocker ave., Piedmont, Cal. 

Edrington, William Reynolds, Investment 
Banker, New York City. Cs Metropoli- 
tan, Lotos, ITptown, Hudson River Coun- 
try, Rivercrest, Fort Worth. 1893 m 
■Prances Field, Is Id; r 830 Park ave. 

Edsall, David lynn, Physician, Boston. Cs 
American Philosophical. 1915 m Pendle- 
ton Kennedy; r 50 Concord ave, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Edsall, Henry Jackson, Engineer and Far- 
mer, Bradentown, Fla. 190-1 m Alice 
Worsdale Spencer, Is Id; r Fairview 

Edsall James Kirkland, Banker, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. Cs Town, L^niversity. 1920 m 
'Vgnes Van Vorst Williams; r 211 Red 
\rrow court, Wauwatosa Wis. 

Edsall, Richard Everett, Realtor, Pitts- 
burgh. Cs Church. 1891 m Margaret Sup- 
lee Poole, 4s 2d r Oakmont, Pa. 

Edsall, Samuel Harmon, Clergyman, Gen- 
eva, N.Y. 1922 m Mariorie Root Gillette 
28 Id; r 528 S. Main st. 

Edsall, Thomas DeKay, Banker, Hamburg, 
N.Y. Cs Mason. 1896 m Lottie Hart Du- 
clos, 3s 3d. 

Edson, Joseph Romanzo, Retired Lawyer, 
Washington. Cs Cosmos. m Marlon 
Louise Goodall, 4d; r 1705 Q st. 

Ed£on, Robert Stewart, Business Execu- 
tive, New York Citv. 1899 m Fannie 
. Ropes, Id; r 103 E. 86th st. 

Edward, Dwight Woodbridge, Secretary, 
Peking, China. 1915 m Mary Estelle 
Vanderslice, Is Id; r Young Men's Chris- 
tian Association. 

Edwards, Benjamin Kilboume, Lumber 
man and Capitalist, Chicago. He is pres- 
ident Edwards and Bradford Lumber 
Company. Cs Riding, Kishwauketo Coun- 
try, South Shore Country, LTnion League 
Mason. 1923 m Marion Fillius. Id, by a 
former marriage; r 999 Lake Shore drive 

Edwards, Charles Gordon, Lawyer, States- 
man. Savannah, Gn. 1902 m Ora Beach Is 

Edwards, Charles Hebard, Lawyer, Green- 
wich, Conn. Cs Columbia, ITniversitv. 
1909 m Ruth Benso*n; r 36 Patterson ave. 

Edwards, Charles Vernon, Clergvman, Fort 
Worth, Texas. Cs Country. 1900 m Ilda 
Eleanor Crumpton, Is 6d; r 1401 Wash- 
ington st. 

"Edwards, Chester Smith, Business Execu- 
tive and Capitalist, New York City. He 
IS assistant manager of Barrett Compa- 
nv. Cs Whitehall, Newark Country, Old 
Colony, r 133 N. Maple ave., East Or- 
ange, N.J. 

Edwards, Clarence J., Retired Statesman, 
Tillamook, Ore. 1893 m Abbie L. Miller, 
2s; r 1 Tillamook, Yonger, Schenectadv, 

Edwards, Clarence Ransom, Army Officer, 
Washington. Cs Metropolitan, Chevy 
Chase, Army and Navy, Washington 
Union and others. 1895 m Bessie R. Por- 
ter; r Doneroving, Westbrook, Mass. 

Edwards, Clark How, Business Executive, 
Los Angeles. Cs University. 1910 m Hal 
Emily Edwards, 2s; r 135 S. Orange driv 

Edwards, Daniel M., Millionaire, Syracuse, 
N.Y. r 953 James st. 

Edwards, Daniel Mann, Realtor, Woon- 
socket, R.I. He is prominently identified 
with business and public affairs. Cs 
Winnesueket Golf, New University, Bos- 
ton Architectural, Society of Mayflower 
Descendants of Rhode Island. Unmar- 

Edwards, Daniel Murray, Jr., Merchant 
and Capitalist, Buffalo, N.Y. He is vice- 
president E. W. Edwards and Son. Cs 
Yale, New York, Century, Syracuse, Sa- 
turn, Tennis, Country, Thousand Island 
Yacht, Thousand Island Country. 1922 m 
Beatrice Hopkins, Is; r 11 Arlington 

Edwards, Don Calvin, Manufacturer and 
Statesman, London, Kv. m Lide Hodge, 
Is Id. ' 

Edwards, Edward Irwing, Banker and 
Statesman, Jersey City, N.J. He is pre- 
sident First National Bank of Jersev 
City. 1888 m Jule Blanche Smith; r .39 
Duncan ave. 

Edwards, Edward William, Manufacturer 
and Capitalist, Cincinnati. He is presi- 
dent Edwards Manufacturing Company. 
Cs Queen City, Country, Riding, Make- 
tewah Country, Business Men 's. 1901 m 
Eleanore Zimmermann, 2d; r 2567 Ob- 
servatory road. 

Edwards, Eugene Phelps, Retired Business 
Executive, Stonington, Conn. 1912 m Eli- 
za Kendall Adams, now deceased. 

Edwards, George D., Banker, Pittsburgh. 
Cs Duquesne, Golf, Fox Chapel, Oakmont 
Country. 3s Id; r 826 Devonshire st. 




Edwards, George De Forest, Telephone En- 
gineer, New York City. Cs Harvard of 
Boston, Harvard, Braidbuni Country, O- 
hio. 1913 m Fanny Ellvira Rounds, Is; 
r Fairniount Hotel, Jersey City, N.J. 

Edwards, George Holmes, Director and 
Manufacturer, Bridgeport, Conn. Cs Uni- 
versity. 1910 m Cornelia C. Barker, Id; 
r 242 Park ave. 

Edwards, George Wharton, Artist and Au- 
tlior, Greenwich, Conn. Cs Now York 
\Vater Color, American Water Color, 8o- 
ciety of Illustrators, Authors. 1896 m 
Anne Johns Cox. 

Edwards, Harold Sydney, Merchant and 
Capitalist, Boston. He is partner Francis 
Willey Company, wool merchants. Cs Al- 
gonquin, Exchange. 1907 m Jettie Theda 
Wason, 2s; r Dedham, Mass. 

Edwards, Fero J., Business Executive, of 
Houston, Texas. Cs Southern Yacht. 1920 
ni Amelie Eugenic Albert, 2d; r 407 
^Iclllienny ave. 

Edwards, John L., Stock Broker, Washing- 
t'^m. Cs Chevy Chase, Metropolitan, Na- 
tional Press, Blue Ridge Rod and Gun, 
Westmoreland, Richmond, Va.; Mason. 
1903 m Gertrude P. Harrison, Id; r 1908 
F St., N.W. 

Edward?. leEoy Mallory, Lawyer, Los An- 
treles. Cs California. 190S m Lillian Moore 
Id; r 344 S. Kinpsley drive. 

Edwards, Marion Columbus, Lawyer, Ju- 
rist and Banker, Dawson, Ga. Cs Mason, 
Kiwanis, Knights of Pvthias. m Sallle 
Will Pickett, 3s 2d. 

Edward?, Martjn, Phvsician, Boston. 1911 
m Ethel H. Hooper, 2d; r Pine Hill,Way- 
Iniid, ^lass. 

Edwards, Neilson, Banker, New York Ci- 
ty. Cs Rittenhonse, Philadelphia Coun- 
try, Remsen, Savannah Golf, Seabright 
Tennis. 191(i m D. Karow, Id; r 2110 
Locust St., Phi^-^flelphia, Pa. 

Edwards. '^^C.en Ellery, Lawver,New York 
City. 1903 m Harriet E. Patton, Is Id; r 
226 7fith St., Brooklyn. 

Edwa'dc, Offden, M.. Phvsician, Pittsburgh. 
Cs Pittsbur'Th. 1S9S m Lela Harkness, Is 
3d; r n6i)7 5th ave. 

Edward^, Oo-den M.. Jr.. :\i:ulti-MiMionaire, 
Pittsbursrli. r 5607 5th ave. 

Edwards, William T-., Phvsician, Boston. 
Cs University. 1897 m Alice Loring, Is; 
r 15 Hereford st. 

Edward". Wal+er Alison, Educator, Pasa- 
dena. Cs Twilieht. 1S95 m Helena Hayes. 

EeUs, Dan Parmalee, Business Executive, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 1912 m Anita Van 
Dvke, 3d; r 209 Prospect ave. 

Eells, Howard E., Business Executive, of 
Cleveland. Cs Tavern. 1919 m Adele C. 

Chisholm, Id; r 2159 Delaware road, 
Cleveland Heights, Ohio. 

Eells, Samuel, Business Executive, Cleve- 
land. Cs Tavern, Kirtland Countrv, Uni- 
versity, New York, University Chicago. 
1921 m Alice Rickey, Id; r 2179 Dela- 
ware road. 

Eells, StiUman Witt, American Congul, of 
Leeds, England. He is prominently iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Yale, Leeds and.Countv Conservative, 
1895 m Helene Wattersman. 

Effing, Bernard E., Banker, Philadelphia. 
Cs Knights of Columbus, City, Torres- 
dale-Frankfort Countrv. 

Efroymson, Gustave A., Business Presi- 
dent, Indianapolis. Cs Columbia, High- 
land Golf and Country, Broadmoor Coun- 
try. 1896 m Mamie Wallenstein, 2s. 

Egan, Sarah Oliva Chand'er, Business Ex- 
ecutive, Highland Paik, 111. Cs D.A.R. 
1878 m William C. Egan, 2s Id; r Egan- 

Egan, William Bradshaw, Broker, Chicago. 
He is identified with R. E. Wilsev and 
Company. Cs St. Lucie River Yaclit, St. 
Lucie River Country, Elks, Mason. 1918 
m Olive C. Parsons, Is; r Stuart, Fla. 

Egan, William Constantine, Retired Busi- 
ness Executive, Highland Park, 111. Cs 
American Rose. 1878 m Sarah O. Chand- 
ler, 2s Id. 

Egbert, Charles Barnes, Business President 
Los Angeles. He is president Egbert 
Brothers, Incorporated. Cs Athletic. 1919 
m Annette Ethel Fender, Is Id; r 246 
N. Everett st., Glendale, Cal. 

Egbert, Charles Coggill Consulting Engi- 
neer, Niagara Falls, N.Y. Cs Niagara 
Falls Country, Niagara. 1909 ni Vivien 
Kirkpatric, Is 3d; r 404 Jefferson ave. 

Egbert, James C, Educator, New York Ci- 
ty. 1884 m Emma G. Pennington, 4s; r 
325 Riverside drive. 

Egbert, Lester Darling, Insurance Broker, 
New York City. Cs Columbia University. 
1921 m Beatrice V. Cook, Is; r 7 Marion 
road, Montclair, N.J. 

Egbert, Morrison H., Business Executive, 
Hollywood, Cal. Cs Los Angeles Athle- 
tic. 1919 m Ruth Bernhard, Is; r 744 
Fuller ave. 

Eggleston, Bich'^rd 'P'enry. Business Exec- 
utive, New York City. Cs Union League, 
Ardsley. 1882 m Emilie V. Piallet, Is Id; 
r 335 W. 16th st. 

Eh'en, Mrs. Florence May Snowden, So- 
ciologist, Tovson, Md. Cs D.A.R. 1880m 
Frank Lhlen, Is Id; r The Rest. 

Ehlers, Martin Frederick, Business Execu- 
tive and Financier, New iMadrid, Mo. Cs 
Mason. 1909 m Allen A. Senior, Is. 



r,l'.ienburg, Frederick G., Hospital Admin- 
istrator, Albany, N.Y. He is superinten- 
dent Memorial Hospital. Cs Kivvanis. 

Eliret, George, Multi-Millionaire, ef New 
^ ork City, r 1197 Park ave. 

Ehrhom, Edward Macfarlane, Entomolo- 
gist, Honolulu, Hawaii. Cs Entornologi- 
oal of America, Entomologist of IlawaiL 
Pacific Coast Entomological, Harvard 

Ehrhom, Oscar W., Referee, New York 
City. 1916 m Julia 8chiffenhau3, Is; r 
444 W. 24th St., and Blauvelt, Rockland 
County, N.Y. 

Ehrich, Walter Louis, Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs Yale, Art Trades. 
1913 m Adelaide Wallach; r 241 E. 48th 


Ehrirh, William Joseph, Banker,New York 
City. Cs Yale, Century Country, Wheat- 
Icy" Hills Golf, New Rn-helle Yacht, Ar- 
my and Navy. 1902 m Adelaide P. Price, 
3s. 1920 m katherine Degman, Is Id; r 
141 W. 74th St. 

Eh'-lich, Adolph. Business President and 
Director, Boston, r 33 Summer st. 

Ehrman, Alexis L.. Merchant and Capita- 
list, San F-ancisco. He is member of the 
firm of Ehrman Brothers Horn and Com- 
pany. Cs Olvmpic. Beresford Country. 
1904 m Elizabeth Bissinger. 7s; r Ather- 
ton, San Mateo County, Cal. 

Ehrman, Mary Bartholomew, Composer, 
Cincinnati, 1893 m George Biglcf Ehr- 
man, 3s Id; r 2314 Auburn ave. 

Ehrman, S. Mason, Wholesale Grocer, Port- 
land, Ore. Cs Chamber of Commerce,Con- 
cordia. 1919 m Mira Harris, Is Id: r 855 
Westover, road. 

Eichenhaum, William, Realtor, Chieasco. Ca 
Masons, Knights of Pythias, German, 
Fort Dearborn, Athletic. 1912 m Helen 
Weisz. Is 2d; r 2918 Eastwood ave. 

Eichelherger, George H., Lawyer, Cleve- 
land. Cs Country, Union. 1908 m Prances 
Dodge, Id; r 2732 Overlook road. 

Eichelherger, William Snyder, Astronomer, 
Washington. Cs American Astronomical, 
Royal Astronomical. 1894 m Viola Me 
Crea, Is Id; r 3600 Macombe st. 

Eickemeyer, Rudolph, Retired Photograph- 
er Yonkers. Cs New York Camera, Solon 
Daugerre, Yonkers Teutonia. 1891 m Isa- 
bella Hicks. 1918 m Florence Brevoort; 
1 157 Alta ave.. Park Hill. 

Eidlitz, Charles L., Business President, 
New York Citv. Cs Columbia University, 
I'ptown, Edison Pioneers. 1889 m Mar- 
paretta R. Lvdon, Id; r 270 Park ave. 

Eidlitz. Ernest Erederick, Lawyer. New 
York Citv. Cs Lawyers. m Caroline 
Louise Seaman, 2d; r 993 Park ave. 

Eidlitz, Otto M.. Multi-Millionaire, New 
York City, r 7S7 5th ave. 

Ei^enhrunn, Herbert, Business Exe-^utive, 
New Y'ork City, r 1133 Broadway. 

Eilbeck, Montgomery Cowper, Business 
President and Financier, New \"ork Ci- 
tv. Cs Metropolitan, Everglades. 11)24 m 
7ean B. Douglas. 2s; r 1111 Park ave. 

Ei'^e'e, Edward Albert, Manufacturer, Buf- 
falo. Cs Buffalo, Athletic, Country. 1888 
-m Hattie Peek, Is Id; r 608 W. Ferry st. 

Ei^ele. Jolm C, Millionaire, Newark, N..J. 
r 591 Clifton ave. 

Ei^elen, rrederick Carl, Educator and Au- 
thor, Evanston, 111. Cs University, Uni- 
versity Chicasro, Rotary, Westmoreland 
Golf. 1901 m Lillian R. Robinson, Is Id; 
T 2340 Orriugton ave. 

Eisemann. Emil. Business President, New 
York Citv. ]SS5 m Rose Kahn, 2s: r Far 
Rockaway, L.I. 

Eisen, Gustav Augustus, Scientist and Au- 
thor, New York Citv. Cs Society for 
Geography and Ethnology of Stofdcholm, 
f^fx'ietv of Craftsmen of New York, r 
225 E. 49th St. 

Eisendrathj.Joseph Louis Investment Bank- 
er, Chicago. He is director and trustee 
f^inai Temple of Chicago. Cs Standard 
Pnvisloe Country, Elks. Shriner, Mason. 
1903 m Laura Sloman, Is Id; r Chicago 
Beach Hotel. 

Eisendrath. T.ouis, Banker. Chicaeo. Cs 
Slardard. 1916 m Annie Straus Kahn. 

Eisfeldt. May Irwin, Actress. New York 
Cit'^. Cs American Jersey Cattle, Travel. 
1907 m Kurt Eisfeldt: r May Irwin 
Farms, One Thousand Islands, Clavton, 

Eitel, Emil, Business President, Chicago. 
Cs Chicaeo Athletic. Germaine, German. 
1896 m Em'-^a C. Boldenwick; r 660 Ir- 
ving Park blvd. 

Eitle, George G.. Physician and Surgeon, 
Minneapolis. Cs Hennepin County Me- 
dical, Minnesota State, Southern Minne- 
sota, Tri-State Medical. 1907 m Jean- 
ett^ E. Larsen. 

Eitzen, Louis C, Engineer, New York City. 
Cs American of Testing Materials, Ex- 
port Managers, r 519 Lincoln place. 

Ekeley, John Barnard, Chemist, Boulder, 
Cal. Cs American Chemical, American 
Electro-Chemical, Boulder, University. 
1894 m Adelaide Hobbo. 

Elbert, Bobert George, Capitalist, New 
York City. He is prominent in business 
and public affairs, and has held many 
positions of trust and honor. Cs New 
York Yacht, Metropolitan, New York 
Athletic, Garden City Golf. 1922 m Ma- 
rian C. Bourne, Id; r Elbourne, Manhas- 
set, L.L 



Elder, Robert J., Business Executive, Day- 
ton. Cs Dayton Country, Miami Valley 
Polo, Princeton, Xew York. 1911 m An- 
nie Lee Brown, 2d r 1118 Oakwood ave. 
Eldred, Byron E.,Consulting Engineer, New 
York City. Cs Engineers, Clover Valley 
Rod and Gun, New York Athletic, Royal 
Societies of London Authors, London 
American of Mechanical Engineers. 
Eldredge, Edward Henry, Realtor, Boston, 
He is director Massachusetts Real Es- 
tate Exchange. Cs Army and Navy of 
New York, Somerset, S.A.R. 1900 m M. 
C. Peruzzi dei Medici; r 44 Chestnut st. 
Eldredge, George, Phamacist and Planter, 
New Orleans, La. m Mattie Cushman 
Marshall, Is Id; r Abbeville, La. 
Eldredge, Laren D., Manufacturer and Ca- 
jiitnlist, Rochester, N.Y. 1884 m Adell L. 
Charnplin, Id; r 150 Pelham road. 
Eldridge, Jay Glover, Educator, Moscow, 
Idaho. Cs Masons. 1900 m.Mary Evelyn 
Elenbogen, Herman, Business President 
and Banker, Chicago. 1907 m Helen 
Schreider, 2s Id; r 745 S'.E. ave., Oak 
Park, HI, 
Elfred, Calvin Powell, Business Executive, 
East Walpole, Mass. 1912 m A. Eliza- 
beth Cassidy, Is; r 495 Washington st. 
Elgins, George W., Business Executive, 
Philadelphia. Cs Union League. 1907 m 
Natalie Crozer Fox, Is 2d; r Elkins Park 
Ellas, A. J., :\tanufacturcr of Buffalo. Cs 
Buffalo. 1890 m Pearl Spiegel; r 675 
Delaware ave. 
Elias, Joseph J., Realtor and Banker, Chi- 
cago. Cs Chamber of Commerce, Hamil- 
ton. 1900 m Martha Paszkiewicz, Is Id; 
r 10540 longwood drive, Beverlv HiHs. 
Eliot, Amory, Lawi'er, Manchester-by-the- 
Sea, Mnss. Cs Exchange, Racquet and 
Tennis, Harvard. Bankers, The Country 
Essex Country. 1881 m Mary Clark, Is 
3d; r Wild wood. 
Eliot. Mrs. Charlotte Chamre Stearns, Bus- 
iness Executive, Cnmbridge, Mass. Cs 
Colonial Daughters. 1868 m Henry Ware 
Eliot. .3s 4d; r 24 Concord ave. 
Eliot, Christopher R., Clergyman, Boston. 
Cs Twentieth Century. 1888 m Mary 
.Tackson Mav, Is 2d; r 21 Francis ave., 
Cfmbridtre. Mass. 
Eliot. Samuel, Trustee, Boston. 1917 m 
Anne B. Bmdley, 2d; r Miller HiTl Farm 
Holliston. Mnss. 
EJ'ot, Pamuel Atkins, Clergyman, Boston. 
Cs Harvard, Cit". 1889 m Frances S. 
Fopkinson, 4s 3d; r 25 Reservoir st., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

Eliot, Thomas Stearns, Author, St. Louis. 
Cs Harvard Graduate. 1915 m Vivien 
Haigh-Wood; r 9 Clarence Gate Gardens 
London, England. 
Eliot, William Greenleaf, Jr., Clergyman, 
Portland, Ore. 1894 m Minna Sessing- 
lious, 2s 2d; r 681 Schuyler st. 
Eliott, Brant F., Ranch Owner, Three Riv- 
ers, N.M. Cs El Paso Country. 1919 m 
Jouett Adair Fall, Id. 
Elkins, George W., Jr., Millionaire, Elkins 

Park, Pa. 
Elkins, Hallen Davis, Statesman, Morgan- 
town, W.Va. Unmarried. 
Elkins, Mrs. Hallie Davis, Business Exec- 
utive, Washington. Cs Colonial Dames, 
Chevy Chase, Country. 1875 m Stephen 
B. Elkins, 3s 2d; r 1626 K st. 
Elkins, Wmiam M., Multi-Millionaire.Phil- 
adelphia. Cs Union League, m Elizabeth 
W. Tuckerman; r Elkins Park, Pa. , 
Ellegood, Joshua Atknson, Physicinn,Wil- 
mington, Del. Cs Wilmington. 1883 m 
Marion Dashill; r 1306 Delaware ave. 
Ellet, Charles, Banker, Palo Alto, Cal. 

1916 m Martha H. Blois, Is 3d. 
Ellett, Tazewell, Engineer, Richmond, Va. 
1919 m Susan McGuire, Is Id; r 1003 
Grove ave. 
Ellias, Charles, Manufacturer, Savannah, 
Ga. Cs Oglethorpe, Savannah Golf. 1892 
m Marie Mongin Hardee, Is 3d; r 118 
E. 34th St. 
ElUcott, John Morris, Lecturer and Writer 
Mare Island, Cal. Cs National Geographi- 
cal, Armv and Navy. 1887. jp Annie M. 
Williams^ Is 3d. 
EUicott, Maurice Tyson, Business TP'resl- 
dent, Baltimore. Cs Maryland, Baltimore 
Country, Elkridge Hunt, m EugeniaDry- 
den, 2s 3d; r 1 Somerset place, Roland 
Park, Md. 
ElJicott, William Winder Handy, Business 
Excciitive, Akron, Ohio. Cs Maryland. 
1921 m Mildred D. Carpenter, Id: r 90 
S. Adolph ave., Akron, Ohio; and Paris, 
Elliman, I.awreiice Eogert, Broker, New 
York City. Cs "Racquet and Tennis, and 
Rockawav Hunting. 1902 m Edythe Cop- 
-ell. Is Id: r 122 E. 56th st. 
Elliman. Eoland F.. Business Executive, 
New York City. Cs TTptown. Mt. Kisco 
Golf, . Nannahagen Golf, Hvannisport 
Golf. 1900 m Lois Malkav. 2s '2d; r Cap- 
paqua, N.Y. 
Elliot, Daland, Manufacturer, Bristol. Pa. 
1910 m Katharine M. Browne, Is Id; r 
."319 Primrose road, Torresdale. Pa. 
Elliot, Howard, Railroad Execnti-'-e, New 
York City. Cs Down Town, Middav, St. 
Andrews Golf. 1892 m .Tanet .lanuary, 
2s Id; r 15 E. 62nd st. 



Elliot, John W., Physician and Surgeon, 
Boston. Cs Yavern, Norfolk Hunt, Coun- 
try, Brooklyn. 1885 m Mary Lee Morse, 
Is; r 124 Beacon st. 

Elliot, Samuel A., Jr., Profcsor of Drama, 
Boston. 1913 m Ethel A. Cook, Is Id; r 
37 Henshaw ave., Northampton, Mass. 

Elliot, Wil-iam H., Business Executive, of 
East 8t. Louis, 111. Cs Noonday, St. Louis 
Bellerive. 1889 m Blanche Wilkerson, Is; 
r 50::3 Westminster place. 

Elliott, Edwin A., General Manager, De- 
troit. Cs DetiOit Athletic, Detroit Boat. 
19-6 m Adele Campau Hoffman; r 1415 
Parker st. 

Elliott, jr'iank Eumsey, Banker, Chicago. 
Cs University, Midday, Glen View, H.Y. 
P., Yacht. 19C5 m Keon Osborne, Is; r 
liotel Ambassador. 

EiLo t, George A., Millionaire, Wilming- 
ton, De'. r 1 Red Oak road. 

Elliott, Georje A., Bu iness Executive, 
Philar^elphia. Cs Union League, m Anna 
E. Gibbons; r 1413 Delaware ave., Wil- 
mington, Del. 

Ell'Ot*, Henry R., Phvpii ian, Washington. 
Cs Chew Chase. 1896 m EU.'.abeth D. 
Taylor, Is: r 3315 Garfield st. 

El'iott, James, Business President, New- 
York City. Cs Pelham Country, New 
York Athletic, Old Colony. 1009 m Irene 
E. Barton, Is 2d; r Pelham, N.Y^ 

Ellidti, JoKft IJ#?n, burgeon, Philadelphia. 
Cs Country, PJneeton, Racc^r.ct. 1907 m 
Rebecca R. Lennep, Is 2d; r 14"1 Spr"ce 


ElUott, John Mackay, Banker and Millio- 
naire. I OS Angeles. Cs California, Crags 
Country. Midwick Coinitr", Sunset. 1874 
m Alice Ingraham Peel, Is Id; r 914 W. 
28th st. 

Elliott, Joseph. Banker, Hickory, N.C. Cs 
Masonic, Shrine. 1883 m Mary E. Elliott 

Elliott, Middleton S., Physician and Cap- 
tpin. Cs New Y'ork Yacht, Chevy Chase 
Country, m Alice M. Sherwood, 2d; r 
Navy Yard, Mare Island, Cal. 

Elliott, Milton Courtright, Lawyer, Wash- 
ington. Cs Cosmos, Army and Navy, Rac- 
quet, P'ess, Mason, Chevy Chase, Com- 
monwealth. ""OOe m Lucy Hamilton Cocke 
?s: r 2209 AIa«sa'^hnsetts ave. 

Elliott, Robert W. B.. Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs Universitv. Ch-rch, Ri-i-rv-.-nd 
Corntv Countr". Down Town Asso^ia- 
t-on. 1913 m Marian G. Bradoford; r 119 
E. 35th St. 

El'iott. W. C, B'-siness Exe'^"tive, Boston. 
He is nvomi'iontly identified with bus- 
iness and public afars. 

Elliott, William H., Business Executive, 

East St. Louis, 111. Cs Lota y. 1S89 m 
B.auche Wiii.cison, Is; r 5Jl3 vVcstuiin- 
ster place, St. Louis, Mo. 

Iilliott, William bande.s. Lawyer and Ca- 
pitalist, Chicago. Cs University, Indian 
liill. 1910 m Lthel Bockingham, 2s Id; r 
050 Blackthorn road, V\'innetka, 111., Albert Wath ngton, Business Pres- 
ident, Boston. 1889 m Alma L. Worces- 
ter, Is 3d; r 31 G/and View ave., Med- 
io, d, Mass. 

Ellis, /-lexanier Casxcll, Educator and 
Physician, (Jnivorsit/ of Texas. 1891 m 
Mary Heard. 

Ellis, Mrs. Anna Sch"a?hetz, Sociologist, 
Watertown, N.Y. She is prominent i:i so- 
cial and philanthropic affaiis. Cs vari- 
ous. 1892 m iMr. nvman George ELis, 
now deceased. Is Id; r 325 Washington 


Eliis, Carey James, Jr., Lawyer, Rayville, 
La. Cs Picknick, various fiaternal. 1917 
ni Innes Morris, Is Id. 

Ellis, Caswell P., Retired Cotton Merchant 
New Orleans. Cs Southern Yacht. 1881 m 
Nellie Mahan, 3s 2d; r 8 Audubon place. 

Ellis, Crawlord HatcLer, Banker, Business 
Executive and Capitalist, New Orleans. 
Cs Boston, New Orleans Country, South- 
ern Yacht. ].S95 m Inez Saffold, Id. 

Ellis, Edward Bolton, Lawyer, New Or- 
leans. Cs Checkers, Chess and Whisl. m 
Gladys B. Hardin, 2s Id; r 3923 Saint 
Charles ave. 

Eilifi, Frank R., Retired Business Execu- 
tive, Cincinnati. Cs Business Men's. 1878 
m Mary E. Rhodes, Is; r 2112 Auburn 
ave.; and in winter at Davtonia Beach, 

Ellis, Howard, Lawyer, Chicago, Cs Rac- 
quet, Knollwood, Midday. Hami'ton, Ci- 
ty. 1920 m Mrs. Maude Martin Evers; r 
121 Huron st. 

Ellis, Ralph, Retired Business Executive, 
Je-icho, N.Y. Cs various. 1906 m Eliza- 
beth Warder, Is. 

Ellis, Ralph Waterbury, Lawyer and Cor- 
poration Official, Snringfiold, Mass. He 
i" treasurer Sprinefield Five Cent Sav- 
ings Bank and Milton Bradley Compa- 
ny. Cs Ha -yard, Nyasset, Colony. Long- 
meadow Country. 1882 m Katharine Al- 
lyn Rice, 2s; r 39 Mulberry st. 

Ellis, Wade Hampton, Lawv-er, Washing- 
ton. He is proTMuently icleTitified with 
business and nrljlic affairs. Cs Metropo- 
I'tan. ITniversity, Chevy Chase, Racquet, 
Congressional Country. Queen City, Law- 
ye-s. Union League, Grolier, New York. 
1894 ri Dessie Corwin Chase; r 1440 
Massachusetts ave. 



Ellis, WOiam HuU, Lav.yer, Tallahassee, 
Fla. Cs Knights of Pythias, Tallahassee 
Count rv. 1894 m Raniille M. Nicholson, 
2s 1(1. ' 

Ellis, WiUiam Struthers, Lawyer, Philadel- 
phia. Cs Phi^arleljihia, Rabbit, Racquet, 
Harvaid, Radnor Hunt, Merion Cricket. 
1893 m Cintra Hutchinson, 2d; r Fox 
Hill, Brvn Mawr, Pa. 

ZHison, Henry Howard, Jr., Business Exec- 
utive, Philaldehpia. Cs Rittenhouse, Rad- 
nor Hunt, Princeton, Gulf Hills Golf. 
1907 m Elizabeth Blakistone Foard, Is 
2d; r Cremona, Villa Nova. Pa. 

Ellison James H., Business P esidont. of 
Minneapolis. He is vice-president Wins- 
low Dear Company, and president Cedar 
Lake Ice Company. Cs Min'ieapolis. Chi- 
cago, Union League, Old Colony. Mine- 
kahda, Lafa^-ette, Hennepin Country. 
1890 m Mrs. Miriam Coria; r Leaming- 

Ellisrn, Jamc? Veirey, Banker and Capi- 
talist. Philadelphia. He is secretary and 
treasurer Commonwealth Trust Co-^ipa- 
nv. Cs Union League. 1898 m Sara Cler- 
mont Warne, 3d; r Overbrook. Pa. 

EIlFWor'h. Bradford, Broker. New York 
Ci^v. C<^ Calu-et. Lido Golf. 19-:^0 m 
Alice Dickson, Is; r 35 Clark st.. Brook- 
lyn, N.Y. 

Ellsworth, Frei "'■"^. B'^Tikor. New Orleans. 
Cs Boston. Pif^kwick. Southern Yacht, 
New O-leanfi Coimt'-v, Audubon Golf, 
PiP" Fil's Country. Backers. New York. 
1897 ri Emma Rose Fariman, 2d; r 13 
Richmond plnce. 

Ellswo'-th. Jame'' Dni'^mond. Bu^ine^s Ex- 
eftutivfi. ;Kew York Citv. T{o is assistant 
to president ^ Ameripean'Tek^liORC aUd 
Telegrraph Companv. Cs National Arts. 
1893 m Mabel Silsby Morrison. Is 2d; r 
Sagamore Park, P.^-onxville. N.Y. 

Elly, Grosvenor, Marufactu'-er and Busi- 
ness Prciident, Norwich, Conn. Cs Mer- 
chants. University, Yale, New York. Co- 
lonial Wars. 1906 m Mary Learned. Is 
Id. 19'2.'i m Mrs. Emily Turnbull Coit. 

Ellzev, James Murray, Phvsician. Phila- 
delphia, m Sallie M. Cheston, Is 2d; r 
886+ GpT^inntown ave.. Chestnut Fill. 

Elme". Adolvh Daniel Botanist. Manila.P. 
I. 190-1 ni Frima Osterman, Is; r 1232 
Leveriza. Malate. 

Elmer. Herbert Charles. Educator. Tthaca, 
N.Y. Cs Country. University. 1887 m 
Rose Elmo'-e. 1891 m Bertha E. Beebe, 
3s; r -12.5 Wy-koffe ave. 

Elmore, Brace, Surgeon. Seattle. Wash. Cs 
Univer^^itv. Seatt'e Golf. 190.^ m An- 
nette Wright. 2s 2d; r 1604 Federal ave. 

Elsas, Herman. Millionaire, New York Ci- 
ty, r 783 .5th ave. 

Elsberg, Charles A., Surgeon, New York 
City. He is prominently identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Neurolo- 
gical Surgeons, Neurological, r 64 E. 
58th St. 

Elsman, Ralph, Retired Business Execu- 
tive and Capitalist. For many years he 
was prominently identified with business 
of America, Brooklyn, Engineers, Coun- 
try, New York Athletic, Knickerbocker 
meth, Is; r Franktown, Nev.; and 46 
Yacht. 1923 m Mrs. Beatrice Julia Ne- 
financial and public affairs. Cs Bankers 
Arleigh road. Great Neck, N.Y. 

Elston. 1. C, Business Executive, Chicago. 
He is president Elston Trust and Sav- 
ings Bank of Crawfordwille, Ind. Cs 
Union League, University, Midday, Ex- 
moor Country, Bobolink Golf. 

Biting, Arthur Wells, Physician and Sur- 
geon, Albany, N.Y. Cs Clinical Surgery, 
r 119 Washington ave. 

Elting, Ho-ward, Builder, Chicago. Cs Rut- 
gers. Indust'-ial, Chicago Athletic, Indus- 
trial, Chicago Athletic, Chicago, Old Elm 
Onwentsia, Saddle and Cycle. 1903 m 
Florence West, Is Id. 

Elt'ng, Philip le Fevre, Business Presi- 
dent and Capitalist, Chicago. Cs Chicago 
Glen View, Country, m Jessica Mac Nul- 
ty, 2s Id; r 48 Bellevue place. 

Elting, Victor, Lawyer and Sociologist, 
Chicago. Cs Chicago, University, City, 
Indian Hills, Saddle and Cycle. 1904 m 
Marie Winston, 3s; r Winnetka, 111. 

Elton, John Prince, Business President and 
Capitalist, Waterburv, Conn. 1902 m Eli- 
zabeth Deborah Steele, 2d; r 70 Church 


E!tz, Georre J., Electrical Engineer, New 
York Citv. Cs Columbia I^niversity, Ra- 
dio of America. 1919 m Marie C. Doody, 
Id; r 400 Fort Washington ave. 

Elverson, James, Jr.. Publisher and Busi- 
ness President, Philadelnhia. Cs Union 
League, Racquet, Philadelphia Country, 
Metropolitan, Washington, New York 
Yacht. 1895 m Eleanor Mayo; r 400 N. 
Bron<l st. 

El'^ell. Wilnnot, Banker. Seneca Falls, N. 
Y. Cs Seneca Falls Historical, Citizens, 
^'ason. 1884 m Jessie Williams. 

Ely. Albert Henian, Gynecologist, New 
York City. Cs various." 1892 m Maud L. 
Merchant: r 829 Park ave.; and South- 
ampton. L.I. 

Elv. Alfred, Lawyer. New York City. Ca 
University, Aero, Piping Rock. 1914 m 
Frances Burn, Is; r Roslyn. L.I. 

Elv. Mrs. C, Morse, Sociologist, Chicago, r 
120 Washington road. 



Ely, Carl Brandes, Business President,New 
York City. Cs University, Yale, Eacquet 
St. Anthony, Bound Hill, Field. 190-i m 
Elizabeth Trowbridge Hotehkiss, 4d; r 
Meadow lane, Greenwich, Conn. 

Ely, Charles Russell, Professor of Science, 
Washington. 1897 m Louis Day Crane, 
3d; r G Kendall Green. 

Ely, Cheever Newhall,Eetired Paper Man- 
ufacturer, New York City. 1883 m Mada- 
line Wright, Id; r 1070 Madison ave. 

Ely, George Henry, Banker, Manufacturer, 
Elyria, Ohio. 1867 m Annie E. Moody, 
2s Id. 

Ely, Grosvenor, Trustee, Norwich, Conn. Cs 
University. 1906 m Mary Learned. 

Ely, Heman, Treasurer, Canton, Ohio. Cs 
Yale, Athletic, Canton, University. 1896 
m Ann Maria Burt, 3s; r 117 17th st. 

Ely, Hertert Charles, Investment Banker 
and Capitalist, Detroit. Cs Detroit, Ath. 
letic, Country, Players, Everglades, and 
Palm Beach.' 1904 "m Jane TenEyck; r 
7882 Van Dyke place. 

Ely, James, Business Executive, Eochester, 
N.Y. Cs Oak Hill Country, Brook Lea 
Country. 1899 m E. Maud Hopping, 2s 
Id; r 344 Barrington st. 

Ely, Jay Morse, Business Executive, Chica- 
go. Cs Chicago, m Josephine Hanline; r 
Lake Forest, 111. ., a . . 

Ely, Eichard Sterling, LawyeT, Alexandria, 
Va. 1914 m Caroline Minor, Is; r E.E.3. 

Ely, Robert Erskine, Business Executive, 
New York Citv. Cs Town Hall, Citv. 1905 
m Eudolphine" Scheffer, 2s 2d; r 11 W. 
94th St. 

Ely. Samuel Prescott, Business Executive, 
Cleveland. Cs Tavern, Kirtland. 1917 m 
Mabel P. Collings, 2d: r 1889 E. 84th st. 

Ely, Summer, Boyer, Educator, Pittsburgh, 
m Miss Updike, Is Id; r 5122 Pembroke 

Ely, William Neivbcld, Vice-President, 
Philadelphia. 1895 m Lilv Bradford 
Cairns, Is Id; r Chestnut Hill, Philadel- 

Emanuel, Victor, Public Utility Operator, 
New York City. He is vice-president Al- 
bert Emanuel Company, Incorporated. 
1920 m Dorothv Elizabeth Woodruff, Is 
r 575 West End ave. 

Emerson, Charles P., Phvsician and Denn, 
Indinnapclis. 1909 m Effie G. Perrv,2s3d 

Emerson, Edwin, Author, New York City. 
Cs New York Harvard, National Arts, 
National Press. 1906 m Atarv Edith Gris- 
wold. Is Id; r Fort W^adsworth, Staten 
Err.e~POn, Georp:e H., Phvsician, Bucksport, 
]\^aino. Cs "Maine Medical. 

Emerson. Harrington, Consulting Eneineer 
New York City. Cs Engineers, Eailroad, 

Columbia, Yacht. 1895 m Mary Crawford 
Saplee, 3d; r 12 Eiverside drive. 
Emerson, Linn, Physician, Orange, N.J. Cs 
Ehin and Otological. 1898 m Daisy V. 
Breaster. 1914 m Marie Franklin; Is 3d. 
Emerson, Merton L., Business President, 
Boston. Cs Engineers, New York Engi- 
neers, University Washington, Wollaston 
Golf. 1906 m Frances E. Dike, 2d; r 
Emerson, Nathaniel Waldo, Educator, Ja- 
maica Plains, Boston. Cs University, and 
Massachusetts Medical, m Carlotta A. 
Bond, 2s; r 16 Coney road, Brookline, 
Emerson, Robert S., Lawyer and Jurist, 
Pawtueket, R.I. He is judge Probate 
Court of Pawtueket. 1905 m Marian 
Butterworth; r 9 Maynard st. 
Emerson, Sam W., Business President, of 
Cleveland. Cs Mid-day, Cleveland Ath- 
letic, Shaker Heights Country, Build- 
ers Exchange, m Florence E. Taylor, 3d; 
r 2424 Coventy road. 
Emerson, William, Bond Broker, New York 
City. Cs T'nion, Eacquet. 1892 m :M. H. 
Furman, Is; r 563 Park. 
Emery, Allan C, Wool Merchant, Boston. 
Cs South Shore Country, Wollaston. 1902 
m Elsie David Conant, reoa, CMF 

Oak Hill, -Weymouth Heights, Mass. 
Emery, Mrs. Aila MacKie, Sociologist, of 
Morristown, N.J. 1885 m John Eunkle 
Emery, Archibald C, Banker, New York 
City. Cs Transportation, Montclair Ath- 
letic, Upper Montclair Country. 1902 m 
B. Hartley, Is Id; r Lorraine ave., Up- 
per Montclair, N.J. 
Emery, Ed"wiTi W., Vice-president, Treasur- 
er, New York City. Cs Chamber of Com- 
merce, Union League, Athletic, New 
England, Knollwood Country,^Jason. m 
Isabelle Rider, Is; r 27l Central Park 
Emery, George Addison, Lawyer, Saco, 
Mnine. Cs ]\Taine Historical. Unmarried. 
Emery, Manf'ing, Eetired Business Exec- 
utive, Cn.nibridge, Mass. Cs Boston Ath- 
letic, Massachusetts Charitable Fire, 
Onkley Countrv, Mas'^achusetts Military 
Historical. 1875 m Maria Haven Ladd, 
Is 2d; r Cambridge; Kittery, Maine in 
Eirery, RaHh C, Business President. Bos- 
ton. Cs Chamber of Commerce. 1897 m 
Clara L. Bowers, Id; r Newton. Mass. 
Emh?rdt. W'Uiam H., Insurance President 
Pbiindebihia. CsCity, Insurance, Chamber 
of Commerce. 
Emi'='on, Ewing R., Lawver, Vincennes.Ind. 
19:^0 m Tulev Louis Shepard, Is Id; r 
1525 Old Orchard road. 


Emlen, Eamuel, Jr., Realtor Phi'fiflelphia. 
Cs City. 1906 m ]\Iarion H. Haines, Is 
5d; r 943 E. Haines st. 
Emmel, Alfrei C, Physician and Surgeon, 
Mt. Vernon, X.Y. Cs Masonic. 1913 m 
Alma M. Batty, Is 2d. 
Emmert, John H., Trustee, Detroit. He is 
trustee Murphy Family Trusts. Cs Coun- 
try, Boat, Pacific Union, San Francisco. 
188.3 m Cynthia H. Finney, 3d; r 1420 
Seminole a\'e. 
Emmet, Devereaux, Landscape Architect, 
New York City. He is prominently iden- 
tified with business and public affairs. 
Cs Racquet and Tennis, Garden City Golf 
National Golf Links, Univerpitv. 18S9 
m Ella B. Smith, 2s; r St. John, L.L, 
Emmet, William leRoy, Engineer, Schen- 
ectady, X.Y. Cs American Philosojihical, 
American of Xaval Engineers. 
Emmet, John Morehead,Physician and Sur- 
geon, Clifton Forge, Va. Cs American 
Medical, Virginia State. 1920 m Annie 
C. Cone, Id. 
Emmons, Arthur Brewster, Physician, Do- 
ver, Mass. 1909 m Louise Anderson 
Hickok, 2s; r KnoUwood. 
Emmons, Arthur C.,I awyer, Portland.Ore. 
1S86 m Kittie E. Wilcox, Is Id; r River- 
dale drive, Riverdale. 
Emmons, Charles DeMoss. Railway Presi 
dent. Baltimore. Cs Advertising, Auto- 
mobile, Baltimore, Baltimore Country, 
Press City, Elkrid?e Hunt, Engineers, 
Gibson Island, Rodgers Forge Golf. 1S94 
m Mrs. Edith Bertha Ewart, now de- 
ceaseil/3s.3d; ^r Belvexlere H9te;. , 
Emmons, Greorge Beale, ' Bugiiiess Execu- 
tive, Brookline, Mass. m Marie A. Du- 
pont, Is Id; r Brookline; and in James- 
town, R.I 
Emmons, Harold Hunter, Lawyer, Detroit. 
He .is member of the firm of Clark Em- 
mons, Bryant and Klein, lawyers; a ad i^ 
director of several corporations. ( s Ath- 
letic, Boat, Golf, Bloomfield C.mnI ry, 
National Town and Country, Lawyers, 
S.A.R., Colony Wars. Automobile Engi- 
neers. .1910 m Marion Clark Scotten, 
now deceased. Is Id; r 82 King ave. 
Endicott, Henry, Lawyer, Boston. Cs Har- 
vard. 1907 m Katherine Sears, Is Id; r 
131 Marlboro st.; and in Weston, !Mass. 
Endicott, John, Banker, Detroit. Cs Detroit 
Athletic, Harvard. Chamber of Com- 
merce, Bloomtield Hill Country. 1902 m 
Marv Elizabeth Booth, Is 2d; r Bloom- 
field Hills, Birminp-ham, Mich. 
Endicott, Morderai Thomas, Engineer, of 
Washineton. Cs Cosmos, Monday Even- 
ing. 1872 m Elizabeth Adams; r 1865 
Wvoming ave. 

Endicott, William, :\Ii]Ii()naire, Bostcm. r 

214 Clarendon st. 
Engel, Adolph, Business President. New 
York City. 1906 m Esther E. Libman 3s- 
r 180 E. 64th st. 
Engel, Dave Franklin, Wholesale Clothier 
and Capitalist, m Ruth M. Wagoner, Is 
Id; r 21.5 W. 90th st.; and Woodmere, 
Long Island. 
Engel, George C, Hotel President, Treas- 
urer and Sociologist, X'ew York City. He 
is a widower, Is 2d. 
Engel, George Edward, Banker, Covings 
ton, Ky. Cs Business Men's, Industrial, 
Fort Mitchell Country, r Fort Mitchell. 
Engelking, Annie Laura James, Sociologist 
San Antonio, Texas. Cs Colonial Daugh- 
ters. 1907 m Sigmund Engelking, 2s 2d; 
r 602 Cameron st. 
Englehardt, Nicholaus L., Educator and 
Author, NeAv York Citv. 190.5 m Bessie 
E. Gardner, Is 2d; r W. 250th st. and 
Fieldston road. 
English, Clarence A., Sales Manager, Los 
Angeles. He is sales manager TTnited 
States Gypsum Company. Cs Athletic, 
Jonathan. Beach, Rancho Golf. 1913 m 
Remona Langley, Is Id; r 632 Crescent 
drive, Beverly Hill, Cal. 
English, Fred L., Lawver and Jurist, St. 
Loui<j. Cs Sunset. 1916 m Marian Lewis; 
T 5615 Waterman ave. 
English. Farry, Educator, Washington. He- 
is prominently identified with business 
and public affairs. Cs American Mathe- 
matical. Federal School, r 2907 P st NW 
English, Henry F., Multi-Millionaire.'New 
.. ^aven. Conn, r 38 Hillhouse ave. 
English, Joel, Insurance Executive, Hart- 
ford. Conn. 1878 m Mabel B. Plimpton- 
r 210 Fern st. 
English, John Harvey. Banker, Philadel- 
T>hia. He is identified with English and 
Company, bankers. Cs Penn Athletic, 
Pine Run Countrv. 1901 m Mary Costel- 
la. 3s 2d: r 2424 X^ Broad st. 
EnelL^'h. William Eastin. Retired Lawver 
Indianapolis. He has retired from active 
business, and is prominently iden^ifjed 
with business, public and social ntfa'.rn. 
Cs Army and Navy, Lambs, Columbia, 
University. Athletic. Woodstock. 188^ m 
Anne J. Fov, Id: r Hotel English. 
Enoch, Marvin S., Millionaire, Jackson 

Miss, r 1519 W. Capitol st. 
Enoch. Sl-erman DeWitt, Busiuess Execu- 
tive and Realtor, Buffalo. 1921 m Madge 
P. E. W. Osborne; r 162 Lexinorton ave. 
Eno. William Phelps, Encrineer. Snngatuck, 
Conn. Cs Cosmos. ]SretroPolitan, Yale' 
Yacht. 1883 m Alice Rathbore- r 1771 
N St.. Washington, and Jrdnh Rock, 



Enos, Frank, Business Executive, Engle- 
Avood, N.J. Cs University, Englewood 
Golf. 1888 m Elsa H. Alexander; r 148 
Grand ave. 
Ensign, Charles S., Jr., Lawyer, Bos.on. 
1905 m Florence Shepard Page; r New- 
Ensign,' Forest Chester, Educator Iowa Ci- 
ty. Cs Triangle. 1896 m Lucie M. Smitli, 

Ens'ign,' Walter E., Business Executive, 
Providence. Cs Chamber of _ Commerce, 
Metacomb Golf, Masons, Knights Temp- 

■ iar Mystic Shrine. 1900 m Vignetta 
Gates, is; r 45 Boylston ave 

Epley, Marion J., Engineer and f!"'-! "'';"' 
New Orleans, m Eva Quin, Is 4d; r 147.. 

Eppemdorff, John G., Business Executive, 
Buffalo. Cs Saturn. 1891 m Manon Muz- 
zev, Id; r 41 Irving place. 

Epstein, Henry, Lawyer, New ^o^J;^ ^ity 
Cs Woodmere, Civic, Harvard. 19^1 m 
Ethel Maxine Stener, 2s; r Cedar lurst, 

ElJ^tein, Jacob, Millionaire Baltimore Cs 
Phoenix. 1890 ni Lena Weinberg, 2d; r 
2.5;V2 Eutaw place. . 

Epstein, Max, Manufacturer, Chicago. 1907 
m Leola Selig, 2d; r 4906 Greenwood av. 

Erb, Miss Daisy E., Artist, Palm Beach, 
Fla Cs Black Mountain Art. 

Trb John Lawrence, Educator and Orga- 
nist, New London, Conn. He is professor 
0^ music Connecticut College for Wo- 

. men Cs various. 1899 m Ethel Berenice 
Hedinger, Is; r 730 William st. _ 

Erb Robert Smith, Merchant, Lewiston, 
Idnho Cs Rotary, Outlook, Mason, Shri- 
ner. 1907 m Mrs. Maude Dorsey Barr; r 
Lewiston Orchards. _ 

Erbsloh. Eudolph A., Retired Business Ex- 
ecutive. New York City. He is promiu- 
entlv identified with business and pub- 
lic affairs. Cs Riding, Automobile, Rum- 
son Country, Merchants, German, Moun- 
tf,iu Lakes, and others. 1887 m Fanny 
Eckart. 3d; r 160 W. 59th st._ 

Erdnian, William Herman, Business Exec- 
utive nnd Capitalist, Chicago. Cs Steu- 
ben. 1919 m Emma Wassmann, Id; r 
794.3 S. Sangamon st. 

Erdmann. John F., Surgeon Ne^ York Ci- 
tv. m Georgiana T. Wright, Is 2d; r 60 
W. 52nd St. . 

Erdman<= Ficharrt M., Realtor and Capita- 
list, Miami. Fla. Cs Advertising Ang- 
lers. Mn^onic Order, Scottish Rite. I.O. 
OF 1899 m Hattie Effin?. ■3d. 
ZricksoP. A. C. Bank President, Albert 

Lea Minn. 18S8 m T'^n S. Oi«on, 2s Id. 
Erickson, Alfred W., Multi MillitJ-n-aire, of 

New York City, r 118 E. 38th st. 
Erickson, Charles Watt, Realtor, Detroit. 
He is vice-president of firm of Shelden 
Sons. Cs Masonic, Longfellow Society, 
St. Paul 's Cathedral, American-Scandi- 
navian Foundation. 1906 m Anna Jane 
Streator, 2d; r 629 Taylor ave. 
Erickson, John H., Banker, Clinton, Minu. 
Cs LO.O.F., M.W.A. 1896 m Rudolpha 
Henriette Lee, Is. 
ErickEon, Henry, Contractor and Conimia- 
sioner of Buildings, Chicago. He is pres- 
ident Henry Erickson Company, contrac- 
tors. Cs Press, Western of Engineers, 
Builders, Mason, Shriner. 
Ernst, Alwin Charles, Public Accountant, 
Cleveland. He is managing partner Ernst 
and Ernst, public accountants. Cs Mid- 
day, Mayfield, Chagrin Valley Hunt, 
Bankers and Recess of New York. 1903 
m Charlotte E. Fawoett, 4d; r 2540 Fair- 
mount blvd., Cleveland Heights, and at 
Fair Elm, Gates Mill, Ohio. 
Ernst, Bernard M. L., Lawyer, New York 
City. Cs Columbia University. 1908 m 
Roberta C. Clans, Is 2d; r 25 Claremont 
Ernst, Clajrton Holt, Editor, Boston. Cs 
Harvard, Chamber of Commerce. 1924 m 
Dorothv Haynes Puffer; r 7 Tennyson 
road, Wellesley Farms. 
Ernst, Irving L., Business Executive, New 
York Citv. Cs Metropolis. 1910 ni Jessie 
Hahn; r 151 W. 86th st. 
Erskine, Albert Russell, Manufacturer and 
Business President, South Bend, Ind. He 
is prominentlv identified Avith business 
and public affairs. Cs Rotary, Detroit 
Athletic, St. Andrews Golf, Bankers, 
Racquet, Congressional Country, Colum- 
bia, Erskine Park Golf, Indiana of Chi- 
eagOj S.A.R., Connecticut of Certified 
Public Accountants, Automotive Engi- 
neers. 1993 ni Annie Lyell Garland, Is 
adorito<l; r Twvckonham Park. 
Erskine, James Covent" y. Commission Mer- 
chant, New York City. He is president 
•Tames C. Erskine Corporation. Cs Union 
League, Wool, Scarsdale. m Florence 
Spencer Smith, 2s Id; r 20 Hereford 
road, Bronxville, N.Y. 
Erskine, Ma'colm Fdwin, Manufacturer, 
Racine, Wis. Cs ITniversity, St. Anthony 
of New York, Somerset. 1914 m Sarah 
Strong Fuller, 3s Id; r 2300 Washington 
ErpH^ie, Mor^e, Lawyer, San Francisco. 
1917 m Dorothy Ward, Is Id; r 2611 De- 
visa dero st. 
Erskins, Albert de W., Business Executive, 
Chicago, r 33 E. Division st. 


Eitz, Edward F., Painter, Illustrator and 
Teacher, Pulbcrough, Susex, England. 
Cs IJoyal of British Artists in London, 
Print of England. 1900 m Ethel Horsfall, 
Is Id. _ 

Er^in, I_enry P., Investment Banker, of 
Washington. Cs Racquet, Univeisity, 
Press. 2d; r Arlemont Upton st. and Lin- 
nean ave. 

Eiwin, William Al'en, Cotton Manufactur- 
er, Durham, N.C. m Sadie L. Smeedes, 
Is 3(1; r West Durham, N.C. 

Xrvin, Sjencer, Lawyer Bala, Pa. Cs Phil- 
adelphia, GulphMills. 1916 m Harriet V. 
Eodman; r Belmont ave. and Llanberrls 

Erwin WiUiain Angus, Business Executive 
Astoria, Ore. He is identified with the 
Pickering Lumber Company. Cs Elks, 
Rotarv. 1919 m Jennie L. Pearce, Is; r 
654 ?r. Cluirch st., Salem, Ore. 

Esberg, Milton H., Business Executive and 
Capitalist, San Francisco. He is vice- 
president General Cigar Companv.Cs Bo- 
hemian, Family, Marine Golf, Country, 
Presidio, Menlo Polo, MeadoAv. m Caro- 
line Lihenthal, 2s. 

Esch, John Jacob, Lawyer and Statesman, 
LaCiosse, Wis. Cs Knights of Pythias, 
Cosmos. 1889 m Anna Herbst, 2s 5d. 

Escher, G. Edward, Business President, 
New York City. Cs Canoe Brook Coun- 
try, Baltusrol Golf, Engineers, r 141 Ho- 
bart ave, Summit, N..T. 

EsMeman. Charles L., Physician, New Or- 
leans. Cs New Orleans Country. 1915 m 
Anais Legendre, Is 2d; r 1433 Pleasant 


Eshman. Melville G.. Business Executive, 
Los Angeles. Cal. Cs California, m Caro- 
line Weiss. Id; r 1219 W. 27th st. 

Eskridge, Charle<? L., Automobile Dealer, 
Shelby. N.C. Cs various. 1908 m Lela 
Ethel Porter, 4s 1. 

Espenson, WJlUam, Banker, Frazee, Minn. 
1912 m Anna Grafshind, 2d. 

Espinosa, Aurelio Maredonio. College Pro- 
fessor and Author, Stanford University, 
Cal. 1905 m Margarita Garcia, 3s 2d. 

Esoy, Albert Carlyle, Cotton Exporter, 
Savannah, Ga. Cs Savannah Golf. 1898 
m Lela Wripht. 33 4d; r 421 Abercorn. 

Essary, Jesse Frederick. .Ton-nalist. Wash- 
inffton. Cs Maryland. Baltimore. Cosmos 
National Press, Gndirf^n Washington. 
1912 m Helen Kerchner, 3d; r 3121 New- 
ark st. 

Estabrook Fred W.. MiFionaire, Nashua, 
N.H. r 2fi4 Main st. 

Es+ee, James Forden, Realtor, Montnelier, 
Vt. He is prominentlv identified with 
business and public affairs. Cs Masons, 

Elks, Knights of Pvthias, Exchange, 
Club. 1883 m Adelaide Gillan, Is 3d. 

Estei'iine, John Walter, Manufacturer and 
Capitalist, Indianapolis. Cs Rotary, In- 
dianapolis Athletic, and Meridian Hills 
Country. 1900 m Lulu M. Blown, Is Id. 

Esteriy, Henry Minor, Lawyer, Portland, 
Ore. 1908 m Elizabeth Noicross, Is Id; 
r Inwood, Hewett blvd. 

Estes, Howell M., Army Officer, Fort Bliss 
Texas. 1913 m Juanita Dickson, Is Id. 

Estes, Joseph XL, Retired, Richmonl, Va. 
Cs various, m Julia Putney; r 1826 
^Monument st. 

Zstes, Webster C, Business President, New- 
York City. Cs Union College, Colonial 
Wars, S.A.R., American Wars. 1883 m 
Jennie B. Corman, 3s; r 350 Madison av. 

Estey, Jacob Gray, Millionaire, Brattle- 
boro, Yt. r 10 School st. 

Esty, Edward Ele'ovor, Electrical Engineer, 
Pawtuckct, R.I. Cs Harvard. 1921 m He- 
len A. Greene, Id; r 2 Ridge st. 

Esty, Edward T., Lawyer and Capitalist, 
Worcester, Mass. 1919 m Grace Heward, 

Etherton, James R., Banker, Carbondale, 

Ethridge, George, Business President, New 
York City. Cs Union League, New York 
Yacht, Manhattan, Calumet, New York 
Advertising, National Republican, Rock- 
away Hunting, Sphinx. 1894 m Julia 
Dinemore Flandran; r 215 Madison ave., 
East Hampton, L.I. 

Ethiidge, James M., Jr., Advertising, New 
York City. Cs Yale, Greenwich Country. 
1917 m GretchenThayer, 2s; r Green- 
■«ach, Conn. 

Ettl, Alex J., Sculptor, New York City. 
Cs Kri"i\erl)ocker Yacht. 

Ettleson, Spmuel A., Lawyer, Chicago. Cs 
Illinois Athletic, Tuscumbia Golf, Bryn 
Mawr Countrv, Hamilton, Consrressional 
Conntrv. 1921 m Mrs. Amy B. Strauss; r 
1020 E. 48th St. 

Eule?s, Fields li'ljorn, Insurance Broker, 
Dallas, Texas. 1918 m Mrs. Fairy Norris 
Bryan, Id by former marriage; r 5943 
Brvan parkway. 

Ens+is, Allan C. Ph-rsician, New Orleans. 
1903 m Adele Brittin, 2s; r 1518 Webster 


Eus^-i'". F-e^'erir*. Au°nTstus, Mi" in or Engi- 
neer, Boston. Cs TTiiion, Harvard. Coun- 
try. T^niversity. 1908 m Edith Tileston, 
2s 4d: r Canton ave.. Milton, Mass. 

Erst"s. Harold Clavrtole. Broker, Cincinna- 
ti. Cs Country, Tennis. 1925 m Afabel 
Posr^e. Is 3d; r 6 Elmhurst place, E. Wal- 
nut Hills. 



Eustis, Henry Chot"rd. B:oker, TsTev.- Or- 
leans. 1917 m Mildred Clark, Id; r S17 
Expjsition blvd. 

XU't s, ITor -n.?!!, Cotton Bi-oker, X'"(.- Or- 
Icr^nF. ri T^pi^i^ jl) eniien; r 815 Exj osi- 
ti 'lis blvd. 

Evans, Albert ~'^., Banker, Williams'nirg. 
Iowa. 191S m Anna M. Sieli. 

Evans, A.b'ert Tlicnias, Lumbenna-i and 
Cf;- •it? list. ChiTigo. lie is treasirer of 
Brooks a7ul Ross T^nraber Company. Cs 
Chicago Ridinpr, Chicago Athletic, Oak 
Park Coinitr • E-'^r'^'^ndes. 1907 'n Orace 
Pnss, Id: r £88 E. Walton place. 

Evens, Allen, Architect. Philadelidiia. Cs 
Mcion C i"ket, ITaverford. r^ Rebecca 
C. Lewi*^. OS 2(1; r Ilaverford, Pa. 

Evans, Cecil Royal, Business President 
Birniinjiham, Mich. Cs Detroit Athletic, 
Oakland Country. 1918 m Edna H. Res- 
trick, 4s Id; r Wing Lake, Pontiac. 

Evans, BaTJcl G., Business President and 
Pi'-er-tor, Xew York Cit-^-. m Marv E. 
Bradley, 2d; r 120 E. 87th st., and Soni- 
crs, N.Y. 

Evans, David J., Retired Phvsieian, Bos- 
ton. Cs Mount Royal, St. Botolph, Ded- 
ham Country, Polo, Norfolk Hunt. 1911 
ni Rosamond Allen, Is Id; r 163 Beacon 


Evans, David W.. Banker, Kansas City, Mo. 
1889 m Clara Eitman, 2s. 

Evans. Dwi?h+ D., Business Executive, of 
Boston. Cs Harvard Graduate, m Elmira 
Lee, Is Id; r 50 Canton aye., Milton, 

Evans, Edward Stephen, Manufacturer and 
Banker, Detroit, Alich. He is president 
E. S. Evans and Company, In^ornnratod. 
Cs Detroit Athletic, Detroit Yacht, Old 
Indian Village, Larchn'oor Country, De- 
troit, Players. 1905 m Virginia Epes Mc- 
Co'-mipk,"2s; r 10005 Three Mile drive, 
Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

Evans, Evan, Building Financier, Chicago. 
Cs Racqiiet, Union League, Exmoor,Bar- 
rington Hills, m Pauline Hart; r 1800 
K. State St. 

lEvans, Evan Jerome, Business Executive, 
Newhom-on-Seven, England. Cs Bath. 
190S ni Ada Jane Andrews, 2s. 

Evans, Floyd B., Business Executive, Chi- 
cago. Cs University. Chicago, Saddle and 
Cycle, Ra